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5n ■-V'' ne University Of San Franeiseo 1984To Everything There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose Under The Heaven .4 56To Eat ... 8To Listen • • •OMICKON IULTACH PLEDGES PRESENT SING-AG HAMS OHDEliS. OCX 7.KH!?| COST 552.00 I A Time To Work ...A Time To Love ... 15A Time 16 For FriendsTHE UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO YEARBOOK STAFF DEDICATES THE 1983 EDITION TO: LOUISE M. DAVIESCAMPUS LIFE: A glimpse of the students out of the classrooms- from dances to dorms (pardon us-residence halls’), in costume and out. RESIDENCE HALLS: ... when our tireless academicians seek deserved repose. Here they are to be found hard at their studies or enjoying a relaxing moment or two with comrades. SPORTS: The competitive spirit of our scholars is not limited to the confines of the classroom. Intra- as well as extramural activities provide an enjoyable, not to mention healthy, diversion from the academic life. ACTIVITIES: An attractive aspect at university life is the opportunity to meet and work with people of similar interests. The many clubs and organizations here at USF provide a medium for such exchange. 18Campus Life ACADEMICS: And now that for which most of us are here (Goodness knows we pay enough for it). Though some opinions may differ, in general one need only look at the product to judge the process. FACULTY: Our mentors and friends (on good days). Theirs is the thanks when we succeed- so why doesn’t it work that way when we fail? SENIORS: The remaining students will be glad to take their places. JUNIORS: ... about to emerge from a period of great darkness into an even greater darkness. SOPHO- MORES: They’ve reached the halfway point. Play it again! FRESHMEN: Sure hope they didn’t think this year was tough! 19Campus LifeFOUNDER’S WEEK. A Your shares in designer jeans will gain 15 pts. A Three hours, and still not a single propo- A Hey ... something in there just moved, sition. T We did it, we put it up. all by ourselves! ▼ Listen guys. I'm going to need some help pushing this one. 22A And you know what Anne, they actually think we care. ▼ Hold still son so I can bash your brains in. A Krazy glue: Many domestic as well as industrial uses. A Ok. $50 behind the McClaren copier, by Tuesday, and I destroy the picture. A First you go to the bursar, they’ll send you to Lone Mountain, they'll send you to Phelan, they’ll send you back here. 23HARNEY PLAZA COUNTRY CLUB This year San Francisco was blessed with more than a few bright and sunny days. USF students were not slow to take advantage of the good weather. Most chose Harney Plaza as the place to kick back and soak up the sun. Thus, the Harney Plaza Country Club was bom. A This man is reading a newspaper. He likes it. A USF students patiently await the second coming. 24▲ And then after my double flip ... ▲ We ought to be in pictures. ▲ I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. ▲ If the little hand’s on the three and the big hand’s on the six ... 25A Primitive form of mating. A Capt. America says, "Put waste in its place." T No. not me; the cupcakes arc for sale. 26▲ So, you haven’t paid your library fees yet. huh? A I think its running down my leg. A The Bobbsic Twins take a tan. ▼ Did you know parts of a cats tail arc edible? 