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n I T-A Q wkfmf? W Q55 W W1 C53 w55MyJ N ' UMW Kjffffqxbiw 3,311,239 WW WQMJEQWLS f-ET M! ful, W , Ez WW Dj fly? W gk , V, My ,xx aw F gfw QQ X X Q 3? gi xx Q6 ESE x 1,-.L ' :X - x - k. 1 7 f C A. jfjgfc Ag ffv1Crf-- N. 09 x. 1 116 .f-. , u X 1 R X 'J X4 , f 2- l , 2 wif!! 59 95 9 Q 4, r H' iq f' 71 P 2 511 15 S 5 Q? W-1551 -9 PRESIDIO 1969 PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHDGL i iw W' , ff r PRESIDIO 1969 THEME REFLECTIONS STA F F C'0ORIJI.V,A1'l'I.N'l I IJIIUR Brian McCoy f1SSISI11NI' EDI IUR Kevin Colwell .SENIOR EDITORS Bill Kane George Lahey Dennis Mikulunis Ed Quirogu Kevin Ruftery Gery Trup Steve Wiegund Rick Ybarra Rick Yochim PHO'I'0CiRf1PHi Greg Downs Steve Boudreuu Huwlree Studio A D VISORSQ Mr. Joseph Hiel Mr. Dennis Vice "IT IS THE DUTY OF ALL PERSONS ... TO RE- ELECT WITHIN THEMSELVES IN WHAT WAY THEY ARE TO ENDURE ADVERSITY" TERENCE 4 6 ", . facing the glass they run together and assume a single shapeg laughing, we guess at identity," to us the door has shut: opened only by the light." REFLECTIONS Rays of light flood the darkness of what is pastg memories of Ever fading figures flicker in the chamber. As we turn Facing the glass, they run together and assume a single shape: Laughling, we guess at identity. Envying its freedom: yet pitying its naievness Cursing its honesty: yet longing for its youth. Time continues: and the figure grows and in growing becomes clearer: Identity unknown, but closer, to us the door has shut: Opened only by the light. and we know the figure . . . Not of something dead and goneg rather Something yet to come. 4 Steve Wiegand Class of '69 REFLECTIONQ "IT MAY COME TOMORROW . . WITH SORROW 6 UNIVERSITY HIGHg "O' days that are gone by, O' days that are no more." Aristophanes "But reflect on the past and be able to say that my time has been properly spent." Taylor l "I have come to this resoltuion - never to write for the sake of writing . . . but from running over until any little knowledge which many years of reflection may perhaps give me . . e Keats 7 REFLECTIONS OF A YE THI YEAR WE. danced alittle . , , cheered a little , . 4 - ' M-we CQ-wc..n.AvE mm' f' E -.QMSQQH li .M Q,..,,0.,, A. sold alittle , . . Vi NICLK KZVJGILCC-5'f 8 THAT HAS G0 E BY learned u little prayed alittle . madea little . . , 9 and matured a lot! DEDICATIO 1 9 .tix Q my 13,0 'fr A K-6,5 any 'QI 10 3 yr QWS A.. - G . as F THER ERR The l969 Presidio staff dedicates this yearbook to Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra with a determined band of soldiers and missionaries, founded the Mission San Diego de Acala in 1769, and helped the settlement of California take place by setting up ll more missions all along the state. We of Presidio feel that the dedication is very appro- priate this year, San Deigo's 200th birthday, and in keep- ing with the traditions and spirit of the Dons of Universi- ty High. As Father Serra was a pioneer of a new land, so all ofus are also pioneers: ofa new tomorrow. ll THE MOST REVEREND JOHN R. QUINN, S.T.L. THE MOST REVEREND FRANCIS J. FUREY, D.D Bishop of San Diego ......nnvfv'P's""fL FACULTY "They help us reflect on days that are gone." 13 Very Revere11d.lohr1 A. Dickie Superintendent of Schools. Diocese of San Diego. Ver-1' Reverend Willianz H. Cornelison Principal of University High School Mr. Joseph M. Galindo Mr. James Cremin Mr. Dennis Hart Vice Principal of University Director of Counseling and Academic Vice Principal. High Guidance. E GLISH DEPARTME T Mr. J. Barrfm McGrath Dept. Head, Chess Club Moderator, Quintilian So- clety Moderator, Tenms Coach. Mrs. Sandra C onion El Cid Moderator if Mr. .loeseph H ie! Presidio Moderator Mr. John Marlin Mr. Rzchard Scherer Perspective Moderator I5 Mr. Roherl A. Slavinsky Frosh Football Coach, Asst. Swimming Coach. What do you mean the pep hand is on strike? RELIGIO DEPARTME T Rev Charles W Shevlo Dept Head Rev. Henery F. Fawcett Junior Moderator 16 Mr. James Cremin Wrestling Coach Rev. Michael McNall1' .Iesters Moderator Rev. William M oonev Semor Moderator Rev. Patrick O'Keeffe Pep Band Moderator, Pep Club Moderator, Pre Semi- Cqnary Dept. Rev. Thomas Vidra +L! laoloc Fathers Club Rev. Edward Wood Frosh Moderator, Key Club Moderator. 17 SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPART ENT Mr. David Thoennes Sophomore Moderator, J.V. Basketball Coach. Mr. John Dundas Mr. Dennis Hart .I.V. Football Coach, Track and Field Coach. Mr. Dennis Vice Asst. Presidio Moderator Mr. Joseph Wilimek l Water Polo Coach 18 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mr. Thomas Steves "Nobody sleeps in my class!" K Dept. Head, French Club Moderator. Mrs. Ondina Hiel Mr. Antonio Duane Pio- QDQNX CK Q, Mr. Paul Marline: Spanish Club Moderator MATH DEPARTME Mr. Orlando Malanga Business Dept. Head. Ora- tors Club Moderator. Mr. John Limpus A.S.B. Financial Advisor Rev. James McGray Latin Club Moderator Senior Moderator Mr. David Gorsich Department Head, Director Student Activities. T Mr. Sherman Burns Dktriy mild llgm. 20 Mrs. M aria Toth nTd9 c 5 I ,X if a 'FSF Mr. C ary Bickler Mr. R0bertSeckingt0n Mr. Daniel Wilson GolfCoach Math Club Moderator SCIENCE DEPARTME T Cmdr. Louis Kulol Department Head Mr. ,4lexa11der Araiza 21 Mr. Charles Duke Lettermens Club Modera tor, J.V. Football Coach Swimming Coach. rs X Q Mr. Daniel Ramos Mr. Cecil Wood Mr. Paul Collins Frosh Football Coach Science Club Moderator ATHLETIC DEPARTME T Mr. Richard Serrano Department Head, Cross Country Coach. J.V. Base- ball Coach. Mr. Hector Maeis Varsity Basketball Coach . flvwallll A - Mr. M1chaelMcDonald dw his te Frosh Basketball Coach, Frosh Baseball Coach. l F ull Mr. Richard Sherry Frosh Football, Frosh Wrestling. Mr. Edward Strange P Varsity Football Coach, Track and Field Coach. Nucleur Physics? Y Mr. Robert Trom etter Director of Athletics, Varsity Football Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach. Mr. Roberr Winn MINISTR TIO DEP RTMENT Mrs. A nna Gibson Librarian Mrs. Robert Monard Mrs. Mary Caf7fy Mrs. Lourice Loorner School Nurse Mrs. Felicidaa' Musar Mrs. Philip Woolpert 24 ff SPGRTS UNIVERSITY VARSITY 'Rx :M HEAD COACH: MR. ROBERT TROMETTER Name Tim Gallagher Pat Quick Tom O'Connor Dave Ray Don Haran Terry Hernandez Dean Rice Steve Johnston Matt Sundstrom Name Tom Daniels Rick Amaral Dan Sexton Mike Reardon Brant Parsons Stan Drew Joe Hughes David McGahee Charles Capples Managers: R. Duke, T. Hoffman, C. Skinner HIGH DONS FOOTBALL Sl- 'K WW? ii -QQ -Q- ASSISTANT COACHES: MR. ED STRANGE, MR. JOSEPH GALINDO No. Name 60 Joe Amaral 61 Tom Withers 62 Jim Withers 63 Tom Beckman 64 Steve Lebherz 70 Steve Boudreau 71 Tom Alkazin 72 Joe Buchanan Pos. No. Name G 73 Bob Campbell G 79 Pete Adams G 80 Don Weir G 81 Kevin Madden G 82 Gil Oriol T 83 Tom Balestrieri T 84 Ron Monks T 85 Mike Crossman Trainer: M. McDonald 27 OS. T T E E E E E E DON DEFENSE DOMINATES lt was the Don's defense that contained the Hornet of- fense and gave Uni its first victory of the year over num- ber one-ranked Lincoln I4-12. The scoring began with a 23 yard Steve Johnston field goal early in the second quarter. The next time the Dons got the ball, Dean Rice capped a sixty-three yard drive with a six yard run around for the touchdown. Johnston DONS DOWN DOGS The Dons reversed the tables this year by downing Point Loma 28-6. Last season the Dons suffered a 44-I4 defeat to the Pointers, but this year rolled easily to a vic- tory under the leadership of Tim Gallagher. The Univer- sity offense was powered by the strong running of Tom Daniels, who scored three touchdowns. He was aided by l 28 kicked the p.a.t., but the half didn't end until the Dons caught Lincoln in their own endzone for two points. 1 Uni defenders scored another safety and held the Hornets to two touchdowns and no p.a.t.s. the swift running of halfbacks Dean Rice and Tim Murphy and ends Madden and Weir. The Uni defense held the Pointers to only six points and also scored six themselves when Buck Buchanan recovered a blocked kick in the endzone. The half-time score was 7-6 in favor of the Dons, but the Dons scored 21 points to wrap up the game in the third quarter. DONS TOP SAINTS FOR CITY'S PAROCHIAL TITLE The Saint Augustine Saints had to try punting their way out of the deep end of Balboa Stadium. but they were smothered by defensive greats Pete Adams, Terry Hernandez, Kevin Mad- den, Mike Crossman, and Tom Beckman. Kevin Madden set up the Dons first touchdown with a 15 yard run after an yards for a touchdown. Steve Johnston kicked the Don's thirteenth and final point in his usual good style. The de- fense took it from there, and held the Saintsmen scoreless in the third and fourth quarters, leaving the score Dons I3-Saints 7. interception. A Gallagher-Daniels pass play put "six" on the board for the Dons. With 51 seconds left in the half, the Saints rallied with a touchdown and conversion mak- ing the halftime score 7-6. Early in the third period, Terry Hernandez, who intercepted two passes, ran a Saint's punt back 53 J ay Vee, Too! The "little Dons" beat Saints for the lirst time, scoring thirteen points on an end sweep by Oberle and an Oberle-Tatum passplay. A tough J.V. defense, led by Bill White, held the Saintsman to seven pointsg leaving the final score Uni 13, Saints 7. UNI SLAUGHTERS CHIEFTAINS 42-7 University overwhelmed Clairemont for their easiest victory of the season with a 42-7 romp. The Dons wrapped up the game in the first half with a score of42-0. UNI ROMPS OVER MADISON 37-O University completely overpowered the Warhawks with a 37-0 win. Tom Daniels and Dean Rice were pract- ically unstoppable as they blasted through the Madison line. The Dons got on the scoreboard early in the game as Tom Daniels ran nearly 50 yards for the score on the third play from scrimage. The Dons controlled Qmle- 30 The first score came on a pass from Gallagher to Weir. Later in the first period, both Daniels and Gallagher scored on 5 yard plunges. In the second quarter, Mike Crossman intercepted a pass and sped 32 yards for a score. Johnston booted all extra points. mainder of the game easily, even though they start- ed getting sloppy in the second half. There were seven fumbles in the third and fourth quarters, but the Warhawks failed to take advantage of any of these opportunities. KEARNY TRIPS DONS 13-12 University got off to a quick start against Kearny but couldn't stave offa Komet rally in the second half. Steve Johnston started the scoring for Uni with an incredible 48 yard field goal. Steve Boudreau then caught a Kearny ball carrier in the endzone for a safety. ln the second quarter, Tim Gallagher hit Terry Hernandez for 24 yards and six points. With Steve Johnston's extra point kick, University jumped to a I2-0 lead. Remarkably like Lincoln. But in the second half, Kearny capped a drive with a Watkins-EviIsi- zor scoring pass. The Dons failed to move the ball and Kearny scored again defeating the Dons. DUNS i RoUT '2 BUCS 43-0 ln a casual afternoon affair, the Dons literally ran all over the Mission Bay Buccaneers, romping to a 43-0 win. The Dons were out for blood and revenge and any- thing else they could get to help erase the memory of the previous game, which was against the Komets. The offense found it in forty-three points, and the defense by shutting out the Mission Bay Buccaneers. 