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j ' l H: 1 J 1 ' 4 i i s r , ) r eiJHtOOB Jd64 Santa Clara It might have been someplace else; but it is here, and this is good. a U 8 , . . 1, ,cy . 5. . ,719 T" '.L-1'-g,'.:. Y.: 'L'-T? 5'-.' a'-' " - . ' "HJ -4,..... .,, 'VK .- -J'A,s. ,. f . 1. P' v o--x-'F 5. - . . I , ."- . s-' S -.-md, .soup l .11 'X'-'it 1 Q 1. 'NOP 1 ..v 'Y' "f,-4' 'Q' , ,. . , 1,1 .. . . ' 4 ,, V .', ax ', ' ' ,. 5 2 0. - .-k..- ', ', 'PS ' 3' X ' ji j A - -'AL' . . -...A -..-'x. ., . 49' 'AA . , '- I 7- ' 3 - . r ' ' A 4 A P 1 . ., o 1 , f . '1 11 ' -1, . .' b . -, ' -.-1 4, ; i rhiAHmi The ' Anza Party moves overland Every college and university has pride in its past — and the deeper into the soil of time its roots penetrate, the greater a university ' s pride. It is proud it has stood, that it has a time — not so mush that it ' s beard is long, but proud it has stood, proud it has endured. For, to have endured, the university must have been able to meet the challenges of its time, to meet the challenge of time. The University of Santa Clara is obviously rooted in the past. Tile roofs have their red and broun strength in the bright days of autumn, and the old adobe walls and buildings afford their shelter from winter ' s wind- whipped rains. Angelus clangs from veteran bells daily cross the campus and the quiet softness of spring ivisteria leaps quickly to some country in the heart. And yet, as subtle as the breeze that smooths from northwest to southeast in late autumn afternoons, is Santa Clara ' s foundation in a spirit which has fostered and engendered it. In glotving terms, it is The Spanish Tradition — Santa Clara, the Mis- sion University. But in hard reality it is the drive and determination of individual men possessed with a will to accomplish that has moved Santa Clara forward from a good place to fish for trout to a twentieth century university with a twentieth century mission. The spirit of Santa Clara is in the tireless funipero Serra who ignited the building of the California mis- sions, of Robert Montgomery to make the first manned flight, and more recently, of the current University President ' s decision to incorporate co- education in the Santa Clara picture. The new energy of Santa Clara is in its energetic men, not the least of whom is . . . Benjamin Swig 6 Mr. Benjamin Swig, to ivhom The Redwood is respectfully dedicated, a man of whom it is difficult to be in to speak, but once begun, far more difficult to stop. His personal financial contributions have given much impetus to the new dynamism of Santa Clara. But his generosity is more profound. He is a director of the California Safety Council and the late President Kennedy ' s National Committee on Traffic Safety, a director of the American friends of Hebrew University, a member of the board of trustees of Brandeis Uni- versity, a member of the board of governors of Mary ' s Help Hospital and of Hebrew Union College, a member of the education advisory council of the Lincoln Educational Foundation, and currently chairman of the Board of Regents of the University of Santa Clara. He is a member of the board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews and has done much work in the Boys Clubs of America. Always accessible, Mr. Stvig is manifestly energetic, personable, and generously considerate, spearheading the drive for further physical ex- pansion at Santa Clara and yet taking the tirne to personally answer a note of thank you from the women who reside in the dorm named for his late wife, Mae. Working without a secretary from a typewriter on a card table in his suite in the Fairmont Hotel, Mr. Swig is engendering a Santa Clara that will not only meet the challenges of the times, but make some chal- lenges of its own. Truly he ivould foster in Santa Clarans the spirit of our late President who prophetically said in his inaugural address . . . John Fitzgerald Kennedy ii monm " Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a neiv generation of Americans — born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a cold and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage — and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has alivays been committed, and to which we are committed today . . . In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility — welcome it. " )fincximy Ortega Sights San Francisco Bay pKSswxn Very Rev. Patrick A. Donohoe, S. J. Rev. Alexis I. Mei, S.J. Academic Vice President Rev. Walter E. Schmidt, S.J. Vice President for Public Relation ' Rev. Wilfred H. Crowley, S.J. Vice-President for Student Services Rev. Charles F. Guenther, S.J. Vice President for Finance yicc pw sijxntjs 13 Edward R. Boland, S.J. Librarian Joseph Connolly, S.J. Director of Buildings and Grounds Jerald McGrath Dean of Men William C. Gianera, S.J. Presidential Assistant Raymond Roeder Alumni Secretary Carl M. Fischer Guidance Director A. Francis Frugoli, S.J. Administrator Robert A. Kennedy Executive Secretary Honors Division Peggy Major News Director John P. O ' Connell, S.J. Counselor Philip Oliger, S.J. Chaplain George P. Malley Director of Student Activities Joseph L. Nicholas Visual Aids Director Joseph J. Pociask, S.J Director of de Saisset Art Gallery Richard F. Rebello Bookstore Director Mrs. Viola Kamena Dean of Women Frank A. Schneider Arthur D. Spearman, S.J. Financial Aids Director Archivist William P. Truran Superintendent Lloyd L. Bolton Professor of Biology BA., 1922; A.M., 1924, University of British Columbia; Ph.D., 1932, Cornell University. Audrey M. Davison Lecturer in Biology B.A., 1950, University of Washington; A.M., 1963 Stanford Univer- sity. Thomas N. Fast Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., 1949, University of Santa Clara; Ph.D., 1 960, Stanford Univer- sity. Thomas D. Terry, S.J. Dean Ph.D., California (Davis), Chemistry Tfmi Francis R. Flaim Ethel B. Meece Assistant Professor of Biology B. A., 1942, Western College (Ohio); M.A., 1946, Radcliffe College. Professor of Biology Chairman, Department of Biology A.B., 1936; M.A.. 1938 Univer- sity of Utah; Ph.D., 1956, Stan- ford University. John S. Mooring Associate Professor of Biology A.B., 1950, University of California Santa Bar- bara; Ph.D., 1956, Uni- versity of California Los Angeles. Francis J. Koenig, S.J. Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., 1942; A.M., 1943, Gonzaga University; M. S., 1955; Ph.D., 1957, St. Louis University. Joseph F. Deck Professor of Chemistry Chairman, Department of Chemistry A.B.. 1928; M.S., 1930, St. Louis Uni- versity; Ph.D., 1932, University of Kansas. Mario L. Belotti Associate Professor of Economics Chairman, Department of Ecottomics B.A., 1954; A.M., 1955, Miduestern University; Ph.D., 1960, University of Texas. Robert J. Pfeiffer Assistant Professor of Chemistry (On leave) B.S., 1953, University of Santa Clara; Ph.D., 1958, Cornell Univer- sity. William F. Sheehan, Jr. Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., 1948, Loyola Uni- versity (Chicago); Ph.D., 1952, California Institute of Technology. oxixmeo) t gaexKSs Thaddeus J. Whalen, Jr- Assistant Professor of Economics B.S., 1958, University of Santa Clara. Elmer D. Fagan Professor of Economics A.B., 1920, University of Oklahoma; M.A., 1921; Ph.D., 1926, Har- vard University. Richard T. Coz, S.J. Assistant Professor of Economics A.B., 1953; M.A., 1954, Gonzaga University. John D. Dryden, S.J. Assistant Professor of Economics M.A., 1945, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1954, Alma College. Louis I. Bannan, S.J. Associate Professor of Education A.M., 1938, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1944, Alma College. Edwin J. Brown Chairman (Emeritus) Department of Education B.S., 1922, Kansas State Teachers College; A.M., 1925; Ph.D., 1928, Stan- ford University. Edwin A. Beilharz Professor of History Director, Division of Social Studies Chairman, Department of History A.B., 1931, Creighton Univer- sity; A.M., 1934 University of Nebraska; Ph.D., 1951, Univer- sity of California. Gerald E. McDonald Professor of Education Chairman, Department of Education A.B., 1947, Boston College; Ed.D. 1955, Stanford University. Arthur T. Phelps S.J. Associate Professor of Education Director, Teacher Education Program A.B., 1937; A.M., 1940, Canisius College; A.M., 1950; Ed.D., 1956, Col- umbia University. James J. Hannah Associate Professor of History A.B., 1947, St. Paul ' s College; A.M.. 1951, University of Nebraska; Ph.D., 1956, University of California. Matthias S. Meier Assistant Professor of History B.A, ' 948, University of Miami; M.A., 1949, Mexico City College (Mexico); Ph.D., 1954, University of California. Joseph S. Brusher, S.J. Professor of History A.M., 1932, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1939, Alma College; Ph.D., 1943, St. Louis Univer- sity. George F. Giacomini, Jr. Assistant Professor of History B.A., 1956, University of Santa Clara; M.A., 1957, University of Cal- ifornia. William J. Cahill, S.J. Assistant Professor of Classics A. B., 1931; A.M., 1932, G o n z a g a University; S.T.L., 1939. Alma Col- lege; A.M.. 1950, Stan- ford University. Francis X. Duggan Associate Professor of English A.B., 1948, University of Notre Dame; M.A., 1950; Ph.D., I960, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Joseph J. Pociask, S.J. Associate Professor of English A.B., 1936; A.M., 1937, G o n z a g a University; S.T.L., 1943, Alma Col- John H. Gray, S.J. Assistant Professor of English Chairman, Department of English A.B., 1948, Gonzaga University; A.M., 1952, Loyola University of Los An- geles; S.T.L., 1956. St. Albert ' s Col- lege (Lou vain); Ph.D., 1961, Univer- sity of London. Dean Pritchett Lecturer in English A.B., 1960; A.M., 1961, San Jose State College. John J. Quinn Assistant Professor of English B.S., 1950, University of San Francisco; Ph.D., 1956, Stanford Univer- sity. Robert W. L. Smith Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1947, The Univer- sity of Chicago; M.A., 1956, Gonzaga Univer- sity. Richard M. Schmidt Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1935, University of Santa Clara; A.M., 1945, University of Washington. IT George J. Sullwold, Jr. Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1935; M.A., 1936, University of California Los Angeles; Ph.D., 1958, University of Washington. Peter B. Smith Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1949; A.M., 1950, San Francisco State Col- lege. Edward V. Warren, S.J. Instructor in English Director of Summer Session Director of Extension Division A.B., 1939, University of California; A.M., 1949, Gonzaga Univer- sity S.T.L., 1953, Alma College; A.M., 1957, University of California. William R. James Assistant Professor, Honors Division B.A., 1953, University of Nevada; M.A., 1956, San Jose State College. Marcelline Krafchick Assistant Professor, Honors Division A.B., 1954, Beaver Col- lege; M.A., 1957, Uni- versity of North Carol- Robe rt F. Sasseen Assistant Professor, Honors Division A.B., 1957, University of Notre Dame; A.M., 1959; Ph.D., 1961, The University of Chicago. Jerome G. Kerwin Professor in Arts and Sciences Director, Honors Division A.B., 1919, Dartmouth College; A.M., 1921; Ph.D., 1926, Columbia Univer- sity. Joseph A. Russo Lecturer in Foreign Languages A.B., 1934; M.A., 1937, Miami University. Maurice M. Belval, S.J. Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages B.A., 1938, Loyola Uni- versity of Los Angeles; M.A., 1944, Gonzaga University; M.A., 1954, Universtiy of California Los Angeles. Richard K. Leeman Assistant Professor, Honors Division B.S., 1950; A.M., 1953; Ph.D., 1961, University of Wisconsin. Richard J. Roberts, S.J. Associate Professor of Political Science A.B., 1935, University of San Francisco; A.M., 1943, St. Louis Univer- sity; S.T.L., 1949, Alma College; Ph.D., 1961, St. Louis Univ. Gerhardt E. Steinke Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Chairman, Department of Foreign Languages B.A., 1939, The University of Chicago; M.A., 1942, Tulane University; Ph.D., 1954, Stanford University. Victor B. Vari Professor of Foreign Languages A.B., 1942, San Fran- cisco State College; A.M., 1952, Stanford Ph.D., 1961, University of Madrid. Bernard L. ' Kronick Associate Professor of Political Science Chairman, Department of Political Science A.B., 1937; Ph.D., 1953, Univer- sity of California. 20 James F. Twohy Lecturer in Political Science A.B., 1907, University of Santa Clara. Gerald L. Alexanderson Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.A., 1955, University of Oregon; M.S., 1958, Stanford University. Michael Buckley, Jr. Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., 1923. United States Military Academy; M.S.E.E., 1933, Purdue University. Merle E. Jernigan, S Sgt. Instructor in Military Science Austin J. Fagothey, S.J Professor of Philosophy Chairman, Department of Philosophy A.B., 1923; A.M., 1924, zaga University; S.T.L., Weston College; Ph.D., The Pontifical Gregorian versity. Abraham P. Hillman Associate Professor of Mathematics Acting Chairman, Department of Mathematics B.A., 1939; A.M., 1940, Brooklyn Col- lege; Ph.D. 1950, Princeton Univer- sity. Irving Sussman Professor of Mathematics (on leave) Chairman, Department of Mathematics B.S., 1943, Columbia University; A.M., 1947, The John Hopkins Uni- versity; Ph.D., 1953, University of California. Gon- 1932, 1949, Uni- Robert A. O ' Brien, Jr., Col. Professor of Military Science B.S., 1940. United States Mili- tary Academy. Paul M. Payson, Maj. Assistant Professor of Military Science A.B., 1950, University of Maine. John M. Neumayr Instructor in Philosophy A.B., 1952; M.A., 1954, University of Notre Dame; Ph.L., 1961; Ph.D., 1962, Laval Uni- versity. 4r Thomas E. Ewens Instructor in Philosophy A.B., 1955, Georgetown University. Jerqme B. Long Assistant Professor of Philosophy B.A., 1950; M.A., 1953; Ph.D., 1962, Fordham University. Daniel A. O ' Sullivan, S.J. Assistant Professor of Philosophy A.B., 1948; A.M., 1949, Gonzaga University. William T. Duffy, Associate Professor of Physics B.E.E., 1953, University of Santa Clara; M.S., 1954; Ph.D., 1959, Stan- ford University. Carl H. Hayn, S.J. Associate Professor of Physics A.B., 1939; A.M., 1940, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1948, Alma Col- lege; Ph.D., 1955, St. Louis University. fi m John B. Drahmann Associate Professor of Physics Chairman, Department of Physics B.S., 1943, St. John ' s University (Minnesota); Ph.D., 1952, St. Louis University. Donald L. Strandburg Assistant Professor of Physics B.S., 1952, Morningside College; Ph.D., 1961, State University of Iowa. 1 B Philip T. McCormick Associate Professor of Physics B.S., 1948; Ph.D., 1954, University of Notre Dame. Witold Krassowski Associate Professor of Sociology Chairman, Department of Sociology B.Sc, 1952; M.S., 1954, Purdue University; Ph.D., 1963, Univer- sity of California Los Angeles. John H. McNamara Assistant Professor of Sociology B.A., 1953, University of California Santa Bar- bara; M.A., 1958, Uni- versity of California Los Angeles. Roger D. Gross Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama A.B., 1957, University of Oregon; A.M., 1958, University of Minnesota. John B. Patterson Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama B.S., 1951, University of Georgia; M.A., 1954, Ohio State University. Richard J. Stanek Associate Professor of Psychology Chairman, Department of Psychology B.S., 1950; M.A.. 1953; Ph.D., 1956, Loyola University (Chi- cago). Robert F. Shea Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama Chairman, Department of Speech A.B., 1938, Trinity College (Iowa); A.M., 1935, University of South Dakota. Francis J. Curran, S.J. Assistant Professor of Theology B.A.. 1941; M.A., 1943, G o n z a ga University; S.T.L.. 1950 Alma Col- Raymond F. Copeland, S.J. Professor of Theology A.B., A.M., 1927, Gon- zaga University; S.T.L., 1935, Alma College; Ph.D., 1950. St. Louis University. John F. Dullea, S.J. Instructor in Theology M.A., 1952, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1960, University of Innsbruck. Hugh C. Donavon, S.J. Associate Professor of Theology (Emeritus) A.M., 1919, Gonzaga University. Cyril R. Kavanagh, S.J. Assistant Professor of Philosophy A.B., 1921; A.M.. 1922, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1930, Colegiode San Ignacio, S a r r i a , Barcelona, Spain. Theodore J. Mackin, S.J. Associate Professor of Theology Chairman, Department of Theology A.B., 1946; A.M., 1948, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1954, Alma Col- lege; S.T.D., 1958, The Pontifical Gregorian University. Joseph L. Martin, S.J. Associate Professor of Theology B.S.C., 1932, University of Santa Clara; A.M., 1939, Gonzaga Univer- sity; S.T.B., 1947, Alma College. Roger D. McAuliffe, S.J. Assistant Professor of Theology A.M., 1943, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1950, Alma College. Charles A. McQuillan, S.J. Assistant Professor of Philosophy A.B., 1926; A.M. 1927, Gonzaga University. Bartholomew L. O ' Neill, S.J. Professor of Theology A.B., 1925; A.M., 1926, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1933, St. Mary ' s College (Kansas). James E. Sweeters, S.J. Instructor in Theology A.B., 1948; A.M., 1950, Gonzaga University; S.T.L., 1957, Alma Col- lege. Alexander A. Tait, S.J. Associate Professor of Theology A.M., 1940, Gonzaga I University. Charles K. Winston Instructor in Theology A.B., 1952; Ph.L., 1953; S.T.L., 1961, St. Louis University. O. Robert Anderson Professor of Business Administration B.A., 1934, University of Washington; C.P.A., 1941, Slate of Oregon; M.B.A., 1942, Univer- sity of Washington. Charles J. Dirksen Professor of Business Administration Dean, School of Business B.S.C., 1935; M.S.C., 1938, St. Louis University. Pauf V. Harrell Instructor in Business Administration B.S., 1943, University of California Lo s An- geles; M.Acc, 1960, University of Southern Calif.; C.P.A., 1961, State of California. Lawrence C. Lockley Professor of Business Administration Chairman, Department of Marketing B.A., 1920; M.A., 1921, University of California; M.A., 1928; Ph.D., 1931, Harvard University. Charles F. Louie Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.S., ' 1954; M.B.A., 1955; Ph.D., 1963, Un- iversity of California. 