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Qmi -X s- 0 If. c.;l Seldom does there exist an individual who can command the appreciation of many. However, the I ‘ 70 DON seems to have discovered two individuals who deny the truth of the above statement. Father John F. Fischer, S.J., Chairman of the Math Department, and Father Robert A. Sunderland, S.J.. Vice-President of Student Affairs, have been chosen for the dedication. We could say how outstanding, understanding and aware these men arc. We could praise them for being aware of student problems. We could recall their openness and their desire to communicate with students. We could remember all that they have done in their lives but we may forget to remember them for what they are priests. This dedication is meant to call to mind this vocation. Their lives have been but a fulfillment of this vocation. Dedication  «mii V of the My name is gr'etif among the nations Ami everywhere they bring sacrifice " to My name. Come eat My bread, come drink My wine. lie who cals My flesh and drinks My Mood. Abides in Me. and I in him. Father John F. X Connolly, S.J. (1915 - 1969) “Tu es sacerdos in aeternum.” A priest is taken from among men to he a mediator between God and man, between man and God. to administer the sacraments instituted by Christ, to bless, to console and to aid man in knowing, in loving, and in serving his creator. God. Alter Christus In the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Christ is described in great detail. Christ was obedient to his mother and foster father. He was obedient to the law of God “even to the death on the Cross.” Christ’s kindness to and love of the sick, of the poor, of the sinner, of the forsaken, of little children, of the widows are the characteristics seen in reading the gospel. Filius Ignattii: Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, desiredhis sons to be motivated in all things "For the greater honor and glory of God.” Ignatius emphasized obedience and loyalty to superiors and especially to the Pope as the head of the Church. John F.X. Connolly. SJ. (1915-1969) For thirteen years Father Connolly prepared for the day that he would become a priest forever. From the day of ordination to the day of his death, the first act of the day was to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as mediator between God and man. Many were his duties as Rector, President and Provincial but he always had time to administer the sacraments, to teach by work and deed, to console and aid those in sorrow and suffering, as an ambassador of Christ. As a son of Ignatius he was motivated by “the greater honor and glory of God." His obedience and loyalty to the Pope as head of the Church cannot be questioned. A sincere priest, an understanding representative of Christ and a faithful Jesuit, may he rest in peace.Associated 6 Academics 34 Students 100Activities 270 Athletics 346 7THL FATHCR HNFX CONNOLLY jORirr STUM NT H6L-RSHIF RUn0Happiness 12Love14T H E Y E A RGRADUATION 69 W VCS JOS As the old year ends, 18 The new year begins. REGISTRATION 21SLATER’S: SLOP IT TO ME!DANCESHOMECOMING ’6928FACES A STUDENTWhether we sit on the right, the left, or in the balcony, we cannot avoid being in the midst of change. “To live." said John Henry Cardinal Newman, "is to change." Universities and the entire college experience have also changed. Before the "Age of Aquarius.” the challenge of a university consisted of professional training in the disciplines of Science. English, Philosophy. Mathematics. Business and Law. Uni- . versities became a cosmos of their own. an intellectual universe studying life as if from a space capsule. The new age forced universities to reenter the earthly atmosphere. Education can no longer afford the luxury of observing from hilltops. We in the university must accept our place within the riots, wars and many changes of this new age. The challenges of the Aquarian 3gc are more easily perceived than implemented. Businessmen, donors and many parents want universities to prepare their children for the professions; students, who do not see themselves as children, desire an education that not only prepares for professional life but is pertinent to society's needs. Somewhere, perhaps at a University Senate meeting or in an unread Foghorn. USE was accused of treason by both sides. Unlike State Universities, USF depends on donations, particularly from Business. These donors expect USF to continue basic professional training. USF docs this and does this well. Since the modern student demands relevancy and social awareness. USF is beginning new educational programs, such as the EOP. the Urban Life Institute, and special sociological trips. USF is starting to do this; we hope it continues. But more important than the awareness of these needs is a movement to stimulate the action. This should be derived from the fact that USF is a Christian University. The Christian commitment entails great responsibilities to all people, within and around the university community. Father Albert Jonsen. SJ. believes that a university is "a place where men. in the communication called teaching and learning, learn to appreciate each other’s humanity and create a source of energy for the protection and promotion of human life in the city of man and the city of God.” USF does this: we hope USF will do this better. 30of Hair to Catholicism: relia ar issue brought here— [rike day set for Nov. 1 oTot the Universityl'po . | Campus 'security‘-lh%ndje § udents lead grape “ Pefna f yCOtt I New Minority1 5SSL. Program Proposed , ' riqhts ana freedom a sassi TZ Pan ■ eedom order of the day. ft do you think of it? minority scholarship Dorm life at I Simon Mayeskl out __ — idical Student"SIST'I fused formal cnarie - - Who's sleeping in PoliSci unction of a 1" Plato’s cave, wc Personal, not institutional. er,tbel" .eferHIe 1!r"ll,ld fius lives .................'New era of creativity Love, g, moves Vw, Progress, 1970 beautiful. ave the Nation .........'"human societv Jou ye got1 olo» to live- Oper Peop limitle y,n how to % r care fo •• «—Q an -- ■lecessarv for Surprise . needed necessarv for aF£ i ' IfcjW ' O_____" © fcP . f YnteqraUon 32 fufu re “Good-bye, John! 33It is my particular responsiblity to foster the interest of the city of San Francisco in the University of San Francisco. We will need much support, much advice, much money if we are to grow and innovate. I encourage you, as 1 have the faculty, to be alive to the possibilities of how the University can be present to the city. As I told the freshmen, we are situated on a unique parcel of ground. As we look east and west, we see on the one side the Richmond and on the other the Fillmore. Will we be a wall between these two societies or a channel through which help, support, advice and experience can flow. Look further east and west, and you see we are on the edge which ends the United States and begins the Orient. Will we be a bastian of provincialism or a place where men become aware of the wider world - the third world. Look north and south and you see Haight-Ashbury and the Presidio. In one the joyful celebration of life has often disintegrated into the despair of drugs and death. In the other the discipline required to preserve order can harden into the rigidities of a faceless machine. Finally, in the center of these axes, there stands a great Church - the first sight of sailors hoving to off Golden Gate. For some of you, this great Church is a cold monument; for others, it is the dwelling of the living Lord. To say this University is Catholic is to say that those within believe that the living Lord has some significance to the Haight-Ashbury and the Presidio, to the Richmond and the Fillmore, in the United States and in the third world,and on the earth and even on the moon. ... I pledge my presidency to a double task: first, rebuilding an education centered on the human persons and their growth in freedom and self-understanding in a society of free persons; and secondly, rebuilding institutional forms which reflect and facilitate human life in a human society. I only ask you to cooperate with me. In this lies our success and your education. Albert R. Jonsen, S.J. PresidentNorton J. Herold, S. J. Vice-President for Development Academic Janies M. Corbett. S. J. Vice-President for Business and FinanceRobert A. Sunderland, S. J. Vice-President for Student Affairs Frank J. Reilly, B.S., CP.A. Assistant Treasurer Samuel B. McCullagh, Jr., B. A. Assistant Director of Admissions 39Administration Elliot A. Short. S. J. Chaplain Robert L. Gitler, Ph. D. (Hon.) University Librarian William J. Wood, S. J. Assistant Chaplain Margie A. Roberts BursarUniversity Services v Philip P. Callaghan, S. J. Assistant to the President James Tonna Dean of Men and Director of Men Residents 41Helen P. McTaggart. Ph. D. Director of the Reading Center University Services William. J. Monihan, S. J. Director of Library Relations Paul J. Haskew, Ph. D. Director of Testing and Counseling 42 Thomas D. McSweeney, Ph. D. Director of Academic Advising ProgramI Rosemary M. Moore. B.A. Director of Teacher Placement Violette Y. Jacob, M.A., Foreign Student Adviser, is pictured with some of the foreign students, Solomin Mahari, Nelma Shih, Jesus Ruiz, Abeito Favella. Emelyne Jacinto, Jose Reyes, Tan Chckfeng. Services Gloria D. Liebrenz, B.A. Director of Placement 43 Verna Webb Director of Financial AidCharles F. Hafron Director. Intramural Athletics Peter P. Peletta Director of Athletics •11 Robert Guy Assistant Director of University Center Clifford C. Hughes Director of University Center and HousingJames T. Brennan, S.J. Director of Institutional Research William. J. Dillon. B.S. Associate Director of Institutional Research •15 David J. Devincenzi, B. S. Director of Alumni Services James W. Kelly, Jr.. B. A. Director of Public InformationEdward P. Coffey, M. B. A. Director of Business Services Frank P. Lovett, Jr. Director of Security University Services William E. Grommcsch, B. A. Director of PersonnelBoard of Regents In a time of rapid change and expansion, the University of San Francisco Board of Regents continue to provide stable direction and expert guidance. These highly respected civic leaders remain dedicated to the University as USF fulfills traditional goals and formulates new goals to meet the demands of today. Reed 0. Hunt Crown Zellerbach Corp. Chairman of the Board of Regents Harry M. Bardt Vincent I. Compaggo Richard P. Cooley Bank of America Chickering and Gregory Wells Fargo Bank George T. Cronin Christian de Guigne III Stauffer Chemical Company Preston Devine District Court of Appeals 47Adrien J. Falk Paul B. Fay Mortimer Flcishhacker Bay Area Rapid Transit District Fay Improvement Company The Fleishhacker Company George B. Gillson Marco F. Heilman Jack H. How J. Barth Company Edward R. Bacon Co. 48 Charles Kendrick Schlage Lock Company Roger D. Lapham. Jr. Alexander. Sexton. Carr of California Edmund NV. Littlefield Utah Construction Mining CompanyErnest J. Loebbecke Title Insurance Trust Company Marshall P. Madison T. Kevin Mallen Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro Sutro and Company N. Loyall McLaren Haskins Sells Thomas J. Mellon George G. Montgomery City of San Francisco Kern County Land Company A. E. Pouting Blyth Company Donald J. Russell Southern Pacific Company Leslie B. Worthington United States Steel Corporation 49 John H Martin, S.J., Ph. D.. Dean of Graduate Division and Director of Honors Program SigmaNifajid Gamma P'CM ,e'"' G°ldC"' ,ta •»—' V Graduate Division The Graduate Division of the Univeristy of San Francisco offers courses which lead to the Master’s Degree in the Departments of Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry. English. Education. History, Politicial Science, and Theology as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching. Graduate work allows a student to concentrate on a specific field of interest. He acquires the tools that train him for research in this area. Father Martin. S.J. does not confine his activities solely to the Graduate Division. He is also the Director of the Honors Program. The Program designed primarily for the superior students offers academic challenge. Through a series of seven seminars, selected students analyze Western European thought and culture within an advancing historical framework. 51School of Law The University of San Francisco can take great pride in its School of Law. Founded in 1912, the Law School is a co-educational program offering a full-time Day Division and a part-time Evening Division schedule. The course of instruction aims to prepare students to take the bar examination in all jurisdictions of the U.S. and its territories. A member of the Association of American Law Schools, the School of Law also has the approval of the American Bar Association and the accredidation of the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. This past year, the Law School, day and evening divisions, attained the number two spot in the state with 81% of the students passing the Bar Exam. This is truly an outstanding achievement for such a nascent law school. For the first time this year, the Law School granted fifteen full tuition scholarships to minority students. J. Thomas McCarthy Professor Stephen Lind Professor William J. Riegger. LL.B. Assistant DeanDepartment of Education The Department of Education, founded in 1948, is authorized to recommend candidates for the Standard Teaching Credential with a specialization and the Standard Supervision Credential. A curriculum of courses in the fields of elementary education, junior college teaching and school librarianship is also offered by the Department. For those interested in pupil personnel services with emphasis on child welfare and attendance, pupil counseling and rehabilitation counseling, training is available. Edward J. Griffin, Ph.D. Chairman -Department of Education Evening College For all those interested in obtaining a bachelors degree, gaining college credit, or improving themselves by cultural and technical studies, the University offers, through its Evening College, extensive courses in liberal arts, business administration and mathematics. Gerald A. Siigrue, S.J., M.A. Directorii ii ii mil ii n ii it hi linn ii ill iimimil Ann Quigley Librarian For the students of the Law School, the library is a second home. An ultra-modern structure housing over 45,000 volumes, the library requires an efficient and knowledgeable person to head up the staff. Ann Quigley has long served in this capacity as she is always eager and able to assist the students in finding even the most difficult points. For her devoted service to the Law School the USF DON salutes her! 54 Kathy Mehgan Registrar Marylo Strickland Secretary to the DeanEleanor Covalesky Assistant Librarian; Jo Hadlock Barbara Quirk, Donna Holman. Assistant Registrar 55 A lot of hard work should be tempered by a little relaxation!Lloyd D. Luckmann, Ed.D. Acting Dean, Colleges of Liberal Arts Science Rosemary Shanahan Secretary to the Dean 57Edward Muenk, M. A. Instructor Arthur E. Swain, S.J. Assistant Professor Giacinto Matteucig, Ph. D, Chairman and Professor Classics and Fine Arts Luigi D. Sandri, Ph.D. Professor Fred L. Ewing, Lecturer in AnisicFrederick A. Breier, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Michael B. Lehmann, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Dr. Michael A. Lehmann well deserves the commendation of the University community. In his four short years at USF he has sought to enrich and broaden the scope of the Economics department. He has added new dimension to his field by willingly sharing his learned awareness of economic history. With such a fine beginning the University of San Francisco hopes Dr. Lehmann will enjoy a long and profitable career in educating college youth. Richard E. Mulcahy, S.J., Ph.D. Professor Economics Andrew C. Boss, M.S. Professor 59E d u c a t 1 o n Edward J. Griffin, Ph. D. Chairman and Professor John R. Devine, Ed. D. Director, Teacher Education and Professor Katherine V. Bishop. Ed. D. George G. Kearney, S. J. Director Elementary Education and Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Thomas A. Reed, S. J. Assistant Professor I Thomas D. McSweeney, Ed. D. Director, Counselor Education and Associate ProfessorEnglish Dr. Kirk, the “Patriarch of the English Department,” is a selfless, hardworking individual. His contributions to the English department, and thus, to the whole University, are the effort of unending spirit and creativity. For many years, Dr. Kirk was the chairman of the English department. He has created the widely praised Advanced Composition course which has become a landmark class for all English majors. Dr. Kirk is now involved in the Development of the Research Techniques course. He is also in charge of the graduate program in English, which he initiated. Dr. Kirk well deserves the honor bestowed upon him by his beloved English Department. A much liked professor, he is an outstanding example for all aspiring English scholars. David M. Kirk. Ph.D. Professor 61 Edward V. Stackpoole, S.J., M.A. Associate Professor and ChairmanPatrick J. Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Professor David L. Derus, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Hugh J. Dawson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor John J. Coleman, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor Barry R. Smith, M.A. InstructorJohn B. Gleason. Ph.D. Professor Ralph D. Miller, M.A. Instructor Eugene P. McCreary. Ph.D. Assistant Professor" Warren J. Coffey. Ph.D. Professor Szilard I. Szabo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 63Frank L. Beach, Ph.D. Chairman and Assistant Professor History Father John B. McGloin is a distinguished member of the History department. His dedicated service as a researcher and professor has resulted in well-developed courses concerning the history of California, San Francisco,and the religious history of the West. Father’s concentrated study of the Jesuit community in San Francisco will soon yield another publication. A jovial and thoughtful colleague, Father McGloin is well-liked for his interested and professional attitude. His years of teaching at the University of San Francisco have added a valuable dimension to the History Department. John B. McGloin, SJ. professor W. Michael Mathes, Ph. D. Assistant Professor Joseph S. Brusher, S J. ProfessorHistory Edmond J. Smyth. S.J. Professor James D. Sliand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Robert I. Bums. S.J. Professor Ashbrook Lincoln. Ph.D. Professor Donald R. Campbell. Ph.D. ProfessorHis name is Colonel Vernon G. Gilbert, Professor of Military Science and chairman of the department at USF for the past three years. However, these titles do not half explain the man. Colonel Gilbert graduated from West Point Academy in 1939 and for 30 years has served the country. At Father Dullea’s request, his retirement orders were rescinded and he was recalled to active duty in the USF ROTC program. Colonel Gilbert is the only Professor of Military Science on duty in the United States after 30 years of service. More important than Father Dullea and the Army’s trust in the man’s devotion and service is the trust that the students in the ROTC cadre have for him. Any cadet can talk with him about his college life, his future career not only militarily but also academically. Even when a student desires to leave the program, he can easily approach Colonel Gilbert, who listens to any problems, anytime. He impresses his cadets with his insight, education and ability to empathize with their problems. Colonel Gilbert fulfills the duties of his titles: Officer, and most important, gentleman. Colonel Vernon G. Gilbert, Professor Military Science 66 Major William J. Wagner Assistant ProfessorMajor Robert B. Wertz Assistant Professor MSG R. Armendariz SFC Richard Mudge Supply Sgt. Captain Myron E Grizio Assistant Professor Captain James R. Bombard, Jr. Assistant ProfessorMaria E. Marchesi, M.A. Instructor Jean Y. Audigier. Cand. Ph.D. Instructor Modern Languages Robert L. Hurst, S.J. Assistant Professor 68I I Giacinto Matteucig, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor John E. Aguiar, M.A. Assistant Professor Modern Languages Joaquin Valdes, M.A. Instructor William G. Clubb, Ph.D. Professor 69Luigi D. Sandri, Ph. D. Professor P. Carlo Rossi, S J. Professor Nancy J. Vogcley, M.A. Instructor As recipient of the 1969 “Teacher of the Year" award the reputation of Dr. Luigi D. Sandri precedes him and adds to the DON’S honor in commending this fine man. Dr. Sandri is an excellent teacher and devoted friend of the University community. Termed a “dedicated Christian gentleman” by his colleagues he commands their gratitude and admiration and that of his students. In his twenty-eight yearsat USF, Dr. Sandri lias sought to add personal awareness and individual concern to his classes and has achieved his goal admirably.Andrew N. Woznicki, Ph. D. Assistant Professor and Acting Chairman 71 Wilson A. Aldridge, S.J. Associate Professor William R. Fagan, MA. Assistant Professor Desmond J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Professor William Spohn 72 Vincent J. Moran, Ph.D. Associate Professor Kerry J. Roller, Cand. Ph.D. Instructor Robert M. Augros, Cand. Ph.D. Instructor Edward W. Bruslier, A.B. Assistant Professor £4 Albert J.Smith, S.J. Assistant Professor Robert I. Cunningham. Ph.D. Professor Robert E. McMahon. S.J. Assistant Professor Francis R. Nugent. Ph.D. Associate Professor 73Physical Education Kathleen A. Gallagher, M.A. Instructor Peter P. Peletta, B.A. Instructor Phillip Vukicevich. B.S. Instructor George H. McGlynn, Ph.D. Faculty member in charge Associate ProfessorDr. Donald Brandon typifies the excellence which is found in the perfect teacher. He is not only a scholar, with many books to his credit, but can relate the complicated ideas of international politics to the relevant problems of today. Dr. Brandon is sympathetic to the ideas of the students and will listen and discuss the problems of our society with them. He brings to the classroom not only an academic knowledge of his field but also a personal interest in the students as human beings. Donald W. Brandon, Ph.D. ProfessorJames V. SchaU, S.J. Assistant Professor Robert C. MacKenzie, M.A. Associate Professor 76 Shen-Yu Dai, Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Government GovernmentHelen P. McTaggart, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychology Lawrence E. Murphy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Harold T. Bevan, Cand. Ph.D Assistant Professor Michael E. Cavanaugh. Ph.D. Virginia L. Bender. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Susan C. Powers, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 77ut - 3 Jack H. Curtis. Ph.D. Professor Sociology 78 Helmut Girndt. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Rosemary Mudd. M.A. Instructor Mary J. McCormick. Ph.D. Professor-Director of Social Welfare ProgramMichael M. Howe, M.A. Instructor Sociology Mlahleni Njisane. Cand. Ph.D. Associate Professor Eugene J. Schallert. S.J. Assistant Professor Carl Reiterman is a truly learned sociologist. One of the most knowledgeable in his field, he is a student himself in all new sociological theories and ideas. As any sociology student would agree, sociology demands a working knowledge of many other areas of study. Dr. Reiterman is constantly examining research in other fields as they relate to sociology. Sometimes college students lose sight of the fact that all professors are not mere recordings of ancient lecture notes. Dr. Reiterman would quickly convince any student that there ARE many professors who spend a great amount of time preparing for their students-not only researching material, but also by being an active member in their professional fields of study. Dr. Reiterman is certainly one man who well deserves the praise and honor bestowed upon him by his colleagues and students. Carl Reiterman, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorFrancis J. Buckley, S.J. Associate Professor Father Francis J. Buckley is a true educator. His contributions to Theologians include one of the most widely used texts on religious education in the world. Father Buckley has also lectured widely on liturgy and cathechetics. Despite his busy writing schedule and active participation in many professional organizations, he has regularly taught undergraduate and graduate courses, making the results of his research available to USF students and profiting from their suggestions and class participation. Father Buckley is living proof that at USF there is no necessary conflict between teaching and research, but that they go hand in hand. This blend of scholarship and devotion to students is characteristic of the entire Theology department of the University. Theology Theodore T. Taheny, S.J. Assistant Professor 80 John J. Elliot, Dr. Theol. Associate Professor Richard Schneider. Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorHamilton Hess, D. Phil. Assistant Professor Peter McConville. S.J. Instructor Charlene B. McCarthy. Ph.D. Assistant Professor William 0. Richardson, S.J. Assistant ProfessorStephen B. Earley, S.J Associate Professor Richard F. Melo. M.A Assistant Professor Communication Arts Belle N. Bloom. M.A Instructor Thomas J. O’Sullivan, M.A Instructor James J. Denmsey, S J Assistant Professor John J. Collins, M.A Assistant ProfessorFrancis P. Filice, Ph.D Professor Robert A. Schooley, Ph.D. Associate Professor Theodore F. Niehaus, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Dr. Edward L. Kessel. Ph.D. David A. Mullen, Ph.D. Professor Associate Professor Biology Any student privileged to have had Dr. Edward L. Kesse for an instructor can well understand special commendation of his abilities. Dr. Kessel has been as USF for thirty-nine years and in that time has achieved and maintained a distinguished reputation. He is w'ell known to the University Community and a favorite among many of the students. Dr. Kesscl’s sincere interest in each individual student, his genial attitude and concern for his work make him a praiseworthy friend and devoted professor of Biology to the USF community. Lucy Treagan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 84■■■ Mel Gorman, Ph.D. Professor Chemistry Robert J. Seiwald, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor G. E. McCasland Professor Andrew Dachauer, SJ. Assistant Professor 85Thomas A. Gruhn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor William Maroney, Ph.D. Professor Institute of Chemical Biology The Institute of Chemical Biology was established in 1961 as a research oriented organization. Closely affiliated with the Departments of Chemistry and Biology it carries on research primarily in the fields of cancer research and toxicology and receives grant support from both government and private agencies. Although the ICB is primarily research oriented, teaching is also an essential characteristic of the Institute. Undergraduates are used as research assistants whenever possible and any publication resulting from their efforts bears their name. To date, the Institute has published a number of papers in scientific journals throughout the world. Arthur Furst, Ph.D. Professor, Director ICBJohn E. Fischer, S.J. Chairman and Associate Professor Mathematics Mr. Farrell has been a member of the Mathematics Department for the last 28 years. He is considered a good teacher by his students because he is able to relate to them. In addition, much of his energy has been directed to the National Science Foundation. This organization trains teachers throughout the year in the methods of the new mathematics. Through the tuition of these individuals, thousands of dollars are brought to the University yearly. Mr. Farrell has been greatly involved with this, having taught as well as run the program. Edward J. Farrell, M.S. Professor 87David J. Walsh. S.J. Associate Otto Platt. Ph.D. Associate Professor Allan B. Cruse. Cand. Ph.D. Instructor Robert A. Wolf, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Millianne P. Granberg, M.A. Instructor Daniel Gallin, Cand. Ph.D. Instructor James N. Haag, Ph.D. Associate Professor Robert A. Thornton, Ph.D. Professor Phy sics The Physics Department of the University of San Francisco is proud to honor Dr. Robert Thornton. Only associated with the University fora short time, he has already established a following among teachers and students alike. Dr. Thornton’s special interest is the history and philosophy of science. He has the ability to make the subject of physics relevant to the rest of the student’s studies. He is an extremely popular professor. His youthful attitude bridges the gap between the objective reality of science and the human application of technology. J. Clifton Albergotti, Ph.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Karl J. Waider, Ph.D. Raymond J. Genolio, Ph.D. Phillip S. Applebaum, M.A. Professor Assistant Professor Instructor 89Joseph P. Simini, Professor For 15 years USF has been privileged to have Professor Simini on the staff of the College of Business Administration. His outstanding teaching ability stems from personal interest in his students and skill in polarizing issues and dramatizing situations. I)r. Simini synthesizes all his interests and teaching capabilities into a most dynamic classroom experience. He includes his appreciation for such diverse subjects as mathematics, professional cross word puzzle competition, composing lyrics for music, double-checking construction and engineering plans, and collecting swords. A most dedicated man. Dr. Simini commands respect from both students and colleagues alike. As one business professor stated, he is “...a total asset to have around.” Max D. Kossoris. Ph.D. Professor Edward G. Nolan, Ph.D. Professor 91Edwin S. Shapiro, Ph.D. Michael E. Spautz, Ph.D. Associate ProTessor Assistant Professor 92Stephen Worsley, M.B.A. Jerome E. Shea. J.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Christopher J. Prestopino. Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Theodore R. Upland. M.B.A. Assistant Professor Robert A. Stock, M.B.A. Assistant Professor Robert H. Fernn. Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor 93Since her appointment to the faculty in 1957, Frances Evans has been dedicated to the improvement of the School of Nursing. Her particular concerns have been the acceptance of nursing students as an integral part of the University Campus and the necessity for a liberal educational framework as a basis for a professional nursing curriculum. She is a magnification of all the ingredients of a caring human being: warm, understanding, and eager to be of help. Mrs. Evans merits the deep regard of her students and colleagues not only in the School of Nursing, but among the entire University Academic Community. Nursing Sister Mary Beata. S.M.. M.S. Dean and Associate Professor Francis Carter Evens. M.S. Associate Professor ■ ■ — Sister Mary Geraldine. S. M.. M.S. Assistant Dean, Assistant ProfessorSister Mary Martha, S.M., M.S. Associate Professor Carol J. DeMartini. M.S. Assistant Professor Nursing Marian J. Vierra, M.S.N. Instructor Joan L. Green, M.S.N. Associate Professor Sister Mary Sylvia, S.M., M.S. Associate Professor Gay I). Evans. M.S. Instructor Sister Mary Zita, S.M., M.A. Assistant Professorr Barbara Lennox, M.S. Patricia Ross, M.S. Instructor Assistant Professor Dorothy H. Daigle, M.A. Assistant Professor Marilyn J. Nicholson, M.S.N. Assistant Professor H. Marilyn Jacobson, M.S. Assistant Professor Sister Mary Fabian, S.M., M.S. Associate Professor Lexie Woodruff, M.S. Assistant Professor Eleanor L. Metz, M.S.N. Assistant Professor 97Lois C. Dunlap, M.S. Assistant Professor Frederick W. Bozett, M.A. Assistant Professor m Virgene S. Kayser, M.S.N. InstructorJosephine Gallas, M. A. Assistant Professor Sarah A. Spidell, M.S. Instructor Gwendal R. Miner, M.A. Assistant Professor Lona M. Schlageck, M.S. Assistant Professor Corine C. Orsi, M.A. Assistant Professor Katharine A. Keppel, M.P.H. Instructor Eleanor C. Hein, M.S. Assistant Professor 99 A S S 0 c 1 A T E D S T U D E N T S‘n fosnan wJiPATRICIA RAE ADAMS Nursing South Lake Tahoe rrr 3,4; DON 4; sodality 1. "I love mankind, it’s people I can V stand! ” -Peanuts PATRICIA MARIE AHBOLTIN Nursing Oakland rrr 2,3,4; Emcraudes 1. ‘7 seek no copy now of life’s first half Write nte new my future’s epigraph ” ELIZABETH AHLERING Nursing Fremont “No person is a failure who is enjoying life. ” PATRICIA ANN AHLERING Nursing Santa Rosa “It is great to hurt for someone else. You forget your own little problems and bask in their happiness. ” -a good friend MARY TERESA ALLEN Mathematics Oakland SWAP-CIP 2.4.KENNETH WARREN ALONSO Government Huntington, LI., New York Soccer 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water. ” -Ben Franklin VIRGINIA JULIANA ALONSO English Lconia, New Jersey “7he lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne...” - Chaucer RONALD ANTHONY ALVES C.M.F. Theology Hanford “A Christian is what I am, that is why I do. ” ALLEN ALBERT AMARO Chemistry Thornton Dean's Honor Roll 1,2.3.4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3. ELIZABETH ANN AMBROSI Psychology Healdsburg ‘7 can’t go hack to yesterday; I was a different person then. ” CHERYL ANN ANDERSON English San Carlos “A gentleman fits anywhere; so does a sponge. ” -Funny GirlCHRISTINE MARIE ANDERSON Mathematics San Anselmo Dean’s Honor Roll 1.2,3,4. JOHN MOORE ANDERSON Mathematics Sacramento LAWRENCE ALLEN ANDERSON History Phoenix, Arizona Baseball 1,2,3,4; Golf I; Scabbard Blade 3,4; Rangers 3,4; EAE 4. "Hope for the best, get ready for the worst, and take what God chooses to send. ” Who says we ain 't got rhythm? JAMES LEE ANGELO, JR. Government Sunnyvale "I believe man will not merely endure, he will prevail. He is immortal. Not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustable voice, but because he has a soul. ” -William Faulkner MICHAEL LEO ANTHENIEN Electronic Physics San Francisco KUSF 1,2; AIP 4; ROTC Drill Team 1,2. ‘‘Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ” T.A. EdisonEDUARDO ALFONSO ARAMENDIA Economics San Francisco Intramurals 2.3,4. “A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one. ” -Ben Franklin JUANITA CHRISTINE ARANGUENA English Yosemitc National Park “ went, and am still going. ” -Ycotushenko MARILYN HELEN ARCHBO Social Welfare San Francisco President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; SWAP 2; FIIE 4; Non-Residents’ Council 3,4;St. Ives LawSoc. 4. “Thank you. Mom and Dad. ” JOHN BROSTROM ARENDT French Santa Barbara “Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success. ” John Hays Hammond CATHERINE AREVALO Sociology San Francisco HUGO AREVALO, JR. Spanish San Francisco SUSAN MARGARET ATKINS History San Francisco SUSAN ANNE ATWOOD Sociology-Economics Redwood City SEC 3,4.JAMES MICHAEL BABCOCK Accounting Specialist San Bruno ZAZ 2,3,4, Treas. 2,3, Pres. 4; SEC 2,3,4, Business Mgr. 3.4. “Thanks Mom and Dad for making all of this possible. ” CHUN HUNG AU Accounting Specialist Hong Kong Chinese Club 1,2,3,4. FREDERICK CHARLES AVANSINO, JR. Philosophy-Government San Francisco ZAZ 2. "... We have to stumble through so much... before we reach home. And we have no one to guide us. Our only guide is our homesickness. ” -Stcppenwolf MICHAEL J. BACCI History Santa Rosa Residents’ Council 3; Intramurals 3,4; BSC 4. “The nobility of man can be found in his quest for knowledge. ” FERDINAND E. BADAL Accounting Baghdad. Irag DENNIS ALLEN BAKER Government Maxwell 7 believe I've found the missing link between animal and civilized man: It’s us!” -Dr. Konrad Lorenz ROBERT RENATO BACCI History Hillsborough Peers 2,3,4. Sec. 3; AZN 3,4, Treas. 4; ASUSF Pari. 3, Exec.-at-largc 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. “To strive with unrelenting endurance against all obstacles. ”MARTHA SYLVIA BALDWIN Biology Lima, Peru College Players 1,2,3; Club Hispanic-Amcrican 1.2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 2,3; Glee Club 2,3; Psych Club 2; 2K2 3,4. MAYBELLE A. BALLANTYNE Modern Languages Managua. Nicaragua "To do anything worth doing don ’ stand back shivering thinking of the cold and danger-jump in and struggle through as best you can ” RICHARD NELS BANGLE History Atascadero Basketball 3,4. Clearasil works wonders. WILLIAM ALBERT BARAYA Biology Sacramento Golf 3,4; Intramurals 1.2; Ski Club 4; BBB 2,3,4. DENNIS L. BARBATA Computer Science Daly City Golf 1. ' LINDA MARIE BARRETT English Denver, Colorado Emeraudes 1,2,3,4; College Players 2; Irish Club 3. “Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. ”PETER KENDALL BARRY Government Daly City Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1. "I thank . . . God, for perseverance;... my aunts, their concern;... Dante, his generosity;... Shirley, for being Shirley. ” LOUISE C. BAUER Psychology San Francisco Non-Residents’ Council 3,4; Dean's Honor Roll 3,4, SEC 3. JANE SUSAN BAYER Nursing Fullerton SWAP 1,2,3; SNAC 2.3.4. JOHN P. BELLO English Stockton “For all that has been, thanks; for all that will be, yes. ” -Hammarskjold ELENA BELLO Government San FranciscoROBERT WESLEY BELOUS Finance San Francisco KC’s 3,4, Treas. 