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 THE CREDO OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO Preamble university is a community of men and women in search of truth. Because every search moves within a universe of beliefs, this University wishes to express clearly its beliefs so that those who come here to teach or to learn may know what manner of community they join. Credo We believe in God, Creator of the universe and Lord of human life. We believe that each person possesses an inviolable dignity and natural rights derived from his relationship to God: We therefore oppose any philosophy which claims that the State rules the entire life of man; we equally oppose all racism, discrimination or persecution. We believe that men can fulfill their dignity only in human communities where peace and justice prevail. We believe in the sanctity of that human love which forms and protects the family, source and foundation of all human communities. We believe in the rights and obligations of employers and employees alike. We believe in the right to possess private property; we also believe that the earth's beauty and riches are given for the well being and enjoyment of all men, rather than for exploitation by a few. We believe that human freedom is God’s great gift to man; we also believe that law must guide freedom toward human good. We believe that true democracy, if its tenets are respected, can lead men toward just and prosperous society. We believe in academic freedom and professional responsibility: Academic freedom guarantees the right to expose and to examine critically all opinions within a forum of rational discourse; it requires institutional independence from political and economic entanglement or coercion. We believe finally in Jesus Christ and in His message that the entire life of man is subject to the rule of God, Who calls us to serious moral responsibilities so that human life in a truly human community might flourish.A New Dawn 1985-1986. For some, this year is the beginning of college, for others, it is the renewal of studies at USF, and for the Senior class, 1985-1986 begins careers and commitments outside college. The DON Yearbook hopes all these beginnings are fruitful. May the Yearbook offer you good memories of 1985-1986 in the years to come.TABLE OF CONTENTS The University 12 Campus Facilities 16 Residence Halls 24 Campus Life 40 Faculty Administration 56 Institutes Programs 74 Student Organizations 90 Athletics 114 t 4 4 Underclassmen Seniors 144 176 Closing 192 Ads 2087THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO Founded in Ihe gold rush days of 1855, the University of San Francisco was the first institution of higher education in San Francisco. Today, over 130 years later, the Jesuits continue to draw young men and women together from over 70 countries in order to aide them to their search for truth. The Jesuit tradition enhances the curriculum, adding a richness which recognizes the value of each individual person and Ihe importance of the mind. Offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in many fields, the University stresses the need of a well-rounded education. In order to receive a degree, students are required to take classes in all areas of study emphasizing their majors. In this way USF graduates arc well suited to meet the demands of the ever changing world. Joined by other religious and lay faculty, Ihe Jesuits continue their commitment to the University by stimulating personal growth, acceptance of responsibility, and lifelong learning.COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES Based on a four hundred year tradition, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is set up to provide a solid educational framework which applies to virtually all aspects of life. Emphasizing the need to be resiliant and able to meet widely varying circumstances, the curriculum includes classes in natural and social sciences, and the humanities. The integrated program unites these areas of study into a unified whole reinforced with a strong sense of the moral and spiritual aspects of man. Graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are well suited to meet the diverse professional demands encountered in their post graduate careers. McCLAREN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Stemming from a four-year evening program begun in 1924, McClaren College of Business has realized its potential as a top grade institution dedicated to training students for positions of leadership in business oriented fields. Incorporating the Jesuit tradition into the business atmosphere, the McClaren College staff provides sound instruction in dealing with the diverse problems arising in our modern social environment. By focusing on the development of the mental skills needed by-good businessmen, the staff strives to prepare students for the demands of the local, state, and international business world. 