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THE UNNERSITY TAKES ITS PLACE AMONG THE NATION'S LEADING SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTIONS AS THE NEW CYCLOTRON IS MOVED INTO POSITION 0 l Ek 5, ,QM 0 . 3 g ig A n , , ,. , V , , A A 3 t A ml l Y i r my do ' VJ-v 'ihmnukffl .1 Q K X S25 - ff , " 1 " 5 ' XS ' 3l1..gW......x- :.-.. -4'w'efQ ,, A 5 ju' ""' l -WW 4' , M ., A A Ha 'pu' -S25?w2ffLs2Q.fwsv:naafmg5i www' W 2 , ! 24 1 A 1 Q' li? "" .Ak :wi X -15.w'r12s1f"Q"!a:iff,wsifx4v..:vzm91wl 11:45:15 - 1 -was:.,.,u 'H vfv zfum,fM . :A mf mznualnin. vi , gm.. Kd' ' .Qlr. M 'M W, 42 H W ,, W 1 M A .- . . E E . . 1 3 12 .. , 2 Q E 'fum 'W E, EVE? kwa h X , MLILL- . 1 ,, , M u 51 E a 1- , --534,11 Wy, Q, 1-12, m'y",m ' f' 'Mia W 'W ww X + A 1 3 MW ,:'f4fJQf N' V a an Wu, If, wfw ggfjw w I 2 f X, X X -, x 3' '-x fa , 1- 5 . , ,, , R Q - Hx , N 1 kg xt f A Q3 ' rv W N Q . ' an w .gifs S fx. f-'-Su. Co-Editors: Nora North Kevin Bunnell Business Managers: Nancy Naramore Harry Smart '.e3ggg3!.!'lBAQgaes F" 0299 H T M1 4? ' ?f:fEf5'5 'iffl f ':'. fziiiaj-.5.1115ie2if1 'f"Q'1 2.35-13.1 K. , r .... f pl , .f t it , ..,,, , "" V e as , .aww 5 W Seam. 'i2:wawa'ai'i" of the Univ ersity of Ro chester h 'unior class Presented byt e I Rochester, New York HE war years, with the problems they brought, were trying ones for the college. The First year was a discouraging one, when the River Campus enrollment dropped sharply because ol the inroads made by heavy enlistments, then came the Navy unit, with its curriculum and administrative problems. Top secret atom bomb and optics research in the following years added to the already complex prob- lems of the University. But the coming of the peace has brought, instead of a return to "normal," an upward trend in the size of the University, in the scope of its teaching, in the enrollment, which in some classes was nearly doubled by veterans anxious to continue or begin their education, and in the attitude of the students toward the University, until we find that now the University of Rochester idiyone oi the miostrinfluential in the nation: in research, in educational meth Ai- for learning, and in the type ot graduates it A iiil lliil produces. Q iiis he Univers s made i il il't trides from the time it began under the guiding hand of Rus Rhees to F it now stands, under the able administration of President Alan Valentine. The present university will be to the future one as the one in 1850 and the following decade or two is to the university of today. The things that malce a university what it is, the type of administration it has, the quality of the students themselves, and the things they do in their spare time are the things that the 1948 lnterpres will describe. This is a chapter in the history of a university ever moving forward.. . . EHNHNIS HHMINISIHHIIHNPGQQQ SIUHENISPGQG17 HEIIVIIIISPOQM EHMPHS lIHPGQe127 J ill HH. IlHiHHlNi llillili N 1850, when the First group oi men wallced across the quadrangle of the Prince Street campus and up the steps of Anderson Hall, they were beginning their college worlt in an educational world where woman had not yet been given a place. Half a century passed before women were admitted to Prince Street, and it was not until 1902 that women were allowed to teach there. . ll. 1 s A third milestone in college history was passed this year with the appointment of Dr. Kathrine Koller to the post oi chairman of the English department, the First woman in the history oi thefollege oi Arts and Sciences to hold the chair of a major department. "wr ' MDL Koller, whose singular graciousness and charm have inspired her students at the University since she came, is lcnown ior her willingness to discuss student problems and for lceen discernment. A stirring personality, Dr. Koller always has been a person to admire and emulate lor her wit, wisdom and charm. To her, the staii oi the 1948 lnterpres dedicates this boolc. I TWH EHMPHSISWHNI HNIVEHSIIY Q . 'SL .EE If J' X Y, ,iii , 5 .4 we Sjiiggfllll X ,gW3S' Q QOXX QA N in V U , id 5 my ju-I ' i ?' H1 E4 Q i.?1- gf' ' , ,Y-3 ' 'J ' , wivj, 4 A' QR l xx V 155 WI ik 155 :lf is A X ' Y.. YJNXX Q QV O Q I 0 0 Q 0 a 3... f 5 r 5 H l H N V H l i N i I OF YPlCAl., indeed, of a university which is yearly branching into new educational fields to meet the demands of a more complex age, is the versatile administrator Alan Valentine, whose daily schedule would undoubtedly put to shame the so-called "Full schedules" of most of us. ln the eleven years that he has been at his Prince Street deslc, President Valentine has become recognized throughout the country as a progressive educator-one who would have his students seelf learning through the direct contact with the sources. It was he who introduced the l-lonors system to Rochester, he who realized the need For a more extensive science department to meet the demands of a country at war, he who constantly reminded his students that a college education is of little consequence unless it helps the student to thinlc For himself, find a philosophy that will enable him to fit into the lile he wants to lead. As a leader in educational circles, President Valentine has become a widely sought speaker and has been proven a highly creditable representative for Rochester. We may thanlc him for his competent direction toward a bigger and better University. 10 JHNllHIllllllUlHHIl Dean of the College for Women The direction and wise judgment ol a dean is highly important in an expanding school-to decide upon policies which will affect a student body requires, certainly, an active sense ol responsibility. Dean Clarlc answers these qualifications well. ln addition, she has transcended the austere dignity ol a dean by a friendly charm which endears her to all the faculty members and students who lcnow her. lllllll H.WIlHlH Dean of the College for Through the confusion of all our undergraduate years, Dean Wilder has been both friend and counselor. We depended on his advice as uninitiated freshmen, he and the administration planned an excellent counseling service to aid all the returning servicemen, and now as we loolc lorward to business or to professional studies, Dean Wilder stands ready to advise and help us. We thanl4 Dean Wilder lor this invaluable aid, and we hope that future classes at the College for Men will benefit as we have from his understanding and sound judgment in both academic and practical affairs. 11 Men lHl lllllllll Biologicol Sciences, Geology ond Chemistry First Row-C. Stem-B, P. E. Fantc-C, W. R. Line-C, V. J. Chambers-C, J. F. C. Holtfreter-B, V. C. Boekelheide-C, F, C. Steward-B. Second Row-H. E. Gunning-C, P. Olynyk-C, S. C. Bishop-B, A. B. F. Duncan-C. Third Row-E. O. Wiig-C, J. E. Hoffmeister-G, H. L. Alling-G, W. F. Jenks-G. Fourth Row-D. R. Charles-B, R. O. EricksonAB, A. W. Kuchler-G, T. L. Hill-C, W. D. Wuliers-C. Absent-Chemistry: A. Noyes, R, W. Helmkamp, D. S. Furbell, E. 1. French. Biological Sciences: W. D. Merrell, B. l. Brown, 1. H. Clark, R, E. Bugbee. Government ond Sociology First Row-Government: G. G. Wiltsey, C. L. Stevens, W. E. Dietz. Second Row-Sociology: M. W. Rodehover, P. R. Fohrer, E. L. Koos. Art cmd Archeology Educotion ond History Seated-A. J. Moy-H, D. Perkins-H, G. G. Van Deusen-H, W. H. Coates-H. First Row Standing-H. E. Aikins-H, Mrs. B. Harper-E, E. M. Thompson-E, B. B. Williams-E. Second Row Standing-J. B. Christopher-H, H. M. Wantmon-E, A. S. Merritt-A, H. C. Mills-E F. G. Suhr-A. Eng lush First Row-K. Koller, M. Denny, R. M. Adams, P. H. Goepp. Second Row-W. R. Orwen, L. O. Wilder, W. E. Sutton, J, H. Wugenblcss, G. C. Curtis. Third Row-H, Plutzig, W. S. Miller W. D. Dunkel, S. B. Wells, Absent-W. A. Jamison, R. F. Messenger, R, Metzdorl, G. R. Smith, L. Ruuschenbusch. Clossics ond Romonce Longuoges First Row-L. A. Hill-F, V. Moscrip-C, E. Ander- son-S. Second Row-N. C. Arvin-F, E. Noble-S, F. G. Suhr-C. Absent-Romance Languages: H. G. Harvey-F W. Micks-F, M. P. Aversano-S. Optics ond Mothemotics First Row-A. O. Ginkel-M, 1. C. Errcns-O, R. E. Hopkins-O, B. O'Brien-O, F. W. Poul-O, W. Seidel-M. Second Row-Moth: H. Komm, F. Bcgemihl, E. W. Marchand, H. P. Atkins, D. L. Bernstein, A. J. Lohwcter, N. G. Gunderson, G. M, Wing, W. Anderson. Absent-Mutha T. B. Long. Optics: G, G. Milne F. Tuttle. Psychology Left to Right-I. E. Farber, L. F. Carter, E. H. Kemp, G. R. Wendt. Absent-E. A. Culler, S. D. S. Spragg. Philosophy ond Religion A. H. jones-P, S. T. Crary, R. J. Trayhern. Engineering oncl Novol Science Fiisi Row-F. Wagner-NS, l. H. Belkcmp-E, H. S. Gardner-E, W. L. Froling-NS, R. E. Weaver-E, R. E. Marks-E, A. P. Boehmer-E. Second Row-A.,l. Redmond-NS, T. B. Secr-E, R. l. Rcludebaugh-E, L. H. Query-E, H. W. Lee!-E, R. E. Hurst-NS, R. E. Eisenberg-E, C. R. LaPlonle-NS. Third Row-l. L. Hill-E, H. E. Walters-NS, F. J. Gorczylc-NS, O. E. Dwyer-E,G. C. Towner-NS, L. Stoughton-E, H. C. Van Ness-E. Absent: Engineering-L. S. Eaton, O. E. Minor, C. H. Dawson, W. R. Wheeler. Physical EClUCCIl'lOI"l lMen's Compusl Seated-W. Campbell, L. A. Alexander, E. L. Burnham. Standing-R. L. Speigle, L. E. Garnish, T. R. Stapleion. WUMiN'S STHHTNTS' HSSHEIHTIHN OFFICERS President .....,.................. Jean Conner Vice President ....... .... M ary E. Stewart Recording Secretary ......,.. Anne Shaughnessy Corresponding Secretary .......... Muriel Nixon Student Bursar ...,..., .... D iana VanGeyt Assembly Chairman .,.,, ...4,... B eth Bishop First Row-H. Auringer, D. Cochran, P. Steepee, T. Bramble, M. Griggs. Second Row-Miss Merrill, D. A. Wallace, M. E. Stewart, J. Conner, D. VanGeyt. Third Row-Mr. Koppelman, L. Hediger, L. Dyott, M. Nixon, A. Shaughnessy, M. E. Dalton. Missing-Dean Clark, Dr. French, Dr, VanDeusen, B. Bishop, S. Basset. This year the S. A. began its activities at a joint S. A., YWCA, WAA retreat. Here plans of action for the year 1946-47 were laid with an attempt both at avoiding overlapping goals and at bringing about cooperation between the groups on the campus. These plans included continuation oi the Snack Bar with such improvements as money would allow, campus lighting investigation, curriculum study, a new Frosh-Soph game, plans for a Western New Yorlc S. A. conference for the lallol1947,an annual Susan B. Anthony Day Student-Alumnae Luncheon, new mailboxes in Anderson, and formation oi an lntercampus Council. This new council was organized to co-ordinate the various schools ot the university and to promote closer understanding between the students and the administration. It may serve as a very valuable instrument for cooperation and better relations if its potentialities are fully developed, according to S. A. President Jean Conner. MENS FHIITTNTS' HSSUEIHTITIN OFFICERS President ....,............. Warren Richardson Vice President ..., ..,... R obert Billett Secretary ....... . . .Edward Rex Treasurer. . . ,,.. Robert Kanka R. Kanka, R. Billett,W. Richardson,O. Layer,E. Rex,j. Lipper. Under merited criticism for years as a result of its subordinate role in relation to the Board of Control, the Students' Association has again assumed a powerful voice in student affairs. Heading a special committee delegated to re- write and revigorate the laws ol both the Students' Association and the Board of Control, S. A. President Warren Richardson spent his entire summer vacation overhauling and reorganizing the constitutions and by-laws of both organizations, carefully separating areas of control to preventthe jurisdictional duplication which has plagued past relationships. Under the new constitution, the Students' Association, which consists of all the students of the College lor Men, is composed ol three major committees: the Freshman Committee-in charge oi the Frosh Bible and Freshmen Weels, the Todd Union Com- mittee, previously under the Board oi Control, and the Traditions Committee-in charge ol the Yellow Key society, Chi Rho, and the Assembly programs. President Secretary Seated-Deon Wilder, 1. Platt, L Query, L. Alexander, Standing-C. Schott, R. Cook, W. Govett, D. Whalen, R. Billet, O. Layer, W. Richardson, F. Dowd, F. Raible. HHHHH Ui EllNlHHl Treasurer ..............,,..... Chairman Chairman ol the Athletic Committee. . ol the General Committee, . OFFICERS , . , .Joseph Platt . .David Whalen . . ...Leo Query Louis Alexander .William Gavett HE purpose ol this board shall be to supervise and regulate those undergraduate activities of the College for Men of the University ol Rochester which involve financial details in excess of the Students' Association budget." Under the old system ol overlapping jurisdiction with the S. A., the Board ol Control was inadequate to meet the pressing exigencies of post-war college life. This year, it was re-organized and streamlined under a new con- stitution and by-laws, in order to establish a clear line of demarcation between the two authorities, the under- graduate representatives and the faculty, and to bring about a greater degree of unity in student al-fairs. The Board of Control is now made up ol seven students, three faculty members, three administrative members and an alumnus. It operates through two committees: the Athletic Committee, which supervises the schedules, budgets, and awards lor all intercollegiate athletic competition, and the General Committee, which supervises the Quilting Club, Glee Club, the Band, and all other Board-approved organizations. The Board recognizes student opinion through petitions forwarded by the Executive Council ol the Students' Association. 16 'Qlikffiff ' Q QO C' r 'K YCQJX X2 A Q, e ' T , FWFW? , W 5 ' L .Q 5-7. J Q i H 4 1 1 W Ti' , ri 0 IO ' 1 +5 H2 : " E ' X ' 'fx ' ,X X 'T' ll Q flf,1as50 Q:-UA, 31,19 fn, -f 2 'W sf? E 'ning Q c . Mg, -h L, Ft 515x612-'L"" - .91-y, 4 , in .MW VA ,A MV.. f ,V Pg W M . 9 Y 0, Zi . , A fi X llNIHH lllllll First Row-Sellick, Kaufman, Cohn, Carwright, Duffy, Child. Second Row-Ferra, Benjamin, Bergman, Moore, Galvin. Third Row-Auringer, Worden, C. Farnum, Greene, Pierce. Fourth Row-Hediger, J. Miller, l-lenoch. Standing-Cohen, Woods, J. Gilbert, Sidler, Conner, M. Faulkner, Kaiser, Durand, Cochran, Fischer. First Raw-Kelley, Larson, Hall, E. Mcl.ain, Nowak, Krihale. Second Row-E. Levering, Nichols, P. Ludwig, Montville, MacLean. Standing-Gibbon, Woodcock, Helmkamp, O'l-lava, Heeks, Lipsky, Tausch, J. Mann, P. Hanson 18 947 President ...... Vice President .... Secretary ...,,. Treasurer ...... Social Chairman. .. Song Leader. . , OFFICERS . .Mary Emily Dalton . . . . .Nancy Farnum .Joan Lane . . . . . . . .Margaret Bond .. .Ernestine Blauw White ,Jacqueline Hitchcock First Row-Page, Trytten, Seelbach, Stevens. M C in ham 1 Roberts Weinorenner Second Row-Holley, . unn g , . , ' T I ,Weller. Third Row-Schreib, Schopler, 1. Ross, Robinson, ay or 19 President ...... Vice President. .. Secretary ..... Treasurer. ..,. . Social Chairman. ,. Slllllilill OFFICERS .George Harris .Everett Dunbar Robert Eastman .James Dwyer .Joseph Lipper Seated ,I Connelly J, Goldberg, 1. Hefti, B. Forsyth, R. Baroody. Standing R Williams, K. Baker, R. Heilbrunn, F. Hammill, L. DiLella. Sealed-S. Phillips, R. Ecslmcn, R. Love, R. Plosscowe, H, Strohson Standing-T. Burden, J. Korpeck, 1. Phillipson. G. Harris, G. Schaefer, L. Young, G. Brown. Q1 iHlllINIHH OU should have seen it when. . . " was the phrase which reminisc- ing upper-classmen so often quoted to wondering Freshmen when the Class ol Forty-eight first settled on campus. We thought the university wasn't hall bad as we found it, yetour eyes were always Focused upon that "land of lost content" about which we had heard so much during the war. Accordingly, our activities were, from the beginning, directed toward bringing campus life baclc to a normal status quo. Because organization on the River Campus was ditticult to attain with the ever-changing group of civilians and Navy men, the Princesses of Forty-eight were forced to assume a major part of class activities for two years. Snow Brawls, May weelcend, and novelty dances were enthusiastically restored by a class unusually rich in leadership, congeniality, and cooperation. OFFICERS President ...,.. Vice President. Secretary ...... Treasurer ...... ...... Social Chairman ....... Song Leader. . . 22 Lillian Dyott .,.. . . . 4 Carolyn Zellner . . . , Helen Brinsmaid Helen Urbelis Ferol Montgomery Nancy Green HISS OFFICERS President ..,4... , .......... Frank Walter . . , . .William Coyne Secretary ...., Treasurer ........ .... R obert Page Social Chairman. , . . . .George Gelser OW that we are about to begin our last year at the University ol Rochester, we find that our dreams have, to a great extent, been realized, for a balance and union once more exist between the two campuses. True, our ages and outloolcs may differ somewhat, yet we are grateful for the experience of normal college life which is at for the friendships we might otherwise have missed. Next June, when we have we shall be able to loolc baclc, last ours and completed our Four years and graduation comes all too soon, with nostalgia, perhaps, but with deep satisfaction, upon "those happy highways where we went and cannot come again." 