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o +yesterbag'witb'tbe A ocbester'of'to'bays Eo'wake-Rpowmewe Hlumlyibtbairycibevts Q ofa' Gollelge 'year EO'llDifQ'O Omwgoungf iI7Qa'bo17b+or-ren7iI7iscet7- ceqavv' love ' forylma' mater. is 'tba 'purpose' ofotbisj ouvgoalkf so o +joivQ1bz'Rocbesrer1 To William Carey Morey, '68 In Appreciation of What He has Done for Rochester This Book is Dedicated. 'IHWNIOR THE NTER PRES I9 07 YEAR BQSK QFTHE UNI? VERSHY QF ROCHESTER PUBLISHED: ANNUAlI.YBi CLASS VUL - 48 March 4. March 25. March 28. March 30. April 7. April April April May May May May May May May 22 Z5 29. 3. 4. 6. 8. 9. IO. 13. 5 ALB DAR i 5' 5' x l gf? Nineteen Hundred F ive. Third Annual lnterscholastic Track Meet. E. H. S. wins lirst place. Contract let for Eastman Laboratories. Carnegie gift announced. Election of Student Association officers. Money raised in Chapel for baseball season. College spirit runs riot. Amherst Musical Clubs' performance in the Gym. Plan for raising athletic fund presented by Dr. l-loeing. Wallie Reid re-elected Captain of Basketball Team. Last Meeting of Junior Historical Society. Baseball season opens. Varsity 2g Catholic League l. Doc. Pollard resigns. Varsity 93 Hobart 6. First baseball game with Hobart in two years. Doctor Mixer speaks in Chapel. Mr. Montignani reads Burns at the instigation of Professor Gilmore. Eastern baseball trip begins. Varsity 14g Hamilton l l. 1906 " lnterpres " appears. " Campus " devotes one and three-fifths inches to its criticism. Professor Shedd talks on Schiller in Chapel. Junior Class decides to wear black skull caps with purple buttons during Commencement. Last game of trip. Rochester Ig Amherst "Aggies" 7. 215132 Eftnterpres' 7 May IS. Second Annual Soph Joll given by l907. Fairchild distinguishes himself. May 20. Dual meet with Union at Schenectady. Rochester 48 l-3 3 Union 59 2-3. May 23. Sophs feast in Buffalo. Freshmen excitedly explore Bergen Swamp. May 24. Battle royal in front of Anderson Hall as a result of foregoing. May 29. Junior Banquet at Rush. "Water, Water, Everywhere." Note: Rush is a temperance town. As Sheddie says, "Thats the Rheesonf' Prof. Morey makes his maiden speech in Chapel without any signs of nervousness. May 30. Decoration Day recess. june 3. Ninth Annual N. Y. S. I. A. U. Meet. Rochester gets third place. June 9. Tennis match with Bradstreets. Score 4-4. ' June l 0. Colgate 63 Varsity 3. Close of baseball season. Sullivan re-elected Captain. June l4-l 7. Term examinations. June l8-2l Commencement. ' june 2 l. Alumni get a square meal. Prexy receives Sept. l9-2 Entrance exams. Sept. 2l. Term opens. Customary Freshman-Sophomore scrap. A " full house " on the Chapel rostrum. Sept. 23. Football season begns. Varsity IOg Niagara 5. i Sept. 27. Junior Class election. Sept. 28. Freshman Reception in Crym. The children desert milk for ice cream. Oct. 3. Pres. Merril tells us about Colgate's athletic prowess. We are delighted. Oct. 7. N. Y. S. l. A. U. holds conference at Utica. Oct. l8. First " Campus " of the season appears. States its functions which were never before suspected. Oct. 25. Senior Class imitates Tammany election methods. Nov. 4. End of football season. Rochester 105 Union 0. Grand parade. Nov. l 7. lnterclass football. Sophs 5g Freshmen 0. Nov. 30. Thanksgiving recess. Cross-country team takes a five mile run as an appetizer and, incidentally, gets beaten. , Dec. 4. Sheddie and quartette make night hideous at New York Alumni Banquet. Dec. 6. Freshman win inter-class basketball series. Dec. l5. First Musical Club concert. Dec. 22. Hellenic Council is organized. Dec. 27. Greatest Junior Prom. ever. Caps and gowns a success s 015132 Zinterpres Dec. 28. Dramatic Club starts on trip, each member armed with a return ticket. "The Strenuous Dummy " evades all eggs. Nineteen Hundred Six Jan. l3. Opening of basketball season. Rochester l2g Williams 3l. Jan. 25. Day of Prayer' for Colleges. H Jan. 27. 1908 wins interclass track meet. F eb. 3. Indoor traclc season opens. Varsity 595 Turners 13. F eb. 5. First meeting of Junior Whist Club. Feb. 9. "A Son of Bookworth " presented before a large and enthusiastic audi- ence. The "leading lady " captures all hearts. F eb. l 7. Indoor track season closes with victory over Y. M. C. A. Feb. 23. Lauer wins Soph Ex. THE QLLEGE A95 8 f rn 5 'i .. u Lewis P. Ross, President, 60 St. Paul Street, Rochester, N. Y. - - - J. Sloat Fassett, LL. D., First Vice-President, fClass of 18755 Elmira, N. Y. - Andrew Townson, Second Vice-President, 240 Main Street E., Rochester, N. Y. Charles M. Williams, A. B., Secretary, fClass of 18715 710 Wilder Building, ' Rochester, N. Y. -----' ---- joseph T. Alling, A. M., Treasurer, fClass of 18765 68 Exchange Street, Rochester, N. Y. --------- Robert S. MacArthur, D. D., LL. D., fClass of 18671 358 West 57th Street, New York, N. Y. --------- John H. Deane, A. lVl., fClass of 18661 27 Pine Street, New York, N. Y. - John P. Munn, A. B., M. D., fClass of 18701 18 West 58th Street, New York, N. Y. ---------- George C. Hollister, B. S., fClass of 1877J 4 Crranger Place, Rochester, N. Y. Henry C. Vedder, D. D., fClass of 18735 Chester, Pa. - - - - Rufus A. Sibley, 240 Main Street East, Rochester, N. Y. - - - Walter S. Hubbell, A. B., fClass of 187 IJ 605 Wilder Building, Rochester, N. Y. David Hill, LL. D., United States Legation, The Hague, Netherlands, - Rush Rhees, D. D., LL. D., 440 University Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. - John B. Calvert, D. D., fClass of 18761 Potter Building, 38 Park Row, New York, N. Y. y ------... - Albert H. Harris, A. B., fClass of 18811 Grand Central Station, New York, - William R. Taylor, D. D., 13 Prince Street, Rochester, N. Y. - - - L. Emmett Holt, A. M., M. D., LL. D., fClass of 1875D 14 West 55th Street, New York, N. Y. -----. - - - William S. Ely, A. M., M. D.,eCC1ass of 18615 78 South Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, N. Y. -----. - - - Albert R. Pritchard, A. B., 4 Argyle Street, Rochester, N. Y. - - - Charles W. lVlcCutchen, 95 Broad Street, New York, N. Y. - - - Adelbert Cronise, A. lVl., fClass of 1877j 602 Wilder Building, Rochester, N. Y. Elected 1892 1885 1899 1888 1895 1878 1879 1886 1890 1894 1895 1895 1896 1899 1899 1900 1901 1902 1902 1903 1903 1905 THE FACULTY - M fgf Ulbe Zintzrpres THE FACULTY Rush Rhees, LI... D., President. 440 University Avenue. Amherst College, 18839 A. IVI. Amherst, 1897, LL. D. Amherst, l900g D.D.Colgate, l9OIg A.A.fI3.g CI3'.B.K. Walker Instructor in Mathematics, Amherst College, 1883-85g Student in the Hartford Theological Seminary, 1885-88, Pastor ofthe Middle Street Baptist Church, Portsmouth, N. H., l889-925 Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation in the Newton Theologi- cal Institution, l892-94, Professor of New Testament Interpretation in the Newton Theological Institution, 1894-I900g from l900, President of the University of Rochester. Author of "The Life of Jesus of Nazareth, a Study," l900. Samuel Allan Lattimore, Ph. D., LI... D. 595 University Avenue. , Professor of Chemistry. DePauw University, 18504 Ph. D. Indiana Asbury University and Iowa Wesleyan Universityg LL. D. Hamilton Collegeg W. T.g CID. B. K. Tutor in Greek, l850-52, and Professor in Greek, l852-60, DePauw Universityg Professor of Chemistry, Genesee College, l860-675 Professor of Chemistry, University of Rochester, from ,l867g Acting President, University of Rochester, l896-98. 01132 iinterprzs Albert Harrison Mixer, LL. D. 626 University Avenue. Emeritus Professor of Modern Languages. Madison University, 1848, Theological Seminary, l85Og A. M. University of Rochester, 18515 LL. D., Colgate, 'IH T5 CID. B. K. Tutor University of Rochester, l850-51, at Uni- versities of Berlin and Munich, I852-54, Professor of Modern Languages, U. of R., 185 5-58, Professor of Modern Languages, 1858-60, and Professor of Greek Language and Literature, 1860-66, Uni- versity of Chicago, in the Educational Institutions of France and Italy, 1866-67, from 1868, Professor of Modern Languages, University of Rochester. Author of "Manual of French Poetry," "Manual of French Pronunciation," etc. Joseph Henry Gilmore, Ph. D. 31 Park Avenue. Deane Professor of Rhetoric and English. Brown University, 1858, Ph. D. Brown University, 1892, A. K. E., CID. B. K. Graduated Newton Theological Institution, 1861 Q Instructor in Hebrew, N. T. I., 1861-62, Ordained Baptist Minister, 1862, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Fisherville, now Penacoolc, N. I-l., l862-64g Private Secretary to Governor Gilmore, and Editor of "Concord Daily Monitor," 1864-659 Pastor of the Second Baptist Church, Rochester, N. Y., 1865-67, Acting Professor Hebrew, Rochester Theological Seminary, 1867-68, Professor Rhetoric and English, University of Rochester, from 1868. Author of "Little Mary," "Art of Expression," "I-le Leadeth lVle," " Outlines of Logic," "English Language and its Early Literature," "Outlines of English and American Literature," etc. Ulibnz iinterpres Otis Hall Robinson, Ph. D. 273 Alexander Street. Emeritus Professor of Natural Philosophy. University of Rochester, l86l gA. A. C113 CID. B. K. A. M. University of Rochester, l864g Ph. D. Ottawa University, I894g Lawyer, Rochester, N. Y., l 863-65 3 Tutor in Mathematics, University of Roch- ester, l864-67 5 Assistant Librarian, IS66-68, Li- brarian, l868-89 g Assistant Professor of Mathematics, I867-69g Professor of Mathematics I869-84, Pro- fessor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, ISS4- 91 3 Professor of Natural Philosophy, l89l-l9033 Emeritus Professor of Natural Philosophy, from l903. Member of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science. William Carey Morey, Ph. D. 94 Oxford Street. Watson Professor of History and Political Science. University of Rochester, l868g Ph. D. Franklin Col- lege, 1881 g D. C. L. Denison University, 1903, A. A. CD4 CID. B. K. Tutor University of Rochester, l869-70g Pro- fessor of History and English Literature, Kalamazoo College, l870-72, Professor of Latin Language and Literature, l872-773 Professor of Latin and History, I87 7-83 5 Professor of History and Political Science, University of Rochester, since ISS3. Author of "Outlines of Roman Law," "Outlines of Roman His- tory," "The Government of New York," "Outlines of Greek History," etc. Member of the American Social Science Association, American Historical Association, American Institutes of Civics, American Academy of Political and Social Science, American Political Science Association. 1115192 iintsrpres Henry Fairfield Burton, A. M. 4 Dartmouth Street. Professor of Latin. University of Michigan, 1872, CD. B. K. Instructor in Latin and Greek, Denison University, 1872-74, Instructor in Latin, University of Michigan, 1874-75, at the University of Leipsic, 1875-77g Assistant Professor of Latin, 1877-83, and Professor of Latin from 1883, University of Rochesterg Act- ing President, 1898-1900, University of Rochester. Herman LeRoy Fairchild, B. S. 363 Alexander Street. Professor of Geologyg Curator of the Geological Museum. Cornell University, I874g A.T.g E. E. Professor of Natural Science, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., 1874-765 Lecturer in Natural Science in New York City, and in Geology in Cooper Union, 1877-88, Recording Secretary of New York Academy of Sciences, 1885-88g Prc- fessor of Geology and Natural History, University of Rochester, since 1888, President of Rochester Academy of Science, 1889-1901 5 Secretary of the Geological Society of America, since 1890. Has held various offices in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, including Chairman- ship of Section E fGeo1ogyJ:in 1898. Author of many articles in scientific journals, later writings being especially on the Glacial Geology of Western New York, Revision of LeConte's Elements of Geology, 1903. libs ilnterpres George Mather Forbes, A. M. 27 Tracy Street. Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy. University of Rochester, I878g A. M., I88Ig XP. T4 CD. B. K. Student in Germany and France, 1874-75g Assist- ant Professor of Greek, 1881-865 Professor of Greek, 1886-92g Professor of Greek and Logic, 1892-94g Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy, University of Rochester, since 1894. Member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Education. Charles Wright Dodge, M. S. 330 Oxford Street. Professor of Biology and Curator of the Zoological Museum. University of Michigan, I886g M. S., 18894 A. T.: CID. B. K. Instructor in Biology, I890-92g Professor of Biology, University of Rochester, from 1892. Fellow of American Association for the Advancement ol Scienceg ofthe Rochester Academy of Medicineg President Rochester Academy of Science, 1902- I903g Member of the American Naturalistsg Mem- ber of American Public Health Associationg Mem- ber of Biological Society of Washingtong Associate Member of American Ornithologists' Uniong Presi- dent of New York State Science Teachers, Associ- ation 09001. Author of "Introduction to Elemen- tary Practical Biology." 1 Ghz Einterpres Henry Edmund Lawrence, A. B. 3 Dartmouth Street. Harris Professor of Physics. University of Rochester, 1889 3 A. A. CD., CD. B. K., E. E. Instructor in Physics, Cornell University, 1892-94 3 Instructor in Physics, I894-96g Associate Professor of Physics, University of Rochester, 1896-1901 3 Professor of Physics, since 1901. Member of the American Association forthe Advancement of Science' Member of the American Physical Society. Ryland Morris Kendrick, A. B. 21 South Goodman Street. Munro Professor of Greek. University of Rochester, 1889, Yale A. B., l890g XY. T., CIP. B. K. ' Student Yale, 1889-90, University of Rochester and Rochester Theological Seminary, 1890-91 g ln- structor in the Latin Department, 1 891-92 Q Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1892-94 5 Student at the Univer- sity of Berlin and in Athens, 1894-96, lnstructor in Greek, I896-99, Munro Professor of Greek, Uni- versity of Rochester, since 1899. The ilntetprw Arthur Sullivan Gale, Ph. D. l3l Harvard Street. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Yale College 1899, CID. B. Kg E. E. Ellen Battell Eldridge Fellow of Yale University, 1899-1901, Ph. D. 1901, Instructor in Mathematics, Yale College, l90l-l905g Member of American Mathematical Society, Fellow of American Asso- ciation for Advancement of Scienceg Member of Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigungg Joint Author of Smith and Gales Analytic Geometry.. John Rothwell Slater, Ph. D. 46 College Avenue. Assistant Professor of English. Harvard University, I894g A. T., CID. B. K. Associate Editor of "The Standard," Chicago, I896-1903, Managing Editor of "The World Today," Chicago, 1903-1905, Assistant Professor of English, University of Rochester from l905. The llntetpres Kendrick Philander Shedd, A. B. 240 Westminster Road. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. University of Rochester, I889g A .K. Eg CD. B. K. Teacher in Academy, Canandaigua, N. Y., Uni- versity of Berlin, l890-9lg Instructor in Modern Languages, University of Rochester, 1891-l902g Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, since l 902. g Clarence King Moore, A. M. 88 Meigs Street. Assistant Professor of Romania Languages. Harvard College, l89l 3 CID. B. K. Graduate Student at Harvard University, I89 7- 98, Instructor in Modem Languages at Belmont School, Belmont, Cal., l898-l90l Q Graduate Stu- dent at Leland Stanford, Jr. University, l90l-02g Student at the "Ecole des Hants Etudes " of Paris and the University of lVladrid, 1902-03. The Zlntsrpres Charles Hoeing, Ph. D. I4 Rowley Street. Assistant Professor of Latin. State College of Kentucky, l890g A. M., I892g Ph. D., johns Hopkins, 1898, CID. B. K. Instructor in Latin and Greek, Garrard College, Lancaster, Ky., l890-933 Fellow of the Johns Hop- kins University, l896-98g Student at the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, l896-973 ln- structor in Latin, University of Rochester, 1898- l905g Assistant Professor from 1905, Librarian, l90l-06. Author of "Codex Dunelmensis of Terence 3 " " Vica Pota." William Dayton Merrell, Ph. D. 239 Westminster Road. Assistant Professor in Biology. University of Rochester, l89l g A. T., CID. B. K. Instructor in Science, Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, Wis., l89l-943 Western Military Academy, Upper Alton, lll., i894-95 5 Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Chicago, i895-963 Fellow and Assistant in Botany, ibid., M396-99: Ph. D. ihid., l898g Instructor in Biology, University of Rochester, 1899- l905 3 Assistant Professor since l905. 05192 Zinterprnzs Charles William Watkeys, A. B. 23 Upton Park. Instructor in Mathematics. University of Rochester, I90I 5 9. A. X. 3 KID. B. K. Teacher of Mathematics, The King School, Stam- ford, Conn., I90l-03 3 Instructor in Mathematics, University of Rochester, since l903. Howard Daniel Minchin, A. M. I7 Joslyn Place. Instructor in Astronomy and Physics. University of Michigan, 1899, A. M. l903. Principal High School, Niles, Mich., i899-l900g Post-graduate Student in Physics and Electro-Chem- istry at University of Michigan, l90l-O35 instructor in Physics, Detroit Central High School, l900-033 Instructor in Astronomy .and Physics, University of Rochester, since January, 1904, Member of Com- mittee on Revision of Course of Study of Chemistry in the Schools of Michigan, l903. Member Amer- ican Physical Society, Member New York Science Teachers' Association. 1115132 interprzs Fred Leonard Lamson, A. BX 1 77 Harvard Street. Registrar, Assistant Treasurer, Instructor in Nlathematics. University of Rochester, I896g CP. E., qi. B. K. Student Cornell, Summer l898g Teacher of Mathematics, The Cook Academy, Sept. 1896- 1904, Treasurer, The Cook Academy, July 1896- 19045 Principal, The Cool: Academy, june 1900- 19044 Registrar, Assistant Treasurer, and Instructor in Mathematics, University of Rochester, since 1904. Charles C. Stroud, M. D. 46 College Avenue. Director of Physical Education. Tufts College, A. B., 1,894g Tufts, M. D., 1898' 9 A, T. A., A. K. K. fMedicalJ. Instructor in Classics, Burr and Burton Seminary, Manchester, Vermont, 1894-95, Student at Tufts Medical College, l895-985 Instructor in Physical Training, Tufts, 1896-1905, Medical Director of Gymnasium at Tufts, 1898-19055 Student at Har- vard Summer School of Physical Training, 1898 and 1901 3 Director of Physical Training, University of Rochester, since 1905. , The Zinterpres Elizabeth Harriet Denio. 8 Scio Street. Lecturer on the History of Art. Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 1866, Ph D., University of Heidelberg, l898. Teacher in Miss E.aton's School, Rochester, 1867- 695 Vassar College, l869-709 Lake Erie Seminary, Painesville, Ohio, i870-735 in Europe 1873-75, Professor of German and the History of Art, Welles- ley College, IS76-965 at Leipzig University dur- ing leave of absence, 1883-85, at Universities of Berlin and l-leiclelberg, l896-985 Lecturer on the History of Art, University of Rochester, since l902. Author of "Life and Work of Nicholas Poussin," published in Leipzig, fin German, Lonclon and New York. Translator of "Life of Queen Louise of Prussia," from the German, and " Ramona " into German. Z4 The ilnterprss WILLIAM CAREY MOREY T IS proverbial among college men that difficult studies exist for the purpose of being avoided. No courses in the University of Rochester require more time in prepara- tion than those in the department of History and Political Scienceg paradoxically, no courses are more largely or more regularly attended. The explanation is found in the personality of the man conducting them.. William Cary Morey was born in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, of a family that had been intimately associated with American life and history ever since Roger Morey accompanied his friend, Roger Williams, from England to the New World. His father, the Reverend Reuben Morey, was a graduate of Brown University and a Baptist clergyman. Morey prepared for college at Middlebury Academy, Wyoming, New York, and entered the University of Rochester in l86l. September of the next year found him enlisted in the Une Hundred Thirtieth New York Volunteers, a regiment in which he remained until the close of the war. The next three years were stirring ones for him, in which he saw service on the Peninsula, in the Wilderness, in the Shenandoah Valley and, indeed, wherever the fighting was hottest. In IS64, having distinguished himself in many engagements, he was raised to the rank of Captain. During the Hnal campaign of the war Captain Morey participated in every cavalry engagement and was present at Appomattox Court House on that eventful ninth of April when General Lee laid down his arms. At the close of his military service he received two commissions, one as Brevet-Major and the other as Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel. - Re-entering the University of Rochester in the autumn of IS65 Morey continued his interrupted course of study and was graduated three years later with the unique honor of having the highest standing attained by any student of the University up to this time. ln l869 he was appointed instructor in Latin in the University of Rochester and the next year was called to fill the chair of History and English Literature in Kala- mazoo College. Recalled to Rochester in l872, he was appointed professor of the Latin Language and Literature. While occupying this chair he did much toward mak- The linterpres' ing the study of Latin more interesting, treat- ing it as a living rather than a dead language and supplementing it with discussions on Roman history, civilization, and philosophy. Professor Morey was the first to introduce the systematic study of Roman law into the curriculum of an American College. ln l 877 he was made professor of Latin and History, and in I883, professor of History and Political Science, his present position. Two years previously Frank- lin College conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Professor Morey is the author of many published articles on miscellaneous subjects and of several historical text books. His "Qutlines of Roman Law," published in l884, ranks high as an authority on the sub- PROFESSOR M OREY, 1872 ject. More recently have appeared "Outlines of Roman History " and "Outlines of Greek History," while a history of the Middle Ages is in press. Such is the mere outline of a remarkable and varied career. As for the man him self and the place he holds in the hearts of hundreds of Rochester's sons, they are char acterised by all who have lcnown and honored him in that familiar title of love and of re spect-" Uncle Bill." if Nw fi f R Qggses ' f I 30 Qlibe iinterpres Class of 1906 Class Yell-l'liYi, KiYi-Rip, Rah, Rix-. Rochester, Rochester- l 906 Class Colors-Olive, Green, and Dandelion Yellow. President, . Vice- P resident, Secretary, . Treasurer, Toastmaster, Poet, . Historian, Prophet, Orator, . Master of Ceremonies, Pipe Orator, Tree Orator, Chorister, . . W OFFICERS Chairman Executive Committee, Chairman Senior Ball Committee, Charles A. simpson Max l. Klein Martin Tiernan Lawrence B. Brink Charles L. Harris William I-l. l-ligbie Fred J. Slater Harry S. Todd Lewis M. Wilson Arthur Rathjen Charles P. Oliver Carr G. I-lorn Douglas E. Wilder Raymond 'Hardy Walter A. Calihan JJTTFHILSI 115132 ilntzrpres 31 THE SENIORS History, with all her volumes vast, Hath but one page."-Byron. II Swift and unrelenting time is rapidly bringing to a close the college days of '06, A few more weeks and we shall have passed out from Alma lVlater's protecting walls to take our place in the world of men. With the parting which we face there enters a spirit of sadness, for never have we spent happier or more profitable days than those at college. But the parting must come and '06 will leave dear old Rochester with pleas- ant recollections and a record worthy to be emulated by all classes. We are not the only class which the college has ever sheltered, but no predecessor has been able to compile records comparable in glory to those of '06. Naturally we have made errorsg most men do. It was not, perhaps, right for us to set up a high standard of clean politics in our Freshman year, only to bowl it over with a rush when Senior elections came. Possibly we have done wrong in failing to take Sheddie's jokes and songs seriously. It may have been disrespectful of '06 to interfere with the banquet of '05 at Canandaigua, but we were younger then. It was after maturing and coming to the ranks of upper classmen that 1906 began to show its true merit and in all departments of college life its influence was felt. Since we organized the under-class rushes, it is no longer necessary for " Prexy " to wield a hymn book in his efforts to separate the dogs of war. The present Senior Class has helped him thus in his official duties. And see what the Faculty thinks ofus! " Uncle Bill " openly announces that we have no further need of his services and appoints Mc- Dowell to conduct the class in Roman Law. Klein and "Paulus" Meyers are ever ready to teach Forbes what he does not know about Ethicsg in fact, Klein can help out any department in this respect. Oratorically speaking, l906 has met with success. From the time when the Al- ling prizes for debate were first offered, it had seemed unwritten law that all prizes should go to the Senior Class. Here again 1906 sprang a surprise when Craigie took the first prize from the Seniors last June. Dramatics, " Soph-Joll," banquets and a splendid "Junior Prom," have placed us as leaders among the classes in a social line. ln this respect we have been especially aided by Searle, our class fusser, the delight of the co-eds. Our athletic records speak for themselves and we leave them as a mark to which future classes may strive to attain. So much for deeds accomplished and laurels won. The class of I906 must soon face the busy and ever-grinding world-there to make practical the theories learned in College. With us, we shall take tender recollections of fellowship in l906 and mem- bership in the student body of Rochester. Behind us we would leave a word of exhor- tation to the younger classes. Do your work well, strive to emulate the achievements of l906, and you will be a permanent glory to your Alma Mater. 