9 31 fs 1 Perhaps a bigger headache for Sweetwater was Uni's defense. The Devils were hassled by Pete Adams, Joe Amaral, Bob Campbell, and Mike Crossman who consistently turn in outstanding per- formances. The game was the Dons seventh triumph of the season. making it one of the most successful. The third period was scoreless, but the Dons re- gained the lead in the fourth quarter on a I6 yard sprint by Rice. The Vikes struck back with a 69 yard drive that stole the lead, 14-12. The game appeared lost when the Dons had to give up the ball after an unsuccessful 7l yard drive. But the defense forced Lajolla to punt, and Gallagher passed 64 yards to Weir and Rice, and finally gave the ball to Weir leaving the score I8-14. 32 DONS STOMP SWEETWATER A determined Don football squad went south to face the Red Devils of Sweetwater and romped to a 32-0 victory. The Devils simply could not contain the powerful Don running attack led by veteran fullback Tom Daniels and guided by quarterback Tim Gallagher. IN FINAL SECONDS UNI RALLY NIPS VIKES The Dons closed their season with a game that saw the lead change with every score against the powerful La Jolla Vikings. The Dons scored first, but lost the lead at the half- 7-6. DONS GROPE PAST EL CAP IN FOG 19-7 University edged El Capitan High for a chance to play in the C.I.F. finals by defeating the Vaqueros I9-7. El Cap scored first, but University immedi- ately retaliated with a 75 yard drive capped by a 55 yard reverse run by Terry Hernandez. ln the final seconds before the half, kicking spe- cialist Steve Johnston booted a field goal from the 29 yard line to make the score 10-7. ln the third quarter the Dons added two on a safely: in the fourth, a scoring pass to Weir. UNIVERSITY RA 1.1. Y REPL'I.SI:'D Morse increased the lead to nineteen on the kick- off before the Dons could retaliate. Terry Hernan- dez scored on an end sweep. The Tigers scored again, and Uni fought back with a Gallagher-Quick pass play: Daniels scored the final touchdown. MORSE BEATS DONS, 26-21, FOR PREP TITLE A lost fumble and an interception cost the Dons the first halfby giving Morse a thirteen point lead. 33 Cs F5 0 n 5 , 'sm JT' - , is 4 . QA,2 S 5 t was i FRONT ROWQL-RJ Coach Hart. Key. Larson. White. Fitz- Ramos. Trischler. Romero. Cunningham. Bassi. Drazck, Tucker. gerald. Zolleui. Tatum. Anderson. Dagg. Coach Duke. 3111! Vagara. Murphy, Harvey.4lh ROW Paraday, Oriol, Bartorel- ROW ciouch Sluvinsky. Balsamo. Cola, Ward. Tuttle. Slu- li. Bonesteel. Perez, McCormik. Gott, Schwartz, Dean. Oberle. bowski. Hanks, Mclntyre. Sweringer. lllig. 3rd ROW Coach The l968 Junior Varsity Football team carried on the winning tradition that has always marked this team. Their season record of 7 and 2 and a league record of 5 and 2 are evidence of this. The teams only two losses were suffered at the hands of point Loma and Kearny. For their efforts they cap- tured second place in the Western League. This year the little-Dons posted a strong running game under the signal calling of sophomore Scott Oberle. The team is coached by Mr. Dennis Hart in his first year as head coach and by Mr. Charles Duke. J. V. CAPTURES 2nd PLACE REC ORD Lincoln 0 Saints 7 'Point Loma 'Clairmont 0 'Kearny 7 'Mission Bay 13 Sweetwater I3 'La Jolla 6 1' League game Dons 6 Dons 13 Dons 7 Dons 25 Dons 0 Dons 20 Dons 39 Dons 48 J.V. ' ' 'i'iib'f.ff..ff. "Madisonl2 ..... Donsl9 I ,............,,,.. W " ' ........... l ' ................ I ' 1 34 Quarterback. Scott Oberle. easily rolls away from a Madison defender. The fast reacting Don defense catches the Warhawk quarterback behind the line. Viking defenders finally drag down one of the little Dons breakaway hacks. the opponent s running backs FROS'H SC HEDULIL Oceanside 20 Orange Glen 38 ............ Escondido 6 .......,..,,,,. Washington 28 ..........,,. San Dieguito 7 Saints 32 .... Dons 0 Dons 0 Dons 7 Dons 7 Dons l3 Dons 0 The heads-up defense of the little Dons was a constant threat to FROSH f-.iN g"'i' j l lf 'QP TOP ROWQL-R5 T. Roy. W. Key. E. Centers, B. Beck. L. Webb. J. Guida. F. Rebello. K. Kuopus.41h ROW S. Aleman Keller. P. Healy. A. Zolezzi. D. Barba. T. Casey. Jna' ROW lmgrl. D. Carnine. M. Luizzi, J. Stall. V. Garcia. Coach Ramos M. Zeeb. D. Salerno. L. Bobbeln. M. Williamson. J. Daigle. T. L. Ewin. R. Ledesma. V. Anderson. J. Wood not pictured Powers. R. Corder. M. Ripley. J. Whittaker. L. Harpin. 3rd Coach Slavinsky. ROW T. Salas. G. Zecca. B. Ward. R. Romero. C. Roome. G. 35 TOP ROW IL-R2 Chris Sebrechts, fmgrj, Greg Beck, Brian Weatherly, Dave Zorn, Rick Kozlowski, Charles Yackley McCoy, Kevin Colwell, Mr. Wilimek. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Chuck Kennedy. WATER POLO COMES TO U I This year for the first time, water polo was intro- duced at University High School as a C.I.F. sanc- tioned sport. Despite a disappointing overall sea- son record of 0-10, the Dons produced two C.I.F. candidates in Dave Zorn and Rick Kozlowski. The above record does not show the long hours and hard work that these Aqua-Roundballers put in to produce a team. The team was coached by Mr. Wilimek. 'Dave Zorn 'Rick Kozlowski 'Kevin Kennedy 'Kevin Colwell 'Charles Yackly 'Dave Barba Brian McCoy . Greg Beck . . . Jim Weatherley Right Forwar Center Forwar Left Forward Center Guard Left Guar Goalie ................Guar ................Guard .............Forwar Tom Montijo ........,. ,.... F orward 'starters Varsity Roster K 't ' ..... .. d 'Rick RightGuard 'lfffffim hd ' ,................ d d ,tl .V., 4, f it Rick Kozlowski - all CIF guard, 2nd team. David Zorn - all CIF guard, honorable mention The Dons score one of seven goals against Coronado. SCHEDULE Opponent Coronado - 20 Monte Vista f 12 Oceanside - ll Sweetwater - 23 Hilltop - l7 Army Navy - 5 Mt. Miguel- l7 Coronado Tournament: Coronado - 2 ni 2 7 8 2 8 4 4 7 7 Monte Vista - I5 4 ,K .. . i n K 4 -Q A U I ' VV N V ? iw 1 . - ig :', " is' Z -4." 5 q b K . ,,,.. Q q,, , tw ff,,,3,E 1 i s -. I 4 iff " gt t Y X . 4 if iii in K .1 AL sig 1 .f :Q P, :2 4 to ,,t, ' is sf :ff s , 3' 1' 'W ,unix , .X4 awiia-twi g Qvlt jg. I "fa t . if - i Avi' Kevin Colwell moves against a Monte Vista defender for a goal Goalie, Dave Barba, successfully defends the Don's goal attempt. TOP ROW IL-Rl Dave Martin, .lim Traylor, Chuck Friedrichs, John Berutti, Mark Anderson, Mr. Wilimek. BOT- TOM RO W: Paul Viens, Gerard Rich, Tim Creagh, Tom Montijo. Tom Hawtree. 37 'ill' WS mms +R. Wifi Sire' Dllll5 , .t,, .tt ,. 54765 Q' . fil- S wxilfii ikytt. ly.,-i A,Nx,,misfgxg v ,592 X . 7 . Q "" : f i J " T if 'P it 1 er W .- ' ps-is fl J TOP ROW - IL-R1 G. Cooney. O. Fraenzel. M. Sticka, M. Zec- ca. G. Delperdang, R. Richardson. 2nd ROW - R. Montoya. D. Collins, B. Ray, N. Colwell. G. Drew, W. Sikorske. 3rd ROW J. Bulfer Qmgrl. H. Comeau. P. Morrison. J. Sulivan, Coach Ser rano, P. Trishler. M. Dean, P. Humphrey. CROSS COUNTRY: JU IOR SQU D GAINS EXPERIENCE ' 'P' fl5'.'Si a -34: ' -0, 'fl y 4 .P The type of running skill that is required for participation in this demanding sport is evidenced by the terrain in this picture. 38 The Cross Country team had a rebuilding season this year, but the outlook for next year is much brighter. The Dons dropped five league meets this year and won only one. As a result, the team fin- ished sixth in Western League competition. The Dons had an almost all Junior squad this year and consequently, will be much stronger next year. The one big loss to the team will be Senior Bill Ray. He holds the school record for the two- mile set at U.C.S.D. His new record is l 1:07. Next year's Varsity will consist of Steve Cox, Orran Franzel, Neil Colwell, Pat Morison, and Mark Dean. Cross Country is a demanding individual sport and more participation is necessary to build a really good team. Team efforts as well as fierce individual competition mark Cross Country as a sport. The home stretch. Varsity M eel Record 'Castle Park-25" Dons-3 Bonita Vista-45 'La Jolla-46 'Clairmont-19' 'Point Loma-I6 'Madison-28 'Kearny-20 """Low score wins 'League meets Dons Dons Dons-3 Dons Dons- -5 2 Dons-4 A A . 111' . vvftfliffflet P saws -V R Bill Ray: school record holder. STANDOUTS TOP ROW IL-Rl M. Sticka. G. Delperdang, N. Colwell. S. Cox. 2nd ROW f P. Morrison, Orran Fraenzel, G. Cooney, 39 VARSITY BASKETBALL STANDING QL-Rl Ken Brush. Don McCormick, Bruce Foote. Tim Gallegher, Tom Balostrieri. Murk Sherman. Mike Gallagh University High in only its second year in the Western League came up with the best overall record in the school s history Led by Seniors Kevin Madden Larry Leonard Tim Gallagher Ken Brush Don McCormick and Mike Gris ham the team amassed a 24 and 5 record On the way to conquest these Dons set ll school records Ken Brush set the record for the most rebounds in a season with 353 He also tied the record for mOSt rebounds in one game with 22 His field goal percentage of 5492-1 set a new rec ord along with the most the new record of 93 personal fouls in a single season Kevin Madden in 22 games set a new record for the most assists in a single season with 88 This number sur passed the old record by 30 more assists Kevin also set the record for the most assists in a single McCormick played in l ll quarters this year also setting a new record As a team this years roundballers really broke the records with the most points 2001 most points in a single game 92 and the most re bounds l l75 game with ll in the Chula Vista game. Don er, Mike Grisham, SEATE17 Dave Bubick. Lairry Leonurd Kevin Mudden. Jack McMahan. J It Mike Gallegher and Bruce Foote accept the lst place trophy in the Kiwanis Tournament. 3 1"X0f, fx 5 I KQV in 7 ' ' ts . 