4. RICHARD BENNE, III International Business Vallejo CYNTHIA CAMILLE BENNETT English Everett, Washington VIVIAN FERNANDE BENTON Biology Long Beach Academic Council 3,4, Sec. 4; rilE 3.4; EKE 3,4; SWAP 1,2,3. “If only I may grow: firmer, simpler quieter, warmer. ” -Markings MICHAEL JOHN BERT1NETT1 History Oakland YR's 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3.4. 7 would then lead man to the desire of finding truth. ” -Pascal GWENDOLYN MARIE BIGGI Nursing San Diego “In appreciation to my parents for making these four years possible. ”JOHN MICHAEL BILICH Sociology Concord Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3; Academic Council 4; RA 4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. A£N 4. "I shall not pass this way again. Any good thing that I can do. or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now! ” -De Grollet WILLIAM JOSEPH BLANCHARD Accounting Palo Alto DON 3; Ski Club 1,2; Academic Council 3,4. "Paul Bunyan would have walked. ” FRANCIS JOHN BLAHOSKI Accounting Specialist West Hazleton, Pennsylvania RICHARD D. BLAKE III Mathematics Orinda DON 4; Math Club 4. "To be any more than all I am would be a lie. ” -Balin Kantner SERGIO MARIO BLANDON Production Management Leon, Nicaragua Latin-American Club 1,2,3,4. "Aunque pequena es mi patria uno grande la sueha. " -R. Dario DEBORAH ANN BOCCI Sociology Daly City Song Girl 2,3; Embers 3,4; Emeraudes 1,2,3,4. "Happiness is being yourself. ”MUHAMMEDS. F. BDEIR Marketing Beirut. Lebanon RICHARD PETER BOITANO History Mountain View SWAP-CIP 3.4. "Pleasure can come from illusion, but happiness only from reality. ” - Nicholas Cham fort TERRI LYNN BOHAC Psychology El Cerrito SWAP-CIP 3.4; SCTA 3,4. “Whoe ’er has a heart full of love always has something to give. My gratitude to God and those I love. ” JAMES JOSEPH BONATO Industrial Relations-Economics Vallejo AAP 2,3,4, Pledgeniaster 3. “There are rough rivers to be crossed and bridges to be built and wild oats to sow as you grow. ” -Rod McKuen CHERYL ANN BORGES Nursing Santa Clara SNAC 2,3,4; SWAP 3; Dean’s Honor Roll 3,4. “Those who do all the work have not yet reached their level of incompetence. ” DAREN MICH A EL BOWERS Biology-Pre-Dcntal Santa Rosa MARGARET ANTOINETTE BOUSQUET Sociology San Rafael SCTA "He who submits to fate without complaint is wise. ” -Euripides 112JOHN J. BOYLE English Omaha, Nebraska Student Abroad 3. “This is becoming really insignificant. ” -Samuel Beckett MICHAEL A. BRACCO History San Francisco JACK ANTHONY BRADLEY Accounting Specialist San Francisco KC’s 1,2,3,4. "There are golden apples to be picked and green hills to climb." -Rod McKuen GERALD RORY BRADY Government San Francisco SWAP-CIP 3.4; YD’s 1,2,3,4; Vista 3; International Gub 3.4; Irish Club 3.4; College Players 3,4. .. as I continue to remove my ignorance. ” -Brady ‘69 .. .and on the seventh day. he rested. PAMELA C.A. BRAGG Psychology South San Francisco CATHERINE ANN BRANDI English San Francisco SWAP 1,2,3,4; Non-Residents’ Council 3,4; SCTA 4. "To be thrown upon one's resources is to be cast into the very lap of fortune. ” 113THERESE CARTON BRANDI Sociology San Francisco SWAP 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 1,2, Sec. 2. “The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer." SHARON MARIE BRAUND Nursing Costa Mesa Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3,4; SNAC 2,3,4. “Only one thing matters-that wherever we go, and however we go, we hear the music of life. ” -Theodor Fontane MARGARET ERIN BREEN Finance San Rafael JANET ANN BRENNAN Sociology San Francisco Emeraudcs 1,2,3,4; Irish Gub 1,2; SWAP 2,3; SCTA 4. DEIDRE ANN BRANDT Nursing San Francisco President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; SNAC 2,3,4. “Thank you. Mom and Dad.” ANDREA F. BRERETON English Las Vegas, NevadaJOYCE E. BRIEN Chemistry Palmdale CATHY ELIZABETH BROOKS History San Francisco SCTA 2,3,4; Historical Society 3,4; Non-Residents’ Council 4. “Kindness in giving creates love. ” -Lao-Tse EILEEN JEAN BROSNAN Physics Oakland £K£ 3; Dem. Club 4; DON 4; Class Rep. 4; Residents’ Council 3. “In learning to love, you find life. ” KATHRYN FENTON BROWN Nursing Los Altos ITT 2,3,4; Song Girl 2,3. “Be it know: The credit is due Mother McCauley, not Florence Nightengale. ” KATHLEEN BRUNO History Napa SCTA 1,2,3,4. HELEN SUZANNE BUGAS Sociology Astoria, Oregon Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. 115ELLEN BUNDSCHU Nursing San Anselmo MARY ANN BURMAN Nursing Alexandria, Virginia Residents’ Council 1,2; SNAC 2,3,4; rilE 3,4; RA 3,4; Little Sister of Minerva 4;WJC 2. Say something in “hippie” for the folks. BRENDA ELOISE BUTLER History Oakland BSU 2,3,4. “Light confirms my reality-gives birth to my form ” MICHAEL JOHN BUTLER History San Francisco 116SHEILA A. CALLAGHAN Sociology Atherton MARILYN LEE CAMPION History Santa Ana SCTA 3; SWAP 3; RA 4; Residents’ Council 3; Dean’s Honor Roll 2; President’s Honor Roll 3. “Life has loveliness to sell... buy it and never count the cost. ” -R. Lewis CHRISTOPHER D. CALHOUN History San Rafael AZN 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Rangers 2,3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. “You get out of something what you put into it. ” -My Dad JACK S. CAMPISI History Hollister “Man has the universe within his grasp: but his heart has been untouched by God. ” EDMUND FRANK CANARDO Accounting San Franciscokenna McCauley canfield, jr. Government Petaluma St. Ives Law Soc. 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2; President’s Honor Roll 3,4; USA 4. “Not to love is miserable-not to be loved is catastrophic. ” JOHN EMILIO CAPPELLO Marketing San Francisco DOROTHY ANNE CAPPADONA History San Francisco SCTA 2,3,4, V.P. 4. “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before 1 sleep. ” -Frost MICHAEL L. CAREY Sociology Castro Valley FOGHORN 'l ,2,3,4, Sports Ed. 2; HILLTOPPER Sports Ed. 3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Class V.P. 3; Sports Information Director 3,4; IAF. 4, Pres. 4; PA 2,3; A2N 3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. “Bayous!!” JOANNE CARBONE Psychology San Rafael SWAP 1; Residents’ Council 3; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. “The span of our life is measured minute by minute-not years. ” -Helen Lowrie MarshallJEANNOT LEE CARLSON Nursing El Paso, Texas SNAC 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Little Sister of 1 A 3; Little Sister of Minerva 4. MARK THOMAS CARMODY Biology Oakland BBB 3,4; Irish Club 4. JOHN CHARLES CARPENTER Government Pleasant Hill J A 2,3; SAE 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4. “It was well worth a smile." CLIFFORD CARTER Psychology Newman, Georgia " think, therefore I am ” -Descartes MARY ANNE CARTER Psychology El Cerrito SWAP 3. PATRICK JOHN CARTER Economics Oxnard A21I 2,3,4; Residents’ Council 2.DENNIS M. CARVALHO Industrial Relations Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; BSC 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; DMS 4. “Thank you Mom and Dad, now I shall endeavor to make my million. ” I i TIMOTHY L. CARVALHO History Sacramento Historical Society 3,4; College Players 3; 4 BX 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Singers 2; Clubs Council 4. “Unless you love someone nothing makes sense. ” JAMES NUGENT CASEY History San Mateo St. Ives Law Soc. 2,4; Town Hall Commissioner 4; Activities Council 4.SELWYN S. P. CHAN Accounting Specialist Hong Kong GEORGE YUE-KEE CHEUNG Pre-Med Hong Kong Chinese Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4. “Ngor dai hock but yiptiu! Thank God and my parents. ” ALDO CHIAPPERO II Economics Malibu Ski Club 2; PACIFIC PROSPECTUS 3. "The worst is not, so long as we can say, ‘ his is the worst. -Shakespeare VICTOR PAUL CHIN Pre-Med Oakland President’s Honor Roll 1,3,4; Chinese Club 2,3, Sen. 2, Trcas. 3; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 1,3; O0X 2,3,4, Hist. 3; A2N 4. "You see in others only that which you possess within yourself. ” SYLVIA CUING Sociology Honolulu, Hawaii Chinese Club 2,3. Get out from under that table, you fool!PAT CHINTAGANOND Economics Bangkok, Thailand Inti. Rel. Club 2,3,4. “Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. ” —Vergil’s Aeneid EDWIN HOWARD CHIPP Mathematics-Computer Science El Cajon KUSF 1,2; Intramurals 3,4; Math Club 4, V.P. 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3; Gridiron Gub 4. “Finis designat inceptum novum; nunc suscipiam fructus vitae. ” D. VINCENT CHISHOLM Economics San Francisco Peers 1,2,3,4; KC’s 3,4; Gridiron Gub 3; BSC 3,4; Non-Residents’ Council 3,4. "And just like an eagle; he’s free-now what?” -G.B. MARY-ANN CHISHOLM History Pinole SEC 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3; Hawaiian Club 4. “These are the beautiful days of my youth ” -Kui Lee WAI-CHOY CHIU International Business Hong Kong “May all nations be one family. ” FRANK MATTHEW CHITEJI History Mbambabay, Tanzania African Gub 3,4. "I'll learn enough to teach ” JOHN CHOW Government Stockton “True strength is being yourself. ”THERESA SI LA I CHOW Nursing San Francisco SNAC 1.2,3,4; Chinese Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Int’l. Rcl. Club 2. .. that I may listen, care, and give twice of what have received." TINA CHRISS Social Welfare San Francisco SWAP 3; Student Abroad 3. GEORGECHU Marketing Tokyo, Japan Chinese Club 4; Tennis 3, International Night Treas. 3; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3. WILLIAM CIABATTARI Spanish Daly City KC's 1,2.3; SCTA 4. DONALD JOHN CIHAK Accounting Specialist San Diego BrS 3,4; A2N 4. "The lack of money is the root of all evil. ” -Twain JOSEPH C. CLAYMORE History Pacifica YR’s 4. "A special thanks to the Tribe. ” BARBARA SCHALICH CLIFFORD Nursing San Rafael Little Sister of ‘PA 3; Little Sister of Minerva 4; Song Girl 3; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. ELIZABETH CLIFFORD History San Francisco SCTA 2; Non-Residents’ Council 3,4. “We must constantly build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear. ” -Martin Luther King, Jr.FRANCIS VINCENT CLIFFORD Government Daly City AM 2,3,4, Sec. 3,4; Yell Leader 2; Rally Committee 2; KC’s 2,3,4; Gridiron Club 3,4. "Then all at once it came to me, saw the wherefore, and you can see it if you try." -Gordon Ljghtfoot JOSEPH RICHARD CLOPTON Biology San Francisco "Do no dishonour to the earth lest you dishonour the spirit of man. ” -Henry Beston GLORIA GENE COCCONI Nursing Belmont SNAC 2,3,4. "Be yourself, if you can't get what you want that way, then what you want is not worth getting." -T.Z. MARGARET ANNE COGAN Nursing Fullerton ITT 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3; HIE 3,4; DON 3; Little Sister of t A 3; Little Sister of Minerva 4; SNAC 2,3,4, Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "The future is a world limited only by ourselves. ” SISTER FRANCES COLLINS Sociology Bellevue, Washington MICHAELJOSEPH COLLUM International Business Santa Rosa Golf 1,2,3,4; Gridiron Club 3. "One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. ” -LowellSISTER DOLORES A. CONGDON Nursing Long Island, New York KATHLEEN TERESA CONNOLLY Chemistry San Francisco Academic Council 3,4; DON 2. ‘Don’t set your stomach on a jelly-bread sandwich unless you Ye sure there’s some jelly. ” THOMAS JOHN CONNOLLY Psychology San Francisco Peers 1,2,3,4; KC’s 4; Irish Club 3,4. "How sweet it is!" CHRISTINE LOUISE CORTOPASSI Nursing Bakersfield President's Honor Roll 3; FIT 2,3,4, Pres. 4. "Real isn ’t how you are made; it happens when a child really loves you. ” -The Velveteen Rabbit KATHLEEN MARIE COYNE English Burlingame "God help thee. Elia, how thou are changed! Thou art sophisticated!” 125ALAN ALDO CRESTETTO Accounting Specialist Sacramento PETER M. CROSS English Bakersfield Basketball 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM P. CUMMINGS History Burlingame St. Ives Law Soc. 1. "What does this mean?” We chew AlcCleans! BROTHER MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM S.M. Theology Sioux City, Iowa RAY E. CUNNINGHAM Government Detroit, Michigan Class Rep. 4; YR’s 3,4; Gridiron Club 3.4; KUSF 4; SAN FRANCISCO SCENE 3; Ed. 4. IlIA 4. MAUREEN ANN CURRAN English San Jose SWAP 2: RA 3,4. "And faces beyond forgetting, written over Kith faiths in men and dreams of man surpassing himself ” -SandburgCAROL MARIE CUSIMANO Nursing San Francisco rrr 3,4; snac 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll I; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3. "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his opinion. ” -Proverbs CARL THOMAS DADDIO Government Whittier YD’s 1,2; College Players 2,3,4. "And how will I know if I have chosen the correct road in life?” asked Katy. "You won V. Not until it’s over,” said the elf” -Anne Frank MICHAEL J.DAMER Government Portland, Oregon ”... A man needs a little madness ... or else ... he never dares cut the rope and be free..." - Zorba the Greek DONALD EDWARD DANA Psychology-Philosophy San Francisco AEN 3,4; Peers 1,2,3,4; Class Rep. 2; Class Pres. 3; Rangers 2,3,4; Academic Council 3; Gridiron Club 3,4; DMS 4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; FOGHORN 4; HILLTOPPER 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. "Love is the only satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. ” -Fromm ROBERT WILLIAM DANERI Government El Cerrito USA 4; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. 127PAULETTA SAU CHONG DANG Marketing Honolulu, Hawaii “With a little help from my friends. ” -Beatles CATHERINE ANN DE BRITO Nursing Salinas JOSEPH B. DAVID Government Klamath Falls, Oregon BSC 4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Upward Bound 3,4. RITA MARIE DECHENE Biology Petaluma President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 1,2,3, Sec. 3; Sodality 1,2; IKS 3,4; BBB 3,4, Sec. 3,4; Academic Council Alternate 4; SWAP-C1P 1,2,3,4; niE 4. "Man can only realize himself by reaching beyong himself " -Paul VI JOHN GUIDO DAVI Government Monterey Football 2,3,4; BSC 3,4; DA 2,3; SAE 4. "The good and hard times I can never forget: God Bless my parents for a most precious gift. ” JAMES PHILLIP DeJOHN Production Management Glendale BSC 3,4, Executive Officer 4. Residents’ Council 1,2; Royal Order of the Snakes 1,2. "If I only had more time. ”JO ANNE DeLAURIE Sociology San Bernandino SWAP 1; Upward Bound I. FRANCES BATTAGLIA DELLA CELLA Social Welfare San Francisco Non-Residents’ Council 3,4. “To my husband and parents for making this possible. Thank You. ” MARY DEMARTINI History San Francisco Dean’s Honor Roll 2; President’s Honor Roll 1,3; SCTA 2,4; Historical Society 4. “To know how to live is all my calling and all my art." -Montaigne KATHLEEN M. DESMOND Nursing Crystal Bay, Nevada JOSEPH GREGORY DESMOND Mathematics Anaheim Residents’ Council 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; YR’s4; A2N 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Philhistorians 2,3,4;4 BX 2,3.4. PETER MERLE DEVINE English-Drama San Francisco DAILY DON 3, Ed. 4; FOGHORN 1; AEN 3,4; V.P. 4. Academic Council 4; DON 4; College Players 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Glee Club 1,2; Lone Mt. Hilltop Players 1,3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay; Love isn't love till you give it away. ” -Hammerstein IIDAVID FRANK DEVOTI MARILYN DIEDESCH FRED T. DIETRICH JR. Government Biology Accounting Specialist Albuquerque, New Mexico Wilbur, Washington Mill Valley 0A 2,3; SAE 4; AEN 4. ClassRep. 3;Class EKE 3,4; KUSF 2; SWAP 2. BSC 2.3,4. Pres. 4; SWAP 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; RA 4; “Now what?’ Residents Council 2; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. "Man does not communicate by word of mouth alone." BROTHER JOHN EMMANUEL DIGNEO, S.M. Philosophy Los Angeles ROBERT EUGENE DiGRAZIA Biology-Pre-Dental Wells, Nevada Gridiron Gub 3,4; Chess Club 3. “Thank you. Mom and Dad. ” THOMAS FRANK DiMERCURIO Government Antioch DATESETTER Ed. 2; USA 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3; St. Ives Law Soc. 4; Historical Soc. 3,4; Campus Improvement Comm. 2; AEN 4. “The wisdom which a wise man fries to communicate always sounds foolish. ” -H. Hesse GEORGE GINO DiPEGO Government San Francisco "Each day 1 begin a new life. An endless procession of men runs through me. Who am I at this moment?” -Kenneth Patchen CATHERINE LOUISE DOHERTY Nursing Torrance FIT 2,3; SWAP 2,3.MARTIN DOMENICI English Downey KEVIN DOWLING Government San Francisco Welcome Week 2.3.4. JACK DRISCOLL Government San Francisco Football 1,2,3,4. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. ” The Freshman guys are so good-looking this year. WILLIAM P. DRYSDALE Mathematics Dublin, Ireland CAROL ANN DUBOST Mathematics San Francisco Emeraudes 1,2.3.4; SWAP 2,4; SCTA 4; President's Honor Roll 1,3; HIE 4. "A true friend is the best possession."HESTER GREEN DUFFIELD English West Hartford, Connecticut BARBARA ELIZABETH DUNN English Long Beach HIE4. “The nation that controls magnetism will control the universe." DENNIS MICHAEL DUFFY Economics Napa 4 A 2,3; IAE 4; BSC 3,4; Football 2; Gridiron Club 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. “Forever and forever farewell friends; if we meet again we shall smile, if not then this parting was well made. ” -Shakespeare DION JOSEPH DULAY Biology San Francisco 0 l X 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; AEN 4. “ .. But what good is life, if we cannot give it?" -Experience COBY L. DUNN Economics Wheeler, Oregon Football 2,3,4; Residents’ Council 2. "Some people think they are going, somehow, to come back to this life; 1 know I am only going through once. ” -W.C. Fields MARY ELIZABETH EBRIGHT Nursing San Francisco rrr 1,2,3,4; Madrigal Singers 1; Glee Club 1,2;SNAC 2,3,4. "Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will ear for the rest of his days. ” -Chinese ProverbROBERT JAY EDELMAN Mathematics Stockton DON 3; Publications Council 4. "Die footsteps a boy is most likely to follow in are those which his father thought he covered up. ” LAVONNE LYNN MARIE EDWARDS Spanish El Cerrito Spanish Club 4; SCTA 4. "A special thank you to my husband and my parents who made this all possible. ” LINDA LOU ESTRELLA Psychology Haiku, Maui, Hawaii SCTA 2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4. “For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live. ” -Gibran RAYMOND NICHOLAS ERLACH Government San Francisco KC’s 1,2,3,4, Grand Knight 4; ASUSF Activities V.P. 3; FOGHORN 1,2; Student Court 4; Baseball 1,2; Non-Residents’ Council 3; Gridiron Club 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3; Paul Morphy Chess Gub 2,3,4. "The record shows, I stood the blows and did it my way. ” -Sinatra KATHLEEN MARIE ELLEFSON Nursing Turlock LEANDRA LOUISE ERPELDING English Sacramento ASUSF Sec. 4; RA 3; Asst. Head Res. 4; Glee Gub 2,3,4; SWAP 1,2; Upward Bound 3,4; College Players 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4; mE 4. “... to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded. ” -EmersonKITTY TUNG-HOK FAN Marketing Hong Kong MARY I. EWING Spanish San Francisco Emeraudes 1,2,3,4; SCTA 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 2; Club Hispanoamerica 4. “What path to choose? Which course of destiny? Follow your heart. ” THOMAS MICHAEL FAURIA Psychology San Leandro DON 4; FOGHORN 3; Residents’ Council 2; Circle K 3,4. "Time it was and what a time it was, it was...” -Paul Simon FRED J. FENDLER Pre-med Jackson BBB 3,4; RA 4; Irish Club 3; Academic Council 3,4. "But here I am, my cardboard suitcase traded in for leather. ” -Rod McKuen RICHARD ARMAND F1G0NI Biology San Francisco 4 A 3, 2AE 4; KC’s 1.2,3.4; Football 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."ELAINE MARIE FLECKENSTEIN Psychology Los Angeles "We are made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. ” RICHARD FLODIN Accounting San Francisco RICHARD ROBERT FLORA Accounting Burlingame RONALD FLORES Operations Management Oakland "It's not how many times you fall, but how you pick yourself |m M CATHERINE FLOURNOY History Healdsburg "Deo gratias. ” 135 PHILIP LESTER FLOWERS Latin Oaklandi •» i [ ROSEMARY FOEDISCH Sociology Kentfield LINDA ANN FOPPIANO Spanish San Francisco SCTA4. "Thanks Morn and Dad. ” JOHN JOSEPH FORMOSA Psychology San Franicsco Peers 2,3,4, Pres. 4; SWAP-C1P 2,3,4; BSC 3,4; KC’s 3.4. "What are you going to do when the cows go home?” Daisy. Daisy, give me your answer true. JOHN MILFORD FORD Government Las Vegas, Nevada Peers 1,2,3,4, Hist. 3, Treas. 4; Gridiron Club 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Residents’ Council 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; RCC V.P. 4. "A peer is a peer is a peer until you’ve become a peer! Awesome!” BRYAN FRANCIS FOSTER Accounting San Francisco Football 2,3,4.DARRYL C. FONVN Economics Fresno ASn 2,3,4; Hist. 2; Chinese Club 1,2,3,4. "Look for the small pleasures that happen everyday. " ELIZABETH FRANKE Sociology San Bernardino THOMAS JOSEPH FRANZA Physics Daly City Dean’s Honor Roll 3; AIP 4. VICTORIA SOFIA FURMAN Social Welfare San Francisco SWAP 1,2; Irish Club 2; Emeraudes 1,2,3,4, Sec. 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3. "Happiness is made to be shared. ” JOSEPH DOMENIC FRANZI Accounting Hillsborough “The grass is always greener after you paint it. " -Sherwood MAIRE LEA FRIEL Nursing Burlingame “Ever-drifting down the stream; lingering in the golden gleam; Life. what is is but a dream?” Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland 137 WILLIAM HABIB GABRIEL Marketing El SobranteCOURTNEY ANNE GALBRAITH Pre-Med Las Vegas. Nevada Residents’ Council 2. Trcas. 2; EK 3,4; Academic Council 3,4; HIE 4. GEORGE MICHAEL GALLEGOS Government San Francisco KC’s 3,4; VRS 2.3.4; SCTA 4; DON 3,4. "He who thinks of defeat has already tost." SHELLIE ARLINE GARRETT, JR. History Pacifica YR’s 2,3,4, Pres. 4; OUR BAG 3 ; KUSF 3.4; SAN FRANCISCO SCENE 3.4; Irish Gub 3; Bridge Club 4. “Never underestimate the gullibility of the public. ” -H. L Mencken CHERYL ALINE GATES Nursing Daly City SNAC 2,3,4; TIT 3.4. "Among giants try to be a dwarf: among dwarfs, try to be a giant; but among equals try to be an equal. ” ANNE ELIZABETH GARVEY English San Francisco SCTA 4.MARY ELIZABETH GEORGE Economics Redding -- MARY NOREEN GEEZA English Encino "Daddy, did you really mean I have to start supporting you now?” PHILIP ANTHONY GATTO Accounting San Francisco VIRGINIA GEORGE Nursing Stockton rrr 1,2,3,4; SWAP 3; Academic Council 4; President’s Honor Roll 1; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3. “Let housewifery appear!” -Henry V PAMELA CATHERINE GEORGEATOS English-Drama San Francisco College Players 3,4; Emeraudes 1,2,3,4, Treas. 1;SCTA4. “Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today's dream." -Markings SUSAN ELIZABETH GILCHRIST History San Francisco "It does not bother me that I am only a grain of sand. ”STEVEN GILLUM Mathematics Oroville DON 1,2. ‘77»e mills of God grind slow, but...” CLAIRE ANGELA GINOTTI Mathematics San Francisco Math Club 1,2,3,4; IKI 3,4; SCTA 4. "Thank you Mom and Dad for my education. ” CHRISTINE ANN GIRALDIN Government Los Angeles "Life is what you make it so color it wonderful and love it. ” J» . i PATRICK GREGORY GOLDEN Philosophy San Leandro Academic Council 3,4; O0X 2.3,4; V.P. 3; A2N 3,4; Pres. 4; Residents Honor Roll 2,3,4; Residents’ Council 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. ” RICHARD ANDREW GOSSE Government Daly City Philhistorians 1,2; OUR BAG 2,3; Bridge Club 4. “An open mind is more important than an intelligent one. ” ROBERT JOSEPH GRASSILL1, JR. Accounting Burlingame Academic Council 3; I A 3; SAE 4; FOGHORN 2,3; BSC 3; ASUSF Treas. 4; RA 4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. AIN 4. "A small and wiry guy makes good. ” 140Well, Mom likes it. JACOB Y. GRAUDENZ Chemistry San Francisco I BX 2,3,4, V.P. 3, Pres. 4. "L-AHA VA I. L-CHA-YEEM, UL-SHALOM. To love, to life and to peace. ” CATHERINE ANN GRAVES Biology Saratoga 2K£ 3,4; RA 3; Asst. Head Res. 4. "We reach so high and fall so low. The more we learn, the less we know." -E. Wilson, Jr. MARGARET ANN GRAZIANO Mathematics Rolling Hills Math Club 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,3; SCTA 2,3,4; Sodality 1; RA 3,4; HIE 3,4; IKS 3,4. "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. ” JOSEPH CHARLES GRAZIOLI Marketing San Francisco Gridiron Club 3,4. M "It's been a long, long climb. JUDITH ANN GRECO Accounting San Francisco Emeraudes 1,2,3,4. Treas. 3, V.P. 4. "A joy that is shared is a joy made double. ” mmKENT MICHAEL G REALISM Marketing Daly City Peers 2,3,4; BSC 3.4; Irish Club !; KC’s 2,3,4; Gridiron Club 3,4. “Stuff a cold and starve a fever." -Fortz JUDITH MARIE GREEN English San Bernandino “ What is it else? A madness most discreet -Shakespeare CHRISTINE MARIE GUERRERA English Calistoga SWAP 3; WJC 3; RA 4; RCC 3; Residents’ Council V.P. 3. 142 ROGER J. GUIDO Accounting Specialist San FranciscoFRANK JOSEPH GUNDRY Psychology Bakersfield ASN 3,4. “7 . V. dinner by the pool. I’m so glad I finished school. ” -Frank Zappa MOIRA ANNE GUNN Computer Science Staten Island, New York President’s Honor Roll 1,3,4; SAN FRANCISCO SCENE, Man. Ed. 3, Ed. 4. RICHARD LAWRENCE GUNN English Menlo Park DENNIS MATTHEW HAAF Government San Jose ASUSF Exec. Asst. 3. Residents’ Council 1.2; ASUSF Senator 4; YR’s 4; Book Swap Chairman 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "If you 're not part of the solution you’re part of the problem ” -Cleaver MOIRA JANE HALEY Government Oakland “Thank You, Mom and Dad. ” ROBERT NEWTON HACKNEY Government San Francisco Academic Council 4; YR’s 1,2,3.4, V.P. 3, Treas. 4; FOGHORN 1,2,3,4; IAI I; YR-YD Coalition 3,4; Manager Swim Team 3; AZN 4. CONRAD JACOB HANSON 111 Psychology Santa Ana Football 1,3,4; Residents’ Council 2; RA 4; Gridiron Club 3. “A bird in the hand is worth two Bush mas ter snakes. ” WOHN Y. HAR Accounting Seoul, Korea Korean Club 4, Pres. 4.HUGH JORDAN HARRINGTON Philosophy-Psychology Anaheim Academic V.P. 4; Student Senate 4; Academic Council 3,4; SCTA 4; University Senate 4; Peers 2,3,4; College Players 1 ; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. “Some speak of the future, my love speaks softly, she knows There’s no success like failure and failure’s no success at all. ’” -Dylan CECELIA ANDREA HARLEY Psychology Burbank Student Abroad 3. SISTER DONNA HARRIS Nursing Racine, Wisconisn SNAC 2,3,4. mE 4; 20T Student Rep. 4. "We are molded and remolded by those who have loved us. ” -Mauriac 144 JAMES W. HASENKAMP Psychology Denver, Colorado SWAP 2,3; Psych Club 2,3,4. "A bird is one egg's way of becoming other eggs. ” CAROL MARIE HATCH English Sacramento Sodality 1; SWAP 1,2; Glee Club 2; Student Abroad 3; FOGHORN 1. “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?-every, every minute?” -WilderJOSEPH RAYMOND HEALY English Blythe “It’s life’s illusions I recall I really don 't know life at all. ” -Joni Mitchell SANDRA HEASTON English Torrance ‘7 didn ’t do a thing. Say a thing. But oh. you'd be amazed to know What’s under all that Nothing. ’’ ANNETTE PATRICIA HEINZ English San Francisco SWAP 3. “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age but they die young. ” -Pinero JEAN LOUISE HENNESSY Psychology Orinda SNAC 2.3; Psych Club 4. “When you’re through changing, you ‘re through. ’’ JAMES PHILLIP HENRY Marketing Newark. New JerseySHARMAN LEE HENRY History San Francisco “ You strive to make the ideal in your mind become a reality on the canvas of time. ” -Peterson RONALD HILLER English Novato LEROY HOGG Government San Francisco Basketball 1,2,3,4. ROBERT A. HOLLAND English Belmont SWAP 1. How does a girl get a hunk like that? HOLLY HOLLANDER English Newport Beach WILLIAM PATRICK HOLLINGSWORTH Finance Los Angeles "One who finds time to loaf is a wise man." CHARLES HOLMBERGIV English Stockholm. Sweden SEC 1,2,3, Chair. 2; Hawaiian Gub 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Residents’ Council 3; Cross Country 3. "One small step for man; one giant step for mankind. " -Armstrong 20 July 1969THOMAS JOSEPH HONRATH Pre-Med Columbus, Ohio CCD Program 1,2. 1 ELEANOR MARIE HORAN Nursing Miami, Arizona Embers 3,4; Little Sister of Minerva 4; Military Ball Queen 3; Little Sister of 4 A 3; SNAC 1,2,3,4. JOHN MCDONALD HOWE History Mission San Jose SWAP-CIP 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 2; Academic Council 3,4; Historical Society 3,4; YR’s 4; ASN 4; Bridge Club 4. "Is not all your labor barbaric sculpturing? A blasphemy of your ideal? " -Nietzsche JOSEPH E. HOWELL, JR. History Baltimore, Maryland MARYANN HRITZ English Albany SWAP 2; SCTA 3,4, 'Desire is half of life, indifference is half of death." —Gibran MARK ANDREW HROMALIK English Akron, Ohio Rangers 2,3,4. "All my thanks to you. Mom and Dad. ” 147JOSEN CORDEROINGOJO Computer Science San Francisco Math Club 3,4; TSU 3,4; Experiential College 3,4; Academic Council 3,4; Computer Science-Theology. "Work should be play or not at all. ” ANNA MARGARET HUDSON Nursing Sacramento DON 3,4; Sr. Ed. 4; SWAP 2; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3: SNAC 2,3,4; rrr 2,3,4. "Today is tomorrow's beginning. Thank you. Mom. ” MARY E. HUSTEDT English Burlingame Student Abroad 3. JULIA P1A ILDEFONSO Nursing San Gabriel SNAC 2,3,4; rrr 1,2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 2,3. "all men have the stars... but they are not the same for different people ... you alone will have the stars as no one else has them. ” ROBERT PETER INSABELLA English Newark, New Jersey College Players 1,2; Experiential College 1,2. VINCENT JOHN IPPOLITO Marketing San Francisco International Night 3; Dean’s Honor Roll 3; Investment Club 3. 7 am the master of my fare. am the captain of my soul. ”LINDA LOUISE JACHETTA History Greenbrac SWAP 2; College Players 2; Student Abroad 3. "To want is to can. ” KAREN PATRICIA JACOBSON Psychology Menlo Park Psych Club 2,4; Student Abroad 3. JOHN E. JALBERT Philosophy Old Orchard Beach, Maine A£n 2,3,4, Pres. 4. "He who thinks for himself, and rarely imitates, is a free DENNIS EDMOND JAMES Mathematics Daly City Football 1;4»BX 3,4. '7 would like to thank my Uncle for everything and my wife and both our families for all the help." YOLANDA ISABELLA MARIA JAMES Mathematics San Mateo Math Club 1,2,3; Gridiron Gub 2; Powder Puff Football 2,3. "Thanks to my parents, who shaped my past, and luck to my husband, who holds my future." FRANK LOUIS JAQUINTA Marketing Oakland Football 1,2; Gridiron Club 3,4; Residents’Council 1,2. “Four years of today and reality."MAUREEN CLAIRE JEHL English San Francisco SEC 1,2,4; SCTA 4; CCD 4; Glee Club 4; Irish Club 3; DON 4. 1 do not know what your destiny will be, but this do know... You will always have happiness if you seek and find how to sene. ” -Schweitzer LINDA C. JENKINS English San Francisco Student Abroad 3. ROBERT EUGENE JESINGER Government Santa Barbara FOGHORN 3; St. Ives Law Soc. 3,4; Academic Council 3; ASUSF Vice-Pres. 4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. AZN 4. “The true man has no worries; The wise man has no perplexities; The brave man has no worries. ” THOMAS ANDREW JENKINS History San Raphael "Did Hezikiah Jones die in vain?" ERNESTO A. JIMENEZ Accounting San Bruno OLIVIA JIMENEZ Sociology-Spanish Club Hispanoamericana 3,4; College Players 4; French Gub 3; Student Abroad 3. "El vivir se culmina en al des-pertar. ” 150KATHLEEN ANN JOHNSON Accounting San Carlos President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. "There are golden apples to be picked. And green hills to be climbed. And green meadows to run when you re young. ” -McKuen MICHAEL EDWARD JOHNSON Accounting San Leandro SWAP 3. "Can I help it if I was born with crabby genes?” -Schulz MICHAEL GREGORY JOHNSON English Los Angeles SWAP-CIP 1,2,3,4; Football 1, 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Track 1, 4; BSU V-Chair. 4.ROBERT DAVID JONES Accounting Specialist Sheridan, Wyoming Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. "Id like to say I enjoyed it; but then they might ask me to come back!" it . ROBERT P. KAVANAUGH Economics San Francisco SWAP 2; YD’s 2; Academic Council 4. A2N 4. LAWRENCE STEVEN JUNG History San Francisco DENNIS GEORGE KAFURA Mathematics Santa Ana MARIE ANTOINETTE KALINOWSKl History San Francisco "Thank you so much. Mom and Dad. ” PATRICIA JOSEPHINE KAYE English Arcadia SWAP 2.4; DON 4; Emeraudcs 1. “... I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people. ” -Macbeth KATHLEEN RYAN JUROVICH Accounting Specialist San Luis Obispo RA 2,3; Residents’ Council 1,2, Pres. 1; Embers 1,2,3, Treas. 2; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. "Father, Mother and Husband-we made it!” WILLIAM J. KEAYS History San Francisco AAV 1,2,3.4; Class Rep. 1; Football 2; Track 1,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 3.JANICE YOLANDA KERR English San Francisco "Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. ” JOHN L. KILF.Y Economics New York City, New York "I'm a transfer student and I’m glad I came to U.S.F. ” CHERYL S. KIMURA English Waipahu. HawaiiTIMOTHY ALAN KING Psychology Long Beach ASUSF Head Yell Leader 4; Yell Leader 2; Residents’ Council V.P. 3; President’s Honor Roll 1,3.4: Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Gridiron Club 3.4; SWAP C1P 3.4; WHO’S WHO IN-AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. KATHERINE MARIE KLEIN Nursing Redwood City ITT' I; KUSF Exec. Sec. 2; KUSF 1,2; SWAP I; SNAC 2,3,4. “... And the greatest of these is love. ” STEPHEN A. KLEIN Psychology Denver, Colorado “Don't ever tell anybody anything, if you do, you start missing everybody. ” JEANKONTE Nursing San Francisco “Strike another match; go start anew. And it’s all over now. Baby Blue. ” GRANT MAXWELL ROLLING Government Durban, South Africa Circle K 2,3: St. Ives Law Society 3,4; IIS A 3,4; Chinese Chib 3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3; President’s Honor Roll 4. "Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est. ” Francis Bacon DAVID JOHN KRIEGER Philosophy Las Vegas, Nevada Phil historians 1,2,4; “If you have a driving necessity to experience and celebrate your own value, you must loan value to the world. ” -GoetheJOSEPH JEFFREY KUBANC1K Government San Francisco College Players 2,3,4. “On the whole I’d rather be in Philadelphia. ” -W.C. Fields DAVID PETER KUEBRICH English San Francisco "... stand me now and ever in good stead. ” EDWIN KEN KURAKAZU Production Management Walnut Creek Baseball 1,2,3.4; RCC Sec. 3; Residents’ Council Sec. 3; RA 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. We may not win many ballgames but we have some interesting discussions. ” -Charlie Brown HERBERT PATRICK KUSS Psychology San Francisco Baseball 1,2; KC’s 1,2; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3,4. "It was fascinating in every way. but only an introduction. ” 155 DAISUKE KUSUYAMA International Business JapanI: j' i • LAURA CONCEPCION LABRADOR History San Mateo “ shall have to go a fast Thinking Walk by myself " -Pooh SARAH FRANCES LaBOYTEAUX Nursing San Ansclmo rrr 3.4. V.P. 4; Embers 2,3.4. “It's been fun, but I’m glad it’s over!" JANICE M. LaFOND Mathematics Redding " exist as ! am - that is enough ” -Walt Whitman .. .andit isn't S38.50a unit, either. RICHARD F. LAHERTY Biology Daly City OBX 2,3.4; Football 1; BBB 3.4; Chess Club 3,4. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. ” RONALD LAJOY Psychology Salem, Oregon Intramurals 1,2,3.4- Psvch Club 3,4. y JOHN PATRICK LAMB Pre-med San Diego O0X 4; BBB 3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. "For dance, and drink, and sing, Til some blind hand shall brush my wing. ” -BlakePETER NICHOLAS LAMBERTO History Des Moines, Iowa 4 A 2,3, £AE 4. “ am aii optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else." -Winston Churchill TERESA M. LANNAN Psychology La Jolla MARY LOUISE LANAWAY Sociology Concord MICHAEL EMERSON LASATER Government San Anselmo Swimming 1,2,3; St. Ives Law Soc. 2,3,4; Rifle Team 1. “Compared to what, by the way? Thanks, Mom and Dad. ” STEPHEN CURTIS LaPLANTE Sociology Mountain View SWAP-CIP 1,2,3,4, Chairman 3; AAP 1,2,3,4; Social Giairman 3; War Against Racism 3; Radical Students’ Union 4; WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. “... I believe in armed struggle as the only solution for those peoples who fight to free themselves, and lam consistent with my beliefs. ” -Che GERALD DON LaROCQUE Psychology Orange 157NORINE LAU Psychology-French Honolulu, Hawaii "Happy is the soul that can look backwards with pride and forward with hope. ” TONY KIANG HAM LAU Biology Penang, Malaysia Tennis 2. "Thank you. Mom. Dad and Grandpa. ” ROBERT NICHOLAS LAWLOR Government Salinas A AT 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3,4; SWAP-CIP 3.4; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. "Spread Love. ” - The Satyaghara MAUREEN E. LECHWAR History Concord DON 3,4, Ed. 4; SCTA 3,4; Embers 3,4; Emeraudes 1,2,3,4; WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. I'llE 4. "Something about a broken cookie jar... ” HUGH FRANCIS LENNON Government San Francisco "I’d rather be right than be President." DIANE HELENE LEMONNIER Psychology-French La CrescentaKEVIN MICHAEL LEONG Business Administration El Cerrito Football 2,3; I A 2,3; EAE 4; Gridiron Club 3,4. "Our longest run is over-but we can’t rest. Now we’re in shape for what’s to conic. ” JULIA PAULINE LEUNG Biology Hong Kong Chinese Club 1,2; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 1,2,3. "To laugh, to cry, to live, to die is temporal. To understand the reason why is eternal. ” LAWRENCE E. LEVY International Business Hillsborough CIP 4; Non-Residents’ Council 3,4. “Corpus tuum miser, mures devorabunt. ” LYNNA LIM Physics San Francisco Int’l Rcl. Club 3,4, Sec. 4 Philhistorians 2,3,4; SEC 3,4 Paul Morphy Chess Club 3,4 YR’s 2,3,4; KUSF 4; Pep Band 3. “The need is not for more brains; but a gentler, more tolerant people. ’’ MARCIA ANNE LIMPER Government Yuba City Sailing Gub 1; Student Abroad 3. "And 1 thought, now, perhaps, if someone else sees me as I really am, 1 might become myself." -T. S. Eliot BERNARD LIBANTI Government OaklandJj: H r MARILYN ANN LIPPI Biology San Francisco EKE 3.4; BBB 3.4; Wasmann Bio.. Soc. 2. “... and the world will be better for this. Thank you Mom and Dad. ” JAMES MICHAEL LIPPITT Accounting Specialist Larkspur A AT 2,3.4, Trcas. 