13 SCHOOL OF NURSING Dedicated to helping students realize and appreciate the value of all human life, the nationally acclaimed School of Nursing is a four-year program designed to prepare students for work in the medical field. Students arc required to take a well-rounded selection of courses including arts and sciences as well as nursing courses. Assisted by the Sisters of Mercy, the faculty members strive to equip the students with the knowledge necessary for the practice of modern nursing. Accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing and the National League for Nursing, the rigorous Baccalaureate program adds an extra dimension of personal development to the typical nursing curriculum. COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES The College of Professional Studies is a specially designed program for working adults seeking to further their college careers. Offering courses at flexible times and locations, the College of Professional Studies allows working persons to pursue and eventually acquire either an undergraduate or a postgraduate de-gree. Its range of courses includes business, education, liberal arts, and sciences. By combining recognition for both classroom and career work, the college fulfills the need for a formal education for those who, for reasons of time, are unahle to attend a conventional college. 14SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The School of Education is a state-authorized program serving persons committed to careers in primary or secondary education. Students pursue general certification courses and can specialize in such fields as clinical rehabilitative services, educational psychology and counseling, and private school administration. The school also includes the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership and the Center for and Business. Graduates from the USF School of Education are qualified to teach throughout the country, and are uniquely suited to work in Parochial schools. SCHOOL OF LAW The School of Law offers both full and part-time programs for the attainment of the Juris Doctor degree. The curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of law and also the analytical and administrative skills generally associated with its practice. The School of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is approved by the American Bar Association. It bears a reputation for excellence in its emphasis on contemporary urban issues. Although focusing on current law-related problems, the curriculum is suited for anyone intending to pursue a career in law, government or business. _ ISCAMPUS FACILITIESU.C. DESK 18STUDYING AT USF 19RELAXING AT USF xxi dining at usfUSF ENVIRONMENTSPIRITUAL OPPORTUNITIESRESIDENCE HALLSNACURH ’86 “COME ome people are born Followers ... Others are born Leaders. Share your energy with the nation, and “COME ALIVE”. NACURH stands for the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. The purpose of this organization is to improve residence hall life by working with residence hall leaders at over 200 colleges throughout the country. NACURH accomplishes this goal through professional newsletters and conferences where students and professional staff share their ideas. The exciting part of NACURH for us here at USF is that the annual national conference which unites 1500 student leaders from across the country came to our campus. The theme of NACURH 86 was “COME ALIVE ! This conference was unique in that it was put on by students for students. By the time this conference came to a close, a group of USF students had dedicated 2Vi of their 4 year college careers to this event. In the end this event required the talents of over 10(1 USF volunteers and included the entire USF community. Events such as hosting a national conference helps those involved develop skills which they can apply to later life. It is truly what the college learning experience is all about. Although only a four day event, the memories of those who committed themselves to presenting a quality USF conference will last a lifetime! 27I I GILLSON HALL STAFF 28RHC6 G 5 G 7 G 30HAYES HEALEY 3132 5 HH7 HH 8 HH 9 HH 33LONE MOUNTAIN STAFF35RHC 36373839CAMPUS LIFE — . -I'm not as think as you drunk 1 am. Smile pretty girls! Just a sun-loting guy.I can name that tune in 2 notes! Wherever I go, I always take my Coors. 