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Red of the Dawn! Is it turning a fainter red? So be it, but when shall we lay The Ghost of the Brute that is walking and haunting us yet, and be free? In a hundred, a thousand winters? Ah, what will our children be? The men of a hundred thousand, a million summers away? Alfred Tennyson In Memoriam Mr Kft:nrih Grrinjum ltu iiii s Administration Katharine Pulley I.ilwary S.ietnv Pruirram KfV. Thomas Phillips. S..I I't Vauffhn IV Si idol EducationUniversity of San Francisco 1969 DONpsing udents mics luction1969 DON Editorial Board « Editor Assistant Editor Managing Editor Photography Edit The Year Editor Academies Editor Activities Editors Senior Editors y ' 1 Undergraduate 5 I1 Sports Moderator Sean Sweeney Maureen Lechwar Ray Michaud Robert Long Ray Michaud Barbara Santana Maureen Lechwar Rudy Rodriguez Patt Flynn y Michaud eggy Cogan 3$kl Giuntini Hudson ■fct Long Br, S.J.DEDICATION Father Robert L. Maloney, S. J. Quiet . . . peaceful. The life of anyone in authority is hectic, tense and often unpraised. It is to four peaceful people that the 1969 DON is gratefully dedicated to. Father Robert L. Maloney, S.J., who is no longer at USF, left a deep impression in all those that he came in touch with. First, as a teacher of English in 1955-57 and as the Freshman Dean of the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Science, 1966-68, he left a bit of peace in all those he had to see daily. Margaret Lightbody, A.B., Administrative Assistant to Academic Vice-President, started to work at USF twenty-seven years ago. Through all the tense years that came her way, she has exemplified the peace that this book stands for. 6 Margaret Lightbody Assistant to the Academic Vice-PresidentDEDICATION Andrew C. Dachauer, S.J.. Administrative Assistant, Institute of Chemical Biology. As a floor priest and a chemist. Father Dachauer works with the animate and the inanimate with the calm nature of a peaceful man. This book has a part of him in it. Father Andrew Dachauer, S.J. Administrative Assistant Institute of Chemical Biology Mrs. Novella Body, of Slater Food Service and formerly of the Universities own dining service, has a smile ready for a student no matter how long the day has been. At USF for thirteen years Novella never seems to change, despite pressure all around her. It is to these four that the 1969 DON is dedicated. They are by no means all the people that exemplify this book, they are just a part of us all. 7 Mrs. Novella Body Slater Food ServiceWhat is this I hear of sorrow and weariness. Anger, discontent and drooping hope? Degenerate sons and daughters Life is too strong for you It takes life to love life. Edgar Lee MasterThis university thrives on material values. A great deal of unrest follows the everyday student around, from attending classes to preparing for a twenty-page term paper. Stress works at a person until he must either relax or break down. USF, living in the middle of a rushing city seems so far from tranquility that an effort must be made in order to look for peace amidst the speed of life. Look softly and you can find the bit of solitude, the ocean of peace that surrounds you constantly only if you look for it.The qualities of peace, after long communion, come to reside in man. As stillness enhances sound, so through little things the joy of living expands. One is aware, walking on the earth, of the roots and directions of one’s whole being. Perceptions drift in from earth and sky. A vast healing begins. 1011Before me peaceful, Behind me peaceful, Under me peaceful, Over me peaceful, All around me peaceful... — Navajo Indian14The days of our lives must become precious. In all heaven and earth, there is this one thing to do: take your time. Enjoy the perfection of what you are doing. Enjoy accomplishing it exquisitely. — Cedric Wright 171819President and Rector Very Rev. Charles W. Dullea, S.J. 21Academic Administration The demanding job of the Academic Administration is to oversee the academic activities of the Colleges, Schools and Divisions of the University. Coordinating curriculum, faculty and students, and regulating the various technical aspects of education, such as admitting qualified students and keeping student records, the Academic Administration seeks to insure that the University of San Francisco will provide maximum opportunities to all students pursuing the benefits of higher education. Norton J. Herold, S.J. Vice-President for Development Margaret Lightbody, A.B. Assistant to the Academic Vice-President 22 Paul J. Harney, Ph.D. Academic Vice-PresidentJanies M. Corbett, S.J. Vice-President for Business and Finance J Robert A. Sunderland, S.J. Vice-President for University Relations Administration 23 Frank J. Reilly. B.S., C.P.A. Assistant TreasurerWilliam J. Donnellan, M.A. Assistant Director of Admissions Augustine P. Donoghue, Ph.D. Director of Admissions Administration 24 John F. X. Connolly, S.J. Vice-President for University Relations25 Charles A. Jankowske, M.A. RegistrarElliot A. Short, S.J. Chaplain Administration Bernard J. Bush, S.J. Assistant Chaplain RobertL. Gitler, Ph.D. (Hon.) University Librarian 26University Services Apart from strictly academic life are the many offices which serve U.S.F. students and the larger University community. Student Services enrich the educational experience by aiming at the total development of the student — physically, culturally, socially, religiously, and vocationally. Business offices oversee the financial functions of the University, assisting individual students wherever possible, and also maintain efficient personnel and physical maintenance. Other offices are concerned with the relations between U.S.F. and the wider community. Finally, overseeing and providing for the long range plans of the entire University is the Office of Development which is witnessing campus expansion this year in the form of the Nursing Building presently under construction. Philip P. Callaghan. S.J. Dean of Men and Director of Men Residents Timothy L. McDonnell. S.J. Assistant to the President Frances Anne Dolan, Ph.D. Dean of Women and Director of Women Residents 27William J. Monihan, SJ., M.A. Director of Library Relations Services Thomas D. McSweeney, Ph.D. Director of Academic Advising Program 28 Rosemary M. Moore, B.A. Director of Teacher Placement Violette Y. Jacob. M.A. Foreign Student Adviser Services Andrew R. Maginnis, S.J. Director of Financial Aid 29 Gloria D. Liebrenz, B.A. Director of PlacementServices Peter P. Peletta, A.B. Director of Athletics 30 Clifford C. Hughes, B.S. Director of University Center and Housing31 William J. Dillon. B.S. Associate Director, Institutional ResearchEdward P. Coffey, M.B.A. Director of Business Services Services William E. Grommesch, B.A. Director ci PtfioandHarry M. Bardt Bank of America Vincent I. Compagno Chickering and Gregory Marshall P. Madison Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro Chairman of the Board of Regents Board of Regents In the thrust of complex change and rapid expansion, the University of San Francisco continues to rely on the expert guidance of its outstanding Board of Regents. These highly respected civic leaders, dedicated to the University, provide stable direction as the University fulfills traditional goals and formulates new goals to meet the demands of today. Richard P. Cooley Wells Fargo Bank Christian de Guigne III Stauffer Chemical Company Preston Devine District Court of Appeal Adrien J. Falk Bay Area Rapid Transit District 33Paul B. Fay Fay Improvement Company Mortimer Fleishhacker George B. Gillson The Fleishhacker Company Jack H. How Edward R. Bacon Co. Marco F. Heilman J. Barth Co. Reed 0. Hunt Crown Zellerbach Corp. Charles Kendrick Schlage Lock Company Roger D. Laphnm, Jr. Alexander, Sexton Carr of California 34Edmund W. Littlefield Utah Construction Mining Company Ernest J. Loebbecke T. Kevin Mallen Title Insurance Trust Sutro and Company Company N. Loyall McLaren Haskins Sells Thomas J. Mellon George G. Montgomery City of San Francisco Kern County Land Company A. E. Ponting Blyth Company Donald J. Russell Southern Pacific Company Jerd F. Sullivan, Jr. Crocker-Citizens National Bank Leslie B. Worthington United States Steel Corporation 35Graduate Division The Graduate Division of the University of San Francisco offers courses which lead to the Master’s Degree in the Department of Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, English, Education, History, Political Science, Theology, and Master of Arts in Teaching. Graduate work, not merely a continuation of undergraduate study, is designed -to give the student a more thorough grounding in a specific field of interest and to train him in the methods of research in this field. John H. Martin, S.J., Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate Division, is also the Director of the Honors Program which offers to superior students, greater academic challenge. Through a series of seven seminars, selected students analyze Western European thought and culture within an advancing historical framework. John H. Martin. S.J., Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Division Director of Honors Program 37Francis R. Walsh, LL.B. Dean William J. Riegfrer, LL.B. Assistant Dean School of Law Kendrick Hall The School of Law, founded in 1912, is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, has the approval of the American Bar Association, and is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. The co-educational program, which is offered in both a full-time Day Division and in a part-time Evening Division, offers instruction designed to prepare students to take the bar examination in all jurisdictions of the U.S. and its territories. 38Department of Education The Department of Education, established in 1948, is authorized by the California State Board of Education to recommend candidates for the Standard Teaching Credential with a Specilization in Secondary Teaching and the Standard Supervision Credential. The Department also offers a curriculum of courses which are accepted by th j State Department of Education for credentialization in the fields of elementary education, junior college teaching and school librarianship. Training is also available to those interested in pupil personnel services with emphasis on child welfare and attendance, pupil counseling and rehabilitation counseling. Edward J. Griffin, Ph.D. Chairman Evening College The University offers, through its Evening College, extensive courses in liberal arts, business administration and mathematics to men and women who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree, to gain college credit, or to improve themselves by cultural and technical studies. The Evening College draws its faculty from members of the full-time Day Division faculty and from part-time instructors in the various disciplines. Gerald A. Sugrue, S.J.. M.A. Director 39Richard P. Vaughan, S.J., Ph.D. Dean College of Liberal Arts and Sciences The objective of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to prepare a student for any field in our complex civilization by providing through its curricula a cultural background for life. Though the College is the preparatory course for the legal profession, for the business world, for government service, for the teaching profession, it does not aim to provide a specific vocational training. Rather, by its integration of knowledge, its training in analysis, and its cultural scope, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides a basic preparatory course for the well-educated person. Lloyd D. Luckman, J.D. Associate Dean Rosemary Shanahan Assistant to Deans 41Lloyd R. Burns, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor of Classics Classics and Fine Arts Arthur E. Swain, S.J., M.A. (Oxon) Assistant Professor of Classics Luigi D. Sandri, Ph.D. Chairman of Classics Faculty Member in Charge of Fine Arts 42 Fred L. Ewing, B.F.A. Lecturer in Music43 Norman M. Rubinfeld LecturerFrederick A. Breier, Ph.D. Professor Richard E. Mulcahy, S.J., Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Economics Michael B. Lehmann, Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Max D. Kossoris, Ph.D. Yuan-Li Wu, Ph.D. Associate Professor Professor Andrew C. Boss, S.J., M.A. Professor Director, Labor Management School 44John R. Devine, Ed.D. Professor, Director of Teacher Education and Coordinator of Student Teaching Education Laurence A. Bishop, M.A. Instructor Katherine V. Bishop, Ed.D. Assistant Professor and Director of Elementary Education George G. Kearney, M.A. Assistant Professor 45 Thomas A. Reed, S.J., M.A. Assistant ProfessorWarren J. Coffey, Ph.D. Professor John F. Canney, M.A. Instructor •16 English John J. Coleman, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor David M. Kirk, Ph.D. Professor Irving Lowe, Ph.D. Associate Professor Anne E. Lawless, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 47Terence Carroll, M.A. Lecturer David Benson, Cand. Ph.D. Lecturer David L. Derus, Ph.D. Assistant Professor William G. Swartchild III, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Cheryl Bancroft, M.A . Lecturer William J. Finnegan, S.J. Assistant Professor Patrick J. Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 48Edmond J. Smyth, S.J., Ph.D. Associate Professor Ashbrook Lincoln, Ph.D. Professor History Frank L. Beach, Ph.D. Chairman and Assistant Professor Donald R. Campbell, Ph.D. Professor W. Michael Mathes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 49John B. McGloin, S.J.. Ph.D. Professor John Tracy Ellis, Ph.D. Professor of Church History Robert I. Bums, SJ., Ph.D. James D. Shand, Ph.D. Professor Assistant Professor 50Capt. Robert B. Wertz, B.S. Assistant Professor Lt. Col. Darwin S. Hyde, B.S. Assistant Professor Military Science Capt. Thomas B. Bragg, B.S. Assistant Professor Col. Vernon G. Gilbert, M.A. Professor 51 Capt. Myron E. Grizio, B.S. Assistant Professor Maj. Robert E. Mooney, B.S. Assistant ProfessorKarl A. Schmidt. M.A. Assistant Professor William G. Clubb. Ph.D. Professor Modern Luigi D. Sandri. Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Maria E. Marches!, M.A. Instructor Barbara J. Mortenson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 52John E. Aguiar, M.A. Assistant Professor Robert L. Hurst, S.J., M.A. Instructor Languages Jean Y. Audigier, A.B. Instructor 53 Nancy J. Vogeley, M.A. Instructor P. Carlo Rossi, SJ., Ph.I). ProfessorWilson A. Aldridge, S.J., M.A. Associate Professor Jack Gordon, M.A. Instructor Philosophy Albert R. Jonsen, S.J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology Alina C. Wierzbianska, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 54Francis J. Marien, S.J., Ph.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Edward W. Brusher, A.B. Assistant Professor Desmond J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Professor Albert J. Smith, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor Vincent J. Moran, Ph.D. Associate Professor 56Kathileen A. Gallagher, M.A. Instructor George H. McGlynn, Ed.D. Faculty Member in Charge and Assistant Professor 56 Peter P. Peletta, B.A. Instructor Phillip Vukicevich, B.S. InstructorDonald W. Brandon, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Alexander Smetana, Ph.D. Associate Professor Stanislas G. Lasocki, Ph.D. Associate Professor Robert C. MacKenzie, M.A. Associate Professor John J. Nienstadt, M.A. Instructor George J. Lerski, Ph.D. Acting Chairman and Associate Professor 57Robert G. Milligan, Ph.P. Lecturer Virginia L. Bender, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Delmont C. Morrison, Ph.I). Lecturer Helen P. McTaggart, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Lawrence E. Murphy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Harold T. Be van, Cand. Ph.D. Chairman and Assistant Professor James P. McCauley, S.J., M.A. Instructor Michael E. Cavanagh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 58Jack H. Cutris, Ph.D. Professor Jerome M. Endres, M.S.W. Lecturer Sociology Ralph Lane, Jr., Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Glyn Williams, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Helmut Girndt, Ph.D. Assistant Professor LJ Eujjene Schallert. S.J., Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Carl Reiterman, Cand. Ph.D. Instructor Mary J. McCormick. Ph.D. Professor Director Social Welfare Program 59The University of San Francisco, through its Urban Life Institute, is presently involved in programs of research and social development within the local community and diocese. UPWARD BOUND, an educational incentive program directed towards high school students with potential for college is now entering into its second year. Fifty minority students spend six weeks during the summer living on campus and during the rest of the year will come each Saturday for educationally related activities. The University is also deeply involved in the New Careers Program. This is an em- Dr. Jack Curtis, Ph.D. Sociology Urban Life Jim Porter. B.A. Psychology 60 Octavius Tracy. M.A. Counseling, Psychologyployment educational program for adults. Human service curriculum consisting of regular courses in English, Speech, Sociology, Psychology and Culture of minorities has been developed and coordinated approximately 150 students involved in a Liberal Arts human service program. They are placed in New Careers positions throughout San Francisco, in the California State Employment Service, San Francisco City Health Department and a large percent are finding new careers in the health field. All efforts are based on a self-help philosophy. Tori Brusman, B.A. History Shirley Scott Urban Life Sharon Dungan, N.M., M.S.W. Jim Porter 61Thomas J. O’Sullivan, A.B. Lecturer James J. Dempsey, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor John J. Collins, M.A. Faculty Member in Charge and Assistant Professor Belle Bloom, M.A. Lecturer Richard F. Mclo, M.A. Assistant Professor Stephen B. Earley, S.J., M.A. Associate Professor 62Thomas A. Drain, M.A. Instructor Theodore T. Taheny, S.J., S.T.D. Assistant Professor Theology William 0. Richardson, S.J., S.T.L. Assistant Professor Francis J. Buckley, S.J.. S.T.D. Associate Professor Albert J. Zabala, S.J., S.T.D. John Hall Elliott. Th.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Assistant Professor 63James V. McClendon. Th.D. Associate Professor Hamilton Hess. M.A. Assistant Professor Theology 64 Charlene B. McCarthy. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Joseph C. Diebcls, S.J., S.T.L. Assistant ProfessorBiology Robert A. Schooley, Ph.D. Chairman and Assistant Professor Frnncis P. Filice, Ph.D. Professor Theodore F. Niehaus, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Edward L. Kessel, Ph.D. Professor David A. Mullen, Ph.D. Lecturer 66Andrew C. Dachauer, S.J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor William J. Maroney, Ph.D. Professor Thomas A. Gruhn. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry Robert J. Seiwald, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Manfred E. Mueller, Ph.D. Lecturer 67Dr. Arthur Furst Director Institute of Chemical Biology The Institute of Chemical Biology, established in 1961, is a research oriented organization closely affiliated with the Departments of Chemistry and Biology. The ICB carries on research mainly in the fields of cancer research and toxicology and receives grant support from both govmment and private agencies. Although research oriented, teaching is an essential characteristic of the Institute and as far as possible, undergraduates are used as research assistants; any publication resulting from their research bear their names. To date, the Institute has published over 70 papers in scientific journals throughout the world. Dr. Jefferson Davis Research Professor Father Andrew Dachauer, S.J. Administrative Assistant Dr. G. E. McCnsland Senior Research ProfessorDr. Betty ZanlanRo Post-Doctorato Fellow . . . students involved in research . . . Wayne Lowther 69Edward J. Farrell. M.S. Professor Otto Plaat. Ph.D. Associate Professor Mathematics Szilard I. Szabo, Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor John E. Fischer, S.J., Ph.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Robert A. Wolf, Cand. Ph.D. Instructor 70Michael A. Kelly Lecturer Millianne P. Granbergr, M.A. Instructor Allan B. Cruse. Cand. Ph.D. Instructor Computer Programing: Center James N. Haag:, Associate Professor Daniel Gallin, Cand. Ph.D. Instructor David J. Walsh, S.J., M.A. Instructor 71Robert A. Thornton, Ph.D. Professor James N. Haag, Ph.D. Associate Professor Donald P. Merrifield, S.J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Karl J. Waider, M.A. Chairman and Professor Raymond J. Genolio, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phillip S. Applebaum, M.A. InstructorCornelius Visser, M.A. Assistant Dean William J. Regan, Ph.D. Dean College of Business Administration The aim of the College of Business Administration is to prepare its students to assume leadership and responsibility in the business world. Realizing that the demands of modern business are constantly changing, the curriculum must necessarily provide students with the flexibility that comes from a broad education. The “Core Program" is designed for just this purpose. A general foundation is acquired in lower division from the study of economics, English, history, mathematics, and philosophy. These courses also serve as an introduction to the advanced business courses offered in upper division where specialization is achieved in a chosen area of emphasis. 74Stephen Worsley, D.B.A. Associate Professor College of Business Administration Eamonn Barrett, M.B.A. Instructor Assistant Director, Labor-Management School Lester Greene, Ph.D. Associate Professor 75 Edward G. Nolan, Ph.D. Professor Michael E. Spautz. Ph.D. Assistant Professor MiRobert A. Stock, M.B.A. Assistant Professor Steven Hollos, Ph.D. Professor College of Business Administration Donald J. DelGrande. B.S. Lecturer Joseph Peter Simini, M.B.A. Professor Theodore R. Upland, M.B.A. InstructorWilliam D. Litzinger, D.B.A. Professor Virginia A. Berry, J.D. Assistant Professor Jerome H. Grantz, M.B.A. Lecturer 77 Donald J. Lo Giudice, M.S. Lecturer Frank D. Winston, LL.M. Lecturer■The School of Nursing:, a cooperative effort of the Jesuit Fathers and the Sisters of Mercy in Burlingame, offers a single undergraduate curriculum in professional nursing to both the high school graduate and the registered nurse. Courses in the arts and sciences are taken throughout the four academic years on the University campus. Clinical experience, which begins in the second year, takes place at St. Mary’s Hospital and other hospitals, health agencies and community centers. The liberalizing influence of the humanities is considered a distinctive feature of the baccalaureate program, effecting both the personal fulfillment and professional enrichment of the student. This year the University witnesses completion of the new School of Nursing, constructed at the very heart of the campus. It is designed to provide the nurses with classroom and laboratory facilities, as well as additional office space and a roof-top garden for the entire University community. 79 Sister Mary Christina, S.M., Ph.D. Assistant DeanSister Mary Fabian, S.M., M.S. F. Carol Jenny, M.S. Lona M. Schlageck. M.S. Associate Professor Instructor Instructor 80Marian J. Vierra, M.S.N. Instructor Frederick W. Bozett, M.A. Assistant Professor Frances Carter Evans, M.A. Associate Professor Barbara Lennox, M.S. Instructor 81 Patricia W. Halambeck, M.S. Instructor Gwendal R. Roberts, M.A. Assistant ProfessorSister Mary Martha, S.M., M.S. Associate Professor Mary T. Doherty, M.S. Instructor Patricia Ross, M.S. Instructor H. Marilyn Kellogg, M.S. Assistant Professor Sister Mary Zita, S.M., M.A. Assistant Professor 82Virgene S. Kayser, M.S.N. Instructor Clare E. Cavanaugh, M.S.N. Instructor Dorothy H. Daigle, M.A. Assistant Professor Joan L. Green, M.S.N. Associate Professor Lois C. Dunlap, M.S. Assistant Professor Catherine E. Altman, M.N. Assistant Professor Helen F. Bigler, D.N.Sc. Assistant Professor S3Carol J. DeMartini, M.S. Assistant Professor Sister Mary Geraldine, S.M., M.S. Instructor Kathleen E. Lonsdale, M.S. Muriel P. Huttenbach, M.S. Instructor Instructor Katharine A. Keppel, M.P.H. Josephine Gallas, M.A. Instructor Assistant Professor 84Your position never fives you the right to command. It only imposes on you the duty of so living your life that others can receive your orders without being humiliated. Dag Hammarskjold.NOBODY : 86THE YEAR For though we slepe or wake, or rome or ryde, Ay fleeth the tyme, it nil no man abyde. 88 —ChaucerThe University Year — 1960 — Once again students, faculty, and administration transformed a quiet residential area of San Francisco into a bustling area of educational hope and fulfillment. Change marked this year. There were many changes in the administration, both Father Callaghan and Father Sunderland received new positions. USF’s students lost a lawn and gained a new building as the Nursing Building began to take on the look of a building, amid the roar of trucks and the pall of dust. The Hilltop Campus, with the acquisition of the Saint Ignatius property, began a new program of campus development. 89The old order changeth yeilding place to new; And God fulfills himself in many ways, Lest one good custom should corrupt the world. —Tennysonson pnnncis The students of USF met the new academic year with new hope. They won for themselves a better representation in the academic community by challenging the Administration’s Disciplinerv Statement and eventually bringing closer communications between the students and the Administration. Far reaching changes in curriculum, from Black History to an Experimental College, a lessening of rigid requirements, to closer evaluation of teachers and courses, will all have their effect on student life.It’s been a hard day’s night, I’ve been working like a dog. It’s been a hard day’s night, and I should be sleeping like a log. —Beatles The light of knowledge ???The range of community services available to USF students increased. The Student Western Addition Project (SWAP) expanded its scope, starting Whites Against Rascism (WAR) and a Community Involvement Program. The Urban Life Institute and the Knights of Columbus Blood Drive (won by Phi Alpha) also gave Dons and Donas an opportunity to give a little of themselves to the city and people of San Francisco.The tranquil beauty of San Francisco gave students at USF a chance to enjoy life outside the academic community. The Hilltop, as always, commanded a view of the mire of lights of “The City,” the Golden Gate Bridge leading to the hills of Marin County — all visible on a clear morning or brisk night. Before returning to the busy routine of educational growth could gaze and find a moment of hope and quiet contemplation. 94Give me to live with Love alone And let the world go dine and dress; For Love hath lowly haunts . . . If life's a flower, I choose my own — 'Tis “love in Idleness.” —BlanchardTo him who in the love of Nature holds Communion with her visible forms, she speaks A various language . . . Go forth, under the open sky and list To nature’s teaching. —Bryant 96Student life was basically the same. The Green and Gold Room was crowded with card sharks the fraternities and people just trying to grab a quick lunch before class. Students from all over the world presented Intel-national Week in March. This week underscored the importance of foreign student on the Hilltop campus. Spirit was low—except for a brief flurry during Homecoming Week. Lights burned late as mid-terms and finals challenged the students (and their coffee pots) to the utmost.P3tUSF ’69 saw a great many changes. A well organized Black Student Union was formed and brought the race problem to USF. With their fine Black Cultural Week, the blacks at USF laid the groundwork for the development, at the Hilltop, of a new program of social awareness. 100101Crow 102“A brotherhood of man’ ' 0 is -Gf8SSs sl,l, 1»‘ or VIETNAM, Laos ,otn MALAYSIA. -Singapore . t|T $ TAHO Br (h siendsA fine array of speakers, from all walks of life visited the Hilltop this year. Vice-Presidential candidate Ed Muskie spoke to a large crowd of interested USF students during the Presidential campaign. Elridge Cleaver then got his chance to expound on the evils of the system in early November. One of the leading Presidential candidates — Pat Paulsen — packed the Gym and also spoke on the evils of the system. Dave Harris and Joan Baez spqke in late November. Two distinguished members of .the black community — Dick Gregory and Louis Lomax presented the students of USF with interesting and quite often controversial food for thought. Liam Miller, the noted Irish poet, presented a selection of his readings while Daniel Berri-gan, the famous theologian, presented his ideas on the Church in today’s society. 104105VOTE CANPresident Bringing to the office of ASUSF President his experience and enthusiasm, and high practical ideals, Mike Galligan quietly guided the student body through another excellent year. Mike set out to thoroughly examine and evaluate student government in a modem, growing University—USF—and to plan how it can best make its contribution to the education of mature, responsible and reflective human beings. Associated Vice-President Following in the footsteps of his older brother. Joe Phair headed this year’s Legislature. Active politically and socially, he was well acquainted with the activities and responsibilities of his position and was quite successful in carrying them out. StudentsSecretary The gay and efficient Secretary of the Associated Students, Margie Ryan, conscientiously executed her duties of reporting and recording the actions of the Legislature. She greatly added to the various decisions made by the Legislature. Treasurer As ASUSF Treasurer, Phil Lauro did all within his power to make the ends meet the budget. He revised and straightened the accounts of each club. Activities Vice-President Taking the responsibility of Activities Vice President Ray Erlach planned and coordinated the many events which entertained the joyful Dons. We greatly praise his success. 108John Dalton Peggy Devoe Student Court The five Judges of the Student Court interpret the regulations of the University. This past year when the controversy arose over the FOGHORN. it was the Court which had to decide upon the constitutionality of the petitions that were presented. Pat McCanta Cathy Coyne Weldon YoungLinda Renn, Kacey Connolly, Vivian Benton. Colleen Parton, Maureen Molloy. Standing: Bob Grassilli, Ed Watson, John Howe. Pat Wick, Chuck Riffle, Rich Hinkle, Tim Shea, Pat Golden, Jeff Lau, Fred Fendler. Academic Council Two representatives from every major comprise this group. The Academic Council through the surveys it conducts has proved itself to be most helpful to the student in selecting classes and instructors. Joanne Martin, Stacey Cheng, Jeanne Tschann, Helen Thurston, Patt Flynn. Standing: Vic Bonfilio, John Blom, Pete Grab-icki, John Shaffer, Mike Brown, Jadyne Jeung, Don Knotts, Pete Panfili, John Deagen, Hugh Harrington. noRow One: Dana Hendershott, John Davi, Rick Dietrich, Marilyn Coffy, Stephanie Secrest, Dave Gallo, John Troccoe. Curtis Hinton. Row Two: Ron Rodrigues, Bob Grassilli, Tony Maniscalco, Jim DeJohn, Dennis Carvalho, Tom Peterson. Board of Student Control Row One: George Barron, Fred Goeringer, Frank McGee, Chairman, Jim Petrini, Steve Mongillo. Row Two: Jeanne Moran, Marilyn Coffy. inClubs’ Council Row One: Tony Rufino, Alejandro Toledo, Maiy Strazzarino, Pat Warner, Diane Barulieh, Tony Zanone. Row Two: Dennis Kafura, Joe Coccellato, A1 Menaster, Dick Spotswood, Ray Erlach. Missing: Betty Blackburn, Linda Renn, Carlos Martinez, Joe Marshall, Joe Palkovic, Will Kempton, John Bergez, Tony Macrenato, Mike Williams, Frank Sun, Ron Rodrigues. Ed Bohnert. Interfraternity Council 112 Jack Graudenz, Larry Stevens, George Rederich, Gary Royce, Peggy Cogan, Pete Grabicki, A1 A ram end ia. Dennis Hall.Residents’ Co-ordinating Council Sitting: Janet Walsh, Chris Guerrara, Barbara Menard, Cheryl Kimura. Standing: Ed Kurakazu Bruce McIntosh, Tim King. Hayes-Healy Residents Council Kneeling: Joanne Carbone, Rita Swing. Sitting: Mrs. Sullivan, Marilyn Campion, Maureen Mahoney. Standing: Diane Prouasi, Connie Doherty, Gail Herndon, Noreen Slaughter, Paula Petersen, Janet Walsh, Chris Guerrara, Stephanie Se-crest Phelan Hall Residents Council Officers: Ed Kurakazu, Bruce McIntosh, Tim King, Pat Golden.Phelan Hall Residents’ Council Gordon King, Art Lindeman, Charles Holmberg. Joe Desmond, Bruce McIntosh, President, Tim King. Vice-President, D. Michael Cheung, Be Bradford Yules, J. Milford Ford, John Troccoe. Gillson Residents’ Council Sitting: Lynn Grier, Carol Venable, Mrs. Cooper, Cheryl Kimura. Standing: Cathy Graves, Paula Viglione, Maureen Wiegand, Leslie Rota, Kaye Johnson. Sitting: Jeanne Moran, Sister Maria Therese, Mrs. Sullivan, Linda Uribe. Kathy Ryan. Standing: Ginny Nolan, R.N., Judy Sobject, Mary Ann Bur-man. Charlene Torley, Jan Max, Cindy Bennett. Missing: Ann Cassidy. 