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 - Class of 1961

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A 'I : 3' I ff fl-if-'f".'. If .A 5. rr--:. l fi 'xxx-xiii? '- I . K' '13,---i-' I .'.' . Tj' . .. - 'I -' . . - " ,f ' 7?L.:1T'77.i' ', ' 'f I , f.. ff.. .w ... .w. f.E-.. 1 ,-ufmQfm. ..-f j 517: " . - fig, --,. .. . '--. '- I: ' - .. n," ' ' lift. fruits 'Ls E T Q, I' Z. ' A si ffaf.. , pa l' D i 1 -L. - . ' -T I. V. 'Z 1 14 , .' . Q D E- - . I. I. K, . Q, 2:4 L 5EL'L"'11'-L -L ' n Y! gegm- ,wg , , F '. - ,g.-, .. ' '.l -- ,,.1 ' E , cr I I MARKET :STREET O: f rr . , . '..' .i . E, -'gi TT fi ,wif l ' D ,' 5 -' ' . Z . . .II - . . , , . - , , LD 1-4-2 . .l .X - . . , V Q I - J - It IUII -1-V., l , It .l A E.. -- A - . 5. X 2. t A I ,J ,. U N , . .--- . ... ,z :u I' ' ' uh '1 T. 'I , - .',. b - , ..: L. .Z. ,hi A 1 . I M.. I :AI gl - Nz' ,I - .-,. -. 1 rl Ii I I A I Nb QI-1 ' 4.5 ,I fp.: I . .J . ' cg- . I A - I l Q ' A 'Am J I, ..- I I I Q .- ' ff-51 I. .'iI"ffi Q ' If E- A 4--- --. E-.. . . . .pl .. ' -. ,,..,...W,a.,-,.., ..:- 4 . BELLOMY gg I 4. .. 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Tom Branson Business Manager . . Bob Callan Advertising Manager . Jim Collins 'I Senior Parents Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Charles Thomas P. Ahern R. D. Anderson Berchman A. Bannan P. L. Bellaschi B. Bernacchi H. F. Botsford E. F. Callan Francisco Castelazo Jack Caton John Centa John W. Collins Miguel P. Corpuz Walter G. Coughlin A. A. De Martini F. Dempsey W. Moore Devin Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Diepenbrock Joseph J. Dooling The Domino Family Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fantham Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Percy H. Flaaten Robert E. Florian Caesar H. Frati Alfred T. Gemetti Thomas Giannini Mr. and Mrs. William L. Goggin Ernest Granucci Mr. and Mrs. Wood Grinsell Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Guest Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Havens F. J. Herb Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Hoffman J. A. Jagger Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Rene H. Kirchhoff Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kobritz C. E. Larrabee Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Lee Beniamin Li D. N. Lillevand Arthur Lonergan E, R. Ludwigson Frank J. Magdlen James P. McGonigle, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elton C. Mooney Henry C. Murakami Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Musante Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Nelson Nestor C. O'Laughlin Mrs. J. E. O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. O'Rourke Edward G. Padilla Rafael Pardo S. Peters F. Pozas John Jennings Presley Frank Raspo Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Samuelson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Schmiederer Joseph M. Trindade Jr. John C. Ursick R. D. Vander Noor Mr. and Mrs. George N. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Willett Mr. and Mrs. John G. Williams Wills T. Wong Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Woodward Chia-Yuan Yeh Declicouti n The Redwood 1961 looks to the future and honors those men who plan the development of the University. With the growth of the Santa Clara Valley and the opening of co-education, a com- prehensive blueprint for the next fifteen years has been projected. In 1976, Mission Santa Clara will be on the eve of its second cen- tennial while the University will have reached its one hundred and twenty-fifth milestone. Balancing the Federal survey of the area with other known data, the University expects to double its present size in the period. This "Mission '76" expansion calls for an investment in excess of eleven million dollars in buildings alone. This past year has seen the dedication of the first of these new buildings-the George L. Sullivan Engineering Center. Two more-the new five story Residence Hall and the Student Center and Commons-are under construction. Next on schedule are a new library, an annex to the School of Law and one to the Alumni Science Hall. A gymnasium and a theatre-arts building are also in the plans, plus further hous- ing for married students. Artist sketches of several of these build- ings appear throughout the Redwood. "Mission '76" is a bold adventure. We salute Father President with his Board of Trustees and Regents as well as the Alumni who will translate this vision into reality for the Broncos of to- day and tomorrow. .vw-6 "Gym,-40' Rev Hugh C. Donavon, S.J. Father O'Connell is another of our confirmed Broncos. He entered the Jes- uit Order two months after Father Don- avon and was ordained in l925. Except for short assignments at Jesuit Houses in Los Angeles and at Bellarmine Prep in San lose, he has spent his whole priest- ly life at the University of Santa Clara. For more than a decade he was Vice President for Student Affairs and Mod- erator ol Dramatics. He also was a mem- bcr of the Department of English. For the past six years he has been counselor for the sophomores. G Iclen Jubilee The Associated Students honor four men of the Faculty on the occasion of anniversaries marked by this year 1961. Father Hugh C. Donavon and Father John P. O'Connell celebrate Golden Jub- ilees in the Society of Jesus. Dr. Edwin A. Beilharz and Dr. Joseph F. Deck are congratulated on completing twenty-five years of service to the University. Father Donavon entered the Society of Jesus in l9l l, taught here as a scholas- tic and returned as a young priest in 1929. Besides teaching Theology contin- uously these past thirty-two years, he also served as University Chaplain and Alumni Director for many many years. ""b4 ..n-14.5,-...hx 5 is Rev. John P. O'Connell S J Silver Jubilee Dr. Beilharz is a familiar figure to Arts students and especially to history majors, Chairman of the Department of History, he received his BA. in 1931 from The Creighton University of Omaha and his MA, from the University of Nebraska, and began his teaching career at Santa Clara in 1936. He was awarded his doc- torate from the University of California in 1951. Besides being an avid student of California history, Dr. Beilharz is also the Director of the Division of Social Studies in the College of Arts and Sci- ences. Joseph F. Deck, Ph.D. Edwin A. Beilharz, Ph D Stalking the chemistry labs in white coat, his briar pipe jutting from clenched teeth, Dr. Deck is another fervent work- er for the cause of knowledge. He took his basic degrees from St. Louis Univer- sity and his doctorate from the Univer- sity of Kansas in 1932. This zealous pro- fessor has invested his time and wisdom in the students of the University contin- uously since 1936. Today's Broncos know they are echo- ing the gratitude of thousands of alumni in honoring these four men for their long and generous labor. . ,- 1 4 - ug, , ,...,,- George L. Sullivan Engineering Center 3 V' l H' ' '-5" ": f- ff A ,,',g'l-afffy .. ""' -, .0 3-7 ,, Xisgy. ' ., '..A,,x?' .' :Muffy wh, h ig. . A a,.,,'5Q", ,-Q 3v5ga:','?,,,.,L V if-fS"2'LM V -?w.'fM8 L ' ' mmf-.. "ff A ,, FACULTY Father President Reverend Patrick A. Donohoe, S.J., Ph.D Rev. James E. Sweeters, S.J., M.A. Vice President Student Affairs Rev. Wilson A. Aldridge, S.J., M.A Vice President Business Services 'S w,. ,fx .fi + ' " 4.-1, , A ' Tl' Fha?-E ,, :VL- fe.-gs Nr , ' 'ii' Q ' , 1 if .mx ' .-nr. James Blawie Ph.D., Boston Univ., 1959 ,. -2.5 A A we ' 3 . pu...-1' , ' . 3 .3. " ' 1 ' V . i f.. ,i s 5 5 --' X 5 1, ,ff-nk. T- 'v' i ,'1?3?' f 1 , ' J ju ,WJ Am! . K J 1 I . k Graham Douthwaite LLB., Witwatersrand, 1936 Bc.l.., Oxford, 1940 illfs 'QI' S hoo! Law Daniel R. Cowans LL.B., California, 1950 Dean Leo A. l-luard LL.B., Georgetown, 1946 Herold M. Everton , Golden Gate 1955 Robert E. Hayes Robert G. Meiners LLB., Boston College, 1933 l.l..M., Harvard, 1957 William D. Sauers LL.B., Stanford, 1952 15 L ,., George A. Strong l.l..B., Santa Clara, 1955 0. R. Anderson M.B.A., Washington, 1949 Chairman, Accounting Dept. Lorenze M. Belotti Ph.D., Texas, 1960 Economics, Finance L. Ham Ph.D., Candid, Stanford Economics, Statistics Sonool of Business Administration W Arif' WWF' Dean Charles J. Dirksen M.S.C., St. Louis, 1938 Lawrence Lockley Ph.D., Harvard, 1931 Business Policy Q fi Joseph F. Monasta M.B.A., Stanford, 1948 Marketing John Pagani Ph.D., Stanford, 1950 Director of Evening Division Chairman of M.B.A. Program :fn- ylitnyfs , - . , M. ' , J. lffgk? ' fb- , ' V! ,5k3,fi4x,iQ'.z,.V Nw. rg Iv N- ,Q. 'oi' E I no B 'f Marius M. Becchetti A.B., Santa Clara, 1925 Business Law g. Clausin D. Hadley Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1937 Business Policy 1-P ,-I' Joseph P. Kelly LL.M., N.Y.C. Univ., 1939 Business Law ii ., . 4, . Joseph M. Trickett 13 Ph.D., Stanford, 1953 Chairman of Management 1 Center f'-fs. N IV-. 3 2, fc---+-7 Eugene J. Fisher B.M.E., Santa Clara, 1950 Mechanical Engineering Harold M. Tapay M.S., Washington, 1949 Chairman, Civil Engineering Fred P, Faltersack A.B., San Jose State, 1928 y Mechanical Engineering ' Dean Robert J. Parclen Ph.D., Iowa, 1953 J Henry V. Hahne Ph.D., Stanford, 1954 Civil Engineering Henry P. Nettesheim Donlun F. Jones M S Stanford 1951 M.S., U.C.l..A., 1954 l4 Chairmdn, Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering f F4 .z. if! 1 A133163 rv A on ,. M ' ' 4 M Engineering ,, ,.?5'ffz,g.f-S , .M ,V . . N, -1 .v 5""T'7' Www Harry Kuyumiin .Sc., Stanford, 1960 Civil Engineering Robert Pefley M.Sc., Stanford, 1951 Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Robert l. Murray M.S., Stanford, 1951 Mechanical Engineering Scnoo Stanislaw Kownacki Dipl. Ing., Warsaw Polytechnic Institute, 1936 1 Electrical Engineering 1 A-1 la-1 , ,x 'E-1' fwfisfjf ,- ft . W, 1 -awe, NSY 'ig . ,, K, Y, A 1-.1 .,.-- 2. m.,,.W ., -1 ,, vf:,Xnaf,N xy,-e, '- -1 -1 ae:-1nifk2:5ig.sf.2f-f, 1 ., , . -,:,1',r.- --:EEN e -' 1' 152: "M-lxza 4:-'ik Qf'ffii'.Qg:'gf?f'i34'3 ' pf, , . s .Q-iii. E: - QQ 9x3f3351:5"fLz ' gr. A 15: W 1 1 - 1.3. ,A ,a P-f:si'f,,-3, 1 Ar ,,g iyhxc-I,?'i'if,QQ?i"'2S115 3 5 Q ,Q,,,.u- X-we 1 1. 'ffm ' f.,,rQ-E, , if 1 I i ff' mf 2- wi :' - x1:':f5'fgSigi,g . -x-flier' 2:53 I ,.,,, 'f ff,,Qksi:Iis,-533,21531'-, V' 1f?fK'51iwm5Q??iQ f H " '1 +V. -, ,, ' Peter A. Szego B.S., Stanford, 1947 Mechanical Engineering ,X .Mx 'Q Sued George L. Sullivan Qrgsfgtdlrhlgon, 1955 Ph.D., same Clara, 1914 Ehg1heEl'1l1g Deqn Emgfifgg . ag ,.4 VN,- , -.,,- ..,,. ' it ' ans 1,-,zva . mfx,-f c 0, .Q , Q . . .,-M: TS , wc ' .21:fy:.,:,vw: 5 "i-Zifkfxlsex if '. '1 A ."1?f"ft."'3N:zei'n, , . 1 V ff f V .4 f, Rev. William Cahill, S.J. S.T.L., Alma College, 1939 Classics -.929 Victor B. Vari M.A., Stanford, 1952 Spanish, Italian 16 I -1,6 , is K E Piet Maca re M.A., South Dakota, 1952 French Arthur N. Phelps Ed.D., Columbia, 1956 Director, Teacher Training Q 1 937 Italian A A Joseph L. .Nicholas B.A., Santa Clara, 1950 Director, Visual Aids Www College f Arts Gerhardt E. Steinke Ph.D., Stanford, 1954 Chairman, Language Dept. C 0 A IPD'-Z --l VIZ T f S and -'fi Science 3 1 , 1 V Allin... Rev. William G. Burman, Richard M. Schmidt S.J. -V U 1.-gg I M.A., Washington, 1945 S.T.L., Alma College, ' . English 1942 MA. Harvard, 1949 , English 4 .-, ,I Acid? l. 0 ' Rev. Joseph J. Pociask, S.J. . M.A., Gonzaga, 1937 John J. Quinn English Ph.D., Stanford, 1956 Chairman, English Dept. 'Q' .g. . 'ii-f , . .,.,. 1, f. ' ' . . - 1 62256 William R. James . , ' S , glib ...W ses- . .s .ee M.A., an Jose State, gi. g 'fi Robert F. Shea I 1950 0 1-'3f'1Qfg2Q?f'ff4ge ,M.A., South Dakota, 1953 1 Speech, Drama 'ff' Chainnan, Speech-Drama Dept. . Q 'Nu' Q?-T7 i 5 , 9 1 -gn" . if Hafwjg 1 'ZE."?f.'?5fi5ffae 1 Robert W. Hayes George Shannon f M.A., Hawaii, 1957 s.A., some Clara, 1958 ' English, Speech Drama 17 .yy L I .6 ., "W Rev. Louis l. Bannan, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1938 Rev. Daniel A. O'Sullivan, S.J,, M.A,, Gonzaga, 1950 , I? Rev. W. H. Crowley, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1932 S.T.l.., Alma College, 1939 DHI LOSO PHY Rev. Charles A. McQuilIan S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1927 Rev. Austin J, Fagothey, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1927 Chairman Revl Beniamin Sargem, SJ. f g M.A., Gonzaga, 1942 S.'l'.B., Alma College, 1952 A238 Frederick Wilhelmsen Ph.D., Madrid, 1958 W. ,ff Rev. Raymond Copeland, S.J. S.T.L., Alma College, 1935 Ph.D., Sf. Louis, 1950 Director of Summer Session 5 F ,X n.-,J Rev. Francis J. Curran, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1943 S.T.L., Alma College, 1950 THEOLOQY Rev. T. David Fisher, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1947 S.T.D., Gregorian, 1959 Rev. Vincent T. McGinfy, S.J M.A., Gonzaga, 1945 Rev. Theodore J. Mackin, S.J. S.T.L., Sf. Louis, 1952 M.A., Gonzaga, 1946 S.T.D., Gregorian, 1958 Chairman "g...4v" 'bf Rev. Arthur F, Rutledge, S.J. 'U'--1 f M.A., Gonzaga, 1945 Rev. Barfholomew L. 0'Neill, Rev- AleXGl1CleI' TCW, SJ- S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1926 S.T.L., Sf. Mary's, Kansas, 1933 M.A., Gonzaga, 1940 ...., . .. ,W ,.,. ,..,,5 'W 1 , ...T-'-.X JWTTYY' Rev. Joseph S. Brusher, S.J. Ph.D., St. Louis, 1943 History Richard J, Stanek Ph.D., Loyola, Chicago, 1956 Chairman, Psychology Dept. James J. Hannah Ph.D., California, 1956 History W 'n SOCIAL Edwin A. Beilharz Ph.D., California, 1951 Chairman, History Dept. Rev. Norman F, Martin, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1942 S.T.L., San Miguel, Edwin J- BYOWI1 Buenos Aires, Ph.D., Stanford, Ph.D., Mexico, 1957 Chainnan, Education Dept. Bernard L. Kronick Ph.D., California, 1953 Chairman, Political Science Dept. mf f 1 4. .1 Y I 1 X . if U. .. J 4, '16 2- gr , F" 'A 1 l'f'i1,' v g 5, Q ufgjl. .' pf' ' l v . 2 - .' 1' 'I l - ' ". i' - , -' : 1 A Julian F. Foster M.A., Oxford, 1955 Political Science f 2 1 f f 3 5 ,,. ,. . A If 2279 51? " ' , 5 - ea. -2' 1 1 3 1 John Pagani Ph.D., Stanford, 1951 Chairman, Economics Dept. 'fx Withold Krassowski M.S., Purdue, 1954 Chainnan, Sociology Dept. l Rev. John D. Dryden, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1945 Economics James F. Twohy B.A., Santa Clara, 1907 Political Science K ..-. N J, .fm Rev. Carl H. Hayn, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1940 S.T.L., Alma College, 1948 Ph.D., St. Louis, 1955 Physics Lloyd L. Bolton Ph.D., Cornell, 1932 P' ref'-F Philip T. McCormick Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1954 V Physics "3-I' 'vp-vnu Q lf ." John B. Drahmann Ph.D., St. Louis, 1932 Chairman, Physics Dept. Nl THEMATICS Biology rx.. L I. ,. Karl A. Raven A he r M.A., Colorado, 1948 f V Ph.D., Candid., U.C.L.A. s . re-f - Bfdogv f ,J , V 1 1 dr. ,I Thomas N. Fast Francis R. Flaim Ph.D., Stanford, 1960 Ph.D., 5fUI'lf0l'Cl, 1956 Biology Chairman, Biology Dept. 'W I .P Xwf' Michael Buckley, Jr. Abraham P. Hillman M.S.E.E., Purdue, 1933 Ph.D., Princeton, 1950 Mathematics Mathematics Irving Sussman Ph.D., California, 1953 Chairman, Mathematics Dept. l scnsmcr-ss TL, . Rev. Francis J. Koenig, S.J. William T. Duffy Ph.D., St. Louis, 1957 Ph.D. Candid., Stanford Chemistry Physics s A Nf"v, l Joseph F. Deck Robert J. Pfeiffer William F. Sheehan, Jr Ph.D., Kansas, 1932 Ph.D., Cornell, 1958 Ph.D., Cal. Inst. of Tech Chairman, Chemistry Dept. Chemistry 1952 Chemistry We Maior Donald F. Polden B.S., Georgia, 1957 Captain Charles O. Neal B.S., United States Military Academy, 1952 24 1 Captain William R, Gillingham B.E., Gonzaga, 1951 'rind' Captain George G. Layman B.S., Oklahoma State, 1952 Colonel William P. Whelihan B.S., United States Military Academy, 1933 X xl .r It . f V212 .P .. m.V-, ., :.- A wwf' ' .fm - 3+ gg 3 J, ag " 1' -5123 :WA95 -' -? ...L 1 -QQ i-J' 'Q' M.Sgt. Gregory T. Sponsler it fx.,-j1,g,.f ' X. .Q,"::..-Jw-' '- rdf? nf 3 1 1 fficep 5 EQ. ,j ' ' Q:-' .CY , : .41-ag'-Q m.524v.:',-A . , 1 , .,g,,w,,5,q.,., . ,X . .,. 1 , . "'- .H-' "'-xgf31,5iN J . Thu? M.Sgt. Franklin J. Barry Colorado College, 1955 S.F.C. Richard A. Brandt Army N.C.O. Academy, 1957 , Q?-gf-'rq... . , . ,.,. ,. A M :Q ,, ,.xf,,1,Qixeg E Ar ,NwQ"4.z:.' -4-.:..1'5-.W - -ee:-.-Mex .wiiefv z .ESf2"fxY22'2 Mg? -3 ' jf z - - 3' .gg .- ' , 1 ' K .Q , Q, P. sy. . ., Xxx his Mic Nei 9 " '+ X' " ,J f ,, -wx em xc U - 25+ vi .N X 9 Q1 v Q vp W. .. ' 1 4 Q '5 5 K ' " .,.i: if: 11 xff. 'lT-iIQ:.f1TE.:: - ' -aff gi ' ' 4 -" F " f-.5 15. ' .:.. . .,.. Q. ,',... , A ,- ., .- A 61119 1-My '- .-I 37113. '1 1 I 2fgqw?'2f?f--5v,'1 35Q??r,5f1.1:Y1 , . ' . 1 ' ' V ' 1 .1S'l45'Q"'E:'.'C''yfrlk 2.,,3fpE'k'5f29:fJ-5, V , - -.px--:f , v . ' mr 4 1 if-59:3 Y - . 151 . f - H .. ' .4 '- 5-M : I ' YL-'5"'f' ' Y- - 1' 1 -rw , ,,,. -fD'?'? " S.F.C. Kenneth L. Bogart M.Sgt. Joseph W. Gasser Infantry School, 1949 msg-.X I S.P. 5 Arlen L. Gates Engineering School, Fort Belvoir Rev. W, C. Gianera, S.J., M.A. Presidential Assistant Rev. T. J. Sullivan S.J., M.A. Assistant Chaplain David P. Arata, B.S. Registrar Frank A. Schneider, B.S.C. Assistant to Finance Vice President lx rf?- X SJA 'Y NQ. l Rev. R. D. McAuliffe, S.J., M.A. University Chaplain Rev. Louis I. Bannon, S.J., M.A. Rev. E. R. Boland, S.J., M.A. Librarian Faculty-Alumni Representative Rev. A. Francis Frugoli, S.J., M.A. Community Administrator Rev. A. D. Spearman, OFFICERS SJ" 'M' Archivist OF ADMINISTRATION George P. Malley, A.B. Student Activities Director RJ' bf M 'Qggr Richard F. Rebello Bookstore Director . A A, Vs 1 f J ,X ' ""e:f!' 1557 51 " A 2158? 4 Al -f 'Rik Ag 'x-P415 ' A ? 3 Peggy Moior, A.B. News Director William P. Truran Superintendent, Bldg. 8- Grounds Richard W. Jonsen, B.A. Alumni Director f Ev' 1:7 . D ' px . .. . ' . .. .. ,. , lx , , . t me ,-3 V . H - -. " .- " ' ' t f' 1 mm. 565' pf... . Mui? 3 vo' Hall Drefects ,NJ -Q-fn! Thomas Breen John Sfansbury Kenna Hall Rev, T. J. Mackin, S.J. Nobili Hall 'ii' wqwff Rev. F. J. Curran, S.J. O'Connor Hall Robert Florian O'Connor Hall ' 1-.i Michael Barr Thomas O'Laughlin Michael Hagan Kenna Hall Kenna Hall Nobili Hall Rev. L. l. Bannan, S.J. Walsh Hall Joseph Dooling O'Connor Hall Marlin Moore Kenna Hall Rev. T. D. Fisher, S.J. Kenna Hall Del Briflon O'Connor Hall M Q. f Rev. T. J. Sullivan, S.J. McLaughlin Hall Michael Dowling O'Connor Hall McLaughlin Hal Rev. V. T. McGinfy, S.J Kenna Hall Rev. W. Burman, S.J. Walsh Hall Joseph Rishwai Walsh Hall 194' - X Q J I' 1 2' J ' 1 . Q ' ' ' K' vi, 4'4" . V ' Q f,i'J 1 Z .par-""""' ,-,...- Senior Residence Hall tunder Construction! ..- M ,M 'SN-...H .A- ENIGRS ,I x W... ' ...Mg f A-W. ww, ,, ' V521 'H-. -E' . W , I --....g,4,, ,H 4 W, ww. . 'LW Martin Capriola Senior Class President 1 "ww vw- ,xl vf 1 ,JK 2 21,3112-34 ' - ' gffvv : X bi'2if5' .nw A"-f -1 Riff .ig 22 ,:,-'ey--12 1-me "Xa-1' af,Z,v-in -ww., ap vw , my-f.,':.,1f,,f' . - -- :zzl "Q V?" 5, ,. A qv., Q, if u X X 4 P' ' ,, A, 3 - v ,., M, ?.?9f'f5? f' 'a3.'g.f 4fw,ft.,,4 Inf ,wzig yfi ' 'vfif L35 ' X f'5"iYf" 4 wi -' w -i k T 3,2 ' '35 Q My , 1 ea f ,iii S- .,XJ,3::?,. Vx,-5 ' ffffiff 45-'Ye'fH ' if ,v.?,:fg.5gf 'ff 2 'ill " - 9 ' . ' fs' ff-Li 'i . f'ffg35.f 5 41- V' wf?"fi :cv if if T: f' . 1 F, g,,,:, ,A r . " 'zz 3131, "S , ef ,gfwfifi ,-3: ,Q , wrgQi.JfaZf3x,i . .8 A " 22?l':w1?'f if. ggi, 1 - if ,f 'J 'f".1::-2 f"'1'f ' 3:2 -fy 'Mr Z . "1 A 'faiifhfgx-35 1, ,Qi xm'513','2 ,igriih Y. 21 V4 if' ' "' :.1, ':, "f if 4,4 ff M- - 1' 1 .41 Dick Bordwil, sergeant-of-armsp Pat Grinsell, treasur- erp Dan Shellooe, vice presidentp Dan Flynn, secretary. Class of '61 lVhile Cuba fell and Laos tottered, while Cagarin and Shepard blazed trails in the sky, the gregarious Class of l96l completed a year marked by monumental achievements on every level of life. Wlith an elan so inconceivable. its history is unrecordable. this noble class, its dervish-like energy saddled by President Capriola, began the year with a Barn Dance that Red Foley envied. intoxicated by the success of what was a modest undertaking. the class exploded in a burst ol' vivacity, an ardor for achievement. a quest for an immortal record that resulted in the raising of Club '61 in the basement of McLaughlin Hall - a monument that will still be standing when the inner dome of heaven falls. St. Patrick's Day saw the Club inaugurated with a party the likes of which was never seen before and will never be seen again. The capstone ol' the class career was the Senior Ball. .Xlexander had parties, Nero had parties. Louis Quatorfe had parties. Forget those shy efforts. The Senior Ball replaced them all. Sic itur ad astra. Vive le bagatelle. vnu!" 4 l RICHARD ABERLE B.S.C. MARKETING Sunnyvale, California KEITH G. ABLER B.S.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Mountain View, California Tau Beta. Pi Pres.g AIEE-IRE: Scali- bard L? Blade: Engineering Society. PHILIP J. ABRAHAMSEN B.M.E. MECHANCIAL ENGINEERING Burlingame, California Engineering Society: ASME: Red' zuoodg Charles Graham Clubg Rally Com.: Election Com.,' Minor Sports Com.,' Recognition Corn.,' Personnel Com.g Intramurals. PAUL J. AHERN B.S.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco, California IRE Sec'y,' Engineering Society: Scab- bard cb' Blade: Intramurals 507 iff! ROBERT DOMINIC ACCINELLI B.A. HISTORY San Francisco, California Tlze Owlj The Santa Clara: Cross Currentsg Who's Wlzog Italian Club V.P.: Hawaiian Clubg Thomistsg I.R.C..' D.S.A.,' Debate Clu bg In l ramu ra ls. ,fs-J ROBERT L. ARMANASCO B.S. CHEMISTRY San Jose, California RICHARD S. AZEVEDO B.S.C. ECONOMICS Santa Clara, California Blackstone Societyg Italian Club D.S.A,' B.A.A.: Varsity Tennis. X or-x.Ax V K . '-2'1" fell DANIEL F. BAEDEKER B A POLITICAL SCIENCE Glendale, California Cross Curiwritx Clulf: Debating. ffx 'J 5-Q. RICHARD P. BARDWIL B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Los Angeles, California Senior Class Sergeant-at-armsg ALFRED T. BARSON B.A. ENGLISH San Francisco, California Uzrlq l'rf'x,. Clay .Il. firzwm' I,llljI'l'7'N,' Crum Cizrrrntx Cluhq lx'.NfIl'5 Kaplan Zwla Phi: Slllflflll Ilrrruiling Com.: ll'aI1'r l'nlu,' .Santa Clara. ALAN J. BEAL B.A. MATHEMATICS San Jose,.California DA ..4. PHILIP BERCHMAN BANNAN B.A. ECONOMICS San Marino, California Co-Chairman, Rally Com.,' Public Relations Com.: Arts QL' Science Cen- tral Com.: Intramural Com.: Captain, Varsity Footballg Kappa Zeta Phi: Charley Graham Club: Pres., Block S.C.,' Redwood: Santa Clara. ROBERT BARCOTT B.S.C. ECONOMICS Anacortes, Washington BA .A . Scablzard dn' Bladeg The Santa Clara: B.A.A.j A.S.C.E.g Engi- neering Societyg Student Re- cruiting Com. MICHAEL J, BARR B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE Ogden, Utah Frosh Initiation Com.: Intramurals. Elertion C0l71.jClZl1X'l6S Graham Club: Int. Relalionsg Publirity Com.,' Foot- hall Com. Q-""'-..'Z"'Q N. ..,,,,.,.f VICTOR BELLASCHI B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Portland, Oregon Intramurals: Italian Club: Blackstone Soc.: Sanctuary Soc.: B,A.A, rl 111 JOHN P. BREEN B.S.C. GENERAL BUSINESS Hollister, California NEIL BOTSFORD B.S. MATHEMATICS Martinez, California Engineering Soc.: lllathematics Soc.,'Perslzing Rifles: Irish Club: Santa Clara: Intramurals. RAYMOND H. BERNERT Jr. B.A. PHILOSOPHY Steubenville, Ohio Debate Soc.: D.S.A. RICHARD BERNACCHI B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Alhambra, California ASUSC Treasurer: Lecture Series Chairman: Scallbarcl and Blade Treasurer: Delta Sigma Pi Treasurer: Alpha Sigma Nu Sec.: B.A.A.,' De- bating Soc.: Cross Currents Club: KSCU: Boxing: Santa Clara. ,.4. THOMAS BRANSON DELFORD G. BRITTON B.A. ENGLISH B.A. ECONOMICS Burlingame, California St. Helena, California Redzuoocl,Editor-in-Clzief: Chairman, Soclality: Arts and Science Cent. Arts and Science Coin.: Chairman, Com.: Kappa Zeta Phi: Blackstone Publir Relations Com.: Kappa Zetta Soc.: Baxeball: Intramural Com. Phi: Charlie Graham Club: Football Com.: Frosh Advisory Coin.: Intra- mural Com.: Election Com.: Rugby. Frosh. Iirzsrflmlli Vrzrx. Iinw'l1r1ll,' FN I aa.