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 - Class of 1959

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the last ferry boat leaves san francisco and with it went a full page of history 2man pushes himself into the heavens and hopes to play with the stars 3to ca university that is dedicated here at the university of son fran-cisco the wisdom of the past guides the progress of the future, eras may come and eras may go, but the truth never falters, never changes. universities are not only teachers of men but moulders of the leaders of men. in today's bitter struggle between the free world and the slave mind . . . the university of san fran-cisco proudly proclaims that it has always taught and will continue to teach the creed found on the following 14 pages. the university of san francisco's CREDO! 5mure believe in -time personal dignity of man. 7wire believe that man Has natural rights which come from Cod and not from the State. 8we are therefore opposed to all forms otf dictatorship which are based on the philosophy that the "total man" [totalitarianism] belongs to the state. 9we believe in the natoral right of private property but I ike wise that private property Has its social obligations.we believe that Labor Has not only rights but obligations. 1213 ■■we care vigorously opposed to call -forms of "racism"— persecution or intolerance because of race. 14I 16wire believe in the intense study of the tenents and tactics of those who would seek to destroy those essential liberties of American democracy 17we believe that "academic freedom" should not be used which destroy all freedom. 18table dedication fro truth.......I administration men........22 lOOth graduating class • • • 32 frfrie dons and frfraeir proffs • 66 the spirifr of the dons • • • • 102 the religious dons..........114 the don leaders.............122 frfrie organization dons • • • 138 frhe sporting dons..........168 20 pictures in the dedication taken by pat collins and steff schomaker 21it is an established fact that every institution needs leadership, some more than others, the complicated activities of the city government needs a strong and intelligent hand to guide its progress, and so does a university. the city government has the honorable george Christopher and our university has the rev. john connolly, s.j. both men play a vital part in the growth of san francisco, for both the university and the city are a part of each other, and what benefits one benefits both and what endangers one endangers both. fr. connolly heads the university's administration but the running of a university is not a one man job and so on the following pages the don presents the administration men.23rev. charles dullea, s.j. father rectorfeather president rev. john f.x. connolly my dear graduates: as alumni of the university of san francisco you must be ever mindful of the obligation that is yours as Christian men and women, you are on the threshold of a new and challenging world marked by the most extraordinary scientific achievements in history, man, like the satellites that he has launched, has soared high in the pursuit of scientific knowledge which has changed the very face of the earth, during your years at the university, you have been engaged in the pursuit of truth wherever it was to be found, either in the cultural heritage of the past or in the most recent discoveries of the present, you have been imbued with the conviction that truth is eternal and that our discovery of truth is but a further participation of the infinite wisdom of God. as men and women of the university of san francisco, you must never cease in the pursuit of truth for this is the mark of the educated man. but as Jesuit graduates you must do more . . . you must strive with vigor and constancy for the good, love of truth and desire for the good must be the characteristics of your life. it is my earnest prayer for each of you that by your knowledge and your example you may exert the true Christian leadership which the world so urgently needs today. father president sits symbolically behind a machine devised to change the shape of tho earth, his job is to guide the academic activity of this university and he does so with a sure and a steady hand. rev. john f.x. connelly, s.j.director of development francis r. walsh dean, school of law director, graduate division francis a. moore, s.j. dean of students paul j. harney, s.j. academic vice-presidenttimothy I. mcdonnell, s.j. regent, school of nursing joseph t. keanc, s.j. director, summer session augustine p. donoghue director of admissions edward j. griffin chairman, department of education gerald a. sugrue, s.j. director, evening divisionwilliam j. monihan, s.j. librarian ralph t. tichenor, s.j. chairman, counseling bureau james m. corbett, s.j. secretary-treasurer robert e. mcmahon, s.j. foreign student adviserwilliam d. ryan, s.j. chaplain raymond f. copeland, s.j. assistant chaplain, evening division james r. duffy, s.j. assistant chaplain joseph c. dicbels, s.j. assistant chaplain, school of law 29ernest a. von tagen bursar david devenchezi director of alumni office phil hughes director of publicity 30 joan downey director of placement office you're wondering why i called . ..thomas cosgrave, s.j. director of plant services brother laird maintenance brother gallagher maintenance jn administrator's job has its leisure moments, here movie actor richard Cgan and his brother rev. willis cgan s.j. flank rev. john f.x. connolly, s.j., our president. 31stop and think, for only a second. imagine 100 and four years back before prohibition, teddy roosevelt, san francisco's famed earthquake, almost as far back as California's gold rush with its undeniable forty-niners, that's when this university sprung roots, and now it will graduate its 100th class. in many, maybe too many, respects this graduating class is like so many others in the past, but this class is different, it represents the fulfillment of an ideal. 100 classes of students will have completed their undergraduated training at the university of san francisco, and this is mute testimony that those beliefs on which this university stands are sound and true and do work, these beliefs are not merely 14 separate sentences, they are a code to follow through life and they are the guide that carried this university through 100 graduating classes. in this light the don is proud to present the 100th graduating class, and thanks must go to lee vandendale for an ' imaginative job of putting the section together and to tom collins for his excellent portraits. 32bernard w. antes biology san francisco marguerite andcrson nursing fort bragg robert m. antonscn cnglish santa rosa "a man that is young in years may be old in hours, if he has lost no time, but that happeneth rarely. alfred u. arroyo philosophy agana. guam amos p. arky pre-dental los angolcs paul a. bacigalupi cnglish san francitco john s. bardaro accounting san francisco richard j. barnhart thomas g. barras anthony e. basques cnglish accounting engish daly city san francisco millbrao robert c. bensi cnglish un francisco "generally youth is like the first cogitations not so wise as the second. marrianai t. bensky nursing burlingame dennis d. berry economics san francisco Virginia I. binsacca nursing sotedadtransportation santa rosa john I. bohach marketing san francisco richard I. blcwctt joseph c. bohme jr. history san francisco "for there is youth in thoughts, as well as in ages. vinccnt a. boiteux production management Oakland henry f. brown james c. brown lawrencc w. browne history math history san francisco san francisco lot angclotHerbert d. burford marketing tan frjncisco robert buer Ittin lot angcles george d. bregnatto cnglith tan francitco "and yet the invention of young men is more lively than that of old; and imaginations stream and, as it were; more divinely. philip I. camara jr. philosophy Honolulu gilbert c. canchola finance texas Herman f. candolfo french north beach robert c. carlson accounts tan francitcowillis a. cascy political science tan francitco peter m. cavagnaro finance tan francitco p. q. cerceville political science tan francitco "natures that have much heat, and great and violent desires and perturbations, are not ripe for action till they have passed the meridian of their years. max f. cerini marketing pctaluma dennis t. k. chong finance honotulu, Hawaii edward a. chow biology tan francitco drennan a. dark political science reno, nevadadavid p. dishorn cnglish son froncisco robcrt collins kcnncth j. collins pro-mcd. history son to roso lafaycttc william j. collins cnglish San froncisco "as it was with julius cacsar and septimius severus, of the latter of whom it is said, juventutem egit erroribus, imo furroribus, plenam. frank j. conlan paul k. cooper frank j. coughiin cnglish accounting accounting san francisco kcntficld san fronciscoandrew j. cronin cnglish san francisco john a. crowe economics san francisco john c. Cunningham history san francisco "and yet he was the ablest emperor, almost, of all the list; but reposed natures may do well in youth, as it is seen in augustus caesar, cosmos duke of florence, gaston de fois, and others. james e. dalbon marketing san francisco bernard dang cnglish maui, Hawaii james a. david history san francisco arnold i. davigo french montercyanthony $. davigo political science montcrcy frank j. debenedetti marketing san rafacl edward scraphin dclman industrial relations san francisco robert f. dclpippo history san francisco "on the other side, heat and vivacity in age is an excellent composition for business. joseph b. diestel joseph a. digeronimo cornclius doherty industrial relations history pre-med. san francisco san francisco san franciscorichard m. doll kenncth v. domingues john f. donovan industrial relations accounting accounting modcsto san francisco san francisco ''young men are fitter to invent than to judge, fitter for execution than for counsel, and fitter for new projects than for settled business. donald g. drescl industrial relations napa Patrick w. duffy marketing san francisco francis c. downie biology san francisco dick d. duda electronic physics san jose luisa. duran michael r. cbcrhard roberta m. ellix marketing math nursing paranague, rizal p.i. Sacramento san francisco jerome r. cnnis biology san francisco "for the experience of age, in things that fall within the compass of it, directeth them, but in new things abuseth them. al j. faichi anthony p. farlcy jackson d. farmer accounting marketing englith los angcles san francisco san francisco iW’.michael a. fernandex cnglish san jovc robcrt j. fcrrera cnglish san francisco erich fink political science Oakland "the errors of young men are the ruin of business; but the errors of aged men amount but to this . . . that more might have been done, or sooner. jerome p. finnigan cnglish san francisco robert j. fox philosophy san francisco frank d. francis political science san francisco ernest a. frey industrial relations san franciscoedward j. gallagher accounting burling.imc william I. gallagher pre-dental san francisco albert j. garcia accounting tan francisco philip j. gosland cnglish tan francisco "young men, in the conduct and manage of actions, embrace more than they can hold: stir more than they can quiet; fly to the end, without consideration of the means and degrees. robert k. gray michael a. gregor edward m. griffin accounting political scienco english san francisco arkansas n franciscojoan f. grisex nursing un francisco thomas a. gumina cnglish fan francisco donald j. Hadley onglish eureka "and, that which doubleth ail errors, will not acknowledge or retract them, like an unready horse, that will neither stop nor turn. douglas j. halbert daly city cliff hagcn david h. hanak ross j. hansel industrial management accounting finance white oaks, new york un francisco san franciscopeter m. harada accounting un francisco stcphan a. Hayes biology los angclcs cugcnc e. hcllar marketing burlingame david I. henwood “pursue some few principles which they have chanced upon, absurdly; care not to innovate, which draws unknown inconveniences; use extreme remedies at first; vartan hovesepian general business sonoma gavin c. hurt production management covclo gaclon g. ingrassia english san franciscowilliam I. ivey production management lan francisco thomas p. jacobs mathematics burlingamc david c. jenne industrial relations san francisco francisco x. jemali english san francisco raymond h. kelleher history san francisco harold johnson Spanish taft molvin joseph accounting san francisco men of age object too much, consult too long, adventure too little, repent too soon, and seldom drive business home to the full period, but content themselves with a mediocrity of success.rex d. kcnnedy finance tan francisco phitip t. kilduff history orovillc Patrick h. king cnglish san francisco john a. kirby political science san rafacl "certainly it is good to compound employments of both: for that will be good for the present, because the virtues of either age may correct the defects of both; richard i. klcin gerald j. kobil thomas c. kolanoski finance history history daly city corte madcra tan franciscolaurence g. kopp john u. krcbscr lorrin g. kroska accounting philosophy tan francisco san francisco accounting Oakland "and good for succession, that young men may be learners, while men in age are actors; humbert $. languinetfi cnglish new Zealand donald I. 