University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1979

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xg! ,, Lb W Quad? W 3 ,A 4 L A ' ig ' ff! Wd' ' fp fx K- , , f Lf' QUfXW y gi E -f' 7 fcQAP'f, UL 4, ,J bl ff, , 4, . f 1 . 5 V! .bgfg .. Uh if UPU ' X ISAA Z A A Q if TMI' 2- if gf Tj? 53 i f , wx? 'W' ru. J Tj L ' If 'im Q ff!! WJMVL ' 'Wi Sf 'Q C ffmfl' q 77 294 ' Q5 W' 5 fax. WWW Wa. If 14,644 X-21,2 1,65 G QA MW 5 50 3 ' QW ' N ' W vi ,ZW V3 WJ' 9950 H' ,JM f1,fQaf MQgwvv5 1 1 f, 4 X? FW 'XJSLDJQD Q2 .134AvSc.4S Xfauijc Q Q99 55905529 'J 4 Ula 'Q x QQ wwiw CBL I ,VX pm X V , Swfgp Q, Wy Q5 Qgbmww 93-0,5 UWT M39 L -1 Q 5199 W f f ' ox mm?-' YWMWWV ft 9 X' K ' 0.1 L0 QQ. 2. ,x TCU 'AX xt Nbvvqi Aye' ffKQ,fyj' f OJ? 1 W W s'Awvw'i ,J 1 . ,Qfw-5953" if'iK .f3 11661 nfafagj ,,,14'JC3 2 NW' QLJQWD ,X Q -V cept' in Hgw 1 A Mm viii ,, Nm 6' JW X '53ZMW7Slp hfiw-NY' if T3 fa X9 'H Lf f ,WM 5 1 fm QQ WG Vg, sf ' N pdl w QQ? 6 V Q, gf Q? My W 214. ' 6? 4 ' M REQ V fi' , Q, L 6d gif , ffm , QFX ' f X LMA 'XB A X ' A N v nf f i' ' A A Q ff W mm rw i E Q, i 5 T v 1 S i i a s Q 3 5 E .I 'J f N AK: , 11701 K ,fn typ V if if A my A X , 'ff f Qgjgaik N QNQTpWy5iJy Q , MW? Vw 5 iw Sify NfWgj3f i?iIff M W QQ mf' M1 ,W AWA My Ay? gy V SQ! Mx Kp OJ QL P5Q25OW'y095 fw H QS? dx NYM XNyiwNQZjL w?Nqg5hN www ff 5 Mwwigifgwffmyg Www W W ai? Qeglfrkpw t CA 'fi '70 'ze ' J A I K? 39,3505 1 Z? I 6Q'0Qe!,JJff fjgffp? 5 Q QL 2 K X2 fbQi?H2ff3f k if iw ff Q 5 ww WW biffffpl, I "7 QED' X Qiiiiifj ggi 1'2gf'CH ' H 56324 Owiw 53 mifffl 7 PML Qwifgfigfew sggggfggg B+ 3' if -QQQVPJ 52900 Ofc' -65 G S iii 34153-5ELw'30 Q 22, 0355522 ' N fy fs 5 wi igiigja CQQI 'C2Al,:- QL! -QTQ QE " Q X QQ ia' 3aQ,?3g5a,310 ggxgv 522 Duff? 2221555 Ji .SWS fqcqgyocqqb QM Phi iglgw, 34,2 ,R 2' fa, gzmligf gg? 2 EQQEfm fs 5, QMQQEEQ Bai f -, r- x , Bi WW? 222133 ggvgggiiggg-O ,CLD .- A ' i pgfylq 'E 23213 ggi xi ,VA 5,2 ggi? 3535232 i fQE2 "'4. sk i i " in ,iw -g I University High School San Diego, California H 1 AIBILIE U, CUNY IEN1 S WV Seniors 16 Courses 118 w , 1, ,g ' 1fQwmgaar5a, ' 1 1- 1 Q., 1 f- 4'f'."1i'I53?'Qi5 ' f -2-.elfii f i ' f Ii , 1 - , 55:1 , ,- Img, fu 9+ 2 W' 1-1:...,s.L 1. Aww. , W ga Q 5 , , , U, lf, V. 1 fi 13, it NN F'- it Activities 62 3 wivx , , X vw I 'MW' -, , H Q 5' f-W ', D i-tl fgeii 2 Y : Q 75. S L5 ...M . if wiv, '.'frz:1 fo N' 1 r 1, ff: A: V wi 23' ' iii i Student Body 176 a 4 1 n 1 NX Faculty 102 E 1 ' ' 'A 11 wp ,'iHl:g"-"f' ' P Q 1 ' 'f +A 7 ff- -.1 1- 'C 724-1 v fi-is-J ,g if ' -if .4 -H ,LW , V A . ,f Q ' , Q V x wifi. Z L' Q4 "T f 1 Q, - 'ff'E:?f' L ' Q2 1" Af ' Tsiigati.ff1.'g'1g?gPe2ffiag:-TL?" - Lg., - W Y -fi: ff . fL!si:332i2'2' -' t 'i'f:5'.1 - -. 'J , I? tie fi W '4 V -mir.. - . - " mp 'izfjogf-1.03: , 2 . ff, '-:,fgL,'- , i , m1:J,,W,t-i it wi, ,.1W,,.Ati1-igld. -1+.E,,1, e,-iL.g,fff-- ,, i-sift , iifwimr,-' it-' fix : M452:.zzii1LA 112' Q ' Maw-+9 wwttrgif f- -mem ti ffm ,. L. twisitfss: h im ig R V, 'i W' 4 , N 2 2 2 1 Sports 132 Closing 214 1. 4. .4 'fm-0 N , S 7? Yofftx IFIHIE ID IE IU ID ILIE I I I . f I Q HHELLS BELLS" BY we Of '18 Bell rings. Bell rings. . Students hustle and bustle to get to class. Back to class. Tardy bell rings. Just one more class. Teacher takes roll. Math is boring. Class begins. Love letters and poems are written. Students are bored. Chit-chat begins. Teacher's slightly raised voice wakes you up. Teacher yells. Time to go. Bell rings. Bell rings. Bell rings. Bell rings. Lunch time! Time to leave. Brown baggers and machine buyers are all around. Time for work or homework or play. Students relax. Dinner time! The sun shines and sea gulls. . .well, you know. Date time. Time disappears. Bed time. Garbage is deposited in trash cans-hopefully. 7:00 in the morning. The alarm Bell rings. Bell Rings. Catherine Petricca Class of '78 2- w l V. K.. .X ... ffufnf fa luis ,N ,,' f f, ' , 11, 1, f' 7-' ,I C X MJ 5017! ,M ffWj..1,j fs.f"sf.D QW ,020 461,15 grwzfeffiie? bffikii 5? Mn Q ASIIB if yr Af Treasurer. . .John Raggio President, . .Brian Anderson 5 VIWN, V, " ,v-X 1' - 1 4 Vice-President. ,Charmaine Price Secretary. , .Karen Eckberg Brian Anderson led the ASB Cabinet through a suc- cessful year under the guidance of Mr. Galindo. With hard work and determination, the ASB brought greater organization to our student government and encouraged a new spirit in social activities. Girl's Federation President. . .Theresa Fischer Boy's Federation President. . .Bill Thomas Coordinator of School Activities. . .Joan Beeson Director of Social Affairs.. .Linda North ,:z.,,-- -'f""' if' 'V t-' 1 iw- K . ...YS ,J --,i,wNg,,t..3.,,, --..-,. , 4 ,- Coordinator of Religious Activities. . .Whitney Witteman .JV Y Mr. Joe Galindo Moderator Dir. of Service, Spirit, and Director of Public Relations. . .David Zepf Traditions. . .Stacie Brentano SIDIIIIQIIWI WEE IK df' W2 2 as .1 .W 1 . l X 1 5 f , ,QL 'ti' i . H 1 "1 '. as 531415 ' " mi? J? 3 ,,,g:-wry -' fm, " 45" I H Qirlx 14:19 5.51"L'J,,-3 . " Z ' :ii'-fin-IL ' ?E'1:42'-', - 1- I T:-if-fit if 144' ' -.-3 il ' -'cf' Wil.. ' VH 14 . .qs I We've got spirit, yes we do, We've got spirit, how about you? Classes competing for the spirit mug, Juniors caught the spirit bug. Red, yellow, blue and green, Who will be the homecoming queen? I'M in Spirited S gllibf 5 s X e -Q . A 2 as ,,-"" A K MQ?" M f x , , 4-Tffxx I N H, v V MX "IVR Vx 4 1 ' . x N Y- ' w'i-,,if N Af., : K' . fl' VJ?- JNL'- .1,..,. ,,..,. , W, , av ' 3 f -' PMSA! 'm Q D X , 0 1 1 V A , ,.f1-M, 'X jfs- ' .WL A av 5 ,. 5 V it N4 - M" M . ,L ba 'V 'st 5 E , X 1 ,f 5 .0 'Pi' i,-fg ? n 5 ,ww K .xx , QF? ffj ' A ' 16 Eg ' .nj -' ' A . iff-it ' X if 1 f w 9, ' ff ,O ' tai Q M WL...--I Senior Princess. . .Joan Beeson Escort. .. Jim Peters Homecoming Queen. . ,Jayme Bngnell Escort. .. Brian Anderson Senior Princess. . .Kay Keller Escort. . .Michael Robbins 11 WAI S II IFB I IHIEIE IDILIE AID IE ID Y "Karen"-Head Cheerleader "Lee"-Co-Head Cheerleader 4 Q . ' ' i ' 'fjLegim'ff?-Qi., ff I """.f ,lf-all -v Q 'Z'--l',. -vgfg "Karen"-El Capitan, Charity Bowl and Homecoming 77-78, hell week, Camp and Steve Martin, "at least they didn't throw peas", thanks and love ya squad. "Lee"-"Flip", four year cheerleader, pen- nants and pillow cases, cheerleading camp 78, 4112, pep rallies, hell week. I f 'uw IQQSQ , I -we I will 1, ,I 5, 1' :E A ,J l The 78-79 Varsity Cheer- leaders provided the spirit and enthusiasm needed to boost our team to- wards ClF. Headcheer- leader Karen Eckberg and co-head, Lee Selis, led their squad with cheers, dance routines, and smil- ing faces that kept the fans-R-O-W-a-D-Y! an-,, - Sw. 'WP i "" l 8 ' , A s nl., "Valerie"-"Val", "How should I wear my hair", campsin Malibu, rallies, loves - g a, A u 1 ., - Q . K dancing, smiling faces and all S ' S , N. 1? . i..y,,i . 'JL ' A ,Z 1 W, the good times, "How many - - i, 2 . fN"""'g1 "" , 7 -- A W-I ,, ,, . 0 -ft. - - - - H " ' at - -'r . i ' A " H - . S can we fit in RRU this time? l '36 17 ' , .-LQQME A 2 + , f 1 D if la-'elif-1. fl ' -- e , . . .fe . ag .is ,lull Q UN sf as 6 p ff , ,Q - , s 'l lx A -aa, "fl , 'N , rl' ' 't - ' 1 .W i. . ss 5 Y" f s '-l -' K --Z M 'K 1 LN: , A, ' 'v 11'-W , ., , . .. .. , - - A ' f f in F fl - - 7 - :,,, A "5 ' Q1 A. ,- 7.5,-,ji 7 V 2 1? ,K 1 'il 3 "f 7 , ,Q 1. , l ,N ., + tist t rf N ' 'iii' r A- -ff? "Paula"-four year cheer- " I,-,, ' i 'irq,3?,,'5f-3,5 -,7,, leader, Charity Bowl, rowdy V r - tif- --arf-'im' fans, hell week, cheerlead- ing camps, Homecoming. "Lisa"-always smiling, loves "Lori"-"Midge", Camp 78, Homecoming, goodtimes with friends, early practices, Charity Bowl, always smiling, loves my friends. "Denise"-always smiling, freshman cheerleading, 43, cheerleading camp 78. dance, dance, dance, sum mer camp 78, never on time 'Linda"-just keep on smiling, camp and goodtimes, Soph. i ' princess 78. , ' if--1..,n W 5' , , r -1 1 ' It V Z - Y being rowdy, remember 'L' Q' L np ,G J,-, 4 W3 i Y' as WF ' ax.,- ,ii 1.4 S . ' Tn- H i , Fw' T A X 5 . A .T T'a""'N, Qgffrvg fy' 1 'f X. nf., SV' in :r.'.'w' '11 '.'?.3,'Q," I V..-if if -a .SI offwwri .'. 1 " . L54 'fx' .Q X x .L i if! 'riff i I i . Jfzh x ,. Lx..-gg ' 1 ...Q . v. Q I f ,. ff. , a -- . ff ' l 'v 'UQIO4' 1. Prettiest Hair. . .Pat Connors, Lisa Alban- ese ' 2. Prettiest Smile. . .Michele Codinha, Rick Balelo " 3. Prettiest Eyes...Jeri Allenbach, George Daluca 4. Most Talented... John Herrero, Barbara Gourley 5. Most Spirited.. .Lee Selis, Roger Devenys 6. Deserted Island Companion. . .Theresa . Tarantino, Ray Stuberg 7. Best Dressed. . .Vickie Youhouse, Alan De- vall 8. Loudest Mouth. . .Diedra Gomes, Norman Misleh SENIUR ' va' ' 1- ls "r- as . ...A ' 1 J I A , , yi 1, ' 213 I ff 1, i. 'X-f'?i i i'l'A D0 . Class Ciown. Clyde Taitano, Melinda lhite, 0. Most Athletic . .Theresa Fischer, Dave 'Iartinez 1. Biggest Flirt, . ,Joan Deryckere, Ken mith 2. Best Physique!Figure A , .Nate Porlas, Thea Vertullo 3 Cutest Couple Lee Selis. Rick Balelo 4. Most Likely to Succeed Brian An-- erson, Jessica Watson 5. Most Innocent . Sue Cody, John Sar- ina ' 6. Best Personality Linda North, Dan Ioore Thus it was l am berng drrven forward Into an unknown land The pass grows steeper A wmd from my unknown goal Strrs the strrngs Of expectation Stull the question Shall I ever get there? There where hte resounds A clear pure note In the srlence. Dag Hammarskiold t The air colder and sharper. in -. J ' 1 if X 1 1,5 5,31 Q-and 18 l 'X . ...N A ,Q . X i p. kk N. as ' -.,.t:,11, f. . aww - I 3, Q . f -. .re we , . QQ X TNQ. childhood Slips from our As his chapter draws An iamew one Like a butterfly in it's We await the spring, Ready to fly To test our wings. The future, a budding flower Nourisned by hopes and Opens before our eyes, Reveals new possibilities. fs . 1 5 W is '-I lmft: Q 5 X 5' - i 1 if ist ' i R N vs XX X s XM I its .. it Q . 5 , Q N x H . 1-- 9 Q Q , " om 'K if is S if LISA JUNE ALBANESE "Buster" .,, Senior head floor l ... SM., DB., MF., MH., L.S., V.N., Mr. JERI ALLENBACH Found at Senior stairs and off campus will remember J.R., V.L., and KP. Mr. A Vogue Mag., Hollywood. Swiss Colony, Van Man loves special friends. Craig My very special friends ... Mr. Ruzika and no burritos .. Anthony. Seniors 19 JOE ALVAREZ "The Cuban". . .Wrestling, tennis . . .found all over. . .will remember every one ... Fr. LaRiv, Mr. Beswick- ...searches, prom, being a frosh. . ,loves friends, girls, sports, God. BRIAN ANDERSEN "A Wild and Crazy Guy". .. frustrated by teachers, homework and old jokes, esp. his. , CSF, NSF, SNL. . .talent show '78, unProm '78, Junior year, Homecoming 78. . .Rock 81 Roll. . friends. Qs --sse- DARLENE GALE ARMSTRONG "Uni Pep", . ,Rep Club, Track. . .Will re- member driving Sr. float at Homecoming '78, run throughs, off campus lunch, Search,, b-days, cream pies, note passing. ANNE-MARIE ATKINSON "Red". . .Wildlife Rescue Club. . .found with friends. . .V.M., S.G., P. 84 PC.. .. Wil- lie, Brother John, Mr. Ramos. . .loves to travel.,.Thanks and love to Mom and Dad. VICTOR E. AVILA Found by locker. , .L.A., D.G.. J.H., E.W., L.B., "Oh the Shark bites". . .future plans- at the studio. , .loves girls- 36-24-36. REGINA E. BADILLO "Gina" "GeGe B.' '... found driving my car, the bench by my locker. . .M.L., SD., T.E,, C.V .... Miss Mauro, Mr. Praxel, Mr. Minor. . .love my mom, bestfriends, Patty and Mike... RICHARD G, BALELO "Tunaman", . . Football, Basket- ball. . .S.P., J.B.. . .Coaches Serrano, McCormick, Casciato, Ramos...C.l.F. Baseball '78, Prom '78,..frustrated by Lee, , .loves Lee, family, friends. i ..tM,,Xz .ggi LISA MICHELLE BEDORE Swim team, Jesters. . .found by swimming pool, Nanette, Mary, Karen, Anne. . .Sr. Leonard. , .chocolate milk and cheese puffs. . .loves friends, swimming. BRENNA ELAINE BAYNARD "Bren". . .Badminton, Track, CSF. , .K.W., CD., A.K.,, . .Gurr, LaRiv., Prather. . .frus- trated by freshmen. . ."Say Hey" "What's Up?". . .loves God, Mama and Dad, friends. JOAN BEESON "Jackson". . Track, Stats, ASB. . .Slippin' and Slidin', F.L,'s and F.G.'s Home- coming 78. Jogging with Jim frus- trated by ASB . . loves God, Family, J.P., friends, the sun. LORI KATHERINE BERGERON Bowling Club, JA, Search. , .found wander- ing. . .B.B., KB., H.C., T.A.. . ."lt doesn't pay to search for things that please in life, the most pleasing things come unexpect- edly." JEANNE BERRAY Volleyball, Softball,...the S.M.B.'s, CD., K.S., BB .,.. "Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run-there is still time to change the road you're on." KARLA BINDER "To have a beach house in Maui and a chateau in Switzerland and a dyno Ferrari. Endless cases of Lowenbrau dark, and most of all to have excellent friends like I 'I do. I MARIA BIARD JAYME LYNNE BIGNELL "Jayge", . .O-O-S, O-O-B. . .Bald Bes ... Homecoming 78. . ."l've had some of my best times here at Uni and l've met so many really neat people, I'lI always re- member you, Uni." KATHLEEN MARY BOYCE "Kath' '... will remember friends of 78. . .PSA's. . .wants to be a teacher and live in Colorado ..."lf we weren't all crazy we'd all go insane' '.,. Jimmy Buffett. ANDREW BONCZYK JANET BONE MARIA BRANCO Racquetball, . .found all around. ,, M.C., L.W., NP., L.T .... having fun with the nuts- ...loves family, friends, weekends- ...plans to go to college and work. MATTHEW BROWN "Brownie" . . Swimming, Water Polo. . .will remember Mr. Gorsich, Mr. Araiza, the Lumberjacks. . ."The secret to success is hard work". . .wants to sky dive and go to USC. if L,fi'i JON BRAUSE BUI THI XUAN HUONG "Whoong". . .found in the library. . .will remember Erika, the Vietnamese group. Mrs. Lilly. . ."I don't understand". , .loves most: freedom, nieces, nephews and someone special. STACIE ELIZABETH BRENTANO "Spacy Stacie"... "Howdy-Dowdy- Cu- tie?' '... Mr. Galindo, ASB, Jr. year, Jest- ers, Easter eggs from M.P., Searches- ..."Take care my friends, there will al- ways be a place in my heart for you." -Q ELIZABETH J. BURNETT "Bebe," "Bets' '.., 4324 Volleyball, Bas ketball. . .SMB's, Tree Huggers, Studs.. Search '77, 78. , .Fr. Pat, Gorslch McCormick, Ahh, McGrath ...loves sun sets, family, friends. ERIN K. BURNS NANETTE iviARiE BUTLER UNDA JO CABOZ "B"...Tbe lmmoral Film Club ...Diana, Badminton, Softball, Basketball, Bowling, .Farrah--4 ' -Tammy' Denise' Donna' Fugi, Roger, Greg. . .Mr. McGrath, . .Prom Jesters. . .L.B., MR., CS., M.T., D.C., Diana- U MS. Kassebauml ' -frustrated by '78, Grad Nite, "War Games". . .beefy tos- C.G., V.S .,,. Ms. Rosa, Ms. Prather- gossipersu I yyouire My Everything' tadas. . .loves God, close friends, Tony. ...Searches, Prom.. .loves family, V 'loves Nobbyy family' friends. I 'June fnendsi me- Engagement, December Wedding. TIMOTHY CADELL PATRICK JOSEPH CAHILL "Pat' '... main office, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- wards, the wnole office staff. . Sr. Leon- ard, Mrs. Kassebaum. . .Future plans- President of my own firm. . .travel to Ire- land. KEVIN CAMMALL CATHERINE CAMPBELL "Tari", "Squirlly", "Space Cadet". . .will remember those eyes. , .frustrated by one way streets. . .pizza and beer, "l'm so confusedl' '... loves Marty, puppies, yel- low roses. ? JOSEPH ANTONIO CARINI MICHELLE JEANNICE CHARTIER "Mish' '... Racquetball Club, Year- book. . .L.T., L.W., Y.D., M.D., D.T., S.S.,. . .Mr. Galindo, Mr. Araiza. . .Charity Bowl. . .loves family, friends, God, the beach, . .thanks Dad. DIANE C. CLARK Jesters. . .Mary, Nanette, Lisa, Laura- ...loves family, friends. . .Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken! winged bird that cannot fly. MICHELE MARIE CODINHA VoIleyball...L.N., PL., M.S., K.J., M.J?, DB., J.W., Sr. Dolores, Mr. Serrano, Mr. Craig, Mr. Tibbs. . .Prom 78, good times with Frank. . ."What a crack up!". . .loves family, beach, opposite sex. SUSAN DOROTHY CODY "Susie", . .W.R.C., Searches. ., MP., J.C., D.C., D.A., V.R. ...Mr. Gorsich, Mr. GREGORY A, CQDY Collins, Mr. Casciato, Mr. Spring, Mr. Bes- Science Club, Rocket Club' Wrest- wick, Mr. Araiza. . .loves the Christian At- il img. . ivir. Gorsich. . .u.c.s.o. m0SDhG-fe here- cHRisToPHER CHARLES coHN KATHRYN PAULINE COLEMAN JANET COLLIVER THERESA ANNE CONKLlN Julie, P.S,A,, , ,Mr, Praxel, Mr, Ramos ...Crazy Days, Crazy Nights, Summer at Catalina, . .loves family, friends, rainbows , . ,to live in paradise, far away in another land, "Polly", , .Badminton ,.,Melinda, Karla, Doug, Steve, Shell. . ,Mr, Ramos, Mr, Bes- wick. , ,Homecoming 77, Illinois Boy- ,,,Sylvestor Stallone, skiing, Mazatlan and Europe, To my family and friends: I love you much, GEORGE PATRICK CONNERS "Pat' '... Football, 371, , ,found by the wall and in the weigntroom, , ,Sophomore year, , .frustrated by Uni parties, ,, IRHS- ,loves mom, family, friends, and God. i rtl SANDRA COOK "Sandy", , ,found by stairs, , ,R,V,, J,P., A.M,, J,B., Mrs. Gorsich, , ,will remember Nov, 11 party V,V, ,,, frustrated by Ruzicka ,,, loves family, friends, Bart, and MARY LOUISE CONNOLLY "Mary", , ,found on stairs, , ,Martha, Car- la, Bebe.,,"tree huggersu, "Puds" and "Studs" foreverl, , ,Fr, Pat, Ms, Mauro- , , .loves God, family, friends., , "Friends, I will remember you!" ' life, GERALD M. COX "Gerry". . .Wrestling. . .found by my lock- er...G.C., G.D., J.D., R.M., Mr. Gorsich Dundas... dances and other activities- ...frustrated by crowded lockers. DEAN CRESCI BROOKE KRISTIN CULBERTSON "Rat". . .found in my truck-cruzen- ...lunch with A.T., J.G., L.D.. . .Miss Rosa, Mr. Ramos. . .Prom '78, Homecoming '77. . .31 flavors, "Oh yummy". . .loves family, eating, going to parties. . .March 18, 77. PETER THOMAS CROM "Pete". . .found on courtyard benches ...Anne Marie, Vic, Steve, . .Fr. LaRiv., Ms. Rosa ...Choc. Chip Cookies, "Look lady' '... future plans-college ...loves the outdoors, family friends. . ,thanks mom, dad. JAMES DALESSIO Soccer, CSF. . .found over the wall, 7 St. Del Mar... P.G., P.C., D.S. ,... frustrated by girls. . .plans to go to college. . .to ski Tahoe, Sweden. . .thanks mom, dad, and Nana. GREG DALY "Greg 'does it' Daly"...Ms. Mauro, Ms. Niethus. . .frustrated by taking the bus- ...Chocolate Chip Cookies, N.B. l i . BRANT ROBERT DAVIS Margarita, Martha, Evan, "A friend is someone who, when you let go, comes back,",,, Search, French, Jes- ters. . ."Why does that always happen to me?' '.,, Thanks Mom, Dad. LOIS DELANEY EVA MARIE DEMEYER Janet, Brant, Margarita, Andrea...Mr. Shelburne, Mrs. Chaillou, Search '77, Prom '78 .,.loves skiing, God, family, friends. JOAN MARIE DERYCKERE "Little Wave", . .Tennis team. . .found on the stairs with a few guys. . .V.T., KH., W.C ..,. Do You Know Where You're Going To?. . .plans to be on the cover of cosmo, .. cv' 4555 JESSE GONZALES DEMESA Baseball, Bowling. . .Mr. Thomson, Gor- sich, Miss Niethus ...Search . .frustrated by flat on 8. . .ice cream, pizza. .. loves parents, God. ALAN CHRISTOPHER DEVALL "A.D.". . ,Frosh football, J.V., Varsity Bas- ketball, '78 C.l.F. Baseball. . ,frustrated by females, homework. . .Thanks to teach- ers, friends and family. ROGER PHILLIPE DEVENYNS Basektball, Lunch Pail Club, Sr. Pres., AMFC. , Lumberjacks, Mac, B., Tiny Danc- er. .. Sr. J., Mr. G., Mr. A. . .7-11-78, Tal- ent Show, Search '78,. .. "Monty Python lives!", . .loves family, special friends. THERESA MARY DEVLlN "Terry", . .found in the CC Center... K.M., J.T., JF. . .Mr. A., McCormick- ,. . .Prom '78, MM '78, .. Beatles, Boston- ...loves family, friends, and Hollywood. . .Thanks Uni for all the good times. CAROL JEAN DIEDERICH "Carol". . .eating with Karen and Janet- ...Barb, Joe S., Joe C. .. Mr. A.V., Mrs. Gorsich. . .Prom '78, The S.M.B.'s, Nov. 4, '77, 4513, "Just the way you are.". . .loves Mike, family, friends, parties ... Thanx Mom, Dad. MICHAEL DIEM "Mike" ...Wrestling . .found in front of the gym. , .Coach Napier, Mr. Gorsich, Mr. Steves. . .Mexican, Italian food. . .loves good friends, backpacking, and good food. CARIN DILLS DOUG DODGEN "B.W.D.". . .Ski bums. . .found on the bench ...Susie, Melinda, Joni, Karen, Pol- ly, Charlyri, Leslie, Karla, Renee, Elsa, Sal- ly, Abel. . .Father Pat. . .Search '78, friends. . .Cheap Trick. . .loves Susie. JANE MARIE DUFFlE Four crazy years with Erin... snow skiing for the first time...loves chicken, chil- dren, the ocean, mountains, Janet 'tSchvveuk," and family...loves Charlie especially. DONALD E. DUPEE CHUKKA Soccer, Tennis, Track Q ...S.M., B.A. Mr. Shafranske, Mr. Araiza, Mr. Warren. . .good friends at Uni- , . .loves God, Rose, family, friends. ,. To all my friends-thanks! YVONNE LAURA JOAN DURAN Racquetball Club. . .N.P., L.W., L.T., F.M. . Sr, Mary, Mr. Beswick. , .Halloween '78 ..."OI-say, now this is what we're going to do!' '... loves God, nature, family and friends. KAREN ECKBERG TERESA LYNN EKNO "Vogue". . .Men watchers. . .found in the bathroom or at the machines, . .Ma- donna, Anne, Bathroom gang. . .Mr. Bes- wick. . .friends . .frustrated by my car- ...Diet 7 Up. . .loves guys, family. . legs. STEPHAN ANTHONY ERBACHER "Etienne", .. Basketball, tennis, CSF . . ,watching RV. and J.B. . .The WCSB gang. . ,Mr. Gorsich. . .frustrated by Arabs driving war wagons and black stangs. . .loves women. Y--rv' nik X. ANNE MARIE EVATT "Annie". . .The Dance Studio. . .Mrs. Prather and Fr. La Riviere. . .Loves RDM3 My family ... Wants to goto Europe Thanks Mom and Dad. CARLA EVERETT "Chuck". . .VoIIeybaII, Basketball, Soft- ball. . .found on the stairs. , .l'll remember the four year gang, RG., P.C,, T.W. . .Mr. McCormick. . .Loves friends, family, Karl. KEVIN EGAN EWERS "Farmer". . Football, Track. . .Senior year. .. frustrated by Freshmen. . .plans to go college. . .loves freedom. I Pi' WR ' 'N' fx FRANK FAUDOA FRANCIS D. FENNESSEY "Frankie"...Soccer, Track, W.C.S.G. Club. . .Watching RV. and JB., RM., C.M., N.H., N.M., D.D., SE., S.L...Mr, Gorsich. . .Roving Arabs in War-Wagons JEFFREY FEE ...loves Tan Pinto's, F.F.M. ADRIAN FERRER WAYNE FILIPOWSKI "Flibitus" .., Math Club .., Physics Lab Rich Pilsl, Pete Macareg, Whitney W ,..' 