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■ S f ' t! -i Glorious things are said of thee, O City of God. And they shall say of Sion, " One and all were born in her. " The Most High Himself has established her. The Lord writes in the book of the peoples, " It is there that they were born. " Psalm 86 Sons of Santa Clara are sons of many peoples, and yet we are one. As we come from a score of nations be- yond the restless waters of the Golden Gate, and from a thousand cities of the Americas, in us is incarnated the unity and universality- of the Church. But more challenging to us — the " glorious things " of the Church of the future are in our hands. Teach us to number our days in grace, O Lord, that we may grow in Thy Wisdom for our work across the world. And prosper the work of our hands and heart in Thy Name. UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CLARA SANTA tLARA, CALIFORNIA f f H Reverend Edward J. Zeman, S.J. On May 12, Father Edward J. Zeman passed to his eternal reward in the sixty second year of his Hie, his thirty sixth in the Society of Jesus. Father began his priestly life on campus, when he was ordained by His Excellency, Archbishop Mitty in the Mission Church, June 19, 1936, and most of his work was in the service of Santa Clara as Vice President for Finance and Secretary of the Board of Trustees. He previously held the same post at the University of San Francisco, and from 1942 to 1948 he was President of Loyola High School in Los Angeles. Ci U e4CAt P ct yti icA PmM ' P X i i Mr. and Mrs. Everett Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Julian Barnett Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brasile Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Brindle Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Brock Mr. and Mrs. John Bruzzone Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Burns Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Castruccio Mr. and Mrs. D. Cavadias Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Chock Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. Chun Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cuneo Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Cuneo Mr. and Mrs. Adrian de la Rosa Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. De Prie Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dynan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Eisele Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Erbst Hon. and Mrs. Walter R. Evans Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Ferrari Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Finocchio Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flint Mr. and Mrs. Irvin A. Frasse Mr. Martin Fuchslin Mr. Bernard J. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. G. Melvin Gardiner Mrs. Gilbert L. Givvin Mr. and Mrs. George J. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hall Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hedberg Mr. and Mrs. John G. Jardine Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Kehoe Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Kenny Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Kerner Mr. Edward King Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kinser Mr. and Mrs. J. Kirrene Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Kwapil Mr. and Mrs. Clement Ladrech Mr. Francis J. Linares Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Locatelli Mr. and Mrs. John G. Louis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luschar Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Majerus Mr. and Mrs. Julio R. Matheu Mr. and Mrs. Edward Matteoni Mrs. Neil McCallion Mr. and Mrs. E. F. McKay Mr. and Mrs. A. Ryan McKeon Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. John M. Nagle Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Nedom Dr. and Mrs. Hugh O ' Connor Mr. and Mrs. Michel P. Orradre Mrs. C. E. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Quinn, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Nikola Radovcich Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Redlich Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Roach Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Russi Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Russi, Sr. Mrs. Florence Ryan Mrs. Grace Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sandin Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Schnetz Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schroder Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Segurson Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sheaff Mr. and Mrs. Oren G. Sheela Mr. and Mrs. Hayne Sheerin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Soderberg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spano Mr. Eugene Stelzer Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Stomp Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stretch Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Tassi Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Toboni Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Webb QcJXc t 4 The students of the University of Santa Clara proudly dedicate this 1960 Redwood to Father Austin J. Fagothey, S.J. For a quarter of a century this man of God and men has labored at the University. This apostle of chalkdust, of books and of Broncos has given twenty-five years to Santa Clara, and we are happy to take this occasion to salute him and express a word of praise and gratitude. It would be next to impossible to appraise the labors and stature of this man. Priest, outstanding philosopher, professor, public lecturer, author, retreat master, yes and prefect. Father Fagothey has achieved a record of unusual merit, As member of the Board of Trustees, he is a man of substantial influence in University affairs. For many years he headed the Department of Philosophy, and his newest challenge is directorship of the University Honors Program. His book, " Right and Reason " has gone through two editions and four re-printings and has proved both successful and popular as a text in Moral Philosophy in many uni- versities in America. Frequent guest lecturer at other institutions of learning both private and public, he also serves as visiting professor in Summer Sessions at coastal and midwestern universities. Foremost a man of God, each Sunday of the academic year finds him assisting in a parish church in Santa C lara. And if all this were not enough, he holds down the job of prefecting in Walsh Hall! We admire not only what Father has done, but the way, and the spirit of this man, especially his charity and his humility. The most unassuming of men, with his quiet manner, his understanding heart, and his inability to say no to any call for work, any job, any assignment, any service whether academic or spiritual to the students, the University and to the Church — this has been a continual inspira- tion to Santa Clara Broncos both on and off campus for these past fifty semesters. Make it a hundred semesters, Father! Reverend Austin J. Fagothey, SJ. L-WEAVERVILLE MARYSVILLE GRIDLEY PIEDMONT HEALDSBURG CHICO NELSON GREENBRA| OAKDALE RED BLUFF MARTINEZ EL CERRITO FAIRFIELD ALBANY UKIAH DAVIS ANTIOCH CRESCENT CITY SONORA SACRAMENTO STOCKTON WEST SACRAMENTO CROCKETT OAKLAND PLACERVILLE CLARKSBURG SANTA ROSA MISSION SAN JOSE SAN LORENZO F=OLSOM CONCORD SAN LEANDRO BELVEDERE ALAMEDA WILLOWS CORTE MADERA POLLOCK PINES PETALUMA EUREKA nnnn inr I yr r i - ' H ■■nJDi] tM33V srW ' TRACY PITTSBURG MILL VALLEY SAN RAFAEL FORESTHILL FREMONT PENNGROVE • V ' 5 Jv;{ i:. Ji W i5U:!i « ft IRW, GRASS VALLEY WALNUT CREEK ' I VI ■■ ' JVifl. ' ' llllil ' ' irM; ! CALISTOGA LIVERMORE MANTECA OYALTON BERKELEY LAFAYETTE McCLOUD NEWARK SONOMA PLEASANT HILL TAHOE HAYWARD SAN ANSELMO NEVADA CITY RIO VISTA J ' ' H. . OROViLLE MOCCASIN MONTAGUE GARBERVILLE mmm STATE CAPITOL, SACRAMENTO DIABLO f it e i, P t id ' C4 " " " X S JHI Each year the Editor ol: the Redwood reserves this space lor some statement Irom the President wliich will catch up all of the things that the curriciUum has either overlooked or underemphasi ed. The solemnity of the occasion surely calls for something cosmic, pithy and memorable. In the absence of these dimen- sions and qualifications 1 am forced to fall back upon the only remaining orna- ment which is brevity, in this respect, I hope you will reali e in your li cs the lessons which you have learned at Santa Clara. May you fulfill the promise which is in you and may you be an inspiration to all vhose paths you cross. Above all else, may you live a life worthy of the promises of Christ. Reverend Patrick A. Donohoe, S.J., Ph.D. President Vice-President Academic Affairs Rev. Alexis I. Mei, S.J., Ph.D. Vice-President Public Relations Rev. Walter E. Schmidt, S.J., M.A. Vice-President Finance Rev. Edward J. Zeman, S.J., M.A. iiiBtrtlK ' " Vice-President Business Services Rev. Charles F. Guenther, S.J., M.A. Vice-President Student Affairs Rev. James E. Sweeters, S.J., M.A. f ' f f Director de Saisset Art Gallery Rev. Joseph J. Pociask, S.J., M.A. " " S irs s-w i fjl CC l t ' t fj f i i X tt 4 t i Rev. W. C. Gianera, S.J. M.A. Presidential Assistant Rev. A. F. Frugoli, S.J. M.A. Administrator Rev. N. J. Herold, S.J. B.S., M.A. Assistant Chaplain - -TPJ - TWS; Rev. R. D. McAuliffe, S.J. M.A. University Chaplain Rev. E. R. Boland, S.J. M.A. Director of Library Rev. W. A. Aldridge, S.J. M.A. Director of Food Services r% «p ' p ' Rev. L. I. Bannan, S.J. M.A. Faculty-Alumni Representative Victor F. Stefan, B.S. Director of Development David P. Arata, B.S. Registrar Frank G. Schneider B.S.C. Assistant to the Vice- President for Finance Peggy Major, A.B. News Director R W. Jonsen, B.A. Alumni Director QclUUcz cl Lam Daniel R. Cowans LL.B., University of California 1950 Ass. Professor of Law Patricia J. Coffman LL.B., Cumberland University 1951 Ass. Professor of Law Herold M. Everton LL.B., Golden Gate College 1955 Lecturer in Law Graham Douthwaite LL.B., Witwatersrand 1936 BC.L., Oxford 1940 Ass. Professor of Law DEAN Leo A. Huard LL.B., Georgetown Law School Professor of Law Robert E. Hayes LL.B., Boston College 1933 Professor of Law Robert G. Meiners LL.M., Harvard 1957 Ass. Professor of Law George A. Strong LL.B., Santa Clara Ass. Professor of Law Austen D. Warburton LL.B., Santa Clara 1941 Ass. Professor of Law 11 QcJUU f U Edwin A. Beilharz Ph.D., California, 1951 Chairman, History Dept. Lloyd L. Bolton Ph.D., Cornell, 1932 Chairman, Biology Dept. Edwin J. Brown Ph.D., Stanford, 1928 Chairman, Education Dept. Joseph F. Deck Ph.D., Kansas, 1932 Chairman, Chemistry Dept. DEAN Rev. Hugh M. Duce S.J., M.A. John B. Drahmann Ph.D., St. Louis, 1932 Chairman, Physics Dept. rie». (liiorfnua J. Flynn, S.J. 12 S.T.L., Alma, 1951 Ph.D., Fordham, 1956 Chairman, Philosophy Dept. Witold Krassowski M.S., Purdue, 1954 Chairman, Sociology Dept. Bernard L. Kronick Ph.D., California, 1953 Chairman, Political Science Dept. 4 ' C Ci CJtt Rev. Theodore Mackin, S.J. S.T.L., Gregorian, 1958 Chairman, Theology Dept. John Pagani Ph.D., Stanford, 1951 Chairman, Economics Dept. John J. Quinn Ph.D., Stanford, 1956 Chairman, English Dept. Robert F. Shea M.A., South Dakota, 1953 Chairman, Speech-Drama Dept. Richard J. Stanek Ph.D., Loyola, Chicago, 1956 Chairman, Psychology Dept. Gerhardt E. Steinke Ph.D., Stanford, 1954 Chairman, Language Dept. Irving Sussman Ph.D., California, 1953 Chairman, Mathematics Dept. 13 f ' Rev. Louis I. Bannan, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1938 Education, Philosophy Rev. Joseph S. Brusher, S.J. Ph.D., St. Louis, 1943 History Michael Buckley Jr. M.S.E.E., Purdue, 1933 Mathematics Rev. William Cahill, S.J. S.T.L., Alma, 1939 M.A., Stanford, 1950 Classics v.js,™ - «tS!S9: Rev. R. Copeland, SJ. Ph.D., St. Louis, 1950 History, Debating Rev. W. H. Crowley, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1932 S.T.L., Alma, 1939 Philosophy Rev. Francis T. Curran, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1943 S.T.L., Alma, 1950 Theology Rev. Hugh Donovan, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1919 Theology Rev. John Dryden, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1945 Economics 14 Rev. Austin Fagothey, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1924 Philosophy Thomas N. Fast B.S., Santa Clara, 1949 Ph.D., Candid., Stanford Biology Francis R. Flaim Ph.D., Stanford, 1956 Biology Julian F. Foster M.A., Oxford, 1955 Political Science Robert W. Hayes M.A., Hawoii, 1957 Speech, English Rev. Carl Hayn, S.J. Ph.D., St. Louis, 1955 Physics Abraham P. Hillman Ph.D., Princeton, 1950 Mathematics William R. James M.A., San Jose State, 1950 Speech, Drama Rev. George Kennard, S.J. M.A., St. Louis, 1949 Ph.D., Candid. U.S.C. Philosophy Rev. Francis Koenig, S.J. Ph.D., St. Louis, 1957 Chemistry Rev. Norman Martin, S.J. Ph.D., Mexico, 1957 History Philip T. McCormick Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1954 Physics Rev. Vincent McGinty, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1945 S.T.L., St. Louis, 1952 Theology Rev. Charles McQuillan, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1927 Philosophy Joseph L. Nicholas B.A., Santa Clara, 1950 Director of Visual Aids Rev. John O ' Connell, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1919 Counsellor Rev. B. L. O ' Neil. S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1926 S.T.L., St. Mary ' s, Kansas, 1933 Theology Rev. Daniel O ' Sullivan, SJ. M.A., Gonzaga, T950 Philosophy Robert J. Pfeiffer Ph.D., Cornell, 1958 Chemistry Arthur N. Phelps Ed.D Director, Teacher Training »•-« Rev. Joseph Pociask, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1937 English ' I Karl A. Raven M.A., Colorado, 1948 Ph.D., Candid., U.C.L.A. Biology Richard M. Schmidt M.A., Washington, 1945 English %,; M f Rev. Arthur Rutledge, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1945 Theology J William F. Sheehan, Jr. Ph.D., Cal. Inst, of Tech., 1952 Chemistry Rev. Alexander Tait, S.J. M.A., Gonzaga, 1940 Theology 16 James F. Twohy B.A., Santo Clara, 1907 Political Science Victor B. Vari M.A., Stanford, 1952 Spanish, Italian James E. Wade Ph.D., St. Louis, 1942 English Frederick Wilhelmsen Ph.D., Madrid, 1958 Philosophy Ct I£c i)l i 4 e i l f A4i xi iltn t 4 k O. R. Anderson M.B.A., Washington, 1949 C.P.A. Chairman, Accounting Dept. John Pagani Ph.D., Stanford, 1950 Director of Evening Div. Chairman of M.B.A. Program Joseph M. Trickett Ph.D., Stanford, 1953 Chairman, Management Center Marius M. Becchetti A.B., Santa Clara, 1925 Business Law Clausin D. Hadley Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1937 Business Policy Lorenze M. Belotti Ph.D., Texas, 1960 Economics, Finance DEAN Charles J. Dirksen M.S.C., St. Louis, 1938 ca - Joseph P. Kelly L.L.M., New York City Univ., 1939 Business Law Joseph F. Monasta M.B.A., Stanford, 1948 Marketing Clarence L. Ham B.S., Wisconsin, 1947 Ph.D., Candid., Stanford Economics, Statistics 17 Henry P. Nettesheim M.S., Stanford, 1951 Chairman, Electrical Eng. George L. Sullivan Ph.D., S.C.U., 1914 Dean Emeritus DEAN Robert J. Parden Ph.D., Iowa, 1953 " J V- 1 Richard K. Pefley M.S., Stanford, 1951 Chairman, Mechanical Eng. Harold Tapay M.S., Washington, 1949 Chairman, Civil Eng. 18 i Xi CC iA4 Fred P. Faltersack A.B., San Jose State, 1928 Mechanical Engineering 4 Eugene J. Fisher B.M.E., Santa Clara, 1950 Mechanical Engineering Henry V. Hahne Ph.D., Stanford, 1954 Civil Engineering Donlan F. Jones M.S., U.C.L.A., 1954 Electrical Engineering Stanislaw Kownacki Warsaw Poly. Ins., 1936 Electrical Engineering Robert I. Murray M.S., Stanford, 1951 Mechanical Engineering Peter A. Szego B.S., Stanford, 1947 Mechanical Engineering 19 C CAA t OllicCM Major William M. Shirey B.S., United States Military Academy, 1944 Military Science Major Donald F. Polden B.S., Georgia, 1957 Military Science Captain William R. Gillingham B.E., Gonzaga, 1951 Military Science M nm ' ». m wr X. , w w % 1. f «(t ' ' w ' H ■ Col. William P. Whelihan B.S., United States Military Academy, 1933 Professor of Military Science Captain George G. Layman B.S., Oklahoma State, 1952 Military Science Captain Charles O. Neal B.S., United States Military Academy, 1952 Military Science M.Sgt. Franklin J. Barry Colorado College, 1955 Military Science J A 4 (lO ' ' Jl w- M.Sgt. Joseph W. Gasser Infantry School, 1949 Military Science M.Sgt. Gregory J. Hatch Military Science M.Sgt. Gregory T. Sponsler Military Science SFC Richard A. Brandt Army NCO Academy, 1957 Military Science SP5 Arlen L. Gates Engineering School, Fort Belvoir Military Science 21 BELMONT HILLSBOROUGH MENLQ PARK MILLBRAE WOODSIDE PALO ALTO REDWOOD CITY ATHERTON CASTRO VALLEY SAN MATEO LOS ALTOS HILLS CARLOS -rrffi LOS ALTOS MOUNTAIN VIEW ga«j;«n ,tfE»gia ' w ' ' SAN JOSE SANTA CLARA SARATOGA SUNNYVALE LOS GATOS CUPERTINO WILLOW GLEN ' 3 - il Jl V- " MILPITAS CAMPBELL BOULDER CREEK SANTA CRUZ PORTERVILLE SALINAS WATSONVILLE CARMEL VALLEY APTOS " •iJVU ' Jsi.w-litWil LOS BANOS Z._ " MODESTO HOLLISTER CHOWCHILLA MERCED SAN JUAN BAUTISTA isjTKlEllflSlwSB ■ ' " -mr GILROY ATWATER MONTEREY SAN BRUNO SAN FRANCISCO iuiMasiMiiiiiii ;j-ii iiiu, SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO i!l: ' - VV ' ' l ' " . ' 1 I MARIPOSA OCEANO THE GOLDEN GATE ' ' %■wT■■ % ■ - i i»- »owff «jaN " ■ »■■ -ef ' .V- ♦? • •y ' ' •. " M ' -km .H t " iA JOHN ROCHA Sgt.-at-Arms MAL BARNETT Secretary RYAN McKEON Treasurer This year marks the complete metamorphosis o) a propulsive organi aiion, the Class ol 1 ' .)()(). These seniors sj arkled, particularly in the academic and atliletic spheres, but their achievements certainly were not restricted to those endeaNors alone. Ho vever, in a briel class history only a glimpse ol the thouolu and per- lormante ot the members is revealed. Jn the academic field this class will undoubtedly jiroiluce some ol the coinur s outstantling leailers in the professions, government and industry. Man class members will carry the spirit ol Santa Clara to graduate schools across tiie nation. Every facet ol intercollegiate sport here at Broncoville owes its success in part to the men ot the class ol 1960. Some ot its members received nation-wide acclaim in the hoop sport, on the baseball diamond, in the boxing ring and in other sports where the LIniversity was represented. W ' hile an active social pattern has never been lacking in the lives ot these dauntless personages, they made continual progress in this asjiect ot university lite, although at times tmther development seemed desirable. Certainly an important part of Santa Clara will leave with the Class of 1960. Still, a more important part of the class will remain with the school. This part is the tradition which is, has been, and will continue to be Santa Clara. 