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 THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO 1984-1985The University of San Francisco has, in its past, had a long standing tradition which is unknown to many these days. The Don, USF’s yearbook, was an important tradition twelve years ago at which time, for financial reasons, it ceased to exist. In 1983 a few concerned students decided to reach back and bring that tradition to life again. Thus the 1983 Don was born. After much trial and error the yearbook was produced and sold to a few interested students. The year 1984 saw the Don struggling with a staff of five dedicated students who put together a decent annual. 1985 saw the staff grow to thirty people dedicated to continuing this very important tradition. The cable car above has become a symbol for the Don this year. Just as San Francisco was not the same with the cable car's two year absence, USF was not the same with the absence of its yearbook. The newly rejuvinated cable car is the Don's symbol of fresh strength at USF. The 1985 Don staff invites you to enjoy the pages of this book. You are a part of the tradition we are continuing.F 7IN ALMA MEMORIA THERESA MARY CREM PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY APRIL 27, 1933 - NOVEMBER 13, 1984 The 1984-85 DON is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Professor Theresa Crem. She will always be dearly loved and admired by her students.CONTENTS: CAMPUS LIFE P 20 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY P 48 PROGRAMS AND SERVICES P 60 RESIDENCE HALLS P 106 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS P 124 UNDERCLASSMEN P 152 SENIORS P 182 18CAMPUS LIFEw W E E L E C K 0 M E ! Public Safety undercover 22 a One out five enjoy P.F.M. food.A sleeping pills still haven't worn out yet. huh? Hoy hamburger just told me it has a family and kids I A should think of. A Hang on! I’m pulling as hard as I can! A dejected man stares off after falling down, scraping his knees and bursting his only balloon. I can .nd guys that wear baseball hats with beards and sunglasses. A Why can’t they get a decent band like the Tubes? 23DANCE 24 a i m so excited about my sexy date here!NIGHT Match your mate victims grit their teeth as their dates entertain them- selves AWAY 25 A Quit poking my ear!LET’S PARTY a Reject contestants from "Let’s Make a Deal" 26 a I wear my sunglasses at night!a All right! Who’s been spitting their tobacco in my bottle!? 27 a Mondale? Who’s Mondale?! HALLOWEEN a This guy is into serious shopping! 28 a It’s not nice to fool mother nature! I'm off to discover a better food service! 29 THE STUDENT a Public Safety said I had to take a test to get this job. HA-HAHA a Hohum! 30 a First you take the Plutonium, then...a Is today Saturday or are we just here really early? 31 Couldn't I just wear my Raybans? a zzzzzzz...1 ▲ All right! Who spiked our soda? 32 a Castro, here we come!!Would we rather live in Hayes? HaHaHa4 uiunuuraiH T uuuuiiuuiH T luiuuiuuuH T uiumiuuuH TA They said ihis job was slow. but. a One Step closer buddy and this scoop becomes a weapon! a What, me worry? A The mail is out when the mail is out! 35a® I z Who is a famous escaped prisoner attending USF? What top-sider company sells shoes in threes? What do UCLA referees drive? What USF resident took a letter from his hall director seriously? 36Who is the only eligible basketball player at USF? Where is the Fuji Film Blimp? Who believed that 4 out of 5 doctors recommended drinking beer before classes to help absorb information? What famous underground band came out of hiding to give residents a special concert? 