23 Dorothy Dene AESCH LIMAN New York City NURSING Shirley Jean A LLART Sherman, New York GENERAL SCIENCE Audrey Jane A LTMAN 240 Cobbs Hill Drive SOCIOLOGY Bertha Caroline APITZSCH 118 Jewel Street SOCIOLOGY I Antoinette Hilda Chrisoula Shirley Elizabeth Janet ARNOULD ASPRIDY AURINGER BAGLEY Stratford, Connecticut 106 Oriole Street Addison, New York 77 Highland Parkway MUSIC ECONOMICS AND GOVERNMENT NURSING HISTORY 24 Jane Wilhelmina BIDLACK Spencerport Sophie SOCIOLOGY BERGMAN 324 Field Street Alice Jeannette PSYCHOLOGY BARNES 295 Yarmouth Road Joanne Frances FRENCH BAILEY Schenectady, New York ROMANCE LANGUAGES Mrs. Janet Barry Beth Stoddard Shirley Bernice Selma BILLINGS BISHOP BLAIR BOYARSKY 38 Leander Road 155 Gregory Hill Road 117 Edgemoor Road 98 Rauber Street SOCIOLOGY HONORS IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH ENGLISH SOCIOLOGY I 25 Margaret Muir Helen Ruth Esther Mae Mary V. BRANT BRINSMAID BROTZ BURNS Columbus, Ohio Lyndonville, New York 1750 Chili Dunkirk, New York OPTICS SOCIOLOGY BIOLOGY HONORSIN ENGLISH AND HISTORY Evelyn Ruth CLARK Meadville, Pennsylvania ECONOMICS Mary Frances CHARD Dunkirk, New York Florence HISTORY CHAR Peiping, China PRE-MED Ruth Butler CARROLL 489 Sagamore Drive NURSING 26 Lorraine Ruth Esther Lois Elizabeth Grace Mornilvd EUFIICG CLEASON COOK COSTICH COUTTS Palmyra, New York Elba, New York 34 Walbar Street 208 Seneca Park Avenue NURSING ENGLISH HISTORY SPANISH Jean DAVENPORT Shellburne Falls, Massachusetts ECONOMICS Geraldine Elizabeth DE NERING Marion, New York HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT Mary Elizabeth! DENNY Ogdensburg, New York HONORS IN FRENCH H. Jane DIBBLE Honoeye Falls, New York HONORS IN ENGLISH Ruth May FIELD 68 Longview Terrace Ethel Pauline MATHEMATICS FAULKNER 73 Adams Street Claudia Louisa FRENCH ELLIOTT Q22 Breck Street ENGLISH Lilian Mildred DYOTT Stratford, Connecticut ECONOMICS Audrey Jean Joan Therese Evelyn E. Rosemary FITCH FITZGERALD FLEISHER FOROUER 261 Cooper Road North Andover, Massachusetts 145 Rauber Street 1385 Monroe Avenue PSYCHOLOGY PHYSICS CHEMISTRY HISTORY 28 Margaret Jane QW, FREEMAN 118 Fairlea Drive ECONOMK5 Ruth Constance FREY 65 Longacre Road ARTS Marjorie Emmarette FULLER Bethlehem, Pennsylvania BIOLOGY Arlene Emma GAGE LeRoy, New York ART EDUCATION Maryanne Elizabeth Gould Bessie Marie Constance Amelia GARELICK GRIFFITH GIOIA GORDON Monroe, Louisiana 34 Summit Drive 60 Lorimer Street Schenectady, New York ARTS ARTS CHEMISTRY HONORS IN ENGLISH 29 Nancy June Kristen P. Virginia Lucille Jean Frances GREEN GUSTAVSEN HAGGERTY HALL Butler, Pennsylvania Yonkers, New York Brooklyn, New York 103 Shepard Street BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY HISTORY Frances Marion HAMILTON Dansville, New Hampshire NURSlNG Jane Lee HARDING Elmira, New York PSYCHOLOGY Ruth Mae HARTMAN Buffalo, New York HISTQRY Esther Lorraine HARVEY Newburgh, New York NURSING Ruth Anne Mcryella HASWELL HELMS Syracuse, New York Coulton, Ohio NURSING NURSING Evelyn Rose Denise E. HESSLER HIRSHFIELD 53 Thornton Road Pelham, Massachusetts ECONOMICS HONORS IN FRENCH Mrs. Phyllis Tuttle KELLEY 305 Hollywood Avenue Marian SOCIOLOGY INGRAO 176 Furlong Street Lily Jean HONORS IN FRENCH HOWLAND East Rochesler, New Yorlc Carol M- SOCIOLOGY HOEHN 126 Webster Avenue SOCIOLOGY Rebecca Jane KENNEDY 1 Knollwood Drive GEQLQC-,Y Virginia Mae KING Hudson Falls, New York HISTORY Eileen Susan KINNEY Binghamton, New York HONORS IN HISTORY Lefty Elizabeth KIRCH Watertown, New York SOCIOLOGY Mrs. Louann Shirley Mae Florence A. Frances Joanne KLINE KNOECKEL KREMER LANDERS 61 Milton Street Great Neck, Long Island 993 Harvard Street Indianapolis, Indiana GEOLOGY PRE-MED PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH 32 Arlene Mae LILL 757 Titus Avenue Lillian May ECONOMICS LETO 89W Lowell Street Janet Claire SPANISH LEININGER Sea Cliff, Long Island Joan Lucy ECONOMICS LAWLER Oneida, New York ENGLISH A Audrey Reali Josephine M. Anne Elizabeth Jean Viola MC KISSICK MC LAIN MACK MALCOLM 3552 Lake Avenue Mamaroneck, New York East Aurora, New York 4161 St. Paul Boulevard HONORS IN ENGLISH ENGLISH FINE ARTS ENGLISH 33 Lois Wendell Janet Catherine Betty Lee Margaret E. MANN MARKHAM MARVIN MATTHEWS CobIeskiII, New York Constableville, New York Schenectady, New York 55 Stoneham Road MATHEMATICS BIOLOGY ENGLISH SOCIOLOGY Marie Dorothy MONFREDO 93 Glendale Park PhyIIis Jean ECONOMICS MILLER Bergen, New York CHEMISTRY Elizabeth Jane MILLER 2880 W. Henrietta Road Gertrude Ann HISTORY AND ENGLISH MELVILLE 195 Cady Street GENERAL SCIENCE 34 Ferol Joan Mary Grace 4 Gertrude Ann Beatrice Soyeri MONTGOMERY MOORE MURPHY NAKAHATA Kansas City, Missouri Knoxville, Tennessee Binghamton, New York 160 Chelmsford Road HONORS IN HISTORY HISTORY AND PRE-MED SOCIOLOGY BIOLOGY Nancy Robbins NARAMORE 190 Summit Drive FINE ARTS Gertrude Estelle NEILL 84 Mayfield Street ECONOMICS Barbara Jane NELSON Washington, D. C. CHEMISTRY Alice Lydia NEMETZ 2069 Ridge Road West SOCIOLOGY Gloria OSKOLA 118 Avenue E Beatrice ENGLISH OSBAND 229 Wilkins Street ENGLISH Honora Cecelia NORTH Binghamton, New York ENGLISH Eleanor Margaret NEUBERT Rosyln Heights, New York MUSIC Helen Margaret Alice Jean M. Ellen Barbara Patricia O. PARRY PARSONS PIERCE PERRY Elmira, New York Gloversville, New York Chaffee, New York 33 Cialusha Street SOCIOLOGY ART EDUCATION SOCIOLOGY ECONOMICS 36 Barbara Jane PETERS Spencerport, New York PRE-MED AND GENERAL SCIENCE Carol Irene PFLEEGER Dunkirk, New York NURSING Katherine Sara PONSFORD EI Paso, Texas ARTS Mary Katherine PROCTOR Ludlow, Vermont SOCIOLOGY Jean Ruth Ann Jeanette S. Anna Eudora RATHJEN RICKERS RILEY ROBERTS 134 Monteroy Road 41 Lake Breeze Park Binghamton, New York Medina, New York PSYCHOLOGY BIOLOGY SOCIOLOGY HONORS IN HISTORY 37 Barbara Lily Edith Mae Elliot Jean Anne ROBERTS ROBERTS ROBINSON ROCKWELL 446 Benton Street Ventnor, New Jersey 399 Sagamore Drive Oriskany Falls, New York HISTORY SOCIOLOGY SOCIOLOGY ARTS Dorothy Beatrice ROSENBERG 81 Avenue E HISTORY C. Elizabeth RUSSELL 277 Landing Road South GENERAL SCIENCE Mary Martha RYAN 111 Southern Parkway ECONOMICS Kathryn Mills SANNEY Chicago, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY 38 ,. WYE, , Y Jean Marie Sally Ruth Gail Ann Virginia Anne SCARDINO SEILS SHEERIN SIMONDS 126 First Street 381 Brooks Avenue Rush, New York 232 Chili Avenue ECONOMICS HONORS IN ENGLISH MATHEMATICS SPANISH Anna STANICK 61 Sunset Street Jane Elizabeth ENGLISH SNYDER 26 Swan Street FRENCH Joy Marguerite SLEEPER Wellesley, Massachusetts Barbara Joan MUSIC SITES 267 Dorchester Road ARTS 39 Marion STARK 44 Alcazar Street SOCIOLOGY Patricia J. STEEPEE Webster, New York in ENGLISH Mary Elizabeth STEWART Cohoes, New York HISTORY Elizabeth SULLIVAN Hornell, New York PRE-MED Mrs. Barbara Myers Virginia Gretchen Ann Elaine Altha SWARTZ SYKES THOMAS THOMPSON 560 Plymouth Avenue South 15 Creekdale Lane Holcomb, New York 235 Belcoda Drive ENGLISH HISTORY SOCIOLOGY SOCIOLOGY 40 Virginia Elizabeth VAN DE CARR 15 Nunda Boulevard Helen Dorothea HISTORY URBELIS Amsterdam, New York HONORS IN ENGLISH lrene TILLIM 63 Thomas Street SOCIOLOGY Joan THURSTON Cape Elizabeth, Maine ENGLISH Diana Rose Frances Eleanor May Kate Louise VAN GEYT VELIE VOCK WATKINS Indianapolis, Indiana 1866 South Avenue Theresa, New York Oneonta, New York HISTORY ENGLISH ENGLISH BIOLOGY 41 Dorothy Anne Margaret Grover Alice Harriette Beverly Bernice WATKINS WEBB WEBSTER WEINSTEIN 132 Highland Parkway Fairport, New York River Forest, Illinois 9 Morris Street ROMANCE LANGUAGES ENGLISH MUSIC ROMANCE LANGUAGES Helen Kathryn YORK 597 Hayward Avenue Doris PSYCHOLOGY WOLFE New York City, New York Shirley MUSIC WOODAMS 1722 Edgemere Drive Carol Lou PSYCHOLOGY WENZEL New Rochelle, New York MATHEMATICS 42 Mrs, Kathleen Gill Barbara Ann Carolyn Lorraine Kathleen Henrietta WILLIAMS YOUSEY ZELLNER ZISMER 67 Wilsonia Road Rome, New York Oneida, New York Brightwaters, New York ENGLISH ENGLISH SOCIOLOGY HONORS IN ENGLISH 43 Andrew BAILEY Hamburg, Penn. Jerry MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BAIER 185 McNc1ughton Road paul M. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION casa AUMANQ' Johnstown, Penn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Burton G. ANDREAS 195 Harding Road PSYCHOLOGY CABJ Graydon Kenneth L. A LIoyd T. Joseph E. BAILEY BAKERS' BAKER BARE' 404 Genesee Street 640 Monroe Avenue 28 RowIey Street 4370 East Avenue PRE-MEDICAL ENGLISH ENGLISH HISTORY ,fNames marked with asterisk are sennors 44 Thomas W. BARRY 1744 Edgemere 'Drive ECONOMICS, Bus AD may Murray BECKERMAN 1200 East Avenue ECONOMICS, BUS AD KABJ Nec' BELLOS 59 Werner Parlc PRE-MEDICAL Paul BENHAM 95 Castlebar Road ECONOMICS, BUS AD CABD Curtis J. Richard B. Norman Stanley H. BERGER BICKNELLB' BLAKE BLOOM1 134 Douglas Road Madison, New York 265 Pierpont Street 38 Faraday Street HONORS IN HISTORY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY CBS! ECONOMICS, BUS AD CABJ Names marked with asterisk are seniors Richard J. Thomas N. Paul William C. BOWLLAN BONNER' BRAYER BRITTON 70 Kemphurst Road 70 Oakland Street 295 Aldine Street 279 Westfield Street BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION fBSl HISTORY GOVERNMENT OPTICS Dominic F. BRONTE 63 Peck Street PRE-MEDICAL Robert C. BROWN' 1035 Elmgrove Road HISTORY Arthur l.. BUNN 419 Raines Park ENGLISH 46 Kevin Paul BUNNELL Middleport, New York HONORS IN ENGLISH mes marked with asterisk are se NOS Howard W. Edward J. Henry E. William BURT BUTRIM BYERS CALDWELL' Kendall, New York 40 St. Jacob Street 397 Pullman Avenue Wyncote, Pennsylvania MATHEMATICS PRE-MEDICAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PRE-LAW Joseph CALLY4' 124 York Slreet PRE-MEDICAL rked with asterisk are se Richard E. CARLSON4' Jamestown, New York John MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CAMPBELL Webster, New York Dona'd HISTORY CAMPBELL 612 Woodbine Avenue ECONOMICS, BUS AD CABJ 47 John W. CASTLE 411 Genesee Street PHYSICS Thomas CARDILLO 458 Post Avenue PRE-MEDICAL Duane CARR Batavia, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING John B. CHERRY 442 Rugby Avenue HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT William Edwin I. Victor P. William J. COFEEY4: COLODNY COMPIGLIONE2' CONLEY, Jr. Rye, New York Burlington, Vt. White Plains, New York 45 Furman Crescent MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GOVERNMENT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 'INames marked with asterisk are s rs 48 Jack CONNELLY"' 237 Garfield Street GENERAL SCIENCE Robert D. COWING 185 Shoreham Drive Robert MECHANICAL ENGINEERING COOK 87 Aberdeen Street MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Robert E. COOK 1478 St. Paul Street MECHANICAL ENGINEERING William J. Harold W. Robert Charles Robert COYNE CROZIERI' CURRIE, Jr. DAGGSX Avon, New York Hornell, New York 75 Irvington Road Le Roy, New York HISTORY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ECONOMICS, BUS AD CABJ Names marked with asterisk are se or Arthur E. George Robert Richard Arthur L. DANESE1 DARCY"' DARROW DAVIDSON Mt. Morris, New York 188 Edgemont Road UnionviIIe, Ohio 251 Laburnum Crescent MATHEMATICS ENGLISH MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GENERAL SCIENCE Pierce DAY 171 Raleigh Street OPTICS Douglas D. DECKER' Almond, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING David E. DEAROLPI-I' Parkers Landing, Penn. HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT Donald DlEHL"' 151 Cottage Street MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 4iNames marked with asterisk are seniors William L. Francis P." Frank J. Edward H."' DOERR DOUGHERTY DOWD, Jr. DOWUNG Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Larksville, Pennsylvania Winnetka, lllinois Brooklyn, New York CHEMICAL ENGINEERING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HONORS IN HISTORY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Harold DILLENBECK Johnstown, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING John fxA,3' DINSE 18 Audubon Street GOVERNMENT Richard, DINZLER Naples, New York BlOLOGY KABD William R. DIRKSEN 376 Meadow Drive ECONOMICS, BUS AD N mes marked with asterisk areisen 0 51 Warren E. DUERR 7 Alvin Place Henry CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DRAGGETT' Fredonia, New York William J, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DRACKSDORF' Steward Manor, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Everett L. DUNBAR' Washington, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CBSD Jack F. Richard l.. Herbert W. DUNLAP DURGINI CARR4' 129 Elmdorf Avenue 316 Wendhurst Drive Niagara Falls, New York BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CBSJ MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 52 James J. DWYER' New York City HISTORY TNames marked with asterisk are SEUIOFS Robert L. EASTMAN' 686 Culver Road ENGLISH Robert J. Buffalo, New Yorlc BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Karl W' ENGSTROM' Plainfield, New Jersey MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Lloyd ERICKSON Highland Park, Illinois PRE-MEDICAL Louis' James Edward J. John David EVANGELISTI FALCONERI FARRELL FASSETT Endicott, New York Locust Valley, New York Clyde, New Yorlc Stamford, Connecticut MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABJ Names marked with asterisk are s 53 Lawrence A. Warren H. Donald C. Robert W. FERRARA' FISCHERI' FISHER FORRESTER Yonkers, New York 73 Wimbledon Road 109 Highland Parkway 242 Buckland Avenue MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION KBSJ Arthur FRACKENPOHLI Maplewood, New Jersey MUSIC Donald W. FRANK Macedon, New York PRE-MEDICAL Bernard FRIEDMAN 153 Sellinger Street PRE-MEDICAL John FULLER 268 Alexander Street ENGLISH YNames marked with asterisk are se Thomas P. Peter Warren P. Richard R. GAINEYX GALIMITAKIS' GANTER' GARDNER? Ithaca, New York New York City Delmar, New York Columbus, Ohio BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CBSJ HISTORY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Edward F. GERWINX Albany, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING mes marked with asterisk are se s Vernon G. GASKELLI' Grapeville, Pennsylvania MECHANICAL ENGINEERING George M. GELSER, Jr. Rye, New York Richqrd ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABD GAUDETI Somerville, Massachusetts MECHANICAL ENGINEERING r r ArnoId GIETZ' 69 Congress Avenue HONORS IN HISTORY Robert E. GINNA Q10 Dorchester Road GENERAL SCIENCE Novello GRANO Thornwood, New York HISTORY Charles B. GRAY Point Pleasant, New OPTICS York James C. John A. Norman GREENLESSI GRIFFINt GROSSI New York City 29 Lattimore Road 62 Treyer Street MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING HISTORY 56 Robert F. GROVERt Q47 Culver Road CHEMISTRY 'Names marked with asteris Ic are sensors f Gerard F. HAGENBACH 245 Mulberry Street CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Edgar A. GUZMAN' Colon, Republic of Panama Ted J, PRE-MEDICAL GUT' Cleveland, Ohio CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Peter L. GUCKER New York City ENGLISH Frank Paul H. George F. Gerard HAMMILL HANKS HARRIS' HARRIS' 59 Lanvale Street Brockport, New York 120 Alpine Drive 281 Woodbine Avenue ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. KABJ ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABJ HONORS IN HISTORY PHYSICS ames marked with asterisk are s 5 57 William Alfred B. George G. Andrew U. HARISON' HARROTT HART HASSMAN' 191 Raleigh Street 123 Hillside Avenue Henrietta, New York Racine, Wisconsin MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING OPTICS HISTORY Warren M. HAUSSLER9' Rosedale, New York CHEMICAL ENGINEERING James R. HAYS1 Shaker Heights, Ohio Munro K. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HAYNES' Troy, New York PHYSICS 58 Warren T. HEARD 51 Stonehenge Road CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 'lNames marked with asterisk are seniors Charles I. John A. Robert F. Clarence W. HEFFER HEFTII HEILBRUNY HEISERI' 204 Marlborough Road Q1 Velox Street 1423 Highland Parkway Summit, Pennsylvania CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. fABJ PSYCHOLOGY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Joseph D. HELWIG Catawissa, Penn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - John Richard HOFF Spencerport, New York CHEMICAL ENGINEERING David C- HOLLENBECK Upper Montclair, New Jersey HONORS IN HISTORY Irving HOLLANDER 94 Scranton Street PRE-MEDICAL Names marked with asterisk are seniors 59 Edward JACKSON I Conesus, New York Donald R ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CAB! HUGHES' Brooklyn, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Roberk E. HUBBARD' Painted Post, New York CHEMISTRY IBSJ Raymond E. JEFFERY' 306 Curlew Street ENGLISH Stephen A. Alan E. LaVerne J, JONES' JOSEPH JUNKER' Syracuse, New York 572 Meigs Street Galeton, Pennsylvania ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABJ MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GENERAL SCIENCE 60 Thomas A. KEENAN' 840 East Avenue PHYSICS :YNames marked with asIeri sk are seniors Roger H KENYON' Utica, New York ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CAB, Roy Justin KETCHUM 3948 Culver Road CHEMISTRY QBSD Robert KIRBY Niagara Falls, New York GENERAL SCIENCE Henry J. KIRSCH 44 Vick Park Boulevard CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Donald A. Gerald Carl G. Eugene A. KOCH KORIS KRESPAN KURTZ4: 330 Marlborough Road 442 Clarissa Street Erie, Penn. Atlanta, Georgia OPTICS GENERAL SCIENCE CHEMISTRY MUSIC N s marked with asterisk are s o s Max Joseph John W. Arden O. LANDSMAN' LATIN LAWROW LEA 37 Buchan Park 411 Ciinton Avenue, North 190 Greeiey Avenue Warren, Ohio ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. KAB7 GENERAL SCIENCE PRE-MEDICAL BIOLOGY fABJ Norman LEMPERTY 627 Park Avenue ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABD . Norman LEVIN 50 Hampden Road MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alan L. LEWIS 8 Lakeview Terrace PRE-MEDICAL 62 Robert A. LEWIS' Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HISTORY iNames marked with asterisk are se IOTS Donald Anthony Robert Richard S. LINCOLN LIOTTA LOHWATER LOVE" Kenmore, New York 51 Springfield Avenue 4223 Lake Avenue 154 Simpson Road MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PRE-LAW CHEMISTRY IBSJ GEOLOGY John A. LUTZ' Rocky River, Ohio CHEMICAL ENGINEERING N mes marked wiih asterisk are se Josephi' MACK Glendale, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING John M.' MALLOY Scotia, New York Glenn 5+ MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MAGEE Valencia, Penn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Robert S. MALONEY 180 Merrick Street CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Jack MANDWELLEX Q94 Lexington Avenue ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABH Henry A. MARTIN Fairport, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Noel T. MAXON Oak Park, Illinois PRE-MEDICAL Wolter R. Charles W. Lincoln C. John MARTINX MC ALLISTERX MAGILL MC LAUGI-ILIN Buffalo, New York Beardstown, Illinois Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Baltimore, Maryland HISTORY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING OPTICS PSYCHOLOGY xNames marked with asterisk a s 64 Ronald MILLER 56 Brookdale Avenue ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING John F. MOIER Q38 Alameda Street Samuel CHEMICAL