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  l e (s Co d-Ck a ijL A LAs graduates of higher learning, we have built a ship with sturdier fasteners and better cables to weather the humanity or inhumanity of ourselves and those whom the future prepare us to meet. Years from now many will have forgotten the specifics of this education. Yet. that which will endure in rough waters as well as calm is the God-felt joy and respect in and of our fellow man, and the moral philosophic integrity, we take such care to nourish. For just as the specifics of this education become forgotten, so will our daily actions be overlooked as each of us becomes characterized by and the resulting character of our daily actions. May we fulfill our dreams and steadfastly maintain a ship of beauty and elegance undaunted by ghostly imagery. John A. Morton May 1976 2Illl UNIVERSITY OF SF SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA Oil I? OPFICK OF THF. PRESIDENT Message to Yearbook Readers: The college Yearbook has become an endangered species. It has become a casualty not only of economic inflation, but also of sociological forgetfulness. In recent years the Yearbook has become too expensive and too much trouble to produce. But the Yearbook is a record of a moment in a student's lifelong history. It does not always record, - as Walter Cronkite claims - "the way it was today, folks" - but the perceptions of those who were there at the time. Yet it is a record of students seeing themselves and other students in their four years of college. That story is worth repeating. So it is good to have this 1976 Yearbook. Thanks to those who generously produced it for their fellow students and to those who were its leading actors, the problems of economics and sociology have been transcended. May it provide for you a long memory of a brief encounter 4 4 23 76It Was the Best of Times . . . 5It Was the Worst of Times7Friends I will remember you, think you you. pray for you, and when another day is through, I'll still remember you. 8IIDon’t it seem like time goes on and here we are still carryin' on reaching out for one another like a telephone call from an old friend or a brother and you are there to share this song in the making— Goodbye don't mean I'm gone. —Carole King 1213wEii USF—’72-76 »5 ASUSF 1617 I Presenting the Graduates of 1976 BRIAN C. ABEL Sausalito. California JAN JOYCE ABERNATHY Palo Alto. California DEBORAH JEAN ACKER Bronx. New York GIGI PONCE DE LEON AGUINO La Paz. Bolivia JOHN THOMAS AILAND San Francisco. California KNUT A. AKSETH Kristiansand. Norway SUSAN CATHERINE ALEXANDER Glendora. California MARK L. ALLEN Kansas City. Kansas NICHOLAS MICHAEL ALLEN San Francisco. California PATRICK THOMAS ALLEN Woodland Hills. California HAMED M.S. AL NAQEEB Kuwait. Kuwait LOAY M. ALNAQIB Kuwait. Kuwait JEROLD FENTON ALVARADO So. San Francisco. California JUAN AMILCAR ALVARENGA San Salvador. El Salvador MARY JO ANN ANDRUS San Francisco. California LINDA LOUISE ANGIN San Francisco. California DONNAN HUGH ARBUCKLE Orland. California VALERIE ANNE AYERS San Bruno. California PETER ALDO BALBIANI San Jose. California EDNA M. BALDONADO Albany. California 75ALEC MICHAEL BALMY San Francisco. California BILLIE ANN BARBASH Fairfax. California NANCY CARR BARBER 8urlingame. California BARRY BURKE BARFIELD Costa Mesa. California BRUCE F. BARTON Woodland. California JEAN MARIE BATTAGLIA San Francisco. California DEBORAH LINTON BELL San Francisco. California ADDEN JEWEL BENHAM Berkeley. California SUSAN KAY BEZECNY Burlingame. California FE ARACELI B. BIGORNIA Bangued. Abra Philippines SUSIE ELIZABETH BIRDEN Berkeley. California CINDY LYNN BLOM Sacramento. California MARGARET ANN BOBB San Francisco. California DAMILIA LOUPY BONANNO Healdsburg. California MARIANNE W.K. BONG Hong Kong JILL ANNE BORRECA San Francisco. California ROCHELLE ELIZABETH BOUVOIN San Francisco. California KAREN ANN BRATTESANI Oakland, California GAIL DENISE BREWSTER San Francisco. California JAN A. BRIGGLE-HABURCHAK Baltimore. Maryland SISTER DAMIAN BROST Saskatoon. Sask. Canada BARBARA DIEK BROWN Fort Wayne. Indiana STEVEN ALBERT BROWN San Francisco. California BEVERLY PATRICIA BRUER Portland. Oregon 76AMELIA ANN BURCH Alameda. California ROBERT GLEN BURTON Hayward. California EDMOND PETER CAHILL San Francisco. California AUGUSTO F CALTONI Rio de Janeiro. Brazil MARIE BERNADETTE CAPARROS Glenview. Illinois DORA LEE CASARES Huntington Park. California MAUREEN ANN CASSIDY San Francisco. California THOMAS FRANCIS CASSOU Greenbrae. California LOUIS HARRISON CASTORIA Albuquerque. New Mexico MOHAMAD CHANDRA Jakarta. Indonesia CHARLES J CHECCHI South San Francisco. California JOHN C.H. CHEN Republic of China RICHARD CHEN San Francisco. California ANNA CHOU San Francisco. California LILIAN L.O. CHOW San Francisco. California MITCHELL A. CHUN Honolulu. Hawaii NORMAN SAMUEL CHUN Honolulu. Hawaii MARY W. CHUNG San Francisco. California DAVID WAYNE CIANCIO Denver. Colorado CATHERINE ANNE CLEMENS San Diego. California JOSE ANTONIO COLAIZZO Lima. Peru ELAINE MARGARET COLEMAN San Francisco. California TIMOTHY JOHN COLLINS San Francisco. California ERIK WALTER CONRAD Manhattan Bch., California 27LEONARDO ACOSTA CORTEZ Honolulu. Hawaii RICHARD JOHN COTTRELL San Francisco. California CATHERINE MARIE COUGHLIN Sacramento. California SCOTT ELMO COZZA San Francisco. California TERI CRAVIOTTO Santa Barbara. California JOYCE CROWLEY Wichita, Kansas TIMOTHY ALAN CUEVAS Richmond. California MICHAEL STEPHEN CULLEN Millbrae. California HUSSEIN HASHEM DABBAS Amman. Jordan JOSEPH D’ANGELO San Francisco. California LEE ANN DANIELS Tiburon, California BARRY EDMUND DAVENPORT San Anselmo. California YVONNE MARIE DAVIS San Francisco. California LARRY JAMES DEAL Santa Monica. California CAROLE E. DEITRICH Sunbury, Pennsylvania ALBERTO A. DE LA REZA Cochabamba. Bolivia S.A. BOB DEL GRANDE Burlingame. California KEVIN LAWRENCE DELUCCHI South San Francisco. California NANCY JEANNE DELUCCHI San Francisco. California SANDRA ANN DESS (COPE) Saratoga. California STEPHEN EARL DEVINE South San Francisco. California LISA CECILE DEW BERRY Riverside. California TERESA REGINA DEWEY Long Beach. California MATILDE CECILIA N. DIAZ Manila. Philippines nMARY PAT DILL Elk Grove. California BORIS M. DMITRIEFF San Francisco. California NGA THUY DOAN Saigon. Vietnam