114 Hayes-Healy Residents’ AssistantsBetty Blackburn, Pat Pender, Betty Fracisco, Assistant Head Resident, Cathy Graves, Ginny Nolan, Nurse, Cindy Fregulia, Margie Graziano, Lee Erpelding, Cathy Coyne, Mrs. Cooper, Head Resident, Maureen Curran. Kathy Ryan and Kerry Blackman, R.A.’s during the first semester, have advanced to Head Residents in their own homes. Gillson Hall Residents’ Assistants Phelan Hall Residents’ Assistants Sitting: Bill Cline, Jim Petrini, Phil Lauro, Jim Lee. Standing: John Jure-witz. Rich Hinkle, Mike Clark, Tim Starke. Missing: Don Sovie, Head Resident Assistant, Chuck Riffle, Tom Waddoek, Tom Wilcock, Terry Andres. Sitting: Randy Ching, John Trott, Carlos Solis, Tim Shea. Standing: Steve Lucia, Walt Stone, Charlie Martinez, Jim Wathen.Chinese Club Kneeling: Ted Quock, Ray Quock-Sec., Tom Wong, Tan Chek Feng-V.P., Leung Lim Shui. Row Two: Darrell Fong, Grant Kolung. Clara Kan, Yong-ae Son, Terry Chow, Jane Toni, Vic Chin, Frank Sun, President. Row Three: Johnson Wong, Roy Wong, Leonard Poggio, Mark Ahn, Dion Dulay, Rich Laherty, George Cheung. Hispano American Club M. Mahoney, I. Vexler, M. Baldwin, A. Toledo, President. Nancy Voge-ley, Moderator. N. Pun, L. Sparks. Standing: A. Saenz, B. McQuaid, R. Hayes, P. Stone, K. Gardner, C. Ehrmann, S. Kight, J. Martin, M. Baldanado. 117Row One: Deanna Moser, Karen Gardner, Casey Craig. Sally LaBoyteaux, Barbara Webber, Anne Hodges, Sarah Andrade, Suzanne Quigg, Liz Ahlering, Mrs. Ross, Moderator. Row Two: Ellen Hartfield, Yvette Sallaberry, Kathy Ryan, Marilyn Coffy. Paula Petersen. Kate Moriarty, Carla Lastreto, Sue Petrinovich, Ellie Horan, Joan Bonfilio, Jeanne Moran, Sue McDonnell. Emeraudes Row One: Pat Boettcher, Liz Ahlering, Vice President. Row Two: Karen Roge-nes, Muffie Pennisi, Beth Thompson. Row Three: Judy Greco, Secretary, Pat Warner, President, Linda Barrett, Mary Seffens. Row Four: Kandy King, Treasurer, Sue Riordan, Linda Latorre, Mary Martinez. Denise Gatfield, Chris McGreevey, Ellie Carmody, Mary Ewing. Row Five: Vickie Furman, Jan Brennan. Carol Dubost, Fran Malta. Janice Esola, Maureen Lech war.Paul Morphy Chess Club Sitting: Sybil Thornton, Merit Mahoney, Pam Stone. Bill Jordan. Maureen Molloy, Ernie Jayme. Standing: Ted Quock, Jose Fregulia, Ray Quock. Duane Bond. Rich Lahery Laherty, Ray Erlach, A1 Menaster, Joe Desmond, Dennis Kafura, Luis Garcia. Row One: Rick Edminster, Chris Jozwicki, Bill Redican, Mike Dennis, Wally Torres, Larry Picetti, Teresa Lannan. Row Two: Sue Harless, Marcia Renieri, Judi Barker, Barry Depner, Robert Robie, J. L. Broderick, Larry Fruzzetti, Bill Panek. Tom Bressan. Cathy O’Neil. Tim King, Blankuita Vargas. Missing: John Shaffer, Betty Blackburn, Stella Re-lx llar, Jack Dillon, Ed Chiosso, Dan Dwyer, Pat Seethoff, Et. Al. 119Row One: Ron Rodrigues, Greg Correa, Sean Sweeney. Row Two: Young-ae Son, Cathy McDonough, Jane Wagner, Cathy Cullen, Linda Estrella, Pat Chown. Row Three: Jim Tehero, Jeremy Kozuki, Ernie Tong, Frank Sun, Jim Pualoa, Dennis Carvalho, Adam Vincent, Doug Lau. Hui O’ HAWAII Row One: Nancy Driscoll, Linda Siri, Karen Rogenes, Celeste Cozzoli, Kathy Aina, Faye Rubio, Elaine Rogers. Row Two: Eric Lee, Sherwin Mateo, Dennis Haaf, Janet Holtz, Glenn Costello, Charlie Holmberg, Stu Besser. 120Gridiron Club Not since the days of Ollie Matson. Gino Marchetti. Hurl Toler, and our new football coach. Vince Tringali, has the Hilltop had big league football. Not since USF defeated Loyola 20-2 in the Rose Bowl of 1951 has USF had a football team that reigned undefeated, invincible. November 28, 1951 marked the end of an era. USF had closed her doors to the football heroes. Only the old timers would recall that USF had once been synonymous with football. Only they would remember that football had given USF her first ALL-AMERICAN. OLLIE MATSON. It is hard to say whether the nostalgia of those bygone years or the season we just witnessed or both brought about the formation of the Gridiron Club. Reaction came and the response from the students was inspiring. With the help of the student body, the alumni and the administration, their objectives may be realized. Under the leadership of its President, Fred Hall, the club is sponsoring a new program for football. Scholarships would be provided. Part of SI, our newly acquired property, would be converted into a football field. 121Historical Society Row One: Barbara Menard, Terry O’Neill, Vice-President, Linda Mc-Causland, Susan A pice, Diane Lawrence, Treasurer, Beth Driscoll, Karl Brenner. Row Two: Judy Conway, Kathy Demining, Dr. Beach, Moderator. Shellie Garrett, Jr., Tim Carvalho, John Howe, President, Lynn Marsenich, Secretary, Harry Morrison. Row Three: Judy Knight, Brian Mullins. Ken Campi, Dave Showers, Robert Canepa. International Relations Club Row One: Marilyn Janell, Barbara Menard, Ei-ling Tan, Adelaide Smith, Kathleen Stroben, Therese Tersehuren. Row Two: Tony Rufino, Greg Figueroa, Dr. Lasocki, Tim Hannan, Peter Donohue, Pat Chintaganord, Jim Johnson.Row One: Robin Johnson. Pat Watson, Maureen Jehl, Rita Swing, Kathy Eareckson. Row Two: Jean Swanson, Maureen O’Hara, Terry Curtis, Terry Castlean, Mimi Pinelli, Gale Lucchesi, Ann Russo, Pat McGinty, Norine Brunicardi, Charlotte Spencer. Janice Esola. Row Three: Gene Miner, Duke Wayne, Ed Sambuceti, Howard Lendz, Abo Eidarous, Tom Gibbons, Bill McShane, John Kenny, Dan Scannell, John O’Rourke. Irish Club Row One: Shannon Weitzel, Linda McCausland, Secretary, Susan Patricio, Ann Marie Silvestri, Eileen Byrne. Row Two: Joanne Mallia, Betsy Bell, Lia McGinness, Cecilia Meiswinkel, Mary Walsh, Patty Seybold, Donna Uhrig, Lorna Brown, Jeanne Cuerro, Kathy Hardin, Pat Byrne, Sandra Fidler. Tina Kelley, Terri Carney. Standing: Tony Allevato, Bob Breault, Tony Fulcher, Activities Chairman, Leroy Brown, Bill Jordan, Steve Leonard, Paul Pucci, Mel Murchison, Steve Isoordi, Dave Demback, Vice-President, Ron Reardon, Gary Nave. Jim Hagarty, Joe Coc-cellato, President.L. to R. Sitting: Louise Ottoboni, Margie Graziano, Claire Ginotti, Linda Renn, Mary Walsh, Betty Yueh, Nancy Sbragia. Standing: Patrick Wick, Ronald Goshgarian, Jean Slaughter, Jose Ingojo, Rien-Chung Sien, George H. Bandy. Second Row: Jim Johnson, Neil McCarty, Fr. John Fischer, S.J. (Moderator), Allen Amaro. Math Club Officers: Louise Ottoboni, Allen Amaro, Linda Renn, President, Ron Goshgarian, Father John E. Fischer, Moderator. 124Left to Right: Gary Anderegg (Dir. of Administration), Fr. James Dempsey, S.J. (Moderator), Dennis Kafura (President), A1 Menaster (Dir. of Public Relations). Philhistorians L. to R. Sitting: A1 Magwili, A1 Menaster, Gary Anderegg, Mehettie Jones, Matt McKay, Pat McAdoo, Stan Flott, Annette Anton. Standing: Clark Leslie, A1 Rodrigues, Chris Brandmeir, Fr. Dempsey, Dennis Kafura. 125126 Officers: John Formosa. Don Dana, Bob Bacci, Will Kempton, Ed Chiosso, Joe Phair, Jim Armstrong:.Cecil Garcia, Jim Campi-sano, Ron Plccas, Rubin Rodrigues, Mike Killen, Kurt Graffy, Roger Wun-derling, Wilton Wong, Pat Callahan. Tony Corcoran, Wayne Johnston, Jim Trail, Bill Lightner, John Petrini, Evan McGibbon, Jerry Mitchell. Mark Schachran, Hugh Harrington, Mike Brown, Tom Dorsey, Fred Goehringer, Sean Dowling, Kent Grealish, Bill McElroy, Jim Sepeda, Phil Onori, Ed Chiosso, John Milford, Will Kempton, Joe Phair, John Formosa, D. G. Digiacinto, Mike Walsh, Steve Heath, Terry Harbor, Pat Lucay, Walt Fleischer, Bob Bacci, Don Dana, Jim Armstrong, Bob Nardi, Chuck Maher. PeersDrill Team Kneeling: Wong, P. Pons, R. Duncan, A. Estes, M. Thompson, W. Rosser. G. Chiu, C. Molina. Standing: Capt. Alfred B. Rodrigues, P. Cazahous, E. Pike, C. Henry, J. McNeil, G. Correa. H. Sullivan, M. Dun-sing, M. Butler, Lt. Robert Long. Rangers Row One: P. David, E. Carberry, J. Lynch, P. Sitter, B. Kidd. Row Two: C. Calhoun, D. Dana, L. Vierra, J. Moran, J. Nunnally. Rifle Club First Row: Sgt. Armendarez, A1 Bernadi, Ken Way land, Dan Soon— President. Second Row: Ann Williams—Sec. and Treasurer, Mary Delaney—Vice Pres., Sgt. Camona. Kneeling: Mick Stanton, Stewart Besser, Jim Bachelor. Dick Stone (Missing).Row One: John Ewen, Pat White, Ed Chiosso, Vice-President, Dave Scharlach, Bob Jones, Bob Pedot, Joe Moran. Second Row: Colonel Hyde, Will Kempton, Larry Martin, Charlie Martinez, President, Bill Kidd, Secretary, Dave Gallo, Treasurer, Dennis Freeman, Sergeant-at-Arms, Mark Mickelson, Mike Readman, Ed Kurakazu, Bob Long. Third Row: Pete Pons, Chris Calhoun, Larry Anderson, Dave Regan, Ed Watson, A1 Gordon, Don Dana, Pat Wick, Tim Ruef, Ken Perea, Ed Carberry. 129 Scabbard BladeRow One: Mario L. Beltramo, Jr., Kenneth K. Chang. Terri Rodello, Cathy Wentworth, Toni Radillo, Ronald Tonegato. Row Two: Grant Collings, Tony Rufino, Robert Jesinger. Row Three: Chris Johnson, Michael Smith. Rich Hazelwood. Row Four: Ken Perea, Carlos Perez. Greg O’Keeffe. Row Five: Bill Topf, Severin Rizzo. Saint Ives Law Society 130 Officers: Ronald Tonegato, Mario Beltramo, Frederick Knauss.Officers: Rita Dechene, Secretary; Steve O’Meara, Treasurer; Christann Natale, Vice-President; James Cadden, President; Richard Millang, Public Relations. Wasman Biological Society Leonard Poggio, Terry Moyles, Jim Cadden. Steve O’Meara. David Kulka. Dan Gullota, Larry Palkovic, Rich Laherty, John Siepler, Dion Dulay, Victor Chin, Ray Quock, Cliffne Fowlie, Diane Tepley, Pamela Passanisi, Christann Natale, Marilyn Lippi, Clare Sieland, Karen Roediger.Board Members: Rita Dechene, Marilyn Lippi, Courtney Galbraith, Karen Kirshner, Christann Natale. SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA This newly founded sorority is a local organization open to all science majors and minors. Cooperating with Wasmann Biological Society, Sigma Kappa Sigma sponsored guest speakers. This semester it was responsible for the Science Career Day which informed students of the paramedical fields open to science majors not destined for medical school. Row One: M. Lippi, P. Passinisi, M. Baldwin, M. O’Connell. K. Avison, E. Mullen, J. Walsh, Dr. Treagen. Moderator. Row Two: C. Sieland, C. Fowlie. R. Dechene. J. Leung. K. Kirshner, E. Ziomek, C. Natale. Row Three: L. Ottoboni. J. Slaughter, K. Graves, M. Graziano, B. Sullivan. S. Fisher, C. Cullen, G. Lillie. Row Four: D. Tepley, B. Holstein, C. Ginotti. J. Cecaci, I. Mates, E. Brosnan, H. Robillard. 133Randy Hellrung. Treasurer. Larry Mori, Vice-President, Ken Christopher, President, Jim Boucke, Secretary. Circle K is an international organization which is affiliated with but not part of the Kiwanis Organization. There are some 500 campus clubs in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1968 the Circle K Club of USF has its joint project with the Kiwanis Club of San Francisco, our Kiwanis sponsor. The project was the annual Salvation Army Kettle drive which was held in December. Both Circle K and Kiwanis members work on this project. In addition to community services, the Circle K is a campus service club. The Circle K has worked in the past on keeping the library opened for extended hours during finals and assisting the cheerleaders with ribbon and hat sales. The club plans to enlarge its activities in the future including helping with the orientation of transfer students at the beginning of the spring semester. 134 Ron Renard, Tom Reilly, Rick Raffo, Hector Medina, John Petrini, Dana Hendershott, Joe Merrit, Paul R. Farley, Bill Haney, Jerry Robinson.Young Democrats How One: Mr. John Neinstadt, Advisor, Tom Lalor, Greg Ryken, Speakers Chairman, Steve Barriers, Larry Scrivianti. Row Two: Mike Curry, Judy Conway, Ken Campi, Terry O’Neil, Kevin Lowe, Carla Dotta, Treasurer, Carol Atkinson, Sue Apice, Linda McCausland, Vice-President, Ron Valmassey, Annette Anton. Row Three: Bill Chambers, Joan Perry, Diane Lawrence, Harry Young. Jim Bjorkguist, Dick Spotswood, President. Young Republicans Row One: Rita Swing, Jeanne Schiff, Kathi Wentworth. Secretary, Joan Molini, Bob Hackney, Vice-President. Row Two: Richard Hazelwood, Dave Cresto. Shellie Garrett, Ray Cunningham, Greg Figueroa, Jim Kerns. 135Officers: Pete Devine, Publicity Chairman; Glenn Kovacevich, Vice-President ; Don Cleary, President; Tom Delaney, Treasurer. College Players On June 30, 1863, the oldest amateur acting group West of the Mississippi, the College Players of the University of San Francisco, gave its first performance. USF was St. Ignatius then, and the campus was located on Market Street, on the site of the present day Emporium Department Store. Opening night 1863 was presented as a part of the graduation exercises, featuring a two-act epic entitled Joseph and His Brethren. The College Players continued to present a dramatic offering every spring for many years; eventually their repetoire expanded in to a full season of dramatic and musical offerings. The success of any theatrical venture requires a dedication to art, a love of truth, respect for people, and considerable skill. The College Players have enjoyed critical praise for offering good theatre and, most important, for having a professional approach to exciting productions. The College Players provide for talented students of Drama: opportunities to produce and experiment in all phases of operation and styles of theatre. This training has encouraged many to continue in the theatrical profession on Broadway, in films, TV. and with such notable companies as The American Conservatory Theatre and The Ashland Shakespearean Festival. Under the direction of Professor John J. Collins, since 1959, the Players have presented many theatrical “firsts” for Bay Area audiences. Recently the College Players presented the American Premiere of de Ghel-derode's Pantiglaise, the San Francisco premiere of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, the local premiere of House of Bernarda Alba, and most notable the world premiere of a new musical drama. Cyrano! commissioned by the Players to celebrate their 106th Season. Throughout their long history, the College Players have been a tremendous asset to the cultural atmosphere of the campus and the city. In the city that knows how, the University of San Francisco College Players prove why!!! 137 — Pete Devine139Row One: Carlos Molina. John Kotlanger, Fernando Guzman. Row Two: Tim Ruef. Mike Blicharz, Duane Bond. Row Three: Alex Costellanos, Joe David,’ Larry Maniscalco, James Philips, Doug Amis. Glee Club Row’ One: Eileen O’Brien, Vivian Bentley, Kathy Toy, Lee Erpelding, Brenda Morton, Stephanie Phillips, Loretta White, Mary Ann Balian. Row Two: B. J. Burton, Joe King, Doug Amis. Tim Carvalho, Carla La-streto, Susan Ahle, Sue Dejohn. Row Three: Sander Hayashida, Phil Lep-ley. Jim English, Maty Ann Brunsvold, Barbara Santana. 140Sitting: John Irvine. Row One: Frank Gundry, Brenda Morton, Mary Moraldo. Peggy Coronet, Barb Paschke, Bob Abinante, Kathy Saur, William Kim. Mary Jo Fonseca, Jack See, Jane Wagner, Dennis Batey. Pat Maloney. Row Two: Steve Torretta, Mary Ann Toal, Derral Campbell, Fred Roat, Steve Gillum, Joan McShane, Debbie Hamann, Lou Dematteis, Teddi Thunder, Anita Lococo, Marc Neilson, Tom Rogers, Ray McGrath, Sean Sweeney. Missing: Kathy Cullen, Rosemary Morgado, Cathy Harvey. Committee for Campus Action The Committee for Campus Action was formed one year ago by Louis Dematteis with a little help from his friends. The purpose of the organization is to make students aware of issues relevant to them at the USF community, to inform students of activities within the student government, sponsor speakers and benefits for worthwhile causes, and to publicize any other pertinent activities. Some of its goals are to make education at USF' relevant to the students, and supply an opportunity for all ethnic groups to share in this relevant education. Some things the Committee has done include two benefit mixers, circulation of petitions, and meetings to involve students with campus issues. They also had much to do with reviving the “Sound Off” and were instrumental in forming the Student Freedom Coalition. 142Pan African Club Black Thursday was held as a protest against the way in which Home-coming Queen candidates were chosen. Row One: Frank Chiteji, Tanzania; Jean Pierre N'gole, Congo; Nametso Phirinyane, Botwana. Row Two: Eduardo Aime Do Pombolot, Angolia; Sakaria Shikimba. Namibia; Bakasa Mashingaidze, Zimbabwe. 143Row One: Myung Bae Choi, Kwisook Seo, Father Doyle, Wha Young Han, Sung Ilee Lee, Youngae Sohn, Geunsoo, Kim. Row Two: Byung Young Lee. Soonkook Hong, Sookkyung Hong, Kisun Kang, Wohnyoung Har, Myung Geun Choo, In Kyu Kong, Young-soo Lee. Korean Club Debbie Jacinto, Tony Hernandez, Emmie deLeon, Boy Mitra, Tony Rufino, President, Robert Ong, Emelyn Jacinto, Secretary, Lito Reyes, Vice-President, Jimmy Buenaventura. Row One: David Factor. Tom McKenzie, Cheri Mauren, Mike Parmer. Carolyn May. Row Two: Sheiba Floro, Butch ie deLeon, Tony Rufino, Jerry Gavin, Sonny Manuel, Ginger Thuener, Ann Bouev. Row Three: Pat Lynch, Lurry Dolan. Jim Bouey, Richie Garcia, Christine Ila-berkorn, Charley Gavin, Nancy Castro, Alex Chau-dier, Ernie Jayme. 144Row One: Dave Pigott, Mike Morris, Rich Stevens, Bill Deluchi. Row Two: Paul Ferreboeuf, Dan Cahill, Ray Puccinelli, George Barron, Mike Calegari. Row Three: Bill Essig, Bill Curran, Gary Polizziani, Joe Trela. Knights of Columbus Row One: Andy Coughman, Tom Petrini, Mike Casey, Carlos Cardenas. George Gallegos. Row Two: Bill Walker, Den Dolan, Ray Erlach, John Troccoe. Row Three: Prank Clifford, Ed Mahoney, Grand Knight, Tony Devincenzi. Row Four: Larry Bisauta, Steve Wilson, Paul Lahademe, Paul Ferreboeuf.T Susan Patricio, Bob Guiliani, Karen Rogenes, Treasurer, Tony Zanone, President, Mimi Pinelli, Rikka Guttormsson, Linda Siri, Dennis Sequlera, Margaret Forbes, Secretary, Mike Corrigan, Phil Derdevanis. Missing: Sean Dowling, Vice-President. Mark Baranowski, Jim Tehero, A1 Schilf, Pat Wade, Kevin McNamara, Dave Pribyl, Paul Cool. KUSF 146Ken Palla. Station Manager; Doug Amis; Maureen O'Connell; Vince Hurley; Harry Young; Program Director; Jane Heiser. Ron Henderson; John Fabian, News Director; Joe Costello. Mike Andres; Ron Henderson; Dan Carroll, Chief Engineer; Steve Runyon. 147ServiceRow One: Bernie McCabe, Ar-lette Blake. Betty Ambrosi, Linda Ferrari, Donna Ricci, Treasurer, Shelly Saraceno, Linda Gries-meyer, Roberta Thompson. Row Two: Nary Arcangel, Michael Treguboff, Jeanne Guffanti, Jean Bermingham, Moira Gunn, Nor-ine Brunicardi, Mari Peyton, Eileen O’Brien. Row Three: Jeanne Schiff, Mr. Laurence Bishop, Moderator, Karen Rogenes, Claudia Airaudi, Pat McGinty. Row Four: Ann Randolf, Sharon Filiberti, Mary Brunsvold, Cathey Brooks, Lynne Morris, Dan Scanned. mi uni Student California Teachers’ Association Row One: Caroline Slajer. Marilyn Campion. Linda Sparks. Betsey Paul. Mary Strazzarino, President, Joanne Leo, Yvonne Smith. Row Two: Claudia Bene-detti, Linda Molini. Dianne Bau-lich. Vice-President. Kathleen Da Rosa. Row Three: Elvse Lauge-sen, Antionette Mere, Arleen Guaraglia, Annette Anton, Terri Bohac, Gale Luechesi, Stacey Kight, Mary Jo Albanese, Margie Graziano, Carol Paul. Row Four: Patrick Mullen. Tom Fourie, Valinda Croxton. Sharon Congdon. Maui een Lech war.Officers: Jim Babcock, Business Manager; Nancy Mulvihill, Secretary; Tim Georgi Vice Chairman; Father Monahan, Moderator; Bill Cole, Chairman. $ E C Special Events Committee Maintaining the cultural tradition of the University, SEC presents movies, lectures, concerts and art exhibits. This organization is student controlled. Its Chairman is appointed by the ASUSF President. s E C Row One: Sue Ferrari, Pat Pender, Gail Liberson, Virginia Sasaki, Father Monahan. Row Two: Charlie Holmberg, Lynn Grier, Mary Ann Balian, Kathy Nichols, Mary Moorer, Susan Gosano. Row Three: Gerry Gleason, Jim Babcock. Rita Swing, Sue Livingstone, Nancy Mulvihill, Cathy Ripple. Row Four: Bob Breault, Trey Cosgriff, Diane Neururer, Denise Gatfield, Kitten Obar, Kathy DaRoza, Tina Miller. Row Five: Rob Wilsey, Dennis Batey, Mike Mooney, Dan McCarthy. Bill Mulvihill, Larry Dyer, John Hemey, Lawrence Fedora. Row Six: Bill Cole, Jim Ahem, Severin Rizzo, Tom Georgi.Film Committee: Tina Miller, Mary Ann Balian, Mike Mooney. Severin Rizzo, John Hemey, Bill Mulvihill, Kitten Obar, Dan McCarthy. Publicity Committee: Rob Wilsey. Kathy Nichols. Gerry Gleason. Rita Swing. Larry Dyer. Sue Livingstone, Lawrence Fedora. Gail Liberson. Jim Ahern. Mary Moorer, Trey Cosgriff. Denise Gat-field, Dennis Batey. Art: Kathy DaRoza. Virginia Sasaki. Lecture: Bob Breault. Pat Pender. Sue Ferrari. Secretarial and Music: Lynn Grier, Diane Neururer. Nancy Mulvihill. Sue Gosano, Cathy Ripple. 1S1Poly Program SWAP Steve Heath with Roosevelt and Pooky at St. Dominic's. 153War Against Racism Left to Ripht: Mike Kreutz, Mary Beth Smith, Joe Clopton, Rich Hinkle (Chairman), Dennis McGilloway Anne Carton (Secretary), Cindy Colby, John Irvine, Tom Bressan. $ w A P St. Dominic’s Row One: Mandy Anderson, Dave Ballati, Tom Buckley, Bobbie Thompson. Row Two: Linda Celoni, Eileen O’Connell, Jerry. Steering Committee Left to Right: Mary Brutocao Dennis McGilloway John Howe, Rich Hinkle Rene Lorda Steve LaPlant Dennis Martin Chuck Riffle Bobby Thompson Bob BeltramoSt Patrick’s Project Sitting: Jan Daoust, Happy Scanlon. Heather Manion, Dennis Martin. Standing: Mary Tesch, John Trott. Row Three: Cathy O’Keeffe, Bill Jordan, Linda Renn, Jim Wathen, Cindy Colby, Marilyn Janelli. Helper’s Home for the Mentally Retarded Row One: Bob Beltramo, Jane Dykzeul, Denise Silva, Jackie Lippit, Suzie Schiff, Gail Lillie, Virginia Yuponce, Annette Ile-ing. Row Two: Marilyn Campion, Camille Ziomek, Linda Griesmeyer. Marlene Culbertson, Elvira Gerimino, Claire Caiter, J. L. Broderick, Mike Krentz. Geriatrics Group Row One: Liz Cooney. Lia McGinness. Row Two: Terri Bohac, Betsey Paul, Mandie Anderson, Carol Paul, Row Three: Steve Sheerin. Mai-y Brutocao.LauraSWAP Beyond the boundaries of the USF campus is the hilly community of San Francisco in which live thousands of underprivileged students whose need for us is probably comparable to our need for them. They need us who are interested in them, who want to share some of ourselves only a part of which is knowledge) with them, who want to grow with them through a friendly personal relationship. We need them to grow in awareness of others with needs, interests, and cultural backgrounds much different from our own, to grow in understanding and sensi-tivty to others who really need our support, to grow in respect and love for each person, with his unique differences. The excerpt was taken from the promotional paper published by SWAP introducing USF to SWAP’s efforts. It sums up what you see in these pictures. SWAP has many branches ranging from tutoring to geriatrics which give the individual a wide choice. For those who can project themselves more in teaching, a variety of tutoring programs is open fo them. For those who possess the patience to work with mentally handicapped children, there is a project that has students working at the Home for the Mentally Retarded. For those who want to make older people feel wanted and needed, the geriatrics program is conducted at Laguna Honda. For those who can relate to children more readily, the Recreation Halls are sponsored every Saturday. SWAP consists of students who are willing to sacrifice some of their time for others. Changes are being worked out to include more students in this program. So often students wish to participate but they can not balance their school work with this extra-curricular activity. However, with the forthcoming changes, most students willing to devote some time to SWAP will be able to work out a program suitable to themselves and their majors.Rob Lawlor, Jim Sutton, John Zimmerman, Pat Merrick. Row Two: John Blom, Bill Keays, Dean Smith. Alpha Delta Gamma is a national social fraternity. Every year the brothel's compile and publish the WIRE, a directory of all USF students. They sponsor the Sweetheart Dance annually and the Log Cabin semiannually. The fraternity will host the national convention this summer. It will be held at the Sheraton Palace from August 18th until August 24th. Jim Bonato. Dave Simonini, Russ Bertetta. Row Two FM Steve Regan. Mike Silvestri. Qumn Row One: Will McDevitt, Stew Besser, Joe Moran, Mike McGuire, Bruce Hunt. Row Two: Frank Clifford. Ron Silveira. Jim Lippitt, Fred Wamshuis, A1 Heredia, Ed Martine. Alpha Delta Gamma . . . LEA GASSON. the ADG Sweetheart . . .Larry Seffens, Larry Ayer, George Guido. Phi Sigma Alpha Severin Rizzo, Antoinette Mere, Rich Hazelwood, Toni Radillo. Missing: Joe Gughemetti, A1 Me-naster, Tim Amen, Carol Atkinson, Jane Kilcline, Phil Lauro.Alpha Sigma Nu Row One: Nalin Shah, Mike Galligan. Will Kempton, Treasurer, Jake Karmendy, Vice-President. Row Two: Grant Steer, John Jurewitz, President, Phil Lauro. Missing: Ed Chiosso, Harry Morrison. Beta Gamma Sigma Pat Regan, Chris Johnson, Cathy Bisazza, Nalin Shah, John Trott, Ed Watson. 162Names L. to R. Officers: Mr. Robert Stock, Chapter Advisor; Wm. J. Reagan, Dean Bus. Ad.; Gary Royce, President; Russ Gallian, Senior V.P. Second Row: Lawrence A. Tomsic, Chapter efficiency; Mike Hazle-wood, Sec.; Frank Tealdy, Chancellor; Bill Fogarty, Treasurer; Dave Cresto, Professional Chairman; Chris Johnson, Historian. L. to R.: Tom Matsuki, Kevin Horan, Pat Carter, Randy Shigio, Sec. Row Two: Ed Kelly, Dennis Arietta, Norm Smith, Steve Thomas, Ed Walsh. 163Omicron Theta Chi This fraternity is open to all pre-medical students who have maintained a 3.0 GPA. Its objectives are social as well as academic. Each year it sponsors the Cancer Drive. Pat Golden, trusting the medical abilities of his fraternity brothers, willingly volunteered for con-celebrated surgery. Seniors: Paul Frye, Terry Andres, George Rederich, Jim Sutton, Neal Smith, Steve Sheerin, Frank Sun, Jim Smith, Pat Merrick, Greg Melieste. Juniors: Leonard Poggio, Rich Laherty, Ray Quock. Pat Golden, Dave Pribyl, Vic Chin, Dion Dulay. 164New Members: Bob Roth, Steve Price, Tom Leach, Don Knotts, Ron Renard, Mike Koberle, Ken Christopher, Mike Mooney, Mark Turck, Paul Leitschuh, Tom Reiley. Missing: Tim Shea. Vince Dang. Omicron Theta Chi Officers: Leonard Poggio, Treasurer; George Rederich, President; Frank Sun, Secretary; Pat Golden, Vice-President.Row One: Jadyne Jeung, Sister Mary Jo Grethel, Miss Dolan, Mary K. Russell, Cathy Giuliani. Row Two: Corene Heing, Donna Jackson, Sue Libershal, Cindy Fregulia, Sister Anne LaBorde, Mary Brutocao, Diane Tobin. Gamma Pi Epsilon This is national Jesuit honor society for women. Its members are chosen for their scholarship, loyalty, and service. Miss Dolan, Moderator; Cathy Giuliani, Treasurer; Cindy Fregulia, President; Sister Anne LaBorde, Secretary; Jadyne Jeung, Vice-President.Phi Beta Chi This fraternity attempts to foster unity among the science majors. This past year they sponsored a computer dance which updated the old fashioned way of meeting someone. Officers: Joe Desmond, Secretary; Bob Fleming, Pledgemaster; Jach Graudenz, Vice President; Larry Stevens, President; Mark Ritter, Treasurer; Joe Trechter, Sergeant-at-Arms. Row One: Dennis Kafura, Tim Carvalho, Tony Ribeiro, Ernie Jayme, Jim Rice, Bob Fleming. Second Row: David Core, Adam Vincent. Jach Graudenz, Joe Desmond, AI Massetti, Bob Lehr-burger, Larry Stevens. Third Row: Mark Ritter, Bob Fem-ekes, Barry Menegelli, Gary Moss, Paul Lamothe, Joe Trechter. 167Dennis Duffy, Phil Lauro. John Jurewitz, John Carpenter, Pete Lamberto, Pete Grabicki, Cameron Carlson, Steve Pavlovich, John Wier, John Campion, Tim Starke, John Davi, Charlie Banovac, Pete Petrich, Jim Roberts. Phi Alpha Though USF’s newest fraternity, Phi Alpha in four short years has become the acknowledged leader among the University’s Greeks. The school year, 1968-69 was a decisive one for the Phi Alphas as they moved within one step of becoming USF’s first truly national fraternity—when they became a colony of the most prestigious college fraternity in the United States, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Though primarily a social fraternity, Phi Alpha’s membership participates in, and contributes to every phase of university life, exhibiting the potential to achieve the fraternal ideal. Mike Benoit, Ron Valmassy, Gordon Yule, Bob Solon, Jim Petrini, Mike Carey, Leo Murphy, Pat Golden, Kevin Leong, Bob Schoettler, Gasper Spedero. Ray Michaud, Jerry Sullivan, Phil Stumpo, Dave Devoti, John Husser, Ken Starko-vich, Phil David, Tom McGuire, Vic Bonfilio, Tony Maniscalco, Mike Monroe. 168Phi AlphaOFFICERS: Jerry Gleeson (Spirit V.P.), A1 Aramendia (Pres.), William Kidd (Sendee V.P.). BACK ROW: John Hearaey (Secretary), Tom Georgi (Sgt. at Arms), Jim Babcock (Treasurer). SITTING: Bill Haney, George Mike Gallegos, Doug Lau, Mike Nicholls. STANDING: Rudy Rodriguez, Severin Rizzo, Steve Leavanson, Mike Strauch, Roberto Canepa, Robert Wilsey.Kneeling;: Cheryl Giuntini, S. Weiss, Julia Pia Ildefonso, Ann Emerson. Dorothy Zanotti, Mary K. Russell. Standing: Sally LaBoyteaux, Sue Pickering, Anne Greenstone, Carol Cusimano, Miss Daigle, Moderator, Cathy Grigliatti, Cheryl Neugebauer, Mary Ebright. Tri Gamma Officers: Linda Celoni, Kathy Roberts, Peggy Cogan, Mary Tesch. Row One: Linda Hughes, Linda Massolo, Mary Tesch, Peggy Cogan, Helen Thurston, Kathy Roberts. Row ’Two: Veronica Pack, Linda Celoni, Pat Ahboltin, Ginger George, Kathy McDonough, Cathy Grigliatti, Mary Simpson, Joan Keane, Pat SeLegue, Felis Rodriguez, Chris Cortopassi. Row Three: Linda Boucher, Janice Daoust, JoAnn Mondelli, Michelle Eyherabide, Julie Shasky, Tina Wold, Anna Hudson.1Pacific Prospectus Coeditors: John Blom and George Kriste. Pete Devine Nancy Brandt Karen Bosch Denise Silva Bruce Mclntosch, Editor Missing: Dan Gunther Daily Don Vol. IV, No. 66 Saturday, February 29, 1969 Justine Fahy, Vic Bonfilio, Maria Cresci, John Trott, John Blom, Noel Shumway, Peter Grabicki, George Kriste, Aldo Chiappero. 173THE DON Sean Sweeney DON Editor Maureen Lechwar Assistant Editor Barbara Santana Academics Editor and staff Joan Peggy Wilson 174THE DON Peggy Cogan. Anna Hudson. Cheryl Giuntini Undergraduate EditorsTHE DON Bob Long Sports Editor Head Photographer Tony Lau Special Photographer Jim Pualoa Office Manager 176Photographers: Jerry Kinkade, Dan Gunther. Bob Abaya, Mike Gal legos. Ernie Tong. THE DON Ed Watson and Bob Grassilli.SAM pRAH foghoRn MIKE DOOGAN Editor-in-Chief MIKE GOODWIN Managing Editor Glenn Gable European Bureau 178sAn pKAnoi fcO foghoRn WAYNE WILSON Business Manager Tom Fauna Circulation Manager Rene Martell Advertising Manager 179sAn f rah foghoRn Bob Osmond, Sports Editor; Mike Carey, Jim O’Leary, Bob Grassilli. 