43OMt-'WC'TSReturn of The Village People. A day in the life of the Country Club.Stricken by the BLACK WIDOW. Keeesss me Dahleen. Coffee break - 2nd day summit meetings.We LOVE this fountain! 1-2-3 Hummm .. 48 WHO ME?!This is so confusing!A What? - you talkin’ about Warren? 50A So many yummy things! A I’m so happy to be eating here! 51 A Alright you guys, this is the deal...and this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home. 52I his isn’t a party, this is how we always dress a Mick Jagger at USF! aaaahhhh! for class. 5354 ▲ I got yucky on my new shoes. ▼ What would your mother say?! a East West unite for a swingin’ time.FACULTY ADMINISTRATIONJ. Clifton Albergotti, Prof, of Physics Pamela A. Baj, Asst. Prof. Nursing Judith Barrett, Assoc. Prof. Nursing Eugene V. Benton, Prof. PhysicsPhyllis Berger Donald W. Brandon, Prof. Govt. James Brovelli, Men’s Basketball60 Paula Campbell Rev. Cartwright S. J.; Campus Ministryabove Paul K. Chien; Professor Biology right John Coblcy professor ChemistryJeff Curtis; Assistant Professor Chemistry above Raymond Dennehy Professor of Philosophy right Frances Anne Dolan, Ph. D. Vice President for Student Development 62Associate Rev. Charles W. Dullea, S.J. S.T.D.; Chancellor Rev. Joseph F. Eagan, S.J.; Professor of Theology Rcv' JoscPh D- Fessio, S.J.; Assistant Professor of Theology Stephen L. Funk; Assistant Professor Military Science 63John B. Gleason, Prof, of English Mel Gorman, Prof, of Chemistry 64 Thomas A. Gruhn. Prof, of Chemistry Stephen J. Huxley, Prof. Bus. Admin.Akemi P. Iliraki, Asst. Prof, of Nursing Dr. Jayne, Prof. Biology Theodore Jones, Prof. Chemistry Nicholas Imparato, Prof, of Bus. Admin. 65 Gail KateHester Y. Kenneth, Assoc, Prof. Nursing Jeffrey J. Lang, Asst. Prof. Mathematics Erasmo Leiva, Assoc. Prof. Modern Languages 66 Kevin Lang, Ph.D. St. Ignatius Inst. Paul V. Lorton, Jr., Prof. Information SystemsRev. John I.oSchiavo, S.J. S.T.L., Pres, of Univ. 67 Cary T. McCauley, Instructor of Nursing Peter McConville, Asst. Prof. SociologyEdward Muenk, Assoc, Prof. Modern languages George McGlynn, P.E. Rev. Richard Mulcahy, S.J., Ph.D. Lawrence Murphy, Prof. PsychologyAbove: Joseph Petulla, Director Environmental Science; above right: Mae Paulfrey, Asst. Prof. Nursing; Below: Robert A. Schooley, Assoc. Prof. Biology. Michael R. Philips, Asst. Prof, of Military Science. 69Above: Daniel P. Schwab; Assistant Professor of Military Science Below: Robert J. Seiwald; Professor of Chemistry. Above: Patricia J. Schulz; Associate Professor of BiologyMarcia Stevens; Associate Professor of Nursing.72 Above: Richard Synder. Right John H. Thomas, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Right: Michael Torre, Philosophy. Above: Ann C. Watkins, Assistant Professor of Nursing.Loretta Magnam-Williams. Office of Student Activities 73INSTITUTES PROGRAMS ARMY ROTC 76Doing what wc do bcsl. 77Look! you arc on candid camera! Drill TeamThe Military Science Program is designed to select, train, and motivate future officers in such a way that it develops self confidence, along with leadership and management skills that are needed to succeed in a modern competitive world. The program offers much more than a sense of direction or managerial and leadership skills. It gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain that professional edge valuable in most walk of life. Whether a person decides to become an active duty officer, a reserve officer or continue in his her chosen profession the challenges and experiences are well worth the time and effort put into the program. The program is divided into two sections: the Basic Courses and the Advance Courses. Basic Courses are taken in the freshman and sophomore years. They arc available to all students and may be taken without any obligation. Basic Courses teach students about the military profession, military history, the interaction between military and civilian leadership and adventure skills. After completing the Basic Courses, students may enter into a contract with the government to work toward a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. The Advance Courses stress leadership and management theory. This is where the challenge and growing really begins. Students realize the importance of being a a professional and polished leader. The leadership and management techniques learned during this two year period provide a base for future development that can be used in any profession. The choice is yours, the experience, challenge and rewards are all part of being all that you can be. Color Guard 79SAINT IGNATIUS INSTITUTEWORLD ENGLISH CENTERDAVIES FORUMPRE-PROFESSIONAL HEALTH PRE-MEDICINEfundamentals of analytical chemistry ] UNIVERSITY PHYSICS riMriM asm M i kk