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“The Forty-Niner Class” UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO Su(f Editor..........................................................Herb Brown Business Manager................................................John Hale Associate Editor................................................Ned Ward Assistant Business Manager......................................Chic Roach Terry McGuire Bob Bosque Jim Raser Bill Bacon (Lontri lulors Jack Poggi Jim Mansinne Frank D’Atri Walt Johnson Frank Shaw Russ Kelly Ed Roseborough •j . r..This book is for "The Boss." For those who l(rtew Jaynes J. Gill and lus loyalty to USF. there need be no explanation why we are dedicating this record of the past year to his memory. For 21 years, Mr. Gill, better and more simply known to thousands of students as “The Boss" taught Public Speaking and Philosophy at the Hilltop, and directed the College Players in a long line of outstanding productions. From 1928 to 1949 Mr. Gill worked incessantly for the good of the University he loved. He could be seen around the campus at all hours, teaching classes, coaching his actors, preparing the stage of the Little Theatre for a play or a special ceremony. His death on January 30 of this year has left a conspicuous gap—in the ranks of USF's greatest supporters and in the hearts of those who worked with him and loved him. This book IS meant as a memorial to “Boss" Gill and a tribute to his self'sacrifice and loyalty. 764923fn itlemoriam MR. JAMES J. GILL 1891-1919■TWIN SPIRES OF ST IGNATIUS"FR. WILLIAM J. DUNNE, S.J. President, University San FranciscoFR. RAYMOND T. FEELY, S.J Dean of Faculties-nn-rrr FR. GERALD J. NAGLE, S.J. Dm i o MenFR. PAUL J. HARNEY, S,| Dean, Department of Education FR. ALEXIS I. MEI. S.J. Dean. Co liege of Science ROY C. HALL, M.B.A. Dean of the College of Business AdministrationASUSF Officers: Wall Treasurer: Boh Parma, Johnson, BSC Chairman; Max Torres, Corresponding Secretary; Don Muldoon, Recording Secretary; Father Nagle, Moderator; Frank D'Atri, President; l c Trursolino, Vice-President. Senior JOHN HALE. President John Diiikli Hall. B.S. Economics San Maims Calif. Senior Class I're-idcnt. ('.ami-- Committee. President Club. ‘19 Cluss-book, F.wciilivr Council Navy FRANK SHAW, Class Representative Frank Woodm uv Siiaw. B.S. f’ttlilitat Science Alameda Calif. Srnior Cl - Representative. IRC. Executive Council, ‘19 Cla‘ hook. Sodality, l i Sigma Alpha, St. Ivc Law Club. Clu» Valedictorian Navy Air Corps oth tcers CHARLES ROACH. Vice-President Charles IIollanii Roach, B.S. English ''an Francisco Senior Class ice-Presidonl. C1C Representative, Soccer '47, Executive Council. ’49 Class book. Glee Club, Omicron Epsilon. Bio-Chem bib. Kappa Lambda Sipma, St. Ives Law Club Coast Guard NED WARD, Class Representative Khmonii Cam eh . ari», B.S. Political Science San Rafael, Calif. Senior Class Representative, Soccer "47. ‘48. Came, Committee. Social Committee. BSC. Executive Council, ‘49 Classhonk. Ski Club, Omicron Epsilon. Scabbard Blade, Letter Society, St. Ives Law Club ArmyLocate DO YOU’ REMEMBER: . . . when Willie Shea and Jim Barrett first came to USF, 1941 wasn’t it .. . when the student body was 20 strong . . . when 134 Freshmen of the class of ’49 rode roughshod over the entire student body led by Terry McGuire, Bob Jones, Maurice Evans (age 42). Bob Gorsuch, and Bob Coleman . . . when Martin Kelly t(x k a late afternoon swim in the Coke Ice Box in the lounge ... the first USF glee club: Johnny O'Brien, Jim Mansinne, Vic Campilongo, and Jim DeMartini ... the first ROTC of Ray Love, Russ Moon, and Colonel Johnny O'Brien ... the Frosh Fandango at the Greenhills Country Club . .. the first tabloid Foghorn announcing Clipper Smith as new head football coach ... the first Winter Formal at the Whitcomb Hotel under Chairman Lou Dito . . . the first postwar reception for Lone Mountain . . . when Bill Loftus was high point man of the Sodality basketball team . . . when Omicron Epsilon was formed for the returning veterans by Paul Crisafulli and Ken Boero.. . when Clana Eireann was reformed . . . when returning veterans swelled the ranks of the advanced ROTC in search of commissions . . . when Father Rossi and Father “Jim” returned to the Hilltop, “I have returned” . . . when Bill Hughes started his reign as Commissioner of Intramural Sports ... the FroslvSoph Picnic at Fairfax in the Spring of 46 . . . when Con Dempsey struck out 16 Gaels on a Sunday afternoon including a boy by the name of Wedemeyer . . . when the Class of 49 outpulled the Sophs on President's Day, 1946 ... when a returning Navy man by the name of Pete Newell was signed as baseball and basketball coach ... when Colonel Stuart replaced Colonel Whitaker as CO of the Don ROTC. Then There Was the Time That . . . the Big Nevada Rally at Scottish Rite Audi' torium under Joe Vevoda, Bren Doherty, and Terry McGuire started the 1946 football season . . . when enrollment soared over 2000 . . . the Gold Rush Days with Forrest Hall, Harmon Rowe, and assorted Fleet City Stars .. . scrimmages on the Hilltop and chalk talks at Powell and Sutter . . . Francis Powers of the Saturday Evening Post picked us as 7th in the Nation ... the fabulous Santa Clara Rally featuring the “Mills Brothers" ... or was it Bob Jones, Wade Finnigan, Dick Kelly, and Terry McGuire ... when Bill Baldwin made his first appearance at the St. Mary's Rally ... the post Santa Clara game dance at Legion Hall on Irving St. . . . when Rod Martinelli succeeded the retiring George Bull as Sophomore Class President. . . Forrest Hall's punt runbacks . . . when a group of unknowns