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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1988 volume:

University of San Francisco The Don 1988 Julie Sullivan, EditorThe Credo of the University of San FranciscoWe believe in god, Creator of the universe and Lord of human life. We believe that each person possesses an inviolable dignity and natural rights derived from his relationship to God: We therefore oppose any philosophy which claims that the State rules the entire life of man; we equally oppose all racism, discrimination or persecution. 4We believe that men can fulfill their dignity only in human communities where peace and justice prevail. We believe in the sanctity of that human love which forms and protects the family, source and foundation of all human communities. 6We believe in the rights and obligations of employers and employees alike. We believe in the right to possess private property; we also believe that the earth’s beauty and riches are given for the well being and enjoyment of all men, rather than for exploitation by a few. 89jL, We believe that human freedom is God’s great gift to man; we also believe that law must guide freedom toward human good. We believe that true democracy, if its tenets are respected, can lead men toward just and prosperous society. 10IIWe believe in academic freedom and professional responsibility: Academic freedom guarantees the right to expose and to • examine critically all opinions within a forum of rational discourse; it requires institutional independence from political and economic entanglement or coercion. 121}We believe finally in Jesus Christ and in His message that the entire life of man is subject to the rule of God, Who calls us to serious moral responsibilities so that human life in a truly human community might flourish. 1415CAMPUS LIFE 16 17The colic natural centuries combines tegrated education. of Liberal Arts and social sciences as well Jesuit tradition, the technical aspects of study in :iences provides excellence in the the humanities. Based upon four »llege of Liberal Arts and Sciences rithin a given major with an inareas of knowledge to unify one’s Graduating from the college of i to meet various professional graduate Arts and Sciences enables one ids encountered in a post — CiriJ. NaegeJe, PhD. Dean of Liberal Am »nd Science 18C»-»r iii -.mi Ph.D., Dean of McLutn Collegeof Business The McLaren college of Business, in its sixty-fourth year possesses a prestigious reputation for training students for leadership and responsibility in various business fields. Designed to develop analytical skills, the McLaren college of Business also combines creativity and other qualities of the mind required for adapting to the increasing complexity and constant change of business life. The interrelation of City and Univeristy provides numerous opportunities for students to relate the theory of the classroom to the realities of the marketplace. 19Nationally acclaimed, the School of Nursing prepares students for work in the health care field. The Nursing school is dedicated to understanding the value of all human life and to taking a holistic approach toward the ill. The Sisters of Mercy are associated with this four year program which integrates theory and skills with practical experience. The School of Nursing is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing and The National League for Nursing; it is a premier nursing curriculum. 