37394041 a Wc want to be Mr. and Mr. USF!42 A Argh! Who’s responsible for ihis swill?43 a Learning through osmosis4547ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTYFr. John LoSchiavo S.J. President Fr. Robert Sunderland S.J. Athletic Director Fr. Charles W. Dullea S.J. Chancellor To the Yearbook Readers: Getting out a Yearbook is a triumph in itself. My congratulations to the editors and to all who worked on the 1985 DON. And my congratulations to the Class of 1985. Your senior year has been an exceptionally good one. May the Yearbook serve to remind you of the good friends and happy days on the Hilltop, and may it help to keep you a loyal Don for many years to come. God bless you. 5051Fr. Fessio St. Ignatius Inst., Director L. Mazamanian Communications Robert Belklen Economics Fr. Stackpoole English Hugh Dawson English John Galton St. Ignatius Inst. 52 Desmond Fitzerald Philosophy Nancy Vogeley English Pat Smith EnglishUloe Kruze History A. Lincoln History M. Mathes History Prof. Kozicki Government Fr. McDonnell Government Dr. Brandon Government Dr. Coulson St. Ignatius Inst. Ralph Lane Sociology Larry Murphy Psychology 53Bernard Martin Dean of Business Ann Dolan Vice President of Student Development Fay Bowen Dean of Nursing David Harnett Dean of Liberal Arts Sciences Ron Rettig-Zuhi Student Activities A1 Alessandri Vice President Alumni Relations M. Brown Milliane Lehmann President Alumni Relations Mathematics Michael Lehmann Economics 54Pam Baj Associate Dean Nursing Jane Corbett Nursing Sheila Pacheco Nursing Judy Barrett Nursing A v. A V. Anne Watkins Nursing Marcia Stevens Nursing 55 Gary McCavly Nursing Hester Kenneth Nursing Sr. Elene Egan NursingJohn G. Rhode Accounting Patrick Lorton Business Edward Muenk Fine Arts Carl Reitermen Sociology Fr. Francis King Theology Fr. Alvin Swain Classics John J. Collins Communications George McGlyn Physical Education Kathleen Gallagher Physical Education 56 mm(A Fr. Richard E. Mulchahy, S.J. Theology Robert Cunningham Philosophy Raymond Dennehy Philosophy Andrew Wuznicki Philosophy Jack Curtis Sociology Jean Y. Audigiln Fine Arts Edward J. Farrell Mathematics Yaun-Li Wu Business Lester Greene Business 57Fr. Buckley History Paula Campbell Communication Arts Peter Corpac Business Stephen Huxley Business Nicholas Imparato Business Micheal Philips ROTC 58Marvin Sternberg Economics Daniel Sehwab Military Science Rutha Snowden Communication Arts David Weiner Accounting Thomas Williams Military Science Bruce Winslow Expository Writing 59 Carol Denton Nursing Akemi Hiraki Nursing Mae Paulfrcy NursingPROGRAMS AND SERVICESUNIVERSITY CENTER 62The University Center, located at the heart of the campus, provides many valuable services for the USF community. The University Center building houses the dining hall snack bar, the ASUSF offices, many administration faculty offices, the campus bar coffee-house, a travel agency, a sweets shop, a game’s room, and many meeting rooms lounges. Among the services offered by the University Center are the following: Public Address Equipment Rental, Lost Found, room reservations for meetings conferences, university general information, music listening TV viewing facility piano practice room. 63WORLD ENGLISH CENTER Nestled on the Lone Mountain hilltop is USF's World English Center. It is a busy place where students from all over the world gather to learn the English language and become familiar with American culture. Aside from imparting proficiency in English, the program helps international students interact with native Americans. WEC students visit local homes during the holidays and they visit nearby schools where they dress in their native clothes and share their customs and ways of life. With the highly qualified faculty, the diversified USF campus and the beautiful city of San Francisco, these students cannot go wrong. 64■ rST. IGNATIUS INSTITUTE A SII students on their way to class ▲ I love him for his mind. Institute students gather to celebrate Lisa Desmond’s birthday. A Steve Canino and Pete Galgani arc working out the problem of reconciling reason with Revelation. Now I am one handsome dude! 66The University of Francisco's St. Ignatius Institute (SII) is an integrated. Catholic Liberal Arts curriculum designed to permit a student to complete any of the University’s undergraduate degree programs in four years. It is intended for those who desire both the solid foundation of a Catholic Liberal Arts education and the academic preparation necessary for a professional career. The four-year integrated curriculum grounds the student in the rich tradition of Christian humanism and is based on the great books and authors of Western Civilization, with an emphasis upon the great works of Christianity, particularly of the Catholic tradition. A unique feature of this program is the seminar lecture