REBECCA SALUDES DOMINGO Manila. Philippines KATHLEEN MARY DOOLEY Salinas. California MIRU MIRIAM DRUCKER Pacifica. California MICHAEL BIXBY DUDLEY San Marino. California ALFREDO B. DULAY San Francisco. California AHMAD MUSTAPHA EL-AKHAL Beirut. Lebanon CHRIS PETER ELZI Petaluma. California NILITA FRANCES ESCOBAR San Francisco. California JOHN P. EVANGELATOS South San Francisco. California DEBORAH DEAN EVANS Marysville. California ELIZABETH ESTER FAJARDO San Francisco. California RAYMOND LOUIS FISHER Pacifica, California DEBBIE JEAN FITCH Claremont. California JOAN MARIE FITZGERALD Whittier. California JOSEPH P. FLORENDO Pearl City. Hawaii RAMON J. FLORES Manila. Philippines WAYNE PATRICK FOLEY Longmeadow. Massachusetts CATHERINE MARY DUNLEAVY South San Francisco. California ANNE MARIE DUNN Cheverly. Maryland DEBORAH ANN DWYER Hayward. California ERIC WILLIAM ECKHART Salinas. California 29STEVEN BARNARD FORBES San Mateo. California KATHRYN LOUISE FORSGREN Sacramento. California STEPHEN HOWARD FOSTER Los Altos H'iIs. California GREGO RY KEITH FREEMAN Berkeley California ALYCE JEANNE FRELIN Lewistown. Pennsylvania LARRY JOHN FRIEDMAN San Rafael. California VALERIE HELEN FURSTENBERG San Bruno. California LINDA MARIE GALASSI San Francisco. California KEVIN PAUL GENO Daly City. California CHARLES PETER GEORGI Santa Barbara. California REGINA GERATY San Francisco. California GREGORY W. GILLEN Novato. California FRANK JOSEPH GINOTTI San Francisco. California OLIVER VALDEZ GLOVER San Francisco. California ABRAHIM RAHMAN GOLSHANI Tehran. Iran LISA ANN GOMEZ San Francisco. California MICHAEL JOSEPH GRIFFIN San Francisco. California MARCO PETER GUALCO San Francisco. California RONALD JOHN GUGLIELMONE San Francisco. California DENISE GUM San Francisco. California DANIEL JOSEPH GALVIN III Santa Rosa. California MARGARET ISABELLE GARNER Potsdam, New York MARC JAMES GARTMAN San Rafael. California JUDITH MARIAN GARVEY San Francisco, California 30■n GEORGE GUZMAN Las Vegas. Nevada INORA S. HAJAOI Jakarta. Indonesia MAURICETTE HAKEM San Francisco. California MARY HAMILTON Redding. California SHAHAB HANOJANI Tehran. Iran TERRENCE DANIEL HANLEY San Francisco. California SHERRY LYNN HARRIS Sacramento. California CATHY A. HART Moraga. California SHAHRIAR HAY Tehran. Iran LUCILLE DOROTHEA HERGER Vallejo. California STEVEN PHILLIP HERRERA Santa Clara. California BRAD JAY HERRICK Santa Barbara. California MARIE C. HIGGINBOTHAM San Francisco. California SUSAN A. HO San Francisco. California ROBERT E. HOGG San Francisco. California SCOTT ANTHONY HOUGHTON San Francisco. California BASSEM N. HOUSSAMI Lebanon SANDRA LA RAY HOWARD Daly City. California ROBERTA KAY HUMMEL Burlingame. California PATRICIA EILEEN HURLEY Richmond. California PATRICIA M. HUSTEDT Burlingame. Californlia ROBERT C. IMBER San Francisco. California BOBBIE N. INGRAM El Dorado. Arkansas HAIFA ADIB INTABI Riyadh. Saudi Arabia 31NADA ADIB INTABI Riyadh. Saudi Arabia ELIZABETH MARIE IRIART Fresno. California ANNETTE JOHNSON IRVING Oakland. California DENNIS P. ISAAC Export. Pennsylvania YOSHIHARU IWAYAMA Iwate. Japan WANDA SHELIMA JACKSON Los Angeles. California CHRISTINE LOUISE JACOBS Flintridge. California JAN SUSAN JACOBSSEN Virginia Beach. Virginia BRIAN LEIGH JAMISON Nevada City. California MICHELLE R. JARRET Santa Rosa. California PATRICIA ANN JIN San Leandro. California LEE JAMES JOHNSON Pacifica. California ASBED ARSEN KALFAYAN San Francisco. California GORDON MASAYUKI KANEMARU Wahiawa. Hawaii RICARDO B. KAWAS La Ceiba. Honduras. C.A. MICHAEL MARK KEATING Jacksonville. Illinois JOSEPH M. KELSEY Altadena. California MARY E. KERECMAN Woodland Hills. California ANNE MARIE KOCH Millbrae. California KATHLEEN M. KOCHARHOOK San Bruno. California MATTHEW KOL Newport Beach. California VANDA H. KOLODZIEJCZAK San Bruno. California MARTHA STEPHANIE KOSOVICH San Francisco. California DONNA UEGLEE KWONG San Francisco. California 32MARGARET ROSE LACAYO San Francisco. California JEFFREY STEPHEN LAMP Fremont. California HEATHER HOPE LANGE Denver. Colorado ROYA LASHKARI Shiraz. Iran VALERIE ANN LE BEAUX New Orleans. Louisiana ANSON KEI LEE Kaneohe. Hawaii MALCOLM KEALY LEE San Francisco. California PETER CLAYTON LEE El Paso. Texas TSUN-YAN LEE Hong Kong ROBERT CHARLES LEHMANN Manila. Philippines MARGARET ANN LEONARDI Ogden. Utah MARY ANN LEONG San Francisco. California GLENN DAVE LEON-GUERRERO Marina. California GERALD MICHAEL LETZRING Redwood City. California SAU-LAI KATHY LEUNG Hong Kong JOHN P. LEVESQUE Los Angeles. California EDMUND HAW CHEW LEW Los Angeles. California MARY E. LEW San Francisco. California MELODY CHOW-HAR LI Berkeley. California MARIE MICHELLE LIBERATORE Upland. California NICHOLAS LOUIS LIDDI Santa Monica. California JAMES S. LINK Gilroy. California VIRGINIA M. LIU Kailua. Hawaii TERESA ANN LOFTUS San Francisco. California 33DAVID JOHN LONICH Daly City. California MARY ANN DORIS LOVI South San Francisco. California MARILYN N. LU San Francisco. California MARTY LUKES Yreka. California MARINA A. MACCHIAGODENA San Francisco. California HABIBALLAH MAHYARI ESTHER KING PING MAK San Francisco. California JO ELLEN MALONEY San Francisco. California DEBORAH CLAIRE MARKEY Pomona. California WAYNE YOSHITO MATSUMOTO Waipahu. Hawaii GENE MATTEUCCI South Lake Tahoe. California DIANA MARTA MAUCH Tulelake. California ANITA R. MC ANDREW Santa Ana. California MICHELLE DOLORES MC ARDLE San Francisco. California LAURA J. MC CARTHY St. Paul. Oregon PATRICIA ANN MC CARTY Visalia. California THOMAS F. MC CARTHY III San Francisco. California MARK KEVIN MC GANN San Francisco. California JEAN ANN MC GEE Scranton. Pennsylvania KAREN ANN MC GEE San Anselmo. California PATRICIA ANN MALONEY San Francisco. California STEPHEN MARINO MANETTE White Plains. New York ROBERT JOHN MANTEGANI South San Francisco. California HOYOS JUAN MANUEL Cali, Colombia 34JAMES STEPHEN MC INERNEY San Francisco. California BENJAMIN P. MC INTOSH San Francisco. California COLLEEN MARIE MC KAY San Francisco. California MICHAEL LILLIS MC KININ Pacifica. California MAURICE MC KINNEY Richmond. California EDA CHRISTINE MC NULTY San Francisco. California SUSAN MAUREEN MC QUADE San Francisco. California SHEIKHOLESLAMI MEHRAM Shiraz. Iran JACQUELINE JEAN MILLER El Monte. California JOHN JOSEPH MINAGLIA JR. Healdsburg. California BLANCA JULIA MOLINA Cananea. Sonora. Mexico