3,4; Gridiron Club 3,4; Peers 2.3. “What‘s a good quote?" -Gocky ALBERT JAIME LOPEZ C.M.F Theology Los Angeles “What do grace and glory mean except that man can endure in the midst of absolute fire, in the midst of incomprehensibility. ” -Karl Rahner In the meadows of your mind. ALFREDO R. LOPEZ Pre-Dental San Francisco RENEE SIMONE LORDA Sociology San Francisco SWAP 1,2,3.4; YD's 3; French Hub 1,2. “Thou who want change without disturbance are tike those who want the ocean without its roar." Frederick Douglass WAYNE ROBERT LOWTHER Psychology Napa Psych Club 3,4; Institute of Chemical Biology 4. “Oh, that may some day shine as bright as those who have given me my ray of light. ”FRANK JOSEPH LUCCHETTI Biology San Francisco BBB 3,4; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 1,2. “My appreciation and thanks to my parents, my wife, and God. ” NORMAN A. LUNA History San Francisco JUDITH ELLEN LUTTRINGER History San Francisco Emeraudes 3,4; SCTA 4. PAMELA LYNN McBRIDE Philosophy San Francisco Experiential College 3; CIP 4. “God writes straight with crooked lines." ELIZABETH McCAUGHEY Sociology Red Bluff “In vino veritas...” -T. McClean jerry p. McCarthy Physics St. Paul, OregonJOHRDEN B. McDEVITT Accounting Specialist San Diego i: MICHAEL RICHARD McGLENNON Operations Management San Mateo Football 2,3; BSC 3,4. “At last!" BRUCE TERENCE McINTOSH English South Pasadena DAILY DON 1,2,3,4, Ed. 3; RA 4; 4 A 2,3; 2AE 4; A2N 3,4, Sec. 4; Glee Club 1.2; College Players 2; Residents' Council 2,3, Pres. 3; RCC 3; WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. The story is not ended, and the play is never done; Till we've all been burned a bit, by the sun. ” -The Fantasticks LINDA DIANE McINTYRE History Daly City SCTA4. “Thank you Mom and Dad! Your encouragement and support made it possible. ” BERNARD JOSEPH McGINNIS Economics Warminster, Pennsylvania "Look, Ma! No brains!" JAMES S. McINERNEY English Los AngelesTHERESA KLUNE McCLEAN English San Bernardino "Goodbye, now, goodbye. Write down all I said. And tell Tom. Dick, and Harry I rose from the dead. ” -Buck Mulligan JAMES RAY McLEMORE, JR. Economics-Mathematics San Francisco AEI1 3.4; Peers 2,3,4; IFC 4; Math Club 1.2; Ski Club 3,4. “College is good preparation, but education begins once you are out on your own. ” -J.X. McVeil Ph.D. KATHLEEN E. MAGUIRE English Auburn SWAP 3. ‘7 do not fear tomorrow for remember yesterday, and I love today. ” -William Allen White MARY ALICE MABEE Government-History Atherton lnt‘1 Rel. Club 1,4; Experiential College 3,4; SEC 4; Academic Council 4; FOGHORN 3,4; USA 3.4; YD’s 2: YR‘s 4. HIE 4. "We should dare to be gentle ... for in this lies the liquid strength of life. ”'• . lit • jl: ; •ii MAUREEN E. MAHONEY English Hillsborough Residents’ Council 3. “This end is only the beginning." FRANCES MARIE MALTA English San Mateo Emeraudes 2,3,4. "Tis belter to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ” ANTHONY ROGER MANISCALO Pre-Mcd San Francisco 1 A 2,3; 2AE 4; BSC 3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 3; Block Club 2,3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3,4; Outstanding Collegiate Athlete of America 3 ; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. ANNMAR1E MARR History San Francisco SCTA 2,3,4. "I have many promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. ” -Robert Frost LUCILLE MARSHALL English Missouri RENE ALBERT MARTELL Production Management Castro Valley OA 3; ZAE 4; FOGHORN 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,4. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, then quit; no use being a damn fool about it. ” -W.C. Fields CHARLES CLIFFORD MARTIN History San Francisco “A t long last ” GEORGE L. MARTIN Accounting Anaconda, MontanaJOANNE MARTIN Spanish Van Nuys Club Hispanoamericano 1,2,3,4. " Ved de cuan poco valor son las cosas tras que and amos y corretnos — ” —Jorge Manrique DENNIS W. MARTIN History Indio SWAP-CIP 1,2,3,4. Chair. 4; "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and casta strophe. ” -H.G. Wells EVELYN MARTINEZ English San Francisco FOGHORN 3,4. MARY MARTINEZ Psychology San Francisco Emeraudes 1; SCTA 2; Gridiron Club 3. One bite and you 11 self-destruct in 10 seconds. ALBERT PETER MASETTI Pre-Mcd San Francisco hBX 2,3,4; Irish Club 4; Honor Guard 1,2; Sanctuary Society I "Biochem. has many secrets.” MARY ANN MASSENBURG English San Francisco FOGHORN 3,4; Peace Fellowship 2.3; QUARTERLY "And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -T.S. Eliot KRYSTYNA ANN MATLOCK Psychology Stockton Class Sec. 1; Homecoming Princess 1; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. “No book can teach us Self. It is a hidden language only Heart can read. ”SHIRLEY MADELINE MATTIAUDA English San Francisco SCTA 4. “Time slips away, and we grow old with these silent years, and the days fly by with no curb to delay them ” SISTER M. CHARLES MAY Nursing Burlingame CAROLYN MARIE MAY Finance San Francisco Phillippine Club 2,3,4. ROBIN MAYRISCH Psychology San Francisco Psych Club 3,4; SEC 4. “The best way out is always through ” -Frost BARBARA JEANNE MENARD History La Mesa Academic Council 4; SWAP 1; Hist. Soc. 3,4; Int’l. ReL Club 3; HIE 3.4. V.P. 4; Residents Council V.P. 3; RCC V.P. 3. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "Give me Thy love and Tliy grace and I will he so rich as to desire nothing more." -St. Ignatius LoyolaALBERT JOSEPH MENASTER Government San Francisco AIN 3,4; USA 3,4; Chess Club 1 ,2,3 ,4, Pres. 2,3; Philhistorians 1,2,3,4, Pres 4; OUR BAG Ed. 3,4; Clubs Council 3; Conservative Student Forum 1,2,3. "The profound thinker always suspects that he is superficial. ” -Disraeli BARRY JOSEPH MENEGHELLI Chemistry Richmond ! BX 2,3,4; Dean Honor Roll 1,3. "When you’re through learning, you’re through. ” —Disraeli MAURICIO M. MENDIOLA Economics San Jose, Costa Rica "Once you are hit with the club your eyes close to see stars and stripes forever! ” RICHARD JOEL MEYER Psychology Beaverton, Oregon FOGHORN 3,4; SWAP 2; Student Abroad 3. don't know, I’ve always felt that...” ANGELA NINA MERLA French South San Francisco President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. "La raison nous trompe plus souvent que la nature. ’’ -Vauvenargues RAYMOND R. MICHAUD JR. History Santa Barbara 4 A 2,3, V.P. 3, Exec. Council 3; EAE 4; RA 4; DON 3,4, Asst. Ed. 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less." -Cleaver 167MARK PAULMICKELSON History Klamath Falls, Oregon Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. MARILYN MICHELE MILLER History San Francisco YR’s 4; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. “Time goes, you say; Ah no. Time says, we go. ” Austin Dobson Thank you. Mom. PATRICIA ANN MILLER Biology Phoenix, Arizona “So long as I can see, I will keep looking. ” -On the Loose FRANK PATRICK MILLS English Cupertino “If the truth were not so salty, we’d sink instead of float. ” JEWEL ANN MILLS Psychology San Francisco Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Psych Gub 3. 168JUDITH MIRANDA Sociology Rio Dell SWAP 1; WJC 2; Residents’ Council 1,2, V.P.. Pres. 2. Activities Council See. 3. "i thank you god for this most amazing day...” -e.e. cummings HELMYM. MOHARRAM International Business Cairo, Egypt "Tempus fugit." ROSE ANGELA P. MONETTI Marketing Daly City "If you love, you're loved ten times back; if you hate, you're hated ten times back. -Johnny Rivers MICHAEL FREDERICK MONROE English Salinas d’A 2,3; v.AE 4. “All knowledge is for action and all action is ultimately for love! ” JOSEPH ROBERT MORAN, JR History Spokane, Washington AAV 1.2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Rangers 2,3,4; Track 1,2.3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. “To say thanks is not enough, I must do well " MICHAEL ANTHONY MORGADO Government Petaluma Student Abroad 3. A£N 4. “We are burnt up by hard facts; like tradesmen we understand distinctions, and like butchers, necessities. ” -Erich Maria Remarque -AnonymousROSEMARY MORGADO Sociology Merced "By senior year, 43% of college girls have lost their virginity. ” —Vance Packard LYNNE PATRICIA MORRIS English San Francisco President’s Honor Roll 1; SCTA 2.3,4; Sec. 4; HILLTOP-PER 4; Gridiron Club 3; Non-Residents’ Council 3. “Nothing is lost if it leaves a memory. ” TERRENCE BURKE MOYLES Biology San Francisco BBB 3,4. “Annon edhellen, edro hi am men! Fennas nogothrim, lasto beth lammen!" -Gandalf BRIAN T. MULLEN History Willmette, Illinois Chaplains Assistant 2.3.4. PATRICK JAMES MULLEN History Carmichael SCTA 3,4; Historical Society 4. “Education is the most exciting frontier. ” NANCY JEAN MULLOY Nursing Oakland SNAC 2,3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3; O0X Queen 1. “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." Sir James BarrieCAROLYN MARIE MURPHY English Bellflower J.T. MURPHY History Burlingame AEN 4. "As death comes after life, civilization is the inevitable destiny of culture. ” -Spengler PATRICIA ANNE MURPHY Sociology San Francisco TERENCE MICHAEL MURPHY Government Berkeley Gridiron Club 3. "Some people say I've reached a peak; 1 believe I’ve just begun to climb. ” DAVID DENNIS MUSSO Sociology Fresno "Much is lost for the fear of trying. ” -Irving FinemanLUCIEN RICHARD MUSSO Philosophy Turlock College Players 3. “Academic learning is only a prerequisite of true knowledge. " J. WILLIAM MUSTAN1CH History San Francisco Baseball 2,3,4. “Thank you. Mom and Dad. JM • • 4 • I: i iii BARBARA ELOIS NAGENGAST Nursing Chula Vista “We've found the canters that were spared and have hidden in them as much as we could. Not to escape from but to escape to; not to forget but to remember. ” -On the Loose LAVERN'E LANIUMA NAKOA Social Welfare Honolulu, Hawaii SWAP 2; Hawaiian Club 2,3,4. “Bravely, faithfully, successfully." CHRISTANN THERESA NATALE Biology San Francisco BBB 1,2,3,4, V.P. 3; £KS 3,4; Dean's Honor Roll 3. “Dare to be different, life is so full of people who follow the same push and pull." ANTHONY JOSEPH NAVARRA, JR. Physics South San Francisco AIP 3,4. “Now I know what I didn't know! Thanks to Peg and my parents. ”JAMES PATRICK NEVIN Sociology San Francisco Football 4. "I have a dream..." ROBERT KENNETH NICOLOPULOS History South San Francisco Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4. JOHN J. NONOMURA Biology San Francisco BBB4. LOUISE TONI O’CONNELL Psychology Sacramento “The little cares that fretted me, I lost them yesterday among the fields above the sea, among the winds at play. ” - CLIFF GARY NIEDERER Psychology Mill Valley MAUREEN O’CONNELL Biology Petaluma'll It! PATRICIA A. O'DONNELL English San Francisco Emeraudes 3,4: SCTA 4. STEPHEN MICHAEL O'MEARA Biology Angels Camp BBB 3,4, Treas. 3,4; O0X 4. "A child’s education should begin at least 100 years before his birth. ” THOMAS IVAN OERY MAKI OHY JAMES J. O'LEARY Business Administration Oakland FOGHORN 3,4; 4 A 3; 2AE 4; Gridiron Club 3,4; Intramurals 4. History San Leandro “My appreciation to my parents, without whose sacrifices this would not be possible. ” Accounting Specialist San Francisco “I shall be teaching accounting someday at City College of San Francisco. ” And he said it was a paperback. -0.W. Holmes ROBERT VINCENT OSMOND History Oakland Intramurals 1,2,3,4;FOGI IORN 2,3,4, Sports Ea. 3.4: Gridiron Club 3,4: Pub. Chair. 3. " think can do something with it ... don V know what yet. ”MICHAEL COSIMO PALAZZOTTO Chemistry San Lorenzo FOOK SOON PANG Chemistry Singapore PAUL GREGORY PAPAZIAN Accounting San Francisco BRADFORD PAPPALARDO Psychology Danville MICHAEL ANTHONY PARLANTE History Redwood City MICHAEL JAMES PARMER French San Francisco "On doit aimer pour obtenir le bonheur el on doit se connaitre pour aimer” 1751ft If « !!! !• • CONSTANCE MARIE PARTMANN Industrial Relations San Carlos President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Academic Council 3. "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. ” COLLEEN ANN PARTON Sociology Salem, Oregon BARBARA JANE PASCHKE French Seattle, Washington Peace Fellowship 2,3; SWAP-CIP 3,4; Academic Council 3,4; Campus Action Comm. 3. HIE 4. "... one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind. ” -Bob Dylan EVA A. PASCUAL Marketing Philippines CIP 4. "That man lives twice who lives the first life well. ” PAMELA ELISABETH PASSANISI Biology Burlingame Wasmann Bio. Soc. 2; BBB 3,4; EKE 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. “Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift. ” ELIZABETH BRADLEY PAUL History San Francisco SCTA 3,4; SWAP-CIP 3.4. "I'm a slow walker, but never walk backwards. Thank you. Mom and Dad. ” ATMAN PASADIS Computer Science San Francisco Academic Council I. "Society will become whatever we make our children We are responsible. ” HELEN PAXINOS Sociology San Francisco SWAP 3; Ski Club 4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3. “Alone we find solitude; together we find love. ”DENNIS R. PEDERSEN Government Arlington Heights, Illinois St. Ives Law Soc. 2,3.4; YD’s 3, 4; Youth for a New America 3; II2A4. "To too many people, brotherhood means having the same mother. ” ROBERT H. PEDOT Marketing San Francisco Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Rangers 3,4. LAURENE PELLERITI French Fairfax “We are here not to get all we can out of life for ourselves, but to try to make the lives of others happier." ALEXANDER PEER History Las Vegas, Nevada MADELINE “MUFFIE” PENNIS1 Modern Languages Mill Valley Emeraudes 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Clubs Council 4, Sec. 4; Club Hispanamericano 4; College Players 3; President’s Honor Roll 1,3; SCTA 4; Irish Club 2,3; SWAP 1; Gridiron Club 3. FIIE4. “It is far better to forget and smile than to remember and be sad. ” Rosette gracias y grazie. Mom and Dad. KENNETH ALAN PEREA English Fremont Pep Band 1; Swim Team 2; BSC 4; Scabbard and Blade 3.4. Sec. 4; YR’s 2,3.4, Trcas. 4; St. Ives Law Soc. 2,3,4, V.P. 4. PATRICIA ANN PENDER Nursing El Cerrito Irish Club 1,2; SEC 2,3,4; RA 3,4; SNAC 1,2,3,4. “Help to do, so that you can be proud of what is done. ”RICARDO PEREIRA Spanish Managua, Nicaragua LUIS FELIPE PEREZ Economics Nicaragua Club Hispanoamericano 1,2,3,4; FSA 2,3,4. "I am very grateful to my Father and Mother for what they have done for me. ” RICHARD THOMAS PETERSON Finance Orange BSC 3,4; BPS 3,4; SWAP 1; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3.4. AEN 4. “Why learn from books what people teach better?" PETER THOMAS PETR1CH Philosophy Tacoma, Washington 4 A 3; EAE 4, Soc. Chair. 4; YD’s 1,2; Ski Club 1. “You have been a good friend and a wise teacher, goodbye, San Francisco." CAROL ANN PETRIE History San Francisco SWAP-CIP 3,4; Historical Society 4.SUSAN LYNN PETR1N0V1CH Nursing Reno, Nevada Embers 2,3,4; SNAC 1,2,3,4; Little Sister of 4 A 3; Little Sister of Minerva 4. "I am a music-maker; 1 am a dreamer of dreams ...” Thank you, Mother. JANET ELLEN PETRUS1CH History San Francisco “Thank you, Mom and Dad. CHARLES TED PFEIFER Mathematics Monterey "Whew! Finished at last. ” ... filing transcripts. JOSEPH BASCHON PHAIR Government Seattle, Washington Class Rep. 1; Class Pres. 2; ASUSF V.P. 3; St. Ives Law Soc, 2,3,4; Peers 2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 2; II2A 4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. "To avoid criticism, do nothing and be nothing. ” -James F. Phair SUSAN AUDREY PICKERING Nursing Castro Valley rrr 2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 1,2; Rose Dance Princess 2; Military Ball Princess 2; Homecoming Princess 3. “For self is a sea boundless and measureless." -KibranLEONARD F. POGGIO Pre-Dental San Francisco O0X 2,3,4, Treas. 3,4; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 3; Irish Club 4; BBB 3,4. A£N 4. “ shall say to all that in my own way, I shall experience life equal to any man ” PEDRO FRANCISCO PONS, JR. Biology San Francisco Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Drill Team 2,3,4. “Gracias... a mis padres. ” ED POPEK History Hackensack, New Jersey Ski Club 1; Irish Club 1. .. and I wanted to be a bum. ” ROBERT HENRY POTTER Accounting Orange "I can thank my parents for the future. ”WILLIAM GRANT POWELL Economics Salinas BSC 4. “What a bummer!” MARY INEZ POWERS Biology Downey £KI 3,4, Chair. 4; SWAP 1,2,3; Glee Club 2; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 1,2; Academic Council 4. HIE 4. “Let me read with open eyes the book my days are writing-and learn." -Hammarskjold DAVID WARREN PRIBYL Biology-Prc-Med Redwood City O0X 2,3,4; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 2; KUSF 1,2,3.4. "I’m just beginning to see, now I'm on my way ” -Moody Blues DIANE CHRISTINE PRECISSI Nursing Stockton ITT 1,2,3,4; SNAC 1,2,3,4. “Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness atul every tomorrow a vision of hope! ” The Sanskrit ■ THOMAS MICHAEL PRUSMACK Biology-Pre-Med Portola Valley Irish Club 4. "You're as happy as you make up your mind to be. CHARLES A. PUTNEY III History Sunnyvale Historical Society 4; SWAP 4; DON 4. “Freedom is not doing what one wants but wanting what one can do. ” -J.P. SartreJEFFREY ALAN QUINN Accounting Specialist Burlingame Br£ 3.4; FOGHORN 3.4; President’s Honor Roll 1.2,3,4; H1LLTOPPER Ed. 4; Non-Residents’ Council Chair. 3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. “Nihil dictum guod non dictum prius." -Terence RAYMOND MARK QUOCK Biology San Francisco O0X 2,3,4, Pres. 4; BBB 3,4; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 3; Philhistorians 2,3,4; OUR BAG 2,3,4; IFC 4; Upward Bound 3,4; Chinese Students 2,3,4. A2N 4. , , “Forward ever, backward never." JOHN JOSEPH RATTO Industrial Relations Alameda Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3,4. MICHAEL GEORGE HEADMAN Government Oakland Scabbard and Blade 3,4. “Bye all-I'll tell you later if it was all worth it. ” SARAH RASHED Psychology San Francisco “I stood at the street corner and listened ______ gaiety of youth rang out against the night. False communion everywhere, everywhere the flight to the herd for warmth. ” 182 WILLIAM K. REDICAN Psychology New York City. New York SWAP 1; Academic Council 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3; Dean’s Honor Roll I; Psych Club 3. AEN 4. “Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on thee and I'll forgive thy great big one on me. ” -Frost STELLA MARIE REBOLLAR Psychology San Jose SWAP 1; Psych Club 3,4; MASC 3,4.DAVID REGAN Psychology Daly City Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Psych Club 4. “Who told me dragons did not exist, then led me to their lairs?” -Kesey STEPHEN MICHAEL REGAN Government Santa Clara AAP 2,3,4; Head Yell Leader 3; FOGHORN 4; SEC 2; Work-Study Program Dir. 2,3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. MICHAEL JOHN RESTANI History San Francisco Football 1; Swim Team 1,2; Chess Club 2,3,4; Rangers 3; DAVID JOSEPH REYNOLDS Government San Francisco 4 A 2,3; 2AE 4; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. “This is just the end of the beginning. ” Historical Society 4. 'J'adoube. ” 1 KATHLEEN ANN REILLY Sociology Orange “He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how. ” RICHARD REYNOSO Spanish Redwood City GARY D. RIBEIRO Economics Visalia 183 TONYA. RIBEIRO Chemistry San Francisco »BX 2.3,4, Treas. 4. "Walk, don't run! You'll get there DONNA LEE RICCI English Daly City HILLTOPPER 4; SWAP-C1P 3.4; SCTA 2.3.4. Treas. 3. Pres. 4; Non-Residents’ Council 3,4;Gridiron Club 3. "To my mother, my father-who is gone-! owe so much. My gratitude to both is great." JAMES RICE Physics Atwater just love Slater hand-outs. JANICE ANN RICH Nursing Santa Rosa nr 3,4;SWAP I. JANE AILEEN RICHARDS Nursing Richmond "In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning anil is refreshed.’ _Gibran WILLIAM SAMUEL RILEY Sociology Oakland BSU 2,3.4. "Man’s life doesn’t start at birth, nor does it end at death ”SUSAN ELIZABETH RIORDAN SocioIog r San Francisco Emeraudes 2,3,4; Irish Club 1,2; Education Club 4. JOHN M. RIORDAN Computer Science San Francisco Chess Club 3.4. "Many thanks to my parents for everything. ” MARK ALFRED RITTER Physics San Francisco 4 BX 2,3,4. "My gratitude to my parents. ” DAVID FRANCIS ROBINETT Computer Science San Francisco Academic Council 4. “People are lonely.. . because they build walls instead of bridges. ” MARIA JULIA RIVAS Spanish San Francisco I should be so lucky?" WILLIAM JOHN ROBERTS History Los Angeles $A 2,3; IAE 4; SWAP 2; Track 1; Cross-Country I. "To smile is to have been here. ” ROBERTA MARIE ROCCUCCI Spanish South San Francisco President's Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. "The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day. and we must part. ” -GibranPAULG. RODGERS Government Vallejo ELENA M. RODRIQUEZ Computer Science San Francisco RONALD E. RODRIGUES Marketing Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii BSC 3,4; Hawaiian Club, Pres. 3; Intramurals “Aloha nut ha!! I mua!!” SISTER M. PHILEMON RODRIGUEZ Nursing Bakersfield STEPHANIE H. RODRIGUEZ History Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Hawaiian Club 3. “And soon now we shall go... out of history into history and the awful responsibility of Time. ” -Warren CYNTHIA CECILIA ROMERO Sociology Redondo Beach RA 4; MASC 3,4; YD’s 1,2; Club Hispanoamericano 1,4. PfIE4. "Day gracias a Dios y a mi Padres. ” ROBERT VIRGIL ROWLAND Accounting San Francisco "I’m sure glad it’s over!” 186JAMES ROSS English San Francisco YVONNE MARIE RUH Nursing Lompoc SWAP 1,2; SNAC 1,2,3,4. "The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship. ” -Blake TIMOTHY FREDRICK RUEF Psychology Spring Valley 1 A 3; 2AE 4, Sec. 4; RA 4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4, Leader 2,3,4; Residents’ Council 1,2, V.P. 2; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. A2N 4. ANTONIO A. RUFINO Economics Manila, Philippines Philippine Club 2,3,4, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; International Club 3,4, Treas. 4; Conservative Student Forum 2.3. “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by why we've already done. ” -Longfellow PAMELA NEWMAN RUMMAGE Nursing Phoenix, Arizona SNAC 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3. “There is only one success- to be able to spend your life in your own way. ” MADELINE CECILIA RUO History South San Francisco "Make the most of your wonder years! “ MARY KAY RYAN English Yokohama. Japan YD’s 1,2; Student Senate 2. “The inane habit of being dignified spoils every’thing. ” -Stendahl ALFREDO SAENZ Marketing Granada, Nicaragua Soccer 1,2; Latin American Club 1,2,3.4. “Thanks to my Father; and Mother, my girlfriend “Renee,” and those teachers and friends who helped me throughout my career. ”NANCY WARD SALVEMINI French Daly City “All wish to be learned but no one is willing to pay the price (per unit)!” EDWARD JOHN SAMBUCETI Government Redwood City Irish Club 3; Gridiron Club 3. DELIA BOAC SANTIAGO Accounting Specialist San Francisco Philippine Club 1,2;SWAP-CIP 3,4. TOSHIRO SASAKI Mathematics San Francisco ROCHELLE MARIE SARACENO English Burlingame SCTA 3,4; IIILLTOPPER 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3,4; Non-Residents Council 3,4, niE 4. "Man's love is of man’s life a thing apart; ‘Tis a woman’s whole existence. ” TIMOTHY JOSEPH SCHALLERT Psychology-North Hollywood Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3,4. “All my possessions for a moment of time. ’’ Queen ElizabethJEANNE FRANCES SCHIFF English Klamath Falls, Oregon riIF 3,4, Pres. 4; WJC 2; Glee Club 2; SWAP 1,3; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; ASUSF Publications Council Sec. 4. BRUCE DOUGLAS SCHLESINGER Government Millbrae KUSF Bus. Mngr. 3,4. "As a graduate, I can define government as a body of... uh ... a system of... uh..." ROBERT ANTHONY SCHROTH History Greenbrae St. Ives Law Soc. 4. “Victory can be painful when it is standing on your foot. ” -W.C. Fields LYDIA ANN SCHNEIDER English San Mateo SWAP 1,2; Class Sec.-Treas. 2; Upward Bound 3; QUARTERLY 1,2. "I've got to start acting more sensible... tomorrow. -Snoopy A product of Jesuit education. EDMUND MEAD SCOTT Government Redwood City Student Abroad 3; Peace Fellowship 2; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. “Thanks to my parents. ” MICHAEL LOUIS SCURICH Finance Watsonville A 3; ZAE 4; BSC 4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; Gridiron Club 3. "Thanks Mom and Dad. ” PATRICK MICHAEL SEETHOFF Psychology Salem. Oregon Psych Club 3.GIOVANNA SEGHETTI French Massa Carrava, Italy “C'est une grande folic de vouloir etre sage tout seul. " -La Rochefoucauld JAMES RICHARD SEPEDA English San Jose Peers 1,2,3,4; Mascot “The Don" 2. 7 am only an egg-drift diligently. ” -V. M. Smith DENNIS L. SEQUERIA Marketing Sacramento I A 3; SAE 4; Intramurals 3,4; Ski Club 3,4. CAROLYN MARIE SEYLER Nursing San Francisco SNAC 2,3,4, Rep. 3. "May goodness and kindness follow you, all the days of your lives. ” -Ps. 22 FARAMARZ MAZANDARANI SHAHBAZIAN Chemistry Tehran, Iran 190 JOSEPH CHARLES SHEEHAN Accounting San Francisco KAREN KERN SHORE Chemistry Daly City President’s Honor Roll 1. "Life is too short to be little. ”JOHN ROBERT SHOVE1N Biology Western Springs, Illinois DON 3,4; BBB3,4; Track 3,4; Cross Country Mngr. 4; RCC 4; Residents’ Council 4; Wasmann Bio. Soc. 1,2,3; Intramurals 3,4. "Kites rise against, not with, the wind." DAVID WILLIAM SHOWERS History Daly City YD’s 2,3,4; Historical Society 3,4. "He who would, may reach the upmost height but he must be anxious to learn." NOEL JERALD SHUMWAY Accounting Specialist Pacific Grove BSC 4; Circle K 3.4; PACIFIC PROSPECTUS 3; Golf 1. "Four long years and one more goal achieved. Thanks. Mom and Dad. ” RONALD CRAIG SIEG Psychology San Francisco CLAIRE LOUISE SIELAND Chemistry Oxnard "These things happen. ” JOHN KING SIEPLER Biology Sacramento Wasmann Bio. Soc. 2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3. MICHAEL ANGELO SILVA Government Daly City AIIH 2,3,4; YR’s 3,4;SCTA 4. "Students who resort to violence lose the meaning of education. ”• . i; 4. ALANA SILVER Government San Francisco '7 wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my self. Why was that so very difficult?" -Hesse RONALD ANTHONY SILVEIRA Government San Rafael President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; A AT 1,2,3,4; nSA 3,4. “The world is a spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks. ” -E.A. Robinson STEVEN C. SIMON English Phoenix, Arizona "Silver and gold have none; but of myself and of my love 1 give thee all gladly. ” -Acts 3:6 DAVID MICHAEL S1MON1NI Government Fairfax Football I; Ski Club 1.2.3,4; AAr 1,2,3,4. "Thanks Mom. Dad. Sue Now for an endless summer following the sun. ” THOMAS KIRK SIMS Psychology Albuquerque, New Mexico SWAP 1,2; RA 4; Psych Club 1; Residents' Council 2.3; Class Treas. 4, AIN 4. CAROLINE J. SLAJER History San Francisco SCTA 2,3,4. ROBERT MICHAEL SLATTERY Government San Francisco Baseball l,2;KC’s 1,2. “Educated to Freedom?"JULIA ANNE SMETANA Psychology Tiburon 7 am with the hunters, hungery and shrewd and I am with the hunted quick and soft and nude.” MARY ELIZABETH SMITH Sociology Mill Valley SWAP 2,3; Student Senate 4. CHERYL L. SMITH Nursing Memphis, Tennessee rrr 2,3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3,4; SNAC 1,2,3,4; DON 3. “ Work is love made visible. ” -Gibran DAVID E. SMITH Government Sacramento SWAP 1; DON 2.4; Int’L Rel. Club 2,4; Student Abroad 3. “Finito Bella?” MICHAEL THOMAS SMITH Government-History San Bernardino USA 3.4; St. Ives Law Soc. 3,4. I shall have more to say when I am dead. ” -E.A. Robinson ROBERT SOLON Government San Francisco 1 A 2,3; 2AE 4. YVONNE EVELYN SMITH Psychology San Francisco Madrigal Singers 1,2; SWAP 2,3; Glee Club 3; Biology Club l-.SCTA 3. "Si je devais revivre mu vie, je la revivrais de la me me maniere. ”KATHIE A. SOMMER English San Francisco SWAP 3; Peace Fellowship 3,4. MARGARET SPANFELNER History Los Molinos KATHLEEN JOAN SPARKS Government Stockton Ski Club 1; Embers 1,2,3; Song Girl 2; Head Song Girl 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. ill m PETER LOCKWOOD SPARKS History Dinuba Baseball 1; Football 1.2,3; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. WILLIAM F. SPINELLI Operations Management Madera BSC 4. "The art of winning in business is working hard-not taking things too seriously. ” EDWARD GLYNN STANLEY Government Vallejo TOM STENSON Psychology San FranciscoSHARON MARGARET STEWART Psychology Salinas “Thank you. Mother and Dad. ” PHILLIP F. STUMPO English Santa Barbara 1 A 2,3; ZAE 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball Mngr, 1,2,3,4. "Mom and Dad, ‘For this bless you most: you give much and know nor that you give at all. ’ ” -Gibran MARY KATHERINE SULLIVAN History San Francisco SCTA 4; Emeraudes 3,4. PAULA DIANE SULLIVAN Spanish Alameda Experiential College 2,3. "If by chance we find each other, it's beautiful-if not. then it can V be helped. ” LINDA TAIT Computer Science Citrus Heights CESAR NAPOLEON SUAZO Finance Natagalpa, Nicaragua CHEK-FENG TAN Accounting Specialist Singapura, Singapore Chinese Club 3,4; Student Court 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3,4; Int’l. Rel. Club 4; Int’I Week Chair. 3. “Yellow, brown, black and white are people-not mere colors. ”KIER HENRIC TAYLOR Psychology El Cerrito BSU 3,4. LEONARD DALE TAYLOR Psychology Daly City "It'e are but a moment sunlight, fading in the grey." MARY ETTA TESCM Nursing Stockton rrr 2,3,4; snac 2,3.4, swap 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. HIE 4. DEBORAH LOUISE THOMAS Nursing San Mateo First things first-even on a warm, Spring day. OLAKUNLE BABAJINMI THOMAS Government Lagos, Nigeria BSU 2,3,4, Pres. Co-founder; Inti. Rel. Club 2,3,4; ASUSF Exec. Advisor 4; Soccer 1,2,3; Irish Club 4. "Let there be justice tho' heavens may fall. ” ROBERTA F. THOMPSON English Fairfield SWAP 2,3,4; SCTA 3,4. NORMA JEAN TOFANELLI Government Calistoga President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; SEC 4; Hawaiian Club 4; I12A 4. "Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end...”ALEJANDRO C. TOLEDO Economics-Government Chimbote, Peru Soccer I; ASUSF Exec. Advisor 4; Club Hispo-americano 3,4. Pres. 3,4. "Our misunderstanding the evils of common man; they reflect the imperfection of human justice, but all of them are justifiable ” RONALD JOSEPH TONEGATO History Sm Francisco YD’s 2; St. Ives Law Soc. 2,3,4, V.P. 3, Pres. 4. JOHN VINCENT TOZER Finance Seal Beach ",Believed alive-possib well-living somewhere." IRNEST WAH CHOY TONG Social Welfare Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; I3SC 4; SWAP 2; DON 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Rangers 3; Gridiron Club 3; intramurals 1,2.3. "Our joyous days of youth have passed, now is the rime for work. Thanks. Mom!" WALTER TORRES Psychology San Francisco ANNA MARIE TRECHTER Nursing Oakland SNAC 2,3,4; Academic Council 2.3. "This rime like all times, is a very good one. if we but know what to do with it. " -Emerson JOSEPH MORGAN TRECHTER Marketing Lakewood PBX 2,3,4; Rangers 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Ski Club 1,2; Residents9 Council 1,2. “The beauty of life is so much more with the gift of knowledge and the love of Anna. "Hi III hi JOHN ANTHONY TROCCOE Finance Anaheim KC’s 2,3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3; BSC 3,4, Chair. 4; FOGHORN 2,3; DON 4; Gridiron Club 3,4; Residents’ Council 3; Non-Resisdents’ Council 4. Pacific Prospectus 3. “Knowledge is power. But knowledge without character and wisdom is nothing ” -J.K. Galbraith GEORGE JOHN UCCELL1. JR. Accounting Specialist South San Francisco RON YU-ON TSANG Economics Hong Kong SUSAN ELIZABETH TURSI Nursing San Francisco SNAC 2,3,4. “May there be preserved in us a burning love of the world and a great gentleness. ” EMILIO SANCHEZ UGARTE, JR. Marketing Manila, Philippines Soccer 2,3,4; Philippine Club 2,3,4. BARBARA ANN ULICKI Nursing San Francisco RONALD LOUIS VALMASSY Pre-Dental San Francisco J»A 3; 2AE 4; BBB 4; KUSF 4; YD's 3.4. “When you make your mark in the world, watch out for guys with erasers. ” -VICKI ANN VIERRA Mathematics Palos Verdes Estates SWAP 1,2; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. BRIAN AARON WALDIER Psychology San Francisco SCTA 4. VICKIE LEE WALDIER Psychology San Francisco SCTA 4. "Live every day of your life." KENNETH HUGH WALDRON Psychology Seattle, Washington Intramural Basketball 2,3. “The end of a thing is better than its beginning. ” -Eccles. 8:7 GLADYS KATHLEEN WALLACE Psychology Jackson Hole, Wyoming SEC. 4; College Players 2,3,4. "Let be. ” —S. Jourard JANET MARIE WALSH Biology Martinez Wasmann Bio. Soc. I; IKS 3,4; Residents’ Council Pres. 3; RA 4. MICHAEL THOMAS WALSH History San Francisco Peers 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. “Forget tomorrow, it may never come; forget yesterday, what’s done is done; live for today, that’s more fun. ’’FIDELIA WANG Industrial Relations Daly City "A sweet content passing all wisdom in its fairest flower. ” U« 9‘ ANN LEE WEST Sociology San Diego FRED M. WARNSHUIS Accounting Vallejo Residents’ Council 1; AAr 1,2,3,4, Corr. Sec. 3. LON MARK WAXSTEIN History San Bruno SAS 2,3; Swimming 2; Baseball 3; "Contrary to popular opinion, the symbol of USF is not the ‘Don, ’it's the dollar bill!” MARY MARGARET WERNER Nursing Los Altos SNAC 1,2,3.4. “Happiness is self contentedness. ” -Aristotle MICHAEL DANIEL WHELAN Government Burlingame ASUSF Pres. 4; Class Rep. 3; ASN 3,4; USA 3.4; Dean’s Honor Roll 2,3,4; Non-Residents’ Council Founder 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "We must realize our highest principles or justify destruction. ” UNDA MASSOLO WATSON Nursing San Francisco rrr 2,3,4. MARY ESTELLE WHITE Nursing Menlo Park WJC 3; Residents’ Council 1,2.REGINA FRANCES WHITE Psychology Santa Barbara RA 4; Embers 4; DON Literary Board 4. . one humble desire: to give rather than receive, to live rather than recede." PATRICK K. WICK Mathematics Colton Scabbard Blade 3,4; DON 3,4; Class V.P. 4; Math Club; SWAP 1; Academic Council 3,4; YD’s 1; WHO S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. "... Man comes here against his will, and he goes away disappointed." -G. Campbell DOUG LAS J A M ES WILLI AMS Biology San Carlos "I'm hairy high and low PATRICIA ANN WHITEFORD Nursing Santa Barbara Glee Club 2; SNAC 3. “Kindness in giving treates love: thanks for everything. ” JOHN WAYNE WIER Government Crescent City Football I; 4 A 2,3; 2AE 4; “Farewell to you and the youth spent with you. It was but yesterday we met in a dream. ” -Gibran LAURA CATHERINE WILLIAMS English St. Paul. Minnesota BARBARA ANN WILDAUER English Chula Vista College Players 1.2.3. "Come, my friends. 'lis not too late to seek a newer world. ” -Tennyson i4« 1 it !• RICHARD JEFFREY WILLIAMS Accounting Specialist South San Francisco Basketball I; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3. ELSA S. WINTER Biology San Francisco TINA K. WOLD Nursing Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii “Not the minutes of isolated intensity but a lifetime flaming in every moment. In the end is my beginning. ” -T.S. Elliot thought you said we’d win this onef BRENDAN S. WONG Electronic Physics Hong Kong Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. KIT HAN WONG Accounting San Francisco RITA KAY WOJTALEWICZ Psychology Covina SWAP 1,2,3; Residents’ Council 2. ‘Which uay shall I turn?’ asked Alice. 'That all depends on where you want to get, ’ said the cat. ’’ -LG. Carroll LAWRENCE PHILLIP WONG, JR. Pre-Med San Francisco Wasmann Bio. Soc. 2; £A£ 1,2; Chinese Gub 2. “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better." -R.W. EmersonDENNIS JOHN NVOOTTEN Accounting San Francisco "h was hard getting in, and even harder trying to get out. ” ANTHONY ERNEST ZANONE Finance Eureka Ski Club 1,2,3, Treas. I, Pres. 3,4; Winter Carnival, Chair. 