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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1906 volume:

sl 4 e E Pl . . 5, 11 n zu LE R 2 . TE I 6 L 1 is F! H i5 S F il 22 E1 :E 3? L! :E 14 1 gi -s if 5 ii ,. ,. . .. 2 F QE '! Q Q sz .il W fi 55 if Zi L? is EI g. If . 5? E B! E ze H El fn E' E! E5 as EE ,1 E! ii E ii Z'l ll S! as r. is Ei if ae :L I' THE S - 1 I gg 7 - g g v- gl I nu.. if A 7 ' 7 i f Y - , , If 2235, T'i Ili -H Ili? . I gkxrik O Uf,,r I ff' I TTXSQTRXF I O Z Z Qsbx If , 'El ml? , . L XXW' I 25 ' X -- I f I Hg gf il 0 'D "xl .IZ A ull- ITIIII-,IIIII I xlxl -2' il. xr XL --. -..Q- 19 O 6 YEAR BOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER AND PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE JUNIOR CLASS I YQL 47 - gnfutziuurb. we were very young children, our undeveloped minds could -'f' realize no task too great for human energy and ingenuity to ' X accomplish and we were wont to handle books with an irreverence born of too frequent association with these numerous but constant friends of ours. The older we grew, the more we came to realize the truth of the familiar adage, "Rome was not bluilt in a day," and when we accepted the task of forging the name of 1906 in adarnantine links of never-to-be- forgotten memory, we were hardly conscious of tl1e great new world on whose threshold we stood unawed. In offering you our work, gentle reader, we pray your indulgence. If you find in the pages of this volume any source of pleasure, we shall feel as though endless weeks of toil have not been spent in vain. rv 3 , .-111 TESL , , vw , . GEORGEJ. . who 'has Eimselfva Mend 6f'Rf1T6 'weAlta1Ee: 1iTeaSur6 iid dedicatitrgw Ehiisg Book. GEORGE EASTMAN aaenrge Oliastmun. N tl1e years to come, when this volume of the INTERPRES, our fondest hope, shall have been claimed by oblivion, and our broad campus shall have become far too narrow to accommodate the host of buildings and the throngs of students who shall follow in our footsteps up the marble stair of learning, one imperishable link shall survive to give us title to memory and fame, and that will be the name of Eastman. On the west side of the campus, opposite Sibley, there stands to-day a new structure and this embodiment of all that is physical and biological was made possible by the man whose name it bears. V George Eastman was bor11 in Waterville, New York, on july 12, 1854, and in 1861 removed with his parents to this city, where he has since resided. His father was George W. Eastman, the proprietor of the Eastman Commercial College of Rochester, but he died when his son was six years of age. Thus it was from his mother, Maria Eastman, that l1e received his early training. Mr. Eastman attended the public and private schools of this city until he was fourteen years old and it was at that age, too, that he embarked in the World of business, serving first in the capacity of oflice boy to one Cornelius Waydell, an insurance agent of Rochester. After a year's work in this position, he was trans- ferred to tl1e insurance oliice of Buell and Brewster and later to that of Buell and Hayden. In 1877, he became clerk in the Rochester Savings Bankg rising to first assistant bookkeeper, which position he resigned in 1881. During these early years of business activity, Mr. Eastman became interested in the photographic art and spent his leisure moments in an attempt to perfect the dry plate, carrying on this work with such success that he found a ready market for this product through one of the New York stock houses. His success resolved him to pin his faith to photography and going into partner- ship With Henry A. Strong of this city, he planted the seed of a mighty corpora- tion under the name of the Eastman Dry Plate Company and on account of the foresight and business acumen of Mr. Eastman, this little seed has spread its roots into every fibre of the heart of the business world. Film and the Kodak were made the foundation stones for a larger effort and they soon broadened the original single floor of a small building into the host of structures which houses the East- man Kodak Company to-day. ' A Many inventions and improvements which have gone hand in hand with tl1e development of the Kodak have been from the brain and ingenuity of Mr. Eastman. He invented the first plate-coating machine, patented 188og the 'drst commercially successful rollable film, patented 1884, the original Kodak camera, patented 18883 and tl1e first machine for making rollable transparent film, patented 1890. In 1900, the French Government conferred upon him the decoration of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Mr. Eastman is president of the Eastman Kodak Company, managing director of Kodak, Limited, and a director in Eastman 5 Kodak Societe Anonyme Francaise, and Eastman Kodak Gesellschaft. He is a director of the Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company, of the Security Trust Company, of the Alliance Bank, a member of the board of Trustees of the'Rochester Savings Bank, ofthe Homeopathic Hospital, the Rochester Orphan Asylum, and the Rochester Athzeneum and Mechanics Institute which is located in his old home on South Washington Street and in the new building on Plymouth Avenue and Spring Street, which he erected at a cost of over two hundred thousand dollars. As a business man, Mr. Eastman has been pre-eminent in his city, as a citizen, he has always stood for what was just and right and as a friend of education, he has done much toward the placing of scientific training within the reach of all. 0 ,L .W ,Lf ri , 1, . 