24 Eugene J. Gorman Assistant Professor of Business Administration C.P.A., 1956, State of California; B.S.C., 1961; M.B.A., 1963, Univer- sity of Santa Clara. Robert F. Jacobs Lecturer in Business Administration L.L.B., 1951, University of Santa Clara. John R. Lowry Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.S., 1953, West Vir- ginia University; M.B.A., 1957; Ph.D., 1962, University of Pittsburgh. Honorable Joseph P. Kelly Assistant Professor of Business Law Ph.B., 1933, Holy Cross College; J.D., 1936; LL.M., 1939, New York University. Joseph F. X. Monasta Assistant Professor of Business Administration A.B., 1936, Anselm College; M.B.A., 1948, Stanford University. John Pagani Professor of Business Administration Chairman, Department of Accounting Associate Dean, School of Business B.S.C., 1932, University of Santa Clara; Ph.D., 1931, Stanford Univer- sity. D. Robert Papera Associate Professor of Business Administration Chairman, Department of Finance B.A., 1949; M.A., 1951; Ph.D., 1958, Stanford University. cKoori 0 Frank Pettipher Associate Professor of Business Administration B.Sc, 1925; D.Sc.,1927, Birmingham University (England). James W. Robertson Associate Professor of Business Administration B.S., 1959, University of Colorado; M.B.A., 1 960, University of Denver; D.B.A.. 1963, University of Washing- Rnadolph F. C. Shen Assistant Professor of Business Administration A.B., 1943, National W u -H an University (China); A.M., 1951, University of California Los Angeles; Ph.D., 1962, University of Illi- nois. Edwin Timbers Assistant Professor of Business Administration A.B., 1944, West Vir- ginia University; A.M., 1951; Ph.D., 1954, Un- iversity of Michigan. Zbynek L. Vancura Associate Professor of Business Administration A.B., 1951; Drs. (Econ.), 1954, Nether- lands School of Econ- omics. Joseph M. Trickett Professor of Business Administration Pb.B., 1936. Washburn University; M.B.A., 1938; Ph.D., 1953, Stanford University. John D. Bruce Assistant Professor of Engineering B.S., 1957; M.S., 1960; Ph.D., 1962, University of Kansas. Shu-Park Chan Associate Professor of Engineering B.S., 1955, Virginia Military Institute; M.S., 1957; Ph.D., 1963, Uni- versity of Illinois. Robert J. Parden Professor of Engineering Dean, School of Engineering B.S., 1947; M.S., 1951; Ph.D., 1953, State University of Iowa Charles H. Dawson Lecturer in Engineering E.E., 1938, Cornell Un- iversity; M.S., 1941, University of Roches- ter; Ph.D., 1952, Iowa State College. Richard C. Dorf Associate Professor of Engineering Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering B.S., ' 1955, Clarkson College; M.S., 1957, University of Colorado; Ph.D., 1961, United States Naval Postgradu- ate School. Eugene J. Fisher Instructor in Engineering B.M.E., 1950, Univer- sity of Santa Clara. 26 Henry V. Hahne Associate Professor of Engineering Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering Diplom Ingenieur, 1949, Technische Hochschule in Graz, Austria; Ph.D., 1954, Stanford University. Henry A. McKenna Instructor in Engineering B.M.E., 1955, Univer- sity of Santa Clara. Robert H. Keyser Associate Professor of Engineering P.S., 1950; M.S., 1951, Michigan State Col- lege; Ph.D., 1961, Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Robert I. Murray Assistant Professor of Engineering B.S., 1949; M.S., 1951, Stanford University. Richard K. Pefley Associate Professor of Engineering (On Leave) Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering- A.B., 1944; M.S.. 1951; M.E., 1960, Stanford University. Scxjooxi Henry N. Nettesheim Associate Professor of Engineering B.S. in E.E., 1946, Uni- versity o f Wisconsin, M.S., 1951, Stanford University. ojef €Iwxx €€:kix € Jack A. Peterson Associate Professor of Engineering B.S.E.E., 1949; M.S.E.E., 1953, University of Idaho. Raymond B. Yarbrough Assistant Professor of Engineering B.S., 1958, University of California; Ph.D., 1963, U. S. Naval Post- gr aduate School. Michael A. Saad Associate Professor of Engineering Acting Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering B.S., 1949, Alexandria University; M.S., 1952, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D., 1955, University of Michigan. 27 George L. Sullivan Professor of Engineering Dean Emeritus, School of Engineering B.S. in M.E., 1908, University of Nebraska; M.E., 1910, University of Colorado; Ph.D., 1914, University of Santa Clara. Harold M. Tapay Associate Professor of Engineering B.A.Sc. in M.E., 1946, University of British Columbia; M.S., 1949, University of Washing- ton. James L. Blawie Professor of Law B.A., 1950, University of Connecticut; A.M., 1951, Boston University; J.D., 1955, The University of Chicago; Ph.D., 1959, Bos- ton University. I ( Daniel R. Cowans Associate Professor of Law A.B., 1943; L.L.B., 1950, University of California. Leo A. Huard Professor of Law Dean, School of Law A.B., 1939, St. Anselm College; LL.B., 1946, Georgetown University. Henry A. Dietz Professor of Law B.S., 1929, University of Oregon; L.L.B., 1933, Uni- versity of California. Graham Douthwaite Associate Professor of Law B.A., 1933; L.L.B., 1936, University of Witwaters- rand; B.C.L., 1940, Oxford University. Aidan R. Gough Associate Professor of Law A.B., 1956; M.A., 1957, Stanford University; L.L.B., q 1962, University of Santa Clara. Jerry A. Kasner Associate Professor of Law B.S., 1955; J.D., 1957, Drake University, Honorable Edwin J. Owens Professor of Law A.B., 1919, Holy Cross Col- lege; L.L.B., 1922, Harvard University; L.L.D., 1952, University of Santa Clara. John M. Raymond Lecturer in Law A.B., 1916, Princeton Uni- versity; L.L.B., 1921, Har- vard University, Austen D. Warburton Lecturer in Law A.B., 1938, San Jose State College; L.L.B., 1941, Uni- versity of Santa Clara. George A. Strong Professor of Law Assistant Dean, School of Law B.S., 1944, University of Notre Dame; M.A., 1952, Univer- sity of California; LL.B., 1955, University of Santa Clara. SC«00)Q o:ie Xl 29 passe s l Spanish Expedition on the Pacific € mORS 32 ■ Jt . i. CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Magdlen, Sgt.-at-Arms; Jim Maher, President; Bill Burke, Treasurer. The Class of 1 964 is the last class to enter Santa Clara, the all male university, and to live in the traditions of the " old " Santa Clara. It is the first class to witness the move of the heart of Santa Clara from the atmosphere of the Old Bronco Corral to the new Robert F. Benson Memorial Center. The men of ' 64 will long remember the freshman year in O ' Connor and Vienna Halls, the rallies in the Ship, the tvater fights with the Class of ' 63, and the BLACK morning of March 22, 1964, when THE SAJSTA CLARA announced the coming of Co-eds. The men and women of ' 64 will fondly remember the Prom, the Senior Ball, the Collegiate World Series, the Ship, the old Varsi Library, the new Student Union, and the " new " Santa Clara. The Class of 1 964 has given its heart to the University and has received equally as much in return. It worked hard to build the " new " Santa Clara that will continue to progress towards a larger and better University. It gave the " new " Santa Clara the " new " Student Government, the " new " Student Court, the " netv " Constitution, and the same " old " Santa Clara spirit that has been a trademark of the 112 graduat- ing classes that have preceeded the Class of 1964. At the completion of four wonderful years, on June 6, 1964, the " responsible " Class of 1964 left the University to be proud " Santa Clard ' men and women. 33 Andrea Vincent Abels B.A. English Los Angeles, Calif. Redwood Administrative Editor; SWS; Arts and Science Assoc; Hawaiian Club. Raymond Michael Airone B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineer Gait, Calif. Engineering Soc; A.S.M.E.; Intra- murals. Dennis Beauvais Alexander B.A. Political Science Riverside, Calif. Young Republicans, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Redwood. Jeffrey Louis Alongi B.S.C. Marketing San Jose, Calif. B.A.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Frosh basket- ball; Varsity Track; Varsity Boxing; Intramurals. Timothy Chapman Andersen B.A.; Marketing Portland, Oregon Charles Graham Club; The Clara; Intramurals; Ski Clui Irish Club. Mark W. Amrein B.S.C. Finance Watsonville, Calif. Varsity Baseball; Charles Graham Club. 34 Thomas Helm Anderson B.S.C. Accounting San Marino, Calif. ball team manager; S.A.M., ; Hawaiian Club. Timothy Edward Baker B.S. Biology Pre-Med. Alturas, Calif. Intramurals; Mendel Society; Frosh Orientation Committee. Thomas Neil Arrieta B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Seattle, Washington Frosh. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society; Charles Graham Club; Block Club; Irish Club. Joseph Anthony Baldelli B.S.C. E. Civil Engineering Los Altos, Calif. t c i t y Committee; Handbook S.C.E.; Ski Club; Engineer- Robert David Ballschmider B.A. History Sheboygan, Wis. Charles Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; S.A.M.; Rally Committee; Intra- murals; Who ' s Who. Mario Anthony Baratta B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering San Francisco, Calif. Clay M. Green; Engineering Society; A.S.C.E.-Pres. Treas.; Intermural Bowling Handball; Tau Beta Pi. 35 Richard Barbieri B.A. History Spokane, Washington The Santa Clara; Editor-in-Chief; Alpha Sigma Nn; Kappa Zeta Phi; Frosh Board of Directors; Senator at Large; Sodality; Rally Committee. Judith Ann Barrett B.A. History San Mateo Frosh Advisor; Problems Committee; Irish Club; SWS Social Committee;. Ski Club; The Redwood; l lly Com- , mittee; Senior-Day CommitiQ SUSC Office Staff; Jazz Committt Republicans; SWS; Arts an Association. Richard John Bastiani B.S. Chemistry Dunsmuir, California American Chemical Society Pres.; Ral- ly Committee; The Redwood; Italian Club; James Bond Society. Joan Bastasch B.A. History Portland, Oregon The Redwood; Arts and Science As- sociation; SWS. Robert Alan Belluomini B.S.C. Economics San Francisco, California BAA; Blackstone Society; Clay M. Greene Society; Frosh Orientation Committee; Intramural Football. Raymond Allen Becker B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Richmond, California Engineering Society; ASME; Red Hat Band; Tennis. Norine Ann B.A. English Yuba City, Calif. C.C.D.; Arts and Science Assoc; Ski Club; Redwood. 36 Albert Bernasconi B.S.C. Management Greenfield, Calif. B.A.A.; Day Student Assoc. o o Raymond H. Bittel B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering San Jose, Calif. I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society; Day Stu dent Assoc: Intramurals. G. Robert Binkley B.S.C.E. Civil Engineer Saratoga, Calif. A.S.C.E.; Engineering Society; Ski Club. Charles E. Blankenship B.A. English Crestline, Calif. Clay M. Greene fna Bolger .A. History Santa Clara, Calif. Redwood, Ad Manager; Student Direc- tory, Chairman; Baseball Handbook Comm.; S.W.S.; Clay M. Greene. Frank E. Bonnell B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Mountain View, Calif. S.C.U. Rifle T eam-V ice-Pres.; Engi- neering Soiiety; l.E.E.E. 37 Michael W. Boudreau B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Portola Valley, Calif. A.S.M.E.; Engineering Society. Pamela Josephine Boz B.A. English Los Altos, Calif. C.C.D.; Redivood; Clay M. Greene. Lawrence Dennis Boyle B.S.C. Accounting San Mateo, Calif. Charles Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; S.A.M.; Irish Club; Rugby Club; B.A. A.; Engineering Society; Intra- mural s. Vincent Anthony Brigante B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineerinj Lancaster, Calif. Engineering Society; I.E.E.E.. ity. Theodore Allen Broedlow B.A. Political Science San Rafael, Calif. Charles Graham Club; Rally Com- mittee; Intramurals. Bryce Milton Brown B.S. Math Salinas, Calif. Engineering Society; Math Society Intramurals; Young Republicans; A.S.C.E.; Glee Club; Sanctuary So- ciety; James Bond Society. Robert Heath Brinton B.S.C. Accounting Pasadena, Calif. President; Delta Sigma Pi; Intra- murals; B.A. A.; Charles Graham Club; Scabbard Blade. 38 Eugene G. Brown S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering San Jose, Calif. I.E.; Engineering Society. K: ' h Thomas W. Buckner B.A. English New York, New York Clay M. Greene Players; Sgt. at Arms; Football Annual; I.R.C.; Glee Club; Santa Clara; Shakespeare Festival-Bus. Mgr. William F. Burke B.A. Economics Sierra Madre, Calif. Senior Class Treasurer; International Relations Club; Freshmen Orientation Com.; Charlie Graham Club; Santa Clara; Boxing Team. Ronald G. Calcagno B.S.C. Marketing San Francisco, Calif. Football; Baseball; Charlie Graham Club; Block Club. David F. Calonico B.S.C. Marketing Burlingame, Calif. B.A. A.- Vice-Pres.; Varsity Football; Football Com.; Co-Chairman Statistics, B.A. A. in Action. William E. Callan B.A. History San Francisco, Calif. Football-Mgr.; Golf; Santa Clara; In- tramurals. 39 Dennis Netto Cangiamila B.S.C. Business Administration San Jose, Calif. Delta Sigma Pi; B.A.A. Asso- ciation; Intramurals; S.A.M. John Anthony Cattalini B.S.C. Accounting San Francisco, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi; Sodality; S.AM.; B.A.A. ; Engineering Society; Italian Club; Irish Club. Richard N. Carpeneti B.A. History San Francisco, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi; Charles Graham Club; Young Republicans; Blackstone Pre-legal Society President; Student Bar Association President; I.R.C; Track Team. John M. Carson B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering Wilmington, North Carolina A.S.C.E. vice-pres.; Wrestling Team; Engineering Society. Peter Kam-Yuen Chan B.S. Pre-Med. Hong Kong, China Mendel Society; Glee Club; Soccer team; Arts and Sciences Assoc; Intra- murals. — i George Allen Chiala B.S.C. Management Morgan Hill, Calif. B:A.A.; S.A.M. Pres.; C.C.D.; Delta Sigma Pi. Michael Armstrong Chase B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Saratoga, Calif. Engineering Society; I.E.E.E.; Varsity Football; Rugby Club; Irish Club. Robert Mario Cicchi B.A. History San Francisco, Calif. Juniors Class Pres.; Kappa Zela Phi; Student Court Prosecution Comm.; Charles Graham Club; rsity Football. William Bowden Coit B.S. M.E. Mechanical Engineering Mendota, Calif. Engineering Society; Wrestling; A.S.M.E.; Intranturals. Rosejoanne Marie Cirincione B.A. History San Jose, Calif. Sodality; Student Court; Redwood; In- ternational Club. Lloyd John Colombini B.S.C. Marketing Santa Cruz, Calif. B.A.A.-Treas.; S.A.M.; Charles Gra- ham Club; Scabbard Blade; Red- wood. Gary Allan Coover B.A. Economics San Leandro, Calif. Blackstone; Golf Team; Young Repub- licans; S.A.M.; Intramurals. Carolyn Corwin B.A. History San Mateo, Calif. Redwood; Irish Club; Rally Comm.; A. S. Variety Show Chairman; Ski Club. Patrick Michael Cronin B.A. Finance Portland, Oregon Charles Graham Club; Irish Club; In- tramurals; Ski Club; B.A. A. Kerry Michael Crosson B.S.C. Marketing Redwood City, Calif. Intramurals; Charlie Graham Club. David R. Culver B.A. English Hillsborough, Calif. Michael Crowley B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineer Colton, Calif. Sodality; I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society. Timothy Leo CuUen B.S.C. Accountin Burlingame, Cali Block Club, President; CI) Graham Club , Chairman of Relations; Alpha Delta Gamma, . . . ident; Irish Club; Varsity Basketbal Varsity Baseball. Richard John Daly B.S.C. E. Civil Engineer Santa Rosa, Calif. Engineering Society; A.I.S.C., Intra- murals. Stephen Francis Da B.S.C. Marketing San Jose, Calif. B.A.A. 42 James Richard Davi B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Antioch, Calif. g Society, Vice-President; Counciling; Intramurals; E. Thomas David DeGregori B.S.C. Accounting Los Banos, Calif. B.A.A.; Intratmirah; Rally Comm. James Edward Declusion B.S. Management Stockton, Calif. Charles Graham Clrib-Sgt. at Anns; Delta Sigma Pi; Rugby; Frosh. Base- hall; B.A.A.; Intramurals. ercilia de la Fuente A. Social Sciences Calexico, Calif. S.A.M.; Reduood. David Wayne Demaree B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Santa Clara, Calif. I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society; A.S.C.E., Intramural Boniing; Tan Beta Pi, Joseph Raphael DeMartini B.A. Sociology Santa Monica, Calif. Cheerleader; Rally Comm.; Col- loguium; The Santa Clara; Research Comm,; Who ' s Who. 43 Ramon Joseph DeMartini B.S. Phychology Milwaukie, Oregon Arts and Sciences Association, Vice- President; Basketball. Robert Edward DeSoucey B.A. History Burlingame, Calif. Pershing Rifles; Young Democrats; Physics Society. Robert Chase DeMattei B.S. Chemistry Los Altos, Calif. Pershing Rifles; Day Students, Ad- visory Board; Clay M. Greene; Physics Society; Chemistry Society. Michael Anthony de Rousi Jr. B.S.C. Finance Escalon, Soccor; Boxing; Intri S.A.M.; B.A.A. Dennis MacDonald Devitt B.A. Economics and Arts and Sciences Long Beach, Calif. Varsity Football; Rugby; Soccer, Cap- tain; A.S.U.S.C. Treasurer; Clay M. Greene, Secretary; Irish Club,, Vice- Pres.; Charlie Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; Blackstone Society; Young Republicans; Intermurals; Defense Counsel; Ski Club. Michael Thomas Diju B.A. History Seattle, Washington Charlie Graham Club; Blackstone So- ciety; Intramurals. 44 Anthony D. DiLeonardo A.B. Political Science Jose, Calif. jsoc. Pres.; I.R.C.; f.U., Chairman; Cross Eleanor Ann Dolio B.A. History Modesto, Calif. The Santa Clara; The Redwood; C.C.D.; Arts Science Assoc; S.W.S. Charles Joseph Dirksen B.S.C. Accounting San Jose, Calif. Alpha Sigma Nu; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sodality; B.A.A.; S.A.M.; Student Handbook Committee. imes English DoUard BM.E.E. Electrical Engineering Saratoga, Calif. Pershing Rifles; Tatt Beta Pi Treas.; Engineering Society; I.E.E.E. Claire Angela Donovan B.E. Economics Concord, Calif. Model U.N. Chairman; I.R.C.; Wom- ens Glee; S.A.M. Dennis Craig Doneux B.S.C. Marketing Stockton, Calif. Clay M. Greene Players; B.A. A. AS John A. Dougherty B.A. History San Mateo, Calif. Soph. Class Pres.; A.S.U.S.C. Record- ing Sec; A.S.U.S.C. Student Court Chief Justice: Pres. Alpha Sigma Nu; Pres. Scabbard Blade; Kappa Zeta Phi; Irish Club; Charles Graham Club; Intramurals; The Santa Clara; Black- stone; Who ' s Who. Edmund Lee Drago B.A. History Pacific Palisades, Calif. A.S.U.S.C, Sgt.-at-Arms; Junior Class Treas.; I.R.C., Pres.; Cross Currents Club; Pershing Rifles; Young Repub- licans; Irish Club; Who ' s Who; James Bond Society. Philip Harold Essner B.S.C. Finance Hillsborough, Calif. Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Sec. Juni Class.; S.A.M.; Irish Club; Fros Orientation Comm.; Charles Graha Club; Intramurals. Michael Fashano B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Santa Clara, Calif. I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Bowling. Neil Henry Fanoe B.S.C. Accounting Gonzales, Calif. Track Team; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Sigma Nu; B.A. A.; Intramurals. Marilou A. Figon B.A. History San Jose, Calif. Redwood; Day Students Assn. 46 Michael L. Fischer B.A. Political Science Los Altos, Calif. James Patrick Finerty B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Seattle, Washington E.E.E.; Intramurals. Daniel James Fitzgerald B.A. English San Mateo, Calif. The Santa Clara; Scabbard and Blade; The Owl; Student Court; Intramurals; Young Republicans; Irish Club; Who ' s Who. Treas. d Wallace Forslund B.S. Physics San Jose, Calif. Sigma Nu; Math Soc, Sec- Judith Ann Francoeur B.S.C. Marketing San Bruno, Calif. S.W.S.; S.A.M. Sec; Young Demo- crats; Rally Comm.; The Redivood; B.A.A.; Frosh Advisory Comm.; Sr. Day Comm.; ASUSC Publicity Comm. Joseph Stephen Franzia B.S.C. Marketing Ripon, Calif. Freshman Class Officer, Treas.; Var- s i t y football; Freshman Baseball; Block Club; Charles Graham- Club; Clay Af. Greene. Kenneth C. Freund B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering San Francisco, Calif. I.E.E.E.; Publicity Committee; Sanc- tuary Soc; Handbook; Engineering So- ciety; Intramurals; Frosh Advisor. Hugh Dennis Fraser B.S.C. Bus. Adm. Santa Ana, Calif. ASUSC V.P.; Kappa Zeta Phi; S.A.M. Sodality; The Santa Clara sports ed.; B.A.A.; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. William Lewis Gates B.A. History San Jose, Calif. Irish Club; Scabbard and Blade; The Redwood; ASVSC News Dept.; Day Students Assn. Baseball Comm. Paul Henry Garbarini B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Kentfield, Calif. A.S.C.E.; Scabbard and Blac A.S.M.E.; Engineering Society. Gail Ann Gavello B.A. English Atherton, Calif. The Redwood; S.W.S., Senior Day Conim.; Rally Com.; Young Republi- cans; ]azz Comm.; Arts and Science Assoc; Ski Club. James Joseph Geoffrey B.S.C. Accounting Los Gatos, Calif. S.A.M.; B.A.A.; The Redwood; Day Students Assn. 48 Gerald John Giaccai B.S. Mathematics San Francisco, Calif. Soc. Pres.; Recognition Com- Chairman; Tootball Committee an: The Redwood; Day Stu- s c.; Engineering Society; emocrats. Tathagat Chimanlal Gosalia B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Bombay, India l.E.E.E. Nancy Herrick Goodwillie B.A. History Shereveport, La. Louis Gimenez Jr. B.S.C. Accounting Esparto, Calif. B.A. A.; Charles Graham Cliih; Intra- murals; S.A.M. Delta Sigma Pi. Mary Katherine Graves B.S.C. Marketing Carson City, Nevada S.W.S. Kenneth Eugene Grady B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering San Mateo, Calif. A.S.M.E.; Engineering Society; Inter- mural. 