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1973 NEW STUDENT REGISTER 23 Thanks to the University of San Francisco Office of Public Information.UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT A Warm Welcome: The University of, San Francisco i committed to you , development at, a whole person, and not just that pant of you above the neck. That's why a pontton of youn feet and tuition goe to provide the many prograims and service offered through the Office of Student Development. Here are tome brief comment about the oppontunitie open to you. , .Office of Residence Life provide not only the convenience of room and board but also for your active involvement in an educational living experience. As only one example, how doe designing, building and decorating your, own floor lounge grab you? The one completed last year by students are really far out'. You really can act to change your environment. Think about it. . . .Financial Aid is in the business of working with you to define your needs in financing a college education. The latest information on how to qualify and apply for loans, scholarships, grants, and other forms of support is available to you. Ml you have to do is just stop by and ask. . .it won’t cost you a cent. . . .Career Plaming and Placement wants to see you long before you’re ready to graduate. They can help you find pxirt-tane and summer employment experience off campus which may relate directly to your academic major on caimpu . The extra money is bound to help your bank account during the next four year . Additionally, they have a wealth of information about local and national ejmployment trends for graduate , information that may help you make curricular choice during your undergraduate year . It's never too early to see thejm about graduate school either . . .even during your freshman year, hone t’. . . .Student Health Service are de igned to both prevent and treat iilne se and other physical problems. Two physicians and two nurses provide educational programs to help you learn how to stay healthy in addition to the more typical service of diagnosis and treatmeyvt of minor illnesses. For more infonmation, keep an eye open for their new brochure "Why Not Be Healthy," or drop by the newly redecorated health center in Memorial Gym . . .it's enough to make you feel better. . . .Counseling and Testing Center would like you to stop by even if you don’t have any problems or concerns, because they've got more going on than just group, individual, and vocational counseling, or testing. For instance, if you're smoking more and enjoying it less, why not join the Smoker’s Clinic, a so many students, faculty, and staff have done and learn to kick the habit. Even the Center's director took hi own medicine and learned to quit smoking in just six weeks. Try it, you’ll like it. . . .Athletic’s Office is the home of a powerful and grouing intercollegiate sports program". Under the able direction of our Athletic Director and basketball coach, the USF Don have provided great excitement for all of us in capturing the West Coast Athletic Conference Basketball Championship two years in a row. Soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf also field teams of championship calibre and provide both spectator and 4 c participant involvement b° the campus community. Vou can head about USF on the sports page almost everyday. How about that, sports ban ?i . . .Intromurats is not misspetted but it just moving in an exciting and eduaationatty innovative direction. Theih motto: "Everybody it Somebody." An equally apt motto b°r thete programs might be ". . .it's not whether you win oh lose, it'6 how you play the game." Intromurats sponsors everything b om chets to kahate, conthact bridge to inter-college volleyball touhnamentt. Vou name it and they phovide it, alt b°f1 pure 6un and leahning about yourselb• batt yeah's 12,000 men and women participants can't all be whong. Check it out. . . .International Student Prograjns are bor all membert ob the USF community. Fettivalt, cultural weekt, pageants, bazaars, and art them are cheated pronarily by the 900 international students b om om£ M bo 9n eouy tries $or all ob as to participate in and enjoy. Don't allow the International Hoase to hemain boreign to you; stop by and let thejn show you to the Cos bah. . . .University Center is just that . . .the center ob the university, and it's boll ob both business and pleasure, such as music listening rooms, TV lounges, a variety ob bood service bucilities, a games room boh billiards, pinball, ping-pong, and darts, the Medusa Co ee House, the Fog and Grog (the bi t and only on-campus beer pub in Calibornia). .. .oh yes, and the President’s Obb along with student goverwnent, bac-ulty and administrative obbices and meeting rooms. The U.C. is also the main x.nbormation center boh the campus . . .so b°r 'what’s happening,' check out the U.C. . . .Campus Ministry serves many ob the personal, interpersonal spiritual, and societal guidance needs ob the campus community. Weekend retreats to Applegate, religious counseling and specialized programs serve to only highlight the broad commitment ob this obbice. The director is also the Ombudsman, a complex word meaning a guy, who simply but skill bully helps protect students' rights, cuts through red-tape, and is a real man-ob-the-people. And ib you dig plants, (us o -cce is a regular hot house. . . .O ce o Student Development serves to coordinate and support the student services and prograjns just described. We’re generalists, in a sense, and may be able to help you bi-nd ways °6 using the varied resources ob the University bor your own development. Stop by 401 in the University Center bor inbormation you can't b -nd anywhere else, or just stop by bor a cup ob cobble because the cobb pot is always going . . .but whatever you do, be sure and stop by. We’d like to meet you. Sincerely, 5 Vice President bo Student Development1973 SOCCER SCHEDULE Date Opponent Location Sept. 15 Saturday Westmont College Santa Barbara Sept. 21 Friday Menlo College USF Sept. 25 Tuesday Calif. State Unlv.S.F. Cox Stadium Sept. 28 Friday Calif. State Unlv. Chico Chico Oct. 4 Thursday Calif. State Unlv. Hayward USF Oct. 6 Saturday Stanford University USF Oct. 11 Thursday Unlv. of Calif. Los Angeles USF Oct. 16 Tuesday Univ. of Calif. Davis Davis Oct. 20 Saturday Univ. of So. Calif. USF Oct. 21 Sunday Univ. of Calif. Fresno Fresno Oct. 27 Saturday Unlv. of the Pacific USF Oct. 30 Tuesday Calif. State Univ. Sacramento Sacramento Nov. 3 Saturday Univ. of Santa Clara USF Nov. 4 Sunday Calif. State Univ. Humbolt USF Nov. 7 Wednesday Univ. of Calif. Berkeley Concord Nov. 16 Friday Univ. of Calif. San Jose San Jose 1973 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Opponent Location Date Opponent Location Nov. 30 Friday University of San Jan. 11 Friday Pepperdine Malibu Diego USF Jan. 12 Saturday Loyola Los Angeles Dec. 3 Monday Stanford University Stanford Jan. 18 Friday University of Reno Reno Dec. 7 Friday Long Beach State USF Jan. 19 Saturday University of Las Vegas Las Vegas Dec. 13 Wednesday Providence Providence Jan. 25 Friday San Francisco State USF Dec. 15 Saturday Seton Hall Madison Sq. Garden Jan. 26 Saturday University of the Pacific USF Dec. 21 Friday Cable Car Classic San Francisco Feb. 1 Friday St. Mary's St. Mary’s St. Joseph’s Feb. 2 Saturday Seattle USF Santa Clara Feb. 6 Wednesday Santa Clara San Jose Maryland Feb. 9 Saturday Santa Clara USF Dec. 22 Saturday Cable Car Classic Feb. 15 Friday University of Reno USF Dec. 28 Friday Bruin Classic Feb. 16 Saturday University of Las Vegas USF U.S.F. U.C.L.A. Feb. 22 Friday Pepperdine USF U.C.L.A. Feb. 23 Saturday Loyola USF Wyoming Mar. 1 Friday Seattle Seattle Dec. 29 Saturday Michigan Mar. 2 Saturday St. Mary's USF Bruin Classic U.C.L.A. Jan. 7 Monday U. C. Davis U.S.F. 6Thanks to the San Francisco Visitor's and Convention Bureau. 