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 THE DON 1957 PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO MIKE REARDON Editor-m-Chicf GERRY GLASS Business Manager LLOYD BURNS, S.J. Moderatorstudent moulded to the image of his creator, developed in his entirety, instilled with culture, and trained for citizenship for time and eternity. M en riveted to the ideals of truth and tolerance are not wrought without much loving sacrifice. | evotion and sacrifice are gifts of the Jesuit Faculty in the moulding of the Christian mind. It is in return for these gifts that we gratefully dedicate this work. cdly devotion is not enough in the administering of a dedicated University; it is to the generosity of its benefactors that a University is indebted, and it is to these benefactors that we hereby dedicate this book. i'13520 NOIXTABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY............6 STUDENT BODY. . . 16 CAMPUS LIFE ... 72 ORGANIZATIONS . . 88 ATHLETICS .... 112 ACTIVITIES INDEX 134 160 5father rector REV. WILLIAM TOBIN, S.J. My Dear Graduates. Many years of toil and labor have been poured into the building of the mind of Catholic Youth. You are the heirs of a grand tradition. You have now earned the proud title of graduate; wear it worthily. The Faculty and the Benefactors of the University have given you the fruits of their toil, and they are worthwhile efforts. The University has progressed from a few brick buildings to its promising campus with a beautiful new men's dormitory and a new library. The future is even brighter with the long awaited construction of a Gymnasium and a much-needed Faculty Residence. In all this splendor is the constant care of souls and God alone can measure the wonderful spiritual success of the last one hundred years. Let us thank God and His Blessed Mother for the accomplishment of the past. Let us pray that in our future years we may. in our every action, give greater glory to God. 6 REV. WILLIAM TOBIN. S.J.FATHER PRESIDENT REV. JOHN CONNOLLY, S.J. My Dear Graduates, Traditionally, a yearbook is a commemoration of the events of an academic year. However, in these few pages, it is possible only to sketch the vital life of the University. The details must be provided in the years to come. Then you will linger over the pictures of the clubs to which you belonged, the activities in which you took part, the games you v on and lost. A feeling of gratitude will come to you as you realize the interplay of personalities and events which have led to your personal development; the college associations which have effected your growth as a person. You will regard the pictures of the faculty and perhaps for the first time their worth will be realized by you, their former student. Then it will be that you will take account of the unselfish dedication of the Lay Faculty who came to the classroom although other pursuits beckoned — and taught you so that you might be an educated citizen. Then it will be that you realize the devotion of the Jesuit Faculty who, forsaking the world and its attractions, spent arduous years preparing to teach you, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. If, as you peruse these pages a decade from now, you are a stable, informed Catholic, mindful of your obligations to man and to God, then you will know that you have joined in the sacrifices offered by the Jesuit Faculty. In these pages, you will behold the spires of St. Ignatius Church and, although you may have traveled to distant lands, all that is epitomized in those spires will return to you. For those spires are a bridge pointing to the heart of your University and directing you, her sons and daughters, to Eternity. May this chronicle be for you a rich font of memories and may God bless you now and in the future. REV. JOHN CONNOLLY. S.J. FR. GERALD SUGRUE. S.J. Director, Evening Division FR. PAUL HARNEY. S.J. Director, Graduate Division ADMINISTR Chairman, Counseling bureau FR. RAYMOND FEELY, S.J. Academic Vice-President FR. ROBERT McMAHON, S.J. Foreign Student Adviser DR. AUGUSTINE DONOGHUE Director of AdmissionsFR. FRANCIS CALLAHAN, S.J. Director of Development FRANCIS R. WALSH Dean, Law School tive heads FR. FRANCIS MOORE. S.J. Dean of Students FR. WILLIAM RYAN, S.J. Chaplain MR. WILLIAM DILLON Registrar FR. JAMES CORBETT Secretary-T reasurerCOLLEGE OF EDMOND SMYTH. S.J. Dean, College of Liberal Arts EUIGE SANDRI. Ph.D. Chairman, Language Department ALBERT CORCORAN. S.J. Chairman, Philosophy Department RICHARD MULCAHY, S.J. Chairman, Economics Department TIMOTHY MoDONEl I.. S.J. Chairman, Political Science Department JOHN COLEMAN. S.J. Chairman, English Department WILLIS EGAN. S.J. Chairman, Theology Department DONALD CAMPBELL. Ph.D. Chairman, History Department 10 HiiiiiilmLIBERAL ARTS EDWARD BRUSHER Philosophy LLOYD BURNS. S.J. 1.4 tin RAYMOND COPELAND. S.J. Theology JOHN FERGUSON. S.J. Philotophy MAC HULL English JOSEPH KEANE. S.J. hrotogy JOHN McGLOIN. S.J. History RAYMOND McGROREY, S.J. Philosophy GIACINTO MATTEUCIG. PH.D. Spanish JAMES MENARD. S.J. Theology CURT REUSS Get man JOHN COLEMAN. S.J. English JOHN COLLINS. S.J heology THOMAS FIORE. PH.D. Political Science JOHN GEARY. S.J. Latin JOHN 1.0 SCHIAVO. S.J. Philosophy ROBERT MkKENZIE Political Science ROBERT McMAHON. S.J. Philosophy ROBERT MALONEY. S.J. English JOHN MOOT . S.J. Philosophy OTTO MORGFNSTERN. PHD. Economic• WILLIAM RYAN. S.J. 7 heolog y CARLOS SANCHEZ. Ph D Spanish II CARLO ROSSI. S.J. FrenchRICHARD SC ANN Fit. S.J. Theology WALLACE SEATON Enghih RALPH FICHENOR. S.J. Philo tophi RICHARD VAUGHAN. S.J. Ptythology EUGENE ZIMMERS. S.|. Philotophy PETER DUNNE. S.J. Iliiloty (OntAtril l». I9J?) COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RICHARD MULCAHY. S.J. Atiing Dean. College of Bmtinen AJmimthalion EDWARD GRIFFIN (.hairman. l eather Training Program ROBERT MACK I lanipoilation THOMAS MAR I IN Marketing JOSEPH SIMINI Aeeounting JOHN IIVM V SJ RFV. KIARNFY IU |AM I. OTAMtEIJ. SJ. Aiii Chtplmm 12 V COLLEGE OF SCIENCE EDMOND SMYTH, S.J. Dean, College of Science JOHN BRILLHART Mathematics MELVIN GORMAN. Ph.D. Chemistry RALPH HILLSMAN Biology WILLIAM MARONEY, Ph.D. Chairman, Chemistry Department JOHN FISCHER. S.J. Chairman, Mathematics Department NAND KISHORE Mathematics KAREL MALINOVSKY Physics GEORGE SAPHIR, Ph.D. Physics THOMAS SAUNDERS. S.J. Mathematics RICHARD THOMAS Physics EOI.A WOOLLEY. Ph.D. Biology KARL WAIDER Chairman, Physics Department 13 W SB —L? ' v“ A MM UPH - T Of nn 1 ? 5 j O I Csl IISIV tk I Idjsof IS AVtKIVJ AaMII i S IS H i ndis jhiu iv _ js sa.ia.vivs isvi i ii a (vis 1 YUXI.O 1,1 Vd AdVO •SOI VkV I ISVI I ll.» I.IVJ nosnho a.iiiiav vis NV.vil IIVII lldasof IS jaoo Msvai jos is aavo jaatioa ios is SISOIVH A VO Al 1 l ll)P I pup KlPlip y fo lUHjfoiJ oisiaO iSoaAts ibo frl 30N3I0S AHYII3IW JO IN3WIHYd3a jjpj PPH.) Pup IPutttrw vxiz Aavis as Xuitin ‘ PtiXmx pup jpupjfy viatvs Aavis as Xutfiitsj ' iipj I MoxiionvN ah, ia k-lcutj I 1 1(1 pup UOIIIIIHSJ aana iis Aavis Jim Ry P iXifi pup IPfipjfy aidsx i no a 11 a j. iba vis XuifiN.V 'N"d SVIIVO 3NIIM.ISO fp i3i»y Put' lp,!PJIV vivau Aavis as Xuit ia ’ fo jX no ) 'up (I Xuijty v HJ.avw Aavis as ONISHflN JO 3033300s T U D E N T B O D YSTUDENT GOVERNMENT AL BORO President, A SUSP Fellow Dons: To those of us who are leaving our University, it is both a sad and joyous occasion. Sad because we are leaving the Hilltop, a place ever close to our hearts. It is a joyous event, however, for we have successfully completed the fine training which the Jesuit Fathers have provided for us. Today, as we depart from our Alma Mater, we take with us many friendships which have been founded during our college life here at the University of San Francisco. Friendships acquired during a college career are of a caliber that cannot be duplicated, for they are molded at a time in our lives when friendships are cherished the most. To those of you who will return to the University, we leave you with regret; yet knowing that you will carry on the fine tradition and spirit that has existed here for the past century. To each of you partaking in your student body-sponsored activities, your student body officers are deeply grateful. We, who are graduating, are leaving USF with many fond memories and high hopes for USF's future. 18 Sincerely AL BORO President, ASUSFJACK HEINSUIS t reasurer, ASUSF JIM CARA Senior Delegate, NFCCS BOB BIANCO Vice-President, ASUSF RAY CASAUDOUMECQ Chairman. IISC BOB PODESTA Secretary, ASUSF GAMES COMMITTEE: center, Rey Bianchi. Kneeling, left to right: Mike Lynch, John Warren, Frank Coughlin, Larry Browne, Jim Gallagher, Gene Peltier, Ernie Bonelli, Bill Gahr. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE—Sitting, left to right: Dick Melo, Frank Trumbower, George Bianchi. Dick Oxsen. Standing: Guy Lounibos, Bob Bianco, Brian Daly.CLUB PRESIDENTS’ COUNCIl First row, left to right: Al Boro, John Doty, Jim Cara, Pete Keegan, Paul Capitolo, Don De Martini, Larry Collins, Ken Sullivan. Second row: Fr. Moore, S.J.. Jim Casassa, Alex Labrador, Bob Forni, Bob Kearns, Dick Melo, Walt O’Donnell, George Bianchi, Tony Ramirez. Third row: Bill Silva. Bill Ferrero, Bill Boland. Jack Doherty, Bob Fcrrera, Bill Alioto, Bill Fennone, Charlie Colety, Chuck Falcone. STUDENT COURT—Left to right: Brian Daly, Bob Gadas, Bill Alioto, Paul Capitolo, Alvin Wolfe.DANCE COMMITTEE—First row, left to right: Herm Papa, Tom Leahy, Bob Dell’Artino. Second row: Bill Fennonc, Ed Griffin, Tim O’Leary, Urie Walsh. BOARD OF STUDENT CONTROL—First row, left to right: Howard Hill, Mike Johnson, Bill Silva, Ken Sullivan, Jerry Crowley, Ed Ravizza, Dick Burke, Boh Lambing, Dave Lewis. SPIRIT SQUAD—First row, left to right, song girls: Wilma Hastings, Bing Montgomery, Sue Wallace, Marty Fracisco. Second row: Bob Anton-son. Head Yell Leader; Marsha Mitchler, Don Dresel, Yell Leader.PUBLICITY COMMITTEE—Left to right: Ed Raviua, Bill Silva, Charles Shaddle, Bob Moratio, Dick Lim, Mr. Simini. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMMITTE—First row, left to right: Dick Mclo, Frank Trumbower, George Bianchi, Dick Oxsen. Second row: Guy Lounibas, Bob Bianco, Brian Daly.s E TOM MATTHEWS Representative RAY DOHERTY Secretary N I DICK SKIDMORE Representative JACK KING Vice-President 24 DAVE CERINI PresidentPHILLIP APPLEBAUM. Physics; Bio. Chcm I. 2. 3. 4; Math Club 2. 3: RHlo Too in 3. 4. FREDERICK AMADOR. Accounting; Vatsity Hillo Team I, 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma Pi I, 2. 3. WILLIAM ALIOTO. Political Scionco; Chtel Justtco. Student Court 4; President. Pi Sigma Alpha 4; Sophomore Class President; Foghorn 3. 4; Philhistonans 2; Alpha Delta Gamma 3. 4; Vice-President -4; St. Ives 3. 4; Who's Who in American Colleges 4. RONALD AVAN7.INO. Accounting. Varsity Goll 2. 3. 4; Intramural Football 3, 4; Intramural Baskotbalt 2, 3. 4; Alpha Delta Gamma; Maraschi Club; Student Residence Council 2. RONALD ARROYO. English; Quar torly 2, 3; Editor 4; Foqhotn 3. 4; IRC 2. 3; Music Workshop 2. 3. 4; Pep band 2, 3; Intramural Baskot-ball 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM ARATA. JR.. Marketing; Varsity Baseball I, 2. 3. 4; Marketing Club 2. 3, 4; Maraschi Club 3. 4; Block SF 3. 4; Residence Council I; Senior Dance Committee 4. GABRIEL BARRAS. Accounting; Mar-koting Club 3. STEVE BALCHIOS. History; History Club 1; Basketball I. 2. 3; Block SF 2, 3; Bota Phi Sigma. PAUL BAILEY. English; Freshman Class Secrctury Treasurer; Pi Delta Pi 3; Scabbard and Blado 4. FRANK BATLIN. Political Scionco; Pi Sigma Alpha 4 EUGENE BARRON. English RICHARD BARRETT. Industrial Relations; Clanna Erioanna 1. 2; Marketing Club 3 25ALBERT BEHRENHOFF. Electronic Physics, PHILIP BELL. Marketing; Ritlo Team I; Glob .' and Anchor 3. 4. 5: Mat-koting Club 3, A; Veterans' Club 3. A. WILLIAM BIGARANI. Political Serenes; Varstty Soccor I. 2. 3. 4: Block SF 1. 2. 3. A ERNEST BONELU, Chemistry; Ritle Team I. 2; Games Committee -S; Bio-Chom Club I, 2. 3. 4; Maraachi Club I; Wasmann Club 3. 4. ALBERT BORO. A ccounting; A.S.U.S.F. President 4. Treasurer 3; Class Representative 2; Delta Sigma Pi 1. 2. 3. 4; Alpha Sigma Mu 4; Alpha Delta Gamma 2. 3, 4; Si Ives Law Club 3. 4; International Relations Club !. 2. 3. 4; Propeller Club I. 2; Mardi Gras 1. 2, 3. 4; Chairman Leadership Conference 3; Who's Who in American Collcgos 4. ROBERT BRACHETTA. Marketing; Varsity Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4, Captain 4, All-Conference 4; Varsity Baseball I. 2. 3. 4; Frosh Basketball Captain; Muraschi Club 2, 3, President 4. DOMINIC BRECANTE. Marketing; Marketing Club 3. 4. STEPHEN BROPHY. Mathematics; Sigrna Phi Omega 3. EDWARD BROWN. History; Rrflo Team 4; Educalron Club 4; Football 4; History Club 2. FRANCIS BRUNOLLI. History; Gaines Committee 3; Track 1; Frosh Initiation Committee 3. THOMAS BURNS. Business Administration; Vototonx’ Club 3. 4; Marketing Club 4 PAUL CAP1TOLO. English; Sanctuary Society 1. 2. 3. President 4; Kappa Lambda Sigma. Archon 3. 4; Publicity Commute- 3; Quarterly 3; Stud-.-nt Court ot Justice 4; Club Presidents' Council 4; Who's Who in American Colleges 4. 