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TABLE-OF-CONTENTS J6_ 32 40 56 74 90 114 146 176 192 [ ■ H ■ E DO-N 0 l'9'87We believe in God, Creator of the universe and Lord of human life. We believe that each person possesses an inviolable dignity and natural rights derived from his relationship to God: We therefore oppose any philosophy which claims that the State rules the entire life of man; we equally oppose all racism, discrimination or persecution. We believe that men can fulfill their dignity only in human communities where peace ana justice prevail. We believe in the sanctity of that human love which forms and protects the family, source and foundation of all human communities. We believe in the rights and obligations of employers and employees alike. We believe in tne right to possess private property; we also believe that the earth's beauty and riches are given for the well being and enjoyment of all men, rather than for exploitation by a few. We believe that human freedom is God's great gift to man; we also believe that law must guide freedom toward human good. We believe that true democracy, if its tenets are respected, can lead men toward just and prosperous society. We believe in academic freedom and professional responsibility: Academic freedom guarantees the right to expose and to examine critically all opinions within a forum of rational discourse; it requires institutional independence from political and economic entanglement or coercion. We believe finally in jesus Christ and in His message that the entire life of man is subject to the rule of God, Who calls us to serious moral responsibilities so that human life in a truly human community might flourish. The Credo of the University of San Francisco i— Tirtiveteitcf U Scui 0?'iaaci4c 23■ m6101314 18 GILLSON HALL Firs,FI°" Second Floor Third FloorFourth FloorEighth Floor 20Second Floor Third Floor Fourth Floor HAYES- HEALY HALL22Ninth FloorLONE MOUNTAIN HALL Second Floor First Floor 26Third Floor 27PHELAN HALL Second Floor Second Floor-WestFourth Floor Sixth FloorU.C. Desk 54Relaxing and Dining 36at the Univ. of San Francisco }7U.S.F. EnvironmentSpiritual Opportunities 39THE DONTHE UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO Founded by the jesuil fathers in 1855, the University of San Francisco strives in excellence to nurture, challenge, broaden, excite and illuminate the soul and mind. Today, young men and women from over 70 countries come to USE seeking to understand the past, clarify the present and anticipate the future. The University offers undergradate, graduate, and professional degrees in a wide range of disiplines. Advancing the premise that man is not merely a machine of production for the work place, the University requires a wide range of study outside one's, major before graduation. This broad curriculum stresses intellectual independence and flexibility to insure the means of success in a rapidly changing world. On a more intangible level, the liberal arts curriculum also provides a "liberation of the mind" and personal freedom for the individual. Thus, one is set upon the path of, as Socrates once put it, "the examined life". The University of San Francisco continues its commitment to truth, "pro urbe et universitate"-for city and university, like the Biblical city of irrepressible light "set upon a hilltop". 42 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Based on four centuries of Jesuit tradition, the college of Liberal Arts and Science provides excellence in the natural and the social sciences as well as the humanities. In addition to purely technical aspects within any given major, the integrated program of study in diverse areas of knowledge unify one's education and his or her sense of the universe. Graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are well suited to meet the diverse professional demands encountered in their postgraduate careers. McLaren college of business Begun in 1924, the McLaren College of Business had built a prestigious reputation in training students for positions of leadership and respondsibility in business oriented fields, both on the graduate and undergraduate levels. The curriculum is designed to develop the analytical skills, creativity and other qualities of mind necessary for adapting to the increasing complexity and constant change of organizational life. The interrelation of City and University creates countless opportunities of the students to relate the theory of the classroom to the realities of the marketplace. 43 SCHOOL OF NURSING The nationally acclaimed School of Nursing prepares students for work in the field of health care. Dedicated to understanding the value of all human life, the school takes a holistic approach to dealing with the ill. The four year program, intragrates theory and skills with practical experience in close association with the Sisters of Mercy. Accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing and the National League for Nursing, the rigorous Baccalaureate program is a premire nursing curriculum. COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES The College of Professional Studies was established in 1975 specifically for adults who wish to further their education at either the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Degree programs have been purposefully designed to meet the unique needs of a working adult student population. Through the Experiential Learning Center, the undergraduate programs offer students the opportunity to apply for credit for experien-cial learning acquired prior to their admission. Course work includes business, education, liberal arts and sciences. The College recognizes both classroom and career work for credit. 44SCHOOL OF EDUCATION I tie School of Education offers certificate, master's and doctoral programs in six major .ire is: Counseling and Educational Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, Multicultural Education. Organization and Leadership, Private S hool Administration, and Teacher Education. 1 he School of Edcation has a special commitment to human service, the advancement and sharing of learning and caring concern for the nurturing and formation of positive attitudes and .m authenic spiritual vision. Classes are schedualed in the evenings and on weekends t ir the convenience of students who work. SCHOOL OF LAW Established in 1912, USF's School of Law had gained a reputation for excellence, in both their full and part time programs for the Juris Doctor degree. The School does not concentrate on the legal rules effective in any one jurisdiction or geographical area, but rather emphasizes the development of analytical ability and the other fundamental skills of an effective lawyer. The School of Law is well suited as preparation for varying careers including government, business and legal education. The School has a special concern for contemporary urban issues. The School of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and approved by the American Bar Association. 45 5051V THE DON Dear Graduates of the Class of 1987: The twenty-first century is only a few years away, the century in which you will live most of your lives. You will live in a world very different from mine-a world of growing technology, a world of computers, telecommunications and video systems. As with all of mankind's discoveries, these too can be used for good or for evil, in the service of mankind or unjustly to suppress and exploit. It is the hope of all of us at USF that because of your courses in arts, science, business and nursing you have become acquainted with today’s technology. But more important, we hope that because of these courses, and because of the moral and ethical discussions that you have had in class and outside of class, you will be leaders in the proper use of all these new advances, and that you will use your own God-given gifts to serve your fellow citizens, for God's greater glory. May God bless you in the exciting years to come. Sincerely, John Lo Schiavo, S.J. PresidentClifton Albergotti, Professor-Physics 59 Pamela Baj, Assoc. Professor-NursingEamonn Barrett, Professor-Business Judith Barrett, Assoc. Professor-Nursing Robert Belfcen Eugene Benton, Professor-Physics 60 Phyllis BergerDaniel Blakley, Asst. Professor-Business Donald Brandon, Professor-Government Raymond Brown, Professor-Biology Rev. Cornelius Buckley, S.J., Assoc. Professor-History 61Upper Left: Stephen Calvert, Assoc. Professor-Business; Above: Paula Campbell, Assoc, Professor-Communication Arts; Left: Sr. Marion Carr, Asst. Professor Intensive English Program. 