25 Yater F. Allen, B.M.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc: A.S.M.E.; tramurals. In- Edward M. Alvarez, B.S.C. San Jose, California Alpha Sigma Nu; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Santa Clara; Intramurals; B.A.A.; D.S.A. Ronald Max Andersen, B.A. Santa Rosa, California Red Hat Band; Varsity Wres- tling; Redwood; Intramurals; Blackstone Soc. Everett Alvarez, B.E.E. Santa Clara, California Engineering Soc; Intramurals; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Ernest L. Baciocco, B.S.C. Santa Clara, California Intramurals; B.A. A.; Ski Club; D.S.A. ; Intramurals Com. 26 Philip John Barry, B.A. Laguna Beach, California Sodality; Kappa Zcta Phi; Coms.; Recognition, A.fcS. Cent- ral, Election, Stud. Lecture Se- ries. Malcolm Blaine Barnett, B.A. San Francisco, California Frosh Basketball; Iniramurals; Charles Graham Club; Ski Club; Sr. Sec; Class Dance Coms. David P. Bortfeld, B.A. Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaiian Club; Physics Soc; Sodality; Pershing Rifles; K.S.C.U. Dominic R. Bianchi, B.A. Campbell, California Joseph O. Berg San Jose, California Pershing Rifles; D.S.A.; B.A. A. Alexander Winn Brindle, B.A. Seattle, Washington Kappa Zeta Phi; Student Court; Corns.; Rally, A. S. Central, Election, Stud. Lecture Series. William N. Brasile, B.E.E. Pleasant Hill, California Engineering Soc; A. I. E. E. I.R.E.; Engineers Ball Com. Frank W. Brady, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Ski Club; A.S.C.E. Joseph A. Brock, B.S. Placerville, California Archaeological Soc; Mendel Soc; Kappa Zeta Phi.; Corns.: Election, .A.RrS. Central. Stud, recruiting. 27 Donald J. Bruzzone, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Italian Club; A.S.C.E.; Stud. Ad visory Com.; Intramuials. Michael A. Burke, B.A. San Francisco, California Frosh .Advisory Com.; Intramur- als; Charles Graham Club; Ski Clid); Kappa Zeta Phi. A. Martin Buoncristiani, B.S. Santa Clara, California Engineering Soc; Physics Soc. Wrestling. Agostino Burzio, B.E.E. San Jose, California Engineering Soc.; 1 au Beta Pi; A.l ' .E.E.-I.R.E. Frank T. Cannizzaro, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc.; A.S.C.E. ; Corns; Frosh Initiation , Open House; Varsity Football 8: Wres- tling. Patrick Jay Carroll, B.S.C. Burbank, California Charles Graham Club; Frosh In- itiation Com.; Ski Clid); B.A. A.; Varsity Football Boxing. Alien Joseph Caparelli, B.A. San Jose, California Italian Club; I n traniurals; D.S.A. John T. Casey Jr., B.A. Portland, Oregon , .S.U.S.C. Vice Pres.; Jr. Pres.; Corns.: Stud. Recruiting, Stud. Lecture Scries; Kappa Zeta Phi. 28 Louis M. Castruccio, B.A. San Marino, California A.S.U.S.C. Pres. Rec. Sec; Frosh Sgt.-At-Arms; Kappa Zeta Phi; Alpha Sigma Nu; Basketball Mgr. Harry Taylor Chase, Jr., B.A. Santa Clara, California Glee Club. Marios R. Cavadias, B.S.C. Santa Cruz, California B.A.A.; Scabbard Blade; Ski Club; Redwood; Intramurals. Linus G. K. Chock, B.S.C. Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaiian Club; Sanctuary Soc; K.S.C.U.; Scabbard Blade; Wrestling. George M. H. Chun, B.S. Honolulu, Hawaii Frosh. Soph. Treas.; Mendel Soc; Hawaiian Club: Intramur- als. Albert G. Clarkson, B.A. Charleston, West Virginia Charles Graham Club; Varsity Tennis; Intramurals; Owl. Theodore A. Cicoletti, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Var- sity Rifle Team; Minor Sports Com. Robert M. Coston, B.M.E. Yuma, Arizona A.S.M.E.: Intramurals. 29 Richard W. Creighton, B.A. Santa Clara, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Varsity Base- ball; Block Club; Charles Gra- ham Club; Santa Clara. William Francis Cuneo, B.S.C. San Francisco, California Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Gamma Sigma; Italian Club; Varsity Rifle Team; B.A.A.; Stud. Ad- visory Com. John Eugene Cuneo, B.E.E. Healdsburg, California Engineering See; Stud. Advis- ory Com.; Pershing Rifles; K.S.C.U.; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Shevlin F. de la Rosa, B.S.C. San Jose, California B.A. A.; D.S.A.; Intramurals. Michael C. DePrie, B.S.C. Saratoga, California B.A. A.; Scabbard Blade; Ski Club; Intramiuals. Thomas P. Desmond, B.E.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Intramurals; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Varsity Football; Open House Com. James F. Derry, B.S.C. Atherton, California Varsity Football Golf; Frosh Basketball; Block CAuh; Santa Clara; B.A.A.; D.S.A. Arthur C. Devincenxi, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Var- sity Soccer; Intramurals; Spec- trum Com. 30 John R. Doherty San Jose, California David D. Doyle, B.A. Palo Alto, California Sodality, Kappa Zcta Phi; Owl Santa Clara; N.F.C.C.S. Daniel Darrah Donegan Los Angeles, California Varsity Wrestling; Sodality Physics Soc. Gary O. Duff, B.S.C. Antioch, California Blackstone Soc; Com.: Fresh Advisory, Personnel; B.A. A.; In- tramurals. George Edward Dynan, B.A. Piedmont, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Ski Club: Irish Club; Charles Graham Ckib: Glee Club; Intramurals. Richard Norman Erbst, B.S.C. Orofino, Idaho A.S.U.S.C. Sgt.-At-Arms; Senate Student Court; Jr. Sgt.-At-Arms; Delta Siofma Pi; Cheerleader. Leonard J. Enos, B.M.E. Niles, California Engineering Soc.; A.S.M.E.: Frosh Baseball: Coms.: Open House, Social, Problems; Intra- murals. David W. Evans, B.M.E. Pasadena, California Pershing Rilles; A.S.M.E.: Intra- murals. 31 Burke A. Ferrari, B.S.C. Stockton, California B.A.A.; Intramurals; Italian Club. Anthony D. Ferrari, B.E.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Nu; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Intramurals; Open House Com. Timothy R. Finney, B.A. Salinas, California Senate; Coms.: A. S. Central, Stud. Directory; Cross Currents Club; Physics Soc, Santa Clara. Arnold J. Finocchio, B.S.C. San Rafael, California B.A. A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Italian Club; Frosh Basketball; Stud. Recruiting Com.; Intramurals. Terry Michael Flanagan, B.S. Temple City, California Clay M. Greene Players; Physics Soc; K.S.C.U.; Intramurals. I. Ben Frasse, B.A. San Jose, California A.S.U.S.C. Treas. Coms.: Frosh Initiation, Social, Rally: Ski Club; Blackstone Soc. William Kinmont Flint, B.S.C. Oakland, California Delta Sigma Pi; B.A. A.; Boxing; Ski Club; Intramurals. 32 Philip A. Froess, B.E.E. Santa Clara, California Engineering Soc; Corns.: Open House, Engineers Ball; A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Glenn L. Frizzell, B.A. San Jose, California Clay M. Greene Players: K.S.C.U .; D.S.A. Fredrick Paul Fruhling, B.S.C. Glendale, California Delta Sigma Pi; Frosh Baseball; Intramurals. Robert Martin Fuchslin, B.S.C. Stateline, California Charles Graham Club; Ski Club; B.A. A.; Physics Soc; Black- stone Soc; Election Com.; In- tramurals. Edward S. Gallagher, B.S. Piedmont, California Sr. Pres.; Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi; Mendel Soc; Senate; Frosh Vice Pres.; Open House Com. George M. Gardiner, B.A. Oakland, California Varsity Baseball Basketball: Block Club. Roy Alfred Galli, B.C.E. Rio Vista, California Engineering Soc; Italian Club; A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. 33 Robert A. George Jr. Tracy, California Engineering Soc; Intramurals; A.S.C.E. William Vincent Giammona, B.S.C. San Jose, California B.A.A.; D.S.A. Donald Edward Giacomini, B.A. Redwood City, California Santa Clara; Owl; Italian Club; Ski Club; Intramurals; Corns.: Social, A. S. Central. Peter Aloysius Giannini, B.A. Santa Clara, California Clay M. Green e Players; Mendel Soc; Sanctuary Soc; D.S.A.; In- tramurals. Joseph John Giraudo, B.S.C. San Francisco, California Frosh Basketball; Intramurals; B.A.A. Robert Charles Grinsell, B.M.E. Napa, California Engineering Soc; Intramurals; A.S.M.E.; Open House Com. 34 Gregory Louis Givvin, B.S.C. Los Angeles, California Redwood Ed.; Delta Sigma Pi.; Intramurals; B.A.A. ; Social Chairman: Sr. Class; Coms.: In- tramural, Football. Gabriel A. Gutierrez, B.A. Pasadena, California Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi; Coms.: Recruiting, A. S. Central; San- ta Clara; Student Court; Ski Club. Richard L. Hall, B.S.C. San Marino, California Beta Gamma Sigma; B.A.A.; Charles Graham Chib; Intra- murals; Santa Clara. Ryan R. Hansen, B.A. Santo Clara, California D.S.A.; K.S.C.U.; I.R.C.; Nobili Club; Cross Currents Club. Robert J. Hall, B.M.E. Grass Valley, California A. S. M. E. ; Engineering Soc. Rally Com.; Intramurals. Wilbur W. Hansen, Jr., B.A. Menio Park, California Co-captain, Varsity Football; Novice Boxing Tournament; In- tramurals. Richard L. Harrigan, B.A. San Jose, California D.S.A.; Varsity Water Polo; Scabbard and Blade. Thomas M. Hedberg, B.S.C. Beverly Hills, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Blackstone Soc; Sodality; Ski Club; B.A.A.; Clay M. Greene; The Owl. Thomas C. Hastings, B.A. Santa Clara, California D.S.A.; Rally Com.; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball; In- tramurals. Paul A. Herbst, B.A. Oregon City, Oregon N.F.C.C.S.; Forensic Soc: Ski Club; Mendel Soc: Glee Club: Archaeological Soc: Intramur- als. 35 Jorge U. Herdocia, B.C.E. Leon, Nicaragua Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Var- sity Soccer; Intramurals; Pan American Association. Terry R. Hornback, B.S.M.E. San Diego, California Engineering Soc; A. S. M.E. K.S.C.U. William L. Hess, B.C.E. Santa Rosa, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E. Michel P. Humblet, B.E.E. Brussels, Belgium Engineering Soc. John G. Jardine, B.A. Tracy, California Owl Editor; Thomists; Cross Currents Club; Santa Clara; Archaeological Soc. Donald A. Johnson, B.A. Los Angeles, California Kappa Zeta Phi Pres.; Senate; A S Central Com.; Lecture Series; Student Directory Com. Louis W. Jenkins, B.A. Atherton, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Sports Editor, Santa Clara; Ski Club; Black- stone Soc. Harmon W. Johnson, B.E.E, Fallbrook, California Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Nu; Engineering Soc; A. I.E.E.- I.R.E.; Varsity Rille Team. 36 . ' SP William F. Johnson Jr., B.S.C. Newport Beach, California B.A.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Frosh Initiation Com.; Intramurals. J. Donald Kenny, B.A. Redwood City, California N.F.C.C.S.; Kappa Zeta Phi; Blackstone Soc; Club; D.S.A.; Glee Club; Student Advisory Board. Dennis J. Kehoe, B.S.C. Sacramento, California B.A. A.; Varsity Football; Block Club; Personnel Com.; Novice Boxing; Intramurals. James D. Kenny, B.S.C. Seattle, Washington B.A.A.; Ski Club; Varsity Ski Team; Intramurals. Peter C. Kerner, B.A. San Francisco, California Glee Club; Social Com.: Student Directory Com. Larry D. Kinser, B.S.C. Stockton, California Delta Sigma Pi; B.A. A.; Frosh and Varsity Baseball; Boxing; Intramurals. Edward M. King, B.A. San Francisco, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Programing Com.; Student Recruiting Com.; Election Com.; Problems Com.; Intramurals. B John C. Kirby, B.S.C. San Jose, California . .. .; Clav M. Greene Plavers. 37 Daniel D. Greenwood, B.S.C. San Mateo, California George W. Korte, B.A. Oakland, California Kajapa Zeta Phi; Blackstone Soc; Varsity Basketball; Fresh- men Orientation; Santa Clara. Robert L. Kirrene, B.S.C. Sacramento, California Delta Sigma Pi; B.A. A.; Open House Com.; Personnel Com.; Election Com. Frederick C. Kretz, B.S.C. San Mateo, California Engineering Soc. ; A.S.M.E.; Box- ing. Jon N. Kulish, B.A. San Jose, California Sanctuary Soc; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Santa Clara; Varsity Soccer Wres- tling. Edward A. Ladrech, B.A. San Francisco, California B.A. A.; Santa Clara; Charles Graham Club; Novice Boxing Wrestling; Intramurals. Richard O. Kwapil, B.S.C. Reno, Nevada Delta Sigma Pi; B.A. A.; Ski Club; Varsity Ski Team; Intra- murals. Robert A. Lawrence, B.S.C. San Jose, California Beta Gamma Sigma; B.A. A. D.S.A. 38 John P. Leatham, B.S.C. Burlingame, California Daniel E. Lester, B.S.C. Wotsonville, California Delta Si. ma Pi; B.A.A., En. ri- neering Soc; Intramurals. Martin M. Lee, B.S.C. San Francisco, California B.A.A.; Engineering Soc; Frosh Advisory Com.; A.S.C.E.; Intra- mural Com.; Intramurals. Dale Fernand Lestum, B.S.C. Palo Alto, California B.A.A. Ronald G. Li Honolulu, Hawaii A.S.U.S.C. Treasurer; Executive Com.; Senate; B.A.A. ; Engineer- ing Soc; Scabbard and Blade. Paul L. Locatelli, B.S.C. Boulder Creek, California B.A.A., On Campus Publicity; Italian Club. Francisco Jose Linares, B.S.C. Panama City, Panama Beta Gamma Sigma, B.A.A. Wells J. Longshore, B.A. Glendale, California Kappa Zeta Phi Pres.; Junior Class ' ice Pres.: Student Re- cruiting Com.: Scabbard and Blade. 39 Five year man | Edwin B. Louis, B.C.E. Wailuku, Maui, Hawai Engineering Soc; Scabbard Blade; Hawaiian Club; Intra- murals. Kenneth R. Luschar, B.E.E. Castro Valley, California Engineering Soc; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Joseph Robert Lucchesi, B.E.E. Campbell, California Engineering Soc; A.I.E.E.; K.S.C.U.; D.SA. Michael S. Lynch, B.A. San Francisco, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Rally Com.; Open House Com.; Clay M. Greene Players; I.R.C.; Intra- murals. Lismore T. Maino Jr., B.E.E. Belmont, California Engineering Soc; Water Polo. Robert Alan Maloney, B.S.C. San Francisco, California B.A. A.; Intramurals. 42 John N. Majerus, B.C.E. Arcadia, California Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Open House Com.; Wrestling Team; Pershing Rifles. John P. Marshall Alhambra, California Kappa Zeta Plii; Block Club; Frosh and Varsity Basketball. J. Roberto Matheu, B.S.C. Guatemala City, Guatemala B.A.A.; Pan American Students Ass.; Soccer Club; Assistant Coach Varsity Soccer Team. Neil F. McCallion, B.E.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.I.E.E.; Stu- dent Advisory Board; Intramur- als. Norman E. Matteoni, B.A. San Jose, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Senate; D.S.A.; Problems Com.; Social Com.; Italian Club; Intramurals. Dennis Warren McCosker, B.S.C. Oakland, California B.A.A.; Personnel Com.; Intra- murals. Richard E. McGough, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.: Sanc- tuary Societ). Michael Brian McKay, B.M.E. West Covina, California Chief Justice - Student Court; Glee Club; Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi; A.S.M.E.; Choir; Prob- lems Com. Bernard Joseph McGuire, B.S. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Student Ad- visory Board; Varsity Football; Water Polo; Intramurals. A. Ryan McKeon Jr., B.S.C. La CanacJa, California Sr. Class Treas.; Delta Sigma Pi; Rally Com.; Problems Com: B.A. A.; Glee Club; Intramurals. 43 William F. McLaren, B.S.C. San Francisco, California Delta Sigma Pi; B.A.A.; Ski Club; Intiamurals. Dennis F. Miller, B.A. Santa Clara, California Day Students Association; Frosh and Varsity Baseball. Ernst Meyer, B.M.E. Santa Clara, California Engineering Soc; A.S.M.E.; Var- sity Soccer. William Charles Miller Jr., B.E.E. Santa Clara, California Engineering Soc; A.LE.E.-I.R.E. Co-Editor, Stress Sc Strain; Intra- murals. James Brendan Morin, B.S.C. Beverly, Massachusetts Fr. Class Pres.; Senate; B.A.A.; Kappa Zeta Phi; Initiation Com.; Varsity Water Polo; In- tramurals. Michael F. Mullin Jr., B.M.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.S.M.E.; Freshman Advisory Com.; Intra- miirals. Cornelius T. Moynihan, B.S. San Jose, California Alpha Sigma Nu; Debating Soc. Galtes Chemical Soc; D.S.A. John Michael Murphy, B.S.C. Nelson, California Engineering Soc: A.S.C.E.; B.A. A.; Intramurals. 44 Daniel F. Murtha, B.S.C. San Jose, California B.A.A.; D.S,A.; Varsity Rifle Team. Norwood A. Nedom, B.A. Salinas, California Editor, Santa Clara; N.F.C.C.S. Sr. Delegate; Senate; Kappa Zeta Phi; A.8cS. Central Com. J. Michael Nagle, B.A. San Francisco, California Jr. Class Sec; Ski Club; K.S.C.U.; Mendel Soc.; Charles Graham Club; Novice Boxing; Intramurals. Paul R. Neumann, B.A. Carmel, California Owl; Santa Clara; Clay M. Greene Players; Cross Currents Club; Tennis Team. Joseph Patrick O ' Connor, B.S.C. Pasadena, California B.A.A.; Irish Club; Sodality; Fr. Baseball; Varsity Football; In- tramurals. Ronald H. Ohifs, B.E.E. Chester, California Tan Beta Pi; Engineering Soc.; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Sodality; ' intra- murals. Maurice Francis O ' Connor, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Irish Club; Track; Intramurals. Thomas N. O ' Laughlin, B.C.E. Pasadena, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Block Club; Varsity Football; Intramurals. 45 Michel Joseph Orradre, B.S.C. San Ardo, California Red Hat Band; Intramurals; B.A.A.; Engineering Soc. John P. Olivie, B.S. Carmel, California Soccer, Mendel Soc. Albert Samuel Owen, Jr., B.A. San Francisco, California Red Hat Band; Sodality; Men- del Soc; Intramurals; Nobili Club; Rally Com. Leon Edward Panetta, B.A. Carmel Valley, California ASUSC Soc. Chairman; ASUSC Corresp. Sec; Scabbard Blade; Kappa Zeta Phi; Problems Com. Robert B. Pedroncelli, B.C.E. Healdsburg, California Engineering Soc; Kappa Zeta Phi; A.S.C.E.; Red Hat Band; Rally Com. Gabriel L. Pinheiro, B.A. Santa Cruz, California Owl; Sanctuary Soc; Cross Cur- rents Club. Jon William Peterson, B.A. Burlingame, California Scabbard . Blade; Redwood; Personnel Com.; Clay M. Greene Players; I.R.C. 46 Robert G. Ponzini, B.S. San Francisco, California Physics Club. Monte D. Pistoresi, B.S.C. Chowchilla, California B.A.A.; Scabbard Blade; Beta Gamma Sigma; Personnel Com.; Intramurals; Italian Club. Leslie E. Powers, B.S.C. Santa AAonica, California B.A.A.; Varsity Baseball; Delta Sigma Pi; Rally Com. Guillermo E. Quijano Jr., B.C.E. Panama City, Panama Engineering Soc, Soccer Club; P.A.S.A.; a ' .S.C.E. Francis Edward Quinn, B.S.C. Seattle, Washington B.A.A.; Delta Sig ma Pi; Foot- ball; Sr. Class Vice-Pres.; Stu- dent Recruiting. Charles Robert Ray, B.A. San Carlos, California I.R.C.; Clay M. Greene Plavers; Cross Currents Club; Personnel Com. Nicholas Anthony Radovcich, B.M.E. San Pedro, California A.S.M.E.; Engineering Soc; Tau Beta Pi; Open House Com. 47 Sandro Joseph Recchio, B.S.C. San Jose, California B.A.A.; Italian Club; D.S.A.; Pershing Rifles. Louis L. Reginato, B.S.E.E. San Francisco, California Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Soc. Sodality; I.R.E. Paul Brohan Redlich, B.S. Walnut Creek, California Frosh Basketball; Intramurals; Cross Currents Club; Thomist Club. Raymon C. Riordan, B.S. Arcadia, California Kappa Zeta Phi; A.S.M.E.; Intra- murals; Physics Soc; Problems Com.; Engineering Soc. Raymond Joseph Rishwain, B.S. Stockton, California Mendel Soc; Archaeological Club: Intramurals; Redwood; Ele ction Com. John Joseph Rocha, B.S.C. Manila, Philippines B.A.A.; Soccer Club; P.A.S.A.; Intramurals; Sr. Class Sgt.