27KRAZY KAN BIDS. A So what arc you doing tonight? A It was such a hcllacious party, even the Bello Brothers were there! 28▲ Let me see, place left first, then move right foot forward, then...... A Item: Strange creature sighted on a San Francisco University campus. 29 A G.Q. here I come!A VVho would believe these beautiful Delta Zeta girls could actually paint a bench? (Ans: No one.) A It’s getting so a person can’t study in the library anymore. A Alas, another USF Jesuit is caught impersonating a civilian. A Members of the Bring Jimi Hendrix Back to Life Club gather for a casual group shot. 30 ▼ This couple is watching the soap opera “As Gian Gets Taller,” where the question this week is: How tall is Gian without his clogs on? ▼ The USF String Quartet practices for its annual six-weekAll right Mr. High Tolerance, how many fingers am I holding up?A Guess which person in this picture is smiling. (Hint: Which one owns toothpaste stock.A Two USF scholars discuss a physics problem over a casual dinner Two students openly share their feelings concerning in the UC Commons.A this country’s conversion to the metric system.A tour of Europe with stops in the Caribbean and Morocco. We don’t walk to school-We “strut” to school.Y 31▲ Hey, with a body like mine, who needs an education? I can make it feel much better.Y 32 A I was about to explain what I was talking about before I started describing what I meant and now I have no idea what I'm discussing. What, me worry!?!▼A And I thought men were hard to deal with. A This year’s Omnicron Pledges take their daily A USF student fulfills the semester’s quota of stroll to Filthy’s. studying.A Dawn of the Living Dead.V 33CAMPUS SCENES The University of San Francisco has grown with the city whose name it bears. ; Today USFs 51 acres, located on a hilltop near Golden Gate Park, overlooks 1 downtown and the Pacific Ocean. The university is comprised of more than 70.. cultures giving it a mixed and yet distinct character. Although USF retains its rich Catholic heritage, symbolized by the majestic presccnce of Saint Ignatius Church, its students are from many religious backgrounds. A The second floor of Campion Hall. 36My years here at USF Have been ones I’ll remember. Right from the early days of Fall Through the cold months of December This school upholds its tradition It’s a friendly place to live. I’ve had so much to do and learn. And it has so much to give. Each building on the campus-Each flower on each tree. Have become familiar And have left a memory. Each class that I’ve attended. Each chapel service slept through. Has given me this feeling: Here’s something 1 belong to. Glceson Hail Library and Lone Mountain Campus from the St. Ignatius Church tower.AHALLOWEEN ▼ USF students at the career day festival. ▼ Fr. Bill gels a peck at the real Frank. 38▲ We’re burning tonight! A You’re probably wondering why I’ve called you here tonight. ▼ Dolly proudly shows her stuff. T To awake: deposit 25c and press ‘start’ 39▼ Mike Rinne shows off the latest in high fashion at USF. 40USF partners prepare for a wild night on the town.V Haburn shares his impressions of San Francisco’s many diverse lifestyles. ARESIDENCE HALL CANDIDS A Tony Francois hard at work composing another sure-to-be-a-success piano concerto. A Katie Sullivan does not look impressed with her roommate’s lame duck imitation. ▼ The missing link at loose in a Gillson lounge. Me? Dump noodles in the sink? I wouldn't dream of it?V 42The perfect desk clerk. Margaret would be so proud of you Al- ma.A Look, I gotta have the stuff by 9:00. Yeah, I know I’m Ice cream? What ice cream? This is sugarless, non-fat, de-addicted. Well, if you ate where I do you’d call out for calorized, sacharine-saturated, diet yogurt.A pizza every night too.A ▼ 1 just can’t find my girdle anywhere! Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.T 43▲ Oooohh, all three of you are sooo beautiful! A Mommy always let me drink beer in the halls at home. 44 A East meets West.A Almada and Love smile for the camera, moments later they were deported. 45A Oh no! Attack of the killer pillow! “That's right, and girls like me too." ▼ This one's 100% cotton over 78% polyester, 3£ But mama. I am calling!" ▼ 46A Who is that masked man and what is Beth Rodgers doing on his bed?FRIENDS AT USFDANCES 52 ▲ Bill Desmond and Nina Anderson like to have a bit of vegetable juice before they hit the dance floor. A Roxanne Lum is in ecstacy over her date, who was recently released from Sanoma State Hospital. ▼ One of the few happy couples at the Match Your Mate: Mark Nelson and Liz Y King and Queen of the Rose Dance: Tony Batenetti Schmitz. and Mia Harrison.A Sameh Amawi contributes to the nurturing of Arab- merican relations. I his young lady is among those who did not do so well at the Match Your Mate dance.T A A candid of Tim Philpott and Maria Sosa. Neither one had the faintest notion their picture was being taken. A Whoever said men are egocentric? A Denise Guzman with two underworld right extremists. This picture was later submitted to the FBI. 53°NE NIGHT semesterT OH THAT HURT. A IDI BIDI CHILIBIDI GOOD TO THE LAST DROP ► A PM READY AND WILLAD MAJORAM DEI GLORIAM ... For our sake I le was Crucified under Pontius Pilate, lie suffered, died, and was Buried. On the third day He rose again in fulfillment Of the Scriptures. He ascended Into Heaven and is seated at the Right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to Judge the living and the dead and His kindgom will have no end ... YEARBOOK STAFF 57Residence HallsHAYES HEALY Hayes RHC: Illyana Aasen (President), Angie Malone (Treasurer), May Constantino (Vice President), Hildy Schell (Secretary), Georgianna Chinn (Chairman of Food Committee). Hayes Staff: (Back Row) Diane Dressed (RHD), Illyana Aasen; (Middle Row) Denise Gu man, Terry Stratton (AHD), Carol McSweeney, Katie Ingram, Laurie Thorngate; (First Row) Colleen Dern, Valerie Van Teslar. Donna Michaud; (Missing) Mia Harrison. 6061 So C ‘’iSIX SEVEN 62EIGHT NINE 63Gillson Gillson RHC Representatives with their president. Mitzi Dearing (first row, second from left). Gillson Staff: (Back Row) Pedro Ja ier. Christine Hilts, Barbara llockle, Gary Maslowski (RHD); (Second Row) Cecelia Minalga (AHD), Dave Capurro. Richard Bargetto, Reggie Lane, Frank Almada, (Front Row) Heba Momtaz. I 64FOUR FIVE s 6667 hi r tn 03PHELAN Wendy Bigharn and Candy Gardner: Phelan RHC Vice President and President. Phelan RA Staff: (Back Row) James Harrison, Cece Sharum (RHD), Luis Nigre; (Second Row) Eileen Leonard, Bea Quintanilla, Maryanne McAuliffe, Ariel Ramos, Dennis Lunney, Andy Kim; (First Row): Ruben Deanda, Margaret Doherty (AHD), Mark Chase. 