32 The linterpres Howard Walrath Allen, 65 Prince Street. Ulysses, Pa. Scientific. A. A. CID. Honor Roll Cl-2-3-45 5 Class Football Eleven fl-25, Assistant ManageriVarsity Basketball Team Q55-Manager Basketball Team H55 Captain Class Track Team ' George Latta Barrus, Charlotte. Scientific. CD. E. Class Eleven fl-2,3 Captain Class Eleven CZQQ Class Track Team fl-2-3-415 Class Banquet Committee QZJQ Soph Jollg Varsity Eleven G-4,5 Junior Prom. Committeeg Varsity Second Basketball Team Q3-4Dg Charter Member K. S. C14 Science Club M53 Manager Class Dra- matics QU, Class Basketball Team CI-2-41. Frederick Betz, 160 Grand Avenue, Rochester. Classical. CID. E. Honor Roll C2-39 3 Honorable Mention Q55 Entered 'O6 in Sophomore Year from Wagner College. Harry Willard Bosworth, i 41 Prince Street, Rochester. Scientific. WP. T. Entered Sophomore from Hamiltong First Prize Sopho- more Exhibitiong Dramatic Club QD 5 Soph Jollg Honor Roll Q-35, Speaker at Class Day Albert Bowen, 22l Oxford Street, Rochester Classical. XP. T. H. I. K. Honor Roll fl-2-3-4,9 Class Historian UD, Nominating Committee C2-35g Junior Prom. Committeeg Stage Manager Varsity Dramatic Club C315 Y. M. C. A.g Delegate Northfield Q53 Leader Bible Class C31 3 Hellenic Council Edwin Roy Bowerman, Fairport Scientific. A. A. CD. Honor Roll CI-215 Mandolin Club Cl -Z-3-45 3 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs G55 Chess Club Cl -2-3-41 g Tennis Association CI lg Class Eleven CZJQ Class President G13 Assistant in Physical Laboratory CI -2-3-4Jg Y. M. C. A.g Manager Musical Clubs Q05 Alternate Alling Prize Debate Lawrence Bacon Brink, , 35 Strathallan Park. Manhattan, Kan Special. A. T. Entered in Junior Year from Kansas Agricultural Col- lege, Chess Club, K. S. Chg Class Treasurer . The ilnterpres 33 Walter Austin Calihan, l06 Jones Street, Rochester. Classical. A. K. E. 1-I. I. K. Class Eleven fl -233 Class Prophet UD 3 Jun- ior Prom. Committeeg Art Editor "lnterpres"3 Chairman Senior Ball Commit- tee3 Hellenic Council Arthur Rollancl Chapman, 52 Tremont Street, Rochester. Special. E. A. E. Entered in junior Year from Purdue Universityg Glee Club William Curtis Clark, 6 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester. Scientific. XP. T. H. I. K. Class Baseball Team fl-2,3 Captain Class Base- ball Team Q53 Crlee Club fl-2-3-4,3 Class Banquet Committee C233 Var- sity Dramatic Club CU3 Soph Joll3 Chairman Junior Prom. Committee3 Chairman Amherst Reception Q13 Chairman Senior Reception Chester Frederic Craigie, Anderson Hall. Catskill. Philosophical. A. A. CD. Entered '06 in Junior Year. Honor Roll fl-253 Class Nine fl-ZD 3 Class Track Team Cl-ZH 3 Captain Class Basketball Team fly 3 Clee Club fl-2-353 Chapel Quartette fl-253 " Campus " Board cl-23, Dramatic Club QD 3 Sophomore Exhibition 3 Assistant Manager " Campus " fly 3 Varsity Basketball Five QD 3 Assistant Manager Varsity Nine C253 Manager Varsity Nine C353 Tennis Association C2-353 Varsity Second Basketball Team Q53 Writers' Club C353 Winner First Prize, Alling Prize Debate William Rice Foster, 153 South Goodman Street, Rochester. Classical. A. A. CD. Honor Roll Cl-2-313 Soph Joll3 K. S. C1.3 Class Poet QD 3 Dramatic Club Prentiss Bailey Gilbert, 41 Prince Street. St. Paul, Minn. Philosophical. NP. T. H. I. K. Class Vice-President fl, 3 Soph JOllQ Varsity Dramatic Club fl -2-33. Raymond Hardy, 21 East Avenue. Andover. Classical. CP. E. Class Secretary U53 Class Eleven QD 3 Class Nominating Committee C2-3,3 Class Track Team U33 Secretary and Statistical Editor " lnterpresl' QD 3 K. S. Cr.3 Chairman Executive Committee Charles Lacy Harris, 35 Strathallan Park. Fairport Classical. A. T. Honor Roll Q2-353 Class Eleven Q13 Junior Prom. Com- mitteeg Hellenic Council C41 3 Class Toastmaster UIIJB iinterpres William Hawley Higbie, 35 Strathallan Park. Chili Station Classical. A. T. Honor Roll f2-335 Class Pipe Custodian CU, Class Prophet QL Y. M. C. A. Gig Junior Historical Society 5 K. S. C., Class Poet Carr Gilman Horn, 385 Platt Street. Acton, Me Scientific. Honor Roll fl-2-3-433 Class Vice-President QDQ Class Eleven QD, Class Nominating Committee C2-35, Charter Member K. S. C14 Mas- ter of Ceremonies, Class Day GJ, Alling Prize Debate GL Tree Orator f4Dg President Science Club Henry Judson Humpstone, 35 Strathallan Park Classical. A. T. Honor Roll fl-253 Cxlee Club C2-3Dg Treasurer Y. M. C. A. Max lsidore Klein, 36 Hanover Street, Rochester Philosophical. CP. E. Honor Roll fl-23, Class Eleven U55 K. S. C.g Class Vice-President f4Dg Substitute Varsity Eleven C45 3 Clee Club Embry Crittenden MacDowell, 432 Court Street, Rochester Classical. A. K. E. H. I. K. Honor Roll fl-2-3-453 City Scholarship fl-2-3-453 Class Eleven fl-25, Class Nine fl-ZH, Class Track Team fl-2-3-4,3 Captain Class Track Team QD, Class President UD 5 Mandolin Club C2-41 3 Junior Prom. Committeeg Varsity Nine C2-3, 5 Assistant Man- ager Varsity Eleven C253 Manager Varsity Eleven GJ, Class Basketball Team f4Dg Dramatic Club f4Jg Leader Mandolin Club f4Dg University Council f4Dg President Students' Association Q45 g Hellenic Council acque Louis Meyers, 76 Brunswick Street, Rochester Classical. City Scholarship Cl-2-3-4Jg Honor Roll fl-2-35, Honorable Mention cl-25, Tennis Association CI-2-3-41g Varsity Tennis Champion in Doubles UD, Runner-up in Championship Doubles Qjg Runner-up in Cham- pionship Singles Qjg Varsity Tennis Team f4Dg Second Prize, Sophomore Exhibitiong Class Treasurer C2-353 Collector Athletic Subscriptions C3-49, Chess Club Cl -2-3-4,3 President Chess Club CBL Varsity Chess Team GJ, Junior Historical Societyg Wnters' Club. 115132 iinterpres 35 Walter Steefel Meyers, 76 Brunswick Street, Rochester. Classical. Speaker Class Banquet fl-2D5 Varsity Dramatic Club fl-3-435 Chess Club Cl -2-3-455 Varsity Chess Team fly 5 Class Track Team CI-21 5 Tennis Association Cl-2-3-4D 5 Executive Committee Tennis Association C255 Vice-President Tennis Association C355 President Tennis Association Q05 Varsity Tennis Champion in Doubles CO5 Runner-up in Championship Doubles C21 5 Varsity Tennis Team C3-4,5 Sophomore Exhibition5 Soph loll 5 Class Historian Q55 Class Basketball Team Q2-415 Captain Class Basketball Team C-4,5 Varsity Second Basketball Team 0,5 Writers, Club C3-45 5 Sec- retary Writers' Club C455 Assistant Manager " Campus " UD 5 Manager " Campus l' M-D5 Junior Historical Society5 Editor-in-Chief 1906 " lnterpres." Charles Peters Oliver, 58 l-2 Charlotte Street, Rochester. Philosophical. A. K. E. H. 1. K. City Scholarship fl-3,5 Honor Roll Cl-353 Class Prophet fljg Chairman Class Banquet Committee fl-ZJ5 Class Toastmaster QD 5 Class Nominating Committee GJ 5 Crlee Club Cl-2-3-41 5 Leader Cilee Club C3-435 Assistant Manager Varsity Eleven Q55 Manager Varsity Eleven Q05 Soph Jolly Dramatic Club fl-2-3-4, 5 College Organist C2-3-41 5 Class Eleven C255 junior Historical Society 5 College Orchestra ff-D 5 Pipe Orator Clarence Melvin Platt, 356 Oxford Street, Rochester Philosophical. W. T. H. 1. K. Class Orator fl, 5 Class Banquet Committee fly 5 junior Prom. Committeeg Grind Editor " lnterpres 'lg Chairman Writers' Club C41 5 Hellenic Council , Arthur Rathjen, A 2 Brooklyn Street, Rochester Scientific. A. T. Class Banquet Committee U55 Varsity Dramatic Club fl-2-3-415 Assistant Manager Varsity Dramatic Club fl-355 Class Eleven fl-295 Sophomore Exhibitiong Manager Soph Joll 5 Chess Club CI -2-3-45 5 Varsity Chess Team C35 5 Y. M. C. A.5 Speaker Junior Banquetg Speaker Class Day C355 Manager Varsity Dramatic Club Q05 Master of Ceremon- ies Ulibe Einterprzs Lewis Crarlic Reynolds, 98 Asbury Street, Rochester Philosophical. A. T. Honor Roll CI -2-355 Class Toastmaster CU 5 Soph- omore Exhibitiong Class Eleven Q55 Varsity Eleven CI-3-4D 5 City Scholar- ship fl-Z-3-4Dg University Council C3-4,5 Writers' Club Q3-43g Class Basket- ball Team CZ-3-45 5 Tennis Association fl-2-3-419 Treasurer Tennis Associa- tion f3Dg Chairman Finance Committee C3-43g President " lnterpres " Board, Speaker Class Day William Cornelius Roades, 62 Rowley Street, Rochester Classical. A. A. CID. Class Eleven U15 Class Track Team fl-2-4,3 Class Basketball Team fl-2-43g Vice-President Tennis Association CD3 Class Banquet Committee fl? g Assistant Manager Varsity Nine UIQ Manager Varsity Nine Q03 Assistant in Gymnasium C3-4,3 Mandolin Club CU, Var- sity Dramatic Club Cllg Business Manager " lnterpresng Hellenic Council Ancel St. John, 440 University Avenue. Brooklyn Philosophical. A. A, 113. Honor Roll fl-2-315 Class Track Team fljg Speaker Class Banquet fllg Varsity Dramatic Club fljg Sophomore Exhi- bitiong Collector Athletic Subscriptions CZDQ junior Prom. Committee, Chess Club fl-2-3-4,3 Science Club fl-2-3,3 Y. M. C. A.g Tennis Association fl-2-355 " Campus " Board fl-Z-3-4Dg Assistant in Physical Laboratory C2-3-4jgSoph Jolly Mandolin Club Q03 Editor in Chief "Campus " f4Jg Writers' Club Robert Osmond Saunders, 35 Strathallan Park. Friendship Classical. A. T. Class Secretary QL Honor Roll fl-2-39, President Y. M. C. A. William Albert Searle, 466 Clinton Avenue North, Rochester Philosophical. Class Basketball Team Cl-2-395 Class Football Team Qjg Class Track Team fl-2-3-435 Captain Class Track Team Q55 Varsity Track Team CI -3-41 5 Assistant Manager Varsity Track Team GX Varsity Dramatic Club fl-2-3-45g Soph Jolly Junior Historical Societyg Charter Member K. S. Cr., Honor Roll C355 Speaker Class Day CBL Manager Var- sity Track Team Q05 Mandolin Club f4Dg " Campus " Board GJ, Assistant Editor " Campus," Tllibe Zinterpres 3 7 Harry John Simmelink, 309 l-ludson Avenue, Rochester. Scientific. QI. A. X. Class Banquet Committee fl, g Class Track Team fly g Class Nominating Committee Q35 Soph Jolly Class Eleven Qjg Class His- torian f3lg K. S. GJ Hellenic Council filly Class Executive Committee fill, Science Club QU g Pipe Committee Charles Arthur Simpson, l I8 Columbia Ave., Rochester. Philosophical. GD. A. X. Class Secretary C355 Assistant Business Manager u lnterpres " 3 President of Senior Class fill 3 Hellenic Council Fred Joseph Slater, Charlotte. Philosophical. Varsity Eleven fl-2-3-414 Class Track Team Cl-2-3-459 Soph Joll 3 Charter Member K. S. Chg Class Basketball Team Cl-Z-45 g Class Vice-President C335 Class Historian C105 Speaker Class Day C315 Science Club CLD. Martin Tiernan, 31 l Linden Street. Charlotte. Classical. Q. A. X. Honor Roll Cl-2-3-4D 3 Class Nine CD3 Class Ban- quet Committee CZJ 5 Junior Prom. Committee: Class Orator C39 g Soph Joll 3 Dramatic Club fill 3 Class Secretary C4-D g K. S. Ci. l-larry Swain Todd, Spencerport. Philosophical. Dramatic Club fljg K. S. C4 Class Prophet C403 College Orchestra Douglas Edwin Wilder, 276 Monroe Avenue, Rochester. Philosophical. CID. E. Honor Roll CI -Z-3-455 College Quartette Cl-2-3-41g Crlee Club fl-2-3-415 Class Toastmaster f3Jg Charter Member K. S. Ci., Librarian, l-listory Department f3D 5 Class Chorister filly Dramatic Club Lewis Mitchel Wilson, 35 Strathallan Park. Macedon Classical. A. T. l-lonor Roll Cl-2-3-42 5 Sophomore Exhibitiong Class Gr- ator C2-4lg Class Track Team fl-2-3-493 " Campus " Board f3-4,4 Writers' Club Qllg l-lellenic Council Frank Edward Winter, 96 Park Avenue, Rochester Philosophical. CD. A. X. Class Banquet Committee fllg Varsity Eleven K2-3-4,3 Class Track Team fl, g Class Base Ball Team Cl-21. 190 unior al7O.uet Xi-Sw Our Past Almost There I-lot Air Oratiori Up in the Air . Blush, Happy Maiden Poem . . Our Future . Toastmaster Douglas Edwin Wilder Harry J. Sirrimeliuk Embry C. lVlaoDowell Harry W. Bosworth . Martin Tieruarr . Charles P. Oliver . Carr G. Horu Lewis G. Reynolds . Arthur Rathjen Held at Crates House, Rush Reservoir, May 29, l905 S of CLAS 455 ef 1 40 UCIJB Zlnterpres CLASS OF 1907 Class Yell-Boom-a-rah, Boom-a-rah, Boom-a-rah, Reven, Rochester, Rochester, 1907 Class Colors-White ancl Maroon OFFICERS President . Creorge T. Palmer Vice-President Herbert E.. Fowler Secretary-Treasurer . Louis F. Talbot Toastmaster . Joseph C. Napier Qrator . Jay E. Dutcher Historian Nathaniel Cr. West Poet Harry C. Michaels Prophet . . . Captain Basketball Team Captain Traek Team . Chairman Junior Promenade Editor-in-Chief " lnterpres " . Walter C. Hurcl Benjamin Goldstein Frederick F. O'Connor Roger H. Wellington Harry C. Michaels 0116111 .PD fin The lnterpres 41 THE .IUNIORS It is generally admitted, I think, that the "recorder of facts" has a far more thorny path than the "dreamer of dreams." For the prophet has but to light his pipe, bury himself in an easy chair, and then " watch the rosy visions intermingling with the curling smoke," while the historian must needs consult ancient inscriptions, original manuscripts, and what not. And so Noughty-seven's recorder, with a full realisation of his task, be- gan to "investigate original sources of information " as "Uncle Bill" had advised. In his search he found in an ancient "lnterpresu an allegory which was called "The Plague of the Slimers." It began in this wise: "Now, it came to pass, when King Wright ruled over the Chosen People, that there arose a grievous plague of Slimers in the land." Farther on it mentioned Pultneyville and then the recorder was convinced that it must contain some valuable information. With a view to getting the key to the allegory, he hunted up the "Moses of Nought-six" from whom he learned that the "Chosen People" were supposed to be Noughty-six, and the "Slimers," Noughty-seven. Thus we see that, in their own crude way, even the bitterest enemies of Noughty-seven were forced to admit that she annoyed them much, which was her great aim during the Freshman year. It is unnecessary to refer to the many inter-class victories gained by Noughty-seven and we shall be content to show briefly what she has done for "Old Rochester," for, after all, a class is valuable only in so far as it brings honor to its Alma Mater. When it came Nought-seven's turn to give a Soph Joll, she gave a minstrel show which was the "best ever " and in which over half the class took active part. The class came out ahead financially but, instead of spending the profits for the Soph banquet, it used the money to buy suits for the Varsity Track Team. As for Noughty-seven's position in the Varsity athletics, the following speaks for itself. During her Sophomore year she had three Varsity captaincies-" Tag " of foot- ball, "Wallie" Reid of basketball, and " Sully l' of baseball. This year she has all four of the Varsity captaincies. 42 05132 Zinterpres They say the Junior year is the year when the college man is "socially inclined " and the men of Noughty-seven are no exception to the rule. Everybody turned out to " Roge" Wellington and company's Junior Prom. and it was a great success. The next event worthy of note was the formation of a Junior Whist Club, the oh- ject of which was to get the fellows together and spend a quiet evening in the study of Mathematics under the guise of Whist. It is evident, then, that Noughty-seven has "clone things " in the past, is "doing things " now, and will continue to " do things " in the future. 1115132 ilntzrpres Wilbur Wilcox Bancroft, 65 Prince Street. F airport, New York. Philosophical. A. A. 413. Honor Roll fl-2-3,5 Sophomore Exhibition Committeeg Soph Jollg Dra- matic Club C2-33g Mandolin Club A fair boy from F airport. Wilbur remains within the secluded conhnes of this pastoral spot that he may grind unseen and pose about the Campus as a book- less shark. In dramatics he is Swartoutis right hand woman. He should not be scored for his femininities, however. It has been suggested by an eminent an- imalogist that God intended him for a woman but Nature made him a man. He has already interested himself in engineering and thinks that he will work fforj the state when he has completed his learned re- searches in the vicinity of Anderson Monument. Q Howard Phillips Barss, 70 Meigs Street, Rochester. Classical. A. A. CID. Honor Roll fl-2,5 Class Poet Cl-ZDQ Sophomore Exhibitiong Soph Jolly Y. M. C. A.g Honorable Mention CD9 Delegate to Northfield CHQ City Scholarship fl-2-3Dg Assistant in Biological Laboratory lntends either to practise or preach Biology. Howard is a man of mystery and a profound student of any old thing, He passes about this earthly coil with afar away look in his eye as though about to solve some problem which has hitherto been baffling mankind. ls it the secret of keeping a pipe in opera- tion when once ignited, of successfully employing the subtle arts of fussing, or of engineering the waltz with- out endangering the life of the fair one? We cannot answer the query. Howard is now engaged upon all three problems. Ulbe Zinterpres Garnet Alexander Bedell, Fairport, N. Y. Classical. Honor Rollg Varsity Baseball Team Cl-ZJQ Class Baseball Team fl-25g Captain Class Baseball Team Olg Class Basketball Team U53 Class Treasurer QL Charter Member K. S. G. "Ex pluribus unum," freely translated, means, out of many, one red-head. "Beadle " is it. He comes to College for his health. Baseball furnishes him with exercise and about once a week " Uncle Bill" pro- vides a Turkish bath. To hear "Biddy" tallc one might imagine, speaking in automobiling terms, that he slightly exceeds the speed limit. This false impression, however, is promptly corrected when he is seen taking the five-thirty express every evening for Fairport. Q Philip Bernhardt, 91 Kelly Street, Rochester. Classical. Honor Roll CI -21. lntends teaching. 'Philip expects to graduate this June. By that time he will know all that the Profs. know, most of what Phinney knows, and a few things that Mrs. Rich or Mr. Craigie never dreamed of. On the whole the Faculty ought to be very thankful to him that during the last three years he has been so lenient in his crit- icisms. Philip has an unsuspected 'vein of humor, for he voted himself the most graceful Hunker in the class. '4'F'X Ulibe Zinterprzs Herman Michaels Cohn, 61 Westminster Road, Rochester. Philosophical. Honor Roll fllg Chess Club CI-25 g Vice-President Chess Club Qlg Sophomore Exhibitiong Soph Jollg Tennis Association C2-35 3 Cross-Country Team GD 5 Class Basketball Team C35 5 Mandolin Club Gjg " Campus " Board intends going into business. "Coney " isn't as good as he looks. Indeed col- lege life has had a demoralising effect on him. Start- ing in his Freshman year with ginger ale and cubebs, he has now reached a state of undiluted claret lemon- ade ancl cigarettes. As an athlete he has won more points in a single event than any man ever before 'at Rochester, having gained nineteen points in a cross- country run last Thanksgiving. Note: First place counted one point. G15 Jay Edward Dutcher, l05 Glendale Park, Rochester. Classical. A. K. E. Class Treasurer fl, Q Honor Roll fl-233 Class Grator Gly City Scholarship. lntends practising law. This is what an eminent physician once said to " Dutch ": l' It is my earnest advice that you immedi- ately get away from all relatives and all persons hav- ing a claim on you." Needless to tell, the advice was not followed. Leaving his relatives he could standg but when it came to cleserting "All those who had a claim on him," or who' he thought had such a claim-well, "Dutch " ballced. The idea of a monastery didn't strike him favorably. 1113132 Zinterpres jay Wharton F ay, i5 Mathew Street, Rochester. Classical. A. A. fb. Entered in l905. Toast- master CI J, Clee Club CI -255 Mandolin Club fl-2,5 Soloist Musical Clubs fl-313 Leader of Orchestra C05 Honor Roll fl-Zig Chess Club C215 Junior Historical Society, " Les Trois Mousequetaires " C I-2-31. intends to " toot, teach, and specialize." " Ego, mei, mihi, me, me." Jay entered college long years ago but soon dis- covered that there was not a fit class of mortals here for him to associate with and decided to wait for 'O7. He is a remarkable conglomeration of musical possibil- ities and talks like a Latin dictionary edited in French. His guiding star is a diamond ring which is revolving around the East High School. He is booked as the first Benedict of '07. Edgar Jacob Fisher, Zi Edmonds Street, Rochester. Classical. A. A. CID. Honor Roll Q-353 Class Qrator fljg Class Banquet Committee fllg Class Base Ball Team Qlg Director Soph jolly Sophomore Exhibition: Culee Club flip Varsity Dramatic Club f U 9 Varsity Base Ball Team C255 junior Historical Society. intends teaching. Eddie is the class martyr. It long ago became evi- dent that if the class of '06 were to maintain a credi- table front in June it would have to appeal to '07 for succor. F or a long time no one could be induced to make the sacrifice until at length Eddie decided to obliterate self for the sake of the University. His brains may be with '06, where they are sorely needed, but his heart is still Where it should be. E' X Zllibe iinterpres Herbert Ernest Fowler, 78 Dewey Avenue, Rochester. Scientific. Honor Roll Cl -2-31 5 Soph Jollg Class Track Team qzpg Class Vice-President GJ 5 Science Club C35 Q Junior Prom. Committeeg Delegate Nash- ville lntends to specialise. When " Herb " dies, they will scratch on his tomb, "Here lies a good man." Only once did he stray from the path of righteousness when at Nashville he fulfilled his threat of "painting the town red." On his twenty-first birthday he received a gold watch chain with a ring attached for holding a Phi Beta Kappa key. G12 Harold Benton Gilbert, 96 Park Avenue. Avon, New York. Scientific. 9. A. X. Class Historian CD3 Sec- retary Tennis Association Qjg Unversity Council Q53 Second Vice-President Student Association Q55 Junior Historical Societyg Assistant Business Manager " lnterpres." Hurrah! Gillie comes to us recommended as Avon High Schools best. Gillie sold dry goods at home but after a term or two in College he abandoned " dry goods." He developed fast. His athletic abil- ity seems to run to tennis, but it speedily runs out. Watch him light a pipe and talk to the fair ones. Harold particularly likes the young, quite young ladies. ".Don't be a grindg be an intellectual sport." 015132 Zlnterptes William Frederick Goff, 285 Alexander Street. Spencerport, New York. Special. A. K. E. Class Prophet intends going to work Bill is a slow, easy going mortal, a fact which is due to his origin in the dreamy realms of Spencer- port. He is inoftensive in a measure but when he loses his pipe, beware! A year's trial at Cornell convinced him that genius and good looks are more fully appreciated by the women students of Rochester. QD Benjamin Goldstein, 56 Vienna Street, Rochester. Philosophical. Honor Roll CI -2-31 5 City Scholar- ship Cl-2-3Jg Honorable Mention, Sophomore Ex- hibition g Chess Club Cl-2-353 President of Chess Club C339 Holder of College Record in Broad Jumpg Class Football Team fly: Class Basketball Team Cl-2-319 Class Track Team fl-2-313 Captain Class Track Team Q33 Captain Class Basketball Team C351 Varsity Track Team Cl-Z-31g Captain Varsity Track Team G59 Varsity Football Team f2-353 Junior Historical Societyg K. S. G. Ir was the Alling Prize Debate that drew " Goldy " to College. From his earliest years when, as a small boy, he passionately declaimed, "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" he has steadily kept this in view, has heard in his mindis ear the judge's voice announc- ing, " Mr, Goldstein takes first prize for individual ex- cellence in debate." Demosthenes-like, to keep his mind and body in preparation for the great event, he does " stunts " in Higher Math., much to the Faculty's dismay, and runs the Hundred in but a few seconds over record time. 05132 ltnterpres Ralph Elmer Harmon, 65 Prince Street. Clifton, New York. Classical. A. A. KID. Honor Roll fl-2-3,3 Class Football Team Q13 Class Banquet Committee C253 Soph Jollg Assistant Manager Varsity Basketball Team C353 Junior Historical Societyg Hellenic Coun- cil lntends teaching. A sunny son of the sun-baked soil. " Harm " trav- ersed many deserts before striking the oasis by the Genesee. Mendon, Victor, and Chesborough were successive trials to which he was subjected before be- ing awarded the privileges of the U. of R. Once every two weeks he plunges Clifton into a state of frenzied excitement by returning home for Sunday dinner. He might go every Week if the stage ran that often. G22 Charles David Heaton, 52 Brighton Street, Rochester. Classical. Secretary University Councilg Honor Roll fl-2-353 Prize Scholarship fl-2-3b. "Heat's " day is divided thus: Work, twenty hoursg Meals, one hourg Fussing, two hours. The rest of the time he sleeps. It might be well to call his attention to the fact that a "decent funeral may be had for fifty dollars." ' Tllihe iintnzrprezi Walter Clifford Hurd, 72l University Avenue. Deep River, Conn. Classical. UD. E. Science Club QD g Junior His- torical Societyg Class Prophet lntends studying Law at Yale. Hurd can make but not take a joke. The ones he makes are excellent if you happen to understand them and relish the bull-frog music that accompanies them. His inability to appreciate humor was shown by the way he acted when Professor Morey took the liberty of disagreeing with him. It is in taking notes that Hurd is pre-eminent. His method is unique, requir- ing paper four feet long by one' inch broad. By means of this system he claims that one can get within talking distance of a Hunk without actually shaking hands with it. QD Ward Delazon jordan, 35 Strathallan Park. Friendship, New York. Pre-Technical. A. T. Class Football Teamfljg Class Track Team fl-355 Varsity Football Team Q2-35. - lntends studying Civil Engineering. "ford" is the kind of man with latent abilities. For example, when in his Freshman year he was dragged onto the gridiron and used as a tackling dummy, no one imagined that he would ever distin- guish himself at the game in his Junior year, as he did on the memorable clay that he tackled a Union man around the ears. Since coming to College he has de- veloped decidedly artistic tendencies, and regularly on Wednesday afternoons his face, beaming with good nature, may be seen in Doctor Denio's lecture room- The linterptes Carl Fredrick William Kaelber, ' 587 University Avenue, Rochester. Classical. XP. T. Speaker Class Banquet CD5 Chess Club fl-233 Y. M. C. Ag Dramatic Club C253 Assistant Manager Dramatic Club G95 Junior Historical Society. Qld "Pretzel," so named because he always goes with ..... Koch, is a most contradictory and decep- tive character. F or example, he looks like a student, and on the other hand no one would take him for what he really is---a bum. At one time he was familiarly known as " 32-Caliber," referring to his men- tal diameter, but anyone who ever saw him prepar- ing a lesson for "Burden will surely admit that he more closely resembles a Colt or a " Horse " pistol. GD William Edward Kinney, 64 Lorimer Street, Rochester. Classical. Class Track Team fl-235 Class Bas- ketball Team C2-353 Varsity Second Basketball Team "Bill" is coy and modest as any maid. Indeed, under certain circumstances, a ewe lamb is a wild animal in comparison. Especially is this true when he is translating Latin, and the leaf torn out of his trot has become misplaced. When through with College he intends continuing his College work, as is indi- cated on the statistics sheet by the blank line after the question to that effect. The Mterpres Elmer George Koch, 579 University Avenue, Rochester. Scientific. NY. T. Captain Class Football Team CI -2? 5 Class Basketball Team CI -ZH 3 Chairman Class Banquet Committee Q55 Chairman Sophomore Ex- hibition Committeeg Amherst Concert Committee, Junior Promenade Committeeg Soph Jolly Dramatic Club Old "Kaiser Koch " ls a merry old soak And with face overbeaming with joy, He will flourish his cup And yell "Bottoms up! " Till he's finished six liters "Hof Bran." He's a chemical lad, And he smells pretty bad Between " Latty's " lab. and his auto, But he drives his steel horse Without fear or remorse, And to pick a cinch course is his motto. Charlotte, New York. Philosophical. Q. A. X. Glee Club fl-3,3 Mandolin Club fl-35g " Metropolitan " Quartette, Soph Joll. lntends studying Medicine. "Light and airy, Graceful as a fairy." "Ah there! Got the makin's?" " Daddy " is a Fred Raymond Lewis, jolly old boy and delights his audience with character singing. No, he does not play football, but when it comes to the festive guitar or the rag-time piano he is right on the job. He trips it lightly, too. "Uncle Bill" thinks the world of him, and what Ray doesn't know about corporations and institutions is worth for- getting. "The Junior Whist Club? You bet I'll come." The lintzrpres Harry Carl Michaels, 272 East Avenue, Rochester. Classical. Honor Roll Q2-31g Junior Historical Society Q55 "Campus " Board CDQ Class Banquet Committee C255 Speaker Class Banquet C253 Tennis Association Cl-2Dg Tennis Team Q2-353 Class Track Team f2Jg Class Poet C31 3 Writers' Club Q55 Ed- itor-in-Chief " lnterpres." . lntends going into Journalism. Despite anything you may see in this book to the contrary, " Mike " is the real class sport. He has at least twenty-five suits of clothes, together with any number of large plaid waistcoats, and it is against his religious principles to wear the same get-up for more than three hours at a time. Consequently, when you see him come loping across the Campus five minutes late for class, you may know that he has merely run home a minute to make a lightning change. ln spite of this damning evidence, " Mike l' is a good fellow, and everybody admits that the class of l907 could produce no one more able and worthy to be Editor- in-Chief of this volume. I2 Reynolds Street, Rochester. Alvah Strong Miller, Classical. XP. T. Honor Roll fljg "Campus " Board K2-33g Class Prophet f2Qg Vice-President Science Club 5 Assistant in Biological Laboratory lntends entering Medical College. Alvah Strong Miller was given his last name be- cause of his early tendency to become a l' grind." His middle appellation is the direct result of his present position as assistant-catenary in the Biological Depart- ment. It is said that his accomplishments in this branch are remarkable. l-le can skin two cats, pass the salamanders through a Bunsen burner and clean a mount with his back teeth simultaneously. The Ziinterprnzs Theodore Augustus Miller, I2 Reynolds Street, Rochester. Classical. W. T. Soph Joll Committeeg Assistant Manager "Campus" fresignedj C255 junior Prom. Committeeg Honor Roll fl-2-3,3 Secretary Y. M. C. A. C313 iDelegate Nashville Q15 City Scholarship fl-2-35 3 Art Editor "lnterpres." lntends teaching. It sometimes happens that the Faculty gets, so to speak, "up a stump " on various difficult questions. When this happens "Prexy" sends an automobile after "Dory." Aside from his ability as a councilor, Miller is a great extortionist, that is, he holds the record for extorting agony out of a piano and his neighbors. He is a prime mover in all things having a morally uplifting tendency, such as the Y. M. C. A. and the Junior Whist Club. QD joseph Crombie Napier, 241 Sanford Street, Rochester. Classical. A. T. Honor Roll Q19 Y. M. C. A.g Class Football Team CD5 Class Baseball Team f2Dg Class Toastmaster 8,5 First Prize Sophomore Exhibitiong Assistant Manager Varsity Baseball Team UIQ Soph Jollg Crlee Club fl-2-3,3 Charter Member K. S. G. ' intends entering Rochester Theological Seminary. If " Nape " were from Africa instead of from Scot- land, he would be found preaching fire and brim- stone in some negro Methodist church in Alabama. As it is, his speech, whether conversational or oratori- cal, has the effect of raising the temperature even in our more temperate zone. "Joe" is most eloquent at the time of a class scrap when, standing just within earshot, he encourages his classmates by word of mouth and calls them on to victory. 