CYNTHIA ANN MONREAL Fresno. California J. ALBERTO MORALES Mlllbrae. California TARA MICHELE MORGAN South San Francisco. California FRANK ERICH MORRILL San Francisco. California DOROTHY JOAN MORSE Palo Alto. California THOMAS JOHN MELKA Oakland. California MARGO ANN MELLINGER Holtville, California DONALD WIILLIAM MICHELETTI San Rafael. California JOYCE MARIE MIKAL Santa Rosa. California CHARLES THOMAS MORTON Sacramento. California JOHN ANTHONY MORTON Fair Oaks. California KATHLEEN E. MULLIN San Francisco. California GERTRUDE MARIE MUMFORD Belvedere. California 35DANIEL JOSEPH MURPHY San Francisco. California JENEVA ANNE MYERS Fremont. California FIKRI NABULSI Amstelveen. Holland GAYLE C. NAKAGAWA Wahiawa, Hawaii MARY PATRICIA NAUGHTON Daly City. California DEBORAH LUCILLE NAVARRETTE Anaheim. California CHERYL DIANE NELLEN South San Francisco. California KATHARINE NESLEN Millbrae. California HENRY DJATMIKA OENTOJO Indonesia KYLE KIYOSHI OKAMURA Honolulu. Hawaii CHIKODINAKA BRIDGET OKORO Umuaka Orlu. Nigeria AGNES YOHKO ONO San Francisco. California MICHAEL PETER OPALENIK Millbrae. California ANA MARIA OSORIO San Francisco. California ANNE MARIE O’SULLIVAN San Francisco. California DARLENE ANN PALAU Mexico City. Mexico SUSAN MICHELLE PANCOAST Fairfield. California STEPHEN S. PANDJI Indonesia PATRICK GIT WONG PANG Aiea. Hawaii ANDREA MIRIAM PAPAPIETRO Sunnyvale. California LINDA LAI-YONG NG Hong Kong RON PETER NOERO San Mateo. California KATHLEEN ANNE O’BRIEN Wethersfield. Connecticut GAYLE ELIZABETH O’DONNELL Oakland. California 36ROBERT JOHN PARINI Crockett. California BARBARA DENISE PARKER Oakland. California KENNETH FRANCIS PERSKE JR. Mililani Town. Hawaii CHRISTOPHER M. PETERSON Tiburon. California DUANE EUGENE PIAZZA Boulder Creek, California JANICE ARLENE PINTO Pleasant Hill, California VERONICA MARIE PISANI Las Vegas. Nevada LISA BARBARA PIXLEY Palos Verdes. California PAUL ALLEN PLECAS Whither. California WINFRED KUM TONG PONG Honolulu. Hawaii JUAN JOSE PONS Guayaguil. Ecuador HELEN ANNE POTTER Alta Loma, Californic SUSAN BARBARA POTTER St. Joseph. Missouri MARY MARGARET POWERS Stockton. California LINDA ANN PRATT Norato. California ROSE MARIE SCOTT PUROL Tiburon. California ANGELA QUINN Pacifica. California LARRY LUND QUISTGAARD San Rafael. California PATRICIA CARLA RAGGIO Lima, Peru JEANETTE L. RAMACCIOTTI San Francisco. California SHAHRZAD RAZAVI-AMIDI Teheran. Iran ROBERT JOSEPH RE San Francisco. California SHEILA MARIE REED Albany. California OSCAR CASTILLO REGALADO Manila. Philippines 37BARBARA HART REIS Spokane. Washington MARIAN ELIZABETH RENDLER Los Angeles. California FRANK JOSEPH REYES Half Moon Bay. California BARBARA SUSAN RICHMOND Greenville. California MICHAEL J. RINGER Modesto. California JAMES MATTHEW RIORDAN San Francisco. California KATHLEEN ROBERTS San Francisco. California THOMAS MALACHY ROCHE Coventry, England MARLYN REENE ROCHON San Francisco. California TIMOTHY RODGERS Morristown. New Jersey MICHAEL JOSEPH ROMANO Fairfield. California JAMES ANTHONY ROSS San Bruno. California JAMES BOGGS ROSS Mlllbrae. California VALERIE JEAN ROST Corte Madera. California JOAN CECILIA RYAN San Francisco. California NAJI A. SAFITI Lebanon TEODORO GALLEGOS SALEM Quito. Ecuador JOHN JOSEPH SALISTEAN Omaha. Nebraska KIANOOSH SAMII Shiraz. Iran JULIO L. SANCHEZ Daly City. California CARLOS ALBERTO SANDOVAL San Francisco. California LEONARD LAMONT SANTANA Bronx New York, New York PATRICK SEAN SCALLEN Minneapolis. Minnesota FRANK GRAHAM SCHIRO Sacramento. California MBARBARA A. SCHLESSELMANN Greenbrae. California DEBRA KIM SCOTT Albuquerque. New Mexico MELVA LAVERN SCOTT Los Angeles. California NANCY CECCHETTI SEBASTIANI San Francisco. California HELENA CATHERINE SEN San Francisco. California KIEN CHUNG SIEN Shanghai. China EDWARD FREDERICK SILICANI San Francisco. California DONALD IRVING SILVERMAN San Francisco. California PATRICK PHILIP SIMPSON Luxembourg, Luxembourg MARIA ELIZABETH SMART San Francisco. California JANET SMETANA Tiburon. California DIANE MAE SMITH Larkspur. California KATHLEEN MARIE SMITH Mountain View. California THERESE MARIE SMITH Concord. Massachusetts MICHELLE ELENA SOSA Daly City. California ALTAMIR P. SOUZA San Francisco. California ROSE MARY SOUZA Santa Cruz. California JEANETTE ANN STARK San Francisco. California ROBERT JOSEPH STEFANKO North Hollywood. California ELLEN CLAIRE STEPHENS Carmichael. California ROBERT J. STEVENS Salinas. California ELIZABETH MARY ST. GEORGE Cupertino. California DAWN M. STILES Antioch. California PAMELA KATHRYN STRECKFUS San Rafael. California 39ROBERT FRANCIS STRNAD Richmond. California JOAN P. SWANSON Los Altos. California KEVIN MICHAEL SWEENEY Hayward. California MARIALENA TABILIO Rancho Cordova. California LEONARDO TABIN Honolulu. Hawaii OLUYINKA TAIWO-O GUNREMI Nigeria FUMIKO ANITA TAKEMURA San Francisco. California BOK LIAN TAN Jakarta. Indonesia SOAN LIAN TAN Singapore EILEEN YASUKO TANAKA San Francisco. California THOMAS PAUL TAQUINO JR. Arcadia. California PAMELA MARY TAYLOR Santa Barbara. California MARIO E. TEJADA La Paz. Bolivia WILLIAM C. TETER Oceanside. California MICHEAL A. THOMOSON Vallejo. California ROBERT VINCENT TOBIN Phoenix. Arizona MARIO MICHAEL TORRIGINO Pacifica. California STEVEN T. TOY South San Francisco. California ALBERT JOHN TRAVERSO San Francisco. California LARRY TRAXLER San Francisco. California CARLOS ARMANDO TREJO El Salvador, Central America KATHERINE ELIZABETH TRUE San Diego. California WILLIAM MICHAEL TUCKNER Frankfort. New York SUSAN G. TURNBULL Los Angeles. California 40MARJORIE B. WHEELER Mill Valley. California BERNEY KAY WHITTIE Richmond. California SUE ANNE WIEDENFELD Fresno. California ALFRED RENARD WILSON Oakland. California DOUGLAS FARRELL WONG San Francisco. California LELAND WONG San Francisco. California KAREN CARTER WOOLLEY Los Angeles. California LOWE WU Tokyo. Japan ROY JOHN WU Tokyo. Japan DIANA MARIE WUDEL Lodi. California ELEANOR HENRY WYATT San Francisco. California ABDULHADI HAMED YASSIN Damascus. Syria DARRYL MERELYN UTTER Stockton. California THANH TU VAN Saigon. South Viet Nam THERESA ANN VANNI Tahoe City. California IRMA E. VELASQUEZ San Mateo. California STEVEN ALAN WENTWORTH Corte Madera. California STEPHANIE ANN VINELLA Santa Rosa. California THERESA MARIA WALSH San Francisco. California VICKI LOUISE WALSH San