62Above: |ane Corbett, Assoc. Professor-Nursing; Upper Right: Peter Corpac, Assoc. Professor-Military Science; Right: Allan Cruse. Professor-Computer Science. Above: Jack Curtis, Professor-Sociology; Right: Jeff Curtis. Asst. Professor-Chemistry. 6364Rev. Charles Dullea, SJ. Chancellor Rev. Joseph Eagan, S.J., Chairman-Theology, Assoc. Professor-Theology Rev. Joseph Fessio, S.J., Director S.I.I. Sr. Mary Egan, Asst. Professor-Nursing 6SJames I inch. Assoc. Professor-Computer ScienceI bonus Gruhn, Professor-Chemistry Right: Sherman Hsiao; Below: Stephen Huxley, Professor-Business; Lower Right: Anne Jayne, Lecturer-Biology Il eft: Theodore Jones, Professor-Chemistry; Bottom Left: William Jordan, Professor-Biology; Bottom Center: Gregory Konz, S.J. Resident Religious, Campus Ministry; Bottom Right: Ralph Lane Jr., Professor-Sociology.leffrey Lang, Asst. Professor-Mathematics lose Leiva, Master Technician. Arts Sciences Above: Gerry Litton, Asst. Professor-Computer Science; Upper Right: Vonalee Mazmanian, Asst. Professor- Communication Arts. Rev. Timothy McDonnell, S.J., Professor Government 70 George McGlynn, Professor-Physical Education JUpper Right: Loren Missner, Professor-Computer Science; Above: Lawrence Murphy, Professor-Psychology L. William Murray Jr.. Professor-Businessloseph I’elulla, Director Environmental Management, Arts Sciences777«79 Saint Ignatius Institute 80 81 8283H-l Ls85Davies Forum 87 k vFoghorn 88jrtrrrr 80THE DONChinese Evergreen Association ‘)2Delta Zeta Delta Sigma Pi Forum for International and Domestic Affairs 9394 Winner of Miss Congeniality Quousque Tandum Abuterum Brutus Patienta Nostra?95The San Francisco Foghorn Greek Council Hospitality Management % Hui O Hawaii 97til. Aunt Jemimah and friend. Omicron Pledges Through rain, sleet or snow... 9899Hill '. 100101. .if "From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli..." 102. J03Pars Club 104Singapore Association 10510ft Three students protest the absence of tables in the commons.Ed McFadden and Damon Burris working hard on their "All-American Publication". 107 The Phil-Am Association108109noIll 112113HILLTOP US F THE DON 115 ■■MENS BASKETBALL Front row left to right: Anthony Mann, Kevin Ellis, Al Allies, |r., Rodney Tention, Bill Carr, Keith Jackson, Mike D'Aloisio, Darrell Walker, Robbie Grigsby. Standing: Trainer Wally Hayes, Associate Coach John Consentino, Assistant Coach Pat Fuscaldo, Ken Ramirez, Mark McCathrion, Pat Giusti, Peter Reitz, Joe Seager, Steve Hill, Patrick Clardy, Assistant Coach Mike Farmer, Head Coach Jim Brovelli. 116ST.THOMAS NEVADA-RENO at UNIV.OF PACIFIC CALIFORNIA at NEVADA-RENO NORTHERN MONTANA CENTRAL CONNECTICUT HARVARD UTAH STATE CAL STATE STANISLAUS vs.GEORGE MASON vs.NEBRASKA SONOMA STATE PEPPERDINE LOYOLA MARYMOUNT at ST MARY'S at SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO ST.MARY'S at GONZAGA at PORTLAND w 64-49 w 117-93 w 83-75 w 65-63 L 73-80 w 106-73 w 58-54 w 86-65 L 82-91 w 81-68 w 69-62 L 60-66 w 73-63 w 61-54 w 81-77 L 57-63 L 56-68 L 74-77 L 63-66 L 57-85 L 49-85 Note: At time this book was printed, all games had not yet been played.) •West Coast Athletic Conference 117 118 Photos by Damon A. Burris, ACP All-American Sports Photographer. 119WOMENS BASKETBALL 1896-87 Lady Dons in front of the Golden Gate Bridge ... Left to right. Assistant Coach Pam Martin, Teri Hunt, Melany Furimsky, Bev Rowe, Kim MacDonnell, Meinda Harrison, Chris Hill, Lynne Heimann, Susan Ostato, Karyn Bolger, Debbie Dunbar, Margaret Walsh, Head Coach Sue Ro-jcewivcz. Not pictured. Assistant Coach Mike Farmer.NEVADA,LAS VEGAS L 61-72 at FRESNO STATE L 69-72 UNIV.OF THE PACIFIC W 90-79 IDAHO STATE W 71-65 SAN JOSE STATE W 76-48 FAIRFIELD UNIV. W 75-66 SO.UTAH STATE W 96-79 GEORGE WASHINGTON L 69-71 SAN FRANCISCO STATE W 88-43 HAYWARD STATE W 69-35 BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIV. L 66-69 "LOYOLA-MARYMOUNT W 74-51 •PEPPERDINE W 80-72 •at SAN DIEGO W 69-55 •at U.S.INTERNTAIONAL U. W 70-67 •U.S.INTERNATIONAL U. L 54-55 SAN DIEGO W 68-58 •at NEVADA-RENO at ST. MARY'S •NEVADA-RENO at CALIFORNIA •SANTA CLARA •at PEPPERDINE •at LOYOLA-MARYMOUNT •at SANTA CLARA •West Coast Athletic Conference12212 MEN'S SOCCER Front Row Left to Right: Steven Torkelsen, John Doyle, Helge Myrengett, Ted Driver, Mark Powell, Phil Coates, Theo Narvestad, Kit Halverson, Raoul Florival, Second Row: Tor Sveen, Jesse DeGuz-man, Time McEnery, Ernesto Santa Gadea, Don Murphy, Jan Helge Schiefloe, Marco Lucchetta, Bernie Murphy, Third Row: Mark DeCroce, John Kenyon, Julian Kowalski, Ivar Stromsmo, Ola Hen-mo, Alan Bailey, Joe Murphy, Ken Boardman, Asst. Coach Carlo Rovic, Back Row: Head Coach Stephen Negoesco, Trainer Wally Hayes, Asst. Coach Erik Visser, Marcus Hamilton, Charles Dennison, Joe Gleichenhaus, Ramzi Deeik, Asst. Coach Ike Sofaer. 124125 Photos by Damon A. Burris, ACP All-American Sports Photographer.Photos by Damon A. Burris, ACP All-American Sports Photographer 126'O WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL 1986 USF LADY DONS VOLLEYBALL SQUAD: Front row: (Left to right) Mary Carlson, Mary Toole, Tina Ghazarians, Margaret Hillhouse, Julie McGuigan. Back Row: Head Coach laurie Corbelli, Julie Leslie, Denise Pardoen, Sharon Mellen, Ann Podesta, Karen Smalls. Not pictured: Assistant Coach Ron Twomey. 128129MEN'S BASEBALL 1987 USF BASEBALL Front Row Left to Right: Doug Hupke, Mike Oliva, Ray Lapuz, Dan Barbara, Ron Herbert, Darrin Stovall, Gus Gomozias, Roger Lim, Rich Holm, Warren Galletti. Middle Row: Mike supple, Joe Williams, Arnie Sambel, Ron Mifsud, Rob Harris, Eric Enos, Larry Lawson, Duffy Aceret, Jim O'Shea. Back Row: Joe Morello, Paul Bartke, Dan Urban, Asst. Coach Dino Nomicos, Head Coach Ken Bowman, Asst. Coach Lou Bevilacqua, Chris Gaggero, Steve Berriatua, Wayne Richelle, Mike Urban. 132134Phil Stevens, Dave Ferdinandi and Greg Kopecky. MEN'S CREW Greg Kopecky, Sean Walsh, Art Garcia and Dave Ferdinandi. Coach John Peterson and Mark I oraker. 136 Preparing the boat.r Left: pushing off from the dock; Middle left: Steve Thompson; Directly below: Dave Ferdinandi and Sean Walsh; far below: Steve Thompson and James Clark. 