7CLUBS AND FRATERNITIES ALPHA SIGMA NU [National Jesuit Honon Society bon Men) ARAB STUVENT ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY BIKE CLUB COMMITTEE FOR CAMPUS ACTION [Deals with campus Issues and CHEVRAH [Jewish Bnothenhood) CHINESE CLUB CIRCLE K [USF chapter oKlwanls) DELTA SIGMA PI [Pnob tslonal International bxrtetnlty, business administration) EMBERS (Women to serve as hostesses b0 L R0TC Vept. and University tfuncXunti) EMERAUVES [Women1A social service club) FENCING CLUB FILIPINO CLUB GAMMA PI EPSILON [National Jesuit Honon Society bon Women) HUI O’HAWAII HISTORICAL SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB IRISH CLUB ITALIA NOSTRA JUVO CLUB KARATE CLUB KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS LADIES OF THE KNIGHTS LA RAZA UNIDA ( and Latino student BnotheAhood) LATINO AMERICANO LEBANESE CLUB NATURALIST CLUB OMICRON THETA CHI [Pne-med. society) PAN-AFRICAN UNION PEERS [Pnomote school spirit and publicity) PHI ALPHA THETA [Historical Honon Society) PHI BETA CHI [Science Club) PHI CHI THETA [Business Admlyustnatlon Club bon Women) PI SIGMA ALPHA [Club bon those Intenested In goveAment) PSYCHOLOGY CLUB SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON [Men's social b U intty) SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA [Science Club bon Women) STRATEGIC GAMES CLUB [Chess and similar games) ST II'ES LAW SOCIETY [Fon uppen division students Intenested In the legal pnobesslon) STUDENT CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION STUDENTS INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION SOCIETY [Pnomote Tnanscendental Meditation) STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION SCABBARD and BLADE [National Hononany Mllltany Society) THEOLOGY STUDENT'S UNION TRI GAMMA [Hononany NuAslng Sonority) UNITED ASIANS WOMEN'S PRE-MEDICAL and PRE-DENTAL SOCIETY YOUNG DEMOCRATS YOUNG REPUBLICANS 8People to know ASUSF Pnedident - Paul Gad pant ASUSF Executive Vice Pnedident - Mike Weal ASUSP Secnetany - Many Moone ASUSF Tneadunen - Sudan It elid Academic Ulce Pnedident - Gil Podolindky Actio itied Vice Pnedident - Loretta Magnani RPC Chainpendon - Robin Fnodd NRC Chairman - Rudd Kadpnzyk Senatond - at- Lang e - Louie Cadtonia Vaoid Ciancio Ted Gallegod Bob Julian Kim No it Jack O’Gnady Linda PeccJienino Monk Shad to 6 6 Senior Cladd Pnedident - John Gnanddaent Junior Cladd Pnedident - Von Sebadtiani Sophomore Cladd Pnedident - Cano I Mod coni Fnedhman Cladd Pnedident - Vaoid Gnay BSC Chairman - Bill Sable SEC Chainman - Mike Gnaham CSV Liaidon - Vn. Timme Helzen Head Veil LeadeA - Al Como Hi Important Phone Nmbend ASUSF Voiced [UC 402) -666-5615 751-3700 751-3701 O ice ob Student Veoelopment [UC 401) - 666-6251 Student Health Service [Memorial GymJ - 666-6352 UC 3nd Floon Vedk - 666-6292 ARA Staten'd Food Senoice [UC 2nd Floon) 666-6294 O ice ob the BuAdan [Campion Hall) 666-6342 O ice ob the Regidtnan [Campion Hall) - 666-6114 06($lce ob Admiddiond [Campion Hall) - 666-6563 0££tce ob Financial Aid [Campion Hall) - 666-6303 OiiicA ob Redident Hooding Pnognamd [Phelan Hall) - 666-6751 InteAnational Houde - 666-6214 La Raza Unida - 666-6622 Pan Abnican Studentd - 152-7893 Coundeling Center [Campion Hall) - 666-6403 Obblte ob Caneen Planning 6 Placement [Campion Hall) - 666-6216 USF Bookdtone [Phelan Halt, Ground Floon) - 666-6493 Oi icA. ob Public Sabety (Campion Hall) - 666-6555 Vonm Phone Numb end : Hayed-Heaij Gilldon Phelan Flo on.: 2nd 386-9888 386-9913 668-8564 3nd 386-9972 386-9884 668-8556 4th 752-9851 752-9961 668-8545 5th 752-9855 386-9937 668-8526 6th 752-9878 752-9969 668-8507 7th 752-9892 752-9927 3A 386-9882 8th 752-9895 752-9979 4A 668-8576 9 tii 752-9915 5A 668-8572 Vonm Vedk Phoned: 387-2100 387-2105 387-2100 OPEN LINE: 387-9300 REV BOV PIZZA: 221-3131 on. 221-3132 9 0 U S F ] O NSRICARDO ADAUTO Richard El Paso, Texas Chess, Math. Baseball, Basketball. Tennis GEORGE ACHILLE AGOSTINI Dog San Franc-sco. California Film, Baseball Hunting. Skiing. Tennis JANIE ALVAREZ ALARCON Madera. CA Dancing Politics, Student Government, Camping, Tennis VIVIAN YVONNE ALEXANDER Los Angeles. Calif. Math, Music, Science. Travel. Horseback Riding MYRNA LOUISE ALLUMS El Cerrito. Calif Transfer From Merritt Collego—Dancing. Orama. Jau CARMEN RENEE ANDERSON San Francisco. Calif. Piano. Tennis, Bowling. Crochet HERBERT JOHN ANDERSON Smitty San Francisco. Calif Basketball. Camping, Football. Track, Water JEANETTE HELENE ANDREWS Cos Cob. CT Music, Basketball. Scuba Diving. Skiing. Tennis SUSAN L.ANGELL Sue Ukiah. CA Oancing. Baseball, Camping. Skiing. Swimming SAMUEL JOSEPH ANGULO Sam Novato. Calif, Baseball. Camping. Soccer. Journalism, Bowling CHRISTOPHER MARTIN ARAYA Chris San Francisco. Calif. Astrology, Choir. Gu tar. Travel. Basketball LOYED DAVID ARNOLD Rodeo. Calif. Oancing. Music. Poetry. Basketball, Tennis KAREN ANNE ASBELLE Oakland, California Art. Drama. Literature. Publications PATRICIA MAIRIE ATKINSON Patti Anchorage. Alaska Literature. Poetry, Science. Camping. Skiing RONALD JOSEPH AVILES Ron San Francisco. Calif. Literature. Music. Travel. Fishing, Gung-Fu ANA MARIA AYALA San Francisco. California Dancing. Languages. Music. Student Government. Camping JOHN R. AZOFEITA San Francisco. Calif. Travel. Basketball. Football. Go«. Soccer HENRY BABA Hank San Francisco. Cakf Music. Basketball. Camping. Golf. Track Phelan Annex Pre-Mod 2334 Francisco Stroet Business Administration History Biology 5416 Poinsett Avenue Nursing 136 Thrift St Biology 741 University St Accounting 52 Frontier Road Nursing Hayes-Heaty Nursing Fulton St. Pre-Dentistry 814 Persia Avenue Sociology English Gilison Hall Communication Arts Physics 101 CosoAvo Pro-Dental 1278 101h Avenue Nursmg 644 Lisbon St. Pre-Dental 137 Parker Ave. Business IIGREGORY ROBERT BAKER Greg San Mateo. Calif. Golf. Basketball. Baseball. Skiing. Wator Skiing MARIO ALBERT BALISTRERI San Francisco, Calf!. Philately. Politics. Camping. Summing. Water Ski mg ALLISON THERESSA BAPTISTE Alii BnkersfleJd. CA Art. Publications, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tonnis 802 Foothill Orive Pre-Dental 1742 29th Avenue Business Administration Pheien Halt Pro-Med VONETTA MARY BARNES Canton Center. Connecticut