20 Fay Bower, D.N.Sc, F A A N Dean of School of NursingEstablish) 1 m 1975, the college ol Professional Studies is designed for adults desiring to further their education at either the undergr.ulunK or postgraduate level. Degree programs have been designed to meet the needs of a working adult student population. The undergraduate programs, through the Experiential Learning Center, offer students the opportunity to apply for credit for learning acquired prior to their admission. Recognizing both classroom and career work for credit, the college work includes business, education, liberal arts and sciences.The School of Education offers certificate, master’s and doctoral programs in six major areas: Counseling and Education Psychology. Curriculum and Instruction. Multicultural Education, Organization and Leadership, Private school Administration and Teacher Education. The School of Education has a special commitment to human service, the advancement and sharing of learning, concern for the nurturing ami formation of positive attitudes. Classes are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends for the convenience of students who work. 22David L Ramcr, Dean School of Law The School of Law, established in 1912, has earned a reputation for excellence, both in their full and pan time programs for the Juris Doctor degree. The school emphasizes the development of analytical ability and the other fundamental skills of an effective lawyer rather than concentrating on legal rules effective in one |urisdiction or geographical area. Possessing a special concern for contemporary urban issues, the School of Law is well suited as preparation for varying careers including government, business, and legal education. The School of Liw is a member of the Association of Americal Law Schools and is approved by the American Bar Association.2627282930 32»  739 10414}•11 4547RESIDENCE HALLS ■IK49V ■ •' RESIDENCE HALL STAFFS LONE MOUNTAIN PHELANRESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION HAYES — HEALY GILLSON 51HAYES — HEALY HALL SECOND FLOOR 52FIFTH FLOOR 5354 NINTH FLOORGILLSON HALL SECOND FLOOR 55 FOURTH FLOOR 56 -EIGHTH FLOOR 57FIRST FLOOR 58 SECOND FLOORFOURTH FLOOR 59SECOND WEST FLOOR 60 THIRD FLOORFIFTH FLOOR SIXTH FLOOR 62ORGANIZATIONS M65Clubs and Organizations RHC Par Club Forum for International and Domestic Affairs 66 Alpha Delia Sigma 6768(Clubs and Organizations Omuton Theta Chi Sorority I iui O Hawaii Cheerleader 70Hospitality Management Delta Sigma Phi Rifle Team 7173Clubs and Organizations Club Latino IntcrvjirMty Christian Fellowship Student Nursing Auoclation 74MaihcinatK Gab 75Clubs and Organizations 7h77Clubs and Organizations Association of Computer Machinery Alpha Delta Sigma APAM 78Catholics United For Lift- 7980phmhhhiClubs and Organizations College Players Delta Sigma Pi Clubs Council 82838-1Clubs and Organizations IUCF Knights of Columbus Malaysian Club MALAYSIAJC3 K "CLU» 8687ss06 suoubztubSjo Pub sqrtQVietnamese Club ZBT Little Sisters ZBT 91I Hit llll I 1111 |5 I IK jP' 1 9293San Francisco Foghorn 94 back: Tia Gilmartin, Willis Lam, Mike Johnson, Cathlccn O'Donnell, Eric Ueland, Mike Dakan, Jim I gormarsino. from: Lisa Galten, Alexei Ma coux, Lisa Longchamp, Lynn Ritzman. missing:Anne Gates and Patrice Guzman.95 x»1 98A.S.U.S.F. 99 jo Gcnc Semcnza, Kary Murphy, Darlene Almogela, George Deeik. middle: Jeremy Harrison, Toby Brink, Michelle Weill,Larry ’Buzz” Lawson, Lee n T yrcnda Dixon, Bridget Kitt, Karie Parker, Dan HaJe, Marge Wahl, Jason Kenney, Luis Ramirez, bottom: Anita Wcssell, Maryanne John Murray, Ken Holmes, Denise Bennett.11 HI 101R.O.T.C. 1 102103 , VCAMPUS MINISTRY I CM Helping out at the Tcndeftoin.■Sr. Igna'iut with with- suiiIcm kadcrs in (hi- Mnuni) A yfoup uf MUilcntt cnihutiiiMk .ibyut Cunptii Ministry's 5ih "U« Ninos" trip lu Tijuana. McxkuThe Campus Ministry Office tends to the individual and collective pastoral needs of the USF community. Grounded in the University’s rich tradition of Jesuit Catholic higher education, Campus Ministry seeks to make the Good News of Christ a vital dimension of campus life. To this end, the staff offers a wide range of personal and group care — all designed to help individuals become more fully the persons our God calls us to be, and to help the University realize its role as a truly Christian Institution. , 1 ; .r. Ministry: Fr. Christopher Cartwright, S. J., Director, Fr. Cartwright Uaptiso Michelle Weil. Albert'. vkopt, S.J., Associate Director, Sr. Marie Ignatius, - H M Associate Ditector. Sr. Garissa Gocckncr, Associate Director, f Joe S Associate Director. Mr. Matthew Walsh. Music Director, r Joht v .';in, Baptist Student Union Director. Ms.Jani Hughes. ” •' Administrative Assistant. 