49 Richard John Griffone B.S.C. Accounting Menlo Park, Calif. B.A.A.; S.A.M.; Day Students Assoc. Young Democrats. James Russell Grube B.A. Political Science San Jose, Calif. Football; Rugby; Scabbard Blade; Rally Comm.; Election Comm.; Re- cruiting Comm.; Irish Club; Ski Club; Block Club; Coordination Board; Who ' s Who. Daniel Bruce B.S.C. Meeting Alamed Calif. The Santa ClcM; Va uitV Baseball; B.A.A.; Intrannm ls; C tt ham Club; Jazz Corm William Lynch Habeeb B.S.C. Accounting Stockton, Calif. B.A.A.; S.A.M. Joseph an B.S. (memist San LeanS Calif. Chemical Society, im b; s.; Arche- ology Society; Rifle Tear, William Boyden Hackett B.S.C. Economics B.A. A.; Charles Graham Club; Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals. 50 raid Haran B: Pre-Law tSaqu Framtsco. Calif. Crof4- inrr§nts Cl. h irms; PerMing Rifles; Black- l.Rm-, Pres.; Problems jDeniocrats, Exec. James David Harden B.A. Philosophy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Varsity Football; Intramurals; Sodal- ity; Chairman, Arts and Science Assoc; Charles Graham Club; The Santa Clara. John Dennis Harrington B.S.C. Accounting Menlo Park, Calif. B.A. A.; S.A.M.; Young Democrats; Day Students Assoc; Chemical Soc; Beta Gamma Sigma. il Joh Harrison punting TacoD Wash. B.A. A.; S.A. i r Golf Team; Intra- murals; IriJ tlub; Frosh Orientation; Froii mtation Bulletin. William Henry Hass B.S.C. Accounting Meriden, Conn. Robert Jeffrey Held B.A. Political Science Santa Rosa, Calif. Publicity Comm.; Archeological Sac, The Reduood; The Owl. 51 Edward Dore Hoffacker III B.S.A. Marketing Woodside, Calif. Varsity Baseball. Louis Elias Hermosillo B.S. Pre-Med. Stockton, Calif. Mendel Society, Sec. Vice-Pres. Sodality; Pershing Rifles; l.S.C. Francis John Hourigan III B.S.C. Marketing Los Angeles, Calif. B.A.A.; Rally Comm.; Sanctuary ciety; Irish Club; Intramurals; B Club; Varsity Baseball Mgr.; stone Society; Charles Graham Club; Track; Redwood. August John Intrieri B.S.C. Business Management San Jose, Calif. Wrestling; B.A.A.; Day Student Assoc. Kelly S. Hudson B.S.C. Business Administration Livermore, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi-Sec; Rally Comm.; Wrestling Team; B.A.A.; Scabbard Blade; James Bond Society; Who ' s Who. Roger M. Jaroch B.S.C. Finance Modesto, Calif. Glee Club; Varsity Baskethall. 52 Joy Anne Jordan I3.A. Sociology Sacramento, Calif. S.W.S.; Arts and Science Assoc; The Redwood. Robert W. Johnson B.S. Finance Burlingame, Calif. Intramurals; Debate Team; S.A.M.., Irish Club. Roman Stephan Kaluzniacki B.S. Mathematics Phoenix, Ariz. Varsity Tennis; Varsity Wrestling; The Santa Clara; Homecoming; Math Soc, Vice-Pres.; Football Comm. James Robert Keller B.A. History Idaho Falls, Idaho S.A.M..; Foreign Relations Club. Jerome William Kelleher B.A. History Vallejo, Calif. Rally Comm.; Irish Club; Intramurals; Arts and Science Assoc. Joseph James Kelly B.S.C. Accounting Roswell, New Mexico Golf Team; Intramurals; B.A. A.; The Santa Clara; Frosh Counciling. 53 Mary Patricia Kenny B.A. Sociology Vallejo, Calif. Redwood; Rally Comm.; Irish Club; Ski Club. Robert William Kenton B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering San Jose, Calif. Rally Committee; A.S.C.E.; Young Republicans. Jo-anne Kinion B.A. History Carmel Calif. The Redwood; The Santa C I j S.W.S.; Irish Club; Ski Club; Comm. Gedge William Knopf B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering San Rafael, Calif. Charlie Graham Club; A.S.C.E. V.P., Engineering Society; Intramural. Thomas Joseph Koetters B.A. English Los Angeles, Calif. The Santa Clara; Scabbard Blade; Intramural Comm.; Intramurals; Young Republicans; The Owl. Robert Allen Kolb B.S.C. Marketing Monte Sereno, Calif, Intermurals; B.A.A. 54 Tharan John Lanier B.S.C. Accounting Los Gatos, Calif. Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Day Students Assoc; Treas.; B.A.A.; Engineering Society. Dianne Joan La Grand B.A. History Portland, Oregon Arts and Science Assoc. James Antone Lassart B.A. History Los Banos, Calif. Charles Graham Club; Kappa Zela Phi; Varsity Football; Block Club; Rugby; Scabbard and Blade; Freshman Baseball; Intramurals. obert Darwin Lembke B.A. History San Leandro, Calif. ' oung Republican; I.R.C.; Blackstone Soc; Intramurals; Intramural Comm. August Louis Lena B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering San Francisco, Calif. Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Nu; A.S.- M.E.; Publicity Comm.; Engineering Society. Thomas Gibbons Liang B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Manila, Philippines Pershing Rifles; I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society; Glee Club; Tau Beta Pi. William J. Locke B.S.C. Accounting Alameda, Calif. Frosh Baseball; Charles Graham Club; Intramurals; B.A.A. Manuel Lopez-Contreras B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Caracas, Venezuela Engineering Soc; A.S.M.E. George S. Loquvam B.A. History Oakland, Calif Kappa Zeta Phi; IRC Treas.; Graham Club; Rugby; Blackstone Larry John Loughlin B.S.C. Management Tacoma, Wash. Delta Sigma Phi; Irish Club; S.A.M.; Intermurals; Baseball Varsity; B.A. A.; Rally Club; Young Democrats; Charlie Graham Club; Block Club. Frank Charles MacT( B.S.C. Marketing Pacific Palisades Block Club; Hau ' aiian Club; Greene; Varsity Football Frosh Baseball; Rally Com Redwood layout editor; Th, Clara, B.A.A. Samuel Albert Mabry B.A. History Manteca, Calif. The Redwood, Editor-in-Chief; Scab- bard Blade; Pershing Rifles; Cross Currents; The Santa Clara; Blackstone; S.A.M.; Altar Society; Young Demo- crats; Young Republicans; James Bond Society. I Thompson Joseph Magdien B.S.C. Marketing Management Woodland Hills, Calif. B.A.A.; The Santa Clara Sports Editor; Senior Class Sg.-at-Arms; Intramurals; Sanctuary Society. John Arthur Macy B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering San Mateo, Calif. A.S.C.E.; Engineering Society. James Anthony Maher B.S.C. Industrial Management Marketing Napa, Calif. S.A.M.; Irish Club; Delta Sigma Phi; B.A.A. Intramurals; Clay M. Greene; Altar Society; Young Democrats; Rally Comm. Timothy Michael Mahoney B.S. Pre-Med. Saratoga, Calif. Mendel Society, Pres. Sec; Arts Sciences Assn., Pres.; Sodality; In- tramurals; Who ' s Who. James Mason Maher B.A. Philosophy Upland, Calif. Senior Class Pres.; Junior Class vice- pres.; Rally Comm.; Wrestling; Kappa Zeta Phi; Irish Club; Who ' s Who; Charles Graham Club. Thomas F. Malloy B.S.C. Management Napa, Calif. Redwood; Irish Club; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Phi; S.A.M.; B.A.A.; The Santa Clara. 57 Peter B. Manchester B.A. Philosophy Visalia, Calif. Sodality; Math. Soc; Alpha Sigma Nu; Who ' s Who. Gary Michael Malvini B.A. History San Jose, Calif. Frosh and Varsity baseball; Student Handbook; The Santa Clara. Charles Louis Marcenaro B.S.C. Finance Santa Cruz, Calif. S.A.M.; Scabbard Blade; B.A.A.; Charles Graham Club; Baseball var- sity; Intramurals. Peter Lawrence Manno B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Sacramento, Calif. Engineering Society; Irish Club; Intra- murals; l.E.E.E. Patrick James McGarry B.A. History Sherman Oaks, Calif. Frosh Basketball; Intr amurals; Charles Graham Club; Irish Club. Jo-Ann McGeever B.A. Spanish Santa Barbara, Calif. Irish Club; Ski Club; Recruiting Comm. Thomas F. McGourin, Jr. B.S. Physics Richmond, Va. Physics Soc, Sec-Treas.; Radio Club, Sec.-Treas.; Irish Club; Hawaiian Club; Debate Team; Varsity Wrestl- ing; Varsity Rifle Team. John Francis McGill B.A. Political Science Long Beach, Calif. Inlramurals; Debate Team; Irish Club; Blackstone Soc; I.R.C.; Young Re- publicans. Jeri Ann Mclntyre B.A. Psychology Scotia, Calif. Irish Club; Rally Comm.; S.W.S. Allan Edward McTighe B.A. Economics Bakersfield, Calif. Inlramurals; Sodality; Student Attor- ney; Irish Club; Pres. Football Comm. Patricia C. McWilliams B.A. Sociology N. Hollywood, Calif. Clay M. Greene; Cross-Currents; So- dality; CCD; MACS; The Redwood; S.W.S.; Arts and Science Assoc. Joseph Stephen Meagher B.A. History San Carlos, Cal if. Charles Graham Club, Vice-Pres.; Frosh Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Block Club, Sec.-Treas. Adele Kanaley Miller B.A. Philosophy Atherton, Calif. Gene E. Mellor B.A. History San Mateo, Calif. Freshman Class, Sgt.-at-Arms; Soph, Class, Sgt.-at-Arms; Varsity Football; Rugby Club; Charles Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals; Block Club. John Christopher Minor B.S. Physics Oswego, Oregon The Redwood; Young Republicans; Debate Team; Physics Soc; Boxing Wrestling. Robert John Mulcrevy B.A. History San Francisco, Calif. Frosh Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Charles Graham Club; Intramurals. Hugh Francis Mullin B.A. History San Mateo, Calif. Blackstone Soc; The Redwood; Young Democrats; Rally Comni.; James Bond Society. Brian Thomas Moroney B.A. History Vallejo, Calif. Cross-Currents; Archeological Soc, Ski Club; Irish Club; Redwood, Young Republicans. 60 Michael Ann Murphy B.S. Biology Palo Alto, CaUf. S.W.S., Vice-Pres., Mendel Club. Michael E. Negrette B.A. History Fontana, Calif. Rally Comm.; Kappa Zeta Phi; Charles Graham Club; Rugby Club; Irish Club. Robert Walter Murphy B.S.C.E. Chemical Engineering Redwood City, Calif. Day Students Assoc; A.S.C.E.; A.S.- M.E.; Engineering Society. James Raney Newman B.A. Philosophy Los Gatos, Calif. Intramurals; Mendel Soc. David Stanley Murray B.S.C. Business Palo Alto, Calif. B.A. A.; Irish Club; Young Democrats. Michael H. Newton B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Northridge, Calif. Clay M. Greene; A.S.M.E.; Engineer- ing Society. 61 George Williams Ney B.S.C. Finance Alameda. Calif. Delta Sigma Pi; S.A.M.; Charles Gra- ham Club; Irish Club; Intramurals; B.A.A. Charles Glen Newark, Jr. B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Scott AFB, Illinois Water Polo; A.S.M.E.; Engineering Society. Victor George Niolashin B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering San Carlos, Calif. Engineering Society; A.S.M.E.; Glee Club, Vice-Pres. Curtiss Anthony Nunes B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering San Jose, Calif. Engineering Society; I.E.E.E.; Young Democrats; Pershing Riflles; The Red- wood; fames Bond Society. Dante John Nomellini B.S.C.E. Chemical Engineerir Stockton, Calif. Engineering Society; A.S.C.E.; Intra- murals; Rugby Club. Dennis Fran B.A. Histoi Yonkers, New Glee Club; Charles Graha Engineering Society; Arts and Assoc; Jazz Comm.; IntramuralsT Initiation Comm.; Irish Club; Rally Comm.; Clay M. Greene; Varsity Tennis. 62 Kevin R. O ' Connor B.A. History San Mateo, Calif. Walerpolo; Irish Club; Cross Cur- rents; Blcickstonc Inlramnrals. Thomas L. O ' Brien B.S.C. Bus. Ad. Santa Ana, Calif. Elizabeth Margaret O ' Leary B.A. Political Science San Bernardino, Calif. Sodality; IRC; The Santa Clara, Cross Currents; Student Handbook Conim. lomas Francis Xavier O ' Neill B.A. History Phoenix, Arizona Charlie Graham Club; Blackstone. Patrick J. Orelli B.S.C. Accounting Placerville, Calif. B.A. A.; Pershing Rifles; Redivood; Young Democrats; Cross Currents; Blackstone; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Ik Terry Neil Osterdock B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Stockton, Calif. Eng. Society; l.E.E.E. Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Redwood, Se- nior editor. Young Democrats; James Bond Society. 63 Arthur Stanley Panella B.S. Pre-Med Oakland, Calif. Frosh. Baseball; Soph. Class Sec; In- tramurals Comm.; Charles Graham Club; Mendel Society; Frosh. Orienta- tion; Jazz Comm, Gary August Paris B.S.C. Accounting Saratoga, Calif. B.A.A.; Day Student Assoc. William Charles Parra B.A. Psychology Calexico, Calif. I.R.C.; B.A.A.; S.A.M. Gerald Thomas Payne B.A. History San Jose, Calif. The Santa Clara; Blackstone Society; Rally Comm.; Kappa Zeta Phi-Pres.; Charles Graham Club; Irish Club; Scabbard Blade; Homecoming Comm.-Chairman; Rugby; Frosh. Orientation; Who ' s Who. Charles John Peluso B.A. Economics Los Banos, Calif. Italian Club; Debate; Young Republi cans; Student Court. Paul L. Pete B.S.E.E. Electrical E San Mateo, Cali Galates Society; Intramurals; Eng, ing Society; I.E.E.E. 64 i Martin Anthony Petrich III B.A. History Tacoma, Wash. Senior Class Sec; Ski Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; Irish Club; Student Hand- book Comm.; Rally Comm.; Intraniu- rals; Charles Graham Club; Frosh Orientation Comm.; Sodality. Anthony Frank Piazza B.A. History San Jose, Calif. Golf Team; Day Students Asso.; Ital- ian Club. John Edward Pfeffer B.A. Political Science Caracas, Venezuela Sandra Jean Pierotti B.A. English San Jose, Calif. ,5.,- Student Directory; Ski Club; Redwood. John A. Pieruccini B.S.C. Accounting Sacramento, Calif. Intramurals; S.A.M.; B.A. A. Maria Ann Ponti B.A. History San Jose, Calif. 65 David E. Potter B.A. Economics Las Vegas, Nev. Track. Rodger Talbot Powers B.A. Philosophy Pasadena, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi; Irish Club; Mendel Society; Rugby; Clay M. Green; Water Polo; Rally Club; Ski Club. Danilo Pilar Quiazor B.S.E.E. Electrical Engir San Francisco, Marianne Celeste Ravizza B.S.C. Marketing Santa Clara, Calif. B.A.A.; S.A.M., Sec; Frosh Board of Directors; The Redwood; The Santa Clara; Day Students Assoc. Susan Jane Reddy B.A. English New York, N.Y. Sodality, Sec; Clay M. Greene; S.W.S.; MACS; Who ' s Who. David Micn! Kigney B.S.E.E. Electrica Rine dng Van Nuys, Ca I.E.E.E.; Pershing Relations, ExecutiiJe " Officer; Glee Club; Engineering So- ciety. 66 Michael Bradley Roberts B.A. Philosophy Sacramento, Calif. use Lecture Series; Re- resident, NFCCS; Foot- ' littee; Social Committee; t ' .hairmaf 1 unior Prom; Rugby; Home ueen Committee; Intramu- Martin A. Samuelson, Jr. B.S.C. Finance Arcadia, Calif. Secretary, Charles Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; Rally Committee; Vice-Pres., B.A. A.; Rugby Club; Irish Club; Scabbard Blade; Frosh Base- ball; Varsity Baseball; Treas., S.A.M.; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Pi; Cheer- leader. Arthur George Sanguinetti B.A. History Stockton, Calif. Redn ' ood, Assistant Editor; Pershing Rifles, Secretary; Blackstone Society; Cross Currents; Young Democrats; James Bond Society. es Mark Saunders E. Civil Engineering Carlsbad, Calif. Engineering Society; A.S.C.E., Presi- dent; Intramurals; Tau Beta Phi. Charlotte Ann Schirle B.A. Political Science San Jose, Calif. Jack Daniel Scardina B.A. History Healdsburg, Calif. Reduood; Italian Club; Intramurals. 67 A. Irving Scott B.A. History Sacramento, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi; Santa Clara- Sports Editor; Rally Comm.; In- tramurals; Irish Club; Arts Sciences Assoc. Homan C. Sheerin B.A. History Santa Clara, Calif. Michael J. Shamrock B.S.C. Accounting Sacramento, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi-Vicc-Prcs.; Charles Graha?n Club; Irish Club; Intramu- rals; Intramural Comm.; B.A.A.; Rally Comm. Kenneth M. Shannon B.A. History Santa Clara, Calif. Pershing Rifles Capt.; Scabbarg Blade; Cross Currents; uood-ROTC Editor; fames ' Society. John H. Shepherd B.A. Economics Stockton, Calif. Ski Team; A.S.M.E. Peter B. S B.S.C. Finan Pasadena, Calif. Frosh Advisory Board; Frosh Board of Directors; Senate; Problems Comm.; B.A. A.; S.A.M.; Jazz Comm. Public Relations Chairman; Charlie Graham Club; Alpha Delta Gamma-V ice-Pres.; Delta Sigma Pi; Water Polo; Intra- murals; Ski Club; Rally Comm. Lloyd R. Shipman, Jr. B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering San Jose, Calif. Tau Beta Pi-V ice-Pres.; Engineering Society; I.E.E.E.; Red Hat Band; Young Democrats. Gilbert John Solano B.A. Political Science Hollister, Calif. Kappa Zeta Phi-Corresponding I.R.C.; Cross Currents; kstone Society; Intraniurals; Wood. John Michael Souza B.S.C. Management Santa Maria, Calif. Charles Graham Club; Intraniurals; B.A.A.; Delta Sigma Phi. Gerald John Speno B.S.C. Business Management San Jose, Calif. B.A. A.; Day Student Assoc. Harry Ignatius Stegmaier B.A. History Cumberland, Maryland Student Handbook; Publicity Comm.; Sanctuary Society. Kenneth R. Spandoni B.A. Political Science Burlingame, Calif. Juliet Cecilia Spohn B.A. Philosophy Carmel, Calif. Coed Council. Michael Thomas Stroot B.S. Math Basketball; Sodality-Prefect; Math So- ciety; Pershing Rifles; National Sci- ence Foundation; Who ' s Who. Clarence Raphael Sullivan, Jr. B.S.C. Finance Long Beach, Calif. The Santa Clara, Ad. Manager; Rally Comm.; Homecoming Comm. Clay M. Green; N.F.C.C.S.; Football Comm. Jerry K. Tanaka B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Tau Beta Pi, Rec. Sec; Hawaiian Club, Treas.; Eng ' r Sac; I.E.E.E. Russell Maxwell Svendsen B.S.M.E. Mech. Engineering Loleta, Calif. A.S.M.E.; Bowling; Wrestling Team; Engineering Society. Alfred Joseph Tapella B.S.C. Accounting San Jose, Calif. B.A.A.; Intramurals; Day Student Soc; S.A.M. Joseph Corbett Tinney B.A. English San Francisco, Calif. Blackstone Soc; The Santa Clara; Intramurals; Student Attorney; Irish Club, Vice-Pres.; Pres.; Varsity Box- ing; Minor Sports Comm.; Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals Comm.; Sanc- tuary Soc; Who ' s Who. George Grimston Teebay B.A. History Piedmont, Calif. Varsity Rifle Team, Sec, President; Pershing Rifles; I.R.C. 70 Joseph Michael Tomsic B.S. Biology San Francisco, Calif. Basketball; Red Hat Band. Leader; Engineering Society; Mendel Society; Charles Graham Club; Intramurals. Charles D. Troglio B.S.C. Management Menlo Park, Calif. Day Students Assn.; B.A.A.; S.A.M. Young Democrats. M. John Turner B.A. English Redwood City, Calif. Frosh Basketball; Frosb Orientation Committee; Glee Cl ' h; Irish Club; Varsity Basketball; Charles Graham Club; Block Club. Patrick Twomey B.S. Math Los Angeles, Calif. Santa Clara; Arts Sciences Assn.; Intramurals; Math Club; Track; Soph- omore Initiation Committee; Sanctuary Society; Clay M. Greene; Lambda Society. Chairman; Glee Club, Vice- President; A.S.U.S.C. Constitution C o m m i 1 1 e e, Chairman; A.S.U.S.C. Building Advisory Committee, Chair- W. Michael VanZant B.S. Physics Yuba City, Calif. Physics Society; Pershing Rifles; Drill Denis Kieran Vanier B.A. History La Mesa, Calif. Blackstone Legal Society; Junior Floor Representative; Arts Sciences Assn.; S.A.M.; Sanctuary Society; Clay M. Green; Intramurals. 