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Icvcronc cnglish Oakland larry a. libunao foreign trade san francisco "and, lastly, good for extern accidents, because authority followeth old men, and favour and popularity, youth. david n. lillcvand accounting alameda manucl ircheta joseph lycero accounting biology forest hills, new yorh san francisco michacl p. lynch cnglish loyaltonrobcrt I. macaluso political science san francisco william v. macchi economics concord william w. magner, jr. biology san francisco ''but, for the moral part, perhaps, youth will have the pre-eminence, as age hath for the politic. thomas h. malcy history san francisco maynard f. manson accounting rodeo gulch Patrick b. me ardle electronic physics san francisco michael f. me carmac marketing san francisco anthony w. me fadden political science summit city, Colorado marry me guincss nursing san francisco gary e. me intosh marketing san francisco pcrcy p. me gowan electronic physics san francisco "a certain rabbin upon the text, 'your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams inferreth that young men are admitted nearer to God than old. john p. me kenna history san francisco patrick c. me sweeney economics san francisco william c. meuser accounting burlingamehoward j. momscn goorgc j. montcverdi general business napa biology san francisco "because vision is a clearer revelation than a dream. barbara a. montgomery nursing san lorcnzo donald r. moscs philosophy reno, nevada james e. moya history san francisco charlcs I. murphy accounting san francisco francis e. mulholiand history san franciscopaul a. naplcs accounting san matco frank b. noonan accounting tan francisco philip h. norland english san francisco "and certainly the more a man drinketh of the world the more it intoxicateth; tester f. norton accounting san francisco gcrald j. o'bricn san rafacl margaret d. o'bricn nursing san francisco michael p. o'flahcrty math belvederealien x. o'ncil economic un francisco james orrock marketing napa mary z. pargetto nursing san francisco "and age doth profit rather in the powers of understanding, than in the virtues of the will and affections. james j. phclan physic san francisco Chester f. poranski, jr. terry j. powcll chemistry physics Oakland san francisco fred j. pratt economics daly citywilliam j. proud cnglish un francisco cdmund f. pryal, jr. history san francisco john Sebastian quilici prc-mcdical san francisco "there be come have an over-ready ripeness in their years, which fadeth bedtimes. robert j. radanovich accounting san francisco joseph j. ratto arthur c. richards economics philosophy Oakland loreland james e. richardson foreign trade lowell, Washingtoncarl I. ricker political science alcmeda alma v. robcllo physics san francisco jerold s. robinson production management san francisco "these are, first, such as have brittle wits, the edge whereof is soon turned; brigette b. roush nursing san francisco Helen m. ross nursing san francisco louise roike arnold t. rossi marvin j. rossi nursing history english san francisco san francisco san franciscoCharles m. rourke cecclia ann sanchcz steffan o. schomaker political science san francisco nursing redwood city marketing atherton Barbara s. schmid nursing san francisco william f. schulcr history watsonville bernard f. schncidcr cnglish san francisco barbara j. schultz nursing san francisco "such as was hermogenes, the rhetorician, whose books are exceedingly subtle, who afterwards waxed stupid. william a. schwallic finance kailua, Hawaiirobert scott richard j. shcchan cdmund j. slevin marketing finance marketing tan francitco tan francitco Oakland "a second sort is of those that have some natural dispositions which have better grade in- youth than in age; ronald w. small accounting tan francitco alfrcd g. sodini cnglith tan francitco laurence f. sorini cnglith tan francitco james william steffos conomict evantton, Illinois margarct a. strain nursing tan francitcogcrald j. sullivan history un francisco kathlecn sullivan nursing tan francisco dennis j. sullivan chemistry san francisco thomas e. swyney biology san francisco mary a. tarara nursing san francisco "such as is a fluent and luxuriant speech, which becomes youth well, but not age. michael k. tamony political science san francisco roy I. tensfcldt industrial relations san francisco vernon m. tisdale history bcnson, arixonajohn g. thomas cnglish sin fnncitco jack I. traverso marketing sjn fnncitco thomas t. travers pre-army scottsville "so fully saith of hortensius, idem manebat, neque idem decebaf. frank s. trumbower economics sin fnncitco james d. trussas production management redding ieo j. urmini cnglish sin fnncitco ronald j. volkman marketing sin bruno gary j. vick accounting sin fnncitcocedrick von brickcn philosophy Cleveland, ohio karl w. von omstcr marketing san carlos ann b. walker nursing san francisco dennis s. walker susan a. Wallace cnglish san francisco nursing Burlingame "the third is of such as take to high a strain at the first, and are magnanimous more than tract of years can uphold." james walsh marketing san francisco urie w. walsh cnglish san francisco roberf v. walsh economics san franciscohenry s. walsh Charles s. white cnglish transportation tan francisco Oakland raymond d. williamson cnglish tan francisco gale e. wilson marketing tan francisco robert t. winkley industrial relations south tan francisco thomas wolfe english tan francisco victor m. wong accounting tan francisco kenneth t. woodruff management oxnardthese seniors guarded our campus some were way out there, man as was scipio africanus, of whom livy saith in effect, ultima primis cedebant j nancli Lacan others even took their part seriously edmond j. smyth, s.j. dean liberal arts margaret a. ames journalism Stuart g. bennctt speech arts frederick a. breier economics edward w. brusher philosophy lloyd r. burns, s.j. classics robert i. burns, s.j. history john j. coleman, s.j. english james m. colwell psychology 68donald m. 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complex problems of modern life, yet assisting youth to solve these problems with principles as eternal as the God who promulgated them . . . the eternally vital principles of truth and of justice; 100 Christ, crucified, our Savior . . .lives lor us to instil into youth the neglected doctrine that morality must govern economics and politics, and that modern ills cannot be cured merely by shitting economic systems and changing political structures; pointing out that every system must be administered by men over men and that selfishness, greed, dishonesty and lust for power are moral evils which cannot be eliminated by civil legislation but only by moral restraint; to revet to the minds of youth the truth that all hatreds, whether of class or race or creed or foreign nations, rot civilization, and that irrespective of one's belief, the sole and ultimate solution of economic, political and social ills was epitomized by Him Who said: "thou the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole mind; . . . thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." this is the proud tradition, this is the aim and objective of the education imparted by the Jesuit fathers and lay faculty of the university of san francisco. iimcll yermatek businessthe spirit of the don the spirit of the don is the don himself in study and in play, the story of the university is told best by its students, for they are the university, they act out their parts which makes this unlike all the other institutions of higher learning everywhere, the spirit or mood of the university is unique and can only be seen in the students as they go about their daily duties, sometimes the mood is frolic, other times seriousness, but always it is a changing spirit of life at u.s.f. 102104who us? steal a desk? the cool calm calculating grating of prisoners of war insures peace even if there must be war and more! 105i wonder why everybody is staring at my feet? senator knowland senate minority leader down with the opposition party! we must and will have freedom! free California! free California!i wonder if i should tell the senator about that hole in his shoe . . . leadership about the campus 107he says he found a cigarette in his coffee these seminars are great!the underground ... just ten more to go7 then i will be the number one man on the rifle squad! or: ... call me pro-batista, will he? or: the proposed penalty for not paying bsc finesthat's the girl! the one with h in her mouth. pssst! i think that boy sitting on top of the table is staring at a weekend pass have to do something to pay tuition 112the don sent us out say—who are these men called knights? 113far atop St. Ignatius church, twin spires stretch their fingers heavenward, symbolic of the spiritual life which must be developed if the university is to train the whole man. the men in black known as jesuit fathers impart to their students the paramount importance of the religious truths on which the university was founded over a century ago. these truths become an integral part of the student's university life. for only if the universities produce men and women who understand the basic and significant truths of life can the challenges presented by the dazed and changing world hope to be met. let us pray "i believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth;115911two thousand years ago, Christ arose. He did it silently, there were no trumpets, there were no cannon, there were no shouts, yet that act shook the world, how apt. Christ is silent, yet shouts. He is heard at midnight in calm wind, seen in the flower, touched in the water, smelled in the air, tasted in the fruit. sensativity is a gift from Him. it is the ability of sense, it is nourished and well-kept; rarely is it inborn, it is out-born of study and circumstance, humility and prayer. the circumstance mingled with study is here at this university, we students of the fifty million men of student age at this university are lucky. luck and the will of God might be drafted and made one; however, this is a matter for the theologians to ponder, the university of san francisco is a catholic university with catholic ideals, catholic traditions, and catholic teachings, not fly-by-night ideals and traditions, but traditions and ideals tested by the heat of centuries. the university's teaching mode is not a mode making man an animal to be scrutinized in relation to his surroundings, but a mode that makes man the maker and modifier of his surroundings. we at the university are proud of our religious heritage, and here at the university we learn the principles that will guide our actions through the long journey of life. 117"He descended into Hell, the tHird day He arose again from the dead; 1 1 8 suHered under pont us pWate, v as CTUcUicd, d ed and was buried."the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. amen." the apostles' creed is said, and with much authority, that elephants wander through the bliss of life clinging to the tail of the elephant in front of them. in this manner, most of the pondering pachyderms plod through their existence without ever knowing where they are going, why, or how they are going to get there. but even these thick-skinned beats need a leader, for whom there is no tail to grab and follow. so too at the university . there must be a leader, but since a university is indeed a diverse and complicated experience with many different paths to follow, there must be not one but many leaders. obviously, also, the men and women of a university do not follow as blindly as do the elephants, but still there must be the student leaders to suggest the "paths" to follow, to these this section is so dedicated. 