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2TAB LEOF [ ' z: o u fENTS OPENING ADMINISTRATION STAFF CAMPOS LIFE ACADEMICS SPORTS INTRAMORALS ACTIVITIES CLUBS SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CLOSING ! University of San Francisco San Francisco's fim University Founded in 1855 3 89PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO To the Yearbook Readers: Yearbooks are always a big job, and often a thankless one too. This one is a triumph of persistence. Much as I know you will pore over the book this year, it is in 1988 and 1993 and on down the line that you will be pleased and delighted to turn its pages and find the faces of friends you once knew and may still know; and you may be startled to find that events which caused grief or hilarity now will stir only a faint memory. Congratulations to the many who helped bring the Yearbook to birth, and to the Class of '83. May the Yearbook help to keep you a part of the USF community for many years to come.FACULTY STAFF ADMINISTRATIONM. ADORNATO NURSING P. BAJ NURSING J. BARRETT NURSING T. BEVAN 20 PSYCHOLOGY M. BROWN ECONOMICS R. BABCOCK BUSINESS E. BRIGHT ENGLISH FR. DACHAUER CHEMISTRY F. BOWER DEAN OF NURSING P. CHIN BIOLOGY A. DOLAN V.P. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT LT. COL. R. CALVERT MIL. SCIENCE H. DAWSON ENGLISH A. EFENDIGLU BUSINESS SR. ELENE EGAN NURSINGSSG A. DIZON MIL. SCIENCE MAJ. J. FORSTER MIL. SCIENCE SMJ. G. FLORES MIL. SCIENCE A. HIRAKI D. HARNETT M. JOHNSON NURSING DEAN LIB. ARTS AND SCIENCES NURSINGP. LORTON COBA M. LEHMAN MATHEMATICS A. LINCOLN HISTORY G. MARIN PSYCHOLOGY B. MARTIN DEAN MCLAREN BUSINESS MARRIOT ACCOUNTING mmathes history L. MAZMANIAN COMM. ARTS McCONVILLE SOCIOLOGYB. MORTENSON SPANISH R. MULCAHY ECONOMICS M. GORMAN CHEMISTRY L. MORPHY PSYCHOLOGY L. MURRAY BUSINESS NOLAN BUSINESS SSG. M. OLSON MIL. SCIENCE J. PINELLI EXEC. ASST. DEAN M.OKANES BUSINESS {gyB. SMITH BUSINESS F. SMITH C. SHRCEM ENGLISH CHAIRPERSON -apt. J.SCHMEIDL mil. science N. VOGELEY ENGLISH E. WHETMORE COMM. ARTS CHAIRPERSONGEORGE B. GILLSON HALL RESIDENT ADVISORS SECOND FLOOR FIRST FLOOR THIRD FLOOR FOURTH FLOOR 28 SEVENTH FLOOR Gillson Hall is named with deep gratitude in honor of George B. Gillson Knight of the University of San Francisco. Ad Maidrem Dei Gloriam. 1965.JAMES D. PHELAN HALL 30 FOURTH FLOOR31HAYES-HEALY HALL i RESIDENT ADVISORS SECOND FLOOR THIRD FLOOR Hayes-Healy Hall is named for John Francis and Ramona Hayes-Healy who with great generosity expressed their love for this University and established this building as a memorial to their parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hayes and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hea-ly. September 1966. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam. FOURTH FLOORNINTH FLOOR FIFTH FLOOR FLOOR 33RESIDENCE HALL GOVERNMENT Residents enjoy a “Free — All You Can Eat” ice cream social sponsored by the Gillson RHC. 34Residents Hall Council is the hall student government designed and maintained by the residents. Weekly meetings are a necessity in order to attend to current situations. The hall governments primary purposes are to act as a “Go Between" from the housing office to the st udents and encourage resident interaction with the hope of developing a sense of community between the residents. 35“AND WHAT DO YOU DO ON A THURSDAY NIGHT?” “YOU’RE ASKING US?” “WE GUARD THE GROG." 36 “CUDDLE WITH FRIENDS."37 “STRENGTHEN OUR BICEPS.” 3839hChDGMICS 40DON STAFF 42CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Kari Anderson Siobhan Geary Nancy O’Connell Office of Public Affairs Cathy Pauley James F. Sweeney Larry Vierra Mary Jo Walsh DON STAFF -EDITORS — Kari S. Anderson Miriam Campos James Harrison Edward Malaret Nancy O’Connell Cathy Pauley Mary Jo Walsh PHOTOGRAPHERS -William Cottles Jong Guanlao James Kutler 4344SCHOOL OF NURSING REMEMBER WHEN ... your first instructor (Dr. Schooley) reminded yog of Captain Kangaroo, you were infatuated with your A P lab TA. we all had our own personal bottle of that everlasting sweet smell of formaldehyde, we had to buy and read the intellectually stimulating “nurse person.” we all knew the life story of Dr. Murphy, we had such a difficult chem final. all the tape recorders in Patho class ended ten minutes too soon, your books had yellow pages with white borders. you first put your freshly ironed clean uniform on at 8 AM, when clinical didn’t start til 3 PM. you spent ten minutes in front of the mirror positioning your stethoscope around your neck, you did your first bedpan with a smile. you rewrote the chart the night before clinical for those indepth NCP. you wrote 15 drug cards the night before clinical and found most of them have been discontinued the following day. you saw your first birth experience and decided your’re going to adopt. you had to write so small that your instructor needed a magnifying glass to read your award winning pedi care plans... too bad. your First rejection as a nurse was from a two year old. your psych patient was a schizo, and by the end of the rotation you thought you were too. you finished Junior year wondering why you ever entered nursing school. you wrote your bib cards during nursing theory, the day they were due. you snuck in theory lecture during breaktime. you thought state boards were too far away to think about... Lisa Sabatini Miriam Campos■ r m1 I expect to pass this way but once: any good that I can do, or any Kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. — Ettienne De Grellet —E. CALL 73 DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR KAP STANN ASSOCIATE EDITOR P. A. BALLESTEROS GIFT RECORDER D. STEINBERGER ALUMNI RELATIONS SECRETARY R. S. HERNANDEZ OFFICE ASSISTANT M.GONZALES SECRETARY A. DENISOFF OFFICE ASSISTANT RECEPTIONIST C. DEVLIN ASSISTANT DIRECTOR ALUMNI RELATIONS UNDERSTANDING SHARP FORESIGHT.... „ NV CH FR CA K.EE.WV.E.H ieVELOPMENT SECRETARY ANNUM. Q Y NU SEC EI KM WWRt IMWIMtl ML RHEIN PLANNED GIVING SECRET MW B.RUKMM miKmm m« KM«WTOUNIVERSITY RELATIONS UNIVERSITY RELATIONS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VARIOUS ASPECTS OF THE UNIVERSITIES COMMUNICATION WITHIN THE COMMUNITY AND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. THEY PUBLISH A MAGAZINE CALLED "VIEW.” ANOTHER ASPECT THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IS THE CONTINUAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. WITH THE COMPLETION OF THE REACH PROJECT THEY HOPE TO ESTABLISH A RECREATION CENTER FOR THE UNIVERSITY. R. BRILL E. ELKIN DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIRECTOR OF ANNUAL GIVING 52FR. W. J.MONIHAN S. J. DIRECTOR OF LIBRARY RELATIOI