ENGINEERING MISERENDINOX SiIver Creek, New York Robert 5- CHEMICAL ENGINEERING MILLERI Johnstown, Penn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Robert E. MOORE 31C Lattimore Road ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. fABJ es marked with asterisk are se o S George R. Frederick Gene J. MORRISON MOSBY' MOSCARITOLO 383 Canterbury Road Morgantown, West Virginia 24 Marlowe Street GENERAL SCIENCE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PHYSICS 65 Robert B. John K. Jack James J. KAMAN MOUNT' MUNUSHIAN IMURPI-IY"' 163 Warrington Drive Schenectady, New York 299 Averill Avenue 2691 Chili Road GOVERNMENT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PHYSICS 5- ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. QABJ Raymond J. 1 MURPHY 1009 Genesee Park Boulevard GEOLOGY Robert J. MURPHY Binghamton, New York ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CBAJ John O'GRADY 57 Wildmere Road OPTICS Runne C. OHRBERG Brooklyn, New Yorlc MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1Names marked with asterisk are se Robert S. Jack Clifford William C. OLCOTT' O'NElLL ORMAN ORMISTONI' Saratoga Springs, New York Schenectady, New York 61 Centre Terrace Monticello, New York CHEMISTRY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CBSJ PHYSICS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Peter M. WOODAMS 1792 Edgemere Drive ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. KABJ Sheldon PHILLIPS 111 Tyler Street OPTICS Ernest E. PIERLEONI 27 Fulton Avenue PRE-MEDICAL Harry PINSKY 143 Wilkins Street PRE-MEDICAL Names marked with asterisk are se rors 67 Cincinnati, Ohio MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Salvatore POZZANGHERA 358 St. Paul Street Robert PRE-MEDICAL PORREY' 88 Richmond Street MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Fred J, RAIBLE Robert C Mclfeesport, Pennsylvania PUGHX' CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Raymond W. Luther Martin S. RAPP REID REIDER' Winnetka, Illinois Washington, D. C. Yonkers, New York PRE-MEDICAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY CBSJ 68 Warren RICHARDSON I' Fillmore, New Yorlc HONORS IN HISTORY Names marked with asterisk ar Sel1IO 5 I. D. RICHMANPI Rex, Massachusetts GENERAL SCIENCE John RICHMONDX 12 Arnold Place ENGLISH Corwin L. RICKARD' Medina, Ohio MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Howard I-- RILEY? Attica, N. Y. HONORS IN HISTORY, ENGLISH Robert S. George John, Jr. Leon Martin ROSBOROUGH RONAN' ROSENI ROSENBERG Drexel I-IiII, Pennsyivania Buffalo, New York Bronx, New York Q54 Westminster Road OPTICS GEOLOGY PRE-DENTAL PRE-MEDICAL nmes marked with asterisk are se Iors Henry E. William Donald Raymond SAKRISON SAFFRAN SAND SANDERS? Worcester, Massachusetts 388 Post Avenue 148 Barry Road Wood River, Illinois MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CBSJ MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sylvester SANFILLIPPOI' 951 Plymouth Avenue, S. GENERAL SCIENCE Raymond A. SCHNEIDER 67 Burlington Avenue PREVMEDICAL John C. SCOBELL 60 Landing Road, South ENGLISH Raymond V. SHALVOY' Brewster, New York CHEMISTRY IBS, xNames marked with asterisk are senior Cnciries Robert J. William F. Lester L. SCHOTTA' SCOTT SCHRIVER SHADE? New York City 97 Croydon Road Hudson, New York Union City, Pa. HISTORY CHEMISTRY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Robert W. SHACKLEFORD 133 Branford Street PRE-MEDICAL Names marked with asterisk are se George SCHAEFER if 77 Summit Drive HISTORY Robert J. SINNOTT 133 Plymouth Avenue, S. Nelson MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SIMONSON New York City MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Harry SMART Evanston, Illinois ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABD Harwood SPAULDING Yonkers, New York ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CAB, Robert SPIELMAN'f Bethpage, New York PRE-DENTAL Thomas SPRINGER 243 Rockingham Street PSYCHOLOGY Edwin J. Andrew Donald Richard D. SPURGIESZ STALDER STILL SWEIGART Brooklyn, New York 28 Avon Place 152 Marlborough Road Corning, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HISTORY ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. CABJ MECHANICAL ENGINEERING :INames marked with asterisk are senro s 72 Roger C. THIELKING Niagara Falls, New York James W- PHYSICS casa TAYLOR Hemlock, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Franklyn H. TAYLOR' Yonkers, New York Ralph D. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TANZ New Rochelle, N.Y. PRE-MEDICAL Charles Walden Erwin A. John George E. TIMBER' UNGERER VAN ROSENDAEL VERITY' New York City 2699 Chili Rd. 61 Allandale Avenue Baldwin, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY CBSJ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION KBSD MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Names marked with asterisk are seniors 73 Henry E. William Franklyn E. Samuel F. WAGONER' WALDEN' WALTER WALTON Baden, Pennsylvania Bronx, New York Buffalo, New York Kenmore, New York MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING OPTICS Cleo WESCI-IKE' Littlefield, Texas David Jqmeg ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. QBAJ WERNER' Syracuse, New York MATHEMATICS Thomas WHEELER Alexandria, Virginia ECONOMICS, BUS. AD. fABJ Arnold WHITLER 36 Rowley Street MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 'Names marked with osierisk are se ors George Robert W. James B. Burton R. WHITWELL WIGG9' WILLIAMS WIXSON 502 Lyell Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Wilmerding, Pennsylvania 498 Plymouth Avenue, South GEOLOGY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HISTORY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING William L. YOUNG Endicott, New York ENGLISH Roger ZAENGLEIN 121 Southern Parkway BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION KBSJ Names marked with asterisk are seniors 75 x W-H+ V ff' 4 V wr , H, , ,,,,w,w i5-51211 M fgkvgan l ks - A-" Q,5f2vf'1 'I' .A-.M 'W SHPHUNIIIIH First Row-Featherstone, L. Altman, S. Forbes, Allen, Bennett. Second Row-Bacon, Blodgett, Sarasky. Third Row-M. Bruckel, V. Barrett, C. Frank, H. Converse, D. Benz. Standing-M. Brener, C. Cowles, D. Braund, G. Ferguson, L. Epstein, P Dwyer, V. Ccvagnaro, J. Sturdevunt. First Row-S. Gott, C. Vaughan, E. john- son, M. jovce, C. Letts. Second Row-P. Kroemer, H. Zimmer, B Hagan, B. Horton, E. jennings, T Cohen, V. Eiseman. Stcndingffj. Friedman, T. Soperstone, C Goldstein, l. Henner, A. Lusticio, B Kinsey, l. Field, C. Neel, G. Ingersoll S. Hoffman. First Row-E. Parker, S. Zeldon, G. Porter E. McDonald, C. Golden. Second Row-E. Northrup, L. Larkin, E McLoughlin, M. Price, B. Nadine, 1 Mosbruger, J. Paddock. Standing-C. Slocum, G. Patchen, G Gerber, M. Lombardo, A. Peterson, E McFadden, J. Noble, M. Leet, C Lendrim, H. McKay. HlllN Ill lH47 President ...., Vice President. Secretary .... Treasurer ....,, Social Chairman. .. Song Leader. . . OFFICERS ....Mimi Griggs ...Marian Bacon Gertrude Ferguson ...Helen McKay ,Lois Ann Bennett . . . .Marion Joyce 79 First Row-j. Shaver, S. Stevens J. Tatlock, M. Wellington, M Nixon, M. Lindenmuth, E Vock, L. Relyea. Second Row-A.Shaughnessey E. Valenta, A. Harmon, J Tillema, M, Segar, l. Good, L Hurlbut, J. Wrighi. Buck Row-R. Duplessis, S. Cohen, R. Hoefe, J. Gostel. Front Row-P. Bourgeois, W. Forman, P. Goldstein, 1. De- Vuyst, D. Harvey. President ...... Vice President . Secretory ..... Treasurer ...,.. SociolCl'1airmcln... SHPHUMHHI OFFICERS ..Donculd Dise , Robert Konko Daniel Murphy ,. . Harold Lee .Robert Garner llll ll llll Bock Row-P. Myers, P. Mutter, 1. Mills M. Libermcxn. Front Row-C. Lundquist, T. Morey, M Messinger, A. Miclle. Back Row--S. Smitl1,j. Neel, M. Robins F. Ostendorf, 1. Nolan. Front Row-A. Steen, E. O'Hclra, R Reeves, G. Senn. Buck Row-S. Terris, P. Willems, K Turbox, A. Lone. Front Row-D. Terry, C, White, T. O'Brien P. Elsenheimer, C. Wren First Row-A. Davis, R. Hallowell, K Eveleigh, H. J. Baker, 1. Cutler, S Bachler, Y. Gullace. Second Row-J. Cramer, P. Cary, E. R. Flaum, M. Goldstein, C. Ernst, R. Childs, V. Gilbert, D, Geier, M. King. Third Row-M. Dawley, G. Cloos, A. Fruehon, N. Henderson, L. Ehlers, M. Hawkins, P. Gnagy. First Row-F. Butts, J. Bacon, M. Levering M. Adams, J. Draucker, D. Goldman B. Silverstein. Second Row- R. Hurwitz, E. Babcock 1. Bartlett, J, Boutin, C. Blackwell E. Adler, E. Edwards, G. Bockwood M.Bartold,L.Allen,E.Frank,M,Baker Third Row-L. Busch, V. Colofemina, l Finch, l. Fox, J. Billiar, R. Betz, D Bareham, F. Bergman, M. Bramble A. Hesse. First Row-M. Ostendorl, M. Keck, B. Henne, V. Neel, N. Holmes, C. King, M. Luther, V. Grunthal. Second Row-T. George, J. Osborn, R. locobelli, A, Lapham, M. Merz, M. johnson, E. Nelson, 1. Levin. Third Row-L. Levy, C. Holt, 1, Hutchin- son, B. Kinneor, S. Morrison, B. Smith, B. Gette, H. Mehlenbacher. lHlSHMlN President ..,.., Vice President. . . Secretary .... Treasurer ..,,.. Social Chairman. . Song Leader. . . OFFICERS WUMlN lll 1947 ...Tillie Bramble . . .Anne Stottler Virginia Webber ...Cynthia Holt ...Jonni Adams . . . .Gloria Fish 83 Firs! Row-M. Sanders, P. Monfredo, L. Rothfuss, B, Long- staff, M. Onopriychuk, M. Moore, M. Lindell, L. Hildrelh. Second Row-L. Maddox, M. Morrow, B. Wilt, 1. Collier, A. Stottler, H. Vincent, N. Le- Fever, J. Rockowilz, D. Hill. Third Row-U. Sennewald, A. Hillman, S. Kingsion, l. Van Riper, M. Monroe, M. Sauer- brey, F, McAnclrew. First Row-H. Worthington, B. Wendell, 1. MacMullen, J. Taylor, S. Turner, P. Rolf. Second Row-l. Lecls, M. Dowd, M. l. Sullivan, S. Chahowskoi, C. Pollock, A. Gais. Third Row-M. L. Nortz, P. Winchell, B. Sykes, M. Wilson, B. Wadsworth, V. Webber, B. Rose. First Row-B. Stell, J. Meister, T. Trimble, R, Shiner, A. Shulters, B. Ryan. Second Row-R. Klein, 1. Riggs, S. Cowles, M. Renicle, R. Swanker, P. Poss, D. Sherrill, B. Swan. Third Row-A. Coles, R. Sarfaty, M. Vanselow, B. Perkins, C. Pommerer, l. Price, M. Neill. First Row-C. McAllister, K. Hurl, B. Ferrell, D. Fleishman, M. Haire, B. Plyter, 1. Poole, M. Hoadley. Second Row-R. Torreyson, C. Williams, Natalie Shapiro, J. Gonia, Norma Shapiro, D. Durlee, J. Fairhurst. iHiSHMiN Mill Hi lH47 President ....., Vice President. .. Secretary ..,, Treasurer ....,...,. Co-Social Chairmen. . . OFFICERS Richard Williams , . .Roger Moore .Raymond Clarlc ...David Mellen William Gamble Charles Frame 85 Back Row--K. Bastress, H Aradine,R.Koch,W,Danielson Center Row-R. Henty, W jenkinson, R. McBride, R. Dean FrontRow-T.Mapp,W.Martz H. Menzel, J. Brandy. l Bock Row-S. Killip, R. Newell, R. johnson, A. Miller, H. Leonard. Front Row-W. Harris, D. Moolten, R. LoFleur, C. Greenfield, R. Moore, M. Mullen, C. Adler, Bock Row-K. Hubel, D. Hotchkiss, 1 Glenn, D. Hopkins, Front Row-N. jorgensen, W. Gamble, K Button, W. Hochheim, C. Greeno. Buck Row-J. Roz, T. Houck, C. Machmer L. Bullock. Front Row-1. Sberro, G. Cooper, D. Parker, W. Blair. Left to Right-R. Whitney, R. Worbois, N. Wullen, E, Udersee, G. Braz, W. McCarrick. First Row-1. Adkin, V Williams, R. McCarthy, R. Ellender, R. Erb. Second Row-R, Gehrig, A. Bennett, K. Talley, R. Ferlig, R. Ballarian, First Raw-P. Richardson, G. VonVoorhis C. Woodman, R. Hoock, G. Bailey. Second Row-C. Wadhams, G. Dinehart R, Clough, T, Ladotta. lHHSH Will It just can't be clone. Registration Day line-up. Prince Street lovelies? The first of many yet to come. Anyone we know? Colonna? O-Club prevue. It's been reall And there I was 40,000 feet up. Three falls out of four. Sign her up, girls! "l'm the intellectual type." Foreshodowing of things to come. Line forms on the right, The administration speaks. 88 x1!9j'm1LUl'liT.'v 1 VXIERSIF S o CQ fm 5 V ,, ff? A, . . AQ, ' "' ' ---f -,..- Q' L -"T L. ' .am :Rf M 1 " 'L 1 3 '-T4 55- K '-L , xv " g Y V I f V , 'LI-4 T" ' ' ,S V1 E30 G . :Ax 4 31" 1 is ru CA Q 1 : fd 93 A K ' 75x l' " 51 f X ' ' vfpx iff" ' fx? 'flfglxn 4 -x -ur in Y, A 5 it ,fx ,857 , N a-'7iii:'L" 'Q FE , q1ii2,,L ,W iffg5,ggzgf:2:2zhM- . ,.:1 352 K lH Lelt to Right-E. Vaclc, J. Malcolm, C. Wenzel, G. Neill, J. Fassett, E. Hessler, N. Nara- more, G. Bassett, H Sm t l N l l H ll H ll EDITORS Nora Nortlw Kevin Bunnell BUSINESS MANAGERS Nancy Naramore Harry Smart LITERARY EDITORS Audrey Mclfissiclc Howard Riley Pl-IOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Kay Sanney Plwil Peterson Mary Proctor Milfe Haynes Sally Sells Patricia Steepee Helen Brinsmaid Henry Frels HARRY SMART EDITORIAL ASSlSlANlS SPORTS EDITORS Betlw Bislwop Eliot Weinburg Bill Coyne Helen Auringer Dorothy Rosenberg Myron Robbins Gloria Oslcola Jase Glenn Beatrice Csband Karl Bqstress JUNIOR SECTION EDITORS Helen Parry Ed Farrell Andrew Balcer Lillian Dyott Bob Garner Lloyd Ericlcson Jean Hall Ed Colodny Paul Stein Paul Brayer Fritz Ostendorl Curt Berger 90 NANCY NARAMORE BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager, Jack Fassett Frank Hammill Matt Van Order Pecle Moore Al Miller William Easton CIRCULATION STAFF George Mclfelvey Tom Armstrong Franlc Steinbeclc Jim Clarlc H43 Illllllllllll Displaced persons are not com- pletely a feature of Europe, the lnterpres statt found out this year. One of major problems cropping up before confused yearboolc editors was that oi sorting out senior and junior men into their rightful classes as they returned from service life. Other ditficulties which the persevering statf laced were the scheduling of pictures, the traclcing down of club correspondents who always seemed to steal away more silently than the Arabs, and rising costs which always Co-Editors KEVIN BUNNELL NORA NORTH rose just in time to upset a newly settled financial balance. Conferences lasting late into the night and frenzied sessions ol typing, colces and determination: these are the elements in the background of the 1948 yearboolc. Bock Row-E. Wineberg, A. Baker, F. Ostendorf, M. Robins, L. Ericson. Second Row-K. Sunney, M. Proctor, N. North, K. Bunnell, H. Riley, R. Peterson, H. Parrey, L. Dyott, J. Glenn, K. Bastress. Front Row-W. Coyne, P, Steepee, 1, Thurston, J. Hall, B. Bishop. 91 OL. XXII was a masterpiece of ex- periment and alteration, from its September lace- Iiiting to the final daily chapel notice. The auto- biography of Char Woods, the neo-cynicism of Joyce Gitelman, who couldn't believe she was writing those iiendish ideas, the delightful candid- ness of the Typeworm, the conscientious prose of Rosemary Drumm, who would dog a good feature story for weelcs and finally appear with letter- periect copy, not to mention the Wagnerian touch of Sally Langley, the Davis influence of Beth Bishop and the New Yorker style of Audrey Mc- Kissiclc, made XXII a unique Vol. Vol. XXII had Wednesday night lcibitzers, a bulletin board stall, a business manager who could juggle a budget at the drop of a bill, a managing editor with a bal- PATRICIA STEEPEE JANE STELLWAGEN Edilfif in Chief Business Manager anced malce-up complex and an editor who could yell loud enough to malce up for her size. Vol. XXII, printed on meat-marlcet wrapping paper, had a hypo-thyroid advertising statt, a chronically messy office, midweek iazz concerts, a library of two mystery boolcs and an indebtedness to Charlie Cole and Dr. Koller. Vol. XXII had just about everything. if 4 - . ' . IHWIH IIIIIS Editor in Chief. .. Managing Editor ..., . . News Editor ...... .... Feature Editor, . . Sports Editor ,.., Business Manager. . . . . Advertising Manager. . . . Circulation Manager. . . , . .. Patricia Steepee . . . .Nora North Joyce Gitelman . , . .Beth Bishop . . ..... Marian Bacon .Jane Stellwagen , . , .Arlene Lill Arlene Peterson jean Hall, Nora North, Lynette Relyea, Beth Bishop, joan Henner, Rosemary Drumm, Joyce Gitelman, Pat Steepee Rosemary Drurnm, Audrey McKissiclc, Joyce Gitelman. Lorraine Altman, Ralph Gray, Pat Steepee. CHARLES SCHOTT ARNOLD GIETZ Editor in Chief Business Manager Top Row-R. Creadiclc, R. Neilson, R. Barker, H. Crowley, W, Ormiston. STAFF Editor in Chief ..........,,,,. Charlie Schott Managing Editor... ..... Wally Martin News Editor ..... ,,... H oward Riley Sports Editor ..,., ...... B ob Kanlca Exchange Editor. . . .... George Coghill Photographer. . .... Phil Peterson Cartoonist ....,.. ,,.. L loyd Baker Business Manager. . ...Arnold Gietz Bottom: Back Row-H. Spaulding, H. Riley, W. Martin, G. Fellows, E. Schiclcer, R. Kenyon, P. Brayer, R. Kanka, H. Pinsky, W, Coyne, L. Baker, M. Robins, T. Smith, G. Thomas. Front Row-H. Outterson, F. Gentile, G. Coghill, C Schott, J. Glenn, R, Keagle. ITH the prolific editorials of Editor in Chief Charlie Schott, the indomitable POLITICAL lCONOCOCLAST by News Editor Howard Riley, and the unmatchable wit of Jaclc Dunlap in THE RIVER RAT REVIEW, THE CAMPUS was eagerly anticipated every Friday. The enthusiasm and slcill displayed by the malce- up staff under Managing Editor Wally Martin, along with the ability and interest of the news and sports staffs fthe latter ably headed by Bob Kanlcal who managed to cover everything of interest, made THE CAMPUS an institution to be proud of on the men's campus this year. Not to be forgotten in any such enterprise as this was the business staff. Arnie Gietz did a stellar job on this during the first term, and his successor, Diclc Barl4er,carried on with similar success during the latter half of the year. Women's Glee Club Women's Freshman Choir Men's Glee Club lIltIiHHl UHEHNIZHTIHNS The Indicator Published quarterly by students ot the en- gineering division, The Rochester lndicator presents varied problems of current interest in the field ot engineering. News of the A. l. Ch. E., and the A.S.M.E. is included- along with a page of jokes. A. Pope, C. Heffer, L. Brown, T, Morey, H. Byers, N. Levin, M. Todras, E. Seils. Blue Book Blue Boolc, whose purpose it is to integrate freshmen into college life with the least pos- sible pain, filled its 130 pages this year with Hints to the Wise, tips lor good eating and amusements in and around Rochester, plus the traditional sections devoted to student organ- izations and current college songs. Seated-Cheryl Vaughn, Phyllis Kroemer, Betty McFadden, Betty J. Neracker, Lynette Reylea. Standing-Lorraine Altman, Joyce Gitel- man. Sam Johnson Club ln a congenial atmosphere which would have made even Dr. Johnson and cronies jealous, the young literati ol Prince Street