13914014114J145 4R 149Joanne Aldrich Lovellie Almogela William Aw Rita Bargetto Laura Bennen Isabella Buddeberg Milga Buehlmann Lisa Chiu Oelie Chua Sara Cowey Ram i Oeeik Margaret Dunlap ISOVickie Efstalhiu Marilyn Fuertes Elisa Gal lego Han Peng Gob Patricia Grobe E e-Co Gwei Kathy Ho Amy I toule Hayley Hsu 151 Alan Ipekian Toclrl Johnson Maile Jonick 152 JesiDavonna Kearney Jackie Kielty Larissa Krause Christine Landa Eunjoo Lee 1 orna Legaspi loseph Leonetti Alona I lave IMJodi lui Cynthia Macailie Gina Malvar Fmelita Manibo Regina Matamoros Craig McDonnellEvangeline Mejia lennifer Mendoza Hilary Miller Douglas Pajer ChonaPua luslin Quock Wendy Roque Richard Rovai lose Saniiago Jim Sapielak Cynthia Schrock Fareed Sheikh 1S6Michelle Tanaka Carla Tarazi Mark Theis Mary Vlahos Geralyn Wilson Margaret VVahle 157SophomoresKelly Guy Christine Herrera Hlesiiria llano Lisa Gallon left Girorl Lisa Gregory163Jot Marasigan Stephanie Martirani Kalie Miller Mary Musech Mane Nguyen Cathleen O'Donnel Cathy Poulson Shivani Ramachandra Julie SmithMoira Uplinger Susan Wieser Michele WongJuniors167 a n mam IIIUIIUIUQ .......1....Illlfllllll........Tyrenda Dixon Mary R. Dondson Steven P. Ferrari Kathy M. Gloislein Shauna N. I lenke Kenneth P. Holmes i Aria Jula adch171 PfsJulia M. McGuigan Jesse M, Montalvo ' 172 Anne C. Moore John F. MurrayLeah R. Popham Jonella C. Rabaino Carol Rodriguez Nanelle R Rutledge 17?Ernesto A. Santa Gadea I Francisca Tjandrakirana Eric A.F. Ueland Rt dolfo M. Walsh Sue M. Skirra Julie "The Tyrant" Sullivan 174 Christopher West Shelly S. Wheeler Susan M. Wilturner1A-LiTHE DON HILLTOPI inda Abadjian Gregory Abbey Government Anne Acuna Nursing Afshin Afghantolee Computer Science Mehrdad Aghtai Int'l Business Paul Agosti Business Abdullah Al-Fadel Int’l Business Vikra Almatsier Finance Christopher Amidei Computer Science Gen Anderson Nursing lames Andrus Chemistry, Biology lorge Artalejo Business Patrick Aw-Young Psych. Services Stephanie Aw-Young Accounting Dawm Baccala Philosophy Lita Balicudiong APSB Lynn Bargiacchi Nursing Sabrina Bedouk Comm. Arts Miriam Bituen Nursing Kenneth Boardman Marketing 178Kimberly Box Hospitality Stanley Bransgrove Government Robert Bri uela Management Ruth Brodie Dave Camara Comm. Arts Patty Canfield Personnel Mgnt Charlotte Chan Hospitality Ronald Chan Math Jennifer Chang CB1S Robert Chang Inti Management Mei-Wah Cheong Finance Sen-Yong Cheung Inti Business TzeChew Finance Kimberly Christiansen Marketing Daisy Chua Computer Science lay-Kwan Finance Michael Clark Shan Conry Mathematics Feliza Contreras Photography Kara Cretti ( °mp. Science Math 179lisa Cfupi Nursing Mona Daggett Accounting Maria D'Astoli Int i Business Marco Dilano Laurie Dorn Nursing Debra Dunbar Communication Tim Durnan Neal Edwards Biology Lisa Elliott Government Susann Erichsson Marketing Ines Espinosa Infl Business Andrea Faley English Ayodele Fanoiki Economics Lynn Eelando Biology Patricia Fenner Psychology Jennifer Ferrer Int'lMgmt. Gina F igone Mary Fiori Sociology Susan Flaig Elizabeth Fong Finance 180Shou-Wah Foo Marketing Wai-Cheng Foo Finance Anthony Francois Sharon Frank Accounting Even Frydenberg Business Ella Fung Melany Furimsky Biology Michael Galica Marketing Mariean Garcia Comm. Theory Claire Garvin Nursing Carmen Geronimo Finance YennyGho Business Loretta Gieske louann Giorgi Nursing Lisa Giovannetti Leif Giske Business Ole Gjostol Finance leanette Gome Business Maria Gong Nursing Edward Gotfredson Business 181Brian Gray Accounting Sharon Gross Nursing Soraya Guanchez Engineer Physics Jeanne Guanzon Patty Hallerman Nursing Susan Hamada Bio Psych John Hand Hosp. Mgmt. Robin Hardy Nursing Hui Long Heng Comm Arts Lisa Hering CBIS Barbara Higa Management Sr. Emily Hittel Theology Jennifer Holmes Government Stephen Hopkins English Khadim Hussain Economics Ahmadi Ibrahim Denise Ivory Com. Theory Lisa Janover Erick Jap Computer Science Thomas Jenssen Marketing 182Eng An Jto Computer Science Moei Song Jo Computer Science Eileen Johnson Nursing I isa lung Christina Kane Marketing Liliana Kartawidjaja Marketing t aura Kat Nursing Mian Kerk Mass Media All Khaloghli Computer Science Charles Kilkenny Comp Eng. So. Brian King Scott Kockos Finance Kristina Koh Marketing lason Krestod Government Endre Kristiansen Finance Singbeng Kuik Finance Henny Kusmin Finance Billy lai Marketing Anita lam Computer Science Susan Langbehn Management 183Angelina Lara Nursing Ana Larsson Psy. Services Terri Lau Nursing Tram-Anil l.e Accounting Cheng Lee Finance Kwang Lee-Finance Pamela l ee Palricia Leis Biology Richard Leon Janice Leung Nursing Anne Li Computer Science Robert Li Boen Lie Wie Kian Lie Management Khcong Lievv Business Lily lim Computer Science Ricardo Lim Dec. Sciences Bei-Hwa Lin T.Kevin Livingston Math Maria I uisa Locsin Biology I 184Chie Ka loe Finance Gatol Loelianto Mgml.lnl. Bus. Sutoyo Lukmansani Management Christy lusche Annette Lynch Nursing Catherine Lynch Mohammad Machfud Finance Gwendy MacMaster Nursing Ammar Mahmood Business Kristine Marc Angelina Marcaida Bus.Admm. Donald May Mathematics Lawrence McCann Bus. Adm F inance Laura McCullough Nursing Edward McFadden Government Robert McMahon Finance Siobhan McMillan f inance Kimberly Means Nursing Bahman Mehdi adeh Microbiology Carol Meshmsky Marketing IBSWally Montemayor Nursing Roselle Montovorde CBIS Patrick Morgan Accounting loseph Mou on Accounting Sally Mulvihill Dawn Murphy Nursing Mustofa Accounting Lars Narvestad Finance Seng Keong Ng Marketing Priyana Nuryadi Daniel Ocam| o Liong Oeij Computer Science Ann O'Hagin Government Laura Olivo Nursing Kian Ong Yvette Ong Fin.Management Mehmet 0 kan Infl Business frnestine Pasco Accounting Gerald Patrhen II Economics Kavindra Patel Computer Science 186R.Erick Pec ha Biochemistry Maria Pejoro Psychology Nick Peters Biology Wyndi Polls Comm Arts Markus Prajogi Computer Science Paul Puccinelli Government Megawati Puguh Finance Farrakh Qayyum Steven Quasha Mktg Phil. Kemal Rachman Business Heima Ramadas Finance Lillian Reidy Cursing Roseann Richard Math Elmo Rono CBIS Maria Sampaga Biology Shigeru Sasaki Karen Satyono Hildy Schell Nursing Jan Schiefloe Business Patrick Schneider 187Roxanne Schulkin Accounting Karen Sect Int'l Business Cha Seung Fariba Sheikholeslami Marketing Maureen Shim Business Mgrnt. Virginia Shimp Comm. Arts Belinda Sia Benita Simmons Marketing Susan Sisneros Use Smith Decision Science Karen Smith Paul Smith Business Mgml BambangSocsilo Business Mgmt Jun Sohn Business Kari Sommerschield Broadcasting Jae-Myung Business t telen Spataro Hosp. Mgml. Devorah Steinberg Comm. Arts Andre Sudjono Comp. Science lohanes Sukirdjo Business Mgmt IH8Sumiaty Sumito Suriani Sumito Inl'l Business Taiichi Sunagawa Mathematics Verdy Surjo Infl Business Esien Surya Accounting Arpin Sutanio Business A. Man Tan Comp. Science Ai-LingTan Emily Tan CBIS Hei-LiTan Business Mgmt Johnny Tan Accounting Susan Tan Marketing Gina Tandiono Comp. Science Po-Thye Tay Business Mgmt Andrew Tioco Finance Yong Tjan Finance lan-Kim Tjoe Hung Tjong Business Mgmt Parisa Tom Marketing Steven Torkelsen Finance 189Rose Mary Torres Psych. Services Wing Hen CBIS Amy Tsui Comp. Science William Tsui Comp. Science Diane Tycangco Finance Paul Uhl Economics Suryanto Unsulangi Comp. Science Benny Utama Comp. Science Noelle Vanoni Nursing Consuelo Vargas Finance David Wall Finance Marcella Watts Business Dawn Wegehaupt 190Ann Willey Nursing Frances Williams Communications Cars ten Winger Christine Wong CBIS Lisa Wong Business Amos Wu Business Mgmt Anna Yee Comp. Science Man-Chung Yeung Accounting Hoi-Hang Yim Finance Kiyozumi Yoshida CBIS Joy Zellers Accounting Camille Ziomek Biology 191THE DON HILLTOP1941951%201£0Z204207208209Compliments of FALLETTI’S 1750 FULTON STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 567-0976 NEED A LAWYER? Talk to us FIRST! 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Mi, 1)64 "One M the iwit pofuiir inu«a»l omo-ij Mdmuw itadtal lor its fcteacy and wttatjory" on s Mrs. ctosio svxur 1UU JO 9 30PM 386-4200 5407 GEARY BLVD. SAN FRANCISCO. CAUFORNIA 9411 Miron woassi)I NUN U American Nursing Resources Ill LOW COST BURGLAR PROTECTION ill JL FOR YOUR HOME OR Of FlCE JL M — QUALITY WORKMANSHIP — fljl JL ' FOLDINO OATES • FIRE ESCAPE JL Ml OATES • WINDOW ORILLES • BALCONIES || A Celebration of. . . •JU HAND RAILS • COMPLETE INSTALLATION IRI Excellence ... in Health Caro (Ml • NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL ||] Hsslth Cars si Homs RN l • LVNa • NA » Homamakara • Companion • Llva-lna DO FINE ORNAMENTAL jj| AculS Csrs ( IRON WORK J l faBpEl -.a , l RN’a • LVN a • NA a | 992-7107 m j Ptaaaa Call For An Appolnlmanl STATE l • ir (415) 753-6005 | 7MM nuioa 1 OUT CITY - THE PARK WALKER SCULLY DRUG CO. INC. 3500 CLARY 1770 FULTON STREET SAN FRANCISCO. CA SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 221-0830 567-2570 212 COPY CENTERS C »m • Can Cow • • Sub Ov 'W» ! -.