2.3; Clubs Council 2.3. “To hell with everything; let's go skiing!” ALBERTA JEANNE YALON Nursing Mill Valley SNAC 2,3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. JEANNE FRANCES YR1GOYEN Sociology Cornell MARIANNE F. ZALUD Nursing Middletown. New Jersey TERR1E BETII ZIMMERMAN History Santa Monica “Tell me, what’s our fate: or must we only wait!” -M.B. WELDON EUGENE YOUNG Psychology Pacoima Residents’ Council 1; Student Court 3,4; BSU 3.4; Baseball I; KUSF 2. “Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful. ” -J. Hendrix FREDERICK ALLENZISKA Economics Denver Colorado “My sincere thanks to Mom. Dad. Dorothy and Mort. ” 203Sue Abbott Psych Carol Aguiar Soc Jim Ahern Dennis Aicardi Pre-M David Allen Pol Sc Larry Alsterlind H. Altamirano Indus Doug Amis Pol Sc I Our Man" from sixth floor Gillson with a few of his fans Jeffrey Anderson Pol Sc Katherine Avison Pre-M Norman Barton Mrkt Tim Berta Wendell Blake Hist Karen Bosch Eng Valerie Anderson Nuts M. Baranowski Pol Sc Dennis Batcy Math William Besser Psych Richard Blick Phil Jim Bouey Engr Alba Arnone Act Camille Barasa Nurs Judy Berkes Soc P. Bieshcuvcl Edu Chuck Boerio Act Joan Bowen Nurs Harry Avington M.F. Barrett Pol Sc Sue Bernesque Nurs Susan Blake Iicon Joan Bonfilio Psych Monica Brady Psych 205Bob Breault Katy Bremncr Tom Bret Barbara Bright Terry Britt Mary Brock Pol Sc Hist Act A Nurs Soc Nurs Kathy Browne Soc N. Brunicardi Hist Mary Brunsvold Eng Will Brusher Eng Steven Bullis Eng Peter Burrell Hist Pat Byrne Gonzalo Caldas Mary Caldwell P. Callaghan John Campbell Math Mrkt Nurs Manag Pre-Dent J.Capplello Ellen Carenbauer Louis Carlos Ainalee Carlson Eleanor Carmody Psych Phil Hist Psych Biol 206Sandra Casazza Hist Peter Ciolino Math Mike Castro Soc A1 Claybaugh Hist William Chambers Hist Joe Coccellato Mike Cheung Antionette Cole Soc Dan Christian Mrkt Do you think they’ll notice if I help myself to a few of those computer cards? William Cole Math Roger Consort! Engr Don Czcrkics Prc-Med Mike Corrigan Hist Larry Damato Anthony Coturri Hist Vincent Dang Biol Harry Cox Adrian Da Silva Craig Crow Soc Margie Davis Soc M. Culbertson Soc Janice DcLangc Nurs Kathy Cullen Com S Barry Depner Psych 207Dave Dcrnbach Prc-Med Pete Dcutsch Lawrence Dinecn Pol Sc Larry Dolan Prc-.Mcd Kathy Donovan Soc Thomas Doudiet Mist Sean Dowling Alan Downey Finan Joseph Dragoman Bruce Drcicr Hist Beth Driscoll Hist Sancha Duniway Lawrence Dyer Tim Dyer Pol Sc Annette Dyki Biol Chris Edwards Econ S. Kllene Egan Ann Emerson Nurs William Empey Pol Sc Pat Enos Eng Jan Epidcndio Nurs Janice Flsola Psych Tom Fahres Psych John Falsarella Prc-Med Rick Fangman Paul Farley Eng Kathy F'cldtman Nurs Joe Fera Eng Nancy Foley Hist Jim Follain FxonCarole Fouls Nurs Steven Freed Act A Kevin Fricl Tony Fulcher Eng Clara Galletti Eng Paulette Garand Nurs Bill Garcia Pol Sc Cecil Garcia Biol Rich Garcia Pre-Med Karen Gardner Eng Judy Garvcn Finan Charles Gavin Pre-Med Gerald Gavin Pre-Dent Mike Geraldi Roberto Giusti Chcm Carolyn Goodwin Soc Jennifer Gormsen Eng Suzanne Gosano G. Goyhenetchc Soc Kurt Graffy Engr Anne Greenstone Nurs J. Gricsmeyer Phys Bob Griffin Thomas Gross Hist “ ‘Till Club 21 comes along. I’ll settle for coke.”Lewis Gudmundsen Act A Kurt Guehring Pol Sc Daniel Gullotta Pre-Med Dan Gunther Pre-Med Stephen Gujs Pol Sc Mike Gustafson Act A Sander Hayashtda Pol Sc Randy Hcllrung Act A Mike Hcgerhorst Vincent Heinz Hist Psych Dana Hcndcrshott Mike Hennigan Math Finan Yadira Gutierrez Econ Fernando Guzman Marcinda Haedge Soc Kevin Hanley Mike Mansell Soc Edward Harrinton Eng Fred Harris Pol Sc Gwen Harrison Pol Sc Jo Masselbach Psych Nancy Havey Pol Sc Darryl Henning Pol Sc Mary Higgins Nurs Charlie Henry Biol Mike Holton Engr Tom Heslin Hist Anne Norton Phil Sh-h-h-h!Alberto Huezo John Hulsman Psych Chris Humphrey Fren S. Madu Ihcanacho P. Ilacqua Math Kristy ne Jeung Nurs Larry Jones Hist Tom Jackson Eng Jim Johnson Math Marcia Jones David Kanter Span Ron Jarrell Act Mike Johnson Eng Mehetti Jones Eng Roberta Keenan Biol Kathleen Jenkins Nurs Richard Johnson Cheryl Jorgensen Eng Kathi Keith Tom Jenson Robin Johnson Christine Jozwicki Psych 211Chris Kelly Pol Sc Linda Killam Eng Dick King Mrkt John Kenny Eng Mike Killeen Math Wfl Kirk Hist Kathy Kljunak Hist Judy Knight Hist BUI Koppc Mrkt Diane Kowalski Eng Betty Krakow Nurs Diane Kubancik Nurs Dave Kuzirian Greg Lamm Virginia Laslufka Soc Andy Lau Mitchell Lau Biol Mike Lauderdale Econ Ed Laucr Hist John Lazarich Russ Vince Lechowick Phil In W. Lee Paul Leitschuh Pre-Mcd Robert Louis Hist Chris Liberty Eng Lynette Lum Psych Gafl LUlie Biol Greg Lynch Econ Lourdes Linato Hist Pat Lynch Hist A.J. Lindemann Hist Patricia Lynch Hist Doris Lindsay Eng Evan MacGibbon Pol Sc Susan Livingston Nurs Karen Maguire Hist 212Anne Mahoney Hist Rich Matgen Math Brigid McCormick Psych Rebecca Malate Educ Arlene Matteucci Nurs Mike McCrcady Pol Sc Mike Maligie Mrkt Sherri Maurin Eng Devin McGilloway Pot Maloney Dan McCarthy Econ P3t McGinty Eng Gerdlnio Manuel Joan McCarthy Soc Chris McGreevy Soc Mary Maraldo Nurs Sharon McCarthy Hist Ken McGuire Educ Sr. Kathleen McIntyre Nurs Robert McKinney Soc Mike McMahon Pre-Med John McNeill Prc-Mcd Bill McQuaid Pol Sc Joan McShane Chem Grady Meadows Pol Sc Hector Medina Pre-Med Tom M.ccrsman Eng Push ’em back, push ’em back, way back!r Cecelia Meiswinkd Hist Martha Mcndiola Eng Linda Menhennctt Educ Nadine Mignault Pre-Med Peter Milton Eng Eugene Miner Psych Leon Monroe Pol Sc L. J. Moloney Pre-Med Larry Monti Pol Sc Mary Moorcr Nurs Mary Morley Nurs Mlmi Moungovan Hist Ellcna Mullen Nurs Nancy Mulvihill Eng Clare Murphy Pol Sc Maureen L Murphy Pat Murphy Soc I. Nachtigallcr Mod L GaQ Nakagaki Nurs Noreen Napoletano Math Mary Nevil Mod L Angela Nes’illo Nurs Kathy Nichols Nurs Susan Nix Nurs Tom O’Connell Hist Cathy Oday Nurs Janice Ogi Com S Francine Ohta Eng Claire Okawa Psych Catherine O’Keeffe Nurs Catherine Oldag Psych Kathy O’NeUl Psych Perlita Ordonio Biol John O'Rourke Com S Reynaldo Ortiz Hist Mary Ann O’Shea Soc Philip Ottcrson Soc Louise Ottoboni Math Cyndi Paige Nurs Marc Paiva Marilyn Palla Fren 214Dave Pallballati Peggy Pang Act A Jim Parrinello Po! Sc Winston Pearce Eng Marjorie Perry Nurs Paula Peterson Biol John Petrini Psych G. Pctruzzella Hist Ronald Pinto Mrkt Kathy Poirier Biol Kathy Preciado Nurs James Prigmore Pre-Dent 215- Chester Prudhomme Soc Jim Pualoa Pol Sc Paul Pucci Pol Sc Nelly Pun Hist Michael Quintero Eng Richard Raffo Math Ann Randolph Psych Jeanne Rapp It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Mike Redling Jose Rivas Econ Ann Russo Eng Jim Regan Act A Robert Robie Psych Martha Ryan Fren Rick Reid Helen Robillard Nurs Mary Anne Ryan Hist Tom Reilly Eng Frank Rodezno Hist Mary M. Ryan Eng Jose Reyes Econ Karen Roediger Pre-Mcd Valentino Sabuco Malcolm Riordan Leslie Rota Soc Gerald Sakuyama Act A Tom Riskas Elli Royan Biol John Sanders Phil 216Mary Schmitz Biol Tom Schmitz M.B. Schoendorf Marian Schrader William Schrader Stephen Schubach Biol Eng Nur Econ Chris Scotti Psych Jerry Scullion Psych Mary Seffens Hist Sandy Sernett Eng Jocelyn Seto Biol Pankai Shah Eng Paul Simeteys Pre-Dent John Simutis Beatrice Sinoncelli Psych Mod L Julie Slater Pol Sc Jean Slaughter Sasong Ko Math Socdarjo 217Rita Swing Eng Marie Taitano Nurs Richard Talaga Phys Ann Tang Soc Julie Tang Soc Jim Tehero Eng Teresa Tctcr Nurs Carpi Thomas Nurs Ginger Thuener Nurs Dave Tompkins Psych Bernice Tonegato Hist Linda Tonelli Psych Jesus Torres Span James Totzke IntBu Joseph Towey Pol Sc Barbara Tratar Nurs Carlos Villamizar Econ Geraldine Wagner Eng Donna Walsh Mod L Jim Walsh Maria Tripodcs Span Mark Turck Pre-Mcd Jeff Turner Finan Melissa Van Cleve Nurs Paul Walti Pol Sc Marilyn Ward Eng 218Hat Watson Hist Shannon Weitzel Eng Cynthia Wermes Nurs Lee Zavala Pre-Mcd Claudia Zcitsoff Soc Camille Ziomek Soc Albert Werner Lynn Wilson Paul Wilson Michael Wolfgram Eng Prudence Woods Psych Eileen Ziomek Cheryl Wood Nurs Darrell Yim Pre-Mcd Psych Bradford Y ulcs Com S Jesusa Yujuico Econ Pol Sc Dorothy Zanotti Nurs J. Wcrtcnberg Biol Brian Whitlock Pol Sc Ann Williams Biol Enea Zolezzi Nurs Dennis Zouzounis Psych Jill Zwaska Nurs Atten-SHUN! Stomach in, chest out. 219Chris Abbott Soc Gerald Abreu Kathleen Aina Math Claudia Airnudi Eng Mary Jo Albancse Span Roosevelt Alexander Engr Joe Alioto Chem Eva Alminiana Nurs Cizo Aloot Pre-P Mandie Anderson Pol Sci Mark Andrade Katina Andrews Soc Ken Antonich Math Bfll Arbonies Eng Dave Artz Pol Sci Paul Avcllar Phys Bob Bailey Pol Sci George Bandy Coin S Greg Barnes Pol Sci Mary Barrett Eng Nancy Barrett Nurs' Jim Barry Tim Barry Linda Barton Eng Rene Bine Bernadette Blanchard Eng Tom Blank Fren Joann Blum Pre-Med Barry Bosshard Pol Sci Becky Botkin Soc Bfll Banilich Sue Bash Nurs David Battaglia Eng Jo Battista Debbie Beck Eng Joanne Bellew Nurs Vivian Bentley Chem Clare Bermingham Com S Allan Bermardi Psych Hubie Bernard Act A Russ Bcvans Hist Dolorine Biggs Soc 221I I I I Anne Bouey Nurs Kathy Bourne Nurs Debbe Boyce Eng Richard Braun Finan Paul Bray Com S Thomas Bressan Psych J.L. Broderick Psych Ricky Brooks Nur Kathy Brown Eng Tom Bruton Math Francenc Bruzzone Eng Bob Bucchianeri Jean Buchanan Soc Tom Buckley Psych Shelton Bunn Latin Johnny Burks Soc Larry Butler Pre-Med Cynthia Butter Nurs Eileen Byrne K3thy Byrne Soc Richard Caballero Pol Sci Daniel Cahill .Math Tom Call Hist Vincent Callan Hist Gary Camo zi Chcm Jim Campisano Pre-Med Susan Canlis Hist Kathy Cann Nurs Claude Cappa Chcm Chris Cara Mark Carbone Roger Carmody Pol Sc Jean Carr Eng Claire Carter Nurs Anne Carton Soc Roberta Cnsamayou Biol Terry CaStelan Phys Alex Castellanos Bio) Glenn Castcllo Eng Mary Caswell Eng Ron Centerwali Hist Mary Ccrutti Eng Jan Cervenka Biol Stephanie ChapratU Eng Gordon Chclune Psych Emily Chen Psych Gil Chcso Hist Kitty Chiles Hist Fatima Choi Finan Lou Chorak Mrkt Carla Cimino Psych Chris Cinquini Eng Rosalie Cioclictto Fren Jasmine Claridad Chris Clark Psych C. Clerkley Com S Kay Cliff Nurs Steve Clouse Bill Coats Psych Cynthia Colby Soc Diana Colombini Nurs Joe Colombo Indus Tonie Columbus Pre-Mcd Mike Connolly Phys Su Corominas Psych Steve Costa Hist J oseph Costello Hist AI Cowley Pol Sc Kevin Coyne Engr Celeste Cozzoli Psych Joseph Crockett Biol Mary Crowe Soc Eugenia Cubero Soc Rodrigo Cuenca Act Mar ' Cunningham Pol Sr Bill Curran Math Guy Dastc Pol Sr Anne Marie Daze Nurs Gerald Deis Psych Mary Delaney Nurs Bill Delucchi Marilyn Demos Nurs Paul Dennis Pre-Mcd Sandra Derancy Phil Phil Dcrdevants Pre-Den Greg Dcrieg Pol Sc Mary De Vay Nurs Phillip Devine Hist Kelly Dicker Pol Sc Chris Dillon Math Paul Dissing Hist Gordon Dito Act A Connie Doherty Nur Pat Doherty Psych Dennis Dolan Pre-Mcd William Donofrio Hist C. Donoghuc Nur Mary Ellen Donohoe Psych Michelle Dottillie Eng Frank Drago PolSci Kathy Driscoll Eng Nancy Driscoll Nur Giulia Duca Nur David Duerson Exon Hank Duffy Prc-Med Jim Dyer Jane Dykzeul Soc Cathy Earcckson SocCindi Ferry Hist Sandra Fidler Nun Susan Karl Soc Mike Ecoff Math Kathy Edens Pre-Mcd fair Dottic Ehrlich Pol Sc Ccclle Ehrmann Hist Alfonso Fernandez Pol Sc Manuel Fernandez Pre-Mcd Joe Fernekcs Prc-P Stephen Ferreboeuf Soc Nancy Eiswirth Psych Kathy Eivers Psych Thomas Ellerhorst Prc-Med Alma Ellsworth Nurs Mike Elwcll Act A Paul Erlach Prc-Med Chris Errion Fren Donna Ervin Eng Richard Esposto Pol Sc Norris Evans Hist Sharon Evcland Eng John Everett Eng Sister Karen Fain Nurs Rick Fanciullo Prc-Med George Farrell Hist Pam Farris Pol Sc „ Laurence Fedora Eng Mary Feehan Hist Don’t shoot until you see the whites of ieir eyes!” Betsy Fitting Eng . . James Fitzpatrick Hist Saundra Flewelten Hist Lynn Flournoy Eng Marilyn Foley Math Mary Fonseca Eng Margaret Forbes Bio Jim Forrcr Eng Jeff Fosscn Jeffrey Foster Soc Lisa Frandrup Psych Natalia Franklin Psych Ronald Franklin Pol Sc Cindi Frawley Soc Laura Frazier Psych Mara Frediani Math Mike Freillng Chcm Ann Fryer Pre-Mcd Tim Galbraith Biol Mike Gallagher Pol Sc Pat Galos Hist 226I'rank Gamma James Gancos Biol Lea Gasson Educ Tony Geraldi Pol Sc Maureen Gilmore Eng Mark Gladden Phil Eric Glassy Prt-Mcd Rita Glischinski Chem Robin Golobic Eng Ed Gomez Act A Carmen Gonzales Span Pat Gormley Nurs ThereM Grange Nurs Jane Gray Soc George Greco Econ Christine Greefkcns Pol Sc George Green Michele Grgos Eng Carlos Guadamuz Pol Sc Cathay Gunn Eng Bob Gunther Eng Good day sunshine. 227John Gutierrez Soc Rikka Guttormsson Mrkt Stephen Haas Hist James Hagarty Psych Claire Haggarty Katherine HaU Hist Jean Halligan Nurs Debbie Hamann Fren Mary Hamill Nurs Don Hamilton Math Martin Hamilton Biol Kathi Hardin Nurs John Harless Hist Joseph Harris Psych Thomas Hart Phil Pam Harvey Psych Lewis Hassell Phil George Hatton Soc Russell Hayes Span Charles Hearnc Phil Pamela Hee Math Charles Herbert Pol Sc Kay Hermann Psych Jack Hickel Biol Linda Hill Nur Dave Hoffman Chris Holloway Eng Janet Holtz Nur David Hooper Hist Linda Howerton Math Introducing: the sexy, sophisticated Staff??“It’s only practice Fellas, that’s why we’ve got the ball” Frank Hrabetin Pre-Med Bob Hritz Latin Tony Huber Stephen Huff Pol Sc Cecilia Hung Chcm Glenn Hunter Indus Greg Hunter Hist Vince Hurley Eng Bonnie Hyde Nurs John Ivey Psych Anne Jacobus Hist George Jasinski Psych Lynn Jimenez Eng Christine Johnson Pre-Med Joanne Johnson KirL Johnson Eng Maureen Johnson Eng Sue Johnson Nurs Ron Jones Pol Sc William Jordan Pol Sc Carol Kamalski Nurs Clara May Kan Com S Tony Karber Pol Sc Barbara Kavanaugh Chem Geoffrey Kayahara Christine Keane Soc Everett Keating Pol Sc Mike Keller Hist Mary Kelley Psych Kevin Kelly Eng 229Maryelin Kelly Chom Pete Kelly Hist Ellen Kerrigan Pol Sc Mike KcOcn Math Gorden King Act A Marianne King Nurs Brooke Kirby Math Barbara Klooster Freh Hattie Knox Hist Linda Knox Eng Karl Koshlap Chem John Kotlanger Eng Pete Kowalski Psych Cathy Krieger Eng Kathleen Kuhlmann Pre-Med 230 Walt Lend Hng Mary Kay Lenz Nurs Mike Leonardteh Com S Annette Leyeron Eng Bill Lightncr Pol Sc John Little Hist Kathy Lcnihan Nurs Gene Lenzi Act A PhU Lepley Eng Clark Leslie Pol Sc Jeff Lineberry Chem Ford Long Hist John Lennon Eng Mary Leonard Nut Lim Shui Leung Bio to Biol Barbara Levine Pol Sc Jacquelyn Lippitt Nurs John Lopez Pol Sc Everybody stand up one more time' 231USF Stock Exchange Anne Lounibos Math Pat Loushin Hist Carla Lovi Span Joan I-ubamersky Hist Steve Lucchesi Pol Sc Tony Lucero Soc Steve Lulay John Lusardi Biol Andy Lustig Pol Sc Judith Luycndyk Eng Pamela Lyau Soc Christine Lynch Nurs Brian Lynch Hist Linda Lyons Eng Stephen Macse Econ Melinda Maeso Nurs Mary Magee Pol Sc Bill Magedson Com S John Magnano Hist Linda Magnetti Soc Nanette Magrath Nurs Domingo Mngwili Eng Janet Mahoney Hist Leslie Mahoney Eng Merit Mahoney Eng Judy Maligie Nurs Anne Maloney Hist Tom Maloney Eng Joanne Mallia Biol Heather Manion Nurs 232Donna Mann Psych Kathy Marika Eng Carlos Morin Engr Rosemarie Maring Must Sue Marocvich Nurs Dolores Marr Ttieo Kathy Martin Fren Thomas Martin Finan Gary Martinclli Pol Sc Shcnvin Mateo Engr Cecelia Matthews Psych Michael Matza Soc Luvernc Mau Psych Kathy Maynard Mist Diane McCarthy Nurs Pauline McCarthy Psych Mary McCarthy Mod L John McConahu Pol Sc “Hot Potato.” Jtm McConnell Mike McCullough Pol Sc Kevin McGrath Pol Sc Jim McHugh SSH e McKenna Pol Sc Jamie McKinnon Soc Brian McLaughlin Pat McLean Nurs Joe McMackin Com S Mike McMurray Math Kevin McNamara Eng Bill McShanc Chem Karen Meyer Nurs Kathy Meyer Hist Aleta Mile to Soc Anna Miller Nurs Linda Milne Barbara Minick Phil Tricia Meade Eng Ernest Mendez Pre-Med Marsha Messer Psych Here midst the mundane surroundings my mind rises to the aesthetic tilings... Linda Montalto Joe Moock Manas Mike Mooney Peggy Moore Jell Morganti Eng Linda Morris Soc Mary Anne Morris Span Ann Morton Nurs Michele Mosich Psych Bob Mow Soc Sue Mugnolo Thomas Mutgrow Phil Dave Minner Pol Sc Jackie Minor Biol Sophie Miranda Math Jerry Mitchell Gino Molinari Terry Monger Chem Tom Mullen Eng Mary Muller Nurs Pat Mullin William Mulvihlu Eng Mel Murchison Biol Anne Murphy BiolElaine Murphv Biol John Murphy Psych Nick Murr Act A Colleen Murray Nurs Tina Mussacchio Mod L John Muzzatti Eng Carmel Navarro Psych Gary Nave Biol Rachel Nee Frcn Fred Nehl Client Nancy Nevis Psych Janet Nicolini Biol Beth Nolan Nurs Bruce Moriega Act A Gerry Norman Pol Sc Ralph Notor Eng Darlene Nousse Nurs John O'Brien IntBu Gerri O'Connell Mod L Corinne O’Connor Eng Kathy O’Connor Psych Jim O’Donnell Pol Sc Ann O’Hara Hist Maureen O’Hara Nurs Registration has many adverse effects on students: 1. climbing the walls. Jay O’Hara Pol Sc Elizabeth O’Keefe Psych Rick O’Leary Pro-Mcd Kevin Omeara Hist Russ Orozco Paul Otellini Cheryl Outland Biol Pierre Ozendo Valerie Pugendarm NursTom P3jak Eng William Panek Psych Nancy Partmann Econ Donna Parton Psych David Parrish Seyero P3S0I Pol Sc Susan Patricio Nurs Rosemarie Pegueros Phil Bruno Pcguesc Pol Sc V endy Pelker Eng Marleen Pellegrini Biol Kathy Perez Math Louise Peters Kathy Peterson Soc Mike Peterson Hist James Phillips Eng Jeff Phillips Prc-Med Stcph Phillips Biol Mike Pieracci Soc Edward Pike Pol Sc Len Pilara Eng Gary PHgram Jeanette Piombo Psych Ronald Plccas Eng Vic Pocorobba Gary Polizziani Biol l ed Pollock Econ Louis Pons Engr Gregory Porter Pol Sc Diane Power Psych Mary Prejean Math Richard Proaps Eng Lynn Purines Nurs Martha Query Hist Carol Quinn Psych Ted Quock Com S Leon Radomite Hist Kathie Raislcr Hist PhD Rapoport Hist Theresa Rassier Nurs Joanne Ray Soc Majorie Raymond Eng 236Kathy Re Biol Bill Reed Phys Stcph Reed Nurs Meg Reedy Soc Karen Regan Eng Tom Reid Pol Sc Raymond Reilly Econ Ruth Reilley Eng Rlioda Rhea Nurs Larry Richardson Hist Dan Riordan Eng Michael Robinson Com S Diet tomorrow, Yeah Manana.” Olivier Rochon Terry Rodcllo Pol Sc Tom Rodgers Math Janet Rodrigues Nurs Ruben Rodriguez Ebine Rogers Soc Thomas Rooney Hist Dennis Rosaia Carolyn Rosenblatt Nurs John Roster ComSci Randy Royce Faye Rubio Jesus Ruiz Indus Mary P. Running Pol Sc Ed Russell Eng Keith Rutz Pol Sc Mary Ryan Biol Albert Sakuda Econ 237Etmiro Salinas Econ Louis Santucci Renee Saraccno Nurs Edward Saulo Biol Bill Schaedler Biol Sharon Schaffer Hist Terry Schallert Eng Jan Schcucrman Hist Karen Schimmel Nurs Joe Schmiedl Pol Sc James Schubach Hist M. Schwcifler Nurs Earnest Scosseria Psych Pat Seybold Nurs Kathy Shea Hist Liz Shelby Psych Charles Shepherd Pol Sc William Short Kicn Sien Engr Ray Silmon Pol Sc Ann Silvcstri Psych ‘‘Blessed are they who persevere, for they may graduate.” Lina Siri Hist Gwen Smith Sot- Mike Smith Psych Stephen Smith Math Linda Soran Nurs Gary' Sowards Eng Pol Sc L. Spiritosanto Psych Janis Stagnaro Psych Jim Stapleton Act A Barry Stebbins Mod L Barry Stonger Phil Shari Stevens Soc Pamela Stone PolSci John Storm Soc Larry Strick Psych Orla Stuart Eng Bart Sullivan Psych Harvey Sullivan Pol Sc Peggy Sullivan Sue Sutton Eng Jeanne Swanson Nurs Mark Swendsen Hist Marge Srudy Psych Jim Tabilio Pol Sc Susan Tabor Mod L Greg Tachicra Econ Laura Takacs Soc Mike Talbot Eng Edgar Tanthana Psych John Tarpey Pre-Med Jerry Tassan Math Mary Tenner Psych Nancy Tcrrym Soc Sybil Thornton Latin Bill Topf Pol Sc Rosemary Toschi Nurs William Tralnor Biol Joe TrelaBill Trinkle Ene Roland Trujillo Frcn Jane Tsui IntUu Stan Tsukamoto Math Kathy Tupa Nurs George Turncr Donna Uhrig Eng Dan Vago Eng Ed Valentine Psych Pcgi Vandermhelen Mist Blanquita Vargas Psych Jacob Van Ruitcn Eng Joe Vaughan Engr Laurie Vaughan Nurs Charles Velasco Psych Alex Virlpaeff Phys Carolyn Vonderheid Eng Mary Wagner Soc Kathy Walker Carol Wallace Hist Mary Walsh Math Mat Walsh Soc Lorraine Warner Michael Warner Phil Jim Warren Pol Sc Kenneth Wayland Pol Sc Mike Weber Hist Shcralyn Weber Ene Keith Webster Math Anne Weisner Nurs Stanford recruiting on campus. 240r B.F.D. - A Big Fun Deal?? Hill WeiMich Pol Sc Susan Welker Eng Curtis Westwood Soc Pat White Soc Phil Wittman Chem Kathy Wilk Nurs Nancy Wilkens Nurs Chet Williams Soc Robin Wilncr Psych John Wondollcck Hiol Clifford Wong Chem Johnson Wong Biol Roy Wong Thomas Wong Mrkt Wilton Wong Prc-Mcd Roxanne Wood Psych Stephanie Woodfork Nurs John Wormuth Pol Sc Robert Wright IntBu Wayne Wright Com S Wendy Wotman Biol Charles Wurth Hist Jack Yamlni Kngr Betty Yuch Com S Pristine Young Randy Zanzc Mrkt nnamaria Zabala Tlieo ilrucc Zimmerman Mill Zolan Biol Kime Zolezzi BiolAbrarnovii Inlbu Mariam Adis Nurs I'. Adams ' A. Agpaoa Prc-Med Ann grusa Nurs Jose Aguilar Psych J. Aguilera Itiol I'. Aguirre Pol Sc M. Ah Chan Psycli John Aimo Uriel K. Alescin T. Ale.vsamlri Png J. Alfaro R. Alvarez B. Anderson Bcv Aral a K. Arusteguy Unci Uriel Pol Sc Math Unci Ken Allen K. Alvaro K. Anderson It. Armanino 1). Ashi awa Indus Nurs Itiol Nurs Math M. Alpirn 1). A rider berg S. Anderson j.Arnuso . Aurelio Mod 1 M. Akamine Unci l . Alvarado fheo ». Alvaido Hist Soc Prc-Med Act A Psych 243John Avakian Joanne Azevedo Dan Baldocchi Eugene Barber Mike Belli Tom Bidcgary Suzaanc Bisazza Deborah Bluitt Pre-Med Biol Pre-Den Com S Douglass Bennett Educ Steven Avanzio Dianna Bacci Frances Boll Paul Bardwell Pre-Med Nurs Kathy Blume Chem Educ Span Math Melanie Benton Valerie Bixby Com S Nancy Ayoob Jeff Bailey J. Ballestrasse D. Barringer Chem Mod L Charles Boatman Eng Pol Sc Hist Robert Balousek Eng John Banchero Deborah Baranek Nurs Soc James Beauchamp Psych James Beck Hist Ronald Becker Pre-Med Mary Berg Eng Nancy Bcttger Eng Royce Biddle Dennis Blackmer Eng Rita Blanchard Soc D. Balchfleld Soc Fren Barry Boehm Psych Mike Boerio Dan Bonnet Pol Sc 244Steve Boone Michael Braun Daphyne Brown Pol Sc Mrkt Span Steve Boreman Kenneth Bresin Firaneb Brown I ng Math Pol Sc Susan Borras Daniel Brewer Linda Buchner Eng Soc Soc Gene Boscacci Constance Brock Gil Buenaventura Hist Juliet Buenavista Robert Bradshaw Mike Brosao Biol Kngr Mark Bullcr Darlene Brasesco Barry Brown Hist Marylcc Burger Nurs Sheila Burke Nurs James Burton Hist Phoebe Butler Milton Byrd Com S Anthony Caballero Pre-Med Mike Cague Math W Callaghan Eng Cheryl Callaghan Nurs Francine Callen Psych Angie Calvillo Hist Dave Campbell Lester Candee Pol Sc Lawrence Cannon Sheila Canzian HistFrank Capurro John Carbone Math Mike Carini Act Francois Casabonne Pre-Med Lucia Castellanos Pre-Med Renee Cataldo Nurs Jean Cnramatti Psych Joanne Cardani Psych Thomas Carlin Pre-Med David Casha Julie Castelli Pol Sc Sam Catalano Janet Carbone Joan Carl Biol Catherine Carroll Math Ronald Cassou Phys Don Castonova Gloria Cavazos 246 o Duck soup, anyone?John Ccledon Carrie Chavis Nurs Joseph Choy Math Pete Cifclli Psych Kathy Collins Biol Michael Comfort Eng Daniel Chadbourne Henry Chen Dale Christian Nurs Margaret Clark Nurs Mary Collins Kay Conklin James Chambers Hist Edith Chin Psych Cassandra Chu Eng Chris Codol Loretta Colosimo Eng Margaret Cook Soc Norris Chambers Clayton Ching Pre-Med Thomas Chu Chem Virginia Cogbill Psych Katy Colwell Nurs Sr. J. Corbett Chem Michclinc Chang Eng Christina Chong Biol Mary Chun Gary Cohn Hist Robert Coman Chem Ralph Costello Theo 247KJ. Coyle Math Davia Crowder Nurs Mary Curran Nurs Kathy Davis John Coyne Engr Larry Crowson Hist Tim Curran Eng Mary Davis Psych Barbara Crccdon Hist Ernie Croze Engr Joe Curtin Eng Roberta Deaile Pol Sc Pat Coulthard Biol Karen Cronin Soc Bruce Cunningham Hist Raquel DaSilva Soc Sue Cox Eng Steve Crook Educ Mary Curran Nurs Diane Davis Soc Jankowske who? Anne Critz Carmine Crocco Nurs Hist Ethel Cummings John Cuneo Psych Eng Robert Cutino A. Dangilan Lucy Dcchcne Nurs Biol James Derring M. Delagrange Hist Biol Leslie dc Leon D. Della Santa Biol . . Hist Nancy DeMartmi Hist 248P. Dcmnsev Math M. Dcttling Ann Diaz M. Dolan Pol Sc J. Donovan B. Dowling Eng K. Denton Nurs D. Devencenzi Prc-Dcnt V. Dieringer Math Ed Dolores Don Dougherty B. Downing Prc-Dcnt Joseph Der Fngr P. De Wall Soc D. Dincen Math J. Domhrink Soc David Dove J. Doyle Nurs R. Destrucl Pol Sc S. Deyerle Soc C. J. Doherty J. Donohue I). Dowell Nurs Ken Doyle Act A (The mark of a muddled mind) 249E. Drab inski Soc Sue Dunn Engl P. Endsley Pre-Med I.. Dreishach Pre-Med V. Duran Eng Lew Erhart Pol Sc Mike Drews Soc P Durighello A. Evans Soc D. Drlessea S. Duggar James Eaquinta Soc Audrey Evers M. Egan Iren Soc J. Fernandez M. Eyraud Nurs Psych Lyon Kilmer Chris Perry Educ Eng John Firth Ellen Finan Pol Sc Biol C. Fitzgerald Nurs Joe Dungan Liz Dunkin Biol l-'ren G. Ehrmann C. Emerson Chris Felix Phys P. Fielding I.. Pormin Nurs Michael l ilice B. Finn E. Firpo Hist Pre-Med K. Fitzgerald M. Fitzgerald Pre-Med Hist Upperclassman comes to the aid of a frosh.John Fitzsimmons Kctcri Meet Linda lie mi ugh Mary P. Flynn Dave Freitas Kathy Frick Shaina Friel lion Span Nurs Nurs Pol Sc Fren Math William Mvnn William Flynn Phyllis Foley Maurice P'ontanclla Larry Gable Janet Galeno Terry Gallagher I'ol Sc Muriel Fuji! Eng Eric Fornerel Psych Cathy Francois £" . Marcia Furlcy Pol Sc Ron Fontana Dave Foster Eng Gary Francois William Fusco Math Roger Fontenot Phys Charles Fraga Soc Susan Fravdey Nurs Susan Fyfc Math Phys Rich Foppoli Engr Lyncttc Francis Nancy Freeman Psych Magda Gabali Fren Germ Hist Biol _The Class of 73 gets its first dose of group therapy, college style. Marie Giraldi Nurs Dennis Giannini Pre-P Margaret Gillum Soc Tom Ghcrini Pol Sc Liz Giannonc Eng Gary Gilmore Joseph Gianfortc Pre-Dent Pam Giavia Eng Jim Gilmore Tim Gallagher Pol Sc Marie Galut Frcn Ted Gamboa Mod L Valeric Garcia Nurs Kim Gardner Pre-P Jerry Garibaldi Pre-Dent Louie Garibaldi Manag Pam Garrison Hist David Georgi EngKathy Golden Soc Gary Gomez Soc Maye-Lynn Gon Psych Melody Gong Prc-P Oscar Gonzalez Mod L Jack Goode Pol Sc Mary J. Gorsuch Mist Kevin Gorton Phil Richard Grady Rita Graham Biol Paula Graton Nurs Breden Gary Pre-P John Gray Michael Graziolo Math Mary Green Pol Sc Andy Gregory Pol Sc Oreste Grclli Biol Kathleen Groneck Nurs Andreina Gualco Econ Jose Guevara Engr Tom Guilfoy Pat Guillen Span Alice Gunston Mod L Jeff Gustafson Gwen Madden Nurs Renaldo Hafalia Engr Patricia Male Math Chris Manscn Eng Ann Marbach Pre -Med Vikki Hardwick Pre-Med 253Ken Harris Panic Hayes Pol Sc Michael Hogan See Tom Ivons Econ Lorraine Harris Nurs Bill Hclfrich Phys Leslie llokenson Hist Joile Iwamoto Soc Barbara Harrison Math Dave Hendershott Math Michael Holland Engr Cheryl Jackson Soc Bruce Harford Math Bradford Hart Chem I Hernandez Steven Hon Soc 254 Chris Harper Psych Mary llartfield Nurs Robert Hickok Chem Colleen Hoy Fren Cathy Harrington Phillip Hayde Phys Richard Hoenisch Pol Sc Conrad Imhaus Pol Sc Pat Harrington Pol Sc James Hayes Math Steve Hoff Econ Zoe Irving MathDavid Jacobs DoUgJohnson Stephen Kane Act A Rosalind James Biol Joanne Johnson Kng Margaret Kays Nurs Arlene Johnson Pre-P Thomas Joyce Eng Kathy Kelly (list Donna Jang Mrkt Larry Johnson Hre-Med Thomas Keating Valata Jenkins Psych Bob Jones Econ Bill Kelly Margaret Jenson Latin Sharon Joseph Hist Karen Kelly Hist Charles Johnson Norma Jsveinate Pre-Med Kevin Kelly Kng 255Suzanne Kelly Peter Kelauoha Maureen Kennedy Karen Kenter Patty Kerch Susan Kern Alice Kerringan Hist Math . Nurs Nurs Fren Math Soc Bill Keyes Kathy Kieffer Dan Kiley Michael Kimlingcr Gordon Kirkpatrick John Knauber Lyn Kneis Act A Hist Pre-Dent Phil Pre-Mcd Hist Math Charlotte Knight Dennis Knights Margaret Knox Mary Kuntson Debby Kolaski Andrea Kovalesky Karin Kordcsich Eng Math Hist Math Eng Biol Chem Debbie Kraus Chris Krpan G. Kusumoto Gary K vock Donald La Franiere Dorothy Lai Jan Lail Pre-Mcd Psych 25GM. Lavclle Nurs Nina Linda Lcmclle Soc Steve Lind Carolyn Long Soc J Lucarotti Eng . Roger LaLanne Sharon Lambert Daniel Lawson Eng Eng Mary L. Leandcr Omar Lee Robert P. Lee Phys Phys Charles Lcnatti Jim Lenihan Eng Biol D. Lindcmann Renee Lindcmann Eng Psych Ford Long Tony Lopez Hist Finan Joe Laudari James Lee Engr Jean Lem Psych Bill Lichtcnberger Act A Randy Little Hist Debbe Low Eng Roger Lanzini Biol Alvin Lee Hist Suzanne Lee Psych Linda Leonardi Biol Tommie Lindsey Chris Lorenc Eng Carla Larson Nurs Bob Lee Phys Steve Lcghitto Russell Lewin Thomas Lippi Soc Gary Losada Soc Frank Lau Elizabeth Lee Susan Dehigh Nurs Anthony Lewis Hist John Lister Math Damilia Loupy Psych 257John Lucido Raymond Lynch Pol Sc Eng Maria Lucifora Mary Lyons Prc-Mcd Eng l-ioun Lu Mark MacMillan Cathi Lulay Engl Nursing John Madatian Esminia Luluquisen Prc-Mcd Nursing Anne Madden Mauro Luvisotti Hist Michael Magee Pre-Mcd Michael Mages Don Maria Pol Sc Christopher Martin Dan Maguire Biol Maureen Mahoney Dave Martinelli Eng Hist Louise Malionc Brian Martinson Eileen Malone Sue Marty Jeannette Mangan Pre-Med Shirley Marymee Sue Maslach Pat McAllister Biol Brenda McArthur Jim Mattcucci Hist Pol Sc Mary McCaffrey Evonne Mattrocce James McCann Nurs Pol Sc Simon Mayeski Donna McCarthy Michael Mazgai Nurs Pol Sc Tom McLaughlin Debra McAdam Soc 258Paul McDonnell Margaret McFall Pol Sc Soc Kathy McKonough Timothy McGarry Math Mist Gwynne McElhiney Ellen McGillivray Psych Nurs Kathleen McKntee Cecilia McGowan Pol Sc Hist Eileen McGowan J. K. Mclnerney Math Pol Sc Tom McGraw Michael McKenna Soc Mist Ed McGuirk Virginia McKill John Mclnerney Nurs Pol Sc Patricia McLoughlin Nurs Margaret McLean Melinda McNesse Biol Soc Kita McManamon Maureen McNulty Frcn Soc Steve McNally Cathy Meade Mary McNamara Eng Nurs Dana Meier Hist Mike Melason Biol Larry Menard Joanne Merjano Nurs Jcanie Merrick NursJuan Moore Rosalyn Moore Mark Moorehouse Doretta Metzler Math Nuns Shirley Meyer Bill Miller Tom Michcletti Pre-Med Mohammad Mihdawi Engr John MUlina Eng Mike Miller Cathy Mflier Kathleen Miller Kevin Miller Mary Milton Eng Econ J. Mogannam Mod L Joe Mirizzi Chung Kang Mo Michelle Montcsclaros Pre-Mcd Joscttc Molloy Pre-Dent Anne Mooney Mod I. Scan Moloney Eng Hist Barney Mooney Pre-Med Beatrix Morales Scott Moran Biol Carol Moore Steve Morclto Biol Math Angelina Morgan Nurs 260Sheila Murphy Psych Theresa Nelson Nurs Lynn Murray Math Barbara Nicco Pol Sc Marcel Myres Hist Roberta Nicco Pol Sc Richard Morgan Thomas Morlcy Pol Sc Jean Mueller Soc Earl Mumaugh Com S Robert Nagy Pat Nicholson Hist Donna Mori Math Daniel Morris Act A John Mulhern Bill Murphy Rhys Mike Neilan Soc Richard Nicolopulos Hist Jim Moriarty Pol Sc Dennis Morris James Mullan John Murphy Hist Jim Nelson Pol Sc P. Nishijima Hist R. Moriwaki Pre-Dent Michele Morris Nurs Debbie Muller Eng Michael Murphy Kevin Nelson Hist John Nishimoto 261Ingrid Novcllo Eng Deborah O’Leary Pre-.Med John Oliverio Pol Sc Deborah O’Neal Psych Teri Os term an Nurs Joe PadQia Hist Jim O’Brien Kelly Olin Psych David Olivo Paul Orleman Eng Henry Padgett Prc-Mcd John Pagano Dennis Nolan Pol Sc Patrick O’Brian Eng Suzanne Nolan Biol Patrick O’Connor Econ Janet Nork French Paul Ohanesian Engr Chris Northam Chcm Eileen O’Hara Mike Norton Biol Christine O’Kc-Hist 262 the freshmen start rolling along...Randy Pagano Bill Parlmann Pol Sc Nick Paun Denise Palmer Pre-P Debra Parun Nurs Shirley Paune Pre-Med John Parrish Hist Chris Pastorck Eng Nancy Pellegrini Nurs Fred Peters Pre-Med Dwight Phillips Pol §C Rhonda Pettman Mark Peters Joe Piasta Eng Jean Pizza Educ Pat Pcndcrgast Hist Donna Petrick' Com S Gail Pccchi Mike Peterkin Pre-Med Laurence Phayer Margaret Piper Hist Chris Pcrrucci Psych Doug Phason Span John Pinelli Act A Vince Pennisi Pre-Med Mehajlo Pctrovic Ugo Pegati Mod L Rita Perillo Nurs Michele Phair Hist Bob Pile Psych 263Suparerk Pokavanit Richard Polonsky Pamela Pose del Peon Pol Sc Fren Paul Pritchard George Pursley Suzanne Puts Math Eng Fren Connie Kaggio Pamela Raneri Eugene Ranghiasci Nurs Hist Mod I. Francine Pezzinelli Eng David Potts Chem Nancy Quass Psych Juan Rasonabe Biol Timothy Reilly Soc Robert Rcyff Hist Albert Placek Pol Sc Sean Prendivillc Eng Edward Quesdda Hist Bruce Ravclla Pol Sc Tim Reilly Hist Carolyn Reynolds Chem Joan Pobuda Biol Greg Pribyl Indus Michael Quick Engr Susan Reetz Psych John Roimer Dave Riclli Pol Sc Anette Podesta Patricia Prime John Raffetto Soc Frank Regalado Psych Mike Renaghan Anne Riopelle Pre-medRon Risi Act A Greg Rockwell Pol Sc Rosanna Ruggeri Math Tony Risianto Math Lynne Roger Psych Jerry Ruhland Math Beth Rivard Fren Donald Rossi Psych Cathy Ruo Hist Michael Rivers Biol Cathy Roster Biol Deborah Ryan Psych Dan Robinson Hist Ellen Rowley Pat” Ryan William Robinson Hist Elaine Ruggeri Chris Sader Pol Sc Anthony Rizzo Math Bruce Rountree Pre-Med Marsha Ryan Educ J Sallaberry Nurs Joseph Schieffer Pol Sc Kenneth Scully Eng Marc Salmon Engr Charles Schippcr Mike Seely Joe Samaniego Pre-Dent Sharry Schmidt Pol Sc Deborah Scidl Pol Sc Marty Santos Pol Sc Inez Schucttc Nurs Monica Selcgue Mod LDavid Smith Hoi Sc Sidnc Smith Nurs Dennis Smith Craig Snazelle Eng I.aurccn Smith Pre-Dent Mena Snow Pol Sc Tom Sewell Engr Steve Shea Soc Jacqueline Silva Psych Patrick Singh Chcm Kathy Smith Fren Jeannette Solis Span Sandra Shaffer Douglas Shelton Stephen Silverman Mark Skltticorn Soc Linda Smith Steve Somers Ann Shanahan Nurs Phillip Sheridan Pol Sc Pete Simincini Hist Julie Slavazza Nurs Reginald Smith Pre-Mcd Jarik Soudani Pre-Mcd Marie Shea Hist John Shields Pol Sc Carla Sinerchio Pol Sc Janet Smilanick Biol Sid Smith Math Sandra Aouza Biol 266No, John, your diapers don’t need changing! Mike Sullivan Math Walter Sullivan Com S Luisa Susin Hist Charles Sutter Biol Pam Swallow Pre-Med Bob Sweeney Chcm Rose Sweet Educ Andy Szabatura Pol Sc Mike Tahcny Tomiko Takeda Robert Tamblin Pre-Med Rita Tanthana Biol Jim Spadoni Eug Catherine Spohn Eng Dianne Stark Nurs Terry Stempel Mark Strohmpier Hist Patrick Stephens Span Ann Marie Stewart Psych Darryl Sudduth Pre-Med Greg Sullivan Hist Jennifer Sullivan Soc Kerry Sullivan Nurs Mary Sullivan Nurs 267Jude Tassone Psych Kay Taylor Biol Sylvia Tcmpel Frcn Drew Tenerio Prc-Med Robert Tenner Michele Terkelscn Nurs Karen Terndrup Eng Donna Tcutschel Soc Mary Thompson Nuns Barbara Thomson Math Pete Thrower Econ Mary Thuener Nurs Caroline Timms Mist Maria Tinley Math Liz Tompkins Nurs Terrence Tompkins Pol Sc Sandra Tonclli Patricia Touhey Psych Bill Townsell F-nt Chip Trantina Pol Sc Dave Tresmontan Soc Rich Tringali Hist Denise Truett Nurs John Umekubo Prc-Med Mike Underhill Pol Sc Sandra Valputic Nurs Norman Vance Com S Denise Van Horne Nurs John Van Sinden Math Nora Villagran Psych Mark Villalobos Biol Gene Visenti Hist Maricnc Vocstc Mod L Karl Vorsatz Steve Vukelich Mrkt Kathy Wacck Nurs Jim Walitsch Biol J.C. Walton Michael Walter Pol Sc Joanne Watchie Nurs Mark Watson Hist Craig Weber 268Wendy Wehr Psych Randy Wei Act A James Wells Pre-Med Cathy Werner Nurs Jcoff Wertzbcrger Biol Curtis White Eng Gary White Pol Sc Phfl White Robert White Math Chris Whiting Eng Dave Wichman Hbt Carol Wilkinson Psych Don Williams Eng Fabienne Williams Nurs Mercedes Wilson Margaret Wind Biol Diane Winter Hist Mary Jo Wise Mary Wiss Hist Janet Wolfe Eng Don Wolfe Eng Brian Wollaston Psych Adrian Wong Pre-P Jerry Wong Econ BUI Wright Eng Glenn Wright Hist Gayle Young Nurs Gail Young Nurs Jeanne Zarka Pol Sc Violcta Zavala Pre-Den Andrew Zeisler Act A Joan Zclnik Pre-PMichael D. Whelan. President A S u s F 272 Robert Jesinger, Executive Vice-PresidentLeandra Erpelding. Secretary 273ASUSF SENATE Meg Reedy, Pankaj Shah, Mary Beth Smith, Dennis Haaf and Ray Quock. The first semester Senators were Curtis Hinton, Mike Picracci, Bill McQuaid and Cecil Garcia. Bill and Cecil ran for re-election. Activities Council Pete Devine. Scan Dowling, Chris Harper, Evan MacGibbon. Yolanda Scaccia, Ray Erlach. Gwen Harrison. Lim Loung, Larry Dyer, Maureen Kennedy. Greg Sullivan, Bob Sparks. Gail Lillie. John Petrini, Gerdcnio Manuel, Jr.. Dan Scannell, Reid Sheridan, Pat Chintaganond. 274Joan Bonfilio Kathy Coyne. Chief Justice John Bilich Chek Tan Student CourtErnie Tong, Bill Spinelli, Ken Perea, Katie Avison, Bill Garcia, Mike Bacci, Mike Maligie, Dennis Carvalho. Row Two: John Troccoe, Chairman, Bernie David, Bill Powell, Jim DeJohn, Dan Galvin, Kent Grealish. Row Three: Curtis Hinton, Jim Pualoa, Vince Chisholm, Tom Peterson. Board of Student Control The Board of Student Control is an organization of upper division students who function as the law enforcement body of the A.S.U.S.F. Formed under the A.S.U.S.F. Constitution, the B.S.C. is the student regulatory agency of the University. The Board is responsible for the enforcement of all Association and University regulations. The B.S.C. also supervises elections, handles the validation of student body cards, and regulates the social events that occur on campus. The Board of Student Control should be commended for the quiet, unobstrusive method of performing their important responsibilities and functions. 276Sitting: Courtney Galbraith,Cheryl Kimura, Vivian Benton. Hugh Harrington, Chairman. Mark Schackran, Kathleen Connolly. Standing: Rita Dechene, Louise Ottoboni, Mary Powers, John Bilich, Ginger George, Dan Galvin, Pat Golden, Athan Pasadis, John Howe. Academic Council The Academic Council, composed of students representing each major, aims for a closer academic community. It has developed an excellent student evaluation of teaching at USF which helps students choose courses suited to their interests. It also provides teachers with some statistical feedback on their courses and approach. The Council has worked on initiating changes in registration procedures and the academic advising program. They have been helpful in coordinating Welcome Week and the Intersession Program. The Chairman represents students on academic affairs on the Vice-President’s Advisory Committee, University Senate, and the Council on Student Affairs. Sitting: Yolanda Scaccia, Marian Schrader, Cathy Coyne, Mary Mabee, Rosemary. Standing: Pete Devine, Terry Castelan. Tom Fahres, Dave Robinett, Bob Hackney, Barbara Menard, Fred Fendler. 277Non-Residents’ Council Instituted only last year, the Non-Residents’ Council has begun to take steps to unify the resident and non-resident components of the student body, and solve some of the peculiar problems of non-residents themselves. Improvement of publicity and particularly the difficult situation of parking occupied much of the Council’s time this year. Residents’ Coordinating Council Sitting: Rita Swing, Mary Jo Albanese, Nancy Ronan, Anne Carton. Standing: John Shovein, Milford Ford, Bill Topf, John McNeill. 