combination. .Each semester a seminar deals with a specific area through discussion of a wide range of books and authors. Concurrently, the same theme is systematically treated in a lecture course. The SII provides dinner-lectures several times a semester, daily mass, an annual trip to Yosemite and many other opportunities for students in interact outside the classroom.ARMY ROTC The military Science Pogram is designed to select, train, and motivate future officers in such a way that it develops seif confidence, along with leadership and management skills that are needed to succeed in a modern competitive world. The program offers much more than a sense of direction or managerial and leadership skills. It gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain that professional edge valuable in most walks of life. Whether a person decides to become an active duty officer, a reserve officer or continue in his her chosen profession the challenges and experiences are well worth the lime and effort put into the program. The program is divided into two sections, the Basic Courses and the Advance Courses. Basic courses are taken in the freshman and Sophomore years. They are available to all students and may be taken without any obligation. Basic courses leach students about the military profession, military history, the interaction between military civilian leadership and adventure skills. After completing the Basic Courses, students may enter into a contract with the government to work toward a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. The Advance Courses stress leadership and management theory. This is where the challenge and growing really begins. Students realize the importance of being a professional and polished leader. The leadership and management techniques learned during this two year period provide a base for future development that can be used in any profession. The choice is yours, the experience, challenge and rewards arc all part of being all that you can be. 6869CAMPUS MINISTRY I Back Row (Left to Right): Joseph Sehee, Steven P. Ryan S.J.. Matthew Walsh. Peter G. Neeley S.J., Front Row (Left to Right): Jam Hughes. Sr. Marie Ignatius R.S.H.M.. Betsy Andrews-Kammerdiener. 70 Fr. Neely. Director of Campus MinistryApplegate Retreat House The Campus Ministry Office tends to the individual and collective pastoral needs of the USF community. Grounded in the University’s rich tradition of Jesuit Catholic higher education. Campus Ministry seeks to make the Good News of Christ a vital dimension of campus life. To this end. Campus Ministry offers programs such as the blood drive, marriage preparation instruction, social justice lectures and seminars, and the Jesuit Outreach program. Campus Ministry caters to the spiritual needs of the USF community on every level. Frequent and varied liturgies, weekend retreats throughout the year, and personal spiritual direction are available to students, staff and faculty. Campus Ministry also houses a local chapter of the Baptist Student Union which promotes Christian fellowship and growth. Campus Ministry reaches out to serve the community by doing such things as visiting elderly people at Laguna Honda Hospital, giving an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, creating food baskets at Thanksgiving, and making a trip to Mexico during intercession to spend a week with orphaned children. 71 nem SAN JOSE S.F. STATE S.M.U. ST. LOUIS WASHING SAN DIEG J U.C.S.B. M U.C.L.A. C.S.U.H. SANTA CLAR STANFORD CAL FULLERTON ST. MARY'S U.S.D. STATE : r. % flSr WIN LOSS ,TIE . SCORE 1-1 2-1 1 i■HBack: Steven Negoesco. Eric Ulsser, Anders Christerson. Teo Narvested. Jeff Leopold. Arild Haugman. Fred Plageman. Helge Myringcr, Bcrnie Murphy. Thor Sven. Mark Second: Cato Anderson. Kennith Boardman, John Bustos. Edward Ruiz. Robert Magahlias. Marlin Ivarson. Thierry Blarson. Steven Torkclson, Wally. Front: Alfredo Mendoza. George Vuckic. Marco Luchctta, Mark Powell. Donald Murphy. Walter Major. Mark DeCroche. Jan Helge Schiffloe. This years soccer Dons had a fine year. They finished undefeated in Pacific Soccer Conference play with impressive wins over CAL and Fresno State, to bring the title back to the hilltop where it belongs. The team then went on to the NCAA playoffs to upset nationally ranked U.N.L.V., only to lose a heart breaker to U.C.L.A. in the western final. This also marked the 12th straight appearance of the Dons in the NCAA playoffs. Aside from the success of the team as a whole, U.S.F. had the honor of having five players represent us on the All Pacific Soccer Conference Team, with Thieery Blanson leading the way as M.V.P. Next year the team should be back as strong as ever, as Thierry Blanson is the only graduating senior. 