26DONALD CASTAGNETTO. Philoso- Bhy; Frosh Fandango Cominlltoe; laraschi Club 1, 2. RAYMOND CASAUDOUMECO. Ac- counting; Delta Sigma Pi I, 2, 3. 4; Alpha Dolta Gamma 2, 3. 4: Boaid ol Student Control 3, Chairman 4; Who's Who in American Colleges 4, JAMES CARA. English; Maraschl Club 1. 2; Propollor Club I. 2; Alpha Dolta Gamma 3. 4: St. Ivos Law Club 4; Publicity Committee. Chairman 3; N.r.C.C.S. Senior Delogato 4; Who's Who in Amorican Colleges 4 RICHARD CHILDS. Industrial Relations; Globe and Anchor Club 3; Marketing Club 4; Veterans' Club 4. WALTER CHANG. Finance; Football 4. DAVID CERINI. Marketing: Senior Class President; Class Representative 3; Delta Stgma Pi 1. 2. 3. 4; Marketing Club 3, 4: Who's Who in American Colleges 4. BERNARD CLAVERE. Finance; Mardi-Gras Committee 3. 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Exclusive Committee. THOMAS CLARK. Transportation; Collego Players 3; Marketing Club 4; Football 4; Matdt-Gfas Committee 3. MANUEL CHUAKAY. Finance. THOMAS COLEMAN. Industrial Rela-lions. IRMA COBOS. Nursing Education. CHARLES CLINTON. Latin; Philhis-torians 4; Collego Players 4; Quarterly 4. 27CHARLES COLETY. Acer unti:;.); Delia Sigma Pi 2. 3. President 4; Student Loan Administrator 2. 3; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Who's Who in Anglican Colleges 4 DANIEL COLLINS. Marketing; Mai kotinq Club 3, 4. LAWRENCE COLLINS. Marketing; Rill- Team 1.2; Pi Delta P: 1.2. 3. President 2; Yearbook I. 2, 3; Tog-horn I. 2; Marketing Club 2. 3. 4: Scabbard and Blade 3. President 4 DAVID COMB. Industrial Relations ANTHONY COMPAGNO. Accounting; Residence Council 2; Maraschi Club 3. 4; Marketing Club 3, 4. VINCENT COSTELLO.; Intramural Football 3. 4; Intramuial Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; Intramural Bowling 3; Markoting Club 3; Propeller Club 2; Veterans' Club 2, 3. 4. GERALD CROWLEY. Biology: Yearbook 2; Foghorn 1. 2; Wolmunn Club 1. 2. 3. 4; President Clanna Eircanna 2; Junior Class Secretory-Treasurer; BioChom Club I, 2, 3, 4; Sanctuary Society 2. 3; Who's Who in American Colleges 4. JOSEPH CULL1S. Transportation; Pi Delta Pi 3; Propeller Club 3; Foghorn I. TERENCE CURRAN. English; Scco i 1. 2; Intramural Football 4; Bela Pin Sigma 3. 4; Clanna Eireorma 3; Marketing Club 3. 4 VICTOR DaCRACNANO. Electronic Physics; Bio-Chom Club I. 2. 3. 4. HARLAND DAVIS. Economics GUILLERMO DELCADILLO. Chemistry; Block SF 4; Soccer Team 3; Bio-Chem Club 4; Spanish-Ainerican Club 4 28JOHN R. DOHERTY. English; College Players 2, 3. 4; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer; Clanna Eire-arma 2; Pershing Rifles 2; Who's Who in Amorican Colleges 4. JOHN J. DOHERTY. English; foghorn I. 3. Feature Editor 2, Sports Editor 4; Varsity Baseball 3. 4; CJanna Eireanna 2. 3. President 4; Pi Delta Pi 2. 3; Club Presidents’ Council 4; Who's Who in American Colleges 4. RAMON DIAZ, Production Manage menu Varsity Soccer Team 2, 3, 4 JAMES DWYER. History; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4; History Club 2. 3; Foghorn 2. RICHARD DUFFY. Economics; Pershing Ritles 1; Sanctuary Society 1, 2; Philhistorians I, 2; St. Ives Law Club 3. 4; Clanna Eireanna 1. 2, 3. JOHN DOTY, Political Scionco; Alpha Sigma Nu 4; Foghorn 1. 2. 3. Editor 4; Collego Players 2. 3. 4; Philhis-torians 1. 2. 4. Prosidon! 4; Kappa Lambda Sigma 3. 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 4; Who’s Who in American Colleges VINCENT FERRAROTTI, Economics; Schola Cantorum 1. 2. 3. SAL FANCIULLO. Biology; Wasman Club I; Maraschl Club 1. CHARLES FALCONE. Philosophy; Varsity Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Block SF 3. 4; Club Presidents' Council 4; Music Work Shop 1. 2. 3. 4; Maraschl Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Pop Band 1. 2. 3. 4 JOHN FLYNN. Finance; Marketing Club 2. 4; Intramural Baseball 1; Clanna Eireanna I. JOHN FERRO. History; Sodality 2, 3; Historical Society 3, President 4. WILLIAM FERRERO. Mathematics; Yoarbook 2; Math Club 2. President 4; Intramural Football 2. 4 29t I I ROBERT FOLEY, Marketing: Marketing Club 3. 4: Intramural Basketball 3; Intramural Football 4. ROBERT FORNI, Business Administration; Pershing Rilles I. 2; F.I.C. 2. 3; Club Presidents' Council 4; Marketing Club 4: Murdt Gras Com-mitten 4 RONALD FRASER. Marketing; Mar kvting Club 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 2. 3. SAMUEL FUNG. Physics EMIL GABRIEL. History: Soccer 2. 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2. 3; Bicycle Club 3. 4. ROBERT GADAS. Accounting; St Ive Law Club 3. President 4; Delta Sigma Pi 3, 4; Student Court 4: Veterans' Club 2, 3. 4; Globe and Anchor Society 2. 3; Who's Who in American College 4. DOUGLAS GARRETT. Economic . ALAN GHIRARDELLI. Economics; Pershing Rilles 1. 2, 3; Rill© Team 2. 3. 4 WILLIAM CLEASON. Marketing; Marketing Club. President 4; Presidents' Council. President 4; Intramural Basketball 4. EDWARD GONSALVES. History: Wasrnann Biological Society 1. 2; Bio-Chemical Socioty 4; Mardi Gras Commute© 4 JOSE CONZALEZ. Business Administration; Hispanic-Amortcan Club 2. 3. President 4; Soccer Team I. 2, 3, 4 30 JOHN GUENZA, JR.. Finance; Maraschl Club 4; Marketing Club 4 ERWIN HANSEN. Accounting; Dolta Stgrnu Pi 2, 3. 4; Veterans' Club 3, 4; Intramural Football 3, 4. FERNANDO GUMUCIO. Business Ad-ministration; Varsity Soccor 1; International Rolalions Committee 1. 2, 4; Spanish-American Club 2. 3. 4; Residence Representative 2 RONALD GUEST, Industrial Manage ment; Pershing Rifles I. 2; Military Ball Committee I. 2; Matdi Gras Committee 2. 3; Residence Representative 1, 2; Pedro Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Edny 1. 2. 3. 4 GERALD HEINZ. English; Intramural Football 2; Intramural Basketball I; Bicycle Club 4; College Players 2; Band 3. 4. JEREMY HARRISON. History; Class Roprosentative I; ASUSF Secretary 3; Chairman Leadership Convention 3; Chairman Senior Bail 4. PATRICIA HARDICAN. Nursing. CHARLES HOLL. Foreign Trade; Delta Sigma Pi 3. 4; Globe and Anchor Society 1. President 2; Propeller Club 3. CARL HESS. Accounting DOUGLAS HENRY. Acccountlnq; Forensics 1. 2. RICHARD IORI. English. JAMES HURLEY. Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi 2, 3. 4. 31 THOMAS HUMPHREYS. Producllon Management.32 LAWRENCE A. JOHNSON. Accounting; Boltci Sigma Pi 2. 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 4. BENJAMIN JORGE, Philosophy; Bio-Chcm Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Foghorn 3; Wasmann Biological Society 2. 3. 4 ROBERT KEARNS, Busitn r. Adrmni nation; Student Court 3; Veterans' Club 1. 2, 3. President 4; Delia Sigma Pi 2. 3. 4; Club Presidents' Council 4; Intramural Football 3. 4 PETER KEEGAN. History; Sanctuaiy Society, President 3; Murdi Gras 2. 3; Club I ay, Chairman 3; St. Ives Law Club 3; C.P.A.. Stci-iary 2. 3; Who's Who In American Colleges 4 JOHN KELLY, English; Pi Delta Pi 2; Clanna Elroanna 2; Veterans' Club 4. BERTRAM KENNY. English; Veterans' Club 3, 4. RAYMOND KENNY. History; Intr-i mural Basketball 2. 3, 4; Intramural Football 3; Clanr.a Eireanna 2, 3. 4. CHARLES KEYSER. Biol ly; Am- rl- can Chemical Society 4; Pershing Rilles I. President 2. JACK KING. Political Science; Alpha !1 i 3. 4; Block 3. 4; Pi Sigrnn Alpha 3, 4; Senior Class VlcuPresldenl; Varsity Basketball I, 2. 3, 4. ROBERT KING. Fnalish; Gum.-j C m-mitte- 2; N.f.C.C.S Campus Committee 2; Residence Council 3. 4; Bio-Chern 4. ROBERT KLING. Ac: lunttna; Marketing Club 3, 4; Veterans' Club 4. MAX KURTZ. Busmens Adniino.rra- tion.ROBERT LAMBING. Pi •! jv. Ford ol Student Control 3. 4; Bio-Chem Club I. 2. 3, 4; Wosn.iiui Club 1. 2, 3. 1; Intmimirol Football I; S- nlot Exclusive Committee 4; Who's Who in Amor icon Cottage 4 JESUS LALANA. Finance; Hoj, mi American Club Pmidonl 4 ALEJANDRO LABRADOR. A m- mg. Varsity S- cc. r I. 2. 3: Block SF I. 2: Pershing Rlllos I. 2. 3. 4; Philippine Club I. 2. 3. 4. President 1, 2; Club Presidents’ Council 1. 2. ROBERT LENCIONI. English; Varsily Track 2. 4; Quarterly I: Foqhom I: Pi Delta Pi 2. 3; Maraschl 1.2. 3. 4. Bicycle Club 4 RAYMOND LEAHY. Market!x-.-.y. Marketing Club 3, 4; Veterans' Club 3. 4; Delta Sigma Pi 3. 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer I. LEO LA ROCCA. Mark- ting; Varsity Baseball I. 2. 3. 4; Fresh Basketball 1; Maraschl Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Marketing Club 2. 3. 4; Block SF 3. Pinldont 4; Senior Exclusive Commuter 4 WARREN LUBICH. Biology; War-matin Club 3. President 4; Bio-Chorn Club 4 EVERETT LONG. Finance; Hist ry Club 3. 4; Marketing Club 3. 4. PAUL L ICC I A R D EL LO . P lineal Science; Glee Club 2. 3; Pershing Rifles 3; Scabbard and Blado 4.-Sodalily 1. 2. ROBERT MACHADO. Finance; Var siry Soccer 2. 3. 4; Block SF 3. 4; Hispanlc-Atneiicun Club 2. 3. 4 JAMES LYNCH, f litical Sr-nce; Pi Sigrna Alpha 3. 4 JOHN LUM. Histoty; Yearbook , 2. 3; Foghorn I. 2. 3; St. Ives Club 3. 4. Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Class Representative 1; ASUSr Historian. 33WILLIAM MAHONEY. Accounting; Votorans' Club 3. 4; Doha Siqina Pi 2, 3. 4. JOSEPH MAX, Chemistry; Bto-Chom Club 2. 3. 4 THOMAS MATTHEWS. Philosophy; Thomist 1, 2; Senior Clans Representative 4; Who's ’Who In American Colleges 4. VERNON MAXHAM. Business Admin-islration. RICHARD MAZZIN1, Political Scionco; Veterans' Club I. ROBERT McALLEN, English; Pi Della Pi 3; B.S.C. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Residence Council 4; Dance Committco 1, 2; Bicycle Club 4. JOHN MeAULIFFE. Finance; Beta Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4. DANIEL McCarthy. Industrial Relations'; Peddlers' Club 4; Intramural Football. 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 2. 3. WILLIAM McCRAITH. Philosophy; Pershing Riiles 1, 2, 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. MICHAEL McGEE. English; Alpha Delta Gamma 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Pershing Riiles I, 2; Clanna Eireanna 3. 4. FRANCIS McGOVERN. Finance. 34 JAMES McKENNA. JR.. Accounting.JOSEPH MICHALAK. Political Science; Veterans’ Club 2. 3. 4; Peddlers' Club 4. WARREN MIBACH. Political Scionco; Alpha Delta Gamma 4. THOMAS McKenzie. Economic ! Vet erans' Club 4. PETER MONAHAN. English. Class Representative 2; Kappa Lambda Sigma 3, 4; Quarterly 4 MARX MOHR. JR.. Marketing. LEONARD MISKEL. Business Administration: Marketing Club 4 MARTIN MORAN. Businoss Administration; Irish Club 1. 2; College Players 1. RICHARD MOORE. Chemistry; Golf Team I. 2. 3. 4. ROBERT MOONEY. Industrial Relations; Propellor Club 4; Alpha Delta Gamma 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM MULHOLLAND. English; Class President 1, 2; Beta Phi Sigma 3. 4; Dance Commitloo 3. 4; Basketball Manager I, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who in Amoricon Colleges 4. MORGAN BENEZRA. Accounting. 35 ROBERT MORATTO. Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4.THOMAS NELSON. History; Block SF 2. 3. 4; Fxoah Basketball; Varsity Basko shall 2. 3; History Club 1. 2: Who's Who in American Colleges 4, JAMES NEWHOFF. Marketing; Mar-koting Club 3. 4. JOSEPH NJOUKUOBt. Economics: Varsity Soccer 3, 4; All American 3. 4. JAMES O'BRIEN. Marketing; Basketball 1; Games Committee 2. 3; Marketing Club 3. 4; Veterans’ Club 4. BEULAH OLSEN. Law; Student Bar Representative 2. 3; Moot Court Beard 4. ROBERT O'REILLY. JR.. Philosophy; Bio-Chom I. 2, 3. 4; V asmann Club 2, 3, 4; Thomist Club 3, 4. ERNEST ORNELLAS, Marketing; Varsity Go!! 3; Forensics 2; A.S.U.S.F. Tell Leador 3; Fxosh Initiation Committee 2, 3; Clanna Eiroanna 2. 3; Marketing Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Senior Ball Committee 4; Senior Exclusive Com-mittoo 4. EUGENE OVERTON. Economics; Bos-ketball 1; Baseball 2: Publicity Club 1. 2; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Class Vice-President 2. FREDERICK PASSALACQUA. History. ROBERT PEDRA2ZINI. Accounting: National Association ol Cost Accountants: American Association oi Accountants. LAWRENCE PERRY. Industrial Relations; Marketing Club; Veterans' Club 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2. 36 JOAN PETESCH. Nursing.JAMES PICHINI. Businoss Administration. CHARLOTTE PIETTE. Nursing; Phil-historians 4; International Rotations Club 4; Sodality 3. EDWARD PHELAN. Industrial Relations; Votorans' C3ub 2. 3. 4; Doha Slqma Pi 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3. 4. BENITO HAZON, Accounting; Varsity Soccer Team 3, 4. DANIEL POWERS, Political Scionco; Frojh Basketball. JAMES PONZETTI, Business Administration. BENJAMIN SANCHEZ, Biology; Philippine Club 3. 4; Wasmann Club 2, 3, 4. DONALD SALISBURY. Accounting; Glee Club 3. 4. ALFRED ROENSCH. English; Sanctuary Society 1, 2; Pershing Rllles 1; Track 1; St. Ives Club 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 1. 2; Philippine Club 1. 2. VINCENT SENATORE. Electronic Physics; Pershing Rifles 1. 2. 3. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Board of Student Control 4. LEWIS SCHULTE, Business Administration. ROBERT SCHENONE. Business Administration. 37 38 EDMOND SHIPP. Philosophy. JOSEPH SILVA. Biology. JAMES SKIDMORE. Marketing; Class Representative 4; Dolta Sigma Pi 2. 