« • B-vx., • 8v-.'«l% CfcCH • UM V« fWtM- • » » «v-iC» «£»•• MARKELL INC. Volume Copying at Low Prices 4115 Judah at 46th Street San Francisco, CA. Op«n r» ff 0«r U« ' Minot • W16|C«lm| ♦Jl-em rVt'f Hwgniv • ? M CuUofivj It «nxii »' MM Th • «. HBflfH (Co ) M3-4J04 Op n r «» Sofufdoj UrKnSqui'o • « Of« « (( • i"i| JSJ-0S20 CfrtcC»m« • ?J6 Gotuen G v im so) «2 -«i9t TheWtivon • 3l6l M VO''iVMncu) 5S0-1M4 Co»H«lC«. • n'A UlBCnlSWW) 2«-1i»S OPEN 24 HOURS Monday mtougn frtday SJ4;0"UVyr T C X( ofmo Oil 01 ■ ?78 GokJon GMo Son Fi nc ,»co «8-2«lS 664-7779 WORDSOUT YOU WANT A BANK YOU CAN WORK WITH. 806 HAIGHT SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 474-8988 WE WANTTHE JOK Call or visit your nearest Bank of America branch today. GF.ARY-MASONIC BRANCH SUNSET BRANCH 2 J5 C«ry Blvd. 00 IrvinR Strr « Sin Fr-anchco. CA 111 Sin Frjnri«o, CA »122 ni _ | | Bank of America 213■ JUMBO 4X6 PRINTS ■ COLOR ENLARGEMENTS ■ £6 SUOC PROCESSING ■ B W PROCESSING ■ 420 DEV PRINT ■ SLIDE TO PRINT 3 COPY WORK KOOAK PROCESSING 1835 Haight nr. Stanyan bob lee 668-4687 1850 Fillmore nr. Bush 346-1850 2139 Lombard nr. Fillmore 563 4687 UNCLUTTER YOUR LIFE ... WITH OUR LOW COST STORAGE SPACES IE. DOWNTOWN - 626-6666 flflflrV CROCKER’S LOCKERS SOUTH SAM TMICOCO SMSC70 | dP mufflers FOREIGN DOMESTIC CAR SPECIALISTS CVSrou fXMAuSTS 5Tf US S'au£D»Sroc m?ntfi fit 4Ctt¥vr He-oefiserssouAL sers»OiASSPACA»fifPiAceui rtofif‘6‘. -4as MUFFLERS •SMOCKS BRAKES • WHEEL ALIGNMENT Vintage Autos Displayed In Customer Lounge Gene Lockha.1 u. •, aa The «• Muffler Man ss 756-4400 7031 MISSION DALY CITY 94014 Direct Mail Marketing Services, Inc. 144 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA 94107 543-4305 TRIPS TO AIRPORT ft FAST WJii DTUVfRY (2emfUtU INCOMING £ OUTGOING SERVICE SC ME Out ED • ON Caw COURIER • MESSENGER SERVICE EXPEDITED mau PICK U 4 0 l vttY -AtR EREIGMT IORWARDIN MAIl WHEN 1QU WANT It • SECURE • IN|XRJNHV| rom a iftiif to nocmOAO MAIL DELIVERY SERVICE OF SAN FRANCISCO ' 1 »• KI K M ItOT MAMIPOSA 863-6085 SANISANOSCO Decatur Street | A. cv. .11 A4ICUMIMT. JIM rtUXIKO lllllll rsa: . 0 r e 4 v V ° SOUP 16 Cup . • » 0 Wo%-l SMAT I u«i) aWRWjCHL Ht. Y«l $i il • - • . tv. , LltlMl • •.IV i Cmv SO ORAE t lues thurs 4 SO pm CODONS --o . s S-J - J it .» At . 1V» EuR t -w- • Vvl V « .M » «• 1 Cniu S- v» 1» L fiVN.IlHIt 1 SO a gWiYWViYiViViWiViWiYYiYiYiYiYmiYiViViYYiYiYiYiYriYiYriViYiVi'iY iViVriYY OR MARTENS CREEPERS STILETTOS AffUVfL c L 0 T H 1 N G VINTAGE JEWELRY ACCESSORIES fist 11X4 POLK T. MNFBANCISC0 77l-74«» 77!-f6 J ] OM«R “iNYrn rrrr’n «rriiTrr rn n". 1 While Shopping, enjoy an excellent Cappuccino or Espresso Fine qualities, excellent beans, superb roasts ALVIN’S SCRUMPTIOUS COFFEES TEAS U» Inui Si • Son Ftauclacw. E'A 9413 • 4 I.S Kil-IMWa 214Th» alttriulirt to crowded, iwf Jl Kouvt worliouti... BETTER BODY DitcounU on: • vitamin • fuppleme nt» • proahop Spar rout li«laln| Am • Olympk Weight • Aerobic • karion • Lifecycle • Nautilus • Tanning • Martins • Sauna • Personal Training OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 1415 781-3220| 149 POWEU ST. SAN FRANCISCO (NEAR UNION SQUARE) £ittU 0?U4fa Excellent Mexican Food Restaurant Eat Here or Take Out 567-1644 2801 Geary Boulevard San Francisco. CA 94118 AZEVEDO Jewelers Gemologists, Inc. 210 I’ost MrtTi. Suite S21 S;tn I niiu iscn. A Vi 108 ( I IS ) -81 -006A DiOZO ____________________ Xerography_________________ Engineering Xerox__________ Engineering Photography Offset Printing____________ Dry Mounting______________ CAD Plotting Services •Mi M Vwoi Son ror nc o CoOomo M »01 (4 IS ) 111 Walker Reprographics I! r 4 ADDA CLEVENGER Junior Preparatory and Theater School for Children An ACADEMIC. CREATIVE and PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL for children ol above average or Superior learning ability Grades K 8 I: m ip I, THEATER TRAINING INCLUDES • CMOIUS Musical COtKOT . onus • uCMt ort«« . o«NC( (Mun. chiucui. up) fift 1 -11 40 PROFESSIONAL STAFF SJ J I I I T INTERVIEW BT APPOINTMENT MlO SUNSET FULTON FOOD SHOP FILTHY S 751-0700 Chilled wine, liquors, beer 1801 Fulton (Fulton Masonic) Open till Midnight Friday 4 Sal til ■ am rp twilight (life r} ______Middle Eastern Specialties__ £»pum ★ Capputuxs ir Vubuu SaMdwkkes it Talced 2600 McAllister St. (At Stanyan) -------------SAN FRANCISCO------------------- —— ? uj« ft, 101 Sat (ill S.F HEADQUARTERS fOR PROGRAMS — POSTERS Grm n, 483 THIRD STREET SAN FRANCISCO 94107 (415) 543-2228 J1SNathan's Florist L m 543 Haight Street 1 552 1184 M San Francisco I 1 1799 1 J J L iTArDTTFPTAl ULTON SAN FRANCISCO CA. OPUS JEWELERS Designers • Goldsmiths • CIA Gemologists Diamond and Gemstone Consultation Individually Designed Fine Jewelry Wedding and Engagements Sets By Appointment Only Peter Gtan lOI StfMt. Sw' S n Praocitco. CA Q4I03 (415) 864 8188 TWX 5IO IOI-IQQI 'KutcCei (faz L z H rff Wholctale - Retail ufk- MYLAR LATEX CUSTOM IMPRINTED WALLOON J V HELIUM A BALLOON ACCESSORIES TO EIT ALL NEEOS 863-6667 1 l« NOWMO 1AM MLAMCIKO campion (415) 666-6216 DIASONICS MRI 533 CABOT ROAD SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 872-2722 ALL STARS MUSIC 1282 - 24TH AVENUE. NO. 211 SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 665-4015 BODEGA SEAFOOD GRILL BAR Restaurant LUNCH 11 am - 4 p.m. MONDAY - FRIDAY DINNER £ pm - 11 pm EVERY DAY WELCOME TO OUR NEW LOCATION 427 PRESIDIO AVENUE tvtnrrn C«hlo nu A S jm.nlo SAN FRANCISCO. CA ll|» RESERVATIONS: Mist umx 216SUPREME TRAVEL 4130 GEARY BLVD SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94118 663-0993 EDWARDS MOVING STORAGE 1156 SHAFTER AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 94124 552-0404 SPECIAL FINANCING FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS SEE DAVID VARNER CHEVROLET W A "1 Peter Angelo VICE PRESIDENT FLEET TRUCK MANAGER 3855 Geary Blvd. San Francisco 04118 uis) 752-5000 B B TRANSMISSIONS Mattoch Robert Printing Co. 760 - 2ND STREET SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 777-5965 Atlas-Searles Van Storage 1301 DONNER AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 822-5330 Goodwill Industries for San Francisco P.O. BOX 08178. 980 HOWARD SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 94103 362-0778San Francisco WINDSPORTS 3620 Wawona San Francisco, CA. 753-8828 DR. JIMMY fONG ipt.ovfr. II « Mi i «• aivi V S PMM IM ( CA V.lll «!' III Mill »AMU SIMON CAM CONTACT UMb lAMOON IM tl ( FIRST KOREAN MARKET 4625 Geary San Francisco, CA. 752-4144 HANG CHOW RESTAURANT Fit : Chinese Cuisine Hrs. 11:30—9:00 p.m. Closed Sundays 798 Arquello Blvd. (Corner or McAllister) San Francisco. CA. 94118 386-3118 STAR GLASS CO. 1616 Pacific Avenue San Francinso, CA. 474-3652 I fm. PiZS Dunn anJ L tfn"t With Al + IS Irltnd A««« Soa tnonru. A 404 Mikr Sotelo MIS) MATTHEW'S 6400 Mission Daly City, CA. 94104 992-5400 GUARDIAN FUNDING CO. 1730 South Amphlett Blud, Suite 318 San Mateo, CA. 571-7070 ACE TYPEWRITER 5324 Mission Street San Francisco, CA. 584-0390 B 4 E titxr 1W Automatic Transmission Service Foreign and Domestic Cars 081 Howard St.. San Francisco, CA. 94103 (415) 495-5444 yiloiii.ilic |mh.ui(lisiii4j Company C-Ow.lM . ....... 141. DM). IM IAOU PLASTIC FABRICATIONS 601 Innes Building 121 D. San Francisco, CA. 822-3300 BAKER GIASS So CO«».rr AvH MC T»v4' o. «i »«•■ t • •• K60 REDWOOD SERVICE CO. 220 Bridgecourl Drive. El Granada. CA. 728-5948 MOBILE RADIO ENGINEERS 955 Army Street San Francisco, CA. 826-6111 CAFFA COFFEE 819 Ulloa Street San Francisco, CA. (415) 564-3019 SAN FRANCISCO GRAVEL COMPANY 552 Berry Street San Francisco. CA. 94107 431-1273 RICH'S AUTO BODY SHOP 2398 Folsom Street San Francisco. CA. 94110 285-0110 THE PACKAGING STORE 1251 Howard Street San Francisco. CA. 94103 558-8100 W.L BIPES CO. INC. 2040 17th Street San Francisco. CA. 431-1741 218Angelo's Furniture Warehouse 55 Fourth Street San Francisco, CA. 94607 268-0265 r Uh« utiutMl W nttv.11 di! GJ ROOFING CO «c U • M • 4t««N - N ke«ai M7.M •NMII ••MI4UM. • "IM NMI'AA'U ... 