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, . , N .,.k ,V L,.,, L ,.,.,wm55.l ,.,fg-1,3 f -M-ww, , A , . H , 4 f - K . M, ,.,kk. ,f 'yi-wif., .,., 1., -W:-f,fz-ff, 7fA--kf Qff,.:fMm,,,,3i ..,. .,3v,m, WWWAQM in-we - A 4. L, 0 pk 0,77 e , g , i Y Lf Qn Z e Q 9 e e l N e ,W We . 9 e e e e Q k 7,e e A l , so A W Q0 sw .XX ' Q? .fl Q . . 5 Q 9 vf ? Cr EK' PAX ,QQQQQUMVQOQ fwQ ,,Y'Ueffi fXA,ffV,vxCm, 9 0 ,IW w.?bm,bW eiwwww 3AKwJ?q 16U1iA Q W 49 CV' ab A ,- 19- AQ Z 4W!P9' e , wffwnf e fe Off ,H+ e kioxafg 6962! KPQQOYNAQO 49' P32104 fel gf tq iv x , KT W A .4 X W lop' 9W9fWeeK0pV MDV? F mek 'lffqgfe Qowff?161pf9fF3? NM U74 Uv iv ef' f ' 495 ,fCs?vf , 4 W WPA? 39 9 Jffytpl! QMXP eo P be, f'?f,0W 17 'WZ ASV? ML' l MW L wQwUfQ,Lgf1qfWw ggi fy poo yy 0 i v V O V l X . 1 e ee' "W ff e GOV X, M L7-D E! HJ e 3 W ' jpfgxx 353 N934 -fo O 0 49 lp JG eu, Qdogggrxzca W , W we Q' ff Qugv NQSGQQQ A i f Q,'vx'x"X K .xxaig cggdsyfvee p Q X Q0600, LGF? eQ3U gge e I QAXXQ X. 3 00 A 23 yw Qi QQFOLQQWI ,NOX X0 y h V X 1' lw ef tlmeplefe fum P95 n. A device which meaSu1'GS e e tlbe passage of time W fffff Cf' Q' Q Q'-Wffflfleee F595 if ,, LL N, , fqffm g f l QJA eeee is ee eeeee eee e ee fee e,,e eee- eeee4 e V VQQQWLQX NJ TA LE OP CQKNTENTSE5 O enin Stlsldentgllife 1 132 E5 5poTts na ' Senlors Iggy 92 S2 Perspective A 3' 3? Clubs and Academics 138S?wiR Pe le 1 2 Ex NES 3 E QQ as E W X X Syxw QM is xiiwisawxgg l ff ,g , A A 5 . X, ,I ii u PRESIDIO UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOGL SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA VOLUME 24 TIME . . . always passing, never waiting, yes- terdays, todays, tomorrows. Time - weaving strands of memories . . . unforgettable, irretriev- able, precious moments frozen in time. There is a time for everything - a time to be happy, a time to relax, a time to listen, to talk with God, a time to celebrate, to work, a time to learn and love and grow. There is time for quiet solitude and time to spend with those who care. These are the gifts oftime to us -the moments, hours, months, and years. Time is ever present in our minds -five min- utes before the bell, one week before vacation, one year until graduation. It passes slowly when we wait and quickly when we are not ready to move on. Take time to stop, time to look back again. Take time . . . and live each day to the fullest. For the strands of time are running fast. P0 Q M fo, ,595 giliffrwgf M, fmtfoamqq, My 0 Q t0M, f0lS , Q, f Jgyfpf Mfg? 'i PXTWQX dent new ,uve who JWMQQWQJBQJDKXW wi' M ig l9U1JC0mjf54Q4f7iLated T ' and ' V 'se ,f at W it . 'Y A' N ff! w , 'v 4 If vi yG9JA'N3'x2l2yCljy1 VJ? NX' , X ., 01661 M2 if UJXPA5-Q10 Q MK xxx mv figs Ojdbillqtlesd D F V92 Nlff"7 X 04' of K ,W Nr 4 'x ' Cry Elf of 054 kwa sgx4 NW my .9 5, ,. kjff Vxijfgf MVK 50'4"5 M W - V 'Q .av , V9 MN wx f U,- ,ofvx 56 O' K Jx,J,,'C LX K! L jx, 'D s fx'VUQp'VM .D f. . -df NX' Nr' VXQI .M Mai 'XKMSSJ . A , U- P h Ugabf' Xjyvi L V JMC' -Wxylrk VJ?-ID SCJ XQQV0 of VN 0' f O - NO 'bib L1 Xgwxc, qw '73 ' Z ADJ ' be' QQXXX I PLJI2 fx " A SWRVV, 3 K bvxu - k. N 'C M 'Xt Kr LV ff fo-fi O' ,ygxfx kr W3 W. W V RQ 9V wx? xXx O ,Ji Or!! ,swvt Syff hxlbfy- Culp Egan. LMA - .KX Qc' can Q ASB Spiritual Coordinator Kathryn Fenick Moderatorloe Galindo 'fi President Tony Whitmarsh 4 ASB Secretary!Pub1ic Relations Coordinator Laurie Knudsen ,fi 8 n if "' X.. ,nz . iX.yy -ii-- H V tl M QQQLAA- L5 , 'S' " 19' ' , ' erin., 16:14 ,-.-Wa., -e - , . rl Vice-President Elaine Sebastian "-'sf my W Traditions Coordinators Colleen Doyle and Margie McKinley. """"'-um.. awwsu k -Q f?l'..,r Y C " 13 Y .Jn-27 H. 2 Working with positive dedication, Uni's 1980 ASB Cabinet showed great progress in serving the students. Last year, the Associated Student Body elected these eight students to represent all students. The Cabinet meets once a month to organize fundraisers, assem- blies, dances and other student activi- ties, and strives every day to achieve its goals, working with the administration to satisfy both the students' and the school's needs. Intramurals Coordinator Iohn Dolan HHH! , Treasurer Iohn Watson Coordinator of School Activities Cherie Frude AS 5 enior Standout 'i fi l i W m tial Clockwise from left , Most Likely to Succeed and , Best Personality . . .Tony Whitmarsh, Rosie Peragine Prettiest Hair . . . Robert r Hadley, Lisa Mangiameli 55' fi' Best Figure!Physique . . . ' l Pam I-laisha, Mike Correia I ' Loudest Mouth . . .Mike Smyth, Kathryn Schorr Biggest Flirt. . . Rod Wilske, Mary Petricca Most Athletic Ioe Monahan, Peggy North ' Most Talented . . . Iohn Dolan, Eve Selis 5 6 Senior Standouts WI x. I hr 'Q' I ,,. Z, ,Fw 3 1+ 4 an 1. I' Clockwise from left Prettiest Eyes . . .Dan Lavine, Karen Toye Class Clown . . . Bill Holman, Gena Taitano Deserted Island Companion. . .NeziBalelo, Kim Silva Prettiest Smile . . . Henry Delgadillo, Lisa Abeyta Best Dressed . . .Alfred Pantaleon, Patty Maguire Most Innocent . . . Bob Michalek, Mary Steffen Cutest Couple . . . Sandy Acol, Marivi Lopez Most Spirited . . . Ierry Roller, Theresa Brazier 1 .ga 2, f M I vs. ' -M. Q V 4 uw A A Halloween 5 ie iiifr 'N Hallo een 9 S ' ' t W k Green, green, green, Freshmen show their spirit, Students suited up for Sports Day, U-N-I, let's hear it! Everything is getting bluer, Super Sophomores reign, "Little kids" are everywhere, Uni, win the game! Look and see the Mellow Yellow, Iuniors on the rise, All sorts of hats, gloves, and wigs, Uni spirit, reach the skies! Walk through mighty Senior Country, Look at all that red, Rowdy, "Seniors Rule" the scene, Uni, forge ahead! Red, gold red, and gold, Uni's day is here at last All the classes show their colors, One Woman's Opinion Spirit Week's a blast! ,O We 1 f - . W-,i. 3 9, W L 'J mi-lo A ., ,,,. . , N .,,.,, , , - ,W . fi . .-'M .- X. .i " ' -cliffs-'f't wi- 1 , 5 - wifi'-'fsf f 'S -'iw as K' . ' .Navi sf, 'A ' 1 ,cu .,,,tff, L L The Iunior Float l I0 Spirit Week Sophs are Don-o-mite l Seniors Show Their Spirit 1f,5,g33x::'gi,'! ,A wig '5'-22.2 f. - ii- 'if 9515? - ji. 4 - an N 0 1 55 fb.. T-R' .WK .X ' K 5 'x . v .s. ld -aft K 2. I N 1 Uozulbllll f+ 5 K 11 IIIIHUAH 3. ,u 'K v. 1. I ' POWf,'i BABN far 1: L 'WWW' 1 Q A 'Q The Freshman Float -9 f n 0 In The Sophomore Float Spirit Week I I Hom coming The 1980-81 Homecoming Court .aural I2 Homecoming 5 5. Y? 9 ' ' The Winning Senior Class Float Queen Rita Clark and Escort Robert Hadley Above: Senior Princess Eve Selis and Escort Mike Correia Below: Senior Princess Pam I-Iaisha and Escort Rod Wilske wi in-of -I , ta , 1, G. b Q xg A , N K W x M , me i y ' .Q j . , 212 M Q A I , . I V.. V ri W 1 ' 7 , 'Z Q7 -Q i 1 , V Q T Epi 1 "ie I, 'wg X i 2 AJ' l " CWM. I M Rita and Rob reign over halftime Freshman Princess Sandra Haisha and Escort Keith Anderson, Iunior Princess Iulie Mas- cari and Escort Rick Madruga, Sophomore Princess Lisa Bufalini and Escort David This- tle Fans flocked to USD 'on Friday, November 7 to watch the University Dons battle the Serra Conquistadors. The sound of Uni's band filled the air as spectators found spots on the benches, railings, and walls to watch the game. The game began! Anticipation and excitement reflected in people's eyes as the players ran onto the field. The Conquistadors, sorry to say, ended the half with 20-8. Cars and floats paraded around the field as the halftime ceremonies began. Homecoming princesses and their escorts were presented to the strains of the song, "Yesterday" The crowd cheered as Rita Clark was crowned Queen. The Class of '81 won Spirit Week and Float. The Dons picked up in the fourth quarter but time ran out with the score 35-24 Serra. Homecoming I3 heerleader .--,:: ...---"M, Katy.--gre ,arf - gf" - -Au Ag- .H-1 , ff 'ff4'f.f.e ,Brie-,Rifle 5 'Q I egffftim A-QR, , K -Q -ew f ii e M4 'X ll 'Y :QL A 1 Captain Marivi Lopez A, l A a Denise Hart f. p I :V , 'l T '?F'V 7 ' 5 -ai, 1 :SM ' 332: 51 e Alkyll -Eli Ki n fl' 1 1' + lil'-if 's " ' VR ' Karyn Cruz lv .gr f"l':: f TWH wr- H 5 e 1 nnn e Z 1 . ' M7215 , . lk ,. 1 e in n n l e A Q . :r' u rfa"": if' ji x Ti " ' 'f ,W e il- , ivya' XV N qv, is ' 4 ls f. ggAQi ':!I. ,1m Q Q sk , M lm , AA ,.nnnn,, nn,n, . X - A e ful f il ANR sr ixa .iffg Y 1 , df ' -iX'l:..g'-r- if Go., Tom Franklin Kim Silva Shelley Lozano I 4 Cheerleaders W , rw w ' 1- ff vi. 'V as 1 X , X 3 ,WJ- ,l 4 , 1 wg ,, .if " ". ' ,A A, ,P 3 s r K , f fi, "' - t ,M 1 if 2 lj, ' ' fm " Ma Pgtriccg Ieanne Selis err Roller TY Y Patti Deely Lisa Abeyta Susie Britsch Here they are! University's Varsity Cheerleading Squad! as, Uni, these people were down on the field, out on the 'm floor, dancing and cheering our teams on to victory. ale "Yell-leaders" returned to Uni this year in Tom 'anklin and Ierry Roller. Marivi Lopez, Head Cheer- ader, praises this group as the best she's ever worked ith, mainly because they were all eager to learn and ork together. Uni has a proud squad here. Rated the most spirited group attending the National Cheerleaders Association summer camp, who wouldn't be? Leaving the camp with four spirit sticks, they returned to Uni with their spirit "Sky High!" M Cheerleaders I5 3 'PG 11113- Y 5Nsz.9S" 16 Student Life EGISTRATION SIGNALS START OF EW YE R Iust when the relaxation of summer was beginning to sink in, it was destroyed by the moment students and teachers had hoped would never come: Registration Day, one of the first signs that another year of high school was ahead. For some, it would be the first. In keeping with 1980's inflationary trend, the prices of books, locks, PE clothes and ASB fees soared. One math book cost S30. and Advanced Placement History students paid more than S70 for their materials. The confusion about schedules and lockers, familiar to veteran Uni students, traumatized newcomers. There was, however, some- thing different about this particular Registration Day. Those stu- dents fortunate enough to have last names beginning A-M had retake pictures not once, but twice, because of faulty camera equipment. Registration gave us all a chance to reflect on the most impor- tant fact: only 175 days until summer vacation rolls around again. Registration I7 We gathered together before the Lord to express our spirituality and unity at masses. At the Homecoming Mass, guest celebrant Fr. Dan Griesgraber, an alumnus, brought a new dimension to our liturgies. For the first time in a decade, Bishop Leo T. Maher celebrated with us at the Christmas Mass. There were many familiar faces at the altar when priests from local parishes visited at another mass. The folk group, led by Mr. Shaf- ranske, provided the music for all our masses, and the school acquired song- books so that each student could partic- ipate. The overall attitude throughout the year was excellent, shown in the thoughtful, mature behavior during the celebrations. .sq I 8 Masses MASSES ARE TIME fs' FH- ft- 'MN TO REPLECT A D UNIFY 9 ff. prayers of the faithful. Counter Clockwise From Above: Mr. Gorsich administers ash to begin the Lenten season: The folk group leads the students in song: Theron Baynard receives the Eucharist from Father Tassig Father Dan Greisgraber, a Uni alumnus, blesses the host at the Homecoming Mass: Students and visiting priests listen attentively to Father Lanphier's sermon: Father Dillabough offers communion at the Ash Wednesday Mass: Tim Howe delivers the Masses I 9 SHARP SHOW BOTH HYPNOTIZINC ,Q, v 1 3 5 5 ND HIL RIOUS S? . "'1 D: X fit . .:'Q i .1 "You're a dancer . . . a singer . . . a child again a sex symbol Romeo and Iuliet Burt Reynolds ..." We've all had these fantasies. One night in january, a dozen Uni students had a chance to live their fantasies - at least in their minds. After explaining about the differ- ent types of extra-sensory percep- tion, George and joyce Sharp shocked the audience by guessing words that members mentally "transmitted" to them. Then the Sharps hypnotized about thirty vol- unteers from the audience, weeding out those who did not fall into the "subconscious state" until twelve were left. Spectators howled when Steve Levy leapt across the stage as "Rad Surfer", and as David jannone took a motorcycle trip. Everyone got a chance to get into the act when the subjects found their favorite celeb- rity in the audience or taught their friends how to square dance and play "ring-around-the-Rosie." Most students agreed that the Sharp Show was just as entertaining as past hypnotist shows, and was much more educational. Clockwise from left: Peter Canepa gives Burt a run for his money: Ms. Sharp puts her sub- jects into their hypnotic stateg john Appel swings his partner round and round: Denise Hart does her Raquel Welch imitation while Greg George trightj registers approvalg Peter Canepa leads his favorite "celebrity", Mrs. Marsella, onto the stage. Sharp Show 21 Gliding down the runway, the model stopped to turn and smile at her friends and parents in the audience. They had come to enjoy "Fashion Cruise '81", the annual fashion show presented by Uni's clothing classes, and they were not disappointed. Talented students from Mrs. Estelle Kassebaum and Mrs. Pat Prather's sew- ing classes modeled garments they cre- ated, everything from swimwear for the sunny beaches of Puerto Vallarta to evening wear appropriate for dinner at the Captain's table. Custom made wet suits and ski wear were big hits. One of the most impressive things about the show was the number of men that sewed their own three-piece suits or sports jackets. Highly professional technique was shown even by begin- ning students, and more advanced workers demonstrated great originality in modifying patterns with their own ideas. Clockwise from above: Linda Morrill is ready for a day at the races in her jogging suitg Mike McCartney won't get cold waiting the big waveg Cherie Frude and Bill Hollingsworth out on the town in their own creations: Spectators return Pam Haisha's big smile as she models her ski jacket: her classically styled dress complements Reigna Risk: Christine Sperrazzo looks like she just jetted in from Europe: Maureen Purcell is all set for summer. 22 Fashion Show FASHION CRUISE Docks AT UNIVERSITY . . 1, in Snag Fashion Sh ,wife ' 5 . 5 1 .ii--J T ji ": ffl . .: , ,,f - . , S X ,-5-If-ew.: va "sw P srirfrl: , , it W tr? Q it in t ,,. f 4'52?i A TQ S .- iw Q. ' i ii 751' with -ii' f 55.34 QMS:--wi-1k:J!fa.If 1 9176, ,gi ,ff-2, i fl h - s 1 ...,. i ,gs H , ,V zefaitf "'- . Ia -. M, 1 K if Q, . an N .. fs, 1, M, .. M K- . lebaw i 'ts iiei Q 'gel' --g,,,,., f x, Q, 1 - , ,2 .,,-........y,,.f,f4-f-H-7-"w3'i"' 'K ., gl V ,... - N.: ,,.. , ,....,.., .. T, s' if . " is ,,e.-' 1- s s s - 1 4 . .t V:,, ,V - if The Student Art Exhibit opened for a week-long run in the C.C. Center on Ianuary 19 featuring the work of many talented arts and crafts students. Included in the display were pen and ink drawings, air brush creations, silk screen designs, and wood crafts from the first semester classes of Miss Rosa and Mr. A. Those who dropped in to view the show were impressed by the quality of the art works on exhibit, and looked forward to seeing the creations of second semester art students at the show in Iune. 24 Art Show sigg so ttt, , i .V , ' :usa ':4f.:a5sEE'fSii5e s-I id. wi is by ,,,, X W- f A 3 ,sus ami., ,.., , iw? sy- . s tif hw.. SKILL AND FLAIR HIGHLIGHT ART SHOW BISHOP GIVES "Will you turn my ring? That makes fifty, I only need thirty-two more." The tradition that good luck accompanies a class ring being turned the number of one's gradua- tion year was thus observed by the class of '82. On December 15, 1980, in the Immaculata, about 150 juniors par- ticipated in another tradition, the Iunior Ring Mass. The celebration was special this year because the rings arrived on the day of the mass, and for the first time, Bishop Leo T. Maher blessed them himself. The theme for the Ring Mass, "Love is the Answer," was reflected in the Bishop's homily and in the choice of songs. Uni's Show Chorus and a folk group specially organized for the mass provided the music. After the mass, the senior class gave the juniors a reception in Universi- ty's Catechetical Center. 26 Junior Ring Mass RING MASS NEW TWIST BALDICER IN TRIGUING PREVIEW TO H.A.W. il ki! A week before Hunger Awareness Week, signs reading "Who is Baldicer?" and "We need Baldicer" began to appear all over campus. Some students sported green armbands and when asked why, they would smile and reply, "I work for Baldicer." Finally, on Feb- ruary 20, a sign shouting "Baldicer is Here" appeared by the library. It turned out that Baldicer stood for BALanced Dlet CERtificates and was actually a game. But Baldicer was only a preview of "Harvest of Hope" a Hunger Aware- ness program to begin next week. "Hunger can be eliminated if we take action" was the theme of the week. HAW was an educational experiment in interdisciplinary learning organized by Mrs. Adrienne Doyle. Its purpose was to awaken student interest in a very urgent social issue- world hun- ger. Teachers had the option of whether or not to cover the hunger issue in class: most teachers devoted part of class time to the issue. The Foreign Language classes talked about the hunger issue in foreign countries: how nutrition affected both the mind and behavior was discussed in Psychologyg in English class, novels and short stories relating to hunger were read: in fact all the teachers managed to relate to the sub- jects they taught. tl A U ,.,w-fmfwrim X .,w,-w,.,,,..+a.Q--v""e'X rw-V X-:ff .iff Hunger Awareness Week 27 HU GER AW RENESS WEEK OFFERS HOPE SOLUTIONS On Thursday, we had a special schedule. Three distinguished speakers discussed hunger in a morning symposium. Reverend Thomas Pettep- iece gave the keynote address about responsibil- ity and reasons for hope. Dr. Paul Saltman talked about nutrition, and Dr. Robert Livingston dis- cussed how malnutrition related to the mind. The symposium was followed by two seminars which the students selected and the showing of the film "Grapes of Wrath." Several speakers, including Mrs. Estelle Kassebaum, discussed the changes we could make in our lifestyle in order to con- serve resources. Doug Curley, a local newsman, lectured on the effect of the media on the hunger issue. San Diego Supervisor lim Bates and Mrs. Betty Mclntosh talked about hunger in San Diego. Other representatives from local organizations discussed their roles in attempting to deal with world hunger. HAW took three months of planning which included approval by the school, recruiting of speakers, scheduling of events, and many other arrangements. "There are many times when it felt discouraging. But however much it cost in time, effort, and dollars, if it changed even one person's mind about hunger, it was worth it," remarked Mrs. Doyle. During the week, students reacted to the films and class discussions on hunger. Many took action by participating in the Youth for Youth Walk which raised money for the poor. HAW was a success indeed! . ,.,.W.-M., New ...E,M.W.M. Mm., .sigma 28 Hunger Awarness Week Page 27, From Top: Roselyn Aguila sports a Baldi- cer Ribbong a Speaker addresses studentsg Sally Dadmun and Kris Stiven tell students how they can help. This Page, Clockwise From Left: Mr. Zoll con- gratulates Mrs. Adrienne Doyle on a job well done: Rev. Tom Pettepiece offers solutions to the moral problems of starvation: Dr. Robert Living- ston stresses the importance of nutrition for proper brain developmentg Dr. Paul Saltman makes a point about nutritiong newsman Doug Curley addresses a class on the importance of the media in social action. Hunger Awarness Week 29 f 5 INTRAMURALS CHALLENGE LUNCHTIME Because of the great organization of Intramurals Coordinator Iohn Dolan, the student body spent their lunchtimes not only eating but also participating in athletics. In October, ping-pong tables were assembled in the hall by the 50's for avid ping-pong players and fans. Out of the fifty competitors, Matt Cohn won first place while Mark Sperrazzo took second. Matt and his brother, Mike, won the doubles for the past three years: this is Matt's first time as singles champ. In December, 28 teams K6 players per teaml participated in the lunchtime vol- leyball matches. In the 2-on-2 basketball intramurals, the Reyes-Thistle team dribbled its way to victory over a field of twenty-one other teams. 30 Intramurals ATHLETES Clockwlse From Left: George Beltran tries to stop Dave Thistle s scoring drive: Dave This- tle in turn will go to any lengths to keep George from the score' ping-pong champ Matt Cohn is so confidents that he doesn't even stop for lunch' Xavier Porlas shoots for two points: this lunchtime sportman is determined to win. A 8 s.i,g- - -1ix.g.Q,a xi . X . Y X. ,mg N ,:,:w-Lfmkm, fx 4 H .V .Jw K+ .mv ,W ff' V. gg -- i 65115-- --f V? X Throughout the history of Uni's intra- murals, there has never been a display of class competition and spirit to rival this year's powder puff football tournament. The first game pitted the sophomores against the freshmen. The sophomores, coached by Mr. Zoll and Mr. Marcus, defeated the frosh in a close 7-6 game. The freshmen, coached by Mr. Iacobacci, displayed much effort and spirit but couldn't overcome the speed of the soph- omores. The second game was a head-on clash between the juniors and seniors. In this game, no points were scoredg the winner of the game was the team which had gained the most yardage, the seniors. It was a bitter loss suffered by the juniors and Coach Rubidoux, but they walked away with an undying spirit, repeating to themselves, "lust wait till next year!" The third game was the big Puff Bowl. The sophomores headed on to the field with the confidence of their running and passing game backing them up. The sen- iors felt confident of their speed on offense as well as their outstanding defensive line. The rivalry was fierce, the teams ready for each other, and the excited fans screaming for blood. The sophomores took a 12 point lead in the first half, and after halftime the seniors attempted a rally but scored only six points. So the score remained 12-63 the triumphant sophomores received a shin- ing trophy as their reward for a game well played. Powder Puff OW, A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS I 1 34 Candids fx' 'iw Xxy- N -, 4 .Q - 5 , . 4 5 - , 3 .. . , 5...rXjgQi f 1 +L , R' M .iwstf K fl 1 Q X!! y. , ff'. .--- A A "' wk K 0 if " L I X K. if . ' ew - Q 2 X 1 A -Xi .K "5-...A . My . K ' , ' R Nw Q- ' . fi.. vwl gg S ,X K , ., x ..,,w..,, .Ly N ,Y X M .Q-a..fX 1... . r Q S575-gi smnsaf , , O 13- f A-w.,R R -X M. A xg. .rf ,. 'k" V A - F 5 f 'Fir . - ' -- ...V at . if J ..,,.- " .-f W .. , A. . L ..... ., Clockwise from left opposite page: "Kiss me! I've got the 'Signal."': See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil - do no evil?g "I dare ya to call it regular. I dare ya!"g Iudy's a Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?g "Why do you think they call it 'Close-up'?"g "Now he's a Herman Ioseph!"g "I'm wearing Slendera11sl" like 534 fe- 1 f i, Y EN :, E:::,, .l,,.iv. Qf Candid: 35 AND THAT S THE W Y IT WAS . JaN.1:.x9az-oev 435 KM' S 'R9'.il'.9.'.12 ..l!.?.!l" if V. fav' A: ".'f:, aff f,f' 2 ':':" 'Q 0.4 4 . Our days were filled with essays and problems and labs. We shared secrets, and fun, got involved at school. But we also never forgot that the world was going on its way right outside our door. Triumphs and tragedies, good news and bad: we felt and experienced them all. The 52 hostages' ordeal continued as the first bell called September classes to order. Blaring headlines raised and dashed our hopes: the second Christmas came and went and still no release. Finally, on Ianuary 20, the Iranians ended the 444 day captivity. San Diego welcomed back Richard More- field. Ticker-tape fluttered and suddenly yellow ribbons were everywhere. On that same day, Ronald Reagan became our 40th President and the country took a turn to the right. l-le'd defeated an exhausted Carter the November before: Independent Iohn Anderson paved the way for future third party candidates. Music fans the world over mourned Iohn Lennon's assassination outside his New York apartment. Some sported black arm- bands and more than a few Uni students attended memorial services in Balboa Park. San Diego football fans thrilled as the Charger's bid for their first Super Bowl escalated into a reality. They progressed through the play-offs and finally faced the detested Oakland Raiders. Fans hissed as they lost. Recession hit hard everywhere. Gas soared to 81.50 per gallon in many places, food cost more, even textbook prices reflected the double digit inflation. On a lighter side, Iohn Travolta's "Urban Cow- boy" spawned a Western wear craze and purple was the color of the year. Tweed, sweaters and Sperry Topsiders were big as the "Preppy Look" soared in populaty. 36 Current Events H. 'Q zu ,. 'Qu 'ayern Plan. may uma. .fl For L iiiw V nwv""""' ii, i ' me t fy"-r Q. - Mic: 7'9" b. an 5? Wil gnu' 'Ziff -ajysn ,J Q i f If an -51 VL.k N V' W 1. f ,fy is xi Q" , "Q sandra 5 TQ i Wa, H I--A-M srocks some THE rmsu W , , MM 1y.,wfm new wwf SDM W... H... .vw- REA AN wuvs BIG GOP fakes Senate in Clockwise From Below: Camille Selis is all decked out in Western weary gas prices soared: At the services in Balboa Park, Nick Peters mourned the death of former Beatle Iohn Lennong the polit- ically minded aired their views. toog Iranians and Raider fans found a place in our hearts: the hos- tage crisis kept us ocoupiedg Reagan became our 40th President. KFV PACF5 IYA GIANCF me :mmm I ga, . . ..t,,:,: X n I V .M ...,..f1::ifSm.xL."' "' ,,,..,.,,..., .........-.,. .,,....,....,., .... .........- ..,,.,....,i ..':....,x ':.J:.,.... ,...',.--1 .-6- cl ai 5 ei 2 A - K, 35" 50 "T - ., QI' Q3 -565 f L r- - Jes, e af: 7 .W E 5 3 A 5 K 9' 2 as S Q .... 2 N f .4 ' ' 9 ii' it t 1. i tw itss 'Egg T ees - ' i X Q A 5 'Ss fa t Sag e S tif gl ..., "if a fri - t i t, .. if it X 646 :Url W W ..,. .. .. . wssnn - 'tvs 'ivioi ' Os' +2 fs If UV a Y., 5 X Current Events 37 4. 1, .ivan flq,,:,Jiqv I gl . - W A - ,an V3 ' t in t iff. , 9 fp, a fuiwt 1 E, in :,. .fw VJ' - W", l gi, V . -if , il i 5 1 5'4" ' ' ,ft Ef??pf ?l 4 V 1 with - S t .W to VW , if I s - Vg ' in 1 ll V X cl gf -.ff we Mm,w, 1, Vim V VV M ,W V - it am ff A VW M, , ,VV h,VVV,, ,V ,Venn V X V ,. Q V , -, V ' ,f V V. 1 V V A .v-V 1 VV- if . f... V , , 7 A , 1 4: V V V Aff awww l V payment' WMMAH aro mas '54 'V Wi t A ' YW' f f Wm " 4 Wg .f i V, V ff, 3 V V V ' ' in Q , what , S 0 -9 W' ' ... +1 WWNMHV V' VV i 4' 'W , . . J , ig' 3,3 f K - 6 '54 'W' 'T N l 'K' , N "' wafer ifvm-1 Paige 2 L To and from . . .far and wide. . . Rushing in the morning out to school i And in the afternoon for home . . . Not everyone had their own car for transportation. Some rode the crowded buses with the People pushing and shoving to find seats. Others walked: still others rode in carpools, which if you Recall, were the cause of some congestion in The Senior parking lot. There were many near- Accidents involving punctual parents, and smashing Seniors, The brave bikers, and the poor pedestrians from USD pool, that Impaired the dirt bank from the lot down Onto the sidewalk. However far, whatever it took, Nearly everyone had their special way of "geting around." Transportation 41, 3 AND A CTHER O E RIDES THE BUS . . . Y pd' ' Ti waffle . was Clockwise From Left: Hi, ho! Hi, ho! It's off to work we golg "Pretty soon we'll need parking per- mits for our bikes!"g After being dropped off, stu- dents head up the hillg "Mom, I told you that if you put the station wagon in the dryer, it would shrink"g "Let's see, 3.785 liters equal one gallon, and thats 52 liters, so . . Transportation 39 S alia- 1. W t al ,Ziff It's five minutes before the lunch bell. Yor stomach grumbles and you shift anxiously in your chair. As you watch the seconds go by, you realize that these are the longest five min- utes of the day. Fellow students are taking their money out, counting to see if they have enough for the machines. You imagine your lunch sitting in your locker, waiting to be eaten. You sigh as you remember that you ate half of it during break. At last the bell rings! You observe other people as they rush out of the buildings like popcorn from a pop- per. Music from the ASB Office begins to fill the air. Hordes of peo- ple rush to the machines, dropping coins along the way and taking cuts to buy junk food at exorbitant prices. You run off to "the spot" where you always eat lunch and meet with friends. Others take off to the library to work on last night's homework which is due in the next class. You just sit back and relax -lunch is the best time of the day. 40 Lunch i. .Q . X X Y A Q . 5 a -Q i. X i s I Wmnlf' , ,nwff Mn-1v"" 44" : IIE: .- , .t Q K... ig . QE A LUNCH IS TIME TO SHARE D REL X D RI- G HECTIC D Y at if i ' Clockwise From Top Left: The Moment of truth: Will she lose this quarter?3 Machine Madness engulfs students each lunchtime: "I think she likes me!"g "Uh oh, here comes the principal!"3 "What do they put in these hotdogs, any- way?." Lunch 41 CAUGHT I THE ACT X N.w""FN w,,,,.pnlll Clockwise From Above: "Lose your nickel, son?"g special friends: Bill Hol- man and Mike Smyth: Teenage Contor- tionistsg "Hey baby, wanna boogie?"g The Dimple Kid: "Oh, c'mon, you mon- sters, I know you put it in here some- wheref' but, Mrs. Filipowski, you can't leave yet- it's only 3:29! 42 Caught in the Act I X T , X ff vw 5 -Wiki . ,,,, ' rv' hw! 'V J W K Q S :W ,W WNW, 3 X .... LX Xxx ,A Q . '1-X ,.,, 1 1 ,,, X W ...M V ,wwus, . - gi. A A . nf ,- W X P ' -ETEQEI X X ga Rh .iz :X XX-- Ufiiqiwsii. .sa , . fi H R 2 W m., SX N in-.W KX - 5 ' 5 X, .,,,. ...- X MQ ,.:, K , ww p.- --it X Caught in the Ad 43 44 Hangout: IPM mulus'!ll9,R ff is --....,.,,,,..-h SN Q . ef B X i WHERE DO YOU HANG OUT? if 1 "I'll be on the stairs." "Meet me at the wall." "Let's go to the library." "Who wants to go to the machines?" Whenever we wanted to find some- one, we knew exactly where to look: where they hung out. Certain groups just seemed to gravitate to specific areas on campus. In keeping with tradition, seniors ruled the stairs. Those of Italian and Portuguese descent met at the "Wop Wall," along with a few others. The most studious ended up in the library while those who liked quiet watched the Bay from the west wall. The Machines were the favorite hangout for the terminally hungry and the wall by room 40 remained a popular spot for finishing up home- work. One familiar group took the lawn by The Tree as their own and another tree in the courtyard was the property of Uni's Athletic Depart- ment. But hangouts were most than just a place to be. As a place to en'oy free time and share with friencls, they were an integral part of Uni life. M---ad Hangouts 45 UNI BASKS IN SUN OP AMERICA Balboa Park. The Zoo. Old Town. Mission Bay. Tijuana. The Coronado Bridge. The mountains. The desert. Fifty miles of the best beaches in the world. As citizens of America's "Finest City" we enjoyed all these and more, all no more than an hour away. Uni students were especially lucky. Perched atop some of the finest real estate in San Diego, we could look out for miles around. To the west lay Mis- sion Bay: many of us worked there at its world famous marine park, Sea World. Beyond, the ocean gleamed in the sun and the lights of Pt. Loma shone. To the South, Mission Valley buzzed with activity. Not only tourists enjoyed its hundreds of restaurants and 2 huge shopping centers. just across the street, the University of San Diego's blue dome glinted brightly. As well as several community colleges, Uni gradu- ates could choose between huge San Diego State or the highly respected UC San Diego without even leaving town. 46 Son Diego Scene INEST CITY , M ,, - Vw fWF!m-,- ,,,,, iw, ,, I I....,..,. Son Diego Scene 47 STRIVING POR EXCELLENCE AFTER HOURS By 2:30 each afternoon, the majority of Uni students were on their journeys home, leaving a dedicated few to run, jump, throw, sing, memorize lines, write, edit, or photograph. No one enjoyed staying late after school, but a certain camaraderie developed Between the people who stayed every ay. Would-be athletes drilled in the hot sun. The yearbook and newspaper staffs spent long hours rushing to meet deadlines. The Iesters repeated those lines over and over again to get them just right. No one was watching in admiration and they certainly weren't getting paid, so why did they spend all those hours practicing? The applause on opening night and the cheer of the crowd made every minute worthwhile. 48 Practices! Rehearsals t W S Qh: In K f' - t. L. , . ...,, i. - . , ., ,g i ,.:... .. A , , 3 Ei 's t 1 Clockwise From Top Left: David Thistle, quarter- back, waits for the snap: "What do we do now that they've got us surrounded?"g . . . a one and a two and a three . . .g" "I really wish she'd quit fol- lowing me! How does she expect me to make a basket?"g Mika Cutting puts the finishing touches on the Egyptian frieze while Dan Farney, Greg George, Kelly Harrington and Theresa Brazier review their "Murder on the Nile" lines. i it Practicesfkeheorsals 49 SPGRTS MHUH -I 1, ig WWMMWMMMMHMUKMMM KVQ -wr ff ? 5 y ., , 41, f, I M Vu 2 we... Spods sig 'FH ' .-x .. ,K 4 'W 'avail' M 6 lawn W K wx, if Et . imxi tgik EIEWQX S59 X n R, . EA? K A + X.,w:f+ W, as 5461? V v-fff',3,? 7 ?iZ4S Emi? wi? KQQM wma 'mi 1 .,5m,,iS if 4. .1 Elini .. '1" 1 -,V 'e' 'M f' :fl 5' i ' Q '6d Sf fs ' ' i K. ' A i fx G X 1 Q 5 f fJ fe: Time-out! Everyday after school, hundreds of people spent extra time playing sports on Uni's teams. From football to badminton, each sport has something for everyone. Besides being good exercise, sports teams provide a chance to meet new peo- ple, visit other schools, and spend time doing something that one enjoys. It's time for people to get more involved in sports!! Sports help a school's spirit, and the more people that become involved, the better it is for everyone. Staying after school for sports' activities can be the most fun part of the day. lt's a time to socialize v S ll? I l l " a .- - . xt -U G35 . t Q i .V x , A tl' l ' ll , 'l , ggi N X f J l g , J I y . I ' 5 X 1 .r l-it 6 " " 'pi ' g Q 4 -If" 'l . ' 1, T 5 h 0 Q ' f " ' ' s .. U X 5 Q43 ' A if Lzxffj QL'-...p U I and enjoy each other's company, while learning about sportsmanship, and improving one's own talents at the same time. Yr Sports 51 Though the season started at a slow pace for the Varsity Football Team, by the second half of the sea- son they made remarkable progress. The strategies and endeavors of the offense began to succeed, and the team was averaging 19 points per game during the last five games. l Coach Ramos was very optimistic t throughout the season. At the begin- ning, he expected a record of 5-2 for the season. Unfortunately, difficul- ties hampered the fulfillment of these expectations. Four starting pos- itions were lost due to three key inju- ries early in the season and the team was very young. Five of the quarter- backs in the league were among the top twelve in the county. The overall record of 3-6 does not reflect the team's potential, for the players had great enthusiasm. Coach Ramos remarked, "We didn't achieve our goals, but what is important is that we had goals and worked very hard towards achieving them." The Captain's Award was given to Dwayne Parker: the Coaches' Award, to Dave Redfield. The Out- standing Offensive Player was Steve Connolly, and Outstanding Defen- sive Player, Ioe Monahan. Top Row: Statistician Lila Duda, Coach lack Rubidoux, Coach Mark Marcus, 79 Tom Ekno, 24 Sean Lavine, 84 Kyle Keller, 50 Steve Connolly, 74 Tim Reilly, Coach Ieff Chung, Coach Ioe Connolly, Statistician Iulie Mascari. Znd Row: Trainer Kathryn Schorr, Coach Al Rubidoux, Coach Rich Zielony, 10 Ioe Monahan, 55 Steve Osmers, 86 Dan Otto, 76 Gerry Scheuerman, 71 Iohn Walker, 41 Dave Redfield, Coach Carl Cummings, Coach Steve Iacobacci, Statistician Patty Maguire. 3rd Row: Manager Eve Selis, Head Coach Dan Ramos, 43 Chris Coons, 83 Ieff Babbitt, 80 Pat 52 Varsity Football Millay, 44 Greg Ketchum, 1 Gar Millay, 59 Tom Stropko, 30 Ioe Evere Trainer Chris Wehe. 4th Row: 11 Mike Whelan, 21 Ioe Redfield, 22 Da Lavine, 42 Mark Mahady, 81 Dan Farney, 75 Mike Siese1,63Ioe Dunne, ron Lipscomb, 66 Mark Coleman, 51 Dwayne Parker. Bottom Row: Steve Marshall, 33 Theron Baynard, 20 Rod Wilske, 23 Ioaquin Go salves, 52 Matt Cohn, 85 Kenny Brown, 12 Tony Whitmarsh, 31 Mike Nm toli, 40 Sandy Acol. Not Pictured: 85 Gordon Achatz, 65 Ricky Martina 64 Iohn Preciado, 70 Ron Zenker. V RSITY WORKS HARD TC X h Bi -.:k,,,-. 5 'N MW -A - Q Q L x ,ta 5.52 Xa , 1,..Z'l EE., 3, V 1 M 3 f 4 W ,Q -- ' ' Q Y ,,,ywg'.f' 'LMT W jx, wa A Although the Iunior Varsity Foot- ball Team ended their season with a 2-7 record, they did put in a lot of effort, according to Coach Mark Marcus. Being one of the youngest teams in the league was one major difficulty the team faced, because age and size are great advantages to a squad. The men practiced every day after school with the Varsity, and together they developed a strong team. The players expect to have a more suc- cessful season with the Varsity in 1982. David Thistle was awarded the one prize offered by the IV team, YOUNG IV LOOKS TO FUTURE Most Valuable Player. 54 JV Football I M i it t uf 60 3 :Xl Back Row: Coach lack Rubidoux, Iohn Patton, Ieff Hin- ninger, Scott Doren, Head Coach Mark Marcus. Second Row: Kathryn Schorr, Coach Dan Ramos, Mike Costa, Doug Moore, Kevin Kennedy, Tom McFarlin, Ieff Chung. Third Row: Coach Carl Cummings, Iohn Stanford, Doug LeCren, Iim Sardina, Steve Anderson, David Thistle, Chris Wehe Fourth Row: Mark Flournoy, Mark Erikson, john Wein- sheim, Ieff Darby, Iohn Lococo, Mario Crivello, David Mil- lan, Bert Huerta. Front Row: Mark McCarthy, Paul Winters Iames Eastman, Steve Liberatore, Iohn Tedrow, Xavier Por- las, Tony Petricca. ROSH HAVE T LE T TO GO O hmen - Top Row: Scott Holmberg, Iack Tarantino, Mike sley, Iames Orwig, Tim Murphy, Robert Buller, Keith erson, Billy Gillis, David Grissom. 2nd Row: Coach Al idoux, Matt Doyle, David Nottoli, lack Burke, Sean Keller, J MacCarthy, Keith Kaonis, Dante Coladonato, Louie Car- Head Coach Steve Iacobacci. 3rd Row: Coach Iohn Rick- ling, Todd Giles, Pat Klopchin, Ierry Pizarro, Adam Barrett, Paul Stabile, Alex Leon, Drew Flores, Coach Ioe Connolly. 