68hi t i e ta H 69FOUR FIVE 70SIX THREE WEST 71Lone Mountain staff: (left to right.) Mary Jane Webber, Tonja Phillips, Mike Korkin, Mike Rinnc, Sharon Fox, Kathy Simmons. M 1 J m iBpnMi i •ii i z ,: r:311ml ■ s -■!. •»mu 11 1 ■,‘nn 7273fcq Uj H 74 75 A Bobbie Rodriguez, Chief Justice of ibe Housing Judicial Board, flashes a "arm comforting smile.Student Organization Co L-R, Kent Chaio, James Halpin, Anthony Bartehetti, Tim Lawless, Toni Forge, Sonia Hill, Terri Sabaka. 2nd Row, James Harrison, Behrouz Vassoughi, Sergio Bello, Kathy Grogan, Gianfranco Marchesiello, Sameh Amawi, Hamid Zarringhalm, Oscar Perez, Aileen Sterling, Leonel Bello. 3rd Row, Linda Winslow, Micheal Hart, Sueanne Yorn, Michele Tan 7879COMEDIANS ... CONCERTS ... SPEAKERS ... K 80JOHN B. ANDERSON 81DAVIES SPEAKER: PIERRE SALINGER I 82Sigma Alpha EPSILON FRATERNITY 0 R G A N 1 Z A T I O N S SAE Little Sisters 83Co C 1 p COLLEGE 84CHESS CLUB TRI GAMMA PHIL-AM ASSOC 85IN MEMORY OF ROSE ANNE HARRISON THE IDEAL WIFE AND MOTHER She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come. She opens her mouth in wisdom, and on her tongue is kindly counsel. She watches the conduct of her household, and eats not her food idleness. Her children rise up and praise her: her husband, too, extols her: “Many are the women of proven worth, but you have excelled them all.” Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting; the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her a reward of her labors. and let her works praise her at the city gates. 86 This dedication is to James Mia of the yearbook —from us.YEARBOOK STAFF 87n si DELTA THEOLOGY SIGMA PI STUDENTS HUTO HAWAII PS I CHI THETAKUSF DELTA ZETA EVERGREEN 89JULIAN BOND speaks to the USF community KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 90MIKK McNAUGHTON KATHLEEN WARD CONNIE KILPATRICK DREW SANDSOR 91 3 O 153 O92STUDENTS. 931I AthleticsUS F PLAYING FIELD PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING UNAUTHORIZED USE Of THE ffELV IS PROHIBITED Violators Wiu. Be ProsecutedBACK ROW: 1-r PETER SIMON, THEO VARVESTAD, JANHELGE SHIEFLOE, MARTIN IVARSON, THIERRY BLANSON, WALLY HAYES MIDDLE ROW: JOHN ALEXANDER, CATO ANDERSON, VIDAR LARSEN, ANDERS SJOGRELL, ANDERS KRISTENSSON, KEN BOARDMAN, ROBERT MAGALHAES FRONT ROW: ERIK VISSER, PER HAUGVALSTAD, MARK MACKBEE, ARILD HAUGEN, MARK POWELL, JOHN BUSTOS, RAFAEL GARCIA, STEPHEN NEGOESCO (COACH)9798 LADY DONS VOLLEYBALL Back Row (L-R): Marty Kennedy (Head Coach), Patti Canfield, Julie Black, Ruth Brodic, Toni Ray. Kathy Schindler. Bottom Row (L-R): Lynn Fclando (Manager), Karen Puccini, Tracy Harrison, Brenda Vizzard, Kathy Horan, Jeni Boron (Captain) The 1983 volleyball season saw a young team with heart and determination. Although hampered by injuries throughout the season, the Lady Dons never fell to defeat without a fierce fight. This shows the courage that helped the team successfully beat Fresno State and the University of Washington, while being the only team to win one game from U.O.P. They were led by senior Brenda Vizzard. Kathy Schinder. and captain Jeni Boron. With nine returning players next year, the future looks exciting for Lady Dons Volleyball. 