1111132 Zintetpres Frederick Francis O'Connor, l 58 St. Paul Street, Rochester. Pre-Technical. CIP. E. Class Track Team fl-293 Varsity Track Team fly, Honor Rollfllg Captain Class Track Team UIQ Junior Prom. Com- mittee. lntends becoming an Electrical Engineer. Q Dear lVlr. Morey: Before taking your course in mental gymnastics l was continually troubled. with a feeling of emptiness in the head, lack of thoughts and a general disinclina- tion to speak. After two terms of your excellent sys- tem the " empty feeling " has entirely disappearedg thoughts fat least one or two, are a daily occurrence and I am able to talk for an hour continuously. I hope to remain under your care till I have taken all 'the courses you advertise. Gratefully Yours, l l l South Union Street, Rochester. Frederick O'Connor. Carl Crriff Palmer, Classical. A. A. CID. Class Secretary fl-2,3 Soph Jollg Class Track Team CI-2-35 g Varsity Track Team fl-2-3,3 Class Basketball Team fl-29, Dra- matic Club f2-3Jg Cilee Club GL Junior Prom. Committeeg Holder one hundred twenty yard hurdle record. Given over to quiet contemplation, reticence, and self-reserve, Carl is the pet of the Faculty, although hard to become acquainted with. He avoids his professors consistently, fearing that such advances might be vulgarly construed as leg-pulling. In light of these characteristics his announcement that he pur- poses to " raise Cain and smoke a pipe " when through College comes in the nature of a surprise. The Zinterpres George Truman Palmer, 47 South Union Street, Rochester. Scientific. A. X. Honor Roll fljg Class Banquet Committee UD, Class Track Team fl-253 Varsity Track Team Cl-259 Class Baseball Team fl-253 Class Basketball Team C255 Class Toastmas- ter CZJQ Soph Jollg Sophomore Exhibition Commit- teeg Assistant Manager Varsity Football Team UIQ Junior Prom. Committee, Class President Gig Dra- matic Club C35 5 Tennis Association CZJQ Junior His- torical Society. lntends becoming a Chemist. " Babe " was sent to the University of Rochester under the misapprehension that the institution was a kindergarten. When the mistake was discovered, " Prexy," who is fond of children, allowed Georgie to remain. At times " Babe " tries to lose his identity by clisguising himself as a fair young thing, thereby captivating the hearts of large audiences. But alas! we fear that he is leaving his careless childhood days behindg for now when he goes to a game, he buys two seats instead of one. Q Francis Lamont Peirce, Spencerport, New York. Philosophical. Honor Roll fl-2-333 Chess Club. lntends going into Journalism. Peirce is across between the Sphynx and Napo- leon at St. Helena. He is at his best when, leaning against the radiator by the stairs of Anderson Hall, he contemplates the bulletin-board and dreams of new worlds of thought to conquer. His reticence, it is thought, is due to an unfortunate love affair with an Abyssinian princess who was spending the summer in Spencerport. The Zintarpres Floyd Orton Reed, 97 East Avenue. Center Lisle, New York. Scientific. QU. E. Y. lVl.C. Ag Class Banquet Committee C252 Science Club C355 Statistical Editor " lnterpres." Reed left the plow standing in the furrows of the old parental acres down in Center Lisle and set out for Rochester in search of better things. Most of these things he found in Latty's lab, where he mingles with the varying aromas and is happy. The realm of formulas and reactions will claim his energies when he is through with Latty unless his present am- bition undergoes a reaction. 65 Prince Street. North Tonawanda, New York. Wallace Robert Reid, Philosophical. A. A. CID. Class Football Team fl D, Varsity Basketball Team CI -2.-35, Captain Var- sity Basketball Team C2--31g Varsity Baseball Team fl-Zjg Class Track Team fly 5 Class Baseball Team fl-2,5 Honor Roll U55 Crlee Club lntends studying Law. "Scots, wha hae wi ' Wallace bled, Scots, wham Bruce has aften led" -. This Scot was not included among the above. He prefers to lead himself. When "Wallie" drifted in on the canal from North Tonawanda three years ago he was hailed as a pitching phenomenon until he al- most believed it himself. After an experience at Col- gate in his Freshman year, however, he backed out of the box, stopping at second base where he has re- mained ever since. ln connection with his College work he is taking a correlative course in fussing at Mechanics Institute under two instructors. ln years to come he hopes to line up at the bar. We hope he will get the right one. The iinterpres l-lugh Alexander Smith, 65 Prince Street. Brockport, New York. Classical. A. A. CID. Honor Roll Cl-2,3 Cxlee Club CI-354 Soph Jollg Chapel Quartette Q55 "Campus " Board GX " Metropolitan " Quartetteg Junior Whist Club Committeeg Grind Editor "Inter- pres." lntends studying journalism or something better. If Dean Swift were alive he might be a match for "Judge" in a linguistic encounter: but it is doubtful. Hence, the trembling creature who was delegated to write this "eulogy," considers "discretion the better part of valor." Hugh came from Brockport to intro- duce modern newspaper methods, and decided upon the " Herald " as most in need of improvement. As special correspondent he is allowed unusual privileges by "C1illie" and has the right to use the telephones in the office after two-thirty. From his appearance one would never imagine that he had a heart---but ask Eddie Fisher ! Q23 Howard John Steere, 41 Prince Street. Oxford, New York. Philosophical. XP. T. Class Baseball Team Q35 Varsity Football Team CI-2-31. r " Buccou probably came to the University with the best preparation of any man who ever entered Roch- ester, being nothing less than an Oxford Graduate. It is claimed by some that he is the original of Kip- ling's " bear who walks like a man." ln spite of his appearance he is a healthy boy. He smokes like a lime-kiln, eats like an automatic stoker, and sleeps be- tween times. Occasionally he tears himself from his studies to play football. The Ztnterprzs Harold Osborn Stewart, 37 Clinton Avenue South, Rochester. Pre-Technical. CD. A. X. Class Football Team CD5 Soph Jollg Class Treasurer Q13 Chess Club Q-3,3 Secretary-Treasurer Chess Club Q-35g Var- sity Chess Team C25 3 Varsity Second Football Team G33 Second Vice-President Science Club. lntends studying Electrical Engineering. Sh! Not so loud. Harry looms up before us grad- ually. He always wears that genial smile that seems to say, " Gee, but l'm having a good time!" Foot- ball ancl chess are his favorite amusements. Natur- ally Harry is a debater but" Gillie " misjudges him. By mere argument he will make you think you can, even if you know you can't. He is particularly strong for Physics and Math and always pulls at least 93 per cent. Q George Timothy Sullivan, IS4 North Union Street, Rochester. Classical. A. K. E. Class Track Team fl-2-33 g Captain Class Baseball Team fl-273 Class Toast- master fllg Sophomore Exhibitiong Manager Soph Jollg Varsity Football Team fl-2-31 5 Captain Var- sity Football Team Q35 g Varsity Baseball Team fl-255 Captain Varsity Baseball Team Qlg Varsity Track Team CI-31 3 Junior Prom Committee. lntencls? ? ? ? " Sully's " only means of locomotion are his legs, on which he can get around fairly rapidly, and the water- wagon. It is, however, on account of the former that he is especially in favor with "Gillie" and "Doo" Stroud, who have found that Georges best perform- ances may be expected when a part of his audience is of the feminine gender. "Gillie" has suggested that he try for the world's record in the halt mile at the Y. W. C. A. Gymnasium. Qlibe lintrrpres Mark Wallace Swetland, 41 Birch Crescent. I-lightstown, New Jersey. Classical. Mandolin Club Cl-2-353 Honor Roll CD3 Soph Jollg Tennis Team C2-3,3 Captain Tennis Team U55 Class Football Team QDQ Class Basket- ball Team lntends teaching. Byron awoke to find himself famous. "Swet," on the contrary, in his Freshman year, remained up nightly till ten o'clock with the same result. Since then, he has learned among other things in one or two encounters with "Uncle Bill," that Constitutional History does not lend itself to humorous treatment. QD Louis Frank Talbot, 357 Jay Street, Rochester. Classical. CID. E. Class Football Team QL Varsity Second Football Team Q35 3 Class Secretary C353 Mandolin Club fl-315 Assistant Manager Mus- ical Clubs Glg Soph Jollg Y. M. C. A4 Science Clubg K. S. G. Third Degree. lntends teaching. Louis is a man of silence---hence a desirable per- son to have around at times. He does not believe in wasting his energy in vapid murmurings on the wan- ton air, but as his reserve force has taken no other form as yet, the task of his biographer is a light one. Louis hopes soon to take stock and an accompanying position in a cigar manufactory. Failing in this he will doubtless enter the ministry. lery: For which profession is Louis preparing ? Ghz iinterpres Earl Wesley Taylor, 4 Vine Street, Rochester. Cohoes, New York. Classical. A. T. Glee Club CU, Mandolin Club fl-355 Qrchestra U35 Class Basketball Team C2-31g Class Track Team CI -21. lntends teaching. "lf it takes nine tailors to make a man, how many Taylors does it take to make a team? " Earl is quite convinced that if the answer is " one," he's not the one. ln his Freshman year "Tayl" had visions of a Phi Beta Kappa key, but a new vision has supplanted the old and his principal efforts are now spent in the di- rection of letter writing. All join in urging him to stick Edgar George Thomssen, ' out another year! 445 Joseph Avenue, Rochester. Scientific. Class Football Team fllgfflass Basket- ball Team C35 g Science Club GJQ Honor Roll C2-31 intends studying Electrical Engineering. Thomssen? Oh yes, " Tommy " is a friend of O'Connor. Like him he will never speak except under the pressure of a direct question from some member of the Faculty. Even then it would some- times be better if he preserved a respectful silence. Thornssen's ambition is high, varying according as the Basketball umpire throws the ball. Without doubt he would make the Varsity team if he would only go to the trouble of explaining his true worth as a player to Doc. Stroud. All who heard "Tommy" debate will unite in urging him to study for the law. The ilnterpres Edgar Flandreau Van Buskirk, 285 Alexander Street. Brooklyn, New York. Classical. A. K. E. Honor Roll fl-2,3 Class Track Team fl-255 Captain Class Track Team f2Jg Varsity Second Basketball Team CU 5 Varsity Track Team C l -253 Delegate to Northfield CI J g Class Presi- dentf2Jg Class Football Team QD gvarsity Basketball Team C2-31 5 Second Prize Sophomore Exhibition Q33 Treasurer Y. M. C. A. CBL Assistant Manager Varsity Track Team C313 Business Manager " lnterpres." lntends studying Medicine. "Van " came to Rochester because he knew we needed an all-round man, the kind that can get drunk on Saturday night and lead a Sunday-school class the next morning, swear like a trooper during a Basket- ball game and go to a Y. M. C. A. meeting after- wards. So far "Van" has proven a complete suc- cess, never getting drunk or acting sanctimoniously in the wrong place, As a result, the feminine part of the Basketball audience considers him very 'l devilish." Albert Lawrence Vosburg, 285 Alexander Street. Charlotteg New York. Special. A. K. E. Captain Class Baseball Team CD3 Class Track Team fl-2-393 Class Foot- ball Team cl-ZDQ Varsity Track Team CZDQ Varsity Indoor Track Team C33 . lntends studying Civil Engineering. . A fusser, confessed and triumphant, is "Vossie." Worse yet, he glories in the fact. His recent book called "Hands I Have Held " has proved such a suc- cess that he is considering publishing a "Guide to Youthful Fussers," illustrated with photographs of him- self. " Vossie " is by birth a sailor, having seen the light and the popcorn stands at Charlotte simultaneously. The Zlnterpres Robert John Walkinshaw, 65 Prince Street. North Tonawanda, New York. Philosophical. A. A. CID. Glee Club fl-2-35g College Qlartette fl-2-359 Dramatic Club C213 Soph Jollg Class Football Team CD5 Class Baseball Team C259 Junior Historical Societyg " Metropolitan " Quartetteg Registrars Assistant. When Robert sings he might be mistaken for a nightingale, were it not for his abdominal development and the curly character of his plumage. His keen- ness in matters mathematical attracted the notice of Mr. Lamson and he now assists the latter in running the University. Walkie is a strong exponent of co- education in the graduate form and frequently pro- motes the return of alumna: to the shades of their Alma Mater. He hopes in future years to be able to alleviate the physical sufferings of mankind, but it is difficult for us to picture him in such a role. He seems more at home at a dining than at an operating table. Myron James Walter, 35 Strathallan Park. Clifton Springs, New York. Scientific. A. T. Class Football Team fl-255 Class Banquet Committee QD 3 Y. M. C. A. Cl-2-31 g Vice-President Chess Club G55 Junior Historical So- ciety g Literary Editor I' lnterpres." " Walt " comes from a mineral spring community whose sole claim to notice is the previous statement and the bad-egg-odor taste of its drinking water. These facts are unimportant except as a possible theory of his being here. " Waltn is a constant fus- ser but most inconstant in his victims. ln fact the only enamourer to whom he has stuck two years in succession is Ana-lytics. I The Zinterpres Roger Hale Wellington, 20 Argyle Street, Rochester. Philosophical. XP. T. Honor Roll C213 Soph Joll QL Dramatic Club Q-3,5 Mandolin Club GJ, Class Vice-President C213 Chairman Junior Whist Club Committeeg Chairman Junior Prom. Committee. 'A "Stub " we call him so as not to hurt his feelings, for we want to call him " Babe." Keen intuition tells him this, so he puts on with much pomp and cere- mony his stage costume, to wit :---one roll of shoulder, one undulating manly gait, one pig head, and one quaveringly decided voice. I-le speaks much and rapidly, so that words may fill the mind's hiatus. "Roge" is an earnest boy, the ladies think as they hold him on their laps, and they like him, or so he tells us when primed with Casp's panacea. Nathaniel George West, 466 Garson Avenue, Rochester. Classical. A. T. Soph Joll Committeeg Class Historian G55 Junior Prom. Committee GD, Crlee Club GJ 3 Junior Whist Club Committee " Nat " came to Rochester from the section of the country that his name is, bringing with him all the airy, breezy characteristics of his nativity. He joined the class of '07 and is still a prominent member thereof despitex the ominous significance of the first two initials of his name. " Nat " is an inveterate fusser and an invertebrate student. If he did not have so many financial dependencies he would have Mormon- istic tendencies. His success as a business man is as- sured. ln fact he has already learned that with a winning personality it is easier to borrow than to earn. For further information regarding our subject the reader is referred to Scott's " Lochinvarf' 013132 interpres Earle Gibson White, 35 Strathallan Park. Phelps, New York. Scientific. A. T. Entered from '06 Class, Honor Roll fl-2-3,9 Varsity Football Team fl-255 Varsity Baseball Team fl-2,3 Varsity Basketball Team UD, Class Basketball Team flyg Class Base- ball Team U-31, Captain Class Baseball Team flbg Class Track Team fllg Writers, Club lntencls going into Journalism. " Whitey, " the Horace Greeley of our class, hails from the neighboring city of Phelps, which is the counterpart of Guthrieville, described by him in the last year's "lnterp." l-le began his college career with the '06 bunch but soon saw the error of his ways, and transferred his allegiance to a class more worthy of his dignity and ability. Earle is a very quiet lad, but when his quill splashes ink the paper talks for him. His literary pursuits began in the office of the " Evening Times " where his rise has been re- markable. Ar present he is fourth Associate Editor of the "Phelps Citizen." if , 4 -123, ' il' af ga g? e h an "ll' llr ' l C- I n ORN EVIBERS UF I907, Preston Morris Alloro George Ralph Morris Elclrecl S. Brandt Charles Pool Rebasz Able David Burr Earle lvl. cape George Henry Cushing LeRoy Frinla Fairchild Cyril Adolphus Faucher Jacob Franklin Gasser Homan Fitz Green Halleck Marla Clinton Flannnand Elon Huntington Jessup Frederick Leighton Myron Herman Leiter Charles Parraga Roberts Robert Merritt Shurrz Floyd Glenn Spencer Edward Adolph Srahlhrodl Arthur John Sreinhardt Archie Wilcox Symonds Edgar Charles Taggart Charles Frederick VanlVlarter George Gould Wedd Clarence Arthur Wesp Ralph Grant Yeaton Q I Q,f Freshman Banquet The Class Poem . Class Prophecy The Co-Eds Oraticn The Sophs Class Athletics Toastmaster George T. Sullivan Helcl at Teall's Hall March First, Nineteen Hunclrecl Four Charles P. Rebasz Howard P. Barss . William F. Goff Arthur J. Steinhardt . Edgar J. Fisher . Carl F. Kaelher Le Roy F. Fairchild I9 e Qggglfll ' The Class . College Customs Oration . The Universit Prophecy Sophomore Banoyet Toastmaster George T. Palmer . Edgar F. VanBuskirk Y L The Class We've Class Poem . eft Behind Us . Held at Hotel Lafayette, Buffalo May Twenty-third, Nineteen Hundred Five joseph C. Napier Edgar C. Taggart Walter C. I-lurd Alvah S. Miller Harry C. Michaels Howard P. Barss SCP HCMCRE H - '08 CLASS '08 72 The lintlzrpres CLASS OF 1908 Class Yell---l4eb able eb able eb able ere, Kan able an able eb eble ate, Ho We ho we, Nought-eight, Nought-eight Class Color e... ebeby Red and Steel Gray OFFICERS I President . . . . Charles D. Marsh viee-Pleelelebl . . Arthur T. Pammenter Secretary . Charles lf. Lauer Treasurer . William Cline Rbge Toastmaster . . Arthur F. Truex Poet . . Lelebel lf. Weed Historian . I-larry C. Taylor Orator Gregory J. Martin Prophet l . . Jemee J.Tigl1e Captain Football Team Captain Track Team . Walter R. Brooks . Carlton E. Power Captain Baseball Team . Maunce A. Wilder Captain Basketball Team . Percy A. Benedict -xx av' 'N 9. F .dnl-11 Ph Hu, U Ulbz Ztnterpres' 73 THE SOPHOMORES "Thus far our fortunes keep an upward course, And we are graced with wreaths of victory." "Abraham begat lsaacg and---" after all that our class of "Nought-Eight," sixty- five men strong, came to Rochester. United and strong, we have lived her life, loved her life, and upheld her traditionsg more, we have added to them a touch all our own. That first wild rush that carried us to the top of the stairs and into our college worldg that football game against '07, in which pluck and dash held their own so wellg our Freshman banquet graced by the presence of the Sophomore presidentg that basket- ball game hnally won only after extra time had been agreed upong and that little old red Hag that waved in triumph o'er our heads in the last rush with '07---" these things haunt me still, though full a year has Hed, like some wild melody." It was in our Freshman year, too, that we added to the traditions of the College that of wearing the little distinctive Freshman cap of gray with its green button, and the interesting ceremony of "The Burning of the Cap" at the end of the year in token of the first year of college life. And then our Alma Mater suddenly made us the elder brothers of the youngest, greenest, freshest class of kids that ever came to her arms. Even that we have lived through! And as Sophomores, fifty strong, we have won the Inter-class Track Meet, and the right to inscribe---'08---on the banner representing the athletic championship of the lower classes. And " we have not yet begun to Fight." 74 The Interpres Howard Edward Akerly, Arthur Howe Allen, Roy David Anthony, Ernest Franklin Barker, THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Hiram Leonard Barker, Jr., Harold deBlois Barss, Percy Alvin Bencledict, Stephen Leon Bidwell, Harry Bloom, Edwin Hinchman Brooks, Walter Rollin Brooks, John Edwin Burr, Oliver Warren Case, Walter Henry Casseheer, Delwin D. Chapin, Jr., Leslie Marsland Conly, Harry Packer Dinkey, Raymond Bruce Eddy, John Denison Fowler, Thomas James Fulton, Arthur Samuel Hamilton, Curtis Danals Hart, Louis Jacubowitz, George Hanes joy, Roy David Kinney, Lloyd Randolph Kneelan Charles Frederick Lauer, Charles Darius Marsh, Gregory James Martin, Jr., cl, Charles Edmund Meulendyke, George William Morris, Lewis Enoch Munger, Arthur Thomas Pammenter, Robert Francis Paviour, Rochester, Honeoye Falls, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Pultneyville, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Harrison Valley, Brooklyn, Rochester, Ontario Center Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Belfast, Lyons, Rochester, Spencerport. Middletown, Rochester, Rochester, Holley, lrondequoit. Rochester, 1 l 3 Amherst St. 394 West Ave. 358 West Ave. 56 Hamilton St. 280 Monroe Ave. 70 Meigs St. 445 Alexander St. 73 Kenwood Ave. 79 Chatham St. 52 Rowley St. 343 West Ave. 80 Flint Sr. 73 Richmond St, 769 Sr. Paul Sr. Pa., 65 Prince St. 41 Prince St. I4 Vick Park B l 73 Grand Ave. I9 Thayer St. 48 Rosedale St. 7l S. Washington St I4 Sumner Pk I56 Delevan St. 66 College Ave 21 7 Merriman St. l 7 Joslyn Place l 9 Meigs St. 71 Charlotte St l l Upton Park l46 S. Goodman St 35 Strathallan Pk 5 3 7 Averill Ave. The ilnterpres 75 Samuel Porter, Carleton Elderlcin Power, Dean Todd Pryor, Warrant Pryor, John Wilhelm Radu, William Cline Rugg, Edward Hayes Sawers, Max Schweid, Seward Dwight Smith, Norman Hamilton Stewart, Harry Cecil Taylor, James joseph Tighe, Arthur Fuller Truex, Andrew jackson Warner, Znd, Samuel Young Whitehouse, Maurice Alton Wilder, Leland Foster Wood, Hiram Wooden, Elloa, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, N. Tonawanda, Victor, Rochester, Rochester, Chili Station. Rochester. Rochester, Avon, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Bergen, Albion, Rochester, I33 Plymouth Ave. 29 Thayer St. 50 Gorsline St. 50 Crorsline St. 37 Birch Crescent. 97 East Ave. 548 Lake Ave. 359 Alexander St. 42 Prince St. I3 Bingham St. 82 Danforth St. 28 N. Union St. l09 Troup St. 99 Alexander St. 253 Monroe Ave. 35 Strathallan Pk. 131 Frank St. 190 Freshman Barpqyet T Toastmaster Bayard T. DelVlallie The Class E. Clinton Wolcott Class History . . Harry C. Taylor Opportunity . . Curtis D. Hart College Politics Robert F. Paviour Poem . . Joseph L. O'Connor The Co-Eels . Charles D. Marsh Oration . . . . Arthur F. Truex The Fellow on the Next Seat . . Norman l-l. Stewart Prophecy .... Percy C. Benedict Held at Hotel Eggleston January Twenty-fourth, Nineteen Hundred Five V THE FRESHMAN CLASS Vs 59 78 Ulbz Zlnterpres CLASS OF 1909 Class Yell---U-Rah, U-Rah, U-Rah, Rineg Rochester, Rochester, Nineteen Nine Class Colo rs--- Blue and White OFFICERS President . . . . Harry N. Kenyon Vice-President . Frank H. lVlcChesney Secretary . . Frank A. jones Treasurer Raymond J. Fowler Toastmaster . . George F. Pond Orator Cornelius R. Wright Poet . Charles T. Goodsell Prophet . Harry A. May Historian . . . E. Harry Gilman Captain Football Team Camam Baseball Team Captain Basketball Team Captain Track Team Manager Hockey Team Captain Hockey Team . Norman Nairn Matthew D. Lawless George W. Ramaker William C. Hanford . Franklin H. Smith Herbert E. Hanford 5.-A 4.,. . QE? T?-34 L K Y: '.':' 2, 414. vi ' L K BE "5 A- 5' Ez'-i.,,f5'?"w,' 1, fi ' E sibii iiq eim IE IE fi K wMf Q HEY - ' ' ' 'Q ,. ..4,,m! BF'u , -2 5 ,251-gAf,,Q,,,,:1ag:Q3 , ":A . " , ' 4"Mwfww:Q, Tj-1 "'f " ?XVl. V' , A,v,, f ii' QXQQH Q ,,...,,. RSUY -Q 1 T 1. fjgj -17, 1 ,,.i,. . ,.,, , .,.,n, ivfgff' Q M' 9 0 S' + , , ,. .. Q , .5g.,,-5:q,mgs .,.,L,. -. Q +'.',o Q we-' '-' L: . I cslgtf:-S-r-:fi E :ff ,-' ',eg1.x-,,',v,f I, L Y Bmw plum. 2111132 Zlnterpres 79 THE F RESHMEN The Class of '09 started its career with a yell. In the rush which followed, the Sophs did most of the yelling and all the cussing. Ar the end of five minutes of this, the upper classmen interfered, saying that if it were allowed to continue it might give the College a bad name. After the class had completed its organization, it turned its attention to more sys- tematic forms of exercise. ln a football game with the Sophomores, to show that there was no hard feeling, '09 allowed its adversaries to borrow the ball after it had scored a touchdown, a mark of courtesy which the Sophs had failed to observe earlier in the game. Feeling that they had been perhaps a little too magnanimous in this respect, the Freshmen determined to even up matters by licking the whole College. This was very thoroughly accomplished in a series of basketball games, and '09 came off with the col- lege championship. As for the inter-class track meet, it proved to be a battle between the Freshmen and the Varsity track team. Against such odds as these, the class yielded stubbornly but gracefully. Perhaps the most brilliant event of the year was the Freshman banquet, which came off during the Winter Term. Announcements of the affair were scattered broad- cast through the College several days in advance, and a cordial invitation was extended to the Sophs. The latter, however, maintained an indifferent attitude, and it was only after much persuasion of an urgent and pressing nature that a few of their number were induced to attend. Even then they refused to partake of anything more sumptuous than radishes. In such ways as these have the Freshmen endeavored to foster a brotherly spirit between the classes. To say that the Class of '09 has made a good start would be putting it mildly. To be sure, it has thus far had only three different presidentsg but it must be remem- bered that the class is young yet, and has hardly had a fair chance to show what it can do. The future will tell this, and it can't help being the most successful kind of a future for '09. ' 80 The iinterpres THE FRESHMAN CLASS Sol Aiole, Rochester, 78 Nassau St. Sydney Alling, Rochester, l 39 Maryland St. Raymond F. Baker, lrondequoit. James Lewis Blackmer, Silver Springs, Averill Ave. Roy Will Boss, Rochester, 4 Council St. Carlton Fellows Bown, Penfield, 65 Prince St. Frederic McGuire Buckley, Boonville, 96 Park Ave, Harvard DeHart Castle, Rochester, 425 Oxford St. Francis Stuart Chapin, Rochester, 583 West Ave. Kash Roberts Chase, Henrietta, ZI Birr St. Wallace Gilbert Collyer, Rochester, I4 Atlantic. Ave. Harold Linsley Crafts, Rochester, 97 Glendale Pk. Leon Philetus Davis, Spencerport. Ernest Willard Dennis, Rochester, I5 Upton Pk. Edward John Dykstra, Rochester, l I5 Lyndhurst St. Pliny Baxter Fiske, Byron, 41 Birch Crescent. Edgar Nlartin Flint, Rochester, I4 Avondale Pk. Lemuel Hibbard Foote, Rochester, 2 Emma St. James Henry Fowle, Bridgeport, Conn., 35 Strathallan Pk. Raymond James Fowler, Rochester, 78 Dewey Ave. Albert William Giles, Rochester, 97 Bartlett St. Edward Harry Gilman, Rochester, 505 West Ave. Charles True Goodsell, Medina, 66 Meigs St. Harvey Wilbur Graves, Rochester, 594 West Ave. Herbert Emerson Hanford, Rochester, 525 University Ave. William Cobb Hanford, Rochester, 525 University Ave. Samuel Park Harmon, Jr. Rochester, 3 Schell Pl. Joseph Edward Harrington, Wakeheld, Mass., 66 College Ave. Leo Dann Hayes, Watkins, 41 Birch Crescent Roy Eugene Hills, Corfu, 253 Monroe Ave. Alonzo Barton Holcombe, West Brighton, Harry Laurence Horton, Rochester, f 63 Caledonia Ave. George Wallace Hubbell, Rochester, Z0 Tremont St. Richard Pell Hunt, Rochester, 145 S. Goodman St. Abram Nicholls Jones, Rochester, 87 S. Union St. Frank Allen Jones, Montour Falls, 41 Birch Crescent. Albert D. Kaiser, Rochester, I3 Tracy St. The Zinterpres Bl Harry Norman Kenyon, George Gustav Kleindinst, Jacob Samuel Kominsky, Julius Lucius Kuck, Matthew Delbert Lawless, Abraham Lebendig, john Herbert Levis, Fred Maecherlein, Harry Albert May, F rank Howard McChesney, Charles Hazelius Miller, William P. Munger, Norman Nairn, Joseph Augustine O'Connor, Leonard Charles Palmer, George Franklin Pond, Joseph Posner, George Winkler Ramaker, Howard Franklin Roberts, Harry Alphonso Robinson, joseph Jacob Rosenthal, Leon Drake Rumsey, Leon James Russell, Christian John Schaeffer, Edmund Parmenter Schermerhorn, Harry Hall Servis, William Alexander Shepherd, Franklin Hiram Smith, James Powers Snell, Frank Burns Storey, Raymond Averill Taylor, George Lee Thompson, Walter Ledyard Todd, Fred Eugene Vanvechten, Paul Vincent, John Frederick Warner, Edwin W. Whitmarsh, Edwin Wilder, Augustus Williams, Cornelius R. Wright, Rochester, Buffalo, Rochester, St. Paul, Minn., Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Troy, Rochester, Elizabethtown, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Warsaw, Johnstown, Rochester, Qswayo, Pa., Rome, Pa., Rochester, Penfield. Rochester, Pultneyville, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Paris, France. Rochester, Rochester, Rochester, Warsaw, i Rochester, 65 Prince St. 41 Charlotte St. l59 Chatham St. 246 Alexander St. 23 Oxford St. I50 Joseph Ave. l85 Fulton Ave. 522 Child St. 102 Woodward St. l 36 Fulton Ave. I2 Reynolds St. Zl Baldwin St. 37 Birch Crescent. l04 Hamilton St. 575 Mt. Hope Ave. 20 Arch St. 57 Nassau St. I l Tracy St. 37 Birch Crescent. 35 Strathallan Pk. 66 Adams St. 41 Birch Crescent. 41 Birch Crescent. 236 Sherman St. 301 Lexington Ave l 79 Pearl St IO Augustine St 77 Avenue D 30 Hortense St 8 Clifton St IO Thayer St l l l Park Ave 3 7 Hudson Ave Trevor Hall 29 George St I4 Moulson Ave 276 Monroe Ave 35 Strathallan Pk 36 S. Clinton St 19 The Class As It ls The Sophomores Class Athletics The Ladies The University . Co-Education Our Future Freshman Banquet Toastmaster George F. Pond l-lelcl at the Whitcomb House January Eighteenth, Nineteen Hundred Six . Park Harman Franklin l-I. Smith . Norman Nairn . James P. Snell Raymond J. Fowler Cornelius R. Wright . Harry A. May N x ENCEM EN 5' 6, QQ, Q. 