gathered to create and criticize. The Circle listened to Miss Adams' words of wisdom, laughed at Ted's Autobiography of Gertrude Stein, and struggled with word pictures and mood poems. The year was climaxed by publication ol the authors' Favorites in the annual Dandelion. A, Prather, P. Smith, R. Benjamin, M. Bruckel, P. Hanson. Nursing Education Composed ol young women who are study- ing lor a BS. degree, having already com- pleted a nursing course, the group contains many veterans of overseas service with the Army and Navy Nurse Corps. They are lully accredited members of the undergraduate school, but talce most ol their classes in Catherine Strong Hall. First Row-A. Casel, H. Yarosz, M. Gibbs, B. Conrad, E. Warter. Second Row-M. Morrison, R. Weaver, S. Bassett, N. Morrill, F. Graycey, M. Kenney, A. Seymour. Third Row-L. Schwier, J. Mellow, H. Morasco, E. Hill, E. Jackson, M. Palmer, l. Keenan. German Club Activities oi the German Club ranged from monthly Kaileestunden fcotfee hoursl open to all interested in German, hayrides, a special Christmas program at which a ploy by Dr. Appelt, Chairman of the German Department was presented, a speech contest with prizes, and a sleigh-ride in late winter. J. Field, R. Riclcers, T. Kosh, A. Gals, R. Giullrida. Sociology Club Holding monthly supper meetings, the 45 active members ol the Sociology Club par- ticipated in informal discussions built around a theme ol socialogicql significance. lncluded this year were a report on the 'Peclcham Ex- periment' by Mrs. Dexter Perlcins, the first public reading oi a new sociological ploy by Carolyn Slade and a campus presentation of the movie, Grapes ol Wrath. First Row-M. Proctor, C. Zellner, J Roberts, G. Murphy, M. E. Stewart. Second Row-Miss Fahrer, R. Bergman, 1. Billings, C. Apitlch, M. Stern, C Hoehn, R. Gray. Vectoria ns The Vectorians, an engineering honor society composed ol outstanding engineers in the Junior and Senior classes, has served as a forum in which members of the faculty and students could meet to discuss cmd seel4 solu- tions lor many problems ol varied importance in connection with the engineering department. Back Row-R. Miller, H. Gardner, C. Dawson, L. Hill, R. Eisenberg, H. Leet, W. Harison, S. Miserendino. Front Row-E. Gerwin, R, Bicknell, W. Ormiston, W. Duerr, Le Cercle Francais The main project ol Le Cercle Francais was securing French films which were shown at a club meeting, including "La Maternellen and "France Rebuildsf' A quiz program and a recitation contest helped to Fill the calendar. ln March, the Eastman School ol Music put on a program ol French music for the club. First Row-D. Hirshfield, R. Giutlridc. Second Row-D. Cochran, M. lngrao, l. Field, R. Woodcock, C. Flaum. Third Raw-J. Smyder, M, Wells, C. Holley, J. Bailey. Cutler Union House Committee This committee, under the chairmanship ol M. E. Stewart, is responsible tor the general policies concerning the use ol Cutler Union, and has under its supervision such activities as posters, maintenance, lighting, make-up lor plays, and student use ol the Union in general. On Floor-M. Rice, 1. Morrell. Seated-Miss Fahrer, N. Farnum, Miss Merrill, A. Stottler. Back Row-M. Webb, D. Robinson, M. E. Stewart, M. Bacon, P. Perry. American Institute of Chemical Engineers The Rochester Undergraduate Chapter of the A.I.Ch.E., under the guidance of the chapter counselor, Prof. l'l. S. Gardner, has been re- activated greatly this year with the return ot many students previously here in chemical engineering courses. The purpose of the society, which held several meetings this year, is to help the undergraduate students ob- tain a clearer picture of the careers ahead of them in chem engineering. American Society Mechanical Engineers included in the general program this year ol the Rochester Chapter of the A.S.M.E., under the counsel of Prof. J. l.. I-till, Jr., were papers and tallcs by student members, lectures given by some ol the engineering faculty, and inspection tours through a number of the local industries. The highlight of the year's activity was the annual student ASME conference held at Yale University. American Chemical Society A new addition to the list ot U. R. student organizations, the local chapter ol the Student Affiliate American Chemical Society was formed this year by a group of chem students who were interested in dis- cussing the problems and responsi- bilities of chemistry in a modern world. With Professor Noyes as head ol the organization, the A. C. S. has been profitable both For students and members ol the Faculty. First Row-B. Wheeler, D. A, Wallace, E. Fisher, J. Ross, M. Greene, L. Hediger. Second Row-R. Bicknell, R. Neilson, G. Harris, G. Brown, C. Harrington, 1. O'Neil, W. Duerr, 1. Bare, F. Clapper. Phi Beta Kappa Originally confined to those students generally tabled 'grinds' by their less erudite fellows, Rochester's lota chapter, founded in 1887, now requires an active participation in campus life to substantiate the high scholastic standing requisite for membership. Normally selected in March, the seniors-and those Juniors with straight-A's-receive their coveted Phi Bete lceys in April-a fitting climax to a richly beneficial college life. Cheer Leaders Organized by "Gram" Wilbraham on Prince Street and the Traditions Committee on the River, the U of R cheerleaders whipped football and basketball season spirit into shape with a series of new yells. Mid-season vigor was added in the person of George CLet's have an R-OJ Gelser whose style was reminiscent of that of the legendary Jaclc Keil. Plans are on the fire for new yells, more gymnastics and ways to get better response from the fans. Phi Sigma Iota ln the words of its constitution, the purpose of the national honorary romance language society, Phi Sigma lota, is "the stimulation of advanced worl4 and individual research in this field, and the promotion of a sentiment of amity between our own nation and the nations using these languages." Made up of selected upperclassmen in the field, the Rho chapter at Rochester fulfilled this purpose with the presentation of varied papers by the student members, followed by discussions under the stimulating leadership of Dr. lvliclcs. Left to Right--D. Moolten, D. Robinson, R. Gordon, T. Kriak, Fifil Row-D. Hirshfield, M- AlDYUmOWA A. Austin, L. Howland, W. Hochheim, R. Velie. Sewnd Row-C. H0lleY, P- HGHSGH, R- WOOClC0Cls. Third Row-K. Zismer, M. lngrao, E. Duffy. Missing-M. Greene, B. Bishop, C. Woods. 99 r rarsiens Sitting, First Row-P. Faulkner, E. Sellick, D. A. Wallace, H. Auringer. Second Row-N. Levy, J. Lane, l. Conner, M. Greene Standing-P. Kelley, T. Krihak, M. Dalton. Missing-K. Bentley. Womens' Student Counsellors Standing-L. Dyott, M. Lindenmuth, K. Sanney,1. Sturdevant, J. Lane, M. E. Stewart, M. Bacon, 1. Hall. Second Row-J. Gitelman, P. Parry, M. Proctor, M. Joyce, E. Sellick, A. Shaughnessey, l, Conner, C. Vaughn, P. Van de Wolle, P, Kroemer. First Row-M. Greene, H. Brinsmaid, H. McKay, G. Melville, N. North. 100 Keiclaeans G. Harris, R. Baroody, W. Richardson, G. Kurtz, C, Harrington O. Layer. Menclicants Left to Right, Front Row-W. Coyne, l. O'Neill. Second Row-R. Bowllan, W. Heard, F. Walters, R. Murphy R. Currie, C. Gray. Back Row-G. Hart, G. Gelser, H. Dillenbeclc, F, Dowd, R. Rosborough. Prolcons the Prince Street campus discussion forum in which problems ol campus lite, as well as those ol local, national, and inter- national significance are discussed at bi- weelcly luncheon meetings in Cutler Union. Seated-A. Prather, R. Beniumin, 1. Tillema. Standing-G. Ingersoll, P. Smith, l. Field A. Cais. Delta Rho The journalistic honorary society ol the Men's College is guided by distinguished alumni who talce an active part in the meet- ings, at which The Campus and lnterpres are literally torn apart. The alumni include many leaders in the business and learned professions as well as a number ol Former campus editors who have made their marlc in the journalistic field. Lett to Right-C, Schott, H, Reiley, j Lipper, R. Kanka, W. Martin. Absent: B. Coyne, K. Bunnell. Chapel Committee Headed by Jean Davenport, the committee is responsible lor selecting spealcers and music chairmen for Daily Chapel, held at 12:05 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the Little Theater ol the Art Gallery. Left to Right-V, King, J. Davenport, C. Apitzsich, S. Neilson, Miss Merrill. 02 Student Christian Association SCA, now in its second year, has maintained a varied program of activities: the l-lubbell l'lall Youth Center project under Diclc Cloward's leadership, the weeldy Study Group, deputations under Hugh Outterson, and Campians under Franlc Dowd. With George Brown as chairman, the lntercollegiate commission has sent delegates to SCM con- ferences at Silver Bay, Utica, Geneseo, and the National Student Assembly at Urbana, lllinois. Left to Right, Front Row-G. Wooster, W, Young, R. Peele, H. Meyer. Back Row-C. Wren, P. Brainard, J. McKeehan, H. Leonard, D. Baird. Gamma Sigma Gamma Sigma was formed in the late spring of 1946 when students felt the need of a national honorary general science fraternity. With the assistance of members of the faculty, the Alpha chapter of Gamma Sigma was founded with the purpose of bring- ing together honor students who have shown exceptional proficiency in undergraduate study in at least five of the basic sciences. Seated-H. Childs, B. Andreas, G. Wendt. Standing-A. Davidson, R. Munford, T. Sippel, A. Ladds. Womens' Assembly Committee With the aims of boosting attend- ance and raising the level of programs, the assembly committee began worlc in the Fall with a Freshman show of songs and the prize- winning Frosh Camp slcit. Subsequent pro- grams included other college productions such as the annual Kaleidoscope preview and the interdorm Song Contest. Political discussions led by faculty and guest spealeers dealt with international and social problems and a high- light of the year was the Bilcini film. The Dance Club's Christmas assembly proved popular as well as a Spring Fashion show and the Stagers' comedy. Jean Ross, Mary Proctor, Beth Bishop, Barry White, Joyce Gitelman, Kay Sanney. Missing-Terry Levering, Phyllis Kroemer, Edrie Sellick, Audrey McKissick. ? r""'aF"' Sitting, First Row-G. DeNerirl9. J. Ouist, C. Lendrim, M. Proctor, T. Krihak. Second Row-H. Parry, D. A. Wallace, A. Hall. Standing-M. E. Stewart, C. Hoehn, M, Nixon, L. Allen, F, Montgomery, S. Neilson, Mrs. C. Gorton, J. Davenport. Missing-M. Bacon, 1. Bailey, E.Selliclr,B. Mack, L. Epstein, 1. Ross, B, McFadden, V. King, P. Pierce, J. Conner, B. L. Babcock, B. Ryan, j. Adams. U Y Ca lo I net Dolores Medulla, Gerry DeNering, Carmen Maya, lrene Nowak, Florence Char ' l lc ol lnternationa Wee en First Row-K. l-lurl, L. Allen, Mrs. C. Gorton, 1. Quist. Second RowfD. Hill, D. Sherrill, M. Nixon, B. Clyter, E. Nelson. Freshman Commission l'll'l the aim ol helping students to integrate their religious and social life, the campus YWCA has three major emphases this year: Worship, Study, Action. With D. A. Wallace as president, and Cherry Gorton as adviser, the Y has had a busy and successful year. Among its activities were the Y supper, the Recognition Service, Deputations, Daily Chapel, the lnternational Weelcend, Senior Commission, WSSF, publication ol the Y-Lights, News Flashes, and the lreshmen's All This And l'leaven loo, Frosh Commission, lhanlcsgiving Baslcets, worlx in personal religion and race relations, Social Service worlc, the Vets' Wives and Alumnae Dinner, Worship Lab and the Qualcer meeting, Dr. Koos' Marriage Course, Kaleidoscope, SCM conferences at Utica and Genesee, the Keulca Frosh Conference, the Advisory Board, the Leadership Training School at Silver Bay. 103 HUIHINH HUB GPHOCLES is turning over in his grave,Shalce- speare is treading lightly on his literary immortality, and Kaufman and l'lart are sweating over their latest. Neverthe- less, the Quilting Club will produce another hit, though it will be difficult to rival 'That Grecian Yearnfi Following in the footsteps of the successes-and flops-of previous years, the 1947 production leapt from the hung-over brains of its authors as did the original show, "Tom Tomf' in '40. Though credit for the authorship goes to the incognito Alexis, rumor has it that the music and lyrics were delivered by Kurtz, Frackenpohl, and Cook, while Paul Bourgeois contributed to the rapid-pace dialogue. The capable and well-padded chorus was directed by Jean Seelbach and Joan MacLean. The plot of "That Grecian Yearn" or "All That Moola Can Buy" was laid in reconverted Greece and Egypt, following the war oi 3000 B. C. The music and dialogue were built around the purchase of a surplus war galley by an Egyptian lady of distinction and a dead-heat election in Athens. Sets were produced under the skillful hand of Bourgeois. Brown and Shillinglaw managed the duties of technical director and business manager respectively. Staged in the finest traditions ol the Q club, there were no female members of the cast but the production managed to put up a good front. Due to the fact that most of the action toolc place in ancient Egypt, the scripts were printed in hiero- glyphics, requiring the cast to spend some time in mastering their parts. Laughs were also a little slow because of the necessity of translation, and there was a considerable amount of pausing while the audience thumbed feverishly through their Rosetta stones. vhs K! 71 That Grecian Yearn K! 71 Strikes Me Funny IlHliIliHSEHi'i IT "Strikes Me Funny" every time we think of Char Woods' brain child in which her picture of life on the none-too-peaceful campus green provided a maximum of mirth. The story of Maggie and her colleagues who found college revolting and decided to go on strike is in brief, the plot ol the '47 K-Scope show. Particularly memorable were "Slug" Thurston's version of "Cradle Robbini U, Moe Joyce's singing of "lt Must Be Son, Sellick's rendition of "A Liberal Education", and Patchenis, l.endrim's, and l'lall's characterizations ol the "lonesome maiden ladies," who stole a place in the show with their effectual lamenting on lite, love, and the state of the River rats' conduct. With over Q00 enthusiasts volunteering their services For various chores, Director Jane Stellwagen had quite a time separating the "stage-door johnniesn and Hkibitizersu from committee workers. "Strikes Me Funnyn will be remembered for its music, written by the author herself, and Sellick, Proctor, and Sanney, the dances, directed by Joan MacLean and Sue Axworthy, and Joan l'lumbert's characterization ol "Dr, April." l. Price, M. Monlredo, H. Weihn, A. Lill, l. Bansavage, A. Rang, R. Cornett. Dance Club The goal ol Dance Club members has been to develop a true creative feel- ing lor the dance. Under the direction ol Miss Elsa Jordan, they have demon- strated this development at numerous University lunctions. Among their ap- pearances were an original dance at Strong Auditorium as a part ol the University Christmas program, a special Demonstration lea in the lall to show lrosh elements ol the dance, and a spring program which emphasized not only routine technique but original choreographic themes as portrayed in solo and group dances. Photography Club The Photography Club ol the Women's Campus started the year by having Dr. l-lenry Staehle ol Kodalc Parlc, the club's advisor, as speaker. lalcing portraits with simple equipment was one ol the group's projects. Alter the club pur- chased a new lens lor its enlarger, mem- bers had lun trying to improve contact prints. Later meetings included the mak- ing ol paper negatives and several speakers discussed photography in color. The club also contributed pictures and pamphlets lor the Photography Exhibit in the library in December and January. D. Rosenberg, L. Biesterleld, G. Mu Seated-R. Mumford, E. Colodny, M. Kenner. Standing-W. Allen, N. Grano,W. Ryan. 106 rphy, D. Hall, D, Goldman. Public Allairs Forum The purpose of the Public AFlairs Forum is to create interest in national and international aFFairs. A galaxy ol guest speakers, including a member ol Parliament, a Congressman, and many distinguished members ol the faculty, have headed the programs which have ranged from an informal bull-session on college fraternities to a student assembly in which a forum ol Five professors de- bated lree vs. regulated economy. Freshman Committee The Freshman Committee is chiefly concerned with Freshman Week activities at which time entering students are orientated about college lile. It also includes the editor and business manager ol the Frosh Bible. R. Garner, F. Dowd, W. Dirksen, S. jones, O. Layer, 1, Lipper, G. Kurtz, D. Whalen, R. Heilbrunn. Traditions Committee One oi the most important committees in college life, it sponsors the annual interiraternity song con- test, conducts rousers, the Freshman- Sophomore flag rush and tug-ol-war and talces a poll ol student opinion when called upon by the Executive Council. It promotes the College Night supper, the Boaris Head dinner, and the Dandelion dinner, and provides lor the selection and training of cheerleaders. Todd Union Committee This all-important committee is composed of volunteers who assist the Director ot Todd Union in admin- istering the attairs ol Todd Union. Under its jurisdiction come the Coffee l'lour committee, the Music Room committee, the Dining Room com- mittee, and the Dance committee. Chairman, Bill Gay Left to Right-C. Wesche, G. Moscaritola, K. Baker, M. Robins, H. Byers, N. Blake, M. Messinger, N. Levin, T. Morey, W. Gayett, E. Kurtz, W. Gay, B. Forsythe. r 107 Inter-campus Protestant Church A chapel service is held every Sunday morning in Strong Auditorium at 11:00 A.M. Student leaders talce part in the services, and invited clergymen from various de- nominations share in the preaching responsibilities with the college Chaplain, Rev. Stephen Crary. The services are en- riched by the singing ol a mixed choir accompanied by organ music. Students from all campuses unite in these services. The Church cabinet includes representatives from the College for Men, College for Women, Medical School, School lor Nursing, and the Eastman School of Music. A. Stotler, B. Mack, W. Young, P. Brainard, Rev. Crary, G. Hennem, B. French. Seated on Floor-K. Bunnell, F. McKeehan. Newman Club Members ol the Newman Club are