'All I need is a little help from my friends". . .loves God. farnily, friends- .. wants to rob a bank. THERESA ANN FISCHER "Fish" ...Volleyball Basketball, Jr. Pres, ASB 78-79...C.E., BB., RG., MR., J.S., JB PCCMK CR JL KE "Dan CATHERlN E FOX it". ..loves surfing with Rudy and 37. VERN GASTON JAMES FRANC t JSF rs ? ' . MICHELE L. FUGER "Eggie". . ."Sugie". .. Volleyball. . .Sen- ior Head...D.G., L.A., SM., SS., BB.. M.L., Lara, Tree huggers...Ioves Morn, Dad, Family ,... wants to attack Mr. Cas- ciato. MARK A. GEORGE "Frenchy". . . Basketball, Soccer, Track. , .Smitty's, Miramar Gym. . .T.N., J.M., C.V,, R.M., S.T.,. . ,Mr. Gorsich, Fr. La Riv, Mr. Dundas, . .Prom 78. .. Wants to be in the U,N.. . .Thanks Mom and Dad, "My friends, take it easy." KATHY LYNN GLUM ...will remember Marilyn, J.T., L.T., T.D., KM., J.F. .. "That's life". , ,loves Mike, God, family, friends, and the M's. . .always wanted to burn rubber. LARRY GERACI "Larry' '... Search 78. .. Sophomore year. . .Mrs. Gorsich. . .frustrated by UNI parties, ., I.R.H.S ..,, lunch with C.J., H.Y., S.K. . .shelI. . T69 Mustang ...loves Caro- lyn, family, friends and God. DIEDRA GOMES "Dee Balls' '... Loudest Mouth '78, . .Little Sr. Dolores, Coach Strange and Fr. Lan- phier. . .found in girls powder room danc- ing and singing. . .future plans-a Holly- wood debut. STUART D. GIMBER Wrestling, . .will remember all my friends and the friendly people at Uni...would love to sail to Tahiti.. .future plans-UCSD "Thanks Mom and Dad for every- thing." SYLVIA GOMEZ "Dimples". . .Swimming 76. . .Yolanda Leianne, C.L., D.R., Big T, Mr. Beswick, all my friends. . .3-31-78, 6-2-78, Homecom- ing 77, Search, W! C.L. "Special thanx Mom and Dad". GREGORY GONION MICHELE GONZALES CHARLES PAUL GONZALEZ HMHCHV' 'A parking 'ms' ' 'C'W" MP" "Chuck" will remember Barb G Victor V.-Y-i Am' Be'g'e' 'V'-Ry W-D4 Q 'SafU'daY A., Lori B., JH., De., Le. . .loves family nites never s ent. . Carol, I lost my p . belt!" "Who?" "Who cares?" M.J.G. MARY ELIZABETH GOODE "Babes", . .found most with Jim... Spirit Week '77, May 29, Sr. Dolores and Ms. Leto future plans - college loves family, horses and Jim. JOHN GORMAN PAUL GOTFREDSON Party Hill, Rush, the machines. .. will re- member Del Nlar, 7th St. . .frustrated by fences. . .would like to ski Tahoe- ..."?Donde esta mamasita?" BARBARA JEAN GOURLEY ...Perspective El Cid, Badminton, Chor- us. . .Lumberjacks forever, the Un-Prom, Talent Shows...Ioves music, curly hair, my crazy family. . .M. Cool and the Gang- ,.."Midnight RumbIers". friends and traveling. , .would like to sky dive. STEVE GREENWELL "Stevo". . .M.W., D.D., KB., D.K. . .Fruit Fights of '76 ...Van Halen, the Cars "Shattered". . .Lowenbrau dark. , .Wind and sea, Pomas. . .Iife's the same except for my Shoes". . .to ski the Alps, BMW's. JO RE GREENWOOD l JULIE ANN HAISHA Frustrated by slow drivers. . .found at foosball tables. . .fun times with Evelyn W., R.V., J.B., V.A., C.G., RG., O.N., C.F.. D.H. ,,.. "Whatever turns you on!" loves family, friends, God, and my special love to .lim B. NORMAN W. GROSS "Norm, Normanski, Norrnanovich" ...Waterpolo, Swimming. . .Lumberiacks, J.R., T.C., M.B...Araiza Ms. Mauro, Mr. and Mrs. Gorsich. . ."The Who are you?" ...times with friends. . .to fly. STACY ANNE HADLEY DIANA MARIE HAMMER International Club, Racquetball. .Senior Wall Fr. La Riv, Mr. Beserk, Herr Steves Ants in the lockers "Let's GOI' '... USD..,"Thank goodness l've made it!" NICOLA T. HANNA "Aarab." and "Nick the Nose" off campus. . .N.M., S.L., C.S., C.T ., K.K. . .Mr. Gorsich, Fr. Lanphier. . .Ski Beach. . ."Pass out the towels in the girls shower room." ww ROBERT HASINSKY ALISA LEE HESLOP "Sam UF. Cottonballsw. . . Head Gang. . .Mrs. Fil, Araiza, Shafranske, Leto, LaRiv. , .Charity Bowls, tardies, schmoos, crazy people, 4 ,loves Richard and moun- tains, ROBIN HASINSKY ROBERT HOLLAND X, JOHN Vi HERRERO Perspective, Lunch Pail Club, Jesters, Ms. Leto Fan Club... front office, chasing peo- ple. . .Dons Robot crew. , .Talent Show '78, CLumberJack Scandalj, , ,Cl'iaiIIou, Mrs. Gorsich. MADONNA HOWARD KEVIN HUDSON PAUL CHARLES HUSS "Poad Husser". , .Concerts. . .Frank Fau- doa, Kris Behra, Kay Keller. . .Ski Beach- ...frustrated by girls, .. Loves friends. . ."l LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!" BRIAN HUGHES ANNETTE THERESA IZIDORO "Tia Net". . .J.V. Cheerleader, J.V. Scor- er, Talent Show '76. . .P.T., G.Y., D.J., J.l., RS., C,T. . .Homecoming '77, Search '77. . .Love my parents, God, and Paula. MARTY HUNTER MICHAEL J. JACOBELLY "Mike". . .found in my car. . crab, lobe ster, loud and classical music. . .plans to go to San Francisco. , .loves playing the organ, traveling. X JOSEPH JARDIN NEIL JOLLIFFE ROBERT ALAN .IONDALL"lVlilton" ,. "Bob Biceps" Football, Wrestling Track . .. RB, L.N., GD., R.S., V.T., .l.B. BAT., C.T., loves God, parents, Becky friendship and togetherness. PATRICIA ANN JUNGERS "Patti" found with Michelle PSIL, MSS, KSLI, M8tJ, DAB, J.Mc, DSM '76 Prom, Charity Bowl '78 Chocolate Chip Cookies loves beach and boys. ANNE CATHERINE JUREK Jesters Laura, Nancy, Lisa loves family, individuality, God "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." BARBARA ANN KASIMATIS "Barb" ... found with my friends, by the stairs Janet, Karen, Carol, the gang, K.A., Rhea, Sandy frustrated by wak- ing up, homework ,., loves God, the sun, B.A.A., Kittens. THOMAS KEATING KATHLEEN MAUREEN KELLER "Kay" Svvenson's Goon Gang, L. Yam, Linda Baby and Friends, Husser 'tBes " ... "Gay and Kary" ,,. loves par- ents, Gary, beach, mountain air Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. GARY KELLY PAMELA KINNEY WW MARK KINNINGER "Kissinger" ... found riding my RD 4000 ... Berry Mugwath . . . fruit fights ,.. frus- trated by boring teachers .. . loves girls, motorcycles, drag racing ,.. wants to race the Baja 1000. ARNE S. KNUFMAN EARL KOFLER "Pizza maker" Soccer Me and Football Manager, Photography Staff Maureen Search, not when the surf's Mr. Ramos for "Circa, Circa", Rudy Cas- up, Construction Co frustrated by ciato frustrated by tooo much home- kooks, kneeboarders .., wants to drive a work ,.. loves cooking, fishing, outdoors turbe Carrera. wants to dive. ED KOFLER PAULA KRISCHE Swimming. . .found in library... Angie, Shelley. . .frustrated by Algebra. . .HBO- Iogna!". .. "I don't get it" my fa- mily. . .wants to have confidence. ERIN LAB Four insane years with Jane. . .Prom '78 with someone very special...Thanks Mom, Dad, Beth, Monica, Jane, Arne, Frank, Chris, Sam for all the special memories. KATHLEEN ELLEN LANTRY "Kathy". . .Katoni rituals. . .hanging around ...Head Gang, DP., S.M., A.H., K.M., J.C., S.A...Sr. Dolores, .I.W., Mr. McGrath, Mr. Thoennes. . .frustrated with freshmen. .. loves Bill, mountains. . .fu- ture plans-be a graphic artist. MARTHA ELIZABETH LARA Searches '78 with tree-huggers...McC school of passing...SB 79, "I care" ...D.M,, N.P., Fish, FRC., B.D....MM and TT good times with Carla and Mary. CRAIG LEEDHAM HENRY LEMUS THOMAS MICHAEL LOPEZ WILLIAM LOPEZ PETE M. MACARAEG JR. "Petie". . .Track, Cross Country, Rac- quetball ...J.W., W.C., M.G., A.A.. T.R. . .Mr. Marcus. , .Searches, laughing, Junior year . .. loves God, family, friends' future plans-to become a business man. ESL FRANCESCA MARIE NIACIAS "Francie", .. l'm serious. . .Senora Hiel- . . .Charity Bowl '75, 343. . .The moments may have been temporary, but the memo- ries are forever. .. Thanks Pop, Mom y hermanas. WILLIAM MACINTYRE MARK LAWSON MACKENZIE El Cid editor, football. . .Lumberjacks, the B.S. four. . .Mr. B., Sister D., Mr. G, Araiza- ...Ioves smiling, writing, and silent mo- ments. . .Thanks Mom and Dad. GABRIEL MANUEL MAGANA "Gabe' '.., B block...Ms. Leto, Mr. Bes- wick, Miss Niethus...friends from Uni, Searches, Prom '78, Uni... loves family, friends, God...our boat, Lake Havasu Summer 78. MATT MADRUGA S.T.N.R. . ,found most often in the back of school, . .S, P, M, N. . .frustrated by teachers, J.W. .. Rock 'n Roll, . .loves family, friends. Q' wait- ANNEMARIE MAGUIRE Will remember J.B., V.G., RU., and S.C. .. loves family, R.E., A.W. . .Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have given me. DAWN A. MAFFUCCI "Fugi, Turkey, Weirdo, or ??? . .score- keeping baseball. .. the wall. . .E.K., Diana, gang from wall. . .BB team winning CIF ...Serrano, Corky, . .loves God, par- ents and roses. RICHARD WILLIAM MANSUR JR. "Wheels Mansur".,. Soccer, Ten- nis,..W.C.S.G. gang, S.E., C.M., N.M., N.H., F.F., C.S., S.L., D.D...Mr. Gorsich- ...loves hamsters, gerbils and para- keets. . .SDSU. NICHOLAS J. MARTIN "Nick". , .Mr. Gorsich. . .frustrated by people in general. . .Heineken and other quality beer, . .loves ocean, sunsets, soli- tude. . ,wants to live in Montana, B.C. SHELLEY R. MARTIN "Shell", . .Pep Club... Angie, Caro- lyn,. . .Mr. Dundas, Sr. Joanne. . .will re- member talent shows, dances, gradnite '77. , .loves parents, friends, Joey. . .al- ways wanted to ski. 'TEX BARBARA MASCARENAS "Babs". . .Gene, B.S., CP., M.Y., EW. .. Ms. Rosa,..remember dances, friends, good times, Charity Bowls ...loves ap- ples, friends. . .Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Qi Q sg -, L .. 4 .S 'k K A . 3 DAVID JON MARTINEZ "Sidewinder". . .N.P., P.T., KS., C.D., Nl.W., C.T. , .Lanphier, Wargo ...Baseball '78. . ."How goes it". . .loves friends, fame ily ...The Snake and Sidewinder strike again! ANGELA BARBARA MAURICIO "Smange" .., Cheerleading, Jr. class Sec off campus,..T.T., J.P., J.B., L.N., K.K., Senior Studs,..l wish the class of 79-love, luck, and laughter throughout their life. ROBERT SCOTT MAXWELL "Scotty" . .. football, track. . . R.S., G.R., V.G., D.M., N.P.,C.T. . ,frustrated by look- ing at the world upside down. . .loves par- ents, friends, God. ANDREW D. lVlCCLlNTOCK "Andy". . ,Kevin Field, Tim and Jon Brause, Stewart Girnber. . .Nlrs. Leto- ...frustrated by Psychology, Praxel's re- flection papers. . .after high school plans to go back East. IAN MCCOLL LESLEE MARIE MCFARLAND Found on the stairs and in the RMB B.W., Beth, S.M., F.F., D.C. being with Billy and Dino at OJ. ... "What a trip!" ... loves M., D., K., E., C., A., B. me and my Camaro. JOLYNN MCCRACKEN Badminton A.S., SP., C.M., P.J. Mr. Beswick, Mr. Craig good times with friends loves family, friends, Bri- an, Chivos, food "Miss You". KATHLEEN ANN MCMANUS Katey , "Mac" found everywhere Big T., J.T., J.F., L.T., K.G., M.V,, S.M. Terry Devlin, Magic Mtn. 79 frustrated by rules ... Steve Martin ... loves Tory and traveling. MARIE JACQUELINE MCFADDEN 'Jackie T.F., M.F., C.l., J.C., l.L., M.H., frustrated by Tammie's driving loves Mara, family, Ireland, friends, parties Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. GREGORY T. MCMORROW ln a daze "You know, there are so many mountains to climb, once you get through the hills, feel the awe movin' round you, when you're windblown still." 1 ROXANNE C. MCNEAL "Roxie" L.S., M.M., O.G., D.L., C.V., J.M., M.G., P.C. Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Leto, Father LaRiv loves Nannie and Nunnie munching out ,,. live and let live. JOSE CRUZ MEDINA Cross Country, Track and Field J.H., R.M., M.G., RB., L.S., C.V., C.J. loves my truck, van, Mom and Christina "What's up?", 'IDon't be a party poop!" CHRISTOPHER METCALF "Chris" .,, Tennis ... the W.C.S.G. .,. Mr. Gorsich, Mr. Vice, Mr. Araiza, Ms, Leto loves friends, Porsches, Fosters and money future plans-UCSD "Fiats Rule" NORMAN MISLEH "Storrnan Norman" El Cid R.D., D.A., N.H., J.A., C.S. Gorsich and Araiza ... Ians to attend the U. of Arabia D "God loves you all-that's for the re- cord!" VICKI MITCHELL Veterinary Explorer Post will remem- ber all my friends, hours wasted in library, soaking wet Magic Mountain ,., loves con- certs Thanks to Mom and Dad for everything-and Grandma. CATHERINE ALICE MOONEY "Cathie" the gang, SS., S.P., D.O., A.S. ... Mr. Beswick ...frustrated by T.S. and dieting .,. loves peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, family and life ... "Oh, yikes!" :JL DANIEL JAMES MOORE GARY R, MOORE Tl-IERESA MOORE Football, Soccer, Foreign Language Club, Will remember the relationship between "Bubbles" Bowling . ,. Illegal Alien .. Math Club ... found most on crutches ,.. waste and time ... frustrated by the prin- Rosalie, Rosary's old gang ... J.W.W. loves pizza, beer, parties, hot dogs and ciples of lite loves "the things I can't J.A.M., Willy good times at Uni .. Padre games ,.. Julie. have" ... future plans-Harvard Law Mom and friends ... wants to run to Jim School, mie's without stopping. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER MOORHOUSE Basketball, Track last year's seniors ,.. Mr, Gorsich .,. Good times ,.. pass- ing drills . .. Deep Purple, Sabbath, Zeppe- lin Kayak the entire San Diego River. SHEILA MORAN "Moran" Nannette, Carol, Monica, Marg, Barb frustrated by blue book tests Rosanne Rosanna Danna sunsets, being bananas "I love you Uni, and thanks for the best years of my life." DANIEL JOSEPH MORRILL Frosh Baseball ... on my stairs watching ... kool and the gang ,.. Mr. Gorsich, Mr. Casciato .,, Ski Beach, Halloween '78 ... A. lzidoro's watch "OMF", "l'll pass" Cerveza. SILVIA MARIA MUNOZ Track "Head Gang" L.H., K.L., DP., K.M, Leto, Dundas, Sr. Dolores .,. gettin' busted by J.W. ... Italian food N.Y. City Saint Bernards get straight 'A's. 315 KATH RYN MA Rl E OTTO "Kassie" Jesters, Basketball H.S., Sr. Mary, Sr. Sara ... S.C.F. ... crazy times, kidnap notes ... loves God, family, laugh- M.P., T.W., 2 J.W.'s, "the group" ing and California. VICTORIA NEGRETE "Vicki" and "my punk" on grass with A.D. and J.R. ... the l-loneybees and Luis ... Mr. Minor ... 4-6A77!7-26-78 ... Dream Maker-M 84 M's tennis WLNHNREASW Thanx Rich. LINDA NORTH ASB, Softball, Volleyball F.L. 8t F.G's, slippin' 81 sliding', Day-baby, Smange, bench-warming bud, pads 84 studs, etc. .. Catalina, P.I., T.R., Searches, SM Dato, "What's up?" DEBORAH O'NEAL "Debbie" the gang Mr. Beswick, Mr. Craig, Mr. Galindo, Mr. Napier S.P.'s temper French Fries, salads, Spaghetti ... "you bet!" ... Chicago ... loves family, friends, upstate N.Y. ELIZABETH MARIE ORTEGA "Cookie" Swimming, J.V. Cheerlead- ing found all over will remember my blue eyed gourmet ,.. frustrated that no one laughs at my jokes K.E., JB., A.S. "Bye Uni!" CHIARME LEAH PARAS "Charm" Pep Club, Talent Shows, CSF, 1979 PRESlDlO STAFF ... May, Bar- bara M. Mrs. Gorsich, Mrs. Kelleher loves singing, Hawaii, family, God travel to Europe. S is DANILLE MERRY PARKER "Doni" Katoni Association K.L., S.M., A.H., K.M., TB., S.L. ... will remem- ber the times with my friends ,.. Lasagne, Led Zeppelin, camping loves friends and family. JAMES PARKER KATHY PECORARO "Ricky" found on Sr. Steps and off campus loves bagels and cream cheese, black olives ... J.A., J.R., V.L, ... loves family, friends and rainbows ... "Go for the Gusto." MARY LOUISE PEREIRA W.R.C., Softball, Bowling K.K., SC., SB., GF., V.O., S.M. ... 