1 'rhsq - 11":':'v Sfifff. 4" tiff . fm . il, X im f ' w VJ- ' ', , I--T E OLLE I gli jffftzmnriam. QEhtuin Qbreu bags. 915mm february 29, 1832. 2131211 Bkxnuarp 11, 1904. 01512155 of 1853. inirustee from 1867 to 1904 milf 315011111 of trustees. LEWIS P. ROSS, P1'esz'zz'enZ, 60 St. Patil Street, Rochester, N. Y. - - - J. SLOAT FASSETT, LL. D., Firsl Vz'.ce-.P1'e.9ir1'e1zZ, tClass of 1875, El111ira, N. Y. -------------- ANDREW J. TOWNSON, .SEEUHHI V172-P1'e.11'dMzZ, 240 Main Street East, Rochester, N. Y. ------------ CHARLES M. WILLIAMS, A. B., Szfcrelzzfjif, tClass of 18711 710 Wilder Building, Rochester. N. Y. ---------- JOSEPH T. ALLING, A. M., T1'c'zzvzn'w', tClass of 18761 68 Exchange Street, Rochester, N. Y. ------------ NEDWIN O. SAGE, A. B., ---------- - ROBERT MACARTHUR, D. D., LL. D., qcmss of I867J 358 west 57111 Street, New York, N. Y. ---------- JOHN H. DEANE, A. M., tClass of ISOOJ 27 Pine Street, New York, N. Y - JOHN P. MUNN, A. B., M. D., tClass of I87OJ 18 West 58th Street, New York, N. Y. ------------- GEORGE C. HOLLISTER, B. S., tClass of I877J 4 Granger Place, Rochester, N. Y. ------------.- HENRYC.VEDDER,D.D,tCMxofwnfUmmH,HL - - - - RUFUS A. SIBLEY, 240 Main Street East, Rochester, N. Y. - - - WALTER S. HUBBELL, A. B., tClass of I87IJ 605 Wilder Building, Roch- ester, IJ. XJ. ------------- DAVID J. HILL, LL. D., United States Legation, Berne, Switzerland. - - RUSH RHEES, D. D., LL. D., 440 University Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. - JOHN B. CALVERT, D. D., tClass of 1876J Potter Building, Park Row, New York, N. Y. ------------ ALBERT H. HARRIS, A. B., tClass of 1881J I5 Rochester Savings Bank Building, Rochester, N. Y. ---------- WILLIAM R. TAYLOR, D. D., I3 Prince Street, Rochester, N. Y. - - L. EMMETT HOLT, A. M., M. D., LL. D., QC1ass of I875J I4 West 55th Street, New York, N. Y. ---------- WILLIAM S. ELY, A. M., M. D., tC1ass of 1861J 78 South Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, N. Y. ------------ ALBERT R. PRITCHARD, A. B., 4 Argyle Street, Rochester, N. Y. - CHARLES W. MCCUTCHEN, 95 Broad Street, New York, N. Y. - - 1Died Jan. 11, 1904. 9 Elected 1892 1885 1899 1888 1895 1867 1878 1879 1886 1890 1894 1895 1895 1896 1899 1899 1900 1901 1902 1902 T 903 I 903 013132 faculty. RUSH RHEES, LL. D., PRESIDENT. 440 University Avenue. Amherst College, 1883, A. M. Amherst, 18975 LL. D. Aml1erst, 19005 D. D. Colgate, 19015 A.A.sl1.5 1I1.B.K. Walker Instructor in Mathematics, Amherst Col- lege, 1883-855 Student in the Hartford Theological Seminary, 1885-885 Pastor of the Middle Street Baptist Church, Portsmouth, N. H., 1889-925 Associate Profes- sor of New Testament Interpretation in The Newton Theological Institution, I892-94, Professor of New Testament Interpretation in The Newton Theological Institution, 1894-1900, from 1900, President of the University of Rochester. Author of "The Life of jesus of Nazareth, a Studyf' 1900. SAMUEL ALLAN LATTIMORE, Ph. D., LL. D. 595 University Avenue. PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY, DePauw University, 18505 Ph. D. Indiana Ashbury University and Iowa Wesleyan Universityg LL. D. Hamilton College5 NP. T.5 df. B. K. Tutor in Greek, 1850-52, and Professor of Greek, 1852-60, DePauw University, Professor of Chemistry, Genesee College, 1860-675 Professor of Chemistry, University of Rochester, from 1867, Acting President, University of Rochester, 1896-98. I2 ALBERT HARRISON MIXER, LL. D. 626 University Avenue. PROFESSOR OF MODERN LANGUAGES. Madison University, 18485 Theological Seminary, 1850, A. M. University of Rochester, 13515 LL. D. Colgate5 Alf. 'l'.5 f-IJ. B. K. Tutor University of Rochester, 1850-515 at Univer- sities of Berlin and Munich, 1852-545 Professor of Modern Languages, U. of R., 1855-585 Professor of Modern Languages, 1858-60, and Professor of Greek Language and Literature, 1860-66, University of Chi- cago5 in the educational .institutions of France and Italy, 1866-675 from 1868, Professor of Modern Lan- guages, University of Rochester. Author of "Manual of French Poetry," "Manual of French Pronuncia- tion," etc. JOSEPH HENRY GILMORE, Ph. D. 31 Park Avenue. DEANE PROFESSOR OF RHETORIC AND ENGLISH. Brown University, 18585 Ph. D. Brown University, 18925 A. K. 13.541, B. K. Graduated Newton Theological Institution, 18615 Instructor in Hebrew, N. T. I., 1861-625 Ordained Bap- tist Minister, 18625 Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Fisherville, now Penacook, N. H., 