recruited from among Catholic students who wish a more comprehensive lcnowledge ol their faith. This year the group, guided by Rev. John Malley and president Pat Rohrer, witnessed a large increase in membership. Bi- monthly meetings featured lectures on Christian marriage, followed by a social hour of refreshments, discussion and dancing. Brealctast communions, a Valentine dance, and the Newman New Yorlc Central Province Conven- tion highlighted a successful year. First Raw-E. Claudius, M. A. Russell. l. Henner, P. Rohrer, M. Bruckel, A. Lill. Second Row-K. Linehan, M. Drass, F. McAndrew, R. Drumm. Olol Forge Among the most pleasant of old traditions revived this year was Old Forge weelcend. Over a hundred peo- ple lrom both campuses made the trip to the little Adirondaclc village. For some the days on the slopes meant fast down-hill runs,jump turns and christies, for others, the weekend was one con- tinuous mass ol llailing arms, twisted sl4iis and bruises. Some ol the less hardy souls preferred evenings by the Fire or at the local pub. The Old Forge idea continues to grow in popularity. Stagers Would-be Katherine Cornells, Allred Lunts, stage crews, set designers, and malee-up artists gather under the guiding tutelage of Miss Lisa Rauschenbush. Here they receive the practical experience, necessary for the more stage strucl4 members, exciting to the mere purveyors of the hobby. Their ehforts bring the student body the pleasures of semi-professional artistry with each season highlighted by variety and high calibre of production. Emily Williams' "Night Must Fall" was presented in the fall with Beth Bishop and Gordon Shillinglaw in the lead roles. A Christmas assembly and another one-act play "Sunday Costs Five Pesos" which was First presented For the Masonic group, plus the spring presentation of Thornton Wilder's "Sian ol Our Teeth" completed a busy year For Stagers. OFFICERS President Jane Stellwagen Vice President Beth Bishop Secretary Phyllis Kroemer Treasurer Peter Willems Assistant Treasurer Rolla Hill Historian Natalie Holmes Publicity Manager Gordon Shillinglaw Assistant Publicity Manager Janice Miller Technical Director Bob Brown First Row-Dr. Bugbee, R. Rickers, A Steen. Second Row-H. Pinsky, M, Robins, S l Henock, 1. DeFvank, E. Flcum, R. Tunz E. Winburg. Biology Club The Biology Club was formed to enable the students and faculty ol the Biology department to meet with one another informally, and to facilitate a mutual understanding ol respective problems. Sitting-J. Levy, T. George, 1. Cutler, J. Thurston. Standing-E. Levering, C. Neel, J. Gill- man, S. Diclcerman, J. Epstein, M. Forbes, Mr. Merritt, N. Naramore. Art Club Deeming vital the appreciation oi art masterpieces as well as personal creation, the Art Club combines these two phases of individual response to beauty. The climax of the year was the Student Art Exhibit in April, where university members viewed individual creative efforts. 110 HWRKSXTQZ 985 333 P.. 9 . vyf x, xi? if Q I 4 x 5 r ' I x T.--Xf'?""'-V5 L1 v if ' F1 -'ANL , 'ig i 1 ,a- 41-'--f - v , ":.,-N 1 : ,Q F. f '. 1 41"-" 74634 fu 5 V, I ,. I Q - LY Y-E1 f"f,-i- T Q xl V f ,gf CC' , X L X3 X. A, - X 'Z ' XZ ' fp ,",Y fi fr V .Y , SN, mix Ar'-Hum- Y- " 'D' 1? ilu?-L Oo 13 3 fm vw In MM! h 5? W SEQ? T5 ' U ww Je, , Q! -I . X1 2 KN ,pi MK Wu,,A S A N wa Q ff 'S 11665 WNMQMMQ-Q W ,fb-Q' R ,455 an-4-, ,.,,.W ,MW j,,,,,z,W ,,q,,,,,L,,.,, 1 Mis fly, 1M W. J A 2 , 33215 W . 1.-r rfffif' aA"3" 1 5,8 Q .yi 221-gg gM,g"f 3 E31-ga'g,fff'hQa Ag rf W 1 . -VAV U' Q 4 gt , , ' W. if ' -Z ' ,: , ., v,,, . V V ,, ., :,-' -1, 'fu 1 3 V ,K .k,V I avi? Ev f 3 S 1 s A A 3 1 v 4 M U 5 ' .4,,,,,,.' ' U l,1., , 8 D MM.. .W e E? Z1 1 ll ,. Lf lllli NFORMATlON gleaned from the record book lor the 1946 football season will cheer the heart of any loyal River-rat. Burnham 81 Co. outrushed their opponents by nearly twice the yardage gained against them, displayed a lar superior punting average, outscored the opposition, 122 points to 84-but when the scores of individual games are tallied, the statistics bow to the won and lost record: three wins, tour losses and one tie. Summed up briefly, hot and cold was the story. Early fall practice caused no little speculation along the east bank of the Genesee. Eighty-Five eager candidates, some of them veterans of previous seasons, turned out and Head Coach Elmer Burnham and his aides, .lohnny Sullivan, Tim Stapleton, and Spike Garnish set to work to mould a football team. Back from last year's squad were Ed Kern and Hank Draggett at ends, tackle Warren Fischer, and Don Diehl, Dick Garnish and Warren Zimmer, backs. Back alter a year's absence came Whitey Whitler, who promised to Fill the fullback slot and Bob Brannigan slated for duty at center. Returning from the '42 De Groot squad alter a stint in service were Frankie Walter, Bill Gay, Bob Hoe, Bob Murphy, Dean Becker, Ray Rapp, Dick Bowllan and Howie l'loesteroy. Last year's star quarterback, Bill Coffey, was out of the game, inelligible for scholastic reasons. Elmer opened his "T" bag of tricks and started prepping for the opener with Clarkson. Main problems-lack of weight, especially in the back Field and an inadequate passing attack. Ahfable Elmer loaded his charges into a bus early one Friday, setting his course for Potsdam, N. Y. and victory over Clarkson Tech. But mid-summer heat and lack of experience entered into a game completely dominated by Rochester and the Rivermen dropped it, 7-6. 114 HHH 1946 Season Lettermen Bowllan, Richard Branigan, Robert Kern, Edward Knapp, John ROCl'1eSler?6 ClC1I'kSOn-7 Becker, Dean Liotta, Anthony I Caldwell, William Magill, Lincoln ROCl1eSter' LJDIOI1'-1 4 Draggett, Henry Murphy, Robert Rochester- De Pauw-6 Diehl, Donald Eden, Richard Fischer, Warren Malloy, John Phillips, Sheldon Rovegno, Richard ROCl19Ster'O Fassett, John Rex, John 1 Gaskell, Vernon Rapp, Ray Rochester- l'l0mllt0n-14 Garnish, Richard Wren, Carl Rochester- R. P. l.-7 Gay, William Gray, Charles Hoesterey, Howard Whitler, Arnold Walter, Frank Whitney, Robert ROCl'1eSter-6 Vermont-19 Hoe, Robert Welter, John Heffman, Thomas Zimmer, Warren Rochester-O Hobart-1 2 CCohen, Managerj 7500 homecoming fans received a treat as the Yellowjackets inaugurated a lour game home stand in style, trouncing hapless Union College, mentored by Mel Hein, 30-14. Stealing the Garnet's thunder, Rochester out-dazzled Union in the air waves, scoring on a Zimmer to Draggett heave. All the remaining 'Jacket scores resulted from long runs. Don Diehl, Bob Murphy, and Tony Liotta, reserve guard who intercepted an invader pass, were the boys who went over the line. ln an attempt to disprove the theory that a good big man is better than a good little man, the Rivermen took the field against N. Y. U. spotting them a 20 pound weight advantage at each position. Fighting spirit and the deception brewed in the "T" glruost proved the exception to the rule, but superior weight ultimately told the story and Jack Weinheimer's charges took the u e, 6-0. Rochester played host to Hamilton lor the first time since 1942 and proved lar from amiable in the estimation of their guests, to the tune ol 41 -14. Bud Svendsen, in his first year as head coach at the school down in Clinton, N. Y., saw his charges com- pletely outclassed by an array ol speedy Yellowjacket backs, led by Vern Gaskell who scored twice. Against the Green Mountain boys from Vermont the Rivermen suffered a recurrence of jitters, outplayed them on a rain- soaked field at Burlington, only to lumble thrice and drop the game, 19--6. Traditional rivalry triumphed over season's records, when the spark in Hobart's previously abject eleven burst into llame and enabled them to upset heavily lavored Rochester, 12-O. Acting captain Hob Hoe, played heads-up lootball, managed to keep Rochester a threat throughout. l l First Row-E. Kern, R. Murphy, C. Wren, E. Exner, S. Phillips, H. Hoesteroy, R. Waters, A. Liotta. Second Row-P. Woodcims, R. Garnish, R. Rapp, D. Becker, R. Eden, H. Draggett, D, Diehl, J. Fussell. Third Row-E. Rex, L. Mogill, 1. McElleny, C. Gray, M. VanOrter, R. Bergan,T, Hoffman, R. Rovegno. Fourth Row-R. Whitney, W. Zimmer, G. Tymeson, R. Kraftschiki, J. Welter,1.Malloy, R. Branigan, W. Fischer. Fifth Row-T. Stapelton, R. Hoe, W, GGY, A. Whitler, L. Garnish, R. Bowllan,W. Caldwell, J. Baynes, R. Baldwin, E. Burnham. 115 HHSKH 1 , Hnii Next opponent was a power-laden Syracuse live, sporting six previous wins. Johnny Baynes, Rochester's slcinny, bespectacled co-captain, was put on Billy Gabor, high scoring Orange ace. Baynes stayed with Gabor nearly all the way and finally had to be helped oft the court. Gabofs closing baslcets gave Syracuse a well earned 50-38 win. An amazing New Yorlc University team, featuring All-American Sid Tannenbcium, invaded the Palestra next, and handed the locals a 61-31 trimming, in a strictly "no-contest game." Bounding baclc from this humbling shellaclcing, the Rivermen clamped down on Yale's big threat, tall Tony Lavelle and wallced off with ci neat 47-40 victory. Baynes, again given the "big leech" assign- ment, held Lavelli to 12 points, notched 14 himself. When Hobart postponed their game due to the death of their President, Sampson College Filled the bill, and was handed a 53-37 spanking. Neither team loolced good in this wild-and-wooly fracas, but the Alexandermen had too much class and won going away. Colgate entertained the Rivermen in the next lray, and proved to be a discourteous host, blasting the UR lads, 59-45. Only the surprising showing of of two Rochester reserves, Jim Blumer and Jaclc Fleck- enstein, kept the score from rising higher. Baclc on home ground, the Rochesters found diifi- culty in subduing Toronto, but finally turned the triclc, to talce a 47-44 decision. Joe Culhane, in what was to be his farewell performance at Rochester, poured in 15 points lor the locals. At mid-season, Coach Alexander was laced with the loss of two regulars, Chapman, who was graduat- ing, and Culhane, who was transfering to Georgetown. He loolced searchingly up and down the bench, beclc- oned to pudgy Jim Blumer and Neil Alexander. l'le decided to replace Baldwin with Kenny Flowerday. lTl'l all these new laces, Lou decided to drop the slow, steady style of attaclc, concentrate on a last brealt offense instead. The move paid dividends, and brought the Rivermen 8 wins in their last 9 games. First to Feel the fury ofthe speeded-up offense was Alfred, which absorbed a 67-50 trouncing. Flowerday and Blumer netted 30 points between them. Down at Clinton, N. Y., the Yellowjaclcets went basl4et-berserl4, set a new record as they creamed Ham- ilton, 94-48. Flowerday, hot as a pistol, clipped the meshes lor Q1 points in the first hall, called it a day and sat out the last half. The Rivermen continued their torrid pace against Oberlin, winning by a 60-52 margin, as Flowerday and Blumer led the point parade. Union and Allegheny were the next victims, Falling by 64-57 and 60-45 scores. Getting partial revenge lor the football upset, the Rivermen submerged a hapless Hobart Five, 56-23, in their next outing, during which the second Five played over half the game. Johnny Baynes climaxed a brilliant three-year career in U. R. as he tallied 32 points against Clarlcson to brealc the Palestra individual scoring record. Two other marlcs fell by the wayside that night, as the 80-60 victory brolce a Rochester teamvscoring record, and the 140 points were a new game record. 118 1946-47 Rochester 33 Rochester 39 Rochester 38 Rochester 31 Rochester 47 Rochester 53 Rochester 45 Rochester 47 Rochester 67 Rochester 94 Rochester 60 Rochester 64 Rochester 60 Rochester 56 Rochester 80 Rochester 61 Rochester 68 Season Cornell 45 R. P. l. 36 Syracuse 50 N. Y. U. 61 Yale 40 Sampson 37 Colgate 59 Toronto 44 Allred 50 Hamilton 48 Oberlin 52 Union 57 Allegheny 45 Hobart 23 Clarlcson 60 Hobart 63 Hamilton 60 Lettermen Neil Alexander Richard Baldwin Richard Baroody lohn Baynes James Blumer Carlos Chapman Michael Federyshyn Jaclc Fliclcenstein Kenneth Flowerday Richard Garnish Charles Gray John De-Nlers Clvlanager Nearrng the end of a long season, the Rivermen were caught short by an upsurgent Hobart five at Geneva and dropped a thrilling 63 6? overtime battle. To give the winners credit, they did very little wrong against Rochester and dropped spectacular long shots from all over the court to hand the Yellowjaclcets their 5th loss. The curtain was rung down against Hamilton, and the Rivermen regained their winning touch talang a 68 60 triumph Baynes hit for 20 Blumer for 19, and Baldwin For 18 in this final tilt. Season's end found Baynes holding the new U R individual season scoring mark of Q16 points. SWIMMING 1946-47 Season Cornell-66 Rochester-9 Colgate-64 Rochester-1 1 Hamilton-38 Rochester-36 Rensselaer-64 Rochester-1 1 Toronto-48 Rochester-27 Colgate-66 Rochester-9 Toronto-49 Rochester-Q6 Rensselaer-54 Rochester-21 Oberlin-50W Rochester-25 W Hamilton-25 Rochester-50 Won-1 Lost-9 Front Row, Left to Right-R. Page, 1. Laird, R. Billett, C. Harrington, T. O'Connell. Second Row-C. Lundquist, P, Bush, 1. DeVuyst, G. Harris, G. F. Harris Third Row-S, Traux, A. VanderLande, D. Barge, W. Ryan, R. Speegle. Meeting top notch competition with a minimum of material, swimming mentor "Speed" Speegle wailed as his natators dropped nine consecutive meets, forced a siclcly grin as they rose up on their final attraction against Hamilton to garner one victory in a season fraught with Frustration. Opening against a strong Cornell squad, the Yellowjaclcets absorbed the most severe shellaclcing administered to a Roch- ester swimming team since 1933. The only bright note ofthe rout was the diving oi Slcip Page, good enough to register Rochester's sole second place. Then followed defeats at the hands of Colgate, Hamilton, Rensselaer, and Toronto. The return encounter with Hamilton provided Speed's charges with their only opportunity oi breaking into the win column. They made the most of that opportunity by challdng up a score 0150-25. paced by Johnny Laird, Jack Benson, Chuclc Harring- ton, Dave Barge, and George Harris, the Yellowjaclcets piled up seven Firsts. OF more importance to Speed than actual tally were the impressive showing oi VanderLande, Barge, Harris and Page, all oi whom will be around next year to form the nucleus oi an improved swimming squad. Lettermen Charles Harrington Robert Page Thomas Ofonnell John Benson David Barge Robert Billett John Laird George Harris Gerard Harris Schaffer Truax Uvlanagerj 120 runnin 1946 Season Rochester 1 lthaca 3 Rochester 1 Colgate 2 Rochester 6 Buffalo State 1 Rochester O Cortland 3 Rochester 5 Allegheny 0 Rochester 3 Brockport 2 Rochester Q Syracuse 1 Won 4 Lost 3 After a discouraging start, marked by three losses in the first Four games, the 1946 Rochester Soccer team found itself in November, swept through its last three games triumphantly, finishing the season with a record of four wins and three defeats. Coach "Doc" Campbell's pitch club, composed almost entirely of ex-servicemen, found its athletic second wind late in the season, in time to make the '46 campaign a successful one. After only two weeks of practice, the still-green Campbell-men entertained lthaca State at Rochester, were handed a 3-1 setback by the superbly conditioned Phys. Ed. trainees. The following week down at Hamilton, mighty Colgate trounced the Yellowjacket booters 2-1. Only Pierce Day's final-period penalty tally kept Rochester from a shutout. Tired of getting tramped on, the Rivermen unleashed their wrath against Buttalo Teachers and carried off a decisive 6-1 victory, as shitty center-forward Day racked up three goals himself. But a week later, Cortland stopped the improving Rochester dribblers in a muddy morass at Cortland, 3-0. High point of the season saw the late-starting locals spot Syracuse an early one-goal lead, tie up the game, and win it in a story-book finish in the Final 15 seconds of play. The deciding score came as senior Jim Kinney followed up his own blocked free kick and rammed the rebound into the Orange nets to clinch the verdict. ln their seven games, the U. R. forces drove in 18 goals against their opponents' 11. Lettermen George Bailey Mark Battle Andy Ciulla Pierce Day James Kinney Robert Kanka George Verity Walter Woods Runne Ohrberg Kirk Howland Donald Lincoln John Mount Alan Gilman Vincent Fantanzzo Edwin Smith Frank Wallace James Falconer Charles Timber UV1anagerD 121 IHHEK Rochester SQV1 Rochester 36v1 Rochester 46Vz Rochester 86 Rochester QOV3 William Britton Richard Evans Robert Forrester Robert Kanl4a John Lamb Bruce l.e Messurier 1947 Season Lettermen Ithaca 43v1 Rensselaer 89Vz Union 79V1 Hamilton 40 Colgate 105W Paul Mandeville William Niartz Martin Messinger Richard Reinertson Dave Werner Peter Woodams Robert Kaman Clvianagerl Faced with the problem of moulding a winning cinder combine from tour returning lettermen and a host ol green neophytes, traclc coach "Speed" Speegle did nearly that, as his 1947 hustlers won two meets, and dropped three. The four monogrammed returnees were captain Bob Forrester, who was defeated in his high jump specialty only once during the schedule, sprinter Marty Messinger, pole vaulter AI Zinter, and two miler Bruce Thompson who was laid up with an injured anlde after winning his event in the opening meet. Consistent individual winners during the year were Forrester, who emerged as high point man, half-miler Bob Kanlta, who lost only one race, and hurdlers Bruce Lelviessurier and Pete Woodams. The Rivermen defeated the lthaca College and Hamilton traclc teams, and were downed by R. P. l., Union and Colgate. Prospects for 1948 lool4 bright as only Bob Forrester will graduate. The other 11 letter winners will be bacl4 next season. 