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  IUNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO3iIMPORTANT PEOPLE AROUND U.S.F 1. Fr. Lo Schiavo 2. Fred Schluep. ASUSF President 3. Mayor Dianne Feinstein. a guest speaker 4. Superman! 6 ISPORTSGRAD nPARTING SHOTSAmerica demonstrated its capacity to adapt By in 1976. Old faces reappeared and new faces stepped forward to provide new hopes. The Winter Olympics, Surveyor's Mars photos, the national political conventions and the election of Jimmy Carter dominated the news and TV screens. The U.S. began to celebrate our 200th birthday. Marijuana ■criminalized in California, a new investi-n of the Kennedy and King assassinations begun, and in Congress a new scandal began a result of Elizabeth Ray's revelations. Meanwhile, old faces made one last appearance as Eldridge Cleaver returned to the for trial, Mao died in China, and Kmg Konq returned to New York in an oil tanker. The World Around Us 13Extremes in weather continued in '77. Eastern bli zards resulted in floods, natural gas shortages and blackouts. Western drought bred rampant fires and water rationing. Newly-elected President Carter faces such issues as energy conservation, the Concorde, the B-1 bomber cruise missile controversy. Panama Canal and Laetril debates. Idi Amin, Roots and black independence brought Africa into the news. To many, the deaths of Elvis and Groucho signaled the end of an era. Despite mass kidnappings, the KLM Pan Am crash. Washington imprisonments and gay rights tensions, hopes for the future appear ed in movies like Star Wars, the Alaskan pipeline, the Space M Shuttle and improved Cuban relations. The World Around Us 14 ITThe World Around Usr a 1979 ushered in significant leadership changes in many nations with whom the United States deals. The Shall of Iron was forced from power by the Ayotollah Kohmeini. Samosa was defeated by the Nicaraguan Sandmista. and Id. Amin was chased from Uganda. The final s.gningof the Israeli.Egyptian Peace Treaty and the rescue of Vietnamese Boat People unproved the U.S.'s efforts at bettering world conditions, while the return of gas lines and double digit inflation hurt the economy. Meanwhile, technology was giving many people con- A-NJ corn with the Three Milo Island disaster, the falling of Skylab, and the grounding ingof OC 10's. Two prominent Ameri LjV? cans. John Wayne and Nelson Rockefeller died in 1979, but the fascination with King Tut and rollerskating provided enter- £ tainment to many Americans The World Around Us _________________ 16“Presenting the Graduates of 1980” r ALVARO J. ABAUNZA San Francisco, Ca A,A. ABDELRAH New Haifa, Sudan VIDA ABITORABI Tehran, Iran BICA B. AGGUINI SF SUZUKO AKAEDA Tokushimakcn, Japan AHMED S. ALAKEEL San Francisco. Ca KATHERIN J. ALDEN Mill Valley, Ca AWATIF A. ALHASSOUN Jeddah, Saudi Arabia GHASSAN A. ALSULAIMAN Jeddah. Saudi Arabia NAOKO ANADA Tokyo, Japan GUSTAVO ANAYA La Victoria, Venezuela ERICA M. ANDERSEN Vallejo, Ca ELIZABETH M. ANDERSON Willits. Ca ALEJANDRO S. ANTONIO Manila, Philippines EILEEN M. ASHLEY Suisun City, Ca BRENDA K. ATKINS Vallejo, Ca JAMES O. ATTRIDGE Morrison, Co ANNE M. BAJO San Diego. Ca ADEL T. BAKHSH Mecca, Saudi Arabia DOROTHY A. BERTETTA So. San Francisco. Ca JSALF M. BINABUOD Masfoot, United Arab Emirates JOHN BLOCK Santa Fe, NM PETER V. BOLSSON San Bruno, Ca DANIEL E. BREEN San Francisco, Ca JOHN F. BRUZZONE Sonoma. Ca KAREN A. BURGI Modesto, Ca GISELLE A. BURGOS San Francisco. Ca SUSAN F. BURGOS So. San Francisco, Ca NANCY E. BURNS STEPHANIE A. BURTON San Rafaei, Ca T. CHRISTOPHER BUTLER San Francisco, Ca PATRICIA E. BYRNE Daly City, Ca CURT M. CABRAL Honolulu, Hi KAREN A. CALEGARI Hillsborough, Ca MARY L. CAPPADONA San Francisco, Ca PAUL E. CARDINET San Francisco, Ca JUDE A. CARLEY San Francisco, Ca MARY C. CARLIER San Francisco, Ca KATHRYN M. CARPENTER San Francisco, Ca DOMINGO I. CASANAS Hayward, Ca DARLENE J. CHAN San Francisco, Ca MICHELE W. CHAN Hong Kong PAUL W. CHAN Honolulu. Hi WAI-MING M. CHAN Hong Kong »8 CLEO R. CHANEY Oakland, Ca BRENDA C. CHEE Honolulu, Hi SEOK-PING CHEW Singapore AVERY CHIN San Francisco, Ca LAWRENCE J. CHING San Francisco. Ca YOOL-IL CHO Tokyo, Japan SUNG-WON CHOI S.F., Ca SUSAN N. CLAYWORTH LISA M. COFFEY Oakland. Ca MAUREEN C. COLE Cloverdale, Ca PAUL S. COLTHURST Larkspur, Ca CATHLEEN M. CONLEY Walnut Creek, Ca VONZETTA J. CRAIN Palmdale, Ca CECILIA A. CUADRA S.F., Ca MARY K. CULLEN San Marino. Ca JEFFERY R. DAL POGGETTO Greenbrae, Ca LENNIE A. DANIELS San Francisco, Ca DARLENE C. DAQUIOAG San Bruno. Ca TERESA M. DARRAGH Oakland. Ca KAREN L. DAVIS Oakland. Ca CELCIA J. D’COSTA San Francisco, Ca DONALD J. DE BOLD Daly City, Ca GREGORY J. DEMPSEY Redwood City. Ca EILEEN F. DHARMA Jakarta. Pusat ____________________________ ROSARIO N. DIAZ San Francisco, Ca ELLYN Y. DOMINGO Makati, Philippines COLLEEN A. DURKIN San Francisco. Ca JEFFREY P. EDWARDS San Francisco. Ca RANDA S. ELDAOUR Cairo, Egypt PATRICK C. EMELIFE Abagana. Anambra, Nigeria SUZANNE M. ENOS San Rafael. Ca WILLIAM S. ERNOEHAZY. JR Modesto, Ca ESTELA C. ESCOBAR El Salvador JAMES D. ESKRIDGE Chicago, II CHARLETHA ESSLEY Los Angeles, Ca LINDA A. FISCHER Oakland, Ca RICHARD R. FORSLUND. JR San Francisco, Ca JERRI L. FOX Sacramento, Ca MARK J. FRAGA El Paso. Tx CONRAD FRANCO Seattle. Wa SUSAN M. FREEBORN Sunnyvale, Ca YASUAKI FUJITA Japan STEPHANIE FUNG Macau ALFREDO E. GALINDO San Francisco, Ca MOLLY L. C. GALLAGHER Fullerton, Ca GUIDO P. GALLI Hollister, Ca ELIZABETH A. GALVIN Daly City, Ca ELIZABETH A. B. GAMBOA