583-5998 L 255 A. a • W A--4. CELIA'S 4019 Judah Street San Francisco, CA. 564-0662 fVrrn stmt mifistcr c crn 110026th Strati R7Z4 V San francrtca C 94107 V Ifi (415)282-0200 J special rate for aW otudcnta to ntorv V their Burner goods. Copeland’s Enterprises, Inc. PC) Box I.VJK San, ONsvt. CaWornin v.9fliw. 1 HIt'i| Vt; llrVill MLSQUITL GRJLL In MARGARITA VII. IX }iil Otar)Hvi-Sanliaruua— 751-5090 CO 20 570 J s i - r» BRONZE CASTING FOR SCULPTORS CERAMIC SHELL SOHO INVESTMENT CASTING FULL SERVICE SMALL TO MONUMENTAL 729 M lnr A. Brt 644 27J5 LC)R IaA Cowimr Oiil Photogutphk Lab 1 M J Photo lhst !ov StwiaUiti essic Street, I’.O. Box 11323 in Francisco, CA. 94101 (41S) 861-5151 FURNITURE SERVICES BV SCHOOL ENTERPRISES INC JOHN EASTON 1010 2244 AVENllf. OAKlANO CAlrfORM-A 9 606 1 15) 688-4340 • 534 ?8?8 K C INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE • Domestic minnatcnai • Passport Prctos (419) 668-0922-4 3S?6 Gwry (n « Sin Furrow 94IK PACIFIC WINE CO RARE WINES - LIQUOR CHEESE - DELI 2999 Washington...............922 8600 9 Ba ist aiST ciail Flowers (4'. • cvl Ill MtVi S«t» • l .' H MS OA l UAH rvAAIi XXX’JJJ +‘s 't • • '"«« IikiU CA Mil) IM «» Thom Blandlng Edward Qralal ({6XOl BAKERY 09 «f C» t • CAM • • COO« l» "OKI «40l • •«•© IMIV..NIMAUM • P».%C% 0 •4.0® • •9 %090 © Garrett Press HO tou $ •••• 41.1 »t» JJ S»- FlMiKU C« 4U0 O H A N S I N G IRON WORKS H»at IicMngut. A u I r,|IWi t Ttnkt Tom Johanalng »4lCt T MA.« CA t»l • tlMSJl Mrr LYNGSQ CARDEN MATERIALS INC. 19 SEAPORT BLVO. REDWOOO CITV. CAllF 94063 364 1730 EI.KC IRK MACHINE oowrtrwMu - ' . . ■ —— = 100 North Hill Dove 3? Brisbane. CA 94005 415-467-9770 mq» ..I r j _■, ■ » «iu»«wc t e n •tt'«o-Ovti :■ ••• ... « T«il . «,'! ••non (irc W . . 40.A0 • •' ' 731 Clement St. h 4 iftlM.vt i 752-5017 CANE REED IMPORTS INC MFR. 4 OIRECT IMPORTER OF RATTAN 6 WICKER FURNITURE 8AMB00. STRAW 6 WILLOW 8ASKETS ?80 Harbor Wy S$F . . 589 8822 PRINTING U.S.A. INC. MCNSAt 8 30-600 J«l Our, I'mcrtco CA 94111 I41S) 1 1 MM 7 1 JC 0 $n! POTTERY 4 FLORAL WORLD rm B «- n Si S t fitoe-na. CA 94107 141% SO J SS V »MOIUAIU«.S 9| MSNUNt IKUI CAiin'NMA "! MWToaiAL mcmjKm. ciiiuictiA nut iruivr brrreiier CONSTRUCTION CO BATHROOMS KITCHENS FURNACES CONTRACTOR LIC. 418992 «4M«nt„trei 5851122 219ROUND TABLE PIZZA 4935 Junipero Sena Blvd. Coltna, CA. 994-1140 COLUMBUS BOOKS 540 Broadway San Francisco, CA. 94133 986-3822 APPLE RENT-A-CAR 1310 Bay shore Hwy. Burlingame. CA. 348-0666 DEA SECURITY CO. 665 Grand Ave. San Francisco. CA. 588-0265 MEB CERAMICS 388 GRAND AVE.. San Francisco. CA. , 583-7093 JOE DUDLEY UNION IMAGE-N-MeFASHION TERMITE CONTROL QUALITY CLEANERS CONCEPTS 131 Valmar Tenace 1568 Union Street 330 Monterey Blvd. 584-9201 885-1159 334-9433 JOHN SCHAFFNER P.O. Box 5371 San Francisco, CA. 928-0902 CARAVANSARY 310 Sutter San Francisco. CA. 922-2707 Our Ihonli to tbt foUouvts I ™"! trho (ontiAuttJ to fW umu of ikn putrixitrom DESIGN FOR HIT 55 MTU A ., Son FroncMc . CA 752-4020 5 H I RANK A COMPANY JOTS I? S . Son Froacfcco. CA- -Mil 3 2 4 WESTERN BUSINESS SYSTEM 717 Morko S«mM. S»i. J2J. Son Frond . CA 57-0773 PUMP REPAIR SERVICE CO. P.O Bo 34327, Son FronoK . CA. 4 7-2150 SCENIC IO WAY TOURS P.O. Bo I4J1S. Sm Fronctaco. CA. 4114-0315 POPPY TINE ARTIST SUPPIIES 13AJA Wh Aw. Son FroncHco. CA. 4122 MI-4114 DAVE ELLIOT TIRE A BRAKE 01 BoyvXor Blvd . Son FrondKO, CA. 4124 EDITORIAL CONSULTANTS LNC. 172 Union. Sw Frond . CA. 474-5010 AU AMERICAN TROPHY J1U Coory Blvd . Son Froncfac . CA. W-7 MARKET PIZZA 4 Illik Srrwt S n FrondKO. CA. 543-9 71 SHEAR MACK BEAUTY SALON 4 15 Coory Blvd . Son Franco CA. 4110 3 7-63 3 ICHIRIN RESTAURANT MO Motor . Son FrondKO. CA. 4102 95 4085 JOANNE S SCULPTURED FINGER NAILS 100 SvFWr S«.. Son FrondKO. CA. 771-4414 MURPHY PRINTING INC. 445 Bryont S«.. Son FrondKO. CA 4107 «««- 0fr ROVING DISC JOCKEY 12 2-1 2 Stmiwu . Sodonwnto. CA 410 474-3021 THE ROWER GIRL 1127 l vln . Son FrondKO. CA. 731-0230 THE RUDY PAUL JEWELERS 1500 Tor.vol. Son FrondKO, CA 7534333 BELLS SERVKE CENTER 3435 Coory Blvd . Son FrondKO. CA. 3 7-43 8 BLACKBURNS PIT BARBEQUE 133 Orton Aw.. Son FronctKO. CA 4112 239-7115 MERIDIAN PRINTING SERVICE III Irvta S«.. Son FrondKO. CA 4-0280 ISP AN A ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS 1405 E«b f« Av .. Son FrondKO. CA 22-92 2 VAZQUU MEAT MARKET 7371 MMoo. Doly CRy. CA. 755-3 7 AMERICAN TARPARLIN LNC. 217 Polo Av ., Son FrondKO. CA. 2 4277 MLORD MLADIES 1522 Gtrvrvo Av . Son FrondKO. CA. 334-5 20 A SA BELLAS RESTAURANT 27 Toy lor, Son FrondKO. CA. 4133 771- 775 220ARTHUR J. SULLIVAN CO. Funeral Directors 2254 Market Street BET. 15th arul 16th Sts. San Francisco. CA. 94114 621-4567 T C O -Providing housing services for USF renters 6 Propery Owners 1364 Haight St.. San Francisco. CA. 94117 621-1600 OR 621-1100 WALTER G.E. KENTZLER Manufacturer 6 Designer of Fine Jewelry 401 Primrose Road. Burlingame. CA. 347-9825 HOGAN AND VEST. INC. Real Estate. Property Management Insurance 949 Stockton St.. San Francisco. CA. 94108 421-7116 BELLO GLASS CO. INC. 4861 Mission Street San Francisco. CA. 94112 585-3337 AERIAL ADVERTISING P.O. Box 2272 Oakland. CA. 94621 568-1299 THE BLUE MUSE 409 Gough Street San Francisco. CA. 94102 626-7505 SOUTH CITY CAR WASH 988 Eicamino South San Francisco. CA. 589-1214 AMERICAN AUTO REPAIR 6 PAINTING 445 Fillmore St. (Upstairs) San Francisco. CA. 94117 (415) 863-6336 SAN BRUNO AUTO DISMANTLERS. INC. 1069 San Mateo Ave.. San Francisco. CA. 94066 873-2555 ROBISON CONSTRUCTION CO. 1730 Yosemite Street San Francisco. CA. 94124 584-4447 MARKET ST. MAILHOUSE 226 Sanchez San Francisco. CA. 626-1333 ROCKIN ROBINS 1840 Haight St.. San Francisco. CA. 94117 PRIVATE PARTIES CALL 221-1960 HERBERTS JANITORIAL SERVICE 55 Crestline Daly City. CA. 94015 991-0771 CAFE LA BOHEME Specialized Espresso Coffee 3318 24th Street (at mission) San Francisco. CA. 94110 285-4122 STATE ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors 5028 Mission Street San Francisco. CA. 94112 863-8800 STARS THE AGENCY 777 Davis Street San Francisco. CA. 94111 421-6272 VICTORIA PASTRY CO. 1362 Stockton Street San Francisco. CA. 94133 781-2015 LUCCA DELICATESSEN 2120 Chestnut Street San Francisco, CA. 921-7873 ROYAL KITCHEN 3253 Mission San Francisco. CA. 94110 824-4219 CHI PM AN MAYFLOWER Moving 6 Storage 2130 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco. CA. 94124 648-3781 JOHNSONS OFFICE SUPPLY 1334 Polk Gulch near Pine San Francisco. CA. 94109 474-1030 EMBARCADERO CENTER PHARMACY 1 Embarcadero Center San Francisco. CA. 94111 788-4511 C.J. FIGONE COLD STORAGE CORP. 420-17th Street San Francisco, CA. 94107 495-8040 THE 6th AVENUE CHEESE SHOP 311 6th Ave., San Francisco. CA. 387-4192 LEONS BAR-B-Q RIBS BEEF CHICKEN 3600 Taraval San Francisco, CA. 922-2436 AUTO SHEET METAL WORKS 730 Ellis Street San Francisco. CA. 673-0543 OR 673-6922 EDELWEISS RESTAURANT Ghirardelli Square San Francisco. CA. 776-5533 SUNRISE DELI CAFE 2115 Irving San Francisco. CA. 94122 664-8210 BERONI LUMBER 2525 Marin Street San Francisco. CA. 94124 824-4300 HANLON S TIRE SERVICE 100 IV. San Bruno Ave.. San Bruno, CA. 94066 952-3521 CALIFORNIA CASTING 530 South 11 th Street Richmond. CA. 94804 232-2425 221MAYFLOWER HOTEL 975 Bush San Francisco. CA. 94109 673-7010 MICHAELS ARTIST SUPPLIES 314 Sutter Street San Francisco. CA. 421-1576 KINGSHILL SONS. INC. General Contractors 53 Lafayette St., San Francisco. CA. 94103 861-5971 SAN FRANCISCO FOREIGN MOTORS 329 Jones Street San Francisco. CA. 94102 474-6722 LIGHT SODA ON TAP 2291 Palou Ave.. San Francisco. CA. 94124 648-6262 THE DESK SET 3252 Sacramento Street San Francisco. CA. 94115 921-9575 ROSEBOWL FLORISTS 601 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. CA. 94102 474-1114 LC LITHO GRAPHICS 650 Vallejo Street San Francisco. CA. 94133 362-3324 LOU S ENGLISH EUROPEAN AUTO BODY 730 Ellis Street San Francisco. CA. 94218 771-9218 SUNSHINE CLEANERS 1735 Fulton Street San Francisco. CA. 94117 567-6644 DAN S GAS AUTO SERVICE 3865 24th Street San Francisco. CA.94114 282-1552 VIVA TEE-SHIRT INC. 1250 Pennsylvania Ave., San Francisco. CA. 94107 550-0233 SANDY CLEANERS LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning in the Premises 25 % for nil Students 364 West Portal Avenue San Francisco. CA. 94127 564-8020 CAMPUS TEXTBOOK EXCHANGE New Used Law Technical Test Preparation 2470 Bancroft Way Berkeley. CA. - 848-7700 ENGLISH + EUROPEAN CAR SERVICE 730 Ellis Street San Francisco. CA. 94109 771-8460 APPLIED PEST MANAGEMENT 701 Solano Avenue Vallejo. CA'. 