Languages. Science. Travel, An Sports. Sowing BERNADETTE NUQUI BAUTISTA Peggy San Francisco. Calif. Dancing. Gu tar. Math, Piano. Science Nursing 569ChemerySt Nursing BRIDGET MARY BEACH San Mateo. CA Transferred from Jackson Community College—Science. Travel. Sknng 1320 Yew St 8lology LILLI A. BELLUOMINI Lll San Francisco. Calif. Art. Languages, Plano. Travel. Swimming MARTHA ANN BENNETT Marth Laguna M.tis. CA Dancing, Guitar. Literature. Basketball. Volleyball ROBERT JOSEPH BEREN 8ob Concord. CaM. Baseball. Basketball. Football. Got!. Soccer 2550 Gough St. Hayos-Heniy Psychology Government LOUIS JAMES BERTOLINI 636A Lombard St. Louie San Francisco. Calif. Busmoss Photography. Football, Skiing, Soccer. Electronics KAREN BEVELANDER Carmel. CA Drama Art. Drama. Music. Science. Horseback Riding LESLEE JERILYN BIPES 261 Buena v.sta Avo. Daly City. Calif Business Drama Math, Skiing. Swimming. Water Skiing VIRGINIA MARY BLANCHARD 5612 Rickey Drive Sacramento. California 8lology Dancing, jazz. L torature. Baseball. Camping KELVIN LINEAR BLANKENSHIP Compton, Calif Education Debating. Film. Politics. Student Government. Tennis STEPHEN JOHN BOISSON 10 Norlhgnto Cl. Stevo Doty City, Caul. English Choir. Dancing. Drama. Film. Glee Club MICHAEL JAMES BOLAND tie Yoio st. Mike Corlo Madera. Calif. Government Politics. Baskotbati. Tennis THOMAS CLAY BOND Tom Grass Vatfey. Californio Pro-Dentistry Choir, Student Government. Fishing, Football, Tennis DIANE ALENEBOSCACCI 3601 Santiago . San Francisco. CA Math Art. Music. Skiing 12DEBORAH RUTH BOVEE 716 Serena Drive Dobbe Pacitica. CA Psychology Student Government, Football, Hockey. Swimming. Tennia JOHN WESLEY BOWERS, JR. s27F,«« st John San Franc co. Catif. Math Math. Music. Sclonco. Travel. Horseback Riding PATRICK KEVIN BOWMAN GWson Hall Bow Satinas. Calif. Chemistry Camping, Fishing. Football. Golf. Skiing SHEILA MARIE BOWMAN Pheian Han Santa Barbara. CaM. Nursing Math. Travel. Horseback Riding, Swimming, Wator Skiing JAMES RALPH BOYED Jim Tucson. Arizona Pre-Dental Guitar. Math, Science. Tennis, People VICTOR JON BRADY Jono Montrose. Calif. Law Music. Politics. Travol. Camping, Track EILEEN FLORENCE BRAUNREITER San Francisco. California Art. Languages. Music. Politics. Student Government MARK FRANCIS BRENNAN San Francisco. Californio Oebating, Literature, Politics, Student Government. Tennis JAMES JOSEPH BRIDGES Jim San Lorenzo. Calif. Photography. Baskotbaii 47 Sylvan Dr. Political Science 2430 Pacific Ave Economics 3236 Jennings St. Social Wolfnro PATRICK TIMOTHY BRIGGS Pheian Hail Oakland. CA Business Potties, Basketball. Golf. Skiing. Tonms J. BRADLEY BRODTMAN Phelan Annex 8rad Enfield. Connecticut Business Administration Music. Travel, Football. Tennis. Conversation TANYA MARIE BROUSSARD Hayes-Healy Hall San Francisco. California Psychology Drama. Languages. Publications. Student Government. Tennis JENNIFER ANNE BROWN 724 Arostrodero Rd. Jennie Polo Alto. Calif. Biology Literature. Science. Horseback Riding. Scuba Owing, Tcnn.s RANOLA LA VOHN BROWN Raye Vslieio. California Government Cheerleading. Dancing, Politics. Student Government. Tennis LISA HELENE BRUZZONE Giilson Castro Valley. Calif. Art. Dancing. Drama. Travel. Comping MARY LESLIE BUCKLEY Leslie Las Vegas. Nevada Languages, Travol. Basketball. Football. Wator Skung THERESA ANN BUCKLEY Rodwood iCity. CA Camping, Football. Mountain Climbing. Skiing. Swimming NANCY LYNN BURCH Nonce Richmond, California Art, Literature. Music. Poetry. Science 2333 Pinto Lane Phelan Hall 500 32nd St. Pre-Veterinary Medicine 13JOHN RYAN BURNS Gillson Soattie. Wash. Pro-Vot Art. Student Government. Football. Scuba Diving. Skiing STEPHEN KALANI BURROWS Phelan Kaunakakoi. MawaU Publications. Basketball. Football. Soccer. Track Business MICHELLE JEANINE BUSHONG San Rntaoi. Caiil Choir. Guitar. Music. Studerlt Government. Camping Nursing GERALD ALFRED BYNUM Phelan Hall Oakland, Caftt. Chess, Drama, Music. Science, Basketba-i Pre-Medical MARGARET MARY BYRNE Gillson Hall Margie Santa Rosa, Calif. Math, Camping, Skiing. Swimming. Knitting Nursing THOMAS MARTIN CALLAN Gilson Hail Tom Modesto. Calif. Music. Basketball. Vegotntng BRIAN RICHARD CAMPBELL Pre-Medicine Pocflca. CA Debating, Basketball. Football. Golf PATRICIA MARY CANTERMESSNER Business Patti Poramus. New Jersey Science. Travel. Horseback Riding. Swimming. Tennis Medical Technology DANIEL PETER CARRAHER Phelan Hall Dan Hawthorne. Nevada Transfer from—University of Nevada—Chess. Jazz. Music Pre-Law LISSACHANNE CARRIER 471 Mo mo Avenue Mill Valley. California Nuf3ing Cheerfcading. Horseback Riding, Skiing, Swimming. Tennis RICHARD CARRILLO Rick Salinas. California Biology Camping, Skiing. Swimming. Wrostling, Bowtmg JOAN CLOTILDE CARROL 2427 val.'ejo Street San Francisco. Calif. Nursing Cheorieading, Travel, Basketball. Football, Water Skiing DIANE MARIE CASSANO 256 Evergreen Drive South San Francisco. California Politics. Publications. Student Government, Skiing. Tennis Government PAULO DIOGO M. CASTILLIO 520 Parker 105 Brasil—Rio De Janeiro Politics. Hunting, Swimming. Water Skiing B. Administration PATRICIA CERVANTES Pat Stml. Calif. Astrology. Science 1530 Pride St. ADA VICTORIA CEVALLOS 15 Palmdale Ave Vicky San Salvador. El Salvador Art, Music. Piano. Swimming. Tennis Technologist RANDALL BUNG CHOY CHANG Phelan Hall Randy Alea. Hawaii Piano. Publications. Student Government. Basketball. Scuba Diving 8ioiogy TERESA MARIE CHASE Gillson Hall Arcadia. Cat.f. Travel, Camping. Horseback Rid-ng, Water Skiing. Leather Crafting Nursing i » V 14 DAVID JOSEPH CHECKIE Thumbs San Fernando. Calif. Soooiogy Basketball, Hunting. Skiing. Stirling. Swimming, Water Skiing HERBERT ARTHUR CHEW Herb Pasadena. Calif. Pre-Wed Basketball. Scuba Diving, Skiing, Water Skiing JOHN JEFFREY CHIASSON 1799 San Luts Ave. Mountain View. Californio Pre-Med Music. Baseball. Camping, Bowling ALICE HO CHING Son Francisco. CA Literature. Camping, Swimming, Bowling PATRICIA JEAN CHOCK Patty Honolulu. Hawaii Art. Science. Camping, Hiking PATTY KAM PIK CHU Pat Honolulu, Hawaii Choir, Piano. Travel. Fishing $59 33th Avenuo Accounting TEDMUND TAI MUN CHUN Ted Honolulu. Hawaii Basketball, Tennis. Travel. Debaimg, Publications DOROTHY LOIS CLARE San Jose. CA Poetry. Travel. Gymnastics. Horseback Riding, Swimming DAVID T. CLARK Dave Pompton Lakes. NJ Travel. Football. Horseback Riding, Track Phelan Han Business 2230 Blossom Crest Way Nursing History ESTHER RAYNETT COLLINS Ray Petaluma. Calif. Choir, Languages. Scienco. Travel, Skiing CAROL MONICA COLOSIMA Oakland. Cant. Dancing. Student Government. Skiing. Swimming. Water Skiing JOSEPH RICHARD CONDRILL Joe Cool Astrology. Jazz. Music. Student Government. Travel Hayos Heoiy Biology Business 78 Prosper Street Pre-Med ANTHONY MICHAEL CONTERIAS Tony Oakland, California Music, Travel. Football, Tennis. Pamela Johnson MARY JANE SANDERSON COPE Santa Clara. Calif Dancing. Music. Student Government. Camping, Skiing THERESA MARY CORRIGAN Oakland, Calif. Art. Languages, Music. Plano. Politics 1438 6th Avenue Business Administration 