-at- Arms; Basketball Statistician. Richard L. Roach, B.S.C. Sacramento, California Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals; Frosh Ori- entation. Joseph P. Royere, B.S.C. Temple City, California Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Zeta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; B.A.A.; Rally Com. 48 James F. Russi, B.S.C. San Francisco, California Varsity Basketball; Block Club; Intramurals; B.A.A.; Election Com. Thomas Robert Sandin, B,S. Tucson, Arizona Alpha Sigma Nu; Soph Class Vice-Pres.; Block Club; Foot- ball; Clay M. Greene Players. Melvin Francis Russi, Jr., B.S. San Francisco, California Mendel Soc; Jr. Class Treas.; Alpha Sigma Nu; Intramurals; Student Advisory Board. Lawrence P. Schechtel, B.A. Oswego, Oregon Engineering Soc; K.S.C.U.; Clay M. Greene Players. Ronald Henry Schmidt, B.A. San Jose, California William G. Schroder, B.S.C. San Francisco, California B.A. A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Intra- murals; Santa Clara; Frosh Ori- entation Com. Byron W. Schnetz, B.S. Sacramento, California Nobili Club; Sanctuary Soc; Charles Graham Club; Intra- murals. Robert P. Scribante, B.E.E. San Mateo, California Engineering Soc; A.I.E.E. 49 James F. Seagrave, B.A. San Francisco, California Intramural Com.; Nobili Club; Sanctuary Soc; Literary Club; Intramurals. Joseph L. Sheaff, Jr., B.S.C. Orinda, California Delta Sigma Pi; Block Club; Varsity Basketball; B.A.A. James P. Segurson, B.M.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Glee Club; A.S.M.E.; Intramurals. John F, Sheela, B.S.C. Porterville, California B.A.A. ; Engineering Soc; Intra- minal Com.; Intramurals. Roger H. Sheerin, B.S.C. Millbrae, California Delta Sigma Pi; Rally Com.; B.A.A.; N.F.C.C.S.; Redwood; Student Problems Com. George L. Singewald, B.S.C. Santa Clara, California K.S.C.U.; D.S.A.; B.A.A. William R. Shellooe, B.E.E. Salinas, California A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Edward Sins, B.E.E. San Francisco, California 50 Jerry P, Soderberg, B.S.C. Eureka, California Alpha Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Varsity Baseball; B.A.A.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Kajapa Zeta Phi. Frank John Sordello, B.E.E. San Jose, California Engineciing Soc; D.S.A.; l.R.E. K.S.C.U. Louis C. Somavia-Moore, B.S. Salinas, California Varsity Rille Team; Ski Club; Charles Graham Club. Frank A. Sousa, B.A. Sacramento, California Rally Com.; Santa Clara; Nobili Club; Wrestling; Sanctuary Soc. James C. Spadafore, B.A. San Jose, California Varsity Baseball; Intramurals; D.S.A. Eugene A. Stelzer, B.S.C. Pasadena, California B.A. A.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Al- pha Sigma Nu. Salvatore R. Spano, B.S.C. Campbell, California D.S.A.; K.S.C.U.; Blackstone Soc; Clay M. Greene Players; B.A.A. Michael J. Stomp, B.S. Sacramento, California Phvsics Soc; Clav M. Greene Plavers: K.S.C.U. 51 Wain W. Stowe, B.M.E. Santa Clara, California Engineering Soc; Rifle Team; A.S.M.E. David L. Stout, B.S. San Jose, California Mendel Soc; Archeological Soc. Blood Drive Com.; d ' s.A. Joseph Robert Stretch, B.A. Oakland, California Kappa Zeta Phi; Blackstone Soc; Nobili Club; Intramurals. Dennis M. Talbott, B.E.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Intramurals; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Gordon Roy Tassi, B.S.C. San Jose, California Italian Club; B.A.A.; Persh- ing Rifles; Intramurals; Varsity Track Football. Walter L. Valen, B.S.C. San Francisco, California Intramurals. Jeffrey B. Thomson, B.S.C. San Francisco, California B.A. A.; Intramurals. 52 Harry Walter Webb, Jr., B.E.E. San Pedro, California Engineering Soc; Tau Beta Pi; A.l ' .E.E.-I.R.E.; Boxing; Wres- tling; Rally Com. Paul A. Vert, B.S.C. Altadena, California Delta Sigma Pi; Varsity Tennis; B.A.A.; On-campus Publicity. Philip Robert Webb, B.E.E. Bismarck, North Dakota K.S.C.U.; Sanctuary Soc; Engi- neering Soc; Intramurals. William C. Webb, B.C.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; A.S.C.E.; Wrestling; Intramurals. Robert E. Zeman, B.M.E. ingiewood, California A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Engi- neering Soc; Stress k Strain. Norman Lewis Ziomek, B.M.E. San Francisco, California Engineering Soc; Intramurals: A.S.M.E. 53 Alexander Brindle P l£4 ' ldci t ' i ' f h i, Kfi. Terry Flanagan 5! «i5 Each year through the portals ot Santa Clara pass a group of scholars who have consistently n ' laintained their names on the President ' s Honor Roll. Tliis year ' s list ol seventeen men have been on the distinguished roll every semester ol their college lives. The Redxoood salutes them. i fe Harmon Johnson 54 Charles Ray 1 Melvin Russi 55 A W - ' 4 ? J ' ST Alexander Brindle John Casey Louis Castruccio ..flST ' James Douglass Louis Jenkins 4 Donald Johnson Joseph Brock ilk Edward King Norman Matteoni ' v veeiv -w ' Albert Owen Terrence Flanagan 56 4ii Edward Gallagher rt) % •:»- - - • " 1 41 Michael AAcKay i fe 1 o Harmon Johnson Joseph Kern }ilU j iA4A4 yC l4 f 4 pyX rJ itri : Xt}A Ronald Li John Rocha Roger Sheerin Gerald Soderberg ■ " " »i. , Michael Keenan Variety Show Production Joseph Sheaff Athletics m -__. Leon Panetta Distinguished Student Service Award k I Peter Liilevand Academic Athletic Achievement Cornelius Moynihan Academic Achievement Wells Longshore Student Government 57 tjmti efitf .i}i M ,r; »» « S J0 ' ItlS t ' m ■?m Jim Russi accepts Silver Medal for Resident Student Award. Valedictorian Harmon Johnson Louis Castruccio, Nobili Honorable Mention New Second Lieutenants 60 and congratulations from Father President. Edwin W. Pauley, B.S., M.S., of Los Angeles receives Honorary Doctor of Letters Day Student Silver Medal awarded Normal Matteoni Academic Procession opens Exercises Leon Panetta, Nobili Honorable Mention 61 John G. Jardine essay in Social Studies achievement in Philosophy [JM dic 4 P i Norwood A. Nedom journalism D ' i y M 4(i J. Alfred T. Barson actor of the year i U i Delate Ptiy HML HeMii SlMo PiXj Leon E. Panetta Political Science licjio PrijC James W. Douglass excellence in Theology Wells J. Longshore , highest general excellence Honorable Mention: Louis Castruccio Leon Panetta Hm p Melvin F. Russi, Jr. highest average in scientific subjects Agostino Burzio winner in Putnam Intercollegiate Competition eMt XiA P yic Ryan R. Hansen essay in history Sm )}o4C Qly ic CU Q proficiency in Italian Studies Curtis Caton Daniel Baedeker Joseph Perelli Ernest Giachetti Gerald De Gregory i t HtJ ti F1 ' U leJi jM e l vC James F. Russi resident student distinguished in conduct and application Honorable Mention: Joseph A. Brock Michael B. McKay Norman E. Matteoni day student distinguished in conduct and application Honorable Mention: James B. Morin Thomas M. Hedberg f A.C. I Jerry P. Soderberg outstanding scholarship in business Adniinislration Presidential Award for best senior cadet ' Odi i yy Pi Hci Sc Mt P i-hC Cornelius T. Moynihan proficiency in Chemistry William F. Cuneo highest average in Finance K.A- P y Francisco J. Linares highest axcrage in Business Administration Louis M. Castruccio essay in Finance U. S. ( . f . HUA f - Q Mx R ilio-i Arnold J. Finocchio contribution to success of College of Business ft ' ff C fMt R,iSCtyh John T. Crowe Army senior award William T. Tsushima Army Association medalist of the vear overall cadet proficiency Presidential Military Awards hA Richard Bernacchi Mervin Newton John Arnold Paul Mugar Thomas Bugbee moQo LA GRESGENtA I A CANADA SAN ARDO BEVERLY HILLS ALHAMBRA MONTEREY fJARK BURBANK SOUTH PASADENA MOJAVE OLENDALE VAN NUYS SANTA MARIA TERRA bELLA COMPTON WOODLAND HILLS TEMPLt CITY SOUTH SAN GABRIEL PASADENA WEST COVINA LOS ANGELES BRENTWOOD SANTA MONIGA PALOS VERDES SAN PEDRO ROLLING HILLS DOWNEY PARAMOUNT LONG BEACH WHITTIER NORTH HOLLYWOOD INGLEWOOD REDONDO BEACH NEWPORT BEACH LOS ALAMOS LAKEWOOD GARDENA ARCADIA ROSEMEAD RIVERA SANTA ANA ENCINO Ky W hmm m RIALTO FUtLERTON LA HABRA MONROVIA BLYTHE SAN BERNARDINO SANTA PE SPRINGS ANAHEIM RIVERSIDE LA JOLLA DO ARTE ALTADENA LA MESA GORONADO SAN MARINO POMONA LAGUNA BEACH VENTURA ANTA BARBARA FALLBROOK SAN LUIS OBISPO LOS OLIVAS DUCOR PISMO BEACH HANFORD CHINA LAKE ATAStADERO FRESNO OCEANSIDE CORONA DEL MAR CIVIC CENTER, LOS ANGELES nmiFziiin ' u ' i r:iTr! iT " .T ; ' .r?i ' ' H ' T SAN DIEGO 1%0 Harold T. Alphonse, B.S., L.L.B. San Carlos Victor A. Bertolani, B.S., L.L.B. Sacramento Frank P. Borelli, Jr., B.S., L.L.B. Hollister Phillip S. Bianco, B.S., L.L.B. Visalia 68 William F. Brown, Jr., B.A., L.L.B. Santa Clara William H. Collard, B.A., L.L.B. Sacramento Kenneth B. Chang, B.A., L.L.B. Seoul, Korea Robert J. Connelly, L.L.B. Los Altos Elliott D. Chielpegian, B.S. L.L.B. Fresno John T. Dawson, B.A., L.L.B. Tocoma Alfred DeLucchi, B.S., L.L.B. Walnut Creek 69 William F. OeLucchi, B.A., L.L.B. Redwood City Harry W. Feldman, L.L.B. San Jose Daniel E. Donovan, B.A., L.L.B. Santa Clara William R. Giffen, B.A., L.L.B. San Jose Ernest W. Dunn, L.L.B. Hanford Phillip H. Gillin, L.L.B. Hollywood 70 Floyd S. Hill, L.L.B. Fresno Joseph P. Kern, B.S.C., L.L.B. Alhambra William F. Marinovich, B.S., L.L.B. Watsonville Roy G. MacFariand, B.S., L.L.B. Spokane John A. Mario San Francisco Fred B. Maguire, Jr., B.S., L.L.B. San Francisco Allan W. Nicholson, L.L.B. San Jose John E. Nolan, B.S., L.L.B. Oakland 71 Daniel Oneal, A.B., L.L.B. Santa Clara Karl N. Stewart, L.L.B. BIythe William R. Pardee, B.S.C., L.L.B. Woodland Hills Bradley A. Stoutt, B.S., L.L.B. Rosemead Alfred A. Perez, A.B., L.L.B. San Jose James R. Tormey, Jr., L.L.B. Redwood City 71 Gerald C. Vanoli, B.S., L.L.B. Palo Alto L M Cf Au tc nM ' i Victor Bertolani Chargin Prize Community Leadership Award William Coliard Outstanding Law Graduate (2ti yh-rh iM ti4 L dc ' iS nMJ ' l William F. Brown Joseph P. D. Kern Victor F. Marinovich 73 Dennis M. Bourquin Hillsborough Charles A. Borgerding La Mesa William L. Dok Grand Rapids, Michigan Michael G. Brisk! Mountain View Raymond F. Dreyer San Jose Aidan R. Gough Los Altos 74 Robert W. Hogan Santa Clara Lawrence A. Madsen Santa Clara Louis Oneal Santa Clara Cyril A. Keifges Merced Salvador A. Liccardo Santa Clara William J. Moses Yokohama, Japan 7S ■i T ' ' ' ? - William A. Riordan Flushing, N.Y. Vincent R. Ruocco Berkeley F. John Royce Spokane 4 Norbert R. Silveira Son Jose Thomas E. Weisenburger Toledo, Ohio Quentin H. Smith San Jose 76 .i Robert J. Allen Alexander D. Bache San Jose San Jose Harold R. Chapman Campbell k Abner M. Fritz San Jose John T. Crowe Visalia Donald R. Fullem Washington, Pa. James T. Ford Stockton 4 Kieran G. Gallagher Richmond, Surrey, England Gary P. Glavinovich Albany i i Stanley J. House Sonoro 77 . ' 1 ' Alan James Vodar, Wash. Jerome L. Hunziker San Jose i ik Henry J. Klaren Oakland Robert F. Jordan San Jose James G. Lea Son Jose Floyd F. Marshall San Francisco Karl Kinaga San Jose P» ' " %: m k William K. MacLeod Los Altos tm f Elvin R. Meek Brookings, Ore. 78 Roy N. Newman Palo Alto f ' v Jack R. Owens Santa Clara ' ' S f ■v,_ , ... K Robert J. Rishwain Stockton iilft ' ' - i Grayson S. Taketa San Jose Willys I. Peck Saratoga -1. ri Donald D. Schaut Palo Alto Lawrence F. Terry Fresno ■€i Richard H. Penrose Nevada City, Calif. Norman N. Sherr Modesto Eugene M. Premo San Jose Bernard B. Siner San Jose - " m Robert H. Wilson San Jose 79 ' William Collard President O I M. ■kt Alexander Bache Secretary Louis Oneol Vice President yj iA xCfxi, pi ' i f] {).c ' A ' 0 i James Lea First Year Representative William Collard President Michael Briski Second Year Representative Louis Oneal Vice President n j Joseph Kern Third Year Representative Alexander Bache Secretary 80 [ Floyd F. Hill John Dawson James R. Tormey $cc Cca a tcc Cyril Keitges dir William F. Marinovich Q a Jl M. jicUa $t t 81 4 4 ' 4 ' Elliot Chielpegian William Collard k: A William Marinovich Fred Maguire M Victor Bertolani Co-Chairman rt5« l ■ ' tg Joseph Kern Co-Chairman John Nolan William Pardee k Charles Borgerding William Moses 82 Gerald Vanoli Alfred DeLucchi Aidan Gough Ernest Dunn Daniel Oneal Alfred Perez 83 4 - ' -W JN tv Dennis Bourquin Salvador Liccardo iM William Giffen Lawrence Menard St. 4 r William Riordan John Royce Gary Glavinovich Eugene Premo ' Victor Bertolani Co-Editor William Brown Co-Editor " « «,. Fred Maguire Willys Peck • William Riordan i . Kenneth Chang milk mm Larry Menard Lou Oneal nM Gene Premo 85 Daniel E. Donovan 1?[ Harry W. Feldman Victor A. Bertolani 11 Raymond F. Dreyer Dennis M. Bourquin Aidan R. Gough 86 USfi The third national oliservance of Law Day USA achieved a new le el of recognition and acceptance this year in Santa Chira County. In scope and impact it hir exceeded expectations. In the United States, La v Day was prochiimed to foster increased respect tor law and to give a deeper understanding of its })lace in our daily lives. We were privileged to hear the Hon. Ray- mond E. Peters, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California, the featured speaker and guest of honor at the Law Day luncheon, spon- sored by the College of Law and the Santa Clara County Bar Association, on Saturday, A]Dril 30, in the Hotel St. Claire. This was the first Law Day obser ance in which both the Law School and the County Bar Association participated and it promises to be an annual event. 87 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON ilAS ' VEGAS NEVADA BOISE, IDAHO :,|i lfiot(: Rg:; OREGON r ' rtV.rriprr. VIRGINIACIT , NEVADA SALEM, OREGON OROFINO; IDAHO PORTLAND, OREGON ANACORTES. WASHINGTON PHOENIX ARIZONA JOHN DAY, OREGON ROSWELL. NEW MEXICO DENVER, COLORADO VODAR, WASH INGTON YUMA, ARIZONA BOULDER CITY, fsJEVADA SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH vfJOKAWF ■W7V5;H!N T0N ' - OGDEN, UTAH ,iyitDt-i3RD,;:6REG0N ' Kl a ' ( V I f ' ' Sl]« ri. ' Tf vVM t-H f reMFl »»i BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON t ' iiif ' JJM iiti i if ' i EUGENE, OREGON ' ■ k tiyiite tit iii ({( " WpOpiLAWDjl.WAjHlNGTON B ' t (• ' ,. ' ; ■■■! ' ■ . ' ' .■: ' ■ ' v , v: ' i;;l4 ;:..;.,,v.l«ftHffi,;; ;;.ii(! iiJjfc- . ' »ii;i)(.(iV ;fi |«prIWJiAv:VVA I GfO ■|tKoy: ' t F AnA. WHIPPLE, ARIZONA m Lriim.d!iiL.-...:.iLL: ' im feCOTTSDALE, ARltmiC ' ' ' ' • ' I I i ' I ' ' I ' ■ I J it ' ' . . EDMUNDS, VVASHll ciTdN MONTANA BROOKINGS, OREGON TUCSON, ' ARIZONA. CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN, PHOENIX RLEY, IDAHO m i i W A 90 % « „_t V -4. ?;• ■t.. if % u - • ' . ' J Bill Keenan Vice-President Jim O ' Brien Sgt. at Arms Bill Tsushima Secretary The men of the Class of ' 61 passed their Junior Year with the customary modest admission that they were the quintessence of all groups ever to grace the Mission Campus. And lor once, the bromitle was not too far from the truth. With an Exclusive ami a Christmas party, the men established the ground- work for their subsequent reputation as industrious playboys. However, all as not play. By responding to the newly awakened football spirit, the class provided the bulwark of Bronco support. Following in the best social tratlition, the class also sponsored a picnic, an in- formal dance, a beach party, and the Junior Prom— acclaimed as a classic bash. Concluding the second semester, the elections brought energetic officers •ho will lead this socially proficient and dynamic class to a fruitful and distinguished finale of its collegiate career. 91 Me a nd my shadow % V Phil Abrahamsen Burlingame Bob Accinelli San Francisco Fred Barson San Francisco A bi i Dan Baedeker Glendale Mike Barr Ogden, Utah f;?- Al Beat San Jose %nr l » Dick Azevedo Santa Clara - Paul Ahern San Francisco f in Dick Bardwil Los Angeles Henry Barkett Stockton Vic Bellaschi Portland Dick Bernacchi Alhambra Neil Botsford Kawait, Persian Gulf 92 John Bowling West Englewood, N.J. Phil Bannan San Marino Tom Branson Burlingame I - Del Britton St. Helena Bill Cahalan San Jose 9 - V ' j .- :iT Ned Brown Seattle S " lii Bob Callan San Jose 5r Bob Carmignani San Francisco Jim Clark Palo Alto i " Oh Dan, you bandit, you! " Scotty Bruce Manteco Bob Campbell San Jose Brian Casey Portland «k JzM o Joe Bufalini San Jose ■L lh. -ir Dave Capitolo San Carlos • • . r A SiV-.V-V Marty Capriola Willows Curt Caton Fresno Grover Cady San Mateo Wayne Carey San Jose 93 Jim Connolly Napa Dave Coughlin Son Mateo ' m f Steve De Armond Santa Clara Steve Devin San Francisco 4 It just hurts for a little while. Licio Costermani Caracas, Venezuela Jim Daniels San Mateo , W «-»rt- g, Larry Dempsey Vi hittier rm TR. Vic Corsiglia Sacramento k Terry Curtola Vallejo Kirch De Martini Santa Monica Mike Corpus San Francisco Jim Crowley San Mateo George Delaney Tacoma Jorge Diaz Santa Ana, El Salvador . V • Lee Cook San Francisco John Coughlin Seattle Pete De Carlo San Jose A Tony Diepenbrock Sacramento ' i teb Steve Dobel San Francisco Gene Elam Santa Maria Mike Fitzgerald Los Olivas f Fred Domino San Jose Ali Enayati Tehran, Iran :: - h Joe Dooling Arcadia Bob Eppler San Carlos Mike Dowling San Francisco Bill Eppler San Carlos Mom ' s boys Bob Dust Los Altos Dan Flynn San Francisco Terry Flaaten San Marino Jack Fontana San Jose 4 Arnold Flint Wafsonville Don Flohr Santa Rosa 3f-v John Fantham San Mateo Bob Florion Los Angeles Ted Foster Los Angeles r Bernie Gass Phoenix rs Joe Freitas Atwater Bob Fox Menio Park The gay blades of Walsh Hall ■ . V Bob George Tracy John Gerhardt San Jose ;■;;? Santa Rosa Herm Geerling Pine Lawn, Mo. ' ' ® K f , X.: ■:•» Dave Giannini Hillsborough i Herm Goeppele Nuremberg, Germany Walt Giachini San Francisco Aldo Girolami San Jose ' W ' Bill Goggin Redwood City ■ m Jon Gosk San Mateo ? - ♦ Ni ' ' 1 Gerry Granucci San Francisco Jack Grant Altadena V4 Pat Grinsell Napa 96 Charlie Hagan La Jolla A M Jack Havens Memphis, Tenn. Roger Hurthere San Mateo Jim Hoffman Menio Park Mike Hagan Portland Mike Hankal San Jose Pat Haggerty Encino v ' y " yivy ' yf ' f Bellingham, Wash. A John Helmer Mill Valley Fernando Hernandez San Jose ( k Howard Homan Salinas Jon Jagger Phoenix " Don Ingoglia Sacramento c Joe Jellison Aptos V . . 