tried out for basketball at the Page Street Gym, names like McNamce, Bennington, Hanley, Dejulio, and Giesen ... the first postwar Father and Son's night in the auditorium . . . L’SF night at the Mark with Carmen Cavallero ... the big name bands at the class dances, Eddie Fitzpatrick, Ernie Heckscher, and Joe Reichemann ... the student Nxly elections proclaiming Hal Jensen the new ASL'SF President . . . THE FALL OF '47 brought. . . the big year in f x tball . . . Joe Scott, Forrest Hall, and a galaxy of quarterbacks . . . Joe Mocha was Life Magazine's Picture of the Week . . .when M(x rc's Shipyard reported the loss of a Bell intended for St. Mary's as Fred Kleme' nock, Jim Ryan, and Hal Jensen sped across the Bay Bridge . . . Bill Walters tried to form a USF Ski Club . . . when the Executive Council investigated secret organizations on the campus . . . Jim Brennan and Walt Johnson were Junior Class representatives . . . when Bob Vance bombarded the Santa Clara Campus with paper bells . . . and Charlie Mann, Luis Aleman, Chic Roach, and Ned Ward joined Coach Gus Donaghue's Soccer team . . . Jack Grealish and Tom Butler starred for the Irish in intramural f x)tball ... the car parade to see the team off to Marquette . .. Dons won 3444 ... when Santa Clara and St. Mary's fell before the thundering Don gridders . . . when Hal Dejulio and Joe Westenkirchner became proud papas ... the march down Market Street led by Warren Foley after the St. Mary's victory . . . that never to be forgotten third quarter when the Dons turned defeat into victory ... the Winter Carnival, the first of the postwar era, at the Scottish Rite Auditorium with '49ers Terry McGuire, Jack Barrett, Rod Martinelli, Ned Ward, George Snyder, Hal Jensen, Walt Johnson, Joe Truzzolino, and Bob Jones working over time to insure its success under the direction of Rudy Papale . . . when a surprised Cal basketball team was dumped on New Year's Eve '47 by an underdog Don team . . . Harry Likas won the National Singles Championship . . . when Joe Feldhaus took over as Foghorn Editor . . . when Paul Schramka hit four for five against Santa Clara . . . Larry Driscoll replaced Frank Marias as Cadet Colonel of the ROTC . . . and Bob Parina took over as president of the Radio Club ... the sensational social committee headed by Rod Martinelli staged three receptions within ten days to beat the oncoming finals in the Spring of "48 . . . when Ned Ward, Dan Whalen, Frank Hegli, and Don Muldoon swept the last of the hay from the Auditorium after the Holy Name's Barn Dance at three in the morning . . . when Hennessy, Kennedy, and Dolan joined the Don Quixote club and Herrerias and Bosque joined the Irish Club . . . when Father Lyons announced that the Quarterly would s x n go to print... the Junior Prom at the St. Francis Colonial Rtxim headed by Bob Jones, Warren Foley, John Hutchins, and Dan Whalen . . . when six candidates ran for student body president, Lyman Pohley, Rod Martinelli, Terry McGuire, Ray Doyle, Chico Roach, and a longshot by the name of Frank D'Atri . . . and Joe Truzzolino ran all alone for Vice-President and made the longest campaign speech ... the success of the first Philippine night . . . when Don Farbstein demanded and got a jury trial by the BSC over a parking ticket ... a Lone Mountain jury convicted him . . . when President Truman's March 17, 1948, speech had the whole campus by the radios sweating out a new draft . . . when Archbishop Mar Ivanios of Travandrum; India, spoke to the students on current affairs . . . Peter McCabe retired from the College Players for the fifth time ... Art McCue's first Spring Concert had the audience enraptured . . . when John Bennington's golfers beat St. Mary's ... when Dominican College held a leap year dance in San Rafael... Hal Jensen and George Muldoon took a pre-final vacation in Arizona . . . John Vriend's “Who Am I” Contest in the Foghorn ... the Class of '48 bowed to the faculty in the annual President’s Day Soft-ball game as twelve classes had before it . . . Herb Brown became the new Foghorn Editor . . . and the summer of '4X when Ivan Maroevich dazzled the senoritas at Mexico City College as v‘beeg Yanqui feetballs star" . .. HOME STRETCH RECOLLECTIONS: Colonel Wahls Army at the ROTC Summer Camp in Ft. Lewis with its famous CPX's ... first co-eds clutter halls after 94 years ... the LAST (and we do mean LAST) rally at the City Hall after the St. Mary's game . . . Senior Class Elections put John O'Donnell in as president. Chic Roach as V-P, Warren Foley, secretary, and Ned Ward and Frank Shaw, reps ... the soccer team became loaded with transfers from the Philippines and South America . . . Los Dones Viven De Nuevo Los Peligros De Don Caspar De Portola ... Bing Crosby sings with Glee Club ... Ski Club finally organized at Kingsvale Lodge . . . filberts Glenn Metcalf, Fred Grazer, Bill Walters et al take off for the hills . . . Murv AMs was elected Exec Parliamentarian . . . Emmett Tierney led the Legion dance before the Nevada game . . . Archie Crossland tells Seniors how to dress when seeking job, Sunderbruch dissents . . . new library plans drawn . . . Winter Carnival hits new high .. . Frank Williams became new Cadet Colonel . . . basketball team wins in Garden (for first time) . . . first Hilltopper Dance at the Fairmont . . . College Players go downtown for “Command Decision” . . . Bill Bacon completes eleventh year with College Players . . . Student Body says no yearbook . . . Hale, Brown, and Ward take over ... St. Ives attends informal committee sessions in Hotel Senator in Sacramento . . . Soccer Team wins coast championship . . . Basketball Team wins NIT . . . Rifle