75 7l 92 60 77 76 68 86 90 58 83 6l 52 74 . '53 '67 '55 '63 '52 78 '64 '66 '68 '66 '66 '69 70 '66 5570 UHS vs, Opponent San Dieguito Aquinas Notre Dame Sweetwater Saints Marian Poway Chula Vista Vista Orange Glen El Cap Mt. Miguel Castle Park Grossmont Madison Point Loma Clairmont La Jolla Mission Bay Henry Kearny Madison Point Loma Clairmont La Jolla Mission Bay Henry Kearny Morse 'league games "C I F playoff games 5 a 9 V X PRE SEASON RESULTS SAN DIEGUITO FIRST VICTIM The Dons set the pattern for the next 12 games at the expense of San Dieguito 75 to 36. Brush McCormick and Leonard led the way with 17 l6 and I5 points. McCormick was overpowerning on the boards as he collected I9 rebounds. AQUINAS FALLS TO THE MA- CHINE Tim Gallagher led the way with 22 points as the boys in the red and gold obliterated Aquinas 71 to 41. Size speed and experience made the difference. DONS BREAK SCORING RECORD Six Dons scored in double figures as Uni- Dame in a very one-sided affair as the visi- tors could only muster 35 points. SAINTS GETS STUFFED For the fifth game of the season the men in red and gold traveled to Saints to show their arch rival who s who. Don McCormick potted 22 points and Tim Gallagher and Ken Brush put in 15 points. DONS WIN THE PAROCHIAL LEAGUE With a 76-6l dribbling of Mari- an University won the so-called parochial league by defeating all the Catholic schools in the San Diego Diocese. Leonard Gal- lagher McCormick and Brush all scored in double figures. versity amassed 92 points against Notre 9 9 ig ,fl V'm!,.qqf Y I 'Yin Go Larry go! .ww x nn, 1 Hustling Kevin Madden scores two against Madison UNIVERSITY TAKES KIWANIS TOURNAMENT POWA Y FIRST T0 FALL When the Dons play on a college court they really come to life as they outlasted Poway 68 to 45 Tim Gallagher collected 20 points and Larry Leonard I5 points as the whole team played MADDEN PASSES UNI TO CHU LA The whole team was nothing short of magnificent as they played by far their best game of the year. Kevin Madden set the school assists record with Il and time and time again set up Larry Leonard, Don McCormick, Tim Gallagher, Ken Brush, and Mike Grisham for scores. Larry got 22 points and three other Dons were in double figures as Chula Vista fell 86 to 52. BALANCE KEY TO VISTA With 6 players in double figures, University lengthened its undefeated record with a 90- 56 victimizing of Vista. CHAMPIONSHIP GA ME Moving to State the Dons were playing for all the marbles when they came up against the tough Orange Glen. McCormick and Brush teamed up for 29 rebounds and 27 points to bring the trophy to UNI. I ., - f FW- W 1 . I i":"" 3. V nil , th - IW!" ki Big Ken stuffs one for his fans. 32 XX McCormick powers the baseline for the Dons. DONS TAKE 3rd PLACE AT U.S.O. TOURNEY NEXT The men from the hill made it ll in a row as they dumped El Cap 83 to 40. Five ofthe Dons scored in double figures with Tim Gallagh- er at l7 and Mike Grisham with I5 leading the way. MT. MIGUEL FA LLS Last years CIF Champions were no match forthe Dons as Larry Leonard popped in I8 points, and Tim Gallagher l7. Kevin Madden was in great form as he had 6 assists. CASTLE PARK UPSETS Castle Park play- ing probably their best game ol' the season caugh University off guard with a super tough defense and prevented UNI from capturing its second tournament. -JJ rJ ' f Grisham adds two in aiding UNI tothe Kiwanis Championship a-sxfvl -s,x,.' 1 ..---'-'T?"'...-- DONS SETTLE FOR THIRD PLACE After the loss the night before the Dons came back deter mined to regain some of their lost pride at the expense of Grossmont. The final score was 74-57 as both Leonard and Madden collected 6 assists s"-Maw?" . ?. ix F , ' - fa: ,- Q55 Q " i if af W Tim Gallegher shows Orange Glen how to be a Champion. i ' - gk he t uw. 'gi i is wifi. si- LEAGUE MADISON TAKES THE CAKE In the first game that looked like it could have been played in the Sports Arena by the caliber of ball being played the Dons narrowly lost a chance to knock off last years champs as they fell short 55 53 Brush potted 20 points In the second game before a full house at Madison, the Dons sur- prised Madison with a very strong full court press. The score at the half was 39-33 in Uni's favor. ln the second half they ran out of gas. The final score was 70-66. Ken Brush collected 20 points. POINT LOMA FALLS TWICE Don McCormick was Point Loma's nemisis as he collected 21 points in the first game and I0 points in the second to lead UNI past the Pointers in both games 67-53 and 68-45. Ken Brush was the key on the boards with I9 rebounds in the first game and I3 in the second. Madden and Grisham played heads up defense against Madison. l 44 ,VO CONTEST HERE Clairmont had a tough time this year as they were drubbed in both games by scores of 55-37 and 66-44. Brush had I8 points in the first game and Larry Leonard had I8 points in the second. Don McCormick out- played the chieftains at both ends of the court. VIKINGS GETSUNK Four Dons scored in double figures in both games illustrating their great balance. They took both games from La Jolla 63-50 and 66-44. Ken Brush collected 20 rebounds in the last game. STAL1. FAILS FOR MISSION BA Y Mission Bay at- tempted a new thing, in their bid to knock off University with a stall tactic. But it wasn't good enough as UNI prevailed 52-24 and 69-36. KEARNEI'-UNI SPLIT In the first game at Kearney. Wilbur Strong ripped the nets for 34 points and enabled the Komets to force the Dons into overtime fell short 64-68. In the second game it was a different story though as UNI led by the fabulous shooting of Larry Leonard clinched a CIF berth. Larry scored 23 points in the first halfand completely demoral- ized Kearny as UNI prevailed 66-6l. CIF GAME the first game of the C II- playoffs Universitv rm into its nemisis from footbill 3 and was unable to stop the hot shooting of the tigers They ripped the nets for 78 points McCormick s 73 points md Brush s 77 points just werent enough is the Dons fell 8 points short The final score was 78 77 I - I 'I K I. . ,, , " ' ,V . J . L .H 1 . .. 1 1 1' 4 1 x ' . l ' . ' , ,. ' ' . 's.- . -1 -'- A 1 .... .. . .-.. . . 1 1. . . if s wx Steve does a Baylor hang for 2. .lack QNBAI McMahon drives under. 45 Coach Hector Macis Gi Larry Leonard -4-To-5 mr r Y , . 4 L. Coach Cremin and the boys. 46 Tim Gallagher SENIUR STARS l Don Mcformick Ken Brush Mike Grisham For the Seniors the last four years of playing basketball together have seen strangers from all over the county come together for the pur- pose of sportsmanship and winning. lt has seen the boys of four years ago develop and mature into men and it has created a friendship that will last for eternity. The realization of this friendship and the realization of the need for companionship were brought into focus by the tragic death of a friend and teammate. To the team he was Mr. Hustler and Mr. Paymaker. It is to him that this basketball section is dedi- cated to Kevin Madden. 47 TOP ROW QL-Rl D. Babick. J, Palacios. L. Fitzgerald. G. Drew. T. Hodges. BOTTOM ROW - Coach Thoennes. G. Trejo E. Pearson. B. Monard. S. Parady. T. Maddox. . . BASKETBALL The 1968 Junior Varsity Basketball team under the direction of Mr David Thoennes com pleted their l968 69 season with an overall record of I2 wins and 9 losses with a league record Babick Greg Trejo Bob Monard Tom Hodges and Dave Barba A large percentage of this years team will be movmg up to the Varsity next year to take the place of this years graduating Seniors The ability of these players shown on the .I V makes the prospects bright for next year of 7-5. This team was composed mainly of Sophomores. Standouts included Greg Drew, Dave Dave Barba lays one up against the La .lol- la Vikings. C41 wiv gel 1 WA! Greg Drew goes high over Madison to sink one. Joel Palacios goes high for two 48 Stan Drew goes for two against the Madison Warhawks, 7' ' J. V. RECORD San Diquieta 54 ,,,, UHS 49 Sweetwater 48 ... . . . . . 57 Saints 50 ...... ..,. 4 9 Marian 31... ..., 67 Q3 Morse 53 .,.r.. .... 5 6 Crawford 54 . .. . . . .53 San Diego 58 i.., .i.. 5 0 'Madison 37 ... . . . .35 'Point Loma 52 ' ' ' "" 53 Joel Palacios shoots for a one pointer from 'Clairmont 43 ,,.. .... 6 8 the foul line. 'La Jolla 48 ...... .... 5 l 'Mission Bay 55 . . . .... 66 7 ' Q Q FROSH RECORD Patrick Henry 40 ........ 43 l si 'Marian 39 .... .... U HS 42 'Kearny 59 ..i.,,.. .... 4 2 Y 6 'San Marcos 24 .... , , . . . .49 'Madison 54 ,.... .... 4 9 7 Y 'Orange Glen 39 ..,,,,,, . 46 'Point Loma 63 ... .... 48 , 5 Q 'Escondido 35 .......... .45 'Clairmont 46 ,... .... 5 4 9 . Fallbrook 41 ,......,.... 55 'La Jolla 44 .i..,,, ,.., 7 3 . 'Poway 43 .....i.,,..... 58 'Mission Bay 40 . . . .... 56 'Carlsbad 48 .......... . . 6l Patrick Henry 39 ,....... 50 Y 'Washington 48 i........, 46 7 'Kearny 64 i............. 60 'Saints 40 ............,,. 48 ll 'League games . 'I 'Lincoln 40 .,.,....,,,... 45 ' JI, it 'Earl Warren 56 i........ 45 'Oceanside 42 ......,,.,. 57 F S H ' 'San Daqueno 39 i.......i 63 Bob Monard sinks one from the corner. :League games TOP ROW QL-RJ A. Esqueda, V. Garcia. J, Gott, E. Helscher, ka. R. Bice. D. Carnie, D. Boyd, J. Boyce, R. Severson, M. Luiz- M. Tatum. L. Faust. T. Vissers, A. Zollezzi, J. Keough, Coach Zi. J. MHCDOWCII, R. Romero. Michael McDonald. BOTTOM ROW 1 D. Russell. J. Madus- 49 TOP ROWLL-RJ B. Cooney. T. Mann. P. Libherz, T. Chambers G. Anderson, M. lllage. Coach Sherry. 2nd ROW M. Sable. G. Lair, J. Good, E. Villavincecio, M. Gastelum, M. Green. T. Withers, R. Montoyo, J. DeGunther. B. Bumbar. 3rd ROW -- B. Miller, J. Priest. T. Withers. B. Ubertti, Snowden. M. Anderson M. Pulido, E. Leonard. 41h ROW T. Withers. T. Stromberg. M. Duggan, G. Cooney. D. Duggan, M. Burns, M. Trishler, T. Elarde. BOTTOM ROW f S. Lebherz. K. McKinley, T. Sexton. Coach Cremin, J. Amaral. M. Bennett, T. Brunnhoelzl. P. Wyman. RESTLI 1969 ESTER LEAGUECHAMPS The scene in the University gym after Mr. Cremin's grapplers defeated defending League Champs, the Mission Bay Bucs. The 1969 Rasslm Dons after just two short years in Western League competition captured the league championship The team produced an over all season record of ll wins and 4 losses with a league record of 6 and 0 After completing a tough pre season schedule against such teams as Monte Vista Morse Chula Vista and Lincoln the Dons opened their league Champs the Mission Bay Bucs The Don grapplers defeated the Bucs 23 21 Then La Jolla fell to the Don Rasslers 37 9 followed by Clairmont 25 18 Point Loma 38 6 and Madison 25 15 Then on Tuesday evening Feb 18 the Dons defeated the Kearney Komits 40 7 to go undefeated in Western League competition In CIF competition Senior Joe Amaral who ranks second m all time scoring behind Terry Sexton captured the first CIF cham plonship for the Dons in 183 lbs class Tom Brun nhoelzl, a Junior, placed 4th 1n CIF competition. ss ' 1' ' 5 . 7 7 competition against defending Western League , . 