1 t:_ i_i x_. Jim Collins Sacramento Tim Johnston Burbank A John Joseph Sacramento Bill Keenan Sacramento Bill Jones San Francisco 97 Local joke, I guess. Denny Kennedy San Jose " ' ■Yirf ' ' ' ' A Frank Kenefick Pleasant Hill Mike Keenan La Jolla San Jose John Laden, Jr. Medtord, Ore. Dick Larrabee Sacromento Menio Park ty ■L . v T ! M ' •, " Lou Leonard Los Gafos •«. ' tk Jim Kirby San Francisco Dick Kobritz San Francisco f ' ■I Bob Kirchoff San Francisco Jim Knecht Redwood City Bob Leach Los Altos Ed Lee Los Angeles Ray Legoretta San Francisco 98 Pete Lilievand Alameda Jim Lonergan Santa Monica Jim MacMillan Oakland Jim Magdien Santa Barbara Ulrici, Hogger and frau. Jim McCrank Marysville Jim McGonigle Whipple, Ariz. Terry Miraglia Oakland Jim Mooney Redmond, Ore. Mel Murakami Honolulu Frank Mark San Francisco • " " k Marty McCormick San Mateo Ray McCormick Son Francisco " f ' V i- •. It Frank McLellan Portland Larry Meares North Hollywood Lm Jay Mesplay Mariposa r. Ron Morro San Mateo ■1 Wi Jrj Terry Monday ■ .. Menio Park 4.TW Ken Mickel Vallejo Carl Munding Santa Maria 99 i Ron Murphy Pomona " Let ' s see, my date was here a second ago. " John Newton Fresno A Gary Nobriga Willow Glen Junji Nishikawa San Mateo ' w ' " - Sf " Dave Oliver San Jose -.- Tom O ' Laughlin A. Pasadena ' " " M Ld «A - A. Max Oliva South Pasadena Tom O ' Keefe Sacramento i ;%SSS Curtis Musante Corona Del Mar . ' John Oberholzer Mojave Will Oliver Menio Park Tom Nelson Livermore Jim O ' Brien Mountain View i W Bob Peters San Jose Norm Padilla San Jose Ralph Fordo Santa Cruz George Pace Santa Clara 100 Ed O ' Neill Fresno Mugsy Peters Menio Park 4 I Bob Pickens Modesto John Presley San Diego W- «H For the folks at home. i y ' » Bob Raspo Stockton ' Walt Reiche-Berger Guatemala City, Guatemala Travis Rankin Glendale Bill Regan Menlo Park Leo Ramos San Jose V® - -• Jim Relvas Folsom " ■■ Mike Reilly San Jose bli ve V Bill Rinkleib Santa Barbara r r-- Mike Robinson Los Angeles , . ' ■ - U f Ray Roeder Garberville Lou Rogers Lakewood 1 i Kevin Russell San Mateo Dion Salfen Los Gatos 101 Jim Samuelson Arcadia Jim Schmiederer Burbank ' Wanna swap it for a Musial? " Jim Schroder West Sacramento 4 Bernie Schroer San Francisco Tex Schwartz Schenectady, N.Y. Dan Shellooe Salinas Dave Scheid Campbell Dick Sherman Sacramento Jack Silvano Oakland Dave Shreve Vallejo Kev Smith San Francisco " C, " ' 2;. 1 » . WW. I v Neil Smith Oakland Don Sorensen San Jose Mike Shea San Jose Bob Silva Newark John Steffani San Jose John Stansbury La Canada Damien and colony ■k Mike Torrano Hay ward John Ursick Pueblo, Colo. Tim Thornton San Jose Craig Ulrici Salinas ' " " sap ■f X ' ' . - John Stoner Pasadena Ken Svilich Sacramento -i(» Bill Tsushima John Treder Santa Clara Honolulu ▲ Jim Turner Santa Clara John Tweten San Jose r W - f - v.. ' Art Wagner l lg r Santa Cruz 1 ma Bob Welch Santa Clara Tony Varni Hayward i John Willett Alhambra Gerry Whitley Garbervllle W ' h Dave Wilson San Francisco Dick Woodward 111 Berkelev The Untouchables - — - - " • — 7 J Meeting of the minds. • ' ■ 106 Bob Corboy Sgt.-at-Arms John Fassio Trea surer Chuck Whitchurch Secretary Steve Willett Vice-President The class of ' 62, while ii is a class of diversified interests, once again mani- fested its distinct personality. The spirit of the Sophomore class has been extended to all forms of activities. The members of this group were enthusiastic participants in sports, and were well represented in the intellectual as]:)ect of om ' campus life. They enhanced the various social activities of the University and lent color and support to its fimctions. Their own class activities were both niunerous and successful. In stri ing to glean the most from their college life, the Sophomores have advanced their cause and show great promise for the future. 107 mB iC Philip Abel Sylmar, Calif. .1 Jim Anderson San Jose Lynn Anglin San Jose gl Tom Archer So. San Gabriel M Mike Ardantz Santa Maria A Bob Arnerich San Francisco Mk Fred Baer San Francisco mr.k Ted Biagini San Jose Jack Balletto San Bruno Tim Blanchard San Jose I Dick Barcklay Menio Park Bill Borklund Glendale Buck Bannan San Marino Bob Brands PortiancJ Bill Beasley San Francisco Ml (k Luis Belmonte Redding Terry Bridges Riverside 108 John Bryan Los Angeles t %- y - mSm Tom Butler Pasadena John Cain Phoenix Jim Campodonico San Francisco Nick Cappelloni S A M tfrl k Tony Buccola San Marino Doug Bui Redding Ade Buoncristioni San Francisco Bill Butler Mountain Viev San Jose Bill Carnazzo Monterey M M Paul Caro San Jose Tom Castelazo Fresno Ricardo Castillo Guatemala City, Guatemala 109 M: h Bill Clements Crescent City Marvin Coit Oakland Bill Compagno San Jose Gary Condensa Santa Clara Tom Connelly Los Altos Bob Corboy Honolulu Mike Corsetti Napa Barry Cristina San Jose )an Crowe Visalia Don Curphey Martinez . M Bob Cushman Petaluma I i Bob Davi Antioch John Davis Phoenix Chuck De Vita Oakland Mike Devitt Long Beach Gordon Dahl San Jose Ron Diebel San Jose 10 Gary Dinelli Antioch Frank Dorsa Saratoga Jim Downey San Francisco Ed Doyle Pasadena -W iJI Jim Duckworth San Francisco Sam Eastman Woodside Sal Falcone San Jose ° " " --».e ,-: ' " 9 to us. Gerry Ferrari San Francisco Joe Fessio, Jr. Menio Park John Ford Los Angeles Jeff Fox MenIo Parl Dave Freitas San Francisco Larry huller San Jose 1 1 1 John J. Gallagher Fresno .M John V. Gallagher Redwood City Joe Gallo Cupertino Pat Gavin Long Beach Allan Giannini Hillsborough k Joe Giliick Omaha, Neb. Jerry Glueck Son Francisco Al Gonsalves San Lorenzo John Grippi Napa Chuck Guest Pasadena Leo Gunther Grass Valley Bill Hackel San Jose Chuck Hajek Redding Phil Hanasaki San Jose Tom Hannigan Fairfield John Harvey San Jose John Hedberg Beverly Hills 1 12 Bob Helmholz Santa Ana Barry Hinman Redwood City Steve Home San Jose Mike Hemsch Tacoma Henry Hensley Mill Valley Phil Hernandez Redwood City Bud Herning Anaheim John Houlihan Oakland k j k Derm Houweling Burlingame Jerry Infantino San Jose Tom Inks Woodland Sam inouye Waipahu, Hawaii Jon Jacobson Colusa 13 Larry Kaaha San Francisco Claude Kimball Carmel l.fe Bill King Los Alamos fi Mike Lamasney ALameda Tom Kearns North Brook, III. Mike King San Francisco Bill Langdon Menio Pork Gary Keister AnacorJes, Wash. T ' ' 1 — jv f Len Klosinski Michigan City, Indiana Ray Leal San Francisco M Joe Kelly Monrovia Denny Kneier Pasadena f k. 114 Jim Leaver Yuma, Ariz. f Tom Kiely Santa Clara John Komes San Francisco Bill Kruse Puunene, Hawaii Tom Le Clercq Redwood City tk Chuck Ledden Sacramento Dan Martin San Marino Jim Martin San Mateo f. ' «efe 4 Ron Martin Salinas John Massa 4 w «i| ■ Lou Leonard Los Gatos Paul Lewandowski Scottsdale, Ariz. Don Lillo San Jose • h " 0, ovvn ' ' ■ " ' " ' eo °ns. Salinas George McCauley Mlllbrae Dwayne McCosker i Oakland John McCrory Tracy ' I Dave Lira Mountain View Ron McGee Son Francisco 115 Martin McHan Santa Clara Tom Miller San Jose Sean McKenna San Francisco Jim McMahon Altadena Ed Middendorf Salt Lake City Mike Miller Los Angeles ■ jrar ■» . John Mitchell San Francisco Ed Mobley San Jose Marty Moore Los Altos 1 Tom Morrill Caracas, Venezuela Greg Morris San Luis Obispo 1 116 Brian Morrissey San Bernardino Ed Muckerman Phoenix Paul Mugar Burlingame Fritz Muller Ducor k John Morrison San Jose Bill Murphy Beverly Hills Bob Musetti San Mateo Dick Mussallem San Francisco df k Norm Nagel San Francisco Bob Newbre Whittier Mervin Newton Mission San Jose Tom Nolan Menio Park ' 3 1 9 , Roger O ' Brien Santa Clara Mike O ' Neil Los Angeles ' " 9 in -.; --VA Lou Parente Corte Madera Gary Paris San Jose Dan Parr Long Beach 4i Bob Pauli Atherton Ed Pera San Francisco 117 Frank Perez Apra Heights, Guam A Joe Perelli El Cerrito Leo Pinard Westfield, N.J. Bill Pisano Santa Clara ¥ . ' 3 k- Tom Povey San Francisco Ron Quaresma Mission San Jose Bill Quebedeaux Phoenix Allen Raish Santa Clara Fred Raiter Salinas Bob Ravano Hayward •TJf If Armand Ravizza Cupertino John Regan Menio Park 118 Tim Regan Burlingame Bob ReghiMo Stockton m M jk Tim Rhein San Francisco Chuck Riegelhuth Palos Verdes Mike Riley Oakland John Rohe Los Angeles Tik T» A k Mike Ronco San Francisco Nick Rorick Oceanside Bob Roseblade Santa Clara i Mike Rossi San Carlos Tom Rowland Watsonville Mike Ryan San Carlos oXont o ' AOS - V»e Pete Santina San Francisco Paul Scherer Las Vegas Roy Schoepf Calistoga , tk Don Scott San Francisco Sam Sebastiani Sonoma (i Mitch Secondo Watsonville 119 Jim Shea Burlingame k Tom Smith Los Altos Hills Tony Souza Tracy Gregg Steber Woodside Jack Taber San Francisco Brian Tappeiner Santo Barbara 4 i Nick Testa Los Angeles jf s Dick Tourtelot Rolling Hills Rick Trinchero Santa Cruz Bob Vender Noor Porterville Bill Ven Rooy Phoenix Frank Villaroman New York City f ' Arpad Vincze Budapest, Hungary Tim Walsh Phoenix 120 Roberto Wheelock Managua, Nicaragua Chuck Whitchurch Long Beach John Whilhite San Carlos Steve Willett Alhambra Andy Woo Piedmont Jim Wright Burlingame Bob Wynhausen Santa Monica Larry Yamamoto Los Angeles Al Zavattero San Francisco Frank Ziemann Pasadena Horst Zitzelberger San Francisco Raphael Retana Chalchuapa, El Salvador 121 ::fii] ' ' : " -L-t:fc£ I Do you mind if I borrow your date? i! • ♦ A W- ' j s -: Ai4 y t Ati Wally Colthurst Treasurer Rick Ernst Vice President Larry Gill Secretary Mike Hackworth Sgt. at Arms The Freshman Class displayed again and again this year the enthusiasm typical of the true Santa Clara spirit. Under the able guiding hands ot the presi- dent and his officers, the class compiled an impressive list oi achievements in both academic endeavors and sports. After a spunky initiation, the men got to work on what was probably the most successful mixer of the year. They also contributed many outstanding players to the first Bronco Varsity football squad in seven years, and then em- barked on a winning basketball whirl. The Spring Semester saw a talent-filled baseball team successfully defend Santa Clara on the diamond. Another mixer was staged, and the Frosh also en- joyed their first annual outing at the beach. The social calendar ended on a happy note with a memorable evening at the Frosh Exclusive in San Francisco, thus marking the close of the year for one of the most outstanding classes to enter Santa Clara in recent years. 125 John Anderson San Jose George Arnold Ventura Jean Ashton So. San Francisco yfflf ' 0 x Lynn Ashton Phoenix John Arnold Palo Alto -m» Ronald Asta Rio Vista Thomas Bariteau San Jose Richard Bel Napa Robert Bachmann Redwood City Thomas Barron Pasadena John Berg Sacramento HI ▲ mnm Robert Barta San Diego 1 f John Boccabella San Anselmo Michael Bacon Portland Terrence Beats Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia Michael Bodisco San Francisco Steven Bardin Salinas " iiMi II lir (S- JSjSt Andrev« Becwar Glendale Jeffrey Boyd Hollisfer i. s I I Adrian Bozzolo Oakland Roger Brunello Los Altos Dennis Burke Pasadena Philip Branson Burllngame " T Ralph Bugbee Santa Clara Robert Burke San Francisco Mi Richard Bricmont Campbell Michael Burns Spokane James Brigham Los Angeles ' " Thomas Bugbee Santa Clara Ronald Cappai San Francisco •HT -, Bradley Brokop Glendale Bernard Burdick Crescent City Theodore Calantino Pueblo, Colo. k ' Jon Campisi San Jose Peter Carcione San Francisco Anthony Carollo San Jose 1 127 I Larry Carsten Tahoe Patrick Collins San Marino i ft David Culver Hillsborough John Daly Eureka James Cassayre Napa Wallace Colthurst Oakland Leslie Cunningham Mountain View Amos Dana Pismo Beach d John Cattalini San Francisco Michael Curtis Phoenix " •. Bernard Danylchuk Escondido George Cattermole Denver, Colo. Edward Creehan San Mateo Robert Cuva Monterey k 4ib Robert Deasy Oakland I I Michael Cloherty Pollock Pines William Crevier Glendale 4 Fred da Costa, Jr. Middleboro, Mass. Gerald De Gregori Los Bonos r - " ff i- Agustin De La Guardia Panama City, Panama Robert DiDonato Oakland John Donohue San Francisco Ronico Egcasenza San Francisco Richard Del Grande Saratoga 1 Virgil Dodson San Jose Joseph Doran Oakland George Eilers Oakland Robert De Martini San Francisco John Doud Carmel T ' - t-i William Enright San Jose David Deming Reno n 1 c ! i. 1 . .w Robert Dolan Butte, Mont. Harry Dougherty Riverside ,N«r A M Paul Erie Oakland I n Vincent Desmond San Marino James Donahue Ross Joseph Dunn Oakland Henry Ernst Hillsborough 4 129 Robert Fagan San Mateo William Fahey Phoenix - Ernest Fazio San Leandro ■- f j Ray Ferrari Menio Park Frank Firpo San Francisco Terence Florian Los Angeles Brendan Fischer Oakland Ernest Franco Monterey Lawrence Farren Burlingame Richard Freitas San Jose Daniel Fitzgerald San Mateo James Fuqua Santa Monica Kenneth Flanagan San Francisco 1 fc- ' Jr fT ' " «•% ■ •, Ronald Gallagher Virginia City, Nev. John Gallivan Salt Lake City ■k W Anthony Gamboa Los Angeles Joseph Geist Wilmette, III. Ernest Giachetti Millbrae Robert Gianolini San Luis Obispo 5i ' W ' I tt HHIHHi SsE i H HHHHi Lawrence Gi Los Angeles Nicholas Gray Los Angeles Karl Hageman Crockett I Edward Ginn Schenectady, N.Y. 4.1 Thomas Gray San Jose Michael Hailey Reno John Giovanoia San Francisco Paul Hamilton McCloud Bernard Glienke Gardena Michael Hackworth San Mateo Michael Harney San Bruno Michael Grand! Loyalton Lawrence Haenel Los Angeles C ■ A k k William Harrison Santa Rosa Timothy Hartnagel Los Angeles tfM 4ffel Edwin Hendricks Phoenix r Jerold Hawn Eugene, Ore. Stanley Hayden San Marino James Heffernan Stockton This don ' t hurt . San Jose State commuter •»i]t0 ' M James Hendricks Phoenix Michael Higgins Monterey Park John Huffman Santa Cruz . «y Gerard Huiskamp Keokuk, Iowa John Idiart La Jolla Warren Jenkins Honolulu, Hawaii Christopher Keliey San Jose Leroy Jackson Hayward Robert Jimenez San Jose dfk Joseph Kelly Roswell, New Mex. Rodney Holzkamp San Francisco Martin Judnich Carmel John Keiterer San Francisco John Jacobs San Rafael Paul Kantner OaklancJ Michael Kenney Albany David Janich San Jose James Kassis Sacramento Stephen Kent Seattle 5r •i Michael King San Francisco Daniel Korbel San Jose Richard La Rocca Daly City Larry Loughlin Tacoma Robert Kinzie III Santa Cruz i Carl Kube San Jose Leonard Liccardo Santa Clara George Luchessi San Jose • " f ' ' % John Klein, Jr. San Francisco 0 r. . - A " _ ' Paul Klebba BoulcJer City, Nev. r Thomas Linehan Antioch - m. 4t k Michael Lynch Vallejo Ronald Ladrech San Francisco Robert Looney BrentwoocJ W «ls Noel Lyons San Francisco k Frederick Klink Santa Barbara Tharan Lanier San Jose f ' 0 ' 0 ' ' ' ' Mi Robert Lotz Son Jose John MacDonald Los Angeles Joseph Madruga Mllpitas John Maple John Day, Ore. ' | ■ ' Denis McCloskey San Francisco Joseph Meagher, Jr. San Carlos 136 Michael Maino San Luis Obispo " iX. Joseph Martin Santa Clara Michael McGonigle Whipple, Ariz. Martin Melone Glendale Peter Makaus Phoenix r B Thomas McGourin Alexandria, La. Robert Means Pasadena Timothy Maloney Orinda • t George McCargar Salem, Ore. Robert McKechnie Sacramento Paul Mello Pittsburg, Calif. WKSm Gerald Malovos Los Altos William McCarthy Greenbrae Joseph McNamara Keokuk, Iowa Donald Mercer Vallejo Gerard Miller Redwood City John Miller San Francisco William Moher, Jr. San Leandro Sergio Molina Managua, Nicaragua Manuel Montemayor Alaminos, Philippines James Moran San Marino i ■ ' Thomas Mooney Sunnyvale Kent Morrill Oakland " «r 4 f Joseph Millett Burlingame Lauro Mosso San Mateo .. i Iff Henry Moore, Jr. Woodland, Wash. Robert Mulcrevy San Francisco Jose Moore Salinas Jerry Muller Terra Bella, Calif. William Nolan Long Beach Robert Nurisso San Francisco Paul Obester Reno l flk- Dennis O ' Brien Yonkers, N.Y. Ronald O ' Connell San Francisco Frank O ' Donnel Stockton John O ' Leary Hillsborough Terry Olson San Mateo I I Edward Omberg Santa Maria Terrence Onorato San Anselmo , t» " -xr- Christopher Palma Cormel Gerald Persinger Karachi, Pakistan Ir ■ -M ii w Loren Orsini Anacortes, Wash. Hector Patron Mazatlan, Mexico k .1 Roger Peters Sacramento Paul Olmo Davis -f " ' «pfe. k Arthur Pegg Long Beach Robert Phelan Washington, D.C. Edward Ottoboni San Mateo Joseph Pelayo Atherton M Robert Picetti San Francisco Carmen Paladino San Jose % - Gilberto Pena Cananea, Sonora, Mex. Denis Pirio Napa Larry Pistoresi, Jr. Chowchilla John Ranahan San Bruno David Rigney Van Nuys William Samsel Watsonville Q James Popovich Oakland Thomas Rausch North Hollywood Ronald Rodriquez Calexico J X..-. John Sauer Los Angeles Ronald Prudhomme Stockton ;;s «r Ik liii. James Rossevelt Sacramento P ) Robert Schick Burlingame Jorge Ramirez Los Altos Dwayne Richards Santa Clara Bernard Rothermel Rialto di t ' If Jerrold Schluer San Jose h George Ramos San Jose Bernard Richter Oroville James Roulo Saratoga Edward Schmah! Los Angeles WD f M Thomas Schmitt Diablo John Sheldon Clarksburg M i John Souza Santa Maria William Schwarz San Mateo dth Roy Shields Oceano Lawrence Specchieria Los Angeles Edward Seidier Phoenix Ronald Simon Oakland Michael Sellars Boise, Idaho -«; Daniel Siracusa San Francisco Brent Tanger Hillsborough I I f } Phillip Sharkey Fullerton John Smith San Jose William Tenney Palo Alto Brian Thompson Hollister I Joseph Torrello San Jose Nicholas Toussaint Fair Fax, Minn. Charles Tucker North Hollywood Thomas Tudor Atwater jm ! . , p Miguel Ucovich San Jose Robert Walker Hillsborough " S , James Wentworth Redondo Beach Brother R. Upton, S.J. Bokersfleld i James Walsh Oakland William Whelihan, Jr. San Jose Stephen Veglia Sacramento «ir ' [pi Justin Wang Taipei, Formosa Ted Voigtiander, Jr. Los Angeles - Walter Weinzheimer Concord William Whitcomb San Jose m James Walker Ouarte Joseph Weiss Lafayette ' - f I 1 k. Jerry Wikoff San Juan Bautista Fred Wissing Son Francisco Steven Wistrom La Crescenta m iW wL Edward Wolf Spokane Richard Wuesterfeld San Mateo Martin Ziegler Los Angeles f I ife Dolores Boker San Jose Joyce Jaca San Jose Joanna Di Grazia San Jose ary Ann McLaughlin Oakdale Patricia Lamphere Chico Ellen Pivetti Hollister rJi t4ci Mary Enriquez Hollister Carol Machado Palo Alto Judy Reif Salinas Sheila Fahy Hollister Patricia McClenahan San Mateo Darlene Roman Polo Alto 1 ! ' 1 Sharon Grof i Gridley Giselda Gianetta Santa Cruz Ava McDonald Visalia Barbara Scanlon Downey Diane McDonald Manteca Loreene Pardini San Jose Loretta Pardini San Jose Gloria Solano Hollister Ann Spadafore Hollister Sheila Sullivan New York City Barbara Totzke San Jose Patricia Turenchalk Sunnyvale Mary Schmuck San Mateo Shirley Yappert Watsonville ting again, Jocker? j ST. LQUISv MISSOURI CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA WEST ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS SCARSDALE, NEW YORK WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA PINE LAWN, MISSOURI NEW YORK CITY TOLEDO, OHIO WILMETTE, ILLINOIS SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK OMAHA, NEBRASKA MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA WESTFIELD, NEW YORK MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE JOPLIN, MISSOURI KEOKUK, IOWA FLUSHING, NEW YORK Alexandria, LOUISIANA KETCHIKAN, ALASKA f ' llli WORTH BROOK, ILLINOIS B EVERLY, MASSACHUSETTS MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN BYr6 ' N,, MICHIGAN YONKERS, NEW YORK BISMAR( HETTINGER, NORTH DAKOTA FAIR FAX, MINNESOTA lORTH DAKOTA us. t ' n oi( Colonel William P. Whelihan Professor of Military Science Tactics Front row left to right: Major Polden, Colonel Whelihan, Major Shirey, Captain Layman. Second row: Captain Neal, Sgt. Barry, Sgt. Sponsler, Captain Gillingham. Back row: Sgt. Brandt, Sgt. Hatch, Sgt. Gasser, Specialist Gates. 