Garden Grove, CaCHARLEEN A. GAVETTE Larkspur. Ca GAYE V. GEDE Livermore. Ca JOHN A. GIOVANNETT1 San Francisco. Ca ROBERT W. GOBBO San Francisco, Ca CAROL M. GOODWIN San Francisco, Ca BARBARA L. GOSCHKE Chula Vista. Ca RANDY T. GOUW Jakarta, Indonesia J. STEPHEN GRAZIANI KATHRYN M. GR1MLEY Daly City, Ca LARS R. GRINI Oslo, Norway KIMBERLY A. GRONG Sebastopol, Ca DANA M. GRZYBICKI Livermore. Ca ELIZABETH GUERRERO San Francisco. Ca CHANDRA R. GUNANAN Jakarta. Indonesia JOSE L. GUZMAN Salinas, Ca NAILA S. HAMDY Cairo. Egypt KATHLEEN M. HARRIGAN Encino, Ca WENDY L. HEDRICK Citrus Heights. Ca KENNETH M. HELLER Caracas, Venzuela KAREN L. HOHL San Francisco, Ca FRANCES B. HOLSON Gilroy. Ca RANDALL D.HONEYCUTT Tyler. Tx LEILA L. HOOSER Los Altos Hills. Ca MARY LOU HOWARD Tucson, AzHARRY Y. HSIA San Francisco. Ca MAI-LON HSU ANNE Y. HUNG Millbrae, Ca DOLLY HUNG Hong Kong JAMES M. HURD Santa Rosa. Ca MARGIE HUTTON Camarillo, Ca ELKO IMAI Nagano. Japan JANET S. JACKLIN Thousand Oaks. Ca KAREEN A. JACOBS San Francisco. Ca KATHERINE M. JACOBSON El Cajon. Ca AHMED J. JAWA Mecca. Saudi Arabia BENJAMIN R. JAYME San Francisco, Ca YVONNE T. JEUNG Hayward. Ca ARTHUR W. JOHNSON San Francisco, Ca TENI T. KARAKAS San Francisco, Ca SACHIKO KASHIWAYA Tokyo, Japan SEPIDEH KAZEMI Tehran, Iran PAUL R. KEATING Novato. Ca GALE E. KEHRES Santa Rosa, Ca JOHN G. KELLEY Hayward, Ca BAHAE KHALIDI San Francisco MUKESH G. KHEMANEY Kobe, Japan RAJAN G. KHEMANEY Kobe. Japan EILEEN L. KOLB Citrus Heights, Cau - KAREN D. KON1ECZKI Mill Valley, Ca DENISE A. KREUZER San Anselmo, Ca ANNE M. KUBACKI Antioch, Ca KRIS A. KUHLMAN Los Gatos, Ca MARIANNE KUNZ Fresno, Ca ZUIKA KYO Tokyo, Japan LAEL R. LAMBERT Salinas, Ca CHRISTINA Y. LAU Hong Kong BARBARA M. LAUGHREY South San Francisco, Ca TOMMIE J. LAVIENE Houston, Tx EDMOND M. LEE San Francisco, Ca YVONNE LEE San Francisco, Ca PATRICK E. LEIVA San Francisco. Ca PHILIP Y. LEUNG San Fran., Ca HILDA T. LI Lima, Peru CHENG H. LIN Kobe, Japan CHIEN Y. LIN San Francisco. Ca COLLINS LINDSEY Fremont, Oh THERESA G. R. LINQUIST L.A., Ca ELLEN LITYO Surabaya. Indonesia FANG LIU Taipei, Taiwan JEANETT C. LOMULJO Oakland, Ca LINDA M. LUHRS Pacifica, Ca EARL H. LYNCH Hillcrest Hgts. Md 23 JSUSAN Y. MA Hong Kong ALYCE C. MACHADO Manteca, Ca KELLY E. MAHONEY Fairfield, Ca AURA R. MALDONADO Bogota, Colombia TIMOTHY J. MALONEY Rumson, New GRACELDA M. MARCOS Honolulu. Hi DAUNA M. MARSHALL Los Angeles, Ca MOUNZER J. MARTHA San Francisco. Ca ROSALBA M. MASSANTI San Francisco, Ca JEFFERY S. MATSUOKA San Francisco. Ca JOHN W. MATTHIAS. JR Sunnyvale, Ca KRISTINE A. MATTSON Vallejo, Ca DEBORAH C. MC ADAM Burlingame. Ca ANNE C. MC CORMICK Rancho Cordova. Ca MICHAEL L. MC COURT San Bruno, Ca KATHLEEN M. MC GEE Atherton. Ca MARK F. MC GEHEE Darien, Ct KATHLEEN F. MC GUIGAN Alhambra, Ca SUSANNE M. MC GUIRE Chicago. II MARY A. MC NULTY San Francisco, Ca MONICA J. MEAGHER Palo Alto. Ca KAREN M. MELCHER San Bruno. Ca EURIDICE A. MELITAS San Francisco, Ca CHRISTINE M. MELLO Watsonville, Ca 24 V FRANCESCA A. METOYER San Francisco. Ca ROSS H. MILLER Phoenix. Az KAREN A. MITCHELL Cypress, Ca ANISA N. MOHAMED Karachi, Pakistan JESSE M. MOISES San Francisco, Ca MICHELLE P. MOLINA San Francisco. Ca JENNIFER MORGAN Ardsley, NY ANN M. MORIARTY Los Angeles. Ca MAZLAN R. MUHAMMAD Alor Akar, Malaysia DIAN M. MULJADI Jakarta. Indonesia KATHLEEN T. MURPHY San Francisco, Ca REGINA M. MURPHY THOMAS M. MURPHY San Francisco, Ca DEBORA A. MYERS Cherry Hill, NJ ELZABURO NAKAOKA Osaka, Japan ALI NAVAB ROXANNE D. NESWICK San Francisco. Ca MARYBETH NUGENT Chicago, II LYNN A. NUTI Moraga, Ca CAMILLE E. NUTLEY San Francisco, Ca GALE A. O'CONNOR Whittier, Ca EBEN U. OGBEBOR Benin City, Bendel, Nigeria SHAWN P. O’GRADY Palo Alto, Ca LYNN M. OHALLORAN Daly City J --------------------------- CHUKWUNENYE O. OKOCHI Orlu, Imo-State. Nigeria SAEID Y. OMAR Benina, Libya JOHN M. O’MEARA Washington, DC LOURDES K. ONG Manila. Philippines AUGUSTINE OROPEZA San Francisco, Ca NANCY L. OTTO Templeton, Ca ALFRED V. PACE Hillsborough, Ca CATHY PALINKAS West Covina. Ca JAHANGIR JAMIL-PANAH Iran MONIQUE M. PARRISH Phila, Pa LINDA I. PEISSON San Francisco. Ca PERI D. PENTZ Minneapolis, Mn REYNALDO A. PEREA Manila, Philippines CHRISTINA A. PETROFF South San Francisco. Ca DENIS R. PINTO San Francisco, Ca LUIS R. QUINSON Manila. Philippines DARIO O. RAMIREZ Daly City, Ca JUAN G. RAMIREZ Medellin-Colombia. S.A. DORIS RANDOLPH San Francisco, Ca CARL D. REECE San Francisco. Ca JEAN M. REIMER San Rafael, Ca MICHAEL E. RICHER San Diego. Ca KATHERINE D. RICOSSA Daly City, Ca LINDA M. RIGAS San Francisco. CaMARK F. RINDGE Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca PATRICK K. RINGER Modesta, Ca ALDO RIVAS South San Francisco. Ca MARY FRANCES ROCCA Point Reyes Station, Ca JOHN R. ROCHFORD El Paso, Tx RODNEY C. ROCHON Presidio San Francisco. Ca SEBASTIAN J. ROMEO San Mateo, Ca NANCY A. ROSSI Tahoe City, Ca PAULA J. RUEGG Hazleton, Pa LINDA M. RUFFINO San Francisco, Ca LILY A. RUSLIM Jakarta. Indonesia MICHAEL A. SAFRAN Braddock Hills, Pa NASIR D. SAKARAN Sabah. Malaysia SANDY D. SAMPSON Dallas, Tx VERONICA SANCHEZ San Francisco, Ca JUAN R. SANDOVAL Venezuela MOULDI SAYEH Constantine, Algeria MARY JEAN SCANLAN San Francisco. Ca NORA A. SCHARF Riverside, Ca JANE E. SCHNEIDER Ventura. Ca JOSEPH A. SCHUNK Huntington Beach. Ca MARIE S. SETH Millbrae, Ca DANIEL J. SEVILLA. JR San Francisco. Ca PATRICIA E. SEXTON Arcadia, Ca 27AHMAD SHARAF1 Teheran. Iran ANA MARIE G. SINGSON Manila. Philippines MARC J. SIU San Francisco. Ca MARY L. SMEDLEY