541-9455 Congratulations from ALEX HERMAN 2256 Union Street San Francisco. CA. WATERBED FACTORY 5036 Beary Blvd. San Francisco. CA. 668-7741 OLYMPIA OIL COMPANY 260 Michele Court South San Francisco. CA. 873-8200 RENT-A-RENTAL 1540 Market. Suite 190 San Francisco. CA. 863-9840 MERCHANT MEDIA SERVICES 2180 Folsn Street San Francisco. CA. 94110 864-3308 BAY AREA ENGINE EXCHANGE 2822 Martin L. King ]r. Way Oakland. CA. 94609 272-0616 AUGUSTA S SOUTH OF MARKET GRILL 1256 Folsom San Francisco. CA. 6264459 GOLDEN PALACE RESTAURANT 1830 Irving Street San Francisco. CA. 5665370 ADRASKAND INC. 15 Ross Ave. San Francisco. CA. 459-1711 NEW BAYVIEW NEWSPAPER 6220 3rd P.O. Box 24477 467-1070 CURL-UP 253 Clement San Francisco. CA. 221-5913 VILLA D’ESTE 2623 Ocean Ave. San Francisco. CA. 334-0580 MCA UN DONS AUTO REPAIR 1270 Vaencia San Francisco. CA. 282-2200 FLOORS ONLY No 5-755 Monterey Blvd. San Francisco. CA. 94131 239-2399 WINDSOR LIMOUSINE 207 Powell San Francisco. CA. 94102 433-3250 B F MUSIC VENDING INC. 371 Uth Street San Francisco. CA. 94103 861-8289 222Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of this publication: EUGENE OREOFF AUTO CENTRE 1970 McADntar. San Francixo. CA 94115 5974144 COtOS GYM 10 Valencia, San ftancixo. CA. 9419 200095 SI TOWARD IMF CONFESSOR 3320 CaMoanla. San Francixo. CA. 4118 49-0950 DAVID HURUY CtHOSMIIHS INC. 30 Princrx Seucakto. SaucaEto. CA. 332-3401 MEYER BOSWEU BOOKS 902 Hayrt Street. San ftancixo. CA. 94117 3491839 HIUSIOC SHUl SERVICE 950 HJWe Blvd . Daly City. CA. 94014 759-5549 THE CULNNESS MUSEUM OF WORLD RECORDS 235 Mfeevon. San CA. 94133771-9 00 CAM SALES. INC 1 97 Martel Si.. San ftancixo. CA 94I0 893-2855 THE WASHINGTON SQUARE INN I960 Stockton St.. San Francixo. Ca. 4133 901-4120 STAII ELECTRIC CO.. 5020 Mixion St.. San Francixo. Ca. 94112 333-9480 THE DELICATE DAISY 512 Previdio Avt.. San rraneixo. CA. 94115 3499229 ROCKWELL HEARING SERVICES 790 Market S . San Francixo. Ca 94192 97-4944 ARC II DRAFTLNG SUPPLIES 407 Jackcon St.. San Ftancixo. Ca. 94111 33-2724 A A T JEWUERS 209 Poet 707. San FrancHco. CA 94100 90-2917 ELLIS BROOKS LEASING. INC. ISU Buck St.. San Frandxo. CA- 94109 474-1100 HYDE STRUT STATION 1 0 Hyde. San Franctaco. CA. 94102 7 -9455 PRECISIN AUTO REPAIR 717 Divtvedcro. San rraneixo. CA. 94117 9210517 CIARLO BROTHERS 7 5 Bryant Si . San Francixo. CA. 94107 33-1150 ATLAS GLASS CO.. INC 7 0 Mixion St.. Daly City. CA. 94014 755-7411 BAP OF DALY CITY 9751 Miction St . Daly City. CA. 94014 992-590 OR 992-1010 RELIABLE THRISON GLASS CO.. 1910 lUrrlxtn. San Francixo. CA 94105 01-2044 CANTERBURY CORNER BOOKSTORE 5501 Geary, 17Tli Av .. San Franrixo. Ca. 751-7770 RICHMOND GLASS CO- 2955 Geary Bl.J , San Frarxixo. CA. 221-7050 BAYSHORE CHILD CARE SERVICE 45 Midway Drive. Daly City. CA. 94014 90-7110 CLOTHES CONNECTION 3 9 liberty St-Sen rraneixo. Ca 94114 202-7101 NEGITORIUM 290 7TH Street. San rraneixo. Ca. 94195 51-1157 SAN FRANCISCO IIRLMLN CREDIT UNION 2590 Market St . San Iran . Ca 555-5900 LM8ARADERO PHARMACY CENTRE I Embaredero Centre 700-4511 STATE FARM 19 7 Ocean Ave, San Francixo. CA. 5 5-959 LARKINS BROS. TIRE COMPANY 570So. Van Nex Av .. San Francixo. Ca. 94105 895-5750 CALIFORNIA DATA ENTRY 2590 Mixion St . San Francixo. Ca. 94110 947-9 47 TOTAL LIFE HEALTH FOOD 1757 Taraval St.. San Francixo. Ca. 901-55 4 SPIKES AUTO BODY A PAINT SHOP 5559 Sacramento. San FranciKO. CA 94118 595-1102 NEW CENIVA BAKERY 29 San Pedro. San Trancixo. CA 94012 490-7110 JOHN LUKAS STAIN GLASS 152 Helena. San Fratxtxo. Ca 94124 497-28 9 THE ARCYLE SUITE HOTEL 149 McAUcter Street. San Francixo. Ca. 94102 552-7079 EVERETT 0 (ONE 8ARB-QUE 5150 Jrd Street. San Francixo. Ca. 94124 822-7720 PARK PRESIDIO MARINE I300A 25th St- San Francixo. Ca 94107 821-2928 CITY LOCKSMITHS 55 0 2 tb Street. San Francixo. CA. 94110 941-0555 NOR CAL Box 9 41 Airport Station. Oakland. CA. 9 914 592-2020 TOUT DE SUITE CATERLNC 2549 Irvine. San Francixo. CA. 94122 9 1-0877 FAIRWAY IANIIORIAL 72 Lobov. San Francixo. CA. 94112 ALL CITY 50 16th Street. San Francixo. CA. 495-5 21 SUN HUNC HEUNY RLSTAURANT 744 Wevhln ton. San Francixo. CA. 9 2-2519 PAPER CHASE 1859 train . San Francixo. CA. 755 929 ANN COLLICHADAS 01 Mlnnleota. San Francixo. CA. 941-89 9 DAVIS H. RUSS A ASSOCIATES 915 linden Ave- San Francixo. CA. 94085 875-19 5 MATRIX SOUND LIGHTING 179 Oakndfe. Daly City, CA. 5 7-1240 SAN PABLO AUTO WRECKING 5291 San PaWo Ave- Oakland. CA. 950-5101 NBC BOX A PACKAGING CO. 212 Shew Road, San Francixo. CA. 952-5552 HOUSE OF STOOLS-N-BARS 507 Mlllbeee Ave. tad. Mlllbeae. CA, 94050 997-9954 DATA PROCESSING A ACCOUNTING Service 50 Van Nex Ave- San Francixo. CA 21-20 0 COAST CLASS CO. 5490 Coart Hwy. Peeifka. Callforna 940 4 555-5512 CITY G1 ASS EXPRESS 759 Harriton Street. San Francixo. CA. 5 5-9 41 OLIVE A MEMORIAL PARK P.O Box 457. Colaw. CA. 94014 755-0522 A-l RENT A CAR 54 OTetrcB. San Francixo. CA. 94102 771-5977 WINDSHIPS 54 Jack London Ssuetc. Oakland. CA 054-0252 AMERICAN RODENT PROOFING CO. 255 Red Rock Way. Aft. 108. San Ft., CA. 821-2895 GALLEY IN THE ALLEY 55 Maiden lane. San Francixo. CA. 781-5797 HATS ON POST 210 Pott. Suite 201. San Francixo. CA 592-5757 RUDY COMEZ PHOTO ARTS 222 Vallejo. San Francixo. CA. 9590555 SUNNYS1DE CLEANERS 550 Monterey Blvd . San Francixo. CA. 55 0125 SEA BREEZE CLEANERS 1420 Cattro Street. San Francixo. CA. 824-5474 POOR BOY AUTOCIEANLRS 599 Fulton Street. San Francixo. CA 8 502 0 VICTOR PIZZA A RESTAURANT 1411 Polk Street. San Francixo. CA. 885-1990 |.K. SOUND 79 Mox Street. San Francixo. CA. 9 105 8940172 THE AMP LAB 2729 Beoedwey. Redwood City. CA. 591-1281 A-l AUTO MOVERS 1500 Old Bayehoee Hwy 199. Burlingame. CA 542-9911 MERITEX LIGHT A ULTRA SAILBOARDS 5901 San Leandra St . Oakland. CA 554-901 K A I ROOFING 2921 Merlon Place. San Bruno. CA. 875-8449 ELECTRIC BUSINESS MACHINES CO. 42 Dote Street. San Trancixo. CA. 94105 894-5500 SHADES THE ULTIMATE SUNGLASS STORE 19 5 Market St- San Francixo. CA. 8 5-5 54 DSC COMPUTER SERVICE P.O. 8ox 410599, San rraneixo. CA 9 l | 292701 CHANDLERS STATIONERY 2154 Union. San Franclx . CA. 5492980 ClAPMAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 2955E 27lh S .. San Trancixo. CA. 9 901 559 111 CEARY PRINT SHOP 5452 Ceary Blvd.. San Trarxtxo. CA. 751-2121 ASSOCIATED SERVICES 210 Capwell. San Trancixo. CA 9 2-1180 PENN UTHOCRAPH1CS 1900 Powell Street. EnweyviUe. CA. 9 908 547-2100 ACE MAILING A DATA PROCESSING 2757 tMh St- San Trancixo. CA. 94102 895-4ACE ROYAl INVESTIGATION A PATROL 2950 Merceel. San Leandro. Ca. 94577 552-9800 APPAREl CITY SEW1NC MACHLNE 1550 Howard. San Francixo. Ca. 92J-9960 DISTANT MIRROR VIDEO SERVICE 515 lacunaria Lane, Alamedo. CA. 525-2240 GRANTS TOBACCONISTS 592 Market St- San Trancixo. CA 9 104 981-1000 CAL BODY STEEL FORMING 180 12th St . San Francixo. CA. 94105 8 1-0000 DIANDAS BAKERY 1955 Axcmton. San Francixo. CA. 94407 947-5499 MILLER COMPANY 1508 Franklin Street. San Francixo. CA 94100 41-0852 ARTESIAN WATER