Francisco. California LILY ANN WARDA Turlock. California MICHAEL WAYNE WATSON San Bernardino. California MARY KIMBERLIN WEBB Cumberland. Maryland MARY LOUISE WEINKAUF San Francisco. California 41ELEANOR YEE San Francisco. California NANCY KIEM FOANG YEE San Francisco. California MENG-CHIA YEH San Francisco. California ALFRED PO-CHI YOUNG Hong Kong JENNIFER ANN YOUNG San Anselmo. California TIMOTHY JOSEPH YUN Grass Valley. California LESLIE THERESA ZAMARRIPA San Francisco. California ORLA V. ZAMBRANO San Francisco. California Highlights of the Graduates of 1976 ABEL, B.: Business. BS. ABERNATHY, J.: Psychology. BA; I belong to Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, volunteer worker for Adult Probation, member of PASU. Public Administration plan for M.A. In this field, obtaining a degree from USF In Psychology. ACKER, D.: Government. BA; Welcome Week Chairman 1974. Little Sister of Minerva. AGUINO, G.: Psychology. Economics. Treasurer for Student Council Evening College. Inter'C Fashion Show. Inter'C Film Show. Jogging Club. Psi-Chi. AILANO, J.: Accounting Specialist. BS: Peers — President 75-76. Karate Club — President 75. Accounting Association. AKSETH, K.: International Business. BS. ALEXANDER, S.: Nursing. BS; SNAC. ALLEN, M.: Biology. BS; Life, School. Tri Beta. Music. ALLEN, N.: Business Administration. BA; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. ALLEN, P.: Psychology. Computer Science. 8A.BS; Association of Computing Machinery. AL NAQEEB, H.: Business Economics. BS. ALNAQIB, L.: Economics. BA; Soccer. ALVARADO, J.: Biology. BS; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ALVARENGA, J.: Business Administration. BS; Council Member (Evening College). ANDRUS. M.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Phi Chi Theta. Accounting Association. Alpha Sigma Nu. ANGIN, L.: Biology. BS; Health Professions Society. Academic Council. Tri Beta. Special Events Committee. Sr. Class Vice-President. Foghorn Staff. Alpha Sigma Nu. Who's Who in American Colleges. ARBUCKLE, D.: Biology. BS. AYERS, V.: History. BA; Songgirl 1973-74. Interests include sports, dancing, sewing, reading, designing. BALBIANI, P.: Accounting Specialist. BS; "I got a job." BALDONADO, E.: Nursing. Philippine Club 1st 2 yrs. of college, likes skiing, music, dancing. BALMY, A.: Biology. BS; Omlcron Theta Chi. intramurals. Haight-Community Food Store. Norton. Entomology. BARBASH, B.: English. BA. BARBER, N.: Nursing. BS; Senior Representative. Skiier. Travel. Honor Society. BARFIELD, B.: Theology. 8A. BARTON, B.: Computer Science. BS; Academic Council Representative. Student Member of Association for Computing Machinery. BATTAGLIA, J.: Nursing. BS. BELL, D.: History. BA. BENHAM, A.: Government, BA; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Pan African Student Union. USF Judo Club. St. Ives Law Society. BEZECNY, S.: Biology. Bachelors. BIGORNIA, F.: Biology. BS: Filipino Club. International Students Association. Health Professions Society. BIRDEN, S.: Nursing. BS; Second Vice President of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. Student Nurse Association of California. National Student Nurses Assoc. BLOM, C.: Nursing. BS: Co-Ed Softball champs 1973-1974. SAE — Little Sister 1974-1976. BOBB, M.: English. BA; Private Pilot. Skiing, showed thoroughbred horses. BONANNO. D.: Psychology. Sociology. BA. BONG, M.: Marketing. BS: Making friends with people, studying all sorts of interesting outdoor and indoor activities. BORRECA, J.: Education. Standard Secondary Credential. BOUVOIN, R.: History and English. BA; Phi Alpha Theta. BRATTESANI, K.: Psychology. BA; Entertainment Editor. FOGHORN. Member of Psl Chi. College Players. Alpha Sigma Nu. BREWSTER, G.: Government, minor — Business Administration. BA; Hall of Justice — Criminal Division. Grubb-n-Ellis. Real Estate. Tennis. Skiing. Partying, interested in pursuing a J.D. in Law and M.B.A. in Business Admin. BRIGGLE-HABURCHAK, J.: Nursing. BSN; RN committee rep. R.N. class rep alternate. BROST, D.: Theology. BROWN. B.: Nursing. BS. BROWN, S.: Psychology. BA; Candidate for M A PhD In Psychology for year 77 or begin-ing the year 77 at C.S.P.P. BRUER, B.: Biology. BS; Tri-Beta. Dean's List 3 years. Intramural Sports: Football. Softball. Volleyball. Irish Club. Marin County Marine Mammal Rescue Center. BURCH, A.: Nursing. BS. BURTON, R.: History, BA; Activities do not measure accomplishments — for it Is those I have known at USF that mark my greatest ac- 42complishments. CAHILL, E.: Accounting Specialist. BS: Who's Who in American Universities. Dean's List. Business Week Comm.. Accounting Assoc. Treasurer. SOCOB. Water Skiing. River Rafting. Motorcycles. CALTONI. A.: Govt.. BA; DJ at KUSF. Photographer Yearbook. CAPARROS, M.: Business (Accounting). BS. CASARES. D.: Spanish. BA. CASSIDY, M.: Accounting. BS; Skilng.Tennis. Spectator Sports. CASSOU. T.: Biology. BS; Interest marine biology. CASTORIA, L: Government. BA; President. Associated Students, Editor. USF Foghorn. ASUSF Senate. Speaker Pro-Tempore. Finance Committee Chairman. President's Budget Committee. President. USF Young Democrats. Alpha Sigma Nu. Pi Sigma Alpha. Doan's List, Summa Cum Laude. Honors Program. Collective Bargaining participant. University Senate, chairman. Student Rights and Freedoms Committee. Core Curriculum Review Committee. Board of Trustees Academic Committee, KUSF News Analyst. College Players. BSC. SEC. Irish Club. Intercollegiate Press. Who’s Who Among American College Students. CHANDRA, M.: Finance. MGT Science. BS; Basketball Intramural. CHECCHI, C.: Accounting Specialist. BS. CHEN, J.: Accounting Specialist. BS. CHEN, R.: Government. BA; Member of Government Dept Honor Society, listed in Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. Daily Don Editor. CHOU, A.: Nursing. BS; Tennis. Hiking. Biology. CHOW, L.: Accounting Specialty. BS. CHUN, M.: English. AB. CHUN, N.: Biology. BS: Tennis Team, Hawaiian Club. Chinese Club. United Asians. USF Jogging Club. CHUNG, M.: Nursing. BS; Art. Music. Plants. Astrology. Religion. CIANCIO, D.: Psychology. BA; PEERS. Residence Hall Staff. A£N. ASUSF Senate. Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. CLEMENS. C.: English. BA. COLAIZZO, J.: Sociology. BA. COLEMAN, E.: Nursing. BA; Living and loving life fully. COLLINS, T.