-I NED BROWN B.S.C. FINANCE Seattle, Washington Trmsq SC: Trfax., Knjwjm Jfrlu Phi: Charles Gmlmrn, B.S.C. ECONOMICS San Marino, California ROBERT R. CALLAN B.S.C. BUSINESS San Francisco, California Delta Sigma Pi,' Ixhpfza Zvtn Phi' Hlork SC Chili: Iflrrlion Com.: Red l' Sm Fllfl' Fnnllmll F0171 zvom. - 1111 ,1 1, , ., Alinor Slbnrls Cnm.: Golf Twain Cap Iain: I?.,4..4.,' Cllllfllif Cmllnm Cluli lrzframzzrnl Com, ca 5,7 'X "iff-., "-C7 DANIEL T. BRYANT JOSEPH B. BUFALINI B.A. ENGLISH B.S.C. ACCOUNTING San Jose, California San Jose, California II'h0's Il'l10,' Social Com. Clmirnmrz I2,:l..-1.5 D.,S',.4, ASUSC .S'Pn11l6,' Irish Clzzlf. 5 1'-'T' ANTHONY BUCCOLA WILLIAM PAUL CAHALAN B.S.C. ECONOMICS San Jose, California li,,4..4.,' IDS..-I, ga-nm, ROBERT CAMPBELL B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Jose, California Te'r1nis rllflllllf Irish fflulfg l'11 1 ing Sur.: D NM-I.: Vim' fill!!! 1 fI.I.1i.Ii,-l.l3l". ROBERT PETER CARMIGNANI B.A. ENGLISH San Francisco, California Blackstone fSf'IIl0I' Re,t1.Q.' Italian Club: Redwood. JOHN J. CARNIATO B.S. POLITICAL SCIENCE San Carlos, California Charles Graham Clzzltj Frexllmwit Ini- tiation fl0lI7..' Clay Ili. fiI'l'r"lI1'.' Iilarlc- .stmzei The Santa Clara: Arts LJ Sei- enfe Central Com.: Sltlrlenl jirefrfrl: Ski Cltzlzg Frmll l?axlc1'tl1all,' Intra- III Il ra ls. 36 WAYNE CAREY B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING La Puente, California Engineering Society: A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. '11 ,vw ,.p ...uf MARK DAVID CAPITOLO B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Carlos, California Sodlllily: N.F.C.C,S.,' Italian Club,- Engineering Soeiety: A.I.1?.E.-1.R.IZ..' Soccer: Intramurals, GEORGE R. CASTELAZO B.S. CHEMISTRY Glendale, California Grilles Snriety Pres.: Alpha Sigma N11 Tres: DSA. MARTIN S. CAPRIOLA B.S. POLITICAL SCIENCE Willows, California Pres., Senior Class: Pres., Kappa Zeta Phi: I7ll7'llIl1lllY1lS,' Charles Graham Club: Blackstone Snr. CURTIS M. CATON B.A. ENGLISH Fresno, California Owl Editor-in-Chiefg Alpha Sigma Nu Presg Student Lerture Series Co- Chaifmang Kappa Zeta Plzig Sodality: Cross Currentsg Iilackstoneg Senate: Clay M. Greene: The Santa Clara: Intramurals. LEE A. COOK .l DAVID CIMINO B.S.C. ACCOUNTING San Francisco, California Delta Si ma Pi Clzfmrvllori IXVIIIIII, H lf Zeta Phi: Clmrlrx flflllllllll Clubi B.:1.A.,' Rally Com.: Cl11'f'1'lc'111l0r'.' In- fVll!IIll7'l1I.9.' Pl'l'.Y!2Il!16'I Com.: Elcftimz Com. JAMES W, F. CLARK B.S.C. PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Palo Alto, California The Santa Clara: B.A.A.g Intramur- alsg Irish Club: Cross Currents. B.S. MATHEMATICS San Francisco, California Clay JI, lJr'f'r'111'.' lI1'rln'm1rl,' ,llnlll M:- fff'lv.' IIIIZIYIIIHIIH fflilllq lrixll fffulfg Ix',X.lI.I'.,' InIrrln11n'nls,' Ski fflulf, JAMES M. COLLINS B.S.C. MARKETING Sacramento, California Delta Sigma Pi: I?.A..4.,' Redwoodj Intrtzmurrzls, 0 '54, 'Ev , 'E' MICHAEL CORPUZ B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco, California .4..S'.M.If. Prf'Qzrlf'r1I,' Izrzgzrzz-rrirzg Sn c'ie'l3',' II1f7'IIIIIll?'UlV.' Trnnis Tram D.S.nI.,' Thr' Santa Clara. JAMES P. CONNOLLY B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Napa, California E7lgi71Ff'Iii71g S0ffl'lj'.' A.I.If.E. - I.R.E..' Re'dz1'001I,' Iilnrkslnm' SOFl'6'fI'.' Intra- murals: Varsity ll'7'f.iIli71g. VICTOR CORSIGLIA B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sacramento, California .4.S.1II.lf..' ltnlifm Clulng I'T7IQi7Il'l'l'I-VIL YOFlc"l'y,' Ujrwn Hmm' Cl777l7l.Ii'flI'I', A 1'-"Q , C17 DAVID ANTHONY COUGHLIN B.A. PHILOSOPHY San Mateo, California Croxs Currents Club: Cleft Club: Sanrtuary Sofirfyi Irish Clula. LICIO A. COSTERMANI B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Verona, Italy Pan-Ameriran Student Axmriation V. P.: Engineering Sofirlyg Sorter. REGIS D DAHL B.S.C. MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING Santa Maria, California BA A ' D SA ' Intramurals 'J' ,.--r JAMES D. CROWLEY B.S.C. MARKETING San Mateo, California B.A.A..' Ski Club: Della Sigma I-4' ,f-ff A JOHN H. COUGHLIN B.A. ENGLISH Seattle, Washington Irislz Club: Varsity 'I'mmis.' Infra- murals. Pi: Clzarlas Graham Club: In- tramural Com.: Inlranzurals, JAMES P. DANIELS B.S.C. MARKETING San Mateo, California Kappa Zeta Phi: I3.A.A.,' Scalzliard and Blade: Charles Graham Club: Studfnf Recruiting Com.: Football Com.: Fraslz Advisory Com.: Intra- ru u ra ls. STEPHEN J. DE ARMOND B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Santa Clara, California ANTHONY DE BELLIS 56' -sau B.S. PHYSICS lllllllllllllx DTN? A. KIRCH DE MARTINI B.A. HISTORY Santa Monica, California San Francisco, California ' 11111 Zeta Pllif 1lI1'r11l1'l S0fll'17I',' ' 'sim .S'n1'i1'tx',' llalian C111l1: 1"rml1 Azilvisory Cont: Boxing 'I'I'l1llI,' ln- STEVEN M. DEVIN B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco, California Clzairnlan, Progranrnzing Com.: Trn- 11is,' Froslz Iz'asl:1'tl1all,' IflIgIlIl'l'7'l7Ig Soriety: A.S,AI.If.,' Irish fllllllj Sralf- llard and Iilade: Sflllfllllllj' .S'or1'f'lx'. JORGE SALVADOR DIAZ B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Santa Ana, El Salvador Glee Cl11l1,' Sarraf Clulzg S'0rf1'1',' Pan Anzeriran Slurlent Assnriatimz. PETER JOHN DE CARLO B.S.C. MARKETING San Jose, California D.S.A.j B.A.A.,' Italian Club: Intra- muralsg Santa Clara: Mendel Society GEORGE ALLEN DELANEY B.A. HISTORY Tacoma, Washington Feat. Ed., Santa Clara: Irish Club: Forensics Soc.: D.S.A. Scabbard and Blade: Sanctuary Society: Italian Club: Prolilems Com.: The Santa Clara: Refl- wood. Q , 'wit 'Cl- if LAWRENCE DEMPSEY B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Whittier, California ANTHONY C. DIEPENBROCK B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE Sacramento, California Frosh Baseball: II'l10's IVl10,' Refl- zuoofl Sports Fditorg Santa Clara Sports Editor: Intramural Com.: Charles Graham Club: Rally Com.: Fmsh Adzfisory Cam.: Sanctuary S0- riety: Election Cam. FREDERICK J. DOMINO B.A. HISTORY San Jose, California lllinor Sports Com. Chairman Wrestling: Frosh Advisory Com., Charles Graham Club. PAUL s. nom B.S. HISTORY San Francisco, California PATRICK O. DOHERTY B.S.C, GENERAL BUSINESS Portland, Oregon Irish C lub. ll .1 JOSEPH J. DOOLING, Jr. B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Arcadia, California Rally Com. Cl'Lairman,' Intramural Coma Delta 'Sigma Pi: Kappa Zeta Plzig Student Recruiting Comt: Santa Clarag Charles Graham Club: In- tramurals. MICHAEL CHARLES DOWLING B.A. HISTORY San Francisco, California Kappa Zeta Phig Scabbard and Blade: Wrestling: Charles Gra- ham Club: Froslz Adzfisorjv Com. Chairman. ROBERT P. DUST B.S.C, MARKETING Los Altos, California B.A.A.,' D.S.A. B.A.A.,' St ll 111' n I Rvrruiiing GENE G. ELAM B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Santa Maria, California Com.: The Sanm Clam. ROBERT JAMES ENNIS B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Boise, Idaho Blfzrkxfmzff Sorirfgu' lntrarnurals: Clzairnzazz F ro x 11 Oricfnlnfion Com.: B.A..-1.,' l'lff'l'lf071 Com. MICHAEL FITZGERALD B.A. ECONOMICS Los Olivos, California Frosh 12a.wbaIl,' Intramurals: Charles Crulmm Clubg Personnel Com. ALI ENAYATI B.S. MATHEMATICS Tehran, Iran D.S.A.,' fllllfll Song I.R.C..' Illffllllllll' als: Boxing. ROBERT RIEGER EPPLER B.S.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING San Carlos, California D,S.A..' Engineering Soc.: A.S.C.E. ,ggi 'f Q""fT7 I I JOHN FANTHAM B.S.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING San Mateo, California If,llI,f,XllJ7If' S0115 ll1l1rl1l11lr'fll.' fill, IH S I'.lllgfIlI'I'l- .Q fur, ,pi 11" 'PWY ws 41' THOMAS G. FERGUSON B.S.C. MARKETING Antioch, California tv' ',,-cl' ,r , ARNOLD D. FLINT B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Aptos, California B .A .A . .' In fra in urals. DONALD C. FLOHR B.A. HISTORY Santa Rosa, California Intramural Com.: Froslz Advisorjx' Com.: Charles Graham Club: Fool- ball Com. TERRANCE FLAATEN B.S.C. ECONOMICS Pasadena, California BAA, Pres.: Student Recruiting Clzairnzang Delta Sigma Pi: junior Social ClIHl'7'771U71,' Social Com.: Prob- lems Com.: Wreslling: Irish Club: Intramurals. ROBERT E. FLORIAN JR. B.A. ECONOMICS Los Angeles, California Chairman, Student Directory Com.g Kappa Zeta Phig Blackstoneg Prob- lems Com.: Intramurals. DANIEL CLARKE FLYNN B.A. PHILOSOPHY San Francisco, California Editor-in-Chief, The Sanla Clara: Senior Class Secretary. IYPN '17 """i0u, THOMAS W. FOSTER B.S. BIOLOGY Los Altos, California Mendel Club. THEODORE C. FOSTER B.S. PHYSICS Los Angeles, California Physics Socieiy: Tennis Teamg Soc cer Team: D.S.A. 5? xii ROBERT C. FOX B.S. PHYSICS Menlo Park, California Sec., Student Court: Rifle' Tcfamg Varsity Wrf'stling,' Physics Soc. DONALD C. FRATI B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Santa Rosa, California Italian Clubg Intramural Comg The Santa Clara: B.A.A. THOMAS GEMETTI B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Santa Rosa, California lf.A..4.,' Santa Clara: Italian Clulfq Irzlranllzrzlls. KIERAN B. GALLAGHER B.A. ENGLISH Sugoi Ireland ROBERT A. GEORGE Jr. Irish Clubg Clay M. Greeneg Debut- B-C-E. Clvll- ENGINEERING ing Team. Stockton, California E71gI'!1fJl'7'l77g Snr.: Civil E7IgI71f'l'7ill7g Snr.: l!ll7'f17lIIl7'l1l.Y. PW WALTER R. GIACHINI B.A. ENGLISH HERMAN J. GEERLING San Francisco, California B.S.C. Santa Clara: Qzvl: Crow Czzrrfrzlx: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION lmlmn Cluhg Ix,x.C.I', Pine Lawn, Missouri Soccer: B.A.A.,' Bela Gamma Sigma. DAVID T. GIANNINI B.A. HISTORY Hillsborough, California Italian Clalz V, P., T?'PU51L7'67',' S0- dalily Clzairnian: Iilarksforze Society! Clay AI. Cl7'l'c"7If',' Mcnrlwl Clubg Cross C1l7'i'f'IllX,' Pwrsliirig Rifles, ALDO J. GIROLAMI B.S.C. MANAGEMENT San Jose, California illenflefl Soc.: D.S.A.,' I?.A.A.,' Italian Clzzlif Inlranzurals. JOHN W. GRANT B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Altadena, California Tau Beta Pig Engineering Soap Re- cording Secretaryg A.S.M.E.,: D,S.A.,' KSCU-FM. JON B. GOSK B.S.C. MARKETING San Mateo, California The Santa Clara: Italian Clubg WILLIAM A. GOGGIN B.A. ENGLISH Redwood City, California T110 Santa Clara, Editor-in-Clzieff Tlif' Ozvl, Asxoriaff Erlitorq Sfablzarrl and Blade Sfffrfftaryi Irisli Clulzq Blarlmtorzrf Snr.: Clay AI. Cremie. Rally Coma B.A.A.,' Student Di- rectory Com.,' Pershing Riflesg Intramurals. GERARD E. GRANUCCI B.S.C. MARKETING San Francisco, California Delta Sigma Pig BA.A.g Charles Graham Clubg Clay M. Greeneg The Santa Clara: Football Coma Prob- lems Coma Rally Coma Intramurals. THOMAS A. GRENIER B.S.C. MARKETING Detroit, Michigan 'Nd A "'::'- 'Qi 'N--.. as 'Q'-55 PATRICK JOSEPH GRINSELL B.S. BIOLOGY Napa, California Sr. Class Treas.g Vice Pres., Kappa Zeta Phi: Arts and Science Central Com.,' Int'famu1'als,' Charles Graham Clulng Mcmlcl Soc. T2 T? PATRICK HAGGERTY B.S.C. PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Encino, California Student Recruiting Com.,' Pub- licity Com.g Intramumlsg Irish Clubg B.A.A. CHARLES W. GUEST B.S.C. MARKETING Pasadena, California B.AA.,' Irish Clubg Intram-ztrals. J. MICHAEL HAGAN A C B.A. ECONOMICS ,C Porflancl, Oregon lr. Classy Arts and Science C0m.g' Chairman, Football Cheerleader: Problems Com.,' Relations Coma ASUSC Sen- Kappa Zeta Plzig Charles Clubg Sanctuary Soc.,' Men- Q3 -al' MICHAEL COLLINS HANKAL B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Sanfa Clara, California B.A.A.,' D.SA.,' Terzrzixq Block ISIC. JOHN HAVENS B.A. HISTORY Memphis, Tennessee Charles Graham Clzzlzj Elrfrtimz Cam.: A. QE .S'.C.C,.' Il1ll'flIIlllIAlllS,' .Ilitmr Sports Com.: Pffrxmznrl C1m1.,' 1ia,skf'I- ball: Ie6'f0glIlll0Il Com, JOHN WALTER HALL B.A. PHILOSOPHY San Jose, California D.S.,4..' Illlflllllllllllxf .llwnrlwl ,S'nc.,' Santa Clara. JOHN CALDWELL HELMER B.A. HISTORY Mill Valley, California Rad Ha! Hana' Pr1'x.J Iialiaful Zrla Phi: Boxing: Warm' Polo: Blarkstmzr' Snr.: Santa Clara. Charlrs flraham Club. LAWRENCE F. HIGGINS B.S.C, GENERAL BUSINESS Altadena, California Baseball. ROGER JOHN HURTHERE B.A. ENGLISH San Mateo, California Glee Club: Clay M. Greene. FERNANDO VARGAS HERNANDEZ B.S.C. ECONOMICS San Jose, California l?r'rIu'0ml Ar! Ifrlitmq Sflfllll Com. 'llIAl'IllllI'l'I.' Pzzlllirity CUIIIH' DN..-I,,' lf..-1 llnxingf Iillfllllllllllll, NICHOLAS J. HERB B.S.C. MARKETING Bellingham, Washingfon Delta Sigma Pi: Charles Graham Cluhg I3.A.A.,' Sturlenl Rcrruiling Com.: Intramurals: Sanla Clara: Pm'- sonnel Com. .....g JAMES P. HOFFMAN B.S. BIOLOGY Menlo Park, California lllendrl Sor. Pri'.S.,' Kappa Zara Phi: Cllarlm Graham Clllllf Fmxh :lil- visory Com.: Irish Clllll. -...M DONALD D. INGOGLIA B.S. ECONOMICS Sacramento, California Kappa Zcfia Phi: Charlfs Graham Chill: Clleerleadf-rf A L- S Cfnlral Com.: Inhamizral Com.: I7IlIYIllIlHYIl5.' Rugby: Rally Com.: Fmsh Advisory Com.: Santa Clara: Sorlality: Ski Club. JON JAGGER B.S. ECONOMICS Phoenix, Arizona Charles Graham Clulrg Iinpjm Zeta Pllif Illlflllllllflll Com.: Football Com.: Rugby: Intra- murals: Sarzrlziarjv Snr.: Student Arlzfisory Com.: Ski Clulrq Mezz- del Sur.: Sorlalityq Thmrlist Sue. -4.9 ...L TIMOTHY H, JOHNSTON B.S. CHEMISTRY Burbank, California Galtex Soc.: The Santa Clara: Clee Cluh: Irish Club: Hnztvliizlrz Clubg Intranzurals. JOHN BYRNE JOSEPH B.S.C. MARKETING Sacramento, California Delta Sigma Pig Vflrxilx' l'XllHlllllll,' In lI'flIllIH'!llX.' Charles Citlllllllll Club B,,4.,4. JOSEPH JELLISON B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Apfos, California MICHAEL P. KEENAN B.A. ENGLISH La Jolla, California Clay lll. Greene Presirlentg Sorial COII1,,' Arts and Seienee Central C0m,,' Student Lecture Series Cmng The Owl: Kappa Zeta Phi: Irish Cluh. WILLIAM VERNON JONES B.S.C. ACCOUNTING San Francisco, California Delta Sigma Pi: B.A.A.,' Frosh Hrue- lmll: Frosh ,4Il'l'i.S07fV Coma' Intramur- alxg Sanrtuary Soc.: Ski Cluhq Italian Club. FRANCIS KENEFICK B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Pleasant Hill, California Sofrh. Class Sgt, at flrmxg View Prev. ASCUJ ASCU Engr.: Open Home' Cllairman: Vin: Prrx. Sfrilvlmrrl and Iiluflrx' fill Canzffuv Pub. Chrizrnmng ClUllXl'l'1lIllIH1 CllIll7'lIIIl?I, Clulr 'hlj lx'W,'l'-Iill. ,-4' DENNIS M. KENNEDY B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING San Jose, California Glee Club Pres.: Seabbard and Blade: Erzgineering Soc.: Student Advisory Coin.: IVater Polo: DSA. HENRY J. KLAREN B.S.C. MARKETING RICHARD l-- KOBRITZ Oakland, California B.A. PHILOSOPHY San Francisco, California Clay ill. GI'l't'iIl'.' FI'f'illlIlflI1 0l'l6'!lltl' tion Corn.: Rally Cam.: laz: Cam.: The Santa Clara. LEONARD F. KLOSINSKI B.S. MATHEMATICS Michigan City, Indiana tlfatllrmatirv Snr.: Plwcirs San: Yana tuary Snr. -HL -:fi ROBERT HENRY KIRCHHOFF B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco. California Tau Bela Pi: Sodality: .4,.S'.M,E.: Iii: girzeering Soc.: Ski Club: Rifle Team' D..S.A, JAMES M, KIRBY M.E.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco, California JERROLD KERR B.A. ENGLISH San Francisco, California Student Body Pres.: Student Body COT.-SFf'.,' Sophomore Class Pres.: Freshman Class Prex.: Football Com. Clllliflllflilf A,S.U.S.C. Senate Pres.: Kappa Zeta Phi: Charles Graham Club: Social Cant.: Froxlz Orientation Com. Chairman. PETER R. KRAMER B.S.C. FINANCE Menlo Park, California B.A.A.,' D,S.A.,' Irislz Club: Intra- IIl1l7'I1l.S. BOB C. LEACH B.S.C. MARKETING Los Altos, California l'fr1gl'ner'rirzg .S'nr'.,' ,-i.S,, .f.,' lrixll Club: Srmla Clam. JOHN LADEN B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Medford, Oregon A.I.E.E, - l.R.E.: Engineering Soc.J K,S.C.U.: Rifle Team. PETER J. KULISH B.A. ENGLISH San Jose, California Social Com.: Kappa Zeta Phi: Red- wood: Clay III. Greene: Santa Clara: D.S.A.: Intramurals. RICHARD B. LARRABEE B.S. CHEMISTRY Sacramento, California Galtes Chemistry Soc.: Irish Club: Santa Clara. 15' EDWARD M. LEE B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Los Angeles, California Delta Sigma Pi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Water' Palo: Redzvaod: Santa Clara: BAA. FRANK C. LAFLAMME B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Santa Barbara, California THOMAS H. LE VASSEUR B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Santa Clara, California A.I.E.E. - 1.R.E.,' Engineering Soc.: D.S.A.: Intramurals. RONALD G. Ll B.S.C. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Kappa Zeta Phi Pres.: Santa Clara Sports Editor: Redwood Sports Edi- f01'.' Club. JOHN S. LUDWIGSON B.A. ECONOMICS Bellingham, Washington I'Vho's Who: Charles Graham I af Honolulu, Hawaii A.S.U.S.C. Treasurer: Seabbard and Blade Pres.: On-Campus Publirity Chairman: B.A.A.,' Water Polo: En- gineering Soc.: Personnel Com.: Stu- dent Recruiting Com. FQ X 47X 'I MICHAEL PETER LILLEVAND B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Alameda, California Varsity Basketball: Charles Graham Club. JAMES A. LONERGAN B.S. PHYSICS Los Angeles, California Physics Soc. Pres.: Engineering Soc.: DSA.: Freshman Advisory Board: Wrestling: Track. JAMES S. MACMILLAN B.S. BIOLOGY Oakland, California Mendel Soc. V. P.: Archaeology Club Treasurer: I.R.C.: Intramurals: In- tramural Sports Com. JAMES A. MAGDLEN B.S.C. MANAGEMENT Santa Barbara, California B.A.A.: Enginering Soc.: Hawaiian Club: Redwood: Intramurals. li ' :Q-,ff , .. K .V ,Lf 4 ww-, w v 5' 1 iff ,fu ,, if M. ,QV ,123 f, .A ' '-vs, vp iv- f .2251 Z.-,ff as Q? 41.1, . X 'Q 'xx X DONALD E. MALONE S012 RAYNARD E. MC CORMICK Jr. B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING I Sacramento, California 1fIIgl!lf'1'I'lIIg Snr.: Ci1'il lflIgl7lI'!'7il!lQ JAMES MC GONIGLE B.S. BIOLOGY Prescott, Arizona .S'I11rl1'nl plrlwimrx' CUlll.,' .llrrlrlrl N'nr'.,' .Ski Clulf. DENIS M. MC GRATH B.A. HISTORY Alameda, California llflftllj' lilI.YI'lNIll.' lvllfillj' I?f1xlcrllu1ll,' Vin' I'rr'.S., lilork SCJ C-lllllllff Ciflllllllll Club. B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING South San Francisco, Calif. Viff' Pros., E7Igl7Il'l'7'lIIg Snr.: FRANCIS MARK, JR. B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco, California Alpha Sigma Nu: Ref. Ser., Tau Item Pi: Erzgirmering Soc.: A,I.I?.E.-I.R.E.,' lntramu1'nls,' KSCU: Santa Clara. RONALD MARTIN B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Salinas, California B.A.A.,' Clay tII.Crcf'r1e,' D.S.A. A.I.lf.E.-I.R.E.,' Gln' Clulzg Trn- nis: Froslz BI1.Sl'lJ1lll,' 1IIlI'll!IIllI'IllX dx' X 'f.. MARTIN MOORE B.S.C. ECONOMICS Los Altos, California I?..'l.:l.J lrislz Cluli: Iilrlrlfxfmu' .Snr Clllfflllflll Snr, KENNETH RQMICKEL B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Valleio, California Delta Sigma Pig B.A.A.,' Glee I Clubg Intramuralsg Frosh Ad- visory Com. FRANCIS x. McLELLAN, Jr. JAY K- MESPI-AY B.A. Hisfory B-M-E porflandl Qregon MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Baseball: Block Club: Srzzrienl Court MCll'ip0Sd, California I1lSllC'F,' A .La S Cent. Com.: Charles Graham Club Tr6a.9urer,' Kappa Zeta Phi Cor. Ser.: Reflzvood: Frosh Orimz- tation. LAWRENCE G. MEARES B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Norfh Hollywood, California A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Enginerring Soc. ..g- " Q- ' v urn., 1- . FRED RICHARD MEYER TERENCE J. MIRAGLIA B.S.C. ACCOUNTING B.S. CHEMISTRY JAMES P- MEI-ANEPHY Redwood City, California Oakland, California M,E,E, Engineering S005 A.S.iII.E.: I3.A.A.,' Alpha Sigma Nu: Calfes Sof.: Italian MECHANICAL ENGINEERING D,S,A, Clubg Erzgizieerirzg Soc. San Francisco, California JAMES RICHARD MOONEY B.S.C. SALES MANAGEMENT Redmond. Oregon lrislz Club Pres.: Clay M. Greene-,' Freshman Advisory Com.: Planning Com. Club '6I. 1,88- 44 - TERENCE B. MUNDAY, Jr. B.S.C. MARKETING Menlo Park, California Engineering Soc.: D.S.A..' B.A.A.,' Irish Club: Intramurals. CARL A. MUNDING B.S.C. MARKETING Santa Maria. California Sgt. at Arms ASUSC,' Della Sig- ma Pi Vice Pres.: Dislinguislzed Military Student: Charles Gra- ham Club: B.A.A.g Social Com.: Soplz. Class Treas. THOMAS C. MUSANTE B.A. HISTORY Corona del Mar, California Trackf Charles Graham Club: Srrznlrm' l Election Com.: illinor .S'fmrls Com. MELVYN T. MURAKAMI B.S.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Honolulu, Hawaii Hazuaiiarz Club Prf's.,' Pershing Rifles Pres.: Smlrbarrl and Iilafle: Irzlramur- als: Froslz RIIIf'lIflH.' B..4.,4,,' Glee Club. RONALD MURPHY B.S.C. ECONOMICS Pomona, California KSCU5 Clay ill. Cr1'1'n1' 'l'n'rls,,' Yunlu Clara: Slilflrnf ll'1'rr11ltiug Chnl.: ln lrrlm11rr1ls5Crmw ffrlrrrulv Club: liisll Club. THOMAS CLAYTON NELSON B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Livermore, California Engir1f1'rir1q.S'nr,.' Tau Rrlu Pi: lulra llllll'llfS.' ASCE: .-llfflf-llllf, JUNJI NISHIKAWA B.E.E. W 14" Xt-I ROBERT A. NOBLEMAN B.S.C. MARKETING San Jose, California B.A.A.,' Pershing Rifles Drill Team: Intramurals. GARY J. NOBRIGA B.S.C. MANAGEMENT Santa Clara, California B.A.A.,' Hawaiian Club: Redwood, D.S.A.,' Intramurals. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Mateo, California Engirzeerinff S063 A.I.E.E. - I.R.E..' JOHN A. OBERHOLZER B.S. CHEMISTRY Moiave, California Galtes Societyg Scabbard and Bladeg Student Directory Com.g Intramurals. JAMES R. O'BRIEN B.S.C. ECONOMICS Mountain View, California Block S.C.,' Football: Rally Com.: In- tramural Com.,' Santa Clara: Red- wood: Freshman Orientation Com. Chairman: B.A.A.,' Charles Graham Club: Student Courtg junior Class Sgt. at Armsg Intramurals. -175' THOMAS DAVID O'KEEFE B.S.C. FINANCE Sacramento, California Delta Sigma Pi,' B.A.A.,' Charles Graham Club: Election Com,' Fresh- man Advisory Com.: Recruiting Com. THOMAS N. O'LAUGHLIN B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Pasadena, California JOHN D. O SULLIVAN fl" GEORGE J. OLIVA B.S.C. MARKETING South Pasadena, California Delta Sigma Pig Charles Gralzam Clubg Italian Club: Freshman Aa zfisory Com. WILLIAM OLIVER B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Menlo Park, California Engineering Socg A.I.E.E, - I.R.E.,' D.S.A. ,ff if B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING San Francisco, California ,4.S.C,IC.,' EIlgIIllJf'!'IlIg Snr. EDWIN R. O'NEILL B.S.C. MANAGEMENT Fresno, California Rifle Team P-res,g B.AA.g Irish Club. THOMAS F. O'ROURKE ' B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Jose, California Engineering SOC.: A.I.E.E, - I.R,E.,' Tau Beta Pi.,' Irish Club: D.S.A. T GEORGE E. PACE B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Santa Clara, California Pershing Rifles: A.S.C.E.,' Engineer- ing Soc. NORMAN F. PADILLA B.S. SOCIOLOGY San Jose, California Pershing Rifles: Ilalian Club: D.?.r1.: Golf Team. RALPH PARDO B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Santa Cruz, California A.S.1lI,E.,' Engineering Snr. J. FRANCIS PETERS, JR. B.A. PHILOSOPHY Alameda, California Santa Clara: Ozulj Cross C1n'rent5: Thomisis. Santa Clara: Physics Soe.: Rifle Team ,' KSCU. JOHN D. PRESLEY B.S. PHYSICS San Diego, California 9 RICHARD J. POZAS B.S.C. MARKETING Sunnyvale, California D.S.A.,' B.A.A.g Intramurals. ROBERT W. PETERS B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Jose, California Alfha Sigma Nug Tau Beta Pi,- AE. .E.E.