71 Walter Henry Vennemeyer B.A. Economics San Francisco, Calif. Blackstone Society; Ski Club; Publi- city Comm.; Rally Comm.; S.A.M.; Intramurals, Harry Michael Viani B.A. Pre-Dent. Sacramento, Calif. Mendel Society; Intramurals. Russell A. Vrankovich B.S.C. Marketing Oakland, Calif. Varsity Basketball; Charles Graham Club; Delta Sigma Phi; Block Society; Intramurals; B.A.A.; Young Demo- crats; Captain, Basketball. John Kevin Vogel B.S.M.E. Mech. Engineering Seattle, Wash. Engineering Society; Intramural Comm.; Kappa Zeta Phi; A.S.M.E.; Young Republicans; Who ' s Who; Tau Beta Pi. Ken F. Walsh B.A. Sociology San Francisco, Calif. Varsity Tennis-Capt.; The Owl. Larry Roal Walsh B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Los Altos, Calif. Rugby; A.S.M.E.; I.E.E.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Nu; Engineering So- ciety; Student Court; Irish Club; Who ' s Who. Francis L. Wegener B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Alameda, Calif. A.S.M.E.-Treas.; Engineering So- ciety. Paul Francis Weston B.A. History San Jose, Calif. Redwood, Sports Editor; Foot- m., Co-chairman; Young Re- Irish Club; Ski Club; Day Assoc; Student Directory; Club; Arts and Science Assoc; tramurals; Rally Comm.; James i Snmety. James P. Williams B.A. San Francisco, Calif. Football; Charles Graham Club; Rug- by Club; Block Club. William Conrad White B.S.C. Management and Finance Menlo Park, Calif. B.A. A.; S.A.M.; Young Democrats; Day Students Assoc Jerold Glen Wikoff B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering Santa Cruz, Calif. A.S.C.E.; Intramurals; Engineering So- ciety. Ronald John Zolezzi B.A. English San Francisco, Calif. The Redwood; The Owl; Mendel Soc Harry James Yardley, Jr. B.A. Political Science Menlo Park, Calif. Blackstone Soc. 73 UUIORS 74 " • CLASS OFFICERS: Bill Jaeger, President; Jim Hilgers, Vice President; Hal Til- bury, Secretary; Kevin King, Treasurer; Len Panattoni, Sgt.- at-Arms. With the Class of 1%5 ended one hundred and eleven years of tradition as it brought the first women students to Santa Clara. This shattering of tradition has become the symbol of the class as it pushes for a new way of life at the University. From this Junior Class has come the driving spirit that has given force to the growth of maturity and responsibility in student life and government that now marks Santa Clara. As goes this class and its leaders so will go the growth and development of the student body. 75, ff - -Wst- Thomas Amos Robert Anderson Frank Andrews Warm as a coed. Paul Aquino Juan Arrache Richard Arzino David Basso Gilbert Bernabe ■■m. _ ' Charles Blay ■ H HI And I did it all by myself r L 1 Michael Bottini f-60 Q-J William Bouch """r Kenneth Callahan Marilyn Boyd james Bunker john Callan John Brennan Mary Grace Byrnes -he .Q 3525 4 warg .11- 75 i Martin Boyle William Brennan William Burke Boyd Cahill Robert Calone Don Campagna George Cannady Phil Cannon john Cappelletti blllillllllfllll llllflllllllllllllhlllllllll llifllllllllll HIM! IIHIHNIHHHIlilllflllflllllllllllilllllllllllIlllllllllllllhlll i .?. 4 OF 5 9 'fb S '0 , Q. 7 IN -'A 2,0 '41, oI85Xo I HI of llillllllllllllliilll III ... 4- 4- - ..- m k m Charles Carey Teresa Chaparro •Ifllpiir Ann Carr Armand Cassano James Carter Patrick Carter John Casey Memphis Cepeda John Clayborn Chris Castendyk Steven Chang Carol Cocconi William Connally Alan Cordano Earl Correa Robert Corrigan All three of them 4-pointers? Susan Daly Brownie Points. Daniel Daley Bruce De Vine Henry Demmert Barry De Vita Nickolas Dibiaso David Dighero Richard De Serpa 1 I «s V fA ,% John Dodds Joseph Di Leonardo Kathleen Doherty Robert Dompe John J. Dougherty AlTi William Dorney Mary Dugas Paul Dyer William Eichenberg William Eadington Ron Flynn Tim Firnstahl Michael Flood Therese Fraser Jt Kirk Frederick William Frick Paula Frazier Lindy Frisbie i - Vi George Fry Harry Fry Pull hard girls. You ' ve almost got him. George Gale Frank Gammicchia Ronald Giannini John Gillick Rosette Girolami M ' h irW John Gisla Robert Glover We can get some girls from Graham and . Franklin Gomes Ma Richard Grassl Richard Graves Good shot. Junona Jonas Roger Johnson Judith Joyce Phillip Kabua Judith Kayser Gerard Kaz Terry Kelly I 1 N 4-t i Peter Kennedy Michael Leake George Lindemann k Victor Lindsay Lawrence Lau Dave Laubacher Patrick Lauder Barbara Ley Lester Lee Frederick Lentz Robert Lilley La I You ' ll make great wives James Lippi John Locke Card game! Where? Ronald Lohbeck Robert MacDonald Woodrow Lomas Tina Lopez Pete Magrini William Luke Peter Machi tk Jean Maher Ann Mahoney Reginald Mallamo Thomas Malatesta James Marshall Paul Manfredi Alexander Marn Michael McCord Mike McCormick Thomas McGurk Roseann Mcintosh Michael Nealon mm M522 Q, for A We V'l- M e " Sebastian Nola George Ney Henry Nunes Mary 0'Brien Pamela O'Brien David O'Brien Michael O'Hagan ie Orellana Some day all of Santa Clara will look like this. nr-g-21' 5 John O'Keefe Susan O'Laughlin Roxanne Orenczuk Jean Oscamou Alfonso Ospina James O'Sullivan ,Us Ann 'Nl lblllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll Il H Hill! lflllllllllllll III I llllllllllhllll Hill Ill Mill Illllilllllllllllllfll I lllfllllllllllllllllllllll 'gvsanmnallnnvnnmrrlmonza y Shirley Paganini Louis Pambianco I want my Teddy Bear. Leonard Panattoni Bob Pollock HBi f Erwin Paschoal Mark Pisia Maria Patterson mt Rich Posilippo TU Pat Pepin Brennan and " F lower " f ix Kit Prindiville Susan Pruyn R ' R as Q Q an if Q ai Q. 'ip f 'si -I1 4 X -,awk ,QV-f Sw S 9 Q1 -if ri 95- if 523- , Diane Raddatz Y? J Michael Radisich sip , W was ., - iiV,f, 4 . If zifii? R Frank M. Ralfo john Rallo Maureen Rankin David Raskosky William Ravizza ""'f, . , . Mary Regan George Rehrmann Ns!! 'Q Diane Reber "fm-15 Thomas J. Reilly :JH Louis Renaud jim Reynolds bmi? F-vlllll' Velma Richardson Richard Rizzo q-'4-"Vg ll!! Illlllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll llllllllllllhlll I llllllllllllll Ill llllll Hlllllllll III Ill! I Ill!! ll 9,901 E X28 QQ A mm AJVYQ 'v 3? QGFS -eg, Eg' llllfi Ill ll! lfillllllllllli ll ll David Robertson Peggy Sagalewicz Bob Rutemoeller George Santich Susie Ryan Murphy Sabatino Anthony Scalora Robert Schneider John Schulein k£ h It ' s the glasses. Joan Schwalbe Donald Scofield Jack Seimas ■ _ S»i Ronald Sera Ant school 3n ¥v nm AY M Ken Serafin James Sisto Dan Shea Dean Simonich Berman Skrable Craig Sims Sherry Smith i . J Walter Sousa Harry Stegmaier Bud Storm Francis Sullivan Bill Summers tf d Odetta Taranto Margaret Taylor Ellen Ten Broeck Bill Terheyden Sheila Thatcher Typical Hal Tilbury Roseanna Torretto Mike Tramutt Ken Trolesi Donald Turnbull Frances Van De Maele Robert Vinton Noreen Tuite Kenneth Virnig Mike Voolich Paul Vlahutin 92 Gary Walden f _ Nancy Woodward A " " i Arthur Wilson v1?l ■ " Robert Zinman Those coeds will never learn. What ' s on Carev ' s mind? OPROJDORGS 94 CLASS OFFICERS: John Dimalanta, President; Don Campisi, Vice President; Ron Whitcanack, Sgt.-at-Arms; Gail Snowgrass, Secretary; David Murphy, Treasurer. Bronco-Spirit-Santa Clara. All of these words represents the Class of 1966. In every way, the Sophomore student is Santa Clara. Old traditions have been re- enforced and new traditions have been initiated by this spirited class. The second year Bronco supports his school at every athletic and social function. He is there to help defeat the opponent at Buck Shaw Stadium and to dance at the Peacock Court. But being a Santa Claran, he is also conscious of his responsibilities to both mind and soul. The opening of Benson ' Memorial Student Center gave the Class of 1966 a place in which to hold functions such as its Christmas party. And with two years left, this class will continue to represent Santa Clara in an enthusiastic manner. 95 Maria Aboitiz Heide Aquirre Two more flights and I get my license. Patricia Allegrini Barbara Arth Alan Baas Meredith Bacon Patrick Baker 1 Richard Balestri %,j|BK n ; Frank Balestrieri H B Brian Barndt k Kevin Barr Douglas Barry Bonnie Barnes 96 ill Pamela Allston William Ardizoia Rose Avila Robert Bortfeld Old mother coed. iTxh £ James Botti John Breffeilh " " •tB ir. A-, , Thomas Broemmel «e Andrew Brown t Richard Brutocao I Thomas Brogan SA ( ' Philip Brunstetter Michael Buchner r Robert Burge tf . James Burke John Burns Edward Cahill Christine Caldwell Dominic Campisi ! ' ' ' ' « » Lee Ann Callaghan PP And at a flat rate of $50.00 . . Francisco Callejas 98 Robert Carey Michaeline Carroll A.k Bruce Cameron :;3 «c ' ' fi Walter Cardinet He said he liked me ? ? ? f Bruce Carmichael Patrick Carr Alison Carroll Thomas Casazza , W«l| Anne Catalane Joanel Cava 1 James Charkins Philip Chiongbain M Randall Chun 1» «• John Cook Michael Coughlin Lawrence Cronin i P f Kathleen Clare Joan Clark Joseph Clark Suave, Sophisticated — a Santa Clara coed! Mary Collins tf a; Richard Cortese 1, Frank Costanzi Russell Clarke Michele Clerou Kevin Coughlan Richard Cowan Marlene Cresci 100 Jane Dabo ■( ' .- ., " ' , ' „ ' " " W S " Rosemary Damioli -35 Rosalind Dagradi Joseph Damas Robert Day Julie Decker Ernest DeGasparis Hang on Father Shanks, someone just went to get the can opener. W V 1? ' Gerald Cunha William D ' Amico O John DeFigueiredo 1! Janice De La Briandais Frank Del Giorgio Carol DiGiuIio John Dimalanta Mary Dougherty Sandra Downey c3l Lawrence Duffy Peter Ecclesine Margaret Enright W ■I g» MM ■ • «MI • •• •• «• m 9 199 m§ •• • Mi ttl •• • Iw •§ •« • •. aw • I «» • I «| • • 9 •• fa »■»- » : i: m Give up, you ' ll never get a contract. David Everhart Jane Ewens 102 Kathleen Dunne John du Vigneand Mario Parana Jeanne Farley d M William Ford William Foster George Farnan " ' ' ' ' rtl James Farwell 1 Paul Fernandes Robert Fowler Gloria French Wrestling? Judith Freund Ann Frick Kenneth Friedenbach Veronica Friel John Fuchs Janiela Furman Frank Fuselier Anita Gastaldi Robert Gilbert 41 Michael Gibbons Betsy Gillick Mary Gillivan », -ir i Joseph Girard Donald Gomes 1 Mary Gomes Margot Graham Barbara Grant ::m Terry Greeley ft James Green And then he ' CT £ Thomas Grigliatti John Guheen Sharon Guskay Franklin Gutierrez ?S!? ' 4 fe 41 Mary Gygax Patrick Hall Mary Hanlon Jack Hangauer Sally Hanson Jeanne Hardy Elizabeth Harold Richard Harvey A Kevin Henker Susan Heynen Karen Hitt ' 4 Bad night, Honey? Michele Hermreck Joan Hickenbotham v James Hengehold Jacqueline Hickey ATk Jack Hillis Michael Hoffman Winona Hopper William Home 106 Danie Hulett Joseph Hung Wr N Linda Jackson Joseph Jaconi £ iZ Edwin Jenkins Frank Jimenez Joan Jacobsmeier A William Jewell David Kaefer " I just smashed the whole experiment! " Patricia Ivers Robert Jauregui Ralph Johnson Raymond Kaliski Tom Kambe Bette Lou Kane 4.h Richard Kleim Patrick Kelleher Patricia Keller ' You think you have me snowed don ' t you? " Janet Kolhoff Joseph Kellogg 4; Thomas Konrad Charles Kollerer Marian Lambert €i James Lanza K W Peter Kelly Christine Klein mm Charles Kryski William Landtbom Paula Knutsen Maurice LaRiviere 108 Joan Leahy in Edwin Mabie John Mack Jean Mackie Kathleen Mallery QUEST FOR the MRS. tk Ken Malovos Jeffrey Manchester Carol Mancuso Judy Manlowe David Maracini ■V, George Marinelli PS Michele Martin Jessie Martori Michael Matthews Thomas Maulhardt John McArdle I f Michael McDonell Patr ick McCahill Jeffrey McCarthy Kevin McCarthy JoAnne McCormick Daniel McCoy So what do we haunt tonight?? , . Patricia Miller Thomas Minehan Robert Miranda tf tfVlk Ronald Mitooka Demerris Moon r± Rosemary Moore %pf « David Morton Thomas Miyashiro Victoria Molinari Robert Mondavi Antonio Montoya S. C. Runts 4, ' Cheryl Moore Michael Morf Donna Moran Stephen Mori David Mraz ,f " KM James MuUaney Marilyn MuUer 112 Leonard Murphy James Murrieta X Mary Neudorffer JoAnne Nola Richard Nichols Z ' " - -- Elizabeth Nutt Susan Newman 1. li ' Maureen Nolan " W tH Robert O ' Brien Boys ' night in. Joseph Nanut f « fe Michael Nicolai Kathy O ' Brien iM Bruce O ' Connor , -V- tf A r Michael O ' Connor Thomas O ' Connor Kathy O ' Donnell 4lfe John O ' Dwyer SN « W. David Oke V Pamela Olivieri Do you use Ice-Blue Secret, Dear? You ' re always so cold, calm and collected. m ames O ' Looney Rooney O ' Neil John O ' Neill A . i Lois Osmer m: Eduardo Ospino Marguerite Ott Karen Pahor ' Lawrence Palla «r Victor Parrino 4 Peter Parrish Alb Steve Pasecky Kl Louis Pastorini Paul Osborne it Ernest Pluma Susan Quartaroli Lawrence Quilici Daniel Pisano Paula Ponce Sharon Ponty William Quinlan Gregory Quintana Nancy Raley Mr. Beecker assigned it. Virginia Ramsey Michael Ranahan Cj Leonard Read Michael Reddy t t: ' ' «i Timothy Regan A. John Rinset Edmund Rhein Patricia Riles Martha Riley Catherine Riordan Edward Riordan A Alexandra Robinson Bruce Rodgers Sharon Rodgers Susan Ruddell Toni Rusich «cr . ' Michael Ryan w 116 Joanne Sanfilippo . il Gregory Sauer That ' s my Playboy! Jacqueline Scatena William Stheid i Jill Schenone William Schmidt Noel Schranz Mary Jane Se Legue Nina Selzer JoAnne Sericko Kathryn Sertich Janet Sessinghaus Michael Shea t ' -fv James Sheehan ■ Hfe James Sikora Gardner Skinner h £: Marsha Skbinski Frederick Smith Michael Smith Patricia Smith Vera Snider mmmmM ' ' » ' ' ' f t Maybe r ' -xt time you ' ll stay away from my date! Gail Snowgrass Mark Sorem BBBIII PLJIr David Squellati ▲:;i Anthony Stearman Margaret Stewart Suzanne Stefan Patricia Stewart Colleen Stinnett Kathleen Straus 118 £ Patricia Strickland Charles Sullivan Patricia Sutherlen M Jm Michael Thompson %, Patricia Talkington David Tout Who said they had bunk beds at McLaughlin V , tfV.4 Brian Swift Jik Seth Thompson Raymond Tracy Peter Sullivan Timothy Taormina Victoria Towne Marion Trent Kathleen Triplett Katherine Twohy Thomas Uboldi Evor Vattuone Eugenio Velasco Georgianna Voorhies Barbara Wade Jerald Walsh Timothy Whalley Joan White Susan Wilson ■ iiitiiiip ir Michael York John White Ronald Whitcanack Alberta Wilson Benjamin Wood Richard Woodaman W Pli What long legs you have Grandma. John Yonts Michael Ziemann IIIIII Smile! I II IIIIII II IIIIII II I IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII III II II 'Qvrwnt And they said it cou1dn't be done! IIIIIII IIIII Hey! I found a coed in the bushes. I IIIIII II II IIIII IIIII IIIII I'1l teach you not to call me a camel!! 4, O F S i "" 2?- fx 4 fb Q1 LI-I 'I Q it 'S 0. .4 55, I II I IIII QIIIIIIIIIII III II RCSRimciri CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Miller, Sgt-at-arms; Al De Serpa, Vice-President; Mary Novakovich, Secretary; Paul Jordan, Treasurer; Richard Mc- Kannay, President. hi early September 1963, over 400 students met for the first time on the campus of Santa Clara. During the weeks that followed the class came together to put an end to the sophomore initiation and show the first signs of maturing unification. Since that day the Class of ' 67 has become an integral part of Santa Clara. They have succeeded in laying the foundation on which can be built a firm structure — a structure that will add to Santa Clara ' s stature. The Class has set its goal of bettering Santa Clara for everyone and in this year it has come a long way reaching that goal. 123 f% Isabel Alcantara Cristina Almada Brainwashing Department. Michael Ambrosi Luke Argilla Frank Austin Dennis Balfe d.M Thomas Astrella rL» Patricia Baas M Barry Baldwin Wayne Angel M. . Laura Arnold ' ■ TO Jane Barry 124 Sk Richard Barsotti « ' :». ' ' « Bruce Barton Douglas Becker L -.: f - «- f ruce Bassetti ' k Randy Bauer Pamela Bartlett Georgia Bazzano John Bedell . Betty Beetley Donald Berchtold Albert Berger 1 i 1 Here is my bed time blessing, boys. ■ Susan Benedetti Terrence Bezdek i Lawrence Biggam Robert Biaggi David Bigger Barbara Biggs Charles Bonnici 1 ' o Louis Branson CT Sharon Biika Daniel Blaettler Carolyn Bodensteiner Holly Boehme Ronald Bogin 8 » rr n ' t-t " ! Anna Bolla Barbara Bonetti Linda Bonnett |« Josephine Borgatello David Borgerding Mike Bradfield Joan Brake The barbershop quartet. 25 John Brenne I ' m gonna wash that coed right out of my hair. Zk Carla Bulotti Richard Byrne Ik- » Robert Buoncristiani Lorilee Burcar 9 jt Sherilyn Cala 4 ' r- - m : ' h Michael Camarata John Cameron Michael Campbell Sherry Campbell • — LkM Richard Campodonico John Cassidy Patricia Clark It ' s better than the real thing. Albert Castle Merle Chapman Norman Clark t James Collins James Collins i John Colvin 128 Susan Connell Catherine Connolly Mariansela Convertino m A Patricia Corins Rosemary Cosgrove Douglas Coty Mary Creehan Deirdre Cronin You mean I have to take Bonehead? Tracy Cross W Mary Cuffe •m - 1 4 Edward Cull t ' .i 111 Lawrence Conti ' ■h Jeff Cost Thomas Crotty Seaton Daly Donna Damassa Robert Deans Gentlemen — Your target for tonight. • Pamela Diebel John DeLucchi W y, ▼ Jh Ro Cheryl DiGiulio ' ' Robert Dondero .N, 130 Three is a crowd. John Donovan Jameson Crowner Roger Easley Anthony Dorsa John Douglas Kenneth Dugan Kathleen Dumbrille William Eadington Nancy Egan Katherine Eichenberg caf 1 Judith Elliot Roger Epperson Robert Ernest Luciann Esposito Jane Evans " V r Corliss Fisher Laura Facchini Mary Faherty 1 Francis Fay Patricia Fee Francis Flaim , Patricia Fox Gail Fazackerley Timothy Farasyn Frank Filice A diM J ,,ir Michael Foley David Foos Sally Fornasero I ' m really not an ATHLETIC Supporter. 