'NW 'X 64 of' It " Y X 'T f N 77Z6lZ6'6l7Z6lZZ A We THE FIFTY-FIFTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT Sunday, June Eighteenth 7.30 P. M. The Baccalaureate Sermon by President Rhees in the Second Baptist Church. Monday, June Nineteenth 3.30 P. M. The Class Day Exercises of the Senior Class in the Alumni Ciymnasium and on the Campus. 815 P. M. Address before the New York iota of the Phi Beta Kappa in the Third Presbyterian Church by Dr. Thomas Wentworth Higginson of Cambridge, Mass. Subject: "People l Have Met." 9.30 P. M. 'Fraternity Reunions at the Chapter Houses. Tuesday, June Twentieth l0.00 A. M. The annual meeting ofthe Trustees in Anderson Hall. 2.00 P. M. The business meeting of the Alumni in Anderson Hall. 3.00 P. M. Presentation of the bronze statue of Dr. Martin B. Anderson on the Campus. Addresses by Adelberr Cronise, Esq., IS77, the Hon. Breck Per- kins, l87l, and President Rhees. 4.30 P. M. The business meeting of the New York iota of the Phi Beta Kappa in Anderson Hall. 5 to 9.30 P. M. Class reunions. 8.15 P. M. The Alling Prize Debate by members of the Senior and Junior Classes in the Alumni Gymnasium. l0.00 P. M. Social gathering of the Alumni in the Alumni Gymnasium. Wednesday, June Twenty-first l0.00 A. M. The Commencement Exercises in the Alumni Gymnasium. Orations in competition for the Davis Prize Medals. The address to the Graduating Class by the President. The conferring of degrees. l.00 P. M. The Alumni Dinner. 8.00 to l0.00 P. M. The Presidentis Reception in the Presidents House. is C ' --Vx ,V N l X J ri- ur ' 'i 4 fqg CLASS DAY 1 fax: ' 1 f 1905 l ve D Ei , Fill A Monday Afternoon, June Nineteen, Nineteen Hundred Five Opening Address History . Presentation of C Acceptance Poem Oration . Prophecy . Tree Uration Pipe Cration At the Alumni Gymnasium Thomas Dransheld, Jr., Master of Ceremonies Programme . . . Master of Ceremonies . . Irving Nelson Kohler Music lass Gift - . . . The President of the Class . . . . The President of the University Music . Louis Jonathan Bailey . . . Merritt Way Haynes . . . . . Avery Morgan Meech Class. Song Procession to Class Tree . . . 4 . George Nelson Sage Tree Song . . . . . . Trafton Milford Crandall Pipe Song , Deposition of the Class Records. Parting Song Music 9 di ., FSR I f LL I 4 PRIZE , DEBATE , 09317 Tuesday Evening, June Twentieth, Nineteen Hundred Five ln the Alumni Gymnasium ORDER OF EXERCISES The Qgestionz Resolved, That all private property on the high seas, except con trabancl of war, should be exempt from seizure by helligerents in time of war. Music Direct Arguments Walter Steefel Meyers, Rochester, I906 Arthur Lawrence Stewart, Rochester, l905 Carr Gilman l-lorn, Acton, Me., l906 Avery Morgan Meech, Hilton, l905 Chester Frederic Craigie, Catskill, 1906 Edward Ernest Morris, Rochester, l905 Music Rebuttal Arguments Mr. Meech, 1905 Mr. Craigie, 1906 Mr. Horn, I906 Mr. Stewart, l905 Mr. Morris, I905 Mr. Meyers, l906 Music Decision in favor of the Senior Class Prize for individual excellence, Mr. Craigie, 1906 COMMITTEE OF AWARD William Hastings Nichols, B. S., l874 Francis Selden Macomher, A. B., l879 Homer Dewilton Broolcins, B. S., 1880 The linterpres 87 oRAT1oNs OF THE GRADUATING CLASS Wednesday, June Twenty-First, Nineteen Hundred Five In The Alumni Gymnasium Order of Exercises Music Prayer Orations for the Davis Medals The Fate ofthe F inn ....... George Nelson Sage The College Man in Public Life . . Alphonse Joseph Sigl The New Art of City Building . . . Merritt Way Haynes Music The United States as a Far Eastern Power . I. Edward Ernest Morris Our Departure From American Ideals . . Theodore Augustus Zornow The Future of japan . . . Q . . Dana Boardman I-Iellings Music Address to the Graduates by the President The Conferring of Degrees Benediction First Prize . . . Dana Boardman I-Iellings Second Prize ........ Theodore Augustus Zornow COMMITTEE OF AWARD FOR THE DAVIS PRIZE MEDAL The Reverend Reuben E. Burton, A. B., Class of ISSO George Reynolds Stearns, M. D., Class of l875 F rank Edward Siclcels, A. B., Class of l880 The Eastman Laboratofies PR ATERN rn ES 90 The Zinterpres THE HELLENIC COUNCIL The Hellenic Council sprang from a general desire on the part of the Fraternities to benefit themselves in their common relations, and the University by their co-operative efforts. It is to be a permanent institution and to that end has adopted a constitution which is peculiar, in that it provides for inter-fraternity agreements to be made by au- thorised representatives, members of the Council. The matter of "rushes " has been ad- justed and the idea of election purity, as presented in the new system, had its inception in the Hellenic Council. Following are the first representatives and officers: OFFICERS President, Clarence M. Platt, XP. T. Secretary, Ralph E. Harmon, A. A. CD. MEMBERS Albert Bowen, NP. T. William Cornelius Roades, A. A. CID. Walter Austin Calihan, A. K. E. Charles Arthur Simpson, CD. A. X. Charles Lacy Harris, A. T. Harry John Simmelinlc, GJ. A. X. Embry Crittenden MacDowell, A. K. E. Lewis Mitchell Wilson, A. T. 1-'-q-rm I-If 92 The Zinterpres 1 , 5 " y as" -Q, ALPHA DELTA PHI . ' .f'i1ifiiff- VT' 1 'lll. l ' , " - - T9 Founded at Hamilton College in l832 '. Q . . - ' A, ' if Rochester Chapter Established in 1851 rs +8 3 1, I g 44.1 1 , m '- P55:21Li.'I:7'fa A . ROLL OF CHAPTERS Hamilton, . Columbia, Yale, . Amherst, . Brunonian, Harvard, . Hudson, . Bowdoin, Dartmouth, Peninsular, Rochester, Williams, . Manhattan, Middletown, . Kenyon, . Union, . Cornell, 4 . Phi Kappa, . Johns Hopkins, ' Minnesota, Toronto, . Chicago, . McGill, . Wisconsin Hamilton College, Columbia College, Yale University, Amherst College, Brown University, . Harvard University, . Aclelhert College, Bowdoin College, Dartmouth College, . University of Michigan, University of Rochester, Williams College, . College of the City of Ne Wesleyan University, . Kenyon College, . Union College, . Cornell University, . Trinity College, . Johns Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, University of Toronto, Chicago University, . McGill University, . University of Wisconsin w York, 1832 1838 1,837 1837 1837 1837 1841 1841 1845 1848 1851 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1870 1878 1889 1892 1893 1898 1897 1902 LA Wu ,M ZWHL A 'f+TfQx 1 1f ,ix vm ,Q 7 XQ ,Wi , SK, 7' fi W " gil? , A N Mia,-A V. ,f My afswm 4- . 5, 1 f-r X Q., wwf + . Q13 W -fb .i?fKi:X, . I' 1: , Q ., . 1. s-if W Zim -, F17 A '17 1, YRS 1 ' sw Wx J' ,ggfm v UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS OF ALPHA DELTA PHI Nineteen Hundred Six Howard Walrath Allen Edgar Jacob Fisher Edwin Roy Bowerman William Rice Foster Chester Frederic Craigie William Cornelius Roades Ancel St. John N Nineteen Hundred Seven Wilbur Wilcox Bancroft Carl Griff Palmer Howard Phillips Barss Wallace Robert Reid Jay Wharton E ay ' Hugh Alexander Smith, jr. Ralph Elmer Harmon Robert John Walkinshaw Nineteen Hundred Eight Harold Edward Alcerly Curtis Danals Hart Harold deBlois Barss Charles Darius Marsh Hiram Leonard Barker, Jr. Dean Todd Pryor Delwin D. Chapin, jr. Warrant Pryor - Nineteen Hundred Nine Carlton Fellows Bown Alonzo Barton Holcombe Raymond James Fowler Harry Norman Kenyon Raymond Averill Taylor 94 Ulbs Einterpres . , ,,.. DELTA UP SH-0N rg Founded at Williams College in 1834 gg Rochester Chapter Established in 1852 .,e, 1 sf -e ..,. ., ,... W- l ROLL OF CHAPTERS Williams, Williams College, . . l834 Union, . Union College, . 1838 Hamilton, Hamilton College, l847 Amherst, . Amherst College, l 847 Adelbert, Adelbert College, . l 847 Colby, . Colby University, . 1852 Rochester, University of Rochester, l852 Middlebury, Middlebury College, . I856 Bowdoin, Bowdoin College, l 85 7 Rutgers, Rutgers College, H358 Brown, Brown University, . . l860 Colgate, . Colgate University, . . IS65 New York, University of City of New York IS65 Cornell, . Cornell University, . . I869 Marietta, . Marietta College, . . I87O Syracuse, . Syracuse University, . l873 Michigan, University of Michigan, . IS76 Northwestern, Northwestern University, . l880 Harvard, . Harvard University, . H380 Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin, l885 Lafayette, Lafayette College, . l 885 Columbia, Columbia University, . l885 Lehigh, . Lehigh College, 1885 Tufts, Tufts College, . l886 DePauw, DePauw University, . l887 Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, . ISSS Minnesota, University of Minnesota, . l890 Technology, Boston School of Technology, 1893 Swarthmore, Swarthmore College, . . l893 Stanford, . Leland Stanford University, . IS96 California, University of California, . l896 McGill, . McC1ill University, . l898 Nebraska, University of Nebraska, l898 Toronto, . University of Toronto, l899 Chicago, . University of Chicago, l900 Qhio, Ohio State University, l904 ,,!" . wff f,,,f f J-M f ,4 '- W -D P35 'X if A KCLF ' ' 1 D - Q ,X X f-fT109f1K17 " I FT -3' 11,55 -'v' , wx 5, '."4:1 Q f 1 I , 5" " 2 , o,,,,.4.:e1' 4 1 'Y-. - ' , -UW," f . K' , .A , . .Lf,, ,,.2, , . I' 'affix fb E ff + : .f1.x DED W A'AV 'L TT' sff53J'i"'f4'?f"l if ,JV M y A, ,1,.f nl fgfflf fff ,gawk - N 1 p ffff fa -f c- I awp 'fin ww X ' 4122.31 farm, 5 q w- Q. w wnfw , ' n ,A f ef fm-, f Y ' 0 s-,a""2?4-If M X J !9'057V?,Efyhfa 'Wrgb Q jmxm- -4? J'w 'Ur Wm, J' .. f5"W'0Rgef ,4'ALlEu:fu.A, f, ff' . 'Q 'EZSAZQA' x xN1qRawro G 1 Gmegcug "" BNIB T ' 'A XLUNSSA W ?J-Q sgmwr r-W UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS OF DELTA UPSILON Nineteen Hundred Six Laurence Bacon Brink Charles Lacy Harns William Hawley Higbie Henry Judson I-Iumpstone Ninete Ward Delazon Jordon Joseph Cromlaie Napier Earl Wesley Taylor Arthur Rathjen Lewis Garlick Reynolds Robert Osmond Saunders Lewis Mitchell Wilson en Hundred Seven Myron James Walter Nathaniel George West Earle Gibson White Nineteen Hundred Eight Percy Alvin Benedict Lewis Enoch Munger L e Arthur Fuller Truex Maurice Alton Wilder land Foster Wood Nineteen Hundred Nine Lemuel Hihhard Foote james Henry Fowle Frank Howard lVlcChesney George Winkler Ramaker Edwi Howard Franklin Roberts Harry Alphonso Robinson Fred Eugene VanVechten Augustus Williams n Wesley Whitmarsh 96 05132 iflnterpres Eta, . Pi, . Iota, . Alpha:Alpha, Omicron , Epsilon, . Rho, Tau, Mu, Nu, . Beta'Phi, Phi Chi, Psi Phi, Cuamma Phi, Psi Omega, Beta Chi, Delta Chi, Delta Delta, Phi Gamma, C-amma Beta, . Theta Zeta, Alpha Chi, Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Tau Lambda, . Alpha Phi, Delta Kappa, Tau Alpha, Sigma Rho, P hi, Theta, Xi. Sigma, Gamma, Psi, Chi, Upsilon, Beta, Kappa, Lambda, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Yale College in 1844 Beta Phi Chapter Established in 1855 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Yale College, . . . Bowdoin College, Colby University, Amherst College, . Vanderbilt University, University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, . Brown University, . . University of North Carolina, Miami University, . . Kenyon College, . University of Virginia, . Dartmouth College, . . . Central University of Kentucky, Middlebury College, . University of Michigan, . Williams College, . Lafayette College, Hamilton College ,..' Colgate University, . . Colle e of the Cit of New York, g Y University of Rochester, . Rutgers College, . . Indiana Asbury University, Wesleyan University, . Rensselaer Polytechnic Vlnstitute, Western Reserve University, Cornell University, . . University of Chicago, . Syracuse University, Columbia University, University of California, Trinity College, . . University of Minnesota, . Mass. Institute of Technology, Tulane University, . . University of Toronto, . University of Pennsylvania McGill University, . Leland Stanford, 1844 1844 1845 1846 1847 1847 1850 1850 1851 1852 1852 1852 1853 1854 1854 1855 1855 1855 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1870 1871 1874 1876 1879 1889 1890 1899 1899 1899 1900 1902 W I A Tim ' '2 jf: H :gg n gag. QS' QP W1 1 ' I- 'Ml ' X f WW-,fl fx X l f. "'Wl1 V YI' X fx' K U M ww f X , 1 f Xw!XJ00g ,U X Wff x X K Q ' RU ' UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Nineteen Hundred Six Walter Austin Calihan Embry Crittenden lVlacDowell 1 Charles Peters Oliver Nineteen Hundred Seven Jay Edward Dutcher George Timothy Sullivan William Goff Edgar Flandreau VanBuslcirlc Albert Vosburg ' Nineteen Hundred Eight Stephen Leon Bidwell Walter Henry Cassebeer Walter Rollin Brooks Bayard Thomas DeMallie Carleton Elderlcin Power Nineteen Hundred Nine Edward Harry Gilman Matthew Delbert Lawless Harvey Wilbur Graves Franklin Hiram Smith George Lee Thompson 98 015132 iinterpres' Theta, Delta, Beta, Sigma, Cramma, Zeta, Lamhda, . Kappa, Psi, Xi, . Upsilon, Iota, Phi, Pi, . Chi, Beta Beta, Eta, Tau, Mu, Rho, Gmega, Epsilon, PSI UPSILON Founded at Union College in IB33 Upsilon Chapter Established in 1858 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Union College, . . University of City of New Yale College, . . Brown University, Amherst College, Dartmouth College, Columbia University . Bowdoin College, Hamilton College, Wesleyan University, . University of Rochester, Kenyon College, University of Michigan, Syracuse University, . Cornell University, Trinity College, . Lehigh University, . York University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, Chicago University, . University of California, 1833 1837 1839 1840 Iw84I 1842 1842 1843 1843 1848 1858 1860 1865 1875 1876 1880 1884 1891 1891 1896 1897 1902 -aff: f L 511,15 fx' ' ' W" . 1 Q 1' v LW if . 57 M y ilf ,.. 3' ' 11" J is .fx iii U 1 M2 MW: If-E151 L Mm -Ji, r f ,ff f- av WWTQH N - f. ID G :. gh 13 QF .Q AW 1 -Q .,f V fy: ,hgffxgg T EM ff EEN- Q' ci- Q f' 4 'xx lf UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS OF PSI UPSILON Nineteen Hundred Six Harry Willard Bosworth William Curtis Clark Albert Bowen Prentiss Bailey Gilbert Clarence Melvin Platt Nineteen Hundred Seven Carl Frederic Wilhelm Kaelber Theodore Augustus Miller Elmer George Koch John Howard Steere Alvah Strong Nliller Roger Hale Wellington Nineteen Hundred Eight Roy David Anthony Arthur Samuel Hamilton, Jr. Edwin Hinchman Brooks Charles Edmund Meulendyke John Edwin Burr George William Morris Leslie Marsland Conly Robert Francis Paviour Norman Hamilton Stewart Nineteen Hundred Nine Harvard DeHart Castle - Richard Pell Hunt Herbert Emerson Hanford ' Charles Hazelius Miller William Cobb Hanford' james Powers Snell 100 Mba ltntnzrpres THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Union College in 1848 Chi Charge Established in 1867 ROLL OF CHARGES Zeta, . . . Brown University, . 1853 Epsilon, William and Mary, 1853 Eta, . Bowdoin College, 1854- Kappa, Tufts College . 1 856 Iota, . Harvard University 1856 Xi, Hobart College, . 1 85 7 Phi, . Lafayette College . 1867 Chi, . University of Rochester, . 1867 Psi, . . Hamilton College, 1868 Omicron Deuteron, Dartmouth College, 1869 Beta, . . Cornell University, . . 1870 Lambda, Boston University, . . I877 Pi Deuteron, College of the City of New York, 1881 Rho Deuteron, Columbia University, . . 1883 Nu Deuteron, Lehigh University, 1884 Mu Deuteron, Amherst College, 1884 Gamma Deuteron, . University of Michigan, 1889 Iota Deuteron, . Williams College, 1891 Tau Deuteron, University of Minnesota . 1892 Sigma Deuteron, University of Wisconsin, . . 1 895 Chi Deuteron, George Washington University, 1896 Delta Deuteron, University of California, . 1900 Zeta Deuteron, McGill University . 1901 Eta Deuteron, Leland Stanford University, . 1903 J I, A-:JN , P. A Wifi if r I-E51 -: AEQTQM ,., N I .- 'Y M1 N 3-.XJ , If V 53,1 Airfnxr Cxfsfygg Ail'6a,:' - 'T , - Q Q +95 f W- X .f 4 ,., - J .V ,F xg ' '43 JIU' V f f H' . S 5 X D2:eka,Ph12a , UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS OF TI-IETA DELTA CHI Nineteen Hundred Six Harry John Simmelink Charles Arthur Simpson Martin Tiernan ' Nineteen Hundred Seven Harold Benton Gilbert George Truman Palmer Fred Raymond Lewis Harold Osborn Stewart Frank Edward Winter Nineteen Hundred Eight Ernest Franklin Barker Arthur Thomas Pammenter Thomas james Fulton James Joseph Tighe Joseph Lewis O'Connor Samuel Young Whitehouse Nineteen Hundred Nine Frederic McGuire Buckley V Frank Allen Jones Leo Dann Hayes Harry Albert May Leon James Russel The Elintzrpres V ra- 'xifri' 5-11-F29 N Q.-,15Rf.,l F. ,931 pw, " IJ-9 Q ,WF W ,Ax u Y 1' .1 Y' xi- -vvlw " Q-1 fw 1.-im-1'-1.9-., I. 1 :Q-, ,: M55 5, ' ' 1 '- ,. A -. . :' ' ff -7 LM? .B-Qi A i'T'f1'f .. 23? VM" S ,tk ', gf: ,ffegf-Q- '1 V 551 , .?p.,,.:1E5zf s -:':"4.4.:'J - 1. sm- .:"2 . '-5535322--12625 5362524254 153135 ' Z 1 f--if:-111151-'-E:i.j4:'x' - - :' 'gil-'Q ' '--. 'ze-TM.M3:.w,,.h.'i,2t'- . PHI 'EPSILON Established in I 884 Local Fraternity w Q: Y 1 ..Vf Lf. .7 . it 1 . 5.1111 , ., .- -LJ, ff? .1 p. . Au .X N :JZ Wig.. . Q 0,3 W ' . 'gi' " ' , ' --3 .. ft4li:,,u?1-V . -K, f -W WW 11' K 2xiF"'-. A . ' J " F -3 ' 9 .f NL - i .s.Lg.-'gf-,553 mf A. A A ,xrj I . , wixsw-N , V, . Q X. 1... I 5-Krgv' x , I A, ' , 1.4 ,Q 71 Q". Y' -. I gf f-fy .I I Nb X2 kk ' 1442- 1:9350 ' -Y' A mfrgff .. S , 5 -D I -A . ' L' U.. f- -if hw- ,E Y - CS. i 3 -1 SQ ta,-fig: f. - V , L.. W ' .s ' X' 1, 'H ..'.1 2- . . f. we Li. YH ' ""-fl ff" ' I 1-'- 1 .v :T .. ' .' 1 . , ,L J I1 :yy W. .Q , A , :wx K h. W. N4 5. -If .1-L L W -N -ie.. I! .M ' -'Y ,Z f ' . 'aw f'.11'A-N , 1 ' .1 'F' Nl . .- 51 1 f, 'N fx w -s'?'?5 Ll' YK. f ,, 5. -55,5 Fan' 1-V -' E51 M Q 3-Q-5 Y-X -,Mm Y 5 .E --,Q .La Lg- . ,Raul ,.g. '- .. -2" 1- f7' .' PAW9, ' I' L' -"-if A 5 ' 1-1 'Q my 1 1 -Us ,V .mari-1M . 'qi :L , AiTf'fkj,hnfg: 5, :X 1 1.15" - -- ',,. 1-,ff 1 f , , 'j..: ' ' . - fi " 1- 12' ' N-,JL 52' ' fx. F f'?1xi":.. f X if .L - '11-.ry .' v A ff. .F-9 , I rld, Asnmf: aa. :lark 155' " VX UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS OF PHI EPSILON Nineteen Hundred Six George Latta Barrus Alfred LeGrand Kinter Frederick Betz Max lsidore Klein Raymond Hardy Douglas Edwin Wilder Nineteen Hundred Seven Walter Clifford Hurd Floyd Orton Reed Frederick Francis O'Connor Louis Frank Talbot Nineteen Hundred Eight Oliver Warren Case John Wilhem Radu Raymond Bruce Eddy William Cline Rugg Gregory James Martin Seward Dwight Smith Nineteen Hundred Nine Roy Will Boss Julius Lucius Kuclc Charles True Goodsell Fred Maecherlein Harry Lawrence. Horton Norman Nairn Albert David Kaiser Leonard Charles Palmer William Alexander Shepherd 104 The iinterpres PHI 'BETA KAPPA Officers for 1 905-1 906 Reverend Doctor Charles P. Coit, '67 '. . . President Henry E. Lawrence, '89 . . Vice-President Charles l-loeing . . Secretary Benjamin B. Chace, '89 . Treasurer Members Initiated in 1906 Leon Jermain Brace jane Ernisse Crowe Louis Albert Pultz Helen Rogers Grace Elizebeth Salter Arthur Lawrence Stewart Albert Perlea VanDusen Alvalyn Eunice Woodward Jasper l-leman Wight Theodore Augustus Zornow s f",'-,231-1 c" N' , i 4 5g5p1aTfg:2:1.i444:as44411 5 'Q Qi,qlQfiilj!Mrl?1lfy11' Y IE 44 1 i N , 15 x a' GANIZATIONS l N l l l 4- .A l rw fi M i lt 'N ' ' 4' ' 'dl ' 'W 'l' L1 THE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL F or the Year Beginning April, Nineteen Hundred Five OFFICERS 0 Eugene C. Denton, . . . President Francis S. Macomber, Treasurer Charles D. Heaton, Secretary MEMBERS Joseph T. Alling, . . . . Trustee George C. Hollister, Trustee Charles Hoeing, . Faculty Henry E. Lawrence, Faculty Charles C. Stroud, Faculty Eugene C. Denton, Alumnus Francis.S. Macomber, . . Alumnus Henry D. Shedd, CResignedD . Aluriinus George L. Barrus, . . V Student Embry C. lVlacDowell, . . Student Lewis G. Reynolds, . Student Harold B. Gilbert, Student Charles D. Heaton, Student V swf 'S A T DEQNTS fy Q, ssocmrio if KSA: X. . if l XX .-- fjlw 1 '1 il p W 1 it lg OFFICERS Embry C. lVlacDowell President George l... Barrus First Vice-President Harold B. Gilbert Second Vice-President Lewis G. Reynolds Treasurer Charles D. l-leaton Secretary N TI-IE " lnterpresn of 1895 may be found an article relative to the formation of the organisation known then, as now, as the Students' Association. F rom 1894 to 1898 student organisations were subject to the control of this Association. ln l898, how- ever, the present plan was adopted whereby the officers of the Students' Association to- gether with representatives of the Trustees, Faculty, and Alumni, form the University Council. "The object of this body," according to its constitution, "shall be to promote the interests ofthe University of Rochester through the supervision and control of all athletic organisations, musical and dramatic clubs, and other associations of students as- suming to represent the University." ll 'Y. M. C, A. President, . . . Robert O. Saunders Secretary, Theodore A. Miller Treasurer, . Edgar F. Van Buslcirk HE Y. M. C. A. has, during the past year, conducted two Bible Classes for men---one in the Life of Paul for the Seniors and Juniors, taught by Dr, Rhees 5 the other in the Life of Christ for the Sophomores and Freshmen, taught by Mr. Minchin. These classes have met once a Week during the College year. Besides these, the Association has conducted a Weekly prayer meeting for men, held on Wednesday nights, in the Gymnasium. It also sent three delegates, Herbert E.. Fowler, '07, Theodore A. Miller, '07, and Harold deB. Barss, '08, to the Student Volunteer Convention at Nashville. u NQQQ-I I 10 The Zinterptes THE YEAR'S ATHLETICS T IS with pleasure, yet with some misgivings, that we record the year's athletic ac- tivity at Rochesterg for while we eagerly narrate our successes, we must candidly mention our failures and disappointments. In the midst of current criticisms of Football and College sports in general it is gratifying to believe that here at Rochester a professional spirit, manifested in the con- duct of athletics, does not obtain. -All our intercollegiate relations are friendly, and we hope all our contests will be conducted in the spirit of true sport. Principles of honor and square dealing, friendly courtesy and hospitality are what intercollegiate sports de- mand, and we trust Rochester pays them due observance. Nor would we be deprived of the hope of winning. One of the chief values of athletics is their insistence on the doing of something well. It is but a step more to try to do them best---in other words, to win, without the hope of which much of their very life would be taken from sports. At the opening of the year, the prospects in athletics were far from bright, save in Baseball. ln Football the majority of the team had graduated or withdrawn. ln Basket- ball but one regular player was left, and, although some good material was known to be present for Track, it was neither numerous nor experienced. Yet what opened darkly in Football ended most successfully when our old rival, Union, was defeated l6-0. Of the six up-state smaller colleges, Rochester stood third, losing to Colgate and Hamilton, but winning from St. Lawrence, Hobart and Union. Qur team when rounded into form at mid-season made up in spirit and earnestness, dash and team-play, what it lacked in weight and experience. It may be unfair to single out individuals for praise, but it must be accorded most freely to Captain Sullivan, " Buckol' Steere, Pryor, and Reynolds for their devotion to the team and the standard they set for others to follow. Short practices, an occasional day's rest, no evening work, a short season, very few serious injuries, all combined to maintain Football a recreative sport and not a profession in a season when the game was called sharply to judgment. A second team was early organised which, under the careful coaching of Clark '04 and the faithful captaincy of Joy, gave good practice to the Varsity and developed material for next season. The outlook for next year is at least fair. The Basketball season was ushered in by a series of six inter-class games for the University championship. This was won by l909 in a very close finish. The Varsity schedule was an exceedingly hard one, for games were played with the strongest teams 015132 ilnterpres Ill of the country with practically no mediocre teams included, the defeating of which would have given encouragement. That a new and light team should not win against these leaders was to be expected. We were disappointed in losing to Hamilton, our state rival, but next year conditions will be reversed. Injuries to some players, and organic physical disabilities in others handicapped the team very appreciably. Nearly all the games were well played however, and nothing but the best of spirit was manifested at them all. As was to be expected, the veteran Y. M. C. A. team proved superior to ours and the two-hand dribbling game of the college league rules, played by the cham- pion Pennsylvania F ive, bewildered our boys completely. The individuals of our team led by Captain Reid worked faithfully, and that all except him lacked experience was their misfortune and not their fault. The second team under Captain Barrus worked loyally to give practice to the Varsity, but its efforts against outside teams were not very successful. The manage- ment of both teams was very well cared for by Allen '06 and Harmon '07. With this year's Five intact and new material coming in, it is reasonable to hope for better success next year. We are privileged to chronicle a winter of unusual activity for our Track men. Manager Searle entered a team for the city cross-country championship on Thanksgiving Day, and, although the Varsity was only third among four competitors, a good start was made, and Freshman material interested. From the opening of the winter term to February 17th, ensued a series of four meets on successive Saturdays, thus holding the interest of the men by actual competition, which relieved the dullness of routine practice. Varsity easily proved itself superior to all other organizations of the city. An attempt was made to secure Syracuse for a dual meet here, but our neighbors deemed it inexpedient at that time. Great credit belongs to Manager Searle for his untiring efforts in behalf of the team, and the example of Captain Goldstein led many others to train consistently for a winning team. ln these days when college sports are criticised for their exclusiveness, it is well to consider the claims of Track athletics, which in the variety of their exercises and the possibility of an unlimited number of men to train, offer a good field for student athletic activity. The University has good material, but at present no place out of doors whereon this material may train for its contests, and where other students may find opportunity for regulated athletic exercise. Let us all work together to see that a move is started this spring toward a new cinder track on our Campus. The normal position of Rochester in the lnter-collegiate Athletic Association is not at the bottom, so it behooves all to work faithfully to resume our higher place. The Baseball outlook is most encouraging. With all of last yearis Nine in College save one and new material at hand, the championship should come to Rochester this I I2 Ciba Zintnzrpres spring. But as " the best laid schemes o' mice and men gang aft a-gley," so it may be wis- est to refrain from too optimistic forecasts. V lt is hoped that a series of inter-class Baseball games will be played this spring, to afford pleasant recreative exercise, and to bring out latent talent. An attempt will be made to sustain a second team to furnish both practice and seasoned substitutes for the Varsity. Let us remember that the fault of American College sport is that too few students actually engage, and also that the more candidates the stronger will be the rep- resentative teams of Rochester. C. C. STROUD. I 3 V. ,E , Line-up of Union Game -11 fi " if. X + C 4 ...f.2,Ei ',,,,QI5f3 P Ji.: 313531, 51.-:'11SeS1,'g s ' ,. .w-:1',:2- .- H-K f Q-:ii 'rex 'wg 1.-.I:'5.ww-ffR-a':'- 924 ' " , x2Ej.i'ff M ipgfiiiii -- - 11,5 '3?3Ei2Ea - " , if "ix - '- xii- - 5 4:51-2-, .V 3 ,,,f-,'g5.1j,', .5 x - as-z A .. :sag - , , Ef:5,2:j -W A Q 5.-71, 'T - X34-?' P2 '-2:4 1- -1 , 5- -'ii-'E X 'N 4 x Y A , W ms? ij 1 'Pi 5 Q ox X Q xx? s ,gf W-A-N R Ji 4 ' 'V' A AQ' ? A rw m . ,' A SVS- -4-" 'S X we Q, 124532 , .:.:.:4-g..q.-.-:Ax - L 'fa' iM, 5 'Q 'I+' , v a yi ' QAIZQ .f , xae'-fam QA, gg W2f,36ffffm, ,M V s mfg, Mg? 4 - QSWSY f, - '- 9 1:1315-?3fH?1:12f'1f -if-1 51 31 ' N 5:2L:EE1:?i::13:Jf5i?1 . 5 53551 ,fx-:.f,:rf5',:Z'?Ei'3 1:5124 - A 2 12551 1 -2EZ:42:521s:E::'A42fl-212455: , z.:mf.x . :-A ..:v5.:,A,, .-9 wx-146. ,:,,9:-w-:f:-- . Lv:-2:-.Y:x:,--.Qsm ,I -N: s:.1:':-P f. - :f-gwgw' ' N?-, wx 1 5 . ali, - ::4'f5.-: gx - 'F - i' 551125 'B S. Af' " , 1' ,ff A 5241-:QPEW 1, 421 ,N .' H x . Ah -. - 5253 '? ': .E' 'if' .'I' :. 'i "' fa ' .fi P+: ' -A: W' -'Z -,ab--I 2, N vw 1 5 K1-1,--x.,f.-21g:::5555m bd . -- ::.g-,-L-.4 SULLIVAN REID VARSITY 'CAPTAINS---1905-06 ' coLDsT131N lL n X S, K . .-3, , 3 .Pk 4 X if F4 T X W Q!-2 v' w wf ii, J 1 J A X I . 2 1 W 2 7 Q 1 1' X 9, il 9 Z 'iff 4 K y f 4 D I f A ' ' nw? 23 . ,f::':,- J., . , . s 1"i ' A - 4 V ,Q L ' lpgiiffhji -I , 4 V- , A,,,,, 'V,,1-.QQ l 'lfjgffkjd' 2 .dv -7 .,f wf.