10-875 . .. loves God, family, friends Avoa, some- day wants to meet Stevie! MARIA GIOVANNA PEREZ "Bozo" ... P.C., R.Q., RP. Janina Guerra, M.G., C.W. .,. pizza ,.. loves to disco the night away future plans-U.C.S.D. WILLIAM PEREZ JAMES CARL PETERS "Jimmy" ,.. Basketball, Search . . . found with Joan ... would like to be a politician and go to Germany ... will remember Santana concert, P.l.T.P. .,. jogging with Joan l'You scrounge!" SHELLEY IRENE PETRAGLIA CM., AS., D.O., JM. Partying and great times with friends ... Plans to be at the beach and mountains, Jr. College loves parents, Benson friends, family and DK. "Yikes. RICHARD L. PILSL "Pizz" ... swimming, waterpolo ... Frosh yr., waterpolo gang, N.G,, J.R., MB., F,R. Mr. Gorsich "Hang in there" the weekend's coming ... loves God and friends. NANCY ANN PRAWDZIK "Nance" .,. Fr, Bob White . . , likes Chica- go, pizza, Gilda Radner and Saturday Night Live, London ... loves family and God ... wants to live and work in Europe ,.. "Whata ya want from me, my blood?" JOHN RAGGIO 'tRag" Waterpolo, Swimming Mr. Thomson the Lumberjacks frus- trated by the system "Far Out" ,. future plans-college loves friends ,. wants to go to Europe. NATHAN DANIEL PORLAS "Snake" ... Football-Captain, Track Dave M., P.T., N.D. cheerleaders, football team Coach Wargo, Ramos, Lanphier, Fr. Pat Search, Prom, ASB Ball loves Nina, family and God. JENNIFER CAMPBELL RALPH "J.R. Trol", "Jerry's sis" ... Saints Frosh Cheer, K.P., J,A., V.L. .., Football pics on field, skiing in New Zealand "THE THING PERHAPS IS TO EAT FLOWERS AND NOT BE AFRAID." ee. Cummings, LESLIE ANN REDONDO "Les" Tennis .,, frustrated by Tammy's driving found in A's Celica ... t'Get Some" .., Friends ,.. Fun times w! Alvin, Del, Shelly, 8t Tammy loves Family Hawaii. TAMARA LOUISE REDONDO "Tammy" The Good Times frus- trated wf tennis matches "Guy" "September" .., loves family, God Si spe- MICHAEL REGAN cial friends In Hawaii wf rny Mazada, FANCIS XAVIER REICHERT "Frank" Waterpolo, Swimming, El Cid ... Jar, N.G., MB., RS. ... Mr. Craig, Mr. Beswick, Mr. Minor Searches, the Sports Page "The Tank" loves K.C.l., family. GARY W. RICKLING Football, Track, Chess Club . .. D.M., C.T., M.H., RS., G.Y. Ruzicka Junior Prom and after Prom searches Mocha Chip loves parties, sailing and Kay K. VINCENT RICKLING CATHERINE MARIE ANN RICO "Rico" Volleyball ... V.B., W.L., AM., DK, Mr, Dundas, Fr. Lanphier "Come oon" loves all the beautiful people ... to my Mom and Dad. MICHAEL DAVID ROBBINS "Mike" ,.,CIF Champs Cross Country '78 ... Joey, Janet, John, Javier, Joan, Sparky, Dana ... Searches, Ski Beach ... ANGELITA RODIL "Angie" ... "woe baby!" . .. Shelley, Pau- la , . . will remember Prom 84 Homecoming '78, "Open Sesame", loves parents, fam- ily Xt friends . . , Andy Gibb ... My rainbow locker. CHRISTOPHER ROLING loves Gatorade and ruthless risk games ,.. Frosh Homecoming. MARY JUDITH RYAN Jesters, ITS found with Nanette, Lisa, and Diane The Lunch Bunch and Co. Mr. and Mrs, Gorsich, Ms. Leto "Excuuuse me!!!" loves family, friends, good times. LINDA MARIE SALES "Salsa" ... Francie y Diedra ,.. Sr. Mary, Mr, Bez, Mr. Shelburne frustrated by "Hulk", Tikiballs, and Apemen ... madre, padre, family y friends I love you! y slam! KEVIN A. SALZMAN JOHN SARDINA ANN THERESA SCHANBERGER Wrestling . ., Found by food machines ... "Schanhotdogger and fries" ... Mr. Corky Napier Led Zeppelin loves McGrath, Fr. Lanphier frustrated by the outdoors ... plans to go to the Carri- Mary Hunter, Gary Moore ... Tab, pizza bean. ... loves family, friends, smiles with dim- ' ples, and Chevy Chase. SUSAN MARIE SCMITT "Sue" Swimming Edwina, Donna, Eloise, Rod Baby, M.F., S,M., Never wait or hesitate, get in kid before it's too late you may never get another chance. HELENE SCHMITZ ELLEN SCHNEIDER Found off campus . ., Karen, Karen, Kathy ,,, frustrated by homework, term papers South Mission Beach loves guys, God, parties, J.O., B.E. skydive. ANDREA LEE SELIS "Lee" cheerleading, softball, Jesters Found vv! Ricky JB., JP., V.T., M.M. ... Mr. Steves, Fr. Leo ... S.C., Act- ing school ... loves Ricky, family, friends Thanks Mom for everything. MlCHAEL SEPULVEDA VERONICA SEYDE JD., J.W., E.S,, A.E., J.H., P.C., RP., and D.C. the joker Thanks Mom and Dad l for all you have done. PAUL EDMOND SHARP "Cliff" .., Football . ,. lunch area ...frus- trated by Freshmen remembers The Varsity Football Team, Greg Leedom, Ke- vin Ewers loves Football and moun- tains. SUSAN ELIZABETH SHINSKY "Sue" ... Young Life ... D.T., MC., A.A., A,R., B.M., V.M., VA.. S,E., "Wild and crazy" loves family friends, God, American Foxes. RICHARD SIMONIS ROBERT L. SIMMONS JR. "Rich" Yearbook ... found every- "Bob" Cross Country, Wrestling where VW's 4 ever F.R,. MB., B.S., The Maders Graduate . . . found infront of D.K., TW., L.F., K.H., OR., MD., lce the Locker Rooms . .. remembers friends, Cream sandwiches ... Rock ... in the MONICA J. SIESEL teachers, Uni, USD. styx to become civilized. SUSAN SLATON "Susie" Calvin Kleins, Saks with Tina remembers writing and business classes, Carin Q"Rocky"j, and Dorothy, Bus. Management ... Thanks for sending rne to Uni, Mom. KENNETH A. SMITH "Kool Ken" Frosh and J.V. Football, Track Mike, Cathy and the Gang ., Ski Beach, Dances ,.. The "System" .. "Runnin' with the Devil" loves cars, girls, rock'n' roll. KAREN LOUISE SMYTH "Karen" Carol, Mike W., Janet, Barb Mr. A, Mr. Serrano, Mrs. Gorsich the SMB's, porking out with Carol, eating candy bars loves friends, family, and mustaches. CHRISTOPHER SOULE "Chris" Soccer with Jaccobacci Scott, Rick, Norm, Nick Mr. Beswick, Mr. Gorsich dances frustrated by skating backwards and girls loves friends 81 family. LISA RENE SMITH "Lady Libra" courtyard benches R.M., P.C., C.V. Mr. Dundas, Mr. Bes- wick ... Senior yr., ASB Ball '78 ... loves P.R.J.C., friends, family, God ... I love ya, CD. X JANET PATRICIA SPOSATO "Jay" being friends, talking on the stairs ... Karen, Carol, and Barb ... R.V. and S.C. at Vacation Village, Ski Beach ,.. love my bro but most of all-Thanks Mom and Dad. JOSEPH P. SPOSATO "Spamoni" Cross Country Track Found most often running .., will remem- ber Mike Robbins, JB., V.B.T. Mr. Shelburne ,.. ruthless risk games, beating Saints ... loves parents, friends, and women. KAREN DENISE STOCK Tennis Ellen, Kathy, Karen, Gabe, Joe W., D.W., GW. . . . frustrated by home- work and school K.W. loves GS., D.W. will always be. RORY A. STALWICK ,.. will remember Fr. LaRiv and Ms. Leto ... loves playing the guitar, surfing, skiing ... wants to go to Europe ... Jeff Beck, the Stones. MICHAEL STRANGE LAU RA LYN N STAN LEY "Stan the girl" ... "The more books you carry the stronger you become," "Strive and succeed" ... love "my stamp collec- tion, God, family and parents." "Hey, kiddo." KRlSTINA STRAUMFJORD A 55 . fi v.-Ai' ,rv 41 sr RAYMOND STUBERG KATHRYN SUESS CAROL SULLIVAN "Ray" VB. J.V,, V. Football, J,V. Base- ... found most at the beach will re- ball, Track Kool and the Gang, 76 B member Robert and Melody, Herr Steves Team, A.I., P.T. ... Mr. B., Rudy C., Padre ... would like to goto Australia and never LaRiv will remember never losing to come back loves family and Gerry, Saints. CLYDE J. TAITANO "Wally" Football, Wrestling Kool andthe Gang . .. Mr. Casciato, Mr. A., Ms. Rosa ... found most often on "my" stairs ... Ski Beach. THERESA TARANTINO LISA TERRAMAG RA "Lis" Racquetball Club the 5 dwarfs: L.W., M.C., MB., Y.O. and N.P. ... Halloween, tourist day, spirit week, foot- ball games ... loves God, family, friends, good times, happy people. PAULA JEAN THOMAS "P,T.", Wog A.I., N.T.S., J.C., D.M., C.T., G.Y., R.S., J.l., Annette, Nate .., loves family, friends, God, Annette, Uni ,.. special thanks to my parents, WILLIAM WARREN THOMAS you, , JULIE THOMPSON mie's car. "Bill" ,.. Football, Defensive Captain ... M.L,, l3,J., J.M,, J.G., BB, GR., N.P., D.M. ... "Stud" .,. My special "Little One" ,,. loves God, family Thanks Mom, l love "Hule", "Zorro" Jim, Franc, Linda Trolinger, Marilyn Vearling, Kathy Glum, Terry Devlin, Katey McManus ,.. love my family and friends toilet papering Hy- I ANNA MARIA THOMSON Star. "Banana" Volleyball, Basket-weaving My daddy, Boyd singing to the ocean loves God, family, Jeffrey, "Ocean", friends wants to be a rock MONICA Tl-IURSTON iff MARILYN ANN VERALING DEBRA TOBIN LUCIANA C. vARAGNoLo "NlO0Se" found at the beach, with "Debbie" SS., IVLHA, SAM., A,R-V A'B,Y Lourdes, Vicky, Julia, Maria Ms. Rosa, Kearny M9055 Kathy G., LT- Mr, And all the rest H, "Youre Such 3 Card" Mr. Galindo, Fr. l.aRiviere Spirit Week VICG .. ... "WG cant GII be Perfect" 3.- frustrated by sig and boring teachers and Halloween pizza Italian food IOYQ God, my great Sfandpafemi famllyi loves God, family, friendgy American loves to dance and friends "Hasta fflends Mom and Dad-I IOV9 yOU ' ii' Thanx for everything, Kathy, Foxes. pronto amigos. l58 CRISTINA VILLASEN OR "Cristie" ... Lisa Smith, Roxanne McNeal, Marc George, Jose Medina tuna sandwiches, disco loves animals and laughing a lot ... Thanks to teachers. RHEA ANNA VERTULLO Softball found by the stairs S.C., A.M., L.G. .., Mrs. Gorsich ... Search '77, Junior Yr., fun times ... frustrated by school . .. love my family, friends, and life. JULIA ANNE WAGNER "Julie" Jesters with Teresa and the gang .,. Sr. Dale, Mr. Araiza ,.. guys and homework .., nursing ,,. good friends and T.W., K.O., H.S., J.W,, N.P., my brother and B.D. MlCHAEL WARD "Mike", 413 .,. Baseball . .. not found at school ... with Carol ... Soph. year with K.C., P.C., L.G., Jim, Linda, Joan, Coach Serrano Carol, family, friends. LORRAINE PATRICE WAGNER "Lori" Racquetball Club ... found anywhere M.C., L.T., M.B., Y.O., NP., C.G. Sr. Mary, Ms. Rosa M.M, '77, GSY, cruzin', Prom 78 Thanks Mom and Dad. JESSICA ANNE WATSON "J" .., Jesters, Pep Club Club, Tennis ... the girls, Dar, Roger, Lynne, J.S. p-nut but- ter and pickle sandwiches ... most likely to succeed, dances God, Mom, Dad, 3J's and Zorro. LEIANNE KAY WATSON Wrestling Sylvia, Jon, May, JG., C.D, Coach Napier, Search, ASB '78 being short ... Thanks Mom and Dad ... Diane, Mike, Theresa and Tink . ., "I finally made it!" TERESA ANNE WEIS "Teri" ... Jesters ... .l.W., H.S., K.O. ... all my friends here and in Denver ... Miss Mauro, Fr. LaRiviere "Hi Girls" loves God, family, friends, and my home: Colorado. MELINDA WHITE Ski Bums and fans, the bench gang, The M.D's, Kitty Mr. A., Lizzy Gorsich backpacking, Search, Aloha Party, ASB Ball, Prom '78 T-Birds, sunglasses, take me away. CAROL WH ITTAKER JAMES J. WIEME The back wall . .. Fr. LaRiviere, Mr. Ramos . . . college ... love God, family, my guitar. EVELYN JOYCE WILLIAMS "Evey" Gymnastics found every- where J.H., B.M., B.S., A.C., and the Gang ... Jr. year, good times with friends loves the beach, good music, family, friends, sunsets, the mountains. GREGORY BREMMER WILLIAMS "Greg" Wrestling, Track food ma- chines, wrestling room Corky Napier, Sr. Leonard nice people college ... wants to go to the Olympics ,.. DOROTHY WINTERS WHITNEY WITTEMAN Tacos 84 Stroganoff, Cat Stevens "lt's cool, it's cool." ASB, soccer, Jesters .., Frustrated by uncomfortable desks 84 no carpeting ,.. will remember everyone .., Loves family. WILLIAM WOLFE "Billy" ,.. the RMB .,. laughing at teach ers the bench gang Mr Dundas Mr. and Mrs. Gorsich B. B Prom 78 OTW, football games ,.. wants to be rich and famous. BERNADETH MAYLING YONG DENNIS K WRIGHT "May" U, frustrated by what Cgmeg next VICTORIA DENISE YOUI-IOUSE Wrong Film Science Club Jesters "G.olly you guys!" Good times Wfgpe Vikki friends at the beach and par r' +2 T C D Z , cial Ones M, Loves, to play footbal IGS L K K III always remember aII adventure Dorothy parents God wffriends ,,. D 81 M-Love 81 thanx for your my good friends they re very special Uni has the force BOOGIE ON' never ending oonoern H, SMILE! love you Babe' Remember me' 11 Life only demands from you the strength you possess. Only one feat is possible-not to have run away. DAVID ZEEB K' CYNTHIA ANNE JOHNSON ' "Cindy" R B bbl Roselyn, Pam, Rose, Mari J y f strated by surfer music I ri d tht SDSU ,., I my parent t ce, neph- fi d . H R H DAVID PAUL ZEPF Z ...found veryh bt h l shouldbemsgarf tdy kt I beer Jesters, El C d ASB BGPCMPNGLSJHDWTC and th t p I someone "get mellow' CAMERA SHY: Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step: only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. Dag Hammarshjiild Markings DENNIS BOEHME JOHN BROOKS GEORGE DELUCA FRANCIS DRISCOLL KATHY ESTUS PETER JOHANN CHARLES LOWTHER JAMES PETTY JOHN REDFIELD TRACY REED KEVIN SALZMAN ROBERT SCIACQUA ROBERT THARP PE UPLE di- PLA CES gg... f 4 3 i-gk' i ix: Q, I A XT. ,lg AM Q. qge 'rf inali- Jiffi ACTIVITIES A wliin SEARCHES-A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING . The basic format for Uni's Search-Retreat program has been changed this year, but people still come home after the experience feeling better about themselves and God. A Retreat is filled with laughter, love, smiles, and tears. New-found friendships are also a factor of the three days. lf any two people tried to describe a Retreat minute-by- minute, there would be two completely different descrip- tions because everyone has their own interpretation about the three days. lt's simply an experience everyone must encounter by themselves for their own personal understanding. 'N--Q 3 MASSES- A CELEBRATION OF UNITY. . . About the several Uni masses, There's not much to explain. lt's similar to going to Church, But it's simple and it's plain. There is no choir or fancy pews, No women singing soprano. The music's fairly limited without organ or piano. What is it then, you ask yourself About our Uni Mass? It's sharing and togetherness, A joining of every class. ? , X N 3 ? 'Q .P-'S f num .. . , L., . Mm -, , M nu., in . . N W. in ,., wr N.wi-- W-W--f-Q-N-W-W-W----1 - W -H Wm t Wi of , , e UNI PROMOTES INDIVIDUALISM Invites Bunnies And Ghouls To School. Were you there x at that school called Uni, when every single person dressed up like a goonie? I think it was a Tuesday, Yes, October 31, when people wore some crazy costumes, And at lunch, prizes were won. All of Uni High School was covered with these creatures. And it wasn't just the students, but also Uni's teachers. Everyone had loads of fun, on that day of Halloween, when ghouls, fools, geeks, and freaks, everywhere could be seen. 66 Halloween Clockwise: L'Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Ro- meo?" "Dig my ankles?" I was in the Crest test of 1964 "It's only Ripple, but I love every drop of it!" MEX x x " X f . i y zo...-Q KJ Halloween 67 A SOGGY NIGHT FOR VICTORY Dons Snag Trophy For 4th Consecutive Year. Devoted football fans were in for a pleasant surprise as they braved the stormy weather to support Uni in this 5th annual Charity Bowl against St. Augustine. The time and energy spent on this event really paid off in an exciting game as the Dons breezed past Saints 14-6, climaxing in an unprecedented touchdown by David Martinez which sent the entire Uni side of Balboa Stadium into a wild frenzy. This is the 4th year in a row that Uni has won the Charity Bowl and kept the trophy in it's possession. Victorious Dons show oft their trophy and their muscles! il ,if li tug ftzb 'null' 'Q .I 1'-. , o Gillis YI 5 555 ll - X ,,,5f'Q 344 ffaffs' l .yi H 9: fi s 'H ' 'L' .fr fn ll , -UNI! jar' f' U 5 Um fans cheer thelr vuctorxous team IH a frenzy of bubbles and confetti. NIL, DONS S . T M, ' Kbb-.--. -- 3- X -Qi A wx Y AQ: H mf' 'f "f M. 1 ' ' "5 i . 'Ngg Q rm qfw' xg 'N.bm1 7 5 1 is Hi W.. -- 5 5 The Dons douse their coach cere-momously after defeatmg Saints. ...,,M.f, .,,.,A ' K ' ""'s:::'i::2::.l .:::f:. Q5f Mizz? z,::::::, ' - 3-fs+w:'::::f:1 gif' f"" ,1- xi ,Q CHamybf36w1 69 ZOOMING ON ICE is what a couple hundred students from Uni were doing one night up at the Ice Capade Chalet at the Towne Center. Of course, there were a few students from other schools that snuck in to enjoy the fun. Those sneaks! They just couldn't resist all the fun that Uni was having up there. You can't blame 'em though. With good music playing, free skates and ice, who could resist? There were all kinds of skaters up there on that beautiful night. There were those who just glided on the ice like pros, those who skated on their stomachs and behinds, then those who skated for the sake of skating. But, what- ever t e of skater they were it was en- YD , joyable for Uni, and even those sneaks! 70 Ice Skating .wtrv gf 7 ' , 4, Q i if J' gi I X f ' in I Qt, V3 ' 1 X9 'A' Xt irril 1' SLAVE DAY . . . highlight of PRESIDIO WEEK '79 This year marked the beginning of a tradition for PRESIDIO. The purpose of PRESIDIO week was to raise money for the yearbook, and get Uni students involved with the annual. Activities ranged from a bake sale to a successful patron drive, but the highlight was the first annual Slave Day. Junior and Senior guys were auctioned off by our own lvlr. Crazy Dave Gorsich. His constant jokes kept the crowd in an uproar. The highest bidder became the proud owner of a slave for a day. s , Q l tx 1 ' 3 . ,I , , Fx tg Slave Day 71 72 Junior Ring C V THE UNITY OF THE CIRCLE . A Special Day for Juniors Bonded together in growth and love, the Juniors took their first step toward becoming Seniors at this year's Ring Mass. The evening's activities were planned with care, and the Class of '80 was encouraged by onlooking friends and family. A class ring is a permanent and lasting reminder of the years spent together in high school. The Ring Mass symbolizes the growth we have experienced, and the closeness, the bond we share be- tween us all.The Class of '80 exemplified that closeness during the service. Good luck in the future! Ring Ceremony 73 HI-IINX HI-JINX HI-JINX 'NNI 'wi' Whatever happened to "four calling birds, three french hens ..,?! UAHU OU' next lovely model is Wearing- 4 Was it worth a second chance, Juniors? 11 Ilia 'A' 74 Hi Jinx 9' HI-JINX HI-JINX HI-JINX Remember the time we had hi-jinx one week, For those who weren't able to afford their whole share, We were saying in our way to people, "We care!" Remember the actors who kept their cool, While they performed X-mas plays for the whole school? And who'll forget when we had to sing songs. How embarrassing it was when we sang the songs wrong! Yeah, hi-jinx was great, and hi-jinx was fun, Hi-jinx had something for ever-y-one!! When people gave canned goods and gifts wrapped up neat, Hi Jinx 75 The CLASS OF 1980 presents "Stepping Out C111 Style " This year's Junior Class Fashion Show offered new highlights not seen in previous shows. Held at the Bahia Hotel, the Bay Room was decorated under the direction of Margaret Cahill. The Fashion Show com- menced with a one hour, no-host bar, followed by brunch with entertainment by Barbra Gourley, John Herrero, and Sheila Moran. In keeping with the theme, "Stepping Out In Style", 24 Juniors modeled clothes from Fashion Conspiracy and Toni Marten's Formal Attire. A special feature of the show was the disco fashions with a dance routine choreographed by Lorelie Fogel. Fabulous door and raffle prizes, or- ganized by Tani Chartier, were given throughout the show. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Show Chairman, Jennifer Butler, the Fashion Show turned out to be a great success. 76 Junior Class Fashion Show 3RD ANNUAL FASHION SHOW X 4 Junior Class Fashion Show 77 ,V ,- M? if . UNI TALENT DISPLAYED The Student Art Exhibit, co-ordinated by the Art Department and Miss Rosa, displayed the artistic talents of our students. Many mediums were used creatively to express a wide variety of art forms: oils, acrylics, water color, pen and ink, and wood. This was the third and best year, drawing a large, enthusiastic crowd, and support from around the school. Pencil sketch by Dan Morrill A 'x Pencil sketch by Carol Sullivan ll ,Nw 9 u' :zi- GYMNASTICS AND DANCE REVIEW si . NM A Below: "5O's" was the theme -Q 4 of the dance T The 1979 Gymnastics and Dance Review featured something new and exciting: BOYS! For the first time Uni had a boy's gymnastics class and they participated in the review with tumbling and antics. The girls were up to their usual high standards with gymnastics and dance routines. The time and effort put into the review really paid off. I-l TURKEYTROT ..? Intramurals have always made for a change of pace here at Uni. The Boys and Girls Federation Presi- dents, Bill Thomas and Theresa Fisher, really did a great job this year in putting on the intramural ac- tivities. There were the old favorities like volleyball, ping-pong, and basketball, as well as some new ideas like the paper airplane contest, the turkey trot, and over-the-line. The intramurals provided a relaxing atmosphere for students to show their skill in friend- ly competition. ,.. And the turkeys are off for a race around the school 80 Turkey Trot Intramurals 4 uf, ,,.. -.,.,-.qx 3 A r '51 X --Q w..- -. : 1 . '11-Q-if'i'R .- . 'Ni As ssis makes a 1 1 A fc ,...AA, 5 f 9 N-'K xi Az- .N A be X 'i' .A !, l L .J PING PONG INTRAMURALS Cohn Brothers Snag Trophy For Znd Consecutive Year I ie' ,ee e K of ax nit Q V75 ur ' .,, T ' K K K .QS KK X Following the ball is the name of th game 1, gya we X :MV 41 J ,WM Miss Mauro shows her style. an S W 33 A5 Q wwf W., R Q ,I QM? Ei ,. N KH rf .M .. sis 4 S, X' ,js f' JESTERS-producers of quality plays The oldest and most active club on campus, the Jesters, was founded in 1957, Uni's first year, by Father Leo Lanphier. lt is considered an honor society since thirty two hours of service in a production is necessary for membership. Jesters produces four plays annually in addition to sponsoring other social events. For its members the highlight is the Annual Awards Dinner at the University Club. gd' i 1 'miss -v , JESTERS: Standing, Diane Clark, 'Nanette Butler, 'Theresa Weiss, 'Julie Wagner, 'Kathy Otto, 'Brian Bouterie, Kevin Sheble, 'Stacie Brentano, Brant Davis, 'Jimmy Parker, 'Jay Kennedy, 'David Zepf, Mike Lupetris, Sitting, 'Vicki Salazar, Colleen Doyle, 'Ingrid lnnecken, 'Chuck McCue, 'Lee Sells, Amy Johnson, 'Chris Miske, Joe Cornicelli, 'Anne Jurek, 'John Herrero, 'Dennis Wright, Ray Hart, Jessica Watson. Fr. Leo Lanphier 'l,T,S, Members .