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 i!iujoj!|c;) ‘oospuBJj uej; 00SI3URJJ ubjj jo A|;sja ijuf| NOfl Z961Dedication In the last few years, a critical eye has been turned on the art of teaching. Students are now demanding more of a college professor than simply a professional competence in the classroom. Administrators also seem to be seeking men and women who are more than just scholars with long lists of books and articles to their credit. Here at USF, the faculty have responded admirably to the challenge to be more than just a teacher or scholar. The faculty have won the admiration and affection of the students by their deeply personal interest in their students’ lives and activities. This interest is manifested both within the classroom and outside of it—as an imaginative lecture, an unhurried office consultation, a talk over coffee in the Green and Gold Room, or by attending a student party. It is to the entire faculty, but in particular to the following teachers who have displayed their interest unfailingly, that we dedicate the 1966-67 DON: Donald Brandon, Political Science Lloyd Burns, S.J., Classics John Collins, Speech John Fischer, S.J., Mathematics Mel Gorman, Chemistry Joan Green, Nursing James Haag, Physics Edward Kcssel, Biology’ James McCauley, S.J., Psychology Richard Mulcahy, S.J., Economics William Richardson, S.J., Theology Luigi Sandri, Fine Arts Karl Schmidt, Modern Languages Eugene Shallert, S.J., Sociology Edward Stackpoole, S.J., English James Straukamp, S.J., History Robert Struckman, Philosophy Cornelius Visser, Business Administration4Table of Contents l)SF: The Cosmopolitan University Academics Students Activities Sports The Year POWELL , AMO MAR KET FISHERIES WHWf 3 BLOCKS rttou TtPumn B A V AND TAVLOR Meet me at the St. FrancisjHIhF 6DSF: The Cosmopolitan University San Francisco is an international city. With one of the world’s largest natural harbors, it attracts commerce from all over the world and its financial district is the home of numerous international banks and corporations. Caught between the financial district and the old Italian section of North Beach are some of the world’s finest restaurants and cheesiest nightclubs. The largest Chinese community outside of Hong Kong dwells in the squalid splendor of Chinatown; remnants of a once-great Italian ghetto still exist in gaudy North Beach. Spanish, Russian, French, and Japanese are the primary languages of many of its neighborhoods and the “City that knows how” is run by a tight clique of sons of Irish immigrants. San Francisco boasts of being the cultural center of the West, with its magnificent opera house and numerous art galleries, theatres, and museums; yet it contains within its city limits two large Negro slums where a substantial minority of the inhabitants are illiterate. It is a city of paradoxes. In the center of this cosmopolitan melting pot stands the University of San Francisco. 7San Francisco has always opened itself to USF. In recent years, the role of the City has changed, however, from a passive lecture hall to an active laboratory. Through such organizations as the Student Western Addition Project (SWAP) and the Urban Life Institute (ULI), the University community has firmly committed itself as a participant, and not merely as a spectator, in the life of San Francisco. Headed by Dr. Ralph Lane, SWAP gives students a chance to share the benefits of their education with racial minorities and the mentally retarded. ULI, under the direction of Dr. Jack Curtis, moves a bit deeper into the life of San Francisco. Its workers deal with both racial and other types of minorities: the hippies of the Haight-Ashbury District, the social outcasts residing in the Tenderloin, and persons displaced by urban renewal. 8The campus is not only tied to the City through service projects. San Francisco has been a politically-oriented town ever since Boss Ruef and his corrupt gang took over City Hall. Many alumni are deeply involved in politics, both on the local and national level. In this election year, both Young Republicans and Young Democrats have made their presence felt on the Hilltop, and the visit of Senator Robert Kennedy to USF increased the political tempo. The issue of the war in Vietnam is always a topic of conversation, and the “New Left" University Peace Forum has kept both the war and the question of the University’s commitment to the war through compulsory ROTC a lively issue. All students are not inclined to the activist life, however, and San Francisco offers them a wide variety of ways to spend their time. They can browse or buy in innumerable shops, visit art galleries and museums, or just relax in any number of drinking establishments. . 1011I ITSF is not confined to just the square block between Fulton and Golden Gate, Masonic and Parker, nor even to San Francisco or the Bay Area, however; the University, through various foreign tours and study-abroad programs, has opened the entire world to its students. USF students can choose to visit the Orient (and perhaps meet India’s Prime Minister Mrs. Ghandi) with Dr. Campbell of the History Department or they can spend a summer session in Spain, Mexico or Palma de Mallorca. Through arrangements with other universities, USF provides the opportunity for its students to spend a full year studying in Rome, Florence, or Fribourg. The chances to travel in Europe, to learn foreign languages well and to meet people of other countries are limitless. USF's professors are also often found in Europe in scholarly pursuits. When these students and teachers return to the Hilltop, they bring back much of what they have learned and add their bit of internationalism to the Cosmopolitan University. 13Tmiiiin ijminAjiWhat began in 1855 as the small, parochial St. Ignatius College in the gold rush town of San Francisco has grown along with the City. It has been a long established cliche to say that USF lias two campuses: the main one on the Hilltop, and the second on the streets of San Francisco. But with the rapid and continuing growth of the University, USF has extended itself beyond the confines of the City, even beyond the United States. There is now a third campus, which may be found at the Portobello Flea Market in London, St. Peter’s in Rome, or a street festival in Germany. USF, in its search for knowledge, has opened itself to both the City and the world. 15Academics 17Administration 18Fr. President toasts the Hcalys at the banquet, celebrating the dedication of Haycs-Hcaly Hall. President and Rector Very Rev. Charles W. Dullea, S.J. Fr. President with Regent George GillsonPaul J. Harney, S.J., Ph.D. Academic Vice-President Academic Margaret Lightbody, A.B. Assistant to the Academic Vice-President 20 Augustine P. Donoghue, Ph.D. Director of AdmissionsAdministration Hazel Gannon, A.B. Assistant to the Registrar 21Timothy L. McDonnell, S.J., Ph.D. Vice-President for Development Thomas J. Sullivan, S.J., M.A. Director of Alumni Relations Development 22Jack II. Curtis, Ph.D. Director, Urban Life Institute Thomas F. Jordon, B.S. Vice-President for University Relations James W. Kelly, Jr., B.A. Director of Public Information 23William J. Monihan, S.J., M.A. Director of Library Relations Juliet B. Clark, M.A. 24 Acting Head Librarian Libraries Student Services John J. Lo Schiavo, S.J., M.A. Vice-President for Student Affairs Anne Dolan, Ph.D. Dean of Women Robert A. Sunderland, S.J., M.A. Dean of Men 25Student Services Norton J. Herold, S.J., Ph.L. Financial Advisor for Students William M. Wharton, Jr., M.A. Foreign Student Advisor William J. Keenan, S.J., M.A. Chaplain David J. Zaugg, B.A. Assistant Director of ResidentsStudent Services Robert G. Milligan, Ph.D. Director of Testing and Counseling 27 U0UII6 -Am «f wJf.unr.iS fgS £ 5T5cm7 3»5K Peter P. Peletta, A.B. Director of Athletics Student Services Clifford C. Hughes, B.S. Director of University Center Charles F. I-Iafron, B.S. Director, Intramural Program James M. Corbett, S.J., M.A. Treasurer Business Services Edward P. Coffey, M.B.A. Director of Business Services George T. Preston, B.S.C. Director of Plant Services Zeula M. Griswold Bursar 2930 Mickie McCracken Acting Purchasing Agent31Charles Kendrick Schlage Ix ck Company Chairman of the Board of Regents t Harry M. Bardt Bank of America Richard P. Cooley Wells Fargo Bank Preston Devine District Court of Appeal Adrien J. Falk Bay Area Rapid Transit District Paul B. Fay Fay Improvement Company George B. Gillson Marco F. Heilman J. Barth Co. Jack II. I low Edward R. Bacon Co. Christian de Guigne III Stauffer. Chemical Company Mortimer Fleishhacker The Fleishhacker Company Reed 0. Hunt Crown Zellerbach Corp. 32Roger I). Lapham. Jr. Alexander, Sexton Carr of California T. Kevin Mallen Sutro and Company Edmund W. Littlefield Utah Construction Mining Co. Ernest J. Loebbecke Title Insurance Trust Company Marshall P. Madison Pillsbury, Madison Sutro N. Loyal 1 McLaren Haskins Sells Thomas J. Mellon City of San Francisco Goerge G. Montgomery Kern County Land Company A. E. Pouting Blyth Company Donald J. Russell Southern Pacific Company Jerd F. Sullivan. Jr. C rocker-Citizens National Bank Leslie B. Worthington United States Steed Corporation 3334John H. Martin, S.J., Ph.D. DEAN The Graduate Division offers curricula leading to the degree of Master of Arts in education, English, history, political science, and theology; to the degree of Master of Arts in teaching in biology, English, history, mathematics, political science, and sociology, and to the degree of Master of Science in biology and chemistry, and to the degree of Master in Business Administration. The faculty of the Graduate Division is drawn from the faculties of the other constituent units of the University.Francis R. Walsh, LL.B. DEAN School of Law The School of Law prepares students for the practice of law in jurisdictions following the traditions of the Anglo-American legal system. The curriculum is planned to present the principles of the common law and equity jurisprudence, but comparison is made with the civil law and attention is given to the interpretation and application of statutory material. In addition, the School strives to impart a lively appreciation of the natural law, which is the mandatory aspect of the objective moral order. The School is an original participant in the Public Defender program sponsored by the Federal Government. 36I m ' ; Wf m ULMHM . ,m MEdmond J. Smyth, S.J., Ph.D. DEAN The College of Liberal Arts attempts to provide the student with a cultural background for life. By its integration of knowledge, it seeks to prepare a student for any field in our complex civilization. Essentially, the College of Liberal Arts is the preparation course for the legal profession, for government service, for the teaching profession, for the business world, and, above all, for the well-educated person. The College offers an Honors Program to superior students in which “Western European Thought and Culture” is treated topically within an advancing historical framework. The advance of scientific knowledge has progressively demonstrated the interdependence and interrelationship of the basic natural sciences. The departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics have therefore been grouped together to constitute the College of Science. The Institute of Chemical Biology, which undertakes research in the causes and cures of cancer and numerous other diseases, is affiliated with the College of Science. Colleges of Arts and Science 38 Dr. Donald Campbell of the History Department and his Asian tour group meet with Mrs. Indira Ghandi, Prime Minister of India.39Faculty: Liberal Arts 40Classics Giacinto Matteucig, Ph.D. Professor Arthur E. Swain, S.J., M.A. (Oxon.) Assistant Professor Lloyd R. Burns, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor Edward J. Muenk, M.A. Instructor 41Economics Andrew C. Boss, S.J., M.A. Professor Richard E. Mulcahy, S.J., Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Michael B. Lehmann, M.A. Assistant Professor Frederick A. Brier, Ph.D. ProfessorIrvin}? Lowe, Ph.D. Associate Professor 43 John B. Gleason, Ph.D. Associate Professor English Warren J. Coffey, Ph.D. Associate Professor David M. Kirk, Ph.D. Chairman and Associate ProfessorJohn J. Coleman, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor English Robert J. Brophy, S.J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor David L. Derus, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Anne E. Lawless, Ph.D. Assistant Professor William J. Finnegan, S.J., M.A. Assistant ProfessorHistory Donald R. Campbell, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Robert I. Burns, S.J., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorHistory Ashbrook Lincoln, Ph.D. Professor John Tracy Ellis, Ph.D. Professor of Church History V. Michael Mathes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Frank L. Beach, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 47Eugene Prater, M.A. Instructor History Edmond J. Smyth, S.J., Ph.D. Associate ProfessorI Military Science Lt. Co). Eugene J. Holmes Professor Capt. William Cummins, Jr. Assistant Professor Maj. John W. Swaren, Jr Assistant Professor Lt. Michael Svanevik Assistant Professor Lt. Thomas B: Bragg Assistant Professor Capt. James Ault, Jr. Assistant Professor Maj. William P. Boyle Assistant Professor Capt. Gerald Landry Assistant ProfessorLuigi D. Sandri, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Modern Languages P. Carlo Rossi, S.J., Ph.D. Professor 50 John E. Aguiar, M.A. Assistant Professor Karl Schmidt, M.A. Instructor Jean Y. Audigier, M.A. InstructorRobert L. Hurst, S.J., M.A. Instructor Modern Languages ■ Barbara J. Mortenson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Mechthild Cranston, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Jose Martinez, Ph.Ldo. Instructor Maria E. Marchesi, A.B. Instructor 5152 Robert E. McMahon, S.J., Ph.L. Assistant ProfessorEdward W. Brusher, A.B. Assistant Professor Francis J. Marien, S.J., Ph.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Albert J. Smith, S.-J., M.A. Assistant Professor Thomas E. Schaefer, Ph.D. Associate Professor Philosophy 53Vincent J. Moran, Ph.D. Assistant Professor William J. Sullivan. S.J., M.A. Instructor Jack Gordon, M.A. Instructor Wilson A. Aldridge, S.J., M.A. Associate Professor Antonio T. DeNicholas, B.A. Instructor Philosophy 54George H. McGlynn, Ed.D. Faculty Member-in-Cha rgc and Instructor Physical Education Phillip Vukicevich, B.S. Instructor Peter P. Peletta, A.B. InstructorGeorge J. Lerski, Ph.D. Associate Professor Alexander Smetana, Ph.D. Associate Professor 56 Robert C. Mackenzie, M.A. Associate Professor Edward Racciocco, M.A. Instructor John J. Nienstadt, M.A. InstructorPsychology Michael E. Cavanagh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor James M. Colwell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor L' Richard P. Vaughan, S.J., Ph.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Robert G. Milligan, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorPsychology Helen P. McTaggart, Ph.D. Assistant Professor James P. McCauley, S.J., M.A. Instructor Lawrence I ’. Murphy, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorJack H. Curtis, Ph.D. Professor Sociology Mary J. McCormick, Ph.D. Professor Ralph Lane, Jr., Ph.D. Chairman and Associate Professor Eugene Shallert, S.J., Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor i sr Glyn Williams. Cand. Ph.D. Assistant Professor 59John J. Collins, M.A. Faculty Member-in-Charge and Assistant Professor Thomas J. O’Sullivan, A.B. Lecturer 60Speech James J. Dempsey, S.J., M.A. Instructor Belle Bloom, M.A. Lecturer Stephen B. Earley, S.J., M.A. Associate Professor Rose Kranz, M.A. LecturerTheodore T. Taheny, S.J., S.T.D. Assistant Professor John J. Mealy, S.J., S.T.L. Professor Albert J. Zabala, S.J., S.T.D. Chairman and Associate ProfessorJoseph C. Diebels, S.J., S.T.L. Assistant Professor Theology Mary Lou Burg, M.A. Instructor William 0. Richardson, S.J., S.T.L. Assistant Professor Barbara Broderick, M.A. Hendrick J. Van Torre, S.J., S.T.I). Thomas Drain, M.A. Instructor Professor InstructorFaculty: Science 64Edward L. Kessel, Ph.D. Chairman and Professor El wood W. Molseed, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Biology Lucy Treagan, Ph.D. Lecturer Robert A. Schoolcy, M.A. Instructor Francis P. Filice, Ph.D. Professor 65Mel Gorman, Ph.D. Professor Gifford E. McCasland, Ph.D. Associate Research Professor William Maroncy, Ph.D. Chaimian and l ofessov Andrew C. Dachauer, S.J., Ph.J), Assistant ProfessorManfred E. Mueller. Ph.D. Lecturer Robert J. Seiwald, Ph.D. Professor Samuel Waxier, M.D. Research Associate Institute of Chemical Biology Joseph II. Cast, Sc.I). Research Professor68 Edward J. Farrell, M.S. Associate ProfessorGeorge D. Sullivan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Otto Plaat, Ph.D. Assistant Professor . Walsh, S.J., M.A. Instructor Mathematics David J 69Physics Rex F. Harris, B.E. Lecturer in Engineering Karl J. Waidcr, M.A. Chairman and Professor J. Clifton Albergotti, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 70Physics Phillip S. Applebaum. M.A. Lecturer Raymond J. Genolio, Ph.D. Assistant Professor James N. Haag, Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorCollege of Business Administration Vincont P. Wright, D.Ed. DEAN The College of Business Administration attempts to prepare the student to assume responsibility in the business world. Because the demands of modern business are constantly changing, it is important for the student to have the flexibility which comes from a broad education. The curriculum of the College of Business Administration is designed for this purpose. A general business background is acquired from the study of economic theory, business fluctuations, marketing, finance, production, and industrial relations. Specialization is achieved by an area of emphasis chosen from one of nine fields. The Labor-Management School, although independent of the College, is closely allied with it through its work to improve relations between labor and management. Rev. Andrew C. Ross, S.J., Director of the Labor-Management School, meets with a group of labor educators from India.74Business Administration Russell G. Davy, M.B.A. Lecturer William 1). Litzinger, D.B.A. Associate Professor Steven Ilollos, Ph.D. A ssoc i ate 1 ’ !• ) lessor Cornelius Visser, M.A. Associate Professor 75Business Administration Robert A. Stock, M.B.A. Assistant Professor Joseph P. Simini, M.B.A Professor Virginia A. Berry, LL.B. Assistant Professor William J. Regan, Ph.D. Professor Eamonn Barrett, M.B.A. InstructorBusiness Administration siisi ■liSiSI Theodore J. Upland, M.B.A. Instructor Lester Greene, Ph.D. Associate Professor Gabriel A. Zimmerman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Donald J. LoGiudice, M.S. Instructor Yuan-Li Wu, Ph.D Professor 77 Sister Mary Beata, S.M., M.S. DEAN The School of Nursing has for its purpose the preparation of the student for beginning professional positions, under supervision, in any area of nursing, including public health; and continued professional growth and graduate study. Clinical experience, which is part of the nursing curriculum, takes place at St. Mary’s Hospital as well as numerous other hospitals, health agencies and community centers throughout the Bay Area. School of Nursing 7879I. Nursing Carol J. DeMartini, M.S. Instructor James T. Harrison, M.D. Lecturer Lexie Woodruff, M.S. Assistant Professor Piedad Esquivel, M.P.H. Assistant Professor 81Left to right: Joan Green, M.S.N., Assistant Professor (seated); Kathleen Lonsdale, M.S., Instructor; Evelyn Mueller, M.A., Instructor; Marilyn Kellogg, M.S., Instructor; Sr. Martina, S.M.. M.S., Instructor; Dorothy Daigle, M.A., Assistant Professor; Eleanor Metz, M.S., Instructor; Frances Evans, M.A., Associate Professor; Sr. Fabian, S.M., M.S., Assistant Professor 82 Ann C. Watkins, M.S. InstructorNursing Sister Mary Martha, S.M., M.S. Associate Professor Patricia Ross, M.S. Catherine Altman, M.S. Sr. Helen, S.M., M.S. Lona Schlageck, M.S. Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor 83-Vcw teachers take the oath of allegiance. Department of Education The University of San Francisco is authorized by the California State Board of Education to recommend candidates for the Standard Teaching Credential with a Specialization in Secondary Teaching and the Standard Supervision Credential. In addition, the University is authorized to offer course work which will be accepted by the State Department of Education on the basis of direct application, for credentialization in the fields of Elementary Education, Junior College teaching, School of Librarianship. and Pupil Personnel Services, in the area of Child Welfare and Attendance, Pupil Counseling, and Rehabilitation Counseling. John R. Devine, Ed.D. Professor George G. Kearney, S.J., M.A. Assistant Professor' Gerald A. Sugrue, S.J., M.A. DIRECTOR Evening College In its Evening College, the University offers extensive courses in liberal arts, business administration, and mathematics to students who wish to obtain the bachelor’s degree, to gain college credit, or improve themselves by cultural and technical studies. The faculty is drawn from members of the full-time Day and Evening Staffs and from competent part-time instructors in the various disciplines. 85Summer Session The Summer Session of the University offers essentially the same program as the regular session, but special emphasis is placed on the theology curriculum. For six weeks USF has a reputation as the most outstanding school of theology in the world. Scholars like Haring from Rome, Nota and Vanneste from Belgium. Stanley from Canada, and McKenzie, Brown, Vawter and Diekmann come from all over the United States. Fr. Albert Zabala, S.J., theology department chairman, does an outstanding job of recruiting these noted scholars. For six weeks hundreds of priests laymen, nuns and brothers converge on the campus for intensive reflection on the latest research in the areas of Scripture, liturgy, speculative and moral theology. 868789Student Life I I 90In the last four years, the tempo of student life has picked up considerably. Each fall the Admissions Office announces that the Freshmen, judging from their SAT scores and high school grade points, are the smartest class in USF’s history. The Registrar dutifully announces that enrollment is at an all-time high. With more and brighter students, emphasis is gradually shifting from the rah-rah life to academic pursuits. But academics is not the sole component of college life. College is a mixture of highlights and mundane, everyday doings. The highlights will come later; here is a glimpse of daily student life. 91Cigarettes • • • Coffee and cigarettes — these are also basic facts of student-hood. Coffee and cigarettes mean a quick break from the monotony of class and the occasional tension of study. They accompany a talk with friends, a conversation with a professor, reading the morning Chronicle, r just meditating while sipping and watching the smoke rise. and Coffee...94S6 • mnod jojThe Phenemenon of Man... 96'San Francisco is the native home of a good percentage of USF students, and the adopted home of many others who do not live on campus. For those who do not dwell within the parental walls of a USF dorm there are a few added attractions to student life, such as the nightly task of swabbing down the crockery or washing your dirty sheets. Some male apartment dwellers evade the problem of cooking by enticing their young ladies down two or 98three nights a week and may even be so fortunate as to be served a home-made dessert. Those who are not so lucky, however, often content themselves with delicacies purchased from Tony at Fulton Poods or one of the young lovelies at the Circus Donut Shoppe—famed bastions of gastric delight for the resident and non-resident alike. Married students carry an even heavier load of responsibility, playing the role of student during the day while tending to spouse and, sometimes, baby at night. But married, single, dormie, apartment dweller or dav-hop, all are part of the USF scene. 99Seniors 100Raymond F. Abeling Accounting San Francisco Michael John Acorne History Petaluma College Player 2.3.4; Dem. Club 4; Historical Soc. 1,2,3. "Sydney or the Bush.” Barbara Ann Ahboltin Nursing Oakland “To have been given life, and get never to have tasted it, is the greatest sin of aU ” Michael Henry Ahrens Political Science San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 1,2,3; Pi Sigma Alpha 3. Robert W. Airey Marketing Burlingame Bus. Ad. Club 3; SAM 3. Sherman Edward Anderson Psychology Little Rock. Arkansas Academic Council 4. “Strive for the best ' Wots man inieht in Kopf hat, muss er in Fuss machen’ —in life.” Richard Stottko Andrews, Jr. International Business Hillsborough Edward John Anello English San Francisco 101John Dyer Arras Philosophy San Francisco European Study Program, Sorbonne, Paris 3; Swimming 1,2. "Hell, I'll think of something to say.” Roderick S. L. Auyang Economics Hong Kong Johnny M. Aviles Political Science Pacifica Jo Ann Mary Bacigalupi Nursing Stockton “Words are only necessary after love has gone.” Carol Anne Bagan Nursing Piedmont "But today well-lived makes every tomorrow a vision of hope." Ralph Louis Barbieri Political Science Milibrae FOGHORN 2; Hawaiian Club 1; Intramurals 3: President's Honor Roll 1: Order of Royal Snakes 2.3; Yell-Leader 4. "IF jcn it comes to studies, the earlier you start the longer it takes." Vicky Bargiacchi Nursing Alameda BSC 3. "Qnr sera, sera!” James M. Barrett Political Science Santa RosaWe Gained New Perspectives " need to laugh and when the sun is out. I've got something I can blah about ' Lennon McCartney, Good Pay Sunshine Joseph A. Bartek International Business Rock Springs, Wyoming Bus. Ad. Club 3.4. Donna Lee Bates Nursing Victorville Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; Res. Council 2; Tri Gamma 1,2, 3,4. “Pleasure may come of illusion, but happiness can come only of reality." —Chamfort Maria Teresa Beckwith History Seattle, Washington College Players 2; Historical Soc. 3,4. Frederick J. Bennett international Business San Francisco Glenda-Anne Beishline French Walnut Creek CIC 3; Ecstasy Film Club 4; French Club 4; R.A. 3,4; SWAP 4; Language Program, Fillmore 3. "God docs not ask perfect work, but infinite desire."— St. Catherine of Sienna Frances Olivia Benson Sociology San Francisco CIC 1,2,3; FOGHORN 2; Irish Club 3. "I have other names if you are interested."—Zorba Donna Q. Bell Nursing Tulsa, Oklahoma "Some hearts put out more love, some less of it. presumable. Some say this product of hearts is knowledge."— Herzog David John Belli Accounting Specialist San Francisco "Thanks to those who made these four years possible."Victor Francis Berardelli, Jr. Political Science San Francisco CSF 1,2,3; KUSF 4, Bus. Mngr.; Philhistorians 1; SAM 3,4; Y.R.'s 1,2,3; Western States Intercollegiate Speech Champ, for USF. Theresa Sue Berberich Nursing San Bernardino Amigos Anonymous 2,3,4; Gamma Pi Epsilon 3.4; Res. Council 3; SWAP 1; Tri Gamma 2,3,4. Marianne Biddle Nursing Port Herman, Maryland "The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remain hovering over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves.”—K. Gibran Denis Binder Economics — Accounting San Francisco FOGHORN 1,2; St. Ives Law Soc. 3,4; Sigma Alpha Sigma 3.4. Pres. 4; SWAP 3.4. "When in doubt, take a delayed" M. Lawrence Blum, Jr. Marketing San Diego Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3.4: Basketball 1.2,3,4. Jack A. Bonsor Philosophy San Francisco Dem. Club 1. "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."—R. Frost Donald L. Betz Political Science Seattle, Washington Academic Council 4, Chair.; European Study Program, Rome 2; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 4; R.A. 4. “In learning to love, one comes to life”—Padovano Willard David Bliss History Ukiah SWAP 4.Theodore Nicholas Boratynski History San Francisco SWAP 2.3.4; K.C.’s 3.4. Lecturer 4. Gerald Anthony Borchelt Sociology San Francisco “There arc t oldcn apples to be picked and preen hills to climb."—Rod McKucn Michael George Borelli Political Science Los Banos ASUSF Leg. 3; Peers 2.3.4. Sec. 2; Res. Council 3. See.: Student Court 3.4. Chief Justice 4. “You win a few, you lose a few: the rest arc rained out." Richard Merlo Botteri Political Science Beaverton, Oregon College Players 1: I)eni. Club 1.2,4, Pres. 2; European Study Program. Rome 3; Philhistorians 1,2,4, Pres. 2; Pi Signia Alpha 4: on Power and Poverty in the Modern World, Student Delegate, Lugano, Switzerland. “Copli la rosa, ninfa, or chc e'il be tempo."—Lorenzo il Magnifico Gene Bousquet Transportation San Francisco Bruce Cabot Bowman Accounting Concord Delta Signia Pi 3,4. Tres. 4. Daniel A. Boyle Philosophy San Bernardino Academic Council 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Order of Royal Snakes 2,3,4; SEC 1,2. "Far better to go hungry for an entire week, than to eat when there is no food" —R. M. Syracuse John Bortolussi Pre-Dental Crockett Marjorie Bacon Brady Political Science Sausalito Pi Sigma Alpha 4.We Learned To Express Ourselves “That nonr may call a Council but the Pope” —Luther. Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Maureen Patricia Brady Nursing San Bruno Hawaiian Club 1; Sodality 3; Tri Gamma 2.3.4. . . the work of a man'a hand cornea back to him.” Proverbs 12:14 Alfred Joseph Brandi Political Science San Francisco Amigos Anonymous 2; Class Rep. 1; SWAP 2.3.4, Chair. 4. “To thine own self be true” Richard Edward Brennan Sociology San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 1,2,3,4; Class Pres. 1; Class Rep. 3. Victor G. Bucher Accounting Specialist Oroville Delta Sigma Pi 1,2,3.4. “To know the truth.” Sharon Marie Buckley Nursing Santa Rosa Irish Club 2,3; KUSF 1; Sodality 1»2,3,4; SWAP 3,4; Tri Gamma 4; Wasmann Biological Soc. 1,2. Pat Buratovich Nursing Dinuba Hawaiian Club 4; Tri Gamma 1. Joseph Robert Burns Biology San Diego Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3.4; BSC 3.4; Order of Royal Snakes 2.3; Phi Beta Chi 1,2. “When in doubt—drop » • Helen Sergei Buzolin English San Francisco College Players 2,3,4; Phil-historians 2.3,4; Song Girl 2. “Do I dare disturb the universe? In a minute there is time . . .”—T. S. Eliot 106Peter Daniel Byrne English Aptos DON 1,2.3. Faculty Ed. 1; Order of Royal Snakes 2,3; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. “The sun will rise tomorrow to illuminate the horizons which we must conquer in the future." David L. Canedo Accounting Specialist San Diego Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,4; ASUSF Tres. 4; President’s Honor Roll 1; Res. Council 3; Order of Royal Snakes 2: St. Ives Law Soc. 3,4. "Would you consider shaking my hand?" William Edward Cahalan Accounting Specialist San Francisco John Francis Canney English Salinas "Though u c cannot make our sun stand still, yet we ran make him run." Paul P. Carey Biology Darien, Connecticut DON 1; Omicron Theta Chi 4. Peter Francis Cain Marketing San Francisco Baseball 1; Clubs' Council 4, Pres.; Irish Club 2,3.4, Pres. 4. "It’s been a long run, but I'm happy to close this engagement." Joseph Capell Psychology Fresno Omicron Theta Chi 3,4; Psych Club 3; SWAP 3. "Finally - Consumatum est. The. friends have made it worthwhile." Thomas F. Casey 111 Political Science San Mateo European Study Program. Rome 3; Pi Sigma Alpha 4: Order of Royal Snakes 2: St. Ives Law Soc. 4; Sanctuary Soc. 1. "In their actual existence this mobile nature is concealed."—Karl Marx Cami Dwyer Campbell Spanish San Francisco Hispanic-American Club 4; Irish Club 4; SWAP 4. Anthony Carey Political Science Oakland Math Club 2; United Crusade 2,3; Dem. Club 2,3; YR’s 1,2.William J. Casey Biology Chico “Thanks, Dad!" Christopher John Castagnola Marketing San Francisco Repina Ido L. Cauilan Biology San Francisco Chess Club 3,4; Philippine Club 1,2,3,4; St. Vincent De Paul Soc. 1,2,3,4. “All life is but a constant endeavor before he makes his final rest.” Louis Peter Caviglia History Burlingame Arthur Louis Cecchin History San Francisco "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keev, and miles to go before I sleep’' Ann Louise Chambers Nursing Salem, Oregon "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun; but the hills we icould climb were just the seasons out of time." Godfrey Joseph Cernyar Philosophy Mt. Angel, Oregon "Carpe diem, quam minimum crdula postcro." Douglas R. Chandler History Phoenix, Arizona Academic Council 4; Alpha Sigma Nu 4: Rifle Team 1,2; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. 