RABBI D. DAVIS SPECIAL ASST. TO THE PRESIDENT FOI COMMUNITY RELATIONS M. J. ROMO ’68 DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT SR. M. GERALDINE S.M. ’60 SPECIAL ASST. TO THE PRESIDENT FOR COMMUNITY AND SCHOOL RELATIONS H. CARHART DIRECTOR OF PLANNED GIVING S. R. HURST ASST. DIRECTOR OF LIBRARY RELATIONSI R.O.T.C. CADETS BEING Although the road to success may seem long and hard, and we feel the past is more attractive and secure, we must travel in the forward direction. It is in the future and the path that leads toward it, that we encounter our most meaningful experiences as the future will always hold new and exciting challenges that we must conquer. By looking back at our sentimental memories and our successes, we gain courage and the strength needed to overcome our hesitations to progress. » We must constantly be aware of the present and over- come the obstacles that confront us each day so that as we travel down the paths of life, we will willingly accept any challenges the future will provide; thus allowing each of us in our own way to BE ALL WE CAN BE... submitted in dedication to the graduating seniors of ROTC and in the end ... their GOLD BARS! I i SCABBARD AND BLADE LTC. Russell Calvert Scabbard and Blade Advisor Cadet Daniel Smith Scabbard and Blade President D Company, 8th Regiment, of the National Honor Society of Scabbard and Blade has been part of the USF community since 1941. The club’s two-fold role is that of a military honor society within R.O.T.C. and as a social organization. Scabbard and Blade sponsors the main formal event of the Spring Sememstar, THE MILITARY BALL. The mulitude of activities tackled throughout the year within the detachment itself and to the school are successful because of the hard work, never ending dedication and love each member puts forth. Like so many other concepts and organizations that were presumed extinct on campus. Scabbard and Blade is finding a new vitality with this new generation. Scabbard and Blade Cadets Dan Smith, Dale Chivers, Lee Wilson, Debbie Biggi, Sue Scally, Theresa Stone, Eileen Leonard, Linda Roth, Wayne Brown, Matt Dana, Mary Jo Walsh, Howard Schaffer, Mark Corson, Rainier D’Altavilla, Charlie Shader. 54THEY CAN BE! COLOR GUARD and DRILL TEAM The Color Guard and Drill Team represents the University and the Detachment at athletic events, city celebrations, parades and detachment functions. The group is composed of cadets who volunteer their time and skill in learning the rifle drill and marching percision. RANGERS The ROTC Rangers are comprised of 28 highly motivated cadets and staff who participate on their own time in classroom and Held environments. The goal of the Rangers Program is to provide additional training in leadership, small unit tactics, and military skills while building a bond of Espirit de Corps.MILITARY SCIENCE CLASS AND FIELD TRAINING The Reserve Officer Training Corps graduates men and women from college with a sense of direction and managerial skills valuable for most walks of life. The program is much more than this, it is an organization of students who devote their time to unit activities and develop lifelong friendships. A sense of duty and common values binds cadets of different backgrounds and schools into a Cadet Officer Corps incorporating professionalism into daily life. All of the ads in print or television can not begin to give the average person the sense of devotion and comradeship felt in anything from a company formation to a quiet meeting at night with friends. Life is too short and complex to appreciate from our close vantage point all the hard work and emotions which surround us. (CHARLES SHADER) I ISAINT IGNATIUS INSTITUTE Father Fessio — Director Dr. Dennehy and Father Tony Mastroeni John Galton The Saint Ignatius Institute is a completely integrated Catholic liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition. All undergraduate major programs can be completed in conjunction with the Saint Ignatius Institute. We have students not only from many of the fifty states but Canada. Hong Kong, and France as well. Although this is not an honors program, the students are linked by a common bond to study the classics of Western civilization and to pursue the truth in an intellectual atmosphere. This intellectual atmosphere is created in great part by an extensive reading list of the great authors and rigorous discussion in a seminar. The stress is not only on a command of the material but also the ability to think critically. One of the highlights of the program is the opportunity in the Junior year to study abroad at either Oxford, England or Innsbruck, Austria. Some of the magnificent photographs on these pages illustrate the fringe benefits of this European opportunity. All in all, the Institute represents the unique choice to revel in the great books and minds of Western Christian civilization. Fall 1982 YosemiteTripTraveling in Munich, USF students read the Jhe trajn rjde home from the only American paper to check the football Oktoberfest in Munich, scores of the previous week.fSPORTS 61Diversity: The condition of being different. The University of San Francisco is a unique university in many ways, some more obvious than others. One of the most apparent unique qualities is that of a student body composed of students from all parts of the world congregating on this place we call “The Hilltop.” Students are encouraged to share their heritage and country with one another either through friendships, clubs, bake sales or by any other means conceivable. 6263MEN’S BASKETBALLMEN’S SOCCER 66 U.C. Santa Chico Stati Indiana San Diego State Cal State Full Connecticut Boston College Boston University Bringham Young U. St. Mary’s , Santa Clara Cal — Berkely U.S. Int’l University Cal State L.A. U.C.L.A. U.O.P. Stanford S.F. State Loyola Marymount Portland San Jose State Fresno State Washington San Diego State SIU — Edwardsville Score67Front Row (L to R): Per Haugvaldstad, Enrique Ingles, Ed Ruiz, Aram Kadzair, Andre Schweitzer, Mark Mackbee, Singh Sandhu. Center: Ass't Coach Eric Visser, Athletic Director Bill Fusco, Trainer Wally Hayes, John Alexander, Gunnar Kvarme, Larry Guthrie, Erik Nielsen, Glen Van Straatum, Thor Sveen, Ass’t Coach Fidelis Atuegbu, Sports Information Director Peter Simon, Head Coach Stephen Nagoesco. Back Row: Stan Musilek, Tevis Ignacio, Martin Ivarson, Vidar Larsen. Robert Magalhaes, Anders Sjogrell, Thierry Blanson. Not Pictured: Jan Elberse. 