-1 455 f ,.-:-,-': ' 435' -- fi! -4211? sf:H' 4?' j: vw: ?.ffr,ww.-,fa y1:r4'.,..w:44?f.':-1 1fja,3'L SULLIVAN 4 g ' , Y AU - ---- 41 FOOT BALL -Jizz., Q I 'U-4-1.12 A. v t .. 'ff , W- - s-12. ' 'V-W.:-.. -. f4..g1,':,,:fA,:y. ,315 . K. ., , .. Nl. "- 4 -1 gg-45? .: v.4:.1-ef.sL1u:m:.w:qassn-' ' 1555-FQ 4. 133 emm,nv.s.-fe.w.H.'u-gt-ss, .raw 1.-.f -r-s,-- .--v-.j'::5s- 'jg' 7-ju?-gf VA'-' "zz: -2'-. -e ', , F- V -.,:- . '. . " " h' K, - .. , , 5 . Hi-If 2-:iflf-! 'gd xg!-'V 14' fi. - .,-. :.- t"r .,-5jg:.3:.,.w.j-.'15:15 . .-M,g.:3,515'.E14:,fiv5'..:j3-ff jvrigfqk ,." X 4, 12' f'.wj,.g1 ,.g, ,wief.:-'He"ir'::::..5r:if?w-.1'"f'1srf.12a5.uSfi,i1.fq:1Q::i2.zz-fs-Leia' TQ 1:2-ff meeri::3's.fv51:-:ss , ,.g,:.g-,Zz-. ':1gqg1f'---f2f.a2f1-:fry-4,:..,:,yr1-ay.:-, .-'.:'3.,q: ' -. f - , , ' " ' . J -'I-211 '. ': --Lai-, --- C: 'QL 1' In ' -"f:v'f- 'Q :j' '- .'-J'rZ 211' -mliil "5 -' I5-.5,4.-."'fi--I-:Te - E -r3W:i.':s:-Y.: -s'f4"1' - . - f' 7 'W' 51' -- JP Meri! 'L Q W' -t'3' . Zzessffcr-X santa. sf: f:sse? f'.-,-fezwgazzz, f " -- rrrtfvfffeef 223f?s,fr5AiCf+2'?a-ttfgkf Roberts Maecherlein . jordan Reynolds Slater . Barrus Fiske Date Sept. 23 Rochester Sept. 30 Rochester Oct. 7 Rochester Oct. I4 Rochester Oct. Z8 Rochester Nov. 4 Rochester Nov. Il Rochester Charles P. Oliver, Manager George T. Sullivan, Captain The Team Left Encl Pryor Left Tackle O'Connor . Left Guard Sullivan . Center Russel Right Guard Fowle . Steere . . Full Back Substitutes Goldstein Klein Record Score Opponents IO Niagara O Syracuse 0 Hamilton l 6 Hobart I2 Colgate Z8 St. Lawrence I6 Union . Right Tackle Right Encl . Quarter Back . Right Half Back . Left Half Back Ru msey Wood ' S c o rc P1 ac c 5 Rochester l 6 Syracuse 2 8 Clinton 0 Rochester 5 3 Hamilton 5 Rochester 0 Rochester Varsity Football Squad, 1905 me The Zlnterpres THE SECOND FOOTBALL TEAM George T. Palmer, Manager George H. Joy, Captain The Team Buckley . . Left End Snell, H. Stewart Right End Crafts, Wood . . Left Tackle Joy . . . Quarter Back Fowler . . Left Guard Ramaker Left Half Back I-lorto n... Center DelVlallie . Right Half Back Talbot, N. Stewart . Right Guard Klein, Nairn . . Full Back E Munger . Right Tackle Substitutes Boss Brooks Brink E Dennis Kaiser Porter Taylor Record Date S core Opp onen t S core Oct. I4 Rochester . . 22 Chesbrough Seminary . 0 Oct. 21 Rochester . 6 Canandaigua Academy . 5 Oct. 28 Rochester . 0 Geneseo Normal . . 5 Nov. 3 Rochester . 6 East High School Second 0 Nov. 7 Rochester . 0 Lockport High School . . I6 Nov. l l Rochester . . 41 Cheshrough Seminary . 0 Second Football Squad, 1905 .1 f'-' ' QA. If N ! -A fax X gl I xx V fjilx I 7 M f f' 9 5711 ' W xx? ' Mx ' Q fl x Z iw k H X X . XJ The Zfnterpres r L Y N , fl M f' x, , 'Q ,f W- X 'l'fxfL Xl 9' ' xx f X 'X f W m gym X -f'N I I X T H H V1 .Ky J ww 5. urn ,Z 1, ' 1 6 i X 4 ,r EAS T BALL . Xen' 1 .-If ga.-if : V2-ffrff . 'sm 35553, G:-aaa-fy, ini . rl 'b.1if +i553i. V .p ' "g':."'J.'!"L'2'-L' m"'H'.!'.E.".UJ' . D 1 '- ll ' 'A Q " ..f?:' V- HM' 1 - f. . g f . -fu.: - ' .'1fQf23ii T 2'-523 ,V . ,. ,H .sr 1 -..--...M -. r -. .V -- fy v.f, .1+3..,' 1 ',-ft. 5 I- 1' L 14 .ir ., rg ',":''.E-.'-'3115.1 f- is if "M 1. 9, --- KA-'f fLiHg.1'Q: gif' r : 1' 1" L'1Q?1fG,il - in 3? fin wif' Ffri' "S "" 1 1-"ff-'fix-1 1-3 '. -V :. 155:75 Lil 'il ?E."JIfi'A' ".-.fill Ai 'f' A Wa 5 5 E " -- ' N - 1'1'f?'9sf I I i i E . .. Z . ' .55 9 ' 4- 73' " 2 ,jiifj'.-Qgfifs-,YE ji:-Q'g.1i'3j:Q3fgy'1f"gff1Q'f:.:f251.3 ,fT2g'3,f.fff'I-','l 115 5C':f-:ff-ij j 1 , I . C Howard W. Allen, Manager Wallace R. Reid, Captain The Team Forwards Center 1 1 George H. Joy Fred Maecherlein Edgar F. VanBuskirl4 Wallace R. Reid George W. Ramalcer Substitutes Samuel P. Harman Charles H. Miller Record Date S core Opponent S core Place -lan. l 3 Rochester l 2 Williams 3 l Rochester Jan. Rochester l 8 Columbia Rochester jan. Rochester ' 22 Hamilton Rochester jan. Rochester Hamilton Clinton F eb. Rochester Y. M. C. A. Rochester Feb. Rochester Syracuse i Syracuse Feb. Rochester 2 l Syracuse Rochester Mar Rochester Y. M. C. A. M. C. A. Mar. Rochester Pennsylvania Rochester Varsity Basketball Squad, 1906 1 THE SECOND BASKETBALL TEAM Ralph E.. Harmon, Manager George L. Barrus, Captain The Team g Forwards Center Guards Park S. Harman Arthur T. Pamrnenter Charles H. Miller John D. Fowler Carleton E. Power William E.. Kinney George L. Barrus Record Date Score Opponent Score Place Dec. 16 Rochester . I7 Starkey . 36 Lalcemont jan. 6 Rochester . 33 R. B. l. . Rochester Jan. 23 Rochester l l Hubbell Class Y, M. C. A. Jan. Z6 Rochester l 7 West High . Rochester jan. 31 Rochester I5 Cook Academy Montour Falls Feb. I3 Rochester I2 East High . Rochester ACK TEAM g ijfs-1-.f . 5:,5e1.:?e 25. - f e21fi'1v .. A - J S ef ew..-aem-rmawzaxsitauagi tm ' Eau:-.ffl qi'-,S , '. ff.,-gr.-":Qi"1:gy,:3'51,?',,53i51ff4,f:5g:-Z'-132fjliii''1'-f'2gGr.12ZfF:'':73'5:."'f'-g-.'-f-".'- ,,.. ' i .x ..::.'r'5 -' Ei?'2f15" ..r?f'f5Q f ' ' Q :'u1f'?.':E"i ' ' " Biff ' '51:f--Y"'7'l- ' 1-1. "" -5f:3".f'ff7:'2 51-5 9 '52-I "lit:-'-1 :':12'f:f':.i9e- tr ' 'flflii , 1 'fi j 5' iii? 127515 A 'P' "fi , 5: 21- A 'zkif ' V 529 - . -Tfi ffi , ff-Q l U 3 I 'ef "'f"w'r5.'.1f-'f-W T112m""f .I-1-wfffof-iw - -- f " V 4 ' -' ' "' - - I . f " L2 . ' Thomas Dransfleld, Jr., Manager Chester G. Gilbert. Captain The Team Stephen L. Bidwell. 100 and 220 yard dashesg 220 yard hurdles. Chester G. Gilbert. Shot putg hammer throw. Benjamin Goldstein. Broad jumpg 440 yard dash. Joseph L. O'C enno r. Broad jumpg high jump. f IOO d 220 y rd clashesg 440 yard clash Carl G- Palmer' 1 120 fad 220 yaard hurdlesr l-2 mile rua. George T. Palmer. I-mile run. Carleton E. Power. l-mile run. Warrant Pryor. Shot putg hammer throw. William A. Searle. Pole vaultg I-2 and l-mile runs. Thur Smith. 120 yard hurdleag high jump. Edgar F. VanBuskirk. 440 yard daslag I-2 and I-mile runs. Albert Voaburg. Broad jump. Leland F. Wood. High jumpg pole vault. r 7 Varsity Track Team, 1905 A l :lf-W -'ia i DUAL MEET 21? J x , 6551 I i M ,I ROCHESTER vs. UNION I ,gl . - JG h mea '07 g ' Held at Schenectady May 20 1905 5 l00 Yard Dash---l Palmer, Rochester, 2 Bidwell, Rochester, 3 l-laftey, Union. Time, IO l-5 seconds. 220 Yard Dash---l Bidwell, Rochester, 2 Palmer, Rochester, 3 Vondannenherg, Union. Time, 23 l-5 seconds. E 440 Yard Dash---l Palmer, Rochester, 2 Waldron, Union, 3 Vondannenherg, Union. Time, 54 seconds. Half-Mile Run---l Parsons, Union, 2 Raymond, Union, 3 Palmer, Rochester. Time, 2 minutes 6 l-5 seconds. I-Mile Run---I Reed, Union, 2 Flowers, Union, 3 Searle, Rochester. Time, 5 minutes. l20 Yard Hurdles---l Palmer, Rochester, 2 Raymond, Union, 3Q7Smith, Rochester. Time, I6 l-5 seconds. 220 Yard Hurdles---ll Raymond, Union, 2 Palmer, Rochester, 3 McClelland, Union. . Time, 29 seconds. High -lump---l Waldron, Union, 2 Wood, Rochester, Dwight, Union, Bennett, Union. Height, 5 feet 2 l-2 inches. Broad Jump---l Waldron, Union, 2 Vincent, Union, 3 Voshurg, Rochester. Dis- tance, 20 feet 7 inches. Shot Put---l Pryor, Rochester, 2 Closson, Union, 3 Vondannenherg, Union. Dis- tance, 32 feet 6 inches. l-lammer Throw---l Gilbert, Rochester, 2 Closson, Union, 3 Becker, Union. Dis- tance, 107 feet 9 l-2 inches. Pole Vault---l Wood, Rochester, Raymond, Union, 3 Bacon, Union, Shutter, Union . Height, 9 feet 6 inches. Total Score in Points Rochester, 48 l-3 Union, 59 2-3 The Zlnterpres '29 N. Y. S. I. A. U. Q-H' Ninth A nnua 1 Track Meet Held at Rochester, May ao, 1905 tltt : ,,fQ M 5 ' l0O-Yard Dash---l Palmer, Rochester, 2 Castleman, Colgate, 3 Bidwell, Rochester. Time, I0 4-5 seconds. l2O-Yard Hurdles---l Castleman, Colgate, 2 Palmer, Rochester, 3 Sicarcl, Hamil- ton. Time, I6 4-5 seconds. 220-Yard Dash---l Castleman, Colgate, 2 Sicard, Hamilton, 3 Bidwell, Rochester. Time, 23 2-5 seconds. 220 Yard Hurdles---l Castleman, Colgate, 2 Holley, Hamilton, 3 Roosa, Hamil- ton. Time, 27 seconds. 440-Yard Dash---l Palmer, Rochester, 2 Roosa, Hamilton, 3 Bramley, Hamilton. Time, 52 l-5 seconds. Half-Mile Run---l Sisson, Colgate, 2 Wheeler, Colgate, 3 Van Buslcirk, Rochester. Time, 2 minutes 4 2-5 seconds. l-Mile Run---l Leach, Colgate, 2 Barton, Colgate, 3 Meeker, Hamilton. Time, 4 minutes 53 seconds. Z-Mile Run---l Leach, Colgate, 2 Smith, Hamilton, 3 Barton, Colgate. Time, II minutes. i Shot Put---l Ford, Colgate, 2 Sherman, Hamilton, 3 Gilbert, Rochester. Distance, 36 feet. Hammer Throw---l Thurber, Colgate, 2 Gilbert, Rochester, 3 Sherman, Hamilton. Distance, l I2 feet. Pole Vault---l Wood, Rochester, 2 Nichols, Colgate, 3 Scoon, Hamilton. Height, 9 feet 7 inches. Broad Jump---l Ferris, Hamilton, 2 Holley, Hamilton, 3 Cummins, Colgate. Dis- tance, Zl feet l inch. High Jump---l Carroll, Hamilton, 2 Bogg, Hamilton, 3 Castleman, Colgate, Wood, Rochester, Deming, Colgate. Height, 5 feet 3 inches. Total Score in Points Colgate, 54 2-3 Hamilton, 37 Rochester, 25 l-3 -nv'--1 ----- 1 THE INDOOR TRACK TEAM ' E William A. Searle . . . Manager Benjamin Goldstein . . Captain , A Record Date ' -Score A Opponent Score Place F eb. 3 Rochester 59 Turn Verein I3 Alumni Gymnasium Feb. l 0 Rochester 5 l Rochester Athletic Club 26 Alumni Gymnasium Feb. I7 Rochester 63 l-4 Rochester Y. M. C. A. 26 3-4 Alumni Gymnasium The Zhiterpres I3I INTERCLASS ATHLETICS, 1905-1906 Football Game Friday, November I7, Nineteen Hundred Five Score---Sophomores, 5 g Freshmen, 0 Basketball Series November 24,3 l905 Seniors, 9 vs. Freshmen, I8 juniors, 9 vs. Sophomores, I8 November 29, 1905 Seniors, I I vs. Sophomores, I9 Juniors, I0 vs. Freshmen, I8 December 6, l905 Seniors, I0 vs. Juniors, I I Sophomores, I5 vs. Freshmen, I6 Games Won Seniors, 03 Juniors, I g Sophomores, 2g Freshmen, 3. lncloor lnterclass Track Meet Saturday, January 27, Nineteen Hundred Five 25-Yard Hurdles---Ist Bidwell, '08, 2nd lVlacDoweII, '06, 3rd Porter, '08 Time, 3 2-5 sec. 25-Yard Dash---Ist Bidwell, '08, 2nd Vosburg, '07, 3rd Snell, '09. Time, 3 I-5 sec. I2-Pound Shot Put---Ist Fowle, '09, 2nd W. Pryor, '08 5 3rd Jordan, 'O7. Distance, 37 ft., 9 I-2 in. Half-lVliIe Run---Ist Wood, '08, 2nd W. C. Hanford, '09, 3rd Power, '08. Time, 2 min., 23 2-5 sec. High Jump---Ist Fowle, '09, 2nd Wood, '08, 3rd Wooden, '08. Height, 5 ft., 3 in. 220-Yard Dash---Ist Bidwell, 'OSQ 2ncI Kneelancl, '08, 3rd Goldstein, '07g Thomp- son, '09. Time, 26 I-2 sec. I-lVliIe Run---Ist Cohn, '07, 2nd Slater, '06, 3rd H. Hanford, '09, Time, 5 min., 25 I-2 sec. Pole Vault---Ist Wood, '08, 2nd Fowle, '09 9 3rd Searle, '06. Height, 9 ft., I0 in. I00-Yard Dash---Ist Bidwell, '08, 2nd Goldstein, 'O7g 3rd Wilder, ,09. Time, I I I-2 sec. 440-Yard Dash---Ist Wilder, ,095 2nd Thompson, '09g 3rd Wooden, '08. Time, I min., I 2-5 sec. Half-Mile Relay Race---I st Juniors, 2nd Sophomoresg 3rd Freshmen. Time, I min., I2 sec. Total Score in Points Freshmen, 455 Sophomores, 30 I-2, juniors, I6 I-2, Seniors, 7 The Zlnterpres World RECORDS University of Rochester 93-5sec. l00-Yard Dash l0l-Ssec. A. Duffy l. DeCalesta, '02 Zlsec. 220-Yard Dash 2.2l-5sec. B. Wefers l. Decalesta, '02 47sec. 440-Yard Dash 50sec. lVl. W. Long Davison, '98 lmin.532-5sec. 880-Yard Run 2min.32-5sec. C. l-l. Kilpatrick ' Davison, '98 4min.l53-5sec. One-lVlile Run 4min.50sec. T. P. Connell Davison, '98 9min.274-5sec. Two-lVlile Run llmin.l4sec. A. Grant - l-l. R. Brown, 'Ol l5l-5sec. l2O-Yard Hurdles 164-Ssec. A. C. Kraenzelein C. G. Palmer, '07 233-5sec. 0-Yard Hurdles 271-Bsec. A. C. Kraenzelein S. Adams, '98 6ft.55-Sin. l-ligh Jump 5ft.8in. M. F. Sweeney Davis, '99 24 ft. 7 l-4 in. lVl. Prinstein I2 ft. l ln. N. Dole 49 ft. 6 in. W. W. Coe l 73 ft. 6 in. J. Flanigan I-I Broad .lump 20 ft. 4 I-2 in. B, Goldstein, '07 Pole Vault l0ft.6in. lVl. DelVlallie, 'Ol Shot Put 36ft.8in. C. G. Gilbert, '05 ammer Throw l2Oft.l-Zin. J. J. Glass, 'og BASE BALL . r' if . Sr -f' fi'-J' 'X er ' L 1 O5 a W arco c Q .. Vg '- .'J.,,-13 .. . ., . .. - 'A ' V? If-gi: rg: ,-Ifj-i :ismavfawsmfrsvaus-npxnmxszaazwxaura 1 D D 4469 iii-if ' .. -: 2' "1 . I 'ia 'Q-:I-.-f'2f:2f.Lf -' Q LL' V' -'.- 57:9 fi' lj if fffff' iff- ,.f'5'1E:1: if 3 '?'i'2"'f5::'f - if-if 51'5i25i 13.211 9-2 if 1.-," Q -'iff-Q ff 15.2-3.iif"ff:' ff Q -il iff. -' 5 QQ li, if ","" lf.. "" 75 Q :fl-fl' fiaiqli- . -s... -f r95-- . A-Y sh 114-.a an .9 crm-M .. ,.'ff:es.c3Fik'2.S:fi5fwf.'.ark'Tm1. Ss.- T -- 7' 'K'- ' 1" 'f ? f' '.T",f.,.w. mi"'?w.: - Chester F. Craigie . Manager George T. Sullivan . . Captain The Team George T. Sullivan . . . Catcher Curtis D. Hart Pitcher Maurice A. Wilder . Pitcher Lewis E. Munger First Base Wallace R. Reid . Second Base Edgar C. Taggart . Short Stop Emhry C. lVlacDowell Third Base Delwin D. Chapin . Left Field Garnet A. Bedell Edgar Fisher Center Field Right Field Record Date Score Opponent Score Place April I2 Rochester I2 Rochester Theological Seminary 0 Rochester April 25 Rochester 2 Catholic League ' l Rochester April 26 Rochester 31 Mechanics Institute 2 Rochester May 6 Rochester 9 Hobart 8 Geneva May 8 Rochester I4 Hamilton II Clinton May 9 Rochester 9 Colgate I2 Hamilton May I0 Rochester I0 Union ll Schenectady May Il 'Rochester 3 Dartmouth 4 'Hanover May I2 Rochester 4 Tufts 9 Medford May I3 Rochester l Massachusetts "Aggies" 7 Amherst May 20 Rochester l Niagara I6 Niagara Falls May 24 Rochester 6 - Hobart 0 Rochester May 27 Rochester 6 Hamilton 5 Rochester June 3 Rochester 2. Union 8 Rochester June I0 Rochester 3 Colgate 6 Rochester June ZI Rochester 9 Alumni 3 Rochester Varsity Baseball Squad Qlibz Zfnterpres Officers for 1906-1907 George T. Palmer, President Charles H. Miller, Vice-President George F. Pond, Secretary-Treasurer Mark W. Swetland, Captain of Tea m. HE. Tournament held last spring by the Tennis Association could not be finished owing to a long continued stretch of rainy weather, the prelimi- nary heing the only round played. For the first time in several years a Tennis Team was formed Which, while not recognized hy the Athletic Council, played several games with other institutions. No inter-collegiate matches were held, though one was scheduled with Hamilton and later cancelled on account of unfavorable weather. This year there are prospects of a better team and a more general interest in the game on the part of the Student Body. The Team, 1 905 C. E. Meulendyke, '08 H. C. Michaels, '07 J. L. Meyers, '06 C. H. Miller, '09 W. S. Meyers, '06 G. F. Pond, '09 M. W. Swetland, '07 E. C. Taggart, '07 t 4 N3 :CANOE CLUB Executive Committee THE OFFICERS Prentiss B. Gilbert .... Elmer G. Koch . . Albert Bowen . Harry C. Michaels .... Harold E. Alcerly, '08 Hiram L. Barker, Jr., '08 Harry W. Bosworth, '06 Albert Bowen, '06 John E. Burr, '08 Walter A. Calihan, '06, William C. Clark, '06 Herman M. Cohn, '07 E. Willard Dennis, '09 Harry R Dinlcey, '08 Prentiss B. Gilbert, '06 Arthur S. Hamilton, Jr., '08 MEMBERS Herbert E. Hanford Carl F. W. Kaelber, '07 Elmer G. Koch, '07 Embry C. MacDowell, '06 Harry A. May, '09 Charles E. Meulenclylce, '08 Jacque l... Meyers, '06 Walter S. Meyers, '06 Harry C. Michaels, '07 Alvah S. Miller, '07 Theodore A. Miller, '07 George W. Morris, '08 Charles P. Oliver, '06 Season Opens May First Commodore Captain Secretary Treasurer Carl Cx. Palmer, '07 Robert F. Paviour, '08 Clarence M. Platt, '06 Ancel St. John, '06 Robert O. Saunders, '06 William A. Searle, '06 Edward A. Stahlbrodtf 07 Arthur l... Stewart, '05 Norman H. Stewart, '08 Cneorge T. Sullivan, '07 Albert Vosburg, '07 Roger H. Wellington, '07 Annual Regatta Held the First Saturday in june A f 7 N jg my 14 CD sxqf GD WEARERS OF THE R am- xxx A Aga A ?' ' i ...few Wafer- L Xmas?-. Ni? , , K i. kv,-.M C9 Howard Walrath Allen, '06 George Latta Barrus, '06 7 Garnet Alexander Bedell, '07 pg Stephen Leon Bidwell, '08 Delwin D. Chapin, Jr., '08 I Chester Frederick Craigie, '06 Edgar Jacob Fisher, '07 Pliny Baxter Fiske, '09 James Henry Fowle, '09 X Benjamin Goldstein, '07 Curtis Danals Hart, '08 GD Ward Delazon Jordan, '07 , George Hanes Joy, '08 Embry Crittenden lVlacDowell, 06 Fred Maecherlein, '09 4? EX Lewis Enoch Munger, '08 Charles Peter Oliver, '06 .8 can Graff Palmer, '07 S' . George Truman Palmer, '07 Warrant Pryor, '08 ' George Winkler Ramalcer, '09 3 Wallace Robert Reid, '07 Lewis Garliclc Reynolds, '06 A JR Howard Franklin Roberts, '09 3' Leon James Russell, '09 William Albert Searle, '06 :D Fred Joseph Slater, '06 Howard John Steere, '07 George Timothy Sullivan, '07 R 4 Edgar F landreau Van Buskirlc, '07 gi, I Albert Vosburg, '07 Maurice Alton Wilder, '08 Leland Foster Wood, '08 5 5 1 5 1 3 s Qi 4 J- --.. if ' ,J i oa L g, kos 1 L01 09 pf WEARERS OF CLASS NUMERALS H. W. Allen C. L. Barrus E. R. Bowerman W. A. Calihan C. Cr. Horn H. M. Cohn B. Goldstein R. E. Harmon W. D. Jordan E. C. Koch W. E.. Kinney H. C. Michaels R. D. Anthony P. A. Benedict S. L. Bidwell J. E. Burr J. D. Fowler T. Fulton C. D. Hart S. Alling F. M. Buckley H. L. Crafts E.. W. Dennis J. H. Fowle H. E.. Hanford Nineteen Hundred Six E. C. MacDowell J. l... Meyers W. S. Meyers C. P. Oliver A. Rathjen Nineteen Hundred Seven il. C. Napier C. C. Palmer C. T. Palmer W. R. Reid H. Steere Cr. T. Sullivan M. W. Swetland Nineteen Hundred Eight Cr. H. Joy L. R. Kneeland C. E. Meulendyke I... F.. Munger A. T. Pammeter S. Porter C. E. Power Nineteen Hundred Nine W. C. Hanford S. P. Harman H. l... Horton A. D. Kaiser F. Maecherlein C. H. Miller L. Cr. Reynolds W. C. Roades A. St. John W. A. Searle F. Slater l... F. Talbot E. W. Taylor F.. C. Thomssen M. Walter N. Cx. West F.. F. Van Buslcirk A. Voslourg D. Pryor W. Pryor M. Schweid S. D, Smith N. H. Stewart L. F. Wood H. Wooden N. Nairn C. W. Ramaker E. P. Schermerhorn J. P. Snell Cr. l... Thompson E. Wilder M USI CAL CLUBS GLEE AND MRND0ll Cl. BS Edwin R. Bowerman, '06, Manager Louis F. Talbot, '07, Assistant Manager GLEE CLUB Charles P. Oliver, '06, Leader George W. Walton, Director First Tenors Frederick M. Buckley, '09 Joseph C. Napier, '07 James H. Fowle, '09 Robert Walkinshaw, '07 Douglas E. Wilder, '06 A Second Tenors Arthur R. Chapman, '06 Wallace R. Reid, '07 Charles P. Oliver, '06 l-larry A. Robinson, ,09 . First Basses Fred R, Lewis, '07 Carl G. Palmer, '07 Max- Klein, '06 George F. Pond, '09 Nathaniel G. West, '07 Second Basses Howard P. Barss, '07 , Edward Dykstra, '09 Chester F. Craigie, '06 Hugh A. Smith, '07 Norman H. Stewart, '08 - Quartet james H. Fowle, '09 Hugh A. Smith, '07 Fred R. Lewis, '07 Robert Walkinshaw, '07 MANDOLIN CLUB Embry C. MacDowell, '06, Leader Robert Wilson, '03, Director First Mandolins john E. Burr, '08 Harry N. Kenyon, '09 Harold L. Crafts, '09 Embry C. MacDowell, '06 Louis F. Talbot, '07 The Zlnterpres Second Mandolins Ancel St. John, '06 Mark W. Swetland, '07 Roger H. Wellington, '07 Edwin R. Bowerman, '06 Herman M. Cohn, '07 Guitars Wilbur W. Bancroft, '07 Abram N. jones, '09 Fred R. Lewis, '07 William A. Searle, '06 Flute Cello Earl W. Taylor, '09 james P. Snell, '09 Violin Mandola Edward H. Gilman, '09 George E Pond, '09 Quartet P john E. Burr, '08 George E Pond, '09 Embry C. lVlacDowell, '06 Marla W. Swetland, '07 THE ORCHESTRA Edwin R. Bowerman, Manager Louis F. Talbot, Assistant Manager ,lay W. F ay, Director and Leader First Violins George E Pond, '09 Second Violin Edward H. Gilman, '09 First Cornet Harry A. Robinson, '09 Trombone Edgar M. Flint, '09 Earl W. Taylor, '07 'Cello james P. Snell, '09 Artliur S. Hamilton, Jr., James P. Snell, '09 Viola Dean Pryor, '08 Second Cornet Percy A. Benedict, '08 Piccolo Harry S. Todd, '06 Harry S. Todd, '06 Piano Charles P. Oliver, '06 '08 Musical Clubs ff ,1'fLr-1 f 'f ff T is fx- X ,if -- Vx XXSF: . A QN 2 I :X X X2 X 2 Z 2 X! , , , . , ,, A , f f irf ,ff Z Tx Z fa 463 3 2 'E 'OE .OK GL l ws 146 1115132 Zintzrpres " A SON OF BOOKWORTH' " By Norman Lee Swartout, '02 Ciiven at the Lyceum Theatre on the Evening of Friday, February 9, Henry Brooks . Mr. Brooks, his father Mrs. Brooks, his mother Helen Baldwin, ' . Bab . . . Lord Chillingworth Peter, his valet . Guy Marks, l. D. Caleb Weston . Ned Andrews . H Mollie Runslcool H Bill Carter . . Professor Dixon . Amy, his daughter The Cast Carl G. Palmer, Arthur F. Truex, ' . . Raymond A. Taylor, ' 1906 07 08 09 07 . Roger H. Wellington, ' George T. Palmer, i William A. Searle, ' . Martin Tiernan, ' Andrew Warner, ' Cieorge F. Pond, ' Walter A. Calihan, ' . . Wilbur W. Bancroft, Embry C. MacDowell, ' Synopsis of Scenes Arthur F. Truex, ' Charles P. Oliver, Act l---Parlor in Henry's Home at Redville on New Year's Night 07 06 06 08 09 O6 07 06 08 06 Act 2---Upper Hall in Delta Sigma Fraternity House. A Morning in June Act 3---Same as Act 2. Act 4---Same as Act 2. Afternoon Evening Executive Staff Arthur Rathjen, ,06, Manager I Carl F. W. Kaelber, '07, Ass't Manager Robert F. Paviour, '08, Stage Manager Harvard D. Castle, ,09,Ass't Stage Manager Abram N. Jones, '09, Property Master Hiram C. Hoyt, Director of Make-up Norman L. Swartout, '02, Director Trip of the Dramatic Club fpresenting H A Son of Boolcworthnl March 29, Medina March 30, Albion March 3 l, Palmyra 011132 lintzrpres "THE STRENUOUS DUMMY," A College Comedy The Cast Bob Thayer Q Embry C. MacDowell, '06 Dick Long . Classmates at Rochester . - William A. Searle, '06 Percy Wynne l james P. Snell, '09 Mr. Harrington, a proctor in the Dormitory . Dr. Hadley, physician to the University . . . Mrs. F lynn, a scrub-Woman about the University joe F lynn, her son ....... f Students at Rochester . . l I l Time---The Present Scene---Room in Dormitory Executive Staff George F. Pond, ' . Abram N. Jones, ' Charles P. Oliver, ' . Carl Cx. Palmer, ' George F. Pond, '09 Douglas E.. Wilder, '06 Carl G. Palmer, '07 John E.. Burr, '08 09 09 O6 07 Athur Rathjen, '06, Business Manager E William A. Searle, '06, Ass't Manager George L. Barrus, ,06, Stage Manager Abram N. Jones, '09, Property Manager Charles P. Oliver, '06, Vocal Director Embry C. MacDoWell. '06, Instrumental Director Presentations December 28---Nunda December 29---Franlclinville December 30---Cuba s a f 4 E s X X ji f i 9. li . 4? , I Q' 'Q 7 il' f 'Q Q. qua rl-Q. u 5 cp F , m , 1 I I' f' ,.l I . ' - V. I, , HWY. We rwtibtaiief at . i 1 if I ' s 65 s ,r f i se lil 'se A A it Ill A x s t"- gy. 3 z fill l ' ' Q Q I 1 1 Q . S0 EC?-NID AEJAL L L THE CIRCLE lnterlocutor lVlr. Arthur Steinhardt End Men Bones Tambos lVlr. Carl G. Palmer lVlr. George T. Palmer lVlr. Raymond Lewis lVlr. Elmer G. Koch Vocalists lVlr. Robert Shurtz Mr. Mark Swetland Mr. Robert Walkinshaw lVlr. Hugh A. Smith Mr. Ralph E.. Harmon lVlr. Earl Taylor Mr. Nathaniel West Mr. Leroy Fairchild lVlr. Joseph Napier Mr. Howard P. Barss Instruments Mr. Herbert Fowler Mr. Hugh A. Smith lVlr. Wilbur Bancroft lVlr. Robert Shurtz lVlr. Herman Cohn lVlr. Harold Stewart lVlr. Elon H. Jessup lVlr. Mark Swetlancl lVlr. Elmer Koch lVlr. Louis Talbot Mr. Roger Wellington Mr. Raymond Lewis The Committee George T. Sullivan Roger H. Wellington Edgar Fisher Theodore A. Miller Nathaniel G. West Harold O. Stewart Alumni Gymnasium May Eighteenth, Nineteen Hundred Five The Zinterpres if U f. Q:---.R I wb' fxxffsf f' . Unlm i, L ' . hx .51 . M . W V, IO I' M QM' A 1' ,V ' . 1. l IS U l fQ J. W. C., J. W. C., WHIST, X WHIST, BOOM I ff! . ' A Committee Roger H. Wellington, Chairman f Nathaniel C.. West f ' Louis F. Talbot ,lf Herman M. Cohn ll Harold B. Gilbert . Jay E. Dutcher fl, Hugh A. smith ' Meetings Feb. 5-at PsiUpsilon House Feb. l3-at Delta Upsilon House V Mch. l-at Delta Kappa Epsilon House i M h - ' c . I9 at Theta Delta Chl House Apr. I 3-at Fitzhugh Bowling Alleys T. fl-lelcl by Phi Epsilon? ii- jg Mayl -rat Alpha Delta Phi House x x Jkt? X -q, gt L MAJ' .J .eil 1 644. . ff " . 35 Z3 gv F F OCON OR, C G PHLME, N 0 WEST 6.1 5UL,LlVFlN H E FOWLER.: 6 T PALMER: T.R.MlL.L-ER. R, H WEL.LlN6TON Ch ' L E,.CJ.KOCH ' JUHISR, Plaomenabe f'Ef'F5'Q'FT MX 1 .J ne I If WI gf ,X 4 . I 1'wwv+flI"" "W!19"ff"W" Hff'M'V" if-, i f Q t Uwlon tee J' it HIS IOI-HCA . 5 ix I -x . f-. ft SOCIETY an Q' Q M973 '07 A S DISSERTATIONS March 3 Growth of the Political Institutions of Virginia . Leslie M. Conly March I0 Colonial Institutions of Maryland . Benjamin Goldstein March 31 New York under the Dutch . Jay W. Fay April 7 New York under the English . Myron Walter April I4 New jersey Colony . . Ralph E. Harmon April 21 Proprietary Colony of Pennsylvania . . George T. Palmer April 28 Development of the Institutions of Plymouth Colony Harold B. Gilbert May 5 Massachusetts Bay Colony ..... Joseph C. Napier May I2 Political Growth of Rhode Island . Hugh A. Smith May I9 Connecticut Colony . . . Walter C. Hurd May 26 First State Constitutions . Edgar Fisher June 2 Federal Constitution ..... ' Carl F. W. Kaelber Executive Committee X Jay W. Fay, Chairman Benjamin Goldstein George T. Palmer' F i .Qu ' 1 ' P Programme Music Washington, Lincoln, and McKinley, ..... Hon. C. F. Smith Harold Edward Akerly The Little Bronze Button ...... Hon. M. Thurston . Charles Darius Marsh The Battle of Antietam ...,... Theodore Roosevelt Harold de Blois Barss Memorials of Washington ..... . Thomas S. Bococl-1 Samuel Porter Music The Home and the Government .... . Henry W. Grady Arthur Fuller Truex The New South . ' .... . Henry W. Grady Gregory James Martin Character and Service ...... Phillips Brooks Leland Foster Wood The Eloquence of O'Connell .... Wendell Phillips Charles Frederick Lauer Music Report of the Committee of Award Music Committee of Award Mr. Henry W. Conklin, '79 Mr. James V. Sturges Mr. L. Dudley Wilcox Alumni Gymnasium, February Twenty-third Nineteen Hundred Six " THE CAMPUS " , Published Bi-Weekly Editor-in-Chief, Hugh A. Smith, '07 Associate Editors Herman M. Cohn, '07 Jay E. Dutcher, '07 Delwin D. Chapin, '08 George W. Morris, '08 Harry A. May, ,09 Manager Assistant Manager Walter S. Meyers, '06 Harold E. Akerly,'0B THE INTERPRES Nineteen Hundred Seven Editorfin Chief, Harry Carl Michaels Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Edgar Flandreau VanBuskirk Harold Benton Gilbert Artistic, Theodore Augustus Miller Literary Grinds Myron James Walter Hugh Alexander Smith Statistics, Floyd Qrton Reed Q0 ' I r" xl, K x av Jv CIENCE Quo lg , F 2 I X - . -Flffjflll flxll jf ' if f yi C' an I f' I L l k kj ! f fi be Cs f 5 ,yia fbir I C D -- s pig: Officers Carr G. Horn . Alvah S. Miller . Harold O. Stewart Miss Grace E. Curtis Arthur H. Allen . . . President . First Vice- President . Second Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Librarian Council Ernest F. Barker Carr Ci. Horn Floyd O. Reed Fred Slater Myron Walter Talks and Papers Geological History of Rochester . Theory of Cyclonic Storms . . Mutation Theory ' . . . lron-Ure Mining in Western New York Bessemer Steel .... Eskers ..... The lrondequoit Valley . Protective Devices of Animals . Progress of Wireless Telegraphy . The Breaking of Theories . . Colorations in Chemistry . . Manufacture of Commercial Acids A Trip Through a Dynamo Laboratory Honora Professor Charles W. Dodge Professor Herman l... Fairchild Professor Henry F.. Lawrence . Miss G. E. Curtis . . C. G. Horn . Ci. l... Barrus E.. H. Sawers . F. O. Reed . M. Walter . H. Simmelink . E. F. Barker H. O. Stewart . F. Slater . A. S. Miller . . A. H. Allen E. G. Thompson ry Members Professor Samuel A. Lattimore Professor William D. Merrell Professor Howard D. Minchin C6055 Club W W, S fy-ffff ' ' 'll 1 N . ll Yr 'l l ,A I' NMll1"'. . 