108Randall Yun Chew Chinn History Honolulu, Hawaii “There arc places fn see ana things to do." Wayne Chinp Psychology Spencer. West Virginia DON Kameth Ignatius Chisholm, Jr. History San Francisco HSC 4; Historical Society 3,4; KC’s 3,4; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; YR's 2,3,4. “To Mom, without whom I wouldn't he here." Fran Church Nursing Sacramento DON 2; SWAP 3; Tri Gamma 1,2,3,4. “Here is a day that sings with the promtste of n thou-sand things ..." rhomns Michael Connolly nlitical Science an Francisco JoAnn Corcoran Finance Las Vegas, Nevada Dennis William Clary Spanish Guemeville "According to St, Thomas • Michael Patrick Collins Psychology San Francisco ASUSF Leg. 2,3. Pariiam. 3; Class Pres. 2; Phi Beta Chi 4; Psych Club 3. Vice-Pres.Mary Jo Courtney Nursing Riverside Sodality 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2. Pres. 3; Tri Gamma 1.2.3,4: Welcome Comm. 2, Chair. “God is qlorified, not by our groans, but by our thanksgivings.” Daniel James Dahl Political Science San Francisco Dem. Club I; Sec. ”0 God. Thy sea is so great and my boat so s-mall!" Gerald Owen Cox English Winchester, Massachusetts Richard Stuart Cushman English Petaluma President’s Honor Roll 1,2. 3,4. “Unc autre fois jc t’ouvria won a me: Andromaqne par-off." Racine, ANDROMAQVE. I, iii Nicholas Raymond Darner Political Science Portland, Oregon CCD 1; FOGHORN 2; Rifle Team 1. “This is the victory that overcomes the world: our faith, our hope, our joy." no James Doran Coyle English Napa FOGHORN 3.4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Order of Royal Snakes 2,3,4. Head Python. “He who . . . who He."— Boo Coyle 1957 Richard Frank Czapleski Finance Meadville, Pennsylvania Ilal C. Danzer P re-Med Lynwood Academic Council 4: Sodality 2,3,4; Omicron Theta Chi 2.3.4; SWAP 1. Thomas Ross Craig Political Science San Francisco Arch and Arc 1: College Players 1. Joan Veronica da Rosa English Colma SWAP 3. “Thank you. Mom and Dad.”Brother Martin DeMartini, F.S.C. English San Francisco James Thomas Dempsey Philosophy Petaluma Constance Sue Dcnke Nursing Piedmont Amigos Anonymous 3.4: Col-lege Players 1; Glee Club 2.3; Irish Club 3; Rifle Club 1; Sodality 3,4: Tri Gamma 3,4. “And let today embrace the past with remembrances and the future with longing."— K. Gibran Christian Peter Dietrich History Mill Valley BSC 3.4; Pop Band 1.2. “I've loaded myself into the breech and with my diploma — pull the trigger” Some Fell To Folly “The medicine man of the Black- Feet Indian Tribes, when excreting this art upon a sick person, arrayed himself in the most absurd costume that the mind of man ever conceived." Maddox, The Medicine Man John Francis Dineen History San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 1; Intra-murals 1,2,3.4: KC’s 4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. .Vote to communicate the love I have learned." Jerold A. DiRegolo Psychology San Francisco Psych Club 2,3.4. "Ride the Zeitgeist, ere it tramples you." Robert Arthur Docili Accounting Specialist Loleta Lincoln Stanley Dennis Chemistry Redlands Phi Beta Chi 1,2. “ did not come here to watch a tribal blood bath." Richard Brian Dodd Accounting Specialist Seattle. Washington Academic Council 4: Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,4, Tres. 4; Beta Gamma Sigma 3.4, Pres. 4: Football 1,2,3; Order of Royal Snakes 2.3: St. Ives Law Soc. 3.4.Edward J. Dougherty Transportation San Mateo Robert John Drechsler Political Science San Francisco Sigma Alpha Sigma 3.4. Thomas Casey Drew it Biology San Mateo KUSF 3. "You get what you pay for.” —John Arhuckle Larry Gerald Dondero Accounting Linden Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,4; Block Club 3,4; Football 3. Daniel J. Doonan Chemistry Daly City "Awake, Awake! The Dawn in here—the air is filled with atmosphere!" —Mel Gorman Ph.D. Suresh J. Doshi Finance Sudan Delta Sigma Pi 3,4; Internet! Rel. Club I.2.3.4. Pres. 4, Pub. Chair. 3; Model United Nations 3. Francis Anthony Doherty Sociology Lloyd Harbor, New York Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3.4: FOGHORN 1; Football 1: Order of Royal Snakes 2; Yell-leader 2.4. “Relax, turn off your mind and float downstream.” —J. Lennon Terence Francis Donahoe Political Science San Mateo “Men do change, atul change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn." r John Robertson Drews History San Francisco Football 4. Mary Jo Dummer Nursing Whittier Gamma Pi Kpsilon 3,4, See. 4; Hawaiian Club 1: KUSF 1: It.A. 3,4; Sodality 1,2,3.4; SWAP 1.2,3.4; Tri Gamma 2,3.4. David T.oc Duckart Accounting Specialist Modesto Toby Duran Political Science Albuquerque. New Mexico William J. Duggan Management San Francisco Alpha Sigma Nu 3.4: ASUSF Tres. 8: Clubs' Council 3; Irish Club 2: KC’s Psych. Club 2: Publications Council 3. Bernard Donald Edmundson, Jr. Accounting Specialist Santa Cruz “To my loving wife. Beverly, whose patience and fortitude has made this all possible." Daniel S. Eilers Biology Santa Rosa Baseball 1: Intramurals 2.3.4; Order of Royal Snakes 2,3.4. “A useless life is an early death."—Goethe Reba Virginia Ellis Nursing Sonoma Tri Gamma 7 don’t expect to be happy ... I jn t don’t I rant to hr unhappy"—0. Brown 113Joseph T. Elsbernd Political Science San Francisco Class Scc.-Treas. 3: FOGHORN 4. Michael D. Enfield Political Science Alameda Cody Oratorical Champ. 2,3,4; Flaherty Debate Champ. 3: FOGHORN 3,4: KUSF 1,2, Station Mngr. 2: Philhistorians 1: SEC 1. "I know nothing new except that Gellert has died in Leipzig and since then has written no more poetry— W. A. Mozart Michael A. Erlinger Mathematics Encino "Hi!" Andrew Engel man History San Francisco "Work as if you were to live eternally: live as if yon were to die tomorrow." Robert Milton Erickson English Honolulu. Hawaii Arch and Arc 2.3,4; College Players 2.3.4: KUSF 2,3,4. Sports Dir. 3. News Dir. 4. IVe Listened To The Wise Azar M. Faridani Political Science Teheran, Iran Internat’l Rel. Club 3,4; SWAP 2.3,4. "And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line, for self is a sea boundless and mcasuri-less."—K. Gibran Richard Allen Farrell Pre-Mod Tehachapi Omicron Theta Chi 2,3.4: President’s Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4; R.A. 4. "The father invariably boy, . . . This is for Psyehoiogical Problems sanctified his act by saying to the your own good’." Berg Allen, Raymond Andrew Farren History San Francisco Irish Club 3.4; Sigma Alpha Sigma 3,4. ".1 very worthwhih experience." Gail Ann Fazackerley History San Francisco "Thank yon. Mom: thank you. Dad; and thanks, Jim."Charles Michael Fclkins Accounting Oolcta Hus. Ad. Club 2,3; Cross Country 3: Peers 3,1: SWAP 3. "A hen in an egg’s iron ( making another egg." Samuel Butler Ceorgoanne Ruth Foroah Nursing Colusa President’s Honor Roll 2.3: Res. Council 3, Vice-Pros. 3: .Sodality 1.2,3,4, Treas. 4; SWA I I: Tri Gamma 3.4. "Happiness comm of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy x imply, to think freely, to risk life, to he needed.” Michael Philip Forrigno Political Science Sacramento Bus. Ad. Club 3: Dem. Club 2; Golf I; Hawaiian Club 2: Y H’s .|. "Children of life ore ice, ns tee stand with our Item uvea reed before ns.” George Washington Doane Patricia Ruth Fine Nursing Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 'Tlits ee change Plus ee le mettle chose” Cerald Michael Firpo Finance Stockton William Lake Fisher, Jr. Political Science Colusa Dem. Club 2.4; President's Honor Roll 2.3; St. Ives Law Soc. 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 4. "The roots of • ducatutn are bitter but the fruit is street." —Aristotle Michael Fitzgerald Psychology San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega l .2.3,1, Pr« s. 4; Clubs’ Council 4; Intcr-Krat. Council 4; Intramurals 4: Psych Club 1,2; Rangers 3,4; Ski Club 3,4. "Onward for God and my country." Patrick Joseph Flanagan Accounting Specialist San Leandro Bus. Ad. Club 3,4; Res. Council 2. Soc. Chair. 2; SKC 2.3.4. Bus. Mngr. 3. Chair. 4. "Your goal is not a degree, but on education and the understanding of people," Ivltvard Michael Fleck Knglish Santa Barbara Alpha Sigma Nu 4; College Players 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3. "If a man cannot dance, he cannot pray”—Nikos Kaxant .ukis Phillip Sanford Fleisher Industrial Relations Berkeley Scabbard and Blade 3.4. Treas. 4. “To my father, my mother who is gone and mg stepmother, owe so much. My gratitude to each is great.”Earle Harris Fletcher Sociology Oakland Michael .1. Flynn Political Science San Rafael KC’s 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 4: President’s Honor Roll 2,3: St. Ives Law Society 4. Mark A. Foote English Chicago, Illinois College Players Pres. 4: SWAP 1. “Ugly hell, gape not! I’ll burn nig books- ah. Mrphis-tophili !”—DOCTOR FAUS-TUS Ethel Maria Forner Nursing Porterville President’s Honor Roll 1.2. 3,4; Sodality 1; Tri Gamma 1,2.3,4. "When you reach the end of your rope, fie a knot anti hang on.” Robert M. Fonts History San Ansel mo KC’s 3.4: KUSF 3. Lowell James Fouch History San Bernardino Ski Club 4. Thomas Peter Fracisco Political Science Livermore Alumnus Rep. 4; RSC 3.4, Chairman I; Res. Council 4. Tres.: SWAP 1.2. "After the facts are gone, education is left!" Elaine Patricia Franke Nursing Oakland Amigos Anonymous 2.4; Glee Club 1.2,3; Gamma Pi Epsilon 3,4: SEC 1: Sodality 1,2.3.4: SWAP 1.2.4; Tri Gamma 2.3.4; Res. Council 2. Tres. "Mg gratitude to all thost who made nig I’SF education a reality—especially mg par-This is only the begin- Peter Franklin Knglish-Education York. England Football 3.4. “I've conic a long wag toward ignorance, and all uphill.”Marjorie Ann Frantz Nursing Long Beach John Thomas Freeto Pre-Mod Fresno It.A. 4. Geraldine Freitas Nursing Visalia CCD 2; Amigos Anonymous 3; R.A. 3,4; Sodality 1,2.3.4. Sec. 3; SWAP 2.3; Tri Gamma 2.3,4. “Though we travel th world over to find the beautiful, we- must carry it with ns or ice will not find it"—R. Waldo Emerson Richard Arthur Gabellini English Martinez "It did help!" Ronald C. Gable Economics Laguna Beach Academic Council 4; BSC 2,3,4; Education Club I; Glee Club 1,2,3; Peers 2,3,4. "There is nothing more powerful than an idea." Sister Mary Timothy Gallagher Nursing San Francisco Thomas William Galvin History Baseball 1; Irish Club 2.3,4. San Francisco Activities Chair. 3,4: Sigma Alpha Sigma 3; SWAP 3.4: Buchanan Study Hall 4. Co-chair. "Climb every mountain . . . Every day of your life—for as long as you live." Lawrence Murray Caraway Marketing Vancouver. B.C. Bus. Ad. 2; SEC 2. "Why?" David Arthur Garcia Political Science El Paso, Texas College Players 1,2,3,4; ASUSF Leg. 4, Parliamentarian 4; Philhistorians 1.2. 3: Sigma Alpha Sigma 1; YR's 2.3. “I lot'c you more tomorrow than today. Truth—not now. not here, but forever"Samuel Melvin Garcia Transportation Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii BSC 1; Hawaiian Club 1,2, 3.4, Pres. 3; Intrainurals 1,2.3.4: Scabbard and Blade 3.4. “Slowly I turn, step by step f Charles Talbot Gillin Sociology San Francisco Academic Council 4. ‘The age of nations is past. The task before ns note, if we wan hi not perish, is to bniht the earth." Chardil) Sandra Grace (last History Belmont Internat’l Bel. Club 2.3, Vice-Pros. 3; Model United Nations 2; Res. Council 3; SWAP 2. Robert (’. Gcbhardt Philosophy San Francisco Mary Theresa Ginotti Nursing San Francisco SWAP 1: Tri Ganinm Trefts. 3, Pros. 4. “A speeiat thanks to Mow ami Dad." John Milton Gales History San Jose Alpha Delta Gamma 1.2,3.1: Order of the Royal Snakes 2; Res. Council 2. "A thank non is simply not enough in expressing my gratitude to my father and mother." Gcorjse Michael Gentro Mathematics San Lorenzo Intramurals2.3.1. “Now to the army." Raymond Joseph Giordano Knglish San Rafael KC s 2,3.4; St. Ives Law Soc. 4. “Life is too short to waste time complaining.” • Kconomics Mill Valley Delta Sigma I», 2.3: DON 2.3: Historical Soc. 2; Math Club 2.3: Football I: frock 3. “Vir sapit tjni panea far.” loqni- Poter George Giovanola Marketing San Francisco Irish Club 3.1; Sigma Alpha Sigma 3. 118Pamela Rose Glassy Nursing Sacramento John Joseph Glcnnon Zoology San Francisco Michael John Glynn Pre-Mod Modesto Omicron Theta Chi -I. Michael II. Gnecco Marketing San Francisco Bus. Ad. Club 1: Scabbard and Blade 4. John Dennis Gould Finance Orinda Bus. Ad. Club DON 3; ROTO Newspaper 4: Scabbard and Blade 3.4. George K. Grandemange History San Francisco “Many thanks to nit who have helped me.” Franklin Hayward Grauer, Jr. History Napa Alpha Pi Omega 1,2.3,4; Irish Club 3: Scabbard and Blade 3.4; YR's 3. "Faire sons dire." Maija Gross Sociology San Francisco "Sami times we have to go a lony way away in order to come back the right way.” Russ M. Grote Accounting Specialist San Francisco "Hetter 547.5 days late than never." Judith Ann Grover Nursing Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaiian Club 1,2.3,4; Res. Council 1; Tri Gamma 1,2, 3.4. "Only for the happy man does life flower."—Arndt 119Joseph Anjrclo Gualco History San Francisco Baseball "The roots of education art bitter, but the fruit is sweet."—A ristotle Nick Gulk) Pre-Med — Philosophy Covina Res. Council SWAP 4. Michael David Handles Economics San Francisco Jan Peter Hansen History Santa Rosa Basketball 1; Block Club 2,3,4. Pres. 4: Intramurals 1,2,3: Order of Royal Snakes. Art Director 2; Track 2.3.4. "Had only been able to taki 16 tmits of track statistics." Kathleen Marie Haefele English San Leandro DON 1. Highlights Ed.; Song Girl 1,2: ASUSF Sec. 3: SWAP 1; Tri Gamma 1; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 4. Robert Dennis Hansen Sociology Daly City Alpha Pi Omega 1.2.3 1. Tres. 4; Ed. Club 4. James Timothy Hallisy Marketing San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 2.3.4: Irish Club 2,3.4. Richard Paul Hardina History Sebastopol Class Vice-Pres. 3; Class Pres. 4; Dem. Club 1; Frosh Welcome Comm. 2,3.4; KUSF 3; Peers 2.3.4; Publicity Chair. 2. We Drank Our Alloted Portion "He who aspires to be a hero must drink brandp.” Boswell, Life of Johnson 120James David Ilavev History Manteca Dorn. Club -1; European Study Program, Florence 2; Historical Soc. 3.4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3. ",4im for the stars and you trill never notice the climb" Joanne Marie Harnett Nursing Oakland Irish Club 2.3; Tri Gamma "My sinecrest gratitude to the wonderful woman — my mother — who made it possible to vie to acquire the means of gaining satisfaction from work." James Francis Hatijrh Political Science San Francisco James Audette Hayes Political Science Oakland “AH who claim rights should not forget they also hare duties William Michael Hayes Political Science North Bennington. Vermont Jeanninc Marie Him . Nursing Phoenix. Arizona Gamma Pi Epsilon 4; Hawaiian Club 1.2,3.4: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3.4: Tri Gamma 1,2,3,4. Vice-Pros. 3. Donna M. Hollenbeck Nursing Salinas Class Rep. 2; DON 3: Exec. Council 3: Gamma Pi Epsilon 3,4. Pres. 4; Hawaiian Club 1; Sodality 1.2,3: WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. “A poor man is not he who has no money, but he who has no dream." John Paul House, Jr. English Portland. Oregon College Players 1,3: European Study Program. Florence 2; QUARTERLY 1.3: YR’s 3. Sec. “Listen." Mary Lea Hensley History San Francisco Marilyn ICilcen Horan English San Francisco College Players 3,4: Ed. Club I; Irish Club 3,4. “Xothing can bring back thr hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower" —WAV.Thomas Joseph Horan History Albuquerque, New Mexico Stephen Harold Howell History San Francisco Historical Soc. 3,4; Irish Club 3; Sanctuary Soc. 3. "Mp hand is weary with tenting. I.amh foisneach abit.” Ruth E. Horner Nursing, Missoula. Montana. SEC 2.3,4. "Charitas Christi Urgct Nox” Motto, St. Patrick School of Nursing, Missoula, Mont. Robert Denis Hutchison Industrial Relations Burlingame Bus. Ad. Club 4; SAM 4. Judy O. Jaroch Political Science Modesto Edward J. Imwinkelried Political Science San Francisco Deni. Club 2.3; DON 3. "I'm quite illiterate, but read a lot."—J. D. Salinger Judith Ann Jebe Nursing San Francisco College Players 1.2: Tri Gamma 1.2,3.4. Treas. 4. "My gratitude goes to my parents.” Richard William Horrigan Pre-Mod Phoenix. Arizona Alpha Sigma Nu 3.4, Pres. 4; KC's 1.2,3,4. Sec. 2; Omicron Theta Chi 2,3,4; Peers 2,3,4, Pres. 3: President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; R.A. 4; Res. Council 3; Wasmann Biological Soc. 1; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES I. "Avc atque vale!" Harry J. Hovan Accounting Specialist San Francisco Robert Howard Jacobi International Business Honolulu, Hawaii Bus. Ad. Club 3.4; DAILY DON 4; Hawaiian Club 4; Res. Council 4.We Tried To Learn "Our Sphere of Action Is Life's Happiness; and he who thinks beyond, thinks like nn ass." Wilniot, A Satire Against Mankind Paul Y'inccnt Jobst Finance San Francisco Intramurais 3,4. "To my loving wife Solly, whose patience and understanding made it possible." Richard L. Jonos Accounting San Francisco Hus. Ad. Chib 3,4. Patricia M. Johansing Sociology j’asadena Nancy Joan Johnson Nursing San Francisco Patricia Ann Jones Nursing Pacoiina It.A. 3.4; Senior Rep. 4; Sodality 1,2.3,1. Treas. 2; SWAP 3; Tri Gamma Troas. 2. "To get to heaven ice must take it with us." —Henry Drummond John Edward Kalin Sociology Santa ltosa KSC 3,4; SWAP 3.4; Sanctuary Soc. 2; President's Honor Roll 2,3. "The woods arc lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to Keep, and miles to go before I sleep."—It. Frost I.eatrice Ann Kase Liberal Arts Long Beach College Players 3: R.A. 3.1: SWAP 3. tlOll behind ei }tu r pose, faddy, . 'ni worthy hank you Mother Alan. Douglas Francis Kast History San Mateo "Thanks to my parents.'Gayle Kathryn King Nursing Lancaster Academic Council 4: Gamma Pi Epsilon 4; Kes. Council 2; Tri Gamma 2,3,4. Jerry S. Katzeff Physics San Francisco Soccer "It's In in n long, hind rood.' Joan Kennedy Sociology Santa Rosa CIC 2: R.A. 3.4: Hispanic American Club I: SWAP 3 “IVhat, »i worry?" John Joseph Kirby Pre-Dental San Francisco "Many an rath d hut few ure chosen." Michael John ICoberle Political Science San Francisco Irish Club 4. “But have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."—R. Frost Kathleen Kruszona Nursing Claremont “And it has made all the difference.'' Charles Joseph Kueserka History San Francisco "Duty to my country then on to graduate studies.” Gilbert Kuhn Psychology San Francisco 124Albert John Lamm K Icctron ic- Physics Hayward Phi Beta Chi 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. "Thanks, Mom and Dad, (or everything." Therese Adele Lange Nursing West Palm Beach, Florida "Became know all life in a shuttle, I am in haste." Priscilla Anne Larson Nursing: Redondo dec Club 1.2: SWAP 1.2,3.4: Wasmann Biological Soc. 1,2. Lloyd William Lavagetto Political Science San Leandro Pear! Lee International Trade Hong Kong Christian Fellowship 2. "Tenth is creation." Anna Yang Li Accounting Hong Kong 125We Tried New Ideas Denis F. P. Li Finance Hon Kong Arthur R. Lingad Marketing Forbes Park. Makati. Philippines Internat'l Rel. Club 2.3: Philippine Club 2.2.4. Pres. •I; SAM 4. "Mai 1 thank my parents for making the opportunity for a higli r education possible Barbara Mae Lippus History San Francisco Historical Soc. 2; SWAP 3. "Thanks to yon, Mmn and Pad.” Frank Edward Lohmeior Political Science San Mateo KC’s 3,4; St. Ives Law Soc. 3,4. ■ V nRt LtHVinV? THE AMERICAN SECTOR Bbl BblE3 HAETE M3 AMEPHKAHCKOrO CEKTOPA VOUS SORTEZ DU SECTEUR AMERICAIN Sit VtRUSSt OH AHBRKAllSCKt SOW "The University of San Francisco . . . is an American Catholic university, owned and operated by the Society of Jesus." USF Bulletin Edward L. Lombardi, Jr. Marketing Woodland Hills Donald F. Lou mhos History Petaluma Intramurals 2.3,4. "Dow Jones Average 772.93. off 5.24.” Jose Maes Spanish Las Vegas. New Mexico Gene Richard Maiolini Sociology San Rafael Amigos Anonymous 3.4; SWAP I. "To think is to grow." 126John Joseph Maloney Sociology Oakland Baseball 4; Block Club -1; Football 4; Irish Club 3,4; K.C.’s -1; Ski Club 4. "To see is to know . . . To know is to become ... f am becoming.” Thomas Francis Man lers. Jr. History Millbrae Garett Richard Mangan English San Francisco Scabbard and Blade 3.4. Thomas P. Mannion Political Science Burlingame James Henry Marshel Political Science San Francisco Pi Sigma Alpha 2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 4. "Let ns have courage to help to roll back the stone of in-justice." James Patrick Mannion Political Science San Francisco Ed Mark Marcoux Accounting Specialist Santa Rosa Bus. Ad. Club 3,4. Kenneth John Martin Economics San Francisco Academic Senate 4; ASUSF Leg. 2,3,4; Board of Directors, USF Federal Credit Union 3,4, Loan Officer 3,4; SAM 3,4. ".4 special thanks to Joan and family." And Old Ideas 127Robert Fabian Martin History Monterey “El quc quicrr no scr lo qnicrc Sicndo —iMitfue! de Unamuno Royal Bernard Martin Political Science Seattle. Washington Academic Council 4: Pi Sigma Alpha 4; Order of Royal Snakes 2. Mary Ann Matthews Nursing Menlo Park Hawaiian Club 1,2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 4: Sodality 1; Song Girl 1,2; Tri Gamma 1.2,3,4. Kric Paul Matulich Pre-Mcd Watsonville Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Res. Council 3; SWAP 2,3.4. ".4 head start." George R. McCambridge English Santa Monica DON 4; FOGHORN 1,2; QUARTERLY 2; SWAP 1. Daniel John McCarthy Political Science San Francisco Pi Sigma Alpha 3.4. Pres. 4; Irish Club 3,4: BSC 4: Football 1.2,3; YR's 3; Inter-Frat. Council 4. James Casey McCarthy History Garden City. New York European Study Program. Rome 3. John Michael McCarty Political Science Burlingame Intramurals 2.3.4: EC’s 2.3. 1, Recorder 4: St. Ives Law Soc. 3,4. 128Gary M. McDonald Chemistry San Francisco Phi Beta Chi 2,3. "You bid what?" We Made New Friends William F. Mclncrnev, Jr. History San Francisco Irish Club I; KC’s 1,2,3. "Easy come, cany go." Jeanne E. McCann Nursing San Jose Kenneth Gerard McGreevy Chemistry San Francisco Phi Beta Chi 1,2,3,4. "Sweet arc the uses of ad-verity"—Shakespeare Daniel Michael McGilloway Accounting Specialist Monterey Bus. Ad. Club 3,4; Irish Club 3.4. "Can’t beat the wind, the fog "and” a USF' education. P.S.—Thanks Mom and Dad.” Charles Rodney Me Knew. Jr. Economics San Rafael President’s Honor Roll 3.4. Jon Michael McLain Marketing Portland, Oregon Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4. "The time has conn to leave, but where I go is up to me.”Thomas John McMenamin English Tacoma. Washington FOGHORN 1,3; QUARTER-I.Y 3, Ed.; ASUSF Pres. 4. "We must not always talk in the market place of what happens to us in the forest.” Victor Menchaca Political Science Carmichael Frank Louis Meyskens, Jr. Pre-Mod San Francisco Omicron Theta Chi 2,3,4; Wasmann Biological Soc. 4. Patrick James McNeil International Business San Francisco Anita R. Mearls Political Science Tucson, Arizona Pi Sigma Alpha I. Sec.-Treas. 4: SEC 3,4; SWAP 4. "Let us po forth asking His blessing and His help but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own."—J. F. Kennedy JoAnn Mehak French San Francisco "A thank you to my parents and devoted professors." Hernan H. Mesones Production Management Chiclayo, Peru Soccer. All-Western Conference 2.3. Larry Paul Miehelotti Psychology San Francisco Phi Beta Chi 2; Psych Club 3,4. Michael E. Miller History El Paso, Texas "The city that knows how. and the university that doesn't." Robert Joseph Miller Finance San Mateo Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2.3,4, Treas. 3; Block Club 1,2: Basketball 1; Order of Royal Snakes 2.3: SWAP 3. 130James Matthew Milton Knglish San Francisco College Players 1,2,.‘5.4. Frederick William Misakian Industrial Relations San Rafael DON’ 3: KUSF 1; Sigma Alpha Sigma 2,3,4; VR's 1,2, 3.4. Thomas Edward Moran History San Rafael Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4: Football 4; Order of Royal Snakes 2. Joyce Anne Morosi Nursing San Francisco SNAC 3,4; Tri Gamma 1.2.3. 4; Wnsmann Biological Soo. 2. Ellen Mount English Vallejo Andrew William Moyee Knglish San Bernardino FOGHORN 3.4; Glee Club 1. 2.3,4; Kl.'SK 1.2. Personnel Dir. 2: Madrigal Singers 3.4. “Gmius - that which no teacher can destroy." —W. A. Mozart Patrick William Mulkeon Sociology San Francisco SWAP 4. “A n cn — Wowl" Fr. Marien Alice Rebecca Moreland English Springfield. Illinois Kathryn Sabini Moseone Political Science San Francisco Pi Sigma Alpha 4. Marian C. Muller Political Science Honolulu. Hawaii Hawaiian Club 3.4. 131Christine Anne Murphy Sociology San Francisco Irish Club 1,2,3,-I, Vice-Pres. 2,3. John Bartlett Murphy Mathematics San Carlos Chess Club 3,4. "The great niav trusts in God. and axes his talents for his and man's benefit." We Tried Our Hand At Government John William Murphy Accounting Specialist San Jose Football 1. "Thanks to mg’ parents made this possible who “The lair sags that, sir? Then the law, sir. is an ass, sir."—Dickens, Oliver Twist Robert Lee Murphy Accounting Specialist San Francisco BSC 4; Hawaiian Club |; Irish Club 2,3,4, Pres. 3. "Thanks. Minn ” James Hubert Murray English San Francisco Ed. Club 3. Martin Julius Murray Philosophy Walnut Creek Amigos Anonymous 2,3,4: Intramurals I.2.3.4. "A satgagrahi will alwags try to overcome evil bg good, anger by lore, untruth by truth, himsa bg ahimsa." 132r Carol Louise Myers Nursing Reno, Nevada (lamina Pi Epsilon :|,4; KUSF 1; SWAP 1,2; Tri Gamma 2,3,4. James Clare Nernoy Psychology San Francisco Irish Club 4; Psych Club 3,4; SWAP 3.4. “Ocntegaais do aithigid fri deithidin cuirp " Patrick William Murray History San Ansolmo Peter John Muzio English San Rafael Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3.4, Social Chair. 3: DON 2; St Ives Law Soc. 3,4. “I'd say that it's been great, but then they might invite me to come back." Thomas P. Nagle Political Science San Francisco Timothy William Navone Pre-Dental Oakland EC's 2.3. George Aimer Newhall Accounting San Francisco Delta Sigma Pi 2.3.4. James Albert Nelson Marketing Yubu City Alpha Sigma Nu 3,4; Bus. Ad. Club 3,4, Pres. 4; Bus. Newsletter 3,4, Ed.; Beta Gamma Sigma 3,4; Internat’l Rel. Club 2; Marketing Club 2; SEC 3,4, Bus. Mngr. 4.Gregory Michael Nichols P re-Med Portland. Oregon Intramurals 1,2,3; Order of Royal Snakes 2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2; Res. Council 3. "If yon can't say something nice, then don't son anything at all.”—Mother James Michael Norby Political Science Lodi Ocm. Club 3.1; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3.4. Lawrence Robert O'Connor Pro-Med San Diego Alpha Sigma Nu 3.4; Omi-cron Theta Chi 2,3,4; Sec. 4; Arts; SWAP 1.4; USF Bay Area Cancer Crusade 3.4, Chair. Terry Ann O’Keefe Nursing Medford. Oregon Clubs’ Council 3, Sec.; KUSF 1.2; Res. Council 2: Tri Gamma 1,2,3.4. Pres. 3. Orin Richard Olden Accounting San Carlos Delta Sigma Pi 1.2.3,4. Treas. 3; Marketing Club 1.2; Order of Royal Snakes 2; Rifle Club 1. Bowman Mark Anthony Olds Political Science Kailua. Hawaii BSC 3,4; Hawaiian Club 1,2; KUSF 1; Rangers 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3.4. "To those that have math tin difficult easy, the impossible possible." John M. O’Connor English I nglewood Alpha Pi Omega 1; Class Vice-Pres. 1; European Study Program, Florence 2; Philhistorians I; SWAP 1. Virginia Morea O’Leary History Frankfurt. Germany "Education is what one has left over when one has forgotten the facts."Charles Douglas Oliver History Modesto CIC 4; Peer 2.3.4. "Man is the being of those beings who stunt! open for the openness of the being in which they stain!, by standing it . . Eugene A. O’Rourke History San Jose Alpha Delta Gamma 1.2,3,1. Sec. 3, Vice-Prcs. 4; Football 2; Order of Royal Snakes 2: President’s Honor Roll 2; Class Rep. 2: Res. Council 2. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Richard Emanuel Olson Accounting Modesto “Happiness is knowing Goa exists." Thomas Martin O’Malley Finance Vallejo Mary Ann O’Neill Social Welfare Nevada City Robert Barry O’Neil Marketing San Francisco Hus. Ad. Club 4. The time has come,' the walrus said, ‘to talk of many things . . ”—Lewis Carroll Pearl Tazuko Ota Nursing Kaniuela. Hawaii Hawaiian Club 1; SWAP 2; Tri Gamma 2.3.4. Michael Regan O’Toole Finance Springfield, Illinois Cross Country 2.3; Hawaiian Club 4; Peers 2,3.1; Track 2.3.4.Deanna M. Paoli History San Francisco Frank Papp Physics San Rafael William E. Parker. Jr. Psychology Oakland Thomas Ward Parlett English Burlingame “This is only the beginning. »• We Learned About “l-Thou” "It is not good that man should be alone.” Genesis, The Bible A1 Pellegrini English New York. New York College Players 1,2,3; DON 1; FOGHORN 1,2; Philosophy Club 1; Psych Club 3; QUARTERLY 2.3. 4. Ed. 4: SEC 2.3. “Never accept what yon refuse to believe.” Gerald Louis Pelletier History San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega; Basketball 1; Irish Club 3.4. John Louis Perrando History San Francisco Irish Club 4. “I owe mg education to mg parents. Thank you." Philip James Perucea Biology San Carlos Clubs’ Council 4: Dem. Club 4; Omicron Theta Chi 2,3,4; resident’s Honor Roll 1.2,3. 1; AVasmann Biological Soc. 1,2,4. ”Gather ge rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a flying: and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying ..." —Robert HerrickKostandeno Petsas Political Science Richmond College Players 3,4; Head Yell- Leader 3; Pep Band 2, 3,4; Rally Chair. 3,4; St. Ives Law Soe. 3,4. See.-Treas. 4; Tennis 3,4. "All men fear. but the brave put down their fear and go forward; sometimes to death, blit always to victory . . , Thanhs Dad!" Theresa Marie Polasky English San Francisco Ed. Club 3; SEC. 4: Res. Council 3, Pres.; Res. Co. ordinating Council 3, Vice Chair. "Thank you, San Francisco." James Francis Phair Mathematics Los Alamitos A SUSP Act ivities Chair. 3: Hawaiian Club 2,3,4; Historical Soc. 2; Math Club 1,2,3, 4; Peers 2,3,4, Treas. 2; Phi Beta Chi 1,2,3,4. Vice-Prcs. 4; Res. Council 3,4; Sanctuary Soc. 1,2,3; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Class Rep. 4: WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. "To avoid criticism, do nothing. and hr nothing." Bernard M. Pietrosilli Mathematics Corte Madera BSC 3,4; Math Club I; Rangers 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. "He is great, who learns to Iimit himsclf— Hegel Margaret Teresa Pike Nursing Santa Monica KUSF 1; Irish Club 2: SNAC 3.4; Sodality 3.4: SWAP U. "My thanks to those I love. Richard James Poe History Pittsburg Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,4. Phdgemaster I; Golf 1; KUSF 1; President's Honor Roll 1,3; Order of Royal Snakes 2. "A man. like me should live for 1000 years."—Zorba James T. Ponzio Mathematics Ukiah Class Vice-Pres. 4; Irish Club 3.4: KC’s 3.4; Math Club 4 ; Peers 2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3.4; Sigma Alpha Sigma 4. Thomas Vincent Porter Mathematics Colorado Springs, Colorado Amigos Anonymous 3,4: Sanctuary Soc. 1,2,3; Sodality 2,3,4. "Thanks to the Jesuits for being human in an impersonal world." Joseph Peter Pramuk Biology Napa Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Omicron Theta Chi 2,3,4; President's Honor Roll 1,2,3; SWAP 3.4; Order of Royal Snakes 2. "In four years at LiSF I have never seen one student drunk . . . think his name was Leonard something.”Patrick E. Pressentin English Seattle, Washington Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3.4; Soccer 1,2,3,4. “You know, it’s a strange thirty about Charlit Drown, you almost never see him laugh"—Peanuts William B. Ramos Economics I .os Altos Baseball 1; Block Club 1,2,3; Res. Council 3; Onlcr of Royal Snakes 2. " .» • « a long lesson in humility." Some Learned About War Ralph F. Pujolar History San Francisco EC’s 3,4. "A USF' degree: cheap at twice the price." Jeanine M. Rickert Political Science San Francisco SWAP 4. "Happiness is a degree in only four years!" "I'p! Dig! . . . On! . . . Faster! On! Adieu! Pig! Yip! Adieu!" Deckett. Waiting for Godot John Joseph Raffaclli Mathematics Oakland Frank Ixiuis Ramez .ano. Jr. Psychology San Francisco “ Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."—Ps. 30:5 Frederick Charles Ravani, Jr. Finance San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 1,2,3.4. Douglas Charles Rennie Accounting Specialist San Francisco "A child thinks he has finished. but a man knows he has only begun."I I I Ktlward II. Riggins Industrial Relations Clearlake Highlands Intramurals 3; SCGA 4. Rory Michael Riley Economics San Rafael Baseball I; Irish Club 3. “Happy is the man that find- th wisdom and the man that getteth understanding." —Prov. 3:13 Melanne Catherine Riser Nursing Merced Irish Club 2; KUSF I; Sodality 3,4: Tri Gamma 3.4. “People who meet people are the luckiest people in the world." Raul R. Rius Marketing Manila College Players 1. Bus. Mngr.; PACIFIC PROS-PECTUS 4, Ed.; Ski Club 4. Vice-Pres. Thomas K. Rogers Sociology Brooklyn. New York Henry David Rome Political Science San Francisco Irish Club 3.4: SWAP 2,3,4, Buchanan Study Hall, Co-Chair. 