San Francisco. Ca JUDY A. SMITH Corte Madera. Ca KELVIN C. SO Singapore MERIAWAT1 SOEKAMTO Jakarta, Indonesia SARAH L. SORENSEN Visalia, Ca GERALD P. SOTO Pittsburg, Ca KRISTINE E. SPANGLER Pacifica, Ca JEANNE M. ST. CLAIR San Francisco, Ca CHRISTINA M. STEVENS Tomball, Tx SHERIE E. STIEFVATER San Francisco. Ca BARRY S. STRUDLER Los Angeles. Ca HERMAN SUDJAT Jakarta, Indonesia KYOKO SUGAWARA S.F., Ca JEANNETTE M. TAHENY San Francisco, Ca KRISTINE A. TALAMANTE MARIAN T. TAMURA Honolulu. Hi TJIOE J. TAN Singapore MASATAKA TANAKA Tokyo. Japan RENE K. TANIGUCHI Berkeley. Ca ROSANNE TAORMINA San Francisco. Ca PEGGY S. TASHIMA Los Angeles, Ca 28----------------------------- 1 JOHN TATARAKIS. JR Sacramento, Ca CHARLES F. TEIXEIRA Anaheim, Ca SUZY E. TENG Hong Kong CHRISTINE E. TERNULLO San Francisco. Ca JOANNE M. THANG Kowloon, Hong Kong MARIE E. THOMAS Sonoma, Ca SUZETTE K. TILLMAN San Francisco. Ca DIANNE E. TIMMONS Kailua, Hi RANDALL W. TOM S.F., Ca ALIHANDRA M. TOTOR South San Francisco. Ca JANICE L. TRACY Modesto, Ca MASATOSHI USHIKUBO Saitama-Ken, Japan BENITA J. VAUGHN San Bernardino, Ca ANNA J. VAZQUEZ Manila, Philippines MICHAEL R. VELLADAO Byron, Ca LEONARD D. VILLAFLOR San Francisco, Ca MONA WAL Hong Kong YVONNE M. WALDRON Richmond, Ca SUSAN M. WALL San Francisco, Ca GRAZIELLA M. WALSH San Francisco, Ca GUY WAN French Polynesia, Tahiti JOAN 1. WARNER San Francisco, Ca ANNA G. WEISS Saarlouis. Germany FRIEDBERT WEISS Ulm, W. Germany _____________________________  AILEEN M. WHELAN Burlingame, Ca PATRICK W. WIELAND Novato, Ca BINA S. WILLIAMS San Rafael, Ca WOLFGANG K. WINTER Auburn, Ca STEPHEN C. WISE San Luis Obispo, Ca MACK E. WITH Santa Fe, NM ALLISON A. WONDER San Francisco. Ca DANNY C. WONG Hong Kong ELIZABETH H. WONG Malaysia GORDON M. WONG Hong Kong MILDRED M. WONG Hong Kong GABRIELLE WOO Hong Kong MAXINE J. WOO San Francisco, Ca WALLY S. WOO San Francisco, Ca CYNTHIA R. WRIGHT Woodland, Ca PAUL A. XAVIER San Francisco, Ca MIKI YAMADA Osaka, Japan DENNIS C. YEE SF. Ca JEAN YEE Daly City, Ca RAYMOND K. YEE San Francisco, Ca CAROLINA H. YOUNG Singapore, Singapore LEONORE V. YUJUICO Hillsborough, Ca EROL K. YUSUF Tokyo. Japan MOULAY-IDRIS ZERHOUNI Algiers. AlgeriaHighlights of the Graduates of 1980 ABAUNZA, A. Accounting. B.S.; Chairman of Special Event Committee. Foghorn Reporter. Society of Hispanic Students. ABDELRAHIH. A. Bus Economics. B S ABITORABI. V. Computer Science. B.S.; Read ing Books. AGGUINI. B. Management Sciences. B S.; SAM Treasurer. ISA Member. AKAEDA. S. Economics. B A. ALAKEEL. A. Business. Bachelor; Library Re search. ALDEN. K. R.N., B.S.; Love kids, skiing the outdoor . Plan to practice nursing In a rural area, then work toward a graduate degree. ALHASSOUN. A. Bus. Econ., B S. ALSULAIMAN. G. Management. M B A ANADA. N. Sociology. B.A.; Oil Painting. Listening Musk. Artcraft Making. Swimming. ANAYA. G. Chem. Bachelor In Science. ANDERSEN. E. Nursing. B.S.; 3 year Women's Intercollegiate Volley ball. 2 years Women's Intercollegiate Softball. ANDERSON. E. Nursing. B A; choir, working ANTONIO. A. Marketing. BA; To Mom—Love Kisses. ASHLEY. E. Nursing. B.S.; Major. U S A F.. N.C. ATKINS. B. Nursing. B S; Society of Black Stu dents. Dancing. Music. ATTRIDGE. J. Government, BA; Sophomore Class President. President Philhistorlan Debate Society. Alpha Sigma Nu. Who's Who. Foghorn Col-umntst, College Players. BAJO. A. Nursing. B S.; Intercollegiate Volleyball Softball. Interests: Sports, and outdoors, nursing m Peds O.B V_________________________________________________ BAKHSH. A. Buss.. B.S.; Sailing. Soccer. Travtllng. BERTETTA. D. Business Admin. B.S.; Phi Chi Theta. SAM. Rotaract. BINABUOD. S. Govt. B; Religious Activities, Go In bath of Allah. People become believers good Muslim . BLOCK. III. J. Applied Science Business. BS BOLSSON. P. History. BA; Commissioned 2 Lt U S. Army. Vice Pres. Scabbard Blade BREEN. D. History. Liberal Arts; A A.. City College. ACLU Member. Veteran of several political campaigns including defeating the Briggs initiative and Howard Wallace's campaign for District Five Supervisor. BRUZZONE. J. Bus Ad. Emph. Finance, B.S.; Lived with the same roommate (Jerry Soto) for 4 years. BURGI. K. Nursing. B S.N.; Vice President Nafl. Student Nurse's Assoc . Vice-President Student Nurses's Assoc of Calif.. Sigma Theta Tau, Alpha Sigma Nu. Trl Gamma BURGOS. G. Nursing. BS.; Musk. Writing. To own a house on the beach with a fireplace, piano and wine cellar. BURGOS. S. Biology Pre Med . B S. Science; Al pha Sigma Nu. Tri Beta (President. Secretary). Omicron Theta Chi Sorority. La Rora. Microbiology T.A., Amigos De las Americas, Photography. Tennis BURNS. N. Nursing. Bach Science Nurs. BURTON. S. Finance. BS; Vice-President Phi Chi Theta. Member of the Society for the Advancement of Management and the Accounting Association. BUTLER. T. Accounting. Bachelor of Science; Swtmming. Skiing. Softball. Knight of Columbus. Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Association. Crew. O'Shea . BYRNE. P. Nursing. BSN; I graduated1. Camping. Sailing. Skiing. CABRAL. C. Marketing. Business. CALEGARI. K. Nursing. B.S.; Decoration committee for Senior Class pinning ceremony. CAPPADONA. M. Accounting, BS; Beta Alpha Psi—Vice President. Member Accounting Ass'n . Accounting Ass'n. Softball. Intramural Volleyball. Running. Skiing. Boston College Exchange Program. CARDINET. P. Nursing. Bachelor of Science. CARLEY. S. Biology, Bachelor of Science; Interests In Marine Biology. Volunteer at Stelnhart Aquarium. California Academy of Sciences. CARLIER. M. Nursing. Bachelor Science. CARPENTER. K. Nursing. B.S.; Sigma Theta Tau. Dean's List. Dance. CASANAS. D. Business Administration Marketing. Bach, of Science. Soccer. Dancing. Communicating with people. Relaxing at the beach admiring the scenery. CHAN. D. Business. Bachelor of Science; Dean's List. Beta Gamma Stgma. Plano, Swimming. CHAN. M. Business Econ.. 8.S.; Reading. Singing. Shopping. CHAN. P. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Tennis. Swimming. Intramural . Omicron Theta Chi. Tri-Beta. Hal O Hawaii. Chinese Club. Board of Student Coodination. CHAN. W. Bus Adm.. B.S.; Reading. Shopping. Volley ball 31 ----------------------------------------------- CHANEY. C. Accounting Spec. B.S.; Member of Accounting Assoc Phi Chi Theta. Beta Alpha Psl CHEE. B. Business, B.S; Tennis Team. Hawaiian Club. Society for Advancement of Management (S A M ). Chinese Club. CHEW. S. Business. B.S. CHIN, A. Accounting. BS.; Member of the Accounting Association and Beta Alpha Psi Accounting. Business Administration, B.S. CHING. L. Management. B.S.; USF Foghorn Business Manager. Special Events Committee Business Manager. Sports. Music. CHO. Y. B.A . Accounting. B.S,; As a International student, I think that I enjoyed every aspect of EMELIFE, P. International Business. B.S.; Soccer. Pmg Pong. ENOS. S. Physical Education. BA. Basketball. Volleyball. Embroidery. Literature. ERNOEHAZY. JR.. W. Biology. BS; Alpha S ma Nu. Student-Alumni Relations Council. Resident Assistant. I Lone Mountain. St. Ignatius Institute Choir. ESCOBAR. E. Business-Marketing. B.S.; President of International Student Association. Senator 1979-80. ESKRIDGE. J. Nursing. Bachelor Science; Backpacking. Camping. Basketball. Politics, Science-fiction. V" U.S.F. CHOI. S. Bus. BS CLAYWORTH. S. Nursing. Bachelor of Science; Resident Assistant. Residence Hall Activities Coordinator. Song Girl. COFFEY, L. English. B A.; Foghorn reporter and news editor. Dean's list. Enjoy tennis, swimming, and writing, COLE. M. Nursing. BS COLTHURST. P. Business Philosophy. BA; Contributions to the Foghorn Work in the advancement of International Affairs. CONLEY. C. Mathematics. B.S.; Special Events Committee. Chief Justice—Student Court. Foghorn. Badminton Team—Most Inspirational Player. Phil Am Society. CRAIN. V. Comm. Studies Mass Media. BA CUADRA. C. Industrial Relations. Business Admin.; Member of Society of Hispanic Students. Presently beginning a business with other associates. CULLEN. M. Nursing. BS; Family. Peter. Running. Friends. Having fun. Growing. Living and loving, BS In nursing—yeah! DAL POGGETTO. J. Accounting. BS; Travel, Photography, Computers. Airline Administration, Accounting. DANIELS. L. Sociology, BA; Foreign Countries and its people. U.S relations. Needlepoint. DAQUIOAG. D. Accounting Specialist. B.S.; Beta Alpha Psl. Accounting Association. Skiing. Water Skiing. Jogging DARRAGH. T. Blology Psychology. B.S. B A ; Omicron Theta Chi Sorority—Treasurer. Alpha Sigma Nu. DAVIS. K. Nursing. B.S.; Member of Society of Black Students. Sports. Dancing. D'COSTA, C. Management. B.S.; Enjoy Outdoors. badminton, field hockey, traveling. DE BOLD. D. Biology. B.S.; Tri Beta. Peers. Rac quetball DEMPSEY. G. Theology. B A ESSLEY. C. Psychology. BA; Women's Basketball Team—1977-79 Regional Champs!! FISCHER. L. Mass Media Physical Education. Liberal Arts (BA). 2 yrs. Var. Basketball. 4 yrs. Var. Softball. Most improved Softball 1978-79, Captain of Softball 1979-1980. Skiing. Sports. Guitar. Music. Broadcasting FORSLUND. JR.. R. Government. B.A . Interests—Enjoying life with all my friends FOX. J. Nursing. BS.N.; Member: Sigma Theta Tau —Nursing Honor Society. Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority, Deans Honor Roll KRAGA. M. Biology. B.S.; Omicron Theta Chi. Intramural Football Basketball. Teacher Assistant in Anatomy Physiology. FRANCO. C. Mathematics. B S.; Scuba diving. Chess. Teaching assistant in math department. Nominated for membership in Mathematical Association of America, FREEBORN. S. Nursing, Bachelor of Science; Skiing. Tennis. Traveling. Made it through four long hard years. No more papers to write!! FUJITA. Y. Bus Ad.. B.S. FUNG. S. Accounting. B.S.; Assistant to Chinese Club President—Eugene Young. GALINDO. A. Business. B.S.; President—Society of Hispanic Students. Member—J.V. Basketball. Peer tutor counselor. GALLAGHER. M. Nursing. Bachelor Science Nursing; Alpha Sigma Nu. Tri Gamma. S N A C.. Class representitive. GALL1. G. Marketing. B.S. in Business. Senior class President. Yell leader. NRCC Chairperson, Freshman Class President. Member. Alpha Sigma Nu. GALVIN. E. Nursing. B.S.; Student Nurses Asso elation of California. Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority, Native Daughters of the Golden West. Epiphany Parish Teen Club Advisor GAMBOA. E. Nursing. Bachelor of Nursing; Tri Gamma. Board of Student Coordinations 78-79, Desk Clerk 79-80. Interest: Music. Reading. Swim- DHARMA, E. International Business, B.S. DIAZ, R. Engineering in Applied Science and Business. Bachelor of Science; Secretary of International Students Assn. 76-77, Vice Pres, of International Students Assn. 77-78. DOMINGO. E. Bus. Economics. Bachelor of Science; Swimming. Dancing. Meeting people. Volleyball DURKIN. C. Biology. B.S.; Volunteer Work. Bi keridtng. Gardening, Reading EDWARDS. J. Bus Econ . B S.; Crew Team 1. Golf Coach 2. Varsity Basketball 2. Grad Asst Varsity Basketball Coach 1. ELDAOUR. R. Sociology. B A ; Member of the Swiming Club In Cairo. Painting. Part time makeup consultant. V____________________________________________________ mlng. GAVETTE. C. Nursing. BS; Hiking. Horseback Riding. Scuba Diving. Sigma Theta Tau. GEDE. G. Nursing. BS GIOVANNETTI. J. Computer Science. Bachelor Science GOBBO. R. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Presi dent—Omicron Theta Chi Fraternity. Alpha Sigma Nu. Catholic Youth Organisation. SF General Hospital ER Volunteer. GOODWIN. C. Business Administration. B.S.; Worked in Athletic Dept all four years. Skiing. Tennis. Hospital Volunteer. Made it through Accounting FINALLY!. Met great people' GOSCHKE. B. Nursing. Bachelor ol Science. Women's Intercollegiate Softball 1978-1980, SNAC. Sigma Theta Tau. Omicron Theta Chi. GOUW, R. Physics. B.Sc.; Play Flamenco Guitar. Dancing. GRAZIANI. J. Economics. B.S.; Opinion Editor. Foghorn. Teacher's Assistant. Marketing. GRIMLEY. K. Nursing. Bach ; Thank you all. es pedally Karen. Mary. Gndy. Steve. Mom Dad And thank God I made itl GRINI. L. Management Sd.. BS; T.A., Musician, Photographer. GRONG. K. Nursing. BSN GRZYBICKI. D. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Reading. Needlework. Sports. Omicron Theta Chi Sorority Member. GUERRERO. E. Nursing. Bachelors of Science; 4 year member of the Society of Hispanic Students Treasurer. Vic President of SHS. Member La Raza Students In Health. GUNANAN. C. Finance. B.S.; Interest: Banking GUZMAN. J. Biology. B.S.; Omicron Theta Chi. Raw Students In Health —Chairperson. United Farmworkers Union. M.O.O. Club—co-chairperson. Intramural Softball. HAMDY, N. Communication arts. Bachelor of Arts. HARRIGAN. K. Nursing. BS HEDRICK. W. Medical Technology. Bachelor of Science; Omicron Theta Chi Sorority. "Greece". HELLER. K. Business Adm.. BS; Travel. Meeting people. Music. Soccer, Business HOHL. K. Business Administration. Bachelor of Science; Special Events Committee Chairman, Ro- taract Club Secretary. Member of Alpha Sigma Nu. Associated Students Staff Coordinator. HOLSON. F. Nursing. BS in Nursing. HONEYCUTT. R. Management Science. Business Administration. HOOSER. L. Fine Arts. BFA Cooperative; Along with Liberal Arts taken with the University. I have gone through the Academy of Art College in illustration. HOWARD. M. Nursing. BS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity—little sister. Swimming. Tennis. PIkv tography. Thanks to My Parents. HSIA. H. Marketing. BS (COBA); Interest m sports—Tennis. Bowling, etc. Active engage In school dub's adivities. HSU. M. Business Economics. B.S. HUNG. A. Business Economics. Bachelor. HUNG. D. Marketing. B.S.; Dance. Swim. Meeting people. HURD. J. Biology. BS; Omicron Theta Chi. Gymnastics. Skiing. Painting. Guitar. Self-Actualization. HUTTON. M. Nursing Theology. B.S; Varsity Volleyball. Pinning Ceremony Committee. IMAI. E. Psychology. BA JACKUN. J. Theology, BA; Phllhistorlans. Sll Choir. St. Ignatius Choir. Oxford Program. Sll Academy. JACOBS. K. Psych. BA; Art. Theatre. Travel. Law School. JACOBSON. K. Comm Arts Mais Media. BA. Love San Francisco. Singing m the Rain. Thanks Mom and Dad. I Made it! JAWA. A. International Business. B.S. JAYME. B. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Beta Beta Beta. Omicron Theta Chi Fraternity—a Biology Club. Pre-Professional Health Association. JEUNG. Y. Accounting. SP . B.S.; Meeting people. Sports. Music. Dancing, Sewing. Cooking. Accounting Association member. National Accounting Association Member. JOHNSON. A. Biology. BS; Cal State Scholar- 32"--------------------------------------------— KARAKAS, T. Marketing. BS; Tennl . Swimming. Traveling. Camping. Phi Chi Theta KASHIWAYA. S. Sociology. B A KAZEMI. S. Business. BS; Tennis. Dancing. Drawing. Mum. Swimming KEATING. P. International Business. B.S.; Alpha Sigma Nu, Business Operations Director. ASUSF, Humanities Honor program, Deans list. Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Skiing. Photography. KEHRES. G. Nursing. B.S. KELLEY. J. Biology. BS; Medical Sciences. Research, Teaching Assistant. Athletics. Outdoors KHALIDI. B. Bus Econ.. B.S.c.; BS.c. Bus Econ. Swimming. Reading. Social Work. KHEMANEY. M. Bus, Admin. International Business. B.S. In Bus Admin, Emphasis Int. Business; Percussion. Traveling. Academics. Music Concerts. Writing. Softball. Soccer. Badminton. Friends. KHEMANEY. R. Bus. Adm., Int. Business. I was a member of the soccer softball intramural team. KOLB, E. Nursing, BS; Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority (President 1978-1979), Baptist Student Union. Christian Nurses, Salvation Army Nurses Fellowship. KONIECZKI, K. Nursing. BS; Tennis. Hiking. Nursing pinning head chairman. Media council member, the Committee. Welcome Week assistant chairman, Crossroads private assistant. KREUZER. D. Business Admin. B.S.; Dancing, Singing. Hiking. Sports. KUBACKI, A. Nursing. Bachelor of Science; Emergency Care. Travel, Camping, Poetry. Sunshine. Nursing Honor Society. KUHLMAN. K. Psych. B A.; Art. Reading. KUNZ. M. Nursing. B.S. KYO. Z. Economics, Business; Tennis. Skiing. Dimsum . .. and San Francisco! LAMBERT. L. Nursing. BS; SNAC. SI. WCI LAU. C. Business Administration, BS LAUGHREY. B. Chemistry Science. B.S.; S.A.A.C.S. PEERS. Alpha Sigma Nu. LAVIENE, T. Nursing. BS; Black students union. Interests Tennis. Dancing, and Reading. Has RN and AA degree. LEE. E. Biology, B.S.; OmJcron Theta Chi. Tri-Beta. Intermurals Basketball, Skiing, Tennis. Music. People. LEE, Y. Nursing, Bachelor Science. LEIVA, P. Government. B A.; Knights of Columbus. Tennis. Student Government. Field