303 Redwood Ave. Llboral Arts Accounting SANDRA CATHERINE COSTA Sandy San Francisco, California Science. Swimming. Ton ms ROGER ALAN CURTIS Oakland. Cal. Basketball. Fishing, Horseback Riding, Skiing. Waler Skiing JUDITH COLLEEN CUTRIGHT Jude Inverness. Calif. Drama. Travel. Camping. Horseback Riding. Water Skung 58 Tlngley Stroo! Biology Pholan Hall Business Nursing 15ANTHONY FRANCIS DA LUZ Tony Pacifica. CA PHm. Music. Baseball. Basketball. Tennis CATHERINE IRMA D’AMATO Cathy Redding. Calif Drama. Music. Poetry. Tennis. Bicycles ROBERT DANIEL DA SILVA Bob Pacifica. California Guitar. Science, Camping, Fishing, Tennis 1134 Grand Teton Dr. Business Administration Hayes Healy Theology 1347 Aspen Onve Business LOLETTE GLADYS DAVIS 105 Oak Avo Kenttield. Calif. Nursing Math. Science, Camping. Skiing. Swimming THERESA CATHERINE DEBENEDETTI 2522 17th Avo Ten San Francisco. California Sociology Transfer from San Francisco City Coliego—Languages. Baseball. Swimming MARILYN ANNE DELA CRUZ 1506 35th Ave. Deia San Francisco. Calif. Sociology Dancing. Drama. Literature. Baseball, Camping PATRICIA ANN DELUCCHI 460 Country Club Or Patty San Francisco. CA Business Danc-ng, Music. Travel. 8asketbail MARK DUANE DE MEDEIROS 973 E. Cross Tulare. California English Guitar. Publications. Travel, Skiing, Water Skiing DOREEN MARIE DE SOUZA Giuson Han Rodeo. CA Nursing Math. Football. Swimming. Tennis. Bike Riding CARLA MARIE DEW BERRY 90 Fernwood Dr Dew San Francisco. Calif Math Film. Math. Music. Photography. Tennis V. ALDINEC. DEW BERRY 90 Fernwood Dr Mother San Francisco. CaM. English Transfer from Ohio State Univ —Bridge. Drama. Literature KEVIN GEORGE DIELISSEN 55 Corrltos Ave San Francisco. CA Economics Jaw. Basketball. Scuba Owing, Skiing. Swimming MARY PATRICIA DILL Gillson Hail Elk Grove. Calif. Government Transfer from Cosumnes River College—Guitar. Skiing. Tennis. Volleyball, Camping SARAH LEE DOHERTY Pacific Palisades. Calif Travel. Camping. Skiing. Tennis. Volleyball Hayes-Healey Hall English RICHARD A. DRAEGER Rich Hillsborough. Calif. Debating. Photography. Camping. Horseback Riding. Skiing 259 Bridge Road Accounting GEORGE STEVEN DUESDIEKER 1850 39 Ave. San Francisco. California Business Debuting. Politics. Publications. Student Government. Ecology THOMAS PATRICK DULLEY 238 Colo Street Portland. Ore English Film. Politics, Travel, Social Work ARNETTA LEVIA DUNCAN Gillson Hall Nettie s Angeles. Calif. Accounting Music. Piano. Baseball, Basketball, S Sewing 161 I 1 J 1 J PHAM THI KIM DUNG 241 Everglade Or. Saigon, South Vietnam Bus. Adm Transfer from University of Southern California—Pnotogropny. P ano. Travel LARRY LEE ECKERDT Salinas. Calif. Chem Pharmacy Drama. Guitar. Pud cations. Camping. Tennis NANCY LYNN EDWARDS Phelan Northndge. CaW, English Photography. Publications. Camping, Mountain Climbing. Swimming JANET ELLEN EGGER Gillson Han Jan Sacramento. California Nursing Drama. Music. Camping. Skiing. Swimming LORETTA JILL ESAU PhtanHat. L.J. Oakland. California Biology Music. Poetry. Skiing, Swimming. Tennis JEFFREY A. ESCABAR t« ArcangeiCt Fairfax. Cam. Government Drama. Politics. Student Government. Skiing. Tennis KEITH CLAY ESTES G’Uison Han Redwood City. Calif Business Adm. Transfer from Canada—Baseball. 8askotbaii. Football CHRISTINE MICHELE EWALD Chris San Francisco. Cal Social Sciences Debating. Languages. Student Government. Swimming. Tennis KENNETH PATRICK FALVEY 243i24.nAve Ken San Francisco. Calif. Business Adm Music. Piano. Soccer. Tennis. Track MASSOUD FARAH Tlburon, Calif. Pre-Oentat Languages. Poetry. Hockey. Soccer. Wrestling DAVID LOUIS FARELLA 245 Oarreii Rd Hillsborough. Calif. Business Chess. Literaturo. Math. Studont Government. Basketball PAUL RONGONE FARRELL 2524 Gough St Joe San Francisco. California Science Photography. Baseball. Swimming, Tennis. Track MANUEL VIANNEY FERRER Phelan Annex Manny Pleasant Hill, California Science Music. Travel. Camp«ng, Golf, Water Skiing JOY LINDA FIALA Hayes-Heaty Halt Novato. Cam. Sociology Art, Choir. Piano, Horseback Riding. Tennis ROBERT JOSEPH FIELDS 409 35th St • 107 Bobby Oakland. Calif. English Transfer from College of Alameda—Dancing. Orama, Literature MARKT. FIGARI 17 Santa Monica Way San Francisco. California Cheerleading. Travel. Football. Soccer. Swimming LISA MARIE FISHER Alameda. California Poetry. Publications. Travel. Tennis CAROL LYNN FLORES Oakland. CaM, Cho-r. Fishing. Football, Skiing. Swimming Nursing. R N. Hayes Heaty Psychology 17TIM PATRICK FOLSOM Los Angeaes. Calif Music, Basoball, Golf. Hunting. Tennis, Wrest! ng RODNEY OWYANG FONG Rod San Francisco. Calif, Politics. Science. Basketball. Tennis. Bowling MONICA ANNE FORD Real Estate-Law 951 Leavenworth St. Government Moe Sacramento. CA Psychology Transfer from Sacramento'City Collogo—Drama. Student Government. Camping ROBERTA ANN FRANKE Byrd El Ce rito. Calif. Theology Chess. Skung, Tennis. Water Skiing STEPHEN ANTHONY FREILING Fredericksburg, VA Poetical Science Phiiatoly. Politics. Student Government, Football ADRIENNE RICHELLE FRIZZAR tsooe-MarSt. San Francisco. California Photography. Piano. Travel, Tennis. Creative Writing ANNA SIMONA FUSCO 735 29lh Avo San Francisco. Cal. Spanish Cheerleading. Languages. Piano. Travel. Swimming FRANKLIN PETER GERATY 33 Ataiaya Terrace Frank San Francisco. Call!. Business Ed Film. Photography. Football, Rugby. Skiing JOHN MURRAY GERMAN Phelan Han JG Napa. Calif. Political Science Camping. Fishing. Soccer. Water Skiing LISA CONSTANCE GHENO San Francisco. CA Guitar. Languages. Student Government. Travel. A Capella ROBERT PAULGINDT 2454 Chestnut St. Apt. 1 International Relations 5602 Alameda St Richmond. CA Debating. Literature. Student Government. Travel. Swimming RONALD J.GIUSTI Ron Daly City. Calif. Chess. Student Government, Baseball. Basketball. Swimming Law 1012 W.idwood Avo CPA RODNEY ANDREW GOMES Rod San Leandro. California Chess. Debating, Student Government, Golf. Skiing STEPHANIE ANN GONSALVES Stacy Pearl City. Hawaii Film. Guitar. Literature, Math WILLIAM ARTHUR GOVE Bill Blythe. Calif. Film. Math. Music. Politics. Student Government Phelan Government Business ROGER MORGAN GRAVES 907 Round Hill Rd. Redwood City. California Political Sc nco Transfer from Canada College—Drama, Politics. Baseball SUSAN MARIE GRCICH Sue Saratoga. CaW. Nursing Cheerleading. Student Government. Horseback Riding. Swimming. Tennis TRACI MARIE GREENE 43500MontereyAve Indio. California Languages Transfer from College of the Desert—Art. Dancing. Drama 18ELIZABETH ANN GRIFFIN Beth Petaluma, CaM. Choerleading, Music. Travel. Camping, Summing LAURA YSABEL GROTZ San Bruno. California Music. Philately. Student Government, Basketball. Camping VICTOR ALFRED GUINASSO San Rafael. Ca'-I Baseball. Basketball. Fishing. Football. Swimming 121 Sagamore St Math 3480 Longview Drive Child Development 109 Lochinvar Rd Business ROBERT ALLEN HAAKE Bob San Carlos. California Science. Basketball. Football. God. Swimming MICHAEL ANTHONY HAAS Mike Novato. Calif. Guitar. Travoi. Baseball. Basketball ANN MARIE THERESE HABERMANN Castro Valley. CA