122bill ivcy, treasurer frank dc benedetfi, b.s.c. chairman bill macchi, n.f.c.c.s. senior delegate ken collins, secretarythe d His government student government is just that, officers arc elected by the men and women of the university, and these officers are entrusted with the responsibility of representing the student body. to represent their fellow students, these elected officers hold weekly legislative meetings, here the fate of student government is planned and argued out. since most of the student body arc merely informed on what the officers conclude, the '59 don thought it nice to take the men and women of the university behind the scenes of a typical, dramatic meeting. the picture to the right is the first peep inside, for more turn the page. boycr august, bob ferrera, and parliamentarian cd chow.student legislature frank dc dencdefti, b.s.c. chairman; don drcscl, head yell leader ken collins, secretary; bill ivey, treasurer; bill macchi, n.f.c.c.s. president juniors: charlie fracchia, representative; joe di gregorio, representative; bob du rardi president seniors: frank trumbower, president, cd griffin, representative; rich Icvcrone. representative freshmen: dan ritter, representative; armond vasquex, representative; lee avcllone, president sophomores: tom valvcrdc. representative; mike me cabc, representative; ken bolicr, presidentthe cfl as part of the system of training students in the art of self-government, this university has a judicial as well as an executive and legislative branch of student government. throughout the year four upperclassmen sat on the student court considering eases of disciplinary infractions, fortunately there were no major controversies during the year. it can be said that they conducted themselves according to the noblest traditions of Christian equity. ray williamson, chief justice 127 gcorge jercichthe '59 don the time has come, they say, to speak of many things, midnight meetings, fun and sweat, and maybe lots of good hot java. well, it didn't happen that way on the don — not this year, nineteen hundred and fifty-nine. instead, the big story of the book is best told in solid cooperation—and the fact that the staff numbered but three. but while the student staff may have been small, the cooperation from professional people was monumentous. pat and tom collins did a great job with the photography, as did braxelton and hanscom with the printing. and two sophomores, one a pre-cd student and the other majoring in political science, turned in skilled performances, helping at every turn in putting out this book. don't forget the students, without whose help this book would not at all be needed. hope you like it. we do. (hit is a rare photo, for although the don staff only numbered three, it was indeed a rare day when steff schomakcr, bob erowlcy and lee vandendale were seen together, if is said they didn't have the time to spend talking. but there would have been no work for this three if a busy little gal hadn't scurried about snapping pictures, her name was pat collins and she did a superb job in capturing the active life of the university.this is the editorial staff of the '59 don . . . numbering one senior and two sophomores. to the right, editor-in-chief steffan schomakcr is glad the job is done. to the bottom left, associate editor lee vandendale can be justly proud of his hard work which produced the senior and undergraduate sections, he is but a sophomore. to the bottom right, associate editor bob crowley did a fine job on the sports section, he, too, is but a sophomore.k lloyd burns, s.j., moderator tom collins, photographer 130the men and women of the student control have the difficult duty of enforcing the law at the university. they do not make the law and in years past their job was relatively small, but with the steady growth of the university and its expansion into new fields, chief de benedetti thought it necessary to train experts in the different aspects of law enforcement. the results have been clear enough to the students—certainly a more efficient b.s.c. and being the jolly souls that they are, the men and women of this thankless force allowed their pictures to appear for the first time, revealing their specialized working attire the 59 don says thanks. jim dal bon, undercover acc jack taylor, criminal investigation bill leal, missing personsa ready match joe burns, juvenile detention chief bill schmidt, narcotics detail 132 jerry sullivan, "s" squadtcrri stadlcr, matron f. "terror" trumbower, parking authority ...-for charlcs manca, homicide charlcs mathews, racket squad al garcia, bookmakingthe foghorn "he serves best who serves the truth." this is the motto of the student newspaper, and backed by a rich and successful heritage, the foghorn staff reported the campus news as they saw it. they did an able job of presenting the university's happenings, and if they occasionally stepped on student's toes it was simply their way of presenting the truth. jerry finnigan, editor-in-chief warren hinckte, managing editor edward griffin, executive editor herb williamson, city editor (spring) tom maguirc and bill martin, sports editorsII foghorn staff—top row, left to right: john dollard, pete mafue, chuck hammond, paul scan- ncll, fred dipman, kevin Starr, cd chow, seated, left to right: (eland vandendale, francinc cnca, 135 bill cotrell, kathc me donncll, don me earthy, judy alexandcr, rich barnhart. not pictured, mike o'flaherty.a band of merry men gave to university publicity this year what peanuts gave to the comic strips—a new concept that yielded big results, these merry publicists from l-r, ray bianchi, ken collins, mike macabc, bill collins 'behind mug', and ray Williamson. the annual literary harvest of the university is gathered together and published under the same squire, it can be said that the squire is dedicated to fine literature, although such literature is hard to come by in these days of the ''beatnik'' influence. the squire staff from l-r, larry sorini, bob vcrxcllo, will ricth, and editor urie walsh (with pipe'.the leaders of spirit at the university added the gaiety that is so very important, upper left photo shows cheerleaders, l-r, hank inwalle, don drcsal, dick codding, 'missing larry wcstdahl'. bottom photo shows the pert song girls, l-r, lorrainc dc carli, joanne mulqueeny, carol mckerric, clare cook. imissing joan adams.'there is an old saying around concerning the fellow who became dull for lack of play. now it is not the intention of the university to make its students dull, quite the contrary, and so this university has sanctioned the formation of varied clubs and organixations, and has encouraged its students to pursue their interests by participating in the functions of these clubs and organizations. in this respect, the men and women of the university have become the organization don.alpha delta gamma front row. left to right: ron pucci. frank bjllcntini, boycr august, tony dark, bob du r»rd. ken peferson, gay ingarssia, jim larcns. second row: javier cabrillo, Steve cullen, larry brown, don drcssel, bob psrjndrj, jim trussas, tom maguirc, John dollard. third row; chuck wickcrsham, john wickcrsham, jim brown, joe degregorio, joe donnclly, marcefo gumucio, paul bacigalupi. left to right: uric walsh, squire editor; will reith, foghorn assistant editorial page schomakcr, don editor; jerry finnigan, foghorn editor; warren hinckel, fogl editor; bob vcrxcllo. foghorn editorial page editor. alpha P gammacelebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the national catholic social fraternity's founding on the campus of loyola of Chicago, as well as the fourth year of nu chapter on the hilltop, alpha delta gamma was again among the leaders in campus affairs, well known for their pulse-stopping handshakes, the brothers again sponsored their annual communion breakfast and published the wire, a directory of the addresses and phone numbers of all dons and donettes, as well as participating in their usual "round" of social events. alpha sigma nu is the national jesuit honor fraternity, it is composed of distinguished students who are appointed to the society by the deans of each of the three colleges of the university, and by the university president, these students, outstanding in the fields of scholarship, service, and loyalty to usf, are a credit to their alma mater and typify the ideals which the university strives for in producing the leaders of tomorrow. alpha sigma nu alpha pi gamma, national co-cducational journalism fraternity, came to campus this year, this is indeed a feather in the universitie's hat for now all the uppcrclass student journalists have been recognized for their talent, the brothers were sworn in two months ago and immediately set out to find out how it felt to be called "brother", the results have not as yet worn off. front row, left to right: frank dc benedetti, business; cd chow, science; bob ferrera, arts bill macchi, arts, second row: dave lillevand, business; don motes, arts; ed griffin, arts, not picture i—dennis sullivan, science.the college players is the university dramatic society, under whose auspices all plays arc presented, under the direction of Stuart g. bennet, who is to lights what demille was to crowds, the players provide the tallent and or experience for three or four major productions each year, they are also given opportunities to learn the fundamentals of set construction and design, lighting, costuming, makeup, selling programs, and all the other many facets of the great, wonderful world of "show bix." stuart g. bennet, directorfront row, left to right: kevin starr, joanne nelson, judy Alexander, larry wcstdahl, davc tomj-sini, jim david, fred nervo, dave shcridan, dick magary. second row: dennis sullivan, phil kil-duff, dan ritfer, bill ivey, Charles fracchia, bob ferrera, pete browning, president; fr. dcmpscy, s.j., modcato,. third row: phil wilkiemeyer, boycr august, gil mcdciros. in the limelightbio- chem club front row, left to right: joe donnclly, pete Sullivan, gerry gini, jim larcns, fred reno, dr. mcl garman, moderator; chct paranski, george monteverdi, jack bosco. second row: lawrcnce wclk, juan gallcgos, ken hardy, tony pcxi, frank dawncy, con doherty, roy gwin, barry sharrow. third row: jira me court, Steve sitter, bob segesser, jack vidosh, robin lew, clem labinc, frank balistrcri, julcs mcdciros. front row, left to right: dave lillcvand, don moscs, ray williamson, john Cunningham, president; george jcrcich, cd slcvin, bill cutler, frank mulholland, tom malloy. second row: ed lettunich, bill schwallie, bob boyc, joe bankovitch, bill kievith, marcclo gumucio, jim longshore, fr. ralph tichcnor, s.j., dictator, third row: bob macaluso, tony dark, bob johnson, sal fish, sal iraheta, larry brown. 144 the block club strikes back the bio-chem club is an organization especially adapted to the needs of science majors, the club seeks to provide for the extraclassroom knowledge of the student by sponsoring guest speakers, field trips, the annual test tube cleaning contest, movies, and scientific conventions. to augment all this, the club is a chartered member of the american chemical society, representing the university in conventions and or explosions sponsored by that group, including the halloween dance (co-sponsored with wasmann). the block sf society is composed of selected members of the university athletic teams who have been awarded varsity letters in recognition of their sporting achievements. the society encourages a high standard of athletic conduct and promotes loyalty to the university and to the ideals of sport. it sponsors the annual may smoker at which the year's athletic awards arc given out, the vigilante intramural football team (champs • two of the past three years) and an annual banquet, also this year the club sponsored two well-attended after-game mixers in phclan hall, and acted as ushers for all home basketball games in the alfred w. memorial gym. 145front row, left to right: warren hincklc, jim david, uric walsh, jim brown, bob lynch, mike timmony, jack bohach, cd griffin, mike o'flaherty. second row: pat maudslcy tom latham, kev barry, pat duffy, tony smith, ray walsh, tom me cntcc, jack ahern. third row: jim o'connor, don me earthy, jack hayes, cd o'rcilly, jerry Sullivan. clanna eireanna clanna eireanna, or as it is familiarly known, the Irish club, once again was among the leading groups in on- and off-campus activities, a club day winner, the group repeated its familiar round of parties, doonybrooks, st. patricks day celebrations and intramural activities, the members of the irish club are well known for their capacity— for enjoyment, in addition to blowing up the british consulate on guy fawkes' day, they also held a raffle to send fidel castro to i.r.a. headquarters. 146delta sigma pi not to be confused with the sorority of the same name at the university of british Columbia, delta sigma pi can easily be distinguished from its friendly campus rival, adg, by the extra finger used in the handshake, it is an international business fraternity which encourages scholarship, social activities, advancement through research and practice and finding loopholes in the tax laws, in addition to hearing many speakers from the business world, the fraternity found time to sponsor the rose of deltasig dance, go on a snow trip and a picnic, and again provide the student body treasurer, deltasig is the oldest greek letter fraternal organization on campus, having been chartered in 1950. rose queen and mr. farley front row, left to right: james mason, bill meuser, tony farley, jim dalbon, joe burns, bill schmidt, bob scott, vie it. martin, ron tognoli. second row: ron domignues, bob verxello, Charles manca, herb bureford, john xiemann, al felchi, lorrie kopp, frank coughlin, frank trumbower, bill ivey, ken domingucs, rich bovono. third row: vince boiteux, frank de benedetti, Charles white, jack taylor, gene hellar, gavin hurt, albert garcia, bill Icatl, don larson. 