77VOLLEYBALL79Back Row (L-R): Head Coach Sieve Pickering. Lynn Felando. Kathy Horan. Sharon Mellon. Tracy Harrison. Kathy Schindler Jenni Boron Assistant Coach Brenda Vizssard. Front Row (L-R): Karen Smalls, Shan Conry, Patty Canfield. Tina Ghazarians. Patty Lopez Rebecca Cooper. Toni O’Donnell. ’ K The Lady Dons, led by co-captains Kathy Horan and Kathy Schindler, started a new era with the competitive play of the 1984 season. First year head coach Steve Pickering brought forth a winning attitude with his high-intensity style of coaching, and this was definitely a change of pace for the Dons. Another change was the style of uniforms, which helped give the team a more unified look. The added flair of recruited freshman Patty Lopez accented the team and its solid foundation. With no Seniors on the squad the Lady Dons were among the youngest teams of their league (NorPac). Kathy Schindler received second team all-NorPac honors and is looking to help the Dons to an even better season next year. Although this year brought great improvement and satisfaction for the team, the Lady Dons Volleyball program is looking for even more success in ’85-'86. 81CROSS COUNTRY83SOFTBALL 84• M 8586WOMEN’S BASKETBALL8990OOnlfe 92mmMc D td 94 FFt td959798101FENCING 102RIFLE TEAM 103105RESIDENCE HALLSLONE MOUNTAIN R.A. STAFF R.H.C. 108TWO THREE FOUR 109 PHELAN • RA STAFF THREE TWO TWO WEST inTHREE WEST 'FOURFIVE 'SIX GILLSON R.A. STAFF -R.H.C. 114116117HAYES-HEALY R.A. STAFF- -R.H.C. 118119' 1HKOi-iHZZI rt v i a d H I v a o n a r123STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS LZETA BETA TAU 1127DELTA ZETA- TRI GAMMAI DELTA SIGMA PI SIGMA ALPHA EPSILONOMNICRON THETA CHIOMICRON THETA CHIFOGHORN 132COLLEGE PLAYERS135GREEK COUNCIL 136 SNAC PEP BAND w137ARAB STUDENT ASSOCIATION SOCIETY OF HISPANIC STUDENTS 118SINGAPORE-MALAYSIA STUDENT ASSOCIATION J S A A T S P U S A D 0 N E c E N I S T A E T I 0 N 139PHILIPINO AMERICAN CLUB TRI BETA HARftRD 140STUDENTS UNITED FOR LIFE ALPHA SIGMA NU 141PHI CHI THETA EMERAUDES 142CLUBS COUNCIL KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 143KUSF 880 A.M. INDONESIAN CLUB 144SOCIETY OF BLACK STUDENTS SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS 145FALSE HONOR SOCIETY PRARIE-OYSTER CLUB 146GROG SOCIETY DETERGENT RESEARCH CLUB 147ALCOHOLIC AWARENESS CLUB 148 HAPPY CAMPERS CLUBBMOC CLUB SOCIETY OF THE INSANEUNDERCLASSMEN FRESHMENp 3 ) ) John Almada Mary Andrews Nabil Al-Dakhil Patrick Nelson Mahmoud Behbehani Brian Berg 153 Gabriele Bliesener Rich Bowler Brenda BroadusCamille Buerry Bob Bycraft David Calabrese Patricia Canedo Elizabeth Carthagena 'I hcy Pa ' me wilh hamburgers! Olivia Chang Adrinda Cooley 154 Kristine ChaisonAnastasia Cordary Cecelia DeLaCruz Romeo Domondon 155 Katie Gates Daniel George Dan Guenmsey Lisa Hughes Christopher Houlihan Peter Haney 156 Funny? I'm a serious person, man! Nik Joshi .James Kabage157 Lawrence Lawson Even the poor can he famous. Jocelyn MaasWkf M3 HARPlHAIU 1 mt-A ikTift! HARPllIAKP L 1 • i M VO M toS: ■wrd »iih I urr tocV ttmatata SpringlhlK m, urcer AUCSBURCER Anna Maekey Julia McGuigan 158 Diana Mitchell Jesse Montalvo Anne Moore159 Dina Nieri Michael Oliveri Christine Pearson160 Jane Shaffer Andrew SmithLesley Tham Julie Sullivan Andrew Spindler Gayle Volosky Jennifer Wade Life is so. so. purple! 