3, 4; Head Yell Loader 2; Board ot Student Control 3; Marketing Club 3. 4; Class Vice-President 1. SPENCER SMITH. History. JANE SOMMERFELD. Nursing; Fcg. horn I; Tri Gamma I; Sodality 1. GERALD SOUZA. Transportation,-Frosh Initiation Committee 3; Rille Team 2. 3. 4; Pop Band 3; Block SF 3. 4. WILLIAM STIVESON. English. WILLIAM STREICHAN. Marketing; Veterans' Club 4. KENNETH SULLIVAN. History; Alpha Delta Gamrna 2, 3, 4; Scabbard and Blodo 3. 4; Class Vice-President 3; Class Secretary-Treasurer 2; St. Ives 4; Pershing Rill«s I, 2, 3. 4; Games Committee 3; Board ol Student Control 4; Who's Who in Amorican Colleges 4. MURNA SWART. Nursing; Trt Gamma 1. 2; Yoarbook 2; Wasmann 1, 2. HOMER SWEENEY, JR.. Industrial Rotations; Veterans’ Club 3. 4; Marketing Club 4; Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; Intramural Football 4 JEROME SWEENEY. Philosophy; Thomists Club 4; Votorans' Club 4; Historical Socloty 4.MARIO TEIZEIRA. Chomistry. HENRY TANNER. Marfcoling; Varsity Baseball !, 2, 3. RICARDO TAN. Economic ; Rill--Team I, 2. 3. President 4; Scabbard and Blade- 3. 4; Block Sr 4; Philippine Club 1, 2, 3. 4; IriKoimual Bar.kolball 3. 4. ADRIAN VAN GINHOVEN. Financo; Soccer 1, 4; Spamsh-Amortcan Club 2. 3. 4; Residence Representative.2. JOHN TREMBLEY. Political Science; International Relations Club 4. ROBERT THEIS. History. VINCENT VARGAS. Accounting; Scabbard and Blade 4, GERALD VANOLI. Political Science. HENRY VAN GINHOVEN. Business Administration; Spanish - American Club 2. 3, 4; Soccer 1, 4 JOHN WALSH. Philosophy. JOHN VLAHOS. History; Intramural Football 1, 2; History Club 3. 39 LUVIMINDA VILIAFLOR. Economics.EDMUND WARREN. JR.. English; Pi Delta Pi 2, 3; Student Rosidonco Council 2; College Players 1. 2. 3; Mardi Gras Committee 2. 3; Year-book 3: Wasmann Club 1. 2. JOHN WARREN. English; Alpha Dolta Gamma 3, 4; Foghorn 1, 2. 3. 4; Pershing Rillos I. 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 2. 3; Clanna Eire-anna; Kappa Lambda Sigma 3; Intramural Bowling 2. ALLEN WEST. Accounting. ALVIN WOLF. History; Philhssto:: ins 3; Intel national Rotations Club 2. 3; Track 1; Student Judge 4; Who's Who in Amor lean Colleges 4. JOHN WOLLSTEIN, Spanish; International Rotations Club 3. 4. EVELYN WRIGHT. Nursing; Collogo Playors 1; Tri Gamma I; Nurses' Sodality 3, 4; Club Presidents' Council 4. EUCENE YEN. Foreign Trad-; Yearbook 3; International Relations Council 4. ELLSWORTH YOUNG. History. PETER ZABRISKIE. English; Clanna Eiroanna 1; Pershing Rtllns I. 2; Intramural Football 1. 2. 3; Foghorn I; Pop Band 1. 2; Forensics 1. 2, 3. JOHN DADO. Acr . rung PATRICK KELLY. Political Scivnco; Globo and Anchor Club 2, 3 40 ROBERT DOM1NGE. Pershing Rllles I. 2. 3; Scabbard Blade 3. 4; Gloo Club 3; Publicity Commutes 3.GRADUATE STUDENTS NORMAN FERNANDES EDWARD ALLAN Polilicol Scionco Education CEORCE GARIBALDI Education GEORGE BADELLA Education GERALD KILLIAN Education JAMES LEVAGGI Education CLAIRE ROMINGER Spanish JAIME DEL ROSARIO Education FRANCIS DIETZ Hisioty MILTON SIEROTY Education MARSHA SOSTIK Education 41THE GRADUATING CADETS have earned their commissions and leave behind them many military memories of reviews, summer camps and parades. Also left in the wake of their departure is the result of many hours of hard work, a well-knit military regiment worthy of bearing the standard of the University of San Francisco. 44J u JOE BONDANZA President 45Ron Aivcs Electronic Physics Phil Andcrlini Political Science Charlie Anderson Economics Frank Angelini English Jack Arcanin Philosophy Suntay Aguinatdo Philosophy Pete Baker Philosophy Bruce Barichievich Biology Larry Basso Chemistry Bob Bianco English Charlie Bleadon History Joe Bondanza English Rick Brandt Acounting Eleanor Brennan Nursing Pete Browning Accounting Dick Buckley Business Administration Charlie Bureker Business Administration Dick Burke Political Science John Busch Business Administration Ron Campbell Political Science Gil Canchola Business Administration Frances Camazzo Nursing Fred Chang Political Science Walt Chudyk Business Administration Don Cima Accounting Don De Martini Philosophy Jim Clark Philosophy Bill Cloterc Business Administration Ron Crivclli Business Administration Brian Daly English 46Bill Dcasy English Vince deBellis Business Administration Bob Dcll’Artino Political Science Dick Detsch Political Science Bob Dias Accounting Dave Dillon Business Administration Neal Dinccn Business Administration Marie Elian Disher Nursing Adolph Drees Biology Dion Dubois English Pat Duffy Business Administration Dick Duris History Bob Durkee English Dick Eandi Electronic Physics Mike Eberhard Mathematics I-ylc Eickcrt Philosophy Bill Fcnnonc History Bill Finn Business Administration Bruce Firpo Business Administration Bob Fitzgerald Biology Mel Flohr H istory Bob Fox English Steve Franks Biology Tom Fry Philosophy Jim Gallagher Business Administration Bill Gisslcr Mathematics Gerry Glass Economics Frank Glynn History Ken Grey English Paul Guenter Business AdministrationCarlos Guerrero Philosophy Larry Guest English Bob Guilfoyle Political Science Don Halog English Jack Heinsius Business Administration Monte Hcrnandiz Business Administration John Hessian Business Administration Joint Hocy Electronics Physics Virginia 1 lomfeld Nursing Mike Hromalik H istory Bill Ivey Business Administration Ward Jennings Business Administration Jim Jensen Biology Lucy Juanitas Nursing Vern Keirnes Philosophy Ray Kelleher History George Krueger English Joe Lavezzo English Frank Lavorato English Tom Leahy Business A dministration Hd Le Ber Business Administration Jim I.ekas Business Administration Martin lx- Masters Political Science Dave Lewis Business Administration Dick Lim Accounting Stan Lindsay Business Administration Guy Lounibos English Frank Lucas English Larry Lujan English Mary Lynch Nursing 48Jim Macguire History Charlie Macias Spanish Lyn Maclsaac Nursing John Mangrum Business Administration Walt Martenson Business Administration Jim Martin English Gabriel McAulifTc Philosophy John McCormack History Hill McGowan Chemistry Dick Mclo English Mary Metcalf Nursing Rosemarie Meyer Nursing Walt Milliman Political Science Tim Miskcl Business Administration Mary Murphy Nursing Charlie Myers History Jim Nichols English Rosemary Nunez Nursing Jim O’Connor Pre-Med. v - «■ 1 V'f p I Walt U L onncll Political Science mlM mm U Theresa O’Mara Nursing Kevin O'Reilly English Ed Oldham Business Administration I lertn Papa Political Science John Pardclla Business Administration a — n r P m a n Dick Perry History Charlotte Pictte Nursing Ron Pimentel Philosophy Dave Pitman Business Administration Bob Podesta Political Science 49Vernettc Portcllo Nursing Ruth Putcrbaugh Nursing Bob Quigley Business Administration Tony Ramirez History Ed Ravizza Business Administration Mike Reardon Political Science Dick Rcimcr Business Administration George Ricci History Vic Richmond Business Administration Bob Rocmer Pre-Pharmacy Harv Rogers Political Science Bob Ross Business Administration Ron Rossini Physics Bob Ruby Business Administration Al Ruiz Business Administration Sandro Sandri Biology Mike Sanguinetti Business Administration Norm Saucedo History Tom Schneider Business Administration John Schramel History Ben Schweizcr Business Administration Charlie Shaddle Accounting Bob Shearn Business Administration Moriharu Shizumc Physics John Simpson Political Science Vince Smiraglia Political Science Mike Stapleton Accounting Fred Starke Political Science Marty Stevens Business Administration Art Strange Latin 50v® P f s a. p u V A -! T“ —' PS 1 s 1 iMl f Dick Travel Biology Joyce Turnbull Nursing Ed Wagner English Rod Sulit Political Science Bob Sullivan Philosophy Art Thatcher Marketing Ed Thicdc Accounting Phil Ware Economics Ed Wishovich English Ron Yec Finance Jon Zimmerman Business Administration 51s o p FRANK MULHOLLAND President ED GRIFFIN Vice-President O M O R E SFrank Adiego English Marie Albcrigi Nursing Bcmie Aines Biology Mickey Anderson Nursing Verif Angtfli History John Angel! English Bob Antonsen English Dick Ainip Business A dministration John Bardaro Accounting Mike Barrett Foreign Trade Marrianna Bensky Nursing Chuck Bertrand Pre-Med. Rcy Bianchi Physics Vince Boiteux Accounting Tim Brophy Economics Hank Brown Business Administration Jim Brown Mathematics John Brun General Studies Ed Bucher Mathematics Burr Cole English Tony Busalacchi History Dennis Byrne Physics Stan Cabebc Political Science Philip Camara Philosophy I-ouis Capifoni History Ran Cabullido English Will Casey Political Science Max Ccrini General Studies Jon Chase English Dennis Chong Accounting 53Ed Chow P re-Med. Angelo Ciardclli H is lory Tony Clark Political Science Dave Clisham English Dick Colburn Chemistry Bob Colin Business Administration Ken Collins Business A dministration Bob Collins Pre-Mcd. Bill Collins English Jim Commins History Jack Connolly Pre-Law Jim Corbett English Frank Coughlin Accounting Joe Crivdlo History Andy Cronin English John Cunningham History Jim Dal Bon Business Administration Bcrnic Dang English Jim David History Arnold Davigo Pre-M ed. Tony Davigo Pre-Med. Al Day Accounting Sam Dedcrian Chemistry Ed Dclmon Business Administration Jim Desmond History Con Doherty Biology Bob Dower History Frank Downie Biology Don Drcsel Accounting Berta Ellis NursingTony Farley Accounting Jim Farni Political Science Mike Fernandez English Jerry Ferreira Mathematics Bob Ferrera English Laveme Figueiredo Nursing Erich Fink Business Administration Dick Flynn English Bob Foley General Studies Jim Franks Liberal Arts Bill Gahr History Bill Gallagher Biology Mel Gandolfo Political Science John Geary Pre-Pharmacy Jerry Gini Chemistry Val Girard Business Administration Russ Goebel Business Administration Phil Gosland English Louis Gottwald Chemistry Tom Gould Physics Mike Gregor Political Science Tom Gumina English Ken Hardy Physics Tom Harrison Liberal Arts Gene Hellar Business Administration Al Hogan Biology Bill I logan English Craig Hurt Business Administration Gaeton Ingrassia English Mitch Johnson Political Science 111 o Ifttf Andy Jovephides Accounting Betty Keane Nursing Pat King English Tom Kolanoski History Norm Krebser Philosophy Don Larson Business Administration Larry Lazio Business Administration Dick Leahy English Bob Lcct History Dick Loverone Political Science Dave Lillevand Accounting Lloyd Lu| erini Biology Bob Lynch Physics Bob Macaluso Political Science Bill Macchi Accounting John Manning Chemistry Joe Marschall Physics Tony Massa Mathematics Pat McArdle Physics Mike McCormac Business Administration Clem McCormick Business Administration Tom McEntcc Mathematics Mark MeGuinness General Studies Jim MeSharry Political Science Bing Montgomery Nursing Don Moses Philosophy Bill Mounkes History Frank Mulholland History Carlos Murillo Pre-Med. Charlie Murphy Accounting Ron Reed Business Administration Dave Rhine Physics Steve Roach Business Administration Joan Rorkc Nursing Helen Ross Nursing Vrn Rossi English Marvin Rossi General Studies John Roucda Business Administration Cecil Saabcn English Cecilia Sanchez Nursing Margaret O'Brien Nursing Jerry O’Brien Pre-Sled. Maurice O'Connor Physics Mike O’Flaherty Mathematics Tint O’Leary Philosophy Bob O’Neill English Jim O’Reilly History Dick Oxsen General Studies John Parker Chemistry Al Pcgueros Physics Jim Phelan Physics Tony Pircs Physics Chet Poranski Chemistry Terry Powell Physics Bob Pozzobon General Studies Ed Pry a I History AI Puccctti H istory Bids Radnnovich Business Administration Joe Ratto Economics Rita Razzetto NursingVince Sanchez English Monica Schmid Nursing Bcrnic Schneider English Walt Schneider Philosophy Stef Schomaker Business Administration Hill Schuler History Bill Schwallie Accounting Bob Scott Accounting Ed Slcvin Business Administration Ron Small Accounting Pete Snider Political Science Leroy Sprinz English Jim Steffes Economics Marge Strain Nursing Lee Strawn Physics Chuck Strom History Brian Sullivan H istory Denny Sullivan Chemistry ) Bob Sweyd Business Administration Mary Anne Taragc Nursing Clarence Targmura Accounting Sal Tassonc Philosophy Gary Thomas Political Science John Torrano English Sophia Tomasella Philosophy Jack Traverso Business Administration Frank Trumbower Accounting Jim Trussas Business Administration Al Ugartc Business Administration Leo Urmini English 58Tony Valerga Chemistry John Vannucci English Anno He Veglia Nursing Ron Vcrnali Political Science Gary Vick Business Administration Ray Vioiti General Studies Dennis Vol|»a Marketing Sandy Walker Nursing Sue Wallace Nursing Bill Walsh Business Administration Bob Walsh Economics Jim Walsh History John Waters English Chuck White Business Administration Bill Wicgmann Business Administration Ollie Wilgress Engineering Ray Williamson English Bob Winkley Business Administration Steve Young English Frank Yrigoyen Spanish 59JOAN WATERMAN Secretary BOB MARRON Vice-President 60 BOB DU RARD PresidentTom Abrahamsen Business Administration Carl Accomazzo Physics Bob Ahern Business Administration Dick Alford H istory Bill Aitenburg Political Science Bob Arbini Business Administration Joe Atcncio Physics Boyer August Political Science Walt Bankovitch General Studies Tom Barclay Pre-Med. Tom Barra Business Administration Martin Barrett Business Administration Mike Barry General Studies Larry Barsocchini Pre-Med. Ix ui.v Batmcale Business Administration Guy Battle English Louis Bauman General Studies Jack Becker Business Administration Don Belluomini Business Administration Bob Bergeron History Ron Bcrus History Jim Bistirlich Physics Jack Bonanno Economics Martin Borello Business Administration Bob Borzoni History Ron Bosctti Chemistry Barbara Bottarini Nursing Carol Bozzo Nursing Ron Bridgeman Business Administration Tony Broughton Pre-EngineeringDick Bruner Physics Frank Bullcntini Pre-Dental Bob Bunch General Studies Joe Bums Marketing Steve Busk History John Butler Business Administration Dick Buxton Economics John Cadden Biology Joe Cancdo Political Science Pat Cannon Pre-Dental Cliff Cardoza Pre-Med Javier Carrillo Chemistry George Casey Business Administration Ludlow Chislom Political Science Tom Chinn Business Administration Jean Chisholm Nursing Jules Wong Physics Dave Cimino Pre-Med. Gene Clancy English Colin Clark Physics a § P p o fit Vl illfikL « © c P tfcllilk lilt A i.