Research. LEUNG. P. Flnance lntematlonal Business Marketing. B.S.; Chinese Club’s Club Counsel Rep. and Treasurer, Intercollegiate Tennis. Freshmen Orientation Coordinator. Dean's List. LI. H. Computer Science. BS; Teaching Assistant. Microcomputer programmer. Sports. Sewing. Reading. LIN. C. Interior Design. BFA (Coop). LIN. C. MBA. MBA. LINDSEY. C. Communications. Bachelor's. LINQUIST, T. Nursing. B.S.; Coedllor Quarterly 1977, Graduating from U.S.F. L1TYO. E. Business Accounting. BS. LIU. F. Bus. Econ. B.S.; Business Economics. B.S.. Movies. Traveling. LOMULJO. J. Psychology. Bachelor Arts; Member—Filipino Students Assoc.. Interest—Jau-Mod-ern Dance. Volleyball. Tennis. Accom —Church Youth Director—2 yrs. LUHRS. L. Accounting. BS; Enjoy Water Skiing LYNCH. E. Biology. Bachelors of Scl; DC-Nom (76-78). Ressident Assistant (78 79) UC OM (79-80). Alpha Sigma Nu (79-80). Omlcron Theta Chi (78 80). Bio Research (7980). T.A Ifeo 5A 5B (79-80). Judical Board (77-78), 2nd Div. City Soccer. MA, S. Accounting, B.S. MACHADO. A. Govt Com Arts. Liberal Arts; ASUSF Senator. Embers. Hayes Healy Vice President '78-79. Residents Policy Council. Athletic Control Board MAHONEY. K. Marketing. B.S.; Phi Chi Theta. Alpha Sigma Nu. SJO Club. SOCOBA Representative. MOHAMED. A. Biology. B.S. MOISES, J. Management. Business. Entertainment Chairman, Special Events Committee. Cartoonist. Foghorn. Production Director. KUSF-AM, Publicity. Special Events Comm. MOLINA. M. Nursing. BS; Sewing. Swimming, Diving. Minor in Psychology. Pediatrics or Maternity Nursing. MORGAN. J. Theology. B.A.; Freshwomcns Hon or Society. Theology Honor Society. Photo Editor and Feature Editor for Paper. Students for Economic Democracy. Students for Peace and Justice MORIARTY. A. Nursing. Bachelors MALDONADO. A. Econ.. B.S.; S A M . Rotoract. Travel. Languages. Skiing MALONEY. T. History. B A MARCOS. G. Biology, B.S.; Outdoor Sports. Dancing. Playing piano. MARSHALL. D. Biology. BS; Music. Member of Society of Black Students, Tennis, Dance. MARTHA. M. International Econ., B.S. MASSANTI. R. Accounting Specialist. B.S.; Trav el. Languages. Swimming, Biking, Tennis. Phi Chi Theta. Accounting Association. Beta Alpha Psl, Alpha Sigma Nu. MATSUOKA. J. Psychology, Bacaulerate; Member. Psl Chi. National Honor Society in Psychology. Dean’s List. MATTHIAS. JR.. J. Accounting Spec B.S.; ASUSF Vice-President. Foghorn Reporter. KUSF Disc Jockey. ASUSF Senator-at-Large, USF Jaw Band, Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurer — R.P.C. MATTSON. K. Nursing. B.S.; Student Nurses— USF. SNAC. Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority. Welcome Week Chairperson '80. ASUSF Senate, Gubs Council. MC ADAM. D. Accounting. B.S.; Phi Chi Theta (past corresponding secretary). Accounting Association. MCCORMICK. A. Accounting. B.S.: Secretary Beta Alpha Psl. Listed In Dean's List. Skiing. Swimming. MC COURT. M. Bus Ad.. B.S.: Skiing. Softball. Fishing. MC GEE. K. Nursing. B.S.; Bike Touring, Sewing. Reading, Jogging, Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society. MC GEHEE. M. Advertising. BA; Madison Ave. Bound. MC GUIGAN. K. History. B A MCGUIRE. S. English. BA; Pre-Law. Gubs- Govt. MC NULTY, M. Government. Bachelor of Arts; Special Events Committee, the Foghorn. ASUSF Senate. MEAGHER. M. Buslness Marketing. B.S. MELCHER. K. Accounting Specialist. BS; Accounting Association. Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. Alpha Sigma Nu. MELITAS. E. Biology and Psychology, Bachelor of Science; Tri Beta Biological Society, Psl Chi Psychology Society. The Emeraudes MELLO. C. Accounting Specialist. Bachelor of Science; Beta Alpha Psl. Accounting Association. Especially Love to Cook and Thank Mom and Dad for Everything. METOYER, F. Nursing, Bachelor of Science; Tennis. Dancing. Horseback Riding. Biking. MILLER. R. Government. Bachelor of Arts; Student Government. Foghorn Columist. Alpha Sigma Nu. President. Snow skiing. Collecting rare books. MITCHELL. K. Nursing. BS.. Pres. Tri Gamma. Photography. MUHAMMAD. M. Business. B.S. MULJADI, D. Business Finance. Bachelor; Tennis. Music. Watch Movie, etc. MURPHY. K. Nursing. Bachelor of Science MURPHY. R. Nursing. BS; J Board S '78. Deans List '78 '80. MURPHY. T. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Knights of Columbus—Grand Knight. Tri Beta Biological Society. Psi Chi Psychology Club. MYERS, D. Communication Arts, BA; Student government, Plan to pursue law degree. NAKAOKA, E. Accounting. B.A. NAVAB. A. Applied Science and Business. B.S.; Soccer. Reading. Friendly. NESWICK. R. Theology. B.A.; Volunteer respite house child care. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Interested In photography and guitar. NUGENT. M. Government. BA; Alpha Sigma Nu. Judicial Board. Resident housing council. Intermurals. NUTI. L. Nursing. Nursing-BS. NUTLEY, C. Nursing, BS; Art. Dance. Music. Interested in traveling nationally and internationally. O'CONNOR. G. Nursing. B.S.; Baseball. Volleyball, Bowling, Water-skiing, Motorcycles. OGBEBOR. E. Marketing. Bachelor of Science. O'GRADY. S. Business Admin., B. of Science; Freshman Class President, Deans List. Varsity baseball. Debate Team, Drama Club. Charter member Blind Jim Society. Mahaco. OHALLORAN. L. Business. B.S. OKOCHI. C. Industrial Relation. B.S.; Lawn Tennis. Soccer. OMAR. S. Eng. Physics. BS; Play soccer, tennis, worked as T.A. for Physics. O'MEARA. J. Bus Admin. - Marketing. B.S.; Member Beta Gamma Sigma. Coeditor of The Quarterly. Member of U.S.F. Extramural Basketball Team, M 0.0 