CO- 1809 Market Street. San francixo. CA. 94102 921-1515 SANT ORA SALES 55 Bartlett St- San Trancixo. CA. 94110 282-5151 RAYMOND SQUIRi. O.D. 940 Geneva Av .. San Trancixo. CA. 94112 5899424 FRANXLLN KING ATTOURNEY AT LAW 899 Ok. San Trancixo. CA 94019 475-4700 HEUNG MEUNG RESTAURANT 908 Bolboe. San Trancixo. CA. 221-9188 OLYMPIC TROPHY AWARDS 1575 Mixion Street San Trancixo. CA 51-5054 BEYCO ELECTRONICS INC. 827 Irvine San Trancixo. CA. 751-12 5 VERMONT CLEANERS 900 Vermont Street. San Trancixo. CA. 9 7-0080 PARKSIDE APPLIANCE SERVICE 2418 28th Av .. San Trancixo. CA. 7314 94 CENCLO-S COt HI UR 41 Crant Av... 5rd Floor. San Francixo. CA. 5 2-4515 EXECUTIVE COURIER NETWORK 052 Mixion St- San rraneixo. CA 5 97200 AVENUE FRENCH CLEANERS A TAILORS 25 4 San Bruno. San Ftancixo. CA. 94154 490-1555 8OREILO-S DRY CLEANERS 2995 San Bruno. San Francixo. CA 4 9-5555 CAMEO CARS 54 0 Mixion St- San Francixo 555-5 40 MORE PLASTIC SACS 1475 Fohom. San Trancixo. CA. 0 5-1475 THE IfTTLEST MOUSE 5 00 Sacramento. Sacramento. CA. 0 1-5440 HOUSE Of INDIA RESTAURANT 530 Jackvon St. San Trancixo. CA. 592 07 4 AUDIA EXCELLENCE 425 Wa«lt»«ton Street. San francixo. CA. 04111 55-1555 UNITED STAMP CO- 555 Howard St- San Trancixo. CA. 5 2-2 97 C M MANUFACTURING CO. 2 13 5rd St . Ste. 257 San Trancixo. CA. 894 5149 ROUND TABLE PIZZA 2400 WeM Burrell Blvd . Ste 100. San Trancixo. CA. 5091200 GILBERT'S KOSHER STYLE 2 45 Noeiesa. San francixo. CA. 5 9-5051 CHITS VARIETY 479 Cavtro Street. San Ftancixo. Ca. 9411 451-5595 GOLDEN CATE NAILS 594 «lk Street. San Francixo. CA. 895-9400 CARDO BUSINESS FORMS HO! CourtUnd Ave.. San Francixo. CA. 2 5-4010 METROPOLITAN MOTORS 740 Valencia Si- San Francixo. CA. 94110 8 5-2129 JACK'S AUTO MART 1441 Cc«i(h Street. San Francixo. CA. 922-00Q5 TENNESSEE GRILL 1128 Taraval St . San Francixo. CA. 994-7054 CAl-WEST AVIATION 1 John Glenn Drive. Coocoed, Ca. 94320 025-5544 BUDGET SIGNS 55 Brady Street. San Francixo. Ca. 94105 95-7040 REDS ADOBE ROOF1NC 347 Alhem. San Trancixo. CA. 94112 921-5029 P.C. TIME 1877 Mixion. San Trancixo. CA. 94105 ACE VENETIAN BUND CO. 473 Bryant Street. San Francixo. CA. 5 2-2725 ROUND TABLE PIZZA 2960 San Bruno Av .. San Trancixo. CA 490-7100 FUKUSUKE JAPANESE RESTAURANT 5 54 Geary. San Francixo. CA. 509-9077 R.D. TARLISSON TELEVISION 59 Dlviwdero, San Francixo. CA. 595-35 9 PRIVATE EYES AUTO WINDOW TINTING 1493 Franclx Blvd Eavt, San RalacL CA. 405-15S7 CAROLS FLYING LESSONS 2290 48TH Ave.. San Trancixo. CA 759-9 27 CORT FURNITURE RLNTAL 1925 Van Nex Av .. San Trancixo. CA. 94109 771-9115 CALIFORNIA CASTER A HAND TRUCK 512 Brannon St-San Tr.. CA. 94107 902-0750 ARONOS FOOO Of CALIFORNIA 93 Crrrivtew Ave- San Francixo. CA. 759-5253 M.S.M. INC 500 Swift Ave- Suite 17. San Francixo. CA. ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS P.O Bov 3331. Mill Valley. CA. 5 5 5000 JADE DRACON RESTAURANT 2590 Junlfeo Serra. Daly City. CA. 7390100 FOUR STAR MOVING 0 STORACE 1 50 Nth Av .. San Trancixo. CA. 259-4254 ST. FRANCIS SQUARE LIQUORS 4 DELI 7 Saint Franck Square. Daly City. CA. 755-5400 D5 ROOFING 550 24th Av . San Trancixo. CA. 752-9929 PIGEON CONTROL 777 Kelvin Road. D Sobeante. CA. 2220255 ANN SHAW PUBLIC RELATIONS 501 Satlftdi Me. fovter City. CA. 9 404 SEA CHIT SECRETARIAL SERVICES 21491 2 Greenwich, San Trancixo. CA. 595-7424 MAILING MART 195 Capp Street. San Trancixo. CA. 94110 552-0909 MIYER LITHOGRAPH CO- 4175 24th Street. San Francixo. CA. 202-5419 SMITH-EMERY COMPANY Hunter Paint Shipyard Blvd- San Tranrixo, CA. 94114 822-0800 ESPYS RUG 4 UPHOLSTERY 754 Calee. San Trancixo. CA 940-5990 MONTEREY PIZZA 599 Monterey Blvd., San TrjixiKO. CA 94127 505-5050 THE EXTENSION CONNECTION 507 Bel Marian Keyv Novoro. CA 94 47 805-3555 PARTIES EXTRAORDINAIRE P.O. Bov 552. San Bruno. CA 9 099 595-3141 ARM AMMO'S DELI 4 LIQUOR CO. 2599 San Bruno Ave- San Francixo. CA. 9413 490-2 24 SAN FRANCISCO TIRE 4 BURGLAR PROTECTION 428 Crove St- San Trancixo. CA. 94102 YOUR SCOOTER SHOP 101 South Park. San Trancixo. CA 94107 5 5-9432 8 10994 DALY CITY RADIATORS 7005 Mixion Street. Daly City. CA. 755-7893 DR. JUNE CHUN 4479-A Mixion St- San rraneixo. CA. 385-49 9 PAUL WHITE 1050 FNne St reel No. 8. San francixo. CA. 94101 973-489I PROFESSIONAL CLASS CO. 124 LUy. San Francixo. CA 929-9500 COL OF N GATT NEON CO 57 Loomh. San Francixo. CA. 94124 2820995 A C RIVER WOODEN WINDOW 329 Bankt. San Francixo. CA. 94110 9400555 JARRETTS BOONE PHD 21 9 Hay » Street. San Francixo. CA 900995 MODEICIZE 547 Deforce Street No. 213. San Francixo. CA. «4II0 2 1191 223CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM THE The 1987 Don Hooray! 224Compliments of GUITAR SOLO 1413 CLEMENT STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94118 386-0395 HAROLD A. PRICE CO. INC. 555 S 12TH AVENUE RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA 981-2877 DA 2 HOUF MERGE14CYSERVI E EXPERT SERVICE F08 OVER 20 YEARS WASHERS DRYERS SALES SERVICE GAS OR ELECTRIC • MOST MAKES MODELS HHKlGi KA10RS WASHERS ORYI RS I iiRnA'.'ES ILE MACHINES AIR CONDITIONS. SIAM CON'Wi . 1C Ml M0'j«I COMM! KClAi MSlDtNIlAl • WHlRlPOOl • Gf • I RlUiDAlRl • S ARS • TAPPAN • WARDS • MAGIC CHI I • GAFFERS SAIII IK • ADMIRAI PHIL’S REFRIGERATION APPLIANCE CO I-- 60o NOfdlUA-. |--?', S Mil. - 1731-9143] 1731-5157 Best Wishes WESTERN MEDICAL SERVICES 572 MARKET STRbET SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 956-4789 AMERICAN NATIONAL BEVERAGES 650 ALABAMA, SUITE 22 SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 821-9850 GOSS GOLDEN WEST HEATING SHEET METAL 421 ARDUELLO BLVD. SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 751-0393 Compliments of LAW DISTRIBUTORS 354 Golden Gale San Francisco, CA 673-4126 AW V GRRRRAPHICS y a'( Best Wishes SETON MEDICAL CENTRE 1900 Sullivan Avenue Daly City, CA, 992-4000 for oft yCH f 9""OphK deign needs TAKE OFF Good Luck; from: European Designer Fashions CODZILA SUSHI MF.N • WOMEN 1800 Divisadero 333 Jefferson Slreet. No 126 San Francisco, CA (4151 775-9929 931-1773 71v A ‘it luviiff Sk•Win Cntfrr tf fnhr’" t • HM Best Wishes of Institute of Color Design 1929 B Union Slreet San Francisco, CA 346-8305UIMON-PK K s( IK X )l Ol UAI I K()( ) I N( l (. • Ml Utt ■ iumiij • iuiwi inucii ■ ww:i ujmm ii or. ■ UM CUIUS INMSS ■ SOO»i •»imooM ■ I AI IN AMI MC AN • ntlAMAIIOMAl sm» ( • • i y iHAi is WEEKLY CLASSES Ml CM iikwisnicm: lOMlIIMIKMill ICCnUUCiDIIKI SOUKS SOI mrCHMATiOM CUl 752-5658 UIAMIMIII WO l TH AV1NU1 At.kAKY Good Luck from: BASKIN ROBINS 1428 IRVING STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 681-2000 ACCESS HEALTH CARE’ WALK-IN MEDICAL CARE Physician • Lab • X-Ray Open 8 am-8 pm 365 QaysAYear 221-9233 5748 Geary at 22nd Ave. Part ot the Davies UF Medical network 8§§f!|§ PACiriC SUPPLY . • •« A«IA«CAS’ CtO « I ,-» (S • COMHlTUACO C6« S'««»X"iC • 4Vt V'» GN«3 0‘0‘««»00 'Mi • A ouii At.ccv «c «o xxns • AU.0C 0 4 -_A»»t«kS(S M»-t»AiS SAN FRANCISCO 355 Bayshore Bl 285-1010 CIRCUS SALES - RENTAL - SERVICE SKIS [l r CLOTHING • U » • fcufrf. • • • • K e • Ur»u- • N-4- ORTHOTICS •frur MUke Ir WIUOAVS ■ NOON IO 8 PM ll o'TNOCioere n« u 922-5257 |L J| Best Wishes BLAKEWAY METAL WORKS 60 ELMIRA STREET SAN FRANCISCO. CA. 468-0470 MR. PARK SUPER ROOFING CO. LOW PRICES ?« HOUR ? OAY$ ALL KINDS OF ROOFING Tar A Gravel Shakes TM Gutters Shingles Wood Shingles Sky Lights Drains Bonded Insured Pi PO FREE ESTIMATES [626 626-6838 ---mous«--- 997-3721 2450 17lMSf CA WHO - LAKESIDE VILLAGE - (lubtic (8u l en " Exclusive Floral Designs For All Occasions Fresh Cut Flowers And Gifts Blooming And Green Plants "We Specialize in Weddings" Citywide Deliveries - Wire Service 2626 OCE N AvE SF LAKfSiOE .''LlAGE 2'P CODE 94132 _. rafROPta 239-4300f UlOVJMUAlCOWITAtiCIlOW MMI'I HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT . »c »ci ieui v.imo . . • r Wr«i • - • - »»•' - .»••• (r. . • • •' •»••• C«w« . • 1 « M» (l MpOI C»tAllt¥iCH • M . • « : !