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Accounting Association. Intramurals. CONRAD, E.: Business Administration. BA. CORTEZ, L.: Biology. BS. COTTRELL, R.: Business Administration. BS; Knights of Columbus. Intramurals. COUGHLIN, C.: Nursing. BS. COZZA, S.: Psychology Sociology, BA. CRAVIOTTO, T.: Nursing. BS; USF Womens’ Sports: Football 1972-1975 Basketball 1973-1975. Softball 1973. CROWLEY, J.: Business Administration. BS; Womens Basketball Team. Womens Tennis Team. Intramurals. Dormitory Representative. CUEVAS. T.: Gov't. Sociology. BA; USF Baseball Team for four years. Desk Clerk. CULLEN, M.r Biology. BS. OABBAS, H.: Industrial Relations. BS: Photography. Traveling. Swimming. D’ANGELO, J.: Biology. BS; Tri Beta. DANIELS, L.: Nursing. BS; RN, American Nurse Assoc. DAVENPORT, B.: Computer Science. BS; Music, Tennis. President of the IBS Local Chapter. DAVIS, Y.: Psychology, BA; Elementary Teaching Credential. DEAL, L.: Finance Marketing. Business Administration. I went through a period of time, be it good or bad. may some friends never any enemies for who could hate a part of themself. DEITRICH, C.: Nursing. BS. DE LA REZA, A.: Economics. BA. DEL GRANDE, B.: Biology Chemistry, BS: Trl Beta Biological Society — V.P. 1975. A.C.S.. I.C.B. Personnel. DELUCCHI, K.: Psychology. BA; Tennis. Racquetball, Skiing. Experimental Psychology. Psi Chi member. DELUCCHI, N.: Biology. BS. DESS, S.: Biology. Science. Women's Intramural Football. DEVINE, S.: English. BA. DEW BERRY, L.: Gov’t. BA; Volunteer Judge for USF Invitational. DEWEY, T.: Nursing. BS; Trl Gamma. DIAZ, M.: Economics. BA; Filipino Club Member. International Students Assoc — Chairperson. A.S.U.S.F. — Member, U.S.F. Scholarship 75. Who's Who Among Student in American Colleges Universities 75. DILL, M.: Government. BA; Senior Class President. Alpha Sigma Nu. ASUSF Secretary 74-75, Special Events Committee. Board of Student Coordination. Media Council. Valedictorian Selection Committee. Welcome Week 74 75. DMITRIEFF, B.: Theology. BA; In preparation for the Russian Orthodox priesthood. DOAN, N.: International Businness. BS. DOMINGO, R.: Biology. BS; Watching sport games, playing piano guitar, reading books novels. DOOLEY, K.: Nursing. BS; Tri-Gamma Nursing Sorority. President. SNAC. Floor Officer Hayes Healy Soph Jr years. DRUCKER, M.: Nursing. BS. DUDLEY, M.: Psychology. BA; Psi Chi. DULAY, A.: Communication Arts. Bachelor. DUNLEAVY, C.: Nursing. BS. DUNN, A.: Nursing. BS; Folkdancing. Tundra Travel In Kotzebua Alaska. DWYER, D.: Nursing. BS. ECKHART, E.: Psychology. BA; Psi Chi, Intramurals. EL-AKHAL, A.: Business Administration. BS. ELZI, C.: English. BA. ESCOBAR, N.: Nursing. BS. EVANGELATOS. J.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Delta Sigma PI. Accounting Association. Sierra Club. Church Activities. EVANS, D.: Nursing. BS: ByLaws Committee (2 yrs) — School of Nsg. varied activities and interests. FAJARDO, E.: English. BA; I am a San Francisco basketball fan. news reporter on the Foghorn, copy editor on Don yearbook. Little Sister in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Secretary in Emeraudes and I am a member of the Board of Student Coordination. FISHER, R.: Math. BS; Most outdoor sports and hobbies. FITCH, D.: Nursing. BSN; SNAC. FITZGERALD, J.: Nursing. BS. FLORENDO, J.: Government. BA; Alpha Sigma Nu. Dean's Honor List. Hawaiian Club. ASUSF. FLORES, R.: Marketing. BS. FOLEY, W.: Biology. BS. FORBES. S.: History. AB; U.S.F. Magick Follies. Cozmik Muffin. Folk Dance. Renaissance Man. Triple Triada. FORSGREN, K.: Nursing. BS. FOSTER, 8.: Biology, BS; Omicron Theta Chi. Chamber Music Group. FREEMAN, G.: Comm. Art. BA; Photography, Baseball. FRELIN, A.: Nursing. BS. FRIEDMAN, L.: Comm Arts. BA; College Players. FURSTENBERG, V.: Nursing. BS; Song Girl 1973-1974: 11974-1975. Student Nurse’s Association. Interests: Skiing. Tennis. GALASSI, L.: Psychology. BA; Community Involvement Program. GALVIN. D.: English.BA;2 yrs USF Golf Team. Intramurals. Tennis. GARNER, M.: French. BA. GARTMAN, M.: Business. BS; Girls. Tennis. Karate. GARVEY, J.: Government. BA; ASUSF Vice President. Special Events Committee Chairman. Rotary Foundation Fellowship. USF Debate Team. USF Tennis Team. Alpha Sigma Nu. Pi Sigma Alpha Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Irish Dancer. L.B.J. Congressional Intern 1973.1974.1975. GENO, K.: Business Administration. BS. GEORGI, C.: Sociology. BA; President Scabbard and Blade. Football. Basketball. Track. GERATY, R.: Business. BA; Emerades. Historian Soph yr.. ASUSF Student Body Treasurer 73-74. Who's Who in American Colleges Universities 75. Welcome Week. GILLEN, G.: Business Administration. BS; Pep Band. Stage Band. GINOTTI, F.: Marketing, BS; Knights of Columbus 3.4. GLOVER, 0 - Psychology. BA; Member of Psi Chi. Co-Author of Research Article. Elementary Education Teaching Credential. GOLSHANI, A.: Economics. BA; Soccer. GOMEZ, L.: Nursing. BS. GRIFFIN, M.: Biology. BS; Health Professions Society. Knights of Columbus. GUALCO, M.: Psychology. BA; J.V. Basketball Frosh.. Psi Chi Senior. GUGLIELMONE. R.: Government, BA; Pep Band. St. Ives Law Society. PI Sigma Alpha. USF College Republicans, Republican State Central Committee. Knights of Columbus. GUM, D.: Biology. BS. GUZMAN, G.: Biology (Pre-Med). BS; Tennis. Co-Ed Baseball. Biology la-lb. Genetics. Embryology. Histology. Virology Lab. Comp. Physio.. Cell Physio. HAJADI, I.: Management Science. BS; Inter- 43college Badminton, Indonesian Club. HAKEM, M.: Nursing. BS; Religion. Social Work. Party (Missionary Type). Traveling. Music. HAMILTON, M.: Nursing. BS. HANDJANI, S.: Business. Economics. BS. HANLEY, T.: English. BA; . . . But often faltering feet come surest to the goal, and those who walk in darkness meet the sunrise of the soul. HARRIS. S.: Political Science 4 Sociology. BA. HART, C.: Nursing. BS. HAY S.: Business. BA; Iran Club in USF. HERGER, L.: Nursing. BS; Welcome Week Cell Leader 1975. SNAC. SNAC Senior Rep. Judo Club 1974, Trl Gamma 1973-1976. Alpha Sigma Nu. Dean's List Sewing. Music. Travel. HERRERA, S.: Theology. BA. HERRICK, B.: Chemistry. BS; SAACS. Rifle Team. HIGGINBOTHAM, M.: Psychology, BA; Phi Alpha Theta. Psi Chi. Needlepoint. Greek Dancing. Volunteer Work. HO, S. HOGG, R.: Psychology. BA; Psi Chi Honor Society. Athletics. HOUGHTON, S.: Biology. BS; Vice President College Players. President College Players. HOUSSAMI, B.: Physics. BS. HOWARD, 8.: Biology. BS: P.A.S.U. member. Women's Pre-Med. Society. Eastern Star. Member ol MALCOLM. HUMMEL, R.: Accounting Specialist. BS: Skiing. HURLEY, P.: Nursing. BS. HUSTEDT, P.: Nursing. BS. IMBER, R.: Government. BA; Vice-President. President of Omega Chapter of PI Sigma Alpha. Vice President. President, of the St. Ives Law Society. INGRAM, B.: Nursing. BS; California Nurses Assoc.. CRONA. Student Nurses Assoc, of California. INTABI, H.: P.S.. BA; Swimming, reading Intellectual books philosophical, psychological social. INTABI, N.: Philosophy. BA; Intellectual discussion. reading books. IRIART, E.: Government, BA. IRVING, A.: Nursing. BS; Student Nursing Assoc, of Ca.. National Student Nurses Assoc.. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. ISAAC, D.: Psychology. BA. IWAYAMA, Y.: English. BA. JACKSON, W.: Government. BA; An active member of the PASU Organization and of the Embers Service Organization. JACOBS, C.: Nursing. BS. JACOBSSEN, J.: Comm. Arts. BA; College Players. Alpha Sigma Nu. Intercollegiate Basketball '73-74. Tennis, Best Supporting Actress '74. College Players. JAMISON, B.: Accounting. Specialist. BS. JARRETT, M.: Business — Marketing. BS; Songgirl, Tennis. Sports. Dance. JIN, P.: Nursing. BS; Filipino Club. Yearbook Staff (1973). FOGHORN Staff (1973). Judo Club (1974). American Nurses' Asso.. Skiing. Music. Dean's List. JOHNSON, L.: Business Adm.. BS; Intercollegiate Baseball J.V.. Accounting Association. Musician (Guitar). KALFAYAN, A.: Biology. BS. KANEMARU, G.: Psychology. BA; USF Badminton 75-76, Hawaiian Club. KAWAS, R.: Finance. BS. KEATING, M.: History. BA; San Francisco Suicide Prevention. FOGHORN. Politics. Intramurals. KELSEY, J.: Computer Science. BS: Special Events Committee — Art Room Director. Alpha Sigma Nu. ACM. KERECMAN, M.: Nursing. BS: SNAC Member. Student Representative to Senior Team. Dean's List. KOCH, A.: Nursing. BS; SNAC Member. Theta Sigma Pi. KOCHARHOOK. K.: Nursing. BS. KOL, M.: Theology. Psychology. BA; Theology Students Union. KOLODZIEJCZAK, V.: Communication Arts English. BA; Debate. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pi Kappa Delta. Alpha Sigma Nu. Student Teaching. KOSOVICH, M.: Biology. BS; Tri-Beta. Health Professions Society. Dean's List. KWONG, D.: Accounting Specialist, BS. LACAYO, M.: Biology. BS: Member of Tri-Beta for 3 yrs.. Member of Womens Pre-Med for 2' » yrs.. Member of Judo Club for 1 yr.. Memmber of College Republicans for 1 yr. LAMP, J.: Biology. BS. LANGE, H.: Nursing. BS. LASHKARI, R.: Business Economics. BA. LEBEAUX, V.: Psychology. BA; Creative Arts. Languages. LEE. A.: Accounting. BS; Hui o' Hawaii (President. Senior; Treasurer. Junior). Accounting Association. Alpha Sigma Nu. FOGHORN Writer. Intramurals. Guitar. Chess. Golf. LEE, M.: Psychology. BA; 4-year ROTC Scholarship Student. Member Scabbard Blade Military Honor Society. LEE, P.: English. BA; Volunteer Work with Campus Ministry. Intramural Basketball. Football. Tennis. 4 Softball. Student Community Group. LEE, T.: Physics. BS. LEHMANN, R.: Business (International). BS. LEONARDI, M.: Nursing. Bachelor's. LEONG, M.: Sociology. BA. LEON-GUERRERO. G.: Biology. BS; Scabbard and Blade. Hawaiian Club. Army ROTC. LETZRING, G.: Government. BA. LEUNG, S.: Accounting. BS. LEVESQUE, J.: Business. BS; "Rocque.". The Roc of Ages. LEW, E.: Psychology. BA; Devotion to life. self, others. LEW, M.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Beta Gamma Sigma. Embers. Accounting Association. LI, M.: Chemistry. MS. LIBERATORE, M.: Nursing. BS. LIDDI, N.: Government. BA; Skier, married with a beautiful son 6 wife, interested in the study of Law. LINK, J.: Government. BA; BSC Chairman. Disciplinary Hearing Committee Member. LIU, V.: Accounting Specialist. BS. LOFTUS, T.: Nursing. BS. LONICH, D.: Government. BA. LOVI, M.: Nursing. BS; Member of S.N.A.C. 4 years. LU, M.: Business Economics. Business Administration. ASUSF Filipino Club — Treasurer. ISA Member. LUKES, M.: Nursing. BS; ASN, SNAC. MACCHIAGODENA, M.: Psychology. BA; Alpha Sigma Nu. MAHYARI, H. MAK, E.: Psychology. BS. MALONEY, J.: Sociology. BA; Cheerleader. President of Emerandes, Who's Who In American Colleges 4 Unlv.. Executive Sec. to Pres, of A.S.U.S.F. MALONEY, P.: Nursing. BS; Tri Gamma Nursing Society. Running. MANETTE, S.: Psychology. BA; Psi Chi. Audio Visual Technician. Dean's List 1972-76. MANTEGANI, R.: Management. BS; Hunting. Fishing. Auto Racing. MANUEL, H.: Economics, BA; Tennis. MARKEY, D.: Nursing. BS; Nursing Honor Society. Sports. Dance. MATSUMOTO, W.: Psychology. BA; The Way Campus Outreach. Hawaii Club. MATTEUCCI, G.: Government. BA; SAE. Gov't Honor Society. MAUCH, D.: Nursing. BS; Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society. Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority. Skiing. Rose Queen Candidate. Tennis. MC ANDREW, A.: Sociology. BA. MC ARDLE, M.: History. BA: Student Court. Special Events Committee Co-Chairman. Bicentennial Committee. Editor. Senior Yearbook. Fogcutter Committee. MC CARTHY, L.: Psychology. BA; Psi Chi. Alpha Sigma Nu President, Junior Class President, Resident Assistant. Who's Who of American College Students. MC CARTY, P.: Nursing. BS; Student Nurses' Association of California. MC CARTHY, T.: Computer Science. BS; ACM. MC GANN, M.: English. BA; Basketball Intramurals. California Scholarship Club. The San Francisco Poets Circle. MC GEE, J.: Biology. BS; Member Health Professions Society. Teacher Hatha Yoga Intramurals Dept.. Interests; People. Accomp: Staying Happy. MC GEE. K.: Biology. BS. MC INERNEY, J.: Economics. BA; Delta Sigma PI. MC INTOSH, B.: Government. BA. MC KAY, C.: Government. BA; SEC. ASUSF. MC KININ, M.: Communication Arts. BA. MC KINNEY, M.: Comm Arts. BA. MC NULTY, E.: Nursing. BS. MC QUADE, 8.: English. BA; P.E. Minor. MEHRAM, 8.: Psychology. BA; Art (Painting), Graphic Artist. MELKA, T.: Business Administration. Communication Arts. BS; Delta Sigma Pi 4 years. KUSF Disc Jockey 4 years, Program Director 4 75-5 76. Ski Club Organizer 4 President. MELLINGER, M.: Nursing. BS; Tri Gamma. MICHELETTI, D.: Psychology 4 Theology. BA; Studying to be a Chaplain in Christian youth work wtthh delinquents. Involved in 44street evangelism and teaching Bible study on campus. MIKAL, J.: Nursing. BS: SNAC. Intramural Sports. MILLER, J.: Art. BFA; Honor Student. MINAGLIA, J.: Government. BA. MOLINA, B.: Biology. BS; Bowling, Horseback Riding. Classical Guitar, Music. MONREAL, C.