- Colin Claxon Pre-Dental John Coates History Cathy Colebrissi Nursing Jim Comisky Philosophy Jerry Conlan History Merv Conlan Philosophy Bill Connolly History John Cooney General Studies Joe Corral Physics Kev Costello English 62Bill Cotrcll Bittiness Administration Sieve Cullen Pre-Mr d. Craig Culver English Armande Cushway Nursing Bill Cutler Pre-Dental Mike Cutone English Arnold Dado Political Science Bob Dagelcn General Studies John Dal Pogctto Business Administration Frank Damon Political Science Jack Damon Political Science Gerry Davalos Chemistry Mark Dawson Business Administration Vitelio Dc La Rocha Business Administration Dick Dcvincenzi Pre-Dental Don de Zordo Chemistry Joe Di Geronimo History Joe Di Gregorio Business Administration Laird Doherty Business Administration Maureen Dolan Nursing John Dollard P re-Med. Jim Driscoll Physics Tony Duffy General Studies Bob DuRard Philosophy Oliver Eastman Physics Tim Egan P re-Med Frank Egger Mathematics Bob Evans History Mark Evart English Ed Fagrey General Studies oefie tfefAfckit 63Raoul Fanfcllc General Studies Jack Fclciano Joe Ferrer Physics Ar -Paul Finn Accounting f 1 Jim Firebaugh . T' v. 1 71 English fn Ik i) 0 Jim Fitzpatrick General Studies John Flaharty ' Business Administration Mike Flannigan General Studies . ' Bob Foley Political Science "J 1 Tom Foley Philosophy ik 1 £i ip o a ft Ml B k i'A ilk „o ;«i ft ft ft IM tki John Ford Physics Marti Fracisco Nursing Ken Franccschi History Ken Freeman History Steve Gagliasso Pre-Dental Dick Gagliasso H istory George Gale Business Administration Gene Gallagher Chemistry Tom Gallagher Philosophy Ron Galli Business Administration Doug Galten Business Administration Bob Garcia Business Administration Kcv Garry General Studies Joe Genovese Accounting Gene Gillis Chemistry Gerry Giovannctti Nursing Lou Gobey Physics Louis Gonzales General Studies Don Gotclli History Hllis Grant General Studies 64Dick Graiia Physics Fred Green Business Administration Green English Jerry Greenwood Pre-Med. Byron Gregg Physics Mike Guinan English John Haderle Physics Jim Hamilton English Dick Hammer Latin Don Hanson English Joe 1 larder English Bill Harrington Accounting Fred Haw English Wilma Hastings Nursing Tom Hawkins Business Administration Jack Hayes English Jerry Healy Political Science John Healey General Studies Mike Heath Physics Ken I lemphitl Biology Warren Hinckle Philosophy . large 1 logan Nursing Doug Holloway History Sue Howell Nursing Joe Iaconis English Hank Imwalle General Studies Sal Iraheta Business Administration Larry Isscl English Con Jansc-Kok English Greg Johnson BiologyBob Johnson Business Administration Charlie Jones Business Administration Dick Juba Biology Joan Kelleher Nursing Mike Kenny Biology Tom Kenny General Studies Don Kidd Pre- Dental Bill Kievith Business Adminstration Earll Kingston English Don Krank History Bob Knipping Political Science Mike Kwiatkowski Chemistry Fred LaCour English Mel LaFranchi Business Administration Frank I.ang English Jim Larens Pre-Dental Tom Latham Economics Jerry La veil English Pat Leahy Nursing Dan Lee Political Science Gene Lcnci English Vince Leonctti Chemistry Len Lippert Biology Dave Loeschcr English Frank Lombardi Business Administration Lucas Terhcyden General Studies Jim Lyons General Studies John Lyons Business A dministration Bill Maffini Political Science Tom Maguire Philosophy 66Bill Maher General Studies Steve Mahoney Philosophy Linda Malmrtrom Nursing Charlie Manca Business Administration Henry Maritzcn History Ed Markovits General Studies Bob Marron Business Administration Bill Martin GeneraI Studies Jim Mason Mathematics Charlie Mathews Electronic Physics Don McCarthy Biology Dour McMollum Pre-I.egal Tom McCormick Business Administration Pat McDonald Nursing Ed McDonnell Biology Bob McDonald English Jim McGill Business Administration Ed McGushin Political Science Mike McKernan General Studies Barbara McKinnon Nursing Jon McMahon General Studies Tom McNally Business Administration Frank McNamara English Gil Medeiros English Bill Mifsud Business Administration Marcia Mitchler Nursing Joe Mittleman Mathematics Jim Molinell Business Administration Elwood Molseed Biology Mike Moore General StudiesDick Moreno Electronic Physics Karin Morsctte Nursing John Multancy General Studies John Murray Chemistry Pat Murray Nursing Bob Musantc Accounting Dave Muzio Business Administration Mcl Norton Accounting Bob Norton Business Administration Tom Norton lxttin P.«t O’Brien N lifting John O'Driscoll Biology Mike Ohleyer H istory Marian O’l-aughlin Nursing Barney O’Leary Mathematics Ken Olsen Physics John K. O’Neill Business Administration John P. O’Neill Electronic Physics Ed O’Reilly Pre-Dental Jack O'Sullivan Physics Larry Panattoni Political Science Felix Pangelinan Mathematics Dick Pasco Pre-Pharmacy Marc Pasquini P re- Med. John Pearce General Studies Billie Pearl Nursing Len Pera General Studies Oscar Peralta Business Administration Ignacio Perez Accounting Rich Perry General StudiesKen Petersen General Stiulies Ted Petrikis Political Science John Plietan Business Administration John Phillips English Jodie Poe Nursing Jim Polakof Political Science Bob Po| c General Studies Frank Portillo General Studies Bob Proaps English Carol Quinn Nursing Doug Raab Political Science Bill Reith English Bob Riekjnan Accounting Vince Ring English Joe Roell Physics Blaine Rohlfcs Nursing Charlie Ross Electronic Physics John Rowan Mathematics JoAnn Rusconi Nursing Barbara Ku.ssi Nursing Dave Ryan Physics John Ryan Business Administration Jacoub Sahouria Electronic Physics 1 lenry Sandbach General Studies Frank Santana Accounting Herman Scampini Biology Hrnie Schenone Merchandising Bill Schmidt English Tito Scofa Business Administration Ron Scllman PhysicsPat Smith Political Science Cary Sommerfeld Business Administration Vic Spence Business Administration Frank Stanghellini Pre-Med. Fred Stechcr Mathematics Don Stenson Business Administration Pete Stephens Pre-Med. Ron Stevens General Studies Pete Stragnola History Dave Sullivan English John Sullivan General Studies Mary Sullivan Nursing Pete Sullivan Chemistry Barbara Sutcr Nursing Jim Sweeney Accounting Jon Sweeney Accounting Tom Swyncy Pre-Dental Jerry Synianski Physics Carlos Tan Political Science Terry Tandy Nursing Frank Thomason Political Science Ron Thompson Pre-Med. Gary Torres Chemistry Pete Tranchina Business Administration Gene Traverso General Studies Dom Tringali Chemistry Joe Tweedy Accounting Tom Tyrrell General Studies George Vaio Busin ess A dm in istration Jan Valtr Physics 70Sedwick Vargas Business Administration Bob Vend Io Husinen Administration Bill Walsh History John Walsh History Jay Walton Mathematics Joan Waterman Nursing Mike Waters Mathematics Pete Wayne General Studies Rich Whipp Chemistry Sumner Wickersham History Mary Willanvlzctt Nursing Mike Winn English Bob Yates Business Administration Tom Yep Physics Ron Zanzinger Business Administration Gene Zlatunich PreMed. 71c A I F E 72r £ A At least we had a few laughs. I T I A T I O N Now are we college men? “Oh no, not Elvis!”■r“Oh, embryo of wharf rat again . . DORM DAZE Where the elite meet to spill coffee. 77Phelan Hall recreational program.Sometimes you con make yourself think it's fun. 79 It must be Howdy Doody Time.RALLIES USF ignited its basketball season with the spirited (lames of the Santa Clara pre-game rally. The fired-up Dons cooked up a storm as their opponents fell under the flames of enthusiasm sparked by the pre-game activities.The crowd listens . . . as Wool pert speaks. Cal Tjader entertains . . . a full house.Dr. John Hicks speaks on presidential election at Gleeson Library. THE SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE sponsored numerous cultural activities and events of general interest to the student body. The well-rounded cultural program included jazz concerts, prominent speakers, art exhibits and the showing of classic motion pictures. I Dave Clisham talks shop with Dave Brubeck at Fall Jazz Concert.83 THRONE OF THE ALMIGHTY—The center of our spiritual life on campus is St. Ignatius Church. Here in the House of God is where our real life begins and ends . . .MONTHLY CONVOCATIONS, a general student assembly given on the first Thursday of the month, conducted by prominent fesuit speakers on current topics of interest.»«wr PHELAN HALL CHAPEL located in the student residence hall enables students to attend morning Mass. “AND THE ANGEL OF THE LORD WAS DECLARED UNTO MARY . . ” Daily at noon we pause at the sound of Church hells to offer words of prayer to Christ and our Blessed Mother.MEMORIAL MASS The student ROTC Regiment with Honor Guard and members of the University of San fran-cisco Faculty join together each year in a spiritual remembrance of the deceased students and teachers who gave their lives in the armed services of our country.STUDENTS RECEIVING COMMUNION DURING ANNUAL THREE-DAY RETREAT. THE THREE-DAY STUDENT RETREAT at the beginning of the fall semester is given in order to allow the students to prepare spiritually for the coming academic year. NON-CATHOLIC RETREAT CONFERENCES. STUDENT NURSES’ CONVOCATION TALKS.CLUB DAY THE ANNUAL CLUB DAY was held In October with all University Organizations partcipating. The student auditorium was tilled with displays to point out the activities of their individual organizations. The 30 campus clubs' displays were highly successful and many club memberships were filled to overflowing. CLUB DAY COMMITTEE Left to right: Tony Ramirez. Bill Fennone, Pete Keegan, and Bill Boland. FIRST PRIZE DISPLAY . was supervised by Drama Director Stu Kennel! and set designer Rod Sulit.SECOND PRIZE DISPLAY inspected by Dr. Griffin of the Education Department. HISTORY CLUB DISPLAY and club day committee members Tony Ramirez and Bill Fennone. THIRD PRIZE WINNER in the annual club day festival was won by the Bio-Chem Club.ALPHA DELTA GAMMA First row, loft to right: Phil Anderlini, Hcrm Papa, Tony Clark, Bob Macahiso, John Warren, Bob Bianco (President). Second row: Ken Sullivan, Bob Dell ’Artino, Al Boro, I.arry Sorini. Jim Casassa, Mike Rouke, Mike McGee, Bob Podcsta, Ron Avanzino. Norman Saucedo. Third row: Bob Antonsen, Bob Durkee, Bill Alioto, John Wakelin, Ray Casaudoumecq, Jack King, Jim Cara, Warren Mibach, Gary Vick. Alpha Delta Gamma is a National Catholic Social Fraternity whose goal is to develop a full college life both in its social and service aspects. ADG publishes the Student Directory, runs the Used Bookstore, and promotes the yearly Communion breakfast. ADG has won the Mardi Gras points award for the past two years and is actively engaged in furthering student activities. 92ALPHA SIGMA NU Left to right: Al Bord, Fr. Moore, John Doty. KAPPA LAMBDA SIGMA First row, left to right: Frank Lavorato, Don Flalog, Bob Bianco. Second row: Guy Lounibos, John Doty, George Bianchi. Paul Capitolo (President). 93DELTA SIGMA PI First row, left to right: Charles Colety (President), Frank De Bencdctti, Frank Coughlin, Ron Crivclli, Boh Gadas, Dave Ccrini. Second row: Ed Rave . a, Jim Dal Bon, Tony Farley, Dave Pitman, Frank Mahoney, Boh Kerns. Third row: Ed Phelan, Chuck White, Jim Hurley, Ray Leahy, Frank Trumbower. Fourth row: Al Boro, lid Thiede, Vic Richmond, Ray Casaudoumecq, Dave Lewis, Charles Bureker, Bob Ruby. Della Sigma Pi is an international businessmen's fraternity. Among USF's liateinities tbe Delts have been one ol the leading elements. They sponsor yearly the student dance "Rose oi Delta Siq." Also in the line ol student activity they encourage scholarship in the study o1 Business Administration. 