147education club front row, left to right: dick juba, dick magary, phil wilkicmcycr. second row: pat maudslcy, don me earthy, larry luna, pat king, president; jack gosland. gamma phi epsilon 148 front row, left to right: margaret strain, cccclia sanches, sandra walker, top row: joan rorke, rita raxxctto, margaret o'brien.the chapter of the California student teachers' association is a pre-professional organization of undergraduates interested in teaching, the purpose of the club, pat king maintains, is to obtain information about teaching, student problems and loyalty oaths. 1 tr 'X u y V' •T 4PWK . u714 ¥ %• v '5' •i S' W 6 '•if raj —• 4l| .(W —! k'aarufTTuJf L l., ® mather» jojnnc ostcrloh, mike cjunovj, davc henwood. phil veui. Ji- bobb«n«i lorrin krotka. roger jone . second row: robin lew, pctc bloom, Jl:Ai row. • ,"Vbc c «rhard, george rowan, mike carlomagno, fred mccullough, ken treeman. third row. lack hayei, henry fong. gamma pi epsilon is the national jesuit honor society for women, the usf chapter was formed in 1958 for several girls who needed two sorority pins, the society honors women studnts who have distinguished themselves in scholarship, service, and loyalty to the university, it aims to promote the various activities of the students and student organizations, members are selected by the society, deans of the college's etc. in other words, it's alpha sigma nu with bedpans, the society is limited to uppcrclass-women who have maintained a B average and who have exemplified the necessary qualities of leadership, etc. the usf glee club, under the very able direction of mr. fred pratt and with fr. john ferguson as moderator, presented several programs during the past year, highlighted in the fall by their annual Christmas concert at st. mary's hospital for the ill (and soon-to-be-ill), and in the spring by their original musical comedy presentation "Opening Night", which coincidentally was also closing night, there was also a beach party and picnic and the annual banquet, as well as a flurry of activity when the club moved into its spacious new quarters in the gym— far out of earshot. 149gregorian club front row, left to right: john p. o'bricn, john Icipclt, davc tomasini, don mccarthy. second row: kev roxxjno, john d. o'bricn, president; jerry kinneavy. the gregorian club is an experiment in something that for a long time has been lacking from the campus, the experiment is music sung sincerely, not for a grade point, but for the sake of the music itself, the club members have made their start with hours of practice; their crcsendo as an organixation has yet to be reached though. just throw pennies. hispanic-american club «$• W ❖ vf Jr w J V- 1 %£ : _ - ■ A he 2 W 7 f r. the cosmopolitan aspect of the city of san francisco is reflected in that city's own and only university, especially active on campus this year was th hispanic-american club which again sponsored its usual series of meetings and social activities designed to promote a fuller understanding of latin and south amcrican culture on campus, some of the more spirited members ran guns to Cuba during the Christmas holidays, and ended thir activities with their annual picnic. front row, left to right: joe bakovic, harry kupbens, mike ciunovi, ivo bakorie, bob georgie, bob sanchex, enrique melcndex, fred nervo. second row: emit heredia, murray johnson, jerry cos-folio, max cerini, marcclo gumucio, tony mombiela, john arnold. absent: frank torres, president.historical society front row, left to right: davc hen wood, john leipelt, jim pol.ikof, john mckennj, ken collint, president; tom corridjn, dick juba, warren gadc, bill schulcr, frank me namara. second row: bob borxoni, bob dclpippo, ray williamson, cd chow, bob Icct, rich barnhart, bill kievith, tom maley, chuckic harding. ron berus, tom kolanoski, vernon tisdale, ncill stroth, ken freeman, fr. john me gloin, s.j. moderator, third row: john peterson cd dcantoni, jerry kobil, dennis me laughlin, pat me swccncy, ray kellcher, bill collint, larry mackcnxic, bill martin, larry hackctt. the historical society, under its active fuehrer, ken collins, started off the year by placing second in the club day display, then soared to new heights with its best-ever membership of a staggering (and car-filling) forty-five, a record number of field trips were undertaken, during which groups of members toured historic old fort ross, visited the army engineers model of san francisco bay at sausalito, cruised all day on the real bay, jeeped to sweeney's ridge, travelled to fort nelson, b.c., made another yearly trip to the gold country (i.c., harold's club), there were also a couple of banquets, a Sunday night movie, lectures by club members, and by the moderator, and a reasonably successful basketball team, the year ended in total confusion with everyone still wondering what the society's motto, "quaerere lucem veritas," really meant. but that nut said he was the fuehrer... 151I international relations club front row, loft to right: jim brown, bill collins, dave Kenwood, ray kcllchcr, rich barn hart, chalio fracchia, uric walsh, dick buxton, ken collins. second row: tom latham, bill cotroll, don mccarthy, mike ohloyer, greg gillard, phil wilkiemeyer, larry luna, ray williamson, rey bianchi, dr. patrick mccarthy, pdq, moderator. kappa lambda sigma 152 front row, left to right: john p. o'brion, Charles fracchia, urie walsh, bill collins, president; ed griffin, ray williamson, ken collins. second row: john d. o'brien, bill schuler, cd chow, rich barnhardt.founded o nthc theory that no news is worth repeating, the international relations club floated a petition that made it possible for senator knowland to win the election, however, they were not discouraged and continued on in their pusuits of better relations between the college student and the outside world, at last report they were thinking about quitting the project and they did. kappa lambda sigma is the university's literary honor society, open to sophomore, junior and senior students who have distinguished themselves in the field of liberal arts, the society's members upheld the principles of ivory-tower intcllectualism by never attending meetings (being too busy polishing their ivory), but managed to go on the field trip to the international airport, where they inspected planes of beauty firsthand (no one told them this is the age of rockets!) give me my prize! the knights of columbus are ending their second year on campus, they are the first san francisco college council of the well known organization of catholic men who, among other activities, sponsor and annual retreat at el retiro, instruct public school children in the catechism, and arc generally the best-organized and most active catholic action group of a national nature outside of Spain. knights of columbus front row, left to right: charlte manca, john roveda, ken peterson, bill cotrell, pete tullivan, fred reno, iohn mcnenna, mike manich, don alback, howard momten. cuck wicdel. second row: dennis tullivan, jim gallagher, jerry healy, bob proapt, wait bankovitch, mike barry, bill aimes, president; joe dc gregorio, john bardaro, fr. mcnard, t. j., moderator, third row: ken freeman, terry gleason, davc loeschcr, john dollard, javier cabrillo, lou gagliatso, larry mac-kenxie, barry sharrow, ed markovits.maraschi club front row, left to right: choochie fracchia, joe degregorio, joe ratto, don franchic, gcorge bunatto, president; ron vcrnalli, rich carniello, al sodini, bob borzoni, second row: joe durante, tom gumina, fred bclloro, bob cappa, joe della zoppa, ron canobbio, arnold rossi, leo urmini, les ferroggiaro, third row: rich bozonc, pete balistricri, john mangiantc, mary rossi, bob macaluso, ich ratto. marketing club 154 front row, left to right: dave henwood, john siemann, herb bureford, jack taylor, al falchi, jack bohach, lorcn kroska, bob scott, don larson. second row: steff schomakcr, gene hellar, vincc boiteux, jim dalbon, john "ed" roveda, max cerini, bill leal, lopex, Charles mance, bill schmidt, lorrie kopp, john jones, frank de benedetti, ed wilson, dr. martin, third row: bill cotrell, tclwin smith, al garcia, tony farley, bill itrey, ken domingues, ron domingues, don nelligan, vie st. martin, Charles white.whose gambling? the campus maraschi club is composed, aptly enough, of students of italian descent who wish to stimulate further interost and friendly understanding in italian culture, they participated in many functions during the school year and enjoyed a gigantic spaghetti feed which was enjoyed by all. the marketing club is composed of all students majoring in marketing and others who have an interest in this business field, it was formed to promote greater interest in marketing primarily through establishing a close relationship between the group and business organization of the bay area. many outstanding speakers from the marketing "world" visited campus and furthered the students knowledge of the subject. 155 f O.math club front row, left to right: ray kcllchcr, lee straun, jim brown, jim larcn , mike cberhard, mike o'flaherty, marcelo gumicio. second row: chooch fracchia, tom jacobs, tom mcentcc, javicr cabrillo, john dollard. nfccs campus committee 156 front row, left to right: don cummings, bob lect, dennis kennedy, doug holloway, bob spatafore, bill macchi, chairman; .bob crowley, john mckenna, gene holler, second row: mike "rocket” mccabc, don schmidt, don rittcr, lee avalone, pete brekhus, gay ingrassia, rey bianchi, lou gagliasso. third row: armand vasquez, paul bacigalupi, joe degregorio, tom valvcrde, chuckie fracchia, dick buxton, bob marchant.the mathematics club seeks to create opportunities for students interested in mathematics to nurture their interest and to further their intellectual development, for in the advancement of the natural or applied sciences evolved the systematization which occurs in a theoretical science, this knowledge is typified by a free spirit of making hypotheses and definitions and applying chains of deductive reasoning, this method of construction and analysis is characteristic of the mathematical method, in other words, they get a thrill out of multiplying. the national federation of catholic college students has its life in the everyday student of the college, the federation is a spokesman, voicing that which other organizations only hit at. the nfccs sponsors speakers, discussions, and intellectual stimulates of surpassing quality, and further improves relations and team work among the catholic colleges. the pep band is organized to furnish music for student body activities both on and off campus, and to offer an opportunity for ambitious musicians to perfect themselves, this year's wily band made the new gym their home and provided the music for the song girls, who could not keep in step somehow, band members tried all sorts of stunts to keep the song girls in step, but nothing worked, finally the band decided to read sheet music and the girls got in step which made the rote very happy, and the basketball season literally end on a happy note— indeed! pep band front row, left to right, cmil heredia, jim larens, Javier cabrillo, rich salvi, vie ft. martin, eddie hey wood, george rowan, second row: george armanini, pete bloom, jack taylor, pete flinders. 157i don't care if you do have orders from your general, the nationalgcssls-chaft can't guard the president today. the pershing rifles, founded in 1898 by col. archibald luftwaffc of grunion run fame, faced difficulties until 1910, when pershing joined the army, from that day to this company b, 10th regiment of the national-gessellschaft der pershing riflcn, has brightened campus life by its participation in several wars. the purpose of the organization is to further the ideals of military service and within the corps (e) itself to foster a high degree of military efficiency, among its many activities arc dances, parties, rifle shoots, purges, and tours of military installations. look, ma, my own gun!pershing rifles front row, loft to right: art martinet, john holthouse, bob crowicy, mike kenny, jerry sullivan, tom mahan, john roveda, art ramoy, pete grekhus. second row: bob martin, gerald mccourt, bill kearny, dave rohner, angelo cortei, fred bullero, ray burg, larry wcstdahl, al souza, bob notskc, don begin, third row: jim heath, mike harris, john o'kane, bill grandolfo, don granchi, bill rogers, pete farrelly, sgt. sidwell, moderator. front row, left to right: larry mackenzie, jack casey, vie bartuska, cd megushin, laurence king, john nelson, john sullivan, dad poston, al souza. second row: bob cappa, dick bond, chuck scymour, wait canavaro, ken bollicr, chris monahan, chuck robertson, jim babich, bob cardcll, norm smith, ncil stroth. third row: dave kahn, jerry dwyer, gerald rehmke, mike duffy, bob carlson, mike connich, jim heath, capt. owen, moderator.philistorians front row, left to right: jack dansic, paul trudcll, jim polakof, bob du rard, gil mcdciros, warren gade, george monfewerdi, bob o'ncill, dan rittcr. second row: bill kievith, bob ferrera, cd chow, joanne ncilson, bill schulcr, president; fr. dempsey, s. j., moderator, third row: jack bonanno, charlcs fracchia, pete balistrieri. propeller club 160 front row, left to right: jack bohach, john xiemann, jim dalbon, herb bureford, bill ivey, Charles