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Alpha Sigma Nu. Phi Chi Theta. Business Week. Softball. Tennis. St. Ives Law Society. Who's Who Among American Colleges 4 Universities. MORALES, J.: Business Administration Economics. BS; California State Scholar. Seals Intramuurai Team. Unofficial Pool Champ. MORGAN, T.: English, BA; Dean's List 1972-1976. MORRILL, F.: Government. BA; Member USF. Honors program. ROTC Cadet Battalion Adjutant. MORSE, D.: Nursing. BS; Hawaiian Club. MORTON, C.: Biology. BS; Students United for Life. Omicron Theta Chi. Piano. Cello. Auto Mechanic, accepted Georgetown Medical School. MORTON, J.: International Business. BS; Delta Sigma Pi: Historian Vice President for Professional (Business) Activities, International Business Commerce Assn., Founder. Right to Life. Drama. MULLIN, K.: Nursing. BS. MUMFORO, Q.: English. BA. MURPHY, D.: Government. BA. MYERS. J.: Liberal Arts. BA. NABULSI, F.: Business Economics. BS. NAKAGAWA, G.: Sociology. BA. NAUGHTON, M.: Nursing. BS; Sigma Theta Tau. School of Nursing Curriculum Committee. School of Nursing Representative Organization. NAVARRETTE, D.: Nursing. BS: Head Song girl. Nursing Honor Society. Jazz Dancing. Ballet, Sports. NELLEN, C.: Psychology. BA: Member of the Theology Students Union. Member of Psi Chi, National Psychology Honor Society. NESLEN, K.: Biology. BS; Health Professions — Vice President. Tri Beta. NG, L.: Accounting. BS. NOERO, R.: Business Administration. BS; Knights of Columbus. O'BRIEN, K.: English. AB; Boston College Exchange Student. Spring 76. O’DONNELL, G.: Nursing. BS. OENTOJO, H.: Business Management. BS: Tennis Team. Badminton Team, Swimming. OKAMURA, K.: Psychology. BA; Hawaiian Club 1.2 (Treasurer). 3.4 (Vice-President of Activities). United Aslans 3.4. J. Board 2. OKORO, C.: Biology. BS. ONO, Aj Biology. BS; Health Professions Society. Tri-Beta. Karate Club. Sports. Music. OPALENIK, M.: Biology. BS. OSORIO, A.: Biology Chemistry. Bachelors: ACS Student Affiliate. Tri-Beta Society. Women s Pre-Med. ICB Research. Classical Guitar Fanatic. Skiing Whiz. O'SULLIVAN, A.: Nursing. BS; Student Nurses Association of Callforniia. U.S.F. Chapter. PALAU, D.: Comm. Arts. English. BA; News Editor. Foghorn. Reporter. KUSF International Week Fashion Show 1974. PANCOA8T, 8.: Nursing. BS; Alpha Sigma Nu. Sigma Theta Tau (National Nursing Honor Society). Roso Queen Finalist. Skiing. Sports. PANDJI, 8.: Business Administration. BS. PANG, P.: Marketing. BS. PAPAPIETRO, A.: Sociology. BA. PARINI, R.: Marketing, BS; Jazz Band 1. PARKER, B.: Nursing. 8S; National Student Nurses Association. Student Nurses Assoc, of California. Sewing. Tennis. PER8KE, K.: Biology. BS; Omicron Theta Chi. BS. Golf. Numismatics. PETERSEN, C.: Op. Mgmt.. BS; Tennis.Water Skiing. Sailing. PIAZZA, D.: Biology. BS; USF Karate Club. Omicron Theta Chi. Undergraduate Research in Cancer. PINTO, J.: Nursing. BS; Student Nurses Association of California. PISANI, V.: Biological Sciences. BS; Ballet. Folk Dance. Students United For Life. Desert Living with Family Friends. PIXLEY, L.: Nursing. BS. PLECA8, P.: Math. BS; Teaching. PONG, W.: Government Business Minor. BA; Alpha Sigma Nu. Intramurals. United Aslans. Hawaiian Club. PONS, J.: Business Administration. BS. POTTER, H.: Biology. BS; Interests: Art. Needlework. Good Friends and Good Times. POTTER, 8.: Biology. BS; Dorm Officer. Intramurals. Tri-Beta Recording Secretary. POWER8, M.: Nursing. BS. PRATT, L.: Bus. — Econ.. BS: Phi Chi Theta — National Business Fraternity. PUROL, R.: Nursing. BS; Sigma Theta Tau. QUINN, A.: Nursing. BS. QUISTGAARD, L: Economics. BA. RAGGIO, P.: Psychology. BA. RAMACCIOTTI, J.: History. BA; Student California Teachers Association. National Education Association. Safeway Employees Association. RAZAVI-AMIDI, 8.: Business Administration. BS. RE, R.: Mathematics. BS. REED, 8.: Psychology. BA; Psi Chi Member. Elementary Eduation Student. REGALAOO, 0.: Economics. Liberal Arts: International Student Association. Filipino Club. United Aslans Club. International Foreign Relations Club. REIS, B.: Spanish. BA; Travel Center. RENDLER, M.: Sociology. BA; Early Childhood Education. Special Education, Folk Dancing. REYES, F.: Bus. — Econ.. BS; Intercollegiate Baseball. Backpacking. Camping. Fishing. Accomplishment — Finishing School. RICHMOND, B.: Nursing. BS: Residence Hall Staff. Dean's List RINGER, M.: Chemistry. BS; Omicron Theta Chi — 2 yr$., Acedem Council — 2 yrs.. Dorm President, Pres. — Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Intramurals. RIORDAN, Business Management. BS; USF Foghorn Sports Editor. Deputy Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, a Member of the USF College Republicans. ROBERTS, K.: Science, BS: Computer Science Representative. ROCHE, T.: Sociology. Liberal Arts; Soccer Team. N.C.A.A. champions 1975. ROCHON, M.: Biology. BS; Oromeat Scholarship Winner. 1973, Tri Beta 1974. R0DGER8, Tj Accounting. BS; Phantom of the Campus. ROMANO, M.: Government. BA. R088, J.: Accounting. BS; Varsity Baseball 3 yrs.. Dean's List. ROSS, J.: Biology. BS; Omicron Theta Chi. Science. Skiing. Jogging. Automobile Racing. ROST, V.: Sociology. BA. RYAN, J.: History. BA; Phi Alpha Theta. SAFITI, N.: Computer Science. BS. SALEM, T.: Finance Economics. BS; Chairman of International Week. Senator of ASUSF. President of the International Student Association. Cross Roads 1973. SALISTEAN, J.: Government. BA. SAMII, K.: Economics. BA; Senator. ISA Chairman Act. Com. SANCHEZ, J.: Ethnic Studies. BA; La Raza. Tri-Continental Editor. Business minor. SANDOVAL, C.: Sociology. Business. BA; La Raza Unida. Upward Bound. SANTANA, L: Accounting. BA; Baseball. Track. 8CALLEN, P.: Government. BA; Phi Sigma Alpha. Committee on Registration Procedures. Las Vegas Experience. SCHIRO, F.: Psychology. BA; Asked into Honors Program — TA for Gymnastics. Pianist. SCHLESSELMANN, B.: Nursing. BS; President of Student Nurses Assoc, of Calif. (USF). Faculty-Class Representative Curriculum Committee. Interests: Photography. Music. Swimming. Hiking. SCOTT, D.: Government. Psychology. BA. SCOTT, M.: Nursing. BS. SEBASTIANI, N.: English. BA; Student Government, Senior Week. Emeraudes. Alumni Telethon. Phi Chi Theta. Welcome Week. SEN, H.: Accounting. Specialist. BS: Phi Chi Theta. Accounting Association. SIEN, K.: Math. BS; Math Club. Chinese Club. Bridge Club. Intramurals. SILICANI, E.: Accounting Specialist. BS: President. Student Accounting Association. Dean's List 1.2,3,4. Tax Intern. Peat. Marwick Mitchell Co., Listed In Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. SILVERMAN, 0.