Film, Literature, Politics. Publications. Travel GEORGE HAGOSIAN Daly City. California Travel, Football, Swimming. Tennis. Law ANASTASIUS HAIDEMENAKIS Tassos Canea. Greece Art. Dancing. Languages. Travel. Swimming MICHAEL PAUL HALEY Oakland. Calif. Art. Music. Photography. Travel. Basketball 209 Oakview Drive Pre-Med 2039 Leese Lane Business Ad. Giiison History 281 Morton Orlve History Vlsente 123 Pre-Medical 68 Bowling Or. Business SHERMAN COPE HALL, JR. 40937CantoP.. Buck Fremont. CaM. Eng. U1 Music. Travel, Basketball. Camping. Swimming MARGARET MARY HALLETT Mimi South San Franc sco. CA Business Administration Languages. Photography. Travoi. Camping. Reading MEGAN JOANNA HANLEY Hayes-Heafy Grace San Jose. CA Biology Travel. Camping. Horseback Riding. Skiing, Back Packing CYNTHIA ANNE HANNON Cyndy San Leandro. Calif. Government Music. Politics. Travel. Camping. Horseback Riding HANS GHISLAIN HANSSON 2334 35th Ave San Francisco. California Political Science Debating. Piano. Politics. Baseball. Fishing ROSEMARY HARMON Rosie Los Angeles, CA Sociology Transfer from Cal State University—Chow. Drama. Poetry LINDA ANNE HARWOOD 728 20th Ave San Francisco. Calif. English Choir, Drama. Guitar, Politics KATHLEEN HAWLEY 2101 Claremont Or. Kathy Boise. Idaho English Art. Astrology. Chess. Dancing, Music BRAD JAY HERRICK Wop Santa Barbara. CA Chemistry Transfer from New Mexico Military Institute—Camping. Swimming. Tennis 19JULIE ANNE HESS Oakland. Calif Art. Sclenco, Trnvol, Swtmm ng. Sailing RICHARD FREDERICK HOEDT, JR. San Franosco. CA Football. Scuba Diving. Skiing, Swimming. Water Skiing MARK DANA HOFFMAN Atherton. California languages. Travel Mayes-Heaiy Hail Science 45 Aptos Ave. Biology Computer Science KEVIN ANNE HOGAN North Hollywood. Ca-s-f Literature. Music. Science. Horseback Riding. Scuba Diving PETER GERARD HOLMES Kailua, Hawaii Art. Drama. Fishing BARBARA ANN HORA Mountain View. California Student Government, Horseback Riding. Skiing. Swimming. Tennis Phelan Hall English Nursing ROSE FRANCES HORVATH Giilson Hall Rose Allentown, PA Biology Muse. Publications, Science. Scuba Diving, Tennis CARL MICHAEL HOWARD eztwthAve San Francisco. Calif. College of Liberal Arts Art. Bridge, Photography. Politics. Football CAROL LYNNHUDAK PhetanHall Redlands. California Sociology Transtor from San Bernardino Valley College—Drama. Gymnastics. Skiing MICHAEL HUNTER Phei.nH.ii (The) Hunter Oakland. CA Engineering Chess, Choir. Math. Basketball. Bible MICHAEL RUDOLPH HURLEY 17 Lake Meadow Dr. Mike San Francisco. Calif. Liberal Arts Chess. Baseball. Basketball. Golf MASAHIKO INOUE 3126b.iBoast m Masa Kyoto. Japan Economics TransfO' from U.S.F ovening college—Music CHRISTINA MARIA IORIO Chris Pomona, Calif. History Astrology. Photography. Politics. Publications. Swimming AKIOISHli 10-17-6. Nishl-Shlnjuku Akio Shinjuku. Tokyo. Japan Business Transfer from Menlo College—Math. Travel. Baseball ANISE JUANITA JACKSON 143 Jules Avenue San Francisco. CA Business Transfer from City College of San Francsco—Chess. Language. Math LORI LYNN JACOBSEN Ph«i.nHM Lake Oswego. Oregon Nursing Art. Dancing. Music. Piano. Tennis VICTOR JANUSHKOWSKY Sacramento, Calitornla Applied Science Plano. Fishing. Skiing, Soccer, Swimming JULIETTE JAMES 32 Joost Avonuo San Francisco. CaW. Psychology Art. Chess. Music. Science. Tennis 20RAYMOND VINCENT JIMENEZ Ray San Jose. Costa Rica Guitar. Politics. Football. Horseback Ridng. Swimming STEPHEN DAVID JOHNSON Steve Lafayette. California Politics. Student Government. Camping. Skiing. Soccer THOMAS ANTHONY JOSEPH Honolulu. Hawaii Music. Politics. Basketball. Football. Rocquetbail LEONARD EDWARD JUSINSKI Len El Corrlto. CA Guitar. Music. Football. Bowling WILLIAM EDWARD KAMM Bill Burlingame. California Science. Travel. Baseball. Fishing. Horseback R-ding AMY ELIZABETH KARL San Dego. Cat if. Lltorature. Baseball, 8askotball, Camping. Swimming JACQUELINE ANNE KARNG Jackie Fairfield. Conn. Art. Music. Plano. Camping. Horseback Riding CHRISTOPHER CLAUDE KELLER Kris Futlerton. Calf. Chess. Literature. Politics, Publications, Science KEVIN BRIAN KELLY San Diego. CA Music. Travel. Baseball. Basketball. Camping STEPHANIE ANN KERN Steve Oaly City. Calif. Astrology. Chess. Drama. Camping. Horseback Riding BRIDGET MARY KERRISK San Francisco. California Music. Baseball. Soccer. Swimming. Track KATHY A. KESSLER Sherman Oaks. Calif. Drama. Film. Piano. Travel. Skiing MARSHALL HOADLEY KIRKLAND New York, NY Transfer from Unlv. of Pacific—Film. Music. Lacrosse DONALD KORSON Don Los Angeles. Calif. Literature, Baseball. Basketball. Fishing. Tennis MARIANNE MARTHA KOTLANGER San Francisco, Ca'if. Dancing, Plano. Tennis. Cooking. Ice Skating JO ANN KOZAKOWSKI Los Angeles. California Literature. Travel. Camping, Swimming. Sailing DEBRA LYNN KRONBERG Debbie Portland. Oregon Dancing, Travel. Gymnastics. Swimming, Water Skiing KATHERINE MI-MI KU Fresno. Cai«f. Ballet. Dancing. Languages. Plano. Travel 66-A Sheridan St. English Government Business Engineering 2021 DovereuxOr. Accounting Hayos-Healy Hail Nursing English English Low 295 Campona Ave. Bus ness Ad. 2574 16th Ave. Nurse Hayes Healey Communication Arts English Sociology 42 Harper Stroot History Nursing Phetan Hail Nursing Nursing 21wmm 610 7th Ave. Pro-Pharmacy ESTHER KWAN Easter San Francisco. CA Music. Science. Travel, Mountain Climbing. Tennis DENNIS R. LA PORTE Phelan Han Cnnoga Park. Calif. Pre-Dental Skiing, Tennis. Wator Skiing. Ping Pong SUSAN PATRICIA LA ROCHELLE Sue San Mateo. Calif. Hisiory Photography. Poetry. Travel. Skiing, Track ALYSON ANN LEE Hayes-Healy All bon Pall Tunnel Kailua. Hawaii Go Beach. Music. Literature. Travel. Horseback Riding LUNG-ANN LEE Taiwan. Republic of China 940 Washington St. Sociology Transfer from Lone Mountain College—Oancmg. Languages. Music JOSEPH KONG LEE, JR. Aiea. Hawaii Economics Transfer from University of Massachusetts—Chess, Languages. Travel KINGSONPOKEUNGLEE 191520 Ave Hong Kong Liberal Arts Jazz. Math, Science. Travel. Wrestling ANIKO FLORENCE LENGYEL nayes-neaiy Salem. Ore Philosophy Art. Photography. Camping. Skiing, Swimming DEBORAH ANN LEPELTAK 1263 Aspen Dr Debbie Pacifica. California Nursing Science. Travel. Basketball. Camping. Tennis GREGORY G. LEWIS 139 Hi:l Bivd. Harry Petaluma. Cal 1. Liberal Arts Music. Travel. Baseball. Basketball. Camping JACQUELINE ELIZABETH LEWIS Ph annai. Jackie Arcadia. California Nursing Music. Science. Travel. Camping. Biko Riding KIAN JOE LIANG 422 9th Ave. »203 Jakarta. Indonesia Business Admin Dancing, Travel. 