white, lorcn kroska, bob scott, davc henwood. second row: steff schomakcr john dollard, ray kcclchcr, bill schmidt, vince boiteax, don larson, al garcia, vie st. martin, lorric kopp, tony farlcy, gene hcllar, frank dc benedetti, dr. mack, third row: siggy clman, bill cotroll, jack taylor, al falchi, "silky" sullivan, charlcs manca, ron dominquex, don nclligan.the philhistorians, oldest chartered club on campus, dating from 1863 (or 1683 or 1368), celebrated its first year as a group autonomous from, though providing the membership of, the intercollegiate debate team. as newly set up, the club provides a training ground for student speakers and future junior senators, meeting regularly during the school year, it offers a varied program of guest speakers, intramural competition, cocktail parties and social meetings. ves a man a chance to think, and it doesn't mean thing unless you have that swing. the usf student port of the propeller club of the united states is one of 129 ports of this national organization, some of them open and shipping water, it is dedicated "to promote, further and support an american merchant marine adequate to meet the requirements of national security and economic welfare of the united states". during the year the student port engaged in field trips, bay cruises, gun running, diamond smuggling, and dinner meetings, each year the national organization through the local ports sponsors an essay contest, with prizes consisting of trips to romantic foreign ports such as long beach, catalina and skagway (this year's was to new york via panama.) the student port is open to all students with an interest in the merchant marine, a bottle of seasick pills, and a paid-up life insurance policy. scabbard and blade after leading a mounted charge with blades unsheathed against the student legislature, the scabbard and blade (not to be confused with the used car lot) replaced said blades in scabbards, confident of rcchartcring. chapter d-8, the campus branch of the national military honor society, after a rocky beginning, settled down to its unusual round of social activities, guest lecturers, rifle matches, and honor guard duty at military masses.sanctuary society 655 if ■ front row, left to right: tom latham, john grimes, ray williamson, bob crowley, bob Icet, prefect; charles fracchia, fred nervo, jerry mccourt, jim heath, rcy bianchi, dave rohner. second row: peterson, john bain, chris monahan, john Icipelt, john mckenna, ken hardy, bob dclpippo, bob bensi, ray kelleher, john dollard, mike carlomagno, don cummings, bob spatafore, bill macchi, br. farrcll, s. j., moderator, third row: dan maguirc, lloyd luperini, dud poston, frank fochr, doug holloway, bob tcigh, barry sharrow, dennis chong. front row, left to right: joe bakovic, bill macchi, dennis kennedy, kent davis, rey bianchi, tom valverdc, don albach, bob crowley. second row: bob ferrera, ed dc antoni, dud poston, Charles fracchia, jerry mcketitt, doug holloway, mike mccabe, jim heath, tom latham, fr. william | 2 rysn, s. j., moderator, third row: bob delpippo, sam tagtac, dennis chong, dick juba, pete bloom, mike nicholls, russ miller, prefect; jerry gini. sodalitythe santuary society, one of the oldest organizations of the university, continues to provide servers for Sunday masses and other services connected with campus religious life, during the academic year, members of the society also assist at the solemn mass of the holy ghost, the memorial mass, and the bacculaurcate mass. st. ives law society front row, left to right: mario balibrcra, boyer august, ray Williamson, jim polakof, bill ivoy, steff tchomaker, chancellor; frank do benedetti, bill schulcr, ken freeman, second row: dave lillevand, mike ohleyer, don larson, ed megushin, gil medeiros, bill kievith, jim david, bob macaluso. the st. ives law society it an upper division honor society for students interested in the study of law. the membership is limited to 25, and twice monthly prominent, practicing lawyers are invited before the sociay to deliver talks on the various aspects of law. the society holds many social events, court visits, Christmas party, fixing of parking tickets and they provide most of the judges for the student court (auto-da-fes). 163bottom row, left to right: sandra walker, marge strain, cccilia sanchcx, rita raxzctto. second row: joan grisex, pat macdonald, lucy meguinness, monica schmid, barbara montgomery. third row: wilma bastings, hclcn ross, marianna bensky, joan rorkc. fourth row: marilyn hagerman, judy alexander. standing: barbara young, judy ryle, ncttic del rio, margaret o'bricn, micky anderson, roberta cllis. women's sodality 164 bottom row, left to right: carol white, margaret kevin, judith poe, patricia Icahy. second row: judy woods, donna contri, jeanne mckcnxie, elaire withers, third row: margaret reimbold, jeanne partk, joann mulqueeney, julic gaili. fourth row: cliane rolfcs, mary lou sullivan, joanne waltcrman, betty ann pratt, joanne rusconi.the girls' sodality W3S formed by student nurses at the campus to carry on the work of the lay apostalatc, by fostering spiritual and social projects, among their activities of the last year were weekly spiritual meetings, two group picnics, and a potluck dinner, enjoyed by all. a nurses' life is not all bedpans. won't those dons be surprised, he, heeee. M « F ft t 8 $ 8 n ft ft ft»ft s •v ?; IT X W - i M ■-- k - 4 front row, left to right: paul luccro, lorrin kroska, tom corridan, herb burford, bill ivey, rudry lopes, president; ron domingues, bob tobiassen. second row: John sullivan, john zicmann, ron verus, tom maley, al falchi. wasmann biological society front row, left to right: lee vandendahl, Charles hammond, cmil hercdia, mike nicholls, frcd reno, con doherty, roger jones, george monteverdi, jack bosco, john dollard, joe dellasappo. second row: mike kenny, terry gleason, gordon chin, george bunncll, ken hardy, joanne osterloh, frank downcy, dennis collins, ed chow, ron thompson, cd o'rcilly, bill aimes, john sequerra. third row: frank balistreri, dick juba, bob dclpippo, jerry ennis, phillis jepperson, dr. kessell, moderator; Steve sitter, john hendrickson, harry sharrow. 166the veterans club, besides comparing decorations, (and they got a lot of 'em), meets twice monthly, it is composed of former members of the united states armed forces, and a few reckless eagle scouts, their aims (which must be pretty good, because we won the war) are the propagation of the fraternity, loyalty, hatred of non-coms and service gained while serving their country, through activities of social, spiritual, academic, and athletic natures. this campus group, founded in 1936 by wasmann f. biological, is open to any student of usf. the object of the organization is to foster among its members a spirit of lively participation in the practical problems of biology and to increase knowledge in scientific methods, activities include lectures by prominent guest speakers, informative films (!), social functions, a Christmas party, the annual picnic and banquet, intramural athletic participation, sale of love potions, and untraceable poisons, and the publications the savant, the scientist's answer to playboy, edited semi-annually by george monteverdi, and the ank, spelled wrong and printed in egyptian monthly by frank downie. yep, that's all folks. 167it is indeed a tribute to this university that few other institutions of higher learning can equal the sparkling sports history that carries the u.s.f. name in the record books. remember the wonder football team of 1951 often hailed the greatest that ever played in the collegiate ranks? and there's the slightly fantastic basketball power that couldn't lose for winning, and the soccer squads that have yet to lose in how many years now? these are a few of the many memories that float from the record books, but can it be wondered why the don is the sport he is? so to the sporting dons wherever they might be, this section is happily dedicated, and to bob crowley, section editor, here's to a job well done. 168h portrait of the winnioges coac 170 if someone asked you to name america's most successful coach in terms of won and lost records, who would you pick? bud wilkenson, architect of the university of Oklahoma's fabulously successful football empire? the late knutc rockne, grid mastermind at notre dame in the thirties? or perhaps adolph rupp, grim builder of basketball champions at kentucky? if you picked any of these gentlemen, you'd be wrong. what may be the winningest coach in the united states coaches the world's most popular sport, fields teams regu- larly right here in northern California, yet, despite the perennial success of this man, he is virtually unknown. this wonder-worker is the highly respected dr. a. p. donoghue, soccer coach at the university of san francisco. don-oghue plays a dual role on the hilltop, his primary position is director of admissions, and here he is known as "dr. donoghue,'' an important member of the university administration, on the soccer field, he's "gus," possibly the winningest athletic coach in the 49 states. gus dohoghue's soccer teams have swept to the championship of the northern California intercollegiate soccer conference eleven straight times, have been ranked in the top ten in the nation ever since 1948, have won 85 per cent of their games since 1947, are currently working on a 37-gamc win streak, have held the soccer co-championship of the united states, and have had 15 all-americans in the last ten years. the soccer team hasn't lost a game in four seaons. usf's soccer dons have done this without scholarship aid of any kind, on a limited athletic budget that leaves very little for minor sports, and without any type of concentrated recruiting system. in an era when successful sports teams cannot be sustained for any length of time, even in the minor sports, without an intense system of booster clubs, financial angels, and recruiters, donoghuc's achievements are unique. yet every fall, donoghue is the picture of quiet pessimism when someone asks about his chances for the coming kickball season, he paints a doleful picture of injuries, incligilities, lack of depth, losses by graduation, powerful opponents, and all manner of miseries, yet every season for the last ten years his soccer squads have all but annihilated their opponents. this year the don booters won all their games, took still another northern California soccer conference title, and defeated cal tech for the championship of the west coast, the success of this year's team and all the other soccer teams of the last ten years, can only be credited to one man, gus donoghue. to you dr. donoghue, every student of the university expresses their gratitude for a job well done. coach gus donoghuc carefully prepares the list of his starting team prior to another northern California soccer conference game, the wisdom of his selections is evidenced by his outstanding record of victories. during the game, coach donoghuo directs the action from the bench, his anxious face reflects the tenseness of the contest, as the dons fought to garner another win. the game won, the players departed, gus donoghue stands alone in the locker room, his pensive expression probably indicates that he is already looking, ahead to next week's encounter.the undefeated champions 1958-1959 soccer team: front row, left to right, stan jonah, waync sandion Ico-capt,), frank palazuclos, mauricio salverra, marcclo gumucio, les lezeano, eric fink, luis duran. second row: dr. donoghuc, sal iraheta, john harper, ludwig soddemann, tony njoku (co-capt.l, fim brophy, serge burenin, herb weiss, cd duran, gcorge on the coos ? best in the nation? in the last few years the luster and the prestige which have accompanied the acquisition of national basketball championships have tended to overshadow the accomplishments of usf's most successful, but least publicized athletic endeavor, soccer, since 1930 the tradition of a winning soccer team on the hilltop has been honored by almost every group of don booters; this year's ball club was no exception. the 1958-1959 version of the usf soccer team was one of the strongest ever fielded on the hilltop, under the skillful direction of dr. augustine p. "gus" donoghue, the dons annexed their eleventh consecutive northern California intercollegiate soccer conference championship, in compiling a record of seven wins and no losses in league competition, the booters completed their fourth consecutive undefeated season, an even more remarkable achievement, was the unprecedented 57 goals which were scored in conference play, while the opposition could register only two points against them, the devastating mixture of a high scoring offense and an air-tight defense produced a combination which no team came close to matching. at the outset of the season, coach "gus" donoghue painted a picture of the prospects of this year's soccermen, citing graduation losses and "greatly" improved opponents as major obstacles which had to be surmounted, the amazing success of this year's club shows how effectively these challenges were met and overcome. with