146 Cadet Colonel Jerry Soderberg Brigade Commander Brigade Staff: John Leatham, Wells Longshore, Louis Castruccio, Jerry Soderberg, Monte Pistoresi, Charles Ray, Norwood Nedom. 147 Staff, left to right: Pau! Redlich, Bernard McGuire, Leon Panetta, Thomas Hastings, Joseph Stretch. Cadet Lt. Col. Leon Panetta First Battle Group Commander 148 Cadet Lt. Col. John Crowe Second Battle Group Commander Staff, left to right: Michael de Prie, Ralph Paoli, John Crowe, Dennis Miller, Dennis Riopel. 4i»ialijiiA-- a|- 149 r it Attf c Q i AA S ' kC C pwC ' t Front row, left to right: Gordon Tassi, Richard Erbst, Louis Jenkins, Jon Peterson, John Kirby. Back row: Sandro Recchio, Scotty Bruce, Daniel Greenwood, Lawrence Hig- gins, William Tagmyer. {Mr C- Seated: Carmignani, Mooney, O ' Brien, Devin, Silvano, Wilson, Pace, Turner, Oberholzer. Standing: Rishwain, Relvas, Flynn, Peters, Kirby, Murakami, Smith, Tsushima, Helmer, Bernacchi, Munding, Jones, Leach, Rankin, Lillevand, Willett, O ' Neill. 150 $tC{ i A j Ctttt Q ou yCV iA Front row, left to right: John Fantham, Ryan McKeon, Ronald Li, Robert Eppler, Richard Roach, Peter Gianinni, Joseph Glaab. Standing: Michael De Prie, Marios Cavadias, William McLaren, Daniel Murtha, Joseph Royere, Robert Ponzini, Dennis Riopel. ' i 4 ' yA.t3 4 ' Front row, left to right: Nicholas Herb, John O ' Sullivan, Fran- cis Kenefick, Anthony DeMartini, William Silva, Del Britton, Philip Bannan, Robert Dust, Roger Hurthere. Standing: Robert Florian, William Goggin, Keith Abler, James Daniels, Michael Dowling, Aldo Girolami, Herman Goeppele, Richard Bardwil, Ned Brown, John Grant, Michael Corpuz, Jon Gosk, Grover Cady, Victor Bellaschi, Paul Ahern, Paul Dobel. 151 Pc dii l i(lci. Commander Melvyn Murakami, Executive Officer James Rel- vas. Steven Home, Anthony Sousa, George Pace, Daniel Crow e, Marvin Newton, Paul Hensley, Thomas Morrill, Leo Pinard, Fred Baer, Joseph Gallo, Kevin Ryan, John Stansbury, Steven Bardin, Henry Moore, John Anderson, Thomas Bugbee, John Arnold, James Dollard, Tharan Lanier, George McCar- gar, Frank O ' Donnell, David Rigney, William Tenney, Agustin de la Guardia, John O ' Leary, Gerard Miller. C iJtt E fy Richard Bell, Bernard Burdick, Michael Burns, Edv ard Cree- han, David Culver, John Donohue, Robert Fagan, Leslie Cun- ingham, George Malovos, Bernard Rothermel, Paul Hamilton, George Ramos, John Miller, Richard Barcklay, Roger Deal, John Grippi, David Lira, Martin McHan, Norman Nagel, Frank Perez, Thomas Povey, Allan Raish, Robert Ravano, Joseph Kelly, James McMahon, Charles Noya. 152 yCAllflAriJ Ai J t t Front row, left to right: Silvano, Kenefick, DeMartini, Wilson, Silva, McKeon, Roach, Kennedy, Devin. Second row: Major Shirey, moderator, Bernacchi, Bardwil, Smith, Tsushima, Brown, Cady, Dowling, Goeppele, Abler, Peters, Crowe, De Prie, Major Polden, moderator. Back row: Riopel, Daniels, Murakami, Panetta, Pistoresi, Erbst, Cavadias, Goggin, Munding, Peter- son, Miller, Li. 153 f dOKllNE, HAWAII APRA HEIGHTS, GUAM YOKOHAMA, ABOAIO, SAUDI ARABIA WAIPAU, HAWAII KARACHI, PAKISTAN TAIPEI, TAIWAN, FORMOSA KUWAIT, PERSIAN GULF HONOLULU, HAWAII n« ' U« «C« Lou Castruccio ASUSC President 158 oi( xCC l l i John Casey Vice-President Jerry Kerr Corresponding Secretary Dick Bernacchi Treasurer Kevin Smith Recording Secretary Butch Erbst Sgt. at Arms 159 £r n- Leon Panetta Senator-at-large Ed Hendricks Freshman President f!S) As.,, Arnold Finocchio B.A.A. President Don Johnson Arts and Science President Jerry Kerr ex officio Tim Finney Arts and Science President • Ed Gallagher Senior President Lou Castruccio President of the Senate ex officio rl ' ' vf- ' C Dick Bernacchi ex officio £r Woody Nedom Senator-at-large 160 John Casey ex officio yti C t Butch Erbst ex officio ik John Willett Junior President Curt Caton Senator-at-large Kevin Smith ex officio L Ed O ' Neill Law Student Senator " ■•w " Nick Radovcich Engineering President Ed Pera Sophomore President Mike Corsetfi Senator-at-large Norm Matteoni Day Student Senator 161 Al Brindle yti A-ti t A Joe Freitas 1 Gabe Gutierrez r P " J ■ ' ' f i Bob Fox Mike McKay Attorney General Q wit ${ .ci t Q€ ii ii tttC Pete Kerner Curt Caton Co-Chairman f u. h. Phil Barry Fred Fruhling Mike Keenan Don Johnson Co-Chairman cttctXc Dan Greenwood Qo y i xtU t Bob Kirrene i Buzz King i Ryan McKeon Kirch DeMartini Bob Fiorian fr- j r " « ( ii John Willett Mike Hagan J Tom Branson ' asK, Jerry Kerr Chairman Bill Keenan 1 Brian Casey 1 :- Tony Diepenbrock Gerry Granucci n k Ed Hendricks Steve Willett 165 Ed Pera tCA i AA C Phil Barry Butch Erbst Joe Brock Arnold Finocchio Lou Jenkins " ■- » wLxm John Casey Ed Gallagher 4,. Don Johnson 166 Woody Nedom Greg Givvin Buzz King Mr 0 »imm. .tKm k Leon Panettj C ' H ittcc Gabe Gutierrez Jon Peterson lW Dave Maguire Monte Pistoresi m kiW Dick Roach Frank Quinn i Roger Sheerin »K « .- - Wells Longshore Chairman f Dave Wilson k M Ray Riordan Pete Lillevand 167 168 f t4 C e M T J i C H H T T e e A ' i y, C ti Ct Don Johnson Co-Chairman Al Brindle Dick Bianchi • Phil Barry Tim Finney Co-Chairman fVm ■y:s)ief «: Don Giacomini Joe Brock W ! Woody Nedom mtii r r IJI Mike Keenan Wells Longshore Del Britton Dan Sheliooe 1 9 Al Brindle Chairman f Phil Bannon J tti4 ' Qi 4i ii tttC Ryan McKeon John Johnck Tom McGlynn S!n Jack Dooling Tony Diepenbrock Tom Branson fel Jim Campodonico Joe Perelli Fred Baer Jim Turner Jim O ' Brien Chuck Whitchurch wmMv: i 4ili Paul Kantner John O ' Leary 1 StuAe4 BiktH Q lZctoAM Jon Gosk --4 i«Skv . »i John Oberholzer Q{ ii nJititt Hf - ' iii ' ■■,y y. ; t1 Buck Bannan Paul Mugor Larry Gi Bob Florian Chairman . ' ' »ws« ' 1 Fred Domino Dan Graenwood Ralph Paoli Chairman k Paul Vert H f A Sf ti 171 Ernie Baciocco k. " mif- £: Phil Bannan 172 I i a iA i iC 11 -MW S « Greg Givvin Ik. John Sheela Del Britton Don Flohr Dick Hall Co-Chairman Bill Tagmyer " Tr T Jeff Peters Tom Hedberg Co-Chairman Jih Fred Baer i Gca n Atttc Buck Bannan John Hedberg =--)T-w Henry Moore Jerry Hawn Pat Sauer 173 Ed Hendricks Mike Keenan Mike Hagan Tom Branson Chairman Phil Bannan ptA ' , ' . l(lc 4 ctt ' " ' ' i Gory Duff • IC Dennis Kehoe fe 174 Monte Pistoresi John Kirby ' s V 1 Charles Ray Dennis McCosker Jon Peterson Chairman CC{ ( h AA { i Phil Barry Chairman Greg Givvin Bob Ennis Co-Chairman Ron Li Chairman ' j ' -. ' -er A " , ' A a JS " ee i Joe Sheaff 4ik Ed Pera Frank Quinn 75 Dick Roach Co-Chairman T U e A T f c H H t T T Phil Barry Joe Brock Don Bruzzone Mike Burke 1 Dave Doyle L t!h Gary Duff Kim Flint Bob Fuchsiin Greg Givvin Dick Hall Dennis Kehoe 176 Marty Lee n i m 4i Norm Matteoni i Neil McCallion I • Bemie McGuire Tom McGlynn i Ryan McKeon i Mel Russi H " 1 Norm Ziomek Tony DeBellis Bob Kirrene Chairman % I Mike Mullen k Ray Rishwain Dennis Kennedy Don tngoglia 177 ZURieW, SWITZERLAND ROTTERDAM HOLLAND ;{ ' i ' 5lfii lf.- ' fj ' 33 ' SfJ7i4 ' 411?UJIIl SS BRUSSELS, BELGIUM ] ' r ' Vl; : !:-1 ILmeKf fr .!;ft;V !lii? St tjtm ' i? i 1 VkW ' -t AT! lv l4i)!H WUflfUEHlt ' REMBERG, GERMANY ;« ;i RICHMOND, HUNGARY mi . SURREY, ENGLAND HOLLAND ' Hi j f xi KCC ixixC yi).c Jttij, Front row: Ramos, Garcia, Rinkleib, McCormick, Desmond, Corpuz, Johnson. Second row: Brasile, Zeman, Woodward, Peters, Kenefick, Silvano, Segurson,Radovicich Sherman, Zio- mek, Ferrari, George, De la Guardia, Lyons, Barta, Fahey. Third row: Majerus, Sweeney, Riebli, McCrory, DeVita, Ohifs, Talbott, Alvarez, Webb, Corsiglia, Hernandez, Mark, Nishi- kawa, McGough, Franco. Fourth row: Jellison, Kenny, Dono- hue. Tucker, Bozzolo, Devin, Kentzel, Hess, Brady, Reginato, Hornbeck, Burzio, Luschar, Paladino, Bell, Bugbee, Walsh, Owen. r ' •v.V Nick Radovicich President The numerous [unctions ol the Engineering Society were only surpassed by the cntluisiasm ol the otliccrs, chairman and committee mendjers dining tlie year.Under the presidency ot Nick Radovicich ami guided b Mr. Robert Mm- ray, the Society hmctioned as a coordinating body imiiing the engineering stu- dents in activities that broadened their educational spectrum. Besides monthly meetings with guest speakers and ihc bi-monthly |nil)li( ation ol Tlie Stress aiul Stiain, social e c ' iUs as the Kngiuceis ' Hall at which thicc iuindred and sixty couples enjoxed the nuisic ol [ack Kennedy ' s ()uintet at the St. Francis, the Engineers ' Exclusive, the Bancjuet and the Annual Open House were held. The Vice President post was held b Dick Sheiniaii with N ' oini Ziomek as TreasiU ' cr, (im Segurson, Recording Secictaiw Toin Desmond, Cloi icsponding Secretary and I ' ony Feiiaii, Sgl.-at-. rms. 180 r ii ' ' fir- " Vr f Alvarez Besmer Brasile Burzio Froess fSt ' Ciarlo Connelly Atee-ti e mill llk Desmond A. Ferrari ii lWIlMMn lWimlii l i Hernandez H. Johnson ' 2i I f Luschar Ohifs Reiche-Berger W. Miller irk Styles f ml Reginato Talbott Tarrano Kentzel 4 Scribante AAcCallion Webb 1959-60 was an active year lor the AlEE-lRE. At the regular bi-monthly nieetings. speakers representing Hewlett-Packard, Lenkiiri and Lockheed Radiation La- boratory addressed the members. The Student Branch hostetl the Eighth Region Aimual AIEE Student Paper Contest. Ron Ohlls. SC, placed second. Members pitched in to produce an im- pressive ASUSC Open Hou e exhibit ior the Electrical Engineering Dept. The Branch sponsorctl tield trips to Lenkmt and Lockheed, .Vmes Research Center, Granger .Associates and Microwave Elec- tronics Corporation. Finney 181 Brady Herdocia Majerus o O ' Sullivan ■• Am Bruzzone Caldwell Cannizzaro Gain me Cicoletti Hess Louis Bill Gissler President 1 . O ' Connor ' T ' swfc ..s«ff f! Pedroncelli lib tfvll Varaona Bruce Fantham 11 : Webb George Schroer Eppler LaFIamme The American Society ot Civil Engineers once again enjoyed a very successful year under the leadership of Bill Gissler in the first semester and Dick Wood- ward in the second. The regular meetings feattired a wide variety of technical discussions with guest speakers from industry. The Society participated in the Parent ' s Day exhibitions. First prize in this affair went to Prank Kenefick, and the A.S.C.E. took the departmen- tal prize. The Society also did well in the pa]3er contest at the national convention in Reno. These prizes, along with the excellent meetings and active participation of members in numerous college functions are all indications of a very fruitful year. McGough Quijano O ' Laughlin Jellison McCrank 182 ' ' - - c. i«cJ- ■ ■■( Pardo Km Ramos Silva, R. Silvano ▼ 5J» -V f Woodward f f ' K_. Callan ft Curphey m ... - ' Duckworth Fessio rs ' fjH i Gillick Hensley Inks i Paris !•■ ' IP " Pisano ' « « • Y « « -- f zl Revak Riegelhuth Scott Ronco Carsten p - W ' . r i ' : Cattalini Cloherty V, DIAAartini f Dunn f 1 . ■ " ' »-, 1 " - . 7% f ' K ' ;; iLi ' ilk ( Pagan Franco Jacobs McCarthy .i McKechnie 183 : - Paul Caro News Editor Dan Flynn Managing Editor Jones it I Jim Clark Circulation -i j»C 4. f k Ziegler Holzkamp r ■7 Creighton Woody Nedom Editor in Chief l Hb ' ' SHi Nick McGonigle Photo Editor Paul Mugar Business Manager ■ B M Bi Htm McHan Hanasaki As the official weekly publication ot the University, the Santa Chna guides, enhghtens, entertains and reflects the ideas and attitudes of the students it attempts to serve, and it is an organ ot pubhc relations with the community and the Bronco alumni. During the past year, with Father Curran as moderator, the Santa Clara has attempted to stimulate the growth of constructive controversy and at the same time has tried to perform the delicate task of reconcil- ing and balancing the dual role of its purpose. Bill Goggin Feature Editor Gabe Gutierrez Sports Editor Belmonte Vert Rothermel 4tfe Kent Turner 184 Freitas n Schoepf Hall n ift Glienke Elam 1 Bugbee Diepenbrock Taber Donohue k Gill tfr Souza Delaney I Quebedeaux Ati Collins Robinson Ludwigson t Hackworth 185 Ed Gallagher Bob Ravano Mike Curtis K cAm v A Ron Andersen Tim Finney Terry Curtola Jim Connelly Arnie Finocchio Ray Rishwain Tony Diepenbrock Ik iim Editor . . . . Greg Giwin Business Manager ' Ed Lee Advertising Jim (k)llins, Terry Curtola Art . . . Feinando Hernandez Phot()gra]:)hy Ron ' ong Faculty Ra) Rishwain Seniors Ron Andersen Assistants |ini Cionnelh, Bill Tsusliima Juniors Tom Branson SoiDhomores Pat Sauer Assistant Jose Moore Freshmen . . . Mike Ckutis, Ed Hendricks Law .... Ed Seidler R O T C Jon Peterson A S U S C . . . l)ob Ra ano Assistant Nick Cappelloni Organi ations [oini Reg.m, Tim Finney Assistant Noel Lyons Sports . . . . Ton Diepenbrock Assistants Pliil Rvan, F. X. McLellan, Peie Lille and Candid P1k)Io Pages Ed Gallaglier, Arnie Finocchio Co ' er Design Rog Sheerin Advisor Re . . le ander Tait, S. J. 186 Tom Branson Jon Peterson Pat Sauer Will Tsushima Ed Seidler Noel Lyons Pete Lillevand » »• •V — ' Jim Collins 4 Fernando Hernandez Ed Lee F. X. McLellan This year ' s Redwood Staff faced, challenged and solved the usual problems that confront a group dedicated to produce a representative yearbook. Although all editors seriously carried out their assignments, special thanks are due Fer- nando Hernandez for his art work, Tony Diepenbrock and John Regan for pre- paring difficult sections, Business Manager Ed Lee and to the ad men, Jim Collins and Terry Cintola. 187 Oii ■ (s « t Larrey Jardine Consulting Editor 4 Blanchard Eisele Editor k Goggin Barson r l % V " b-w4 4 l - ' f . 1 krll T. Hedberg Caton Flynn Accinelli J. Hedberg Under the editorship of John Jardine and Gabriel Pinlieiro (Fall edi- tors) , and Fred Eisele (Spring editor) , the ()u l eontinuetl its string of successful and stimulating issues. This year saw the birth of (lie " Owl school of poetry, " a dynamic first in the annals ol poetic development. y major factor in the success of the Oxul was the editorials ol John Jardine. The growth of the fame of the literary niaga ine was also en- hanced by the short stories of James Douglass. 188 Larrey McGourin 4iM Belmonte M Morrison Curtis - Hendricks f e f G Devitt Means Caton and Baedeker " warm- up " before the Foch Debate. Baedeker President c i e T --. 4 Caton Dougherty Finney Popovich Gallagher Last year ' s graduation lett the Forensic Society ' X few experi- enced upper tli ision speakers, but the debate team made respectable showings at all of the tournaments in which it participated. The most notable achievement was the continued domination of Santa Clara over St. Afarv ' s in the Foch Debate with the team of Baedeker. Caton and Belmonte defeating the Moragans on their " Home coiut. " Dan Baedeker received the Foch Medal for best speaker in this debate, while Ctnt Catf)n received a tropin lor After-Dinner Speak- ing at a Avestern states tournament held at the University of Nevada. 189 John Helmer Co-Director Al Owen Co-Director Standing: Silva, Orradre, Helmer, Owen, Berg, T. Regan. Sitting: Devin, Rothermel, Bell. j cA kj t M A Inspired by a new constitution and a talented, well-balanced ensemble, Santa Clara ' s world famous Red Hat Band en- joyed its most active and successful year to date. Action began early in the year with Frosh Week, Open House, the U.S.F. football game plus a few lively jam ses- sions which provided a warm-up for the casaba season. Before the Los Angeles trip, the Bronco minstrels showed the hometown folk some fancy stomps and ragtimes and won a trophy in the City of Santa Clara ' s big parade. After a two-night stand at the opening of the Sports Arena in L.A. ' s Exposition Park, the Red Hats followed the victor- ious basketballers to Civic Auditorium, Moraga, U.S.F., S.F. State and finally, all the way to Seattle and the Western Regional N.C.A.A. playoffs. The year was rounded off by rousing sessions at the basketball banquet and Parent ' s Day. The Red Hatters whoop it up at the St. Mary ' s game. 190 . n n Front row: Campisi, Persinger, Bellaschi, Smith, Kinser, Sec- re tary Curtola, President Finocchio, Sgt.-at-Arms Sebastiani, Nobriga, Geerling, Clark, unidentified, Cimino. Second row: Raspo, Nolan, Roosevelt, Fuchslin, Haggerty, Mooney, Leach, Magdien, Orradre, Rohe, Massa, Cragin, Norton. Third row: Sheela, Lee, Hall, Hernandez, Gosk, Dowling, Schnetz, Mc- Keon, T. Walsh, Campodonico, Archer, Kruse, unidentified. Fourth row: Sheerin, Erbst, Gerolami, Jones, Seagrave, Mc- Laren, Cuneo, Linares, Souza, Ravano, Givvin. Top row: Spano, Munding, De Carlo, Munday, Daniels, Granucci, Wil- son, Lillevand, Dougherty, Herb. Arnold Finocchio President 191 k Bernacchi Hall Rotherme Finney Yamamoto Scherer Legorreta Castelazo Moynihan President Miraglia Larrabee M Prudhomme The Galtes Chemical Society is a group that is devoted ex- clusively to Chemistry majors and has as its purpose the growth of knowledge in the science ol Chemistiy. Since there is no social aspect to the group, the club devotecl its time to scholarly piusuits. The )ear was highlighted b) a talk from Dr. Deck, Chairman of tiie Chemistry Dc|3artnu ' m, who spoke on " anti- fungi. " ? ii0!» ti Brokop 192 Members relax between diggings. The purpose of the Archaeological Society at the University of Santa Clara is to foster among its mem- bers a more profound appreciation and field work in the science of archaeology. The society also func- tions, under the guidance of its advisors Dr. Frank Flaim and Professor Austen Warburton, as a research organization with services available to the local law enforcement authorities and other interested parties. This year, under the direction of its advisors, the society conducted a number of scientific probes in several of the Indian burial mounds located through- out the Santa Clara Valley. Discoveries at the exca- vation sites included several well preserved human skeletons of American Indians and a quantity of arti- facts such as beads, arrow-heads and charm stones. f } 4 V iHk ' m Rausch Gamboa Hartnagel Brock President ( S - " fsj Stout Barkett Stoner 4. Holzkamp Olivic " »» r»t - MacMillan Gallagher Another scientific discovery Sandin Stomp P y i C4 R Buoncristiani a Bortfeld ,1 ' ' Riordan Donegan Flanagan President - . « -r- DeBellis Pi V k ' A Finney Pickens iii Lonergan Foster Presley Fox An organization of the Physics majors, this Society furthers interest in Physics by j roviding informative lectures and movies on topics of current interest in science. Outstanding this year were lectines by Dr. Philip McCormick on " Special Relativity and its Im- plications " and by Dr. E. W. Morley on " Ether in the Modern World. " Movies on reactor technology and space science were obtained from NASA loy the mem- bers. 194 Abel gtt Klosinski yCyCXtiu M Gross I ■ii Jh Sorensen Shreve Hajek SNfr. ' • ' 5? ' iSR ■ vj Ledden O ' Neill Berg i Testa f i Boyd f Burdick f I Gray fe McGourin M. McGonigle 195 Gallagher Rishv DelGrande Doyle C4 J y0 Xtiu jQ. Brock 1». " « Olivie Russi President Chun -» -ser " »S|. MacMillan Hoffman ?