94First row, left to right: Berta Ellis, Yvonne Becfiis, Rose Marie Meyers, Joyce Turnbull, Cecilia Sanchez, Marge Swctonic (President), Bing Montgomery, Sue Wallace, Lucy McGuiness, Mary Ann I’akage, Virginia Homfield. Second row: Marianna Bensky, Marge Strain, Joan Rourke, Vernette Portello, Sandy VC alker, Maxine Petris, Ellen Fully, Sandy Roush, Joan Grisez, Micky Anderson, Rita Razetto, Helen Ross, Marie Disher. „ill Alioto (Preside,,.). Frank I -1'1"’- ck Kin 95BIO-CHEM CLUB First row, left to right: Larry Basso, Ernie Bonelli, Bill Silva (President), Ron Alves, Mannic Dcbono. Second row: Jim Chung, Sam Fung, Joe Mak, Lloyd Luperini, Collin Clark, Ken Hardy, Ken O’Neill, Rich Whipp, Gene Zlatunich, Ron Rossini, Lon Strong. Third row: Rich Eandi, Pete Sullivan, Frank Moressi, Joe Donnelly, Vic DaGragnano, Bill McGowin, Warren Lubich. Fourth row: Don DeZordo, Pete Snider, Terry Gleason, Sandro Sandri, John Geary, Chuck Murillo, Charles Bertrand, Clayton Campbell. BLOCK CLUB First row, left to right: Bob Radonovich, Bill Schwallic, Steve Balchios, Dave Lillivand, Frank Mulholland, Ed Slevin. Second row: Fr. Tichenor, Ray Williamson, Vince Boyle, Charles Myers (President). Don Halog, Ron Crivelli. I hird row: Tony Clark, Bill Mulholland, Ric Tan, John Cunningham, Chuck Falcone, Don Moses, Bill Arata, Tony Basques, Leo La Rocca, Jack King.CLANNA EIREANNA First row, left to right: Jack Hayes, Mike O’Flaherty, Tom Norton. Second row: Dennis Dineen, Bill Duffy, Jack Doherty (President), Bill Kelly, Neal Dineen, Jim Brown, Gene Gillis. Third row: Vince Ring, Warren Hinckle, Tony Duffy, Gene Clancy, Jim Walsh, Mike Tamoney, Dan Collins, Tim O’Leary, Maurie O’Conner, Bob Lynch, Ed Griffin. The Irish Club is an organization whose aim is the promoting of interest in Irish problems and Irish literature. The USF campus has no Irish problem as the boys in green have successfully engaged in the intramural program without defeat, snaring both the football and basketball laurels. Among the clan they foster social activities.COLLEGE PLAYERS First row, left to right: Bing Montgomery, Dennis Sullivan, Dick Melo, Pete Bacich, Joanne Nelson, Marge Strain. Second row: Larry Sorini, Boh Bianco, Ray Doherty, Jim Levaggi, Pat Leahy, Marge Hogan. Third row: Brian Daly, Jim Clark, Bob Sullivan, Jim Ruane, Rod Sulit, Pete Browning. 98 The College Players produce plays and short sketches during the school year. Under the able guidance of Stu Bennett, the College Acting Guild has produced plays ranging from Sophocles' Antigone to Herman Wouks' Caine Mutiny. The Guild is open to all students interested in theatrical worksEDUCATION CLUB First row, left to right: Jim Fitzgerald, Mike Collins, Ralph Pruski, Kevin Donlon, Hart Smith, Robert Ricker, Stan Donovan. Second row: Dr. Devine, Pat King, lid Brown, Francis Taylor, John Hopkins. Bill Macchi, Bernie Dang. Bill Wallace. Third row: Ron McCormack, Donald Tennlcr, George Garibaldi, Joe Sullivan, Frank Brunolli, Don Hayden, Bill Fennone (President). GLEE CLUB 1st row, left to right: Christine Schmidt, Pat MeSweeney, Dora Ferrans, Barbara Gayer, Pat Weiner, Bobbie Reilly, Virginia Onalcs, Dorothy Razzano. Second row: Ramiro Cruz. (President), Ray Ciscernos, Bob Walsh, Tarry Guest, Don Salisbury, Mr. Pratt, Doug Galtcn, Tim Harrington, Bob Bensi, Nat Guevara, Burr Cole, Francis Barry, Doug Holloway, Milt Sicroty. 99HISTORICAL SOCIETY First row, left to right: Bill Fcnnone, Tony Ramirez (President), Leo Burns, Horton Seioncaux, Pat McSweeney, Jim Walsh, Dick Perry. Second row: Bob Leet, Clarence Takemura, Bob Delpippo, Walt O’Donnell, Ray Williamson, John Hromalik, Bob Collins, Ken Collins John Popovich, Fr. McGloin. Third row: Art Brannagan, Jim Lewis, John Ferro, Dick Duris, John Schramel, John Vlahos. HISPANIC-AMERICAN First row, left to right: Jairo Granados, Al Quintana, Francis Barry, Henry Melendez, Jack Lalana (President), Dr. Sanchez. Second row: Frank Lola, Oscar Torres, Alex Ruiz, Bob Sanchez, Frank Torres, Ramiro Cruz, Tony Ramirez.IRC 1 ii'i row. U fi to right: Stan Cabebc. Bill Proud. Charles Macias. Clarence Takemura. Second row: Jim Dwyer (President), John Ferro, Tony Ramirez, Walt O'Donnell, Bill Fennone. MARA.SCHI CLUB First row. left to right: Dorn I ringaii. Joan Rusconi Carol Bozzo. Pete I ranchina. Bob Lencioni, Bill Arata. Second row: Vince DeBellis, Marvin Rossi, Len Pera, Angelo Ciardolli. Len Urnitni. I bird row: Leo LaRocca, John Vannticci. Larry Panattoni. Bob Forni. Tom Ciumina, Bob Braghetta (President). Fourth row: Al Bragante. [Job Pozzobon. Bob Ruby. 101MARKETING CLUB Hirst row, left to right: Hill Gleason (President), Hen Sweyd. Ed Ravizza, Ray Leahy, Hob Lainphere. Bill Ivey, Jack I leinsins. Hill Arata, Dave Cerini, Hob Maculuso. Second row: Hob Gadas, Hob Reimer, Mike Fanzone, Dave Hartnell, Hob Kitchen. Larry Collins, Homer Sweeney, Pete Faschi, Emilio Suntay, Joe Dicstcl. Third row: Terry Curran. Hob Forni, Torn Clark. Jack Pardelia. John Waters. Bob Seitzer, Ernie Ornellas. Leo LaRocca, Dick Childs. Fourth row: Boh Flynn. Bob Foley. Ed Theide, Phil Hell. Don Bragante, (ieorge Hanson, Tom Foley. Pete Walker, John Arminini. Dave Johnson, Bob Braghctta. PEDDLERS' CLUB First row, left to right: Dave Dillon, Tim Brophy. Second row: Ric Tan, Mike Reardon. Bob McAllen (President), Paul Fratcssa, Bob Guilfoyle, John Manning, Dennis Berry, Jerry Heinz. Hob Foley, Bob Durkee.PEP BAND First row, left to right: Bernie Dang, Bill Proud, Jules Wong, Jack Hcaly, Lcn Urban. Second row: Dave Clisham, Burr Cole, Frank Miller, Bill Ferrera, Rick Leahy, Marian O’Laughlin, Jack Taylor, John Colver, Larry Guest, Charles Colety (President), Mr. Pratt. The pied pipers of the Hilltop have been contributing spirited music to rallies and games with such fire and determination that they've earned the proud title of The Dons' most spirited boosters. The USF pep band, under the magic baton of Mr. Pratt, has become one of the Bay Area's leading noise makers. Throughout the season, the music moguls coupled their coordinate cadence with the rooters' rollicking roar. 103PHILIPPINE CLUB First row, left to right: Richardo Lcong, Alex Labrador, Fr. McMahon. Ricardo Tan (President), Manuel Chuakay, Dionisio Marasigan. Second row: Juanito Rondario, Amancio Qneja, James Alcyre, lien Sanchez. Luis Duran. George Aducayen, Benito Razon. PROPELLER CLUB First row. left to right: Frank Lowe. Linda Malmstrom, Jerry Giovannetti, Karin Morsette, Bill Proud. Second row: Pat Murray, Carol Bozzo, Carol Quinn, Nick Conrady. Third row: Ed Delmon, Bill Boland (President), Ken O’Neill. Al Garcia.First row, left to right: Gerry Glass. Fr. Vachon. Joe Bondanza, Al Roensch, Boh Gadas (President), Rich Duffy, Jim Cara, John Lum. Second row: Jack Heinsitis, Ed Thiede. Boh Bianco, Ron Cainphell, John Murray, Ken Sullivan, Al Boro. John Schramcl. Among the Hilltop's Honor Societies is the St. Ives Legal Fraternity. The membership of St. Ives is made up of Upper Division students who seek to study legal problems and related subjects of interest. During the school year they engage guest speakers and sponsor numerous social activities. 105SANCTUARY SOCIETY First row, left to right: Bro. Francis Wallace S.J., Paul Capitolo (President), Tony Ramirez, Stan Cabebc. Second row: John Woll-stein, Bill Schuller, Mr. Maloney S.J. Third row: Mitch Johnson, Tony Clark, Bob O’Neil, George Bianchi, John Dollard. Fourth row: Tom Harrisop, Mike Kwaitkowski, Bill Harrington, Chuck Strom. Fifth row: Tom Latham, Dave Ryan, Jerry Synianski, Joe Donnelly. SODALITY First row, left to right: Mr. Maloney S.J. Guy Lounibos, George Bianchi (President), Bill Macchi, Fr. Ryan S.J. Second row: El wood Moseed, Doug Holloway, Tom Fry, Walt O’Donnell, Tony Ramirez, Don Moses, Dave Lillevand. Third row: Bernie Dang, Dennis Chong, Bob Leet, Joe EiGregorio, Don Cima, Bob Delpippo.SCABBARD AND BLADE First row, left to right: Ken Sullivan, l.arry Collins (President), Capt. Lawson, Mike McGee, Bob Domingc. Second row: Hank Maher, Ron Alves. Rich Iori, Vince Vargas, John Doty, Vince Senatore. Lhird row: Boh McAllen, John Wakelin, Bill McCraith, Jim Hermann, Paul Bailey, Paul Licciardello. Fourth row: Dick Burke, Bill Clotere. Mike Stapleton, Bob Bianco, Dick Perry, Ed Oldham, Mike Johnson. Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society whose membership is selected from outstanding students in the Advanced Course of R.O.T.C. Its purpose is to recognize, preserve and develop essential qualities of future officers and to promote a fraternal spirit among the cadet officers. 107THOMISTS l.cft to right: Alex Ascaro, Barry Lysaght, Don DeMartini (President), Pr. LoSchiavo, Al Carillo, Jack Arcanin. VETERANS First row. left to ri jht: lion Herns, Tom Mtillron, Jack Wallace. Frank Lucas. Tom Clark. Second row: Jerry Sweeney, Erwin Hansen. Ed Phelan. Bob Kearns (President), Homer Sweeney. Ray Leahy. Jerry Finnigan. Chuck Shaddle. Third row: Tom Matthews. Jim O’Brien. Bert Kenny. Tom Burns. Bill Gleason, Jim McPartland, Bob Torni, Dave Harris. Mike Holland. Tom McKenzie. Bill Mahoney. Fourth row: Dick Childs. Dave Pitman. Paul Guenther. Dick Lewis, Joe Diestel, Jack Lamphere. Jim Mansinne. Mike Fan owe. Tom Coleman. Boh Ross, Phil Bell. Steve Sitter. 108WASMANN First row, left to right: Clayton Campbell, Sandro Sandri, Ann Oliva, Dr. Woolley, Carol Quinn, Armande Cushway, Dick Agnotti, Bob Lambing, Warren Lubich (President). Second row: Ed Wagner, Ed Chow, Jerry Gleason, Con Doherty. John Geary, Carlos Murillo, Charles Bertrand, Chet Permsky. Third row: Dick Travers, Jerry Crowley, Denis Collins, George Montiverde, Phil Gosland, John Quiiiri, Mike Kenny, Greg Johnson, Dick Juba. Fourth row: Frank Stangheliini, Ernie Bonelli, Bernie Ames, Bill Magner, Larry Basso, Jim Jensen. PHILHIST ORIANS First row, left to right: Bob Bianco, Frank Trumbower, Bob Sullivan (President), Fr. Egan, Bob Ferrera, Bill Schuler. Second row: Joanne Nelson, Jack Bonano, Tom Jennett, Ed Chow, Jim Polokof, Bob DuRard, Al Wolf. Bill Kievith, Farley Clinton, Ron Campbell, Gene Gillis, Bing Montgomery, John Doty. Third row: Ted Petrikis. Jim Dwyer, Gil Maderias, Grant Sherlock, Bill Gleason. 109PERSHING RIFLES—Left to right: Bill McCraith, Charlie Keyser, Bob Dominge, Paul Licciardello . . . . . Ken Franceschi, Vince Senatore, Pete Stragnola, John Chclini, Dave Henwood.W O « H M f x n I I t j Gen AJn'‘»sl0n Stunts CKiUien 113SOCCER STAR JOE NJOKU-OBI, Nigeria's gilt to USF's field of champions, was a main factor in the Green and Gold hooters' hold on its championship title. Joe is an All-American in the truest sense; his natural ability, coupled with his unselfish team play, was a decisive factor in the Don's ninth consecutive league title win.SOCCER MENTOR "GUS" DONOGHUE has rung up mere victories over the years than any other Green and Gold coach. Dr. Donoghue has led the Don kickballers to nine successive championships; his teams have suffered only two league defeats in nine years . A three-time All-American himself. Dr. Donoghue has produced numerous All-Conference and All-Americans in his reign as the Hilltop's soccer coach. 1151 9 5 6 C fi BOB MACHADO All-Conference, Center Halfback BOB BRAGHETTA All-Conference, Goalie NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SOCCER BOB HIDALGO Halfback BEN SCHWEIZER Fullback HARUN USMAN Outside Left 1956 SEASON RECORD USF 4................CITY COLLEGE 0 USF 2.................SAN JOSE STATE 1 USF 5.......................STANFORD 2 USF 7................SANTA CLARA 1 USF 3......................CALIFORNIA 0 USF 1....................S. F. STATE 1 USF 7.......................CAL. AGGIES 2 USF 4................CITY COLLEGE 2 USF 0............CONFERENCE ALL-STARS 0 33 9 WON 7 LOST 0 TIED 2 STAN JONAH Left Wing ERICH FINK Halfbackr A M P I O N S INTERCOLLEGIATE ■ ONF ERENCE JIM BEDNAR Goalie ED DURAN Halfback RAMON DIAZ All-Conference, Fullback ROD ESQUIVEL Fullback OLEG PANOFF Halfback DON HALOG ManagerWITH A WILL TO WIN, the Dons have dominated the C.B.A. hard-court scene amassing a 38 win, 2 loss record and establishing one new record after another on their road to the National Championship playoffs. I 18119 CONTINUING THEIR WINNING WAYS, the Hilltoppers have garnered the Championship honors in The Western NCAA Regional playoffs for the third year in a row. In this unprecedented streak, the Dons set a new national record of twelve straight wins in tournament play.CHAMPIONSHIP DONS—First row, left to right: Art Day, Al Dunbar, Gene Brown, John Koljian, Coach Phil Woolpert, Dave Lillevand, Ron Mancasola, Mike Preascau, Captain Jack King. Second row: Charlie Russell, Bob Radanovich, Bill Mallcn, Mike Farmer. THE CINDERELLA TEAM . . . TAGGED "DESIRE" by the local sports columnists fought off an early season bout of sickness and bad luck to climb into the Champion post of the CBA League and on to Corvallis where they captured the victory laurel for the third year running. Carrying on from last year's Dream Team this year's squad built a 21 -7 win-loss record and a reputation for being a team to watch in future hardcourt competition. The Varsity five gained the third place position in the Final NCAA playoffs. 