4th Row: Anthony LaFreniere, Chris Ludecke, Gus Rios, Anthony De Maria, Brent Wyborney, Ed Arthur, Brian Chadwick, Brett Harris. Bottom Row: Don Walker, Chris Herb, Danny Bacon, Ioe Lopez, Bobby Kates, Charlie Kovac, Bobby LaPorta. After many hard hours of practic- ing, especially on those particularly hot days, the Freshman Football Team developed into a unit and mas- tered their fundamental skills. The competition was tough throughout . the year, specifically from the North County schools. The team's goal was i to gain experience in preparing for i league competition next year. Even though they ended their sea- son with a 2-5 record, they still came up on top, beating rival Saints 6-0. "The future looks promising, Coach Steve Iacobacci remarked, "We've got the size and the talent." He continued, "We had fun. l'm glad we had five games at home instead of driving way out to Vista to play, because it's good to see fan partici- pation and support. I was pleased with our overall performance." Opposite Page: Dedicated Uni fans congratu- late their team after a finely executed scoring drive puts the Dons in the lead, Coach Rubi- doux charges up the Iunior Varsity team before an important game. This Page: Fresh- man runningback Ierry Pizarro races for the goal line, protected by guard Todd Giles. Freshman Football 55 B DMI TON SHOWS IMPROVEMENT y,,.W,w,-fffwgw " " 3 , 'A 'K " 'f ' 1 LIL, I Haw W 3 - 0 4, . Q V W ,,,,, 0 E, U A , WZ if Back Row: Karen Taylor, Neal Cammall, Sandy Unwin, Margaret Pfeil. Ted Tibbs, Front Row: Ann Nagy, Brian Keves, Nina Wagner, Dianna Unwin, Coach Above: Watch the birdie, Margaret! Right: Craig Carter gets set to swat. Opposite Page: Most Valuable Player Ann Nagy 3 56 Badminton Wm... Sa gf Q -st: an 1 .rl -Q Q i Now in their second year of co-ed competition, the Badminton Team started its season with many new and enthusiastic players. Although the team is still in its developing stages, they've shown a great deal of improvement, said Coach Ted Tibbs. "Because of relatively little experi- ence, we started at a low skill level. However, we made great strides in making up the difference!" he contin- ued. Next year many returning young players may better the 1-11 record. Coach Tibbs remarked, "Hopefully next year, we'll be closer competitively with the other teams." Ann Nagy was named most outstand- ing player. 5 -.M..,..,,,,,.MmMmNM gy 1 3' i I Badminton 57 VOLLEYB LL BLOCKS OPPOSITIO Three o'clock. The game starts with Captains Peggy North and Ann Miller leading the Varsity Volleyball Team on the court. The enthusiastic crowd claps, then ceases as the first server prepares. The fans hold their breathe until the girl steps forward confidently and sends the ball over the net. A perfect start to an exciting match of blocks, spikes, and passes. Since the team belongs to a com- petent league, they faced strong com- petition, especially from La Iolla and Serra, but as well as being an obsta- cle, it also helps the team play better. Though difficulties existed, such as a lack of experienced players and only 2 returning starters, the girls ended the season with a record of 10-8, almost qualifying for CIF. Their record is the result of the progress they made during the season and hard training. The girls practiced 2 hours each day, six days a week. Coach Altamirano emphasizes that the greatest improvement is in their teamworkg "they play as a unit and function as a whole." Indeed, the members of the Varsity Team should be commended for the close commu- nication and co-operation with each other. Erik ROW: Asst- Coach LHFFY. Chris Reilly, Shelly Marie Dubreuil, Captain Ann Miller, Captain Peggy North, c eone, Coach Steve Altamirano. Middle Row: Margie Rita Clark. Not Pictured: Cathy Keenan. McKinley, lane Pflaum, Ilene Zarour, Lori Hall. Front Row: ss Volleyball -gh oi" V PASSES OTHERS BY i Front Row: Diane Halfman, Edna Clarin, Sonia Sales, Mary Catherine Kane, Back Iaime Puger, Diana DeCima, Beth Grady, Row: Audrey Little, Patrice Zeeck, Iolene Sandi Wehe. Middle Row: Marie Luciani, Trily, Elizabeth Hunterf 4 At the start of the season, the coaches felt very optimistic about the performance of the Iunior Var- sity Team. The height of the play- ers gave them an advantage over the other team because they were able to reach the net and serve bet- ter. Their aggressiveness gave them more confidence, and their ability to communicate with each other resulted in making less mistakes and scoring more points. Since IV Volleyball provides the training for the future members of the Varsity Team, they worked mainly on Clockwise from opposite page, top: Leaping high, Chris Reilly spikes the ball as Ilene Zarour and Margie McKinley look on: Mar- gie McKinley slams the ball back to OLP3 as 1' 'tl I 1 7 X? developing their skills in the funda- mentals such as volleying, spiking, setting-up, and serving. This has been a triumphant sea- son for the IV team since they lost only one game which was against La Iolla, a very tough opponent. This success was brought about by close team-work and constant effort. With a 15-1 seasonal record, the IV team, led by Captain Iaime Fuger and'and Co-captain Diana DeCima, has proven to be very promising. Chris Reilly and Ann Miller cover, Peggy North jumps to return a smash: Peggy North sets a difficult serve to keep it in play. JV Volleyball A 59 While striving for victory, the Girls' Tennis team was very spirited and the members were supportive of each other as a whole. With a few returning top players, the team con- sisted mostly of freshmen and sopho- mores. The team's seasonal record was 5 wins and 9 losses. Although this was the same outcome as last year's, Coach Natalie Wilstermann said she saw some definite improvement in the depth of quality of the players. The year's Most Valuable Player was Berna Fager, and the Most Improved was Iulie Rauner. A primary goal for next year is to beat one of the better schools: Mis- sion Bay, Bishops, or La Iolla. With- out a doubt, Uni can look to the future for a very successful season with the girls' tennis team. This page, clockwise from top: Marcia Mullen arches back for a big serve: stretching across court, Elaine Sebastian readies for a return smash: Coach Natalie Wilstermann. Facing page: With intense concentration, Holly Mar- shall anticipates her 0pponent's serveg Sight- ing the ball overhead, Amy Butzen prepares for an ace. 60 Girls' Tennis RECORD DOES NOT REPLECT I PROVEME T OP SIRLS' TENNIS TEAM 'Watt Blldillgi BGFHH Fiigefv llllie Ri-IUDGP, Elaine Sebiisfifillv Holly Butzen, Kathy Fenick. Sitting: Lisa Tremblay, Marcia Mullen, i1rShH1l, llllie Siflgleifify- A118615 SCi3CqUH- Kneeling! Kara Maria Olsen,Susie Tremblay Colleen Murphy,Iulie Montali. itale, Michele Angles, Trisha Falsted, Susan Brennan, Amy Girls' Tennis 61 CROSS COU TRY OUT PRO T WOMEN TAKE CIP Clockwise From Right: Iohn Watson and Iohn Patton practice togetherg Iohn Watson seems to enjoy all that work for is it the camera?Jg Theresa Schmitt heads for the finish line. 62 Cross Country 1 mt. wavy, My ' .Ilia-wif QE ai TL 15, rzs - ,.t, X Q Win. , gl 'X N T L A Q ,H are ,af r r.,..Q'i-stall, A ' v- .- S T K .. kiig K xt, X A K i V Lk T . , ,ffwa EA . ' , ,,,, -f ' J' - T xi' 2. .t.' elf. YW L A L A 6 ..,V -- W z f L O f 5 , T' 5,2532 "ity 3 T A"':'5"f- ' 'K Stamina, enthusiasm, and true team effort were outstanding qualities shown by the Cross Country Team. Coach Brian Bigley, with team captains Tony Case, Patty Zepf, Kris Stiven, and Rosie Peragine did an excellent job with both the boys' and girls' squads. The Boys' team finished off the season with a 4-3 record, while the Girls' maintained a remarkable, undefeated record of 7-0. Team members worked hard preparing themselves for meets by running 6 to 10 miles daily. Many of the female athletes ranked high in the league, making it possible for us to win the CIF title. I front Row: Rosie Peragine, Anne Schmidt, Rosanna Carrillo, Keli Smith, Iean Gistaro. 2nd Row: Rudy Regalado, Kris Stiven, Ioach Brian Bigley, Patty Zepf, Theresa Schmitt, 3rd Row: Tony Case, Peter Wood, Dmitri Pruyn, Steve Mangin, Dan Koch. lack Row: Mike Ecks, Bob Winters, Megan Harding. Cross Country 63 E .isaivae . r - 64 , The Varsity Water-Polo team, headed by coaches AI Frowiss and Kelly Iones, began its season with high hopes of making the CIF play- offs. The team practiced every morn- ing before school and attended occa- sional afternoon workouts. Backed by a powerful team, the offense scored over fifty goals, vexing the opposition. David Krische was named Most Valuable Player, Ierry Stehly, Best Offensive .Playerg Iim Raggio, Best Defensive Player. The squad's record was 9-9 overall, 6-5 in the conference Cplacing 4thJ and 3-3 in the Western League, placing 2nd. Looking to a winning season from the beginning, Coaches Al Frowiss and Kelly Iones guided the IV team to its 12-7 overall record. In the games they lost, the team was defeated by a narrow margin. Led by Most Valuable Player Neil Stehly and Most Improved Player David Wright, the team took second in the Western League and third in their conference. se.: -fi-1:1---e .1-., .Wsg ,,.w.,.-Q sit.-,M ,N . , Water Polo BOTH WATER POLO SQUADE TAKE 2nd ID I It W i -5- 42 ASK Q an I - Varsity - Front Row: Eugene Cahill, Iames Rag- iss. 2nd Row: Phil Giesing, Chris Erpelding, Stn gio, Pete Erpelding, Ierry Stehly, Coach Al Frow- Schatz. Back Row: Mike Reichert, Matt Raggio. EAGUE4 .. as kv ,-MW .. mv S 'Wu 'Ng -me 'f -S A - , ma. 1 .Q Q- we-' 5 wmv, V "" . fn A f , I ,,,,, , ,f fy ., 1 ,- Jw' A I. ' Facing Page, l to r: Demonstrating fine team- work, a IV player grabs a pass from a team- + mate, Goalie Eugene Cahill stretches to deflect a goal. This page, clockwise: Dons really do gig ' rtt live, sleep and eat water polo, Ierry Stehly " o ' intercepts a Colt goal attempt, Protecting the 4 ball from the opponent, Ierry Stehly gets ready .Eg to pass. Ill: I ifignl Ir. Varsity - Front Row: Coach Al Frowiss, Dan Schatz, Peter Moons, lim Winsor. Back Row:Bill Bedore, David .Wright, Steve Giesing, Neil Stehly, Umberto Varagnolo. 2nd Row: Mike DeWitt, Tom Hollingsworth, Steve Schatz, Elaine Anderson. l CE s w Q NX .ext-,Q ,, gn 1 T X xr 1 S 'Y as ,Q 1, 'hw me he M gg , Q g., Water Polo 65 EW W VERS OUTSWIM COMPETITIO . ,gQ, --.V . . ' Back Row: Coach Laura Chirnside, Mary Patton, Sue Ainslie, Susie Mar- Sexton, Tracy Harrington, Beth Kocourek, Glory Cumming. Front Row tin, Lisa Asperin, Penny Ecks, Christine Bugelli, Mary Kovac, Coach Diane Bridget McClymont, Iulie Bedore, Kari Conniry, Lisa Ecks, Charline Brand Kewley. 2nd Row: Mary Beagle, Gretchen Ames, Kim Neeleman, Maura Maire Hunt, Dawn Pirolo, Kerry Ferris, Laurie Martinez, Lisa Allison. 66 Girls Swimming , , ii su 5 l m s, S 5 The New Wavers enjoyed an out- standing season. Coach Laura Chirn- side and Team captains Lisa Asperin and Susie Martin led the team to a 3- 1 league record, losing only to unde- feated La Iolla. They've strengthened in number over last year and ended its fine season in a respectable sec- ond place. A great amount of indi- vidual improvement occurred over the season also. The 400 free relay team, with Laurie Martinez, Kim Neeleman, Lisa Asperin, and Susie Martin, excelled and went on to CIF, taking fourth place. Remarkable team spirit, which was obvious at the meets, carried the New Wavers through the season with high hopes, good times, and a record to be proud of. t was , 5 5 fiiftsiff QQ K J s ,Q SQL 5 ,,fgg,,,, - 3 ss .f ' X af X t L ,ff s at L sg . f ,gg L- , K a g gsiqviif .gg 7.1-Q j was S .:?g...?,,,w,.: -in QE . f u ,- it is Girls Swimming 67 VARSITY BASKETBALL HAS POSITIVE ATTIT DE Standing: Iames Carroll, Pat Burke, Tim Carroll, Bill Holman, Tim Reilly, Ron Zenker, Tyrone Stevens, Ieff Babbitt, Coach Zach P' Kneeling: Paul Zolezzi, Tony MacisQ Steve Oddo,'Iohn Franca, Tom Cahill, Mark Mahady, Pat Millay. A positive attitude was one of the Varsity Basketball Team's biggest assets, according to Coach Zach Peck. Although he considered them young and relatively inexperienced, the play- ers practiced hard to improve their per- formance, concentrating on teamwork and good defense. The Dons faced tough competition from some very solid teams in the Western League, so the wins over Lin- coln and Clairemont stood out as high points in the season. As well as captain Tim Carroll, the team produced some outstanding play- ers in junior guard Iim Carroll and sen- ior center Bill Holman. Since one-third of the team was comprised of juniors, next year's varsity team will consist mostly of returning players. Coach Peck is confident that they will improve on this year's 4-19 record. 68 Basketball , sw S X . ws. Y . Q , of it 9 is :S- tl ii' l X , it fs?s:gf::1ffEi 53. . .k.. J K.. K E is i as e K le ie v ,ff .,,. , Erxz m i X . ,Q :te f " p:-:::4.- - 55, x i' C If . .. . fiaiifm- ..,, Q C ' QS ., Q. .... ,.... Counter Clockwise From Above: lim Carroll shoots for twog Center Bill Holman outmoves Hoover to score: Tim Reilly is so intent he doesn't seem to even notice the defense: Caught in a cor- ner, Iim Carroll is ready to pas to Bill Holman or Paul Zolezzi 132143. Basketball 69 HARD WORK PAYS OFF FOR HOOPSTER At the outset of the season Coach Ted Tibbs hoped to achieve a .500 mark. The IVers were a short team and had problems moving the ball. In most games they had to struggle to overcome their opponents height advantage. But the team members compensated for their lack of height by playing with great intensity. Tibbs saw the team's willingness to work hard as the key to their win- ning year. The IV hoopsters showed tremendous improvement over the expectations of their coach by com- piling a 15-10 overall record. Iudging from the progress made by this group composed mostly of sophomores, Tibbs believes that next year's var- sity has a lot to look forward to. 70 .IV Basketball . if ti t atlh A . t ' "..hf ' 5 112, - +. 151211: I V A o ' U 04' ,867 f waht, Nm 5+ sg Xl is ss X319 we 4 as st' rw k X 5 Y X tt wa ass ay X S L " , t Q X3 st, N xt X as XX Y 4 X X E 1 it sa 5 -W 5 's JU a 1 .., , I fl 9 af ZSHMAN - Standing: Robert Schmitt, Walbrun. Kneeling: Bob Holman, Paul Kelly, Paul hael Hensley, Michael Cameron, Matthew Stabile, Matthew Mendoza, Kevin Lee, Louie Car- er, Will Kreusser, Eric Diamond, Coach Tom ini, Todd Giles. 6 13 iiiss-sts, . ,, I ig A , ,,2-. -, all 9, X dy- rx P5 . - .,,,,. tltt tflltttt ttttt ,Q A If 'J as 3? xt 7 ft 'Q it 'S aw l We it ir by .lm . .W-i Finishing up with a 12-5 record, the Freshman Basketball Team looked back proudly on a well- played season. Although they were defeated by Poway and Mt. Carmel, their toughest opponents, the Dons won all of their home games. A couple of those contributing to an outstanding team effort were. guard Eric Diamond and forward Rob Schmitt. The future looks prom- ising for these young contenders, according to Coach Tom Walbrun. As another enthusiastic team mem- ber commented: "In a few years, the Varsity Team will be awesome! Poway and Mt. Carmel, look out!" Clockwise From Top: Mark Campbell sinks one: Frosh on the fast break: Coach Tibbs explains strategy for the next play: David Thistle brings the ball dovsmcourt. Freshman Basketball 71 - Clockwise From Right: Goalie Dan Ignosci dives to block a goalg Mark MacCarthy drives downfield to score: with visible concentration, Megan Harding keeps the ball in controlg Sean Levine passes his opponent by: IV player Greg Schultz steals the ball away. . ,Wg ,sw 2 if is C SOO an A lx ,, if .: :- X " v n s ,. dx X vi :iw K-ii. .. .S .. , 'sv -- M f i.i1 iiiili di wma! Q VARSITY -Front ROW: Steve IZUI10, Randy Ieff Schultz, Iuan Huerta, Sean Lavine, Iohn Weller. Tony Case. Doug LeCren. Iohn Sora- Ford, Tom Danitz, Mike Mossmer, Bear han, Hans Britsch, Mark MacCarthy. Back Kreusser. Row: Coach Chuck Ruzicka, Iohn O'Malley, Ee 72 Soccer " ll l s F R COMES OUT ON TOP WITH COACHES' HELP W T, - ARSITY -Standing: Dan Ignosci, Megan Rob Gadbois, David Schroedl. Dan Koch, Iohn Stewart Dadmun, Greg Schultz, Bill LaPlante, Tim Casey, Frank Steffen, Steve Hurst, Ackley, Iohn Patton, Ken Dupre, Tim Riley. Stackpole, Coach Takis Vartelas. Kneeling: Y in In in K , ,g I SH . .. .W .. ' . f K K C . .Q-uf A 8 .,tt,, K. I .6 An "excellent season" was the way Coach Chuck Ruzicka described the performance of the Varsity Soc- cer Team. His five years of soccer coaching experience helped him guide the team to a 9-5 record, Uni's est ever. Captains Iohn Sorahan fthe only senior on the teaml, Bear Kreusser and Mike Mossmer were significant in team plays, with Mark MacCarthy leading in scoring. "We started together, we grew together, we succeeded together," summed up Coach Ruzicka after an exciting season of soccer. The IV team ended their season in triumph with the help of Coach Takis Vartelas, who took over mid- season. The Dons defeated Patrick Henry in their final match as well as trying Saints in a tough contest to finish 3-2-1. Coming in mid-season, Coach Vartelas didn't know what to expect but "I felt great and thought we could do it." They did, winning their first game with his guidance. Captain Bill Fenick, a junior, led the defense while Colin Stackpole, Frank Steffen and Steve Hurst lent an interesting balance on offense. JV Soccer 73 .. VARSITYS 12-0 EARNS LEAGUE HO ORS With their perfect 12-0 record, the Varsity Softball Team took first in Western League play for the second consecutive year. The many returning players were anxious for another suc- cessful year, so they made improve- ments on the offense and were able to add to their already strong defense. But enthusiasm and skill were not all that was needed to achieve their goals, unity and commitment were very important. Coach Margaret Mauro remarked, "The team itself was talented but the key to a successful season was that we channeled that talent in the right direction." Pitcher Sue Purcel1's 10-0 record earned her the League Player of the Year award while Lisa Noriega, Sandra Leighton and Heidi Booraem were named All-League. Freshmen Chris Carlson and Ieanne Tomcavage were named to the Honorable Mention team. Counter Clockwise From Below: Heidi Booraem winds up for a home rung Tresha Lopez seems to know it'll be a strike: Sue Purcell swings into a line drive. VARSITY -Standing: Linda Morrill, Lisa lann Alioto, Barb Steffen, Chris Carlson, Noriega, Christiane Darby, Heidi Booraem, Ieanne Tomcavage. Not Pictured: Sandra Sue Purcell, Mary Catherine Kane, Coach Leighton, Margaret Mauro. Kneeling: Sue Ross, Pear- 74 Softball l I PULLS TOGETHER TO MAKE IT 7-5 ei, g my u-, XRSITY -Standing: Coach Ige Con- Audrey Little. Kneeling: Shannon Cesare, Tre- Christie Barabas, Ienn Collins, Mary 8118 LOPEZ, Mimi OWSIGY. 116119 Z3l'0l11'. Beth Sopatti, Edna Clarin, Colleen Murphy, Gl'8dY.TriCi8 TOYC' .ev - 2 , , I .s ,a ,, my iw N Though Iunior Varsity Softball is not as competitive as Varsity, it's still an important step taken by future Varsity players. This year's team was young, inexperienced and mostly freshman. "Since it is difficult to combine the talents of thirteen individuals," said Coach Ioe Connolly, "we emphasized the importance of unity. The players concentrated on developing their skills and on becoming a team." He continued that after the first few games of the season, they learned what it took to win, were able to play as a whole and improved every game. They took the contests seriously, but at the same time were highly spirited and able to enjoy the sport. With the leadership of pitcher Tresha Lopez, catcher Ienn Collins, and infielder Christie Barabas, the team bat- ted their way to a triumphant 7-5 record. JV Softball 75 WRESTLERS PIN HOPES ON LIGHTWEIGHTS After winning the CIF Title for three consecutive years, the Wrestling team looked to another winning season. Dur- ing practice sessions both after school and on Saturday mornings, the wres- tlers strived for perfection. Coach Ed Harvey said that the team consisted of good learners and that they were get- ting better all the time. The mat men finished their season with a 4-3 record with wins over San Diego, Hoover, La Iolla, and Lincoln. Forfeits in the heav- ier weight classes were a main reason for the varsity's losses. However, the Dons hope to recruit heavyweights for next year's squad and figure they'll be tough to beat. Above: Steve Liberatore in action. Top: Dons ignore opponent's pleas for mercy. Opposite: Randy Moore pins opponent. 76 Wrestling VARSITY -Front Row: Randy Moore, Todd Coach Ed Harvey, Matt Stilinovich, Ther Salzman, Mike Smyth, Henry Delgadillo, Baynard, Kevin Moran, Ioe Dunne, Io Steve Liberatore, Ryan Wagner. Back Row: Walker, Andy Gagliano. -..., -2 .... - Jffsee eg' '- A ' - ii A z ' i GR PPLES WITH OPPONENTS IR. VARSITY -Front Row: Kieran Fleming, Dan Roe, Dave Ed Harvey, Iim Schilling, Doug Moore, Mark Flournoy, Gagnon, Steve Gagliano, Brian Fleming. Back Row: Coach Coach Andy Gagliano. Starting the season with a positive attitude, the Iunior Varsity wrestlers expected to win most of their matches throughout the season. However, through lack of personnel they were forced to forfeit in three weight classes at every meet. Still, the team finished the season with a 4-3 record boasting victories over Hoover, La Iolla, Lincoln, and rival Saints. Coach Andy Gagliano, a Uni alumnus, emphasized that they were a very good team with a lot of individual talent. JV Wrestling 77 ALITY SWIM ERS ON ARSITY A D IV With the direction of Coach Al Frow- iss, the swim team was prepared for one of its best seasons. With quality swimmers returning, their only weak- ness at the start of the season was a shortage of free stylers. A young team with only three seniors, the varsity expected Dave Krische, and Steve and Tom Schatz to be outstanding contrib- utors. Both the varsity and IV swim- mers aimed to beat their toughest oppo- nents, La Iolla and Saints. . P e 5 :. "' . f' . S.-we - ...., A slid t as ' , i:-- ft.. .., f "" ' ..-nav'-f gs. S' ' we .3 3 . A 1 , ,..v . . ix, e ' ..,, 5 I We .,.... X xv? I L .1 iii t. A ' is 1 Q . t S ' iii S t . . s .,,, S geev f .,. . ,fee ,Q -.-' .. 'R "'- 'ff . . X 'iiii i '- ,,," '-. 2 .',:: - "-- Q - ' i - K - " ..,. .,.. ... 'il R , - .X ' ag . N S' " ' i S K si- 'I' V Q ...., Front: Iim Raggio, Tom Schatz, Andy McMichael. Middle: Dave Krische, Mike Reic- hert, Steve Schatz. Ierry Stehly. Back: Coach Al Frowiss, Scott Doren, Randy Franke Ricardo Calderon. ggi . 78 Boys' Swimming , ,,, H yg gy .... 1 X F E . H X Q X f L, L . Q ii-is My is AWK , gig ,,.. ' 5 , 5 f f 4,1-fffi5g.m,3::'5 ,,,, ,, as L Y 5 1 Left to Right: Ricardo Calderon has a question for C Q Coach Al Frowiss: "I-Iey! This water is cold!"g Q V 5 " Q Racing against the clock. X X 1 xp K 'ront: Dan Bedore, Steve Liberatore, Sean Ioe Dunne. Back: Coach Al Frowiss, Chris dcAuliffe. Middle: Brian Fletcher, Iim Spotts, Erpelding, Ross Duykers, Neal Stehly. JV Boys' Swimming 79 4 x gs A ' '31 A 4 TRACK OPP TO RUNNING START I 1 DISTANCE -Back Row: Coach Ioe Galindo, Iohn Watson, Iohn Patton, Steve Mangin, Dan Hewitt, Dimitri Pruyn, Mika Cuttin Dan Otto Coach Dana Shelburne. 2nd Row: Coach Mark Marcus, Robert Hardesty, Lisa Tremblay, Malia Miracle, 8. i Mandy Lopez, Ricardo Villa, Lisa Abeyta, Roseanna Carillo, Rosie Peragine. 3rd Row: Peter Wood, Christine Sperrazzo, . ..... . : b Si ff Ilene Zarour, Patti Zepf, Robert Kelly, George Beltran, Mike Rubio, Traci Velandia, Kell Smith. Front Row Bar e en, Megan Harding, lean Gistaro, Amy Adams, Lynn Reiter, Eileen Sposato, Theresa Morisette. l 1 f F Q V .,k: ,,,,, ,...,W..,,,Vf fm' 5 Wa., i , fkmhielaxbx T RL fw- 80 Track ' A . mkxxw N. , I ,'x'1r-W"""1a , ,A -.J lx 4' lf. . .. .. , W-W-'M4'9'Wi H K z , 'ei e . A , 'H F K , ' . ' " 71977 0 5 . f'MdlwZ1.'i: K S31 ' 1 EILD -Back Row: Coach Mark Marcus, Mike Cooney, Theron Baynard, Tyrone Stevens, Brian zming, Iohn Walker, Paul Balelo, Steve Connolly, Mike Costa, Don Hewitt, Gil Illescas, Coach Ioe tlindo. Middle Row: Tom Chavez, Tom Simmons, Curt Waters, Louis Adamo, David Redfield, in Roe, Bill Hollingsworth, Randy Moore. Front Row: Chris Wehe, Mandy Lopez, Annette Roy, ebbie Hardesty, Malia Miracle. Spirits were high as the Track and Field Team headed into a new season of stiff competition. They were confi- dent that their combination of returning champions and fresh talent could help them defeat their toughest competition, La Iolla, Serra, and San Diego. One of those returning champions was star long and standing jumper, jun- ior Anthony McClendon. He currently holds the school record in the events after breaking his own record last sea- son. He took second place in the lack in the Box Invitational in February. The team also counted on the strength of CIF champs Rosie Peragine, Anne Schmidt, and Malia Miracle. With new distance coach Dana Shel- burne and new field coach Ioe Galindo assisting him, head coach Mark Marcus had high hopes for this season. "We're training for a great year in track," Mar- cus commented. Counter Clockwise From Below: Debbie Har- desty has perfect discus-throwing form: Up and overlg Long jump champ Anthony McClendon takes off for a new school record. Track 81 SPIRITS HIGH O TRACK A D FIELD JMX SPRINTS -Back Row: Coach Dana Shelbume, Ierry Scheuerman, Frank Leon, Eric Hamilton, Scott Holmberg, Keith Kaonis, Matt Bohr, Brian Fleming, Paul Winters, Chris Wehe. had Row: Ieff Canzoneri, Anthony McClendon, Ed Revs, Fred Bustria, Suzie Tremblag, Brett Mattox, Iulie Mascari, Maureen aguire, Monica Biard, Brian C adwick, Ted Behra, ,f Coach Mark Marcus. 3rd Row: Scott Simmons, Tim Riley, Richara Yuvienco, Kenny Brown, Ann Kankowski, Casey Connors, Dawn Man- ning, Lisa Bufalini, Lisa Abeyta Celeste Kankoyvski, Molly Bialk Teresa King, Sandi Wehe. Front Row: ohn Roy, Caroline LaPorta, Mia Crivello Bec y Byron, Ienny Lab, Matil e Biard, 1- , ci I' This Page: High jumper Gil Illescas is home free. U73 X LC" LIT, o in P :D 'd 'ht,th ,.o, fl f- 2 WEEE: e age avi Iannone siiggklg Q ,X fx s.J f - ' . I I Q al, ll,,x, .h 5 -We V- Lrg' F I K dmu, L , S, Lf: sf, X X Cm is aatwlv sgclft , , 3 U xx, 5 I X, V' M A A- 'I Kayak.-K I Wi' S Mp' I ,Lf .X - aft V' p ' ' wb Cf X fe A EAQLX.-'X ' I "-- K X. ft, I 'xilglffftll 3 1, fLUollt il f f Q,,Q,L,fQv5TLi,iLis, ' r' J t f l , , J 1 fi Q , X .. as 'xl L" f Y J lb .i J ' - 111? I at , vm ,ul X L I l . y',gJ f q,.,?Q,,,, V, LL, q ,Q do IIT, ' f 1 ' A Lf" h-'Ti VIVI 'Lim I, xii' , I ..,'z" of Vjiif-it 1 We fl JV t 'N 15, L! sf L I M 'CW ,aa Q I Uh Lf U, VMC ,VQJL gl., J ,' , 1 1 Fvvfwd ,kj Thx, ALL X f X, L 55 f,,. . K. 5,1 W MLM' U1 I , Us L Q A li ,,,Sk.fY 45 V iffw f ,Cp :EE i . Wg' - I ' Q1 I f I rrleea . l ' 5' , B2 Track ' 1 The Golf team started the season with a lot of expectations and enthu- siasm to achieve their goals. They looked forward to taking a second place and giving La Iolla a run for first place. They also hoped to requa- lify a player for the state champion- ship. Three returning lettermen - Gary Regalado, David Iannone, and Mike Tebbetts, were expected to lead the team to victory. Gary Regalado was last year's Most Valuable Playerg David Iannone has constantly improved each yearg and Mike Teb- betts was expected to help the team's score. GOLF EXPECTED TO TAKE SECOND , A L lf . , .... , ,Q .. All Right: Coach Dave Theonnes, Eric Lofgren, Thomas Wieme, Gerry Fenech, Scott Garrison, Mike Tebbetts, Gavin Milner, Gary Regalado, ,nnone, Paul Haack, Robert Schmitt, Dave Martini, Brian Best. Golf 83 BOYS' TENNIS SWINGS INTO SEASON l Starting off another smashing season, l the Boys' Tennis Team was very opti- p mistic. The team worked well together, which was one important aspect that helped them out. Top seeded players Gil Illescas and Mike Riordan helped lead the team to victories. Coach Ron Beck had high expecta- tions for the team and not only looked forward to a fun and rewarding season, but also one to make improvements, make great plays, and make friends. 'Ii X 84 Boys' Tennis A , f'- If wall' mf J xi Counter Clockwise From Left: Charles Batte returns the ball cross-court: Al Panteleon steps into a smashg bending low, Gil Illescas saves the serve: a determined Ed Ashman attacks with his backhand. 'N 25 2 all if! Front Row: Nestor Velasco, Ray Keoffer, Ed Ashman. Pat Bill Gillis, Gil Illescas, Coach Ron Beck. Chuck Cameron, Mike Stubbs, Dan Stanley, Al Pantaleon. Back Row: Arnold Villaluz, Riordan, Mark Vertullo. Boys' Tennis 85 BASKETBALL TEAM SHOOTS POR UPSETS . .. -S Coach Margaret Mauro expected the season to be a long and hard one, but successful at the end for the Girls' Var- sity Basketball Team. They had the tal- ent and the potential, and perhaps the only thing that could hurt their game was the lack of varsity experience. To compensate, they planned to work on their offensive attack and try to keep mistakes at the minimum. The team was composed of five returning varsity players and quite a few of last year's IV players, now soph- omores. Coach Mauro counted on Shel- ley McKeone's height as an offensive and defensive threat to opponents. She also looked to Iohnna Matranga's shooting, Sue Purcell's rebounding and defense, and Helen and Pam Douglass' quickness and speed to help score more points, especial y in games against La Iolla and Hoover. "We'll catch a few second looks and pull off some big upsets. We'll give it our best shot," Coach Mauro con- cluded. 86 Girls' Basketball ,M.,...a , Qs ' 31 xr Q x 5 SL ......... , ii, E 1 r,,. T ,C . . 'iii . . . . li -, . L A Siege , sf ga 5 VARSITY -Kneeling: Mary Dolan, Pam Matranga. Back Row: Crissa Meinert, Sue Pur- Douglass, Helen Douglass. Standing: Heidi cell, Illlie PiGfI'HS, Shelley MCKK-10118. Elaine Booraem, Lisa Noriega, Tricia Toye, Iohnna Anderson. V STRESSES FUN AND FUNDAMENTALS gilt! 5555 R. VARSITY -Front Row: Margaret Frank- in, Gabi Doria, Christine Harvel, Ioann Gar- sia, Margaret Pfeil, Coach Zach Peck. 2nd low: Aileen Kennedy, Kathy McKeone, Col- leen Murphy, Kathy Schmitt, Camille Selis. Back Row: Annalese Zeeck, Leslie Sherman, Elizabeth Hunter, Mary Catherine Kane, Patrice Zeeck. Since most of last year's IV moved on to Varsity, Coach Zachary Peck ended up with a team of freshmen and three returning players - Margaret Pfeil, Annalese Zeeck, and Camille Selis. Coach Peck intended for the team to have fun primarily, but to be competi- tive also. Because the players were young and inexperienced, emphasis was given to the fundamentals such as shooting correctly and passing, and what every team should have: team- work and cooperation. They expected a lot of competition from La Iolla, Mis- sion Bay, and non-league opponents. Mr. Peck expected great perform- ances from Patrice Zeeck, and Eliza- beth Hunter because of their height and coordination, and Leslie Sherman and Mary Catherine Kane for their accurate shooting. ii was 95' ce. ,,., S wwe- 1 JV Girls' Basketball 87 BASEB LI. READY FOR 2N D CIF CHAMPIONSHIP Clockwise From Above: Mike Whelan perfects his swing: Catcher Dwayne Parker is ready for Mike Corriea's curve ball: As seen through the fence of the bull pen, Tim Burns throws a fast ball: 1980's CIF player of the year, Mike Correia, warms up. 88 Varsity Baseball lBsck Row: Coach Dick Serrano, Iames Carroll, Rod Wilske, Tim Carroll, Kyle Keller, Mike Correia. Front Row: Mike Whe- QGreg Ketchum, Ioe Monahan, Ricky Martinez, Gar Millay, lan, Pat Millay, Dwayne Parker, Nezi Balelo, CaseyTibbitts. gCoach Iack Rubidoux. Middle Row: Iohn Preciado, Tim Burns, l Having been the CIF champs last year and the Western League Champs for four years in a row, the Varsity Baseball team had another challenging season ahead of them. They'made more progress at the beginning of the season than they had at the same time last year. Their main concern was to win each game, especially the fourteen league games, and to win the League again, then worry about the play-offs. Coach Dick Serrano expected the West- ern League to be very competitive because of improvements made within the League. Hoover and Mission Bay were expected to be their toughest opponents, but four other schools are not far behind them. The team was led by Co-captains Mike Correia, a top-notch pitcher and the 1980 CIF player of the year in the county: Tim Carrollg and Nezi Balelo, one of the better defensive players in the county, they are now in their third year as lettermen. Dwayne Parker was an exceptional catcher last year and had improved even more this year. Gar Millay, Kyle Keller and Tim Car- roll are excellent hitters while Rod Wilske faces the possiblity of starting in centerfield this year. The team had a positive attitude, espe- cially the young players who were in IV last year, and the transfers because their ambi- tions were not only to win a position, they showed interest in helping the team achieve its goals. "All the players are contributing 100'V0 towards accomplishing the team's hopes. I think that we can do very well this year but all the same time, it will take a lot of hard work," remarked Coach Serrano. Varsity Basketball 89 90 JV Baseball SOLID IV I FIELD STARS ON DIAMOND Lf IR. VARSITY -Front Row: Andy Hawes, Ioe Filipone, Scott Robinson, Kevin Kennedy, Bobby Stocklin, Iohn Sharp, Frank Giacalone, Dale Pontecorvo. Back Row: Entering the season with a solid I infield defense as well as an above average pitching staff, the I.V. Baseball Team was prepared for a challenging season..At the outset, Coach Tibbs set up some definite goals. One was to develop the outfield. He planned to do this by stressing fundamentals such as thinking ahead and using cutoffs. Another was to finish with a .500 record. Tibbs felt the team should make it this far because of the competitive attitude of the players. With these goals in mind, he looked forward to a rewarding season with much improve- ment from the first game to the last. . 4 mnm PITCHER5, POWER HITTERS LEAD FROSH V ' WX X .2 A-, "1"-3 5 ' .f' ,,ys..E Y" 5 Z +- X K 12595 JL ,ia A VS ESHMEN -Standing: Coach Tom Wal- Louie Carini, Mike Hensley, David Grissom, un, Ray Matel, Frank Steffen, Geoff Hase- Mike Cameron, Doug De Barry, lim Morris, uer, Matt Doyle, Paul Barker, Allan de Guz- Bert Huerta. Not Pictured: Sean Keller. an, Bob La Porta. Sitting: Sean McCarthy, The mental part of baseball, develop- ing a winning attitude, can be just as important as the physical. It is one of the things that facilitates scoring, according to Coach Tom Walbrun. He felt that the season would go success- fully with a winning record, and was very optimistic about the team. "We've got good pitching and good power hitters! It's going to go great!" he commented. He expected power hitters Mike Cameron, Iim Morris, and Burt Huerta to do well, Mike Hanesly, Shawn Keller, and Burt Huerta for their talent and style as pitchers. Coach Walbrun commented that it's a challenge as well as fun to teach a Frosh team, and that they've got a lot to learn. "I am very excited about this sea- son. We've got an excellent team, excel- lent players, and I think we'll do okay." Counter Clockwise From Above: Frosh coach Tom Walbrun instructs Matt Doyle on a play, "I got it!" "I got itl" "No, wait ...": Bobby LaPorta winds up to make a power throw to home. Freshman Baseball 91 niors 1 ,,,..-avr uLE f W S if K we, .,... Q Senior Class Officers Treasurer Bill Zepf Secretary Malia Miracle President Peggy North 92 Senior Class Officers Vice-President Cena Taitano i LISA MARIE ABEYTA 'Beyta Buns" "Tweety Bird Legs" ... 3 yrs. of V Cheer . .. frus- ,rated by alphabetical seating from A to Z 8: breaking nails .. . Confes- rion Sessions w!CB-Seegrms 4 two .. will always remember TZ, CB, M, ML, DB, MC, SC, RH, IS 8: quad of '79 pizza WXKS 81 MP . . summer of '80 WXTZ 8: I Almond ,udge ... Thanks Mom 81 Dad, CA, CA. RA too . . . I luv ya . . .The baby finally made it! SANDY ANTHONY ACOL "Sandy" .. . found at the lockers or the bench with Marivi. will remember schtub toes, KB, AP, HD, RD, GK, DR, and the cast of thou- sands never forget being late to math on Mondays mosqui- toes... beating Saints . . . V football and track go to college frus- trated by Marivi, practices and math loves Mom, Dad, Iose, Kay and Marivi . . . Look, it's an HI. REBECCA MARIE ACOSTA "Becky" found w!Ioey or at the machines . .. never on time to first class .. . the good times w!Ioey .. . will remember "first love" w!Iim C Prom '80 w!Paul . .. everybody at PNC, IW, IS, SS, LC, GH, PS "Give me a break" .. . "Totally" . .. Fr. Z 81 Coach Willie .. . loves God, family, hamburgers, fritos, cherry Kool-aid 8: Corvettes . .. Thanks Dad 81 Mom, I really love you alot. PEARLANN ALIOTO "Begonia" . . . always found in bath- room with Maria "Needers" Homecoming '77 Mr. Tibbs Softball . . . Thanks Miss Mauro . . . toilet papering Baseball Banquet with Maria and Patty '80 . . , "I want a Corvette" frustrated by Mr. Walbrun and school and diets Together "we await snow" 1:43 KKC two very special people: Mar 'n Mar . .. loves Mom, Dad. Ianine, Ross and God. 3 tg, . gg 5 GORDON ACHATZ "What's the good word?" . . . "ls it a plan?" . . . Good times with IM, GC, TH . . . will remember Fr. T and Mrs. M . .. will never figure out girls, especially CS . . . Freshman year . . . 4!4!78 . . . whiskers, where are you? ... always and forever . .. Iomo .,. thanks and my love to Mom and Dad forever my secret message to the world is: "Tonto lives on!" Jffff figf ROSELYN AGUILA "Chickie" library 8: benches will remember Wenchie, Frenchie, Dickie, Diane, Mr. Ramos, Mr. Gor- sich, Sr. Herberich 8: friends in the Phils. . .advice from Mr. Gorsich . .. Presidio med school frus- trated by being frustrated, hmwk 8: contracts . . , 7:30 labs . . . loves fam- ily, friends, people, school f?I, life, S, chocolates 8: Cod . . . "Do everything to your fullest." ALAN ALCANTARA "Big Al" machines, stairs friends, DM, I 8: B Cole, Nagy's. Crissy, SM Coach Serrano's PE class parking 3189 my son racquetball, badminton ... Uni dates, college underclassmen bottom lockers ,. . my '69 Nova . , . girlfriends "Let's go" .. . "Don't ding around." FRANCIS ALVAREZ "Frank" always found every- where . . . will remember Mrs. Mar- sella and Mrs. Daniels, IB, CS, LA, DD, SH, BL, TN and all my friends Spirit Week '79, '80 enjoys skiing, racquetball, music, driving my Scirocco . . . frustrated by Fr. C's rules . . . will not forget SM and AM in Chemistry H I love you Dad, Mom, Luly, Ioe. Laura, and Eva . . . Thanks. . . Bye Uni! Seniors 93 NICOLAS ANDING at ANNETTE MARIE BATTAGLIA "Ante Net" . . . "Annie Batt".. .P . . . Godmom EG MK... FG AC . . . DS . . . DC and the rest of the gang . . . V Baseball stats wfMeg . .. Chris M 8: our BB heros ... 