1982 was perhaps one of the best years ever for the soccer Dons. The team finished at 19-2-4 and its record in the Pacific Soccer Conference was 5-0-2. The Dons lost their fourth game of the season to San Diego State and they never lost again until the NCAA Quarterfinals, where SIU Edwardsville slipped past them by a score of 1-0. This was the tenth consecutive year the team entered the NCAA playoffs, and they did so as the third ranked team in the nation. Awards were plentiful for the Dons. Erik Nielson was named MVP of the Pacific Soccer Conference and was named to the All-Conference first team along with Aram Kardzair, Vidar Larsen, Glen Van Straatum and Thor Sveen. Aram Kadzair, the goal keeper, won the Gus Donahue Award as USF’s MVP and was the first draft choice of the NASL and MISL Golden Bay Earthquakes. Glen Van Straatum won the Stephen Nagoesco Award and led the team in game winning goals. Thor Sveen led the team in goals scored. The graduating Seniors are Jan Elberse, Tevis Ignacio, Aram Kadzair, Stan Musilek, Singh Sandhu, Andre Schweitzer and Glen Van Straatum. 69WOMEN’S BASKETBALL HEAD COACH SUE ROJCEWICZ: “I’ve always been with a winner in the past, and I didn’t expect this year to be any different. We have a lot of talent and a great attitude. All we had to do was put things together and we were a challenge.”Opponent Win Loss Tie Score San Francisco State L 69-78 Northwestern W 86-68 Nevado Reno W 80-66 Texas Tech W 68-59 Pepperdine W 70-69 San Diego State L 61-80 Cal Poly SLO W 74-68 Stanford W 77-75 Brown University W 87-61 San Jose State L 66-81 UC Santa Barbara W 82-65 Stanford L 58-74 California L 72-85 Fresno State W (OT) 71-67 Pacific W 80-67 Santa Clara W 73-57 Oregon L 69-81 Oregon State L 54-81 Pacific W 75-72 Fresno State L (OT) 64-70 Washington L 79-83 Washington State W 79-66 California L 70-77 San Jose State L 65-66 Santa Clara W 72-56 UC Irvine W 63-60 Pepperdine L 71-76 7172Standing (L-R): K. T. Argys, Kim Bachman, Lisa Daughtrey, Ass’t Coach Pam Martin, Ass’t Coach Marty Kennedy, Sue Corder, Lisa Stevens, Women’s Athletic Director Dr. Sandee Hill. Standing (L-R): Brenda Vizzard, Melissa Melton, Sue Bacon, Linda Walsh, Head Coach Sue Rojcewicz, Theresa Podesta, Ann Goetze, Sonja Haugejorde, Lisa Baptista. The U.S.F. Lady Dons completed a very successful season. First year head coach Sue Rojcewicz led the team to a 15-12 season. With her winning attitude and the aid of assistant coaches Pam Martin and Marty Kennedy, Rojcewicz turned a frustrated basketball squad into a highly competitive ball club. This year the Nor. Cal Conference expanded to become the Nor. Pak, making it an even more competitive league and the Lady Dons accepted the challenge well. Dominating center Linda Walsh lead the scoring with an average of 16 pts. per game (PPG). She shot an incredible 65% from the floor which was good enough to rank her second in the nation. Team captain Kim Bachman acted as the key playmaker with Linda Baptista (4 steals a game) and Sue Corder (10 PPG) helping her out at the guard positions. Lisa Daughtrey’s quickness and outside shot (12 PPG) complemented Melissa Melton’s intimidating and aggressive style to strengthen the team’s inside game. 7374football This was the year that football reestablished itself at (JSF. As a first step towards bringing football back, a club team was formed. A young crew of quality coaches were recruited and the call went out to students that wanted to represent the Green and Gold on the gridiron. The team’s record was by no means an indication of the hard work and strong commitment of coaches and players alike. Several of the games were scoreless until the fourth quarter when the team's lack of depth and experience hurt them in the final minutes. The team was also hurt by forces off the field, such as a glaring lack of support. Midway through the season a shortage of funds threatened to put an end to the Grey Fog. Fortunately, the team was rescued by a very generous donation from Dr. Robert Wall. The club was allowed to travel a couple of times making trips to Oregon and down to Redlands. Among the players who scored touchdowns are Brenden Galten, Joe Fernando, and Chuck Barbarini. The captains of the club are Jimmy Pete, Bret Robinson and Tuggy Makiivi.76FENCING Left to right: Tim Philpott, Greg Bragg, Leonel Bello, Sergio Bello. Fencing, the new sport on campus, got off to a good start. The enthusiastic squad is led by a fine coaching staff of Dr. William O’Brien and George Nonomura. With their excellent coaching the inexperienced U.S.F. team has quickly developed into a competitive force. The four-man team of senior captain Leonel Bello, juniors Tim Philpott and Sergio Bello, and sophomore Greg Braeg has performed impressively against many of California’s oest known and seasoned teams. All four team members compete in all three fencing weapons: foil, ep£e and sabre. The team performed very well throughout the season beating both Cal State Fullerton and Cal Tech. The future for this hard-working team holds nothing but promise!1 Julian Whatley MEN’S CROSS COUNTRY Jim Lamb 78John Miemic 79MEN’S GOLF Standing, Left to Right: Jay Walkinshaw, Jim Foster, George Price, Mark Vissintainer. Kneeling, Left to Right: George Stein, Kiel Zipf, Pat Stalteri. The 1982-83 Golfing Dons enjoyed a successful year. The defending league champions, led by first year coach Richard Nicolopolus, represented U.S.F. in many tournaments throughout the year. The team was also able to travel extensively, including a trip to Hawaii. The captain of this fine group of golfers is Senior George Price.8283 ... Team photo not available.8-i Standing (L-R): Pia Tangren, Anne Meyer, Coach Helle Viragh, Anna Larsen, Diane Kerazides, Theresa Conway. Kneeling (L-R): Chris Zewerlien, Luanne Apo. This year’s Women’s Tennis Team showed marked improvement over past years. The new additions of Pia Tangren, Anne Meyer and Chris Zewerlien sparked the team on to many victories. Pia, Anne and Chris showed that they can be very aggressive and yet maintain their graceful style. Luanne Apo’s very consistent and steady game added a further dimension to the ladies’ tennis team. The hard work and unrelenting patience of Coach Helle played a large part in bringing it all together for this fine group of athletes.MEN’S TENNIS Standing (L-R): Wai Yah Liu, Stan Musilik, Gabriel Esquivel, Marty Perpich, Mark Peterson, Mike Marchi, Coach Byron Nepmucenco. Kneeling (L-R): Larry Chin, Pierro Giamonti, Shahram Mirhosseini, 'Pom McGuire.86WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL Standing (L-R): Ass’t Coach Liz Sloan, Laura Bertani, Brenda Vizzard, Kathy Horan. Lisa Baptista, Tracy Harrison, Head Coach Marty Kennedy. Kneeling (L-R): Rachel Dulay, Mary Teachnor, Kathy Shindlar, Kelly Fey, Jenni Boron, Toni Ray, Mary Feely. The 1983 Volleyball season was one of intense action and