9 ' - ' ' 9 ' 9 - , - - l 9 ' 9 ' 9 9 , - VARSITY WRESTLERS IN ACTION Joe Fresh Meat" Amaral works on the head ofa Point Loma grappler. VARSITY LINEUP Weight Wrestler W-L-D-Falls Points Paul Wyman I6-I2-0-8 51 Kevin McKinley 24-7-l-8 78 George Cooney 16-I2-I-2 42 Tom Stromberg 4-l l-0-2 A 16 Mark Duggan 9-12-2-2 27 Terry Sexton 23-6-0-I 5 88 Dennis Duggan l-15-0-0 3 Mike Bennett 22-4-0-8 8l Danny Sexton 14-6-2-4 47 Tom Brunnhoelzl 23-6-2-5 72 Joe Amaral 26-3-0-15 105 Steve Lebherz I8-5-0-9 67 Dennis Duggan 1l4I7 shows an opponent how to do it, George Cooney fl l5j contemplates his next move on the way to one of his I6 wins. Terry Sexton U 363 goes for one of his 23 wins. 1968-1969 SEASON RESULTS Mike Bennett goes for a pin against a Mission Bay Buc. TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Mr. Cremin's grapplers fared well in the var- ious wrestling tournaments held throughout San Diego County. CHULA VISTA KIWANIS TOURNAMENT The Dons traveled south to Chula Vista for their first tournament of the season. There they placed 10th out of the 24 schools that had en- tered. Terry Sexton placed highest on the team with a second in the 133 lbs. class. CITY DUAL MEET TOURNAMENT In this tourney, the rasslers from University grabbed a second place. There were 16 teams entered. In the process of capturing the runner up position, the Dons shut out Saints 54-0, stomped Point Loma 48-8 defeated Morse 28- 17 before losing a close one to Mission Bay 23 to 25 for the championship HOL TVILLE LIONS INVITA TIONAL TOURNAMENT The Dons traveled to Holtville on the weekend of February 7 and 8th There they captured 4th place out of the 16 teams assembled Mike Ben nett 11481 and Joe Amaral 11751 achieved the highest individual honors with a second place Kevin McKinley 11061 captured a third Paul Wyman 1981 Terry Sexton 113611 Tom Brun nhoelzl 11571 Danny Sexton 11681 and Steve Lebherz 11951 all placed ,Sth WESTERN LEAGUE CIF SECTIONALS At League finals which were held at Point Loma High the Dons of University captured first place There were ten teams m all compet mg The Dons produced 5 champions who were Terry Sexton 11361 Mike Bennett 11481 Tom Brunnhoelzl 11681 Joe Amaral 11831 and Steve 2nd Paul Wyman 1981 and George Cooney Lebherz 12181. Kevin McKinley 11061 placed 11151 placed 3rd, and Mark Duggan 11301 placed 4th. Varsity Dual Meet Record Dons 21 Chula Vista 23 7 Mount Miguel 42 54 Saints 0 48 Point Loma 8 28 Morse 17 35 Lincoln 9 42 San Diego 8 19 Monte Vista 22 23 Mission Bay 21 37 LaJolla 9 25 Clairmont 18 38 Point Loma 6 25 Madison 15 40 Kearny 7 All Matches: 1 1-4-0 League: 6-0-0 1Champs1 sh M. 6 W... V, VKMWW ' g.:' T f I .. ' 1 ,.,1 ' 1 'A' A It Mark Duggan 11301 closely examines the knee guards of an opponent. X An unidentified Don grappler ties up his opponent. SAN DIEGO CIF SECTION TOURNAMENT The Wrestling Dons finished 6th in the I969 CIF tournament It was the highest finish for the Dons in their live years of Wrestling Joe Amaral the four year veteran captured the first CIF championship for the Dons Joe s all time win record is now 67 28 I with 48 falls and 289 points Tom Brunnhoelzl placed fourth to become the third Don to place in CIF along with .loe Amaral and Pat Chambers ' 9 9 , . . . . l Terry Sextons record Enished at 76-24-2 with 44 falls und 296 total points. Tom Stromberg 11235 in a riding position. CIF medal winners Tom Brunnhoelzl and Joe Amaral. INDIVIDUAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Coach Cremin .-at QI.-RJ Mike Bennett, Terry Sexton, Joe Amaral, Tom Brunnhoelzl, Steve Lebherl. K . gil A V ...A 1 mlb l 1 I . all - A f 9 QW W nb I 4 , I Q A ,B s ' f' , , A , J O . TOP ROW QL-RJ Bruce Keller. Tom Daniels, Lou Tamagni, Joe Buchanan, Pat Quock. Gary Leuthard, BOTTOM ROW Chuck Schaff, David Nardi, Scott Oberle, Dennis Sesma, Terry Hernandez, Don Wier, Mike Crossman, Ron Monks. VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY SCHEDULE Fri. Mar. 7 Vista Tue. Mar. ll Coronado S Fri. Mar. 14 Marian i Wed. Mar. 19 Helix Fri. Mar. 2l Point Loma A 29 'QM Tue. Mar. 25 Kearny I Fri. Mar. 28 Clairmont ,s at I Mar. 31-Apr. 2 Lions Invitational Tournament Tue. Apr. 8 La Jolla Fri. Apr. ll Mission Bay ' Fri. Apr. 18 Madison Tue. Apr. 22 Point Loma Fri. Apr. 25 Kearny Tue. Apr. 29 Clairmont Fri. May 2 La Jolla ' Fri. May 9 Mission Bay Fri. May 16 Madison May 20, 23, 27, 29 CIF 54 Coach Tromettor ' .LVQBASEBALL ow, I ld gin NW! KL FROSH 1 S WI M MI G AQUA DoNs DEEENDING WESTERN LEAGUE CHAMPS , I Q., Charles Yackly starting the breaststroke leg ofthe medley. Greg Beck - the 400 man. Dave Zorn off the blocks for the 50 free. The "Rocket" completing the butterfly leg ofthe IM. 56 QMf?g,?i"ff" 1969 SCHEDULE Mar. 7 Inter-Squad Meet Mar. 21 Kearny Mar. 22 Vista Relays Mar. 25 Hilltop "Mar, 28 Clairemont Apr. 5 Iron Man Relays Apr. 9 Saints 3 Apr. I5 Orange Glen "Apr, I8 La Jolla "'Aprl. 25 Point Loma May I Oceanside 'May 2 Madison May 6 Vista 'May 9 Mission Bay May I0 Dons Diving Derby May I6 League Finals Mr. May 20 CIF Prelims May 24 CIF Finals "' League meets Qpvf' AA." fwfr, aka. n. J Q ..., K is-w.e3,,,.,.. in ,F gm las? S v, av 1 - My Hn an MQ 'lk .pl ?r' ' fi V- . 'I .J M fs gh GOLF Mar. Mar. l Mar. Mar. Apr. A r. A r. Apr. 28 May 2 May 5 May 9 1969 Schedule Kearny La Jolla Point Loma Madison Clairmont Mission Bay Kearny La Jolla Point Loma Madison Clairemont qlq q1 q,,.i 5, jf S . Nl '!",' 4 rmgxti .LQ,,If?ri"'k. .J hifi: Q: R 3. si Y 'M l 1 - Y , I 'N J 'ri il I V V y 'lyk . N 7 Q' S 1 QQNE 0 'Q Ax is 8 4 ,, if . 21 Q f gr X F ' ' 28 ' ,- ll R' 3 Q P Steve Siegel if X x I. ' Q.. I, 'k D. "as i 'rx Q Steve Faucher May 12 Mission Bay Steve Johnston Coach Bickler 1 if ' A iz- .K -- K , ,tg ig., . li .E .llwr , 3 1 po J ' 5 'S - A r 3 X :At 3 P W W e . xl . , 4 .14 Q L Bill Keith Mike Walsh 6 Y 4 -fi: Z., '-fa, Mike Tobin .45 Bill Jeppson TRACK 1969 SCHEDULE Mar. 14 Madison' Mar. 21 Bye Mar. 28 Point Loma' Apr. ll Mission Bay' Apr. 18 Clairemont' Apr. 25 La Jolla' May 2 Kearny' May 9 League Prelims May I6 League Finals May 24 CIF Prelims . 1 4 May 29 CIF Finals Mike Gallagher June 5 State Finals W H June 6 State Finals 'league meets Stan Drew Jeff McCormick and Gary Griffin Coach Strange Dan Griesgraber 58 Don Haran ,VJ NX li MAINTENANCE STAFF I o eralor' ' ' 'K CLASS 1969 M d R llmeq MCGH, President: Dun Sexton . CV..t "Look in thy glass, and tell the face thou viewest "Now is the time that face should form anotherf' Shakespeare Vice -Pre s.: Gary Gr ff Secretary: Wes Merritt Treasurer: Bull Stark PETER A DA MS Football l,2,3,4, League Awards 3,4, CIF Awards 3.4, Track 2,3.4. Swim ming l,'Lettermens Club l,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Student Council l,2, UPS 1.2, 3,4 The now quiet scene of the infamous fruit fights of 1967 and 1968. "IT IS THE D TY GF ALL DA RB Y A L DEN Swimming l,2,3,4. THOMAS BARNETT National Honor Society 4, Orators 3 4, Latin Club 3,4, Chess Club 3. His tory Club 3, Teacher Corps 3,4, V Pres. 3, El Cid 3,4, Transfer from St. Francis High. PERSONS L YMAN A VILLA History Club 3. DA VID REYNA Tennis l,2, Spanish Club 1,2 Not Pictured Steve Lebherz Scott Pnsahl Fred Valdez Joe Langford Joseph Amaral 62 Bob Turchick Spanish Club l,2, Science Club l 2 "-Z"ff? JA MES BAR TA Chess Club 2. UPS 4. Jesters 4, THOMAS BECKMAN Football l 7 3 4 StudentCouncil 7 3 4, National Honor Society 2.3.4. UPS 3,4. French Club 3.4, Key Club l.2.3.4, Teacher Corps 4. El Cid l,2, 3, ASB Treasurer 2. Commissioner of Organizations 4. TO REFLECT WITHI QURSELVESM TERENCE STEVE BOUDREA U Football l.2.3.4, Wrestling 1.2.3. Track l, Student Council l,2,3,4, UPS l,2,3,4, Lettermens Club 2.3.4. Orators I. French Club 3. El Cid l.2, 3.4, Perspeclire l,2,3,4, Presidio l.2, 3,4, Commissioner of Spirit 4, Frosh Treas., Soph Sec. MILTON BENNETT Wrestling l,2.3,4, League Awards 3, 4. Science Club I, UPS 4, German Club4 TERR Y BREEN El C'id4. Presidio 4. 63 MICHAEL BOWMAN DA VID BRIDGE Swimming l, Spanish Club l,2, Perspective 2. KENNETH BRUSH Football 2,3, Basketball l,2,3,4, Track 3, Lettermens 3,4, Latin Club l,2, French Club 3. ARVIN BROWN Transfer from San Miguel High School. MICHAEL BROWN Football 3, Baseball l, UPS 3, Key Club 3,4. German Club 4. Transfer from Serra High in San Francisco. The great escape. JOSEPH BUCHANAN Football l,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Student Council 4, Lettermens 3,4, French Club 3,4, UPS 3,4, Prom Committee 3. 64 JOSEPH BULFER Cross Country mgr. l,2,3,4, Letter- mens Club l,2,3,4. BILL BURMEISTER Science Club l. ROBERT BURSON Swimming l.2,4, Waterpolo 4. Span- ish Club 2, UPS 4, El Cid 4. Transfer from Serra High in San Francisco. KENNETH BUSSER Transfer from Serra High School in San Francisco Y ggi' ROBERT CAMPBELL Football I,2,4, Wrestling I,3, Track l,2 3 LettermensClub4 CHARLES CA PPLES Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling l, Swim- ming l,2, UPS 3, Key Club 2,3, .lest- ers 3,4, German Club 4, 65 PA TRICK CARLIN KEVIN COL WELL Football l, Swimming l,2,3,4, Awards 2,3,4, Water-polo 4, Cross Country 3, Student Coun- cil l,2,3,4, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, UPS 3,4, Ke Club 2 Y 3,4, El Cid 3. Jesters 3,4, Presi- dio 3,4, Asst. Editor 4. Science Club l. THOMAS CARROLL Track l, REFLECT 0 THE PAST MY TI E WAS -vu---1-pp JAMES CA VANA UGH Swimming l, Chess Club 3, Jesters 2,3,4. MICHAEL CROSSMAN Football l,2,3,4, League Awards 4, Basketball l,2, Baseball l,2,3,4, Let- termens Club 2,3,4, French Club 2,3, 4. UPS 2,3, EI Cid 2. 66 MIKE CASEY Transfer from San Luis High JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM Pep Band 2,3,4. MIKE COCORAN AND BE ABLE TO SAY WELL SPE T TOMOTHY DA IL Y Don't be shy Wes. She won tbnte Science Club l,2,3,4, Student Coun- cil4. E LSLL THOMAS DANIELS L Football 1,2,3,4, League Awards 3,4, SVA- 'LVV j 1 CIF Awards 4, Baseball l,2,3,4, f -L ' National Honor Society 3,4, Letter- f f mens Club 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, .fp ' as 'F M French Club 3. ai ik' I ,qv 4 M' ? i MICHAEL DA TTILO Track 3,4, Transfer to Uni in Junior Year. 67 MICHAEL DEAN DARRELL DELPERDA NG Football 2, Baseball l, Cross Coun try 3,4, Track 2,4, Student Council l 2, Lettermens 2,3,4, Latin Club l. OPPS . .. TIMOTHY DELOS Student Council l, UPS 4. PA TRICK DELGA DILLO PA TRICK DIA MOND Football l,2,3, UPS 3,4. 68 Will somebody please wake Still up again. l I Hey you! What's your name again? CRAIG DILLMAN Science Club l, UPS 4. GREGOR Y DOWNS UPS 3,4, El Cid l,2,3,4, Photo Edi- tor 2,3,4, Presidio 2,3,4, Perspective 2,3,4, Editor 4. MA RK DRA PER Football l. MIKE DURKIN DENNIS DUGGAN Wrestling I,2,3,4, Lettermens 3 Orators l,2, Latin Club 3. 69 THOMAS ELARDE Wrestling 2,3,4, French Club 3, Spanish Club 3. THOMAS ESTILL Swimming l,2,3,4 Hlntelligence, Reflection, and Judgement STEPHEN EWIN History 3, UPS 4, El Cid l, Prom Committee. STEVE FA UCHER Golf 3,4. Lettermens Club 3,4, UPS MICHA EL FA ULK No German today! Mrs. Toth is absent. 70 DON FLOREY French Club 4. Science Club 2. ERNIST FONTES Reside In Meng Young and Oldn CICERO BRUCE FOOTE Basketball l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Lettermens Club 3.4. El Cid l. FESTES FOX if BR YA N FURBEE Spanish Club 1.2. MICHAEL GAFFNEY Baseball 3.4, Lettermens Club 3.4. 