5NOWW15 . . . will never forget fun times wfthe Life Science gang, Musketeers, the wall, Mr. Peck, Fr. Leo, Coach Serrano, Mr. McGrath my kids, Bet, joe, Al, Rolo Thanx Mom 8: Dad. 94 Seniors GRETCHEN AMES "Ciblets" ... "Spaz" . .. "Hype" ... found sharing Tab w!Theresa, Libby and Mary . , . watch out, Cam is coming Swimming, Running, B. Ball will never forget Mrs. Smith Mr. McGrath, Ms. Fil, Maura. ES, Kovac, Carmo, Mr. A, Mary S, Beth . . , Swimteam . . . play- ing Cam w!Beth Coach Serra- no's PE class... Brazil vs Ayatullah ...Iulie's ace car . . . the life touches of CV, I love funk EWF move to the groove! , l OHN APPEL just myse f . .. found anywhere . .. fun times . .. LW, TS, DM, MG, CM Francais . , . AT and AT, GM ... too much homework, not enough time . . . surfing w!Tom ...jokes w! Donna frustrated by girls Sears wants to be a lawyer loves life, women, sunsets, good friends, imported bier, fun, family . . . will be rich, have a Porsche, a big house and a beautiful wife. ONESIMO BALELO THERON BAYNARD, IR. "Ladies and Gentlemen, University High presents the student with a thousant names: Cool Tee, The Kid, Mr. Sundance, Pocahontas, etc." . .. Found just about everywhere will remember DR, IB, Getting to school on time frustrated by homework... loves family and friends ... "Stay smooth every- body." See ya round, Soul Brother. KENNETH W. ANDERSEN Thanks to Daryl S . .. KM, MS, DX RW, CW enjoys driving opei roads, cars, good times . .. Kinks . . Who Stones Floyd wi. remember drive-ins, Levi, Moose head, Patty frustrated by fres men bottom lockers . . . gonna buy fast car, put on my lead boots an take a long, long drive. I may end u spending all my money, but I'll sti be alive . . . Bye. PAUL MICHAEL BALELO Wall...NB...IT...RH...Trac ...kamikaze ...DP... "IX Way" The Doors Iim Morr son ... OE800 ... RS ... existent lugubrious RD LV .. "Break on through." DENISE ARLEEN BERRAY 'Neecie" . . . white Rolls, black Vets, . . Fleetwood Mac . . . Heart . . . wet Jartners "I will if you will" sunsets gold dust the ocean .. working out Blondes have nore fun hairspray w!Amy gist in the wet I dunno the 'sty Softball w!Coach Willie .. my Honda ... Needers . .. early ad . . . Cosmetology . . . love to LR, RIP, AI, LA, LS, PD Living w! orece . . . "Here's to you, here's to e ... loves God, family and 'riends. KIMBERLY A. BOEH 'Kim" found on stairs good imes w!Nat . . .skiing B Bear Frosh fr. w!Nat memories w!Lia M, LM, BS, KG, RH, TD, KK, CS, VIP . . . concerts w!Terry . . . Water- :kiing . .. always late . .. Hawaii '80 wTerry Blue Hawaiis 8: MT's .. Styx Lady Prom '80 nuy? . . . my Celica . . . sunny days 81 :miles loves God, brothers, 'riends 8: Terry . . . Thanks Mom 8: Dad, I love you lots! I SCOTT S. BECKER "Big Beck" with the group German class ...Iohn, Mark, Kevin C, Bigley, Herr Steves school spirit and kindness . . . Cross Coun- try 8: Track. . .Wildlife Preservation Management frustrated by the Copenhagen wild animals, the mountains . . . Queen . . . Blondie . . . Thanks Mom 81 Dad, Deb, Las and Herr Steves .. . Der Fouler Mench, Bittel, Tch-Tch! BRIAN BEST "Byron" will always remember great friends, GR, BW, MT, DI, IM, KB, TR ...staying out of trouble . .. finally . . . "Good Sense" . . . "Miller stands clear" Golf stuff . .. "What's up, Dude?" livin' for summers loves friends, Fridays, family, God, old Volkswagens, small bikinis. . . "Later days Dudes." MONICA BIARD Will remember Deb, Amy. Theresa, Kim, Evie, Beyta, Sandy and all those crazy people who made Track fun Thanks to all my teachers and coaches Good luck Skinny Tilde .. . Hi Iunior and Dolores . . . Hola Chela ...I love God and my family Mama y Papa, muchas gracias por haber sacrificado tanto por mandarme a esta escuela. Los amo ahora y siempre. MARK BOUTERIE 'S ,f 1 IEANINE BEHRA "lf we weren't already crazy, we would go insane" Holly. Ierome and Mattchu ... SMG ... tuxes ... MIB the game the laugh unicorns ... shopping w!HG ... Hey IK, mine is better Teddy, hang in there kid . . .Thanks Kris for being more than a sis . .. I love you Mom and Dad. CINDY BIELLAND Seniors 95 I EVA MARIE BRADLEY "Eva" stairs high times w! Steve 8: all my frenz: DO, TS, PH, LH, KT, CF, IS, KM, SB, MM, BI, CH ...parties . . . Van Halen w!Steve B ...Kinks . . . straight ahead days . . . up on stage w!TS rowdy in the station wagon hotel will never forget Prom night '80 WXSB 81 MW, if I could remember it Charity Bowl '80 w!DO Home- coming 'B0 WXSB, PH, RA . .. Blues Brothers. . . loves family and Steve. THERESA ANN BRAZIER "Brazier Buns" ... found w! Rhonda, Tricia, Ann and Tony . .. I love u Fr. Leo . . . Iesters Prez. . . ITS "Piffy niffy poochy koon" ... "Ya had to be there" . . . will remem- ber ALL Iesters, esp. GF, MR, GG, DF, SB, CC, SM, Iohn "I love you so much" Dolan ... Aunt Liz CBBH, Smithful, Ann, TM, ID, MD, DH, IP, LM, AB ... "Mommie" ... Godzilla Movies.. .being short. ..luvs R 8: T 81 A, family, friends It's been a slice! KATHLEEN BRADY "Kathy" Tennis Crew, US Nationals '79-'80, World Champion- ships - US Team . . . Zlac . . . Santa Clara Noelle, the Twins, CB, IS, TC, MP, EP, IR, IS, AC, SM, IA. Karen. . . Catamaran .. . "Noteven" ..."Dream on" . . . mud pie . . . Feb. I1 ... New Years '80 ... San Felipe ...Econ . . . Physics-the back 2 . .. PL . . . Tehran . . . Thanks, I love you Ed and Mary, Mom 8: Dad ... Thanks for the inspiration, Sara. 96 Seniors SHARON BUNTON "Sharon" "Flo" found on SS or at the machines with the gang . . . train tracks with Marcia 8: Theresa fun times with Spam Ms. Messina's trouble makers ... Thanks Ms. IAM, BF, DD and Mr. Zoll for being my friends frus- trated by Rob Hadley . .. luvs fam- ily, Ronnie, friends "Kiss my grits" After Prom w!EB, MPW ... "What happened?" ...Thanx Ma 8: Pa. 'Zz- ,wfs ANTOINETTE BUSALACCHI inette" found at the WOP ll, machines, SDF or MH . . . Will ember Ir..class fashion show, m '80 and ASB Conventions :shman and Ir. class Secretary . . . tng to USD . .. can't forget my rgly and friends that have put up L me. CORINNE ELIZABETH BYRNES Cory" will remember special ends, the twins, CAT 81 ATI TC, ', KB, IS and all of the good times :'ve had together. . . USD with the Ts and El Torito ...Thanks Mom d Dad, I love you. EUGENE T. CAHILL Found in library will remember Pete, Mike, Bill 81 Water polo at 6:00 AM . . . AV . . .loves family 8: friends ...Thanks Mom and Uni. TIMOTHY O. CARROLL "Tim" . .. CIF Baseball '80 Bas- ketball . . . Coaches Serrano 8: Peck ID and the E Patrol w!Red the shirt. . . Filippi pizza . . . AR, SC, KK, DR . . . Today Coach Brown . .. stats of MP and PM .. . good times with friends Thanks Mom and Dad. AMY I. BUTZEN "Amy" . . . found w!Diane, Angie, Lisa . . . will remember Tennis team, Coach Willie . . . I love Theresa "ah" Brazier. . . Knott's w!Iannone 81 Lisa MM w!Chorus . .. fun times wf Chorus, Breese 81 I wuv Mr. Hart . . . I luv TB, RS, TK, ID, EW, GF, LT. AL, DR, AN, EN, DH frustrated by brothers. . . DT, SZ, LO, CC, KM I love Mom, Dad, Kelly 8: Cary , . . Diet Pepsi 8: green M 8: M p-nuts 4-ever! TATIANA CALLES L. "Tat",. . "Tati".. .found at the wall will remember KB, CB, AT, TZ, IS, ML, but especially I will remem- ber my best friend Adriana ..1 6:00 AM Mexicali Mexico El Torito . . . San Felipe Thanks to my teachers and my parents and I thank my step-mother for being such a beautiful person I love you too Cala Cod bless Mr. and Mrs. TaDia. NEAL CAMMALL Found at my bench, machines 8: lawn . . . frustrated by tests, teachers 8: being late will remember Hawaii, ldlwylld, CYO meetings, Soph 8: Ir. yrs., beach parties, "151," my drinking buddy, my VW 8: Bdays, the bench, SW, RR, DL, AH, but especially Tricia, Mary 81 Iean ... loves family, friends and life . . . Thanks Mom 8: Dad. . .. Rainbows are magic - so is a good friend! CRAIG STEPHEN CARTER "Craig" Thanks to TW, TB, RP and my wife CG ...Tavern ... ICC Thanks Mom, Dad, Iohn, Brian, Kim, Kevin, Mow ... loves my van, fudge, Christmas, Cod, Kermit the Frog, Fridays, food .. . TS, GF, MC, RP, EW, CC, BZ, IW, TB, DM, RB, CD, ID, MB ...Thanks for the play lots of luck ice sliding Vicki S RB "What's all the shootin' fer?" RB . . . Iesters . ., RBQue . . .Mountain Dew Kazoo. Seniors 97 IOHN CEFALU fl '91 ff 1 A27 MATTHEW CLAYTON COHN "Matt" .. . "Mateo" . . . "Cohnhead" ... V Football .., Ping-Pong cham- pion ofthe world! found by locker with the Ottage and Contr- eras will remember Coach Ser- rano, Mr. Dundas, MM, SO, DI, MA, WH, 131 listening booths and singing in the car with Bill frus- trated by Pong games with Mike . .. Thanks Mike M for the help . .. rite Malcolm . . .love ya Mom and Dad. 98 Seniors BRIAN CASEY Will remember doing totally nothing for the betterment of Uni ID, S. TR, RL All PV's B's experi- ments with 151 . . . hates punk dwids and two-baggers ... "Ou-ou" ... "Yipe-yipe" ,.. Korg-ape-man ... family, friends, Cod .. . future: col- lege, work, a happy wife. 2-5 kids, a house in the suburbs, lots of money. CARMEL C. CHAVEZ "Carm" ... "Carmel-Candy" ... found with Candi, Chris, Laurie and Diane ... will remember first ski trips, big Friday nights, Search, Charity B. w!LG, CD, CG frus- trated by always driving and not knowing where to go "Always smiling" "You crumb" loves family, friends and fun times Thanks Mom and Dad for every- thing. ELIZABETH CLARK "Gilligan" . . . found w!PM, BM, AS, DH, MS, IR, will remember dances.. . Oct. 27, '79 . . . 10th grade w!Clair E ... special times w!Rob- ert . . . special friends, Karrie, Mary, Debbie jokes w!Tawnya and Math w!Cretchen frustrated by Bob and term papers. . . "Paul, what do have before lunch?" and thanks to family, friends, Cod and Robert. MANUEL MARK COITO "Manny" the island the wall ...Ski . . . BK . . . will remember CD, RS, EC, PZ, VP, DI, IC, PC . . . Mr. A, Mrs. C . . . Frosh Football ...L 8: M ...Ice Skating . . . parties . . . 7!7s. .. fun times with VP . .. Granada and my Celica ... cruisin' . .. frustrated by girls, curbs and center dividers "Okay, fine" ASB Ball and Prom '80 ... Summer '80 ... Van Halen concert '80 Thanks Mom and Dad . . . "That's ace." SUSAN CASTAGNOLA "Shorty" "Mighty Midget" .. Europe '80 OLP 1-2 wil remember friends in WOP class 8: E the wall ... TZ, CB, LA, Q, PZ, EC LT, MG, IC, AK, CL, DS, LZ, LF .. Thanks for the rides Ron Lisa' Bday . . .Thanks I 81 T . . . sleeping i the back of Cindy's car . .. Sunday at Bahia with my family . . . babysi ting Thanks Mom 8: Dad fo everything loves Dad, Mom Ioseph and Stephen. RITA IEAN CLARK "Queenie" found at home 0 school days . . . IV 8: Var. Volleyba Hey, team charades ment health days w!Fr. Tassi M: Mauro got a buzz '78 8: '79 P times ... '78 Homecoming .. "Where is Maria" Homecomir '80 . .. times to cherish wfPatty . love to KS, PN, MM, PA, LR, DB an you Balelo ...good luck Birds, Pei . . . I love you Chris . . . I did it Mo: 8: Dad -for you. STEPHEN EDWARD CONNOLLY ons" ... found at the bench . ., Ramos, Rubidoux, Napier, Space Cadet 33 ... Wrestling . . . St. Pauli Girl KK, TC, SM, PA, MM, DR "Its" "Hist" Bowl '80 . . . loves family GEORGE COLADONATO III "Iorge" . . . found lurking. . . CC, TC, SC, KK, CA, DR WOP class '79 ...Baseball . . . Lowies 81 Mulson . .. Blowin' tunes . .. hangin' out W! Tonto . .. thrashing w!CC loves family and friends . . . SOF . . . UDT "What's the word?" "Is it a plan?" MICHAEL COONEY IAMES M. COLLINS "Iimmy" ...found near food and on the lawn class of '80, '81 my Angels: DH, LK, "Get hi Boys" BI, TP, IE, Becky can't remember too much of anything . . . looking for Camaro found my "Z" ... plan to make it big in X-ray . . .frustrated by the system ...loves 'to drive and summer nights . . . loves my Kattie and will forever . . . "Only MICHAEL CORREIA MIKE CONTRERAS "Mikie" found in the Twilight Zone ... Cohnhead . .. hopefully nothing! ASB President, Secre- tary, Treasury, go to Harvard frustrated by Mr. Ruzicka loves God and family become Presi- dent of US "Hey" "Mellow Out." PAUL A. COSTA Found at the Wall will always remember Di, Lisa, Ioe, Frank, Chris, Vicky, Mannl, CM, HS, TO, CS, PS, TS, AB, IS, RG, RF, IA, Ms. Rosa, KK . . . Prom '80 . .. Parties at the boat . . . Cruising the Camaro . . . Parties at the Island Skiing in Mammoth . . . going to Rodeo Drive getting stuck at Disneyland frustrated by school Let's ditch Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. l on Tuesday" "Too funny" ... Thanks. CHRISTOPHER COONS Seniors 99 MARK DALEO CHRISTIAN GARCIA DAROSA "Chris" . . . Retreat . . . Iesters . . . the wall will always remember the good times with LS, MC, VP, FG, TO, AC, KK, DS, CS, TE, PG, PC, Bl-I, AG, RD, AK, KW, F 8: IT, VO, LC, DH, Mrs. G, Donna Thanks for everything you guys . . . the sum- mer of '79 . . , the boat . . . the island ... the Proms ... jumping the Bob- cat . . . Bahia, L 8: M . . . 7!7s forever . .. frustrated by homework, gossip, AP, Calc "How rude" Per- turbed . . . party. 100 Seniors HENRY DELGADILLO TRACY DINAN OHN B. DARBY Found y the machines . . . Araizol- ogy will remember early Chem. Lab Mr. McGrath: "Ahh" Fr. LaRiv: "My son" frustrated by homework, finals and trying to find Southwestern College . . . wants to go to USD , . . Can't believe it's over, but glad it is . . . See ya later, Uni. 1 PETE VINCENT DEMARIA "PT" . . . will remember MD, IF, LF, SB, LR, DB, the AIC, PB, CK, NS. KM, TV, PL, Grant Park SB, VV . . . Go for Titus . . . 4bying Tecolote . . . lawn runs at State SV picnic. . . 11th grade history donuts for Mrs. Marsella Feb. 26 ... PD and LS forever Thanks a lot Mom and Dad ... Good luck Anth .. . 3 more years. . . I love you Lynn. MICHAEL C. DEWITT "Dwit" "Dwid" found an where ... will remember Peti Chris, Gene, Bill, H20 gang and N Steves early morning practic boring classes gambling, Trac Water polo Sportscaster .. Chargers losing, quietness, seri people.. .loves Mom, Dad and far ily Thanz Mom and Dad .. "Live for the future" "Nothing gonna change my world." KAREN DOBEL "Karen" on the lawn with Kl MC, SM, KN, CC, SO, CC, CI, D ditching with Sheila Sl- Beach ... Charity Bowl goo times with friends Tennis wi Ron 8: Scott. . .term papers . . .lov family and horse Hurt me . will always remember my frien4 that made Senior year special. LOHN PATRICK DOLAN I D" ... found in ASB office, Vrestler's bench and around the :hool . . . will remember Wrestlers . . ASB officers . . . Theresa "Piggy- Viggy" Brazier CBM Smithfuls , . ICC - A . . . GF, IS, TS, DM, Ies- zrs, FL. Scott, AB, RW, Mr. Galindo nd Mr. Steves . . . "Ahhh, Miss Bra- ier" . . . will miss "Oaklahoma" .. . COLLEEN ANNE MARIE DOYLE "Ioanie" . . . will remember Ir. fash- ion show, B-ball stats, Football water, Volleyball, Ppuff, Softball, ASB-Trad, Iesters, '80 ASB camp, good friends, big sis, Linda, Cravo Dooger, IW, KK, KF, VS, SD, IG, cousin, IB, Vangie, 81 Ierome W found out of class Mr. Zoll, Mr. Mac, Mr. A, Mr. Galindo tDadI carhoods 8: elephants '80 Sum- mer vacation loves people watching, skiing 8: Smurfs 333 Thanks 8: love to Mary, Mom, family 81 Kimmy. . . "Get red." HENRY DOROSAN IILL MARIE DUTHIE "New Yorker" found always with Iim loves God, Ma, Dad, Lori and Ioanne . .. special friends: KF, DK, SR, SR. SR, CG, MH - Slave, IB, TH, DF, TH I will remember North . . . AP, AK . . . day- breaks GSY, TN, SK, FD Wendy's . . . Uni Goonies . .. piggin' out... Retreat team '80. .. 10!19!79 ...the beach, the mountains. . .love and laughs and fun times. Vrestling . . . Show-Chorus . . . Ies- ers. . . "Huh? - What?" DAVID DOWLING 4 l LAMES RICHARD ELLING " noman" "Ellingus" "Iim" . . . found all over Uni . . . Brian lllig will remember all of my friends ...Ski Beach parties! . . . "So what if I'm skinny! . .. Datsun rules .. . being the last Elling to graduate from Uni loves family and friends. . .Thanks Mom and Dad. . . 69 beautiful girls SOMF . . . Catch it long live Rock and Roll ..." I'll see you on the dark side of the moon!" CANDI DUARTE found w!Carmel, Laurie . . . always remember Charity Bowl w!CC, TC, LG, CS . .. will never forget IDL . . . fun times at Ski Beach Thanks Mrs. K. for helping me . . . will never forget all my neat friends: LC, CC, CG, DH, CF, KB, AML . . . frustrated in Aarnio's class Thanks Mrs. Daniels for fun times . .. l made it, CHRISTOPHER A. ERICKSON "Chris" .. . found everywhere .. . will remember friends, good times at Ski Beach, Uni parties and dances ... Cross Country, Wrestling, Bowl- ing . . . wants to be an architect and go to college . . . frustrated by finals, homework and term papers . . . t'Let the good times roll" . . . Have a great time. . . Bye Uni! Uncle Vince! . . . l love you Mom and family! Seniors lOl LARANA IO FEIST "Rana" . . . "Froggy" . .. cruisin' . .. porkin' out .. . will remember good times with friends, "Island" WOP wall Cuba-Libra "Needers" ... Dancing - my life history! Vons-one and only 16-Ian. 16 frustrated by life! . .. want to do things my way! Per- fection is a dream... "You Craze -- " my dream: To be a fashion coordinator ... ILY Giovanni ... KGS, LR . . .Truly Mom 8: Dad! BRIAN PETER FLEMING Will remember four years at Uni, the good and the bad . . . LA, KB, IR, IS, MS, RF and everyone else . .. will treasure memories of Wrestling '80 8: '81 . . . Coach Napier, Mr. Gor- ish, 2 years of Drafting with Mr. Gal- indo . . . want to be an architectural designer . . . loves the beach, motor- cycles 8: eating. . . "I must admit." 102 Seniors PETER ERPELDING "Pete" "Mr. Elperdink" ... "Scholar" found in pool will remember Mike, Bill, Gene, Herr Steves, Mr. Gorsich and jokes won't ever forget cold mornings in USD pool four years of Water polo . .. CSF... Math Club ... Stu- dent Council . . . frustrated by noise and homework "The more ya' put in, the more you get out" . . .love you Mom and Dad! KATHERYN FENICK "Kat" "Foxy Fenick" car problems w!Shei-Shei . .. found wf SR, ID, SR, CG, Thanks Iill for being you ... great times in "Oklahoma" V Tennis, Track, Soccer, Retreat team '80 . . . DF, ID, Tl-I, FD 8: gang . . . Seefood w!DF 8: CD .. .ASB . .. CASC wfleff. . . fun times w!Cath . . .pig w!SR . . . being weird w!DL, MK, TS . . . loves fam- ily 8z God . . . Thanx Ma 8: Pa, I love you. . . Ieff. DAVID FIEDLER IERRY FLEURY Always found at the tree will remember good friends: Chris, Steve, Bob, Tim, Suzy the Tree Gang .. . band . . . Rob, Brian, Larry "What a hound!" ... the studio rad times with TD Esq frus- trated by authority Summer '80 .. . To all my friends: You're all the greatest and the most radical wants to be a Rock 'n Roll star. RONALD EVANKO PETER FISCHER "Fish-9" found? still looki will always remember what his-name . . . UHS Airborne . . . "L, is either a daring adventure or not ing" . .. Ruthless Risk games... keep on traveling - Alaska . . . fr trated by society, SC and ov inflated egos . . . "If you never you never fail Take it easy ai be happy. ENNIFER ANN FOX 'Ba lerina" ... "Observer" ... Soapy Circle, DeAnza parties. . . EF, IR, AS, CM, PR, MV, DM, DI . . . to iance Giselle at Lincoln Center will always remember that "A prob- em's only a problem if you let it be 1 problem" . . . Blues Sisters . . . frus- rated by conceited guys . . . don't let t show "Hello Mr. Wilson" Je crazy, you only live once viom, Dad, Ellen, thanks. ELIZABETH ANN FLODMAN "Libby" . .. by the entrance way on the bench . . . TB, MF, RW, KN, GA, Mr. A, Miss Rosa and all my other friends . . . all the fences around the school go to work and bum around . . . teachers, homework, rid- ing the bus and bottom lockers . .. my family, friends and guys "Ohhh my God" "I love it" Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me to Uni, luv ya! SYLVIA GALLO - ,- CHERIE M. FRUDE Senior Stairs . . . friends . . . KH, TS, EB, P 8: LH, MM, DO, KT, CD, CG, LM, LL, RH . . . fri. IL, BK, EK, BH, A 8: F, Tony . . . two families . . . Kinks ... waitressing ... fair w!TS and TW Poopsy surfing IA, ATC's . .. oh no ... Gymnastics wf BS, BB. . . Search, Fr. Dan. . . horses GENE D. GAFFNEY "Geno" . . . "Beetle" . . . found in the El Cid office . .. will remember Mr. I, Mr. Dundas and Mr. McGrath good times WXRE, TW, BZ, TH, IS, KK, PE, LM, BE, TM . .. Frosh and IV Baseball, Varsity Swimming frustrated by incompetence, espe- cially my own! will always remember Mr. McGrath's "Ahhh" loves family, God, friends and especially Mom 8: Dad . . . Thanks. IULIANNE GERACI "Iewels" . . .9071 devil . . .IV, Varsity Cheerleader always found hug- ging someone ... will always remember Eve, Rod, Mary, Kyle 8: all my other special friends . . . par- ties, Retreats, DT's, formal dances, dinner outings w!Eve. "The Rose" Hershey kisses, golden sunsets, full moons, my lions . . . being up in the mountains Mom 8 Dad, I love you . . . Nothing ventured, noth- ing gained . . . follow your dreams. ...desert . . . Cantamar . . . Skin Div- ing at Catalina ASB beach station wagon Amo God hates waiting Brooks, here I come.. .loved Uni. RONALD IOSEPH FORNACA "Ron-Io" "Uncle Ron" slugs always late found on lawn above the wall ... will remember crazy times w!PZ, VV tower, train, boat, Straw Hat . .. loves weekends . . . bottle cap chewing . . . frustrated by people who are always early drive SC "Have faith Sue" . . . "Take it easy" . . . "Hey" . .. loves family very much - Thanks for your help and support. FRANCESCA MARIA GAIPA "Fran" . . . "Frannie" . , . found with Annette B, Elena, Margaret, Annette C . . . will always remember DS and early mornings, GL, LT, TS, Life Sci- ence class, muskateers, rowdy times wfthe Big C, Italian class and getting out of Mr. McGrath's Thanx Mom and Dad . . . loves Ioe. Seniors 103 Nb ELENA LYNN GIACALONE "Elena" "El" found with Annette C, Annette B, Margaret, Fran and the gang the Muska- teers will remember the good times in Life Science, Italian 1 rowdy times with the Big C the restaurant Mrs. Gorsich, Mrs. Kassebaum, Mr, Peck, Mr. McGrath ... Search '80 . . . loves Cod, family LAURIE GOMEZ Found with Candi and Carmel will remember MS, CG, MS, LL, AML .. . good times with Cathi . .. Charity Bowl with CD and CC Mammoth '80 6-6-80 8-22-80 Tom and Dan, SG and IS frustrated by Friday nights and my VW loves life, family and Cod . . . Mom, thanks for being there. RACHAEL GREEN "The Heavenly Black Angel" . mostly found at the Soul Corner . will remember Frank Giglitto, t fun at Uni . . . Show-Chorus, mod ing . . . going to law school ... m frustrated by unfaithful friends a guys loves God, family, PF, IC, SI, MI, TD, CN . . . may my hea enly love be with you all. . . Mingl Styler '81, and friends Bye Uni, I'll miss you. CHRISTINE LOUISE GOINGS "Chris" . .. found on the lawn with CC, CD, LC, DH Frosh year, walking through boys' locker room with CS . . . Ms. Rosa, Mr. A, Mrs. K - Thanx Creative Lettering wf MR, SC, IC special friends DL, CC, CD, LG, DH, SS, RB, KD . . . my hubby CC... 12-18-80 crazy times w!Deb "What you are is Cod's gift to you, what you become is your gift to God" . . .Thanks Mom 8: Dad, I love you . . . I made it. I O4 Seniors PATRICIA IEAN , GREENWO OD "Patty" ... found with RC, at home l or at the venders during school . . . remembering always RC, PA, CK, MM, LR, DB, NB, MC, RH, KS . . . '77 Beach Boys PL Boys '78 Homecoming w!MM, RC week- ends w!CK, RC, PA, MM. . . T-birds roof ballooning w!CK frus- trated by Dean's office love ya! Mom, Dad, LIBIK, RC, PA, MM, CK and God. KAREN GILMORE Found with Lisa, Becky, Iohnna and Kim '. .. I will always remember the Balboa Bums and Casa De loves the beach, playing Backgammon and Aerobics. . .FYE. . . "Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there is still time to change the road you're on." HOLLY I GROVER "Wood" . . . was everywhere at on .. . will remember Zabe, IBIS, Ma chu, MIB and tux's forever ti laugh . . . already crazy . . . wants be a blond Mex. with FBI hat boredom, soshes and diets lov Rollerskating, laughing, sunset unicorns, being crazy and differ Hey Kamee, blue diamonlfl always migrate South with h when he left in a pencil. E 3 fa 3' I' ROBERT HALDEY SHARON LISA HAISHA "Lisa" fun times with IM, TS, AM, TD, CT, IB, ID, CF . . .modeling with KT, Lila - S. Pink 6!9!80 Ha! Prom '79 506, Prom '80 with Frank, ZB, IS? . . . SW girls, Balboa Bums . . . Hollywood with F ... Boat-T ... sunrise ... trouble with ID . . . B-days with Cena 8: Pam .. . ball girls with DF . . . straws . . . loves the beach, Ferraris, family, Frank, LR, TS, IB . . . oral . . . the Bay the Who RH... 8118179 Thanks Mom 8: Dad . . . Bye. HEATHER ELIZABETH HANAF IN Cynthia, you made the move easier, thanks found speaking up in class... DL... 12!9!79... Muppet madness . . . gold fever . . . magic wands . . . CE 80 and the elevator... walking to USD . . . cruising campus ...Pen C Quin . . . Angie, BC and SK ...Attica . . . Willie S . . . '80 making the big move . . . Thanks Uni, you changed my life . . . MBA all the way .. . loves to laugh. TRACY HARRINGTON "Trac" ... will remember Cindy, Gordon, Ioey, Ieannie, Holly, Tim, Ieannie B, Celeste, especially Kelly fThanks Kel!J . . . the FC . . . Thanks Mr. Corsich and Mr. Thomson Hi Iames! Ierry! I love you Mom and Dad, thank you, too fBoy, I'm thanking everyonel will remember last two years and New Years '80. . 7 PAMELA MARIE HAISHA "Spam" . . . good times with Sharon 81 the gang SW girls Soph trouble with Sharon Hi Claire- mont . .. Soccer games, watching my goalie Prom '80 M7 WPMC '80 with Blues B. 81 EB Mr. Z, Mrs. IAM, fun times with Rocco . .. B-days with Cena 8: Lisa .. . the Bay with R, sunsets . . . luvs Panteras, Mom, Dad, sisters and DEBORAH IEAN MARIA HARDESTY Will always remember BC, MS, IR. AS, DH, Prom '80 ASB '77, Track, large my special retreats with friends: IC, ID, SD, TH, DF, PZ ... found all over campus or in the gym with Coach Willie frus- trated by fake and immature people loves chocolate ice cream, friends, nature, Cod, family . . . after graduation, going to CSU Chico will continue Dancing loves friends . . . Thanks. especially Rocco . . . Thanx Mom 8: Dad for everything . . . Twin Power! ..."Being me" . . .Bye Uni. STEPHEN HAN EY DENISE MICHELLE HART "Niecy" found "together" with Laurie always sick Cheer- leading ASB convention U 8: TJ fashion show formal dances Shawn's TD ... Frosh year .. . Midget Mud Wrestling . .. LK, IC, ML, SL, AH, DC, LR, TS. Duckie UKJ, Mindy Math with Iim 8: Ron 3 Losers Cheer camp Chilli 81 Frosties 3 on the can frustrated by PH Thanx Dad, Mom, Shawn 8: Laurie -I love you! Seniors IO5 ' DIANE KIMBERLY HETTENBACH Found at the rink . . . will remember CC, CD, LG, CG ... RA Math with Mr. Wilson 2 AM RS con- tests with Iohn 8: Maria .. . Tuesday mornings 81 Nationals '80 ... frus- trated by my brother, losing and the price I'm paying for my future love my parents, winning, money and music . . . M 8: C . . . "Someday" . . . Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your sacrifices. 106 Seniors K 133211532 Zxttxtx! CHERYL ANN HASINSKY "Cher" "CC" Robin, MB, Paula, Vic, Mark, Lis, Maria found with MB, PS, VS will remember Butterfield . . . Mammoth with Iohn, Ross, Robin . . . Camping with "the Moke gang" . . . frustrated by homework on the weekend "But why Moke?" . .. "Haten' life" ...Thank you Mom for caring.. .all my love to my brothers 8: sisters. , l WILLIAM ALEXANDER HOLMAN "Willyzander" . . . "Wild Willy" . . . "Buck" . . . found with the gang, the bench crowd .. . Teamroom '80 TQH all the time! "Ask her for Friday" . . . Rocky Balboa, today! . . . the Beach Boys . . . judging cheer- leaders . . . everybody is a comedian "Crack up" . . . "Good one!" . . . frus- trated by PF 81-C Boys will remember Coach Peck, BB drills, all my friends, MS . . . "Psychological!" ...Thanks Dad, Mom. CYNTHIA MARIE HOLMES "Sin" ... "HB" always late ... Heather, my Uni pal love 8: thanks Mom 8: Dad . . . Iunior year was the best ... 10!13!79 . . . Chuck McCue is why I'm so happy plays, dances, lunch on the lawn . . . S28 on Slave Day and worth it! . .. Oreos after school in the van . . . 2!7 !80. . .HB 8: FB, I love you forever. TIMOTHY A. HOWE "Scoop" found in El Cid office remembers El Cid staff, Retreat Teams, Fr. Dan, Fr. Bob, the Marines and all my friends lack 44 loves the Lord, friends and his car frustrated by complacency and apathy toward the world's problems ... "Ace" ... "Slick" ... "I-Iow's tricks?" "It's been a slice" catch a wave "Where is your page, Dan?" DARLA DEAN ELIZABETH HAYES HDD". . . "Pony". . .found with DN SV, AB, TB, RS or with computer. , will remember Ms. Rosa, Ms. Nia thus, Show-Chorus ...Prom '80 .. SC at Magic Mount . . . Renaissanc ASB Convention . .. Apollo Starbuck ... after graduatio become a Iedi and learn the ways the Force frustrated by Fres man 81 computers . . . loves mo ' . Rosa, G siblings, Ms od, horses .. "There is no DANIEL HOWARD AMY LOUISE IOHNSON "Oceanside Lou" will always remember excellent friends . . . hair- spray ... Denise... exploding champagne w!Lori Zippy Pin- head . . . Ahh Mr. McGrath 1-2 years . . .CM . . . Frosh Pres, IV 8: V Cheer- leading endless Summer nights in Mazatlan .. . skiing Tahoe, Utah Christmas Mammoth ... my BMW wild excursions w!Chow Chow . .. plans to live in Acapulco . . . love to family, Beaver, Dad. 1 TRICIA KIRKHOPE "Trish" . . . found by room 57 . . . Rhonda, Theresa, Ann, Tony, Kris- ten. . , Mrs. Chaillou . . .Canada and my cousins . . . my brother Alan . . . Skiing. . .Iimmy. . .oh well! . . . Ie t' aime IS ... you're so funny! Susan and Bobby and all the talks Theresa and C block inside jokes . . . Summer with Kris . . . AN, TB, RS, I'll miss you. BRIAN ILLIG Hey 143 Iolene T Share a smile let there be Rock . . . AC DC R n' R .. . Led Zeppelin . . . will remem- ber IHB memories - CR tCrystalI. TP, IE lSnomanI, IC f888I, NA, DH, Mr. Wilson, Mr. McGrath, Mr. Aar- nio casual SOMF team go Senzo B ...loads of fun! . . . L7 Pro- ductions frustrated by morning, KYLE KELLER "Ke11s" . . . Football, CIF Baseball '80 ... Coaches Ramos, Cosciato ... Soph year Space Cadets "Not even" good food, St. Pauli Girl QS the best of times with SC, SM, IM, TC, PA, MP, PM, KS, DR, gKd. .. loves Mindy, family and o . -:Q .N 5 , DAVID IANNONE "The Godfather' . . . Search 1980. . . Golf team Mr. Thoennes, Mr. Galindo found with the Space Cadets . .. will always remember Iulie, Iill, Vickie, Cathy, Butzen, Angie, Donna, Ienny, RW and talk- ing pizza . . . hope to become a Pro Golfer in the future . . . Ski beach . . . concerts . . . "Treat others equal and school Thanks Mom and Dad, luv ya. . . later! love God" . . . Thanks Iulie. CAROLINE FRANCES KELLER "Killer" Running memories with TI .. . "I'm having financial problems" Sammy, Pencils, fro- zen yogurt, Cremo Demo . . . "Can I seat them?" . . . "Oh my God, I can't do it" "I know ou have a wait Y but could you at least let me put the IIM KLOBERDANZ "Iim' . .. found in my jacket Petricca, Zank, Denise, Kimmy Filippi's after school MK, IB 81 PM...theWops...theBoys...Ir. ASB at Z's boat you animal! "lt's a fiya hazud" . . . the 3 losers . . . Sr. Homecoming with AB .. . I love you? Marg 8: Roford: Become indifferent and they'll bother you no more Mr. Thomson's class and Mr. Ramos' .. . Thanks Mom 81 Dad 81 Uni. . . Bye. napkins down?" . . . running to work every Sunday with TI . . . Miguel . . . surgets at beach . . . Thanks Mom 8: Da . .... - 2 if :fl MARGARET MARY KENNEDY "Marge" found w!Tab will remember Coach Serrano, Mr. Peck, Mr. Araiza, Mr. Gorsich CIF Baseball with Ann, OW Basket- ball stats . . . Search . . . Hilton Sum- mer '80 my special friends EG, AB, AC, FG ,... frustrated by IK and "Phonies" treasure family, friends, God aspire to travel Europe, esp. France 81 Switzerland .. . "So many memories" , . . "Be indifferent." Seniors 1 07 LAUREEN E. KNUDSEN "Laurie" found with Denise will remember Homecoming float '78, Ir. fashion show. '80 QT 8: II ... Midget Mud Wrestling ...Prom '80 ...Slave Day- the Hulk, ASB oamp at SB ASB '80-'BL Sec. 81 PR Denise, IC, RW, MC, MP, SL. IK, RZ, LR . .. IV Baseball team '80 . , .ASB love it!" ...loves family 8: friends 8: food "Together" with Denise forever! DAVID KRISCHE 108 Seniors LINDA KORB CARMEN KUTNIK DAVID LADD ANGELA MARIE LAFRENIERE "Angie" found with Diane will remember DR. AB. AN, EN .. . solving DI's problems hot Sum- mer nights and scorching days H20 Skiing on Lake Havasu with Diane . .. frustrated by calling long distance - to Vermont ... loves BI 3!25!80 Prom '80 warm sunsets falling stars loves family. friends and Cod . ,. love ya' Mom and Dad. . .for everything. CHRIS LAB DAN LAVINE "Dan" . ,. Football 322, Raquetba found at Scripps or with m brother . . . will remember the Mr. Lichtman, "Beard Bets' Bodysurfing contests . . . hates sick loves girls "The isn't cold" "Proerastinate ...oh yeah, thanks Mom and Dad. DAVID LECREN STEPHEN LEVY ROBERT L. LEMUS 'Butch" . . . can be found at Fedmart .. Frosh 8i IV Basketball .,. mid ierm grad Summer Softball '80 . . will always remember SG, IC, TI li ID . . . frustrated by term papers 8: Finals plans to finish college 8: Jecome an Air Force pilot. RICHARD LOOS E' SANDRA LYNN LEIGHTON "Sandy" kicking back on the lawn . . . will always remember AH, BS, LL, TK, Coach in return to SOMF SOYOF from SVBT's or UHBT 8: Kona Trish, you're so funny . . . often seen in never never land, Softball office aid was great . . . you'll never get me for Sen- ior breakfast loves smiles. good Rock n Roll "Kinks" parts with IZM ...Thanks Mom, love ya. GIULIA LOCOC0 "Googles" ... "Iewells" ,,. "Iu" ... found at the wall with cuz IoIo 8: Ab will never forget Italy 1, Con- sumer Ed with AB, PE with Sylvia, all the Wops at the wall 8: my good friends AC, AP, AB, MK, FG, DS, EG, SG, Sue, CM will always remember Science with IL 8: Debbie Iack "tuna" frustrated by CHRIS LOEWER of weak MARIA VIRGINIA LOPEZ "Marivi" found with Sandy will always remember LA, LR, DH, Cheer camps 8: Charity Bowls . . . special times with SA . . . Football 8: Basketball games . . . Sandy's TD's 81 beating Saints! ... ll-10-77 . . . 2-23- 79... 7-16-78 . . . Pasacat . . . Cheer- leading ... frustrated by bes Chilli 81 Malts. . .loves Sandy, Mom, Hadji, Dancing, God, Life ... Psy- chology Dance I made it for you Daddy! . . . Rah!! KS's mouth . . . loves friends 8: fam- ily. Seniors 109 DAVE MACLAIRD "Iackson" . . . will always remember Summer of '80 with Cindy loves parties and rad Ski beach activities . .. frustrated by Punkers, cops and handcuffs .. . AC DC, Scorps and Led Zep loves beautiful women esp. CA team SOMF . .. ILYCA . . . Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, I love ya ...will miss the KP's with CA, MS and AA . . . GGDBMD ...PO. HOLLY ANNE MARSHALL Found on field . . . "Who sings this?" . .. "What have I gotten myself into now?" will remember Sue, Donna, IS and Gia, CM, CR, AS 8: MV, PR "Tennis Team Follies" "Let's ditch" "Fight on SC" frustrated by unemployment 8: homework . . . loves family, friends, all Skiing, MG's, Pifias, surfer par- ties 8r loud music Dreams are forever, so dream on." I I0 Seniors SABIN E LUDWIG PATRICIA EAN MAGUIRE "Patty" " oo Bear" good times with friends . . . M 81 M's with Mary Snickers Tahoe with Kim GB Tweety 81 Sylvester "It's a fiya hazud" . .. stats with Iules Prom '79 81 '80 - what a night! . . . my BF IC . . . Don't cry! . .. Hide in Gurdi . . . DT's . . . our party . . . SS '79 . . . you only live once! . .. Thanks Mom 8: Dad, I love you very much. MARK W. MAHADY "Sidesaddle Sam" ... "Ace" old friend in Adv. Math Frosh, IV, Var. Basketball . .. frustrated on the bench and by gunners Coach Peck . . . Saturdays with Buck, Cliff, Mike, Buff and Pizza ...loves Irish, Orangemen fShirtI, food Mom and Dad, thanks. JAMES .MARTIN "Iim' ont e lawn or in the library BG, UV, DL, AP, IS driving Brad's Z taking pictures "What a failure!" frustrated by slow drivers and having to wait to get into the darkroom loves God, family and friends "Iim Martin photos, better than Ray Ack- ley's." LISHA RENE LYTLE Volleyball ... Skiing ... Searches found kickin' back on the lawn ...radical Sophomore year... Dean's office good times with AR, SL, AH, DV wants to see Europe, party, go to college, live up North . .. enjoys music, partying, mountains, peace frustrated by rules, apathy, SOMF team . .. loves nature, sunsets, God, family, friends, especially Steven. LISA MAN GIAMELI "Mani" found with Becky, Iohnna, Kim, Karen and Annette . . . I will always remember the "Balboa Bums" ... Casa De ... Ski club FYE ... loves Skiing, the beach, Backgammon, sunsets and friends, especially loves GPIA . . . Mom and Dad, thanks for all your love and support. CATHERINE MARUSA 'Cathi" . . . "HB" . . . "As" . . . "Crip" . . HF, Landyette, Observer Iohn. Doctor, DI, MV, LM, SM, MR, DV, VIC, DM, SV, HM Soapy Circle, Jroken leg, Prom '80, parties, purple it crayons... frustrated by GR, MT, if BW . .. zombies ... loves amping nut, being crazy 8: flirting with my fu s fluv ya all . .. "Wade through SUSANNE K. MARTIN "Susie" Swimming Varsity all four years CIF. . .Linda and Brig.. . the 98... the Cliffs... ta kill ya ... Mr. McGrath . . . BBI . . . Ir. year par- tying Henry's Summer Marine St. ... laughing ... "The Police" Devo "Shooters" the Captain AAU Valley Swimmers Coronado Swim Assoc. Mr. A. Aug. 12 IB EMBO loves God, my parents, family, friends, Swimming and Loren baby! , y J t with a smile on your face." ...A DIANE MASEREK "Missy" Cheryl and pictures in her locker I love my "ever lovent" Robert," family, friends Red Roses, ribbons and pounds of M 8: M'S . .. fudge... 1-1-80...4-5-80 want to go skiing and to the desert sunsets, mountains with MICHAEL MCCARTNEY snow, the beach, South Mission. IOHNNA FRAN CINE MATRANGA "Alligator" "Ionah" . .. "Iunga" 311 found with Kathleen, Becky, Lisa M, Karen, Kim, Lisa H, Robert, Iean . . . FYE . . . H20 8: Snow Skiing ... Bball ...ASB ... Ski beach 151 dark pretzels ... auditioning bands Sneaky State 8: Pt. Loma parties "Balboa Bums" Case De Summer of '80 with K frustrated by Mr. McGrath, slow drivers 8: studs Thanx Mom 81 Dad, luv u. DONNA MCGRANAHAN "Granny" . . . "Kinky" , . . "Amazon" found everwhere . .. Sue, Chris, Iulie, HM, DH, SW, my other buds SC Ski Track '80 the bus... NY's '80 . .. dirty jokes with IA. . . life 8: touches . . . Mr. A, Fr. T, Mr. Ramos, Sra Hiel frustrated by being confused! . . . "What a roll" ... "ya killer" ... "Suuuziiieee" ... loves the Who, rainbows 8: the beach. CHRISTOPHER IOHH MARTINEZ "Wizard" the tree SOMF team SGL Genesis Peter Gabriel ... progressive music ... Oceanside the carpool MFC ...poetry...Zen ...Slab...Stevo ... Syff . .. Chesthairs . .. Sticks . .. all the other bums . . . AI for 12 years 40 miles from home CS Ahhh Mr. McGrath sure as eggs is eggs the bus VH thanks to the VCC Mafia EMN...DIY...outofgas...what? ...Moms and Pops. RICHARD ANTHONY MAURO "Tony" . . . found avoiding responsi- bilities, w!Theresa, Tricia, Rhonda, Ann, IPD . . . El Cid, Presidio '81 Edi- tor.. . waiting for March. . . conver- saciones in Spanish w!A - Frank . . . TB, TK, AN, RS, ID, TH, BZ, BM . . . Mrs. Stallone, Mrs. Doyle, Ms. Hanley, IB fogged-in caroling, Spokane trips Bedford "l'm not cynical, just experienced" frustrated by everything, esp. trucks and red lights thank you, Bill, Rubie, Lis. . . love to Mom, Dad and Kary. Seniors I I I 'I'IMOTHY MGHALE ROBERT THOMAS MICHALEK "Boo Boo Bear" found on lawn near room 32 Will remember friends, teacher frustrated by bottom lockers . . . active in bowling . . . youth group . . . after graduation go to college .. . early classes loves sleeping late in the morning . . . MS, BC, PM, DA, AS, IR . . . "Me and my shadow." MARIA LYNN MELLO "Mello" . . . basketball . .. found w! Pearlann . . . Homecoming Game '78 PG RC always remembering PA, MR, PG, CK, RC . . . Prom '80 . .. LRU 44 mokes, frustrated by school need a needer some day. . .my Vette . . . good luck to Srs . . . Thanks Miss Mauro .. . together we R wishing for snow" all my GERALYN P. MENDOZA "Geri," "Munchkin" . . . hard to find . . .gang of 4 w!Deb, Annette, Y'uns . . . never forget Lucy, MC, AN, SM, DB, LN 8: Stories "Flash" 7 "Licht" . . . Mr. A, Mr. G's rad class ...PyrmdPwr...PwdrPuff'80. ..I Pomme Pygmies . . . DL French Fol- lies "Hey I can dig it" the times w!ii51 8: IA sweet but short Luvs' Mom 81 Dad, bros, God, guys, Frnds, travel Thanx Y'a1l! 1 I2 Seniors i MICHAEL MINER fs memories from Pearl dreams come true . . . CC, LG, IW . . . all love 8 thanks Mom Dad famil God . .. 