180 Marce Bergman, Tom Meersman, Bob Jesinger, Harvey Sullivan.181182183Varsity Soccer Team Row One: Edgar Sagastume, Larry Dineen, Fernando Rosales. Connie Robustoff, Ted Psaras, Tom Hague, Mike Ivanow, Rudy Dekkers, A1 Aramendia. Row Two: Salvador Ochoa, Ken Alonso, Emilio Ugarte, Alex Montes, Juan Vallejo, Hans Friessen, Alex Robustoff, Mike Laurel, Carlos San Martin. Any soccer team that compiles an 11-3 record, registers 7 shutouts, averages over 6 goals a game and has an All-American selection would normally be hailed a great success. But such statistics for a USF Soccer team are only adequate, and in some ways disappointing. The Green and Gold started the season with five straight wins, out-scoring their opponents 32-2, before being upended by a powerful British Columbia team, 3-1. Then it was five more victories, with a scoring total of 33-3, before a tough 2-1 loss to San Jose State cost the Dons the WCISC crown. But still alive for the NCAA Finals, the ’68 varsity walloped Washington 16-0, before ending the year with a 3-2 loss to the Air Force. Highlights of the year’s play included: the selection of Frosh Tor-geir Hague as an All-American; 3 of the 4 leading USF scorers were freshmen; a remarkable 83 shots-on-goal against Washington; and the naming of fullback. Mike Laurel; halfback, Connie Robustoff; forwards, Hans Friessen, Alex Robustoff and goalie Mike Ivanow to the all-WCISC team. Coach Steve Negoesco loses both Ivanow and Laurel, two great players, plus fullback, Alex Montes and forward, A1 Aramendia. But with his returning talent, including goalie, John Camacho, 1969 promises to be a great year for the USF Soccer Team.Defense Psaras penetratesDons score against Cal.Alex Robustoff sets up Don jroal. P saras steals ball from Spartan forward.Camacho and Ivanow defend goal against San Jose attack. Goal!Connie Robustoff (5) heads ball to Montes. Don offense attacks Spartan goalie.“I CAME RACK . . . . . . WE’RE GLAD HE DID!”Football Team Sitting: Phil Kelly. Kevin Leong, Colby Dunne, Tom Passinisi, Don Wood, Co-Captain, Jim Petrini, Co-Captain. Steve Mongillo. Dick Wood, Jim Klaczak, Gil Await. Kneeling: Coach Dracco, Art Golden, John Ravarino, Conrad Hansen, Brad Pappalardo, Dennis Di Ricco, Tim Reid, Mike McGlennon, Bud Foster, John Davi, Chris Boyd, Les Mirkovich. Man- ager Mike Barrett. Standing: Coach Wood, Coach Wanlin, Bob Webb, Harold Logwood, Mike Johnson. Rich Talaga, Pete Sparks. Mike Bracco, Steve Haag, Adam Vincent, Myron Wong. Paul Rogers, Leon Monroe, Head Coach Pierceall, Coach Vanne. Andy Lustig, Missing. U.S.F. FOOTBALL — 1968 Heart and courage characterized the USF Varsity team in 1968. Unfortunately the opponents the Dons met showed little recognition for these virtues. Completely outmanned in several games they played, the Hilltoppers finished the year with only 19 players and an 0-8-1 record, their worst effort since football returned to the Hilltop five years ago. In his fifth year as head man, Coach Ron Pierceall saw his team decimated by crippling injuries and struggling to finish the schedule, and then sadly the Don mentor resigned at the end of the season. Be- sides the other losses, the Dons are losing some great talent. Graduating Seniors include linemen, Don Wood, Ken Pitetti and Jim Klaczak, end Phil Kelly, defensive star, John Ravarino, and all purpose Gil Await. But despite these losses, next year looks promising for USF football. With the institution of the USF Gridiron Club to provide outside support, 20 returning veterans to provide the nucleus, and new coach, Vince Tringali, to provide the leadership, the Green and Gold should rise again.Diricco (33) bulls upfield.Dons corral Gael runner. Dons ride Nevada ball carrier out of bounds.“Crunch.”Anybody got any ideas?Varsity Basketball First Row: P. Stumpo, manager; B. Gaylord, asst, coach; P. Vukicevich, coach; J. Romo, trainer. Second Row: R. Ames, D. Kerhoulas. C. Dullea, L. Hogg, R. Schaer, C. Hinton, C. Farley, P. Cross, G. Kriste, M. Doherty. J. Olsson, R. Santos, R. Bangle, S. Ayouts. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1968-69 Inconsistent and inexperienced, the 1968-1969 University of San Francisco Varsity basketball team can only look forward to next year, and back upon this past season as “a building year.” Playing mostly with juniors and sophomores, Coach Phil Vuki-cevichs’ Dons struggled through a dismal 7-18 season, and an even bleaker 3-11 league record. But USF loses just two seniors, neither of whom saw much action throughout the year, and will field an experienced club for the 69-70 campaign. In addition, some outstanding players will move up from the successful frosh ball club. It was more than a building year, however, insofar as it was a showcase for one of the premiere centers in the country, junior Pete Cross. The huge pivotman from Bakersfield displayed great individual talent while setting one school record and three league records. His 24.6 points per game easily broke Ollie Johnson’s old school standard of 21.6, set in 1965. Pete also set a WCAC single-season scoring record (367 pts. in 14 games), average record (26.2 ppg) and field goals made record (138). Cross led the WCAC in both scoring (26.2 ppg) and rebounds (15.7 pg), while on the season he hit for 24.6 ppg and 16 rebounds a game.Curtis Hinton chalks up another rebound for the Dons. Rich Schaer enjoys the annual volleyball game with Stanford.Charlie Dullea stops to pose for Don camera. Santa Clara can’t find cure for Pete Cross’s hook. Curtis Hinton and Craig Farley crash for rebound.Mike Doherty lays in another two for the hilltoppers. Jimmy Olsson passes to Rich Bangle looks for an opening as Craig Farley sets a screen.Rich Schaer soars and scores with another high flying juniper. Dons pray for the light before the game.Curtis Hinton beats his man and scores with a layup.Mike Doherty plays for the good shot against the zone defense. Pete Cross watches as the opponents try the old submarine trick.Dons capture national tiddlywink championship at half time. Jim Olsson jumps high to take a valuable rebound against Stanford. Pete Cross scores with another hook.Frosh Basketball Team First Row: P. Gallos, T. Sen, J. Burks, D. Dolan, J. Hancock, G. Greco; not pictured, S. Klaus. Second Row: B. Gaylord, coach; R. Left, T. O’Neil, asst, coach; G. Gone, G. Hunter, P. Loushin, P. Kelly, R. Center-wall, S. Freurbouf, A. Wilmore, asst, coach; M. MacGuire. FROSH BASKETBALL 19G8-69 Arousing enthusiasm concerning the future of USE basketball, a well coached frosh squad streaked to an impressive 18-2 season record for the 1968-69 campaign. Coach Bob Gailliard’s balanced attack featured Johnny Burks (19.0 ppg), Steve Ferreboeuf (13.2), Pat Loushin (11.5), Ron Centerwall (9.7), and Terry Senn (9.3). A strong bench contributed to a team scoring average of better than 83 points a game, while the frosh bettered the century mark on four separate occasions. Much will be expected of the stars of this year’s ball club in the coming campaigns, with USF once again returning to its former prominence as a basketball power.John Burks pumps over Gaels defense for another goal.Baseball Team First Row: M. Barret, E. Kurakazu, M. Laurel, T. O’Connell, S. Giannec-chini, B. Hutson, P. Barry, L. Jones, B. Garcia. J. Gregori. Second Row: D. Benedetti, coach; D. Russo. B. Riley, M. Buskey, A. Pauanucci, B. Mus-tanich. D. Hendershott. G. Sinclair, G. Steer, L. Anderson, M. Redling, M. Delagnes, B. Moore, asst, coach. U.S.F. BASEBALL 1969 USF wound up a hectic campaign last season with a 17-23 mark — the first losing season in four years on the Hilltop. But 1969 should prove to be a different story. Bolstered by one of the best, and biggest, pitching staffs to toe the rubber for the Green and Gold in recent years, the Dons hope to appear better. Coach Dan Benedetti has senior righthander and co-captain Mike Delagnes; Seniors Greg Sinclair and Ron Dinslage; Junior A1 Paganocci; and sophomores Dana Hendershott and Mike Redling to pitch any of the fifty scheduled games. The Don hurlers will have to carry the team if it expects to finish high in the WCAC race. Senior co-captain Grant Steer leads the Don swatsmen at the plate. A .296 hitter in the ’68 campaign, much is expected of this bona fide pro prospect. Steer, a centerfielder, will patrol the outfield along with Bill Mustanich, a ’68 regular, as will as sophomores Bill Garcia and Larry Jones. Vet Mike Laurel returns to man second base, while John Brightwell at first, Steve Giannechini and Bill Hutson at third, and Pete Barry and Mike Buskey at shortstop round out the Don’s infield. Hustling senior Joe Grefori is a solid first-string catcher, with good back-up support from juniors Larry Anderson and Nick Paoiini.. . . as Bill Hutson goes for the fence. Coach Benedetti watches on . . . Must Anich tries for the easy out.Joe swings . . . San Francisco swings . . . BYU player tries to trip up 2nd baseman Laurel.Grant swings . . . U.S.F. ? ? ? Barrett's safe at third. You killed my brother you dirty ratSWIMMING 1969 Led by their enthusiastic coach Michael Lehmann, the 1969 USF swimming: team won its first two swim meets in over two years. Despite the fact that the Don natators numbered only nine at their strongest, they never gave up and strove to win in every meet. Fine individual performances broke old records as the team grew in confidence and experience each week. Next year Coach Lehmann hopes to field a larger team and compete with more local schools on a real competitive level. Swimming Team First Row: M. Lasater, J. Roster, B. MacShane. Second Row: M. Lehman, coach; T. Call, T. Maniscalco. capt.; T. Rooney. Not Pictured: T. Hubner, A. Rodriques, T. Reynolds.Coach Lehmann watches . . . are put through their paces.TENNIS 1969 The 1969 season was basically a rebuilding one for Coach George McGlynn’s tennis team. With only two returning letter-men. the Don netters faced a tough schedule of WCAC competition. plus S.F. State and Stanford. John Carpenter and Rich Williams, both Juniors, carried most of the Don’s load during the season. Carpenter, last year’s number one man again excelled in the single’s category and teamed with southpaw Williams to form a formidable doubles combination. Despite their lack of experience, USF fought right down to the wire for the WCAC league title, offering great hope for next year’s club. Tennis Team First Row: G. Hunter, J. Husser, G. Chu. Second Row: J. Carpenter, C. Carlon, R. Williams, J. Castello, G. McGlynn, coach. Not Pictured: J. Cervantes, L. Schainsinger, B. Futnick.USF TRACK AND FIELD 1969 USF Track and Field enjoyed the largest turnout in over a decade. With unusually fine depth in splinting and a dedicated group of field men. Dr. Glynn Williams coached the runners while all around Fieldman Dennis Higgins coached and participated in the Shotput, Discus and Javelin. Quarter man Rich Garcia led a full squad of sprinters that included Mike Ehvell, Bruno Peguese. Mike Barr, Tom Georgi, Bill Keays and Dennis Freeman. Team Captain Ed Peetraczyk, John Eagal and the Monterrosa Brothers paced the middle distance marks. Mike Torrelli handled the two mile. Paul Farley whipped the discus to a new school record, while Fred Nelson, Mike Bocci and Hubert Bernard heaved the shotput. Joe Moran and Dave Scharlach combined in both the pole vault and javelin and Dennis Hall competed with John Eagal for the long jump crown. Track Team First Row: J. Moran. J. Eagol, R. Garcia, F. Nelson. D. Freeman, B. Keays. Second Row: H. Hubie, M. Elwell, E. Pietrsacyk, T. George. M. Ban . J. Schovin.Hurcules he’s not. I thought maybe you’d be interested in what my aunt had to say after the 880 relay . . . . . . do we have a choice. Just once I’d like to finish a race without you bringing up your aunt.Intramural Sports INTRAMURALS 1969 The 1968-69 Intramural Sports program ran the gamut from flag football to non-contact basketball to powder-puff football to judo to weight-lifting. There were no less than 16 basketball teams, 3 girl’s football teams, a dozen softball teams and over 1000 participants in all phases of athletics. The program under Director C. Fritz Hafron’s able leadership offered more sports than ever before to include every student in some phase of athletics. It acted as an integral part of the full education of the student at USF and got the average athlete out of the role of spectator and into the role of participant. As in all phases of the athletic picture at the Hilltop, the Intramural program hopes to improve even more next year and provide the healthy outlet for athletics that every college student needs.. . . ‘Elmo Biven’s. Boys” after winning the USP Intramural Football Championship . . . George Kovaocvich awaits the hoop’s verdict from the free-throw line. USf LAW SCHOOL The Student Bar Association, two law fraternities and the ingenuity of the individual law students provide many athletic, intellectual, social, community and political activities for the USF Law student. The Law School faculty and administration encourage such extra-curricular involvements. April Kestell -studio in the sunshine of Kendrick Hall's natio. The Law School has been coed for several year . Professor Harold McIntosh uses the Socratic method to guide the first year students through the analytic intrico-cies of property law.The Student Bar officer preside over many student functions and work with the faculty and administration to improve even further the quality of the legal education offered at USF. The back row includes Jerry Tuhajian, Giulio Accornero, Martin Weiss, and John “Elmo RivonV' Guheen, sharing the role of charismatic student leader with President Don Sovic, front and center. Student Bar Association USF’s Law School is the home of the “Under 30” Club of Law professors. The faculty, all young in spirit, is greatly responsible for the fact that 8 out of 9 of the law school graduates pass the California bar exam — second to none in difficulty — on their first attempt. Professors J. T. McCarthy, and Stephen Lind center above and J. T. Harrison. author of a standard casebook, looks up from below. Ann Quigley has wisely managed the Law Library for over 22 years, and is always ready to ussist students in finding some difficult point of law in even the most remote tome. The library houses 45,000 volumes, and is part of an ultra-modern structure — Kendrick Hall, which was completed in 1962 — the home of the School of Law.Seniors Les McBee, Vice-President; Judy O’Hora, Representative; Leo Murphy, President, Sarah Andrade, Secretary-Treasurer; Ed Watson, Representative. Evelyn Acevedo Richard Allan Airaudi Timothy Michael Rosemary Anne San Francisco Redwood City Albers Alcorn History San Jose - Los Angeles History Accounting Specialist Michael John Allen Timothy G. Amen William Gregory Maiy Anderson Sierra Vista, Ariz. Eureka Ament Bakersfield Economics Political Science San Mateo Nursing English David John Andrade Sarah Jane Andrade Robert Leif Andre Terry L. Andres Concord Monterio Kelseyville Wilder, Idaho Political Science English Marketing Pre-Med. 227Annette Marie Anton Richard J. Anton Susan Carolyn Apice Alberto David San Francisco Beirut, I obanon San Francisco Armendia Sociology Production Management History San Francisco Spanish Rosa Ann-Louise Carol Ann Atkinson Amone San Francisco Coscnza. Italy Political Science International Business Louise Ann Avakian Gloria Avenida Gilford L. Await Lawrence B. Ayre San Francisco San Francisco Phoenix, Arizona San Rafael Sociology Sociology Political Science Business Administration 228Mary Laurence Bailey Mashingaidze Steven Joseph Barale Denise Joy Barasa Santa Rosa Samuel Bakasa Emeryville Los Angeles English Salisbury, Rhodesia Mathematics Nursing Marketing Judith Ann Barker Stockton Psychology Steven Leon Barriere San Francisco Pre-Dental George James Barron Oakland Political Science Maureen Ann Barry Atherton Social Welfare Diane Christine Steven N. Batanides Mary Suzette Baugh C. Baykborda Barulich San Francisco San Diego S«n Francisco San Francisco Prc-Mcd. English Psychology Sociology 229Gregory Paul Anne Christine Ronald Roy Belli Mario Louis Beardsley Behounek San Francisco Beltramo, Jr. Carmel Berkeley Accounting San Francisco Economics Biology Robert John Beltramo Ronald Paul Benich Barbara Jeanne Steven Bennett San Mateo Watsonville Bennett South San Francisco Political Science Biology Daly City Biology English Jean Marie Bermingham Santa Ana English Lawrence Peter Bisauta San Lorenzo Biology Kathleen Mary Bisazza San Francisco Accounting Specialist Robert E. Bishop C.M.F. Los Angeles PhilosophyJames Michael Arlette M. Blake Michael J. Blicharz John Lawrence Blom Bjorkquist Political Science Stockton Seattle. Wash. San Francisco Mathematics Marketing English Edward N. Bohnert Robert Gerhard Boll Duane Allen Bond Victor Bonfilio San Francisco Bay Village, Ohio Porterville San Raphael History Sociology Mathematics Economics William M. Bordin San Francisco Marketing Maria L. Borromeo Hapila, Philippines Languages Fred L. Bott Sun Francisco Biology Linda Baird Boucher Santa Barbara Nursing 231Nancy Honora Brandt Susan J. Breeden Cynthia Ann Brown Michael Collins Brown San Diego Chatsworth San Francisco Menlo Park Nursing Mathematics Sociology English Harold Clinton Brown San Francisco Production Management Mary Louise Brutocao West Covina Sociology Kathleen Anne Bruzzone San Francisco English Robert D. Bucci San Francisco Accounting John Anthony Bucher Sacramento Biology 232 Jon Brychia San Francisco Business Administration Patricia Ann Byrbe Millbrae French Rich Calderon Stockton Business AdministrationAudrey Campbell Kenneth Mark Campi Robert Canepa Edmund Carberry Bronx, Now York Sun Francisco Mill Valley San Francisco Psychology History History Mathematics Carlos Cardenas San Francisco Spanish Jill Marie Cardoza San Francisco English Cameron M. Carlson Santa Barbara Economics Maureen E. Can- Redding Sociology John William Cary Barbara Elaine Casey Michael John Casey Elizabeth Ann Cassidy Yuba City San Francisco San Francisco Los Altos Marketing Sociology History Nursing 233The world stands out on either side No wider than the heart is wide; —Millay Zorina Castro San Francisco English Andrew Patrick Caughman San Francisco Sociology Linda Rae Celoni Woodland Nursing Janet Lee Cecaci Oakland Biology Jose Dionisio Granada, Nicaragua Economics 234 Mary Chaquette San Francisco Sociology Lynn Chargin San Joso Marketing Wan la Cheng Fu-nau, China F renchEdward Thomas Chiosso San Francisco Psychology Myung G. Choo Seoul, Korea Economics Linda Ann Clardy San Francisco Political Science William E. Cline Jr. Napa Sociology Marilyn Anne Coffy James L. Colbert Diane Comstock Sharon Ann Congdon Moraga San Francisco Torrance Los Angeles Psychology Accounting Nursing English Specialist Diane Lynn Conley San Rafuel History Joseph Edward Connell Jr. Pueblo, Colo. History Patrick Norvell Connell Phoenix, Ariz. Sociology Michele Jean Connolly Las Vegas, Nev. PhysicsMarlene Ann Conti Berkeley Nursing Judith Catherine Conway El Cerrito History Kathleen E. Correll Fort Smith, Ark. English Timothy John Coury Glendale, Ariz. Psychology Joan Ann Cousart Maria Ina Cresci David Ross Cresto, Jr. Bernadette Marie San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Cmich Sociology Marketing International Business gnn Francisco History Joseph Kevin Cronin Richard Paul Ina M. Crouse Valinda Rose Croxton San Francisco Crookham Reno, Nev. San Francisco Marketing Atwater Social Welfare Sociology MarketingJanice L. Curtis Los Angeles Accounting Donna Catherine Dalessi Richmond Nursing Geri Ann Dal Porto San Francisco English John Lawrence Dalton Sun Valley History Mary Constance Janice Louise Daoust Kathleen Patricia D’Amico Anaheim Daroza San Bruno Nursing Daly City French English Philip David San Francisco Mathematics John Thomas Deagen Rudy Dekkers Michael Raymond George G. DelBarrio Woodburn, Oregon San Bruno Delagnes San Francisco Physics Biology San Francisco Business 237Germelinax Deleon Martha Delgado James B. Delman Kathleen Ann Deming San Francisco El Paso, Texas San Francisco Atherton Sociology Mathematics Political Science History Nicolas John Dempsey Anthony Louis Honolulu. Hawaii Devincenzi Political Science San Francisco History Jane Frances Devine San Francisco History Marguerite DeVoe San Leandro English Edward James John Edward Dillon Dewath Psychology Sun Francisco San Anselmo Patrick Dillon Mary Lynn Dineen Daly City Psychology Psychology San FranciscoRonald Dinslage Sandra Anne Disotelle Lynn Doherty San Francisco Point Arena San Francisco Business Administration History Political Science Michael Joseph Doherty San Francisco Accounting Specialist I wandered lonely ns a cloud When all at once I saw a crowd —Wordsworth Ernest Yoshihisa Marie E. Dolack Robert Arthur Richard Earl Doizaki Tacoma, Wash. Domingues Doninelli Tarzana English San Francisco San Francisco Production Management Accounting Specialist Business Administration 239Peter F. Donohoe Eduardo A. Thomas L. Dorsey Daniel James £rP.8?° DoPombolot South Gate Downey I olitical Science Kinshasa Psychology Cliffwood, NJ. Mathematics Sandra Mae Doyle Stephen Vincent Drew Charles William William L. Dummer Escondido Dinuba Dullea Whittier English History San Francisco Political Science English Edwin Gordon Ehmke Abo Eidarous Los Angeles New York, N.Y. English Accounting 240 Frank Engler Stephen Peter U. Malibu Erlach History San Francisco Political ScienceTheresa Mary Ervin Joseph Erwin Helen Romana Merlinda Ann South San Francisco Santa Cruz Esperanza Espinoza Nursing Physics Philippines Arcadia Psychology English Gerard A. Esponda San Francisco Spanish Lethe Imelda John Edgar Ewen Michelle Yvette Evangeliste San Jose Eyherabide Vallejo Philosophy Psychology Bakersfield Psychology Nursing Justine Jean Fahy Patrick Faney San Francisco International Business Jane Elizabeth Diane Marie Farrell Fanucci San Gabriel San Francisco Nursing English 241Rosemary Catherine Robert William Linda Louise Ferrari Paul Edward Faycosh Femekes San Francisco Ferreboeuf Redwood City Colma English San Francisco Sociology Sociology History Claudia Ann Ferreira David W. Fichter Gregory Figueroa Ronald P. Fisher Sacramento Castro Valley Los Angeles San Francisco Sociology English Psychology English Geraldine Louise FitzGerald San Francisco History, Chemistry Kathleen Marie Fitzgerald San Francisco History English Paul Michael Flagiello Kentfield English Louis Walter Fleischer Hillsborough HistoryRobert George Harry J. Floyd, Jr. James Kerwin Flynn Patricia Kathleen Flocchini Baltimore, Md. San Francisco Flynn Alameda Political Science Accounting Londonderry, N.I. Physics English William Leslie Daniel R. Foley Melvin L. Fong Thomas Alfred Fourie Fogarty San Francisco San Francisco South San Francisco San Francisco Psychology Sociology Economics Accounting Cliffine J. Fowlie Gareth L. Fracchia Thomas Frandrup Joan Marie Frank Los Angeles San Mateo Yuba City San Diego Biology History Electronics-Physics English 243Catherine Mary Franzia Philosophy Ripon, California Kathleen Anne Freed English Tacoma, Washington Dennis Dale Freeman Accounting Los Banos, California Cindy Jo Fregulia Nursing Richmond, California Jaywes Theodore Friedman Marketing San Francisco, California John Charles Friel Psychology Ross, California Larry Anthony Fruzzetti Mathematics Oakland, California Edward Jon Fry Sociology San Francisco, California One of the benefits of a college education is to show the boy its little avail.Paul Frazier Frye Robert G. Futemick Faye Concepcion Jane Elizabeth Fresno San Francisco Gabriel Galdieri Pre-Med. Accounting Richmond San Francisco Nursing Nursing Russell Gallian Redwood City Accounting Michael William Galligan New York, N. Y. Theology David Thomas Gallo San Francisco Accounting Kathryn E. Gein Thomas Martin Georgi Kathleen Mary Thomas E. Gibbons Auburn Santa Barbara Gibbons San Francisco Nursing English San Francisco Accounting History Shellie Arline Garrett Jr. Pacifica History 245Alice Elizebeth Penny Lou Gilmore Armando F. Giotta Gillogrley Ross SanFrancisco San Francisco French International Business Physics Catherine Anne Giuliani Santa Clara Nursing Gerald L. Gleeson Ariana Louise Glennon Tom W. Gloster Fred Goeringer Lodi Norfolk, Va. Alturas Thousand Oaks Political Science Biology Economics Psychology Peggy Golden San Diego English Jean Pierre Gole Brazzaville, Congo English Richard Goodwin San Francisco Chemistry Alfred Bruce Gordon San Francisco HistoryDavid Anthony Gore Stephanie Leslie San Francisco Gosano Mathematics San Francisco Political Science Ronald Zavin Goshgarian Fowler Mathematics Barbara Jean Gould Orinda Theology Peter Jennings Grabicki Spokane, Wash. Economics Richard Michael Graham Daly City Accounting Specialist Madeline Gray Palo Alto Sociology Kimberly A. Greathouse San Francisco Nursing Joseph Antone Gregori Jr. San Carlos History Michael D. Grenier San Francisco Accounting Specialist Sister Mary Jo Grethel Los Altos Nursing Stanley Cook Greene Denver, Colo. Sociology 247Cathie A. Grigliatti San Francisco Nursing George Grunblatt Lima, Peru Pre-Med. Frank Michael Grupico San Francisco Accounting Specialist Gerry P. Guerin San Francisco Industrial Relations Jeanne Guffanti Joseph M. Gughemetti George E. Guido Jr. Madeline Gayle Guth San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Marketing Political Science Political Science Production Management Karen M. Guttormsson Madera French-English Dennis Roger Hall San Diego History Terry Anne Hally San Francisco History Jan Louise Hammer Los Altos NursingBe it better or be it worse. Please you the man that bears the purse. —Thomas Deloney John Hancock Psychology Seattle, Wash. Nubar John Hanessian International Business Nogales, Arizona Terrence B. Harbor History El Toro, California Susan Louise Harless Psychology San Francisco, California Julie Ann Harness Lorraine Marie Leslie Jayne Thomas Edward Biology Harrigan Harrington Harrington Carmel, California History Nursing History Daly City, California Anaheim, California Milwaukee, Wisconsin 249Theresa Marie Hart San Francisco History Ellen Marie Hartfield Pasadena English William Thomas Haslam San Francisco History Diane Charmaine Hatton Reno, Nev. Nursing J. Michael Hazlewood Richard John Martha Hayden Patrica Ann Heaney San Francisco Hazlewood San Francisco Burlingame Finance San Francisco English Social Welfare Political Science John Michael Heamey Corene Louise Heing Mary Catherine Helm 1 eter P. Henry San Francisco Santa Rosa Carmel St. Petersburg, Fla. History Accounting Specialist Nursing English 250Gail Annette Herndon Everett Billings Richard Paul Hinkle Sandor Hites San Diego Hewett San Bruno Budapest English San Francisco English Pre-Dental Accounting Bonnie Jean Hobbs Anne Marie Hodges Linda Carol Hodgskiss Philip F. Hogan Grass Valley Arcadia Daly City San Francisco Psychology History Nursing Accounting James Holt Soonkyung Hong Steven Edward Marian B. Howard Fortuna Seoul, Korea Hoover Daly City Political Science Production Management Novato Accounting Specialist Chemistry 261John Howe Mark L. Howard Martha Ellen Hruby Bruno Huang Mission San Jose San Francisco Pacific Palisades San Francisco History Accounting History Business Administration Linda Eileen Hughes Bruce W. Hunt John Scott Husser Michael John Huvane Reno. Nev. San Mateo Salinas San Francisco Nursing Economics History History IngOglia San Francisco Centrul America Upland Sacramento Business Administration Sociology Nursing HistorySusan Jane Jackson Lafayette Sociology Laurie Jean Jacobs Las Vegas, Nev. Philosophy Daniel F. Janda Wichita, Kans. Electronic Physics Marilyn A. Janelli Visalia English Ernesto R. Jayme Manila, Philippines Physics Jadyne Diana Jeung Santa Rosa English Chris Patrick Johnson Pacific Grove Business Finance James Lee Johnson Northridge Economics Janice Elaine Johnson Kristin Marie Johnson Ronald Robert Arthur W. Jones Berkeley Woodside Johnson Napa Biology Nursing San Jose Finance Marketing 253John L. Jurewitz Kisun Kang Economics Lynwood, California John Charles Karmendy Histor ' San Jose. California Joan Margaret Keane Nursing San Francisco. California Happy to he walking with you. Happy to be talking with you. —Trott Leo Stanley Kedzior Sociology Rialto, California 254 Michael Allen Kelechava English Paly City, California James Irvin Kelly Political Science Eureka, California John Thomas Kelly English Sacramento, CaliforniaPhilip H. Kelly Salinas Marketing: Sara Marie Kelly San Bruno , Political Science Wiliam Alan Kempton Dion Peter Kerhoulas Sacramento Sacramento Political Science Political Science Karl Patrick Kersten Kathy Martha Kessler April Pearl Kestell William Kidd Yokohama, Japan San Francisco Carson City, Nev. Mi librae Economics Sociology Pre-Law Political Science Edward Blanco King Susan Jane King Gerald Lee Kinkade Karen Joan Kirschner Quezon City, Philippines Marccllus, N.Y. Petaluma Daly City Production Management Physics Mathematics Biology 255Susan M. Kisla Los Angeles History James A. Klaczak Levitown, Pa. Political Science Frederick Erwin Knauss Menlo Park Political Science Donald Richard Knotts San Rafael Biology Robert Joseph Kochly San Carlos Finance Natalie Koronin San Francisco French William J. Kovacich San Francisco English Jeremy F. Kozuki Wniluku, Hawaii Finance Joan Kramer Matthew Christian Michael Joesph Kren'tz George Vidin Knste Riverside Kramer Phoenix, Ariz. Newport Beach Nursing Pittsburg Prc-Mcd. Accounting Specialist Business AdministrationBruce Edward Krutel I£avid Otto Kula Sister Jean LaBorde Mary Elizabeth Lacy New York, N.Y. San Francisco Nursing Burlingame Finance Biology Portland, Ore. Nursing Ronald Jean Lacosta James Edward San Leandro Laguardia Accounting San Leandro History Paul Bernard Lahademe San Francisco Political Science Thomas Michael Lalor Oakland Political Science Paul J. Lamothe San Francisco Chemistry Linda Josephine LaTorre San Francisco English Douglas K. Q. Lau Honolulu, Hawaii English Jeffrey M. Lau Honolulu, Hawaii BiologyRodney S. H. Lau Honolulu, Hawaii Biology Elyse Ann Laugesen Burlingame History-English Michael Joseph Laurel San Francisco Psychology Phillip John Lauro Campbell Political Science Diane Catherince Lawrence San Francisco History Thomas Wallace Leach San Francisco Prc-Med. Suzanne Ledin Newhall Biology Carlton K. M. Lee Kailua, Wash. Psychology Marsha Jeanne Lee Burlingame Nursing 258 Joanne Kathleen Leo San Francisco Biology Nicholas Charles Leonovicz Tuckahow, N.Y. Political Science Neil William I eslie Millbrac EconomicsRosemary A. Levine West Covina Political Science Diane Lewis Burlingame Sociology Susan Jane Libershal Claremont Nursing Amy Young Limsico Manila. Philippines Economics George Chi-i Ln Taipei, Taiwan Economics Donna Louise Lindberg Daly City Mathematics Kristin Marie Lobeck T. C. Loftus, C.M.F. Orange Prescott, Ariz. Mathematics Philosophy Robert John Long Burlingame Biology Richard Eugene Loos San Francisco Political Science Ronayne Ann Loudon Fortuna English Patricia Loughran Houston, Texas Nursing 259Gale Ann Lucchesi Joseph Daniel Luchini Kathleen Marie Lyons Peter A. Lynch San Francisco San Francisco Burlingame San Francisco History Accounting English Economics Scott J. Macey San Francisco History Suzanne Louise MacRenato San Francisco Psychology Teresa Ann Mages Oakland Mathematics Thomas Edward Maguire San Francisco English Edward W. Mahoney Jerry Joseph Mahoney Robert J. Malloy Kathy Malovich Daly City San Francisco Buena Park Lomita English Accounting Production Management Nursing 260Joanne Jean Mancebo Marty Steven Ronald E. Mancini Larry P. Maniscalco Hillsborough Mancebo San Mateo San Francisco Psychology San Francisco Physics Spanish Political Science Sandra J. Marchi Diane Marie Martin Lawrence W. Martin Edward Blase Martin Redwood San Francisco Moraga Cuchamunga History English Production Management Economics Carlos Guillermo Ilona Mate Anne Marie Matheny Janice Marguerite Martinez San Francisco San Gabriel Max Albuquerque. N.M. Biology History Pleasant Hill History Nursing 261Patricia McAdoo Redwood City Psychology Leslie W. McBee Oakland Psychology Mary Johanna McCarthy San Francisco Sociology Robert Charles McCarthy San Francisco Accounting Neil W. McCarty Linda Marie Gary Evan McCurdy Francis Patrick San Francisco McCausland San Francisco McGee Mathematics San Francisco Political Science Torrance History Political Science Dennis Michael Erin Ursula McGinty Alice Patricia Robert James McGilloway San Francisco McGuire McGuire Jr. Monterey Nursing Salinas San Francisco Sociology History LatinLinda Diane McIntyre Joan Rita McKay Kathleen Suzanne Daly City San Mateo Meegan History English Seattle,Wash. Education I remember, 1 remember How my childhood fleeted by, The mirth of it's December And the warmth of t's July. Matthew Frederick Richard Jerald Timothy Bruce Candace Jans Meares McKay McKilUp McMurdo Bakersfield San Francisco Aurburn Berkeley Nursing Political Science History History Eileen F. Meehan Robert Keelan Gregory William Delfin Santos Healdsburg Meisel Jr. Melieste Mendoza Jr. English San Francisco Pasadena Santa Marie. Phliippines History Psychology Production Management 263Patricio C. Merino John Patrick Merrick Antoinette Marie Merz Michael Valerian Santiago, Chile Cottage Grove, Ore. San Francisco Metkin Marketing Prc-Med. Political Science San Francisco Accounting Fred Robert Meuser Robert Meyer Linda Jean Milbum Spokane, Wash. Walnut Creek San Francisco Accounting Accounting Political Science Ann Roberta Milenkiewicz San Francisco English Richard Bradley Howard Charles Miller Howard Francis Isabel Teese Miller Millang Lafayette Miller Jr. Richmond San Mateo Political Science Richmond History Biology HistoryJohn Patrick Milton Leslie Mirkovich Linda Carol Molini JoAnn Frances San Francisco Daly City Daly City Moildelli Sociology History English Gilroy Nursing Patrick David Moneymaker San taundro Biology James Joseph Monfredini San Francisco Economics Steven E. Mongillo Alex Cesar Montes Redwood City San Francisco Marketing Spanish Mary Jo Moore Jeanne Elizabeth Michael Joseph Morris Deanne Rosemary San Francisco Moran San Francisco Moser Nursing West Covina Political Science Modesto Psychology Psychology 265Gary E. Moss Mary Gale Moyers Michael A. Moylan Michael William San Francisco San Francisco Redwood City Mullins Chemistry Marketing Mathematics San Francisco Business Administration Jacob Muniz Stephanie Louise Eva Marlene Murphey Cecilia Anne Murphy Los Angeles Mumig Modesto Santa Barbara Philosophy Belmont Psychology History Spanish Daniel E. Murphy Leo J. Murphy Jr. Patrick Murphy Michael Jon Myers San Diego San Francisco San Bernardino Spokane, Wash. English English Mathematics Economics 266William E. Nagel Mark Richard Bridget Gildea Ralph J. Navarro, Jr. San Francisco Naismith Navarro Merced Finance San Francisco Kaumakani, Kauai Theology Economics Hawaii Pre-Med. Frederick A. Nelson Barbara Ann Virginia Anne Nicolai Gerald J. Nolan Menlo Park Neudecker San Francisco Daly City Political Science Fresno Nursing Accounting Art James Edward Bartholomew Ross Janice Fanette Notch Sandy Dominic Noriega Norman Oakland Obertello Bakersfield San Rafael English Political Science Philosophy 267Robert Rush O’Brien Psychology Taft. California James Omari Oeri Industrial Relations Kisii. Kenya Edward Vincent O'Gara, Jr. Business Administration San Francisco, California Colleen Marie O’Hora Biology Torrance, California My heart is Catholic, but my stomach Lu thc.ran.