122 First Row-P. Woodams, J, Lamb, A, Vander Lande, W. Leet, O. Cassidy, Cassistant coachl, Ccoachl. Roman Speegle, Second Row-W. Martz, D. Reinertson, M. Messinger, R. Kanka, R. Eden, T. Hoffman. Back Row-H. Garvin, T. Mapa, B. LeMessurier, W. Britton, A. Zinter, R. Evans, P, Mandeville, 1946 Season Rochester Q Cornell 10 Rochester 11 St. Lawrence 4 Rochester 4 . . Rochester 5 Union 9 Rochester 6 Hamilton Q Rochester 7 Hobart 4 Rochester 16 Hamilton Q Rochester 17 R. P. l. 4 Rochester 7 Cornell 4 Rochester O Union 1 Rochester 11 St. Lawrence 7 Rochester 9 Clarlcson 3 Won 7 Lost 5 Lettermen Dean Becker William Coffey Donald Diehl Daniel Dieter Richard Garnish Robert Kimball John Knapp Thomas lv1cKeown Edward Rex Franlc Shaughnessy William Shoemaker J. B. Williams Carl Wren Lawrence Savitzlcy James Dwyer Raymond Shalvoy ,J xv.. J Featuring a powerful batting attacle which netted 88 runs in 12 contests, the 1946 U. of R. baseball varsity raclced up a winning record of 7 victories and 5 losses. At one time, the Lou Alexander-coached nine ran up 5 wins in a row. Top sticlcmen for the '46 aggregation were Captain Don Diehl and Frank Shaughnessy, who both hit over .400. The mound worle was divided among righthanders Carl Wren and Bob Kimball and southpaw Dan Dieter, all of who finished with winning records. Coach Alexander had the same pitching staff and the same infield combo ready for duty in 1947, the outfield was green but promising. Somehow, the team seldom reached its possibilities and its final won-lost count showed 5 triumphs against 4 losses. The wettest spring weather in years played havoc with the baseball schedule and 4 tilts were washed out completely. Pitching, with burly Carl Wren bearing most of the mound burden, was better, but batting was spotty and only Franlc Shaughnessy of the '46 returnees was able to hit as well during 1947. shortstop Bill Shoemalcer captained the '47 club, and Shaughnessy was elected captain of next year's team. First Row-F. Shaughnessy, T. McKeown, J. Knapp, D. Diehl,j. B. Williams,W. Cof- fey, R. Garnish. Second Row-D. Becker, D. Dieter,W. Shoemaker, E. Rex, C. Wren, R. Kimball,j. Ryan. Third Row-R. Shalvoy, T. R. Stapleton, L. A. Alexander, L. E. Garnish, J. Dwyer. 123 MiN'S INiHHMlIHHlS HE year 1946-47 saw a strong revival ot pre-war interest in intramural athletics. Several hundred U. of R. undergraduate and grad students competed For individual and team awards in nine sports. The All-Around Cup went to Delta Kappa Epsilon which won no championships but piled up numerous second and third places to win the vaunted trophy. Delta Upsilon, which came in second, won the football championship, in third place, and boasting the largest number of championships was Alpha Delta Phi, which toolc Five cups. Other team winners were: Swimathon, Theta Chi, Baslcetball, Burton Dorm, Volleyball and Softball, Theta Delta Chi, Tennis, Sigma Chi, and Handball, the Grad Students. 124 Sitting'-Peg Faulkner, Sammy Moore, Helen Auringer, Doris Robinson, Zippy Parry, Barb Peters, loan Thurston. Standing-lady Landers, Helen B-insmaid, Gretchen Thomas, Helen Schantz, Marion Bacon. WUMlN'S HlHlHIE HSSHHIHHHN ood sportsmanship and good muscle tone as well as the fun of cooking bacon and eggs on early morning outing club jaunts or doing a schuss at Old Forge have proved an incentive to active sports participation on the part of Prince Street girls. To coordinate the diversified athletic activities ol the Women's Campus there was need lor a capable W. A. A. board-which was this year under the ellicient management ol Helen Auringer. Well remembered are the baslcetball teams that fought ardently all winter lor possession ol the silver cups awarded on Moving- Up-Day. Remembered, too, are the hoclcey manoeuvres ol loan Thurston, the tennis tournaments and the prowess ol Jean Burnham and Peg Faullcner-Sammy Moorels management ol badminton, the special eliort of "Littul" Brindsmaid and interdorm baslcetball competition-the bowling alley jaunts ol Trudy Melville, the inspired ballets ol Dorrie Robinson-Finney and Landers and their galloping afternoons, Jaclcie Hitchcoclfs management of the Outing Club, the elaborate spiels of Terry Levering which persuaded countless numbers of slci fans to polish their hiclcories and head lor the slopes at Old Forge. Then above, beyond and ever-present was "Gram" who never failed anyone when she was called upon to solve any ol the many difficulties that cropped up. 125 X NX X NX ,ev e , K Q 0 S' Q V bw 54' OE .. eff XM Q59 '70 un munwuwmnws Todd ,, L? Z J 6 WHMlN'S HUHMIIUHIES Munro Carnegie 30 AHion CosHe Bragdon Cutler Kendrick Seelye MENS HHHMHHHHS GQ Burton cmd Crosby The Stadium Sitting-L. Hediger, Fairhurst, S. Knoeckel, D. Cochran, A. Gage, M. Myers. Standing-E. Kinney, 1. Hunter, G. Cloos. WHMlN'S lllllllllllllll EUHNEH Dormitory life at the U. ol R. is becoming increasingly complex due to the continuous influx of more and more students. One ol the most important functions ol the lnterdormitory Council this year was to maintain cooperation and a unified spirit within each dormitory and within all the dormitories as a whole. Crowded conditions have created new problems and the Council and its able advisors, Dean Clarlc and Miss Merrill, can be given credit lor their way ol handling dilficult situa- tions efficiently. Lelt to Right 'W, Douglas, G. Dischinger, F. Gentiel, l. Faulkner, W. jackson, W. Kotary, D. Bauer, J, Dieterle. lllN'S llllllllllllll IIHIINEH With college lile baclc on a peacetime basis, the River Campus dormitories are once again filled with civilian students, over 400 strong. Under the new constitution, the Council is composed ol ten "democratically elected" students, the Dean, and the head dormitory advisor. This group has the responsibility ol setting up the dormitory rules and of acting as the representatives ol dorm residents in all matters in which they are concerned. 133 S H Hlilil . i f f na w Q f Q f ,gxx X K rx A k L K chman J Quist M Griggs N Farnum F Montgomery H RaynsFor,M.WeIlington, L. Patcl1en,G. Sheerin, M. Bacon. First Row-P. it en, . u , . , . , . , . , . Second Row-E. Burke, D. Cochran, J. Seelbach, C. Lendrim, S. Knoekel, J. Lane, M. Greene, M, Brant,T. Levering, P, Faulkner, H. Brinsmaid, 1. Thurston, L. Bennett Third Row-H. Auringer, P. Dwyer, N. North, J. Masbruger, P. Faulkner, A. McKissick, J. Roberts, K. Sanney, J. Sturdevant, C, Wenzel, J. Ross, B. Nelson, E Fischer, H, McKay, G. Neil, E, J. Larkin, Char Woods. Fourth Row-M. E. Stewart, A. Wilson, J. Landers, C, Farnum, T. Murphy, R. Naramore, N. Chase, J, Riley, E. Krihak, A. Bonnett, M. J. Finnegan. Missing-J. Conner, B. Eisenberg, P. Ginna, T. Melville, H. Urbelis, M. Joyce, S. Kelly, F. Char. 134 X ff f is goo X2 i 0 o - 8' f ' X 7 2 M Q. 'f If .T M N'xon Lois Mann B Butts Molly Bruckel,L.Roberts. Sitting on Floor-B, Larson, Shirley Gott, M. Hoff, K. johnson, P. Van De Walle, P. Kroemer, . I , , . , Second Row-C. Vaughn, J. Kotcrry, P, Steinbeck, D. A. Wallace, M. E. Dalton, E. O'Hara, V. Van de Carr, P. Kelley, M. Proctor, J. Hall, N. Green, V. Sykes, M. Gray, A. Barnes, S. Forbes. Third Row-D. Butch, l. Morrill, R. Forquer, 1. MacLean, L. Leininger, K. Zismer, B. Marvin, l. Schapler, M. Schrieb, B, White, J. Ross, B. Weller, M. Cunning- ham, 1. Gitelman, A. Nemetz, 1. Bailey. Fourth Row WB. Stephens, E. MacDonald, D. Gillette, 1. Bagley, D. L. Taylor, E. Duffy, J. Stellwagen, D. Benz, A. Shaughnessy. ' V. H t , D. Hershfield, E. Kinney, A. Zimmer, M. Park, J. Worden, H. Converse, G. Ferguson, A Missing--B. Bishop, E, B. White, P. Conley, C. Slocum, agger y Miller, C. Moya, l. Marcom, J. Rockwell. 135 i First Row-M. J. Kaiser, E. Hessler, B. Gaia, P. Rohrer, M, Price, R. Krautwurst M Kali, Second Row B K ' K - . alser, . Ludwig, C. Elliott, F, Galvin, P. Perry, 1. Murphy, Liidwig, J. Henner, 1. Page, Third Row-P. Hansen, J. Malcolm, B. Sites, ,I. Nelson, N. Schaller, M. Coutts, J. Tatlock, N. Levy, S. Sievens, R. Drumm, B. Weinbrenne 136 r, E. Thompson M r. 00 2- ,, f - 0' , X' ' X--:Q o 2 N 1 T tk 3 S! '. 003 ' ' M M X nav' First Row-E. Costich, I. Good, E. Brotz, B Weinstein E Parker E BI d tt . , . , . o ge. Second Row-G. Saperstone M Monfredo B B I4 S , . , . oyors y, . Henoch, R. Bergman, C. Hoehn, J. Nichols, E. Fleisher Third Row-I. Tillim, D. Woolfe, A. Mcrcsco, S. Allcrt, D, Drcut. 137 1. 1 1 9 0 on T x :L X X e . ' L O 0 5 - Y ' l 9 ff , L . .H , , 1 - 5 L 11 Xb .VH X ff l x First Row-B Yousey G Porter M. Wheeler, B. Wheeler, B. McLain, M. Chard, M. Matthews, M. Fuller. S d R Q-A. Hall, Nielsen, L. Hediger, C. Gordon, R. Woodcock, R. Kennedy, S. Moore, E. Cartwright, L. Lakin. econ ow Third Row-J. Balch, D. Robinson, B. Peters, J. Gilbert, A. Roberts, E. Shakeshalt, B. Schumacher, E. Peirce, M. Connell, j. Lawler, N. Carlyon, V. Cavagnaro 138 Left to Right-L. Hediger, E, Fleisher,l.Thurston, F. Galvin, T. Krihak, M. Coutts. Bishop, B. Schmidt, R. Bergman. INHHSHHUHIIY EHHNEH Before the student body had a chance to exhale its first breath of the college year, lnter- sorority Council was busily malcing plans for the Rushing Period which was carried through in a successful whirl of teas and lunches and pledge dances. After a certain amount of peace was restored, new vigor was poured into plans for the main social event on the sorority calendar-lntersorority Ball. Festoons of cotton snow, silvered shrubs and frosted lanterns created a winter atmos- phere. Spring found the Council more concerned with individual sorority functions than with the larger affairs which always char- acterize the fall season. Left to Right-F. Dowd, S. Bloom, F. Walters, R. Billett, D. Clough, T. Wheeler, D. Whalen, N. Grano, 1. Laird, D, Fisher, M. Haynes, R. Cook. HHHNIE EHHNEH It is the job of the Hellenic Council to coordinate activities and policies among the fraternities at the University. ln the fall, the Council formulates regulations and supervises rushing of new members. Such affairs as interfraternity dances and fraternity open houses are planned by the Council which has representatives from each fraternity. 139 Missing-M. E. Dalton, B. , Hllllllllll Rr I - fn. 4:41 .. M Jr, 1? CKE: ,fx Q- g, HllHH lllllll PHI Kneeling, First Row-K. Bastress, R. Lclfleur, T. Mopp, J. Boas, Bismark, D. Barry, R. Rheinerslon, R. Madden, D. Dise. Second Row-T, Dowdy, R. Williamson, D. Tuites, W, Morgan, R, Dinse, R. Garner, G. Shirey. Third Row-R. Barker, T. Barry, D. Harvey, C. Bowermon, P. Woodams, H. Vogt, R. Rickard, R. Burns. Standing-K. Bunnell, L. Erickson, D. Clark, F. Paulus, C, Lundquist, C. Harrington, F. Walter, N. Maxon, P. Stein, G. Gelser, R. Eclcler, R. Billet 1. Scobel, G. Fltzelle, G. Fellows, T. Burden, A. Lane, A. Buconnan, P. Benhom, R. Skiles, R, Eastman, D. McConnell, R. Zaenglein, E. Kent 140 First Row-R. Moore, R. Mohlar, J. Ragan, E. Exner, H. Shrier, J. Brandy, C. Adler. Second Row-R. Bruton, R. Whitney, H. Nagel, S. jones, W. Hart, R. Kaiser, C. Fitzmorris, R. Weigelt. Third Row-J, Lacy, R. Murphy, 1. Rapp, R. Ferris, R. Hoe, E. Rex, R. Cowing. Fourth Row-R. Allison, P. Gucker, J. Guyon, W. Guy, R. Baroody. Last Row-A. Chapin, R. Allen, P. Hanks, D. Bailey, T. Wheeler, D. Becker, L. Krolak, R. Rosborough, S. Hamilton 141 1 ss1Qc.!ll,ji T J First Row-C. Woodman, A. Miller, W. Simpson, C. Wudams, T. Armstrong, C. Frame, R. Williams, C. Langtry. Second Row-H. Droggett, G. McKelvey, F. Giangiobbe, R, Pollard, l. Gosnell, F. Steinbeck, R .Eden. Third Row-R. Bollon, H. Rupert, P. Svanoe, W. Woods, J. Clark. Standing-L. Laird, M. Reed, J. Fossett, W. Howes, H. Smart, C. Gill, H. Martin, F. Dowel, R. Rupp, F. Hammill, W. Daily, Y. Sanders, R. Kanka 142 QQ' First Row-F. Ostendorl, H, Smith, R. McBride, J, Conneley, R. McCarthy, G. Hart, l. Glenn, A. Cook, J. Fleckenstein. Second Row-D. Whalen, J. Conneley, H. Crowley, l. Schaefer, A. Baker, l. Bloomer, C. Wackerman, F. Shaughnessy, D. Fisher, D. Lincoln, A. Hurst, W. Coyne, R. Garnish, M. Callahan, 1. Malloy, T. Hoffman, K. Fuoco, l. Murphey. Third Row-1. Lipper, G. Harris, R. Henty, R. Scott, P. Fisher, B. Forsythe, R. Hudson, 1. Williams, G. Schaefer, 1. Helti, R. Baldwin, M. Vanorter, D. Barnard, W. Ryan, R. Stevans, D. Stonebraker. Fourth Row-W, Dirlcson, S. Widener, W. Richardson, l. Allington, R. Hcluse. 143 1-Q., ff 51' H hh ix f H4125 F Y M WF IHHH MNH EHI First Row-S. Terris, E. Langhans, C. Barrett, N. Davidson, j. O'Grady, R. Ketchum, R. Wakefield, J. Clark, E. Mullen. Second Row-D. Dieter, R. Hampton, R. Reeves. First Row, Standing-P. Bourgeois, G. Terry, R. Dinzler, P. Seeley, W. DaBolI, R. Miles, R. Balme, W. Dieter. Second Row, Standing-Robert Cook, W. Daymon, R. Wegman, Richard Cook, l. Wright, W, Kotary. Third Row, Standing-R. Keagle, E. Butrim, J, Friert, l. Bullock, R. Daggs, N. Wallen. Fourth Row, Standing'-J. Baldwin, D. Pickett, D. Clough, l. Hastings, E, Harris, C. Gray, V. Noel, W. Heard, R. Lytle, E, Kartlick, R. Clough, J. Hursh, D. Morgan 144 E sax W ff' "Ou, -...N sq., First Row-H. Menzel, W. Blair, K. Hubel, W, Mavtz, D. Hotchkiss, R. johnson, Second Row-1. Gurnett, A. VanderLande, R. Scott, H. Strohson, V. Carpenter, Third Row-R. Herbert, R. Brown, M. Haynes, W. Henion, S. Walton, J. Savage, Fourth Row-R. Brady, J. Lawrow, A. Wiberly, l. O'Neil, W. Pratt, D. Bernhardt, 145 D. Leidig. R. Hill, W. Ingersoll G. Hart, D. Willems R. Peule, N. Grano. First Row-R. Kirby, F. Raible, W. Agnew, R. Faroo, R. Kenyon, E. Atwater, W. Hochheim, S. Killip, W. Gamble, J. Hays, W. Fraser, D. Arlidge. Second Row-C. Von Voorhis, F. Bliss, T. Shafer, H. Baxter, W. Yaude, G. Rich, D. Howe, H. VanCott, J. Nolan, W. Grcxeper. Third Row-C. D. Hollenbeck, H. Dillenbeck, l. Neel, J. Lamb, R. Slcuse, R. Thielking, R. Miller, D. Aumick. ' ' J. J k , R. Saunders, T. Young, F. Howd, S. Trunx, R. Hughs, W. Sabey Standing-Don Howe, R. Currie, R. Day, R. Van Graafelland, R. Wyland, A. Gilman, ac son 146 eg,-,ig , 1 XQIJL Seated-J, Proiu, S. Sanfilippo, L. DiLellc, J. Gatluso. Standing-D. Bronte, I. Barone, A. DiCesc1re, L, Evungelisti, G. Privitera 147 Left to Right, Front Row-R. Shapiro, G. Koris, M. Rosenberg, A. Leve, M. Berman. Second Row-C. Berger, M. Goldstein, M. Cominsky, B. Friedman, P. Cohen. Third Row-1. Tishkoff, L. Epstein, A. Davidson, J. Korpeck, R. Hosson, N. Lieberman. Fourth Row-H. Pinsky, R. Gerber, A. Rubin, H. Shur, L. Winogrod, S. Phillips, E. Pollock. Fifth Row-E. Colodny, 1. Hollander, S. Bloom, J. Goldberg, H. Axelrod, J. Roz, E. Wineberg, 1. Gnstel 148 P First Row-M. Robins, K. Baker, G. Wich, R. Plosscawe, C. Moreland, N. Wellsey, D. Gclir. Second Raw-W. Douglass, M. Messinger, T. Morey, N. Levin, W. Curran, G. Moscaritolo ,C. Weschke, H. Byers, R. Wallace Third Row-D. Terry, A. Miale, G. Coghill, C. Helifer, S. Smith, W. Glaser. Fourth Row-N. Blake, H. Nick, 1. Hammill, A. Lewis, M. HoHmun. 149 JUNIOR ROSTER -WOMEN AESCHLIMAN, DOROTHY Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, Water Ballet, Kaleidoscope, Lighting Committee, Glee Club. ALLART, SHIRLEY Dean's List, YWCA, Frosh Commission, War Bond Drive, lntercampus Choir. ALTMAN, AUDREY YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Commission, Sociol- ogy Club. APITZSCH, BERTHA CAROLINE YWCA, Sociology Club, Art Club, German Club, Chapel Committee. ARNOULD, ANTOINETTE Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, lntercampus Choir, Glee Club, Soloist lor Cantata, Assistant News Editor ol Tower Times. ASPRIDY, CHRISOULA Sigma Kappa Upsilon, Dean's List, YWCA, Biology Club, Social Service. AURINGER, SHIRLEY Dean's List YWCA, WAA Board, Captain of Dorm Basketball Team, Gamma Phi. BAGLEY, JANET Alpha Sigma, Assistant Treasurer, YWCA, Sub-Fresh- men Day Commission Student Association Mediation Board tor Freshmen-Sophomore Hunt, Counselor at Freshmen-Junior House Party. BAILEY, JOANNE Alpha Sigma, YWCA, Treasurer, Daily Chapel Com- mittee, Sophomore Advisor of Freshmen Commission, Sub- Chairman ol WSSF, Editor of Y-Lights, Representative ol Y to National Assembly, Delegate to State SCM Council Meeting Silver Bay Delegate, Spanish Club, French Club, Freshmen Choir. BARNES, ALICE JEANETTE Alpha Sigma, Freshmen Commission, YWCA, Tower Times, French Club, Dean's List. BERGMAN SOPHIE Dean's List, Sigma Kappa Upsilon, Secretary 2, President 3, Senior Dance Club, Intersorority Council, Biology Club, Jewish Culture Group, German Club. BIDLACK, JANE Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Commission, Daily Chapel Committee, Deputations. BILLINGS, JANET BARRY CMRSJ Dean's List, YWCA, President ol Sociology Club. BISHOP, BETH STODDARD Alpha Sigma Sorority, Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Commission, Sta ers, Vice-President, French Club, Feature Editor ol Tower Times, Junior and Senior Dance Club, Corresponding Secretary, Assistant Director of Kaleidoscope, Freshmen Play, Art Exhibit, MacKenzie Fund Drive Assembly Chairman, Editorial Assistant ol Interpres, Dramatic Editor of Tower Times, Assistant Editor of Blue Book, Intersorority Council, Gamma Phi Prize, Freshmen-Junior House Party, Thi Sigma Iota. BLAIR, SHIRLEY Stagers, Tower Times. BONNETT, ADELE Theta Eta, YWCA, Interpres Movie. BOYARSKY, BERNICE Sigma Kappa Upsilon Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Commission, German Club, French Club, Jewish Cultural Group. BRANT, MARGARET Theta Eta, Secretary, Dean's List, YWCA, Sophomore Advisor ot Freshmen Commission, Photography Club, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Snow Party, Cutler House Committee, Kaleidoscope, Scenery, Junior Carnival, WSSF Drive, Carnegie, Vice-President, Freshmen- Junior House Party, SA Counselor. BRINSMAID, HELEN Theta Eta, Junior Counselor, YWCA, Freshmen Com- mission, Cutler Music Committee, Chairman ot Scenery Kaleidoscope, Chairman of Sophomore Dance, Junior Class Secretary, WAA Board. BROTZ ESTHER Sigma Kappa Upsilon, YWCA, Photography Club, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Commission Biology Club, Delegate to SCM Conference, Daily Chapel Committee. BURNS, MARY Senior Dance Club. CARROLL, RUTH Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, YWCA. CHAR, FLORENCE International Weekend Vesper Service CHARD MARY FRANCES Gamma Phi, YWCA, Kaleidoscope. CLARK, EVELYN RUTH Freshmen Choir, Christian Science Organization, Social Chairman of Bragdon, Kaleidoscope, Glee Club, Fresh- men-Junior House Party. CLAUDIUS, ELSA Dean's List, Stagers, YWCA. CLEASON LORRAINE Glee Club, YWCA. COOK, ESTHER LOIS Dean's List, YWCA, Sam Johnson Club, Daily Chapel, Ililaleidoscope Lighting Committee, Secretary of Castle ouse. CONLEY, PATRICIA M. COSTICH, ELIZABETH Dean's List, YWCA, Art Club. COUTTS, MORNILVA EUNICE Dean's List, Theta Tau Theta, Intersorority Council, YWCA, Phi Sigma Iota. DAVENPORT JEAN Dean's List, YWCA, Board Member, Kaleidoscope, SCM Conference, Leadership Training School Chair- man ol Daily Chapel, Freshmen Choir, Stagers, Editorial Assistant lor Interpres, Glee Club. DE NERING, GERALDINE ELIZABETH Dean's List, YWCA, Chairman ol International Weekend, Y Delegate to National Assembly, SA Counselor, Frosh Choir, Lighting Committee, Prokons Speaker, Silver Bay Conference. DENNY, MARY Dean's List, Frosh Choir, Stagers, Secretary-Treasurer ol Kendrick. DIBBLE, JANE Dean's List, YWCA, Frosh Commission. DYOTT, LILIAN YWCA, Kaleidoscope, Stagers, Business Manager of College Song Book, SA Counselor, lntercampus Choir, Frosh Choir, Glee Club, Junior Class President, Junior Section Editor of Interpres, Social Chairman of Bragdon, Chairman Cutler Checking Committee, Stagers, Freshmen- Junior House Party. ELLIOTT, CLAUDIA LOUISA Theta Tau Theta, Biology Club, Junior Dance Club, Spanish Play, Newman Club. FAULKNER, ET!