1862-64, Private Secretary to Governor Gilmore, and editor of Concord Daily Monitor, 1864-655 Pastor of the Second Baptist Church, Rochester, N. Y., 1865-675 Acting Professor Hebrew, Rochester Theological Seminary, 1867-685 Professor Rhetoric and English, University of Roches- ter, from 1868. Author of "Little Mary," "Art of Expression," "He Leadeth Me," "Outlines of Logic," "English Language and its Early Literature," "Out- line Studies in English and American Literature, " etc. OTIS HALL ROBINSON, Ph. D. 273 Alexander Street. EMERITUS PROFESSOR OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. University of Rochester, 18615 A. A. 41.5 LIP. B. K. A. M. University of Rochester, 18645 Ph. D. Ottawa University, 18945 Lawyer, Rochester, N. Y,, 1863-655 Tutor in Mathematics, University of Roches- ter, 1864-675 Assistant Librarian, 1866-685 Librarian, 1868-895 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1867-695 Professor of Mathematics 1869-845 Professor of Mathe- matics and Natural Philosophy, 1884-915 Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1891-19035 Emeritus Professor of Natural Philosophy, from 1903. Member of the Ameri- can Association for the Advancement of Science. . I3 WILLIAM CAREY MOREY, Ph. D. 94 Oxford Street. 'XVATSON PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. University of Rochester, 1868, Ph. D. Franklin Col- lege, 1881, D. C. L. Denison University, 1903, A. A. 112.311, B. K. Tutor, University of Rochester, 1869-701 Professor of History and English Literature, Kalamazoo College, IS7O-72, Professor of Latin Language and Literature, 1872-77, Professor of Latin and History, 1877-833 Pro- fessor of History and Political Science, University of Rochester, since 1883. Author of "Outlines of Roman Law," "Outlines of Roman History," "The Govern- ment of New York," "Outlines of Greek History," etc. Member of the American Society Science Associa- tiong American Historical Associationg American Institutes of Civics, American Academy of Political and Social Scienceg American Political Science As- sociation. HENRY FAIRFIELD BURTON, A. M. - 4 Dartmouth Street. PROFESSOR OF LATIN. University of Michigan, 1872, fb. B. K. Instructor in Latin and Greek, Denison Univer- sity, 1872-74, Instructor in Latin, University of Michi- gan, 1874-75, at the University of Leipsic, 1875-77g Assistant Professor of Latin, 1877-85, and Professor of Latin from 1883, University of Rochester, Acting President, 1898-1900, University of Rochester. GEORGE MATHER FORBES, A. M. 27 Tracy Street. PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY AND PEDAGOGY. University of Rochester, 1878, A. M., , 1881, AP. T.g Cb. B. K. Student in Germany and France, 1874-755 Assistant Professor of Greek, 1881-863 Professor of Greek, 1886- 92 3 Professor of Greek and Logic, 1892-94, Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy, University of Rochester, since 1894. I4 I-IERMAN LEROY FAIRCHILD, B. S. 363 Alexander Street. PROFESSOR OF GEOLOGY, CURATOR OP THE GEOLOGICAL MUSEUM. Cornell University, 18745 A. T.g E. E. Professor of Natural Science, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., 1874-76, Lecturer in Natural Science in New York City, and in Geology in Cooper Union, 1877-881 Recording Secretary of New York Academy of Sciences, 1885-885 Professor of Geology and Natural History, University of Rochester, since 1888, President of Rochester Academy of Science 1889-1901, Secretary of the Geological Society of America, since 1890, Has held various oliices i11 tl1e American Association for the Advancement of Science, including Chairmanship Of Section E fGe0logyj in 1898. Author of many articles in scientinc journals, later writings being specially on the Glacial Geology of Western New York, Revision of LeC0nte's Elements of Geology, 1903. CHARLES WRIGHT DODGE, M. S. 330 Oxford Street. PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY AND CURATOR OF THE ZOOLOGICAL MUSEUM. University of Michigan, I886Q M. S., 1889, A.T.g1lJ.B.K. Instructor in Biology, 1890-92, Professor of Biology, University of Rochester, from 1892. Fellow of Ameri- can Association for the Advancement of Science, of the Rochester Academy of Medicineg President Roch- ester Academy of Science, 1902-1903, Member of American Natnralistsg Member of American Public Health Association, Member of Biological Society of Washingtong Associate member of American Orni- thologist's Union, President of New York State Science Teachers' Association CIQOOJ. Author of "Introduction to Elementary Practical Biologyft HENRY EDMUND LAWRENCE, A. B. 3 Dartmouth Street. HARRIS PROFESSOR OF Pvnslcs. University of Rochester, ISSQQ A. A. fb. g fb. B. K., E. E. Instructor in Physics, Cornell University, 1892-94, Instructor in Physics, 1894-96, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Rochester, 1896-1901, Professor of Physics, since 1901. Member of the American As- sociation for the Advancement of Science, Member of the American Physical Society. 