100101CROSS COUNTRY Standing (L-R): Colonel Russ Calvert (Men’s Coach), Karin Bamhiscl, Nick Peters, Dana Monroe. Rick Taitano, Colleen Davis, Nancy Cullinane, K.T. Argys, Frank Scariano, Louise Foti, Mark Forker. Sue Rojccwicz (Women’s Coach)-Kneeling (L-R): Rob Brizucla, Mark Gunter, Mark Hurley. Laura Gullo, Carla Consentino, Donna Kit The Don’s Cross Country team improved tremendously this 1983 Fall Season, not only in racing ability but in it’s enthusiasm. The Don’s victoriously ran against such Bay Area college teams as Santa Clara, St. Marys, College of Notre Dame, and Mills on several occasions. The Lady Dons traveled further to Oregon to compete in the NORPAC championships. Coaches Sue Rojcewicz and Colonel Russ Calvert combined everlasting support with rigorous training sessions to make this season an enjoyable and memorable experience for the team. 102103LADY DONS SOFTBALL Back Row (L-R): Ccc Gonzales (C oach) Melissa Wall. Holli Brashear. Netii Morris. Mimi Ricsler. Dianna Albini. Pam Albini. Annette Blanford. Front Row (L-R): Virginia Roberts. Jane Healv, Tracy Miller. Carol Fisher. Kathy Ciardclla, Shelly Pfeifer The Lady Dons Softball Team has a promising outlook for the 84' season. Ccc Gonzales leads a young team with a lot of heart and character into a tough season. The team is full of talent with three quality starting pitchers Melissa Wall. Dianna Albini. and Virginia Roberts. They arc led on offense by the power hitting of Nettie Morris and the speed of Tracy Miller. The defense is anchored by catcher Shelly Pfeifer and the supporting cast of Jane Healy and Pam Albini. The youth and heart of Lady Dons Softball should give them success in this year and years to come. 104 105 106107EXTRAMURAL BASKETBALL L-R: Mark Chase, Nate Sain, Chris Wilson, Evan Roosevelt. 2nd row. Kvlc Fey, Bobby Giron, Tyrone Washington. The extramural Basketball team is a group of men joined together in forming the Men’s Gub. This group competes with teams from the Bay Area. This fierce competition stems from Dominican college to the junior varsity team of Cal-Berekley. This group of fine gentlemen are led by Nate Sain, who controls the tempo of the game. Up front, they have two big men Mark Chase and Chris Wilson who control the boards and the court. Then we can not forget the added dimension of Bobby Giron and Evan Roosevelt. These men have joined the team for fun but they are out to win. 108109LADY DONS BASKETBALL 84 from row (left to right) K.T. ARGYS. MELANY FURIMSKY. LISA STEVENS. ASST. COAC H MARTY KENNEDY HEAD COACH SUE ROJCEWITZ. ASST. COACH PAM MARTIN. SUE CORDER. MIMI RESLIER. DEBBIF. DUNBAR, hack row (I to r) MARGARET WALSH. ANNE GOETZE. THERESA PODESTA. LINDA WALSH. SUE BACON. SONJA HAUGEJORDE. CHRIS VACC‘ARC) Sue Rojeewitz, the lady dons coaches goal for the year was to finish in the top four of the NOR PAC CONFERENCE This is not an easy task for the young team but they are led by two strong and dominant seniors in Linda Walsh and Sue Bacon. To help with the offense is the sharp shooter Sue Corder and play maker Lisa Stevens. Sonja Haugejorde and Anne Goetze add strength at the forward position, while Theresa Podesta will back up the center. K.T. Argys adds confidence and inspiration, while a fine crop of freshman add strength to the bench. Margret Walsh and Chris Vaccaro add to the forwards, while Debbie Dunbar and Melanie Furimasky add depth to the backcourt. These fine players should help Sue Rojeewitz Goal and add success for the Lady Dons no Basketball Program.Ill113114 I115ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: The Past and Future Bill Fusco This year we lost an athletic director who's true heart was in his job. Through thick and thin, during the controversies surrounding the ill-fated men's basketball program, Bill Fusco showed true loyalty to his Alma Mater. We thank him and wish him luck in the future. 