-I.R.E.g Kappa Zeta Phi: En . 'nearing Soc.: Scabbard and Blade: 'gli Clubg Recruiting Com.: Intra murals. JOHN LEO RAMOS B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING San Jose, California D.S.A, Pres.: A.S.C.E..' Engineering Soc.: Varsity F 0 o t b a I l,' Charles Graham Club: Block Club: Day Slu- dent Senator, Ski Club. TRAVIS E. RANKIN B.A. PHILOSOPHY Berkeley, California ROBERT N. RASPO B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Stockton, California B.A.A.,' filer' Cl11l1g 1111111111 Clllll CllIlI'lf'.Y flflllllllll Club: l7IlI'tIIlI1llIllS,' Della Sigma Pi: Della flllllllllll .S'z'g11111 Froslz AIl1'l.S1Jl'3' Com. 'R Nagy WILLIAM V. REGAN III B.A. ECONOMICS Menlo Park, California Regional Pres., NFCCS: Capt., Ten- nis,' Prefect, Sodalityg Sgt. at Arms: Kappa Zeta Pl1i,' Froslz Advisory Com.: Problems Com.: lllinor Sports Com.: Alpha Sigma Nu: Santa Clara. WALTER REICHE-BERGER ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Guatemala City, Guatemala Engineering Soc.,' AIEEQ Soccer Club: Soccer Teamg Pan American Student Association. MICHAEL A. REILLY B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING San Jose, California Sanctuary Soc.: Glee Club,' IRE. RONALD A. RIEBLI B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Penngrove, California Tall Bela Pig I'f11gi111'1'1'1'11g Sora' lllw- fllfllllffll lfrlgirleerirzg Soc.: I1ztra11111r- als. WILLIAM ROBERT RINKLEIB B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Santa Barbara, California Tau Beta Pi: E11gi1zeeri1zg Soc.: ASCE JAMES W. RELVAS B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Folsom, Califomia B.A.A.,' Frosh Baseballg Intramuralsg Irish Club: Pershing Rifles: Scab- bard and Bladeg D.M.S..' Beta Gam- ma Sigma. MICHAEL L. ROBINSON B.A. HISTORY Los Angeles, California Irislz Clulzg Iilafkslonaz Nor.: Santa Clara: Rally Com.: I71fI'HIll117'fIlS. JAMES P. SAMUELSON B.A. ACCOUNTING Arcadia, California Delta Sigma Pi Sec.,' B.A.A Treasurerg Intramuralsg Sarzctu ary Soc. DAVID RYAN B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Weaverville, California RAYMOND L. ROEDER ....,..A" LOUIS ANTHONY ROGERS B.S.C. MARKETING Lakewood, Calif. Della Sigma Pig Charles Ciflllllllll Clulvp B.A.A.,' jazz at ilu' Ship Com.: Intranlurals: Clay M. Crfrnr: Froxh Initiaiion Com. B.A. ENGLISH Garberville, California Sodalityq Kappa Zeta Phi: Sanctuary Soc.: Give Club. ,-f DION RICHARD SALFEN DAVID PAUL SHEID B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Los Gatos, California San Jose, California Engineering Soc.,' AIEE-IRE: D.S.A. B.A.A.,' D.S.A.,' Beta Gamma Sigma: Intramurals. JAMES F. SCHMIEDERER B.A. ECONOMICS Burbank, California Galtes Society: Charles Graham Club: Pres. Kappa Zeta Pl1i,' In- tramurals: Blackstone Soc. 4.-1 1- JIM SCHRADER B.S.C. FINANCE 8- ACCOUNTING B.A.A.,' ASME: Engineering Society: Rally Corn.: Hawaiian Club: Sanc- tuary Soc.: D.S.A. DANIEL PATRICK SHELLOOE B.A. ECONOMICS Salinas, California Problems Com.: Kappa Zeta Phi: Blackstone Soc.: Wl1o's Who, Vice Pres. Senior Class: Charles Graham Club: Arts if Science Central Com.: Intramurals,- Frosll Baseball: NFCCS: Stnclent Court: ASUSC Activities Chair- man: ASUSC Executive Corn.: Social Com, BOB SILVA B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Los Banos, California ASCE: Engineering Soc,: C lz a r l e s Graham Club: Red Hat Bancl: Froslz Basketball: Soccer: Intramurals. RICHARD J. SHERMAN B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sacramento, California KSCU: ASUSC Senate: Varsity Soccer: Pres, Engineering Soc.: AIEE - IRE: Frosh Advisory Corn.: Froslz Initia- tion Com. RK' Qf"""? DAVID C. SHREVE B.S. PHYSICS Valleio, California Physics Soc.: Track Teazn: DSA I?1'rlu'norl. 4. -'Qu ffl? . 1 , an JOHN SHEPHERD B.S.C. FINANCE Santa Barbara, California "'5 as KEVIN B. SMITH B.S.C. MARKETING San Francisco, California ASUSC Record. S6'C'7'E'fI17iV,' Della Sig- ma Pi: Srabllard and Blade: Rally Com.: B.A.A. JAMES NEIL SMITH B.S.C. MANAGEMENT Dayton, Ohio Clay!Lf'i'71C'f Preslzing Rifles B,A.A.,' lntramznals. : B.S.C. ACCOUNTING DONALD ALLAN THROPE B.S.C. FINANCE Elko, Nevada Beta Gamma Sigma: B.A.A.,' D.S.A JAMES C. TOBONI B.M.E. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING San Francisco, Califo 6? J. MICHAEL TRINDADE B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Merced, California Engineering Sor.: Socrvr Tram JOHN URSICK B.S. BIOLOGY Pueblo, Colorado .IIe'r1df'l Snr.: Clznirnlrln Iilnnrl Drizw Studenf Aflfflwury C'nn1.,' IlIll'llllIIlIYll,X,' P1'r.slli21g Riflrw' JOHN E. TWETEN B.S. SOCIOLOGY San Jose, California Red Hat Bandg Clay M. Greeneg D.S.A.: Soccerg Intramuralsg Black- stone Soc. WILLIAM T. TSUSHIMA B.A. SOCIOLOGY Honolulu, Hawaii jr. Class Sec.,' Scabbnrd and Bladf Capt.g Santa Clarag Redzuoodf Hn- waiian Clubq Owl. CRAIG ULRICI B.S.C. MARKETING Salinas, California Delta Slglllll Pres.: Knfvjzrz Zfm Plzi: I?.f1,.4.,' Clinrlm fimlznm Club. 1 'Vi DONALD J. VADNAIS B.S.C. ACCOUNTING San Leandro, California I3.A.f1.f D.S,r1. ROBERT VANDER NOOR B.S.C. MARKETING Porferville, California ANTHONY B. VARNI B.A. PRE-LEGAL Hayward, California Kappa Zeta Phi: Glee Club: Charles Graham Clulrj Blackstone Soc.: Ilal- ian Club: Sanctuary Sur.: Irzlramur- als. JOHN ARTHUR WAGNER B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Santa Cruz, California Tau Beta Pi: Erzgirzeering Soc: S0- alalily: Charles Graham Clulr: Sanc- tuary Soc.: Ski Clulr. JOHN A. WILLETT B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE Alhambra, California ASUSC V. P.: junior Class President Varsity Boxing: Kappa Zeta Phi, Charles Graham Club: Sanctuary So- fiety: Cheerleader: Rally Com. 1 fi .M-uf' .ff GERALD K. WHITLEY B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Garberville, California RICHARD T. WEIR B.S.C. GENERAL BUSINESS Menlo Park, California IF! w Sodalityg Sanctuary Societ B.A.A.,' Bela Gamma Sigma rf RICHARD L. WILLIAMS B.A. HISTORY Oakland, California Charles Graham Clubq Block Club: Varsity Baseball. STEPHEN CHARLES SCHOTT B.S.C. MANAGEMENT Santa Clara, California B.A.A.: Block S.C.g Baseball. ,hubs -ual? A in TT- .IOSEPH P. WILSON B.E.E. DAVID JOHN WILSON B.S.C. MARKETING San Anselmo, California Studvnt Rwrruilirig Com.: lfrmllmll Com.: R I1 lly Cum.: IIIlIYlIIIIll'Ill.I',' Il,A.A.,' Charles Clmlmm Club: Clay III. CTl'f'l1l',' Della Sigma Pi: Sralzlmrrl and Blndr. RONALD D. WONG B.S. PHYSICS San Francisco, California Engineering Soc.: Physics Soc.: ASME: KSCU,' Photo Ed., Red- wood: Santa Clara. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Encino, California Engineering Soc.: AIEE-IRE: KSCU,' Tau Beta Pi: Soccer. X0 I XSS S RICHARD WOODWARD B.C.E. CIVIL ENGINEERING Berkeley, California IlI'l'.S. ASCE: 1'fr1gir1f'1'ri11g Snr'.5 Clay AI. lirf'e'r1f': lxhflfm Zvtn l'l:i,' lnlm- lII1lI'Ill.Yf Ski Clulw. PAUL P. J. YEH B.E.E. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Macao 1.R.Ii. ego if Mi DONALD WOODS B.S.C. ACCOUNTING Walsenberg, Colorado D.S.A.: B.A.A.,' Illlflllllllfflli. Co, Univer 'SION GARDENS IIC PROCESSION UXUCESSIONAL . . Pomg INVOCATION . TA TION 0F STUDE1' AND FACUI. CONFERRING OF HONORAR DEGREES . . PRESEN TY AWARE . . . V ADDRESS . C VA ONFERRING OF DEGREES IN COURSE . . . . Vetj I D7N"' VITE ron , A.M.D.G. NIDRED ANl 'IEHCE OF THE of Sant JUIN . Reverend A. Francis Frugol' 1, SJ., M.A. Mdffb I fire 4 of tba U UIIISIHHC 121.1 'Fffli V 6 . . . Sz? Edwam' Efgar Reverend Roger D. McAuliff e, S.-I., M.A. Chaplain of the U ' fzzzfcrfzlfy . Reverend Alexis I. Mei, SJ., Ph.D. Amdefizfl' Vzke-Pref1b'e1zt verend P ' Donohoe, SJ., Ph.D. Pfefident of lbe Ufzirerfzl 1' . The Honorable Ed Inund G. Brown Governor, Slate of Cfzfifm' ' atrick A. 'end YT? VCIS. foloi Ver rch 7, Bamrmarter r V C . -fm e"' K ' '- my A Q . 1,,u,, ,5. , 7, I 'if Yr V fsfyf, gf ,'Nl,Lfex'x" ...A "" ' A ' ' ,ifivi - luxpzfiv. vt if I - N ff 4 , - Y U A lj: 4 1. A ' . 44-, ii ,, '1 . 53 .1 w ' .Q Q., A xg ,Q ,W U 293 65 K I. XM. Reveren Reveren Revereni Reverenc R evereno Reverend ' ieverend l Zeverend L I.,M.A l., A B Reverend john I O'Le -V .., GJ., A.B. Rev eo D. Hyde, SJ A B everencl Gerald . ary, SJ., A.B. 'erend Joseph R. Rerzel, SJ., A.B. ., . . Reverend Thomas G. Wfilliams, SJ., A.B. j. Lenrz, SJ., A.B. Reverend james T. NX7ilSon, SJ., A.B. everend Mark R. Mcfonville, SJ., A.B. GRADUATE DIVISIOPJ Presented by Reverend Alexis I. Mei, SJ., Academic Vice-President MASTER or ARTS DEGREE English joseph F. Greene, B.A. U111'1'erfz'f,1f of Sazzfa Clara History james Henry Ernst, jr., A.B. College of P1 1516! Sozzml MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRA Eugene Leonard Alexander, B.A. john Philip G Fremo State College Richard H. Berby, B.S. Unifvfl 0' al- Milli lf A ' , f1?,yofCl KY TEAC1 of Santa a tes Pzzrdzze U m'zfef.r1 515111 fo ffl, U zzizfer. R obe ' rr Alan Kelle U ., . I 11 I affaclmfeffy 1 11.5 Anthony Loui A s Ialc .Sfwzford U72l'Z'Effl'. iz, Pellxan B.A. a zforzzzkz - as oy Taylor, B.S. Y mz erfzfy of W ' UNC C + RFDFN , "- Clam . I I A. Ion E olfege james A Nelson A P L P1 ja: 4 Wi C Frau Vim Char Sn Qu en U12 Domi 1 Thom1 U11 11 RTS AND I Alexis I. Me: F ARTS DEGR OITIICS dmund Jagger John Src-Han Ludvwgson Wdlxam V. Regan III ames Frank Schmzederer Dame! Patrick Shellooe 'achini Ioggin 3611311 , jr. lini S - ...ii nelmer Edward M. King ,-.,.. Uelaney Iohn P. Murslmll 'Anthony Kirch DeMarrini Francis X. McLellan, jr Paul Sreven Dobc-l Michael L Rob' Fredric john Domino Mirh1L"L' ' Pre-Leg ,onli J. Larniaro, jr. An 0 Cum Laude TMagna Cum L aude IMaxim C a um Laude . inson Richard Louis Williams Philosophy Richard L. Kobritz -I. Francis Pc-rer3,jt. Travis Edward Rankin Paul B. Pal" ' olirical iii' l "' 4 . J- jf I I 'J 1 . 1 lL N I . 'wmv' . ' " X . I f Lil" .LX xiriglzciv ' N I xX rv A , R y -Q in ' 'Ik 1 , -.wg K :xx Norman F. Paihlla Mk 'r W' 'I'or.1o'I'sushima , QT BACH mology Thomas Wfilliam Foster james Sumner MacMillan Patrick joseph Grinseil ' UMC' james Parrick IPIoHfmfw sron -,...iii Lulbert Shreve I Richard Alber S' I .Ia.h..a Arthur Lonergan Q john David Pre I Richard Stephen Aze' Robert D. Barcorr r iegfried Ronqld ' ' 5 ey O i Dominic Wongg Q UNISTRATION J. Dirksen DMMERCE farm if . , . Bern acchi in wlinfz R Richard P. Bardwil urge Brown im W Victor A. Bellaschi s Brown ' Joseph U. Berg !'Cum Laude iMaxima Cum Laude wa.: ,.., , ,. . 'Q'f'fT? ' -. m .,s.,-.: Y N. 'AJ' 69 r I l l e ., gl- ' 1 1099 gi in , Q-Flag? .hu .lun Lug .lam la C65 f of Degrees Jam Xxfilllilfn F. AIC lined R' Meyer kefllleth R fm ' 'Mil My 1?S1mwdl .lffrn A10 65 Sf6w,aI.r OF: Reg, Tercnc Raymond Roeder Jr o 0 K 1 G v I Ma'-lm Capnola I C Bernard Non-Resident Student Silver Me a Resident Student Silver Medal for Jdmf eflfl Alvin X for Condon and apphwhon conduct and application Peter William Regan Afelvyn ills pat . Nobili Medal R J 95111 Mumkflm' HC for highest general excellence Onalti Allll' li L I Josepl Schwartz Prize Robert A P Y D for essay in Finance ' - Nnklf-N obgl- Gai ix- ukll GHG 171,11-n Jn: :bert Iameg lr.. - Tho IOIHLIS G FU l' ' . A '1 f-H166 Parrrct . lOld Dqylllglas .,-v -m3U Geerl mas Alfred C 7GlFC7lA1H1i Geor H1 wi R ich. R Oljygq R lclm, Frglngj .' 'X DL ' 3. C0514 R lgld A rd Frnggt 0 Ctr . N Gr' g ' lam ms A Gr - ' 65 l w'u' T h' . Cn I . I lam sus Ima Donald Thfjrpe jg I lc LOUIS A McDavitt Prize I 6 , . l f Fhnalnce Prize . dl Il Gu Iain P for social essay or rg est average C Francik IIN CS , K4 Michael CN ' LA - h- lchfifiil H5-gr H Curtis Catan Daniel Baedeker -, 'ollmb H11 Richard Bemacc I D- ' me Sfllaeffer Nobrlr Medal N1 I , .IV1 fp, L 101d5 . Silver Medal Honorable Q K1U1BA Shallo Prize F Jflllll l'lCIlI Menlion qt I Cfflilfcl SChQj f Honorable Mention for Political Science Gtna 1 - " CP 1611 C , N , ' Ryland Prize Ryland Prize LLIVVI' Ando Vdrgas HC Busineslhzdrlli-ilisxdzibn Prize .ILUHCS N -lhd!-ICS Soho" for Deba""9 fo' Deb"""9 CUCC' F. Ivlmmm Delta sigma Pi Key I ' ez Schrader I ' " ' for highest BA average . - N611 Smit!! dnl X . jOn6.S Isabel Jones Prize K 3 V- Ifenl. , for Scholarship in U' ln BfOyQ-1- h YJ- IXlZ2I'f-U Business Administration T1-H I .ter R Superior Cadet Ribbon lothl' Clq-VC T1 ussell Kramer Army Award to senior Donald f .berrC3fm11 L. C D A. Fhorpf ward M L66 Yeah smug Thflmas Ulm laid G Li 1. F. onaldjoscph Va. ichael Per . Rljben Bfuff Vdlidr er Llllevgnd RlC'll21fLf T1 Leo LO . mmpson carellr Qgbertl W iles j Lon . - elch ' EWG! Df ' s Alois M IO avid Afffmf Wu.: figdlen 'avid 1 , O m Wilson T Ongld Scott W . . OOJ. ' ' ' Francis Keneflck 'Laude S wnham Goggm Santa Barbara Military Medal Presidential Award to Senior 70 David Shreve Orella Prize for highest average in science Handlery Prize for iournalism William Riordan F. John Royce I for DCgfeL.S William Dok Louis Oneal Outstanding Law Award Community Leadership Award Community Leadership Award Community Leadership Award 1 "--4-ug J V Xl Ijffscrllcli by U i can Robert! P ' CIVI1 F g - ' 'IVCIL J ilzmloC,f,5fC.mnm. 1 NJELRING Rich' J , Richard Bell Jr J' XV San Jose Civic Club Gift for Italian Study 'IT I 'INEERIIXN KLJUILIILJ Afllon 111010.15 Nestor OS .Ish - E ,W Lausslll' H'D.1mcl O M1111-VJ In :Hmm ROI U r D.ll'l-Ll Rfk-hd U Colflljg x73 . Lg RICAI. Exjp I , N747 X. Richard Barbieri Superior Cadet Ribbon Army Award to Freshman Midi MQW! Joseph Perrelli lun " ' - Michael Curtis ' 3-Will 4 son Jose Club can X I1 Nislukaw Superior code: Ribbon I XXXLIVUC' P Cd! for Italian study vlflllidlll Ff ' Army Award to Sophomore 4 ' 1 ' . , I Llflfp .Iain A ' ROTC Medal for Junior , . ge div . . U CI-I X-1 . Wilt-O d .uior Dmz WU C X I,H"m7 David Rossi f 0 D' M 'lim RC1che-Bl Superiir cogoi Ribbon IL . , Arm war to unior On, Sr R 1' Qin Igichard S3115-U ' 4 mfr low s LCIVSISSCIIF l'lI'Q-J , ' Ph DIICFIIJJQ . .,,....,.,.., ,. .V A Cflgrlx I wo I M john 555,165 ' 05595 Michael T ' olwlm Arthur W tmddde 11,9 , , agner -CD11 Philip W. p llson Thomas Inks Santa Barbara Military Medal Presidential Award to Junior "fy hlgmo M. K6fln6dy John MacDonald Gil' l'l6'f1fy Santa Barbara Military ay K Award CDFOU Mespla Y Presidential Award to l Sophomore 81.30 -Um Laude John Dougherty Santa Barbara Military Medal Presidential Award to Freshman n Y' 3 James Walker Ryland Prize for Debating John Davis Dramatic Art Prize 71 Keith Abler Daniel Baedeker George Delaney viz, ff.. lf? Kiernan Gallagher John Grant 72 53' 19 Robert Accinelli Allan Beal Richard Bernacchi Anthony De Martini Daniel Flynn ,an X , ful "I..".7, QQ , Herman Geerling Walter Giachini -dnl Thomas Hall Michael Keenan Senior Class Curtis Caton James Daniels i Theodore Foster Thomas Foster William Goggin The Student Body salutes the graduates whose pictures appear on these pages. Honor Roll 5' 4 Frank La Flamme Richard Larrabee Peter Lillevand Thomas Nelson Thomas O'Rourke Robert Peters '14, Ronald Riebli William Rinkleib They have maintained a schol- astic average above 3.00 through- out their years at Santa Clara. :haf Donald Thorpe "2 'Q' W, Robert Kirchhoff fi hr' Francis Mark ""'-'iff Travis Rankin David Ryan Arthur Wagner ilk l "..-4 x 1 ' r T .. .s Leonard Klosinski 2 Terence Miraglia William Regan David Shreve ig' Joseph Wilson 73 Daniel Baedeker -ar' Diepenbrock ' fi 1"""' xr Philip Bannan Thomas Branson Whds Robert Accinelli ,, If ,af Anthony Joseph Dooling 'Y'.I"ffj3" Daniel Flynn The national publication "VVho's VVho Among Students in American Universities" honored twenty-eight members of the Class of '6l. Pub- lished to give recognition to graduating seniors throughout the nation who have proved them- selves outstanding academically and in extra-cur- ricular activities, these students were recommend- ed by the Executive Committee of the ASUSC and were approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Academic Vice President and the University Chaplain. The winners re- ceive a biographical listing in the lNho's VVho Book and Certihcates of Merit for their contri- bution to the University. Mark Caplfolo Terrance Flaaten Marlin Capriola William Goggin Curtis Cafon James Hagan John Havens Who 2 J , A ,Juv .rl Michael Keenan aff Francis Kenefick Francis Mark William Tsushima M,-Y -nav' -4' John Ludwigson Richard Sherman Peter Lillevand Daniel Shellooe If-'U . Jerrold Kerr Vlliilliam Regan Robert Peters John Willett vw Carl Munding ,Ms qw Craig Ulrici L .L wg, f-lliffffi ' ' "W "fWL1AL',, :rf T' -, 'V' . ' 1329- 91, v:f'2'!'1p?2:1:'f,g:w:5f1. . h f. ,U ffji, ,. 1 ., .A .1 1, 4f,4,4Q VI, . 5 V. . ?,1f- ji: -fair 2521" , YS' V, ,,'.,,.1 , jeff! 4- .Hg ,'- :' ... '25, .3 -. 1.4" .. A ' - - . ff' ,- 'v :sql 4. 1. ,,,J, A -,ff .1231 1 55 pf ' 'r ' S . . ' QP". ' . In .L . Y ,: . . 5 ' 'lf . "' .Lll M " . ,' - ,P ,. 4, J., ,. ,, A. L . , , ., , ,M- ' ' 'gr 5. 3.13 wif, 1- , , - me 1 - , e 1 "'f 1, H., " . ' '- F,f'f',,f':,. , - .. , at 1 . er. .. v - , ' ' f-a,'33 " ' - ,, '- . , - 1: , ,ae ff .r -fda -.1 1 v ,.. .4 W 4 a l 4 1, Z' '1 S. ,f , W. :,,- - ff: e or ff s 5 , 5 N L . 3 in K - - 2 , 'F ft Alxlibfw- s af 2' T , "q'f'f if P ' ' ,. -' 1- f 'ge L, ' e ' ' A ' S Sergeant Jack Grant .M ., ,V-A-V- Y ' . ' AAVA A S 6'l Clubbers ,-PU!! I've got it made ls this an Honors course? 151 Sn---W-M el A 1 Dean of Women You a Block SC man, Mike? Der Fuhrer Walt tull next year 1' ft Cool, man Nlce ankles, Jo tl link Home Sweet Home addya mean I massed room check' Body Beautiful Thus IS F calibre, gentlemen Maybe lt s your feet These 8:10's ar 6 I' CT '11 Jafffxx i , , V! if W! 41 .f ' .lf gig 5145, v ' tv Vamplres t dance I forgot the password 0- E, Mmg Lee the Merclless Instant Gleam Uel' of Wow, meat tomght! , r M, 34.4 40' , as Club '61 QPU' ,3L?f F, H "r, . A ' IV, fi ,A Q iv X F 1 75. 5651, .5-A, ' U J fveii., ,. -M,,,,., The quiet life ein gg mix 1 3 ' f s ff x . E93 ' . 5 EE is J :Q v 4-933 f -A .V 1 D--., I Come outside and say that! Psuedo Ut! 441 if e M I it !, l. 1. r ii ,1 1! 's fb Mraz' fir , I .su Annex to Bergin Hall l N 3 'ffm 'f , ' S1591 ' if CHCDCDI. CDF LAW LC: Graduates Charles A. Borgerding, B.S., LL.B La Mesa .nfsk '99 sf ,fa Dennis M. Bourquin, B.S., LL.B. Michael G. Briski, A.B., LL.B. Hillsborough Santa Clara William L. Dok, B.B.A., LL.B. Raymond E. Dreyer, B.A., LL.B. Aidan R. Gough, M.A. Santa Clara San Jose l-OS AIMS Y ern:-3 r-gf.. 14 i Robert W. Hogan, B.S., LL.B. Cyril A. Keifges, B.S., LL.B. Salvador A. Liccardo, B.A., LL.B Santa Clara Merced San Jose,D fw Qs 4, --sw..- ., , Y 9 Clarence M. Madsen, B.A., LL.B. Lawrence A. Menard, B.S., LL.B. Santa Clara San Jose -14, TP 1 I f . -9 James E. Minnerly, B.S.C., LL.B. William J. Moses, L.L.B. James A. Nelson, A.B., LL.B. Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara .121 Louis Oneal, A.B., LL.B. Philip B. Price, 'B.S., LL.B. James F. Quinlan, B.S., LLB Santa Clara San Jose Foresthill 'F' '11 ta-3 William A, Riordan, A.B., LL.B. F. John Royce, LL.B. Sanfa Clara Spokane, Washington Vinfe RUOCCO, l-LB. Charles A. Shea, B.A., LL.B. Thomas E. Weisenberger, Berkeley Palo Alto Ph.B., LL.B. Toledo, Ohio G? Alexander D. Bache econcl Year Low . e 1, is 'T T Q .fsfiff 1, 52 MW 1212 K ,- ' 4'l?f?fI.g,:,:fQ Harold T. Chapman Q . IT 5 ,..--"' .11 -Q, ,,g2i1. ' . . .e -' 4 ,l l lu . JW 12' '11, 3522? f T .ez QF: 21.9 Jr E John T. Crowe Donald R. Fullem l ,ml :CV X5 -:ny Abner M. Fritz 235-vt i"!un4...f James T. Ford 52 1' 5,1 Gary P. Glavinovich 49" Robert F. Jordan 62 Tel' Stanley J. House Jai "' ' X ? ,'.. w . ' 2 3,-a lk Alan James QV-5 J'-. Karl Kinaga .Q ,PMN l ,-r '-we as f-.Jie 1.:a151fg"Qyf 5-'fi' l'Q'l2f.ll-fl James G. Lea, Jr. William K. Macleod Elvin Meek Willys I. Peck Joseph Rishwain, Jr. Floyd F. Marshall Jack R. Owens E - 1, 'vs N Y' Eugene M. Premo g-ew ,.,.. Roy N. Newman QT':7?j Richard H. Penrose Robert J. Rlshwam if 'wa W Donald D. Schauf Norman A- Sheff f wa- , R M X ' Bernard B. Siner 43" rv- Grayson S. Taketa Lawrence F. Terry 1 - 'I 5 P Reber: Wilson, Jr. , i J Edmund P. Allen First Year r Low Rick E. Allen ...JV Peter I. Breen Mrs. Mary B. Emery T Thomas P. Breen an CII? P l A John J. Curniato, Jr. John S. Gerhordt . ,.,.. O fggsiffg-1. .Q 1 fi- J " : V, -' - Mffagfe '4 K 'aw -gf 34 If i, MQ. ' :--Q3-.-X ,ff 1' fr- ':. f ' ' ffm' . I ,233 7 4-1, -aff -5. 4 IV4 ,. -,,, i X, J' , Q Sam A. Lavorafo Mrs. Lois P. Mitchell Thomas J. McGlynn T? :ap-. 'D' Thomas P. Smith Robert T. Owens IS. 'Eh Mrs. Patricia Stanton H .-Hug, 'H' .qw--4' ,Als...,, num Melvin K. Soong James P. Sullivan Jr. 1 1 Officers Z Standing: Weisenberger, Menard, Livak, Meek. Sitting: Premo, Dok, Kinaga. Student Boar Association Booircl of Governors Bill Dok, President Dok, Menard, Premo, Livak, Kinaga. Standing: Meek, Bourquin, Dok, Nankervis, Premo. Sitting: Madsen, Oneal, Terry. LAW DAY CGMMITTEE Standing: Borgerding, Briski. Sitting: Royce. 1 21-- 53 f 1, Tlv , ff, , x-41,1 Q J.,- ,,,,. -W f fit! ., z "9 .R td., .af-,, .. .Q 1 . ,cf Quill x, . J, ,AL . - ifgyiv . . , .,, .41 .-,x-iw-. x- -v.., J to . . 'msgs ,. ' ,h.X,,., . ,, s :Sf Ki-, V .VV sf-'re .2 ,,. M, 4 ww., sl", 56 ' 1: 1 , f: ffl.: 'Em f. Q ,lim , a , M, X, -Q: .ax A A gg-, , Q fins -fs ,. .. 'Egg L Mg. -fp- x W s o .V ,.1., , ,V y to .1 . Q- :....-1-xxx x 3 ag , TE, :,, Tutors ,. Back stairs: Riordan, Liccardo, Royce, Madsen, Oneal. Front stairs: Borgerding, Keitges, Terry. Front: Moses, Nankervis, Premo. ppellot Moot Court Committee X p r,- -,. .f,,,,,5t, .ke X3 -4,3 1, gif' J ff 7' s 'Z ...,m,xx1 .wr-4:,-41' , ww- , , . ,,.,,,..:, F13 ' ' Effkij'-'lf .. -fm -' 2 a,,:. X,--f X-,Q .,',. ,Al 1 5, 1 ' Ji. oi, , , '. 1 'F 3 25 Qkxqfliva' -E 4 .. ,, Y X X ,egg is W Se as Q 'X-.,, r. 'Q,,32.'.e Kg i . X if 19 N j 555325 'Hz ' Egg 1, jg., .s W Sf f ,Q tn 1' if ' as s: J 'ci 'J ,Mg ,A s ,,s., wh., Q., , fw-f, ' 1 V 'filffiin so K rj - ' fSh,Qgf"Ax . , , , , Q ..., Q, I img, V , , , .w :fn Q, . W. x , - M V- .-m ,www .i::,,g. , .So 6 37.--.,' . ' ,4 L . A 4, iw .:"- r .--' - 2 -my ,Q , ,.,, r .j'-.'?s5jf3 LZ.- :Qz 'Tr . yi, 4 A .A ww,- Q.. -, , M . A . Q L Q sg-. . ' fn awe e a'-ff - . fix , x -ikxv 3 X C ,Q lf We , .L .R Pwr U 2 X, Lg, ' Q r xv 41' A ,gg . r WH, Q if 10 , 4, A , ' R QQ 4 ,E . N 12 'la' , .A .-, N ,Q X 1 ,. Q 4 1 . 2, X 2- 'rf' 27' 41. 1 N ' , ,K gf ' ? K , h Q J 35 r , . ,fans 2-ii 4 rv- ,pe-4"L. Q., 4 , C .- - f .5 .4 v fit' J-, ss-rf ,jrl ' ' " iii! msg, Price, Moses, Briski, Gough, Nankervis, Oneal. Santo Clcarca Leqcul Series Q-nuwJ""'fi ,s aww sl 1-., , Clockwisez Nankervis, Borgerding, Riordon, Moses, Lic- curdo, Madsen, Bourquin, Premo, Oneul, Terry, Gough. I , .N - .gf ,A 'f 9s'?".Q' vi . L' ef . fmw - -1,,,',p- ,c f' 4. , .,. if 2' .., ,M ,ff My Scantca Clcarci Lcxvvqer ,- 9 E I k E -..Q 4Q'. 'P' Standing: Royce, Schour, Moses, Gough, Nankervis, Oneol, Bourquin. Kneeling: Smith, Terry, Riordan. J, " I 2 ',.':i'.f' . , Q' a , , Z ' ii ? 7 . , . ., , V 5 15 :, ,K s 5 4 E f I' 4 aw, H3 1 iii 1 1 esp' '55 gizfizf, , ,Q - Campbell Lecture Series 5 Schauf, Cicero, Bourquin, Madsen, Riordon, Bock row: Price, Royce, Ford, Riordan. Front row: Smith, Liccordo, Premo, Bourquin, Ncmkervis. S T. -l UIIPZO O3 fTI7U 'Q-HT!-00111 I 5 n i W., rift- g, 3 1 E H 5 I il University Library I I 'F an + -N ' 'S rf ,IEW ,T W UN DERQRADUATES Joe Perrelli Junior Class President 1 I , 7 '5-Hjffrem 1 .N 'J 'L ,??', T35 4 - 4 V ef sf f 1,5 vii , '5,..f,,-:f29 . ,'-Jim' V5 522-5 It fi? rr- -me y. ,, pf 4 , 212- jg, 5 ,QM W, "fb , .f :,,i,vf Ji. xg,-3 R 'V' J V ,Sl Jff. ,, is ., .Y Q Y AD Y fl?