-IEL PAULINE Theta Eta, Dean's List, Rosenber er Prize, YWCA, Fresh- men Commission, Senior Dance Club, Chapel Committee, Sophomore Advisor to Freshmen Commission, Kaleido- scope. FIELD, RUTH FITCH, AUDREY Frosh Mixer Chairman, YWCA, Glee Club Concert, Com- mittee Chairman for Snow Party, Winter Formal. . tContinued on page 1541 Always Good Food From Q ' Q! 0 I J 0 ROCHESTER PROVISION CO. WW "Exclusive Clothes for Particular Women' Wholesale Foodstutfs JUNIOR. . .MISSES. . .WOMEN o 153 RAILROAD STREET 38 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y WM. G. KAELBER L. A. WASSDORP Compliments of ARCHITECTS URBAN F. Rlrz 311 ALEXANDER ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. HEINRICH-SEIBOLD STATIONERY INC. S H A F E R C O I Office Furniture, Stationery Supplies THREE STORES IN ROCHESTER 4 E. Main St. 64 Exchange 357 East Main St. Main 5281-2 FINE FURS SINCE 1880 76 EAST AVENUE Floafer Insurance Covers Anywhere FURS AND JEWELRY ARE INSURABLE ON AN "ALL-RISKS" BASIS ul' IF you own an automobile, insure it QFire-Theft-Collisionj, and also claims made against you by others Ior personal injury and property damage fLiability and Property Damagej. Remember that in New Yorlc State, in the event of accident, failure to have insurance may result in loss of your driving rights on the highway. R. S. PAVIOUR 81 SON, INC. Main 220 and 221 153 1 JUNIOR ROSTER -WOMEN fConiinuedJ FITZGERALD JOAN Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Com- mission, SA Publicity Committee. FLEISHER, EVELYN Sigma Kappa Upsilon, Dean's List, YWCA, Photog- raphy Club, Jewish Cultural Group. FOROUER, ROSEMARY Alpha Sigma, YWCA, Freshmen Commission, Red Cross Drive, Sub-Freshmen Committee, Kaleidoscope. FREEMAN, MARGARET JANE FREY, RUTH CONSTANCE FULLER, MARJORIE Gamma Phi, YWCA. GAGE, ARLENE YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Commission, Co- President of Bragdon, Daily Chapel, Vice-President of Bragdon 2, Co-Chairman Freshmen Luncheons. GARELICK, MARYANNA Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, French Club. GIOIA, BESSIE YWCA, Kaleidoscope, Theta Tau Theta, Cutler Poster Committee. GORDON, CONSTANCE Gamma Phi, YWCA, Dean's List, Newman Club, Kaleidoscope, Spanish Club, College Music Quartet, Christmas lntercampus Program, Dance Club. GREEN, NANCY Kaleidoscope, Costumes, YWCA, Glee Club Freshmen Ehog, lntercampus Church Council, Junior Class Song ea er. GRIFFITH, ELIZABETH GOULD GUSTAVSEN, KRISTIN P. HAGGERTY, VIRGINIA Alpha Si ma, Dean's List, YWCA, Newman Club, Freshmen Choir, Secretary and Treasurer, Freshmen Play, Stagers. HALL, JEAN Alpha Sigma, Kaleidoscope, Tower Times, Assistant Managin Editor, SA Mediations Board,Junior Section Editor of Tnterpres, Secretary of Alpha Sigma. HARDING, JANE Dean's List, Kaleidoscope, Freshmen Choir, Glee Club, Social Service, Corresponding Secretary of Dance Club. HAMILTON, MARION Dean's List, YWCA, Kaleidoscope, Freshmen Commission HARTMAN, RUTH Dean's List, YWCA, Newman Club, Art Club, Kaleido- scope. HARVEY, ESTHER Dean's List, Art Club, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Commission. HASWELL, RUTH Sta ers Step Ceremony, Water Ballet, Freshmen Choir, YWCA. HELMS, MARYELLA Vice-President of Carnegie, Freshmen Commission, Fresh- men Choir, Student Counselor, Kaleidoscope, Co-Chair- man of Athletics at Helen Wood Hall, Vesper Com- mittee. HESSLER, EVELYN ROSE Theta Tau Theta, Corresponding Secretary, Dean's List, YWCA, French Club, Editorial Assistant of lnterpres, Freshmen-Junior House Party. HIRSHFIELD, DENISE Alpha Sigma, Dean's List, YWCA, French Club, Presi- dent, Stagers, Kaleidoscope, Phi Sigma Iota. HOEHN, CAROL Sigma Kappa Upsilon Vice-President, YWCA, Sopho- more Delegate on the Board, Chairman of Political Club Kaleidoscope, Delegate to SCM Conference, Social Service,'Y Representative to National Assembly. 54 HOLLANDER, MARSHA Dean's List, Biology Club. HOWLAND, LILY JEAN Theta Tau Theta, Cheer Leader, Kaleidoscope. HUGHES, BETTY LOUISE HUNTER, JEAN YWCA, Glee Club, Secretary of Kendrick, Kaleidoscope, Song Book Committee, Secretary-Treasurer of Bragdon, Co-President of Bragdon, Social Service. INGRAO, MARIAN Dean's List, Freshmen Commission, Stagers, French Club, International Weekend, YWCA, Phi Sigma Iota. KENNEDY, REBECCA JANE KING, VIRGINIA Frosh Commission Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Chapel Music, SCM Conference Delegate, YWCA Board Member, lntercampus Choir, Co-Chairman Munro Music Committee. KINNEY EILEEN SUSAN Alpha Si ma, Junior Counselor, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Fresimen Snow Party, Stagers, Lighting Director, Glee Club Ushers, Freshmen-Junior House Party, Kaleido- scope, Cutler Union House Committee, President of Kendrick Dormitory. KIRCH, LETTY Freshmen Choir, SCM Conference, Glee Club lnter- campus Choir, Chairman of Freshmen Luncheons, Fresh- men Commission. KNOECKEL SHIRLEY Dean's List Theta Eta, Treasurer, YWCA, Kaleidoscope, Interdorm Council. KREMER, FLORENCE Dean's List, YWCA, Stagers. LANDERS, JOANNE Theta Eta YWCA, Stagers, Sophomore Advisor to Freshmen Commission, Kaleidoscope. LAWLER JOAN Gamma Phi, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Glee Club, Span- ish Club, Newman Club. LEININGER, JANET Dean's List, Alpha Sigma, YWCA, Christian Science Organization. LILL, ARLENE Dean's List, YWCA, Photography, President, Tower Times, Advertising Manager, lnterpres Staff Freshmen- Junior House Party, Newman Club, Spanish Club. MC KISSICK AUDREY Dean's List, Theta Eta, YWCA, Sam Johnson, Associate Editor, Feature Editor of Tower Times, Sophomore Class Secretary, Junior Counselor, Assembly Committee, Kaleidoscope, Blue Book, Campus Correspondent for Times Union, Literary Editor of lnterpres. MC LAIN, JOSEPHINE Alpha Sigma, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Glee Club, Campus Church Representative, Tower Times. MC LAUGHLIN, JEAN Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, College Suppers, Theta Tau Theta. MACK, ELIZABETH Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, Tower Times, Campus Church Representative. MALCOLM, JEAN Theta Tau Theta, YWCA Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Glee Club, Chairman of Freshmen College Supper, Circu- lation Manager of lnterpres, Freshmen-Junior House Party. MANN, LOIS WENDELL Dean's List, Alpha Sigma, YWCA, Christmas College Supper. MARKHAM, JANET Transfer. CContinued on page 1561 AGAIN if's onofher OUTSTANDING INTERPRES because The Phofographs were creofed by PHOTOGRAPHIC ART whose studios are The DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS OF FINE COLLEGE YEARBOOKS ikskitf REPRINTS OF ANY PHOTOGRAPH IN THIS BOOK - ARE AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME Besf Wishes Io The Class of '48 83 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH ROCHESTER, N.Y. IR. K. O. Palace Buildingj 155 JUNIOR ROSTER MARVIN, BETTY Stlpha Sigma, YWCA, SCM Conference, Sub-Freshmen ay. MATTHEWS, MARGARET Dean's List, Gamma Phi, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Weekly Chapel Programs. MELVILLE, GERTRUDE Dean's List Theta Eta, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Class Play, YWCA, Biolo y Club, Blue Book Staff, Kaleido- scope, Chairman of Sophomore Weekend, Chairman of Junior Counselors. MILLER, ELIZABETH Transfer. MILLER, MARY Dean's List. MILLER PHYLLIS Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Tower Times, Photography Club, SA Publicity. MONFREDO, MARIE Dean's List, Sigma Kappa Upsilon, Tower Times. MONTGOMERY, FEROL Dean's List, Theta Eta, Tower Times, President of Alton House, Interdormitory Council, Kaleidoscope, Vice- President of the Y, Vice-President of the Freshmen and Sophomore Class, Social Chairman of Junior Class, Chairman of Interpres Dance, Calendar Committee, Freshmen-Sophomore House Party, Presidents School for the YWCA. MOORE, MARY Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Advertising for Interpres, Snack Bar Committee. MURPHY, GERTRUDE Dean's List, Theta Eta, YWCA, Biology Club, Freshmen Play, Spanish Play, Dance Club Secretary, International Weekend Publicity Mana er of Kaleidoscope, Social Chairman of Bragdon, WXA Board, Sociology Club, Advertising for Interpres, President of the Senior Dance Club, Secretary of Seelye House, Candidate for Junior Prom Oueen. NAKAHATA, BEATRICE Dean's List, Thanksgiving Tea. NARAMORE, NANCY Dean's List Theta Eta, Outing Club President, Art Club President, Christian Science Or anization, Business Man- ager of Interpres, Assistant Eeature Editor of Tower Times, Kaleidoscope, Stagers. NEILL, GERTRUDE Dean's List, Theta Eta, Vice-President of Freshmen Class, Sophomore Class President, Freshmen Snow Party, Kaleidoscope, International Weekend, Advertising Man- ager of Interpres. NELSON, BARBARA Dean's List, Theta Eta, YWCA, Freshmen Commission. NEMETZ, ALICE Dean's List, Alpha Sigma, Interpres Staff. NEUBERT, ELEANOR Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope. NORTH, HONORA Theta Eta, YWCA, Literary Workshop, Newman Club, Editor of the Blue Book, Editor of the Interpres, Kaleido- scope, Assistant Managing Editor and Managing Editor of Tower Times, Freshmen Play, Sub-Freshmen Day, Dele- gate to Associated Collegiate Press Conference, Student Counselor. OHASKI, HOPE YWCA. I OSBAND, BEATRICE Dean's List, YWCA, Spanish Club. - WOMEN fConfinuedl OSKOLA, GLORIA Dean's List, YWCA, Tower Times, Stagers, Spanish Club, Interpres. PARRY, HELEN Dean's List, YWCA Cabinet, Chairman of Deputations, Freshmen Class President, Chairman of War Bond Drive, SA Conference, Freshmen Choir, Assembly Committee, Chairman of Freshmen-Sophomore Hunt, Chairman Junior Activities for Interpres, Publicity Chairman for WAA Board, Director of the Freshmen-Junior House Party, SCM Conference Dele ate, Leadership Training School, Gamma Phi Prize, WSSF Drive, Sta e Manager for Glee Club 2, Kaleidoscope, Sociology CTub. PARSONS, ALICE JEAN Dean's List, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Art Exhibit, Glee Club, Step Ceremony. PERRY, PATRICIA Dean's List, YWCA, Theta Tau Theta, Vice-President, Spanish Club, Stagers, Kaleidoscope Y Social Service, 'Junior Counselor, Interpres Staff, Freshmen-Junior House arty. PETERS, BARBARA Dean's List, Gamma Phi, Social Chairman, Biology Club, Hosteling Club, Tower Times, WAA Board, Kaleido- scope, Water Ballet, Freshmen-Junior House Party, Publicity Manager Elect of WAA. PFLEEGER, CAROL Dean's List, Theta Eta, Freshmen Choir, Glee Club, Chapel Committee, Kaleidoscope. PRATT, WATKINS KATE Dean's List, YWCA, Kaleidoscope. PROCTOR, MARY Dean's List Alpha Sigma, Junior Counselor, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Kaleidoscope, Music Director, Class Song Leader, Chairman of Junior Sisters, Academic Honesty Committee, Sophomore Song Author, Co- Editor of Group Pictures for Interpres, Social Chairman of Munro, Vice-President of Alpha Sigma, Representative to Intercampus Council, Y Cabinet, Chairman of Social Service, Freshmen-Junior House Party, Sociology Club. RICKERS, RUTH Dean's List, YWCA, German Club, Dance Club, Biology Club. RILEY, JEANETTE S. ROBERTS, ANNA Dean's List, Gamma Phi, Treasurer, Stagers Freshmen Choir, Lighting Committee, Kaleidoscope, SCM Con- ference Delegate, Co-President of Kendrick. ROBERTS, BARBARA Dean's List, YWCA, Stagers. ROBERTS, LILY Dean's List, Stagers, YWCA, Interpres Staff. ROBINSON, MAE E. ROSENBERG, DOROTHY Dean's List, YWCA, Stagers, Spanish Club, Tower Times, Kaleidoscope, Interpres, ance Club, Secretary. ROSS, JEAN ELIZABETH YWCA, Christmas Program 3. RUSSELL CLARA ELIZABETH YWCA, Freshmen Mixer, Blue Book. SANNEY, KATHRYN Theta Eta, Stagers, Kaleidoscope, Music, Cast, Lyrics, Co-Chairman of Junior Carnival, Co-Editor of Group Pictures for Interpres Leader of Freshmen Class 3, Lyrics for Class Song, Freshmen-Junior House Party. SCARDINO, JEAN Newman Club, Spanish Club, Moving Up Day Exercises. fContinued on page 1581 own Bali Banyan Nowhere do you get value IiIce the electric service you enjoy at home. Cozy Iighting, soft radio music are yours for pennies. 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Y Compliments of 1 B S THE MANHATTAN RESTAURANT if 25 EAST AVENUE Forget Your Worries LITTLE THEATRE Come to Buonomo's Bowling Hull 240 EAST AVENUE 170 Hollywood and Foreign Producers 157 Showing Outstanding Films From T JUNIOR ROSTER SEILS, SALLY Dean's List, Business Manager of the Blue Book, Photo- graphic Editor of lnterpres, YWCA, Freshmen-Junior House Party. SHEERIN, GAIL Dean's List, Theta Eta, WSSF Drive, Freshmen Choir, YWCA, Kaleidoscope, Publicity Chairman of lnterpres. SHEVCHUK, ROSE MARY YWCA, Freshmen Choir. SILLER, MARCIA YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Freshmen Snow Party. SITES, BARBARA JOAN SLEEPER, JOY Dean's List YWCA, Art Club Art Exhibit, President of Freshmen Choir, French Club, Winter Formal, Kaleido- scope, Scenery, Carnegie Dormitory, Treasurer, Freshmen- Junior House Party. SNYDER, JANE YWCA, Freshmen Commission STANICK, ANNA Dean's List, Tower Times, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Newman Club. STARK, MARION Dean's List. STEEPEE, PATRICIA Campus Correspondent, Editor of Tower Times, Associate Editor of Blue Book, Delegate to Associated Collegiate Press Conference. STEWART, MARY ELIZABETH Theta Eta, YWCA, Cabinet Member, SCM Conference Delegate, Leadership Training School, President of Freshmen Commission, Kaleidoscope, Secretary of Car- negie Dormitory, Freshmen Choir, Vice-President of Student Association, Delegate to SA Conference, Chair- man of College Supper. SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, YWCA, Biology Club, Kaleidoscope, SCM Conference, Glee Club, Daily Chapel, Worship Laboratory, Assistant Chairman of Step Ceremony, Leadership Training School, International Weekend. SWARTZ, BARBARA MEYERS Dean's List, Gamma Phi, YWCA, Freshmen Choir, Glee Club, Stagers. SYKES, VIRGINIA Alpha Sigma, YWCA, Winter Formal Committee. TAUSCH, MILDRED German Club, YWCA, Choir. THOMAS, GRETCHEN Dean's List, Kaleidoscope, Freshmen Choir, Correspond- ing Secretary of Castle House, lntercampus Church Com- mittee, WAA Board, Dance Club, Sociology Club, SCM Conference, lntercampus Choir, Tower Times. THOMPSON, ELAINE Theta Tau Theta, Stagers, YWCA. THURSTON, JOAN Theta Eta, Secretary of lntersorority Council, Freshmen Choir, WAA Board, Kaleidoscope, Art Club, Chairman of Hazing, SA Mediation Board, Social Chairman of Sophomore Class, Freshmen-Junior House Party, lnterores Staff, Stagers, President Elect of WAA, Head of Pub- licity for Hanenities Conference. WOMEN fConiinuedl 158 TILLIM, IRENE Y Social Service. URBELIS, HELEN Theta Eta, Newman Club, Junior Class Treasurer, YWCA. VAN DE CARR, VIRGINIA Alpha Sigma, Kaleidoscope, Co-Chairman of Junior Carnival, Social Chairman of Alpha Sigma, YWCA. VAN GEYT, DIANA Dean's List, YWCA, Kaleidoscope, Freshmen and Sophomore Class Treasurer, Recording Secretary of SA, Chairman of Freshmen Snow Party, SA Bursar, Freshmen- Junior House Party. VASOUEZ, LILLIAN Newman Club, Transfer Student. VELIE, ROSE Dean's List, Cheer Leader, Kaleidoscope, Tower Times, Transfer Student. VOCK, ELEANOR YWCA, Christian Science Organization, Glee Club, Advertising for lnterpres, Kaleidoscope. WATKINS, DOROTHY ANNE WEBB, MARGARET Dean's List, Tower Times, Glee Club, YWCA. WEBSTER, ALICE Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, lntercampus Choir, Chairman of Musical Variety Show. WEINSTEIN, BEVERLY Sigma Kappa Upsilon, Spanish Club, Jewish Cultural Group, Dean's List, French Club, Kaleidoscope. WENZEL, CAROL Dean's List, Theta Eta, Freshmen Choir, Christian Science Organization, Glee Club, Kaleidoscope, Finance for Sophomore Weekend, SB Anthony Day Board, Treasurer of Munro Hall, Math Club, Interpres Staff. WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN GILL YWCA, Freshmen Commission, Literary Workshop, Managing Editor, Blue Book. WOLFE, DORIS Transfer, Stagers. WOODAMS, SHIRLEY Vice-President of Aviation Club. WULSIN, ROSAMUND REED Dean's List. YORK, HELEN Dean's List, Blue Book, YWCA. YOUSEY, BARBARA Gamma Phi, Freshmen Choir, WSSF Drive. ZISMER, KATHLEEN Dean's List, Alpha Sigma, Freshmen Choir, Art Club, Kaleidoscope, WAA Board, Glee Club, Phi Sigma Iota Interpres Staff, Tower Times, Cutler Union House Com- mittee. I ZELLNER, CAROLYN Dean's List, Freshmen Choir, Stagers, Kaleidoscope, Secretary of Castle House, Vice-President of Junior Class, Sociology Club. ARTHUR A. MELVILLE Optometrist 529 N. GOODMAN ST. CULVER 2596 MeetondEot P E N G U I N The Shop Around the Corner of Alexander 785 EAST MAIN STREET I:orSofety Coll A T0 WN TA Xl Main 8000 CAREFUL + COURTEOUS 1 SERVICE Compliments of THE PAINE DRUG CO. 24 EAST MAIN STREET ESTABLISHED IN 1820 4 ,,,,, , WW, T0 WE R TI M E S P E R R Y R A P P Dry Cleaner FAST SERVICE 22 MAIN STREET W. JACK END AND HIS ORCHESTRA HERRICK LUMBER CO. PMN: the Compliments and .yincere Good Wz'shes of tile UWZ.V6V5l.1jl of Rochester 159 JUNIOR ROSTER-MEN ADAMS, O. R., JR. 620 AlIen's Creek Road ANDREAS, BURTON G. 195 Harding Road Gamma Sigma, Morey Club, French Club, Community Speaker's Bureau. BAILEY, GRAYDON 404 Genesee Street Freshmen Soccer, Pre-Med Society, Freshmen Mixer Committee, Delta Kappa Epsilon. BAKER, LLOYD T. 28 Rowley Street Ouilting Club, Campus Cartoonist, Men's Art Editor, Interpres. BARRY, THOMAS W. 1744 Edgemere Drive The Campus, Aviation Club, Alpha Delta Phi. BASSETT, GLENN C. 58 Dover Park Cyclaprom Committee, Hellenic Council, Psi Upsilon. BELLOS, NEAL S. 59 Werner Park Freshmen Soccer, Soccer, Biology Club, Yellow