120The Green and Gold Varsity succeeded in maintaining their undefeated record in homecourt play by defeating all their opponents in their home-away-from-home court, Kezar Pavilion. In their travels the Dons ranged from the Mission trail to Corvallis and on to the Final NCAA playoffs in Kansas City. 1211956-57 SEASON RECORD Gene Brown, aided by Art Day and Mike Farmer, rises to the occasion as the fighting Dons upset one prediction after another with their winning ways. USF 63........................................CHICO 34 USF 70...................................CALIFORNIA 56 USF 82.....................S. F. STATE 54 USF 57......................................SEATTLE 50 USF 67..............LOYOLA OF CHICAGO 48 USF 52 . . ... . . U. S. OLYMPIC TEAM 83 USF 33 ... ...............................ILLINOIS 62 USF 57 . . . . WESTERN KENTUCKY STATE 61 USF 56 . WASHINGTON UNIV. OF ST. LOUIS 53 USF 40...................OREGON STATE 62 USF 52............SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 58 USF 64...............................SAN JOSE STATE 51 USF 47.................SANTA CLARA 51 USF 68.................FRESNO STATE 56 USF 80.................OLYMPIC CLUB 64 USF 78......................................PEPPERDINE 67 USF 66.................LOYOLA OF L.A. 45 USF 67.............COLLEGE OF PACIFIC 51 USF 70....................ST. MARY'S 60 USF 58.................SANTA CLARA 47 USF 67.............COLLEGE OF PACIFIC 56 USF 51.................FRESNO STATE 56 USF 88......................................PEPPERDINE 66 USF 75.................LOYOLA OF L.A. 65 USF 76.................SAN JOSE STATE 65 USF 62....................ST. MARY'S 41 WON 19 LOST 7 Stan Jonah controls the rooters as the team controls the game. The Hilltop rooting section founded a reputation for being the strongest voiced collegians I 22 on the Pacific Coast.“Mouse” Mancasola utilizes the long arms of Art Day for a scoring effort as the Dons trounced their favorite rivals, the Santa Clara Broncos. Mallen goes for two against Pepperdine. Santa Clara tried to contain Mike Farmer and company but to no avail as the Green and Gold five nipped the nets with deadly accuracy in their NCAA victory bid.T O U R N A M For the third straight year the DONS were active in the post-season NCAA playoffs. As defending champions they did battle with the best teams in the nation. Sweeping through the regional playoffs in Corvallis they journeyed to Kansas City where they ran into a brick wall in the person of Wilt Chamberlain. Recovering from their first tournament defeat in three years they defeated Michigan State to gain third place in the NCAA playoffs.ENT PLAY TOURNAMENT RECORD USF 66 . . . . IDAHO STATE 51 USF 50 . . . . CALIFORNIA 46 USF 56 . KANSAS 80 USF 67 . . MICHIGAN STATE 60 WON 3 LOST 1RIFLE JOHN WISE RICK TAN Team Captain Rifle Club President VARSITY SHOOTERS—Left to right: Lt. Gay Baldwin, Advisor; Sgt. Charles Newby, Coach; Larry Marvier, Al Pegueros, John Wise, Don Lewis, John Krcbscr.FRESHMAN TEAM—First row, left to right: Bill Hermann, Bill Casey, Alex Portoenrrero, Tim Brophy, Jerry Greenwood, Charles Ross. Second row: Mike Winn, Ed Pryal, Byron Gregg, Ronald Seltman, Jan Valter, Jim Cannon. The USF rifle team has always ranked high in national competition; this year was no exception. The team traveled extensively throughout the country and again proved that they were able to handle any collegiate rifle team in the nation. Al Ghirardelli, Fred Amador, Ed Brown, Rick Tan, Gerald Souza, Fr. Tichenor, S.J., Moderator.1956-57 SEASON RECORD J.V. BASKETBALL Flaying in the shadows of their illustrious varsity brothers, the Don JV's team has managed to shine in its own right, sporting a 11-10 win-loss record in their first year on the Hilltop scene. The so-so record does not fully portray the drive the Junior Dons poured into their games. With frosh veterans filling the ranks, next year's season should be a banner year for JV pennant hopes. USF 84.CHICO STATE J.V. 56 USF 75.........VALLEJO J.C. 72 USF 55.SANTA CLARA J.V 63 USF 43.S.F. CITY COLLEGE 58 USF 54...................................SANTA ROSA J.C. 63 USF 52 . . . WEST CONTRA COSTA J.C. 59 USF 45.........OAKLAND J.C. 52 USF 64...CALIFORNIA BLUES 45 USF 70....HAMILTON FIELD 81 USF 62..........LOUVIERS APPLIANCES 36 USF 64 ... . SAN FRANCISCO CHINESE 49 USF 71..................VALLEJO J.C. 63 USF 77..................CAL REALTY 67 USF 64............TEXDAHL-JOHNSON 49 USF 59............NAPA J.C. 47 USF 61.SANTA CLARA J.V. 64 USF 57....HAMILTON FIELD 65 USF 63.S.F. STATE J.V. 72 USF 49............SAN JOSE STATE J.V. 57 USF 60...CALIFORNIA BLUES 57 USF 67.........S.F. FIREMEN 53 WON 11 LOST 10 First row, left to right: Ed Griffin, Mike Eberhardt, Bernie Schneider, Tim Brophy, Tony Clark. Second row: Vince Boyle, John Cunningham, Jerry Robinson, Jim Glcnnon, Don Moses, Ed Slevin.First row, left to right: Tam Abrahamsen, Jack Phelan. Second row: Frank Mulholland (Manager), Jim Firabaugh, Leroy Jones, Fred LaCour, Tom Norton. FROSH BASKETBALL Fighting CBA teams in true Don fashion, the Green and Gold Frosh conquered five of their eight foes showing great varsity material in the process. The Frosh squad played with balance, a coordination, and determination as they fought for the mythical CBA Frosh league lead. USF 47 1956-57 SEASON RECORD . . . . CALIFORNIA FRESHMEN 46 USF 82 S.F. STATE J.V. 53 USF 51 S.F. CITY COLLEGE 40 USF 75 . . . SAN IOSE STATE FRESHMEN 56 USF 42 . . . . SANTA CLARA FRESHMEN 50 USF 51 . . . HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE 70 USF 62 L. C. SMITH 44 USF 49 . COLLEGE OF PACIFIC FRESHMEN 44 USF 50 ST. MARY'S FRESHMEN 69 USF 52 . . . . SANTA CLARA FRESHMEN 37 USF 58 . COLLEGE OF PACIFIC FRESHMEN 43 USF 51 . . . . CALIFORNIA FRESHMEN 57 USF 67 ST. MARY'S FRESHMEN 53 WON 9 LOST 4 129 On the road to fame and fortune the Hilltop Varsity baseball team played the part of a yo-yo as they see-sav ed from win to loss in their independent league race. The Don eleven faced some thirty-two rugged opponents in their season play. Under the careful guidance of their coach ''Dutch” Anderson the Hill-toppers fought with a vengeance typical of fighting Don teams. 130First row, left to right: Boh Braghetta, Bob Macaluso, Charles Myers, Bill Arata, Jack Scramaglia, Fred Kara, John O’Neil Second row: Bud Tanner, E Ii Asanovich, Chick Wallgren, John Cunningham, Leo LaRocca, Tony Basques, Ray Williamson, Head Coach John “Dutch” Anderson. VARSITY BASEBALL tThe fighting Frosh fought a full season as they succeeded in coming out on the strong side of their win-loss record. Under the coaching of Bob Braghetta, the Don yearlings have developed into a top-flight team. First row, left to right: Bob McDonald, Dick Zarzanza, Arnold Calonje, Kevin Costello, John O’Neil. Second row: Bob Braghetta (Coach), Javier Carillo, Dick Clark, Bob Norton, Bob Higgins, Bernic Schneider. Third row: Don DeZordo, Fred LaCour, Bill Cutler, Chuck Walgren. ■ nCaptain Ron Avanzino drives in mid-fairway. Bill Schwallie blasts on to Number 9 green. GOLF TEAM Tom Jacobs Ken Charshaf The Hilltop Hogan's romped in the sun as they gathered in victories and tans in their seasonal sojourns.v'i HIGHLIGHTING THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM was the introduction of tackle football. Organized according to National Football League type rules, three fully equipped teams engaged in rugged round-robin competition.Under the direction of head football coach "Sarge" Mackenzie, the football program attracted attention from colleges throughout the bay area. It is felt by many that the success of the program is an indication of USFs desire to regain its once national prominence as an intercollegiate football power. I m mmINTRAMURAL The University's Intramural Program is fast evolving into one of the best programs of its kind in the country. The purpose of intramurals is to give the students a chance to participate in some sport and to enjoy inter-team competition in organized athletics. 138SPORTS The intramural program at USF includes: Basketball, Football. Tennis, Ping Pong, Bowling, Golf, and a Hole-in-One Tournament. This program is geared to student participation and encourages inter-club and inter-fraternity activity.Breaking through for five yards. Fast break in operation FORENSICS The nationally recognized USF forensic team has proved its v orth in inter-collegiate competition. They have entered all the major California speech tournaments, and have participated in numerous debates, discussions and oratorical contests throughout the country. Their extensive tour also included the West Point National Speech Tournament. UNIVERSITY DEBATERS—Left to right: Bob Ferrera, Bill Schuler, Bob Verzello, Frank Thomason, Bob Durard. 141DRILL TEAM LT. GAY BALDWIN Moderator FRANK COUGHLIN Drill Master The regimental drill team, composed of members of the Pershing Rifles, serves as the official honor guard at University functions and participates in numerous parades and exhibitions. PERSHING RIFLE TEAM—Left to right: Frank Coughlin. First row: Charles Murphy. Ed McGushin, Louis Galiasso, Fred Canale. Felix Pangelinan, Hill Martin. Tim Egan. Joe Roell. Second row: David Henwood, Colin Claxon, Hob Arbani, Dick Hammer, Dick Galiasso, Bill MafTmi, Charles Manca, Byron Gregg. John Roveda.Ed « a aa s is si 143STU BENNETT Director of Dramatics THE COLLEGE PLAYERS presented numerous outstanding productions. The highlight of the theatrical season was the premiere of Dido and Aeneas, which was presented as part of a trilogy in the Theatre Lab Productions. PRODUCTION HEADS—Left to right: Hob Guilfoyle, Mike Fernandez, Dick Mclo, Mark McGuinncss, Pete Browning, Dennis Sullivan. 144 “Gentlemen, this is a crisisBoy Meeis GirlPRODUCTION STAFF: Peter Browning, Brian Daly, Dennis Sullivan, Mark McGuinncss, Diane Clavere, Colin Clark, Bob Guilfoylc, Art Strange, Dick Melo. Curtain CallBOB DURKEE Managing Editor SAN FRANCISCO QUARTERLY The University's literary publication contains original compositions of poetry, short stories and essays contributed by student writers. ■ LITERARY STAFF — Left to right: Paul Bacigalupi, Marcia Mitchler, Frank Coughlin, Louie Gagliasso, Warren Hinckle. RON ARROYO Editor-in-Chief MIKE REARDON FR. LLOYD BURNS, S.J. Editor-w-Chief Moderator SECTION EDITORS—Left to right: Jim David, Faculty; Tom Harrison, Photography; Tony Clark, Classes; Tony Ramirez, Student Government; Guy Lounibos, Spiritual; Bob Durkce, Copy; Bob Ferrera, Campus Life; Ray Kelleher, Intramurals; Kathy Sullivan, Activities; Bill Fennone, Organizations; Frank Glynn, Art.t The change lo a spring delivery, teamed with its new office, created a driving spirit on the 1 DON staff. The 20 staff members contributed many hours of work to develop a yearbook worthy of the Green and Gold Tradition. MARGE O’BRIEN Managing Editor GERRY GLASS Business Manager STAFF—Left to right: Karin Morsette, Typist; Rick Leahy, Pastc-up; Bill Boland, Art; Gerry Giovannetti, Filing; Maureen Dolan, Paste-up; Joan Waterman, Secretary; Vince Sanchez, Layout; Jack Molinari, Copy.JOHN l)OTY hJilor-in-Cliicf JOHN MURRAY Manu in Editor H an Jfrancfeco Jfogfjortt OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS, UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO FOGHORN STAFF, Icfc 10 right: Bob Verzello, ass’t. Business Mgr.; Gene Clancy, Sports; Dick Hammer, News; Warren Hincklc, Feature: John Doty; Pete Keegan, Staff Typist.STAFF EDITORS, loft to right: Dick l utis. Co-Sports Editor; Paul Bncigaltipi. Feature Editor: Jack Doherty, Co-Sports Editor: Jerry Finnigan. Copy Editor: Don Halog. News Editor: Bill Kraus, Circulation Mgr. Among the long list of All-Americans which have emerged from the Hilltop in the past years is the Foghorn, the official weekly newspaper of the University of San Francisco. The publication has proven itself to be one of the best weeklies in the West. By combining campus news and news of the world, the Foghorn has become the hub of information for students of the University. STAFF WRITERS, left to right: Will Reich, News; Ron Arroyo, Feature; Jack Molinari, Feature: Boh Dnrkee, Sports; Pete Xabriskie. Sports.The Hilltops social season was filled with dances, ranging from The Frosh Fandango to The Senior Ball.SCENE YOLE PAOLETTI Rose of Delta Sif SERA RATTO Mardi Gras Queen MARY ANN TAKAGE Military Hall QueenMARDI GRAS The highlight of the social season was the annual Mardi Gras. More than 3,000 people attended the festivities held Friday and Saturday night in Phelan Hall. Colorful booths combined with the music of Howard Fredericks and Dick Crest added to the flavor of the pre-Lenten carnival.Oraduatincj . There’s a career for you at B of A! Fast-growing Bank of America offers you a career in banking with a built-in future. The opportunities will prepare you for Executive positions in our Domestic and International Banking Operations. All employees receive full pay while training with free Life Insurance and hospitalization coverage PLUS profit-sharing benefits. Telephone Mr. Tom Kelly at 300 Montgomery Street for an appointment. The number is DOuglas 2-6112, Ext. 312. IBank of America NATIONAL savYncs