4. “The end of one era is merely the beginning of another.” Brian Raymond Rutley Philosophy I nglcwood President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3. 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4, Captain 3,4. “Man must be heroic to be man.” Harold Desmond Ryan, Jr. History San Rafael Baseball 1; Football 4; Intramurals 1; Order of Royal Snakes 2. "What over's rights.” 139 Luis Alfredo Sajrastume .Spanish Guatemala Soccer 4. Bonnie J. Salatino Nursing Colusa Amigos Anonymous 2.3.4; Sodality 1,2.4; SWAP 2.3.4; Tri Gamma 3.4. Khajajr Sarkissian Accounting Beirut, Lebanon Howard Russell Saunders, Jr. International Business San Francisco Bus. Ad. Club 3.4. "A man's ability is a i outgrowth of his desire to succeed." Andrew C. Schafer Accounting Specialist Salinas Alpha Delta Gamma 1.2,3,4, Pledgcmaster 3. Pres. 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Beta Gamma Sigma 3,4: Block Club 1,2.3.4, Vice-Pros. 3,4; Clubs’ Council 4, Vice-Pros.; Intcr-Frat. Council 4; President’s Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Order of Royal Snakes 2,3,4; St. Ives Law Soc. 3.4. 7 liked high school better!" Rand C. Schmidt History Modesto Dom. Club 2,4; St. Ives Law Soc. 3.4. 10. Stephen Scharetg Marketing San Francisco Delta Sigma Pi 1.2.3,4, Vice-Pros. 3. Senior Vice-Pros. 4: PACIFIC PROSPECTUS 4. "ft was north it; now to wake a million." David James Schreiner History Salem. Oregon Intramurals 2; Peers 2,3.4, Sec. 4; SWAP 4. 7 think I did fairly well considering I was between Jesus Christ and S'apoleon Bonaparte—Lloyd George James P. Schroder Business Administration San Francisco Golf 3.4; EC’s 3.4.Sister Clare Marie Schroer, S.M. Accounting Specialist San Francisco Ronald Eugene Schultz History Exeter "True, am a wanderer, a rover on earth! Are j on more than that?"—Goethe Elliot K. Sevier International Busin oan Francisco Academic Council 4 Linda Seymour Sociology Van Nuys Richard T. Sellers History Palos Verdes Estates Head Yell-Leader 4; KC’s 3,4; KUSF 2.3,4. Station Mngr. 3; Sigma Alpha Sigma 3,4. ot very much matters, and nothing matters very much" —F. Scott Fitzgerald Anthony .Joseph Shields History Walnut Creek Clubs' Council 4; Deni. Club 3,4, Vice-Pros. 4: Historical Soc. 1,2,3,4; President’s Honor Roll 2,3,4; Rifle Club “Giro me yesterday’s bread, today's meat, and last year's cider” Robert Eugene Segale Psychology San Francisco “0 Lord, give me the strength to keep my big mouth shut when I don't know what the hell I’m talking about" George SahrSellu Accounting Specialist San Francisco "With Cod and a determined mind all things are possible." Michael Stephen Siemonsma History Santa Ana CIC 1: Dent. Club 2.4.Lawrence M. Silva Political Science Los Banos John Peter Sindicich History Richmond Dem. Club 8; Historical Soc. 3.4: Rifle Club 1: Scabbard and Blade 4; St. Ives Law Soc. 3. "The dead shall live, the living die and music shall en-tnne the sky."—Dryden Nelson Frank Smith, Jr. Philosophy Petaluma Dem. Club 2.3; Pep Band 2,3,4: Scabbard and Blade 3,4. "Take example from wise men, not from fools," Carlos Solis Political Science Huntington Park Alpha Sigma Nu 3,4; DON 2,3,4, Faculty Ed. 2, Ed.-in-Chief 3; Exec. Council 3,4; Pi Sigma Alpha 2,3,4, Pres. 3; Publications Council 3, Chair.; Res. Council 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3,4; Res. Coordinating Council 3.4, Chair.: St. Ives Law Soc. 2,3, Treas. 3; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3.4. David Domenic Sirsi Pre-Mcd Los Banos Alpha Pi Omega 1,2,3,4, Soc. Chair. 4; Clubs' Council 3,4; FOGHORN 3; Res. Council 2.4: Ski Club 3.4. Pres. 3; USF Winter Carnival 4, Chair. "Flowers leave their fragrance on the hand that bestows them . . . The greatest man is very small"—Rice Timothy J. Stafford History Sherman Oaks Intramuruls 1,2,3; Res. Council 2,3; Football 4. Richard Fai l Stauffer Psychology Louisville, Kentucky "Know Thyself; know your strengths and your weaknesses; your relation to the universe; your potentialities; your aims and purposes; take stock of yourself." Robert 1 . Stevens Pre-Mcd San Mateo Academic Council 4: Omicron Theta Chi 2,3,4. Sec. 3; R.A. 4; Res. Council 3.Patricia Jean Stewart Nursing Y reka Hawaiian Club 2,3,4; KUSF 1: Gamma Pi Epsilon 3.4: SWAP 3; Tri Gamma “With gratitude to my parents." We Were Not Always Prudent Leo Francis Sullivan Political Science San Diego Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,4; Class Rep. 1,3: Order of Royal Snakes 2,3,4; St. Ives Law Soe. 3.4. "Grown-ups know things. They ain't afraid of the dark.”—Piggy—Lord of the Flies Richard Thomas Swanson Philosophy Seattle, Washington DON 1,2,3,4, Photo Ed. 3. Exec. Ed. 4; Class Rep. 3; Sodality 2,3,4; Publication’s Council 4; Res. Council 1,2; Sanctuary Soc. 1.2,3,4; Was mann Biological Soc. 1,2,3,4; WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3 "I should like to bury something precious in every place where I’ve been happy and then, when I teas old and ugly and miserable, I could come back and dig it up and remember." —Brideshead Revisited Stephen Henry Stover Industrial Relations Peoria. Illinois SAM 3.4. “Achievements art not the result of individual effort. My thanks to all." “We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the I iff hi p the ffods discovered.” —The Hymns of the Rig Veda John “Sonny” James Tanga ro, Jr. Sociology Midvale, Utah Fr. Basketball 1. Mngr.; European Study Program. Florence 3. “Now I knOic that I don't know." Michael O’Dwyer Sullivan History San Francisco CCD 2; Irish Club 4; Intra-murals 4; SWAP 4. “To speak his thoughts is every free man’s right, in peace and war, in council and in fight."—HomerDiosdado I . Tarongoy Production Management Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines SAM 4. Stephen Michael Tauzer Political Science Woodland Jane Anti Tcsch Nursing Stockton KUSP I: President's Honor Hull 2,3; lies. Council 3. Pres.; Tri Gamma 2,3,4. Michael John Taub History Three Lakes, Wisconsin Historical Soc. 3. Glumdulclitch had locked me up in her closet, while she went somewhere upon business or a visit." Swift, Gulliver’s Travels David Harwell Taylor. 11 Psychology San Leandro Pep Band 3; Swimming 1,2,3,4. Michael Stuart Taylor Sociology Dos Moines. Iowa "To experience what it mans to b born if ain is a meeting with joy." Richard M. Tempero Biology Sacramento Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Mardi Gras 3, Chair.; Res. Council 1,2, Sec. 1; Student Court 4, Senior Justice; Order of Royal Snakes 2; WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 3. Jules Tham Marketing San Leandro Bus. Ad. Club 3.4: SEC 3.4. 144We Learned To Discipline Ourselves Mary Jo Thomas Nursing Glendora R.A. 3,4; Sodality 1,2,3.4. Vice-Pres. 2; SWAP 1; Tri Gamma 1,2,3,4. "Our belief a! the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that insures the successful outcome of our venture." William S. Thomas Psychology San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 2,3,4. Charles Anthony Titone Marketing Chicago. Illinois “Hallelujah! I did it! And I owe it all to my family." Philip John Toelkes Knglish Costa Mesa Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4; FOGHORN l; Order of Royal Snakes 2; Vell-Lcadcr 4. “Literature is essentially useless, as is life" William Charles Traverso Political Science Santa Rosa College Players 3,4. James Lawrence Twohig Finance Atherton Delta Sigma Pi 2.3,4, Pres. 4; Inter-Frat. Council 4: PACIFIC PROSPECTUS I. “A man’s search for truth ends at the grave." Leonardo John Vacchina English San Francisco European Study Program. Rome 3; President’s Honor Roll 1,2.3.4. "For you icould touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams." —Gibran Paul Peter Van Rijn Psychology San Francisco BSC 3.4; CCD 1,2,4; Sane-tuary Soc. 3,4; Soccer 1; Sodality 2,3,4, Prefect 4; Class Vice-Pres. 2; SWAP 1,2; Swimming 2. "Fuller being is closer union."—Teilhard do Chardin 145jan V inyard Nursing St. Louis. Missouri "Always cherish your senst of wonder, for from it arises tin joy of living." Patricia Anne Warren Nursing San Francisco Irish Club 2: Song Girl 1. ‘7 have promises to keep and miles to go before sleep . . —Robert Frost John Joseph Wheir Political Science Amarillo, Texas "To try when your arms are too weary." C.eorjre Ian Watson History San Francisco Alpha Pi Omega 1,2. Pamela Anne Wentworth History Redwood City Frederick Duncan White Industrial Relations Sacramento DON 3: R.A. 4; Tennis 3. "I haxw learned how to barn —now to begin." Laurene Catherine White •Nursing Sacramento "The city that knows how and Leon Adam Wiatrak Economics San Francisco the university that doesn't." —Miller. Quotes Carl Joseph Widmer Science Redwood City John George Williams Industrial Relations Oakland Ronald Fook-Tao Wong Economics Honjr Konjr Bus. Ad. Club 1.2. George Wright Chemistry Medford, Oregon Chess Club 4. Consumalum Est Diane Marie Wynkoop Nursing San Dic ro Hawaiian Club 1 : Sodality 1; SWAP 1,2.3.1; Tri Gamma 2.2.4. "T'lthnj is ycslt'filay’x dream.” Michael Yanke Social Welfare San Francisco Timothy Peter Zainer Chemistry Menlo Park Phi Beta Chi 147Juniors 148Aldrene Adami English Bob Albertazzi Economics Larry Aldcn William Alevizon Philosophy Prc-Med Darlene Alioto Poli. Sci. Frank Alioto Marketing Jim Allison Marketing Mary Anderson Nursing Mary Arpagaus Nursing Cynthia Anglemier Nicolle Antonacci Judith Apalategui Math Psychology Nursing Dennis Arietta Accounting Joseph Augustino Mark Avelar Cheryl Baas Paul Baffico William Bailey Poli. Sci. History Nursing Psychology Accounting Merritt Barnes Karl Barnett History Accounting Alvin Barrett Poli. Sci. Mark Barrocro English Vicki Bartolomeo Nursing John Bauer Robert Baumann Accounting Chemistry Betty Baysinger History George Beckwith English Nancy Beirne Nursing Anthony Alioto English Fathallah Andrea Accounting Sr. Leticia Arrieta Nursing Martha Baldwin Nursing Linda Bartolotti History Jerry Belletto History 149Botina Benedetti Nursing Claudia Benedetti History Gustavo Benson Spanish Ida Bercos Biology Susan Berg Nursing John Bernhard Economies Henry Berrey Janine Bethscheider Fredric Biebesheimer Michael Bilich History Math History Latin Susan Bird Psychology Dennis Black Accounting Patrick Blake Pre-Mcd Rodney Blonien Poli. Sci. John Blythe Poli. Sci. Linda Bolin Ind. Rel. David Bonfilio Poli. Sci. Kathryn Boomer Nursing Shannon Boyd English Carl Boyer Sociology Edward Bordenave Latin Scott Boyd Poli. Sci. Michael Boschctti Joan Bowcrntan Poli. Sci. Sociology Nancy Brady Psychology John Branch Accounting Nancy Braun Accounting Alice Bray Nursing Mary Bray History Carole Bradley History Burt Breedlove John Brennan English Poli. Sci. Edward Brenner Robert Briggs Psychology Marketing James Brown Thomas Brown Pre-Engineering Accounting 150Richard Brunet Accounting Susan Brunton Economics Stephen Buresh Economics Leo Anna Burke Sociology Lynn Burke Nursing Patricia Burke Psychology Joseph Burns Biology Nancy Burrill English William Burrows Finance Dwight Butler Accounting Marsha Butler Marketing Kathleen Byous Accounting Peter Cain Marketing Diane Calderoni Nursing Sandra Callaghan Dennis Campos Nursing Accounting Susan Carr Sociology Karen Carter Marketing Louis Casamayou Chemistry Barbara Cass Nursing Phillip Cassou Elec-Physics Geno Castagnoli Pre-Engineering Edward Castoria Psychology Gil Castro History James Castro Francine Cattolico Chemistry Pre-Med 151Frederic Charpiot Poli. Sci. Beverly Charters Nursing Rita Chase Albert Chavira Stephen Ching John Ciabattari Michael Clark Poli. Sci. Pre-Med Accounting History Accounting Charles Clay Pre-Med Barbara Clayton History William Cloward Inter. Bus. mm ik Stella Cochran English Christina Cole Glenn Cole Sociology Accounting “Should I, after tea ami cakes and ices, Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?" —Eliot, Prufrock Roger Cole Poli. Sci. Sharon Coleman Philosophy Dennis Collin Chemistry Suzanne Collins French Arthur Connelly Economics Thomas Conway Sociology Carol Corda History Norman Costa Robert Cotterill Elizabeth Coyne Elizabeth Crawford Mimi Cuciureanu Edward Curotto Finance Pre-Med English English Math Poli.-Sci. Harry Cush Marketing 152Joan Daroza English Sister M. DcBella Nursing Victor DeCicco Noreno D’Ercolc Poli. Sci. English Maria De La Fuente David DcLuca Spanish Accounting Arthur DeMars History Edward DeMartini Biology Robert Didicr Biology David Deasy Marilyn Deasy Philosophy Nursing Joan Denton Joseph Devlin Psychology Biology Paul Dobson English Glorianne Dodd Education Charles Delgado John DelMonte Finance Psychology Vincent DiCarolis Elaine Diani History Poll. Sci. Kathleen Dodini John Doherty Nursing Poli. Sci. Michael Domeniconi Robert Domergue Del Domezio Chemistry Poli. Sci. Sociology Paul Donais History Michael Donohoe Robert Downey History Philosophy James Dresser Psychology Mark Duffy Accounting Peter Duffy Biology Ann Dulay Sociology Kathleen Dunn Bruce Egnew Psychology Accounting 153Nancy Kills English Donald Enfield Poli. Sci. Edward Englcr Sociology John Enos Accounting Irene Estrella Nicholas Ewing Sociology Poli. Sci. Douglas Falco Pro.Engineering Michael Farrell Poli. Sci. Fred Farrelly Sociology Tom Fasanaro Biology Boss Fay Dolores Fennimore Psychology English William Ferdon History Fred Ferguson Poli. Sci. Frank Ferraris Economics Georgette Feutrcn History Theresa Fidler Nursing Judith Figari Spanish Vincent Finigan English Maureen Finn English Maureen Finnegan Nursing Beverly Firpo Sociology Gerald Firpo Latin Clifford Fisher Poli. Sci. Ronald Fisher Thomas F. Fitzpatrick English History Thomas L. Fitzpatrick Daniel Flaxman Stanley Flott English History History Eugene Flynn Biology Mary Fontes Paul Fonteyn Nursing Pre-Mod Patrick Ford Economics Steven Franich Accounting Peter Franklin English Pamela Fraser History 154David Frceto Prc-Mcd Thomas Fritch Biology James Furnanz Physics (■ail Gall English Maryann Gamma History Theresa Gander Math William Gargano Poli. Sci. Michael Gasparini History John Gates History John Gatfield Economics Mary Gatlin English Edward Gazzano Psychology Konald Genini History John Gherini Poli. Sci. Garry Gonsalves Math Louis Gonzales Biology "The strangest whim has seized me . . . think 1 will not hang mgself today" —Chesterton. A Ha I lad of Suicide Gail Goszulak Nursing Margaret Gottsacker Peter Goyton Sociology Accounting Michael Grady English Anthony Graham Poli. Sci. Mary Graham History David Garcia Poli. Sci. Cathy Gehling Nursing o Charles Gillin Sociology Cheryl Gonsalves Psychology Konald Goshgarian Math Dougins Grant Math 155Christine Grinnon Roberta Grover Arlcen Guaraglia Diane Gularte Michael Hakeem James Hallisy Leo Harrington English History History Nursing Philosophy Marketing Math Jeffery Harris Lorimer Hay-Chapman Mary Hays Helaine Head Teresa Heieck Helen Henry Kathleen Hickel English Pre-Med French English History Biology Nursing Lyda Hill Charles Hobrecht Kathleen Hogan Janet Holland Rotter Holmer Anne Morgan Uichanl Hove Nursing Elec-Physics History Poll. Sci. Psychology Nursing Poll. Sci. Greifory Hutches Martha Hunter Philip Husby Harry Jacobs Accounting Spanish Accounting English Paul Janicki William Javorski Christopher Jennings Carol Joch Belva Johnson Charles Johnson Stephen Johnston Math Pre-Med English Nursing History Accounting Accounting 156Gregory Jones Pre-Dental Richard Kuhta Philosophy Janies Jones Poli. Sci. Marie Jordan Nursing Lynne Lanctot James Lee Social Welfare Economics Kenneth l-oe Accounting Daniel Jones History Donna Krueger Math Allan Kiley Pre-Dental Paul Koester English John Kimbrough P re-Med Olga Kojcvnikov History Paul Lamothe Chemistry Gary Jurovieh Accounting Linda Kam Sociology Wayne Katayama Poli. Sci. Peter Kelly History Marshall Kirby Biology Robert Kirby Poli. Sci. Richard Kaneko Accounting Patrick Kenefick Biology James Klaes Poli. Sci. Robert Kreml Poli. Sci. James Kerr Marketing Michael Koberlc Poli. Sci. Michael Kotlangor History Kathleen Krause F rench Bradford Kirby Physics Karen Kolandor Nursing 157Marsha Lee Nursing •John Leli Latin Barry Lcpera Industrial Rel. Rosemary Lewis Nursing Patricia Limper Nursing John Loh Chemistry Linda Lucasey Psychology Joseph Lucido Maria Lucido Mary Ludwig Ann Lund Steven Lund Iain MacDonald Judy MacGowan Pre-Engineering Spanish Psychology Social Welfare Chemistry Philosophy Nursing Neil MacIntyre William Maffci Daniel Maguire Carolyn Mahoney Warren Makalii James Makaweo Diane Maksim Pre-Med History History Pre-Med Accounting Finance Social Welfare Barbara Maney Wayne Mannheimer Gregory Mantle Joseph Marshall Joseph Mastrantonio Geoffrey Mawn Stephen Maysonave History Biology History Poli. Sci. Psychology History Finance Catherine McAllister Bernice McCabe Nancy McClaran Stephen McClintock Samuel McCullagh Michael McDonough John McKvoy Social Welfare Psychology English Accounting Sociology History English 158Philip McEvoy Chemistry Jeanne McCann Nursing Judy McGuinn English Kathleen McKenna History Jan McLanathan Sociology Robert McLaughlin Social Welfare Gilbert Mendonsa English James Meyer History Keith Meyer Chemistry David Mezzora Marcia Mickelsen Dick Miller Philosophy Spanish History Patrick Millikan Accounting Frederick Misakian Industrial Rel. Cynthia Moeller Nursing Philip Mohrhardt Accounting Gail Mordasini History Kathleen Moreland Psychology " I frame of adamant, a soul of fire. No dangers fright him, and no labours tire." . .—Johnson, The Vanity of Human H ishes Suzanne McNicholas History Robert Moisei History George Miller Psychology Robert Misner History JoAnn Moos Pre-Med Dennis Mori Accounting 159Gary Moss Ronald Moyer Chemistry Finance Peter Munnemann Edward Murphy Philosophy English Michael Nardi Theodore Nasser English Poli. Sci. Simonne O’Grady Peter O’Halloran Education Chemistry Robert O’Neil Sr. M. Kieran O’Neill Marketing Math Sr. M. O'Sullivan Cathryn Owens History Nursing Michael Moylan Margaret Muench Patrick Mulkecn Rose Munjak Math Psychology Sociology Social Welfare Robert Murphy Diane Musumeci Edward Myers Michael Nance Accounting Math Math Philosophy Patricia Nolan Timothy Norman Manuel Nunes Ellen O'Brien English Sociology Latin Poli. Sci. William O’Keefe Nancy Olsson Anna O’Neil Michele O’Neil History English Chemistry Sociology Thomas O’Neill John O’Rourke Margaret Ortelle Mary Ellen Ostern History Philosophy Prod. Mng. History Therese Palacin Mary Pappert Linda Paquette Elaine Pariani Sociology Nursing Nursing Social Welfare 160David Potty Math Walter Pavlicek Math Milena Pfeifer French John Parini Poli. Sci. Kathleen Parrent Nursing Cathy Partmann Finance Michael Perez Pre-Med Kosta Petsas Poli. Sci. Dennis Paynter History Alec Peck Psychology Robert Pindroh History Kenneth Pitetti Biology Robert Plavchak Psychology Theresa Polasky English Mary Polizzi Psychology Martin Poon Accounting Margot Poor Nursing Ronald Pratt Philosophy Joanne Prigjnore Accounting James Prindiville Daniel Quinn Pre-Engineering English Sr. M. Quinn History Peter Quittman Robert Rafael Poli. Sci. Pre-Med Joseph Ramos Physics Jeffrey Randolph Accounting Eduardo Rangel Biology Nancy Rankin Spanish Anne Reid English Timothy Reid Pre- Engineering William Reid Psychology Catherine Reiss Psychology Wayne Rasmussen English Ruth Reed Nursing Laura Renker English Roger Reuter Marketing 161Dennis Riemann Accounting Charles Rinehart Math Donald Ritchie Biology John Ritchie George Rivers Pre-Engineering Pre-Dental Susan Rick Nursing Geraldine Romitti Sociology Michael Romo Poli. Sci. Anthony Rosales History George Rossi Biology Lester Roudabush French Geraldine Ruegg Nursing John Russell Prc-Med Lawrence Russell Economics John Ryan History David Rychel Biology Noella Saccone Psychology George Sallaberry Pre-Med Jose Sanz-Tonnelier Biology Arlene Sarita Spanish Donald Sarnowski History Gilbert Sateia Math Gerald Schaefer Transportation Melanie Schmidt Nursing Robert Schultz Latin John Schwab Nicholas Sciabica Ronald Sciandri Priscilla Scotian Chemistry Prod. Mngt. Italian Sociology Toni Secrest History Marie Rodin History Bette Ruellan Latin Maryanne Santana English Richard Scholl Math Fred Schultz Accounting Robert Segurson Physics 162John Serntt Latin Sandra Shade French Daniel Sheehy Sociology Laura Shields English 11 iko Shimamoto Transportation Dan Silva Joan Silva Pol. Sci. Nursing Gordon Silver History' Gary Simonian Finance David Smith Poli. Sci. 'If to her share gome female errors fall, look on her face, and i ou’ll forget ’em all.” Pope, The Rape of the Lock Donald Snyder Miles Stanich Kathleen Stefani Michael Stipanich Roger Strack Richard Strnwn Manuel Suffle Marketing Biology Sociology History History Economics History Barbara Sullivan P re-Med Michael Sullivan Poli. Sci. Philip Sullivan Poli. Sci. Kim Summerhays Thomas Sutton Chemistry English Thomas Sweet Math Matthew Sweetser Psychology 163Ronald Swisher Philip Tachella Poli. Sci. Accounting John Tastor History Lucene Thomason Philip Thygeson Robert Tilden Lynn Tissier English Marketing Marketing History Arthur Titus William Tobin Biology Accounting Philip Toelkcs John Tolin English Pre-Dental Diane Tonelli James Toothman English Psychology “Children under five are cured for by nurses. All other children ... up to the a c of murriaye serve at the tables." —More, Utopia John Topham Ronald Tortorelli Carolyn Tra verso George Tra verso Madalyn Tremaroli John Trow in Elizabeth Trono Accounting Pre-Engineering Nursing Economics Poli. Sci. Accounting History Dennis Troute Harold Truett Eric Uldall Grant Ute Marian Valputic Ann Van Dor Moulcn Sr. J. Van Loon History Poli. Sci. Social Welfare Sociology History Social Welfare Sociology 164Cordon Vargas Poli. Sci. Gloria Winslow English Margaret Wu Math Judith Varni Nursing Gerald Vercesi Math John Vignol History Gilbert Villalobos Math Pauline Vine Nursing Joseph Vizzard Psychology James Wagele Economics John Wagner Psychology Martin Wagner Physics William Wallace Math Edward Walsh Accounting Kathleen Walsh Spanish Martin Walsh Pre-Med Sr. C. Walton English Philip Ward English Phillip Warlop Maryannc Werner Chemistry Nursing (.eslic Whiting Physics Thomas Wilcock Poli. Sci. Arthur Wilmore History Robert Winston Evelyn Wood Mark Woodruff Poll . Sci. English History Carol Wooldridge Michael Wootton Poli. Sci. Poli. Sci. Kenneth Wunderling John Wyatt Jacqueline Wycheck Accounting History Nursing Patricia Yongue Kathleen Young English Spanish 165Sophomores 166Michael Abel Richard Airaudi Timothy Albers Allen Amaro Poli. Sci. English History Chemistry Gary Anderegg Patricia Anderson Patrick Anderson David Andrade Poli. Sci. Math Economics Poli. Sci. Terry Andres Mark Anticevich Pre-Med Psychology John Arena Jim Armstrong Accounting Poli. Sci. Richard Auguadro Lawrence Ayre Judith Baginski Mary Bailey F nglish Latin English English Judith Burker Steven Barriere George Barron Maureen Barry Psychology Pre-Dental Poli. Sci. Social Welfare Sarah Andrade English Robert Andre Industrial Rel. Annette Anton Sociology Alberto Aramendia Spanish Janet Ardizoia English Rosa Arnone Intern’l Bus. Barbara Aschoff Carol Atkinson Nursing Poli. Sci. Steven Barale Math Denise Barasa NursingAnne Bauer French Lynne Bauer History Suzette Baugh English Robert Baum Math Anne Behounek Biology Ronald Belli Accounting Helene Belluomini Mario Beltramo Poli. Sci. English Robert Beltramo English Ronald Bcnich Pre-Dental Gerald Ben not English Barbara Bennett English Steven Bennett Pro-Med Michael Benoit Economics David Bernardi Pre-Engineering Jeanne Berry Accounting Augustine Bertino Math Lawrence Bisauta Pre-Dental Kathleen Bisazza James Bjorkquist Math English Arlettc Blake Psychology Michael Blicharz Math John Blom Accounting Duane Bond Math Victor Bonfilio Poli. Sci. Maria Borromeo Accounting Fred Botti Pre-Med Linda Boucher Nursing David Brady Sociology Nancy Brandt Nursing Susan Breeden Economics Michael Brick French Montino. Bourbon Intern’l Bus. Anne Bowen Sociology Michael Brown Mary Brutocao English Sociology 168John Bucher Biology Kathleen Burns Social Welfare Regina Bushard Poli. Sci. Patricia Byrne French Teresa Cadclago Social Welfare Richard Calderon Spanish Muriel Cannon Psychol ogy Edmund Carberry Math Jill Cardoza English Kenneth Cantpi History Robert Canepa H istory Patricia Canning Social Welfare Brian Carlin Cameron Carlson Pre-Med Pre-Med Donald Carlson Accounting Maureen Carr Nursing Richard Carroll Psychology Mary Carter Psychology Thercsc Carton Sociology John Cary Marketing Jeanne Casazza History Barbara Casey Michael Casey Social Welfare History Andrew Caughman Marketing Janet Cecaci Linda Celoni English Nursing Wai-Choy Chiu Myung Choo Intern'I Bus. Economics Joanne Chappel Wanln Cheng Edward Chiosso Edwin Chipp Sociology French English Physics Linda Clardy George Clare Joseph Clarke Donald Cleary Poli. Sci. History Poli. Sci. History 169“I do not think America in a good place in which to be a genius.” —Butler, Notebook William Cline James Colbert Sociology Accounting John Coleman Mark Coleman Poll. Sci. History Michael Collins Harry Colt hurst Jean Comstock Diane Conley Poli. Sci. Knglish Nursing History Joseph Connell Michele Connolly Marlene Conti la Converse History Physics Nursing Sociology Judith Conway Diane Cook Kathleen Correll Vincent Cortese Timothy Coury Joan Cousart Alan Crestotto History Nursing Poli. Sci. Psychology Psychology Biology Accounting Patricia Cronin Itichard Crook ham Michael Crump Aurora Cruz Psychology Math Philosophy Psychology John Cunningham John Curry Mary D’Amico Frank Daboub Russell Daily Donna Dalcssi John Dalton Knglish Inter. Bus. French Inter. Bus. Finance Nursing History 170Kathleen Danzey Janice Daoust Philip David John Doagen Catherine Debrito Michael Delaines Martha Delgado Sociology Nursing Math Physics Nursing Philosophy Math Paul DcMartini Physics Kathleen Denting Nicolas Dempsey Nursing Poll. Sci. Walter Derr Economics Jeffrey Desmet History Jane Devine Poli. Sci. Marguerite Devoe Sociology Patrick Dillon Mary Lynn Dineen Ronald Dinslage Sandra Disotelle Michael Doherty Robert Doherty Ernest Doizaki Physics Psychology English History Accounting History Prod. Mngt. Robert Domingues Peter Donohoe Richard Donovan Thomas Dorsey Thomas Dowling Daniel Downey Sylvia Droessler Math Poli. Sci. English Psychology Education Philosophy Poli. Sci. Gwendolyn Duebcr Nursing James Duignan Sociology Charles Dullea William Dummer Edward Dyer English Poli. Sci. History Charles Eaglcton Math Abo Eidarous Accounting 171John Eiler Rich;ml Elforing Poli. Sci. Poli. Sci. William Erwin Judith Eshlemnn Physics English Carol Emig Frank Engler Stephen Erlach Theresa Ervin Nursing History Spanish Nursing John Ewen Michelle Eyherabide Justine Fahy Patrick Fanning Psychology Nursing Accounting English Jane Fanucci English Marie Farrell English Rosemary Faycosh (Sail Fazackerley Sociology History Patrick Feeney Physics Jorge Fernandez Spanish Geraldine Fitzgerald Kathleen Fitzgerald Michael Flagiello Pre-Med History English Louis Fleischer History Suzanne Fisher Samuel Fisk Pre-Med Psychology William Fogarty Accounting Daniel Foley Poli. Sci. John Fore Finance F’eter Forney History Robert Flocchini Patricia Flynn Pre-Engineering English 172Roger Foss Pre-Pharmacy Thomas Fourie Economics Gary Fracchia History Thomas Frandrup Elec.-Physics Joanna Franzi Psychology Kathleen Fread English Dennis Freeman History Cindy Fregulia Nursing Larry Fruzzetti Math Paul Frye P re-Med Jerome Fuctsch Psychology Alice Gillogley Physics Joan Frank English Michael Franklin English Jaynes Friedman Biology John Friel Psychology Patricia Gillogley Sociology Catherine Giuliani Nursing Thomas Gloster Economics Martha Gnam Philosophy Marne Goddard Social Welfare Fred Goeringor Chemistry A If red Gordon History David Gore Math Stephanie Gosano Michael Gotterba Poli. Sci. French Margaret Golden Education Richard Goodwin Chemistry Peter Grabicki Economics Richard Graham Accounting Madeline Gray Amelia Gabriel Social Welfare English Faye Gabriel Nursing Jane Galdieri Nursing Russell Gallian Accounting Michael Galligan Philosophy 173David Gallo John Gambertogllo Margaret Garven Kathryn Gein Richard Genoni Janet Gentile Thomas Georgi Accounting English Pre-Med Nursing Pre-Engineering Accounting English Thomas Gibbons Robert Giddings Robert Gigliotti Accounting English Poli. Sci. Alan Gill Linda Gorman Francis Graham Pre-Med English History Kimberly Greathouse Stanley Greene Michael Grenier Nursing Sociology History Why so pale and wan, fond lover?" —Suckling, Sony Sl'M- Ann Grethel George Grunblatt Nursing Pre-Med Frank Grupico Accounting Joseph Grydyk Poli. Sci. Rita Guarino John Guenther History Philosophy George Guido Psychology Karen Guttormsson Colette Gwinn French English Robert Hahn Claude Halcomb Psychology Psychology Joseph Gughcmctti Poli. Sci. 174 Jeanne Guffanti English Wilma Halcomb EnglishTerry Hally History Janet Hammer Nursing John Hancock Psychology Nubar llanossian Internat’l Bus. Susan Harless Lorraine Harridan Sociology Sociology Theresa Hart Education William Haslam History John Hearney History Samira Heer Nursing Michael Hanlon Accounting Terrance Harbor Pre-Dental Deborah Harris Sr. M. Donna Harris Sociology Nursing Diane Hatton Nursing Richard Hazlewood Poli. Sci. Corenc Heing Mary Helm Accounting Nursing Dennis Hoell Psychology Kathleen Hogan Nursing James Holt Poli. Sci. Denise Hooper English Steven Hoover Chemistry William Horan Psychology Kimberly Howard History Mark Howard Psychology 175John Howe Martha Hruby Michael Huber Gerald Hudson Linda Hughes Kathy Hull History History Math Philosophy Nursing English Henry Hunter John Husser William Hutson Michael Hu vane Gary Ianziti Michael Ingoglia Biology Pre-Med Philosophy History Pre-Med History Susan Jackson Denice Jamison Daniel Janda Candace Jans JadynoJcung Michael Jewell Education French Elec.-Physics Nursing English English James Johnson Janice Johnson Kristin Johnson Ronald Johnson Thomas Jones John Ju row it . Poli. Sci. Biology' Nursing Math Psychology Pre-Med John Karmendy Michael Kelechava James Kelly John Kelly Philip Kelly Sara Kelly History English Poli. Sci. Psychology Marketing Poli. Sci. Ellcne Hummei Nursing Jose Ingojo Physics George Jobst Accounting Karen Kamimoto English William Kempton Poli. Sci.Marianne Kins: Social Welfare Susan King Pre-Engineering Tim Kingan Pre-Mod Stefan Kirchanski Catherine Kirschner Biology English Susan Kisla History Katherine Klein Nursing Karl Kersten Pre-Eng. Kathleen Kessler History April Kestell History William Kidd Poli. Sci Gerald Kinkade Math James Klaczak Psychology Frederick Knauss Poli. Sci. What is all but a Woodworth welter of things?" —Barker, Seven Munich Elegies Andrew Kneicr History Heinz Knocdlcr French Donald Knotts Pre-Med Robert Kochly Accounting Catherine Koerting Nursing Robert Koshlap English Glenn Kovacevich History William Kovacich English Jeremy Kozuki Finance Matthew Kramer George Kriste History Finance Bruce Krutel Finance Harry Kuchins Poli. Sci. Charles La Croix Poli. Sci. 177Paul Lahadernc Poli. Sci. Ronald Lacosta Accounting Kathleen Lagorio English Thomas Lalor History Thomas Lama Charles Landell Poli. Sci. Math Constance Lane Nursing Henry Lang English Therese Lange Nursing Thomas LaRose Accounting Jeffrey Lau Pre-Med Rodney Law Pre-Med Phillip Lauro Poli. Sci. Thomas Leach Pre-Dental Carlton Lee Pre-Dental Jeffrey Lee History Suzanne Lois Pre-Med Joanne Leo Biology Anna Li Accounting Denis Li Finance Susan Libershal Nursing Leo Lin Biology Donna Lindberg Math Nicholas taonovicz History Sarah Linn Poli. Sci. Brian Litzius Kristine Lohcck Poli. Sci. Math Dennis Lock Accounting Richard Loos Poli. Sci. Barbara Lorctz Biology Ranaync Lomlon English Debra Love Nursing Dianne Loveland Sociology Gale Lucehcsi Lawrence Luchetti Stephen Lucia History English Poli. Sci. 178Diane Luksich History Susan Lunny Marketing Michael Lupton Pro-Dental John A. Lynch History Peter Lynch Pre-Dental James Lyon Internat’l Bus. Kathleen Lyons English Margaret Mark Pre-Mod Teresa Mages Math Edward Mahoney English Jerry Mahoney Accounting Gene Maiolini Sociology Ronald Mancini Pre-Engineering Lawrence Maniscalco Thomas Manning Psychology Finance Sandra March! French Patricia McAdoo Biology John McAlister English Leslie McBcc- Antonia McCarthy Psychology Psychology John P. Lynch Math Thomas MacKenzie Poli. Sci. Noreen Malone History Robert Marini Poli. Sci. Lawrence Mays Industrial Rel. Mary McCarthy Math Maureen I.ynch English Tornot Macrenato Poli. Sci. Marty M a nee Do Sociology Diane Martin H istory Richard McAdam Psychology Mary McDermott Nursing 179Thomas Me Donagh Accounting Bradford McDonald History James McDonough Timothy McGarry Sociology Pre-Engineering Francis McGee Poli. Sci. Frances McGovern English John McGregor Accounting Robert McGuire Latin Linda McIntyre History Joan McKay English Matthew McKay Poli. Sci. Kathleen McMahon Thomas McMullan Nursing Accounting Jane Meagher Nursing Gregory Melieste Pre-Mod Daniel Menzol Spanish John Merrick Pre-Med Antoinette Merz Poli. Sci. Michael Metkin Accounting Pamela Metsker Richard Meyer Nursing Accounting Sr. Maureen Milko Nursing Alan Miller Chemistry John Milton Sociology I.eslie Mirkovich History Judith Misuraca Sociology Eric Moo History Mary Mohagen Social Welfare Linda Molini M. E. Molkenbuhr Michael Monaghan Joann Mondelli Patrick Moneymaker Steven Mongillo History Accounting Biology Nursing Pre-Med Marketing Alex Monterrosa Biology 180Thomas Moreno Finance Michael Morris Poll. Sci. Harry Morrison History Deanna Moser English Kristine Moser Eiurlish Mary Jo Moore Nursing Jeanne Moran Psychology John Mullen Psychology Michael Mullins Marketing Theresa Mulready English . . and the twenty-seven millions—mostly fools." —Carlyle, Latter Day Pamphlets, .Vo. 1 Thomas Munyer Stephanie Murnig Daniel Murphy Leo Murphy Patrick Murphy Maureen Murr James Mustanich English History History English Math Poli. Sci. Biology Alice Myers Michael Myers William Nagel Nursing Economics Ind. Rel. Edward Nagy Robert Nardi Ralph Navarro Frederick Nelson William Newsom Margaret Nicolai Virginia Nicolai Accounting English Internat’l Bus. Poli. Sci. English Economics Nursing 181Jamos Noriega Poli. Sci. Dennis Norton History Janice Notch English Michael O'Brien Poli. Sci. Cliff Niederer Paul Nix Psychology Sociology Gerald Nolan Accounting “Declamation mur'd, while Passion slept." —Johnson, Prologue—Opening of Dr urn Lane Theatre Judy O’Hora Psychology Gregory O’Keeffe History Kenneth Olsen Accounting James Olsson Philosophy Terrence O’Neill Poli. Sci. Theresa O’Neill History Lothar Osiander Spanish Veronica Pack Nursing Philip Onori Pre-Engineering Lawrence Palkovic Kenneth Palla Peter Panfili Barbara Pape Richard Parina Cynthia Parnell Tom Passanisi Biology Pre-Engineering Pre-Med Psychology History Biology History Barry Patrick Patricia Paul James Peck Margaret Pendergast John Perata Jose Perpetuo Sharon Peters Poli. Sci. Nursing Pre-Med Poli. Sci. History Elec.