-gf -k 5- 235 Ajjjg ,323 -L' ' , AL ' 1 C Ji: 3. AWS' Q W 54 A, 21,0 ,g 9 f ,Z a ,, .0 s x rl? 1' 1 1 17 55591 ws sm S 5' 35, 6, Kiwi f X 5 swf -if 2' my KZ 4 Qs, A fm 55+ A , , Q sy, My ,y A fisgyfy 4' 4 4 0 4321 1 . f 532 3! ,1-,Q.w' Q fffuf We' , -L 3, ,ami 5f 1, M if zz, vfg. 11.,gKY,f, J ,JAX ' M A 51 -j.,.-5355: "uf s q5:2'.i 'c A 17 1:-an r 1, Q . I ' f5mZ"F', Z'isif4,-53313 -1 ff QM 'vi 1 1.55 my 1 ,1 fm .,-4,3 f: :- '12"X3 P41 ' QHEPIG' . . wap: '- -- y-my -'wiv , ,5,Ai:,kz7wn.., , xl. . ' 2 0452 :"'2?'f jfjf"5fP'51'.,:.t. - I Airy' 5525111 .fy V, rf..'V,f 1456 . 3.212 af ' . V 3:1-523351: Am. "f :nh -A f .r af. 1. .1-,-1 ,, . , ' -3.1 Fred Baer, treasurerp John McCrory, secrefaryp Tom Archer, sergeant-at-urmsp Bill Murphy, vice president. Class of '6 The Class of '62 looks on this year with satisfaction and pride. Never a class of extremes, the Juniors maintained a steady pace forward, as exemplified by their active participation in sports, con- tinual support of student government and their enthusiastic at- tendance at social events. Every class social function has been an unqualified success from the "Oakie Stomp" to the Junior Prom with exemplary behavior and good times existing side by side. Additional class activities have moulded the Juniors into a cohesive whole, proving the men of '62 capable of overcoming their greatest obstacle-disunitv Hlith a background of accomplishment and ever-increasing spirit, the Class of '62 looks forward to assuming its position of leadership at Santa Clara next year. vi? 62 Jack Balleffo Ted Biagini Tom Archer Philip Abel Lynn Anglin Jim Anderson Bob Arnerich Thomas Barron 4? Bob Brands 'G' Mike Ardanfz Bill Beasley Luis Belmonfe Ted Brayer Terry Bridges John Bryan Bill Butler Jim Campodonico Doug Bui Ade Buoncristioni Tom Butler -, ' ,W MQW 1 A My A , J f. ' ev V, , 1 ijE,3g?5Qw' x fz .1 ., : J ,' ' 2'r:1'r,.:r.:. .J .-1 ,. 1 A I 1 '11, A : , -. , ',.- , , -A" if 5, 'mf' 'fu ., , ., . , "1""'.Q.,f ' lffw' M93 ff? "rr ,, 1 If 4 " John Cam 52 Paul Caro Tom Castelozo Nick Coppelloni 623 '-s-1 I 'uvrxfn' Ron Cloncey Bill Carnazzo K- Marvin Coit Bill Compagno '.l Bob Corboy 'GP' Gary Condensa A fe ef" . 1375 I Barry Cristina X 5- . ' 1 51,-2' 1 f, -mf 3 ff 1 If ,, J, Gordon Dahl 4- f.,....f 'U ,T 2 fr f'::-J 2' J ,f,34,.' V, 1 a'9j.1 "' ,, " Amos Dana Mike Corsetti l W' Bob Cragin ins sf? Dan Crowe S ,,, is Chuck De Vita Bob Davi 'Q' 111 Bob Cushman John Davis .J '17 x-ff. Ron Diebel OO I love candy Mike Deviff V O 1,522 "5"-.5 Sam Eastman Gil Forst V,-R' John V. Gallagher Gary Dinelli Jim Downey Frank Dorsa Jim Duckworth C7 -av" Joe Fessio, Jr. Bill Eppler IG" W John Ford Jeff Fox Larry Fuller 1::'f John J. Gallagher Joe Gallo You say finals are a week away? lOl 16' ' . ? 'L Q., se--' Q :two .xr 'Y Jge Gilligk Al Gonsalves iff, Jerry Glueck lf'.Qfj:.' lggx ' .- 1 .- , .. if -'-' f - 4954 .1 " i 4, A - P WZ' ' 5 1-A-K-' .i -A ' ' MA, V . -f : 5 A -2 A ,Q -,ffl-3 f 1 i, 31 x 'T5i5?1iff ' e 4222212 fi L- - 12' ' 7:57925 . -. it Q:- .2 ' : f , I l rim. s1,.,-.:-fxiem e. ., Z., "" :5'.li V "':5i'iif'S I ' ' ,, 14.1 .1 gg.. , . or A 1 1, John Grippi Leo Gunther 1'-v""' Bill Hackel Phil Hanasaki Tom Hannigan John Hedberg ffm 'tzf' ' , Af Q -fl A f if Bob Helmholz Mike Hemsch -:IQ 'Q Phil Hernandez Paul Hensley Bud Herning I , Barry Hinman RC Q5 l qo- Steve Home John Houlihan Derm Houweling Jerry lnfantino Q..M. Tom Inks Sam lnouye Larry Kaaha "-vo' C is Tony Kast Tom Kearns Tom Kiely X ,-ffl Gary Kessler Joe Kelly Claude Kimball Bill King Mike Lamasney Q, Tom Le Clercq fi :I I John Komes ,gp .5 ' W xr ,V M I Dave Lira Len Klosinski 62 Denny Kneier Bill Kruse jf: j x Ray I.eaI Chuck Ledden Jim Martin Warren Lobdell 'Jigs . A 1 ,T f ' ,A ' 2... K . I ' V' 1-'A' 1 I 'tj ,' Dan Marhn John Massa I w John McCrory Mick McDermott Ron McGee Martin McHan Sean McKenna I Ed Middendorf Tom Miller av f John Mitchell Lone Monske SIA Tom Morrill Greg Morris C17 Brian Morrissey John Morrison Bill Murphy H, atm ily f . 1 , , 1 " W' ,gg-.:':: V ,,,., A .1 , ff-w -.-..- 1 f ' " ol z1'.2'2S' 1 R. 4 . 1 .J , . Y' H' in. W ' i ' ' Q N- A 'HI - s N 1' 'f .Va A ' . . , ,x -. .' ' A Fritz Muller Paul Mugar 41" if Mike O'NeiIl -v""""' Bob Musefti A if I' g gi, l :ff N i ,J . Lou Parente Tom Nolan Dan Parr Roger O'Brien 52325 Bob Pauli You like my monkey jacket? Ed Pera Joe Perrelli 'SN Bill Pisano Frank Perez OA O Leo Pinard Ron Quaresma 106 I Bill Quebecleaux 5? Bo OA O "im "- 4 ' ' 3- V vii, 1 K at T ' r Jim Quick Q , me 9 A W I Fred Raiter 'i'i, J IW, ',.V +24-v ly J -in R f Allen Ralsh ,T 5755 Armand Ravizza Quin Raphael Retana .4-s John Regan Bob Reghifto 4 1 f f,- sw Bob Ravano xi' Y f,,'. . 1 - 5, - fl X1 Lynn Revak Chuck Rlegelhuth K f if 1 A 2? Mike Riley I Tim Rhein John Rohe "ilu Q7 Mike Ronco Watch this stroke 62 -au, Bob Roseblade 'F A, , Mike Ryan Mike Rossi Pete Santina 'QI' Tom Rowland 'CT' Paul Scherer Kevin Ryan Roy Schoepf Jim Shea Sam Sebastiani "1" Tony Souza Mitch Secondo Gregg Steber Brian Tappeiner 108 ' Jack Taber '-.1 -It 'Q-1 Nick Testa -I - Rick Trinchero f Dick Tourtelot 62 X-mth. 1. I Ron Ursini 7' Q:- A -vs' ' Tim Walsh "IT" Arpad Vincze Chuck Whitchurch 'Si' .lim Wright 'K John Wilhite A, -1 ,- e i ' e ,1,g',,3,:4q Z 6 Roberto Wheelock . 12" 'fd' 1 1' ' 1- i J ' , -4' x I "-1.4-1 Bob Wynhausen 6? Larry Yamamoto Bill Wright fo- .Z Frank Ziemann Al Zavattero 'Us 'Viv rf. S fa. s . "!"'f'91 . L., ,4 N 1? , EQ' I - I I . '- 5: 3.2, . ffm: . I My 2 b Q A1 ' W 1 Nr- , ,, 4, - 11. .WV 5,,i,1,f, 1, ' - . QQ 4' ' 'wil ad , , , eh zz ag, fiQ22'f43'2 if -'iw Q V " ' if 1 f. :'f,:L'?',L '+ ' f 2 5251. ', ", ' --17023 ' .. 1 4 .' 4 if f. 1 ,fi '4 V S, . 4 . , Y ASM A ' ni' L 1 Magnificent 7 . "f Jw , f if' 5 - ' 'ww Suntds helper 1 4 W2 . 4 W From the land of sky blue waters So what If she s blind Cool guy luke me ' if "' "3 il ffl I 4 4' :A ff X ' sh, Q wg 4 l f Y sf .Q w flu W ,,, -O A1 Lf. 1 ff so lil lsgzvlfizfff -pf ' f M f 655 N. 'lst pan 'WUQ n 2 Jr 2 Guess who s from Hollywood 1 'l E' 1 x .-f I ,av QF wiv' Ed Hendricks Sophomore Class President 1 . ,PQ uf A ' .. '-ANXF. ,. J. ,,,. L t,v....p 3: fgtqil.-'ff-', ijqtaf .4 A v-. . L4g,.+.- Q. Paul Hamilton, treasurer, Mike King, secretary, Bob Walker, sergeant-at-arms, Rick Ernst, vice president. Gloss of '6 The dynamic Sophomore Class displayed overwhelming en- thusiasm not only in athletic endeavors but also in many diversi- fied academic Fields. Under the capable leadership of President Ed Hendricks and his officers, the class established a distinguished reputation for contributing much to the social life of the Uni- versity. After one of the most well conducted initiations in the history of the school, the class went on to sponsor all of the Student Body mixers and numerous socials and the Fall Exclusive. The Spring Semester was highlighted by the Sophomore Ex- clusive which was not only the most successful dance of the year but most enjoyable. Other notable events dotted the social calen- dar including the hayride and a class picnic. The night after the day before. f Michael Bacon QQ? '97 'tl 319 el John Anderson George Arnold John Arnold 'null 15,fe4J'w Jean Ashton .XNN-'wiv' Ronald Asta Robert ' Bachmann , 'Q X , , ,X C 1: i Steven Bardin ' Thomas Bariteau 'Fl 'fl 1 3' if V t ,ji iii' Q ,-', wear ' ' Q " I G' , Q Robert Barta S" - 'A Terrence Beals Richard Bell Howard Bellencourt John Boccabella U?" 2' ix f Adrian Bozzolo J Q' I fi f if B 2 qi: fgfiu. 1 03, V .1 -1-' ,5T'Ef'241 sf'7"'N is Philip Branson it we-Q QQ? W' A Bernard Burdick Hello out there ""'tlv , Nd' .. , B or at iv 5 . . 'A B Richard Brlcmont f WW f if f V A 1 A R f James Brigham Q Roger Brunello 6' , 'f,N'?",, ' R I h B Th B b ,. ap ugbee omas ug ee p lmww iv A , I, 5' A fl W w ' Dennis Burke A if I Robert Burke 2, if Dion Campisi A' "', ', ' Jon Campisi Ronald Cappai Peter Carcione ii 131 'Wi 'L'---n.p Anthony Carollo James Cassayre 'N'-Wu, fl i Q ,V .lie Qwsifll Michael Cloherty .3 V xg, 1,5 Wallace Colfhursl if- '-I ' C""7 George Cattermole Av' Q'.1".1'!'p , A1 Edward Creehan X David Culver ill 4. 2, 151 Mighty Mouse and roommate. f H K A 1 f5?'4Q Michael Curtis 6- , ' Q an ,v- Pafrick Collins M u FWF' Leslie I Cunningham vial., John Daly Amos Dana f ,A ' l 'I 'fi l- l fd X-. A ' x iii Af 'K ' 1 U 6 rg 1 l. 1 if William Crevier Bernard Danylchuk V l l 4 +-- Gerald DeGregori Agustin 2 R' 1 1 "'- f Richard Del Grande De La Guardia tx do Robert DiDonato ,Q 'J-P ' .A 9 ,I l Qt 'R it gg., Q, ,D l Vincent Desmond u , -ss.. Robert Dolan l lib James Donahue John Donahue Harry Dougherty George Eilers 'f t J -:fa 0' Q . N fi' 1 Q5 Joseph Dunn ,l i n vLQAi I an . Ronico Egcasenza William Enright - , ,I Mfr' r Jffillg The Epitome of Contemplation. 1 4 R' QJ4 gg ' 2 Joseph Doran O Q? ll 7 gi , Ago.. , -V A ' QV 2 ji- 3 V ...E -. 5 t K ,4 Paul Erle Henry Ernst Robert Fagan "f.u"b frszv Q'-1,0 5 fir 1 'rQ, Terence Florian Lawrence Gill ll8 1 'Qv. l' V65 n T- Aw, 'Y all X Edward Ginn John Giovanola Bernard Glienke E E1 f.: , J J is gi at ,4 i A . 1. . 5 I Nicholas Gray ' ' 4 " l 'W A i Michael ,Q Karl Hageman Hackwodh f X ""' IQ Q- ',' -lf ,5 r " H' E: ii 'L Paul Hamilton Michael Halley 'P ,gl 'a' .. .Mr ,ry K wh William Harrison M A! 'TSN- Timothy fe 'ff' Hartnagel Jerold Hawn James Heffernan Edward Hendricks James Hendricks V35 W ich Have an idea, Jack! If ael Harney O J 56 Q? David Janich How many years you up for? Michael Higgins Leroy Jackson '96 10" M4 Rodney Holzkamp 7 'Wuix John Huffman Gerard Huiskamp John Jacobs is-Q Martin Judnich Robert Jimenez QS", f Q .1 uv- 2 Qi' . 4' 'V James Kassis Joseph Kelly John Kelterer Michael Kenney Q ' Q - 9 U , ' 'fi jus. 1 I l 7 I Q Q I Robert R. Jimenez Stephen Kent l -.. . A ' Paul Klebba Richard La Rocca George Luchessi O f B, , l Q 'fu-4 5 V'-Y ..- i xi vyap.-'M ' .if . t i L Robert Kinzie Ill Michael King 6 6' 1 . A nv E '1""'v-'V John Klein, Jr. W. Daniel Korbel Carl Kube I Chuck Leclden 'egg Q -an 'fa L i ,. 14, Thomas Linehan . 5 R'-'ber' l-071 my V rp Larry Loughlin Michael Lynch Noel Lyons 'K' , '90 4? Leonard Liccardo He gels that way once in a while , 1 ,. - ,fi - JV. I , 4 'X LJ, .jlfx if wif i, Nobody gets warts on their teeth! 'U' s v 3 5 John MacDonald Joseph Madruga Michael Maino Peter Makaus , 5 ,, , ' -VII J . A Q J Gerald Malovos John Maple an wsu- '91 Q' WWF. A Joseph Martin George William A -9 McCargar McCarthy 3 -'wma ' --Q JY V l ""' -12, prism 1 1: v , r A l Denis McCloskey Joseph McCord Michael McGonigIe O Thomas McGourin Robert Means Paul Mello 6 A A q 3, fn it .,f,'A ' 1' - l22 , 'K-'T' ,--are-, N "T W? Y Martin Melone Donald Mercer John Miller 1 C-. 1 x f ft: 6- , e -f Joseph Millett 1595? Jfgfgflil l ylyyfflllef N William Moher, Ay f ' . 'f ','i Jr. Q A 1 ,. " . x I xl ' , 1- . ' ' V 1 . Thomas Mooney A, Henry Moore, Jr, ,I A il James Moran if Lauro Mosso 1' 'RQ X., .. ,, 'rg - - ff' 31' , , , 1. as 4 J. . , ,, 11 . - . . ,L Manuel Montemayor I, if 'iv of-..,. 1 . 'qs' Kent Morrill LQ' av Ed Muckerman William Nolan Robert Nurisso It ' Q ' , ' rl lg l 1, "af ,. +1 ,f ,M-v ,Z arf , A, If 11" ' 4"'fihn2"? ' - ,iff-'HEY gif? - Ziff J ' Y O 4? .lose Moore What're you trying to say, Joe? -n-:ity 123 Dennis O'Brien Ronald O Connell Frank 0 Donnell 1' 1 AL -K .A.- jx A, ' ",4 2'1::r q John O'Leary Vlwljf, ,gp ' Terry Olson Loren Orsini A 4,25 - R' QQ, X.-f 9 "' 1, Y, Carmen Paladino rf-wi' " Joseph Pelayo Gilberto Pena Roger Peters Robert Plcettl 5, , vs f.pfg 5, 9 N ki. ' ., 1 la' 'ff A., ff'-9 Q1 W-N Denis Pirio Larry Pisforesi, Jr. Ronald Prudhomme Q ar 'C 5, it' X.. bln X. -wr 45' -0 George Ramos f-- John Ranahan James Roulo X 61- ffm., V ,mf .fx x JY, ' I. X DWUYUG Bernard Richter o Ns 1 Richards X- V' 1 ' V M158 Daniel Robittaille James Rossevelt Bernard Rofhermel John Sauer Robert Schick Jerrold Schluer . J gh . 1 J new - is V, 'gi' Ez' . . KC Have an idea, Tony! ,0- mf 'E' 51' David Rigney Q? And now, for the School Song! , ,AK .1"f ww-v ,J ,D P r Edward Schmahl V 4 flfzlaan lr 'ic T 61 L. f A -rg Thomas Schmitt William Schwarz Edward Seldler Ronald Simon O Phllllp Sharkey John Smi 3 Lawrence H Specchierla ' 'ff tg-pf Gene Shields th N 1s Francis Stubblefield if Brent Tanger Brian Thompson 56 4? I Nicholas Toussaint X21- Byron T. Snow Charles Tucker V- Q v ,e, ig-czs 'A fro: lava 11' J . an-W! 1'-"-4 f vw 'V , .5-- X .gulls , --o 'Tn - N- ' - f ss 'N x T AL Thomas Tudor Stephen Veglia James Walker 4-. 'Q-F 4-4 Q .. A X 1 gi Q up ' ,, ! I' lc.-Us as Robert Walker V J James Walsh 2 5' 'Q t inn' JP fy Justin Wang Walter Vx gf: Weinzheimer A Joseph Weiss ' J William ' A Whelihan, Jr. , 51" M fi , l 'N ,,,, ei , -vi -I ,V .,,.., ii.,-,, -A my E1 2 .v Y,, 4':v 1 V J, "fA 1 1:-lr' my Q 1 Jerry Wikoff -1 Fred Wissing E tariff 5 Edward Wolf Richard 4 5 in f' XZ. , 1 4 " If, ,M 9, iff-'fy , L Q L fs 1 . Q He ain't got a hair! -:J ,rw A I rf? William Whitcomb 65 Wuesterfeld Robert Yonts Martin Ziegler fi age biql ' b ' N' ,wk S A., ' - .J FRF? yy " 127 I dad WHAT99 . . ,E 5 FI J' 'si' 110 years of Tradlhon SHATTERED' fr wwf, WF on the 3rd Floor Ilne' Bacon s Theory of Concenfrahon'-'99 W .Av 1: ' ni uf! . W. BE" 441 E -.1 1- 2 ,WJ ' -4 I ., 5.11" 9? 5, Q-5. .1 ,nv , .. MQ Af, P1 , 'v -1. ,,f'n.'S'v ,. Y. John Egenolf Freshman Class President K? .w , 1-,fr .1 ...d ,, -QA f ww, aww? f ,A,.,, , . , eww . Ni fffrff fb- , nz-Eiuihs-. M . y-3 zjfmy.. ' 'rf-W51Ja,"39f9-11 ' fs :.we'2f'i3 , ,,,,,, fQQs:3:: fi -. 435 . we W G ,,,.,, "L 5-5521: . .- 5 . f' 2' AM"-e ' .':.'-:.,-V1.4-'-::., 14:51. -+- ?5'f 3355? F" -5 T' , :1 f: -V4 f:li1f'14v13-1'-Ps:-f.::-ffiffilv:-:Ei ' ? 'ifiisf' . 4- .1?1,,,,4.2 :yy -. 1 W, .+ ,nf 3' ,'-usa:-E , -,ky's:3i's,1Tk1-.3:,'f.-'zz .. 25 1, ws- -y' . --ME? hz' .jx 1--:QQ ,yy-1:-521515 wg, , " 1- 1 9::fbs,4::f:.-fza V' 5.1, -.f.""'l ' b f- , -e 1 1: , 3 v,, v,.:-.,,.m..'-'e'-1. ,--:-sr-12' I , .s,. .ves , "- . 'W 1 ' ':': ,-e' s V .V4. ff 1, ,515 , Q A , , . ' .ff 'Q f nf f ' .: 3,g,?:,f , ' .-My? . V ,,3,.1,+. , 7 ' f ' -sv 35? , . I6 at fi 4. ,S 2' 1 f fx, 1 Q , P Y 1 W K c es is A 2 - 4 fs 'Y A 'Y I ' 1 Q f z fe isff, . :gif l wg. ' 1 9 I Z y 5' f 5" A Y ' ' 7, 1 6 bf it Q f ye ig' 4. fjhli ' If 52 Qs: Q . , 1 ' Jw 7 K? W, H4 Y Z f 'B' ay, Mg , , , ,I ,,,, y W' A xii? iw . g dy X ' .Ziff A 0 21 f , W flgfgw Hog-fe M 1924: 4 X ff 1 0 4,332 ,W f ,yr 1 1 ' K ff ,.1 fd ,gf jfffyxv A 1 V Q ,Q ,,., N- , , ,fha , ,- 1- 1 ' -3,1 -giymw 13:5 1 424 is -1 , 1 .Q , , xv, 'mm gy.: up-,v :ggi k ,f'4:ag23,gmex:f, mg?-g1zf2fZ+f?, ,fa - 533 ' ' " f ., mf , H f' ff 'zwfflw fzf'fi9ffwm,2'Q1f5v A 1 1, 1 As -, :pn ,,y,.?' ,...,iff4 " - .-,mu :7,::r.'f.s,,s4:5 r- -- ' 1 ' .-3,A- -V, .M .4y1fi".fiCfvf!1w+'fg4 4 va"eymff-".'z"3+z14-5. J , . . ,,,,,,, f, , . ,. , . 'f C' L 71 424 Lv, g,,p4f"--- - - " 1 - zif ii? f 4'4Lf5?'1f5 371 59:13 ' S:-7 -f:,3:'Z 'Eg:f'gs25:4E,jf"j:Ag-259 f 13-211: .,,45,4,xf. ,., ,,,...,,,. , , 4' 1 Xi . , 0' . -w -'-1w,:Ij,3,9g:.4f:,M,,gg if 4, :L1'??17-"'-:'+f'2l f' "fc John Chaney, secretary, Gene Mellor, sergeant-ah arms, Joe Franzia, treasurer, Jack Hardy, vice-president. Class of '64 Truly the Class of l964 is a remarkable one. Throughout the year it has excelled academically, athletically and in politics. The trends for the class were aptly set by the five class oflicers who individually did a great job in uniting the class to make it an outstanding one. Under the able leadership of president .Iohn Egenolf and vice- president lack Hardy, the class of '64 enjoyed a social calendar oi' events far surpassing that of many freshman classes ol the past. The class was efficiently represented in the ASUSC Senate and every member of the class knew he could turn to any one of the class oflicers for help, The Class of 'G-1 has made a nitche lor itself and is well on its way to becoming one Ol the best in University history. - ' .A 'fuk Xt., ,,: " K- f:'5'5:5'I1- 'f:'. .2' Q' if ,-1' .-ff ' --.x 1' -rj -1' if A- ! few ? 2 - 1 V Q :,- . Y iff' ' rl ' ' Y pr R "A , T L Richard Acarregui Virginio Aguiar Raymond Airone www' E 1' "g"g"Efi.f- 55 ' f as It's time for your bath. Eff! ll Timothy Andersen '17 Michael Anderson 4:-+ Ronald Astbury 54" " I v-..,f James Baer Q? 132 Thomas Anderson Donald Armstrong Thomas Arrieta J0l"n BUHCY Timothy Baker Michael Ball '? 3' Paul Bangasser Robert Ballschmiider i' I Father, your shadow is showing. Mario Baratta ww-'Y Richard Barbieri James Barder 3' T ii Ronald Berbenan Richard Bastiani Raymond Becker Thomas Bellue Robert Belluomml B il-4' 3 ' "-:7 -3 James Berta Charles Frank Bonnell Blankenship Lawrence Boyle r I l Robert Brant James Botsford Michael Boudreau M 4? 'W 'P wi M22 Robert Bricca Robert Brinton f"'-...PX Daniel Broderick Mark Brocco Ted Broedlow '5' X 4 - Bryce Brown Eugene Brown S40 ?"' I Steven Buttgenbach w..-qv Qi! Karl Buder Look Ma, no cavities. Vincent Buescher William Burke Ronald Calcagno 'SS' if Lawrence Patrick Callan Callaghan William Callan ' -..fx if 1 1 David Calonico Dennis Cangiamila lisfb' W A 6 Robert Carlos ! Jerome Carlin John Carnazzo K' 'F' K ND' 'CS' Richard Carpeneti Merl Carson -snag 5 "".-LF' Peter Chan 6- John Casey .Iohn Chaney Michael Chase Yim Cheung What, me study? .411 -J 11:53 Robert Clcchn Davnd Clement I George Chiala A 13' d Patrick Cronin Dennis Crowley Michael Crowley William Coit 1 I Lloyd Colombini Gary Coover Donal Croall Yuri' 's-.2 Timothy Cullen Harry Daniels Leo Daly Lawrence Damiano X-fr. 'Ts James Davi Anthony Da Vigo James Declusin 136 Stephen Davenport Union Shop? Steven De Coite T17 we l 114 11 Fred De Funidk Thomas De Gregori 'loeseph Delvlarllnl Robert De Soucey Donald Des Roches Michael Detweiler gt- 2 ,,, Lvgx... 2 .,.. DD Kr Raymond DeMarfini V --' c Michael De Ruosi X l Dennis DeVitl '27 X--1 Charles Dirksen Michael Di Julio .Od XX is...- 'ir Lee Drago f Dennis Doneux John Dougherty l37 'W' 'ur 'auf 'i Mark Dubie John Egenolf Pedro Escalon "" as-J J - I Q I Philip Essner Neil Fanoe Peter Ferraro 1 'U James Flynn Joseph Franzia 'Z' James Geoffrey Robert Garibaldi Wendall Gates 138 if wal ' IX But maybe he is a talent scout 1 James Finerty -:.. --,, 1-'A Yfjgv Daniel Fitzgerald Kenneth Freund Paul Garbarmu W ti' . 0-,.. Joseph Gusick James Hamm , i Daniel Gusfin Gerald Haran MJ 1. X., r' v ' , .1 ,, r 'rc-,ergo ,. ,A, I K uv 54 , -I ', . . rg N. .M V v . . I 1 P . In ',. 01 fx ,, l ,- 1. A . J 1. . - -,J ..... if . , Q -Qu-p Joseph Gonyea Gerald Giaccai Louis Gimenez Richard Griffone 1- , A4 QQ James Grube James Guest Z' 41' 4"'T3? William Habeeb Joseph Haefele 5 .E James Harden John Hardy Michael Harrison Q Q Q2 X1--f Robert Held Louis Hermosillo Harry Histen l lllib 1 ...Q 'T' Robert Hovee 15 Marion Holler Harvey Holt John Hook Francis Hourigan N-.41 Kelly Hudson August lntrieri Frank lntrieri gs Roger Jaroch A 6 David Jackson To the victors . . . 4 SE' Muff Gary Jennison O if J? 51 3 4 V5 x " f lv, .' Mix J R, "Q 1"N5'qZ l rl! Robert Johnson Mischa. M Nfl ..--9 man Kaluzniacki Jerome Kelleher James Keller Robert Kenton is Nfl! kg-L-N Kenneth Keulman ep-3 ,N-gg:-tg' 2 2 'Q Q? 3 George Knopf Thomas Koetters Thomas King 'GSI'-1? ! John Kirby William Kleeman Stephen Labash James Lassart Robert Leite Robert Lembke -Q-ay Mike Kellog Thomas Liang l4l , 1.4 'J a 1 1. , :z'M,Nf fi A 5,9 ,L ,, -,Ear 4, 'psf-Lffl!' lx N-of gi f' iifi' ,, ii55i4ii.-fr' X1 ' ,fifgiiffi f., T Q lgfxid ffj-14 -l' 4 :Q . ' ,...,, if pg 44 'Q' V '55 Q1 5 'I X LX fvrwil George Loquvam Samuel Mabry -il William Locke ll 'UV Richard Madden 2.13 - N ' 5- Q' ' J' WL. Frank Mac Ternan f '? ,ma , .rl NN, William Maderis Thompson Magdlen Arthur Maggio I42 John Macy 'X' Robert Magliano Brooks Bros.? James A. Maher James M. Maher Kieran Mahoney Timothy Mahoney .lag-.1 1901 11 'CTT' if in-nb. Thomas Malloy -Q fu? Gary Malvini Peter Manchester Peter Manno if Philip Marshall can Charles Marcenaro -if . David Martella . .J 'Z iz 3 'V' - -....-o . Y . W -4 11 vll' - Uwgfr-31 pp Thomas McCall John McArthur """' --:nr " f ,-.- 129131 Cl1riSf0Pl'lel' Joseph McCarthy William McCartin Jedd McClatchy Patrick McGarry John McGill McGoughran 77427 'rf' Allan McTighe 1 43 ff' 1 v 'fe '.i "UL ff ".' 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He's kiddin 4 6 M 'Q if ff A Frank Ruffo Arthur Sanguinetti We-A-'N 3 if 3 Q , Peter Sara 147 'Nr' ini ,K Jon Schroeder 'J 148 Jack Scardina William Scharrenberg Which one's the dummy? " Kenneth Shannon iii 71" Lloyd Shipman 6? William Shea Byron Slgg Alfred Scott Richard Settle Michael Shamrock 1:19 John Shean David Sherlin Q' Michael Slack Peter Smith James Soares 1-9 yan? Robert Sorich Kenneth Spadoni Michael Slrool 5 li -L 'is--' Qvnmnawe- ,lm .I James Studdert Clarence Sullivan James Sullivan Jason and the Argonauts li -Q 1, fT.'2'1' Carman Tablada Jerry Tanaka Russell Svendsen l 4-Ani ff-- John Szczepaniak -ar--'Y' James Teefer Joseph Tinney Q1 Joseph Tomsic Alfred Tapella George Teebay QQ 4 Rizhard Tone ,-, ' ' Li Q" X f" " " " Q'f.fl'3,r1l A . 'O' X: Gee, it's dark in here. 'su' 1' 'TV John Tufnef Palflck TW0meY Dennis Vanie' William Van Zant Manuel Velasquez Walter Vennemeyer John Vogel Russell Vrankovich "" Harry Viani John G. Walsh Philip Wagner M --tl K ww- -5-:V Larry Walsh John J. Walsh Kenneth Walsh I 1 ln... nl A, We are gathered here tonight . . . '27 Thad Waterbury '57 , 'f,- ,ui r gf. ,. A -, , .- ' ,I , . wh. n 1. ff , . LL 41 '4 an. , A William Wilcox James Williams Robert Wilson Francis wegener Paul weslon Rene While Edward Wolf Saul WN-....,, Bell Yung 4a..,.d0 'ii' . N fl' fn ll Gregory Woods N, ' Lil' Noel Zinn Ronald Zolezzi --r Randall Yturri Karl Wolf in '22 Willard Wood QQ 151 . r., .. - 1,453 :il V , t . Ng, ,if . ' - H - Q, ' if-fffs x 4-1, 'ff' we fx. fir'-,'1ff " l,,5N' " , 1- Mr tg 1. I., ,A , ,. : ' -f-- ,gig . - ,, 1, QW X xv SQL? X ! Raise 50 cents 'M' ff W? My f ' 'iti 13615 , is A girl in here? Fore' kb- we '15 yy K-SR Elvis? i l You rang? o you have to practice yogi at 3 A.M.? kj? 'N F It s not ours, Father N xii B533 pad iii! lifin 4054 ',,,41i4 f pggtiiv 315541 - ffliisxivi, Iitw qggii env.--eng , , , ,--- , QF' It W-W BMJ' M fn mv 'Tr , AW, You re the Question Man. No' You ve had one too many already' No' Pete' I don t know what he said either Frosh win again. , X ka: And thus one here . . . y 4 Hang Sebastiani? W :".- Two of the same, please ff' ft-'LJ GD M iss ,aft--" xg X The Redwood? jg! l What game warden? li TV' NACNN lem .1 Bells of Saint Mary's. The Vlbrator la.-.W It was nothing You're iust iealous! 5- "'s. H I I x Chapel for College of Notre Dame Another all-nighter? I 1 I I 1 1 QI 'f f Annex to Alumni Science Hall i L ,f"NXx Hg f M i f E E 'RMU W N UEWJFWJM1 RESERVE QEEIQERS TRAINING QQRDS 155 E V"E'- LIL l"U"'u t.lL- WT annul l-I.l'1l" l.lL.l'Lll i...lL.l1.l Ll' 'l.l'l J Ll' U' l"U"U'7 Colonel William P. Whelihan Professor of Military Science and Tactics It has been only four short years since Colonel NVilliam P. Whelihan arrived at Santa Clara to assume command of its Re- serve Ofhcers Training program, but in this short space of time he has devoted himself constantly and wholeheartedly to perfecting our military establishment. It would be an understatement to remark that he has suc- ceeded. For thanks to his tireless efforts the Santa Clara R.O.T.C. program possesses a name and record that is respected, admired and envied in military circles. As Colonel Mfhelihan departs this year, the University and the Cadet Corps thank him and Wish him the best of success in his new assignment. .-,pf-1 s ,f ,X ,. ., tam, -.g q:,w-ss. rf. M.. .... ht, . V J,-s.. ,. . .