ASSOCIATION :i coa'OMriON OVerland 1-6313 COMPLIMENTS o f Free Delivery MIRALOMA MARKET MARINE DRUG CO. 755 Portola Drive San Francisco Miraloma's Rexall Drug Store OVerland 1-2474 Ray Biagini 737 Portola Dr. Proprietor San Francisco 1552 ,La, 2 J, Peter maJ Len WALTER GORDON Real Estate - Insurance • Diamonds • Watches • Silverware • Watch Repairing Official U.S.F. School Ring Arcade Floor, Phelan Bldg. 760 Market Street San Francisco 5, California UNderhill 1-3764 Su 1-6146 432 Castro Street San Francisco imw English FUNERAL DIRECTORS Leo V. Carew, President SAN FRANCISCO'S MOST BEAUTIFUL ESTABLISHMENT 156 MASONIC AND GOLDEN GATE AVENUES Telephone: Fillmore 6-2414LS •03 uoipn.i]su r) Compliments WE PRINT of THE DELTA SIGMA PI FOGHORN Business Administration Fraternity WAlnut 1-3411 MARTIN P. BASTIANI. Ph.C. BURTON PHARMACY 2190 Chestnut Street BASTIANI DRUG CD. WALNUT 1-4626 San Francisco JOrdan 7-1166 24CD CHESTNUT ST. SAN FRANCISCO BYRNE'S QUALITY MEATS Compliments of THE In South San Francisco 3201 Divisadero St. Hickey Blvd. at At Lombard, El Camino Real San Francisco HISTORY CLUB a Cro check is very presentable California's Oldest National Bank • Over 55 Offices in Northern and Central California • Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 13 Offices in San Francisco CROCKER-ANGLO NATIONAL BANK 158PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY HON. WILLIAM K. O'BRIEN Judge, Municipal Court HON. TIMOTHY I. FITZPATRICK Judge, Superior Court HON. EDWARD F. O'DAY Judge, Municipal Court HON. HERMAN VAN DER ZEE Judge, Superior Court HON. JOHN B. MOLINARI Judge, Superior Court SIGMA PHI OMEGA COMPLIMENTS OFF-CAMPUS SOCIAL FRATERNITY Congratulates OF 7te The Class o f 1957 %ole 159ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Editor and Staff of the 1957 DON would like to express their sincere appreciation to the people who have made this book possible and to thank them for the aid they have given throughout the year. • Don Wagner and Hugh Churchill, Official Yearbook Photographers. » » Earl Evans, Fontes Printing Company. Student Photographers Lee Hoagland, Mike Stapleton, Charlie Mathews. » To all the students and faculty members who have given us their cooperation in publishing this annual. PRESS €gj3,t 9INDEX UrohaoMa, Tom 61. 126 Accomazxo, Carl 61 Adlogo. Trank 53 Aducayen. George 104 AqnolH. Dick 109 Ahern. Robert 61 Alberiqi, Marie Janet 53 Aleyre, Jamee 104 Allord. Richard 61 Alloto, Bill 21. 25. 92. 95 Allan. Edward 41 Altenburg, William 61 Alves, Ron 46, 98. 107 Amador, Fred 25, 127 Amee. Bernle S3. 109 Anderllnl, Philip 49, 92 Anderson, Charles 46 Anderson, John 151 Anderson, Mickey 53. 95 Anqoli, Vernon 53 Angelin). Franco 46 Angell. John 53 Anlonsen, Bob 22, 53, 92 Applebaum. PhllUp 25 Aqulmaldo, Sunlay 46 Arata. Bill 25. 96. 101. 102. 151 Arblnl. Robert 61. 142 Arcanln. Jack 46, 109 Armlnlal. John 102 Arroyo, Ron 25. 147, 151 Asanovlch, Eli 151 Ascapo, Alex 108 Atenclo, Joseph 61 Atnlp, Richard 53 August, Boyer 61 Avanxlno, Ron 25, 92, 133 Baclch. Pete 98 Baclqalupl. Paul 147, 151 Badella, George 41, 46 Badonovich, Bob 96 Bailey, Paul 25, 107 Balchloe, Sieve 25. 96 Baldwin, Lt. Cay 14, 126, 142 Barlechlevich, Bruce 46 Bankovitch. Waller 61 Barclay, Thomas 61 Bardaro, John 53 Barras, Gabriel 25 Barr as, Thomas 61 Barrett. Martin 61 Barren, Mike 53 Barrett, Richard 25 Barron, Eugene 25 Barry, Francis 99, 100 Barry, Michael 61 Barsocchlnl, Larry 61 Basques, Tony 96. 151 Basso. Larry 46, 96, 109 BaUln, Frank 25. 95 Batmalo. Louis 61 BaUle, Guy 61 Bauman, Louis 61 Beata, Sr. Mary 14 Becker, Jack 61 Bc-chls, Ivonne 95 Bodnarm. Jim 117 BebrenhoU, Albert 26 Bell. Phil 26. 102, 109 Belluominl, Donald 81 Benezra. Morgan 35 BenneH, Stu 144 Bensl. Bob 99 Bensky, Marrianna 52, S3, 95 Bergerton. Robert 61 Berry, Dennis 102 Bertl. Russell 9 Bertrand, Chart © 53, 96, 109 Berus. Ron 61, 108 Blanchl, Rey 21, 53 Blanchl, George 20, 21, 23, 93, 106 Blanco. Bob 19, 20, 23. 46. 92, 93. 99, 105, 107. 109 BlgaTanl, William 26 Blstlrlich, Jamee 61 Bleadon, Charles 46 Bolteux, Vince 53 Boland. Bill 21. 104, 149 Bonano. Jack 109 Bondanxa, Joe 45, 46, 105 Bonelll. Ernest 20. 26. 96, 109 Borello, Martin 61 Boro. A1 18, 21. 26. 92. 94, 105 Borzonl, Robert 61 Bosettl. Ronald 61 Bottarinl, Barbara 61 Boyle, Vince 96. 128 Box ©, Carol 61, 101, 104 Bragante, A1 101 Braghena, Bob 26. 101. 102, 116, 132, 151 Brandt. Fred 48 Brannagan. Art 100 Breganle. Don 26, 102 Brennan, Eleanor 46 Brldgeman, Ron 61 BrUlhart, John 13 Brophy. Tim S3. 102. 127, 128 Brophy, Stove 26 Broughton. Anthony 61 Brown. Ed 28. 109, 127 Brown. Gene 122 Brown, Hank 53 Brown. James 53. 97 Browne. Larry 20 Brownlrtq, Pete 46, 98, 144. 146 Bran. John 53 Bruner. Richard 62 Branolll, Frank 26, 99 Brasher, Edward II Bucher. Ed 53 Buckley. Dick 46 Bullentinl, Frank 62 Bunch. Robert 62 Burke. Richard 22. 46. 107 Bureker, Charles 46, 94 Burns, Leo 100 Burns, Lloyd. S. J. I, 11. 146 Burns, Joe 62 Burns, Tom 26, 108 Busalacchl, Anthony 53 Busch. John 46 Busk. Steve 62 Butler. John 62 Buxton. Richard 62 Byrne. Dennis S3 Cabo be. Stan 53, 101, 106 Caddon. John 62 Callahan, Francis, S.J. 9 Calonle. Arnold 132 Camara. Philip 53 Campbell, Clayton 96. 109 Campbell, Donald, Ph.D. 10 Campbell. Ron 46, 105 109 Canale. Fred 142 Canchola, Gilbert 46 Canodo, Joseph 62 Cannon, Jim 62, 127 Capllonl. Louis 53 Capllolo, Paul 21. 26. 93, 106 Capitolo. PhUlp 41 Cara, Jim 19, 21. 27. 92, 105 Carbullldo, Randolph S3 Cardoza. Cliliord 62 CarUlo, A1 106 Camaxzo, Frances 46 Carr, M SgL Robert 14 Carrillo, Javier 62. 132 Casassa. Jim 21, 92 Casaudoumeq. Ray 19, 27, 92, 94 Casey, George 62 Casey. WlUls 53. 127 Castagnatto, Donald 27 Cerlnl. Dave 24. 27. 94, 102 Cerini. Max 53 Chang. Fred 46 Chang. Walter 27 Charshcrf, Ken 133 Chase. John 62 Chase, Jon S3 Chellnl, John 110 ChUds. Dick 27. 102, 108 Chinn. Thomas 62 Chisholm, Jean 62 Chong. Dennis 53, 106 Chow. Ed 54. 109 Chuakay, Manuel 27, 104 Chudyk. Waller 46 ClaTdeUl. Angelo 54. 101 Clma. Don 46. 106 Cimlno, David 62 Cisneros. Ray 46, 99 Clancy. Eugeno 62, 97. 150 Clark, Colin 62. 96. 146 Clark, Dick 132 Clark, Jim 48. 96 Clark. Tony 54. 92. 96, 106, 128, 146 Clark. Tom 27. 102. 106 Clover©. Bernard 27, 146 Claxon. Colin 62, 142 Clinton. Charles 27 Cllsham. Dave 53, 82. 103 Clotere, William 45, 46, 107 Coates. John 62 Cobos, Irma 27 Colburn. Dick 54 Cole. Burr 53. 99. 103 Colebrissl. Catherine 62 Coleman. Tom 27, 106 Coleman, John, S.J. 10, 11 Colety. Charles 21. 28, 94. 103 Collins. Dan 97 Collins, Dennis 109 Collins, John. S.J. II Collins. Ken 100 Collins. Larry 21. 28, 102. 107 Collins. Mike 99 Collins, Robert 54 Collins, William 54. 100 Colver, John 103 Comb. David 28 Comlsky, James 62 Commlns, James 54 Compagno, Anthony 28 Conlan, Jerome 62 Conlin, Morvln 62 Connolly, Jack 54 Connolly, John. S.J. 7 Connolly. William 62 Conrady, Nick 104 Copeland, Raymond, S.J. II Cooney, John 62 Corbett, James, S.J. 9 Corbett James 54 Corcoran, Albert. S.J. 10 Corral. Joseph 62 Costello. Kevin 62, 132 Costello. Vincent 28 Cotrell, William 63 Coughlin. Frank 21. 54. 94. 142, 147 Crivolll. Ron 46. 94, 96 CrivoUo, Joe 54 Cronin. Andrew 54 Crosley, Jerry 22. 26. 109 Crux. Ramiro 99. 100 Cullen. Steve 63 Cullls. Joe 28 Culver, Craig 63 Cunningham, John 54, 96, 128, 151 Curran. Terry 26, 102 Cushway. Armando 63. 109 Cutler, Bill 63, 132 Cutone, Mike 63 Dado. John 40, 63 Daqulen. Bob 63 DaCragnano, Victor 28, 96 DalBon, Jim 54, 94 DallPoggotto, John 63 Daly. Brian 20. 21, 23. 46, 99, 146 Damon. Frank 63 Damon, John 63 Dang. Bernle 54, 99, 103. 106 Davalos, Gerald 63 David. Jim 54. 146 DaVlgo, Anthony 54 DaVlgo, Arnold 54 Davis. Harland 28 Dawson. Mark 63 Day. A1 54 Day. Art 122. 123 Deasy, William 47 Do Beilis. Vincent 49. 101 DeBenedettl. Frank 94 Debono, Mannle 96 Dedrian, Samuol 54 DeLaRocha. Vltelld 63 DeU'Ardno. Robert 22, 47, 92 Delmon. Edmond 54. 104 Delplppo. Bob 100. 106 Del Rosario. Jaime 41 De Martini. Don 21. 46. 108 Desmond. James 54 Detsch. Richard 47 Devtncenxl, Richard 63 Devine, Dr. 99 De Zordo. Donald 63. 96, 132 Dias, Robert 47 Diaz, Ramon 29. 116 Dleslel, Joe 102. 108 Dietz, Francis 41 Dt Geronlmo, Joe 63 D1 Gregorio. Joe 63. 106 Dillon. Dave 47. 102, 133 Dillon. William 9 Dlneen. Dennis 97 Dlneen. Neal 47. 97 DUher. Marie 47. 95 Doherty, Con 54, 109 Doherty. Jack 21, 29. 97. 151 Doherty, John R. 24. 29 Doherty, Ray 98 Doherty. Laird 63 Dolan, Maureen 63, 149 Dollard. John 63, 106 Domlngue, Bob 107, 110 Donlon. Kevin 99 Donnelly. Joe 96, 108 Donoghuem, Dr. Augustine I, US Donovan, Stan 99INDEX Doty. John 20. 20. 03. OS. 107. 109. ISO Dower, Robort 54 Downle, Francis S4 Drees, Adolph 47 Dresel. Ronald 23. 34 Driscoll. Jamos 63 Dubois. Dion 47 Dully. Anthony S3. 97 Dully, BUI 97 Dully, Patrick 47 Dully, Richard 29. 105 Dunno, Peter, S.J. 12 Duran, Ed 104, 117 DuRard. Bob SO. S3. 109, 141 Duris. Dick 47. 100. 1S1 Durkee. Bob 47. 02. 102. 147. 149. 1S1 Dwyer. Jamos 29. 101, 109 Eandl. Richard 47. 9S Eastman. Oliver S3 Eberhardt. Mlko 47. 129 Egan, Timothy 63, 142 Eqan. Willis. S.J. 10, 109 Eqger. Frank 63 Elckorl, Lylo 47 Ellis, Roberta 54. 95 Esquivel. Rod 117 Erans. Robort S3 Evart. Mark S3 Fagrey, Edward 63 Falcono. Charles 21. 29, 96 Fanclvillo, Sal 29 FanFollo, R. L. 64 Fanlowo, Mlko 109 Fanzono, Mlko 102 Farley. Anthony 55, 94 Farmer. Mlko 122. 123 Faral, Jamos 55 Faschi. Poto 102 Fooly, Raymond, S.J. 9 Folciano, Jack 64 Fennone. BUI 22. 47. 00. 100, 101 Ferquson. John, S.J. 11 Fernandez, Mlko 55. 144 Fernandes, Norman 41 Ferrarls, Dora 98 Ferrarottl, Vincent 29 Forroira, Gerald 55 Forrer, Joseph 64 Ferrera. Bob 21. 55. 109, 141. 149 Ferrero. BiU 21. 29. 103 Ferro. John 29. 100, 101 Flquelredo. LaVeme 55 Fink, Erich 55. 116 Finn, Bill 47 Finn, Paul 64 Flnnlqan, Jerry 108, 151 Flore, Thomas, Ph.D. 11 Flrobauqh, Tim 64, 129 Flrpo. Bruce 47 richer, John, 8.J. 13 Fltzqerald. Jim 64. 99 Flzqeral, Bob 47 Flaharty, John 64 Flanniqan. Mike 64 Flohr, Melvin 47 Flynn, Bob 102 Flynn. John 29 Flynn, Richard 55 Foley. Robert G. 64 Foley. Bob 30. 102 Foley. Robert L. 55 Foley. Tom 64. 102 Foral, Bob 21, 30. 101. 102, 108 Fox. Robert 47 Ford. John D. 64 Fraclsco. Marty 23, 60. 64 Franceschl. Ken 64, 110 Franks, James 55 Tranks. Stephen 47 Fraser. Ronald 30 Fratossa, Paul 102 Freeman. Kenneth 64 Fry, Thomas 47. 106 Funq, Samuel 30. 96 Gabriel. Emil 31 Gada. Bob 21, 31. 04. 102. 105 GaqUasso. Steve 64, 142, 147 Gaqllasso. Richard 64. 142 Gahr. WUllam 20. S3 Gale, George 64 Gallaqher. Euqene 64 Gallaqhcr. James 21. 47 Gallaqhor. Thomas 64 GaUaqher. William 55 Gallas. Josephine 55 Galli. Ronald 64 Galten. Doug 64. 99 Gandollo, Melvin 55 Garcia. A1 64. 104 Garibaldi. George 41. 99 Garrett. Douqlas 30 Garry. Kevin 64 Gayer. Barbara 99 Geary. John S.J. 11 Geary, John 55. 96, 109 Genovcso. Joseph 64 Ghlrardelli. Alan 31, 127 Gillespie, Marguerite 14 GUlls, Gene 07. 109 Glnl, Gerald 55 Glovannotti. Gerry 64, 104, 149 Girard. Valerian 55 Gissler. WUliam 47 Glass. Gerry 1. 47. 103. 149 Gleason. BUI 102. 108. 109 Gleason. Terry 30. 96 Gleason. Jerry 109 Glennon, Jim 128 Glynn. Frank 47. 148 Goebel, Russ 35 Gobeym, Luclon 64 Gonzales. Jose 30 Gonzales. Louis 64 Gonsalves, Edward 30 Gore, M SgL Frank 14 Gorman, Mel. Ph.D. 13 Goetand, Phil 55. 109 Gotelll. Donald 64 Gottwald, Louis 55 Gould. Thomas 55 Granados, Jalro 100 Grant. Ellis 64 Gray, Kenneth 47 Grazla. Dick 65 Creen. Fred 65 Green. Mai 65 Greenwood. Jerry 63, 127 Cregg. Byron 65. 127, 142 Gregor. Mike 55 Griffin. Ed 12. 22. 52. 97. 129 Griin, Joan 93 Guenther. Paul 47, 109 Guerrero. Carlos 49 Guest. Larry 49. 93. 103 Guest. Ronald 31 Guevara. Nat 99 GuUloyle. Bob 49, 102. 144. 146 Guinln. Michael 65 Cumina. Thomas 55, 101 Gumlcio, Fernando 31 Haderle, John 65 Hallinan, M SgL Joseph 14 Halog, Don 48, 93, 96. 117, 151 Hamilton. James 65 Hammer. Dick 65. 142, ISO Hansen 31. 108 Hanson. Donald 65 Hanson. George 102 Harder, Joseph 65 Hardlgan. Patricia 31 Hardy. Kenneth 55. 96 Harney. Paul. S.J. 8 Harrington, Tim 99 Harrington. WUllam 65. 106 Harris. Dave 108 Harrison. Jeremy 31 Harrison, Tern 55. 106. 149 Hartnell. Dave 102 Hass. Frederick 65 Hastings, Wilma 22. 65 Hawkins, Thomas 65 Hayden. Don 99 Hayes. John 65. 97 Healey 65. 103 Healy. Jerome 65 Heath. Michael 65 Helnslus, Jack 19. 49. 102. 105 Heinz. Jerry 31, 102 Hellar, Eugene 55 HemphUl, Kenneth 65 Henry, Douqlas 31 Henwood. Dave 110, 142 Herman. BUI 127 Hermann. Jim 107 Hernandez. Monte 48 Hess, Carl 31 Hessian, John 48 Kldatqo. Roberto 116 Higgins, Bob 132 Hill. Howard 22 Hlllsman. Ralph 13 Hlnckle, Warren 60. 65, 97. 147. 150 Hoey, John 48 Hoqan. John 55 Hogan. Marge 65, 98 Hogan. WUllam 55 Holl, Charles 31 Holland. Mike 108 Holloway. Doug 65. 99, 106 Homleld. Virginia 48, 95 Hopkins, John 99 Howell, Susan 65 Hromallk, Michael 48, 100 Hull. Mac II Humphreys. Thomas 31 Hurley, James 31 Hurt, Gavin 55 Hynes. John. S.J. 12 laconls. Joseph 65 Ingrassla. Gaston 55 ImwaUe. Henry 65 Iori. Richard 31. 107 Iraheta. Salvador 65 Use!. Lawrence 65 Ivey. BUI 49. 102 Jacobs. Bob 133 Janso-Kok, CorneUus 65 Jennett. Tom 109 Jennings. Ward 48 Jensen. Jim 49. 