a strong contingent returning from the 1957 championship team, including all-conference performers tony njoku and wayne saindon and veterans stan jonah, eric fink, serge burenin, mauricio salaverra, sal iraheta, ed duran, louic duran and josc backo-vic, coach donoghue began to build a ball club, four outstanding newcomers, frank suarez, ludwig soddermann, herb weiss and bill gallindo provided donoghue with the additional ingredients he needed to mould a winning team. three practice games prior to the opening of the league season furnished the opportunity to integrate the new players into the usf style of play and to correct any apparent weaknesses, the dons opened their exhibition slate with a stunning 9-4 upset victory over an alumni club, which was described "as the best alumni eleven ever faced by a don team." in the following weeks, the rapidly improving hilltoppers crushed the strong san francisco scots (10-3) and tamoroc, a team composed of filipino players. aided by the experience gained in the practice games, the dons opened the defense of their conference crown with a surprisingly easy 5-0 victory over California; the team rated as their greatest potential threat, gathering momentum with each game, the green and gold soccer players posted consecutive triumphs over Stanford (8-0), California aggies (9-2), santa clara (F5-0), san jose state (8-0), city college of san francisco (2-0), and san francisco state (10-0). only in the city college contest were the powerful dons extended to any degree; the usf players rate ccsf as their toughest opponent. after the completion of their regular season play, the hilltoppers accepted an invitation by California tech to play in a post season game at pasadena. with relative ease and workmanlike efficiency, the dons disposed of tech 8-0. evidence of the caliber of the ball players who composed this year's talent-laden squad, is demonstrated by usf's domination of the all-conference team, six dons won berths on the all-conference eleven: forwards wayne saindon, frank suarez, herb weiss and ludwig soddermann, halfback tony nyoku and fullback gcorge tubman were named to the first team, in addition, halfback serge burenin received honorable mention for his exceptional defense work. as usual, the dons were acknowledged as the strongest team on the coast because of their impressive record of achievements, however, since the hilltoppers failed to play the leading soccer teams from other sections of the country, and since the selection of teams for the mythical top ten in soccer is dominated by eastern writers and coaches, the question "were the dons the best in the nation?" would seem to go unanswered, nevertheless, there is no doubt in the mind of every university of san francisco student that this year's soccer team was the no. 1 team in this country. frank piliiud«i was the sparkplug and the playmakcr of this year's soccer team, from his forward position, frank didn't score very much, because he was content to set up goals for his team mates, his perfect passing and expert dribbling won him the respect of every player in the conference and a berth on the all-conference waync sandion was part of the don't high-scoring forward wall, hit adept footwork and rugged defemive play were vital factort in enabling the hilltoppcrt to annex their eleventh conteeutivc conference title, waync wat tclcctcd to the all-conference team for the second straight year. goalie tim brophy was the loneliest man on the soccer field this season, the stout don defense seldom gave opposing players an opportunity to attempt a goal, when a rival did manage to take a shot, tim was always there to block it. The fact that only two goals were scored against usf is due in a large part to the efforts of this unsung hero.eric fink was one of the few seniors on this year's starting team, as a halfback, he was an intrcgal part of the hilltop backline which proved almost impregnable to opponents, his graduation will create a gap in the don defense which will be difficult to fill. the ccsf goalie blocks an attempted goal by herb weiss, as stan jonah looks on helplessly, the rams were the toughest team faced by the usf soccermcn all season and the narrow 2-0 victory margin proves it. 175fullback gcorgc tubman clean the ball out from near thc njoku and ludwig soddemann move in to take up the play. Koal, after having taken it from a frustrated cal halfback serge burcnin ,demonstrates thc offensive power of thc 1958-1959 soccer team by taking a shot at thc aggie goal. normaHyr -fttttback plays a defensive position in thc backlinc and seldom crosses to thc other side of the field, with ■ • a .1 .' - t • . I • • • 1.. f!.li I. i.aau vtflLmn k A Ui nunr f 1 f I n I ft SaL A alaatialaa aa J at aa AaaL gOJl. normany, j njirojc puys .1 oerensnre poimon in i»»v ---- v w. w«... this in mind, thc sight of burenin driving down field is very striking, however, eric fink, frank patazuelos. and Stan ionah watch their teamsmafes' actions with little interest. 176luis durjn moves in to recover the ball, as ccsf's goalie and fullback thwart herb weiss' efforts to score a goal, the strong ram defense held the unusually high scoring weiss to single goal. ( serge burenin ,was given all-conference honorable mention for the outstanding job he turned in at left halfback, his greatness lay in his ability to steal the ball from opponents who were driving up field and to dribble it effectively to teammates liberian born george tubman Nvas chosen as an all-conference' fullback, the selection was based on george's strong defensive play and excellent all-around performance. Whenever the ball came near the don goal, george was there to send it sailing upficld, where the usf forward wall would turn the play into a score.v tony njok)i--'has been an •((•conference halfback for two consecutive years, from his position at center halfback, tony was seen leaving defenders kicking the air as he dribbled past them toward the goal. His accurate passing set up many scores for the don forwards, on defense, it was very rare when an opponent was able to get the ball past his agile feet. tony njoku intercepts a bronco pass and drives the ball back up field to the usf forwards, the dejected stance cd duran was probably the least publicised of the usf soccermcn this season, yet his play was not outshone by some of his more illustrious teammates, the tall, fair-haired fullback contributed heavily to a don defense which was perhaps the strongest in the nation, his strong play toward the end of the season indicated he will be a candidate for conference honors next year. halfback cd duran blasts the ball away from a staggering santa clara forward late in the game, with the dons leading 12-0, ludwig soddemann and john harper converge to regain possession of the ball for the hilltoppers.herb wciss demonstrates the form which won him all-conference honors, as he drives past two city college defenders for a goal forward stan jonah was a vital member of the high-scoring don front line, his point-making ability contributed heavily to the early usf victories over California and Stanford, the presence of this two-year veteran on the squad acted as a steadying influence on the other members of this young ball club, stan, a senior, graduates this june and his loss will be felt greatly by the team next season. herb wcis was another member of the hilltop forward wall, which was considered one of the best in the history of usf. his ability to score equally well with either foot enabled him to be one of the leading scorers on the team. Herb's consistently outstanding performance on both offense and defense won him a berth on the all-eonfcrcncc - X, ludwig soddemann was one of the two highest scorers on this year's varsity, his dazzling footwork and expert shooting easily won him a place on the all-conference squad, ludwig's vigorous play on both offense and defense was typical of the spirit which prevailed on the 1958-1959 soccer team, unfortunately for the dons, he is an exchange student and must return to his native germany next semester. don forward herb weiss blasts the ball past a dismayed bronco defender for the first of four goals he scored in the 1 5-0 rout of santa clara. 'V fhc city college goalie blocks a scoring attempt by forward ludwig soddemann. however, the goalie's efforts were in vain, for moments later soddemann shot the ball past him for a goal.the j.v. squid—front row, left to right: tony monbiclla, john landalfo, david pitman, enrique mcncdcx, bill gallindo, hector calderon. second row: ivan bacovic, bob sanchcx, bill schmidt, joe backovich, peter grower, jim longshore, gus choffre. each Saturday, after having played in their own game, the members of the j.v. squad would gather around coach donoghuc and watch the varsity contest, pictured above, these players I 81 seem to be looking ahead to next season, when they will be playing on the green and gold varsity.the fine art of boxing returned to the university after a long lay-off, and with it came the usual fight-crowd. there was an added attraction to this comeback story, the don boxers proved to be good, so good that they were some of the best amateurs around. coach frank dark drilled his squad through four long months while basketball and football captured the big headlines, but this didn't disappoint the loyal little band of boxers as they completed their successful season of intercollegiate matches. it can also be said that the don boxers laid a most solid ground work for future boxing seasons with their hard work and respectful showing. welterweight cd young blocks blow in exhibition match, cd proved to be one of the finest in the league and was overshadowed by only ace gene hollar. mike gallaghcr, lightweight ed young, welterweightjohn grinder, welterweight rich jubj, heavy-middleweight bob surks, lightweight f gene hellar staggers his foe top row, left to right: coach frank dark, ed young, mike gallagher, john grinder, i. perez, manager, bottom row, left to right: bob surles, gene hellar, rich juba, captain. 183bonus bob' ? toacYxei wooVpcrt »nd w% r? ‘ u,» '• £ !, 4A«« pcct'wc t»t A«J»r« to» »Kc VvWtoP W'« fe v»c UVV » Ucton m«o AcoAcA to «rv»o V a c» «'' •• growth of football took another giant step forward at usf this year, the product of a small scale renaissance in 1956, five years after the death of the sport on the hilltop, the grid game has grown like a healthy weed on the ignatian heights under the gardening of robert "sarge"-mackenxie. originally only an intramural setup, the progam branched out last season to include home and home engagements with the san francisco state reserves, this year, two more games were added to the state encounters: treasure island navy team and the cal aggie reserves. in addition to the outside games, the round-robin intramural league remained. in the second year since the league's beginning, the vigilante's won the conference championship, sponsored by the block sf society, the bill and mike gregor-captaincd club beat off the second place pershing rifle Caballeros and the delta sigma pi grey fog in a bitterly fought campaign. for their outside competition, the three intramural teams were combined to form one all-star aggregation, the combination split the season, beating treasure island, 18-15, and cal aggie, 14-8, but dropping two to san francisco state, 30-6 and 42-22. the treasure island tilt kicked off the season, played on the navy base in 95 degree weather, the game was close from the start, however, the fine defensive line play of the dons, led by gregor and speedy joe shea, held the pirates' offense down, the hard running of bob o'ncill and john mccaulcy, coupled with a 55 yard touchdown sprint by frosh quarterback davc chapla in the fourth quarter, pulled the game out for usf. it was the hilltop's first football win since 1951. perhaps the most exciting game of the season was played under the lights at davis. usf scored early when flanker back cd griffin took an outside reverse and outsped the aggie defenders for a 25 yard td. the dons held their 6-0 lead until the third quarter when the aggies completed several passes and took the lead 8-0. mackenxic sent chapla to the air to try to pull the game out. with two and a half minutes left to play, the don quarterback hit griffin with an "alley oop" in the end zone for the winning experiment the intramural season held the attention of usf fans for several weeks, as the Caballeros took the league lead, paced by the running of senior halfback jerry finnigan and the line play of pete orth, jack ahern, john arnold, bob rocmer, and tom norton. tony dark quarterbacked the club, which led at the end of the first round. but the vigilantes and the grey fog rose up to conquer the cabs, paced by end bill cutler, the passing of me cauley, and the running of joel momsen, coupled with the line play of bill ferrero, bill defuniak, and john hcnncsscy, the vigilantes defeated the grey fog, who were led by shea, cd dcantoni, john quilici, joe napier, captain jim mcdonald, and tony smith, and went on to win the campus conference title. the intramural season