bkmjOGKA!. science - GENERAL PHYSICS G ncdi MORRISfTN «a s OW; V . CHEMISTRY INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL BIOLOGY PHYSICS RESEARCH 8889STUDENT ORGANIZATIONSARAB STUDENT ASSOCIATION .1 92BETA ALPHA PSI DELTA SIGMA PI94oocrn z "ainzooz 95 wcr o96KDNSSIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 98DELTA ZETA oot NOI1VI30SSV IMV-lIHd VSyl IIVMVH 0 IQHASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTER MACHINERYCLUBS’ COUNCIL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 102ZBT LITTLE SISTERSpj o r co oz a ps as w n coZETA BETA TAU 105OMICRON THETA CHI FRATERNITYTFT OMICRON THETA CHI SORORITYTHE MUD BROTHERS AND THEIR HEROTAPPA MEGA KEGGA 109ASUSFTo the class of 1986, It has been my honor to represent such an outstanding, ambitious, and outgoing group of individuals who have grown and prospered so much from the USF experience. Now it is time to enter the real world and conquer the challenges that come our way. These experiences will be invaluable in our decision process both on a personal and professional level. It is our responsibility to be the best that we can be for ourselves and our alma mater. Good luck and God bless, Paul Norcross Senior Class President illSAN FRANCISCO FOGHORN 112 Anne Moore; Office Operations Chief Glen Fcigate; Sports Editorleft: I.isa Wong; Business Manager below: Damon A. Burris; Photo Kditor below left: Mike Herron; News EditorATHLETICSMEN’S O C c E R »- » (below) George Vukic (above) Mark PowellThe Men's Soccer Team ended with another good season behind them. On the road and at home they showed the true spirit and enthusiasm which has become a mark of one of the top teams in the nation. Keep it up! Ken Boardman Mark Powell Photos by Damon Burris Let’s take it to them for one more! 117 rtfWOMEN’S SOCCER (below) Maureen McLaughlin (right) Kathy Schindler (1st row left to right) Ann W illie, Molly McHugh, Maureen McLaughlin. Joan Harrington, Terry Wheeler, Fidelma Byrne, and Tracey Miller. (2nd row left to right) Tina Kane, Patty Canedo. Rebecca Rcaser, Mette Ovringmo, Dev ora h Steinberg, and Erik 118 Visser. (3rd row left to right) Caitlin Jeffrey, Trish Fenner, Romy Schuller, Bonnie McKinnon, and coach Erick Nielson. Absent: Carol Fisher, Cathy Ciardella, Susan Kazmer, Evelyn Guinnane, Mary Mifsud, and Lisa Giovanetti.(left top) Molly McHugh (left bottom) Fidelma Byrne (top right) Cathy Ciardella Having just completed their first season, the Lady Don’s Soccer Team has learned many new things this year with coach Nielson as head coach. The Lady Dons described this years season as very enjoyable and are looking forward to a successful season next Fall. 119It looked in to me, what do you think? What the hell are they staring at? 120 If I blow real hard maybe the hall will clear his hand. (Photos by Damon Burris)FENCING Declan Byrne and Rainier D'Altaville The 1985-1986 Dons Fencing Team 121 M 50 n fe Steve Thompson and Greg Kopeckey 122 1985 NovicesHedgar, Bill Barhite, Sean Walsh, and Pat McGovern The Don's Crew Team, entering its third season, continues to gain momentum. Last years team consisted of only six members, and placed fifth on the west coast in four-man boats. This year’s team, with twice as many members, hopes to improve over last years accomplishments. Novices: Mike Dakan, Sean Walsh, Bill Barhite, Steve Thompson, Greg Clark, Frank Smith. Francisco Gesarini, Pat McGovern, Leslie Geraci, and Kelly McClean. Varsity: Matt Dooling, Mike John, and coxswain-Mark Foraker. Coach: John Peterson 123Pat McGovern and Scan WalshIf you guys ever want to get back to shore we’re going to have to row together. 125 Ladies and gentlemen, the Solid Cold Dancers!Damn dogs! 126 We’ve really got to stop meeting like this.B A MEN’S K (hack row left to right) Robbie Grigsby, Bill Carr, Al Attles Jr., Norm Parnham, Anthony Mann, Ken Ramirez, Mark McCathrion, Peter Reitz, Steve Hill, Michael Franti, Darrell Walker. Mike D’Alosio, Rodney Tention, Jimmy Giron (front row left to right) Team Manager, Peter Tioco, Trainer, Wally Hayes, assistant coach, John C’onsentino, head coach, Jim Brovelli, assistant coach, Gary Trousdale, equipment manager, Bobby Giron. 127After much anticipation the USF Dons took to the court to continue the tradition. 