71 MIKE GA LLA GHER Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 3, Lettermens Club 2.3, 4, French Club 3, Spanish Club 2. TIM GALLA GHER Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3, Lettermens Club 3,4 Pep Band 2 JOHN GALLETTA Teacher Corps 4, El Cid 2,3, Perspeclive 2,3,4, Presidio 4, .Iesters 34 V-Pres 3 CHRIS GILMORE Transfer from Helix High DONALD GILL PA UL GRIESGRA BER ASB Vice Pres. ASB President, Track I, Cross Country l, Student Council 2,3,4, National Honor Socie- ty 3.4, Latin Club 2, Key Club 2. 72 - Q GARY GRIFFIN Track 2.3.4, Lettermens Club 4. French Club 3.4. UPS 4. Student Council 4. Senior V-Pres. MICHAEL GRISHAM Basketball l.2,3,4, League Awards 3.4, Student Council 2.3. National Honor Society 2.3.4, Lettermens Club 2.3.4. Orators 2.3. Spanish Club 3.4. Math Club l, UPS 1.2.3. Key Club l.2,3,4. Pres. 3, Teacher Corps 3, El Cid 2.3.4. Perspeclive 2. 3, Presidio 3.4. Jesters 2.3. DONA L D HA RA N Football l,2,3.4. Track l.2.3.4. Stu- dent Council l.2, Lettermens Club 3, 4. French Club 3.4, UPS 4. El Cid 4. Perspective 4. WILLIAM HARRER Football mgr. 2. Baseball mgr. 3. Track 2. Transfer from San Miguil High. RONALD HASINSKY Science Club 2.3. Math Club 2.3. PATHEALY 73 T0M HAZELBAKER N' T Football 4. Spanish Club 1.2. Science Club l. UPS 2.3. RICHARD HEIMLICH Track 2.3, League Awards 2. Letter- mens Club 3. Science Club 2, Pep Band 2.3. EI Cid 4. Perspecrive 3.4. 'GA Soul Without Reflection Like A Pile What's new in the chocolate business Mr, Nixon. T M T-...ef JOHN HORN THOMAS IMHOFF CRAIGJACOBUS Transferred to Uni in Senior year. 74 HUBERT JA NSEN Science Club l,2, Math Club 3, STEVE JOHNSTON Golf 2,3,4, Football 3,4, Lettermens Club 3 4 Without Inhabitant, To Ruin Runsn What mistake? JA MES KEOGH UPS 4, Key Club 4. 75 Young WILLIAM KA NE Football l, Key Club 2, Teacher Corps 4, Presidio 4, Jesters 3,4. DEWEY KEITHLY Swimming l,2, French Club 3, UPS 3,4. GERA LD KOCH Latin Club, Sec. 4, Science Club 2, UPS 3, Teacher Corps, 3,4, Pres. 4, Perspeclive 3,4, Presidio Jesters 3,4. GEORGE LAHEY LARRY LEONARD Football l,2,3, Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2, Student Council 2,3 Lettermens Club 3.4, Key Club 3,4. THE LEAR 'D REFLECT 0 KEVIN MA DDEN Football 2.4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3, League Awards 3, CIF Awards 3, Student Council l,2. 3,4, Lettermens Club 2.3.4, Latin Club l,2, French Club 3.4, Science Club 1.2, Math Club 2,3, History Club 3, UPS 3.4, Key Club 2.3.4. El Cid2,3. GAR Y LEUTHARD Transfer Student. 76 DA NIEL MA DDOX Science Club 2, UPS 3,4, Jesters 3,4 Homecoming Committee 4. JA MES MA GGIONA Spanish Club, V-Pres. 3,4, El Cid l. JOHN MARTINEZ HUGH MARX French Club 3.4, Science Club 2. WHAT BEFORE THEY K EW" BRIAN MCCOY Swimming l,2,3,4, League Awards 3, Water-polo 4, Science Club l, Chess Club 2,3, Presidio l,2,3,4, Edi- tor in Chief 4, German Club 4, Stu- dent Council 4. DON MCCORMICK Football l, Basketball l,2,3,4, League Awards 3,4, Tennis l,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Lettermens Club l,2,3,4, Math Club l, UPS 3.4, Key Club 2,3,4. 77 POPE DA VID MCGA HEE Football l,2,3,4, League Awards 3,4, Track 2,4, Student Council l,2,3,4, Lettermens 3,4, French Club 3,4, History Club 3, UPS l,2.3,4, Key Club 4, Soph. Treas. Junior V-Pres. Commissioner of Student Affairs 4. KEVIN MCKINLEY Wrestling l,2,3,4, League Awards 3, Lettermens Club l,2,3,4, Math Club l, German Club 4. JOHN MELER Football l,2,3, Baseball l,3,4, Wres- tling 2, Lettermens Club 3,4, French Club 3, Science l,2, Math Club l,2,3, UPS 3. WESLEY MERRITT Student Council 3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Orators 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Key Club 3,4, Sec. 4, EI Cia'4, Senior Sec. "Remembrance DENNIS MIKULANIS Science Club l,2, Chess Club 2,3 History Club 3, UPS 3,4, Presidio 4, German Club 4. JA MES MILLS Jesters 3,4, Latin Club 3,4, V-Pres. 3. 78 isis.. Al RONALD MONKS Football 4, Baseball 3.4, Lettermens Club 3,4, French Club 4, Transferred from Kearny. JOHN MUCHA Science Club l. Reflection How Alliedn POPE EUGENE MURRA Y Basketball 2,3, UPS i. BRUCE NASCHAK Baseball l,3, Perspevlive 3.4. 79 Crying towel located inside on the left QQ ALEX NA VA RRO Football l,2,3, Baseball I, Student Council l,2,3,4, ASB Secretary 4. Commissioner of Elections 4, El Cid 2, Spanish Club Z,3.4, Key Club 4, UPS Club 3.4. WILLIAM NEIL WILLIA M 0'NEILL StdntC ncll 14 Track l,2,3,4, u e ou Science Club l. Perxpec ive . BRA NT PARSONS Football 4, Golf 2,3,4, Lettermens Club 2 3 4 DA VID PA LLEMON Jester 3.4, Transferred from Saint "A reflection is indeed no JAMES PARKER Swimming mgr. l. Orators 2, Span- sh Club l, El Cid l, German Club 4. other than a mode of memory emancipated from the order of time and space" Coleridge 80 STEVE PHA IR Perspective 2,3,4. BILL RA Y Basketball l,2, Track l,2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Lettermens Club 2,3, 4. EDWARD QUIROGA Track l,2,3,4, Cross Country l.2.3.4. League Awards Track 2, CIF Award 2, Student Council 2,3,4, Lettermens Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club l,2,3,4, UPS 2,3,4, Pep Band 2, EI Cid 2, Head Cheerleader 4. 81 PATRICK QUICK Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l. Wres- tling 2, Baseball l,2,3,4, Lettermens Club Z,3,4. Whas in de bag goose? Eh? KEVIN RAFTER Y Science Club l, Math Club 2. Teach- er Corps 4, Perspective 4, Presidio 4, Jesters 3,4. MIKE REARDON Football l,2,3,4, Goll' l, Student Council 2, Lettermens Club 4, Histo- ry Club 3, Key Club 3,4, V-Pres. 4. PHIL ROBINSON Transferred to Uni in Sophomore Year. 66 ' In Vain Sedate Reflections PA UL ROSENKOETTER Track 2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3, Let- termens Club 3.4, Latin Club 3, El Cid l Jesters '4 MICHAEL ROSS Swimming 2,3, Latin Club 3,4, Jest- ers l,2,3,4, Sec. 3. STEPHEN ROSS DENNIS SABLE Wrestling 2, Tennis l,2,4, UPS 2,3,4, El Cid l,2,3, Perspective Z 3 Jesters l,2,3,4. 82 BRIANSALMON Orator 2.3.4. History Club 3. UPS 4, Jesters 3.4, German Club 4. TERRY SCHUMACHER Baseball l, French Club l, UPS Club 2. French Club V-Pres, l. We Would Make, When alf ur RICHARD SCHWARTZ Jesters 1.2.3.-1, National Honor So- ciety 3.4, Per.vpet'Iii'v 3.4. El Cid 3.4. Editor 4. Latin Club 3.4. History Club 3. Teacher Corps 3.4. MARC SEBRECHTS Swimming l,2.3.4. Student Council l.2,3,4, National Honor Society 2.3. 4. Orators l,2,3,4. Latin Club 3, Sci- ence Club 3, Math Club 3.4, Chess Club l,2.3, History Club 3, UPS Club 4. El Cid 2. N.H.S. Pres. 4, Orators V-P. 4. Science Club V-P. 3. Math Club V-P 3. Teacher Corps 3. 4, Treas.4. DANIEL SEXTON Football l,2,3,4. Wrestling l.2.3.4. Track l,2,3, Student Council l.2.3.4. Lettermens Club l,2.3.4. Orators l. 2. UPS l,2.3,4, Key Club 3.4. EI Cid l,2.3. .lesters l.2.3. TERRY SEXTON ASB Sgt, at Arms 4, Football l,3. Wrestling l,2,3,4, League Awards 2. 3.4. Student Council l.2,3.4, French Club 3. Lettcrmens Club l,2.3,4. UPS l,2,3,4, El Cid l,2, Prexidio 4, .lesters 2. Frosh V-Pres. Soph V- Pres. 83 if 'Timm STEVEN SIEGEL Golf l,2,3,4, CIF Honors 3,4, Letter- mens Club l,2,3,4, Math Club l, Homecoming Committee 4. N' -qui MARK SHERMAN CHRIS SKINNER Football l, Basketball l,2,3,4, Stu- F00gballmgr.3,4.UPS4. dent Council 3,4, Lettermens 3,4, French Club l,2,3, UPS 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4. Knowledge We Must ake Not Snatch" Pope MARK STAFFORD Wrestling 2,3, National Honor Socie- ty 3,4, V-Pres. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Lettermens Club 2.3.4, Latin Club 3, Math Club l,2. - . Mwwmnmmummn In Thor we trust. 84 'Nur WILLIAM STARK Swimming 4, Tennis 2,3, French Club 3, Chess Club l. UPS 4, El Cid 3, Perspective 3,4, Senior Treas. JOHNSTEIN Football mgr. 2, Tennis 3, Letter- mens 2,3,4, Science Club l,2, Math Club 3,4, UPS l,2,3,4. ROBERTSTILL Science Club 2 Key Club 2 3 MIKE TOBIN Golf4, U PS 4, Teacher Corps 4. MIKE S YL VIA Spanish Club 3.4, History Club 3, UPS 4, Key Club 4. GER Y TR UP Science Club 2. Chess Club l,2,3.4. Presidio 4, Jesters l,2,3, German Club 4. 85 JAMES TSCHIDERER Swimming l.3. Cross Country 1.2.3. Science Club l,2. Math Club 1.2. UPS l.2, Key Club 2.3. German Club4. LARR Y VOGL TA NZ UPS 3.4. Perspective 4. kill! ROBERT TUPA Latin Club 2, UPS 4. ED TREACY UPS Club 4, .lesters 4. Transfer from Point Loma. sp' at-no PA UL VILLA VINCENCIO All That Reflective Memory Stores Or Imaginative Pours Are But Lessons Taught. 86 FRED VRABEL Chess Club l, El Cid l. .lesters 4. gun- X !"""7. KEITH WALKER Truck 3.4. Leltermens Club 3.4, UPS 4. Transfer from Fallbrook High. WWMS '-4 -anvil JOSEPH WEBER . .qh THOMAS ZIMBERLIN 'QT'-nv' STEVE WIEGAND Basketball l, Student Council l, Spanish Club l.2, UPS 3,4, Key Club 2.3, El Cid l,2,4, Perspeclive 4, Presidio 4. 87 REFLECTIC I "If there had been none then no states could exist at all THOMAS WITHERS Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Track 2, Prom Committee 3, Student Council 2.3. National Honor Society 2,3,4, Lettermens Club 2.3,4, Latin Club 3, UPS 3.4, Key Club 2.3, N.H.S. Treas. 4. CHARLES YACKLY Football l, Wrestling l, Swimming l,2,3,4, Waterpolo 3,4, League Awards Swimming l,Z, CIF l,2, Lettermens Club 2 3 4 CICERO RICHARD YBARRA Swimming l,2.3,4. Waterpolo 3,4, League Awards Swimming 3, Letter- mens Club 2,3,4, UPS 3,4, Key Club 3, Prexiclio 4. FRED YOCHIM Basketball mgr. l,2,3,4, French Club 3, Presidio 4. 88 EDWARD ZER WEKH DA VID ZONN Baseball l, Swimming 2.3.4, League Awards 2,3,4, Waterpolo 3,4, League Awards 3,4, CIF Awards 4, Student Council l,2, Leltermens Club 3,4, Latin Club l,2, Spanish Club 3, History Club 3. UPS l,2.3,4, El Cid 2,3. C ' Sw A 1 1 JOHN ZOLEZZI Swimming l,2,3,4, League Awards 2,3.4, CIF Awards 2,3, Lettermens Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club l, UPS l. 89 ALC HOLMES S SENICR REFLECTIONS You and me w we're looking back right now. Sure, we're plan- ning for the future and all that, but mostly we're looking. Looking back to - to football games, and dances, and finals, and vacations, and classes and f and to a milfiiet-liar things each ofus look back X On. A Vggf 4 ,ggi Reflections - whergf H. andbfiie at ourselves, we're aware of changes. nges since last year. Changes since the them are obvious, oth- ers not so obviousg e anqgythers not so good. But we all know j We reflect in our- selves, in each otherian y allwgcwhajngegdjl 5 ogher. Reflections - wgseigyout xourgselves, we see just that. Ourselves. Netonfxipfiiu stay where we :re now, but rightiwnoyv, I up gizggjfiplizgftytgrgjghing is how we got ere. ,. , , i , R , Reflections f anffiiJvheii'eX5f51r2f'gi5oh:ffOur mffror is a many sided glass. We see ourselves as iw? gwergmgefffyore. We see ourselves as we are now. We see ourselvesgags' iiuewxgilllfbielfzfcnflfpwijgxthe rest of our lives we will see the lastfour yeairsfrefleftecjgxinsus, andftheyke a part of us. Maybe the most important part . I . if ssqrg g Reflections - -e and now it's time for that part of us to die. And our present reflections may run together, and become fogged and ob- scure. But we won't forget them. Ever . . . eSteve Wiegand '69 90 ACTIVITIES E I HOMECCMI 196 UNIVERSITY- 18 LaJOLLA- 14 The l968 Homecoming, even though the half-time activities at the football game were cancelled, was the best yet at University High School. The Homecoming itself was dedicated to the alum- ni of University who are now in the Armed Forces. Jerry Stad- miller, David Gonsalves, and Mike Craig are representative of these graduates. During the dance on Saturday evening, Janet Feuling was crowned l968 Homecoming Queen by Paul Griesgraber. Includ- ed in Janet's court were Leslie Edwards, Karen Murphy, and Gail Cochran. Following the coronation, Janet, along with her es- Our Queen Janet Feuling COFI Alex Navarro led all in attendance in the traditional queens dance. Music was provided by Sandi and the Classics. A.S.B. president Paul Griesgraber crowns Queen Janet Feuling as her court looks on. And they danced too. 92 Z The l968 Homecoming Committee The Queen's Dance ,- f The "classic" form ofentertuinmenl The Last Dance 93 JESTERS PRCDUCE 66 99 TART FFE FRENCH COMEDY BY MGLIERE On November 29 and December l, 1968, the Jesters presented "Tartuffe", a comedy by Mo- liere. Directed by Merrill Harrington and featuring Tom Stahl as the treacherous Tartuffe, the play was deemed by some to be the Jesters finest en- deavor. The actors were not alone in their effortsg credit should also be extended to the various crews. ga - - - 1'f , :, till -if u J If ann sf'-Nl Large attendence marked the run of "Tartuffe." CREWS Production Mgr. .,,..r........ . Business Mgr. Stage Mgr. r.r.........,,.... . Publicity .............,....r..r Set Crews Props Sound Lights Make Up Costumes . John Galletta Jim Crossman . . Gerry Koch A A . Mike Ross Kathy Gels Fred Vrabel Laura Schanes John Galletta Bill Kane James Barta Gerry Koch Jim Mills Brian Salmon Kevin Raftery Tom Catarella Kevin Raftery Jim Mills Dan Maddox Laura Leonard iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiChuckCapples 94 Mike Sinor portraying Orgon explodes in anger at Dorine played by Sheila Burns. Mme Pernelle .,i.ii..........,. Valerie Howe Orgon .,,i..ii ...i..... ,.i... M i ke Sinor Elmire .... . . . Carolyn Gallon Damis .... Jim Crossman Mariane ,.,. .,,,. L inda Shayes Valere .,.. John Lutheran Cleante . . , John Murphy Tartuffe .,.. ..,.,, T om Stahl Dorine ..... .i... S heila Burns M. Loyal ..,.,, . . . Brian Sullivan Police Officer John Galletta Flipote .,,..,. , . . Mary Mockus CHDCOLATE DRIVE BEST EVER FROSH CAPTURE FIRST PLACE All fears of a year without that beloved Chocolate Drive were dashed on the morning of Friday December 6. After an early morn- ing assembly followed by the distribution of Worlds Finest, the Dons were excused from school to spend the rest of the day selling choco- late to the inhabitants of San Diego. In class competition the Fresh- man jumped to an early lead and eventually captured first place. The rest of the school finished in order of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. lt's coming! r 7 CLASS OF I '72 '71 70 69 li S i loo 5 I . : I Q I i N 1 I F T75 N A l That's right sir . . . a bargain at S24 a box. S ' Q N - A N 1 ,r S N v 3 V x N Q 'll lu N Q . Q g Q N N l l s Q . l , 5 H. l N 1 L Q s I Q 1 ,PS 3 Q 1 3 V 5 . s ' l '- N l l g Y V Q f .CZ .ai DRIVE RESULTS Hi! l'm from University High and l'm . ,. Wall to wall chocolate? 95 STUDE T GOVER ME EW CONSTITUTION ENACTED A new constitution was approved and put into effect this year. This new con- stitution provides for the Associated Student Board of Commissioners which is composed of ll elected representatives, the four class presidents, and presided over by the A.S. President. The purpose of the Board is to regulate activities of the Student Body. The second group is the Student Congress which is composed of one representative from each homeroom and presided over by the A.S. Vice- President. The third area of Student Government is the Inter-Club Council. The Council is composed of representatives of each club and presided over by the Commissioner of Organizations. The new constitution provides the individual student and all student organizations with better representations and easier ways to express opinions. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Advisor: Mr. David Gorsich L , , V zzzg 8 ., 'ii-an i S' f1,,! 9, J' Q I A ,tg fe:-" 1Q"?. t,-' 4, ff 4 :Y my it M T ,: A.S. President: A.S, Vice President: Commissioner of Finance: Paul Griesgraber Rick Gilbert Chris Kane ' J! ' i. - 1 If .i . MAR..-X. .,,- ggi, - Q I . if , ' Commissioner of Elections: Commissioner of School Commissioner of Alex Navarro Spirit and Traditions: Student Affairs: Steve Boudreau 96 Greg Beck Commissioner of Social Affairs: Dave McGahee C as I Commissioner of Commissioner of Buildings Commissioner of Public Relations: and Grounds: Organizations: Mark Zecca Tom Beckman INTER-CLUB COUNCIL The Inter-Club Council is com- posed of representatives from each recognized student organization. The purpose of the council is to co- ordinate the activities of each indi- vidual organization. The president ofthe Council is the Commission- er of Organizations who presents the Council's requests before the Board of Commissioners. The Inter-Club Council meets about once a month. HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES The Student Congress is com- posed of representatives from each homeroom. This council initiates the legislation that is brought be- fore the Board of Commissioners. The presiding officer of the Stu- dent Congress is the A.S. Vice- Pres. The Student Council meets twice a month. This council is the individual student's channel to ini- tiate legislation. The picture at left does not contain all represent- atives as some homerooms had not elected representatives at the time of the picture. Q 3, ...L - 1 - ,121-i111--K, A H 'I - - f SCHOOL BUS fa., aid? 99 -vm .sf " f nys . fi' CHEERLE DERS 1969 TOP ROWIL-RJ Freida Taitano Cecelia Baum Kelly Brown Karen Murphy FRONT ROW Don Gill Jim Crossman Ed Quiroga fhead cheerleaderl TOP ROWKI.-RJ Laura Leonard Peggy Massery Mary Wisniew Angela Lucenle I-'RONT RO W Peter Escalanle Dave Zorn Dave Martin THE "DD ETTESM TOP ROW, KL-Rl: L. Giolzelti, M. Morris, G. Cowart, M. Straten, A. Ruesterholz. E. Cravens, T. Joliff. K, MacCarthy, C. Guida. M. Kozak, C. Parsons, C. Geis, C. Powers, C. Hancock. BOTTOM ROW: D. Mohn, M. Sover, D. Ross. M. Campbell, M. Woodman, L. Ferreira, L. Gonzales, M. Hirly, L. Bucha, S. Zuniga, L, Brown, L. Paulson, D. Humphreys. L ORG CAMPUS ANI ZATIONS TOP ROW QL-R5 G. Cooney, F. Haas, R. Kozlowski, G. Beck, T. Stahl. S. Cox. M, Sinor, E. Pearson. J. Mehren, BOTTOM ROW - B. Withers, M. Sebrechts. Fr. Cornelison, W. Merritt. M. Grisham, B. McCoy. S. Edmunds. ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is University's elite. Its members are the backbone of Uni's excellence in the academic, athletic, and social spheres. Its members distinguish themselves in the various other campus organizations and athletic teams. The club's schedule is highlighted by the Spring Banquet. The club is moderated by Fr. Cornelison. KEY CLUB mum.. '-3 --nn l TOP ROWQL-Rb J. Keough. J. Mockus. D. Schwartz, G. Griffin. M. McCormick, BOTTOM ROW E. Pearson, T. Beckman. M. Reardon, W. Merritt, A. Navarro. This year the Key Club continued its spirited promotion of all campus activities. This year a new pro- ject was added to their agendag a school leadership banquet, which is held annually for the school aca- demic, and athletic leaders. The club is under the direction of Fr. Wood. 102 ix ,M i 3' Qlfsii LETTER N'S CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS BACK ROW LL-RJ Steve Boudreau. Fr, O'Keeffe. Dave MaGahee. SEA TED Janet Feuling. Theresa Beckman. 103 UPS CLUB The University Pep Society, under the direction of Father O'Keeffe, mirrors the spirit of the University High Dons. Two years ago the club was expanded to include Uni's supporters from the girl's schools. Since then the club has become not only the most active, the largest organization on campus. This year the club was governed by a Board of Directors which include Ja- net Feuling, Theresa Beckman, Steve Boudreau. and Dave MaGahee. ANGU GE CLUBS: TOP ROWQL-Ry P. Vienes, J. Trujillo, R. Blatt, G. Bianco, G. Griffin, R. Vergara, G. LeBer, J. Torres, BOTTOM ff T. Beck- man, D. Roberts, Mr. Steves, W. Leonard, T. Anderson. Mr. Steves' sturdy band of resistance fighters have established themselves as one of the out- standing idiomatic organizations at this school. The club is unique among Uni's organizations in that it has members from the girl's schools. Membership to the French Club is open to all students who are currently taking a course in French. i TOP ROWQL-RJ M. Zecca, Fr. McGray, B. Maher, BOTTOM - M. Ross, G. Koch, .I Mills, C. Kane. 104 TI In its second year of exist- ence at Uni, the Latin Club has promoted interest in the Language ofthe Caesar's. The club sponsored a New Year's Eve dance under the watchful eye of Fr. Mc- Gray, its moderator. Mem- bership in the Latin Club is open to all students who are currently taking a class in Latin. P' S Y7' TOP ROW QLVRJ S. Wiegand. R. Ybarra, N. Colwell. G. Baugh. J. Keough. BOTTOM ROW W. Merritt. R. Salgado. A. SPANISH The Spanish Club was not as active this year as was its usual custom. Leading the struggle to keep the faith are moderator, Mr. Martinez, and president Alex Navarro. The club meets about once a month. Membership is open to all students who are tak- ing a course in Spanish or who speak Spanish. Navarro, J. Maggiora, T. Caterella. GERMA The newly revived Ger- man Club, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Toth. has pro- vided a haven for the Deutsche Fanatisch on the University campus. This lusty group of German stu- dents, with their enthusi- asm, guarantees the club a long stay at UNI. TOP ROW QL-R1 J. Waters, J. Halflinger, D. Vosper, M. Casey. J. Murphy. BOTTOM ROW S. Edmunds, J. Trujillo, Mrs. Toth, G. Delperdang, J. Priest. 105 -x TOP ROW QL-RJ D. Lewis. B. Beck, K. Sweeny, B. Lynch. R. Tatum. E. Shafranski. 3rd ROW J. Barba, M. Zecca. J. Straight, L. Brees, J. Trujillo, J. Smith. 2nd ROW G. Bianco. B. Laviolette. G. Dittenhoffer. T. Cunningham, C. LeBer, BOTTOM ROW Mr. Wood. W. Gorse. J. Steed. D. Roberts, R. Luccaradelo, W. Naugle. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is rapidly becoming one of the most active clubs on campus. Under the direction of Mr. Cecil Wood, the club sponsers various speakers and movies on the various branches of science throughout the year. Highlighting the club's activities was a field trip to one of San Diego's local radio stations, KCBQ. Membership is open to all science students. MATH T CL The Math Club has completed its seventh year of existence at University. The Club fared well in inter- school competition in tournaments through- out the county. The club is moderated by Mr.Wilson. TOP ROW QL-RJ, G. Karlowicz, G. Beck. BND ROW QL-Rl F. Haas, J. Stevenson, J. Halflinger, J. Keough, BQOTTOM ROW QL-RJ, S. Edmunds. E. Pearson, M. Sebrechts. R. Greenwell. 