8asketb3ll. Bowling JEANNE LORRAINE LIENAU Daly City. CA Dancing, Litoraturo. Music. Horseback Riding JIMMY LIMLIM San Francisco. California Photography, Baseball. Basketball. Football. Tennis THOMAS J. LINDER Salinas, California Ari. Guitar. Student Government. Mountain Climbing, Swimming 53 Dorchester Dr. 2136 Jones St Biology Law ROCHELLE PATRICIA LINDSAY 27 Grandview Ave Daly City. California Sociology Oancing, Guitar. Music. Camping. Tennis JAMES ERIC LIPPERT GiiNson Rick Fresno. Calif. Bsology Choir, Camping, Swimming, Tonnis. Hiking DAVY LITYO 422 9lh Ave. 203 Surabaja (Indonesia) Computer Science Philately. Scionco. Travel. Table-Tennis 22SUSAN MARY LOFTUS Gilson Hall Carmichatf. CA Art. Camping, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis DEBBIE ANN LOLLIE Government lol Los Angelos. Calif. Debating. Literaturo. Student Government. Football. Tennis MARGARET BROOKIE LOOS Law Worthington. Ohio Travel. Horseback Riding Nursing DEBORAH SUSAN LOPES 1132 Wayland Ave Sacramento. CaWornia Dancing. Sc'eoco. Travel. Camping. Skiing Biology SUSAN LYNN LOZOWSKI Hayes-Heaty Halt Kailua. Hawaii Drama. Poetry. Travel. Swimming CATHIE DAWN LUSHING Psychology Clush Los Angeles. Calif Dancing. Guitar. Student Government, Swimming. Wator Skiing Nursing ANDREW GERARD LUTTRINGER Andy Kentfieid, CaM. Business Admin. Baseball, Basketball. Fishing, Hunting, Tennis KITTY MA a 112 California St. Hong Kong Accounting Choir. Math. Music. Science. Baskotbnii MARGUERITE THERESE MAC KENZIE iSOOUlioaSt. Mags San Francisco. California Nursing Dancing. Drama. Music. Piano. Camping THOMAS GEORGE MACKIN Lake Oswogo. Oregon Business Administration Basketball. Football. Skiing. Tonnis. Water Skiing EFLEDA MONINA V. MADRID 246645th Ave. Eilodn San Francisco. California Art, Dancing. Guitar. Science. Tennis JOAN ERIN MALLAMO Giilson Hail Phoenix. Arizona Film. Music. Swimming. Tennis LESLIE JENNY MANN 1494 31st Ave San Francisco. CA Ballet. Cheerlead ng, Politics. Student Government. Tennis JUDITH ROBERTA MARCHAND Law Judi Las Vegas. Nevada Chess. Choir. Swimming, Tennis. Bicycling Computor Science JOSEPH MICHAEL MARCHINI Phelan Le Grand. Calilornia Transfer from Merced Coliego— Politics. Football. Hunting Government ROSA MARIA MARQUEZ Phelan Hall Rosa San Jose. California Jazz. Photography. Politics. Swimming. Bike Riding PAUL VINCENT MARSHALL Spanish Lako Oswego, Ore. Music. Basketball, Skung, Tennis. Water PAULA JULIANE MARTIN Business Hamilton AF8, Calif. Languages. Science. Travel. Skiing, Water Skiing Pre-Med 23Pnelan Annex VERNON PETER MARTINAZZI V«rn Frosno. Calif. Chess. Music. Poetry, Baseball. Baskotba!i JANIE LEE MASON Murphy. North Carolina Student Government. Camping. Swimming. Tennis. Water Skiing MITHRAS CAZAR MAURILLE Mit San Francisco. CA Chess. Oebating. Music. Basketball. Camping. Fishing 101 E. HM St Special Education 801 Shrader SHELLEY JO MC CAFFERTY Nevada City. Call! Travel. Skung. Swimming. Water Skiing. Cratts JEAN MARIE MC CAFFERY San Francisco. CaMornia Dancing Drama. Publications. Tenn.s. Volleyball MICHAEL JOSEPH MC CALL Mike S8nta Rosa, Calif. Drama. Math. Sculpture. Travel. Table Tennis Hayes-Healy Hall Business Ad. 17 Otympta Way Communications Arts 3946 Pyle Avo English MOLLY DENISE MC CARTHY San Diego. Calif. Guitar. Sculpture, Student Government. Travel, Mountain Climbing NANCY PATRICE MC CARTHY G'llson Hall Nancy Denver. Colorado Dancing. Drama. Travel. Skiing. Tennis PATRICIA ANN MC CARTY Golden Gate Ave Patty Visalia. California Nursing Transfer from College of the Seguoas— Travel. Swimming. Tennis JAN CECILIA MC DONALD Jan Long Beach. Calif. English Art. Film. Camping, Skiing. Surfing MARGARET MATILDA MC DONOUGH Maggie Coronado. California Foreign Lang Transfer from Southwestern—Dancing, Drama. Music BRENDAN THOMAS MC GOWAN B'ue Earth. Minnesota Chess. Music. 8asketbail. Golf. Tennis PATRICK JOSEPH MC GOWAN Gilison Han Pat Portland. Oregon Communication Ans Art. Drama. Film. Travel. Swimming JAMES STEPHEN MC INERNEY 698 Darien Way Jim San Francisco. Cahf Economics Travel. Basketball. Camping. Skiing. Water Skiing LOUISE MEDIANO Hayes-Healy Hall Hsi Wilmington. California Biology Ballet Oancing. Science. Horseback Riding. Handball DENIS FRANCIS MEHIGAN 237038th Ave Den San Francisco. Calif. English Literature. Politics. Publications, Student Government. Softball ARON METERPAREL I3904tst Ave San Francisco. California Business Adm. Transfer from City College of San Francisco—Oancing. Film. Literature RICHARD WERNER MEYER 824 Canyon Road Dick Redwood City. CA Business Music. Science. Basketball. Camping, Yoga 2 A SANDRA L. MILLER Sandy Knights Landing. California Orama Student Government. Travel. Swimming. Tennis Nursing SHERREL ANNE MILLER 11 Santa Ana Ave. Oaly City. Calif. Art. Music. Travel. Horseback Riding Nursing SUSAN KATHLEEN MILLER Hayes-Heafy Sue Stockton. California Literature. Travel. Skiing. Swimming, Wator Skiing Nursing RICHARD JOSEPH MILLS Ridgefield Pk.. NJ Music. Skiing, Swimming. Track, Wrestling MARK MILOSLAVICH Pre-Med San Mateo. Calif. Biology Film. Photography. Science. Basketball. Soccer MARLO DUJA MINA Giuson Hail Delano. Calif Liberal Arts Dancing. Guitar. Music. Tennis. Bike Riding SANDRA LEE MIRATTA 44 Diamond St Sandy San Francisco. CA Glee Club. Politics. Student Government. Baseball, Football Government KATHERINE THERESE MORGAN Giuson Kathy H.nsborough. Calif. Dancing. Camping. Skiing. Swimming. Tennis Nursing FRANK ERICH MORRILL Gilson Hau San Francisco. Calif. Debating. Languages, Politics. Travel. Tennis Government JOSEPH A. MORRIS Phelan Main Fremont. Calif. Travel, Golf. Hunting. Tennis. Water Skiing DEBORAH ANN MORRISON Accounting Debbie Standish. California Photography. Camping, Gymnastics. Horseback Riding. Skiing Nursing KIRK ANTHONY MUSACCHIO 130 El Dor ado Ct. San Bruno. CA Oebating. Music. Tennis. Track Political Science MARYANN NEITLING Klamath Fails, Oregon Cneoriead ng. Student Government. Baseball, Skiing, Water Skiing ROBERT DAN NICOLETTI NIC Dos Palos. California Transfer from Univ. Southern Calif.-Soence. Baseball. Fishing SARA SHERWOOD NIELSEN 235 North 3rd Street Nursing 2303 Webster Biology Phelan Hall Los Angeles, California Psychology Guitar. Music. Camping. Mountain Climbing. Tennis LINDSAY TERESA NIVENS Oakland. Calif. Film. Literature. Travel. Skiing. Swimming JOHN JOSEPH O’BRIEN Brea. California Orama. Film. Politics. Golf. Tennis ELAINE MARIE ODDO Elaine Art. Guitar. Piano. Student Government. Football 5124 Masonic Avo History History GilHon Pre-Mod 25  KATHERINE FRANCES O’DONNELL Kato Novato. Calif. Choir. Languages. Music. Poetry. Science NEAL TIMOTHY O’HAIRE Napa, Cniil. Chess. Oancing. Politics. Camping, Skiing WADE HIROMI OKAMURA Oka Honolulu. Hawaii Music. Student Government. Travel, Baseball. Basketball 2056 Feta Rd. Pre-Med GoVt. Phelan Anne Liberal Arts STANLEY K. OKAWACHI 1130 Curtis St. Stan Albany. California Political Science Scuba Diving. Skiing. Swimming. Tennis. Wrestling ANNE MARIE O’MALLEY Gilison Hall Oakland. Calif. Journalism Publications, Travoi. Camping, Horseback Riding CLAIRE MARIE O’NEIL Greenwich. Conn Communication Arts Orama. Film. Horseback Riding, Flaming, Slagging KATHLEEN ANN O’ROURKE 592 29th St Kathy San Francisco. Calif. Nursing Math. Basketball. Swimming. Tennis MICHAEL KEVIN ORTON Pholan Hail Mike Richmond. C i. Bus. Ad. Drama. Travel. Camping, Water Skbng CHRISTINE ANN PANDORF Chris Oakland. Calif. Nursing Poetry. Travel. Football. Swimming, Tennis JUAN PAREDES Johnny Los Angeles. Cal f. Dancing. Photography. Science. Football. Gymnastics MARIA E. PARES-REYNA Eugenia Orinda. Calif. Choir, Debating, Literature. Politics. Skiing BRENDA DIANE PERRY Diane Gamesvillo, Florida Transfer from Santa Fo. Jr. College—AM. Math. Science Hayes-Heaty Hall Economics Photon Hall Pre-Med. ANTHONY CHARLES PETRELLI Annescourt Place Tony Fresno. Californio Business Admin. Transfer from Fresno City College—Music. P.nno. Swimming THOATHI KIM PHAM 24t Everglade Dr. Saigon. South Vietnam Businoss Oporabons Man Transfer from University of Southern Cal.