161 Rodolfo Walsh Kathleen Wilhelm Amy WrightSOPHOMORESAnne Acuna Lynn Bargiacchi Paul Bonacci Tjia Sin Yun Bong Stanley Bransgrove Maggie Brazil 163 Robert Brizuela Margie Carrillo Skiing is my scene!164 Mona Daggett165 Mike France Melany Furimsky Marie Antoinette Garcia166 Eileen Johnson Suharto Juwono Sheila Kennedy167 Try and terminate me! Thomas McGuire Kimberly Means168 Faith SampleMaura Schwartz Anderson Shannon G.Q. Smith Billy Squire Kathleen Wieck Marcella Watts We're number one! Kristina Wright Camille ZiomekJUNIORSTracey Allen Christianna Anderson Sebastian Ang Four more years of Grecian Formula! Jennifer Boron Cathy Cassidy 171172Kermit Claytor Jen Collie Howard Cossell, Jr. Carolyn Cox Samuel Crump Geargette Cuthbert Which way to commons? Marifel Dispo Marco Ditano 173Rachel Figueroa Elizabeth Fong Joanne Foster IAM AII Patricia Gazdik Piero Giramonti Katherine Guglielmetti 174Susan Hamada Look out real world! Stephen Hopkins 175 Robert Konen Endre Kristiansen Chris Krzak176 Angclia Malone Angelina Marcaida Roberto Marchesicllo177 Monzer Nasser Deke Pappas I forgot to put my teeth in?Kavindra Patel Barry Pecha MRS. Degree Mary Petzinger Prajitna Pramana 178I don't feci like I'm fifty! Evie Prajadi Heidi Primack Rick Roberts Stephanie Rabaino Ronald Reagan, Jr Rajiv Roy-Chaudhury Arina Setiawati Cathcrin Stumm180181 Stephanie Woodhcad Ed Yeakle Suannc YornSENIORSToshiya Abe Felix O. Abu Economics Nursing Claudette M. Abad Nursing Nora Abdullah History Lisa R. Albright Roli Aide Knglish Literature Gov’t Econ. Sameh Y. Amawi Finance Kari S. Anderson NursingGregory Ang Mass Mcdia Comm. Arts Therese M. Alallah Physics Pamela T. Aw-Young Computer Science Randolph S. Anderson. Gov't Psych. Minoush P. Azad Mass Media Comm. Arts Emad M. Bahbahani Computer Science Richard A. Rargetto Gen. Business Anthony R. Bartcnetti Marketing Cathy L. Blackstone Accounting Robin L. Bochan Nursing MaryBeth Bonacci Comm. Arts Cynthia K. Brattesani Biology French 185Waye C. Brown Elizabeth A. Brunner Julia Budiharja Maribel Calsina Marketing Nursing Comm. Arts lnt’1 Business David J. Capurro Clovina C. Carbullido Randall W. Carson I Randall W. Carson II Finance Marketing Accounting Accounting 186 Betty W.K. Cheung Accounting Jessie Ching Computer ScienceMichelle A. Correa Marketing Mary R. Constantino Computer Science Darlene C.M. Chiu Marketing Acc't Junita Ciputra Finance Nancy C. Cullinane Matthew L. Dana Pre-Physical Therapy Philosophy Int’l Bus. Carolyn A. Crispi Annette B. Cruz Jeanne 0. Cua Pual A.P. Cuenco Nursing Government Management Government Nancy Danialhnia Mitzi A. DearingGreg P. Dei Rossi Management Kiwi DcVoy Nursing Eugene Ding Computer Science Matt G. Dooling Finance Rachel E. Dulay Accounting Johanes K. Effcndv BAAS Lisa L. Eikenberry Nursing Bernard G. Dowd III Management Jay M. Elliott Josephine V. Esguerra Suzanne H. Fassett Merrideth G. Filson Mass Media Comm. Arts Computer Science Nursing Nursing 188Michael V. Freeman Finance Monica F. Freitas Pre-Physical Therapy Josephine V. Frias Nursing Rene I. Gamboa History Theresa A. Gan Business Administration Melissa E. Gasalao Marketing Dennis V. Gavallos Business Kathryn Gazdik English Thiology Eus Gee Marianne K. Geraty Frederick W. Gibb Eileen K. Gin Nursing Business Administration Finance Biology Brook L. Hagadom Nursing Ardino A. Gusman Computer Science Denise V. Guzman Nursing Yasminc Y. Gusman Management William T. Hager Government Lidwina Halim Lidya M. Halim Finance Jcong H. Han Gen. Business Joseph Montana P.E. Sonja D. Haugcjordc Comm. Theory Jane F. Hcaly Sports Administration Kathlin A. Healy Nursing Mary F. Heilman Comm. Arts Frankilha Henry Nursing Margaret G. Hernandez Government Christian Hiemeyer ManagementSanya P. Hill English Gov't Naoki N. Horii Sociology Niall F. Higgius Finance Eugene Ho Business Cecilia Jacob Marketing Heidi C. Jaeger Pre-Med. Carol L; Hurtado Government Kathleen A. Ingram Nursing Rossanna Kaliman Computer Science Soerijadi Kaharudin Management Hartanto Jusman Finance Int'I Bus. Windanita Januar Psychology t 191Klark K. Kent Music Maribcl O. Kho Decision Science Cheong M. Kim Economics Houw K. Khoe Gen. Business William H. Kim Accounting Akiko Kojima Sociology Patty Kong Nursing Alicia Kuan Accounting Yuechih T. Kuo Computer Science 192 Anddy S. Kusumapramana Finance Valerie Kwai Ben Biology Dera A. Kwolck BiologyCecilia W. Kwong Accounting Anna L.P. I aforteza Computer Science Eileen C.Y. Lai Marketing Riehanne T. Lam Hospitality Mgt. Ka Y. Leong Tjia U. Lie Marketing Finance Jessica G. Lim Accounting Adam W. Lebowitz Biology Grace S.Y. Lee Gen. Business Laura Lee Biology Hank Lin Computer Science