« j Morro Ursick Cuva Keenan r B Giannini 7rj Monske Stoner ■klBk Wright Burns The Mendel Society is an organization with a two-fold purpose. It strives to provide for its members the opportunity to become more acquainted with the biological science and it gives them the chance to take part in certain social activities. The society began the first semester with a trip to Agnews State Hospital. Scientific films were shown at society meetings through- out the year and a lecture on Marine Biology was presented by Professor Thomas Fast. Senior Biology majors presented their theses to the Society during the second semester. A mixer was sponsored early in the year to funds for various activities and two social functions were held with the nurses of O ' Connor ' s Hospital. Arnold Steber 196 w Palma Voigtlander mA Foster Bui Musetti Hawn Sauer Egcasenza Diebel Grinsell Orsini lib Heffernan k: O ' Donnell Giachetti ■ 1 Ji Di Donato " » Barkett J. McGonigle Onorato f ,»■ - -. Jimenez 197 k i lgfr CLiu H. Q ' ice4 Kobritz f Jimenez (, r Neumann i J.M Davis Walker 1 Kelley mm Barson President Scott Jack Davis in The Lark Newton Caton Blanchard One of the most active organizations on campus, the Players presented four productions for the student body and cosmopoli- tan Santa Clara, and the annual St. Genesius Award was con- ferred on Mr. Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. of TV ' s 77 Sunset Strip. The season included Ibsen ' s Peer Gynt, Van Drutcn ' s Bell, Book and Candle, Priestly ' s An Inspector Calls, and Anouilh ' s The Lark in which Hollywood ' s Miss Kipp Hamilton portrayed the role of St. Joan. The high success of the season was due not only to the en- thusiastic Players themselves but also to Mr. James and Mr. Shea, directors, Father Brusher, moderator and Father McGinty who a.ssisted in public relations. Fred Barson, Carolyn Reed, Mike Keenan and Carol Veit in The Inspector Calls 198 John Carniato emotes in Bell, Book and Candle %. K Ray Stomp Barson and Davis in The Lark 77 Sunset Strip star congratulates Kipp Hamilton on her St. Joan in The Lark at Santa Clara 4 J M i .A Quebedeaux Cain kJk Meione Newbre ffi Father Brusher presents Mr. Efrem Zimbaiist, Jr. with the St. Genesius Award f f ■tm • •m De Armond ■1 Peters Jenkins, Prefect { .aaCsZh i ' t i- J. Hedberg The reception of candidates after the Centenary Mass W f Whitley iffiBHR Leaver iiHHBW JHhH Ziemann Giannini Wagner Roeder Knecht Ronco 200 The organization that is never satisfied with itself, the Sodality racked up another dynamic year, highlighted by the observance ot the centenary celebration of the Sodality on the Santa Clara campus. A Solemn High Mass was offered, with Father James J. Mc- Quade, S.J., of St. Louis, National Director of the Sodality preaching the occasional ser- mon. The Alma College choir sang, and several former Santa Clara Socialists from as far back as 1898 attended the Mass and the breakfast that followed. In the after- noon, the Sodality sponsored a special Mary ' s Hour in the Mission Church. True to its two-fold purpose of personal holiness and apostolic action, the Sodality began the year with a five day retreat in Santa Cru ., conducted the annual mission drive, netting , ' $2 000 for the construction of a young Catholic workers center on Formosa and sponsored a picnic for poor children at the Guadalupe Mission in EasI San Jose. I ! Borklund - • 4 Lira tiA Laitinen " - - ' Panetta " A Owen TTZ) RSb™s McKay i Gutierrez c Caton K O ' Connor T. Hedberg C % »- ' 5 Barry Bortfeld Britton Ohifs rjgt ; Gallagher r Castruccio Yamamoto Mission Drive Totals 201 Tf M i (JtiA i Hawaiian Night Mixer in full swing. k Chock, President. Iil Peters Chun Kruse i C! - Corboy I Li King ilf il Jenkins Inouye Bortfeld Murakami Botelho With Linus Chock at the helm tor his thinl term, 1959-1960 turned out to be quite a success- ful year lor the Hui o Aikane. The incoming Freshmen trom the Islands had their first taste ol the club ' s Hawaiian hospitality at the wel- coming picnic in October. This kicked off the year ' s activities which included several informal gatherings to relax from the pressures of school and to sing old Hawaiian melodies. The high- light oi the second semester, the second annual Hawaiian Night Mixer, leatiued the Soft Tones and Polynesian decor. Mixer intermission. Kobritz jMf ' if t CCiA P Blanchard 4a Jardine Eisele President Rankin (1m H QwiAtiAtt { " Eisele Bernacchi Newton Baedeker Chairman The Cross Currents Club was founded in 1958 to fulfill a need which exists in any Catholic university— to acquaint the students with the views, opinions, and doctrines of the unorthodox. This year the club continued this policy, and was the campus ' most active sponsor of debates and lectures. Programs ranged from talks by leading figures in the N.A.A.C.P. and the American Civil Liberties Union to debates ' on the necessity of compulsory R.O.T.C. at Santa Clara. The club ' s most notable pres- entation was a debate on capital punishment, with the Bay area ' s most notable legal figures participating. 203 ,, " I ' lidCtU Mooney President First row: M. McGonigle, Deasy, Moher, Morrissey, Devin, Coughlin, Keenan, Walsh, Colthurst, Stoner. Second row: J. Regan, Barklay, Kelly, Jacobs, Mooney, Gallagher, Leach, Dobel, Donohue, J. McGonigle. Third row: Barron, Cook, Lyons, Revak, Hag- gerty, Botsford, Butler, Cragin. Blanchard Vice-President The year 1960 marks the return of the li isli Chib to the Bronco Campus. Two staunch Irishmen, Jim Mooney and Mike Hemscli, with the aid ot Senator Tim Finney, ptrshed their idea througli the Senate anil drew up a constitution vhich woidd enable them to improve the social and acatlemic lives ot the members. Since they purposely planned lor the coming )ear, they vere not disappointed in the lailiue ol their eltorts to organi .e their members into a great club in the Spring Semester. With the calendar of events they ha e planned for the coming year, however, the Irish CAuh will, without a doubt, be one ol the most active societies on campus. 204 [X IXm Qtijf. Leon Panetta President . m , nji Front row: Jones, Finocchio, W. Cuneo, Massa, Capitolo, Cor- siglia. Second row: Bellaschi, Giachini, Giacomini, Accinelli, Panetta, D. Giannini, DeBellis, Recchio, Sebastian!. Third row: G. Ferrari, Gosk, Campodonico, A. Giachetti, Locatelli, Ra- vano, Cappelloni, Tassi, Cristina. Fourth row: Beasiey, Soren- sen, Oinelli, DeVita, Varni, Raspo, Curtola. The school year 1959-60 marked the apj)ear- ance of one of Santa Clara ' s newest organiza- tions, the Italian Club. Headed by Leon Panet- ta, the club strove throughout the year to firmly establish its presence on the campus lor y ears to come. The fifty-three members began the year with a Pizza dinner and rapidly followed this up with three pre-game warm-ups, two dance-parties, a banquet and a few beach parties. Apart from the social side, the club also pre- sented a group of movies to raise money for the newly initiated Italian Culture Center; it at- tended as a group a Sunday Mass and breakfast, and it presented Athletic Awards to the out- standing athletes in football and basketball. Italian men enjoy Italian Swiss Colony at the banquet. 205 C aIci. Q i iM C Front row: Lyons, Helmer, A. Diepenbrock, Granucci, Doherty, Curtola, Flohr, Whit- church. Second row: Givvin,Schwartz, Havens, T. Branson, Perelli, P. Bannan, Lille- vand, Capriola, O ' Brien, Kerr, Turner. Third row: Domino, D. Hall, E. Ladrech, Fuchslin, B. Bannan, G. Ferrari, Ludwigson, Ingolia, Barr, Abrahamsen, W. Keenan, Kruse. Fourth row: Seagrave, Barnett, Burke, Schnetz, J. Willett, O ' Neill, Archer, Herb, Mu- sante, Crowley, Grinsell, Jagger, VanderNoor. Lillevand President This was the first year that the Charles Graham Chib took its place as one of the many campus organizations. It was formed not only to fill a service need for the school, but also to serve as a social outlet for its mem- bers. The club sponsored the successful Football Homecom- ing Day in the first semester and the Basketball Dance in the second. The club members staffed the football committee which was instriuiiental in the success of the iootijall program. The club also took over the pre-game publicity for tlie major sports through the media of schedules, handouts, and bulletin boards. 206 Qicc Qtd Front row: Dinelli, G. Ferrari, Keister, McKay, Specchieria, Walsh, Yonts. Second row: Bergantz (Director), G. Anderson, Donohue, Persinger, Obester, deLaGuardia, Kassis, Simon, Franco, Jackson. Third row: Herbst, McKeon, Kenny, Deasy, Carcione, Calantino, Fahey. Fourth row: Baer, McCloskey, Klein, Carollo, Jenkins, Lyons, M. McGonigle. Mike McKay President This year witnessed the writing ot one ot the most colortui pages in the history ot the University Glee Ckib. Under the able baton of Mr. Ross Bergantz, the Glee Club gained a new mem- bership ot forty eager voices and presented two well received concerts. On December 8, the Glee Club jjresented " Holiday Concert " feattning guest soloists and a thirty-piece orchestra. Christmas carols along with a cantata, " The Song of Christmas. " made it an enjoyable evening for all. On May 8, the residts of months of hard work were realized when the Glee Club presented its second concert in conjunction with Parent ' s Da . Music from the Broadway musicals, " King and 1 " and " The Music an " were simg to an enthusiastic audience. 207 i 4 li 4 k C i fi CX. 4A C fx { sAaJj J ■ Lyons 41 i Frasse Larrey President Lester N. Nagel Brindle Peterson Newton Ray C W. Regan Finney 208 r? mih Matteoni W " Glienke S GtU Castruccio PI ■ ' j i t i: Froess ■AXl Leaver Carr 4 11 Jacobs f V I Anglin Paladino B. Ferrari Kwapil President Flint Cattermole The purpose of the Ski Ckib is to stimu- late interest in skiing, facilitate transporta- tion to ski areas, to obtain seasonal accom- modations and rates for its members and to teach the art of skiing to interested stu- dents, an innovation which was extremely sticcessful. The highlight of this past season was the inter-semester ski trip to Reno where many members took advantage " of the excellent ski conditions. Other activities included parties before and after the ski season, weekend trips to the Eighth Winter Olym- pics and other resort areas. %. -m Broncos never fall 209 Creighton g£e S. C Sheaff Gardiner Powers Manny Sereno lashes out against the Spartans Leonard 11 McLellan The Block S. C. is lorniccl lioiii men wlio lia c iecci c ' cl their lottos in a ma- joi- sport for t vo oi ' more ears. It has as its fuiulio!! a dual lole: the Societx acts as a ser ice organi ation and places it at ihe l ' ni eisity ' s disposal, and il at- tempts to cidtivatc the manl cjiialities in its members, making them true re])re- senlali c ' s ol the Santa (Maia athlete. liesides handling the parking pioblcm. the .Soeiety ])eiformed polieing duties at main dances this ear. Notable amongst liiese elloMs was the elleetiNe job that it did al (he Alts and Scic-nccs Rail. 210 Sobrero k Russi President Soderberg Schott Brown Short gain against U.S.F. l)c(X ICyh pi Standing: McKeon, McLaren, Archer, Martin, Erbst, Givvin, Wilson, Cimino, W. Cuneo. Sitting: Se- bastian! Whitchurch, Raspo, Smith, Finocchio, Sheerin, Munding, Kinser, Curtola, Granucci, Herb. Rog Sheerin President Delta Sigma Pi is .in iiUeriuilional j;r()lessi(Mial Iraternity with the jniipose of fostering the stiuly of business in imiveisities as well as to encoiuagc scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their advancement bv research and practice. The Ganmra Xi diapier of Delta Sig enjoyed an- other active year of prolessional and social activi- ties beginning with an unforgettable Pledge Veek. 1 he professional end inchided seveial tours to such |)laces as the Ford Motor Co. plant and the IBM plant. One of the more interesting professional meetings was a talk h a Ford representative on the de elopment ol the Falcon. Social activities began with a school dance in October and ended with a steak barbecue in Max. In between were se eral informal parties and a carnixal highlighied b the annual Rose of Delta Sig dinner dance at the .Mmaden C-ountrv Clid) in November. Brothers foster the car washing industry 211 f tlfS ICyh- f iA Jim Douglass President Sitting: Father Mei, S.J., Douglass, H. Johnson, Castruccio. Standing: Soderberg, Stelzer, Moynihan, Hall, A. Ferrari. Alplia Sigma Nu is the National Jesuit Honor Society which is coniposecl oi; students who have clistingiiishecl themselves in scholarship, loyalty, and service at their university. In the first semester ol this academic year, the society discussed the possi- bility ol an Honors Program lor superior students. As the result of these discussions and of the recommendations made, Santa Clara ' s new Honors Program was dra ' n up and inaugurated in the second semester. The society is presently attempting an Hon- or Code to be used for all examinations at the University. 212 iC iff Z t P( ■taL:- : -ii " ■K- - ' - r ' r iesr: --- . Don Johnson First Semester President Front row: Gallagher, Panetta, Gutierrez, Brock, D. John- son, Longshore, Caton, Capriola, Ludwigson, W. Regan. Second row: Perelli, Barron, Nedom, Woodward, Peters, Barnett, M. Keenan, Grinsell, DeBellis, J. Hedberg, In- golia. Third row: Barklay, Barson, Dowling, Kelly, Bridges, McCrory, Kenny, Florian, Shellooe, Varni, Jag- ger. Top row: Matteoni, T. Branson, J. Willett, Lillevand. ■-0f Wells Longshore Second Semester President The Kappa Zeta Phi Service Fraternity is composed ol sixty men who have maintained high academic standards and cHstinguished themselves in extra-cur- ricidar activities. Foiuteen grachiating senior members were honored by being selected tor Who ' s Who. Dtiring the year the brothers ushered at all lootball and basketball games. Family Day, both Open Houses and many other activities. Thev also condticted tours lor more than lour thousand isitors to the Santa Clara Mission. The so- cial scene was highlighted by six smokers, two inlormal dances, tAvo pledge ban- quets and a beach party. The Iraternity ' s Man oi the Semester .Award vas gi cn to Louis Chistruccio in the Fall and to Norwood Nedom in the Spring. 213 Jau cU- Pi Sitting: Grant, Riebli, Peters, Johnson, Zeman, Burzio, Mark. Stand- ing: Rinkleib, Radovcich, Reginato, A. Ferrari, Webb, Majerus, Ohifs. Harmon Johnson President Tail Beta Pi is a national engineering honor societ). One lumclred and three chapters strong, it seeks to mark with distinction those engineering students who have been outstancling in scholarshi]) vith (lie maintenance ot high character. Santa Clara ' s Cahlornia Zela Chapter is now fi e years old and has succeeded in establishing a tradition oi service to the University. This year, undei " the direction of Vice-President Bob Zeman, consitlerable effort was concentrated on an inventor) of stored war smpltis equipment in order that it might be made more available for use. President Johnson lepresenled the chapter at the na- tional convention in October at Purclue University. 214 5iiiii SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR GUAl ' ftMAl ' A GITY, GpAtfeMAlyCi MANAGUA, NICARAGUA CANAL ZONE CARACAS, VENEZUELA ' •L ; ' ' U.:i ' ' y ' - ' ' ' V: ' liiiNilMfii iXiJip fifiAis ' !iti tiiMmuMii ' Mmhi CANANEA, SONORA, MEXICO MHOi xC tJ»KK!»0IBt? .4 ' M m -ri m. ■■ 218 Bob Feerick Father Sweeters, S.J. (j i4,f Vt Dr. Edward Lewis Dick Garibaldi 219 ■ ' » I . . •?» - ' -i ' - A ' if ft O ' •5 ' • o 0 033 o - 221 Backfield Coach John Pasco, Head Coach Pat Malley, Line Coach Joe Ramona. Dedication, sacrifice, excellence and love tor football could well be the theme of this year ' s football coaching staff. The Broncos ' first venture back to the s]:)ort in seven years was highlighted by excellent football players but a team is no better than its coaches and as such Santa Clara was very fortunate in acquiring the services of Head Coach Pat Malley, B;Kkfield Coach [ohn Pasco and Line Coaches Joe Ramona and Rodis Harvey (not pictured above.) Coach Malley sacrificed a most lucrative coaching job at St. Ignatius High School to gamble on a group of untested football players who, for the most part have only played intramural football for the past two or three years. The assistant coaches sacrificed their afternoons and lent their expert services to the Bronco cause for the insignificant price of the gratitude of tiie faculty and the student body and a ban- quet at the end of the season. Although Santa Clara was only playing on a small time level this year, the coaching staff was undoubtedly big time as proved by the success of the season. To these men do we all owe a sin- cere thank you. 222 $.(?. 1 ALAHSDA i- ' -t ■v 33tt " t riteaxw W ' » ' . ..» a .«» i .iBii " ' Wi $.C. ? HcLBLLAN?? l BASU e iUAMV .C. t i US.f. 12 I % i ». t»j3v : IT T iBM«m ' ' ' w «l»«(»» f, ' • " Se ' «»» » ,,11 , « %««M ' " " " ' ' " i 11 liirwui |nn_ s.c- x5 ■ ■av ,sc i m tod 224 ?r Frank Q ' " ? " Co-Cap»o n End ..- onnot loc . c e Co .cop ' Qoo tbo cVc Four thousand fans gathered at Santa Clara ' s Townscnd Field October 24, 1959 to witness the warmth, glory and splendor of Bronco Benny in his return to the gridiron. But this first field ajjpearance in seven years was not one of unmixed glory as the Mission men suffered a 28-8 loss at the hands of a powerfid McLellan Air Force team. Without game experience, the S.C. offense stalled time and again. They managed one strong drive which set the precedent for the balance of the season as they pushed fifty two yards to pay- dirt in the fourth quarter for the first Bronco touchdo vn since 1952. The payoff was a five-yard jolt by fullback John Komes as he bulled into the end one unmolested. A pass from quarter- back Jim Fuqua to halfback Jean Ashton rung the bell on the two-point conversion. 