128 Anthony Mann And the first tip-off of a new era began!Ken Ranirez Rodney Tenlion and Mark McCathrion Following 1351 days of abscence. Men’s Basketball began a new era of excellence at USF. Under the leadership of Robert Sunderland, S.J., director of athletics, and head coach Jim Brovclli, Men’s Basketball once again began the tradition of excellence it was once so well noted for. USF, win or lose, can proudly stand tall, grounding itself in a fresh start of the grand, continuing tradition.Robbie Grigsby and Steve Hill Steve lii|| Mike D’AIo siow o M BASKETBALL (kneeling left to right) Melany Furimsky, Kim Mac Donnell, Leslie Sherman, Susan Osato, Debbie Dunbar, (standing I to r) Assistant Coach Pam Martin, Teri Hunt, Melinda Harrison, Theresa Podesta, Margaret Walsh, Chris Hill, and Head Coach Sue Rojcewicz.Teri Hunt (right) Teri Hunt (left) Melinda Harrison133 Kim Mac Donnell Melinda HarrisonSusan Osato Susan Osato Another point for the Lady Dons Melinda Harrison The I.ady Dons face many new challenger this season. A new conference, new players, and new leaders on which to build the future. After graduating four key players last year, four juniors, a senior and one sophomore are expecting to take up the challenge. 134B S B L A E A L Rich Morales and Mike Supple US Mike Supple136Duffy Aceret Barry Bloom Jim Maloney 137 John Hunt138 (above) Kathy SchinlerJennifer Boron and Karen Small Karen Small and Patty Canfield (back row left to right) Coach Steve Pickering, Kathy Schindler, Mary Carlson, Kathy Horan, Sharon Mellen. Kristin Orell, Karen Small, (front row left to right) Patty Canfield, Rebecca Cooper, Jennifer Boron, Mary Pedesta. (Photos by Damon Burris) 139(back row left to right) Katie Harmon, Joan Breslin, Jeanette Gomez, Angela Caldwell, (front row left to right) Elisa Trucco, Lisa Jung, Chris Zwierlein, Michele Authier, I.aura Traweck, and coach Byron Nepomuceno. 140WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY Louise Foti Naja Lange(above) Carla Gruhn (below) Naja Lange 142 (above) discussing techniques (below) Louise FotiMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY Steve Sherman Nick PetersE r Boctorr147Hans Buehlmann Alice Butzlaff Steve Chaquette Karen Condon Christopher Diaz 148 Anne Fashaueri 150Roxanne Mankins Stephanie Martirani John Marzuki Patrick Mathes Katie Miller Katy Murphy 1S1Mary Jane Musech Cathleen O’Donnell Karie Parker Real Poon Antoine Powell Shivani Raniachandra 152Agodichukwy Ume-Ukejc Roberto Villanueva III Vincent W cck 153Bob in a cage. 1S5John Almada Fclicitas Baja Robert Bycraft Patricia Canedo Roy Chaney Susan Collins Anastasia Cordary far right - “Yeah, what about Julie?” Eddie Corral above - “l)o we know what we’re doing?” 156David Correa Arinda Cooley Alexander David Mark DeCroce Tyrcnda Dixon Susan Ferrante Daniel Guernsey Chris Houlihan Hey big boy.” 157Below - Chad and his nose. Right - Kevin Flanagan: “If I were king for just one day ...” Right middle - Andy Matt pays off his debts. Smiling for the camera, or was it for the photographer?Right Now? 159 I Dunno?Manuel Javier Michael Johnson Nik Joshi Lisa Longchamp Far right - “This will buy a whole lotta beer.” 160 Marco Lucchetta Maria Maldonado Jim MaloneyRoberto Marquez Julia MeGuigan Ronald Mifsud Jesse Montalvo Anne Moore “What do you mean there’s been cohabitation on my floor?” John Murray Luis Ng Larry Paris 161Daniel Perea Rebecca Rcaser Carol Rodriguez Ernesto Santa Gadea Jane Shaffer Andrew Smith Julie Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Natalie Tomasello Eric Ueland Michele Weill Aria Julazadeh 162163Darrell Adkins Libby Aglibut Shannon Anderson Jorge Artalejo Lynn Bargiacchi Kenneth Boardman 16SRobert Chang Feliza Contreras Teresa Dana Debra Dunbar 166Anthony Francois Mclany Furimsky 167Michael Galica Marican Garcia Yenny Gho Michael Herron Moei Song Jo Eileen Johnson 168 _________I ..Christina Kane Joseph Klein 169Atsuhito Kuro urni171172 R. Erick Pecha Harry Prasetya Faith Sample Susan Sisneros Paul Smith Greg SoaresRodolfo Walsh Marcella Watts Kathleen Wieck Camille Ziomek175SENIORS fctniJasini Abdul-Wahab Management Widiyanti Adhipurna Computer Science Andry Adriansyah Finance Julius Aebaja Accounting Ramzah Ahmad Business Ungku Sharul Ahmad Marketing Paris Al-llasawy M-l-S Steven Aliano Marketing Abdulmohsen Al-Kattan Accounting Tracey Allen Psychology Fahad Almotawaa Computerized Bus. Khalid Al-Telmessani International Business Mari Joan Alva Nursing Carlos Alvarez Government Saeed Al-Zahrni CS Berio Rainier Bcllone Surya Bahari Terje Askvig Aase Askvig Berg Chemistry Government International Finance Management mk Sebastian Ang James Andrus Chris Anderson Maxwell Amoroso Harsono Amidjojo 178International Business Chmistry Biology Government Fconomics Finance and EconomicsFelicidad Borja International Business Jennifer Boron Nursing Florence Breux Kconomics Julie Britton Sociology Ruth Brodie Accounting Donald Buana Shierley Buana Undiarto Buditama Yolanda Ruenviaje Maura Caraffi Finance Finance CS Nursing M.I.S. Hsiaoyue Chang Kavin Chang Kay Winen Chang Kim Yin Chang Otilia Chang Computer Science