Club. Cochairperson. ONG. L. Nurung Psychology. BS BA; Member, Sigma Theta Tau. Member Alpha Sigma Nu. Member International Student Association, Swimming, Pediatrics in Nursing, USF Scholarship. OROPEZA. A. Governent. BA Arts; Sociedad dc Estudiantcs Hispanicos, Foghorn. President Minority Law Society. OTTO. N. Nursing, Baccalaureate; Tennis. Deans List, Hiking, Dancing. PACE. A. Accounting Specialist, B.S.; Crew-team, Gubs Council Member. Accounting Association Member. Skiing, Music. PALINKAS. C. Nursing. BSN: Nursing. BS. Sigma Theta Tau, Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority. SNAC member. Dean’s Honor Roll PANAH, J. Business Management. B.S.; Soccer. Volleyball. Photography. PARRISH. M. Government. B A.; Alpha Sigma Nu. Women's Cross Country. Campus Ministry, College Players. Phllhistorlans. Omlcron Theta Chi, Big Sister. J 33PEISSON. L. English, Bachelor of Arts. Si. Igna tius Institute. PENTZ. P. Economics, BA; Member Honors Program, Photography. PEREA. R. Finance! M B A. (Graduate); Tennis, Basketball. PETROFF. C. Accounting Specialist, Bachelor of Science; Beta Alpha Psl. Accounting Association, Phi Chi Theta. Alpha Sigma Nu. I enjoy skiing, tennis, volleyball, sewing and having fun! PINTO. D. Pre-Med., B.S.; Volunteer services In public health areas. U S A and Latin America. Medical sciences, anything that moves, For the greater glory of God. QUINSON, L. Governments. Liberal Arts; Asst, to the Dean of Liberal Arts. RAMIREZ. D. Economics. B A ; B A Economics. Air Force ROTC Graduate. S H S. officer. Tutor, Dean's Roll. Interests; Literature and Dancing. RAMIREZ. J. Marketing. Business Adm ; International Business. Traveling. Photography. Swimming. Skiing RANDOLPH. D. Biology. B.S. REECE. C. Public Administration. B P A ; Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc.. Society of Blacks. Black Students Psychological Association. REIMER. J. Nursing, B.S.; Skung. Cake decorating. Bowling. RICHER. M. Chemistry. B.S. RICOSSA. K. Nursing. B S; Acquiring an enormous amount of wealth and status. "The American Dream!" RIGAS. L. Economics. Bachelor of Arts; Member Beta Gamma Sigma. 1978-9 Judge Student Court, Interests: Speed skating. Photography. Outdoors. Feminist. Goals: Legal. Political Career. RINDGE. M. Bto-Pre Dent.. B S ; Resident Housing Council Representative. Sophomore Class Representative, Acolyte of Saint Ignatius Church, Vice-President. Omlcron Theta Chi Fraternity. Or-ganlsmal Biology Teaching Assistant. RINGER. P. Accounting. Bachelor; Alpha Beta Psl, Accounting Association. Jogging, Tennis. Ski mg RIVAS. A. Business, Bachelor of Science. ROCCA. M. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Traveling. Playing in the City, Volunteer work. Dentistry, Omicron Theta Chi Sorority. Dancing. Sports. Enjoying people. ROCHFORD, J. Biology. BS; Member of Saint Ignatius Institute 4 yrs.. Trl Beta Biol. Honor Society 3 yrs.. Alpha Sigma Nu. Delegate to 21st Air Force Academy Assembly Spr. '79. ROCHON. R. Business. BS; Student Asst Dir. IM Dept. Asst. Coach Women’s Softball Team. Army ROTC Ranger. ROMEO. S. Biology, B.S.; Peers. Omlcron Theta Chi. Tri-Beta. Interests: Health Professional Felld ROSSI. N. Nursing. Bachelor of Science; Sophomore Class Faculty Rep.. Academic Council, Trt Gamma Nursing Sorority. RUEGG, P. Nursing, Baccalaureate; Golf—Reading Deans List. RUFF1NO. L. Bus. Administration. BS. RUSLIM. L. Btology, BS SAFRAN. M. Biology. Bachelor of Science; Act: President of College Players. Member of Tri-Beta. Quarterly. Int: Acting. Music. Writing and Art. Acc: Graduated. SAKARAN. N. Government. B.A.; Badminton, Fishing. Interested In Social Work and Community Program. SAMPSON. S. Government. BA; My main inter V" A. ests Is in law. Member of Society of Black Stu dents. Pledging AKA. Enjoy horseback riding, dancing, singing. SANCHEZ. V. Government. B A.; President and Member Society of Hispanic Students. Member. Alpha Sigma Nu. SANDOVAL. J. Applied Science Business. BS SAYEH. M. Marketing. B A ; Judo, Dance. Soccer. Bacgamen. Languages. Travel SCANLAN. M. Accounting. Bachelor of Science; Accounting Association. Beta Alpha Psi. Alpha Sigma Nu. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Chi Theta. Tennis. , SCHARF. N. Nursing. BS Nursing SCHNEIDER. J. Nursing. B.S. SCHUNK. J. Acctg. Spec. B S.; RPC Chairman. ASUSF Treasurer. SETH. M. Business Economics. B.S.; Phllhistorian Debate. Phi Chi Theta. Rotaract. SAM. Alpha Sigma Nu. ASUSF. College Players. Student Court. Dean's Advisory Board. SEVILLA. JR.. D. Acctg Specialist, BS; Ac counting Association President. Beta Alpha Psl. Intramural Football Basketball. Enjoy all sports including softball SEXTON. P. Nursing. B.S ; National Student Nurses Assoc. Committee on Nominations. State Student Nurses Assoc Recording Secretary. Nursing Student Representative. Intercollegiate Basketball. Swimming. Ape Call!! SHARAF1, A. Government. M.A.; Sport (tennis, ski), reading, traveling. SINGSON. A. Eco.. BA; Yoga. Traveling. Shop ping. SIU. M. Business Economics. Bachelor. SMEDLEY. M. Liberal Arts. BA Teaching Cre denttal; St. Ignatius Institute. Students United for Life. Mother. Housewife. W.C I. SMITH. J. Nursing. BSN; Travel. Scuba. Snow skiing. Sailing. Want children. Grad school. Politics. Deans list. Sigma Theta Tau. SO, K. Business Economics. Bachelor of Science. SOEKAMTO. M. Accounting. B.A. SORENSEN. S. Nursing. B.S.; Skiing. Tennis. Travel. Thursday nights In the Fog and Grog. Discovering San Francisco. Having fun. SOTO. G. Acct. Spec