278ROW TWO: Donna Ricci, Tim Berta, Mary Powers, Ellena Mullen, Muffie Pennisi. Jose Reyes, Mr. Tonna. ROW TWO: A1 Menaster, Jim Pualoa, Jim Johnson, Ray Erlach. Clubs’ Council Clubs’ Council is an organization composed of all club presidents, who join together to coordinate club activities and help solve club problems. All clubs come under the jurisdiction of Hubs’ Council because their charter must be reviewed by the organization. Women’s Judiciary Committee The Women’s Judiciary Committee represents the women residents by hearing infractions of rules and considering appeals upon request. Every year, the committee reviews the current rules and regulations. The Jesuits are tabulated. Changes are usually forthcoming. These are compiled in the Residents’ Handbook. 279 Camille Barasa, Karen Bosch, Kathy Lenihan, Rita Swing, Maire Friel.Gillson Residents’ Council Judy Maligie, Ann Carton, Barbara Thompson. Michele Bobe, Anne Fryer, Shaina Friel, Debbie Kraus, Roxanne Wood, Roberta Casamayou. Gillson Residents’ Council tried to provide the necessary leadership to effectively represent the needs and interests of the Gillson Hall residents.' They tried their best to make living at Gillson Hall an enjoyable experience for all residing there, which included initiating social, recreational and religious activities. To complete the integration of dorm life with all other spheres of campus activity, the Gillson Residents’ Council sponsored the annual Spring Ball along with Hayes--Healy Residents’ Council. Gillson Resident Assistants Regina White, Paula Peterson, Mary Moorer, Maureen Curran. Marilyn Campion, Mrs. Cooper. Pat Pender, Margie Graziano, Kathy Graves, Lea Erpelding, Leslie Rota. 280Hayes-Healy Residents’ Council The Hayes-Healy Residents’ Council is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, who are elected in the spring of each year by all the residents, and eight floor representatives, who are elected in the fall by each floor. This Council serves as a means of coordinating activities in the dorm, and as a place where suggestions and complaints can be aired. Hayes- Mealy Residents’ Council has and continues to plan many activities for the dorm. Among these are: helping to prepare the dorm for residents each year, welcoming Freshmen to USF. sponsoring holiday activities such as Christmas parties and decoration contests as well as a Halloween dance or party, organizing Open House for Hayes-Healy and planning the annual powderpuff football game with Gillson. One of the main projects of the Residents' Council and Residents Coordinating Council of which Hayes-Healy President and Vice-President are members is the planning of the Spring Ball held annually for all USF students. In general, the Residents’ Council’s function is to serve the residents. Its objectives are to sponsor projects which residents are interested in having, and in making all boarders feel at home. Kathy Peterson, Janet Holtz, Nancy Ronan, Gerry O’Connell, Linda Lcmelle, JoAnne Sheehan. Anne Weisner, Rita Swing, Mrs. Sullivan, Dot Zinotti, Debbie Bluitt. Linda Soran, Judy Jacinto. H ayes-Healy Resident Assistants Ouis Guerrera, Cindy Romero, Cathy Coyne, Cindy Bennett. Peggy Cogan, Sister Kathleen. Mrs. Sullivan. Mary Ann Burman. Katie Bremner, Joan Bonfilio, Molly Coleman, Anne Greenstone, Jan Walsh.Tom Pajak, J. Aimo, D. Hendershott. J. Spatafore. S. Huff. Standing: C. Loot. Bill Garcia. David Georgi. Douglas Phason, Anthony Rizzo. R. Plecas, J. Simutis. Frank Hrabctin, Mike Holland. Ken Allen, Lawrence Menard, Michael Lauderdale, Bill Trinkle. John Raffetto, Scott Moran. Standing: Joe Laudari, Paul Dennis. Ron Flores, Mike Mazgai, Tony Agpaoa, Greg Derieg, Kevin Gorton. Phelan Residents’ Council Milford Ford, Mr. Tonna. Bill Topf, Tom McNeill, John Shove in. Phelan Resident Assistants Conrad Hansen, Tim Rucf, Mike Carey, Bruce McIntosh, Pat Golden, Bob Grassilli, John Bilich, Ray Michaud, Dave Devoti. Ed Kurakazu, Rich Hinkle, Tom Wilcock, Jim Lee, John Trott, Randy Ching, Jim Wathen, Joe Kissclla, Mike Clark, Chuck Riffle. Tom Sims.Pat Miller, Secretary. Barbara Menard. Vice-President. Jeanne Schiff. President. Maureen Molloy. Treasurer. Miss Anne Dolan, Moerator. Peggy Cogan. Margie Graziano, Mary Ann Burman, Vivian Benton, Colleen Parton, Ginny ttman. I Gamma Pi Epsilon Gamma Pi Epsilon, the national Jesuit Honor Society for Women, works to promote the ideals of scholarship, loyalty, md service. These ideals serve as criteria in the selection of members from among upper division students. The society seeks to involve itself in the development and improvement of 'he university community by assisting with evaluative studies, encouraging participation in the school’s honors program, and visiting high schools to present introductory talks about USF. The Honors Reception sponsored in conjunction with Alpha Sigma Nu gave students the opportunity to discuss the merits o! the program with various deans and directors. Dennis Serpa, Jeff Quinn, Tom Peterson, Don Cihak.Dennis Kafura, Mike Whelan, John Howe, Pat Golden. President, Joe Desmond. Pete Devine. Vice-President. A1 Menastcr, Mike Carey, John Schaffer. Dan Gunther, Bob Baeci. Treasurer, Father Sunderland. Moderator; Lyn Poggio, Dennis Batey, Vic Chin. Tom Riley. Dion Du-lay, Bruce McIntosh. Alpha Sigma Nu Paul Lictschuh. Dan Galvin. James Griesineyer, Bob Grassilli. John Campion, Jeff Quinn. Tom Sims. Don Cihak, Bill Redican. Jeremiah Murphy. John Bilich, Bob Hackney, Robert Kavanaugh, Dave Devoti. John Digiacinto, Tim Ruef, Bill McQuaid, Hector Medina. Mike Morgado, Joe Coccelato, Ray Quock, Frank Gundry, Bob Jcsin-ger. Andrew Lau. Alpha Sigma Nu is the national Jesuit Honor Society which honors male students of Jesuit colleges and universities who distinguish themselves in scholarship. loyalty, and service. Membership is limited to the top 4 of the Junior and Senior classes. Alpha Sigma Nu started the year by discussing the nominations for membership. The Deans of the colleges make the final selection early in the second semester. This year. Alpha Sigma Nu co-sponsored a reception for students admitted with honors. The members also woiked in conjunction with the Admissions Office over semester break. They presented informative lectures to prospective USF applicants at various high schools. The Chapter made itself available to several university studies, offering data and polling student opinion.Tri Beta Larry Wong, Leonard Poggio, Dave Kulka, Frank Lucchetti. Chris Natale. John Shovein, Dion Dulay, Clare Sicland. Rich Laherty, Ray Quock, Stephanie Phillips, Rita Dechcne, Terry Moyles, Jolut Lamb, Marilyn Lippi. John Sicpler. Pam Passanisi, Bill Baray, Steve O'Meara, Dan Gullotta, A1 Lopez. Tri Beta is a national biological honor society. The Omicron Alpha chapter of USF has initiated a student-faculty dinner for all those in the Biology Department. They have also sponsored field trips and picnics as well as a Freshman Welcome Hour. A snow trip and guest speakers highlighted the Tri Beta calendar this year. Hopefully, their project to establish and maintain a biology reading room will be realized this year. Society of Physics Students Chuck Ross, Terry Castelan. Jose Mena. Mike Griesmeyer, Jim Johnson. Jill Larkin, Rich Tologa. Mary Green, Tom Franza, Jerry McCarthy, Mike Athenian, Tony Navarra. Lynna Lim.ADG 28GALPHA DELTA GAMMA Alpha Delta Gamma, a national fraternity of 24 chapters, has been an integral part of the life of the U.S.F. campus since 1955. Though relatively small, ADG was reported to be the •nly “100% quality national fraternity" by the usually caustic “Interfratemity Review.” At U.S.F. Alpha Delta Gamma is known for its spirit of brotherhood. This tightly-knit fraternity sponsors campus social events—the Log Cabin Party and the Sweetheart Dance. In addition to their social activities, the brothers of DG serve the university community by publishing the Wire, the student director)'. The brothers also have an active role in the civic community. During the past summer, the brothers of tie Nu Chapter hosted the 38th annual national convention in San Francisco. With more than one hundred brothers attending from all over the country, the convention was a succes$--a good ime for all. Through ADG the advantages of a small national fraternity are fully realized and all feel a sense of accomplishment and brotherhood. Linda Hunter, ADG Sweetheart. 287Sitting: Randy Royce.Paul Ottcllini, Fernando Guzman, Mr. Robert Stock, Gordon King. Standing: Hubie Bernard, Randy Shigio, Tom Matsuki, Russ Orozco, Gordon Rito, Dennis Rosia, Jim McLcmore, Kevin Horan. DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi. an International Professional Fraternity for students of business and economics, is the oldest and one of the most respected fraternities on campus. The Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi arc involved in every aspect of university life. The Rose Dance, which is the “Social Event of the Year,” is an annual presentation of the fraternity. They offer the students of the university opportunities to hear such renowned people as Chief CahU of the San Francisco Police Department, the members of the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Regents of the University who speak on topics of concern and interest to all. The brothers arc active in the intramural program of the university as well. They also sponsor the annual Christmas Party for the orphaned children of San Francisco. All in all, Delta Sigma Pi continues to maintain its prestige and high standing in fostering the idea of a well-rounded and deeply involved fraternity of the University of San Francisco. Officers: Tom Matsuki. Jim MeLemore, Jack Jalbert, Hubie Bernard, Randy Shigio, Randy Royce, Gordon King. Sitting: Dean William Regan, Tom Martin, Mike Hazelwood, John Mclnerncy, Jack Jalbert. Standing: Joe Phillips. Pat Carter, Alex Virapaeff, Gary Pilgram, Darryl Fown, Pat Mullen.OMICRON THETA CHI Omicron Theta Chi has been an integral part of USF since 1963. This year under the leadership of its corps of new officers and a new moderator, Omicron underwent a stern re-evaluation. It adopted a program expanding into new areas and rose to new heights in its role as USF’s Pre-Medical Honor Fraternity. Qualifications for membership emphasized not only superior academic achievement but also qualities of initiative, loyalty and a true sense of brotherhood. Omicron sponsored its first “Medical Week” early in November in a commendable effort to advance public health education in the areas of vcneral disease, birth control, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Then late in the Spring, the fraternity initiated a major campaign in its annual drive on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Omicron also contributed heartily to the creation of the Biology Library in Harney Science Center, initiated a student-oriented counseling program for pre-professional underclassmen, and conducted a number of campus tours for interested high school pre-medical groups. And to demonstrate that pre-meds don’t necessarily study 25 hours a day, Omicron sponsored its traditional Jaunt up to SierraviUe in February. Officers: Tom Reilly, Paul Leitschuh. Ray Quock, Len Poggio, Dr. Robert Schooley, Moderator. Mike Mooney. Paul Leitschuh, Tom Reilly, Pat Golden, Vince Dang, Dion Dulay, Dave Pribyl. Rich Laherty, Vic Chin, Ray Quock, Mark Turck, Len Poggio. L'R!£S Hr CKVlill-om GLAND CHAD OMICRON THETA CHI 291ROW ONE: Lyle Keating. Jack Graudenz, Tony Ribciro. Walt Lend. Gary Camozzi, Joe Fernekes. ROW TWO: Joe Alioto, Tom Ellcrhorst, Bill Coats, Jim Rice, Mike Freiling, Dennis Kafura. ROW I HREE: Mike Griesmcycr. A1 Masctti, Mark Ritter, Ed Heisch, Jerry McCarthy, Bill McShanc. Officers: Jack Graudenz, Joe Desmond, Tony Ribeiro, Barry Mencgh elli. Mike Freiling. Joe Fernekes. 292 Joe Desmond. Barry Mcneghclli. John Simutis. Phi Beta Chi Phi Beta Chi is a fraternity oriented towards scientific interests, although membership is not restricted to men of the College of Science. The Fraternity has a threefold purpose: educational, service and social. Annually, it sponsors a tutoring program, lab coat sales, and numerous social events such as their Halloween costume Party.SEATED: Mike Nicholls, Vice-President; Jim Babcock, President; Rudy Rodriguez. Secretary; Bill Haney, Vice-President. ROW TWO: Steve Levinson, Jerry Lee Wong, Gerry Gleeson, Alan Bernardi, Chuck Henry. ROW THREE: Robert Wilsey, Mike Strauch, George Gallegos. Jim Phillips. SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA Sigma Alpha Sigma, formerly known as the Spirits, serves the university in promoting spirit in Athletic events. The Fraternity is open to all male students who believe in having a good time. The Fraternity lends itself out to the Athletic Department to perform in any capacity as desired by that department. Aside from its service functions, Sigma Alpha Sigma is dedicated to the proposition that enjoying life to its fullest is of utmost importance. The Fraternity abounds in this dedication as is evident in any social gathering of the Brothers of Sigma Alpha Sigma. 293ROW S: Mike Monroe, Charlie Banavac, Randy Zanze, Jim Wathen, Tony Maniscalco, Kevin Leona, Mike Scurich. John Weir, Bill Roberts, Ray Michaud, Dennis Sequira. ROW A: Steve Pavlovitch, Tim Ruef, Bruce McIntosh, Pete Petrich, Mike Carey, Tom Byrd, John Carpenter, Dennis Duffy, Hector Medina. Ron Valmassey. ROW E: Bob Guiliani, Don Bucher, Pat Golden, Gary Sowards, Mike Corrigan, Terry Fitzgibbons, Bob Grassilli, Alex Castellanos, Bill Panek. I I I I SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Upon its unanimous acceptance as the 193rd chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon during the past summer. Phi Alpha became the California Sigma chapter of SAE. And San Francisco’s only truly national social fraternity quickly made its mark. Although a social fraternity, Cal Sigma compiled the highest grade point of any other SAE chapter in the nation. In addition to its “Good Time Specials," SAE also took an active year-round part in the surrounding community. During the summer the brothers sponsored and coached three teams in the San Francisco Little League program, giving underprivileged youngsters a chance not only to compete but to develop good sportsmanship. During the fall, brothers served as directors at Saint Agnes Gym-a project designed for the youngsters of the area. SAE also made its mark in the intramural football program becoming the First undergraduate team in four years to win the league honors. SAE has also been proud to sponsor the Homecoming Queens for the last three years. Dennis Duffy, Howie Chelune, Mike Monroe, Bruce McIntosh, Ron Valmassey, Gary Sowards, Bob Guiliani. Charlie Banavac, Mike Corrigan, Mike Scurich, Alex Castellanos, Dennis Sequira, Tom Byrd. Tim Ruef, Mike Carey, Don Bucher, Pat Golden, Terry Fitzgibbons, John Wier, Hector Medina, Tony Maniscalco, Bill Panek, Randy Zanzc, Steve Pavlovitch, Bill Roberts. Peggy Cogan, Mary Ann Burman, Lee Gasson, Heather Manion, Ann Marie Matheny, Kathy Deming, Ellie Horan, Joan Bonfilio, Barb Schalich. Jeannot Carlson, Sue Petrinovich, Chris Fisher. ROW 1: Randy Zanze, Ray Michaud, Mike Corrigan, Jim Wathen, Buz Martel!, Howie Chelune, Scooter Grassilli. ROW 2: Mike Scurich, Ken Starkovich, Pete Pet rich, John Carpenter. Dennis Sequira, Bill Roberts, Charlie Banovac, John Wier, Don Bucher. ROW 3: Bruce McIntosh, Kevin Leong, Dennis Duffy, Mike Carey. 295Sigma Ka Sigma ROW ONI:: Pat Miller. Eileen Ziomck. June Zollezzi. ROW TWO: Vivian Benton, Kathy Graves. Courtney Galbraith. Marilvn Lippi. Jane Rutherford. Pam Passanisi, Gaire Sielaad, Jan Walsh, Marilyn Dictsch, Katie Avison, Joanne Blom, Ellena Mullen, Louise Ottoboni, Stephanie Phillips, Claire Ginotti, Jean Slaughter, Rita Dechene, Mary Powers, Kathy Cullen. Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded in 1968 for the purpose of acquainting women science majors and minors with the various careers open to them in the science profession. They have sponsored speakers from the field of teaching and Biology. Representatives from the professions of Math and Chemistry spoke about their respective fields. The SKS girls sent 14 boxes of clothing to a Vietnamese Lepersarium. A collection at Thanksgiving brought a food basket to a needy family. Tri Gamma ppa ROW ONE: Dot Zanotti, Cheryl Smith, Anna Hudson, Anne Emerson. Sally LaBoyteaux. ROW TWO: Charlotte McMahan, Anne Greenstone. Marianne King. Anne Weisner, Pat Ahboltin. Margaret Hanyak. ROW THREE: Kathy Brown, Chris Cortopassi, Peggy Cogan, Ginger George, Carol Cusimano. ROW FOUR: Jan Rich, Tiny Wold. Sue Nix, Diane Prescissi, Prudy Woods. 296I Linda Soran. Kawn Bosch, Cathy Brandi, Bobbi Thompson.Steering Committee: John Storm. Mike Johnson. Pete. Tracy Brandi, Cathy Brandi, Bill Jordan, Bobbi Thompson. Betsy Paul. Terri Bohac, Dennis Martin. CIP 299St. Patrick’s Recreation Project: Margie Clark. Carmel Navarro. Terry Schallert, Ron Riordan, Anne Fryer, Dave Dernbach, Kathy O’Keeffe. Bill Jordan. Anne Carton. CIP 300 St. Dominic’s Recreation Project: Dave Ballati. Mandie Anderson. Dotti Erlach. Bobbi Thompson.Sitting: Tom Fauria, Noel Shumway. Joe Merritt, Hector Medina, Board of Directors. Standing: Dana Hendershott, Vice-President, Larry Mori, President, Randy Hellrung, Treasurer. Circle K The Circle K Club is an organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of San Francisco. Circle K is dedicated to service and leadership on the campus and in the community. This past year, Circle K initiated a new project. The members volunteered to work with the recreation director at Shriner's hospital. Every day. some members help the children at the hospital in various recreational activities ranging from ceramics to painting. The club has also made itself well known around campus by supervising extended library hours thus earning its award as the best club on campus. Its projects are not centered solely on school programs. Circle K has entended itself into the community by helping out with the Salvation Army Kettle Drive and by raising funds for the visually handicapped (NAVH). Row One: Paul Simetcys, Larry Jones. Row Two: Eric Lee, Ken Perea. Row Three: Mike Boland, Dana Hendershott, Mike Maligie. Row Four: Rick Raffo, John PetriniTerry Tompkins, William Haney, Thomas Connolly, Mark Schachern. J. Milford Ford, Cecillo A. Garcia, Jeremiah Mitchell. The PEERS is a service organization of the University and in this capacity serves an active and vital role. The PEERS have taken up the duty of campus publicity for academic, athletic, and social events. The organization has excellent artists, printers, and mural painters and the quality of the PEERS work is widely known on the USF campus. Some of the events in which the Peers actively participate are USF Week, the United Bay Area Crusade, and the Annual Blood Drive. The PEERS are proud of their participation in these important University activities. .. .the Dance of Life...PEERS ROW ONE: Hugh Harrington, Jerry Mitchell, Kent Grealish, Corky Johnston, Sean Dowling. J. Milford Ford. Michael T. Walsh. Freddie John Formosa. Paul Ensley, Evan MacGibbon, William Burris, Michael Taheny. ROW TWO: Robert Coman. Dick Brawn, Pat O'Connor, Jim Trail. Mike Holton. Donald Dana. Wilton Wong, Phillip Onori. William Dummer, Sonny Manuel. Vince Chisholm, Michael Killen.Officers: Vince Chisholm, John Lusardi. Gary Polizziani, Rich Graham, Paul Walti, Steve Wilson, Dan Cahill. Knights of Columbus The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization on campus differing from many of the others in that it is essentially a Catholic oriented group of men. The fraternal spirit enkindled among the brothers has led to strong community service activities such as the annual University Blood Drive, youth programs, and a Christmas toy drive for needy children. The K.C.’s play an integral role in the University community. Row One: Paul Waters, Joe Trela, Ken Weyland, John Troccoe. Jerry Mahoney, Ed Bohnert. Dave Pigott, Joe Luchinni. Mike Gallegos. Row Two: Paul Walti. Steve Wilson, John Lusardi. Les Mirkovich, Bob Bellous, Bill Curran. Jack Murphy, Kent Grealish, Dan Cahill, Mike Casey, Gary Polizziani. ROW ONE: V. Corvi, C. Brandi, L Edwards. B. Menard, M. Tonegato, C. Ginotti, M. Pennisi, R. Malati, M. Gallegos. ROW TWO: B. Casey, M. Jehl, M.A. Hritz, C. Murphy. T. Jackson, P. Lynch, A. Russo, E. Harrington, R. Peterson, R. Matgen, P. Ciolino. ROW THREE: R. Maring, M. Graziano, C. Dubost, P. llacqua, C. Slajer, L. Labow, M. King, N. Mignault, G. Goyhenetche. Student California Teachers’ Association The SCTA is an organization which exists primarily for the benefit of prospective teachers and those who wish to find out more about the teaching profession. Student-CTA is a very active club on campus-both educationally and socially. In the field of education, the Student-CTA has sponsored during the past ycar-a Teaching Career Day, a Teacher recruiting Day, the Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund Drive, the “Books for Brazil” Drive, the semi-annual SCTA Bay Regional Conference and a number of prominent guest speakers in the field of education. Socially, the Student-CTA has kept fast pace. Within the past ten months they have sponsored a successful car wash, a picnic on Angel Island, several coffee clatches, a Christmas party, and a Candy Apple sale on Valentine’s Day which benefitted “Project Open Door“-a project which sends underprivileged children to summer camp. The SCTA, which has almost doubled its membership during the past year, is a lively, spirited and worthwhile organization. We invite one and all to join during the coming school year. J. Van Ruiten, B. Waldier, L. Seffens, D. Ricci, President; Mr. L. Bishop, Moderator; G. Sullivan, G. Lillie, T. Fulcher. ROW TWO: S. McCarthy, M. Seffens, C. Petruzzella, C. Murphy, L. Morris, Secretary; C. Brooks, Social Chairman; M. Costello, M. Brunicardi, V. Waldier, K. Gardner, M. Demartini, C. Paul, S. Kisla, B. Paul, K. Shea, D. Kanter. ROW THREE: D. Snyder, D. Cappadona, Vice-President; T. Bohac, S. Saraceno, Treasurer; M. Brunsvold, Tutorial Chairman.Yell Leaders -Chris- Song Girls 306 Chris Fisher, Tim King, Head Yell Leader, Chuck Henry, Milford Ford, Bill Haney. When a maiden comes knock, knock, knocking at your door,...Song Girls Terry Rassier, Jackie Lippitt, Anne Jacobus, Linda Barton, Jeanne Pudoff, Margaret Forbes. Pep Band Doug Amis, Tim Ruef, Leader; Nina Snow, Fernando Guzman, Alex Castellanos, Juan Rasonabe, Keith Rutz, Jim Phillips, Dan Maguire, Frank Lau, John Kotlanger. 307Although U S F is not characterized by a universal involvement in that which is “Arty,” those few groups which carry on the cultural tradition excel in their respective areas of endeavor. Foremost on USF’s list of cultural activities is the College Players. The College Players is the oldest collegiate theatre company West of the Mississippi. From the first curtain in 1863, the Players always inspired wide interest in the student body, and by some magic of the theatre attracted individuals willing to put in staggering amounts of after-school, non-study time into the perfection of their art. Part of the success of the Players can be attributed to the many and varied opportunities provided for talented students of the Communication Arts: producing and experimenting in all phases of operation and styles of theatre. Light technicians, make-up men, publicity workers, scenery painters, carpenters and actors, singers and dancers: the dry, the humorous and the creative all find their calling somewhere in the structure of the theatre. With 106 years behind them, the Players presented a world premiere musical, CYRANO! Opening night of Fred Ewing and Mike Cellar’s musical adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s play, CYRANO DE BERGERAC, astounded audiences with its lilting musical score, sumptous costumes, exciting choreography and talented singers and actors. Two months of work by the cast and crew totaling 110, produced the most popular and certainly most adventurous production in the history of the Players. Critics in all of the major San Francisco papers declared CYRANO! an exceptionally fine production by any standards. Audiences, too, were quick to respond with standing ovations. The current semester opened with a special production for Welcome Week. STORIES, a Theatre of Folk Tales directed during the summer by A.J. Antoon of Yale School of Drama experimented in a new form of theatre conceived by Paul Sills from Chicago’s Second City troupe. COLLEGE PLAYERSImmediately following, the Players presented Frank D. Gilroy’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES on the floor of Gill Theatre, with the audience on three sides. The production featured Glenn Kovacevich, Kitty Woods and Ron Pelland. ROSES was the first production directed and designed by students under the new Communication Arts major offered at USF. Thomas Payne’s direction and Joe Kubancik’s set design are fine examples of students using their imagination and creative talents. Father James Dempsey, SJ. opened a new play as the season’s second offering, the San Francisco premiere of John McGrath’s BAKKE’S NIGHT OF FAME. The play involved the final hours of a convict of Death Row and the efforts of a priest who seaches for cause of Bakke’s spiritual emptiness. Ted McKnight exhibited commanding stage presence and depth of character which made the play one of the Players more exciting dramatic offerings. Father Dempsey’s direction moved characters in and out of exciting conflicts and situations with considerable praise from critics. LYSISTRATA, Aristophanes’ wild anti-war comedy, delighted audiences with its novel production style. The production, featuring Barbara Minick and Dave 1 acktor, opened at midnight to sellout houses. LYSISTRATA. directed by John J. Collins and designed by Communication Arts major, Jose Leiva, was the first joint production with Lone Mountain’s Drama’s Department. Second semester, the Players c o m m e n c e d work on two demanding productions. The first was OTHELLO, Shakespeare’s tragedy with one of his most intricate characters, Iago. Directed by John J. Collins and student designed with the assistance of t echnical Director Richard Davis, OTHELLO opened in early March of fine audience response. The final production of the 107th season was demanding in a time sense. HOW TO CUM LAUDE WITHOUT REALLY TRYING was the quarter-annual College Player revue satirizing USF, USA and just about everything else. HOW TO CUM LAUDE was 107th SEASON John J. Collins. Father Dempsey. Helena Davis. Rick Davis. enjoyable task for the Players. Success in any theatrical endeavor demands a dedication to art, love of truth and considerable skill. For 107 years the College Players work hard to bring these goals into reality in Gill Theatre. USF has encouraged many to continue in the theatrical profession on Broadway, in films, television and with the American Conservatory Theatre. The College Players are growing, setting higher standards of achievment for the 1970s. Peter Devine, Carla Dotto, Barbara Minick. Dennis Travins, Gary Nave. 309312313LYSISTRATACURTAIN GOING UP! 315 DAILY DON Vol. 5.No.0 Sunday, October 32nd TODAY: Pete Devine, Editor Karen Bosch Bruce McIntosh Dan Gunther I lector Medina Maureen O’Connell 7:30 Distribute Daily DONS to Campion and Harney racks, don’t bother with dining commons or G G since no one ever picks them up there. 8:15 In UC402 one member of the staff must be present to accept complaints that there are never enough Daily DONS, he never gets one and afterall it’s only 8:20- vhy are they gone so soon. 8:21 Phone distributor, tell him to distribute Daily DONS—get ting out of bed might help. yes. 10:00 Daily DONS finally are distributed ... somehow. 11:30 Fr. Sunderland phones, somehow (?) a certain professor’s announcement is still incorrect. Father informs staffer that a Daily DON burning is threatened. 11:31 Promise that certain professor a free subscription to the Daily DON and a correction if he won’t burn ‘cm. 12:00 Attend Daily DON burning in Harney Plaza, supply matches. 2:00 Deadline for all new announcements. 2:01 Tear up all new announcements .... 5:30 Do tomorrow’s Daily DON. 5:33 Scratch RSU announcement, their charter doesn’t exist on Tuesdays and Thursdays, dummy typist. 5:34 Replace RSU announcement, today’s Wednesday, charter exists today. 6:77 Run off Daily DONS. 1000 copies (don’t cheat, we said 1000!) 6:99 Put ink in machine so paper comes out as printed matter. 8:00 Drop off Daily DONS at Phelan Desk to lhe distributor for pick up! Would you believe this has been going on for the last five years!! 13:00-m PACIFIC PROSEPCTUS Pacific Prospectus is a journal of student writings in the fields of business administration and economics, taken in their broader environment of psychological, sociological and anthropological significance. It is a vehicle of student expression, a tool for practical self-education, a unique measure of the achievement and potential of the student, and a link between the business community and the University. It shall generally be concerned with the progress, problems and potential of the greater Pacific Coast area-hence the name Pacific Prospectus. Mark Peters. Associate Editor; Gil Buenaventura. Louie Gaubaldi. Rikka Gultormsson, Art Director: Patrick Anderson, Sally McKenna, Scan Sweeney, Layoul Editor; Cathy Harvey, John Blom, Editor-in-Chicf, Mike Davies, Photography Editor. Pacific Prospectus is a unique journal, since only one other college in the United States has a student publication in the field of business administrations and economics. Each issue is distributed throughout the United States to all recognized schools of business, prominent firms, numerous high schools, as well as to our own students here at U.S.F. HILLTOPPER The Hilltopper is published at the beginning of each school year primarily to serve as an introduction to USF for all new indents. It chronicles all diverse student activities, including student government, clubs, fraternities, and athletics. The book took orne interesting turns this year, including more extensive and varied photography, and greater emphasis on student services. ROW ONE: Donna Ricci, Jeff Quinn. Editor, Shelly Saraceno, Cathy Brandi. ROW TWO: J. T. Murphy, Bob Grassilli, Phil Devine. Bill McQuaid, Lynne Morris. John Brennan, Moira Gunn, Ray Cunningham, Steve Runyan. John Fabian, Dick Spotswood, Doug Amis. S F SCENE The San Francisco Scene began last year as a weekly newspaper when the San Francisco Foghorn ceased to publish. This year, the Scene was back, not as a weekly newspaper, but as a student magazine. Half of each issue is devoted to in-depth reports on campus happenings, interviews with campus personalities, and literary efforts by campus writers. Its touch runs from light to the sophisticated. The rest of each issue is devoted to entertainment and happenings in the city-reviews, photographic essays, and interviews. The Scene is financially self-supporting, receiving manpower assistance from radio station KUSF. Its distribution is citywide, making it the most widely read student publication at USF. Publications Council 318 Father Philip Callaghan, S. J.. Bob Edelman, Miss Anne Dolan, Barbara Dunn, Chairman, Jeanne Schiff. Secretary, Father Edward Stackpoole, Cheryl Kimura.Mike Goodwin, Editor Glenn Gable, Executive Editor 319 Bill Topf. Managing EditorBob Osmond, Sports Ed. Staffers 321Staffers S. F. QUARTERLY 322 John McBride, Editor; Mary Ann Massenburg, Gary Sowards.THE DON Maureen Lechwar, Editor Pete Devine, The YEAR Editor Ray Michaud, Assistant Editor Sharon Eveland, Academics Editor The Purse 324 Kay Hermann, Sophomore Editor Anna Hudson, Senior Editor Pat Wick, Junior Editor Roxanne Wood, Freshman Editor Jeanette Mangan, StaffJohn Troccoe, Art EditorJohn Chai, Sports Editor Kathy Cullen, Staff 326 Mike Carey, Sports Writer Sybil Thornton, Soccer Editor and Photographer Jim Pualoa. Office Manager and PhotographerDiane Kowalski. Photographer Howie Chelune, Photography Editor Rick Blade. Photographer Bruce McIntosh. Photographer Skip Benoit, PhotographerDan Carrol) Jacques Verdiers John Fabian KUSF Kay Hermann and Jim Tehero 328Doug Amis, Paul Cool. Ray Cunningham. Tony Evans. Bill Fusco. Becky Botkin. Pat Harrington. KUSF Any student living in the resident halls on campus has sooner or later come into contact with this student-operated and managed radio. On the air seven nights a week. KUSF offers a program of popular and classical music as well as jazz. Besides highlighting news and campus information, KUSF student DJ’salso broadcast personal interviews with well-known celebrities. Last year, under the leadership of KUSF a new student publication. San Francisco Scene, was born. Manpower from KUSF still staffs the publication. Bill Fusco Jim Boucke Tony Evans Mchcttie Jones, Lynn Carter. Rita Swing, Lynna Lim, Monica Selegue, Kitty Chiles, Madelyn Lavelle, Josettc Molloy, Maureen Jehl, Mary Ann Chisholm, Bob Guiliani, Kevin McNamara, Terry Rodello, Norma Tofanelli, Greg Sullivan, Tim Berta, Paul Dennis, Patty Coulthard, Chris Hansen, Lyon Filmer, Mike Alton, Nina Casen, Drew Tenerio, Marilyn Campion. SEC LECTURES: Pal Pender, Jeannie Moore, Phyllis DeWall, Lin Killam, Jack Bauman. Bob Breault.Archive Committee: Mike Leonardich, A1 Downey, J.L. Broderick, Manolo Riveria, Bill Sandholt Peggy Van DerMeulen, Kitty Chiles, Madelyn Terry, Chris Greefkens. Donna Uhring, Madelyn Lavelle, Josette Molloy, JeannetteMangan, Larry Dyer, Glynis Evans, Lynn Carter, Mary Chisholm, Phyllis DeWall.Sue Gosano, Stephanie Reed. Sue Atwood, Paul Abramorith, Dave Georgi SEC Row One: George Cheung. President, Ted Quock. Secretary. Andy Lau. Vice-President. Ray Quock. Treasurer. Row Two:Kien C. Sien, Emily Chin, Edith Chin, Margaret Choo, Brenda Chu, Fatima Choi. Gary Kwock, Clara Kan, Cecilia Hung. Thomas Chu. Row Three: Lim Leung, Richard Moriwaki. Henry Chen. Chung Kang Mo. Franklyn Lau. Chinese Students of USF The CSUSF is one of the most active self-supporting organizations on campus. Now in its third year, it annually sponsors Chinese Week, seven days of Chinese culture, life and customs. Art Exhibits, food tasting, introductions to the Chinese language and a banquet in one of Chinatown’s restaurants are among the highlights of this week. This year the CSUSF introduced 3 new sport to the campus by sponsoring the USF Table Tennis Tournament. Hopefully, soccer and football teams will be established next year. The o(ganization is not entirely social. Its members arc involved in one-to-one tutoring at Galileo High School. 333Mary Ann Hritz, Mary Ewing, Joaquin Valdes, Nancy Vogeley, Moderator, Anne Bouey, Secretary, Martha Baldwin, Bcyla Vexler, Muffle Pennisi. Joanne Martin. Hispano-Americano Club 334 Rafael Alvarez, Luis Perez. Kathy Brown, Alberto Fanela. Jesus Ruiz, Vice-President, Carlos Franco. Chris Bayliss, Alejandro Toledo. President. Pamela Stone, Tobcrto Cutino, Jeanette Solis, Nelly Pun, Beatriz Morales, Leonardo Fermin, Karen Gardner. Treasurer.Korean Club Philippine Club The Philippine Club is an organization aiming to promote the mutual understanding of Filipino and American culture. ROW ONE: Estrella Villarina, Emylcnc E. Jacinto, Secretary-Treasurer; Jose R. Reyes, Jr., President; Michelle Montesclaros. ROW TWO: Delia Santiago, Carolyn May, Jaime Buenaventura. Vice-President, Eva Pascual, Norman Barton, Vice-President. ROW THREE: Tony Risianto, Roy Cuenca. Ann Bouey, Elena Bello. ROW FOUR: Harris Codoy, lmelda Evangelista, Gil Buenaventura, Manolo Rivera. ROW FIVE: Larry Dolan, Leonardo Fermin, Charlie Gavin. ROW SIX: Sonny Manuel, Jim Bouey. ROW SEVEN: Rick Garcia, Jim Tonna, Adviser; Doug Alegre. ROW ONE: John Nishimoto, Mary Chun, Martha Mendiola. ROW TWO: Kathy Aina. Mary Ann Chisholm, Elaine Rogers, Diane Power, Norma Tofanclli. ROW THREE: Jeanne Zarka. Chris Pastorek, Michelinc Chang. Faye Rubio, Secretary, Mandie Anderson, Dolores Marr. ROW FOUR: Mark Akamine, Frank Lau, Mary Ching, Kathy Cullen, Jim Pualoa. President. Ron Rodrigues, Myron Wong. Russ Hayes, Peter Kckvoha. Greg Correa. Vice-President. Hawaiian Club The University of San Francisco Hawaiian Club, “Hui O Hawaii,” is a social organization which promotes Hawaiian culture and spirit on campus. The club sponsors an Hawaiian Luau annually. The guests are able to experience the friendly atmosphere of the islands through its food and music as presented by club members. Other activities include picnics, parties and sports activities. Chess Club nip Rose, Bill Jordan and Tim Berta. Lynna Lim and Bill. Father Swain. Moderator, and Bill Jordan, President. Bob Sutton and Anne Carton.Irish Club Bridge Club The Bridge Club holds the honor of being the campus’ newest organization. Its purpose, of course, is to provide an intellectual pastime for the students who are cutting classes. ROW ONE: Eileen Malone, Pankaj Shah, Kien C. Sien, Carolyn Vonderheid, Rich Gosse, Dave Dernbach, Vice-President; Lyn Kneis, Pam Stone, Joseph A. Alioto. ROW TWO: Lim Leung, Ivory Chadbourne, Kevin Gorton, Timothy Berta, President; John Howe, Joseph Cocellato, Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Henry Fillbrandt, Joe Trela, Wayne Wright. 