-a. at 1 'U 2.9 Y Q ,gku . H. The International Thespian Society is the honor corps of the Jesters. A hundred working hours in theatre is needed for membership. esters present ooooooooo oooooioooooo AGA7' ACHRlSTIE'S I 0 lolx J fo ' O O Jlilhloklo 0 LEO,l.'5Ql"5t! SQ O This Agatha Christie mystery was the first play of the '78-'79 season. It was filled with thrills and fine characterization, especially those of: "Judge" John Herrero, So. African adventurer-detective, Chuck "Blore" McCue, and, the high-powered dramatic duo, Lee Selis and Chris Miske. Brian Bou- terie, Ingrid lnneken, Kenny "Doc" Wagner, Judy Oishei, and Eva De Meyer competently completed the cast. It was a decided hit that called for more of the same. John Herrero as the Judge Kenny "Doc" Wagner makes his move as Chris Miske looks on. The diagnosed cause of death. . .poison. Jesters 85 :Testers 'Y . ffcscnf Qfboooooooooooooooooooog 5gtB1Eftv'E'H'i'6E1i'ti'i5wA1 T ff 00000 O O QA-QQOOO Q-YO Healthy laughter filled the four nights of HEAVEN CAN WAIT, by Harry Segall. Com- ments from the crowd classed this Jester production ahead of Warren Beatty's cur- rent screen hit. The cast included: Chuck "Joe Pendleton" McCue, John "Mr. Jor- dan" Herrerog Kenny "Max" Levine, and Lee "Julia" Selis, with Brian "Tony" Bouterie as her sinister accomplice. Together, they en- tranced every enthusiastic audience. Spe- cial effects provided by Wright, Hart, and Cadill Co. added much to the fantasy mood. WilIiams" does his best to explain. The light crew put on a shining performanc J regex ,M Q to ., .... X is 5 a T5 ifss Q .... . .... . ,. , t A it' i.,, I ' .- . 1-- '--1 .., i --- 1 - 'YS we Y Eli M gil A ' ' " ' A . A 1 The sophisticated "Julia" Pleads for support fiiliif '..t . A 1 fl Wm , . 9 ,,.,,. .. , X if M3 li' '26 It A 86 . .. fs ,ws 'N "SaIud!" 1 Iesters resent? oooooooooo 0000 000000 0 NORMAN KRASNA 'S KT5 0 0 0Dl:flR RUTH " O ',ooo0OOooOQoooo OQQQQYO Another success at the "Little Theatre-on- Campus" was Norman Kasna's hit DEAR RUTH. The delightfully romantic comedy kept Uni fans lined up at the box-office. The cast included: Jeanne "Dora" Beeson, Kathy "Edith" Schorr, Michelle "Miriam" Corriea, Chuck "Judge" McCue, Chris "Lt. Seawright" Miske, James "Albert" Parker, and Lee "Ruth" Selis. There was also a special cameo appear- ance by Ken Wagner, as Harold Klobbermeyer, and the singing debut of Witney Witteman as the Western Union Messenger. ji F3 bbr, iff f' i 34 BT N , gf QE al 3.2. .. .k-s gfe "l've memorized every one of your letters." ,L- ,4 gg. it JH 53. f , ,IR C ' fs Lid, U Y E 4 x if ' f S li' 3 li r 3' iv -i ze . - . . l l . ll l' i ...: k Q . "I Love You Truly. . "l'm too young to be a grandmother." Jesters 87 W ,5 MA Jvxxll.-Q CZSEEEQQW' 9152, fbxdfiwfilq .:Q,C7NfVX,C:Arx2fL A,,,:a ...,,,,,- sw: ,Aw xs'-44:4 ORGANIZA TIUNS IN VULVEMEN T F61 A. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP fs' FEDERATION - lfmisvri 9 I vs' fl 11 Back Row: Elizabeth Blankemeier, Joe Cornicelli, Bernadette Bergeron, Stacy Hadley, Scott Maxwell, Jenny Ralph. Fifth Row: Heidi Janzen, Jackie Post, James Dalessio. Fourth Row: Richard Mauro, Kathy Brady, Doug Boileau, Albert LaFreniere. Third Row: Wenonah Paras, Perry Regalado, Milicent Yong. Second Row: Lisa Loewer, Carole LeCren, Charmaine Price, Rosie Peragine, Lisa Stage, Mayling Yong, Chiarme Paras. Front Row: Laura Stanley, Brenna Baynard, Darlene Armstrong, Jessica Watson, Stuart Gimber. The California Scholarship Federation is an honorary organization of students. To qualify a member must have at least ten points in an academic subjects, an "A" counts as 3 points and a "B" counts as one. The moderator is Mr. Atilano. Not Pictured: Lisa Bedore, Joan Beeson, Diane Clark, Chris Cohn, Jesse DeMesa, Karen Eckberg, Steve Erbacher, Wayne Filipowski, Barbara Gourley, Norman Gross, Robert Holland, Ann Jurek, Anne Maria Maquire, Angela Maurucio, Linda North, Kathy Otto, Maria Perez, Richard Pilsl, Peter Abraham, Rosalyn Brady, Jennifer Butler, Gery Gross, Lawrence Lograsso, Irene Lord, Dennis Mudd, Dennis Secor, Mary Ellen Schorn, Danny Thomas, Theresa Wein, Gregory Witteman, Tom Zepf, Kenneth Anderson, Margie Borer, Peter Er- pelding, Peter Fisher, Linda Korb, Kiernan Kranz, Catherine Marusa, Patrick McCaque, Lucille Milanovic, Sheila Mulligan, Dan Otto, Ri- chardo Rodriguiz, Cynthia Slominski, Egena Taitano, William Zepf. Pep Club is just another name for real school spirit. They are the group who is there to support the teams and the school. The posters, signs, pom poms, buttons, and their just being there is all a part of their job. They are Uni's main branch, spreading leaves of joy and fun to crowds at the games, and Uni is the root of their job. So everyone-let's get rowdy! Back Row L to R Linda Korb Kathy Stafford, Genevieve Potts, Shelly Martin, Angie TOD to bottom C"l"'5 Morgan Treasurer Anglo Rodil Adrian Miller Chris Morgan Vickie Paglivso, Tani Chartier, Virgie Rodil, Third Row Rodll Soofofafll Chlofme Paros Vloo Pfosldoot Molly Ewers Karen Hall Agnes Leon, Jenny Butler, Wenonah Paras, Michelle Chartier and Danone Armstrong Pfosldoot Second Row Lydia Percy Colleen Potts, Mary Myles, Chiarme Paras, First Row: Lynn Varney Gerald Roller and Darlene Armstrong. . 1 l WILDLIFE RESCUE CLUB ...and over here is the Wildlife Club. .. "Wildlife Club? What Wildlife Club?" you might ask. lt all started when 5 Uni students decided to form a club that would care for injured wild animals. They got permission from the S.D. WLC to start their own club at Uni. Wild animals of the San Diego area such as possums, raccoons, bobcats, and foxes are brought in and taken care of. The WLC meets once a week at Uni and occassionally at the main base in Poway. 3 X ' - Whooo me? Back Row, L to R: Mr. Tibbs, Jim Rotherham, Vicki Mitchell, Pres. Linda Morrill, Anne Marie Atkinson, Tanya Ryson, Mary Pereira Front Row Dave Gagnon, Caroline Rios, V-Pres. Mona Rodriguez, Jeeny Cass, Sue Cody. A Q gig 6 if lr' 92 Wildlife Rescue Club V I 1- ix x 1.',, 7 li I ,' If 1 1' V 1 f H. T' Have you ever traveled the world over? Seen Japan? Talked to a Yugoslavian high school student? These experiences and more are shared in the new International Club. The club is bringing to the Uni cam- pus a new world wide perspective. Back L to R: Helene Schmitz, Monica Thurston, Jennifer Butler, Diana Hammer, Laura Stanely, Oscar Veilleax, Darrell Schmoldt. Middle Row L to R: Mr. Steves, Julia Souza, Lisa Albright, Erika Bekken, Joe Bunton, Arthur Stevens, Front Row L to R: Scott Becker, Karen Varney, Debbie Hardesty, Julie Bedore. ', ,mf ,. 1 .Y .- frf. f f af fi M. .- n 1, X. , L Z T International Club 93 94 Clubs CHESS CLUB TT Fran kiln Are you looking for good, clean, intellectual fun? How about friendly competition? This years Chess club offered all of this. The club was led by Pres. Joe Alvarez and moderated by Fr. Earl LaRiviere. Back Row L to R: Tim Hughes, Jerry Fenech, Jesse Delvlesa, Ted Jungers. Front Row L to R: Father LaRiviere, Joe Alvarez, Laura Stanley. Not Pictured: Ray Ackley, Joe Shaules, Norman Misleh, Darlene Armstrong, Sean McCoy. Di i COMPUTATIONS' 'T 1 L to R: President, Richard Pilsl, Secretary and Treasurer, Tony Morrow, and Vice-President, Rick Rodriguez. ACTIVE FIGURES This year the Math Club is booming. The students themselves gave lectures and demonstrations to each other as well as competing with other schools' students. They have plans on entering 6 competi- tions in the California Math League this season, and 3 in the spring at various colleges. They have also sponsored a Math Field Day for elementary schools. S ' X0 mg V X lm1 in :vs Back Row L to R: Mr, Thomson, Norman Misleh, Jerry Fenech, Dennis Secor, Tony Mauro, Ricardo Rodriguiz, Mrs. Breher. Front Row L to R: Wayne Filipowski, Tim Hughes, Carole LeCren, Richard Pilsl. Clubs 95 DEN BOWL FRI 4 QAM T0 U C lEN i 4 Back Rowz P. Abrahams, K. McClure, B. Michelek, M. Pereira, J. Taylor S Brentano J S k 'H Erickson, Middle Row: R. Evanko, G. Fenech, J. Demesa, C. Fenech T Abrahams C tr' e Erickson, S. Kemp, Seated: P. Schroff, T. Souza, Not Pictured: T. Mcneal Ad LUG This year, the bowling club encouraged Uni bowl- ers of all skill levels to come out and bowl. The club met at Frontier Lanes every Wednesday and everyone got to bowl. Teams were set up and the competition was without pressure from fellow club members. The club under the guidance of Mrs. Erickson, also plans a banquet for the end of the year. 96 Bowling Club The Racquetball Club had an air of easiness this year. The members of the club met once a week and even held small, friendly tournaments among themselves... In the words of the moderator, Mr. Ariaza, "lt's more or less a casu- al thing. We get together,play racquetball, and just have fun." . M no ,hu 1 H ,-"J RACQUETBALL CLUB Pres. M. Chartier, V-Pres. L. Wagner, Members: A. Alcantara, J. Appel, Y. Duran, M. Branco, L. Terramagra, N. Chartier, T. Char- tier, J. Myles, B. Myles, C. Coil, A. Nichols, P. Regalado. Racquetball Club 97 Gill 35535095 digit flliiljw i Perspective is University High School's literary art magazine. This creative publication gives all students a chance to ex- , ' press themselvesg to reach out peiiri,i, and touch the Uni community. It is published annually by a staff of dedicated students, moderated bv Sherry Kelleher. sni- Pictured clockwise from top: Linda Adcock, Laura Stanely, John Herrero, Barb Gourley. f ff' "W f MK I AQ. V l w "' WN " 1 1' 'f' Z" ft ' ' Q 59' 5 'VMS is -- A ' if " ,YR if -- 'X -.. ' , . ' A Q ,g.,:,,..L .. V I ' E1 r 3,-L., ,F '-? '- .Og r 3:-'-L ' 33, ' r f f x Q., , " 'T , ' ,f X I f-' 'C' -NI' ZZ I -ts gi A QQ "d- fn 'lv' -if -- - "I X' U A .1 -1- -'P - zzz- lk 'ZF' A 1' . '-- 5 It :"15E P A24 79 P' f P I ' ,iff Y """ H+' X ' , if f 1 Mo-1144 I ' ! I' 'Th-Afgfnn 98 Perspective THE SILENT KINGDOM In a silent kingdom of royalty, On a common battlefield four kings fight. And Queens to their Kings sit with loyalty, While the Jacks bow down low to their plight. The Aces of four are mightily high, With bright red hearts and diamonds forever. And while laughing jokers at their feet lie, Black spades and clubs play ever so clever. What silly rules to the games they have raised, Using numbered knaves to do their small deeds. And such startegies involved, l'm amazed! Oh, such is the life and such are their needs. And sometimes great welath these silly games bring, But never great wealth to the silent King. Kathleen Boyce 'r 51 , s if r fs' ll Sflffr'-1 eff: ff' Fourth RoweTony Morrow, Frank Hennessey, Perry Regalado, Third Row-Robert Manderfeld, Chris Goscienski, Joan Beeson, Earl Kofler, Tim Howe, Jay Kennedy, Second Row-David Zepf, Laura Stanely, Barbara Gourley, Roger Devenyns, Mr. Minor, First Row-Frank Riechert, Mark MacKenzie, John Raggio. Don of Dons El Cid is the student newspaper at Uni. The paper is controlled by a very dedicated staff and their first year advisor, Tom Minor. Throughout the past school year, the newspaper has tried to turn out a quality paper with each edition. Long hours of hard work are paid off with a sense of accomplishment. El Cid is led by its "par excellence" Editor-in-chief, Mark Mackenzie. The team roster was filled by such notables as Frank "Zappa" Reichert in Sports, John "Owes Frank Mon- ey" Raggio in News, Barb "No Write Editorial" Gourley, Opinion Editor, "Mountaineer" Devenyns in Features, Norm "No Page" Misleh, Jay "What's a Photo" Kenne- dy, and David "Cartoon" Zepf. El Cid 99 lllQll Sill llDllRlIE9SlllllDlIlllD STAMP ?.a""'iz 'lk' A Q . .... if t-.. Our photography staff slides into a pose for Presi- dio. Look carefully, these are the ones to blame for that awful picture of you in the yearbook! Top to Bottom: Photo editor Jennie Ralph, Stacy Hadely, Guy Morisette, and Rick Simonis. Not pictured: Ter- ry Riley. f ' l Introducing our copy crew! These imaginative minds worked hard to get the corny captions, peculiar po- ems and appealing articles for Presidio 79. Clock- wise: Copy Editor Stacy Hadely, Rubie Crenna, Mayling Yong, Leslie Redondo, and Angie Rodil. Not Pictured: Chiarme Paras, Wenonah Paras, Laura Stanley, Stuart Gimber. ,sx bu-vv"""f"f 'w'Kiw.-.gukg if Q' Our layout staff designs each page of Presidio '79. They make sure the pictures and copy are balanced and appeal to your eyes, even if you don't notice it! From left to right: Well Uni, this is Presidio '79. lt is a product of hours of grueling and time-consuming work: staying after school, working holidays and struggling to meet deadlines. We wanted to bring you a quality yearbook to treasure for years to come, chances to smile and remem- ber old faces, or maybe just a place to press flowers. Was it worth it? We think so! bs. iii Wenonah Paras, Lorelei Fogel, Layout Editor Chiarme Paras, Michelle Chartier. Not pictured: Jessica Piccini, Jennie Ralph, Angie Rodil, Barbara Mascarenas. .Nl-1 Our business staff has the responsibility of selling adver- tising space. This year they also took care of the baby pictures and messages found in the last pages of the book. From left to right Editor Cathy Fenech, James Dalessio, and Maura Fleming. The buck stops here. Moderator Mrs. Kelleher and co-editors Chiarme Paras and Jennie Ralph are the ones who take the final responsi bility for getting everything together and to the press. was Q their time and support. Our sports staff takes a break from lay- out designs, sports stats, and team pic- tures. Left to right: Sports Editor Rich Simonis, and Jennie Ralph. Presidio Staff 101 Presidio '79 extends special thanks to Victor Avila, Barbara McLarney, and the whole stu dio, Robert Manderfeld for pic tures, Mrs. Hammond and all other typists, John Fanciullo and Ken Smith for lettering and posters, assorted Uni art stu dents, Mr. Gorsich for his ap pearance at Slave Day and all the many more who gave us FC LTY ADMININSTRATIUN SL STAFF BISHOP LEO T. MAHER 104 Faculty I AUX. BISHOP GILBERT CHAVEZ "I go to Uni because religion here makes the school differ- ent. Religion at Uni is not displayed by many students and faculty going to Mass every day. It is, instead, shown by every student and every faculty member going out of his way to be friendly and helpful to others. The big difference is that Uni is not just a school. lt's not even a place but an experience and a feeling that we will remember forever. l've had a good time. THANKS UNl!" ROBERT W. EDWARDS Principal SISTER DOLORES ANCHONDO Associate Principal, Dean of Students, Spanish I. The Administration. . .they have the singular problem of bringing everything at Uni together. All it takes is a little bit of foresight and planning, concentration, tenacity, diplomacy, efficiency and a lot of patience. This year has been as challenging as any. The most notable problem was the massive changes in the physical grounds. We all came to prefer dry dirt over very wet mud and the tranquility of classes without the roar of steel monstors blasting away. Through this and more our administrators maintained. We all thank them for another year of delicate balance. NANCY RYAN Academic Assistant Prin- cipal... Social Science teacher... Participated N in lots of meetings. .. likes Mexican food and any kinds of desserts... Always wanted to travel to the East Coast. , . Frus- trated by being forgetful. JOSEPH W. WILIMEK Dean of Students. .. U.S. History. .. likes pasta and wine, "Don't get mad just get even." Always wanted to write a historical novel. Faculty 105 MARILYN EDWARDS Registrar PAULA ERICKSON PrincipaI's Secretary SHIRLEY CARL Main Office Secretary SISTER RUTH GARBANI Contro!Ier's Secretary 106 Faculty JO ANN MARSELLA Attendance Secretary BARBARA FILIPOWSKI CounseIor's Secretary MAUREEN HARMON Head Librarian. Likes piz- za. "No lunch bags in the library." "Do you have any work to do while you're in here?" Always wanted to be a brilliant classical pianist. .. frus- trated by not being a bril- liant classical pianist. LEA SAMPSELL Assistant Librarian. Likes blue skies. . .always want- ed to be a mother. . . frus- trated by not being a grandmother. DICK ROLF Maintenance Supervisor There are some people on our campus who often go unnoticed. But secretly they run the school. They pick up, clean up, move things and keep everything working from pencil Sharpeners to plumbing. Unl's Custodial Staff front row L. to R. Ellsworth Buchanan, Dick Rolf, Valdez Fausto. Back row L. to R. Steve Gonzales, Henry Curtis. JOHN ATILANO Spanish 2,4, CSF, NHS. Likes sweetbreads. .. Frustrated by mechanical things that break at the most crucial time. 108 Faculty STEPHAN G. ALTAMIRANO Craft, Ceramics... J.V. Volleyball Coach, Varsity Cheerleader Modera- tor... likes Italian food, "Fleetwood Mac" Always wanted to live in Hawaii again... Frustrated when people aren't honest with themselves. ALEX ARAIZA Counseling Department Chairperson. . . "Araizo- Iogy" Racquetball moder- ator. .. The 'clean bean'. .. Always wanted to beat Gorsich going low, .. Frustrated by Ra- mos burping at science meetings. .... .t t MARY K. BERSON Spanish 1, Algebra 1... Pep Club. .. likes Fritos 84 Ice cream, "Bueno!" Al- ways wanted to live for at least one year on every continent and be smart enough to speak ten lan- guages. .. Frustrated by people who don't try. DAVE BESWICK Christian Living. . . Co-or- dinator of Search-Retreat Program. . . likes Sprouts, nuts, vegetarian pizza... "Bald is Beautiful!" Al- ways wanted to write a book... Frustrated by seeing half the world hungry and poor. MAGGIE BERRILL Challenge. .. Frosh Cheerleading... Frosh ASB Moderator... "No pain no gain." "Be the very best person you can be." Frustrated by talking in class. 'Qu it JOAN BREHER Algebra 1, Honors Geom- etry, Pre-Alg. Math Club... Loves Mexican food. .. "No man is an is- land." Always wanted to tour the U.S.... "l love the warmth and friendli- ness at Uni. Uni is the best." , i 4. f I, f i,gZ, ' fi O f F 4, ..,., , U F . , u ' L fir. Q, SISTER DALE BROWN Oceanography and Coun- seling... Likes Fillippi's pizza 84 Barry Manilow. 1 RUDY E. CASCIATO Algebra 2, Algebra 1B, Adv. Math CHD, Algebra 2!Trig. Varsity Football Assistant Coach, J.V. Baseball Coach. ROSEMARY BURSON Human Experience, U.S. History. BARBARA CHAILLOU French 1,3,4... Likes lamb legs, not "aIouette!" Always wanted to see Greece and South Amer- ica... Frustrated by re- modeling. RACHELE SANDRA CALABRESE Italian 2,3,4, Spanish 2. ., Loves Classical music and Italian operas. .. Always wanted to live in Spain for a year. . . Frustrated by work started and not completed. Faculty 109 THOMAS DANIELS U.S. History, ,. Asst. Var- sity Football Coach, ., likes pizza... Always wanted to retire at a nice beach... Frustrated by doing taxes and reading obscure essays. 