—Eras m us Judy Helen O’Hora Psychology Torrance, California Gregory p. O’Keeffe History San Francisco, California James C. Olsson Terrence Joseph Theresa Ann O’Neill Robert Y. Ong English O’Neill History . Economics San Mateo. California Political Science Sim trancisco. California Mia., Philippines , (,a Oakland. CaliforniaMichael William Veronica Pack Lawrence A. Palkovic Kenneth Alan Palla O’Rourke Daly City Hollywood San Francisco Larkspur Nursing Biology Economics Economics Vincent S. Palmini San Francisco Finance Peter R. Panfili San Carlos Biology Diane Paolini San Rafael History Cynthia Parnell San Diego Bfology Patricia Susan Paul Tom Payne Margaret Ann Joan Kathleen Perry Southern Pasadena Santa Monica Pendergast San Francisco Nursing English San Francisco Social Welfare Political Science 269James Michael Petersohn San Francisco Accounting James M. Petnni Thomas Joseph Paul Lawrence Picetti Santa Barbara Petrini Alameda Hlstory San Francisco Industrial Relations History Edmond R. Pietraczyk San Francisco History David Patrick Pigott Daly City Psychology Annette Mane Pirio St. Helena French Stephen L. Pittavino San Francisco Psychology Joan Elaine Pizza Paula Regina Podesto San Francisco Modesto English Sociology 270 Harry Populis Kenneth Clyde Poppa Salinas Social WelfareJulie Presta Steve Price Mary Ellen Pronos Raymond E. Puccinelli San Bruno South San Francisco South San Francisco San Francisco History Pre-Med. English History Mary Ann Putman Kathleen Marie Puziak John Quezada John Bernard Burlingame Olympia, Wash. San Francisco Quigley Jr. Nursing English Marketing San Francisco Business Administration Janies Quinn Fresno Psychology Antonia Diane Radillo Daly City Political Science Marsha Marie Ranieri San Francisco Psychology John David Ravarino Salt Lake City, Utah Accounting 271Pamela Ann Redman Patrick Joseph Regan Timothy Hanley Reid Linda Ann Renn Sacramento San Francisco San Francisco South Pasadena Nursing1 Finance Accounting Specialist Mathematics Thomas Anthony Thomas Christopher Gary David Ribeiro Michele O’Neil Rettagliata Reynolds III Tulare Rickard Oakland San Francisco Economics West Point, N.Y. History Marketing Sociology Charles Matthew Neil H. Riofski Kathleen Ann Ripple Sevenn Victor Rizzo Riffle Redwood City San Francisco San Francisco Redwood City English English Political Science SociologySandra Marie Robards Vallejo Nursing: James P. Roberts Sacramento History Katherine Roberts Lacuna Beach Nursing David L. Robinson New York, N.Y. Production Management Julia Marie Robinson Bakersfield English Michael Steven Robinson Sydney, Australia Economics Sandra Robinson William J. Rocha Bakersfield San Leandro History International Economics “Love seeketh not itself to please Nor for itself has any care But for another gives its ease And builds a Hea ven in Hell’s despair. —Blake FeiisAnn Rodriguez Suisan Nursing Karen Rogenes San Francisco French 273William Thomas Rogers San Francisco Political Science Ricardo H. Rojas I.a-Paz, Bolivia Economics Catherine Ann Rose. Downey Nursnig Charles Ross Jr. South San Francisco Electronic Physics Joseph James Rossitto Robert Edward Roth Leonard W. Gary Royce Auburn San Carlos Rothschild South San Francisco Biology Prc-Med. San Francisco Accounting Accounting Benjamin Estuardo Ruano Guatemala City, Guatemala International Business John Joseph Russell Oakland Economics Mary Kathryn Russell San Jose Nursing Kathleen Marie Ryan Santa Barbara SociologyMargaret Ann Ryan Gregoi-y Joseph Ryken Sheila A. Sabella George Sallaberry fnutro Valley San Francisco Washington, D.C. San Francisco Soc iology Political Science French John Paul Sant San Francisco Barbara Ann Santana S n Jose Psychology Donald Arthur Samowski Hawthorne, Nev. History Fernanda Saude Los Banos Philosophy and Biology David Arthur Ann Marie Schindler Scharlach Oakland Lafayette Political Science Psychology Donald Eugene Schneider Oakland Chemistry Robert Schoettler Fresno History 275Barbara Schunnerman John P. Schwab Lawrence Alfred Errol Lynn Searle Berkeley San Diego Scrivini San Francisco Nursing Production Management San Francisco Economics Political Science John Robert Seeronen Lawrence Neil Seffens Mary Lou Seidl Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco San Mateo History Industrial Relations History Patricia Ann Selegue West Covina Nursing Carolyn Hart Serrao Oakland English 276 Karen Frances Sexton Sacramento Psychology Sally Ann Seybold San Francisco NursingNalinkumar M. Shah Port Sudan,Sudan Accounting Specialist Mary Shanahan San Francisco Political Science Julianne M. Shasky San Francisco Nursing Timothy Peter Shea Lemon Grove Pre-Med. Stephen Paul Sheerin Merced Psychology Gregory D. Shields San Francisco English Sakaria I. M. Shikomba South West Africa Political Science William Bernard Shine Marin Accounting Matilda Y. S. Shiu Eileen Shrieve Nancy Claire Simmons Mary Elizabeth Hong Kong Redwood City San Francisco Simpson Sociology Nursing Spanish El Cerrito Nursing 277Lawrence A. Siri San Francisco Accountnig Paul J. Sitter Napa History Anne Skewes Pocahontas, Va. Philosophy Noreen Catherine Slaughter Palm Springs History Adelaide Kay Smith Annette Marie Smith Santa Rosa San Mateo English English Dean Smith Stayton, Ore. Marketing James Edward Smith Woodland Hills Biology Neale Daine Smith Paul J. J. Smith Judy Sobject Seattle, Wash. Windhoek, South West Los Angeles Pre-Med. Africa Mathematics 0 Q Economics Thomas Soden San Rafael HistoryDan E. C. Soon Marketing: Specialist Singapura. Singapore Richard David Spotswood Political Science San Francisco, California Give vie a lever long enough, and a fulcrum strong enough, and single-handed I can move the world. —Archcmedes Robert B. Spratt History Napa, California Joanne Stajmaro Psychology Menlo Park. California C. Timothy Starke Economics Orinda, California Grant David Steer Mathematics Salinas. California Geri Ellen Stenper Sociology Oakland, California Richard George Stevens Business Administration San Francisco, California A. Richard Stone Finance Oakland. California Walter J. Stone Political Science Berkeley. California 279Mary Elena Strazzarino San Francisco English Kathleen Stroben Visalia History John Francis Stuart Belmont History Margaret C. Sullens Sacramento Nursing Joseph Gerard Sullivan Omaha, Nebr. English Francis C. Sun James Michael Sutton Thomas Joseph Hong Kong San Diego Sweeney Pre-Med. Pre-Med. Piedmont Production Management Ei-LingTan Rawley Michael Tandy Stella Tang Tina Marie Tannura Singapore San Francisco Hong Kong Alameda Biology History Sociology Sociology 280Joan Marie Tavares Brother Henry Tavera Stephen Thomas Frank Donald Tealdi San Mateo Montebello Taylor Burlingame History Theology Santa Rosa Production Management Finance William Lee Teawell Diane Marie Tepley Therese Marie San Diego San Francisco Terschuren Political Science Biology San Francisco Latin James Michael Tevenan San F ranciscc English Steven John Thomas William George Helen La Verne Oliver Ronald Tiche Tiburon Thompson Thurston Boyers, Pa. Marketing Manila, Philippines Pleasant Hill International Business Economics Nursing 281Stephen Roger Robert E. Till Mary Ann Toal Ronald G. S. Tom Tietjen Villa Park Battle Creek, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Oakland Psychology English Hstory Industrial Relations Lawrence A. Tomsic Charlene Frances John Joseph Torpey Edward Torres San Francisco Torley Grand Island, Neb. San Fernando Accounting Specialist Mountain View Political Science Psychology History Katharine A. Toy John Stephen Trott Kay M. Trudeau Jeanne Marie Tschann Pacific Grove Eureka Midway City Anaheim Nursing Finance Psychology Psychology 282Jean B. Ugueto Linda Marie Uribe Joseph Stephen Ronald Louis Caracas, Venezuela Lakewood Vizzai'd Valmassy Finance English Los Gatos San Francisco Psychology Pre-Dental Maria L. VanHouten San Francisco Nursing Gregory J. Vervais Portland, Ore. Finance David A. Vieira Castro Valley Social Welfare Edward J. Walsh San Francisco Marketing Victor Anthony Walsh James B. Ward III Burlingame Lockeford History History Phillip A. Warlop San Diego Chemistry Patricia Warner San Francisco Psychology 283James Andrew Wathen San Luis Obispo Biology Catherine Anne Watson Santa Barbara Sociology Edward Joseph Watson Burlingame Accounting Robert Willard Watson Burlingame Accounting Ah, what delight to be a soldier! Susan Marie Weber Orinda Sociology Sandra Jean Weiss M. Carmela Welte Paul Anthony Werner Mill Valley San Mateo Altadena Nursing Political Science Physics 284 Harold James Whitaker San Francisco MarketingPatrick George White San Mateo History A. Marie Whitworth Los Angeles Nursing Catherine Elizabeth White l a Jolla History Paul B. White Lamont Political Science Deidre Gail Wilkes Robert L. Wilsey Joan Marie Wilson Margaret Ann Wilson Ventura San Rafael San Francisco Pocatello, Idaho Psychology Finance History Sociology Stephen E. Wilson Daly City Pre-Dental Mary Lou Wind Fresno Political Science Carolyn Theresa Woldrich Portland, Ore. English Patricia K. M. Wong Nursing Honolulu, Hawaii 285Howard Woo San Francisco Economics-H i story Political Science Margaret Mary Wood Long Bench Social Welfare Diane Marie Woodside Atherton English Mary Elizabeth Wright San Francisco English Meribeth Wrzesinski Victor C. Yao Phoenix. Ariz. Manila, Philippnies English Management Patricia Ellen Yap Margaret Ybarrolaza Honolulu, Hawaii San Francisco History History Harry Raphael Young Linda Jo Young Philip Young Douglas G. Yule, Jr. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Los Altos English Marketing Philosophy 286Manuel Felipe Zelaya Lima, Peru Finance Louis John Zimmer, Jr. Granada Hills Psychology John Richard Zimmerman Kentfield Finance Thomas G. Zimmerman Modesto Mathematics Sue Zuranski San Diego History Claire Zvanski San Francisco Political Science Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, time stays. We go.— —Austin Dobson 287Across the fields of yesterday He sometimes comes to me A little lad just back f rom play— The lad I used to be. —JonesSenior Activities Airaudi, Richard Allan: AAF, Pres. 4; H.V.Z. Club 2.3.4. Al-Eidarous, Abo Baker: International Relations Club 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 1,2; Irish Club 4; Knights of Columbus 4. Allen. Michael John: Peers 3.4; SWAP 4. Amen. Timothy G.: St. Ives Laws Society 2; USF Abroad 3; IISA4. Anderson, Mary Jane: SNAC 3.4; Clubs Council 3. Andrade, Sarah Jane: Embers 2,3,4; SWAP 2; Class Sec.-Trcas. 4. Andre. Robert Leif: Hawaiian Club 2. Andres. Terry L.: R.A. 4; SWAP 4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2.3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; O0X 2.3,4. Anton. Annette Marie: SCTA 3,4; Philhistorians 4; YD’s 4. Anton, Richard J.: Student Council Member I. Apice, Susan Carolyn: YD’s 3,4; Historical Society 4; SCTA 4. Aramcndia, Alberto David: SAL 2,3,4; Pres. 3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; SCTA 4, Intramurals 3,4. Arnone. Rosa Ann-Louise: Club Hispanoamericana 2,4. Atkinson. Carol Ann: YD's 3,4; USA 4. Await, Gilford L.: Football 2,3,4. Bailey, Mary Laurenie: SWAP I ; Foghorn 2; Peace Fellowship 3.4. Bakasa, Mashinaidzc Samuel: African Student Union. Barasa, Denise Joy: SNAC 1,2,3,4; WJC I. Barricre, Steven Leon: YD’s 4; Hawaiian Club 3. Barron, George James: Knights of Columbus 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3.4; Foghorn 1; Intramurals 1.2.3,4; BSC 3.4; St. Ives Law Society 2,3,4; SWAP 2. Barulich, Dianne Christine: SCTA 2,3,4; VP. 4. Baugh. Mary Suzette: KUSF 1,2,3; Residents’ Council 2; SCTA 2.3. Beardsley. Gregory Paul: 1224 Club. Behounck. Anne Christine: President’s Hondr Roll 1,2,3. Belli. Ronald Roy: Baseball 1. Beltramo, Mario Louis. Jr.: St. Ives Law Society 3,4, Pres. 4; Clubs Council. VP. 4; Knights of Columbus 2,3,4. Beltramo, Robert John: Ski Club 1.2; SWAP 3,4; YD’s 3,4; St. Ives Law Society 4. Bermingham, Jean Marie: YD’s 3.4; SWAP 4; SCTA 4. Bisauta, Lawrence Peter: Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Knights of Columbus 3,4; O0X 2,3; Honor Roll 1,3. Bisazza. Kathleen Mary: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; BPS 3.4. Bjorkquist. James Michael: KUSF 3,4; YD’s 4. Blake. Arielte M: SCTA 4. Blicharz. Michael James: Math Club I; Pep Band 4. Blom, John Lawrence: AAF 1,2.3,4. Historian: Academic Council 3.4; Pacific Prospectus 4, Co-Editor. Bohnert, Edward M.: Knights of Columbus 2,3,4; Spirit Club 2; S.S. Wrangler 1.2.3,4. Boll. Robert Gerhard: Swimming 1; Pep Band 1,2,3; Stage Band 4. Bond, Duane Allen: Pep Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3.4; Math Club 4; Chess Club 4; Honor Roll 2,3. Bonfilio. Victor P.: 4 A 3.4. VP. 3; Executive Board 4; Hilltoppcr 2; President’s Honor Roll 2,3.4; Academic Council 3.4; Pacific Prospectus 4; Foghorn 2. Bordin. William Michael: Knights of Columbus 2,3.4; Rangers 3.4. Bolt, Fred L.: Chess Club 2,3.4; Biological Society 3.4. Boucher, Linda Marie: PPP 4; President’s Honor Roll 2.3: SNAC 2,3,4. Brandt, Nancy Honora: KUSF 1,2; SWAP 2: Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Daily Don 3,4. Brown, Cynthia Ann: SWAP 2; YD’s 2. Brown. Harold Clinton: SAM 4; Intramurals 3,4. Brown, Michael Collins: Peers 1,2,3.4; Academic Council 4; Royal Order of Snakes 2,3.4. Brutocao, Mary Louise: Honors Program 1,2; USF Abroad 3; SWAP 1,2.4; SCTA 2; I'llE 3,4. Bruzzone, Kathleen Anne: SWAP 4. Bucci, Robert Dennis: Intramurals 4; ASH 3,4. VP. Byrne, Patricia Anne: French Club 2,3. Campi, Kenneth Mark: Ski Club 2.3; YD's 4; History Club 4; Irish Club 1. Cardoza, Jill Marie: Executive Council 3; Irish Club 3. Carlson, Cameron M.. 1 A; BSC 2.3.4; Academic Council 3. Carr, Maureen E.: FIT 2,3. Cary, John William.: C.R.O.W. 2,3,4; BAC 1; ASM 1,2,3.4; Secretary 2.3. Casey. Barbara Elaine: College Players 1; Glee Club 1,2.3,4. Casey. Michael John: Knights of Columbus 1,2,3.4. Cassidy, Elizabeth Ann: KUSF I; Amigos Anonymous 2,3; SWAP 1.2,3; R.A. 3.4; Residents’ Council 2. Caughman, Andrew Patrick: Knights of Columbus 1,2,3,4. Cecaci, Janet Lee: Ski Club 1,2; SAS 4. Celoni, Linda Rae: TIT 1.2,3,4. Treasurer 4; SWAP 3,4; Residents’ Council 3; SNAC 2,3,4; Irish Club 3,4; Spring Ball, Co-Chairman for Publicity; Father-Daughter Banquet, Co-Chairman for Entertainment; Weekend of Christian Living 3. Chamorro, Jose Dionisio: Latin-American Club 1,2,3,4. Chaquctte. Mary: YD’s 4. Cheng, Wanla: Academic Council 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Chinese Club 3; French Club 3; International Relations Club 4. Chiosso, Edward T.: Head Yell Leader 3; “THE DON’ . school mascot 2; College Players 1,2,3; Arch Ark 1,2; SAS 2,3.4. Vice-President 2,3; Scabbard Blade 3,4, Vice-President 4; Peers 3.4; Knights of Columbus 2,3,4; ASN 3.4; Distinguished Military Student 4; Dean’s List 1.2,3,4; Psychology Club 4; Gridiron Club 4; WHO’S WHO 3. Clardy, Linda Ann: International Relations Club 3,4; Education Club 4; Philhistorians 4. Cline. William E.: SWAP 1,3,4; Baseball 1; Knights of 289Columbus 4; R.A. 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3. Coffy, Marilyn Anne: SEC 3; St. Ives Law Society 3,4; Embers 4. VP.; Education Club 2; YR’s 2.3: BSC 4; Psych Club 3.4. Congdon, Sharon Ann: SWAP 3. YD's 3: SCTA 4. Conley, Diane Lynn: SWAP 1.2; Education Club 2.3. Connell. Joseph Edward. Jr.: Philhistorians 1; Knights of Columbus 1,2.3,4; Advocate 3; BSC 3,4; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Scabbard Blade 3.4. Connolly, Michele Jean: Pep Band 1,2. Conti. Marlene Anne: ITT 3.4; SNAC 2,3,4. Conway, Judith Catherine: YD’s 4; Historical Society 4. Cousart. Joan Ann: Amigos Anonymous 3,4. Cresto, David Ross, Jr: AIM 3,4, Professional Chairman 4; Golf 2; YR’s 2,3,4; International Relations Club 3.4. Cronin. Joseph Kevin: Knights of Columbus 1.2,3.4. Croxton. Valinda Rose: SCTA 4; SWAP 4. DalPorto, Geri Ann: College Players 1; Glee Club 4; SCTA 4. Dalton. John Lawrence: ASUSF Legislature 2; Student Court 3.4 ; Chief Justice 4; WHO’S WHO 4. D’Amico, Mary Constance: French Club 3. Daoust. Janice Louise: ITT 2,3,4; SWAP 4. Daroza, Kathleen Patricia: SWAP I; SCTA 4; SEC 4; President’s Honor Roll 3. Deagen, John Thomas: President’s Honor Roll 1,2: Cross Country 2; Track 2: American Institute of Physics 3; Academic Council 3,4. Delagnes. Michael Raymond: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Knights of Columbus 1.2. Delgado, Martha: Glee Club 3,4; Madrigal Singers 3. Denting, Kathleen Ann: Sodality 1,2; Residents’ Council 3; Historical Society 4. Devincenzi. Anthony Louis: Knights of Columbus 1,2,3,4. DeVoc, Marguerite: Honor Roll 1,2; Student Court 3,4. Dillon, John Edward: Psych Club 3.4. Dineen, Mary Lynn: SWAP 2; Education Club 4. Disotcllc, Sandra Anne: Residents' Council 3. Doherty, Michael Joseph. Basketball 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 2.3; Arm i,2. Dontingues, Robert Arthur: Knights of Columbus 1,2.3,4; Pacific Prospectus 4. DoPombolot, Eduardo A.: Math Club 4; African State Club 3,4. Dorsey. Thomas L.: Peers: 1,2.3,4. Downey. Dannie! James: Psych Club 3.4: Glee Club 1. Doyle, Sandra Mae: SEC 3.4. Dullea, Charles William: Basketball 1.2,4; A1112 ROTC 1,23,4. Dummcr, William L.: Peers 2,3,4. Ehmke, Edwin X. Gordon: DON 1,2; Managing Editor 2;S.F. Quarterly, Associate Editor 4. Esperanza, Helen Romana: Philippine Club 2. Evangelista, Lethe Imclda: Chinese Club; Philippine Club; International Relations Club. Ewcn, John Edgar: Peers 2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 2,3,4; Rangers 3,4; WHO’S WHO 4. .Eyherabide. Michelle Yvette: Song Girl 2,3; Head Song Girl 3; ITT 3.4. Fahy, Justine Jean: SWAP 3,4; Pacific Prospectus 4. Fanucci, Jane Elizabeth: Glee Club 4. Farrcn. Diane Marie: Glee Club 1; Residents’ Council 3; SNAC 2.3.4. Fernekes, Robert William: 4 BX 3.4. Ferrari. Linda Louise: SCTA 4. Fichtcr, David William: SWAP 3. Figueroa. Gregory: Historical Society 1; SWAP 2,3,4; Conservative Student Forum 3,4; International Relations Club 4; Chess Club I. St. Vincent dc Paul 2,3,4; YR’s4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2.3,4. Fisher. Ronald P.: Foghorn 1,2; SWAP 1,2: Sanctuary Society 1,2: S.F. Quarterly 2,3; Track 1,2; Peace Forum Chairman 3; Ecstasy Film Club 3: Draft Symposium 3. FitzGerlad. Geraldine Louise: Academic Council 4. Fitzgerald, Kathleen Marie: SCTA 4. Flagiello, Michael Paul: Track 1,2,4; USFSCC 3,4. Fleischer. Louis Walter: Peers 1,2,3,4; Social Committee Chairman 3. Flynn. Patricia Kathleen: SEC 1,2; DON 3.4. Year Editor 3, Senior Editor 4; Academic Council 3,4; SCTA 4. Fogarty, William Leslie: A£II 3.4. Treasurer 4. Fourie, Thomas Alfred: SCTA 4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3,4. Fowlie, Cliffne J.: SWAP 3. Fracchia, Gareth L.: Class Representative 2; Peers 2,3.4; Order of the Royal Snakes 2,3,4; Residents' Council 1: International Relations Club 3,4. Frank, Joan Marie: Sodality 1,2, Vice-President 2; DON 4; Confraternity of Christian Doctrine 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2.3,4. Franzia, Catherine Mary: Peace Fellowship 4. Freeman, Dennis Dale: Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 3; Scabbard Blade 3.4. Fregulia, Cindy J.: FME 3,4, President 4; President’s Honor Roll 2; Academic Council 3; R.A. 3,4;CCCSPHN 4; Residents’ Council 2; ITT 2.3.4. Friel. John Charles: DON 2; Psychology Club 3,4. Fruzzetti, Larry Anthony: Psych Club 4; Homecoming Float 3. Frye. Paul Frazier: O0X 2.3,4; Residents' Council 3. Futernick, Robert G.: Tennis 2,3,4. Galligan. Michael William: ASUSF President 4; Academic Council Chairman 3; ASUSF Executive Council 3,4; S.F. Quarterly 4: Academic Council 2,3,4; A2N 3.4; Graduate Opportunities Committee 3,4; WHO’S WHO 3.4. Gallo, David Thomas: Scabbard Blade 3,4; Treasurer 4; Ski Club 3.4; BSC 4. Garrett. Shellie Arline. Jr.: YR's 3.4; Historical Society 4; Irish Club 4; “Our Bag” 4. Gein, Kathryn G.: SNAC 1,2,3,4. Georgi, Thomas Martin: SEC 1,2,3.4; Film Chairman 3, Vice-Chairman 4; Baseball 1: £A2 2,3,4. Gibbons, Thomas E.: Irish Club Gilloglcy, Alice Elizabeth: College Players 1,2; AIP 3. Giuliani, Catherine Anne: ITT 1.2,3.4; Sodality I; I'llK 3,4: SNAC 2.3,4. Gleeson. Gerald L.: £A£ 3,4; Vice-President. Social Chairman 4; SEC 3,4; YR’s 4. Glennon, Ariana Louise: Wasmann Biological Society 2,3.Gocringer. Fred: BSC 3,4; Peers 1,2,3,4; Residents’Council 2. Gole, Jean Pierre: Soccer: Pan African State Club 2,3,4; Latin American Club 4; TriContinental USF Front 4. Gordon. Alfred Bruce: Scabbard Blade 3,4; USF Historical Society 1,4. Gore, David Anthony: Math Club I; 1 BX 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Gosano, Stephanie Leslie: SEC 1,2,3, Secretary 2,3. Grabicki, Peter Jennings: 1 A 2,3,4, President 4; Academic Council 4; 1FC 4; Pacific Prospectus, Associate Editor 4; President’s Honor Roll 1,3,4. Grahan, Richard Michael: Knights of Columbus 2,3,4. Greathouse. Kimberly Rosanne: KUSF 1,2,3, Executive Secretary 2; Cell Leader 2; SNAC 2,3,4. Grcgori, Joseph Antone, Jr.: Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. Grethel, Sister Mary Jo: I'lll£ 3,4; Folk Mass 2,3; SNAC 3,4. Grigliatti, Cathie A.: FIT 2,3,4; SWAP 3; SNAC 2,3,4: CCSPHN 4. Gruublatt, George: Spanish American Club, TriContinental Front. Guerin, Gerry P.: S.A.M. Guffanti, Jeanne: BAC 1; Pacific Prospectus 4; Education Club 4. Gughcmetti. Joseph M.: St. Ives Law Society 4; Dean’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; II2A 4. Guido, George E., Jr.: AIIS2 2,3; Hawaiian Club 3. Hall, Dennis Roger: Football 3,4; Gridiron Club, President 4; Track 1,2,3,4; 1FC 2,3,4, President 3,4, Vice-President 3; St. Ives Law Society 3,4; Residents’ Council 1,2; Circle K 4; WHO’S WHO 4. Hancock, John B.: AI1S2 1.2,3,4; Psych Club 3,4; Drill Team 1,2,3; Order of the Royal Snakes 1,2,3.4. Harbor, Terrence B.: Peers 2,3,4. Harless, Susan Louise: YR’s 2,3,4, Secretary 3; Psych Club 2,3.4. Harness, Julie Ann: Wasmann Biological Society 3,4. Harrigan, Lorraine Marie: SCTA 4; Dean's List 2,3. Harrington, Leslie Jayne: SNAC. Hazlewood, J. Michael: AIM 3,4. Hazelwood, Richard John: YR's 2,3,4; IIIA 4, President; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; St. Ives Law Society 3,4. Heing, Corcne Louise: Business Club 1,2; Residents' Council 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; I'll E 3,4. Herndon, Gail Annette: SEC 3,4; Residents’Council 4. Hinkle, Richard Paul: Baseball 1,2; KUSF 1,2,3, Program Director 2; Foghorn 1; S.F. Quarterly 2; Residents'Council 2; Pep Band 2; IAI 2,3.4. Plcdgemaster 2; SWAP 2.3,4; Steering Committee 4; ASUSF Activities. Vice-President 3; ASUSF Special Assistant-at-large 4; Mil hopper Editor 4; Academic Council 4: R.A. 4: WHO’S WHO 3,4. Hites, Sa’ndor: Soccer; Archery. Hobbs, Bonnie Jean: SEC 2. Hodgskiss, Linda Carol: ITT 2,3.4; SWAP 1,3; SNUSF 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Holt. James: IAI 2,3; SEC 1,2. Hong, Soonkyung: Korean Club President 3,4. Ilruby, Martha Ellen: Foghorn 1; S.F. Quarterly 1; DON. Managing Editor 2; Academic Council 3. Hughes. Linda Eileen: PIT 2,3,4; SNAC 2,3,4; SNUSF 2,3,4; SWAP 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 3. Secretary, Amigos Anonymous 2,3. Hummer, Ellene M.: SEC 3,4. Hunt, Bruce W.: AAP 2,3,4; Pacific Prospectus 4; H.V.Z. Fan Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. Husser, John Scott: t A 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, President 3; Tennis 2,4; R.O.T.C. Cadet Council 4; IFC 3; Extension Chairman 4; I A “Man of the Year.” Ingoglia, Michael Edward: AAr Ivanow, Michael: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 3.4 Jacamo, Julio Cesar: Experiential College 4; Latin American Club 4; International Relations Club 4; SWAP 3,4. Jackson, Donna Jean: 1'IIE 3.4; Song Girl 2; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; SNAC 2,3,4; rrP 1.2,3,4. Jackson, Susan Jane: President’s Honor Roll 3. Janda, Daniel F., Jr.: American Institute of Physics 1,2,3, President 3. Secretary 2. Jayme, Ernesto R.: 0BX 1,2,3,4; Philippine Club 1.2,3,4; Paul Morphy Chess Club 1,2,3.4; SWAP 4. Jeung, Jadync Diana: SWAP 1,2; DON 2,3, Editor 3; Academic Council 4; TIIE 3,4, Vice-President 4; WHO’S WHO 3. Johnson, Chris Patrick: Bn 3,4; St. Ives’ Law Society 3,4; A2II 3,4; Business Teaching Assistant 4; Business College Audio-Visual Director 4. Johnson, James Lee: Baseball 1,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; International Relations Club 3,4. Johnson, Ronald Robert: AIIS2 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1,2; Golf Team i ,2,3. Jurewitz, John L.: AIN 3,4, President 4; I A 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 1,2,3,4; ASUSF Treasurer 3; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO 3. Karmendy, John Claries: DON, Activities Editor 3; ASUSF Parliamentarian 3; AIN 3,4, Vice-President 4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO 4. Keane, Joan Margaret: PIT 2,3,4; SWAP 3. Kcdzior, Leo Stanley: SWAP 4. Kelechava, Michael Allen: Knights of Columbus 2,3,4; Experiential College 4. Kelly, James Irvin: Royal Order of Snakes 1,2,3,4; Resistance 4. Kelly, Philip H.: Basketball 1; 1 A 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 1,2; Football 3,4; Class President 3. Kempton, William Alan: AIN 3,4, Treasurer 4; Class Representative 1; Peers 1,2,3,4, Publicity 2, President 4; ASUSF Vice-President 3; Clubs Council 4; Scabbard Blade 3,4; WHO’S WHO 3. Kerhoulas, Dion Peter: Basketball 1,2,3,4. Kessler, Kathy Martha: SCTA 3; SWAP 3; YD’s 2. Kestell, April Pearl: St. Ives Law Society 2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 2; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; President’s Scholarship for Law 4,3-3 Program for law; USF Scholarship 1,2,3; Conservative Student Forum 2. Kinkade, Gerlad Lee: DON 3,4; Knights of Columbus 4. Kirschncr, Karen Joan: Wasmann Biological Society 1,4; College Players 1.3; YD’s 4; Science Sorority 4.Kisla, Susan M.: YD’s 2; SWAP 3,4; SCTA 4; Students for RFK 3. Klaczak, James A.: Football 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4. Knauss, Frederick Erwin: DON, Academics Editor 3; St. Ives Law Society 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4; President’s Honor Roll 1,3,4. Knotts. Donald Richard: Academic Council 3,4, Chariman 4; O0X 4; Executive Council 4; WHO’S WHO 4. Kochly, Robert Joseph: Baseball 1;AAF 1,2,3,4; H.V.Z. Club 2,3,4: Student Teaching Internship 4; BF£ 4. Kovacich, William J.: Intramurals 1,2; SCTA 4; YD’s 3. Kozuki. Jeremy F.: Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4, President 4; Clubs Council 4; 1 BX 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1. Kramer, Joan: FIT 1,2,3,4; SNAC 2,3,4; Irish Club 1. Krentz, Michael Joseph: SWAP 4; YR’s 4. Kriste. George Vidin: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Pacific Prospectus, Co-Editor 4; President’s Honor Roll 3,4. Krutel. Bruce Edward: Student Teaching Internship 4; Pacific Prospectus 4; Intramural Sports 1. LaBorde, Sister Jean: SWAP 3; PI1E 3,4, Secretary 4; Experiential College 4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3. Lacey, Mary Elizabeth: Irish Club 1,2,3; ITT 2 LaGuardia, James Edward: History Club 3,4. Lahaderne. Paul Bernard: Knights of Columbus 1.2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Lalor. Thomas Michael: SWAP 3; YD’s 4. Lamothe, Paul J.: 4 BX 1,2.3,4. Lau, Douglas K.Q.: Residents’ Council 4, 2A2 2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4. Lau. Jeffrey M.: Residents’ Council 3; President’s Honor Roll 3,4; Academic Council 3,4; Varsity Swimming Team 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Hawaiian Club 1.2,3,4. Lau, Rodney S.H.: Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 3.4. Laugesen, Elyse Ann: SEC 2.3; SCTA 3,4; SWAP 2. Laurel, Michael Joseph: Soccer 1,2,3,4; All-Conference Soccer 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4. Lauro, Phillip John: ASUSF Treasurer 4; Residents’ Council 2,3; Class Representative 3; A£N 3,4; International Relations Club 1,2,3,4; 1 A 3,4; Honor Roll 1.2,3,4; WHO’S WHO 4. Lawrence, Diane Catherine: YD’s 2,3,4; Historical Society 4. Officer 4. Leach, Thomas Wallace: O0X 4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3. Lee, Carlton K.M.: Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; President's Honor Roll 3,4. Leo, Joanne Kathleen: Wasmann Biological Society 1,2; SCTA 4. Leslie. Neil William: AAF 2,3,4, Scrgeant-at-Arms 2,3,4. Levine, Rosemary: SWAP 3,4. Lewis. Diane: YD’s 4. Libershal, Susan Jane: FIT 1,2,3,4, President 3; Residents’ Council 2,3, Secretary 2, President 2; WJC 2; SNUSF, Representative 3; Interfraternity Council 3; Fill: 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3; SWAP 1,2. Lobcck, Kristine Marie: Math Club 1,2,3; Glee Club 1;SWAP 2. Long. Robert John: Rifle Team 1,2,3; DON 2,3,4, Photography Editor 3, 4; Drill Team 2,3,4; Clubs Council 2,3; Scabbard Blade 3,4. Lucchesi, Gale Ann: SCTA 2,3,4; Irish Club 4. Luchini, Joseph Daniel: Knights of Columbus 2,3,4. Lynch, Peter A.: A£II 2,3,4. Lyons, Kathleen Marie: USF Abroad 3; SCTA 4; President’s Honor Roll. Macey. Scott,: YD’s 4; Philhistorians 3; Historical Society 4. Mac Renato. Suzanne Louise: YD’s 2; SWAP 2,3; Psych Club 3; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Mages, Teresa Ann: YD’s 2; Students for Kennedy 3. Maguire. Thomas Edward: 4 A 3,4, Vice-President 4; Swimming 3,4. Mahoney, Edward W.: 2A£ 1; 1 A 2,3,4; Knights of Columbus 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO 4. Mahoney, Jerry Joseph: Knights of Columbus 1,2,3,4. Malloy, Robert J. Residents' Council 1.2; Business Club 2,3; SEC 3; Foghorn 2;S.A.M. 2,3. Malovich, Kathy: SWAP 1,2,3.4. Mancini, Ronald E.: A1P 4. Maniscalco, Larry P.: Pep Band 2,3,4. Martin, Diane Marie: SWAP 1,2; Amigos Anonymous 2; College Players 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4. Martin, Lawrence W.: Rifle Team 1,2,3,4; DON Photographer 1,2,3; Residents’ Council 3,4; Scabbard Blade 3,4. Martine, Edward Blase: 1224 Club 3.4; AAF 3.4. Martinez, Carlos Guillermo: Sodality 1,2, Secretary 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Frosh Week 2,3; SWAP 2,3,4; Co-Chairman Buchanan 3; Scabbard Blade 3.4; President 4; Residents’ Council 3; Dean’s List 3; WHO’S WHO 4. Mat 5,Ilona: Wasmann Biological Society 1; £A2 4. Mathcny. AnneMarie: PA Sweetheart 4; Homecoming Queen 4. Max, Janice Marguerite: Residents’ Council 1,2; CCCSPHN 4; President’s Honor Roll. McAdoo, Patricia: College Players 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; SWAP 1; Philhistorians 1.2,3,4; Director of USF Invitational Tournament 3,4; Chess Club 3,4. McBec, Leslie W.: SWAP 3, Homecoming Committee 3; Class Vice-President 4. McCarty, Neil W.: Math Club 4. McCausland. Linda Marie: YD’s, .Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Irish Club 3,4; SCTA 3,4; Historical Society 4. McGee. Francis Patrick: Wasmann Biology Society 2; Baseball 2,3; BSC 2,3,4. Chairman 4; President's Honor Roll 4; International Relations Club 4; “MAN” 4; Executive Council 4; WHO’S WHO 4. McGilloway, Dennis Michael: SWAP 3,4; Campus Peace Fellowship 3.4; Liturgical Committee 3. McGinty, Erin Ursula: FFF 2,3,4; SNAC 2,3,4. McGuire. Robert James: SCTA 1,2,4; SWAP 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; Madrigal Singers 4; YR's 2,3,4. McKay, Joan Rite: President’s Honor Roll 2,3. McKay. Matthew Frederick: Philhistorians 1,2,3,4; Conservative Student Forum 1,2,3,4; “Our Bag" 3.4; Co-Chairman Peace Forum 2. McKillip, Richard Jerald: SWAP 4. Mcares, Candace Jans: SWAP 2; SNAC 2,3,4; SNUSF 3,4. Meisel, Robert Keelan, Jr.: College Players 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4.Meliestc. Gregory Williams: O0X 3,4; President's Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Apathy 1,2,3,4. Merino, Patricio C : S.A.M. 3,4. Merrick, John Patrick: AAF 2,3,4; O0X 2,3,4; 1224 Club 3.4. Merz, Antoinette Marie: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 2,3; SCTA 3,4; 1I2A 4; YD’s 3,4. Milburn. Linda Jean: Ski Club 1,2; SWAP 3. Millang, Richard Bradley: Wasmann Biological Society 4; SWAP 4; Public Relations 4. Milton, John Patrick: Pep Band 1,2,3; College Players 1,2; Stage Band 3,4. Molini, Linda Carol: SCTA 4. Mondelli, JoAnn Frances: Song Girl 2; ITT 2,3,4; SNAC 2,3,4; CCSPHN 4; SNUSF 3.4. Moneymaker, Patrick David: College Players 1; Project Amigos 1,2,; Football 1,2. Mongillo, Steven E.: Football 1,2,3,4; BSC 3.4; Foghorn 1,2,3,4; Gila's Girlillas, Head Coach 3,4. Montes, Alex Cesar: Soccer 1,2,3,4. Moran. Jeanne Elizabeth: Irish Club 1; BSC 4; Embers 2,3,4, Vice-President 2; Psych Club 4; R.A. 2.3.4. Moser. Deanna Rosemary: Embers 3,4; Psych Club 1.3,4. Moss. Gary: ‘1 BX 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3,4; St. Vincent de Paul Society 1,2; IFC 4; S.A.A.C.S. 3.4, Chairman 4; Residents’ Council 2; Sanctuary Society 1. Moylan, Michael A.: A±V 1,2,3.4, Secretary 3.4; H.V.Z. Fan Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. Murnig, Stephanie Louise: Spanish Club 3. Murphy, Leo J., Jr.: Class President 4; Class Representative 3; IFC 2; I A 1.2,3,4, President 2: WHO’S WHO 3. Murphy. Patrick William: Math Club 1,2,3; Dean’s List 1,2,3; Teacher’s Assistant 3.4; Sanctuary Society 1,2.3; SWAP 3; Residents' Council 4. Myers. Michael Jon: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; 4 A 2,3. Naismith, Mark Richard: Intramurals 1,2,3.4; President's Honor Roll 2,3. Navarro. Bridget Gildcn: Academic Council 3.4; SWAP 2; Wasmann Biological Society 2,3; ASUSF President's Executive Secretary 4. Navarro, Ralph J.. Jr.: SWAP 2,3,4; Football 1,3; ROTC I,2,3,4. Nelson, Frederick A.: SEC 1.2. Noriega. James Edward: Represnetative Council 1. Notch, Janice Annette: DON 1,3; Song Girl 2; USF Abroad 3; St. Ives Law Society 2; Irish Club 1; President’s Honor Roll 1.2,3. O’Brien, Robert Rush: Pep Band 3. O’Gara, Edward Vincent, Jr.: SEC 2,3,4. O’Hara, Judy Helen: Homecoming Court 4; Military Ball Queen 1; Class Representative 4; Executive Assistant 2; Residents’ Council 2, Secretary; Embers 2,3,4, President and Vice-President; WHO’S WHO. O’Keeffe, Gregory P.: St. Ives Law Society 4. Olsson, James ('.: Basketball 1.2.3,4. O’Neill. Terrence Joseph: SWAP 3,4. O’Neill. Theresa Ann: SCTA 2,3.4; Historical Society 4, Vice-President; YD's 2,3,4. Palla, Kenneth Alan: Math Club 2.3; KUSF 2,3,4; Station Manager 4. Palkovic, Lawrence A.: Honors 1.2,3,4; Wasmann Biological Society 1.2,3.4; Ecstasy Film Club 2; Varsity Baseball Scorekeeper 1,2,3,4; Experiential College 4. Pendergast, Margaret Ann: St. Ives Law Society 2; YD’s 2,3,4. Peterson, James Michael: Irish Club 3,4. Petrini. James M.: Football 1,2,3,4; BSC 2,3,4; 1 A 3,4; R.A. 4. Pietraczyk, Edmond Richard: Track 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 2,3; Hilltopper 2,3,4; KUSF 2,3, Program Director 3; Cross Country 2; RC President 3; RCC Chairman 3; Track Team Captain 4; WHO’S WHO 3. Pigott, David Patrick: Knights of Columbus, Warden 3, Secretary 4, Social Committee 3. Religious Chairman 3; United Crusade 2; Intramurals 1,2; Mardi Gras 2. Pilgrim, Allen J.: SEC 3; Philosophy Club 2; College Players 3.4; SWAP 3.4; Glee Club 2; Debate Club 2; Peers 3; ASII 1. Podesto, Paula Regine: Embers 2.3,4. Price. Steve: Wasmann Biological Society 3,4; O0X 4. Pronos, Mary Ellen: Spanish Club 3; SCTA 4; President's Honor Roll 1,2,3. Puccinclli. Raymond Eugene: Knights of Columbus 3,4. Putman, Maryann: SNAC 2,3,4; SWAP 2. Quezade, John: Knights of Columbus 1,2,3.4. Radillo, Antonia Diane: St. Ives Law Society 4; SWAP 3; YD’s 1; USA 4. Ranieri, Marsha Marie: Psych Club 1,2,3,4; YR’s 2; Emcraudcs 4. Ravarino, John David: Football 1,2,4. Regan, Patrick Joseph: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; BPS 3,4; SCOPE 2. Reid, Timothy Hanley: Swimming 1.2,3,4; SCTA 4. Reynolds. Thomas Christopher, 111: Varsity Swimming 3,4. Rickard. Michele O’Neil: SWAP 1,2.3; Ecstasy Film Club 2, Secretary; SEC 1,2; S.F. Quareterly 2: Experiential College Riffle, Charles Matthew: SWAP 1.2,3,4, Chairman 3; St. Patrick’s Rcc Chairman 2; Amigos Anonymous 2.3.4; Academic Council 4; Executive 3,4; WHO’S WHO 4. Riofski, Neil H.: Foghorn 1.2,3.4; S.F. Quarterly 4; Intramurals 1.2. Ripple. Kathleen Ann SEC 4; Ski Club 4; SCTA 4. Rizzo. Severin Victor: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; SEC 2,3,4. Film Chairman 4; ZA2 3,4; 112A 4; Irish Club 3; St. Ives Law Society 3,4. Robards, Sandra Marie: Embers 3; SNAC 2,3,4. Roberts, James P.: 1 A 3,4; Knights of Columbus 2,3.4; Residents’ Council 3; Intramurals 1,2.3,4. Roberts, Katherine: PIT 1.2,3.4; SNAC 3,4, Representative 4; PIT Activities Chairman 3, Vice-President 4; DON 2. Robinson, David L.: SWAP 4; Football 3; Intramurals 3,4. Robinson, Julia Marie: SWAP 3,4. Robinson. Michael Steven: SEC 2,3. Rodrigues. Alfred Benjamin: Rangers 3,4; Drill Team 2,3,4; AI112 1,2,3.4; Scabbard Blade 3,4; Philhistorians 1,2,3.4; Hawaiian Club 4; Cheerleader 3. Rodriguez, Felis Ann: SNAC 2,3.4; FIT 3,4. Rogcnes. Karen: SCTA 3,4; Irish Club 3JCUSF 3.4; Emeraudes3,4; Ski Club. Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4; Hawaiian Club 3,4; Cercle Francais 3. Rogers. William Thomas: Knights of Columbus 2,3,4. Rojas, Ricardo H.: Latin-American Club, Vice-President; TriContinental Front, Treasurer. Rose, Catherine Ann: SNAC 2,3,4; Dean’s List 3,4; Rose of A2I1 1. Ross, Charles A., Jr.: Rifle Team 56-‘57; Pershing Rifles 56-‘57; American Institute of Physics 3,4. Rossitto, Joseph James: Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 2. Rothschild, Leonard W.: YR’s 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2.3.4. Roth, Robert Edward; OC-)X 4. Roycc, Gary: Soccer 1,2,3.4; AEII 2,3,4, President 4; IFC 4. Ruano, Benjamin Estuardo: Spanish American Club 1.2,3,4, President 2. Russell, Mary Kathryn: FIT 1,23,4; HIE 3.4; SNAC 2,3.4; President's Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. Ryan, Kathleen Marie: WJC 3; R.A. 4. Ryan, Margaret Ann: SWAP 2,3,4; ASUSF Secretary 4; RC Vice-President 3; SWAP Secretary 3; WHO’S WHO 4. Rykcn, George Joseph: YD’s 4. Santana, Barbara Ann: DON 1,2,3,4, Senior Editor 2,3, Academics Editor 4; Sodality 1.2; Psych Club 1,4; Glee Club 2,3. Sarnowski, Donald Arthur: Baseball 1; YR’s 1; Scabbard Blade 3,4, Vice-President 4; Clubs Council 4; Football 2. Scharlach, David Arthur: AIU2 1,2,3,4;Scabbard Blade 3,4; Rangers 3.4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4, President 2; USFSCC 3,4; Track 4. Schwab, John P.: 4 BX 1,2,3,4, President 2. Pledgemaster 4; Clubs Council 4. Scrivani, Lawrence Alfred: YD’s 4. Seeronen, John Robert: Baseball 1,2. Scffens, Lawrence Neil: AIIS2 2,3,4, President 4; Irish Club 2,3; Business Club 1,2; Scabbard Blade 3.4; IFC 3,4; Industrial Relations Club 4. Seidle, Mary Lou: SEC 4; SWAP 3,4. SeLegue, Patricia Ann: FIT 1,2,3,4. Serrao, Carolyn Hart: SWAP 3,4; Students for Kennedy 3. Seybold, Sally Ann: School Nurse 2; Head Resident, Loyola Terrace 2. Shah, Nalinkumar, M.: A£N 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; MUN 2, Bn 3.4; IRC 1,2,3.4, Vice-President 3; BAC I. Shanahan, Mary: Irish Club 3; St. Ives Law Society 4. Shasky, Julianne M.: rrr 4; SNAC 2,3,4. Shea, Timothy Peter: BSC 4; R.A. 4; O0X 4; Academic Council 4; Pep Band 1,2. Sheerin, Stephen Paul: O0X 2,3,4; SWAP 3,4; Chairman, USF-Bay Area Cancer Drjve. Rettagliata, Thomas Anthony: AAT 2,3,4; National Delegate 3, National Steward 4; IFC 3,4; Knights of Columbus 3,4; Residents’ Council 2, Yell Leader 4. Sweeney, Thomas Joseph: A.B. 1,2,3,4; AAF 1.2,3,4; H.V.Z. 2.3.4. Shikomba, Sakaria I.M.: Pan African Club. Shine, William Bernard: Basketball 1. Shrieve. Eileen: SNAC 2,3,4. Simmons. Nancy Claire: Honor Roll 2,3. Simpson, Mary Elizabeth: ITF 2,3,4; CCCSPHN 4; SNAC 2.3.4. Slaughter, Noreen Catherine: Glee Club 1,2,4; Residents’ Council 4; SCTA 4. Smith, Adelainc Kay: Sodality I; SCTA 2; SWAP 2,4; International Relations Club 1.4; President’s Honor Roll Smith. Annette Marie: KUSF 1,2,3; SCTA 1,2; Frosh Council. Smith, Dean Walter: AAF 1,2.3.4; Ski Club 1,2; H.V.Z. Club 3.4. Smith, James Edward: Wasniann Biological Society 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; O0X 2,3,4. Smith, Neale Daine: O0X 2,3,4; T.A. 4; Hawaiian Club Soon, Dan E.C.: BSC 4; MAN 4; Rifle Team 3,4, President; KUSF 3; SWAP 4. Spotswood, Richard David: YD's 3.4. President 4: KUSF 3.4; Clubs Council 4; Youth for a New America 4. Spratt, Robert B.: Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4. Starke, C. Timothy: BSC 3,4; 4 A 3.4; R.A. 4. Stenger, Geri Ellen: Ski Club 1;Glee Club 3,4; SWAP 3. Steer, Grant David: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Residents’ Council 3; A£N 3,4; WHO’S WHO. Stevens, Richard George: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Dean’s Honor Roll 3; Knights of Columbus 1,2,3,4. Stone, A. Richard: Rifle Team 3,4. Stone, Walter J.: Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; St. Ives Law Society 2; R.A. 4; President’s Honor Roll 2. Strazzarino, Mary Elena: SCTA 2,3,4, President 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer 3; DON 4; Clubs Council 4. Stuart, John Francis: Knights of Columbus 2,4; Intramurals 1.2; USF Abroad 3: Dean’s List 2.3. Suilcns, Margaret C.: SNAC 2,3,4. Sullivan, Joseph Gerard: Secretary-Treasurer 2, 4 A 3,4. Sun, Francis C.: CSUSF 4; Hawaiian Club 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; O0X 2,3,4, Secretary, Pledgemaster Sutton, James Michael: O0X 2,3,4; A AT 2,3,4; Academic Council 3,4. Tan, Ei-ling: Chinese Club 3; International Relations Club 4. Tandy, Rawley Michael: Baseball 1; College Players 2,3; Soccer 2. Tannura, Tina Marie: SWAP 3.4; SEC 4. Tavares, Joan Marie: SWAP 2, Latin American Club 3; Hawaiian Club 4. Taylor, Stephen Thomas: Baseball 1; YD’s 1,2. Tealdi, Frank Donald: Intramurals 2,4; AXI1 2,3,4; Chancellor 4. Teply, Diane Marie: Wasmann Biological Society 2.3.4; Science Sorority 4. Tevcnan, James Michael: Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Thomas, Steven John: AXII 2,3,4; Intramurals. Thompson, William George: Hawaiian Club l ;YR’s 1,2. Thurston, Helen La Verne: Ski Club 1,2.3,4; Academic Council 3,4. Tietjen, Stephen Roger: Evening Divison, Student Council member 1.Till. Robert E.: Psych Club 1,4; Peers 3,4. Toal. Mary Ann: Amigos Anonymous 1.2; Peace Fellowship 3,4; Residents’ Council 3; Experiential College 3,4; SWAP 3. Tom, Ronald G.S.: Hawaiian Club 4. Tomsic, Lawrence A.: ASI1 1,2,3,4, Vice-President; BPS 4; President’s Honor Roll 1,3. Torley, Charlene Frances: SWAP 2, R.A. 3,4; History Club 4. Torres, Edward W.: Residents’ Council 1; Soccer 2; USE Abroad 3; Psych Club 4; President’s Honor Roll 3.4. Toy, Katharine A.: Glee Club 1.2,3,4. Trott, John Stephen: SWAP 3,4; Sanctuary Society 2.3,4; Prefect 4: Business Club 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Glee Club Pianist 1,2,3; BPS 3,4, President 4. Tschann, Jeanne Marie: Psych Club 1,4; SWAP 3,4; Datesetter 2; Academic Council 3.4. Uribe. Linda Maire: SWAP 3, Glee Club 2. Valmassy. Ronald Louis: 4 A 3,4; YD's 3,4; KUSF 4; Hawaiian Club 4. Vervais, Gregory J.: AAP 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Tennis 2,3,4: H.V.Z. Fan Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2.3. Vizzard. Joseph Stephen: J BX 1.2,3; Psych Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Walsh, Edward J.: ASH 1,2,3.4, President 4; IFC 4. Walsh, Victor Anthony: AAP 2,3,4, Pledgemastcr; DON 1; Intramurals 1,2,3.4. Ward. James B.. III.: Historical Society 4; Irish Club 4. Warlop. Phillip A.: 4 BX 1,2.3.4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Scabbard Blade 3.4. Warner, Patricia: KUSF 1,2,4, Emeraudes 3,4, President 4: Clubs Council 4; Homecoming Court 4. Wathen, James Andrew: Pipes 1.2,3.4; BSC 3,4; Residents’ Council 1,2; Wasmann Biological Society 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Watson, Edward Joseph: SWAP 3,4; Scabbard Blade 3.4; BPS 3,4; Class Representative 4. Watson, Robert Willard: Math Club 1,2,3.4; Bio-Chem Club 1; SWAP 2,3; Scabbard Blade 3,4; «1 BX 2,3. Weiss, Sandra Jean: SNAC 2,3,4; 111' 3,4. Welte, M. Carmcla: Irish Club 2: YD’s 2,4; USF Abroad 3; S.F. Quarterly 2; Ecstasy Film Club 2; Hilltopper 3. Werner, Paul Anthony: AIP 4; APATHY 1.2,3,4: President’s Honor Roll 1.2,3.4. Whitaker. Harold James: Knights of Columbus 2. Whitworth. A. Marie: KUSF 1; Students for Kennedy 3. White. Catherine Elizabeth: French Club 3; Historical Society 4; Powder Puff Football 1.3,4. White, Patrick George: AIIS2 1.2,3,4; Rangers 3,4;Scabbard Blade 3.4; Drill Team 2,3. Wilkes, Deidre Gail: SWAP 1.2; BSU 1.2. Wilscy, Robert L.: SEC 4; SAX 3,4. Wilson, Joan Marie: SCTA 2. Wilson. Margaret Ann: Glee Club 3; DON 2,3,4. Wilson, Stephen E.: Knights of Columbus 3,4; Intramurals 3.4. Wood. Margaret Mary: SWAP 1,2; Irish Club 4; President's Honor Roll 1,2,3.4. Yap, Patricia Ellen: DON 1.2; Undergraduate Editor; International Relations Club 1.2,3; Chinese Club 3,4. Young. Harry Raphael: KUSF 1.2,3.4; Program Director 4; YD's 3.4; Drill Team 2; USF Sports Car Committee 3,4. Young. Linda Jo.: Ski Club; SWAP 2. Yule, Douglas G., Jr.: 1 A 3.4. Zelaya, Manuel Felipe: Soccer 1: Hispano-Americano Club 1,2,3.4; SAM 4. Zimmerman, John Richard: AAr 1,2.3,4; H.V.Z. Club 2.3.4; Golf 1.2.3,4. Zimmerman, Thomas G.: Intramurals 3,4. Zuranski. Sue: College Players 3: Welcome Week 2,3,4. Zvanski, Claire: YR's 1,2.3,4; St. Ives Law Society 2. 295Juniors Don Dana, President; Barbara Webber, Secretary; Mike Carey, Vice-President; Dave Devoti, Representative, and Mike Whelan, Representative.Robert A bay a Robert Abinante Edward Adams Patricia Adams Patricia Ahboltin Elizabeth Ahlcring Joseph Alioto Nicohlas Allen Kenneth Alonso Virginia Alonso Allen Amaro Elizabeth Ambrosi Richard Ames John Anderson Larry Anderson Michael Anthenicn Dolores Aragon Eduardo Aramendia Juanita Aranguena Marilyn Archibold John Arendt Hugo Arevalo John Arroyo Susan Atwood Chung-Hung Au Frederick Avansino James Babcock Bob Bacci Theresa Baciocco Louise Baier Russell Baird Dennis Baker Michael Baldonado Martha Baldwin William Baraya Dennis Barbata Robert Baker Linda Barrett Peter Barry Frances Battaglia Nancy Bauder Louise Bauer 297June Bayer Daniel Beals Cynthia Bennett Vivian Benton Sharon Braund Andrea Brereton Joyce Bricn John Brightwell John Briscoe Brenda Brooks Cathey Brooks Eileen Brosnan Yolanda Brouwers Gerald Brown Kathleen Bruno Suzanne Bugas Ellen Bundschu Mary Ann Burman Barbara Jo Burton Richard Blake Debbie Bocci Pat Boettcher Terri Bohac Richard Boitano Robert Boll James Bonato Cheryl Borges Michael Bracco Jack Bradley Catherine Brandi Deidre Brandt 298Michael Butler Terrence Byrne Jesus Cabellon James Cadden Christopher Calhoon Sheila Callaghan Wilfrid Cameron Marilyn Campion Jack Campisi Edmund Canardo Ken Canfield Janice Cantu A Dorothy Cappadona Ludwig Capps Joanne Carbone Mike Carey John Carlin Jeannot Carlson Barbara Carmody Mark Carmody John Carpenter Dennis Carvalho Timothy Carvalho Sandra Casazza James Casey Nancy Castro Robert Caviglia Vicki Chappell Ceorge Cheung Aldo Chiappero Paul Chignell Victor Chin Sylvia Ching Pat Chintaganond Edwin Chipp D. Vincent Chisholm V 44 % 299Mary Ann Chisholm Teresa Chow Patricia Crown Tina Chriss William Ciabattari Elizabeth Clifford Peter Cling Joseph Clopton Thomas Cobb Gloria Cocconi Margaret Cogan Anna Colapietro Richard Collins Michael Collum John Comisky Sr. Dolores Congdon Kathleen Connolly Thomas Connolly Thomas Conroy-Frank Cookson Christine Cortopassi Margaret Costello Alberta Couderc Paul Couzens Kathleen Coyne Kathleen Craig Michael Cremin — Timothy Crowe William Cummings Ray Cunningham Maureen Curran Roger Davis Carol Cusimano Rita Dechene Carl Daddio Christine DeGraf Michael Darner John DeJohn Don Dana David DeLaTorre Valerie Dattcr Mary DeMartini John Davi Louis Dematteis Joseph David Joseph Desmond 300Kathleen Desmond Peter Devine David Devoti Marilyn Diedesch F. T. Dietrich Robert Digrazia Thomas DiMercurio George DiPego Dennis DiRico Lynn Doherty Martin Domenici Gerald Doogan Carla Dotta Kevin Dowling Jack Driscoll John Driscoll Roderick Duato Carol Dubost Mary Lou Duggan Dion Dulay Barbara Dunn John Eagal Charles Eagleton Mary Ebright Robert Edelman Thomas English Raymond Erlach Leandra Erpelding Linda Lou Estrella Mary Ewing Edward Tom Alicia Faria Fauria Fazio Elizabeth Fred Feeley Fendlor Kathy Susan Richard Fenton Ferrari Figoni Linda Filice Bryan Robert Richard Catherine Harry Jeanne James Flannery Fleming Flora Flournoy Floyd Floyd Flynn 301m Mit Holland Fong Rosemary Fontaine Linda Foppiano John Ford John Fortunio Bud Foster Darryl Fown Liz Franke Thomas Franza Maire Friel Victoria Furman John Gable William Gabriel Courtney Galbraith George Gallegos Daniel Galvin Karen Gardner Denise Gatfield Philip Gatto Noreen Geeza Mary George Ginger George Pam Georgcatos Samuel Gerzowski Jerry Gianelli Susan Gilchrist Ronald Gillies Steve Gillum Claire Ginotti Cheryl Giuntini Patrick Golden Michael Goodwin Richard Gosse Bob Grassilli Jacob Graudenz Catherine Graves 302Margaret Graziano Joseph Grazioli Kent Grealish Judy Greco Judy Green Philip Greene Lynn Grier Chris Guerrera Roger Guido Frank Gundry Moira Gunn Danny Gurash Dennis Haaf Robert Hackney Moira Haley Timothy Hannan Conrad Hanson Hugh Harrington Sr. Donna Harris Melinda Harron James Hascnkamp Joseph Ilealy Sandra Houston Patrick HecqStephen Hedstrom Annette Heinz Leroy Hogg Robert Holland Eleanor Horan Stephanie Hotta Teresa Hurren Pia Idlefonso Linda Jachetta Larry Jacobs Maureen Jehl Linda Jenkins Kathleen Johnson Linda Johnson Marie Kalinowski Robert Kavanaugh Jean Hennessy Kathleen Hermann Ronald Higgins Bill Hollingsworth Charles Holmberg Thomas Honrath MaryAnn Hritz Anna Hudson Randolph Hughes Frank Inocito John Irvine Richard Ishisaki John Jalbert Dennis James Frank Jaquinta Thomas Jenkins Robert Jesinger Allen Johansen Michael E. Johnson Michael G. Johnson Dennis Kafura Patricia Kaye William Kays William Keays 304Regina Kelly Joan Kent Karen Kern Cheryl Kimura Deborah King Maryanne King Mary Rae Kistner Katherine Klein Robert Konevich Joseph Kubancik David Kuebrich Edwin Kurakazu Richard Laherty Sally LaBoyteaux Steve La Plante John Lamb Peter Lambcrto Larry Lamperti Michael Lasater Norine Lau Tony Lau Jerold Lee Hugh Lennon Neil Leslie Jane Kilclino William Kim Timothy King Donald Kinter Jean Konte Diane Kubancik Herbert Kuss Laura Labrador Gerald LaRocque Ronald La joy Teresa Lannan Mary Lanway Robert Lawlor Maureen Lechwar Julia Leung Lawrence Levy 305Diane Lewis Bernerd Libanti Lynna Lim Marilyn I.ippi James Lippitt Mary Loncrgan Alfredo Lopez Renee Lorda June Lovotti Wayne Lowther Frank Lucchetti Mary Mabee Stanley Mackewicz Charles Maher Margaret Mahoney Maureen Mahoney Robert Malloy Frances Malta Roger Mancini Tony Maniscalco Annmarie Marr Rene Martell Francis Martin George Martin Joanne Michael Dennis Martin Martin Martin Evelyn Albert Martinez Masetti Mary Ann Linda Massenburg Massolo Christina Matlock Thomas Shirley Matsuki Mattiauda John McBride Pamela McBride Patrick McCanta 30GJerry McCarthy Johrden McDevitt Christopher McDonald Kathleen McDonough Bernard McGinnis Michael James McGlennon Mclnerney Bruce McIntosh James Theresa McKnight McLean James Bill McLemore McQuaid Barbara Menard Albert Monaster Manuel Mendiola Barry Meneghelli Richard Merenda Angela Merla Lydia Merlo Richard Meyer Raymond Michaud Mark Mickelsen Richard Millang Marilyn Miller Patricia Miller Sarah Miller Frank Mills Jewel Mills Rodney Mims Judith Miranda Maureen Molloy Michael Monroe Randy Montesano Brenda Moore Benjamin Moore Joseph Moran John Morehouse 307Rosemary Morgado Lynne Morris Karen Moylan Brian Mullen Carmel a Murphy Carolyn Murphy Jeremiah Murphy Patricia Murphy Sharon Murphy Terence Murphy Patricia Murray Thomas Murray Marc Neilson Cheryl Ncugebauer James Nevin Barbara Newlin R. Nicolopulos John Nonomura Thomas Norwood James Nunnally Maureen O’Connell ft n © Virginia Ottman Stephen Packwood M. PalazzottO r Thomas Oery Stephen O’Meara Robert Osmond Fook Pang Nicholas Paolini Paul Papzian Lucien Musso Barbara Nagcngast Christann Natalc Tony Navarra 308Brad Pappalardo Connie Pnrtmann Colleen Parton A than Pasadis Helen Paxinos Dennis Pedersen Robert Pedot Laurene Pelleriti Barbara Paschke Eva Pascual Pam Passanisi Elizabeth Paul Patricia Pender Madeline Pennisi Kenneth Perea Sr. M. N. Perlick Mari Perryman Charles Peters Tom Peterson Peter Pctrich n •; J Carol Petrie Sue Petrinovich Janet Petrusich Charles PfeiferJoseph Phair Clifford Picard Susan Pickering Mary Pile Maxene Pisarev Dathel Piva Leonard Poggio Andrew Pomykalski Edward Popek Robert Potter William Powell Mary Powers Diane Precissi David Pribyl John Quezada Kathleen Quinlan Jeffrey Quinn Raymond Quock Carmelita Ramirez Sarah Hashed John Ratto Catherine Ray Stella Rebollar William Redican David Regan Stephen Regan David Reynolds 310312 Antonio Ribeiro Donna James Ricci Rice Rill Riley Susan Riordan Maria Rivas Frederick Roat David Robinett Roberta Roccucci Cynthia Romero Jane Richards John Riordan Mark Ritter William Rivas William Roberts Julia Robinson Ronald Rodrigues Robert RowlandJames Rucker Tim Ruef Michael Ruegg Antonio Rufino Yvonne Ruh Pam Rummage Joseph Ruo Donald Russo Kathleen Ryan Mary K. Ryan •Suzanne Ryan Edward Sambucetti Delia Santiago Virginia Sasaki Frederick Schaer Timothy Schallert Giovanni Seghetti James Sepeda Stephanie Secrest Dan Shelton Jeanne Schiff Michael Scurich Dennis Sequeira John Shaffer Rachelle Saraceno Judy Scalise Barbara Schalich Patrick Secthoff Ronald Seibel Christine Shihady 313Noel Shumway Steve Simon David Simonini Thomas Sims Caroline Slajer Robert Slattery Julia Smetana Barbara Smith 311Charles David Mary E. Michael Yvonne William Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith SolariPeter Sparks William Spinelli Catherine Stanford Edward Stanley Kenneth Starkovich Thomas Stenson Lawrence Stevens Sharon Stewart Phillip Stumpo Calvin Sullivan E. Michael Sullivan Phillip Summers Scan Sweeney Linda Tait Shirley Tan David Tauzer Leonard Taylor Mary Tesch B. Thomas Deborah Thomas Roberta Thompson Norma Tofanelli Ronald Tonegato Ernest Tong Walter Torres Robert Towers H. John Tozer Michael Traverso Joseph Trechter John Troccoe Susan Tursi Barbara Ulicki Jose Urrutia James Vaughn Paul Vinella Susan Vodicka Kenneth Waldron Kathy Wallace Janet Walsh Michael Walsh Fidelia Fang Frederic Warnshuis Lon Wax stein Barbara Webber Martin Wehr Mary Werner Michael Whelan Mary White- 316Regina White Patricia Whiteford Donald Whitaker Patrick Wick Maureen Wiegand John Wier Robert William Michael Williams Richard Williams Stephen Wilson Cheryl Rita Andrina Witt Wojtalewicz Wold Lawrence Wong Dennis Wooten Roger Michael Frances Weldon Jeanne Wunderling Yalon Yates Young Y rigoyen Virginia Marianne Anthony Yuponce Zalud Zanone Terrie Zimmerman Dennis Zouzounis 317USF Students Abroad Every year a number of USF students spend their junior year abroad at one of the several campuses with which USF is affiliated. This year five USF students—Pat Deagan, Dave de la Torre, Glenn Gable, Marcia Limper and Ed Scott—attended Gonzaga University in Florence. A group of USF students also attended Loyola University in Rome. The year abroad allows the students to participate in organized tours of such places as tin Middle East and the Iron Curtain countries, there is a good deal of free time provided for independent travel also. Fully accredited, the classes are taught in English by both European and American professors. In addition to the travel opportunities, the year abroad programs allow the student to learn in greater depth about the people and cutlure of a particular country. This is an educational experience not available to the ordinary American traveler. Finally along with learning about the Europeans during the year, the student also gains valuable insights into the American way of life and is better suited to appreciate its strong points and weaknesses.Sophomores Evan MacGibbon, President; Cindy Huff, Vice-President; Mehettie Jones, Secretary-Treasurer; John Petrini, Representative. Missing: Trey Cos-griff, Representative.Carol Aguiar Susan Ahle Dennis Aicardi Anthony Allevato Larry Alsterlind Michael Ambrose Mary Ames Douglas Amis Annetta Anderson Stephen Armanini Alba Arnone Louis Avalli Margaret Avalos Kathrine Avison David Ballati Mark Baranowski Camille Barasa Michael Barr Catherine Barrett Michael Barrett Judi Bastcdo Dennis Batey Jack Bauman Sharon Baysinger Ann Bellesi Sandra Benedetti Richard Benne John Bergez Martha Bergman Judy Bcrkes Timothy Berta Russell Bertetta Jacques Bertrand William Besser Stephen Bibbs Norman Blumensaadt Michele Bobe Barbara Bochinski Marianne Bock Joan Bonfilio Karen Bosch James Boucke 321James Bouey Lynn Boyle 322 Mary Brock Carl Brown Norine Brunicardi William Brusher Mary Ann Brunsvold Don Bucher Yvonne Budesa Stephen Bullis Nick Buratovich Kathleen BurkeKevin Burke Michael Buskey Eric Butler Michael Calegari y Patrick Callaghan Michele Caetano Sandra Campbell John Campion Ellen Carenbauer Mary CaldwellTom Carew Eleanor Carmody Katherine Carroll Christine Case John Casey Paula Castronova Michael Castro John Casey Bill Chambers Ken Chang Alex Chen Virginia Cheney Michael Young John Chow Ken Christopher Peter Ciolino Steve Clavere Allen Claybaugh Ingrid Clemmensen o Joseph Coceellato Jorge Colaizzo Bill Cole Mary Coleman Madeline Colichidas Roger Consorti Nadine Constantine Carol Contos Paul Cool Melvin Cooper Tony Corcoran .324Grcp Correa Michael Corrigan John Cosgriff Tony Coturri Maurice Cox Isabel Cuadra Marlene Culbertson Kathleen Cullen Brian Cunningham Michael Curry Thomas Curtis Donald Czerkies David Artenay Adrian Da Silva Lawrence Damato Vincent Dang Margaret Davis Janice De Lange Patrick Deagen Michael Dennis Harry Depner Richard Der David Dernbach Mary Diaso John Digiacinto Lawrence Dineen Lawrence Dolan Mathew Donohoe Kevin DoughertyAllen Estes Marilyn Etzel Mary Driscoll Robert Duca Dennis Duffy Thomas Fahres David Faktor Robert Duncan Michael Dundas William Duquette Lawrence Dyer Timothy Dyer Kevin East Kathleen Edens Richard Edminster Susan Edstrom Taiser El-Yacoub Christie Eisner Ann Emerson William Empey Patricia Enos Janet Epidendo 32CJohn Falsnrella Daniel Fanning Joseph Fanucci Paul Farley Virginia Farnell Catherine Feidtman Gary Fiammengo Sharon Filiberti Robert Fletcher Ronald Flores Patrick Flynn Nancy Foley Steven Freed V. Friedrichsen Anthony Fulcher Michael Furlong Clara Gallctti Michael Galligan Leonard Ganduglia Paulette Garand Cecelio Garcia Richard Garcia William Garcia Karen Gardner Gary Carman Judith Garven Charles Gavin Gerald Gavin Michael Geraldi Sandra Gettys Marianne Giachine Steve Giannccchini Louis Giannini Mary Gilchrist 327Richard Goebel Carolyn Goodwin Jennifer Gormsen Suzanne Gosano Gracian Goyhenctche Kurt Graffy Joy Green Anne Greenstone James Grlesmeyer I.inda Griesmeyer Valli Grodzicki Lewis Gudmunson Kurt Guehring Angelo Guidi Daniel Gullotta Daniel Gunther Stephen Guss Michael Gustafson Fernando Guzman Lynn Gygax Christine Haberkorn Marcinda Haedge William Hallman William Haney Kevin Hanley Margaret Hanyak Edward Harrington 328Gwendolyn Harrison Thomas Hartley Catharine Harvey Joseph Hasselbach Sherry Hawkins Pk Sander Hayashida Lenore Healy Steven Heath Lawrence Hecht Michael Hegerhorst Linda Henning Randy Hellrung Dana Hcndershott Darryl Henning Charles Henry Alexander Heredia Jill Hcrrcll Thomas Heslin Mary Higgins Rita Hillebrand Curtis Hinton Susan Hoeft Vida Holguin Elizabeth Holstein Michael Holton Kevin Horan Cynthia Huff 329Marian Huvane John Hulsman Patricia Ilacqua Linda Isheim Judith Jacinto Kathleen Jenkins Kristyne Jeungr Florence Iroz Steven Isoardi David Jenkins Patricia Jenkins Jonathan Jew Ernesto Jimenez Janice Jimenez Christopher Johnson Kaye Johnson Michael Johnson Kobin Johnson Thomas Johnson Wayne Johnson Lawrence Jones Mehettie Jones 330Cheryl Jorgensen David Kanter Teresita Knight David Kirk Bettie Kirsch Richard Knez Edward Koslosky Diane Kowalski Peter Paula Christina Katz Kearn Kelly Anne Linda Michael Kilkenny Killam Killeen Patrick Kaneen John Kenny Rich King William Kirk Katherine Kljunak Judith Knight Nicholas Kosturos Karyn Kowalski 331Janet Kuebclbeck Hob Lacey Linda Lagomarsino Louis Landini Adrienne Landry Carla Lastrcto Virginia Lastufkn Andrew Lau Dennis Lee Rosemary Lee Theresa Lee Marguerite Leoni Stephen Levinson Doris Lindsay Susan Livingston Lawrence Lo Laura Lombardi William Look Lawrence Lorenzi Samuel Louis Kevin Lowe James Lowe Linda Lucia Patrick Lynch Evan MacGibbon David Magin Karen Maguire Anne Mahoney Michael Maligie 332Curtis Mallcgni Patrick Maloney Gerdenio Manuel Mary Maraldo Lynne Marsenich Marie Martcll Arlene Martin Laurie Martin Melvin Martinez Pamela Martori Gregory Mastrangelo Charlene Mutojovsky Richard Matgen William McDevitt Suzanne McDonnell William McDevitt Kathleen McGenity Devin McGilloway Patricia McGinty Christine McGreevv Michael McGuire . Sally McKenna Charlotte McMahon Michael McMahon Michelle McNamara John McNeill Sharon McVeigh Claudia Meadows 333Hector Medina Thomas Meersman Mary Moorer Cecilia Meiswinkel William Melia Jose Mena Victoria Mendoza Steven Morales Larry Mori Ronald Messner Alice Metkin Mary Moriarty Mary Morley Brenda Morton Nadine Mignault Bettina Miller Peter Milton Marsha Modesti Eilena Mullen Nancy Mulvihill Catherine Murphy Clare Murphy Daniel Murray Joan Molini Anna-Louise Molle Leon Monroe Christine Moore Margo Mynderse 334Gail Nakagaki La Verne Nakoa Noreen Napoletano Nancy Nobel ing Elaine Nelke Nicholas Nemirsky Diane Neururer Angela Neville Margaret Nevin Raymond Nicholls Kathleen Nichols Penelope Nichols John Nicolai Susan Nix Evan Noveroske Kathleen Obar Eilleen O'Brien Timothy O'Brien Maureen O’Connell Thomas O’Connell Toni O’Connell Cathlcen Oday Janice Ogi Francine Ohta Claire Okawa Catherine O’Keeffe . M .136Cynthia Paifre Marc Paiva Madeleine Palacin Marilyn Palla Pamela Pardini James Parrinello Andrea Parsons Denise Parsons Stephen Pavlovich Stephen Pelleriti Marcia Pene Kathryn Perata Marjorie Perry Paula Peterson Raymond Peterson John Petrini Lawrence Petrini Connie Petruzzella Mary Peyton Daniel Phillips Karen Phillips Dominque Pichifrnau Rae Pinelli David Plut Katherine Poirier Kathleen Powers Kathleen Preciado Catherine Price James Pualoa Paul Pucci Suzanne Quigtf Richard Raffo Molly Raher Ann Randolph Jeanne Rapp Carmen Rassier Carol Reber Michael Redlinfc Terence Redmond James Repran Thomas Reiley Ronald Renard Diane Onorato John O’Rourke Reynaldo Ortiz Mary Anne O’Shea Larry Otey Louise Ottoboni 337Jose Reyes Malcolm Riordan Mi n e Peggy Ripple Claudia Roarke Robert Robic Helen Robillard Jerrold Robinson Charles Rodondi Rudy Rodriguez Karen