B.S.; Tennis. Basketball. Chess. Backgammond. Darts. SPANGLER. K. Nursing. B.S.; Roller Skating. Racket Ball. Walking on the beach. Working with the elderly and young children. ST. CLAIR. J. Marketing. B.S.; Rotaract. Resident Assistant. STEVENS, C. Nursing. B.S.; Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority. Baptist Student Union. STIEFVATER. S. Nursing. B.S. STRUDLER. B. Management Science, B.S.; Jogging. Handball. Art. Literature. Recently offered position as a Systems Evaluation Analyst. SUDJATI, H. Accounting Specialist Finance, B.S.; Badminton. Finance. Dean's Honor Roll. SUGAWARA. K. Spanish. BA TAHENY, J. International Business. BS; Welcome Week Chairman 1978. Ski Club ASUSF Senate. TALAMANTE. K. Nursing. BSN TAMURA. M. Accounting, BS; Activities: Accounting Association. Hawaiian Club. Phi Chi Theta. TAN, T. Mathematics. B.S.; Dean's List. TANAKA. M. Business Econ., B.S.; Music, Party. TANIGUCHI. R. Communication Arts Mass Media. BA.; Publicity Director, KUSF-FM, Producer. KUSF-FM. Music. TV Production. Thanks Mom! V TAORMINA. R. English. Bachelor of Arts TASHIMA. P. Nursing. Bachelor of Nursing. Sigma Theta Tau —Nat'l. Nsg. Honor Society. Member of Baptist Student Union, Trl Gamma Nsg. Sorority. Resident Advisor Gilson Hall. Interest-Piano. Music. Arts. Dogs. Swimming. TATARAKIS, JR.. J. Nursmg Athropology. Nursing; President Student Nurses Association of California 1979. Robert Wood Johnson National League for Nursing Fellow, Alpha Sigma Nu TEIXEIRA. C. Theology. B A.; Alpha Sigma Nu. Theta Alpha Kappa. Campus Ministry. Resident Assistant. TENG. S. Business. BS; Vice-President of Chinese Club 1980. TERNULLO. C. Nursing. B S.; Skiing. Backpacking. Five years of hard work and I've made it— Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support. THANG. J. Comm. Arts. B A.; International Students Association. International Peers Advocate. Who's Who Candidate. THOMAS. M. English. Bachelor of Arts. Quarterly Editor. Alpha Sigma Nu. Media Council. Fencing. and Music. TILLMAN. S. Sociology. BA TIMMONS. D. Psychology. B A.; Program Direc lor KUSF, 1978-1979, Semester in England. Graduation will be appreciated. TOM. R. Biology. B.S.; Chinese Club. Tennis. Chinese Boxing. Running. TOTOR. A. Business. Bachelor of Science TRACY. J. Nursing. BS Nursing; Sports. Community Involvement. BA In Psychology. USHIKUBO. M. Economics. B A.; Fishing Collecting of old coins—hobby. VAUGHN. B. Nursing. B.S.; Society of Black Students. Sewing. VAZQUEZ. A. Biology. B.S. Bio; College Players. The Don. SFSulcide Prevention Volunteer. Dance. Badminton. Biking. Reading. Travel. Phil-Am Club. VELLADAO. M. Government. Liberal Arts; Vice-President Hawaiian Club. Intramurals Basketball VILLAFLOR. L. Acctg Spec . BS WAL. M. Communication Arts English. Bachelor of Arts; Honor Roll. TA in Language Class. WALDRON. Y. Marketing. Business; Fashion Designing. WALL. S. Nursing. B.S,; Trt Gamma. SNUSF. Ballet. Basketball. Tennis. Skiing. Dancing. Sewing WALSH. G. Government. B A.; Emaurades, St. Ives Law Society. Skiing, Tennis. Travel. WAN. G. Bus. Administration, Bus. Econ.; Business Economics of Business Administration. Trans-fered Student from Xavier University. WARNER. J. Nursing. BSN; Wife. Mother. Critical Care RN. Reading. Crocheting. WEISS. A. Psychology. B A. WEISS. F. Psychology. BA; Member of Dean's honor roll. WHELAN. A. Nursing. Bachelor of Science. WIELAND. P. Business Economics. Business; Golf. Dancing, Skiing. WILLIAMS. G. Nursing. Bach ; Tennis. Walking. Skating, Swimming. Traveling. WINTER. W. Phys F.d History. Bachelor of Arts; Intramural Softball. Volleyball. Basketball, Football. Resident Advisor. Teacher's Assistant Biology. Phi Alpha Theta. College Bowl. Grl watcher par excellence. WISE. S. Theology. B A.; Christian Life Commu nity 2.4. Innsbruck. Austria. Junior Year. Students United for Life 2. 34WITH. M. Business Admin.. B.S.; Vice-President Freshman Class 1976-77. Gilson Hall Council President 1977-78, Resident Advisor 1978-79. Head Resident Phelan Hall 1979-80. WONDER. A. Biology. B.S.; Peer Advisor 1977. Omlcron Theta Chi Sorority. WONG. D. Business-Econ.. B.S.; Travelling. Swimming. Music. WONG. E. Business Administration. B.Sc.; Mem ber of Chinese Club, Evergreen Gub, SAM. Honors Student. WONG. G. Business Economics. Bachelor of Science; Tennis. Golf. Badminton. Music. Guitar. Organ. Swimming. Ice Cream. Working experience in one of the Big 8 Accounting Firm. KFC. Water-skiing. V" WONG. M. Computer Science. Bachelor of Science. WOO. G. Finance Marketing. B.S.; Evergreen Club—Treasurer. St. Ignatlous Choir —Member. WOO. M. Pre-Medicine, Bachelor of Science; AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. WOO. W. Biology. B.S.; Omicron Theta Chi. Trt Beta. Tennis. Skiing. WRIGHT. C. Nursing. B.S. XAVIER. P. Bio-Pre Dental. B.S.; Tri-Beta (Presi dent) Omicron Theta Chi. Peers. Welcome Week cell leader. Peer Counselor. YAMADA, M. International Business. B.S.; Ten nis. Traveling. YEE. D. Accounting Specialist. Bachelors of Science; Member—Beta Gamma Sigma (National V' A Business Administration Honor Society). Member-Accounting Association. YEE. J. Business Economics. Bachelor of Science. YEE. R. Sociology. BA YOUNG. C. Acctg Sp Finance. B.S.; Inter-Collegiate Tennis, Skiing. Accounting Association. YUJU1CO. L. Business Economics. BS; Horse Riding. Tennis. YUSUF. E. International Business. BS; Sports. ZERHOUNI. M. Management Science. B.S. ZAKOFF. K. Nursing. B.S.; Decoration Committee for Senior Pinning 35 J — ,,r

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