132 W f ) Mary Fredrickson Teresa Freeman All photographers should step out 3rd story windows. ' 1 Vicki Freid Loren French Barbara Frick Ellen Friedley Karen Gai Alan Gallagher Cliff Gamble f Mary Garthwaite Gregory Gamp Raymond Gastonguay William Gannon f Joyce Gattas Gary Gavello V.t:: :. fS Susan Geare John Gemello Diana Gervais ? Diane Goggio We ' re all set for a real party. % — Mary Goodrum k ' J Patricia Gorman k J. Catherine Grace Susan Gorman Richard Graff Philip Grasser 1 Geoffrey Greiveldinger P S John Graves Susan Gray Elaine Grewe 134 Patricia Gillivan i Richard Glover r Christine Hackett Catherine Heilman Pedro Harris Suzette Henke 7:k Elizabeth Harrington S- Richard Hendrickson David Hernandez Prefects are just like the rest of us. fflf Carol Hammes M Michael Heckman Sarah Hennes David Hickey Alex Higgins Scott Hill Frances Hinders Winnie Ho Nancy Hogan Joan Hopper A: Geraldine Huck Man, what a dinner. Cathy Hopper Thomas Hynes Joseph Igeltnund Russell Johnson Susan Janelli Judy Jaroch Dawn Hornsby Clara Horvath Yes fans, I ' ve been surfing. Craig Jordan fe 1 1 JoAnn Kelly Karyn Kambic Paul Jordan Beatrice Kase 1 A Jeffrey Kasmar Patrick Kearns ' ' ' S »_ Jerry Kenkel James Kelly Catherine Kilkenny Charlene Kohl Susan Katica James Kelly Aayeh Korthamar JoAnn Kverno Lynn Lambert David Leonard Mary Link fs V Paul LaPrairie Antonia Lastreto Vii Dennis Latimer Lucie Laxague 1 %iM James LeStrange J Ben Laubacher Christine Lautze Carol Lemos Lynn Leversen James Lightbody Maureen Lennon J h Carlos Linares Model Jock Student 2. i fl Les LoBaugh Susan McCinty Catherine McGreevey Michael McHale Therese Mclnnis Michael McGuire Peri Maciel Carol Malley IWW George Marquis Victoria Mcintosh Richard McKannay Tim McKeeman I was a 90 lb. weakling until Charles Atlas helped me. f " sm w jtrk Charles Maca John Maher Harold Mack Alanna Malloy Linda Marino 140 Tom McPartland John McQuaide Frederick Massetti John Maulhardt Norelynn Merrick Karen Metzger Kathleen Meehan ¥ vk John Michalak Caitriona Moloney No thank you, I ' d rather study tonight. i Marian Mastro Ronald Merriman f 41 % .dll Suzanne Montali V " Robert Montgomery Carolyn Moore r± Martin Moreno Mary Moroney Sherryl Muckenthaler Peter Muller Belle, Book Candle Sharon Murphy Mary Novacovich Peter Naumes Michael Neri 142 Enough said. Fred Oliver Mary Olson Lynda Parise Anthony Orlandini Dennis O ' Reilly -, . " Marilyn Papagni ft Peter Osbaldeston Richard Pardini M Charles Ortman To Peter Paquet if Jerry Paccassi m,M Daniel Paris B Margaret Pasek Rosemary Paumier W Richard Pedemont Sandra Pelletier W - i Michael Perrin Joanne Peterson Richard Petersen Ronald Piziali Michael Port Terrence Porter John Quattrin IS m Sharon Quist All set for a long night of study. Jane Porter f -r» r ' M t Gerard Prietto r Maurice Quillen Ross Prusinouski If ' • V Diane Quenell Sylvia Quinn 144 Michael Poitevin Susan Pollard PI mk Richard Ramirez Norman Ravizza William Reuss Rochelle Redman Christine Read Margaret Richards Michael Richter Diane Riopel The Honor Students. fr: ks -zri. a Thomas Rapheld Carolyn Reed Patrick Riley wim Charles Roberts m M d V Dorthea Roeser William Roseblade Bruce Rosenberry . Eloise Rosenblatt Barbara Ross Betty Ross it John Ross Susan Rosselli Timothy Ruecker Michael Ross Geraldine Rossini John Rust k ' 1 Barbara Ryan Ann Schneider Rita Ryan Isadore Sara Joseph Scalmanini Tonine Schirle Will you please quit bothering me? 146 John Schroeder Michael Schrupp O.K. give ' em the juice. Mary Schwab Joseph Schweitzer Roger Scott Nancy Sears Mary Seel Barbara Shankland Gary Shara Maureen Sheehy d Charles Shimmin Melvin Silva Ronald Sinclair James Sitter Wr iiA i Susan Slocum Jacqueline Smith William Smith Richard Solis Stephanie Sorich d Ralph Spaulding Frances Stanley I feel pretty, oh so pretty! „ ' Cynthia Spencer - Donald Starkey Mark Stegmaier ' M Leo Steidlmayer . Tnhn Sfpnso - John Stenso Jeanne Stephens 148 Terence Strain Rena Sullivan Stephen Sung George Swanson % " JSM Jocelyn Towle Susan Swendseid 1 Jess Telles Michelle Sweeney Stuart Taylor mI - h Sally Thompson But Father Crowley, the showers were full ! Louise Sutton I Doug Szyper James Thiltgen Karen Thorland l -e Michael Tom Lawrence Tomassini Mary Toomey Jr William Travers Leslie Teeple Peter Trombetta Frank Tuck Beverly Valenti dTiii John Valpreda Anita Whelan Lynne Van Gorkom William Van Loon Julia Wiedel mm Nicholas Ventola X. Susan Viviani John Voller Catherine Wamser Nancy Waters George Wilfert r» 1 Barbara Weaver Why aren ' t you inside enjoying the Varsi mixer. 150 Blair Weimer 1. Mary Zanone Linda Zepfel Stephen Zinnanmon Joseph Zotter T m 152 California Indian Cares For His Spanish Master 153 Leon Anderson, BA, LLB Long Beach Theodore Biagini, BSC, LLB Santa Clara Martin Capriola, BA, LLB Willows 154 William Cox, LLB Santa Clara Don Eaton, LLB San Jose David Ferrari, LLB Santa Clara Philip Fisher, III, BA, LLB Oakland 1 55 Theodore Fleisher, BA, LLB Santa Clara Gary Gianinni, BA, LLB San Jose James Haumesser, BA, LLB San Jose John Ludwigson, BA, LLB Bellingham, Wash. Noel Manoukiaa, BA, LLB Reno, Nev. Donald Mick, BSE, LLB Santa Clara 156 Alan Parker, LLB Sunnyvale Kevin Ryan, LLB San Jose Barry Shulman, BA, LLB San Jose Salvatore Spano, BSC, LLB Campb ell Polly Welsh, BS, LLB Sacramento Robert Vander Noor, BSC, LLB Porterville Joseph Young, LLB Anchorage, Alaska JS I0X|X LEFT TO RIGHT: Biagini, Castelazo, Gianinni, Haumesser, Hastings, Spano, Shulman, Shea. Edward Alvernaz Bill Enright 158 Gary Keister ( y ar Xl m Timothy Regan Ruby Rodgers i Michael Shea ' } T0 Jerome Smith LEFT TO RIGHT: Shea, Hastings, Spano, Biagini. IT Tr ' M. Boyle .M Hans Boysen John Campisi r Frank Clohan S« « 0X( ii, Xi m)f Michael Diepenbrock Donald Leister LEFT TO RIGHT : Haumesser, Castelazo, Shulman, Gianinni, Giagini David Maguire y ifi Xl m ■ James McDonald k mfJk William Moore k. Lloyd Murphy yX my ysL 0]e x ok,s ■.1 Roderick Reames LEFT TO RIGHT: Eaton, Fleisher, Ryan, Capriola. I Aurelo Muvoz A Gary Priest f V 161 Joseph Shepherd Louis Wiess 162 Spanish Explorers Brave The Seas Of The CaHfornia Coast 163 I I LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Glover, Treasurer; Bob Burke, Recording Secretary; Dennis Fraser, Vice President; Mike Flood, Corresponding Secretary; and Lee Drago, Sergeant-at-Arms. 0X€(cfU®X)O€f Bo tK,» ASUSC EXECUTIVE BOARD The primary goal of the Executive Board has been the effective incorporation of the " New Role " of student government responsibilities into the ASUSC, adapting the new concepts to the old organization. The reorganization of the Senate in which a standing committee system was introduced was one of the innovations of the past semester. To meet the demands of an active Student Court system, the Department of the Prosecution was created by the Board. The Executive Board has attempted to maintain the traditional high quality in the student activities and services of the ASUSC. A system of more administrative control over the ASUSC Committees was introduced. Under this system each member of the Board was assigned certain committees. In addition to acting as general overseer of these committees he also acted as liaison between the committees under his jurisdiction and the Executive Board. This also has enabled the Board to achieve better coordination between the committees themselves. 165 LEFT TO RIGHT: Peluso, Skrable, Dougherty, Pambianco and Griffin. John Dougherty Chief Justice ... to be an ef- ficient, conscientious and reliable court of rights and justice for the student body and administra- tion ... to put the Student Court in its rightful position in student government in the eyes of the Student Body, ASUSC government and the Ad- ministration. PROSECUTION RIGHT TO LEFT: Front; Drago, Meyer, McKannay, Giacci, Dibiaso; Rear; Grube, Haran, De Martini, Smith. 166 Student Court in action Constitution Committee . . . one of many Vice President Dennis Frasier . . . given legis- lative powers, subject to the Board of Review, over student discipline and dormitory regulation in addition to its traditional jurisdiction over extracurricular and social activities . . . Senate or- ganized into five committees . . . recognition of new organizations . . . adopted rules and sanctions for all campus activities. 0oaj The Good Ship Jueger RIGHT TO LEFT: Sue Pelz, Pam O ' Brien, Jim Grube, Pat Pepin, Bob Cicchi and Jean Maher. I Chairman Jim Grube . . . governed elections . . . handled the passage of a Constitutional Amendment . . . reworked the rules in regard to posters , . . reorgani2ed the committee to handle increased number of electio ns. till III ■ m tit y . f «r4£ZjK , The Candidate . Talking Tear drop Up a tree until we ' re een . . . Weekend Builders Chairman Mark Wood . . . silent posters fore- telling future events . . . full-scale rallies . . . bonfire rally . . . comedy . . . Dixieland jazz . . . all to foster enthusiasm on campus and to help the Broncos compete with high morale. Santa Clara Spirit . , RIGHT TO LEFT: O ' Brien, Petrich, Corrigan, Ney Hacket, Bricca, Ney, King, Tomsic, Shamrock, Horrigan, Colombini, Maloney, Anderson, Negrete, and Miller. Spring homework One of the many groups responsible for getting the team on field each game . . . Chairman Paul Weston . . . Provide publicity, entertainment, field direction and sales to the pro- gramming and management of the games . . . significantly responsible for extending the football program each year . . . organize Homecoming weekend. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry DeVita, Paul Weston and Jerry Giaccai. 171 Bronco Matmen Chairman Mike Leake . . . continued a prosperous minor sports program at S.C. . . . inspiring recognition on all levels of participation . . . created a higher de- gree of athletic achievement. Rugby action on Ryan Turf RIGHT TO LEFT: Leake, Corrigan, Farwell, Tinney, and Fry. He keeps them on the field court Intramural football league in the fall months . . . Chair- man Bob Brinton . . . Initiated 5 man, full court basketball to the Bronco scene . . . spring schedule of sports . . . soft- ball . . . worked out a system of intramural golf with the help of Joe Kelly. A new sport at S.C.U. . . RIGHT TO LEFT: Front, Lemke, Anderson, MeGeary, Vogel; Rear, Kelly Kennedy, Brinton, Corrigan, Fry, and Cordano. 0Oai DX l3€(€[ Chairman Pat Riles ... to organize student groups of 2 or 3 to visit high schools with the Admissions Counselor . . . to host visiting high school juniors and seniors . . . through David Murray an advisory committee on student recruiting was formed . . . Recruiting at the Fairmont RIGHT TO LEFT: Front; McGeever, Pepin, Dugas. Rear; Glover, Riles, McKannay and Cordano. RIGHT TO LEFT: Front; Metzger, Foisy, DeVine, Miller, Luke. Rear; Dorney, DeVita, Gon and Wright. Regular announcement of activities and events Chairman Bill Luke . . . split into two committees . . . poster making service to any committee, club, or- ganization belonging to the ASUSC . . . supervising duplicating machine- ry in student body office . . . initiated a monthly social calendar . . . issued the daily bulletin . . . publicized for the members of the ASUSC. ® lr ?, Jji, ' ' 1 f , 9 VX,VJStofv-; ' ?n¥ fr ' « h ■ 1 Weekend activities . . . To schedule and over-see social events and print and distribute the Social Calendar each semester . . . Chairman Billy Lambert . . . Aimed at insuring that each student had at least one social event open to him each weekend. Featured performens RIGHT TO LEFT : Kineen, Lambert and Lastreto. 176 -J • ••• ■ ..•«• m ' ' n W l k TiM ' wj a B A Nite on Nob Hill Enjoyment at the St. Francis B.A.A. Ball Senior Exclusive RIGHT TO LEFT: Front; Giannini, Fr. Dullea, Roberts. Rear; Pitman, Cordano, Sanchez and Murphy. McGrath speaks A new view of poetry . . . I Chairman Mike Roberts . . . Name changed from Cross Currents . . . allocation now shared by the administration and ASUSC . . . formation of a joint administrative-student committee to handle the lecture series . . . to present a series of programs that will interest the various members of the student body. An evening with Hans Conreid 179 RIGHT TO LEFT: Bolger, Kayser, Brennan, Chaparro, and Woodward. Chairman Brenna Bolger ... at registration, student ' s names and addresses are taken and formed into a directory which is given to each student . . . directories were made available to students in October through the ASUSC Office. 180 i Chairman John DiMa- lanta . . . administer the affairs of the Freshman Class until the election of the freshman officers in late November . . . plans and organizes social events . . . sets up the basic rudiments of class government for the freshmen. RIGHT TO LEFT: DiMalanta, Campisi, Whitcanack, Snowgrass, and Murphy. pJi S) (D€[Xi )8o ) )» O DxR.€(ct o3 jS 181 RIGHT TO LEFT: Tinney, Redding, Beatley, and Campisi. Chairman Sue Redding . . . was an ASUSC Com- mittee until this year when it was put under the Senate . . . primary purpose of the commiittee is to work with the administration on student — administra- tion problems. pX oBXie® 182 (]Jo PaiX® " €[€[ A problem . . _i Chairman Tim Mahoney . . . sponsored Lenten Lecturer Series and the Ryland Debate . . . Spring Lecture Series . . . Basement Bullsessions . . . envolved more than 100 students in preparing for the San Francisco Symphony . . . sponsored S.C. ' s first Art Show . . . held the Arts . Science Ball in late April at the Fairmont in San Francisco . . . and sponsored several film classics on Wednesday nights at the Santa Clara Theatre. LEFT TO RIGHT: Labash, Bunker, DeMartini, and Mahoney. 183 Ctf JBS 184 The Control Of The Seas Meant Wealth Power 185 Sam Mabry EDITOR . . . One Goal . . . .One Aim Wn r ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Pat Orelli, Art Sanguinetti. The Best Yearbook Possible . . EXECUTIVE STAFF: Mike Ryan, Art Sanguinetti, Rocky Mullin, Brenna Bolger, Frank MacTernan, Sam Mabry, Pat Orelli and Larry Abrahamsen. 186 tttOOjD . . The Work Of An Organization Shown In Its Final Product . . . TOP ROW, L-R : Barry DeVita, John Minor, Pat Orelli, Curt Nunes, Mike Ryan, Terry Osterdock, Dean Simonich, Frank McTernan. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Guest, Sandy Perotti, Mary Kenny, Andrea Abels and Marianne Ravizza. Editor-in-Chief: Sam Mabry Assistant Editor: Art Sanguinetti Associate Editors : Pat Orelli " , Terry Osterdock Administrative Editor: Andrea Abels Assistants : Vera Snider, Pete Casserta, Pam Boz, Mary Garthwaite Advertising Editor: Brenna Bolger Assistants : Betty Ross, Katie Eichenberg, Tom Malatesta Art Editor: Jeff Held Assistants : Ed Jenkins, Mary Se Legue, Marlee Cresci ASUSC Editor: Jim Guest Assistants : Jo Wetermayer, Joan Bastasch Business Editor: Larry Abrahamsen Assistants: Mike Ney, John King, Linda Jackson, Christine Caldwell Clubs Editor: Phil Walther Assistants : Marguerite Ott, Barbara Arth, Shirley Paganini Copy Editor: Hugh Mullin Assistants; Joan Hopper, Mary Kenny, Mary Dougherty Faculty Editor: Marianne Ravizza Assistants : Carol Kraemer, Marsha Skybinski Frosh Editor: Ralph Spalding Assistants : Judy Jaroch, Suzanne Montali, Mary Novacovich Junior Editor: Dean Simonich Assistants : Pete Price, Sue Prendergast, Lorilee Burcar Law Editor: Terry Lanier Assistants: Kirk Frederick, Carolyn Corwin Layout Editor : Frank MacTernan Assistants : Susan O ' Loughlin, Kirk Frederick Photo Editor: John Minor Assistants : Larry Lau, Jeanne Farley, Bob Rutemoeller, Linda Zepfel, Barry DeVita, Jim Mullaney, John Pochodowicz, Bob Peterson ROTC Editor: Mike Shannon Assistants: Jay DeSerpa Senior Editor : Terry Osterdock Assistants : Curtiss Nunes, Dick Bastiani, Dennis Alexander, James Geoffrey, Ellen Dolio, Patricia McWilliams, Andrea Abels, Mary Taylor, Rosejoanne Cirincione Sophomore Editor: Mike Ryan Assistants : Jack Hangauer, Ellen Ferguson, Marilyn Borsi Sports Editor : Paul Weston ssistants : Paul Dyer, Mike Gibbons, Barry DeVita, Sue Daly, Sue Russell, Bill Gates, Judy Barrett, Marilou Figone 187 ... To Represent All That Is Santa Clara, Reflecting The Values Attitudes, And Activities Of Today ' s Student On The Modern Campus Scene ... Wn ' The Old Boss Dick Barbieri Staff: Kaluzniacki, Pofd, De Martini, Ravizza, Magdlen, Callahan, Lilley, Clark, Furman, Martin, Leake, O ' Leary, Lanctot, Moran, 188 Sitxj® (JXHiBi, The New Boss . . . Explaining Activities And Changes To Over 2000 Alumni, Friends, And Associates Of The University In A Style Which Has Won The Santa Clara The Ail-American Honor Rating Among Collegiate Newspapers From Coast To Coast . . . Jim Bunker Staff: Scott, Callahan, Barbieri, Bunker, (Ed) Clark, Girard, Tinney, Dorney, Martin, Ventola, Hansen, Smorg, Leake, Cahill, Katica, Luke, Fazackerly, Stewart, Breslin, Blaettler O ' Hara, Ravizza, MacTernan, Haslam, Degradi. Callahan, Girard, and Clark. T mimn President Al Cordano . . . Pizza And Beer, Spaghetti And Meat Balls And Much Old World Tradition To All Who Feel The Romance Of Italy . . . BACK ROW: Dave Murphy, Bill Sanchez, Ralph Giannini, Bill Pittman, Bill Dorney, Bob Cicchi, Paul Manfredi. SITTING: Jinj Farwell, Mike Dijulio, Harry Miller, Tom Kugler, Chris Castendyke. FRONT: Pat Lauder, Dave Dighiero, Al Cordano. O ttja 190 President: Joe Tinney ... A Delegation Of The Irish Element Promoting School Spirit And Devilment In Conjunction With Other National Clubs On Campus . . . STANDING: Nick Tone, Dennis Devitt, Mike Roberts, Mike Leake, Joe Tinney, Tom Kugler, Toby O ' Brien, Dave Murphy, Tom Malloy. SITTING: John Turner, Tim Anderson, Jerry Payne, Bill Dorney, Joe Tomsic, Bill Sanchez. . . . Liberty , . . . Fraternity . . . Equality . . . 191 ? lE O«ttXt Editor Bob Konrad . . . University Literary Review Published Quarterly Representing Reflections Of College Thought On The Modern American Scene . . . BACK: Bill Ford, Mike Foley, Jorma Kaukenon, Fr. Gray, Bob Konrad, Kevin McCarthy. FRONT: Jody Grantham, Roseann Minister, Candy Ryan, Sue Ruddell, Tori Towne, Olga Orellana, Rooney O ' Neil, Norlynn Merrick. . . . The Oldest College Literary Publication West Of The Mississippi 192 (Ji iftXcJ Xl So€(X€( y President Dick Bastiani . . . Speakers From Industry, Selected Field Trips, And Scientific Movies Enlighten Chem Majors In Their Chosen Profession FRONT: Dick Bastiani, Richard Graves, John Sieh. BACK: Joe Haefele, Mike Ambrosi, Lolly Kineen, Tom Hynes, Bob Dematte. S Xic{ tx K,y jSo (xc[ y «t ... The Greater Glory - J, Of God Through Service At The Altar . . . STANDING: Steve Mori, Mike Hoffman, Bob Haslam, Pete Ferris, Rick Brutaco, Mike Buckner, Bob Malcolm, Steve LaBash, Brian Servatius, Chuck Blay. SITTING: Roger Dodds, Jim Kelly, Marty McHale, Bill Luke. Mary Gomes, Kirk Fredericks, Shirley Paganini, Erwin Paschoal, Pat Duarte, Mike Tom, Bill Yamaki, Tom Miyashiro, Roger Epperson. President Erwin Paschoal . . . The Happy Hawaiians Of SCU With Surf Movies And Luau ' s Spread The Culture Of The 50th State . . . 194 President Punky Souza BACK ROW: Bob Corrigan, Mike Ney, George Ney, Jim Williams, Mike Negrete, Pete Ferraro, John Turner, Denny Devitt, Carl Hansen, Mike Shamrock, Jack Hourigan, George Fry, Pat Cronin. FRONT ROW: Bill Hackett, Tim Mahoney, Bob Bricca, Boyd Cahill, Lloyd Colombini, Kevin King, Jim Miller, Toby O ' Brien, Marty Petrich, Joe Tomsic. . . . Promoting Athletic Events On And Off Campus And . . . 195 . . . Providing The Athletic Department With A Ready Service Group To Help With Preparation . . . . . . Guest Speakers Field Trips, And Personal Experience Keynote The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers . . . Ms sm President Paul Garbarini LEFT TO RIGHT, Row 1: Sera, Vogel, Whalley, O ' Hagen, Bottini, Morton, Malcolm, Talesfore. Row 2: Baratta, D ' Amico, Maybe, York, Nikoloshin, Roberts, Oscamou, Mitooka, O ' SuUivan, MacDonald, Nelson. Row 3: Ivancovich, Grady, Svendsen, Becker, Sauer, Garbarini, Contreras, Lena, Newton, Airone, Singletary. 196 I XXi K-Xligt xoXi Xc OXctcs President Tony Garcia . . . Representing Students From Many Countries Currently Attending The University Of Santa Clara . . . LEFT TO RIGHT, Row 1: Marjorie Richards, Mary Olsen, Winnie Ho, Betty Beetly. Row 2: Vicky Aboitiz, Mary SeLegue, Kathy Naughton, Gabby McKannay, Marty McHale, J.P. Foisy, Toni Lastreto, Bill Sheid, Ed Ospiny, Tom Liang, Ray Ferris. Row 3: Phil Chiongbian, Tony Stearman, Phil Grasham, Jim Lue Chen, Tony Garcia, Bob Haslam. President Jerry Giaccai . . . The Common Interest Of Mathematics . . . LEFT TO RIGHT, Row 1: Maureen Lynch, Winnie Ho, Marilyn Boitano, Roman Kaluzniacki. Row 2: Sherry Ford, Roseanne Torreto, Jerry Giaccai. Row 3: Dick Grassl, Pat Twomey, Tony Wawrukiewicz, Ralph Johnson. President Bill Terheyden LEFT TO RIGHT, Row 1: John Minor, Oswald Snard, Bill Terheyden, Dean Simonich, J.P. Foisy, Bill Sanchez, Pete Machi, Mike Ney, Jim Lizotte, Bob Haslam. Row 2: Mike Leake, George Frye, Tom Tanner, Harry Miller, Jim Miller, Lloyd Collombini, Xavier Baldwin, Kevin Vogel, Boyd Cahill. Row 3: Bill Dorney, Carl Hansen, Kevin King, Mike Morgan, Dennis Royer, Irv Scott, Mac Raffo, Bruce Devine, Dan Ericson, Mike Kabe, Al Cordano, Dennis Venier, Patricia Riles. . . Political Experience Of National Issues On A College Level Through Lectures, Debates And Movies . . . . . . Conservative Republican Principles Constitutionalism . . . Free-enterprise . . . Americanism . . . 