411:25 '1 . . -. ,l l l E aa f LW " '-' j 3 Officers President Benjamin Goldstein Vice-President Myron Walter Secretary-Treasurer Harold O. Stewart Members Harolcl E. Akerly Eclwin R. Bowerman Laurence B. Brink Walter R. Brooks Herman M. Cohn Jay W. F ay Benjamin Goldstein Carl F. W. Kaelber Myron Walter Jacque L. Meyers Walter S. Meyers William P. Munger Francis L. Peirce Joseph Posner Arthur Rathjen Ancel St. John Harolcl O. Stewart 05132 Zintzrpres WOMENS ORGANIZATIONS CLASS OF 1906 Class Colors---Olive Cnreen and Dandelion Yellow Officers Ethel M. Kates . . . President Herma M. Harkness . Vice-President Blanche M. King . . . Secretary-Treasurer Members Mary Ina Coe 567 Averill Avenue. Yates, N. Y. Classical. GJ. H. Honor Roll C2-31 5 Secretary Students' .Association for Women QD, President Students' Association for Women C4-Jg Toastmistress Class Banquet C253 Y. W. C. A.g Leader Cilee Club Lilian Louise Crafts 98 Glendale Park, Rochester Classical. A. 2. Honor Roll fl-2-353 Class Secretary C31 Honorable Mention Cl-ZJQ Speaker Class Banquet Q55 Susan B. Anthony Prize GJ, Secretary Athletic Association U13 Y. W. C. A.g Glee Cluhg City Scholar- ship CI-2-3-45. e Cxrace Elizabeth Curtis I4 Arlington Street. Hilton, N. Y. Philosophical. Class Treasurer Qlg junior Historical Societyg Secretary and Treasurer Science Club f4Jg Honor Roll fl -395 Y. W. C. A.g Cxlee Cluh. Herma Maud Harkness 557 Dewey Avenue, Rochester Scientific. D. F. Entered from Women's College, Baltimore, in Sophomore Year, Class Vice-President Ethel McKay Kates I5 Hart Street, Rochester Philosophical. A. 2. Honor Roll fl-Z-3,5 Junior Historical Societyg Class Vice-President C32 Class President The iinterpres 161 Blanche Eunice King, Canandaigua. Philosophical. A. E. Honor Roll U-2-313 Class Treasurer U13 Class President C21 g Vice-President Students' Association for Women Q19 Class Treasurer and Secretary f41g Toast-Mistress Association Banquet C315 Y. W. C. A. Ednah Kathryn Levis, 185 Fulton Avenue, Rochester. Classical. Honor Roll CI-Z-314 City Scholarship CI-2-3-41g Honorable Mention U1 3 Speaker Class Banquet C215 Speaker Association Banquet Leah Mcparlin, 97 Prince Street, Rochester. Philosophical. A. E. Class Treasurer Isabel Stuart Mitchell, I9 Clifton Street, Rochester. Special. Enid Elvira Morris, 362 University Avenue. Lincoln. Classical. A. 2. Entered Junior Year from Keuka College. President Athletic Association f41g Captain Girls, Basketball Team f41g Y. W. C. A. Clara Townsend Moseley, 49 Vick Park B. Bergen. Philosophical. A. E. Entered Sophomore Year from Mt. Holyokeg Honor Roll C31g Y. W. C. A. Charlotte Stoddard Stone, l08 Highland Avenue, Rochester. Philosophical. Junior Historical Societyg Speaker Class Banquet U15 Class Secretary Helen Elizabeth Thomas, 8 North Goodman Street. Silver Creek. Philosophical. Q. H. Honor Roll CI-2-31g Class Vice-President U13 ' Class President Q1 g Junior Historical Societyg President Y. W. C. A-. C313 Speaker Class Banquet Minerva Claire Williams, 45 Brighton Street, Rochester Classical. Q. H. Speaker Class Banquet U13 Speaker Association Ban- quet K41 . - -,ga Q1 W-in A Women's H Bessie F. Pettis . . Marion Melville . Ethel Rogers . Florence Russell Fairport, N. Y. Bertha May Adams, Classical. Honor Roll fl-Zjg Class Vice-Presi- dent Q55 Class President In appreciation ofthe fact that Bertha's lineage dates back to primitive man and woman, and feeling that the weight of these years would insure sound judgment, we made her our President. Although frail and delicate in stature, she hopes that strength may be spared her until she wins fame for the fair port which sheltered her in her student days. Seen to best advantage during a debate on morals. Not a grind, but--- " Exceedingly well read. " CLASS OF 1907 Class Colors---Maroon and White Officers Bertha lVl. Adams, . . . President Amy G. Hardiclc, . . Vice-President Florence Russell, . Secretary-Treasurer Interpres " Board Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Statistical Editor . . . Business Manager nga Nav'-"" W . s ilty .,,,., . f , If an U The ifnterprzs Elizabeth Alice Butler, 89 Warner Street, Rochester. Classical. Honor Roll fl-2,3 Class Treasurer CU- A happy child whose spirits are dampened only by note hooks, recitations, diligent applications, etc. We often wonder why we are honored with her presence since her name already contains an empty A. B. Blithe and refreshing but alas ! " New loves she seelcsg New vows to plight and plighted vows to break." Clara Bessie Crittenden, 73 Costar Street, Rochester. Philosophical. Honor Roll Cl-ZDQ Honorable Mention U13 Speaker Class Banquet CD3 Class Historian Uh City Scholarship fl-2-3,9 Y. W. C. A. "Should'st thou not give me Math, my soul must cease for very emptiness." Clara studies to live and lives to study, for who would not he a good scholar and respected by professors? Dip not too deeply in the Pierian spring, wee one, else thou lose thy chuhhiness and have not strength to reach thy tiny hand for the lcey which rewards the faithful! " In small proportions we just beauties see, And in short measures life may perfect be. ll 015132 Zfnterpresf Effie Helen Esson, , l30 Woodward Street, Rochester. Special. Treasurer Students' Association for Women C355 Y. W. C. A. "Ltttle Effie " as tithe collector faithfully jogs the memories of all who may forget such important obli- gations. With such famous opportunities she hopes' some day to be independent that she may look down from her tall and stately height upon those who helped her in her student days. "Titles of honor add not to her worth, Who is herself an honor to her titles. " 9 Helena Abigail Fulmer, Lima, N. Y. Classical. Entered Junior Year from Stetson Uni- versity, Deland, Fla. Our acquaintance with this Miss has not been suf- ficiently extended to warrant a "grind," The only marked peculiarity is her aversion to classes earlier than. ten-thirty and to more than eleven hours per term. llstrength of mind is exercise not rest. 'I ,qv f F. X 3. Ciba Zintsrpres 2 251 f -1 ' is. 45, K, .ng . P 4 9 6 X 1 17 Z C x. , '-:. Y ' 1-44-:Q-:ew .2 wi .. rl Emma Culross Gibbons, 97 Ambrose Street, Rochester. Philosophical. Entered Sophomore Year from Vassar College, '98. Vice-President Students' Asso- ciation for Women C33 Y. W. C. A. Words are Wealc! Suffice it to say, "Mind is the measure of a woman. " G12 Amy Gazena Hardiclc, - F airport, N. Y. Classical. A. 2. Entered Sophomore Year from Vassar College. Spealier Association Banquet QD: Class 'Vice-President C333 Captain Second Basket- ball Team Q35 . This fair lass took Math I7 and I8 as long as Cupid would allow and then "turned her eyes" toward more frivolous subjects. Partial to crimson and Basketball. - " There's a teasing, Rather pleasing ln her tantalising smile. " 05132 iinterpres Lucy Camille Higbie, I50 Park Avenue, Rochester. Classical. A. E. Honor Roll CI-Zlg Class Sec- retary fljg Treasurer Students' Association for Wo- men CZJQ Secretary Y. W. C. A. Lucy's most lucrative industry is trading in " trade- lasts, 'l in which occupation she evinces both kindness and tact. She is supersensitive herself, however, her " feelings " being readily hurt, and out of respect for this characteristic we will not pursue the process further. "I heard something nice about you ! " Q35 Marion Melville, 83 Glendale Park, Rochester. Philosophical. A. 2. Honor Roll fl-233 Class Prophet fljg Class President KZJQ Vice-President Y. W. C. A. QD 3 Assistant Editor " lnterpres, " Wo- menis Board ' Professor---" Miss Melville, translate." Miss M.---fsilent except for audible smiling, . . . . H Hal I-la! I-la! .... l canlt tallcln Prof.---l' Well, you're the first woman l ever knew who couldn't talk. " Mirth, admit me of thy crew." II 1 . fl-xv 015132 iintztprzs 5 y f ' , 2ff'h1'1i??gz - , f I 'wifi N f 'V cf -zf::...: Bessie Florence Petris, 5 73 Glendale Park, Rochester. Philosophical. A. 2. Honor Roll CI -213 Speaker Class Banquet CI D3 Class Secretary Q23 3 Sec- retary Students' Association for Women QL Speaker Association Banquet Qjg Editor-in-Chief "lnterpres," Women's Board A Web of woven romance wavers about the life of our Editor. A timorous, blushing maid and " Her faults lie lightly on her." Ethel Rogers, l Arlington Street, Rochester. Classical. GJ. H. Honor Rollfl-255 Honorable Mention UD 3 Class President fljg Speaker Associa- tion Banquet fllg Statistical Editor " lnterpres," Women's Board The sweet, gentle, guardian angel of the Class! Nay, she even eludes all who presume to cut and bids them join her league. Artistic, possessed of an in- quiring mind, in short, I "A very gentle beastie and of a good conscience." The Zinterpres Florence Russell, Z Argyle Street, Rochester. Philosophical. Honor Roll Cl-21 g Class Secre- tary and Treasurer UD, Business Manager I' Inter- pres," Women's Board A horror of low standings and especial capabilities as treasurer do not necessarily render one formidable. Math. I8 furnishes light reading for Florence. I' Not all fair ones may be swerved from their decisions." Madelon Dix Schuyler, IOS Highland Avenue, Rochester. Special. Our youngest sailor twin has "dreamy eyes 'I and believes that all Class time may be used to best ad- vantage by guarding against Hunlcing in the next. She is a spoiled child who "won't 'cause she won't anyway." "A violet by a mossy Stone, Half hidden from the eye." IN MEMORIAM Ida Marie Wannemacher Born September I I, I885 Died April IZ, I905 W2 WS? '51 B All CLASS OF 1908 Class Colors Cherry Red and Steel Gray fst"t's K N 4,5 3535" fbgaifljs' 1 X Ya? 042: ' 'il wt A' 15.9 ,g ', Vt gg,123912-"Yi:g'5-'fi'9-5 - gf' law 24 a::X:..-3 " ,Eff ',"7 'B 'E i-Z,. I '-.-f if. .3 - i if ' ,j ' f ' :i ' 'ini' V4 fff 21171: ,. , '. ' -1-fri 55 -, ' f ,A " A ft- Q? isa- 'f 'Li l - W 4 -'giF?f!5:: .145 l ' Til.-E5 L Gfficers 'I ' Q Carolyn L. Emerson . . . President ' fy lx C. Myrtle Helter . . H Vice-President A 'I Q J Helen M. Persons . . . Secretary Ruth T. Miller . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Clara Belle Abbott, Cl. Rochester, l04 Post St. Margaret Tyson Applegarth, Cl. Rochester, 2 I 6 Culver Rd Alma Harriet Austin, Ph. Rochester, I0 Arlington St Ethel Josephine Bills, Cl. Rochester, 206 Scio St. Ollie Antoinette Braggins, Cl. Rochester, Edgerton and Milburn Sts. Emily Gertrude Crump, Ph. Pittsford. Dorothy Dennis, Cl. Rochester, I5 Upton Pk Carolyn Lillian Emerson, Ph. Rochester, 36 Vick Park B Grace Elizabeth Fowler, Cl. Rochester, I9 Thayer St Beulah Elizabeth Fuller, Sp. Rochester, 83 Adams St Ruth Edith Galloway, Cl. Rochester, 45 Vick Park B Blanche Marshall Griffith, Sp. Rochester, 103 Park Ave Harriet May Hadley, Cl. Rochester, 84 Reynolds St Grace Lawrence Hall, Ph. Walworth, 442 Hayward Ave. Iva Mary Hall, Ph. Walworth, 442 Hayward Ave Carolyn Myrtle Hefter, Cl. lrondequoit. The Zintnzrpres 171 Francoise Helen Klein, Ph. Rochester, 726 Jay St. Mary Esther Lane, Ph. Webster. Ruth Tillotson Miller, Ph. Scottsville, IO Birch Crescent Florence Elvine Mosher, Ph. Rochester, 325 West Ave. Marion Dix Mosher, Ph. Rochester, 325 West Ave. Alicia May Morey, Cl. Fairport. Jessie Naomi Owler, Ph. Rochester, I8 Evergreen St. Helen Marguerite Persons Ph. Rochester, 79 S. Goodman St. Verna Frances Robinson, Sp. Rochester, l 73 Maryland St. Marian Salisbury, Cl. Rochester, 49 Vick Park A. Leila Belle Smith, Cl. Rochester, 231 Fulton Ave. Lillian Stonehurg, Cl. Rochester, 38 Ardmore St. Ruth Tappan, Ph. Sherman, l 31 Harvard St. Susan Eleanor Taylor, Sp. Rochester, 85 Caledonia Ave. Harrie Justine Tiffany, Ph. Rochester, 165 Gibbs St. Ethel Alice Turner, Ph. S. Livonia, 239 Westminster Rd. . fait. 1. ??li?l 'I if l' a ...7J-43n--f- 'i qu s 1"fif,ji. ff5?if5..,,g.:.- " ., Eff .. ,. 'fra- . , ITF' s Q i.:...,fq.',f5ff.i f f.f a- i 1f:-i '- xg, 721.6 Q CLASS OF 1909 Class Color Yale Blue and White . 7 Officers Laura L Lawless President Mary A Cook VICC President gina Hilda Farran . . Secretary 4 :J -1 A ,.... up 57111-iliiffff-'ily ' fr: S iff 'tiff-215 f'i 12.7 -11513-5. ., , 3 -:z- J, .,..1' wifi-',a..,.-.1-ff."-f..1f?:J1.',gyf 2i:,I---'I...f-ft 25:3-,.-2, 2,315-"".Li1,i' .531-if' f. 1, are-1 1-gf.-557 mfg ff-nfs 44:51--Q .igirpgi ,ac-: 311. - if ' 'Sf-:fat "" ' " ' 251' 'fE:J:' ,I iff ff: 35 .-5 ffl: f,.,, 2715" 323- 711' 713' 4.-' "ff L:"Q'Erg f' f- 232' ' lg.-3 ,I -airy '-.nys-V.: if ,. 5:5 -if -3:ji.Q..l Hfiiif 472' H -7'1.f:f?,. M355 , iff -Eiflfei 'sf' ' . .5-5-'r7'3'f 1-JZ:-5. :ff 'fi at. fl 4:1:Z'f'?l 1 fff'j'aq f'2se.G - 'ftiz-1 gi ag: . -.rf 2,4 - 1 Eiiiff' '35 f? 'mf :fi1'I,..:r L' 5.151 ffiiiii "Eli Fifi. .wr .,-. J. :.,-1 ...E-ff.,.g.,..-25:4.-, .-4. -:1 .1 fag.-.-,121-Q5t:,FQ'Zl'l5 iiiltt.-, , , r G-f' if-f if flif 75 i i? S55 7 3-:I'?.5:'-wii Q if P.?Ef51ff.'.?i-9ET?tZ'ifS!tf5.?5iS1':55-'filiitli-'ff''3:'1'.152 rw'-: r . can w ,. 1'-:.'.3-- ',.g. 1,3 -551-g,,:.53g-'-rg 1-,:.r-1,ss,..:,g1,f-ay.-,:,2,g','.-...1..4.':,:5,,.,.g5:1z,- ,-Q5 -3,-,Q ' 'N . F , D--- . lsla Slocum . . Treasurer Mary A. Cook, Pearl Harris Esten, Hilda Farran, Vivian Jean Forbes, Frances Richards Henderson Bessie Lenora Hill, Lydia MacNassa Hunt, Claribel Ruth Jennings, Florence Maude Lane, Laura Lucille Lawless, Grace Burrell McCartney, Caroline Ruth Maddock, Marion Meulendylce, Mary Adaline Moulthrop, Esther Dorsey Nairn, MEMBERS Ph. Rochester Ph. Fairport. Cl. Rochester, Ph. Rochester Cl. Rochester, Ph. Brighton. Cl. Rochester, Cl. Rochester, Ph. Victor, Cl. Rochester, Ph. Rochester Rochester, P h. Rochester Cl. Rochester, Cl. Troy, 360 Mt. Vernon Ave. I0 Beckley St 235 Dartmouth St 5 7 Brighton St 75 Glendale Pk 44 Rowley St 206 Alexander St 23 Oxford St 205 Adams St 156 Wellington Ave 128 Avenue B 40 Phelps Ave 37 Birch Crescent The iintzrpres' Edna Louise Parker, Arley Mehitalole Rider, Sarah Minnie Rilling, Erna May Ross, Esther Sheridan, Isla Slocum, Mabell E.. Stetson, Mrs. Lucy Evelyn Stockton Frederica Warner, Carrie Diantha Wheeldon, 1,-s LXQ I 73 Rochester, 315 Troup St Milwaukee, Wis., - 37 Park Ave Penn Yan, I8 I-2 Birch Crescent Rochester, 360 Hayward Ave Rochester, 42 Asbury St Rochester, 58 Brighton St Rochester, - 27l Meigs St Rochester, 355 Alexander St Rochester, I8 Argyle St Rochester, 9 Montrose St A The linterpres ' 14:2 ,Q 1.x 5 1 1 X Nl 1 K: lf' .Aa X , , 4.42- X790 nf gr, m 0:9000 Qi f 4 D9 E929 U .xg .1 5553 ! , X f 656199 ff 0 'fri gk TQX :V 1 f -:fr N , L - ' , 1 I, TM , ' l ygl .N r vf 'fiff J -A ' mf' ,, 7 x N. ' l x jp-.1:wg,y ' 0 2:-,. .r'f-fxffff -I WE? 'L 712 4 ::f.,:,:. Q H , .' 'J-wa'f-'--fl'1f-5:4 . ,353--3 , I "LQ -'f ' 1 W ALPHA SIGMA Established September, i903 Undergraduate Members Nineteen Hundred Six Lilian Louise Crafts Eleanor Margaret Lawless Ethel McKay Kates Leah Mcparlin Blanche Eunice King Enid Elvira Morris Clara Townsend Moseley Nineteen Hundred Seven Amy Gazena Hardick Marion Melville Lucy Camille Higbie Bessie Florence Pettis Nineteen Hundred Eight Alma Harriet Austin Beulah Elizalseth Fuller Lilian Jane Stoneburg Nineteen Hundred Nine Laura Lucille Lawless Edna Louise Parker Mary Adaline Moulthrop Isla Slocum DRAMATIS FILIAE Established January, l903 Undergraduate Members Nineteen Hundred sig I-lerma Maud Harkness V Nineteen Hundred Eight Clara -Belle Abbott Marion Dix Mosher Blanche Marshall Griffith Verna Frances Robinson Florence Elvine Mosher H. Justine Tiffany Nineteen Hundred Nine Frances Richards Henderson Honorary Members Thyrza May Barton Eleanor Gleason Mrs. Henry F. Burton Eleanor Sarle Marie Stacy , o 00 G ,Q G Q O ' 0 WA V , THETA ETA Established February, V903 Undergraduate Members Nineteen Hundred' Six Mary ina Coe Helen Elizabeth Thomas Minerva Claire Williams Nineteen Hundred Seven Ethel Rogers Nineteen Hundred Eight Margaret Tyson Applegarth Ruth Tillotson Miller Ethel Josephine Bills Helen Marguerite Persons Emily Gertrude Crump Ruth Tappan Carolyn Lillian Emerson Susan Eleanor Taylor Nineteen Hundred Nine Frederica Warner Mary A. Cook Associate Members Thyrza May Barton May Warner Alice Zollman ws Ciba Zinterprss STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION FOR WOMEN OFFICERS IVI. Ina Coe .... President Emma C. Gibbons Vice President Clara B. Abbott . Secretary Effie I-I. Esson Treasurer I-IE Students' Association for Women was organised in l90O to inelude all women stude'nts of the College. It has for its object the promotion of all inter- ests which may further the welfare of the Student Body. Business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month and officers are elected at the May meeting. A The Campus in 1870 The llnterpres l79 1 Y YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS FOR 1905-1906 Helen E.. Thomas, '06 . . . President Marion Melville, '07 Vice-President I..ucy C. I-Iigbie, '07 . Secretary Ethel Bills, '08 .... Treasurer I-IE. Young Women's Christian Association of the University of Rochester was organised January 20, l905. Its first year has been a most successful one: in- terest is increasing and high hopes are entertained that the coming year will be even better. The purpose of the Association is to develop Christian character and to carry on active Christian work among the women of the College. All women students are eli- gible to membership. The Y. W. C. A. is affiliated with the American Committee and the World's Student Christian Federation. It is closely bound to the City Association, College membership admitting to membership in the City Association with all its privileges. Mrs. Caroline Atwater Mason, as Chairman of the Student Department, represents the College Y. W. C. A. on the Board of Managers of the City Associatton. i A devotional meeting is held every Tuesday noon for twenty minutes, led by members of the Association and occasional outside speakers. During the Fall Term, l905, the Y. W. C. A. carried on a Bible Study Class, taught by Prof. John Henry Strong, the subject being, " The Teachings of Jesus." During the Winter Term, l906, a course of study in the New Testament, "The Message of the Books," was conducted by Rev. Paul Moore Strayerf In the Spring Term there will be a Mission Study Class, taught by Mrs. Montgomery. The Association conducts a lunch counter once a week for the purpose of raising money to send delegates to Silver Bay. Last June the Rochester Y. W. C. A. was represented at the summer conference at Silver Bay, Lake Cieorge, by three members, Alice Colby, '04, I-Ielen Thomas, '06, and Beulah Fuller, '08. The Zinterprzs COLLEGE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Organised November 26, I90l OFFICERS Enid Elvira Morris . . President Beulah Elizabeth Fuller . 'Vice-President Lilian Louise 'Crafts . . Secretary Jessie Naomi Owler . Treasurer Basketball Team 1905-1906 Alice Colby, Manager Jessie N. Owler, Ass't Manager Enid E. Morris, Captain Forwards Alice Colby Laura Lawless Forwards Francoise Klein Marion Nleulendyke Centers Jessie Gwler Isla Slocum Second Team Centers Amy I-Iardick Esther Nairn Guards Enid Morris Edna Parker G u ard s Beulah Fuller Leila Smith IEIJB ilnterprnzs GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Mary Ina Coe . . . Leacler Anna Colcorcl . . . Accompanist First Sopranos Alma Austin, '08 C-race Curtis, '06 . Lilian Crafts, '06 Alicia Morey, '08 Florence Mosher, ,08 Second Sopranos Emily Crump, '08 Myrtle I-letter, '08 Ruth Cialloway, '08 Ethel Rogers, '07 Iva I'lall, '08 Mabel Stetson, '09 Carrie Wheeldon, '09 First Altos Francoise Klein, '08 Lilian Stoneburg, '08 Helen Persons, '08 Justine Tiffany, ,08 Second Altos M. Ina Coe, '06 Anna Colcorcl Grace Hall, '08 'SHEDDIE' The Zintzrpres 15- , KENDRICK 'PREXY SLATER BILL FACULTY SNAPSHOTS ILTE RA R,Y 184 015132 iinterpres THE COLLEGE COLLEGE is composed of two main parts, the Grounds and the Buildingsg and of one minor part, the Faculty and Students. The purpose of a College is E somewhat obscure, but in general consists in bringing a body of supposedly edu- cated men, who are interested in nothing except themselves and some special subjects, into close and disagreeable relationship with a larger and younger body of men interest- ed in pretty much everything except the other body and its special subjects, for the sake of doing mutually distasteful work. The Grounds and Buildings The College Grounds are either level or hilly, and are known as the "Campus, " especially the hilly ones. They are for the purpose of being admired by old " Grads" and cultured ladies. The buildings serve primarily to illustrate all notable types of architecture. There is always an original structure called "old " something or other, dating from about 1890, which exemplifies the Early Stable or Barn style and is spoken of with reverence. Next in age is the Library, in the High Ginger-Bread order, while the new Laboratory illustrates the Classic Shoe Factory type. No Campus is complete without an Qbservatory, which gets its name from the fact that it is just large enough to be seen or observed. It has a roof that opens, a statement that all right-minded per- sons are content to take on trust. ln some conspicuous part of the Grounds stands usu- ally a large and costly monument to the Founder, whose name is hallowed by ten years of tradition. This is the rendezvous at Commencement time for reminiscent Alumni, who swap lies about "dear old Grinder's worth as a man and a scholar. " The Faculty and Students The Registrar is the most important member of the Faculty. l-le engages and pays the President and Professors, Hunks Students, and takes their cash at his pleasure, distributes marks and buys the diplomas. "Bill" would call him a "Mayor of the Pal- ace." Sometimes he and " Prexy " disagree 5 then he looks around for a new " Prexy. " The President is a useful though unimportant ofiicer of the College. Require- ments for this position are: CU strong development of the arm and shoulder muscles for use in pulling legs and breaking up rough-housesg QD must own or rent a Phi Beta Kappa Key and a Doctor of Philosophyis gown, C33 should know enough to be able to deliver a course of lectures to the Freshmen, who, by the way, are not very discrimi- nating and are easily deceived as to facts. fNote: a general air of intelligence is apt to prejudice the Registrar in the applicant's favorl The word " Student " is derived from the Latin "studeo" fto desirej. During the Middle Ages it was applied to the mildly insane who devoted themselves to learning. The Zinterprw 185 It is now used to indicate those who are desirous of escaping all work for a period of four or more years. The best "Students " are often known to desire seven or even eight years. ln appearance they are a cross between the two other great classes of the un- employed, the tramp and the millionaire. The effect is one of a pleasing and artistic negligence. It is coming to be recognised that the "Students " form a very unimportant and negligible part of the Collegeg hence several institutions have recently taken steps toward ridding themselves of this useless burden. The Catalogue A College without a Catalogue would be like a circus without an advance agent, or an automobile without a horn. This work requires the joint efforts of Registrar and President and is in the style of "Baron Munchausen. " It contains facts about the insti- tution as it ought to be, describes courses which are excellent but non-existent, and is found useful in place of " Grimmsf Fairy Tales " by Alumni having young children. Schiller HY LIFE was short and dimmed with grief and pain, Yet much was wrought within that little spaceg And in thy fleeting lifetime thou didst gain The love and admiration of a race. Thy soul did burn with just and noble ire At despots' baseness, in thy stormy youth: Thy verse expressed with inspiration's fire lmpassioned love of beauty and of truth. Of liberty and justice thou didst sing, In stately measures and meloldious rhymeg The burden of thy poetry shall ring Throughout the cycles of all future time. As long as Germans love the poet's song, With tender reverence they will speak thy nameg Wherever man shall cherish hate of wrong, There shalt thou wear the laurel wreath of fame. iss Ghz interpres LIVES OF OUR NEW PROFESSORS The "lnterpres" extends a hearty welcome to the new members of the Faculty and publishes the following brief biographies: Arthur Sullivan Gale N ACCOUNT of the early interest he showed in the Music of the Spheres, Professor Gale was named Arthur Sullivan. Ar the early age of two he figured out by the Theory of Limits how near he could put his finger to the stove without burning it. Continuing his mathematical studies, four years later he was able to announce to the world that the indisposition caused by eating green apples varies directly in proportion to the number consumed and inversely as the square of the dis- tance off the farmer and his dog were when first seen. ln looking about for a College he happened to hear of Yale. Because this rhymed with his name he decided to go there. It was at College that his most valuable contribution to the science of mathematics was made. Having just received a Hunk notice, he hit upon this now famous equation: Bluff plus leg-pulling to the n-th power equals passing mark. Contrary to the fate of most discoverers, he derived personal ben- efit from his discovery and as a result on graduating was able to pawn a CID. B. K. key. , Professor Gale has estimated that his usefulness at Rochester will continue for six years, by which time enough of his books will be on sale second-handed to warrant his seeking pastures new. John Rothwell Slater It was evident even from his earliest childhood what John Rothwell Slater's life- work was to be. Hardly had he left the cradle a year before his remarkable predilec- tion for the English language became manifest, and having adopted it as his mother tongue, in all the changes and vicissitudes of his subsequent career he has clung to it in spite of the blandishments of Arabic and Sanskrit. While in High School he advanced the theory that the English language was in- troduced into America from England, an idea so unique yet withal so plausible, as to bring him to the notice of many learned societies. Being expelled from College for disagree- ing with a professor on the derivation of the word " Pilsner Beer," claiming that it was of Low Dutch instead of l-ligh Germanic origin, Slater went to Chicago for the purpose of changing the shade of yellow used in journalism. As editor of " The Daily Jollier " he wrote a very scholarly article proving that a newspaper once published in ancient Babylonia was able to run three days in spite of the fact that it gave unfaked news. This assured his fame and he was offered the presidency of Harvard University, next after Roosevelt. Instead, he accepted the more attractive position of investigating ignorance among the Freshmen at Rochester. Dr. Slater has in press a book entitled "Pictures of Darkest Africa, or a Glimpse of a Freshman's Mind, " The ifinterpmzs 187 Charles C. Stroud The exact date of Charles Stroud's birth is unknown, but judging from the top of his head it must have been very recent, as the hair has not yet had time to grow there. Even in the cradle he showed symptoms of remarkable strength. One day a particular- ly large and fierce mosquito settled on the tip of Charlie's nose, which, Hercules-like, he killed with one blow of his hand. At school he continued his career as an athlete, do- ing the mile in record time whenever he was invited to fight. Graduating from Tough's College, Stroud was immediately called to one of the great Eastern Universities as football coach. l-le answered every requirement until an examination of his vocabulary was made. Here he Hunlced miserably, not being able to offer a single cuss-word in selfdefense. Of course without this adjunct he would have proved useless as coach in a large College. As the President remarked, "l-le missed the position by a little damn. " At Rochester his lung capacity derived from his athletic training has been of im- mense service to him. By means of this he has been able to tallc against time in Chap- el, beating out even Professor Shedd's best performances in this line. It is Dr. Stroud's ambition to abolish intercollegiate athletics at Rochester, substituting matches between the ed and the co-ed students of the College. When'ere l stand beside the bar, fNot that of justice or of boozej ln short, when to the Registrar l pay my three times yearly duesg Sweet Caporals then take lVlurad's place And roast-beef tastes too much like hash g Lyceum's doors -close in my face, 'Cause lVlr. Lamson needs my cash! V t The Gymnasium at Night The Bnterpreszi " UNCLE BILL " E ALL an Uncle dear possess, A brother of our Alma Mater, And if We could we Would, l guess, Adopt him for our Almus Paterg Praise Uncle Sam whoever will,--- We're quite content with "Uncle Bill." No Uncle Hollandais fthafs Dutch ll Could ever match him, no by Thunder! No other could we love so much No other take his place, small wonder 3 For more-y stays among us still The more-we get to love our "Bill." I-lis wit with dart of velvet pointed ls dry as Piper I-leidsick's Best 5 I-le loves no grind with grease annointed, And pardons ignorance confessed 3 But bluffers' bluff he's bound to call And then most grievous is the fall. If in Stille CHA" number onel You miss the point or make a fumble, Declaring Hannibal a l-lun, Tarquinius Superbus humble, Don't say you knew but couldn't tell,--- A zero doesn't average well. Though butcher's scale our "Uncle" tips To almost--Well, that's pretty near 9 When you have made some awful slips No need your kneesishould shake with fear, For gravity is not so grave When humor is at hand to save. What's home when mother's voice is still? What's Rochester without her "Bill"? And, putting it the other Way, Could he far from the Campus stray? Yet We must all fyou can't elude it D Reach realms more blest---unless excluded: And our election blanks in Heaven Will read "Five Hours in Room 7." The Zinterpres To Doctor Anderson we owe A lot of things, you surely know. But he in our esteem's most dear When, in the summer of the year, As worshipers before his shrine We offer incense-smoke divine, And loaf and sleep and cut our classes, And waste each hour as it passes. HEN term exams. are finally oier N And Christmas jollity runs high, When you may " fuss " and dance galore, And late each morn in hed may lie g When hooks and work are quite foresworn--- Then comes the Hunk-card all forlorn! You've flunlced! You've Hunked! Familiar sound ! Of all sad words---" Had I but ground ! " When hurdy-gurdies re-appear, And sausage dealers cry their wares, And bars announce their "ice cold beer," And people pay their Charlotte fares 5 When crackle pea-nuts and pop-corn--- ' Then comes the flunlc-card all forlorn! You've Hunlced! You've flunlcecl! Familiar sound! Of all sad words---l' Had I but ground ! " The linterprez THE THRONE. OF THE SPHINX AST ever seen old Sibley Hall, Where ye two dread sphinxes lie, And turn to stone who walks alone Ar midnight there, hard by Where Sibley's tower stands grim and gray Nigh unto ye Campus gate? There never a Wight durst go by night, i So tarry thou not too late. Yea, scurry away while daylight lasts For grim be ye spell we're told On ye late unwary passer cast By ye mystic pile and old. But scarce ye sphinxes that guard without Can equal those within, Where many a Freshman stays to weep ' Who came at ye first to grin. Behold ye ancients lie in rows ln ye volume tombs so rareg But ye roving eye is caught and held By ye twain that guard them there. Oh! far floats Phinney's facial fringe, Each hair with a hidden hookg So he only giveth his mat a twinge When he fain would call a book. But alas for Phinney's waiting maid! Ye books have a knowing way Of always being off ye job 'When she's in charge, men say. She'd be onto ye job ye students trow Had she but Phinney's beardg But when it cometh to cash ye fines Ye lady's admired and feared. She sitteth and holdeth ye money bag Alone at her desk in state, And even Crilliels been known to pay F or a book ten minutes late. The Zlnterpres Now it came to pass on a day long sped Ye faithful watch dogs stayed To dust ye books and count ye fines Long into ye evening shade. Ye hours sped by---it was midnight nigh, When they turned from Sibley's door, And a shudder hurdled Phinney's spine, Unnoted ye time before. Ar ye threshold stone they paused aghast. T'was horrible, on my soulll Each sphinx's eyes glowed bright, catwise, Like ye heart of a burning coalg Moved massive paw, worked stony jaw, Lo! Phinney's whiskers rose. A voice came forth from a stony throat, Ye lady's blood it froze. " Ye guardians old, " quoth right hand sphinx " We've been laying long for you. We could not be free, was ye gods' decree, Till we found a twain thus true, With hearts of stone that throbbed alone For ye love of volumed loreg So in our place do ye stand a space And guard by Sibley's door. " So it came to pass from that night forth When ye evening sun is dead Ye right hand sphinx roams forth at will And Phinney guards instead. And eke ye left hand sphinx is free Till ye dawn wind bloweth chill, And Phinney's helpmeet holdeth his seat Till he cometh again at will. And sleepeth there one at Phinney's home With whiskers Phinney-wise, And eateth his meals and payeth his bills 'Tis ye right hand sphinx in disguise. And ye left sphinx weareth a sombre dress, And walketh erect, ye which Deceiveth those of purblind sight ln ye home of Mrs. Rich. 192 The ilnterpres Then be not wroth with ye stately dame When she saith thy book is away. And toy thou not with Phinneyis brush, When he checketh thy joyous play. For ye midnight hour may vengeance bring ln a strange and stony wise. Be humble before ye volumesl. guards, They're ye sphinxes in disguise. And only he can hope to see What meaneth this simple rhyme, ' Who hncleth his book in Sibley Hall And bringeth it back on time. Ma M I lllllllnn 1 65 nr-S my C 3 Q l:4 , Z-lhiilgfige Q A Q. E E " 1J-e ar lf N in flif l Z l ei' .EI I I s- ""'4QW,.s4D' 7m'gp7 fflnavi aanoruna lun ml 1352, O ' num gig . 