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Varsity Golf Team. SIMP80N, P.: Business Administration. Bachelor's: Teaching Assistant BA 4A.4B; Accounting 1A.1B; Marketing 140; Personnel Psych. 168. Dean's List 73.74.75. SMART, M.: Nursing. BS. SMETANA, J.: Government. BA. SMITH, D.: Marketing. BS; Social Coordinator. Dorm Representative. SMITH, K.: Nursing, BS; Alpha Sigma Nu. Who's Who in American Colleges 4 Universities. Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority. SNAC. 45Resident's Assistant. SMITH, T.: Biology. BS. SOSA, M.: Psychology. BA; Vice President of Psl Chi. Done Volunteer Work In Counselling, Art Therapy. Movement Therapy. Physical Education Minor — Modern Dance. Swimming. Gymnastics and Other Individual Sports as Major Interests. SOUZA, A.: Science. SOUZA, R.: Nursing. BS. STARK, J.: Nursing. BS. STEFANKO, R.: Biology. BS; Secretary. Omlcron Theta Chi — 1974-1975. Vice President Omicron Theta Chi — 1975-1976. Member of Student Judicial Board 1973-1974. STEPHENS, E.: Nursing. BS. STEVENS, R.: Biology. BS; Omlcron Theta Chi. ST. QEORQE, E.: Nursing. BS. STILE8, D.: Economics. BA. STRECKFU8, P.: Political Science. BA; California State Scholarship Recipient, Vice-President of Pi Sigma Alpha. STRNAD, R.: History. BA. SWANSON, J.: Nursing, BS. SWEENEY, K.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Delta Sigma PI. Intramurals. Accounting Association — Beta Alpha Psi. Kendrick Hall Rugby Club. TABILIO, M.: English. BA; Jr. Year Abroad. TABIN, Li Government. BA; Hawaiian Club. United Asians. Dean's List. TAIWO-O GUNREMI, O.: Bus. Marketing. BS. TAKEMURA, F.: Government. Business Administration. BA. TAN, B.: Business Administration (Management Science), BS. TAN, 8.: Bus. Econ., BS. TANAKA, E.: Nursing. BS. TAQUINO, T.: Bus. Econ.. BS. TAYLOR, P.: Nursing, BS; Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority. BSC Music. Sports. TEJADA, M.: Bus. Administration. BS; International Banking Trainee at Bank of America. Enjoy Chess. Tennis, Soccer, Member of International House Andean Pact Club. TETER, W.: English. BA. THOMOSON, M.: Accounting. BS; Member of Delta Sigma Pi. Interests Include Law. Tennis, and Golf. Hope to Attend Harvard Law School Upon Graduation. TOBIN, R.: Sociology. BA; USF Pep Band. Inner College S.S.I. Project, four year USF Veteran. TORRIQINO, M.: Government. BA; Special Events Comm. Chem., ASUSF Hobby. Director. USF Young Republicans. Pres.. Pi Sigma Alpha. Justice. Student Court. COBA Ad-minstration Program. TOY, S.: Biology. BS; Tri-Beta. R.O.T.C. TRAVERSO, A: Computer Science. BS; Computer Applications to Scientific Research. TRAXLER, L.: English. BA; PASU Member. Intercollegiate Basketball. Ethnic Multi-Media Program. Community Outreach. Foghorn Contributor. Humanitarian. TREJO, C.: Sociology. BA. TRUE, K.: Nursing. BS; Welcome Week Cell Leader 1975. SNAC. Desk Clerkl Meeting TACII Becoming a TURTLE. TUCKER, W.: History. BA; Captain U.S. Marine Corps. Student Institute of Asian-Pacific Studies U.S.F.. Phi Alfa Theta. TURNBULL, 8.: Biology. BS. UTTER, D.: History. BA. VAN, T.: Int’l Business. BS. VANNI, T.: Nursing. BS; Tri Gamma Nursing Sorority! VELA8QUEZ, I.: Business Administration. BS; Phi Chi Theta. VINELLA, 8.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Phi Chi Theta. Accounting Assn.. Alpha Sigma Nu. Student Rep — Bank of America. Who's Who in American Colleges Universities. WALSH, T.: Accounting Specialist. BS; Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Secretary — Student Accounting Association. River Rafting. WALSH, V.: Nursing. BS; Alpha Sigma Nu. Sigma Theta Tau. Officer. Student Nurses Association of California. Dean's List 4 yrs. WARDA, L.: Psychology. BA; Emeraudes. Yell Leader. Psi Chi. Clubs Council. WATSON, M.: Psychology. BA; J-Board. Student Senator Cr.RC. Student Court Justice. Psych Academic Rep. R.A., Who's Who. Alpha Sigma Nu. Psl Chi, Associate Student Court Chief Justice. WEBB, M.: Nursing. BS; Graduated 1964. Braddock General Hospital School of Nur- sing, Braddock. Pa. WEINKAUF, M.: Nursing. BS: Knights of Columbus. WENTWORTH, S.: Biology. BS; Dean's List 1973-1976. California Society of Radiologic Technologists. National Society Nuclear Medicine Technologist RT (ARRT). WHEELER, M.: Nursing. BSN. WHITTIE, B.: Nursing. BS; Student Nurse Assn.. California National Student Nurses Assn. WIEDENFELD, S.: Nursing. Intramural Football. Resident Assistant. Alpha Sigma Nu Secretary. Nursing Student Representative. WILSON, A.: Government. Economics. BS; E.C.M.S.. P.A.S.U. WONG, D.: Biology. BS; Basketball Nut Who Would Someday Love to Work for a Professional Basketball Team. WONG, L.: Business Administration. Accounting Specialist. BS. WOOLLEY, K.: History. BA; Student Body Of-ficer Lone Mountain, Champion Thoroughbreds. Hunter. Jumper. Pakistan. WU, L.: Business Economics. BS. WU, R.: Biology. BS; Japanese Club. Photography. Swimming, Sports in General. WUDEL, D.: Government. BA; Member Pi Sigma Alpha. WYATT, E.: BFA; Painting. Poetry. Languages. PTG. YASSIN, A.: Mathematics. BS. YEE, E.: Nursing. BS; Dance. Ice Skating. Foreign Languages. Other Sports. YEE, N.: Sociology. BA; Alpha Sigma Nu — Jesuit National Honor Society. USF Karate Club Secretary. Alpha Gamma Sigma Society Life Member Treasurer. Dean's List. YEH, M.: BS. YOUNG, A.: Biology. BS. YOUNG, J.; English. BA. YUN, T.: Physics. BS; Society of Physics Students President. Clubs Council Representative to the SPS. ZAMARRIPA, L.: Psychology. Philosophy. BA; Tri-Beta Biological Society Pres.. V.P., Parliamentarian. Academic Council. Bio. Dept. Rep.. Psi Chi. ZAMBRANO. O.: Int. Bus.. Bus. Ad.. BA; Phi Chi Theta. Evening Student Council. 44ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 

Suggestions in the University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) collection:

University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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