•» VU . « i ft 4 00 P»Wo A HYDRAULIC CONTROLS INC 6SS6300 Best Wishes THE HOBBY CO. 5150 Geary Blvd. San Francisco. CA. 386-2802 JH Matthew’s roe of r c «u oaiv enr Tft l.ur yu Single Conuiiner of £l srumi.« in Niiirhi'in (aflMma 6400 MISSION STREET. OALT CUT CA • (41S) W? S400 s ojshkdd PLATFORMS •CnXdwVw ■ Ur SOFA BEDS • ;Fm ■iwiklira • . W V.'« DELIVERY AVAILABLE • CUSTOM SEWING FREE ESTIMATES • PILLOWS t MUCH MORE1 861-3182 on FOLSOM u» 'jnovo Ocf Mm »-«.ec . !% . UHI Compliments of HARMONY STEREO 333 West Portal Avenue San Francisco, CA 661-2525 Compliments of POLK STREET FLORIST 1713 Polk Street San Francisco, CA. 441-2868 Good Luck from: SUNSET DEBRI BOX Tunnell Avenue Beatty Road San Francisco, CA 467-2268 81B DaiJrirth Avenue. Suite Z404A Tbronta. Ontario M4J 1L2 caJl collect (418)489 5068 NEED REVENUE FOR FUTURE PUBLICATIONS? Handbooks Yearbooks Calendars Programs Etc. CONTAt 1 NORTH AMERICA S LfAimC PUBLISHING • PROMOTIONAL SERVICES AIL OUR PUBLICATIONS ARE Till BEST 227MAY CHAN S. F. COMMUNITY EUREKA EMBROIDERY CO. CONVALESCENT Seafood Restaurant SECOND SOLE The Phelan Building HOSPITAL and Fish Market Athletic Shoe Headquarters 760 Market Street. Room 510 2655 Bush Street 1923 Ocean Avenue 3053 Fillmore San Francisco. Calif. 94102 San Francisco. Calif. 94115 San Francisco. CA 94127 San Francisco. CA. 94123 (415) 989-8950 (Res. 468-4648) (415) 922-4141 (415) 334-5639 922-9413 COLOR COMPASS ZIM'S PARK BOWL SWISS SKI SPORTS 104 Lundy Lane 2218 Lombard Street 1855 Haight 559 Clay San Francisco. CA. San Francisco, CA. San Francisco. CA. San Francisco. CA. 824-1444 921-7505 752-2366 434-0322 O'CONNOR GIL ROSE FANTASY ISLAND ANSON! A CARPET CLEANING ELECTRONICS INC. COSTUMES Residence Club 330 Corry Way 2830 Industrial Blvd. 186 Potrero 711 Post Street San Francisco. CA. San Francisco. CA. San Francisco. CA. San Francisco. CA 94109 586-5592 783-3030 431-1168 673-2670 THE CULTURED SALAD Embarcadero Centre No. 3 (Lobby) San Francisco, CA. 781-1923 IMAGE ALOARENESS 1671 Noe TAMING OF THE SHOE 2637 Mission Street SCOTT MOVING 1655 Filmore San Francisco. CA. 641-1781 San Francisco, CA. 282-2900 San Francisco. CA 921-7731 Auto Symphony 1619 PINE STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 474-3330 unCompliments of WESTERN OFTICF SYSTEMS 5745 M«K». San frandvo. CA 626-6CW VOYAGES UNI IMIT« . linutrd 242 Gough Mrrrt. San frandvo. CA. 44102 14151 6 1-72 6 A A ABF COMPANY ITD. 751 «B Clay Si.. San francivo. CA 4410 4151 751-65 1 o 751-4514 MOORE DESIGN 2005 Pin Mrrrt. San liiMmt CA 94115 (4151 422-6520 COPPER PENNY Colin Shop. (24 Hour.I 2670 Grary Hl.J at Maconk. San f CA 44115 5 5-4444 SPECIAL TV SPORTS CAMES 141 8mk San frandvo. CA. 555-0040 UNITED CALIFORNIA CLASS CO. 500 Bryani Stmt. San fr.rx.vo CA 4410) 552-51 1 EMERALD GARDEN VMwmr Curunr 1550 California M.. San Frandvo. CA 44104 75-1155 OBICO 744 Sutler Mrrrt. San frarxlvo. California 775-25 2 HUMAN RESTAURANT 424 San Soma. San Francivo. California 45 .7727 CAMIORNIA SCOOTER 40 Mayan Mrrrt. San Franemo. CA 44117 751-4100 CROWN DELIVERY SERVICES 1510 - I7»h Sum. San Frandvo. CA. 552-5275 SALVA SHOE CO. 5-A Concord Mrrrt San Frandvo. CA 44112. '•IS. 555-04 0 LICK SUPPER 550 - 7th Ayrnur. San Francivo. CalilornU 5 6-455 BUIS FOOD STORE 4400 - 17th Mrrrt. San Francivo. CA. 44114 451-4444 KFRNAN MOVING 16 4 Oaldalr Mrrrt. San Francivo. CA. 47-4500 GIRMAN CAR SERVICE 540 Mommy Blvd.. San Frandvo. CA. 5« -70«0 ADANZAS BEAUTY SALON 500 Alrmany BKd . San frandvo. CA. 1 ««I 6 POWER BOSS SE. EQUIP. RENTALS 145 1 Ca.alma Mrrrt. San l.andro. CA 44577 552-6450 AUDIO VIDEO RESOURSES 0 Broad-ay, San Francivo. CA. 7 1-2 05 K5STT.VS 25 Norman Way. San Frandvo. CA 552-204 LUCKY STAR CARPET 720 Toland, San Frandvo. CA. 550 7 7 BUSINESS IS BLOOMING 445 Valencia. San Francivo. CA. 8 4 6244 IFTTLE IOE-S PIZZERIA 500 Mivion. San Frandvo. CA 553-56 4 ALOLE FURNACE SHEET METAL A CHIMNEY CO. 2700 Bryan . San Frandvo. CA. 24-504 THAT'S ENT P.O. Bo. 7 4. MrBbrar. San Irancivo. CA. 42-0 47 CUUUMACO. 440 Dark. C.T. San Francivo. CA 45 0 55 RUEINOS AUTO BOOY 151 Fctrcrrald San Frandvo. CA. 22-2557 TAT RESTAURANT 4404 - 5rd. San Frandvo. CA 24-4 54 LIBERTY IRON WORKS 1415 F br.t A.rnur. San Frandvo. CA. 22-5210 CASTRIUO WOOOWORKS 5501 Folcom Mrrrt San Francivo 44110. 48-5 55 COSTEllOS TREE SERVICE 24 DiamoM M . Sultr 15 . San Francivo. CA 44151 04-8755 RUHNOS AUTO BOOT 151 fl tgrrald. San Frandvo. CA. 22-2557 BAtBOA FLORIST 400 Balboa. San Francivo. CA. 44118. 752-0 69 GR0SVEN0R AIRPORT INN 380 S. Airport Blvd., San Francisco, CA. 873-3200 PRIMO PIZZA 4787 MISSION STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 584-1894 CONVENIENT ■ AFFORDABLE ■ FASHIONABLE BPBMIBPS rnFURNITURE UR ENTAL" • Quality furniture, electronics, appliances for Rome and office • 48-hour Oehvery. flexible terms and rental packages • tOO % purchase option and all monies applied to ownership SAN FRANCISCO 441 JACKSON ST. 989-4100 DALY CITY 301 GEUERTBL. 755-1602 SAN FRANCISCO 1 VAN NESS AV. 776-0666 229" T "" _ “V.'.Left: Barry Pecha, Layout Editor; Right: R. Erick Pecha, Special Boyfriend to the Editor. Anne C. Moore, Secretary 2i22« Ben Medizadeh, Photography EditorNeal Edwards, Photographer 235 Rodolfo Walsh, PhotographerWERE I AM AT umvt mrf SAN FRANCISCO HO,EAT. HAIRY PEAL layley Hsu, Production Assistant 2 if Kathy Kovar, Business Manager2 8 Jose Noel Santiago, Editorial Staff Cathy Poulson, Production Assistant 1 isa Wong, Production AssistantHE GETS THE HANGOVER. YOU GET THE HEARTACHE If you wait for an alcoholic or substance abuser to call for help, you could be waiting a long time. Pick up the phone yourself. Make the call that can help your loved one discover a future free from dependence, and help put an end to the heartache. Treatment Is covered by most insurance. Call today for more information. 415 872-5546 Burlingame. California u. Peninsula Hospital Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation Center Leaving behind the pain of addiction. Embracing the power of choice. ©1986 Mils-Peninsula Hospitals For extraordinary printing with complex requirements—collateral, direct mail, annual reports, fine-art books, point-of-purenase, packaging "pv • and more—you can depend on Pacil rantlC Lithograph. Call today for a plant tour. Your worries will be over. Lithograph We do it all. 2556 Boyshore Boulevard San Francisco, California 94134 (415) 330-4500 WET YOUR HEAL TOH ST. MARY'S MOlftrAl NJ) miocai qwrra 4i0 » «« « II Wn St MaryS HospiUJ And Medical Center. A full service honpital foe virtually all your general medical and Mirjpcal needs •r Ni , M.MTUI TM4«r VM4TO VtM aj r C v iWw i ar vox»« l eCs-«t .4 1 • Me-fi- m » •« llrfrrrai » IXMOrr. Ha IT» fc» M.4 A« iBeAtf riM«r o SrnVM AlloOvn rvo W rvi r«. vvv» V WO rovm r.i -aw ..a mo Coukitlcritig lliv competition 1. non . The Diamond Broker a liuy direct from the largrat Importer culler «-f r.iu|(h diamond la Northern California at NEW YOMK WHOLESALE PRICES. A Bay Area tradition . . . Superior quality (toe Jewelry, pcraonal amice, and eiccptloaal value. Coac to the aoarat. My af |Mdaiwrai Taraday UUv .fk Saturday 167 S. San Anton© Rd Sute 10 Los Altos, CA 94022 m 1-7850 210 Post Street 208 San Francisco CA 94108 239 ■■■ H Someone once said the key to success is to surround yourself with competent people. As Editor-In-Chief of the 1987 “Don" I must say I would have never finished this book if this had not been the case. I would especially like to thank Gloria J. Wickham, my Taylor representative. I also thank R. Erick Pecha, Craig Petz, Rich Schwartz, Barry Pecha, Stephen Hopkins, Ben Medizadeh, Lorna Legaspi, Noel Santiago, and many others for all of their time, energy and help during the 1986-87 year. I wish the class of 1987 the best of luck and may God bless you all! « 4

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