Team wins Sixth Army Championship . . . Tennis Team tops coast . . . Seniors beat Stanford at Shangri-la Picnic . . . Seniors cut Ethics to get the word from Dr. Mohun . . . John Hale replaces John O'Donnell over Terry McGuire as Senior Prexy . . . The Class of '49 leaves behind and takes with it many memories not the least of which is the shattering 19-11 victory over the faculty on President's Day breaking a thirteen year tradition. And so we say farewell to the university we love and to the men who have influenced our careers here. Father William Dunne, Father Fccly, Father Nagle, Father Harney, Father Jim ("Kid, boy") Giambastiani, Father Peter ("Take an A") Dunne, Dr. Fiore, Dean Hall, Mr. Strickroth, Mr. Brier, Mr. Uhr, Dr. Lincoln, Dr. Stewart, Col. Stuart and his ROTC staff, and Father M x tz (and his ethical norms). To these men, and many others, we are indebted for the training we have absorbed here. Enriched with these memories, fortified with the intellectual and religious training j imparted by the Society of Jesus, the Class of 1949 joins the ranks of the Alumni . . . Adios Amigos. Mi kville Ci.i mi:m Aim. , A.B. Political Science San Francisco Build, Foghorn Copy Editor, 48. BSC. Parliamentarian «d Kxccutitc Council. I’-ychology Club. IHC. St. Ives laivt Club Army l.i is « Milos Allman. Jr., B.S. Finance Panama ( ity. Republic of Panama Soccer 47. Letter Society II MAM Lit. Allen. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Coir Team Captain Air Corps VVii.uam II. Asher, B.S. Foreign Trade San Francisco Navy James Francis Atkins. B.S. English San Francisco Education Chib Army Ernest John Aylaian. B.S. Biology San Francisco Wa-mann Society ArmyJohn Wii.uam Bacon. B.S. Wii.ijam Mariin Bacon, B.S. Kaki.l Pai l B.S. Accounting History Accounting San Francisco San Fimcko San Francisco Navy College Players, Glee Clul». Arch Drum Major I'SF Barul Arc Navy I .S.M.C. Gloki.l Paiji. Balovich. B.S. Acostino A. Banti. B.S. Roblkt Non man Barhlai. B.S. History Account in General Business San Malco. Clalif. San Francisco Sacramento. Calif. Air Corps Army Varsity Baseball ’47. ’18, 49. Sacra memo Club, l-ctlcr Society Navy!.». Af;i l)»:l.oss». Haims. B.S. I ntht •.trial H hit ions Fullerton. Noli. TrcasiiK'i ImliiMriul Rclaiion Societv r.s.M.c. Jam»s I.»;o K khm i. B.S. (I client I n css Sun Knmrixcn Army KmaM i:i. vhiom Bust iioi.omew, B.S Accounting San Mutm. Calif. Cjiiii - ('uiniiiiiiec A rmy mwtew Joiki'H Bartmin. B.S. Mar .cling San Francixco Clee Cluli. I'oKhuni, Sodality, Uiiar- lerly Army James W en j.i IIaski.r. B.S. tccounling Snnuma. Calif. Maritime Service lioidiii ll«)M»: Bei.a. ii. B.S. Accounting IVdin MiRiiel. Canal Zon« IRC NavyKenneth James B.S. Accounting Sacramento, Calif. Sacramento Cltil Navy Dame Sekaeino Bei.tiiami. B.S. Central Business Santa Ro a. Calif. Navy John Ki.son Benincton. B.S. Iccounting Findlay. Ohio Basketball '46 47. 17- IB. 'IB 19, Cap. lain 'IB '19. Golf IB'19. Letter Society Army John James Kmi.t. B.S. Cenerul Business San Francisco Air Corps I.K'MKII A. Bittkt c, B.S. Marketing Jasper. I ml. Navy I’ai i. Kim Aten Bose. B.S. Central Business San Francisco ArmyRobert Jerome Bosque. B.S. Hist nr v Sail Fraitciv.n I ii Ira mural Basketball '17, ‘49. Intru-mural Football ‘48. Omi -run £p i!on Navy Norman James lb»im;. B.S. Foreign Trade Brooklyn, Y Y. Navy Air Corps William C.KOitic Brash. B.S. English San Francisco Army Robert Francis Biiai Nto.irtn. B.S. German Milwaukee. Wis. Football "46. "47, ‘48. Soilulity. I .otter Society Army Allen Kmmert Bioko. B.S. Hiolog Kcntfield. Calif. Wasmann Society Army Uavio William Brksnaiian. Jr.. B.S. Marketing Westfield. Mo»». I ‘.S.M.C.r 11 mitt kt Thomas Bitow n. B.S. Political Science Oakland, Calif. St. Ives Law Clul . IKC, Philippine Club. PhilhiMorian Society. Foghorn Kditor. BSC Cliairman. Psychology Club Secretary. Alpha Sigma Nu. Scabbard Blade, Camera Club. Fxecutivc Council, '19 Clussbook Army Donaui Wn.t.iAM Buku;v, B.S. foreign Trade San Francisco Army Ti,ti;k Bt has, Jk., B.S. Central Business San Francisco Navy Thomas Edward Bi .B. Central Business Spokane. Wash. Baseball '-17, '4fl. '49, Letter Society James Wiluam Byksk, B.S. foreign Trade wan Francisco Intramural Football Navy Victor Makio Campilonco. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Baseball ’46, '17, 'W. C.aine. Committee ’??, Scabbard Blade, IRCPairick John Cannon, J»., B.S. (ifru ral Nusinesi Oakland. Calif. Foghorn. Psychology Club Navy Oita n Fitzciubon ( aiikik vs. B.S. I'oliriial Sficrtfc Sun Francisco liiind. (lire Chih, Pi Sigma Alpha. Si. I»o« Chih Army |n.i' Au:si' Carvauih. Jn.. A.B. A ilosoph) Hilo. Hawaii Band. Education Cluli Danim Patrick Ca »:Y. B.S. Fkaxcis BavakiiCai riiini.v Jn.. 15.S. IIiirixt IIknrv Cayaxai gii. Jh.. A.B. (ieneral Business dm rial limitless I’syeholo t) San Francisco Sun Mutro, Calif. Alamrda. Calif. Navy filer (Huh Basketball. IRC, !’• • U.S.M.C. etiology CI11I1 Navy Air CorpsK.o i:amii.i.o Cui.i i ini. B.S. I (taunting an Francisco Army (xinmamim: Pkimc (,'iikoms. ll.S. (, metal business San Francisco Social Committee Marilimc Service Aiimami Juscrii Ci.av :iii: ll.S. I.cnrral Hit sines San Francisco F0..1 halt 13 Air Cnr| - Jmi Miui F.I'ukni. Cumum. il.S. English San Francisco Army KoHf.lU DaMKI. HI.EAIAA, K.S. Hi stoty San Francisco Treasurer asinann Society '16. Freshman Cla Representative, Kx-exutive Council John J vmks Co m bis. A.K. Eoreipn Ttadr San Francisco avyJohn Josj'.pii Coscrovl. B.S. Foreign Trade 1'hilndrlphin, I’a. Navy John Josf.pii Cottfr, B.S. Philosophy San Francisco Air Corps William John Coi htxiv. B.S. History San Francisco International Relation? Club Army Tiicopoiii Ciiaiiifs Chaff. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Army Ravmovo Cfjiric Ckamukw, B.S. Philosophy San Francisco Scabhan! Blade Secretary Army Glrai n Damp Culm i. B.S. Business Administration San Francisco Industrial Relation Society l.S.M.C. r FltAXCIS Ai.IICKT « IIOKHt. B.S. 1nr kit inn Oakland, Calif-Army ItoiiKHi S. Ckowomi. B.S. Chemistry San Francisco A rm Dami.i. Kiiwakh Crowley. It.-S. Chemistry San Francisco BinChrm (‘.lull Army Win iam Thomas Cu t i n. B.S. Hiology San Francisco Navy Hi iinAim An iiionv Ci mmincjs, ITS. llioiogy San Francisco W'usniann Society Vice-President, Bin-Chem Club Navy Bykov lli vuv Ci smnciiam, B.S. Political Science Beinidji, Minn. Internaliunal Relations Club Army ii i.i .v I.. ( rm.KV. 15.S. Irronntinf! San Francisco Army I.iiio vo. I5.S. licourilin i San Francisco Mar.vschi (Hub Army IIfnha Ciiaiufs D’Ai unfa, I5.S. Iccounlinf: I’alo Alio. .'ali(. Army K«a «i Josfpii Di Amiiikis, I5.S. English San Francisco av Kka.vk Vivckvt D’Atim. H.S. Accounting San Francisco ASl SF I’u-iilcnt '18 ’19. Camc» (loiniiiillcc, Marawlii Club, '19 Cla -»-book Navy iii.m i John Di.casto. H.S. Economics San Francisco Industrial Kclations Society Navy Aii CorpsJamks (in hum Di: Iari:m. J«„ H.S. English San Francisco Sociality. Football Manager 16, Game Committee. Scabbard Secretary. Maraschi Club. College Players, Foghorn Busine-s Manager '•I5- I6 I.OI IS I AM. I 1 M MilIM. B.S. Cenvtul Business San Francisco Army Knw mio Pi vllkiun n. B.S. ■ Icrouniing San Diego, Calif. Air Corps Ki non Kichaiii' Dkiidsi. Jh.. B.S. ■le.counting Hayward, Calif. Air Corps Bni:m a Amhiiu Dunum, B.S. Biology Sari Francisco Sociality. Caines Co min il lee, Claim Fireann. Wasmann Society. Bio-Chcm Club. IRC. Psychology Club Air Corps D a mm. Cm air; i. Dm.w B.S I n it list rial Relations San Francisco Football, Ba-kotliall. Industrial Relations Society. Omicron Kpsilon Air Corps LJack Thi » Donaihe. B.S. English Si. Uni is, Mo. Glee ('luh. Kappa 1 urnlula Sigma. Quarterly Army Raymond Javis Dohi:. Jr.. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Game ( Committee. Golf Francis Gerald Driscoll. B.S. History San Francisco I’liilhistorian Society Army Lawiil.vce E. Driscoll, B.S. I’oliiical Science San Francisco Alpha Sigma Nu. Scabbard Blade. IRC. Came Committee. Si. Ives Law Club Air Corps Jerome Carl Di rham. B.S. Industrial Relations San Rafael. Calif. Industrial Relation Society ILS.M.C. Donald Charles Elsf.ner. B.S. Accounting San Francisco ArmyMyron Di.Crait Fairchild, B.S. History Burlingame, lalif. U.S.M.C Kl.NNfclll IIARI.KS FlNN. B.S. Account in San Francisco Clrr Club A rrny Frank Walter Fischer. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Navy Paul Bikke Fisher, B.S. Accounting Detroit. Midi. Army John Mm ham. Kuzma into:. B.S. Marketing San Francisco Army Thomas Joseph Fi.ahijitv. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Intramural Ba k«tball ‘49 Army .Fku Maktkl Chazkk. B.S Biology Yuba City. Calif. I SF Ski Club John FkaNCIS OrEAI.ISII, B.S. Central Business San Francisco Sophomore Cla»s Vicc-Presid.-nt. Ba-ebull '17. 'ttt. ‘19. Kughy ‘IT. Letter Society, China Kireann Army UoHI.Rl Clyw Cnkkxiialch, B.S. Marketing Fargo, N. I). Football '17, ’18. Sodality. Alpha Sigma n. Letter Society Air Corps William Hbnkv Gust. B.S. Physics Pueblo, Colo. Navy in.i m Thomas IIamill. Jh.. B.S. Central Business San Francisco Kappa Alpha Phi Navy Donaij Joseph Havpiox, B.S. Accounting Oakland. Calif. Sodality ArmyRobert John IIakbkki:. B.S. (icncrnl Husincss San Francisco Kappa Lambda Sigma Air Corps Jack Hai.k Hatcher, B.S. Accounting Richmond. Va. Navy John Raymond Henderson, B.S. I lift.try Sun Francisco A r my Fnvv.viiu Josedii Hknnessy, B.S. Hi.ttory San Francisco Coast Guard Frank Baldomkko, B.S. History San Francisco Cannr» Committee, Don (Quixote Club Army Mkrvyn Karlf, IIocan. A.B. History Salinas, Calif. Air CorpsCkiikrt Cari.isi.i: llin.Mfcs Jk„ B.S. Accounting Oakland, Calif. Bd.iiiI uf Stmli-iii nnirol Army l»A lll Wll.I.IAM 11‘II.MKS B.S. I’olilicat Science San Francisco I .S.M.C. Cai.i.isti s VlNlKNI llolllllAN. B.S. Accounting Soiilli Sim Francisco Air Cnrp C. i i Khwakii Mi im. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Army Josr.l'ii John IIi km: . B.S. Ifuxiness Administration San Francisco Clana Eircann Navy (ji m.i; Mai un i Ivons, B.S. Accounting I’awtin-kc-i. R. I. NavyBut m Auam Javokski, B.S. Physics Nanlicoke, Fa. Air Corps llo VAMI W A 1.1 KM JliNKINS. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Freshman (Has- Representative, J.V. Football ’16, Games Committer C.S.M.C. Joiin Ciiari.»:s Jt—of. B.S. Poliiii'ol Science San Francisco Basketball ’46. Golf ’46. 47. IRC, I'i Sigma Alpha Air Corps Francis Vai.i»:k Johnson. B.S. Philosophy San Francisco Chairman Board of Student Control ’48-'49, Junior Class Representative, Kxecutivc Council. Wa-mann So. ciety, Otnicron Kpsilon, '49 Class-book Navy CtRtis Kk.» n»: Jox»;s, A.B. Economics Oakland. Calif. Array Robkri Guialo Jom , B.S. ■Icconnlinf San Francisco Sophomore Class Representative, Junior Class ('resident. Recording Secretary ASl SF. Baseball '46. '47, Social Committee, Game- Committer. Sodality. Alpha Sigma Nu, Executive Council, Presidents ClubHav mom) John Ji umc ii. B.S. Accounting Sun Francisco Army Him AKII JoSKIMI Kaminsky, B.S. Mur ; fling Kulpinoni. Pa. Football ‘16. 47. 48. Rugby '46. 