106 TOP ROW QL-RJ J, Lutheran. M. Sinor, P. Grind, .l. Gruber. R. Greenwell. J. Bennett. Jud ROW G. Karlowitl. F. Ueh- birlg. D. Brophy. M. Windes. C. Sebrechts. B. Uebbing. J. Soto. T. Fisher, BOTTOM Mr. Malanga. T. Barnett. M. Se- brechts. W. Merritt. D. Schwartz, S. Edmunds. Prof. R. Lott. The National Forensic League, lead by Seniors Rick Schwartz, Marc Sebrechts, Wes Merritt and Tom Barnett, continued its fine performances at various speech tournaments throughout the county and state. The squad is under the expert coaching of Prof. Lott and Brian Thomas from USD, and Mr. Malanga and Mr. Bickler of our faculty. ATIONAL FGRENSIC LE GUE TOP ROW QL-Rl M. Zecca, G. Koch, K. Raftery. S. Edmunds. G. Delperdang. J. Galletta. BOTTOM B. Kane, M. Tobin. Mr. McGrath. T. Barnett, M. Sebrechts. Moderated by Mr. McGrath. the Teacher Corps provides its mem- bers with an opportunity to gain teaching experi- ence while studying var- ious methods through the writings of prominent educators. Each student is assigned to assist a member of the faculty. He helps by grading and moderating classes. QU1 TILLIAN CIETY 107 TOP ROW QL-R3 D. Barba, P. Kimball, J. Flumian, C. Friedricks, M. Windes, D. Hanncock, D. Cunningham, P. Callo- way, Fr. O'Keeffe, BOTTOM ROW J. Cunningham, F. Ellis, R. Blatt. PEPBA The much-improved Pep Band backs up the spirited Don cheering section at athletic functions. Father O'Keeffe directed the groups efforts, crowned by a runner-up trophy in the Old Town band competition. After a slow start the Pep Band is fast becoming a permanent institution of University High. lV.CHEERLE DERS 1 i ge. wfvim, Q i 'www fi mmm, T This year the Junior Varsity Football and Bas- ketball teams were provided with the most spirited group of J V cheerleaders ever. All year these cheer- leaders had a perfect attendance record to all foot- ball and basketball games, both home and away. They were led by Junior, George Delperdang. QL-RJ Ella Mae Gora, George Delperdang, Margaret Foote. JESTERS TOP ROWTL-Rl K. Raftery, B. Salmon. J. Barta. Jud ROW B, Kane. G. Koch, B. Sullivan. .l, Mills, .l. l.utheran. D. lfow- ler. J. Murphy, BOTTOM ROW T. Caterella, J. Galletta. Mr. Harrington. Fr. McNally. M. Ross, C, Capples. The Jesters club is considered by many to be one of the most dynamic and interesting groups on the campus. Their production of "Tartul'fe" highlighted the school's fall activities calendar. Working in close conjunction with the girls' schools a new plateau in the dramatic arts was achieved. Fr. McNally and director Merrill Harrington led them this year. CHESS CLUB ln its ninth year the Chess Club has again provided intellectual en- joyment for its members. During the year the club. under Mr. Burns. sponsored numerable in- terschool events. Mem- bership is open to all in- terested students who know the game of chess. TOP ROW QL-RJ D. Barbal B. McCoy. K. Sweeney. E. Pearson. BOTTOM ROW Ed- munds. M. Sebrechts. G. Trup. D. Martin. 109 . JOURNALISM: EL CID TOP ROW QL-Rl D. Wheeler. T. McGuire. B. Bavasi. J. Galleta. P. Girard. T. Breen. End ROW B. Nus- chak. J. Soto. R. Heimlich. S. Edmunds. R. Greenwell. B. Burson. BOTTOM D. Haran. T. Barnett, W. Merritt. Mrs. Conlon. G. Downs. S. Weigend. Uni's newspaper was moderated this year by Mrs. Conlon. Rick Schwartz was editor, and diligent efforts by an active staff made this year's EL CID one ofthe best in memory. Several new columns were introduced, such as "Write-In." "Potpourri," "Mini-View" and Wes Merritt's unforgettable "Sports Views." Rick Hiemlich deserves much credit for making EL CID a success. RITER INC. TOP ROW QL-R3 L. Gonsalves, M. Naugle. G. Karlowciz. 2nd ROW G. Koch. J. Galleta. K. Raftery. M. Rolan. R. Greenwell, M. Windes. BOTTOM ROW 1 D. Haran. B. Naschak. G. Downs. Mr. Scherer. S. Wie- gand, B. O'Niel. Writer's Inc. publishes Perspective, the school's biannual literary magazine. Editor Greg Downs and Moderator Mr. Richard Scherer directed the selection of materials submitted by the student body. ll0 YE RBGOK FF TOP ROWQL-R3 J. Merhen. P. Day. R. Ybarra. N. Colwell. B. Withers. D. Mickulanis. K. Raftery, G. Baugh. Jud ROW G. Koch. B. McCoy. Mr. Hiel. S. Wiegand, T. Breen. PRESIDIO 1969 This year, the yearbook staff enacted many changes in the production of Presidio 1969. The most evident change is in the design of the cover. This is the first year that the school seal has not been used on the cover itself. This years cover was designed by Terry Sexton. The dedication of this book to Father Serra is also unique. In past years, the book was ded- icated to a member of the school faculty. The color picture used on pages 2 and 3 is the work of the staffs photography editor, Greg Downs. Brian McCoy was editor in chief. and Kevin Colwell was assistant editor. The staff is under the direction of Mr. Hiel. SENIOR EDITORS BACK ROW LL-Rl R. Yochim. E. Quiroga, M. Grisham, G. Trup. Den- nis Mickulanis, FRONT ROW T. Breen, B. McCoy. S. Wiegand. NOT PIC'TL"RED G. Downs. S. Boud- reau. K. Raftery. G. Koch. K. Colwell. Terry Sexton. Ill CLASS OF Junior Moderator: Father Hen- 1 9 ry Fawcett. Junior Omcers: fL-Rl John Rice, Tom Balestrieri, Dennis Casey, Steve Cox I I2 n f 'L , xlib N S fs "J e g S Y -.X f ' X X Q 'jf I , Q ,- C. 4 W 2 if .f w K 5 'ffl- Q - 5 CM X . -a Q .tx ' a 5: t 1 ' Ta ""' 'fx N e ' ? D . in . 'AW Ee S Tom Alkazm - Pat Ambre ' I . r '-'- J . V. - - it -- . 1 Mark Anderson - - fi, . M Q ,. Q , ., . . E.. - " K .. 1. :g -' jgegga:-'k . E " :"' ' M ke AnIh0I'l ff!! , ' -- isl e t ' - . I . y fy . " ,,,, ' steve Babrck B S " " Tom Balestrieri iii Q ' ' ' ' . f af' QQ .k.k-- ' ' - Xi Q ..-' . 32 Bruce Barton Q . Q F Mike Bartorelli Q . 2' . 7 5 Jim Barristi ig F 'AAA e . 1 ' Gary Baugh G" i s . r. wwf . 9' ' ' Tom Baxter " 'lt " Chas. Beardsley Mark Beddoes Q - . if John Berutti ff . 1' John Best . . 3. Greg Bianco " Bob Blatt A . ,Q-:wafer .-:ra5:.:3gE...::.,, Q d e '..: 1-1'F-ft X l Joe B0lSf0f , :' Mark Boudreau Q ,, Q . . f Q Dana Boyd 5 A fr- . f Mlke Brown J. ' Q .Q Tom Brunnhoelzl J K . t Mark Burmeister J QQ ,Q E, Mike Byrne Q ii. t ' Dennis Casey ... -, ' ' if F e - Q W - I '- -' Pat Casey I , ... I ' Tom Catarella Q kv ,J fr e. . .-a e ltr' - ' X Ken Chamberlain Q Q W QQ is '::""- ' -". - J L Q M ark 'igQ Claude Christenson 1 .X Q Q . H 4 YLI QQ John Clark Q Q LLB f ' i E Sp- ' r f J' , Lance Clark - Q ' ' Steve Cole Q A George Cooney ' I Qsy kgif f Q .... Q. Q. . 'J l Greg Correia .- .- A E- Q iz .,.. Q Bob Cota I .Q fs . 1 ' gf ,FS Rick Cramer ooee ' .,,. . . ii Jim Crossman ' N 5 Val DaFonsica 5 ' r . ..-, f George Delperdang Y Q Q Q ? J Vince Dlvenefe f - " ,ag 2 5. Scott Q. , QQ QQQQ .:-5.6 tx re Q QQNQQ Al Donnell 1' ., . Greg Drew Q. G Mark Duggan 5 X' -as -"-"- ' ' H --:'.- i.-'e .- A ' E as - rrr. as 1 ,N lx J--up Steve Cox Roger Duke Pat Steve Steve Edinger Edmunds Eggan John Eichart Kent Emmerling .4. A I i Y S il Q X r , S N i f L , -Efjiisirigl. - QL L- 0 V, fx S5 i may FG if I-Z isa.. .is 1 1, H KVXL J :,. ::.i .JE5:,...,. ..::.i::5.,,:,.,..,. Q , .. f Nfl: ,, U gg -5Ez'22s:ef5f::2-if i if rilrr 7 L ,b , L P P , ,l ,. M , V. .J . .., ily, 3 .3 In as is me if MW .. ii -,A 7 1 L T ' sf- fi,- 1lQ-wre? , . Q A lb. ,tgn , J . LOHIC Hllllef : 1 I. ,: A Om 0 gCS Eff' .if Wi - J 1 ' .' r :' 1, fn 52: f My f . .?.. ,.., in D' .f 2 'JZQZTS 'E -f' ' N M : -:I ., 5 : .QM 5: v,,.mv.s if-rf: , .v.simii1nfi -ii E.:-I ...- :.- f H x tl- K . if 5,-L ' is X, A if J f A T My I-mf., bi'?+3?5fE, 335 Megwzgfs: -.iw-ggi-1 . , ,. ..i, . -ami .. . . LM T- fez ,yardi- f Y Frank Haas Mike Harris Jay Harvey fwmawPwwm . fi ' Mike Fager .. - . . 2- . ,.. . i .. QF Joe Feulmg . f Ed Ponies ' o i f M Orran Fraenzl W' Joe Froehlich f ' arg-131 ' sz '-" eg ra - , In L Blll Funk fi L John Gasparovic Y -- ' Bill Geierman r- - 'bf' ,. 'E 55- . L 1 Stan Gerrlty defray Rick Ghio : I J Art Golembeck Mike Goodbody X Tony Greco Ray Gennero M , -i . . a' -12335 'ei ' ,,., Rick Gilbert H '. . -f Dan Griesgraber i 5 Joaquin Guerrero ' ef ' iff? ' Jim Haskins i- Jerry Hayward F, . . y , 1-L' 'S me Terry Hernandez sg A my dz K 3 gggz ii-EE-gif .-. Eiwgiiggi f -k 9-.,:,.. ,. au.. E321 - ssa iafrw. 2.35155 55""' iiisgqi-5 ..'T Qif . K , Bm Holland X J, .. . , . .. ,T . . ow gifg Joe Hughes 'j L. Szf Bob Imdieke . - W - ' L W 1 a wi Gerald Joniffe i n J A Paul Kinball Rick Kozlowski Bob Lantry Gus Larson Dan Lawler Charles Leber , M 5 si gi i , -: 1 x '5' ' 452 y . S ....-. H., s - isfmawi. ,- Qi - 5, Mike Lynch Dave Martin Bill McFarland John McMahon wi. .- - i V gi s i 2 ,Q J ,f L Rx X A K 5 sf was fa KE E .ie . . .. , r -' f if 5. sim, k . .3 ,XX if ,,,.. ,fn Q ...wk 'QJE .iii V yy ,V ,,.f,V, Eg Jim Mehren I ---: - 'T 'W ' ' ' Ed Leonard . V V q , , Qi 5 ,. Doug Lewls ' sy 'V 5, ? T1toLujan , iw -J L ...:E L ,s.i yi ' xg: J. aa si, , 5 ,,:: L ,I . -fiiiif .. I.. Peter Martin ' Rick Marosuca H H W . " George MCCay 'Z 'E I iff- , Q Q- Jerry McCaughey 'wi f -f :gee Jn: ,Maxfli M . if A . ' ' T i? u i. ,. i'i' i" ' T' ifi. ' M 'Www H 'Il4 Dave Miller Joe Mockus Pat Morrison Alan Murdock John Murphy Dave Ray S T wwf ww H, l +1 i K A X li Y S2 S 4 David Nardi Dan Obrien Gene O'Conner Bruce Omillian Gil Orial John Pendergraft Rick Perez Dennis Perry Mark Pulido Mark Purdue Jerry Randazzo John Rice ' -1 ',jtQf"s,'. ' "fm fa' ' . . '-E-:-"rigs 3,425 , . ' t Qiiliiii 15 J gig in yt t - 1' 5 f. sa.. ft T .. J, Q, J. C 45 :Ns J fiat, 25 X . s ig -Q: Q L 6 we R 1 EZ- s "2 3 ,.. e e a s i Q 3 ' g ' -. 2:4 " John Ripley 1 41 Q Q - 1 S.. Leo Robert 'V ' 4 1 '75 J ' , Mike Ryan if--' i 9 Mike Salovitch ,L , ' Ag , - L , A Charles Schaas h . Q? 4 A e1" 'vv': "-' ' Charles Schwartz .eg , R Ed shafranske My , - , ' S Q Mikesinor ' ' 3 H .L L' " Ron Skillman iw, ' - ,-'S ' '-: , fi Charles slominski " f i , Q Paul Smith Q' y 1 K ., I Q 1 K ':Q, 1 li S f f, r ,,,' A Tom Smith in ' " - - J C' Tom Stahl W , V lr ,T , , Q .H i t Q - Tom Stall W Q ' 3' "" ,ZL ',,,, - A .M Tom Stromberg . C W? 'D s S f Tom Sullivan ' ' . Mat Sundstrum ,i,., :.. . frcs - .. irussegseft V egg .. Bill Svancina v X 1 " MH Kevin Sweeney ' Q . ' - LouisTamagi y 5 g L C . L Tom Terry 1 i'l- .jg 3 . t , J J Steve Toker f liil it Mike Toledo ' ' ., ,-.. fzijgsg 'f" - A V A t -' - John Torres ki' :'2 ' s Tom Trischler g ' J 7 - Jesse Trujillo ' X' X :" Jim Tuttle Sgr Q fb f if MikeTuttle - of I f 2 Rick Vergara , Tiff ' . 1' ' '-"- Pauiviens 1+ by fa l i Jim Vogaltanz -, .:" J ib.. '- Roy Vosper 1 -'J g ' A J David Wade ' in L L -' ' a- ' John Ward 'ty KW f C' ,gi N' 4 John Waters K " y C J ee T L V 1-r ' S ,- 'qi' is in ' 'S Si. A - Gery Jim Lloyd Chris Mark George Elias Jim Paul White Withers Witt Wood Zecca Zuloaga Vasquez Feeley Kathol 115 CLASS OF 1971 Sophomore moderator: Mr. David Thoennes Class Officers: KL-RlTom Gricsgraber, Tom Maddox, John DeGuenther 1 'I 6 H lt' FHM. ,EET M i ss! W' Bill Aubin Dave Babick Bob Bailey Dave Balsamo Dave Barba Bill Bartek Q ,. Q 'T 5, BBQ BB .By 'U ":' 1 5 ""'-' I ff L Q Tony Allred . 