15 RYLAND MORRIS KENDRICK, A. B. 21 South Goodman Street. MUNRO PROFESSOR OF GREEIC. University of Rochester, 1889, NP. T., fb. B. K. Student Y l 88 a e, 1 9-90, University of Rochester and Rochester Theological Seminary, 1890-91, Instructor in the Latin Department, 1891-92, Instructor in Latin and Greek, I892-94, Student at the University of Berlin and in Athens, 1894-96, Instructor in Greek, 1896-QQ, Munro Professor of Greek, University of Rochester since 1899. ' THOMAS CUSI-IING ESTY. 130 Harvard Street. PROFESSOR OF MATHENIATICS. Amherst, I893Q elf. T., 111. B. K. Post Graduate Student in Mathematics at Amherst College, 1893-94, Instructor in Mathematics and Draw- ing, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland., 1894- 95, Walker Instructor in Mathematics, Amherst College, 1895-97. Studied at Goettingen, Germany, 1897-98, 'Walker Instructor in Mathematics, Amherst College, 1898-1901 g Professor of Mathematics at University of Rochester, from 1901. JOHN FRANKLIN FORBES, Ph. D. 215 Westminster Road. INSTRUCTOR IN PHILOSOPHY AND PEDAGOGY. University of Rochester, 1878, A. M., 1881, P11 D., 1886,N1f.T. go. B. K. Student in France and Germany, 1874-753 Professor of Latin and Greek, Slate Normal School, Brockport, N. Y., 1878-1885, President john B. Stetson University, Deland, Florida, 1885-1904, Student in Germany and France, 1894-95, Instructor in Philosophy and Peda- gogy since 1904, University of Rochester. 16 KENDRICK PI-IILANDER SHEDD, A. B. 240 Westminster Road. I ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MODERN LANGUAGES. University of Rochester, ISSQQ A. K. E.g 111. B. K. Teacher in Academy, Canandaigua, N. Y., Uni- versity of Berlin, 1890-91, Instructor in Moder11 Lan- guages, University of Rochester, 1891-1902, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, from 1902. ROLAND PALIVIER GRAY, A. B. 20 Rowley Street. BURROWS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ENGLTSI-1. Columbia University, 1893, A. T. Instructor in English Literature, Marrnaduke Mili- tary Academy, I8Q3-94, Instructor in English, Univer- sity of Nebraska, 1894-953 Associate Editor"Nebraska Literary Monthly Q" Instructor in English, University of Rochester, 1895-1903, at Yale and Oxford, 1899, Assistant Professor, from 1903. Translator and Editor of "The Beowulf." CLARENCE KING MOORE, A. M. 88 Meigs Street. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ROMANIC LANGUAGES. Harvard College, 1896, 111. B. K. Graduate Student at Harvard University, 1897-98, Instructor in Modern Languages at Belmont School, Belmont, Cal., 1898-1901, Graduate Student at Leland Stanford, jr. University, 1901-02, Student at the "Ecole des I-Iauts Etudes" of Paris and the University of Madrid, 1902-03. T7 CHARLES HOEING, Ph. D. 210 Oxford Street. INSTRUCTOR IN LATIN. LIBRARIAN. State College of Kentucky, 18905 A. M., 18925 Ph. D., johns Hopkins, 18985 fb. B. K. Instructor in Latin and Greek, Garrarcl College, Lancaster, Ky., 1890-935 Fellow of the Johns Hopkins University, 1896-985 Student at the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, 1896-97 5 Instructor in Latin, University of Rochester, from 1898, Librarian from 1901. Author of "Codex Dunelmensis of Terence5" "Vicar Pota." WILLIAM DAYTON MERRELL, Ph. D. 239 Westminster Road. INSTRUCTOR IN BIOLOGY. University of Rochester, 18915 A. T. 5 fb. B. K. Instructor in Science, Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, Wis., 1891-945 Western Military Academy, Upper Alton, Ill., I894-ISQSQ Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 1895-965 Fellow and Assistant in Botany, ibid., 1896-995 Ph. D. ibid., 1898, Instructor in Biology, University of Rochester from 1899. CHARLES WILLIAM WATKEYS, A. B. I2 Anderson Avenue. ASSISTANT IN MATEIEMATICS. University of Rochester, IQOIQ 9. A. X.5 CP. B. K. Teacher of Mathematics, The King School, Stamford, Conn., 1901-03, Assistant in Mathematics, University of Rochester, since IQO3. 18 HOWARD DANIEL MINCHIN, A. M. 142 Grand Avenue. INSTRUCTOR IN ASTRONOMY AND PHYSICS. University of Michigan, 18995 A. M. 19035 cb. E. Principal High School, Niles, Mich., 1899-1900 5 Post- graduate Student in Physics and Electro-cliemistry at University of Michigan, 1901-O3 5Instructor in Physics, Detroit Central High School, 1900-O35 Instructor in Astronomy and Physics, University of Rochester, since january, 19045 Member of Committee on Revision of Course of Study of Chemistry in Schools of Michigan, 1903. FRED LEONARD LAMSON, A. B. 177 Harvard Street. REGISTRAR, ASSISTANT TREASURER, INSTRUCTOR IN MATHENIATICS. University of Rochester, 1896, 41. E.5 QD. B. K. Student Cornell Summer, 18985 Teacher of Mathe- matics, The Cook Academy, Sept. 1896-1904 5 Treasurer, The Cook Academy, july 1896-19045 Principal, The Cook Academy, june 1900-1904. Registrar, Assistant Treasurer and Instructor in Mathematics, University of Rochester, since 1904. JOHN WILLIAM HOBBS POLLARD, B. L., M. D. 8 Scio Street. DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION. B. L. Dartmouth, 18955 M. D., University of Vermont, 19015 9. A. X. 5 A. K. K. Instructor in Physical Training and Military Tactics, University School, Chicago, 18965 Physical Director and Athletic Coach, Union College, 1897-QQ, Student, University of Vermont, 1899-015 Physical Director and Coach, Lehigh University, 1901-02 5 University of Rochester, from IQO2. Member Advisory Board Roch- ester Physical Education Societies5 Member American Physical Education.S0ciety5 Member Society College Gymnasium Directorsg Member Massachusetts Health- Education League. T9 ELIZABETH HARRIET DENIO. 