Jennifer Leithner NursingMary K.H. Ling Biology Maureen Loonam Int’l Business Ricardo M. Lowe Marketing Michael P.S. Lui lnt'1 Business Susan V. Magalong Nursing Kevin T. Malloy Finance Marilyn Marigmen-Kcnna Nursing Michelle Marlin Mass Media Pamela T. Marquez Computer Science Lauretta J. Martinelli FinanceRebecca L. Mayer Biology Barbara A. Mathews Nursing Erin J. McGuinness Nursing Mildred L. McEnhill Nursing Prasong Meadsavapanmonkol Accounting Jeffery A. Miller Marketing Cecilia A. Minalga Accounting Lisa M. Michaud Nursing Christine Y. Mok Accounting Timothy H. Mitsuoka Marketing Carrie J. Minucciani Management Maryanne Minalga Government 195Emil J. Montalvo Economics Marissa L. Monroy Accounting Sini B. Mossadck Finance Deborah P. Morrissey Nursing Philipp Mueller Mahadi Murshidi Arlene C. Navarro Kalsuhiro Nishimoto Economics Computer Science , Psychology Maureen A. O’Hara Kathleen A. Olson George T. Ozenne III Maria E. Pappas Nursing Accounting Nursing 1%Rita M. Para tore Biology Lisa J. Paguette Psychology Timothy L. Philpott Accounting Decision Sc. Charles D. Pfotzer Finance Adriana G. Ponce Accounting Melody M. Ragasa Biology Anal Pilovsky Comm. Arts Fran Pilovsky Accounting Francisco S. Ramos Finance John J. Ramos Computer Science Jacqueline D. Rahardja Accounting Alexander Railey-Cisco Biophysics PhilosophyRoscFc R. Reglos Philosophy Sheila K. Riddle Sociology Virginia M. Roberts Nursing Elizabeth A. Rodgers Nursing Roberta Rodriguez Psychology Elizabeth A. Routon History Jose A. Ruiz Management Susan C. Ryan Chemistrv 198 Atsuko A. Saito Gen. Business Abdul J. Sakaran Int'l Business Olga K. Santoso Accounting Widjaja Santoso Int'l BusinessTeresa I. Schuman Marketing Enrico Serafim Marketing Therese E. Shea-Pizanti Nursing Barbara E. Shimada Nursing Theresa A. Sullivan Nursing Andrew Summers Music Karjanto Sutjipto Finance Christopher D. Swadcncr Accounting Kenneth D. Simoncini Gen. Business Terese M. Smith Nursing Arturo R. Souza Marketing Annette S. Sozzi Nursing Christine J. Springer Nursing Julie W. Stahl French Kim A. Stanley Nursing Pratidiwa G. Sudharno Finance 199r Cristina M. Sy Nursing Ferry M. Tampi Finance Jing-Tong Tan Finance Linda H.L. Tan Marketing Siang H. Tan Decision Science Yoshiaki Tanji Economics Susanna Tan Vasscri Taraneh Government Marina Tay Mass Media Johannes Tcnudjaja Finance Josephine I. Tiongson Psych. Pre-Physical Therapy Daniel B. Tjhin Management201 Valeric L. Van Teslaar Nursing Lan L. 'I'joc Accounting Peter E. Torre Finance Robert E. Van Halcn Music Song-Fong Tjoe Computer Science Hironori Tsuda Economics Jun Tsuji Gen. Business l)ol orah L. Twomey Chemistry Benjamin Typoco Finance Bessie Typoco Finance Esteban O. Uy. Jr. Henning Tornfelot Cen. BusinessTeresa M. Vaughan-Paich Nursing Helen J. Varias Marketing Ix ri A. Vines Accounting Vincent P. Vcroneay Finance James F. VVacchter Marketing Glenda E. Walker Nursing Mary Jo Walsh Nursing Wan-Munirah Wan-Putch Accounting Ratna A. Widjaja Endy Widodo Teresa J. Win Joseph M. Woelffer Computer Science Math Finance Computer Science Marketing 202Judy A. Woo Lori A. Woodbury Susanna S. Wu Sofya Yatskar Computer Science Nursing Nursing Nursing ► Tony S. Yeh Computer Science Alberto Ycpcz Klee. Physics Comp. Sc. Yuliani Yuwono Finance Hamid R. Zarringhalam Finance Eiichi Matsumura. MA Economics Scott Lu Computer Science. MS Hana G. Rustom. MS Computer Science Afsaneh Tooyserkani MBA in Marketing 203THE 1984-1985 YEARBOOK STAFF WISHES THE CLASS OF 1985 GOOD LUCK AND SUCCESS IN THE “REAL WORLD”YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL USF IMPRINTED MERCHANDISE Campus Wear Glasswear Pennants AND MUCH MUCH MOORE ... SPECIALIZING IN JOSTEN’S CLASS RINGS DIPLOMA PLACQUING AVAILABLE University of San Francisco Bookstore Phelan Hal! - Lower Level 2130 Fulton Street San Francisco. Ca. 94117 (415) 666-6493 PROFESSIONAL FOOD MANAGEMENT Serving the students of USF with pride! Are you hungry? BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1985 FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT THE CAMPUS MINISTRY CENTER Peter G. Neeley, S.J. Steven P. Ryan. S.J. Sr. Marie Ignatius. RSHM Matthew Walsh Joe Sehee Betsy Andrews - Kammerdiener Jani Hughes Come Back and visit us often! 