-y,.,.,g :, 5-1 , I ' ,' l5i5b Kyr a' "' 4 , V , , ,gg-. , 457- .sfn 7 , iv aw e-1 , , 1 . gs .,,y,,:"f ls. ff' 'fx we get .gp 'rpxlv , t 1'-f , if? 5119? 512 ' :xg ' -sf l "l-w'i'Q. I. 22 .Wa . N , Seated, left to right: Captain Gillingham, Captain Layman, Colonel Whelihan, Lt. g ijigf Polden, Captain Neal. Standing: Specialist Gates, Sgt. Barry, Sgt. Sponsler, Sgt. Gasser,fS W Bogart, Sgt. Brandt. , . mf .4 .. aa, 1 My . 13 - :sf ' - A. Y: -fare. .t 2- 'G 1-t ag. "',2,gwm ' I" ' VL , uf, 'I ,- 2 ,, 'ff .J 1555 ,M 33 ,g .. ,,M4,,,- -, ,ymylt Staf f, E sf -fs. . JU. .-41 ,,.. sffl 12 : S .'- f - Q- f-"Q fig'-V f ,IVBLTT if . ai 'S " T ,igyfgf O I 'Q , fdinet - M' iq. -r 'imp "- - ,. ,. 2.9. -r .ni ' If ga iitiw Father President makes annual military awards Jrciininq Corps ,va- -f 's.,. . -N iflk .-V. ..,-sz: -. -. 921+ - 555' . ,fm S301 .qv , 'EJ' .fr " - 'Y H44 so -:SV 3' Kaz X. x. of 5 M , f .q w , xx' 'R' 4 1. Witt: ggi 151 X -K I. 5:5 --f- in , 1 If 5? 9, 'Q A 0 11 0 . . .Sta - me mf wt .x .gs -' .. '. 4 19' ,S Brigade Staff Anthony DeMartini, John Oberholzer, Keith Abler, Francis Kenefick. 157 Cadet Colonel Francis Kenefick Brigade Commander 'U 11" .IU 'U-V .ILA .1'L.h 11" .ILA .FI 'LI -w 1 rf ' M.: . V 'f , . l ,-.0 ,ZA ' U :fag ' A I l ,, Y V I, . A lv 1 Cadet Lf. Colonel Peter M. Lillevand I First Battle Group Commander First Bottle Group "Q, mm ' Battle Group Stuff: John Grant, James Kirby, James Relvas, Lillevond. Sf J' we 7554 Eg, ,s?.8.': ' nf' -4 'ae 3 -. jif af 1 1523 ,1 ,- .ii lf? r . 351-Z4 'Wifi --c f yd sf -if L- ,Q 'yi ,. Q- "FY 125. 2 Z, 1. - ,' ff' ' '1 Y ' 'fr " 6 - . , a 'P 'QQ' M. --1 .sv .A . V2-U, xg? H-fn, ., . ff' ,, Vvgnagv Code! Lt, Colonel Richard Bernocchi Second Bottle Group Commander ecorxd 'Battle Group Staff: Robert Leach, John Willett, William Tsushimo, Richard Bemacchi. L K? - V M, ,-:Tr ,,, ' 'isle' Q-kg V r.1.,gf 1' 4 4' gags ., A. , W L i Battle Group L.lLlI.H.X TUE xii 'TJ LIL - J V LI' .1 LVT ..1 L J YU' I.. y-:fm V 1351. gig, ,. , 4, S "Sf .fwff -.Q ' ,I . hfizffi ,F ' ' Wh? M 'fl' Y. 'A is "'s"' Distinguished Militdrq Students Seated: Abler, O'Sullivan, DeMartini, Kenefick, Oberholzer, Munding, Relvas. Standing: Tsushima, Ahern, Smith, Bernacchi, Peters, Daniels, Lillevancl. - Sedbbdrd 81 Bldde W I,,,,.,,,, 1tI ' V ' ' First Row: Corpuz, Dowling, Peters, Daniels, Murakami, Bardwil, Jones, Goggin, Rankin, Ahern. Sec 222 A , -4 3YtPf?""'i 'V ' 5:-:L . 232 riff . V' 1' ' J ... 'f 4: .-2521 ond Row: Cady, Girolami, Brown, Munding, Silvano, Herb, Flynn, O'Brien, Bannan, O'Sullivan, Rish wain, Gosk, O'Neill. Third Row: Smith, Goeppele, Dust, Wilson, Florian, Silva, Devin, Pace, Carmign ani, Beloski. Drill Team v - .....,..-- Drill Master John Anderson. Members: Ken Shannon, Rick Del Grande, Marion Hollar, Frank O'Don- nell, Marshall Niedecker, Walter Venemeyer, Dennis Vanier, William Van Zanl, Carl Chiono, Larry Specchierla, Pat Orelli, Paul Bangasser, Lee Drago. Nl'I't Ll I3 nd Members: Thomas Bariteau, Bernard Burdick, Edward Creehan, Dave Culver, Leslie Cunningham, Ger- ald Malovos, George Ramos, Bernard Rothermel, Virginio Aguiar, Raymond Bostford, Michael Burns, James Marn, Jerome Carlin, Dave Clement, Gary Coover, Don Croall, Michael De Ruosi, Don De Roches, Tom De Gregori, Tony Di Leonardo, Dennis Doneux, Neil Fanoe, Wendall Gales, Robert Leite, Jedd McGlutchy, Carlos Olvera, Bill Parra, Lloyd Shipman, Jim Soares, Richard Tone, Phil Wag- ner, Paul Weston. 162 'Ll-' ..I'Ll "U-l VI...l'L.l ji L.l'l.- PLVVU7 i..ll. l"Ll'7.l'l l.I'I...l'lll l-U"LI'l l.I'l...l'L.l Ll' .I'I.l . l-Il"ll'll"7 Pershing Rifles 1 K F t , r - Captain Daniel Crowe. Members: Steve Bardin, Thomas Bugbee, James Dollard, William Whelihan, Robert DeMattei, Robert DeSoucey, Ed Drago, Louis Hermosillo, Marion Hollar, Larry Specchierla, Frank O'DonnelI, Paul Bangasser, Carl Chiono, Stephen LaBashe, Samuel Mabry, Curtiss Nunes, Pat Orelli, Terry Osterdock, John Pfeffer, Mike Rotunno, Art Sanguinetti, Ken Shannon, Mike Stroot, Car- man Tableda, George Teebay. Rifl Team .l Ll' 'I JT l-Ll' - LI 'Li sa gf LJL LIL First Row: Francis Ziemann, Joe Geist, Dick Bricmont. Second Row: Sgt. Barry lcoachl, Ed O'Neill, Joe Haefele, Phil Abel, Lane Monske. .I Ll' 'Ll-l Il L TLKIJ7 - I '-fy X f 1 f-Qu, -rr 0 5 Q. fm .fini 2 I' ZWQE-,A -0, Zgx 1, x 608 LS 1 M ,L .-JL, V 1 2 5 ga: 5 v 'vi 'aY,v X ' fl-In , . ,f .lx 'Ay 151- 'L' ,r wgjlu ev 5 O 5 ,!""P ..f"Q"51p -x 2 xy , 'I ,.r Of? gh .1 if ? Q, America s fighting man, T? 50.-Q, What s she soymg'P W, K IGN! l I. ef Q . ' 1 A an 165 6 Student Center and Commons tUnder Construction! ,E il 'Hi 'M us- 'Kr AE-,U.S 67 A. S. U. S. C. PRESIDENT Jerry Kerr Under the admirable direction of President Kerr and his able "machine", student government enjoyed an eventful and prosperous year. Strong leadership and successful politics were every- where apparent. Spearheaded by Kerr's unique Activities Fee Program, the Student Body enjoyed probably the most ample and diverse program of liberal legislation. A milestone has been achieved in the subsidizing of all campus organizations, committees and classes. Student government has attained a pinnacle of power never before realized. This program strengthened by other innovations in pol- icies were debated and enacted by this year's active Senate. 168 I GFFICERS Ed Pero Som Sebastioni d' S Corresponding Secretary Recor mg ecretary -as-w,1""Q sw' John Willett Vice President T S Carl Mundmg ony ouza Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms 'KI' uf' Jerry Kerr President of the Senate ex officio Mike Hogan Senator-at-large , M, J rl"-'Har W , if Qs. Ed Hendricks Sophomore President A. S. U. S. C. Eff, Ed Pero ex officio Tony Souza ex officio Tom Branson Arts and Science President Tom Muscnte Senator-at-large 170 14 Pat Collins Mike Corsetti Senator-at-large Senator-at-large Senate Carl Munding ex officio 'Qi Sam Sebastiani ex officio John Egenolf Freshman President 'X' John Willett ex officio Marty Capriola Senior President , I li lg 4 'K .ff Joe Perrelli Junior President Leo Ramos Day Student Senator Dick Sherman Engineering President Tef"Y Flfwfen B.A.A. President l Q3 7 Tony Varni, F. X. McLellan, Carl Munding, Pete Lillevand, Dan Shellooe. ecture Series Hampered by the absence of a budget and a faculty moderator, this Committee none the less brought two fine speakers to Santa Clara in the 1960-1961 academic year. General Alfred Gruen- ther, retired NATO com- mander-in-chief and present head of the American Red Cross, delivered a September address on his impressions gathered on a tour of the Soviet Union. The Commit- tee also initiated the negoti- ations which brought Cali- fornia's senior United States Senator Thomas Kuchel to campus for a midday lecture early in the second semester. All other activities of the Committee were co-operative endeavors undertaken in support of the Cross Cur- rents Club. Student Court This year the Student Court convened on sev- eral occasions and its most notable work was the prosecution of those students who did not pay their student activ- ity fee. Pete Lillevand served as Chief justice with Dan Shellooe and F. X. McLellan as Asso- ciate justices. Bob Flor- ian was defense counsel and Tony Varni assum- ed the role of prosecu- tor while Carl Munding was overall coordinator of the business of the Court. Standing: Tom Branson, Jack Havens, Curt Caton, Marty Capriola, Carl Munding. Seated: Phil Abrahamsen, Nick Herb, Jim Daniels, Pete Lillevand. X' '35b'x 'inf Curr Cqfon Dick Bernacchl Problems The Problems Com- mittee is the Student Body's answer to the an- cient Alewish Wailing Wall. It is a progressive liberal-minded organiza- tion which functions to seek out and offer solu- tions to the various do- mestic, social and aca- demic problems which beset the Student Body at large. 41:5 N. 'zacz-4 Standing Dennis Burke Bill Moher Tony Kast John Egenolf, - Pete Smith. Seated: Rich Bell, Bill Murphy, Ed Middendorf, ff s Adrian Bozzolo, John Hedberg, Chuck Witchurch. Standing: Jack Havens, Leo Ramos, Buddy O'Keefe. Kneel- ing: Jug Diepenbrock, Bob Callan, Phil Abrahamsen. TOI1y KCISf Chairman Election This Committee, usually a smoothly run or- ganization, encountered a major snag during the '61 campaign. These were serious accusations from one of the presidential candidates challeng- ing the partiality of the Committee during the election. But with the quick thinking "Seal" in charge, the Committees position was clearly and concisely stated and no further trouble ensued. Thus the elections were carried to a conclusion in an orderly fashion. Jack Havens Chairman YV il Freshman Advisor ll 4, Mike Dowling Chairman First Row: Bill Regan, Leo Ramos, Mike Dowling, Jim Samuelson, Jim Hoffman, Jim Lonergan. Second Row: Jack Havens, Pete Lillevand, Carl Munding, Marty Capriola, Jim Daniels, Bill Jones. Third Row: Nick Herb, Dick Sherman, Lou Parente, Phil Bannan, John Ursick, Tom Branson, Bob Callan, Tony Diepenbrock. This Committee is designed primarily to help counsel students with academic questions and secondarily to direct them in their social adjustment. The members of the Committee Worked through existing campus organizations to obtain and direct advisors for specific major Fields. Student Recruiting This Committee works in conjunction with the Administration to further the at- tempt to reach and enliven the interest of those students of high academic scholarship in high school. Its program consists of a high school junior-Senior Day to acquaint them with Santa Clara's professors, students and with the campus. The members personally speak at all the Catholic high schools in the State of California. f'-MN Terry Flaaten Chairman Standing: Jack Havens, Bob Peters, Ron Murphy, Pat Haggerty, Pete Lille- vand, Leo Ramos. Seated: Carl Munding, Nick Herb, Marty Capriola, Kneel- ing: Jim Daniels, Terry Flaaten, Fred Barson. I1 ' riecoqnition Mike Barr I sz' wif '-P frqf ,fu , ,l wr 4' V V U 5 - .. V br gf. V 1 . f chmrman Standing: Carl Munding, Pete Lillevand, Jack Havens, l.eo Ramos, Jim lsaniels, Phil Abra- hamsen. Seated: Tony Diepenbrock, Nick Herb, Phil Bannan, Marty Capriola, Tom Branson. This committee recognizes and casts its approval on the various social ac- tivities that the University sponsors. Its strongest weapon is the power to veto proposed school functions. The most noted action of the year was the com- mitte's ostracizing of T. C. Nolan's I.R.C. A fluffy white formal - a smiling young lady- a new face - music to dance by - a mixer - a moment of silence - new friendship - parties - smokers - picnics - banquets - the result of your Social Committee. Pete Lillevand, Fernando Hernandez, F. X. McLellan, Dan Shellooe, Carl Mund- ing, Pete Kulish, Dan Bryant. Social 4 , 6 5 5-3, -. -c. 1 'J , Dan Bryant Chairman .J ,GS a. if 1 1 , 1 I .ff rw ' 6 3 v . , Y v , ' ,iff X Public ' 5913 - i im W i Relations All , t , S 3 Standing: Doug Bui, Tim Walsh, Tom Hannigan. Seated: Tom Archer. This PA. combo is the group responsible for publicizing the activities in which the University is engaged. It is recognized as one of the outlets for dis- playing Santa Clara's unique reputation. Tom Archer Chairman l l l A i if l I I 1 The purpose of this Committee is to advertise to the students those activ- ities occuring in the immediate area which are pertinent to the general Student Body. Some of its duties are to post interview schedules and bulletins, service orientation notifications, minor sports events and other notices touching ASUSC on-campus activities. Phil Abrahamsen, Fernando Hernandez, Pete Kulish, Dan Bryant. l l i On-Campus Dublicittg Fran Kenefick Chairman l 1 l l l i -1 i -b g 1 1 X , .xg First Row: Bud O'Keefe, Phil Abrahamsen, Tom Musante, Mike Hagan. Sec- ond Row: John Willett, Jack Havens, Tom Branson, Tony Diepenbrock. Gateway Singers in the Ship The Jazz Committee functions under the auspices of the ASUSC Social Committee. Its purpose is to present top jazz entertainment in the University auditorium. This year, under.the chairmanship of Bob Kinerk, the Ship was the scene of a concert by the widely popular Gateway Singers. rf' Q4 . Q Visitors cover the Mission Gardens during Open House. General Alfred Gruenther speaks in the Lecture Series. Jazz at the Ship 7 178 ,. t. avbezaf Arts and Science 11... , ,vig Mi ,Sf ,W Q 35,5 if-ng-yiimf..-L8 - xqfffig-z"'x:f:,g'77Q,'I TUHI Bfcnson - K-z U. L, , 1, 3.1 .qezg sh-A.+-431.2 N., " C 'Inf--filvti I '- ,fi ., ,yi Auf. - ,Ny ' . ff 0 1 ,- A- 4' . M, . up NASE.. . V 5 1 , 1, I -A 'M.:fJx.,, T. .VX',.A,?-Aigzg-.,.3p Chqlfmgn . T , - Vi I ' ' . ' ' 1 " A-'T tr' ,' -"5'5fM,'f 4-L-f 1 J 3.1 "tx, 'ff-'a K 'AQ .' 'fhli M ' - Q 1 .. .,. gr f - ' .75 ' . , A 1- we .ff ,- rt .-1 we-' a-na:-s1M' vm .-.ff .L W., - ' f dl: .f f 'f ' ' ' " '-,' ,--. '-H". ,,z'1'Z.f,sI.,.. ' ., ' J 1 .xl- 2 x'L'g""i-Ms-ff'f Tom Branson, Mike Hagan, Jack Havens, Jack Ludwigson, Tom Musante, Tony Diepenbrock, As was apparent from the success of the Arts 8: Science Ball this spring, throughout the year this Committee toiled to render the Student Body an unsurpassed dance. The revelry enjoyed by the overflow crowd was a tribute to the efforts of the select and studious group of artsmen pictured above. Another function of this sophisticated Committee is to co-ordinate the Arts College and act as laison between the Administration and the aspiring students of the College. Initiation week is an event that remains in the mind of each freshman for the rest of his stay at the Mission Campus for it is in this period that these neophytes are taught to know and respect the Santa Clara way of life. It was through the efforts of this Committee that this task was partially fulfilled. Freshman Standing: Phil Abrahamsen, Tim Walsh, Tom Branson, Doug Bui. Seated: Tom Archer, Tom Hannigan, Jim O'Brien, Tony Diepenbrock. x - - nl Orientation it 43? f,,,."f,-N Jlm 0 Brien Chairman ei va? I .ng ti? mil, P A 45' y i ., F .. , ,.9T3194,,,1? 'f ' 1 N. Mission Gardens on Family Day Freshman lniticuti n G W., .ww , I 7 Dersonnel p Jack Ludwigson Chairman Phil Abrahamsen, Jack Havens, Tony Diepenbrock, Leo Ramos, Bob Callan, Marfy Capriola, Nick Herb. Rctllq The Rally Committee is com- posed of a small group of stu- dents organized with the objec- tive of creating spirit and en- thusiasm for Santa Clara sports activities. Because the tradition- al Bronco spirit has always been high, this Committee had it made. This Committee began its activities during registration by compiling personal rec- ords of the activities of each member of the Student Body. During the year it Worked with the Recruiting Committee in interesting high school seniors who are distinguish- ed in academic and athletic fields for possible attendance at Santa Clara. Dave Cimino, Phil Abrahamsen, Tom Branson, Tom Musante, Tony Diepenbrock, Joe McCord, Vince Desmond. .A'VN 04" '1'.'!""" N, A Co-Chairmen Phil Bannan Joe Dooling Min r Sports The purpose of this Committee is to represent minor sports and insure the excellence due the University. This year it has taken steps to raise minor sports to a height representa- tive of Santa Clara by initiating a program which will, it is hoped, in- spire recognition on all levels of par- ticipation and consequently also in- sure a higher degree of athletic achievement. 'K X Intramural ,...7 Anthony Diepenbrock Chairman Pete Lillevand Jim O'Brien Tom Branson Jack Ludwigson The main function of this Committee is to give the men of Santa Clara recreational release in the form of OI'gllIll7CCl sports program with a competitive spir- it. The Committee went "out on a limb" this year by adding vol- leyball to the intramural curric- ulum. However the new sport was inet with great interest and success. Tony Diepenbrock Jack Havens Fred Domino Standing: Jon Jagger, Jack Havens, Bill Regan, Tom Musanfe. Kneeling: John Chairman Willett, Fred Domino, Phil Abrahamsen. E E 5 .Q- Qi 6 I Theatre-Arts Building I di x x ' fs 5 F" 5 t W if' f ' xx iii A, gmac 3 4 , , 1, 1 E V , , 1 iii I? 45 A ff 1 . Q a nV..-.f-V -...Z 4-..- 2....,.,.m.......,..,,,,M,,., A CLUBS cmd FRATERNITIES 183 xi E K u , Immun . ML' if Lf, M snmznfn at Q m"""' ,A F 5 e 2 Editors in Chief-Goggin and Flynn ,Lf Th Scmtca Clcircu un.,---""" First Row: Goggin, Flynn. Second Row: Hcnasaki, Rohe, Herb, Tinney, Parr, Schmitt, Buckley, Slack, Belmonte, Delaney. Third Row: Bugbee, Enright, Freitus, Schoepf, Murphy, Glueck, Branson, Kent, Caro, O'Brien, Diepenbrock, Ludwigson, Callan. 'Y r -X --nv Steve Kent-news editor This was a year of change for The Santa Cla ra. After the Hrst two issues in September, Dan Flynn resigned as editor in chief, and was suc- ceeded by the former executive editor, Bill Gog- gin. Under Goggin the paper made several tech- nical innovations to improve typography and production. Working under Goggin for the first semester were Paul Caro, managing editorg Steve Kent, news editorg Jack Ludwigson and Tony Diepenbrock, sports editor. Rick Ernst headed the financial end as business manager, assisted by Roy Schoepf, advertising manager and jim Clark, circulation manager. N.. D --,t uf... ,. -f..1'., Paul Caro-managing editor Diepenbrock ond Ludwigson-sports editors Caro took over the position as editor in chief at the beginning of the second semester, while Kent became managing editor. Rich Meyer was named news edi- tor, Dan Parr and Dan Buckley sports editors and Louie Belmonte took over the feature pages. The new staff brought about many changes. VVith the "new look" the first extra was published and the first morning and evening editions took the stands. ,I yv. .J .,- , , , . -, . f - V MM, ., , J, - ..., .V ., . 1 5' . . - . . :- First Row: Pete Kulish, Rollie Freitas, Fernando Hernandez, Gary Condensa, Ron Wong, Byron Sigg, Phil Abrahamsen, Tom Branson, Jack Ludwigson, Paul Hamilton, Bob Callan. Second Row: Noel Lyons, Phil Branson, Rich Freitas, Bill Goggin, Bob Ravano, Nick Cappelloni, Jim O'Brien, Jose Moore, Ed Seid- ler, Mike Halley, John Regan. Red oo Tom Branson-Editor-in-Chief The Staff Editor-in-chief: Tom Branson Business Manager: Bob Callan Advertising Editor: Jim Collins Assistants: Paul Hamilton, Mike Halley, Ron Zolezzi, Mike Diepenbrock Circulation Editor: Phil Bannan Faculty Editor: Ed Seidler Senior Class Editor: Pete Kulish Assistants: Jim Magdlen, Kirch De Martini, Bob Carmignani, Gary Nobriga, Lee Cook Junior Class Editor: Bob Ravano Assistant: Nick Cappelloni Sophomore Class Editor: Ed Hendricks Freshman Class Editor: Pat Orelli Assistants: Terry Osterdock, Art Sanguinetti Law Editor: Noel Lyons R.O.T.C. Editor: Mike Curtis A.S.U.S.C. Editor: Phil Abrahamsen Club Editor: John Regan Assistant: Paul Bangasser Sports Editors: Tony Diepenbrock and Jack Ludwigson Assistants: Rich Freitas, Rollie Freitas, Jim O'Brien, F. X. McLellan Who's Who 8. Honors: Jose Moore Photography Editor: Ron Wong Assistants: Byron Sigg, Phil Branson, Carl Wolf, Ron Zolezzi Art Editor: Fernando Hernandez Assistants: Bill Tsushima, Dave Shreve Faculty Advisor: Rev. Alexander Tait, S.J. ll dxf -..lf , A 1? dl 'mf Club Editor Regan and Law Editor Lyons Sports Editors Diepenbrock and Ludwigson ,l il Class Editors Orelli, Kulish and Ravano N s 4 t qs N l Z r .gf 6' A O all Rec! Hat Bcmcl Q 0' Xl rs of S J? IN IW Hi Standing: Rothermel, Tweten, Perrelli, Becker, Preis, Bell, Devin. Seated: Aguiar, Helmer, Silva. 188 Red Hat Band swings at Variety Show WO' i John Helmer Director The Red Hat Band chalked up another terrific year although hampered by the loss of some of its members. The band travelled with the basketball team to Reno where it drew rave notices in the local papers. The Variety Show and football rallies provided further opportunities to display its talent. Live- ly dixieland renditions at the basketball games occasion- ally helped pick up lagging Bronco spirit and made many friends for the University. 7 -Q Yl:U'Tl'l'o,N V XL First Row: Home, Anglin, Lyons. Second Row: Tucker, Petrich, Third Row: Halley, Condensa, DeVita, Butler. Fourth Row: Glienke, Rowland, Jacobs. Fifth Row: Kelly, Gunther, DeRuosi. - I lx rs Q of Xl ,,.1 P , Q Q Xl rs Q Q' Xl lx , Q Q Nl lit 1 I ,y 2.1 i., Ski Club The purpose of the Ski Club is to stimulate in- terest in skiing, to facilitate transportation to ski areas, obtain seasonal accommodations for its members and teach the art of skiing to interested students. The Ski Club had thirty paid members this year, an increase of 5042, over last year's total. Its inter-semester ski trip to Squaw Valley was a tre- mendous success. The skiing was excellent and the social life outstanding. President xl y . V S " Qi-Y 'f V 5?rz1:r ' . ' , 'ill",S'.:,'ifff""?Sfzssa9'57:Ff' i ', I l' " ' ' , ' - " M' ln ,v ' :gpmf ll , "His right leg, again?" l 89 Y First Row: Egcasenza, Hoffman, Diebel, Di Donato. Second Row: MacMillan, Wolf, Blum, Muller, Danylchuk, O'Donnell, Giachetti, De Gregori. Third Row: Hawn, Malovos, Sauer, Ur- sick, McGonigle, Grinsell, Arnold, Mello. Mendel Soeiet Nurses help Mendel with Blood Drive 190 l Jim Hoffman President Recognition for the outstanding year enjoyed by the Mendel Society must go to President Jim Hoffman. It was his spirit and drive that made the Family Day exhibit, the Mendel picnic, the Blood Drive, the lecture series with Notre Dame College and monthly meetings so successful. rn ,-93,3 K. -.s ,t . 1 First Row: Willett, Corboy, Havens, McLellan. Second Row: Barr, Kerr, lngoglia, Hogan, Ban- nan, Doherty, Wagner. Third Row: Diepenbrock, Houweling, Brayer, Musante, Herb, Capriola, Grinsell, Wilson, Shellooe, Schmiederer, O'Brien, McGrath. Fourth Row: Branson, Perrelli, Hoffman, Zavattero, Whitchurch, Vander Noor, Lillevand, Joseph, O'Keefe, Freitas, Cimino, y Ludwigson . A Jack Havens President Charles Graham Club A now famous Charlie Graham Smoker Although 1960-61 witnessed only the second year of life for the Charles Graham Club, it showed itself to be an important one for this campus club. Designed to fulfill the need for publicity for major and minor sports, Charles Graham used schedules, bulletin boards and hand-outs to inform the Student Body of coming sports events. The club has also gained recog- nition as tops in the held of social activities. Its smokers have taken on a legendary hue and informal parties have received campus-wide at- tention. Gcultes Societq qw" Nr Kneeling: Rec, Boker. Sitting: Johnston, Gonsalves, Chiala, Scherer, Miraglia, Yamamoto, Larrabee. The Czlltes Society is 111z1cle up of Chemistry majors :md has for its object the CllCOllI'I1gCll1CIll of the students to take 1111 interewt not only in the study of Cl1e111ist1'y but also in the profes- sional side of their cliosen cztreers. This encl is zifcomplisliecl by movies, guest lectures and Held trips. Tom Hall President Forensi Societq i First Row: Bugbee, Baedeker, Caton. Second Row: Harney, Martin, Walker, Callaghan. N Dan Baedeker President The Forensic Society was a young one this year with only three veterans returning from last year's squad. The novice debaters had a successful season none the less with the team of Hlalker and Harney winning second place at the College of San Mateo Novice Tourna- ment. The senior debaters, Caton, Baedeker and Belmonte managed to hand defeat to the underclassmen in the Rvland Debate with Claton snaring the Ryland Pri7e. Santa Clara continued to dominate St. Mary's in the Foch Debate with Baedeker taking the Foch Medal for the second year in a row. 353 IVN T First Row: Randolph. Second Row: Moore, Callaghan. Third Row Walk er, Reiser. Fourth Row: Hartnagel. This formerly inactive organization was revitalized this year by its current president Tom Nolan. Seeing the potential of the club, Tom soon had the group function- ing smoothly. Guest speakers became a regular occurence and a field trip to Sacramento to see government in ac- tion was tlie year's highlight. Blackstone Societq First Row: Bridges, Gallagher, Hass, Toussaint, Castelazo. Second Row: Wissing, Callaghan, Tinney, HUFUHI A2eV9d0, Glfinnlni, De Ruosi. Third Row: Studdert, Hovee, Brigham, Branson, Ravano, Murphy. The Blackstone Pre-Legal Society is composed of undergraduate stu- dents who aspire to law school and wish to acquaint themselves with the general duties of the profession before beginning graduate work. The various activities ol the organization include meetings in which prominent members of the legal prolession explore various fields ol' law.. field trips and special lectures bv members oi the lacultv ol the School of Law. In order to facilitate the transition from undergraduate to law school. the Blackstone members are included in several activities ol' the School of Law. Terry Bridges President Enqineerinq Soeietq 2 3' -ra 7 Q ' , ,zvza-1s'i3g,yQ.