1 B Tfmy AIVHFCX Q f Q ,.:.f.,: fl! .,.' Big Rick Amafa' LQ B Greg Anderson , Ma' Anderson Bf ,B W Q Steven Artz 'i -": Ziff 231 z Zl- A X H zr' e B g ,1"- M ii' Bi r i rrrl B B ,.i. I 1 4 ' i ' - 1 K N I qizq , lli g Eg , . B - Eiq B ' it 'li B- z Joe Bassi , Dan Battisti B . Ray Beltran f.i ?'fiF Stephen Blake in Bob Bieicher i 5 , i Russ Boelhauf Scott Bonesteel Eric Borge Marc Bridgwater Keith Brown Keith Browne Ron Brum -f -2 wfisw :sem 1+ Y , : : .-:rs-B--f:.s B' BBBffBii f f Q.:QB:s,:: K i R X Bw T 1 I BB n -1 Y -: fi-F Ez: I f Q' ,tes B ssls t i ,, ' , B - B Z if Q D g George Brunette B Mike Bush 1 0-H iw ,B 1- K K - , . , ir 'BB' B . . 1 B , s C Mike Butler A if 'f Vi, ,A 151 5 Craig Charlesbois . , it 1 B C sranchesiock Kevin Cincotta ilil Biilcisio M I to 55 e pp X PHICOIHCF ,,, ,. BB John Conen ww Barry Cooney , , gggjfgfg Mike Cooney ' " to Wi : :T John Orrao I 9 Tim Creagh H 5 K. it . W Dan Cunningham ,B B , V L , is or Tom Cunningham f 'Bi' B -f ' D Q .B:. BB X Jim agg Don Davis '- ' - ,, , , 55sE:BBaB,: - - Bw - .. Ralph Davis X B PMP Day C. - 1 ' R Richard Day B " ' f t: f' ' if B R George Pefickefc B- B 1 B - Evs, T B Terry Dietrich ' LB B-B A lk Ralph Dittenhoefer . .ai ax S i v 'fir iii . . 1. , B sjffgi S1 5 2-sims" Lee Dixon ,B,,Bsi.,i W if fi -Q-we . Phil Dotson Joe Drazek Stan Drew Dave Durkin Tim Ebner ia- X 'T 'ilk' it if S? 3 ii i S Sl H 3, if ,gr . is 'F ,fi i t WF ll' i are gg 1... .,. 5' aa Q ll7 I . J me 1 , V V V. V , Jim Eddo ' Wil. E. 5 52 'K 3 , im K X r lf: SE M E 5 ,z .1 .3 Randy Eddo , - ' - :I ' , " , .. . G E dres 'I , 2 V 1 mr , , M l' Q, if nys 2 ss: ary n V-V:q,.v:,V ig, V ,,V -:::.k V - . V:. EV - V -k V -,JE V4 :V Hg-V, 2" ssss " s -if - L"l3'S5 S'CPhe" Em' ,, J Q. 5 .... J G -'oe Fable " . Bill Fell X .J Mike Feeley IQV: J 'l.l fi V VV Tim Fisher G Y 5 -. J Lawrence Fitzgerald " -1 - V ' ' 7 'M t 1' 2-we if Mike Foright V V A., VV., . ,VSV- Bob Forsberg A i ., ' 1' . - - -':: 3 w Dave Fowler V J if , Q CW FOX ll'r -. Q I V Charles Friedrichs . V . ,, V V e.,A '33 V VV -.-.U Greg Gallagher , ,r -fe' L rm, 1 . . 1 R d G I I . G ' vw' ' ' ' F U y as C um A : " .. is Gary Gaudet J ' ' ' 1 " Bill Ghareeb , rr-r r,r"l1,l it :..3,,.::, .......r,..1,.:Q,:1.,,,:,..r s . 1 r, f V5 ,,:: ,,,, ..,,..r Bob Glenn -' tt Rick Gonsalves J X Abundio Gonzales .- VV as V VV Luis Gonsalves "' ii .. Marl Green f - Ray Greenwell V is ' J "s' J ' H I Z ' ,s e ' Tom Gflesgfabef ifjgyi .. VV JE VV J fi : .T :.sE: igf, iV,V V . V VV D .d G .d J , ' M10 GW' ... s . 1 -F. f ig '11 , I 1 - ' -":: - -rr -. fI'T-lk ' J ' .. , ,. ,. - -1 , .. J J Stephen Gw nne - V -- .lim Haflinger Z Tom Hamilton J ss,, li Arthur Hanks V ' V Paul Hannasch ' - is I 1' - V V Jim Hardison J V' , J W ' V 'N Walley Harvey ' , ,V ' Q1 W f - W' -iff M 5 ' ' -- fwawi 6 YITFX Gerald Hayes M an Hayes V :!'fj':-,. lsr V .,:.-4 ' ...ugf .. VF Ep' ff ' 'L L 'i'ii' A J Tom Hofman -V VH Vila V J J is J Mark Holmes A' it lsl 1 Mlke Horner 'Lf 'f" V2 f Qi ii i' 'V -- 2 ' fl : ', M f . VL ' " C"UCkH0'1"ha" ' -' Mark Huffman " ' J y 2 Chris Hysham ' - ,K . .. .1 - . V f fl l G V . ,V , A irss J Keith Jerome .. uggu f J. V V, Steve Jepson E if , P Q, V Angel Jimenez .. - in Q Arturo Jimenez V T ' i f Howell Johnston . A 1352? , 5 t, P J . , ,ss Q 4 wk me A wgsfgw gr ' .-.- ' J " s " . ---' V W . ' f Jlm Jones 3 'R fftfeb. iff .- - V ' VV 2 . , . L J V J, f Q 2: ' Chris Kane f' ggrr - V VV: '::-- V ' V -- , V V M1tchKarlow1oz J VVVV V VV? V V ,:V V V V Frank Katha' i'fiifi5l'5' ,ffl ' ' f Charles Kenned ii il 'r-i fr 5,5 , 4 ' 118 ,m,L. mi Jim kiigailon Mike Kinsey Duane Klucker Jim Lantry " i,iL i J - .... iw Phil Lebherz . ' Steve Lizarraga J wir in , -. iiii ii, Miwms , M.. , Mi. Q, We -i-aff '1e5v1.i,ii,im. MW V s'f'1'-" 'K i isfssiiiiigzf. wk-W -f . .3 fi!-5 ' ,. -,, --1 nf. ,- ' e 8 ss 2 is i, i A fx wb! P S SA? R .. li Q is if if 2 si Q s. X i S -. , iw .i.,, ,. ei. Paul Loozen Q is Mike Lopker J gm Q Q J mg J - N X QQ John Lutheran . Q " ' Q I ., Q 1 John Macintyre J , ii I 599' ' ' . Tom Maddox i N is Brian Madruga ii" W Eh kykhhk i Ray Mahler 5 Iiif Phil Marx 2 f S Mike McClenahan : .-'i ' ' 3 ' V Q' is J - if Q in Q ,, A Jeff MCC0l'maCk ' J JJEQ J L mffd J f i J J Mike Mccormick ' is ,, Joe McDermote """ H J Q S :." 2 , S i iwf"'wQ QQ J Z.. Mike McDermott . V Q ' Q QQ iii Q joe McNarney - ' W "2 J o e ' Ae e i - - 4 a Df1f1MCg0w X ff- 'J T ""' 5 ' N , J, J- - iyz "'- - A .Q 'W' 5 '55 ' :J K' J Mestls Q 5 i lx -3' J Q- Steve Meyers SJ ' J J J Q - Bob Miceii E5 A 'R i e J . Jim Mittermiller is Q . 'Q M Bob Monard ii , Q Q 'gi Q iQ , so , Tom Montijo e e - i e e s Cham Mom Wi. SEQ: k kk . ,J , .. , , , -. Q :QQ Q Jlm Mulroy K, ' Doug Munoz S LJA Q lf l Dave Murphy A - ' J 3 Mike Naugle J i Q' .Q ' Q ' Randal Norman JQ N., ,R ,'.' Q fi lg ,J Scolte Oberle vw- if 'J " QQ J ,gq Q i Dave O'Brien J f 'ii ii" Mayo Obregon Tom O'Connor 'J , Broeck Oder QQ Q Q, J' PatOjeda I 5 , 'Q A 'iiu Q- W 3 1 K' Q 5 Mafk OM ..1,,".i S r o Q - J A ,." Peter Ol-io' .,-.. QQQ....i,. X, Qi Joel Palacios Ax J - -Q' 'L ii yi i P J is X X Steve Parady .N E Q Philip Penier Jf S S Q 1 if Q , i Bob Pepping J " ' i is , if J - J- J John Pinachio 353, J 5, f e 3 Gene Psahl W 'Q J ' Q J Rob Pollock " Q A , iee iiii Dennis Price QQ 'X Q 7 Mark Purdy . " '- Jan? J f 1. si .Q ' Tim Quinlan Y A W P ' ,Q :'i J E. ,Q J' ' 1 .- Steve Rebello J Q, A--if Qf ibn i Mark Rhodes JQ Q Gerard Rich Q Q Q ,.,, . ,,-,. . ,, Q Q H9 J Mark Rolan .14 Q f -,,..,..J . K, my ,M 'f ' Rick Salgado t Brian Scanlon Mike Scarafone Rick Schackel Mike Sable 5- ,HW o ' ' fit? ' W 525 - - Frank Schmuttermair 'F i Q - , 'A 1 Mark Schnautz l 3 "7 if 'V , " Mi A Charles Schroyer - ly f'1,j,, Matt Schwartz f ' . L 'A W'k' Benedict Scott V 'W Chris Sebrechts v if I , vV,, e 'fr or . -'-.. ji Mike Sesma r y John Shefcik X J, .K ' Q. V S Dave Simon 4' , 1 T K Sf - X ""' ,,,,,, y Kevin Skinner gi 'J Y Paul Slade I -Q t e y 4 Rick slubowski ' iee ' " Brian Smith jj f iee A We Bob Snowden 1 7 g I' - l' ga 5 Jim Soto lr I if g f A uw e I vt 4' John sraigm '- I so 'ff Q, r Henry Stanley I S' L3 if' , , Dave Stark 5 zll y r ' " W In mg., , , t, T I At waxy, at , .. Ted Steiger W f , Bob Stephenson D V Bill Still . f S B i Andrew Sturtevan if 432. ' , if John Suchma 'Q' R M 21 D' Jim Svacina L As 1 , ,mi . Y Brian Swanson Wi A Wiley Swearingen A , +5 A- Mike Sweeney ' t t ,S - I r m fy V ' Gerald TrCj0 -'gf 1.y 5 . L " - ",, l l ' 1 ig Bill Trepanief 'HJQ . A V- 'sm L, Tony Tucker i ,ky " A T 5 ,. Q T Y T 4? sul , ,,.,.:s, ri- 6 , fi 1 Bill Uberti Fred Uebbing Jose Uribe Mark Valdez Ernie Villavicencio Jeff Wall . . , LW t ,, -9 A , Q 'T ,kt A ix, is at at-do f My -, . W f ' are 'y., W " - if , , - A N! L-..,,,-gf . , ' ,X nw .,-, ,. S 3 s Q? ' ,T nf f S A 1 . , 120 Mike Walsh ' Y Walter Weatherly Jack Webb Mike Weseloh Bill White .lohn Whitmore ' ? , jg E, Mike Wiegand Rick Wilcox Tom Williams Dale Wilson Mike Windes Mike Winters TV? O 'e 2 Mike Withers Wnt Wolsfelt Woods Wydra W,,..........W- C ASS OF 1972 President: Leon Ewin, Treasurer: Bob Bauasi. Secretary: Rick Ledesma 122 . .f 2 t me ' ' W A George Abreu Q Q li' it Steve Andrigola QQ f ,. L 1 .Q ,A " Charles Aeling ,H ' , L .. , . .. -x , J :.Q Q Q , iQ W f lil Sandor Alman gt . ' 5Q"' ,t " I Mike Allen " is ' A Q if Joe Ambre 'Lf E 1 9585 5 - ' e-' Kevin Appel , A ff Q ,tw L Ken Archibald E il ,Q - D 'fi , Victor Anderson Mike Aubin A . A J A ss ' . Greg Bankovich r LL A Q A ' Bob Bavasi ..J' Q i f 'K - -A J t Bob Beck s I . A Q Bill Barnett Bob Beeman Q " ' ' ' H, ,. W Bob Bartlett Joe Bennett Q 9, s. xt "W, Steve Best ,,, .if QQ, Randal Bice Jose Borja Q41 , Qs jg 'K ' . - Jim Billings Jim Boyce , Q if Q Q Q A . W, W Laurence Bobbeln Dereck Boyd QF . A A-Q ' . ff. -T5 3 A T . fr'-F .. ww' X. f Q QQ ,,: .fax ., A W- Jim Breen Dan Brophy Q Rf - , Lance Brees Pat Brown Q , . - A to QQQQQWJRIU Barry Brent Bob Brum Q QQQQ QQ i - . ' ' J" ,,,.. ' 1 r Q Q Q 'tif Q f J at 1 1 eft. iw Q Ed Brady Joe Bunn ., i ' 3 iw Q Ray Bryant Kevin Byrne A ' Q A Q - N an " 1 ' - X ' X t f . gf- Q Dave Bulfer Peter Callaway ,,1f',? jr . .. - :Q QQ Q! if "' """ . ,.r, -- ' ' ,. r. Q Q3 :-. 5.- ., -. QgQQ..,,,. Q- QQQ CQQQQQ 3-EQ,Qaf ,QQ ' K- . - QQ N Don Carnme - :-- Q 5 . - t . Curtis Carnine lg ' ' Q Q NL 5' John Campbell Tim Casey QQ A P- e Q Q Q Q Q Q Q A John Cavaflagh t t f Bob Centers " Q M-f Mark Chaffee B B if Terry Chcslock QQ i f M fi WaltCislo Q Q -Q ' ., :a w MQ : S Mike Cole Y ,W Q ,' ' Brian Collins 2 1 Q A Q ' "' Q ' : H Dexter Collins lt QQ A - S D , l sieeee Q Q f QQQTQ : A XE '- liaurent Comeau Q Q Q ., Q Q Jim Coppernoll Y -g Q gr.. QQ? Q Q QQQQQQQ t ,Q-1 QM Brian Corcoran A ' t ff-W-' X " J J Rick Corder it ..,.. . . e 'r 4- Rick Cruz f t .S z X 123 . . ,gg-ggqgglffgsfsggjf WL V 6 5 BQ ,,, Q-sf' ks: K, f Q i L . A , . fs 4 41 . , if , , it ,Q t , M ,gigs fr- , .5 Q, if in 1'- ' if W. V, . ,m,mm AL ,. ' Sy 'i- , iggia.J': U -H f Kwik 1 at , Ev , ,,.:5:.n, an .L I t QR, 3 g Q H ,vga W. W fi Ll R JB , , , W ' fan? ' , W i f if 1 if . .g , Q W -. . ag? V. .-i.: - A w t David Culver Harry Cunningham Jim Cunningham Joe Daigle Kevin Davis Greg Delira Bob Deni...i Steve Dietrich Dave Dofling Steve Doher Joe Don Carlos John Dooley Ted Drummond Mike Dubeau Daryl Dunn Ron Dupuis Ramon Echeverria Rick Eckmann Martin Eldridge Frank Ellis Mike Ensminger Tony Esqueda Leon Ewin Luis Faust Steve Fields Rick Flahive Dave Flores Rick Flores Joe Flumian John Frawley Kurt Fritzenkotter Mike Gallagher Steve Gallagher Tim Gallagher Rey Garcia Vince Garcia Tom Gates Peter Gilbert Frank Gonzales Vince Gonzales Tom Goode Mike Gorse John Gott Rick Gray Sean Gray Larry Gross John Gruber Labrado Guerrero Jim Guida Dan Hancock Leo Harpin Harper Hatheway Tom Finn 124 i tt yi if .,-. : ... ,ix M, if , QP' 3 A W me . ,a-A . . ...Er 1.-.F 5 , 'wi ts ii at-i f '- 1-v . - ily lu, 'F 'W mf' WS vw-if ..- . ,, ..,,.,W...,,, ......., , ...,w, at , Q ,Q "X dl it - i., J . is Y J ia, Q 5 Y i ip 'iftt i iii ' 'N' i f wi f WA ,g it QQ 3 , if -,ji LQ E A Q if H v sg...,.Esi F gi fig 1 S 15 W f ., Q. ,..- Nga' .5b.f,kw.,. 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Suggestions in the University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) collection:

University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 127

1957, pg 127

University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 92

1957, pg 92

University of San Diego High School - Presidio Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 102

1957, pg 102

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