337Rifle Team ROW ONE: Mike Taheny, Zodie Curran, Ann Marie Daze, Mary Delaney, Ann Williams. ROW TWO: Sgt. Ruff, Juan Moore, Brad Yules, Fred Nehl, Roger Fontenot, Gary Pilgrim, Larry Richardson. Philhistorians The Philhistorian Debating Society is a club dedicated to the advancement and refinement of speaking and analytical abilities. The organization participated in many intercollegiate speech tournaments, competing successfully in debate, extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, interpretive reading and other speaking events. A Philhistorian will generally be a well travelled individual on the West Coast and further. The Philhistorians sponsored two high school speech tournaments at home this year as well as hosted a college debate tournament. The annual Philhistorian Invitational Debate Tournament, now in its tenth year, is considered one of the finest high school speech contests on the West Coast. The club conducted various campus events, including the Flaherty Debate among USF Seniors, and the Cody Oratorical Contest for the best essay delivered by a USF students. Gwen, Father Dempsey. S.J., Moderator, A1 Magwili. Bill Jordan. Jack Surda. Kathy, A1 Menaster, Jim Deering, Dennis Kafura, Barry, Chris Brandurei. Lvnna Lim, Joe Desmond. 338Math Club Peter Ciolino, Pat Ilacqua, Program Chairman, Allen Amaro, Kien Sien, Margie Graziano, Qaire Ginotti, Louise Ottoboni, Rich Matgen, John Simutis, Father John E. Fischer, S.J. Moderator, Joseph Choy, Jim Johnson, President, Ed Chipp, Vice-President, Ann Randolph, Secretary-Treasurer, Rich Blake. Jean Slaughter, Mara Frediani, Lucy Dechene, Mike Robinson, Lim Leung. The Math Club is both a social and academic organization. Its activities include presenting speakers who concentrate mainly on Mathematics and Computer Science. This year, the Math Club started a file of past math exams for future reference. Its members also compiled a course descriptions pamphlet available to all before pre-registration. These comments were written by the instructors. The Math Club’s social activities are centered on picnics and parties. This past year, they initiated a new project, selling corsages in the dormitories for the winter formal. Crystal Ice. Kneeling: Veronica Corvi, Pat “Argo” Callaghan. Standing: John Courtney, Kathy Shea, Ingrid Novcllo, Marg Forbes. Secretary-Treasurer, Sean Dowling, President, Chuck Borio, Social Chairman, Lynne Wilson, Roberta Visco. Shanna Cronan, Barbara Visco. Row Two: George Green, Brian Dowling, Jim Walsh, Wilt Wong.ROW 1: Maisie Ewing, Muffle Pennisi, Genie Cubero, Linda Tornelli, Roxanne Wood, Judy Greco, Patti O’Donnell, Mary Jo Albanese, Mrs. Kathileen Gallagher, Mary Seffcns, Debbie Bocci, Dorkiss Higgenbotham, Kinda Barrett, Kathy Peterson, Judy Luttinger, Pat McLean, Liz Ahlering, Beth Mastrantonio, Kandy King, Vickie Furman, Jan Brennan. Emeraudes The purpose of the Emeraudes is to promote unity among the coeds of U.S.F., to promote spirit, to support student activities so as to increase student attendance, and to participate in activities of social welfare. Emeraudes are involved in many varied activities; once a month, the girls attend Mass together in Phelan Hall and have breakfast following the Mass. They sold spirit buttons and decorated cars for the Homecoming parade. The Emeraudes’ social calendar includes a Mother-Daughter breakfast and various pledge parties in the Spring, a few “chat” parties, and date parties including a picnic, BBQ and swim party. The biggest social event was the annual Winter Formal, “Crystal and Ice,” on December 6th at the Village. Six Hundred students attended the formal Christmas dance, and the success of the dance was due to the extensive and competent planning by the Emeraudes. These busy girls also worked with the Placement Office in raising money for the Fr. Connolly Scholarship Fund for Minority Students. ROW 1: Ellcna Mullen, Paula Peterson, Regina White, Sandy Fidler, Lynn Jiminez, Jackie Lippitt. Sue McDonnell. Mary Anne O’Shea. ROW 2: Maureen Lechwar, Karen Gardner, Barbara Webber, Sue Livingston, Mary Caldwell, Ellie Horan, Sue Petrinovich. Embers The Embers, the official hostesses of the University, is an active service organization on campus. Their activities include touring groups around the campus and hostessing receptions for the university. The girls are honored to participate in the R.O.T.C. ceremonies and activities. Visits to Letterman Hospital round off the list of the Embers’ service activities.Rangers Captain Bombard, Moderator; MSG Armendariz. R. Pedot, J. Nunally, C. Calhoon, L. Anderson, J. Desmond, J. Moran, M. Hromalik, A. Peterson, J. Trechter, G. Correa, A. Estes, P. Pucci, J. Tehero. Drill Team 341Scabbard Blade ROW 1: Lt. Col. Darwin Hyde, Mike Readman, Steve Cuss, Stewart Besser. Sandy Hayashida, Pete Pons, Darryl Henning, Tom Peterson, Mike Sangiacomo, Greg Correa, Pete Sparks, Paul Pucci, Bob Jones, Dennis Carvalho, Larry Anderson, Joe Moran, Tim Schallert. ROW 2: Ed Kurakazu. Chris Calhoon. Joe Desmond, Ken Perea, Mark Mickclsen, Bob Pedot, Dave Regan, Tim Ruef, Pat Wick. Scabbard and Blade is a military honor society dedicated to making its members better officers and informed members of their communities. The pledge period, conducted biannually, is designed to be both a time of trial and instruction. During the pledge period of Fall 1969, they presented classes on P.O.W.’s,compass, patrolling, bayonet and military etiquette. Practical exercises in patrolling, bayonet and compass were included. This year the company is organizing to provide the manpower for an orientation program designed to inform new students of the benefits of Army R.O.T.C. and other military programs. The Military Ball is one of the highlights of second semester’s social season. A ski trip and softball game with the Cadre were also on the agenda. The year ended with a series of pre-camp classes which are designed to better prepare the cadets of the brigade for Summer Camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. The company can be commended as a viable, energetic organization of 28 brothers who are the best cadets in the Brigade. Lieutenant Colonel Hyde is the moderator of this outstanding group of future military men. Scabbard and Blade, by stressing personal excellence in both military and academic life combined with social activities, strives to produce better officers, who through their examples set high ideals for the Cadet Brigade at the University of San Francisco. 342Historical Society The Historical Society, first established in 1952 by Father John McGloin, SJ., and revived in 1968. is composed of students interested in history. The Society presents a number of distinguished speakers, specialists in certain historical fields. Field trips and discussion groups also further historical awareness and interest. Row One: David Showers, Judy Knight, Timothy Carvalho. RowTwo: Dr. Beach, Moderator; Barbara Menard, Clare Murphy, Beth Driscoll, Meri Demartini, Anne Mahoney. Row Three: Kenneth Chang, Patrick Mullen, Greg Hunter, BruceCunningham, A. J.Lindemann, Michael Butler, Michael Keller, Peggy Van Der Mculen. St. Ives Law Society The St. Ives Law Society offers undergraduates interested in law an incisive view of the legal profession. Although they continue their traditional activities of having lawyers speak on various aspects of the legal profession, and panel discussion on the merits of numerous law schools, they also sponsor new activities. It is their hope to make the society more vital in the University and in municipal affairs. These activities include visits to law schools in Fall semester and a trip to the legislature in Spring. They also sponsored Mayor Joseph Alioto as guest speaker for the University and its guests. The club project, which was an innovation, was a Christmas toy and book drive for the Malcolm X School in Hunter’s point. At least once a semester they invite a guest speaker from one of the other campus clubs, such as the YR’s or BSU, to enlighten members on the problems facing U.S.F. and to find a force to correct them. The St. Ives Law Society continues to offer students a keen insight into the legal codes while at the same time making members a cource for the improvements and developments needed at U.S.F. and San Francisco. Grant Kolling, Sec-Treas.; Ronald Tonegato, Pres.; Greg Hunter, Marilyn Archibald, Terry Rodello, Jack Bauman, Dennis Pederson, Kenneth Chang, Joe Schieffcr, Bruce Ravella, John Magnano, Robert Rcyff, Kevin Mclnerney, Louis Gudmunsen, Ken Canfield, Bill Topf.Bob Hackney, Norma Tofanelli, Bill McQuaid, Grant Rolling, Dr. Alexander Smetana, Ron Silveira, Bob Jesinger, Mike McCullough, Bill Cummings, Ken Canfield. PI SIGMA ALPHA Those students of Government formerly Political Science who have proven themselves academically, are elected to the society. The members of the Omega chapter observe the duties of the Phi Sigma Alpha constitution by stimulating scholarship and interest in government. I.R.C. The International Relations Club was founded to promote and improve relations among students of diverse origins at the University of San Francisco. Its aim is to acquaint students with world problems and develop a better understanding of the modem world. A sampling of this year’s program will indicate the extent of involvement: India Week, Model United Nations, International Week, MUN of the Far West at Eugene, Oregon and various special club activities. ROW 1: Mary Alice Mabee, Terri Rodello, Lynna Lim, Gwynne McElhinney, Eileen Ziomek. ROW 2: Armando Aiegpe, Gil Buenaventura, Pat Chintaganond, Yoh-Chie Lu, Robert Alarilta. Manolo Rivera, Jaime Buenaventura. ROW 3: Steve Isoardi, Mehettic Jones, Phyllis Dewall, Judy Knight. ROW 4: Tony Allevato, Pankaj Shah, Dr. George Lerski, Robert Breault.r ROW I: Shellie Garrett, Dave Pribyl, Joseph Desmond. Michael Griesmeyer. Gordon King. Bill Cole, Ray Cunningham, Alan Downey. Rick Fangman. ROW 2: G. Allan Carman, Terry Castela, Timothy Carvalho, Ken Perea. ROW 3: Marcinda Macdge, Anne Weisner, Rita Swing, Lynna Lim, John Howe. Jack Murphy. The Young Republicans Under the motto "We must begin to think anew and act anew” the YR’s have worked to make themselves an effective political club on campus this year. Besides an active speaker’s program, the YR’s sponsor events which foster intelligent discussion of current issues. In addition to bringing Republican speakers and ideas to campus, the YR’s campaign for local Republican candidates as well as state and national candidates. Democratic Club The Democratic Club is changing its former image as an organization concerned primarily with city, state and national party politics. By concentrating on immediate campus and community issues, such as the Moratorium, the club is becoming a more integral part of "what’s happening" today.USF 22 UC Riverside 6 Vince Tringali’s inaugural college coaching effort was a successful one, as the "Golden DONS." playing for the first time under that moniker, clubbed UC Riverside, 22-6. 7200 fans were on hand at Ke .ar to see the USF grid opener, as the DONS ended a string of 11 straight games without a victory. USF scored three times in the first half all on explosive plays, cn route to building a solid 20 0 halftime advantage. Freshman tailback, Marc Watson. Nor Cal Back-of-the-week an honor never before won by a USF gridder, took a swing pass from quarterback. Randy Nobles, and raced 23 yards to paydirt, as USF took a 7 0 lead into the second stanza. Then Nobles, a Sophomore JC transfer from Diablo Valley, hit frosh wide receiver, Tom Bidcgary, on a 53 yard bomb. A few moments later, Watson turned the corner from 37 yards out. dancing untouched down the sidelines. Rich O’Leary, who sprayed the first PAT off to the side, was accurate on both second quarter kicks as the DONS took the 20 0 margin into the locker room. The Highlanders finally hit the scoreboard early in the last period, as a Riverside lineman batted a short Nobles aerial, then hot-potatoed it into the end zone from 20 yards out. However, the DON defense came up with even bigger kudos in the last half, blocking a punt and recording a safety. With two minutes remaining, UCR went with an ill-timed screen pass in their own end zone. Defensive end, Conrad Hanson, read the play perfectly and smothered the pass recipient for the final two points of the game. 349Humboldt State 47 USF 7 The Golden DONS fell prey to the number three small college team in the nation, 47-7, before a sellout crowd at Areata. The Lumbeijacks piled up a quick 16-0 advantage in the First quarter. Humboldt State amassed 512 yards total offense en route to their 13th straight win covering two seasons. However, the DONS fought back valiantly, mainly behind the passing of soph quarterback, Randy Nobles. Nobles directed the USF offensive to the Humboldt 20 four times in the second half, and finally connected with a 20 yard scoring strike to flanker, Chris Boyd. The USF ground game was stymied by a Lumberjack front which averaged 235 pounds per man, although Marc Watson (46 yards on 23 carries), Gary Francois (41 yards on 9 carries) and Brad Pappalardo (29 yards on 6 carries) all had their moments. Forced to abandon the game plan when Humboldt built up the early deficit Nobles hit 14 of 27 aerials for 159 yards. Defensively, safety Mike Wolfgram handled nine unassisted tackles, each one saving a touchdown. In addition, the transfer from Napa JC combined on 12 other tackles. Linebacker, Steve Haag, a bullish 216 pounder, was credited with eight unassisted and 12 assisted drops. The final stats showed USF totalling 244 yards on offense, a good performance considering Humboldt’s first two opponents were held to 112 and 141 yards total offense.352Chico State 38 USF 7 Playing their second straight Far Western Conference opponent, the DONS were blitzed by Chico State. 38-7, in Chico. It took a 17 point last quarter upsurge by the Wildcats to finally subdue the Hilltoppers, as Chico rolled to its fifth straight victory of the season. USF hit the scoreboard fust, driving 93 yards in 11 plays in the first stanza. Tailbacks Brad Pappalardo and Marc Watson gained chunks of yardage on sweeps and spectacular running plays. Pappalardo personally accounted for 41 of the drive’s yards, while Watson capped the effort with a one yard plunge. Mike Ivanow booted the extra point to give USF a short-lived advantage of 7-0. Chico State Wildcats came back with a quick score in the last minute of the first half, taking a 14-7 lead on a spectacular drive-58 yards in three plays. The second half was dominated by Chico’s vaunted defense, although USF was still in contention with 10 minutes left. But the battle-weary DONS were no match for Chauncey Turnbow’s elusive tactics as the CSC halfback burst for two td’s in a Five minute span. Chico accumulated its final points on a 38-yard goal with nine seconds remaining. Pappalardo, a four year performer for USF, was the offensive star, ripping off 85 yards in 23 carries. However, the DON offense was held to a paltry 31 yards and one first down in the second half. 353354USF 10 Eastern Oregon 9 An embattled USF defense was put to the test in the final three minutes, and rose to the occasion to presene USF’s second victory of the season. The Mounties scored on their first offensive play, as quarterback Stan Weiper bootlegged to his left, and then on a play—action motion, tossed long to his ace receiver, Ray Patrick, who romped into the end zone covering nearly 46 yds. However, the point after touchdown by Dave Fine was booted inaccurately-which was to prove to be the difference. The DONS marched back, twice moving inside the Eastern Oregon 10-yard line in the first quarter, but both times were thwarted. On the second drive, junior quarterback Bob Webb, making his first start for the Hilltoppers this year, was injured. Nobels came in to lead USF to a 36-yard scoring drive in six plays, following an interception by defensive back Larry Alsterlind. Freshman John Raffetto smashed over from five yards out, and Rich O'Leary’s extra point was dead-center, giving USF a lead they were never to relinquish. USF moved out in front 10-6 on the first play of the last quarter on O’Leary's 29-yard field goal. The drive was sparked by the running of Raffetto, who was to net 52 yards in only six carries. Eastern Oregon, however, came back with offensive authority. The Mounties marched to USF’s 4— yard line with three minuted left, but elected to kick a field goal to cut the margin to 10—9. The decision, entirely questioned by armchair quarterbacks, looked as if it would pay off as the Mounties held the DONS to the USF 12—yard line. As the final minutes ticked away. Eastern Oregon’s futile attempt to wrap up the game was deflected by an alert DON defensive back. Or .356USF 6 - CAL STATE HAYWARD 61 Following a brilliant victory the USF DONS • were quickly reminded of their inexperience as the Cal State Pioneers posted a 61-6 victory over the llilltoppcrs in a game which was to be the DONS’ poorest exhibition on the gridiron. The DON defense had put up a representative show the first quarter, but the offense did not reciprocate as Nobles had a short fiat pass intercepted and run back into the end zone, and tailback Marc Watson fumbled inside the USF 20. As a result the Pioneers picked up 13 points in less than a minute. USF came back with a 66 yard drive of their own, as tight end Chris Boyd, outfought Pioneer defensive backs for the 32 yard reception and a touchdown. But with only a 13-6 lead in the second quarter, a Pioneer back galloped 71 yards on the very next play following the USF score, to put Hayward back on the scoreboard. The Pioneers were stripped of its passing game by the hustling USF secondary, as the DONS covered receivers well. However in the second half the Pioneers used their strongest weapon: their running game. The Cal State ground attack accounted for 321 yards, while the aerial game was shut off with 83 yards. 357358USF 21 - St. Mary’s 6 Shrugging off disappointing memories, the USF DONS met St. Mary's Gaels for their 26th annual encounter. The embryonic DONS dealt St. Mary's a 21 6 setback in one of the most exciting games of the season. Coach Tringali went all the way with Freshman Quarterback, Jim Nelson, who had thrown only one pass in the previous games. Nelson proceeded to pass for 110 yards in leading USF to its Finest offensive showing since the Riverside game. Freshman tailback, Marc Watson, rolled up 127 yards rushing in 26 carries including the DON’S first touchdown of the game. USF marched 64 yards in eight plays to score in the second quarter, as Watson outran the Gael defense from 10 yards out. The big play of the drive was a 36 yard aerial from Nelson to yearling receiver, Tom Bidegary. However, the Gael offense, which had been dormant for three quarters, came back with drive of its own on the first series of the last quarter, going 74 yards in 13 plays. Gambling for the lead, St. Mary’s missed the 2 point conversion. USF’s defense took a second deep breath and came back to clinch the outcome moments later. The St. Mary’s QB, dropping back to pass, had the ball batted in the air and frosh tackle, Mike Dcttling, picked it off at the SMC four yard line. Two plays later, senior tailback. Brad Pappalardo broke over the score. Moments later, defense back, Mike Wolfgram, picked up off another errant aerial and rambled to the SMC 46 yard line. The DONS punched over for the final tally in the closing minutes of the game. 359360USF O-SAC STATE 26 Heavy underdogs for their Homecoming game, USF came up with a moral victory, holding Sac State’s powerful Hornets to 26 hard-earned points. The Hornets came into the game rated in the Nation’s Top Ten for small colleges. Despite 468 yards in total offense, Sac State did not secure the victory until the Final quarter. Sac State picked up its first score in the initial stanza, returning an intercepted pass 24 yards. The visitors upped the margin on an 80 yard drive in the second period, and left the field at the intermission with a 12-0 advantage. The third stanza saw Sac State again control the ball but unable to tally—USF thwarted six drives inside the DON 10 yard line. Three came via interceptions, one on a fumble, and two when the defense stiffened and held on fourth down. Despite the heroics of the defense, USF was unable to stay with the Hornets as the offense was limited to a paltry 153 yards-81 coming on two plays. However, the Bowl-hungry Hornets had all they could handle on offense. 3G1USF 7-NEVADA 50 Running into a ravenous Wolfpack, the DONS were torn apart 50-7 in the biggest Little City before a frigid collection of die-hard grid buffs. The temperature read 30 degrees and a continual gust whipped the cold with even more effect. Whatever the elements, USF yielded 23 points in a five minute segment of the First quarter and then left the field at halftime behind by an astronomical 36-0. The Wolfpack padded the advantage to 50-0 before the final period began and grudgingly yielded a USF score with eight minutes left. USF quickly played itself out of the game in the first half, turning the ball over to Nevada on three interceptions and two fumbles. DON quarterbacks completed only two of their first 22 pass attempts plus the three Wolfpack pilfers. USF was limited to one first down in the first half and could account for only three going into the last period. Although Nevada sported only a 3-5 record going into the game, the Wolfpack had compiled quite a record at home. Preceding their conquest over USF, Nevada had won four of five at home, including a 31-21 win over Cal Stale Hayward-the only loss suffered by the Far Western Conference kingpins. Nevada elected to stick to the ground and avoid the icy airways, picking up some 300 yards via the rush. Forced to play catch up, USF ended up by completing only six of 31. 363USF 14 - LOYOLA 35 The USF DONS completed their 1969 season with a 35 14 setback at the hands of their archrivals from the South, the Loyola Lions of Los Angeles. With their backs up against the wall most of the first half, the DONScouldnot prevent the Lions from chalking up two scores just before the intermission. In between the scores the USF defense held the Lions on the one yard line and also intercepted a pass in the end zone to avert another score. The second half quickly took on the appearance of a turnabout, as the DONS held Loyola then marched in easy fashion to score on a 72 yard drive. The defense repeated its feat, and again the Lions were forced into a kicking situation deep in their own territory. However. Loyola faked the punt, picked up the necessary first down yardage, then caught the stunned DONS on a 58 yard scoring pass two plays later. With their spirits broken, the Hilltoppcrs fell behind in the last quarter. Again USI put together a long march to paydirt to slice the deficit to 28-14. but by this time the clock had taken its toll. Loyola punched over the final TD with three seconds left to register the evening's final score. 365-8?. -77 i- x, 1 8 Jv- S J'i Ki S « f ®I ?s V -5 » 1 if J' » I Sitting: R. O'Leary, G. Francois. J. O’Brien. B. Pappalardo, R. Nobles. C. Vorsatz. J. Driscoll, T. Bidegary, A. Szabatura, M. Watson, D. Kuzirian, M. Wolfgram. Kneeling: Coach Vince Tringali, D. Rosaia, J. Raffeto, T. Reid. C. Hansen, C. Boyd, S. Fegan, S. Morello, S. Boone, S. Haag, G. Losada, L. Austcrland. B. Webb, 0. Aurillio, M. Bracco, A. Lopez, J. Gulino. Standing: Neal Shea, Assistant Coach, N. Zumboukas, Assistant Coach, N. Chambers, L Moore, G. Hughes, M. Dettling, C. Hinton, L Dreisbach, L. Erhart, B. Foster, J. Davi, C. Cadelgo, T. Gamniage, J. Dyer, P. McAllister, L. Mirkovich, D. Wood, J. Deschler, Assistant Coach, B. Baccitich, Assistant Coach. Football enthusiasts at USF found the road back With intense concentration Coach Vince Tringali, "die hard fanatics,"- not an easy one but, nonetheless, the upward stares hopefully at his embryonic team, movement was there. The ‘‘Bring Back the Golden DONS” hue and cry brought on by new coach Vince Tringali was sometimes a reality — and at other times, a far fetched scheme in the face of such opponents as Cal State Hayward.Humboldt State, and Sacramento State. The same shortcomings were there as they had been during the last four seasons — a lack of personnel to compare with many opponents. USF was composed mainly of untried freshman who often received their Baptism of Fire under unsurmountable conditions. The Big Win over St. Mary’s was had, as were triumphs over UC Riverside and Eastern Oregon. However, the Golden DONS found no short cuts to fill the gap of powerful Far Western Conference foes. Even with the enthusiastic sacrifices of Tringali and his staff, and the endless hardwork of the USF gridders, called by one scribe as ‘‘die hard fanatics”, the Golden DONS were not quite back. 366367USF OFF 7 Naval Post Grad School 3 12 City College of San Francisco 0 7 Menlo College 3 3 Merritt College 0 7 San Francisco State 0 12 St. Mary’s 0 8 University of the Pacific 0 5 Santa Clara 1 4 San Jose State 3 1 Univ. British Columbia 1 4 Santa Clara 0 2 Stanford 1 3 Chico State 3 1 UC Berkeley 0 1 San Jose State 3 2 Chico State 0 2 San Diego State 2 NCAA REGIONALS 3 San Diego State NCAA SEMI FINALS 1 1 Univ. of Maryland NCAA FINALS 0 0 St. Louis Univ. 4Kneeling: Madu, Jim Parrinello, Leon Hiteman, Eduardo Garci-Aguirrc-Man, Edgar Sagastume, John Comacho. Mario Sagastumc, Ted Psaras. Standing: Rudy Rodriguez, Alex Robustoff, Anibal Tabarez, Sal Ochoa, Larry Dineen, Fernando Rosales, Victor Duran, Carlos San Martin, Emilio Ugarte, Albert Werner, Coach Steve Negoesco. Missing: Hans Friesscn, Connie Robustoff, Ken Alonso. Soccer This was to be THE year for soccer. The beginning of the season certainly indicated it. In games characterized by maximum scores and mimimum competition, Hans Friessen and Alex Robustoff broke previous records at the goal. Soccer tended to be a little routine. But in the San Jose Invitational Tournament the DONS came up against worthy competition. In six days they played Santa Clara, San Jose, British Columbia, and Santa Clara again. Even with an exhausting schedule of four games in six days, they tied B.C. and won the rest taking the tournament. These games set a pattern of playing for the rest of the season characterized by a consistently determined backfield—especially in San Martin and Madu—and the occasional brilliance of the forwards. Although the games of the second half of the season were won by low margin, the DONS were obviously in charge of the game as in the game against San Diego State where DON attempts at the goal outnumbered those of the opponent at least by four to one. The DONS only lost twice: the regional and national championships. Although they managed to maintain a comparatively consistent style even when using replacements, the DONS seemed unable to pull themselves together mentally to produce the spirit needed to win every tough game. That doesn’t seem to matter. There are too many things to remember about that season like beating San Jose twice and joining the delirious mob that swarmed onto the field in a beautiful indulgence of emotion; and Alex Robustoff prefering the beer in the hand of a girl to the girl; Ted Psaras, who didn’t play that much, and his teaberry shuffle goal; Coach Negoesco being hoisted on the shoulders of the players after Maryland and everybody yelling at everybody, “Isn’t it great? ” It was great. 369372FRONT: Sagastume, Rodriguez. MIDDLE: Forrer, Dineen. Baldonato, De Leon Ayoub. BACK: Hernandez. Kelley, Bouey. Ochoa. ..........Hagen. Alfaro, Galligan. J V coach Luis Sagastume, Eduardo Aguirre. Manager. J It’s hard to say what is really going on with the mysterious and obscure JV soccer team-exeept that they seem to be doing really well considering they have lost only one game. But it seems that the JV's have shown at least a ray of hope for the future of USF soccer: they beat the San Jose State JV team 3-1. J. V. Soccer «Setting a record before they even set foot on a court, USF’s young DONS cooly dumped their first three opponents. The Hilltop contingent featured All-American center candidate Pete Cross and 10 sophomores-the most sophs of any team in the nation. Head Coach Phil Vukicevich opened the season against San Francisco State with three seniors in the starting lineup, but by the end of the three game, five day inaugural, three sophs had won starting slots. The DONS opened with a 71-56 triumph over cross-town rival San Francisco State. USF led all the way in downing the shorter Gators. The 6 9” Pete Cross tallied 32 points and 21 rebounds to lead the way. The Hilitoppers faced their first major test in meeting St. Peter’s College from New Jersey in game number two. The Peacocks came to town with impressive credentials, including three straight visits to the N.I.T.. In fact, the nin-and-gun easterners had romped to a 121-84 win in their opener. However, the slow-down tactics of the DONS quickly put a damper on St. Peter’s. Commanding the lead from the outset, USF built on a 14 point halftime margin. The Hilitoppers continued the onslaught, pouring up a 72-47 lead even with the bench cleared. The final advantage of 84-71 came only on last minute Peacock goals and made the outcome respectable. 380For their third non-conference encounter, USF DONS took on another nearby rival: Stanford-a team that has beaten USF with mesmerizing consistency over the years. The Indians held a 38-12 series advantage going into the 51st meeting. USF protected a slim 32-29 intermission lead, and kept the Palo Alto quint at bay the last 20 minutes. The DONS led by as many as 12, taking a 73-64 decision. The Hilltoppcrs then entered three straight holiday tournaments. The Cable Car Classic was the first venture, as USF was soundly whipped by two of the nation’s most physical teams. Santa Clara used a second half blitz to handily end the USF win skein, 70-49. The following evening the cadets from West Point proved an even more physical foe, dealing the DONS a 73-46 setback. USF shot an embarrassing 23% and 26% against the Broncos and Kinghts. 381383 •4385386FORECAST: BRIGHT FOR USF BASKETBALL At the Utah Classic, USF rolled to an early 22-9 lead over the hot Utah Redskins, but the eventual tourney winners rallied for an 87-75 triumph. Bradley, a powerful Missouri Valley Conference contender, almost duplicated Utah’s feat, pulling a 95-80 win. Pete Cross, the star center, scored 60 points and stockpiled 32 rebounds for the two contests, gaining all-tourney honors. Traveling to the Hawaiian Islands, USF opened the Rainbow Classic with Drake, who was rated as the top team in the WVC. The Bulldogs, NCAA third place finishers from the year before, took a commanding 31-15 lead midway through the first half. At that point, the young DONS quickly came to life. Unable to come from behind in any of the four consecutive losses, USF started the long road back. By halftime, the Hilltoppers had outscored Drake 18-2 locking the Bulldogs 33-33. It took the DONS an overtime session, I but they captured the see-S3w battle 69-67. Pete Cross tallied 26 points and set a tournev record with 27 rebounds. ; USF, in turn, was upset by Yale, 75-67, setting the stage for the third place playoff with powerful St. John’s. The DONS led the New York Redmen the entire route, registering a 67-60 win. With 28 points, Pete Cross was a sure pick for all tourney notice. Returning home, the Hilltoppers opened the 70’s with a stirring 69-67 triumph over the Cal Bears. California opened an early » 11-point lead, but USF again battled back and with a 67-67 count, USF took timeout with 11 seconds remaining. The in-bound pass went to Cross, on an attempt to clear the middle. However with Cal anticipating. Cross pumped in a 25 foot jumper at the buzzer. During the SCAC campaign the USF DONS met their sternest test when they met the nationally prominent Santa Clara Broncos on the hard court. USF took an early 4-3 lead and never lost the lead. The DONS built up a convincing 29-19 intermission bulge, intimidating the Broncos on defense. Even with Pete Cross out of the game with nine minutes left via fouls, USF had the momentum and an insurmountable lead. USF DONS’ four starting sophomores turned the usually machine-like Santa Clara offense into a panic in the closing minutes. It was only the third WCAC loss in three years for the Broncos; two of those coming at the hands of the DONS. 387390Kneeling: Phil Stumpo. Manager. Bob Gaillard. Assistant Coach. Phil Vukicevich, Coach. Standing: Terry Senn, Steve Ferreboeuf, Johnny Burks. Pat Loushin, Craig Farley, Pete Cross. Ron Dahms. Pete Kelly. Ron Centerwall. Pat Galos. John Hancock. Leroy Hogg, Dennis Dolan. Rich Ames. The 1969 DONS basketball squad was the youngest in the athletic history at USF. This lack of experience however, was not reflected on the hard court, as the Hill-toppers performed well under pressure against such rivals as the nationally prominent Santa Clara Broncos. Stanford Indians. Cal Bears, and the NCAA tourney entree. Drake. Senior and star center Peter Cross, the only nonsophomore who held a regular starting job, was the anchor man behind the DON offense, leading the team in rebounding and tallying an average of 18 points per game. Utilizing the slow down type offense that has been popular at USF for years, the DONS held high scoring teams to a minimum. This was evidenced against Creighton and St. Peter’s. Both rivals had easily scored above the century mark several times before confronting the green and gold hoopsters. The USF defense held them far below their average in these contests. The future looks bright for the hard court team with four starting hoopsters returning next year. Hopes are high that next year’s fortunes will be much more favorable than in the recent past. USF-71 SEASON RECORD San Francisco State 56 USF - 84 St. Peter’s 71 USF - 78 Stanford 64 USF - 49 Santa Clara 70 USF- 46 Army 73 USF - 75 Utah 87 USF - 80 Bradlev 95 USF - 69 Drake 67 USF - 67 St. John's 60 USF - 69 California 67 USF - 59 Nevada (Reno) 52 USF - 76 Nevada (Las Vegas) 67 USF - 70 Santa Clara 64 USF - 60 Santa Clara 72 USF - 84 Pepperdine 68 USF - 73 Loyola 77 USF - 60 Pacific 86 USF-81 St. Mary’s 68 USF - 48 Creighton 58 USF-91 Nevada (Reno) 66 USF- 98 Nevada (Las Vegas) 109 USF- 72 Pepperdine 79 USF-81 Loyola 69 USF- 59 Pacific 58 USF - 84 St. Mary’s 78 391i ROW ONE: (Kneeling) C. Lorcnc. M. Luvisotti, L. Pliayer, M. Quick, F. Capurro, M. McGuire. ROW TWO: (Standing) D. Snyder (Assistant Coach), R. Lalanne, R. Little, P. VVliite, A. Lewis, M. Murphy, K. Harris, B. Gaillard (Coach). FROSH BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD USF 81 College of San Mateo 60 USF 82 San Francisco State 47 USF 82 Marin J.C. 71 USF 77 Stanford 92 USF 57 CCSF 56 USF 105 Merritt JC 89 USF 82 St. Mary’s 81 USF 100 Chico State 58 USF 62 Lancy J.C. 58 USF 88 Merritt J.C. 79 USF 70 Cal St. Hayward 52 USF 66 California 56 USF 63 Santa Clara 72 USF 115 Santa Clara 87 USF- 92 Gavilan 73 USF 76 San Jose St. 100 USF 46 California 61 USF- 84 Gavilan J.C. 73 USF' 93 San Jose St. 66 USF 69 Pacific 65 USF -110 St. Mary’s 96 393(ABOVE) returning senior lettcrman Ed Kurakazu slams a big one for the DONS. (ROP RIGHT) South paw hurler Dana Hendcrshot limbers up on the mound. (RIGHT) Giving that last extra effort. Senior hurler Alan Paganucci lets one go at an unlucky opponent.(LEFT AND BELOW) Leaving too big of a lead can often be precarious as an opponent found out when he was picked off by sophomore hurler Bruce Zimmerman. 395 ,SCT (TOP LEFT) Junior inflclder Mike Buskey races toward first base after cracking a Texas leaguer to right field. (TOP RIGHT) Randy Zanze. a sophomore standout at the plate, slides safely after hitting another one of his many RBI's. (LEFT) Returning letterman, Alan Paganucci displays his varsity form on the mound. (TOP) Randy Zanze connects again for the USF Dons. 396(TOP LEFT) Coach Dante Bendetti. now in his fifth year as USF diamond mentor, is shown here providing some helpful hints to Bill Mustanich. (TOP RIGHT) Rearing back to throw, Mike Redling displays his varsity form on the mound. (ABOVE LEFT) As a steady mounder for the DONS, Al Paganucci has provided many thrilling moments for the DON baseball fans. (ABOVE RIGHT) Coach Bendetti is shown here explaining his reasons to Bob Nolan who is about to be relieved of his pitching chores by sophomore htirler Bruce Zimmerman. 397CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ROW ONE: Father Benjamin Sargent, S.J., A. Wong, P. O’Connor, F. Casabonne, J. Shovcin. ROW TWO: M. Braun, D. Law-son, L. Wong. ROW ONE: J. Shovcin, E. Scosseria. L. Harris, B. Murphy. ROW TWO: D. Hicks, M. Ewell, J. Dungan, J. Ehrmann, F. Casabonne. TRACK TEAM FIELD TEAM ROW ONE: Father Benjamin Sargent, G. Martinelli, M. Byrd, R. Franklin, R. Garcia, B. Coats. ROW TWO: C. Haf-ron, 11. Logwood, H. Storm. J Stempel, D. Maguire.ROW ONE: G. Hunter, B. Ravclla, D. Freitas, M. Lauderdale, Dr. George McGlynn. ROW TWO: J. Carpenter, D. Chadbourne, G. Chiu. T T E E N A N M I S 399 L. Johnson, D. Olivo, 0. Avakan, E. Russell. B. Brown.u s T s w E F I A M M M I N G John Roster (in the striped trunks), a sophomore free-stylist. and Tony Hubner (in the dark trunks) prepare to splash into the pool for a warmup before their swim meet. (ABOVE LEFT) Displaying his usual form. Tony Hubner leaps forward for a perfect start. (ABOVE MIDDLE) Jim Chambers, whose specialty is the butterfly, is shown here warming up for the upcoming meet. (ABOVE RIGHT) Relaxing in the pool can be a rewarding experience, as Jim Chambers and Tony Hubner find out after a vigorous workout. The USF swimming team coached by Mr. Michael Lehman has been improving ever since its advent. Due to a lack of facilities the team has been hampered slightly. Despite this fact the USF natators have made up the difference with enthusiastic and commendable efforts during their intercollegiate meets. (BELOW) Tom Call, who holds the position of back stroke man on the team, is shown here warming up for his part in the swim meet.INTRAMURAL SPORTS The intramural program at USF, under Director C. Fritz Haf-ron. serves a three part function within the university environment. It serves as an athletic outlet for students who cannot meet either the time or physical demands required by full-fledged varsity sports. At the same time, it represents sports that do not exist on the varsity level. And it also provides members with an opportunity for independence and sell organization. No fame, no large crowds, no athletic scholarships entice intramural participants. All that intramurals offer is the enjoyment that comes from playing a sport and from competing with others. The participants range from all-league high school jocks to those who are playing the sport for the first time. 401PeopleDear Staff, All the thoughts and words have gone. I don’t seem to be able to express what I feel. How can I recall the experiences-good and bad-that we have shared. How can I thank you even slightly for what you have done. Knowing each of you. talking to you and working with you has made my whole life so much more worthwhile. What we have known keeps running through my mind. A thank you for all this seems so inadequate. And yet, I must still say thank you for your work, for your friendship and for your concern. These have been my world of experience. I have seen joy. anger, happiness, concern, love and temper-all the emotions that make a personality. I thank you for having experienced these with you. Some may never understand what I am saying. To them, it is merely a book. But for those who worked on it, it becomes more. Every picture and every page is a reflection of what we have experienced. ... deadlines... met ahead of time ... barely made ... the Red Garter night ... cursing the faculty for not answering our letters ... lost film ... no money ... censored ... no foldouts, guys ... why not? ... because this is a Catholic university ... but look at the SFQ ... I regret I did ... no. Pete, that’s slander... can a part of the university be sued by the universtiy as a whole ... no money ... Grassilli yelling. "Don’t spend any money. We’ll sue you. Father, can we sue the yearbook for exceeding its budget?’’... Plymouth Pictures ... the aggression toy ... Howie being kicked off the basketball court ... Ray cringing in a corner ... Mike, it’s Christmas Eve 2:00 a.m. and we’re almost done ... "No. Sybil, you can’t have five rolls of film for the soccer game tonight." ... no. film, no money-wc’rc so poor ... 2:30 a.m. ... Paul: “Hey, teach, would you mind holding still while I shoot you?" ... Sybil running with cameras and Ray seeing SSS ... Pat: "Hey, Chief, is there anything I can do? Chief, take it easy." ... no film in the camera and you say you shot Mr. Shea, the cross country team, and the baseball game ... well ... Phi Beta Chi will be photographed for the fifth time. Sorry. Jack. This time we’ll use film and your members won’t have to show our photographer how to use the camera .... photographers physically ejected from classrooms ... how can he be a Freshman and a Sophomore at the same time ... Gov't., Pol Sci. Pol Sc, Poli Sci change them all to Pol Sc ... a missing car... a five dollar ticket ... “Hey, Ray," ... Jim: "What can I do?" ... ants ... the artwork missing . .. somebody pick up Howie; he’s on the floor again ... Pualoa, 1 am going to kill you-Armenian power .. . Rick, where arc those aerial shots ... now sit down and relax, you won’t believe this ... Diane, the Law School hopes you will come back often. Professor Lind may not be looking forward to your next visit after you disrupted his lecture. Now about that phone number ... no keys ... cameras at Phelan Hall desk ... we need a photographer NOW ... Howie: ’This is a camera, this is a shutter release, this is a light meter. Meet the Rangers at Gillson steps at noon. Go to it, Patty. ... Sitting at the vicious backstabbing meetings: the ASUSF Senate budget meetings ... P.J. "All right, you in the sand box. you halfway down the slide and you falling off the swing-ACTION!" ... P.J.’s fruitless assault on the SI towers ... Pete and the Daily Don deciphering yearbook notes ... Ray. if only that cable car were moving ... Photographers, would it be all right if we schedule all pictures five minutes apart? ... Sybil, you mean to say that you got Fernando out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to get the camera and he didn’t have it ... patience ... smile ... I hate you. Howie !!!!!!!! ... is there such an organization as Rho-Alpha? ... Howie, if it’s not too much trouble, do you think that you could hang from that rafter and get a shot of them looking up at you? ... the end. 406The 1970 DON Editor..................................................................................................Maureen Lechwar Assistant Editor............................................................................................Ray Michaud Photography Editor...................................................................Gordon (Howie) Chelune The YEAR Editor ....................................................................................Pete Devine Academics Editor.............................................................................Sharon Eveland Senior Editor..............................................................................................Anna Hudson Junior Editor...............................................................................................Pat Wick Sophomore Editor............................................................................................Kay Hermann Freshman Editor ........................................................................................Roxanne Wood Activities Editor..........................................................................Mike McCullough Sports Editor..............................................................................................John Chai Sports Writer ..................................................................................Mike Carey Soccer Editor.............................................................................................Sybil Thornton Literary Board Editor...........................................................................Gina White Art Editor ................................................................................................John Troccoe Index Editor...............................................................................................Jean Slaughter People Editor.............................................................................Patti Jo (P.J.) Kaye Office Manager..................................................................................Jim Pualoa Photographers Staff Skip Benoit Gayton Ching Rick Blake Kathy Cullen Eileen Brosnan Tom Fauria Phil Carter Maureen Jehl Howie Chelune Jeanette Mangan Mike Gallegos Larry Martin Dan Gunther John Oliverio Fernando Guzman Monica Selegue Patti Jo Kaye Sybil Thornton Diane Kowalski Bruce McIntosh Ray Michaud Paul Ohanesian Jim Pualoa Patty Raycees Jim Tehcro Sybil Thornton Ernie Tong Most of our pictures were developed and printed by Plymouth Pictures. The Senior and undergraduate pictures were also done by Plymouth Pictures. John Wright, Baron Wolman, Cine Kcrska. Michele Vigncs, Coloray and Ray de Aragon also contributed pictures for this year's book. The Yearbook staff is most grateful to the Red Garter, the Bratskeller and the Cable Car Barn for being so cooperative in our picture taking ventures. We are deeply indebted to Jim Hamilton for his pictures of Cyrano which made up our Activities divisional. All the other color work in the book was done by Howie Chelune and P.J. Kaye. Father David Walsh, S.J., wrote the memorial to Father John Connolly.Index Administration Academic Vice-President, 38 Asst. Dean of the College of Business Administration, 91 Asst. Director of Admissions, 39 Asst, to the Academic Vice-President, 38 Asst, to the President, 41 Asst. Treasurer. 39 Bursar, 40 Chairman of the Dept, of Education, 52 Chaplains, 40 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, 57 Dean of the College of Business Administration, 91 Dean of the Graduate Division, 51 Dean of Men, 41 Dean of the School of Nursing, 95 Dean of Women, 41 Director of the Academic Advising Program, 42 Director of Admissions, 39 Director of Alumni Services, 45 Director of Athletics, 44 Director of Business Services, 46 Director of Evening College, 52 Director of Intermural Athletics, 44 Director of Library Relations, 42 Director of Public Information, 45 Director of Personnel, 46 Director of Placement, 43 Director of Plant Services, 46 Director of the Reading Center, 42 Director of Security, 46 Director of Teacher Placement, 43 Director of Testing and Counseling, 42 Director of the University Center and Housing, 44 Financial Advisor for Students, 43 Freshman Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, 57 Foreign Student Advisor, 43 Institutional Research, 45 Registrar, 40 University Librarian, 40 Vice-President for Business and Finance, 38 Vice-President for Development, 38 Vice-President for Student Affairs, 39 Faculty Departments Biology, 84 Business Administration, 91 Chemistry, 85 Classics and Fine Arts, 58 Communication Arts, 82 Economics, 59 Education, 60 English, 61 Government, 75 History, 64 Institute of Chemical Biology, 86 Mathematics, 87 Military Science, 66 Modern Languages, 68 Nursing, 95 Philosophy, 71 Physical Education, 74 Physics, 89 Psychology, 77 Sociology, 78 Theology, 80 Students Freshmen, 243 Juniors, 205 Seniors, 103 Sophomores, 221 Sports Baseball, 393 Basketball, 378 Football, 348 Intramurals. 401 Soccer, 368 Swimming, 399 Tennis, 340 Track, 398 Activities Academic Council, 277 ADG, 286 Alpha Sigma Nu, 284 ASUSF, 272 BSC, 276 BSU, 297 Beta Gamma Sigma, 283 Bridge Club, 337 CIP, 298 Circle K,301 Clubs Council, 279 College Players. 308 CSUSF, 333 Daily Don, 316 Delta Sigma Pi. 288 DON, 323 Drill Team, 341 Embers. 340 Emcraudcs. 340 Foghorn, 319 Gamma Pi Epsilon. 283 Gridiron Club, 306 Hawaiian Club, 336 Hilltopper, 317 Hispano-American Club. 334 Historical Society 343 International Relations Club. 344 Irish Club, 337 Knights of Columbus, 302 Korean Club, 335 KUSF, 328 Math Club. 339 Non-Residents Council. 278 Omicron Theta Chi, 290 Pacific Prospectus. 337 Paul Morphy Chess Club, 336 Peers, 303 Pep Band, 307 Phi Beta Chi, 292 Philhistorians, 338 Philippine Club, 335 Pi Sigma Alpha, 344 Publications Council, 318 Rangers, 341 RCC, 276 Residents Assistants, 280-282 Residents Councils, 280-282 Rho Alpha, 406 Rifle Club, 338 San Francisco Quarterly, 322 San Francisco Scene, 318 SCTA, 305 Scabbard and Blade. 342 SEC,330 Senate, 274 Ski Club, 339 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 294 Sigma Alpha Sigma. 293 Sigma Kappa Sigma, 296 Society for Physics Students. 285 Song Girls, 307 St. Ives Law Society. 343 Student Court, 275 The Year, 17 Tri Beta, 285 Tri Gamma, 296 WJC,279 Yell Leaders, 306 Young Democrats, 345 Young Republicans, 345 408Administration and Faculty Aguiar, John E.. 69 Albcrgotti, J. Clifton, 89 Aldridge, Wilson A., S.J.. 72 Ann, Sister Mary, S.M.. 96 Applcbaum, Phillip S.. 89 Armendariz. R., MSG, USA. 67,341 Audigicr. Jean Y., 68 Augros, Robert M., 73 Balch, Stephen II., 76 Barrett, Eamonn, 92 Beach, Frank L., 64. 343 Bcata, Sister Mary, S.M., 95 Bender, Virginia L., 77 Berry, Virginia A., 92 Bevan, Harold T., 77 Bishop. Katherine V.. 60 Bloom. Belle N., 82 Bombard, James R.. Capt.. USA. 67. 341 Boss, Andrew C., S.J., 59 Bozett, Frederick W.. 98 Brandon, Donald W., 75 Breier, Frederick A., 59 Brennan, James T., S.J., 45 Bridges, Geoffrey G..O.F.M., 71 Brusher, Edward W., 73 Bruslicr. Joseph S., S.J., 64 Buckley, Francis J., S.J., 80 Burns, Robert I., S.J., 65 Callaghan, Philip P., SJ.,41,318 Campbell, Donald R., 65 Canclides, Katherine. 98 Cavanagh. Michael E.. 77 Clubb, William G.. 69 Coffey. Edward P.,46 Coffey, Warren J., 63 Coleman John J., S.J., 62 Collins. John J.. 82 Cooper, Mrs. Kclla, 280 Corbett, James M.. S.J., 38 Corwin. Terry A., 98 Cruse, Allan B., 88 Cunningham, Robert I., 73 Curtis. Jack H., 78 Dachaucr. Andrew C., S.J.. 85 Dai. Shcn-Yu, 76 Daigle, Dorothy II.. 97 Dawson. Hugh J., 62 DeMartini, Carol J., 96 Dempsey, James J., S.J., 82 Derus, David L., 62 Devenccnzi, David J., 45 Devine. John R.. 60 Dillon. William J., 45 Dolan, Frances Anne, 41,283,318 Donncllan. William J„ 39 Donoghuc, Augustine P., 39 Dungan, Sr. Sharon, M.M., 79 Dunlap, Lois C., 98 Early, Stephen B., S.J., 82 Elliott, John, 80 Evans, Frances Carter, 95 Evans, Gay D., 96 living, Fred L., 58 Fabian. Sister Mary. S.M.. 97 Fagan, William R., 72 Farrell, Edward J., 87 Fernn, Robert H. 93 Filice, Francis P., 84 Fiore, Alphonse T.. 76 Fischer, John E., S.J., 2,87,339 Fitzgerald. Desmond J.. 72 Furlow, Theodore, 44 Furst, Arthur, 86 Gallagher, Kathilecn A.. 74. 340 Gallas. Josephine, 99 Gallin. Daniel. 88 Gcnolio, Raymond J., 89 Geraldine, Sister Mary, S.M..95 Gilbert, Vernon G., Col.. USA. 66 Girndt, Helmut. 78 Gitler, Robert L., 40 Gleason. John B.. 63 Gordon. Jack D., 71 Gorman. Mel. 85 Granberg. Millianne P., 88 Green, Joan L.,96 Greene. Lester, 92 Griffin, Edward J., 52,60 Grizio. Myron E., Capt.. USA. 67 Grommcsch. William E., 46 Grulm, Thomas A.. 86 Guy, Robert. 44 Haag. James N., 89 Halambeck. Patricia W., 98 Harney, Paul J., S.J., 38 Haskew, Paul J.. 42 Hein, Eleanor C., 99 Herold, Norton J..S.J., 38 Hess, Hamilton, 81 Howe, Michael M., 79 Hughes, Cliff. 44 Hurst. Robert L.. S.J.. 68 Huttenbach, Muriel P., 98 Hyde. Darwin S.. Lt. Col. USA. 66, 342 Jacob. Violette Y.. 43 Jacobson. H. Marilyn, 97 Jankowskc, Charles A., 40 Jonscn, Albert R., S.J.. 36.37 Kayser. Virgenc S.. 98 Kearney, George G., 60 Kelly, James W.. 45 Keppel, Katharine A., 99 Kessell. Edward L.. 84 King, Joseph, 44 Kirk. David M.. 61 Kollcr. Kerry J.. 72 Kossoris. Max D.. 91 Lane, Ralph, 78 Lehmann, Michael B., 59 Lennox, Barbara. 97 Lerski, George J., 75,344 Liebrenz, Gloria D., 43 Ughtbody, Margaret A., 38 Lincoln. Ashbrook. 65 Utzingcr. William D., 91 Lovett. Frank P.,46 Luckmann, Lloyd D., 57 Ludder. Patricia A.. 98 MacKenzie. Robert C.. 76 Mackey, James P., 80 Marchcsi, Maria E., 68 Maroncy, William. 86 Martha. Sister Mary, S.M., 96 Martin, John IE, S.J., 51 Mathcs, W. Michael, 64 Matteucig, Giacinto, 58,69 Mazmanian, Vonalee, 82 McCarthy, Charlene B.,81 McCasland, Gifford E., 85 McConville, Peter, 81 McCormick, Mary J., 78 McCreary, Eugene. 63 McCullagh.Samuel B., 39 McDonnell. Timothy L.. S.J.. 75 McGloin, John B.. S.J.. 64 McGlynn. George 11.. 74 McMahon, Robert E., S.J.. 73 McSwccncv Thomas D., 42,60 McTaggart, Helen P.. 42.77 Melo, Richard F., 82 Metz, Eleanor L., 97 Miller, Ralph D.. 63 Miner. Gwendal R..99 Monihan, William J.. S.J.,42 Moore, Rosemary M..43 Moran, Vincent J.. 72 Mortenson, Barbara J., 70 Mudd, Rosemary B.. 78 Mudge. Richard. SFG, USA. 67 Muenk. Edward J.. 58 Mulcahy, Richard E„ S.J.. 59 Mullen. David A., 84 Murphy, Lawrence E„ 77 Nicholson. Marilyn J.. 97 Nichaus, Theodore F.. 84 Njisane. Mlahleni, 36 Nolan. Edward G..9I Nugent, Francis R.. 73 Orsi, Corinnc C.,99 O'Sullivan, Thomas J., 82 Peleita,PeterP..44,74 Plaat. Otto, 88 Powers. Susan C.. 77 Preston, George T., 46 Prestopino, Christopher, 93 Reed,Thomas A., S.J.. 60 Regan. William J., 91.288 Reilly, Frank J.. 39 Richardson, William O., S.J., 81 Roberts. Margie A.. 40 Ross. Patricia. 97 Rossi. P. Carlo. S.J., 70 Sandri, Luigi D., 58, 70 Schall, James V., S.J., 76 Schallert, Eugene J., S.J.. 79 Schlageck, Lona M., 99 Schmidt, Karl A.. 68 Schneider. Richard. 80 Schooley. Robert A.. 84.290 Sciwald. Robert J., 85 Shanahan. Rosemary. 57 Shand. James D.. 65 Shapiro, Edwin S., 92 Shea, Jerome E.,93 Short, Elliot A.. S.J..40 Simini. Joseph Peter. 91 Smetana. Alexander, 75,344 Smith, Albert J., S.J., 65 Smith, Barry R.,62 Smith, Patrick J.. 62 Smyth, Edmond J., S.J., 65 Spautz. Michael E„ 92 Spidell, Sarah A.. 99 Spohn, William, 72 Stackpoolc, Edward V., S.J., 61,318 Stock, Robert A., 93 Sugrue,Gerald A.,S.J.. 53 Sullivan, George D.. 87 Sullivan, Isabel, 281 Sullivan, Jean L., 99 Sunderland, Robert A.. S.J.. 2,39 Swain. Arthur E.,S.J.,58 Sylvia, Sister Mary, S.M., 96 Szabo, Szilard 1.. 63 Taheny,Theodore T., S.J., 57,80Thornton, Robert A., 89 Tonna. James, 41,279, 282, 335 Treagan. Lucy. 84 Tringali. Vince. 366 Upland. Theodore R., 93 Valdes. Joaquin, 69, 334 Vicrra. Marian J., 96 Visser, Cornells, 91 Vogeley. Nancy J., 70,334 Vukiccvich. Phillip. 74 Wagner, William J., Maj.. USA. 66 Waidcr. Karl J.,89 Walsh, David J., S.J.. 88 Webb. Verna. 43 Wertz, Robert B.. Maj., USA, 66 Wolf. Robert A.. 88 Wood. William J..S.J., 40 Woodruff. Lexic. 97 Worsley. Stephen, 93 Woznicki, Andrew. 71 Zabala. Albert J.. S.J., 81 Zita, Sister Mary, S.M.. 96 REGENTS Bardt, Harry M..47 Compagno, Vincent I., 47 Cooley, Richard P., 47 Cronin, George T., 47 de Guigne, Christian, 47 Devine, Preston, 47 Falk, Adrien J., 48 Fay, Paul, 48 Fleishhacker, Mortimer, 48 Gillson. George, 48 Heilman, Marco F., 48 How. Jack H. 48 Hunt, Reed O., 47 Kendrick. Charles, 48 Lapham, Roger D., 48 Littlefield. Edmund W., 48 Loebbecke, Ernest J., 49 Madison. Marshall P., 49 Mallen, T. Kevin, 49 McLaren, N. Loyall. 49 Mellon, Thomas J., 49 Montgomery, George G.. 49 Ponting, A.E., 49 Russell, Donald J., 49 Worthington, Leslie B.. 49 STUDENTS - A - Abbott, Chris, 221 Abbott, Sue, 205 Abramovitz, Paul, 243, 332 Abreu, Gerald. 243 Actis. Mariam, 243 Adams. Constance, 243 Adams. Patricia, 103 Agpaoa. Anthony, 243, 282 Agrusa, Ann, 243 Aguiar, Carol, 205 Aguilar. Jose. 243 Aguilera, Jeffrey, 243 Aguirre. Frances, 243 Ahboltin. Patricia. 103 Ah Chan, Mikahala. 243 Ahern. Jim. 205 Ahlering. Elizabeth, 103, 340 Ahlering, Patricia. 103 410 Aicardi, Dennis, 205 Aiegpe, Armondo, 344 Aimo. John 243, 282 Aina, Kathleen, 221 Airaudi, Claudia, 221 Akamine, Mark. 243 Alarilla, Robert. 344 Albancsc, Mary Jo, 221.278,340 Alesci, Richard. 243 Alessandri. Thomas. 243 Alexander. Roosevelt. 221 Alfaro. Jose. 243 Alioto, Joe, 221,337 Alioto, Joseph T., 103 Allen. David. 205 Allen. Ken. 243, 282 Allen. Mary Teresa, 103 Allcvato, Tony, 344 Alminiana. Eve, 221 Alonso. Kenneth, 104 Alonso, Virginia, 104 Aloot, Cizo, 221 Alpirn, Michael, 243 Alsterlind. Larry, 205 Altamirano, Horacio. 205 Alton. Maike. 330 Alvarado, Dolores, 243 Alvarado, Gregory. 243 Alvarez. Rafael, 243, 334 Alvaro, Rosemary. 243 Alves. Ronald, 104 Amaro. Allen, 104,339 Ambrosi. Elizabeth, 104 Amis. Doug, 205, 307. 318 Anderberg, Donna, 243 Anderson. B., 243 Anderson. Cheryl, 104 Anderson. Christine. 105 Anderson, Jeffrey, 205 Anderson. John. 105 Anderson, Kathleen. 243 Anderson. Lawrence, 105. 341.342 Anderson, Mandie, 221 Anderson, Sharon. 243 Anderson. Valerie. 205 Andrade, Mark, 221 Andrews. Katina, 221 Angelo, James, 105 Anthenien. Michael. 105, 285 Antonich. Ken, 221 Aramendia. Eduardo, 106 Aranguena, Juanita, 106 Arata. Bev, 243 Arbonics, Bill. 221 Archibald. Marilyn. 106, 343 Arcndt, John, 106 Arevalo. Catherine. 106 Arevalo, Hugo, 106 Armanino. Barbara. 243 Arneson, Gary, 243 Arnone. Alba, 205 Arosteguy, Robert, 243 Artz, David. 221 Ashizawa, Donna, 243 Atkins. Susan. 106 Atwood, Susan. 106, 332 Au. Dhun Hung. 107 Aurclio. Owen, 243. 366 Austerland, L.. 366 Avakian, John, 244 Avansino. Frederick. 107 Avanzino, Steven. 244 Avcllar. Paul. 221 Avington, Harry, 205 Avison, Kathrine, 205 Ayoob, Nancy. 244 Azevedo, Joanne, 244 - B - Babcock. James, 107, 293 Bacci. Dianna. 244 Bacci. Michael. 107 Bacci, Robert, 107 Badal. Ferdinand, 107 Bailey. Bob. 221 Bailey, Jeff, 244 Baker, Dennis, 107 Baldocchi Dan, 244 Baldwin. Martha, 108, 334 Ball. Frances, 244 Ballantyne, Maybelle, 108 Ballcstrassc, Joanne, 244 Balousek. Robert, 244 Banavac. Charlie. 294, 295 Banchero. John, 244 Bandy, George, 221 Bangle, Richard, 108 Baranek, Deborah. 244 Baranowski, Mark, 205 Barasa, Camille. 205, 279 Baraya. William, 108,285 Barbata, Dennis, 108 Barber, Eugene, 244 Bardwell. Paul. 244 Barnes, Greg, 221 Barrett. Linda, 108, 340 Barrett. Michael, 205 Barrett. Mary, 221 Barrett. Nancy, 221 Barringer, Dolores, 244 Barry. Jim. 221 Barry. Peter, 109 Barry. Tim, 221 Barton. Linda, 221,307 Barton, Norman, 205, 335 Barulich, Bill, 221 Bash, Sue. 221 Batcy. Dennis, 205 Battaglia. David. 221 Battista, Jo, 221 Bauer. Louise, 109 Bauman, Jack. 330. 343 Bayer, Jane. 109 Bayliss. Chris, 334Bdcir, Muhammed. 112 Beauchamp. James, 244 Beck, Debbie. 221 Beck, James. 244 Becker, Ronald. 244 Bellew, Joanne. 221 Belli. Mike. 244 Bello. Elena. 109.335 Bello. John. 109 Belous, Robert. 110. 302 Bcnne. Richard. 110 Bennett, Cynthia. NO, 281 Bennett. Douglass, 244 Bentley, Vivian, 221 Benton, Melanie. 244 Benton. Vivian. 110. 277, 283 Berg, Mary, 244 Berkes, Judy. 205 Bermingham, Clare, 221 Bernard. Ilubic. 221.288 Bernardi, Allan, 221.293 Bernesque. Sue. 205 Berta, Tim, 205, 279. 330. 337 Bertinetti, Michael. I 10 Besser, Stewart. 342 Besscr, William. 205 Bcttgcr, Nancy, 244 Bevans, Russ, 221 Biddle, Royce, 244 Bidegary. Tom. 244. 366 Biesheuvel. Patricia, 205 Biggi, Gwendolyn, 110 Biggs. Bolorine, 221 Bilich. John. 111.277. 282 Bine. Rene, 221 Bisazza, Suzanne, 244 Bixby. Valerie, 244 Blackmer. Dennis. 244 Blahoski. Francis. 111 Blake. Richard, 111. 339 Blake. Susan. 205 Blake, Wendell, 205 Blanchard. Bernadette, 221 Blanchard, William, 111 Blanchard. Rita. 244 Blanchficld, David. 244 Blandon. Sergio. 111 Blank. Tom, 221 Blick, Richard, 205 Bluitt, Deborah. 244. 281 Blum, Joann. 221 Blumc, Kathy. 244 Boatman, Charles. 244 Bobe, Michele, 280 Bocci, Deborah. 111. 340 Boehm. Barry. 244 Boerio, Chuck, 205 Boerio. Mike. 244 Bohac, Terri, 112,305 Bohnen. Ed. 302 Boitano, Richard. 112 Boland, Mike, 301 Bonato, James, 112 Bonfilio, Joan, 205, 281.295 Bonnet. Dan. 244 Boone. Steve, 245. 366 Boreman. Steve. 245 Borges, Cheryl, 112 Borio. Chuck. 339 Borras. Susan, 245 Boscacci, Gene. 245 Bosch, Karen. 205. 279 Bosshard, Barry. 221 Botkin. Becky. 221 Bouey, Anne, 222. 334. 335 Bouey. Jim. 205. 335 Bourne. Kathy. 222 Bousquet, Margaret, 112 Bowen. Joan. 205 Bowers, Daren, 112 Boyce, Debbe. 222 Boyd C., 366 Boyle. John. 113 Bracco. Michael, 113, 366 Bradley, Jack, 113 Bradshaw, Robert. 245 Brady. Gerald. 113 Brady. Monica. 205 Bragg. Pamela, 113 Brandi, Catherine, 113, 305.317 Brandi, Theresc. 114 Brandt. Deidrc, 114 Brascsco, Darlene, 245 Braun, Michael, 245 Braun. Richard. 222 Braund, Sharon. 114 Bray. Paul, 222 Breault. Bob, 206, 330. 344 Breen. Margaret, 114 Bremner, Katy, 206, 281 Brennan, Janet, 114, 340 Brennan.John,318 Brereton, Andrea, 114 Bresin. Kenneth, 245 Bressan, Thomas. 222 Bret. Tom. 206 Brewer. Daniel. 245 Bricn, Joyce, 115 Brighi. Barbara. 206 Britt. Terry, 206 Brock, Constance, 245 Brock, Mary, 206 Broderick, James. 222,331 Brooks. Cathey, 115,305 Brooks. Ricky. 222 Brosao, Mike, 245 Brosnan. Eileen, 115 Brown. Barry, 245 Brown, Daphyne, 245 Brown. Francis. 245 Brown, Kathryn, 115 Brown, Kathy, 222, 334 Browne, Kathy, 206 Brunicardi, Norine. 206,305 Bruno, Kathleen, 115 Brunsvold, Mary, 206, 305 Brusher, Will. 206 Bruton, Tom, 222 Bruzzonc, Franccne. 222 Bucchianeri, Bob, 222 Buchanen,Jean, 222 Bucher. Don. 294. 295 Buchner. Linda. 245 Buckley, Tom. 222 Buenaventura, Gil, 245,335,344 Buenaventura. Jaime. 335, 344 Buenavista. Juliet. 245 Bugas. Helen, 115 Buller, Mark, 245 Bullis. Steven, 206 Bundschu, Ellen, 116 Bunn. Shelton. 222 Burger. Marylcc. 245 Burke. Sheila. 245 Burks, Jonny, 222 Burman, Mary Ann. 116, 281,283. 295 Burrell, Peter. 206 Burrie, Joan. 206 Burris, Bill, 206 Burton. James, 245 Burton. John. 206 Butler, Brenda. 116 Butler, Larry, 222 Butler, Michael. 116, 343 Butler. Phoebe. 245 Butte. Cynthia. 222 Byrd. Milton. 245 Byrd, Tom. 294 Bvrne, Eileen. 222 Byrne. Kathy. 222 Byrne. Pat. 206 -C- Caballcro. Anthony, 245 Caballero. Richard, 222 Cadelgo, C., 336 Cague. Mike. 245 Cahill, Daniel, 222,302 Cahill, Daniel M.. 117 Caldas. Gonzalo. 206 Caldwell. Mary. 206, 340 Calhoun, Christopher, 117, 341.342 Call. Tom 222 Callaghan. Cheryl. 245 Callaghan. Pat. 206, 339 Callaghan, Sheila, 117 Callaghan, William 245 Callan, Vincent, 222 Callen, Francine, 245 Calvillo, Angie, 245 Camozzi. Gary. 222 Campbell, Dave, 245 Campbell, John, 206 Campion, Marilyn, 117, 280, 330 Campisano, Jim. 222 Campisi. Jack. 117 Canardo. Edmund. 117 Candee, Lester, 245 Canfield, Kenna, 118, 343, 344 Canlis, Susan. 222 Cann. Kathy, 222 Cannata. Steven, 118 Cannon. Lawrence. 245 Canzian. Sheila, 245 Cappa. Claude, 222 Cappadona, Dorothy, 118, 30S Cappello, John, 118 411Cappielo. Janet. 206 Capture, Frank. 246 Cara. Chris, 222 Caramatti. Jean. 246 Carbone, Frank. 246 Carbone, Janet. 246 Carbone. Joanne, 118 Carbone, Mark. 223 Cardani. Joanne. 246 Carenbauer, Ellen, 206 Carey. Michael. 1 IS. 282. 294. 205 Carini. Mike. 246 Carl. Joan. 246 Carlin, Thomas. 246 Carlos, Louis, 206 Carlson. Ainalcc. 206 Carlson. Jeannot, 119. 295 Carmody. Eleanor. 206 Carmody. Mark, 119 Carmody. Roger. 223 Carpenter. John. 119, 294. 295 Carr. Jean. 223 Carroll, Dan, 329 Carroll. Joan. 246 Carter. Claire. 223 Carter. Clifford. 119 Carter. Lynn. 330,331 Carter. Mary. 119 Carter. Patrick. 119, 288 Carton, Anne, 223, 278. 280 Carvalho. Dennis. 120. 342 Carvalho. Timothy I... 120.343,345 Casabonne. Francois, 246 Casaniayou. Roberta. 223. 280 Casazza. Sandra. 207 Casern, Nina, 330 Casey, B.. 305 Casey. James, 120 Casey. Mike, 302 Caslta. David. 246 Cassou. Ronald, 246 Castelan, Terry. 223. 277, 285. 345 Castellanos. Alex, 223. 294. 307 Castellanos. Lucia. 246 Castelli. Julie. 246 Castcllo, Glenn, 223 Castonova. Don, 246 Castro, Mike, 207 Castro. Nancy, 120 Caswell, Mary, 223 Cataldo, Renee. 246 Catalano, Sam. 246 Cavazos, Gloria. 246 Celedon. John, 247 Centerwall, Ron. 223 Cerutti, Mary. 223 Cervenka, Jan, 223 Chadbournc. Daniel. 247 Chadbournc, Ivory. 337 Cliai, Joung, 120 Chambers, James. 247 Chambers. Norris. 247. 266 Chambers, William. 207 Chan. Sclwyn. 121 Chang. Kenneth, 343 Chang. Michclinc. 247 Chapralis. Stephanie. 223 Chavis, Carrie, 247 Chelune. Gordon, 223 Chelunc, Howie, 294, 295,320 Chen, Emily. 223. 333 Chen. Henry, 247.333 Cheso, Gil. 223 412 Cheung. George. 121.333 Cheung, Mike. 207 Chiappero. Aldo, 121 Chiles. Kitty, 223,330,331 Chin. Edith, 247.333 Chin. Victor, 121.290 Citing. Clayton. 247 Ching. Randy, 282 Citing. Sylvia. 121 Chintaganond, Pat. 122, 344 Cltipp. Edwin. I 22, 339 Chisholm, D. Vincent. 122,302 Chisholm. Mary Ann, 122,330,331 Cltilcji. Frank. 122 Chiu, Wai Clioy, 122 Choi. Fatima. 223,333 Chong, Christina. 247 Cltoo, Margaret, 333 Cltorak, Lou. 223 Chow. John, 122 Chow, Teresa, 123 Clioy. Joseph, 247.339 Cltriss, Tina. 123 Christian, Dale. 247 Christian. Dan. 207 Cltu. Brenda. 333 Cltu. Cassandra, 247 Cltu, George, 123 Cltu. Thomas. 247,333 Chun, Mary. 247 Ciabattari. William, 123 Cifclli, Pete, 247 Ciltak, Donald, 123 Cimino, Carla. 223 Cinquini, Chris. 223 Ciochctto, Rosalie. 223 Ciolino, Peter, 207, 305,339 Claridad, Jasmine. 223 Clark, Chris, 223 Clark. Margaret. 247 Clark. Mike. 282 Ciaybaugh, Al. 207 Claymore, Joseph. 123 Clerklcy. Charles. 223 Cliff, Kay, 223 Clifford, Barbara, 123 Clifford. Elizabeth, 123 Clifford. Francis. 124 Clopton, Joseph. 124 Clouse, Steve, 223 Coats, Bill. 223 Coccellato, Joe. 207, 337 Cocconi, Gloria, 124 Codol, Chris, 247 Codoy, Harris, 335 Cogan. Margaret, 124.281.283, 295 Cogbill, Virginia. 247 Cohn, Gary, 247 Colby. Cynthia, 223 Cole, Antoinette, 207 Cole. William, 207. 345 Coleman, Molly, 281 Codings, Grant, 344 Collins, Sr. Frances. 124 Collins. Kathy, 247 Collins. Mary, 247 Collum. Michael. 124 Colontbini. Diana. 223 Colombo, Joe. 223 Colosimo, Loretta. 247 Columbus, Tonic, 223 Colwell. Katy. 247 Comacho, John, 269 Coman, Robert. 247 Comfort, Michael, 247 Congdon, Sr. Dolores, 125 Conklin, Ray, 247 Connolly. Kathleen, 125, 277 Connolly. Mike. 223 Connolly, Thomas, 125 Consort i. Roger, 207 Cook, Margaret. 247 Corbett. Sr. J„ 247 Corominas. Su, 223 Correa, Greg. 341.342 Corrigan. Mike, 207. 294, 295 Cortopassi, Christine. 125 Corvi, Veronica, 305, 339 Costa. Steve, 223 Costello, Joseph, 223 Costello, Margie, 305 Costello, Ralph. 247 Coturri, Anthony, 207 Coulthard, Pat, 248, 330 Courtney, John, 339 Cowley. Al, 223 Cox. Harry. 207 Cox. Sue. 248 Coyle, Edward, 248 Coyne.John. 248 Coyne, Kathleen. 125. 277, 281 Coyne. Kevin. 223 Cozzoli, Celeste, 223 Crecdon, Barbara. 248 Crcstetto, Alan, 126 CTitz. Anne. 248 Crocco, Carmine. 248 Crockett, Joseph, 223 Cronin, Karen, 248 Crook, Steve, 248 Cross, Peter. 126 Crow, Craig, 207 Crowder, Davia, 248 Crowe. Mary, 223 Crowson, Larry, 248 Croze. Ernie, 248 Cubero, Eugenia, 224, 340 Cuenca. Rodrigo. 224, 335 Culbertson, Marlene. 207 Cullen, Kathy, 207 Cummings, Ethel, 248 Cummings. William, 126, 344 Cuneo,John,248 Cunningham, Bruce, 248, 343 Cunningham, Mary, 224 Cunningham, Bro. Michael, 126 Cunningham, Ray, 126. 317, 345 Curran, Bill. 224,302 Curran, Mary, 248 Curran, Mary. 248 Curran, Maureen, 126, 280 Curran. Tim, 248 Curtin, Joe, 248 Cusimano, Carol, 127 Cutino. Robert, 248,334 Czcrkies, Don, 207 - D - Daddio, Carl. I 27 Damalo, Larry. 207 Darner, Michael, 127 Dana. Donald. 127 Daneri. Robert, 127 Dang. Pauletta, 128 Dang, Vincent. 207, 290Dangilan. Amalia. 248 Da Silva. Adrian. 207 Da Silva. Raquel. 248 Daste, Guy. 224 Davi. John. 128, 366 David. Joseph. 128 Davis. Diane. 248 Davis. Kathy. 248 Davis. Margie, 207 Davis. Mary. 248 Daze, Anne Marie. 224 Deaile. Roberta, 248 De Brito, Catherine. 128 Deehene. Lucy, 248, 339 Dechene, Rita, 128, 277, 285 Deis. Gerald, 224 De John. James. 128 Delagrangc. Miriam. 248 Delaney. Mary, 224 Delangc. Janice. 207 De Laurie. Jo Anne, 129 de Leon, Leslie, 248 Della Celia. Frances, 129 Della Santa, Denise. 248 Delucci. Bill. 224 Demartini. Mary. 129. 305 Demartini, Meri, 343 De Martini, Nancy, 248 Deming, Kathy. 295 Demos. Marilyn. 224 Dempsey. Patrick, 249 Dennis. Paul. 224. 282, 330, 332 Denton, Kathryn, 249 Depner. Barry, 207 Deraney, Sandra, 224 Derderanis, Phil, 224 Der Engl, Joseph. 249 Derieg, Greg, 224, 282 Dernbach, Dave, 208, 337 Derring, James, 248 Desmond, Joseph, 129. 341.342. 345 Desmond. Kathleen. 129 Destruel. Randy, 249 Dettling, Michael, 249, 266 Deutsch, Pete, 208 De Vay. Mary, 224 Devcncenzi. David, 249 Devine. Peter. 129 Devine, Philip, 224. 277.317 Devoti. David. 130, 282 De Wall. Phyllis. 249. 330, 331,344 Deycrle, Stephen, 249 Diaz, 249 Dicker, Kelly, 224 Diedesch, Marilyn. 130 Dieringer. Victoria. 249 Dietrich. Fred. 130 Dignco, Bro. John, 130 DiGrazia, Robert, 130 Dillon. Chris. 224 DiMcrcurio. Thomas. 130 Dincen, David. 249 Dineen, Lawrence. 208. 369 DiPego. George. 130 Dissing. Paul. 224 Dito. Gordon, 224. 288 Doherty, Catherine, 130 Doherty, Connie, 224 Doherty, Cornelius. 249 Doherty. Pat. 224 Dolan, Dennis, 224 Dolan, Larry, 208. 335 Dolan, Margaret. 249 Dolores. Ed. 249 Dombrink. John. 249 Domenici. Martin. 131 Donofrio, William. 224 Donoghue, Christina. 224 Donohoe. Mary Ellen. 224 Donohue. John, 249 Donovan. John. 249 Donovan. Kathy. 208 Dottillie. Michelle. 224 Doudiet. Thomas, 208 Dougherty. Dan, 249 Dove, David, 249 Dowell. Dorothy. 249 Dowling, Brian, 249, 339 Dowling, Kevin, 131 Dowling. Sean, 208, 339 Downey. Alan, 208. 330. 345 Downing. Bill, 249 Doyle. Judith, 249 Doyle. Ken. 249 Drabinski. Eileen. 250 Drago. Frank. 224 Dragoman. Joseph. 208 Dreier. Bruce, 208 Drcisbach, Leonard, 250. 366 Drews, Mike, 250 Dricssea. Donna, 250 Driscoll. Beth. 208. 343 Driscoll. Jack, 131.366 Driscoll. Kathy, 224 Driscoll. Nancy. 224 Drysdalc. William, 131 Dubost, Carol Ann. 131.305 Duca, Giulia, 224 Duerson, David, 224 DulYield, Hester. 132 Duffy. Dennis, 132, 294, 295 Duffy, Hank, 224 Duggan, Sharon, 250 Dulay, Dion. 132. 285. 290 Dungan, Joe, 250 Duniway, Saneha, 208 Dunkin. Liz. 250 Dunn, Barbara, 132. 318 Dunn.Coby, 132 Dunn. Sue, 250 Duran. Victor. 250, 369 Durighello, Paul, 250 Dyer, Jim, 224. 366 Dyer. Lawrence, 208.331 Dyer. Tim, 208 Dyki. Annette. 208 Dykzeul. Jane, 224 - E- Eaquinta. James, 250 Earcckson, Cathy, 224 Earl. Susan, 225 Ebright, Mary, 132 EcotT, Mike. 225 Edelman. Robert, 133. 318 Edens, Kathy. 225 Edwards, Chris, 208 Edwards, LaVonne, 133. 305 Egan, Jim. 225 Egan, Margaret. 250 Egan, Sr. M. Ellen. 208 Ehrlich. Dottic, 225 Ehrmann. Cecile. 225 Ehrmann, Gerard, 250 Eilncr. Lyon, 330 Eiswirth, Nancy, 225 Eivers, Kathy, 225 Ellefson, Kathleen. 133 Ellerhorst. Thomas, 225 Ellsworth. Alma. 225 El well. Mike. 225 Emerson, Ann. 208 Emerson. Chris. 250 Empey. William, 208 Endsley. Paul. 250 Enos. Pal. 208 Epidcndio, Jan. 208 Erhart. Lew. 250, 366 Erlach. Paul. 225 Erlach. Raymond. 133, 279 Erpelding. Leandra. 133. 273, 280 Errion, Chris. 225 Ervin, Donna, 225 Esola, Janice, 208 Esposto. Richard, 225 Estes. Allen. 341 Estrella. Linda. 133 Evangelista. Imelda. 335 Evans, A.. 250 Evans, Glynis. 331 Evans, Norris, 225 Eveland, Sharon, 225 Everett. John. 225 Evers, Audrey. 250 Ewing, Mary, 134. 334. 340 Eyraud. Michclinc. 250 - F- Fabian. John. 318.329 Fahres. Tom. 208, 277 l ain. Sr. Karen, 225 Falsarella, John, 208 Fan. Kitty, 134 Fanciullo, Rick. 225 Fancla. Alberto. 334 Fangman. Rick, 208. 345 Farley, Paul. 208 Farrell. George. 225 Farris, Pam. 225 Fauria. Thomas, 134, 301 Fedora. Laurence, 225. 332 Fcchan, Mary. 225 Fcgan, S.. 366 Fcldtman, Kathy, 208 Felix, Chris. 250 Fendlcr, Fred. 134.277Fera. Joe. 208 Fera, Joseph V.. 134 Fermin, Leonardo, 250.334, 335 Fernandez, Alfonso, 225 Fernandez, Julie, 250 Fernandez. Manuel, 225 Fernekes, Joe, 225 Ferrcboeuf, Stephen. 225 Ferry, Chris. 250 Ferry, Cindi. 225 Fidler. Lyn, 340 Fidler. Sandra. 225. 340 Fielding. Paula, 250 Figoni. Richard. 134 Filice, Michael. 250 Fillbrandt.Pai.337 Filmer. Lyon, 250 Finan, Ellen, 250 Finn. Brendan, 250 Firpo, Emile. 250 Firth, John, 250 Fisher. Chris. 295.306 Fitting. Betsy, 226 Fitzgerald. Christine, 250 Fitzgerald. Kevin, 250 Fitzgerald. Mary. 250 Fitzgibbons, Terry, 294. 295 Fitzpatrick. James. 226 Fitzsimmons, John, 251 Flcckcnstein, Elaine. 135 Fleet, Keteri, 251 Flcnaugh. Linda. 251 Flewellen, Saundra, 226 Flodin, Richard. 135 Flora, Richard. 135 Flores. Ronald. 135.282 Flournoy, Catherine, 135 Flournoy, Lynn. 226 Flowers, Philip. 135 Flynn, Mary P.. 251 Flynn, William, 251 Flynn, William, 251 Foedisch, Rosemary, 136 Foley. Marilyn. 226 Foley, Nancy, 208 Foley. Phyllis. 251 Follain. John, 208 Fonseca, Mary, 226 Fontana, Ron, 251 Fontcnella. Maurice. 251 Fontenot. Roger, 251 Foppiuno, Linda, 136 Foppoli, Rich, 251 Forbes, Margaret, 226. 307.339 Ford. John, M.. 136. 278. 282. 306 Formosa, John. 136 Forncrct, Eric, 251 Forrer, Jim, 226 Fort unio. John, 136 Fossen. Jeff, 226 Foster. Bryan, 136, 366 Foster, Dave, 251 Foster. Jeffrey, 226 Fouls. Carole, 209 Fown. Darryl. 137,288 Fraga. Charles. 251 Francis, Lynette, 251 Franco, Carlos, 334 Francois, Cathy. 251 Francois, Gary. 251,366 Frandrup, Lisa. 226 Frankc, Elizabeth, 137 Franklin, Natalia, 226 414 Franklin. Ronald. 226 Franza. Thomas. 137. 285 Franzi. Joseph. 137 Frawley. Cindi, 226 Frawley, Susan. 251 Frazier. Laura, 226 Frediani. Mara. 226. 339 Freed, Steven, 209 Freeman, Nancy. 251 Freiling, Mike. 226 Freitas. Dave. 251 Frick, Kathy, 251 Friel. Kevin. 209 Friel, Maire, 137, 279 Friel, Shaina, 251.280 Fryer, Ann. 226, 280 Fujii. Muriel. 251 Fulcher. Tony, 209. 305 Furley, Marcia, 251 Furman, Victoria. 137, 340 Fusca. William. 251 Fyfe, Susan, 251 - G - Gabali. Magda, 251 Gable. Glenn. 319 Gable. Larry, 251 Gabriel, William. 137 Galbraith. Courtney. 138. 277 Galbraith, Tim, 226 Galeno, Janet. 251 Gallagher. Mike, 226 Gallagher. Terry, 251 Gallagher. Tim 252 Gallegos. George. 138. 293 Gallegos, Mike, 302, 305 Galletti. Clara. 209 Galos, Pat, 226 Galut. Marie. 252 Galvin. Dan. 277 Gamboa, Ted, 252 Gamma, Frank, 227 Gammage. T., 366 Gancos, James, 227 Garand. Paulette. 209 Garaventa. James, 138 Garci-Aguirre-Man, Eduardo, 369 Garcia. Bill, 209, 282 Garcia, Cecil. 209 Garcia, Rich, 209, 335 Garcia. Valerie. 252 Gardner. Karen. 209. 305, 334, 340 Gardner. Kim. 252 Garibaldi, Jerry. 252 Garibaldi. Louie, 252 Garman. G.. Allan, 345 Garrett. Shellie. 138.345 Garrison, Pam, 252 Garven, Judy, 209 Garvey. Anne, 138 Gasson, Lea, 227, 295 Gates. Cheryl. 138 Gatto, Philip. 139 Gavin. Charles, 209. 335 Gavin. Gerald. 209 Geeza, Mary. 139 George, Mary. 139 George, Virginia. 139, 277 Georgeatos, Pamela, 139 Georgi. David. 252, 282. 332 Geraldi, Marie. 252 Geraldi. Mike, 209 Geraldi. Tony, 227 Gherini, Tom. 252 Gianforte. Joseph, 252 Giangrcgorio. Gregory. 252 Giannini. Dennis, 252 Giannonc, Liz, 252 Giavia, Pamela. 252 Giesekcr, Bill, 252 Gilchrist. Susan, 139 Gillum, Margaret. 252 Gillum, Steven, 140 Gilmore. Gary, 252 Gilmore. Jim. 252 Gilmore. Maureen, 227 Gingras, Steve, 252 Ginotti. Claire, 140. 