225 Broncos Defeat Alameda 19-0 f SZ Kaaha rambles as Muller creams an Alamedan Dave Freitas Guard s.c. Alameda 16 12 First clowns 190 IK) Net yards rusliing 224 168 Net yards passing 25 24 Passes attempted 14 12 Passes completed 1 2 Passes intercepted Tom O ' Laughlin End 226 Unleashing a vicious second half that just wouldn ' t let up, the neophyte Broncos chalked up their first football victory in seven years by dumping Alameda Naval Station 19-0. The rejuvenated Broncos burst forth from an 0-0 halftime dead- lock behind the pinpoint pass- ing of Jim Derry and pushed the Navy up and down the field almost at will. The first scoring play came early in the third quarter when Derry fired an eleven yard pass to Tom O ' Laughlin in the end zone. The second tally, on a twelve yard jaunt by Greg Steber set up by a fifty-five yartl pass from Derry to John Stansbury. The final, a fifteen yard cross field pass from Jim to Kaaha who gathered it in at full speed and danced to paydirt. Ashton has to make like a greased pig or be turned into shortin ' bread . " » O ' Laughlin shows the casual approach to catching passes Frank Cannizzaro Guard 227 «i f Vwa ' I ' ob Corboy End • ' ohn Komes Fullback .Xfccting a surprisingly tough U.S.F. S(|uacl, Santa Clara had lo iiglu every inch ol the vav to (indi a 2(i-22 victory. Tlie Dons chew first bloocl as they capitali ecl on a l)lockfcl punt on the -Brone twelve and the score alter the first {juarter h)uncl Fogviile out in Iront (i-O. I ' ,ul the Broncos were not to be denied as they h)ught back and the golden arm ol |un Derrv and the sticky fingers ol Tom O ' Laughlin and Bob C;orboy brought two tallies. Oiu- delensive line mirst also be given credit lor the ictory. The bone-crushuig tackles ol Jim O ' Brien, Phil Bannan and Rog Brunello, lo name but a lew standouts, continually kept the Dons I ' rom paydirl. 228 " - ' • S.CM. 2i y ' US. .22 • " ' ftjgSi Ki-AZ M ' " • XS s.c. 18 19Q 216 29 14 U.S.F 15 211 126 16 10 I First downs " ■ • « intercepted o ' ' Roseb ade End 229 BRONCO ELEVEN WHIPS PIRATES Chalks Up Third Victory, 12-0 Proof of the Broncos ' great defensive efforts The Broncos made it three in a row as they tumbled Treasure Island Naval Station 12-0 on two spectacular first half scoring plays. The opening tally came early in the game when Larry Kaaha took a handoff from Jim Derry and winged a bullseye toss to his fleet running mate Jean Ash- ton who galloped to the twenty three. Three plays later, speedy Jean ripped his way into the end zone from two yards out. The ever dependable Derry took tlic wraps off his potent passing arm for the second score late in quarter number two. The stocky quarterback found end Bob Corboy out in front and fired a strike and the former Honolulu star hida huled to paydirt. gsssfKa An aggressive Ashton drags a Pirate for a first down 231 Co-Captain Frank Quinn does a little pouncin ' Jean Ashton Halfback Jim Melanephy Center s.c. T.I. 13 14 First downs 203 201 Net yards rushing 144 66 Net yards passing- 20 19 Passes attempted 10 9 Passes completed 1 Passes intercepted Leo Ramos sets up the way for a Kaaha score 232 SCU Grid Squad Rips Dons 46-12 In Finale Broncs Finish With 4-1 Record Great support Plus desire Gives you victory 233 H ' 4 f.ts ■ M . 4 i 1 i Ron Cook Tackle Hansen flicks a Don away as he rolls on one of the long Bronco runs « % Mac Donald flexes his way for seven and a first down 234 The Dons lie down as Komes digs for yardage S.Q.U. 2 [Jl.S.F. 22 s.c. U.S.F. 19 11 First clowns 247 212 Net yards riisliing 192 70 Net yards passing 21 21 Passes attempted i:i 8 Passes completed 1 2 Passes intercepted Roger Brunello Fullback Barney McGuire Tackle 235 tNmHums :„t -. , i ' --«i, -, .imMitnri, niilB Den Kehoe Tackle Gary Norton Tackle Jim Shea End Tlircc Bronco inli;imuial teams sponsored l)y the C Iiarles Graliam Club, Kappa Zeta Phi, and the Delta ,Sigs brought to]j flight lootball back to Santa Clara. Playing against each other lor the first two weeks. Kappa Zeta Phi won the school championship as they downed the Delta Sigs in two encounters and split their two-game series with the Charlie Graham gridmen. Following the first two weeks, the teams swapped visits with the U.S.F. intramiual loo(ballers. These games found the Broncos walking, running and jiuiiping all o er the Dons, 51-0, 10-0 and 2()-() before the battered and bruised San Franciscans finally came u]) with a 20-() victory. 236 m Jim AAacDonald Center t V Mike Rossi Guard Jim Fuqua Quarterback Tom Sandin Fullback 237 fOOl ALL Am VS UHQSiei The football banquet which cHmaxecl the successful season was held in honor of the coaches and players. Those players winning awards were: Most valuable player: Jim Derry Best lineman: Phil Bannan Best improved lineman: Pat Carroll Best back: Jean y shion Most inspirational player: Larry Kaaha Most courageous player: Mike Rossi Hall Haynes Punting Trophy: Bob Roseblade 238 usmuii Standing: Trainer Henry Schmidt, Team Manager John Rohe, Adrian Buoncristiani, Dave Ramm, Jim Rus- si, Coach Bob Feerick, Jerry Bachich, Barry Cristina, Pete Lillevand, Team Manager Phil Ryan, Equip- ment Manager Salty Campo. Sitting: Gary Keister, Mike Ryan, Denny McGrath, Frank Sobrero, Joe Sheaff, John Marshall, George Gardiner, Ron McGee. m ON RiSCO D Santa Clara ()4 Southern Calilornia 61 Santa Santa Clara 73 ..... . U.C.L.A. (OT) 75 Santa Santa Clara 69 San Francisco State 54 Santa Santa Clara 70 Hawaii 47 Santa Santa Clara 63 Hawaii 55 Santa Santa Clara 69 St. Bonaventure ' s 48 Santa Santa Clara 60 Providence College 62 Santa Santa Clara 54 Conneciicul 47 Santa Santa Clara 85 Peppcidine 63 Santa Santa Clara 60 St. Mary ' s 54 Santa Santa Clara 61 Loyola 70 Santa Santa Clara 68 C.O.P. 57 Santa Santa Clara 48 Pcpperdine 58 Santa Santa .Clara 51 Loyola 4(i Santa Santa Clara 49 San [ose Slate 47 Clara 60 Hawaii 59 Clara 80 Hawaii 81 Clara 66 Texas A M 55 Clara 74 St. Mary ' s 48 Clara ()5 San Jose State 41 Clara 38 ' . U.S.F. 44 Clara 48 Loyola 49 Clara 80 Peppercline 74 Clara 81 C.O.P. 52 Clara 70 Soiithein ( aliiornia 77 Clara 84 U.S.F. 67 Clara 67 St. Mary ' s 6(i Clara 49 Calilornia 68 Clara 81 Utah 89 denotes W.C.- .C. playolT denotes N.CLA.A. Western Regional Cham])ionship games at Seattle 240 Frank " The Rocket " Sobrero, a three year starter, has been olticially recognized among the top five hoo])sters on the West Coast. The team ' s leading scorer, Frank ' s speetl and deadly jump shot have kept S.C.U. on the winning side since ' 57. The senior most responsible for the team ' s working as a unit was Jim Russi. His ball handling was surpassed only by his agile thinking and clutch shooting which really put the Broncs in tlie NCAA Regional Finals in Seattle. foe Sheaff, belatedly discovered, hinriedh and efficiently made up tor lost time. His gutty re- bounding and so-called garbage shots garnered him a second string berth in the All ' C. C selec- tions with Jim Russi. George Gardiner, plagued by injuries, did not sec much action as a Senior. But his valuable set shot from outside was the decisive factor in more than one game. After a year layoff due to serious illness, Gerry Bachich made an impressive comeback, especi- ally in the crucial games toward the end of the season. His exjjerience, along with that of the other departing seniors, will be sorely missed by Coach Bob Feerick next year. 241 cuMutmm iimum BEOUNPS Field ( Gins. Atts. )im Russi 31 402 Frank Sobrero 31 428 Joe Sheaff 31 339 " Ron McGee 31 212 Geo. Gardiner 22 128 Barry Cristina 28 107 Pete Lillevand 24 70 jerry Eachich 25 94 Gary Kcister 17 42 Dave Ramm 13 16 Denny McGrath 8 7 Acle Ikioneristiani 10 II John Marshall 10 5 Santa Clara 31 1861 Opponents 31 1849 ioals Free Throws Md Pet. Atts . Md . Pet. 176 .438 163 122 .748 173 .404 146 109 .746 157 .463 108 62 .574 79 .372 106 73 .689 43 .336 44 32 .729 39 .364 48 23 .479 31 .442 47 32 .681 29 .308 45 27 .(iOO 18 .428 13 6 .462 3 .187 14 10 .714 2 .285 (i (i 1.000 5 .455 3 2 .667 3 .(iOO 2 .000 758 .407 745 504 .676 653 .353 770 517 .671 No. Jim Russi 160 Frank Sobrero 164 Joe Sheatt 362 Ron McGee 163 Geo. Gardiner 94 Barry Cristina 92 Pete Lillevand 36 Jerry Bachich 102 Gary Keister 32 Dave Ramm 5 Denny McGrath 14 Atle Biioncristiani 4 John Marshall 6 Santa Clara 1234 Opponents 1217 Ave. PF PT Ave. 5.1 81 474 15.3 5.3 101 455 14.7 11.6 78 376 12.1 5.2 99 231 7.4 4.2 40 118 5.3 3.2 43 101 3.6 1.5 41 94 3.9 4.0 39 85 3.4 1.8 18 42 2.5 0.2 7 16 1.2 1.7 7 10 1.2 0.4 4 12 1.2 0.6 1 6 0.6 39.8 559 2020 65.1 39.2 546 1823 58.8 242 NON coNFe eNce Many times the underdog but never outfought, the highly under-rated Broncos knocked o(r four teams that were ranked tenth or better at one time or another (.hiring the season. The second game of the season found Santa Clara dum])ing Southern Calih)rnia in the opening of the Sports Arena in Los Angeles. Two weeks later the Broncos left for tlie East and to the sur- prise of many the Feerick-led westerners smashed a mighty St. Bonaventure team. They then lost a close one to Providence College but bounced back into the winner ' s circle by trouncing Connecticut College. Hawaii saw the globe trotting Broncos ' split a pair with the University of Hawaii and tlien the Santa Clarans enjoyed a much needed rest in the midst of the tight ' CAC rat-race. However, not content with basking in the glory of past victories the Brf)ncos next big non-con- ference victory came at the expense of the highly rankeil Aggies from T exas A Af. 243 s.F. Sim % 244 lexAs m-H The San Francisco State game proved little more than a warm up tor the Broncos as they bested the Gators 69-54, and then went on to upset Texas A M, the seventh ranked team in the nation. Santa Clara could do no wrong as the deadly jump shot of Frank Sobrero found its mark repeatedly. The stats in- dicate the excellent game as we shot 54% from the floor. The final: S.C. 69, Texas A M 55. Pete Lillevand They can sweat it off on the court Nobody will kick sand in their faces US.O. % U.C.LPi. Santa Clara (oulcl tlo no wrong as it de- ieated U.S.C. ()4-(il in the early season. Opening the new Sports Arena in Los Angeles, the Bron- cos were the dark horses of the tourney but after whipping the Trojans in the first night encoiui- ter they were the sentimental favorites of the crowd. The second night Santa Clara lost to U.C.L.A. in an oveitinie battle 75-73. The Broncos were behind from the start and only the clutch shoot- ing of Jim Russi and Joe Sheaf? t rought Santa Clara back into the game. Mudder matches elbows K .c i.c. louRNftHem The first annual A C.A.C. tournament held in the U.S.F. gym touncl Santa Clara placing runnerup to a surprisingly strong Loyola team. The first night the Broncos had little trouble knocking oft Pepperdine 85-63. Coming back the next night, a red-hot Frank Sobrero kept Santa Clara in the money as the Gaels went down 60-54. The final game toimd a group ot food poisoned and weary worn basketballers take on the fine basketball team ot Loyola. It wasn ' t the Broncos ' night as they tound themselves on the short end of a 70-61 score. 248 } ' i3335 us.f. sekiss The first game ol this series found the Broncos playing at their worst as nothing thrown up could go in. Santa Clara scored only 18 points in the first half and the second half was just as bad. Final score 44-38. The second game was just the reverse of the first as the firecl up Broncos found the Don de- fense to their liking and rang up 84 points while the Dons could only scramble for 67. Barry shows more form. 249 $T. m rs sems Santa Clarans played some ot the best basketball of the season against St. Mary ' s as they twice defeated their rivals from Moraga. The first game found Russi and Sheaff team up to cut the Gael defense to ribbons. Joe also out-rebounded and outplayed the over-rated Tom Meschery. The second game was a must if the Broncs were to make it to the champ circle. Playing in Aforaga cracker- box, the clutch playing of the Broncos brotight home a 67-66 win. 250 u . c.o.p. sems The Tigers ot C.O.P. were help- less kittens this year as they were stomped on twice by scores of 68-57 and 81-52. The first game found Joe Sheaff once again stealing the spot- light from Leroy Wright as the ag- gressive Garbageman out-boimdcd one of the top rebounders in the nation. In the second game, played in Stockton, the Tigers once again coidd do nothing right. This was the game in which Pete Lillevand perfected his famous 40 loot hook shot. Denny McGrath peppBRPiNB sem , The Peps proved to be their usual tough selves as they defeated the Broncos the first time around in conference play 59-48. This game was highlighted by terrific defen- sive play on the part of both teams and was just the op- posite of the defensive battle that followed the next time aroimd. The second game found Santa Clara hitting with un- canny accuracy. The bull ' s eye shooting of Jim Russi and Frank Sobrero found the Broncos too tough for the Waves. Final score: S.C. 80 — Pepperdine 74. 252 SM jose sme sems San Jose State gave the Broncos a mighty tough fight in the first cross-town rival bout this year before they were subdued 59-47. Ron McGee showed every- one why Sports Ilhistrated ]:)icked him as one of the outstanding sophomores in the nation as he hit with incredible accuracy. The second game found Santa Clara playing fan- tastic ball as she played before a vast television audi- enc -. With this added incentive, the Broncs smashed the Spartowners 65-41. 253 The ' Rocket ' shows how he made All Catholic All American Gary Keister LovoLfi sems Am PLAVOff A Loyola team that was tabbed lor fitth place in preseason polls surprised everyone as it tied Santa Clara tor the league dur- ing the regular season. In a tense playoff game in the neutral gym at U.S.F. the Bron- cos took a nip and tuck battle which saw the score change hands nine times belore the final bu zer went off. The final score read S.C. 59, Loyola 53. 254 N C A A e A L S Facing the mighty California, the number one team in the nation, Santa Clara had a rather tough time against the Bears ' impregnable de- fense and terrific height advantage. The final score was S.C. 49, Cal 69. The next night Santa Clara met the nation ' s seventh ranked team and bowed 89 to 81. The Broncos played a tremendous game but the whistle-ha])py referees officiated as though they had their life savings bet on Utah. fl OSH msm ALL •a » V H , • » i l- V 4 I Standing: Coach Dick Garibaldi, LeRoy Jackson, Joe Weiss, Gene Shields, Bob Ben- ton, John Kelterer, Bud Harney. Sitting: Manager Amos Dana, Jim Ellis, Ken Flan- agan, Joe Meagher, John Daly, Frank Firpo, Bob Mulcrevy. SeASON 6C0li.D 20 Wins - 2 Losses Santa Clara 70 Hartnell 40 Santa Clara 75 Santa Clara 73 Oakland 51 Santa Clara 69 Santa Clara 56 S.F. State J.V.s 34 Santa Clara 65 Santa Clara 66 Stockton J. C. 50 Santa Clara 68 Santa Clara 69 Bellarmine 31 Santa Clara 71 Santa Clara 86 7 Minyson 44 Santa Clara 79 Santa Clara 50 C.O.P. Frosh 34 Santa Clara 68 Santa Clara 53 San Jose Frosh 48 Santa Clara 68 Santa Clara 61 Stanford Frosh 57 Santa Clara 58 Santa Clara 59 Monterey J.C. 54 Santa Clara 52 Santa Clara 46 Cal. Frosh 57 Santa Clara 56 . Hayward 39 San Jose Frosh. 53 St. Mary ' s Frosh 59 U.S.F. Frosh 45 . . Hartnell 44 San Jose C.C. 49 . i Ionterey 53 C.O.P. Frosh. 40 . Cal. Frosh. 49 U.S.F. Frosh. 34 St. Mary ' s Frosh 65 256 Roy Shields 258 ASBEm lUMWakv, IfcjL „ ; ,s! ' ;, ;l% Wf« - Standing: Manager Jerry Glueck, Ron Cataldo, Joe Fessio, George Gardiner, Steve Schott, Les Powers, Dick Creighton, Joe Blum, Denny McGrath, Manager Jon Kulish. Sitting: Trainer Henry Schmidt, Ned Brown, F. X. McLellan, Lou Leonard, Jim Mitchell, Larry Kaaha, Larry Higgins, Manny Serano, Mickey McDermott, Equipment Manager Salty Campo. seAsoN zecoRv Santa Clara 2 San Francisco State 5 Santa Santa Clara 2 San Jose State 1 Santa Santa Clara 3 San fose State 4 Santa Santa Clara 8 St. Mary ' s 3 Santa Santa Clara (i St. Mary ' s 1 Santa Santa Clara 6 C.O.P. 2 Santa Santa Clara 17 C.O.P. 1 Santa Santa Clara 9 Washington 6 Santa Santa Clara San Francisco State 13 Santa Santa Clara I Calilornia 4 Santa Santa Clara 2 U.S.C. 5 Santa Santa Clara 2 U.S.C. 20 Santa Santa Clara 4 C.O.P. 9 Santa Santa Clara C.O.P. 1 Santa Santa Clara 2 Stanford 1 Santa Santa Clara .3 Stanton! 6 Santa Santa Clara 2 Los Angeles State 8 Santa Clara 9 St. Mary ' s 7 Clara 12 St. Mary ' s 11 Clara 7 San Jose State 3 Clara 5 ' . U.S.C. 4 Clara 6 U.C.L.A. 3 Clara 3 U.C.L.A. Clara 4 U.S.F. 6 Clara 12 U.S.F. 3 Clara 3 Calilornia 6 Clara 6 Calilornia 7 Clara 7 U.S.F. 9 Clara 5 U.C.L.A. 4 Clara 1 U.C.L.A. Clara 3 San Jose State 2 Clara 6 U.S.C. 7 Clara 9 Peppertline 13 Clara 2 U.S.F. 11 260 Les Powers Steve Schott Dick Creighton Steve Sthott, Dick Creighton and Les Powers are the only seniors retiring trom the s(juacl this year, but their loss will be hard felt. Creighton and Schott were the mainstays ot the pitch- ing start and could always be counted on for a good job. Creigh- ton made the C.I.B.A. All Star team lor the second consecutive year. Schott will best be rememberetl for the two hitter he threw against California. Les Powers captained the team this year and it was through his leadership that the hustle and spirit of the team remained at its peak all season. 261 .Q.A.Q. mNS - lo es San Jose State . . . . 12 - 4 Santa Clara . . . . 10- 6 U.S.F . . 7 - 9 C.O.P . . 4- 12 St. Mary ' s 2-14 " ■i ■ ' %iL .f w . _ ■ Powers aims for the fences 5 " . Manny hits homer No. 1 Although we finished in second place for the first time in the exis- tence of the league, we gave the other teams a run for their money. We beat the champs of San Jose State three out of fotn-, hapless St. Mary ' s in all four, and split with C.O.P. two and two. It was our three losses to a luck nine from U.S.F. that knocked us out of first place. All in all, the Broncos did well in a much improved league. k-. Hon you go, Stump 262 Whoa, Bronco ! -•- i Get out of the grandstands, catcher 263 Fox pleases the spectators ' i ' : ' x«r - Nobody messes with the Stump Watch out for those U-2 ' s Sober up, ump 264 C ' l ' -n ' LeAQue R.ecoR.D So. Calif. . 12- 4 California . . 12- 4 Santa Clara . 6 - 10 Stanford . . . 6- 10 U.C.L.A. . . . 4- 12 ¥ Experiencing a building year, the Broncos did extremely well under the circiunstances, finish- ing in a third place tie with Stanford. In the strongest col- lege league in the nation, the team took all four from U.C.L.A., and one from the champs, U.S.C., and the same from Stanford. With a Strong frosh club com- ing up, next year should be the one for the Broncos to really show their muscles and take the title. Safe all around r, . Let ' em have it, Bill! -w ■ » ' - ' »IM% iRf 4a Keep your spikes high; Manny r M y ■»« V ) J What do you think, Fox? 267 L MJf •ft, ' t — ( Ait t V»A I -J. J, Look casual, coach € ' . Just go for the singles, Fox 268 The faster you throw the faster you ' ll get home, Dick « Nice motion, pitch 269 Standing: John Giovanola, Coach Dick Garibaldi, Ron Cook, Jerry Schluer, Ken Flanagan, Joe Miliett, John Boccabella, Ernie Fazio, Larry Loughlin, Dan Fitzgerald. Sitting: George Cattermole, Tim Heenan, Paul Hamilton, Jerry Huiskamp, Bob Picetti, Dan Korbel, Lynn Ashton. RosH use m 20-1 Santa Clara 10 U.S.F. Frosh Santa Clara 5 San Francisco C.C. Santa Clara 2 Rccdley J.C. Santa Clara 13 Santa Clara High Santa Clara 7 Calilornia Frosh Santa Clara 4 Calilornia Frf)sh Santa Clara 5 Hartnell Santa Clara 17 Tennyson Santa Clara 7 U.S.F. 3 Santa Clara ' 3 San Jose State Frosh Santa Claia 3 Solcdad Prison 1 Santa Clara 10 San Jose State Frosh 4 Santa Clara 14 Soledad Prison 7 Santa Clara II Bellarminc 5 6 Stanford Frosh 3 5 Campbell iO Oakland J.C. 3 6 Oakland f.C. 10 14 Santa Clara High 1 9 San Jose State Frosh 2 4 Stanford Frosh 1 3 Santa Clara 5 Santa Clara Santa Clara 3 Santa Clara 3 Santa Clara 3 Santa Clara Santa Clara 2 70 M . Heenan beats it out Flanagan ' s ready for anything 271 Ron Cooked his goose Denver hits a triple 1 :. 