Key. BERGER, CURTIS 134 Douglas Road The Campus, Interpres, Jewish Cultural Group, Rochester Prize Scholarship, Kappa Nu. BENHAM, PAUL 95 Castlebar Road Alpha Delta Phi BECKERMAN, MURRAY 1200 East Avenue BLAKE, NORMAN W. 265 Pierpont Street Chairman, American Chemical Society, Glee Club, Geneseeans, Todd Union Committee. BOWLLAN, RICHARD J. 70 Kemphurst Road Football, Mendicants, Psi Upsilon. BRAYER, PAUL W. 295 Aldine Street The Campus, Traditions Committee, lnterpres. BRITTON, WILLIAM C. 279 Westfield Street Track, Soccer, Xmas Pageant, Glee Club. BRONTE, DOMINIC F. 63 Peck Street Newman Club, Alpha Phi Delta. BROWN, GEORGE A. 88 Roslyn Street A. I. Ch. E., Geneseeans, SCA, Freshmen Soccer, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Junior Class lCIass of '46l . BUTRIM, EDWARD J. 40 St. Jacob Street Frosh Football and Swimming Outing Club, Pre-Med. Society, Pro Concordia, Theta Delta Chi. BUNN, ARTHUR L. 419 Raines Park Stagers, Geneseeans, BUNNELL, KEVIN PAUL Middleport, New York Men's Editor, Interpres, Chairman, Intercampus Church, Ouilting Club, Stagers, Alpha Delta Phi, Delta Rho. BURT, HOWARD WELLMAN Kendall, New York Glee Club, Stagers, Ouilting Club. BYERS, HENRY E. 397 Pullman Avenue The Rochester Indicator, Editor, A. I. Ch. E.,Geneseeans, President, Engineering Council, A. C. S., Christian Science Organization, Todd Union Dance Committee, Todd Union Coffee Hour Committee. CAMPBELL, JOHN NEWTON Webster, New York Morey Club, SCA. CARDILLO, THOMAS 458 Post Avenue CARR, DUANE B. Batavia, New York Freshmen Football, Freshmen Track, A.S.M.E., Radio Club, Theta Delta Chi. CASLER, ARTHUR B. Herkimer, New York CHERRY, JOHN B. 442 Rugby Avenue COLODNY, EDWIN I. Burlington, Vermont Yellow Key, Chairman, Public Affairs Forum Steering Committee, Dean's Dining Committee, Hellenic Council, Prokons, Interpres, Kappa Nu. O CONLEY, WILLIAM J., JR. 45 Furman Crescent Alpha Delta Phi. COOK, ROBERT E. 1478 St. Paul Street Board of Control, Outing Club, Hellenic Council, Fresh- men Football, Theta Delta Chi. COWING, ROBERT D. 185 Shoreham Drive Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Delta Upsilon. COYNE, J. WILLIAM Avon, New York The Campus, Managing Editor, Junior Class Secretary, Ouilting Club, Interpres, Sports Editor, Mendicants, Morey Club, Intercampus Council, Delta Rho, Delta Kappa Epsilon. CURRIE, ROBERT, JR. 75 Irvington Road Chi Rho, Mendicants, Men's Campus Chairman of Inter- campus Church, A.S.M.E., Ouilting Club, Soccer, Sigma Chi. DARROW, RICHARD Unionville, Ohio A.S.M.E., Engineering Council. DELLA ROSA, ROCCO J. 365 Conkey Avenue Alpha Phi Delta. DILLENBECK, HAROLD Johnstown, New York A.S.M.E., A.S.CH.E., Sigma Chi. DOWD, FRANK Winnetka, Illinois Board of Control, Hellenic Council, President, Freshmen Class Treasurer, Yellow Key, Chairman, Todd Union Executive Committee, Freshmen Week Committee, SCA, Campus,lnterpres, Campians, Chairman, Freshmen Swim- ming Team, Psi Upsilon. DIRKSEN, WILLIAM R. 376 Meadow Drive Frosh Bible, The Campus, Delta Kappa Epsilon. DU BOIS, JAMES ERNEST 21 Fair Place Prokons. DOERR, WILLIAM L. Pittsburgh, Pa. A.l.Ch. E., Sigma Chi. DUNLAP, JACK F. 129 Elmdorf Avenue The Campus, Assembly Committee. ERICKSON, LLOYD Highland Park, Illinois Outing Club, Interpres, Intercampus Choir, Dele ate, National Continuations Council, Alpha Delta Phi, Trea- surer, Regional Committee for the National Students Organization. FARRELL, EDWARD J. Clyde, New York Interpres, Newman Club, Glee Club A.I.Ch. E., Sopho- more Social Committee, Indicator, Engineers Club. FASSETT, JOHN DAVID Stamford, Connecticut Morey Cub, Chi Rho, Traditions Committee, Interpres, Ad. Manager, Football, Psi Upsilon. FERRIS, ROBERT J. 35 Dewey Avenue FISHER, DONALD C. 109 Highland Parkway Freshmen Soccer, Tennis, Ouilting Club, Hellenic Council, The Campus, Outing Club, Delta Kappa Epsilon. FISHER, PHILIP C. 109 Highland Parkway lgresident, Freshmen Class, Frosh Mixer, Delta Kappa psi on. FOSTER, ALVIN C. Bridgeport, Connecticut FRIEDMAN, BERNARD 153 Sellinger Street Eeshmen-Sophomore Football and Basketball, Kappa u. FRANK, THOMAS EUGENE Litchfield, Illinois GELSER, GEORGE M., JR. Rye New York Mendicants, Social Chairman Junior Class, Cheerleader, Traditions Committee, Alpha Delta Phi. GINNA, ROBERT E., JR. 210 Dorchester Road Football, Swimming, The Campus. KContinued on page 1621 Compfimenfs of HALLMAN'S CENTRAL CHEVROLET CO. 200 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y. "Y E.. QUALITY OFFICE EQUIPMENT .. XXXI1,!!ff l E Ii 5. IIIII'-willIIIIIWIL TEH-5 Q zg1!,,Iz2- sF.:iy I 1 Lk 1 N, I E V A Ieader in the manufacture of modern office equipment for 65 years, "Y and E" features "Style-Master" Steel Desks and "Empire" Files. These attractive modern pieces are fin- ished in Neutra-Tone Gray which harmonizes effectively with any color scheme. AWMANANDE1lBEMFG.0. 1099 JAY STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. C. U. at L A N E ' S D I N E R 1417 MT. HOPE AVENUE ForaReaIMeaI CHUCK'S PLACE 1551 MT. HOPE AVENUE EmI:aIematic JeweIery and Stationery Craftsmen The Metal Arts Co., Inc 742 PORTLAND AVE., ROCHESTER 5, STONE 2176 N JUNIOR ROSTER -MEN fContinuedJ GRANO, NOVELLO Thornwood, New York Hellenic Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Chairman Public Affairs Forum, Theta Chi. GRAY, CHARLES B. Point Pleasant, New York Frosh Football, Football, Basketball, Mendicants, Chi Rho, Outing Club. GUCKER, PETER L. New York City Pro Concordia, Outing Club, The Campus, Delta Upsilon. GUYON, JOHN 70 Macbeth Street A.l.Ch.E., Delta Upsilon. HAGENBACH, GERARD F. 245 Mulberry Street Photography, Golf, Newman Club, Geneseeans. HAMMILL, FRANK R., JR. 59 Lanvale Street HANKS, PAUL H. Brockport, New York Swimming, Delta Upsilon. HARROTT, ALFRED B. 123 Hillside Avenue Stagers, A.S.M.E. HART, GEORGE G. Henrietta, New York Mendicants, Ouilting Club, Band, Soccer, Theta Chi. HASSON, RAYMOND 12 Maria Street The Campus, American Chemical Society, Kappa Nu. HEARD, W. T. 51 Stonehenge Road Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Mendicants, Yellow Key, Theta Delta Chi. HEFFER, CHARLES I. 204 Marlborough Road Indicator, Business Manager, Ski Team, Geneseeans, A.l.Ch.E., A.C.S., Engineering Council, Outing Club, Newman Club. HELWIG, JOSEPH D. Catawissa, Pennsylvania A.l.Ch.E. HOFF, JOHN RICHARD Spencerport, New York Engineers Club, A.l.Ch.E. HOLLANDER, IRVING 94 Scrantom Street Pre-Med. Society, President. HOLLENBECK, DAVID C. Upper Montclair, N. J. Mendicants, Yellow Key, Stagers, Frosh Football Man- ager. ISAACSON, DANIEL ANDREW Jamestown, N. Y. JOSEPH, ALAN 572 Meigs Street KEENEHAN, JAMES T. 255 Britton Road KETCHUM, ROY JUSTIN 3948 Culver Road Theta Delta Chi. KIRSCH HENRY J. 44 Vick Park Boulevard A.l.Ch.E., A.C.S. KOCH, DONALD ARTHUR aao Marlborough Rd. Soccer, Track, The Campus, Swimming, Aviation Club. KOPROWSKI, ROBERT R. Greece, New York Football, Chi Rho, Delta Upsilon. KRESPAN, CARL G. Erie, Pennsylvania A.C.S. KRAUSE, THEODORE F. Brooklyn, New York LAMB, JOHN P. 204 Penhurst Street LEA, ARDEN O. Warren, Ohio Glee Club. LATIN, JOSEPH 411 Clinton Avenue, N. Newman Club, Engineers Club, Student Affiliate A.I. Ch.E., Alpha Phi Delta. LEVIN, NORMAN A. 50 Hampden Road Freshmen Swimming, The Campus, Freshmen Supper Club, Yellow Key, Geneseeans, Todd Union House Committee, Coffee Hour Committee, A.S.M.E., University and State Scholarship. 162 LEWIS, ALAN L. 8 Lakeview Terrace Geneseeans, Biology Club, Jewish Cultural Group, Todd Union Committee, Todd Union Coffee Hour Committee. LOHWATER, ROBERT 4223 Lake Avenue Basketball, Soccer, A.C.S. LINCOLN, DONALD P., JR. Kenmore, New York Soccer, Tennis, A.S.M.E., Ouilting Club, State Scholar- ship, Delta Kappa Epsilon. MAIER, JOHN F. MAGILL LINCOLN C. Football, The Campus. MANDWELLE, JACK 238 Alameda St. Philadelphia, Pa. 294 Lexington Avenue Geneseeans, Forensic Society '43, MARTIN, HENRY A. Fairport, New York Manager Freshmen Football Team '42, The Campus, Psi Upsilon. MC LAUGHLIN, JOHN MESSNER, RICHARD C. MOORE, ROBERT E. MC CONNELL, DAVID Glee Club Manager, Alph MC GROBY JAMES J. Baltimore, Maryland 90 Roxborough Road 31C Lattimore Road R. 420 Rugby Avenue a Delta Phi. Hazleton, Pennsylvania Engineering Council President, A.l.Ch.E. MORRISON, GEORGE R. 383 Canterbury Road MILLER, RONALD A. 56 Brookdale Avenue Sigma Chi. MURPHY, RAYMOND J. 1009 Genesee Park Blvd. Jazz Club, Geology Club, Freshmen Committee. MOSCARITOLO, GENE JOSEPH 24 Marlow St. Secretary-Treasurer, Freshmen Class, Geneseeans, Glee Club, Mendicants, Todd Union House Committee. MURPHY, ROBERT J. Binghamton, New York Pro-Concordia, Mendicants, Newman Club, Outing Club, Frosh Track8rFootbalI, Football, French Club, Delta Upsilon. MUNUSHIAN, JACK German Club, Ski Club. MALONEY, ROBERT S. A.l.Ch.E., A.C.S., Indicator, Geneseeans. NOEL, VICTOR A., JR. Theta Delta Chi. O'GRADY, E. JOHN Frosh Football, Newman CI ORMAN, CLIFFORD O'NEILL, JACK 299 Averill Avenue 180 Merrick Street Engineering Council, 393 Antlers Drive 57 Wildmere Road ub, Outing Club. 61 Centre Terrace Schenectady, New York Mendicants, Newman Club. PAULUS, FREDERICK J. Aviation Club, Alpha Delt PERRY, HAROLD C. 51 Highland Avenue a Phi. 228 River Street Glee Club. PROIA, JAMES G.,JR. Alpha Phi Delta. PHILLIPS, SHELDON Football, Vice-President Freshmen Class, Member Optical Society of America, Chi Rho, Hellenic Council, 331 Hawley Street 111 Tyler Street Kappa Nu. PIERLEONI, E. ERNEST 27 Fulton Avenue PINSKY, HARRY 143 Wilkins Street Biology Club, The Campus, Gamma Sigma, Kappa Nu. tContinued on page 1643 Compliments ot THE LAWYERS C0-OPERATIVE PUBLISHING COMPANY 'A' PRINTING DIVISION 'k AOUEDUCT BUILDING ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Compliments of THE HAYDEN COX aio EAST AVENUE 'Ir FURNITURE AND INTERIORS ALBERT H FLORIST Corsages Cut FIowers Decorations F'Iants 363 EAST AVE., COR. ALEXANDER STONE 318 81 319 Members Florist Telegraph Delivery Assoc THE BUNGALOW Dine and Dance Every Night Band Friday and Saturday 1456 MT. HOPE AVENUE NEW YORK FLORAL CO. Two Stores to Serve You 727 MT. HOPE AVENUE MAIN 2021 3 EAST MAIN STREET MAIN 6443 For Corsages and Cut Flowers VOGUE DRY CLEANERS Anthracite Bituminous Coke Fuel Oil Thermostats Woodams Coal 81 Coke Co. MONROE 4300 785 SOUTH AVE. W. BERT WOODAMS THE CAMPUS FOUNDED 1873 PubIishecI weeIcIy by the students of the CoIIege For Men ofthe University of Rochester Pk Editor-in-Chief CHAS. J. SCHOTT lk Managing Editor WALLY MARTIN Pk Business Manager ARNOLD GIETZ 16 I 3 I JUNIOR ROSTER- MEN fConfinuecIl POZZANGHERA SALVATORE A. 358 St. Paul St. Newman Club, Biology Club, Pre-Med Society, Gen- eseean. RAPP, RAYMOND W., JR. Winnetka, Illinois Rochester Prize Scholarship, Yellow Key, Football, Psi Upsilon. REID, LUTHER J., JR. Washington, D. C. RAIBLE, FRED J. McKeesport, Pennsylvania Tennis, A.l.Ch.E., President, Board of Control. ROSBOROUGH, ROBERT S., JR. Drexel Hill, Pa. Pro Concordia Mendicants, Swimming Team, Lens and shutter Club, outing Club, Delta Upsilon. ROSENBERG, MARTIN 254 Westminster Road The Campus, Hellenic Council, Todd Union Committee, Kappa Nu. SAFFRAN, H. WILLIAM 388 Post Avenue Geneseeans, Newman Club, A.S.M.E., Engineers Club, Camera Club, Forensic Society, Frosh Track. SCHMIDT, WALTER 8 Granger Place SCOBELL, JOHN C. 60 Landing Road, S. SCOTT, ROBERT J. 455 Rockingham Street giewman Club, President Student Chapter A.C.S., Theta i. SCHNEIDER, RAYMOND A. 67 Burlington Avenue Stagers, Soccer, Glee Club. SAUER, HOWARD A. 335 Winton Road, S. SHACKLEFORD, ROBERT W. 133 Branford Street Pre-Med. Society Freshmen Class Mixer, Frosh Soccer, Delta Kappa Epsilon. SHAUGHNESSY, FRANK J. 792 Park Avenue Varsity Baseball, Newman Club, Delta Kappa Epsilon. SINNOTT, ROBERT J. 133 Plymouth Avenue, S. SPRINGER, THOMAS N. 243 Rockingham Street STILL, DONALD W. 152 Marlborough Road Todd Union Coffee Hour, Bridge Club, Newman Club, Geneseeans. STALDER, ANDREW German Club. SWEIGART, RICHARD D. A.S.M.E., Chairman. SPAULDING, HARWOOD The Campus, Lens and Shutter, Interpres, Rochester Prize Scholarship, Psi Upsilon. 28 Avon Place Corning, New York Yonkers, New York 164 SHAFER, RAYMOND T., JR. Honeoye, New York Biology Club, Newman Club, Flying Club, Sigma Chi. VAN ROSENDAEL, JOHN J. 61 Allandale Ave. SCULL, MANSON I. 178 Goodman Street, S. Freshmen Football, Pre-Med. Society. TANZ, RALPH D. New Rochelle, New York Tennis, Swimming, V-12 Dramatics, Biology Club, Out- ing Club, The Campus. TAYLOR, JAMES W. Indicator, A.S.M.E. THIELKING, ROGER C. go-'dd Union Music Room Committee, Chairman, Sigma i. Hemlock, New York Niagara Falls, New York UNGERER, ERWIN A. Psi Upsilon. WALKER, DONALD Soccer. WALTER, FRANKLYN E. Buffalo, New York Football Co-Captain, Track, Chi Rho, Mendicants, Junior Class President, A.S.M.E., Hellenic Council, Alpha Delta Phi. WALTON, SAMUEL F., JR. Kenmore, New York Lens and Shutter Club, Forensic Society,Stagers, Quilting Club, Glee Club, Theta Chi. 2699 Chili Road 693 East Avenue WEINBENDER, JOHN 20 Goodman Street, N. WHEELER, THOMAS L. Alexandria, Virginia Hellenic Council, Delta Upsilon. WHITWELL, GEORGE F. 502 Lyell Avenue Geology Club. WILLIAMS, JAMES B. Wilmerding, Pennsylvania Baseball, Basketball, Delta Kappa Epsilon. WINEBURG, ELLIOT NORMAN Hornell New York Todd Union Committee, Stagers, Cyclaprom Dance Com- mittee, Biology Club, Interpres, WIXSON, BURTON R. 498 Plymouth Avenue, S A.I.Ch.E., A.C.S., Geneseeans, Indicator. WOODAMS, PETER M. 1722 Edgemere Drive Football, Track, Alpha Delta Phi. YOUNG, WILLIAM W. Endicott, New York ECAH, Program Chairman Intercampus Protestant urc . ZAENGLEIN, ROGER W. 121 Southern Parkway The Campus, Aviation Club, Track, Freshmen Class President, Co-Editor Frosh Bible, Alpha Delta Phi. 11 A.M.-12 M. MAIN 8892 lin 9dr CLOTUS FLOWER! Chinese-American Restaurant Chow-mein to taI4e out Chinese Novelties-Gifts 48 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER 4, N. Y. Compliments of A. W. HOPEMAN 8 SONS BEIKIRCH BROS., INC. Pk Hudson Motor Cars and Ouaiity Used Cars 160 MT. HOPE AVENUE ROCHESTER 7, N. Y. ROCHESTER STATIONERY CO., INC. Complete Iine of Office Equipment VISIT OUR SHOWROOM 108 MILL STREET 569 LYELL AVENUE DEVOE AND REYNOLD'S HOWARD JOHNSONS WHERE DINING IS ITS PLEASANTEST TWELVE CORNERS Where Monroe, Winton and Elmwood meet ARTHUR KENT, INC. RED CROSS SHOES 23 EAST AVENUE ir . Bags Gioves Hosiery ROCHESTER, N. Y. STONE 750 WHELPLEY 8a PAUL Prescription Opticians MAIN 2054 SENECA HOTEL ARCADE ROCHESTER, N. Y. Compliments of CARR PHARMACY 165 I Tailors and Furriers to Oentlewomen Ready to Wear Clothes 39 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y. 1 Eine Leather F 5 and lf Travel Goods For Over A Century Q71 MAIN STREET EAST For Strong Bones and Healthy Bodies! Drink plenty of BLUE BOY Homogenized Vitamin D Milk 'Cf' lt's more nourishing be- cause each drop con- to each quart is added a full day's supply ol beneficial Sunshine Vi- Cfdu C-f'-if 4 i l l it COMPLIMENTS OF INTERSORORITY COUNCIL Tk Nancy Naramore and Harry B. Smart heartily recommend CUTLER and TODD UNION SNACK BARS Complete Line ol SPORTSWEAR AND EOUIPMENT Champion Athletic 81 Sportswear Co. Just a step from Main Street BLUE BOY DMRY MAIN 1995 71 sr. PAUL STREET 476 EXCHANGE STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. 166 L. F. ROTHSCHILD 81 CO. . ff? Nqr- Refreshment GITIVGS In . Q if ,I W' . . K Q. f -, MEMBERS NEW YORK lm! STOCK EXCHANGE Ttlx se-.1 l' 1 'il X il? A 2 --+-' L I Bottled Under The Authority ol The Coca-Cola Company By 724 LINCOLN-ALLIANCE BANK BLDG. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORPORATION il? A. L. ANDERSON SONS ROCHESTER, N.Y. STONE 1341 I T ii? BONDS STOCKS COMMODITIES YOU'LL LOOK SMART AND BE SMART IN A Cadillac or Pontiac for I947 Two line cars made liner with New Beauty New Luxury Interiors New Postwar Mechanical Improvements Sales and Service SEE THEM NOW AT VALLEY CADILLAC 333 East Avenue Stone 320 HEADOUARTERSEOR STUDENT SUPPLIES ir UNIVERSITY A BOOK STORE i' RUSH RHEES LIBRARY AND ANDERSON HALL THE editors and staff of the 1948 lnterpres wish to express their appreciation to the Leo Hart Company for the unusual amount of interest it has shown in this year's publication. We are especially indebted to Al Goldberg and Bill Biracree in the sales and production Bill Allen and Will Stadtmiller in the composing room and to Harry Speck in the engraving department. All of these men have given freely of their energy and experience to make this lnterpres a finer book. .E 1. fe, , ,A K ,13- .1 K .K 55 . qv. , -2 ,' Vi, , 1 1 Dv 1 X 4' Q v n 5 13.9. A J 1. 1 1 u 1 , .- -' y u 5 xg 4 ., 0 'ff ei-' 4' 1 'A f 1 , '.:z'a. we ,1 b. 'ff ., afafafx U 1 , .Qx 1 ,, n 2 ga dy.-. K 1 ,, 1, ' fy. ,, 314,51 v ,QA ,..:g, 'Q X M. , .f- .' , .i-j,:,,, U, A, 1 . We Q: -an P WU., ,, 5.2, 4 'mmf N1 , , f 113- .'31jL,"fy1,f-V A! 7 A- 2 ' V" 1' 4 .:-,JW - 1.1 -A ,f - , ' Q W ,f A ra S x 3- - p-,i,,f-my ,.+2:,2.,f'Y ' '?1g3':w!gXf2f5g,fra-fwfa'-N '. ,, ,m27Mf'f xf- 1 1 T x , , 1 W, 1 Hv"': " if . v fy 'LfqIiH"'? f . ' 1 fw fxzf fi" f'igfl K I ' Y x -1 v 1 , ,543 1 " 5 ' 1' Ani' ' '45 M 4 A v ,- xt Nil? 'MQ' ' 1 X vs 'QM My E+ A if f -,ix rr? Q65 ff -, I ' lk ,. .Lv ' ' Y' 12 ' 1:33 ima 4' 47245 .1-I " "'!i?'3'fEQ'?S:3 -:fP' '-if '- :feA,'-Qgeiiiffvw .-Q-3' f ., x,,y5 f . ,ti . livf Af , L14 ii F? -0 -. 1 , 1 'F Ji- V , ,' , xg 'L 1' X .1 - ' Mgt? ,, ' 'igh- fi! 4' "rf: , f - "A: . .w ' au. E: ' 11 P. z -1 ,V q,f2ef.:?:+ Lx zg4,J3:..4, - L Jw: 1 " k ,,x wg 1 ,, , .- A, I "fr K .kv . Q fl 'frflj' .1 M.. lu.: i' . 'iff af, , X Q. ' b fi 1 'uf 1 3: WWXNQM Y, 1 ,Eg wi ,QQ . ' 'fl 5- ' 71 mga! "1 ' v1ff'?M1' 2' ,. 1-'7if23'1'6's' .01 --K gm 1 V. 4 f yi. , 5 ,Ax ' '52 I "" .5 , M V, X . ,N J 4 4 'A n fi . ,. 1 X -..?..,w 4.1-L. , ij 'J f .,,..5m. fr e 'W' . N1 , INV.: 1' , mzgfii-4 Q cs fm- 'FA Ax "'.X..aX: ' 41, ' i H'iZ3i?if V w23g,ifff7 , . r, ffl'-, xi 1 ww, , , ., . , 4 ,..3rg 'g ".4,.1,5Q,ng,--A 1- r .3,2?'T"'f' - 1 'GN '-,:3,w1- 4, gr:-, 744 wg",s:-',- ', 4 .lx f 4 , 9 , ,174 JW 4.1 ' 4, ,-,, :aff . ,Q rf, .,L . Q ,, -, ,. b,,,..r,w-- ' .-1.ffj.f-.fglf ':1vfQgf"'..X , A ,. 'Q ' t .V .K -. . .S.., 7' , . - 'rfb' 5.1. EL, 1, -':' 'X WL' A .., ...ia 1 '- fi-5 3, '-fxikif, mf' ' ' .,N,,:.N, R -V-.1 Ns,-F., i D ... xx V -5 .,:,f. . . mf' Qu' -.1 Je. if 'Hn UA, V 5, Y- .5- N in '1 '11

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