excitement. The team was coached by Marty Kennedy. She was assisted by Liz Sloan, who made a late appearance but integrated herself into the team with ease. The Volleyball Dons played over fifty games in cities ranging from as far North as Seattle and Spokane down to L.A. Kelly Fey, whose mean serves pierced the defenses of many opponents, was the captain of this group. Kelly was backed up by Kathy Shindlar's stunning spikes and Jenni Boron’s perfect setting. Mary Feely provided an invaluable source of encouragement and spirit for her teammates through thick and thin. The graduating Seniors include Lisa Baptista, Laura Bertani, Mary Feely and Kelly Fey. There are five Freshmen in this group so the future looks bright for the (J.S.F. Volleyball Team.extramural basketbali Standing (L-R): Randy Mitchem, Dave I«opp. Mark Chase, Nate Sain. Kneeling (L-R): Mohammed Esfandiary, Kvan Roosevelt, David Limtiaco, Kyle Fey. The Kxtramural Basketball Team finished a very successful season with a record of 5 4. The team competed against small colleges in the Bay Area and teams fielded by organizations such as KSFO Radio. Among the teams the Kxtramural Dons scored victories against are Simpson College, Treasure Island Naval Base and Dean Whitter Reynolds. The high scorer and M.V.P. of this fine team was Dave I opp. Nate Sain was chosen by his teammates as captain.WOMEN’S CROSS-COUNTRY Hack Row (L-R): Donna Kit, Kelly Patterson, K. T. Argys, Eileen Brennan. Front Row (L-R): Anne Magner, Coach Sue Rojcewicz, June Brewer, Regina Berg. Not Pictured: Nancy Cullinane. This year the U.S.F. Women’s Cross-Country Team competed in seven invitational meets, racing against schools such as Mills College, St. Mary’s, Santa Clara, Loyola Marymount and U.C. Davis. The most important of these races was the Nor-Pac Championship, held at Fresno State, which featured such schools as U.C.L.A., Stanford and Berkeley. Number one runner Eileen Brennan, Anne Magner and June Brewer will all be graduating and their presence will be sorely missed. 8990WOMEN’S SOFTBALL Standing (L-R): Holli Brashear, Marie Gehringer, Cindi Lefferts, Sue Drengacz, Kay Tickner, Head Coach Cec Gonzales. Kneeling (L-R): Tracy Miller, Jane Healy, Melisa Wall, Shelly Pfeifer, Kathy Schindlar. Not Pictured: Ass’t Coach Elaina Mitchshowetz. This year’s Women’s Softball team made up for what it lacked in size and experience in it’s impressive show of pride, determination and hard work. Led by first year coach Cec Gonzales and her assistant Elaina Mitchshowetz, the team enjoyed a successful season which included a trip down South for a tournament in Fullerton. Sue Drengacz, the clean-up batter, is the only graduating Senior on the team. Her strong hitting complemented the swift base-running of lead-off batter Tracy Miller. Doing the pitching for this fine young team was Melisa Wall, and she was backed up by the strong defense of Cindi Lefferts. 91rifle team First Team (Clockwise from top left): Tom Schabel, Jose Ebro, Francene Polidori, Michael Tan. Second Team (Standing: L-R): Chae Kang, Antonio Alves. Scott True, Ruperto Tanleh. (Kneeling L-R): Randall Carlson, Lars Carlen, Francisco Lecaroz, Sean Devine.SPECIAL THANKS TO: Dennis Lunney — Layouts Jim Foster — Golf Tm PMpol — Fencing Toni Ray — Voleybal Jenni Boron — Volte ybal Brenden Galten — Football Jane Mealy — Sottbai Mark Chase — Extramural Baskelbal Regna Berg — Women's Cross-Country Anne Goetze — Women's 8asketbal Theresa Conway — Women's Tennis The Girls Downstairs — Copy Typing 95Foreign Students Burned By Reg. Cancellations CROSS COUNTRY dons are caught speeding ▼ Qa 0 777 ‘l LYearbook Sin,» n-7-7 , hJinceJ9jZ |jfV Q 0 7 " Oon ZW tv«m Condons ' ° N' W 'nrvp'f°x,e 'O % ‘4 .SUSP E nces ®A yean JSF At Top °J Solar Dorm JOIN THE usf pep band o are 'n,crcstcd in joining the USE Pep Band, vvhetheryou ° ,ns,runi - nt or not. please contact: KARIANDERSON 750-0847 •' ' Yofw f.v Possible!FOOTBALL SAVED! 1 Basketball Lives BASKETBALL: THE END A brutal car accident last Sunday almost claimed the lives of Father Janies Ditillo. S .J and three « p Foghorn editors. The bandaged and hobbling editors did not lei (he event keep them from put imp out this week's Foghorn, but editor Pecha said. "We decided •hat we can't all rule in the same car •opether at the same time " Grey Yog Drops Hard One v Tuvtvovv VV V-ea ( o $» « %% V , f r A-S13ST Sues 3SF ! etzhold Ploys Plaintiff 43rd Year of ROTC Begins ®°lclen Arches at 9798ASCJSF SENATE The new spring 1983 ASUSF senate at one of its weekly meetings. The senate discusses important issues that effect the student body. Senators Dave and George plan their strategy before the meeting. Senate members include: Herman Petzold, Bill Goyette, Bill Kosturas, Chris Tinley, Vince Barella, George Barrich, Rick Casteneda, Jonathon Fornaci, Cathy Krupka, Peter Spediachi, Larry Vierra, Craig Perkins, Dave Flaherty, James Halpin, Stephanie Woodhead, Tony Bar-tinetti, Richard Okada, Lisa Sabatini, Jim Love, Rodney Ebstein, and Hamid Zarr-inghalam. Denise Fraschieri (Secretary).AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION The American Marketing Association’s biggest activity is their annual beer tasting in University Center. They are also known for their aggressive play on the softball field. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT 101 The Society for the Advancement of Management is known for their Mrs. Field’s Cookie sales.FINANCE ASSOCIATION The Finance Association sponsors field trips to the Federal Reserve Board and local businesses. They also host a fine cast of financial speakers. PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta is a professional women’s business fraternity. They host a variety of speakers to talk about women in business.KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS The Knights of Columbus embarked on another bash this year at Lone Mountain. Needless to say it was a success. They also sponsor the annual Spring Ball. KUSF-AM The star studded cast of KUSF-AM keeps USF in tune. Tune into them — 880 on your dial!HONG KONG CLUB SINGAPORE-MALAYSIAN CLGB The Singapore-Malaysian Club was founded to help freshmen students and others from the South East Asian coun tries adapt to the way of life at USF. The club endeavors to establish an identity and a strong sense of fellowship amongst the students. This year the club participated in the Founder’s week food fair and held a picnic in Golden Gate Park.BAPTIST STUDENT UNION PEACE AND JUSTICE COMMITTEE 105 The Peace and Justice Committee, along with Campus Ministry, sponsored Nuclear Awareness Week. They also sold buttons to help “stop nuclear insanity.”ZETA BETA TAG The Brothers of ZBT Kappa Nu chapter The Kappa Nu chapter of USF is rich in heritage and spirit. It was founded in 1979 by some aspiring youths who yearned to reach out behind the hallowed walls of the school. ZBT is known on campus for its spirit as it has captured the annual Founders Day cup three consecutive years. The stability of its men is bonded by intellectual awareness, social responsibility, integrity and brotherly love. All hail ZBT, for its doors remain open to all who enter. ZBT is recognized around the world as a leader in academic achievement. The Little Sisters of ZBT enjoy themselves at the Grog.Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Brothers of SAE — Cal Sigma chapter SAE is the largest social fraternity in the United States. Here at USF, the Cal Sigma chapter is recognized by all for its everlasting fraternal bonds. SAE’s main purposes are to achieve social and cultural enrichment, and to enhance the image and reputation of our university. SAE is USF’s first faternity to acquire its own “frat house.” Sigma Alpha Epsilon stands on a base of strong tradition and brotherhood — Phi Alpha! The Little Sisters of SAE at their semi-annual outing to Sirloin and brew.THE EMERAUDES Emeraudes is USF’s first social sorority. In prior years, Emeraudes was primarily a community service organization which also sponsored the Crystal and Ice Winter Formal. Today, Emeraudes serves to promote social enrichment. The sorority includes women of diverse academic, social, and ethnic backgrounds. 108 Lori, Joanna, Monika, Doris and Julie holding down the fort at the Emeraudes "Cookie Booth” on Founders Day.TRI BETA The few. the proud, the Tri Beta Biological Society. INDONESIAN CLUB 109TRI GAMMA “Tri Gamma is a social nursing sorority at USF. Each member of our sisterhood contributes ideas, shares responsibilities, explores leadership potential and gives support to each other. Tri Gamma means having good friends to return to each year and a place where fun comes easy. It also means enjoying various social events such as exchanges with fraternities, bonfires at the beach, champagne brunches and anything else that comes up impromptu! We extend our enthusiasm and excitement to the community as well. We participate in the blood drive on campus and in various health fairs around the area. Our major project is the annual spring fashion show in which all proceeds to towards the Special Olympics program for mentally handicapped people. We also enjoy assisting with the training for Special Olympics, as we find it very rewarding.” I’m sure! Cheers! Time for early morning clinical.Omicron Theta Chi is a pre-professional honor fraternity for those interested in persuing a career in science, including medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing pharmacy, computer science, or further graduate study. SOCIETY OF BLACK STUDENTS The Society of Black Students — Meet ing the challenges of the eighties. OMICRON THETA CHICHINESE EVERGREEN ASSOCIATION The Chinese Evergreen Association was organized four years ago by some Chinese students from Taiwan. Their main goal was to provide help for all the students and to provide various activities throughout the semester. Presently President Kent Chiao and Vice President Yvette Ong, along with their extremely helpful crew, will enlarge this association and provide better services and activities for all students at USF. A Chinese Folk songs concert.SNAC The Student Nurses Association of California is a professional nursing organization. Through participation in SNAC it is possible to develop the skills necessary for leadership and decision-making. This is accomplished through planning activities and programs for nursing students, being aware of current school of Nursing trends and activities, participation on nursing school committees and activities related to state and federal legislative proposals. SNAC hopes to help shape the future of nursing education and nursing practice. DEBATE CLUB ORGANIC RESEARCH . 113DELTA ZETA USF — NOW 114The luau is organized each spring by Hui O’Hawaii — The USF Hawaiian Club. The members of the club transform the gym into a beautiful Hawaiian paradise. This year the evening began with a delicious feast of kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice, sweet potato, poi, haupia and pineapple. The entertainment was the highlight of the evening with native dancing from Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. This 11th annual luau, “Listen to the Voices of Our Ancestors,” was a tremendous success. As one satisfied student was heard to say, “It was obvious they put their hearts into it and everyone came out feeling good — Mahalo nui loa!” 115INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Hamid Zarringhalam ISA President Victor Ume-Ukeje Past ISA President Over the past few years the International Students Association (ISA) has emerged as one of the most solid student advocates at USF. Apart from the overall governmental organ, "the ASUSF,” ISA is perhaps the most concretely legitimized spokes-organi ation for all USF students in general and foreign students in particular. The emergence of ISA in this unique position could not have been complete without the contribution of some of it ablest leaders on campus, and without the support of the students. However ISA has not attained all the aspirations that its most ardent organizers and supporters have strived to achieve. It will be a fallacy though, if someone were to agree with quinessential critics of the association who accuse it of ineffectiveness. When the occasion arises which challenges the very fabric of I-student representation and interests, ISA has not been a pushover. On the contrary, it has risen to defend those interests and sometimes in those trying moments it rises to the glorious position as thedefender of foreign students’ interest; that position where previous leaders of he association and various students have yearned that it will attain. I have hd the opportunity of serving as one of ISA’s spokespersons, being its president in 1980 and 1981. In that capacity I have also represented not just foreign studets but all students as a senator and chairperson of the ASUSF governance committee, and also as the contributing editor and columnist to university newspaper. ’The Foghorn.’ In all these positions I have demonstrated that foreign students can sometimes shed some apathy and delve more into participation and cooperation with all other students in protecting their interests while not losing their ownunique cultural identity which they brought to USF. It is my wish that future generations of I-students who come to USF will enjoy the unique atmosphere that we have experienced over the past year and not go through some very frustrating ones. Hopefully they will make a commitment to face the challenge with equal determination and enthusiasm. It is only in that beacon of faith that the friendship of ISA as a structured but yet fluid fulfilment of I-students as a group with the greater community of USF students rests. Adeiu friends. Victor Eby Ume-Ukeje Past ISA President 116INTERNATIONAL WEEK The International Students Association sponsors the international week each year. It is traditionally held in Harney Plaza and brings a festive spirit to USF with its many booths and international flags. Students are able to enjoy many international foods and dances during the week. This week helps to bring American students closer together with their fellow international students. 117ISENIOR SKI TRIP On the weekend of February 11, 12, 13, the senior class embarked on their annual ski trip to Lake Tahoe. The bus ride was long, but refreshments and thoughts of the slopes ahead kept up the good spirits. The weekend, for most, consisted of exploring the various casinos in the evening and of racing down the uncrowded slopes of Heavenly Valley and Sierra Ski Ranch during the day. Although a few injuries did occur, everyone had an excellent time! Yes, We’re having a good time! This bus ride sure is fun. 120This year Scabbard and Blade together with the Embers presented the '23rd Annual Military Ball. The formal affair was held at the Presidio Officers’ Club with officers from near and far joining the USF students for a gala evening of dancing. Prior to the Ball the ROTC cadets and their dates dined with special guests toasting and honoring cadre members and graduating seniors. General Johnstone, guest speaker for the dinner, inspired the future officers to be their own unique person within the conforming ways of society. Later in the evening people awaited in anticipation the queen coronation. The ceremony began as each princess was escorted thru the sabre detail by a cadet. With the roll of the drums and presentation of roses, Maria Wall was crowned queen of the 1983 Military Ball. 121MATCH YOUR MATE On November 6.1982 the Gillson Hall RHC presented the third annual Match Your Mate. It is becoming an established tradition here at USF and is one of the most popular events on campus. The suspense becomes so intense that roommates have been known to desperately beg for any information about their date... Is she cute? Is he a hunk? Will I Score?!? Of course, the questions remain unanswered until the big moment arrives ... What do I do now? Open the door, stupid! Whew! My roommate didn’t screw me over after all. Thanks!! He’s a hunk! We all scored! 122 k. She’s Cute! I Can’t decide!CRYSTAL AND ICE On Saturday November 20, 1982 the Emeraudes presented their sixteenth annual Crystal and Ice Winter Formal. Over three-hundred students attended the dance which was held at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco. 123AMD HERE THEY ARE . . . USF's own funny man, Mike McNaughlon, hosted (he second annual "Dating Game"organized by the Phelan Hal HHC. The game was a smashing success granting dates to those who had been dateless all semester! The prizes awarded to the couples were dinners on the town and all had a great time!Leslie, Lisa and Beth on the bay at the Lone Mountain Boat Dance. Kelly and her date rock out at a Lone Mountain dance. Lone Mountain residents cash in on big winnings! 125 Hey... this isn’t the boat dance — it’s the sailing trip!FOGHORN, STILL BLOWING In its 78th year of publication, the ‘HORN showed a new face. Hard hitting news, contemporary entertainment, business, and even cartoons made this year’s paper the best in twenty years. A dedicated staff worked long hours often late into the night keeping the USF community posted on ’Ole Herrn’s latest suit, and Fr. LoSchiavo’s responses. Allen Funky, the perennial campus critic, nailed down the lid on more than a few poseurs. His cynical wit burst into fire when he "assassinated” Editor Pecha on April 1st, for editing his traditionally untouched column. For all the v ork, however, the Foggers enjoyed the year thoroughly. Mary Martin gabbing on the office phone, again. James F. Sweeney preaching from the good book. SAN F RANCISCO FOGHORN Ml SIMMs HIM WHO suits I III I HI III Brian S. Pecha Editor-in-chief Mike McNaughton James Sweeney Managing Editor t n Mlive Editor Henry Soloi ano News Editor l.ou Dumont Edmonds Editor Mary Marlin Intel Unit mr in Edmn Julian Whatley SJHOts Editor John Fornaei Business Editor Jack Sweeney Eeolure E.dltor Susan Toohcy Adserusing Matthew Dana Advertising A of Rita Paratorc Circulation Steve Goetzc Typographer Sonia Solorzano Executive Asst Barbara Matthews Office Manager Clyde Reyes Production Katie Summers Production Asst l.aiTy Vierra Photographs Frank Kelly Executive Asst Rare form, Michael McNaughton amuses the masses at comedy night. Would you by a used car from James F. Sweeney or Brian Pecha? 126 Stunned for a moment, Sonia Solorzano recomposes herself for a picture. Henry Solorzano, a man with a purpose. Never bother a thinking man. John P. Sweeney in one of his more serious moments. Frank Kelly doesn’t lower his glasses for just anyone you know. Larry Viera sizes up his next victim. 127Although the discontinuation of the men’s basketball program came as a shock, students still enjoy campus life in their own way. Tony Billy take out their aggressions on each Unable to try out for the “Grey Fog,” Earl other as the tensions of midterms rises. continues to build up his throwing arm for next season. Welcome week allows new students to get to know each other and the campus. 128Bill sleeps with his own version of a teddy bear. Jim offers one of his innocent smiles. Army ROTC cadets practice drills behind ioyala. 1291 COWELL HALL Not only do students differ in their ethnic backgrounds, homelands, and languages, hut everyone seems to have their own individual way of studying and favorite niche to study in. The main objective in the game we refer to as studying is to do whatever one must by whatever mode possible in order to gain knowledge and understanding. Some people are most comfortable in the serenity of the library, while others prefer a space on the lawn on a sunny day, and others can’t keep their eyes open wherever they attempt to crack the books. 130131t Dorm Living is an experience people must endure for themselves to understand and appreciate. The “All Nighters” are all the worse when your roommate is bored and wants to do something and continues to remind you of his situation. Finally he quiets down and decides to go to sleep. Then he snores all night! Or how about the neighbors whose pizza fumes continually seep through the walls? And the girls down the hall who go on ice cream runs constantly? 