198 President Tony DiLeonardo . . Contrasting Their Views Vehemently With Those Of Contemporary Student Political Parties . . . STANDING : Jim Dollard, Larry Walsh, Don Campagna, Tom Ferrari, Jim Finerty, Gerry Giaccai, Tony Di Leonardo, Ray Shipman, Lolly Kineen. SITTING: Ellen Ferguson, Judy Joyce, Kathie Naughton, Joan Jacobsmeier, Margi Stewart, Sue Prendergast. . . . Precinct Work . . . . . . Forums . . . , . . Guest Speakers 199 Wmx B€(iiK x President Larry Walsh . . National Engineering Honor Society, Calling For Superior Scholarship And Character . . , BACK: Larry Walsh, Lloyd Shipman, Jim Dollard, August Lena. MIDDLE: Paul Garbarrini, Bob Kitahara, Bob Binkley, Bob Dompe, Francis Sullivan, Charles Saunders, Paul Vlahurtin. FRONT: Tom Liang, John Gisla, Mario Baratta, Dave Demaree, Sebastian Nola, Kevin Vogel. D€[X(W x ff. x President Bill Hackett P . . Fostering The Study Of Business, Encouraging Scholarship, And Promoting A Closer Affiliation Between The Business World And The Student . . . BACK: John Cody, Bill Grady, Wally Brown, Gery Wertz, Boyd Cahill, Denny Royer, Tom Swartz, Dave Murphy, Pat Orelli, Mike Kelberer, Carl Hansen, Bill Sanchez, Gary Santoni, Mark Pista, Mike Ryan. FRONT: George Ney, Bill Hackett, Al Cordano, Lloyd CoUombini, Mike Leake, Tom Malloy, Mike Ney. ;g »3pjf ' Sny President Jerry Payne SEATED: Kevin Vogel, Irv Scott, Joe McCarthy, Brian Servatius, Larry Boyle, Harry Miller, Bruce Devine. STANDING: J.P. Foisy, Don White, Dave Basso, Tom Andersen, Bob Burke, Bob Pollack, Bill Dorney, Chris Sharkey, Phil Cannon, Henry Emmert, Dick Barbieri, Chuck Carey, Bill Terheyden, Tim Taormina, Mike Flood, Jim Lassart. . . . Members, Coming From All Colleges Of The University, Must Meet Scholastic And Social Requirements . . . . . A Fraternity Combining Social Aspects With A Goal Of Service To The University Of Santa Clara . . . 201 Society For The Advancement Of Management BMgi Informing The Student On Problems, Policies, And Methods Of Management i I General Chairman : George Chiala . . . Public Relations Chairman : Marianne Ravizza . . . Programming Chairman : Lloyd Colombini . . . Finance Chairman : Marty Samuelson . . . Secretary : Julie Francoeur 202 TPxX X|ct€( President Peter Santina Emphasizing The Field Of Finance . . . Enhancing AH Undergraduates Knowledge Of Business . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Tanner (Secretary), Peter Santina (President), Earl Carroll (Guest Speaker), Fred Franzia (Veep), Jerry Dinelli (Treasurer). nx(tcB 203 LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Walther, Mike Harrison, Chuck Peluso, Tom Reilly, Art Sanguinetti, John Dou gherty, Sam Mabry and Dennis Fraser. A Society Aimed At Retaining, And If Need Be Returning, What Is Santa Clara . . . On All Fronts It Has Smashed THAT Element Of Dangerous Student Division And Has Kept The University As One In Goal. 204 1006 . . . Unifying The The Various Departments Of Engineering With Social And Academic Programs . . . President Kevin Vogel aft 3ai€[€[K,xxi6 So ixe.- y . . . Providing A Basis Of Contact Between The Student And The Professional Engineering World President Jack Keegan R,ct) €(oX(06 OqUB President Richard Graves . . . Initiating The Excavation And Development Of Worthwhile Historical Sites As Well As Presenting To Its Members And Interested Students Information Related To The Field Of Archeology ... SITTING: Lanie Van Gorkom, Rena Ann Sullivan, Richard Graves. STANDING: John Yonts, Ed Jenkins, Steve LaBash, Bob Vinton, Thad Waterbury, Don Turnbull. . . . Completing The Most Successful Year Of Its Existence, Making Use Of Field Trips And Publishing Reports On Its Findings . . . 206 M mi Sx « « I u sia._ " t " .. STANDING: Francis Sullivan, Bob Dompe, Larry Walsh, Peter Manchester, Tom Reilly, Brian Servatius, John Griffin. KNEELING: N. Fanoe, Dick Barbieri, N. Tone, John Dougherty, Nick Dibiaso. President John Dougherty . . . Highest Academic Standing Required For Jesuit Honor Fraternity Marking Loyalty, Service And Scholarship . . . . . . Investigation Of Academic Problems And Recommend Solutions . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Walsh, Dick Barbieri, Brian Servatius, John Dougherty. flSGe President Mario Baratta . . . Advancement And Dissemination Of The Theory And Practice Of Civil Engineering . . FRONT: Vogel, Baratta, Francisco, Callejas, Marn, Couney, Saunders, Gisla, Coughlan, Nomellini, Correy, Raskowsky. 2nd Row: deVigneaud, Ecclesine, Okamoto, Hayes, Botti, Dr. Kayser, Dr. Hahne, Ivancovich, Kitahava, Schrupp. 3rd Row: Petersen, Binkely, Rogers, Brady, McGurk, Palla, Riordan, Baker, Desrosiers, Knopf, Macy, Damas, Tom, Skum, Nelson, Bolin, Weitz. . . . Stimulating Interest And Presenting Information On ASCE Activities, Providing Opportunities For Student Leadership And Experience . . . 208 jg, J B i «J Leader Joe Tomsic . . . Supporting Santa Clara At All Sporting Events And Adding Spirit As The Official Pep Band . . . BACK ROW: Dave Hernandez, Jim Becker, Jim O ' Sullivan, Gary Walden, Mike Bottini, Joe Tomsic, Tony Wawrukiewicz. FRONT: Oliver Hard, Sam Cardinal, Jerry Walsh, Mike Rogero, J.P. Foisy. . . . Volunteers Teaching The Christian Doctrine . . . Practicing What They Preach . . . Patience, Perseverance, And Integrity . . . BACK: Bill Luke, Chuck Blay, Roger Dodds, Brian Servatius, Steve LaBash. FRONT: Susan Pendergast, Lolly Kineen, Gabriel McKenny, Susan Duffield, Olga Orellana. jS x Oqws . . . Exploiting The Recreational Facilities Open To The Skier On Both Snow And Water, And Promoting Interest In This Fast Moving And Healthful Sport . . . 210 BXtfttoas oxifi President Bob Holderness STANDING: Ken Ruffing, Brian Servatius, Richard Rizzo, Gabriel McKannay, Walt Bochow, Bob Holderness, Ralph Giannini. SITTING: Nick Dibiaso, Jerry Haran, Lee Drago, Greg Quintana, Dave Bigger. . . . Aspiring Young Lawyers In The Undergraduate Division Gaining Experience Through Student Court And Campus Politics . . . Defense Council LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Bigger, Ralph Giannini, Walt Bochow, Bob Holder- ness, Greg Quintana, Ken Ruffing. ®0XW €(XI SO€(X€( y I esident Tim Mahoney . . To Those Who Strive To Master The Biological Sciences, A Social And Academic Group . BACK: Dr. Botton, Joe McCarthy, Steve LaBash, Rosette Giralome, Tim Mahoney, Mike Murphy, Ed Jenkins, Peter Chan, Dr. Flaim, Dr. Fast. FRONT: Francis Flaim, Art Panella, Joe Tomsic, Louis Hermosillo, Jon Mack. ' Sny xiis So (x y President Dave Forslund . . Introducing Top Speakers In The Field And Creating Unity Among The Students Of The Physical Sciences . FRONT: Dave Plemons, Mary Nudorfer, Virginia Ramsey, Bob Montgomery, John Griffin, Tony Marshall. BACK: Dave Forsland, Mike Reddy, Tony Wawrukiewicz. jSopjgCXiX ) OXt O WR, Xi Prefect Mike Stroot FRONT: Roger Dodds, Louis Hermosillo, Brian Servatius. MIDDLE: Bill Luke, Bob Haslam, Rosette Girolami, Frances Van DeMaele, Mary O ' Brian, Anita Ruffalo, Rosie Cirincione, Susan Reddy, Susan Duffield, Mary Dugas, Betty O ' Leary, Louis Pambianco, Pam Allston, Mr. Pfafif. BACK: Bob Glover, John Cattalini, Burman Skrable, Ken Ruffing. , . . Religious In Nature ... It Aims Toward The Development Of Leadership . . . Dedicated To Personal Excellence And Service Based On A Way Of Life . . . . . . To The Achievement Of Excellence Aspire . . . The Sodalists Of Santa Clara . . . 213 G ' Q Dan Pisano (Treasurer), Kirk Fredericks (Presi- dent), Tori Town (Corres. Secretary), Joan Shirle (Vice President), Greg Sauer (Sergeant-at-Arms). K,€[ Xie I 214 ... Everybody Loves Opal Comedy Of Errors , . . . Drawing Forth And Enlisting Dramatic Talent In And Around The University . . . Presenting Everything From Shakespeare To Modern Musicals . Row 1: Carolyn Kelly, Linda Bonnett, Tori Towne, Betty Beetly, Bonnie Trent, Ann Myers, Nina Selzer. Row 2: Sue Reddy, Shirley Paganini, Lynn Libby, Lee Ann Callaghan, Kathy Halligan. Row 3: Joan Shirle, Dan Pisano, John Dodds, Mary Olsen, Greg Quintana, Chuck Blankenship. Row 4: Bob Newbre, Dan Quillin, Tom Buchner, Gabby McKannay, Lou Branson, Kirk Fredericks, Greg Sauer, Gary Pouliot. . . . Productivity Popularity, Success And Creativity Denoted 63-64 Drama . . . The Trouble With College Men . . . Comedy Of Errors Science 218 The Spirit To Win Opens New Land 219 Colonel Robert A. O ' Brien, Jr. Professor of Military Science CADRE: Captain Glasson, Captain Hayes, Major Chisholm, Colonel O ' Brien, Major Payson, Captain Cini. STANDING: SSgt. Jernigan, Sfc. Holloway, SSgt. Birtchet, SP. 5 Parker, Sfc. Crowder, Sgt. Long. Major William G. Chisholm Executive Officer DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS: First Row: Grube, Payne, Hudson, Lanier, Kaluzniacki, Burke. Second Row: Eraser, Brinton, Fitzgerald, Lassart, Shan- non, Dougherty. 221 JS XiXoRS First Row: Tanaka, Colombini, Dougherty, Burke, Lembke, Orelli, Kaluzniacki, Teebay. Second Row: Hackworth, Lanier, Fitzgerald, Tinney, Gates, Mellor, Drago, Gates. Third Row: Koetters, Marcenaro, Walsh, Lassart, Weston, Shannon, Samuel- son, Mabry. Fourth Row: Grube, Fraser, Brown, Payne, Hudson, Brinton, Cicchi. ' (mxci n O xmi B COMMANDER: Kaluzniacki. First Row: Osterdock, Weston, Brinton, Lassart, Shannon, Ruth. Second Row: Frick, Dibiaso, Medeiros, Robertson, Swartz, Bernabe. Third Row: Devine, Deserpa, Burke, Brennan, Jaeger, Walther. 222 J Cadets Beebe and Bednar demonstrate the manual of arms. JtXXiXOJ S Arrache, Bernabe, Blay, Boyle, Brennan, Burke, Calone, Campagna, Cannon, Carey, Carter, Chang, Correa, Deserpa, De Vita, Devine, Dibiaso, Di Leonardo, Eichenberg, Fedeli, Ferrari, Firnstahl, Flood, Flynn, Frick, Gale, Gibbons, Gisla, Jaeger, Johnson, Jelich, Kennedy, Lau, Lentz, Lilley, Malatesta, Miller, Murphey, Ney, Nikolashin, O ' Keefe, Pambianco, Paschoal, Pollock, Rallo, Robertson, Ruth, Santoni, Sousa, Schneider, Swartz, Tilbury, Walther, Wilson, Weitz. l x Mly S i90?r BRIGADE COMMANDER: Grube; Staff: Payne, Fitzgerald, Eraser. First Battalion Commander: Lanier; Staff: Tanaka, Dougherty, Orelli. Second Battalion Com- mander: Hudson; Staff: Cicchi, Gates, Drago. Scli9tBBigfK,J» iJXi» B J ct COMMANDER: Dougherty. OFFICERS: Gates, Payne, Grube. First Row: Mabry, Colombini, Burke, Lanier, Shannon, Tinney, Fitzgerald, Kaluzniacki, Frick, Miller, Gisla. Second Row: Calone, Devine, Hackworth, Brinton, Marcenaro, Lassart, Hud- son, Samuelson, Carter, Ruth, Medeiros. Fourth Row: Eraser, Sousa, Koetters, Arrache, Paschoal, Blay, Bernabe, Mellor, Floor, Carey. The Reverends Donohoe and McAuliffe lead the Colors through the Pershing Rifle Honor Guard at the Memorial Mass for the late President John F. Kennedy. Cadets Russ Svendsen of Santa Clara and Ed- ward Rolle of the University of Alaska battle a Fort Lewis mosquito while on night patrol. Bill Burke of Santa Clara and William Armstrong of Stanford receive instruction on the 81mm Mortor. Bill Gates loads one round while Terry Osterdock aligns his sights on the 300 meter target. wnr _ %, ' Wf % COMMANDER: Shannon. OFFICERS: Robertson, Paschoal, Schneider, Calone, Dibiaso. ADVISOR: Captain Glasson. Second Row: Epperson, Day, Colvin, Shara, Palla, Bednar, Podielski, Ritchey, Hayes. Third Row: Archer, Mahoney, Nanut, Branson, Quillen, Wilkinson. Fourth Row: Damas, Naumes, Pluma, Cronin, Farris, Campello. Fifth Row: Poitevin, Leininger, McKannay, Rosingana, Ross. Captain Glasson puts a third degree burn on Robertson and Paschoal ' s hot dogs while attending the Pershing Rifle ' s Initiation Bivouac. The cadets practice gas mask drill before entering the gas chamber as part of their Chemical, Biological, and Radio- logical Warfare Training. Q)xx ff) yf B xix Astrella, Austin, Brito, Campbell, Gamble, Harrison, Hartley, Hernandez, Hruneni, Keil, Noorda, Pulley, Ramirez, Sara, Shimmin, Silva, Sitter, Swift, Wolthus, Cunha, Roggero, Farwell, McCahill, Okomoto, Ryon, Lucchesi, Kanitz, Walsh, Henker, McCarthy, Moyer. DxiJtXcxi €fisf® DRILLMASTER: O ' Looney. MEMBERS: Baker, Bonnici, Buchner, Cahill, Cardinal, Charkins, Daly, Dunckley, Eisele, Gomes, Nichols, O ' Dwyer, Nobriga, McCormick, Parrino, Pouliot, Reuss, Rust, Zotter. Gene Mellor, one of the top cadet marksmen at Summer Camp, fires his M-1 from the kneeling position. Major General Andrew R. Lolli, Commanding General XV U.S. Army Corps, Reverend Pactrick A. Donohoe, Colonel Robert A. O ' Brien, and Colonel Edward G. Edwards, Inspector General XV U.S. Army Corps, review the troops at the Annual President ' s Review. Flag Orderly is Cadet Lt. David A. Robertson. ii m mc 228 The Battle Of Los Angeles: United States Eventually Takes California 229 ' 5 IfH " " .- SEASON STATISTICS Father James E. Sweeters, S.J. Athletic Director Head Coach Pat Malley Northern Calif. Coach of the Year SCU OPP First Downs 160 95 Yards Rushing 2087 1121 Yards Passing 1517 703 Passes Attempted 165 154 Passes Completed 86 55 Passes Intercepted 8 9 Punts (avg. yds.) 35 34 Penalties (yds.) 650 285 Total Offense 3604 1824 ■ss- COACHING STAFF: Left to Right; Bill McPherson, John Pascoe, Bill O ' Hara, Al Cadena, Ron Modest, Lee Volta (not pictured). 231 JS« « Cn ii STATS scu MF First Downs 19 5 Yards Rushing 242 48 Yards Passing 172 34 Passes Attempted 18 17 Passes Completed 8 4 Passes Intercepted 3 3 Punts (avg. yds.) 32 40 Penalties (yds.) 60 40 Total Offense 414 82 %) 1 ' A ' j BRONCO BACKFIELD: Calcagno, Rogers, NI NwfiiK ' ' . tf-. Senior Jim Lassart Co-Capta in 232 (Po)?)e0i5 R XiD O Santa Clara, Sept. 14 — The Santa Clara Broncos got the 1963 season off to a successful start tonight by beating the Moffet Field Flyers 27-0. The Broncos scored 21 points in the first half on a five- yard run by Bob Miranda, a 37-yard pass from Ron Calcagno to Bob Cicchi, a safety, and a two-yard run by Bow Rogers. Tom Casazza added an extra point to make it 21. With one minute and nine seconds played in the second half. Butch Pastorini recovered a Flyer punt in the end-zone which had been blocked by George Wilfert, bringing the Bronco score to 27 points. The Mission Town eleven, in their first game, showed signs of promise for the coming season as a well-balanced attack accumulated a total offense figure of 414 yards. Ron Calcagno was instrumental in the passing game and Bob Miranda contributed a great deal to the Broncos ' ground game. The Santa Clara fans felt that this might be the year in which their team would have its long-awaited success. nedy, and Miranda 233 H n M Gn r ii Q Davis, Calif., Sept. 20 — The Santa Clara team and a large number of its backers traveled to Davis and for the first three quarters had high hopes of winning the game. The Broncos led the Cal Aggies in total offense, yards gained passing, first downs passing, and pass completions, but lost the game 28-8. The Broncos were in the game until mid-way in the last quarter but gave up the ball on a punt with five minutes left in the game and never had another chance to catch the Aggies. In this game, as in the game last week, it was Ron Calcagno and Bob Miranda leading the way. Ron com- pleted 13 out of 26 passes for 243 yards and Bob ran for 104 yards, but this wasn ' t enough and Santa Clara ' s offense ran out of gas. The Aggies added two quick touch- downs in the final minutes of play and made the visitors ' ride home a mighty long one. Bob Cicchi caught six passes for 93 yards and was one of the bright spots in the game. The Broncos were able to keep even with the Aggies in the first down department as a result of Cicchi ' s efforts but the final score is the only thing that counts and so the Mission Men had to look ahead to Sacramento State. 234 • Pit ! ! grapes won ' t squash ! IX G Dii3t xs m STATS SCU UCD First Downs 14 14 Yards Rushing 118 209 Yards Passing 243 60 Passes Attempted 26 11 Passes Completed 13 3 Passes Intercepted 1 Punts (avg. yds.) 24 34 Penalties (yds.) 60 50 Total Offense 361 269 Senior Joe Franzia 235 STATS scu CSC First Downs 26 15 Yards Rushing 302 159 Yards Passing 218 194 Passes Attempted 16 20 Passes Completed 12 9 Passes Intercepted Punts (avg. yds.) 38 31 Penalties (yds.) 65 35 Total Offense 520 353 Miss Patrice Hills Homecoming Queen Santa Clara, Oct. 5 — Patrice Hills succeeded Joann San- filippo as homecoming queen tonight. Bob Miranda scored four touchdowns while picking up 178 yards, and Santa Clara beat Chico State 48-28. This was the Broncos ' most impressive victory of the season to date but the game got off to a bad start as far as Santa Clara fans were concerned, and Chico led 7-0 at the end of the first quarter and 21-19 at the intermission. In the second quarter Tom Kennedy scored on runs of three and one yard, and Joe Franzia threw a five-yard pass to J. P. O ' Neill for the third Bronco score of the period but missed extra points cost the home team the lead. In the second half it was Bob Miranda vs. Chico and he scored four touchdowns on runs of 19, 7, 1, and 8 yards to give Santa Clara a 48-28 victory after Calcagno and Franzia teamed up for two 2-point conversion plays and Tom Casazza kicked an extra point. 7,200 fans saw Ron Calcagno complete 11 out of 15 passes for 213 yards and watched the Broncos win their first homecoming game in Buck Shaw Stadium. 