-Physics Poli. Sci. 182James Petersohn Accounting Torez Patrick Nursing James Petrini Kconomics Thomas Petrini History William Pfistcr Richard Piazza Transportation English Lawrence Picetti Edmond Pietraczyk David Pigott International Bus. History Psychology Jeffrey Pimper Math Annette Pirio French Stephen Pittavino Economics Joan Pizza English Robert Powers Biology Julie Presta History Steven Price Pro-Med Stephen Prochnow Latin Mary Pronos English Antonia Radillo Poli. Sci. Raymond Raleigh Poli. Sci. Marsha Ranieri History Francis Rapp Economics Patrick Regan Michael Rondo Linda Renn I-atin Poli. Sci. Math Michael Restani History Donald Regan Ind. Relations Matthew Regan Philosophy Thomas Reynolds Thomas Rettagliata Accounting History 183Gerard Ruvaid Poli. Sci. Margaret Ryan Biology Gregory Ryken History Thomas Sanborn English John Sant English Barbara Santana Psychology John Santori Biology Charles Riffle Social Welfare Sheila Riley Sociology Neil Riofski Psychology Elizabeth Ritzinger Education Severin Rizzo Poli. Sci. Sandra Robards Nursing Joseph Roberson Poli. Sci. Katherine Roberts Stephen Roberts Nursing Production Mngt. L. W. Rothschild Accounting Gary Rovsck Sociology Gary Royce Accounting Benjamin Ruano Internat’l Bus. John Russell Economics Mary Russell Nursing Ellen Rutowski Poli. Sci. Charles Robinson English Ann Rodenkireh Math Alfred Rodrigues Philosophy Philip Rossi History Joseph Rossitto Pre-Med William Rogers Poli. Sci. Catherine Rose Nursing 184: Nancy Sarlatte French Ednaima Savio Biology David Scharlach Christopher Sc hi ess Poli. Sci. Marketing Albert Schilf English Kurt Schmitz Marketing i Donald Schneider Robert Schoetter Chemistry History Richard Schwarz, Poli. Sci. Maddalcna Scipi Sociology Robert Scott English Errol Searle Economics Lawrence Seffens Transportation Mary Seidl History Arlene Sekishiro Nursing Carolyn Serrao English Karen Sexton Psychology Patricia Sexton Sociology V Mary Shanahan Timothy Shea Poli. Sci. Pre-Mod Stephen Sheer in Cregorv Shields Psychology Psychology Robert Shimmon History William Shim-Accounting Eileen Shrieve Nursing Catherine Sills Psychology r Alice Schmuck Social Welfare John Seeronen History Nalin Shah Accounting Joseph Sheehan Accounting Joseph Silva Poli. Sci. 185“After coming into contact with a religious man, I always fed that I must wash mg hands." —Nietzsche, Eece Homo Nancy Simmons Lawrence Siri Darrell Siria English Accounting Industrial Rcl. Paul Sitter Adelaide Smith Annette Smith History English English David Smith Dean Smith James Smith Intern’l Bus. Production Mngt. Biology Johanna Smith Michael A. Smith Michael E. Smith Neale Smith Norman Smith Paul Smith Ruthann Smith English Math Accounting Pre-Mod Accounting Economics Sociology Judith Sobjert Thomas Soden Edward Sparks Math History Pre-Mini Robert Spratt Glenn Stanberry John Stapleton Grant Steer Geraldine Stenger Maria Sternberg Rarbara Stewart History Poli. Sci. Accounting Math Sociology History Education 186Mary Strazzarino Kathleen Stroben John Stuart Margaret Sullens Poll. Sci. English History History Nursing Andrew Stone History James Sutton Pre-Med Bridget Sweeney Pre-Med Francis Taforo English Ei-Ling Tan Pre-Med Donald Tapia History Joan Tavares English Frank Tealdi William Teawell Accounting Poli. Sci. Richard Tccbay Psychology Terese Tcrschuren James Tevenan English Latin Ram Thadani History William Thompson Marsha Thrcefoot Internat’l Bus. English Helen Thurston Nursing Ronald Tom History Robert Till Psychology Diane Tobin English John Torpey Edward Torres Katharine Toy Finance Psychology Nursing John Trott Kathleen Trudeau Jeanne Tschann Accounting Chemistry Psychology Kcrrin Sullivan Poli. Sci. Stephen Taylor Marketing Steven Thomas Pre-Dental Charlene Torlcy History Linda Uribe English 187Joann Valentino Nursing Rloise Vasquez Accounting Fralric Wales English Victor Walsh H istory Patricia Warner Psychology Itylona Watson Sociology Loren Van Wyk Philosophy I.ynette Varni English Ronald Valmassy Biology John Vandenvennet Maria Van Houten History Nursing Jacques Verdier Pre-Engineering Kathleen Walker Math Mark VonTagen Mary Wakefield Math English Donnell V aish Edward Walsh Poli. Set. English Louis Warchot Pre-Med Gary Ward Finance Ronnie Ward Poli. Sci. “We ore called a democracy, for not of the few." George Washburn Physics James Waters Marketing James Wathen Pre-Med Edward Watson Accounting Robert Watson Marketing Susan Watson Russian Paul Watters Poli. Sci. John Weber Psychology Lawrence Weiss Pre-Engineering Mary Welte Poli. Sci. 188Paul Werner Elec.-Phys. Karen West English Suzanne West Psychology Ross Whitacre Poli. Sci. Harold Whitaker Accounting the administration is in the hands of the want and —Thucydides, Peloponnesian War Robert White History Ada Whitworth Nursing Jay Wilson ind. Relations Joan Wilson History Gary Wooten Elec.-Physics Patricia Wong Nursing I David Wright Meribcth Wrzesinski Transportation Pre-Med Patricia Yap Margaret Yharrolaza Poli. Sci. Education Harriette Yoho English Bruce Zagaris Frank Zbncnik LeahZebre Louis Zimmer John Zimmerman Poli. Sci. Poli. Sci. Social Welfare Pre-Med Finance Catherine White French Patrick White Poli. Sci. Henry Widenmann English Frederick Willard Finance Margaret Wilson Accounting Carolyn Woldrich English Howard Woo Susanne Woosley Poli. Sci. Nursing Harry Young Douglas Yule Poli. Sci. Psychology Sue Zuranski Claire Zvanski English Poli. Sci. 189Freshmen 190Robert Abava Robert Abiante Pre-Med' Poli. Sci. Jane Aimar Nursing John Alaura Prod. Mngt. Ruth Almasy Russian Virginia Alonso English Molly Andrews Michael Anthenien Social Welfare Pre-Engineering James Adams I.atin Patricia Adams Nursing Patricia Ahboltin Nursing Joseph Alioto Psychology John Allen Latin Mary Terry Allen Math Elizabeth Ambrosi Pre-Med Richard Ames Latin John Anderson Latin Susan A pice H istory Dolores Aragon Nursing Eduardo Aramcndia Economics Elizabeth Ahlering Nursing Nicholas Allen Elec.-Physics Lawrence Anderson Pre-Med Juanita Aranguena Biology Marilyn Archbold Hugo Arevalo Social Welfare Spanish Marianne Asaro Louise Avakian Frederick Avansino Chemistry Psychology Latin (lilford Await Prod. Mngt. James Babcock Accounting Robert Bacci English June Baccitich History Theresa Bacioccn Math 191Louise Baicr History Russell Baird Chemistry Dennis Baker Poli. Sci. M ichuel Baldonado Marketing Charles Banovac William Baraya Wayne Barbarotto Dennis Bnrbata Accounting Biology History Math Lavonne Barrozo Bartholmew Barry 1 cter Barry Robert Barulich Economics History Poli. Sci. Pre-Engineering Julia Batti Nancy Bauder Louise Bauer Karen Bava English Math Math Economics Daniel Beals Douglas Becker M ichael Becker James Becnel Intornnt’l Bus. Poli. Sci. Accounting Economics Vivian Benton Ursula Bernis Michael Bertinetti Thomas Bertrand Math German History Psychology Joseph Ball May belle Ballantyne History English Susan Barnes Linda Barrett Biology Social Welfare Karla Bastrire Steven Batanides English Biology Jane Bayer Philip Bazzano Nursing Pre-Med Lynne Bcdnarz Cynthia Bennett Biology English Lawrence Betrozoff Linda Bezy Philosophy Math 192Edward Bielski Kerry Blackman Poll. Sci. English Sharon Blaskowcr Jonathan Blaxton History Pre-Med Robert Boll J. L. Bolton Sociology Sociology Cheryl Borges Richard Borghello Nursing History Jack Bradley Gerald Brady Finance Poli. Sci. Kristine Bray Janet Brennan History Social Welfare Timothy Blackmer Francis Blahoski Mary Blancarte William Blanchard Accounting Accounting Education Biology James Blood Deborah Bocci Patricia Boettcher Terri Bohac Chemistry Chemistry Nursing French James Bonato Chester Bond Catherine Bordes William Bordin History Pre-Pharmacy Math Poli. Sci. Dennis Bouey George Bourcier John Boyle Michael Bracco Poli. Sci. French Pre-Med Finance Pamela Bragg Suzanne Braudes Catherine Brandi Dcidrc Brandt Psychology English Industrial Rel. Nursing Andrea Brereton Gary Bridgewater Joyce Brion John Briscoe Sociology Elec.-Physics Chemistry Poli. Sci. 193Penelope Brody Barbara Broeski Cathey Brooks Bilcen Brosnan Yolanda Brouwers Cynthia Brown Gerald Brown Sociology Sociology History Chemistry Math Social Welfare History Marita Brown Poli. Sci. David Brownell Kathleen Bruno Jeff Bryant Ellen Bundschu Mary Burman Barbara Burton Michael Butler Math Psychology Poli. Sci. Nursing Nursing Nursing History Peter Byram Terrence Byrne James Cadden Ronald Cahill Psychology Finance History Poli. Sci. Chris Calhoon Sheila Callaghan Donna Callahan Wilfrid Cameron English Biology History Psychology "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig; Hoyne again, honxe again, jiggity-jig” Mother Goose Derral Campbell English Marilyn Campion Edmund Canardo Sociology Marketing Kenna Canfield Poli. Sci. 194Janice Cantu Psychology Dorothy Cappadona History Ludwig Capps Biology C'arlos Cardonas Accounting Kevin Carey History Michael Carey Math John Carlin Barbara Carmody Pre-Engineering Nursing Mark Carmody Accounting John Carnazzo History Albert Carniglia Spanish John Carpenter Poli. Sci. Dennis Carvalho Industrial Rel. James Casey Poli. Sci. Elizabeth Cassidy Nursing Nancy Castro Pre-Med Charles Catalano Poli. Sci. Robert Caviglia History Magdalen Chan Russian Vicki Chappell Math James Cherry Latin Sharleen Chesledon Nursing Aldo Chiappero Finance Paul Chignell History Sylvia Ching Douglas Chisholm Mary Chisholm Teresa Chow Social Welfare Economics History Nursing Patricia Chown Tina Chriss English Social Welfare Paul Carey Biology Genevieve Carter Biology Jose Chamorro Chemistry Victor Chin Pre-Pharmacy William Ciabattari History 195Gerald Cipriano Economics Thomas Cobb Psychology Anna Colapictro Nursing Jonathan Corbett English Kathleen Craig Poli. Sci. Alison Clark Barbara Clark Biology Nursing Don Clark Finance Elizabeth Clifford Francis Clifford Math Marketing Gloria Cocconi Nursing Marilyn Coffy Psychology Richard Collins Psychology Michael Collum Finance John Comisky English Kathleen Connolly Thomas Connolly Chemistry Poli. Sci. Christine Cortopassi Margaret Costello Alberta Coudere Alice Coudere Nursing Sociology Nursing Nursing Mary C'ounihan Pre-Mod Joseph Clopton Biology Daniel Cook Pre-Med Kathleen Coyne English Patricia Crawford Philosophy Michael Cremin History Maria Cresci Nursing David Cresto Accounting Joseph Cronin Accounting Barbara Crooks English 196Timothy Crowe Industrial Rel. Emery Csikesz History William Cummings Poli. Sci. Maureen Curran English Mary Curtis English Carol Cusimano Nursing Michael Darner History Donald Dana Philosophy Kathleen Daroza Michael Daschbach George Davanis English Biology English John Davi Poli. Sci. Joseph David Sociology John Davidson Prc-Med Roger Davis Psychology James Day Accounting Donald Dealtry Accounting Christine De Graf James DeJohn Math Pre-Med David DeLaTorre Pre-Med Mary DeMartini History Robert DeMartini Math Louis DeMatteis Poli. Sci. Anthony DeVincenzi History Rita Dechene Pre-Med Rudolphus Dekkers Leslie Delabriandais Biology Poli. Sci. Patrice Delagrange Education Richard Denenny Philosophy Joseph Desmond Math Kathleen Desmond Nursing Peter Devine English 197David Devoti Poli. Sci. F. T. Dietrich Accounting Martin Domenici Math Patricia Drews English Leon Dura Pre-Med Thomas DiMecurio Psychology Michael DiMuro Psychology George DiPego Dennis DiRicco Sociology Math Josephine Diaz History Rova Diaz Math Larry Digest! Pre-Engineering Robert Digrazia English Kathleen Dillon Accounting Laurel Dimminger William Doheny Sociology Philosophy Lynn Doherty History Dorothy Domish Nursing Gerald Doogan Physics Patricia Doran Nursing Brian Dorseh Biology Carla Dotto History Kevin Dowling Poli. Sci. John Driscoll Sociology Carol Dubost Math Mary Duggan Nursing Dion Dulay Biology Barbara Dunn Poli. Sci. Julianne Dunn Pre-Med Mary Ebright Nursing Robert Edelman Math John Ekich Psychology Kathleen Ellefson Mary Engler Nursing Poli. Sci. Thomas English Physics 198Lee Epstein History Eric Ewen History Raymond Erlach Leandra Erpolding Kathleen Esselstyn Linda Estrella -• - •• • o—i— Psychology English English Sociology John Ewing Chemistry Mary Ewing Latin John Fabian English Edward Faria Pranch Robert Farrell Thomas Fauria Pre-Engineering Pre-Pharmacy Alicia Fazio Psychology Thomas Feasby Pre-Pharmacy Vaughn Feather Finance Elizabeth Feeley Fred Fendler English Pre-Med Kathryn Fenton Nursing “And the bumble bee is bumbling. 'Ooops along the shining iris-roies.” ! Peg pardon, as he bumba —Succorsa, My Garden Susan Ferrari Nursing Richard Figoni Psychology Linda Filice Biology Patricia Fine Nursing Bryan Flannery Ariana Fleet Economics Pre-Med Robert Fleming Pre-Engineering 199Catherine Flournoy History Linda Foppiano F reneh Leona Fran Ice Pro-Med Harry Floyd James Flynn Melvin Font; Holland Fong Kosemnry Fontaine Pre-Engineering Accounting Math Accounting Nursing John Ford John Fortunio Bryan Foster Katherine Foster Darryl Fown Poli. Sci. History Accounting Math Economics Thomas Franza Karen Friedrich Maire Friel Edward Fry ietoria Furman Pre-Engineering History Nursing Psychology Biology David Furnanz Latin Michael (Juliette Finance John Cable History Courtney Galbraith John Gallagher Pre-Sled Marketing Christine Gallaher George Gallegos Psychology Po - Sci. Daniel Galvin Accounting Lawerence Caraway Shellic Garrett Accounting Chemistry Paul Gasta Denise Gatfield Psychology English Philip Gatto Production Mngt. Mary Gecza Virginia George Pamela Georgeatos Samuel Gerzowski Jerrett Gianclli English Nursing English Psychology Pre-Engineering 200Alfred Giannini Kathleen Gibbons Julia Gilbert Susan Gilchrist Ronald Gillies Psychology History English History »sychology Claire Ginotti Armando Giotta Cheryl Giuntini Candace Gleason James Gotrgin Math Accounting Nursing Psychology History Patrick Golden John Goodwin Daniel Gorman Richard Gosse George Grandemange Pre-Med Philosophy Psychology Poli. Sci. History Jacob Graudenz Math Catherine Graves Biology Margaret Graziano Math Joseph Grazioli Accounting Judith Green English Philip Greene Poii. Sci. Joseph Gregori History Kvelynn Grier Psychology Jerome Guerin Christine Guerrera Vilma Guerzon Pre-Med English Nursing Roger Guido Accounting Kent Grealish Poli. Sci. David Griffith Psychology Frank Gundr.v Psychology Steven Gillum Math Michael Gogna Poli. Sci. Robert Grassilli Accounting Judith Greco Pre-Pharmacy Catherine Grigliatti Nursing Moira Gunn Math 201Madeline Guth Education Robert Hackney Sr. Marie Untrue Moira Haley Latin Nursing: Sociology Dennis Hall Accounting Mary Hankey History "The endearin' elegance of female friendship." —Johnson, Rasselas Hugh Harrington Pre-Med Conrad Hanson Philosophy Leslie Harrington Nursing John Harris Marketing Joseph Harris Psychology Deborah Harrison Psychology Melinda Harron Sociology Michael Hart History lames Hasonknmp Psychology Carol Hatch English Ann-Marie llauck Martha Hayden David Hayon Sociology English Economics Joseph Healy History Barbara Hearn Sandra Heaston English English Timothy Hannan History Thomas Ha rang Physics John Harrington Poli. Sci. Marla Harvey English Patrick Ilecq History 202Stephen Hedstrom Annette Heinz Larry Hennessey Jean Hennessy Mary Hensley Barbara Herbert Richard Herman Prc-Bngincering English Biology Nursing History English Math David Hobcrt Arlene Hoene Sociology English I.croy Hogg Social Welfare Robert Holland Charles Holmberg English Sociology Eleanor Horan Nursing I.innca Hornhucklc Marketing Ruth Horner Satoru Hosoda Stephanie Hotta Mary-Ann Hritz Anna Hudson Michael Hummer Cynthia Hunt Nursing Marketing History English Nursing Chemistry Pre-Med Catherine Hunter Social Welfare Teresa ilurren English Mary H listedt English Julia lldefonso Nursing Lawrence Inadomi Psychology Prank Inocito Pre-Med John Irvine Biology Linda Jachctta Arlene Jackson Donna Jackson Larry Jacobs Karen Jacobsen John Jalbort Dennis James History Poli. Sci. Nursing Pre-Med Sociology Physics Math 203Frank Jaquinta Production Mnet. Judy Jaroch Poli. Sci. Linda Jenkins English Thomas Jenkins Finance Charles Jennings Poli. Sci. Robert Jcsinger Poli. Sci. As Kathleen Johnson Accounting Linda Johnson Nursing Michael E. Johnson Michael G. Johnson Accounting English Mortimer Joyce Marketing Marie Kalinowski English Anthony Kane English Kenneth Kaplan History Robert Kavauaugh Economics Patricia Kaye English William Kays Pre-Mcd Joan Keane William Keays Candace Kee Katherine Kehoe Nursing History Psychology English Kim Kellcnberg Jane Kelly Jeannette Kelly Regina Kelly Richard Kenmotsu Edwin Kenney Industrial Rel. Sociology Chemistry Sociology Accounting English Allen Johansen Pre-Dental William Kaiser Marketing Philip Kazan History Karen Kern Chemistry 204‘ i Gary Kimball Industrial Rel. Cheryl Kimura English Deborah King Psychology Juno King Math Maryan no King Economics Jane Kilcline Poli. Sci William Kim Poli. Sci. Timothy King Pre-Mod Donald Kinter Pre-Dental Karen Kirschner Biology Mary Kistner Math Katherine Knippel Math Kristine Koehler Nursing Theresa Koke Poli. Sci. Robert Koncvich Economics Jean Konto Nursing Ronald Kovacich Poli. Sci. Joan Kramer Nursing David Krieger English David Kuebrich Accounting Nancy Kuhl Pre-Mod Edwin Kurakazu Herbert Kuss Pre-Engineering Production Mngt. Patricia Kuta Pre-Mod Sarah LaBoyteaux Stephen I .a Plante Gerald LaRocque Nursing Biology Pre-Med Laura Labrador History John Lagomarsino Social Welfare Richard Laherty Pre-Med 205Ronald La joy John Lamb Bonnie Lambert Psychology I re-I)cntal Russian Teresa Lunnnn Barbara Laportc Michael Lasatcr History English English Norine Lau Michael Laurel Robert Lawlor Sociology Psychology Math Thomas Leary Maureen Lechwar JeannotLee Accounting Poli. Sci. Psychology Robert Lchrberger James Lent Patrick Lconi Chemistry Accounting Prc-Mcd Marcia Limpcr Marilyn Lippi Kathleen Lipskoy Poli. Sci. Biology Social Welfare Susan Lee Spanish ‘7 cook. I cook for crips, and sprung , and feebs. Yes, 1 cook.” —Faulkner, Sanctuary Neil Leslie Economics Lawrence Levy English Bernerd Libanti Poli. Sci. Laura Lima Nursing Thomas Lister Frederick Lofrano Robert Long Alfredo Lopez Math Pre-Engineering Biology Pre-Dental 206 'kmRenee Lorda Patricia Loughran Wayne Lowther Patrick Lucay Frank Luechetti Joseph Luchini Michael Lynch Marketing Nursing Sociology English ' Biology Finance Pre-Dental Elisabeth MacIntyre Stanley Mackewicz Margaret Mahoney Douglas Maier Raymond Malerbi John Malloy English Chemistry English • Pre-Engineering English Chemistry. Robert Malloy Marketing John Maloney Sociology Kathy Malovich Nursing Frances Malta English Roger Mancini Poli. Sci. Anthony Maniscalco Robert Malinina Pre-Med Accounting Benilda Manuel Patrick Marantette Kathleen Marquette Annmarie Marr Miguel Marrou Loretta Marsico Rene Martel I English Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Med History Economics Sociology Pre-Engineering Joanne Martin Michael Martin Dennis Martin Evelyn Martinez Mary Martinez Albert Masetti Catherine Maslianikov English Psychology History English Spanish Pre-Med Intern’! Bus. 207Mary Masson burg Linda Massolo Ilona Mato Christina Matlock Thomas Matsuki Marketing Nursing Pro-Mod Psychology Accounting John McBride English Patrick McCanta Jerry McCarthy Sharon McCloskey Judith McConnell English Physics Nursing English Michael Mooney History Brenda Moore History Joseph Moran Pre-Dental John Morehouse Math Michael Morgado Poli. Sci. Michelle Morgan William Morin Lynne Morns raien Mount Karen Moylan Nursing Pre-Engineering History English Biology Shirley Mattiauda English Johrden McDevitt Accounting Rosemary Morgado Nursing Kathy Mulvany Nursing Colette Murakami Carolynn Murphy Catherine Murphy Nursing English English James Murphy Christopher McDonald Physics Sociology Kathleen McDonough Evelyn McElmecl Bernard McGinnis Erin McGinty James Mclnerney Nursing Nursing Accounting Nursing English Mary McDonnell Sociology Bruce McIntosh English 208Timothy McKay English •James McKnight Theresa McClean English Pre-Med James McLeniore Math Stephen Me New Philosophy Clair McOmber Math Eileen Meehan English John Meenaghan English Barbara Menard History Albert Menas ter Poli. Sci. Barry Meneghclli Chemistry Gina Merel English Richard Merenda Accounting Richard Meyer Psychology Angela Merla French Lydia Merlo English Mark Merrill Poli. Sci. John Meyer Pre-Med Louis Meyer Pre-Med Raymond Michaud History Philip Michelson Psychology Mark Mickelsen History Linda Milburn Poli. Sci. Ann Milenkiewicz English Howard Miller Math Kathleen Miller Social Welfare Marilyn Miller History Patricia Miller Biology Sarah Miller Accounting Frank Mills Biology Jewel Mills Accounting Rodney Mims Poli. Sci. Judith Miranda Math Marianne Molles Nursing Maureen Molloy History Robert Moniz Spanish 209Michael Monroe English Thomas Murray History Anthony Navarra English Robert Nicolopulos History Randy Mon tesano Jeremiah Murphy Patricia Murphy Sharon Murphy Sr. Marie Murphy Terence Murphy History History Sociology History History Poli. Sci. Lawrence Murtha Robert Musante Lucien Musso Barbara Nagengast Mark Naismith Christann Natalo Pre-Med Economics Philosophy Nursing Economics Biology Paul Neilan Marc Neilson Barbara Neudecker Cheryl Ncugebauer Barbara Newlin Wendy Newsom Finance Pre-Dental Education Nursing Nursing Social Welfare Bart Norman Thomas Norwood Candace Nowak James Nunnally Sandro Obcrtcllo John O’Connell Poli. Sci. Accounting Nursing Finance Biology Production Mngt. Maureen O’Connell Shamus O’Connell Philip O’Connor Timothy Oertel Thomas Oery Edward Ogara Mary O’Hare Biology English Poli. Sci. English Biology Pre-Dental History 210Stephen O’Meara Katherine O'Neill Maureen O’Neill Pre-Mcd Philosophy English Theresa Pachtner .Michael Palazzotto Candyce Panella History Chemistry Sociology Phillip Ortega Robert Osmond Diane Ottenwaiter Virginia Ottman Biology History Nursing Nursing Kook Pang Nicholas Paolini Bradford Pappalardo Biology Sociology History ‘All animals arc equal, but some arc more equal than others." —Orwell. Animal Farm Anthony Parina History Michael Parmer Constance Partmann Colleen Parton English Social Welfare Sociology A than Pasadis Finance Barbara Pasehke History Pamela Passanisi Biology Leonio Patrick History Mary Patterson Biology Mickey Pattison Elizabeth Paul Helen Paxinos Thomas Payne English Pre-Pharmacy Sociology English Alexander Peer Economies Laurene Pelleriti Philosophy Robert Pe lot Psychology 211Sally Peltier English Sue Peltier English Patricia Pender Nursing Marilyn Pendola English Madeline Pennisi History Kenneth Perea Joan Perry English Social Welfare Mari Perryman Nursing Charles Pfeifer Math Richard Peterson Po!i. Sci. Steven Peterson Chemistry Stewart Peterson Biology Peter Pctrich Accounting Janet Pctrusich Psychology Carol Petrie Pre-Pharmacy Mary Pfeiffer Poli. Sci. Clifford Picard Psychology Susan Pickering Nursing Ralph Pierpont Accounting Mary Pile Nursing Paula Podesto Sociology Robert Potter Marketing Susan Potter Nursing Timothy Potter Pre-Med William Powell Pre-Med Mary Powers Pre-Med Helen Pratesi Philosophy Diane Precissi Nursing David Priby! Pre-Med Mary Pscherer Nursing 212Mary Putnam Nursing John Quezada Accounting Dennis Quinn English Jeffrey Quinn Accounting Raymond Quoek Pre-Mcd Kathleen Raabc History Robert Radycki English Michael Rago Physics Maria Ramirez French Sarah Rushed Spanish John Ratto Catherine Ray .Industrial Rel. History Arthur Reardon History Stella Rebollar Sociology Katherine Prongos William Redican Psychology Psychology David Regan Pre-Med Gregory Regan English Stephen Regan Poli. Sci. Frank Rende History David Reynolds English Antonio Ribeiro Chemistry Donna Ricci English James Rice Chemistry Janice Rich Nursing Jane Richards Nursing Anthony Ricottone Nancy Riese Psychology Nursing John Riordan Math Susan Riordan William Riordan Mark Ritter Sociology Sociology Pre-Engineering Maria Rivas Spanish 213William Rivas Frederick Roat James Roberts Poli. Sci. Pre-P ngineering History William Roberts Poli. Sci. David Robinott Albert Rocamora Pre-Engineering Accounting Felis Rodriguez Ronald Rodriques Thomas Rogers Nursing Accounting Biology Cynthia Romero Patricia Rooney James Ross Carol Rossi John Rossi Cary Rowan Sociology Nursing English Nursing Psychology Economics James Rucker History Timothy Ruef Pre-Med Michael Ruegg Piero Ruggeri Yvonne Ruh Marketing Pre-Engineering Nursing Thomas Russell Biology Darien Ryan Biology Kathleen Ryan History "To spend too much time in studies is sloth." —Bacon. Of Studies Suzanne Ryan Pre-Med George Ryan Sociology Roberta Roccucci Economics Robert Rowland Accounting Donald Russo Psychology Kathleen Ryan English Christine Salton Poli. Sci. 214Edward Sambuceti Ann Sambuck History Nursing Marc Sanchez Pre-Med Delia Santiago Accounting Rachelle Saraccno English Fernanda Saude Pre- Dental Frederick Schaer English Barbara Schalich Melanie Schnndelmier William Schary Sociology Psychology Biology Jeanne Schiff Nursing Ann Schindler History William Schmitt lntcrn’1 Bus. Mary Schneider Psychology John Schrader Intern’1 Bus. Jaqueline Sciutto English Edmund Scott Sociology Gerald Scullion History Stephanie Secrest Economics Darby See Psychology Patrick Seethoff English Giovanna Seghetti Italian Patricia Selegue Nursing James Sepeda English John Shaffer English Doris Shields Sociology Christine Shihady English John Shovein Pre-Med David Showers Noel Shumway History Accounting Judy Scalise Sociology John Schleicher History Michael Scurich Math Richard Seyman English Clare Sieland Chemistry 215John Sicplcr Biology Sara Sills Sociology Gerald Silva Finance Leslie Silva Marketing Ronald Silveira Dianne Simionato English Accounting Judy Simon Nursing Steven Simon Philosophy Mary Simpson Nursing Thomas Sims History Caroline Slajer Robert Slattery History Poli. Sci. Dianne Sleeper Nursing Julia Smetana Biology Barbara Smith History Michael Smith Poli. Sci. Yvonne Smith Pre-Med Frances Snavely Nursing David Smith Poli. Sci. James Smith English Mary Smith Sociology Carol Solari Poli. Sci. Robert Solon Marketing Renato Sottile Sociology Gasper Spadaro Marketing Peter Sparks Accounting William Spinelli Math Joanne Stagnaro Psychology Tom Stanghillini Marketing Katherine Stav Nursing Ronald Steffen Finance Linda Stcinert Accounting Thomas Stenson Math Stephen Stergar Lawrence Stevens Edward Stevenson Accounting Pre-Engineering Industrial Rel. 216Susan Stigen Math Phillip Stumpo Finance Eugene Sullivan Poli. Sci. Maureen Sullivan English Francis Sun Pre-Mcd Sean Sweeney Pre-Med Joseph Taormino Poli. Sci. David Tauzer Sociology Diana Taylor Pre-Med Elizabeth Thompson Finance Roberta Thompson Math Karen Thuescn Nursing Joan Sullivan English Joseph Sullivan English Kathleen Sullivan History Linda Tait English Leonard Taylor Psychology Mary Tesch Nursing Deborah Thomas Nursing Terrence Tilley Per-Med Norma Tofanelli English Lawrence Tomsic Accounting Ronald Tonegato Ernest Tong Poli. Sci. Accounting Walter Torres Psychology Robert Towers John Tozer Math Poli. Sci. Michael Traverso Math Joseph Trechter John Troccoc Pre-Engineering Finance Deborah Turpin Poli. Sci. Susan Tursi Nursing Barbara Ulicki Nursing Jose Urrutia Accounting 217Katherine Velasquez Nursing Gregory Vervais Accounting Theodore Vilas Math Paul Vinclla Poli. Sci. Susan Vodicka Thomas Waddock Nursing Poli. Sci. Gladys Wallace Maureen Wallace Janet Walsh Michael Walsh Nicholas Walsh Maija Walters Prc-Mcd Nursing Pre-Med History History Sociology Judith Ward Poli. Sci. Frederic Warnshuis Aline Watkins Pre-Engineering History Richard Watts Intern'l Bus. Lon Waxstein Gary Weinstein History Accounting Gary Werntz Psychology Michael Whelan Physics Donna Whitaker Math Mary White Nursing Patricia Whiteford Donald Whittaker Nursing Poli. Sci. Carl Widmer John Wier Michael Williams Richard Williams Timothy Williams Frances Wilson Biology Physics English Production Mngt. Math Nursing Madeleine Waldmann English Jacquctte Ward Nursing Mary Werner Nursing Patrick Wick Math Marv Wind Poli. Sci. 218Rita Wojtalcwiez Philosophy Andrina Wold Nursing: Lawrence Wong: Pre-Med Linda Young: English Kenneth Witzel English Robert Wojtaszek Psychology Emily Woltring Biology "Hemoving all judgement of one's own, one must uiways keep one’s mind prepared and ready to obey . . . the Orthodox, Catholic, and Hierarchical Church." Ignatius of Loyola, Spiritual Exercises Peter Wong Margaret Wood Ronald Wooley Pre-Engineering Pre-Med Physics Dennis Wootten Accounting Paul Worthen Math Jay Wright Accounting Mary Wright Michael Yalon English Pre-Pharmacy Frances Yates English Frank Yee Biology Thomas Young English Jeanne Yrigoyen Marketing Anthony Zanono Terrie Zimmerman Accounting Nursing Frederick Ziska History Dennis Zouzounis Pre-Dental 219The Innocents Abroad What do USF students lucky enough to study abroad do during their year in Europe or summer in Mexico; They do very little formal studying. They do informally avail themselves of a unique opportunity to open up to other people’s views and ways of life. On the streets, while hitching rides in Fiats, shopping in the flea markets and drinking in cafes, they talk and watch and in a non-psychedelic way expand their consciousness. They hopefully acquire a sense of history and most become totally enthusiastic about a new and different way of life. When they return they sometimes experience a letdown which, for a time, makes them see American life as woefully vulgar. Time, however, generally gives them perspective, and perspective objectifies views. In the end they all want to return to Europe. The first time they went only to receive; the second time they may be able to contribute a bit of themselves. Et tu, Bruto Americano? 220 Sunny St. Peter's SquareThe grim Berlin wall 221Posing in Pisa i Neolithic man examines Druid ruins at Stonehenge, England 111 A rather peculiar river in FranceGuadalajara Summer Session Main courtyard of the Escuela dr Artes Plantiras v'hcrc classes arc held during USF’s Summer Sessions. The facilities of the library at the University of Guadalajara are available to USF students. The University of San Francisco Summer Session in Guadalajara began in 1951, and is now under the direction of Prof. Luigi Sandri. The Summer Session gives the student who knows Spanish the opportunity to speak the language and hear it spoken in the classroom as well as during activities. Those who are just beginning the study of Spanish find in these surroundings a real incentive to master the Spanish language. No summer session is complete without, of course, recreation. The student can enjoy many colorful fiestas, dances, movies, picnics, and excursions to interesting and historic places in the area. In short, it affords the traveling scholar the unique experience of human contact. 