132133UNIVERSITY CENTER A charming group of young ladies enjoy some laughs and good commons food. David Bush, assistant for Student Activities and Ix relta Magnani-Williams, Director of Student Activities, work with the administration and students enhancing the extracurricular life at USF. A traditional face greeting starving students and guests alike at the commons entrance in Novella. This year marks her twenty-seventh year of manning her post. 134 They told me it was a burger, honest."135136137SENIORS GOODBYE There is a time, as freshman we start young full of spirit and life. We have so much to learn through our achievements and our strife. At U.S.F. where our hearts stay strong We learn the eight count cheer and our victory song The negatives and happiness of college life will always come and go But as true USFers our hearts will always glow The process of learning is one that never ends. We overlook our foes and learn to make new friends. We learn the ways of wrong from right, and we learn that procrastination will take us in studies all through the night. Night of the Grog were the best to be had. We drank mass quantities which felt good, but later bad. But the time draws near, and it’s the time we all fear. And it’s the time we all know, that it’s the time for us to go So there is a time for us to remember. The times we all did share The times we ached with sorrow The times we laughed with care. But we all leave with contributions We all engrave our marks, and when graduation . day arrives, we will realize it’s time for our ship to embark. ESr ............I'M Bob Bertram Class of’83141Christina M. Abaci Nursing Patrick T. Acebo Nursing Prince A. Aderele Government Thank God it’s Friday! Samuel M. Almada-Torres Business Helen R. Aducayen Nursing jM Diana Jean B. Agcaoili Nursing Dennis A. Aguirre NursingLisa M. Anconetani Nursing Smile Everybody. Luanne L. Ado Accounting Karyn Asfour Chemistry Shirley I. Augustine Nursing Amr M. Azim Physics Doris A. Balestreri Accounting Jamal A. Barakat Psychology Philosophy 143Nancy J. Beckman Nursing George E. Barich Government Jeff G. Baxter Accounting Blaise R. Berg Philosophy Theology Jeffrey B. Benson International Business Carolyn M. Benson Business Administration Robert L. Bertam Business Administration Ricky I. Boediarto Accounting Damon M. Bradford 144aaaaaaayy... John F. Brehany Philosophy Theology Eileen M. Brennan Nursing Roberta L. Bresler Nursing June E. Brewer Nursing Anthony K. Brinston International Business Grace C. Brodie Biology Julie M. Bronder Psychology Mark E. Brown 146147 Miriam L. Campos Nursing All I want for Christman is...Eric M. Capulla Biology Michael C. Carreno Margaret A. Carter Nursing International Business Renee T. Castiglioi Nursing Life’s rough! Dominic M. Celaya Yong L. Cheng Business Administration Naoki Chikamori International Business 148Daisy Chin Computer Science Alexandra C. Chrysanthis English Literature JoAnn Cohen Nursing Mary E. Colla Nursing Louroles J. Concepcion Nursing Kathy A. Conner Nursing 149Pm feeling good, how about you? Maria R. Cruz Economics Joseph P. Cuneo Marketing A Cynthia M. Cunningham Psychology 150What the HECK is that?” Greg C. Dilsaver Philosophy Dan L. Dimmilk Business Economics Mark E. Doran Marketing Susan M. Drengacz Nursing Cynthia M. Dharma Business Jose G. Ebro Government Louis R. Dumont Marketing Corinne L. Durant Marketing 152Shinichiro Eukagawa English Laura M. Gaeta Psychology Connie P. Gazmen Nursing Wow! I could have had a V-8! Josephine F. Gazmen Computer Science Diane M. Germoles Nursing William R. Goyette Physics 153 Maria Groing-MotegiPatricia Gunawan Finance Tamara Hagen Nursing Luisita I. Guanlao Management Fatemch Hakam Computer Science Lydia L. Halim Finance Moira A. Halligan Marketing 154 •Jennifer K. Hendrix Nursing ... and I will raise him up...Daniel Hernandez Marketing Silvia Herrero Accounting Lily A. Ho Business Finance 155 Kathryne A. Jackson Accounting Susanan Jo Finance Theresa L. Kailikole BiologyYea! No clinical tomorrow. Karen S. K. Kam Finance Aram B. Kardzair Accounting Diane Kerazides Psychology Amir A. Khajehnoori Economics ■ William C. Kosturos Accounting Anthony D. Larkin Finance Anne Larsen 156157 Mary K. Lopez Nursing158 I can’t believe I drank the whole thing. 'Fuggy Makaiwi ManagementPina C. Marchesiello Finance Teresa A. Marquez Accounting Daniel P. Marrett Economics Anthony S. Martinez Management Marilyn E. McEnhill Nursing Mark T. McGovern Business John P. McNicholas Government Robert M. Menchini International Rusiness French Priscilla Menges PsychologyVictoria T. Mesina Finance JoAnna Migala Government Kenji Minami Economics Anny Mitra Accounting Keiichi Miwa Economics Barbara L. Mochizuki Nursing Motoe Momiyama Psychology Paul P. Moraes Business Liz A. Moreno Nursing 160Elizabeth M. Morey Accounting Thomas F. Mullan Finance Mary C. Murphy Nursing Yukiko Namai Sociology Walter T. Neary History Mary Nordale English 161 Nancy E. O’Connell Nursing Dori E. O’Donnell Nursing Eileen M. O’Donnell NursingRichard J. O’Donnell English Margaret M. O’Sullivan Nursing Hitoshi Ohe Computer Science Tommy U. Ong Computer Science 162 Cynthia F. Ozoa Nursing Teodurita I. Paderes Nursing Lola Z. Pan BusinessAnne E. Parker Nursing Cathryn L. Pauley Nursing Craig R. Perkins Business Communications Herman G. Petzold Accounting Dee C. Reyes Nursing Valerie A. Riggio NursingKathy E. Robison Nursing Julie A. Santos Nursing Barbara J. Ronchelli Nursing Mohamad M. Sakaran Sociology Ratna R. Santoso Computer Science Lisa A. Rivero International Relations Lisa Sabatini Nursing Jean-Pierre Sangue Management Chito S. Rustia BusinessCraig M. Scarpelli Sociology Hue-Hue Shiao Computer Science Hikaru Shigehara Sociology Kui-Ho Shin Economics Mimi M. Shun Finance Ann K. Sibary Nursing Johannes S. Soekamto Christopher P. Smith Mathematics Yoke T. Soh Finance 165Juliana N. Soin Nursing Chikako Someya Psychology Klaine M. Steinbrecher Nursing Ronald I.. Stoddard Government Benedict P. Sutler Management Husni S. Tiabari International Business Rowena K. 