236 S nB Qxc ) ii The Court and their escorts Left to Right: George Chila, Patrice Hills, Smokey Murphy, Gail Snow- grass, Carol Hammes, Bill Gates, Brenna Bolger, Mike Roberts, Terry Kelly, Bill Jaeger. Qmfio m 237 STATS VISITORS SANTA CLARA SCU ssc First Downs 11 13 Yards Rushing 97 192 Yards Passing 149 61 Passes Attempted 26 14 Passes Completed 13 6 Passes Intercepted 2 Punts (avg. yds.) 35 34 Penalties (yds.) 70 53 Total Offense 246 253 Sm A Gxt y Bi 14 Sacramento, Calif., Sept. 28 — Santa Clara jumped out to a quick lead against the Hornets of Sacramento State and the scoreboard, read 6-0 at the end of the first period. Ron Calcagno hit Bob Cicchi with a 14-yard pass to give the Broncos the lead, but it only lasted for a few minutes and State went ahead at the half 7-6. In the second half, Sacramento took the opening kickoff and went 78 yards in 14 plays and increased their lead to 13-6 after three quarters. The final stanza featured a touchdown by both teams, the Broncos ' coming on a 43-yard pass from Calcagno to Cicchi with Joe Franzia throwing to Keith Kellogg for the two point conversion. The final score was 20-14 and the injury-ridden Santa Clarans headed for home. Tom Kennedy, John Felice, and Rich Harvey all sustained injuries and these losses plus that of Jim Lassart undoubtedly hurt the Broncs ' game. 238 Bm tsb ' Senior Ron Calcagno Quarterback, Co-Captain Holder of five S.C. passing records — Most passes completed — Total yards — Total yards in a single season — Most T.D. passes — Most passes completed in a single season 239 Santa Clara, Oct. 12 — The largest crowd ever to attend a football game in Buck Shaw Stadium turned out tonight to watch Santa Clara bury the Gators of San Francisco State 21-6, In the first half the closest penetration made by either team was to the 13 yard line of Santa Clara by the Gators. With two minutes remaining in the half, a State field goal attempt failed and the score was 0-0 as the teams headed for the locker rooms at the intermission. Santa Clara took the opening kick-off of the second half and drove 77 yards in 13 plays to register the first score when Mike Kellogg dove into the end-zone from the one yard line. Five minutes later the Gators gambled on their own 36 yard line and failed to produce the first down play. The Broncos took possession and eventually scored on a 13 yard look-in pass to Joe Franzia from Ron Calcagno. The score stood 14-0 at the end of three periods. The two teams traded touchdowns in the final stanza with the Broncs ' tally coming on a 28 yard end-sweep by Tom Kennedy and the final score was 21-6 in favor of the home-town eleven. With this victory, Santa Clara avenged a 19-8 heart- break loss at the hands of the Gators on Thanksgiving Day of 1962. Senior Bob Cicchi Santa Clara ' s Leading Pass Receiver Smi5J9f GXc K, I 240 Senior Jim Grube One of Santa Clara ' s Biggest Linemen STATS SCU SFS First Downs 17 7 Yards Rushing 288 65 Yards Passing 49 104 Passes Attempted 11 24 Passes Completed 4 6 Passes Intercepted 2 Punts (avg. yds.) 37 40 Penalties (yds.) 60 25 Total Offense 337 169 S nJS CXciI3 ff39 Riverside, Calif., Oct 19 — The Broncos invaded the University of California at Riverside this week-end and again shocked one of their 1962 victims, this time beating UCR 39-0. Bob Cicchi teamed up with Ron Calcagno for three TD bombs, less the first of which came in the first quarter and was good for 14 yards. Eight minutes later Bob Miran- da, after being hit twice, bulled his way into the end-zone and the Broncos led 12-0. In the second quarter Calcagno hit Cicchi with his sec- ond six-point pass, this time from 26 yards out and Miran- da added the two-point conversion. Mike Kellogg ran 38 yards for the final SC touchdown of the half, the extra point kick was good, and Santa Clara took a 27 point lead into the dressing room. The third period saw Calcagno hit Cicchi for their final six-point play and this pass covered 24 yards and raised the score to 33-0. Santa Clara scored for the last time with 4:41 remain- ing in the game on a 42 yard run by fullback Tom Kenne- dy. In the game, Calcagno hit on 11 out of 15 passes for 203 yards, and Bob Miranda averaged 6.4 yards per carry for 122 yards as the two Bronco faithfuls again contributed greatly to the victory which was the fourth in six outings for SCU. Bronco Offensive Unit at Riverside STATS SCU UCR First Downs Yards Rushing . . Yards Passing . . . Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted Punts (avg. yds.) Penalties (yds.) Total Offense . . . 17 284 244 18 13 1 29 75 528 9 72 22 21 3 28 15 94 1963 S ? dn y a Gene Mellor and John Egenolf Bronco senior linemen JK.X3»e:«tSX» o Oan Bxwy 243 8m A Gxc y ii 4o STATS SCU CT First Downs 14 6 Yards Rushing 278 125 Yards Passing 47 19 Passes Attempted 12 5 Passes Completed 2 2 Passes Intercepted 1 1 Punts (avg. yds.) 41 30 Penalties (yds.) 110 5 Total Offense 325 144 Santa Clara, Nov. 2 — Bow Rogers took the opening kick-off and scampered 88 yards for a touchdown, giving the fans a preview of what was to come in the Broncos ' game against Cal Tech. By the end of the first quarter Santa Clara had a 14 point lead and for the rest of the game the sec- ond and third teams saw most of the action for the Mission Town squad. The Broncos ' second touchdown came as the result of a 39 yard run by Mike Kellogg, and their third score was as exciting as the first as Gary Filizetti returned a Beaver punt for 65 yards and six points. All this was but a hint of the coming thrills. Six minutes and nine seconds later, Bob Miranda ran 68 yards to close out the third quar- ter and extend the Bronco lead to 33-0. In the final period, freshman fullback Steve Wolf ran 13 yards to give the Santa Clarans their final score and run the total to 40-0. Tech finally got on the scoreboard with 1 :09 remaining in the game and they topped a 77 yard drive with a 3 yard end run for the touchdown. This was the fourth win in a row for the Bron- cos and gave them a season record of five wins and two losses as they prepared to face the Gou- chos of Santa Barbara. The outlook was encourag- ing because Santa Clara was able to get its ground game rolling and they picked up 2 78 yards rush- ing while totaling 12 first downs in the process. Jim Williams End and Defensive Back 244 G n o 1 Ir jV A ' ' " ' |i Iv v jjy U s ' ,1 Joe Franzia scores on an eight yard run 245 Sophomore Guard Butch Pastorini Hm a n 14 FRESHMAN VARSITY STANDOUTS I I TOM KENNEDY BOW ROGERS Santa Barbara, Calif., Nov. 9 — It was Homecoming at Santa Barbara and they gave their fans a victory just as Santa Clara had done a few weeks earlier. The final score was 27-14. The Broncos couldn ' t get going until the end of the second quarter and by that time they trailed by a score of 21-0. Their first six points came as the result of a 14 yard pass from Ron Calcagno to Bob Cicchi and this was the extent of the scoring until the fourth quarter. 7,200 people watched the Santa Clara team make a gallant comeback try in the final period as Bow Rogers returned a Goucho punt for 47 yards and a score. Mike Kellogg ran the two point conversion play and SC trailed by 21-14 with 13 minutes still remaining in the game. Late in the game the Broncos were in Santa Barbara ' s territory once more and on their way to perhaps the tying score, but two 15 yard penalties stalled the drive and UCSB later drove 85 yards to clinch the game and run the total score to 27-14. The Broncos ' offense faced a stiff defense and the result was the ending of a four game winning streak. The Santa Clarans headed North to finish up the season against Southern Oregon College. Freshman tackle George Wilfert STATS SCU UCSB First Downs 12 12 Yards Rushing 135 188 Yards Passing 224 67 Passes Attempted 22 11 Passes Completed 11 9 Passes Intercepted 1 Punts (avg. yds.) 31 30 Penalties (yds.) 85 50 Total Offense 359 255 ttGSBa Snm (ln 0i 32 Santa Clara, Nov. 16 — Bob Miranda and Ron Calcagno led the Broncos tonight to a 32-0 victory over Southern Oregon and in doing so they set records that will be hard to match. Santa Clara scored early in the game on a 6l yard run by Mike Kellogg and the extra point by Tom Casazza. In the second quarter the Broncos scored twice on a seven yard run by Bob Miranda and a 14 yard pass from Ron Calcagno to Bob Cicchi. This was all the scoring until the final period and the Raiders from Oregon trailed by 20 points at the half. The final quarter was all Santa Clara as Miranda scored his second TD, this time via a 25 yard run, and Tom Kennedy ran six points over from the two yard line. Ron Calcagno bowed out of college competition with 10 completions in 15 attempts to give him 227 completions out of 425 attempts and 3,489 yards over his three year career, thus becoming one of Santa Clara ' s all time great passing quarterbacks. His partner in this victory, as in many others this season, was Bob Miranda who with this game became the first Santa Clara back in history to gain over 1,000 yards in a single season. His final total was 1,005 yards in 156 carries, and this record helped to give the Broncos their best record (6-3) since returning to the gridiron in 1959. Senior Phil Wagner Tackle 248 I STATS SCU SO First Downs 20 14 Yards Rushing 282 71 Yards Passing 164 128 Passes Attempted 15 30 Passes Completed 10 12 Passes Intercepted 1 Punts (avg. yds.) 43 37 Penalties (yds.) 85 25 Total Offense 446 199 249 250 TOP ROW: Henry Schmid, (Trainer) Carroll Wi " ia " S (Frosh CMch), Levte, I- ' JSLe Sr L ° nL Vrankovich, Cardinet, Lindenthal. Senior Co-Captain Russ Vrankovieh M Senior Co-Captain Joe Meagher Determined Broncos take the court. Although the University of Santa Clara basket- ball team finished its 1963-64 season with a 6-20 record, six new SCU individual and team records were set by the Bronco basketballers, according to a check of final statistics. Russ Vrankovich, star SCU senior guard, closed out his final season in a blaze of glory last Satur- day night setting six SCU records, established a new West Coast Athletic Conference standard and tied two Bronco marks and two WCAC records. Dick Garibaldi ' s Broncos also set a new marC: with their 98 points scored against Pepperdine College in winning their finale 98-78 Saturday. Old mark was 93 points against St. Marys in 1954. Ironically, the 1963-64 SCU team had another point total record when Tennessee State College tallied 99 points against the Broncos in a Dec. 13, 1963 Portland University Tournament opener. Jaroch shows late season form which made him a big man for SCU. Turner scores as Miami falls to the underdog Broncos 3Ronao6 Vrankovich sinks one more. Christensen and Jaroch stifle Miami ' s powerful offense. ASCH scores again over the befuddled Hurricanes. mm m 36-7T Tense situation requires Coach Garibaldi ' s strategy. Miami is dumfounded as SCU scores again. jS . ffiHRy ' jS St. Marys gets some of their own medicine as Broncos close in. i.oje Paulson scores despite UOP defense. Broncos turn out for " Civil War ' . js.att. BimmB nimn ' Loads ' sets to unload. Rugged John Turner on defense. 31 Meagher sneaks through to score. scK Hpy js.g.jsi. Thomas goes high for the rebound. Vrankovich does it again. ' ' . lY t ] H ■ ' T i fl H Kv T I L r ' l r - I H iul ■i H I BHonaojs a:EiHicE0n@6 t 4 : . % Vrankovich fouled by Paniced Don f% ■ IMf ' ASCH streaks for two. Will it or won ' t it? :eow€(RlEfttJi u.B. ' . Coach Garibaldi at the pre-game rally. Tip-off in for a new League Member. B.Gyi. o»6ii6 xnii Xi Vrankovich on a fast-break. Jaroch drives for Ywo. Paulson in a jumper. ASCH gets ball control. 262 ' Loads ' is up and under. And also down and out. nem Ximi VB RIPHE UG-SXi. ASCH goes in for a lay-up while UCSB looks on. Paulson intercepts enemy pass. 3R.o][iajs BimiM w i Battle for rebound. Broncos close in for loose ball. ASCH and Turner watch ball go out. scu 70 San Francisco State 78 scu 86 U. of Miami (Fla.) 77 scu 94 Tennessee State 99 scu 74 Gonzaga University 87 scu 65 San Diego Uni. 66 scu 82 Pepperdine College 69 scu 77 St. Mary ' s College 66 scu 55 San Jose State 56 scu 66 U. of San Francisco 72 scu 80 St. Mary ' s College 67 scu 64 Uni. of Pacific 74 scu 54 St. Bonaventure 75 scu 71 Providence College 82 scu 64 New York University 79 scu 68 Duquesne University 92 scu 63 U of C-Santa Barbara 69 scu 58 San Jose State 53 scu 76 Loyola U. (L.A.) 93 scu 75 Pepperdine College 80 scu 71 St. Mary ' s College 74 scu 72 Uni. of Pacific 80 scu 59 U of C-Santa Barbara 70 scu 54 San Jose State 67 scu 47 U. of San Francisco 60 scu 57 Loyola U. (L.A.) 61 scu 98 Pepperdine College 78 264 Bovc mmxD Fo 6 Broncos jump Statistics VRANKOVICH G 25 198 532 37.0 165 191 86.5 360 110 4.5 81 4 561 22.5 ASCH F 24 106 266 39.5 41 71 58.0 190 125 5.0 91 8 253 10.5 MEAGHER G 26 72 211 34.0 44 56 78.5 151 101 4.0 83 6 188 7.0 JAROCH F 26 65 173 37.5 53 66 80.5 121 170 6.5 82 3 183 7.0 TURNER C 26 68 167 40.5 38 83 46.0 144 222 8.5 91 7 174 7.0 PAULSON G 26 59 190 31.0 47 63 75.0 147 72 3.0 60 1 165 6.0 LEVITT C 26 46 82 56.0 25 50 50.0 61 110 4.0 68 2 117 4.5 CHRISTENSEN F 19 46 117 39.0 24 31 77.5 78 63 3.5 38 116 6.0 CARDINET G 13 6 16 37.5 2 5 40.0 13 10 1.0 8 14 1.0 STROOT F 5 5 13 38.5 3 00.0 II 6 1.0 4 10 2.0 LINDENTHAL G 8 3 18 16.5 3 4 75.0 16 8 1.0 8 9 I.O BENDER F 11 2 14 14.5 5 9 55.5 16 9 1.0 6 9 0.5 PAUISHA F 5 1 2 50.0 1 3 33.5 3 1 0.5 3 3 0.5 Pos Gms Scrd Atts Pet Scrd Att Pet Mssd Num Avg Num Disa Num Avg The University of Santa Clara freshman basketball team, which recently closed its 1963-64 season with a 17-5 record established an offensive scoring record, according to final statistics. Carroll Williams ' SCU freshman team scored 1,737 points in 22 games for a 79 points a game average, bettering the former record held by the I960 yearling squad, by more than six points. Guard Mike Gervasoni, the 5 ft. 9 in. jump-shooting specialist from Oakland ' s Bishop O ' Dowd High School set a new individual freshman scoring mark, tallying 498 points in 22 games for a 22.7 average. The old record tas held by Bob Garibaldi, who scored 361 points in 1961 for a 20 point average. Center Larry Dunlap was the top 1964 freshman rebounder and forward Bob Stuckey, ex-Gilroy High ace was second in scoring (319 points for a 14.5 average) and rebounding. 6 » The Team ' s won-loss record was second only to the fine I960 team which holds the school record at 20 wins and 1 loss. Statistics Santa Clara Frosh 78 @ San Jose City College 89 Santa Clara Frosh 81 @ San Francisco State JV ' s 62 Santa Clara Frosh 69 vs Monterey JC 55 Santa Clara Frosh 78 @ Mofifett Field 53 Santa Clara Frosh 77 @ Menlo College 60 Santa Clara Frosh 81 @ Cabrillo College 65 Santa Clara Frosh 72 vs Presidio of SF 76 Santa Clara Frosh 79 vs USF Frosh 46 Santa Clara Frosh 87 vs St. Marys Frosh 77 Santa Clara Frosh 70 @ California Frosh 59 Santa Clara Frosh 74 vs U.O.P. Frosh 63 Santa Clara Frosh 81 vs California Frosh 70 Santa Clara Frosh 79 @ San Jose State Frosh 66 Santa Clara Frosh 64 O.T. @ Delta College (Stockton) 68 Santa Clara Frosh 85 @ St. Marys Frosh 76 Santa Clara Frosh 70 @ U.O.P. Frosh 35 Santa Clara Frosh 89 @ Stanford Frosh 63 Santa Clara Frosh 84 vs Monterey AAU 74 Santa Clara Frosh 62 vs San Jose State Frosh 66 Santa Clara Frosh 90 @ USF Frosh 55 Santa Clara Frosh 98 vs Alumni 96 Santa Clara Frosh 89 vs Stanford Frosh 57 Coach Carroll Williams 1737 1486 267 NAME G EG FT PF TP AVG BASSETTI, Bruce 22 49 16 45 114 5.2 BERCHTOLD, Don 10 1 4 5 6 .6 BRUCK, Rod 16 11 11 11 33 2.1 DOOLING, Mike 21 67 37 61 171 8.1 DUNLAP, Larry 21 92 42 56 226 10.7 GERVASONI, Mike 22 194 110 31 498 22.7 GRAHAM, Jim 2 4 5 8 4.0 KOVACEVICH, George 19 28 15 17 71 3.6 MACK, Harold 15 12 9 12 33 2.2 PETERSON, Dick 11 1 9 1 .09 PORTER, Terry 14 6 7 20 19 1.4 ROUNA, Frank 15 9 3 6 21 1.4 STIEDLMAYER, Leo 21 72 75 42 219 10.4 STUCKEY, Bob 22 125 69 62 319 14.5 mB in kit. i.% 3HB€(3HEiD tae Co-Captain Loughlin and Cullen. RESTAURANT AND LOUr OPPOSITE UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CLARA TOP ROW: Hillis; McPherson (Coach); Fretas (Coach); Robertson; Brogan; Marcenaro; Cullen; Balestri; McDonald; Hourigan; Schmidt (Trainer). MIDDLE ROW: Connolly; Magrini; Loughlin; Squaletti; Panlson; Arrieta; Amrein. FIRST ROW: Malvini; Schmidt; Ruth; Cottrell; James; Martin; Fernandez; Carmichal. Statistics UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CLARA BASEBALL 1964 Head Coach Paddy Cottrell 6 Philly Rookies 5 10 Philly Rookies 5 5 San Fernando State 1 4 San Francisco State 6 5 San Francisco State 1 3 Fresno State 2 11 Cal Aggies 8 5 Cal Aggies 4 13 Cal State 2 15 Stanford 2 9 Stanford 3 5 USF 10 6 Cal 2 6 Cal 3 San Jose State 6 7 UCLA 1 6 UC, Santa Barbara 3 UC, Santa Barbara 7 Los Angeles 3 4 Oregon State 3 Fresno State 4 17 Saint Mary ' s 3 10 UCLA 1 7 use 2 use 3 3 use 7 3 UC, Santa Barbara 2 1 UC, Santa Barbara 3 use 8 5 UCLA 3 UCLA 2 4 Cal 3 14 USF 3 4 Cal 3 10 Stanford 2 3 Stanford CIBA League Games • ° " Buck 5 ' " ' ' •4 ■ tsi- ' - mii46 miLi Marcina vs The Giants Connolly takes a pick off. The Brains Pete Magrini Cullen tallies against The Giants. ai3H nation Ruth stops at third. Loughlin scores against UCLA. Safe 2 73 1 Marcenaro — All CIBA. ' The Catch ' Martin Leo Ruth; Backstop All American Tim Cullen It ' s safer down there. Martin Lays it down. Double play combination — Malvini and Carmichael Balestri Leo Ruth Slide safe Connolly scores Broncos vs Oregon State 2 76 A long way to second. Our National Anthem Hold it — I ' ll get you in. Ruth scores Marcenaro sc ores too! Broncos face the mighty Trojans. I K.061Ei 3HJSI03HEE 1964— UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CLARA FINAL FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM STATISTICS— 1964 SCORES (includes all 25 games) Record: SCU Frosh-23 Wins, 2 Losses. Gallagher, Alan 84 35 42 8 3 4 6 8 4 29 .524 32 21 4 .500 Noorda, Roy 7 3 2 1 1 3 .428 10 1.000 Allario, Steve 5 3 2 1 1 2 .400 1 2 .333 Stuckey, Bob 24 10 9 2 4 6 4 .378 5 48 2 .964 Austin, Frank 78 27 29 5 1 7 4 12 9 24 .372 5 11 1.000 Solis, Dick 68 14 25 6 3 5 5 7 19 .367 12 16 3 .903 Dukes, Jan 67 18 24 5 1 3 6 6 5 17 .358 7 18 3 .893 Ingersoll, Frank 60 15 20 5 2 4 6 12 13 .333 2 9 4 .964 Cross, Tracey 26 4 8 2 5 3 .308 4 2 1.000 Daly, Seaton 70 17 21 3 1 1 1 16 18 11 .300 13 270 6 .945 Bruck, Rod 7 3 2 1 1 5 1 .286 3 1 .750 Szyper, Doug 42 12 12 4 1 3 5 12 10 .286 1 6 3 .700 Henningsen, Ray 74 16 21 3 1 3 7 7 6 .283 25 32 6 .905 Schneider, Peter 22 6 6 1 3 1 3 4 .273 12 1.000 LaPfairie, Paul 71 21 19 2 2 1 8 1 13 11 .268 34 27 1 .984 Port, Mike 21 10 5 1 4 6 2 .2.38 6 12 5 .783 Shara, Gary 18 2 4 4 2 2 .222 5 4 1 .900 Allan, Grant 10 3 2 1 .200 3 4 2 .750 Orlandini, Tony 10 2 1 1 2 2 1 .100 1 1 .500 Kovacevich, Geo. 4 1 1 .000 1.000 Ruth, Roger 11 1 6 4 3 .000 3 4 1.000 TOTALS 778 239 265 48 14 20 AA 108 112 162 .341 161 390 43 .945 NAMES AB R H 2B 3B HR SB BB SO RBI ' s B-Ave A PO E F-Ave 278 SCU 20 Mission High School SCU 7 Polytechnic High School SCU 15 Buchser High School SCU 7 Monterey Junior College 2 SCU 12 California Frosh 3 SCU 10 Bishop O ' Donald High School SCU 13 Cupertino High School 3 SCU 2 Willow Glen High School 1 SCU 7 Menlo Junior College 1 SCU 18 Andrew Hill High School SCU 5 Lincoln High School 4 ; SCU 20 USF Frosh 3 . SCU 10 Stanford Frosh 1 i SCU 10 Wilcox High School i SCU 6 SJS College Frosh ' 1 SCU 4 Redwood High School ■ SCU 13 Monterey Junior College 3 ■ SCU 12 SJS College Frosh 5 1 SCU 5 Serra High School SCU 3 USF Frosh 2 SCU Cal Frosh 2 SCU 5 Campbell High School 1 SCU 6 Bellarmine Prep 5 SCU 3 Stanford Frosh 4 SCU 13 Stagg High School 5 Coach Bill M I i % i i (i k " 1 B fc ' ' ' ' - -- bm ' S ««- ■ 2 80 Soccer Team Rl4,i.L.ihb l f i» 4 W 1 n ,: " - Cheer Leaders SCU Track Team Olympic Hopefuls Tennis Team j§ Rifle Team Water Polo Golf Team 4 .:,,.,.u..,,,Kf.,15.g,, pf -9- 69 f ,. -, .- NJ.,- I " 2 X .f ,v-1" VAL-LM .f xi" M.-,. ,nm P 1'Q 0 I J .x fx K ,f - . wig, is .Q V ,. M 1 K gag.. V X . gh ' Y f A L. hs , , , ,fi,jrg54:'f15,.f2e-fr '5 '. gi 1 v .fa-g 4r?v 4 - ' A A gm in W., 4? L 1 f Ll! ff -' - B, X, , 1. , .SJ , '- .N-. I f ' , , X if ' . ' '84 K K . A .QW fs ' K - ' W ,i - .v 4 'S f v r 'L H ,Q x' A , 1 ii W NW I i ,f L4gvLMm, ,Nh A f,,j, gwLA N, f . , 3552: In K 7 . .- vw . 'K K 'jWij:fK 4 -S72 A K' A -- K-- - .f , . . W' 'K A 9- , , I -W A f k . Engng ,i 3.-wtqkg-K W. N . Q, ' k K. " . W Q?f1fW.x"'wg, 5jgK.-fgf,.,,,,,,7?T W - Q Y Q ffm " M' M . K, M.. .H W' ig, ii1iKKAK1KN' 'flfyg' -?ffi'1f3?"' ww-K,.,f M -4 KL 'xx ' ,' A, f K .j V' -wf ' ' - PQ?-'K A I xkiwek k'NfHfQi"""f Cfef '- ifv gr? ., K . .,. A, - mf 7 . - . . ,. L , p ig, W iam wrIfi'f+.'K4'ffam..Mxi fs -f K- rf 7,.:'QKK'W"' -liisgsxfm fs:-A-fwwz-wre+v.' ' -4 K52"f"Z', , ,, f KH M - W - KK . ' ggiivvlsg V Y K .K , A.M,.,E fb' 3,5 Q K7 V Af ,J L wry? K,M2?45,..5,ilggggaiifggiggwlyyllrfW, ga fkk Q- 7 fx-1,v, .V f K. ,,,?,:NM,. V , f:W-rig5,gjjE- K A W- .ww Nm gg-- '--wzviyf f ,www ,L ,, , L5,f.wM:,f f5,fpfc5yWQff"P -1 . Mil QM SFF! .Ki . 