223Rome Center University of San Francisco students studying in Rome attend Loyola University of Chicago’s Liberal Arts Center. The center accommodates 260 students and is the largest facility maintained by an American university in Europe. Located on Monte Mario, the school commands a view of the entire city. Sally Baumgardt Psychology Carol Brkich History Patricia Brutocao Anne Carroll Juan Manahan Susan Moddison William Sanders Anita Stangl Chemistry English Political Science English Political Science English Anne Carroll {left), « USF student, stands at the entrance drive of Loyola on Via Camillucia. 224Fountain outside of men's dorm Study Hall Fontana Trevi ClassActivities 227The interests and influences of USF, both officially and unofficially, have moved beyond the campus. The Urban Life Institute has become a rallying point and focus of attention as the key instrument in this process of movement. As a vital force in the affairs of the Haight-Ash bury district, the Institute has officially involved the University in the local community. By sponsoring Town Hall meetings at Dudley Stone School, the Institute has helped to bring together the diverse groups living in the district—hippies, Negroes, theHere, There and Everywhere ' elderly, Mexicans, Japanese and Chinese. Such issues as alleged police harassment of Haight Street hipsters and the resurrected proposal for the Panhandle Freeway which threatens to destroy a large part of the neighborhood have been discussed and community action organized. The Institute, in conjunction with the League of Women Voters, has taken an active interest in the political future of the Bay Area by inviting State Senator Eugene J. McAteer and Mayor John F. Shelley to make major addresses on that subject. In addition, the annual Police-Community Relations Institute, founded by Dr. Ralph Lane, has continued to instruct both groups in their proper functions and responsibilities. 229Unofficially, the University has moved into the life of the city through such projects as the annual Knights of Columbus blood drive, United Crusade, and the activities of SWAP whose volunteers help underprivileged children. Student interest and energy have even transcended the city. The Florence Relief Committee, organized by concerned students, collected almost seven hundred dollars to alleviate the sufferings of Florentines left homeless by this year’s floods. A personal letter from the Mayor of Florence expressed that city’s thanks for USF’s generosity. A group which each year gives interested students the opportunity to spend the summer in Mexico, Amigos Anonymous engages in socially valuable projects such as the construction of schools in rural areas and the maintenance of free medical clinics. 230Traditionally the student body president invites student “leaders” to attend a conference at the beginning of the year for discussing the ways and means of making student government a more potent force on campus. The results are rarely tangible, but this year there was born out of the fertile imagination of President Tom McMenamin a new concept of letting the average student have his say. The Town Hall meetings held in Harney Plaza were aimed at being a vehicle for the public airing of opinion of both faculty and students in the hope of somehow solidifying the campus into a university community. 232’ ■ Another innovation in student government was the establishment of the Academic Council to represent student opinion on matters of academic to the administration, faculty, and student legislature. Headed by Don Betz, the Council is composed of representatives of all majors in the University. Early in the year the faculty Core Curriculum requested the Council to poll students concerning the curriculum. The poll was taken and a report submitted; the forthcoming proposals from the revision committee are expected to show the influence of the Academic Council’s report. In addition, the Council set up departmental meetings between students and professors. 233The cultural life of USF is enriched by various student organizations. The College Players, the oldest theatrical company in San Francisco, bring drama and comedy to Gill Theater several times each year. The Special Events Committee attempts to bring on campus outstanding talent, such as the Righteous Brothers and the Erick Hawkins dance troupe, at prices geared for students’ wallets and purses. The Activities branch of student government sometimes competes with the SEC, sponsoring such events as the Fall Jazz Festival which featured John Handy and Bola Sete. The Glee Club and the Madrigal Singers present two excellent concerts each year. The cinema is well represented, with the SEC showing films of an artsy-craftsy bent, and for the hard core intellectuals, Ecstasy Film Club offers vintage movies of historical importance in the development of the movie as an art form. The Residents’ Councils round out the offerings by showing films of limited intellectual content but of universal appeal. Art exhibits are sponsored by the SEC, and this year Hayes-Healy dorm also got into the act. Various clubs sponsor dances and mixers throughout the year. For the really serious culture seekers on campus, the City offers an unlimited variety of attractions. 234235236Brandy snifter in hand and Givenchyclad secretary at his side, President Tam McMenamin directs the complex machinery of student government. ASUSF Officers Perched atop the Golden Gate Bridge, Vice-President Jim Stamen ponders over the direction of the ship of state. 237Jovial Treasurer Dave Candeo prepares to deposit funds at a Montgomery St. bank. ASUSF Officers Vivacious Secretary Ana Dulay buys flowers at Union Square for President Mc-Menamin’s desk. 238 Activities Chairman Rod Blonicn checks out the social scene at Fisherman's Wharf.Dave Freeto Mike Borelli Student Court Mike HandlosLeft to right: Hal Danzer, Lou Casamayou, Don Betz, Walt Pavlicek, Bob Stevens. Betty Baysinger. Terry Gillin, Dan Boyle. Academic Council 240 Left to right: Gale King. Doug Chandler. Elliot Sevier. Ron Gable. Mike Callaghan. Rob Martin. Noella Saccone, Mark Earls.Board of Student Control ROW ONE, left to right: Bernie Peitrosilli, John Kalin, Vicky Bargiacchi, Bob Murphy, Dan McCarthy. ROW TWO: Ron Gable, Sam Garcia, Paul Van Rijn, Joe Burns, Chris Dietrich, Tom Fracisco. ROW ONE, left to right: Phil Thygcson, Dennis Lock, Dennis Troute, Kurt Schmitz. ROW TWO: Jim Toothman, Phil Tachella, Noolla Saccone, Charlie Rinehart. 241Juniors Left to right: G. Mantle. B. Baysinger, S. Lucia (president). Class Officers Left to right: J. Ponzio, J. Phair, P. Jones, R. Horrigan, R. Hardina (president). SeniorsFreshmen Loft to right: J. Phair, K. Matlock, C. Jennings (president), E. Csikesz, W. Keyes. Left to right: J. Armstrong (president). G. Fracchia, J. Dalton, G. Sullivan, L. Battel.Residents’ Co-ordinating Council ROW ONE, left to right: J. Swetonic (publicity co-ordinating chairman), S. Libershal (secretary). ROW TWO: D. Kennedy (treasurer), C. Kreml social chairman), C. Solis (general chairman), M. Wagner (athletic chairman). MISSING: K. Carter (vice-chairman),M. Werner (religious-education chairman). Clubs’ Council ROW ONE. left to right: B. Ruellan, J. Frank. ROW TWO: R. Perucca, J. Bernhard, J. McBride, T. Sohieids, R. Chionghian. ROW THREE: J. Kiley. M. Fitzgerald, M. McKay, P. Cain, S. Flett, B. Lchrberger. MISSING: M. Foote, J. DiRegolo, M. Grubs, S. Ching, N. Smith. B. Lynch, D. Binder. 244 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1Left to right: Skip Schafer (Alpha Delta Gamma), Mike Handlos (Chairman), Jim Twohig (Delta Sigma Pi), Mike Fitzgerald (Alpha Pi Omega). Interfraternity Council ROW ONE, left to right: Rick Parina (Alpha Pi Omega), Mary Ginotti (Tri Gamma), Leo Murphy (Phi Sigma Alpha). ROW TWO: Wallace Weckter (Phi Beta Chi), Dan McCarthy (Pi Sigma Alpha), Lawrence O’Conner (Alpha Sigma Nu), Philip M. McEvoy (Phi Beta Chi), Phillip J. Perucca (Omincron Theta Chi). 245Residents’ Councils Phelan ROW ONE, left to right: R. Morenda, T. Nasser, G. Vargas, E. Castoria, R. Hinkle, J. Meyer, J. Trechter, N. Gullo, E. Walsh. ROW TWO: W. Young, E. Pietraczyk, T. Sweet, C. Weinstein. Phelan Reft to right: P. Kelly, J. Wilson, G. Sallaberry, L. Casa-mayou, T. Fracisco (treas.), C. Solis (pres.), K. Kreml (v-p), D. Jones (see.), R. Mis-ner, R. Kaneko, R. Jacobi, M. Regan. Gillson Left to right: D. Pribyl, S. Phair, P. Panfili, F. Jaquinta, M. Wagner, I). Clark, J. Rossito, D. Siria, T. Ruef.Residents’ Councils Hayes-Healy ROW ONE, left to right: T. Carton, K. Carter, C. Fregulia, J. Holland, M. Burman. ROW TWO: P. Nolan, M. Werner, P. Bradley, A. Cassidy, K. Ryan. St. Mary’s ROW ONE, left to right: J. Max, M. Graham. ROW TWO: C. Lane, J. Miranda, J. O'Hora (secretary), T. Patrick (treasurer), S. Libershal (vice-president), J. Swetonic (president). A. Hodges, M. White. MISSING: G. Feroah, K. Ryan.Yell Leaders ROW ONE, left to right: D. Sirin, P. Toe Ikes, R. Barbieri. ROW TWO: F. Doherty, R. Sellers. Sellers and crony whoop it up in City Hall fountain.Knees dimpling, song girls do their stuff in front of the Civic Center.250American Physics Institute ROW ONE, left to right: D. Janda (secretary), I). Falco (vice-president), R. Segur-son_ (president), R. Tortorelli (treasurer), Dr. J. C. Albergotti (moderator). ROW TWO: J. Brown, J. Ramos, J. Deagan, A. Gillogly, J. Injogo, J. Castro. Left to right: J. Hansen, S. Schafer, J. Gill. F). Black. 251 Business Administration Club 252 Loft to risrht: H. Russell Saunders and Michael Gnccco.Conservative Student Forum ROW ONE, left to right: M. B. Pfeiffer, S. Flott, A. Kestell, M. Nunes, L. Van Wyk. ROW TWO: D. Krioger, G. R. Anderegg, A. Menaster, J. Cunningham, R. Gosse, W. Thompson. Campus Improvement Committee Left to right: J. Tschann, J. Haff, L. Fideler, S. Lucia. 253ROW ONE, left to ripht: C. Murphy, M. Spohn, C. Romero, D. Shields, N. Sarlattc, T. O’Neill, S. Hcaston, T. Mages, S. Kisla. ROW TWO: B. Rossi, M. Siemonsma, K. Boylan, J. Lee, M. Acorne. MISSING: L. Shields, C. Welte. Democratic Club 254 Screaming fans and basketball ( reef Hobby Kennedy following his address to the Latin American Day Conference.Loft to right: E. Ahlering, K. Walsh, N. Saccone, D. See, P. Bradley, J. O'Hara, E. Rutowski, J. Moran, A. O’Gara, J. Denton, S. Andrade, K. Coleman, K. DeBrigglio, Mrs. Ross (moderator). ROW ONE, left to right: C. Brown, M. Lucido. ROW TWO: F. Ziska, P. Perucca, D. Lawrence, S. West, T. Shields, K. Kessler, J. Percy, J. Augustino, P. Pendergast. ROW THREE: P. Bryan, R. Botteri, B. Gorgom, T. Waddock, G. Mordasini, J. Randolph, T. Gloster. 255ROW ONE. left to right: K. Kamimoto, J. Clayton, N. Sarlatte, D. Barulich. ROW TWO: R. Chase, K. Bray, A. Smith, M. Strazzarino, R. Genini. ROW THREE: K. Krause, C. Jennings, S. Baugh, D. Conley. ROW POUR: S. Flott, P. Byrne, N. Malone, S. Andrade, A. Guaraglia. Education Club ROW ONE, left to right: C. Bcnedetti, T. Heicck, J. Jeung, M. Grubbs, J. Figari, G. Mordasini, N. Ellis. ROW TWO: C. Witt. K. Kessler. .1. Schiff, M. Coffy. T. O’Neill. A. Smith, Miss Schmidt. ROW THREE: K. Strohon, R. Hansen. R. Maguire, A. Anton, S. Flott, V. Hunnicutt. 256Hawaiian Club B. Murphy, S. Garcia, P. Anderson, J. Day, T. English, R. Lau. ROW ONE, left to right: B. Kim, S. Hotta, C. Murakami, D. Lau. ROW TWO: R. Rodriguez, J. Koquki, D. Snyder, D. Carvalho. Left to right: D. Lock (treasurer), L. Silva (vice-president), S. Ching (president), M. Muller (secretary), in the Tonga Room of the Fairmont.ROW ONE. letf to right: T. Palacin, M. J. McCarthy, C. Johnson, E. Molkenbuhr, J. Curtis, J. Nerney, F. Norris, II. Rome, T. Galvin. ROW TWO: D. Lindberg, R. Murphy, P. Cain, T. Reynolds, M. Kotlinger, K. Krause. I.. Steffens, S. Peters, J. Lee, J. DelMonte, N. Sarlatte, R. Meisel, C. Ortelle, E. Gazzano. J. Dresser, T. Rhodes, N. Legher, J. Canata, R. Mafee, R. Chase, J. Misuraca, P. Timpan, G. Mordasini. T. Potter, K. Boylan, M. Pfeifer, M. Thomas, J. Gray, B. Brown, S. Bird. 258 Officers, left to right: R. Murphy, Pete Cain (pres.), R. Chase, E. Molkenbuhr. C. Johnson, T. Galvin.1 Knights of Columbus ROW ONE. loft to right: D. Russo, W. Ciabattari, E. Fry, J. Quezada. ROW TWO. R. Graham, M. Reltramo, M. Dolagnes, J. Cronin, J. Harrington, M. Kelechava, S. Franich, M. Morris, E. Mahoney. W. Lynch, E. Chiosso, M. Casey. ROW THREE: B. Bachecki, T. Reynolds, R. Fay, J. Culino, A. Caughman. Father Symth gives his all to the annual blood drive. 259Math Club SEATED: J. Phair. STANDING, left to right: J. Ponzio, J. Gatfield, R. Baum. J. McLomore, J. Allison, D. Krueger, E. Meyers. K. Pnlla. ROW ONE, left to right: R. Watson. W. Pavlicek. ROW TWO: P. Murphy. K. Bias, B. Pietrosilli. Y. Brouwers. M. Von Tagen, C. Lobeek, P. Ricessi, R. Scholl, R. Goshgarian, G. Villaloboas. 260 Walt Pavlicek, President.ROW ONE, loft to right: M. Nunes, K. Canfield, J. Murphy, C. Sills, J. Leo, R. Cauilan, M. Parmer. ROW TWO: B. Zagaris, G. Anderegg, M. del Rosario, L. Harrington, J. Robertson, G. Wright, R. Williams. ROW THREE: J. Bernhard, J. McCauley, S.J., B. Libanti, A. Menaster, F. Botti, B. Lehrbergcr. Chess Club members battle it. out. Left to right: B. Kirby (secretary-treasurer), S. Fisher (historian), M. Quin-livan (president), Fr. Swain (moderator), S. Flott (vice-president), M. Restani (activities director), Mr. Campbell (moderator). 261Peers Keys Matlock, Peers' Homecoming Queen finalist. ROW ONE, left to right: W. Kempton, G. Kimball, B. Breedlove, F. Goeringer. ROW TWO: T. Dorsey, M. Earls, R. Fay, M. Lupton, M. Romo, J. Mullen. ROW THREE: J. Ponzio, M. Borelli, S. Phair, R. Genoni, L. Delabriandais, M. Felkins. ROW FOUR: W. Fleischer, R. Hardina, J. Mnstrantonio, M. Brawn, C. Delgado, S. Franich, S. Boyd, D. Ricman, J. Leli. ROW FIVE: J. Guerin, D. Schreiner, L. Silva, J. Makaweo, M. O’Toole. A cheery crew of Peers paints it8 club room baby blue. April Stevens vamps boyish Larry Silva, the Peers' head man.Philhistorians ROW ONE, left to right: D. Kafura, G. Anderegg, M. Nunes, D. Kricger, A. Rodrigues, Fr. James J. Dempsey, S.J. (Moderator), R. Lehrberger, Mr. O’Sullivan. ROW TWO: R. Gosse, P. McAdoo, S. Flott. ROW THREE: J. Bernhard, M. McKay, B. Zagaris. Fr. Dempsey, Stanley Flott and John Bern-hard pose with the spoils of victory. 263 iV 4ROW ONE, left to right: L. Lucas, A. Limsico, S. Chikiamco, R. Ybut, M. Emiqucz, M. Castro. G. Mangubat, H. Esperanza, A. Julian, D. Santiago. G. Galope, N. Quesada, E. Silva. ROW TWO: R. Madayag, J. Marte, S. Sugitan, J. Madamba, N. Aquinaldo, R. Cauilan, C. Bayaborde, G. Parial, L. Barrios. C. de Groznian, B. Manuel. ROW THREE: T. Rufino, G. Nauk, S.J., J. Tengco, T. Belleza, D. Brown, C.S.S.R., A. Lingad, R. Chiongbian, H. Chiongbian, R. Chiongbian, A. Garcia. ROW FOUR: D. Wong, A. Abad. G. Araneta, III. Philippine Club Ana Marie Gonzalez Homecoming Queen finalist. 264 ROW ONE, left to right: A. Limsico (secretary). A. Lingad (president), C. Bayaborda (business manager). ROW TWO: D. Wong (advisor), H. Chiongbian (sergeant-at-arms), G. Araneta (vice-president), T. Rufino (club representative), D. Chiongbian (advisor). MISSING: J. Marti (auditor), T. Abad (treasurer), B. Mapa (sergeant-at-arms), S. Chiriamco (public relations).Rangers ROW ONE, left to right: P. Ward, A. Martinez, F. Charpiot, R. Reuter, J. Gherini, E. Castoria, C. Delgado, W. Makalii. ROW TWO: M. Rcstani, W. Reid, K. Boylan, G. Hughes, G. Sallaberry, S. Carey, P. Goyton. ROW THREE: J. Meier, W. Bailey, J. Allison. ROW FOUR: G. Mantle, H. Hunter, D. Petty. “Always swim with a buddy” ROW ONE, left to right: B. Pietrosilli, R. Brennan. ROW TWO:M. Fitzgerald, Major Cummins (Moderator), D. McCarthy. 265ROW ONE, left to right: G. Barron, V. Bonfilio, T. Amen. C. Martinez, R. Misner, W. Katayama, J. Jurowitz. T. Nasser. J. Notch. M. Pendergast. ROW TWO: D. Smith. W. Stone, F. Buckley. E. Moe, D. Trout. P. Sullivan. K. Petsas, C. Zvanski. daint Ives ROW ONE. left to right: D. Deasy, R. Domergue, R. Ching, C. Collins, N. Ewing. J. Holland, P. Dobson, P. Donais, J. Gherini. ROW TWO: M. Clark, J., T. Wilcox. M. Wooton, W. Gargano, M. Handlos, C. Kreml.ROW ONE, left to right: S. Carey, 1). Sorrenowski, R. Watson. J. Blythe, W. Katyama, L. Silva. ROW TWO: S. Johnson, G. Mawn, J. Sindicich, M. Gnecco, P. LaMothe, G. Perrini, D. Collins, J. Brown. Scabbard and Blade ROW ONE, left to right: G. Mawn, S. Carey, D. Sorrenowski, D. Collins. W. Katyama, R. Watson, J. Blythe. J. Sindicich, G. Perrini. ROW TWO: P. Fleisher, J. Ponzio, J. Gould, J. Phair, G. Mangnn, M. Gnecco, S. Garcia, N. Smith, D. Chandler, B. Pietrosilli, B. Olds, J. Brown, S. Johnson. P. I.aMothe, I.. Silva. 267USF Forum on War and Peace ROW ONE, left to rijrht: E. Gundey, K. Raabc, Mr. T. Drain (moderator). ROW TWO: C. Salton, C. Ramirez, J. McBride, R. Fisher. ROW THREE: T. Sandborn, M. Williams. Wassman Biological Society 268 ROW ONE, left to right: .1. Buchner, L. Palkovie, F. McGee, J. Kilcy, B. Sweeney, D. Swanson. ROW TWO: C. Mahoney, R. Krieg, R. Herold. C. Javorski, D. Teply.Women’s Sodality ROW ONE, left to right: T. Secrest, K. Hickel, K. Boomer (secretary). K. Raabe, M. Molloy, P. Wilson, Fr. Keenan (moderator). ROW TWO: M. Thomas, K. Doming, R. Dechenc, B. Santana, C. Hatch, J. Prigmore (president), J. Frank (vice-president). Young Republicans ROW ONE, left to right: J. McAndrews, C. Zvanski, S. Harless, M. Ranicri, B. Ruellan (president), R. Hackney. ROW TWO: M. Nunes, H. Lang, J. Wheir, D. Parker, S. Flott. 269 Culture and Service 270ROW ONE, loft to right: C. Denke, J. Kelly, T. Carton, D. Maksin, L. Kimball, C. Gerrison, J. Stringer. ROW TWO: L. Hughes, B. Holloran, A. Garcia, K. Sickly, T. Berberich, B. Conlin, H. Birk. Amigos Anonymous ROW ONE, left to right: B. Miesel, T. Porter. R. Allen, C. Riffle. ROW TWO: D. Martin, J. Jones, S. Thomas, V. Jackie, M. Merna, M Ariztia, M. Bailey, L. Lanctot. ROW THREE: T. Vessel ley, G. Mills. T. Phillips, S. Young, P. Lennon, J. Smith, A. Cassidv, R. Downy. 271Relaxing in a Busby Berkeley pinwheel are, left to right, Mary Cook, vice-pres.; Mark Foote, pres.; Leah Zebre, secty.; Terry Ellis, treas.Servant of Buxom wenches and rascally young men swarmed over the stage in the College Players’ first whack at comedia delVarte, shown here on tour at Loyola University. College Players Two Masters Backstage with the CPs: a do-it-yourself muttonchop. 273John O'Rourke leches after heartbreaker Suzanne Collins slightly west of Playland at the Reach. Fando and Lise Mike Stipanich and Kitty Woods get passionate in Mask of Angels. 274College Players Joe Clark and Helen Buzolin, looking insane and hard as hell respectively are featured in Mask of Angels. Two Loyola Players discuss the relative merits of pin stripe suits. Ten Little Indians An attentive young lady drinks in Hopi folklore during the Del Key Players’ performance of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians. 275Glee Club ROW ONE, left to right: Sister M.S.R. Wagner. S. Carr, B. Burton, K. Toy, K. Danzey, T. Heieck, L. Uribe, H. Yoho. ROW TWO: H. Henry, K. Raabe. D. Whitaker, L. Erpelding, M. Wakefield, B. Santana, P. Whiteford, C. Kee, B. Lewis. ROW THREE: G. Hernandez, C. Matlock, M. Enright, T. Young, J. Tevenan, P. Devine, J. Mclnerny, R. Meisel. ROW FOUR: R. McGuire, P. Shypertt, G. Sateia, L. VanDyk, R. Brooks, R. Donovan (president). Madrigals ROW ONE, left to right: M. Hunter, K. Danzey, M. Gray, M. Ebright, J. Diaz, Y. Smith. ROW TWO: R. Donovan, A. Moyce, P. Shypertt, P. Devine, T. Young, J. Tevenan. 276. . . which will look like the one Kathy McKenna holds. Left to right: Ralph Pujolar. Ed Engler and Peggy Wilson preparing for a bazaar. 277KUSF EXECUTIVE BOARD, top to bottom: J. Vcrdier, R. Hinkle, V. Berardelli, T. Col-hurst, S. Runyon. ROW ONE, left to right: S. Baugh, E. Castoria. ROW TWO: H. Young, A. Smith, L. Dematteis, M. Callette, K. Falla. 278 Elfin Liz Thompson points at an album.John Cunningham and other celebrities. Left to right: L., R. Hinkle, N. Brandt. KISF Left to right: A. Newsom, J. Cunningham, B. Ericson. 279Barred by the electorate f rom an unprecedented second term as head cheerleader, Kosta purges those emotions of pity and fear on the big bass drum. Pep Band 280 ROW ONE, left to right: L. Dura, B. Segurson, D. Bond. S. McNew, M. Blicharz. ROW TWO: M. Connolly, S. Gerzowski, L. Maniscalco, T. Ruef, L. Warchot, T. Shea. ROW THREE: C. Picard, J. Rucker, M. Smith. B. Boll, J. Milton. K. Petsas.Special Events Committee ROW ONE, left to right: K. McMahon, A. Merls, N. Ellis, N. D’Ercole, R. Horner, I). Murphy (Music Chairman). ROW TWO: D. Deasy (Lectures Co-Chairman), P. Ford (Publicity Chairman), P. Flynn, K. Kamimoto, M. Ybarrolaza, C. Fisher (Films Chairman). ROW THREE: K. Lagorio, N. Bauder, D. K ruegger, P. Thygeson, R. Steffen, C. Anglemier, R. Domergue, S. Gosano (Executive Secretary), T. Georgi, E. Moe (Lectures Co-Chairman). ROW FOUR: J. Holt, E. Curotto (Assistant Business Manager), J. Clayton, .T. Nelson (Business Manager), C. Moeller. G. Rovsek (Administration Laison), P. Flanagan (Chairman), V. O’Gara. MISSING: Fr. William Monihan, S.J. (Moderator), C. Kreml (Vice-Chairman), J. Varni (Art Chairman), M. Borrontco. B. Hayes, M. Hayes, L. Hill, C. Joch, M. Jordan, N. Rankin. Business Manager Nelson and Art Chair- Impressario Pat Flanagan—USF’s man Varni vacuum the stage for the Right- answer to Sol Hurok. eons Bros. Concert. 281Student Western ST. PATRICK’S RECREATION PROJECT ROW ONE. left to right: D. Smith, C. Riffle (chairman). ROW TWO: K. Strobin, S. Andrade. A1 Brandi Chairman 282 STEERING COMMITTEE, left to right: L. Burke, S. Hugins, M. Brutocao, A. Brandi (chairman), T. Carton, C. Riffle. J. Howe. S. Buckley, H. Rome, J. Kalin, M. Spohn. Missing: R. Giddings, T. Galvin. J. Toothman. T. Boratynski.Addition Project BUCHANAN RECREATION PROJECT—ROW ONE. left to ritfht: V. Chappel, T. Boratynski (chairman), L. Valera, R. Navarro, A. Brandi. ROW TWO: M. Woo l, T. Carton. M. Brutocao, M. Ryan. 283GERIATRIC GROUP, left to right: M. C. Pscherer, C. Hatch, M. Rrutocao, T. Carton, J. Morando, M. Spohn. SWAP HOLY SOULS STUDY HALL. ROW ONE, left to right: J. Nerni. S. Linn, R. Powers, B. Crooks, P. Regan. ROW TWO: A. van Workhooven, B. J. Burton, S. LaPlant. P. Kazon, P. Anderson. ROW THREE: II. Rome (chairman), M. Brutocao, T. Galvin. Memo to idealists: Teaching the three TVs means more than wordy speeches.CATHEDRAL PARISH RECREATION PROJECT. ROW ONE, left to right: M. Powers, D. Smith, T. Peterson, W. Newsom, ROW TWO: R. Wojtalewics, J. Martin, P. Brady, S. Buckley (chairman). SWAP ! Memo to realists: This “slice of life” can he found every day of the week. SWAP HOME TUTORIAL CROUP, ROW ONE, left to right: L. Marsico, L. Hughes, C. Bushard, J. Tooth man, T. Wilcock. ROW TWO: J. McConnell, M. Blancarte. R. Holland. ROW THREE: J. Jeung, G. Benson, P. Ford, P. Husby, J. DeSmet, J. Howe. HOLY CROSS STUDY HALL, left to right: P. Chown. D. Gatfield. K. Dunn, R. Giddings (chairman), G. Figueroa, T. Carton, S. Stiger. 285286Alpha Delta Gamma Left to rifrht: F. Doherty, B. Graham, W. Wallace, R. Dodd, S. Schafer, G. O’Rourke, R. Poe, D. Quinn. Homecoming Queen. ROW ONE. left to rijrht: M. Moylan, M. Nardi, V. Walsh. ROW TWO: M. Duffy, J. Waters, T. Sweeney. ROW THREE: J. Russel, S. McCullauph, D. Holquin. 287ROW ONE, left to right: .1. Bums, J. Gates, P. Toelkes. ROW TWO: R. Miller, L. Dondero, P. Muzio, T. Moran. ROW ONE, left to right: R. Airaudi, J. Zimmerman, J. Blom. ROW TWO: B. Kochly, D. Hoyle, D. Smith. ROW THREE: D. Hall, C. Clay, N. Smith, G. Vervais. 288ROW ONE, left to right: L. Seffens, D. Sheehy, D. Sirsi, A. Rodriques. ROW TWO: A. Mundy, B. Baumann, J. Vignau, H. Hunter, D. Petty. ROW THREE: P. White, J. Hancock, J. Tastor, E. Carborry, R. Johnson. Alpha Pi Omega OFFICERS, left to right: Capt. Ault (moderator). B. Hanson (treasurer), ft gerald (president), M. Handlos (vice-president), Sgt. Tarver (assistant mode 289 Left to right: J. Nelson, L. O’Connor, W. Duggan, Fr. J. LoSchiavo, S.J., (moderator), C. Solis, D. Chandler, R. Horrigan. Beta Gamma Sigma 290 Left to right: R. Dodd, J. Nelson, A. Schaefer, R. Ricsonbeck.I ! I I i i) i ■ i i ROW ONE, left to right: S. Scharetg (senior vice-president), D. Olden, .T. Twohig (president). G. Newhall (historian), T. Cush. ROW TWO: J. Schaefer, A. Connelly, L. Tomsic. Delta Sigma Pi Bewitching Jeanne Berry, Rose Queen. Busy fingers fashion Delta Sig Homecoming float.ROW ONE. left to right: J. Gatfield, N. Costa. N. Smith. ROW TWO: Mr. R. Stock (chapter advisor), B. Bowman (treasurer), D. Arietta (junior vice-president). ROW THREE: J. Haff, J. McLain. ROW FOUR: J. Cary, E. Walsh. Delta Sig Jeanne Berry. Homecoming finalist., and escort Steve Scharetg. 292 The hros. whoop it up. ) HOW ONE, left to right: E. Pranke, T. Berberich (vice-president), C. Myers. ROW TWO: Dean A. Dolan (moderator), P. Stewart (treasurer), D. Hollenbeck (president), M. J. Dummer (secretary). Gamma Pi Epsilon ROW ONE, left to right: C. Murphy, J. Hinz. N. Brady, N. Saccone. ROW TWO: G. King. M. Ginotti, G. Feroah, K. Bray, J. Holland. ROW THREE: J. Tesch, J. Denton, M. Werner, T. Fidler, N. Beirne, B. Baysinger, A. Dulay. 293 OFFICERS. ROW ONE. Left to Right: J. Russell, P. Perucca. ROW TWO: L. O’Connor, R. Logger. Omicron Theta Chi ROW ONE, left to right: C. Javorski. J. Devlin, R. Cotterill. A. Chavira. ROW TWO: M. Stanich. B. Rafael. T. Fritch. ROW THREE: D. Fretto, N. MacIntyre, J. Kimbrough, M. Girolami, J. Kiley, R. I.agger. ROW FOUR: J. Tolin, J. Russell. The pledges take a faked ride on a cable car.Omicron Theta Chi ROW ONE, loft to right: S. Sheerin, W. Hcrold, T. Kingan, F. Sun, N. Smith. ROW TWO: P. Fyre, G. Redrick, P. Merrick. ROW THREE: J. Smith, J. Pock, J. Sutton. ROW FOUR: L. Bisauta, T. Andres. I I Rich Horny an stares at the camera at the Homecoming Queen cocktail party. ROW ONE, left to right: R. Ilorrigan, R. Farrell, J. Pramuck, P. Perruca. ROW TWO: L. O’Connor, F. Mcyskens, M. Glynn. ROW THREE: R. Stevens, J. Cappell, H. Danzer. ROW FOUR: P. Carey. 295Left to right: J. Ritchie. M. Collins. P. McEvoy, D. Collins. P. Lamothe, B. Watson, A. Lamb. S. Carey. J. Kozuki, M. Nunes, R. Segurson, S. Vizzard, L. Casamayou, M. Domeniconi, K. Summerhays, W. Makalii. Felix Rodriguez, Homecoming Queen 296 finalist.Phi Sigma Chi ROW ONE, left to right: E. Noriega. .J. Husser (vice-president), L. Murphy (president), Mr. G. Campbell (moderator), G. Regan. ROW TWO: M. Myers, C. Carlson (secretary), P. Grabicki, P. Kelly (pledge master), J. Jurewitz (treasurer). MISSING: E. Mahoney, S. Lucia, J. Lynch. ROW ONE, left to right: M. Flynn. J. Morshel, D. McCarthy, A. Mearls. ROW TWO: .J. Norby, M. Brady, R. J. lleher, K. Moscone, Or. Smetana. ROW THREE: D. Betz, W. Fiser. MISSING: R. Botteri, T. Casey, W. Hayes, R. Martin. 297ROW ONE, Left to Right: T. Georgi, N. Smith, R. Drechsler. J. Ponzio. D. Lau. ROW TWO: R. Hinkle. R. Sellers, R. Daily. ROW THREE: I). Binder. Sigma Alpha Sigma 298 You riot to toot the whistle last week, so I get to toot the whistle this week, got it?Tri Gamma ROW ONE, left to rigth: M. Ginotti, G. King, J. Jebe, J. Harnett, D. Hollenbeck, M. J. Thomas, E. Franke, M. J. Dummer, J. Grober, M. A. Matthews, M. J. Courtney. ROW TWO: G. Freitas, J. Hinz, D. Wynkoop, J. Morosi, P. Ota, P. Stewart, J. Tesch, P. Glassy, C. Myers, D. Bates, G. Feroah. ROW ONE, left to right: N. Beirne, S. Libershal, C. Giulani, M. Russell, P. McDermott, P. Selegue, D. Jackson, L. Celoni, K. Roberts, J. Kramer. ROW TWO: K. Hiekel, M. Werner, G. Goszulak, C. Gehling, C. Traverse, C. Moeller, K. McMahon, P. Vine, T. Fidler.PublicationsI Bruce Egnew Editor Bob Jacobi Circulation Daily Don Vol. II, No. 57 Tuesday, February 1 Bruce Egnew, Editor DAILV DON Bob Jacobi, Cupid TOKEN'S CHRISTIAN TS-TEftANCE UNION meeting today at 3PM in U.C. 405. Refreshments will not be served. liturgical band practice at 4:30PM in Phelan Hall Dining Room. Bring your’guitars, banjos and bongos in preparation for the Valentine love feast. Professor Michael O'Connell of Yale is being sponsored tonight by the rEC. He will lecture on "Erasmus: Egotist or Humanist" at BPM in U.C. 419. TOWN HALL MEETING on Thursday, February 16 at 11AM in Harney Plaza. Tom Fitzpatrick, Fr. I.o chiavo and others will discuss "Censorship: Positive Good or Moral Lvil?" The PEERS wish one and all a happy Valentine's Day. 301The DON Andrew J. Berner II Editor Jadyne Jeung Assistant Managing Editor Dick Swanson Executive Editor Martha Hruby Managing EditorNoella Saccone Academics Editor Nancy Brady Activities Editor Phil Cassou Sports EditorThe DON Pat Yap Undergraduate Editor Kitty Haefele The Year Editor EDITORIAL ASSOCIATES TOP ROW, left to right: Katie Kehoe, Jini Wagclc, Lynn Tis-sier. ROW TWO: Bernie McCabe, Peggy Wilson. SEATED: Kathy Young. 304Barbara Santana Senior Editor The DON PHOTOGRAPHERS Rich Culderon, Wayne Ching, Larry Martin, Bob Long. Pat Burke Executive Secretary Ed Murphy Art EditorThe FOGHORN 306 Johanna Smith Managing EditorThe FOGHORN Mike Williams Night Editor 307Andy Moyce Circulation Manager The FOGHORN 308 Steve Maysonave, business manager, and Toni Ann Secrest, advertising manager.The FOGHORN STAFFERS From left to rifht: M. Enfield, B, Eshleman, A. Monaster, P. Devine.Editor Tim Truett repairs to Coil Tower for a tryst with the sweet young thing pictured here. Hilltopper Vie Bonfilio announces the advent of the Hill-topper to the surrounding countryside, which seems singularly unimpressed. 310 Noella Saccone hides from Fr. Sunderland in the mummy case after dubbing him LoSchiavo.Pacific Prospectus Editor Raul Rius relaxes at his country place. 311 Left to right: R. Rius, J. Harris, S. Scharetg, M. Gnecco, Dr. W. Regan, Moderator, and M. Butler.San Francisco Quarterly Editor Pellegrini steals a few minutes from such administrative tasks as taping pictures on the office wall to clown for our photographer. ROW ONE, left to ritfht: K. Guttormsson, L. Shields, B. Eshle-man. ROW TWO: C. Welte, L. Bauer, P. Golden.San Francisco Quarterly ROW ONE, left to right: B. Mcisel, R. Thrift, P. Vangelisti, R. Hinkle. ROW TWO: A. Pellegrini, J. McBride, R. Pratt. 313315316U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS USF Soccer Team ’66 HOW ONE, left to right: Mike I.aurcl, A1 Tsncle, Pat Pres-sentin, Jerry Katzeff. ROW TWO: Istvan Pribilovica, Gary Royee. Eduardo Rangel, A1 Aramendia, Luis Sagastume, Rudi Dekkers. Henry Lopez-Con treras, Sandor Hites, Coach Steve On the third of December, the USF soccer team finally made pood its long-standing claim as the best college soccer team in the nation. The Dons sloshed through mud and the Long Island University team to a 5-2 victory and the NCAA championship. The undefeated Dons were led by All-League standouts Eduardo Rangel, Luis Sagastume, Sandor Hites, and Henry Lopez-Contreras. Olympic team member Mike Ivanow, Jerry Katzeff, and Jorge Fernandez led the defense and held the opponents to 8 goals in 11 matches. Negocsco. ROW THREE: Asst. Coach Nagi Cassis, Sam Gorzowski, Frank Jacques, Jean Pierre N’gole, Jorge Fernandez. Mike Ivanow, Boh Nardi, Terry MncRenato, I-othar Osiander, Laszlo Hites. THE SEASON MERRITT COLLEGE 4 U.S.F. 7 U. OF PACIFIC 1 U.S.F. 5 S. F. STATE 0 U.S.F. 5 U. C. DAVIS 0 U.S.F. 9 CHICO STATE 0 U.S.F. 5 STANFORD 1 U.S.F. 3 SAN JOSE STATE 1 U.S.F. 2 IJ. C. BERKELEY 1 U.S.F. 1 NATIONAL PLAYOFFS SAN JOSE STATE 1 U.S.F. 2 ST. LOUIS 1 U.S.F. 2 ARMY 0 U.S.F. 2 LONG ISLAND UNIV. 2 U.S.F. r.The Spartan defenders fall before Henri Lopez-Contreran's smashing drive toward the goal. 318 Luis Sagastume steals the ball from S.h". State. .ViGoalie Mike Ivanotv stops a San Jose State shot os Jorge Fernandez (5) and At Tsacle (G) set up the defense. 319 The Dons celebrate after a goal against the Spartans.I Lothar Osiandcr drives the ball past San Jose's right halfback.Asst. Coach Nagi Gassis Luis Sofjdstume attempts to head the ball for a goal. 321 Left: Sagastume' races down field with the ball as Eduardo Km ycll cuts in for the pass.Coach Sieve iVefiroesco reviews a play with his team. Left: Sander Hites dribbles the ball through two San Jose State halfbacks.323Henry Lopez-Contreras splashes his way toward the ball at St. Louis. 324 Sandor Hites tries to score against Army in the XCAA semifinals.Right', Radi Dekkos shows his battle scars after USF wo» the NCAA championship. I I I Luis Sagastume takes a close shot against the Long Island University in the NCAA finals. 325Left: We’re NUMBER ONE’!! 326 Luis Sagastume. Eduardo Rangel, and Sandor Hites with the NCAA Soccer Champion-ship trophy.ROW ONE, left to rifrht: Willie Poon. Steven Mnnu. Miguel Marou, Alfredo Saenz, Ken Alonso. Robert Castillo, Mike Baldonado, Alejandro Toledo. ROW TWO: Jean-Pierre N’eole, Terrv MacRenato, Bob Nardi, Ed Torres. Don Whittaker, Chris Boyd. Georjrc Gomez, Constantine Robustoff, Nick Reckas, Mgr. Kevin Carey, Emery Chiquez, Coach Najri Gassis. JV Soccer Team £ an ts°bfae 'Z 8Core against the Davis JV’s as Mike Baldonado (7j Although the J.V. team had difficulty in getting organized, it completed the season with a very successful 10-1-3 record. The team was completely above its league with winning scores of 11-0, 8-0, and 7-0. The high point of the season was the match with Stanford which USF won 8-0. The only defeat came at the hands of Cal. Berkeley. After the string of three shutouts, the team become overconfident and fell to the Bears 2-1. With such standouts as Connie Robustoff, Emery Chiquez, Alfredo Saenz, and Ken Alonso, the Varsity has excellent prospects for next season. 