'Pan Finance Natalie A. Terihov Nursalan A. Tabusalla Business 166Christopher J. Tinley Government Casimira N. Tobilla P'rench Deirdre K. Todd Graphic Design Patricia A. Toomey Business Teresita C. Tongson Nursing Alain Tsai Computer Science John Tsai Business Sandra S. Ugarte Accounting Meliki T. Ve’e GovernmentJulianne Vilardi Nursing Maria E. Villanueva Nursing John P. Volponi Business Debra Washington Communication Arts Renee Wiltz English Donna K. Wade Psychology Julie A. Wong Graphic Design Suryo W'ongsodihardjo International Business Earl D. Woods Philosphy ek B. Yeo Business Theresa P. Yballa Nursing Jeanne J. Yee Nursing Fauzi A. Zanati Physics Brenda L. Ziemba Physical Education ■I Mary E. Zaffke Nursing 169A TIME TO LAUGH . . . A TIME TO WEEP 172Leonor Machin Accounting 173Yes, he’s your Class President. Only one more step. This is how my tongue changes in the smog.I feel like dancing. 175Batting a few in his free time. Tonight is not one of my more sullen evenings. 176 Toasting to sisterhood.177 Truth, justice and all that stuff.'PJUom- b Cormdir k- dctir), 5tar£0b doom, 'IW x voters looAKtng douin, £ o iht maryxqemcrO It says it all. One, two, three go! I think they are following me. 178 Boogie on down.Finding ways to improve. This is not funny. 179 USF is my home.They said all I had to do was plug it in. Break time.This is the only book you will need to get an A in the class. The class of 1984 congregates for a thrilling group assembly. 181 Relaxation, pure and simple.182 It is time to do laundry.The world is at their feet. 183 I thought I was the chosen one.SOPHOMORESA TIME TO BE BORN, A TIME TO DIE 186 Shh ... don’t tell my mother. 187 ... and then he went like this...You can come dancing with us too! 188 If all my friends could see me now.189 Yes, we always sit on these steps waiting for photographers.190 Holland is nice, but so is San Francisco.ZBT is our life. 191192 All of a sudden from out of the blue came a pie.194 I have been caught.195 I have not shaved my legs in days. Oh, you better watch out...Smile, you are on Candid camera They have found us, Click it please 100000 ' •■I WYA Shall I hide my face? 1 nlenseFRGSHMGN 198A TIME TO PLANT • • • A TIME TO REAP. We’re number one! 200 Take my picture! Freshmen in the Grog?! 201202 USF Vogue My girdle’s too tight.203 I remember my first beer! BMOCCommons food makes us happy! Another fun USF party. 204 Hi there! I wish I was in Hawaii... The freshmen get older every year! At USF? Karey enjoys a drink at Sirloin Brew. 205206 Like wow, man.LONE MOUNTAIN MARCHES T( 208THE BEAT OF A NEW DRUM 209210Throughout our life, we will experience different feelings and whether we are alone or with a group of friends we all all our own persons with different ways of showing our emotions. 211WELCOME WEEK WELCOME WEEK ORGANIZER MARILYN McENHILL DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB THIS YEAR TO ENSURE ALL INCOMING FRESHMEN AND TRANSFER STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATED A WARM WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION TO USE. LED BY THEIR FEARLESS CELL LEADERS, NEW STUDENTS ENJOYED NUMEROUS EXCITING EVENTS AND EXCURSIONS AND MADE MANY FRIENDS OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. 212k 213214 215NOTES FROM THE EDITORS u}df , Jidt 4 t)f H10 ueoiifa tL -UtUzmiAvU: COJ cb 'cf U y' pjiUeyiadfy Cfryvi bclu-us? « lP did U . U)J - Ujd?dyi.h '-boAsS i4vU4 vd d tf of ULlUrtd: -M KtcU TYXrtitU t dio- fA+tUurnf JhxfQUfC Hil4 lO f btict 9uA; bi4j- cu-two GsVl and -Jt fu)nAj iJ tu' jc gu£ THE FIRST THING I WOULD LIKE TO SAY IS A BIG THANK YOU TO THE STAFF AND COMPANY WHO PUT IN A LOT OF EFFORT TO COME OUT WITH A FINAL AND COMPLTE PRODUCT. IT WAS AN UPHILL BATTLE FROM THE START AND I AM GLAD WE WERE ABLE TO REACH THE HILLTOP AND SURPASS THE SUMMIT AND COAST DOWNHILLTO THE OTHERSIDE. THE REr ESTABLISHMENT OF A TRADITION. THANKS FOR MANY MF .ORI ES DON STAFF 83 AND 1 HOPE MOST N 83 AND GOOD HELLOMYDKARBELOVEDREADERSHOWGOESI TT AMFI METHALKYOUWORKI NTG ONTHESTAFFWASALEXPERIEKCF rOSAYTHELKASTTHEREAREAFEWPEOPLK TOWHOMI AMIiSPECl ALLYINDSBTEDBILLCOTTLESPI Xl F.REI!! V AI-U ABLE WHATISAYEARBOOKWITHOUTPIXAFrERALLTllAEKYOUPETKRSIMOllFOR ALLTHESPORTSI iJFOANDTiiAilKYOUMARYJOEI,X)RTi!EHEADIJ MESIFI30T FORKARI ALDKA1NYISTI LLW0ULD1!0TKK0WWHATA1.AY0UTWASTHEYTAUGHT NtEEVERYTHI NGI KNGWW;CAKUOTFORGETJI KTH A. SroR-niEMAKYL ATE NIGHTSOFDEVELOPINGHI MOMSEriDMONEYILOVEYOUDIIiGDONGCAI.YOUDO MYLAUNDRYTHAIlKSTOKYlVHOLEFAMILYFORPUTTTNGUPWITiiMKSORRY ABOUTSURDAYM GHTSRACHELDIDROTOELPMUCHBYDROOLI i;GOW;YPAGES HI FI H YOUKIvOWIiX) VEY0UA1.DI KNOWYOULOVEMETOI SI SSUCii ALOVELY WORLDORSHOULDISAYDUCKYARFARFSPLATSnOREHELPPINCHARFARFI THI KKI AMTURIvINGCHI MESEGIMMEFOODTH AliKGODFORCAFFI EHEOREOS HEAVENEARLOBESTOECLASHTHEPOLI CEPAULSCAR3EAUTIFULSFSUN EXTENDEDDEADUI3ESICECRE AMNI LKSil AKESAL DJ USTBEIKGTH EREWHEN ITC0UNTED8283WASGREATSAKETI MESAflEPLACENEXTYEARDOI TI LOVE YOUALLAIXDHAGODBLESSGODLO SGODBEWITliYOU »Hw i Lt ’ioi rutuXc xC , J ctat-te- (M. n tiJ-4 A ft oU MAC .. xl CU,J 4s1lJ fLdlU. .L -fZ- . - -A -U-Z ° ( C ‘ tvfltJx. cUVp, QftM COXC t - % }. ( i-'2‘- ty t rt y Cf'iCt «X-u. Xl axctulios . C u£ct JX_ fia.'ix ttoxi cX -fto- - . " J Jl-CpU Oust, U£u £ ' 4- i'-xtc V42X 4. stH-in t-t LXCLe 0 -' X C ’3 cV f' -i Zct i‘-Ut fa tM. {J yJtfopA to a o iuyiM.,1 , njL- (2 4? (XcS ' ‘ X 0 From the very beginning we were put up Against obstacles and ranges of emotions. It seemed we were venturing into doing the impossible and being led farther from reality. But, as each obstacle was met and overcome the final goal became clearer and less far away. Although this book is far from perfect wo have reached our final goal, with each picture that was taken and each word that was written we had you- the student, faculty member or administrator-in mind. Our goal, which brings us the greatest satisfaction is in knowing that you are holding something tangible in your hands that will relive your memories of this year spent at USF. MARY JO WALSH As I sit here in this cluttered office with pictured, typewriters, quad-paks, thousands of writing implements, empty soda cups, and other journalistic paraphanalia, all I can say is, "What an adventure this has been." I am eagerly awaiting next years publication because throughout the year I have indeed learned a lot that will enable me to do a better job in the future. I hope this 1982-83 DON will recapture memories and thoughts that will be of benefit to you in the future. 37 we » . iffKu Mu • ■£« ■( • A .u ■ «.ki tifi-jjr • y u • ' . , V "iftn, ,-AJ-n A , mA U .-r,.., . He jI A y u f Aut i Stf,. , u.r ✓ 'jt ,HW4 , -.1 «•• ' « « M' , ,A fit y .t r - jU .(’U-j - ••y 4 ''• ’, ‘ (••.41 v - .44 • ■ u Cf "V "it ««» y .4yw i ‘“..tit ( 44Jt J ‘ 444 y » . j y fjALONE OR TOGETHER? WHETHER YOG ARRIVE AT C1SF KNOWING ONE PERSON OR TEN YOG WILL LEAVE KNOWING MGLTITGDES MORE. THE FRIENDLINESS AND WARMTH OF THE CAMPGS AND IT’S INHABITANTS MAKE GSF A GNIQGE PLACE, A GNIQGE AVENGE ON THE HIGHWAY OF LIFE. -220221A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN 224 THE END

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