Roediger Robert Rohan Nancy Ronan Catharine Rooney Charles Rosenblad Leslie Rota E1H RoyakMary Anne Ryan Mary Ryan Patricia Ryan Robert Saalfcld Charlotte Sagouspe Yvette Sallaberry Porgy Sallada Bob Sandman Calvin Sandbom William Sandholt Michael Sagiacomo Carlos San Martin Ronald Santos Kathleen Saur Lawrence Saxton Yolanda Scaccia Gail Scanlon Michael Scanlon Daniel Scannell Mark Schachern Gerald Schad Lucille Schiff Marian Schrader Stephen Shubach Paulette Scolari Victor Scott Christine Scotti Judith Sculli Mary Seffens Margaret Sexton Pankaj Shah Richard Shears Jo Anne Sheehan Sue Shelton Kathleen Shephard Randall Shigio 339Pearl Shin Susan Robert Denise Shodahl Shindler Silva Paul Simeteys SA Beatrice Sinocelli Thomas Snead Bruce Somers Peggy Spedick 340 John Simutis Jean Slaughter Alice Solis Linda Sparks Charlotte SpencerStephanie Sperling Sally Spriggs James Steiner Virginia Steinkamp Julie Tang Marianne Taylor Demetrio Tehero Teresa Tetor Richard Thomas Maureen Thompson Michael Thompson Sheila Thompson Anne Thrift Susan Thrift Virginia Thuener Bernice Tonegato Linda Tonelli Joseph Towey Barbara Tratar 341rsmo. Dennis C. Travis Michael Treiweiler Maria R. Tripodes Joan Troute Mark K. Truck Kiyo Ushino Melissa Nancy Carol Paula Adam Liliana Kristin Van Cleave Van House Venable Viglione Vincent Vivanco Vogel Geraldine Wagner Jane Wagner William Wallace Donna Walsh Peggy Walsh Marilyn Ward Deborah Waskowiak Leslie Watts Robert Shannon Kathleen Cynthia Dave Brian Barbara Webb Weitzel Wentworth Wermes White Whitlock Wildauer 342John Wilfen Ann Williams Susan Williamson Lynne Wilson Elsie Winter Alex Peter Virginia Wong Wong Wong Andrew Prudence Laura Wood Woods Worthington Russell Wycoff Gregory Wyman William Yong Bradford Y ules Michael Wise Victoria Withers Judith Wohlleb Fred Wolfe r' Dorothy Camille Zanotti Ziomek Eileen Enea Jill Ziomek Zolezzi ZwaskaChris Abbott Suzy Agnew Kathleen Aina Claudia Airaudi Mary Albanese R. Alexander Joe Alioto Cathy Allair Eva Alminiana C. Almodova Cizo Aloot Greg Anderson Mandie Anderson Mark Andrade Katina Andrews Mary Andro Ken Antonich Bill Arbonies Dave Artz Tom Aslin Paul Avellar Bob Bailey Mary J. Ballou George Bandy Mary Barrett Nancy Barrett Linda Barton Bill Barulich Sue Bash David Battaglia Jo Battista Debbie Beck Margaret Beeson Joanne Bellew Vivian Bentley Melissa Benton C. Bermingham Hubie Bernard Allan Bernardi Russ Bevans Dolorine Biggs B. Blanchard 345Tom Blank Joann Blum Kit Bohnett Louis Bonacini Barry Bosshard Becky Botkin Anne Bouey Kathy Bourne Debbe Boyce Richard Braun Paul Bray Thomas Bressan J. L. Broderick Ricky BrooksKathy Brown Lorna Brown Tom Bruton F. Bruzzone B. Bucchianeri Jean Buchanan Tom Buckley Mary Buhl Shelton Bunn Janet Burgess Johnny Burks Larry Butler Cynthia Butte Eileen Byrne Kathy Byrne R. Caballero Daniel Cahill Tom Call Gary Camozzi Jim Campisano Susan Canlis Chris Cara Mark Carbone Roger Carmody Terry Carney Jean Carr Claire Carter Anne Carton R. Casamayou Cindy Cashman Terry Castelan A. Castellanos Glenn Gastello John Cazahous Ron Centerwall Mary Cerutti Leanne Cerruti Jan Cervenka Loretta Chakmak Mary Chambers S. Chapralis Gordon Chelune 347Emily Chen Gil Cheso Kitty Chiles Fatima Choi Lou Chorak Bill Chounet Carla Cimino Chris Cinquini R. Ciochetto J. Claridad Chris Clark Kay Cliff J. Clinkenbeard Steve Clouse Bill Coats M. Cockrell Cynthia Colby Diana Colombini Joe Colombo Tonie Columbus Carla Comartin Pat Conway Carol Cooke Nancy Corda Ronnie Corvi Steve Costa Joe Costello A1 Cowley Kevin Coyne C. Cozzoli Joe Crockett Cathy Cronin Mary Crowe E. Cubero K. Cuenca M. CunninghamBill Curran Terry Curtis Guy Daste Anne M. Daze Gerald Deis D. Delafontaine Mary Delaney Bill Delucchi Marilyn Demos Paul Dennis P. ikrdevanis Greg Derieg Linda Detrich Mary De Vay Philip Devine Blaine Dias Kelly Dicker Chris Dillon Laura Dipiano Paul Dissing Gordon Dito Connie Doherty Pat Doherty Dennis Dolan Dianna Doll Jill Donnelly Bill Donofrio Mary E. Donohoe Dennis Donovan M. Dottillie 349Frank Drago Nancy Driscoll Giulia Duca David Duerson Hank Duffy Chris Durham Bill Duterte Dan Dwyer Jane Dykzeul Mike Ecoff Kathy Eareckson Susan Earl Jim Egan Gretchen Ehlert Dottie Ehrlich Cecile Ehrmann Nancy Eiswirth Kathy Eivers Thomas Ellerhorst Alma Ellsworth Mike El well Paul Erlach Chris Errion Donna Ervin Norris Evans John Everett Rick Fanciullo George Farrell Pam Farris Laurence Fedora Mary Feehan Mary Fcnzl A. Fernandez M. Fernandez Joe Fernekes S. Ferreboeuf Cyndi Ferry Sandra Fidler Chris Fischer Betsy Fitting T. Fitzgibbons Jim Fitzpatrick 3501 S. Flewellen Marilyn Foley Lynn Flournoy Mary Fonseca Margaret Forbes Bob Ford Jim Forrer Jeffrey Foster Margaret Fraga Ron Franklin Cindi Frawley Laura Frazier Mike Freiling Roger Fry Ann Fryer Lea Gasson Pamela Geitz Cindy Genaro Tony Geraldi Jaimie Gierlich Maureen GilmoreRobert Giuliani Mark Gladden Eric Glassy R. Glischinski P. Goedinghaus Robin Golobic Ed Gomez Pam Goodall Pat Gormley Thercse Grange George Greco Chris Greefkens Kelly Greene Michele Grgas Margaret Gross Carlos Guadamuz Cathay Gunn Rob Gunther John Gutierrez R. Guttormsson Stephen Haag James Hagarty Claire Haggarty Katherine Hall Jean Halligan Helen Haloski Debbie Hamann Mary Hamill Don Hamilton Martin Hamilton Mike llannan Kathi Hardin Mary Harlan John Harless Pam Harvey George Hatton 352Russell Hayes Charles Hearne Pamela Hee Charles Herbert Kay Hermann. Robert Herrold Jack Hickel Linda Hill Suzanne Hinds Dave Hoffman Pat Hogan Janet Holtz David Hooper Linda Howerton Frank Hrabetin Bob Hritz Tony Hubner Stephen Huff Tom Hulton Cecilia Hung Glenn Hunter Greg Hunter Vince Hurley Bonnie Hyde R. Imperiale Linda Irwin Katherine Isi John Ivey Anne Jacobus Lynn JimenezChris Johnson J. Johnson Kirk Johnson Sue Johnson Johnny Jones Ron Jones Susan Jones Bill Jordan Carol Kamalski Clara May Kan Tony Karber B. Kavanaugh Chris Keane Everett Keating Mike Keller Mary Kelley Kevin Kelly Pete Kelly Jim Kerns Ellen Kerrigan Mike Killen Gordon King Marianne King Tina Kipp Brooke Kirby J. Kleinheinz B. Klooster K. Knowlton 354Linda Knox Karl Koshlap J. Kotlanger Pete Kowalski Cathy Krieger Kathy Kuhlmann P. Lagomarsino Ken La joy Dan Lange Linda Lasnik Ed Lawson Lorn a Lawson Joe Lazio Lou Leary Eric Lee Cynthia Lees Paul Lemoge Walt Lenci Kathy Lenihan John Lennon Mary Kay Lenz Steve Leonard M. Leonardich Phil Lepley Lim Shui Leung A. Leveroni Clark Leslie Barbara Levine 355i[Vm Bill Lightner J. Lippitt John Little Anita Lococo Ford Long John Lopez Anne Lounibos Pat Loushin Carla Lovi Joan Lubamersky Tony Lucero Steve Lulay John Lusardi Andy Lustig Judith Luyendyk Terry Lyle Christine Lynch Brian Lynch Linda Lyons Stephen Maesc Milinda Maeso Mary Magee Linda Magnetti Nanette Magrath Domingo Magwili Janet Mahoney I eslie Mahoney Merit Mahoney Judy Maligie Anne Maloney Tom Maloney Dianne Mallia Joanne Mallia Heather Manion Donna Mann Kathy Marika Carlos Marin Rosemarie Maring Sue Maroevich Dolores Marr Kathleen Martin Thomas Martin 356Gary Martinclli Jerry Massad Shcrwin Mateo Laine Matsuo Cecelia Matthews Elliott Mattiuzzi Laverne Mau Kathy Maynard Dennis McCaffrey Diane McCarthy P. McCarthy Mary McCarty John'McConaha Jim McConnell Mike McCullough Dave McDermott Eugenia McFadden Sally McGee Jim McHugh John Mclnerney Dan McIntyre Mike McKay Mike McKenna Jamie McKinnon Brian McLaughlin Pat McLean Joe McMackin Mike Me Mur ray Kevin McNamara Jerry McQuaid 358Bill McShane Tricia Meade Larry Mendel son Ernest Mendez D. Meriweather Marsha Messer Karen Meyer Kathy Meyer Kathy Milano Anna Miller Linda Milne Barbara Minick Dave Minner Sophie Miranda Jerry Mitchell Carlos Molina Terry Monger Linda Montalto Dana Monticelli Joe Moock Mike Mooney Peggy Moore Jeff Monganti Luke Moriey Linda Morris MaryAnne Morris Ann Morton Michele Mosich Bob Mow Jeanne Mullen Tom Mullen Mary Muller Pat Mullin Bill Mulvihill Mel Murchison Anne Murphy Bruce Murphy John Murphy Nick Murr Tina Musacchio John Muzzatti Mike Natividad 359Carmel Navarro Gary Nave James Neal Fred Nehl Margo Nelson Nancy Nevis Wing Ng Janet Nicolini Beth Nolan Bob Nolan Bruce Noriega Gerry Norman Ralph Notor Darlene Nousse Gerri O’Connell Corinne O’Connor Dennis O’Donnell Jim O’Donnell Ann O’Hara Maureen O’Hara Jay O’Hare Elizabeth O’Keefe Rick O’Leary Richard Oleson Olivia Olivares Rick Oliverira Jerry Olson 360Owe5' ®. rv'Kei Orozco Otetttt" fSetr® Owt»do ;nd»vro Valerie •jotn ” ssr ®" ’ KffllSSi 1SSS5-Rosemarie Pegueros Kruno Peguese Wendy Pelker Marleen Pellegrini Kathy Perez Louise Peters Kathy Peterson Mike Peterson Scott Peterson Cirila Phelps James Phillips Stephanie Phillips Mike Pieracci Edward Pike Len Pilara Gary Pilgram Jeanette Piombo Ronald Plecas Vic Pocorobba Gary Polizziani Ted Pollock Louis Pons Mike Popovac Gregory Porter Diane Power Richard Proaps Diane Provasi Lynn Purvines Martha Query Carol Quinn Ted Quock Leon Radomile Nick Raisis Kathie Raisler Phil Rapoport Robert Rasmussen Thcrese Rassier Linda Rattaro Joanne Ray Marjorie Raymond Kathy Re Ron Reardon 362Kill Reed Stephanie Reed Meg Reedy Karen Regan Tom Reid Ruth Reilley Larry Richardson Dan Riordan Kyung Ro Olivier Rochon Terry Rodello Tom Rodgers Janet Rodrigues Ruben Rodriguez Olivia Roessler Elaine Rogers Thomas Rooney Dennis Rosaia Stan Rose John Roster Randy Royce Faye Rubio Jesus Ruiz Mary Pat Running 363Ed Russell Keith Rutz Mary Ryan John Saltenberprer Chris Sammijaruel Stephen Sans Renee Saraceno Edward Savio Rick Saunders Nancy Sbrajria Bill Schaedlcr Sharon Schaffer Theresa Schallert Jan Scheurman Matt Schibler Karen Schimmel Joe Schmiedl James Schubach Margaret Schweifler Ernest Scosseria Jack See Patricia Seybold Anne Shanney Kathy Shea Liz Shelby Charles Shepherd Kien Sien Ray Silmon Ann Silvestri Lina Siri Steve Skelley Gwen Smith Mike Smith M. Susan Smith Stephen Smith Linda Soran 364Gary Sowards Bob Sparks John Spatafore Louise Spiritosanto Janice Stagnaro Mike Stanton Jim Stapleton Barry Stebbins Pamela Stone John Storm Larry Strick Orla Stuart Bart Sullivan Harvey Sullivan Peggy Sullivan Sue Sutton Jeanne Swanson Mark Swendson Jim Tabilio Susan Tabor Greg Tachiera Mike Talbot John Tarpey Jerry Tassan Mary Tenner Nancy Terry Sybil Thornton Teddi Thunder Bill Topf Rosemary Toschi Meg Totman William Trainor Joe Trela Bill Trinkle Roland Trujillo Jane Tsui Stan Tsukamoto Kathy Tupa Sandra Udby Donna Uhrig 365Dan Vago Ed Valentine PeRi Vandermculen Pete Vanderven Rlanquita Vargas Joe Vaughan Laurie Vaughan Charles Velasco Carolyn Viglione Alexis Viripaeff Beverly von Dohre Karla von Hungen Carolyn Vondcrheid Mary Wagner Carol Wallace Mary Walsh Mat Walsh Missy Ward Lorraine Warner Jim Warren Kenneth Wayland Mike Weber Sheralyn Weber Keith Webster Anne Weisner Bill Weissich Susan Welker Curtis Westwood Pam Weymouth Richard Whitehurst 366David Whitfield Jamie Wiatrak Kathy Wilk Nancy Wilkons Chet Williams Judy Willing Robin Wilner Pat White John Wondolleck Betty S. Wong Clifford Wong Johnson Wong Roy Wong Thomas Wong Wilton Wong Roxanne Wood Stephanie Woodfork Bobby Wright Robert Wright Wayne Wright Joe Writer George York Koichi Yoshimura Betty Y ueh Annnmaria Zabala Randy Zanze Bruce Zimmermnn Bill Zolan June Zolezzi 367• • • IT’S NOT FINISHED YET College is not the end, it is a beginning, an entrance into a world ovemm with things to cope with. Just relax and they will pass by, just as these last four years have disappeared.Sing, sweetness, to the last palpitation to the evening and the breeze. St. John Perse 0MAHALO I’m through with it! You’ve got it, and let’s see what you do with it. 1 11 admit that there wasn’t much peace in the DON office. W t tried to put that in the hook for you. The work was well worth it and we all developed a deep pride in the “60” DON. Though this book depicts only one year, I hope that it will provide pleasant memories for many years to come. I hope the memories contained herein will serve to cheer you in some future lonely moment. Let it grow on you! It grew on me. This book is the work of many people, but there are a few which I feel you should know about. My assistant editor, Maureen Lechwar. was a “girl Friday” seven days a week. Through long hours during semester break she helped pull me and the book through. My deepest thanks go out to her Ray Michaud, managing editor, not only took care of the books, but also edited the Year section. He was always there when the chips were down and the future looked bleak. His work on the Senior section was outstanding. Photography and sports editor, Bob Long, worked till all hours printing pictures and at the same time editing the sports section. We are losing Bob this year but we have two fine books to constantly remind us of his quality work. Barbara Santana took on the task of the Administration section. She put forth a section whicji is a compliment to both our faculty and staff here at U.S.F. Senior editor, Patt Flynn, did more than arrange the senior section. She helped the office hang together through many trials. I don’t know what I would have done without her. •Peggy Cogan, Anna Hudson, and Cheryl Giuntini as editors of the undergraduates did a job which I feel excells all past undergraduate sections. With a brave new approach they gave vitality and originality to a potentially dull section. Activities editor, Rudy Rodriguez, was what this office needed. Not only did he put out his section but he kept the entire DON staff in stitches with his overall good humor. Tony Lau, photographer, was the book’s true artist. He put my ideas on film and developed fantastic pictures which carry the theme of this book. The V.C. was just a true wonder. James Pualoa, our office manager, came to us in time of need and put life back into our photographers. With Jim’s help the yearbook was able to meet picture problems with ease and little worry. Father Andrew Dachauer, S.J., was a lot more to the DON then just a moderator. At times he became a true comrade when the future of the book was in peril. It was with his generous help that I can honestly say helped to get the book out on time. There are more than just these that have helped to make the “69” DON a reality. Some of their names appear on the following pages but there will always be those countless by the side lines who kept me and the staff going. Enjoy it! It’s yours. Sincerely yours, Sean Swl____„ Editor, 1969 DON r 370DON Staff Joanne Carbone Kathy Deming Joan Frank James Griesmeyer Sandy Heaston Patrick Wick Peggy Wilson Photographers Bob Abaya Howie Chelune Bob Edelman Mike Gallegos Jerry Gianelli Dan Gunther Jerry Kinkade John Shovein Ernie Tong Photography Credit In Memoriam: Jerry Kinkade Title Page: Tony Lau Dedication: Sean Sweeney Table of Contents: Tony Lau End Sheets: Tony Lau Theme: Dan Gunther, Tony Lau, John Shovein, Byron Wolman Photography Closing: Glenn Gable, Tony Lau, Sean Sweeney Academics: Bob Abaya, Howie Chelune, Bob Edelman, Mike Gallegos, Jerry Gianelli, Dan Gunther, Jerry Kinkade, Tony Lau, Bob Long, John Shovein, Sean Sweeney, Ernie Tong, Byron Wolman Photography. Students: Bob Abaya, Howie Chelune, Bob Edelman, Jerry Gianelli, Dan Gunther, Jerry Kinkade, Tony Lau, John Shovein, Ernie Tong. Activities: Bob Abaya, Howie Chelune, Bob Edelman. Mike Gallegos, Jerry Gianelli, Dan Gunther, Jerry Kinkade, Tony Lau, Bob Long, John Shovein, Sean Sweeney, Ernie Tong. Sports: Bob Edelman, Jerry Gianelli, Dan Gunther, Jerry Kinkade, Bob Long, John Shovein. Sean Sweeney, Ernie Tong. Acknowledgements The Editor and Editorial Staff wishes to thank and acknowledge the following for all their help and especially their presence in times of need during the long production of the 1969 DON: Mr. Jim Kelley and the Office of Public Information, Mr. William J. Dillion, The City, Golden Gate Park. Glenn Gable, Mike Goodwin, Mike Dugan. Ginger Awapuhi Martin, Kamel Color, Messrs. Ken Hall and Russ Kettler of Plymouth Pictures, Photo Lab, Messrs. Earl McConnell and Bud Minkin of Yearbook House. 372Index of Contents ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES Academic Vice-President 22 Asst. Dean of the College of Business Administration 74 Asst. Dean of the School of Law 38 Asst. Director of Admissions 24 Asst, to the Academic Vice-President 22 Asst, to the President 27 Asst. Treasurer 23 Bursar 25 Chairman of the Dept, of Education 30 Chaplains 2f Dean of the College of Arts and Smiences 41 Dean of the College of Business Administration 74 Dean of the Graduate Division 37 Dean of Men 27 Dean of the School of Nursing 79 Dean of the School of Law 38 Dean of Women 27 Director of the Academic Advising Program 28 Director of Admissions 22 Director of Alumni Services 31 Director of Athletics 30 Director of Business Services 32 Director of Evening College 39 Director of Intramural Athletics 30 Director of Library Relations 28 Director of Public Information 31 Director of Personnel 32 Director of Placement 29 Director of Plant Services 32 Director of the Reading Center 28 Director of Teacher Placement 29 Director of Testing and Counseling 28 Director of the University Center and Housing 30 Director of the Urban Life Institute 60 Father President 21 Financial Advisor for Students 29 Foreign Student Advisor 29 Registrar 25 University Librarian 26 Vice-President for Business and Finance 23 Vice-President for Development 26 Vice-President for Student Affairs 23 Vice-President for University Relations 24 FACULTY DEPARTMENTS Biology 60 Business Administration 73-77 Chemistry 67 Cilassics and Fine Arts 42, 43 Economics 44 Education 45 English 46-48 History 49, 50 Mathematics 70, 71 Military Science 51 Modern Languages 52. 53 Nursing 78-84 Philosophy 54, 55 Physical Education 56 Physics 72 Political Science 57 Psychology 58 Sociology 59 Speech Arts 62 Theology 63, 64 STUDENTS Freshmen 344-367 Juniors 296-319 Rome Center 318, 319 Seniors 226-295 Sophomores 320-343 Academic Council 110 ADG 159 Alpha Sigma Nu 162 APO 161 ASUSF 106 BSC 111 BSU 143 Beta Gamma Sigma 162 Circle K 134 Clubs Council 112 College Players 137 CSUSF 117 Delta Sigma Chi 168 DON 174 Drill Team 128 Embers 118 Emeraudes 118 Foghorn 178 Committee for Campus Action 142 Daily Don 173 Glee Club 140 Gridiron Club 121 Hawaiian Club 120 Historical Society 122 Inter-Fraternity Council 112 International Relations Club 122 Irish Club 123 Knights of Columbus 145 Korean Club 144 KUSF 146 Math Club 124 Pacific Prospectus 173 Pan African Club 143 Paul Morphy Chess Club 119 Peers 126 Philhistorians 125 Philippine Club 144 Psych Club 119 PSI 161 Rangers 128 RCC 113 Residents Assistants 114 San Francisco Quarterly 181 SCTA 149 Scabbard and Blade 129 SEC 150 Ski Club 146 Sigma Alpha Sigma 170 Sigma Kappa Sigma 133 Song Girls 141 St. Ives Law Society 130 Students Nursing Association 131 Student Court 109 SWAP 152 The Year 88 Tri Gamma 171 Wasmann Biological Society 132 Yell Leaders 141 Young Democrats 135 Young Republicans 135 SPORTS 182 Baseball 212 Basketball 200 Football 192 Intramurals 222 Soccer 184 Swimming 216 Tennis 218 Track 220 373ADMINISTRATION FACULTY Aguiar, John E. 53 Albergotti, J. Clinton 72 Aldridge, Wilson A., S.J. 54 Altman, Catherine E. 83 Applebaum, Phillip S. 72 Audigier, Jean Y. 53 Bancroft, Chryl 48 Barrett. Eamonn 75 Beach, Frank L. 49 Beata, Sr. M., S.M. 79 Bender, Virginia L. 58 Benson. David 48 Berry, Virginia A. 79 Bevan, Harold T. 58 Bigler, Helen F. 83 Bishop, Katherine 45 Bishop, Laurence 45 Bloom. Belle 62 Boss, Andrew C., S.J. 44 Bozett, Frederick W. 81 Bragg, Capt. Thomas B. 61 Brandon, Donald W. 57 Brier, Frederick 44 Brusher, Edward W. 55 Brusher, Joseph S., S.J. 60 Brusman. Teri 61 Buckley, Francis J.. S.J. 63 Bruns, Lloyd, S.J. 42 Burns, Robert 1., S.J. 50 Bush, Bernard J., S.J. 26 Callaghan, Philip P., S.J. 27 Campbell, Donald R. 49 Canney, John F. 46 Carroll, Terence 48 Cavanagh. Michael E. 58 Cavanaugh. Clare E. 83 Christina, Sr. M., S.M. 79 Clubb. William G. 52 Coffey, Edward P. 32 Coffey, Warren J. 46 Coleman, John J., S.J. 47 Collins, John J. 62 Connolly, John F. X., S.J. 24 Corbett, James M., S J. 23 Cruse, Allan B. 71 Cunningham. Robert L. 54 Curtis, Jack H. 59, 60 Daigle, Dorothy H. 83 Dachauer. Andrew C.. S.J. 67, 68 Davis, Jefferson 68 DclGrande, Donald J. 76 DeMartini, Carol J. 84 Dempsey, James J., S.J. 62 Derus, David L. 48 Devincenzi, David J. 31 Devine, John R. 45 Diebels, Joseph C. 64 Dillon. William J. 31 Doherty. Mary T. 82 Dolan, Frances Anne 27 Donnellan, William J. 24 Donoghue, Augustine P. 24 Drain, Thomas A. 63 Dullea, Charles W„ S.J. 21 Dungan, Sharon 61 Earley, Stephen B., S J. 62 Elliot, John Hall 63 Ellis, John Tracy, S.J. 60 Endres, Jerome M. 59 Evans, Frances Carter 81 Evans, Gay 81 Ewing, Fred L. 42 Fabian, Sr. M., S.M. 80 Fagan, William R. 54 Farrell, Edward J. 70 Pilicc, Francis P. 66 Finnegan. William J„ S.J. 48 Fischer, John E. 70 Fitzgerald, Desmond J. 55 Furst, Arthur 68 Gallagher, Kathileen A. 66 374 Index Gallas, Josephine 84 Gallin, Danie 71 Genolio, Raymond J. 72 Geraldine, Sr. M., S.M. 84 Gilbert. Col. Vernon G. 51 Girndt, Helmut 59 Gitler, Robert L. 26 Gleason, John B. 46 Gordon, Jack 54 Gorman, Mel 67 Granberg, Millianne P. 71 Grantz, Jerome H. 79 Green, Joan 83 Greene, Lester 75 Griffin, Edward J. 39 Grizio, Capt. Myron E. 51 Grommcscn, William E. 32 Gruhn, Thomas A. 57 Haag, James N. 71, 72 Hafron, Charles F. 30 Halambock, Patricia W. 81 Harney, Paul J., S.J. 22 Hein, Eleanor C. 80 Herold. Norton J., S.J. 22 Hess, Hamilton 64 Hollos, Steven 76 Howard, Robert 28 Hughes, Clifford C. 30 Hurst, Robert L., S.J. 53 Huttenbach, Muriel P. 84 Hyde, Lt. Col. Darwin S. 51 Jacob, Violette Y. 29 Jankowshe, Charles A. 25 Jenny, F. Carol 80 Jonsen, Albert R.. S.J. 54 Kayser, Virgene S. 83 Kearney, George 45 Kellogg, H. Marilyn 82 Kelly, James W. 31 Kelly, Michael A. 71 Keppel, Katherine A. 84 Kessel, Edward L. 66 Kirk, David M. 47 Lane, Ralph 59 I,asocke, Stanislas 57 Lawless, Anne E. 47 I.ehman, Michael 44 Lennox, Barbara 81 I.erski, George J. 57 Liebranz, Gloria D. 29 I.ightbody, Margaret 22 Lincoln, Ashbrook 49 Litzinger, William D. 77 LoGiudice. Donald J. 77 Lonsdale, Kathleen E. 84 Lowe, Irving 47 Luckman, Lloyd D. 41 Lujan, Lawrence J. 46 MacKenzie, Robert C. 57 Maginnis, Andrew R. 27 Marchesi. Maria E. 52 Marien, Francis J.. S.J. 55 Maroney. William J. 67 Martha. Sr. M..S.M. 82 Martin. John M., S.J. 37 Mathcs. W. Michael 49 Matteucig, Giacinto 43 McCarthy, Charlene B. 64 McCauley, James P., S.J. 58 McCasland, G. E. 68 McClendon, James W. 63 McCormick, Mary J. 59 McDonnell, Timothy L., S.J. 27 McGloin, John B., S.J. 50 McGlynn, George H. 56 McSweeney, Thomas D. 28 McTaggart, Helen P. 28, 58 Melo, Richard F. 62 Merrifield, Donald P. 72 Metz. Eleanor L. 80 Meunk, Edward J. 43 Miller. Ralph 47 Milligan, Robert G. 58 Monihan. William J.. S.J. 28 Mooney, Maj. Robert E. 51 Moore, Rosemary M. 29 Moran, Vincent J. 55 Morrison, Delmont C. 58 Mortenson, Barbara J. 52 Mullen, David A. 66 Murphy, Lawrence E. 58 Niehaus, Theodore F. 69 Nienstadt, John J. 57 Nolan, Edward G. 75 Ojiaku, Mazi Okoro 50 O’Sullivan, Daniel A., S.J. 55 O’Sullivan, Thomas J. 62 Peletta, Peter P. 30, 56 Platt, Otto 70 Porter, Jim 60 Preston, George T. 32 Reed, Thomas, S.J. 45 Regan, William J. 74 Reilly, Frank J. 23 Reitorman, Carl 59 Riegger, William J. 38 Richardson, William 0., S.J. 63 Roberts. Gwendal R. 81 Roberts, Margie A. 25 Ross, Patricia 82 Rossi, P. Carlo 53 Rubinfeld, Norman M. 43 Sandri, Luigi D. 42, 52 Schall, James V., S.J. 57 Schallert, Eugene, S.J. 59 Schlageck, Lona M. 80 Schmidt, Karl A. 52 Schooley, Robert A. 66 Scott, Shirley 61 Shanahan, Rosemary 41 Shand, James D. 50 Short, Elliot A.. SJ. 26 Simini, Joseph Peter 76 Smetana, Alexander 57 Smith, Albert J., S.J. 55 Smyth. Edmond J., S.J. 49 Spautz, Michael E. 75 Stackpoole, Edward V., S.J. 46 Stock, Robert A. 76 Sugrue, Gerald A., S.J. 39 Sullivan, George D. 70 Sunderland, Robert A., S.J. 23 Swain, Arthur E., S.J. 42 Swarthchild, William G. 48 Szabo, Sziland I. 70 Taheny, Theodore T., S.J. 63 Thornton, Robert A. 72 Tracy, Octavius 60 Treagan, Lucy 66 Upland, Theodore R. 76 Vaughan. Richard P., S.J. 41 Vierra, Marian J. 81 Visser, Cornelius 74 Vogeley, Nancy J. 53 Vukicevich, Phillip 56 Waider, Karl J. 72 Walsh. David J., S.J. 71 Walsh, Francis R. 38 Wertz, Capt. Robert B. 51 Wierzbianska, Alina C. 54 Williams, Glyn 59 Winston, Prank D. 77 Wolf, Robert A. 70 Woodruff, Lexie 80 Worsley, Stephen 75 Woznieki, Andrew N. 54 Wu. Yuan-Li 44 Zabala, Albert J., S.J. 63 Zanlango, Betty 69 Zita, Sr. M., S.M. 82 REGENTS Bardt. Harry M. Compagno, Vincent I. Cooley, Richard P. de Guigne, Christian Devine, Preston Falk, Adrien J. Fay. Paul Fleishhacker, Mortimer Gillson, George Heilman, Marco F. How. Jack K. Hunt, Reed O. Kendrick, Charles Lapham. Roger D. Littlefield, Edmund W. Loebbecke. Ernest J. Madison. Marshall P. Mullen, T. Kevin McLaren. N. Loyall Mellon, Thomas J. Montgomery. George G. Ponting, A. E. Russell, Donald J. Sullivan. Jerd F. Worthington, Leslie B. STUDENTS A bad, Victor J. Abaya, Robert Anthony 177, 297 Abbott, Christine M. 345 Abinante, Robert B. 142,297 Adams, Edward Budd 297 Adams, Patricia Rae 297 Agnew, Suzanne E. 345 Aguiar, Carol L. 321 Ahboltin, Patricia M. 171, 297 Ahern, James R. Ahle, Susan M. 140,321 Ahlering, Elizabeth A. 118, 297 Aicardi, Dennis J. 321 Aina, Kathleen M. 345 Airaudi, Claudia A. 149,345 Airaudi, Richard A. 159,227 Albanese, Maryjo A. 149, 345 Albers, Timothy M. 227 Alcorn, Rosemary A. 227 Alexander, Roosevelt 345 Alioto, Joseph A. 297 Alioto, Joseph T. 345 Allair, Catherine L. 345 Alldredge, Cynthia Allen, Maryterry T. Allen. Michael J. 227 Allen, Nicholas R. 297 Allevato, Anthony C. 123, 321 Alniiniana, Eva M. Almodova, Charlene H. 345 Alonso, Kenneth W. 185,297 Alonso, Virginia J. 297 Aloot, Cizo S. 345 Alsterlind, Larry K. 321 Altamirano, Horacio H. Alvarez, Antonio Amaro, Allen Albert 124,297 Ambrose, Michael J. 321 Ambrosi, Elizabeth A. 149, 297 Ambrosini, Linda L. Amen, Timothy G. 161,227 Ament. William G. 227 Ames, Mary K. Ames, Richard 297,321 Amis, Douglas K. 140,147, 321 Anderegg, Gary R. 125 Anderson, Annetta K. 321 Anderson, Cheryl A. Anderson, John Moore 297 Anderson, Lawrence A. 129, 297 Anderson, Margaret A. 154, 155Anderson, Mary Jane 227 Anderson, Mercedes P. Anderson, Patrick I). Andrade, David J. 227 Andrade, Janies M. Andrade, Sarah Jane 118, 297 ‘ 2( Andre, Robert L. 227 Andres, Terry Lee 164,227 Andrews, Katina M. 845 Andro, Mary A. 345 Angelo, Janies Jr. Anthenien, Michael L. 297 Anticevich, Mark C. Anton, Annette M. 125,135, 149.228 Antone, Robert L. Antonich, Kenneth M. 345 Apicc, Susan C. 122,135,228 Apostolidis, Kyriakos Aragon, Dolores Emily 297 Aramendia, Alberto D. 170, 185.228 Aramendia, Eduardo A. 297 Aranas, Margarita M. Aranguena, Juanita C. 297 Arbonies, Bill G. 345 Archbold, Marilyn H. 297 Archuleta. Rubel L. Arevalo, Hugo Jr. 297 Armanini, Stephen J. 321 Armendariz, Roberto 128 Armstrong, Nancy L. Armstrong, Robert R. Arnone, Alba F. 228,321 A mono, Rosa A. L. Arroyo, John V. 297 Artz, David J. 345 Asaro, Marianne C. Aslin, Thomas H. 345 Asturias, Christina F. Atkins, Susan M. Atkinson, Carol Ann 135, 161.228 Atwood, Susan A. 297 Au, Chun-Hung 297 Augustino, Joseph C. Avakian, Louise Ann 228 Avalos, Margaret M. 321 Avansino, Frederick C. 297 Avellar, Paul L. 345 Avison, Katherine E. 133, 321 Ayoub, Samir G. Ayre, Lawrence B. 161,228 Babarik, Anthony W. Babcock, James M. 150,170, 297 Babcock, Richard S. Bacci, Michael J. 297 Bacci, Robert Renato 126, 127 Bachmcicr, Patricia M. Bagwell, Karl A. Bailey, Mary L. 229 Bailey, Robert M. 345 Bakasa, Samuel G. 229 Baker, Dennis Allen 297 Baldonado, Michael A. 117, 297 Baldwin, Martha S. 117,133, 297 Balestricri, Kenneth Balian, Mary Ann 140,150, 151 Ballantyne, Maybolle Ballati, David L. 154.321 Ballou, Mary J. 345 Bandy, George H. 124,345 Bangle, Richard N. Banovac. Charles P. 168 Baralc, Steven J. 229 Baranowski, Mark S. 146, 321 Barasa, Camille P. 321 Barasa, Denise Joy 229 Buraya, William A. 297 Barbata, Dennis L. 297 Barca, Philip J. Barker, Judith Ann 119,229 Barker, Robert P. 297 Barr, Michael 321 Barrett, Catherine L. 321 Barrett, Linda Marie 118, 298 Barrett, Mary E. 345 Barrett, Michael F. 321 Barrett, Nancy A. 345 Barrier®, Steven L. 135,229 Barron, George James 111, 145,229 Barry, Maureen A. 229 Barry, Peter Kendall 297 Barton, Linda J. 345 Barulich, Dianne C. 112,149, 229 Barulich, William P. 345 Bash, Susan M. 345 Bastedo, Judi A.321 Batanides, Steven N. 229 Batchelor, James L. 128 Batey, Dennis A. 142,150, 151.321 Battaglia, David A. 345 Battaglia, Frances J. 297 Battista, Jocelyn R. 345 Bauder, Nancy Jean 297 Bauer, Louise Claire 297 Baugh, Suzette Mary 229 Baughman, Ronald L. Baughn,John C. Bauman, Jack D. 321 Bayer, Jane Susan 298 Bays, Wendy A. ffl Baysinger, Sharon K. 32) Bdeir, Muhammed S. Beardsley, Gregory P. 230 Beck, Deborah E. 345 Beeson, Margaret R. 345 Bchounck, Anne C. 230 Bell, Christine C. Bellcsi, Ann M. 321 Bellow, Joanne M. 345 Belli, Ronald R. 230 Bello, John P. Belluomini, Helene M. 