107SAINT IGNATIUS INSTITUTE l(W109noIIATHLETICSI 'Men’s Soccer FRONT ROW: Ola Hen mo. Steven Torkclscn, Bernie Murphy, John Doyle, Julian Kowalski, Yuri Simpson, Mark Meyer. SECOND ROW: Tim McFlnery, Marco Lucchetta. Don Murphy, Mark DcCroce. Joe Murphy, Ken Holmes, Ted Driver. Phil Coates. THIRD ROW: Bjorn Schonbcck, Ivar Stromsmo, Asst. Coach Wolff, Asst Coach Visser, Head Coach Stephen Ncgocsco, Trainer Hayes, Asst. Coach Sofaer, Unknown. Bill Morgan. Nick Dimitrievski BACK ROW Dan Fcrrando, John Kinyon, Kit Halverson, Alan Bailey. Unknown, Robert Aparicio.Jim Matthews, Joe Gkichenhaus, Andrew Gloikowski 114Men’s Soccer 116117Women’s Volleyball 118 FRONT ROW: Dm Udttdii. Jenny Schnuk, Kathy Hold, Tina Gha aruiw. Margaret Hillhouie, Shelly Haight. BACK ROW: Mary Carlton, Dctlbe Pardicn, Ann Podesta, Sharon Mclicn, Donne An,mat, Head Coach Laurie Cotbclli.119Women’s Volleyball 120121MEN’S CREW Left to Right. Mike Dakan, Cameron Littocy, Brian McCarthy, Jamie Rdoj. Greg Kopecky. Helen O'Neil, Brett Jonct. Andrew Brocchini. Jim Beasky. Will Manme, Peter Kreuy, James Clark. Devin Koffcy, Josh Bligh. Not Pictured: Steve Thompson, Chin Nguyeh, Loric Wong. 122123125MEN’S LACROSSE Top RiJw from left to right: Heath Kraynak, Peter Haney, Mike O'hayon. Bottom Row: Dreux Gabler, Johnny Law, Kit Normandy, Launce Gamble. Not Pictured (because they skipped practice): Dan Dadmun, John Logan, Steve Lira, Chris La Dolce, Larry Moore, Beau Taylor, Bill Fredericks. 126127WOMEN’S SOCCER Back Row: John Anton (Asst. Coach). Erik Visser (Coach), Shanna Haines, I-hisa Almashy, Julie MeGuigan, Katie Halladay, Kathy Schneider, Sara Cowey, Belinda Gaynor, Patti Canedo, Maureen McLaughlin, Asst. Coach Woolf. Front Row: Terry Wheeler (Asst. Coach), Joan Harrington, Man-dy Garza, Robin Pfohman, Anne Olson, Margaret Lucy, Kimberly Quff, Allison Waterworth, Christina Fiori. 128129mI I I I I I I I I I H-+4I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Front Ru'a Amir SjmWJ.m Yctttd. Ron Herbm. ) J Cmk . Dm U.uKir... Frank Fufehoiti. Buz Lkmod. 2thl Ruw r«d LmijsumIu. Marc Pwh». Mike Gunpu. Warren Gallcni. Greg Weber. Fame Heath, Wayne Ktchelfc. EJ Paulin. Bock Rum: Dvrek IW. DtUfy Acctti. (a-kI. I uic lanJim, Gwch Dmo Nomifca, Coach Ken Bowman. Coach lx.u Bcvilocqua, Gu«h Tom King. Oeanjtfftici. Dave URoojr-f I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' I I I II.U I I 11 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Front Row: Kevin lillis ( 31), Rodney Tention ( 25), Keith Jackson ( 21), Robbie Grigsby ( 22), Kevin Mouton ( 14), Terrill Mali ( 21) Middle Row; MikeScStich ( 34), Equipment Manager Bob Giron. Student Assistant Coach Steve James, Assistant Coach Mike Farmer, Head Coach Jim Brovdli, Associate Coach John Cosentino, Trainer Wally Mayes, Patrick Chrdy ( 15). Back Row; Pat Guisri ( 51), Mark McCathrion ( 33). Joel DeBartoli ( 32), Jeff Christian ( 4-1), JoeScitger ( 55). II SENIORS AND UNDERCLASSMENI -15Hamid Agharadeh John Almada Darlene Almogela Biology Kh.iko Alotaibi Haitham Alquaisi Anthony AJva Douglas Anderson Government Felicitas Baja Biology Thomas Bates Denise Bennett Cathy Biasetti Piych English Jeffrey Bigelow Celia Boyer Patricia Breslin Accounting Michael Brill Brenda Broad us Nursing 146Marigem Buenaftor Paul Burleson Robert W. Bye raft Economic Pidelma Byme Government Patricia Canedo Government