116Father Sunderland S.J. The U.S.F. Athletic Department started the year in the right direction, when Fr. Sunderland was named the new Athletic Director. He brings experience and knowledge to a tough job, but we have confidence he will have U.S.F Athletics on a pedastol, where they will be known for their competition, sportsmanshipy and academics. 117THE DIAMOND DONS 1984 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM THE 1983-1984 EDITION OF THE DIAMOND DONS PROMISES TO BE ONE OF THE FINEST EDITIONS IN THE PAST FEW YEARS. THE COAC H AS WELL AS THE TEAM HAVE FOUND A NEW IDENTITY TO PRESENT TO THE FANS THIS YEAR: THE IDENTITY OF A WELL KNOWN CH AR ACTER TH AT NEVER QUITS AND H AS OUTSTANDING POTENTI AL TO BE RELEASED ON SOME UNSUSPECTING OPPONENTS. THIS CH AR ACTER H AS MOMENTARILY REPLACED THE IM AGE OF THE DI AMOND DONS. IT IS NONE OTHER TH AN "UNDER DOG”. THE UNDERDOG THEME WILL CAUSE H AVOC AMOUNG THE VISITORS TO ULRICH FIELD.AS THE TRUE POWER WILL BE RELEASED IN THEIR PLAY. THEY PLAN TO H AVE A GOOD YEAR IN BOTH ASPECTS OF THE G AME. A SOLID HITTING ATT ACK AS WELL AS AN EXPERIENCED GROUND ATTACK AS THEY TAKE AWAY THE OFFENSIVE MOMENTUM OF THEIR VISITING OPPONENTS 118119121122123Academics126127YEARBOOK STAFF SECOND STRING (ALL NIGHTERS CLUB) SUPPORTING STAFF PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE: Rl BEN, TERRI, JOANNE. 129130131PAM AIDS ANOTHER STUDENT IN REGISTRATION ONE ASPECT OF ACADEMICS IS STUDYING ANOTHER PROFESSOR EDUCATING A USF STUDENT 132PEER COUNSELING AT ITS BEST LECTURES SEEM TO AID STUDENTS LONG HOURS REWARD SUCCESS A BREAK FROM STUDIES LOGIC SEEMS TO CALC ULATE BRILLANCE 133134STUDENT QUIZ Who is the Housing Director? Who "ns hired for Ringling Barnum Brothers and bailey Circus? Who is the famous Photo Editor? Where is the U.S.F. swimming pool?O as m 136137142143THE ROAD TO SUCCESS ... TO COMPUTE BEYOND 145 YOUR FINAL ACHIEVEMENT SUCCESSM ADORNATO K BABCOCK l BAY l» BESAG C BETTECKF.R J BARRET T BEVAN B BLECH A F BOWER 14XP CHIN FR DACHAUER II DAWSON A KFKNDIGLL 149 A DOLAN SSG A DI .ON150M LEHMAN M LEHMAN A LINCOLN J MARRIOT P I.ORTON G MARIN B MARTIN M MATHES L MAZMAMAN 151J SWANSON N VOGELEY E WIIETMORE 153SeniorsAHMED ALAWI ANNA ALEXANDER NADIA AL HAZZA 156 TSUNEHARU AMANO TAMOTSU ARAI157 SERGIO BELLO MARY BLOMMER HENRY BROADBENTMICHAEL CARRENO TAMRE CARROLL THOMAS CASEY RICK CASTENEDA MARIA CALESTIAL MARY CHAMBERS 158 ABNER CHAVAPRIA YOONG CHENG KENT CHI AO159 ELIZABETH COTTER JACEY CRAWFORD TINA CRESPIWHO SAID THE YEARBOOK STAFF IS NOT FEN"’ COLLEEN DFRN MARY DUDLEY JEAN DENTIG LESLIE EBERT 160161 CHRISTIAN FAHLBUSCH DENYING THE ODDS OF ALL STATISTICS IN THE LIBRARY”BENJAMIN FERNANDEZ DIANNE FINGADO LINDA FITZGERALD KATHLEEN FITZSIMMONS DAVID FLAHERTY MARY FLUETSCH 162 CATHERINE FLYNN ANGELA FOO SANDRA FUJI 163 JOHN GUZOWSKI HAMIDAH HAJI HASSAN THERESE HANNIYUKIKO HANODO CLAUDETTE HANSSON SITI HASSAN KEVIN HEVERIN CHRISTINE HILTS NADIA HAZZA PEARL HUT 164 NAOKI HORN KEVIN HORITANORA HURLEY MARIE IGNACIO TEVIS IGNACIO TATSUYA IKEGAMI HIROSHI ISHIMOTO MARIA JABSON 165 PEDRO JAVIER JR. JOANNE JESSEE BENJAMIN JOEHITOSHI KAWAKAMI