110 Faculty PAUL COLLINS Biology C, Science- !Health. Loves Cheese- cake, Turkey Tacos. .. "A grade in the hand is worth two in the bush." Frus- trated by A Block. FR. AQUINAS COSTELLO, O.P. Religious Cultures, Chris- tian Worship, English 2. .. likes lobsters and pizza. .. "There's got to be an ea- sier way to make a living." Always wanted to travel to Europe. .. Frustrated by students not studying. CHARLES L. DUKE Geometry. .. Varsity Football Coach. SUZANNE FEDERICO French II. International Club. Likes Salmon and Disco music. Always want- ed to go to France. Frus- trated by no being able to communicate. JOE GALINDO "Mr. Spanish, Technical Drawing, Draft- ing. ASB Moderator. Likes Sept. song. Would like to play golf everyday. Frus- trated by lack of organiza- tion. JOHN DUNDAS U.S. History, Govern ment. Likes classical mu sic... Always wanted to go to Australia... Frus trated by ingratitude SISTER LEONARD GASKELL American Nobel, Print DAVID L. GORSICH Biology, Chemistry, Life Science. Head Football Coach... Likes brains and eggs, hash browns, toast with kumquat mar- Media,2arjVil?English 1. Alkjmalader H nsuck it ups, V'iQlf'lf'.,.f, llfgf ,VV V "Circa Circa." Would like L5-0' ' lvlffy ,LW V to ring the bells on an as- V 1 ff -' li 1 We bl iw d i Frus- ,V,,,Vt M. ,V 47,1 sem y sc eu e... W W l., 1-ff trated by being constant- Ji- i -,L ,i,.m.v"' , V "JV Ly WN' . ,Z i ELIZABETH GORSICH Religion Department Chairperson. Christian Living, Faith A, SISTER MARGARET HERBERICH Sophomore Eng., Ex. Writing, Am. Novel, Dram. Lit. ., Favorite song "The impossible Dream." AI- ways wanted to travel around the world. ly imitated by Mr. Ramos. ONDINA HIEL Spanish 1, 3. CAROL HAMMOND English Department Chairperson. Writing Lab, Reading Lab, Print Media, Shakespeare, .. Always wanted to join first colony to outer space... Frus- trated by not being able to teach Science Fiction. Faculty 111 l 112 Faculty STEVE JACOBACCI Biology C, Life Science. Frosh football coach, Soccer coach. . . Likes ltalian food... Favorite song, theme from the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. .. "Would I kid you?" SHEROLYN A KELLEHER Freshman English, Expository Writing, Creative Writing, Moderator of Presidio, Perspective 81 Alternate Lifestyles. . , Like Woody Allen, baseball and her freshman classes. .. Would like to travel in the Orient. . . Frustrated by yearbook deadlines. REV. EARL W. LARIVIERE Dying and Death. Chess Club Moderator. ,. "My Son." "l consider it a great blessing to be able to teach at University High School." DEBORRAH HANSING LETO Soc. Sci. Department Chairperson, Family, Human Experience, Psychology. Academic, Executive, and Faculty Council. ,. Loves Chinese food. . . "Women hold up half the sky." Frustrated by having many things to do all the time. ESTELLE KASSEBAUM Co-ord. Department Chairperson, Food and Nutrition, Child Development, Clothing 1.2. . . Likes International food, attending sports activities. . . Frustrated by not knowing all the students at Uni. .. Loves the students. FR, LEO F. LANPHIER New Testament, Drama.Drama Director, Jesters and l.T.S. Moderator. .. Likes Geritol. .. "Yeah, team!" Always wanted to punch out Fr. LaRiv. .. frustrated by unfunny comedians and raunchy rehearsals. BRADELY LICHTMAN Morality, Faith, Church. Loves the outdoors, win- ter excursions at Yosem- ite... enjoys reading, writing, thinking, and Mo- zart's 17th piano concer- to... greatest dream at the moment is to answer the eternal, "Why?" MARK MARCUS Field Coach. DONALD W. MCCORMICK JR. Algebra l, II, IA, Pre-Alge- bra. Varsity Basketball coach, Girl's Volleyball... likes Manhattan clam chowder... "Why is this hard?" Always want- ed to go on a Caribbean cruise... Frustrated by students who can't follow directions. Consumer Ed, Freshmn football Coach, Track and MARGARET MAURO Dramatic Literature, Ex- pository Writing, Short Stories, Eng. l. Coach Var- sity Softball, Coach Bas- ketball. .. "You Can lf You Think You Can."... would like to be head of the Mafia... Frustrated by people who do not try!! BARRY MCGRATH English, British Novel. HECTOR D. MACIAS Physical Education, Par- ticipated , in the sports program. Faculty 113 114 Faculty CAROL MESSINA Algebra 1, IB, Pre-Alge- bra. WAYNE NAPIER Driver's Ed., Boys Gym- nastics, Frosh Football. Asst. Frosh Football coach, Wrestling Coach. ZACHARY PECK Freshman English, Exposi- tory Writing. J.V. Basket- ball coach, Frosh Baseball coach. Always wanted to see the Olympic Games in person. TOM MINOR El Cid, English 1, Swim coach. Loves sports of all kinds and Mexican food. ., "You can get it if you really want.". .. would like to live in the South Pacific... frus- trated by people who get pleasure out of other peo- ples pain. MIRIAM NIETHUS Mythology, Expository Writing, Freshman Eng- lish. Would like to ski in Austria and read all the books she owns. .. frus- trated by her own limita- tions. PATRICIA PRATHER P.E. Department Chair- person. SISTER SARA SANDERS Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Life Science. Coach Volleyball, Basket- ball. .. "ln action l cleave to the creative power of God." Always wanted to spend a summer in the Grand Canyon... Frus- trated by selfish, self-cen- tered people. JACK PRAXEL Contemporary Moral ls- sues, Christian Morality, Liturgy and Worship, Christian Social Action. Senior class modera- tor... "Our responsibility is not to stop the future, but to shape it... to channel our destiny in hu- mane directions." LILLY ROSA Art 1,2,3, Creative Letter- ing... "Oh my God!" Al- ways wanted to converse with Michelangelo and have the opportunity to study from him. .. Frus- trated by apathetic stu- dents. DANIEL RAMOS Honors Physics, Physics, Physical Science, Book- store, ASB Finance Moderator. . . Like brains 81 eggs, hash browns with kumquat marmalade. .. "Circa-circa," "Suck it up." Constantly frus- trated being imitated by Mr. Gorsich. CHUCK RUZICKA Ting 1, 2, 8. Accounting RICHARD SERRANO P.E. Varsity Coach Base- ball, Frosh Basketball Coach. Faculty 115 l 116 Faculty ED SHAFRANSKE Behavioral Science, Counsel- or, Morality, Search. Loves tennis and Fidel's Chicken Burritos. . .Always wanted to play Wimbledon. . .True un- derstanding comes from not only looking with the eyes but seeing from the heart. U K. .l f' sr,-w ,5 DANA SH ELBU RNE Country Coach. f X .1 - English 2, 2A, Expository Writing, British Lit. Cross SR. PAULINE SHALLOW Shorthand l, Counselor. . fmt W fwvfsgq.-,.1 x 4 1 MARTIN J. SPRING Faith, Church. "We see things not as they are, but as we are." Drinks beer and loves Fillippi's pizza. .. Frus- trated by having to wait. f J ,rl ifli . 0 67' LW vial wiffff THOMAS J. STEVES German l,ll,lll,lV. . .Interna- tional Club. .. Likes Volaille a las supreme. . ."Study the Walls-" Always wanted to take a safari. . .Frustrated by a student he can't motivate. l U FR. DAVID TASSI School Chaplain, Worship, Faith C. DAVID A. THOENNES Human Experience Il, World Cultures I, Legal Rghts. Golf coach. Likes pizza and Cri- bari wine...Always wanted to shoot par golf. . .Frustrat- ed by stupidity "We care." THEODORE TIBBS Science!Health, Biology. Wildlife Rescue Club, Fresh- man basketball. Always want- ed to travel and have a gar- den,..Frustrated by dirty air. . ."Hello!" DANIEL WILSON Algebra I, Geometry, Profi- ciency Math. Likes beer, chips and dips... "Danny's Song," "I can help." Always wanted to manage a comput- er facility...Frustrated by trying to learn that time im- poses certain limitations on him. BOYD THOMSON Math Department Chairper- son. Math Analysis-Calculas, Advanced Math, Geometry, Proficiency Math. Favorite saying, "Mathletesl" NATALIE WILSTERMANN "Willie" Figure Control, Cre- ative Dance, Co-ed P.E. GirI's Varsity Tennis coach. Enjoys disco music, racquetball and jogging. CAMILLA BECKETT VELT- MAN Girls self-defense, General P.E., GirI's swmming coach. Loves Mexican food. . .Mar- garitaville. . .Always wanted to open a million dollar swim- tennis-racquetball club. Facultv 117 covnsiss . . . IDEAS 8 CIIALLE NGES f The religion department does not stop with just taking four years of religion classes. The Search Program and special religious activities throughout the year are all a part of the de- partment. ln class, religion has also taken a different approach. The emphasis is on helping students through a free exchange of issues and problems during class. Students are encour- aged to have a positive attitude toward religion and to see it as part of everyday life. RELIGION DEPARTMENT 'T Religion fin f A ,W-N ' Q --mls .f 1' 'K 11,5- fa Q, I H' ' 4.4 aw-Jpggfi. -H ,QE jg 'f-A ' - tarta- . f ww- N. MMM: 'ICG What do you do in Science? You walk in the class and you sit in your seat. rw And it's really kinda bad when you're just about to eat, 'Cause when you turn around and look at your old desk... You find a dead frog, scissors, and a bowl for the mess! SCIENCE DEPARTMENT new "It kind of reminds you of Tibbs, huh?" SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT I af? of 1 S tudies of the worid O ther cultures C urrent events I mportant people A nthropology L ifestyles S ociodramas C Iinical psychologists I nteresting facts E xploring the past N ervously awaiting tests C alifornia History E nlightening l ' X Q rf' is iiSllencia por favor!! The Foreign Language Depart- ment boggled its students' minds with an array of nouns and verbs. Films, food and field trips added versatility to the classes, mispronuncia tions ad- ded humor, and teachers' dedi- cation added warmth. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Parlez francais, pas anglais! if J! f':4?f,i if, ' it Foreign Language 125 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The business education department offers classes in Typing, Consumer Ed., Business Law, and Account- ing. These classes have a lot to offer Uni students. The many lessons and skills learned in the classroom can be put to practical use in school, the world of business and life in general. . l l HOME ECONOMICS Uni's home economics classes provided a warm, personal atmosphere in which students could polish up on their domestic talents. Under the direction of Mrs. Kassebaum students learned sewing and cook- ing skills along with the responsibilities of child rais- ing. Eggs act as surrogate children to child development students. .WA . . .gs .... i . .. W" M sf , .v... ,m :.,: , O .. ' ..-""' ,..f' ,--"""A 1, K 128 t me- ,, ta , .ip WNW I .. . M P ush-ups, gymnastics, dance, H and stands, swimming Y oga, softball, football, S occer, tennis, badminton, I ntramurals, self-defense, C alisthenics, A crobatics, running, L aps. E nthusiam, and the usual, D o we have to suit up today? 'Wifi N' Q00 , .V ' A . x 'Q A ' 3P..3HX3,AQ xii,-giff' Q . T , f k v Jggigfv vjwxwxv , :if .,Q.. X Tx NA T Xfxzxfx X 7. ,A 1.92. ' W ' , , .1 ,1 3.-J'.1,ff jQ 0 ,,-Ly fifll vi , Q., RQ' ,, 'K w'jfix.x1jf1 f, Ui kyxv .1 YE .., N- . PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ARTS AND CRAFTS DEPARTMENT To free imaginations, to express emotions, to cap- ture ideas, to discipline techniques-this is cre- ation, and creation is what Uni's Art Department is all about. Graphic design, sketching, and painting introduced basic skills to beginners. Now third year courses allow advanced students to explore further into their favorite fields of expression. Students also have the opportunity to try their hand at a wider variety of mediums. Best of all, the department stressed an atmosphere of casual relaxation, where ideas and true effort are matched. 130 Arts and Crafts uma -.,, Q r ww , - x -Y , warg: -5 K J - ""' Ju ,' ' . .+R ' pf ff-A -1 if .- ---- 1535 v .mg ' .gL, . V k f---- ' - i f I.-ii an K gi 'f' fz . if -,.?:y.y?,,. Arts and Crafts 131 SPORTS ww is ,W A LXIW . Q 4, MPETITIO COMMIT rf, .... fe 'NUI 7' fa s. ,x'.','1y.m'1x 'lvff x 5 X' ' ,4s1"! -4: DONS . A HARD FOUGHT SECOND PLACE . . . PS2 Q Our two wild and crazy stat girls: Joan and Anna Top Row Cl to ry: 50 Scott Maxwell, 12 John Sardina, 35 Mark McKenzie, 63 Jeff Thomas, 84 Joe Monahan, 75 Kevin Ewers, 40 Dan Moore, 70 Bob Jondall, 74 Rick Balelo, 81 Bill Thomas, Second Row: 72 Paul Sharp, 64 Joe Losano, 61 Daniel Thomas, 80 Kevin Cammall, 82 Mike Strange, 76 Tracy Reed, 23 Steve Simmons, 44 Gary Rickling, 24 Ray Stuberg, 41 Craig Leedham, 73 Sean Doyle, 52 Joe Jardin, 43 Clyde Taitano, 20 Vern Gaston, 1 David Martinez, 62 Jerry Ralph, 51 Tony Petraglia, 10 Danny Anguiano, 42 Nate Porlas, 22 Brian Hines, 60 Marty Hunter. ' 'W'D""""M M. A ' """ - --f- --,Q - , ' f--..e,-53195 ' - "W is--Mfmxzez, si-as fa-N-M Q K o n ,,..., - ,L s u , -sn M .. , 6. t.,, K A , K I N A K . ,. . . . ,, lt, --.. G - . , +q-+5-+ I 134 Varsity Football tomar"- i-r-M K is 'P' ' s,i -naw ts Qs will A ,,x.:, K ,, .. K K 1. Q K K KK KK -.:' - - - . 1:5347 -Q. " 'K .- "ff k.'i 75f"'ffs""'fi -t r'f1-,. .za J .ff .. 'Wit' - N -"- ,- ,.K--' A ' 'Tl' and Sean Doyle wrestle with Mission Bay Quarterback. Mr. Ramos took over as this year's new Varsity head coach. He described the season as "dis- appointing," considering the fact that the Sen- tinel had predicted they would take the West- ern League Championship. The team's final standing was a three-way tie for second place with a 4-3 league record ad and a 4-5 overall. The squad's MVP was running and defensive back, Gary Ricking. Pat Connors and Rick Ba- lelo won the defensive and offensive awards respectively. With a new experienced coaching staff and many good returning players, look out Western League for next year! Varsity Football 135 it J.V. FOOTBALL: KICK, PASS, RUN, TOUCHDOWN! With a strong defensive line, this year's J.V. Football team ended the season with a 4-2-1 record which placed them 3rd in the Western League. Coach Casciato was impressed their skills and feels there will be some strong additions to the Varsity team next year. Captur- ing the Most Improved title was David Redfield 84 Most Inspirational was Matt Hettenbach. .5 Nga D 39? W, .ziffj Top L to R Robert Meador, Kyle Keller, John SanFilippo, Ronald Zenker, Ted Jungers. Second Row L to R: Mike Seisel Kevin Moran Rod Wilske David Dowling Third Row L to R: Steve Connolly, Mike Hettenbach. Ray Abeyta, Steve Misleh, Dwayne Parker Theron Baynard First Row L to R Bernard Meador, Sandy Acol, Anthony Whitmarsh, David Redfield, Gordon Achatz, Ken Bergeron Paul Graber Coaches Rudy Casciato Carl Cummings. ,Lg -"' A - , wk- ww' as I ' K .iii as ' ,h i I 4 ,L FRESHMEN LEARN FOOTBALL SKILLS The Freshmen team's O-6-1 record does not reflect the team's winning spirit. "We went into every game thinking we could win, but football is a game of breaks - we just got bad breaks," explained Mr. Marcus, the team coach. Much was accomplished not in terms of the winflose column, but in terms in fulfilling the team's goals of instilling discipline, con- trol, and the fundamentals of football in the relatively unexper- ienced squad. The team's MVP was Anthony McClendon who played many different positions and is, as his coach puts it, "a l great athlete." 465515: :i1Sf1:::f-esH3i"'K':,. -:-2'f..s:,' : - , ,,.- v21'1fE'i.:fZi'f1f, K - .f A Top Row: David Croft, Dan Farney, Joe Dunne, Joe Martinez, Wayne Brown, Second Row: Jeff Babbitt, Steve Osmers, Steve Howell, Rafael Munoz, Joe Wainio, Mike Yong. Third Row: Chris Weke, John Preciado, Charles Smith, Tyrone Stevens, Kenneth Mc Faul, Tom Chavez, Anthony Ybarra. Fourth Row: Coach Jacobacci, Mike Whelan, Fredrico Bustria, Tom Cahill, Scott Brown, Roger Hayes, Joe Martinez, Robert Stocklin, Brian Maguire, Greg Kelly, Coach Napier. Fifth Row: Coach Rubidoux, Anthony Mc Clendon, Jose Garcia, Mario Crivello, Brian Milvaney, Mike Nottoli, John Sharp, Pat Millay, Sean Lavine, Joe Everrett, Coach Marcus. al 1. -Z N CHEERLEADERS FORM A CHORUS LINE OF SPIRIT Michelle Correia, Julie Geraci, Maria Lopez, Head Cheerleaderg Lorie Bergeron, Amy Johnson. Camera ShyfNathalie Gray. -.I-1.1' 1. . . I O 'Nr ' - - ig I S y reoo is Iaeoo Q i , S A Q! i I my I , l g W K , . If , I , .: . . Iroo M I 'C I T SS V QL xl ,.... er' S S1 if S, sift S ' E' 5 it ' Lzit L . I f Well Uni's J.V. Cheerleaders are nothin' but the best! We're the ones that talk so loud, and wear the small, red vest! We try to look real sexy, vve're faithful and We're proud. 'Cause we're rooting for the "Dons", and not some team that's cowed. You'lI always see us there at the game shout- ing cheers our loud, trying to pep up the guys playing, and the ones up in the crowd. Yeah, we're a little rowdy, and some of us are modest, but Uni's J.V. Cheerleaders are the cuest and the hottest!!! X 138 J.V. Cheerleaders -- O' e'2'S1:iEZf1' ,, - if S, FROSH CHEER ON 93 S Shout it gang, shout it loud! e Show them we've got spirit. l as rf it 1 ? hhh We can beat the other team- , t.. " ' . ff Come on, Frosh, let's hear it! l Q t t,tt - i if it F , S . S . ..,-Q Q :M 5 if New 2 tttet. Aw, come on! Frosh Cheerleaders can jump higher than that! Jeanne Sells Julie Mascari, Diana Antista, Shelley Lozano Natalie lVlcPhail Freshmen Cheerleaders 139 40 VOLLEYBALL QUALIFIES FOR C IF Third Year In A Row. Teamwork was an important reason why the volleyball team took second place with a league record of 15-3. With the return of this year's junior players and the recruitment of players from this year's undefeated J.V. team, Uni can promise a very strong Varsity team for next year. Top Row: Sr. Sara, Martha Lara, Cathy Rico, Patricia Cravo Carla Everett Janet Loos Greg Witteman Jeanne Berray Theresa Fischer Diane Duplessis, Jean Mullen, Suzie Kovac, Whitney Witteman L , 1 -G -3 ' fd , W Y - .f 2 l r re -GEM OK Girls . . . Stretch And Bend, And Stretch And Bend . . . 'Fix -5 We rtte tr eteeet ttt L e W , 1' f , t . Eiufzsk, ,,..........,-...Q C ' W 1956 t I R K, , --9--'. I it F , urs! ' Fi tt NX ,e , I , v .f .si .56 2 " "' , X Varsity Volleyball 141 VOLLEYBALL SPIKES AGAIN! ts Under the instruction of Coaches Steve Altamirano and Karl Elam, the Junior Varsity team was unde- feated in league play with a record or 18-O. Mr. A., despite a leg injury, was able to keep the team's spirit and efficiency up to championship quality. mum 'i"""" si i A A ,ai If she misses that spike I'Il. .. ,wq,,,,Af.