327328U.S.F. Football Team ’66 ROW ONE, left to right: Tom Passanisi, Tom Moran, Ron Woolcy, Dennis James, Jeff Lee, Coby Dunn, Phil Wanlin, Dan Schultz, Hob Albertazzi, Pat Lucay, John Buchness, Jim Petrine, Marty Wagner, Vince DiCarolis. ROW TWO: Jim Klazak, Conrad Hanson, Steve Mongillo, Tom Leary, Tom Cupples, John Wier, John Maloney, Rich Laherty, Rich Herman, Fred Schultz. John Drews, Hank Ryan, Frank Jaquinta. Tim Lister, Tom MacKenzie, Ken Pitetti. ROW THREE: Mgr. Hob Rossi. Dave Simonini. Rich Merendn, Don Clark, Vaughn Feather. John Goodwin. Hugh Parker, Rick Figone, Dave Smith, Mike Bracco, John Curry, Dennis DiRicco, Mike Donahoc, A1 Lopez, Bill Schmitt, John Ravarino, Pete Sparks, Mike Gasparini, Brad Pappalardo, Gil Await. The 1966 grid season turned out to be exactly as Coach Ron Pierceall had predicted — a year for building. When the season began with a series of victories over Chico State, Claremont-Mudd, and Cal. Riverside, it appeared the Dons would have a winning year. But the dream ended, and USF went to defeat in the next five games. In the final game of the season. USF came back to defeat Cal. State at Hayward 20-0. This year’s squad will lose only five players to graduation. With most of the team returning, USF will have the experience needed for a victorious season next year. THU SEASON CHICO STATE 7 U.S.F. 20 CLAREMONT 8 U.S.F. 18 U. C. RIVERSIDE 23 U.S.F. -12 SACRAMENTO STATE 23 U.S.F. 7 U. of NEVADA 10 U.S.F. 16 AZUSA-PACIFIC 22 U.S.F. 8 CAL-LUTHERAN 15 U.S.F. 12 WESTMINISTER 26 U.S.F. 25 HAYWARD STATE 0 U.S.F. 20 329Don Offense Dan Schultz Tackle Co-captain Rich Merenda Halfback Jeff Lee Guard Bob Albertazzi Guard Co-captain Mike Gasparini End Jini Klazak Tackle Phil Wanlin Quarterback Dennis DiRicco Fullback 330Don Defense Brad Pappalardo Halfback A1 Lopez Halfback Rick Figonc Halfback Frank Jaquinta End 331I Head Coach Ron PierccaU and Asst. Conch John Drocco. Asst. Coach Jach Chappie was late for practice. 332Pete Sparks (85) boots a field pool against Cal. Riverside. Don Clark (15) holds. 333 Right: Rick Figone snags a pass ot the six-yard line against Azusa-Pacific. Mike Dona hoe (83) cuts in to help. 334hickoff from Nevada as Gil quinta (34) set a block. John Ravarino (51) gets a hand on Hayward’s fullback while Vaughn Feather (81), Marty Wagner (62), and Dave Smith (64) move in to finish the job. Al Lopez upends a Sac. State Hornet as Tim Stafford (43) blocks the way. 335Bob Albertazzi (62) lends the way for Jim Richards (SO) at Sacramento. Brad Pappahrdo (20) and Jim Richards (SO) rush in for the handoff from Phil Wanlm (11). 336Fred Schultz goes out in style at Sacramento State. Phil Wanlin lets fly with a long jmiss as Rob Albertazzi (62) blacks a rusher. Jeff Lee (63) throw's a perfect block. 337 I I iUSF Basketball Team ’66 ROW ONE, left to right: Mgr. Phil Husby, Asst. Coach Dan Belluomini, Head Coach Phil Vukicevich, Trainer Joe Romo. ROW TWO: Charlie Dullea, Pat Anderson, Art Wilmorc, Jim Olsson, Mike Doherty, Kim Kellenberg, George Kriste, Tom Brown. Dennis Black, Don Snyder, Tom O'Neill, Dion Kerhoulas, I.arry Blum. Under the leadership of a new coach, the Dons took to the courts with a team made primarily of juniors and sophomores. Head Coach Phil Vukicevich, himself a former Hilltop basketball star, molded this young group into a team which surpassed all predictions. Dennis Black led the scoring with close to twenty points a game. Don Snyder's hard driving game, Tom O’Neill’s capable ball handling, and Art Wilmore’s jumpshots made the Don’s opponents hustle. Since next year’s team will be studded with returning lettermen, hopes are high that the WCAC Championship will return to the Hilltop. With depth provided by Mike Doherty, Jim Olsson, Dion Kerhoulas, their team-mates, and upcoming freshmen, this hope may well be realized. THE SEASON STANFORD 56 U.S.F. 53 ARIZONA 46 U.S.F. 60 HARDIN-SIMMONS 61 U.S.F. 72 CALIFORNIA 59 U.S.F. 51 ST. LOUIS 71 U.S.F. 57 HOUSTON 90 U.S.F. 74 PROVIDENCE 70 U.S.F. 84 PEPPERDINE 71 U.S.F. 86 LOYOLA 68 U.S.F. 81 PACIFIC 59 U.S.F. 51 SANTA CLARA 74 U.S.F. 77 PACIFIC 70 U.S.F. 69 ST. MARY’S 53 U.S.F. 59 S. F. STATE 64 U.S.F. 75 SAN JOSE STATE 60 U.S.F. 72 SANTA BARBARA 62 U.S.F. 73 PEPPERDINE 73 U.S.F. 79 LOYOLA 54 U.S.F. 59 SANTA CLARA 64 U.S.F. 62 SANTA BARBARA 76 U.S.F. 70 SAN JOSE STATE 73 U.S.F. 69 LOYOLA 64 U.S.F. 63 PEPPERDINE 90 U.S.F. 75 ST. MARY’S 55 U.S.F. 57 PACIFIC 63 U.S.F. 59 339Don Snyder looks for help as Arizona traps him at the baseline. Left: Tom Drown reaches high over Arizona’s defense.Arizona's Jim Hansen tries to stop Tom O’Neill.INDIVIDUAL SEASON STATISTICS Player G FG FGA Pet. FT FT A Pet. Reb. Avg. PF D Pts. Avg. Dennis Black 25 162 351 .462 154 208 .740 312 12.5 79 3 483 19.3 Don Snyder 25 131 281 .466 121 159 .761 213 8.5 75 2 383 15.3 Tom Brown 11 69 139 .503 16 27 .593 73 6.6 24 0 154 14.0 Art Wilmore 25 124 277 .448 53 72 .736 117 4.7 61 2 300 12.0 Tom O’Neill 25 70 148 .473 45 70 .643 77 3.1 83 6 185 7.4 Mike Doherty 9 17 33 .515 8 12 .667 17 1.9 14 0 42 4.7 Larry Blum 8 11 28 .393 8 9 .889 15 1.8 4 0 30 3.8 Kim Kellenberg 15 21 50 . .420 4 17 .235 56 3.7 37 3 44 2.9 Jim Olsson 13 15 39 .384 5 8 .625 31 2.4 18 1 35 2.7 Dion Kerhoulas 13 7 21 .333 9 15 .643 11 0.8 16 0 23 1.8 Charlie Dullea 6 3 4 .750 0 1 .000 3 0.5 1 0 6 1.0 George Kriste 3 0 2 .000 0 1 .000 0 0.0 0 0 0 0.0 Pat Anderson 2 0 1 .000 0 0 .000 0 0.0 0 0 0 0.0 Team Rebounds 25 114 4.6 USF Totals 25 630 1,369 .460 427 598 .714 1,034 41.4 422 16 1,687 67.5 Opponents 25 664 1,557 .421 333 518 .642 956 38.2 438 9 1,631 65.2 342Left: Larry Blum passes downcourt. Don Snyder charges down the key as the Gators look on. Below: Jim Olsson tries to shoot past the Gators’ center.Mike Doherty (14) puts a press on a Uroneo. 345 At halftime the local talent takes over the court for a short tilt.346 Why don't they hurryunder the Don basket. The Dons attack Santa Clara’s center.348 Tom O’Neill snaps a pass to the near corner.1 Dennis Black (15) and Tom O’Weill (50) fight fora rebound. Mike Doherty hauls down a rebound. 349 VlSlTCLeft: Assistant Coach Dan Belluomini discusses strategy with Coach Vukicevich. Below: Dennis Black tips a rebound out to the backcourt.Don Snyder out-jumps Santa Clara for the ball. Right: Kim Kellenbcrg (20) and Art Wilmore (44) show fine rebounding form. 351ROW ONE, left to right: Rich Williams. Pete Barry. Jerry Scullion, Rich Ames. Bob Nicolopulos, Leroy Hogg. ROW TWO: Asst. Coach Charlie James, Rich Gray, Gary Werntz, Pete Cross, Ralph Pierpont, Larry Bolton, Fred Schaer, Coach Dan Belluomini. Frosh Basketball Team I i In spite of the frosh team’s usual inexperience in college style basketball, this year’s team began the season smoothly with four straight wins. Their efforts were hindered by the injuries I of High School All-Americans Pete Cross and Ralph Pierpont. The team was led by center Pete Cross, guards Rich Ames and Rick Schaer, and forwards Roy Hogg and Ralph Pierpont. This strength will add depth to the Varsity next year. THE SEASON STANFORD 63 U.S.F. 77 SAN MATEO J.C. 59 U.S.F. 62 LANEY J.C. 83 U.S.F. 103 CALIFORNIA 85 U.S.F. 77 CONTRA COSTA J.C. 88 U.S.F. 71 SAN JOSE C.C. 52 U.S.F. 56 SANTA CLARA 80 U.S.F. 59 MENLO J.C. 76 U.S.F. 69 PACIFIC 87 U.S.F. 73 ST. MARY’S 49 U.S.F. 66 S. F. STATE 52 U.S.F. 71 SAN JOSE STATE 58 U.S.F. 68 S. F. STATE 71 U.S.F. 81 U. C. MEDICAL 69 U.S.F. 65 MERRITT COLLEGE 63 U.S.F. 87 SANTA CLARA 79 U.S.F. 70 SAN JOSE STATE 78 U.S.F. 61 ST. MARY’S 55 U.S.F. 84 PACIFIC 77 U.S.F. 69 352Pete Cross goes up for a lay-in against Santa Clara. Rich Ames takes a jumper from the baseline. 353 Rich Williams tenaciously guards a Bronco.ft - 354USF Baseball Team ’67 ROW ONE, left to right: Frank McGee, Frank Zbacnik, Joe Gregori, Mike Laurel, Rich Kuhta, Miek Dunne, Rich Hinkle, John Secronen. ROW TWO: Trainer Joe Romo, Bill Hutson, Bob Pindroh, Skip Schaefer, Joe Gill, Tom Baginski, Nick Willard, Mike Delagnes, Phil Wanlin, Dave Holquin, Dan Quinn, Biff Barnes, Grant Steer, Coach Dan Benedetti. With the loss of only five players to graduation and the return of nine veterans, the Don baseball team proved to be a substantial threat this season. Joe Gualco headed the pitching staff. He was backed-up by returning Dave Holquin and Roger Strack, Frank McGee, Rich Hinkle, Ron Dinslage, and Mike Delagnes up from the Frosh team. First baseman Bob Pindroh led the infield with Rick Kuhta on second, Biff Barnes at shortstop, Mike Delagnes at third. Dan Quinn guarded homeplate. Phil Wanlin put down his football helmet to work in the outfield with Nick Willard and Joe Gill. Head Coach Dan Benedetti moved up from Frosh coach to take over the reins from George Mc-Glynn. 355Left: Rick; Kuhta waits for the ball as a Santa Clara runner hits the dirt. Riff Homes fly as Joe GillJoe Gualco hurls the ball as Rich Kuhta covers third. 357 “I saw it with my own two eyes! . . . Oh yeah?'J Right-hander Mike Delagnes. Bob Pindroh makes the out at first against Santa Clara. 359 Joe Gill dives back into first on attempted pick-off by Bronco pitcher Dukes.360Rick Kuhta snaps the ball to first as Mike Laurel looks on. 361ROW ONE, left to right: Dan Schultz, Marty Wagner, Pat McCusker, Ollic Lagomar-sino, Mike Flagiello, Dennis Freeman, Mike O’Toole, Mike Farrell, Rich Scholl. ROW' TWO: Dennis Hall, Ed Pietraczyk, Rick Watts, Bill Keays, Joe Phair, John Deagen, John Gould, Paul Janicki. Track Team The 1967 track season was the toughest season in the Hilltop’s expanding track program. Team captain Mike O’Toole held down positions on the two mile, and mile relay teams and ran the 440 and the 880. Rich Scholl, Joe Phair, and Ollie Lago-marsino covered the middle distances. Mike Farrell and Ed Pietraczyk ran the sprints. In the field events, Dennis Hall competed in the long jump and triple jump. Dan Schultz and Mike Flagiello were the weightmen. 362 Team captain Mike O'Toole.363 440 Relay Team: Dennis Freeman, Dennis Hall, Ed Pietraczyk, Mike Farrell.Left: Dan Schultz puts his muscle behind the shot.Left: Two Mile Relay Team: Ollie Lagomarsino, Rich Scholl, Paul Janicki, Mike O’Toole, Joe Phair. 365lA ft to right: Greg Vervais, John Carpenter, Walt Stone, John Husser, Dave Rychel, A1 Barrett, Bob Futcrniek, Coach George McGIynn. Tennis Team With new uniforms and a new coach, George McGIynn, the Don tennis team played a fifteen match series this year. Veterans Dave Rychel, Walt Stone, and captain A1 Barrett were joined by new-comers John Husser, Greg Vervais, Bob Futernick, and John Carpenter. The team adopted Julius Kahn tennis courts as their home courts. During the season, they played host to teams from Stanford, Santa Clara, U. 0. P., and San Jose State. 366 Greg Vervais hits a forehand return.r 367 Right: Boh Futernick hits a forehand drive in the backcourt.Tennis John Carpenter shows his backhand form.Greg Mantle and Bob Long. Left to right: Bob Fleming, Gary Menino, Louie Martin. Rifle Team The Rifle Team under the coaching of S.F.C. Edgar Flessner got off to a rough start this year after the loss of its top four men to graduation. Gary Menino, team captain and two-year veteran was backcd-up by Greg Mantle, Larry "Louie” Martin, and Bob Long. John Blanton, although a newcomer, proved to be a valuable asset to the team as he consistently scored in the top five in each meet. The team expanded its schedule by joining the San Francisco Rifle League and attending the West Coast Meet in Reno. 369 John Blanton and Larry Vicrra. This year’s Cross-Country team trained some new blood and greater experience. In addition to veterans Tom Sweet, Rich Scholl, and Paul Janicki, Bill Roberts, John Deagen. Kd Pietraczyk, Claude LePendeau, and Joe Phair brought strength and promise to the squad. With a fifty mile a week running schedule, injuries hit everyone on the team and hurt the team performance. Sweet and Roberts traded places as USF’s first man throughout the season. Rich Scholl was the most consistent runner, and John Deagen, in his first season "of running," showed good potential. Since graduation will take none of the squad, next year’s prospects look very good. ROW ONE, left to right: Capt. Tom Sweet, Claude LePendeau. ROW TWO: Bill Roberts, John Deagan, Rich Scholl. MISSING: Coach Riley Sutthoff, Ed Pietraczyk, Paul Janicki.Intramurals Above: Everyone got into the act at the Play Night in the gym. Left: Father Taheny drives downcourt in the Donkey Basketball Game. The Intramural Program provides organized athletics for the students on campus. Among the sports were flag football, basketball, volleyball, and softball. The annual Turkey Trot held on Thanksgiving Day, the Play Night held in the gym, and the Boxing Night were presented by the program. With the completion of the University Center, the pool facilities were expanded and bowling alleys will soon be added. Director C. Fritz Hafron 371Right: Tri Gamma’s Terry Fidler brings the ball down-court against Gamma Pi Epsilon. 373 The tip-off in intramural basketball.374375Social 376Threatening to snip off his thumb unless his boys get busy, George Sallaberry oversees con-struction of the junior float. Homecoming Somewhat less than feverishly active is this group of young entrepeneurs.Floats Rumor has it that this rather odd creature sent denizens of the Wharf screaming to Pier 23 for the comfort of familiar surroundings. A scale model of St. Ignar tius, Gertrude Stein’s favorite c h u r c h, adorns the Rising Goals” float. Industrious coed takes a break and selects a tissue with which to blow her nose. 379381 USF co-eds model ski fashions.Alumni President Dullea, Mayor Shelley and Father Provincial Connolly welcome Very Rev. Pedro Arupe, General of the Society of Jesus who addressed the alumni at their annual banquet in 1966. USF Alumni dine in style at the annual banquet. Mayor Shelley meets Father Thomas Sullivan. S.J., Director of Alumni Relations.USF’s Queens Cindy Parnell Homecoming Queen Queen Cindy is crowned. Jeanne Berry Rose Queen 383jfllMpp Christmas Well, I could use one of those black shirts like Father Brophy’s (jot. My only regret, Mrs. Sullivan, is that Father Zabala couldn’t make it. got him with a Chronicle want ad. 385Miss Jeanne Berty is crowned Rose Queen. Night Life Starry-eyed Dans twirl the night away at the Sweetheart Dance. 386Foreign Students « William Wharton, former Foreign Student Advisor, feasts with members of the Korean Student Association. International Relations Night at USF. Father Jaime Vera-Tajardo, of El Salvador, chats with transfer students. 387Hayes-Healy Open House ha ha, ho ho, heh heh, hee hee, ha ha, ho ho, hehheh! ! ! ! Hee hee, ha ha ho ho, heh heh, hee hee, . . .Mr. Semsettin Turkunt, Labor Director of the. Istanbul region of Turkey, chats with Coach Peletta and junior forward Art Wilmore. Former California Governor Brown visits USF. Dr. Donald W. Brandon, Chairman of Political Science Dept., socializes with Cardinal Doepfner of Munich and Freising. Distinguished Visitors Father Rossi explains language lab equipment to T.V. Chidambaran, Registrar of the University of Bombay. 389Cultural 390Hayes-Healy Art Contest All manner of canning things spurted front the pens of coed arty types . . . and were duly hung in the lounge . . . to amaze and delight all comers. 391Lectures Rabbi Zions explained Jewish traditions and folklore. A brief address was given by Senator Robert Kennedy during the Latin American Day Conference held in Memorial Gymnasium. 392 James Meredith speaks on Civil Rights.Drama an exchange program, the Del Ray Players from University, staged “Ten Little Indians” Following Fan do to the cemetery arc Namur (Paul Koester), Toso (Lucicn Mtisso), and Mi taro (Pat Fanning). 393 Cast from “A Servant of Two Masters”April and Nino Gary Philip and Joe Corporan Concerts 394 Tradesman TwoJohn Handy Righteous Brothers 395Academic 396greeted uncertain Frosh Smiles of encouragement . . . Registration The super-card: Meal ticket, library card and student identification all in one. Student Body Cards Student hordes smile for the camera. Dan Kennedy orates on the question of academic f reedom. USF Students lost some of their usual ennui and turned out for the Town Hall discussions. Town Halls - HAYES-HEALY HALL IS 'NAMED FOR JOHN fRANCIS AND RAMONA HAYfS HFMY U’HO WITH GREAT GENEROSITY IXPRESMD THEIR lOVt TOR THIS UNIVERSITY AND IMMMl Ml : THIS BUHDING AS A MEMORIAL TO THIIR ! MR. AND MRS JOSEPH P HAY Is AND MR.AND MRS RICHARD HIAIY SEPTEMBER l 66 AD MMOREM Dll CIORIAW The Healys and President Dullea admire the dedication plaque. Mrs. Healy addresses her relatives and friends in the audience. Hayes-Healy Dedication 399400 Pope Paul's Mass in Rome is slightly different from that on the Hilltop. Variations in the Liturgy Father Straukamp forsakes Saint Ignatius Church for Folk Mass in th£ University Center. 401Students approach altar table to receive the Eucharist. Traditional Mass in Old Saint Ignatius. 402 G7iitars, Banjoes, and Bongos replace Church organ.Photography Credits Frontispiece: Ed Murphy Dedication: Coloray Photography Table of Contents: Ed Murphy USF: The Cosmopolitan University: color—Ed Murphy, Coloray Photography, James Strau-kamp, S.J., Tom Lasken; black and white—Ed Murphy, Dick Swanson, Jim Slauson, Baron Wolman Photography, Coloray Photography, Profs. Luigi Sandri and Donald Campbell Academics: color—Tom Lasken; black and white— administration and faculty pictures by Proctor Jones Photography, Baron Wolman Photography, Coloray Photography, Ed Murphy, Dick Swanson, Wayne Ching; candids by Ed Murphy, James Straukamp, S.J., Baron Wolman Photography, Vano Wells Fagliano Photography. Students: color—Dick Botteri; black and white— senior portraits by Proctor Jones Photography; undergraduate pictures by Omni Card Systems, Inc.; introduction and candids by Maureen Lynch, Bob Long, Ed Murphy, Wayne Ching, Dick Swanson, Larry Martin, Pat Yap, Baron Wolman Photography, Coloray Photography, Vano Wells Fagliano Photography, Brian Rybolt Photography, Innocents Abroad pictures by Sally Baumgardt, Nancy Brady, Glenn Miskel, Dennis Troutc, James Straukamp, S.J., John Felice, S.J., Prof. Michael O’Connell. Activities: color—Wayne Ching; black and white— Dick Swanson, Wayne Ching, Ed Murphy, Larry Martin, Bob Long, Rich Calderon, ' Paul Carey Tom Young, Ron Steffens, Brian Rybolt Photography ; Urban Life Institute pictures by Coloray Photography; College Player pictures by James Hamilton Photography and Robin Lew; Homecoming finalists by Proctor Jones Photography. Sports: color—Wayne Ching; black and white— soccer team picture courtesy of Sports Illustrated, Inc., taken by Fred Kaplan; USF vs. St. Louis soccer pictures courtesy of St. Louis Post Dispatch, taken by Robert Holt; Coloray Photography, Wayne Ching, Dick Swanson, Ed Murphy, Larry Martin, Rich Calderon, Bob Long, and Phil Cassou The Year: color—Wayne Ching; black and white —Brian Rybolt Photography, Baron Wolman Photography, Vano Wells Fagliano Photography, Coloray Photography, Ed Murphy, Dick Swanson, Wayne Ching, Larry Martin, Bob Long, Rich Calderon, Prof. Michael O’Connell. Acknowledgements The Editorial Board wishes to thank the following for their help in the production of the DON: Mr. James Kelly, Jr., Director of Public Information, USF; Mr. Ray deAragon of Coloray Photography; Mr. Long, Publicity Director, De Young Museum; Mrs. Rickels, Mark Hopkins Hotel; Mr. Richard Dillon, Librarian, Sutro Library; Rev. John Felice, S.J., Director, Loyola of Chicago, Rome Center; Mr. Richard C. Clark, Golden Gate Bridge; Sports Illustrated, Time-Life, Inc.; St. ‘Louis Post Dispatch; Mr. A. Martial Capbem, Loyola of Los Angeles; Bro. Silveira, S.J., Sacristan, St. Ignatius Church; the Spaghetti Factory; the Edinburgh Castle; Dunhil1: Price Waterhouse Co.; the Fairmont Hotel; Carl R. Carlsen Volkswagen; Rammell; Photo Lab; Morton Waters; the editors of the 1966-67 FOGHORN; Messrs. Earl McConnell and Bud Minkin of Yearbook House. 404Andrew Berner — Richard Swanson . Martha Hruby ...... Jadyne Jeung Edward Murphy .... Noella Saccone .. Barbara Santana .... Patricia Yap .... Nancy Brady .._.. Phillip Cassou .— Kathleen Haefele .... Wayne Rasmussen John Fischer, S.J. “tTfYri Executive Editor 1.Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor ..... Photography Editor ....... Academics Editor Senior Editor Undergraduate Editor ----11- Activities Editor ------A... Sports Editor 44 The Year Editor _____ Copy Editor ------- „ Moderator Editorial Associates Photographers Pat Burke John Friel Katie Kehoe Bernie McCabe Lynn Tissier Jim Wagele Peggy Wilson Kathy Young Rich Calderon Paul Carey Wayne Ching Tom Lasken Bob Long Maureen Lync Larry Martin Tom Young LIGHTS ■STUFF BY IT MEIN Ginty [cKenna Contoi N yene d'Erqble Shfelly Eyher$bid Je f Felz 5 Rob Fisher ® Stin Flott) JW Mi hael Flynn Ka hy Fread Ch ryl Gonsalves Co ene Heing Ro Herold Li lid a Hughes Ka en Kamimoto Jin Kiley Madalyn Tremaroli Kay Trudeau Jeanne Tschann Ann Van Der Meuler Fred White Carolyn Woldrich Leah Zebre The 1967 DOM Editorial Board Editor Editor Editor en Kamimoto KileyIndex of Contents ADMINISTRATION Academic Vice-President 20 Assistant Director of Housing 26 Bursar 29 Chaplain 26 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 38 Dean of the College of Business Administration 72 Dean of the Graduate Division 35 Dean of Men 25 Dean of Nursing 78 Dean of the School of Law 36 Dean of Women 25 Director of Admissions 20 Director of Alumni Relations 22 Director of Athletics 24 Director of Business Services 29 Director of Evening College 85 Director of Libraries 24 Director of the Office of Public Information 23 Director of Personnel 30 Director of Placement 27 Director of Plant Services 29 Director of Purchasing 30 Director of Reading Center 27 Director of Testing and Counseling 27 Father President 19 Financial Advisor for Students 26 Foreign Student Advisor 26 Head Librarian 24 Registrar 21 Secretary-Treasurer 29 Vice-President for Development 22 Vice-President for Student Affairs 25 Vice-President for University Relations 23 FACULTY DEPARTMENTS Biology 65 Business Administration 75 Chemistry 66 Classics 41 Economics 42 Education 84 English 43 History 48 Mathematics 68 Military Science 50 Modern Languages 52 Nursing 81 Philosophy 54 Physical Education 55 Physics 70 Psychology 58 Sociology 59 Speech Arts 60 Theology 62 Student Life 90 Seniors 100 Juniors 148 Sophomores 166 Freshmen 190 Foreign Campuses 220 Amigos Anonymous 271 Beta Gamma Sigma 290 Block Club 251 Bus Ad Club 252 BSC 241 Clubs’ Council 244 College Players 272 Conservative Student Forum 253 Daily Don 301 Delta Sigma Pi 291 Democrat Club 254 DON 302 Ecstasy Filins 275 Education Club 256 Emerauds 255 Foghorn 306 Gamma Pi Epsilon 293 Glee Club 276 Hawaiian Club 257 Helpers of the Mentally Retarded 277 Hilltopper 310 Intrafraternity Council 245 Irish Club 258 Knights of Columbus 259 KUSF 278 Math Club 260 Omicron Theta Chi 294 Pacific Prospectus 311 Paul Morphy Chess Club 261 Peers 262 Phi Beta Chi 296 Philhistorians 263 Philippine Club 264 Phi Sigma Chi 296 Pi Sigma Alpha 297 Quarterly 312 Rangers 265 Residents’ Council 244 Saint Ives Law jSociety 266 Scabbard and Blade 267 SEC 281 Sigma Alpha Sigma 298 Song Girls 248 Student Court 239 SWAP 282 Tri Gamma 299 University Peace Forum 268 Wasmann Biological Society 268 Women’s Sodality 269 Yell Leaders 248 Young Republicans 269 SPORTS Baseball—Varsity 354 Basketball—Frosh 352 Basketball—Varsity 338 Cross Country 370 Football 329 Intramurals 371 Rifle Team 369 Soccer—Frosh 327 Soccer—Varsity 317 Tennis 366 Track 362 ACTIVITIES Academic Council 240 A SUSP Officers 238 Alpha Delta Gamma 287 Alpha Pi Omega 289 Alpha Sigma Nu 290 American Physics Institute 251 THE YEAR Social Highlights 376 Cultural Highlights 390 Academic Highlights 396 Religious Highlights 400 406Index ADMINISTRATION FACULTY Aguiar, John E. 50 Albergotti, J. Clifton 70 Aldridge, Wilson A., S.J. 54 Altman, Catherine E. 83 Applebauni, I’hillip S. 71 Audigier, Jean Y. 50 Ault, James W. 49,289 Bacciocco, Edward 56 Barrett, Eamonn, S.J. 76 Beach, Frank L. 47 Beata, Sister M., S.M. 78 Berry, Virginia A. 76 Bevan, Harold T. 58 Bloom, Belle 61 Boss, Andrew C.. S.J. 42,72 Boyle, William P. 49 Bragg, Thomas B. 49 Brandon, Donald W. 56 Brier, Frederick A. 42 Broderick, Barbara A. 63 Brophy, Robert J.. S.J. 45 Brusher. Edward W. 53 Buckley, Francis J., S.J. 62 Burg, Mary L. 63 Burns, Lloyd R., S.J. 41 Burns. Robert I., S.J. 46 Campbell, Donald R. 46 Campbell, George T. 44,261, 297 Carella, Michael J. 52 Cavanaugh. Michael E. 52 Clark, Juliet 24 Coffey, Edward 29 Coffey, Warren J. 43 Coleman. John J., S.J. 44 Collins, John J. 60 Colwell, James M. 57 Corbett. James M.. S.J. 29 Cranston, Mechtild 51 Cummins, William 49,265 Cunningham. Robert L. 52 Curtis, Jack H. 23,59 Dachauer, Andrew C.. S.J. 66 Daigle. Dorothy II. 82 Davy, Russell 75 DcMartini, Carol J. 81 Dempsey, James J., S.J. 61, 263 deNicholas, Antonio 54 Derus, David L. 45 Devine, John R. 84 Dillon. William J. 26 Dolan, F. Anne 25,293 Donoghuc, Augustine P. 20 Dullea, Charles W.. S.J. 19 Drain. Thomas A. 63,268 Earley, Stephen B.. S.J. 61 Ellis, John T., S.J. 47 Esquivel, Piedad 81 Evans. Frances C. 82 Fabian, Sister M., S.M. 82 Farrell. Edward J. 68 Filice, Francis P. 65 Finnegan, William J.. S.J. 45 Fischer, John E„ S.J. 68 Furst, Arthur 67 Gannon, Hazel 21 Cast, Joseph J. 67 Genolio, Raymond J. 71 Gleason. John B. 43 Gordon, Jack 54 Gorman, Mel 66 Granberg, Millianne P. 68 Green, Joan L. 82 Greene. Lester 77 Griswold. Zcula 29 Grommesch, William 30 Haag. James N. 71 Hafron, Charles 28 Hartley, Paul J., S.J. 20 Harris, Rex F. 70 Harrison. James T. 81 Healy. John J., S.J. 62 Helen. Sister M„ S.M. 83 Herold, Norton J., S.J. 26 Hollos, Steven 75 Holmes. Eugene J. 49 Howard, Carolyn 27 Hughes. Clifford 28 Hurst, Robert L., S.J. 51 Jordan, Thomas 23 Kearney, George G.. S.J. 84 Keenan. William J.. S.J. 26 Kellogg, Marilyn H. 82 Kelly. James 23 Kesse Edward L. 65 Kirk, David M. 43 Kranz. Rose 61 I,andry, Gerald 49 Lane, Ralph 59.283 Lawless. Anne E. 45 Lehmann, Michael B. 42 Lerski, George J. 56 Lightbody, Margaret 20 Lincoln. Ashbrook 47 Litzinger. William D. 75 LoGiudice, Donald 77 Lonsdale, Kathleen E. 82 LoSchiavo, John J., S.J. 25 Lowe, Irving 43 MacKenzie. Robert C. 56 Marehesi, Maria E. 51 Marien, Francis J.. S.J. 53 Maroney, William 66 Martha. Sister M.. S.M. 83 Martin, John H.. S.J. 35 Martina, Sistev M., S.M. 82 Martinez. Jose 51 Mathes. W. Michael 47 Matteucig. Giacinto 41 McCasland, Gifford E. 66 McCauley. James 1 . S.J. 58. 261 McClendon. James W. 62 McCormick, Mary J. 59 McCracken, Mickic 30 McDonnell, Timothy L.. S.J. 22 McGloin. John B.. S.J. 46 McGlynn, George H. 55 McMahon. Robert E., S.J. 52 McTaggart. Helen P. 27,58 Melo, Richard F. 60 Metz, Eleanor L. 82 Milligan, Robert G. 27.57 Molseed, Elwood W. 65 Monihan. William J.. S.J. 24 Moran. Vincent J. 54 Mortenson, Barbara J. 51 Mueller, Evelyn 82 Mueller. Manfred E. 67 Muenk, Edward J. 41 Mulcahy. Richard E.. S.J. 42 Murphy. Lawrence E. 58 Nienstadt, John J. 56 O’Sullivan. Thomas 60 Pacheco. Sheila M. 83 Peletta. Peter P. 28.55 Plant. Otto 68 Piastino. James 23 Prater. Eugene 48 Preston. George 29 Regan. William J. 76 Richardson, William O., S.J. 63 Ross, Patricia 83 Rossi, Carlo P., S.J. 50,255 Sandri, Luigi D. 50 Schaefer, Thomas E. 53 Schallert, Eugene. S.J. 59 Schlageck. Lona M. 83 Schmidt, Barbara 256 Schmidt. Karl 50 Schooley, Robert A. 65 Seiwald. Robert J. 67 Simini, Joseph P. 76 Smetana, Alexander 56,297 Smith, Albert J., S.J. 53 Smyth, Edmond J.. SJ. 38,48 Stock, Robert A. 76,292 Straukamp, James E., S.J. 48 Struckman, Robert M. 52 Sugrue, Gerald A., S.J. 85 Sullivan, George D. 69 Sullivan, Thomas J., S.J. 22 Sullivan, William J., S.J. 54 Sunderland, Robert A., S.J. 25 Svanevik. Michael 49 Taheny, Theodore T., S.J. 62 Tarver, Sgt. 289 Treagan, Lucy 65 Upland, Theodore J. 77 Van Torre, Hendrick J., S.J. 63 Vaughan, Richard P., S.J. 57 Visser, Cornelius 75 Vukicevich, Phillip 55 Waider. Karl J. 70 Walsh, David J., S.J. 69 Walsh, Francis R. 36 Watkins. Ann C. 81 Waxier, Samuel 67 Wharton. William M. 26.48 Williams. Glyn 59 Woodruff. Lexie 81 Wright. Vincent 72 Wu. Yuan-Li 77 Zabala, Albert J., S.J. 62 Zaugg, David 26 Zimmerman, Gabriel A. 77 REGENTS Bardt, Harry M. 32 Cooley, Richard P. 32 deGuigne, Christine III 32 Devine, Preston 32 Falk, Adrian J. 32 Fay. Paul B. 32 Fleishhaeker, Mortimer 32 Gillson, George B. 32 Heilman, Marco F. 32 Howe, Jack J. 32 Hunt, Reed O. 32 Lapham, Roger D., Jr. 33 Littlefield, Edmund W. 33 Loebbecke, Ernest J. 33 Madison, Marshall P. 33 Mallen, Kevin T. 33 McLaren. Loyall N. 33 Mellon, Thomas J. 33 Montgomery, George 33 Ponting, A. E. 33 Russell, Donald J. 33 Sullivan, Jerd F., Jr. 33 Worthington, Leslie B. 33 STUDENTS Abad. Antonio 264 Abaya, Robert Anthony 191 Abel, Michael S. 167 Abinante. Robert B. 191 Acorne, Mike John 101,254 Adnmi, Aldrene Carol 149 Adams, James Martin 191, 363 Adams, Patricia Rae 191 Ahboltin, Barbara Ann 101 Ahboltin. Patricia M. 191 Ahlering, Elizabeth A. 191, 255 Ahrens, Michael 101 Aimar. Jane Ellen 191 Airaudi, Richard A. 167.288 Airey, Robert W. 101 Alaura, John Michael 191 Albers, Timothy M. 167 Albertazzi, Robert J. 149, 329,330,336,337 Alden, Larry L. 149 Alevizon, William S. 149 Alioto, Anthony Marco 149 Alioto, Darlene F. 149 Alioto, Frank J. 149 Alioto, Joseph T. 191 Allen. John David 191 Allen Mary Terry 191 Allen Nicholas R. 191 Allison. James Virgil 149, 260,265 Almasy. Ruth 191 Alonso. Kenneth W. 327 Alonso, Virginia J. 191 Amaro, Allen Albert 167 Ambrosi. Elizabeth A. 191 Amen. Timothy G. 167 Ames. Richard 191,352.353 Ames, Thomas F. 167 Anderogg, Gary R. 167,253, 261,263 Anderson, John Moore 191 Anderson, Lawrence A. 191 Anderson. Mary Jane 149 Anderson, Patricia M. 167, 284 Anderson. Patrick D. 167, 251,339 Anderson, Sherman E. 101 Andrade, David J. 167 Andrade, Sarah Jane 167, 254,256.282 Andre. Robert L. 167 Andrea. Fathallah A. 149 Andres. Terry Lee 167,295 Andrews. Molly Jenene 191 Andrews. Richard S.. Jr. 101 Anello, Edward John 101 Anglcmicr. Cynthia A. 149, 281 Anthenien. Michael L. 191 Anticevich. Mark C. 167 Anton, Annette M. 167,256 Apalategui, Judith A. 149 A pice. Susan C. 191 Aquinatdo, Napoleon 264 Aragon, Dolores Emily 191 Aramendia. Alberto D. 167. 