Claude Caputi Philotophy William Cart Accounting Elizabeth Carthagena Sociology Gerard Carterton Nu ning Millie Caatillo Gustavo Ce ballot Jorge Chaban Anthony Alva BedcieChan Kum Chan Patrick Chan Wai Chan Management Olivia Chang P ych PE Sonia Chang Finance Susanna Cheng Biology 147I-aura DeTata Beatrice Devera Darrell DiGiovanni Rolf Docker Mary Dcndson Jon Donovan Michael Drew Jennifer Erickson Aklregc Fabiani Counseling Tim Falvcy Kathleen Family Alfonso Faustino. Jr. Caria Fario N’egussie Feleke Finance Susan Femme Jean Femandea Michelle Fernandez Steven Ferrari Economics Jeffrey FesunofT l.iberal Arts John Flahavan 148Karen Chew Lin Ling Chiang Jamet Chin Accounting Dean Ching Computer Science Subhi Chithti Nuraing Se Hooo Choi Hoi Michael Chong Management Kien Choo Prancii Chua Candra Cipurra Suaan Collitu Piyehology Avila Conttera Photography Arinda Cooley KaraCretri Eric Croddy Spaniah Nurdian Cuaca Rotematy Cunningham Alex David Buiinets Liia Detmood Phdotophy 149Letlie Flora Nuning Jason Funk Lillian Gallanota Marketing Nicole Gallego Biology Marican Garda Hoap. Management Katharin GloUtein Comm Journalism Tone Goh Brandon Govern Ola Helen Shauna Henke Jackie Ho Hospitality Jeffrey Ho Lynn Houweling Amy Hung Carmina Ignacio Finance Annette Jabaon IM)Peter Jacobsen Michael Johnson Robert Kane Comm. Am Sutnie Kan no Fouad Kauouh Jolene Kearns Comm. Am Gurpreet Khurmna Bridget Kin Nuning Tomislav Knexevic PohKoh Kathy Kovar Accounting Novianti Kusurna Thomas Lam Int'l Bus. Toi Lam Wai Lam Marketing Colin Landrum Philosophy Carlos Lanza BBA Management Boon Lee Lee Marketing MaisicLee Finance Lee V —Lin 151Lawrence Lcfcoutt Kauri Lehtincn Management Santo Leo Ching — Wen Lao Siok Lew Ferdinand Lim CBIS Fmancc Lydia Lm Yuen — Chin Lm Tau — Chin Ln General Bus, Kim Loh Nee Peng Log Franklin Long Lu Lxigchamp Marco Lucchetta Judy Leilani Luce Leslie Lum Marketing Edwin Luy Annie Ma Marketing Jocdyn Maas Nursing Fiorina Maliwat CBIS 152James Maloney Marketing Helen Manning Finance Patricia Mannix Marie — Noetic Mansfield Alexie Marcoux Economics Anne McFadden Julie McGuigan Asako Matoba Sharon Mellen David Michalski Ronald Mi sud II Accounting Katie Miller Keiji Mitsubuchi A1 — Jaberi Mohamcd Ilham Mohamcd Decision Science Jesse Montalvo Andrew Motrice Marketing Angela Morton Cynthia Mui Accounting John Murray 153Yuki Nagata Mimi Nakano Business Yukihiko Nashimoto Alvin Ng Management Luis Ng Finance Lian Ngiam Kim Nguyen Marena Nizar Caroline Nordenipolk Mutyana Nuryadi Ann O'Brien Nursing Michael Oliveri Dyana Ontai Government James OShea Liberal Arts Kerim Otus Finance Linny Pangemanan T.Pcjceo Carmelo Cristina Pejoro Psj-chology Dominic Pejoro Po Som Pek 154Giovanni Pole Craig Pea Louise Pinette Frederic Pirard loan — Fui Pong Math Kathleen Poole Spanith Keat — Chin Poon Maryam Pourtardar Voony Pupella Omar Rachman Arvil Remet EllaRono Roy Salazar Marketing Frida Sam Finance Anne Schreiner Seaneen Score Eugene Semenza Finance Erik Jan Sent Kim — Far Shim Finance SuaanaSta 155Sutanne Skim Nutting Kathleen Slattery Finance John Smith Sctio Soejanto Kyoko Someya Ptychology Gary Steflcns Organ. Behavior DEvorah Steinberg Amy Sullivan Ptychology Julie Sullivan Government Kevin Sullivan Government Sugih Sutanto Hui — Chuan Sru Int'l Butinets Anthony Tan Irene Tan Johnny Tan Shem Tan Int'l But, Tommy Tan Man mi Tanaka Wing Shun Te Management 156 Philip Dominic Teo Computer ScienceUtoomthip Theeranaveekul CBIS Steve Thompton Int'i Bu». Buyung Tjioe Soe Jek T)ioc Accounting Catherine Tom Prych Nurung Okki Tranggana Laura Traweek John Truong Biochemutry Karen Tiuihima Yoko Ueda Eric Ueland History Paul Uhl Agody Ume — Ukejc Finance Eileen Underwood Napoleon B. Uy Sal V allot Anda Maria Van Minka Van Sloun MBA Latha Venugopal Aveupo Villafria IJ7Gayle Volosky Jennifer Wade Management Si oi Wahjudi