Chemistry Biology Finance Economics Finance Claire C hapman Ka Chiam Chee Darlene Chiu Ronald Chong Kuen Chou Nursing Accounting Marketing Accounting Management International Hosp. Management Bus.Seekn Clcland Economics Emmanuel Climaco Management Hing Yui Chui Accounting Sung Chung Economics Jerick Tan Co Marketing LaTonya Collie Accounting Robert Conratt Business Annette Cruz Government Jennifer Collie Nursing Pamela Conlon Victoria Cuneo Psychology Georgette Cuthbert Comm. Arts James Dachauer Finance Carol-Ann D’Amico Nursing Manuel Dangond Computer Science Roger de la Rosa Chemistry Dina Dewi CBIS Lori DePasquale Marketing Antonio De Rosas Accounting Kirk Diodati General Business Susan Drake International Bus. Management Marifcl Dispo Economics M. Bertillc Donohoe Psychology Tom Doszkocs Finance Fulgence Dulay Bus. Administration ManagementElizabeth Farmer Nursing Kirsten Erichsson Jounalism Michelle Fajardo Marketing Ibrahim El-Ayat Computer Science Kufoworola Egbeyem. Management Greg Franco BSBA Michael Fiori Communication Theory Theresa Flemming Nursing Lauren Ferrera Psychology Rachel Figueroa Economics Kasim Ghozali Marketing Paul Gamba English Reza Ghobadian Government Mariela Gamboa Biology Anne Galia Marketing Demetri Gill Accounting Gregory Gordon Nursing Carolyn Gray Nursing Herman Goenawan Marketing Lisa Giovanetti Nursing Sean Grant Finance Tamara Gullo Psychology Agustinus Halim Computer Science Laura Gullo Marketing Katherine Guglielmetti MarketingAmelia Harrison French Philosophy Stephen Harrington Marketing Mary Halim Management I.ieharwaty Hardja Accounting Kvro Hart Arind Haugan Theresa Hausser Kadichah Hei Markcting Int. Bus. International Business Theology Management James Harrison Math, Comp. Science John Heim Finance Teresa Heller Chandra Hendarto Nursing International Business Mdsom Hishamuddin Susan Hoerni Business International Business Ida Heung Accounting Bus. Info System Grace llidayat Finance Shaen Hosie Wey Kang Hong Communication Arts International Business Stacy Highsmith Marketing 182 John Hudson III Amir Ishak Fikry Iskandar Nabila Jaffar Junaidi Januar Psychology Finance Applied Scionce Business French ManagementFouad Kazzouh C'omp. Eng Francis Kelly History Stephen Kennedy Biology Kenneth Chung Accounting Patricia Kenney Nursing Sao Hwa Kho Elizabeth Khong Myoung-Jin Kim Taehyun Kim Caroline King Computer Science Computer Science Finance Finance Finance Herdian Johan Finance Teresa Jimenez f Marketing Ual Joo Management Sonny Kastilani Marketing Susan Kazmer Marketing Scott Kockos Finance Robert Konen Theology Psychology Sabrina Koo C.S. Pckka Juhani Kotiranta International Bus. Chris Krzak Accounting laryati Kusmin Finance Robertus Kuswendri Finance Valerie Kwai Ben Biology l.eanne Kwan Finance I.ian Kwee CBISPie Huang Kwee Jen-Yi Lam Michael Lancaster Ned Lateef Computer Science Computer Science Pre-med. Phy. 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ServicesEvie Prijadi A PBS Invan Prijadi Finance Heidi Primack Nursing Kyla Preston French Alex Railcy-Cisco Biophysics Philosophy Leman Rahardja Finance Stephanie Rabaino Nursing Luis Quartin-Bastos Finance Warren Pulley-Biology Maria Rey Arlene Rcdgate Florival Raoul Accounting Juan Rapadas Joanne Ratto Enrico Rono Comm. Arts Victor Rodrigue Marketing Luis Romero Economics Vernalynn Reyes Accounting David Rossi Bus. Ad. Suzanne Ross Marketing Rajiv Roy-Chaudhury Economics Agnes Rosida MIS Abdullah Rose Aidurra International BusinessRuben Ruiz Mariam Safapay Augustine Salim Ana Yvette Sanchez Mariccl Santos General Business Accounting International Business Nursing Accounting Naka Sato Herman Sutjiamidjaja Dini Savitri Arina Sctiawati Abdullatif Sharif Math International Bus. General Business Management info. System C.S. Helen Shih Joann Shoaihat Dave Sibbald Rosa Siliwati Dharyono Socsanto Finance Accounting Gen. Business General Business Computer Science Marwan Sovki Peter Michael Steckmest Tom Steckmcst Catherine Stehly Catherine Stumm Business Admin. Marketing Finance Psychology Nursing 188 Tari Sudharno Interior Design F.rly Sukardi Management Wati Susanto Decision Science Fonvwaty Susiardjo CBIS Arpin Sutanto Computer Scienceichcllc Marie Toneck Nursing Lily Tong Accounting Herlina Taniwidjaja International Bus. Ruperto Tankeh Decision Sciences Huitjeng Tjia Accounting F.rni Tjakralaksana Finance Ana Marie Torres Nursing Michelle Torres Accounting Johnny Triplett Biology Brian Suzuki International Bus. Maria Tam Psychology Erna Tjakralaksana General Bus. Anthony Ty Economics Belinda Vega History French Lisa Uccelli Gen. Business Beatrice Whitburn Management Melissa Uytingco Nursing Isamu Ushiyama Computer Science