8 Scio Street. LECTURER ON THE Hisrokv OF ART. Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 1866, Ph. D., University of Heidelberg, 1898. Teacher in Miss Eaton's School, Rochester, 1867- 695 Vassar College, 1869-70, Lake Erie Seminary, Painesville, Ohio, 1870-73, in Europe, 1873-75, Pro- fessor of German and the History of Art, Wellesley College, 1876-96, at Leipzig University during leave of absence, 1883-85 5 at Universities of Berlin and Heidel- berg. 1896-98, Lecturer on the History of Art, Univer- sity of Rochester, si11ce 1902. Author of "Life and Work of Nicholas Poussi11,',' published in Leipzig, fin Gernian,j London and New York. Translator of"Life of Queen Louise of Prussia," from the German, and "Ramona" into German. 1 -- f --11-f-A -- -3.- .,':.'7 g:'tAJ'3.r22w " ffifii egg:-'.-,,gg5.:g.,.e ,. ggqp-it-, ,. ,,., , ,... ,M :Ta-'.gi',I-9...: iff . ., .. - . Y -if A . 41 ' Q 2 lhzf. :.gas.frs.:. ,bg E. . ' 8:3 Y-3: i 20 0518155 uf 1905. CLASS YELL-RIP-RAM, SLAPETY BANG, HIPPETY, ZIPPETY, KIVE, RA, Ho, ROCHESTER, 1905. ' CLASS COLORS-BLACK AND HOLLY RED. Qbffinzr. President, - C. G. Gilbert. Vice-President, J. H. Wright. Secretary, - C. O. Beaman Treasurer, H. Olsan Historian, I. N. Kohler Orator, - - M. W. Haynes Prophet, A. M. Meech Poet, - L. QI. Bailey Tree Orator, L. I. Brace. Pipe Orator, - - - T. M. Crandall. Master of Ceremonies, - - L. A. Pultz Toastmaster, - - - E. W. Westervelt Chorister, - Thos. Dransflelcl, jr Qtrerutibe Gliommittee. G. B. Candle, G. N. Sage, L. R. Halbert Cliairmzm. 22 v -:fl KS' Y4, Q 'QC , EM -' yr 'LE ix ., , J" , S-VU .L R' ,. 1' M Y . ' W3 X .V A. V- ,xlflgy X -1, W- - , fy: , -nl. iff' 7' W "-- KM ,ff f-71" V V llflil, ' ' ff i ia 5,14-'ff' 'P , ff - J 3,350 Kg! M tv?-5:-ff-1 " ' RV: V W 1, nh , w -ws. E: W - hz, 9145 1 W:-I 3 l7!'l'lf'r1,l'l1iff: Qaenior 9l5oa5tf. ,ag ND now, fellows, as we are about to turn the last page, to find there the little engraved rubric with its talismanic "Finis," it well behooves that fi "' these last words of joy and wisdom from happy men be placed in this book. Life for these four glorious years on our beautiful campus has been too full of rich and manifold experience not to enable us to add our quota of advice and instruction. Of course we must address mainly freshmen, speaking comparatively. On this account, we will take some of this valuable space to merely tell these three lower classes, who follow Where We have trod, how we have gained and in turn strengthened our beloved Alma Mater. Our entering class was t11e largest without exception that has ever entered this institution. It numbered 116, if memory serves, and though it has, through the law of survival of the fittest, now come to number forty-two, who dare say that it is not the best, brightest, finest and Qremembering the ladiesj the loveliest of classes in any institution? Our record has been one for true admiration. On the field of class honor we have swept everything before us. The opposition of our miserable opponents has been ill-starred and unfortunate to them. Our uuderclass banquets have been striking successes and our little rushes "on tl1e green" each time a victory and a gloating. Scholastically we have imbibed instruction with an insatiable desire and capacity for more. Why do "Bill's" eyes so merrily twinkle and his voice so sweetly sound this year? Why has our beloved Forbes at last obtained a rest and period of travel? Ah! because they have at last found the ideal class to instruct and their hearts are content and joyful. Why, indeed, the new Hall of Science, if not because our class has set the mark of higher scholarship and shown the need for broader and increasing equipment? And now, Alma Mater, as a class our record of four years in the covert of thy wing is written. How much thou has done for us there is no means of measuring. Into each of our lives thy spirit of industry, faith and following duty has entered. Into each of our hearts has entered the love and courage which thy dear name inspires. We will be faithful to thy traditions a11d tl1y counsels for We know that they are good and thy influence and directing hand will point for us ever to the fleeting land of Hmeliora. U And now, comrades, as we are possessed by the spirit and affection of that dear name of U, of R., let us give one resounding cheer of exultation in her eternal glories and everlasting victories. 