1 v yi PT. . . Bye. LUCY M. MILANOVIC "Louie", "Lucille," "Murphy" Soph soccer . . . will always remem- ber SM, CM, TC, GM, DV, MK, MD, IR, CR, IA, AM, Raccoon Far- rell's w!Sheila found at lockers . . . Rollerskating . . . sharing lockers w!Sheila frustrated by parallel parking, locking keys in car, physics Mr. Peck, Mr. Araiza, Mr. Gor- sich, Mr. Ramos . . . "You are my shining star" won't forget Matt! ..."Shut up, I don't want to hear it!" ANN EILEEN MILLER "Annie", "Frank" found n stairs, rm. 57 doing hmwk, on a court Ricky, Bill, Nanner, "Little Sis", Mr. A, Ms. Mauro Mr. Gorsich lockers too Lucy .. . friends and teachers - Thanx , . . piano forever frustrated by diets boys loves God, Daddy, brothers, Dr. Thomas . . . Sun ger games .. . Irish Farmers ..."A smile goes a long way.' 535 fi., MALIA CHRISTINE MIRACLE "Malia," "Wild One". . .found anywhere w!Rosie 1 bers the good times . . . Track CC Spirit Weeks Hair . .. my bud Rosie ... Ms. iv . . . to be an artist . . .my kinda mu FM 98 . .. Iames Taylor. "You've got a friend Mrs. P - thanx Mark, loves life, running and roses Expect a Miracle Mom 81 Thanx. . . Iluv ya . . . This is true gn IOSEPH MICHAEL MONAHAN 'Ionte" hangin' out Tonto . Coaches Ramos 8: Rubidoux . .. 1, GC, TS, KK, SC, TW, YKW Li Beach ... Football ... hoop ... iseball ASB Ms. Marsella! lo you have a note, Ioey?" 'heresa, I will be on time tomor- OHN MICHAEL MORRIS " elatable' time of change good memories will remember golf, photography, SB, Cathi 8: friends . . . Rush, Led Zeppelin, Cars ... Day Dreamer... wondering about God and others Death 8: Dying ... philosophical ... frus- trated when can't understand, phony people loves music, art, the best photographer in the world the beach sunsets Thanks Mom and Dad. KEVIN MORAN Found by "The Bench" will remember Ken, Sies, Ryan, Scott, Daryl, Dave, Curt, Mr. Steves and Al Wrestling, Football Room 95 . . . SEALS. . .Mark and the S100,000 moustache . . . frustrated by cutting weight for wrestling .. . loves mak- mg weight Roberto Duran, the Grinch, G. Gordon Liddy "Dar- ling, will you Loofa my st mrks?" w" ... "What's that?" . . . 2 6px of iw . . . "Theresa, do you have any tange?" "Can I have your I le?" . I love ou Mom, Dad, P . . y mily and best friends, Troy. CHRISTINE MORGAN Zhris" found by the wall or achines . . . frustrated by home- Jrk, AB 8: guys, esp. IA will member fun 8: crazy time w!AB, ', GL, DM soccer games, the and, Wndy's, ASB 8: Prom '80 . . . tph year . . . the Stairs ... FG, CD, I, TS, DS Annette and our seball heroes . . . race a Ferrari . . . loh baby" B-52s, loves Mom, 1d,sunny days, fun times with Ioe. SHEILA MULLIGAN Will remember LM, LW, CM, MK, CM, CR, CB, RP, IS, IP . . . Soph float Farrell's 8: Christmas cards w! Lucy Northwestern '80: Califor- nia Girls talking shoe found at lockers frustrated by French, pills, crutches 8: Dad . . . luvs family 8: special friends . . . sharing lockers w!Lucy ... rooming w!Lynn ... "There's no such place as far away" ...Thanks Mom and Dad! MARCIA LYNN MULLEN "Nuker" "Chow-chow" ... V swim- ming, V tennis . . . will remember SB fFlol, MC, AT, TS, EB, SF, VE getting stuck on RR tracks w!TS, SB, SG ... Prom '80 w!Mike "What I remember?" skiing at Mammoth working at Del going to the beach living in N. County frustrated by Math good times w!Mike loves God, family, Irish, Mike. Seniors l I 3 ANN NAGY Will remember LD, AM, TDAA the Big B secret conferences 10-80 . . . my D-ing buddy . . . donuts and water fights frustrated by Monday night parties, shopping at the PC, and the "Inconsiderate B" . . . "Ann and her lovely twin!" LISA MARIE NORIEGA "Lis" . . . "Lizo" found with Tri- sha and Sylvia will always remember PS, SG, ES, PA, IM, VP, HB, Ms. Mauro, Mr. A . . . Taco Night . . . Iawbreaker . . . IV Volley- ball, Varsity Softball, Basketball, 1980 Western League Champs, CIF Playoffs . . . Ms. Mauro, you are spe- cial P de P skiing at Mam- moth.. .Luv you Mom and Nana . .. "More power to me!" IEAN MYLES Will always remember Karen, Neal, Trish, the Beach . . . will never forget all the assemblies I never went to . . . frustrated by problems "I won't be late tomorrow" . . . loves friends, parents, music, rainbows, unicorns, playing piano, graduating! PAUL N EALE ELLEN NAGY PEGGY NORTH "Tanner" . . . "Spike" . . . "Eagle" . .. 4 yrs Varsity SB . . . Senior Prez, GS Gov, ASB VB, BB DT buds, Hardcores, Ms. Mauro, Mr. A, Skip, Gordon 8: Ioe, RC, IC, Billy . . . mi familia writing, art class, music, travel, surfing with the girls future: move to Berkeley and be a starving writer ...Backpack through Europe . . . never let school interfere with your education "TRUST me." I I4 Seniors WILLIAM MYLES "Bill" . . . found at the back wall will remember Mr. Galindo, l Gorsich, TM, MS, IW, AN . . . rid my bike to school in the rain . . . Ye badminton, Cycling Club book staff '79 and '80 . .. frustra byltrying to type papers at midni . . . "You can reach all your goal you set them low enough" M night yearbook meetings. ANN MARIE "Ann" . .. found Theresa, Rhonda, and Tony .. . remember bumper boats with T .. . Coronado, and standing "What's the spam?" Skippy" frustrated by Bio lab partners . . . "Fugitives from tice" .. . loves family, Minne and my "other friends" Mom and Dad . . . I made it! DANIEL V. O'I'l'O Ottoge," "Dan" looking for Jmebody El Cid office MC, N, BZ, KD, RP, Do B's CC . . . Santa lara .. . Ski B at 2:30 . .. fish every ri listening booths football, ross C, Track . . . Charity Bowl '80 . . night at Mt. Sac . . . search '80 w! F's, ID, TH, Fr. Dan, Mr. R Mr. I . . . asleep in Govt . . . Mr. I, Mrs. D . . "Sorry I'm late -- again." ROSEANN MARIE PERAGINE Rosie," "Raccoon" . .. found all ver... w!Malia Freshman 'ang . .. Fr. Pat . .. Ms. Rosa, Mr. L .. the LeBolds G's crazy mes w!Laurie all my special 'iends - old and new Track. C '78 w!Ceri 81 Dana running ..Iesters . . . LIVE! . . . frustrated by ot knowing who I am . .. loves Pod, life, Mom and Dad, Malia, fam- y, caring friends, food . . .the moon ..IT... YGAF...98FM ...Live, Thanx Mom 81 Dad. DVB, TIM NOTTOLI VICTORIA HELEN PAGLIUSO "Vickie" ...found at the wall wfmy tuna pals 8: the Island will remember MC, Chris 'n Chris, Crazy LD, my best pal, LW, DS, TR, and PC Talent Show ASB Ball and Prom '80 . .. great times w! Manuel ... Ieezmon .., Iazz ... singing w!Edwin frustrated by long rehearsals 8: self discipline . . . "Don't dream it, be it" Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you! ALFRED A. PAN TALEON, R. "Al," "GQ," " tein" "What's up?" found by lockers or any- where in the vicinity of will remember SA, ML, RM, XP, FB, IG, IB, all other dudes Mr. Aarnio, Mr. Gorsich, Mr. Shelburne ...Ten- nis ...Pasacat ... Skiing ... I want UCSD.. . Iazz Improv . . . frustrated by: early labs, not having enough mulah Loves Mom, Dad, Ioe, especially MB . . . RP, DM, EM, LM, DM, LG 8: gang. FRANCES MARY PETRICCA HEY Mar ... "Petricca FaceT' Soph 8: Ir. class VP, Varsity Cheer 80-81 ... watergirl . . . remember good times w!Kim, Patty, Iim, Ron "It's a fiya hazud" TA Ital I . . . Prom '80 . .. camp w!Marivi . .. Big D.. .BB stats. . .powderpuff. . . Mr. McGrath w!IS .. . loves family, God, friends, Hank 81 the Chargers, Rod, KK ... Hid in Curdi . . . SS '79 ...Mia . . . Lis, Patti ,... Smile . . . M 81 Ms being a flirt thanks Mom 8: Dad, I love you. SHEILA MAUREEN O'NEILL Rescues from OLP in '79 . . . always remember special memories found with Randy ... special friends: Chris, David, Steve, Kerry, Sue ... Soph year Party 1-4 ... Crazy times with Chris Iunior Prom . . . ASB . .. Saints dances . . . my blue Honda Senior year . .. the Chain Gang 79-81 SW family Oregon always con- fused I love you Mom and Dad . . . Randy, thanks for your love. l DWAYNE PARKER 115 l l6 Seniors MARILYN PHENOW TED PREBYS MATTHEW A. RAGGIO "Matt" "The Kid" eating lunch on the lawn Eisor, IS, IB, HG water polo getting off work on weekends parties writing love notes to my best friend true luv HB which is so true... kiddo Gurdi . . . SS '79, .. 9 9 COLLEEN PO'I'I'S "Wenchie" ... found at the machines . .. library . . . w!Char . .. will remember Frenchie, Chickie, Dickie, Char, Chris, Willie Sturges green M8:Ms Ms. Berson . .. Miss Niethus DM, IW, MM the bus . . . frosh yr . . . Renaissance Fair summer '80 pep squad . . .yearbook . . . travel . . . frustrated by homework, Char, no eat'n in library . . . loves travel, friends, par- ents, guys wfaccents . . .N Yorkers. MAUREEN PURCELL JAMES A. RAGGIO I "Iim ...I's apt . . . Blitz Bros. ..Ie2 one, KB, Kweesh, Beth Ioanne, Sco tie "Annie" ... Oklahoma ... sui nkd founder of Midget Mug wrestling . . . polo, swimming.. . t cop raid of '80 at I's house . . . Deaf man's Curve ... Lowylite ... Mr Gorsich . . . 16 in Kweesh's Rabb ...The Who . . .Teenage Wastelan My Generation . . . People try to pi us down just because we get arounc RENEE RAUCH "Naymay" . . . found in IAM's offi will remember Renwa, Susaa NC, ID, AB, TM, TB, IAM 81 her co fee, Fr. Tassi band 8: footba games... Dec. 16...Iuly5.. Queen Concert frustrated by Lennon's death 81 Fr. LaRiv's quick quizzes . . . luvs family, dog, B M 8: Queen, God, penguins Que rules death to disco jerk . Thanx Mom 81 Dad. DAVID REDFIELD Red" ... "Scooter" ... 341 ... harity Bowl . . . E 8 S Patrol wlTim . . good times w!Tim, Steve 8: Kyle , . Coaches Ramos, Zielony 8: Cum- mings Thanx to Coach Marcus Jr putting up with me for 4 years .. will remember good ole ID Jves Mom 8: Dad "The North County Gang strikes again" ALWAYS ON TIME?" who iumbles? ANNETTE REID MADE IT! . . . always found out of :lass - usually in the ozone .. . rustrated by people who like to irgue and DV will remember everyone, esp. the memories w!DV kLL Soph yr was the best links . .. La Iolla .. . Hawaii ... oves God, my family and life fhanks Mom, Dad and mu bro's, I :ouldn't have done it without you . .High School -- what a joke! CHRISTINA RAE BRIGID REILLY "Chris" found on stairs an apple a day will remember TR, LW, RW, TW, GR, AR, my bro 81 ALL my friends - I luv you! VB 4 ever! . . . Search '80 . . . SKI . . . Land Cruisers rule . . . Go to USD . . . frus- trated by DV, clouds, inconsiderate people 8: food . . . loves people, fam- ily, rad teachers, friends, sun, VB, TR, IM, RW, Life. . . "Hey Baby" . . . "Ie ne sais pas" Thanks Mom, Dad, TR 8: God. - DIANE MARIE ROBERTS "Wa Diane" found w!Angie AB, DI, TB, AN, KB, MK will remember TB after beach w!Angie K's Prom '80 Borrego w!Ioe . . . So. Co .... River Rats forever . . . Fisher's . . . Black Meadow 81 glassy H20 Fiesta Island frustrated by Mr. Lichtman's term papers loves Ioe 11!2!79 starry nights and full moons Thanx Mom and Dad, luv ya! GARY A. REGALADO "Regs" ... Red Keds ... golf... loves all people I came in contact with at Uni . . . CR, MBS, IS, IB, MT, BW, BB, PM, CM, AA . . .found with the Bush Gang EH, IH, Adolph ...16...TheWho., seeds makes sense the Cars Ben Hill Pepe Tugs Mudd Shop TFS Thanks Dad and Mom. CARMEN REVILLA "Cav" . .. Vavoom will remem- ber Mr. Bill goes to the Penetrators dance . .. Iazmine DeAnza par- ties dancing cake walk w! Ienny My Solo FALA to succeed . .. the love of my life Hey gang, this isn't the end, in fact we've only just begun stay healthy . . . I luv ya all . . . Ma, I love you. ELISABETH F. RICE "Lis", "Cheap Ditto," "Rum Raisin" found visiting in Counseling office will always remember Kimmy, MP, PM, MBS, PS, CH, VS. DH 8: LK . . . Mr. 8: Mrs. Gorsich, Ms. Mauro 8: Mrs. Daniels Sally 8: Marty . . . retreats with MM, LP, EG, FE, 8: IS . . . frustrated by 5-1 . .. the Original Kid . . . "what a catch!" . . . loves God, family 81 friends Thanks Mom 8: Dad for everything ...Bye, Uni, I'll miss you. o TODD C. ROCKWELL CMO and skiing, in that order beach fires and champagne someone special, skiing, and the mountains . . . dreams of Tahoe, but not alone . . . fears: irate fathers, and SSS life without girls or snow "uhoh" "Oh Baby!" "Oh well" Seniors I l 7 l LORI ANN ROSOLINO "Lorece" . . . will remember my bud- dies DB, MW, GT, LF, KS, PN, VS. RC, PG, M 81 PP 8: LH ...Coach Ser- rano, Ms. IAM Cheerleading dancing . . .good times wffriends . . . tiny bubbles wet partner . .. "Needers" frustrated by life loves family, friends, Denise, NB, RH . . . Baby, here's to you . . . love to "Stew" . . . cousins and special times ..."I will if you will" . . .ILY, Dad. MICHAEL RUBIO II8 Semen GERALD IEROME ROLLER I "Ir" . . . "Ierry" . . . in meditation w! Dr. Karen . . . IAM . . . Debbie Chris- tian siblings . . . Varsity Cheerleader 1980 . . . megaphones, mega-bucks 8: Marivi .. . Pep Squad 1979 bug- ged by David T and people who don't know how much they hurt others all persons are precious ... HI Kim! ... love to Rufus the Clown Lombards . .. no worn cliches.. . I love you Mom 8: Dad... Remember me. SHEILA ROSS SUSAN ROSS PATRICIA LYNN SALES "Trisha" . . . Tiki Balls . . . found w! LN 81 SG . . .will remember AS, MO, NC, HD, SH, MM, PC, GL ... Camaro . . . champagne . . . kidnap- pings . .. Nov. 7 ... Idyllwild ... summer '80 . . . cradle snatchers: TL 8: S ... CYO ... Filippi's . .. Magen . . . Election '80 . . . singing telegrams . . . soph yr w!Beck . . . frustrated by Ed, Bone and being late luv to Dad, Mare, Lin, Ed, Bone, Tanya, Nick, Marsh, Neal 8: Luca. CN Hella MARK A. ROSBROOK "The Bird" . . . Mr. Steves, Mr. Licht man, Mr. Thomson Die Foulei Menschen .. . KM, KA, DV, SB, CE DS, Seis, Henry W SDODE .. SOF ... The Who .., Dancin' Day: . . .CC '78 and '79 . . . Frisbee . . . sich of pizza frustrated my ter papers, finals, school . . . love, fam ily, the ocean, summer . .. "lt's on!' . . .Thanks Mom. ANNETTE ROY Found w!Debbie, Geri, Laura .. . tl my best friends, "I luv ya" wi remember "Flash!" 7 moves . . community lunch ... Y'uns . .. Track, discus 100', high jump .. loves R 8: R music 8: Our Famill Band ... college-bound ... frus- trated by diets 8: lack of dates .. Thanx Uni for the memories .. Mom 8: Dad, you're the best, I lov you very much! r REBECCA A. SCHATZ Beck" found wflohn, Lisa, thnna, Karen, KTM, Special friends PAULA LYNNE SCHLOEDER "Paul" . . . found always and every- where w!MB, Cher 81 Vic . . . either - ffustfaled by homework gl b,ad ELAINE SANNICOLAS talking or laughing . .. always arties . . . will remember Prom 79 remember MBS' CH' VS' LR' MB i D . id '80 wllohn Casa de Balboa -Agebinu windup toys I H pen- UITIS . . . Beach . . . Dark 1. . guins I - I roses . l . Open lgckersv loves A139193 State Dames Benatar "Killer" "Whatsa .FYE . . . Red Z - Q - l96 l3CkS0n - -- matta for you?" . . . frustrated by AP tyx . . . Devo . . . special dreams! . .. .H our 3 days in QB H, Special tanks M0111 8K Dad f0f me memo' thanks to Mom and Dad, I, D, S, C, 8: ES, ihey Will last f0l'9V9l'- I luv ya- B. . . Lylas my bletta . . .Take care!" DARYL R. SCHMOLDT found everywhere that freshmen ire not . . . will remember Ken A and he rest of our motley crew Mr. Steves 8: Fr. LaRiv . . . will never for- get the friends or the times together .. Europe, summer of '79 , .. Fris- Dee Club . . . college or the Air Force .. frustrated by crowded hallways .. loves family, friends and all the good times. . . "Ich bin getweektf' LERRY SCHEUERMAN "Sc erms" . . . by the palm the wall, found almost everywhere will remember Mr. Marcus, Mr. Ramos, IM, KK, TR, PB, SA, TW, PD, HD, PM. GM, IP, KB, HD, DP, DR and all my friends . . . 77-78 Saints . . . 78-79 St. Louis in Hawaii: all my acquaintances there . . . Track 1-4 . . .400 m champ in 4 . . . Football '80 RALPH SCHNEIDER . . . to achieve all that is possible we must attempt the impossible. RHONDA SAWYER "Rhonnie" found with Tricia. Theresa, Ann and Tony by rm 57 . . . will remember Iunior year float and fun with TB, TK and AN . . . Iesters with TB frustrated by carpools and busy telephone lines loves Mom, Dad, TB, TK, AN, friends and laughter "Laughing is fun!" TK, TB, AN, - "Remember, good friends are forever." THERESA JEAN SCHMITT Running, cc 80, Track great times w!Killer - you're the daring one! ... cowboy walk chunky pnt btr . . . starting lines . . , hubcaps ...Donde's bug . . . pencils. . . cran- kin' w!K and D watching 4-T10 ... Cmon, be cool . . . summer of '80 Danny's Song Ioe loves weekends, family "I have a wait!" . . . Killer Keller. . . college. Seniors 1 l9 KATHRYN C. SCHORR "Kaki", "Pink Panther" 3315 Hard core . .. DT's fright therej You're special to me ES, GT, PN, VS, RC, LF, CK, LR and Padre "Eve, you make dreams easy f"Scary"I Cena, thanx! inthe point?"I ... Mr. Corsich ... ZP . .. DS Mr. Ramos, you're great! . .. Iohn, if we went away f"I love you"I ... "Butterflies" ... 7!1!78I ... my dod . . . I love you Kim, Kelly 81 you Mom! ANGELA GAIL SCIACQUA "Landyette" . . . found in the corner . . . will remember Tina, Traci, Cap- withe, Doc, RW, DM, SV, KT, and especially Mark . . . tennis and Wil- lie Falling the hotel the crash . . . bent pennies . . . especially 4!18!80 and Prom '80 . . . soapy cir- cle and all the suds converting Mr. L . . . loves Landy and family . . . "Sei molto attraentef' 120 Seniors EVE MARIE SELIS "Eveness" I'm a tiger 412 DT's and on! "Selis, you're nothing but a dreamer" Happiness is all in the mind . . . Thanx: Mr. Marcus, Mr. G., Mr. R., Senor A. fgracias muchisimoj Sr. M.H. and D. Seab M . . . I will always love Iulie, Kathryn, Greg, Mom, G.L.I.C.P.D.I. and God. Lunch Sevigny-Weenie! I'll never hurt you mama. . . "Scary", "What's this?" I want to be somebody . . . I miss you daddy. MICHAEL W. SIESEL "Sies" . . . frustrated by no spittoons . . . will remember KM, DV, DC, RW, KA, CW and Mary . . . cruising in Big Red, Redman, and Football . . . "The only things that matter in this world are fast trucks, fast women and fast food" "In is nice, but I'd rather be Bn." . . .The Fish Bros. THERESA ANN SCHWETZ "Terry" . . . "Tree" . . . always found w!Diana will remember MS, Ioey, CK, SB, TZ, and everyone at HF...Iourney...Styx...Cars... Poems and a person I'll always remember. . . If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, its yours, if it does not, it never was . . . Dustin Hoffman . . . DP . . . DR. Pep- per . .. Diamonds ... roses... Cathy, Mom and Dad. . .mais tarde. DEBRA ANN SETHER "Debbie" will remember comm. lunch, Ir. and Sr. years "Flash!" . . .7 moves. . . frustrated by guys. . . rollerskating w!MC in Balboa Park Easter Vac. '80 . . . "The Tavern" . . . 12!12!80 all my love to my best friends: Annetee, Geri, Laura, Todd, Mike C Y'uns UCSD Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. OSEPH A. SEVIGNY, R. ey" . . . "Ioe" found wf ecl or Cin . .. friends: BA, CS, TS, D CC, IPD, ES, RW, VS, MBS, PS, Cl TH, IK, SM, LK, MP, RP . . . teachel Ms. Mauro, Padre, Mrs. Gorsic Ahh Mr. McGrath, Ms. Burso Coach Willie . . . Kansas . . . Styx . Seger Tull Teenage Wast land . . . thanx to PNC Crew 4 goo and bad, times . . . Iody, IS, BA, M .II IC, SS Block Buds: Kim, Kip Elaine, Iohn Thanks Mom a Dad, you're great. . . Mais tarde. KIMBERLIN DAWN SILV "Kimmy" . . . "Daddy's girl" . .. sity Cheer 80-81 Ir. Princess H20 Cang powdr puff Ramos.. . Ski tahoe w!Patty . .. remember good times w!Mary, Lis her "Original Kid", Eve, IK, RZ "It's a fiya hazud" KK, SC ai the Big 3 . . . DT's . . . NCA w!SL. KC 81 the breaks ... I-Iuggie . Track ES 471 perturbed TM 8: the Scandal . .. LA: "We got it!" . . . loves God, bros, the Ch i argers, Mocha Ch p 8: friends . .. Thanx FIAULIE SINGLETARY Jel ar local CN'C, Bobba Carmann Chia . . . good luck, Holly, ill those morning drives tennis, Yonex, Fila . . . my Porsche man . . . Jhysics, the back 2 Infatuation with Mr. Rubidoux Puerto Val- arta The twins, Kath, TC, AC, IB, HG Kraemer, you can't ilways get what you want, but you :an try Iiles, I love you Fhanks Mom and Dad . . . "Mom, we nade it!" MICHAEL THOMAS SMYTH 'Muscles" ... "Needlenose" ... 'Racer X" found with bench :ang . . . the boys . . . the Beach Boys .. my imported sportscar quite he looker Mark, "I never said hat" Wild Willy: "Ask her for 'riday" frustrated by funny noys, . . . pretty boys . . . loves laugh- ng at people .. . wrestlin - Iunior llympics ... Coach Harvey . .. 'here's you woman . . . eats at Mac's . .Thanks Dad and Mom! IOHN SORAHAN THERESA ANN SOUZA Found mostly anywhere will remember Diana, Lori, Life Science Gang, AB, EG, EG, DH, BH ski trips. . . The Island . . . Cuz and Rose someone wants your frustrated by school, homework, certain teach- ers will remember all the good times with Cuz Mom and Dad, thanks. I would never have made it without you . . . Bye, UHS. CINDY LOU SLOMINSKI "Polack" "Dr. Slo!" I'll be famous in the field of medicine - I promise! loves old Ierry Lewis movies, the Beatles, my guitar, act- ing, Ioey, Tracy, my kitty, and Gor- don . . . "I smile awhile, and while I smile another smiles, soon there are miles and miles of smiles, and life's worthwhile because I smile" Thanks all of you special people! THERESA IEAN SORENSEN "Flake" . . .will remember and loves LH, DO, EB, PH, MM, SB, CF, KH, MH, TF, VG radical times with the girls in s-wagon . . . hotels 8: trax ...ML apt ... stage-w-EB ... "I want to go home" "I'm lost" . .. cops, tickets . . .Rocky Hor Crash . . . Homecoming w!MH, Prom w!TF "So glad I met my fox Viney Gallo" "Making up is fun" loves God, family, Mom and Dad . . . luv ya Vinney . . . thanks Mom and Dad for everything. DIANA IEAN SOUZA "Di" . . . not found at school . . . will always remember Tree, Tom, Paul, and Theresa . . . old times with Deb- bie, Iack and the Wop Gang . . . AB, GL, EG, MC, VP, IC, AC, IC, NC, and IS ,.. Science Gang . .. Mrs. Doyle, Mr. A and Ms. Rosa . . . early morn- ings in Fran's car frustrated by KS's mouth ... Thanks Mom and Dad. . . "Mais tarde." l MARK G. SPERRAZZO Always tardy . . . hangs around Iohn Watson, Bill Zepf, Bill Myles and Ioe Proal . . . on 31 intramurals volley- ball team . . . friends: IBW, BZ, BM, TM, RS, DL, DO, TH, PF, PE, IP and others . .. to all, good luck now on to USD. . .Thanks Mom and Dad . . . Class of '81 rules . .. Smile, it makes people wonder what you've been up to . . . So long, Uni! Seniors 121 KATHY A. STAFFORD "Kinky" . . . badminton and my bud . . . was found at 5122 Bellvale, sniff ... II, LF, MB, DR, DR, SL, and MW . .. AB, Mrs. Prather and Mrs. K . . . midnite at Iojo's B-52's and uno parties ... w-ing it with Doug ... a toast to my friends, you are my sun- shine.. .thanx Mom and Dad, I owe it all to you Rock Lobsters for- ever. MARY THERESA CATHERINE STEFFEN "Space Cadet" ... "Norman" ... found with Beth, Debbie and my shadow . . . frustrated with Bob, 3 classes in a row will remember all my teachers, friends . . . Prom '80 w!AS . . . Homecoming '80 with PM cruising w!Beth RM loves God, family memories of good times . . . "lust the way you are" . . . Be serious . . .Thanks Mom and Dad I love you! I 122 Seniors MARION SPOSATO ' "Roger" found with Pete 8: Smitty. . . good friends: SC, TP, MS, RB, TS, 8: TS good times, like going to "The Kids are Alright" with ultimate Who fans! likes gettin' rad 81 going to killer parties . . . sum- mer beachhouse Low, Uite, and the Who frustrated by waiting for . . . love my bro, G 81 S surfers 3, the beach . . .Thanks Mom 81 Dad. LISA STAGE "Lis, MBW" found at the Wall will always remember Kars, Chris, Paul, FG, IT, MC, VP, TO, TM, Pj, Mme. C, Mr. G, Mrs. G, Mr. A...summerof'79...Prom'8O... parties at the Island and boat playing soccer . .. frustrated by too much omework and friends talking gook . . . to be a designer and go to Italy loves God, family, friends thanks Mom 8: Dad "Excel- ent." DANIEL STANLEY RIEROME I. STEHLY The anch, Apt . . . Blitz Broz, Iames Kriche, Matt, Ieanine, Holly, CK, SD, KB, MOE . . . Oklahoma . . . surf nkd founders of Midget Mudwres- tling . . . polo, swimming . . . the cop raid of '80 . . . Deadman's Curve . . . Annie. . . 16 in Rabbit . . . Mr. Lichy, Mrs. Gorsich . . . despises socies . . . people try to put us down just because we get around" . . .My Gen- eration. ! ,af IULIE ANN STABILE "Iewls" LH, PH, KT, SW, the girls . .. junior year Q MB wfjuwie ... the boys r ... "The Boat" ... PUY, PSD, memories . . . Babe 9-14- 79 11-9-79! Styx TLA good times w!Helen . . . summer '79 8 '80 . . . skating . . . Rod Stewart . .. tsrise...Dq...ZB,CC,SM,CS,... frustrated wfthe boys . .. love yo Mom 8: Dad 8: family ... the beach God, warm nights and sunsets . . . by 4 lil' truck . . . But to me love ca be expressed in just one word you. IOHN STANLEY MARY BETH STEPHENSON NAB" Paula, Cheryl, Vicki and is MB, RB II GR, TW, Elk- art . . . Butterfield . . . Lamps 34 . . . ie three must haves frustrated y sticks and diets . . . Red Keds . . . J-31-80 . . . Purdue . . . surprise par- es "Weren't you ever 16?" uve to Mom, Dad, M, E, C and I . .. isces - Virgo rising Germany . cliff climbing and watermelons . best wishes and thanks to all, specially Brian for his love. ADRIANA TAPIA The Twin" . . . "Gu"era" . . . found l the Wall . .. will remember EP, B, TZ, KB, AC, IS, DH, IA . . . spe- ial times wfbest bud Tat 6 am ,. El Torito Mexicali, "papuc- os", Hi San Felipe sunsets .. Mexico 12!80 art, Ms. Rosa ' frustrated by French 8: other half loves God, family 81 special "chiquillo" Thanks for Mom, Dad 8: Sis I you! ig DAVID STEIBEL "Stibes" . . . surfing . . . I-low does it go? frustrated by school, rain and shortboards . . .go to the islands . . .love to Mom, Dad and family. VICTORIA LYNN STEVELEY "Vicki" love and thanks to MB, CH, PS, MBS, IS and CC! BB Burson music - piano Benatar . .. Heart . . . Lamps W4 . . . school plays me and my van Sr. yr. loves Mom, Dad, all my sisters and laughter! GENA M. TAITANO "Sybil" Shark 4113 DT's "Blondie" Talent Show '79 the Hardcores . . . !'You're bailin" . .. I love it when you're dom Cze- choslavakian brothers . . . Oh, Igotta joke! Christmas '79 Thanks for making my high school years so meaningful KS, PN, VS, LR, KK . . . "Remember, Uni, perfection does not exist" . . . always w!Vic. CHARLES THURSTON ARTHUR W. STEPHENS "Art" found everywhere I'm NOT supposed to be It's SALMON! ... will remember friends, Europe '79 . . . great times w XRM and friends . . . Prom 80 WXMS Deutsch mit H. Steves Fran- cais avec Mme. Chaillou D 8: D ... music ... SM ... loves close friends, Mom and Dad, God, RR's street machines frustrated by istupidity tminej Oh no! Too ate! ARCELIA TAPIA "The Twin", "Prieta" . . . Stairs 8: walk .. . Mexicali, San Felipe, El Torito . . . m. pies. . . special times w XMG, Kathy, Iuls, Cory, Tat and Tom, Ed, Iohn Oklahoma Band Prez, swim team . . .TF, ECON "BB" international relations . .. frustrated by French, my other half, "papuchos" "C'est la vie" mmmYummy! . . . loves God, family, friends 8: traveling . . . Thanks Mom, Dad, Nana, Sis for everything, I love you. Seniors I 23 DANIEL TOTAH Not even, hating life . . . ES, TW, CF, BU, MM, KK, MG, MU, SB director, ASB, drafting . . . Thanks Mom 8: Dad. IEFFREY TURNER 124 Seniors MARIE SUSAN VALENTINI "Sue" . . . found everywhere! . . . Mr. Ramos, Mr. 8: Mrs. Gorsich Ir. year w!E 8: R whiplash '80 good times with my friends at Ski! Chris, Holly, Donna, CM, CR, MB, AS, RR, DG, LR, BH, PR, LM, IF, FM, DR . . . Charity Bowl '80 . . . loves friends, family, the beach, Led Zep, Cheap Trick and rainy days . . . catch ya on the flip side . . . Thanks Mom 81 Dad. KAREN TOYE Found w!Theresa, Iulie, Eva, Cherie will always remember AS, PN, RB, TR, PM, AS Ski Beach Dances . .. Parties modeling w! Lisa H . . . 6!9!80 . . . HA! . . . straight ahead. . . Renaissance Fair. . .youth group... Hotel . . . New York... '79 . . . my best buddy Lisa Rod . . . frus- trated by parents and guys Thanks Trisha and Bill M . . . Loves family, friends, God. l UMBERTO VARAGNOLO DAVID ANTHONY VAUGHN Thank God for my friends Ryan, Bil - the Unfortunates, KM, MS, MF KA, Ds, cw, SB, DL my banji and bluegrass, pure and as old as tln hills . . . wrestlin '79, '80 and Coac' Napier prospecting, breathin fresh air, Norco and late night ja Kevin 8: Monty Thank yo Mom, Dad and Mr. Steves for a your help these past years. MARK ANTHONY VERTULLO "Landscaper" found sometimm will remember my Eiggur friends. . . 1!29!80. . .2!28!80.. .4 18!80! .. . especially Angela, Br: and Co., pokr games and slow dri' ers Tennis Team, Bowling .. loves family and Landyette "t dekop" Thanks Mom and D3 . . . hey folks six down, one to go! RICARDO VILLA 'he "V" found on the lawn ojo, Elaine, Lisa, Mrs. Smith, Fr. .aRiv ...will remember Spirit Neek, the 2:00 bell on Friday Track, Racquetball, go into the sem- nary . .. frustrated with rush hours it work loves beach, friends, fosemite, Iojo's company, hanging nut at the machines Thanks viom and Dad, love you . . . H0w's it going? . . . So long Uni. RYAN WAGNER Jniversity Wrestling, Tennis... the Deli VW Bus likes ruthless lisk games, Rocky Road ice cream ind Mt. Palomar. . . Super Chargers games with Bill and David . . . Kevin, David and Sies' party ... Fighting irish Bob Seger 8: Silver Bullet Band .. . juggling Kevin, David, vionty the big three . . . Take it Easy .. Thank you Chuck and Ierri iMom and Dadi. RENEE FRANCES WARREN "Renwa", "Punk", "Weirdo", "Rogie". . .Hey you! . . . by locker or IAM's office etc .,. Naymay . .. AS ,..TE...IP...Mrs.K...D...Y ... M ... L . .. I'll remember home- work and tests... punk concerts . .. punk boys ... STING! ... to own NYC ... to be rich 8: famous ... loves family, cats, Quadrophenia . . . frustrated by soul and discoites "Bullshrimp" ... "Cockyjordan" ... etc. . .thanks Mum 'n Woops, I love you! SUSAN L. WEISMANN "The Wise Woman," "Swoo", "Suze" 8: others found wander- ing around frustrated by punk rockers, Tom's car, French will remember crazy times at "The Bench" and on the bus loves to make people laugh "What?", "Heah?" ... Rush, Zeppelin, ACDC, Scorpions, UFO, etc . .. HR 81 R will never die" loves God, parents, special friends thanks patience 8: have faith. DAVE VIVOLI "Sif" . . . hangin' at the tree with the tree gang ... Slab, Mophead, Scrooze, Stud, Sticks, Chesthairs . . . bailing w!SL, CC 8: BW . . . the Sifa- truck NFC NSG SOMF Team... Ski 81 OB jetty . . . Ir. year on the fencing team Sr. year on the SOMF team . . . summer of '80 w !Tami-TA oh well, so much for Uni. CURT DAVID WATERS Fr. Costello, Coach Serrano, Mr. Galindo, 8: Ms. Rosa give 10021, get IOOVJ - it worked for me . .. if you like it, do it, just don't step on anyone is into racecars, crop dusters 8: deep meditation "Of course it's my fault" UHS Air- borne will beat Mr. Marcus! come sail away with me life is easy if you play to win to Dad, Mom 81 Grandma. what can I say? LOHN BARRY WATSON "I "HI", "john Watson the Fourth," A'The Controversy" . . .ASB Treas . . . Iesters, CC, Track friends, OZCFSP 81 pals, those studs ...Must Break 5 . . . I'm no Zepf, I'm a Watson! . . . will remember the fac- ulty, crew, administrators ... Future?: I'll set my sights high and then I'll begin to conquer! . . . always fighting . . . Thanks friends, Mom 8: Dad, Elders l'll remember you, Father. KAREN WHITE "Silly Bunny" loves Fr. Tassi, Mrs. Kass, Susan, Iean, TC, Steve . .. marry Steve and go to State . . . hate wigging . . . love growing up, even if it was the hard way . . . OH ... will always remember Thanksgiving Mass ... would like to forget the food ... Thanks, Mom, Dad, David, DD and Steve "Oh" "Blues" ..."Shine it off." Seniors I 25 MARY PATRICIA WILLRODT "Pary", "Mat", "Mary Pat" dur- ing Senior year wfpleasure, W! fun having fun with friends softball, Miss M is a cmp . . . dreams, doc, MP ... MRSTW ... and remembering everything . . . Expres- sions Prom '80 Four Sones Rolling . .. frustrated by family . .. "Remember the hostages" loves partying partiers . . .Thanks Cod for a mom like her. . . Lori, Denise. WILLIAM IOHN ZEPF "Mr. Bill" ... found in the El Cid office, pigging out at the machines, beating Mike at backgammon on the Stairs CC, Track, El Cid editor, Iesters, ASB . . . frustrated by midget desks, my last name misspelled, El Cid deadlines, too little time . . . will always remember my friends and all the good times "No, I'm not a Watson" . . .Thanks Mom and Dad. l26 Seniors ANTHONY DAVID WHITMARSH ASB office, stairs playing jacks w! Rod ... will remember DR, CC, Gordy, LW, CR, LR, MBM, IM, Fr. Dan, MBS, 8: Herr Steves, Mr. C ... Arby-Q Mt. Dew, KA Zoo Doobie Bros!Fri. Nite . . . Search . . . go to USD? . . . frustrated by Roddie stealing my lines, indecisive girls, progress reports . . . loves Cod, fam- ily, Uni, Cherie A 8: F maintain casual fitness . . .Thanks Perry. RODERICK A. WILSKE "Rod," "Roddie" ... found on crutches or talking wfa girl, or both . . . will remember the pear in Psych, Mary, my Live-in, jacks on the Stairs w!Tony . . . playing the violin a!HC wfPam . . . Cobblers, DIPS . . , Prom '80 , . . Zips . .. frustrated by annual surgeries, my Stang. Tony stealing my lines , . . also CR, MP, LR, PM, IC love to Peg Mom, Iudy K Mach 1's. THOMAS ZOLEZZI ROBERT WINTERS it PAUL ZOLEZZI "Moody" ... found with friends . .. never in class . . . SkiBeach ... Blitz Bros . . . the Teain .. . Tower... VV ...Van Halen '80 . . . do you remem- ber? ... RF, IC, MC . .. summer '80 basketball 314 Coach Peck, Coach McCormick . . . Ms. D . . , will remember friends RF, IC, MC. . . DP ...and all the rest of my friends . .. "It sounds crazy enough so lets do it" Thanks Mom 81 Dad and my family . . . W. LAURA KRISTI WILHOIT i "Laurie" ... found on stairs . .. will remember good times with good friends LL, CR, RP, C, MP, RW TW, VP . .. Ski . . . dances . . . Pro '80 . .. Magic Mountain '78 ... frus- trated by saying dumb things all thd time loves family thank you Mom and Dad, I love you both ver3 much "Love ya babe" "cute stuff" "awoo bebe" "Hey Bucco" . . , Bye Uni! RON ZENKER "Zank", "Ruford" football 337K Coach Ramos IR hands up Mr. Peck Charity Bowls IK MP, KS, MK, DH, TC, BH, Kim ., "lt's a fyr hazud" frustrated by MP, some day, MP.. . loves Califor-. nia girls, football and pizza Bil Holman for Prez Ski Beach .. "69 Corvettes" . . .Thanks Mom anc Dad college, med school, Dr. Zenker "Don't let the Hooglets catch you" . . . I will succeed. -if fl dis W,: R Q N' is if RN 1 'XM .x-we it W K X :',ki Q . R1 S if ,ji li fb X Aj!! PE SPECTIVE The Show Must Go On One is lost. Grievance is a vitality among the young at heart. Memories linger on with an unquestionable Fate. Pa tien ce, a virtue forgotten amidst consequence. lies hidden away, The Big Tent of Life collapses. The clown smiles HO H'lOI'8. The Ringmaster 's tears lie defeated on the cold earth for fear of man 's existence being impounded in subdued battle, A light is shone upon the weeping circus. Conscience whispers, "The Show mustgo on. " For depression gone unnoticed wea ries the cro Wd. Once again, performers bra vel y pick up their pieces ofpast and recreate a vision of achieving success. The audience continues to cheer, For in the eyes of an entertainer, a bow speaks ofthe Pride ofall humanity as the show continues on. Lynn Reiter ff! X 4' I 4 Oo Q' f X O0 A Z ,ga 08 f f N 's j ,X ff ,o'o'o" 4 oo ff , gozfof ,Q f 40, ,009 If '0.'+'.'vo'X f ' 4' 'Q 00,00 ff ..g:Q::2+:':1:22'.,':s .ftQ!'3!4'5'23'3"'!33t2 :,Q,s9:,o,bg.,:s,gg ,4,i.o,w. ,.s..v. igvrg ,-.",t"?':rf 'ivy QUI. gd' 345.21 ,, .7'5'Z'-'i7fi':'f-124-7,"fff-- ,say .. :Q T.f.f',f'! I .' 'ffif-7".,"'.2 jf- Gif-. 46 'I s ffl., 547 ' , y I , f ' vs. "Cf" fy' ff, f' 4+ 'os' A K1 Q ooo. 9 ye: 'ff' 39" Q ff . 9 ' S i , ' ' o 4 aQx"v'v'v00 0 "1'f"0f'fi 128 Perspective if The sky 's the limit, thats what they say: I 'm getting closer with each passing day. Whether sunny, windy, rainy, or snowing, Friendships and goals are what keep me going. The magic words spoken before Grandfathefs depart, Have long been cherished in the depth of my heart. Whatever I attempt, He 'll be by my side, And if I should fail. I-Ie'll see that I tried. When I cease to move higher beyond many tries. And hot, salty tears spill forth from my eyes, I wipe them away and continue on, Building my confidence to the peak of its strong. jane Pfla um Next Time You never said, "I love you." I never said, "I care. " Long forgotten are the moments and the memories we shared. You never brought me flowers. But then, I never asked. Now try will I to bury pain and heartache in the past. Yet, Next time you'll say, "I love you " And I'll let him know I care. And precious will be the moments and the memories we share. Elaine San Nicholas o 'QC' 0" 0.5 0 0' C.,. O I Z ,Z , f X People have many questions: Life has many answers. If we don 't inquire of the questions, Well never find the answers. Lisa Ecks The Winter In the winter ofour eyes we see the memories made sweet by recollection. How like silk th e springtim e of today becomes the texture of our mind. We fear the somber sadlizess GUI' GWR FGIUDFSG, The suicide ofsummers long past our prime. The autumn brings a fallen leaf drained of love. In the winter ofour eyes we see, the life, the days worth living a cycle the dream. Kathryn Sch orr J I Iill Duthie NO RESPONSE ' This quiet summer morning is deceptively peaceful. The sun shines on the smooth, gray The park. bark of a linden tree and filters down through green grass' the lime colored leaves. Pipes cling to alternat- bluelake, ing light and dark bricks that climb up to a singing birds, all in the midst of yesterday when my father and I went to feed the ducks, I was afraid, dim window. From the white sill of this window a floppy eared, brown and white cocker spaniel curi- ously watches over two small children play- ing. They are riding on a gray, uncluttered but he held me' sidewalk which runs along a pock marked Cagolyn La Curb' orta rg-. 'f '1-sf" , v dw T it ,S -135' A135 at was li ' M f' Q 'N,'x'g'-rj' ' J' Ilia 'tit 1. ffq f..-za , . '. 14 4' fig" , n p U Q , ,ya Q27 X gm ,, '-j. - . r K- if K ts h lf K f P .:Qx 4 we Vbssttx Hi X tix I 'wiv Q 1 I EEEVST ' lr, ' K."m'w 110' as ... , W, 1 ' U . I - Wikia, X-IEP it 'f F to . wwf' -if fmt . bf- 'tin hl2' 4,ftf"t,.. ., 2 i- A ff? '2 1 ' ing' 2 My ri, - Q, ! ' -.15 n'f,e-tt4,- ,y ',' t. . ' -54."ium4f'LltmvAp fiifi iz' its ff f i bitt! ' "- !"'ii'l1li'l"'f" ft!" 'I' ' " ,g,5,f, 1 ,, new X Kgsitf- pall ,' f ' Nl I , f F' , ' " f,rt.f,,-rqfflif .if ' l.5?f-4'Mh- -.H X I l' ' vu ,AJ iw., "'-, NU '3 "1 ' A' rf' f 5 f-55' f4f"'V me f 4 it " 'iffy 5 1- S 4. ilk , A .r,.'l1t,,f I hlntlgf mg" .EX Tx 'ff' it M-2 -'f i-wht -Wi it ' 2 itft',f:f'aa.f:. it? w ig, ,M A Wit ft' l Stttteiif' l I gf i ti 'A 9 z 'IJ ,Ae 5 'BSN Wi ki .t'Wf"i'iii"fft it ,, i1-"1?"' it-A hi , 1 Q., ..', " ft 'tt A 'iff wuoi .. mgifwzg i. ,f V . I i t ,ifjmltg ,v ,ii fx f vt HN tv t'?',6f'fi:"' -:hr s ' ff M, f 0 X X i ,Ji f f .. - N 3 ,ie 1 .A if '11 .. 