Maria del Carmen Wirshing Chemistry Tamara Wiggins Marketing Lisa Wong iSft FinanceFrank Woo Biology Romina Wong Hospitality Management Mary Wong Biology Nancy Wong Nursing Nancy Wong Finance Stephanie Woodhead International Business Thomas Woo Computer Science Catherine Woodd Hospitality Management Wilfred Yap Management Carina Wycoco Nursing Susanne Yorn Business Jennifer You Finance Azisti Yuniati International Bus. Ulrich Zeidner Comm. Arts Kiel Zipf Marketing Alan Bevrouti MBA Christine Gallery Theology Regina Grossman Computers Christine Zwicrlein Nursing Sister F.mily Hittcl MAPM Chartchai Panichewa Finance BA Wendy Kwant-Hwa Hu International Busi. MBA CLOSING194195 I've got places to go, people to sec. I beg your pardon! 200 Aye, yo teacher.MMM, Cookies just like Mom used to make! You talking to me!? Origcn of the dreaded freshman 15. I heard that! It wasn't one bit funny either. Smile, what’s that? 2012 02 Next please.203 Class, who has time for class?204 Hey, hey guys. I don’t think we’re going anywhere.GOP Man of the year. i )id you hear what this guy just said to me? OOPS! Just sign here, fill this out, complete this card, ... 205 '• • ■ ' ■ •.. • •. • •• • • • . V AVrI w y. Ylz xst - (TU2 C1« s AV;X• r• H lMraulf Kl W1 i n v UWl4n 0at AStJSF %l?S 'A '.'E. Mkdtse. R.1 i F Setter 209Congratulations from "Purveyors of Fine Foods and Spirits" IR€L4ND’9 32 BAR AND GRILL JACK WEBB Proprietor 3920 Geary Blvd. (415)386-6173 San Francisco, CA 94118 » Scully Drug Co. Inc. OWL REXALL 1770 FULTON STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94117 (415) 567-2570 FRIENDLY- SERVICE COPPER PENNY FAMILY COFFEE SHOPS Open 24 Hours BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, • OELICIOUS HAMBURGER • FAMOUS-FRIED CHICKEN • SELECTEO SPECIALTY EVERY DAY • BREAKFAST SCRVEO 24 HOURS •••• BEST COFFEE IN TOWN •••• FREE PARKING Phone: 221-0830 2670 Geary Blvd at Masonic, San Francisco, California 94118 TELi (415) 563-4994 3500 Geary Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94118 (415) 563-5696 210 The Park Walker F.xtensive Selection of Fine Wines Liquors of Distinction Case Discounts MASONIC CLEANERS ALTERATIONS - WASH FOLD Domestic Imported Keg Beer Large Selection of Imported Beers Party Service Consulting 15 MASONIC AVE. SAN FRANCISCO. CA 94118 MAC V WONGNow that you have completed your studies, we wish to congratulate you on your impressive achievement. ACADEMY OF ART COLLEGE San Francisco.Lone Mountain Conference Center at USF A tradition of excellence in a gothic setting providing complete year-round residential conference services in the heart of San Francisco USF® University of San Francisco For further information: Lone Mountain Conference Center University of San Francisco 2130 Fulton. San Francisco 94117 (415) 666-6166 Professional Food-Service Management Congratulates the Graduating Class of 1986 212Iced Tea Vt oz. Vodka Vt oz. Gin Vt oz. Rum Tea. coke Pour vodka, gin and rum into collins glass. Fill Vi with tea. Add dash of ice coke for color. Stir and garnish with lemon slice. Manhattan Cocktail Va Whiskey Vi Dry Vermouth 2 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters Put ingredients in a mixing glass filled with cracked ice, stir well, strain and servo. Add cherry. Margarita 1 Jigger {1 Vi oz.) Tequila Vi oz. Triple Sec 1 oz. Fresh Lime or Lemon Juice Moisten cocktail glass rim with fruit rind; spin rim in salt. Shake ingredients with cracked ice. Strain into glass. Sip over salted rim. Martini Cocktail (Dry) Vi Dry Gin Vi Dry Vermouth Stir in cracked ice, strain into cocktail glass dressed with olive. Twist lemon peel over top. Note: the above proportions are for the standard Dry Martini. Pina Colada 1 Jigger (I1 oz.) Rum 1 oz. Cream of Coconut 2 oz. Pineapple Juice Shake with Vt cup crushed ice or use blender. Pour into tall glass filled with ice cubes. Add cherry. Superb coconut flavor! Rob Roy Cocktail Vi Scotch Vi Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes Aromatic Bitters Put ingredients in a mixing glass filled with cracked iced, stir until mixed, strain and serve. Rusty Nail Vi oz. Drambuie 1 ' oz. Scotch Whisky Combine in cordial glass or over ice cubes in old fashioned glass. Screwdriver Pour 1 Vt oz. of Vodka in 8 oz. glass over ice cubes. Fill with orange juice. Stir. Decorate with orange slice. Sloe Gin Fizz 1 Vt oz. Sloe Gin V oz. I emon Juice 1 tsp. Sugar Shake ingredients well with cracked ice. Strain into tall glass. Fill with soda. Sombrero 1 Jigger (1 Vt oz.) Coffee Liqueur Chilled Milk Fill 8-oz. glass with ice cubes. Add liquor; fill with milk; stir. Sour Juice of Vt Lemon 1 teaspoonful Granulated Sugar 1 ' oz. your choice — Scotch, Bourbon. Rye, Gin. Vodka, Liqueur Shake well with ice. Pour through strainer into Delmonico glass, add slice of orange peel and stemmed cherry. Tequila Sunrise 2-3 dashes Grenadine Orange Juice 1 Jigger (1 Vt oz.) Tequila Put grenadine into 8-oz. glass; fill with ice cubes. Add tequila. Fill with orange juice. Do not stir! White Russian 1 Jigger (1 Vt oz.) Vodka Vt Jigger Coffee Liqueur Pour into pre-chilled old fashioned glass with ice cubes. Float 1 oz. cream on top. Yellow Fingers 1 oz. Gin 1 oz. Blackberry Brandy Vt oz. Banana Liqueur Vt oz. Heavy Cream Shake well with ice. Strain into prechilled saucer champagne glass. 