-m.:f:2"" I F-, - First Row: Lisa Haisha, Rita Clark, Eve Selis, Peggy North, Anne Miller, Jackie Post Second Row: Julie Dehn, Karen Smyth, Carol Diederich, Mary Hickey, Marjorie McKinley, Karl Elam Third Row: Coach Altamirano, Suzanne Krische, Jodi Haff, Shelley McKeone, Margie Borer, Lisa Lytle, Mary Patt Willroot, Heidi Janzen 142 Junior Varsity Volleyball BADMINTON TEAM SHOWS IMPROVEMENT Moving in a forward direction, this year's Badminton team was ranked fourth in the Western League. The improvement, says Coach Prather, is due to key players working together. The Most Valuable Player title was shared this year between Valer- ie Schmidt and Nanette Butler. Lourdes Garay had the Most Improved title. Coach Prather is excited about next year's team because there is the possibility of it being co-ed. She is looking forward to the change. ,Mc.,,,Q Front Row Cl to rj: Ann Nagy, Jeannie Perez, Kathy Stafford, Ingrid lnnecken, Valerie Schmidt Karen Hall, Second Row: Lourdes Garay, Rene Ognibene, Kathy Coil, Agnes Leon Denise Miller. Third Row: Crissa Meinert, Nanette Butler, Lydia Percy, Jennifer Butler. Forth Row Coach Prather, Brenna Baynard, Julie Souza, Margaret Cahill Q - l 1 THE GlRL'S TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Veronica Seyde, Natalie Gray, Julie Rauner, Jessica Watson, Kristina Straumfjord, Teresa Enriquez. Second Row: Coach Wilstermann, Theresa Rudolph, Joan Deryckere, Leslie Boysen, Jody Lucas, Elizabeth Rice. Third Row: Bernadette Fager, Karen Stock, Elaine Sebastian. Not Pictured: Tammy Redondo. ei , K if 1 M 'Y R LOVES THEIR Rl-lCKET An integral part of any competitive team is learning and having fun. That's just what our girl's tennis team did this year, and though they ended the season with a record of 3- 13, all the games were close. Sharing the title of Most inspirational were Elaine Sebas- tian and Joan DeRyker. Tammy Redondo received the Most Valuable Player award. There were also several other leading play- ers on the team. The top singles players were Tammy Redondo and Kris Struamj- ford. Karen Stock and Terri Rudolph were the leading doubles. Since the majority of leading players will be graduating this year, next year's team will need determination and lots of work to de- velop more depth to the team and increase the skill level of their beginning players. Ready? There it goes! CROSS COUNTRY CAPTURES C.I.F. TITLE. R' 5 -K 32 Varsity 4C.l.F. Champions, back row CI to ry: Fred Davies, Joe Sposato, Mike Robbins, COBCVP D303 Shelburne Peter Fischer. front row: Tom Zepf, Mike Cooney, Wayne Cody, Rich Hernandez. The varsity Cross Country team went all out this year and captured the C.l.F. Championship for 1- A class schools. Leading the assault were seniors Mike Robbins, Cfirst in C.l.F.J and Joe Sposato, CMost Inspirationalj. At the J.V. level, Cliff lnlow received the Winged Foot Award. The girl's team also put in a good showing with sophomore, Rosie Peragine, placing fourth in C.l.F. Char Price was voted Most Inspirational to the team. Coach Shel- burne was pleased and added, "Winning makes it more fun, but it's really being with such a tremen- dous group of kids that makes coaching worth it." r -. . ik Mike Robbins crosses the finish line a winner . ij. ,. g ii .2 146 Cross Country it ii? ssf s K 5 Y as .S ar -ng 5 -fur 5. R 5 C ' ESX age T 5 X K we We . M is Girls Cross Country: Cl to rj Patty Zepf, Liz Patton, Rosie Peregine, Caroline Keller, Charmaine Price, Lisa Albright, Jennie Ralph. U . X 14 I BUN5' S.. is if YXXR 'ii 'iti will Junior Varsity: Cl to rj Pat Stubbs, Jon Brause, John Watson, Bill Zepf, Mark Rosebrook, Jose Medina, Mike Contreras, Mike Ecks, Cliff Inlow. i g .. if ,Y , e 2 t.,, ,- "vw " -kwa' is it si 5,s,,,.s H, K is Rosie coasts in for an easy fourth in the C.l.F. pre-lims. Everybody gets together for the best part of any race. . . Munching Out! Cross Country 147 , N' S, V , ,421 L ,X x-k- .W . ? i L..:, QA,. '--L'f 'QKA ,ff 'f if .3 """" Q4 s .1 5 WR 5 fx .,,., X ap., .. .. .. 5 5 1 E S, fx N N A --Q-Q-,-1-u-ye 1 K . fl - 5 ,R , ,. WN LW C ' F Standing QI-rj: Peter Erpleding, Eugene Cahill, David Krische, Mike Reichert, Phill Geising, Matt Raggio. Kneeling Cl-rj: Bill Hollingsworth, Mike Lekupetris, Eddy Gross. No, the J.V. team did not win every game.They did, however, know which games to win. By the time the season ended, their record was 5-O in league play, and they were the Western League Division Champions. Now that's how the game is played. Water Polo 149 YOUTHFUL SWIM TEAM PLUNGES INTO SEASON ,S.SS , " - c . , F wining is 2 SIF' The Girl's Swim Team had a very successful and fun-filled season, with a 7-3 record even though they did not have ideal practice hours: 6:30-8:00 A.M. As the smallest team in the Western League, 23 swimmers, Uni girls earned a close third place against ,ot ctw, La Jolla and Mira Mesa. Outstanding team members were returning lettergirls Lisa Bedore, Mary Beth Allison, and Susie Mar- tin, along with promising fresh- men Kim Neeleman, Terry Pleva, and Lisa Asperin. Front Row: Paula Krische, Lisa Bedore. Mary Beth Alison, Terri Pleva, Marcia Mullen, Suzanne Martin, Laurie Martinez, Kim Neeleman. 2nd Row: Theresa O'Flaherty, Julie Bedore, Gretchen Ames, Leslie McCoy, Mary Rice. 3rd Row, Coach Fenton, Erika Bekken, Arcelia Tapia, Lisa Asperin, Johanna Straunfjors, Karen White, Maura Fleming, Coach Veltmann. 5 l 150 Girls Swim it Erika takes a breather after a strenuous workout. 4' . , 1 N -f' K' lr, Q 4 .4 ' -w... -, ' ef::i.?I.hQ. we-, . Q, ,S,, . Aie.,,.. - Lfimyv . ,L,ee a f J be fiat' A " W'-if 3 L X . ,. J --' ' 934 if if 1' x I .- . l 4' Q QS -1- K .Lp-.2 .Q mgmix. .ln .f.e,.Q .-u, --f . . an -+- . 49 5159 K' ' Mt' .1-A af' a ' . RMK Q WRESTLING GRABS WESTERN LEAGUE TITLE Back Row L to R: Julie Gimber, Coach Napier, Leianne Watson Raymond Fleury Jim Crawford, Jon Brause, Kevin Salzman, Grant Flores, Pat Symth Todd Salzman Chuck McCue, Cathy Diem, Kathy Fenech. Front Row L to R: Mike Diem Bob Jondall Greg Witteman, Stuart Gimber, Tim Brause, Wayne Brown, Greg Williams After three years of waiting, the Varsity Wrestling team went 7-O this year the capture the Western League title. In the final match of the year, the team crushed previously undefeated Serra, 47-20. From there, Uni went to the City Finals where ten wrestlers qualified for C.l.F. .lon Brause and Greg Williams placed first in their weights and advanced to the state tournament in San Jose. Again, Greg placed first in his weight, to become the state champ. Overall, in C.l.F., the team placed sixth. As a finale to a successful season, Wayne Napier was voted Western League Coach of the Year. 152 Varsity Wrestling '.-. - -isftffgtlfli ffiifzsrrf. 5 X is if ,aft ll! Z? J.V. WRESTLING PINS ANOTHER WIN The J.V. also clinched the Western title for the third con- secutive year. Coach Napier, who was voted Coach of the Year, led the team to several tournament victories. Ten wrestlers qualified for the CIF regional tournament. Two of those wrestlers, seniors John Brause and Greg Williams, took lst in their weight classes and advanced to the State Tournament in San Jose. The team placed 6th overall at CIF as a finale to a highly successful season. pr Standing L to R: Julie Gimber, Coach Napier, Cathy Diem, John Walker, Dan Hiel, Tony Petraglia Andy Gagliano, Mike Contreras, Chris Goscienski, Henry Delgadillo, Mike Spo- sato Leianne Watson, Cath Fenech Kneelin l. to R: Steve Connolly, Daniel Redfield Jim Y ' 8 , Connors John Dolan, Dan Constantino, David Croft, John Connors, Theron Baynard. Junior Varsity Wrestling 153 SOCCER TEAM HAS BEST TEAM EVER The soccer team improved vastly this year and rounded the season with a 4-10-O re- J A cord. The team placed fifth in Western League and scored more goals against top- rated La Jolla than any other team. The team played well all season under the lead- ership of Coach Jacobacci. Fernando Aran- queren was selected First team Western League. With many returning players the soccer team should be looking forward to the most promising season in Uni history. F tccts M, J, to - 5 4' P Back Row L to R: Coach Jacobacci, Jenny Barnes, Whitney Witteman, Rick Schmidt, Oscar Veilleux, Fernando Aranguren, Chris Soule, James Dalessio, Kevin Field, Dan Moore. Front L to R: Armando lbarra, Willy Klopchin, David Seyde, Scott Lowther, Jamie Ralph, Randy Weller, Paul Graber. ,qt i......4"'l '-.f,-f,-,,-f ' '31 3l'l5l1'P A-Qi' 'S+' 'TSI' I TSSHI fI"""l'xi. 154 Soccer my Q is ' l - - K ' A .. ' 1 . :-: ff Mwf "' . - i a: ,X .. , 55 .. v : s y in wg , A dj' 4,: ..,, ,, W a h , , W . ' if- T .- H is Q, as i in Avy, x i' KLN - Q : E -f X' ",g ' L ,,. f . eeee iii Q si i mmX' . N A h , is Sisssv, , Q. 9- ' 'P - i h,S sse - s i ' , "'k ' ' .K ..,. + ' ss B+ . -i i i i f . - . , s if ' ssee -Nw .FJQM .i'. gg . - si., if-of 7 e. i 3. ,e i 'i ' ff -.fs is i s s ig! eiisess Wg Q51 -Q is - -wi' W7 ' ,. W ' .,'f if K . ' s ssii i Qr sssss sisiss i i ' M f A N i A A hig::,, .N,,. H I 'L ---L.., .-11 .. g-., ' K- ' A , egg,-xi "'i' .A'- AYIAA -- .. A s . X , ' iiies A , s ieii M' W - , 'kk--,-: ,f 'Q -17i'1'fFi'i"'f7 Kiii , ssii l--- A- -IXI -wLL, 'LIL X-,.' I mhh.. XK . is - .. 1 iiis ix K Q iih K LL .. -K. - - i "" K ' A s W is . k ' .1 ,.1. Q ff h-- 4 an David Seyde dances with the ball. X s ii fi M fx 5. - --" 55" if -:i:., asesiiss s i i ii ssd ' i ssee s siii e eiii ii i isse isssi s Q , l so N iiii M i e Dan Moore uses all his six feet to block a goal. That's using your head! L ..i. , ,,.11. ,,, L sei, Soccer 155 BOY'S TENNIS TEI-IM GIVES THEIR BEST SHOT CUNA? Standing L to R: CBack Rowjz David Vaughn, Jim Peters, Steve Erbacher, Richard Mansur, Hans Wichery, Alfred Panteleon, Jim Parker, Dan Stanley. Middle Row: Coach Napier, Whitney Witteman, Mike Gaston, Pat Stubbs, Greg Shultz, Mike Lukpetris, John Franca, Joe Cornicelli, John Ford. Kneeling: Steve Uddo, Mark Vertullo, Mark Stilinovich, Jim Dalessio, Scott Brown, John Connors, Mike Ecks, Ryan Wagner. 'M' ' .,.. fb ' mr' I 1' - The Boy's Tennis team is looking ahead for another win- ning season. As a team, they will work for attaining a title in the League as well as personal growth and achieve- ment in the game of tennis. 156 Boys Tennis su., -...ff ' -M' cv' ' I K X 3 L' ' S ' 1 as Q .. .t . -JN, 4 .44 ai 'il Cx. 1129- " ' J Concentration: the key to success. Will I make it? 'don we in in-wdnAav"" L .Q AE ... """"1-qn.A.,,.4 i f' f M t g. .. - - .. . ., ff' . . . , x 1 Q -K5 i P' L ' , , ' K , ,L . .af AJ e,..:M ' 4 JV' Q Q 1' WX ---W . , M-. , s . ,,,,...2 , if W- '- - ' A L K , . v ,,f 5 1 1 ,I , M,,,.t. t,...M. i i -if g 1 g s 2. ! , F . t K .A A r ! G we ' , 1 ,J.J , 'V A t ' A ' 45 s --A 0-. Q ..,,,W ,,...4,- W"" "' .M We s....t...,,, M,-,A.., ,. M, ,,,..., , ,,,.:G.:,L -T ,... ,M N l Q-V . W... cm. ,ei fe, M... B- - V i . K. '- 'x '-. .....N- 5 Q. Q. a.Ax,.A.LLls..hs..lL..L.b.Jm K X1 James Dalessio gets into the swing of things. Boys Tennis 157 The Varsity Softball team, coached by Ms. Mauro had an ex- ceptional season with a 16-3 re- cord. The team did not lose a home game all season. Their team-work along with their spirit led them to a second place in the Western League. Throughout the year, the girls were kept in sus- pense by a "secret friend". An- other member of the team was assigned to them and surprised them with gifts from time to time. This made the girls feel they had support and drew them closer to- gether. Uni-y, talent, and great coaching led to a fantastic sea- son. ' ' " SQ 77 2 'Ya I Back row Cl to rj: Linda North, Madonna Howard, Mary Miranda, Leslie Davis, Barb Steffen Peggy North, Front row Cl to rj: Coach Mauro, Lee Selis, Ruth Gerrity, Sandy Leighton Martha Lara, Karla Everett, Jeanne Berray, Heidi Booraem, Kay Keller. VARSITY SOFTBALL ROUNDS THE BASES T0 A WINNING SEASON Barb Steffan shows what a freshman can do. J.V. SOFTBALL CAPTURES WESTERN LEAGUE TITLE The Girls J.V. Softball Team took first place in the Western League with a league record of 9-1 and an overall record of 13-O. Most Valuable Player was Sue Purcell, Most Improved was Shelly Post, and Most Inspirational was Tani Chartier. li a Junior Varsity Softball 159 VARSITY BASKETBALL STRUGGLES THROUGH THE SEASON The Varsity Basketball Team tied for 5th in the Western League with a 5-9 league record and 9-18 overall. The outstanding performance of junior Hans Wichery during the season was recognized throughout the county. In addition to his many other honors, he was made player of the year by the Sentinel in their all county Quantas team, He set school records for the most points and field goals scored and for the best season average. Honorable mention was given to Senior Rick Balelo and Junior Joe Winters in the all league team. Standing L to R: Coach McCormick, Scott Tracy, Joe Winters, Rick Balelo, Hans Wichery, Doug Barbara, Jim Peters, Henry Lemus, Eric Shine, Kneeling: Brian Moorehouse, Andy Cruz. ...Iv Roger Devenyns A 1 Q- , ,L .g . . ,Q Ji is 1,, I ,NQ X ww LV. BASKETBALL SCORES HIGH IN LEAGUE STANDINGS Back Row L to R: Bob Lemus, Gordon Achatz, Joe Monahan, William Holman, Coach Peck, Bob Doty, Tim Corroll, Ron Zenher, Mark Manady,. Front Row L to R: Kenneth Brown, Onesimo Balelo. ali' Q According to Coach Peck, the J.V. Basketball team was "balanced" and everyone had a chance to play. The team placed third in league standings with an 8-6 league record and 11-14 overall. Gordon Achatz and Bill Holman won the team awards for their outstanding efforts. 162 Junior Varsity Basketball FROSH SHOOT FOR THE This year's freshman bas- ketball team had a 7-9 re- cord in the Western League. Jim Carroll was voted Most Valuable Play- er and Tim Reilly was cho- sen Most lmporved. Freshmen Basketball 163 BOY'S SWIM TEAM MAKES A SPLASH Fon UNI fo With an enthusiastic group to work with, Mr. Minor's first year of coaching the Swim team B will be made a little easier. Many returning players along with fresh new faces should all add to a successful, funfilled year. 3 .s.'Q'E A , ixi 'ski Top row fl to rl: Matt Raggio, Bill Maclntyre, Mike Reichert, Edward Gross, John Lower, Joe Dunme, Dan Farney. Middle row Cl to rj: Bill H'Il' ' ' ' i ingsworth, James Raggio, David Ragsdale, Gery Gross, Jerry Stenly, Jeff Turner, Ruchard Pilsl, John Raggio. Bottom row Cl to rj: Frank Reichert, David Creche, Doug Beaulo, Matt Brown, Norman Gross, Chris Miske, Coach Minor. 164 Boys Varsity Swimming li , f if R K ZL aa a N h ' a . i? - .. ,, life? ':"i - if A .,:' 5' U ' " " 1 . 'Jh K ., . K aa ,, K . h XX A ,a QQEQXQQQ as , i .Q Q , 1 - Y' .. f ' . a f a j 4+ 5 aa a " . .15 R31-zfzrzfgg nf-K --,U gZg4Eff,:sgEm, gp x A . Tom Minor: The casual coach ! JAWS!! kk-1 mx haf ' Q.. af W-x., -A 'ff 'fm ,. af - "' ' 'Q- Q-. M t x nk gil I Q df L- I t K ., 'M ,I x N ml 4 .ir Y ,.,. 1 'M "' "M m"L X 'JPN' L -2 .,.. I kwa . M,,, .Q my: .L . ,Nh - W Q39 Boys Varsity Swimming 165 BOYS TRACK AND FIELD ARE BETTER THAN EVER , A 4 Q. This years track team has more potential than the , A , last four years ever had, even without proper facili- ttst ties. Coach Marcus is looking forward to a good sea- Q C son and a "well balanced, very competitive team." W f tsss ssooo - - . .,k' -- ...' 4 Some names to look out for this year are: Tony - - - . Q - W 1' t1'.- is Q, i?i2 i,,,i -- McClendon in the long jump, Joe Lozano in the dis- Q ff m . . . . . v : .:.-- Wasp L ,,1s,.:. fstgari. t gi 'ii-fgsm F :--f - cus, and Gary Rickling in sprints and pole vault. All in S .agar , , R ,Q ,E , ,. . --1- . ---. in , it , 5 - K"Q- ,., all the season looks good. N y Ps-sw 1-sfffirx..51..?fiiy iisiis A X .Qin , Hi i 5 'Rib K 'ff ' ' -.fires C -ie , A A fin, i if M-,qisg ,TQ 2. t . ft i-K-'QXQY' . 'K M'T'lf M H. QE Agri Sian' rg A ls. .V ,I S-, ,xx .6 A V kx,:W,,QL. A. K -.. at Q elf., ,f an .kfi ' X, an-if A ,V A ,M E itg,lwf. ,V ,g 3, ' S Yfsi 5 i-2f.,,r:tL"xs1--gi rf .ss ' fi :ff ri if ' ggi' N , A X J fSif:R'f if .oii R 5 is of iff. A R9 4' its it 75? iii",--+f . s ,.l: 'Q if . 9 'T gif-I urn , . Mqmtnpjf F, ,NKQQZ i K. 9 i, A , Jim Conners and Shawn Hart seem to float over the 3' 3" hurdles. Joe Lozano puts his all into hefting that 12lb. shot put up to more But it's not as easy as it looks! than 4Oft. Back Row L to R: John Sanfilippo, Don Hewitt, Shawn Hart, John Gorman, Mike Robbins, Fred Davies, Pete McGuire, Brian McMorrow, Frank lngrande. Fourth Row L to R: Billy Kemper, Tom Sorenson, Mike Strange, Bob Jondall, Mark MacKenzie, Joe Lozano, Jon Brause, John Connors, Jim Connors, Pete Fischer. Third Row: Gil Griffin, Robert Hicke, Bill Zeph, John Watson, Greg Gonion, Mike Cooney, Mark Rosebrook, Greg Williams, Joe Sposato, Ray Kiefer. Second Row: Scott Tracy, Jim Winsor, Bill Thomas, Gary Rickling, Frank Fennessey, Mario Crivello, Bob Simmons, Pete Macaraeg, Jose Medina. Front Row: Anthony McCledon, Ken Burgeron, Coach Tibbs, Earl Robinson, Coach Marcus, Coach Shelburne, Greg Witteman, Wayne Cody, Cliff lnlow. Putting all your strength into it is what it takes. Precision timing and total accuracy is needed for the perfect baton pass. wx ly 1 Q 3 if S N , , , on 4 F-.Q Q ph - sim D .gl N. N I .amos I ' A ' QQ, . K! 5 rg wqsaf WM egg t or m -tt x 'sg .W p i flu., i lm- X. V i A b o, . fx sit. N I at -- -- i , Q 5 ,, ?fsf5,g,::1,- fl ,,..'- t ' W ,f ' filfitfllkf-wi.w15,,g " ' ,. it 1 . '- if t . - - L5 X I 1 . i t-1 an az. I "' !i!T?,Ki ' L X -ga l - to s - if t -,f t,5"'l'fW'w .x - Hinri- Q Tl'aCk And Field 167 This year's J. V. and Varsity GirI's Track teams are really cooking. Last year, the girls were developing and building their strength, but Coaches Shelburne and Marcus feel that we've now got a team to be reckoned with. We've got some fine athletes who'll prove to be fierce GIRL'S TRACK TRUCKS ON AND ON AND. competition ffom now on. Q' xr .ttc g gt ll,ttl ttcc , cct C is 'NNNV '27 iil My 3 KN X - .I. 1, QW . K "ik .- i-. ., ti . ei ,l.t j i 11- 11 w--. Q-fi .. . I .. S . - . Q .. '--k I-- 558:-iw sin its. r A , ' , M, , 'Q Q -K , -- it A-M..-wi T 'ii 'Wit of --'- W L. in V +- W - ,,t. tiii A 6' X W Q E T Q. . .- v . 16 , . A A Us X S y K Ae f X , -P159 . -- wbw-nas-draws V Ps A G -:wasp ,-:Lk AQ . -:f,.::-,,. ,E l. 'NAA - .. Lv. Eve Sells, last year's champion long jumper, shows even more prom- I I H A ' ise this year Monica practices for the quickest start in the sprents. Back row fl to ry: Patty Cravo, Malia Miracle, Shelly Post, Chris Morgan, Annette Roy, Mary Dubreuil, Patty Zepf, Kathleen Bradly, Alicia Lytle, Denise Miller, Tricia Kirkhope. Fourth row: Joan Beeson, Lisa Abeyta, Jennie Ralph, Beth Holman, Rosalyn Brady, Caroline Keller, Liz Patton, Kim Silva, Kathy Feneck, Terry Rudolph. Third row: Monica Biard, Theresa Schmidt, Debbie Walz, Julie Mascari, Shelley Lozano, Michelle Plank, Reigna Risk, Suzanne Krishe, Wendy Hayeward, Noel Chartier. Second row: Susan Boileau, Kathy Mackerley, Eva Cardner, Vicki Paglioso, Annette Mangiameli, Abby Veladian, Ruthie Thornburg, Mary Miranda, Terry Trolinger, Tani Chartier,. Front row: Jean Sells, Lila Duda, Rosemary Whitman, Donna White, Coach Tibbs, Coach Marcus, Coach Messina, Coach Shelburne, Mariella Ohep, Rosie Peragine, Charmine Price. GOLF TEAM: IN THE SWING OF THINGS Golf is a sport that every- one can enjoy, and our Uni team goes at it "full Swing". The team is com- prised of ten players, six players per match, who practice twice a week. Coach Thoennes feels that they have improved greatly since last spring and is certain that the im- provements will continue in the future. At the end of last season, Uniwas tied for third place in the Western league. Thoennes looks ahead with even higher goals this year. Standing CI to rj: Coach Thoennes, David Jannone, Richard Hernandez, Gary Reglado. Kneeling fl to . . . ry: Frank Driscoll, Peter Abraham, John Morris, Perry Reglado. Not Pictured: Bob Sciacqua, John Bob mes fo d'g NIS Way out of Diamond the sandtrap. ' A GlRL'S VARSITY BASKETBALL: DRIBBLE, SHOOT, WIN! Back Row L to R: Margaret Fischer, Ruth Gerity, Kathy Otto, MaryAnn McKeone, Lee Selis, Diane Duplessis, Jean Mullen. Kneeling: Martha Lara, Cathy Cohn, Peggy North, Mary Hickey, Johnna Matranga. The Girl's Varsity Basketball team was the Western League champ last year and they have the raw talent to do it again this year. The girls work well together, have lots of fun, and are filled with high hopes. There will be many returning players, so that next year everyone will know, they're the Donsl. . .OLE! Qs "' 1 1 'T 1.. igi A .x.. f' ...4 , ,Rs ,W X s GIRL'S LV. BASKETBALL SHOOTS FOR TWO s of N f lg This year's J.V. team is comprised of almost all freshmen, Despite their youth, they are a strong team that is really working. Under the inspiration- al coaching of Ms. Mauro, they should have a great season. sms 'l Standing L to R: Sue Purcell, Chris Reilly, Shelley McKeone, Sue Chelsa, Mary Whelan. Kneeling: Barb Steffen, Lewis Davis, Ann Nichols, Heidi Booream, Front: Maria Mello. , ---- - -- -- TEAM AIMS FOR WINNING SEASON , T 1 ' QQ SA SI III '.f' N- K MW N ' I"-: , s-fy . - f X , wt 13 I ' y g ft I ,, -USA F My ISSI , SI,I Back Row L to R: Coach Serrano, Dave Martinez, Steve Simmons, Chris Cohn, Danny Anguiano, Onesimo Balelo, Coach Rubidoux. Middle Row L to R: Mike Ward, John Sardina, Doug Barba, Tom Keating, Rick Balelo. Front Row L to R: Dennis Boehme, Mike Correia, Sean Doyle, Everette Hernandez, Matt O'Malley, Alan Devall. ' fi- . f 'J - --K"---f ' 3 4 'if 'IL' - ti S In I I 'Q . rf i - Q' i ts I ei uf f S it , , ' s 'sz . ,seems -- - , ,, f ' ,..., W A ,.... - , tt- ,, w-net- eeee In 3 ' ij K.