'T Y MA, ' V - Y vmwffw 'ff3""ff K 1K 'K K -F K , ' 'K Q,..,,.,.,.A,f-0-wfH'f- WWW' - +f:nrfff-'P'-wwf J Y.,-LA - ( a meuceoeft Spanish Horseman Patrols California Territory I • •V , ■ ■. ! ♦. ' ♦ Tiy ' l , - ' »|i ' « ' ' • - SL ||Ot ' ' ' « BBryjujit gii l i B V « ■I WR SaS M Academic Procession 290 AMOG ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEENTH Commencement of the University of Santa Clara 291 292 Patrick M. Callan awarded the Nobili Medal founded by Joseph A. Donohoe, Esq., to be given to the Student Judged Outstanding in Personal Conduct, School Activities Studies 293 Rabbi Alvin I. Fine, center, Doctor of Humane Letters QS N5 Q J ■•-■.. . »• - - A V :- ... ■ ' Vr j- «,i»w ' !wje»55B;; - ■ , ' V:, Tr 1 W ' A ' . :- ' » ' «i, ' • . r- f Graduation Address Honorable Thomas H. Kuchel United States Senator from California 297 Conferring of Degrees by Very Reverend Patrick A. Donohoe President of the University 298 ,Nam mm A ,L . M4 1 gf 5 ffiiigsg 1 . Q , hm Wk wg? if f 1 ,, 1., HM' A LW, , 7 W A as A 'wgggg wawflwlx' 5 QL fy -'M ,Zfe-f,.,gv33.5glgk,7E.f,45:1f-K' w, uw gingigfggq gwlzilq,vqmmafzfiggigkf.:s:1f,5,, i lr. blew:-121 QA.. A 'tv V2 'fffWzgff3Qi..g ,,gk,., ,j -I if 'g mf' T , H ww ,wig ,, 1-Q: ,-. fy Q, 1 fflssfif .Q MV' F:-igrvirbfrafafqimg-MM-fy Q .M , if we " "k' 3 - ,, Jslzicg .plz vw wzqvbizami- 'PWM' . Nh.:-, f ,. L, 1 wg, . . ,M A A 2 . A "TM W lv W 'ef - ,, A mg 1,i,.,S-sig, Q1 A F3155 pfzilm nw ,, 7 2254 'S 'AML W. ' M 1 mfs mai? ,K S fp: hwy fm -mig- f :iv V iiiv 4 52 K 2' L ,jglgz ggt Valedictory by Richard L. Barbieri Class of 7964 300 301 Qw- qw X .fl ,.- I-sr' .am . ,V in Aw come on Pat, tell me about last night ' s date. S X The Mother Goose Singers [OK, OXDS So I like sand on my hot dog. Yah, I cheat at jacks, what ya gonna do about it? AAcTighe always gets the seeds in his ears. Sit him next to a blonde and he flunks The Glib-Talking purse snatch Friendly Persuasion ■7 . . -•n •,A ' A flnn emi Isl me W ™e California: A Nation In Itself Compliments of ROBERTS TYPEWRITER COMPANY S7 So. 4th Street San Jose, California Compliments of ROBERT E. JONES COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 310 University Union Oil Station Complete Service— Brakes Tune-ups SANTA CLARA DRUG COMPANY We Give S H Green Stamps Prescription Druggists 10% Discount to all students on tune-ups and brake jobs Corner Main and Franklin AXminster 6-7482 Park Alameda Santa Clara, California Santa Clara SANTA CLARA SPORl SHOP Hours 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Si,H Green Sfamps " FRANCHIZED WILSON DEALER " Sun.: 10-3:00 — Sat. 9-7:30 Peter S. Talia HESTER DRUGS - 2r AXminster 6-2820 Walgreen Agency . W . A. ' 485 FRANKLIN FREE DELIVERY 1221 The Alameda San Jose, California Next to Tiny ' s V V y THE HOUSE OF K ■ i XCy 410 uAjMjS - --nJ f SANTA CLARA SPOUT SHOP CYpress 2-4132 FRANK PISANO ASSOCIATES Me-n-Ed ' s Pizza Parlor CONSULTING ENGINEERS PLANNERS 2230 El Camino Real SURVEYORS Santa Clara, California ARCHITECTS 248-7800 San Jose, Capitola, Half Moon Bay 333 N. 26th Street, San Jose, Calif. 292-9510 NAWET ' S S nce 7885 Compliments FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION of 48 E. San Fernando A Friend San Jose, California 311 THE HOME OF FAMOUS NAME BRANDS • TIMELY CLOTHES • CRICKETEER CLOTHES • FREEMAN SHOES • ARROW SHIRTS and TIES • MacGREGOR SPORTSWEAR • STETSON HATS • ROUGH RIDER SPORT COATS and SLACKS • INTERWOVEN SOCKS • HICKOK JEWELRY • TEXTAN BELTS • JOCKEY UNDERWEAR DOWNTOWN SAN JOSE Compliments of CENTRAL LIQUORS DRUGS -:- LIQUORS -:- SUNDRIES Wm. Vasconcellos 3190 The Alameda Santa Clara, Calif. 293-3864 " Quality Service First " REX DRIVE-IN CLEANERS 60 Race Street Phone 292-0363 MONOGRAMS - EMBLEMS ALL KINDS OF UNIFORMS iAN JOSE. UNIFORM EMBLEM San Jose California Lanfri Bros. to., INC 1015 PARK - AT LINCOLN 297-2294 San Jose 26, California Compliments of Neto Sausage Company, Inc. 740 Harrison St. Santa Clara AXminster 6-0818 St Claire Laundry Established in 1894 15% Savings on Cash Carry Next to the University Field House 867 Sherman St. AXminster 6-5035 1489 Franklin Street Santa Clara, California We are service members of F. T. D. Mission City FLORIST Finest in Flowers CHerry 3-1253 Loyt and Phil Sousa George Smith owners • manger MARIANI ' S MOTEL 90 Luxurious Rooms Completely equipped conference room Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge 2500 El Camino Real CH 3-1431 Santa Clara 312 Compliments of FARMERS INSURANCE 1487 Franklin Santa Clara California RYAN ' S SPORT SHOP 1717 Park Avenue San Jose, California " Everything for Every Sport " CY 4-3655 MOTE LODGE Air Conditioned Television Radio EMJoY CoMf oRT For L iS Telephone Black-out Drapes Inn-Room Coffee Heated Swimming Pool the finest way to Minutes From The University of Santa Clara 1655 El Camino Real Telephone: 244-8313 treat your parents . . NEW MOTELS THROUGHOUT THE WEST 1655 El Camino Santa Clara Compliments of LOBUE ' S PLAZZA Complete Shopping Center White Story Road San Jose California ZAPPELLI MEATS Beef - Lamb - Pork - Veal " Watit a treat — eat our Meat " ' Don ' t say Salami; say Galileo Brand ' Hallmark Cards BLAKE ' S STATIONERY and PRINTING Industrial ■ Commercial Social Supplies CY 3-3883 San Jose, Calif. CH 3-0619 1026 Franklin St. Santa Clara, Calif. Wholesale Retail PACELLI FISH POULTRY COMPANY AXminster 6-2876 Joseph M. Pacelli 2755 The Alameda Santa Clara, Calif. REGAL PALE DISTRIBUTING CO. REGAL PALE - PABST - BLATZ - CARLING George R. Figone ' 35 381 Sunill San Jose, Calif. 313 Compliments of Marie Pellerono " Insurance that Provides the Right to Feel Secure " PARKER L. HATHAWAY ALL LINES OF INSURANCE Agent and Broker CYpress 4-4100 802 Plaza Drive Res. CYpress 3-8108 San Jose, Calif. THE RECORD ROOM PHONOGRAPH RECORDS PAPERBACK BOOKS 797 Franklin Street Santa Clara, Calif. Compliments of Pasquinelli Panelli Compliments of CUPERTINO ELECTRIC INC. 10601 South Saratoga - Sunnyvale Road Cupertino, California GARDEN CITY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. LTD 1720 Bayshore San Jose, California CYpress 7-6400 314 DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS SCHOOL SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING We Give S H Green Trading Stamps WADE ' S MISSION PHARMACY 1000 Franklin Street Phone 296-6030 Santa Clara, California Est. Since 1929 LUCCA Restaurant and Lounge Italian Dinners . . . Banquet Room Opposite University of Santa Clara OPEN DAILY 3160 ALAMEDA Phone 296-1984 Santa Clara, Calif. PAT RYAN ' S Fnendly Store OPEN DAILY 10 to 10 Sundays 10:30-9 2725 Alameda Santa Clara, Calif. AX 6-0790 WILLIAM R. STAATS CO. established 1887 Mennbers: Nev York Stock Exchange - American Stock Exchange (Assoc.) - Pacific Coast Stock Exchange 205 Town and Country Village Stevens Creek Road San Jose 28 CH 8-8252 CUT DOWN VAMPS MEN ' S SHOES REBUILT CUT OUT TOES THE FACTORY WAY GOLDEN STAR SHOE REPAIRING RESTYLING VINCENT LICO 1316 Lincoln Ave. 293-3874 San Jose, Calif. COMPLIMENTS OF KENT PHARMACY 101 1 Lincoln Avenue San Jose, California Mr. Mrs. John D. Kent COMPLIMENTS OF WAGON YARD KENNELS BOARDING and TRAINING Mr. Mrs. Frank J. Nunes 2098 N. Capitol Avenue San Jose, Calif. 258-3225 BEST WISHES CIBY PHARMACY 540 So. Bascom San Jose, California 315 I NORTON S. CURTIS AIA ASSOCIA ' l ' ES Compliments of 1541 The Alameda San Jose, California FRANK BRUCE ONETO CY 5-4226 • GARDEN CITY TRANSPORTATION Compliments COMPANY of 1720 Baystone ALBERT J. RUFFO San Jose, California CY 7-6400 • 316 LINCOLN LANE FOODS FANCY FOODS — FRESH PRODUCE Rocci ' s Prime Meats 8 Butchers to Serve You CYpress 7-7327 1003 LINCOLN AVE. Owners Opposite Coe Ave. Chancy Rocci Bengiveno San Jose 25, Calif. Alfred J. Tapella REALTOR 1268 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose 25, Calif. A Complete Realty and Loan Service Off. 294-9104 TAPELLA REALTY Res. 297-0070 Santa Clara, Calif. Phone: CY 7-5132 ROY HENRY ' S HAIR FASHIONS A Salon of Distinction 1049 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, Calif. Open Thurs. Fri. Eves. Complete Beauty Service llm-AWFIIL AND PIZZA EMPORIUM UBSa so. 1ST 1 ML so. FAIBGBODNDS Qhar " " - » AveJ Fhone BA 7-8390 Sony No Minaa After 8K)0 P. ML (Except Sanday) JOS. J. ALBANESE Cement Contractor Santa Clara, Calif. BEST WISHES IRV NORMANDINS ' 32 CLAIR NORMANDIN ' S 36 LON NORMANDIN ' S ' 56 NORMANDIN ' S IMPERIAL - CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - VALIANT Since 1875 405 W. Santo Clara Bus. 298-5555 San Jose, Calif. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT E. JONES STRUCTURAL ENGINEER 2180 Scott St. San Jose, California COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH and McKAY PRINTING LEONARD McKAY ' 47 317 COMPLIMEN ' i ' S OF MAYFAIR PACKING COMPANY Compliments Compliments of GUERRA REALTY AUSTEN D. WARBURTON COMPANY MICHAEL, JOSEPH PETER GUERRA WILLOW GLEN 40 No. Second Street PHARMACY San Jose California 293-6043 1341 Lincoln Avenue San Jose, California 318 Complimefits of ROBERT E. JONES STRUCTURAL ENGINEER ' Uncle s! John ' s PANCAKE HOUSE Pancakes that please everyone from everywhere Santa Clara 1680 El Camino CH. 3-8256 San Jose 141 5 So. 1 St at Alma CY. 4-7716 Palo Alto 3150 El Camino Real 326-0390 Millbrae 1301 El Camino JU. 9-2080 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 319 ELMO PARDINI GENERAL CONTRACTOR 1741 HAMILTON AVENUE 296-9112 SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA 320 Lou Denardo STUDIO JEWELERS 394 South First San Jose, California Diamonds at Special Discount 16 years in Business Compliments of SAN JOSE CANNING Compliments of CACITTI cAcrni 18700 Homestead Road Cupertino, California AX 6-2383 Compliments of MARK THOMAS CO, INC. 3j engineering PATTERNS . CASTINGS . MACHINING MAGNESIUM ALUMINUM 430 Martin Avenue (408) 243-9777 Santa Clara, California DIANA FRUIT PRESERVING Quality Packers of Maraschino Cherries Since 1921 Santa Clara, California Phone 292-0600 WESTERN LIVESTOCK OF SAN JOSE JOSEPH E. NUNES Livestock Transportation N.E. Corner Oakland Hw ' . 1032 Bayshore and Bayshore-Mabury Ext. San Jose, Calif. Modern Equipment Dependable Service Phone 296-4826 AL. V. NUNES CO. FRUIT PRODUCE HAULING Franchised Carriers Daily Trips to San Francisco Oakland All Loads Insured 2096 FIRST ST. AI. V. Nunes, Mgr. AGNEW, CALIF. 321 Compliments of LIMA-SALMON ERICKSON Funeral Directors RICHARD M. GIURRIE 710 Willows Street AND San Jose 10, California JACK E. TODD Uallei eiusL fihhtt Co. Compliments of S •Film £{ • DifKt Print • Xerox - Brtilifii j P Ofhet Printing m 0 0 Cowing PAT CREEGAN AND (ii J 1 mONE 1 t) 297-6836 ELMER D ' ANGELO Drafting Surveying Supplies 600 UNIVEISITV AVf SAN JOSE 1 COMPLIMENT OF CHARLES KRUG WINERY 322 Concrete Sawing R. H. WEHNER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION CO. SUBDIVISIONS Curbs - Gutters - Sidewalks Richard H. Wehner Jr. (Pres.) 480 Reed, Santa Clara Cherry 3-5181 RE 1 ALTORS t SINCE 1887 , P 1 ( rCOOPER 1 . CHALLEN . 1 INSURERS Compliments of FAMILY PHARMACY Willow Glen Compliments of MacKAY SOMPS CIVIL ENGINEERS 347 Commercial Street San Jose, California COMPLIMENTS OF VIC CORSIZLIA ROUND CORNER MARKET Corner of Lincoln Malone Fresh Fruits Vegetables Top Quality Meat Groceries AN 9-4627 Bob Sparn owner 323 BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL JXV ' iVcs ASSOOATION IIAl ■■■iav( ITITIM SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Bank of America Main Branch 1313 Franklin Street Santa Clara Bank of America El Camino Kiely Branch 2670 El Camino Real Santa Clara SHAW INSULATION CO. 935 Richard Ave. Santa Clara Sound Insulation Graham Hall ' We ' ll keep ihings quiet in the Quad " Courtesy of A. J. RAISCH PAVING CO. Patrick w. Regan Executive Vice President ROBERT T. Greene Chief Estimator 900 W. SAN CARLOS STREET SAN JOSE, CALIF. CY S-5020 324 GOLD MEDAL WINNER 3 ' M fn For Quality Service Quality Products Call CHerry 3-3997 Compliments of WEHNER INSURANCE AGENCY Harold Wehner Robert C. Wehner ' 49 2175 The Alameda San Jose 26, California Phone: 241-4100 LEO F. PIAZZA PAVING CO. 985 Downer Avenue (near Almaden Road) San Jose 23, California 325 GRANT BISHOP CHEVROLET 16151 San Jose Avenue Los Gatos 356-6121 Chevrolet • Chevy II • Corvair • Corvette CHEVROLET University of Santa Clara BOOKSTORE (Conveniently located in the Student Union) Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri. 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Sat. New and Used Books All required class texts available, as well as supplies and equipment. WE NOW BUY USED BOOKS FROM STUDENTS. SHOP HERE AND SAVE— Please compare our prices! We always have a fine selection of Catholic books, missals and religious articles OBTAIN YOUR ROYAL, REMINGTON, OR SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITER FROM US ON A SPECIAL DEAL 326 COMPLIMENTS OF LEO W. RUTH, JR. AND E. JACKSON GOING, JR. 327 Compliment of SUNGARDEN PACHERRY COMPANY Compliments of BERHARD FOOD musTRiES m. San Jose, California CONGRATULATIONS : BURGER BARS BURGER PITS 328 Compliments of CHARLES BONNICCI MOHAWK PACKING CO. All Beef Products P.O. Box 601 1660 Bayshore Hi way San Jose 12, Calif. CYpress 7-3800 •VHtlty MAU. ' There is no saturation point in education Thomas J. Watson IBM 329 Compliments of DANNA DANNA INC. Growers - Shippers SAN JOSE, CALIF. YUBA CITY MARYSVILLE Compliments of C. L DISHEROON CO. 309 San Jose Ave. San Jose, Calif. Painters of HEAFEY LAW LIBRARY GRAHAM HALL BENSON STUDENT COMMONS Best Wishes to Class of ' 64 Compliments of GRACE BROS. BREWING CO. Santa Rosa, Calif. 330 E. A. HATHAWAY COMPANY OF SAN JOSE IS PROUD TO WELCOME THE SANTA CLARA LAWYERS TO THEIR NEW HOME ROMA BAKERY CO. Compliments of MCDONALD ' S DEPT. STORE El Camino - Lawrence Square Compliments of REED GRAHAM, INC. Road Oils and Asphalts • Hot and Cold Plant Mixes 690 Sanol Street CYpress 8-5221 San Jose 26, Calif. JACK ALLEN ' S TEXACO SERVICE 24-Hour Pickup Delivery 1990 El Camino Real Santa Clara 241-9991 STEPHEN ' S MEAT PRODUCTS Manufacturer Sausage Sliced Luncheon Meats 105 S. Montgomery St. San Jose 10, Calif. COMPLIMENTS OF PLATEAU 7 332 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of ' 64 TOM COLLINS STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE REDWOOD 1403 BURLINGAME AVE. BURLINGAME, CALIF. Diamond 2-2766 333 jg MOK, ;pH K.OXl6 Mrs. T. Baker Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kelly Mr. G. C. Pfiffer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ballschmider Mr. and Mrs. Irving Souza Mr. and Mrs. Hayne Shienin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Kenny Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Weston Mr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. John G. Solano Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Gordon O. Janach Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lassart Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. J. George Sanguinetti Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Freund Mr. and Mrs. John A. Osterdock Mrs. Barbara E. Doughty Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Drago Judge and Mrs. Walter Carpeneti Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Samuelson Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kaukonen Mr. Oscar W. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ravizza Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Maker Mr. and Mrs. Anton J. Schirle Mr. and Mrs. Chris C. Orelli Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Corwin Elmer Vincent and Joan Vincent Mr. Andrew J. Abels Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Huffman Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Pierotti Mr. and Mrs. Nick A. Vrankovich Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Nunes Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Danna Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Broedlow Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Barrett Jr. Mrs. Evelyn Hanan Mr. and Mrs. Cletus J. Doneux Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Mullin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Boz Mr. and Mrs. Julian Gustin Mr. and Mrs. David B. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O ' Brien Dr. and Mrs. Gedge W. Knopf Mr. and Mrs. Dante J. Nomellini James D. Bunke Colonel and Mrs. John A. O ' Leary Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Dolio Charles G. Nowork Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Barbieri Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Airone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baldelli Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brinton Mr. and Mrs. Fred Calonico Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCall Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walker G. Buckner Mr. and Mrs. John Griffone Mr. and Mrs. Charles Guest Mr. and Mrs. George R. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Lee Coover Louis E. Potter Mr. and Mrs. James D. Harden Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bastasch Mr. and Mrs. John Reddy Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Svendsen Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. H. Mclntyre Mr. and Mrs. H. Vennemeyer Mr. and Mrs. H. Steymaier Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Schivary Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Alexander Mrs. Joseph F. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Goodreau Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Koetters Mrs. Ruth Forslund Mr. and Mrs. Dino Bastiani Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. E. L. De Mattei Mrs. Katherine MacTernan Mr. Dick Graves Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franzia Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Cangiamila Mr. and Mrs. Richard O ' Connor Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Joesph M. Cullen Mr. and Mrs. A. A. DeMartini Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Arrieta Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mabry Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Hermosillo Mr. and Mrs. D. Cirincion Jr. Mrs. Joseph K. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. George Keller Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marcenaro Mrs. Harvey Habeeb Mr. and Mrs. Louis La Grand Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Petrich Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bart Colombini Mr. and Mrs. Emmett F. Callan ai xio " p 0D 60) en js It would be extremely difficult to mention all the individuals respon- sible for this issue of the REDWOOD. There are those who shot pictures from noon to midnite; those who walked the streets in search for adver- tisers; those who typed; those who drew and designed and those who — well, just gave moral support. These pages would not be possible without their loyalty and hard work. And if you are interested to whom we are indebted, please see the PARTIAL list on page one hundred and eighty-seven — Sam Mabry Editor-in Chief f ' v K , 1 ■x " V N

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