-, . ,,:,g,4, -j, ... - V ' -, V . - 5 4 at HT 3 i ' L it ...... .- - , H - .. ---.--.-......,.. ,,.......-. ., . .., . 1--.--g.,a...... 1 1 1 , N First Row: Murray, Grant, Davi, Sherman, Reghitto, Kenefick, Bugbee. Second Row: Cushman, Corsig- lia, Lyons, Sweeney, Pardo, Nishikawa, Aguiar, Walsh, Bozzolo, Pena, Santina, McCrory. Third Row: Kirchhoff, De Vita, Peters, Mark, Kirby, Carey, Mitchell, Reiche, Le Vasseur, Palladino, Ahern. Fourth Row: Corpuz, Abrahamsen, Laden, Bell, Meares, Oliver, O'Rourke, Capitolo, Nelson, Wilson, Camp- bell, Olivera, Wagner, Glienke, George, Donahoe, Fantham, Bruce. The Engineering Society was established to supplement the educa- tion ol' the engineering student and to promote spirit and friendship among the various divisions and classes of engineers at Santa Clara. In fulhlling the hrst of these purposes, guest speakers were invited to address the society on topics of current engineering interest. The En- gineers Field Trip held early in May gave the engineers a chance to see engineering in action. The Open House Competition held in con- junction with Parents Day provided an opportunity to demonstrate individual talents and projects. l'4"x '?""7 Dick Sherman President eehctnieeil Engineers s- -- anus-gg ' "2 , . V ,, .. -.,,,, wvws :fm:.,w+s-'W - ,...,-,,Q.,., igii li S l First Row: Abrahomsen, Corpuz, Tucker, Bell. Second Row: Sweeney, Kirby, Kirchhoff, Grant, Thomp son, Glienke, Purdo, Corsiglia. Vic Corsiglia President The Mechanical Engineering Society was built around the idea that as much can be gained from personal ex- perience and the experiences of others in the field as from text books and classes. The organization has therefore spent most of its time arranging for guest speakers and planning field trips. New machines and techniques were explained to the members at their monthly meetings and excursions to shops in the area gave studying a new per- spective. 7?- Mike Ronco President Civil Engineers 198 , o' Qi llt Q, lit of Sl r Q' QL TN o' Sl rs 0' Qi is Q' sl lit , X3 llnxil This organization is open to all students majoring in Civil Engineering and has for its goal the further education of the students by exposure to practical problems in engineering through a lecture series. The first se- mester saw speakers from Bechtel Corporation and other large firms dis- cuss topics from nuclear power to sewage treatment in the Santa Clara Valley. During the second semester talks on the Collection and Analysis of Stream Flow Data, the Structural Analysis of a Radar Tower and the Humboldt Reaction Cassions were presented to the society. The talks were all delivered by prominent men in the held of civil engineering. 5. First Row: Pisano, Sanfina, Woodward, Pace, Pena, Walsh, Kenton, Knopf, Nomellini, Crow Iey. Second Row: Asia, Jacobs, Aquiar, Eppler, Retana, Brown, Olivera. Third Row: O' Laugh lin, Ryan, Baratta, Carraro, Ronco, Bruce, Ramos v Lr"' 'lx' X i X In an area in which rapid advances and new developments are a Inat- ter ol' every day occnrence, close contact with the field at large is an ab- solute necessity. The Allili-IRE lnlfilled this need by obtaining speakers for its ineinbers from Lockheed Radiation Laboratory, I-lewlett-Packard and Lenkurt. The unity and spirit ol' the club was emphasized by the way in which the members worked to produce the Open House exhibit which won praise from all quarters. Wi 'V 5-H .,. Fred Styles President Electrical Engineers First Row: Campbell, Reghitto, Wilson, Bugbee, Styles, Capitolo, Mark, McCormick. Second Row: Connolly, Oliver, Donohue, Nelson, Paladino, White, Laden, Meares, Wagner, Reilly. Third Row: Nishikawa, Reiche, Arnold, Ccishman, Lyons, 0'Rourke, Sherman, Peters, Carey, McCrory, Ahern. JS 'tx is lil Q Q' Xl P 1? Q TN fs rs ig rs ofxi r 199 .f Q it N OO First Row: Riley, Mooney, Gallagher, Hannigan. Second Row: Coughlin, Morrissey, Gallagher, Anglin, Jacobs, Cook, Lyons. Third Row: Gallagher, Rohe, Kramer, Glueck, Haggerty, Dobel, Munday, Downey, Butler, Cragin. Fourth Row: Houweling, Barron, Coughlin, Guest, Murphy. James Mooney President Irish Club Although not a great power on the Bronco campus, the Irish Club did function very smoothly this year. jim Mooney and Mike Hemsch, co-founders of this organiza- tion, raised the club from the state of apathy into which it had fallen by providing a good measure of social activi- ties. A smoker and the annual Irish vs. Italian softball game were very successful. The election of Bill Murphy as next year's president promises much more for the Irish next year. Dhqsi s Societq Deriving its members from physics majors, the pur- pose of this society is to stimulate interest in this held by scheduling informative lectures and movies on topics of current interest. It is hoped that through these means the members will receive the latest information on recent trends and developments in their chosen fields. James Lonergan President First Row: Wong, Lonergan. Second Row: Foster, Shreve, Maher, Lynch, Siegfried. Third Row: O'NeiII Presley, Schwartz, McGourin, Carlos. 'ho T'-5 Dan Baedeker President :wg 4s First Row: Bridges, Callaghan, Duckworth, Harney, Holzcamp, Hedberg. Second Row: Bugbee, Caton, Kobritz, Baedeker, Coughlin, Shean. Third Row: Haran, Walker, Higgins, Giachini, Hart- nagel, Reiser, Mello, Gallagher. This year the Cross Currents Club continued its Q function of bringing controversial speakers to the Mission campus. Among its ,presentations were a Buddhist monk speaking on Zen- Buddhism, Dr. Cseflaw Milosz describing the crisis of European Christianity as seen in the works of Simone Weil, a Q panel discussion of "Authority, Revolt and Problems of Discipline" headed by a Bay Area psychologist. Perhaps the most lively event of the year was the showing of the controversial movie "Operation Abol- tion," followed by a debate on the House Un-American Activities Committee. The second semester witnessed a dis- cussion between Mr. Foster of the Polit- ical Science Department and Fr. Mackin of the Theology Department on the rel- ative merits of ethical systems. One week 5 later the Club presented Senor Walso Estrada, a Cuban freedom fighter. The year closed with the presentation of the second annual Cross Currents Award to Mr. Alexander Kerensky, Russian head of state for six months after the revolu- tion of March, 1917. Q j Panel discussion on "Operation Abolition." 202 ans ,digg . A familiar sight at Current's meetings. 'Wir Father Mackin Thomistic ethic Kato speaks on Zen Buddhism. Mr. Foster Utilitatian ethic O 4 N lf. Glee Club at Family Day Glee Club First Row: Yung, Coughlin, Botsford, Twomey, Anderson, Ryan, Donahue, Kennedy, Morrill, Marshall, Mr. Ross Bergantz, Director. Second Row: Father Burman, Chan, Walsh, O'Donnell, Kassis, de la Guardia, Murakami, Morrill, Wue- sterfeld. Third Row: Stansbury, Waterbury, Yonts, Augustine, Jackson, Himthere , Stubble- field, Specchierla, Bachman. This year was a memorable one for the Santa Clara Glee Club for it saw the group come into its own. Up to this point, the or- ganization was literally lighting for existence. 1960-61 was marked by a number of con- certs that showed that the club has passed through its infancy and has reached matur- 1ty. The season was capped by a concert fea- turing the combined Notre Dame College and Santa Clara Glee Clubs which was so successful that it has been recorded. may 413 6.9 PP U Howculcm Club Y 5 . 'fl Mel Murakami President First Row: Aguiar, Schrader, Sweeney, Norbriga, Corboy. Second Row: Marn, McGourin, Tsushima, Magdlen, Peters. Third Row: Murakami. Under the leadership of Mel Murakami, the Hawaiian Club basked in its most fruitful year. The club had its largest membership in five years. thus making more activities possible. The annual Hawaiian Night Mixer was a howling success and the final event of the year, a luau at the home of Gary Nobriga, was an event that must be repeated. fi O6 Jack Gallagher President Thomist Societq 1'-.'?.fs 'NN ,,,J-1 "" , - ,L nfl:-3 ' UNIVERSITY SOUARQ ka 154, 'Ps Sitting: Willett, Havens, Bannan, Musante, Abrahamsen. Standing: Samuelson, Diepenbrock. The sole purpose of the Thomist Society is to further appreciation of Thomistic philosophy. It is known on the Mission campus as the one organiza- tion that restricts its activities to the purely intel- lectual. Under the leadership of philosophy major .lack Gallagher, the club spent the year preparing a con- densed version of the Summa Theologica for engi- neering majors. fr . ua as V 1 ite . . 'fm li 4-...--.-1--1 ur -..M ...,,,... ..... ,.munmmn....,...,--. V V- -. First Row: Bangusser, Crowley, Anderson, Bozzolo, LaBashe, Blankenship Second Row Drago, Walker, Yonts, Dolon, Chiala, Moore. Ccutechetlcctl Socletq Under the direction of Father Tom Sullivan, the Catechetical Society broadened its scope and brought religious instruction weekly to over two hundred children throughout the year. Operat- ing on a strictly volunteer basis, the Society pro- vides teachers for the public school children in the area who would otherwise go uninstructed for lack of trained personnel. These men are a living proof that Santa Clara does fulfil her motto and "mould men after the image of the Man-God." O Regan transfers symbol of office to Duckworth Prefect Regan Sodcilitq , 1-My. wwf.-w-f ,rp 'tr am., ,I s' 55515 iff, First Row: Father McAuliffe, Moderator, Bugbee, Holzkamp, Bugbee, Kirchhoff, Ronco, Rohe, Giannini. Second Row: Regan, Whitley, Capitolo, Ziemann, Klein, Muller. Third Row: Wagner, Schoepf, Caton, Hedberg, Hawn. 8 ' '6 P S Q' L rs f Q ' A P ' Q ' 1 lx Q Q' 1 P f Q Q X L I l 'X of sl P i 'X "To mould men after the image ofthe Man-God" rx The Sodality is an apostolic group which attempt to work student intellectual and social attitude along Christian lines and which calls its members to a rigor- ous spiritual life of daily Mass, rosary and mental prayer. The Sodality's overall aim is to develop distinguished professional men who can effectively Christianize their environment. Beginning in September with a closed five-day retreat, the Sodality had a great year under the direction of Father McAuliffe. The traditional mission drive, noc- turnal adoration, October and May rosaries were continued this year and a daily Dialogue Mass was initiated. Together with apostolic work the Sodality carried on its normal social activi- ties with several beach parties, a dinner dance and ski trip. 1 Central Council Meeting Ottocup ' 09 Cloq M. Greene Fred Barson First Semester President First Row: Kobritz, Keenan, Bozzolo, Hedberg, Seidler, Melone, Wis- sing. Second Row: Barson, McKenna, Lamasney, Davis, Beals, Hart- nagel. Third Row: Newton, VG' Ed Seidler, Second Semester President 210 Baratta. Fourth Row: Pelletier, Jiminez. The 1960-61 academic year included one of the most successful seasons in the his- tory of the Clay M. Greene Players. "Macbeth," "Three Men on a Horse" and "Harvest of Thorns" all took shape under the direction of William james and the near-professional acting of The Players. Also on the calendar were cast parties after each production, a champagne re- ception at the close of "Macbeth" and a final banquet at which awards were pre- sented for the best actor and supporting actor of the season. Fred Barson and Ed Seidler headed the organization in the first and second semesters. The army marches in "Macbefh." Champagne reception .gms Y 1- F: V ,,,- ,- Kobritz and Davis in "Macbeth" X V V P of S rs of Sl P ltctllcin P Q' Q CI b D u , t P Q' Q Tony DeBeIIis P President f Q O BQ First Row: Carcione, Corsetfi, Zavattero, Sweeney, Silvano, Giannini, Corsiglia. Second Row: Girolami, Bellaschi, Cappelloni, Grippi, Lyons, Pisano, DeBeIIis. Third Row: Ravano, Rhein, Santina, DaVita, Gia- chetti, Simon, Souza, Asta. Fourth Row: Capitolo, Pera, Campodonico, Reghifto, Arnold. Although the loss through graduation of the club's president and founder, Leon Panetta, was deeply felt, the Italian Club carried on in the Panetta fashion. Now Firmly established on campus, the club sponsored Pre-game warm-ups, dance par- ties, two smokers and a few beach parties. The Italian Club continued the policy begun last year of presenting awards to the outstanding athletes in both football and basketball. ,K ,-s, ...iw 1' 5 Terry Flaaten President 3 'Wi' BAA smoker in Club 61 sift' .F-14 . gsnigj' 4. f'i'rf5.1"3"i. .,,,, " u J s if 'A ,f -.1 ig" 1.. First Row: Regan, Geerling, Murakami, Campisi, Judnich, Giacoloni, Samuelson, Hannigan, Flaaten, Bui, Pauli, Ryan. Second Row: Glueck, Hedberg, Relvas, Jones, Murphy, Haggerty, Mooney, Gallagher, Cappai, Crowe, Munday. Third Row: Rhein, Frati, Gemetti, Li, Smith, Schroer, Dobel, Flohr, Britton, Kerr. Fourth Row: Twomey, Azevedo, Lyons, Hernandez, Grippi, Raspo, Clark, Branson, Williams, Conklin, Cummings, Bowling. Fifth Row Houweling, Magdlen, Rohe, Fassio, Daniels, Granucci, Wheelock, Steber, M. Ryan, DeCarlo, Kramer, Ravano Sixth Row: Callan, Nobriga, Meyer, Scheid, Oliva, Guest, Wilson, Ulrici, Fessio, Cragin, Carnazzo. Seventh Row: Bellaschi, Turner, Arnold, Souza, Munding, Campodonico, Morrissey, Morrill, Walsh, Halley, Massa, Bailey. Eighth Row: Buckley, Pera, Cimino, Vander Noor, Lillevand, O'Keefe, Riley, Jones, Bangasser, Collins, Del Grande. 4 First Row: Buoncristiani, McDermott, Kaaha, Peters, Rossi, Ashton. Second Row: Brunello, Weiss, Ryan, Cristina,Keister, Blum, McDonald, Corboy. Third Row: Robitaille, Roseblade, Rohe, Cook, Jackson, Shields, Komes, Gleuck, Shea, Dana. The Block Club is an organization of those who have been awarded block sweaters in recognition of par- ticipation in major sports at Santa Clara. As it is an honor to represent the University in athletics, it is also an honor to be a member of the Block SC. Wfhile the club provides some spe- cial services to the University includ- ing the annual Fight Night, its ac- tivities are primarily social. Block S First Row: McGrath, Williams, McLellan. Second Row: Lillevand, O'Laughlin, Bannan, O'Brien, Ramos. DNP 'Tl-00111 Y -4 Standing: Holzkamp, Haran, Randolph. Kneeling: Yonts, Higgins. lgf R' The Archaeological Society has as its main activity the removal of artifacts, 0 . . bones and other materials from mounds Mlchaelo l'l'99'n5 left by the California Indians. Together X Pfesmlenl with the removal and classification of these items, the Society organizes trips of an archaelogical or historical nature for the benefit of its members. Under the able leadership of its two faculty advisors, Mr. YVarburten and Doctor Flaim, the group has held a variety of activites during the p2lSt year. These in- cluded several "digs" in the Bay area, a week-end exploration of the coastal dunes of Anno Nuevo, presentation ofa documentary film on Eskimo life and a two day archaelogical site survey. This trip answered a request from the California Historical Department to explore two sections in the Monterey area which work will assist a future program to widen the highway. Mapping out the "dig" 4 151 ls it 41-- This old Spanish adobe hut was discovered by the club on one of its field trips. 6 Top Row: Bugbee, Martin, Giachini. Seated: Davenport, Goggin, Caton. Th Owl The Owl Magazine is the oldest college literary quarterly on the west coast. For its staff, it provides the opportunity to become practiced in the art of managing all phases of publication. For the Student Body, the Owl serves two purposes: to student writers, it offers a board of critics and an opportunity to have their literary work appear in print. To all students, it affords local literary diversion four times during the academic year. Curt Caton Editor Alpha Siqmo Nu -ui .,-.n 1,45 QU:-. rJMv-1 ll Top Row: Baedeker, Mark, Castelazo, Regan, Lillevand. Seated: Miraglia, Caton, Peters. WWW' Curt Caton President Included in the membership of this National Jesuit Honor So- ciety are two students from each of the colleges of the University who have distinguished themselves in qualities of scholarship, loy- alty and service. The function of the Society is to investigate academic problems and make recommendations to the Administration. Research on an Honor Code was the major task of the year. In addition, three committees devoted time to other problems. One group interested in the development of a Humanities major was invited to make its suggestions known to the Universitvs Master Plan Committee. Another sought curricular and extra-curricular means of increas- ing student awareness of contemporary conditions. The third planned a revised system of teacher evaluation. 7 tl Y P1 . . fs I .t se t 'L Wt- ' My Tetu Beta IDI lx lx Q' sl P QQWA lx 0' Qi lx Q' Qi P I Q nf 21 8 First Row: Kirchhoff, Reibli, Peters, Abler, Mark, McCrory, Grant. Second Row: Oliver, Mitchell Ryan O'Rourke, Rinkleib, Wagner, Nelson, Reghitto, LaFIamme. Ye! Keith Abler President Santa Clara's Zeta Chapter ol Tau Beta Pi, the Na- tional Engineering Honor Society has now been in exis- tence for six years. Although relatively young, the fra- ternity has distinguished itself by service on campus. During the past year it has sponsored lectures so that students at large might obtain a better understanding of the importance engineering holds on campus and in the world. Delta Sigma Di -V- - 3 , ,-,vt-wiv - . W . 1 , 1 , . ' ,. 'A V . , ,, , ,I First Row: Whitchurch, Sebastiani, Zavattero, Raspo, Mickel. Second Row: Granucci, Callan, Wright, Ci- mino, Ulrici, Herb, Jones. Third Row: Corsetti, Coit, Houweling, Munding, O'Keefe, Corboy, Rhein. Fourth Row: Wynhausen, Martin, Flaaten, Glueck, Rogers, Wilson, Samuelson. Fifth Row: Hannigan, Oliva, Kei- ster, Tourtelot, Archer, Pera. One of four fraternities on campus, the Delta Sig Busi- ness College group sponsors technical tours through many large corporations in the area and brings to bi-monthly meetings speakers who address the brothers on many phases of modern business. The fraternity does not neglect the social life of its members. During the year it promoted a school dance, a beach party, a steak barbecue and several famous in- formal parties. i qk Craig Ulrici President -4 Q Xl X X of XL YN X fi 'L it ff 'x lx N Q' X51 of sl P N Q' XL b X fi 'x ii P Q 1 rs 219 Kappa Zeta Phi First Row: Gallagher, Bridges, Helmer, Schmiederer, Ludwigson, Caton, Lillevand, Keenan. Second Row Hedberg, Daniels, Capriola, Hagan, Bannan, Branson, Kerr, Hoffman, Cain. Third Row: Grinsell, In- goglia, McLellan, Willett, Shellooe, Jagger, Callan, Perrelli. Fourth Row: Cimino, Peters, Diepenbrock Carnazzo, Kneier, Ryan, Regan, Kelly, Gallagher, Barron. 1-01' Kappa Zeta Phi is one of the more active or- ganizations on the Santa Clara campus. Drawing its members from all colleges, its primary pur- pose is to provide service to the University. The brothers acted as ushers at all the football and basketball games, Open House, Family Day and at several other events. The fraternity men also conducted tours for more than three thousand visitors to the Mission Campus during the year. In the realm of social activities, Kappa Zeta Phi sponsored a number of smokers and inform- al parties, two pledge banquets and a dinner dance. '-1-1" Jack Ludwigson Jim Schmiederer, First Semester Second Semester President President .F I 'i if, 'fire , . 'hr' 43 J., -.Q f W .uk . gr' ,a A' X 'I l 1 4 Q u 1 "L F 1 .. 3? " Mr. L x 4 46 1 . , mf :.Prf-"lg: 4-'ti for -. Ju, ,I Q ., , :f - -lat sim 145 -L. .w- nhl-r QQ. gig ,y .i"1-'QF oi lf 'VX 1.885 a."i'i '91 -n 'Y' S!! Ad ruff -av-1f.'. angq'1 59' 2'f.-We 14-'-191 3 Qi , g 'W -. 'B 1 . "I-wr.-p?,,x-. 1'-X. IDE: ? - A . ' VJ VL? .L 7 A , I I 0 . 6 . ,, ...L .H Ai-"1 '1 - " , '!'i'm1QL 'rf' ' " it L' 317.4 -to in ' 1 1'-.::"?fH -A-iz.-'f. '.. 1-. . 1- X . ijx. fl QE' ir'-,:.',-ks . S95 Come down rlght now! k . f in, 4 -69. 'Q .-21 S I Co-educofion's coming NC V Q-4 Q -3 1 ' 'W A ,P I 4 f' '-52, .f Bronco Gymnasium ASSCDCIATED SIUCDRTS 223 FCDCDTBALL 4 -,E I . i 'l Co Captain Phil Bcmncm I K! x X, , f f X x no f' ..-...-...ln gy X X X X X als a a 6 Co-Captain Jlm O Brien ss.. 1960-61 BRCDNC First Row: Campo lManagerl , Blankenship, lAssistant Managerl ,Cicchi, Rossi, Williams, Franzia, Calcagnofl Deasy, Sigg, Reyes, Ashton, Florian, Perricone, Ferraro, Sauer, Brunello, Clement, Knopf, Pasco, lAssistanti Coachl. Second Row: MacTernan, lAssistant Managerl, Cook, Munding, Chase, Robitaille, Roseblade,l Komes, Liccardo, Stansbury, Bannan, O'Brien, Mellor, Moran, Desmond, Peters, Devitt. Third Row: Danail 1 l CGACHINQ STAFF '31 41-Fe Assistant Coach John McGushin, Head Coach Pat Malley, Assistant Coach Rotis Harvey. ' l l ' x T QQTBALL SQUAD as P 9 We r - 16 7546439 '12 70 51 MManagerl, Murphy, Idiart, Reiser, Joseph, De Funiack, MacDonald, Lassart, King, Calonico, O'LaughIin, Ramos, Corboy, Kellogg, Rogers, Blum, De Lorenzo, Egenolf, Quinn, Crevier, Head Coach Pat Malley, As- lrisfanf Coaches Rotis Harvey, John McGushlin. 6 5 g STARTING OFFENSIVE TEAM F Vx N I 4 - Linemen: Roseblade, Blum, Bannan, Mellor, Rossi, Cook, O'LaughIin. Backfieldn Franzia, Komes, Calcagno, Ashton. I 7 Komes turns the corner with Calcagno leading the way 52 . A :,2M. ,. .av-3, , , P:1.1'Y'id!'y?f- ., 4- Wu- ,I 1, - 1521151 g' ,Q kms ,, NXIT,-4,.,,,, 1. .. .,. . .Way .,, 31,f.vC,. .,f,y.,, ' K 'f If ' ' ' , f " Q.-an 'fa . , ,. ,.v4, gs. I 1 . V.. ' 1 WSJ., 'wil' pd' 1 1 , :fa'f5D'4i?f' g:"5N?1'Pf2i 2 'gig W Q-,fx ...MH Q. 3 ,zz,gs... ' 1 7,f , Q, Mfp 5, Q ff: A f 6 .- .1,,.., -' ' ' 'w f .fv,53-sifgm' WED' ' -hu. ff: ',"y,gf3 ...xr nf., 4- 1 V, ,.,, 1. ,. 3 4,1-rr.g.: yy. - .Q -,,.v,,v . , Q wx' ii,-.,,. ,.,,M, Fvgafj-6..Qg?.:vv.Y3 5. r- 1 f-'V 4,,..,5,'5. .' .Q .75 VG.: , ,- g,,f,f,, W f 'wg 1960 TOTAL STATISTICS RUSHING TCB NYG LG TD AV. John Komes 105 574 Jean Ashton 56 355 Joe Franzia 58 331 John MacDonald 18 161 Dave Hardin 1 10 Joe Perricone 2 6 Dan Robitaille 5 12 Vince Demond 4 4 Byron Sigg 1 2 Ron Calcagno 18 18 PASSING PA PC Int. NYG TD Ron Calcagno 125 69 9 937 7 Sal Reyes 5 2 0 24 0 TEAM OFFENSE Rushing-1447 Passing-961 Total-2408 Average per game: 401 - 5th in the Nation 5.5 6.9 5.7 7.9 10.0 3.0 2.8 3.0 2.0 2.1 Pct. .55 .40 Side step 'em, Mac Why so glum? fl SCU-35 PEDDERDINE-28 Santa Clara, Oct. 15-Santa Clara scored its first victory of the young season when it knocked off Pepperdine's Waves 35-28 at Townsend Field. The Broncos showed that they could generate an offense by gaining 521 yards overall. This was a team victory with an outstanding effort displayed in all depart- ments. Fullback john Komes looked impressive as the Broncos scored the First time they had possession of the ball and thereafter completely dominated the first hall' of play scoring four times to lead 29-7 at the intermission. Coach Pat Malley termed this "the finest half we've played in two years." After a scoreless third period the Waves posted 21 points on the board in the final stanza in an effort to cut down the lead which later proved to be insur- mountable. Sophomore john Mac Donald scored the lone Bronco TD of the second half on a 45-yard sweep around right end and this was all the insurance S.C. needed as the gun sounded with the final score reading 35-28. Z, - ,yy fi fr ? 