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Bjorkquist, James M. 135, 231 Blackburn, Elizabeth 112, 115 Blackman, Janet C. Blackmer, Timothy J. 298 Blahoski, Francis J. 298 Blake, Arlette M. 149,231 Blake, Cathryn A. Blake. Richard D. 298 Blanchard, B. M. 345 Blanchard, William J. Blank, Thomas L. 346 Blasingame, Jon J. Blicharz, Michael J. 140, 231 Blom, John L. 110,159,173, 231 Blum. Joann L. 346 Blumensaadt, Norman E. 321 Bobe, Michele M. 321 Bocci, Deborah Ann 141, 298 Bochinski, Barbara A. 321 Bock, Marianne 321 Boettcher, Patricia A. 118.298 Bohac, Terri Lynn 149, 155.298 Bohnert, Edward M. 112, 231 Bohnett, Kathleen S. 346 Boitano, Richard P. 298 Boland. Michael T. Boll, Robert Gerhard 231.298 Bolton, Sr. M. Marie Bonacini, Louis A. 346 Bonato, James Joseph 159, 298 Bonfilio, Joan M. 110,118, 173,321 Bonfilio, Victor P. 168,173, 231 Boostrom, Janice E. Bordin, William M. 231 Borges, Cheryl Ann 298 Borromeo, Maria L. 231 Bosch, Karen M. 173,321 Bosshard, Norman B. 346 Botkin, Rebecca A. 346 Botti, Fred Louis 231 Boucher, Linda B. 171,231 Boucke, James A. 134,321 Bouey, Anne C. 144,346 Bouey, James A. 322 Bourne, Kathleen A. 346 Boyce, Deborah H. 346 Boyd, Christopher, 193, 196 Boyle, Mark E. 322 Boyle, Mary L. Boyles, George W. 322 Bracco, Michael A. 193, 298 Bradley, Jack Anthony 298 Brady, Monica A. 322 Bragg, Pamela C. A. Brand, James A. Brandi, Catherine Ann 298 Brandi, Therese Brandmeir, C. Lee 125 Brandt, Deidre Ann 298 Brandt, Nancy H. 173,232 Braun. Richard J. 298,346 Braund, Sharon M. Bray, Paul F. 346 Breault, Robert H. 123, 150,151.322 Breeden, Susan Jeanne 232 Breen, Margaret E. Bremner, Kathryn R. Brennan, Janet Ann 118 Brenner, Karl A. 122,322 Brereton, Andrea F. 298 Bressan, Thomas W. 119, 154.346 Brien, Joyce E. 298 Briscoe, John Edward 298 Brighi, Barbara A. 322 Brightwell, John T. 298 Briscol, John Edward 298 Brock, Mary E. 322 Broderick, James L. 119, 155.346 Brooks, Brenda T. 298 Brooks, Cathey E. 149,298 Brooks, Ricky E. 346 Brosnan, Eileen Jean 133, 298 Brouwers, Yolanda 1. M. 298 Brown, Cynthia Ann 232 Brown, Harold C. Jr. 232 Brown, Johnny M. Brown, Kathleen P. 347 Brown, Lorna J. 123,347 Brown, Michael C. 110,127, 232 Brunicardi, Norine M. 123, 322 Bruno, Kathleen Ann 298 Brunsvold, Mary Ann T. 140,149,322 Brusher, William F. 322 Brutocao, Mary L. 154, 155,166,232 Bruton, Thomas C. 347 Bruzzone, Kathleen A. 232 Bruzzonc, Francene L. 347 Bucchianeri, R. J. 347 Bucci, Robert D. 232 Buchanan,Jean D. 347 Bucher, Don P. 322 Bucher, John A. Jr. 232 Buckley, Thomas A. 154, 347 Budesa, Yvonne M. 322 Bugas, Suzanne D. 298 Buliis, Stephen B. 322 Buhl. Mury J. 347 Bundschu, Ellen G. 298 Bunn, Shelton D. 347 Buratovich, Nick T. 322 Burda, Jack B. Burgess, Janet E. 347 Burke, Kathleen R. 322 Burkey, Ken Paul Burks, John E. 347 Burman, Mary Ann 298 Burns. Joseph Robert Burr, William A. Burton, Barbara Jo 140, 298 Burton, William J. Buskey, Michael T. 322 Bustamante, Joseph A. Butler, Eric E. 323 Butler, Larry L. 347 Butler, Michael John 128, 299 Butte, Cynthia L. 347 Byrne, Eileen E. 123.347 Byrne, Kathleen M. 347 Byrne, Patricia A. 123 Byrne, Patricia Ann 232 Byrne, Terrence J. 299 Caballero, Richard 347 Cabellon, Jr., Jesus B. 299 Cadden, James Edward 130 299 Gaetano, Michele C. 323 Cahill, Daniel M. 145,347 Cain, Carolyn A. Calderon, Richard D. 232 Caldwell, Mary A. 323 Calegari, Michael J. 145, 323 Calhoon, Christopher 128, 129,299 Calhoun, Robert A. Call, Thomas P. 347 Callaghan, Patrick T. 127, 323Callaghan, Sheila Ann 299 Camacho, John A. 189 Cameron, Wilfrid L. 299 Camozzi, Gary S. 347 Campbell, Audrey E. 233 Campbell, Sandra E. 323 Campi. Kenneth Mark 122, 135,233 Campion, John H. 168,323 Campion, Marilyn Lee 113, 149.155.299 Campion, Susan M. Campisano, James D. 127, 347 Campisi, Jack S. 299 Canardo, Edmund Frank 299 Canepa, Robert F. 122,170, 233 Canfield, Jr., Kenna M. 299 Canlis, Susan M. 347 Cannata, Steven J. Cannon. Ellen M. Cantu, Janice Yolanda 299 Cappadona, Dorothy A. 299 Cappello, John E. Cappiello, Janet M. Capps, Ludwig Elton 299 Cara, Christopher V. 347 Carbone, Joanne 113,177, 299 Carbone, Mark R. 347 Cardenas. Carlos E. 145,233 Cardoza, Jill Marie 233 Carenbauer, Ellen 323 Carey, Michael L. 168,180, 296.299 Carino, Dionisio P. Carlin, Brian T. Carlin, John Thomas 299 Carlson, Cameron M. 168, 233.299 Carmody, Eleanor M. 118, 324 Carmody, Mark Thomas 299 Carmody. Roger T. 347 Carney, Mary T. 123 Carney, Thomas N. 347 Carpenter, John C., Jr. 168, Carr, Jean K. Carroll, Katherine N. 324 Carter, Claire L. 155.347 Carter, George W. Carter, Mary A. Carter, Patrick J. 163 Carton, Anne M. 154,347 Carvalho, Dennis M. Ill, 299 Carvalho, Timothy L. 120, Cary, John W., Jr. 233 Casamayou, Roberta M. 347 Casazza, Jeanne F. Casazza, Sandra L. 299 Case, Christine C. 324 Casern, Nina M. Casassa, Roland E. Casey, Barbara E. 233 Casey, Barbara J. Casey, John C. 324 Casey, Michael John 145,233 Ca8hman. Cynthia L. 347 Cassidy, Elizabeth A. 233 Castelan, Teresa D. 123.347 Castellanos, A. F. 347 Castello, Glenn M. 347 Castello-Cruz, Anna 347 Castranova, Paula I. 324 Castro, Michael J. 324 Castro, Nancy Lee 144,299 Caughman, Andrew P. 145, 234 Caviglia, Robert C. 299 Cazahous, John F., Jr. 128, 129,347 Cecaci, Janet L. 133,234 Cechini, John S. 324 376 Celoni, Linda R. 154,171,234 Centerwall, Ronald W. 347 Cerutti. Mary E. 347 Cervantes, John C. Cervenka, Jan 347 Chai, John H. Chai, Joung N. Chambers, Mary A. 347 Chambers, William 135,324 Chamorro. Jose D. Chan, Chak Bun Chang, Kenneth K. 130,324 Chappell, Vicki Ann 299 Chapralis, S. Suzanne 347 Chaquette, Mary E. 234 Chard, Frederick H. Chargin, Lynn M. 234 Chelune, Gordon J. 177,347 Chen, Emily M. 348 Cheng, Wanla M. A. 110,234 Cherry, William R. Cheso, Gilbert J. 348 Cheung, Michael D. 324 Cheung, George Y. 117,299 Chiappero. Aldo II 173,299 Chigneli, Paul C. 299 Chiles, Catherine V. 348 Chin, Victor Paul 117,132, 164.299 Ching, Sylvia Wai L. 299 Chintaganond, P. 122,299 Chiosso, Edward T. 126,127, 129.162.235 Chipp, Edwin Howard 299 Chisholm, D. Vincent 299 Chisholm, Mary Ann 300 Chiu, George P. 128 Chiu, Wai-Choy Choi, Fatima 348 Choo, Myung Geun 235 Chorak, Louis C. 348 Chounet, William E. 348 Chow, John 324 Chow, Robert M. Chow, Teresa Silai 117,300 Chown, Patricia Anne 120, 300 Chriss, Tina 300 Christian, Daniel L. Christopher, Kenneth 134, 165.324 Chu, George Chung, Christopher D. Ciabattari, William J. 300 Cihak, Donald E. Cimino, Carla A. 348 Cinaliini, C. M. 348 Ciochetto, Rosalie J. 348 Ciolino, Peter J. 324 Clampitt, Sr. J. Marie Clardy, Linda Ann 235 Claridad. Jasmine C. 348 Clark, Christopher B. 348 Clavere, Stephen J. 324 Claybaugh, Allen J. 324 Claymore, Sean C. Claymore, Joseph C. Cleary, Donald V. 137 Clemmensen, Ingrid C. 324 Cliff, Linda K. 348 Clifford, Elizabeth 300 Clifford, Eugene S. Clifford, Francis, Jr. 145 Cline. William E., Jr. 115, 235 Cling, Peter L. 300 Clinkenbeard, Janet I.. 348 Clopton, Joseph R. 154,300 Clouse, Stephen E. 348 Coats. William S. 348 Cobb, Thomas Eugene 300 Coccellato, Joseph F. 112, 123.324 Cocconi, Gloria Gene 300 Cockrell. Margaret A. 348 Coffy, Marilvn Anne 111, 118.235 Cogan, Margaret Anne 171, 175.300 Colaizzo. Jorge A. 324 Colapietro, Anna M. 300 Colby, Cynthia A. 154.155, 348 Cole, Antoinette B. Cole. William J. 150,151.324 Coleman, Mary E. 324 Colichidas, Madeline 324 Collins, Richard M., Jr. 300 Collins, Michael P. Collins, Srf X. Collum. Michael J. 300 Colombini. Diana M. 348 Colombo. Joe A. 348 Colombo, Michael Columbus. Tonie A. 348 Comartin, Carla J. 348 Comisky, John Francis 300 Comisso, Francesca M. Comstock, Jean D. Congdon, Dolores A. 300 Congdon, Sharon A. 149,235 Conley, Diane L. 235 Connell, Joseph E., Jr. 235 Connell, Patrick N. 235 Connolly, Kathleen 110,300 Connolly, Michael J. Connolly, Michele J. 235 Connolly, Thomas John 300 Conroy, Thomas M. 30 Consorti, Roger A. 324 Conti, Marlene Ann 236 Contos, Cnrol A. 324 Conway, Judith C. 122,135 Conway, Patrick J. 236,348 Cook, Catherine G. Cook, Mary Theresa Cooke, Carol H.348 Cookson, Francis J. 300 Cool, Paul L. 146,324 Cooper, Melvin, Jr. 324 Corcoran, Anthony A. 127, 324 Corda, Nancy M. 348 Cornett, Peggy A. 142,325 Correa, Gregory A. 120,122, 128,325 Correll, Kathleen E. 236 Corrigan, Michael J. 146,325 Cortopassi, Christine 171, 300 Corvi, Veronica J. 348 Cosgriff, John F. 325 Cosgrove, Attilio J. Costa. Steven L. 348 Costello, Jerome J. Costello, Joseph M. 147,348 Costello, Margaret A. 300 Coturri, Anthony H. 325 Couderc, Alberta J. 300 Counihan, Mary F. Coury, Sandra S. Coury, Timothy J. 236 Cousart, Joan Ann 236 Couzens, Paul M. 300 Covarrubias, Michael Cowley, Allen Robert 348 Cox, Maurice M. 325 Coyne, Kathleen Marie 109, 300 Coyne, Kevin P. 348 Cozzoli, Celeste M. 120,348 Craig, Kathleen Joan 118, 141,300 Creager, Terry A. Cremin, Michael J. Cresci, Maria Ina 173,236 Crestetto, Alan J. Cresto, David R., Jr. 135, 163,236 Crockett, Joseph D. Cronin, Bruce J. Cronin, Cathy A. 348 Cronin, Joseph K. 236 Cronin, Patricia K. Crookham, Richard P. 236 Cross, Peter Michael Crouse, Ina Mae 236 Crowe, Mary Aileen 348 Croxall, John K. Croxton, Valinda R. 236 Cuadra, Isabel I. 325 Cubero, Eugenia M. 348 Cuciureanu. Mimi M. Cuenca, Rodrigo S. 348 Culbertson. Marlene A. 155, 325 Cullen, Kathleen M. 120,133. 325 Cunningham, Brian J. 325 Cunningham, Bro. M.L. Cunningham, Judith M. Cunningham, Mary E. 348 Cunningham. Ray E. 135, 300 Curran, Maureen Ann 115, 300 Curran, William P. 145,348 Curtin, Thomas J. Curtis, Janice L. 237 Curtis, Teresa G. 123,348 Cusimano, Carol Marie 171, 300 Czerkies, Donald J. 325 D’Amico, Mary C. 237 D’Artenay, David F. 325 Da Silva, Adrian L. 325 Dachauer, Anne M. Daddio, Carl Thomas 300 Dahms, Ron Paul Dal Porto, Geraldine 237 Dalessi, Donna C. 237 Dalton, John L. 109,237 Daly, John J. 159 Damato. Lawrence R. 325 Darner, Michael James 300 Dana, Donald Edward 126, Daneri. Robert W. Dang, Pauletta S. C. Dang, Vincent P. 325 Danzey, Kathleen E. Daoust, Janice L. 155,171, 237 Daroza, Kathleen P. 149,150, 151 Dasto, Guy J. 349 Datter. Valerie A. 300 Davi, John Guido 111,168, 193.300 David, Joseph Bernard 140, 300 David. Philip John 128,168 Davies. Michael A. Davis, Margaret B. 325 Davis, Roger Paul 300 Daze, Anne M. 349 De John, Suzanne M. 140 De Lange, Janice E. 325 De Vincenzi, Anthony Deagen, John T. 110 Debrito, Catherine A. Dechene. Rita Marie 132, 133.300 Dehghan, Shahrokm Deis, Gerald A. 349 De-Graf, Christine M. 300 De-John, James P. Ill Dekkers, Rudolphus L. 237 Del Barrio, George G. 237 Del Debbio, Mike J. Delafontaine, D. A. 344,349 Delagnes, Michael R. 237 Delahunty, Stephen J. Delaney. Marv P. 128,349 Delaurie. Jo-Anne Delman, James B. 238 Dclore, Srcccile Delucchi. William C. 145,349 Demakas, Kathleen T. Denmrtini, Mary 300 Dematteis. Louis F. 142.300 Denting, Kathleen Ann 122, 177,238 Demos, Marilyn F. 349 Dempsey. Nicolas J. 238 Denison, Donald R. Dennis, Michael C. 119.325Dennis. Paul J. 349 Depner, Barry W. 119.325 Der, Richard 325 Derdevanis. Philip 145,349 Derieg, Gregory F. 349 Dernbach. David L. 325 Des Marais, Victor J. Desmet, Jeffrey Lynn Desmond, Joseph G. 119,166, 300 Desmond, Kathleen M. 301 Dctrich, Linda M. 349 Devay, Mary E. 349 Devine, Jane F. 238 Devine, Peter Merle 137,173, 301 Devine, Philip P. Devoe, Marguerite E. 109, 238 Devoti, David Frank 168, 301,296 Dewath, Edward James 238 Dianda, Christine C. Dicker, Kelly I). 349 Diedesch, Marilyn L. 301 Dietrich, F. T„ Jr. 111,301 Dietrich, Thomas K. Digiacinto, John S. 127,325 Digrazia, Robert E. 301 Di-Mercurio, Thomas F. 301 Di-Pego, George Gino 301 Di-Ricco, Dennis R. 193,194, 301 Dillon, Christine G. 349 Dillon, John Edward 238 Dillon, Patrick M. 238 Dillon, Stephen M. Dineen, Lawrence T. 185,325 Dineen, Mary Lynn 238 Dinslage, Ronald M. 239 Disotelle, Sandra A. 239 Dissing, Paul William 349 Dito, Gordon L. 349 Doherty, Cornelia P. 113,349 Doherty, Lynn L. 239,301 Doherty, Michael J. 239 Doizaki, Ernest Y. 239 Dolack, Marie E. 239 Dolan, Dennis B. 145,349 Dolan, Lawrence M. 144,325 Doll, Dianna M. 349 Domenici, Martin 301 Domingues, Robert A. 239 Dondero, Jeffrey S. Dong, Joanne Donnellan. Katherine Donnelly, Jill 349 Donofrio, William A. 349 Donohoe, Mary E. 349 Donohoe, Peter F. 122,240 Donovan, Dennis L. 349 Donovan, Kathleen M. Donovan. Sr. Mary L. Doogan, Gerald M. 178,301 Dorsey, Thomas Lee 127,240 Doss. Claudia L. Dottillie, Michele L. 349 Dotto, Carla Jean 135 Dougherty, Kevin A. 325 Dougherty. Mark J. Dowling. Kevin Thomas 301 Dowling. Sean P. 127,326 Dowling. Thomas F. Downey, Daniel James 240 Doyle, Sandra M. 240 Dr ago, Frank J. Drew, Stephen V. 240 Drews, Richard W. 326 Driscoll, Christine E. Driscoll. John Hugh 301 Driscoll, Katherine M. Driscoll, Man,' E. 122,326 Driscoll, Nancy E. 120 Dubost, Carol Ann 118,301 I)uca, Giulia A. Duca, Robert M. 326 Duerson, David R. Duffield, Hester G. Duffield. Sandra E. Duffy, Owen H., Jr. Duffy, Sheila Duffy, Thomas C. Duggan, Mary Lou 301 Dulay, Dion Joseph 117,164, 301 Dullea, Charles W. 240 Dummer, William L. 240 Duncan, Robert. Jr. 128,326 Dundas, Michael R. 326 Dunn, Barbara E. 301 Dunn, Coby L. 193 Dunn, Karen D. Duquette, William R. 326 Durham, Christine A. Durrant. Wendy M. Duterte. William R. Dwyer. Daniel C. Dyer, Lawrence N. 150,151, 326 Dyer. Timothy L. 326 Dykzeul. Jane E. 155 Eagleton, Charles W. 301 Kareckson, C. B. 123 Earl, Susan L. Ebright, Mary E. 171,301 Ecoff, Michael E. Edclman, Robert Jay 177, 301 Edminster, Richard D. 119, 326 Edstrom, Susan C. 326 Edwards, Lavonne L. M. Egan, James W. Egan, Sr. Mary E. Ehmke, Edwin G. 181,240 Ehrlich. Dorothy M. Ehrmann. Cecile M. 117 Eidarous, Abo Baker A. 123, 240 Eiswirth, Ellen C. Eiswirth, Nancy A. Eivcrs, Kathleen I.. 350 Elfering, Richard J. Eli. Ronald Duane El-Yacoub, Taisier S. 326 Elkin, Joanne Ellefson, Kathleen M. Ellerhorst, Thomas C. 350 Ellsworth. Alma J. 350 Eisner, Christie A. 326 El well. Michael R. 350 Emerson. Ann B. 170,326 Empcy, William C. 141,326 Engler. Frank A. 240 English. James Leo 140 English. Thomas T. 301 Enos, Patricia M. 326 Epidendio, Janet M. 326 Epidendio. Sr. M. Marie Epling. Constance E. Erlach. Gregory J. Erlach. Paul I.. 350 Erlach. Raymond N. 108,112. 119.145.301 Erlach. Stephen P. 240 Erpelding, Leandra L. 115, 140.301 Errion, Christine A. 350 Edvin. Donna M. 350 Ervin, Theresa Mary 241 Erwin, William J., Jr. Esola, Janice L. 118,123,320 Esperanza, Helen R. 241 Espinoza, Merlinda A. 241 Essig, William G. 145,326 Estes, Allen W„Jr. 128 Estrella, Linda Lou 120,301 Etzel, Marilyn M. Evangelista, Lethe I. 241 Evans, Glynis M. Evans, Norris O. 350 Eveland, Sharon A. Evens, Ingrid B. Everett. John A. 350 Ewen. Eric Paul Ewen, John Edgar 129,241 Ewing. Mary Imelda 118.301 Eyherabidc, Michelle 171, 241 Fabian, John M. 147 Fabrizio. Sr. Emma C. Fahres, Thomas C. Fahy, Justine J. 173.241 Faktor, David J., Jr. Falsarella. John K. 327 Fan, Kitty T. Fanciullo, Rick A. 350 Fangman, Richard M. Fanning, Daniel J. Fanning, Patrick T. 327 Fanucci, Jane E. 241 Fanucci, Joseph E. 327 Faria. Edward G.. Jr. 301 Faridani, Azar M. Farley. Craig S. Farley. Paul K. 134,327 Farrell, George H. 350 Farrell, Richard E., Jr. Farrell. Virginia A. 827 Farren, Diane Marie 241 Farris, Pam K. 350 Fauria. Thomas M. 179,301 Faycosh, Rosemary C. 242 Fedora, Laurence M. 150, 151.350 Feehan, Mary G. 350 Feeney, Patrick J. Fcldtman. Catherine H. 327 Fendler, Fred Jules 110.301 Fenton, Kathryn Gail 141, 301 Fenzl. Mary A. 350 Fern, Yvonne Fernandez, Alfonso350 Fernandez. Manuel A. 350 Fernekes, Joseph A. 350 Fernekes. Robert W. 167.242 Ferrari, Linda Louise 242 Ferrebocuf, Paul E. 145.242 Ferreboouf. Stephen R. 350 Ferreira. Claudia Ann 242 Ferry. Cynthia B. 350 Feudale, Victor E. Fiammengo. Gary A. 141.327 Fichter. David W. 242 Fidler, Sandra I.. 123,350 Figone. Nancy M. Figoni, Richard A. 301 Figueroa, Gregory R. 122, 135,242 Filiberti, Sharon A. 149,327 Fischer. Christine M. 350 Fitting. Elizabeth A. 350 Fitzgerald. Geraldine 242 Fitzgerald. Kathleen 242 Fitzgibhons, Terrence 350 Fitzpatrick, James 350 Flagiello, Michael P. 242 Flannery, Bryan J., Jr. 301 Fleckenstein, Elaine Fleischer, Louis W„ Jr. 127, 242 Fleming, Robert L. 166,301 Flewellen. Saundra J. 351 Flocchini, Robert G. 243 Flodin, Richard A. Flora. Richard R. 301 Flourney, Lynn A. 351 Flournoy. Catherine M. 301 Flowers, Philip L. Floyd, Harry Joseph 243.301 Floyd, Jeanne Irene 301 Flvnn, James Kerwin 243, 301 Flynn. Patricia K. 110.174, 243 Flynn, Patrick J. 327 Fogarty. William !.. 163,243 Foley, Daniel Robert 243 Foley, Marilyn J. 351 Foley. Nancy A. 327 Follain, James R. Fong, Melvin Lew 243 Fong, Rolland Ouock 302 Fonseca, Mary J. 142.351 Foote. William S. Foppiano. Linda Ann 302 Forbes. Margaret A. 145,351 Ford. John Milford 302 Ford. Robert B. 351 377Formosa, John Joseph 126, 127 Forrer. J. William 351 Forte, Joseph M. Fortunio, John Hal 302 Foster, Hrvan Francis 193, 302 Foster. Jeffery L. 351 Fourie, Thomas A. 1 •19,2-13 Fournier, Kevin M. Fouts, Carole A. Fowlie. Cliffne J. 132,133, 213 Fown. Darryl C. 302 Fracchia, Gary L. 243 Fraga. M area ret E. 351 Frandrup, Thomas J. 243 Frank. Joan M. 243 Frankc, Elizabeth A. 302 Franklin. Michael F). Franklin, Ronald R. 351 Franza, Thomas Joseph 302 Franzi. Joanna Jean Franzi. Joseph I). Frawley, Cynthia M. 351 Frazier, Laura L. 351 Frediani. Mara Freed, Steven I). 327 Freeman. Dennis D. 129.244 P'rcgulin, Cindy Jo 115,166, 244 P'reiling, Michael J. 351 Freitas, Sr. M. Alanna Friedman, Jaynes T. 244 Friedrieh8en, V. R. 327 Friel, John C. 244 Friel, Maire Lea 302 Fruzzetti, Larry A. 119,244 Fry. Edward J. 244 Fry, James Fry, Randolph M. Frye. Paul F. 164.245 Fryer, Ann L. 351 Fulcher, Anthony W. 123, 327 Furlong, .Michael S. 327 Furman. Victoria S. 118,302 Futernick, Robert G. 245 Gable, John Glennon 178, 179.302 Gabriel, Faye C. 245 Gabriel, William 11.302 Gahan, Bridget T. Galbraith, Courtney A. 133. 302 Galbraith. Timothy A. 351 Galdieri, Jane E. 245 Gall, Gail Denise Gallagher, J. Mary Gallegos, George W. 145,170, 177.302 Gallegos, Virginia M.351 Gallctte, Michael G. Galletti, Clara E. 327 Galli, Timothy J. Gallian, Russell J. 163,245 Galligan, Michael F. 327 Galligan, Michael W. 107. 161.245 Gallo. David Thomas 111, 129.245 Galos, Patrick M.351 Galvin, Daniel James 302 Gambucci, Joseph F. Gamma, Frank E. 351 Ganduglia, Leonard S. 327 Gurand, Paulette I). 327 Garaventa, James A. Garcia, Cecilio A. 127.327 Garcia. Richard J. 144,327 Garcia, William J. 327 Gardner, Karen A. 117,118. 302,327 Garman, Gary A. 327 Garrett. Shellie 122,135,245 Gartner. Theodore I). Garven, J udith L. 327 Gasson. Lea E. 351 378 Gatfield, Denise M. 118,150, 151,302 Gatti, Stephanie G. Gatto. Philip Anthony 302 Gavin, Charles J. 144,327 Gavin, Gerald I.. Jr., 144.327 Geeza. Mary Noreen 302 Gein, Kathryn Grace245 Geitz. Pamela M.351 Genaro, Cynthia M. 351 George, Mary E. 302 George, Virginia B. 171,302 Georgeatos, Pamela C. 302 Georgi, Thomas M. 150,151, 170,245 Gcraidi, Anthony M. 35] Geraidi, Michael A. 327 Gerstbacher. Charles Gerzowski, Samuel 302 Giaehino, Marianne 327 Gianeili, Jerrett J. 177.302 Giannocehini. Steve B. 327 Giannini, Louis P. 327 Gibbons, Kathleen M. 245 Gibbons, Thomas E. 123,245 Gierlich, Jaimic ('. 351 Gigliotti, Robert PL Gilchrist, Mary G. 327 Gilchrist, Susan PL 302 Gill, Alan Gillogley, Alice E. 246 Gillum, Steven L. 142,302 Gilmore, Maureen A. 351 Gilmore, Penny I.. 246 Ginotti, Claire A. 124,133, 302 Giotta, Armando P'. 246 Giovannoni, James P. Giraldin, Christine A. Giuliani, Catherine A. 166, 246 Giuliani, Robert P. 146,352 Giuntini, Cheryl L. 170,175, 302 Gladden, Mark L. 352 Glasheen, Judith A. Glassy, Erie F. 352 Gleeson, Gerald L. 150,151, 170.246 Glennon. Ariana L. 246 Glisohinski, Rita C. 352 Gloster, Thomas W„ Jr. 246 Gnam. Martha T. Goddard. Marne I.. Goebel. Richard J. 328 Goedinghaus, Paul T. 352 Goeringer, P’red 111,127.246 Goheen. Stanley R. Golden, Arthur J. 193 Golden, Margaret P. Golden, Patrick G. 110,113, 164,165,168,302 Golobie, Robin L. 352 Gomes. Alma M. Gomez. Edward A. 352 Gonsalves, Garry R. Goodall, Pamela A. 352 Goodwin. Carolyn M. 328 Goodwin, J. Michael. Jr. 178, 302 Goodwin, Richard A. 246 Gordon, Alfred B. 129,246 Gore, David A. 167,247 Gorman. Sr. Mary L., OSB Gormlcy, Patricia R. 352 Gormscn. Jennifer K. 328 Gorospe. Gloria J. Gosano, Stephanie L. 246 Gosano, Suzanne M. 150,151, 328 Goshgarian. Ronald Z. 124, 247 Gosse. Richard A. 302 Gould, Barbara J. 247 Gounlcy. Helen E. Goyhenetche. Graeian 328 Grabicki, Peter J. 168,173, 247 Grady, Carl R. Gaffy, Kurt M. 127,328 Graham, Richard M. 247 Gramberg. Douglas N. Grandcmange. George E. Grange. Therese M. 352 Grassilli, Robert, Jr. 110, 111.180.302 Graudenz, Jacob Y. 167.302 Graves, Catherine A. 115, 133.302 Graziano, Margaret A. 115. Grazioli, Joseph C. 303 Grealish, Kent M. 127.303 Greathouse, Kimberly 247 Greco, George P. 352 Greco, Judith Ann 118.303 Greefkens. C. M. 352 Green, Joy L. 328 Green, Judith Marie 303 Greenberg, June A. Greene. Kellen C. 352 Greene, Philip taring 303 Greenstone, Anne V. 171,328 Gregori, Joseph A., Jr. 247 Grenier, Michael 1). 247 Grcthel.Sr. Mar.vjo 166,247 Grgas, Michele P. 352 Grier, Evelynn Marie 150, 151.303 Gricsmeyer, James M. 177, 328 Gricsmeyer, Linda L. 149, 155,328 Grigliatti, Catherine 171,248 Grinnell, Carson H. Grodzicki, Valli A. 328 Gross, Margaret J. 352 Grosskopf, Albert A. Grover, Roberta J. Grunblatt, George 248 Grupico, P’rank M. 248 Grydyk, Joseph A. Guadamuz, Carlos A. 352 Gudmundsen. Lewis I). 328 Guehring, Kurt R. 328 Guerrera, Christine M. 113, 303 Guffanti, Jeanne Ann 149, 248 Gughemetti, Joseph M. 161, 218 Guidi, Angelo V. 328 Guido, George E., Jr. 161,248 Guido, Roger James 303 Gullotta, Daniel A. 132.328 Gundry, P'rank Joseph 142, 303 Gunn, Cathay L. 352 Gunn. Moira Anne 149,303 Gunn. Richard L. Gunther, Daniel C. 328 Gunther, Robert W. 352 Gurash, Danny G. 303 Guss, Stephen S. 328 Gustafson. Michael R. 328 Guth, Madeline G. 248 Guthrie, Randolph, Jr. Gutierrez. John A. 352 Gutierrez. Yadira Guttormsson, F. 352 Guttormsson, Karen M. 146, 218 Guzman, P'ernando 140 Guzman. Frank C. 328 Gygax. Lynn R. 328 Hanf, Dennis Mathew 120. 303 Haag, Stephen A. 193,352 Hackney. Robert N. 135,303 Hacdgc, Marcinda M. 328 11 afner. Helen M. Ilugarty, James P. 123,352 Haggarty, Claire C. 352Haley, Moira .lane 303 Hall, Dennis Roger 248 Hall, Katherine A. 352 Halligan, Jean A. 352 Hallman, William E. 328 Hamann. Deborah A. 142, 352 Hamill, Mary P. 352 Hamilton, Don C. 352 Hamilton. Martin J. 352 Hamilton, Sharon M. Hammer. Janet L. 248 Hancock, John Bonner Hancock, John R. Hanessian. Nubar J. 240 Haney, William J. 134,328 Hanley, Kevin J. 328 Hannan, Timothy James 122, 303 Hansen, John V., Jr. Hanson. Conrad Jacob 193. 303 Hanvak, Margaret A. 328 Harbor, Terrance B. 127,249 Hardenbrook, C. G. Hardin, Beverly K. 123,352 Hargrove, Royal F. Harlan, Mary F. 352 Harless, John M. 352 Harless, Susan Louise 119, 249 Harness. Julia A. 249 Hnrrigan, Lorraine M. 249 Harrington, Edward M.328 Harrington, Hugh J. 110, 127,303 Harrington, Leslie J. 249 Harrington, Thomas E. 249 Harris, James M. Harris, Sr. M. Donna 303 Harrison, Gwendolyn Y. 329 Harron, Melinda-Maria 303 Hart, Theresa M. Hartfiold, Ellen M. 118 Hartley, Thomas A. 329 Hattar, Isam Harvey, Catharine M. Harvey, Pamela A. 329,352 Harvey, Williams J. Haseman, Lee W. Hasenkamp, Mary Clare Hasselbach, Joseph G. 329 Hatton, Diane C. 250 Hatton, George A. 352 Hawkins. Sherry L. 329 Hayashida, Sander S. 140, 329 Hayden. Martha P. 250 Hayes, Russell S. 117,353 Hazlewood. Joseph M. 163, 250 Hazlewood, Richard J. 130, 135.161.250 Head, Roberta Julia Healy, Joseph R. 303 Ilealy, Ignore M. 329 Heaney, Patricia A. 250 Hearne, Charles A. 353 Hearney, John Michael 150, 151.170.250 Hcaston, Sandra Marie 177, 303 Hocht, Lawrence E. 329 lleco, Patrick Charles 303 Hedstrom, Stephen 0. 304 Hee, Pamela J. 353 Ilegerhorst, Michael E. 329 Heing, Linda G. 166 Heinz, Annette P. 155,304 Heilrung, Randy M. 134,329 Hendcrshott, Dana P. Ill, 134.329 Henderson, Michael D. Hennessy, James J. Hennessy. Jean L. 304 Hennigan. Michael T. Henning, Darryl C. 329 Henry, Charles E. 128,329 Henry, Peter E. 250 Henry, Peter P. Henry, Sharman L. Herbert, Charles C. 353 Heredia, Alexander G. 329 Herke, Julius A. Herman, Eileen A. Hermann, Katherine A. 353 Hermann, Kathleen J. 304 Herndon. Gail A. 113.251 Herrell, Jill N. 329 Herrold. Robert C. 353 Heslin, Thomas J. 329 Hewett. Everett B. 251 Hickcl, Jack E. 353 Higginbotham. D.C, Higgins, Dennis M. Higgins, Mary 329 Hill. Linda S. 353 Hillcbrand, Rita R. 329 Hiller, Ronald H. Hillrigel. Rick C. Hinds, Suzanne K. 353 Hinkle, Richard P. 110,115, 154,251 Hinton. Curtis C. 111,329 Hites, Sandor 251 Hobbs, Bonnie Jean 251 Hodges, Anne M. 118,251 Hodgskiss, Linda C. 251 Hoeft. Susan M. 329 Hoffar, Jill A. Hoffman, David M. 353 Hofling, Billie Jo-A Hogan, Patrick J. 353 Hogan, Philip Francis 251 Hogg, Leroy 304 Holguin, Vida M. 329 Holland, Rolnsrt A. 304 Hollander, Carolyn J. Hollingsworth, Will P. 301 Holmberg, Charles IV 120, 304 Holmes, Lavelle Holstein, Elizabeth 133,329 Holt, James M„ Jr. 251 Holton, Michael A. 329 Holtz, Janet P. 120,353 Honrath, Thomas J. 301 Hooper, David P. 353 Hoover, Steven E. 251 Horan, Eleanor Marie 118, 304 Horan, Kevin J. 163,329 Hotta, Stephanie F. 304 Howard, Duncan I,. Howard, Marian B. 251 Howard, Mark L. 252 Howe, John McDonald 110, 122,154,252 Howerton. Linda K. 353 Hrabotin, Frank G. 353 Hritz, Mary-Ann E. 304 Hritz, Robert J. 353 Hromalik. Mark A. IIruby, Martha Ellen 252 Huang, Yuan Tzu 252 Huhner, Anthony J. 353 Hudson, Anna Margaret 171,175.304 Huff, Cynthia E. 320.329 Huff, Stephen W.353 Hughes, Linda E. 171,252 Hughes, Randolph B. 304 Huleman, John P.330 Hulsman. Walter Jr. Hultcn, Thomas A. 353 Hummer, Ellene Marie Humphrey. Christine A. Hung, Cecilia S. P. 353 Hunt, Bruce Woodward 160, 252 Hunter, Gregory I,. 353 Hunter. Sr. Patricia Hurley, Vincent P. 147,353 Hurst, Jack T. Husser, John Scott 168,252 Hutson, William J. Huvane, Marian W. Huvane. Michael J. 252,330 Hyde, Bonnie J. 353 lanziti, Gary J. Iiacqua, Patricia A. 330 I Id efon so, Julia I’ia 171,304 Imperiale. Rebecca L. 353 Ingoglia. Michael E. 252 Ingojo, Jose C. 124 Inocito, Frank Andrew 304 Ippolito, Vincent J. Iroz, Florence M. 330 Irvine, John Joseph 142,151. 304 Irwin, Linda S. 353 Isheim. Linda S. 330 Ishisaki, Richard K. 304 Isi, Katheninc J. 353 Isoardi, Steven L. 123,330 Iturbe, Rene John Ivanow. Michael 189,252 Ivey, John A. 353 Jacinto, Judith A. 144,330 Jackson, Donna J. 166.252 Jackson, Susan Jane 253 Jackson. Jeffrey M. Jacobs, Larry A. 304 Jacobs, Laurie J. 253 Jacobs, Susan M. Jacobus, Anne M. 353 Jalbert. John Ervin 304 James, Dennis E. 304 .Janda, Daniel F., Jr. 253 Janelli, Marilyn A. 122,155, 253 Jaquinta, Frank Louis 304 Jarrell, Ronald D. Javme, Ernesto R. 119,144, 167.253 Jehl. Maureen Claire 123, 304 Jeidler, Gisela Jenkins. Davit! I. 330 Jenkins, Kathhvn E. 330 Jenkins, Thomas A. 301 Jerez, Roberto Jerome. Maria D. Jesinger. Robert E. 130,180. 304 Jeung. Jadyne I). 110.253 Jeung. Kristync II. 330 Jew. Jonathan K.330 Jewell, Michael Craig Jimenez. Ernesto A. 330 Jimenez, Lynn 353 Johansen, Allen D. 304 John, Judith Ann Johnson, Chris P. 130,253 Johnson. Christine I,. 354 379Johnson. Christopher 124. 161,163,330 Johnson, James Lee 253 Johnson, James T. 122,354 Johnson, Janice E. 253 Johnson. Joanne 354 Johnson, Kathleen Ann 304 Johnson, Kaye M. 330 Johnson, Kirk A. 354 Johnson. Kristin M.253 Johnson, Linda Marie 304 Johnson. Michael E. 304 Johnson. Michael G. 193,30» Johnson. Michael W. 330 Johnson, Robin B. 123,253, 330 Johnson. Ronald R. Johnson, Srv M. Johnson, Susan L. 354 Johnson, Thomas A. 330 Johnston, Wayne E. 127,330 Jones, Johnny A. 354 Jones, Lawrence E. 330 Jones, Marcia A. Jones, Mehettie M. 125.320, 330 Jones, Robert 1). 129 Jones. Ronald R. 354 Jones, Roy, Jr. Jones, Susan Mae 354 Jordan, Nancy M. Jordan, William C. 119,123, 155,354 Jorgensen. Cheryl A. 331 Jozwicki, Christine 119.331 Juan, Stephen Jung, Lawrence S. Jurewitz, John L. 115,161, 168,254 Kafura, Dennis George 112, 119,125,167,304 Kalin, Mary L. 331 Kalinowski, Marie A. 304 Kam, Srangeln Kamalski, Carol A. 354 Kan, Clara M. S. K. 117.354 Kane, Michael J. 331 Kaneen. Patrick M. 331 Kanter, David J. 331 Kappenman. Raymond 1L Karber, Anthony J. 354 Kariya, Roger H. Karmendy, John C. 162.254 Katz. Peter li. 331 Kavanaugh, Barbara J. 354 Kavanaugh, Robert P. 304 Kaye, Patricia J. 304 Kays, William M. 304 Keane, Christine M. 304.354 Keane. Joan M. 171,254 Kearney, Sr. Kathleen Keating, Everett L. 354 Kcays, William J., Jr. 159 Kedzior. Leo S. 254 Kelechava, Michael A. 254 Keller, Kenneth M. 354 Kelley, Mary Terese 354 Kellogg, Margaret G. Kelly, Christina M. 123,331 Kelly, James Irvin 254 Kelly, John Thomas 254 Kelly, Peter V. 354 Kelly, Philip II. 193,255 Kelly, Regina Marie 305 Kelly. Sara M. 255 Kenipton, William A. 112, 126.127.129,162,255 Kennedy, Daniel F. Kennedy, Richard B. Kenny. John J. 123,331 Kenny, Susan E. Kent. Joan P. 305 Kerhoulas, Dion P. 255 Kern, Karen Fay 305 Kerns, James C. 135,354 Kerrigan. Ellen M. 351 Kersten, Karl Patrick 255 Kerations, Sr. C. Kidd. William F. 128,129. 170,255 Kight, Teresita B. 117,149, 331 Kilcline, Jane Anne 161,305 Kilgariff, Sr. Kevin M. Kilkenny, Anne L. 331 Killam, Linda E. 331 Killeen, Michael A. 331 Kiilen, Michael W. 127,354 Kim, William, Jr. 142,305 Kimura. Cheryl S. 113,305 Kinces. Sr. Marcia King, Deborah Ann 305 King, Gordon James 354 King, Joseph A. 140 King. Marianne E. 354 King, Maryanne 118,305 King, Richard J. King, Susan Jane 255 K ing, Timothy Alan 113,119, 305 Kinkade. Gerald L. 176,255 Kinter. Donald Eugene 305 Kipp. Tina Katherine 354 Kirby, Brooke S. 354 Kirk, David R. 331 Kirk. William F. 331 Kirseh, Bettie J. 331 Kirschner. Karen Joan 133, 255 Kisla, Susan Mildred 256 Kistner, Mary Rae 305 Klncznk. James A. 193,256 Klein, Katherine M. 305 Klein, Stephen A. Klijian, Lucille M. Kljunak, Katherine A. 331 Klooster, Barbara A. 354 Knauss. Frederick E. 256 Kneier, Sandra M. Knez. Richard S. 331 Knight, Judith A. 122,331 Knoedler, Heinz L. Knotts, Donald R. 110,165, 256 Knowlton. Kathleen F. 351 Knox, Linda L. 355 Kochly. Robert J. 256 Rolling, Grant M. Konte, Jean Mary 305 Koobatian, Janet N. Koronin, Natalie 256 Koshlap. Karl M. 355 Koshlap. Robert E. Koslosky, Edward, Jr. 331 Kosturos. Nicholas A. 331 Kotlanger. John I). 140,355 Kovacevich. Glenn A. 137 Kovacich, William, Jr. 256 Kowalski, Diane K. 331 Kowalski, Karyn A. 331 Kowalski, Peter J. 355 Kozuki, Jeremy F. 120 Krakow, Betty L. Kramer. Joan 256 Krentz, Michael J. 154.155, 256 Krieg, David Allen Kricger, Catherine M. 355 Kriste, George V. 173,25'; Krzesni, Joseph S. Kuan. Rela-cca K. Kubancik. Joseph J. 305 Kuebrich, David Peter 305 Kuhlmann, Kathleen M. 355 Kulka, David Otto 132 Kumjian, Mariam A. Kurakazu, Edwin Ken 113, 129,305 K uss, Herbert Patrick 305 Ku.suynma, Paisuke La Guardia, James E. Labrador, Laura C. 305 Lacey. Mary E. 257 Lacey, Robert D. 332 Lacosta, Ronald Jean 257 Lafond, Janice M. Lagomarsino, Linda M. 332 Lagomarsino, Margaret 355 Lahaderne, Paul B. 145,257 Laherty, Richard F. 117,119, 132.164.305 Laborde, Sr. Annemarie 166 La-Boyteaux, Sarah F. 118, 171.305 Lu-Plantc, Stephen C. 154, 159.305 La Rocquo, Gerald Don 305 I.ajoy. Kenneth F. 305,355 I.ajoy, Ronald Joseph Lalor, Thomas M. 135,257 Lamb, John Patrick 305 Lamberto, Peter N. 168,305 Lamperti, Larry P. 305 Landry, Adrienne M. 332 Lane, Constance R. Lange, Daniel K. 355 Lannan, Teresa Mary 119, 305 I.anway, Mary L. 305 Lasater, Michael E.305 Lasnik, Linda M. 355 Lassiter, Steven E. Lastreto, Carla L. 118,140, 332 Lastufka, Virginia M. 332 Latorre, Linda J. 118,257 Lau, Andrew P. 332 Lau, Douglas K. Q. 120,170, 257 Lau, Jeffrey M. 110,257 Lau, Norine Y. 305 Lau, Rodney Sei Hen 257 Lau, Tony K. 176,305 Laugesen, Elyse Ann 145, 257 Laurel, Michael J. 185,186, 257 Lauro, Phillip J. 108,115, 161,162,168,257 Lavezzoli, Thomas K. Lawlor, Robert N. 159,305 Lawrence, Diane C. 122,135, 257 Lawson. Edward A. 355 Lawson, Lorna E. 355 Lazazzera, Nicola J. Lazio, Joseph G. 355 Lc Guennec, Carol Leach, Thomas W„ Jr. 165, 257 Leary, Louis Daniel 355 Lechwar. Maureen E. 118, 149.174.305 Lcdin. Suzanne 257 Lee. Ben Lee, Carlton K. 257 Ia-e, Dennis A. 332 Lee. Eric S. 120,355 U o, In W. Lee, Jeannot E. Lee. Maggie May Kay Lee, Marsha Jeanne 257 Lee, Michael J. Lee, Musette M. Rosemary Ia. fferdink, John R. 332 Lchrberger. Robert M. 167 Leitsehuh, Paul H. 165 Leiva, Jose L. Lejarza, Edward A. Lemogc, Paul K. 355 Ia?monnier, Diane H. Lenei, Walter E. 355 Lenihan, Kathleen M.355 iA-nnon, Hugh Francis 305 Lennon.John A. 355 Lentz, Howard L. 123 Lenz. Mary K. 355 I-eo, Joanne K. 149 Leonard. James S. 123,355 Leonardich. Michael 355 Lcong, Kevin M. Leoni, Marguerita M.332 Is-onovicz. Nicholas C. Lepley, Philip M. 140,355 Leslie. Clark G. 125,355 Leslie, Neil W. 305 Leung, Julia Paulin 133,305 Leung, S. 355 Lcvcroni, Annette I. 355 Levine, Barbara E. 355 Levinson. Stephen A. 170, 332 Levy, Lawrence Edward 305 Lewis, Diane F. 259.306 Libanti. Bernerd F. 306 Libershal, Susan Jane 166, 259 Liberson, Gail A. 150,151, 332 Liberty, Christopher Lightner, William. Jr. 127, 356 Lillie. Gail A. 133,155,332 Linato, Lourdes P. 332 Lindherg. Donna L. 259 Lindemann, Aloysius J. 332 Lindsay. Doris A. 332 Linggi. Edward M. Linn, Sarah A. Linz. Sr. Mary T. Lippi. Marilyn Ann 132,133, 306 Lippitt, Jacquelyn 155,356 I.ippitt, James M. 160.306 Little, John J. 356 Little, William A., Jr. Litzius, Brian E. Livingston, Susan L. 10,151, 332 Lo, Lawrence K. 332 Lobeck, Kristine M. 259 Lockwood, Brian D. Lococo, Anita M. 142,366 Loddc, Alexis E. Loftus, Thomas C. 259 Logwood, Harold M. 193 Lombardi, Laura E. 332 Lombardi, Robert A. Lonergan, Mary Anne 306 Long, Robert John 128,120, 168,176.193,259 Look, William B. 332 Loos, Richard E. 259 Lopez, Alfredo R. 306 Lopez, John M. 356 Lorda, Renee Simone 154, 306 Ix renzi, Lawrence P. 332 Loudon, Ranayne Ann 259 Loughran, Patricia A. 259 Louis, Samuel R. 332 Lounibos. Anne G. 356 Loushin, Patrick R. 356 Lovi, Carla N. 356 Lovotti, June Maria 306 Lowe, J. Kevin 135.332 Lowe, James E. 332 Lowther, Wayne Robert 306 Lubamersky, Joan M. 356 Lucay, Patrick D. 127 Luochesi, Gale A. 123,149, 260 Lucchetti, Frank J. 306 Lucero. Anthony J. 356 Luchini, Joseph I). 260 Lucia, Linda M.332 Luluy, Stephen A. 356 Lund, Ann Elizabeth Lusardi. John A. 356 Lustig, Bernard A. 356 Luttinger, Judith E. Luyendyk, Judith A. 356 Lynch, Brian I). 356 Lynch, Christine L. 356 Lynch, John A. 128 Lynch, John P., Jr. Lynch, Mary Kathernc Lynch, Maureen J. Lynch, Patrick J. 144,332 Lynch, Thomas F. 260 Lyons, Kathleen M. 260 Lyons, Linda 1). 356 Mange, Kathy T. Mabec, Mary A. 306 380Macey, Scott J. 260 Macgibbon, Evan C. 127, 320.332 Mackenzie, Thomas R. Mackewicz, Stanley Z. 30G Macrenato, Suzanne L. 260 Madu, Sylvanus I. Maese, Stephen R. Maeso, Milinda J. 356 Magee, Mary E. 356 Mages, Teresa Ann 260 Mag-in, David R. 332 Magnetti, Linda A. 356 Magrath, Nanette M. 356 Maguire, Karen A. 332 Maguire, Kathleen E. Maguire, Thomas E. 168,260 Magwili, Domingo A. 125, 356 Maher, Charles W. 127,306 Mahoney, Anne F. 332 Mahoney, Edward W. 145, 260 Mahoney, Janet M. 356 Mahoney, Leslye L. 356 Mahoney, Margaret C. 117, 306 Mahoney, Maureen E. 113, 306 Mahoney. Merit L. 119,356 Maligie, Judith A. 356 Maligie, Michael J. 332 Mallegni, Curtis J. 333 Mallia, Dianne F. Mallia. Joanne N. 123 Malloy, Robert J. 260,306 Malone. Susan G. Maloney. Anne Dee 356 Maloney. Patrick C. 142,333 Maloney, Thomas M. 356 Malovich, Kathy 260 Malta, Frances Marie 118, 306 Man, Wai Bun Mancebo, Marty S. 261 Mancinl, Roger S. 306 Manion, Heather Ann 155, 356 Maniscalco. Anthony R. Ill, 306 Maniscalco, Lawrence 140, 168.261 Mann, Donna I,. 