1 t. t E ,lllll U -L " nm will ' fyft im as . .Q - Ai , Q5 cw r ' - - W i by I , 7- 4' 6 t li. a fl W K I 1' r PROFESSOR GILMORE'S IDEA OF HEAVEN When the call comes to man to cease this earthly ex- istence he usually thinks that if he smokes at all it will not be in heaven. Professor Gilmore, though the thought may be somewhat heretical, believes that he will smoke in heaven. Expecting to find there the full realisation of happiness, he is looking forward to a never-empty- cigar-box. Moreover, as a good thing should be appre- ciated on the other side of the pearly gates, he is count- ing on shipping whatever copies remain from the earthly stock of his own works to a place where they are sure to be in demand. A girl with a soul cliabolic, When urged to become apostolic, Said, " lid rather convert F l-le, than heathensu fthe Hirtll 'll prefer the more singular frolic. " I f I S Hows the r1ver, gathermg force, Along her steadfast Way, May We along lifeqs devious course f H, A Grow stronger clay by clay. And may our hearts Where er We roam ' Forever loyal be To our beloved college home Beside the Genesee. -T. T. SWINBURNE, '92, X111 fx V L Wanted His Money's Worth Toclcl, '06, on being asked Why he lets the Water run in the Gym. during the noon hour---" You clon't think l'm going to pay two dollars a- term for nothing!" V Dr. Rhees---"The orator this morning will be Mr. Craigie, 'A National Disgracef 'l Why ls It? When " Mac " recites---no matter what From History to l-listology, The Co-ecls for some reason strange All study Embryology. Impossible! Prof. Forbes---"ls there more than one Klein?" Oh, If I Were Only the King! Prof. Morey, speaking about the English Con- stitution---" ln England everybody works but the King." 194 . ' .4'oNBlBEf7 rv 'Y 'f A V Coat of Arms of the Knights of Knashville Naturally B. . Qil- H etz ln lnternatlonal Law l clon't know any- thing about that, it's not in the book. " if l Why so much perplexity on the part of the Faculty as to the gender of the worcl " Bancroft? " 195 X 'c ,. " , - ....,. , 2.1 -. X-4.1, - - -- x 22:11 - - i '- 1 PM ' ' .Q1?'ZI3if.LIgI1,,. T3IfZiCE'fVf'--fl 5111 ms R ,-.:::.'.:i::'.:1er::.1urT., ,. .. .,,::.?f'.p- Fgi, ' g 1, :gt-12-,:, 4 f :-f Tiff? .S:f'f-'a-'t4?'f- :' ' 4 . Wx , Q.,.j ' -H -. J --Q nf-22-2-' -' 1 - ' - .' -ft-':f:.-.----.-54 fi:-Sis-1215. : f +A ? " -Iv " V " , -- -- - -""' b' ' , -, - . , -mi.:-2-fx V1.1-ur :,1x.:w-:-in :-:x,.-: .- :,. y -' 1. . , . I , , ,2 .- .- .-D. -,-.I-54.:,m.1.,515,51 ,,-.. --1 .: -1 - , V- .A .- ,X,,.,,, ,. ,., ,P ,,.,..,mW. ,..41+.:,-, .- ,1,.1-: 1 '- - Fr!! ::1:f:1.-fcfqrfwviirrqif121-Q QC'---s.:,:i:4 --,:" : 'f - , ,,4q,.,,,,,,-:rm -, H AMD, +- .- -3:-, -1-f. 1:1'i::-:-1--49.-:--5:2-J.-19: fe --11151-1--L. " K J' x .X S rc' 6 X r-qi X ff X X gg -ng ,- 1 VXA A , , r kiwi' gs' .gi .V F' IQ 5' X X n -' S4 4' 1 ' fx Q - 3 f K f 9 4 X , ,lt I ff X4 ax K FA X Q g ,BQ P' A I X J ' Ac, LQXMXXXS ,, J 4 A 'Y' 4 X ww ax 1 NU Cm w x Eb i , L 4 1 , N X s -1 , 1 P - 5 -Miva-.,'eQ' ' -ff '- -1' 'X an + , fi.5 ?, - L+ if :H a ' H? R , , ,, A ' - 1 ir .A 51 il 6 5 321 : gf ' 8 , ha d 1 . I RU:-f Q, , 2 , 32 fs xg Q avi: - -:h x ::' --' :- , ,... ,e gi , . ., . ' 5 1 - Q A Q I 4' 1 , , E 1 :Z Q Ly 4 2- V x v Q 9 , -H H X K , 5 w V 1 X 'N 4 Q: X: Z P 4 If . ' ? , X , K Q , E? rg ij r if 45 f N is If 1 if ff 2 f V H i il X 1 Q -K --.::v-.1":':-::f'gL-- - N v.i1,,,'.-.,'.wu4 Q' ,1Lg..,.' A 5 --A-' i . -1.-4-211-' 37" 1, ', .J-fr' 2-:f I-23-53341-' ' -- . ' . '-If"f.'."SEJ:I3:f.f1 V -- , r-1- "'1:.:55i5.,:2:- -:',,,5-1 3 V' kyiigilfg?:5g':"Q1'Ii1E'E'g:2 ' ' uf? -f -Q.- ,--..-' ,Q ,Q YM , -, , Yge 4 x-A-rekvwgugq 1- - i , 13:5 -1 v L9 4 NE "XM Wx -SF 55 4 I x -f Hg 5 V' -if X ew' m Mfg' wg gn , A 5 55,5 ., Ib X ,A Y 2 2 :fm-Qgq::,1.::. 4, ' ' ----:-.3 af'-w:, s:fr:z-, x , --w , '.-T"Z'T-'if 'TTT 1 Y ' --. - 5 4 , 1 , c I 'Q 4 e Q ,C Y V ' 1 . ' s Q I . . if 4 .gg - 4, , If , - :51 j?i ' ' A if? -0 .1 '-'-, , 4,-k ,I -j -1' . ,Eff ,- ef , 12-Z 2 1- " iq' gs '.:.-Lzmiiif ffa ff '- . r'f1:fQE'ee'-:?g.?5" - ' H33 3?-T 2 qu. -. W , .-T ' ' -. .,g+-fx.-ggqzww-,bw -,g JR ' 11:2 , 1 X ,Q ,.,, , I A ,. 1 if? -fzlf ' Q ' A ' :Xi Q 5-.J "ri lffif' ' 1 f.. .:3-'--. w-41 ,- - , . -x :.,1vf 1 -- - , 1 , - '31, ' ff, , 5 3 A"' ' PTY we . 1" 1 ---- 1 5 :-Q-4 ,,,., g A31,.53.' .. I .V - . - f ---" ..,... 1 , , :ggfg , ,gf - . -:X if 5-gi - AV A POSS1b1G Explanatnon of the Seasorfs Record Vg Vg ,-W ,,,,,,,,, , ww ,QW , , M b A 1 , ., ,.., ,.-,, .A.,, . .. - ' 2' ' " ' " ' ' f -F' sg " A. . , --Q: 1 2 ' -LM,,.-.,.Q..W4g4.,g.,..-Q:1-,.-...,.,,.-,,- ,,.., l ,g.L,I,,- .... E J' . """""'"'N'"7""""Af"""'"'A"M""""x'.""'T' "" " """'1:""'N " 'i ' L"" ' "" 7'fr"fx'ff''r':rZ"7'i117E?KT?'i'fi2'?'ffQ'"" iq. is I96 Wm www me At the Celestial Gate A newly arrived soul---"Singing! Sounds like the Chapel Quartettef' To St. Peter---"Say, give me a rain check: l think l will have a look at the other place. " Warner, '08, rushing into Anderson Hall at ll.30 on the day of the opening of College---"l'm so sorry l dicln't lcnow there was going to he a class rush to-day!" Special Notice! I This and every afternoon at one-thirty in Ander- son l-lall the Managers of the Track Team and Dra- matic Cluh will pull each other's hair, bite, scratch and roll on the Floor. First class performance. All invited. Especially When lt's "on" the Other Fellow Napier " When any stimulant comes in contact with the hocly it reaches out for It " 197 N A " ' - fm ' F'-if M ' ' 4 XZ' 1, 1- i5fff1-5' - , c j Q6 Ji: Nigf ggf , :ff H , ' 5: ..,f5'E M 1 x . .r , Q y' .,,, V. V ' Vf'fQg54,'2g 1 1 - ' '- V ,. 'L', I ",. -:Y-5' ' f V V Q Vyb . f ' Q "1 if , .V 3 --'- f ' 5 '-Q5i?f:5f5:1'5551fl"ffl -11 V- 1 I ' A -11'f"f'ff'i' 'EYRVI 1 H ,il ,.Q :":"Q 'g ' A H If 'f' -x 4 '4fF'E5fZ7Tf'f" :P f'E"'E7 3F'Y'lf-: 5 r p 5 - ' ' . -N ' ' A .AV. y ,,.V ,M Bernharclt at 12.29---"Why doesn7t that damn bell ringgn Vfgf I, ' z- " What makes the 'Interpres' thlcker thls year? " ,W I . . , , . s D -gy ' '- I V Q' " Oh, We re prmtmg Walt. Meyers' record ln . . - . 5 , f H u '- ' u , '1'-gil' Q , ' , kr-nm,:f'ff",'x,,, Buckley, '09, rn German---" The phrase, C tamt- N gp" ff: ed money' undoubtedly arose in theearly days of "" our country when people were accustomed to keep - , QQ thCIf savmgs ln thelr stockmgs. . f -2 "f ' ' fe .. ' 4- - Afxysvlfavv- - I - D 1- ' GT I 1 - Q Q .rr'.r E9 W an-v .0 Q .0 A-1 1 E-a"'M 'I 5' ' .LHV-cgi :.,f. . V ,V ,.V. V :' H 2. 1 ,sq - . " C ' ' 0 I V f : 'ff . ' ,lhv l:::,V.", v' 3 ' -. , . Vifigg, . 3 " ' German I German 2 2 "V"A ,"y y 31 .,,. V' 2 V- c.'V V 5-f-A-F":55"':3'ffS":' V-Y-ff ff f V fn- "f' Q. V, :gr ,.,. ,.,.,.V, , E . .r.,.V ' -V 1 ""'A -"V A' ' V. r 4 . V . -V -, i ,,-. VK .- ., VV4 I 1 A ,vby I N 2-'idx F , ' tt ,,yV:54-,.,,ay, , 5 "k' :1"7"f.E2Ef:a4:r-11'-J: +., fl Nm 198 ' " ' 'K'-:li " NVQ. ., - ,,..,,,.V .lr-1 Stranger---Who is that man with the distin- guished air? Student---Thats Gilbert, the Commodore of the Canoe Club. Publisher's Announcement In Press, H A History of a Watch Spring F rom the Mine to the Pawn Shop," hy Prof. W. C. Morey. C? .,, Q- W' 'TS' .,..,6"l f il! ' -- 7 5"07 German 3 German 4 199 fda:-.EfE?2.E:e:zfrf1'1" ' 'Y , When " Napeu debates Expatiates And tells the why and when, Though March winds blow Yet flowers grow Ancl trees are green again. Q az GHG ,I J. ' MBU. '07 - 200 , I2 qc 69 a Miss Higbie---" The advantage of the economy of natural forces is that when electric light is used there is a saving in gas. " Prof. Morey---" If a man has been blown up on a steamship once he's not likely to patronise that line again. H We Wonder--- Would " Van " make better recitations in Eco- nomics if he looked toward the hat-rack instead of toward the east Windows? If track is hard and smooth and flat, If air is cool and wind's behind, If head is not too big for hat, He'll run and never seem to mind. But if perchance he scratch a hand Or lose an eyelash or a cent, Of course, you surely understand, An " injured " man was never meant To run a raceg 'tis wisely said That such a one should stay abed. E i ' 201 s" 7 4, 1 5 wc, .1 ,,. , p 4 S! -.V V .,Q1'T .1 2 .5 " '- ' ff"::.Q'5sg:X V - . ' z Y H2 -A ' ' "f.f:s.:1-mai Fwsv L, A - A ij...f.- ,gas I . ': ,riff 3- :mf ' -Siixg ' . ' . 4-Cf? , 54IT12' i1.g.V- , k 1 -' , 5 1 f'V'T":eW.,1,t5Q11Q'. gg 3 ' V f E' f .V HV. 'Eff . s . - 9 J .. V-+.....-41. Vw is 4 --sw-. - . V V --M --v- -"-- we XV: X.-x-:- --+A is ' ' 1' A 4""2?'-'M , o?"f:2?1i:'5fi'-Q' 1' E ir' K ' 'Q 5P'f',b.F" ff" ' I fi' 'f 1 1:.i':"':'i" 'V'..ff:-5S5"'f.2'.5?f5f511'E:S. '-rsf3f'Si'25il'3E-E 1 ., .V V r Q V' lr A - w H , f A' . V A ' V ' " . ,ija jgz 5, ' "f f 2 2 2 1: 2 322 f5EE 22 'aj' P5 35- 'f is 5:5 ,is .iff V? ' .,,,, . 22 . . ' 1 . .2H ?: ?... Pfi. . 'S ""' V "" """""'x , :J 1: V31 x V135 r s , -V ,I '21 'I 4: ' 5. 113 W . ..,- . AV, w . . ' . f: V' ' rc: 1' .' , f5,,,q3g5.5.,.' 1 . 1 V ' X ' 'V :vs T lf . , V, ' 4 T"j1,"'f'. ,:,ff1..g--.V W-. 4. .,,, . . , M Y MV 'V .. . ' V5 . x ,TP Vu-g'E,i35?V "f-'il-"A ' 'W' gigs gffv 5:15 1.-lf -' - MOL vu N03 Val g . ' " . I ' 1 I,s:vEii5Es5i.:gU5.j I - V- fs ' . I 'fs .V -' 'f 'Q V W ,f -V ' ,V s V V si'z7f""1'-N X ,. JI, i-'. . :,:.y.a..x I.:X.,Y.:.L55:55:a,g.:f-ii. ,1 I . wig: " 'Qs H S ' wi. f25.2ff. , ' i 1 ' ' fr' 'fI.:,Q. ' 5 X, iz- Inna' .. gi? f . 4 . :-f.::'F?b:flm6- ' ' ' ,, , a Vfsli. C221 V . g'mi'lJiHRS1wQ1sHfesHHSM"i' f' "" .. A-sfffi-iiiiilf ' Q , 1.3151 ' QQ' Q, 'rim' 4 ' I I egsgu ff ' . N 'iam 'sh :-: 5 5 ,zf . . wx, 2-1 ,:25:1:,gw4mXf57f ' V 41 V 33:1 :rpg 5,4 .V ,,,- ,w:E.,,:,,5, ,, . 1.,,,:f.- V ifrzf . JULY 1880 ' -V V f -V sg ft- - e- - V sf ' A " 3 tj .gf .31-xu fj '- f,.2,5-ff'-5g:V-3,65 , ,E fig' 555. 5-gf. - CFIOIH the H I1'ltCfpfCS HD ::ffQ. ze . . . TL.. 2 5 E552-.5f2,'f5 V1fl We are shll IH hopes of a resurrectlon. s z -:nr-' 1 . far:- ' A .-fififz . N ' ff?-' 'Q' Prof More C G P l f f 11' V2 ,V V. . . y to . . amer, ater one o IS 3 - '- ff- 51 V- .9 Hin. f V sp, recltatxons---" What more do we know when you're e' 15 " ,Il ' 1 j . 1' jgiizgf'gjQg:5v'.5.553.-5.,:If Q' . through? H A Vf iff- . . if ,rf VJ5QEgs,, . ,. V V V Q '- 2 V? -I1 2 27 VV V f.1??f" . 5 - V E In :, .'.j.V5egggg5,g:' ,- Trousers -- Bum Hat -I- Fool Remark-1F1ske, 09 ,.,, 5 ' . "T"" -. , ""' " 'K " if"F'F:'j.i'E:,:,:,3a.""a, mg.. '-55,13 :':g: fi f 1 ' ' V' ' V I . w . 3?ffiss-?s'fs12 ': 2 V . 1. .. 1 ' ' fi- 1. -f V. .. f 313.225-'s?V:iA ' 5 . X.. 1 V. 'V A, .. .V . . 5 v, I ., A ,..,,. .-vffgi. i 2 ...,,.....gLL.Q ,o.., 1 ' ..Q.,..-4,.Q..N,g.1gf... .. .. .. Q.: . I ,.+s.,.... ...,. - ... .... ,.,.,.,,4. .,,. ,.. 4-. ...,..... .-.W .... gm ,...,.., ,. M., ,..... , -1-... ., ..,.. .. , ..:, 202 J 7' ALM Him A Freshman last year refused to Wear A small gray cap to cover his hairy The reason 'tis thought, fthough it's not what he Was that none could he found large enough for his :S saidl, head. Scene l. Prof. Forbes' Room, Logic Course. Prof. F orhes---" What is the fallacy in this . proposition: The industrious poor have cowsg give the poor cows and they will become industrious ? " - Silence. ' .sf is ala ll Q Prof. -Forhes--- Why it's a 'Non Causa Pro 3 Causa. ' " Prolonged laughter on part of Class, indignation on part of Prof. Forbes. Scene 2. Same as Scene l 9 a half-hour later. '4 fl By means of a strong glass a smile is observed on Prof. Forbes' face. -,iVr W, ---. :1f3:fa:1urea"!z1mmEtss... Y. . . QL., , . 203 l'm Fay, Jay F ay, comprennez-vous? A citizen of every nation, A man of manner debonnaireg De savoir tout is my vocation. E555 My avocation would you know? 45: To show my knowledge as I go. 235' Returning de Paris last year I found the greatest consternation: The Faculty and the Trustees .gh .5 wt Said Prexy needed a vacation, - a sql Et, Monsieur Fay, c est tout a vous gif U, ll In this tight fix to help us through. " When l had set my. practised hand And mind to getting things a'going, The College offered me a chair Like Merrell or Professor Hoeing. 9 Parclonnez-moi, messieurs, je dit, Je preferais a whole settee. 204 gy., 4 ' ,L I i ff" " r-JW w " ll "S Are you going to 'fuss' at the Soph Jo , Max ? " 25 n , I " Well, not on the way up. Napier in History Examination---" The Curia in Rome was a sum of money necessary in order to vote. i . 'I w ii fi ' f' ll ji!-J 'I W m ,I 1 Im ,Z K I, , 1 P. . I 'A I 'i 205 S I 1 .- rx-. 4.1 i . li 1'- . 1' 9.1 . .N 1.-1. -A, I f AL -i:"ii5Qs?+afTf'r' jg w R . . , .--, N ,. Q , ...ak :?:? . ,,.. X.. I d.. ,,f S.-:..G:,5: ,-..: .I H? , 4.3,- l Mfg.. f. .2 Q Q5 ..., -. ss X X " ' .,. V 7"2":', . -fl'-' 'Af ','. 5i?i'3S::fffES3F.. -,'. Q... W l l .. 4, l l y A,, N A tr vt? V -I Qimfv ,i ., f -5 . ' '- 'sf-' fy, 1 ,-,Nv ---' - ' gg ' 1 ,f. Y . " 1 1 ' ' ll '. 'V ' '.-' l N " 'E 'Q 'h-' 1 .,,.. '-.' .. .V '.,"-' 3 'F15-iff-E-:IQ 5: fx. flf lll lfli 'lffllfr' 5: QF 'Q a a n 3. 'E , I g 5 4 ll . F ll' A --.. .A ' y Q 1: s 4.11 . 2,5 22 'fi 21 : 2 2 il l fel 1 f? ef: 21 if x, .. ,.., .. ,,., , .. ,, , . ,4., . . . .. ., , ,M Q . 4.. , , ' 4' 1 . . ,, ., f V,,, f . . .'?1.g:g .,.. . V.4 W . .... ii it ' . fx V, 'f . V - 'IW "fi .5-3 751 ' ' I 5 ..:'i'1 51:52 "-'.' -ff.:L:3:f-..:15l1'fT f 3' "'A'A -f--" will What He Needed V . ex . .- ,,.. , , ', a l e,, fa-r..g,4rsjg 'e'- . . .A . as ,2 ,. K -' 7. N , jl..g5.-5 Prof. Morey to Rathjen clurlng tnals ln Roman ' l '.,. . Law---" What I want to develop in you, lVlr. Rath- 2 ' "" Z " ' l 2 3 r V H 1 ."- X f'a'g-Q-'2,..ff . ' . L41 m f hge 1 .A A Suggestlon for Increaslng Chapel f 'A v lyslfysu j Attendance. 5 X ,,.. if ' - - 1 lg .jg I Q E A if 3 If " Slate " woulcl clally oratate, l 5" l And tell the woes of Athens' state, . L ' - "ii i ' J H - Why Rome ancl S arta " went to smash, " V Sf 4. .l.a,,--:--.t-42.2 1 - :J p ' '4 . A4-. 21- fIf':f:f'g:Jgsf,:QG25T', 9 . , 'is' f gc ir- l g If he would only roar and lash . " .' W , 1 . 5-is .5?9?li??M' . . :ii , ,.,., - And clrculate some heatecl alr 435, g g i, At Chapel hme, we'cl all be there. f- s , '- ..1, K W-sz'-. 1. . ' l Q,s , 5 zf 1-54,52 . "'. ' 9 " -, .. -j'QQl,1 A " l'cl lllce to lcnow my mark 1n French 3 ' Q., -. ',.- . mfg' . 91222, I X -s Whatever It may be. l' .S ,. ' '--,- 1:5 . . IQ.. . '2'lHf,--,lgif Sald Moore, l' If l were you, my frlencl, by .. P gr gr V, 'gl l cl not let tnfles worry me. . -,.A IVE. lvv., ,Lx 45: :vi-M 55 1 .lty -.f'. . ls Pipe Dream XL -'s-'-' . . I 3 U It IS salcl that the Trustees have macle a 'new t ii2ff'13lw3 . . . .Sl A " ' rule forbxclclm members of the Faculty to use thelr , 3 . .... ,... g .. j own text hooks in courses. 541- Q ,.,, , . ..,. . .Y ,,,,,, ..... ..: ..,.. ...aus.,g,9rMW.HL.,,.... ,.... .... V Q.i:,,.i.2ui::,al.-...,,s.5r..t,,t,.Kz,:L.s .,.' I V' 5 A ' . ' 's 1' - -' -r'. r A ,. 1 ' RJ? - l Q 1 Ji .,-,- if -f ts. 'eel -.r. v . - V. - - . l '- - , 1 . : ---- "'. ES1FQ?.ij5:'f' X '.-v 4-.::e,:s.3efa f 5 206 ,sszgygxfg-ii-fi,.,,,,.f-1:55351 5 , a Kaelber Oh me oh my Ive mussed my t1e' Whatever shall l cl lll cut a class Go Hnd a glass And hx lt woulcln t you3 E , x Before After The Grind Eclitor Note the hump of humor on the earlier picture an its absence on the later., f 207 Advertisements . Athletics . Baseball Basketball . Canoe Club Football . lnterclass Athletics Records . Tennis Association Track . . . Varsity Captains . . Wearers of Class Numerals Wearers of R . . Yeafs Athletics . Calendar l905-l 906 . Campus Boarcl . . Chess Club . Classes Freshmen Junior Senior Sophomore Commencement . Dedication Dramatics . . Eastman Laboratories Faculty . . Faculty Snap Shots Fraternities- . The Zlntzrpres Alpha Delta Phi . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Upsilon . Hellenic Council . Phi Beta Kappa . Phi Epsilon . Psi Upsilon . Theta Delta Chi . Grinds . . Index to Advertisers " lnterpres " Board . Junior Historical Society Junior Promenade . Junior Whist Club Literary . . . Morey, William Carey Portrait . . Sketch Motto . . Musical Clubs . Science Club . Sophomore Exhibition Soph Joll . . Students' Association Trustees . . University Council . Women's Organisations College Girls' Athletic Association Freshman Class . Girls' Glee Club . Junior Class Senior Class Sophomore Class Sororities . . Alpha Sigma Dramatis Filiae Theta Eta . Students' Association Y. W. C. A. . Y. M, C, A. . . for Women The iinterprzs The Zlnterpres A Poor Stove zs Not Cheap at any Przce" Here is an exact photograph of one of our bakmg tests dauly performed by our bakers at leadmg dealers A 51 00 O0 challenge to duplmcate thxs feat has been standmg for years and 15 yet unaccepled by any ofthe numerous range manufacturers IH thls country Phousands have wrtnessed the STERLING RANGE bake a fu l barrel of flour lnto over 250 loaves of perfect bread wxth less than one hod of coal It bakes sixteen IM pound loaves at one bakmg wlth but one change, and that from top to bottom And during the test the fire pot of the .STlilguNc-1 ANGE IS but one fourth full of coal A man sard m the hearrng of one of our representatives the other day The next range I buy wxll be a Sterlmg for do you know there was actually coal rn the bottom of the hod after they got through never saw anythrug to equal xt In fact our bakers often take delight ln baklng the last batch of sxxteen loaves after the fire bearing of thls strlltmg object lesson appeals to the reason of every rational housekeeper 111 demonstratmg conclusxvely that the STERLING RANGE wrll bake, roast or cook,1n any man ner w1th less fuel and 1n less tlme than any other known range And allow us to repeat ' A Poor Stove 15 Not Cheap at Any Prlce " You should have a STERLING Send for our booklet whrch contaxns all the Q facts We only sell through hve dealers, and they wxll candldly tell you the STERLING has no equal " SILI.. STOVE WORKS, Rochester, N Y S Hogg ,, . . . - I . . 'H is drawn to show how the STERLING retains heat through its perfect flue system. The whole . Q - - 0 0 ' .. I 2 5 A 5' 3 . . 5 Zlhhertiser THE HOME - we lv FINE CHINA THE HOML 7 .. FINE CHINA THE following suggestions give an idea of the many beautiful and exclusive decorative and useful articles to be found in our salesrooms. Student Lamps SILVER Del? LHHIPS Penholders Stems Pencils Smoking Sets Chafing Dishes Mantel Clocks Cozy Corner--- Brass Goods Plate Rail Ornaments Jardiniers Den Bric-a-Brac Chocolate Sets Paper Cutters Book Marks Match Boxes Ink Wells Picture Frames Mounted Canes Hat Brushes Tea Sets Combs Military Brushes CUT GLASS Coat Brushes Water Jugs Comports u LEATHER Vases Cigar Cases Punch Bowls Cigarette Cases Our Stock is Collected from the Four Corners of the Earth. You will be interested. Henfvgkfisazlsrsmveny 3 Ulbnz Zintzrpres FN 5 ,J f' P'-1 .f'.1 4, ..,ffQ'f': '- 332 5ra.."'f?i, "" " X55 :. , H' . 4 593 Q "Ei agie It hm. 45 Q i"hQZLfT-if 330 'ff' TAQIA if -2ig""i?' 3719 236 Hg? , .2 '75 . 318 attic . H . i f ill, v s'-" 1' 1 324 be I I em get .' X Q :Q 4 " X gl iakcfy 30 O '91 .sf 321 . nf!! Q uw U .15 -1: fix Xa-Q r gif 322 Cla?-2' . 3,-H. X' Q 4 e-- Y L xl x i Q '- -1 ' 234 A 'fififik 3 K.- .6 1 -r A. ,.,, in s. ftfe f' is ,gf 3: ml' Q., 9 ,gf We 1 ' 'v ' r QU" 12 5325 5 G . " ' 4. 9 . i as H' Q .5 . V, . 5- - ,. m ap.: .fp -- 32,0 w x 42,8 G26 gli. Q55 . ' 197 -",.f'Ut- . ' f: cj '. A ,ef Qi 4 ltzwifa so .-5 ' 53L'?Z!!E9- Y Q 328 , . X: 3 2 7 ii, an QL Ms! .5 X U - e, 1354.145 -'ni Q. 3273 329 fs. 55 W. P.: 'sf :Agfa 1 Au 'gf 'MN-'wi 2- - .ig- .iziwlmixi 'aff ' 331 x 1, I alfa 325 ' - . FOR PRICES CALL OR SEND FOR CATALOGUE Next to Cook Opera House 21 South Avenue SPALDING'S is SPALDING'S Q Q -1154 , .. .gat . 4 No. 250 ' 'he - OFFICIAL Q? " X Q5'f?I" f 'u 'n i.fI. ' --- .H i ALMANAC For 1906 ,,., i t Edited by JAMES E. SULLIVAN y A, fix ip .fi All Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Meets and "fl, ff- Reeords 1 Amateur Athletic Union Records: A. A. U. ' -, X 'E g f-sQ.M Senior and Junior Championships: Swimming and f fiq 2 uMw,,5 ii ""' L.,g 'fi'3.i: .lQ,x Skating Records: A. A. U. Boxing and Xvrestling -'-gjjwz ' -jr' ---" .- U 'l,..:ag I a g5f'jwx Championships: all Shot Putting and WcightThrow- V 5 Q 'f I-ag i"fii:,.:f..,.:. ,.,.,, V1 ing ReeordsgOtHcial Report of the Lewis and Clark Qi' 5, A ,.2g.iy i.Q. i Cjxentennial Athletic Games 3 pictures of leading athletes, "g ift e . .. ..g: ...., , ,,A,.l 'W mcrican and foreign. fif--1-'1- .. "" "-'jfi Price, by Mail, 10 cents. ' Y -Q.: Send your name and address to our nearest store for f'5' 1: Spalcling's Catalogue of all Athletic Sports-it's FREE. ' ' -. I- " :Sf A. G. SPALDING sz BROS. New York Chicago St. Louis Washington New Orleans San Francisco Boston Minneapolis Baltimore Kansas City Cincinnati Philadelphia Buffalo Denver Pittsburg Syracuse M ontreal, Can, London, Eng. FRESHMAN BASKET BALL TEAM WINNER or INTER-CLASS SERIES Qhhertiser Latest Neckwear and hirts 30 varieties Vlfashulnle Four-in-1'1ands -plain and fancy whites, taus, cham- pagnes, pearls, creams, garnets and Alice blues-also white with colored dots and small ligures-the reversible kind 2 1-2 inches wide-extra value at 2Sc each- three for 7Oc. Velvo Four-iu-l-Iands- tine changeable sillcs in 10 varieties-beziuliful colorings -favorites among the season's novelties -2 3--1 inches wide 50c each. Poplin Four-in-lllancls-2 3-4 in. wide -white, pearl, black, garnet, reseda, Alice blue, green and lavender with large coin spots in nioire weave-S0c. Scotch Plaid Four-in-Hands-popular width in many different clan plaids-500. Nkfhite Neckwear-all the new weaves in silks-large shape puffs, ascots and four-in-hands-5Oc. Fine White Madras Coat Front Shirts -woven in checked patterns that are very stylish-cuffs attached-ES1.00. Fine Plaited Front Madras Coat Shirts -with cults attached-pinks, blues and heliotropes-flS1.50. Fine Corded Madras Shirts-White grounds with black clots, stripes and figures-plaited all the way down the front-separate cuffs-51.50. Burke, Fitz Simons, Hone 81 Co. . . LENN 81 C . Gifts, Wedding and Anniversarg They Also Carry in Stock a Large Assortment of -Q 4 Prize Cups 4 4 Gifts at from 31.00 to 310.00 a Specialty . H. GLENNY 81 COMPANY 5 The Interprss The University of Rochester A COLLEGE or LIBERALS ARTS A RUSH RHEES, D. D., LL. D., President 9g Courses of Study: Classical, Philosophical and Scientific. L'21bOI'atO1'i6S: Chemical, Biological, Geological and Physical. Students preparing for graduate courses in Theology, Law and Medicine receive special attention. A P1'6teChniC21l G1'OLlp of studies fits graduates to complete a technical edu- cation in two years at such technical schools as Sibley College, fCornelD, The Massachusetts lnstitute of Technology, or Columbia University. A TCaCh6fS' Training Department secures on graduation a State Teach- ers' Certificate of the first grade without further examination. fig THE AUTUMN TERM Begins Thursday, September 20, 1906. Examinations for Admission will occur on Monday and Tuesday, June 25 and 26, and upon Tuesday - and Wednesday, September 18 and 19 in Anderson Hall. D gg . The Annual Catalogue will be sent on application. Address all inquiries to THE REGISTRAR, Anderson Hall, Rochester, N. Y. Qhhertislzr 6 I. J. LEVENSON The Hair and Scalp Specialist Has been Wonderfully Successful in his Methods of Treating the Hair and Scalp He can give the references of prominent people he has treated oven to the point of making the hair grow on bald heads. He bases his success upon the fact that the particular disease with which one's scalp is afllicted must be known before it can be intelligently treated. The use of the so-called dandruff cures and hair tonics without knowing the specific cause of your complaint is like taking medicine without knowing what you are trying to cureg in other words, each case must be separately diagnosed, and accordingly treated. CONSULTATION FREE. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. Separate Ladies' Department with Lady Attendants 321-323 Lodios'Room Chamber of Commerce Bldg' 305-307 Morro Room Rochester, N. Y. William M. Furlong Eye Strain The close application re: quired of students, the hours of reading by artificial light, the change from the habit of general vision to short range wo:-K very often produces eye 15 East Avenue, strain that if not recognized and the proper relief applied results in permanent injury to the eyes. A stitch in time:-: ROCHESTER, N.Y. .-.... We Have Been Very Successful in This Class of Work W. W. BISSELL, Proprietor SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Genesee CO. 91 Main Street East The Zlnterprzs AN IMPRINT THAT IS PUT ON FINE CATALOGUES AT N EWARK, WAYNE COUNTY, NEW YORK ff THE DU Bois PRESS " 1 1 A SURE SIGN OF HIGH QUALITY Leading Printing House Between Rochester and Syracuse SN? E PRINT Catalogues a little better than seems necessary---imparting to every edition or booklet an individuality all its oWn. A While this edition of "The Interpres" was printed under rush conditions, 'it is a .fair specimen of our every-day product. THE DU Bois PRESS BOTH 'PHONES NEWARK, NEW YORK I Qhhettiset The Banister Shoe THE blames A. Banister Co. of Newark, N. J., are the " Top Notch " Shoemakers of the world. No Manufacturer manages to get quite so much elegance ancl all 'round merit into men's shoes as the Banister Co. If you want a really handsome bit of footwear, come here and buy the Banister. No other Rochester dealer sells it. E. J. ESSER, E. ESTABLISHED 1841 THE SEMPLE STORE R. A. HAMILTON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER Nos. 44 and 46 Main Street, East, !y.g ,.....--""""""' 'I ffm. A 'N alt 'Wi lll' YOUR 5 'C fl MEMORY LS' use 2? ,av rms eal Foulnt mpen ww 15 IT NEVER FAlLS-f'1 L i L. E. Waterman Co. I 17 3 Broadway, New York Q' i ' FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS , V D . ir., Q V ' Jsff-ix ' WW "mm 'f h 43599 'Q - -s are l i 'T e it I .-47243-1 if if I ll, 51 a f . - L." A ' " -,- Z rp es w . I Q: ' 1-. 445-. X' -.ff S I W. ' 'L ' 'ft -, he A ', ," zi' .fu-Q., Q . 