took its toll in injuries, however, and the dons felt the loss of key personnel in their 30-6 defeat at state, behind 12-0 before they even ran a play from scrimmage, the dons were down 22-0 at the half, and though they held the gators even in the second half, they were to far behind to catch up. usf's lone touchdown followed long runs by finnigan and mccaulcy, and came in the fourth quarter on a pass from griffin to cutler. the second state game found the green and gold in much the same position, the gators tallied three times before usf could get out of its own territory, and it wasn't until chapla picked to griffin on a 50 yard pass play in the second quarter that the dons got on the scoreboard, the half ended 28-8. usf came out fired up to start the second half, and started throwing the pigskin around, quick passes to griffin and cutler shoved state back, and chapla fired twice to cutler for scores, usf crept up to 28-22, and it looked as if hilltop alumni and fans were in for an upset, but state intercepted a pass, finally, and two long runs by the gator's bob lualhati iced it for the lake mcrccd people, 48-22. fc- at the season's end, ed griffin and jim mcdonald were named the outstanding back and lineman respectively by coach mackcnxic. incomplete! a pan intended for Caballero end bob roetner falls incomplete during the championship game with the vigilantei. on this play and throughout the remainder of the game, lady luck did not imilc on the caballeroi and the vigilantes went on to win 8-0.non-conference games dons win 2, lose 27 usf's 1958 football players — front row, left to right: davc chapla, john quilici, harry kupens, john arnold, joe napicr, john hennessy, jack ahern, bill ferrero, jocl momicn, bert ripple, john strain, second row: tom valverdc, tony dark, john me caulcy, warren francis, don stenson, cd diantoni, russ graff, jerry finnigan, lylc graff, lamont cranston, head coach robert c. "sarge" mac kcnxic. third row: len pera, tom rich, larry mac kcnxic, byron smith, john grathwohl, tom norton, bill cutler, pete orth, bill defuniak, bob roemer. let me go! all-league haflback jerry finnigan attempts to break away from the grasp of an sf state lineman, bill cutler (37) and tom norton (39) arrive too late to help finnigan, who was stopped after a 2 yard gain. 186the lone bright spot in defeat, back of the year cd griffin speeds past two hapless gators during usf's "home" match with the lake mcrccd club. griffin turns the corner diving tackle halts galloping gator guard jack ahern throws gator bob lualhati for a loss on one of the few occasions the dons were able to stop him. i'm coming through! center warren francis drags down a san fran-cisco state back after a short gain with an assist from rudy lopes (28); joe napicr (35) and tony dark (20) look on. the dons dropped the game to state 48-22, but for a few lapses on defense the hilltoppcrs played the gators to almost a standstill. 187league action vigilant vigilante haflback john me caulcy leap high to gather in a pan over the outstretched arms of caballcro ernie vivas, me caulcy's efforts were in vain, as the caballcros overpowered the vigilantes, 28-0, in the first meeting of the two teams. vigilantes corral a Caballero Rang tackling was one of the main reasons the vigilantes were able to upset the heavily favored Caballeros, 8-0, in the championship game, pictured above, joel momsen and another unidentified vigilante team to bring down the cab's tony dark. coach mac kenzie's pre-game instructions coach robert c. "sarge" maekenxic gives final words of advice to vigilante gridders john strain and john hennessy prior to their championship game with the caballcros. coach mackcnzic, the man who conceived the entire usf intramural system and is the driving force behind it, deserves a special tribute for his self-sacrificing efforts, besides being the usf grid mentor, "sarge" is also a professor of political science, a scout for the Cleveland browns, and the father of a large family, this year, without personal gain, without the aid of assistant coaches, and often without thanks, robert mackcnxie moulded some 55 players into team, which brought the hilltop it first gridiron victories since the sport was dropped in 1951. the student body owes a great debt of gratitude to "sarge" mackenzie.finnigan on the moue ♦he league's leading ground gainer jerry finnigan of the Caballeros demonstrates the speed which enabled him to amass 242 yards rushing this season, vigilante's john hennessy 25• and russ graff 1 5 close in to try and stop the hard-charging finnigan. a vigilante bites the dust vigilante halfback bert ripple is brought to earth by caballcro ed o'rcilly and an unidentified player, tony smith '26', russ graff 15 , jack ahern '65'» tom rich '88', and mike gregor 231 arc interested onlookers. 189faces on the field jll-lcjguc caballcro halfback jerry finnigan all-league vigilante guard bill ferrero caballcro tackle pete orth kneeling: john strain, don stenson, byron smith. vigilante tackle john hennessy standing: joel momten and bert ripple. all-league grey fog guard john quilici all-league caballcro quarterback tony chrkall-league vigilante halfback john me cauley all-league caballero tackle tom norton vigilante quarterback ruts graff the situation for next year looks promising, the entrance of santa clara into the program, coupled with several games already on the schedule, should increase the number of football players who don the green and gold, these men along with a fine nucleus of returning gridders such as cutler, me caulcy, napicr, hennessy, orth, norton, ahearn, smith, momsen, and a flock of others, including 230 pound rene bourdet, who was injured in the treasure island game, should give "sarge's charges" a team, which will greatly improve on the '58 tally. all-league vigilante end bill cutler caballero guard john arnold all-league caballero end bob rocmerbaseball is the sport of spring and certain young men and their coach are, indeed, dedicated to this sport, they win their fair share of ball games and play a gruelling schedule and few fans watch their effects, and again this season the baseball nine under the gifted guidance of "dutch" anderson won more than they lost, but what is of far greater importance, they showed many that college baseball is not dead on the hilltop, and it is of endless surprise to many fans that year after year, usf turns out top flight baseball squads, and it is, indeed, a surprise to the students themselves who have their time and energies filled with the things of spring. outfield: bernie wend, cf; wait chapman. If; chic wallgren, rf. coach john "dutch" anderson 192 infield: john mccarthy, 2b; al kirkes, 3b; ray williamson, lb; george cabral, ss; jim bareau, ss. catchers: bill cutler, john mccaulcy. pitchers: hank Oliver, bob mclaughlin, pat maudsloy, tom passalacqua. pitchers: ken stone, dennis amundson, john o'ncil, john to a bad start. the picture of phil woolpert standing on crutches demonstrates effectively the bad luck which plagued the hilltop five from the start of the season to its tragic end. the dons started off on the "wrong foot" and were never able to get back in step. I I 194 1958-1959 varsity basketball team — kneeling, left to right: bob norton, charlcy range, ron cox, don drinon, davc lillevand. standing, manager sal fish, cd slcvin, bernie Schneider, fred lacour, mike prcascau, jerry robinson, john Cunningham, george jcrcich, don moses, coach phil woolpert. sr itnoflgrthe tragic era "the ingredients that go to make up an athlete" arc equal parts of talent, determination, coaching, and desire." these words of pop warner are truer today than when he spoke them to jim thorpe many years ago before the indian great amazed an athletic world on the Olympic cinders, no team or individual can hope to achieve success unless possessed, in at least an equal distribution, of the four qualities mentioned above and usf's 1958-59 baskctballcrs have been a tragic example of this fact. super laden with the finest coaching in the business, chuck full of desire and determination, the dons of '59 faced the toughest basketball schedule in hilltop history minus their share of the talent, it became an interesting, exciting, but tragic year for the dons. even as clgin baylor's 35-foot jumper swished the cow palace net on march 14, 1958 to give the Seattle chieftains a 69-67 ncaa regional victory, usf proponents knew that it was not true that the don era of basketball had ended, on that evening when phil woolpert's dons suffered their first regional tournament loss, one merely had to glance at the roster of returning veterans and upcoming frosh to realize that the era was not over, only slowed down somewhat. but the truth was that the russell-jones-farmcr-brown days of hilltop basketball had become history and that a new sense of athletic glory and achievement was rising on the horizon. filing from the cow palace that rainy march evening usf fans recounted the names of john Cunningham, davc lillcvand, bob radanovich, jerry robinson, bill connolly, whose abilities on a basketball court would personify and shine beside the height of art day and scoring power of fred lacour. then there would be the strength from jv stars jim moya, don motes, gcorge jercich, leroy jones, bob norton, ed slevin and bemie schncider to go with frosh stars ron cox, dave hinds and charley range as well as jc transfer danny drinon. and to top the list would be the return of mike preaseau, a veteran of the 1956 ncaa playoffs, it didn't matter what the press said, things looked good for the dons. but fate will have its way and the era ended, first came the news that the 6-9 day was being dropped from the university for disciplinary reasons, then fabulous frcddic lacour, usf's one candidate for all-american honors was scholastically incligable until the beginning of the spring semester, after fourteen games had entered the record books, and finally, the year layoff had hurt preaseau more than had been planned and the hearty forward from redding sat out a good portion of the season with an injured pride before roaring back for a champion's finish. tho talent was gone and only bare ability with an abundance of heart and determination was left to compliment one of the most prolific demonstrations of coaching basketball fans have seen in many a day. with little effort woolpert's stalwarts opened the 1958-59 campaign dec. 1, downing chico state, 61-34 and then returned home to dedicate their new million dollar memorial gymnasium. dedication night offered a preview of things to come in basketball, scores, and officiating, before a jam packed house of 6,000 tho dons outhustlcd, outplayed, and outgunned the chieftains of Seattle to revenge the bayor-led murder of the year before, but fell victims to the same fate, 60-58. This time the back breaking two points came from the fingertips of francis saunders, clgin baylor's cousin, with three seconds remaining, the dons had literally dominated the scene until the closing minutes and the tears that flowed were justified as they were a few days later when woolpert's young men took it on the chin from texas Christian, 58-56 and kansas state, 53-52. After the Seattle contest usf moved across the bay to give California golden bear mentor pete newell his first win over a phil woolpert coached five, 50-43. it was a bad night for the locals who just couldn't match the bears' height or shooting consistency. a few nights later the green and gold tasted victory for the first time since the season opener at chico by nosing out wichita, 47-46. once more preaseau sparked things while robinson and hinds, subbing for the injured Cunningham pulled down the rebounds, lillevand camo alive as did ron cox, who shown so brilliantly against Seattle, and the dons had a balanced performance for a win. then started a five-game losing streak that didn't end until january 3, when the locals had to fight all the way to turn away their cross-town rivals, san francisco state, 73-63. first it was Stanford in memorial gym, 53-45, in a miserable usf showing, then three in the all-college tournament at Oklahoma city, the host team did the trick, 72-64, followed by Oregon, 64-53, and wichita took revenge, 86-68. from the tourney where the dons had been champs the year previous they traveled to st. louis where former usf hoop ace john bonnington's club had no mercy with his old school, 6°-42. the west coast athletic conference opened at san jose with a big bang—right in the dons' faces, santa clara, behind frank sobrero and mel prescott, handed the green and golders a 60-54 dumping in spite of an excellent scoring performance by the sophomore charley range, the next night the dons took anothor win. this time the victim was hapless san jose state, 51-46, but the wcac pride was short lived, for four weeks later the same spartans, the weak sisters of the league presented the dons a 48-45 upset loss. with the san jose win fred lacour returned to the lineup but the damage was done, many expected fantastic things from freddie and he gave it to them in one of the finest performances