SHOHFI K AW MUR A SHAWN KELLY MICHELE KI YOTA MICA KINOSHITA JEFFREY KONTOFF 166167 JOHN LAUTERBACH JR THREE ON ONE?DAVID LING DAPHNE LIU STEPHEN LONG 168 RICARDO LOWE CHRISTOPHER LYNCH LUCINDA LYONSLEONOR MACH IN TUGGY MAKAIWI JEANNE MAKMUR HOLLY MANESE GIANFRANCO MARCHESIELLO EDWARD MALARET 169 FARIBA MASSAH MARK MC GUIGAN MIKE MC NALGHTONFIJI MORISHIGE MARGUERITE MURRIN JEFFREY NESPOR 170 CEC1LA NGUYEN YUMI NISHIOKA KENJI OG1SAWA171 IONIA PHILLIPS VILAS PHONGSATHORN CONSTANCE RADLEYZILPHER REED ANTONE RAYMUNDO GLORIALIZZA REYEL SUSAN RICKETTS HELI REGALADO MARIA RINALDI 172 A TIME TO BREAK AWAY ...MICHAEL R1NNE SENIOR NIGHT AT CARLOS AND PONCHOS MARIA SADOVNKOV LYDIA SANTIAGO ARTHUR SANTOS 173 IZUMI SATO YUKIKO SATO JAMES SAVAGEr 174 JUNKE SUZUKI THOMAS SWEENEY MELANIE TAMMATILDA TAN YOSHIAKI TANJI TOKIO TKSHUKADA DEIDRE TODD JUNKO TOMITA LISA TOMPKINS RIKA UEDA 175 ANN TRAGALIA BEHROUZ VOSSOUGHIMARY WARD CHARLENE WEBBER NANCY WIDTFELDT LEE WILSON 176 6 CHRISTINE WIECK PAUL WILLIAMSJENNIFER WOOL SUSAN WONG MING WU ALEXANDER YAO MONIQUE ZOSLAW MORE SENIORS pg 216. 217. 218, 219. and 224 177Juniors180 THERESE ATALIAH ANTHONY BARTENETTI LAWRENCE BROWNCLOVINA CARBULLIDO MARYROSE CONSTANTINO 181 MICHAEL FREEMAN JAMES HARRISON SANYA HILLCAROL HURTADO DONNA KITT DENNIS COPELAND 182183184 ALEXANDER RAII.EY-CISCO185 MARYJO WAI.SH186Good times Festival in Junior Wonderland Just one more year to next year 187189Sophomores192 RUBEN DE ANDA MIMI DUFFY SUZANNE ELHING193 THERESA FLEMMING JOANNE FOSTER AMELIA HARRISONSHERYL VIOLIN A ROJUAN RAPADAS SUZANNE ROSS TERRI SABOTKA BARRY PECHA KIUMARS RAHMANI EARD 195StANNEYORN C HRISTINE ZWIERLEIN 196197198199Freshmen202FEUZA CONTRERAS 203 MONA DACGETT204 MKLANI FURIMSKY ARDINO GUSMAN ROBERT HART205 CAROL MESHINKY ASH IF MOTAN ROBERT PECHA206 CARLOS ROMERO SAMUEL SANTIAGO SILVINO SPENC ER207KOZ209A TIMEANALIZA ASIS PERRY BEATISTA JOSEPHINE BEHAN ALICE BOYLE DERMONT CHAN MICHELLE CLARK VINCENT BREW JOAN BONNIE COPLON TRACY ('ORRAI. NANCY COURTRIGHT MARILYN DESOLZAMIRIAM DESOUZA JOHN DOOLING PATRICIA DOYLE TODD FISC HER TIMOTHY FITZPATRICK RUTH FAULKNER DONNA FONG SIOBHAN GEARY ROGER GIOVANNETTI 217DANIEL HOLLAND BRENT HUGHEY PATRICIA JACKSON JEFFREY KARMAN IG N ATI US I A NG K UO R AIIA R D J O DIANA GURLEY CLAUDETTE HANSON SONNY HARTANTO DEANNA LUCCHESI 218 ELIZ A BETH MCCA FFREY COLLEEN MCCARTHY MONICA MCHUGHAN NY MITRA DANA MULLIGAN YVONNE MIRANDA JOSEPHINE ORNUM-CORTEZ JANE PERLAS BENNETH REYES NAOMI NISHIOSO OUR TIME RUNS OUT. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE TIME YOU SPEND READING THROUGH THE DON. THE MEDIA COUNCIL WATCHGLASS IS RUNNING A LITTLE SLOW, BUT WE HAVE CONFIDENCE THA T THEY WILL ONE DA Y MEET AND DECIDE ON WHO WAS THE EDITOR OF OUR BOOK. DESPITE THIS MAJOR PROBLEM, A FEW PROUD (MAYBE CRAZY) STUDENTS STAYED I --ff CASIOFAITHFUL TO THE DON. AND NOW, MANY ALL-NIGHTERS AND HEAD ACHES LATER, WE, ALONG WITH YOU, ARE ABLE TO SIT BACK AND ENJOY A DECENT YEARBOOK. FOR THOSE OF YOU DISSATISFIED WITH THE PUBLICATION, WE LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING YOU ON NEXT YEAR’S STAFF. ALOHA, GOODBYE AND GOD BLESS. THE STAFF TIMEX' LAUREN SCHWAB MARY SLAVIN' PAULUS TJHIN AUGUSTINUS TJIAM RIKA UEDA GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE a ANN WALTERS JEANETTE VIDMAR 224sL.g

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