9 Q yn 5 '37, scu as - Pep. 28 f vs scu Pep. 1' First Downs ....... ..... 1 7 16 Yards Rushing ...... ........ 3 43 Yards Passing ...... ........ 1 78 Penalties lyardsl ...... ..... 4 8 Passes Attempted ...... ,.... 'I 7 Passes Completed ......... .. 8 Passes Had Intercepted ....... .. 'I Fumbles Lost ................. ..... 0 Total Offense ...... ........ 5 21 359 Calcagno works with Ashton, the Broncs' answer to Jon Arn- eff. ,,.,.J Sagehen lineman corrals Bronco signal caller after 14 yd. keeper A 5 vide. ,fly . 5 ' , f X ,ga-271 ' gpg ggsgge , 2? V A fa ,gif ff ' yi 1 A 4 7 53' . fl ' , 11 f 'E ' ' , b V2 H , "-,x 3 :QQ-9115! :f . 'V 5 le lf 1 gf 6 , 2 4 4-+1 Y 'V o 4 . e .gy f .V fp, '-595' . ,,. f ,5rlsz:2?f"' 1 '25 , . A.-4 .aw fv X Theywe off! ,W Ill an fe :L fx X , S 1-1 ' .2 ,v-3 .hxlf ll Q N "-l 4 X, F X e e I Q" l I :n w , -, -em . . Q, -L 4 , . , Q f.. , ., 61, .,.. V .f 1 5275. ' 1 .g,f,,5.,44-:-',- -, :ge-x,g-r 5- ' 4 0 4 ' 1- , A b X' W, 0 ,ff v . ,Q , , , X . . , N X M... ff .5 f , , I , SCU-13 PONICDNA-15 Santa Clara, Oct. 1-Pomona's Sagehens looked impressive on only two plays against the Broncos but these provided the margin of victory. With three minutes to go in the first quarter, Pomona intercepted Ron Cal- cagno's pass on the Bronc 32 yard-line and ran it into the end-zone to take an 8-0 lead after the 2 point conversion. In the second period the Missionmen moved the ball to their own 48 yard-line and Jean Ashton raced 52 yards off right tackle to pull S.C. within 2 points at the half. Joe Franzia scored the Broncos' sec- ond counter taking a reverse from Don Robitaille and skirting left end for ll yards. The score read 13-8 at the end of the third period. In the fourth quarter, with 1:20 re- maining on the scoreboard, Pomona com- pleted a 62 yard pass play which broke the Broncs' back. The extra point made it 15-13 at the gun. First Downs ....... Yards Rushing ....., Yards Passing ......... Penalties iyardsl ....... Passes Attempted ..,..., Passes Completed ........,,.., .... Passes Had Intercepted Fumbles Lost ................ ..,. Total Offense ...... SCU 'I2 232 56 95 17 6 4 0 288 POMONA 13 1 '13 133 35 I4 5 0 0 246 SCU-42 EL TCDRO MARINES- XVhen the El Toro Marines came to Town- send Field, they wished they had never left the base as the host Broncs walloped them 42-6. XVith Little All-American candidate John Komes leading the barrage, the Broncs were never headed after they jumped off to a quick 14 point lead. From that point on, with Calcagno passing and Komes running, the Mission City eleven were never in trouble. Bob Cicchi picked off two Calcagno aerials for touchdowns while Joe Fran- zia and jean Aston hit paydirt. The El Toro game found the Broncs playing their Finest offen- sive game of the year. Mount up, Broncs Most Valuable Player of the Year John Komes At half time, Coaches Malley and Harvey preview coming attractions for Mission gridders. S -4 .1 's' -s . 5' ' +Y " '3f MA. gg. ' ,V ET-. 511 . nw- V: 't ' ft ive ,lx-'w ,Vg 5' .. ws. A First Downs ....... Yards Rushing ...... Yards Passing ......... ....... Penalties lyardsl Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes lntercepted Fumbles Lost ........ Total Offense ...... Ashton is off for a ten yard gain SCU 'I4 279 21 I 75 'I9 'IO 0 'I 490 EL TORO 7 117 67 60 ll 6 3 3 187 2 Alley-Oop Atom smashers B a n n a n and O'Brien talk it over in pre-game chat. A-5-QU-20 SOUTHERN OREGON- Santa Clara, Nov. 11-Dan Robitaille returned the opening kick- off 52 yards and John Komes scored three plays later on a 34 yard run and the Broncos led 6-0 with one minute having elapsed in the game. One play later the score was tied at 6-6 as Oregon returned the kick 89 yards for the score. The teams again ex- changed touchdowns and the score after one period of play was 12-12. In the second quarter the Raiders moved to the Bronc's eleven and ran it over to put them ahead 20-12 after the two point con- version play. The third period found the Oregonians scoring again but this time the try for point was no good. The Broncos were able to execute a sustained march in the fourth quarter capped by Ron Calcagno's 15 yard aerial to half- back john Mac Donald. joe Franzia skirted right end for the two points but time ran out on the Missionmen before they could do any more scoring. First Downs ........ 1, ,,r.,Rg,'.g if ss 4+ Y 5 ,iff-r x ":f1fZf5U'i?',5fiii fa' ,,5'gE.f. -- - ,jst-v Q ,... . .-.4 -4,1 .2 Q, -9- 2: 'tn 'Siwf-'ix - ffl, - ' T' . , 'gg ?. . V ' e'1,:39" -:f ms... f 'Z' '.f"fs19'5f . . .maxi SCU . 14 Yards Rushing ....... ....... 'l 97 Yards Passing ....... ....... l 53 Bronco Blum turns up lame after extra-curricular Penalties lYU"d5l -125 activities corraled by Coach Malley and officials. Passes Anemmed - 28 Passes Completed . 14 Passes Had Intercepted ..... .... 2 Fumbles Lost ............... .... 0 Total Offense ....... ....... 3 50 234 SO 18 222 105 95 'l 6 7 2 2 27 1 P n 1 l t l ,l l A -V 1-t , . 'mu " . .. ., .Q c n Sit? Y- 51 1 to vi - rv has .4-ii' . 3,27 .V , 'ist u r ."., , ,- g 1 :MQ i ,fn-, 3 FE?- x 'Ti Q' gf? li V YS,-L E 21.5, r EFA B Q -91.3, E' 1 lr' 4' .L ., yt.. E YS? 3 'fi' l 'Q,,fl Q ' fif- . 5 ' Q, ef P135- N 1 'fi f ni 5 ,ZS Eyes Right! Calcagno and Cook pick up the ac- tion against the invaders from Southern Oregon. ,H ' fr' if: 2-ivivlff X -'7,.,9:5'ff5rf14Zt 0 k,,4ii.,.,qg,t?r, C ',": , .-Y .N I'-5.1, , . sf-si if-Qf',,gfgNl,g-:Vg ' 'Zi 399wf w' ' ,ffff 'Ee X ' 'f , 1 f 1 gk' X in 'W I . Captain Phil Bannan leads Ashton around C t l. g end as Cook comes up fast from the left. 235 if ? . l SCU-8 SACRAMENTO STATE-14 Bronco bread and butter play for the entire season finds double threat Calcagno leading Komes around end. Although decided underdogs, the Broncos led the Hornets 8 to 7 with less than two minutes remaining in the game. A final march of 67 yards in 12 plays by State, however, left 3,000 Spartan Stadium fans dis- appointed as the gun went off. The Hornets had opened the scoring early in the contest but, after two scoreless periods, the Broncos bounced back with a 59 yard pass play from Calcagno to Cicchi which ended on the Sacramento ten yard line. Four plays later Gene Ashton bulled his way over for the touchdown from one yard out. A pass from Calcagno to Cicchi produced the two point conversion to put Santa Clara in the lead 8 to 7. Cicchi, Ashton and Komes were singled out as the outstanding backs of the game, while every Bronco lineman rendered tremendous efforts against far meatier foes. These valiant 'Davids' gained the accolade of their opponents as being the hardest-hitting team faced all year-another tribute to the coaching of Pat Malley and his staff and the spirit they have instilled throughout the year. First downs .... ..... Yards Rushing ...... ........ Yards Passing ...... ........ Penalties lyardsl Passes Attempted ....... ...., Passes Completed .......... ..... Passes Had lntercepted ..... .. Fumbles Lost ............... ..... Total Offense ...... ........ SCU SAC STATE 14 'I06 137 20 20 1 'l 1 2 243 Another hard-hitting Bronco to be around for three more years oe CU-28 CAL-WESTERN-1 Santa Clara, Nov. I9 - Fullback john Komes scored two touchdowns to lead the Broncos to a 28-l7 victory over Cal- 1Vestern and a successful hnish to a mediocre season. Santa Clara drove to 1Vestern's three yard line early in the first quarter and bloe Franlia plunged over for the score. Komes scored twice on runs ol' six and eight yards as he and the rest ol' the Bronco ollensive unit rolled up -ll? yards lor the game. The other TD was scored by Bob Cicchi who was on the receiving end of a Ron Calcagno pass. 1Vith this victory, the men from Mission Town evened their seasonal record at 3-3. Great things are expected from Santa Clara on the gridiron in the coming years and advance scheduling reveals competition ol' a high calibre. Award winners Phil Bannon and John Komes display their trophies at the Awards Banquet as Joe Ramona looks on. Scatback Jean Ashton smacks the center of the Western line and picks up another first down. First Downs ....... Yards Rushing ..,,. Yards Passing ...,. Penalties lyardsl .... Passes Attempted ..., Passes Completed ........, Passes Had Intercepted Fumbles Lost .................. Total Offense ...... SCU CAL WESTERN 15 223 189 60 18 11 0 0 412 7 117 112 70 21 8 2 O 229 7 r 1 -., A Lf. C N. jg 1' lv 'V '-1 X v- Sqljj x . J' . . f ' . V j-FQ , 55141 : -,. 'Q-2hk'1'! is il 4: -V L4 ' af ff 2: 1 ' ' ' . 1 '-'Q-,gpm ..4 - 1 r A ' , .f , - . w A ' f - , H - '- U , ' lg iii? !1 ' if x kgs, , , ji -pg 15.71 5 4 :,,wi - 1 " g N24 V .ff T-'ji f "" P l ' 1, ' - ' f 5 'J f, Ls- -L 1 I ,gf , ,f .2 if- Va- 1 '-' : 'gy Q ' 'SX .X ' 'J' ' ., ,g f . . - 5 - 1, JA. , i ,QQ y- ,, ' . ' f K 5- 1 5 , gf 5 ' :' V 3 ,P I " 1 N.. X J 1' ' . , . .i A - uh V- , . - ,,-- . 2 99 F flak ' - X, Q 12 , L ,xi , , 4 . LZSILQ U 'K r ' . if .as - '42 f ' X , - . Q ,V ' , 'L ' et iifff PHX ' f aff ii-5 ' f ? f f - gd , Aff?-uf - " 1 .1 -r - Q , , , ' x y 15-gn.,--,I 1 at- ' 4? I: .V F . ff Q 4 'bf ff ',Q " M1 L ,Q 'mf 'A-if5' i': "ll 5 . . J QL - ,f -' '. 5 -1: 1 nr: if - 'X ' 7 L F r : A , git? , ' , S - .. ' 'TGP' ' - '4 ' XA x r ' f ' " s f' r F . . Q 3' f s fi' I X 'fr r i: ., if ,. -I 1 H p ' I .v 4 I I - Z .0 N 'J 'fx , 3 59 x ' "' ' if h ,, ,Q Q .. wg Q 7 ' .,- 'n , ff Q . K . . U.- 4 V-'i 2' -5 V 2. .fl H ' X-7 ' ' . b I , 5 .1 I X 1, f I Rx ui -- Q ,Ji E K' ibn' x I :bxdr Vw, 1-534 1 4 , fx . ,f' ,1 , 3 5,555 W' " .GT ' ' ,Z ' if' h ' xi 'I if X 4 I . 1 x'Q A Q ' '1 K' , ' 1:4 -5 A I' 'E S ' " ,. 5' Lsgfll Y. r - ' -2 Y Y 1 .us W9 fr? 2 60,1 o A 4 4 12 -44: N. ,ax f' ' 239 X QNEO 14 240 93' 51150 image Standing. Equipment Manager Frank Campo, Tramer Henry Schmidt, Adnan Buoncrlstlanl, Gary Kelster Coach Bob Feerick, Barry Cristina, Pete Lillevand, Team Managers Buck Bannan and John Rohe. Sitting: Leroy Jackson George Herning, John Kelterer, Gene Shields, Joe Weiss, Denis McGrath, Ron McGee, Mike Ryan, SEASQN RECORD SC 57 .,...,..,... San Francisco State 39 SC 51 SC 49 ...... ,......,.... C hico State 37 SC 43 SC 66 ,.,.. ........... M iami 65 SC 58 SC 80 ....,. ......s.. N evada 50 SC 60 SC 50 ...... ........, N evada 56 SC 56 SC 59 ......, ....... P rovidence 65 SC 52 SC 41 ..... ........ P ortland 43 SC 30 SC 68 ...... .......... I ona 57 SC 51 SC 54 ..... ....... S tanford 53 SC 54 SC 50 .,.... ,...., U OP 44 SC 60 SC 42 ...... ......... U SF 45 SC 51 SC 48 ..... ...... S JS 42 SC 71 SC 61 ...... ...... H awaii 49 SC 45 SC 76 ...... ..... H awaii 53 ......St. ............,..Utah Pepperdine .........Loyola ............Loyola .,......Pepperdine ..St. Mary's ...........SJS .......USF UOP Mary's ......,.....USF UOP ........SJS 55 40 68 65 67 56 29 45 40 53 39 38 31 .-ff X 1 4 s ,six I The Broncos were co-captained by two Hue seniors, Pete Lillevand and Denis McGrath. Both men were outstanding leaders on court, providing the steadying influence on the less experienced sophs. The effectiveness of their leadership was reflected in the poise and class demonstrated by these same sophs as the Broncos swept their last Eve games in a row and led the nation in defense. Lillevand, a five foot nine inch crowd pleaser, directed strategy from the back court. His greatest assets were his dribbling and driving ability and an excellent set shot. lXIcGrath, a hustling reserve for the past two seasons, blossomed into one of Coach Feericlds strongest starters. Denny did just about everything well. posses- sing a keen eye from outside, good moves underneath and extremely rugged ie- bounding ability. ,sw J 7, fi Y . s Q. st 0 N C0 Q N5 , X V 'bn W- ., , uns' ., z Co-Captain Denis McGrath Z l I f 1 ! s . I 1 , - L 4 i 44 1 MIAMI GAME In their first intersectional game of the season, the Broncos upset highly touted Miami University, 66-65. The Hurricanes led by all-American Dick Hickox and sensational Ron Godfrey put on an impressive show but couldn't match the efforts of Pete Lillevand and his team- mates. Pete was all over the court on defense and scored 21 points to lead Bronco scoring. He canned four clutch free throws in the last few minutes to give Santa Clara one of its most thrilling victories of the year. .gig i , Q V 1 K '4 .. Ti ' aft z Y, K . .N ' My N 4 is R .'-'M . . A Q ka. a Jubilont Broncos reioice in big victory , '- 9 1,1 1 , ' ug l an wwf l Dems pleases Bronco roofers - O A lllS2lSlCl'0lIS flvc' lllllllllf' lulcl sill-tlll lll lvllllll Slllllll Clllllll lllilvml lUSClJI'l'1l lu-lll grlqll l,'ll2llJl1'Kl l'llm'l clclul' Clollcgn' Ill g'1lI'IlCI' ll 135-59 lVlll 1lXf'l llll' lllflllfflN The FI'lllI'S, f'YClllll1ll tllllIIlIJlfJIlN ul' llu- Nllllfllllll lll vllzllulllzll lUllI'll2IIllCllI, Iumcssccl mu- lll llu- llllC'Sl bzlll plalvcls to lullllmlll ln ilu' f.lYll' glll sl-llwll Ill lflllll 1 Egan wlul lull llllhllgll 25 lulillls Ull il Y1llll'lX ul xlu-1 ll1K'lll1lI'ill'lYCSQllltl llllllll slulls KX'llllll llllll rlu- llllblltfl llClCllSC lxlllllccl llllil tlu- tllllilf ilx' llllwll lgglsplllg. 'l'lu Bl'0lu's lllll Ull ll llllf' llllly llllllli' S4'KUllll ll:lll, llll tlllur rzln Olll lu'lln'c lllcy ffilllll lflllgl' lllllilll, Sllplul more CLCIIC Sllicllls In-ll Illc Slllllll flllilil Nftlllllg wllll l-I points. , 5:21, Q. . V, ZVUY-4144x232 Y - " M .V , ,9 , ",l 1 ., A . f - - 75 Q, U, 1. 'A ifjlii Z'?M7?5'? iv l Q, Q.. ,.,,,M A.. af V47 " A I ' ' .!'ii.?f: 0 + -. A . M ?.f'2-Q1 Qlhff. 1 '66 jllilff ff' K f , ,, .4 19 V, if ' A 1 J, 1 .. McGrath hips out Hcldnot P P 41?5g:'c7f4' The famous Shields hook Joe shoots over outstretched hands of Providence man Leroy Jackson - Sophomore - Center 46 Pete shows his All North ern California form in McGee huts as Stanford gasps Behind by 10 points at the half, Santa Clara made one of the typical second period comebacks which seem to characterize Feer- ick-coached teams to edge out Stanford 54-53. Junior guard Barry Cristina stepped into the hero's role for the evening as he hit three brilliant jump shots in the closing minutes to ice the game for Santa Clara. .f -kf' 1 I' Jackson's 'umper scores again M ,, . I . I v C C 0 Qtr.: 53 . 3 U SEWVSCE W 'L i USF SERIES The Broncos opened up their se- ries with traditional rival, USF on at sour note, dropping a tight 50-44 tlt-cision in the YVCAC Tournament in San Francisco over the Christmas holidays. However, they more than avenged this loss by dumping the Dons twice in regular conference play by scores of 51--15 and 51-39. Sophomore kloe lVeiss was a stand- out in the twin victories both in the scoring and rebounding depart- ments. Leroy's leap helps down the Dons Little Pete drops in two big ones. 'SSW , ,,,..,:,..4,- ,, , . ,.-4, . .V,, . , ,ssajyg ' 1 ,1 5,3 " 3 1' 1, 'fax i .e 1,-.P 1.., gr '-545j5:::i'M5', . s 'i-', SERIES 2 , 4 ,iti 1 The Broncs and the Spartans met during the season and Santa Clara top on all occasions. In the WCAG cross town foes were defeated 48-42. son play was highlighted by two tight battles, the Broncs easily winning the by a 45-31 score. The second game will forgotten. With five seconds to go Santa grabbed the ball and was trailing by the ingly low score of 29-28. Big Gene possession, and with one second to go, fired Virv twenty-five foot hook shot which touchecliiyv v z iijil ing but the bottom of the net to give SC the year's most satisfying victories. so ' , - , 52332-' J' zz' Q" . :: - Z ,X 41134 A. S- .-, ag eg ' , , ' : ".,-Q4 ,' 4 'l W f 45? 4, f 0 3 ' SQ .f . 21 42? " . . fs.,- '- - . e ,-31 'li -fi: 'Y' - 1 :ig-Q-35653 :55iia1,:4 ,:- Y ST, MARY'S SERIES A split was the best Santa Clara could get from St. Mary's in XVCAC play this season as they dropped a close 52-56 de- cision to the Gaels in the Oakland Audi- torium but bounced back in the return contest to topple the men from Moraga by a 60-53 score in San jose. McGee. Weiss and Shields all scored in the dous ble figures to lead the Bronco comeback. fir 1" QQBNCQQ1 I 0 J l I I ii 1 Gary Keister - Junior - Forward F i 'i 3 4 3 Q 3 PIUERDINE SERIES Despite an uniinpressive record in XVCLXCZ play, Pepperdine gave the Bronco men no end of trouble. In the hrst contest played at the Civic, the lYaves faced a cold Santa Clara offense, but were held in check them- selves as the Broncs hung on for a close 43-40 win. On the trip south, the situation reversed itself as the Peps caught the Missioners at a low ebb and disposed of them by a score of 67-56. l B fa- .vf " ,A .. 'full' Leave em alone, fellas. They're autographing it Shields bulls through for a field goal 252 ,la George Herning - Sophomore - Forward U.0.I3. SERIES UOP failed to make a strong show- ing in any of its three games against Santa Clara. The Tigers were de- feated 50-44 in the WCAC tourna- ment and in league play they came out on the short end of 71-38 and 54-40 scores. Leroy jackson provided the big punch against the Stockton boys with two fine scoring outputs and excellent board work. LOYCJLA SERIES Loyola could do no wrong 1is season as Billy Donovan nished his e1ht year reign ver the Lions with the JCAC Championship, refus- ig to share the honor with ioach Feerick as he did last 32111 In the north and the south ieetings, Donovan's del Rey- ien outspirited the Silver ox's boys with 65-60 and 68- 3 victories. J Ysmlfg wi Z Tag team action at the Civic ,af F1 Shields leads interference for Lillevand f Adrian Buoncristiani - Junior - Guard 4 FRGSH BASKETBALL use I X ff TE 15, "ff 1, 1 ' i'54e1Q,,f- ,....... ........,.... .... ---.. 1-.i . 2 -11l...........--.1., ,nv , . wah... 1 V Qui. .... ......,...-.aan-ww---1 """A- Wy- f.. ,, . Aw. , ,X 2, . ,A , 2 A . . - -mv First row: Stroot, De Martini, De Coite, Dubie, McGarry. Second row: Tomsic Marcenaro, Cullen, Vrankovich. Third row: Jaroch, Turner, Bob Garibaldi, Mitchell. SEASON RECORD SC Frosh 69 ............ Menlo SC Frosh 45 SFCC SC Frosh 70 ............ Oakland CC SC Frosh 62 .,.......,.. Cal Frosh SC Frosh 69 Stockton JC SC Frosh 84 VOP Frosh SC Frosh 69 ..,...,..... Cal Frosh SC Frosh 47 ...,........ SJS Frosh SC Frosh 53 ............ SJCC SC Frosh 64 .......... SC Frosh 61. SC Frosh 72 .......... SC Frosh 57 ........... SC Frosh 70. SC Frosh 60 ........... SC Frosh 80. SC Frosh 87 SC Frosh 72. 'I2 wins 6 loses .Standford Frosh 67 .Bellarmine 60 St. Mary's Frosh 51 .SJS Frosh 50 .USF Frosh 71 .Stanford Frosh 77 .VOP Frosh 58 St. Mary's Frosh 54 ...........USF Frosh 56 BASEE LL ff-'ii XX 'RN 5 1 xkjlo Q, 3 'Nm , A 'f 'ff ffl-54 4' Lf, f ' 53751 .. ,tt ,ati ' aa EM' ' ,a.,. ,.4,. ' 222 7' .: 'gif f ,' ' 1 iivufx 3 Returning as mentor of the Santa Clara baseball team after a ten year leave of absence, Coach John CPaddyj Cottrell impressed all who associated with him. An astute scholar of baseball technique, Paddy worked hard in de- veloping his youthful ball club which was composed pri- marily of underclassmen. Despite a mediocre record, in- terest in baseball was never keener at Santa Clara as evi- denced by the large attendance which consistently turned out to watch the daring and colorful Broncos. They were exciting even in defeat. Paddy will hit pay dirt with these boys next year for sure. ,M ,, M. ,. W, .av ,-5. 4 .ct 4-:,. ,ai it fi.-no V 7 VM. '14 1 7 ffm .EIL , - 22 'L ray, ,, 0 .. v 3 1-5 J VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD ,..,,- -..H 2, ,gi I L -f-1-1-:E-3 , Standing: Manager Jerry Gleuck, Equipment Manager Frank Campo, Dick Williams, Bob Polhamus John Boccabella Reno Di Bono, Dick Polhamus, Ron Cook, F. X. McLellan, Bob Benton, Denis McGrath, Trainer Henry Schmidt Sitting Coach Paddy Cottrell, Mickey McDermott, Dan Korbel, John Giovanola, Larry Laughlin, Ken Flanagan, Larry Kaaha Ernie Fazlo Ned Brown, George Cattermole, Assistant Coach Frog Freitas. .1-.',.', .1 X. 5 S fx W , lags, Q X a 5 ef QV? X ,,.c, ,, nf -c .. , 1,1 3 A ,,., 51 i :VF Eff ' -14 ' Q1 . . .-. . -fn A ,M .. , .2-:sas-Q.. ,, ,g 4... as xg . 1, Q-yr om Y 4 , g-55923, Sim: f-if 1 X 1 Xia 9, 4, ,c vefza ve S sb VQX 4 4'-2' SQ' . 1 meg Y' 'W tk -1 '- 9-1154? I , - sr -,fl ,,..W.--1 ' .wr I 452 if 1 .V f ,silt fy ti:-if w. W f- " sz we . e4gs..':?'fg9L .2 . :2 -rflwfgfe. .53 wgm. ., .s ,fy .W 4... , ,.g,,wf- u 9, 5 . -'w"m,,1 fs ,. ,,,,, --My 1 - ' ' N51 ' : Liv? Lf?,g.:g",1.. V ., fQ:f'4,,. ' ..q,-,,"gs3:4:'.sf1:s.. ,lr it 5 7? ' L. X' V . illfi'-'?" 4- 9 In 1.5, V.: im., , 2f"f. R w '- asm--V--1-Q f SC8. SC8. SC6. SC19 SCO. SC3. SC10 SC3 SC2. SC4i SC1. SC10 SC4 ..... SEASON RECORD Won 15 Lost 12 CIBA 5-11 ......SF State 2 SC 5 ......SF State 1 SC 4 .......USC 15 ...,.....USC 9 0 SC 6 .........USC 8 Mary's 7 sc 9 ......usF 1 ...........UOP 4 SC 16 .......Alumni 4 ........UOP0 SC 8 ........CaIifornia 3 ............USF 0 SC 17 ............USF 1 ...California 4 SC 5 Notre Dame 8 SC 4 ..........UCLA 7 SC 4 ......UCLA 4 SC 6 ......UCLA 7 SC 4 ........USC 3 SC 4 California 6 ........Stanford 9 .Stanford 5 .......UCLA 5 .Stanford 0 .Stanford 7 ' ' i V 7'-',-'19 Captain Ned Brown Dick Polhamus As must be the case every Spring, the baseball team lost the services of six fine seniors through graduation. The pitching staff will miss the fireballing transfer Dick Polhamus and three year veteran DickWilliams. Gone too will be F. X. fBubsj McLellan, outstanding left fielder who led all Bronco hitters until the final week of CIBA action. Power hitting outfielder and pinch hitter Bob Polhamus likewise goes the graduation route with his brother. His pinch home runs on two occasions proved his value in the clutch. The final two familiar faces to leave the Bronco lineup are first baseman Denny McGrath, one of the leagues finest fielders and captain Ned Brown - All-CIBA catcher. Dick Williams F. X. McLellan lid: ' 4, wr, , . an 9 ,. 4 X .aw '7 " Abi , V xl ' 4 I 11,1 L W 0 Q u 1 1 - Y UI 6 inf X f nt Ernie Fazio, Ken Flanagan, John Boccabella, John Giovanola. - 5' 'S , 'T 5.1. . :- sf., 24: 4 C S- "2j522E'??r s Heading the list of returning candidates for Coach Cattrell's 1962 nine are these five anchors of this year's squad. Probably the flashiest ball player to hit the Mission Campus in many years is the sensational sophomore shortstop Ernie Fazio. Blessed with both great hitting and fielding ability, Fazio was unani- mous choice for All-CIBA honors in his initial year in a varsity uniform. Outlielder-first baseman Ken Flanagan is one great reliable solid citizen on the squad. As a soph, he hit well, fielded like a triple A boy and showed he will not be out of any lineup the next two years. john Boccabella, third base man, wielded the most powerful bat on the squad. A dangerous slugging threat whenever he went to bat, Boc is a definite pro prospect. John Giovanola was one of the three most dan- gerous base runners as well as a sharp second bagger. Mickey McDermott will play his last year next sea- son and his departure will leave a crater in center field. An all-around ball player, Mick is undoubted- ly the most colorful performer on the bench. He will stabilize the outfield next year as he has done for the past two seasons. A t:J' 3 I Iv V- A . av- ' f . .,. 