17. Letter Society I .S.M.C. Jami: Jomtii Kkkoan, B.S. English San Francisco Foghorn Army Joski’ii Patrick Kkiiok, Jit.. B.S. History Sacramento. Calif. Army Ain lit it Jos»:i’ii Kki.i.y. B.S. English Oakland. CTalif. Maritime Service Jamks Gkorck K»:i.i,y. B.S. General Easiness San Francisco Intramural Football. Basketball, Omicron Epsilon ArmyR vv mono Ri "il l. Kun. R.S. Political Science San Francisco International Relation Oltil , St. Ivc l.av Clul). '19 Cla »book Air Corp Thomas Eiimamo Kei.i.y, R.S. Marl,cling San Francisco Army lli vin John Jk., R.S. Ilinlogy San Francisco Wasmann Sociel) John I awrenck Kircher. R.S. (•crural Business Tilmron. Calif. Navy William Albert Ki ii-pel, B.S. Accounting San Francisco Navy Rhjiiakh C. Kldkna. R.S. General Business Alameda. Calif. NavyClIAKt.ES KllU AMU I.ARM'. B.S Hu si ness A tint i n istrati on San Francisco Industrial Helatinn Society, Chairman Activities Committee ‘W Army Jl«HX JosEI'll I.KAIIY. B.S. Physics San Francisco Kill Team, Math Club Army John J. Lei-irix, B.S. Accounting Albany. Calif. Henry George Letsciie. Jk.. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Air Corps VV11.i.iam Michael Lorn s. B.S. History San Francisco Basrball. Basketball '15. ’•16. Vice President Freshman Class. Clana Firearm. Education Club Josei'ii Losada, B.S. (lateral Business San Francisco Ba-ketball 'tf . '17, Intramural Base-ball. Maraschi Club Coa-t GuardRaymond Love. B.S. Finance San Francisco Scabbard Blade Francis Glenn Lynch. B.S. Biology San Francisco Track '43. Wasmann Society I .S M C. Daniei Grayson Mac Dona u . B.S. Accounting Sun Francisco Soccer '48. Letter Society Navy John Jost:i n Mahoney; A.B. Political Science San Francisco Baseball ’49, I’i Sijtnirt Alpha Henry Mann. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Soccer 47, 48, Games Committee, Glee Club. Don Quixote Club, Omi-cron Kpsilon Army James Pa hi. Mansinnk. B.S. History Chicago. 111. RiHe Team. BSC. Marasclii Club, Kducation ClubIvan Moi ntiori M ak« i; tcii, B.S. Political Science. San Francisco Rugby '17 Coast Guard John Francis Marias, B.S. Economics Pie lnn nl. Calif. Glee Club. CO I SF Military Intelligence I nil. Vice-President Scabbard X Blade. Kappa Alpha Phi A rmv Roderick Patrick B.S. Political Science San Bafael. Calif. Sophomore Class President, ASCSF Corresponding Secretary. Social Committer Chairman. Games Committee, Scabbard S Blade, Alpha Sigma Nu, Sodality. St. Ives Law Club, Executive Council, Ski Club, Pi Sigma Alpha Robert Joseph Marumi, B.S. .■tccotiritirip San Francisco Games Committee Air Corps Kitcenc Ji i.e Marty. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Navy James Kichaiid McAoam. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Pi Sigma Alpha Air CorpsMari in C. McDonagii. B.S. Industrial Relations San Francisco Industrial Relations Society Army Terrence Vincent McGiiue, B.S. General llusiness San Francisco Games Committee, Freshman Cl a President, Sophomore Class Representative. Junior Class Vice-President. Executive Council. Clana Kireanu, I pita Sigma No. Scabbard Blade. St. Ives Club. Presidents Club. Ski Club Rovm.ii Joseph Mel vms. B.S. General llusiness San Francisco C.lee Club, Band Air Corps Richard James McI.inden, B.S. Economics San Francisco Games Committee. Clana Kireanu Navy Air Corps David Mknahy. Jk.. B.S. General llusiness San Rafael, Calif. Basketball '-17, Omicron Kpsilon. Clana Kireanu Navy Terrence Joseph Merkel. B.S. I Oology San Francisco Wasmann Society kGi.enn Wood Mi.k m.l Jk.. B.S. General Business San Francisco Chairman Ski Club. Scabbard £ Blade Army Rangers Vincent Holliday Millar, A.B. General Business San Francisco Foghorn Navy l i:varona Miller. B.S. History Maysvillc. Kv. Debate. Foghorn. Society Army I'hilhistorian John Risnlll Mitchell, B.S. If us i n ess Administration San Francisco Air Corps Khwaiii) John Moclek, B.S. English San Francisco Managing Kdilor Foghorn '17 Coast Guard Donald Klton Molinari. B.S, History San Francisco Maraschi ClubHi "in John Moon. B.S. English San Francisco n not s Gkokcl Mokms. 1S.S. Accounting San Francisco Navy Donald Edwin Mi ldoon. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Junior Class Treasurer. Sl SF Treasurer, Social Committee. Kappa Alpha l lii. Alpha Sign 3 Nil. Navy Joseph Patrick Mi iiin, B.S. History San Francisco I.S.M.C. John Au-an Mi iat.y, B.S. History San Francisco Education dull Army Mattiikw Mi iipiiv. B.S. Economics San Francisco Came Committee. Vice-President 'lana Kirrann. Psychology dull Navy Ki.cknk Thomas Mi nim. B.S. Economics San Francisco Foghorn, Kililof 'Wi 'lfl, Adio Edi-lor '13. '17, (llano Hireann. Sodality. Gomes Committee. Philhistorians. Quarterly Air lorp» I.ko A c»:i.o Messo. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Sodality Navy Robcki l.t is Ni am. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Air Corps II.I.IAM T. Not. B.S. Accounting San Francisco A rmy Edwin I.. Nei-son. B.S. Irultistriul Relations San Ansel mo. Calif. Industrial Relations Society Air Corps William Finn Nh.iitincai.e. B.S. Accounting San Francisco ArmyJohn Josiiti Nh.ano. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Army John Tiiomas O'Bkien. B.S. English Oakland. Calif. dice dluli President ’I8'19. Foghorn An Director, Sodality, Social Committee Army Paratroops I.t:o Muhin O'Conmiii. 15.S. Economics Sacramento, Calif. IRC Air Corps Joseph OT)ha. Jk.. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Psychology Club. IRC. Pi Sigma Alpha Army John Klmot O'Donnell. B.S. Iliirlogy San Luis Obispo. Calif. Senior Class President '48. Intramural Football. Ba-kctball. Base tsall. Executive Council Navy Emmet Cecil O’Hcakn, B.S. Irnlustriul l{elutions Bellingham. Wash. Golf, Industrial Relations Society-NavyGkokci: Everett Oisr.m. B.S. Marketing Redwood City, Calif. Army Frank W'ii.i.iam Oison. B.S. Accounting Hayward, Calif. Omieron Epsilon, Don Quixote Club Army Joseph Francis O'M si.i.f.v, B.S. History Burlingame, Calif. I .S.M.C. James Austin 0‘Neii.i., B.S. tlioiogy Oakland. Calif. Caki.kion Francis Oyster. B.S. History Sail Francisco Tcnni ’47 Army A. John I ai ma. .Ik.. B.S. Accounting Richmond. Calif. ArmyLouis William Pahf.ntk. B.S. Psychology Sun Francixcn Edward K. PnvKoviai, B.S. General Business Sail Lake Oily. Utah Thomas Joseph Furi.iik, B.S. Biology San Francisco Golf ’J6. ’48, 49. Wa mann Society. Sodality Lyman Charles 1 1 1111 v. B.S. Accounting San Francisco (joIIcrc Flayers. Scal l»ard Blade Army A. Bkazkli. 1'omm.i.. B.S. Foreign Trade San Francisco Army I IMAM Pkyce. B.S. Business Connellsville. Fa. Secretary CIC 46. Foghorn Coast GuardJohn J. Qi ii.i.. |$.S. History KodcO, Culi(. Vice-Chairman Kdue.'itinn C.lub. Golf Jl»ll W u 11 m (,h inn. .B. Accounting Denver, Colo. Don Quixote Club Army Thomas Patrick Qiinn. H.S. Philosophy San Francisco President of Thomists '18. Clana Kiroann a » Francis Caiiiioix Kkkd, Jr., H.S. General business San Francisco Intramural Basketball ’46, '47. '18 U.S.M.C. Frank Joski’ii Rkii.i.v, H.S. Accounting San Francisco Merchant Marine Jamils Joseph Reilly, H.S. English San Francisco Clana Kiroann Air CorpsRoll Kin Cl.tMON KlDRNItnWEK, B.S. English (lain . III. Army John Mk iiaki. Kiokim.v. B.S. Political Science San Francisco Freshman Cla « I’rcMilont '16. Claim Fireann President. Hoad Veil I eadirr ‘48’W. Foghorn Army Joseph Da mu Kins. B.S. Philosophy Fori Dodge, Iowa Army John I.vons Konky. B.S. Chemistry San Francisco Bio-Clicm, Intramural Football Captain Kim.uin Ciiahi es Kosebokoi i.ii. B.S. Marketing I.oh Angelo. Calif. Football '12. ‘16. Letter Society. ’19 Classbook I .S.M.C. J ames B. Sa negro. B.S. Management San Rafael. Calif. BSC. (liana Flireatin. IRC Navy John H.S. Hioiogy San Francisco Wa-mann Society Navy KoBEin Scui'i.T . H.S. Accounting San Francisco Kappa Alpha Phi Navy Ka.npu: Ambrose Sei kksi. H.S. Account inn Dallas. Trxa‘ Navy Robert James Skiwaiii, H.S. Chemistry Denver. Colo. Army (•Miami Joseph Siiai i.iinessy. Accounting San Francisco Haschnll 17. I.eilcr Society Navy H.S. William II. Shea. H.S. Accounting San Francisco Army r Joseph Raphaei. Shk a.n, Jit., B.S. Oenera! Husiness Sacramento. Calif. Navy Eucem Patrick Sheeiiy, B.S. I'hysics San Francisco Navy John Sni»:u». B.S. Central Husiness Half Mono Bay. Calif. Varsity Baseball "47. "48, ‘19. Letter Society Army Richard David Siiuikvi;. B.S. Marketing Sail Francisco Air Corps Henry A. Sicabaic. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Games Committee Army Jt'l.iis Anihoni, B.S. English San l.oiemo. Calif. Navy 1Frank (ioKiiov Skinnkk. 15.S. Hark ?t in San Krancin’o Air Corps Cmhick Ciiam.i:s Snvokh. 15,'. Politiral S •«•- • San Francisco Sophomore Da-' Pre-idcnt. Execu-live Council, Came Co in ini life. Scabbard Blade Navy Wiijjam T»:m. Scaur. A.15. History Oakland. Calif. Education Club Navy Ow»:n M. Si i.i.ivan. Ju.. I5.S. Marketing San Fruncisco Freshman Cla s KepreSeniative ‘12. College Player Air Corp“ Frank Colman Si mif.kbki;cii. F5.S. Marketing Davenport. Iowa Kappa i.aiiihdu Sigma. Kappa Alpha Phi. Coif ’46, Placemen! Bureau Director Air Corps Cam. Patrick Sw»:ni »:n. B.S. Philosophy San Francisco Thoimsts NavyAnoelo Ahtiii ii Taccom. B.S. Political Science Crockett, Calif. Navy Emmett Bkhnako Tikiiney, B.S. Economics San Francisco President Don Quixote Club ‘47 Navy James Costas TiiiccaS, B.S. Political Science San Francisco BSC. IRC, Scabbard Blade. Pi Sigma Alpha. St. Ives Law Club I '.S.M.C. Jack Fkancis Tiioy, B.S. English San Francisco Kducaiion Club '49 Navy Joseph A. Tin zzoi.ino. B.S. Economies San Francisco ASl SF N ice-President. '48-'49. Fog. lioin Art Editor. Quarterly Art F.di tor. Sophomore Class Representative, BSC. Alpha Sigma Nu. 47 Adios. Games Committee Air Corps Kixkse Tuccev. B.S. Accounting San Francisco Assistant Yell Leader !43 NavyKir iiahii Joseph WTkm. IJ.S. Industrial Relations S«n Francisio Industrial Rrlntions Society Army l.rn i K«»a i.okovicii, B.S. General Business San Francisco A rmy SENIORS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED February 1949 Richard J. Abbott Joseph G. Albert Art hi r G. Anderson Robert J. Andriei x Harold J. Baireither Aiuhi r M. Banciiero Daniel F. Barretto. Jr. Pai i. Bohigian F.daain S. Broaynstone. Jr. James F. Rrvan William 15. Garter Joseph I'.. Drocco Lewis Fonseca Joseph D. Gaain. Jr. Pai i. J. Gio WNONI Kdcar Hanson Harold J. Jensen Lloyd I). Johnson Sol Lancs am (in rles J. Lee Warren J. Masson Joseph R. Milam etih r (.. Nelson R A A MOM) W. | III 1.1 s Fred W. Peters Daniel J. Rioroan Robert X. Ryan June 1949 C. K. Abel Frederick P. dams. Jr. Seicbert Adler Reginald R. Armantk) Homer T. Bone. Jr. David W. Bresnaiia.n Joseph F. Bricker. Jr. David IL Byrnes Thomas P. Chintis Roy L. Gox Oscar W. Deaner Robert J. DeLacy W ii.Liam J. Dwyer W ii.i.LAM R. Fagan Warren F. Foley David J. Giannarei.i.i John M. IIai.loran J. E, Delta Richard B. Hodckinson John K. Hint, Jr. Robert M. Jackson John G. Kosack Gecii. C. I.ACY Henry M. M accent! Fred W. Makinney John F. Mara Charles G. M ark ley Thomas R. McDermott John P. McGovern George A. Ness l!ugene Sai.go Melvin A. Schiller Gl S N. Scot RKES David J. Spowart Thomas II. I nderhii.l Basil S. Wheeler John Y. Wilbert John K. Wilson J. I.i is Zabai.a Benjamin J. O'Connor L. Pr iboroavski David M. Schindler, Jr. John P. Taylor Vincent Trambly J. J. I’nsin.n Robert S. anDeraeer Joseph S. Valenti Joe (5. YeStenkirchner Joseph P. Wittman iIn future years when old classmates get together to rehash athletic happenings in their days at the Hilltop, no group will have more victorious memories than