305.339 Gioana. Sue. 253 Giraldin, Christine, 140 Girard, Paula, 253 Gislason, Nancy. 253 Giusti. Joanne, 253 Gladden, Mark, 227 Glassy, Eric, 227 Glecson, Gerry. 293 Glinn. Richard, 143 Glischinski. Rita. 227 Gnecco, Jane, 253 Gocke. William, 253 Golden, Kathy, 253 Golden. Patrick. 140. 277. 282. 290, 295 Golobic, Robin, 227 Gomez, Ed. 227 Gomez, Gary. 253 Gon. Maye-Lynn, 253 Gong. Melody. 253 Gonzales. Carmen, 227 Gonzalez, Oscar, 253 Goode. Jack, 253 Goodwin, Carolyn. 253 Goodwin, Mike, 319 Gormley. Pat, 227 Gormsen. Jennifer, 209 Gorsuch. Mary, J., 253 Gorton, Kevin, 253, 282, 337 Gosano, Suzanne, 209, 332 Gosse, Richard, 140.337 Goyhenetche, Grecian, 209,305 Grady, Richard, 253 Graffy, Kurt. 209 Graham. Rich. 302 Graham. Rita, 253Grange, Thcresc, 227 Grassilli, Robert, 140, 273, 282, 294 295,317 Graton, Paula, 253 Graudenz, Jacob, 141 Graves, Catherine, 141,280 Gray, Brenden, 253 Gray, Jane, 227 Gray, John, 253 Graziano, Margaret, 141,280, 283, 305,339 Grazioli, Joseph, 141 Grazioli, Michael, 253 Grealish, Kent, 142, 302 Greco, George, 227 Greco, Judith, 141,340 Grcefkens, Christine, 227, 331 Green, George, 227,339 Green, Judith, 142 Green, Mary, 253, 285 Greenstone, Anne, 209, 281 Gregory, Andy, 253 Grclli, Orestc, 253 Grgas, Michele, 227 Grier, Lynn, 142 Gricsmcycr, J. Michael, 209,285,345 Griffin, Bob, 209 Gronck, Kathleen, 253 Gross, Thomas, 209 Grover, Roberta, 142 Guadamuz, Carlos, 227 Gualco, Andrcina, 253 Gudmundscn, Lewis, 210, 343 Guehring, Kurt, 210 Guerrcra, Christine, 142, 281 Guevara, Jose, 253 Guido, Roger, 142 Guilfoy, Tom, 253 Guiliani, Bob, 294,330, 332 Giullcn, Pat, 253 Gulino, J., 366 Gullotta, Daniel, 210, 285 Gundry, Frank, 143 Gunn, Cathay, 227 Gunn, Moira. 143, 317 Gunston, Alice, 253 Gunther, Bob, 227 Gunther, Dan, 210 Guss, Stephen, 210,342 Gustafson, Jeff, 253 Gustafson, Mike, 210 Gutierrez, John, 228 Gutierrez, Yadira, 210 Guttormsson, Rikka, 228 Guzman, Fernando, 210, 288, 307 - H - Haul, Dennis, 143 Haag, Stephen. 228, 336 Hackney. Robert, 143, 277,344 Hadden, Gwen, 253 Haedgc, Ma rein da, 210 Hafalia, Rcnaldo, 253 Hagarty, James, 228 Haggarty, Claire, 228 Hale, Patricia, 253 Haley, Moira, 143 Hall, Katherine, 228 Halligan, Jean, 228 Hamann, Debbie, 228 Hamill, Mary, 228 Hamilton, Don, 228 Hamilton, Martin, 228 Haney, Bill, 293.306 Hanley. Kevin, 210 Hanscll, Mike 210 Hansen, Chris, 253, 330,366 Hanson, Conrad, 143, 282 Har.Wohn, 143 Harbach, Ann, 253 Hardin, Kathi, 228 Hardwick, Vikki, 253 Harford, Bruce, 254 Harless, John, 228 Harley, Cecelia, 144 Harper, Chris, 254 Harrington, Cathy, 254 Harrington, Edward, 210,305 Harrington, Hugh, 144, 277 Harrington, Pat, 254 Harris, Sr. Donna, 144 Harris, Fred, 210 Harris, Joseph, 228 Harris, Ken, 254 Harris, Lorraine, 2S4 Harrison, Barbara, 254 Harrison, Gwen, 210 Hart, Bradford, 254 Hart, Thomas, 228 Hartfield, Mary, 254 Harvey, Pam, 228 Hascnkamp, James, 144 Hasselbach, Jo, 210 Hassell, Lewis, 228 Hatch, Carol, 144 Hatton, George, 228 Havcy, Nancy, 210 Hayashida, Sander, 210, 342 Hayde, Phillip, 254 Hayes, James, 254 Hayes, Pattie, 254 Hayes, Russell, 228 Hazelwood, Mike, 288 Healy, Joseph, 145 Hcarne. Charles, 228 Heaston, Sandra, 145 Hee, Pamela, 228 Hegerhorst, Mike, 210 Heinz, Annette, 145 Heinz, Vincent. 210 Hclfrich, Bill, 254 Hcllrung, Randy, 210,301 Hcndcrshott, Dana, 210, 301 Hendershott. Dave, 254, 282 Hcnncssy, Jean. 145 Hennigan, Mike, 210 Henning, Darryl, 210, 342 Henry, Charlie, 210, 293, 306 Henry, James, 145 Henry, Sharman, 146 Herbert, Charles, 228 Hermann. Kay. 228,328 Hernandez, Feliciano, 254 Heslin, Tom, 210 Hickel, Jack, 228 Hickok, Robert. 254 lliggenbotham, Dorkiss, 340 Higgins, Mary, 210 Hill, Linda. 228 Hiller, Ronald, 146 Hinkle, Rich, 282 Hinton, C., 366 Hiteman, Leon. 369 Hoenisch. Richard. 254 Hoff. Steve, 254 Hoffman, Dave, 228 Hogan, Michael, 254 Hogg, Leroy, 146 Hokcnson, Leslie, 254 Holland. Michael, 254, 282 Holland. Robert, 146 Hollander, Holly, 146 Hollingsworth, W. Patrick, 146 Holloway, Chris, 228 Holmberg, Charles. 146 Holton. Mike. 210 Holtz, Janet. 228, 281 Horn, Steven. 254 Honrath, Thomas. 147 Hooper, David, 228 Horan, Eleanor, 147, 295, 340 Horan, Kevin. 288 Horton, Anne, 210 Howe, John, 147, 277, 337, 345 Howell, Joseph, 147 Howerton, Linda, 228 Hoy, Coleen, 254 Hrabetin, Frank, 229, 282 Hritz, Bob, 229 Hritz, Mary Ann. 147, 305. 334 Hromalik, Mark, 147,341 Huber, Tony, 229 Hudson, Anna, 148 Huezo, Alberto, 211 Huff. Stephen, 229, 282 Hughes, G.. 366 Hulsman, John, 211 Humphrey, Chris, 211 Hung, Cecilia, 229,333 Hunter, Glenn, 229 Hunter. Greg, 229. 343 Hurley, Vince, 229 Hustcdt. Mary, 148 Hyde. Bonnie, 229 -1 - Iheanacho, S. Madu, 211 llacqua. Pat. 211,305, 339 Ildefonso, Julia, 148 Imhaus, Conrad, 254 Ingojo, Jose. 148 Insabella, Robert, 148 Ippolito, Vincent. 148 Irving, Zoe, 254 Isoradi, Steve, 344 Ivey, John, 229 Ivons, Tom, 254 lwamoto, Joilc, 254 - J - Jachctta, Linda, 149 Jacinto, Emytene Jacinto. Judy, 281 Jackson. Cheryl, 254 Jackson, Tom, 211,305 Jacobs, David, 255 Jacobson, Karen, 149 Jacobus. Anne. 229, 307 Jalbert. John, 149 James, Dennis, 149 James, Rosalind. 255 James, Yolanda, 149 Jang. Donna, 255Jaquinta, Frank. 149 Jarrell, Ron. 211 Jasinski. George, 229 Jchl. Maureen. 150, 305. 330 Jenkins, Kathleen, 211 Jenkins, Linda, 150 Jenkins. Thomas, 150 Jenkins. Valuta. 255 Jenson, Margaret. 255 Jenson. Tom. 211 Jesinger. Robert. 150. 272. 344 Jeung. Kristyne, 211 Jimenez, Lrnesto, 150 Jimenez, Lynn, 229 Jimenez, Olivia, I 50 Johansen. Allen, 151 Johnson, Arlene. 255 Johnson, Barbara, 151 Johnson, Charles. 255 Johnson. Christine. 229 Johnson, Doug. 255 Johnson, Jim, 211.279. 285.339 Johnson, Joanne. 229 Johnson.Joanne. 255 Johnson, Kathleen. 151 Johnson, Kirk. 229 Johnson. Larry, 255 Johnson. Maureen. 229 Johnson. Michael E., 151 Johnson. Michael G.. 151 Johnson. Michael NV., 211 Johnson. Richard, 211 Johnson, Robin. 211 Johnson, Sue, 229 Jones, Bob. 255, 342 Jones, Larry, 211,301 Jones, Marcia, 211 Jones, Mehettie. 211.330. 344 Jones, Robert D., 152 Jones, Ron, 229 Jordan, William, 229 Jorgensen, Cheryl, 211 Joseph. Sharon, 255 Joyce, Thomas, 255 Jozwicki, Christine, 211 Jung, Lawrence, 152 Jurovich, Kathleen, 152 Jwcinate, Norma, 255 - K - Kafura, Dennis, 152 Kalinowski, Marie, 152 Kamalski, Carol. 229 Kan. Clara May. 229, 333 Kane, Stephen, 255 Kanter, David, 211,305 Karber, Tony, 229 Kavanaugh, Barbara. 229 Kavanaugh, Robert, 152 Kayahara, Geoffrey, 229 Kaye, Patricia. 152 Kays, Margaret, 255 Keane. Christine, 229 Keating, Everett, 229 Keating. Thomas, 255 Keays. William. 152 Keenan, Roberta, 211 Keith. Kathi, 211 Kekauoha, Peter, 256 Kcllcn, Mike, 230 Keller. Mike. 229, 343 Kelley, Mary, 229 416 Kelly. Bill. 255 Kelly. Chris. 212 Kelly. Karen. 255 Kelly. Kathy, 255 Kelly. Kevin. 229 Kelly. Kevin. 255 Kelly, Maryelin. 230 Kelly. Pete. 230 Kelly. Regina. 153 Kelly, Suzanne, 256 Kennedy. Daniel. 153 Kennedy. Maureen, 256 Kenny.John, 212 Renter, Karen, 256 Kerch. Patty, 256 Kern, Susan, 256 Kerr, Janice. 153 Kerrigan. Alice. 256 Kerrigan, Ellen, 230 Keyes. Bill. 256 Kieffer, Kathy, 256 Kiley. Dan, 256 Kiley. John, 153 Killam, Linda. 212.330 Killeen, Mike, 212 Kimlinger. Michael, 256 Kimura, Cheryl. 153, 277,318 King. Dick. 212 King. Gorden, 230, 288, 345 King, Joseph, 153 King. Kandy, 340 King, Marianne, 230,305 King. Maryanne, 153 King, Timothy, 154, 306 Kirby. Brooke, 230 Kirk.Wil.212 Kirkpatrick, Gordon, 256 Kisla. S.. 305 Kissella, Joe, 282 Klein, Katherine, 154 Klein. Stephen, 154 Kljunak. Kathy, 212 Klooster. Barbara, 230 Knauber, John, 256 Kneis, Lyn, 256, 337 Knight, Charlotte. 256 Knight, Judy, 212,343, 344 Knights. Dennis, 256 Knox, Hattie. 230 Knox. Linda, 230 Knox, Margaret, 256 Knutson. Mary, 256 Kolanski, Debby, 256 Rolling, Grant, 154,343 Konte, Jean, 154 Koobatian, Janet, 154 Koppe. Bill, 212 Kordesich, Karin, 256 Koshlap, Karl, 230 Kotlangcr, John, 230, 307 Kovalesky, Andrea. 256 Kowalski, Diane, 212 Kowalski, Pete. 230 Krakow, Betty, 212 Kraus, Debbie, 256, 280 Krieger, Cathy, 230 Kricger, David, 154 Krpan, Chris, 256 Kubancik, Diane, 212 Kubaneik, Joseph, 155 Kuebrich, David. 155 Kuhlmann, Kathleen, 230 Kulka, Dave. 285 Kurakazu. Edwin. 155,282,342 Kuss, Herbert, 155 Kusumoto, Gerald, 256 Kusuyama. Daisukc, 155 Kuver, Greg, 230 Kuzirian, Dave, 212, 366 Kwock, Gary. 256.333 - L- Labow. L., 305 Li Boy teaux. Sarah, 156 Librador, Laura, 156 LaFond, Janice, 156 LaFranicrc, Donald, 256 Lagomarsino, Peggy. 230 Liberty, Richard, 156, 285, 290 Lai. Dorothy, 256 Lail, Jan, 256 Lajoy, Ken. 230 Lajoy, Ronald. 156 LaLanne, Roger. 257 Lamb. John. 156, 285 Lambert, Sharon, 257 Lamberto, Peter. 157 Lamm, Greg, 212 Lanaway, Mary. 157 Lannan. Teresa, 157 Lanzini, Roger, 257 LaPlante, Stephen, 157 Larkin. Jill, 285 LaRocque, Gerald, 157 Larson. Carla, 257 Lasater. Michael, 157 Lasnik, Linda, 230 Lastufka, Virginia, 212 Lau. Andy, 212,333 Lau. Frank, 257, 307, 333 Lau, Mitchell, 212 Lau, Norinc, 158 Lau. Tony, 158 Laudari, Joe, 257, 282 Lauderdale, Mike, 212, 282 Lauer, Ed, 212 Lavclle. Madeleine, 257, 330, 331 Lawlor, Robert, 158 Lawson, Daniel, 257 Lawson. Ed, 230 Lazarich, John, 212 Lazio, Joe. 230 Leander, Mary L., 257 Leary, Lou, 230 Lechowiek, Vince, 212 Lechwar, Maureen. 158, 340 Lee. Alvin, 257 Lee, Bob, 257 Lee. Elizabeth, 257 Lee, Eric, 230, 301 Lee, In W, 212 Lee, James, 257 Lee. Jim, 282 Lee, Nina, 257 Lee. Omar. 257 Lee, Robert P., 257 Lee, Suzanne, 257 Legnilto, Steve, 257 Lehigh, Susan, 257 Leitschuh, Paul, 212,290 Lem, Jean, 257 Lemcllc. Linda, 257, 281 Lemoge, Paul, 230 Lemonnier. Diane, 158 Lenatti. Charles. 257Lenci, Wall. 231 Lcnihan, Jim. 257 Lenihan. Kathy. 231.279 Lennon, liugli. 158 Lennon.John,231 Lcnz. Mary Kay. 231 Lenzi, Gene, 231 Leonard, Mary. 231 Lconardi. Linda. 257 Lconardich, Mike. 231.331 Leong. Kevin. 159. 294. 295 Lepley, Phil. 231 Leslie. Clark. 231 Leung, Julia. 159 Leung. Lim Shui. 231.333. 337. 339 Leveron. Annette. 231 Levine. Barbara, 231 Levinson, Steve. 293 Levy, Lawrence, 159 Lewin, Russell. 257 Lewis. Anthony, 257 Libanti. Bernard. 159 Liberty. Chris. 212 Lichtcnbergcr, Bill, 257 Lightncr Bill, 231 Lillie, Gail, 212,305 Lim. Lynna. 159. 285, 330,344, 345 Limper, Marcia. 159 Linato, Lourdes, 212 Lind. Steve, 257 Lindemann. A.J., 212, 343 Lindemunn. Dorothy, 257 Lindemann, Renee. 257 Lindsay, Doris. 212 Lindsey, Tommie, 257 Linebcrry, Jeff, 231 Lippi. Marilyn. 160. 285 Lippi. Thomas. 257 Lippitt. Jacquelyn, 231.307. 340 Lippitt. James, 160 Lister, John, 257 Little. John, 231 Little. Randy. 257 Livingston. Susan. 212. 340 Long. Carolyn, 257 Long. Ford, 231 Loot, C.. 282 Lopez. Albert, 160. 366 Lopez, Alfredo, 160. 285 Lopez, John, 231 Lopez. Tony. 257 Lorda. Renee. 160 Lorcnc, Chris, 257 Losada. Gary. 257.366 Louis. Robert, 212 Lounibos, Anne. 232 Loupy, Damilia, 257 Loushin. Pat, 232 Lovi, Carla, 232 Low. Debbe. 257 Lowthcr. Wayne. 160 Lobamcrsky, Joan, 232 Lu. Yoh-Chic, 344 Lucarotti. Joyce. 257 Lucchcsi, Steve. 232 Lucchetti. Frank, 161,285 Lucero. Tony. 232 Luchini. Joe, 302 Lucido, John. 258 Lucifora, Maria, 258 Lu, Houn I.. 258 Lulay, Cathy, 258 Lulay. Steve. 232 Luluquiscn, Esminia. 258 Lum. Lyncttc, 212 Luna. Norman. 161 Lusardi. John, 232. 302 Lustig. Andy, 232 Luttringcr, Judith. 161.340 Luvisotti. Mauro, 258 Luyendyk. Judith, 232 Lyau. Pamela. 232 Lynch, Brian, 232 Lynch, Christine. 232 Lynch, Greg, 212 Lynch.Pat. 212.305 Lynch, Patricia, 212 Lynch. Raymond, 258 Lyons. Linda, 232 Lyons. Mary. 258 - M - Mabec, Mary, 163. 277, 344 MacGibbon. Evan, 212 MacMillan. Mark, 258 Madatian, John, 258 Madden, Anne, 258 Madu,369 Maedge, Marcindo, 345 Maese, Stephen, 232 Maeso. Milinda. 232 Magee. Mary, 232 Magee. Michael, 258 Mages. Michael, 258 Magidson, Bill. 232 Magnano, John. 232,343 Magnetti. Linda. 232 Magrath. Nanette, 232 Maguire. Dan. 258, 307 Maguire. Karen. 212 Maguire, Kathleen, 163 Magwili. Domingo. 232 Maher. Charles. 163 Mahoney. Anne, 213. 343 Mahoney, Janet, 232 Mahoney. Jerry. 302 Mahoney, Leslie, 232 Mahoney. Margaret. 163 Mahoney, Maureen, 258 Mahoney, Maureen E., 164 Mahoney, Merit. 232 Malate. Rebecca, 213. 305 Maligie. Judy. 232, 280 Maligie, Mike, 213,301 Malione. Louise. 258 Mallia, Joanne. 232 Malone, Eileen, 258, 337 Maloney. Anne. 232 Maloney, Pat. 213 Maloney. Tom. 232 Malta, Frances. 164 Manascaleo. Tony. 294, 295 Mangan. Jeannette, 258 Manion, Heather. 232, 295 Maniscalco, Anthony. 164 Mann, Donna. 233 Manuel. Gerdinio, 213. 335 Maraldo. Mary. 213 Marghs. Jeannette, 331 Maria, Don, 258 Marika, Kathy, 233 Marin, Carlos. 233 Maring. Rosemarie. 233, 305 Maroevich, Sue. 233 Marr, Annmarie. 164 Marr. Dolores. 233 Marshall. Lucille, 164 Martell. Bud. 295 Martell. Rene. 164 Martin. Charles. 164 Martin. Christopher. 258 Martin, Dennis, 165 Martin, George. 164 Martin, Joanne, 165,334 Martin. Kathy, 233 Martin, Thomas. 233, 288 Marlinelli. Dave. 258 Martinclli. Gary, 233 Martinez. Evelyn, 165 Martinez, Mary, 165 Martinson, Brian. 258 Marty. Sue, 258 Marymcc, Shirley, 258 Masetti. Albert. 165 Maslach, Sue, 258 Massenburg, Mary Ann, 165, 322 Mastrantonio, Beth. 340 Mateo, Shcrwin, 233 Matgcn, Rich, 213,305, 339 Matheny, Ann Marie, 295 Matlock. Krystyna. 165 Matsuki. Tom. 288 Mattcucci, Arlene, 213 Mattcucci. Jim. 258 Matthews. Cecelia, 233 Mattiauda. Shirley, 166 Mattrocce. Evonne, 258 Matza. Michael. 233 Mau. Lavcrne, 233 Maurin. Sherri. 213 May, Carolyn, 166.335 May, Sr. M. Charles. 166 Maycski. Simon. 258 Maynard. Kathy. 233 Mayrisch. Robin. 166 Mazgai, Michael. 258. 282 McAdam, Debra. 258 McAllister. Pat, 258. 366 McArthur, Branda, 258 McBride. Pamela, 161 McBride. John. 322 McCaffrey, Mary, 258 McCann, James, 258 McCarthy. Dan, 213 McCarthy. Diane. 233 McCarthy, Donna. 258 McCarthy. Jerry, 161,285 417McCarthy, Joan, 213 McCarthy, Mary. 233 McCarthy, Pauline. 233 McCarthy. Sharon. 213. 305 McCaughcy. Elizabeth, 161 McConaha. John. 233 McConnell. Jim. 233 McCormick, Brigid, 213 McCready. Mike. 213 McCullough. Mike. 233. 344 McDermott. Lynn. 260 McDevitt. Johrden. 162 McDonnell. Paul. 259 McDonnell. Sue. 340 McDonough. Kathy. 259 McElhinney. Gwynne, 259. 344 McKntee. Kathalcen, 259 McFall. Margaret. 259 McGarry. Timothy. 259 McGillivray. Ellen. 259 McGilloway. Devin. 213 McGinnis. Bernard. 162 McGinty. Pat. 213 McGlennon. Michael. 162 McGowan. Cecilia. 259 McGowan. Eileen. 259 McGrath. Kevin. 233 McGraw. Tom. 259 McGreevy, Chris, 213 McGuire. Ken. 213 McGuirk, Ed. 259 McHugh, Jim. 233 Mclnerncy. James. 162 Mclnerney, John. 259 Mclnerncy. John. K.. 259. 343 McIntosh. Bruce, 162. 282. 294. 295 McIntyre, Sr. Kathleen. 213 McIntyre. Linda. 162 McKenna. Michael. 259 McKenna. Mike. 233 McKill. Virginia. 259 McKinney. Robert, 213 McKinnon. Jamie. 233 McLaughlin. Brian. 233 McLean. Margaret, 259 McLean. Pat. 233. 340 McLean. Theresa. 163 McLemore. James. 163. 288 McLoughlin. Patricia, 259 McMackin, Joe. 233 McMahon. Mike. 213 McManamon. Rita. 259 •118 McMurray, Mike. 233 McNally. Steve, 259 McNamara. Kevin. 233, 330 McNamara, Mary. 259 McNcese, Melinda, 259 McNeill. John, 213. 278. 282 McNulty, Maureen, 259 McQuaid. Bill. 213. 317. 344 McShane. Bill. 233 McShanc,Joan. 213 Meade. Cathy. 259 Meade. Tricia. 234 Meadows. Gradv. 213 Medina. Hector. 213, 294. 295. 301 Meersman. Tom. 213 Meier. Dana. 259 Meiswinkel. Cecelia. 214 Melanson. Mike. 259 Melody. Patricia. 166 Mena. Jose. 285 Menard. Barbara. 166. 277. 283. 305. 34.3 Mernad. Larry, 259, 282 Menaster, Albert. 167. 279 Mendez. Ernest. 234 Mendiola. Martha, 214 Mendiola. Mauricio. 167 Meneghelli. Barry. 167 Mcnhcnncti. Linda. 214 Merjano, Joanne. 259 Merla. Angela. 167 Merrick. Jeanie. 259 Merrigan. Michael. 260 Merritt. Joe, 301 Messer. Marsha. 234 Metras. John, 260 Metzler, Doretta. 260 Meyer, Karen, 234 Meyer. Kathy. 234 Meyer. Richard, 167 Meyer. Shirley. 260 Michaud. Raymond, 167. 282. 294 295 Miclicictti, Tom, 260 Mickelson. Mark. 168. 342 Mignault. Nadine. 214. 305 Milulawi. Mohammad, 260 Mileto. Aleta. 234 Miller. Anna, 234 Miller. Bill. 260 Miller. Cathy, 260 Miller. Kathleen. 260 Miller. Kevin. 260 Miller, Marilyn, 168 Miller. Mike. 260 Miller. Patricia. 168, 283 Millina. John. 260 Mills. Frank. 168 Mills, Jewel, 168 Milne. Linda, 234 Milton, Mary. 260 Milton. Peter. 214 Miner. Eugene, 214 Minick. Barbara. 234 Minncr. Dave. 234 Minor. Jackie. 234 Miranda. Judith. 169 Miranda. Sophie. 234 Miriz i. Joe. 260 Mirkovich. Les, 302. 366 Mitchell, Jerry. 234 Mo. Chung Kang. 260. 333 Mogannam, Jihad, 260 Moharram. Helmy. 169 Molinari, Gino, 234 Molloy. Josettc, 260.330. 331 Molloy, Maureen. 283 Moloney. L.J.. 214 Moloney. Sean. 260 Monetti. Roseangela. 169 Monger. Terry, 234 Monroe. Leon. 214 Monroe. Michael. 169. 294 Montalto. Linda. 234 Montesclaros. Michelle. 260.335 Monti. Larrv. 214 Moock. Joe". 234 Mooney. Anne, 260 Mooney. Barney. 260 Mooney. Mike. 234. 290 Moore, Carol. 260 Moore. Jeanne, 330 Moore. Juan. 260 Moore, L., 266 Moore. Peggy. 234 Moore. Rosemary. 260 Moorchouse. Mark. 260 Moorer, Mary. 214. 280 Morales. Beatriz, 260. 334 Moran. Joseph. 169, 341.342 Moran, Scott. 260. 282 Morcllo. Steve. 260.366 Morgado, Michael. 169 Morgado, Rosemary, 170 Morgan, Angelina, 260 Morgan. Richard, 261 Morganti, Jeff, 234 Mori, Donna. 261 Mori. Larry, 301 Moriarty, Jim, 261 Moriwaki. Richard. 261.333 Morley, Mary. 214 Morley, Thomas. 261 Morris, Daniel. 261 Morris. Linda, 234 Morris. Lynne. 170. 305.317 Morris. Mary Anne. 234 Morris. Michele. 261 Morton. Ann. 234 Mosich. Michele. 234 Moungovan. Mirni. 214 Mow. Bob. 234 Moyles. Terrence, 170. 285 Mueller. Jean. 261 Mugnolo, Sue, 234 Mulgrew, Thomas. 234 Mulhcrn. John. 261 Mullan. James, 261 Mullen, Brian, 170 Mullen. Ellcna. 214.279. 340 Mullen. Patrick, 170. 288.343 Mullen, Tom, 234 Muller, Debbie. 261 Muller. Mary. 234 Mullin, Pat, 234 Mulloy, Nancy, 170 Mulvihill. Nancy, 214 Mulvihill, William, 234 Mumaugh, Earl. 261 Murchison, Mel, 234 Murphy. Anne. 234 Murphy. Bill. 261 Murphy, Carolyn, 171 Murphy, Clare, 214,305,343 Murphy, Elaine. 235 Murphy, J.T., 171,317Murphy. John J.. 261.345 Murphy. John I .. 235.302 Murphy, Maureen. 214 Murphy, Michael. 261 Murphy, Pat, 215 Murphy, Patricia, 171 Murphy. Sheila. 261 Murphy, Terence. 171 Murr, Nick, 235 Murray, Colcen, 235 Murray, Lynn. 261 Musacchio, Tina. 235 Musso, David, 171 Musso. Lucien. 172 Mustanich.J. William. 172 Muzzatti. John. 235 My res. Marcel, 261 - N- Nachtigaller. I.. 214 Nagcngast. Barbara, 172 Nagy. Robert. 261 Nakagaki. Gail. 214 Nakoa. LaVerne, 172 Napolctano, Norcen. 214 Natalc, Christann, 172, 285 Navarra, Anthony, 172. 2X5 Navarro, Carmel. 235 Nave, Gary, 235 Nee, Rachel. 235 Nehl, Fred. 235 Neilan. Mike, 261 Nelson. Jim. 261 Nelson. Kevin. 261 Nelson. Theresa. 261 Nevil. Mary. 214 Neville. Angela, 214 Ncvin. James. 173 Nevis, Nancy, 235 Nicco. Barbara, 261 Nicco. Roberta, 261 Nicholls. Mike. 293 Nichols, Kathy. 214 Nicholson, Pat, 261 Nicolini. Janet. 235 Nicolopulos. Richard, 261 Nicolopulos. Robert. 173 Niederer. Cliff. 173 Nishijima, Paul. 261 Nishimoto, John, 261 Nix. Susan. 214 Nobles. R.. 366 Nolan. Beth. 235 Nolan. Dennis, 262 Nolan, Suzanne, 262 Nonmura, John. 173 Noriega. Bruce. 235 Nork. Janet. 262 Norman. Gerry. 235 Northam, Chris. 262 Norton. Mike. 262 Nortor. Ralph, 235 Nousse. Darlene. 235 Novello. Ingred, 262. 339 Nunnally, James. 341 - O -O'Brien. Jim, 262 O’Brien. John. 235. 366 O’Brien. Patrick. 262 Ochoa. Sal. 369 O’Connell, Gerri. 235. 281 O’Connell. Louise. 173 O’Connell. Maureen. 173 O’Connell. Tom, 214 O'Connor. Corinne, 235 O'Connor. Kathy, 235 O’Connor. Patrick. 262 Oday. Cathy. 214 O'Donnell. Jim. 235 O’Donnell. Patricia. 174. 340 Oery. Thomas. 174 Ogi. Janice. 214 Ohanesian. Paul. 262 O'Hara. Ann, 235 O'Hara. Filecn. 262 O’Hara, Maureen. 235 O’Hare. Jay, 235 Ohta. Francine, 214 Ohy. Maki, 174 Okawa. Claire, 214 O'Keefe, Flizabeth. 235 O'Keeffe, Catherine, 214 O’Keeffe. Christine. 262 Oldag. Catherine. 214 O'Leary, Deborah, 262 O’Leary. James. 174 O’Leary, Rick, 235, 366 Olin. Kelly. 262 Oliverio, John. 262 Olivo. David. 262 O'Meara. Kevin. 235 O'Meara. Stephen. 174. 285 O'Neal. Deborah. 262 O'Neill. Kathy. 235 Ordonio. Perlita. 214 Orleman. Paul. 262 O'Rourke. John, 214 Orozco, Russ. 235. 288 Ortiz. Reynaldo, 214 O’Shea. Mary Anne. 214 Osmond. Robert, 174 Osterman. Tcri. 262 Otcllini. Paul. 235. 288 Otterson, Philip. 214 Oilman. Ginny. 283 Oltoboni. Louise. 214. 277. 339 Outlund. Cheryl. 235 Ozcndo. Pierre, 235 - P - Pachiner. Theresa. 175 Padeett. Henry. 262 Padilla. Joe. 262 Pagano, John. 262 Pagano, Randy. 263 Pagendarm. Valerie. 235 Paige. Cyndi, 214 Paiva. Marc, 214 Pajak. Tom. 236. 282 Palazzotto. Michael. 175 Palla. Marilyn. 214 Pallballati. Dave, 215 Palmer, Denise. 263 Panek, William. 236. 294. 295 Pang, Fook Soon, 175 Pang, Peggy, 215 Papazian, Paul. 175 Pappalardo. Bradford. 175. 366 Parlante. Michael. 175 Parmer, Michael. 175 Parrinello, Jim. 215. 369 Parrish. Dan. 215 Parrish. David, 236 Parrish. John. 263 Parsons. Andrea, 215 Parsons. Denise. 215 Parimann. Bill. 263 Parlmann.Constance. 176 Parimann. Nancy. 236 Parton, Colleen, 176. 283 Parton. Donna. 236 Parun. Debra. 263 Pasadis, Athan. 176. 277 Paschke. Barbara, 176 Pascual. Fva. 176. 335 Pasol. Scvcro. 236 Passanisi. Pamela. 176. 285 Pastorck, Chris. 263 Patricio. Susan. 236 Paul. C„ 305 Paul, Flizabeth. 176.305 Paun. Nick. 263 Paune, Shirley, 263 Pavlovitch. Steve. 294. 295 Paxinos. Helen. 176 Pearce. Winston. 215 Pederson. Dennis. 177. 343 Pedol. Robert. 177. 341.342 Peer. Alexander. 177 Pegucros. Rosemarie. 236 Peguese. Bruno. 236 Pelker. Wendy. 236 Pellegrini. Marleen, 236 Pellegrini, Nancy. 263 Pclicrili. Liu rone. 177 Pender. Patricia. 177. 280. 330 Pendergast. Pat. 263 Pennisi. Madeline, 177. 279. 305. 334. 340 Pennisi. Vince, 263 Perea. Kenneth. I 77.301.342.345 Pereira. Ricardo, 178 Perez. Kathy, 236 Perez. Luis. 178. 334 Perillo, Rita, 263 Perlick. Sr. M. Naomi, 178 Perrucci, Chris. 263 Perry. Marjorie, 215 Perryman, Mary Ann. 178 Pcterkin. Mike. 26.3 Peters. Fred, 263 Peters, Louise, 236 Peters. Mark. 263 Peterson. Andrew. 341 4 li Peterson, Kathy, 236, 281.340 Peterson. Mike. 236 Peterson. Paula. 215. 280. 340 Peterson. Richard, 178,305 Peterson. Tom. 342 Petrich. Peter, 178, 294. 295 Petriek. Donna. 163 Petrie. Carol. 178 Petrini, John, 215. 301 Petrinovich, Susan, 179, 295, 340 Petrovic, Mehajlo, 263 Petrusieh, Janet, 179 Petruzzella, Connie. 215, 305 Pfeifer, Charles, 179 Phair, Joseph, 179 Phair. Michele. 263 Phason. Doug, 263. 282 Phayer, Laurence, 263 Phillips. Dwight. 263 Phillips. James, 293. 307 Phillips. Jeff, 236 Phillips. Joe, 288 Phillips. Steff, 236, 285 Piasta, Joe. 263 Picard, Clifford, 179 Picci, Gail, 263 Pickering. Susan, 179 Pieracci, Mike. 236 Pignali, Ugo. 263 Pigott, Dave. 302 Pike. Edward, 236 Pilara. Len, 236 Pile, Bob. 263 Pile, Mary, 180 Pilgram, Gary, 236. 288 Pinelli. John. 263 Pinto, Ronald, 215 Piombo, Jeanette. 236 Piper. Margaret. 263 Pittman, Rhonda. 263 Piva, Dathcl, 180 Pizza, Jean, 263 Pizzinclli. Erancinc. 264 Placek. Albert, 264 Plccas. Ronald, 236, 282 Pobuda.Joan. 264 Pocorobba, Vic, 236 Podesta, Anette, 264 Poggio, Leonard. 180. 285, 290 Poirier, Kathy, 215 Pokavanit, Suparerk, 264 Polizziani, Gary, 236, 302 Pollock, Ted. 236 Polonsky, Richard. 264 Pons. Louis, 236 Pons. Pedrc, 180. 342 Popek. Ed.180 Porter, Gregory, 236 Posedel, Pamela. 264 Potter. Robert, 180 Potts. David, 264 Powell, William. 181 Power. Diane, 236 Powers. Mary, 181,277, 279 Preciado, Kathy. 215 Precissi. Diane, 181 Prejcan, Mary. 236 Prcndiville, Sean, 264 Pribyl. David, 181,290. 235 Pribyl. Greg, 264 Prigmore. James, 215 Prime. Patricia. 264 Pritchard, Paul. 264 420 Proaps. Richard. 236 Prudhomme. Chester. 216 Prusmack. Thomas. 181 Psaras. Ted. 269 Pualoa, Jim, 216, 279 Pucci, Paul. 216, 341.342 Pudoff. Jeanne. 307 Pun. Nelly. 216, 334 Purines. Lynn, 236 Pursley, George. 264 Putney. Charles. 181 Puts. Suzanne. 264 -Q- Ouass. Nancy, 2( 4 Query, Martha, 236 Quesada. Edward, 264 Quick. Michael, 264 Quinn, Carol, 236 Quinn. Jeffrey, 182,317 Quintero, Michael, 216 Quock, Raymond, 182, 285, 290.333 Quock. Ted. 236. 333 - R - Radomilc, Leon, 236 Raffetto, John. 264. 282. 366 Raffo, Richard. 216, 301 Raggio, Connie, 264 Raisler. Kathic. 236 Randolph. Ann, 216. 339 Rancri. Pamela, 264 Ranghiasci, Eugene, 264 Rapoport. Phil. 236 Rapp, Jeanne, 216 Rashed, Sarah. 182 Rasonabc. Juan, 264,307 Rassier. Thercsc. 236, 307 Ratto, John. 182 Ravella. Bruce. 264, 343 Ray,Joanne. 236 Raymond. Marjorie. 236 Re. Kathy. 237 Readman. Michael. 182, 342 Rebollar. Stella. 182 Redican. William. 182 Redling, Mike. 216 Reed. Bill. 237 Reed. Steph. 237, 332 Reedy. Meg. 237 Reetz. Susan. 264 Regalado. Frank, 264 Regan, David. 183,342 Regan. Jim. 216 Regan, Karen, 237 Regan, Stephen, 183 Reid. Rick. 216 Reid. Tom. 237. 366 Reilley, Ruth. 237 Reilly. Kathleen, 183 Reilly, Raymond, 237 Reilly. Timothy, 264 Reilly, Tim. 264 Reilly, Tom, 216, 290 Reimer, John, 264 Rcnaghan. Mike. 264 Restani. Michael. 183 Reyes. Jose, 216. 279,335 Reyff, Robert. 264. 343 Reynolds. Carolyn. 264 Reynolds, David, 183 Reynoso. Richard. 183 Rhea. Rhoda. 237 Ribciro. Gary. 183 Ribeiro. Tony, 184 Ricci, Donna, 184, 279. 305. 317 Rice. James. 184 Rich, Janice. 184 Richards, Jane. 184 Richardson, Larry, 237 Riclli, Dave. 264 Riffle, Chuck, 282 Riley, William, 184 Riopclle, Anne, 264 Riordan. Dan, 237 Riordan, John. 185 Riordan. Malcom, 216 Riordan, Susan. 185 Risi, Ron. 265 Risianto, Tony, 265. 335 Riskas, Tom, 216 Ritter. Mark, 185 Rivard. Beth. 265 Rivas, Jose, 216 Rivas. Maria, 185 Riveria, Manolo, 331,335, 344 Rivers. Michael, 265 Rizzo, Anthony, 265, 282 Roberts, William. 185, 294, 295 Robie, Robert, 216 Robillard. Helen. 216 Robinett, David. 185. 277 Robinson, Dan, 265 Robinson, Michael. 237, 339 Robinson. William, 265 Robustoff. Alex, 369 Roccucci. Roberta. 185 Rochon, Olivier. 237 Rockwell, Greg, 265 Rodello. Terry. 237. 330. 343,344 Rodenzo, Frank, 216 Rodgers, Paul, 186 Rodgers, Tom. 237 Rodrigues, Janet. 237 Rodrigues, Ronald, 186 Rodriguez, Elena. 186 Rodriguez. Sr. M. Philemon. 186 Rodriguez, Ruben. 237. 293,369 Rodriguez, Stephanie. 186 Roedigcr. Karen, 216 Roger, Lynne. 265 Rogers, Elaine, 237 Romero. Cynthia, 186. 281 Ronan. Nancy, 278. 281 Rooney. Thomas, 237 Rossaia, Dennis. 237, 288,366 Rosales, Fernando, 369 Rosenblatt, Carolyn, 237 Ross, Chuck. 285 Ross, James. 187 Rossi. Donald, 265 Roster, Cathy, 265 Roster, John, 237 Rota. Leslie, 216, 280 Rountree, Bruce, 265 Rowland. Robert, 186 Rowley, Ellen. 265 Royak, Elli, 216 Roycc, Randy. 237, 288 Rubio, Faye. 237 Rucf, Timothy, 187, 282, 294. 295, 307. 342 Rufino, Antonio, 187 Ruggcri, Elaine. 265Ruggcri, Rosanna. 265 Ruh. Yvonne, 187 Ruhland, Jerry, 265 Ruiz, Jesus, 237,334 Rummage, Pamela, 187 Running, Mary P.. 237 Runyan, Steve, 318 Ruo, Cathy, 265 Ruo, Madeline, 187 Russell, Ed. 237 Russo, Ann, 216. 305 Rutz. Keith, 237. 307 Ryan, Deborah, 265 Ryan. Marsha, 265 Ryan, Martha, 216 Ryan, Mary, 237 Ryan, Mary Anne, 216 Ryan, Mary Kay, 187 Ryan, Mary M., 216 Ryan, Pat, 265 -S- Sabuco, Valentino. 216 Sader, Chris, 265 Saenz, Alfredo, 187 Sagastume, Edgar, 369 Sagastumc, Mario, 369 Saiki, Jean, 265 Sakuda, Albert. 237 Sakuyama. Gerald. 216 Salinas. Esmaro, 238 Sallabcrry, Jcannctt, 265 Salmon, Marc, 265 Salvcmini, Nancy, 188 Samaniego, Joe, 265 Sambuceti, Edward. 188 Sanders, John, 216 Sandholt, William, 217,331 Sangiacomo, Mike, 342 SanMartin, Carlos, 369 Santiago, Delia, 188, 335 Santos. Marty, 265 Santucci. Louis, 238 Saraccno. Renee. 238 Saraccno. Rochelle, 188,305, 317 Sartori. Duane. 265 Sasaki. Toshiko, 188 Sauio, Edward, 238 Saxton, Larry, 217 Scaccia, Yolanda, 217, 277 Scanned, Dan, 217 Scanlon. Mike, 217 Schaedlcr, Bill, 238 Schaffer. Sharon, 238 Schalich. Barb, 295 Schallcrt, Terry, 238 Schallcrt. Timothy, 188,342 Schcrba, Janice, 265 Scheuerman, Jan, 238 Schicffer. Joseph, 265, 343 Schiff, Jeanne. 189, 283,318 Schiff, Lucille. 217 Schimmel, Karen. 238 Schippcr, Charles, 265 Schlesingcr, Bruce, 189 Schmidt, Sltarry. 265 Schmiedl, Joe, 238 Schmitz, Mary, 217 Schmitz. Tom. 217 Schneider. Lydia, 189 Schocndorf. Mary Beth, 217 Schrader. Marian. 217, 277 Schrader, William. 217 Schroth, Robert, 189 Schubach. James, 238 Schubach. Stephen. 217 Schuette, Inez. 265 Schulz, Roger. 265 Schwcifler, Margaret. 238 Scosseria. Earnest, 238 Scott, Edmund, 189 Scott, Kathleen, 265 Scotti, Chris, 217 Scullion, Jerry. 217 Scully, Kenneth, 265 Scurich, Michael, 189, 294. 295 Seely, Mike, 265 Seethoff. Patrick, 189 Seffcns, Mary, 217, 305, 340 Scghetti, Giovanna, 190 Seidl, Beborah, 265 Selcgue, Monica. 265, 330 Scleski, Diane, 265 Sepeda, James, 190 Scqueira. Dennis, 190, 294. 295 Sernett. Sandy, 217 Seto, Jocelyn, 217 Sewell, Tom, 266 Seybold, Pat. 238 Seyler, Carolyn, 190 Shaffer. Sandra, 266 Shah, Pankaj. 217, 337, 344 Shahbazian, Faramarz. 190 Shanahan, Ann, 266 Shea. Kathy. 238.305. 339 Shea. Marie, 266 Shea. Mary Ann. 340 Shea. Steven, 266 Sheehan.Joanne, 217, 281 Sheehan,Joseph, 190 Shelby. Liz. 238 Shelton, Douglas. 266 Shepherd, Charles. 238 Sheridan, Phil, 266 Sherry, Bob, 217 Shields. John. 266 Shigio, Randy. 288 Shodahl.Sue.217 Shore, Karen, 190 Short, William, 238 Shovcin. John. 191,278, 282. 285 Showers. David. 191.343 Shunnvay. Noel. 191.301 Sieg, Ronald. 191 Sicland, Claire, 191.285 Siemion. Patricia, 217 Sien. Kicn, 238.333,337, 339 Sicpler. John, 191.285 Silmon, Ray, 238 Silva, Denise, 217 Silva, Jacqueline. 266 Silva. Michael 191 Silveira. Ronald, 192, 344 Silver. Alana. 192 Silverman. Stephen, 266 Silvestri. Ann, 238 Silvcstri. Mike, 217 Simeteys, Paul, 217. 301 Simincini. Pete, 266 Simon. Steven, 192 Simonini, David, 192 Sims. Thomas. 192, 282 Simutis, John, 217, 282. 339 Sinerchio, Carla, 266 Singh, Patrick, 266 Sinoncelli. Beatrice. 217 Siri. Linda, 239 Skitticom. Mark, 266 Slajcr. Caroline, 192,305 Slater. Julie, 217 Slattery, Robert, 192 Slaughter. Jean, 217, 339 Slavazza, Julie. 266 Smetana, Julia. 193 Smilanick. Janet. 266 Smith, Cheryl. 193 Smith. David. 266 Smith. David. E., 193 Smith. Dennis, 266 Smith. Gwen. 239 Smith. Kathy, 266 Smith, Laurcen, 266 Smith, Linda, 266 Smith. Mary E., 193 Smith. Michael T., 193 Smith. Mike. 239 Smith. Reginald. 266 Smith. Sid, 266 Smith. Sidnc, 266 Smith, Stephan. 239 Smith. Yvonne. 193 Snazelle. Craig, 266 Snow. Nena. 266, 307 Snyder. D.. 305 Socdarjo, Sasong Ko. 217 Solis, Jeanette. 266. 334 Solon. Robert, 193 Somers, Steve. 266 Sommer. Kathic, 194 Soran. Linda. 239, 281 Soudani. Jarik. 266 Souza, Sandra. 266 Sowards. Gary, 239. 294.322 Spandoni. Jim. 267 Spanfclner, Margaret. 194 Sparks. Bob, 239 Sparks, Kathleen, 194 Sparks. Peter. 194, 342 Spataforc. John, 239, 282 Spcdick. Peggy. 218 Spencer, Charlotte. 218 Spinelli, William, 194 Spiritosanto, Louise, 239 Spohn. Catherine, 267 Spotswood, Dick. 318 Stagnaro. Janis, 239 Stanley, Edward. 194 Stapleton. Jim, 239 Stark. Dianne, 267 Starkavitch. Ken. 295 Stebbins, Barry. 239 Steichen. Katherine, 218 Stempel. Terry. 267 Stengcr, Barry, 239 Stcnson, Tom. 194 Stephens, Patrick. 267 Stevens. Shari, 239 Stewart. Ann Marie. 267 Stewart, Sharon. 195 Stone. Pamela. 239. 334, 337 Storm.John,239 Strauch, Mike, 293 Strick, I rry, 239 Strohmeier, Mark, 267 Stuart. Orla. 239 Stuntpo. Phillip. 195 Suazo. Cesar. 195 Sudduth. Darryl. 267Sullivan, Bari. 239 Sullivan. Greg. 267, 305.330 Sullivan. Harvey, 239,320 Sullivan. Jennifer, 267 Sullivan. Kerry, 267 Sullivan, Mary, 267 Sullivan, Mary K.. 195 Sullivan. Mike, 267 Sullivan. Paula, 195 Sullivan, Peggy, 239 Sullivan, Walter, 267 Susin, Luisa, 267 Sutter, Charles. 267 Sutton. Sue, 239 Swallow, Pam, 267 Swanson, Jeanne, 239 Sweeney, Bob. 267 Sweet. Rose, 267 Swcndson, Mark, 239 Swing, Rita. 218. 278. 279, 281.330, 345 Szabatura. Andy. 267. 366 Szudy, Marge, 239 -T- Tabarez. Anibal. 369 Tabilio, Jim, 239 Tabor. Susan. 239 Tachiera, Greg, 239 Tahcny, Mike, 267 Tait, Linda. 195 Taitano, Marie, 218 Takacs. Laura, 239 Takeda, Tomiko, 267 Talbert. Jack, 288 Talbot, Mike, 239 Talega. Richard, 218 Tamblin, Robert, 267 Tan, Chek-Fcng, 195 Tang. Ann. 218 Tang. Julie. 218 Tanthana, Ldgar, 239 Tanthana, Rita. 267 Tarpey, John,239 Tassan. Jerry. 239 Tassone. Jude. 268 Taylor, Kier, 196 Taylor, Leonard, 196 Taylor, Ray, 268 Tchero, Jim, 218, 328, 341 Tempel. Sylvia. 268 Tencrio, Drew, 268, 330 Tenner, Mary. 239 Tenner, Robert, 268 Tcrkelsen. Michele, 268 Terndrup, Karen. 268 Terry, Madelyn, 331 Terry, Nancy, 239 Tesch, Mary, 196 Teter, Theresa, 218 Teutschel, Donna. 268 Thomas, Carol, 218 Thomas. Deborah, 196 Thomas, Olakunle, 196 Thompson, Mary, 268 Thompson. Roberta. 196 Thomson, Barbara, 268, 280 Thornton, Sybil, 239 Thrower. Pete. 268 Thuener, Ginger, 218 Thucncr, Mary, 268 Timms. Caroline, 268 422 Tinlcy, Maria, 268 Tofanclli, Norma. 196.330, 344 Toledo, Alejandro, 197. 334 Tologa. Rich, 285 Tompkins, Dave. 218 Tompkins. Liz, 268 Tompkins. Terrance. 268 Tonegato, Bernice, 218 Toncgato. M., 305 Tonegato. Ronald. 197, 343 Tonelli, Linda, 218,340 Tonelli. Sandra. 268 Tong. Ernest. 197 Topf, Bill. 239. 278, 282. 319,343 Torres. Jesus. 218 Torres, Walter, 197 Toschi, Rosemary. 239 Totzke, James. 218 Touhcy. Patricia. 268 Towcy. Joseph, 218 Town sell. Bill. 268 Tozer. John, 197 Trainor, William, 239 Trantina. Chip. 268 Tratar, Barbara, 218 Trcla. Joe, 239,302, 337 Trechtcr. Anna. 197 Trechter. Joseph, 197,341 Tresmontan. Dave. 268 Trinkle. Bill. 240, 282,320,332 Tringali. Rich. 268 Tripodcs. Maria, 218 Troccoc. John, 198. 302 Trott. John, 282 Truett, Denise, 268 Trujillo. Roland. 240 Tsang, Ron, 198 Tsiu, Jane. 240 Tsukamoto, Stan, 240 Tupa. Kathy. 240 Turck, Mark, 218,290 Turner, George, 240 Turner. Jeff. 218 Tursi. Susan. 198 Tutorial. R., 305 - U - Uccelli. George, 198 Ugarte. Emilio. 198, 369 Uhrig, Donna. 240. 331 Ulicki. Barbara, 198 Umekubo. John. 268 Underhill. Mike. 268 - V - Vago. Dan. 240 Valentine, Ed. 240 Valmassy, Ronald. 198, 294 Valputic, Sandra. 268 Vance, Norman, 268 VanCleve, Melissa. 218 Vandcrniuelcn, Pegi, 240. 331.343 Van Horne, Denise. 268 Van Ruitcn. Jacob, 240, 305 Van Sinden, John, 268 Vargas, Blanquita, 240 Vaughan.Joe, 240 Vaughan, Laurie, 240 Velasco, Charles, 240 Velasquez. Richard, 240 Verdiers. Jacques. 329 Vexler. Bey la. 334 Vierra. Vicki. 199 Viglione, Paula. 218 Villagran, Nora. 268 Villalobos. Mark, 268 Villamizar, Carlos. 218 Villarina. Estrella. 335 ViripaelT. Alexis, 240. 288 Visco, Barbara. 339 Viscnti, Gene, 268 Vocstc, Marlene. 268 Vonderheid. Carolyn, 240, 337 Vorsatz. Karl. 268. 366 Vukeiich, Steve. 268 - W- Wacek, Kathy, 268 Wagner. Geraldine, 218 Wagner. Mary, 240 Waldier. Brian. 199,305 Waldicr. Vickie. 199. 305 Waldron. Kenneth, 199 Walitsch, Jim. 268 Walker. Kathy. 240 Wallace, Carol. 240 Wallace. C. Kathleen. 199 Walsh. Donna. 218 Walsh. Janet. 199.281 Walsh. Jim. 218,339 Walsh. Mary. 240 Walsh. Mat. 240 Walsh, Michael J., 268 Walsh. Michael T.. 199 Walti, Paul, 218, 302 Walton. James C., 268 Wang, Eidelia, 200 Ward. Marilyn, 218 Warner, Lorraine, 240 Warner, Michael. 240 Warnshuis. Fred. 200 Warren, Jim. 240 Watchie. Joanne. 268 Wathen, Jim 282, 294. 295 Watson, Linda. 200 Watson. Mark, 268. 366 Watson, Pat. 219 Waxstein, Lon, 200 Wayland. Kenneth. 240 Webb. B.. 366 Webber, Barbara. 340 Weber, Craig. 268 Weber, Mike. 240 Weber, Sheralyn. 240 Webster, Keith. 240 Wehr. Wendy, 269 Wei, Randy, 269 Wcisncr, Anne. 240. 281.345 WeiSSich. Bill, 241 Weitzcl, Shannon. 219 Welker. Susan. 241 Wells. James 269 Wermes, Cynthia, 219 Werner, Albert. 219. 369 Werner, Cathy, 269 Werner, Mary M., 200 Wcrtenberg. J., 219 Wertzberger, Jcoff. 269 West, Ann. 200 Westwood. Curtis, 269 Weyland. Ken, 302 Whelan, Michael. 200. 272I » 4 White, Curtis, 269 White. Gary. 269 White. Mary, 200 White, Pat. 241 White. Phil. 269 White. Regina, 201.280.340 White. Robert. 269 Whiteford, Patricia, 201 Whiting, Chris, 269 Whitlock, Brian, 219 Wichman. Dave. 269 Wick. Patrick. 201.342 Wier, John. 201.294.295 Wilcox, Tom, 282 Wildauer, Barbara. 201 Wilk, Kathy, 241 Wood. Roxanne, 241.280.340 Wilkinson. Carol, 269 Williams, Ain, 219 Williams, Chet. 241 Williams. Don. 269 Williams. Douglas, 201 Williams. Fabienne. 269 Williams. Laura. 201 Williams. Richard. 202 Wilner. Robin. 241 Wilsey, Robert. 293 Wilson, Lynne. 219.339 Wilson. Mercedes, 269 Wilson, Paul, 219 Wilson, Steve, 302 Wind. Margaret. 269 Winter. Diane, 269 Winter, Elsa. 202 Wise. Mary Jo. 269 Wiss. Mary. 269 Wittman. Phil. 241 Wojlalewicz, Rita. 202 Wold. Tina. 202 Wolfe, Janet. 269 Wolff. Don. 269 Wolfgram. Michael. 219. 366 Wollaston. Brian, 269 Wondolleck. John, 241 Wong. Adrian, 269 Wong. Brendan. 202 Wong, Clifford, 241 Wong. Jerry. 269. 293 Wong. Johnson. 269 Wong. Kit llan, 202 Wong, Lawrence. 202, 285 Wong. Roy, 241 Wong. Thomas, 241 Wong. Wilton. 241.339 Wood. Cheryl. 219 Wood. D.. 366 Wood. Roxanne, 241.380. 340 Woodfork. Stephanie, 241 Woods. Prudence. 219 Wool ten, Dennis. 203 Wormuth, John. 241 Wotman, Wendy, 241 Wright. BiW, 269 Wright, Glenn, 269 Wright, Robert. 241 Wright. Wayne, 241,337 Wurth, Charles. 241 - Y — Yalon, Alberta, 203 Yamini, Jack. 241 Yim. Darrell. 219 Young. Christie. 241 Young. Gayle, 269 Young, Gail. 269 Young. Weldon. 203 Yrigoycn, Jeanne. 203 Yueh. Betty, 241 Yujuico, Jesusa. 219 Yules. Bradford. 219 -Z- Zabala, Annamaria. 241 Zalud. Marianne. 203 Zanone, Anthony. 203 Zanotti. Dorothy. 219. 281 Zanze. Randy, 241.294,295 Zarka. Jeanne, 269 Zavala. Lee, 219 Zavala. Violeta, 269 Zeisler. Andrew. 269 Zeitsoff. Claudia. 219 Zelnik, Joan. 269 Zimmerman. Bruce, 241 Zimmerman, Terric, 203 Ziomck, Eileen, 219, 344 Ziska, Frederick, 203 Zolan. Bill. 241 Zolczzi, Enea, 219 Zolczzi. June, 241 Zouzounis. Dennis. 219 Zwaska, Jill, 219 423 922 Oak Street Kansas City, Missouri 64106 Litho in U.S.A. by members of Lithographers and Photoengravers Union—Local 235Qmi -X s- 0 If. c.;lt

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