'f T , . . t , .W "'.-A,-g',. ,thu , E ' V V A 'A "" 'Brat-PVs ,' 1 -f V V Q.. Ar. , 11w-35-2- . ,. ' dyifmgmm-asf . , -35: s s- ....-. - 4 4' V, 1. A ..' 1: rw--. I " ' ' . 3T'wQv:g . 'ff QM. VV-,.6vr,-, V N, - "2-4f'1"'9g.g" - 5843- , .gy t.. -sa v'1'1,' ya--.4 of-. , j"'lbQa"L,t ,gr .' ,-14.35 ','.-5-.df 1 -fi Q-5,r:e':'a: . 'fl 'iw ng.. .flirg .. '1-:,.,,Vj Jwtnfgji,-iv'?w. Q V - .,4.w:,,' rwfgagfa ,jqge g .4-,if N ,A Q. ' V 'Pls -ff 1 vi. -tV,.:Vt.i.-1 V - "f"' 2 :fw:ig'i.s,ref 'iff' , f , 4' i ' ,.1-mf . r9:.ww.v .'29f'i'2!f'ig5 . J 'Vi -ws V --. - aaa 'Vfzwfw 'f e.-,Vw W- , . ff "'z . . U U, La' .s.,Q,,-., -rv f,vg5,.,5 ,,,, , , - H 1 -,f.U,..- 'i -u-rA21'f""'fA3sut . ' - "fri" ' 43:-.J T' .gL"ah:9 "f""'5s-'f' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' . .- f . V ' ' f xi ' ' , , .ff iz' .. wztrtfw-zf.V an mr- V t . ,X 1.1. in Q,-.',crdKw2w fr 1 1:02 t 9' ,,x5,g,,', 4 ,f g .- , 564, -xvf' ' ' ' w ' . 'v s 4, 'gfsw ,gan V :, 4 . ,, W-s --,- 1 Q ' -..,f' 'V ' ".-f- ' ,A- , nf -. Q 'V?Z5"'!"- V 41 sf. ,L 'fi 12, 'f, z'.,'1,g-""' Q . .,-1 g '- ' Q. J", , . 'g,, , qty, . .. ,ff a, ,.,,. ',g-59 W Jang? . ,L . . f V., .V"" -, ,, 'fr--if w,v"'.,f,,f4 .-.',,-V. J..." ' 'f ' , .. Ar!.irtQxk -Qw2.i"?ey,,435,'3fV, MJ ,gf fupzgfwig V ,LVN -' ,- I by 4 YNj'Y2' -95 1,14 "'1fUAo,,.:Q-"gii'- V5 il -32'-' 'X t H .- dm, ,v an A 1 Q-re ,. ,vi , N .yr-0, .4 w.5,,J., ,K 3. , , if Nb., ,FW-'Q. 1 5-.X f M. 1.2-.wfitq 5 -a"gwu5.45rY'V -L f if-1151 '-fvei. Vi-if . .' - ' :mars -vii' l'f""k?"'fK1M' : ' ' " 4' Z' .V mf. . , A ,NLE -, .-ix .. , - yfgl: fWgx.,4 -hi . W V I-ff '1,Mgqf.'. -' f-"t ' ' 'F' . " . -' - -f "J ,,V',V 1 Q ' 4 1 e f +:l-1-2-,VsV+f.?H.. he -' ' . xr . ' ' ,, ' , .af .f-Q f , ' . - 1 . .. . . ' -'0r"4'-V-- ,- . -' x 5ig5jg'1'2g'-f'-,e:1'r?'1::J-fl' V f f p - s. L Key' fwwhig- K fi-lt .. - ' . . ' ., ' .5:.waN.2.Cf'.1:- "4-fn-'I'-. , 's 1 Q V-fl cz. 5-c yt- :,,,, A ' ' 0: ' if Lx ., -"gx,:!,W 1 ,v ,LJ A ,af-,G . fi ' ' , Nxt . .',f,!'Qgt-L wk., ., . . --,,.,'g . . .M ' I -P' 2-.4.ig'g4gf,s.g-it-fm Q 122 . xy Mg H s V y . - '.-L-i'n7l1,'e4'l9 ' Sf.-Sw 'l'3f"f1 -'YA '.'.i.-'s-1x,.:"T' -"...,3f ' 1 c..'9Fr2Ls3f'M 2 l'!.Mi2t...rV"3,.!.i.7"'1-' Q' V'fX'w '-.'1,,V, Mickey McDermott 259 260 1961 Individuals Fazio Boccabella Polhamus, Bob Brown Flanagan McGrath Loughlin Cook Giovanola Korbel McDermott McLellan Williams Polhamus, Dick DiBono Catfermole Kaaha Benton Totals Polhamus, Dick Korbel Williams Loughlin Benton Caftermole 1 POS. G AB SS 3B IF C B-OF 1B P OF-C 2B OF-C OF OF P P OF P OF P BASEBALL STATISTICS 27 101 28 35 12 .347 27 102 21 34 1 .333 9 15 2 5 1 .333 22 80 8 23 2 .288 27 94 23 27 1 .287 21 66 6 18 1 .273 15 30 6 8 0 .267 12 23 9 6 0 .260 27 109 29 28 17 .257 11 12 4 3 0 .250 27 104 21 24 9 .230 19 58 13 13 1 .226 13 19 2 4 0 .210 9 16 1 3 0 .188 19 33 2 6 1 .181 7 10 1 1 0 .100 15 23 2 2 3 .087 1 0 0 0 0 .000 27 895 178 240 151 49 .268 PITCHING GS W L PCT. IP AB SO H 6 3 1 .750 48 165 32 30 1 2 0 1.000 34 125 15 37 20 10 5 5 .500 55 203 22 43 34 7 4 5 .444 65 'A 248 35 44 60 39 0 0 0 .000 2 9 2 1 3 1 3 1 1 .500 22Va 83 16 20 22 21 T.B. 64 52 11 30 38 20 12 10 36 5 36 18 4 4 9 1 2 0 52 R ER 13 14 23 32 15 F.A. .949 .945 1 .000 1 .964 .986 .939 .909 .920 .929 .800 .985 .857 .875 .857 .800 .800 .000 .500 .943 ERA. 2.44 3.71 3.73 4.39 4.50 6.05 Fazio's inside ihe park home run THE NIOUND STAFF B s .0 1 George Cattermole, Larry Laughlin, Reno Di Bono, Dick Williams, Dan Korbel, Bob Benton The Bronco pitching staff was youthful this season as three of the first line pitchers were sophomores, but they came through re- markably well. The club will lose only two pitchers via graduation, Dick Mfilliams and Dick Polhamus, but their loss will be hard felt. Polhamus closed the season for the Bron- cos defeating Stanford -l-0 in a sterling two- hit performance. Mfilliams' finest perform- ance of the season was a brilliant 8-3 victory over a power packed California team. 'Q f ' T73 "f'?.?i' f l' 'f' 'V - Y , I A A - -K-5 1 ,kan f' W,-' ,,-,,w-:- 'em' . X , - '-ft!.,Qfff.Zf1gZvkf- i - -ff' .. . ., LT-jztsrg V . . : h " ' - 'VW' ' -' ?z-- 1 '1"' i-ff Irffvv M w """'a-x2-1"'K.Fu' - ffwfiaf f . . X , , 4. f -- -'1 txt, :asf-i gi-r',t 532'-,2-tf3Eag "iw Ifsaimfmtn-"-gfiggisggg: . ' . 'i 2. mtl x .' , 2: t, - -,w . ' J - ' 7 " ' ' ' 1 "fx ,-., .v 7' ,c "W" .rf .F - xx' Wi' L' -1-a'?C"f3W' , ,uf 3y'Z,,.3:f 'iff'-:ii-, -ogg, ' ,r ' ' ' 4" ' JE K , ' lv' 55.2 -.fP'f.? was EI. 1.v'3' " f - Pi" Us-1 sf ,,:fk1z-tm'-f,--f"l's'-1 2 t '- ,v M'-rf'-HN i -r i ' t - 1' t . Q -2 ff'-l Givo beats Notre Dame throw l . :f .. 1 gn , lr Y V... ., - , -. ,.-,,,.,Q., -Aa ..-f.- "' ' Hey, Mick, next time try for a walk off C.I.l3.A. Wfhile the season was not a success from the win-loss standpoint, it definitely was a rebuilding year for Paddy Cottrell's Broncos. One encour- aging note was that the Broncos defeated each team in the league at least once this year. Another hopeful characteristic was the amaz- ing comeback power. Against U.C.L.A., they came back and tied the game in the 9th, llth and 13th inning before finally getting the go- ahead run in the Hth inning. The next couple of years will be harvest ones for the Broncos. An excellent coach and a base- ball team loaded with desire and ability will make Santa Clara a Yl'est Coast powerhouse. Sfumper makes third ---..:3E: - + 9? , ,B , ,Lffifzsa wt: I 4 I., T51-4 S Q- 9959 V. it I -1 X' . i N, P - , ry , ,E L ., H N, I .. .Y t, .. , V V ., Q: I' 4 .L 4, .-1-: t 1' X I Ez' t ' E, ,. 'ff' 1? . wifi ' 'lfz mf , ,..-gf ,M ,ef Mf- xs 1 X , 1- e- .v -.1 ,Q Q, .-,.,,. s eu, ..., L We S x Y ' .?f:-4, i x. 1- 45. . n, e., .3 ,4 6. L' .,Q- Wjlfg,-Q ,351 S55 4' V. . . "f24'ii'. - Q33-:g'F'T -f , M .M , '13 ii, Fox stretches out o triple ,j ,, A:,.,t I . ft 'E ' ' , , , A f.I?"v ' 'aw f' A gi S,-EQ: . nag: ' Denny McGrath-Kang of Swat ' 1 15 2. .V Who s on first? 4 3s. ,,. , if t ZF: 1 Tj. 1 ' 5' I 1 K af 6 FRCDSI-I BASEBALL 4 V--. .V V dd l 4 i ""l!uHIm.. 4. First row: Malvini, Franzia, Perricone, Samuelson, Declusin, Locke. Second row: Coach Dick Garibaldi, Marcenaro, Gustin, Bob Garibaldi, Cullen, Lassart . The Freshman Baseball Team completed a successful season with :1 17 win, 2 loss record. This fine showing enabled the club to garner a tie with the University of California for first place in its league. Standouts were pitchers Bob Garibaldi and Rocky Marcenaro and short stop Tim Cullen. SEASON STATISTICS Name Games Arrieita, Tom 18 Kellogg, Mike 10 Garibaldi, Bob 11 Rogers, Pat 8 Malvini, Gary 17 Calcagno, Ron 18 Marcenaro, Charles 13 Locke, Bill 19 Cullen, Tim 17 Samuelson, Marty 7 Franzia, Joe 19 Perricone, Joe 17 Panella, Dan 5 Guslin, Dan 11 McCarthy, Joe 12 Declusin, Skip 5 Lassarf, Jim 7 19 Pitchers IP Garibaldi, Bob 47 Marcenaro, Charles 34 Samuelson, Marty 24 Lassarf, Jim 22 Rogers, Pat 18 Gustin, Dan 3 148 64 AB 56 27 17 17 61 65 39 59 66 1 1 65 39 8 21 30 5 1 1 97 22 7 7 6 18 18 11 11 17 2 14 9 2 7 6 1 0 158 SO 61 34 26 21 21 R H RBI HR 23 0 11 6 6 21 22 12 18 20 3 17 10 2 5 6 1 1 185 R ERX W 6 4 14 13 5 2 21 12 8 6 3 4 4 6 58 41 17 AVG. 410 407 352 352 344 338 308 306 303 272 260 256 250 238 200 200 090 ERA .076 3 .44 0.75 4.91 3.00 1 2.00 2 .49 S 2x KNEE xg ' id L I. 'Vlnk f . fs' 'L I VV 41l4'A ' Axxiffa 1' M : , lx niltfi "NW 5 ...f --A f -r 1 , X9 X X 1 I I f V 1 125-. lg, 66 Tennis captain Bill Regan, boxing captain John Willett, golf captain Bob Callan This year's team wus composed innin- ly of novice boxers who founcl the C. C. B. C. competition stiff indeed. Conchetl by Duke Drake and Dave Nel- son, the youthful crew fought an uphill battle :ill the way, gaining little more thnn experience. The reall success of this yezu"s squad might very well be found in the future. llI6lll5 lll ,lust llillllll Q --eff . Boxers Mike Dorais, Kent Morrill, Joe Tinney, John Helmer, Bill Burke, John Willett. lllllli 4 +I John Willett, Senior Captain, was the first person in Santa CIara's boxing history to receive All American honors. 125 132 139 141 147 150 156 165 178 Burke . Willett Helmer Tinney Astbury Jacobs I.. 3- DeRuosi .............. Morrill . Dorais Hvwt. Niedecker ..... 5-0 67 , -MV' V feage. J V .4 A ,-gil, ,, M.,.,,,.,, 4' 5 ,, X 3' .y'?f,,,,K,, I-.A -1 h Fwvbleeiemimi Bislgegqn aQd,SfeVQ. Devin fx, 'X Q Led by captain Bill Regan and return- ing lettermen Bob Campbell, Larry Gill, Steve Devin and Nick Grey, the Varsity Tennis Team rnet the strongest teams in N o r t h e r n California Intercollegiate championships in Los Angeles, and Hn- ished the season with a six win, six loss record. Nelmen Bob Campbell, Bill Regan, Steve Devin, Dennis O'Brien, Nick Grey, Larry Gill, Ken Walsh, Manager Ramon Kaluzniacki. ,V 2' ,, U52 - aw J, - iw, 252-T , 'aiifgfgi ' 1 .ff V 6 '39, are 'f- , . 4 SA 'Tl 'III ,: harm.: A. Ken Spadoni, Lynn Yturri, Mitch Secondo, Norm Padilla, Bill Beasley, Team Captain Bob Callan SEASON RECORD The Santa Clara golf team re- 22 -hnhn---.--.-.---...--,.,.---- USF 55 mained W.C.A.C. champs asuit suc- zovz mm--USF bvz cessfully defended its title in Los SJS 18 Angeles this year. The victory made 9 """ """' t he Broncs the league champions for 6 ------ ------- 5 -ls 21 the third straight year. In the dual 24 ....... ............ S FS 3 matches this season, the Broncs post- 21 --hhhuh -----.,---,-,'.q-.- 5 FS 6 ed a 10-3 record against the top 27 Sf Muryk 0 teams of the area. Mainstays on this 25 """" "'i"" S ' M , 2 year's team were again Captain Bob l' arys Callan, senior, along with juniors 25 ------- ------'-,----- U OP 2 Mitch sefondo and Bill Beasley. 27 ....... ................. U OP 0 Also very prominent in the successf 7 '-,,,. ,,,,..... 5 fqnfo,-d 20 ful season were senior Norm Padilla 23 D ---.-- ---.----USF 4 gnddfreshmen Lynn Yturri and Ken 24 ------- -.---. S FS 3 Pa Om' W.C.A.C. Championships at Los Angeles Country Club. Santa Clara .................... 305 Loyola ,.......,... ....... 3 30 San .lose State ................ 310 St. Mary's ........, ...... 3 40 Univ. of San Fran. ............ 3'l 1 Univ. of Pacific .... ...... 3 43 Bob Callan, Team Captain Dowling is about to set a school record 'CP' J: I, lg ,,,,4:. 3 Q -rf 32 A ' ' 1 f 2 P 1 ,. ,. x Standing: Coach Joe Stein, Dennis Burke, Jim Connelly, Ged Knope, Bob RUVGHO, Mick McGonigle. Kneeling: A. J. Snooks, Tory Boone, Dennis Crowley, Mike Dowling, Bill Coit. , , if zifuziiilfi'f55-1fi,1.w'W ff' .iff ' f , inf: A A , f 1,421 4 , , 2' .zz sw .- f 4 4. f ,q,'f.,1m3-'g:f,.- ' t "Zi ' Sa-537 '. ' Hyygf, f-ae,.:f 'f-rf' .132 V, :fs f 13?2,f',I" . , , Vim. I if-2' ,-'-1,'17,41:i X ,. 11:1-' ,L',Z1.u, , ,- .,,fi'2?f,, 4 ,Q ,gy-are ,nz- 'ia , ?' '55 t. '- ,Z '-225724, -- ,.e'4,f.wz- -f , ,v S? 24 , f ' u . f ,Ss '53 3 ,, ,- . ., , , . ,A , ., ., ,vczwg ,ypviw . ' . ,. ff- .few , ,.'ia3,-"zf- , 22" ' 3 f::qf4f ' Zigi ,Q U1 ' x 1 ,fc M 'nw va df' Z N , if ' c ff fzfff. H 1: f u.. 1,1"z-A.:e5:.4f c. ,Paz 1 iwzrf 1 f '61 575' 1 W I 53 g 1 'l'1Wf u- .i1f,1:1f1ffs r :hd1g55f2f 'f R ' ,.,, .1,,:, 3 ,IVV , -, A yzpfe- gf , -- fl , pmt? ,. 4 , Q ' of . 4 gist -34: , 2 sEfTia41z 'i53-'E b--. 'L-A1 me ,:g :bf ,. ..4:.:fs,:s:z'-'z A sv: 2 gif 11" 4 ,v was L, 1' UG543- 4' 5 ' "QgZ"'.'1: I8j'i?ff1- :2:,,f, , 2-L-.we :'f:3g:Z,s5-s - ,vc y - ,Z A., .. . : has 4 221-Qli-E ft '7'??1Z if? fi: ,211 'Ir tg-fgi w Q1 : - .W 1,-?.g-g1,:g., , , ..,,, ,ff ' :Q -' ' ' Kg., 1a. .a:'-121:-,. ' , :,z.sg19 ilfsif ,V .,,, ..,,,f -A f ., .ESV , ',6.ei:2f-?. ,. " i 'f 1 2119:-32. E1":,5:-f2- , g,,l cf' 1,,,m-.zer-Q.: V ,fe ,spew y , f ' 'mf 2:11,-: :ft':"-' , 2 ,Axe . - ,y sg 1? :v.s:'2g ,,f,:f fi jg , . . ,ff 1'9'fv :',- .,:,4,f,,f,f , J " xafvgxfw , . U ,,. 1 j:'f,g,.' .,f V V- Q ,Il .V - , V . ey:-V40 . ,.,,, 5 , . -,,,41.:,.z,, 4 ,.L'::??f?? 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J-' f.-an ' Firsi row: Coach Tom McLaughlin, Don Ingoglia, Phil Branson, Art Pegg, Vince Desmond, Jim Grube, John MacDonald, Gene Mellor, Jon Jagger, Dan Robitaille, Mgr. Larry Farren. Second row: Roger Powers, Jim Williams, Jim Sullivan, George Loquvam, Terry Florian, Jerry Lynch, Omar Guzig, Jim Shea, Phil Bannon. The Front Line Where's the ball? 7 wi gk Top row: Jack Webster, Dick Settle, Bob Hovee, Jim Kirby, Dick Sherman, Galen Sarno. Front row: Edwardo Nunez, Denis Devitt, Harry Taw, John Casey, Karl Buder, Paul Bangasser. "f""FbZL, ,.,. . Ms... Vi 1 T ffm' S ' ' Arghh! 'Y' num up-u-v r..... Five team stalwarts Stretch, Jack, stretch "..K,,Cr3K'Qf7f2" , J '.'..1 "f.-f?iub'?i" A . .,- 1 Q z 1 Ilfi W x 5' ITP! I 'E fn' , , va 91 5 'S N x na T9 , :big W 73 15' 'EN Q14 ' 4 'sv mn 1 'Y' i 446 -wal? A -..-1' J, 1 I 0 I 4 Y A A o 4 S W s.f,y'3 . A s A 1 1 , ' , X 1' f,iQ.- ' . 4 ,, 2 - 1 L l,C'. ' ' 1321233 ,l ,.,, Ewa .,, x ,i -B W . Zn if "Aw-'Z -'QW .ff Q' Horney Bob watches on l 4 'f ,, 1 ,.,3,.7 5 ,. . ,V .47 HW. f 3431- '.,,:" ,- 13 , 5 1 TL' ' f v ' - V ,, 'Pr' AL 5, 1 A 1, . 'A I K. ' , , il A 4 K 'if l J , 5' xx' I ,f ' K 5 N , ta, Ll , Bonfire boys I 1 , 'W 1 Compliments Of XV. W. KENVILLE Vice President and Manager Santa Clara Branch O Bank nf mn-Ira NATIONAL Z,'iR',iL'52 ASSOCIATION CDIIAL DCPDIII INIUIAHCI UOIIDIAIIUI 0 llllll YIDIIAL llll I SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA CHECK YOUR SPENDING with a handy Special Checking Account at any of these convenient banking offices: EL CAMINO REAL OFFICE 2120 El Camino Real SANTA CLARA OFFICE 1111 Washington Street STEVENS CREEK OFFICE 65 Santa Clara-Los Gatos Road I MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT lN5uPANCi CORPORAIION Tom Baker of Tom 81 Larry's wishes to thank all you pizza eating Bron- cos for your great patronage these past two years. As most of you know, I have sold the Hangout, so this is goodbye for now and good luck. But you can still get the best pizzas in town at 945 The Alameda and at our other Tom 8. Larry's. FRANCHIZED WILSON DEALER Peter S Talla ,- f..'4 ,pq ,..,,fv Q I :,..A,'x- 'M -' " .f -f-.4 7 -.. ,, . -,. f . Aw V V - " . Q as Q '- .gif l li we "" ' Nn ' N 'L 5- , 'Y ' ' , s H L. w t 5 - Q ll' if V 5' ' 1 ",,1,f3fQ 'fl in , , " 15,20 I , I i vllni A, P l" L. , W, -, rg .Ja allfl. - was lj' -f L . .. I I 998 AXmmster 6 2820 , 1485 FRANKI IN 'ii' - A in-is House or S in if , , 4 . .-4 SANTA cuu sronr srlor SANTA CLARA SPORT SHOP J ' - -ou... .Q.. . ., Good Cleaning at Reasonable Prices MARVEL CLEANERS Franklin Santa Clara We Operate Our Own Plant SANTA CLARA LAUNDERETTE 941 Main Street, Santa Clara . . . lt's a Real Pleasure to Serve the Students ana the University . . . JOHN P. GRACE Manager Phone AX. 6-9855 A. J. PETERS 81 SON MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Plumbing, Heating and Utilities INSTALLATIONS - REPAIRS 534 Stockton Avenue CYp1-ess 5-5545 SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA BEST WISHES from THE CITY 0F SANTA CLARA Mayor Matt P. Talia Councilmen Gene Burgess Robert H. Simons Maurice E . Dullea James J. Viso Frank Keller Austen D. Warburton "-NOODWARD'S FLOWERS St' Claire Laundry Established in 1894 Jo Martin 15070 Savings on Cash 8: Carry 'IO38 Franklin Street Next to the University Field House Soma Clara Axminsfer 6-3824 867 Sherman St. AXminster 6-5035 PEREIRAUS SAN JOSE INN Franklin and Main 1860 The Alameda Santa Clara CYpress 3-9361 May's Shoppe Gil's Shop Women's A arel Men's Wear PP E bl' h d 1936 Fred H. Pfeiffer ' A. F. Tomlinson sta IS e AXminster 6-5452 owner"ManU9er5 For the Best Rest East or West '?5EgQS,o Rzs.:AXMxNs'rsn 6-2609 0 qc-areas? San Jose IOSEPH F. MONASTA Travel-Jodge Disrmcr MANAGER H B 1401 The Alan-leda MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL s4oi3Zii:1n:iL3i:Snr SA ,CA 2521221235 ptoilffypkfixf 37212. Convenient Location CYpress 5-0159 Bellarmine Barber Shop 892 Emory St. - Corner Elm St. San Jose HARMON A. SMITH FUNERAL HOME 907 WASHINGTON STREET .. . .. SANTA CLARA. CALIFORNIA For tops zu Flat-tops Across the street from - - HARMON A. SMITH AXMINSTER 6-2978 Bellarmine High Gabriel Gonzales, Prop. Courtesy of A. J. RAISCH PAVING COMPANY PATRICK W. REGAN Executive Vice President 2. 5 'Ami' 900 W. SAN CARLOS STREET SAN JOSE. CALIF. CYPRBS 2-7027 Universify Union Oil Sfafion Complete Service-Brakes 8a Tune-ups We Give S 8c H Green Stamps 102, Discount to all students on tune-ups and brake jobs Park 8: Alameda Santa Clara BRONCO BURGER PIT Burgers Shakes Drinks Sundries Open Till 12:00 Frzkndly Store OPEN DAILY 10 to 10 Sundays 10:30 - 9 2725 Alameda Santa Clara, Calif. AX 6-0790 Est. Since l929 RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Italian Dirzrzrrv . Banque! Room Opposite University of Santa Clara OPEN DAILY 5160 ALAMEDA Phone AXminstcr 6-l98l Santa Clara, Calif, JOE BRUNA GENOVA DELICATESSEN Cold Meats ' Pickles ' Cheese Salads '- Olives ' Pizza LUNCHES - PARTIES - PICNICS 970 Franklin Street SANTA CLARA CALIFORNIA WADE'S MISSION PHARMACY 1000 Franklin Street AXminster 6-6016 SANTA CLARA CALIFORNIA l HOURS Mon. 9-10 WE Tues. 9-9 GWE wed. 9-9 BLUE CHIP Thurs. 9-'IO STAMPS Fri. 9-10 Sai. 9-7 , Sun. 'I0-7 l Pancakes that please everyone from everywhere THE Santa Clara 'I680 El Camino Market and San Carlos CY 5-2626 200 Modern ROMA' San Jose ' Banquets ' Wfddinss D ll 2 f Q"x 1415 So. 'Ist af Alma eeins ElqnEl"l-, X .4Nlo floog l l l I CY 4-7716 Millbrae M mst cvcrvunc enjoy :ur Camino unique bar and resrllur. I Dllxgsicr? DiE??M JU, "The Lamp Post Corner" 7 3-m. to 9 p.rT' THE BRO CO SANTA CLARA CURB L DRUG CO 9 fp. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS .ll' COR, MAIN a. FRANKLIN Axmansfef 6-7482 m SANTA CLARA, CALIF. VM E," 0 ' .5 , 2' 1 2 l , I b pil l, K '.l I .1 1 li fl ' All ' ' I MONOGRAMS - EMBLEMS ' t If ALL KINDS Xi ,IQ OF 15 I Y f .uf " S., I UNIFORMS fm If-L' 9 I SAN JOSE f'-' CO.?lNC. IoIs PARK - AT LINCOLN CY 7-2294 of the Son Jose 26, California SANTA CLARA CREAMERY IN . SERVING YOU IN THE STUDENT DINING HALL FOR MANY YEARS 1048 Franklin Street Santa Clara Deliveries in SANTA CLARA. SUNNYVALE Call AXminster 6-5225 ' SAN JOSE and CAMPBELL University of Santa Clara BO0KSTOBE fConveniently located on the campusj . . . Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. . . . New and Used Books All required class texts available, as well as supplies and equipment. WE NOW BUY USED BOOKS FROM STUDENTS SHOP HERE AND SAVE-Please compare our prices! We always have a fine selection of Catholic books, missals and religious articles OBTAIN YOUR ROYAL, REMINGTON OR SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITER FROM US ON A SPECIAL DEAL DENVER MEAT COMPANY Puweyors of Choice Meats 1 ' .- .-.-.-.vs-.' "+I I-l'Z+Z' Compliments of CENTRAL LIQUORS Drugs - Liquors - Sundries Wm. Vasconcellos 3190 The Alameda AX 6-3864 Moorpark at Meridian Rd. CY 5-6504 Soma Clam SANTA CLARA LAUNDERETTE 941 Main Street, Santa Clara Q: , , gg Q Q Q 5 22' 'Q ,,.ge3i.1ff'?! i f izigg52 f:: 5 f?" ' 52i5:j:55gggggi5E1-:gE2i::a:i.a 2 1 Q55-E11 i.?.Qgfr1E'fg151'25jf1f:fQ355f - - 8 VS A Real Plffasufe to SWE the Students ana the University '... ,Q5.515:,53ff?2gisf??iQ3g1L.5Ig?1 ."- 325522255514 '11 2s3sQs52g-q gfg y P53 -" . TW 'If '?is.s2sTi:?fi: """A"" ' "" JOHN Pa GRM E K E N Mdnagff ,3-g,g.g:g.g,glgugugu-5: .H :.:-: ,.,.-.- .,g 35-if ---" .- if:'1ElE:1:g:p:::1::fg:-:::gr:EE2g:g:g:gig1-1-lg13.3115-1 A L A ,fj25f.fQ?jf Phone AX. 6-9855 Congratulations HAR0lD WEHNER Insurance 380 Park Avenue 0 CYpress 4-2046 0 San Jose, California :':':'I':5:"':' t'.'3:-Lt' -:if 'iv'-11.-gi' ?"":2.?S:1.5.3.A:l:-'ffizizllizkf13:723:5:IITgiiiflfiiffffftffizT'3'?'1'f 253' I 31 2'-,l33:1,Ig,S:l ROMA BAKERY COMPANY 655 Almaden Avenue San Jose CYpress 4-8932 In Santa Clara . . . The STEAK HOUSE Daily 4 p.m. - ll p.m. Sunday 2 p.m. - 'IO p.m. COCKTAILS 2367 El Camino Real Santa Clara, Calif. Parking Compliments of CANTADINA FCODS Pieracci Brothers and Company Wholesale Fruits 8: Produce CYpress 2-9662 335 East Taylor St. l Courtesy Combined with Quality San Jose Congratulations to the Broncos from the Redwood photographer 90 Luxurious Rooms Cocktail Lounge Artist - Photographers 2500 El Camino Real CH 3-l43l 1403 Burlingame Ave. Dlamond 2 S t CI an a ara . . Burlingame, Calif. -2766 Since 1910 GOLD MEDAL WINNER For Quality Service 8. Quality Products Call CHerry 3-3997 Emmett F. Callan Realtor 41 Sutter Street Home Owned Compliments San Francisco, 4 of A Friend National Envelope Corporation Designers 8. Manufacturers 111Pt oAve. S F 'vs ll A R vi -' w 1 1 s is 5-' df 1 Lll If me va MIRRG-GRAPHIC yffafzdfxh. if- SAN 'FEE-WANDO ROAD C ii5v5'5J !iai'A' fl, CALIFORNIA ':-,Q 73.9" 1f?s I 4 , - 4- , 130' - 5 .-. gf' rv ., 1. '- s -4.!'! fi"'."'-J'-- s' 1.1 ' " W ' f , . 'V r A -' J' 1 ' A . ' D :- v rll V ' . 7 1. J. L41 . FV. 'Ia' 1 3 '. ' 'fr 61' K A- ,' ,-,H M' M- 1 -1.- 3 , ml ' . f , x"- ' 1 fY::Nikm! M V, !, if , nf Y fl: - Iwi' .gm ', ,fl ' J x I 14? in lux I ,-V VN 4 , -X r . 4. 1 I v I '- ia.- f' , I , . ' 'A J ' , Nl . Q . 4 C Hn' . -1 7 ,ni P ,L fr ' A -7 L 1 , , 0 . , Q- " AQ' . l'- ' f:""n."", , A f v ' ',' 5.4 4 fr 'WS 4.q v L"'s3'.' J ,..,H 15:7 b 1 --1-1-...-., ...Q-vi-..- l1--ll li...- m 1 Q 'IT Ei :T T, .X . .4 1 .,r I . , I ' 4 . . F R A N K LI N S T R 1 .- .,,. A -3 : f.-.2-if .- .ffTii:jQg Q. W. ,TTI . -1. . . -rj h 11" Aff, 0 . 7 Ji l-i .Zi 'fl . -I :- ?,-3 u- I - ' . UJ . . ..U-lf "LL, writ. . A I A . ' xg fz"fQ' LIBERTY fy . 'HT .4 1 '. .ti ,T f , ' , ' 53,-,M -U .I ,NN Q '. N ,B .N . 'ai' ,V W ' - , 2 I . . . , , .... ,N - J' V- Af , '. . 'JJ - , T T, 'M ,f - - f if , lQil",f1,-Q',lL 2 1- If Q' ' I CC U. iz v g"" ' -R .1 XL., A. N , M, ' ' -.,A . .T .ig M . D L:i:'I . T . 31515-' -', ' ' ' I U - - ff U1 1... . - -' -. - -L H -:' 4"'1':T A Al' ' . .' . -. 1 :' -A T 3-. A : iff -137 -A IT A A 24102 A - J 1 H' . 5 T' . -- 1-ff" , ' Q 1 j b -Q., fl? 'I LE NGTGN ST. , 'N' Tp :ff - 1 A Af fi +A . T4 xi - 111 'fAf2f ' ' , T. x V 1 To b, Tina ..,,,5 .jQ . Z E T ' - . P 4 . 'pi-ist: T U V U H A 'f-1T. -+-,1i2. i 1 . ., f ' -, -:Mi T TT T T A Q, T T T T ' - I TQJ55 T- 4.2"-72f's 5:1 I-U ' SANTA CLARA STREET V - 'fd 'Af ' 1iT'i"'i "'f'f'?W?"'7T7fN 4 ' A H-- .--W ,Ji '- 'E "Ri: ff" " I . R ' nf' 'Q 4 -R I- 2' I ,-iw' ' si ,l 12 1.-gift ,'f, j- 2. Rf .. g , ,',A A . , .T,T A " ' J-i " W1 L' ".' A ' ' - . 5- ff?-.'af3f7:f5'?fxf-'Z-' - . -1 A ik - , . . 'AT- Af A " 5,--,-S ' Ti 't - . A ' A AA" A I- . - . . T fl 'AAT Z l-U MARKET :QTREET A ' . -5 P- "R" A 'T 'R - F5 . -""f' . -.1 O: 'Lf -' '. -. . . . I L1-I h, - - '. G - . -, IVTT ' , A' 4. , A' P ' . , 51 1' , 4' A 51-:gl f . . Ll. -' ' 1- ' I- ', -'-gl. ff-1' J ' J ,,....5 x . I LA .1-...-... T , f3C,LLO'ViY,-T -T . , , , - , . . i G Q - , - f-... .. f- . -'z 1' A 7' '- 'h ' 1 ' h X 1'-' ' - '. ' ' 2:57. . . 4 ' 1. . A '. . V ' .. ' . f.-X' ., ,.. -, ' . -, ,' .' -.-. ' ,".' ".'..r,3 - 1 ' 7- v - I . Q. . . I.-.---i--d -j-----j--'-j--f- , 'f , .D 1 ,..., -n. I 1 ' - 1 1 x', A x XX X ...1..., - fl 1 iT If I' ,-.-.- - , '.I Xp ,LJ ' -' W I X My ' . - . I - , NN .I ' I' I xi LEGEND Q.. ,.Q.i.-E.--1-.-.4.2 N' ,H H 1 XX U Lil EXISTING BUILDINGS '1 'OVX1 " Q: GN I , -'.- I- 4:65 x FUTURE BUILDINGS '.'.' b ' I . -' . Q . .,". I IG u ' .'-b ,r,gi:.."J.l ,... .V '- f w 3 ff 5 Q " ff ' Y ', X -x I. If ff ' , . I - .'. .- .V iff, A -U xr ! -.,,: - .I ,H A :jill lil, rf J . , qi.. .1 -i Y I ffl. ,fd-' f. . a3,,f::-4 'f N-f' "5 - E f I I I ,TRE Af- -L-f--'i ..

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