—Languages. Music, Photography MERRILLYN K. PHILLIPS 539 Kalmeke Loop Merrill Kailua. Hawaii Social Welfare Transfer from Hawaii Loa College—Photography. Basketball. Football WILLIAM EDWARD PIERSON Zodiac Sacramento. Californio Math. Baseball. Basketball. Football, Coaching ROSEMARY PIMPINELLA Roe Stamford, CT Transfer from Un. of Bridgeport—Art. Astrology. Dancing DAVID RAYMOND PINELLI Bug Ooty City. Calif. Transfer from Uni Notre Damo— Baseball. Camping, Fishmg G.ilson Hall Hayes-Hoaty Eng. 26 ViMage Ln. Marketing 26JANICE ARLENE PINTO 1648 B.noon Court Pleasant Hilt. Calif. Nursing Transfer from Diablo Valley College—Piano. Goff. Skiing DIANE ELSEYPLOUFF 1115 Kent Highland Park. Iilinoi Government Travel. Horseback Riding. Pushing 6 Pulling, Commenting on the Social Scene DE ANNA JAYNE POINDEXTER Hayes Healy Misty Los Angeles. California Astrology. Dancing. Orema. Piano. Student Government WINFRED KUM TONG PONG izozPuaLane Honolulu. Hawaii Law Transfer from University of Hawaii—Bicycling. Basketball, Swimming MARSHA DENISE POTTS Hayes-Hoaly Hall Cookie Kailua. Hawaii Transfor from Hawaii Loa College—Dancing. Drama. Guitar DEBRA MARIE POURROY Oeb Santa Monica. Calif. Sociology Art, Music. Travel. Camping EILEEN CATHERINE POZZI Hayes Hall VaUoy Ford. Calif. Nursing Cheerlending. Dancing. Student Government. Travel. Tennis SHARON ELIZABETH PRESTON Oenver. Colorado Government Transfer from Regis CoOege—Art. Music. Camping DONNA MILA PUIZINA 2223 29th Ave, San Francisco. California Sociology Chess. Dancing. Gleo Club. Music. Tennis ELIZABETH CELANIE QUESTEL Liz Long Beach. Calfomla Cheerleading. Dancing. Music. Baseball. Volleyball ALICE M.RADEMACHER Los Angeles. Calif. Transfer from UCLA LUIS JAMES RAGUNTON Wa-pahu. Hawaii Astrology. Film. Music. Science. Camping Hayes-Hoaly Hail Sociology G.lson Hon Psychology Biology JEAN MARIE REEDY Phelan Han Pasadena. Cakforma Nursing Photography. Student Government. Fishing. Mountain Climbing. Scuba Diving BARBARA ANN REEVES 1650 Spruce Si Berkeley. CA Nursing CHARLES FRED REYNOLDS Phelan Halt Fred Red Bluff, California English Drama. Guitar. Literature. Publications. Basketball MICHAEL ALAN RICE Mike Garden Grove. Calif. Microbiology Chess. Science. Travel. Mountain Climbing. Spelunking AIDA NYMPHA RICHARDSON 12389th Ave. Nymph San Francisco. Calif. Veterinary Science Art. Ballet. Oancing. Drama, Student Government SANNIE DELIA RICKERT Arvada. Colo Nursing Choir. Literature. Poetry. Skiing. Swimming 27JAMES JOSEPH RIORDAN Jim Santa Monica. Call . Art, Ofama. Publication . Science. Wrestling DAVITA LUCILLE ROBERSON Hayfork. California Art. Politic . Publications, Student Government. Travel LYNNE ADELE ROBUSTELLI Stockton. Calif. • Debating. Student Government. Skiing. Swimming. Tenn. 61 IN Palisade Dr Pre-Pharmacy Hayes-Healy Han Government MILAGROS ROSALES ROCERO Hayes-Healy Hail Mila Alameda. CaM. Nursing Guitar. Languages. Philately. Tonnis. Badminton CYNTHIA A. RODRIGUEZ Hayes-Mealy Hall Cyndi Santa Barbara. Calif. Pre-Dental Dancing. Glee Club. Mus-c, Camping. Spelunking MARIE ANTONIETTE RODRIGUEZ 2 Garden in. Toni Coima. Calif. Psychology An. Dancing. Tennis. Karate MANUEL RODRIGUEZ Brooklyn. New York Accounting Chess. Danc ng Baseball. Football Wrestling DEBORAH LINDA ROJANO 1604 Lombard St. Debbie S. F.. CaM. Pharmacy Dancing, Drama Glee Club. Science. Shortputt ROSALIND PATRICIA ROLETTE 2130 Fulton Si. Rot San Francisco. California Pre-Med Dancing, Music. Soence. Horseback Ridng. Swimming DIANE MARIA ROSSI Ph nHa.. Hacienda Heights. CA Foreign Languages Languages. Music. Poetry. Publications. Travel STANLEY EDWARD ROUALDES 271 Create V.sta Dr. Stan San Francisco. Calif. Govt Orama. Film. Music. Student Government. Travel EDGAR ROUGE 98 Concord Siroet Ed San Francisco. California Pre-Medical Jaw. Music. Piano. Scionce RANDALL CHARLES ROWEN Mam Street Randy Piaistow, NH Chemistry Science. Golf. Hockey. Skiing DIANE PATRICIA RUEGG 351 Goodwin Dr Diane San Bruno. Cal Hoaith Chcerleading. Student Government. Horseback Riding. Skiing. Water Skiing JOAN MARIE RUGGLES Arcadia, Calif. Nursing Transfer from Pasadena City College—Cheerleading, Film. Mountain Climbing DEBORAH LUISA SAENZ Debbie Alameda. Calif B.-oiogy Art. Drama, Science. Student Government. Swimming JOSEPH DOUGLAS SAMMUT 354 Somerset St. San Francisco. CA Accounting Transfer from City Coiiego of San Franosco—Baseball. Basketball. Football MARY LOUISE SANDNER 260 Amber San Francisco. CaM, Nursing Film, Camping. Gymnastics, Horseback Riding. Tennis 28■ =r KATHLEEN ROBIN SCHAEFER 23 Aimso Court Kathy Pacifica. Calif. Psycnoiogy Camping. Hockey. Swimming TIMOTHY JOHN SCHNITTER Tim Newport Beach. Cain. Pre-Med Cnees. Guitar. Music. Science. Baseball KAREN ANNE SCRIEVERS 120 Morn.ngside Of. Karr.e San Francisco. Calif. Psychology Art. Dancing. Photography. Horseback Riding. Skiing TERESA Y. SERATA 30 Denslowe Or. Terri San Francisco, CA Pre-Mod Music. Travel. Gymnast cs. Skiing. Shimming JOHN GERARD SHEEHAN Pheian Han Cactus San Bruno. California Business Debating. Drama. Publications. Student Government. 8asebaii BARRY HOWARD SHILLER San Jose. Calif. Biology Publications. Science. Student Government. Baseba'i, Basketbai ELISABETH HELEN SHOLTY Use Detroit. Michigan Communications Transfer from Unlv. of Michigan—Drama. Film. Literature KAYSHUDLICK Los Altos. CA Drama, Math. Scionce. Sowing, Costume Design JANICE ANNE SILCOX Jan Las Vegas. Nevada Languages. Piano. Travel. Skiing, Tennis Nursing Hayes-Healy Hall Nursing MELITA ROSE SIMS Meiita Richmond. California Debating. Guitar. Languages. Plano. Travel FRANK GEORGE SKUBIC, JR. Scooby San Francisco. Cai.t Math. Mus«c. Sc»ence. Travel. Basketball DENISE DONA SMITH Alamo, Calif. Languages. Travel, Camping, Swimming. Knnting Biology 179 Ellington Accounting Nursing JAMES DAVID SMITH Orange Cove. Calif. Lib. Arts Baskotball LAURIE MARIE SOMMERVILLE 2167 40ih Ave San Francisco. CA Nursing Art. Science. Horseback Riding, Swimming. Bowling KATHLEEN MARIE SOUZA 3827 Lincoln Ave Kathy Oakland. Calif. Business Admin. Languages. Publications. Travel, Swimming. Watching Ail Sports KEETH MARY SOUZA San Francisco. CA Dancing. Glee Club. Travel. Tonnis MARY WELLS STAPLES Missy Wayzata. Minne Music. Politics. Travel. Skiing. Water Skiing ELIZABETH ANNE STEINMAN Liz Costa Mesa. CA Mussc. Student Government. Travel. Skiing, Tennis 155 Moffitt St Nursing Political Science Social Science 29 THERESA MARIE STENSON 2101 Quesada Ave. Son Francisco. Californio Cheerieading. Dancing. Languages. Pubi cations. Travel STEPHEN MICHAEL STONE 2419 Greenwich St. Sieve S.F. Cal. Law Transfer from City College of