5 . t .l, Witft e,t 232' ' ,. All it f i O ' Ll' ' If ACL .im Y-il", L 'I . ' tiff. ' O xx i ' ,P ' 5' X 0 K , 11.5. xu. I s I I , X' t WMM " ' s ut r 'Q-, K v W l Q vfl 'nw E' g X K 5 ggi , im' X' 'il A K 3 f I X Q.,.. N x A515 s l X K A My , jifsylgh, RN Wu ix ,I .Rf l I' .X Diana Decima Dark-haired Tommy pushes his small, green bicycle up to the two blackwbrown doors of his family's apartment. He seems unconcerned and innocent. Behind him his older sister, Beth, pedals her red toy tractor. The timid look on her face hides the terror in her heart. From a window above the children, their mother cautiously contemplates thoughts of her own. Old, balding Grandpa, wearing a faded blue workman's apron, peers out of his doorway. Only yesterday this was an ordinary family. Last night Tommy and Beth were happily run- ning downstairs to greet their tired father. Suddenly, they saw three sinister figures con- front him. The men, all wearing dark, double breasted business suits, violently attacked Mr. Link. In the horrifying confusion, the children heard one of the gangsters tell their dad that it was stupid of him to try to expose their employer. They intended to make sure he wouldn 't ever be a threat to them again. One of the belligerent men revealed a gleaming razor-sharp knife and plunged it mercilessly into the victimis heart! Mr. Link's lifeless body fell into the shadows. At this agonizing moment, the children 's terrified screams had filled the neighborhood. The men pursued the children, but they made it safely inside and up to their mother. Grandpa furtively looked out the door and saw the assailants driving away in a big, black Cadillac. The Links were hysterical when Grandpa called the police. The police came and listened to the story: by midnight, terror was replaced bygrieif Today the stunned family still cannot react. They are waiting for the police to make some sense out of what happened. The children have left the sidewalk and gone to their rooms. A police detective and a representative from the justice Department arrive to explain what is going on to Mrs, Link and her father. The detective says, "Your husband worked for a company that designs nuclear weapons for the government. He discovered that his boss was selling secrets to the Communists. He had con- tacted us and the Iustice Department previ- ously, and we arranged for him to testify next week. That was the reason for his death." The detective continues, "Since your chil- dren saw the murder, these hit men could try to harm them at any time. l think it would be best if we put them in protective custody right now." Mrs. Link agrees, "l'll go get them, " As she climbs the stairs, she hears the dog whining. She enters the childrens room only to find it empty. She calls out, "Tommy! Beth!" There is no response. She runs to the window. and through the lime green leaves she sees a big, black cadillac screeching away. Doug Moore Perspective 1 29 THE CHASE The horse could be heard snorting and paw- ing behind the stall door. The tawny Palomino had been carrying on all night, and the weak morning sun filtering in through the tiny win- dow in the barn seemed to give him new strength. A group of men gathered outside the stall. It had taken the eleven of them three months to catch this golden marauder. The colt had been tearing down or jumping fences and getting into grain bins all over the county. The men stood discussing the situation. Only a few had any definite ideas about what to do, and they couldn 't get the others to agree on any one suggestion. Stumped for the moment, the group wandered back up to the big house. Kim glanced around the room once more and shuddered. The door was barred, as was the small window beside it. "Theres just no way out, " she thought wearily. The stuffy room with its low ceiling seemed to be closing in on her. She knew she never should have come to this town. She had known it the moment she looked down the tiny main street. Sure, the people had been polite enough, but she had sensed their distrust right from the start. Somehow, she hadn 't trusted them, either. She had not known how quickly disaster could strike. Her heart lurched as the bars on the door slid aside, then quieted somewhat when a small negro boy was shoved inside. The door banged shut and the child almost dropped the food he was carrying for her. Considerably relieved to find that the guard hadn 't come, Kim watched the boy Toby approach her. She didn't say anything, just smiled encouragingly. In her brief stay in the town, she had discovered that Toby was a deaf mute, and little more than a slave. In this small town, blacks were looked down upon, and Toby especially because he was an orphan with no way of defending himself He took courage from her warm smile and step- ped toward her. lt was chaos at the big house. People stood staring at the gaping hole in the side of the barn. The horse had actually kicked out the wall! Soon the baying of many hounds filled the air. The ranch dogs in the area had been set out to trail the pony. Over the noise of all the others, a deep bay could be heard. A magnifi- cent collie led the pack. The wind whipped through his thick coat as he raced off the oth- ers following. Five and a half miles ahead of this excited pack, the Palomino paced on, his flanks glistening in the hot sun. T 30 Perspective :S Kim looked at the mess she was supposed to eat. She just had to get out of here! Once more she glanced around the dirty room, and this time she saw something she hadn 't noticed before. If she looked from the right angle, the frame holding the bars on the window looked loose. She ran over and rattled it -- it was loose! Glad' that the guard had given in to her pleas to open the window, she looked around the room for some kind of lever. She picked up the blunt knife Toby had put down and though the blade bent, she got the frame loose enough to knock out. Kim glanced hack and motioned for Toby to come. Through signs, she told him of her simple plan to crawl through the window and sneak around to the woods behind the jail, She helped Toby out first, then followed. Together, they ran silently into the trees. Three days had passed since the hunt first started. The other dogs had long since given up, but still the Collie followed the horse. Nei- ther had stopped once, the pony just dragging along fast enough to keep a little ahead of the dogg the dog just going fast enough to keep up with the pony. As the next day approached, the two had almost reached a compromise: the pony ignored the Collie: they both were too exhausted to do anything but stumble on. Soon the colt stopped and cropped the lush grass, oblivious to anything but his ravenous hunger, The dog, grateful for the rest, flopped out on the ground, his sides heaving. A little later, the dog stretched and sniffedg he caught and ate a few mice which gave him some strength. Then the pony was off again, this time with a definite destination: a cool, clear stream high in the nearby mountains. The Col- lie now trotted right at the colt's side, the horse completely disregarding its adopted shadow. Malia Miracle Kim again stopped and helped Toby to his feet. He was really losing the battle: it was their third day on the run and it had been nerve-racking, just staying ahead of the mob from the town, Neither had had much to eat - Kim had only run in and out of a small, iso- lated market and they had eaten hurriedly. Soon they would be out of this state and into California. When they were there, her brother would help them - she had called him from a public telephone yesterday. She grabbed Toby and dragged him into the bushes: she had just seen a car's headlights coming toward them. She did a double take: it was her brothers car! The car pulled up, her brother got out: she and Toby were safe, The blue-gray sky smiles peacefully down at the scene below. A happy, tinkling stream winds unhurriedly around and under an old stone bridge. Wet, mossy stones are scattered heedlessly at the edge of the sparkling water. The crackly leaves on knotty branches whis- per excitedly in the slight breeze. Golden sun- light filters down upon the equally golden Palomino. The now gentle pony drinks uncon- cernedly as the handsome, attentive Collie gazes into the distance, his reflection elusive in the water lapping at his feet. Furtive shad- ows creep along the ground as time passes, distorted images of the sprawling black trees. The alert, sensitive ears of the horse flick instinctively and the pony canters ofh with the Collie trotting faithfully behind. Michele johnson ,am-"""W""' X , : - -. S, -1' '. ' ' - . r .nw f .wwkxw-my ff Jw' ,, N'-xx 2, .xx .N N N 1,ff5'! V , X X X r 17' U , .93-1:fg,gjf.1:Tx . Q X .X ' ' "' 1 v? " """T:'f'f N. IZ, ir, - ly' Tp- I 1 . I Y r , 1 Qi' q X r A5554 ,453-5.- QV A jj ' ' 1 L xr X' Q ' 7 A3227 ' f 7' .lg-zu"-. 't '?i5f"X X ' 111' .V ff Af' ' V' Y-Z.. - -"W" f I XX ' f ' ... M 1 ' i -X x -K ,N 41 I 3 1.1, ,Viv My 11 5 I .gx,:::,A. ,. W., '," . ' , Y , K, rf-QSM' wrqaff ' ,,,,,, 1 , xi' N X . W f 5 V V' V f, ffl X "1 'iv ,W of ', 4 ' " wh , xxfgfilafff . II I- f f ' " VI,-y 2 .Jr fd' ,MN ' Jul WM U1 ",, v-.ligigj-M1 ' ' f f M " f 'f Va M- X ,f ' '1' -:VWM V 9 ,ly 'J' 44415 N ,f 5 s' , xii' K' ,fi W, " W! ,xv 'Rafi 'ggxsx :X V V .ff f -V - ff, V -W. .P " W WP 5 'X W 9' 1. Q VJ: ! -499' Q! f' , b f- ' , ' A' ' A .5 G . ' ul' 0" I ' V ' "-' ,. A VV .V a.. f 1 "uf '., V. ' w V 44' .' Srl' 'WWE4 J ,755 2 ': ' .V f ' X- ' - ' 'f f ,zz X . IX ' SH' ft Vf, I .. gyjrw .H 'I 1 .f ,QI , ,-HZ" J, M33 ,rfvj ,V 124, 3. W' ' ll 3 FTW ,: , ZA Q" ,,,,f,: 4- V , V 1'Qi171Q?r' "'- ,' M ,gm gg, i N - f 1 1- r - V r .V Q , V, , .my V, ap T, 5 f ' I M " -V . 3 . 'V 'J'Vf'firf33' ' R g 4 F V-f'f"""' 1 1, ,if '- fi '33, "39EP'-fb 5 3' ' 5 ' I' ' 'pf , ,512-'-f-1, ,- ,,?"'v'7 ff -xffxvf. V:' ,...L, '9' -e1',VPffQy '.Q'Qq,'fVfJ-9 , , , f X .if , I 7 D' ' Hifi' Y' " 5593, ,j, 'a 'gf-,, ' ' H4 ,4'1"'-j1' 5:f'.,Y 5 . - V- 'IN Y -V-Vs 1 .. Q Af' wwf 1 ' w'wZ46ff?79:'W4"3b 'ff-vi ' '-' I' . - '. 'Qs ' . . - -- I fa'j.'.',-'I '- A-". V, . ""1,5'n, "4 X . -' gg.-"rj, li . Q I' . Wag-fzx 'WUI' A f 4. 4 -ls, 'I H1-if I .I -.-. 1 9 A by jnyf W KJ' Q Vgggrgf"-.5Qmf5'g',' ' , '- ,, J." ffwzky - if 13 g ' l ' 511' . -wx 01 M 32: A , nf gl , ini '. ' x 1 1, 5 ,V , ' , I, , 1,:.g,.l'f1 0 A fx . h 4..,k ,A M gy'-, 1 . , :Nu W! ' J. N . Q A V gs, wg feb I , .V '. f 5. -1 .-., X411 .v Y- -- -4 w, . 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U - H .fl I f i , if I .. , X xx X ff Jflfyfl I xxxltxl , I MM ag' ' X a" ,dfff AWK Patti Appel Perspective 'I 31 lBurned the Courthouse, Me lf we only looked for the reason behind the words, The motivation behind the blow, We 'd understand social unrest. But instead we choose only to read the slogans, Condemn the violence, And jail the revolutionaries. We never stop to question, "Why?" Why are the students militant? Why do our 'tminoritiesnburn and pillage? Where do the stems and roots ofsocial unrest lie? We can 't appease them with soothing word band-aids. We won 't solve the problem with welfare. I t can only start with respect. Respect for the life ofthe child in it's motheris womb. Respect for the inquisi ti veness ofa school-child. Respect for the changes in a teenager. Respect for the life and needs of all those around us. Without respect a person cannot work, Cannot love himself and therefore cannot love others. The roots and stems of social unrest lie in our lack of respect. Beth Goscienslci Quiet Splendor He sat there, oblivious to my keen scrutiny, enjoying a sec rity his life did not usually give him. l, on the other hand, w uncomfortably perched high in the foliage, Hnally coming the end of my search, These last few weeks had proved dit cult. Pursuing a marked criminal and the head of the Sicili. Syndicate is not a job for just anyone. Up until now, he had stayed aloof from all forms of the la He had always managed to skip the country just in time avoid indictments. He was especially difficult to locate Atl time, due to his New Zealand mountain retreat, to which nieonspicuously escaped. Malia Miracle I 32 Perspective lt was here that h c could forget the outside world. It was a radise all his own with no worries to bothe h' r im. The setting is colorful and plush. He .smoked a ci arette with enjoyment. e blue robe he wore scraped the tlsick, green grass as he anged to another position. He sank deep into the large. color- 'cushions which supported him. This was truly a well hid- n estate which took me long days to find. Now that Ihad md my fugitive, his time was up. The moment which lhad been waiting for was at hand. lt is time to acl. Reaching for my gun, I ruffled the leaves, and doing so, captured his attention. From the recesses of the rden, a gunshot sounded. The bullet was swift. It was a 'ect hit in my chest. l fell from the heights and in seconds is staring up at a dozen armed men clad in dark suits. One ire shot ended it instantly for me. I was removed and the an resumed their hidden positions To th' I . is man, so peace- lly lounging, I was nothing more than a small disruption in Q quiet splendor. Laura Villareal ,4--.5 l IN THE BEGINNING x'I'he world had been green for a long time and no evil had yet touched its serenity. The grass grew abundantly, green and lush. Beau- tiful wildtlowers bloomed and added color to the shade of the trees. More noticeable were the animals: they stood together in pairs, still, tranquil, yet alert. as though they were threatened but could or would do nothin . There was a pair of zebras, bold stripes of black and white seeming to stand out in warning, two giraffes, yellow and brown spots blending quietly with the branches and fern leaves. Near the feet of the zebras were a lion and lioness, King and Queen of the jungle, looking as though their reign was coming to an end, and all the could do was retreat silently. A pair of Halllowebn tigers stared from the grass, ready for flight. and the elephants, gentle giants of the plain, stood behind th em. All this was taken in by her e e but . y was not noticed, It was the apple tree, tall and slender its lon bra h g nc es spread protectively, which held her eye. It seemed to draw her toward itself in a whirlpool of temptation, the axis of all that existed and all that was to exist, Slowly, her delicate hand reached for the per- fect red apple among the branch . A ' es s it met her hand, a small wave of repulsion, and yet attra 't' d cgon, ran through her body. She with rew er hand quickly, but the apple was still there. Paul Co Staring down at the small fruit, she felt a great longing to have just one small bite. noth- ing harmful. The sweet juice of the apple ran deliciously down her throat, drowning her, making her want to Cough. Looking up she realized she was alone. The birds and animals had disappeared as though they had never been there. The apple's taste had gone dry and sour, and in the silence of the world the only sound in the jungle was a womans piteous weeping, drowning out the soft hiss of a small snake passing in the grass. Maire Hunt Perspective sta 133 It's Never Quite the Same Would it ever come to an end? They had been traveling along the dirt path for hours. She wondered how long it had been since someone had come this way. A couple of hours?A couple of days? Or perhaps years?In any case, they were still in the middle of nowhere traveling to an unknown destination. She looked at her reflection in the car win- dow. She was young and pretty with blonde hair and green eyes, very attractive. She was getting close to thirty, but still retained her schoolgirl figure. She looked over at him. His brown hair, deep, piercing eyes and rugged features gave him an enigmatic appearance. Two years ago, she had found him wandering aimlessly on a desolate road, and had offered him a ride. She had felt a certain attraction to him right away. She had dropped him off at a house two blocks from hers. Living in such a small town, she wondered why they had never met. 'She made a mental note to walk that way more often. She saw him during the next couple of weeks and eventually, though she couldn 't remember how, they had become close friends. Close, she chuckled to herself They had been sharing an apartment for over six months and were starting to talk marriage. Ur at least she was: he was the proverbial free soul, hard to pin down. They had to talk about it when they got back from this trip. The tires rolling over a rock in the road jolted her from her thoughts. Where were they? No way of telling, but the area looked pretty undisturbed: the grass was nearly six feet tall. She wished he would tell her where they were going. .. by She probably thinks I En out of my mind he thought. It seemed like an endless journey to him, also. But he just had to find our for cer- tain if. . . Don 't think about it, he told himself This silence is deafening, he thought, l'll turn on the radio. Thats no good, just static. Must be too far from town. They rounded the next bend and he could see the ridge. They were going toward a house at the foot ofthe moun- tain. She couldnt stand it anymore. "Where are we going, and why?"she asked. He knew her curiosity was killing her. "Its a long story, " he answered. "Well, I 've got time. " "0kay," he replied, "you ll find out sooner or later, anyway. We 're going to a house just up ahead. lgot the directions from my mother. " V "Who lives there?, "she asked. "Hopefully, my father. You see, he left when I was ten. just ran out on mom and me. Mother said she always knew where he was, but she never cared to retrieve him. She couldn't have made him come back, anyway. He was always a free spiritg I guess I inherited that from him. I just had to come out here once to rind out exactly why he left. " He'd never told her that, she mused, but then again she had never asked. Maybe this trip would serve to free some of the memories from his mind. Maybe they could get married. Her spirits brightened. They both retired again to their own thoughts as the car bumped along the road. They rounded the Hnal corner and suddenly they were there. It was a little log cabin with a chimney pouring smoke into the sky, l t looked like a picture postcard. The house was nestled in a deep, wide valley. A winding river flowed by the house. All of this was set against a backdrop ofsnow-capped mountains. 4--33' D wasn tmy fault that he left t ., it :-',,5g,t,f.. d ,.f., ,., 154 A4 the .. fx 1 ' at I: j,','.f Qi: '. fu .1 dwg l3,....-asia . I-A 1 ,I-, QQ?--A:i6, .V I f .. f , 5-.5,gaL.t,5 '.j,,-Lil ea, 5. except 0 R it .5 'Vs keg-, 'if 2 lm ag, ,g HY f is f 2 feat- T, ,ff . . fifi,-. catQs1Pl1f.'?Lf' ' gre? '1-..e:fFZgf I N .W NL I.. .If .,,. ,gg X f- . .lf .nrt f- 155- . . V Y eg L, If i:f"Wf'ihK - '-"6 L.-.. , V' . . 2 QU. -':l'.f:ei ..- es' X r i w. : .-. Fits., "' ' . .9 . 'e..,3-We 0 X My 3 -V " "3 . .utter ff ' A . A .t2'rL6'aI'1 if ' ,iggtl . 1 .... qq5,'r13:' . V -.2.:g:':'Jj.lf 'jsp 5'-A M .RV W Wigs' xsyj 359'-.,. ' 'lf-,'.5:gx 'i ' '-if T' ft n 5, V 1 " X . 5-1'-'24-A fkilulj ei' L, -'34, 151: .'f"' -.ix ' .vine V f. kia- ' -1. f -:Six -3 f- i - ,. SQ. f.g"e: v.. K 'LV' ' 5-'Q' '.,j:., -.m f . 'lih i fi If vc'-' pry., A we-. g.'h,-f". '- ' ,Q - Y", rs". nf.-1: 1'5':'.-""i: . X fi 1' if, '.'- '-.. 1:'f.' .sQ:s 71. Eltg. -.-, .- 3tiglXL.f'y3, M 'f..f ,- .5-in .f gg.:-v. 1 , A 1. 'tz?tge:i:a:1s, , L f" is A.L2T :sia'f:,'.3,wa?.:yA at iii- :jg Z!-:xi xv - 21+ I ri . .X N. 134 Perspective Mickey McCartney Everything glittered at that party: the cham- pagne, the guests, my mother. Especially my mother. I couldn't remember seeing her so beautiful, or so happy. I didn 't know what the party was for, but since I was only six, I was thrilled that I was even allowed to stay up for it. 'This should be a celebration for gon, too," Mama had told me. I was in my est frilly dress and got to carry a platter of hors d 'oeu- vres and serve them to the guests. I found Bob around nine o'clock. I wanted to ask him my question because he was my favorite of "Mommy's ood friends." I liked him because he looked like me and whenever we went anywhere, people thought he was my daddy. But now he was with a tall, thin girl he called Patricia. II had seen her before when mommy took me to a movie. Bob and she were coming out of the other movie, some gushy, romantic thi . Mom really liked the movie we saw. She hies movies that make her cry.j I didn 't want Patricia to hear my question, but I couldn't get her away from Bob. He smiled down at me, waiting, so I asked, "Why is Mommy so happy? MH18f'S this party for anyway?" "Well, honey," he grinned, "Your momis happy because she's free now. She and your real daddy aren 't married anymore. " "Why does that make her happy? Wasn't my daddy nice?" Bob's mouth turned up at the corners as he answered, "Oh, your daddy was very loving! He loved almost everybody he met. " Patricia giggled and scolded, "Now, Bob, remember you Te talking about her father. " With a concerned look on his face, Bob turned back to me and said, "I'm sorry, honey. I shouldn 't be making you think bad things about your father, even if you don 't know him." Patricia pulled him away from me then. I stood by myself in the middle of that party wondering why my daddy's love was a bad thing. K HRV Ma uro Unfulfilled Visions We have been here for as long as l can remember, liv- ing in the corner room of a house owned by a family of three. We have celebrated in good, happy times and mourned in difficult, sad times. Today the house is quiet as we wait for them to return from the cemetery. I was especially close to jennifer. She came to see me often and sometimes even told me what she hoped the future would hold for her. Marriage? A family? A career? As soon as she was settled she could have me. You see, I am fine and delicately designed china that was promised to her by her grand- mother, Rose. Even as a child, jennifer had admired me through the giass doors of the china cabi- net. When she was eight, she had a birthday party and invited her friends. I was not used though, for her mother feared that I would break. She bragged that one day she would be old enough to use the china and the good silver as well. There are still scratches on the darkly stained table serving as mem- ories of that birthday party. The time did come for a big celebration. It was her high school graduation party. I was brought out and placed on the table which had been enlarged to seat the guests. It was the most festive evening the furniture and I had seen since she was brought home as a baby. lt's hard to believe that shes gone. l have seen her pass t rough this chamber in all the stages of her life. Now, I am on the table set for two. I think I overheard the Missus say that she thought it would be nice to have dinner Where they would be surrounded by memories. C arolyn La Porta The Farmer A farmer large and strong and bold Braves the heat and then the cold. He whose work is never done, Still finds time to love his son. He who fears a killer drought, Has time to help a child out On a wild far-fetched dream ls gentle and so kind to deem It as important as his work Which he, ofcourse, can never shirk. Bonnie Graham .-4 ' . . .J 'i"'5l'fl ' 1 ' . -g5.?',i5,3 N P, 1 , .- -" " Q 41' A '. Q - - . mf 'Q ' 1 Q I 1 S 'mx 65522 .ef N29 131 , v Xwgfglfrni I 1 P 5 v -A , A. A ,Vt ex ,gp 4. 233305323 A 5-5 Wm In vo ,ff 5270? "' 151557. ' 41,',5.'Q,f7?I VL 1 7 5 I fzllbwfx d g ,, . H' .' YPA- sg, A I ish 25194 Levi' is ,g:4Qr1?!'d 71- wi ., of' . Q vAs,1.q1?", A VX ,Q yq'u,As, 4 r Ay, B lang' fx s Sv I 1'1- :VQEBE i V egg!! x -., , 'Quin' 1 C slag t r 0X J xv 4 4 5 gs .mfg gg., f. fi? - 'sc bile I I dwg' if I':, Q , -'..f ' -':','Qu gf.-'V .3 .-', ,g . .-. . -, .-,. .-...-4,1 .,'.. , .' A' ,s ,., 1" ,-'x' , :.- , -, ... . , - , . ' . Q ,- .5 . ,'.., --. 9.1. ,N . o, pu'-s. . . . . ' ' '1- S' lu - ' ' ' N- x 1 . -1. '. . " cz- ".- -'-'vi .1 - . .. -'..-J. - .- -' we .. , C .. - . '-gs-.-1,-' -, , .,v.'. i, rt., .. , - -, -,.-g.X,f nz.-1:-f-V .,,. . 4 . . S , F s ' f A -.' 4 . ' I . . ' '. ' - " 1 -,'.' ' :"1 .. ,-,',.--4,46 ' v ' . ' ' s 1' ,-45. .s 'L ,,' 11' "' ll, qya-G r '-' '43 ' J' 7 I 'U 1 H 113- is ' in 1 ' 'H 7.'."l3 ' 1 1.--f "-'I' " J . s "K p'.- ' ' 10 .. Q--, .--. f., ,. ,s -, , -vi. . . TQ.: ',,.-63'-nl . 5 H 171 .'4. ? . ., X 1 an of. "1 'V' mf!!! 'Lrg 4' ' A ' fx N J.. ,t .- -. nwqb' .hY:x1." ' ". 4 ' , ,. , . ig. lug .-V 'fl Xl n '. Q' 'pa ff' ',K LI. ff '.f. ' ' 4 ....a' --1 - -' ' . -.,4,f. t- 3. 5 , ,' . . - . J v V Q 4 , ' '- K - ' ': " ' nl' s lnsni 5. ..,, g . 4. , 'l Qlgi ' P3-'-: ,' 'n ' I -Sli. a uf, , .- A ' ,f . aiu. ,qi A 'ge . -..- e ' ' '. ' 5- wx' 1, i lf.. .ng ' - s . -I., bs: 4,611- a'.f '- -. "-rf? - .. -'.3:5'g+',f ' 0 NH' 'Z' s Zi' " -"' U. .- 1 'r ' I X., f . a . - - f . .wil Wx". ' i ' .. . ".', '-1' px f,,x?ty,.9'.: '--- ' ,. . 'pl' -"'5-.4 ,'.. E- 4:'.x,.ll '- in fa 'Pg 5 ,gf xg-'5 gN:'g-gr' .. 5 . ,j . 1 nv,-. l' fu .-,taxa -...tgirl . 1 , . .-:Q 1.214 ,uv ,- Q"FI 3.1 ' ' . ' ' - Av, 15: '. 4 ff" eleawi .. .--.xv ' - ,tx - .f S 4 A Q N . -. . , 9 ,ga-,gal . JMS' -on - , an ,Q - 4 , r 'niet 'N' - ' . ' gf' 'f : H. .. ,1."..'g'u .m . ",,n.o I ,ang ,N ' 13 ' n , . 5 A A sn. , . . kg.if"s WL " . -wi '-M.- . " ' - 0, -.NZ v -' , .' v '."'- - I '.f-",'- .4 ' J -'n:. - "'- 'Qi 2 Fi-'Jw . 4 4 D- 1- uflgf ch? u , L. ' Q -' .-. :I wx - J. Mfg.. vtmhaxyp , - ', jg s.'-.. v - - f--fm. .. '.gv'gr?N.-1' L44 ' -- '- rv ti' ..."., ',- o '. -',:'4,'f3 ' N 'xvv' "' '..' 1' . glg., 5 .I 1 -. . - - ' . ' --,3.,.: gn. .H .. 2- Q' n?q,:.f.'. 1 ' ' Q . . '- U. K,-Q.. 'io . ' .,4v.'4 I 'T p3l.','.f. ,. .- ,. gs as-. - 4'.:':--' s x fl' ' .-' s -,, " . il nb- .- N q"x'f-"7'1:f .v .. 6 .ggi ' '. . . ', '. I . M' , .' "gif nuQ5Rl,.. r ,xii ff-fel-.3 5' -' a, ix, 1 i 1 1- ' . ' . 0 l.' V, 1' 'ik ' X ,.. Xu? sf." -' ".-3 : -.. -'ff ' .'Ef.f.fa f "'f'e-W? f5.3m." -SL? a" ' .'. '4 r ' I 'r"'x s1'slT'H' if Qi"-'.""-H" ' '- "-.2"v.eK"Ic.r5 ql':"- ...r' I-.fa -.s"'1-'L:.-If ' J' -,Q 4 ,.f Y. - Q . 5 ," ' V' 4 A A- J-'I' .4 :H an .. .-.. ' . 4 Carri Connors Perspective I 35 Finders Keepers Remember the abandoned soul once left in your possession to do with as you pleased. Tossed away carelessly by an unio ving heart, my destiny was to be shadowed by Doubt. You recognized in my pain-inflicted eyes that my character was razed from the grief imprinted on my being. lt was then conceived that my life 's future was to be determined only by you. You kept me instead of sending me away. You placed within me a new embryo of trust to replace the debris of loneliness borne unto me. For so long, my soul yearned for protection never priviledged to me before. Now, I treasure our Relationship that surely God has committed with His Blessings. It will get stronger with, rather than wither from, time. Even now, the memories of good along with nightmares of the bad will linger on inside of me. Beca use of my naivete and infantile mind I am compelled to repute them and cherish them, that pain will never subside. But with your help, they can be momentarily forgotten. What love remains within me still, l ha ve reserved for you. For "Finders Keepers" ga ve me the courage and sanguine I thought were defeated in subdued battle. Thank you for accepting me to be Your Shadow, My Brother. Lynn Reiter 136 Perspective He was found by his parents to be One who was normal and loved to be free. He liked being active and was always on the run, Looking for new ways to have some fun. When he wanted his way, he was a persister, And he enjoyed arguing with his older sister. As a small child, he acted like a devil, But he always kept his grades at a high level. Throughout the years of his normal childhood, He obtained friends, as many as he could. He loved to be outdoors and was rarely home: Throughout his neighborhood he would roam. The school thought his grades were adequate enough So they let him go to high school where easy changes to rough. Elementary and junior high school had been easy for him But when he entered high school, things started to look grim. Upperclassmen look on freshmen as though they're immature, So when he started high school, he felt insecure. By the end of the school year his fear was goneg He was no longera freshman, it was time to move on. His life was as normal as it could be, But he wasn't perfect, as you can see. Sean Tannis At the top of the moun tain, one must look down to see, The crisp, white snow among the green trees. The flowers ha ve all been hidden by the golden, soft snow A tingling thought is brought to mind ofa Ere 's glow, The impossible lies ahead. The twists and turns every one of us would dread, The moguls and close placement of trees Bring a thought of bruised arms and knees. As tough and difhcult as the mountain may seem, To arrive safely at the bottom is the skiers dream. Penny Ecks Like a classic book, my cover doesn 't shine. The story on my pages though, is uniquely mine. Read me through and learn my characters and plotg You 'll know all that I want you to and some that I do not. And wh en we've been together time enough to tell, Perhaps you ll take your pen, and my empty pages fill. Kary Mauro I .Q , 3 Y.. Y - .X 1 -- .,L'Af..i,"l-- , . -121 I -. . . . t'if'a...,.---" A in P l -. .T-4 31 - ef -at-H fd..-if - 'V " ,nf - .. - .w Q Afgggdq, . . , r"""f, Randy Franke Will the Real Audra Murphy Please Stand Up., She woke and glided neatly into her daily outine. That, at least, was normal. She made er bed, showered, and got dressed in that rder, as usual. She serenely ate her breakfast flukewarm oatmeal, then departed to catch er bus for Wellsley College at eight sharp. Her name was Audra Murphy, a tall, pretty londe who was very intelligent - and knew F, She liked things orderlyg she liked to have verything in its place - including people. ?he rarely dated, though not through lack of allers. She could have been popular and well deed had she not held herselfso aloof She arrived at the bus stop, punctual of ourse. The bus arrived late, of course. She 'oarded the bus and returned the driver's heerful smile with a cold, calculated stretch- Eg of the lips. She placed her fifty cents in the eter and sat down in the only available seat, cross from an unshaven and disheveled man .vho reeked of alcohol and next to a child of perhaps six or seven. The bus started with a jerk. They rolled out into the open highway, out into the morning narl of cars, trucks, motorcycles and still more cars. Audra was absorbed in trying to decide vhich lab to do in chemistry when she real- zed that everyone in the bus was silent except or one man who was speaking in a loud, 'ough manner. She glanced up and froze in xorror. There in the front of the bus stood that :nan - that bum who had been sitting across rom her only a moment ago. And there in his rand, no it couldn 't bel, was a gun. His words :rated against Audra 's ears. "Anybody does anything stupid and the river's brain gets plastered all over the whole amn highway-got it?!" Audra trembled visibly. The child in the :eat next to her began to whimper. This tiny sound somehow struck a chord within that Jart ofAudra which had long been silent. She :lowly took the child in her arms and held her. This, perhaps, was the first loving gesture she ad performed since Karen But no, this as not the time to be puzzling over feelings efound. That man, that crazy hijacker, was telling 'he driver something. The words chilled udra to the bone for they were just like omething from an old movie, the kind you atch at 11:30 on windy nights. "You just get e to the airport as fast as this heap will go - o move it, damn it!" If Audra was scared before, she was terri- fied now. For here he was, sauntering down the isle, swaying with the motion ofthe bus. 'He stopped directly in front ofthem. "Gimme the kid," he growled. The child Etiffened in Audra 's arms. Audra drew in a harp breath -- her mind was reeling. "No," her only thought was that the little Eirl looked just like Karen, her younger sister ho had been killed in an auto accident two years ago. "Leave her alone: take me instead. " A little corner of her mind said "FooI!", but it was silenced by a wave of emotion followed by a monsoon of fear. The man reflected a moment, suspicion evi' dent in his dark eyes. All in a moment his arm grasped Audra 's in a biting grip and yanked her out of the seat. "Come on. get up here -- and you 'd better not try anything funny. " Audra stumbled up the lurching aisle, con- scious ofthe frightened eyes of the other pas- sengers and the cold, hard presence ofthe gun on her back, All too soon the bus was at the airport and Audra was forced to run through the airport and board a plane. Her only thought was, "l've saved Karen. I 've saved Karen, " Six weeks later Brazilian police had cap- tured the hijacker and upon his confession they searched a hotel room. They found Audra. She had saved Karen. Now she was with Karen. ' Beth Goscienski I know you'll never believe me when l till you this, but I 'll give it a try anyway. Yester- day, while I was cruising through Harlem Idon 'I ask me whyd, l was stopped by a gang of blacks. At first, I thought it was a holdup. But. as I stopped, some of them walked over to my side of the car, one stayed in the front. and three scampered onto my hood. I really didn 't know what to think and I was speechless. Then suddenly, they all began to dance and sing. At first it seemed as though they were a little on the high side of thingsg however. except for their shaking their booties in the vicinity of my car, they seemed normal. A white man then walked up, tapped on my car window. and I rolled it down. I expected to see him pull out a gun and hear myself scream, but he just asked me how I was doing. To my astonishment. he told me that he was the director of a movie, and that behind the doors of the van in front of me was a movie camera. l-le then waved his hand and the doors opened to reveal the camera, I said yes when he offered me S100 to drive up again. Imagine me, a "movie star, " A james O'Brien Mike Lukpetrts Perspective I 37 A C f H I "Please haven seat. " ry or e p v , He let the report slip gently from his hands The-yboth sat down' She stared at mm anx' and land softly on his desk. was 5 ' Sergeant Thomas Ba yor, Age 35 Height: 6 '1 " Weight: 220 Time of Death: Approximately 2:35 a.m. November 25, 1980 Cause of Death: Repeated blows to the neck and chest by a sharp abject. Weapon: Unknown He rubbed his damp brow with a quivering palm as he tried to combat the rank fluid of fear and despair that began to bubble in the pit ofhis stomach. She had been right! She had known! Together, they could have saved him! But he hadn 't believed. If only he had believed her. His mind returned to the first moment that he had met her. He had looked up and was surprised to see a young woman standing before his desk. He was struck immediately by her beauty. But it had been obvious that she was nerv- ous and uncomfortable with the silence and was afraid to speak first, so he did. "Yes?" "I - I was told to see Sergeant Ryne, " she had stammered, indicating the bold lettering on the office door with her eyes. "I'm Sergeant Ryne," he said, rising and offering his hand. "How can Ihelp you?" She had taken his hand, meeldy. "l have some information for you on the morning murders," she stated, hesitating on the word "information," Ryne became instantly interested. After 20 years on the police force, even the most conscientious man no longer reacted to the occurance of a murder. Ryne would never say it was apathy, only a cold acceptance so as to spare ones sanity. But when a madman begins a killing spree and when his victims are members of their own police force, the police- men work twice as hard on overtime, combing the streets, searching for any leads. Up until now, they had none. He prayed she had'some- thing to say. I 38 Perspective Bob Michalek What is your name?" He asked. "Sharon Kellis. " "What can you tell me?" "I saw Sergeant Manning being killed, " Ryne was thrown off guard. "Whatl You were there when it happened?" "No, I wasn 't there. I was eating breakfast two days ago, reading the paper when I saw a -a vision. " Ryne slumped in his chair. Another screw- ball! How could she have gotten into this office? The guys up front probably thought this was a fine joke. lt wasn't funny and he would let them know it. "I can see you don 't believe it. but that isn't important. What is important is that I have seen the killer kill again! He will kill again at 2:35 in the morning at the Baxter Warehouse. " "Miss Kellis, I -" "Please listen to me! l'm not crazy!" She stood up. "At least check up on me! You'll fino out that Ihave never before claimed to be psy- chic!! I never knew I was until he started thr killings, lt's as if we are somehow linkeo together and he tells me before he kills. I think he wants me to know so I can stop him. Please believe me!" "I don't believe you Miss Kellis, because l have heard that same story after every other madman decides to go on a rampage. They never turn out to be psychic. They just want some kind of attention! I think your type is sick," Exasperated. she stomped to the door. "A man is going to die. Don 't forget that you were fore-warned!" With that she was gone. Ryne had gone directly to the front desk ana chewed them out. The men protested, saying that they had never even seen the woman come in, Of course they wouldn't admit it. Ryne was surrounded with sick people! His mind returned to the present when ht saw the imageof her face through the translu- cent glass of his office door. He stiffened, pre- paring himself for the arrogant glare of hei grey eyes as she would stand above him ana state, "I told you so." But no matter bow arro- gant she appeared, he would have to listen tc her this time. Sharon stepped in and tentatively shut the door. She wasn't proud, she was scared. Hei skin was pulled taut on her face from worry- ing and her eyes were rimmed with red. She slowly came to his desk. "Did it happen ?" Her voice was barely audi- le. Ryne softened. She really was frightened. ke went to her and helped her to the chair. "Don 't you know?" "I couldn 't read the paper." She began to Ly. He tried to comfort her, embarrased by vinga woman cry in front of him. "Who? When?"she asked between sobs. "It happened when you said it would. I'm rry I said what I did. This killer has put me der a lot of stress. The last man that was 'lled was a friend of mine. He left a message r me saying that he had a lead on the kill- gs, but he didn 't say what it was. If I had Fnly believed you, I could have stopped him! lease forget the way I treated you before and elp me. We have to stop whoever is doing ns. "How?" she asked, drying her eyes. "Did you have another vision this morn- ng?" 