Rodolfo Walsh Bonnie Wing Finance Lin — Chi Wing Wai Leong Wang Michele Weill Anita Wewell P.B. Josef Wong Accounting Nora Wu Accounting Yi — ShingWu Accounting Nicola Yeo Cindy Yeung Int'l Bus. Yi Yin Computer Sd. Francois Yoahida Helen Yu Maria Zelaya Government Helena Ziasis 158159160161162Dan Aced Pilar Almy David Ambuul Patricia Arandia Phillip Ataro DougUi Boiko 164David Bonacci Andrea Bru e CUruvi Canilao John Carltvari Eddy Catobus Cynthia Oumben Noellc Clark Sandy Cobb 16)166 Vitma Cm Tiffany Curran Stephanie Douglai Antlrew l y Gina Fabricante Priscilla HongHyde Hormigoso Rebecca HuUquiie William Kua Hong — Tai bun Kin Heng Lee 167 Yuefie Lee Jean Marie Luau Stephan MartiniK»i — Ming Mok Miwy Nery H nh Nguyen John Norton Stan O'Brien 168Margrethe Parar Sharon Parker Maro Perha Margarita Perez SmanPiel Julie Porter Shawn Ridgell John Rocro 169170Roteann Sullivan Suzanne Summerhays San Thorpe Skip Tobacco David Tognotxi Joseph Tota Erin Vitbal Konya Washington Adrian Williams 171172173174 Kaon Akujam Lovellie ALmogeU Andrew Andenon K iwi Arnold Donna Bargetto Milga BuchlmannKw nQun Gtbcv« Gxpui SumtKt Mcvlyn f n«  Anne Gatcj Tie — Co Gwei Jakob Hansen Jeremy Harrison Anita Halt Muhammad Irwan 176Christine Land Loma Lynn Legaspi Joseph Leonetti Linda Leong Aiona Have 177 Lydia Lowe Delvin Mack Jody McCord Sharon McNabb Allard N’and Janie Ortiz 178DougUi Pajer Merton Pang M. Alcxii Pan Miniti Quinces RoioJyn Sid«o 179 180 Paula Smith Sabina Strerath Li — Jin Tan Soooko Tauki Kim Thai Toledo Roncll Anne Wation Liu Wong 1181Norma Accvw Daniel Arnhuut Randall Atcc Nancy Bcrgmann Angela Uruucl.A Alice But laff Carolyn Cat colic Vickie ("how Ddic Oiuj Edgar Dtjan Sherwin Kspaldon Terence Fuller t 18)184185$!» » Grobnik Shoo — MciU Gwei Naney Henning Christine Herrera Oi Ling HO Edmund Hooy 186Ying — Chun Lee Yoke Chee Lee Shan Chung Lim Soo — Metig Lim Cesar Lopctjr. Deborah Luce 187188189Cathleen O'Donnell Mold Ohihima Grace Parag i Patrick Psctcnon Mary Podcsra Kay Leong Poh Maiyanne Thomai William Tsang Elaine Tztgarakis 190Stun Woo Vincent Wicck Barkur WetM 191CLOSING i I193SIGNIFICANT EVENTS OF 1987 i I President and Mrs. Reagan waving from a Whitehousc terrace. This year marks the end of Pres. Reagan's eight-year tenure as president: the last president to serve two full terms was Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Reagan talks with Soviet leader Mikhail gorbachev during arrival ceremonies at the White House. The two superpower leaders held a three-day summit meeting in December and signed a nuclear arms control agreement. 194A barge filled with 3.128 tons of garbage became a national joke and a symbol of the nation's worsening problem with solid waste management, the barge, looking for a place to dump its cargo, was banned by six states and three foreign countries before an incinerator reduced it to ash. In an effort to keep the Persian Gulf open to navigation, the United States began in July to escort vessels to protect them from Iran. In September the U.S. Navy blew up an Iranian ship that was caught laying mines in the Gulf. Several mines were confiscated. 195The Dow Jones industrial stock average dropped 508 points, the largest in history, on Monday, October 19. Some called it a "crash," others called it a "meltdown" and others called it "Black Monday." Whatever it was, it stripped $500 billion from the market value ofU.S. securities. Dennis Conner, the man who lost the America's Cup in 1983, won it back four years later. The Stars and Stripes completed a 4-0 sweep over Australia's Kookaburra 111 in the race that took place in Australia.Television evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker said farewell to the PTL ministry in March. Jim Bakker resigned after confessing to a sexual encounter with a young woman. Tammy Bakker bowed out of the broadcasts to undergo treatment for drug dependency. An earthquake that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale hit Southern California in October. It was not a catastrophic quake, but the damage was extensive. 