S.F —Photography. Camping. Golf WAWONA-DAWN KEOMAILANI STRAUS Lam Kaneohe. Hawaii Nursing Gutiar. Music. Travel. Horseback Ruling. Swimming JAMES WILLIAM STRICKER Jim Red Bluff. California Drama. Film, Music. Photography OMAR ADIL SUER 6640 Colton Biv Oakland. CA Debating. Politics. Camping. Soccer MARIANNE KATHERINE SWEENY Spokane. WA Orama. Film. Literature, Politics. Student Government PhoJan Pre-Med Political Science 812 Wost 30th Law LESTER BOYD TAKIMOTO Squid Honolulu. Hawaii Liberal Arts Travel, Basketball, Track. Volleyball SHIRLEY ANN TAMORIA Hayes-Healey Aioa. Hawaii Ooctor Music. Publications. Science. Camping. Swimming DEBRA ANN TAYLOR 315 E. Strawberry Dr. Debbie Mill Valley. Cahf. Psychology Film. Guitar. Photography. Swimming. Cycling GIANCARLO FRANCIS TERANGO Phelan Hall John Springfield. VA International Bus. Dancing, Music. Science. Student Government. Travel PAMELA JEAN TERKELSEN Pam Los Osos. Cahf. Bio-Sciences Orama. Languages. Travel. Camping. Tennis CAROL ANN THOMPSON 666 28 Ave San Francisco. CA Languages Languages. Literature. Poetry. Walking DEBORAH S. THOMPSON Hayes-Heaty Debbie Vacaville. California History Photography. Student Government. Travel. Tennis. Water Skiing DENISE MARIE TIMMERMANN Columbus. Ohio Pre-Med Languages. Travel, Skiing. Swimming, Water Skiing CHRISTOPHER JAMES TOM 1240 Green SL San Francisco. Calif. Computer Science Film, Math. Science. Football. Swimming JUDITH ANN TOMANI Jud Orchard Park. New York Business Piano. Travel. Horseback Riding. Skiing, Swimming ALBERT FRANK TORRES 3123 Davis Street At Oakland. CA Engineering Guitar. Jbiz. Musk. Fishing. Swimming ALBERT JOHN TRAVERSO 748 Almond Ave. Ai So. S.F., Calif. Computer Science Transfer from Coliego of San Mateo—Hunting. Swimming. Karate 30MILLIE ANN TRINGALE 234 Sunshine Or. Pacific . CA Nursing Horseback Riding, Skiing, Tonnis. Wator Skiing GREGORY THOMAS TROY Greg Sacramento. CaW. Law Debating. Student Government. Travel. Camping, Tennis JUBILEE SUK HA TSUI 1324 Jackson St. Hong Kong, Hong Kong Pharmacy Transfer from Lone Mt College—Math. Music. Science EDWARD MICHIO TSUJI Sooge Walluku. Hawaii History Debating. Politics. Football. Skiing, Wrestling FLORENCE THERESA TUMOLO Flo North Plainfield. NJ Government Chess, Music. Politics. Student Government, Baseball DANA MARIE UNDERDAHL Portland. Oregon Art. Languages. Music. Camping. Skiing FRANK ANTHONY URIBIE Lodi. California Transfer from San Joaquin Delta College—Politics. Travel. Tennis FRANCES ETHIOPIA VANDAL Franny Hawthorne. Calif. Art. Swimming, Backpacking, Bicycling. Fencing Government Gliison Art PETER JAMES VANDERLIET 54 St. Stephen s Dr. Pete Ortnda. Cai.f. Art. Photography. Travel. Football. Hunting CAROL ANN VEIHMEYER Hayes Heaiy Orinda. California Nursing Choir. Drama. Guitar, Music. Science ANA PATRICIA VILLAGRAN 3250 Folsom St. S8n Francisco. California Psychology Astrology, Languages. Music. Piano, Swimming ANTONIO A. VILLEGAS, JR. 211 Winding Way Jun Jun Woodsido. Calif. Bus. Economics Astrology. Dancing, Gfee Club. Photography. Publications MICHAEL JOHN VLASOFF Palo Alto. Calif. Transfer from Foothill Jr. College—Guitar. Math. Science CHRISTOPHER T. VON HOLT Von S.F.. Cal Photography. Pottles. Baseball. Basketball. Golf KENT KEO WAKUMOTO San Mateo. California Choir. Gloo Club. Languages. Science. Travel Biology 515 Font Blvd. Law 1843 Mulberry Dr. JANET MARY WALSH Larkspur. CA Transfer from College of Marin—Travel. Camping. Skiing DEBBIE FELECIA WARD Deb Oakland. California Guitar. Languages. Poetry. Travel. Horseback Riding WAYNE GARLAND WARD Giisen Hall Psychology Swimming. Water Skiing 3256 West St. Law Compton. Calif. Business Adm. Basketball, Track, Musrc. Football, Baseball 31LILY ANN WARDA Hayes-Healy Hall Turlock. CA Sociology Transfer from Cal Stale—Music. Plano. Skiing CATHERINE MICHAELINE WECKEL 68 Christo Street Week Metuchen. N.J. Sociology Transfer from Middlesex County College—Music. Travel. People ROBERT SCOTT WESTERMARK 1271 Second Avenue Bob San Francisco. California 8uslness-Law Philately. Politics. Publications. Student Government. Tennis WENDY ANN WILHELM 276 Poplar Avenue Munch San Bruno. Calif. Music Ed. Choir. Drama. Music. Piano. Horseback Riding PAMELA L. WONG Gibson Hall Pam Campbell. CA Nursing Cheerleading. Dancing. Student Government. Gymnastics. Skiing CAROL MARIE WORDEN Hayes Heaty Watsonville. Calif. Nursing Film, Music. Travel. Camping LIONEL JOSEPH XAVIER 1891 -39th Avenue San Francisco. Calif. Pre-Med Chess. Science. Camping. Fishing. Football JANET LEE YELOWCHAN Phelan Hall Los Angeles. Calif. Communication Arts Music. Photography. Horseback Riding DONOVAN W. C. K. YOUNG Ginson Hail Honolulu, Hawaii Pre-Dentistry Science. Student Government. Travel. Football. Tennis SHERRI L. YOUNG t9oiymPi.w.y Novato. Calif. Pre-Med. Dancing. Jazz. Skiing. Swimming. Tennis CORINNE FRANCES ZOERNER 844 Pine St Apt 12 Corny San Francisco. CA Art. Astrology. Languages. Photography. Travel SUSAN GAIL SCHUMACHER 244 92nd Street Sue Oafy City. California Government Literature. Music. Travel. Swimming NO PICTURE AVAILABLE JANIS I. AKAMINE Honolulu. Hawaii Transfer from University of Hawaii—Choir. Orama. Travel JEFFREY MITCHELL ANTIN Woodstock. N Y. Transfer from Long Island University—Art. Film. Guitar YEMELA DAYON BELL Mickle Victorville. Calif. Choir. Music. Student Government Travel. Basketball LUCY ANN BRUGALETTA Lucy San Francisco. CA Languages. Horseback Riding, Swimming. Tennis. Volleyball MICHAEL JOHN FLYNN Mike San Francisco. CA Literature. Music. Travel. Baseball, Football DAVID INGERSOLL Santa Susana. Calif 1687 22nd Avenue Nursing Biochem. Science 136 Murray St 4118 -20th Street Business Pre-Dentistry Math. Science. Hang-Gliding. Bicycling THOMAS KEARNEY Hamden. Conn. Chess. Travel. Football. Golf. Bicycling KAREN DEVONNE KELLY Merced. California Debating. Jazz. Horseback Riding. Swimming. Tennis SHARON ANNE KIDD Berkeloy, Calif. Business 1862 - Golden Gate Avenue Nursing Nursing Gtilton Ha Psycholog KENNETH DEAN KLEIN Atwater. Calif. Transfer from Merced College—Basketball. Camping. Skiing FRANK MASCOLA 1920 Monterey Av« F Berkeley. Cal. Education-Histor Transfer from U. of Portland—Cheerleading. Publications. Baseball JEANNE MARIE MC CARRICK Phelan Ha San Jose. California Pre-Legai Sociolog Transfer from University of Santa Clara—Music. Politics. Travel DAVIDS. NAKAMURA Honolulu. Hawaii Literature. Math, Politics. History. Baseball STEVEN LEO PAUTENIS Burlingame. California Literature. Poetry. Science. Philosophy. Philology FRANCIS PATRICK PERSONS Pat Petaluma. Calif. Science. Student Government. Basketball. Football. Wrestling GIOIA RITA PESTONI S.F.. CA Art. Guitar. Piano. Student Government. Baseball ALFRED CARL PETERSON Ripow. Calif. Transfer from Modesto Junior College—Dancing. Music. Travel. Soccer JOHN CHARLES RECH Phelan Hal White Bear Lake. Minn. Communication Art Film. Music. Publications. Travel. Golf Phelan Anne Governmen 14l8Paloma Ave Liberal Art: 908 Wood Ln Pre-Me 2418 Phelps St Selene Pheta Businas . .

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