'No, I told you, I was afraid to read the aper." Ryne scanned the room, trying to get an idea E to what to do next. His eyes fell to the port on Bayor. He reached for it. "On the second page is a description of the gene of the crime. It could help you to see ur vision. But, I won't let you read it unless ou're sure that you can handle the detils bout his death." "I can read it, but I'm not sure ifl will see Eything about the killer or his next victims. I ve no wa y of con trolling my visions. " 'Please try!" He handed her the report. She 'ipped the top sheet and began reading the econd page. He stared at her face intently as she read, earching for any change in her face. She eared the end of the report with no change. It tasn't going to work, he thought. What do we o now? He froze. She was staring at him. The mus- les of her face were totally relaxed and her es vacant. It reminded Ryne of a face from ble dead. He was afraid. What was he sup- osed to do? She began to mumble to herself He strained 1 understand what she was saying. 'Y became afraid." She stared, blankly, lis- ening to a voice that only she could hear. Don 't make me, please." There was no emo- on in her voice. "Where are you?" Ryne asked. "In a hall. It's dark and so quiet, oh so lnietlu Her face became more animated. "I 'm ightened. Let 's go back! " "Whats at the end ofthe hall?" "A door. I don 't want to go in there. But I nust. Imust stop him: Hes not in here! Itlsjust room with no furniture in it, except for a full rngth mirror on the wall. He's not here! Yes Eisf' she hissed. "He's here. I can feel him!" e screamed and leaped from her seat. Ryne fell back. "No, go away!" she cried. Ryne recovered from his shock and stopped -er before she ran out the door. "Stop it! Stop it!" She began pounding his 'zest in a rhythmic motion, as if she were 'abbing someone. Ryne shuddered, his skin tilted tight across his body and the hair on e nape of his neck raised. "Stop it! Stop it!! God, please, why can 't I Et die!" She collapsed. Ryne helped her to rseat. The door opened. Ryne jumped as if he had been caught doing something wrong. A famil- iar face peered in. "Everything alright?" "Everything's just fine, Tom. She just got a little emotional, that's all. The man nodded. "Reminds me of a red- head I saw this morning. " He was gone. "What happened?" She said in a weak, drained voice. "Don 't you remember?" Sharon leaned over and rubbed her temples. "I don't remember anything. No, wait. I remember half of a building. " "What?" She shrugged. "I also remember an address and a time. 50012 Vont Street. Apt. 3C at 12:55 tonight." "Anything else?" "No, up to a certain point, I can 't remember anything." "Thats alright, you did fine. " Ryne said, patting her shoulder and then moving to his desk. "What are you going to do now?" "Look up your building. " "And then?" "And then if there is something at that address, then I in going there. " "Tonight?" She stood up, frightened. "Thats when he'll be there. " "Take me along! Please don't make me wait again at home, alone, wondering if at that moment someone could be getting killed. Please don't let me go through that hell again!!" "Alright, but you will stay in the car. " She was both relieved and surprised that he ga ve in so quickly. He picked her up at 10:45. They exchanged solemn greetings and then rode for quite some time without speaking. Neither could believe they were going to do what they were going to do. And they both worried about what could go wrong. Sharon finally spoke. "Sergeant Ryne. " "Hob." She smiled nervously. "Bob, I 've been think- ing this afternoon about my visions. What happened today, with me remembering only the beginning, happens every time. just when I sense that I am about to know who the killer is everything goes black. Why can 't I remember who the killer is? I want to." "Well, this is my Hrst experience with any- one like you. No offense, but I think your mind makes you forget as a way of protec- tion. " "Protection? From what?" "As I was listening to you go through your trance, it sounded to me like you took the part of the victim and it was such a traumatic experience that you had to forget it. " Sharon thought about what he had said. Was he right? Did she play the part ofthe vic- tim? Something nagged in the back of her brain. At 11:30 the car came to a stop. Ryne turned off the motor and the lights. "There's your half of a building. " he said pointing across the street. Shrouded in darkness, on the corner of a poorly lit and badly paved road, was the rub- ble of an old hotel. A wrecking crew had already taken a large chunk out of the build- mg, but half still remained. "Make sure the doors are locked. Keep the windows closed and the lights oftl " She nodded O.K. He got out and then added, "Don 't let any- one in except me. I 've left a message with a friend of mine at the station, Tom Trowers, to come down here as soon as he can. Don 't leave the car until he comes. When he does tell him to come up after me. I may need some help. Understand?" "Be careful. " He was gone. She waited alone in the silent darkness. What if the killer wasn 't in the building, but standing somewhere in the shadows? Sharon knew that he would be able to sense her just like she could sense him. She slumped deeper into her seat. Beyond the window she could see a black, gaping space in the building. In her mind is eye, she envisioned the killer peer- ing down at her with a devilish grin, knowing that at last she was coming to him. "It seems you play the part of the victim." She couldn't stand to be alone with her thoughts anymore. She had to get away! Ryne slowly ascended the narrow stairs, stepping carefully to avoid making too much noise as he stepped on the plaster that littered the floor. Apt. 3C That meant he would have to go to the third floor. With each step he took, he became more tense. As he neared the third landing, he remembered the madman in "Psy- cho" bearing down on his victims .bis eyes wide with insanity and wa ving an unhaturally long knife over his head. Like that victim, Ryne would ha ve little time to react before the cold blade would be driven into soft warm tis- sues of his brain. He reached the landing and entered a hall. The only light came from behind a door hung on one hinge. The room beyond was partially destroyed, allowing the moonlight to come in. Slowly and cautiously, Ryne advanced down the hall. He had to remain calm, steady and alert, ready for any sudden attack. But no matter what he told himself his hands shook and his heart pounded wildly in his ears. A foot scraped the tioor behind him. He whirled around, aiming his gun at a figure crouched at the stair exit. Hltfs me, " a voice whispered. The figure crept toward him until the light from beyond the caved-in door reflected on soft grey eyes that were large and clear with fright. He hurried to Sharon is side. "What are you doing in here?" "I couldn't stand to be alone. I thought he knew where I was and was coming for me. I became so frightened!" "lt's dangerous for you to be here. You had bettergo. " "Don 't make me, please! " She clutched him tightly. He noticed that she had brought her purse with her and thought it funny that even at moments like this, a woman didn 't forget to bring her purse. r "Stay behind me and if anything happens, run!" . She nodded solemnly and loosened her hold. Perspective I 39 140 Perspective They made their way to the end of the hall and came to the last closed door. 3C appeared faintly in the darkness. Ryne pushed her behind him and encircled the knob with his hand. "l'm frightened. Let's go back!" Sharon pleaded. He didn 't hear her. His eyes were intent on the door knob. It turned easily. It wasn't locked. Quickly, in a manner well rehearsed. he flung open the door, crouched down and aimed his gun into the room. Nothing stirred. For several long, quiet seconds neither moved until their eyes grew acquainted to the dark- ness. When they did they revealed an empty room without furniture. Ryne motioned Sharon to stay where she was and then entered the room. The air was stale and thick with dust. The window had been boarded up. There was only one other door in the room. He opened it in the same manner that he opened the other one, only not as drastically. After searching every closet and corner until he was sure the killer was not hiding, he returned to the main room, Sharon stood fear- fully just within the doorway. Ryne motioned her to go into the other room. As he did, he saw a full length mirror. He walked over to it. Everything she had said had come true. The building, the empty hotel room and the mirror. Now, all that had to be seen was if she was right about the time, 12:55. His digital watch indicated 12:45. All they could do now was wait for the killer. He probably had befriended his victim and had found some way of getting him here. lt should be easy to apprehend the killer. But, one thing bothered him. What if he had interpreted Sharon 's vision incorrectly. What if she, actually, was going to be the next victim? Sharon hadn 't seen his gesture to go into the other room. She was lost in her confused frightened thoughts. He isn 't here! Where is he? She was sure he would bein here. A wave of nausea swept over her. He had been with her all the time, waiting for the right moment. Oh God, help me! l have no protection! She wanted to scream but couldn't. Her mind reeled. She became dizzy. I mustn 't black out. Then I would be totally defenseless! Her hand fumbled inside of her purse for something that she could fight back with. Adrenalin flooded her brain. She would survive. 4 Ryne looked up from his watch and saw her face in the mirror. It seemed to have been completely transformed. Her lips were pulled back, revealing her teeth. Her eyes had become spheres of frozen granite. He knew he had been wrong. The killer was SHE. And Sharon didn't play the part of the victim: she played the killer! She lurched at him and with the skill of experience, aimed her tiny steel weapon where it would do the most damage. There was no time for him to react before she embedded it into his neck. His neck snapped back. Sharon jabbed it deeper into his spinal column, twisted it savagely and then jerked it out. It seemed to Ryne as though he were falling in slow motion while a million thoughts rushed through his mind. Probably has befriended his victim I think your mind makes you forget as a way of protection. Pro- tection? . . . It is as if we are somehow linked together He wants me to know so l can stop him. Please believe. please help me! Stop it! God, please why can 't l just die?" His head struck the floor. She pounced on him and began to stab at his chest. His head rolled so that he could see her in the mirror. Her eyes were inflamed with joy. Her mouth was set in a cunning smirk and her hair lay crooked on her head, revealing blonde strands underneath that had been chopped close to her head. He tried to shut his eyes, but he seemed to have lost control of even that sim- ple movement. Oh God, don 't make me have to watch!! Something warm, splashed across his face. Tiny droplets of a thick dark fluid appeared on the mirror. He could feel no pain, only a dull poking, as if a doctor were probing a wound that wasn 't fully under the influence of novocaine. Why wasn 't he dying? His mind screamed. Her arms and face were streaked with his blood. She abandoned her weapon and began to use her hands. Finally, his heart was dam' aged. She dug her hands into his torn flesh and pulled them out, enjoying the feeling, as shredded strips of muscle and skin slid through her Hngers. The last sound that Bob Ryne heard was her wild, victorious laugh as she raised her blood-drenched hands toward the heavens. The last sight he saw was her putting her hands in her mouth. By the time it was morning, the weak, inse- cure personality of Sharon Kellis had died away like the many others before her: and with her, all memory of Bob Ryne. It was Sara Kellys chance now, a strong-willed redhead who was concerned about a number of visions she had been having. She would wake up in the morning and tind her steel fingernail file broken and twisted, covered by a color of red fingernail polish that she never used. She would throw it away and make a mental note to buy another one. Then she would bring in the newspaper. She would stop before she entered the house. Splashed across the front page would be a detailed account of the latest murder. The multilation of the body was far worse than any of the others and the police suspected that some cannibalism might have been involved. Memories would come. but the hidden killer inside her would cleverly trick her into believing that they were onlya vision. She needed help desperately! She prayed that Sergeant Trowers would listen to her now. Sara had visited him the other morning, before she had another one of her mysterious blackouts. Later that morning she would leave. The feeling that the killer somehow knew who she was would prompt her toemove secretly. So secretly, that not even the men at the front desk would see her enter the police station. But, despite her precautions, the killer would go with her. Gary Faucher hzzsej ggggf 5415-:V fx, wgsfzs - , 7 1 -i -f-,-, ,:-,.:,- '-'- iw -fvsfaff f.-'.. -11,-vwfm -v', fi ,.:', H:,., 11 -'l-' 1 ,:f'- , . A . i ' r 5 a 6 . 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You can find them out cycling on the open road or out in the mountains slaloming down the slopes with the cold wind beating against their faces. Others spend their time in service to the school, helping to organize activities, keeping us informed of school happenings, and boosting school spirit. . Still others will use their time trying to tackle mind-boggling problems or games. Whatever the case, the people that join clubs here at Uni are putting their time to good use by gaining more abili- ties to do things they enjoy in the com- pany of others, and having fun while doing it. ff, Ex! .-nf' F X gf YUPE U ff 41 X .I . .,. ,F .5 ,. :, if SV! Clubs and Academics 143 The Iesters exists as a club of superla- 144 Jostors! ITS IESTERS ARE SUPERLATI E Back Row: Fr. Leo Lanphier, Leslie McCoy, Gary Faucher, Kelly Harrington, Mika Cutting, Sue McFarlin, Craig Carter, Susan Brennan, Roseanna Calderon, Bill Zepf, Cindy Slo- minski, Chris DaRosa. Middle Row: Dan Farney, Mark Bouterie', Eve Selis". Iohn Watson", Theresa Brazier', tives: it is the oldest on campus and has the most experienced moderator. Father Leo Lanphier founded the Iesters as the first club at Uni in 1957 and has been moderator ever since. And the list continues: most active, one of the largest, most talented, fun- niest. Since moving back to the Little Theater on Campus last year, the Iesters have had nothing but financial successes. With the proceeds from this year's productions, the groufm purchased four liturgical vestments, one or each play, to be used in school Mas- ses and in the chapel. Each Iester must work 32 hours in the act- ing, business, or design elements of drama, giving the Iesters the most exclusive mem- ership on campus. Still, these high stand- ards haven't deterred new people from join- ing. "We wanted to give the Iesters a more open atmosphere, and it has attracted new members," said President Theresa Brazier. Members now number about 35. A quarter of these have also logged in the required 100 hours for the International Thespian Soci- et , a national dramatic organization. In adlliition to the three plays highlighted here, they presented "Hullabullo," Fr. Lanphier's own musical comedy, in April. 4,34 is l lf 9 JA A . T. Ihgkwxx li Nt A , 'x , . gl' Q F X 'ff n -f 'Eg 'Ei ix ET If k. W 2 -'Tsai ' x Androna Calles', Doug Moore', Lisa Montoya, Rosie Pera- gine. Front Row: Mike Lukpetris, Nina Wagner, Peter Wood, Cheryl Stage, Greg George, Lisa Stage, Iohn Dolan, Elaine Warren'. Not Pictured: Theresa Smith, Ron Bout- erie'. Cdenotes ITS memberl v Q g 2-4- A Whse ll ll CURIOUS SAVAGE HIL RIOU5 CO EDY 0 QQ.. October's "The Curious Savage," marked by some of the finest comedic performances Uni had ever seen, made the Iesters their largest profit ever, according to President Theresa Brazier. An eccentric widow fKathryn Schorrj has been giving her husband's millions to any- one who wants them. To make her stop, her greedy children fplayed by Mike Cooney, Garry Faucher, and Beth Goscienskij com- mit her to an asylum. Although sane, she befriends its hilarious and harmless inmates fMark Bouterie, Theresa Brazier, Androna Calles, Doug Moore, and Eve Selisj and with the help of the good doctor and his assistant Uohn Dolan and Mary Ricej foils her chil- dren's plot to seize the money. .,:'z.. ,, 9 we MQ L From Top: Mark Bouterie,fleftJ and Theresa Bra- zier lrightl are astounded at Eve Selis" luck at cards, Kathryn Schorr offers a reward to Mary Rice, Fr. Lanphier looks pleased with the per- formance. Curious Savoge 145 SHOTS AND SCREAMS EN LIVEN The Iesters tried their hand at comic melodrama with "The Tavern" in December. Greg George as the witty Vagabond led the large cast through a plot laden with shots, screams and blackouts. The crotchety inn keeper fMike Cooneyj and his love-smitten son and tavern girl fGary Faucher and Theresa Smithl are beside themselves when the governor fBill Zepfj and his family fTheresa Brazier, Elaine Warren and Iohn Watsonl wander in after being robbed on the road. Finally the evil sheriff fDoug Moorel is revealed as the culprit. The Cheerful vagabond's sud- den disappearance after being unmasked as an asylum escapee ends the play on a mysterious note. Above: The cast of "The Tavern." Below: Greg George as the Vagabond. 146 The Tavern "THE TAVERIN I URDER DELIGHTI3 LLY SOPHISTICATED Below: Androna Calles makes the momentous decision to face punishment rather than commit suicide. Left: Androna weeps and Theresa Smith and Iohn Dolan are shocked after she shoots her ex-fiance, Dan Farney, in the legg Chris DaRosa frl is skeptical as Androna pleads her innocence to Dan and Theresa. Agatha Christie's sophisticated "Murder on the Nile" delighted Febru- ary theater goers with its puzzling plot and quick wit. Greg George as a canon- turned-sleuth and Androna Calles as a vengeful woman turned in superior performances. Honeymooners Kelly Harrington and Dan Farney were superb, as was Theresa Brazier as the delightfully haughty Miss ffoliot- ffolkes. Iohn Dolan, Beth Goscienski, Chris DaRosa and Theresa Smith rounded out the fine cast. BOWLING CLUB SET FOR STRIKES Eg: is pg S, S S SS Wil 0 With having fun and developing skills in mind, the Bowling Club encouraged many of Uni's bowlers to join in and improve their bowling tech- niques. Beginning in October and con- tinuing through March, the club met regularly on Wednesdays at Frontier Lanes. Coordinated by Mrs. Theresa Rizzo, and led by President Steve Kemp, the members formed eight teams, which consisted of three bowl- ers on each team, and competed against each other in the quest for "strikes and spares." Left to Right: Paul and Mrs. Rizzo, Mike Dolan and Gerry Fenech discuss scores, Patty Harvel has perfect form for a strike. 148 Bowling Club Q in it Kneeling: Mike Dolan. Front Row: Gerry Fen- ham, Paul Rizzo, lose Garcia, Edwin Reyr 9Ch. Elmo NOSHFL lack LiViH8Si0T1. Mrs. Rear: Frederick Bustria, Steve Kemp, PaulB Theresa Rizzo, Teresa Fraser, Theresa Abra- zuela, Patricia Harvel, Mike Stokes. is . i gg - -- H - . i?fKf.f'ss .5ii2.e5f 5 A-TF: fi Try- ' .- . 3 k S Beverl Kel' Ioe Proal, Dan Otto, Mike Lukpetris, Bill Zepf, Mandy Lopez, Beth Gos- Front Row: Tim Howe, Richard Yuvienco, Mar perrazzo, y .er, Iudy Kavanaugh, Ann Miller. Back Row:Gene Gaffney, john Watson, cienski. EL CID STIRS CONTROVERSY , 9, A-fl. Otto, Features, Tim Howe, Editor-in-Chiefg Ioe Proal, Businessg Bill Zepf, Opinions: Mandy LOPEZ. SPONSC Aflfl Miller, News. Unlike the past editions of El Cid, this year's newspaper has taken a political point of view. When Moderator Nancy Donovan was asked what she will remember most about El Cid, she rep- lied that she will never forget the con- troversy the paper has caused. Commenting on the controversy, Edi- tor Tim Howe said, "Newspapers are by nature controversial because some- one is bound to disagree with opinions expressed." He added that he thought it was important that the paper allowed people to express their opinions before theentire school. Though the newspaper was not very organized at first, they made improve- ments very rapidly. According to Ms. Donovan, this was because, "We were able to meet deadlines, improve inter- viewing techniques, and feature more and more interesting articles." One of the major difficulties that the paper experienced was the lack of stu- dent response. Though the paper has a big staff, it needed more letters from the students to the editor. El Cid 49 K, 4 t Art by Mika Cutting CYCLING CLUB Faster than a speeding skateboard, more powerful than a raging moped, able to ,ride a 400 mile tour in a single week . . . Look, out in the bike lane! It's a herd, it's a train, NO! It's - it's the Uni-Cycles. Disguised as mild mannered Univer- sity High students, the Cycling Club fights the never ending battle for room, recognition, and the right of way. Wishing to become better informed and more experienced in the sports of cycle touring and racing, the Cycling Club pedaled 25 miles up the coast every weekend. During Christmas vaca- tion, club members took a six day, 400 mile ride to Palm Springs and Hemet. "The rides were hard," said club presi- dent Mika Cutting, "but more impor- tantly, we enjoyed ourselves despite the difficulty." 150 Cycling Club , ,,,, ,,,, y,,,, ' W ,'i,,t ,M y , ,,,,,,. Str ,i Y 1 1,-ge -, o -as ,HM ' is 'es S ri fl' N ,, is Q , Vlll I Bmw -in ss S is at L t as ., ,x, .lit T, jf! - J gh,, I, -t-s- g g if I ,.i. S is ,,,,, ,,,, , 4' The Australian Bike Club is having some trouble. HITS THE OPE- RO D cf' Back Row: Steve Giesing, Moderator Dana Shelburne, Lee Sampsell, john Pabst, Frank Schanber- ger, Mika Cutting, Bill Myles, Peter Moons, Brian Keves, lim Smith. Bottom Row: Ben Balanag, Ruth Lukpetris, Patty Haroel, Mike Myles. ,,,,,,,,-,mg E SKI CLUB SLALOMS DOWN SLOPES THE SKI CLUB - bk N -H - - .- .-x. uy1.. ,..-,... fy n-'!hM.e:.1, lH.rTx -K 1. . .JAKQ7-7' .' 4.,..:..- f . .'.. V'-3" "-' ' . - 'wav-fa"' - uf... .. '..4 Art by Mika Cutting For the members of the Ski Club, there's no better way to spend a week- end than hitting the slopes of Mammoth or Snow Summit. The club members plan for any weekend when the weather is good for skiing, but this sea- son there wasn't much snow and they have only taken eight trips. There are about 140 Ski Club members, three times as many as there were last year. They enjoyed the trips, organized by the Boy Scouts of America Ski Explorer Post. Moderator Mrs. Prather invites all Uni skiers to join as the Ski Club's members range in skill from beginners to advanced. Ski Club 151 SQUADS SPARK SPIRIT Filled with enthusiastic spirit, the I.V. Cheerleading squad got the teams fired up for the games and got the crowds rowdy. Led by Head- Cheerleader, Camille Selis, and Co- Head, Susie Deely, the squad showed a lot of talent and originality in their cheers, dances, and mounts. Together the whole squad made up the cheers and dances during their daily practices. We are the best.. .We are the U.H.S. No matter what they say, We'll do it the Dons way. . . Red machine, it is up to you . . . We're gonna win, that's what we're gonna do!!! 152 JV Cheerleaders Left to right from top: Camille Selis, Iackie Grabe, Mary Rauner, Kelly Harrington, Suzie Deely, Pam Douglas, Dawn Manning, Lisa Bufalini. i Pulling each member's distinguishing qualities together to make a team was the key to the freshmen cheerleading squad's success. Head cheerleader Maria Close's leadership and Ann Kan- kowski's positive attitude contributed to the squad's coherence. Co-head cheerleader Casey Connors wrote many of the cheers while everyone helped choreograph routines and voted on the best moves. Lori Fratarcangelo, loudest of the cheerleaders, made sure the fans heard every word, and Becky Byron and Sally Hayes added fresh excitement with their gymnastics abil- ity. These vivacious spirit boosters look forward to trying out the positions on next year's IV squad. Freshman Cheerleaders 153 UNGEONS 8z DRAGONS CLUB 154 Dungeons 8 Dragons ,ff Besides being able to live in a fan- tasy world of elves, witches, war- locks, kings, and queens, the mem- bers of the Dungeons and Dragons Club also developed their creativity, imagination, originality, and their skills in acting, writing, and reading. Dungeons and Dragons has been popularized by college students and now, many high school students are joining the crowd, mostly because adults cannot find enough time to play the game. Playing the game itself takes about four hours, other preparations, such as writing the adventure, take another extra hour. The dungeonmaster writes the adventure and each member plays the part of one of the characters. As they go through the adventure, dice are rolled to determine their fate. ,A N ,ff in xx s Standing: Iohn Covell, David Wilhelmy, Paul Azarewicz, Arthur Stephens, Steve Covell, Paul Manderfeld. Sitting: lack Livingstone. Xxx. ve. ,-A.- 'l 3 1123 ig X . li XXX ln, P tu-71944 J ' 4 ,. ffl K' 'Mya Q - r' Ili! ,' XT! ,-K wx , tx XXX WX If The few but competent chess players on campus met four times a week dur- ing lunch to form the Chess Club. Not seeking publicity, they had a good time. "lt's pretty straightforward," said President Gerry Fenech, "We just go in and play chess." The Club held tournaments among themselves to determine club champion and also showed competitive spirit in a match against Bishops. With a winning score of 13-1, "just going in and playing chess" certainly paid off. CHESS CLUB E IOYS COMPETITIO ding: Greg Shannon, lim Winsor, Steve Schatz, Glen stone, Gerry Fenech. er, Chris Erpelding, Mike Riordan. Sitting: lack Living- I Chess Club 'I55 COUNCIL REPRESENTS ST DE TS At the beginning of the school year, each homeroom elected a dele- gate to the Student Council. This council had a lot of power because it represented the whole student body. They held meetings twice a month, and during these meetings they dis- Cussed the different activities on and off campus that were coming up and also anything that the Council wanted to improve. The delegates who wanted something to be done about school policies or schedules introduced the subject and the Coun- cil voted on it at the next meeting. Though the Council passed activi- ties and policy changes such as Spirit Week and the shortened Friday schedule, these also had to go through the ASB to be voted on. Likewise, anything that went through the ASB had to also be approved by the Student Council. y .... -T1-Q in K. . . Clockwise From Above: Elaine Sebastian makes a point as members of Ig- the senior delegation look ong The council members listen attentively to a lllll A suggestiong Freshman representatives discuss an issue. 156 Student Council CSF AN NHS RECOGNIZE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE K 5 S 355,65 ,4- Q Q K ' --kk-- . :QQ . A M, Front Row: Bill Zept, jusnna riavm, 1-xnna uustria, jocelyn Valencia, Glory CUmmll18, l-yllll Reiter. Felicia Del3l1ey.l0e'M3l'Sellfif David Pilk' Theresa Abraham. 2nd Row: Kary Mauro, Margaret Pfeil, Iulie Rauner, iD8i0Il, Robert Kelly, Gerry Felleell- Buck Row: R0Sle Pe1'e8lI1e- Kelly Fel'- Lisa Aaperin, Iulie Bedore, Patty Zepf, Debbie Hardesty, Lisa Stage, Tony ris. Penny Ecks, Brenda Horn, Dave Millan, Augustine Yee, Todd Mauro. Std Row: Michelle Iohnson, Ryan Wagner, Kevin Moran, Mandy Salzman- Lopez, Roselyn Aguila, Dan Bedore, Cathy Marusa. 4th Row: Susan Beel, One hundred and twenty applica- tions were filed at the beginning of each semester for membership in the California Scholarship Federation, an organization on campus which recognized those who excel in aca- demic subjects. Eligibility was based on ten academic points tA's were three points and B's onel with no unsatisfactory marks in conduct. Lif- time membership was achieved by completing four semesters - at least one in the senior year. The benefits of life membership are eligibility for scholarships throughout California and a special gold seal on the diploma. Member- ship in CSF helps students in their college application. The more exclusive National Honor Society requires a GPA of 3.0 or above and involvement in extra- curricular activities and community service. Granted only by the Dean and class moderators after student application, membership cannot be regained once it is lost. Fifteen percent of the seniors, 10'A of the juniors, and 5'Z, of the sopho- mores were selected. CSF! NHS 157 CHORUS MAKES GOOD SHOWI G 'FIRST TIME 'ROU D' W 'nf' W ' Kneeling: Ioe Elliot, Bill Fallon, Elaine SanN1colas Katheryn Femck Pflaum Elaine Sebastian Nancy Diller Arcelia Tapia Amy Butzer Iohn Dolan, Rachael Green, Elaine Warren, Dan Farney Alfredo Bal Darla Hayes Colleen Caulfield Paula Contreras Aide Hillman Betl maceda. Standing: Mr. David Brees, Mary Ross Theresa Brazier Iane Brown lane! Andersen Mr Bob Hart Not Pictured Rhonda Sawyer Do re mi fa sol la ti do! Everyday at E Block the harmonious sounds of the chorus drifted from the CC Center. And that was only practice! Appropriately named, "First Time 'Round," Uni's first ever show chorus later performed at masses, assemblies and during Hunger Awareness Week. Their performance at Magic Mountain during Christmas vacation earned them an invitation to come back any time for a return engagement. Many of the chorus' 25 members became interested in singing after appearing in last year's school musical "Ok1ahoma!" So they invited the music director of that production, Mr. David Brees, to come and lead the chorus. The highlight of the group's year was their "Broadway Spectacular" dinner show in March, which featured medleys from "Music Man," "Oliver," "Hello Dolly," "A Chorus Line," and "Annie," 158 Chorus EW BA D TRUMPETS ARRIV L A drum roll please Taa Daaaa! Introducing University High's brand new Band. In its first year, the band cer- tainly made a good impression. Even though the sixteen musicians were mixed from all four grades and ranged from rank beginners to those with seven years of experience, they were very compatible, showing that coopera- tion and hard work are prime ingredi- ents in a fine band. Director David Brees' contagious enthusiasm brought the group together and dispelled their initial apprehension. For a group in its first year, they have performed many times, both at school functions and in the community. They played for the Parent's Association, the Point Loma Christmas Parade, at Homecoming, assemblies and other football and basketball games. There's talk of developing a marching band and drill team. How's that for moving up the scale? ,ppl lhlndillgr Mr. David BFGSS. Iawad MHSSO. Michael Ioseph, IOC HiCk6, Anderson, Tina King, Iennifer Carlisle. Front: Renee Rauch, Tiffany Ldriana Tapia, Arcelia Tapia, Dwayne View, Glen Boyer, Bill Fallon. Tripp, lneeling: Betty Lachmayer, Antoinette DeVita, Andy Hawes, Elaine Band 159 PRESIDIO HELPS YOU REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES li' Left to Right: Kara Vitale, Penny Ecks, Mika Cutting, Kary Mauro, Dan Bedore, Lucia Lachmayr, Paul Azarewicz, Lisa Ecks, Frank Schanberger, Photography Editor Iim Martin, Moderator Robin Hanley, Copy Editor "Where's the grease pencil?" "Can you identify the sec- ond girl from the right in the third row?" "Let's break for lunch!" "What's a pica between friends?" "We can't use another picture of him! Crop him out of it." "Let's break for dinner!" "Is Buff Basketball finished yet?" "Let's break for breakfast?" "Tell you what, when Mr. Kerr comes in, we'll pretend like we thought our deadline was next week, and. . . oh, hi Mr. Kerr." You hold in your hands the best of 1,527 prints, the final drafts of miles of copy and the condensed version of 248 bulging Quad-Paks. Every day after school a small but dedicated group gath- ered in Room 20 to put together Presidio 1981. Many week- ends and sunny holidays found them at school when evertyone else was at the beach. A ter the theme was chosen, artists competed to have their work appear on the cover. Sophomore Iohn Roy's design is featured. Tom Franklin did special lettering for the opening pages and Lis Rice made sure that all the sen- iors had their say. Iohn Morris' stunning photo of Uni at dusk opens the book. Moderator and guiding light Robin Hanley commented, "A handful of people put this yearbook together. Without the layout designs of Bill Myles, the creative copy of Rubie Crena, the darkroom skill of lim Martin, who became pho- tography editor at a critical time, and the scrutiny and ver- satility of Tony Mauro fwho does it alll, this book would not have been possible." P 'icLet's break for lunch." "Don't get catsup on the Quad- a s!" l 60 Presidio Rubie Crena, Editor-in-Chief Tony Mauro, Anna Bustria, Rosely Aguila, Layout Editor Bill Myles, Iocelyn Valencia, Bradley George. avege - O .,,. !- 1 ' E , L E E 5 i qi uf-,EL . if ' 'Q X' 5 --f:,:5 , i if Q ,t. A "'i I . E c Z ll ,tc t X E X .K A tsit ws l' 1 .g s . as... - - 2 . ' E Q . i S A ,t 3 ,., X T, . , Q "e- 3 in -- . B T 45 g K fam v' f -' , I 'l f3f?,:?f?S?T - , , ggi 5 f3 3 5 S . Y " ' 2 fl 'l E Q a U I 3 A, I , 1 . ,Q 'W Q? au-A.. uso 1 asm , ,, 'KO 1 F a-L xi 5. wiv-f 'lv x iii. 'iraq .z 6 "x F4 nam? w w 'W MW 'ix A 1- , .fi if ' ,,. 3, 4 ,gil 'L , -n ' E, 'J ,A 52, 4. - . t 3 bi K . nies' W ,' N' . L' 551 , 1 V -' wx A - M , 'xv 1 . , U- S ' May ,, , 'xi' ,v,.' .J 'AN' , ' ,Swv ., 'F'aa..Mw1f , A -5, . . " 4 w, RV l r A W A M Q., .V u K 4.1 , ,mgwk . .v , ' ' , Q A Mak, M- W. ,, I ,fl 1 'ww . A' 5 ' Q L . ,Nw ' WA x i :va ,, XSSMK sw Q s.. Presidio 161 . H A A. km f S .i 7 K ENGLISH DEPARTMENT GOES 'BACK TO BASICS' 162 Egu h Clockwise From Below: Mr. Peck - "This one can't even spell his name the same way twiceg" Always the gentleman, Mr. Shelburne helps Amy Iohnson in out of the rain, "The noun goes before the verb," Ms. Mauro tells Ierry Pizarrog Ms. Niethus puts up the assign- ment: English puts Tim McHale in a pensive mood: Sue Purcell and Mrs. Federico discuss her essay: Paul McCarty and Ms. Bryan share a joke. "Back to basics" seemed to be the attitude of the English Department. Freshmen and sophomore classes were tracked to enable students with similar abilities to work together. Electives were reduced for seniors and eliminated for juniors, who took a year-long course. All this was done to strengthen the reading and writing abilities of stu- dents. "These are life skills," explained department chairperson Carol Hammond, "lt is important that people can use them in the future, for both their education and recreation. Fortunately, spelling and grammar weren't the only things emphasized. "We wanted students to see the beauty and power of their language," Mrs. Hammond continued. Accord- ingly, students read poetry, short sto- ries, and novels as well as practiced writing. A new "Major British Writers" course was introduced as a senior elective, and the department organ- ized a field trip to the Renaissance Fair. Proud of their curriculum, the English teachers plan to expand and improve it further next year. E"9""' '63 MATH DEPARTMENT: 'NO FRILLS' BUT STRONG PROGRAM 164 Math W When computers finally take over the world, as the headlines warn, at least Uni students will be ready thanks to the Math Department. Mr. Wilson's Com- puter Literacy class introduced stu- dents to programming and the Basic computer language. They also had lots of time to practice on the three termi- nals in the library. Probably the most individualized department, math has four sequences, from Honors through the Basic and selected College Prep programs to the Basic program for those who Wanted to meet requirements only. "We don't have many frills," said Chairperson Ioan Breher, "just the com- puters. Instead we stress a curriculum that makes people strong, ready for a career. Plus, 7506 of all college degrees require a good mathematics back- ground." The Department is proud that is Hon- ors Program now culminates in a full year of Advanced Placement fcollege creditl Calculus. 5 Q Clockwise From Left: Karen Gilmore and Lisa Mangiameli can't seem to decide if it's the first minus the second times ...Q Department Chair- person Mrs. Breher explains graphing: Corinne Byrnes and Dan Otto confer on an especially tough calculus problem: "Look! Right there it says how to do it," Mr. Walbrun tells Iohn Pattong Mr. Thomson explains trigonometry in one easy les- son. Math 165 Armed with test tube, C-clamp, and coffee mug in one hand, and chalk in the other, the Science Department strived to educate the students in the varous fields of sci- ence and to provide not only facts, but appreciation for the methods of science. With basic, regular, and honors couses, the department met the needs of every student- from those who just wanted to satisfy their grad- uation requirements to those who wanted to prepare for a career in the field. "Belonging to a technological soci- ety, the students need a strong foun- dation in the sciences," stressed department chairperson Steve Iaco- bacci. As well as verification of laws and theories and application of princi- ples and formulas, the courses involved laboratory work, an oppor- tunity to apply knowledge in a hands-on situation. Carts sped across the room, pendulums swung, and pulleys pulled in physics class, strong smells of bubbling solutions wafted from chemistry lab, and frogs gave their lives to help budding biol- ogists. What else made the science courses best-sellers? The great co- operation and intimacy within the staff and the humor the teachers added to create a pleasant atmos- phere. I 66 Science W he asm -'vwg,f"""""i fab-Q 'X L....,..-- it.-elf? i' fs.. . X .if . - sa S SCIENCE COURSES ARE BEST-SELLERS J ,Q M7 g . - g .f S C' Q S S CS :xt - " ,v Clockwise From Left: Mr. Gorsich - "Whadda you mean, can we skip lab this week?"g Alfred Carini wonders if this is what happens after too much biology: Sporting the latest in designer lab wear, Mr. Tibbs brightens up any biology lab: Leigh Anderson waits for further instructionsg Mr. Roth directs a student away from a boiling vat of hydrochloric acid: Sorry, Charlie, only the best trigger fish get to be studied by Tony Whit- marsh and Marie Dubreuil. Science 167 ltr' H+ S 3 ,',.A. 4,,2 , g Y Ks X awl9""' R x N 'mb ,Q , wg 5,5 . .. 4 - v 'K , RELIGIO DEPT. GIVES SPIRITU LPERSPECTI X Clockwise From Above: Laura Villarreal stud- ies her notes: explaining the Flood to her class: "Wait a minute! Did you draw a moustache on St. Francis?" Fr. Tassi wants to knowg "What do you mean, there is no God?"g Mrs. Doyle offers encouragement: Mrs. Nicolas gets cozy while lecturing: "lt's like this, my son," Fr. LaRiviere explains to Todd Salzman. Religion 169 Dealing with current events, other cultures, the past, and the factors that make us who and what we are, the Social Studies Department's pur- pose was to teach the students to comprehend the complex nature of society and give them skills so that they could actively participate in it. Social Studies classes were also a time for fun. History students got a chance to recreate the 1692 Salem Witch trials. After studying Con- gress, American Government classes took the parts of Senators and Repre- sentatives and went through the process of passing a bill. Two of our counselors, psycholo- gists Dr. Karen Anderson and Dr. Ed Shafranske taught Psychology to lucky students. 