-', ff -' - yt ,..- i .,,. , K According to Coach Serrano this year's Varsity Baseball Team is very promising. The lineup in- cludes many returning varsity lettermen: Dave Martinez, Rick Balelo, Mike Ward, Danny An- guiano, Tom Keating, Chris Cohn, and Alan De- vall. The team's goal is to repeat last year's out- standing performance and take the CIF title for the 3rd year in a row. 172 Varsity Baseball Zin 55? 4 Q! B55 1 A F, i it Kf':+fw 1 - 1 K j'h,N 'Ii ,mr gif' .fx 5 ,f ,,f af w is ' Q ., f'1l1iil1l.f1i 5 Q X 5 x s xx rx: ! R LE Ss ,K f , .'xk,,?,s'3,k L' ' -w4n...,+ L K Nw ,kkK,, ...- A fi -,-'ff 'L ' 'LL,AA. W ., 4' ' 'K .. ,mc AMKQ gui., gi Qi., :T Q .fhpvkzk ...., we - ,mv f MN . ww ,R J..,,N,, , -A ZX- .. . Y. .Aw Xfh . . Mmm-f X 0. f .wa J.V. BASEBALL STRIVES FOR VICTORY Standing L to R: Coach Casciato, Chris Loweer, Jaime Ralph, Steve Levy, Tony Whitmarsh, Chris Coones, Dwayne Parker, Coach Cummins. Kneeling: Rod Wilske, Joe Monahan, Kyle Keller, Gene Gaggney, Bob Doty, Ron Zenker, David Redfield. Not Pictured: George Coladonato, Charlie Hrvatin, TimCarole. W ., ,r f Y. Q ' - A l . fx- X' i 2 if All GX l"',f' A' The J.V. Baseball team is headed for a great season. :pri i' tl f es- . B , They have high hopes of attaining the Western , . -B "" League Title. The team stresses the fundamentals in 'g C' ' tm , baseball in preparation for next year's Varsity Team. , 'f K Q ---.-4... ,, Q -fg. W., - i .. "" .-M . C,-. ..-P1 AM, , , M "-- 2... .,,-W W--. - . ,bww ,Q ' " 1 ' s"'s,:"'fllas 'Q . L ,i,..- W I ,,, ,, .V K 'N 174 J.V. Baseball IS. .1 43 ,wg 1 X s . J 8, FROSH BASEBALL SWINGS TOWARDS VICTORY The Freshmen baseball team will play a full 17 game schedule during the season. The team's coach, Mr. Peck, said the team appears to have good talent. Names to watch out for in upcoming season play are John Preciado, Jim Carroll and Steve Osmers. mf' , L. ----. -N'-- A+ S! t - ggi,-...M ,f na Sign. 'V Y ,. 'H , . 'it 1- ary, MANS jf -sa Standing L to R: Liam McMahon, John Sharp, Tim Baker, Jim Carroll, Steve Osmers, Jon Preciado, Pat Millay, Robert Harvey, Coach Peck. Kneeling: Will Smith, John O'Malley, Bob Stocklin, Mike Whelan, Ken McFaul, Mike Nottoli, Ron Lipscomb, Casey Tibbits, Joaquin Gonsalves. ,- . - waszsffzsys , . T ,E-13:5 X , ..., -tw Freshman Baseball 175 STUDEN BUDY.. ,,.......,n X NNW! ,.-""w if ' Qgw 'W ,f Q 5 'Is' . W Rx VZ , - 5, A--3:0 wglillfhh ,1 4 i 5 lf! . I , iris' 1 . I A .x. 'O 1 W! Q N., Ap f f I Ji FA CES ab FRIENDS ,V . - ,Q ,L L LLZA. - w' ,iTl . ,..A A . .. ' ,. ,W A, ' ' A K 'M' A "' M" - ' ' '-'Fr -"-v- g - --f -4- h-h.. .K , 1 3'-, The trials and tests of the underclass years have dried up and blown away. Replaced by a confidence new and strong that is seemingly here to stay. With the upcoming events of the school year our days are filled with fun. But the thought remains with everyone there are bookloads of work to be done. But we're strong of spirit, strong of heart, each and everyone. We will take all the challenges that come our and be able to say we won! Ray Abeyta Peter Abraham Linda Adcock Monica Ainslie Lisa Albright V g Mary Beth Allison Danny Anguiano David Archuleta Douglas Barba Jennifer Barnes Paul Beauparlant Fernando Aranguren Way, Kris Behra Bernadette Bergeron Hugo Bernal Kevin Best Elizabeth Blankemeier Douglas Boileau if Juniors 179 Third year in high schoolg you're finally an upperclassmanl What do Juniors like about their new power? "When stomping on others toes, you ca without fear of getting stomped back." "You can act older." best n do "You can push around all the little tots." No one bothers you. "Getting nearer to graduation." "Obtaining superiority." , ' A f ,.t1"-'sit 180 Juniors Brian Bouterie Yvette Bovee Robert Bozzo Katie Bradley John Buchanan Donnie Bufalini John Bunton Joseph Bunton Kimberly Buso Jennifer Butler Rosalyn Brady Timothy Brause Lisa Brickson Paul Brooke 'a A Melissa Cavallini Tani Chartier John Chiles Wayne Cody Catherine Cohn Kathi Coil Judith Butler Jonathan Byrne Margaret Cahill Kristina Calabrese John Cameron Kimberly Carter 4 wi 1 1 I.. Jacqueline Colliver John Concepcion Sherry Conley James Connors Jackqueline Cook Joseph Cornicelli X Matt Costantino Charles Couch Keri Cox Patricia Cravo JA t Jim Crawford f if Jeff Crowell Andres Cruz Joe Cunningham Pamela Cunningham Fred Davies Ann DeCrezenzo Damian Delgadillo ,xxx N 1 v i f A Anne Devlin John Diamond Bob Doty Laura Dover Sean Doyle Cristina Duarte Mary Duffie Diane Duplessis Jeffrey Erickson Eileen Ewers John Fanciullo Louis Fanucchi Tammie Faucher Catherine Fenech Kevin Field Celeste Filippone Jo Marie Filippone Grace Fiorentino Dana Fischbeck Margaret Fischer Maura Fleming Raymond Fleury Tim Flood Grant Flores I Juniors 181 X 2 I ! 182 Juniors John Hermsen Everett Hernandez Mike Hettenbach Dan Hiel Carl Hines John Hines " 'sf Jodi Haff Lila Haisha Karen Hall Maureen Hanley Timothy Harmon Rick Hareebomee Christopher Goscienski Paul Graber Gil Griffin Gery Gross Janina Guerra Cindy Gutierrez Rosemary Gallo Jo Marie Gangitano Lourdes Garay Dan Gaston Ruth Gerrity Angela Giglitto Margaret Flournoy Lorelei Fogel Grace Foronda Marcella Fox Robert Friesenhahn An drew Gagllano Raymond Hart Shawn Hart Brian Hayes X "l'm sure l put my flight log in here somewhere' Juniors, what is your contribution to University? My great athletic ability." My school spirit." "MyseIf." llMe!l! "Trouble," Nothing real My best behavior." ly." "All my talent especially my great voice." "Tuition" Rob Hogan Roberta Howe Charlie Hrvatin Charles Huey Cheryl lmdieke Frank lngrande 'gg - Ingrid Innecken Jeanette lsidoro Steve Jacobelly Corey Jardin Peter Joseph Joseph Jurek 1 l i Rick Kasinak David Keellng Doreen Kelly William Kemper Jay Kennedy Derek Kinninger William Klopchin Suzanne Kovac Carla Kropidlowski Kolleen Krupinski Blair Laframboise Albert Lafreniere Q-QS' Nt X E Joel LaPlante Alvan Larson Carole LeCren David Lemus Agenes Leon Linda Liberatore S W' i Juniors 183 Rita Lisa Corrado Lococo Lisa Loewer Lawrence Lograsso Janet Loos Irene Lord 184 Juniors Joseph Lozano Denise Manderfeld Jeannine Manderfeld Robert Manderfeld Susan Markland Charles Martin John Martin Bobby Martinez Michelle Marusa Roland Mascarenas Kathy Maxwell Becky Mayo Mary Miranda Anton Misleh Mark Misleh Lauretta Molitor V Karen Momsen ,, i " 1, Linda Morales Guillermo Moran Guy Morissette Kenneth Morrill Kathryn Mosher Therese Mowen Christopher Miske John Mazorlig Edmund McCaule Kenneth McClure Sean McCoy Charles McCue Beth McFarIin V ix... Y Mary Anne McKeone Timothy McManus Theresa McNeal Robert Meador Adrian Miller Jennifer Miller -Q A, fxf' i si T Rene Raymond Perry Regalado Antonio Rodil Juanita Rodriguez Scott Roscoe Christopher Salazar i. , lx -,x 1 . Kathleen Perdue Tony Petraglia Milissa Pilsl Charmaine Price Rose Quintanilla Jerome Ralph Edward Sales John Sanfilippo Rosalie Sanfilippo Joanne Scardina Kevin Scheble Rick Schmidt Wenonah Paras Mary Patterson Elizabeth Patton Rosalie Pavon Julie Pedace Lydia Percy Renee Ognibene Catherine O'Grady Mariella Ohep Dennis Mudd Jean Mullen Chris Mumm Joann Mussomeli John Myles Thomas Nagy Roger Oliver Matthew O'Malley Valjean O'Neill ff rj 1 -,J "Hey! Look at this in the classified ads. Wanted full head of hair. D. Beswick." j. Juniors 185 it y ia s ,lan A x 'fr "Sure I use Dialg doesn't everyone?" Joseph Sciuto Dennis Secor Sandra Selak Joseph Shaules Eric Shine Stephen Shinsky i'5',x.,i Vicki Shipman Steve Simmons John Smith Patrick Smyth Tandy Snethen Thomas Sorensen -'ii all Valerie Jean Schmidt Mary Schmitt Maryeiien Schorn John Schramm -ff Q.. Julia Sousa Maria Sousa Teresa Spellacy Mary Spinali Frances Stevely Johanna Straumfjord ,,, i li 1, K 4 Elizabeth Stuberg Jim Sturtevant Deborah Sullivan Tangee Sutter Mike Tarantino Valerie Tausch 186 Juniors Julia Taylor Melanie Tebbetts Karen Teller Joanne Teton Danny Thomas Jeffrey Thomas 5:1 Juniors have spirit that can't be licked! What is the highlight of the Junior year? "Christmas vacation." "GirIs. " "The Prom." "Getting out of it will be the highlight." "Girls." "Winning the Spirit Mug, yeah!" MNH:-M., .. 1 Angelica Villarreal Kenneth Wabner Joan Waters Chris Weiss K. Weiss Leslie Welles .lf if I Tom Zepf Thomas Zopatti Virginia Torrinello Scott Tracy Sharon Trovato Anne Valenzuela Lynn Varney John Vertullo I:- Rick Whitaker Nancy Whittle Hans Wichary Joe Winters Gregory Witteman Milicent Yong Steven Douglas CAMERA SHY Abdullah, Adra Winters, Judith 'A 1 1, l Juniors 187 Lisa Abeyta Gordon Achatz Anthony Acol Becky Acosta Alan Alcantara Francis Alvasez SOPHOMORES Not too big, not too small, Just in between, not special at all. Knowing some things, forgetting others, Getting rides home with mothers and brothers. Being a sophomore is sometimes a bore. Things we do, seem as if we've done them before. See the freshmen getting lost, But don't help them whatever the cost! We've all been through the teasing before And really don:'t care for any more. New experiences lie not far ahead CWatch that traffic light, it's turning redlb. When we can drive it will be great, And for senior year, we can hardly wait! But sophomore year isn't all that bad, Just think of all the fun we've had! Julie Wotruba Gretchen Ames Kenneth Andersen John Appel Sandra Armijo Onesimo Balelo Paul Balelo Theron Baynard Scott Becker Jeanine Behra Kenneth Bergeron Denise Berray Brian Best Sophomores 189 jg , t it Q l i WZ , , gf S vf i. . : CJJ Sophomore, no longer at the bottom, but still in between. Being a Sophomore, what does it mean? "When l was a Freshman it was easy, now the work is harder. They don't treat us like babies anymore." "Really nothing because you are just in a different grade." "When we were Freshmen we got kicked around but now we are one step closer to being at the top." "We are like a part of the school. We feel like we belong. We're part of the student body." 190 Sophomores I, X gb- X x MX Mark Bouterie Eva Bradley Cindy Bielland Kimberly Boeh Margie Borer .1 John Bradshaw it "'11 Qs N. Kathleen Brady Theresa Brazier Theresa Briskey .ii l Kenny Brown Sharon Bunton Stephen Burns Antoinette Busalacchi Amy Butzen Corinne Byrnes Eugene Cahill Neal Cammall Timothy Carroll Craig Carter John Caruso Brian Casey Jennifer Cass John Cefalu s i Antoinette Cepe Charles Chapman Noelle Chartier Carmel Chavez Theresa Chavez Susan Chelsea Elizabeth Clark ix? Rita Clark Matthew Cohn Michael Cohn f ' gif fi C, . ,, 1' l Q wmss'w-A----f-N 'sait- 5 Ei. . Manuel Coito George Coladonato James Collins Ps ff' J k " ff:-1 ' -- , ' ' 3 s - aeee eeeleeeee ii' N5 "Wb k,,,: f K i5Vj,T..::,.:.e . EEM :L': Stephen Connolly Mike Contreras Thomas Cook Michael Cooney Christopher Coons Michael Correia si t C trrlr ejgfsst it f ffr' is Farrah is at it again! Michelle Correia Paul Costa Donald Costantino Steve Couch Mark Daleo Christian Darosa C "i Henry Delgadillo Peter De Maria Leonard De Santi Michael Dewitt Catherine Diem Tracy Dinan i CA Henry Dorosan Diane Dowling Karen Dobel John Dolan 3. Sophomores 191 K David Dowling Colleen Doyle Candi Duarte Jill Duthie James Elling John Erbacher fi Christopher Erickson Peter Erpelding Robert Estus Ronald Evanko Larana Feist v i' if u 'CJ XX ii fo. G K C .. ! l l L J r K :.: ti 192 Sophomores Katheryn Fenick 'N 4 if A .Ni ln , x - Ji David Fiedler Peter Fischer Cari Flatley Brian Fleming Gerald Fleury Elizabeth Flodman Lisa Haisha Pamela Haisha Stephen Haney Debbie Hardesty Greg Harmon Denise Hart Ronald Fornaca Jennifer Fox Cherie Frude Gene Gaffney Francesca Gaipa Sylvia Gallo Christine Goings Laurie Gomez Nathalie Gray Rachael Green Patricia Greenqood Robert Hadley Salvador Gara Sheila Genaro Julie Geraci Elena Giacalone Karen Gilmore Julie Gimber 5 Y Tracy Harrington Cheryl Hasinsky Kellie Hatfield Darla Hayes Diane Hettenbach Mark Hiddleson William Holman Daniel Howard Timothy Howe Kathryn Howell Armando lbarra Brian lllig B , David Jannone Heidi Janzen Evangeline Jibran Amy Johnson Olga Joseph Theodore Jungers A - ,Q Uni student gives her support to school. Catherine Klopchin Laureen Kndusen Linda Korb Kiernan Kranz Therese Krentz David Kirsche Karla Kaonis Caroline Keller Kyle Keller Margaret Kennedy Patricia Kirkhope James Kloberdanz all l 1 .yu-'IM 19 '. wtf vm Sophomores, what changes would you like to see at Uni? "The tardy rule." "They should have more activities during lunch time." "Everything!" "The food in the machines to fresh food." "My grades." "Nothing, everything is O.K." "More coverage of girls sports in the El Cid. They are part of Uni too!" "Maybe just make it a little more fun for the students." "I would like to change the path to the school and make it shorter." "Change the sophomore lockers to the senior lockers." Sophomores 193 Carmen Kutnik Chris Lab David Ladd Angela Lafreniere Daniel Lavine David Lecren Sandra Leighton Lemus Stephen Levy Giulia Lococo Chris Loewer Angelo Lograsso Richard Loos Maria Lopez Sabine Ludwig Lisha Lytle Dave MacLaird Patty Maguire l Mark Mahady Lisa Mangiarneli Susanne Martin Christopher Martinez Catherine Marusa Diane Maserek Maria Mello Geralyn Mendoza Lucille Milanovic Peter McGuire Brian McMorrow Bernard Meador Johnna Matranga Richard Mauro William Maxell Patrick McCague Michael McCartney Donna McGranahan 1 ffl: Kevin Moran Christine Morgan John Morris Marlieta Mounger Thomas Mudd Marcia Mullen Ann Miller Denise Miller Michael Miner Malia Miracle Steven Misleh Joseph Monahan X! .QE Lisa Noriega Margaret North Timothy Nottoli Denise O'NeaI Daniel Otto Victoria Pagliuso Sheila Mulligan Jean Myles Ann Nagy Ellen Nagy Paul Neale Ann Nichols Hey everybody-we're spirited, too!! Alfred Pantaleon Dwayne Parker Roseann Peragine Jeanne Perez Mary Petricca Marilyn Phenow B I ik " tt. V Q 5, H Q I I if f K l.X i Sophomores 195 Monica Pleva Jacqueline Post Colleen Potts E Tarnml Poulsen Theodore Prebys Twinkle Toes Shelburne instructs his students on the finer points of ballet. Maureen Purcell James Raggio Matthew Raggio David Ragsdale "Henry Robert, Catherine Roberts, Gladys Rob- ertson, Hugh Hefner?" 196 Sophomores r... Diane Roberts Ricardo Rodriguez David Roling Carmen Revilla Elisabeth Rice Sylvia Rios Gary Regalado Annette Reid Christina Reilly James Ralph Renee Rauch David Redfield l an Gerald Roller Mark Rosbrook Lori Rosolino James Ross Annette Roy Michael Rubio Victoria Salazar Patricia Sales Elaine SanNicoIas Rhonda Sawyer Rebecca Schatz Theresa Schmitt Daryl Schmoldt Ralph Schneider Kathryn Schorr Andrea Schwanemann Theresa Schwetz Angela Sciacqua Daniel Stanley John Stanley Mary Steffen Jerome Stehly Claire Stender Arthur Stephens Theresa Souza Marion Sposato Michael Sposato Julie Stabile Kathy Stafford Lisa Stage Eve Sells Debra Sether Joseph Sevigny Elizabeth Sexton David Seyde Michael Siesel Kimberlin Silva Cynthia Slominski Michael Smyth John Sorahan Theresa Sorensen Diana Souza Sophomores 197 Victoria Steveley Mark Stilinovich Patricia Sturtevant Patrick Sullivan Patricia Sweeney Paul Taillac Egena Taitano Adriana Tapia Arcelia Tapia Kem Theilig Charles Thurston Daniel Totah 'Kms Karen Toye Jeffrey Turner A-Q X ,lv if I Umberto Varagnolo David Vaughn 198 Sophomores '-I Michael Weismantel Karen White Anthony Whitmarsh Laura Wilhoit Mary Willrodt Rod Wilske David Vivoli Ryan Wagner Renee Warren Curt Waters John Watson Suzanne Weismann Mark Vertullo Ricardo Villa N'- l m"'T'l Paul Zolezzi Sophomores, what advice do you have for the Freshmen? "Get involved 0 6 x 'FJ' Camera Shy Monica Biard Ann George Linda Medeiras William Meyles Roberta Nevares Oscar Veileux Vegetablesff Dr. Willard Cratchlieu, famed mad scientist, fascinated Uni students when he spoke here on October 31, 1978. E, Robert Winters Katherine Wirkus Julie Wotruba Julie Wright Ronald Zenker William Zepf Thomas Zolezzi Annette Battaglia Robert Michalek Todd Rockwell David Steibel in the school and try to get good grades." "Don't sit on the Senior Stairs if you know what is good for you." "Get rid of all your hard classes." "Don't act dumb." "Stay cool." "Say you're a sophomore." "Be yourself." "Take it easy, do all your homework, and eat your "Here birdie, birdie!" Sophomores 199 SCHOOL FOR A FRESHMAN The faces are unfamiliar, The schedule equally baffling, And, though you may survive 'til the end of the day, You'll seldom end up laughing. The school is a maze of halls and doors Arid the courses are stiff and hard. The juniors and seniors taunt and tease And seldom take your part. Amid the turmoil, crowd, and noise, Your locker must be opened. But once your locker combo's learned The complaints are left unspoken. F block is getting steadily boring, The teacher drones on and on. You glance at the clock, the final bell rings, Your day at school is done. Margaret Kasimatis Theresa Abraham Raymond Ackley Brian Allen Lynn Altmeyer Laura Alvarez Alfredo Anguiano Diana Antista Patricia Appel Margarita Arangurn ,, Juan Arregui Elizabeth Asperin Paul Azarewicz N Jeffrey Babbitt Charlotte Bailey John Baker Cara Barrow Jeff Bauler Pamela Baxter is Freshmen 201 . ff "N ' 37555 -f 'Va nf R, w is ki 1 ,,. A A ix F Q . I M Q ' , ' 'S' 11 tt lt ,tt ,, g Q , l First year at Uni and everything is new. Lockers, schedules, home- work, cute girls, and foxy guys. Whatever their experiences, Frosh are eager to express their impressions of school. 202 Freshmen George Beltran Kristina Benjamin Nancy Betts Julie Bedore Jeanne Beeson Erika Bekken Heidi Booraem Michele Boose Joe Borer Sharon Blake Peter Blewett Susan Boileau Ronald Bouterie Leslie Boysen Susanne Britsch Paul Brizuela Jill Brow James Brown fit' lf' Thomas Cahill Rosanna Calderon Mark Campos Eva Caraher Barbara Caren Alfredo Carini l lflll Fil! 3 Wayne Brown Margot Bumpus Patrick Burke Frederick Bustria Timothy Butler Benet Byrne O S John Covey Sylvia Crecy Ruby Crena Mario Crivello David Croft Paul Crom X,-ni Mark Del Muro Dinisa Desousa ill .YA is V5 E 204 Freshmen ,, Q. iw W flfffwm 'mm-,,,,,jv'L', Wnq kww- , ,AX,. , rm--- Q .wil Michael Ecks Thomas Ekno Rika Ellis A l Kenneth Dupre James Duran Pat Earley Tim Dinan John Donaldson Marie Bubreuil Elizabeth Duda Mike Duhamel Joseph Dunne Theresa Enriquez Christine Erbacher Teresa Escalante Lisa Estrada l 1 i i David Estus Dawn Evanko . ' . t, fx: Joe Everett Mary Ewers Bernadette Fager Linda Farnan Danile Farney Gary Faucher is ii - Gerard Fenech William Fenick Lisa Fernkes Mary Field Keith Fischbeck Mary Flodman WF ri FW: Patricia Harvel Robert Harvey Roger Hayes Wendy Hayward Karl Hennicke Karen Hepner 11 Tim Green Kathleen Greenwood Edward Gross Stephanie Guerrero Darlene Haeflinger Loraine Dale Hall Frank Giglitto Joseph Giordano Edward Goan Joa uin Gonsalves Cl Philip Gonsalves Therese Gotfredson Jose Garcia Margaret Garza Michael Gaston Gregory George Debra Giacalone Philip Giesing John Ford John Franca Thomas Franklin Patrick Freeman Dave Gagnon Enrique Garay 1' xagfgg P! Q 1 I 'U Freshmen's first impressions of Uni "Nothing to get excited about, "Absolutely scary but unique "This is going to be a long year, "Friendly welcoming," "What a huge campus!" "So much home work," "N-ot as big as l thought, "Good-looking male teachers!" Freshmen 205 5 f, ,, xf A 'ti Shawn Kinninger Kristine Kirkendall Michael Knighten Elizabeth Koch Suzanne Krische Loren Kremweide Belinda Hernandez Richaed Hernandez Donald Hewitt Robert Hicke Bill Hollingsworth Beth Holman Celeste Kankowski Margaret Kasimatis Gregg Kelly John Kemp Raymond Kieffer Deanne Kinninger Brent Horn Ronald Hough Stephen Howell Denise Hoyt Stacy Huffman Amy Hughes Tracye Hughes Christine lammarino Gilbert lllescas Clifford lnlow Elizabeth Jacobelly Monica Johnson X, 9, if: ' -' ' ' ' ffm C vii 1 be Q55 , 's tt . e ft--'st if S Os ' X 'iff' ram., 206 ff i 5. K av N M ...