the class ot '49. Their's was the “Golden Year" a year that saw the men of Green and Gold achieve the greatest athletic feat in the history of the I niversity. Much has been said and written about the Don Basketball team o! 1948-49. Much more will lx said and written about them. Their's was the “Cinderella” epic of the sports year. From obscurity to fame — saga of work, sweat and tears. Three years it took, but there isn't a Don alive that will say it wasn't worth it. Two seasons of empty gymnasiums and then success. What was the story behind this accomplishment? Who made it possible? Turn the calendar back to the spring of 1946. A young coach by name ot Pete Newell was signed by the Alma Mater as head basketball and baseball coach. He is just out ot the Navy with a commendable war record. At first he is hardly noticed around the campus. Most of those who sec him, because of his youthful appearance, refuse him a second glance. “Just another G.I. returned to get an education.” But all this is soon changed. The Don basketball edition of '46-'47 takes to the floor under his guidance. A young team minus even one great star. Just a team, and that is just the way Peter Francis Newell wanted it. They played through their season and when the gun sounded ending their last game, they had come through with a record of 11 wins against 13 losses. Sure we had a basketball team, but as far as interest of the campus, that's just what they were. Another basketball team. The season of '47-'48 was not much of an improvement. Same team, same coach and — well a little better record at that. This time it was 14 wins and 11 losses. Not much improvement? That's what everyone thought anyway. The fall of 1948 saw a Don football team suffer through a rather p x r season. Most of the Hilltop spirit had been sapped away through week after week of gridiron disappointments. Few paid any attention to the basketball team and their workouts in the ancient Page Street Gym. After all they had the same team, except for a few advancing freshmen, and some new guy named Lofgran. The season started against the National Guard 49ers. It didn't excite much interest and even after the Dons had won 54-38, there were no premonitions of greatness. Four straight victories followed, one each over California, and Kansas State, the latter rated fourth in the nation according to pre-season polls. A large gathering of Hilltop supporters gathered at the San Francisco Cow Palace to see the Dons tangle with U.C.L.A. but they went home disappointed as they saw the home town crew humbled 61-57. K I T. ChampionsBack where they started again. Just another hall club. “They'll simmer down." But they didn't. The “make g xxf' hug had bitten, and infected fifteen kids and their coach. There followed a streak of wins that will long he remembered by Dons everywhere. First it was North Carolina State, then LaSalle, then City College of New York, and then Bradley I’. No one disputed it now. We had a ball club. They kept it up for four more victories before finally on the Stanford court in Palo Alto, a cold night occurred, and they bowed 65-55. Undaunted by the Indian defeat, they roared back the next night against Stewart Chevrolet at Kezar. With the entire first string on the bench for the better part of the game, the Dons battered the Stewarts 37-34. Then it was Arizona and St. Mary's who fell before the men of Newell. But once more a stumbling block occurred this time in the person of Troy. U.S.C. nipped the Dons for their third defeat 41'39. City College of New York was next, and the odds were high that the men of Nat Holaman would avenge their earlier defeat by U.S.F. Those who saw that memorable game at the Cow Palace, left the giant arena dazed by the recovery of U.S.F. The Dons swarmed all over the big'city Beavers, 48-32. Bradley was next, and in a closely fought contest, the Hilltoppcrs fell victims to a last minute field goal by Paul Unruh. Bradley 54, LT.S.F. 52. Two more victories followed over San Jose State and Oregon respectively. But in the second contest on the Eugene court, the Webfeet took the nod 56'51. The Dons at this time had been rumored for a spot in the coveted National Invitation Tournament at New York's Madison Square Garden. St. Mary's was the last game on the schedule. The Dons won it in a slow contest 38-34. Finger nails now began to take a beating. Would they get the invite? “Oh please Lord. Just let them get invited. We don't expect to win, but please let them get invited." They got invited all right, and contrary to most opinions they copped the richest basketball gift of the year. They won the N.I.T. Who will ever forget the last minute field goal by guard Frank Kuzara in the Utah game. A twopointer that spelled victory as well as near-heart'failure for Don supporters. Then the seemingly impossible job of stopping Bowling Green with their squad of small giants. The work of Captain John Bennington in stopping Otten, one of the Ohioans' most potent scorers. The work of Don Lof-gran, who more than matched giant Chuck Shara, in all around play. Rene Herrerias' all round play. McNamec's work under the boards. They had done it. They were in the finals and this time everyone knew it. Victory was forthcoming, but who ever realized the garrison finish it would produce. Diminutive Ross Guidice meshing the net with a free throw, and victory, 48-47, over Loyola of Chicago. And the individual honors. Three Dons on the all tournament team. Frank Kuzara, Joe McNamee and last but not Captain John F. least, some guy named Lofgran, most Bennington, "49” valuable player, 1949 N.I.T. Getting the bid.Sure there is more to the story — celebrations, banquets and the like, but they were anti'dimactic. U.S.F. had done the impossible and no honors bestowed upon them could equal the thrill that came when 18,500 screaming basketball fans all but tore the roof off Madison Square Garden to acclaim the National Champions — our National Champions. The class of '49 besides having a national champion basketball team to reflect upon, will also have other athletic groups of their year to which they may point with pride. There was Coach Gus Donoghue's Northern California Intercollegiate Soccer Champions; U.S.F.'s Hearst R.O.T.C. Rifle Champions, and the new glories contributed to U.S.F.'s Tennis Team through the efforts of Sam Match and Art Larsen. The baseball team was well on the way to a very successful season, highlighted by a skein of nine straight victories over formidiblc intercollegiate foes. The individual championships secured by Don netters were the Northern IntercoL legiate Singles title won by Art Larsen, and the Ojai Valley Tournament Intercollegiate Singles Championship won by Sam Match. In each case Match and Larsen encountered one another in the tournaments respective finals. It gave two first places and two second places to the men of the Green and Gold.U.S.F., besides winning the Soccer Championship, placed two of the team members, Bob Lee and Steve Negoescu, on the All American Soccer Team. All American soccer champs and coach. Football, the perennial major interest at L'.S.F. in comparison with other sports, took a back seat last season. The season's record of two victories as against seven defeats was far from the Hilltop's best gridiron record, but most followers braced themselves after the first few games and realised it was to be primarily a year of laying the footing for greater years to come. What the gridders lacked in talent, they certainly made up in spirit and fight on the field. Climaxing four years as letterman in football, Hal Jensen graduated in January, 1949. Served as Student' Body President in 1947'49. Last season saw week after week of tough opposition thrown at the Dons and their physical endurance alone was something to marvel at. The two victories were over Loyola, 28'0; and our traditional rival St. Mary's, 7'0. However, the team showed moments of greatness against Oklahoma A M, a pre'game favorite by two touchdowns: and Villanova, against whom the Dons led for three quar ters before falling before the reserve strength of the Philadelphians. HAL JENSEN. JAN. ’49 East-West Game, Jan. 1, 1949Track was resumed at the Hilltop in ‘49 and although they suffered a poor season, freshman prospects left great hopes for following years. Ollic Matson, sensational Jaysee sprinter, enrolled at U.S.F. and performed well enough to gain entrance into the Fresno Relays. Golf struggled along with the growing athletic program, and as is the case with this sport, will have to wait until a couple of naturals enroll at the University. Golfers turn up overnight, and time alone can remedy the weakness in this activity. The overall athletic picture at the Hilltop during the past year was the brightest in the school's history, and speculations arc optimistic toward greater things to come. Football Coaches.SOCIAL EVENTS— 1948-1949 SEPTEMBER 20 — Frosh Smoker 24—Class Elections 2 St. Mary's Rally at Scottish Rite Auditorium 28-JO — Student Retreat OCTOBER — 2 Legion Rally Dance at Veterans Memorial Hall 8 Lone Mountain Reception at Lone Mountain 13 15 "More the Merrier" 29 Santa Clara Rally Dance at Scottish Rite NOVEMBER — 4 — Memorial Mass 5 Dance at St. Mary's Hospital 6 Lone Mountain Reception at USE 12 Rally Dance at Scottish Rite Auditorium 13 — College of Pacific 29 -30 — "So This Is London" DECEMBER — 10 Basketball Rally 18 Soph Drag—Palace Hotel 18 3 of January — Christmas Recess JANUARY — 3 Basketball Rally 8 Winter Carnival at Scottish Rite 24 28 —Finals 29 Junior Prom at St. Francis FEBRUARY 11—Hilltopper Informal at Fairmont—Lone Mountain USF 21 — "Command Decision" 21 Dominican Reception at Dominican College 2' Nurses Dance MARCH — 10 Oratorical Contest Won by William Duffy 17 — Frosh Fandango at Claremont APRIL — 17 — Easter 22 Legion Dance 22—Scabbard and Blade Formal at Presidio 25-28 — Dulcy 29 — Nurses Reception MAY — 1 Junior-Senior Picnic at Shangri-La 3 Father and Sons Night 6 CIC Formal at Fairmont 7 Glee Club Concert 10 President’s Day 14 Senior Ball 15 Ground Breaking for Gleason Memorial Library 21 Philippine Night JUNE — 5 Graduation BM .. ■ ■O MOVWf « a«wuii 1W I WffBi ilUtHin vt; Wfl'II.A II UtW« 4 f IVttKU 14 ji •ifiy.i it Xrw.v) mm .I. ,i.'i«jOL»VII ffiiv.wet :v tffinrtA-Hiirriirt l X)IM W'WX)’IVIt if ’Ay.i'iiiM jv rnrM i‘fi’iiu» yifiy iiH v A MlfcV?t Jll Aiumra H'L!l A’.I.XOMVM 0 ffiVMo r»t,i tn ic i STIO-Mf) A ill siM'ri n 1IMWH XO«M V WWmTl Miior :w;i;mr svHMji nr y uili'wrfV yftSww r 'vuiin-mj' ' cmmJi Of f ifty 1 'fi , -flirt :r i iifw«i n-mun:i M Mu« r wrt.ia.’.a Horn ‘I ■jiw .'(w unii va Miior Aumna i Muor ,vrrr.rr :mor ,mi:i :i iiviiwfii A iMAy-m ' i rmvr xo»n r. r imcvimi , lurnNi 'UWA r« V;in M )i i 'ii iwri Tfitp lTi -I i iwin MO-l’ ‘II lf.riV:j m «nncv,v JW tograpls .-5 ?v- • 5sCmm® ,v ,t'-|t; '• v -.. - •‘£$ £:'■:: - - -vv- ' -i:-V:.' ■".. v .,'; '- " v'" •v.-ft :rw £ H ftiK '£F W .3 m j as m tv. fit, JR?. f'3C' 3? se :wav ?r' • ■flJ i ■M .V “4 ■1 v-,— iX 3 £ - V SS5v4t • w ■y Z mm- L'T C I 'W 0 . • -. S30S gg v,; Hftisg ;. V • »£ JS® • : A :.,-WVA -ir . i anMC' y j V 3 •■,' •-r wvifev.v: ; •- •. iSt ... ■■•y l.v?.- - :'.y- ?• v • ■?:’» ;-« iBysAftl kr -V.G • r nr S ?- f SsSsS? "'V. r ; r'v £ , £? - V;' ,'ttr. ; ‘£ » £5 ‘ j£lLi3iL±£

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