23 Qibe Qneuior Glass. HERBERT BENTON ARTHUR, 20 William Street. Carthage Philosophical. dv. E. Historian Q315 Pipe Committee Q315 Class Foot- ball Team Q215Iunior Prom. Cornmittee5 University Council Q3152d Vice-President Students, Association Q315 Science Club5 President and Statistical Editor 1905 INTERPRES. LOUIS JONATHAN BAILEY, Q7 Manhattan Street. Ontario Scientific. 111. E. Historian Q115 Class Poet Q215 Class President Q315 Class Football Team Q11 5 Class Traclc Team Q1-2-31 5 Class Base Ball Team Q1-21 5 Varsity Football Team Q21 5 Assistant Manager Dramatic Club Q31 5 Science Club5 Writers' Clubg Secretary Writers' Club Q41 5 Class Poet Q41 5 Manager Dramatic Club Q41 5 Y. M. C. A. CHARLES ORSON BEAMAN, Coldwater Scientific. Vice-President Q31 5 Class Football Team Q11 5 Science Clubg Class Secretary Q41 5 President Science Club Q41. XX ALTER RILEY BECKLEY, 403 East Avenue, Rochester Philosophical. 'I'. T. Honor Roll Q3-41 5 Honorable Mention Q31. CEORGE BURT CAUDLE, 404 East Avenue, Rochester Classical. A. K. E. Honor ROllQI-2-3-41 5 City Scholarsl1ipQ1-2-3-41 5 Speaker Class Banquet Q11 5 Class Secretary Q21 5 Class Prophet Q31 5 College Band C11 3 University Council Q31 5 First Vice-President Students' Association Q31 5 junior Prom. Comniitteeg Junior Historical Society5 Chairman Class Executive Committee Q41. ALBERT B. CLARK. 35 Strathallan Park, Palmyra Classical. A. T. Honor R011 Q115 Class Basket-Ball Team Q2-315 Class Track Team Q1-2-31 5 Treasurer Y. M. C. A. Q2-31 g.Varsity Eleven Q2-3-41 5 Varsity Basket-Ball Team Q2-41 5 Junior Prom. Comrnitteeg Captain Varsity Eleven Q41 5 President 1904 INTERPRES Board5 Orator Q41. TRAFTON MILFORD CRANDALL, 181 Fulton Avenue, Rochester Classical. A. K. E. Class President Q215 Tree Orator Q41. THOMAS DRANSFIELD, JR., I3 Myrtle Hill Park, Rochester Classical. NP. T. Entered '05 in Sophomoreuyear. Class Football Team QI-2, 5 Class Track Team Q11 5 Varsity Track Team Q11 5 Glee Club Q2-3-41 5 Assistant Manager Varsity Track Team Q31 5 Cheer Leader Q41 g Dramatic Club Q415 Honor Roll Q415 Manager Varsity Track Team Q415 Class Chorister Q41. 24 CHESTER GARFIELD GILBERT, 65 Prince Street. Holtsville, L. I. Philosophical. A. A. CD. Class Base Ball Team Q1-25 g Varsity Football Team Q1-2-3-45 5 Varsity Track Team Q1-2-3-45 5 Varsity Base Ball Team Q15 g Campus Board Q1-2-3-45 g Chairman Pipe Committee Q35 g N. Y. S. I. A. U. Shot Put Recordg Captain Track Team Q45 Q Class President Q45 . LEROY HALBERT, 452 Garson Avenue, Rochester. Classical. A. A. 111. Honor Roll QI-2-3-451 Glee Club QI-25 g Y. M. C. A. Delegate to Northfield Convention Q15g Assistant Manager Czzwzfms Q35 gl junior Historical Societyg Manager Campzzs Q45 g Alling Prize Debate Q35. MERRITT WAY HAYNES, 130 University Avenue. Angelica. Classical. LD. lil. Honor Roll QI-25g Class Prophet Q25g Chapel Quartette Q2-45 g Glee Club Q1s25 g Sophomore Exhibitiong junior Historical Societyg Class Orator Q45 g Y. M. C. A. DANA BOARDMAN I-IELLINGS, 65 Prince Street. Buffalo Classical. A. A. Lb. Honor Roll Q1-2-3545 g Class Toastmaster Q35 g Sopho- more Exhibitiong Mandolin Club Q1-2-3-45 g Librarian Y. M. C. A. Q35 g junior Prom. Committeeg Tennis Association 1 Les Trois Mousquetaires 5 Kipper Pressg junior Historical Societyg Varsity Dramatic Club Q45, 611177115215 Board Q45g University Council Q45. EDWARD HUBBARD HUNTINGTON JACOBS, 41 Prince Street. Detroit, Mich. Classical. NP. T. Class Track Team Q15 g Class Treasurer Q25 5 Glee Club Q35 g Illustrator of 1904 INTERPRES, RAYMOND COON KEOPLE, 575 Mt. Hope Avenue. Cuba Classical. 42. E. Honor Roll Q1-2-3-45 g Class Historian Q25g Class Poet Q35 3 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs Q35 5 Science Clubg junior Histori- cal Societyg Manager of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs Q45. IRVING NELSON KOHLER, I7 Beverly Street. Fairport Classical. LII. E. Honor Roll QI-2-3-45g Banquet Committee Q25 5 Junior Historical Societyg Class Historian Q45. AVERY MORGAN MEECH, 109 Meigs Street. Hilton Classical. A. T. Entered '05 in junior year. Honor Roll Q1-2-3-455 Speaker Freshmen Banquetg Class Football Team Q25g Class Base Ball Team Q25 g Class Track Team Q25g Sophomore Exhibitiong Glee Club Q1-2-35 5 Leader Glee Club Q35 g Prophet Q45. EDWARD ERNEST MORRIS, 146 South Goodman Street, Rochester Classical. 'IR T. Class Football Team Q1-255 Class Basket Ball Team Q1-25 5 Captain Class Basket Ball Team Q25 g Class Base Ball Team Q1-25 g Captain Class Base Ball Team Q15g Assistant Business Manager Cfzmjnzzs Q25 g Business Manager Czzmprcs Q35 3 Varsity Base Ball Team Q35 3 Athletic Editor of Campus Q45 g President Students' Association Q45. HOWARD CHARLES PAGE, 65 Prince Street. jordan Classical. A. A. LD. Entered '05 in junior year. Honor Roll Q25 g Class Track Team Q15 g '04 Class Banquet Committee Q25 g Dramatic Club Q25g junior Historical Societyg Tennis Association Q25 3 Les Trois Mousque- tairesg Business Manager 1905 INTERPRES. 