- 4- .llagm-1-ii.. f ' . S VV .1 Yi? 'km K i Lucia Lachmayr Eric Lallana Angele LaPIante Sean Lavine Jacqueline Leath Patricia Leggett Lora Levendoski Ronald Lipscomb Giovanni Lococo Rhonda Loewer Eric Lofgren Alfred Lopez ,WJ Kizv John Lower Shelley Lozano Jody Lucas Sharon Luebbers Michael Lukpetris Ruth Lukpetris if X , ,J l x if 'v Anthony Macis . Kathleen Mackerley L as L, Paul Manderfield Annette Mangiameli Daniel Mansur Joseph Martinez Laurie Martinez Julie Mascari John Madruga Brian Maguire Mary Beth Mahady Freshmen, what is the biggest difference be- tween high school and grammar school? "No uniforms." "Less severe tortures and no machine gun towers." "You're on your own here." What do Freshmen like best about Uni? "Being treated like an intelligent being." Ai Our logical schedule." "The foxy assortment of girls. "The Pizza Man." "Mr. Tibbsf' v1 Freshmen 207 rw' my M-. .. -'WEE Rosemary Nares Kim Neeleman Laird Nelson Carla Newton Robin Nikolopulos Elizabeth Norvell ,,-as A y 208 Freshmen Mary Moran Linda Morrill Kenneth Moser Brian Mulvaney Rafael Munoz Mary Myles James Misleh Robyn Mizoguchi Francis Mogavero Leo Momsen Denise Moore Randy Moore Crlssa Meinert Mario Mendoza Patrick Millay Sean Miller Gavin Milner George Misleh i 4 fs ,rx ' vi - a 5 Kenneth McFaul Shelley McKeone Majorie McKinley Dawn McLaughlin Liam McMahon Natalie McPhail l Linda Mason Sean McCarthy Anthony McClendon Leslie McCoy Amy McCracken Shelly McDowell Y Q 1 Elmo Nosari Michael Nottoli Stephen Oddo Teresa O'Flaherty Judith Oishei John O'Malley L l ,.,..av'fl L Todd Salzman Gilbert Sanchez Marguerite Schanberger Richard Roscoe James Rotherham Laurie Rudolph Theresa Rudolph Anne Marie Ruta Tawnya Ryason Cari Riley Terence Riley Carolina Rios Regina Risk Virginia Rodil Josephine Orlando Steve Osmers Mary Patton Andrea Peszeszer Jessica Piccini Michelle Plank Mari Reising Paticia Renshaw Edwin Reyes Michael Rhoades Mary Rice Joseph Rich Laurie Ann Purshouse Julia Rauner Phillip Ravenna Joseph Redfield Michael Reichert John Reilly Theresa Pleva Jennifer Plis Michele Post Genevieve Potts John Preciado Susan Purcell W0 vig' V, ,i Jiffy, J 'N-p '. " f If I, a N ,LT A l 1- X f ,P K A X 'ff 4, Ai '4 iii? f 'L 4 f af 1 ll Ramona Rodriguiz 1 15" 1 4-M saw i X i T, fr ii rl W - f A ' J l lf! l 'IT 'N f if X ' l' 3 Vi Af 3 'RW ei A.. sig ' -.12 -- fi T 'ff sa 210 Freshman ft H5 n James Schilling Anne Marie Schmidt Dianan Schmidt Gregory Schultz Marcia Schwartz Ricky Sciuto , S Ili' Elaine Sebastian Jeanne Selis Michael Shandley Gregory Shannon John Sharp Daren Shields .f:'- I l .--D i. as ' Elizabeth Shipman Thomas Simmons ' ,.,.., ' 3 N! ,S-34 .fs Q-, .i,.,...f Theresa Trolinger Dianna Unwin Margaret Vacio Theresa Valenzuela Karen Vareny Abigail Velandia Elizabeth Sullivan Lianne Tannis Lori Terramagra Ruth Thornburgh Jonathan Tibbitts Kristin Tracy ' gr. f Robert Stocklin Michael Stokes Therese Stone Thomas Stropko Terence Stubbs Daniel Sullivan Roberta Smith Martin Soule Colin Stackpole Cheryl Stage Barbara Steffen Tyrone Steven Richard Simpao Charles Smith James Smith Jay Smith Y A 1 ,i . Therese Winters Anthony Ybarra said Lisa Williams Patrick Williams Mary Wilson Renae Wilson James Winsor Jeanne Winters Michael Whelan Donna White Jeffrey White Rosemary Whitman Thonas Wieme Kenneth Williams -ok 1 Tracy Waters Amy Wayne Mark Webb Christopher Wehe Randall Weller Mary Whelan 4 or i .. Mary Vertullo Dana Vitale Joseph Wainto John Walker Deborah Walz Elaine Warren i ki" 'O 1' "Day 5 is Friday unless we drop on Monday which makes Day 2 Wednesday instead of Tuesday. . ,so what the heck is my next class ? " Michael Yong Joseph Zaso Patricia Zeph fri Q What are Freshmen going to contribute to Uni? "A long and torturous memory of me." "Myself." "Nothing" "My best be- havior." "I don't know yet." S e l Freshmen 211 Y-Txilw r M5 ' c FV! g What you have to attempt-to be yourself. What you have to pray for-to become a mirror in which, according to the degree of purity of heart you have attained, the greatness of life will be reflected Dag Hammarskjold Ji ,,...or f""' - uw MX ' K. 5- J 3 ,I, lu- Q FOXY JOI-IN'S RESTAURA T AM. I 6 DAILY 2985846 HAMBURGERS SANDWICHES STEAKS PANCA KES WHERE FRIENDS MEET 3 MINUTES FROM CAMPUS LINDA VISTA ROAD AND MORENA BLVD IIIIIIIII PLUIIIIIIIG RESIDENTAL 8L COMMERCIAL REPAIRS 8L INSTALLATION REMODELING 8: REPIPING EXPERTS 223-8832 STATE l-'CENSE 4820 voLTAmE sr N 251186 INSURED SAN DIEGO CALIF 92107 I'l1Ila1Ci1C Congratulations To The Class Of 79 SAN DIEGO CALIF 448 8689 Annette Best wnshes and Good Luck In the future We are very proud of you We love you Mom 81 Dad To our lovlng daughter and super slster Teresa Class of 79 much joy peace and contentment forever Love Mom Dad Peggy Jack Mary Carol Llsa Tum and Tom Mr Mrs Carl F Peters Kathy Judy Jlm Peters Miss Datherlne Herberlch The Luclen Dupre Family Don and Shirley Costantlno T . PATRONS OJ' P'naI J Hiel , A A Consul :Ie IIoncIuras , ' ,' I , I flnally made It We love you Dad Mom 'ax '90 Ml i J2' Peace Oh H D ,, Happiness 84 ZDDY all James Carl Peters :eg C Suicfsts December 9 1961 l A Onffa U a 'Ons Love Mem Dad Kathy 'WX Ove and Judy Mom 81 Dad You ve Come A Long Way Baby' And We Salute You Love Mom Dad Gerry Larry Alice Chns Sal Chnshne Mlke Vmce 8. Mary -A fn- - f Y f Am nm to 'Ilene-ie. Mo-urn. A. 2511 NORTH LAKE. C5l.l7p. 76 1 Mi. EAU' oe TAHOE cn-y 'R I olv I-ll6-HWAY 15 "' J- I FOR Use vm N PH ne Q 585-5 sv I . I- .. R' oefvoiivea C 'Q 3 S ?.ol C5014 859.1'Al-lo! an-if, CA- 75750 TAMARACK is located on a 4 acre knoll surrounded by many acres of primitive areas where one can hike at willg 700 yards from the PUBLIC BOAT RAMP C3 lanesj where you can launch your own boat, 8 miles from NORTH SHORE CASINOS 84 GAMING, not far from VIRGINIA CITY, national historic landmark and queen of the COM- STOCK LODE that produced millions in GOLD and SILVER during the 1800'sg and CARSON CITY, capital of NEVADA and home state museum Cformerly a U.S. MINTJQ the PONDEROSA RANCH and BEN CARTWRlGHT'S T.V. film site homeg 7 miles from Squaw Valley where the 1960 OLYMPIC GAMES were held and where you can ride on the WORLD'S largest TRAMWAY overlooking a fascinating view of all of Lake Tahoe, very close to elegant dining, to recreation play areas for bicycling, swimming, golfing, horsebacking, boating, picnicking, bowling, ice skating, TRUCKEE RIVER rafting, sea plane rides, scenic boat tours, tennis at several courts open to the public. Also on our own premises we have play area for horseshoe pitching, table tennis, picnicking and barbecuing plus pure mountain spring water 40 degrees cold and the overflow from the spring leisurely flows around the perimeter of the play and picnic area. SKI SEASONS. Tamarack is centrally located in the heart of the ski areas and surrounded by the best as ALPINE MEADOWS, SQUAW VALLEY, NORTH STAR, HOMEWOOD, SKI INCLINE. We invite your first visit, hoping you will find TAMARACK warm and friendly. ment rentals. We invite your first visit hoping you will find us warm and friendly and TAMARACK a haven of comfort and character at reasonable prices deserving a return visit. We hope always to treat you as the welcome guest you will be, glad to see you arrive and looking to your return when you go. AI 81 Louise Fenech ek Foil Resekmrnovs Pl-MNC C1193 515-b35'o . RO- 6 14 . MNQL Q RENO ..-. g o QW, -r'Ai+o: cwggggo W, mmm IPM' PM t' 'M-9 Sw: M5 1. oc-E M TEL. 'VAHQE UTVQ-174 mass --is x O Nevnoni atm: LINE .... Qfoml -r -N VA -W Moen-I oi-me , LAKE TAI-lol: ff We furnish attractive MID-WEEK all day ski pack- ages for lodging, skiing, ski lessons and ski equip- Congratulations Melinda! From Dad, Mom, Ginny, Pat, Anne, Susie, John, Matt, and Gary. , 2 1 Q' ' K' V ,,f: ,,,,i, J ijgf 3 Vgg Z J 4jl'n1nh1 Q C M .i .i mm, "Go Get 'Em, Gary" Congratulations and lots of love. Mother and Dad, John, Brian, Tom, Marian and Darryl. Congratulations, Jennie, To you and the PRESIDIO STAFF for God bless you al ways Whit. Your lov ing family. CONGRATULATIONS 460 a job well done. May your dreams all Love Mom and Dad come true. With love from your family. 2 4: Congratulations! Raymond F ml -wr K IS for the kindness you show others A IS for your achievements well deserved Y IS for your future years of success 81 happmess wnth love from all of us' M m8tDadJ K C S 8tP is 'li 'IFN' bw- Dear Dlane Our love and best wlshes for lots of beautnful tomorrows The Rest of the Clark clan Nm. Q Congratulations Chlarme' Class of 79 Class of 79Love Dad Mom Darwin and Wenonah s ' L,-ff, Q .,..A K Vi,.:EAk get l . I X 1, uw, o ., ., ., . I D yi ::,EiEstt:': K S K it f aslsfl l D I if ltt,tt 5 We love you Paula and are proud of you Mom Dad Tracy Dagh 762g and Mike Dan and Joey ' Dear John and Brian, May you always strive for truth, , honesty, knowledge and wisdom, greatly benefiting others and yourselves. Our Love and Blessings, Mom, Dad and Grandmother 220 of 79 Best wrshes for the future Vrctor Avrla and Staff Due to the lack of funds caused by the dlvlslon of the diocese Un: s new athletic field Iles barren and useless Support the UNIVERSITY DEVELOP MENT DRIVE In Its efforts to rarse the S80 OOO needed to complete the project Congratulations Class A41 Abba Hlklflgq Skating? Riding? LET YOUR BODIES NATURAL GEOMETRY AND SURF STRAP HANDLE THE LOAD' Made from MIL SPEC nylon webbrng and CORDURAIQ 100 fo wear replacement guarantee' Your choice of Red Green Blue Yellow and Orange S8 95 plus S1 OO shrpprng Caluf add 60! WAVES N WAYS SURFING 448 C AVENUE CORONADO CA 92118 Dealers Welcome 41 E inf- Best Wrshes s to the Class of 1979 rom Balelo Famrly You were a beautiful baby but Erm, look at you now' Wow' Congratulations and Love from Mom, Dad Beth Monica, Chrls lenny Matt lessrca Heather Marcus, and Domimc TQ!" Congratulations to our Tavorltexy daughtfar and hopes for many happy and successful years Mom and Dad qi ,P i . fr 1 U' S nf lwh fi' LWYFSX 5 i 47 Jill '-2 'Q Q Q.iflL1e'- .4 2' f ?wg.sf'iU if ss iw .,.-fixlj be li-I qjqeefx 5 fwfr? is C' LL PX, l"Cf ml 'Tr - ww RNr",3 -fglivlb CT- -JQJ i'.QQLVm fl 'N.LJSg N-f up X l xxllx-J 9 Ui. , NJ ,li tx J 31 kr " 3 .J x Q .Xl l Ll Riu V l -J 1, . Q36 +L-S ,Neve h f. 91mg for lo ' fr , ii .l fl l cry J ' ' ' 0 i A 'vi ea if T Cs f fi P P H R u 5 Jjl- K? '-7aQlfl The staff of PRESIDIO 1979 wishes to thank the following people and businesses for their help l supporting our yearbook. l ll. 1 ll I UA L. 5 . . . A-fx.-lg? ' 1. .1 A l I v -l , l ul ll N L Lf, L. , l " . A " A ' fl l N l , Q.. .4 ls l X l I Q N rw A l J ll t h ll F J lf A 1 ll l l i., - V V V f f 'l l ll U I, X l 'l M l . tv.-els lf K Ml 1 af1L-. ll l l 1 f J F l rj ' Blankemeier Accounting 8i Tax Service MVS- Adflemie Doyle llfsfj' dl lx Manuel Lopez, San Diego DeLavaI Dairy Equip. Marc and Carol Hamflwfld K ll 'Q ,lk Steve Jacobacci Mr' and MVS' E' Fogel 'f'P'1 .- I ' X x .1 Pancho Vllla Adam Duran l n l- L is Stephen G. Altamirano 5 N sathryn lxlenney . J " .. RJ Miriam Nlethus ,X ASNE -Qcilgb Strlaqnld k rs. William Breher X V5 I . ry grihang yrs' John Dundas KAN O-Ol N CAT Rei EailW LaRiviere Q . I -if .f ic ar impao J -A 6 1 ' f l -J F' , Ms. Joyce A. Mccoy Q C 9.55 Em Lcwl- mllllfrfllfydmflglfilsllllath Club A if A gh' ' ' l ' " - f. ' U, John Amano . UN i- F fb Q C Thomas E. Cahill ' ' ' A ' 'C XML The Rauner Family Qi Niger-few Q - llJ ff M . P - .. f' ' Mrs. Lunda L. Pleva Qi :J 'N 'X ' e Core and Famuy H -- '. l J NC Q' .fi-L ' 'J .XC 9 The Chevy corvalr Buff ' . f l Eljullald gafrara Zepf C' K... T iwkkli- A Lf' it X Jason and Anessa Peck my ' '- A ' V l i .V ela . Sl l Any,-l.,fg'l, I -' l D Carole Ann Lecren L l L ki V fl Lllrlrang MrF.dRobert L. Roy I t l li, j l J John and Jean Fager and Familyl j - l' M?SSyNaii3 amfan ' - li lvl F' i If ' IQ if A Mirbandeltirs George Millay Lauretta Moifof lf J -- " ,ff Sly Dolores and Srl Ruth Space Cadets - Nano Nano, J.A,'l i l l idly Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ewers gmCLem Sami. l 'WW L pi The R.A. Serrano Family F' 69 amp 'er . .' N ' x -. X XJ Sl' Dale Brown Captain Apollo and Lt. Starbuck l .J i XXL, T lf Fr. Aquinas Costello, O.P. E035 ?ZndCDOr.Omy Momn All .wi "Y Q N l,,--l '-J ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles T, Cohn Duly 'K aflmato ' ' K-A L.. ' Dick and Barbara Mauro game A avana 1 rj , Fr Davld Tassl Michael A. CQSCIZLO 3 x L Brldgel Sorallan Mrs. Patricia Prather l P C 4 Charles Stubbs f- Fr" QJ saggy sasl Hildegard Stubbs :Ti Mr. and Mrs. BR. Van Vleck Slflz3lt:rdFiTl2' if MVT Robert R' Ste!! -- J Violet H. O'Flaherty fs William and Barbara Flllpowski . 1- kj Lllly Rosa Capt. and Mrs. Michael J. Kelleher l i K Lea Sampsell The Eugene Fenech Family XJ 4- Dr. and Mrs. Dalessio 1 M Mary K. Berson . . .M C Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stokes llllhe GTI'-iAer FQQQQY L Ad k X-, f ' Robert and Diane Stocklin rlan rs' ' on ' COC K: Sir Robert L. Simmons ll Lyd'a Percy A John C. Fanclullo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rhoades i v Ricardo Ramon Rodriquiz Marg Gourley 1 V" Mr. and Mrs. Jess C. Wright The Premados J F' 'D l J.L. Kirkendall 1 l k Mr. and Mrs. Richard Patton . lg rj uni-Pep Club Mech? CNP . . , I .N Larry Smlth and Family .Debbie 'jobln and Sue ghlniky -dFrI2ends: T49 "F l B Mr. and Mrs, John C. Kelleher enme' erry awe. ap an t ew O S in ill Elvla Kerllck Ralphs of the World nite - Julie ' f fr lvlr. and Mrs. Danny Wilson, Thad, Faith, Emily Lhe Mefian AQlf"Ciln 'Xilat'0"a' Bank A .bf San Diego Police Officers Association Mewpog Mrueo a Hel: QL Wa-ri 76 CW 77 ill. North County Wildlife Rescue Center Pnlagg rsd Jean ,gl Sip' ynn ' ' ' f Q Trini Sebastian, Red Carpet of La Jolla au ' an O n arp' ., " K cf , ft Cy 1' V bi fi 1' .2 Lf K' ff 5' ' ,A M 222 L . t N fv p .I.,,"sj ' X I.-""7 ev f of If 1 N. --'1 ,f' , J cr rf-P M ANZ! T ' ' ln" - Jef' 'Y -1 . i , yr V ,fu wb . X ,IN - A B ff-0 Ao" rv et 41' 971- t ' ff, X V i QSC... is Q Xaxf .GCS .l 1 ftxfifp In f,fXtf'CfXX - ' 5-XX,-In K N .R ills .- ,, rf .A XJ J If wi R , ' n " X 4 -tgis ff- , f ' in-ifif' "J -JI CN ffwzix iQ lv .- " . I. "JV fx rffllii .ii-i A A ,, U1 f' 1 if ,n'Z'1'iA,'Y Q l 'fy I if C2 ' 17" e-gi, ,fj -FW" 1 I. z Lf Mrfand Mrs. Kenneth sernerbyiw-I' pp, W Newpbrti True Value Hardware Barb Caren 1 ' N4-' Brant Davis '79 The William H. Kennedy Family' 3 LCDR John T. Reilly ' The Robert Maxwell Family Alan C. Devall Lisa Nonzeta The Frank V. Otto Family Mr. and Mrs, Frank P. Leon and Becky and Vince Wirkus Boyd and Lee Thomson Ms. Constance Green The Chart House Restaurant Kozak's Restaurant, EI Cajon The Soph. Trailer Tribe, Block E Family 50296 aisle I Shaun M. Frude A-1 Roofing , 1 Love 81 Kisses, Alvy The Van Raaphorst Family ' Ti Ellie Nida Sr. Evelyn Cleary V The Bottle Hatch The Phillip Bennett Familyf X VK Gordon and Nancy Brickson Rev. Eugene Fischer ,L 1 Nancy's Heirlooms, Julian Father Peter Escalante , X Q! a Erickson The John Morgan Family I9 Davis Barbara F, Sweeney ko The "Star" Gang Mrs. Marian S. Oddo . I I tg! gif. Egtd Mfg. Gooding John Gotfredson Q an iego ostume Dr, and Mrs, John M, Riley Se! Tri-City Printing Service Jo Re Greenwood .QQ J Mr. Joseph Pleva Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moser V0 Ann Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veilleux cpl' Lf R , Thomas Maloney Susan Zeph '78 Xeqand Mrs. Jack Bone Donna Whittle 1Lf xl M y Ellen Martin and Colin Payne Lyle and Paula Erickson Matthew Martin Lori Lechener O Bo Tree Books Mr. and Mrs. James Sheehan Barbara Chaillou Dr. and Mrs. Jack Douglass Libby Flodman Mary Flodman Laurie Ann Purshouse Carl I. Clark Dolores C. Clark Bonita Amiee Clark Deborrah Hansing Leto The Philip Macari Family James S. Wilson, Jr, T763 offocec, ef ,Y- 35 it Ui Z Joe J. Dunne Ill Mr. and Mrs. Ls. Allison' U' Q C 2 The Joe Lozano Family C gf ' Q Mr. and Mrs. Henry A, H rrfiro C as Q0 John V. Herrero Mark M. Duda, Esq. Damon and Marie Ha IeyCJr. Damon Carl Handley I I E Tom Loves Jennie ' Ch Jennie Loves Tom Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Edwards Et? QW QCX on f H .F Dr, and Mrs. Michael Borer Dian Stock Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Spring E F5 Paula Koch Taylor LaBrecque Cf, Gary Faucher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Crawford O 5 O G.F. Dobel M.D. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Roach 'P Kathy Brady Mr, and Mrs. Robert E. Miller and Ann at Sister Leonard Gaskell Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bumpus Sister Margaret Herberich, B.V.M. Mr. and Mrs. William Magy Mr. and Mrs. Simmon Hasinsky The RE. Schmidt Family Catherine Collins Mrs. Patricia A. Soule The Seles Family Mr, and Mrs. Donald R. McMorrow The Mulvaney Family Connecticut Mutual Life Davy Go Go Head Mark and Chris Howarth Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Myles Mr. and Mrs. Larry Martin Dr. and Mrs. Jere J. Nelson MVS. Campbell Keene Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lopez Shelley Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Peragine In Chiarme Leah Paras Mr, 'G' I., ix Camilla Beckett Veltmann Rachele Calabrese L A Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thomas Coach and Tina Napier ' , - 'A -. C- 'XC D I' 2. 21, ,Q -Q... .- Pawel, P i 'C'-, Af ff? Bw Yu! 23, ,-., '-W -C T YV -r WX , H 3555546 W' 0 "i'WX, X XM GMX 96, ar KP' MXUIMIZ! Q QPU, I-ff X - Q q Q' A CLQCL, A xv f 1 I ' Q3 X QQQCGX ik CUf ggxffwfwf M Ea Qlfgfgidffbo L Qpowl rwwzf7O1ff'qnnNgpxsH gx CY! A l f Jax +1 '.QgRNU'f A QQIUIUQQ P5 . 0 O96 ' X XMAQKE' Egfikwvff fkdwp , jg if ' If ff 1, 3 6 K X ifylf9fl7fK 701 - , Z, I 5 is ff' ' A! M LKOUVLQQBI 5 E-1 5 ff , Cjlfvo EEGU-bg Q 23 5 " A,W juj S f Ibm Efj' GIRL " 0 WW UYYET C1 img I 5 50 7001. f G Qg3iA1 Q45- 5 345 6367 77, Ki EDM T ILL sqm QQ 50ifL7?Rj3-fQL01,J YUM 00230. WLQIC . f mf Q35 MK M6252 LfTFl0fZ1Z7'gZ1fLK LQ-UE ' Z ' A ' NYJ H, vlfxl D 3 jig QM JJKMKTEQ A 293 ' " , fy, 'x X Y Q my 52 W W wg iiigag 530353 3? W33w0 Q22 gf Mm VX QZQQQQ W 205-3 ' . X M , T A Q 'M 55 5 Q Ojfgaoxggfg gf WM! Q 555535 5 y 5+ cf X NA 'J' LQIJPJM xx gig qi Nfvgzz W ff W pf 57 RQ QL? Ji"wwff""L4"'N -Jr M 1261153 3 ,W ' 739' W xx , A ' 5 I wfj fff X4 123 J JW Zy N fjvf Xgifkk QQ J Ga fi' 232 M4 PX 'MVCL if 24627 Wei ' -QF! n. K ,M ,,,, X D '7 Qfff 4 4 1 51 I XXV VX-X V' fbi ich? effq-3 n70f- fcjsfz ,fx Xowvvtiqclsva X-Oli! Yfk' k , 6 4714 ' xi NJ Xl f ' , Lt-L7-L-4 8456!- A 605 OS' C 4 , ildv,l,'f'9?Tl'.f X mW , M , XZ! E! T VGTTQLNYNXZ' xl ELL fr A Q M as Q , 'X ' VXQ L S' W w . Y Hcufa by A - ,. - f4""Yf 6,1119 NH KMQQ ffm Weehnj yew -4-11:5 yffxfx , ,f99f.f lm 5QDcxmghj1 Fqpe, you NVQ Ck qreorl- Swnmqrx OWU Cgoaahiucfq nw IOM 0 QEEXSWUNRN Z 0 HOV? UUJLOGH ' ,Q - KO? 1453! 0 QGTYL0 - .Q Oc3L'll toad aww WWE www? U 3 MQIMAD +0 gd f2V'L?5Y'09PmuM Bmw 30 SMJUL WM 'WL!IYg'OIN 'wh 50 tcm Woqoxp NW U 'ox 10+uOV'Wdq . f

Suggestions in the University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) collection:

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University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 227

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1979, pg 26

University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 151

1979, pg 151

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