109 Johnson, Ma). Arthur 14 Johnson, Dave 102 Johnson. Greg 65, 109 Johnson, Lawrence 32 Johnson. Mike 22, 107 Johnson. Mitchell 55, 106 Johnson, Robert 66 Jonah. Stan 116. 122 Jones. Charles 66 Jones. Leroy 129 Jorge, Beniamin 32 Josephides, Andy 56 Juanitas. Lucille 48 Juba. Dick 66. 109 Kara. Fred 151 Keane, ElUabeth 56 Keane, Joseph, S.J. II Kearney, George. Rev. 12 Xearns. Bob 21. 32. 94. 108 Keegan. Pete 21. 32. 150 Kelrnes, Vernon 48 Kelleher, Joan 66 Kelloher, Ray 48. 148 Kelly. BUI 97 Kelly. John 32 Kelloy. Patrick 40 Kenny. Bert 32. 108 Kenny. Raymond 32 Xenny. Mike 66. 109 Xonny. Thomas 66 Xcssel. Edward. Ph.D 13 Koyser. Charles 32. 110 Xidd, Donald 66 Klevith, BIU 66. 109 Killian. Gerald 41 King. Jack 24. 32. 92. 95. 96 King. Pat 56. 99 Xing. Robert 32 Kingston. Earl 66 XUhore. Ncnd 13 Kitchen. Bob 102 Xllng. Robert 32 Knipplng, Robert 66 Kolanoskl, Thomas 56 Krank, Donald 66 Krauss. Bill 151 Krobser, John 56, 126 Kruegor. George 48 Xwltz. Max 32 Kwtalkowski. Michael 66, 106 Labrador. Alejandro 21. 33, 104 LaCour, Fred 66, 129. 132 LaFranchl, Melvin 66 Lalana-Rulz. J. 33. 100 Lambing. Bob 22. 33. 109 Lamphere, Jack 102, 109 Lang, FrancU 66 LaRocca. Leo 33. 96, 101. 102. 151 Larens, Jim 66 Larson, Donald 56 Latham, Tom 66, 106 Lavell. Jerry 66 Laveszo. Joseph 48 Lavorato. Frank 49. 93 Lawton. Capt. WUllam 14. 107 Lazio. Lawrence 56 Leahy. Dick 103 Leahy. Pat 66. 98 Leahy. Ray 102, 109 Leahy, Rick 59. 149 Lcchy. Tom 45, 48 LeBcr, Edmond 48 Lee. Daniel 66INDEX Leet. Robert SC. 100. 10C Lekas. James 48 LeMasters, Martin 48 Lend. Euqono 66 London!. Robert 33. 66, 101 Leong. Ricardo 104 Levaqqi. Jim 41, 88 Leverone. Richard 56 Lewis, Dave 23. 48, 84 Lewis, Dick 108 Lewis. Don 126 Lewis. Jim 100 Ucdardello. Paul 33, 107. 110 LUlevand. Dave 58, 86, 106 Urn. Richard 23. 48 Lindsay, John 48 Linpert, James 66 Lola. Frank 100 Lombardi. Frank 68 Long. Everett 33 LoSchlavo, John. S.J. 11, 108 Lounlbos, Guy 20, 23. 45. 48. 83. 106. 148 Lowe, Frank 104 Lublch. Warren 33. 86, 108 Lucas. Frank 49, 68, 108 Luian. Larry 48 Lum. John 33. 105 Luperinl, Lloyd 56, 96 Lynch. James 33, 95 Lynch. Mary 46 Lynch. Mike 20 Lynch, Robert 56. 97 Lyons. John 66 Lyons. James 66 Lysaght, Barry 108 Maculuso. Robort 58, 92, 102, 151 Macchl. Bill 56, 99. 10$ MacGulre. James 49 Machado. Roberto 33, 116 Macias, Charlie 49, 101 Maclssac. Lyn 49 Mack, Robert 12 MacXenxle. Robert 11. 137 Maderlas. Gil 67. 109 Mafflnl, William 66. 142 Magner. Bill 109 Mnnulre, Thomas 66 Mnhern, Henry 67, 107 Mahonoym. Frank 94 Mahoney. Stophen 67 Mahoney, Bill 34, 108 Mak, Joseph 34. 96 Malinovsky. Karel 13 Malmstrom. Linda 67, 104 Maloney, Robert, S.J. 108 Malony, Robert. SrL 11 Manca, Charles 66. 142 Ma-tcasola, Ron 123 Mangrum, John 49 Manning, John 56, 102 Manslnne, Jim 108 Moraslgan. Dlonlslo 104 Marltzen. Henry 66 Markoriti, Edward 67 Maroney, William, Ph.D. 13 Marron, Robert 60, 67 MarshcaU, Joseph 56 Martenien. Walter 49 Martha. Sr. Mary 14 Martin. James 49 Martin, Thomas 12 Martin, William 67. 142 Marvier. Lawrence 126 Mason, James 67 Massa. Anthony 56 Matthews. Charles 67 Matthews. Tom 24. 34. 108 Matteudg. Gladnto. Ph-D. 11 Maxham. Vernon 34 Matslnl, Richard 34 McAllen. Bob 34. 102, 107 McArdle. Patrick 56 McAulllle. Gabriel 49 McAullHe, John 34 McCarthy. Daniel 34 McCarthy. Donald 67 McCollum. Douglas 67 McCormac, Michael 56 McCormack. John 49 McCormack. Ron 99 McCormick Thomas 67 McCormick. Clem 56 McCraith. BUI 34. 107. 110 McDonald. Pat 67 McDonald. Bob 67. 132 McDonnell. Edward 67 McDonnell. Timothy, S.J. 10 McEnteo, Thomas 56 McGee. Mike 34. 92. 107 McGUl. Jim 67 McGloln. John. S.J. 11. 100 McGovern, Francis 34 Me Go win, William 49. 96 McGrorey, Raymond, 3.J. 11 McGulnness, Lucy 95 McGulnness, Mark 56, 144. 146 McGushln. Edward 67, 142 McKenna, James 34 McKenzie. Tom 35, 108 McKernan, Michael 67 McKinnon. Ann 67 McMahon, Jon 67 McMahon, Robert. S.J. 8. 11. 104 McSharry, James 56 McSweenoy. Pat 99, 100 McNally, Thomas 67 McParUana, Jim 108 Melendez. Henry 100 Melo, Dick 20. 21, 23. 49, 98, 144, 146 Menard, James, S.J. II Metcall, Mary 49 Meyers, RoseMarie 49, 95 Ml bach, Warren 35. 92 Michalak. Joseph 35 Mlfsld. William 67 Miller, Frank 103 Mtlllman, Walter 49 Mlskel. Leonard 35 MUkell. Tim 40 Mltchler. MaTda 23. 67. 147 Mlttleman, Josoph 67 Mohr, Mara 35 Mollnari. Jack 149, 151 Molinelli. James 67 Molseed, El wood 67. 106 Monahan, Peter 35 Montgomery. Barbara 2t, 56, 95, 98, 109 Montlvorde. George 109 Mooney, Robert 35 Moore. Francis. S.J. 9. 21 Moore, Mlchaol 67 Moore, Richard 35 Moran. Martin 35 Moratto, Robert 23, 35 Moreno, Richard 68 Moressl. Frank 96 Morgenstern. Otto. Ph.D. II Morsette. Karin 68. 104, 149 Moses. Don 56. 96, 106, 128 Mostz, John, S.J. 11 Mounkes. William 56 Mueller. Mary 14 Mulcahy. Richard. SJ. 10. 12 MulhoUand, Frank 52. 56, 96. 128 MulhoUand, William 35, 96 Mullany. John 68 Mullron, Tom 108 Murillo, Carlop 56. 96. 109 Murphy. Charles 56, 142 Murphy. Mary 49 Murray, John F. 68 Murray, John J. 105. 150 Murray. Pal 68. 104 Musante. Robert 68 Musto. David 68 Myers. Charles 45, 49, 96. 151 Naughtoa. Ruby 14 Nelson. Joanne 98, 109 Nelson. Thomas 36 Newby, Sgt. Charles 126 Newhoii. James 36 Nichols, James 49 Njoku-Obl. Joseph 36 Norton. Melvin 68 Norton. Bob 68. 132 Norton. Tom 68. 97. 129 Nunez. Rosemary 49 O'Brien. Gerald 57 O’Brien. Jim 36. 108 O'Brien, Margaret 57, 149 O'Brien. Pat 68 O'Connor, James 49 O'Connor, Maurice 57, 97 O'Donnell. Walter 21. 49. 100, 101, 106 O'Dowd. CapL Paul 14 O'Driscoll. John 68 O"Flaherty, Mike 57. 97 Ohleyer. Mike 68 O’Laughlln, Marian 66. 103 Oldham. Edward 49. 107 O'Leary, Barnaby 68 O'Leary. Tim 22, 57. 97 Oliva. Ann 109 Olsen. Beulah 36 Olsen, Kon 68 O'Marra. Theresa 49 Onales, Virginia 99 O'Noll, John P. 68, 132. 151 O'Neil, Robert 57, 106 O'Neill. John K. 68 O'Neill. Ken 96, 104 O'Reilly, Edward 68 O'Reilly, Kevin 49 O'ReUly, Ames 36. 57 Ornellas, Ernie 36, 102 O'Sullivan. Jack 68 Overton, Eugene 36 Oxsen. Richard 20, 23, 57 Panattoni, Larry 68. 101 Pangellnan. Felix 68. 142 Panofl, Oleg 117 Paeletti, Yole 153 Papa, Herman 22, 49, 92, Pardella, John 49 Pardelia. Jack 102 Parker. John 57 Pasco. Richard 68 Passalacqua. Fred 36 Pasquln!, Mare 68 Pearce, John 68 Pearl. BUlie 68 Pedraxzinl. Robert 36 Pegueros. Albert 57, 126 Peltier, Gene 20 Pera, Leonard 68, 101 Peralta. Oscar 68 Perez, Ignacta 68 Periasky. Chet 109 Perry, Lawrence 36 Perry, Richard J. 68 Perry, Richard O. 49, 100, 107 Petersen, Ken 69 Petesch, Joan 36 PetriJds, Ted 69. 109 Petris, Maxine 95 Phelan. Ed 37, 94. 108 Phelan. James 57 Phelan, Jack 69, 129 Phillips, John 69 Plchlnl, Jim 37 Piette. Charlotte 39, 49 Pimentel, Ron 49 Pi res. Antonio 57 Pitman, Dave 49. 94, 138 Podesta, Bob 19. 42. 32 Poe. Judle 69 Polokot, Jim 69, 109 Ponzettl, James 37 Pope, Robert 69 Popovich, John 100 Poransld. Chester 57 Portello, Vernette 50. 95 PortUlo, Frank 69 Portocarrero, Fernando 127 Powell. Terry 57 Powers. Dan 37 Pozzoban. Robert 57, 101 Pratt. Mr. 99, 103 Proaps, Robert 69 Proud, BUI 101, 103. 104 Pruski, Ralph 99 Pryal, Edmund 57. 127 Puccetd. Alfred 57 Puterbaugh, Ruth 50 Queja, Amanclo 104 Quinn, Carol 69, 104, 109 Quigley. Robert 50 QuUlcl. John 109 Quintana, A1 100 Quinto, Col. Myron 14 Rabb, Doug 69 Radanovlch. Robert 57 Rameriz, Anthony 50, 100, 101, 106, 148 Ratio, Joseph 57 Rcrtto, Sera 153 Ravlxza. Ed 22, 23, 50, 94, 102 Razon, Benito 37, 104, 114 Razzano, Dorothy 99 Razzetto, Rita 57, 95 Reardon. Mike 1. SO, 102, 146 Reed, Ron 57 ReUly. Bob 99 Reimer, Richard SO Relmer, Bob 102 Relth, William 69. 141. 151 Reese. Curt 11 Rhine. David 57 Rlcd, George 50 Richmond, Victor 50, 94 Ricker. Robert 99 Rickman. Robert 69 Ring, Vincent 69. 97 Roach, Stephen 57 Robinson, Jerry 128 Roell, Joseph 69. 142INDEX Roemer, Robert SO Roensch, Georg o 37, 105 Rogers, Harvey 50 Rohlies, Elaine $9 Romlnger, Clair 41 Roadario, Juanllo 104 Rork . S.J. 57 Ro (, Chart 127 Rou, H Un 57. 95 Rom. Bob 50, 109 Rossi. Arnold 57 Roesl. Carlo, S.J. 11 Ro l, Marvin 57, 101 Rossini, Ron 50. 96 Rourk . Mlko 92 Rourk , Joan 95 Roush. Sandra 95 Rov da, John 57. 142 Rowan. John 69. 142 Ruan , Jim 99 Ruby. Rob rt 50. 94. 101 RuU, Alolandro 50. 100 Rusconi. Joann 69 Russ!. Barbara 69 Ryan. David 69, 106 Ryan. John 69 Ryan. WUllam. S.J. 9. 11, 106 Sahouria, Yacoub 69 Salisbury Don 37. 99 Sanch t. B njamln 37. 104 Sanchox. Carlo , Ph.D. 11, 100 Sanchox, C clUa 57, 95 Sanch x, Robert 100 Sanchox. Vincent SO, 149 Sandbach, Henry 69 Sandors, MaJ. William 14 Sandri. Luigi, Ph.D. 14 Sandri, Sandro 50, 109 Sangulneltl. Mlko 50 Santana. Prank 69 Saphor, Goorgo, Ph.D. 13 Saucedo, Norman 50. 142 Saunders. Thomas, S.J. 13 Scamplnl, Horman 69 Scunnell, Richard, S.J. 12 Schonone, Ernest 69 Shenone, Robert 69 Schmid. Monica 50 Schmidt, Christine 99 Schmidt, William 69 Schneider. Bemlo 52, 59, 129, 132 Schneider, Walter 59 Schneider. Thomas 50 Schomaker, Steiian 59 Schramel, John 50, 100, 105 Schuler. Bill 59, 109, 109, 141 Shculto, Lewis 37 SchwaUl , BUI 59. 96, 133 Schwelxer, Ben 50, 119 Scloeaux, Norton 100 Scola, Tito 69 Scott, Robert 59 Scramaglla, Jack 151 S ltxer, Bob 102 8exton, Wallace 12 Sellman, Ronald 69, 127 Senator . Vine 37, 107, 110 Shaddle, Chuck 23. SO. 109 Shearn, Robert 50 Sherlock, Grant 109 Shipp. Edmond 39 Shlxumo, Moriharu SO Slcroty, MUt 99 SllweU. SFC Albert 14 Sleroty. Milton 41 SUva, Joeeph 39 SUva. BiU 21. 22. 23, 96 Slmlnl. Joeeph 12. 23 Simpson, John 50 Sitter. Steve 109 Skidmore. Dick 24. 39 Slevln. Ed 59, 96. 129, 133 SmaU. Ronald 59 Smetana. Alexander 12 SmlragUa, Vincent 50 Smith. Albert 12 Smith, Hart 99 Smith. Patrick 70 Smith. Spence 39 Smyth . Edmond, S.J. 10. 13 Snider. Peter 59. 96 Sommerleld, Gary 70 Sommerield, Jane 39 Sorinl, Larry 92. 99 So tlk, Marsha 41 Souxa. Gerald 39, 127 Spence, Victor 70 Sprlnx, Leary 59 Stanghelllnl. Frank 70, 109 Staploton, Michael 50, 107 Stark . Frederick 50 Stecher. Fred 70 Sloffos, James 59 Stenxon, Don 70 Stephons, Peter 70 Stevens. Martin 50 Stevens. Ronald 70 Sdveson, William 39 Stragnola, Potor 70, 110 Strain, Margo 59, 95. 99 Strange, Arthur 50, 146 Slrawn. Leland 59 Strelchan, William 39 Strom, Charles 59, 106 Sugrue, Gerald, S.J. 9 Sullt, Rod 51, 99 Sullivan. Pete 59. 96 Sullivan. David 70 Sullivan, Dennis 59, 99, 144, 146 Sullivan, Joe 99 Sullivan, John 70 Sullivan. Xathleen 149 SuUlvan, Kenneth 21, 22, 39, 92, 105, 107 SuUlvan, Mary 70 SuUlvan. Robert 59, 99. 109 Suntay, Emilio 102 Suter, Barbara 70 Swart, Murman 39 Sweeney. Homer 39, 102, 109 Sweeney. James 70 Sweeney. Jonathan 70 Sweeney, Jerry 39, 109 Swetonlc, Margori 95 Sweyd, Robert 59 Sweyd, Ben 102 Swynoy. Thomas 70 Sylvia, Sr. Mary 14 Symanskl, Jerome 70, 106 Tadday, M Sgt. Henry 14 Takage, Mary 56. 95, 153 Takehara. Clarence 59, 100 101 Tamoney, Mike 97 Tan, Carlos 70 Tan. Rick 34. 98, 102, 104, 126. 127 Tandy. Terry 70 Tanner, Bud 151 Tanner. Henry 39 Tassono, John 59 Taylor. Frank 99 Taylor, Jack 103 Telxelra, Mario 39 Tonnler, Don 99 Terheyden, Lucas 69 Thatcher. Arthur 51 Theis, Robert 39 Thlede. Ed. 51, 94. 102, 105 Thomas. Gary 59 Thomas, Richard 13 Thomason, Frank 70. 141 Thompson. Ron 70 Tlchenor, Ralph. S.J. 9. 12, 96, 127 Tobin. WUllam. S.J. 6 TomaseUo. Sophia 59 Torrano. John 59 Torros, Frank 100 Torres, Gary 70 Torres, Oscar 100 Tranchlna, Pet 70, 101 Travers. Dick 51. 109 Traverso, Eugene 70 Traverso, Jack 59 Trombly, John 39 Tringall. Dominic 70. 101 Trumbower. Frank 20, 23, 52, 59, 94. 109 Trussas, James 58 Tully, Ellon 95 Turnbull. Joyce 51, 95 Tweedy, Joeeph 70 Tyrell, Thomas 70 Ugarto, Enrique 58 Urban, Lon 103 Urmlnl, Len 59. 101 Usman, Harvn 116 Vachan, Ft. 105 Valo, Georg 70 Valerga. Anton 59 Valter. Jan 70. 127 Van Glnhoven. Adriaan 39 Van Glnhoven, Henry 39 Vannucci. John 59, 101 VemoU. Gerald 39 Vargas, Vincent 39, 107 Vaughn, Richard, S.J. 12 Veglla, Annette 59 VernaU. Ron 59, 141 Verzello. Robert 71. 150 Vick, Gary 59, 92 VUlallor, Luvlminda 39 Vlottl, Reynold 59 Vlahos, John 39, 100 Volpa. Dennis 59 Wagner. Ed 51. 109 Walder, Prof. Karl 13 WakeUn, John 92. 107 Walgreen. Chuck 132, 151 Walker. Pet 102 Walker. Sandra Lee 59. 95 Wallace. BIU 99 Wallace. Chuck 108 WaUace, Bro. Francis. S.J. 106 Wallace. Susan 22, 59, 95 WaUh. James 47, 59, 100 Walsh, John 39 WaUh. Joseph SFC 14 Walsh. Robert 71 Walsh. Rob 59. 99 WaUh. WUllam D. 71 Walsh. WUllam P. 59 WaUh, Uri 22 Walton. Jay 71 War . PhlUlp 51 Warren. John 20, 40, 92 Warren, Edmend 40 Watorman. Joan 60, 71, 149 Wators. John 71, 102 Wayne, Pete 71 Weiner. Pal 99 West, Charles 40 Whtpp. Richard 71, 96 White, Charles 59, 94 Wlckertham, Summer 71 Welgmann, WUllam 59 Wllgress, Oliver 59 Wlllans-Uett. Mary 71 WUUamson. Ray 59. 96. 100, 151 Wlnkloy. Robert 59 Winn. BIU 71 Winn, Mike 127 WU . Joan 126 WUhovlck, Ed 51 Wolf. Al 21. 40. 109 WoUsteln. John 40. 106 Wolpert. Phil 81, 125 Wong, Julius 62, 103 Woolley. Eola. Ph.D. 13, 109 Wright. Evelyn 40 Yates. Robert 71 Yee. Ron 51 Yen. Cea 40 Yep, Thomas 71 Young, ElUworth 40 Young. Stephen 59 Yrieoyen, Frank 59 Zabriskle, Peter 40. 151 Zanxinger, Ron 71 Zarxanxa. Pick 132 Zita, Sr. Mary 14 Zimmerman, Jon 51 Zlatunlch. Gen 71, 96  e: Sw I £ j.' .TfcE3 IBi |BH« WBaRm ;• 'nkr,1foywv A--» • » -tw vjnr Owra?1 -'• iW'i WnmEmm fe§r

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