25 LOUIS ALBERT PULTZ, 41 Prince Street. Staatsburg. Classical. ilf. T. Entered '05 in Sophomore year. Honor Roll Q1-2-45 5 Honorable Mention QI5Q Class Poet Q155 Class Base Ball Team QI-255 Varsity Base Ball Team Q1-2-3-45 5 Sophomore Exhibitiong President Chess Club Q25 5 Captain Varsity Base Ball Team Q45 5 Master of Ceremonies Q45. ARTHUR RAYNSFORD, 30 Finch Street, Rochester Classical. 111. E. Honor Roll Q1-2-3-45 5 Class Secretary Q35 . GEORGE NELSON SAGE, 35 Strathallan Park. Clifton Springs Scientitic. A. T. Honor Roll Q1-3-455 Class Toastmaster Q255 Second Prize Sophomore EXhibiti0n5 Y. M. C. A.5 Junior Historical Society5 Executive Committee Q45. ALPHONSE JOSEPH SIGL, 73 Portland Avenue, Rochester. Classical. First Prize Sophomore Exhibition 5 Dramatic Club Q35 5 Writers' Club Q3-45 5 junior Historical Society5 Honor Roll Q45 5 First Prize Nor- man Lee Swarthout Shakspere Competition Q35 5 Winner Intercollegiate Oratorical Q45 . THUR SMITH, 37 Birch Crescent. Newark Valley Scientific. Honor Roll QI-2-3-45 5 Class Track Team Q1-2-35 5 Class Basket Ball Team Q25 5 Class Football Team Q2-45 5 Varsity Football, Team Q2-35 5 Varsity Second Basket Ball TeamQ2-3-45 5 Varsity Track TeamQ2-35 5 Science Club5 Secretary, Treasurer and Art Editor 1905 TNTERPRESQ Varsity Basket Ball Team Q45 . ARTHUR LAWRENCE STEWART, 296 Alexander Street, Rochester Classical. A. K. E. Entered '05 in junior year. Honor Roll Q1-2-3-45 5 Honorable Mention Q15 5 Class Poet Q15 5 Class Treasurer Q35 5 Second Prize Sophomore Ex1iibition5 Delegate to Northfield Convention Q255 Chapel Quartette Q35 5 Editor-in-chief 1905 INTERPRESQ Alling Prize Debate Q35 5 President Y. M. C. A. Q45. GEORGE HERBERT STUDLEY, II Rowley Street, Rochester Special. fb. E. Class Football Team Q15 5 Class Base Ball Team Q15. CARROLL ARTHUR SUTHERLAND, 2 Arnold Park, Rochester Scientific. NP. T. Class Track Team Q1-2-35 5 Class Football Team Q1-25 5 Class Base Ball Team Q15 5 Captain Class Football Team Q25 5 Varsity Track Team Q1-2-355 Captain Varisty Track Team Q355 Delegate to Northfield Convention Q15 5 Grind Editor 1905 INTERPRES. ALBERT PERLEA VANDUSEN, 165 East Avenue, Rochester Classical. Cb. E. Honor Roll QI-2-3-455 Honorable Mention Q1-255 Class Poet Q15 5 Class Orator Q35 5 Sophomore Exhibitiong Mandolin Club Q35 5 Campus Board. FREDERICK WEIK, 58 Portland Avenue, Rochester Classical. A. A. Cb. Honor Roll QI-25 5 City Scholarship Q1-2-3-45 5 Class Treasurer, Q15 5 Class Basket Ball Team Q2-355 Captain Class Basket Ball Team Q35 5 Class Football Team Q15 5 Class Base Ball Team Q25 5 Sophomore EXl1ibiti0n5 junior Historical Society5 Manager Varsity Basket Ball Team Q45. 26 EDMUND WORTHINGTON WESTERVELT, 945 Saint Paul Street, Rochester. Classical. A. K. E. Entered in Sophomore year. Class Banquet Com- mittee t2j g Captain Class Football Team QQ 5 Varsity Football Team Qzj. THEODORE AUGUSTUS ZORNOW, Pittsford Philosophical. 111. E. Honor Roll Q1-2-3-45 g Class Orator Q21 5 Class Base Ball Team CI-23 g Class Football Team fl-23 g Alling Prize Debate Qgjz junior Historical Society C35 g Speaker at Banquet Q12 5 Council Q4j. CAROLYN LUCY ADAMS, 44 Carleton Street. Franklinville Classical. Honor Roll KI-2-3-4D g College Girls' Basket Ball Team Q3-45 g Treasurer, College Girls' Athletic Ass'n. ANNA BROWN COPELAND, IO Epworth Street, Rochester Philosophical. JANE ERNISSE CROWE, I3 Birch Crescent, Rochester Classical. G. H. Ho11or Roll C1-2-3-45, Honorable Mention fl-2, g Class President Czjg College Girls' Basket Ball Team fl-45, President Girls' Athletic Club K2-4, 5 Y. W. C. A. SOPHIE CLARK KENYON, 1056 South Avenue, Rochester p Special. FLORENCE MARGARET LEVIS, 185 Fulton Avenue, Rochester Classical. Class Vice-President Q31 . HELEN ROGERS, 1 Arlington Street, Rochester Classical. 9. H. Honor Roll fI-2-3-43, Honorable Mention Q1-2-3,5 5 Class President QU g Vice-President Students' Association for Women fgj. MAY ETHEL ROSENTHAL, 1 Audubon Street, Rochester Philosophical. Honor Roll Qzj. GERTRUDE SALISBURY, 49 Vick Park A, Rochester Classical. Honor Roll C1-2-3-45. ' GRACE ELIZABETH SALTER, 118 Frost Avenue, Rochester Philosophical. 9. H. Class President Q11 5 Class Treasurer Q4j. HALLIE IRENE SHEARER, 81 Park Avenue, Rochester Classical. D. F. Honor Roll t1jg Class President C315 College Girls' Basket Ball Team. MAYME FRANCES SMITH, 558 Hayward Avenue, Rochester Philosophical. D. F. Class Treasurer Qzj. FLORENCE ABBIE SOUTHWORTH, 135 Broadway, Rochester Classical. Honor Roll fl-2-35 3 College Girls' Basket Ball Tean1. ALVALYN EUNICE WOODARD, ' 410 Powers Block. Chili Philosophical. G. H. Honor Roll K1-2-3-41, Honorable Mention Qajg Class Secretary Q31 3 Secretary Students' Association for Women Qzj. 27 I UNIORS I 4 61518155 nf 1906. CLASS YELL-HIYI, KIYI-RIP, RAH, RIX- ROCHESTER, ROCHESTER-1906. CLASS COLORS-OLIVE, GREEN AND DANDELTON YELLOW. Qbffizersf. President, - E. R. Bowerman Vice-President, F. J. Slater Secretary, - C. A. Simpson Treasurer, J. L. Meyers Toastmaster, ----- D. E. Wilder Chairman junior Prom. Committee, - W. C. Clark Poet, -.---- L. G. Reynolds Historian, H. J. Simnielink Prophet, W. A. Calihan Orator, - - - M. Tiernan Captain Track Team, E. C, McDowell 30 2111.111 9 TPHIL.