317 Aramendia. Eduardo A. 191 Aranguena. Juanita C. 191 Archbold. Marilyn H. 191 Ardizoia. Janet Lee 167 Arena, .John V. 167 Arevalo. Hugo, Jr. 191 Arietta. Dennis J. 149,292 Armstrong, James S. 167, 243 Arnone, Rosa A. L. 167 Arpagaus, Mary Alanna 149 Arras, John Dyer 102 Arieta. Sr. M. Leticia 149 Aschoff, Barbara J. 167 Ashizawa, Elko A. Atkinson, Carol Ann 167 Auguadro, Richard M. 167 Augustino, Joseph C. 149, 255 Auyang, Roderick S. 102 Avakian, Louise Ann 191 Avansino, Frederick C. 191 A velar, Mark Alan 149 Aviles, John 102 Await, Gilford Lain 191, 329,331,334 Ayre, Lawrence B. 167 Bans, Cheryl Ann 149 Babcock, James M. 191 Baeiocco. Theresa Ann 191 Bacci, Robert Ronato 191 Baccitich, June L. 191 Bachecki, Robert J. 259 Bacigalupi, Joann M. 102 Baffico. Paul Anthony 149 Bagan, Carol Anne 102 Baginski, Judith Ann 167 Baginski, Thomas V. 355Baier, Louise J. 192 Bailey, Mary L. 167 Bailey, William D., Jr. 149, 265 Baird, Russell W. 192 Baker, Dennis Allen 192 Baldonado, Michael A. 192, 327 Baldwin, Martha S. 149 Ball, Joseph Paul 192 Ballantyne, Maybellc 192 Banovac, Charles P. 192 Barale Steven J. 167 Barasa, Denise Joy 167 Baraya, William A. 192 Barbarotto, Wayne F. 192 Barbata, Dennis L. 192 Barbieri, Ralph Louis 192, 248 Bargiacchi, Victoria 102,241 Barker, Judith Ann 167 Barnes, Merritt S., Jr. 149, 355,356 Barnes, Susan Diane 192 Barnett, Karl Vaughn 149 Barrett, Alvin R. 149,366 Barrett, James 102 Barrett, Linda Marie 192 Barriere, Steven L. 167 Barrios, Linda 264 Barroero, Mark Angelo 149 Barron, George James 167, 266 Barrozo, Lavonne M. 192 Barry, Bartholmew E. 192 Barry, Maureen A. 167 Barry, Peter Kendall 192, 352 Bartek, Joseph Andrew 103 Bartolomeo, Vicki Ann 149 Bartolotti, Linda L. 149 Barulich, Dianne C. 167,256 Barulich, Robert E. 192 Bastrire, Karla Lee 192 Batanides, Steven N. 192 Bates, Donna Lee 103,299 Battel, Jon J. 167,243 Batti, Julia Ann 192 Bauder, Nancy Jean 192, 281 Bauer, Anne M. 168 Bauer, John Joseph 149 Bauer, Louise Claire 192 Bauer, Lynne A. 168,312 Baugh, Suzette Mary 168, 256,278 Baum, Robert E., Jr. 168, 260 Baumgardt, Sally J. 224 Baumann, Robert A. II 289 Bava. Karen Lucy 192 Bayaborde, Cheryl 264 Bayer, Jane Susan 192 Baysinger, Betty L. 149,240, 249,293 Bazzano, Philip L. 192 Beals, Daniel George 192 Becker, Douglas H. 192 Becker, Michael Hugo 192 Beckwith, George C. 149 Beckwith, Maria T. 103 Becnel, James Michael 192 Bednarz, Lynne M. 192 Behounek, Anne C. 168 Beime, Nancy Marie 149, 293,299 Beishline, Glenda A. 103 Bell, Donna Q. 103 Belletto, Jerry F. 149 Belleza, Tim 264 Belli, David John 103 Belli. Ronald R. 168 Belluomini, Helene M. 168 Beltramo, Mario Louis 168, 259 Beltramo, Robert 168 Benedetti, Bonna Lee 150 Benedetti, Claudia E. 150 Benich, Ronald Paul 168 Bennett, Cynthia C. 192 Bennct, Gerald A. 168 Bennett, Barbara J. 168 Bennett, Frederick J. 103 Bennett. Steven R. 168 Benoit, Michael K. 168 Benson, Frances O. 103 Benson, Gustavo Luis 150, 285 Benton, Vivian F. 192 Berardelli, Victor 104,278 Berbcrich, Theresa S. 104, 271,293 Berces, Ida C. 150 Berg, Susan E. 150 Bemardi, David M. 168 Berner, Andrew J., Jr. 302 Bernhard, John Leo Jr. 150, 244,261,263 Bemis, Ursula 192 Berrcy, Henry P., Jr. 150 Berry, Jeanne T. 168,291, 383 ' Bertinetti, Michael J. 192 Bertino, Augustine P. 168 Rcrtrand, Thomas F. 192 Bethscheider, Janine 150 Betrozoff, Lawrence E. 192 Betz, Donald L., Jr. 104,240, 297 Bezy, Linda M. 192 Riddle, Marianne 104 Riebesheimer, Fredric 150 Bielski. Edward F. 193 Bilich, Michael E. 150 Binder, Denis B. 104,298 Bird, Susan Patricia 150,258 Bisauta, Lawrence P. 168,295 Bisazza, Kathleen M. 168 Biorkquist, James M. 168 Black, Dennis Burford 150, 251,339,340,342,345,349.350 Blackman, Kerry Jane 193 Blackmer, Timothy J. 193 Blahoski, Francis J. 193 Blake, Arlette M. 168 Blake, Patrick C. 150 Blancarte, Mary K. 193,285 Blanchard, William J. 193 Blanton, Jonathan T. 193,369 Blaskowcr, Sharon E. 193 Blicharz, Michael J. 168,280 Bliss, Willard D., Jr. 104 Blom, John L. 168,288 Blonien, Rodney John 150, 238 Blood, James Mason 193 Blum, Mervin L., Jr. 104,339, 343 Blythe, John Orland 150,267 Bocci, Deborah Ann 193 Boettcher, Patricia A. 193 Bohac, Terri Lynn 193 Bolin, Linda 150 Boll, Robert Gerhard 193,280 Bolton, J. L. 193,352 Bonato. James Joseph 193 Bond, Chester Albert 193 Bond, Duane Allen 168,280 Bonfilio, David E. 150 Bonfilio. Victor P. 168,266, 310 Bonsor, Jack A. 104 Boomer, Kathryn Lynn 150, 269 Boratynski, Ted N. 150,283 Borchelt, Gerald A. 105 Bordenave, Edward P. 150 Bordes, Catherine M. 193 Bordin, William M. 193 Borelli, Michael G. 105,239, 262 Borges, Cheryl Ann 193 Borghello, Richard E. 193 Borromco, Maria L. 168 Bortolussi. John 105 Boschetti, Michael V. 150 Botteri, Richard M. 105 Botti. Fred Louis 168,261 Boucher, Linda B. 168 Boucy, Dennis Patrick 193 Bourbon, Montino 168 Bourcier, George A. 193 Bousquet, Gene 105 Bowen, Anne E. 168 Bowerman, Joan Alice 150 Bowman, Bruce C. 105,292 Boyd, Christopher 327 Boyd, Scott L. 150,262 Boyd, Shannon Marie 150 Boyer, Carol 150 Boylan, Kevin Peter 254,258, 265 Boyle, Daniel Andrew 150, 240 Boyle, John Joseph 193 Bracco, Michael A. 193,329 Bradley, Carole Anne 150, 247,254 Bradley, Jack Anthony 193 Brady, David Michael 168 Brady. Gerald R. 193 Brady, Marjorie B. 105,297 Brady, Maureen P. 106 Brady, Nancy Carol 150, 293 303 Bragg, Pamela C. A. 193 Branch, John Walden 150 Brandes, Suzanne E. 193 Brandi, Alfred J., Jr. 106, 282,283 Brandi, Catherine Ann 193 Brandt, Deidre Ann 193 Brandt, Nancy H. 168,279 Braun, Nancy Marie 150 Bray, Alice Claire 150 Bray, Kristine Serna 193 Bray. Mary Katherine 150, 256,293 Breeden, Susan Jeanne 168 Breedlove. Burt D. 150,262 Brennan, Janet Ann 193 Brennan, John James 150 Brennan, Richard E. 106,265 Brenner, Edward R. 150 Brereton, Andrea F. 193 Brick, Michael A. 168 Bridgewater, Gary J. 193 Brien, Joyce E. 193 Briggs, Robert Deane 150 Briscoe, John Edward 193 Brkich, Carol A. 224 Brody, Penelope Susan 194 Broeski, Barbara Anne 194 Brooks, Cathey E. 194.276 Brosnan, Eileen Jean 194 Brouwers, Yolanda I. M. 194,260 Brown, Cynthia Ann 194,255 Brown, Gerald Raymond 194 Brown, James Donovan 150, 251,267 Brown, Marita Louise 194, 258 Brown, Michael C. 168.262 Brown, Thomas Lee 150,339, 340 Brownell, David Erie 194 Brunet, Richard Paul 151 Bruno, Kathleen Ann 194 Brunton, Susan Ann 151 Brutocao, Mary Louise 168, 282,283,284 Brutocao, Patricia 224 Bryant, Jeff 194 Bucher, John A., Jr. 169,267 Bucher, Victor George 106 Buchholz, Terry Hale 151 Buchness, John Albert 329 Buckley, Mary Helen 151 Buckley, Sharon Marie 106, 282,285 Budeselic, Mary Anne 151 Bundsehu, Ellen G. 194 Buoncristiani, David 151 Buratovich, Pat J. 106 Buresh. Stephen John 151 Burke, Leeanna Marie 151, 282 Burke. Lynn Marie 151 Burke, Patricia Ann 151,305 Burman, Mary Ann 194,247 Burns, Joseph Robert 106, 241,288 Burns. Kathleen M. 169 Burrill, Nancy Chase 151 Burrows, William T. 151 Burton. Barbara Jo 194,276, 284 Bushard, Regina A. 169,285 Butler, Dwight Allen 151 Butler, Marsha Rose 151,311 Butler, Michael John 194 Buzolin. Helen S. 106,275 Byous, Kathleen M. 151 Byram, Peter A. 194,264 Byrne, Patricia Ann 169,256 Byrne, Peter Daniel 106 Bymc, Terrence J. 194 Cadden, James Edward 194 Cadelago, Teresa Ann 169 Cahalan, William E. 107 Cahill, Ronald John 194 Cain, Peter Francis 107,244, 258 Calderon, Richard D. 169,305 Calderoni, Diane 151 Calhoon, Christopher 194 Callaghan, Sandra 1.151 Callaghan, Sheila Ann 194 Callahan, Donna C. 194 Callahan, Michael T. 240 Cameron. Wilfrid L. 194 Campbell, Camilla D. 107 Campbell, Deiral A. 194 Campi, Kenneth Mark 169 Campion, Marilyn Lee 194 Campos, Dennis 151 Canardo, Edmund Frank 194 Canata, John Michael 151,258 Canedo, David L. 107,238 Canepa, Andrew M. 151 Canepa, Robert F.. Jr. 169 Canfield, Kenna M., Jr. 194, 261 Canney, John Francis 107 Canning, Patricia L. 169 Cannon, Muriel N. 169 Cantu. Janice Yolanda 195 Cappell, Joseph T., Jr. 107.295 Capeto, Gabriel Paul 151 Cappadona, Dorothy A. 195 Capps, Ludwig Elton 195 Carberry, Edmund J., Jr. 169, 289 Cardenas, Carlos E. 195 Cardoza, Jill Marie 169 Carolla, Paul 275 Carey, Anthony B. 107 Carey, Kevin James 195,327 Carey, Michael L. 197,309 Carey, Paul Philip 107,295 Carey, Stephen W. 151,265, 267.296 Carlin, Brian T. 169 Carlin, John Thomas 195 Carlson, Cameron M. 169,297 Carlson, Donald Paul 169 Carmassi, Paul R. 151 Carmody, Barbara Anne 195 Carmody, Mark Thomas 195 Carnazzo, John Joseph 195 Camiglia, Albert G. 195 Caro, Joseph C. 151 Carpenter, Charles T. 195 Carpenter, John C., Jr. 366 Carr, Maureen E. 169 Carr, Susan Kergan 151,276 Carroll, Anne K. 224 Carroll, Richard W. 169 Carter, Genevieve 195 Carter, Karen Ann 151,247 Carter, Mary Anne 169 Carton, Thcrese R. 169,247, 271,282,283,284,285 Carvalho, Dennis M. 195,257 Cary, John W., Jr. 169,292 Casamayou, Louis J. 151,240, 247.296Casazza, Jeanne F. 169 Casey. Barbara E. 169 Casey, James Nugent 195 Casey, Michael John 169,259 Casey, Thomas Francis 107 Casey, William Joseph 108 Cass, Barbara Mary 151,246 Cassidy, Elizabeth A. 195. 247,271 Cassou, Phillip E. 151,303 Castagnola, Chris 108 Castagnoli, Geno, Jr. 151 Castillo, Robert 327 Castoria, Edward S. 151,246. 265,278 Castro, Gil Richard 151 Castro, James Michael 151, 251 Castro, Mary 264 Castro, Nancy Lee 195 Catalano, Charles J. 195 Cattolico, Francine I. 151 Caughman, Andrew P. 169, 259 Cauilan, Rcginaldo L. 108, 261,264 Caviglia, Louis Peter 195 Caviglia, Robert C. 108 Cccaci, Janet L. 169 Cecchin, Arthur Louis 108 Celoni, Linda R. 169,299 Cernyar, Godfrey J. 108 Chambers. Ann Louise 108 Chamorro, Jose 195 Chan, Magdalen T. 195 Chandler, Douglas R. 108, 240,267,290 Chappel. Joanne L. 169 Chappell, Vicki Ann 195,283 Charpiot, Frederic H. 152, 265 Charters. Beverly Ann 152 Chase. Rita Joy 152.256.258 Chavira, Albert 152,294 Cheng, Wanla M. A. 169 Cherry, James E., Jr. 195 Chesledon, Sharlecn P. 195 Chiappero II, Aldo 195 Chignell, Paul C. 195 Chikiamco, Steven 264 Chin, Victor Paul 195 Ching, Randall Y. C. 109, 266 Ching, Stephen Henry 152, 257 Ching, Sylvia Wai L. 195 Ching, Wayne George 109, 305 Chiongbian, Henry 264 Chiongbian, Reginald 244, 264 Chiosso. Edward T. 169,259 Chipp, Edwin Howard 169 Chisholm, Douglas Jr. 195 Chisholm, Kenneth Jr. 109 Chisholm. Mary Ann 195 Chiu, Wai-Choy 169 Choo, Myung Geun 169 Chow. Teresa Silai 195 Chown, Patricia Anne 195, 285 Chriss, Tina 195 Church, Mary Frances 109 Ciabattari, John E. 152 Ciabattari, William J. 195, 259 Cipriano, Gerald M. 196 Clardy, Linda Ann 169 Clare, George F„ Jr. 169 Clark. Don 196,246,329.333 Clark. Michael Joseph 152, 266 Clarke, Joseph C. 169,275 Clark, Dennis William 109 Clark, Alison Mary 196 Clark, Barbara Ruth 196 Clay, Charles Teague 152, mA Claymore, Joseph C. 281 Clayton, Barbara Jean 152, 256 Cleary, Donald V. 169 Clifford, Elizabeth 196 Clifford, Francis V. 196 Cline, William E.. Jr. 170 Clopton, Joseph R. 196 Cloward, William D. 152 Cobb, Thomas Engene 196 Cocconi, Gloria Gene 196 Cochran. Stella 152 Coffey, Marilyn Anne 196, 256 Colapietro. Anna M. 196 Colbert, James L. 170 Cole, Christina Marie 152 Cole. Glenn Edward 152 Cole, Roger Howard 152 Coleman, John R. 170 Coleman, Mark C. 170 Coleman, Sharon Anita 152, 255 Collin, Dennis Paul 152 Collins. Catherine M. 266 Collins, Michael P. 109,296 Collins, Michael R. 170 Collins, Richard M., Jr. 196, 267,296 Collins, Suzanne M. 152,274 Collum, Michael J. 196 Colthurst, Harry 170,278 Comisky, John Francis 196 Comstock, Jean D. 170 Conley, Diane L. 170,256 Connell, Joseph E., Jr. 170 Connelly. Arthur John 152, 291 Connolly, Kathleen 196 Connolly, Michael 109 Connolly, Michele J. 170,280 Conti, Marlene Ann 170 Converse, Linda A. 170 Conway, Judith C. 170 Conway, Thomas Joseph 152 Cook, Daniel Kenneth 196 Cook, Diane Marie 170 Cook, Mary Theresa 272 Corbett, Jonathan M. 196 Corcoran, Joann 109 Corda, Carol Ann 152 Corrcll, Kathleen E. 170 Cortcse, Vincent J. 170 Cortopassi, Christine 196 Costa, Norman Jack 152,292 Costello, Margaret A. 196 Cottcrill, Robert W. 152,294 Couderc, Alberta J. 196 Couderc, Alice Joanne 196 Counihan, Mary F. 196 Courtney, Mary Jo 110,299 Coury, Timothy John 170 Cousart, Joan Ann 170 Cox, Gerald Owen 110 Coyle, James Doran 110 Coyne, Elizabeth Ann 152 Coyne, Kathleen Marie 196 Craig, Kathleen Joan 196 Craig, Thomas 110 Crawford, Patricia A. 196 Crawford, Elizabeth J. 152 Cremin, Michael J. 196 Cresci, Maria Ina 196 Crestetto, Alan 170 Cresto, David R., Jr. 196 Cronin, Joseph K. 196,259 Cronin, Patricia K. 170 Crookham, Richard P. 170 Crooks, Barbara A. 196,284 Cross, Peter Michael 352 Crowe. Timothy F. 197 Crump, Michael John 170 Cruz, Aurora Lilia 170 Csikesz, Emery A. 197,243, 327 Cuciureanu, Mimi M. 152 Cummings, William P. 197 Cunningham, John A. 170, 253,279 Cupplcs, Tom 329 Curran, Maureen Ann 197 Curotto, Edward G. 152,281 Curry, John Michael 170,329 Curtis, John 258 Curtis. Mary Clare 197 Cush, Harry Edward Jr. 152, 291 Cushman, Richard S. 110 Cusimano. Carol Marie 197 Czapleski, Richard F. 110 Damico, Mary C. 170 Daboub, Frank Yudicc 170 Dahl, Daniel James 110 Daily. Russell J. 170,298 Dalessi, Donna C. 170 Dalton, John L. 170,243 Darner, Nicholas 110 Darner, Michael James 197 Dana, Donald Edward 197 Danzer, Hal C., Jr. 110.240. 295 Danzey, Kathleen E. 171,276 Daoust, Janice L. 171 Daroza, Joan Veronica 110, 266 Daroza. Kathleen P. 197 Daschbach, Michael J. 197 Davanis. George M. 197 Davi, John Guido 197 David, Joseph Bernard 197 David, Philip John 171 Davidson. John T. 197 Davis. Roger Paul 197 Day. James Milton Jr. 197, 257 Dealtry, Donald 197 Debella, Sr. M. A. 153 Do Cicco. Victor Lee 197 De-Graf, Christine M. 197 De-John, James P. 197 De-La-Fuente, Maria L. 153 De-La-Torre, David J. 197 De Luca. David John 153 De-Mars, Arthur James 153 De-Martini, Br Martin 111 Demartini, Mary 197 De Martini, Robert W. 197 Dematteis, Louis F. 197,278 De Vincenzi, Anthony 197 Deagen, John T. 171,251, 362,365,370 Deasy, David Karl 153,281 Deasy, Marilyn Ann 153 Debnto, Catherine A. 171 Dechene, Rita Marie 197,269 dcGrczman, Cynthia 264 Dekkers, Rudolphus L. 197, 317,325 Delabriandais, Leslie 197,262 Delagnes, Michael R. 171,259, 355,359 Delagrange, Patrice E. 197 Delgado, Charles X. 153,262, 265 Delgado, Martha 171 Delmonte, John A. 153,258 Demartini, Edward E. 153 DeMartini, Paul 170 Deming, Kathleen Ann 171, 269 Dempsey, James Thomas 111 Dempsey, Nicolas J. 171 Dcnenny, Richard H. 197 Denke, Constance Sue 111, 271 Dennis, Lincoln S. Ill Denton, Joan E. 153,255,293 D’Ercolc, Norene 153,281 Derr, Walter W. Ill 171 Desmet, Jeffrey Lynn 171, 285 Desmond, Joseph G. 197 Desmond. Kathleen M. 197 Devine, Jane F. 171 Devine, Peter Merle 197, 276,309 Devlin. Joseph J., Jr. 153, 294 Devoe, Marguerite E. 171 Devoti, David Frank 198 Di Carolis, Vincent P. 153, 329 Di-Mecurio. Thomas F. 198 Di Muro, Michael A. 198 Di-Pego, George Gino 198 Di-Ricco, Dennis R. 198,329, 330 Diani, Elaine Susan 153 Diaz, Josephine M. 198,276 Diaz, Rcva Leticia 198 Didier, Robert Paul 153 Dietrich, Christian P. Ill, 241 Dietrich, F. T., Jr. 198 Digesti, Larry Peter 198 Digrazia, Robert E. 198 Dillon, Kathleen A. 198 Dillon, Patrick M. 171 Dimminger, Laurel Ann 198 Dineen, John F., Jr. Ill Dineen, Mary Lynn 171 Dinslage, Ronald M. 171 Diregolo, Jerry A. Ill Disotelle, Sandra A. 171 Dobson. Paul Henry 153,266 Docili, Robert A. Ill Dodd. Glorianne 153 Dodd. Richard Brian 111,287, 290 Dodini, Kathleen E. 153 Doheny. William John 198 Doherty. Francis A. 112,248, 287 Doherty. John C.. Jr. 153 Doherty. Lynn L. 198 Doherty, Michael J. 171,339. 345,348 Doherty, Robert E. 171 Doizaki. Ernest Y. 171 Domenici, Martin 198 Domeniconi, Michael J. 153, 296 Domergue, Robert F., Jr. 153, 266.281 Domezio, Del Harry 153 Domingues, Robert A. 171 Donahoe, Terence F. 112 Donais, Paul Arthur 153 Dondero. Larry Gerald 112, 287 Donohoe, Michael P. 153,329. 331,334 Donohoe, Peter F. 171 Donovan, Richard J.. Jr. 171, 276 Doogan, Gerald M. 198 Doonan, Daniel Joseph 112 Doran. Patricia Anne 198 Dorsch, Brian Vem 198 Dorsey, Thomas Lee 171,262 Doshi. Suresh J. 112 Dotto, Carla Jean 198 Dougherty, Edward 112 Dowling, Kevin Thomas 198 Dowling. Thomas F. 171 Downey, Daniel James 171 Downey, Robert Edmond 153, 271 Drechsler. Robert J. 112,298 Dresser, James Dennis 153, 258 Drewitz. Thomas Casey 112 Drews, John Robertson 113, 329 Drews. Patricia D. 198 Driscoll, John Hugh 198 Droessler, Sylvia A. 171 Dubost, Carol Ann 198 Duckart, David 113 Ducber, Gwendolyn M. 171 Duffy, Mark Demots 153 Duffy, Peter Benjamin 153 Duggan, Mary Lou 198 Duggan, William 113 Duignan, James J. 171 Dulay, Ana Marie 153.238. 293 Dulay, Dion Joseph 198 Dullea, Charles W. 171.339Hummer, Mary Jo 113,293, 299 Hummer, William L. 171 Dunn, Barbara E. 198 Dunn, Coby 329 Dunn, Juliannc Mary 198 Dunn, Kathleen Mary 153, 285 Dunne. Michael 355, 35C Dura, Leon Joseph. Jr. 198, 280 Duran. Toby 113 Dyer, Edward William 171 Eagleton, Charles W. 171 Earls, Marc Stephen 240,202 Ebright, Mary E. 198,276 Edelman, Robert Jay 198 Edmundson, Bernard, Jr. 113 Egnew, Bruce Edward 153, 301 Eidarous, Abo Baker A. 171 Eiler, John 172 Eilers, Daniel S. 113 Eldridge, Eugene R. 172 Elfering, Richard J. 198 Ellefson, Kathleen M. 198 Ellis, Nancy Marie 153,256, 281 Ellis, Reba Virginia 113 Elsbernd, Joseph T. 114 Emig, Carol Ann 172 Enriquez, Michael 264 Enfield. Donald M. 114,309 Engel man. Andrew Cert 114 Engler, Edward I . 154,277 Engler, Frank A. 172 Engler, Mary 198 English, Thomas T. 198.257 Enos, John C. 154 Epstein, Lee Maurice 199 Erickson, Robert M. 114,279 Erlach, Raymond N. 199 Erlach, Stephen P., Jr. 172 Erlinger, Michael A. 114 Erpelding, Leandra L. 199, 276 Ervin, Theresa Mary 172 Erwin, William J., Jr. 172 Eshleman, Judith M. 172, 309,312 Espcranza, Henry 264 Essclstyn, Kathleen A. 199 Estrella, Irene Joyce 153 Estrella, Linda Lou 199 Ewen, Eric Paul 199 Ewcn. John Edgar 172 Ewing, John Ross 199 Ewing. Mary Imelda 199 Ewing, Nicholas W. 154,266 Eyherabide, Michelle 172,249 Fabian, John M. 199 Fahy, Justine J. 172 Falco, Douglas Edward 152, 249 Fanning, Patrick T. 172 Fanucci. Jane E. 172 Faria, Edward G., Jr. 199 Faridani. Azar M. 114 Farrell, Marie Louise 172 Farrell, Michael 1’. 154,362, 363 Farrell, Richard A. 114,294 Farrell, Robert Bruce 199 Farrelly, Fred W. 154 Farren, Richard 114 Fasanaro. Tommy S. 154 Fauria, Thomas M. 199 Fay, Ross James 154,259.262 Faycosh, Rosemary C. 172 Fazackerley, Gail A. 114 Fazio, Alicia Maria 199 Feasby, Thomas James 199 Feather, Vaughn G. 199,329, 335 Feeley, Elizabeth Ann 199 Feeney, Patrick J. 172 Felkins, Charles M., Jr. 115, 262 Fcndlcr, Fred Jules 199 Fennimore, Dolores M. 154 Fenton, Kathryn Gail 199 Ferdon, William L. Ill 154 Ferguson, Fried Harold 154 Fernandez, Jorge Raul 172, 317,319 Fcrnekcs, Robert W. 172 Fcroah, Georgeanne R. 115, 293.299 Ferrari, Linda Louise 172 Ferrari, Susan K. 199 Ferraris, Frank D. 154 Ferreboeuf, John G. 172 Ferrcboeuf. Paul E. 172 Ferreira, Claudia Ann 172 Ferrigno, Michael P. 115 Foutrcn, Georgette D. 154 Fidler, Theresa A. 154,293, 299 Figari, Judith Mae 154,256 Figoni, Richard A. 199,329, 331.334 Figueroa, Gregory R. 172,285 Fiiice, Linda Barbara 199 Fine. Patricia Ruth 115 Finigan, Vincent P.. Jr. 154 Finn. Maureen E. 154 Finnegan, Maureen Ann 154 Firpo, Beverly Ann 154 Firpo, Gerald Michael 115 Fisher, Clifford Mark 154.281 Fisher, Ronald Paul 154,268, 275 Fisher, Suzanne 172,261 Fisher, William Lake 115,297 Fisk, Samuel Clement 172 Fitzgerald, Geraldine 172 Fitzgerald, Kathleen 172 Fitzgerald M. G. 115,244,245, 265,289 Fitzpatrick, Thomas F. 154 Fitzpatrick, Thomas L. 154, 306 Fitzsimons. Michael E. Flagiello. Michael P. 172, 362,364 Flanagan, Patrick J. 115,281 Flannery, Bryan J.. Jr. 199 Flaxman, Daniel Hull 154 Fleck, Edward Michael 115 Fleet, Ariana Louise 199 Fleischer, Louis W., Jr. 172, 262 Fleisher, Phillip S. 115,267 Fleming, Robert L. 199,369 Fletcher, Earle 116 Flocchini, Robert G. 172 Flott, Stanley F., Jr. 154, 253,256,261.263,269 Flournoy, Catherine M. 200 Floyd, Harry Joseph 200 Flynn, Eugene J. 154 Flynn, James Kerwin 200 Flynn, Michael Joseph 116, 297 Flynn, Patricia K. 172,281 Fogarty, William L. 172 Foley, Daniel Robert 172 Fong, Melvin Lew 200 Fong, Rolland Quock 200 Fontaine. Rosemary 200 Fontes, Mary Kathryn 154 Fonteyn. Paul John 154 Foote, Mark A., Jr. 116,272 Foppiano, Linda Ann 200 Ford, John Milford 200 Ford, Patrick James 154,281, 285 Fore, John Michael 172 Fomer, Ethel Maria 116 Forney, Peter 172 Fortunio, John Bal 200 Foss, Roger M. 173 Foster, Bryan Francis 200 Foster, Katherine A. 200 Fouch, Lowell James 116 Fourie, Thomas A. 173 Fouts, Robert Morgan 116 Fown, Darryl C. 200 Fracchia, Gary L. 173,243 Fracisco. Thomas I 116, 241,247 Frandrup, Thomas J. 173 Franich, Steven 154.259,262 Frank, Joan M. 173,244,269 Franke, Elaine P. 116,293,299 Franke, Leona E. 200 Franklin. Michael D. 173 Franklin. Peter F. 116 Frantz, Marjorie A. 116 Franza, Thomas Joseph 200 Franzi, Joanna Jean 173 Fraser, Pamela M. 154 Fread, Kathleen A. 173 Freeman, Dennis I). 173,362, 363,365 Frceto, David Michael 155, 239,294 Frceto, John T. 117 Fregosi, Archie M., Jr. Fregulia, Cindy Jo 173,247 Freitas, Geraldine 117,299 Friedman, Jaynes T. 173 Friedrich, Karen Dee 200 Friel. John C. 173 Friel, Mairc Lea 200 Fritch, Thomas Edward 155, 294 Fruzzetti. Larry A. 173 Fry, Edward J. 200,259 Frye, Paul F. 173,295 Fuetsch, Jerome F. 173 Furman, Victoria S. 200 Furnanz, David L., Jr. 200 Furnanz, James L., Jr. 155 Futernick, Robert 366 Gabellini, Richard A. 117 Gable. John Glennon 200 Gable, Ronald Charles 117, 240,241 Gabriel, Amelia M. 173 Gabriel, Faye C. 173 Galbraith, Courtney A. 200 Galdieri, Jane E. 173 Gall, Gail Denise 155 Gallagher, Sr. M. T. 117 Gallagher, John E. 200 Gallaher, Christine A. 200 Gallegos, George M. 200 Gallette, Michael G. 200.278 Gailian, Russell J. 173 Galligan, Michael W. 173 Gallo, David Thomas 174 Galope. George 264 Galvin, Daniel James 200 Galvin, Thomas W. 117,258, 284 Gambertogio, John G. 174 Gamble, Ian 266 Gamma. Maryann E. 155 Gander, Therese Anne 155 Garaway, Lawerence M. 117 Garcia, David Arthur 117,264 Garcia, Sam Melvin 118,241, 256,267 Gargano, William R. 115,266 Garrett, Shellie A., Jr. 200 Garven, Margaret Anne 174 Gasparini, Michael F. 155, 329.330,332 Gast, Sandra Grace 118 Gasta, Paul Matthew 200 Gates, John Milton 118,260, 288,292 Gatfield, Denise M. 200,285 Gatfield, John Lang 118 Gatlin, Mary Margaret 155 Gatto, Philip Anthony 200 Gazzano, Edward M. 155,258 Gebhardt, Robert C. 118 Geeza, Mary Noreen 200 Gehling, Cathy Anne 155,299 Gein, Kathryn Grace 174 Gengo, George Michael 118 Genini, Ronald Walter 155, 256 Genoni, Richard P. 174,262 Gentile, Janet P. 174 George, Virginia B. 200 Georgeatos, Pamela C. 200 Georgi, Thomas M. 174,281, 298 Gerzowski, Samuel 200,317, 380 Gherini, John Francis 155, 265,266 Gianelli, Jerrett J. 201 Giannini, Alfred F. 201 Gibbons, Kathleen M. 174 Gibbons, Thomas E. Giddings, Robert E. 174,285 Gigliotti, Robert E. 174 Gilbert, Julia A. 201 Gilchrist, Susan E. 201 Gill. Alan 174 Gill, Joseph Patrick 251,355, 356.359 Gillies, Ronald W. 201 Gillin, Charles T. 118.240 Gillogley, Alice E. 173,251 Gillogley, Patricia C. 173 Gillum, Steven L. 201 Ginotti, Claire A. 201 Ginotti, Maty Theresa 118, 245.293.299 Giordano, Raymond J. 118 Giotta, Armando F. 201 Giovanola, Peter G. 118 Giraudo. Louis John 155 Girolami, Michael H. 155, 294 Giuliani, Catherine A. 173, 299 Giuntini. Cheryl L. 201 Glassy, Pamela Rose 119.299 Gleason, Candace M. 201 Glennon. John J„ Jr. 119 Gloster, Thomas W.. Jr. 173, 255 Glynn, Michael John 119.295 Gnam, Martha T. 173 Gnecco, Michael Henry 119, 252,267,311 Goddard. Marne L. 173 Gocringer, Fred 173,262 Goggin, James L. 201 Gogna, Michael E. 201 Golden, Margaret P. 173,312 Golden, Patrick G. 201 Gomez. George 327 Gonsalves, Cheryl Ann 155 Gonsalves. Garry R. 155 Gonzales, Louis E. 155 Goodwin, John M.. Jr. 201, 329 Goodwin. Richard A. 173 Gordon. Alfred B. 173 Gore, David A. 173 Gorgan, B. 255 Gorman, Daniel Paul 201 Gorman, Linda 174 Gosano, Stephanie L. 173,281 Goshgarian. Ronald Z. 155, 260 Gosse, Richard A. 201,253, 263 Goszulak, Gail Anne 155,299 Gotterba. Michael J. 173 Gottsacker. Margaret 155 Gould, John Dennis 119,267, 362 Goyton, Peter Jeffrey 155, 265 Grabicki. Peter J. 173,297 Grady, Michael V. 155 Graham, Anthony E. 155,287 Graham, Francis R. 174 Graham, Mary Patricia 155, 247 Graham, Richard M. 173,259 Grandemange, George E. 119 Grant, Douglas Harold 155 Grassilli. Robert, Jr. 201 Graudenz, Jacob Y. 201 Grauer, Franklin H., Jr. 119 Graves. Catherine A. 201 Gray. Madeline 173,276 Gray, Richard Neal 352 Grazioli, Joseph C. 201Grcalish, Kent M. 201 Greathouse. Kimberly 174, 279 Greco, Judith Ann 201 Green, Judith Marie 201 Greene. Philip Loring 201 Greene, Stanley C. 174 Gregori, Joseph A.. Jr. 201, 355 Grenier. Michael D. 174 Grethcl. Sr.M. Ann 174 Grier, Evelynn Marie 201 Griffith. David John 201 Grigliatti. Catherine 201 Grinnon. Christine G. 156 Gross, Maija 119 Grote, Russ Michael 119 Grover, Judith Ann 119,299 Grover, Roberta Jean 156 Grubbs, Mary Gnam 256 Grunblatt, George G. 174 Grupico, Frank M. 174 Grydyk. Joseph A. 174 Gualco, Joseph Angelo 120. 357 Guaraglia. Arlcen R. 156, 256 Guarino, Rita Marie 174 Guenther, John F. 174 Guerin, Jerome W. 201,262 Guerrera, Christine M. 201 Guerzon, Vilma T. 201 Guffanti, Jeanne Ann 174 Gughemctti, Joseph M. 174 Guido, George E.. Jr. 174 Guido, Roger James 201 Gularte, Diane Marie 156 Gulino. Joseph A. 259 Gullo. Nick 120,246 Gundry. Frank Joseph 201, 268 Gunn. Moira Anne 201 Guth, Madeline G. 202 Guttormsson, Karen 174,312 Gwinn, Colette 174 Haaf, Dennis Mathew Hackney, Robert N. 202,269 Haefele, Kathleen M. 120.304 Haff. Gerard T. II 253.292 Hague, Sr.M. Marie 202 Hahn. Robert R. 174 Hakeem, Michael David 156 Halcomb, Claude Jr. 174 Halcomb, Wilma Jean 174 Hale, Peter M. Haley. Moira Jane 202 Hall, Dennis Roger 202,288, 362,363,364 Hallisy. James T. 120 Hally, Terry Anne 175 Hamaehi. Ronald M. Hammer. Janet L. 175 Hankey, Mary Jo 202 Hancock, John Bonner 175, 289 Handlos, Michael D. 120,239, 245,266,289.290 Hanessian, Nubar J. 175 Hanlon. Michael W. 175 Hannan, Timothy James 202 Hansen, Jan Peter 120.251 Hansen, Robert Dennis 120, 256,289 Hanson, Conrad Jacob 202, 329 Ha rang, Thomas F. 202 Harbor, Terrance B. 175 Hardina, Richard P. 120,242, 262 Harless, Susan Louise 175. 269 Harnett, Joahanna M. 120 Harrigan. Lorraine M. 175 Harrington, Hugh J. 202 Harrington, John F. 202,259 Harrington, Leo A. 156,261 Harrington, Leslie J. 202 Harris. Deborah C. 175 Harris, Jeffrey S. 156 Harris. John W. II 202.311 Harris. Sr.M.Donna 175 Harrison. Deborah C. 202 Harron, Melinda-Maria 202 Hart. Michael P. 202 Hart. Theresa M. 175 Harvey. Marla Noel 202 Hasenkamp. James W. 202 Haslam, William T. 175 Hatch. Carol Marie 212,269, 284 Hatton. Diane C. 175 Hauck, Ann-Marie 202 Haugh, James 121 Havey, James David 121 Hay-Chapman, Larry 156 Hayden. Martha P. 202 Hayes, James Andette 121 Hayes. William M. 121 Hayon. David 202 Hays, Mary Jeannette 156 Hazlewood, Richard J. 175 Head, Helaine Mildred 156 Healy, Joseph R. 202 Hearn, Barbara Ann 202 Hearney, John Michael 175 Heaston. Sandra Marie 202. 254 Heeo, Patrick Charles 202 Hedstrom, Stephen O. 203 Heer, Sandra Jean 175 Hcher. Richard J., Jr. 297 Heieck, Teresa Marie 156, 256.276 Heing, Corene L. 175 Heinz. Annette P. 203 Helm. Mary Katherine 175 Hennessey. I.arry S. 203 Hennessy, Jean I.. 203 Henry. Helen Kathleen 156, 276 Hensley, Mary Ia?a 121 Herbert, Barbara S. 203 Herman, Richard W. 203. 329,331 Hernandez. Mary E. 276 Herold, William L. 175,268, 295 Hickel, Kathleen Ann 156, 269.299 Hill. Lyda Louise 156 Hinkle, Richard P. 175,278. 279.298,313,355 Hinz, Jeannine Marie 121. 293.299 Hites, T,aszlo 317 Hites. Sandor 317,322.324. 326 Hobert. David S. 203 Hobrecht, Charles E. 156 Hodges. Anne M. 175.247 Ilodgskiss, Linda C. 175 Iloell. Dennis P. 175.288 Ilocne, Arlene Kay 203 Hogan, Kathleen C. 156 Hogan, Kathleen M. 175 Hogg, Leroy 203,352 Holguin. David Paul 287.355 Holland, Janet Marie 156. 247.266,293 Holland. Robert A. 203.285 Hollenbeck. Donna M. 121. 293.299 Holmberg. Charles J. 203 Holmer, Roger A. 156 Holt, James M., Jr. 175.281 Honse, John Paul. Jr. 121 Hooper. Denise Marie 175 Horan, Eleanor Marie 203 Horan, Marilyn Eileen 121 Horan, Thomas Joseph 122 Horan, William John 175 Horgan, Anne Mary 156 Hombuckle, Linnea E. 203 Horner, Ruth Erleta 122,281 Horrigan, Richard W. 122, 242,290,295 Hosoda, Satoru 203 Hotta, Stephanie F. 203,257 Hovan, Harry 122 Hove Richard Eric 156 Howard. Kimberly 175 Howard. Mark L. 175 Howe, John McDonald 176, 282.285 Howell, Stephen II. 122 Hritz, Mary-Ann E. 203 Hruby, Martha Ellen 176,301 Huber, Michael I . 176 Hudson, Anna Margaret 203 Hudson. Gerald D.. Jr. 176 Hughes, Gregory E. 156,265 Hughes, Linda E. 176,271, 285 Hugins, Susan Mary 282 Hull, Kathy Ann 176 Hummer, Ellcne Marie 176 Hummer, Michael Henry 203 Hunnicutt, Veronica C. 256 Hunt, Cynthia Elaine 203 Hunter, Catherine Ann 203 Hunter, Henry Collins 176, 265,289 Hunter. Martha E. 156,276 Hurren, Teresa Joan 203 Husby, Philip Gilmore 156. 285 339 Husser, John Scott 176,297. 366 Hustedt. Mary E. 203 Hutchinson. Robert I). 122 Hutson. William J. 176,355 Huvane, Michael J. 176 Ianziti, Gary John 176 Ildefonso, Julia Pia 203 Imwinkelreid, Edward 122 Inadomi. Lawrence W, 203 Ingoglia, Michael E. 176 Ingojo, Jose C. 176,251 Inocito, Frank Andrew 203 Irvine, John Joseph 203 Ivanow. Michael 317,319 Jachetta, Linda L. 203 Jackson. Arlene Viola 203 Jackson, Donna J. 203,249, 299 Jackson, Susan Jane 176 Jacques. Frank 317 Jacobi. Robert H. 122,246, 299 Jacobs, Harry Louis 156 Jacobs, Larry A. 203 Jacobsen, Karen I . 203 Jalbert, John Ervin 203 James, Charles Robert 352 James, Dennis Edmound 203, 329 Jamison, Denieo Carol 176 Janda, Daniel F.. Jr. 176,251 Janicki. Paul Chester 156,362 Jans, Candace Lee 176 Jaquinta. Frank Louis 204, 246,329,331.334 Jaroch, Judy Olieve 122 Javorski, William C. 156,268, 294 Jebe, Judy Ann 122,299 Jenkins. Linda Cheryl 204 Jenkins, Thomas A. 204 Jennings. Charles, Jr. 204.243 Jennings, Christopher 156, 256 Jesinger, Robert E. 204 Jeung, Jadyne D. 176.256, 285.302 Jewell, Michael Craig 176 Jobst, George Michael 176 Jobst, Paul V. 123 Joch, Carol Ann 156 Johansen, Allen D. 284 Johausing. Patricia M. 123 Johnsen, Nancy Joan 123 Johnson, Belva Jean 156 Johnson. Charles J. 156.258 Johnson. James Lee 176 Johnson, Janice E. 176 Johnson, Kathleen Ann 204 Johnson, Kristin M. 176 Johnson, Linda Marie 204 Johnson. Michael E. 204 Johnson, Michael G. 204 Johnson. Ronald R. 176.289 Johnston, Stephen T. 156.267 Jones. Daniel Ray 157,246 Jones, Gregory Steven 157 Jones, James llernard 157 Jones, Patricia Ann 123.242 Jones. Richard Lee 123 Jones, Thomas M. 176 Jordan. Marie Theresa 157 Joyce, Mortimer 204 Julian. Allan 264 Jurcwitz, John L. 176,297 Jurovich, Gary 157 Kafura, Dennis George 204. 262 Kaiser, William John 204 Kalin. John Edward 123,241. 282 Kalinowski, Marie A. 204 Kam, Linda Frances 157 Kamimoto, Karen H. 176, 256,281 Kane. Anthony J.. Jr. 201 Kaneko, Richard T. 157,246, 266 Kaplan. Kenneth Mauri 204 Karmendy. John C. 176 Kase. Beatrice Ann 123 Kast, Douglas Francis 123 Katayama. Wayne Y. 157, 266.267 Katzeff. Jerry S. 124.317 Kavanaugh. Robert P. 204 Kaye. Patricia J. 204 Kays. William M. 204 Kazan, Philip Yves 204.284 Keane. Joan M. 204 Keays. William J., Jr. 204. 243.362.363 Kee, Candace Ann 204.276 Kehoe. Katherine Ann 204. 304 Keleehava, Michael A. 176, 259 Kellenberg. Kim W. 204.339. 346.351 Kelly. James Irvin 176 Kelly, Jane Elizabeth 204 Kelly. Jeannette H. 204 Kelly, John Thomas 176 Kelly. Peter John 157.297 Kelly, Philip H. 176,247 Kelly. Regina Marie 204 Kelly. Sara M. 176 Kcmpton, William A. 176, 262 Kcnefick, Patrick T. 157 Kcnmotsu, Richard T. 204 Kennedy, Daniel J., Jr. 177, 244 Kennedy. Joan Marie 124 Kenney. Edwin M. 204 Kenney, Susan M. 177 Kerhoulas, Dion P. 177,339 Kern, Karen Fay 204 Kerr, James Jamison 157 Kersten, Karl Patrick 177 Kessler, Kathleen M. 177, 255,256 Kestell, April P. 177,253 Kidd. William F. 177 Kilcline, Jane Anne 205 Kiley, Allan James. Jr. 157 244,268.294 Kim. William. Jr. 205,257 Kimball. Gary B. 205,262 Kimbrough, John Louis 157, 294 Kinutra, Cheryl S. 205 King, Gavlc Kathryn 124, 240,293,299 King, Deborah Ann 205 King, June Marie 205 King, Marianne M. 177 King, Maryanne 205 King, Susan Jane 177 King, Timothy Alan 177,294 Kingan, Timothy 177,294 Kinkadc. Gerald L. 177 Kinter. Donald Eugene 205Kirby, Bradford John 157, 261 Kirby, John Joseph 124 Kirby, Marshall F. 157 Kirby, Robert W.. Jr. 157 Kirchanski, Stefan J. 177 Kirschner, Catherine 205 Kirschner, Karen Joan 177 Kisla, Susan Mildred 177, 254 Kistner. Mary Rac 205 Klaes, James G. 111,157 Klaczak, James A. 177,329, 330,333 Klein, Katherine M. 177 Knauss, Frederick E. 177 Kneier, Andrew W. 177 Knippel, Katherine M. 205 Knoedler, Heinz L. 177 Knotts, Donald R. 177 Koberle, Michael John 124 Kochly, Robert J. 177,288 Koehler, Kristine M. 205 Koenig. William C. 205 Koerting, Catherine L. 177 Koester, Paul Frank 157 Kojevnikov, Olga A. 157 Koke, Theresa Lee 205 Kolander, Karen E. 157 Koncvich. Robert W. 205 Konte, Jean Mary 205 Koshlap, Robert E. 177 Kotlanger, Michael J. 157, 258 Kovacevich. Glenn A. 177 Kovacich, Ronald J. 177 Kovacich, William Jr. 205 Kozuki, Jeremy F. 177,257, 296 Kramer, Joan 205,299 Kramer, Matthew C. 177 Krause, Kathleen Mary 157, 256,258 Kreml, Robert Curtis 157, 244,246,266 Kricg. Richard J., Jr. 268 Krieger, David John 205,253 Kriste, George V. 177,339 Krueger, Donna Lucene 157, 260 281 Krutel, Bruce Edward 177 Kruszona. Kathleen M. 124 Kuchins, Harry L. Ill 177 Kucserka, Charles 124 Kuebrich, David Peter 205 Kuhl, Nancy Joan 205 Kuhn, Gilbert Joseph 124 Kuhta, Richard James 157, 355,356,357,361 Kurakazu. Edwin Ken 205 Kuss, Herbert Patrick 205 Kuta, Patricia Brigid 205 Kwok, Joseph 125 La-Boyteaux, Sarah F. 205 La Croix, Charles H. 177 La-Plante, Stephen C. 205 La-Rocque, Gerald Don 205 Labrador, Laura C. 205 Lacosta, Ronald Jean 178 Lagger, Raymond Louis 157. 294 Lagomarsino, John O. 205. 362,365 Lagorio, Kathleen L. 178,281 Lahaderne. Paul B. 178 Laherty, Richard F. 205.329 La joy, Ronald Joseph 206 Lalor, Thomas M. 178 Lama, Thomas Michael 178 Lamb, John Patrick 206 Lambert, Bonnie Gene 206 Lambert. Lynn J. 125 Lamberto, Peter N. 206 Lamm, Albert John 125,296 Lamothe, Paul Jean 157,267, 296 Lamperti. Larry P. 206 Lanctot, Lynne Marie 157, 271 Landell, Charles V. 178 412 I ane, Constance R. 178,247 Lang, Henry Spencer 178, 269 Lange, Therese A. 125 Lanier, Michael S. 206 Lannan, Teresa Mary 206 LaPlant, Steve 264 LaPorte. Barbara Ann 206 LaRose, Thomas 178 Larson, Priscilla A. 125 Lasater, Michael E. 206 Lau, Douglas K. Q. 206,256, 297 Lau, Jeffrey M. 178 Lau, Norine Yuk-Yin 206 Lau, Rodney Sei Hen 178, 257 Laurel. Michael J. 206.317. 