205Congratulations and all the best! Academy of Art College 540 Powell Street, San Francisco, California 94108. 415 673-4200 Adi vrtising Graphic Design Unstration Fine Arts Interior Design Plxitograpby Faslmm IllustrationThe University of San Francisco’s ALUMNI ASSOCIATION EXTENDS SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS AND AN ENTHUSIASTIC WELCOME TO THE Class of 1985 As a member of the Alumni Association, you will be provided with an Alumni card and the details to: •secure privileges to use the library •participate in the intramural activities •use the services of the Career Planning . Placement Center You will also receive the alumni magazine, VIEW, and are welcome to attend any of the more than 60 educational and social events sponsored annually by the Alumni Association. THE ALUMNI OFFICE Lone Mountain Campus Room 132 (415) 752-6560 Presidoni: Vice-President: Treasurer: Senior Class President: Junior Class President: Sophomore Class President: Freshman Class President: ASUSF Hamid Zarringhalam Sanya Hill Steve McCarthy David Capurro Annie Galia Erick Pecha (F) Evan Trommer (S) John Murray WISHES THE USF GRADUATES OF 1985 “HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS” AND ENCOURAGES ALL USF STUDENTS TO GET INVOLVED IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES GOOD LUCK AND CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE FUTURE ADMINISTRATIONS Senators at I arge: Mike Freeman (F S) James Harrison (F) Barbara Hockel (F S) Patricia Leis (F) Tom Martin (F) Oscar Perez (F S) Evan Trommer (S) David Wall (S) Lisa Wong (S) Academic Chairperson: Activities Chairperson: ISA President: Commuter Council Chair: Residence Hall Chair: Club’s Council Chair: Suanne Yorn Stephanie Woodhead John Han Paul Norcross Chris Ruetz Melissa Uytingco PACE: Toni Forge Greek Council Chairperson: Blair J. Bautista (F) Charles Malarct (S) Head Yell Leader: Carol Meshinsky Co-Curricular Chairperson: Chris Swadener BSC Chairperson: Chris Krzak Exec. Assist, to the President: Samuel Exec. Assist, to the Vice-President: Patricia Leis 208INTRAMURAL SPORTS V Director of Intramurals: Chuck White _ , . , Assist. Director: Robert Giron Congratulations to our 1984 champions: Staff: Dana. Greg. Jane. Joanne. And Lin Ann Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM. Phone Number: 666-6704 VANILLA THUNDER TIGHT WADS BALSA IN YOUR FACE POI DOGS GEORGETOWN LANTERN JADES S84 "A” League Basketball S84 “B” League Basketball S84 Grad League Basketball S F84 Residence League Basketball F83 X-Mas Tournament Basketball S84 Women’s League Basketball S84 Turket Tournament Basketball POLYGLOTS COLLEGE OF PROFESS. STUDIES INDONESIAN CLUB DETOMASO S84 Coed Volleyball S84 Faculty-Staff. F84 Founder's Day Volleyball F84 Coed Volleyball P’84 Men's Residense Volleyball DEREK WONG TIERRY LeGARFF F84 "A” Level Tennis F84 "B” Level Tennis DIAMOND CUTTERS F84 Coed Softball LAW IN MOTION S84 Flag Football F84 Flag Football UP THE MIDDLE TOO! S84 Women’s Flag Football • Come out and share in the excitement of Intramural Sports Recreation. We offer: aerobics, badminton, basketball, flag football. flying club, horseback riding, judo room, ping pong, sailing, softball, soccer, sports equipment roon. tennis, volleyball, weight room, whitewater rafting, and much more ... 209DON STAFF Jennifer Wade: Photography Technician Interests: Marriage. US-Soviet relations Debbie Morrissey: Health Technician Person nel Interests: Zulu Military Strategy. Dinosaurs Jocelyn Maas: Research Analysis Specialist Interests: Snail racing. Fungus formation Charlie Malaret: Security Coordinator Interests: Meditation, butterfliesKatie Ingram: Vice-President for Residential Facilities, Typing Technician Interests: M M’s, high-tech machines Michelle Martin: Executive Secretary for Internal Affairs Interests: acupuncture, pee wee golf Interests: drums, beautiful women Claire Garvin: Productivity Engineer Interests: men. liquor 211Laura McCullough: Executive Sales Analyst Interests: soap operas, nuclear physics Maureen Loonam: Coordinator for Emergency Staff Reserves. Typing Technician Interests: canine behavior, pet rocks Jack Sullivan: Foghorn Corrcspondcnt Eur- opean Relations Interests: liquor. Irish history Tina Sy: Chief