2 ' Hr Yl V! ' , 'il 3' I o own E , . M in bla 'k N' and wl 't x S3 FAI , thc st I it -Q A your trip. 12 5 T L: V ll K I , , I M 4 7 J. C. Wilson 81 Co DEALERS IN Diamonds Watches Jewelry 39 MAIN STREET, EAST MONEY LOANED ON PERSONAL PROPERTY and 5 Front Street Fraternity Emblems Made to Order 9 The iinterpres CENTRAL BANK Rochester, N. Y. of Capital ..... S200,000 Surplus and Uncliviclecl Profits . S2l0,000 92 OFF IC ERS President, . BENJAIVIIN E. CHASE Vice-President, . GEORGE WILDER Cashier . . . JOHN H. GREGORY Ass't. Cashier .... I-I. H. CLAPP THE ORIGINAL 3C - Lunch Room - 3c For Ladies and Gentlemen OPEN DAY AND NIGHT HEADQUARTERS FOR A GOOD MEAL OR LUNCH B. GREENFIELD, 46 South Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. Same, old H ENLEY, .I 88 East Ave., Opp. Asbury Church DoEs BICYCLE WORK And when ice comes, does skate work, and promptly too. Ask the fellows how he does it. That's all. DON'T FORGET I THE NAME TICI-INER 8: JACOBI "Students, Tailors I' We give to our Customers Clothes that have Style to them. Our Prices are Reasonable. We study to Please. St. Paul and Andrews Streets I-I. E. WILSON, Florist Choice Cut Flowers, Plants Floral Baskets and Bouquets, Funeral and Wedding Designs, Large Palms for Decorations. Phone 1084 Greenhouses, Hudson Ave. and Avenue D. 88 Main Street, East 379 Main Street, East Geo. E. Noeth Co. IVIANTELS, TILE F IREPLACES GAS FIXTURES 46 Clinton Ave. N. Both 'Phones Qhhertissr I0 , "Athletic Goods a Specialty" BOY G OUTFITTERS FOR MAN and SMART WEARABLES At the opening of the season, when the matter is sure to confront you, we desire to call your attention to the many choice and excep- tionally good things we have in Men's and Boys' Clothes. We are demonstrating daily that we give values that cannot be duplicated else- where. ..Merchant's Bank.. of Rochester Main Street East, Corner South Avenue Capital and Surplus - 35225,000 Resources - - - - 32,700,000 I OFFICERS Percy R. McPhail, - - President Thomas J. Devine, - Vice-President George Weldon, - 2nd Vice-President John C. Rodenbeck, - - Cashier DIRECTORS George H. Perkins V. Moreau Smith Frank A. Ward George Weldon V. F. Whitmore Adolph Spiehler George W. Archer William N. Cogswell Thomas J. Devine Nathan Levi Percy R. McPhail Outdoor Display HADVERTISING.. The most successful result bringer when properly applied. All great successes are due directly to its adaptation in a wise advertising campaign. BILLPOSTING DISTRIBUTING PASTE SIGNS ROCHESTER BILL POSTING Co. E. C. Stahlbrodt, Mgr. 286 State St, A. J. Heinzle W. S. Henry HEINZLE 81: HENRY Plumbing, Heating, Hardware 698-702 University Avenue ROCHESTER, Home Phone 4707 NEW YORK Bell Phone 803-0 Chase 14 In .X X :D -Q :Q fn E4 .., E4 IU yn !l -L QN -. :Q gift JE!-5 959515. 55 S Er f 1 S' ' 'Er 235495 59. '- Qi - v I 'i - NI 1 : G5 Z E m Q3 O as 0 0 FT r-P S2 DP ' E bf C U1 D X- ni U-' 5 ' EE .- 5: .fi ' ' Pg E2 5 ' W SD -P 'B I K4 hx E U N p11 ii Co C: J "" ' 2 C5 ei W3 f'l" di C' Q i 0 FV 'fi 5 o 'fi Q- cm 2 hi YE Q5 rn' 4 y Q 'E A -S E hi 1-z QS I I bl 5154 5 ll I I I I I I4 Oil 5 I I II ll I RE N v.: fi 4 : Lzhk !Zk95M9:9:2Z9E22b595L'5Mki4 :MMZX :Scif ff PE U1 :ea -N E? .X -x 224 at if' I-I Y D E ' S QUALITY DRUG STORES Drugs Qf DEPENDABLE QUALITY Agents for Huylerss Candies Fenway Candies Belle-Mead Sweets HOME OF THE FAMOUS REXALL REIVIEDIES 202-206 Main Street, East 159 East Avenue, Corner Union St. This Space is Reserved for a Friend of the College Zlhhertiser 1 2 'X"X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' E 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'P 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 55 'X' E 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X"X' -1- -1- i i -x- X at X -- I E 34 Reynolds .I 278 North St. I 2 Arcade fp 5 v V f Paul Street E 3 X . , gg, V ill m 3 3 Telephone F A 1' I 2 3 227- A ll V f V ,,, ,, 1Q 5 ra g Telephone 3: 1. lUp One Flightj A V " , i 2 x+"R'L'::-- r. :Xa 'X"X"X"X"P'X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"P'X"X"X"X"X"X' P1 P C CD O' CD 3' H Q W 5 ii 5' U3 Q sn QD Fi' 3 ff: D 2 o " i Q-A 0 no E D. FP U' 5 elm CD cn' Q 5 C5 'X' 'X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X 'X"X"X"X' 'X"X"X' LEHIGH COAL -x- 'I' l 'X' i Z 2 is that it's all coal. It is BRIGHT, SHINY 1 I COAL, very hard, very clean, very pure, 1 -z' .x- -x--x--za-x--z--x--x-fx--r E X9 77' CD CD 93 FU H U I O H 5? H CD N s Q. U11 D3 CD P?- CD D3 P11 o : we F?- .. B CD -x-fz--xf-zf-x--x--z--z- 'X' 'X"X' F ra U vw w F1 20 O Q i'X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' E 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' E 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 'X' 35 'X' X' 'X' E 'X' 2 'X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X' Call and get one of our patented Vest Pocket Cigar Shields. It prevents cigars from breaking. Yard, 259 to 301 St. Paul Street -.43 The iintzrpres 'WEELECTRI Al.: -roma MADE Fon u S.'N THE CUTS. IN THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY c CITY ENGRAVING co. BuFFALo,N.Y. AVAL ACADETHY Qhhzrtiser I4 LUM gl KGCI-I MANUFACTURERS OF z I HIGHEST GRADE : I 84-90 Fifth Avenue. NEW YORK Pr' t' James A. Burke john F. White In In . . . . . g Burke Gt Vvhlte if-the 1 Book Binders t BLZHSI Y Law and Cloth Editions a Specialty Spinning mi: and substantially bound. Davis 81 Steele New Location l Graves Street Opposite Front Street Rochester, New York Sunday School, Public School and Public Library Books THIS BOOK BOUND BY US Aqueduct Building Rochester, N. Y. 15 T112 itnterpres McFarlin Clothing Co. HOXVARD A. BARRONVS, PI'CS1dCl'lt MENS AND Bovs' 0 U T F I TT ER S Swagger Clothes ..Young Fellows.. Smart patterns in the top notch of style. Garments full of real up-to-dateness, and values that are not duplicated elsewhere., Sole agents for the Chase 1' College " Derby, endorsed by the Yale set. Newest fashions in Young lVlen's Furnishings. Mclrarlin Clothing Co., " Where the Good Clothes come from." 110-116 Main Street East 1906 BASE BALL SCHEDULE May 5, Hobart, at Geneva May 8, Hamilton, at Clinton May 9, Union, at Schenectady May 10, University of Vermont, at Burling- ton May 1 1, Dartmouth, at Hanover May 12, Dartmouth, at Hanover May 14, St. Lawrence, at Canton May 19, Colgate, at Rochester lVlay'22, Niagara, at Niagara Falls May 26, Hamilton, at Rochester May 29, Hobart, at Rochester June 2, Union, at Rochester June june 9, Colgate, at Hamilton 18, Alumni, at Rochester SWANNS DINING RGOMS 60 Atlantic Ave. Bell Phone 141 1 Chase. MRS. GEC. T. SWANN. bmzurxxxrxe xmtusxc. 0831823 THE HOUSE OF Qu LITY IBO STATE. ST. . ,gg-1-.wi---1 Qhhzrtiser 1 6 N. V. HIBBARD DREKA Specialist in photograph- X Fine Stationery madiywfliil Sfloke and Engraving ing the home Artistic views of interiors i m and social occasions , W' electricity , for all college 0 Q X 1121 Chestnut Street 273 MAIN STREET, EAST Home Phone 2253 Philadelphia, Penn. J. B. KELLER SCNS FLCRISTS 25 CLINTON AVE-, N- ROCHESTER, N. Y. CHOICE FLOWEVRS FLORAL DESIGNS P LANTS DECCRATIONS CHAS. B. HECKEL Wm. P. Carpenter : : DEALER IN : z No. 142 East Avenue Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables SODA WATER 710 University Avenue Pure Home-Made Candies 51 Atlantic Avenue Also Rochester Telephone No. 737 , Bell Telephone No. 1125 LoWney's and Stacy's Candies I7 Ghz iinterprzs Rochester Savings Bank Corner Main Street W. and S. Fitzhugh ORGANIZED l83l RESOURCES, S521 ,927,946.96i SURPLUS, Sl ,890,I 70.95 Money to loan on Bond and Mortgage in sums of Si 0,000 or less at'5 per cent., over Si 0,000 at 4 l-2 per cent. Deposits made on or before the first three business days of any month will draw interest from the first day oi that month. HOBART F. ATKINSON, President HENRY S. HANF ORD, Treasurer THOMAS H. HUSBAND, Secretary ' DO You KNOW E. J. Sl CQ, That the best vvay to secure. a position CWCTCYS and Silversrniths THE GIFT STORE i44 Main Street, E. Largest and Finest Jewelry as teacher IS to register in the ALBANY TEACHERS' AGENCY? No agency in the country has done more for its clients or secured positions for a larger proportion of therng and we have been especially successful in finding positions for young men just about to graduate from college. We always have more positions than candidates and we can be of service to teachers who are competent to fill the positions which they seek. Now is the time to Register. Send for illustrated booklet and registration blank. . . Store in Rochester P, H 81 Chapel Street, Albany, N. Y Zlhhertiser I8 NEW YORK LAW SOI-IOOL 35 NASSAU S'1rR'EET NEVV YORK CITY ' 1. Follows the Dwight Method of legal instruction, the method of that great teacher, Prof. Theodore W. Dwight. 2 Gives thoroughly practical instruction, developing the principles of thc law and the reasons upon which they rest. 3. Is in New York City-the best place to learn New York law and procedure--the most desirable place in which to establish a lawyer's practice. Its location in thc city affords an opportunity to attend the sessions of the courts and also to gain practical cxperience in lawyers' offices, in connection with the law school study of legal principles. 4. Centers the degree of LL. B. in two years 5 of LL. M. in three years. 5 Has a Day School and also an Evening School. A student can attend either. Both are at the same address. 6 Had 947 students in attendance the past year C1904-19055 :of these 306 were college graduates. GEORGE CI-IAS-E, DEAN, 35 N ASSAU ST. Rochester Phone 1748 Bell, Main 2392-L . . W 16 gand ..College Shoemaker.. BOOTS, SHOES AND RUBBERS . ,.., -. . ., . REPAIRING A SPECIALTY 137 East Avenue - Q---- rtli ROCHESTER, - NEW YORK Zigi.: V 1 ...1:::.11b3wLfEf1ar 4? li' I ""f is ' .- .,,.. -. ..'VW ,..,:. A H. E.. Pe ndry Co . ..-.-- 497 Main sf., East . .....R .. . Can he depended upon to save U. FRED W. POST, CHAS. M. ROWE, President Sec. and Trens. of R' Students money on all EVERYTHING NEW IN KODAKS, CENTURY and PREMO CAMERAS A Full Assortment of all Supplies Developing, Printing and Enlarging Rochester Photo Supply Co., Inc. 13 Exchange Street Text Books Also buy and exchange your old texts INVESTIGATE. It will pay you Leon E. Bach 131 North St., Corner Andrews ROCHESTER NEW YORK P. FAHY FI MEATS PROVISIONS Both Phones 359 52, 54 and 56 Andrews Street ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++I E 'Z' r' -3 '11 r' 2 N a- O O I S' I-I0 'W Q 'X' co C0 Sr + ... 1 -I' 'I' 1 i J 'P Z i"35Z5','Q1ff, + ' 53.1 59:4 -P Q LT ui.-.l 71' K 'I' 5?-5-Syd" 'I' z ' + si 1 23 3 sr. - + ,gil also y as 5' gl I 3 Sgfiggiazgtel 3 ,L . + E ra H1 rn gg Q + '-' H' "" n-me B I 2. D 'D 0 1: Q 5- 'D Q IB' H- i N hh QD :I ,P 5 SLG is 25' II ,P ,U ' 2 Q 'I"X'-!"!- !"P'Z"!'4"l'-I"P+4'4'+'!"!'4"P'lf'X"X"!"!"!'4"P'P'E W. 'I'-X' -I' +++++++++++++ 5 C7 5' 93 CD hun CD ll C17 nm- CD 'S 5 'Tl HO 5 CD C5 u-n CD e-s 5' nuns 5 U13 +++++++++++++ For Young Men I is exceptionally popular with COLLEGE MEN and young 2 E men in business who Want clothes abouncling in style, brim- ' E 'X' 'I' I ming over with individuality ancl that fit as if made-to-measure. I '!"!"!"!0!"!"!"!' 'l"!'l"l-'I'-2020! Sold by Leading Retailers in every City in the United States mg Suits and Top Coats 515 to S30 Z Q Write for more information, name of retailer, and our new E E Spring booklet "O" "Styles from Life " FREE. E 33 ,li 2 E 4. Michaels, Stern 62 Company, Manufacturers E -1- -1- 3: ROCHESTER, N. Y. 'X' '!"X'4"!'4"P4'4'44'!"P'I'4"l"I"P4'+'!"X"X"!"P'P'I"F +-P'!"!'-P+'I'4-'I"P'P'P'!'4"!--l'+'X"P'!"X'4"!"I"I'+ -I'-I--!"!"!"!"I"I' 'I' 'lvl' Qhhertiser zo -5+-z--x-+x--z--z-+-xw:.-r--z--x-4--x--xf-z--z0x--x--z-.x-+4--x- -x--x--x--x--x-x--x--x--M ++-x--x--x--z.-x--x--z--x--x-+-x0x-+++-x-fx--z-+x-+-z-'x-:xx: I 'X'-I-'!"!"I'-X'-P-!'4"X"!-'P'P'!'4'-X01-'X"I"!"!"!-4'+'!'-P"!"X'-P-!0P-!"l"I"I"!"X-'!"X-'X'-!-'l"X-'X-'X-'!-'!"l-'!"l-'X"!"X"l-'!"X-'ini' 2 2 SE E -P 3 E PHOTUGRAPH if Z bt. .Ol ,P 3: 2: + + 2 'I' 35 E 1: 32 . . ff 23 1 4. We are ln business to please our customers. E 1 Ili -x- ZZ 4. The groups in this book were made by us. ,P 3 E 2 :E -1- -x- -z- 5 gr mit - urry tu 10 5: E I S ' h C S d' if 'I' -1- ole -1- -x- 4. -x- -x- g 1 ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 2 E -1- if A 'I' 4- 4. 'X' 'Z' E i-z--x-+-x-x-++-x-4--x-'x-'zQ-x--x--x4-z--x-+-z-+-x--x--z-.z--s'-x1-x-'x--x--x--x--z-+-x-+,x-x-gx-+-x.-x-4-+-x--x--x--x-a--:--x--z--x--x--x--x'-x-i E '!"!-'!"!-'!"X"!'-I'-P-I"Z"X+'!+'!-'l'-!"X'-I"!"!-'Z-'X-'I--!"X"X -x--x--x1-x--x--x-fx1-x--z--z- +++-P+'X"X'-X'4"!'4"X'-I'4"!'-X"P'Z'4"!"!'++4--X'4' Qi Blckford Brof' JM, ,fs Charles S. Gibbs Furniture with a.Myfion Furnishings for den, chapter house and students' rooms a specialty Awnings, Tents, College Pen- nants to order Artistic decorations for all social functions New Store, 342-344 Main St., E. FINE HARNESS Horse Furnishing Goods Riding Saddles 93 State St. Rochester, N. Y. sa4a1fnffv?sfai'ra6s1s4zfa1svsssa2mssfurszslzvsvsarsazwszsaz 21 TEIJB Zfntnrpres Cotre1l8r Alliance Bank , , Leonard ALBANY, NY' CAPITAL - ii5275,000 SURPLUS - sz25,000 MAKERS OF CAPS and GOWNS to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, , Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Buffalo, Minnesota, Nebraska, Stanford, Wellesley, Bryn Mawr and the others. Class Contracts 'a Specialty G ow rr s for the gg Correct Hoods Pulpit and Bench for all Degrees DEPOSITS - s7,000,000 A OFFICERS : Hobart F. Atkinson, - President James G. Cutler, -' Vice-President Albert O. Fenn, Vice-President and Cashier John P. Palmer, - First Assistant Cashier Charles I... Barton, - Assistant Cashier Thomas E.. Lannin, - Assistant Cashier .i.T..11 Interest on Special Deposits E. E. C ALH O UN PHOTOGRAPHER 52 EAST AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Home 'Phone 4003 Qhhertiser SECURITY TRUST COMPANY Capital fl5200,000 Surplus 5381000 Deposits 310,750 000 FISCAL AGENT UNIVERSITY on ROCHESTER Before going to X lnterest paid on Europe or the Coun- Monthl Balance . ! LfJl xIl1l'i'i fllffff '-'I y try, deposit your Se- ? i fft?,.j 7 .. . 1 . 'ff A ' E curities and Silverware Digg f ig gat mencan Xpress , g i t Cheques and Letters In our vaults. f f -inf . . I 'aw "e" 1 of Credit Issuecl. A I fed' M OFFICERS EDWARD HARRIS, President JAMES S. WATSON, ALEX. M' LINDSAY, Vice-Presidents FRANK M. ELLERY, Secretary JULIUS M. WILE, GEORGE P. CULP, Asst. Secretary YA ' H l' ' andy C lpplllg 'X .. Eff, - I R' l 'I File CLIPPINGS, class information, etc., are best kept in this handsome and substan- tial little Card System. Better than a l'm"M""'m 'M""'f"" I a book, as useless matter can be eliminated. T ,E New cards added at any time. Lasts indefin- QvuYHa":yEnQ itely, because it cannot be filled up. Refer- C d ,nzlx Outfit Q ence instantaneous, as similar matter is always ar W together. More economical than books, as 1, T must not be replaced periodically, and no nl pages can go to waste. Cards made of selected linen stock, of good erasing qualities. Special 'L A E' C - ' price to introduce the System. Ask for Folder 630. YAWMAN se ERBE MFG. co., 340-350 sr. Paul Street, 'Ni R' S Both Phones 527. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Price 65 cts. 23 Ulbz Zhitzrpres I ABNER ADAMS Both 'Phones i E. P. ADAMS 1 l AB ER AD MS GOHTESCIOII Q HABDWQQD FLOORS L' ADAMS'UI?3OR WAX L 29 EAST AVENUE, ON YOUR FLooRs RCCHESTER, N. Y. TO BOOKLOVERS... AN EPOCH MARKING EVENT in bookrnaking is the issue of the First fifty volumes of EVERYMAN'S LIBRARY edited by Ernest Rhys and issued by the great firm of J. M. Dent Sz Co., London, England. This series will be to this Twentieth Century what the issue of Bohn's Library has been to the nineteenth, and like many other parallels, comprehends a great improvement in looks and con- venience of handling at a decrease of more than one-half the cost. It will cover the Whole expanse of Literature eventually, and to give the public the benefit of a low price and ensure a large sale, we are mak- ing a special price at the rate of 38 cents per volume tor cloth bind- ing, and 70 cents forthe full wine colored leather. A look at these books with their beauty of type, paper and finish, will inspire a desire to build a library of them. Call and see thern, or write us for descriptive list. Scrantom, Wetmore 6 Company 20. Main Street West, 21:23 State Street Rochester, E H 127 E7 New York Star IE1Il2i:lZhLZi1ndry by Digi imfelrilflrelasure A. GGG, T, Swann E LADIES' FINE TAILORING Cigars Tobaccos Confectionery Home ,Phone 4341 LIBERTY BLDG., corner East Ave. and Main Street 20 Atlantic Avenue Rooms 7' 8 and 9 Bell Phone ROCHESTER, N. Y. Rochester, NEW York Qhhertiser I' Bausch 8: Lomb MICROSCOPES are usecl in nearly every college laboratory in the country. They are the hest microscopes made. Bausch 81 Lomb PHOTOGRAPHIC LENSES are used hy successful photographers. It is the lens that V makes the picture. Equip your camera to clo the best possible Work. B Bausch 81 Lomb ZEISS STEREO BINOCULAR FIELD GLASSES are usecl by the armies ancl navies of the world powers. They are a source of constant pleasure and usefulness for yachting, hunting, traveling, etc. WRITE FOR BooKLET Bausch 81 Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, - - New York ' San Francisco New York Boston Washington Chicago Frankfurt, afm, Germany London, England 25 ' och R Hn3?r5 Bother hop Frank M Hanse, Prop 1 1 - 'c- . ., ' 502-6 X ff e pp Granite Building B Sth Floor - N , ' S X l R X I' U I o 4 x f UI -y , X I - fi f' l'Z FOR CLEVER ILLUSTRATIONS For any purpose go to the Right Place---The Art De- partment of CHAS. T. JOHNSTONE, 309-311 Cornwall Building '14 The Zlnterptes CLOTHES ,,p4 t That Have "' ff A-ii A 2 "'.""' In Every Line we .- .. ., -.f - 1-Ia? '-,?:fYi'1v "mf Q: 1111, IQ xi I 1.. - - 414-ws '-"" V- The veriesf clothing 'Akita l , M! ' jfs? ' emfzks exlavzi are mllege ji, bred, both old andyozuzg. Yez' even they flZ7Z7l0f deny Zlze dash thai spices our sioeks. Ami unable I0 deny, ihey buy! 'Yis but a fact we siaie. Mchesm, M. UNION 1 Ili: 'f , CX ' Zliiisalizii r -.:"-RQ... 5 ' 'Wifi-W! .1 a,-. ' El s wf' ' -T2 5 'H "' -ii . 'ff ef' -ei . x I .,,- ., ,A Billet 1 7 , 1? R2 K' M A E "ff F' r N Rag? rfikni-N -E W Ei' E El -1 F7 4 0 'I '4 A if 5 UQ no U K N F' Q I-4 O C 'I 7' 0 O 3 s v, G BPGEG . Look Home:1ike Book Cases Rugs Morris Chains Library Tables Lamps Pictures Goods that are new and attractive, at prices that are right. 50-54 S! zle SI. ' ' 441-445 IWW LJCGKI-071 6 Co' Cfl:IZf07ZAUE.lX'v Us Say Boys ! We've got the Swellest Line of Four-in-Hands you ever laid your eyes upon 250. and 50c. Fancy Shirts Shades that are Popular- Patterns that Attract-Prices that Please-the Best Shirt in the City for 31.00 MENTER 8, ROSENBLOOM C0. 68:70 MAIN ST. EAST :4 444444-V-I 4444441144-44444431-4444444444it E I 5 Q' I 3 Il 1 -x 5' 1+ 35 52, 1 +- 4 4: it +1 1+ +1 " i I ,EP +1 ip SE' L, : Q 'rr .Q 3 2 ,ug 1 +- " + i' 2 .-mlm-l'1t.'i'2'-1 ll in 5 4- nugL,1p Ii, Iwi, 'V ' if? Mi' ll tif T, 1 w"tliiig -i H r X , h la, 4 , f Af 1 4- -,gilt rum! +- 41 ' Q +5,-gli ,,,,.."f, i +- ia 1 .L i rg Milli if +- 4 f 2 int W vw 4' 1 fk 'fn ' I 'li 5 'K 4- -x wiiillifllma 'Ji f 'l' 4' 1 e 55?2:1'l3zNl. mst' I 'V fi ws 'll la ii 1.1114 il-X 1: ...O 1' is till 5 ' X . ,F 3 1 2 I 2 ivfilfiaqlllw W jg E I nil ' 1 , 1+ G .Au, 3 I 2 -1- "' +1 1 1 1 -1- " at 2 1 r -x- I an 'I' 4. 'K 'I' gg. 'K 'I' 4 -K 2: + +1 -1- " 1 N 'X' It-khk-k+-ki-ak-kiuravr 4444444-44444444-v-4444444-v-441 os -Z'-X-'!"X' '!"!"X"!' 'I"!"!"I' 'i'+'I"!' 'X"X"X' '!"X"X' The POWCIS l-lotel ABSOLUTELY FIRE PROOF 'I' The only First Class Hotel in Z E Rochester. Remodeled, Re- Z I decorated and Refurnished 'X' 2 Throughout under the New 2 Management. l-las now 350 I i Rooms fan addition of 1253 2 3 with 200 Baths and Showers. Q 402' 'Iwi' European and American Plans 'I' 32 -1- i Cuisine and Service the Best Z ofa -I- '1"!"I"X'-I"2-!- 'I"!"l"!"!'4"!' Messner gl Swenson, Proprietors ' '1"I"!"X' 'I"P'l"l"I"l"X"1"X"X"I"P 'I-'X'-Z"I"!"Z"!0I0X"X--X0!-'I'-I' 27 The linterprzs 7v 1? 15 l f f ff ' N-il .SCJ fe ' 'r T' -SEQ' D. JKQH-Ein-,sg HIGGINS When our Men break through the line Then for Pleasure and Fun, When the Victory's won By Calling Up L6 49. 77 Tallyhos and Tidy Turnouts CHAS. W. SEELEY ' MERCHANT TAILOR MAKES Up-to-clate Clothing AT MODERATE PRICES -1 i. . We Cater Especially T o Y o u n g M e n 1 lOl Central Bldg., l58 Main St. E. Rochester, N. Y. SCHUYLER BULL. DESIGNER OF FINE LETFERING, 564 AVERILL AV ROCHESTER. NY Teall Catering Co. CATERERS Ice Cream lces Cakes 139 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y. TI-IE DONOGHUE IMPORTING COMPANY IMPORTERS and W I N E S DEALERS in SOLE AGENTS FOR THE Inglenook Vineyard Napa Co., California. 237-239 Main sf. E. Rochester, N, Y, Qbhertlser 28 , The Store mmltll l luxv ' , V I tl, "' if A - re " ,. ' J I to Roch- ff"IaQff' S S 2 131331321 f I f I we I mf ester every I X I mmmmrm-I t ma '1 p 5 , If we a A e t 1-- 0, i q! Il: ill nl Q73 me ropo I 1, will . E tan trade ,,,..mIuw 1 , I -I I , ITIESEQ' I lmgaimffei, nnlli vimi llll I n .uM 'imn advantage .,l' . ' , .J ' ,,44, ww I -:Lf ,:,. - ' Hfd '-,Ni ','s"-- 3: 33" I ' I "e, :, L - - it SIBLEY, LINDSAY 8: CURR CO. UNDERWOOD TYPEWRIT ER A I . . VISIBLE WRITING . . . xmaerww 'A' X :f GOLD MEDAL C Highest Award J V Q- vig WV' 3 3 Q , an v'?l'ea':?l"lXS2WXih0- I Q99 H IX L -PX s XENA 5 5 ' ' X. 5 , Q ., - vj ilu ."- -- . .. - -'U ue , 1 .M-ff + 1 'T Jig.: , e 2 5 rg 5- U 4 K .Q-9i1l'f.'l'E - ' 11" A-Epqqng F: g ,,.1Y-qw' T311 55" ' l'! " .L NT ll ...QI 6 up I -5 ,. I A- 9 - T - x., Il ' I ' ! . Lewis 8: Clark Exposition Grand Prize St. Louis Exposition 1905 1904 Grand Diploma of Honor St. Petersburg 1904 Diploma of Honor Rome Grand Prize Limoges Grand Prize Rome First Grand Diploma Venice Gold Medal Pan American Buffalo 1903 1903 1902 1901 1901 ' "' Championship of the world won by Miss Rose Fritz in speed contest at Chicago, March 22nd, 1906, using UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER Gold Medal Paris 1900 Underwood Typewriter Co., MaspnicTe1nph: Rochester, N. Y. 29 1113192 ' Zlnterpres 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 ililij E41fs',fs'1fs',6',f-14'fA14',6',4',4,6'f!-14',fs'f gg 4 fe Q C 2 5 E. 6 wg WU QS rom P-str! v- o Gimp 0 6 ev mwg en mga O53 ,hgaow I 0:11 mm no O C CD 71 P 0 ,s size Nason, are L . 55 H SIU! QI-1-1 1-'fb 3 PM E ima m '11 'D S2 cp L - Q- - .-. H f-'Q Q e9 WU? O 5 -- L N25 A 034 D1 0 :.-5 fl me 4-ai CD re U2 I ESM awe? 7' D fs C C Ease 'Iwo U' -+08 -E3 DO I T.:-'og '-UIUEP1 ' 0520 EQ L 'fl-532 RFU .75 I-.Q"UD:n C-3 Q gl W as s ,vga O I o D1 f'F,:I 4 C 54 E 3 EU2 5? C E2 CDOQS ee'-l I Q Zigifm 0 - ng- QPU 6 - SD ,GOO S35 92 4 H194 E'-'I C, 39s-fFg?E?5',2 02-U Om ... In... 2 3 ...IDo,..uj ,..Vqcr,.O OD? 8 6 N135'-if'--fvrvetf .-f::: CD :mn mvriug-IHUQ -v-W4 ... wwwamsat 'D 5- P4 6 DWQOW' "3F'5m Q"l?O 5:2 srwgw-I OOZUJS mm ru c Om 09' I: Ea 0 o-1 M 'JU OHZESHUQQFUQU LTIV' O cfs Q5-sg. ga-3:56 Dec: 5 7? o 4 '-' 559 cn F' O E5 Q If 3-3 gf. 2 L .-v- O Q :gg-O T1 -l O "0 4 C Eaeasstaavesso e M- 2 qpocoo'vQBo:!:.-gc CFD L I-ff-1'1 Go '-s'r1--- '1 D Oth Q B Q H en Hmmmgnmmmggvtgw Ho N 4 G'0mOOQQ.'.-ra Q Em C O?mgFg,iQ?155S1 'Q 9 c G7,,364m'gf5'E,mmff, 3 91-T:-39i5'9,S:Q-E co G L C1-WrD.'g5,"'-x 2397 U' U S'55:r.2. g": G 6 " S -gg O C f-I C I iJiJiliJYJiJYJi,iJl'JYJiJiI5iJiJiJ G E Rochester Trust 81 Safe Deposit Co. WHY IT WILL PAY YOU TO EIGVCI1 REZISOHS VISIT Us BEFORE BUYING I An inspection of our stock and acquaintance with our methods Will give you full confidence as to the following advantages: if GQ . ' we 1. Wide assortrnents Opportunivties here al- S GR 2. Up-to-date designs Ways .make faivorable . MES 'D jig, 3 Choice Selections comparison wit 1 a n y , ,I - special inducements that STATE K- F," 4. Honestly made goods may be offered elsewhere A AND ,Q 5. Courteous treatment I MAIERIQEEM Xflfoings clgeeriullly rightgd f ta 1 I 'Q 4 25 L" X . ome urnis ings un er one roo 1, Q 8. Low plain figure prices 9. One price to all we-""' Ns. I PQI . m s T -N. 10. Easy and satisfactory choosing 2+ i f rl ' E I Q 11. Increased satisfaction as the features of comfort WIAl.!,.lE ',, H5r- .. . nel.--.agvgsg i get-I...,. , ME muh and durability are tested by time I e fe -1 g Q fe. f I 3 ' IL, jill QQ lnfiiiiedaa 153332355 l'If35"IL'5I 532323 ,fc New . , y '-A 5 ' Q" ' 'f "" I 3' + 2" r " X B.QmvEs TIQME FURHISHIHG Tleuses Qhhertiser A Razor that will give Satisfaction Did You Ever Try a WHEEL RAZOR ? T We Guarantee Them to Give Perfect Satisfaction and to C1iveYou a Smooth and Easy Shave Prices 81.00 to 53.00 Gillette Safety Razors Razor Strops Star Safety Razors gg Shaving Brushes Zinn Safety Razors Mugs and Soaps DO YOU CARRY AN " H 63 B" POCKET KNIFE? THEY ARE WARRANTED FROM THE CHEAPEST 'ro THE BEST Weaver, Palmer Richmond 31:33:35 MAIN STREET, EAST. Underhill Business lnstitute ' ls Prepared to Give College Students the Training IN COMMERICAL BRANCHES Necessary to the business end of a practical education ,wah ,vii-' Qi? . Qi? A very large proportion of college men enter business. Most of them learn hy experience, which is good hut expensive. We can give you the fundamental principles of business in our Commercial and Stenographic Courses at a moderate price. CIRCULARS FORWARDED BY REQUEST - ADDRESSB. S. UNDERI-IILL 30 MAIN STREET EAST, ROCHESTER, N. Y. l 31 The Elntzrpres I . . William C. Edwards 5' BooKsELLER BOOKHUNTER Q , Always extends a hearty welcome to ' University students visiting The Book Hunter's Shop 328 Main Street, East Q Take Elevatorj -414,A1A',4IA'lA14'141A'141A'Yf4,f-'YAT Henry Oemisch Co. ....Goldsmiths.... .. . Silversmiths . . . TWO EAST AVENUE Rochester, ' I New York iJs'Ji3iJilil2JiJiJiliDiJi'JiJiI Barber G Bergman TAILORS Succe to P. R. Plass Triangle Building ROCHESTER, N. Y. Robert W. Lace Printer No. 149 EAST AVENUE ' Dempsey's Rheumatic Tablets will cure any case of Rheu: matism, no matter what form One month's medicine - 31.00 ALL DKUGGISTS Qhhettianzr 32 Traders National Bank 43 and 45 STATE STREET HENRY C. FREWSTER, Capital President Surplus CHARLES H. PALMER, Vice-President s5oo,000.00 CARROMBOWEN, s500,o00.0o Cashier Invites the accounts of firms, corporations and individuals, and will grant every courtesy consistent with conservative Banking. Boxes to rent fsize and price suited to every need, in absolutely Fire and Burglar Proof SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS. ESTABLISHED 1872 Wright, Kay 81 Co. Makers of High Grade Fraternity Badges Fraternity Jewelry Fraternity Novelties Fraternity Pennants Fraternity Stationery - Fraternity Invitations Fraternity Announcements Fraternity Programs Our New Catalogue of Fraternity Novelties is now ready and will be mailed upon application SEND FOR OUR SAMPLE BOOK OF STATIONERY. Wright, Kay Sc Co., Manufacturing Jewelers and Importers, ' Off' : ' ' P2fg4AJg2de1,Opem Detroit, Mich. Graduates of the U. of R. intending to teach natural sci: ences should have our cata: logues and circulars of BIOLOGY, GEOLOGY, ZOOLOGY Skull and Cross:bones for secret societies Ward's Natural Science Establishment 76:104 College Avenue ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 33 The ilnterpres U PERCY B.DU'rToN 403:4 WILDER BUILDING H FIRE INSURANCE IOOIIOIOOOlOlOlilOOCOOIOOOOHOIOOIIOOOOI 5 SPECIAL e SALE? ::of:: , 1--Nvbbv M2deffQ:Qrs1Qf Suits ranging from S18 and up. We are making a special 2 drive on our two piece suits at 315. Made in any : style 0 F it-You Tailoring Company 330 Main Street, East : HAVE YOUR. Jas. J. Ernisse DIPLQMAS FRAMED JEWELER and OPTICIAN 4 AT 7, Diamonds Watches Clocks Silverware Jewelry THE Rllndel Art Gallery Cut Glass Novelties, etc. AT POPULAR PRICES Now Loom-En We make a specialty of repairing Fine Opposite the Lyceum Theatre W itches at Popular Prices-Main Spring, 1151 -Ll -ni11g,?iil--Crystals, 10c. 31 Clinton Ave., S. 15 Sr r Sr r Zlhhettiser 34 Hermann Dossenhach Teacher of Violin Orchestras for all Occasions Bell Phone, Chase 340 Home Phone 5680 LET C. N. STEITZ, '97 Write Your Fire lnsurance 1"?1ZElc1lES'?l1E'?ff'1ICPR?IG G. W. STEITZ 81 SON B, FRANK CULVER A. G. ZIMMERMAN DESIGNER AND Halltone ancl Zinc Plates EMBQSSING DIES R m 7 73 Main Street, East AND DESIGNING FOR ALL PURPOSES Special Attention Given to College Year Books el-9 Main Street E., Rochester, N. Y. ROCHESTER, N. Y 35 This lntrrpres ROBERT S. PAVIOUR FIRE. INSURANCE Telephones 220 301:303 Chamber of Commerce Building A PRE-TECHNICAL or Professional , A Training supplements the liberal Col- lege course in fitting one for a specific vocation. If one intends to enter upon a busi- ness career it will be greatly to one's advantage to be especially equipped for one's work by a business training in up-to-date methods. It does not require a long time for the Col- lege man or woman to secure this training at the Rochester Business Institute The discipline of a business course at this school gives the necessary conhdence to meet business problems. Open throughout the year. Y. M. C. A. BUILDING When in -doubt say "Abelina" and rest assured that you are getting the best Frank Thomas " Quality Cigars " 4 State Street Rochester, N. Y. H 'llm.itI3Ol1f U96 love of books the richest 111811 is 130012, but 6115 boweo with this 1168811176 of TIICHBLIUCB the poorest 111811 is rich." 3obn Blfteb 3LatlgfOtD. B. C. 62 Gordon MontgomeryCompany Rochester Pittsburg Buffalo 'Albany Cincinnati JAMES KEELEP. The East Ave. Grocer All the Delicacies of the Season Both Phones Rochester, N. Y. Qbhertiser is 634111 MX QQXQL !,f f X Cxgxv N7 Xf Ky buf f s. , A LX z. .A X ' INIERP -- af , N " 'sits ff - ,, 0- ' w 'aw ff may gre Mg' 'ff Wi xf -S , 'Mm I X, t 'I Jflli 3 M WM iff Q sm HF - f -19,-W W 'xx

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