272 HiNOJ spoils JUft7eK POLO Back row: Jim Morin, Fred Barson, Ron Li. Front row: Sam Sebastiani, Dick Del Grande, Scotty Bruce, Jack Taber. 2 73 OXfNQ S tanding: Pat Carroll, Tony DeBellis, Carl Munding. Sitting: Ralph Paoli, John Willett, Fernando Hernandez, John Helmer. Ralph Paoli, Coach Duke Drake, John Willett 274 QOLF Mitch Secondo, Bill Beasley, John Huffman, Ken Venturi, Bob Callan, Bob Cuva. leNm A !.« f%_-v. u- r ; ,4 " : ' I I , , V ?!■ " ' Standing: Bob Phelon, Bill Regan, Bob Campbell, Al Clarkson, Nick Gray, Ted Foster. Kneeling: Mike Burns, Larry Gill, Dick Azevedo, Mike Corpuz, Steve Devin. 2 75 Rine leAH Standing: Ed O ' Neill, Phil Abel, Louis Somavia-Moore, Al Owens, Sgt. Ferry. Kneeling: John Wagner, Frank Ziemann, Harmon Johnson, Pete Santina. [fjmiUNQ Standing: Coach Joe Stein, Denny McCloskey, Denny Burke, Jim Connelly, Bob Fox, Jon Kuiish, Manager Frank Sousa. Middle row: Dan Flynn, Larry Dempsey, Jim Lonergan, Fred Domino, Mike McGonigle. Front row: Mike Dowling, Vic Villasenor, Ted Calantino, Dan Donegan, Ron Andersen. J CK Ci c r 5.C. Left to right: Jim Leaver (pole vault, hurdles), Bud Conroy (sprints), Mike Devitt (high jump), Tony Gamboa (440, 880, Cross Country), Bernie Danylchuk (880, mile. Cross Country), Mike Yates (mile, 2 mile, relays. Cross Country), O sx. u W s.c. s c Captain Fred Boer (sprints, relays, broad jump. Cross Coun- try), John MacDonald (sprints, relays), Jim Kassis (mile), Dave Shreve (Cross Country.) The woiid ' s oldest sport continued its iij swing at Santa Clara this year as six school records were smashed and the Bronco cindermen engaged in their most extensive travel schedule. The team participated in the Santa Barbara Easter Relays and Long Beach State Relays; met San Fran- cisco State, Cal Aggies, Chico State, Hartnell, Vallejo, Diablo Valley, and hosted Long Beach State in Santa Clara ' s first home meet in ten years. Father Walter Schmidt made the successful season pos- sible, and the Broiuos hope to use Fathei ' Youth Village when it is completed. The following arc tlie new school lecords: 100 . ' . . . Fred Baer . . . . 220 .... Fred Baer . . . . 220 low huiilles jim Lea er . . . . Pole Vault . . fim Lea er . . . Three Miles . Jim Leaver . . Hop-step-jum|) Miguel lUovidi Saul, I Clara 10.0 21.7 25.1 1 " ' ' 7J •.lO ' li " cjioss comity Last fall Santa (Haia fielded its first Choss CJoimtiy team (omposed of Mike ' ates (who set tlie school record) . Da e Lira, Tony Carollo, Dave Shreve, Tony Camboa, Bernie Dainkhuk and Fretl Baer. The thinclads ' lone vicior was over Vallejo but this gutty group showed it will be tough to beat when it gains more experience. Dave Shreve »-- Fred Baer a f T A H U iNmnums s Front row: Dick Hall, John Sheela, Paul Redlich, Byron Schnetz. Second row: Joe O ' Connor, Jim Seogrove, Monte Pistoresi, Jim Derry, Bob Fuschlin, Al Clarkson, Marty Lee, John Rocha. Third row: Jim Manlowe, Ed Ladrech, Denny Kehoe, Marios Cavadias. Back row: Lou Jenkins, Greg Givvin, Joe Sheaff. C H f T T e e SOFWALL CHAMPA Standing: Jerry Hawn, Pat Sauer, John Sheela, Fred Baer, Henry Schmidt, Byron Schnetz. Kneeling: Ed Hendricks, Bob Jimenez, Tom Hedberg, Dick Hall. 278 f=fl e HfiN CASA?fi CHAMPS v ( v Ed Ladrech, Jim Manlowe, Bob Baker, Bernie McGuire, Mike Burke, Jeff Thomson. HUNCH CHAMPS lOmHQ CHAMPS Front row: Walt Valen, Joe Girau- do, Jeff Thomson. Back row: Mel Prescott. John Doud, George Arnold, Joseph Kelly, David Culver, James Roosevelt. 279 i ' Gotta smoke? Compliments of W. W. KENVILLE Vice President and Manager Santa Clara Branch Munk of Amerira NATIONAI. JK ' iVos ASSOCIATION MCHICB FIOIRAI. BCCOSIT INSUIAHCt COIPOaATIOM • M(M«(I ftOiaAL ICfCIIVt ITfTCM SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA SANTA CLARA CREAMERY SERVING YOU IN THE STUDENT DINING HALL FOR MANY YEARS 1048 Franklin Street Santa Clara Deliveries in JOS. INDERBITZIN SANTA CLARA. SUNNYVALE Call AXminster 6-5225 SAN JOSE and CAMPBELL 282 Tom Larry ' s Pizza (Formerly Pee Wee ' s) CONGRATULATIONS ' " " our TERRY ' S WAFFLE SHOPS 199 HI WAY 40 945 The Alameda CY 7-5900 Vallejo, California Terry Curtola Son BKOVCO THE CORRAL 0m mwy f HOME BROXCS OF THE 283 Sa8L S i :4S K ;SS !5 S? S:S ? ?: gS:5: iS 5a«S :aSS S «S A TRADITION OF SERVICE AS OLD AS THE WEST The oldest bank in the West offers you every modern banking service — rendered just a little more efficiently and a little more pleasantly than you ' d expect. ' M}M WM, ' ' ' ' . ' ii -W . ' " ,i„Aj ' . i; Over 100 Banking Offices Serving Northern California WELLS FARGO BANK AMERICAN TRUST Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SANTA CLARA Any good Hme is Falstoff time. Time for the beer that ' s a coast-to-coast favorite. And sure to be your favorite too. Famous refreshing Falstoff. AMERICA ' S PREMIUM QUALITY BEER iFAtSTAff BUeWING CORPORATION, ST. LOUIS, MO. 284 BEST WISHES from THE CITY OF SANTA CLARA MAYOR Albeit J. Levin COUNCILMEN Maurice E. Dullea Joseph J. Rebeiro Robert H. Simons Matt P. Talia James J. Viso Austen D. Warburton 285 University ofi i§!anta Clara BOOKSTORE (Conveniently located on the campus) . . . Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. . . . New and Used Books All required class texts available, as well as supplies and equipment. WE NOW BUY USED BOOKS FROM STUDENTS SHOP HERE AND SAVE— Please compare our prices! We always have a fine selection of Catholic books, missals and religious articles OBTAIN YOUR ROYAL, UNDERWOOD OR SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITER FROM US ON A SPECIAL DEAL Lots of Luck Seniors KIRK ' S 2380 EL CAMINO REAL JOE BRUNA GENOVA DELICATESSEN Cold Meats • Pickles • Cheese Salads • Olives • Pizzz LUNCHES - PARTIES - PICNICS 970 Franklin Street SANTA CLARA CALIFORNIA 286 Uncle , John ' s Pancakes that please everyone from everywhere Santa Clara 1680 El Camino CH. 3-8256 San Jose 1415 So. 1st at Alma CY 4-7716 Millbrae 1301 El Camino JU. 9-2080 Good Cleaning at Reasonable Prices MARVEL CLEANERS 998 Franklin Santa Clara We Operate Our Own Plant ( . Dual luu mtil f COMPLETE MEN ' 5 FORMAL WEAR RENTALS - BALES 35 SOUTH FOURTH STREET CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the University of Santa Clara ITS FACULTY AND STUDENTS When Your Folks Come To See You, Recommend ST. NICHOLAS MOTEL HARMON A. SMITH FUNERAL HOME e07 WASHINGTON STREET SANTA CLARA. CALIFORNIA HARMON A. SMITH AXMINSTER 6-2978 2194 The ALAMEDA ' Nick A. Chargin ' " Santa Clara A. J. PETERS SON MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Plumbing, Heating and Utilities INSTALLATIONS - REPAIRS 5 34 Stockton Avenue CYpress 5-5646 SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA 287 MONOGRAMS - EMBLEMS ALL KINDS OF UNIFORMS iAN JOSE. uniform: . EMBLEM to., INC 1015 PARK - AT LINCOLN San Jose 26, California CY 7-2294 SANTA CLARA LAUNDERETTE 941 Main Street, Santa Clara . . . It ' s a Real Pleasure to Serve the Students ana the University . . . JOHN P. GRACE Manager Phone AX. 6-9855 Shel Onstead Piovident Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia 210 North Fourth Street San Jose I 2, Californic CYpress 7-5707 Personal Planning Service WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS HOURS MTW: 9-9 ThF: 9-10 S: 9-7 Sun: 10-7 THE PAT RYAN ' S Friendly Store OPEN DAILY 10 to 10 Sundays 10:30 - 9 2725 Alameda Santa Clara, Calif. AX 6-0790 ST. CLAIRE Market and San Carlos CY 5-2626 200 Modern Rooms • Banquets • Weddings Meetings 4 to 400 Most everyone enjoys our unique bar and restaurant " The Lamp Post Corner " DINING ROOM Open Daily 7 a.m. to 9 p.rr 181 E. Taylor St. San Jose 12 " Onishi for Flowers " CORSAGES FUNERAL DESIGNS WEDDINGS CYpress 5-1130 SANTA CLARA DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS COR. MAIN FRANKLIN AXminster 6-7482 SANTA CLARA, CALIF. 288 COMPLIMENTS ■of DOMINIC J. CONDENSA REALTOR — INSURANCE 1036 Lafayette Street SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Dnn+ THE FINEST " FORMAL WEAR Rent Selix Formal Wear ... the perfec- tion of fabric, fitting ond tailoring makes YOUR formal appear it was tailored for you exclusively. km FORMAL WEAR SALES • RENTALS San Francisco • Oakland • Berkeley • Palo Alto • San Jose For the Best Rest East or West San Jose TraveLodge 1401 The Alameda Convenient Location CYpress 5-0159 Res.: AXminster 6-2609 JOSEPH F. MONASTA DISTRICT MANAGER MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Springfield i, Massachusetts Harper Building 540 No. First Street San Jose, California Phone: CYpress 7-5070 STUDENT aOTOG WSS 121 So. 4th (up the alley) CY 2-7611 SAN JOSE Berkeley Sacramento Bellarmine Barber Shop 892 Emory St. — Corner Elm St. San Jose " For tops in Flat-tops " Across the street from Bellarmine High Gabriel Gonzales, Prop. " rBwwwsTT (DONALDS i. M. M 00NAID CO 3561 El Comino Real In the new Lawrence Square Shopping Center 289 Courtesy of A. J. RAISCH PAVING COMPANY Patrick W. Regan General Mgr. 800 W. SAN CARLOS STREET SAN JOSE. CALIF. CYPRESS 2-7027 Bear Photo Service Greetings from Bear Photo Service and our many dealers throughout the area. Est. Since 1929 T imn RESTAURANT AND i.UL.I LOUNGE Italian Dinners . . Banquet Room Opposite University of Santa Clara OPEN DAILY 3160 ALAMEDA Phone AXminster 6-1984 Santa Clara, Calif. University Union Oil Station Complete Service— Brakes : Tune-ups We Give S H Green Stamps 10% Discount to all students on tune-ups and brake jobs Park Alameda Santa Clara SANTA CLARA SPORT SHOP " FRANCHIZED WILSON DEALER " Peter S. Talia AXminster 6-2820 1485 FRANKLIN THE HOUSE OF SANTA CLARA SPORT SHOP BRONCO BURGER PIT Burgers Shakes Drinks Sundries Open Till 12:00 WADE ' S MISSION PHARMACY 1000 Franklin Street AXminster 6-6016 SANTA CLARA CALIFORNIA 290 WOODWARD ' S FLOWERS Joe Martin 1038 Franklin Street Santa Clara AXminster 6-3824 St. Claire Tiaundry Established in 1894 15% Savings on Cash Carry Next to the University Field House 867 Sherman St. AXminster 6-5035 PKRFIRA ' S Franklin and Main Santa Clara May ' s Shoppe Gil ' s Shop Women ' s Apparel Men ' s Wear Established 1936 AXminster 6-5452 SAN JOSE INN , 1 860 The Alameda CYpress 3-9361 Fred H. Pfeiffer • A. F, Tomlinson Owner-Managers COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ST. CLAIRE TRAVEL SERVICE, INC. 74 West San Carlos Next to the St. Claire Hotel For Flights to Everywhere for Everyone San Jose CYpress 7-1700 Best Wishes to the Broncos from The Redwood photographer TOM COLTJNS STUDIO ARTIST-PHOTOGRAPHERS 1403 Burlingame Ave. Diamond 2-2766 Burlingame, Calif. 291 Q MaMc fl Ui VERNON COSTA RICHARD CRAWLEY RICHARD DALTON JAMES ERNST RICHARD GARIBALDI JOHN GOICOVICH MARY HEALY MICHAEL HENNEN JOHN KASKA THOMAS O ' KEEFE ROBERT PASSALACQUA JAMES PEABODY HILLIARD POLK Q AiA C ' h ' hC C CLIFFORD ABEL ROY ANDERSON HENRY ARMSTRONG RICHARD BAKER WILLIAM BENZ JEAN BODINE EDWIN BOLLIGER CLAUDE BOYD ARTHUR BOYNTON DAVID BRODSKY DANIEL CASTER ALLEN CHASE JOSEPH CHAVEZ ALBERT CHOU BENJAMIN CHOW SUNG CHUR DAVID COLBY CHARLES COX BILLY DAVIS LOUIS DeLATEUR ROBERT DOMINICK BURNELL D ORE BRUCE DOUGLAS IRA EAGLE ELLIS FLEENOR JOHN GATES ROBERT GAURA HERALD HARRIES LAURENCE HEARNE FRANK HEGARTY RAYMOND HERRERA RONALD HOLDBROOK JOHN HOLMGREN NORMAN HOWERY JOHN HUBER JOHN HUTZ DONALD IRVING RONALD JACHOWSKI DAVID JEPSEN SHERWIN KALT JOSEPH KLIMBERG JAMES KLUGE GEORGE KORBORI WALTER KOCHENDERFER WILLIAM KOEHMSTEDT KENNETH KWONG PAUL LANG THOMAS LAUGHLIN MYRON LEE RAY LONG CHARLES McAfee WILLIAM McGUIRE WILLIAM MALAUN ARCHIE MAREZ SIMON MAYERHOFER JOHN MORETTI MAURICE MORONEY HENRY NABESHIMA WILLIAM NAVE RAYMOND NOVOTNY JAMES PIZZO WALTER PRUE HELMUT PRUEFERT LAURENCE QUAN PETER RAFFO ROBERT RAMSEY ROBERT RECTOR DALE REIBER GEORGE RENY JAMES RILEY DOMINIC RUGGIERI RONALD SCANLON DIETER SCHMIDT ARTHUR SHAFRAN WILLIAM SLIVKOFF JOSEPH SLOMSKI ROY SMITH GORDON SPENCER ROY STIER EUGENE SULLIVAN DOMENICK TENERELLI ROBERT TRAUBE WILLIAM VOISINET ROBERT VOLPATTI MARTIN VONNEGUT LAYTON WARN JOHN WOODWORTH Cf l tiA ZC j iA A.i C 1 EUGENE ALEXANDER ELMER ANDERSON GLENN ANDERSON ROGER AULD LOUIS BAILY KEITH BAKER MARTIN BARNES CHARLES BARNETT JOHN BEAULIEU RAYMOND BENOIT RICHARD BERBY ROBERT BERRY LEMUEL BISHOP DENNIS BOLSTER MARIO BONICELLI JOHN BORMAN PATRICK BRAUNAGEL CHARLES BREIZY JAMES BRISBOIS JOHN BROPHY GEARY BROWN JOHN CALE DOUGLAS CAMPBELL RICHARD CHEKIAN DARYL CLUTE PHILIP COGSHALL ROBERT COLE BILLY COLVIN PAUL CONRADO ROBERT COONEY 292 CARLTON CORDEN ANDREW CRABTREE VERNON CURTISS GROVER DALY CHARLES DAVIS ROBERT DE LA RUE FRANK DENMAN BURNELL DORE MARIAN DOSCHER CURTIS DUGGAN ROY DUNCAN ROLAND DUNLOP GERALD DURNFORD JOSEPH ELDRIDGE EDWIN ELLISTON FRANK ELSBREE RONALD EMERY BERNARD ESSER THOMAS EVANS ROBERT EYERMANN PETER FICALORA WILLIAM FOGARTY EDWARD FORD OTIS FORGE JACK FREEMAN JOHN GATES ARMANDO GAYTAN FRANK GENOCHIO JEROME GLUCK ROBERT GOLOBIC WILLIAM GRAY MAX GRISWOLD WILLIAM HADL PIERRE HAHN JOHN HALEY IRVING HAMMER JAMES HARPER JACK HEINZ MERLE HELM LARRY HENNINGER ROBERT HUEBNER DAVID HUPPERT CARL HUSBY JOHN JANTZEN JAMES JOLLY LESTER KAYE ROBERT KELLEY JOHN KINNEY JOSEPH KISE ROBERT KITTLE EDWARD KLEIN HARRY KORB HERBERT LARRUS BARRY LONS THOMAS McMAHON EDWARD MAFFEO BANLE MALETIS ANTHONY MALO RICHARD MALONE STANLEY MANCHESTER KENNETH MANTLE DONALD MEDEIROS ROBERT METCALF JOSEPH MILLER JAMES MORSE JOHN MORTON JULIEN MOTLEY STANLEY MOTT-SMITH DANIEL MURPHY GEORGE NATHAN MARTIN NAUER JOHN NEVILLE MERRILL NEWMAN VIRGIN NIETO MICHAEL O ' CALLAGHAN KEVNEY O ' CONNOR DANIEL O ' DONNELL DAVID PASTORIUS JACK PEDRETTI JOHN PELKAN GEORGE PEASINGER RICHARD PETERSON ANDREW PIZAREK BRUCE POWELL EDWARD PUNIAK SHIRLEY RADDING JEROME RAFFEL TRINIDAD RAMIREZ LOUIS RATZESBERGER RAYMOND RESZKA LARRY ROOT ROBERT RYLAND ELBERT SACKRIDER MARTIN SAMMON ROBERT SARGENT WALTER SCHOENDORF ALBERT SCHROTER RALPH SEDILLO CARL SENGE MILES SHARKEY WALDO SILVER JOEL SOREM EMRUTH STAHL WILLMER STARK BEN STELLMAN WAITE STEPHENSON RICHARD STILL ROBERT STRASSNER ROBERT STRATTON BERNETT SUGARMAN THEODORE SUMIDA WESLEY SYREN MARIO TARABINI DONALD TERRY RICHARD THOMPSON MERLE THORP FRANK TREVOR ALBIN UHRICH FRED UNICK DONALD ULERY EDWIN VALENCIA JAY VANDER TUIN MARVIN VANN NORMAN VOGEL CARL VOLLERSEN MARTIN VONNEGUT RICHARD WALDRON WILLIAM WHITEHEAD CHARLES WILSON RICHARD WILSON BYRON WINANS MITCHEL WINOKER JON WISEMAN JOSEPH WONG EDWARD WOODHAMS JOHN WOODWORTH DONALD WYTHE THOMAS YUKI EDWIN ZELDIN JOSEPH ACSAI ANDREW AHLBORN TALMAGE ALLEN CHARLES ANDERSEN DARWIN ANDERSON LOWELL ANDERSON CORNELL ANTON i f A4 jA i A lA4 i CHARLES ARNOLD RICHARD ARRAS PAUL ATHANS ANGELO AVILA HARLEY BAIRD GEORGE BATTLE RONALD BEACH DEWEY BEAUDETTE JOHN BENSON DAVID BERNER JACK BERTRAM JOSEPH BETTENCOURT LELAND BICE ROSE-MARIE BLAIR 293 LeROY BLOCK ORPHA BOLLINGER CECIL BOND CAROL BOUTHILLIER EDWARD BOWEN MICHAEL BRADY DOROTHY BRENNAN EDWARD BRITT EDDIE BROWNING JOHN BUCKEL GEORGE BUMB DAVID BUNDSEN DANIEL BURCELL HALLEY BURKE MARJORIE BURNETT THOMAS BUTLER WALLACE BYRON GLYN BYTHELL MARY CANNELL VICTOR CARRUTH ALLAN CASE DOUGLAS CHAPMAN JOHN CHIKASUYE JOHN CHILDS RAYMOND CHITWOOD MAURINE CHRISTENSEN PAUL CITRARO MELVIN CLARK LATHA CLAY JOHN CONROY EDWARD CONNELL BRUCE CORNELL HOLLIS COURTNEY LELAND CUMMING JOSEPH CUSICK FREDERICK DaCOSTA BARNEY DALEY WILLIAM DALZOCHIO EVERETT DAVIS JAMES DEBLOCK LOUIS DEL VECCHIO JOESPH DITTY JAMES DONOHUE GARRY DRAPER REX DRIVER ALFONSE DUERI DOUGLAS EWER JOSEPH FENNELL THOMAS FITCH WILLIAM FITCH GEORGE FITE JERRY FLEMMER ARNOLD FONTES DONALD FOREMAN JOHN GERHARDT WILBUR GILL KATHLEEN GLEASON ROBERT GLEICHMAN RICHARD GOODMAN KEVIN GOODSON DWIGHT GOODSPEED R ' CHARD GOTTLIEB PHILIP GOWING DONALD GRACIER LEONARD GRADY HARO ' .D GRAHAM THEODORE GRANSTEDT LLOYD GRAVATT HERMAN GREER RICHARD GROS DE MANGE WILLIAM GROSSMAN JACK GUlO CHARLES HAGEWOOD BRAYTON HAHN JOHN HALL ROBERT HANNON ARTHUR HARDWICKE ROBERT HARRIS GEORGE HEDGES RICHARD HEGGEM FERNANDO HERNANDEZ PAUL HODEL TIMOTHY HOEY JAMES HOGUE CHARLES HOLLOWAY ARVIL HOLT BERNARD HOLZINGER THOMAS HUNT ROBERT HUTCHINGS MICHAEL INGRAHAM ADOLF JARMANN WALLACE JANSEN ARNOLD JOHNSON RALPH JOHNSON KENNETH KADOTANI JANIS KALNINS JOSEF KANNEGAARD DANIEL KAULAHAO ROBERT KERNER EDWARD KLEIN WILLIAM KONDO GEORGE KWACHAK MALCOLM LAITINEN JOHANN LAMBERT SALVATORE LASALA RICHARD LEBAUDOUR MARGARET LEICK WILLIAM LEONARD BUD LEUTZA THEODORE LEVIN LLOYD LOTT BOBBIE LUTES ORMOND LYONS THOMAS LYNCH JOHN MACKESY JOHN McCLINTOCK RICHARD McDonnell JOHN McEnroe PHILIP McGUIRE MARY McMAHON GLENN McMANIS AMERICO MARTORANO TOM MAZZETTI ANTHONY MENDOZA JOHN MINCH WILLIAM MILLER ROBERT MINKE MYLER MOORE JOSEPH MOTIS ROBERT MULLER FRANK MURRAY JAMES NAKAGAWA JOHN NELSON JONAS NEMER-KAISER RICHARD NORDIN ALFRED NOUGUES CARL NUNES WILLIAM O ' BRIEN JOSEPH OLEXO CLIFFORD OLSEN JUDSON OSTLE WILLIAM PARKER ROBERT PARADISO RODNEY PAYNE ROBERT PERIGO GERALD PERRY JAMES PETERSON RICHARD PETERSON DAVID PFAFF KENNETH PHILLIPS THOMAS PLATNER NICK POLISSO GEORGE POPOVICH LUCILLE PORRO ROGER PORTER DON PRIOR JOHN PUGLIESI DARRELL RAINS EVA REED RAFAEL REYES THEODORE REYNOLDS MICHAEL RICE CHARLES ROBERTS JOHN ROCHA WILLIAM ROCKSTROH LEONARD ROHDE ANTHONY ROKOVICH RICHARD ROLL WILLIAM RUNGE JOEY RUSHING GUILFORD SATTERWAITE WALLACE SCALES BERTRAM SCHIRLE WILLIAM SCHMITZ ROBERT SCHWAB ROBERT SEARS MARVIN SHEETS JOHN SHIELDS ALLEN SILVER VINCENT SLAVIN ALBERT SOFE GENE SPENCER SYDNEY STEELE HOWARD STRATTEN DONALD STUART DONALD SWANSON THOMAS SWEENEY RODNEY SYLVESTER Z. D. TENNISON OSKAR THURNHER JOSE TORRES VERNE TOWNER WILLIAM TREFTS DONALD TREWARTHA SAMMY TRIPOLI DONALD VADNAIS LOUIS VALLETTA GEORGE VANDENBERG PAUL VERT EDWIN VOLLERTSEN ETHEL VOLLERTSEN RAULIN VONNEGUT BOSKO VUKCEVICH RONAYNE WALDRON JOHN WALTERS BETTY WEGNER JAMES WELCH RICHARD WEYHRICH RALPH WEYMOUTH GEORGE WHEATON JAMES WHITACRE GERALD WILKINSON RICHARD WILSON ROBERT WINNER EDWARD YEAGLE 294 ' f_ MIRRO-GRAPHIC -eahltH 4336 SAN FERNANDO ROAD GLENDALE 4, CALIFORNIA t .

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University of Santa Clara - Redwood Yearbook (Santa Clara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of Santa Clara - Redwood Yearbook (Santa Clara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Santa Clara - Redwood Yearbook (Santa Clara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Santa Clara - Redwood Yearbook (Santa Clara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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