356 Manuel. Gerdenio M., Jr. 144.333 Maraldo. Mary M. 142 Marchi, Sandra J. 261 Marcum. Ellen E. Marika, Kathryn T. 356 Marin. Carlos A. 356 Maring, Rosemarie E. 356 Maroevich, Susan M. 356 Marr, Annmarie C. 306 Marr, Dolores M. 356 Marsenich, Lynne E. 122, 333 Marshall, Joseph E., Jr. 112 Martell, Marie A. 333 Martell, Rene Albert 179, 306 Martin, Albert K. Martin, Arlene L. 333 Martin. Charles C. Martin, Diane Marie 261 Martin, Francis J. 306 Martin, George L. 306 Martin, Joanne Marie 110, 117,306 Martin, Kathleen E. 356 Martin, Laurie A. 333 Martin, Lawrence W. 129 Martin, Thomas R. 356 Martin, W. Dennis 154.155 Martine. Edward B. 160 Martinelli, Gary L. 358 Martinez, Carlos G. 112.115, 129,261 Martinez, Evelyn S.306 Martinez, Mary Carmen 118 Martinez, Melvin H. 333 Martino, Anthony M. Martori, Pamela A. 333 Masetti, Albert Peter 306 Mason, Joseph E., Jr. Mason, Larry E. Massa, Catherine M. Massad. Gerald P. 358 Massenburg, Mary Ann 181, 306 Massolo, Linda Ann 171,306 Mastrangelo, Gregory 333 Mate, Ilona M. 133 Matejovsky, Charlene 333 Mateo, Sherwin F. 120.358 Matgon. Richard P. 333 Mathenv. Anne M. 261 Matlock, Christina A. 306 Matsuki, Thomas S. 163,306 Matsuo, Laine A. K. 358 Matteucci. Arlene M. Matthews, Cecelia C. 358 Mattiauda, Shirley M. 306 Mau, Lavcrne L. K. 358 Maurin, Sherri C. 144,333 Max, Janice M. 261 May, Carolyn M. 144 May. Srm. Charles Maynard. Kathleen M. 358 Mayrisch, Rabin M. McAdoo. Patricia R. 125.262 McAlister, John C. McAllister, Catherine Me Bee, Leslie W. 226,262 McBride, John R. 181,306 McBride, Pamela L. 306 McCaffrey, Dennis G. 358 McCall, Christina G. McCanta, Patrick J. 109,306 McCarthy. Daniel J. 150, 151.333 McCarthy, Daniel P. 333 McCarthy. Diane L. 358 McCarthy, Jerry P. 307 McCarthy, Mary C. McCarthy. Mary E. McCarthy, Mary J. 262 McCarthy, Pauline M. 358 McCarthy, Robert C. 262 McCarthy. Sharon L. 333 McCarty. Neil W. 124,262 McCaughey, Elizabeth 122 McCausland, Linda M. 123, 135 262 McConaha, John F. 358 McConnell, James J. 358 MeCready. Michael B. McCullough, Michael L. 358 McCurdy, Gary Evan 262 McDermott, David F. 358 McDevitt, Johrden B. 307 McDevitt, Sean C. 333 McDevitt, William G. 160, 333 McDonald, Bradford M. McDonald. Christopher 307 McDonnell, Suzanne M. 118, 333 McElroy, William P., Jr. 127 McFadden, Eugenia L. 358 McGee, Sally A. McGenity, Kathleen McGilloway, Dennis M. 154, 262 McGilloway, Devin M. 333 McGinnis. Bernard J. 307 McGinty. Erin U. 262 McGinty, Patricia M. 123, 149.333 McGlennon, Michael R. 193, 307 McGreevy, Christine A. 118, 333 McGuire, Alice P. 262 McGuire, Michael L. 333 McGuire. Robert J., Jr.262 McHugh, James Edward 358 Mclnerney, James S. 307, 358 Mclnerney, John E. McIntosh, Bruce T. 113,173. 307 McIntosh, Nancy M. McIntyre, Daniel J. 358 McIntyre, Linda D. 263 McIntyre, Sr. Mary R. McKay, Joan Rita 263 McKay, Matthew F. 125,263 McKay, Michael M. 358 McKechan, Robert McKenna, Michael P. 358 McKenna, Sally 1.333 McKillip, Richard J. 263 McKinley. Mark L. McKinnon, Jamie A. 358 McKnight, James T. 307 McLaughlin. Brain E. 358 McLean, Patricia E. 358 McLean. Theresa Klune 307 McLcmore, James R.. Jr. 307 McMackin, Joseph F. 358 McMahon, Charlotte A. 333 McMahon. James I. McMahon, Michael F. 333 McMurdo, Tim B. 263 McMurray, Michael A. 358 McNamara, Kevin J. 146,358 McNamara. Michele 333 McNeill. John D. 128,333 McQuaid. Gerald F. 117.358 McQuaid, William A. 307 MeShane, Joan M. 142 McShane, William J. 123,359 McSwiggan, Maureen T. McTernan, Srm. B. McVeigh. Sharon C. 333 Meade, Patricia M. 359 Medeiros, Leonel D. Meadows, Claudia J. 333 Meares, Candace Jans 263 Medina, Hector M. 134,334 Meegan, Kathleen S. 263 Meehan. Eileen F. 263 Meersman, Thomas R. 180, 334 Mei, Alexis F. Meisel. Robert K.. Jr. 263 Meiswinkel. Cecilia F. 123, 334 Melanephy. Margaret C. Melia, William J. 334 Melieste, Gregory W. 164, 263 Melody. Patricia H. Mena. Jose L. 334 Menard, Barbara J. 113.122. 161,307 Menaster, Albert J. 112,119, 124,807 Mendelsan, Lawrence H. 359 Mendez, Ernest 359 Mendiola. Manuel M. 307 Mendoza, Victoria S. 263, 334 Meneghelli. Barry J. 167,307 Merchant, Karen A. Meriweather. Diane J. 359 Merla, Angela Nina 307 Merlo, Robert F., Jr. Merlo, Lydia Ann 307 Merrick, John Patrick 159, 164,264 Merritt, Joseph F. 134 Mere, Antoinette M. 149,161, 264 Messer, Marsha L. 359 Messner, Ronald M.334 Metkin, Alice C. Metkin, Michuel V. 264,331 Mettler. Joan E. Meucl, David C. Meuser, Fred R. 264 Meyer. Karen A. 359 Meyer, Kathleen 359 Meyer, Robert 264 Michaud. Raymond R., Jr. 168,175,307 Mickelsen, Mark Paul 129, 307 Midgett. Memry F. Mignault, Nadine A. 334 Milano. Katherine L. 359 Milburn, Linda J. 264 Milenkiewicz. Ann R. 264 Mileto, Aleta M. Millang. Richard B. 132,264, 307 Miller, Annamaria B. 359 Miller, Bettina T. 150,151, 334 Miller, Howard C. 264 Miller, Marilyn M.307 Miller, Patricia Ann 307 Miller, Sarah Jane 307 Mills, Frank Patrick 307 Mills, Jewel Ann 307 Milne. Linda A. 359 Milton, John Patrick 265 Milton. Peter M. 334 Mims, R« dney Lovell 307 Miner, Eugene H. 123 Minick. Barbara L. 359 Minner. David 11. 359 Minor, Jacqueline E. Miranda. Judith Ann 307 Miranda. Sophie E. 359 Mirkovich. Leslie C. 193,265 Mischak. Stephanie A. Miskel. Glen W. 381Mitchell, Jerome E. 127,359 Mitchell, Jesse B , Jr. Modesti, Marsha L. 334 Mohnrram, Helmy M. Molina. Carlos A. 128,140, 359 Mol ini, Joan T. 135,334 Molini, I.inda Caro! 149,205 Molle. Anna-Louise L. 334 Molloy, Maureen A. 110,119. 307 Mondelli, Joann K. 171,265 Monetti, Roseangela P. Moneymaker, Patrick D. 265 Monfredini, James J. 205 Monger, Teresa G. 359 Mongillo, Steven E. 111,193, 104,265 Monroe, I .eon R., Jr. 193,334 Monroe, Michael K. 168,307 Montalto, Linda A. 359 Montano. Kim B. Montesano, Randy P. 307 Mooek, Joseph A. 359 Mooney. Michael A. 150,151, 165 Mooney. Michael F. 165,359 Moore, Brenda Eloise 307 Moore, Christine M. 334 Moore. Benjamin N.. Ill 307 Moore, Margaret J. 359 Moore, Mary Jo 150,151,265 Moorer, Mary E. 334 Moran, Jeanne E. 111,118. 265 Moran, Joseph Robert 128, 129.160,307 Morehouse, John W., Ill 307 Morgado, Rosemary Ann Morgan, Mary E. Morganti. Jeffrey A. 359 Mori, Larry J. 134,334 Moriarty, Mary C. 118,334 Morley, Luke w. 359 Morley, Mary E. 334 Morris, Leonard G. Morris, Linda A. 359 Morris. Lynne P. 149,308 Morris, Mnryannc 359 Morris, Michael J. 144,265 Morrison. Marry B., Ill 122. 162 Morton. Brenda J. 110.142. 334 Morton. Kathleen A. 359 Moser, Deanna R. 118,265 Moser. Robert R. Mosich, Michele A. 359 382 Moss. Gary Eugene 266 Motte, John Moungovan, Marvhelen Mow. Robert W. 359 Moylan, Karen Anne 308 Moylan, Michael A. 266 Moyles, Terrence B. 132 Mugnolo, Susan C. Mullen. Ellcna M. 133,334 Mullen. Jeanne M. 359 Mullen. Patrick J. 149,344 Mullen, Thomas II. 359 Muller. Deborah B. Muller, Mary K.359 Muller, Paul A. Muilin, Patrick C. 359 Mullins, Michael W. 266 Mulvihill, Nancy G. 150,151, 334 Mulvihill. William T. 150, 151,359 Murchison. Mel L. 123.359 Murphey, Eva M.266 Murphy. Anne T. 359 Murphy, Bruce T. 359 Murphy, Carolynn M. 308 Murphy, Catherine M. 334 Murphy. Cecilia A. 266 Murphy. Clare M. 334 Murphy, Daniel E. 266 Murphy. Jeremiah T. 308 Murphy. John P. 359 Mui phv, Leo J., Jr. 168,266. 226 Murphy. Mary J. Murphy. Patricia Anne 308 Murphy. Patricia L. Murphy, Patrick J. Murphy, Patrick W.266 Murphy, Robert M. Murphy, Sr. Maureen Murphy, Terence M. 308 Murr, Nicholas J. 359 Murray, Daniel J. Murray. Mark J. Murray, Thomas John 308 Musacchio, Tina A. 359 Mu880, Lucicn Richard 308 Mustanich. James W., Jr. Muzinich, Donna L. Muz .atti, John B. 359 Myers. Gerald K. Myers, Michael J. 266 Myndcrse, Margo A. 334 Nachtigaller, I. Nagel, William E. 267 Nagengast, Barbara E. 308 Nagy. Edward A. Naismith, Mark R. 267 Nakagaki. Gail P. 336 Nakoa, La Verne L. 336 Napoletano, Noreen 336 Natale, Christann T. 132. 133,308 Natividad. Michael M.359 Navarra, Anthony J. 267, 308 Navarro, Bridget 267 Navarro, Carmel A. 360 Navarro, Ralph L.. Jr. Nave. Gary P. 123,360 Xcbeling. Nancy M. 336 Nehl. Frederick H. 360 Neilson, Marc Enright 142, 308 Nelke, Elaine M. 336 Nelson, Frederick. Jr. 267 Ncmirsky, Nicholas 336 Ncubauer, Sr. Susan Ncudecker, Barbara A. Neugebaucr, Cheryl A. 171. 308 Ncugebauer, Donna M. Neuman, Carolynne F. Neururer. Diane M. 150.151, 336 Nevil, Mary I. Neville, Angela M. 336 Nevin. James P. 308 Nevis. Nancy M. 360 Newlin, Barbara Belle 308 Newsom, Wendy A. Ng, Wing Kam 360 Ngole. Jean P. 143 Nicholls, Ray moral M. 170, 336 Nichols. Kathleen J. 150,151, 33G Nichols, Penelope J. Nicolai, John F. 336 Nicolai, Virginia A. 267 Nicolini. Janet F. 360 Nicolopulos, Rober t K.308 Niederer, Clifford G. Nix. Paul T., Jr. Nix. Susan L. 336 Nobles, John R. Nolan, Elizabeth L. 360 Nolan, Gerald J. 267 Nolan, Robert P. 360 Nonomura, John II. 308 Noriega. Bruce A. 360 Noriega, James E. 267 Norman, Bart Ross 267,360 Norman, Gerald R. Norwood. Thomas G. Notch, Janice A. 267 Notor. Ralph Charles 360 Nottoli, Barry J. Noussc, Darlene M. 360 Noveroske, Evan J. 336 Novoa, Linda I.. Nunnally, James H. 128 Nvegaard, Sr. Geradine Obnr, Kathleen A. 150,151, 336 Obertello. Sandro D. 267 O’Brien, Daniel V. O’Brien, Eileen M. 140,149, 336 O’Brien, Robert R. 268 O’Connell. Gerri M. 360 O’Connell. Louise A. O’Connell,Maureen A. 133, 147 O’Connell, Maureen E. 14 O’Connell. Thomas P. O’Connor, Corinne A. O’Connor. Kathleen A. O’Day. Cathlccn A. 336 O'Donnell. Dennis G. 360 O’Donnell. James F. O’Donnell, Patricia A. Oertel. Timothy J. Oery, Thomas Ivan 268,308 O’Gara, Edward V.. Jr. 268 Ogi. Janice K. 336 O’Hara, Ann E. 360 O’Hara, Maureen A. 123,360 O’Hara. Patricia A. O'Hara, Sara M. O’Hare, James D. 360 O’Hora, Judy H. 268.226 Ohta. Francine Y. 336 Ohy. Maki O’Kawa, Claire M. 336 OKeefe. Elizabeth W. 360 O’Keeffe, Catherine T. 155, 336 O’Keeffe, Gregory P. 130, 268 Olander, Kathleen M. Oldag, Catherine M. O’Leary. James H. 180 O’Leary. Richard E. 360 Oliver. Kenneth R. Olson. Gerald T. 360 Olsson, James C. 268 O’Meara, Kevin James 361 O’Meara. Stephen M. 132, 308 O’Neil, John M. O’Neill, Kathleen A. 119 O’Neill, Sr. Ann O’Neill, Terrence J. 135.268 O’Neill.Theresa Ann 122,268 O’Neill, Thomas F. Ong. Nadene J. Onorato. Diane M. 337 Onori. Philip James 127 O'Rourke. John Francis 337 O’Rourke. John M. 123 Orozco. Russell A. 361 Ortiz. Reynaldo F. 337 O’Shea. Daniel M. O'Shea, Lawrence C. O’Shea, Mary Anne 337 Osiandcr. Lothar Osmond, Robert V. 180,308 Oster, Mary K. Ostern, Mary E. Ostholthoff, Nancy L. O’Sullivan, Joseph D. Otcllini, Paul S. 361 Otey. Larry 0.337 Ottman, Virginia Mary 308 Ottoboni, Louise C. 124,133, 337 Outland, Cheryl A. 361 Ozendo, Pierre L. 361 Pachtner, Theresa Ann Pack, Veronica F. 171,269 Packwood, Stephen L. 308 Puganucci, Allan J. Pagendarm, Valerie L. 361Paige, Cynthia L. 337 Paiva, Marc H.337 Pajak, Thomas P. 301 Palacin, Madeleine M. 337 Palazzotto, Michael C. 308 Palkovic. I,awrence A. 112, 132.269 Palla, Kenneth Alan Palla, Marilyn A. 200 Palmini, Vincent S. 269 Panek, William C. 119,361 Panfili, Peter R. 110,269 Pang, Kook Soon 308 Pang. Peggy B. Poalini. Diane E. 269 Paolini, Nicholas Cl. 308 Pnpazian. Paul G. 308 Pappalardo, Bradford 193. 195.309 Pardini. Pamela A. 337 Parducci, Paula M. Parina, Richard P. Parisi, Mikele M. Parma, Floyd David Parmer, Michael James 144 Parnagian, Dennis, Jr. Parnell. Cynthia A. 269 Parrincllo. James R. 337 Parrish, David E. 361 Parsons. Andrea L. 337 Parsons, Denise L. 837 Partmnnn. Constance M. 309 Partmann, Nancy M. 361 Parton, Colleen Ann 110,309 Parton, Donna M. 361 Pasadis, A than 309 Paschke. Barbara Jane 112, 309 Pascual, Eva A. 309 Pasol, Severo A. 361 Passanisi. Pamela E. 132, 133.309 Patricio, Susan L. 123,145, 31 Patrick, Leonie C. Patterson, Ralph M. Paul. Carol A. 149,155 Paul, Elizabeth B. 149,155, 309 Paul, Patricia S. 269 Pavelka, Catherine A. Pavlovich, Stephen J. 168, 337 Paxinos, Helen 309 Payne, Thomas John 269 Pedemont, Kathleen A. Pedersen, Dennis R. 309 Pedot. Robert Henry 129,309 Pegueros, Rosemarie T. 362 Poguese, Bruno A. 362 Pelker, Wendy R. 362 Pclkcy. Michael G. Pellegrini. Marleen J. 362 Pellegrini. Robert V. Pelleriti, I.aurene R.309 Pelleriti, Stephen J. 337 Pender, Patricia Ann 115, 150.151.309 Pendcrgast, Margaret269 Pcne, Marcia J. 337 Pcnnisi, Madeline M. 118, 309 Pcrata, Kathryn S. 337 Perazzo. Richard E. Perea, Kenneth Alan 129, 130.309 Perez. Carlos A. 130 Perez. Kathleen C. 362 Perez, Victor A. Perliek. Srm. N. 309 Perry, Allan B. Perry, Joan Kathleen 135, 269 Perry, Marjorie J. 337 Perryman, Mari Ann J.309 Persano. Sr. M. Angela Peters, Joan P. Peters, I.ouise I). 362 Peterson. Kathleen A. 362 Peterson. Michael C. Peterson, Paula M. 113,118, 337 Peterson, Raymond F. 337 Peterson. Richard T. Ill Pctrich, Jane Petrich, Peter Thomas 168, 309 Petrich, Susan L. Petrie, Carol Ann 309 Petrini, Cristina N. Petrini, James M. 111,115, 168,193,270 Petrini. John L., Jr. 127.134, 320,337 Petrini, Lawrence J. 337 Petrini, Thomas J. 145 Petrinovich, Susan L. 118. 309 Petro, Mary Ann E. Petrusich, Janet E. 309 Petruzzella, Connie 337 Peyton. Mary T. 149.337 Pfeifer. Charles Ted 309 Phair, Joseph Baschon 107. 126.127.310 Phillips, Daniel E. 337 Phillips. James E. 140.362 Phillips, Joseph J. Phillips. Stephanie J. 140. 362 Picard, Clifford J. 310 Picetti. Lawrence P. 119.270 Pichignau, Dominique 337 Pickering. Susan A. 171,310 Picoulin, Catherine E. Pieracei. Michael E. 362 Pietraczyk, Edmond R. 270 Pigott. David P. 145.270 Pike. Edward C. 128,362 Pilara, lajonard G. 362 Pile, Mary Emelita 310 Pilgram, Gary F. 362 Pimper, Jeffrey E. Pinelli, Gregory R. Pinelli, Rae M. 123.145.337 Piomlx), Jeanette C. 362 Pirio, Annette Marie 270 Pirio. Paulette L. Pisarev, Maxene 310 Pittavino, Stephen L. 270 Pjva, R. Dathel 310 Pizza, Joan Elaine 270 I’lecas, Ronald W. 127.362, 344 Plut, David J. 337 Pocorobba. Victor L. 362 Podesto, Paula Regina 270 Poggio, Leonard 117.132, 164.165.310 Poirier, Katherine R. 337 Polizziani. Gary J. 144,362 Pollock, Charles E. 362 Pons, Luis J. 362 Pons. Pedro F. 128,129 Pope. Walter G. Popek. Edward S., Jr. 310 Popovac. Michael G. 362 Poppa, Kenneth C. 270 Porter, Gregory F. 362 Potter, Robert Henry 310 Powell, Michael D. Powell, William Grant 310 Power, Diane M. 362 Powers, Kathleen A. 337 Powers, Mary Inez310 Powers, Rosemary F. Preciado. Kathleen A. 337 Precissi. Diane C. 310 Prcsta, Julie Ann 271 Pribyl, David Warren 146, 164.310 Pribyl, Wesley A. Price, Catherine A. 337 Price, Steven E. 165,271 Proaps, Richard A. 362 Pronos, Mary Ellen 271 Provasi, Diane M. 113,362 Psaras, Theodore 185,186, 188 Pualoa, James 120,176,337 Pucci, Paul J. 123,337 Puccinclli, Rea K. 145,271 Pudoff, Jeanne M. Pun, Nelly 117 Purvines, Lynn M. 362 Putman. Mary Ann 271 Putney, Charles A. Puziak, Kathleen M. 271 Query, Martha L. 362 Quezada, John 310 Quigg, Suzanne M. 118,337 Quigley, John B.. Jr. 271 Quinlan. Daniel C. Quinn, Carol P. 362 Quinn, Edward II. 159 Quinn, James P. 271 Quinn. Jeffrey Alan 310 Quock. Raymond Mark 117, 119,132,310 Quock, Theodore H. 117,119, 362 Radillo, Antonia D. 130.161. 271 Radomile, I on J. 362 Raffo, Richard V. 134.337 Rahcr, Molly M. 337 Raisis, Nicholas C. 362 Raisler. Kathleen A. 362 Ramirez. Maria C. 310 Randolph, Ann F. 149,337 Ranieri, Marsha M. 271 Rapoport, Philip A. 362 Rapp, Jeanne M. 337 Rushed, Sarah 310 Rassier. Thercse A. 362 Rattaro, Linda A. 362 Ratto, John Joseph 310 Ravarino, John David 193, 271 Ray, Catherine Louise 310 Ray,JoanneU. Raymond. Marjorie E, Re, Kathleen M. Read, Steven M. Roadman. Michael G. 129 Reardon. Ronald J. 123 Reber, Carol E. Rebollar. Stella M.310 Reckas, Nick Rederich, George J. 164,165 Redican, William K. 119,310 Rcdling, Michael K. Redman. Pamela Ann 272 Redmond. Terence A. Reed, Edward M. Reed. Stephanie A. 363 Reed, William 363 Reedy, Margaret E. 36 3 Regan, David F. 310 Regan, James F. Regan, Karen A. 363 Regan, Patrick J. 162,272 Regan. Stephen M. 141,159, 310 Reid. Thomas D. 363 Reid. Timothy Hanley 193. 272 Reiley, Thomas C. 134,165 Reilley. Ruth A. 363 Renard, Ronald L. 134,165 Renn, Linda Ann 110,112, 124.155.272 Restani. Michael J. Rettagliata, Thomas A. 141, 159.272 Reyes. Jose R.. Jr.144 Reynolds, David J. 310 Reynolds, Thomas Ml 272 Reynoso, Richard Ribeim. Antonio A. 16 7.312 Ribeiro. Gary D. 272 Ricci, Donna Lee 149,312 R ice. J a mes And re w 167.312 Rich. Janice Ann 312 Richards, Jane Ailcen Richardson. Audrey I.. Richardson. Larry G. 363 Rickard, Michele M. 272 Riffle. Charles M. 110,154, 272 Riley. William S. Riofski. Neil Howard 272 Riordan. Daniel P. 36 3 Rjordnn, John M. 312 Riordan, Malcolm F. Riordan. Susan E. 118.312 Ripple, Kathleen A. 150.151 Ripple. Peggy A. 272 Risendorph. Lynne Riser, Margo E. Ritter, Mark Alfred 167.312 Rivas, Maria Julia 312 Rivas. Wiliam Albert 312 Rizzo, Sevcrin V. 130,150, Ro, Kyung (). 363 Roach, Eileen C. Roarke, Claudia M. Rout, Frederick C. 142,312 Robards, Sandra Marie 273 Roberts, James P. 16 8.273 Roberts. Sr. Mary J. Roberts Wiliam J. 312 Robbie, Robert C. 119 Robillard, Helen M. 133 Robinett, David F. 312 Robinson, David I.. 273 Robinson, Drew G. Robinson Jerrold A. 134 Robinson, Julia M. 273,317 Robinson. Michael S. 273 Roboostoff, C. V. Roccucci Roberta M. 312 Rocha, Wiliam J. 273 Richon, Oliver Y. 363 Rodello, Theresa A. 130.363 Rodgers, Paul G. Rodgers, Thomas J. 363 Rodonid, Charles R. Rodrigues, Alfred B. 120, 125.128 Rodrigues. Janet S. 363 Rodriguez, Elena M. Rodriguez. Felis Ann Rodriguez, Ruben J. 363 Rodriguez. Rudy B. 127,170. 175 Rodriguez, Srm. P. Rodriques, Ronald E. 111. 112,312 Roediger, Karen 132 Koessler. Olivia D. 363 Rogenes, Karen Ann 118. Rogers, Elaine H. 120, 363 Rogers. William T. 274 Rohan, Robert C-. Rojas. Richardo H. 274 Romero, Cynthia C. 312 Ronan, Nancy I. Roobcr. Kathleen M. Rooney, Catherine J. Rooney. Colleen M. Rooney, Thomas M. 363 Rosaia, Dennis I.. 363 Rose, Catherine Ann 274 Kosenhhtd, Charles A. Ross. Charles A.. Jr. 274 Ross. Sr. Leslie Rossitto, Joseph J. 274 Roster, John 0. 363 Rota, Leslie I). Roth, Robert Edward 16,274 Rothschold, L. W., Jr. 271 Rowland, Robert V. 312 Roynk, Klli R. Royce, Gary 163,274 Royce Randy 363 Ruano, Benjamin K. 274 Rubio, Faye L. 120.36 3 Rucker. James Joseph 313 Ruef, Timothy F. 129.140, 313 Ruegg. Michael A. 313 383Rufino, Antonio A. 112.122, 130.144,313 Ruh, Yvonne Marie 313 Ruiz. Jesus F. 368 Rummage. Pamela N. 313 Running Mary P. 363 Ruo. Joseph G. 313 Russell, Edison C. 364 Russell. Mary K. 166,171, 2 74 Russo Ann M. 123,313 Russo, Donald Russo, Nicholas A. Rutherford, Jane C. Rutz. Keith K. 364 Ryan. Darien J. Ryan. Jill A. Ryan, Kathleen Marie 118. 274,313 Ryan, Kathleen, Marie Ryan, Margaret A. 108,273 Ryan, Mary Anne 339 Ryan, Mary E. 339 Ryan, Mary K. 313 Ryan Mary M. 361 Ryan, Patricia A. 339 Ryan. Sr. .Maureen Ryan, Suzanne M. 141,313 Ryken, Gregory J. 135,278 Saalfeld, Rol ert J. 339 Sagastunw. Edgar R. 188 Sagouspe, Charlotte M. 339 Sakudn, Albert M. Saldana, Francisco Sallaberry Yvette M. 118, 275,339 Saltonbvrger. John W. 364 Sambuceti, Edward J. 123, 313 Sambuck. Ann L. San Martin. Carlos A. 185. 187.339 Sanborn. Calvin S. 339 Sandholt, William J. 339 Sanggiacomo, Frances L. Snngiacomo, Michael J. 339 Sangiacomo, William P. Sanmiguel, Chris L. Sans, R. Stephen 364 Sant. John Paul Santana. Barbara A. 140, 275 Santiago. Delia Boac 313 Santos, Ronald T. 339 Saraceno, Rachelle M. 149, 313 Saraceno, Renee M. 313,364 Sarnowski, Donald A. 275 Sasaki, Toshiko Sasaki, Virginia Lei 150,313 Saude, Fernanda A. 275 Saul, Betsy E. Saunders, John G. Saunders. Richard L. 364 Saur, Kathleen M. 142,339 Savio, Edward F. 364 Saxton, Lawrence N 339 Sbragia, Xnncy M. 124,364 Scaccia. Yolanda L. 339 Scanlon. Gail T. 155,339 Scanlon. Michael J., Jr. 339 Scanned, Daniel M. 123.149. 339 Schnchcrn, Mark G. 124,339 Schad. Gerald L. 339 Schaedler. William A. 364 Schaefer. Mary M. Schaer, Frederick D. 313 Schaffer. Sharon Lynn 364 Schalich. Barbara Ann 141. 313 Schalich. Thomas J. Schallert. Thersa A. 313, 364 Schallert. Timothy J. Scharlach, David A. 129,275 Scheuermnn, Janet M. 364 Schibler. Matthew J. 364 Schiff. Jeanne F. 135,149, 313 Schiff. Lucille F. 155.339 Schimmel, Karen I. 364 Schindler. Ann Marie Schlesingor, Bruce D. Schniiedl. Joseph F. 364 Schmitt, William J. Schmitz. Mary A. Schmitz. Thomas J. Schneider, Barbara G. Schneider, Carol F. Schneider, Donald E. 275 Schneider, Louise C. Schoettler, Robert P. 168, 275 Schrader, Marian B. Schroeder, Frederick Schroth, Robert A. Schubach, James R. 364 Schubach, Stephen H. 339 Schunneman, Barbar J. 276 Schussolin, David 0. Schwab, John Philip 276 Schweifler, John M. Schweifler, M. A. 364 Scolari, Paulette D. 339 Scosseri, Ernest A. 364 Scott. Sr. Charlotte Scott, Victor L. 339 Scotti, Christine F. 339 Scrivani, Lawrence A. 135 Scullion. Gerald K. Scully, Mary C. Scurich, Michael L. 313 Secrest, Stephanie M. Ill, 113,313 See, Jack P. 142,364 Seeronen, John R. 276 Seethoff, Patrick M. 313 Seffens, Lawrence N. 161, 276 Seffens, Mary G. 118,339 Seghetti, Giovanna M. 313 Seidl, Mary Louise 276 Selegue, Patricia A. 171,276 Serin, Terrence J. Sepeda, James Richard 127, 313 Sequeira, Dennis L. 146,313 Serpa, Dennis V Serrao, Carolyn Hart 276 Sexton, Karen Frances 276 Sexton, Margaret K. 339 Sexton, Patricia Ann Seybold, Patricia J. 123,276, 364 Seybold, Sally A. Seyler, Carolyn Marie Shaffer, John David 110,313 Shah, Nnlin M. 162 Shah. Jankaj K. 277,339 Shahbnzinn, Faramarz Shanahan, Mary T. 277 Shanney, Annemaric 364 Shaskv, Julianne M. 171,277 Shea, Kathleen A. 364 Shea. Timothy P. 110,115, 277 Shears, Richard L. 339 Sheba nek, Anthony K. Sheehan. Jo Anne 339 Sheerin, Stephen P. 155,277 Shelby, Elizabeth M. 364 Shelton. Georsre D. Shelton. Sue E. 339 Sheng, Jerome C. Shepherd, Charles E. 364 Sheppard, Kathleen M. 339 Sheridan. Reid Sherry, Fred V. Shields, Gregory D. 277 Shigrio. Randall K. 163,339 Shimek, Glenn M. Shin, Pearl S. 340 Shindler. Robert L. 340 Shine. William B. 277 Shiu. Matilda Y. S. Shodahl, Susan A. 340 Shovein, John R., Jr. 177, 313 Showers, David W. 122,313 Shrieve, Eileen J. 277 Shumway, Noel Jerald 173, 313 Sieg, Ronald C. Siegel, Ronald A. Sieland, Clare Louise 132, 133,313 Sien, Kien C. 124,364 Siepler, John King 132,313 Silmon, Ray Ellis 364 Silva Danny J. Silva. Denise M. 155,173,340 Silva. Henry A. 340 Silveirn, Ronnld A. 160,313 Silver, Alana J. Silvestri, Ann M. 123,364 Silvestri, Dianne Silvestri, Michael J. 159 Simeteys, Paul C. 340 Simmons, Nancy C. 277 Simon, Steven C. 313 Simonini, David M. 159,313 Simpson, Mary 171,277 Sims, Thomas Kirk 313 Simutis, John D. 340 Sinoncelli, Beatrice 340 Siri, Lawrence A. 278 Siri, Linda L. 120,146,364 Sitter, Paul J. 128,278 Skavaril, Sr. C. Skewes. Anne 278 Slnjer, Caroline J. 149.314 Slattery, Robert M. 313 Slaughter, Jean S. 124,133, 278,340 Slaughter. Noreen C. 113 Smetana, Julia Anne 313 Smetana, Margaret M. Smith, Adelaide, K. 122,278 Smith, Annette M. 278 Smith, Barbara E. 315 Smith, Charles J. 315 Smith, Cynthia J. Smith, David Alen 315 Smith, Dean Walter 159,278 Smith, Gwendolyn C. 364 Smith, James E. 164,278 Smith, Joan C. Smith, Johanna M. Smith, Marian S. Smith, Mary Elizabeth 154 Smith, Maureen A. Smith, Michael E. 364 Smith, Michael R. 315 Smith, Michael T. 130 Smith, Neale Daine 164.278 Smith, Paul J. J. 278 Smith, Phyllis N. Smith, Stephen C. 364 Smith, William C. Smith, Willie D. Smith, Yvonne Evelyn 149, 315 Snead, Thomas D. 340 Sobject, Judith K. 278 Soden, Thomas Jeffery 278 Soedarjo, Sasongko Solari, William J. 315Solis, Alice M. Solomon, Christ G. Solon, Robert John 168,315 Somers, Bruce W. 340 Sommer, Katherine A. 315 Son, Young-Ae 117,120,315 Soon. Eng: C. 128,279 Soran, Linda M. 364 Sowards, Gary D. 365.344 Spadaro, Gasper J. 168,315 Sparks, Linda C. 117,149, 340 Sparks, Peter L. 193,316 Sparks. Robert H. 365 Spatafore. John A. 365,341 Spedick, Margaret A. 340 Spence, Harry H. Spencer, Charlotte A. 123, 340 Sperling, Stephanie M. 341 Spiegelman, Bruce A. Spinelli, William F. 316 Spiritosanto, L. J. 365 Spotswood, Richard D. 112, 135.279 Spratt, Robert B. 279 Stagnaro, Janis C. 279,365 Stagnaro, Joanne Stanford, Catherine A. 316 Stanley. Edward G. 316 Stapleton. James R. 365 Starke. Carl T. 115,168,279 Starkovich, Kenneth A. 168, 316 Starr, James V. Stebbins, Barry G. 365 Steer. Grant David 162,279 Steiner, James J. 341 Stelmak, Joseph., Jr. 341 Stenger, Geraldine E. 279 Stenson, Thomas J. 316 Stergar, Stephen A. Stevens, Lawrence Jr. 167, 316 Stevens. Richard G. 145 Stevens, Shari S. 279 Stewart, Sharon M. Stitt, Richard A. 279 Stoll, Michael F. 341 Stone, Arthur R. 279 Stone, Pamela A. 117,119, 365 Stone, Walter J. 115,279 Storm, John P. 365 Strack, Marilyn J. Strauch. Michael J. 170,341 Straus, Mary L. Strazzarino, Mary E. 112, 149.280 Strick, Laurence D. 365 Stroben, Kathleen 122,280 Strymecki, Sr. ivian Stuart, John F. 280 Stuart, Orla S. 365 Stunrt, Patrick J. Stumpo, Phillip F. 168,316 Sullens, Margaret C. 280 Sullivan, Bart F. 365 Sullivan, Calvin 316 Sullivan, Eugene M. Sullivan, Gary P. Sullivan, Harvey P. 128,180, 365 Sullivan, Joseph G. 280 Sullivan. Margaret J. 365 Sullivan, Mary K. Sullivan, Michael J. 316 Sullivan, Michael P. 341 Sullivan, Paula D. 341 Summers, Phillip A. 316 Sun, Francis C. 112,117,120, 164.165.280 Sutcliffe, Janice B. Sutcliffe, John D. Sutton, James M. 159,164, 280 Sutton, Susan M. 365 fverchek. Sr. Mary L. wanson, Jeanne M. 123,365 Sweeney, Sean M. 120,142, 174.316 Sweeney, Thomas J. 280 Swendsen, Mark D. 365 Swing, Rita M. 113,123,135, 150,151,341 Sylvestri, Mario F. Szarvas, Karin L. 141,341 Tabarez, Anibal Tabilio, James M. 365 Tabor, Susan J. 365 Tachiera, Gregory R. 365 Tait, Linda Kay 316 Taitano, Marie A. 341 Talaga, Richard L. 193,341 Talbot, Michael J. 365 Tan, Chek F. Tan, Ei-Ling 122,280 Tan, Shirley U. 316 Tang, Ann M. 341 Tang, Julie M. 341 Tannura, Tina M. 280 Tapia, Donald Tarabbia, Antonio E. Tarpey, John F. 365 Tassan, Jerry M. 365 Tauzer, David Richard 316 Tavares, Joan Marie 281 Tavera, Bro. Henry M. 281 Taylor, Kier H. Taylor, Leonard Dale 316 Taylor, Marianne L. 341 Taylor, Stephen T. 281 Tealdi, Frank D. 163,281 Teawell, William Lee 281 Tehero, Demetrio J. 120,146, 341 Tenner. Mary E. 365 Teply, Diane M. 132,133,280 Terry, Nancy J. 365 Tesch, Mary Etta 155, 171, 316 Teter, Teresa N. 341 Tevenan, James M. 281 Thadani, Ram C. Thomas, Carol Ann Thomas, Charles G. Thomas, Deborah L. 316 Thomas, Olakunle B. Thomas, Steven John 163, 281 Thompson, Michael C. 128, 341 Thompson, Roberta F. 149, 154.316 Thompson, Sheila M. 341 Thompson, William G. 281 Thornton. Sybil A. 119,365 Thouvenin, Maurice M. Thrift, Anne C. 341 Thrift, Susan M. 341 Thuener, Virginia M. 144, 341 Thunder, Hheodora E. 142, 365 Thurston, Helen L. 110,171, 281 Tiche, Oliver R. 281 Tilden, Mary C. Till, Robert Edmund Tilley, Terrence W. Toal, Mary Ann M. 141,282 Tobin, Diane E. 165 Tofanelli, Norma Jean 316 Tom. Ronald G. S. 282 Tompkins, David A. Tomsic, Lawrence A. 163, 282 Tonegato, Bernice M. 341 Tonegato, Ronald J. 130,316 Tonelli, Linda D. 341 Tong, Ernest Wah-Choy 120.176.316 Topf. William L. 130,365 Torley, Charlene F. 282 Torpey, John Joseph 282 Torres, Edward W. 282 Torres, Walter Juan 119, 316 Torrisi, Sr. M. A. Toschi, Rosemary A. 365 Totman, Margaret A. 365 Towers, Robert M. 316 Towey, Joseph P. 341 Toy, Katharine A. 140,282 Tozer, John Vincent 316 Trail, James A. 127 Trainor, William M. 365 Tratar, Barbara A. 341 Travcrso, Michael J. 316 Travins, Dennis C. 342 Treber, Lawrenee D. Trechter. Joseph M. 165,316 Trela, Joseph C. 145,365 Trierweiler, Michael 342 Trinkle, William J. 365 Tripodes, Maria R. 342 Troccoe, John Anthony 111, 145,316 Trott, John Stephen 115, 155,162,173.282 Troute, Joan M. 342 Trudeau, Kathleen Mae 282 Trujillo, Roland S. 365 Tsang, Mo Wei Tsang, Yo-On Tschann, Jeanne M. 110,282 Tsoukas, Constantine Tsui, Jane W. C. 365 Tsukamoto, Stan K. 365 Tupa, Kathleen M. 365 Turck, Mark K. 165 Turilli, Michael A. Turner. Robert A. Tursi, Michael E. Tursi, Susan E. 316 Uccelli, George J., Jr. Ugarte, Emilio S., Jr. 185 Uhrig, Donna M. 123,365 Ulicki, Barbara Ann 316 Urban, Frank Dennis Uribe, Linda Marie 283 Urrutia, Jose Ramon Vago, Daniel A. 367 Vaille. John A. Valentine, Edward S. 367 Valentino, Joana Vallejo, Juan C. 185 Valmassy, Ronald L. 135, 168 283 Van Cleve, Melissa R. 342 Van Dor Meulen, M. M. 367 Van Der Ven, Peter S. 367 Van House, Nancy A. 283, 342 Van Houten, Maria L. Van Wyk, Loren Wm. Vargas, Blanquita M. 119, 367 Vaughan, Joseph D. 316,367 Vaughan, Laurie P. 367 Vanghn, James B.. Jr. Velasco, Charles C. 367 Vennble, Carol A. 342 Vertucci. Christine Vervais, Gregory John 283 Vexler, Isabel M. 117 Vieira, David A. 283 Vierra. Lawrence A. 128 Viglini. Jnnellc T. Viglione, Carolyn J. 367 Viglione, Paula E. 342 Vincent, Adam D. II 120, 167.193.342 385Vinella. Paul ictor 316 Viripacff. Alexis 367 Vivanco, Liliana C. 342 Vizzard, Joseph S. 283 Vodicka, Susan Elaine 316 Vogel, Kristin M. 342 Volken, Mary C. Von Dohre, Beverly Jo 367 Von Iiungen, Karla J. 367 Vonderheid. Carolyn 367 Vorsatz, Paul F. 342 Wagner, Geraldine S. 342 Wagner. Jane A. 120,142, 342 Wagner, Mary A. 367 Wair. Rodney P. Waldier. Brian A. Waldron, Kenneth Hugh 316 Wallace, Carol A. 367 Wallace, Gladys K. Walling, Lawrence Walsh. Donna M. 342 Walsh. Donnell B. 367 Walsh. Janet Marie 113, 133.316 Walsh. Mary P. 123,124. 367 Walsh, Matthew B. 367 Walsh, Michael Thomas 127, 316 Walsh, Peggy A. 342 Walsh, Sr. Ann L. Walsh. Sr. Mary S. Walti, Paul J., Jr. Walton. Margaret A. Wang, Eugenia M. Wang, Fidelia 316 Wanlin, Phillip R. Ward. James B. Ill 283 Ward. Kathleen M. Ward, Marilyn J. 342 Warlop, Phillip A. 283 Warner, Lorraine C. 367 Warner. Patricia Ann 112, 118,283 Wamshuis, Frederic M. 316 Warren, James F. 367 Waskowiak, Deborah A. 342 Waters, Joseph A. Waters, James John Wathen, James A. 115,155, 284 Watson, Catherine A. 284 Watson. Edward J. 110,129, 162,281,226 Watson, Patricia C. 123 Watson, Robert W. 284 Watters. Paul J. Watts, Leslie L. 141,342 Watts, Marcella L. Waxer, Diane L. Waxstein, Lon Mark 316 Wavland, Kenneth G. 128. 367 Weaver. Douglas W. Webb. Robert B.. Jr. 193, 342 Webb, Sr. Joyce Webber, Barbara A. 118, 316,296 Weber, Michael C. 367 Weber, Sheralyn Rita 367 Weber, Susan M. 284 Webster, Keith D. 367 Wehr, Martin C. 316 Weisner, Anne M. 367 Weiss, .Sandra Jean 171 Weissich, William 0. 367 Weitzel, Shannon A. 123,342 Welker. Susan M. 367 Welsh, Richard D.. Jr. Welle, Mary C. 284 Wen, Elizabeth Wentworth, Kathleen A. 130,135,342 Wermes. Cynthia A. 342 Werner, Joseph C. Werner, Mary Margaret 316 Werner, Paul A.. Jr. 284 West, Ann L. Westwood, Curtis A. 367 Weymouth, Pamela G. 367 Whelan. Michael D. 316,296 Whitaker, Harold J. 284 White. Catherine E. 285 White, Dave C. 342 White. Frederick D. White, Mary Estelle 316 White, Patricia A. 366 White, Patrick G. 129.285 White, Paul B., Jr. 285 White, Regina F. 317 Whiteford, Patricia A. 317 Whitehurst, Richard 367 Whitlock, Brian P. 342 Whittaker, Donald J. 317 Whitworth, A. Marie 285 Wiatrak, Jamie I. 366 Wick. Patrick Kirk 110,124, 129,177,317 Wiegand, Maureen A. 317 Wier, John Wayne 168,317 Wildauer, Barbara A. 342 Wilen, John M.343 Wilfert, Gary S. Wilk, Katherine L. 366 Wilkens. Nancy E. 366 Wilkes. Deidre G. 28 Williams. Ann W. 128,343 Williams, Chester K. J. 366 Williams, Douglas J. Williams, John L. Williams, Michael J. 112 Williams, Richard J. 317 Williams, Timothy S. Williamson, Susan R. 343 Willing. Judith A. 366 Wilner, Robin C. 366 Wiisey Robert L. 150,151, 170,285 Wilson. Daniel R. Wilson. Edward Wilson, Joan Marie 285 Wilson, Lynne D. 343 Wilson, Margaret A. 285 Wilson, Stephen E. 145,285, 317 Wilton. Cheryl Lynn Wind. Mary Louise 285 Winter, Elsie S. 343 Wise, Michael G. 343 Withers, Victoria M. 343 Witt. Cheryl Anne 317 Wittenberg, Alex L. Wittman, Philip M. Wojtalewicz, Rita Kay 317 Wold, Andrina Kathryn 171 Woldrich, Carolyn T. 285 Wolfe, Frederick L. 343 Wondolleck, John T. 366 Wong, Alex Y. 343 Wong, Betty S. C. 366 Wong. Brendan So Wong. Clifford G. 366 Wong, Dominic W. 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Bradford W. 343 386Yuponce, Virginia L. 155, 317 Zabala. Annamaria M. 366 Zalud. Marianne F. 317 Zanone, Anthony E. 112,1-15. 317 Zanotti. Dorothy R. 171.343 Zan .e. Randall W. 366 Zavala. Hector L. Zbacnik. Frank R. Zeitsoff, Claudia K. Zimmer. Louis J. II 286 Zimmerman. Bruce L. 366 Zimmerman, John R. 286 Zimmerman. Terrie B. 317 Zimmerman, Thomas G. 286 Ziomek, Camille M. 155,343 Ziomok. Eileen C». 133.343 Ziska, Frederick A. 317 Zolan. William J. 366 Zolezzi, Enea S. 343 Zolezzi, June M. 366 Zu ran ski, Sue Ann 286 Zvanski, Clara 286 Zwaska. Jill M. 343388    922 Oak Street Kansas City, Missouri 64106 Litho in U.S.A. by members of Lithographers and Photoengravers Union—Local 235Red of the Dawn! Is it turning a fainter red? So be it, but when shall we lay The Ghost of the Brute that is walking and haunting us yet, and be free? In a hundred, a thousand winters? Ah, what will our children be? The men of a hundred thousand, a million summers away? Alfred Tennyson

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