323,355,361 Lauro, Phillip J. 178 Lavagctto, Lloyd W. 125 Lawlor. Robert N. 206 Lawrence. Diane C. 206,255 Leach, Thomas W., Jr. 178 Leary, Thomas Anthony 206, 329 Lechwar, Maureen E. 206 Lee. Carlton K. 178 Lee. James Michael 157 Lee, Jeannot E. 206,258 Lee, Jeffrey Norman 178, 329.330,333,337 Lee, Jerold Anthony 254 Lee, Kenneth Lough 157 Lee, Marsha Jeanne 158 I ee, Pearl 125 Lee, Susan J. 206 Legher, Norm 258 Lehrberger. Robert M. 206, 244,261,263 Leis, Suzanne Maria 178 Lcite, Jerome Richard Leli, John Louis 158,262 Lent, James Cosgriff 206 I eo, Joanne K. 178,261 I coni, Patrick Angelo 206 Leonovicz, Nicholas C. 178 LePendeau, Claude 370 LePera, Barry V. 158 Leslie, Neil W. 206 Levy, Lawrence Edward 206 Lewis, Rosemary 158,276 Li, Anna Yang 125 Li. Denis F. P. 126 Libanti, Bemerd F. 206,261 Libershal, Susan Jane 178, 244,247,299 Lima, Laura Yvonne 206 Limper, Patricia D. 158 Limsico, Amy 264 Lin, Leo S. L. 178 Lindberg, Donna L. 178,258 Lingad, Arthur 126,264 Linn, Sarah A. 178,284 Lippi, Marilyn Ann 206 Lippus, Barbara Mae 126 Lipskey, Kathleen A. 206 Lister, Thomas Mahlon 206, 329 Litzius, Brian E. 178 Lobeck, Kristine M. 178,260 Lock, Dennis Kwon S. 178, 241,257 Lofrano, Frederick A. 206 Loh.John P. 158 Lohmeier, Frank E., Jr. 126 Long, Robert John 206,305, 369 Iajos, Richard E. 178 I,opez, Alfredo R. 206,329. 331,335 Lopcz-Contreras, Henry 317. 318,324 Lorda, Renee Simone 207 Loretz, Barbara Jean 178 Loudon, Ronayne Ann 178 Loughran, Patricia A. 207 Ixmnibos, Donald F. 126 Love, Debra Anne 178 Loveland, Dianne E. 178 Lowthcr, Wayne Robert 207 Lucas, Joseph Anthony 264 Lucas, Linda 264 Lucasey, Linda Lynn M. 158 Lucay, Patrick D. 207,329 Lucchesi, Gale A. 178 Lucchetti, Frank J. 207 Luchetti, Lawrence Jr. 178 Luchini, Joseph D. 207 Lucia. Stephen Ellis 178 Lucido. Joseph Peter 158 Lucido, Maria Hope 158,255 Ludwig, Mary Agnes 158 I.uksich, Diane Kay 179 Lund, Ann Elizabeth 158 Lund, Steven Richard 158 Lunny, Susan Cecelia 179 Lupton, James 262 Lynch, John A. 179 Lynch, John P., Jr. 179 Lynch, Maureen J. 179 Lynch, Michael Shawn 207 Lynch, Peter Anthony 179 Lynch, William David 259 Lyon. James Monroe 179 Lyons, Kathleen Marie 179 MacDonald, Iain A. 158 MacGowan, Judy Lu 158 MacIntyre, Elizabeth 207 MacIntyre, Neil R., Jr. 158, 294 Mack, Margaret Ann 179 Mackenzie, Thomas R. 179. 329 Mackewicz, Stanley Z. 207 Macrenato, Ternot 179,317, 327 Mayes. Jose 126 Mafec, Ron 258 Maffie, William A. 158 Mages, Teresa Ann 179.254 Maguire, Daniel H. 158 Maguire. Robert E.. Jr. 256 Mahoney. Carolyn M. 158, 268 Mahoney, Edward W. 179. 259 Mahoney, Jerry J. 179 Mahoney. Margaret C. 207 Maier, Douglas M. 207 Maiolini, Gene R. 126 Makalii, Warren James 158, 265,296 Makaweo, James Alan 158, 262 Maksim, Diane Cecilia 158, 271 Malerbi, Raymond P. 207 Malley, John David 207 Malloy, Robert J. 207 Malone, Noreen E. 179,256 Maloney, John J., Jr. 127, 329 Malovich, Kathy 207 Malta. Frances Marie 207 Mancebo. Marty S. 179 Mancini, Roger S. 127 Mancini. Ronald J. 179 Manders, Thomas F.. Jr. 127 Maney, Barbara Ann 158 Mangan, Garett R. 127,267 Mangubat, Gus 264 Maniscalco, Anthony R. 207 Maniscalco, Lawrence 179, 280 Mannheimer. Wayne R. 158 Mannina. Robert A. 207 Manning, Thomas G. 179 Mannion, James 127 Mannion, Thomas Peter 127 Manou, Steven 327 Mantle. Gregory Evan 158, 265,355 Manuel. Benilda F. 207,264 Marantette, Patrick J. 207 Marchi. Sandra J. 179 Marcoux. Ed Mark 127 Marini, Robert L. 179 Marquette, Kathleen J. 207 Marr, Annmarie C. 207 Marrou, Miguel E. 207,327 Marshall, Joseph E., Jr. 158 Marshel, James H. Ill 127 Marsico, Loretta R. 207,285 Marte, Joan 264 Martell, Rene Albert 207 Martin, Diane Marie 179 Martin, Joanne Marie 207, 285 Martin, Kenneth 127 . Martin, Lawrence W. 179, 305 Martin, Michael T. 207 Martin, Robert Fabian 128, 240 Martin. Royal Bernard 128 Martin, Dennis W. 207 Martinez, Ascension U. 265 Martinez, Carlos G. 179,266 Martinez, Evelyn S. 207 Martinez, Mary Carmen 207 Masetti, Albert Peter 207 Maslianikov, Catherine 207 Massa, Catherine M. 179 Massenburg, Mary Ann 208 Massolo, Linda Ann 208 Mastrantonio, Joseph 158, 262 Mate. Ilona M. 208 Matlock, Christina A. 208, 243,276 Matsuki, Thomas S. 208 Matthews, Mary Ann 128, 299 Mattiauda, Shirley M. 208 Matulich, Eric Paul 128 Mawn, Geoffrey P. 158,267 Max. Janice M. 179,247 Mays, Lawrence Dale 179 Maysonave, Stephen G. 158, 308 McAdam, Richard John 179 McAdoo, Patricia R. 179, 263 McAlister, John C. 179 McAllister, Catherine 158 McAndrews, James 269 McBee, Leslie W. 179 McBride. John R. 208,244, 268 313 McCabe. Bernice Marie 158, 304 McCambridge, George R. 128 McCanta, Patrick J. 208 McCarthy, Antonia M. 179 McCarthy, Daniel John 128, 241,245.265.297 McCarthy, James Casey 128 McCarthy, Jerry P. 208 McCarthy. Mary J. 179,258 McCarty, John Michael 128 McClaran, Nancy Jane 158 McClintock, Stephen L. 158 McCloskey, Sharon E. 208 McConnell, Judith Ann 208, 285 McCullagh, Samuel Jr. 158, 287 McDermott, Mary M. 179, 299 McDcvitt, Johrden B. 208 McDonagh, Thomas P. 180 McDonald, Bradford M. 180 McDonald, Christopher 208 McDonald, Gary M. 129 McDonnell, Mary E. 208 McDonough, James R. 180 McDonough, Kathleen R. 208 McDonough. Michael F. 158 McElmeel, Evelyn F. 208 McEvoy. John W. 158 McEvoy, Philip M. 159.245. 296 McGann, Jeanne E. 129 McGarry, Timothy L. 180 McGee, Francis P., Jr. 180, 268,355 McGilloway, D. M., Jr. 129 McGinnis, Bernard J. 208 McGinty, Erin U. 208McGovern. Frances M. 180 McGrath, Patricia D. McGreevy, Kenneth G. 129 McGregor, John J. 180,309 McGuinn. Judy Ann 159 McGuire. Robert J.. Jr. 180, 276 Mclnerney. James S. 208.276 Mclnemey. W. F.. Jr. 129 McIntosh. Bruce T. 208 McIntyre. Linda Diane 180 McKay. Joan Rita 180 McKay. Matthew F. 180,244, 263 McKay, Timothy Dunn 209 McKenna. Kathleen P. 159. 277 McKnew, Charles R. 129 McKnight, James T. 209 McLain. Jon Michael 129, 292 McLanathan. Jan 159 McLaughlin. Robert J. 159 McLean, Theresa Klune 209 McLemore, James R.. Jr. 209,260 McMahon. Kathleen R. 180, 281,299 McMenamin, Thomas J. 130. 237 McMullan, Thomas C. 180 McNeil, Patrick James 130 McNew, Stephen H. 209.280 McNicholas. Suzanne M. 159 McOmber, Clair C. 209 Meagher, Jane L. 180 Mearls, Anita R. 130,159, 281.279 Meehan. Eileen F. 209 Meenaghan, John 209 Mehak, Joann Michelle 130 Mei, Ronald Steven 159 Meisel. Robert K., Jr. 159, 258,276,313 Melieste, Gregory W. 180 Menard, Baroara J. 209 Menaster, Albert J. 209,253, 261,263,309 Menchaca, Victor M. 130 Mendonsa, Gilbert J. 159 Meneghelli, Barry J. 209 Menino. Gary Damien 369 Menzel, Daniel B. 180 Mercl, Gina Veronica 209 Merenda. Richard J. 209, 329,330 Merla, Angela Nina 209 Merrick, John Patrick 180, 295 Merrill. Mark Edwin 209 Mere, Antoinette M. 180 Mesones, Heman H. 130 Metkin, Michael V. 180 Mctsker, Pamela Ann 180 Meyer, James Francis 159, 246 Meyer, John Olaf 209,265 Meyer, Keith Alvin 159 Meyer, Louis Glenn 209 Meyer, Richard Joel 180 Meyer, Richard W. 209 Meyers, Elizabeth 260 Meyskens, Frank L., Jr. 130,295 Mezzera, David C. 159 Michaud, Raymond R., Jr. 209 Michelotti, Larry P. 130 Michelson, Philip L. 209 Mickelsen, Marcia C. 159 Milbum, Linda J. 209 Milenkiewicz. Ann R. 209 Milko, Sr. R. Maureen 180 Miller, Alan David Jr. 180 Miller, Dick B„ Jr. 159 Miller, George T. 159 Miller, Howard C. 209 Miller. Kathleen M. 209 Miller, Marilyn M. 209 Miller. Michael E. 130 Miller, Robert Joseph 130, 288 Miller, Patricia Ann 209 Miller. Sarah Jane 209 Millikan, Patricia S. 159 Mills, Frank Patrick 209 Mills, Jewel Ann 209 Milton, James Matthew 131 Milton, John Patrick 180,280 Mims, Rodney Lovell 209 Miranda, Judith Ann 209, 247 Mirkovich. Leslie C. 180 Misakian, Frederick W. 131 Misner, Robert L. 159,246, 266 Misuraca, Judith Anne 180, 258 Moddison, Susan L. 224 Moe, Eric William 180,266, 281 Moeller, Cynthia I. 159,281, 299 Mohagen, Mary Kathryn 180 Mohrhardt, Philip E. 159 Molini, Linda Carol 180 Molkenbuhr, M. E. Ill 180, 258 Molles, Marianne E. 209 Molloy, Maureen A. 209,269 Monaghan, Michael J. 180 Mondelli, Joann F. 180,249 Moneymaker, Patrick D. 180 Mongillo, Steven E. 180, 309,329 Moniz, Robert George 209 Monroe, Michael F. 210 Monterrosa, Alexander 180 Montesano, Randy P. 210 Mooney, Michael D. 208 Moore. Brenda Eloise 208 Moore, Mary Jo 181 Moos, Jo Ann Antoinet 159 Moran, Jeanne E. 181 Moran, Joseph Robert 208 Moran, Thomas Edward 131, 288 329 Mordasini, Gail A. 159,255, 256,258 Morehouse, John W. Ill 208 Moreland, Alice R. 131 Moreland, Kathleen F. 159, 249 Morenda, Dick 246 Moreno, Thomas W. 181 Morgado, Michael A. 208 Morgado, Rosemary Ann 208 Morgan, Michelle M. 208 Mori, Dennis John 159 Morin. William V. 208 Morosi, Joyce A. 131,299 Morris, Lynne P. 208 Morris, Michael J. 181,259 Morrison, Harry B. Ill 181 Morschcl, John 297 Moscone, Kathryn S. 131,297 Moser, Deanna, R. 181 Moser, Kristine Erin 181 Moss, Gary Eugene 160 Mount, Ellen E. 131 Mowrey, Elizabeth A. 181 Moyce, Andrew William 131, 276,308 Moyer, Ronald Leland 160 Moyes, Mary Gale 181 Moylan, Karen Anne 208 Moylan, Michael A. 160,287 Muench, Margaret 160 Mulkeen, Patrick W. 131 Mullen, Deanna E. 181 Mullen, John David Jr. 181, 262 Muller, Marian C. 131,257 Mullins, Michael W. 181 Mulready, Theresa M. 181 Mulvany. Kathy Ann 208 Mundy, Alan Francis 289 Munjak, Rose C. 160 Munnemann, Peter M. 160 Munyer, Thomas Paul 181 Murakami, Colette Y. 208, 257 Mumig, Stephanie L. 181 Murphy, Carolynn M. 208 Murphy, Catherine A. 208 Murphy. Christine Ann 132, 254.293 Murphy, Daniel E. 181 Murphy, Edward A. Ill 160, 305 Murphy, James F., Jr. 208 Murphy, James Joseph 261 Murphy, Jeremiah T. 210 Murphy, John Bartlett 132 Murphy. John William 132 Murphy. Leo J.. Jr. 181,245, 297 Murphy, Patricia Anne 210 Murphy. Patrick W. 181,260 Murphy, Robert Lee 132,241, 257.258,281 Murphy. Sharon Marie 210 Murphy, Sr. A. Marie 210 Murphy, Terence M. 210 Murr, Maureen M. 181 Murray. James H. 132 Murray, Martin Julius 132 Murray, Patrick W. 133 Murray, Thomas John 210 Murtha, Lawrence E. 210 Musante, Robert W. 210 Musso, Lucien Richard 210 Mustanich, James W., Jr. 181 Musumeci, Diane C. 160 Muzio, Peter John 133,288 Myers, Alice A. 181 Myers. Carol 133,293,299 Myers, Edward 160 Myers, Michael 181 Nagel, William E. 181 Nagcngast, Barbara E. 210 Nagle, Thomas Patrick 133 Nagy, Edward A. 181 Naismith, Mark R. 210 Nance, Michael 160 Nardi, Michael Craig 160,287 Nardi, Robert Joseph 181, 317 327 Nasser, Theodore D. 160,246, 266 Natale, Christann T. Navarra, Anthony J. 210 Navarro, Ralph J., Jr. 181, 283 Navone, Timothy W. 133 Neilan, Paul Harry 210 Ncilson, Marc Enright 210 Nelson, Frederick Jr. 181 Nelson, James Albert 133, 281,290 Nemey, James Clare 133, 258,284 Neudecker, Barbara A. 210 Neugebauer, Cheryl A. 210 Newhall, George A. Ill 133, 291 Newlin, Barbara Belle 210 Newson, Alma Joy 279 Newsom, Wendy A. 210,285 Newsom. William A. 181 N'Gole, Jean 317,327 Nichols, Michael G. 134 Nicolai, Margaret E. 181 Nicolai, Virginia A. 181 Nicolopulos, Robert K. 210, 352 Niederer, Cliff Gary 182 Nix, Paul T., Jr. 182 Nolan, Gerald J. 182 Nolan, Patricia Ann 160,247 Norby, Jim M. 134,297 Noriega, James E. 182,297 Norman, Bart Ross 210 Norman, Timothy John 160 Norris, Frank 258 Norton, Dennis A. 182 Norwood, Thomas G. 210 Notch, Janice A. 182,249,266 Nowak, Candace Lynn 210 Nunes, Manuel E., Jr. 160, 253,261,263,269,296 Nunnally, James H. 210 O’Bertello, Sandro D. 210 O'Brien, Ellen Anne 160 O’Brien, Michael J. Ill 182 O’Connell, John Marcus 210 O’Connell, Maureen E. 210 O'Connell. Shamus J. 210 O'Connell, Thomas J. 210 O’Connor. John Michael 134 O’Connor, Lawrence R. 134, 245,294,295 O’Connor, Philip R. 210 Oertel, Timothy John 210 Ocry, Thomas Ivan 210 O’Gara, Edward V.. Jr. 210, 281 O’Grady, Simonne Marie 160 O’Halloran, Peter F. 160 O’Hare, Mary Virginia 210 O’Hora, Judy H. 182,247,255 O’Keefe, Terry Ann 134 O’Keefe. William F.. Jr. 160 O’Keefe. Gregory P. 182 Olden, Orin Richard 134,291 Olds, Bowman Mark A. 134, 267 O’Leary, Virginia M. 134 Oliver, Charles D.. Jr. 135 Olsen, Kenneth 182 Olson, Richard E. 135 Olsson, James C. 182,339, 343.347 Olsson, Nancy Jean 160 O’Malley, Thomas M. 135 O’Meara, Stephen M. 211 O’Neil, Anna 160 O’Neil. Michele M. 160 O’Neil. Robert B. 135 O’Neill. Katherine M. 211 O’Neill, Sr. M. Kieran 160 O’Neill, Maryann 135 O’Neill. Maureen V. 211 O’Neill, Terrence J. 182 O’Neill, Theresa Ann 182, 254,256 O’Neill, Thomas F. 160,339, 341.344.348.350 Onori, Philip James 182 O’Rourke. Eugene A. 135.287 O’Rourke, John Francis 160, 247 O’Rourke, Michael W. 160 Ortega, Phillip V. 211 Ortelle, Margaret M. 160,258 Osiander, Lothar 182,317,320 Osmond. Robert V. 211 Ostcrn. Mary E. 160 O’Sullivan, Sr. M. St. John 160 Ota, Pearl Tazuko 135,299 Ottenwaltcr, Diane M. 211 O’Toole, Michael Regan 135, 262,362,363 Ottman, Virginia Mary 211 Owens, Cathryn Sue 160 Paehtner, Theresa Ann 211 Pack, Veronica F. 182 Palacin, Therese Ann 160,258 Palazzotto, Michael C. 211 Palkovic. Lawrence A. 182, 268 Palla, Kenneth Alan 182,260, 278 Panella, Candycc Ann 211 Panfili, Peter R. 182 Pang, Fook Soon 211 Paoli, Deanna Maria 136 Paolini, Nicholas G. 211 Pape, Barbara Lynn 182 Papp, Frank 136 Pappalardo, Bradford 211, 329,331.333.336 Pappert, Mary E. 160 Paquette. Linda Marie 160 Pariani, Elaine Carol 160 Pariel, Gabriel 264 Parina, Anthony E. 211 Parina. Richard F. 182,245 Parini. Gregory John 161Parker, William E., Jr. 136, 269.329 Parlett. Thomas Ward 136 Parmer. Michael James 211, 261 Parnell. Cynthia Ann 182. 287.383 Parrent, Kathleen Ann 161 Partmann, Cathy Ann 161 Pnrtmann. Constance M. 211 Parton, Colleen Ann 211 Pasadis, Athan 211 Paschke, Barbara Jane 211 Passanisi, Pamela E. 211 Passanisi, Tom A. 182.329 Patrick, Barry Eaton 182 Patrick. Leonie C. 211 Patterson. Mary Anne 211 Pattison, Mickey E. 211 Paul, Elizabeth B. 211 Paul, Patricia S. 182 Pavlicok, Walter J. 161,240. 260 Paxinos. Helen 211 Payne, Thomas John 211 Paynter, Dennis M. 161 Peck, Alec Francis 161 Peck, James J. 182,294 Pedot, Robert Henry 211 Peer, Alexander E. 211 Pelissetti, Armond V. 275 Pellegrini, Alex 136,312.313 Pelleriti, Laurene, R. 211 Pelletier. Gerald L. 136 Peltier. Sally E. 212 Peltier, Sue K. 212 Pender, Patricia Ann 212 Pendergast, Margaret 182, 255,266 Pendola, Marilyn Ray 212 Pcnnisi, Madeline M. 212 Perata. John Bernard 182 Perea. Kenneth Alan 212 Perez. Michael Allen 161 Perpetuo, Jose M., Jr. 182 Perrando. John Louis 136 1'errini. Greg 267 Perry, Joan Kathleen 212,255 Perryman. Mari Ann J. 212 Perucca. Philip James 136. Peters. Sharon Amanda 192, 258 Petersohn, James M. 183 Peterson, Richard T. 212,285 Peterson, Steven F. 212 Petei-son, Stewart L. 212 Petrich, Peter Thomas 212 Petrick, Tcrez Maria 183.247 Petrie. Carol Ann 212 Petrini, James M. 183.329 Petrini, Thomas J. 183 Petrusich. Janet E. 212 Petsas, Kostandeno J. 137, 266,280 Petty, David Michael 161, 265,289 Pfeifer, Charles Ted 212 Pfeiffer. Mary Beth 212 Pfeifer, Milena G. 161.258 Pfister. William J. 183,253 Phair, James F. 137,242.246, 260.262.267 Phair. Joseph Basehon 243. 362 Piazza, Richard L. 183 Picard, Clifford J. 212,280 Picetti. Lawrence P. 183 Pickering, Susan A. 212 Pierpont, Ralph Peter 212, 352 Pietraczyk, Edmond R. 183, 247.362.363 Pietrosilli, Bernard 137.241. 260.265.267 Pigott. David P. 183 Pike. Margaret Teresa 137 Pile, Mary Emelita 212 Pimpcr. Jeffrey E. 183 414 Pindroh. Robert Alan 161, 355.359 Pirio, Annette Marie 183 Pittetti. Kenneth H. 161.329. 331 Pittavino, Stephen L. 183 Pizza, Joan Elaine 183 Plavchak. Robert John 161 Podesto, Paula Regina 212 Poe. Richard J. 287 Polasky. Theresa M. 137 Polizzi, Mary 161 Ponzio, James T. 137.242. Poon. Martin 161,327 Poor, Margot Jane 161 Porter. Thomas V. 137.271 Potter, Robert Henry 212 Potter, Susan Mary 212 Potter. Timothy Ralph 212. 258 Powell, William Grant 212 Powers. Mary Inez 212.284. 285 Powers. Robert C. 183 Pramuk. Joseph Peter 137, 296 Pratesi. Helen C. 212 Pratt, Ronald Edward 161. 313 Procissi, Diane C. 212 Pressentin, Patrick E. 138. 317 Prest a. Julie Ann 183 Pribilovics, Istvan 317 Pribyl. David Warren 212, 246 Price, Steven E. 183 Prigmore. Joanne G. 161,269 Prindiville, James E. 161 Prochnow. Stephen W. 183 Prongos, Katherine P. 213 Pronos, Mary Ellen 183 Pschercr, Mary Clare 212,284 Pujolar, Ralph 138.277 Putman, Mary Ann 213 Quesada, Nancy 264 Quesenberry, Dennis K. 183 Quezada, John 213,259 Quigley. John B., Jr. 183 Quinlivan, Michael P. 261 Quinn, Daniel Francis 161. 287.355 Quinn. Dennis Michael 213 • Quinn, Sr. M. Joanne 161 Quittman. Peter F. 161 Quock. Raymond Mark 213 Raabc. Kathleen Mary 213, 268.269.276 Radillo. Antonia D. 183 Radvcki. Robert 213 Rafael. Robert A. 161.294 Raffaelli, John J. 138 Rago. Michael D. 213 Raleigh. Raymond J. 183 Ramezzano. Frank I,.. Jr. 138 Ramirez, Marin C. 213,268 Ramos, Joseph III 161.251 Ramos, William Brian 138 Randolph. Jeffrey I,. 161.255 Rangel, Eduardo P. 161,317, 321.326 Ranieri, Marsha M. 183.275 Rankin. Nancy Anne 213 Rapp, Francis Joseph 161 Hashed, Sarah 213 Rasmussen. Wayne C. 161 Ratto, John Joseph 213 Ravani, Fred C.. Jr. 138 Ravarino, John David 183, 329.335 Ray, Catherine Louise 213 Reardon, Arthur E. 213 Rebollar, Stella M. 213 Reckas, Nick 327 Rederich, George J. 183,2: f Redican, William K. 213 Reed, Edward Marquis 183 Reed, Joyce Margaret 183 Reed, Ruth Davis 161 Regan, David F. 213 Regan, Donald Paul II 183 Regan, Gregory A. 213,297 Regan, Matthew Makins 183, 246 Regan. Patrick J. 183,284 Regan, Stephen M. 213 Reid, Timothy Hanley Reid, William E.. Jr. 265 Reiss. Catherine Ann 161 Rende, Frank J. 213 Rende, Michael L. 183 Renker, Laura Thcrese 161 Renn, Linda Ann 183 Rennie. Douglas C. 138 Restani. Michael John 183, 261,265 Rettagliata, Thomas A. 183 Reuter, Roger Ralph 161,265 Reynolds, David J. 213 Reynolds, Thomas III 183, 258.259 Rhodes, Tom 258 Ribeiro, Antonio A. 213 Ricci, Donna Lee 213 Rice, James Andrew 213 Rich, Janice Ann 213 Richards, Jane Ailecn 213 Richardson, J. J. 336 Rick. Susan Charlotte 162 Rickert. Jeanine M. 138 Ricottone. Anthony W. 213 Ricmann. Dennis R. 162.262 Riese, Nancy 213 Riescnbeck, Ronald J. 290 Riffle. Charles M. 184.271. 282 Riggins. Edward II. 139 Riley. Rory Michael 139 Riley. Sheila Anne 184 Rinehart, Charles It. 162. 241,309 Riofski, Neil Howard 184,309 Riordan, John M. 213 Riordan, Susan K. 213 Riordan. William F.. Jr. 213 Riser, Melanne C. 139 Ritchie. Donald M. 162 Ritchie. John ! . Jr. 162.296 Ritter. Mark Alfred 213 Ritzinger. Elizabeth 184 Rius. Paul R. 139.311 Rivas. Maria Julia 213 Rivas, William Albert 214 Rivers. George Duane 162 Rizzo. Severin V. 184 Roat, Frederick C. 214 Robards. Sandra Marie 184 Roberson. Joseph P. 184.261 Roberts. James P. 214 Roberts. Katherine M. 184, 299 Roberts. Stephen M. 184 Roberts. William J. 214,370 Robinett, David F. 214 Robinson, Charles Jr. 184 Roboostoff. C. V. 327 Rocamora. Albert M. 214 Roccucci, Roberta M. 214 Rodenkireh. Ann C. 184 Rogers. Thomas C. 139 Rodin. Marie A. 162 Rodrigues, Alfred B. 184. 263,289 Rodriguez, Felis Ann 214, 296 Rodriqucs. Ronald E. 257 Rogers. William T. 184 Rome. Henry David 139.258. 282.284 Romero, Cynthia C. 254 Itomitti, Geraldine M. 162 Itonio, Michael James 162. 239.262 Rooney, Patricia Ann 214 Rosales, Anthony E. 162 Rose. Catherine Ann 184 Ross. James N. 214 Rossi, Carol Ann 214 Rossi, George J., Jr. 162 Rossi, John Anthony 214 Rossi, Philip E. 184 Rossi, Robert James 329 Rossitto. Joseph J. 184,246 Rothschild. L. W.. Jr. 184 Roudabush, Lester A. 162 Rovsek. Gary R. 184,261 Rowan, Gary Peter 214 Rowland, Robert V. 214 Royce. Gary 184,317 Ruano, Benjamin E. 184 Rucker. James Joseph 214. 280 Ruef. Timothy F. 214,246, 280 Ruegg. Geraldine L. 162 Ruegg, Michael A. 214 Ruellan. Bette Jo 162.244.269 Rufino, Tony 264 Ruggeri, Piero 214 Ruh, Yvonne Marie 214 Runyon, Steve 278 Russell, John Charles 184, 287 Russell, John Joseph 162.294 Russell. Lawrence M. 162 Russell. Mary K. 184.299 Russell. Thomas R. 214 Russo. Donald 214,259 Rutley. Brian R. 139 Rutowski. Ellen M. 184,255 Ruvald. Gerard M. 184 Ryan. Darien J. 214 Ryan. George R. 214 Ryan. Harold D.. Jr. 139.329 Ryan. John Michael 162 Ryan. Kathleen Marie 214 Rvan. Kathleen Marie 214, 247 Ryan. Margaret A. 184,283 Ryan. Suzanne M. 214 Rvchel, David Ernest 162,366 Ryken. Gregory Joseph 184 Saenz. Alfredo 327 Saccone, Noella Marie 162. 240, Sagastumc, Luis 140,317.318. 321.325.326 Salatino. Bonnie Jean 140 Sallaberrv, George J. 162, 246.265 Salton. Christine Ann 268 Sambuceti, Edward J. 215 Sambuck. Ann Luisc 215 Sanchez. Marc Ernest 215 Sanborn. Thomas O. 184, 268,307 Sanders, William M. 224 Sant, John Paul 184 Santana, Barbara A. 184,269, 276,305 Santana, Maryannc E. 162 Santiago, Delia Boac 215,264 Santori, John Steven 184 Sanz-Tonnelier, Jose 162 Saraceno, Rachelle M. 215 Sarita, Arlene 162 Sarkissian, Khajag S. 140 Sariatte, Nancy A. 185,254. 256,258 Sarnowski. Donald A. 162 Sateia. Gilbert C. 162.276 Saude, Fernanda A. 215 Saunders. Howard R., Jr. 140,252 Savio, Ednaima B. 185 Scalise, Judy A. 215 Schaefer, Gerald A. 162,287, 291 Sehner, Frederick D. 215,352 Schafer, Andrew C., Jr. 140,245,251.290.355 Schalich, Barbara Ann 215 Schandelmier, Melanie 215 Scharetg, Emmett S. 140, 291,311 Scharlach. David A. 185 Schary, William Lee 215 Schiess, Christopher 185Schiff, Jeanne F. 215,256 Schilf. Albert W. 185 Schindler. Ann Marie 215 Schleicher, John P. 215 Schmidt, Melanie L. 162 Schmidt. Rand C. 140 Schmitt. William J. 215,321) Schmitz, Kurt G., Jr. 185, 241 Schmuck, Alice Ann 185 Schneider. Donald E. 185 Schneider. Mary K. 215 Schoettler, Robert P. 185 Scholl. Richard M. 162.260. 362,363 Schrader. John S. 215 Schreiner, David J. 140,262 Schroder. James P. 140 Schroer, Sr. M. Clare 141 Schultz. Dan William 329. 330.362.364 Schultz, Fred Joseph 162. 329.337 Schultz, Robert B. Ill 162 Schultz, Ronald E. 141 Schwab, John Philip 162 Schwarz. Richard R. 185 Sciabica, Nicholas A. 162 Sciandri. Ronald R. 162 Scipi, Maddalena 185 Sciutto, Jacqueline M. 215 Scotian. Priscilla A. 162 Scott. Edmund Mead 215 Scott. Robert David 185 Scullion, Gerald K. 215,352 Scurich, Michael I,. 215 Searlc. Errol Lynn 185 Secrcst, Stephanie M. 215 Sec rest, Toni Ann 162,269, 308 See, Darby Anne 215.255 Seeroncn. John R. 185.355 Seethoff. Patrick M. 215 Seffens. Lawrence N. 185. 289 Scgale, Robert P'uscene 141 Seghetti, Giovanna M. 215 Segurson. Robert B. 162.251, 280,296 Seidl. Mary Louise 185 Sekishiro. Arlene 185 Selegue, Patricia A. 215,299 Sellers, Richard T., Jr. 141, 248.298 Sellu. George S. 141 Sepcda. James Richard 215 Scratt. John Joseph 163 Serrao, Carolyn Hail 185 Sevier. Elliot K. 141,240 Sexton, Karen Frances 185 Sexton. Patricia Ann 185 Seyman. Richard James 215 Seymour, Linda Ann 141 Shade. Sandra Rae 163 Shaffer. John David 215 Shah. Kalin M. 185 Shanahan, Mary T. 185 Shea, Timothy P. 185.280 Sheahan. James Edward Sheehan. Joseph C. 185 Sheehy. Daniel Paul 163.289 Sheerin, Stephen P. 185.295 Shields. Anthony J. 141.244 Shields, Doris Ann 215.254 Shields, Gregory D. 185 Shields. Laura Ellen 163. 254.312 Shihady. Christine M. 215 Shimamoto. Hiko 163 Shimmon. Robert S. 185 Shine. William B. 185 Shovein, John R„ Jr. 215 Showers. David W. 215 Shricve, Eileen J. 185 Shumway, Noel Jerald 215 Shypertt. Jerome P. 276 Sieland. Clare Louise 215 Siemonsma, Michael S. 141. 254 Siepler. John King 216 Sills, Catherine I,. 185.261 Sills. ara Ann 216 Silva. Dannv J. 163 Silva. Ed 264 Silva. Gerald 216 Silva, Joan Ann 163 Silva. Joseph L„ Jr. 185 Silva. Lawrence M. 142, 256.262.267 Silva. Leslie H. 216 Silveivn. Ronald A. 216 Silver, Gordon A. 163 Simionato. Dianne M. 216 Simmons. Nancy C. 186 Simon, Judy Lee 216 Simon. Steven C. 216 Simonian. Gary Kay 163 Simonini. David M. 329 Simpson. Mary 216 Sims. Thomas Kirk 216 Sindicich. John P.. Jr. 142, 267 Siri, Lawrence A. 186 Siria, Darrell 186.246. 248 Sirsi. David Domenic 142, 289 Sitter. Paul J. 186 Slajer. Caroline Jita 216 Slattery, Robert M. 216 Slauson, James Edwin 237 Sleeper. Dianne 216 Smetana. Julia Anne 216 Smith, Adelaide K. 186.256 Smith. Annette M. 186.256. 278 Smith, Barbara E. 216 Smith. David Alen 163.266, 282.329.335 Smith, David Eugene 186, 285 Smith. David Vincent 216 Smith. Dean Walter 186,288 Smith. James E. 186,294 Smith. James Lester 216 Smith. Mary Elizabeth 216 Smith, Mary J. 186.306 Smith. Michael A. 186 Smith, Michael E. 186 Smith, Michael T. 216 Smith. Neale Diane 186,298 Smith, Nelson F., Jr. 142, 280,295 Smith, Norman 186,267,287. 291 Smith. Paul J. J. 186 Smith, Ruthann C. 186 Smith, Yvonne Evelyn 216, 276 Snavcly. Frances P. 216 Snyder, Donald B. 163,257, 339.340,343,347.348.351 Sobject. Judith K. 186 Soden, Thomas Jeffery 186 Solari, Carol Ann 216 Solis, Carlos Solon. Robert John 216 Sorrenowski, Dave 267 Sottile, Renato 216 Spadaro. Gasper J. 216 Sparks. Edward J. 186 Sparks. Peter I,. 216,329, 333 Spinclli. William F. 216 Spohn, Mary Eleanor 282, 284 Spratt. Robert B. 186 Stafford. Timothy J. 142. 334.335 Stagnaro, Joanne 216 Stanberry, Glenn A.. Jr. 186 Stanford. Catherine A. Stanghillini. T.. Jr. 216 Stangl. Anita T. 224 Stanich, Miles V. 163.295 Stapleton. John F. 186 Stav, Katherine II. 216 Steer. Grant David 186,355 Stefani. Kathleen M. 163 Steefen, Ronald H., Jr. 216, 281 Steffens, Lincoln 258 Steinert, Linda Lou 216 Stenger. Geraldine E. 186 Stenson. Thomas J. 216 Stergar, Stephen A. 216 Sternberg, Maria O. 186 Stevens, Lawrence Jr. 216 Stevens. Robert Paul 142, 240.295 Stevenson. Edward G. 216 Stewart. Barbara V. 186 Stewart, Patricia J. 143,293. 299 Stigen. Susan A. 217,285 Stipanich, Michael T. 163 Stone. Andrew James 187 Stone. Walter J. 187,266. 366 Stover, Stephen 1 13 Struck, Roger Allan 163 Strawn, Richard F. II 163 Strazzarino. Mary E. 187.256 Stroben. Kathleen 187,256, 282 Stumpo. Phillif F. 217 StiffJe, Manuel 163 Sullcns, Margaret C. 187 Sullivan, Barbara J. 163 Sullivan. Eugene M. 217 Sullivan, Joan P. 217 Sullivan, Joseph G. 217,243 Sullivan, Kathleen T. 217 Sullivan. Kerrin T. 187 Sullivan, Leo Francis 143 Sullivan. Maureen E. 217 Sullivan. Michael 0. 143.309 Sullivan. Philip E. 163,266 Summcrhays. Kim D. 163, 296 Sun, Francis C. 217.295 Sutton. James M. 187.295 Sutton, Thomas Neil 163 Swanson. Richard T. 143, 268.302 Sweeney, Bridget G. 187.268 Sweeney, Sean M. 217 Sweeney. Thomas J. 217,287 Sweet. Thomas E., Jr. 163, 247.370 Sweetser, Matthew G. 163 Swetonic. Jane Ellen 244, 247 Swisher. Ronald E. 164 Tube!. Roger George 217 Tachella. Philip B. 164,241 Taforo, Francis Byrne 187 Tait, Linda Kay 217 Tan Ei-Ling 187 Tangaro, John James 143 Taormino, Joseph I). 217 Tapia. Donald 187 Tarongoy. Diosdado 144 Tastor. John Everett 164, 289 Taub, Michael John 144 Tauzer, David Richard 217 Tauzer, Stephen M. 144 Tavares, Joan Marie 187 Taylor. David 144 Taylor. Diana Rose 217 Taylor, Leonard Dale 217 Taylor. Michael S. 144 Tavlor. Stephen T. 187 Tealdi. Frank D. 187 Teawell, William Loo 187 Teebay, Richard F. 187 Tempero, Richard M.. Jr. 144 Tengco. Joseph 264 Tepiy. Gary Bruce 268 Terschurcn, Therese M. 187 Tesch. Jane Ann 144,293, 299 Tesch, Mary Etta 217 Tevenan, James M. 187,276 Thadani. Ram C. 187 Tham. Jules 144 Thomas, Deborah L. 217 Thomas. Mary Jo 145.258. 269,299 Thomas. Steven John 187 Thomas. William Scott. 145 Thomason. Luccno Mary 164 Thompson. Elizabeth M. 217, 278 Thompson. Roberta F. 217 Thompson. William G. 187. 253 Threcfoot. Marsha I.. 187 Thrift. Richard G. II 313 Thuosen. Karen F. 217 Thurston, Helen L. 187 Thygeson. Philip E. 164, 241.281 Tilden, Robert 164 Till. Robert Edmund 187 Tilley. Terrence W. 217 Tissier, Lynn Frances 164. 304 Titon. Charles A. 145 Titus, Arthur R. 164 Tobin, Diane E. 187 Tobin. William C. 164 Toclkcs. Philip J. 145.248. 288 Tofanelli, Norma Jean 217 Toledo. Alex 327 Tolin. John H. 164.294 Tom. Ronald G. S. 187 Tomsic, Lawrence A. 217,291 Tonegato. Ronald J. 217 Tonelii. Diane R. 164 Tong. Ernest Wan-Choy 217 Toothman, James E. 164, 241,285 Topham. John Paul 164 Torley. Charlene F. 187 Torpey, John Joseph 187 Torres, Edward W. 187 Torres, Walter Juan 217 Tortorelli, Ronald J. 164, 251 Towers, Robert M. 217 Toy, Katherine A. 187,276 Tozcv, John Vincent 217 Traverso, Carolyn J. 164,299 Traverso, George A. 164 Traverso, Michael J. 217 Traverso, William C. 145 Thechter. Joseph M. 217,246 Tremaroli, Madalyn V. 164, 277 Trewin. John Edward 164 Troccoe. John Anthony 217 Trane, Elizabeth G. 164 Trott. John Stephen 187 Troute, Dennis A. 164,241 Trudeau. Kathleen Mae 187 Truett, Harold J., Jr. 164, 310 Tsacle, Alfred G. 317,319 Tschann, Jeanne M. 187,253 Turpin. Deborah L. 217 Tursi, Susan E. 217 Twohig, James L. 145.245, 291 Udall. Eric Raymond 164 Click. Barbara Ann 217 Uribe. Linda Marie 187,276 Ute, Grant James 164 Vacchina, Leonardo J. 145 Valentino. Joana 188 Valera, Luis 283 Valniassy. Ronald L. 188 Valputic. Marian E. 164 Van Der Mculen, Ann E. 164 Van Houten. Maria L. 188 Van Loon, Sr. J. Marie 164 Van Rijn. Paul Peter 145,241 Van Wyk. Loren W. 188.253. 276 Vandenvennet, John G. 188 Vangelisti. Paul L. 313 Vargas, Gordon Thomas 165, 246 Varni, Judith Ellen 165 Varni. Lynctte Maria 188 Vasquez, Eloise 188 Velasquez, Katherine 218Vercesi, Gerald Louis 165 Verdeir, Jacques M. 188,278 Vcrvais. Gregory John 218, 288,366 Vierra, Lawrence A. 369 Vignol, John Anthony 165. 289 Villas. Theodore R. II 218 Villalobos. Gilbert D. 165, 260 Vine. Pauline Ellen 165.299 Vinella, Paul Victor 218 Vinyard. Janet Arlene 146 Vizzard, Joseph S. 165,296 Vodieka. Susan 218 Von Tagen, Mark 188.260 Waddock, Thomas P. 218, 255 Wagclc, James S. 165,304 Wagner, John R.. Jr. 165 Wagner. Martin Joseph 165, 244.246.329.335.362 Wakefield, Mary Ellen 188, 276 Waldmann, Madeline 218 Wales, Frederic V. 188 Walker. Kathleen 188.255 Wallace, Gladys K. 218 Wallace, Maureen B. 218 Wallace. William J. 165,287 Walsh, Donnell B. 188 Walsh. Edward Joseph 165. 246.292 Walsh. Edward Olds 188 Walsh, Janet Marie 218 Walsh, Kathleen Marie 165 Walsh, Martin J., Jr. 165 Walsh, Michael Thomas 218 Walsh. Nicholas M. 218 Walsh, Victor Anthony 188, 287 Walters, Maija Gross 218 Walton, Sr. C. Marie 165 Wanlin, Phillip R. 329,330, 334.336.337,355 Warchot. i-ouis P. IT 188,280 Ward, Gary Thomas 188 Ward, Jacquette Marie 218 Ward. Judith 218 Ward, Philip Stephen 165,265 Ward. Ronnie Ray 188 Warlop, Phillip A. 165 Warner, Patricia Ann 188 Wamshuis, Frederic M. 218 Warren, Patricia A. 146 Washburn, George J. 188 Waters, James John 188.287 Wathen. James A. 188 Watkins, Aline G. 218 Watson, Edward J. 188 Watson. George Ian 146 Watson, Robert W. 188,260, 267.296 Watson, Rylona Alyene 188 Watson. Susan Ann 188 Watters. Paul J. 188 Watts, Richard Kamada 218, 362 Waxstein, Lon Mark 218 Weber, John Francis 188 Weckter, Wallace R. 245 Weinstein Gary M. 218,247 Weiss, Lawrence John 188 Werner, Mary Margaret 218 Welte, Mary C. 188,254,312 Wentworth, Pamela Ann 146 Werner. Maryanne 165,247, 903 900 Werner. Paul A.. Jr. 189 Wemtz. Gary Paul 218,352 West. Karen E. 189 West. Suzanne Louise 189, 255 Wheir, John Joseph 146.269 Whelan. Michael D. 218 Whitacre. Ross 189 Whitaker. Donna Marie 218, 276 Whitaker. Harold J. 189 White. Catherine E. 189 White, Frederick D. 146 416 White, Laurcne C. 146 White. Mary Estelle 218,247 White. Patrick G. 189.289 White, Robert S. 189 Whiteford, Patricia A. 218, 276 Whiting. Leslie T. Ill 165 Whittaker, Donald J. 218,327 Whitworth, Ada M. 189 Wiatrak, Leon A., Jr. 146 Wick, Patrick Kirk 218 Widenmann, C. Henry 189 Widmcr, Carl Joseph 146 Wier, John Wavne 218,329 Wilcock, Thomas S. 165.285 Willard, Frederick N. 189, 355.358 Williams, John G. 147 Williams, Michael J. 218, 268,307 Williams, Richard J. 218,261 Williams, Timothy S. 218 Wilmore, Arthur J. 165,339, 341,344,346,347,351 Wilson, Frances R. 218 Wilson, Jay Bradbury 189,246 Wilson, Joan Marie 189 Wilson, Margaret A. 189, 269,277.304 Wind, Mary Louise 218 Winslow, Gloria Ann 165 Winston, Robert A., Jr. 165 Witt, Cheryl Anne 219,256 Witzel, Kenneth M. 219 Wojtalcwicz, Rita Kay 219, 285 Wojtaszek, Robert J. 219 Wold, Andrina Kathryn 219 Woldrich, Carolyn T. 189 Woltring, Emily Rose 209 Wong, David 264 Wong, Lawrence P., Jr. 219 Wong, Patricia K. M. 189 Wong, Peter Ghun Hook 219 Wong, Ronald Fook T. 147 Woo, Howard 189 Wood, Evelyn Patricia 165 Wood, Margaret Mary 219, 283 Woodruff, Mark John 165 Wooldridge, Carol Ann 165 Wooley, Ronald Wayne 219, 329 Woosley, Susanne M. 189 Wootten, Dennis John 219 Wooten, Gary John 189 Wootton, Michael John 165, 266 Worthen. Paul D. 219 Wright, David M. A. 189 Wright. George 147.261 Wright. Jay 219 Wright, Mary E. 219 Wrzesinski, Meribeth 189 Wu, Margaret Shao-Bei 165 Wuerthner, Richard C. 147 Wunderling, Kenneth J. 147 Wyatt. John McMaster 165 Wycheck, Jacqueline G. 165 Wynkoop, Diane Marie 147, 299 Yalon, Michael Jerome 219 Yanke, Michael Booth 147 Yap, Patricia E. 189,304 Yates, Frances A. 219 Ybarrolaza, Margaret 189, 281 Ybut. Reginald 264 Yee, Frank Sam Jr. 219 Yoho. Harriette E. 189,276 Yongue, Patricia Lee 165 Young, Harry R. 189,278 Young, Kathleen Ann 165,304 Young, Linda J. 219 Young, Thomas G. 219,276 Young, Weldon Eugene 247 Yrigoyen, Jeanne F. 219 Yule, Douglas G., Jr. 189 Zagaris, Bruce W. 189.261, 263 Zainer. Timothy Peter 147 Zanone, Anthony E. 219 Zbacnik, Frank R. 189,355 Zebre, Mary L. 189,273 Zimmer, Louis J. II 189 Zimmerman, John R. 189. 288 Zimmerman. Terrie B. 219 Ziska, Frederick A. 219.255 Zouzounis, Dennis J. 219 Zuranski, Sue Ann 189 Zvanski. Clara 189,266,269KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI 64106 MTHO. IN V.S.A. BY YEARBOOK HOUSE

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University of San Francisco - USF Don Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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