197 I I vs The Golden Gate Bridge celebrated its 50th birthday. About 250,000 people jammed onto the bridge for an anniversary walk across the span. Another 500,000 packed the bridge approaches but were denied access because the engineers feared the span could not support the weight.the- six years since Americans first card of a mysterious immunity -bbintg disease from which no one covers, AIDS has killed nearly 25,000 Americans, millions of dollars ,ive poured into medical research and President Reagan has proclaimed the plague "Public Health Enemy No. I." f£RSC- ;ut£0 IN THf t e of IMarine Lt. G l. Oliver L. North, was a key official in the plan to finance anti-government rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran. In testimony before the Iran-Contra hearings in Washington, North became somewhat of a celebrity. I 200President and Mrs. Reagan greated Pope John Paul il when he arrived in Miami to begin a nine-city tour of the United States which included a stop in San Francisco where he said a mass at Candlestick Park. 202 Another top entertainer was Whitney Houston. Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart was forced to drop his bid for the presidency after it was reported that he was romantically involved with Donna Rice, only to re-enter the race a few months later. 2».tFred Astaire, who epitomized Hollywood's elegance for 25 years dancing in top hat and tails with Ginger Rogers and other stars, died of pneumonia in June at the age of 88. Libcrace, the glittering showman and pianist who captivated fans for four decades with an inimitable personal and musical style, died quietly at his home in February 1987 at the age of 67. John Huston, who directed such films as "The Maltese Falcon" and "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," died in his sleep in August at the age of 81. 2 HLee Marvin, the gravel-voiced Oscar winner who died in August at the age of 63, was remembered by colleagues as an actor who really was among the good guys even though he often portrayed the hard-as-nails rogue. Jackie Gleason, the rotund "Great One" who got laughs and riches as a blustering bus driver in the television series "The Honcymooncrs," died in June at the age of 71. Lome Greene, who for 14 years played the firm but gentle father to three sons on television's "Bonanza," died in September at the age of 72. 205 208209210211213214215216217YEARBOOK STAFF V» r' ♦ i-' LT Top Row: Michelle Wong, Paul Sullivan, Kelly Guy, Jeremy Harrison, Tom O'Rourke. Front Row: Rodolfo Walsh, Marc Pccha, David Ambuul, Bob Bycraft, Anne Gates, Lorna Legaspi. Sideways: Julie Sullivan, Editor. 218219 Paul Sullivan and Tom O'Rourke, Sports Editors.220 Michelle Wong, Layout DesignerMarc Pecha, Assistant to the Editor. 221222 Bob Bycraft, co-Photography Editor.223 Kelly Guy, Senior Photographer; Rodolfo Walsh, Senior Photographer; Michelle Wong, Layout Designer.The Editor's Amen February 15, 1988 12:05 am: After two years as Editor of the Don, the second, and final book for me is done. It could not have been done without the help of my dedicated staff. They are not only great workers, but also great friends, and "thank you" could not possibly sum up my feelings. I would also like to thank the Saint Ignatius Institute for providing me with a wonderful education and many life-long friends. I hope this book provides years of enjoyment for all of my fellow students here at USE. Good Luck to my fellow Senior Class. Here’s to the class of 1988! Julie Sullivan Editor-in-Chief 1988 USF Don  -  J - ! I i I ? i I t i i • •V H it ’ J 1 4

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