170 Social Studies wvpuruavvf it S. Q- 7 M! , N, f. W Q Q ia i I X "-' W ,L ' 1 L iw' , ' g 31 , ,, , , ff-J:fL:f+iVm ,, - , s ,,,, f , , ' W' ff I V ,, ,, , A,., ff" . . , ,, ,, , I - , V - , P KI Vw 9 X I - - x.:.. it wg, X Xl X "i' .xg , 3 - WK. in Y - K A- -... - li-'S' W., M SOCIAL STUDIES I TRODUCES CULT RE AND POLITICS V .,,- HW W I Clockwise from left: Carmen Revilla et al take a break from the rigors of Psychology: Amy Hughes doesn't look too thrilled to be the vic- tim of witch trial recreation in U.S. Historyg Mr. Dundas takes roll: Ms. Hanley looks sur- prised that her class has fallen asleep: Mary Dolan: "He can't be serious . . ." Social Studios 171 LANGUAGE DEP RTME OFFERS SOMETHING TO A A conversation overheard one lunch- time: "Deutsch ist am Bestenf' "Non, j'aime le francais." "Yo me gusta hablar espanol." "Latina non mortua est." "Il italiano e la lingua di amore." Well, maybe not, but any linguistics buff would know this means that Uni's Foreign Language Department offers German, French, Spanish, Latin and Italian. All languages except Latin, which just began this year, were offered in a four year sequence. However, it, too, got such a good response that Latin II will be taught next year. Students were lucky in that they learned mostly from native speakers, and all the teachers had visited the home country for their language. Fortunately, foreign language was more than remembering conjuga- tions and learning new vocabulary. Students had fun using their knowl- edge in class skits, restaurant outings and a few weekend camps for inten- sive practice. I72 Foreign Language . -vw f 1 s , . :same- X S an t tw. at it wlkmx 3-F if WWE? .A-.- Clockwise From Below: Mrs. Chaillou and Michael Stokes takes notes on an oral report: Spanish Il students listen attentively to Ms. Ber- son's Mexican travel storyg Mrs. Hiel gathers an assignment: Androna Calles addresses her fellow students Cen franqais, of courselg Mr. Steves helps David Vaughn with a tough German translation. W Foreign Language l 73 X if 2 E i Q 3 3 .fi x s M Q l Striving for an emphasis on lifetime sports, the P.E. Department stressed the importance of exercise and physical fit- ness. lt offered not only team and indi- vidual sports, but also such activities as the Gymnastics and Creative Dance Review, where the students performed for the school, demonstrating their tal- ents. A couple of new classes were intro- duced that grew in popularity for everyone. One was Aerobic Dancing for girls interested in adding style and rhythm to their exercising. The other was a Co-ed Fun Exercise class which emphasized recreational activities on and off campus, such as racquetball, bowling and skating. i 3 P.E. STRESSES FUN AND FITNES so f .. s erin -ww x3 Clockwise From Left: Building up batting skills: guys pump iron in the weight roomg Mr. Serrano referees a soccer match in his class: watch the ball, not the view!: this looks like more than just a friendly game. CO-ORDINATE DEP RTME TEXPLORE "Let's get those creative juices flowing out there!" Mrs. Estelle Kas- sebaum directs her sewing class. As department chairperson, "Mama Kass" feels that everyone should explore the inner world of their own creativity, a side of themselves they may not even know exists. Beyond its preparation of those pursuing college majors in Fine and Practical Arts, the department aimed its courses at helping average stu- dents find and develop their talents. Thus the very full Arts classes delighted their instructors. They, in turn, gave their students the satisfac- tion of entering local, state, national, and even worldwide competitions. Exciting new courses added pizzaz to the departments line-up. "Air- brush Design" was a big hit at the Art Show as were the stunning creations from Mr. Altamirano's stained glass class. -Wetsuit and sportswear attracted unlikely students to sewing classes. 176 Co-ordincte e,,t r.rtt,,,y,tt . K K .... . ' nw 2-sl l 5 !""v 1' Clockwise From Above: "lf you burn it, you eat it," Mrs, Kassebaum tells her food classy Proud mothers Pam Haisha and Sharon Bunton discuss the progress of their "children" in Child Develop- ment classy finishing off a mug in Ceramics: Ms. Rosa helps Eva Bradley with her self-portraitg Ron Bouterie wonders why he always gets stuck drying dishes. Co-ordincfe 177 i Above: Mike Rubio puts the finishing touches on a self-portrait. Right: Mr. A approves Craig Car- ter's work in Ceramics: Dave Fiedler and Mr. Gal- indo work on a drafting project. 178 Co-ordincte CO-ORDINATE DEP RTME BUSINESS DEPT. READIES STUDENTS EOR REAL WORLD The Business Department offered courses designed to teach practical skills which would assist students in coping with the "Real World." Ability to type can be a life saver for the col- lege-bound student as well as for those who plan to head directly into the busi- ness world. Thanks to Mr. Ruzicka we no longer have to coax mom into stay- ing up all night to type a term paper. With Mr. Marcus' help we should never get caught with the deadly unbalanced checkbook after Consumer Ed. Above: A:SLDKFIGH,A SL1i"?Q'WS81c! Left: I use Preference - and I'm worth it. Business 179 It's going to be a long three hours, so the students try to get comfortable. If itfs English, they'll answer 100 ques- tions then write three 500 word essays, if math, solve a myriad of Calculus problems: if History, interpret sources and write a detailed analysis of an event. Each spring these tests and more are administered to Advanced Place- ment CAPJ students all over the country. Sounds like fun, right? The one hun- dred Uni juniors and seniors taking AP English, Calculus, and American His- tory aren't especially thrilled about the marathon tests, but there are many rea- sons they enrolled inthe programs. A primary one is the challenge. Brad Lichtman, the AP History instructor, explained "Many students are in it for the heightened competition. The curric- ulum in these classes is intensive and a vast amount of material not considered in regular classes is covered." "More importantly," added AP Eng- lish instructor Sr. Margaret Herberich, "AP students are better prepared for college even if they don't do well on the test." Apparently, the word is getting around. English enrollment is up for the second year and Math, taught by Mr. Boyd Thomson, and History are doing fine in their first. Clockwise From Above: Iohn Watson CU and Mark Sperrazzo work together on a math prob- lem: "If you kick my chair once more . . ." Chris Da Rosa doesn't seem too intimidated by Debbie Sether's threat: Sr. Margaret answers a questiong History students work togetherg Ralph Schneider demonstrates his skill: Mr. Thomson shows Peter Fisher how it's done: students listen with rapt attention to Mr. Lichtman's discussion of progres- sivist ideology. I 80 Advanced Placement ww!! H 3- ,fi Q A 1 J, 3, 3' ef , 5 3 Q, ,K ff f , ,fm : ww, ef '1',1x, 4 W jf If M44 5 4, 1 g ' Q 2 Z W? 1 .5 ' 5 , A aiu -X, '2' f J , ft i rf... - Advanced Placement 181 .gk I W Q v K Xm,.. m a. . -, Ng Pe Art by Mike Cutting y We spend most of our time in the company of others so, without peo- ple, what would time mean to us? People make life happen. Each of us needs time to experience other peo- ple. During the few years spent in high school, on can get exposed to a variety of people with different backgrounds, ages, ideas, and values. This is very evident at Uni, since stu- dents come from all directions far and wide. The, like the hundreds of components in a watch, they work together to make times to remember. People 183 ADMIN ISTRATORS IAMES G. ZOLL Principal Among other things, the administrative staff at Uni has changed a great deal over the past few years. One of the most important changes is our new principal, Mr. Iames Zoll. As a first year principal at a Catholic high school, Mr. Zoll takes notice of the difference between private and public schools. Private schools are more competitive in that the students go through a selection process before they are accepted, according to Mr. Zoll. A "The students have created an open atmosphere of communi- cation," comments Mr. Zoll, "which has come to be an integral aspect of the school. Uni is unique in that manner." Mr. Zoll so enjoys working with students that at times he wishes he could be a teacher. Working together, Mr. Zoll, Ms. Ryan, Mr. Ramos, Fr. Lan- phier, Mr. Marcus and the administrative staff make sure the school runs smoothly, as well as offering personal assistance to all students. 184 Administration ,,. F x N933 fha I ' 5 ' we 3 " i, X ' as R, L X -.iw X, I an ' X fr - .3 f--f 7 K ,J LQ ml , 2 'R - gm! s f wx 4 Q, ' -' RW- W 3 I 6 "'-Nm, COUNSELORS: HELP WHE YOU gl... 4 tts. EED IT S? A 1-Q.. J - 1 .. ,s: -Tir: V. 'i. f Q .5 .. .Ni k 5 wspw M t Mm 1-ses, J y vs. .1 EDWARD SHAFRANSKE Head Counselor . n, M . .Q f--HW DARLENE MANNING Counseling Secretary KAREN ANDERSON Counselor There's a special feeling in the Counseling Office - it goes beyond the bustle of messengers delivering passes and students coming to change their schedules or find out about scholarships. People are relaxed here, they stop by just to talk to a counselor about nothing in particular. They know they can get useful advice about anything: classes, college, or personal problems. Mr. Shafranske, Mr. Araiza, Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Donna Daniels fnot picturedl work hard to make their office a pleas- ant place to be - and you can feel it. 186 Counseling Q.. ALEX ARAIZA Counselor iw W2 2 . 'O no g . ,,A, lr' 'vm is . . .i,g ' ' - titltf f sv- i t,t,tt on ji OFFICE STAFF KEEPS IT RUNNING IANE FRASER Front Office Secretary SHIRLEY CARL Business Secretary Af E3 xx ni PAT ZOLL AttendanCe!Dean's Secretary HELEN CHADWICK Principf-11's Secretary , BARBARA FILIPOWSKI Registrar i Staff 187 PILLI G THE EEDS OP ALL STUDENTS PAT PRATHER Librarian T,..A-- si Q,X X, 'RAR Lyhk wxixx LEE SAMPSELL N, Librarian W1 O . 1' 1 f 2 r ' 1' 1' l L -, '. . G - , . , ,. K . 2 .' , :,' .,.- .,. 0, Q 3 Q f ' 5 , - . . .f . 1 r if . W' .,. , . . . ' g , .f ,f an - , - ., . Q - -. -2 .V .4 45 s 5 Q , . , X V . ,., . K - f ' T" .Q 3 nf N :f u IERI IBBETSON DICK ROLFE Nurse Maintenance Supervisor 188 Stuff X X X STEVE ALTAMIRANO Air Brush. Ceramics, Crafts. Class. Let- tering IOHANN AARNIO Consumer Education, Spanish I, II DAVID BREES Band. Show Chorus MARY BERSON Spanish I, llIA, IVA IOHN ATILANO Spanish II, IV r l IOAN BREHER Math Department Chairperson. Algebra Ilffrigonometry. Geometry. C-eometry!Algebra II KATHLEEN BRYAN English ll. Language Skills. Morality. Old Testum xr si f is ..i-Li I 7. R. A ..k I ent Faculty l89 SR. EILEEN CAI-IILL, FDC Morality, New Testament, Worship 190 Faculty BARBARA CHAILLOU French 1, II, III, IV '3 ROSEMARY BURSON Social Studies Department Chairperson, US History, Human Experience II e """" ............. F... I .ai PAUL COLLINS Biology, Life Science RACHELE CALABRESE Italian I, II, IV, Spanish II ,YK if' 1 I Xhftx I It I 4 I LAURA CHIRNSIDE Dance, General PE, Gymnastics, Driver's Education FR. AQUINAS COSTELLO, OP English II, New Testament, Worship he 3 K NANCY DONOVAN Faith, Morality, Old Testament ADRIENNE DOYLE Life Choices, New Testament. Old Testament, Social Action SUZANNE FEDERICO ANDREA FULTON English I, III, Psychology English I, II DAVID GORSICH Honors Physics, Physics, Physical Science IOHN DUNDAS Government, US History As no ,,, 141 I 'S loc GALINDO Spanish I, Drafting, Technical Drawing Faculty 191 ELIZABETH GORSICH CAROL HAMMOND Chrlstlan Llvmg British Literature Classics Engllshl Writing Enghsh Department Chairperson ROBIN HANLEY SR MARGARET HERBERICH BVM Economics, Sociology, Human Experience Il Advanced PIHCCTUGHT EH81iSh, English H ONDINA HIEL STEVE IACOBACCI Spanishi III Science Department Chairperson 192 Fqculfy Biology, Life Science, Algebra I V I ' ' l I I v I u I 1 I l i 'Y' 0 ., 4 . " Q . , x .Wh A , , . ci Ki 9 1 Q his R uf-:ls sy.. ESTELLE KASSEBAUM Child Development, Clothing, Foods, Interna- tional Foods, Coordinate Department Chairper- son MARGARET KING Life Choices, New Testament, Worship ,Q FR. EARL LA RIVIERE Death and Dying, Religious Cultures QQ BRAD LICHTMAN HECTOR MACIS General PE, Athletic Director I Advanced Placement History, US History. Government Faculty 1 93 ft 'Q' MARGARET MAURO Dramatic Literature, English I, III 194 Faculty CAROL MESSINA Algebra I, II DONALD MCCORMICK Pre-Algebra, Algebra I BARRY MCGRATH British Writers, Classics, Communication Arts MARIA NICOLAS NIIRIAM NIETI-IUS English II, New Testament, Worship English I, III ZACI-IARY PECK English I, Il IOHN ROTH Biology, Chemistry, Science! Health DANA SHELBURNE ed Composition, British Writers, English CHARLES RUZICKA General Business, Typing LILLY ROSA Air Brush, Art I, Silk Screen, Dr:-1wing!Painting IACK RUBIDOUX US History, World Cultures I, II RICHARD SERRANO J 'x yi. General PE, Funflixeroise, Weight Training PAM SMITH Government, World Cultures Faculty 195 THOMAS STEVES Foreign Language Department Chairperson. German I, II, III, IV. French II MADELYN TRAINOR Algebra I!Geometry, Algebra II, Geometry DAVID THOENNES World Cultures I, II, Human Experience 196 Faculty FR. DAVID TASSI BOYD 'THOMSON Faith, Old Testament Advanced Math, Advanced Placement Calculus THEODORE TIBBS Biology, Honors Biology, Algebra I , ,.., safes. K ,f:.g-g..s,e--eil ,.... ,. , S THOMAS WALBRUN Algebra I, Geometry, Accounting TED WASI-IBURN Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Biology DANNY WILSON Algebra I!Geometry, Algebra II!Trigon0metry, Geometry, Computer Literacy ROBIN WARD Faith, Christian Living, Religious Cul' tures, Worship NATALIE WILSTERMANN General PE, Aerobics, Dance, Gymnas- tics, Physical Education Department Chairperson , FR. MICHAEL ZUFFOLETTO Latin I, Morality, New Testament, Wor- ship Faculty I 97 junior X Iunior Class Officers if ik' ht Q an N :rx Q. we 994- X de 'N - X W M-faq -A-' -..:.,x ' 5.9.5 i.,rx.s ..-r-L3- sq ' Y' -is-ax 'gms Treasurer Greg George Vice-President Dan Farney President Lila Duda Junior Class Officers Secretary Elaine Warren Theresa Abraham Ray Ackley Kimberlee Aids Brian Allen Alfredo Anguiano Patricia Appel Elizabeth Asperin Paul Azarewicz Ieffery Babbitt Cara Barrow Iulie Bedore George Beltran Bill Berg Nancy Betts Sharon Blake Susan Boileau Heidi Booraem Michele Boose Ioe Borer Ronald Bouterie Leslie Boysen Susanne Britsch Pa ul Brizuela Robert Brooke Iill Brow Bridgette Brown Margot Bumpus Patrick Burke Frederick Bustria Benet Byrne Thomas Cahill Rosanna Calderon Matthew Campbell Peter Canepa Eva Caraher Alfredo Carini Iames Carroll Peter Carvalho Colleen Caulfield Annette Cefalu Peggy Charlton Thomas Chavez Tina Coladonato Beverly Cole Marc Coleman Iohn Connors Iohn Covell Iames Covey Rubie Crena Mario Crivello David Croft Karen Cruz Lori Cushman Mika Cutting Sally Dadmun Leonard Dangelo 7 l f iff Thomas Danitz Patricia Deely 4 f 4 ? X W J Q ,7 Mark Delmuro J 3 W4 f f X X , Q Q X we f ,I . 'QJW W 4 AQ F ,, 9 Z f A , .lg ' Denise Desousa Tim Dinan Helen Douglass Marie Dubreuil Lila Duda Ioseph Dunne Kenneth Dupre if W . M1 W Wy? me f 0 QM , f Dave Gagnon Elizabeth Garcia lose Garcia Michael Gaston Greg George Philip Giesing 5' IimDUrHr1 . Iames Eastman , Michael Ecks - Thomas Ekno " 'if Rika Ellis Theresa Enriquez .5"?3ff,, f' K X t Q , it F41 H ' ' it, Christine Erbacher h i , Dawn Evanko T I0eHvefe" - ' ii" 5 f,"f""' fs4'P' Mary Ewers c",, , V ' " .. ,Wif"'i , M' , V Bernadette Fager 'Mi " 1 ' X "5 1 Dan Farney ,v,, 'f'f' A , 3 Gary Faucher , A, Gerard Fenech H ' , , William Fenick T USG Fefflkes . David Findling W" T E! H if 5 Keith Fischbeck . L--la. -llfi iQ1Qf,Z'-Zlff' 'V H ' ' ' , gl gg ' M ""' M ,gg if - .. 4 f H5 Mary Flodman 51 I I A IOhI'l FOI'd 'A lohn Franca . A Thomas Franklin W V Teresa Fraser i W we ' Linda Fratarcangelo rg W Q t,r ,W 'l"' sr"' " 'A - ' :rf 5 A r l will .. . '11 if -,,, I 1 ' V ':f':1f i" ' V A. y is f ., - fzfigzff or L ,G , , ' ' T ' ' , L ' 1 . , ' W ' I T it or , it T.. l ' l is '3 1 f I , H f 1- ' 2 L QV , xv: 2 1 g rtt 7 , H X, - 1 Juniors of ,w X. my f Frank Giglitto Edw ard Goan Ioaquin Gonsalx es Martin Gorence Therese Gotfredson Kathleen Greenwood Darlene Haelflmger WV f if fig N x W Loraine Hall Patricia Harvel Robert Harvey Roger Hayes Karen Hepner Belinda Hernandez Donald Hewitt 01, 4 r 4,5 gt ,F E ff ..., ,,. 3 su , L 6224: S at a 'el- Bill Hollingsworth Beth Holman Brent Horn Stacey Huffman Amy Hughes Dan lgnosci Gilbert Illescas Clifford Inlow Steve Izuno Elizabeth Iacobelly Lisa lacobo Iennifer Ienkins Celeste Kankowski Iohn Kemp L , Margaret Kasimatis Gregg Kelly i W M 1, , ia., ,, ff ' 1 if 'kk 1 nga X S. :EL IV, i 1 Laura Kerber Greg Ketchum Brian Keves Kristine Kiefer Raymond Kieffer Deanne Kinninger Shawn Kinninger Kristine Kirkendall Michael Knighton Elizabeth Koch Juniors 20l 4 Edward Kreusser Q V'A.. Lucia Lachmayr Z'Z Angela La Plante Eric Lallana , Sean Lavine ' ' Deborah Leach Iacqueline Leath an .Q V " 'i .ef , 73 at . jsteffilw - 12, , A 1 A. ,Z Y.::h If 4 o ,E QM is S if 1 , IW Y 1 i'Li,' 5 1 0 Ja J A941 1 Z v We . 8 . a W ,L Patricia Leggett Ronald Lipscomb Iohn Livingston Iohn Lococo L, 45 wi 4 X Rhonda Loewer ,.. . Eric Lofgren txt 1 , ,,. ' 2 , M, f it L ETH Shelley Lozano Sharon Luebbers Michael Lukpetris Ruth Lukpetris Anthony Macis 'sw-'E , 'fi fi, M 4. 22+ 4 Q 1 Pa f,'1, fa my z f"f W. K, J yi.. ,Q H,,,,K,,., gr : asf "ie, 'wz.,.. . ,- " , f new ,li ,K .l,,, 5 I .. e nnnn n n n an h xg i if f f? ft f 5 4 as X ,, QE 29 51. efftg, ,fe Q ffff Q f GX, In i, I Iohn Madruga 7 WJ' . a s ,.1'3f"Ef 5 pu- off, 5 , U f , t 2? chard Madruga ian Maguire R1 Br Mary Beth Mahady Paul Manderfeld Annette Mangiameli Daniel Mansur Stephen Marshall N, . tt" L- A l K , Q .: - Wi' , ' ' . 1 I ,I ,ff ' A 'Qt 'HF' X A X J My ,Y 1 Qty' -' K , a n " .sw 4. . Al V ,I ' , ,-- , 5 'ii,s M A E5, ,.,f Va.-, t . L 202 Juniors ' ' ,, 1 rr' W .,,,: . . ei A Laurie Martinez My jj Iulie Mascari ffff 9 ' ' Linda Mason ' ' " ' Sharyl M assey l ut Sean McCarthy , Q - Anthony McC1endon ' I ' Leslie McCoy t A ,,.., 1. I Shelley MCKe0ne Q A L Marjorie McKinley M .Qi Liam McMahon M N A I V i, even c amara Natalie McPhail E' ' Crissa Meinert ly ,, 2 , Q Mario Mendoza J .W ' ,',- .. Patrick Millay Christopher Miller Gavin Milner Iames Misleh Robyn Mizoguchi Randy Moore Mary Moran Linda Morrill Kenneth Moser Mary Myles Rosemary Nares Grady Neel Kim Neeleman Richard Neely Elona Neill Carla Newton Robin Nikolopulos Elizabeth Norvell Elmo Nosari Michael Nottoli Stephen Oddo Teresa O'Flaherty Iudith Oishei Iohn O'Malley Iosephine Orlando Z gm --w r nfl? i Z L ,, ge .L ,,, A X Q ff' in Steve Osmers Elizabeth Owsley Mary Patton Iessica Piccini Richard Pietras Genevieve Potts L Iohn Preciado Susan Purcell Laurie Purshouse Iulie Rauner Phillip Ravenna Ioseph Redfield Michael Reichert I Iohn Reilly 3 i Mar1Reis1ng , 1 iii ii, A -. he gi f 'lf ' V Edwin Reyes Q ,,., Q Michael Rhoades 5 ILL - VVZLL Mary Rice ' 5 V Ioseph Rich r ,--,L Cari Riley .. ,i,- , ,V t . i i . ., ,m tinr 3 - ,-3 4, M5 K up jvsil, - K fi, V , Tw 1 ' - - i f If LmL' ff" Y 'I' Q ,Q H, Terence Riley , rhh R S ioorta rl e F' o X Carolina Rios y X 5 P f 1 iff ' 2 ws! X L lik Doreen Riordan H ' ,iiz - - Xl wg 3 l it X rg YF gk S fx . sw -as 1 kee' ' x Virginia Rodil - ' 5' 1 My y Richard Roscoe yi Q ,. . rfb- 2 ' i, ww y .. x '1-. 5 . V b A V s .. Q Q . -K ' J . 1 I,-7 ' ' l Iames Rotherham Laurie Rudolph sf Anne Marie Ruta S ii - t Kimberley Ruzich v x y y Tawnya Ryason b . M , rv- .,,,,, .Z iff S Q 5 X .,,, i o Q Todd Salzman Gilbert Sanchez QV Iames Sardina aaaf f is ' n e eea ., i 'e 'Y ,haa Q ' cs. 14: ' Q D ' f - Q - 8 , 'Sara r X V' ,X Q X N it r x ax .. ff :.-f 1 ' M arguerite Schanberger Mark Scheble R Iames Schilling , ':' G' H ' SV is Anne Marie Schmidt t 'if' Diana Schmidt ,e we N' Gregory Schultz y Marcia Schwartz A 'iyi ' f UI! ef X. X. K kwa A . .. .,.. .,.. , . iz ztt. -"' if ii' ff: 11- Elaine Sebastian K " - or y H Ieanne Sells K gay i g Greg Shannon M V W- ' 'X Iohn Sharp 'X , I ,. 1 . fi ' m y . Karen Shields f A rl K 1f-- 1 Thomas Simmons ' :" 1. ' M , Richard Simpao fam! 1. ,,,,::,.: Z.. T zz: ::z: V Q. J yzzuzu , A gb a -M ' L, 4 .i,.2 S, S "" f - R 1 i oess S, ' ' ,i .- i , f R Iamessmifh Q ' Q Colin Stackpole as I S .,,, w 3 bt ff fn , L s Ea V t y Cherylstage ' f if fi , 1 air -. A .t.' e il Bafbafasfeffen 1 ,gf 5 l r Itd Q Tyrone Stevens ha- f it ' 11.: Mx- li Kristine Stiven 204 Juniors ff' f , V ,, f ,,,,, ,., ,ia ,, ., , . l Cheryl Stock 'ZZ' V 9 ,, N A " Robert Stocklin :': ' A ' ' Michael Stokes Therese Stone , ,. W i t ,,, ehhh 4, Thomas Stropko L ' 1 Terence Stubbs all "'- 5 , me Daniel Sullivan 1 av ,1 ,gr K. iw 1. 116 e n,ll l K 4:11 Elizabeth Sullivan Ianet Swem Lianne Tannis Karen Taylor Michael Tebbetts Lori Terramagra f ' 4' t . W, V le- , F , - frffs Sit ,X fl 3 in at 2? ' Z ffl 'il , Ruth Thornburgh Ionathan Tibbitts Susan Todd Theresa Trolinger Dianna Unwin Margaret Vacio , Vw v ': . ., L.: l5:"f": all-'iii 1. 1. -- K l ,.,, A 'VV if 1 1'- Q' ,, l 4 E Z5 . i gg i We Lf- I xy M lil Karen Varney W Abigail Velandia ' Q Mary Vertullo Dana Vitale , Vincent Votel Q Ioseph Wainio ' 'S QS' l, , . ,tttt ll l ' tl ., Iohn Walker T ,J ,gl Deborah Walz W f V L., Elaine Warren 5, , 'H V , l ' lg Charlotte Watson ,ff Q M Christopher Wehe l 4, trt 1 'lt l Randall Weller I .QP il 65 i l Q H i Mary Whelan Michael Whelan Donna White Rosemary Whitman Thomas Wieme Kenneth Williams Lisa Williams ,, Qi .Q gy VVVV 7 :lf ,A Ilene Zarour Patricia Zepf ' ,Zeal " ' L ,' r l if l F 3 - W lv Q . 44' .Hr 5 ' 'Q A 5 af i m - ff if , 3?- vsf-Y ' :V ,Q l' J 5- I Q K it EM , I l l 41' v f 'W 4 5 QW Q A '97 l Patrick Williams Renae Wilson Iames Winsor Ieanne Winters Therese Winters Curt Wissler Bill Woodard Juniors 205 V . f r Sophomores fsophomore Class Officers -f ., Treasurer Elaine Anderson V ' '4'iT"IE'l Vice-President Sandy Wehe ,V ,f-,President Mary D0l8I1X- V " Secretary Alison Mitchell , X X , A f ' ' ""' X .3-f l ' ' L.- ,v 5 'XJ is ' ' -,ji :C X'-' ' if Q . 4 , X r -5-f X .f ' ' 'J ' L .!1 T I , A W A f x V is , - ,- , . Y 1 ,- -, , 1 .- -- Q 1 1 206 Sophomore Class Officegi N J Q my, I ,K .X 'r ',. Barbara Abraham Amy Adams Ianet Andersen Elaine Anderson Leigh Anderson Stephen Anderson Christopher Asbell Edwin Ashman Michelle Askin Kimberly Asperin Alicia Avila Ben Balanag Lisa Banaszak Iohn Barker Monica Barrow Charles Batte Nancy Bauler Larry Becker Daniel Bedore Susan Beel Matilde Biard Ieff Bjelland Lisa Blake Maryann Blouin Gregg Boeh Sean Bohan Iacky Bolado Stephen Bone Susan Brennan Carl Bronson Douglas Brown Elizabeth Brown Kenneth Brown Susan Budetti Lisa Bufalini Christine Bugelli Anna Bustria Matthew Butler Kathlene Cadiz Ricardo Calderon Ray Caldwell Androna Calles Charles Cameron Colleen Campbell Mark Campbell Iohn Campillo Dawn Canzoneri Iohn Capuzzi Iennifer Carlisle Elisa Carlucci Anthony Case Eileen Casey Mary Iane Caulder Shannon Cesare Edna Clarin Marco Colombo i is 3, , Karen Conniry ,ve Q J I? is s er wie 0 E . 1- n ' . . 2 ., x i. ' ' A . . , i . , , Q , 24 'ff . , "L ' ' ' V - 1 :cl . Wien ' 'a ,iz SEEWSMJ F 'div' f f Mfw V9 - S P A 3 ff , if 4 22 7 f f is f , V , if C x sss L ,, '1 i ,' as Z, 1 C., 5 Q A ,,fff,,.f ,V WMM- fffff ,.... .,.... , Elizabeth Delmuro Rhonda Devall Michael Costa "" 1 . StephenCovell V Iacqueline Crisologo -W Maria Crivello Laura Cruz if Glory Cumming 'ii M , , E if a 2, 9 Q V , rf 5 , , Stewart Dadmun Christine Daleo Christiane Darby Ieff Darby Diana Decima Suzanne Deely Felicia Delaney ' V ,Eff ,,a 'iii ' f-1-f f lad QM? Q .. W YW af r at Lrrr f V 7 ' l we ' 1:-Q Xaser' 1 .,... --www , .. ,cfifwiwr 41,,5i2f"' ' ' ' f hf' K ff ' f if Q, f M V j ? Ku 2 W L f wg ,x 1 Af J Q .,,, . , ' We 1 X we an W7 l s W' 1, nw Ioseph Esqueda Robert Evanko Susan Fee Iennifer Ferrantelli Kerry Ferris Iylmarie Filipowski Ioseph Filippone 208 Sophomores Rebecca Dow Suzanne Dupre Lori Duthie Ross Duykers Margaret Ecks Pamela Douglass H 'V Antoinette Devita Paul Dinauer Stephen Diz Doreen Dizon Mary Dolan Iohn Doren Consuelo Doria - --.. 1 N Ne- .Q 'l 55? ,W f W LQ, N! ,f 4 if -WW thigh if 1-F! as Q, NK it B1 .t is ny If I s A' S 5 Ioseph Elliot Mark Erickson Christopher Erpelding Tracy Erra We 1 'Wm f W i 4 fr?- ,wx glas Holman i Holmes ida Horn 1 Hughes re Hunt 'e Hurst berlee Iackson g ir Peppia Hayes Ieff Henninger Alicia Herb Daniel Hewitt Aide Hillman Beth Hakeem Holly Hanafin Robert Hardesty Kelly Harrington Alexandra Hart Keith Hawes Patrick Hitchcock 1 Thomas Holden -.JAM 4? iv if fi ,, :QR Lisa Gray Karen Grosekemper Iill Grover Brian Gushue I Bettina Hahn is o r x 'NX f Thomas Goggin Mary Gonsalves lose Gonzalez Beth Goscienski Iackie Grabe Ann Elizabeth Grady Iustina Flavin Kieran Fleming W Alfred Fleury Duncan Floersch Marla Flood , Mark Flournoy Charlene Frude Iaime Fuger ,,"- Stephen Gagliano Susan Garitano f l ' 'V ,ix shane Garland . K' llll Scott Garrison ',,ii , L -iii Charles Gehring Tony Generas Bradley George elive 1 A Frank Giacalone Ion Gibson il . Meredith Giesing 'zggf Steve Giesing "f Patricia Gistaro ' N ' lll' ll, E i xl 'fi' fel' , Z if ii Ev if 24132 oan Haff gi ,V ' N ' rx 2 i ef. iii ,s , A , Q 1 Afiww H -7 - , I iw , ,,. -if , V , :.. ,., ' , 35 if X . -L lag ,. , Ni , vi ' - f F rlle 'Q ,, if ' A ' ,S V A , I lliii -fiv. is l K lie 'V K i ,,,. g, 1 ' - - , , , i,, if, . .. .viv ,,.. - 1 '11 ,,-' 7" A A, I 7 :,f.gv,f5, A 'A ig! K A fl A I , I ,K ' A ,- ,QW l- f lt w N 6 - J, ' Sophomore 209 Cort Iohnson Michele Iohnson Michael Ioseph Christine Keeley Lynne Kelly Robert Kelly Kevin Kennedy it 3 F A Q Alfnnh. Beth Kocourek Alan Korb .. Donna LaFramboise H " ' Kelli Landers t Iohn LaPlante - Carolyn LaPorta e i , 1 rli o- , oi , I 7 . 5 I 0 ffrr iz, V 5 4 19 in i v 5 it Q Y' Y 2 0 A ,, 5 1 Mary Kovac A f fl 441 34' if I 5 1 Z H W2 K we " 'ar We , f Q 1 ,L if fe Q 1+ Q ht 1 1 , 1 i,,1 1,214-, fz We Z A ,,, Y xr E l W! Q ., fi f Felicia Latus Douglas LeCren Karen Leinenbach j eei ' X 5 A Frank Leon ' - Lourdes Leon l , f ' lohn Levy I . We i,ii i In ,,.. Q f T 2 ' iii. 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I E 'wi Gregory Valentmi leff Vance Nestor Velasco Monica Witt Douglas Witter Peter Wood William Wood David Wright Augustine Yee Annalese Zeeck Sandra Wehe Iohn Weinsheim Sharon Whitaker Diane Wilson Paul Winters Annelisa Witt Arnold Villaluz Mary Villarba Laura Villareal Kara Io Vitale David Voegtle Dean Wagner Nina Wagner Sean Walsh Craig Waters M.. I Lianne Thompson Shane Thompson William Tincup Patricia Toye Lisa Tremblay Sandra Unwin Iocelyn Valencia M Michelle Thiel Katherine Thiele f' -2'rfi David Thistle Douglas Thomas 45--1 x 5 Wi QW 4. 'yas i,.,: nv is f 4 iiiii ,ltir is Sophomore 213 Freshmen 214 Freshmen Class Officers Freshmen Class Officers Treasurer Iulie jenkins Secretary Susan McFarlir1 Vice-President Paula Kasimatis President Ioy Marsella we wfwfww V if f .X A L lax, 1 n, 1 lb L t i ,V -A ,,,. Vx, 4 f y , I - r '1 , if L' 2 f L cf K 1 1 X ' fy ' Q if Nj "5 if H59 Zvg Q 5 Q I' l an fa ,L 2 1 it I 5 , K ' if "' ff' W ...-- fr' ,a ai 5 ,f ,,. 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Emily Maynor Catherine McAlindin Sean McAnally Sean McAuliffe Sean McCarthy Bridget McClymont Ieanne McCracken 5 1 W W W 4 f V av f, f 1 W HG! f A N, sv I ' 1 Michael Myles Iaime Navarro Sean Noble 220 Freshmen la' fm V Q f N . ' EV'V M 1 uw' 7 4 --f' "" 'ii "fi 'i"' X lli W Debra McCuteheon 1' " " ,, ' me , A V Bridget McDowell ' 2 " '- ' iii. " Ioy McFadden " i f V " V A Susan McFarlin ' , 'C A M ' Kathleen MCKHOHQ '- V 'ill 'V Andrew McMichael lg , l I "' Matthew Mendoza t C tl X , wb. , " ' ' 5' .H . ,i 1 LA ? in 7 '41 5-af 4 Inv -W "te ,412 A Q . M Michael Motta Colleen Murphy Timothy Murphy lay Mongiardo Iulie Montali Iames Morris Lianne Mizoguchi Vicky Molinarolo Michael Monahan Christopher Ludecke Paul MacManus Lena Madruga Maria Mahalak Meaghan Maher Stephen Mangin Theresa Mario Phat all L 55? ,,.4' X. Mi, '-aa, 2 f ly , sz -9 l L , :iz , H 4 'S JE A. i . 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I .,V, V, rey Rives l Rizzo morah Rohmer 'eria Romano hony Romo hony Rose ry Ross Ion Reiter Teresa Renshaw Marilou Reyes Sharon Rhoades Bridget Riley Christopher Riley Gus Rios , se ,Q ff A j X 451 ', '51 J2- " I R H ff Mg , ft, 5: ,V f cp vl- ' 4' M3250 W 2 ?f if is f tn an 3 2 X P E? 1 V , I , " 1,-'Vf V ' gt Q. 7" J ":' .. " . " 'Q-i -. . r 3 A ,V L W Ha ul. Q al' ' My e f , f 1 : 1 , . H 1, , ,Z A '13 fs. 2 1 w' JJ' P .- ' QM 'D ' U , -Q ' J '-H 'Q x' , 1 I- . Y 'Q X Freshmen 221 Amy Thomas lean Thornton Karen Tisi 222 Freshmen if-F ffi, , ,V . -M 1 +. My 'ii ' x 4 5 l e 'rt ...Q Tjh I - , . VV.oo di" lack Tarantino Thomas Tenhunen Peter Thiel Patrick Sullivan Roxanne Swartz Daniel Taillac Sara Schwartz Maura Sexton Leslie Sherman Clarence Sia Denise Sick Scott Simmons Kimberly Simon Erin Rowe Christine Rubano Sonia Sales Melisa Sanchez Thomas Schatz Kathleen Schmitt Lisa Schwartz , wi, ,H . L few 5 if QL, 17 my Rm , ,,,r,, km! Suzanne Simon Leslie Simpao 1 My , Sandy Slominski f fi V - Keli Smith r r 11,E , 1, A Timothy Spencer ' Iames Spotts i,,., ' 1 'iizi V' Paul Stabile 'Ni ' X Y Dana Stackpole Anthony Stagnaro Francis Steffen Scott Steibeal Gina Stella lames Stenger V ff Laurie Stevens Matthew Stilinovich Billie Stone Erik Storer v X . W 1 O, gk f gt. nt Wyborney ah Yoo n Younker iard Yuvienco 'ice Zeeck .ise Zellman 'y Beth Zopatti 53 Iohn Weaver Heidi Webb Cheryl Wieseler David Wilhelmy Paul Wint,ers Andrew Wirkos Steven Wise Traci Velandia Vladimir Verhovskey Dwayne View Iohn Wainio Donald Walker Betsy Walker Rechelle Warren . , 5 U , Q, x . , W Xxx I 4, TH , ' , ,.. V e ' . , gg: its Q X Qs -N 5- ffws S X-it i V tk r. K X1 , Tiffany Tripp Richard Trolinger Andrea Tyler Iackie Valencia David Valentini Chris Vattuone 4.5, Suzie Tremblay Iolene Trily , 'W ., " 0,3 is t ,lg ga i ml' Ieanne Tomcavage Theresa Tomcek T FI S lg K in' A iv .,,., if ,viEFZ'f?1gQ,"v 3-. 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Advertising 225 is David, Success always to a wonderful son May your life always be as happy as the Love, Mom music you play. Love you, Mom, Dad and Bernadette. V asd., A 226 Advertising Congratulations Diane "You're our winner." Success and Happiness Our Love and Blessings, Mom, Dad and Mike Happiness and Success to our son Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Chris! Our best wishes for a beautiful life. We love you, Iohn. Nous amour toi, belle fille, Mom and Dad Dad, Mom, Tim and Dan Congratulations! Much success for the future. Mom and Dad 'D 3597 ,X Aa Q M t..-xg t a Congratulations Iim May all your dreams come true. Love, Mom, Dad: Susan, Tom and Larry, Kathy and Ford and Shelley, Carol Advertising 227 lx. im! 5? ,, ,' M4 I aff K? Z ' 5 f 'fi 4 , 1' if 1 'lm' K, f 'lj Congratulations Karen We are all very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad is at a Congratulations - Best wishes for a successful future. Love, Mom and Dad 228 Advertising 3, at ff I d . ng, . fsE.E ,.:: nf L lsss tssarr . ' tt'l YA KKK,k I. , it Lisa - We're so proud of you! Love, Dad and Mom Congratulations, Diane! We wish you success and happiness Love always - Mom, Dad, Lynda Steve , f, fe. - ' s g, 5' Good Luck and May God Bless Best wishes to our next millionaire. Love, Mom and Dad Love, Mom and Dad n Congratulations lll You make us so happy Iackie. ' - Class of 1981 Q? Love, Mom and Dad Gs -an 5 mag . :E s Q i 'Wk X . W ' F Advertising 229 230 Advertising illx "Hi-Ho Silva" Always put God first and you'll succeed Congrats! We love you, Mom, Dad, Bros, and Family ij Congratulations, Dan Our love and prayers will be with you in all the years to come. Mom, Dad and Sean Best Wishes and Success to Our Son Love, Mom and Dad "Keep your sunny side up." We love you! Mom and Dad, Iennie and Scott i X xr You have pursued excellence and given us joy and love. Reach High, for Stars Lie Hidden in Your Soul! Always a smile for everyone. We are proud of you, Lisa. Love, Mom, Dad, Carlos III, Cathy and Ray Congratulations, Debra. We're proud of you. We wish you love, Happiness and Success. May Cod bless you, Love, Mom and Dad. ...... 1, . 4 7 ...... " , ,..... ,ji .,,,k ...-.,.. n We're proud of you Katheryn. Love, Mom and Dad. Advertising 231 232 Advertising Congratulations Raccoon! We are so very proud of you! Our fervent prayer is that God will send His choicest belssings to you for a bright and happy future. Love, Mom, Dad, Ioe, Martin, Kiki, Sam, Tabby and Lady as ef... t ,., i l 5, 5 " iii Q ,gs Q Congratulations Amy, Best of Luck in I love you very much. Your Future Years. Dad ia , You've come a long way, baby and best wishes, luck, m 'M-N., C and love for the rest of the way. Dad, Mom, Lisa, and Iohn Q vs, Q, .. r.,r..,..M,W ww, -2' .Qi N 3 as 't 35, ..-1 C, s , 9 9 ,Jus w .:,, Congratulations, Pearlann! You finally made it Love Mom and Dad and Ianine and Ross 1. s, obos vig, y e li ll is bb lll fr i, w M - " L -N Q' "':: ' , llll N el 1 X Qi 1 I v,-isk h .kv - 5 ,5 . h IKK K : . K nf ' ,,, t "':E"?:3 ., , xxx 1 n V 3 -, W, ,Q I ' RNS Rss. i i at iv X in 4 A 5 sg' we 'F ,af , as ,W i I 3, e . ,E f -A - 1- .. . as , , '6 . ff N A 15" ,T A We are proud of You! All our love - Mom and Dad. . ""'kLL' --X' . :Zu I - Q-rf' 'I' Congratulations! Daryl, Class of "81" Love, Dad, Mom and Dawn Advertising 233 Congratulations, Iulie. You know who rules! 5 T K ,1,.:: . :,, i ,,,. Q X ..., 1 ' uk Best Wishes and Success Love, Mom, Dad, Brothers and Sisters Love, Mom and Dad 234 Advertising Dear Purie, This graduation is a time for memory, An occasion for expressing all the warmest wishes, too That all the years ahead Will hold much happiness for you! Congratulations from: Dad, Mom, Grandma and Brothers tx w sr Si Q W 3 "You've come a long way, baby!" Love, Mom, Dad and Scott T0 Our Son, Gene We wish Godspeed and Happiness Much love, Mom and Dad Congratulations and success, Iimmy. Congratulations Your possibilities are endless. We Love You Love, Mom and the family Mom, Dad, Ieff, Michael Advertising 235 if ,Er l -wa1a,sS-f airy l ' ,, , -gs: .,. ,. ,CW .. , N, FQ5 X ss X F' 55535 ' i S- X J ' X KLL 1 r it X --" 1 . ",, I l - i A . S LJ ag 2-,-ws ' . 'fx .13 W 3 . Congratulations Chris! Good Luck in the future! Love, Mom and Dad we 3' 236 Advertising Congratulations, Gary Success and Love, Mom and Dad God bless and best wishes The Clark Clan V rl: 'gf'-' .xltl lm? Qi 1 Congratulations Congratulations, Mar God bless you, Son Ron Our Love always. Love, Mom and Dad Mom, Dad, Cathy, Anthony, Rich, and Iason We Love You, Meg! A Whole Bunch. We're very proud of you Maureen - Mom, Dad, and Kids Love, Mother and Dad Advertising 237 238 Advertising Congratulations Steve From, Mom, Dad, Ioe and Mary Congratulations Diana, and Class of '81, The George Souza Family wr" Q xy h ' 'fern X at -me " 'qt-mt .' . . , , - ,psy A-4q,.,! 0 ce' ,, it uf ..,. 4 :ff A .'..- - J ".,,.. 1. 5 '11 QL., ' . 4' . .yiurk t r og! A .22 . ' .G if ,U ng 5, Q 'ls nf wx. .gf A ,HN ,qw ' ., . ll 3SsMY5tllgx"' -'tw' xi," 54833, ' a . . F we F""N-..,N ' L M 9,44 of www 111 M Spoiled-Rotten-A Brat! But loved very dearly God loves you - and so do we. Your Family wan'-5 "'9"l"""" .e A. Congratulations Denise Congratulations May God bless you and may all of your dreams come We are proud of you. true, Love, Mom and Dad Love, Dad, Mom and Shawn ss:-M '--- we Elena Wishing you New discoveries, Treasured mem- ories, and all the happiness your heart can hold. Love, Mom, Dad, Ioey and Frankie Iohn, congratulations. We're all proud of you. May all your dreams come true. Love, Mom, Dad, Annette, Anthon y, and Sal Advertising 239 l To a cute kid, Congratulations Mom, Dad, and Alan I f xx , A A K . .git f It W C - is your charity for others. h - is your helpful ways. e - is your loving energy. To our dear Christine, r -is your right to happiness. We wish you success in the future. i- is your boundless interest. May God Bless and Guide you always. e - is your eagerness to understand We are proud of you. Loves and I-lugs, Mom and Dad Dad, Mom, Charlene, Chrissy 8: Shawn 240 Advertising Best Wishes Class of '81 From Victor Avila Family and Staff Asrnio. ohann .... Abeytlilsa ..... . Abraham, Barbara. Abraham.Tharesa. Achatz. Gordon . .. Acklay. Kimberlely . Acklag, Raymon . Acol. andy ..,.... Acosta, Gloria .... Acosta, Rebecca. . . Adamo, Louis ,... Adams, Amy ...... Aguila. Rosalyn Aguilar. Mark ..... Aguirre. Amelia . . . A dl. Klmberlee . . . Ainslie. Susan ..... Alcantara, Alan Alderson. Michele . Alioto. Pearlann. . . Allan. Brian ......, Allison. Lisa ...... Almryde. Karl ..... Altamlrano. Steve . Alvarez, Frank .... Ames. Gretchen . .. Andersemkznet Andersen, anneth Anderson. Elaine . , Anderson. Karen . . Anderson. Keith . . . Anderson. Laura .. Anderson, Leigh , . . Anderson. Steve. . . Andlng. Nicolas . . , Angles. Michele Anguiano. Alfredo. Appal.Lohn ..,.... Appel. atricia .,.. Araiza, Alex ...... Arthur. Edward . .. Asaro.Va1arie .... Asball, Christopher Ashman. Edwin Alkln.Mlchelle Asparin. Elizabeth . Asperin. Kimberly . Atl anohlohn ..... Atkins. homes Avila. Alicia ...... Azarewicz, Paul . . . Babbitt, Ieffrey .... Bacani. Maria ..... Bacca. Elizabeth . . Bacon. Daniel ..... Balanaa. Ban ...... Balanky. Dawn .... Balslo. Nazi ....... Balalo. Paul ....... Balmaceda, Alfredo ..... Banaszak. Lisa .,.. Barsbss. Christie .. Barhoum. Anthony Barksr,Iohn ....,, Barkar.Psul ...... Barrett. Adam ..... Barrow. Cara ..... Barrow. Monica . . . Battaglia. Annette . Batte. Charles ..... Bauler. Nancy ..... gaynardMTheron .. e e. ary ..... Bac-E Ron ....,... Backer. Larry ..... Backer. Scott ...... Badsrd.Moni1ue . . Bedore.Danie .... Bedore.Iulie ..... Bael. Susan ,....,. Behra. kaanine ,... Bahra, lchard .... Beltran.Gaorga Beltran, Marissa . . . Berg. William .,... Berray.Danise Barron. Mary ..... Bast,Brian ...,. Betts, Nancy ...... Bsu, Mitchell ..... Bialk.Mollly .,..... Biard. Mat' da ..,,. Blard. Monica .... Bigley,Brian ...... Bjelland. Cindy Blelland. Ieff . ,... . B aka, Lisa ,... . . , . Blake, Sharon ..... Blouin, Maryann .. Boah.Gre? ....... Boeh. Kim arly Bohan.Sean-. ..,, . Bohr. Matt ........ Bolleau. Susan .... Bolado. Iacky .,... Bone. Stephen ,... Booraem. Heidi Boose. Michele .... Borer, joe ......... Index ......9,15,KJ.B2,93 ......148,157,199 .....,....,.93 .........215 .......73,199 ......9,52,93 .......215 ...........B1,215 .............lKJ,207 ...... ...........215 ........199 ....,66,215 ........93 .........215 .....74,75,93 ........199 ......,86.215 ...........215 .....58,1w.1B9 ..........93 ...........,...66.94 .............158,207 32. ss. se, 159. 