of a usf baskctballer. running up the highest scoring percentage since bill russell, fred scored on 77 of 195 field goals for 39.5 and hitting the mark on 51 of 59 free throw attempts, the 6-4 junior recorded 205 points for a 17.1 average in only 12 games, his scoring was second only to cunning-hans' 13.3, 3.32 point season, fred's play was brilliant, however, he joined a club that had suffered too many close setbacks and had not improved with the season, all the desire was there but a bit of the determination seeped away with the 2 and 3 point losses, memorial gym was nick-named "heartbreak alley" and the name stuck for the remainder of the season. fred joined the club in time to travel to Seattle for another chieftain win, this time, 80-62 and a 71-58 loss to Utah at salt lake, back in "heartbreak alley" the dons went into overtime behind a 24 point performance by freddie and a shining rebounding gamo by Cunningham before being edged by the wcac champs, the st. mary's gaols, jim weaver's moragans were in sheer panic most of the way but shook it off to outclass the green and gold with just too much talent, two weeks later on feb. 17, with the home court advantage, the gaels proved just how tough they were and ran away with a 91-53 victory. after the first st. mary's game the dons headed for Stockton and the cop tigers gave the visitors little respect and another loss—57-43. in the return match radanovich, lacour, Cunningham, cox, lillevand and company were never in trouble while they dumped the college of pacific, 68-60. pepperdinc, traditionally an easy usf pushover, was just the opposite in '59 as they drubbed the dons, 62-53 and 83-63. in the first encounter lacour established a gymnasium record for memorial hoopsters to shoot for by netting 30 points, loyola offered the dons formidable opposition in los angcles and took a 60-53 decision but finished second best in san francisco. it was a 63-59 victory for the dons over loyola's lions that ended a seven-game losing streak that had begun with the second Seattle loss. the final contest of the season was the heartbreaker to end all. a win over santa clara in the finale, march 4, would have meant some sort of icing for a poorly baked cake, but the broncos and the officials were not to be denied, trailing all the way until the final three minutes, the broncs hit on every free throw they were given (and they were given plenty) to win it going away, 70-64. no, the season didn't end as was expected, usf finished with six wins and twenty losses, phil woolpert and usf had gone through the worst season in their basketball histories, but the hilltop had witnessed a fight against unsurmountablc odds, the talent was scarce and the guts plentiful, they fought all the way and earned every bit of praise that could be offered.a little too late, don forward bob dadanovich goes high trying to block a shot by Seattle's "sweet'' charlic brown, however, the smooth performing brown managed to score and led his chieftain teammates to a thrilling 60-58 win. something to cheer about, led by fred la cour, who is pictured above scoring 2 of his 24 points, the dons came within a single tally, 64-63, of upsetting the champion st. mary's gacls. 196 no you don't! little davc lillevand, sparkplug of the dons all season, scrambles after a loose ball with giant gacl tom mcschcry; rugged davc got it.first win. davc hinds, substituting for injured john Cunningham, pushes up a shot over a husky wichita defender dave lillcvand and bob dadanovich took on. the hilltoppers finally managed to win one in their own gym, beating the wheat-shockers, 47-46. Cunningham vs. mcschery. in a titanic struggle for control of the backboards, john Cunningham battled with the gad's mcschery all evening, at the end of the contest Cunningham was the winner, capturing 20 rebounds to meschery's 18. the story of the season, a taller Seattle player has just taken a rebound despite the heroics of hilltop forward mike prea-seau. in almost every game this year, the dons were faced with a great height disadvantage which pure courage and determination could not overcome.the end. the look of frustration and disappointment is written on the faces of john Cunningham (10), charlcy range (32), and fred lacour (21), as they watch davc lillc-vand struggling vainly with gaol dick sigaty to gain posssession of the ball, this action took place in the closing seconds of the game with st. mary's leading by a single point. the players and fans departed; the season completed; the gym stands dark and silent, a lonely janitor pushes his mop before him, sweeping up the remnants of the shattered dreams of victory.varsity, left to right: al pcgucros wilils casey, rich flocchini, cd pryal, john krebscr leapt.), john clmcr. the most exclusive club on campus had another successful season this year, the usf rifle club, a very exclusive organization, is composed of a few select individuals who arc interested in target shooting, they compete on the collegiate level, meeting such teams as California, Stanford, and santa clara. the squad is also entered in the city league competition, the varsity fires in the "b" section and the freshmen in the "c" section. in past years usf has had one of the top rifle teams in the country, in fact it placed third in collegiate competition in the nation last year, like the basketball team the rifle squad fell upon hard times this year and while still successful, it has not attained provious high standards. this year's squad is led by president and captain john krcslcr. other members of the squad include tim brophy, willis casey, richard flocchini, al pegueros and cd pryal. john clmer, a part time student, won all-american honors for the dons. team number 2 — front row, left to right: frank fochr, jim babich, cliff hughes, dermis baskin, paul ross. back row: ernie schoene, daryl cano, joc carson, philip imos, dennis green, lou prusinouski, jack vidosh.terry gleason hjrold villavcccs don Hcngchold larry brownc tony njoky 200 bob vcrzcllo george rowanmilestones: 1912—saint ignatius college, which is now located at hayes and shrader, opens its doors to the first evening division students, this small, select group consists of junior college graduates attending law school. 1924—the evening division expands, and students can now earn a bachelor's degree in commercial science. 1930—saint ignatius college becomes the university of san francisco, at the request of the city of san francisco, in this, the diamond anniversary of the institution. 1941-5—world war ii depletes the evening division, except for government sponsored programs. 1946—returning veterans swell the ranks, and enrollment reaches an unheard of 400. This is to mark the beginning of a new era in adult, evening education. 1955—father gerald a. segrue, s.j., is appointed director of the evening division as the university celebrates its centennial anniversary. enrollment is at an all time high of 1500. 1959—graduating evening division seniors are at a new peak, in the university's 100th class, enrollment now is an unbelievable 2500 students, from its obscure beginning 47 years ago, the evening division has grown to be recognized as one of the finest of its kind, it ranks as one of two major universities of the west coast that offers a complete four year college curriculum.gcrald jugruc, f.j. director evening division mr. donald j. schl assistant director evening division dear graduates: to many a college education is a normal thing gained without too great a struggle, to others it is a great attainment that means years of hardship, sacrifice, and putting aside the normal relaxed pursuits after the working day is done, these "others" when night falls attend college classes to better themselves for their place in society, in industry, and in life. we think these "others", the evening division graduates of 1959 are a very special, wonderful group of young men and women, they have gained their college degree by sacrificing their evenings to study and the college classroom. At the same time they have maintained their place in the working world family. they have chosen the better thing, their higher education; and even though the cost to themselves has been high, they have followed their course with wonderful motivation and determination. the university of san francisco is proud to number this "group" of evening division students among its graduates as it knows quite well that they have received a well-rounded education and deeply appreciate the degree they have worked so hard to gain, it knows also that they will in the future be very loyal sons and daughters of this university and champions of the catholic education they have received. sincerely, fr. gcrald sugrue, s.j. directorw. e. "skip" macdonald president john dcmarchi vice-president edith v. k. arky secretary.treasurer student council left to right: sitting, james rohner, alien storx, ardycc rooncy, robert burgraff. standing, w. a. beaver, advisor; charlcs browno, george thoroman, advisor, not pictured, verne sclvy. nite-owl left to right: sitting, rose ann Icachman, ardycc rooncy, minda y. madcraxo. standing, robert burggraf, Charles browno, w. a. beaver, advisor. the don verne sclvy editor evening division bob biggers assistant editor evening divisionrobert j. alden finance kenneth c. brahm marketing ted conway philosophy william r. etnyre finance frank j. balcstrieri management eilccn f. ccdrun foreign trade george h. cope transportation william j. fass marketing robert g. biggers management ju-ken chon political science joseph dominquex accounting csthcr a. hcaley cnglish loron j. bradford accounting robert paul colin marketing frank r. dunn, jr. management rudolph hernandez accountinggcorgc s. iwai finance gino a. mannicci political science yadullah motarjcmi economics david g. owcn finance volncy d. lang history martin mccuc marketing cascy r. nix industrial relations m. j. "pat" padalino management cvans carrera lowc economics robert j. medonagh marketing richard v. nuttman marketing william v. parkcr management frank lujan philosophy judd r. mckay marketing lux r. orbeta foreign trado lux pcralta managementarthur h. scoggin marketing milton r. sinsons management matao usui foreign trade bertha blaskovich accounting certificate james rohner political science vernon f. selvy, jr. management adolphus thomas english richard a. wall industrial relations robert j. pfarr management fred. e. seibert, jr. finance Charles pivnick political science edwin j. scim finance not available for picture: lawrcncc arky donna budisclich richard dickens william dwycr waiter a. fernandez John gallaghcr charges hawkins randolph hill herman o. kuehlcr virgilio lobregat waiter mahoney irving marblestone donald mcfarlanc robert michalske james moclk mar go moreault warren ray ernest salomono michacl sanguinetti william a. slavik bernard valdez john warren jerry watson peter zasso wayne c. smith philosophy john a. vanucci english manuel e. sison management certificate allan r. storz accounting william c. vernon political science william a. teismann management certificateIcfl to tight: dr. c. j. griffin, w. m. Sullivan, dr. j. d. hicks, moderator, dr. c. gclin.ii a. tanner. dear nite-owlers: "too little, too late" is an oft used expression, it particularly applies to the evening division section of "the don" this year. regretfully, only half of the graduates' pictures are shown and a small part of the activities included. sparks of initiative and enthusiasm have shown some deep roots in a few dedicated people, they cannot carry on alone, without universal cooperation and participation, the strides made this year could easily fade into oblivion. university life is more than book learning; it is a series of friendships, activities and intellectual achievement, to those of you who will return to our alma mater, we urge that you take a more active part in student affairs for yourselves and the school. to those who are graduating, hard work and perseverance has brought a rich reward; congratulations! to those who have worked so hard to make the c. d. year a successful one and one of which we can be very proud, I would like to express appreciation from all of us and my sinccrcst, thank you"! verne selvy, editor, evening division 207 margaret alien, bill beaver, paul collcfi, and no» shown carmcl gannon.ntLLU MUM! I WAo f-ttLIRb A BRIGHTEN UP YOUR WHOLE DAY. AND IT COSTS $0 LITTLE. Pacific Telephone Carcw English FUNERAL DIRECTORS Leo V. Carew, President SAN FRANCISCO'S MOST BEAUTIFUL ESTABLISHMENT Barrett Construction Co. School years are discovery years. Perhaps you have discovered a savings account and a good hanking connection can he a key to success, both now and in the future. Young people like you. as well as older folks, call on Crocker-Anglo for financial service and advice. Let Crocker-Anglo, California's longest established national hank, he a key to your success. 13 Offices Serving San Francisco MASONIC AND GOLDEN GATE AVENUES Telephone: Fillmore 6-2414 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

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