213 Open till midnight — Friday Saturday till 2:00 am FULTON FOOD SHOP “FILTHY’S” 751-0700tfo i|»nn Aif Hnf«Nr ? ' • Nawr WI V « • I •Iirwt M»l nyMi. M dk M« j M • w«« TWnt » « k«| w » .• M. |ft|» r , •WcaWi rC. . lW|)t|dn .«c • » at uii a . U„ , inuw, W Mkii Jr' "T "" «f „..' • •« “»!»«t t «■ ! '•« « •» w» -m .» -■- '+ »• + pbihom w u s CVass, NfcaVtl sfko usAn f rahcisco foghoRn BASKETBALL IS BACK! in Funky and Stall Say Congratulations to he Graduating Class of V9%6 SAN FRANCISCO FOGHORN Hi SERVES BIST WHO SERVES THE 7KL7H Francis J. Kelly Editor-in-chief Katherine Summers M W1 IX MX Editor Edward McFaddcn News Editor Samuel Crump Editorials Editor Barry Pccha Executive Editor Glenn Fclgate Sports Editor Damon Burris Photo Editor Erick Pccha Asst, to Editor Patrice Guzman Asst. News Editor Roben Conran Sport t Editor Lisa Wong Business Manager Mary Beth Bonacci College Living Editor Erik Ucland Asst. Edit. Editor Gina DeVeroili Ad Manager Monica Showaltcr Cartoonist Anne Moore Production Chief Joe Brattesani Cartoonist Josephine Bellaccomo Entertainment Editor The San Francisco Foghorn is the official student newspaper of the University of San Francisco. The thoughts and opinions expressed herein ate those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Foghorn staff, the Ad-nvnistration or the student body of the University of San Francisco. Contents of each issue arc the sole responsibilities of the editors. Subscriptions arc ten dollars per innum. Dr. Kevin Starr Faculty LiaisonCAR STEREO, ALARMS ACCESSORIES Wishing the Best to The Class of 1986 FALLETTI’S FINER FOODS AT PETRINI PLAZA AT SUNSET SUPER 1750 FULTON STREET 2425 IRVING ST. 567-0976 566-6504 215 JAMES L. “TICK” FALLETTIProprietors: Dan, Mary and John liounfalas. CONGRATULATIONS FROM To all graduates. Best Wishes and continued success: In whatever you choose in life. Go For Best! Simon Mayeski. Class of 1973, U.S.F., Cliff House, Manager, EDP. OUR STAFF AND ALUMNI Congratulations to all of U.S.F. Graduates, I enjoy immensely working at the Cliff House, and I am sure you would enjoy spending time here with us. I.ove to see you all here. Ilassan Iravani, Class of 1981 U.S.F., Cliff House Dining room Manager. Welcoming U.S.F. Graduates, families, and friends with TERRACE ROOM parties. Gourmet dining UPSTAIRS, and SEAFOOD and BEVERAGE CO. Look! New Cliff House Gift Shop for upscale San Francisco memorabilia for graduation gifts, and for hoisting graduation toasts! Phineas L Barnacle Cozy environment with fireplace and ocean view, featuring Irish coffee and other favorite beverages and snacks. Ben Butler Room Great ocean view; just the place for a quiet before or after meal beverage. 1090 Point Lobos. San Francisco, CA 94121 (415) 386-3330 216r o v Efuchanan, A ch cpan 3E?'7C7?' 217InorcrossI TO THE CLASS OF 1986, CONGRATULATIONS FOR A JOB WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. MR. AND MRS. H.A. NORCROSS r.;l h‘VDON STAFF Matthew O'Neill, Editor-in-Chief 219 Mia Harrison, Contributing Editor220 Bill Desmond, Sports EditorBen Mahdizadeh, Photographer Sebastian Ang, Contributing Kditor Barry Pccha, Senior SectionMariela Gamboa, Editorial Staff 222 Neal Edwards, PhotographerKavin Chang, photographer Frank Woo, Clubs and Organizations 223 Michael (ialica. Photography KditorTHE DON YEARBOOK STAFF WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE FOR THEIR HELP IN THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1985-1986 YEARBOOK. Stephanie Woodhead, ASUSF President Sue Ross, ASUSF Treasurer Finance Committee Media Council Francis J. Kelly, Editor-in-Chief Foghorn Damon Burris, Photo Editor Foghorn Loretta Magnani-Williams, Director Student Activities Army ROTC Frances Anne Dolan, Vice President Student Development Pete Simon, Sports Information Director Joe Sehee and the rest of Campus Ministry John Bergeron, KDNS General Manager Tony Francois, Media Council Representative Andy Matt Tony Ty GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS THE CLASS OF 1986.

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