206. 207 ...........13.54,215 .........215 ...........207 ......54,7U,207 ....81.215 .....W,199 ......20.94 .,, .99 186 215 ..........215 ...........207 ......B4,85,207 ...........207 .....S6,157.199 .........207 ...........215 ......154,160,199 ....,.52.68,199 .........215 .......215 ......55,215 ., .... 150,207 .........215 ......9,89,94 .....,81,94 ...,.15B .......207 .....75,215 . ..... 215 .......207 .,...91,215 ....55.215 ., .,., 199 ......207 . .,......... 94 ..........85.Z07 ...............207 .....52,53,76,81,94 .....,,215 ..,.........a5 ...............207 mes. 79, 157, 160, 207 ..........66,157,199 ...........157.207 .......,..95 .........B2,215 ......31.80,199 .........215 .......199 ..........95 .....173,182 ......83.95 ...,.199 .......215 ....82,215 ......B2.207 .....33,B2,95 ........ea ......94 .....207 .....2o7 ,. .,.. 199 ......207 ...,.207 ......94 .....207 .......ez .......199 .......,.207 ...........207 .....74,ae.199 .......199 Borer. Matthew .... Bouterie. Mark ...... Boutsrie. Ronald . . . Boyer. Glen ....... Boysen. Leslie ..,.. Bradley. Eva ..... Bradley. Paul .,..... Bradshaw, Iohn ..... Brady, Kathleen ..... Brand, Charline .... Brazier, Theresa .... Brees, David ..... Breher. Ioan ...... Breister. lames ...... Brennan. Susan .... Briskey. Theresa .... Brltsch. Hans .... . , . Britsch. Susanne .... Brizuela, Paul ..... Bronson. Carl ....,.. Brooke. Robert ...... Brow. lill ......... Brown. Andy ....... Brown. Bridgette ....,. , ....,..,. 95 144 179 .....155,159 flfflss. 9. Brown. Elizabeth ...... , , , Brown. Kenneth .... Brown. Kenny ..... Bryan. Kathleen ..... Bryant. Lori ..,...... Budetti, Robert ...... Budetti. Susan .... Bufalini. Lisa ....... B elli. Christine ...,.. , , , Bxier. Robert .,..... Bumpus. Margot .... Bunton. Sharon ,.... Burke. Iohn ....... Burke. Patrick ..... Burns. Stephen .... . . Burns. Tim ........... Burson, Rosemary ....... Busalacchi. Antoinette ..... Bush. Carolyn ...,....... , , , Bustrla. Anna ..... .... , , , Buatria. Frederick ..... Butler. Matthew ..... Butzen, Amy ..... Byme. Benet ........ Bymes. Corinne ..... Byron. Rebecca ..... Cadiz. Kathlene ..... Cahill. Eileen ..... .ee 4a, ,144 ..158,159 ......164 Zfsnih 'fflfii ......1s .....14B fffirs , ..... 158, .52. 82, HJ, 'flfliiss iisifisi .., Qfllse ....54 .mea . .157, 160 . . .B2.14B: Isdeifsi' Ilflllisi . . .82.153: - - v Calderon. Richardo Calderon, Rosanna Caldwell, Ray ...,. Calimlin, Anita .... Calles. Androna . . , Calles. Tatiana . . , . Cameron. Charles , Cameron, Michael . Cammall. Neal ..,. Campbell. Colleen . Campbell. Mark . , . Campbell. Matthew ..... Campillo, Iohn ..., Campi1lo.Paul' .... Canepa. Peter .,... Canzoneri. Dawn . . Canzoneri. Ieff .... Capuzzi. Camillo . . Capuzzi, gohn ..... Caraher. va ..... Carini. Alfred ..... Carini, Catherine . . Carini. Louis ...,.. Carl. Shirley ...... Carlisle.Iennifer .. Carlson. Christen . . Carlucci. Elisa .... Carrillo,Iorge ..... Carrillo. Rosanna , . Carroll.Iames ...,. Carroll. Timothy ., Carter, Craig ..... Carter, Kevin ..., Carvalho. Peter Case, Tony ,... Casemeto. Annette Casey. Brian ....,. Casey. Eileen .... Casey. Timothy Castagnola, Susan . Caulder,Ma lane Caulfield,Ct:'l1een . Cdebaca. Alma .... Cefalu. Annette Cefalu.Iohn ..... . Cesare. Shannon .. Chadwick. Brian .. Chadwick. Helen . . Chaillou, Barbara . Charlton, Peggy . .. Chavez, Carmel .. . Chavez. Gilbert ,. . Chavez. Thomas .. Chimside. Laura ., Chuilli. Gwendolyn Chuxwleff ....,.. Cian one. David .. Ciavarelli. Gina - .... 144, flffii. 1QfI9bQ I 111156. . ...,..,. 1 . illlissiif . . . .63. 68, 69, - .. ......... 68 56971 v . QQ. flflsii IIfIfIi - ...... 55, 1 fifllli' 11111: Congratulations Annette, and best wishes to you and the Class of "81." Ln always, the Battaglia Family. Cahill. Eugene ................ .... , . . .64, 65, 97 Cahill. Stephen ...... Cahill, Thomas ........ .... 68 , 199 Calabrese, Rachele .... Calderon. Gabi .,.... . .... 215 Clann. Edna . ,....., 4 , , 4 ,59' 71 Clark. Elizabeth . . . Clark, Rita .....,,. Close. Maria ........ Cohn. Matthew ffizfi . .... 151 30.1 4 f 1 Mgzwff' 1 . ,, 'LA me for another celebration and another new beginning. Much happiness, dear ntle Amy. Love, 0, Manuel ...,.,... idonato, Cristina ...,. idonato, Dante .... idonato. George . ,. :, Beverly ., ,. eman. Greg . ,, eman. Marc . .. ins, lames .,.. ins, Iennifer. ., ins, Paul ..., imbo. Marco . ners, Carri ... niry,Kari . nolly, loe ....,.. riolly, Stephen . . , r1ors.lohn ,..,. mrs, Kathleen . ,. reras. Cynthia .,.. reras, Mike ..,.. reras, Paula ..,. iey, Michael .. .. is, Christopher ... eia. Michael ... a, Cora , , , . . a, Mike . . . . a,Paul ello. Aquinas ell. john ,,.,.. . ell. Stephen . ., ey, Alfred , , ey, lohn ..,. Kristin. . ,..,. . , a, Rubie ,.,..... ilogo, lacqueline . ,. illo. Mario ..... ello, Mia ..., .David , . , . Karen ..,. .Laura . -. , , ming. Glory ... mings, Carl . . man. Lori . Diana . ng, Mika mn, Sally ..... iun, Stewart . . Deborah ., . 1.Christine,, , 1, Mark . ..,. elo,Leonard . zls. Donna , .. . z, Thomas , . y, Christiane y, Ieff. .. . . , y,Iohn.. Mom and Dad. ,.,.,199 .. ,54,z1s .,.,..99 ,. .199 ... . 216 . .52,199 . ., . 99 ,...75,216 ... .190 ... 207 .... ..216,z0s ,..,..52,75 .,.52.81,9B ....,.... 199 ..,..82,153,216 .......,..216 ... ...,.98 ....158,216 ,.,,....81,98 ....,,..... 52 ..,.8,13.88,89 . ,. ,... 216 . .,.54,70,81.208 ... .. .. .,98 , .... 190 . , 154,199 ,,. 154, 208 . . ., 216 .,., .199 ... ,.,. ,216 ,.,.160,161.199 .,.,.208 . . .54, 199 . .B2, 208 . . , 199 .,.. 14,199 . .,. 208 66,157,208 . . . 52,154 .. . H199 .. . ..216 48,80.144,150,160,199 ...,27,199 ,. 73,208 .. 216 ....208 ,98 .,.,199 , . 186 .. 72. 200 ,,.72, 208 54, 208 , 98 Darosa, Chris .,. DeBarry, Doug ..,. Decima, Diana ,.., Deely, Patricia .... Deely, Suzanne .. Deguzman, Allan ,. DeLaCruz, Diana . . Delaney, Felicia . . , Delane ,Robert ,, ., DelGadlllo. Henry . DelMuro, Elizabeth DelMuro, Mark .... DeMaria, Anthony. DeMaria, Peter ..,. DeRoche, Carolyn ,.... DeSousa, Denise ., DeVall, Linda ..... DeVall, Rhonda , .. DeVan, Lisa .,.,.,.,... DeVenyns, Monique DeVita, Antoinette. DeWitt, Christina.. DeWitt, Michael. . Diamond, Eric .... Diller, Nancy, ,... Dimalanta, Brent .... Dinan, Tim ,,.. Dinauer, Paul. ... Dinauer. Philip .... Diz, Stephen .... Dizon, Darren . .. Dizon. Doreen .... Dohel, Karen .... Dolan, Iohn ,.. Dolan. Mary ..... Dolan. Michael .,.. Donahue, Iudy .... Donovan. Nancy .... Doren,Scott , ..,. Doria, Connie , .. Doria, Gabi ..,., Dorosan, Henry . . Douglass. Helen . Douglass, Pamela ,, Dow. Rebecca. , . Dowd. Colleen ... Dowling, David ... Doyle. Adrienne. . . Doyle, Colleen . ,. Doyle. Matthew .. Doyle, Melanie. ,. Drexler, Dan ,.,. Duarte. Candi , .. DuBois. Brian ... Dubreuil. Marie ... Duda. Lila ...,.. Duffy. Michael , . Dundas, Iohn ... Dunne, loseph ,.,. Dupre. Kenneth , Dupre. Suzanne ,. Duran. lames , . . . ,98,144, ,.,..,91 ,...59 .,,.15 .,,152 .,91 .157 ....9,76. Qfliss , .,.. 159. .1..6s ., 71 .. 158 '...7o ...7a.101,144 ...86,171,206 .........148 ..,..54,78, '.'i1s7 Z., 1,..,.33.B6 32.33,49.s6.152 , , 29,168 . ..,.. 7 ..,.55,91 ,. 58,167 .,.,53, 198. 170. . , 52, 76, 79, . .73 180 216 208 200 208 218 216 208 216 100 208 200 216 100 216 200 216 208 216 216 208 216 100 216 216 216 200 208 216 208 216 208 100 158 208 216 216 191 208 208 216 101 200 208 208 216 101 191 101 217 217 217 101 217 200 200 217 191 200 200 208 200 Duthie, Dolores .... Duthie, Iill ....... Duykers, Ross ..,, Eagan, Robert Eastman, lames .,., Ecks, Lisa .....,.. Ecks, Michael .... Ecks, Penny .,.. Ekno,Thomas ... Elling, lames .... Elliott. Ioseph ....,. Ellis, Rika ..,......,. Enriquez, Theresa .... Erbacher, Christine . . . Erickson, Christopher. Erickson, Mark ....... Erpelding, Christopher .,.,. Erpelding, Peter ,..... Erra, Tracy ..,..,..,. Ertle, Ieffrey ....... Esqueda, joseph .,., Estrada, Lisa ..... Evanko, Dawn .,, Evanko, Robert ,... Evanko, Ronald ..,. Everett, Ioe ...... Ewers, Mary . .. Fager, Bernadette .... Fa lon, William .... Falstad, Tricia .. , Farney. Daniel .. . Faucher, Gary ....,. Federico, Suzanne . .. Fee. Susan .......,. Feist, Larana ..,.. Fenech, Gerry ...... Fenick. Katheryn .,.. Fenick. William .... Ference, Michael .,.., Fernkes, Lisa ,........ Ferrantelli, Iennifer . .. Ferris, Kerry ..,...... Fiedler, David ..,,.,.. Filipowski, Barbara . . . Filipowski,Iylmarie .. Filip one, Ioseph ..... Findllng, Dave ...,. Fischheck, Karen .,... Fischbeck. Keith ,. . Fischer, Peter ...... Flanagan, Kevin ,,., Flavin, Iustina .... Fleming. Brian ... Fleming, Keith ... Fleming, Kieran .... Fletcher, Brian . . . Fleury, Alfred .... Fleury. Gerald ... Flodman. Libby .... Flodman, Mary ..... Floersch, Duncan ..... Flood, Marla ....... Flood, Monique .... Flores, Drew ......, Flournoy, Mark ..,. Ford, Iohn ,......,. Fornaca,Ronald ,. Fort. Teresa ...... Fox, Iennifer . ., Franca, Iohn ...., Franke, Randy . .... . Franklin, Margaret .. . Franklin, Thomas ..., Fraser, lane .......... Fraser, Teresa ..,,... Fratarcangelo, Linda. Fratarcangelo, Lori .. . Freitas, Gina .,...,. Frowiss, Al ..,..... Frude, Charlene .... Frude, Cherie .... Fu er.Iaime ..... Fufton, Andrea ...,. Gadbois, Robert .... Gaffney. Gene .,, Gagliano, Andy ,...,. Gagliano, Stephen . ,. Gagnon, Dave ....,. Garland, Shane ,.., Garrison. Scott . .. Gaston, Michael .... Gehring. Charles .., Generas, Tony . .. George, Bradley . . George, Gregory ,,., Geraci,Iulie .. ,, Giacalone, Elena ., Giacalone, Frank ... Giacomini, Tina .. . jig, ,,..,,...54 ..,.,66,160 ,..,..,....63 ,..,66,157,160 .,..,....,.52 f1f.1ss, ..fQf,fQI54f ....s4,79,155 ......,..s4 ...,rdf jlisij ......60,61 .,.....158,159 ..M,...U..6L 48,144,158,198 ,....,.U..144 H ,........ 162. safiisfissfiszf ...,.,6,51.102 .. ......... 73 QQQ..e0,1si ......102 U...43, .ifso .Q..1o2f ..QfQf11sf ....,77.81,82 ".,fQ.QQzz, 208 101 208 217 200 217 200 208 200 101 208 200 200 200 101 208 208 102 208 217 208 200 200 208 102 200 200 200 217 217 200 200 191 208 102 200 158 200 217 200 208 208 180 187 208 208 200 217 200 181 21 7 209 102 217 209 . 79 209 102 103 200 209 209 217 ...,..,55,217 209 ....54,77. .,.,,72. 200 103 ,....217 ,..,.103 ..,68,200 ,.,78,217 .,.87,217 ,. 19,200 ,.187 ....14B,200 .,..153,217 ...,.,,,....217 ....64,65,7B, 79 ....7,23,29. 103 ..,....59,209 . ...... 191 , .73,217 ,...103,149 ....7e,77 ...77,209 ...77,200 .,....z09 ....,B3,209 ,.,,..200 . .,........ 209 s.,........ 209 .,.,,,.160,161,209 .,.48,144,198,200 ......... 103 M.... ..,.104 209 ,,,, .217 Index 243 Gaipa, Francesca 1 1 . Galindo, Ioe Gallo, Claudia 1.1 Gallo. Sylvia ,...... Gannon, Susan ...,. Garcia, Arlene ....... Garcia, Elizabeth ,,,, Garcia, Ioann ...... Garcia, Iose ....., Garcia, Pearla .... Garitario, Susan , 1 . 1 Giarratano, Stella . 1 1 Gibson, lon ......... Giesing, Meredith . , . Giesing, Philip ..... Giesing, Stephen . , 1 G' litto, Frank .,., Giles, Todd ..... Gillis, William Gillson, Anthony 1 . 1 Gilmore, Karen ...., Gistaro, Iean ..,,,.. Gistaro, Patricia .... Glum, Mary Pat ,.,. Goan, Edward ..., Goan, Iames ...... Gcggin, Thomas ..f, Goings, Anthony . 1 . Goings, Christine , . . Gomes, Anita ..., Gomez, Laurie ,..,. Gonsalves.Ioaquin .. Gonsalves, Mary . , 1 Gonzalez, lose ...., Gorence, Martin ..., Gorsich, David ....,.. Gorsich, Elizabeth , . . . Goscienski, Beth ....... Gotfredson, Therese . Grebe, Iackie ....,.. Grady, Beth .,..,... Graham, Bonnie .,.. Gray, Lisa ..,..,. Green, Camden .,,.. Green, Rachael .,,... Greenwood, Kathleen ...., Greenwood, Patricia 1 Grimm. Paul ,....,.. Grissom, David ......... Grosekemper, Karen . Grosekemper, Steven Grover, Holly ....,.. Grover. lill, ...... 1. Groza, Lee , ...... , , Gullett, Stephanie . 1 1 Gushue, Brian ....,. Haack, Paul ........ Hadley, Roben .,,.... Haelflinger, Darlene . Haff, Ioan .......... Hahn, Bettina ...,,. Haisha, Lisa Haisha, Pam .,..... Haisha, Sandra ..... Hakeem, Beth ..,... Halfman, Diane ,... Hall, Daniel ...... Hall, Leesa ...... Hall, Lori ....,... Halvorsen, Eric ..., Hamilton, Eric 1. 1 Hammond, Carol , . 1 Hammons, Darcy ..,. Henafin, Heather .,.. Hanafin, Holly ..... Haney, Stephen . . , 1 Hanley, Robin .... Hsnigan, Kirk ...... Hansen,Michael 1 1. Hardesty, Debbie ,.... Hardesty, Robert Harding, Megan ..,. Harkay,Thomas Haroe Patt , y .... Harrington, Kelly ..... . , . Harrington, Tracy , , Harris, Bret ....,,.. Harrison, Elyse ..... Hart, Alexandra .... Hart, Bob ...,..., Hart, Denise ..... Harvel, Christine . . , Harvel, Patricia ..., Harvey, Ed ,,,,.. Harvey, Robert , .... Hasenauer, Geoff ..... Hasinsky, Cheryl 1 1 1 Hawes, Andy ,,.. Hayes, Darla ..... Hayes, Peppia .,.. Hayes, Roger ..... Hayes, Sal y .,,.... Henninger, Ieff ....... Hensley, Michael ,.,., Hepner, Karen ..,.. Herb, Alicia .,,.... Herb, Christopher .... Herherich, Margaret .... Hernandez, Belinda 1 Hettenbach, Diane. . . Hewitt, Daniel ..... Hewitt, Donald .,.., Hicke.1oseph .... Hiel, Ondina .,.. Hillman Aide .... 244 Index ...1,...,...103 80,81,180,191 ..........,.217 ........1,103 .....217 .217 ....B7,217 ,,..148,200 ,.....217 1.1.1217 1....65,150, ....55,71, 1....55, 111.104, 209 200 209 201 217 217 217 165 ....63,80,217 ......217 1111.201 1.1.1217 .....217 ,....217 .....52,210 ........201 ....1S7,191 .,...43,192 1...149,209 ........201 ......152,209 ....59,75,209 ........217 111.104, 209 127 158 ......201 .1..,...104 ..........217 ....55,91,217 ..,..,218 1111.218 1.1.1218 ....8,12,13,105 .,..,..,..201 ..,..,..209 105 8,13,23, 29,105, 179 ............13,218 ............32,209 ...,.59,218 ......21B .,....218 ...,58,201 ......218 ...,.82,218 ..,...192 .,...21B ............105 ...160, 161,171, 192 , ,.,. ., ..... 218 ..,..81,105,157 .....63,73,80,21B .32,4B,144,152,209 .......,66,105,248 ........,..55,218 ..,.....218 ..........158 ...,14,20,105 ,........87,218 .,..148, 150,201 ........76,77 ........201 .....91,218 .....90,159,209 ...,..106,158 . .,...,. 209 .....,....201 ......,.153,218 .........,.54,209 .....55,71,91,218 ............201 1...55,218 1...181.192 ..,...201 ....80,209 ...,.B1,201 ....159,218 ....172,192 ..1.158.209 1,51 gk,a ever you choose. Hitchcock, Patrick .,,.. Holden, Thomas ..... Hollingsworth, Bill Holman. ,Douglas ,... Holman. Holman. Holman Beth ...,... Robert ..... William . , . Holmberg, Scott .... Holmes, Cynthia ,.., Holmes, Iohn ..,,. Holub, Daniel ..... Horn, Brenda ..... Horn, Brent ....... Horn, Mark ,,., ,.,.. Howard, Daniel .,.. Howe, Brian ...,... Howe, Timothy .,.. Huerta, Humberto .... Huerta, Luan ....... Hue ,T eresa ,... Huftyman, Stacey .,. Hughes. Amy .,.... Hughes, Iohn ..,.. Hunt, Maire ..,....... Hunter, Elizabeth .... Hurst, Steve ...,... Ibarra, Armando .. , lbbetson, Ieri ..... I nosi, Dan ..,..... Ihescas, Gilbert ,,,.. lllig, Brian .....,.. lnlow, Clifford .... lzuno, Steve .... Iackson, Kimberlee ,, 1 Iacobacci, Steve .....,,. Iacobelly, Elizabeth ,.... lacobo, Lisa ...... ,. 1 . Iannone, David ,.... Ienkins, Iennifer .,.. Ienkins,Iulie . 1, 1 1 Iohnson, Amy .... Iohnson. Cort ,. . 1 lohnson, Michele . . 1 joseph, Michael .... Iuditz, Tommie .,... .Xi 5 Congratulations Pam and Lisa. May your future be bright and successful i We love you, Mom, Dad, "'2512s1e5Qei . ...,...... 70. .......1....71. . .,., 9,43.6B.S9. ..,.....55,B2, ,.1.157, 1...106. .....,.91. ..,.54.72, 1...170, ...,59,87, .....73, .........,72,73, ....70,81.B4, 85, .....72, 111152155 1111163 11112i4 11.1107 .111i57 ...,159. 209 209 201 201 209 218 106 218 106 209 218 209 201 218 106 218 149 218 218 218 201 201 209 209 218 209 127 188 201 201 107 201 201 209 192 201 201 107 201 218 163 210 210 210 218 Iulie, Lila, and Sandy. Kane, Mary Catherine .... Kankowski, Ann . . Kankowski, Celeste Kaonis, Keith ..... Kasimatis, Margaret 11, Kasimatis, Paula. 1 1 Kassebaum, Estelle Kates, Robert .,... Kavanaugh, Iudy 1 . Kaveney, Mary ,... Kazmarek, Kristine Keeley, Christine . . Keenan, Catherine. Keller, Beverly ..., Keller, Caroline 1 1 1 Keller, Kyle .,... Keller, Sean ..... Kelly, Gregg ,... Kelly, Lynne ,... Kelly, Paul ,..,.. Kelly, Robert .... Kemp, Steve ...... Kennedy, Aileen .. Kennedy. Kevin . . , Kennedy, Margaret Kerber, Carolyn . . . Kerber, Laura ..... Ketchum, Gregory . Keves, Brian ....., Kewley, Diane .... Kiefer, Kristine .... Kieffer, Raymond . King, Margaret .... King, Teresa , 1 . . . . King. Tina ..,,.... Kinninger, Deanne. Kinninger, Shawn . Kirkendall, Kristine Kirkhope, Patricia , Kloberdanz, Gerald Kloberdanz, Iames. Klopchin, Patrick ,. Knughten. Michael Knowles, Melissa . . Knidsen, Laureen . . Koch, Daniel .,.... Koch, Elizabeth , . , Kocdurek, Beth .... Konn, Ieana ,.... Korb, Alan ...,.... Korb, Linda .....,. Kostecki, Steven. 1 1 Kovac, Charles ,... Kovac, Mary V ..,.. Kreusser, Edward . Kreusser.William . Krische, David .... Kuhlman, Lorna. . . Kutnik, Carmen 1 1, n wl 59, 74,f ,.82.1E 1111112 ,1155,f 111125 111.11 1.111 11.111 11k 111111 111521 11111 ..B0,1! .....11 54,70,1 ...52,l ..56,1. 1111i 11165. 111s5f .117iQ ...64, Lab. Chris ...... Lab, Iennifer ....... Lachmayr. Betty .... Lachmayr. Lucia . ,. Ladd, David P. ,... , LaFramboise, Donna LaFreniere. Angela . LaFreniere. Anthony LaLlana, Eric ....,. Landers, Kelli .,..., Lange,Mary . Lanfshier, Leo .. .,. LaP ante, Angele ... LaPlante, Iohn ...., LaPlante, Timothy. . LaPorta. Carolyn .. , LaPorta. Robert ..,. Lariviere. Earl .... Latus, Felisa .,.,. LaVine. Daniel .., LaVine, Sean ..... Leach, Deborah .... Leach, Patricia .,... Leath, Iacqueline . .. LeCren. David .,.,. LeCren. Douglas .... Lee, Kevin ..,... Leggett, Patricia .,.. Leighton, Sandra . , . Leinenbach, Karen . Lemus, Robert ..... Leon, Alejandro .... Leon. Arnold ..... Leon. Frank .... Leon. Lourdes .... Levy, john ....... Levy, Stephen ...... Liberatore, Steven . . Lichtman, Brad ..... Linback, Peter ..... Lingham. Gretchen . Lingham. Iohn ..,.. Lipscomb, Ronald ,. Lisa, Katherine . .. Litavish, Mary ,.. Little. Audrey ...,.. Livingston, Iohn .... Lococo. Anthony . , . Lococo, Giovanni. . , Lococo, Giulia ...,. Lococo, Iosephine , . Lococo. Peter ,.,,.. Loewer, Chris ,.,.,. Loewer, Rhonda ,... Lofgren, Eric .,..... Lograsso. Luann .... Logra sso. Rose Marie .... Londono, David .... ' in , 108 .,..,82,219 ....159.219 .. .160,202 ...,.210 ,.,..,,108 .,,.55,219 .,...202 ...210 .. 219 144,184,185 .. ,210 ..,.73,210 .......219 ,..,...82,210 .,..55,91,219 ....169.193 .. .. .210 .9.52,108 ....52.72,202 ........20Z .......219 ........20Z ..,,54. 72, 210 .. .71,219 ......202 ....109 ,....210 ...55,219 ,..,.219 ...B2,210 .,..,210 ...........,210 ...109 54, 76, 79, 210 .....,..180.193 ....,..,..210 ,....219 .....210 ..,52,202 59, 75, 166, 210 148, 154,155,202 .219 . . ..,....... 54. 202 109 .lifes .210 .219 .109 .202 . 202 .219 .219 .219 Luciani, Marie ,......... Ludecke, Christopher .... Ludwig, Sabine .....,. Luebbers. Sharon . Lukpetris. Michael ..... Lukpetris. Ruth .,... Lytle, Lisha ..,..., MacCarthy, Mark ..,. Machael, Michael ... Macis, Anthony . . Macis. Hector .,... MacLaird, Dave ..... MacManus. Paul .... Madruga. Iohn ... Madruga, Lena .., Madruga, Richard ... Magnusson. Iohan Maguire, Brian Maguire, Maureen , .. Ma uire,Patty .... Magad , Mark ..,... Y Mahady, Mary Beth ,... Mahalak. Maria ,... Maher, Leo T ........ Maher, Meaghan .... Manderfeld, Paul ...,.. Mangiameli. Annette Mangiameli, Lisa ...... Mangin, Stephen .,.. Manning. Darlene ... Manning, Dawn ,,, Mansur, Daniel .,.. Marcus. Mark . ,. Mario, Theresa ..., Marsella, Ioanne ..., Marsella, Ioseph. .. Marsella, Ioy ..,... Marshall, Holly .,.,, Marshall, Stephen . ., Martin, Iames ,.... Martin, Susanne ..... Martin, Suzanne ...... Martinez. Christopher . ,. Martinez, Laurie ,.... Martinez. Ricky . ... Martini. David ........ Marusa, Catherine ..... Mascari.Iu1ie ...,... Mascari. Karen .... Maserek, Diane ,.. Mason, Linda ..., Massey. Sharyl .,,. Masso. Iawad ..,. Matel, Ray ........,..,,...,,...........,.. .,..59. ...,,.55. ...,,..150 ,.,54,72,90 'fflfaa ffis .,..,5z,as 11111154 ..Qfa,iio .ea,so fQQQ'j'.siz,is2 52, Sli, ao, ai, ai ""'fQfQi5r .....,,214 ..,..60,61 ...,..52.53, .,.,110.160, Hiia, ......aa .......11i .....13,82 Qffiss ............91 . . .144, 149. 219 220 110 202 202 202 110 210 210 202 193 110 220 202 220 202 202 210 110 110 202 220 184 220 202 202 165 220 186 ,210 202 185 220 .20 210 220 110 202 161 111 210 111 202 210 220 157 202 210 111 202 202 .220 ,220 , l,x,. 3 mme' When the golden sun is setting, and life's road you no more trod, May your name in gold be written in the autographs of God. We love you, Mom, Dad, and Family. Loos. Richard ..,., Lopez, Joe ....,. Lopez, Letizia ..,.. ...lfljiflfss Lopez, Mandy ,... 1 1 I '. 152, eo. ai, i-is, is? Lopez, Marivi ..... ....,.......... 9 .14 Lopez. Tresha ,..., . ,.....,..... 74. 75 Lozsno, Shelley .... .....14 .109 . 219 .210 . 210 , 109 .210 .202 Matranga, Iohnna . .. Matt, Andrew ....., Matteson, Ann . . . Mattox, Brett ....... Mauro. Kary ........ Mauro, Margaret .... Mauro.Tony ...... .jlfffeif , ..,,. 157.160, .....74,162, 111, 157. 160. 111 220 220 220 210 194 161 Maynor, Emily .,.... McAlindin, Catherine .... McAnally. Sean ,,... McAuliffe. Sean .,.,... McCarthy. Bernadine McCarthy. Sean ....... McCarthy. Sean ..,.. McCartney, Brian ... McCartney. Michael . . . McCarty. Paul .,..,.... McClendon. Anthony McClymont, Bridget . .. McCormick, Don .,... McCoy. Leslie .,...... McCracken, Ieanne ..,. McCutcheon. Debra ... McDonough, Kelley .... McDowell. Bridget .... McFarlin, Susan ...... McFarlin, Thomas ..... McGranahan. Donna McGrath, Barry .,..... McGuire. Peter .,,.,.. Mcl-lale. Timothy ...... McKeone. Kathleen .... McKeone, Shelley .... McKinley. Marjorie . McMahon, lames ..... McMahon, Liam. . , . .. McMahon. Mary .,.... McMichael, Andrew . .. McNamara. Steven .. McPhail, Natalie ..... McQuinn. Amber ..., Meinert, Crissa ..... Mello, Maria ...,.,. Mendoza, Geralyn ..., Mendoza, Mario ....... Mendoza. Matthew .... Messina, Carol ....... Michalek, Robert ..... Milanovic. Lucille .... Millan, David ...... Millay. Gar ...,.. Millay, Pat ......... Miller, Ann ........ Miller, Christopher .... Mills, Lucie ...,...,., Milner, Gavin ...... Miner, Michael ..... Miracle, Malia ... Misleh,fames ...... Mitchel ,Alison ...... Mizoguchi. Lianne .,.. Mizoguchi, Robyn .... Molinarolo. Vicky ,... Monahan, Ioseph ,., Monahan, Michael .,. Mongiardo, lay ...., Montali, Iulie .... Montoya. Lisa ...,., Moons. Peter .,...,. Moore. Christopher. Moore, Douglas .... Moore, Ran y ...,.. Moran, Kevin ..,. Moran, Mary ....... Moreno, Amalia .... Morgan, Christine . . Morissette, Teresa . . Morrill, Linda ...... Morris, Iames .... Morris, Iohn ......, Moser, Kenneth .... Mossmer, Michael . . Motta. Michael ..... Mudd, Thomas ..... Mullen, Marcia ..... Mulli an,Sheila .... Murphy, Colleen ... Murphy,Timothy .. Myles, lean ........ Myles, Mary ....... Myles, Michael ..... Myles, William ..... Nagy, Ann ,,... Nagy. Ellen ..,... Nares, Rosemary . , . Navarro.Iaime . ,. Neale, Paul ..... Neel, Grady ...... Neeleman, Kim ..,.. Neely, Richard Neill. Elona ..,. Newton. Carla . .. Nichols. Ann ..... Nicolas. Maria ..... Niethus, Miriam .5 .... Nikolopulos. Robin ..... Noble, Sean ..,....... Noonan. Mark .,... Noriega. Lisa ..... Norman, Kim ....., North, Peggy ......,., Norvell. Elizabeth . . . Norwood, Donna . . . ,. Nosari, Elmo ......, Nottoli, David .... Nottoli, Michael .... Nottoli, Tim ..... O'Brien. Iames ..... O'Connor, Iulie ,,.. Oddo, Stephen . .. O'Donnell. Mora . . . O'Flaherty, Teresa ,... 11191 ....55,91, ......22,2s, , ........ 163. .....a0,a1.a2. "fills, ffifiii, .,..54. ....112, ......,B7. ....58,86, ....7,58.59, ....7B, ....33. ....71, ..,.,...9, ,.,..54,90.157, ..,...52,53,89 43, sz. sa, sa, asf . , . . .58,59,112. .......B3. ,....80,81,92. ......206, Q Q liz, sr, ss, as ...,...61, ........144. .,...65,150, . 154, rr, i-SA ....,76. 77.81. .....76.113. 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Pagliuso.Victoria . Pantaleon.Alfred. . Parker. Dwayne ... Patton, john ..... Patton, Mary ..., Paul, Deann . .. Peck Zachar . y ,....., Peragine. Roseann . Perez. Gabriel.. .. Perez, Teresa ... Perez, Tomas . . Perreira. Susan . . . Peters, Nick ....... Petricca. Anthony .. Petricca. Mary ...... Petties, Stephanie .. Pfeil, Margaret .. . Pflaum. jane ., . . Phenow. Marilyn ,. Picard. joseph ..,, Piccini. jessica .. , Pietras. julie ...,, Pietras. Richard . . . Pilkington. David . .. Pirolo. Dawn ...,,, Pitts, Michelle.. . , Pizarro. Gerard . Plaster, Anna ... Plotts, Thomas ,.., Plum, Mary Collette Plum. Mary Elise . , Pontecorvo, Dale ... Porlas, Xavier ...,. Potts, Colleen ...., Potts. Genevieve .. . Potts. john ........ Prather. Pat ..... . Prebys. Christine . , . Prebys, Theodore .. Preciado, john ..,.. Prestigiacomo, Giova Ill... Preston, Kimberl ....,.. Primeau. Edward! ..... Primer. Craig ...... Proal, joseph .,.., Proal.Meredith ., , Pruyn.Dmitri .... Pruyn,john ......, Pruyn, Stephen ..... Pryor. Daniel ...... Purce l Maureen ..,, l . Purcell, Susan ...., Purshouse, Laurie ... Qu1n1,Roy ....,..,... Quintana, Martha . Raggio. james ..,... Raggio. Matthew . .. Ramos, Brion .... Ramos. Carlos ... Ramos, Dan ......,. Rauch. Michael ... Rauch. Renee .. . Rauner, julie . .. Rauner, Mary ....., Ravenna, Phillip ... Rebelogolene ....,. Redfiel .David ..,. Redfield, joseph .... Regalado. Gary. ... Regalado. Rudy .. . Reichert, Michael ..... Reid. Annette ...... Reilly, Christina .... Reilly. Tim ......, Reising. Mari ...... Reising. Michelle .,.., Reiter, jon ......... Reiter. Lynn ....... Remin ton, Mary Remoif Mimi. 2 3 i ii Renshaw. Teresa ..... Revilla, Carmen .... Reyes, David .,,.. Reyes. Edwin .... Reyes, Marilou ,.,., Rhoades. Michael .., Rhoades. Sharon ..,. Rice, Lis .........., 246 Index 5-T . ,.fs1 ....72 , .55 ,52.80,115.149, . 150 1,-.,.l.9,84.85 , .... 52.88.89 54.62. 73, so. 165 . ...... ss 1l',.',l88.87,163 8.63,80.115.144 . .37, . ..54, ,.8.15. . .56,57,87.157. . ... 58.158. .86, 157. ... 55.162, ,.,,.31,54.90. lf 52.39. . , 127. 221 221 203 211 203 211 115 203 221 221 203 164 211 203 211 221 115 115 115 211 203 211 194 157 221 211 221 211 211 211 115 221 211 211 116 211 203 211 203 211 221 221 221 211 211 221 211 211 211 116 203 221 188 211 116 203 211 211 221 221 149 211 63.80 70. ,..lil22,28, ....74,86,162. ....s-1.78, .......64, .' '.'52f5Q1.'1e4.' ,70. . .. ..11s, ....74,ss.1e2, ..152, f'f52.a1.' ., ,52. asa. . ss. ....e4,7s, ..f5a.5s. ...,52,sa. ., ,.,117.' .......7o, .,...s2,14s, 211 221 221 116 203 203 221 211 116 116 221 212 185 212 159 203 212 203 221 117 203 116 212 203 116 117 203 203 212 221 212 212 212 221 171 212 203 221 204 221 117 Rice, Mary .,,. Rich, joseph ...,, Rickling, john .... Rico, Annette .. Riley. Bridget .... Riley, Cari , .. .. Riley. Christopher Riley, Terence . Riley, Timothy .. Riordan. Doreen.. Riordan. Michael . ,. Rios, Carolina ..... Rios, Gus ,,... . Risk, Reigna .... Rives. jeffrey ... Rizzo. Paul .. . .. Roberts. Anne .... Roberts, Diane .... Roberts, Lynda ,,.. Robinson, Scott .... Rockwell. Todd .,.. Rodil, Edward .,,. Rodil.Virginia , .. Roe, Daniel .,.,..... Rohmer, Deborah Rolfe, Dick .. .. Roller,jerry . Romano. Silveria . ., Romo, Anthony .... Rosa, Lilly . Roshrook. Mark .,., Roscoe, Richard .... Rose. Anthony ... Rosolino. Lori. .. Ross. Mary ..... Ross, Sheila, ,. . Ross, Susan. ... Roth, john .,,... Rotherham. james . .. Rowe, Erin ...... . Roy, Annette . . Roi, john. . . Ru ano. Christine Rubidoux, Al . . Rubidoux. jack.. Rubio, Michael ., Rudolph. Laurie . Rumsey. William Rusk.jane ... .. Ruta. Anne Marie Ruzich, Kimberly Ruzicka. Charles Ryan. Nancy ... Ryason. Tawnya 204 204 .. .,55 .. .212 ....221 ....204 , 221 ., 204 ..73. 82. 212 . . .85.155.212 ......54,221 , 23.29.204 .221 ...148.221 .212 ..117 .. .212 ....117 .-..212 , .... 204 . 77.81.212 .. .. 221 . , 188 , .9. 15,118 221 . ..,.. .221 . . 23,178.195 .......,118 . .204 221 . . 118 .. 158.221 .118 ....74.118 ...167,195 .204 .222 , .,.81.118 ,,...82.212 .. ., ,222 ,..,....52,55 195 , .,., 52, 54, 89, .,..80,118,180 ,.70,90,212 ..212 ...204 ....204 ..,.,72,195 ..,.184,185 ...204 Sannicolas, Elaine . . Sannicolas, Lorrie .. Sansom, Robert .... Sardina, james ..... Ssucedo, Humberto .. Sawyer, Rhonda. . .. Scampone, john Schanberger, Frank, Schanberger. Marguerite Schatz. Rebecca .. .. ... . Schatz. Stephen . , Schatz, Thomas ..,., Schauer. Richard .. . Scheble, Mark .. ,., Scheuerman. Gerald , ,, Schilling. james . ,. ,. Schloeder. Paula ...... Schmidt. Anne Marie . .. Schmidt, Diana ,.,.,. Schmitt, Kathleen .... Schmitt, Robert ..., Schmitt. Theresa . . Schmoldt, Daryl ...... Schneider. Ralph , . Scholle, Kimberly . .. Schorr. Kathryn , Schroedl. David .. . Schultz. Gregory , , Schultz. jeffrey ... Sohwartz, Lisa . .. . Schwartz, Marcia ,. , Schwartz. Sara . ..,, . Schwetz. Theresa . Sciacqua. Angela . . Sciuto. Angela . . Sebastian. Elaine .... Seiber, Michael . . . Self, john . . . Selis. Camille . . Selis, Eve .. .. . Selis,jeanne , .. . Serrano, Richard . Sether. Debra Sevigny, joseph .. Sexton. Maura ... Shafer, Daniel. ... Shafranske. Ed ,.,.... Shannon, Gregory ,. . Sharp. john .. . . Shelburne. Dana ,. Sherman. Leslie . Shields. jennifer . Shields. Karen . Shine, Lisa ..,... Sia, Clarence ,.... Sibley. Melissa , Sick, Denise . ,. Siesel. Michael , ...119. f1.,5-1. 119. 150.160, ' '.6i1fs5.7a.155.' ,,s5.7s, . 52.82, ....77. .fsaf ...fs7,' .. ..71 , 62.63. ".11e.' 8.52.54, . 73. 72, 73. 72. . 611 6.60. 61. 15611587 , , .37.49,87,152. 8.13.33,53.12O. . . .15. .89. 120, , ,. .155. B0.82.163. . ,,.B7. .1..52,l Congratulations Mark! We're proud of you. Love Mom and Dad. Salazar,Michelle ..,. . .212 Sales, Patricia ..... . . ........ 118 Sales. Sonia ..,...... . , ,.,.,. 59, 222 Salmon, Rebecca .... .. ,..,..... 212 Salzman, Todd .. 76. 157, 169, 204 Sampsell, Lee .. 150,188 Sanchez. Gilbert . .. . . . . . . . .204 Sanchez. Melisa . . . . 222 Sanford, john ... ....212 Silva, Kim ....,,., . Simmons, Scott .,.... Simmons, Thomas .... Simon, Kimberly ... Simon, Suzanne.. . Simpao, Leslie .. . Simpao, Richard . Singletary, julie ,. . Slominski, Cynthia .. 9.14. , ...82. ...81. 61. 121. 4 V' nski. Sandy .... ,james ...,... . Kell ....... . Pam ,..... . Stephen ..... .Theresa ..... 1, Daniel .... t, Michael ,,.. r. Kendall ..,. n. john .....,., Cen. Theresa ..,. Martin ..,.,. .Angela . . . . Diana .... .Theresa ...,. ., Sheila ...... er. Timothy .... izzo. Christine . . . Izzo, Mark ..... to, Eileen ..... to. Marion .... . james .... 2, julie .... z, Paul ..,.,.. mole. Colin .... role, Dana .... role, Karen . . . rd, Kathy ..... Cheryl .... Lisa...:..... tro,Anthony . .. rd, john ..... y. Daniel . . . y, john ....., 1, Barbara ..., i. Francis ..,. i, Mary ,... ,jerome . , . . Neal .,.... .. David . . . . ., Scott. . . . Gina ..... r, james ..,.... ns. Arthur .,... 'nson Mar Beth - Y ay. Missy ...... ry, Victoria .,,. s, Laurie ..,., s, Tyrone .,,. Thomas .... vich. Matt ... Kristine. , , Cheryl ...., n. Robert ,... , Michael .... E-illie .....,. herese ,... Erik ,,.,... o,Thomas . . . . Pat ....... n. Daniel .... n,Elizabeth .. n.Patrick ... Lisa .,.,... .Roxanne . . . janet .,.... fx. fx, ie .X swaww., Congratulations .........,.... ........150,204,ao.z22 .......,195 ....144,212 .,........212 ..,.8,43,76,121 ..,. .....Z12 ..,.,72.121 .....121 .....2o4 .....212 .....121 .....1z1 ....,.......212 H...........222 .....2a,z9,ao,21z ....1z1,149,1so ........12Z ...79.222 ........122 ....55,71.222 .,...73.204 . ..,. 222 212 .......,122 204 ......144, . , . .122.144,157 ........,.222 .....B5,122 ..........122 ....74,80,204 ....73.91,222 ....64,65,78,122 .,..64,65,79,212 123 ...222 222 ,.,...222 .,.,123,154 .,....123 .,....212 ...... .123 ........,.222,a1,2o4 ....17a,19e .....76,222 ....z7,sa,2o4 ,.,,......zo5 205 .....148,173, ..,.,B5. 205 222 205 222 . , . . ,52, 205 205 205 205 222 ..,.212 .,,.222 ...,205 Enom. Love Mom and Dad. Taillac. Daniel , ................ ,. Taitano, Gena. ,... ,............ Tamkin. joanne .... Tannis, Lianne .... Tannis, Sean ,... Tapia. Adriana ..., Tapia. Arcelia ,... Tarantino, jack .,.. Tassi, David .....,. Taglor. Karen ..... Te belts, Michael . Tedrow, john ........ Tenhunen, Thomas ..,.. Terramagra, Linda ,... Terramagra. Lori . . . Thiel. Michele ... Thiel, Peter ........ . . Thiele. Katherine . .. .... Thistle. David .... Thoennes. David . . . . . Thomas. Amy .... Thomas, Douglas . .. Thompson. Lianne Thompson. Shane Thomson. boyd ..,... Thornburgh, Ruth . Thornton, jean ..,.. Thurston, Charles .,.. Tibbitts, Casey ..... Tibbs. Theodore .... Tincup. William Tisi, Karen ......... Todd, Susan .,....... Tomcavage. jeanne ..... Tomcek. Theresa . . Totah, Daniel ....,. Toye, Karen ...,. Toye, Tricia ,..,,..... Trainor, Madelyn ..,. Tremblay. Lisa ..... Tremblay, Suzie ..., Trily, jolene ..,,. Tripp, Tiffany. . . :.. Trolinger, Richard ,.,. Trolinger, Theresa ,.,. Turner, jeffrey ...,. Tyler, Andrea ..,, U,nwin. Dianna . .. Unwin, Sandy .... Vacio, Margaret .... Valencia, jackie ,... Valencia. Iocelyn . Valentini, David .... Valentini. Gregory .... Valentini. Susan ,... .,...9,92. ,,.....123. .....123.158. ....55. ...168. .....83. 13.30.4B.54.70.90. ...83, . . .165. 181. ,..,56,70.90,166. .....74, ...,75,B6 Q1116iQa6 ,.,.61.82 ..-ss ....159 .....56, . ..157, 160. 222 123 212 205 213 159 159 222 196 205 205 213 222 213 205 213 222 213 213 196 222 213 213 196 205 222 123 205 196 213 222 205 223 223 124 124 213 196 213 223 223 223 223 205 124 223 205 213 205 223 213 223 213 124 Vance, jeff .......... Varagnolo, Umberto . Varney, Karen ...... Vartelas, Takis ..... Vattuone, Chris ..,. Vaughn, David ,.. Veilleux. Oscar ..... Velandia, Abigail .... Velandia, Traci ..... Velasco, Nestor ..... Verhnvskoy, Vladimir .. , Vertullo, Mark ...... Vertullo, Mary ...... View, Dwayne . .. Villa. Ricardo ..., Villaluz. Amold .... Villarba, Mary .,.., Villarreal, Laura .... Vitale. Dana ,..., Vitale, Kara ....,, Vivoli, David ,.,., Voegtle, David . . , Votel, Vincent .... Wagner, Dean .... Wagner. Nina .... Wagner, Ryan .... Wainio. john ..... Wainio. joseph ..... Walbrun. Thomas .. . Walker. Betsy ...... Walker, Donald .... Walker, john ..... Walsh, Sean ...., Walz, Deborah . . , Warren, Elaine ...,. Warren, Rechelle ..,. Warren, Renee .,,.. Washburn, Ed .., Waters, Craig ..., Waters, Curt ....... Watson, Charlotte . . . Watson. john ....... Weaver, john ,...,.. Webb. Heidi .....,., Wehe, Christopher. , . Wehe, Sandra ....... Weinsheim, john ,.,. Weismann. Suzanne , Weller, Randall ,,.,, Whelan, Mary ..,., Whelan, Michael .,.. Whitaker, Sharon . .. White, Donna ...... White. Karen ....... Whitman, Rosemary . Whitmarsh, Tony .... Wieme, Thomas ..... Wieseler. Cheryl . . . Wilhelmy, David ... Wilhoit, Laura ...,.. Williams. Kenneth , .. Williams, Lisa ....... Williams. Patrick .... Willrodt. Mary ..... Wilske. Rod ...... Wilson, Danny ...... Wilson, Diane ....... Wilson. Renae ...... Wilstermann. Natalie Winsor. james ....... Winters. jeanne .,.,. Winters. Paul .... Winters, Paul ...... Winters, Robert ..... Winters, Therese .... Wirkos, Andrew . ,. Wise, Steven ..... Wissler, Curt ...,. Witt, Annelisa . . . Witt, Monica ..... Witter, Douglas .... Wood, Peter ...,... Wood, William ..... Woodard, Bill .... Wright, David ...... Wyborney, Brent .... Yee, Augustine ..... Yoo. Sorah ..... Younker. Shan ...... Yuvienco, Richard . . . Zarour, Ilene .,...., Zeeck, Annalese ..., Zeeck, Patrice .,..,. Zellmann, Denise .... Zenker. Ronald ..... Zepf, Patricia .... Zepf, William .,.. Zielony, Rich ,.,. Zolezzi, Paul .,... Zolezzi, Thomas .,.. Zoll, james ......, Zoll, Pat .....,..... Zopatti. Mary Beth .. Zuffoletto. Michael .. 2. 1111i24 ..11ao ...,as 111165 1111159 , , ..1111i6s .....61.160. .....56,14-4. .....76.125. ,.1'7i,sifis3 .111111111s4 ,... 52.75 si 5r1i441i5s,isa ......,.1111ai soQi2S,i44fi49 11152.s41aifa2 ....s9,a2,zoe .........54 1.1111172 ..11152fss,as .11 G B Sijiis .,...,.....aa 11111111154 . . . .8. 13.52. 89. ..11111116o .....65.155 ..1154fa2 111.63fabfi44 111164.65 ....157 .,,.,82,149. .....58,75,B0 ....59,B7 ..,......52,68, . . . . .63,80,157, 92, 126. 144. 149. ......,..6B,S9. 1.112sfAs ..QQ11175 213 124 205 . 73 223 173 127' 205 223 213 223 124 205 223 125 213 213 213 205 213 125 213 205 213 213 157 223 205 197 223 223 205 213 205 205 223 125 197 213 125 205 180 223 223 205 213 213 125 205 205 205 213 205 125 205 167 205 223 223 126 205 205 205 126 126 197 213 205 197 205 205 223 213 125 205 223 223 205 213 213 213 213 213 205 213 223 213 223 223 223 205 213 223 223 126 205 157 .52 126 126 184 187 223 197 Index 247 I REMEMBRANCE Tracy Lynn Harrington passed away on February 20 1981 after a long illness She brightened our campus with her openess and ready smile Along with all the students and faculty at University Hlgh School we would like to remem ber Tracy s courage with a song her father wrote for her Daddy S Song Little girl you grew up along tlme ago I ll always love you lust want you to know Now a young lady leaving the nest Breakm my heart but proud and tw1ce b est Sixteen years where have they gone? Thank you sweet Lord you gave her our home You re still my baby just back from the war Dancm and pracin come hug me once more It s time to release you 1t s time to be ree You ve given us happiness Mom Kelly and me Sixteen years where have they gone? Thank you sweet Lord you gave her our home So pick up the keys and hang up that phone My baby walks out the door a young lady comes home Sixteen years where have they gone? Thank you sweet Lord you gave her our home , . , - , . 7 , . l . , , . Y 9 Y Y ' . ' Y ' f . , . . , . Y 1 Y , . 1 1 - Phillip Harrington A+ L, M Z QQ Qi iej"iQ.l 'ZZQLXZ4 P 1 W fm WVU fu V Jafzff- 0 QW? yd VP WMM? Cvwjfvf F- add tvwwwfzffj M157 MQ 6339 . 32 Q, 1 fmjeiiwprybgp 4. if 6 wp. Wei wW"'fau'QQ- iN4vLw 'Jw dow? ldap 4,44 flv N216 s 70:23 7156702 Q OYWQJ 4 +0 be lim WOHX0 bxcld up L96 Efxexwxds in-,iwfjc XQGUQFQ KQCAIIH WOM Um fQiY+L,jf Uxfbove WP MEQQJQIJDDU CJMJ V ' Tv. I: MLM? OLD Mdmgjg Ou-QV km Summa . aff 250 W W gum cmd E XGUOQ wow QE-K YWCIYIY- 0553, qua? S5195 UQXNX1 WQRQ. QQU we 5590 eov. 02019 bam Wow Owp gwee. bmi Uxjcs -X Qglfwckg ' V-, ,.-. , -U ggi www ,ff A L i l l , i j M1 MMPQMM 4 k Sw 3 ' MQ ll Q i fli i . l,i JI m Q - X412 22 l l 5El . ww- Q42 ox l l 2 ll l Zl 2 s l l f l g f l52f f l ' j i l 2 g 5 l . l l " 5 5 ii? if i i 5 . 3p2 J i 4 l l l i i K 36,5 ff 0? X3 5 5' . gg l ? . . 1 , l , i l 1 5 xg 21 Q i 1 l 1 fg i K E i i K". 2 QT +5 3 X 5 5 5 g if l 5 l j 1 yr 3 l ' i f f l A 2 i Q l l Q, w X j ,

Suggestions in the University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) collection:

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University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 66

1981, pg 66

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