Layout Technician Interests: rain dances, graduation 212Matt O’Neil and Julie Sullivan: Publication Production Engineers Interests: Artesian hunting, each other Janies Harrison: Executive Chairman of the Presidential Board Interests: 49ers, milkshakes Ralph Good: Executive Finance Chairman Interests: Religious Artifacts. First Causes 213Rene Gamboa: Executive Personnel Psychologist Interests: Peace, Love and Flowers. Chris St. Amand: Deus Athleticus Interests: heavy metal music, granola Chin-Ping Peh: Computer Data Analyst Interests: American Mating habits, muzak Robin Halaber: Time Efficiency Manager Interests: Star Trek Trivia, continuous female company Sebastian Ang: Nocturnal Morale Therapist Interests: Japanese food, dying planets 214Beatrice Whitburn: Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Presidents, Matriarch. Gopher. Interests: Insects, Punk Rock. Kim Christiansen: Chief Secretary for University Relations, Cropping Engineer. Interests: Nuclear disarmament, eating. The successful production of a yearbook is not possible without the cooperation and assistance of the entire university community. Specifically, the Don staff would like to extend its deepest gratitude to the following people: Mia (Ding Dong) Harrison: Executive Historian. Structural Maintenance Supervisor. Plumber. Interests: Mathematical Induction. Men who wear glasses. Greg Yeakle - Staff assistant Janet Hardy - Staff assistant Mary Andrews - Staff assistant Jeannie Basil - Staff assistant Michael Olivcri - Staff assistant James Kuller - Photos Lisa Winters - Staff assistant Kathleen Wieck - Art work Kathy Horan - Photos Susan Kazmer - Photos Annette Cruz - Photos Theresa Hauser - Layout assistant Anne Moore - Layout assistant Mimi Geraty - Media Council Rep. Bill Esquivel - Photos Denise Guzman - Layout assistant Barbara Hockel - Photos Cliff Hughes and the Purchasing Dept. Mike Brown - Invaluable Support Bcrtillc Donohoe - Photos Camille Bucrry - Layout assistant Jane Healy - Photos Debbie Baizer - Invaluable support Pete Simon - Photos Leila Kellow - WEC correspondent Hamid Zarringhalam - Unwavering support Cpt. Daniel Schwav - Photos Mall Dana - Media Council Chairman Rajai Al-khalidi - Photos Fr. Peter Neeley - Photos Loretta Magnani-Williams - Endless aid Cpt. Peter Corpack - Photos Michael Galica - Photos U.C. Desk Staff - Constant support Mary Kay - Varden's Rep. Dick - Jostens Rep. 215222223FROM THE EDITORS’ DESK 224 The time, 4:30am. It is the 4th day of the 3rd month in the 1984th Year of Our Lord. We are in a small office. The office is in the center of a mid-sized university with an under-sized campus. The university is in the center of one of the world’s most beautiful yet interesting cities. OH MY GOD! WHY ARE WE HERE!?! WHO PUT US HERE !?! WHERE ARE WE GOING!?! The last deadline is due in four hours. We have 30 pages to go and six pictures to work with, unless you count the pictures we cut out of Georgetown’s 1981 yearbook. There are a handful of us here. Our minds are fried, our eyes are baggy, our stomachs are upset and our nerves are shot. Our blood boils with caffeine and sugar. I have just returned from my fourth donut run (some people still spell it ‘doughnut’). One positive point: parking was easy. The end is in sight! The Promised Land awaits us! Eureka! It is our third and LAST year with the DON. It has not been real, it has not been fun and it has not been real fun! Don't ever become a yearbook editor unless you like to flirt with pain and insanity. Lights, camera, action. Curtain time. Drum roll please. This year’s staff proudly presents to you the 1984-85 University of San Francisco DON. Love it or leave it. This book was made for USF with USF in mind. We hope it is an accurate reflection of the spirit and life of USF. Mail complaints and criticisms to: P.O. Box 13, Noplace Nebraska. Special thanks due here to Hamid Zarringhalam and the ASUSF officers for making this book possible. Money has a way of opening doors and getting things done. Well, now it’s time to say goodbye to all our family. The staff hopes you have enjoyed this year’s DON. We wish you all the best in years to come. God Bless. JAMES DENNIS A.M.D.G. 

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