-2 Etunior jtacw. I HAVE noticed a tendency among previous historians to extoll the victories and forget the defeats of their respective classes. I have endeavored to avoid this 'T bent and to give a true and correct recital of the history of Noughty-six as I have found it, both from personal experience and from the careful perusal of the archives of notebooks and cribs, now in my possession. The records of our freshman year show an almost unbroken rope of victories, both in athletic events and in sundry excursions and other little skirmishes with our sworn foes, the class of nineteen-tive. The date of our freshmen banquet recalls to my mind that happy event and I can once 11lOl'C see our corpulent toastmaster, happy in his release from captivity, seated at one end of the festive board and smiling grimly at his erstwhile captors, seated in chairs at the other end of the hall. I think also of another banquet that was to have lJC6l1 held at Canandaigua by the class of Nineteen-tive and of the famous battle which tool: place in the hotel, when the members of the Sophomore class, maddened by hunger, thirst, and the strifling heat of the small ten by twelve room in which they had been confined for six hours, finally summoned sufficient courage to batter down the door, only to go to inglorious defeat in the battle which followed. At the beginning of the Sophomore year, matters looked rather dubious for the class of Noughty-six. The small but valiant band which remained, although bitterly contesting each step of the way, found itself, for a tin1e, gradually driven back before the hoards of semi-educated barbarians which in the Fall of 1903 poured into the University from all parts of the country. But the tide gradually turned and the year closed with a decisive victory for the Sophomores at the banquet at, Pultneyville. The recollections of that day will ever be with us. How we descended from our train at a quiet cross road leading to our destination, leaving our car with shades drawn to go 011 to Sodus Point, twenty-five miles beyond! How, safely intrenched behind a stone wall, we watched the pursuing car loaded with deluded freshmen dash by in Vain pursuit! The class of 1906 has been the means of introducing into the college several pleasing innovations. Proniinent among these might be mentioned the "Soph Ioll,'t consisting of a farce given by the Sophomore Dramatic Club, followed by an informal dance. After the affair tl1e Club was deluged with invitations to attend barbacues and pig roasts in the towns around Rochester, but owing to the proximity of tl1e examinations, only a small number of engagements could be filled. In the places where the farce was played, it was exceedingly well received and helped greatly to advertise both the class and the college. We are proud to have been the originators of clean politics in college and it is with a great deal of satisfaction that we see the other classes following in our foot- steps. We are glad to know that 1906 is a leader, and we appreciate the fact that others follow. 31 Eflunior ilgiscoriral anxiety. junior Historical Society is composed of members of Professor Morey's history classes who wish to make a study of the sources of American His- tory. It is open to all students of honor standing. It holds weekly meet- ings throughout the winter term, each member being required to give a disserta- tion on some one of the colonies. An hour of credit has been awarded by the faculty to all who took the course this year. The program follows: The Settlement of Virginia, ---- The Political Development of Colonial Maryland, Plymouth, ------- V - Massachusetts Colony, Connecticut, - Rhode Island, - New Netherlands, ----- ' - - The Settlement and Early Development of New York, Pennsylvania, -------- New Jersey, - - - The American Confederation, . The general committee is composed of Searle, Chairman, 32 Miss K. Blackford - W. S. Meyers W. A. Searle - H. C. Michaels Miss G. E. Curtiss - W. H. Hibie Miss C. M. Stone Miss H. E. Thomas - J. L. Meyers - Miss E. M, Kates - - C. P. Oliver I-Iigbie, and Michaels ,md CCC XX - I SGD iff ff' I ff! If I Lac flail- JUNIOR PROIYE ADE AT THE ALUMNI GYMNASIUM, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 29, 1904. COMMITTEE FOR THE CLASS. WILLIAM CURTIS CLARK, Chairman. G. L. Barrus, E. C. McDowell, A. Bowen, C. M. Platt, W. A. Calihan, A. St. John, C. L. Harris, M. Tiernan. 33 X.. aww my OPIMOLL .fi Business Manager f Assistant Business , - f Director 7 - Stage Manager J chief Electrician 1 f Stage Designer THE CLASS OF 1906 PRESENTS THE GARROTERS A Farce by William Dean Howells. Manaff Followed by an Informal Hop in the ALUMNI GYMNASIUM, FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1904. DRAMATIS PERSONAE Arthur Rathjen Charles P. Oliver Prentiss B Gilbert Walter S, Meyers Ancel St. john Fred 1. Slater Mr Roberts fnot very forwardj ----- William A. Searle Mrs Roberts fnot easily exeitedj - H. Willard Bosworth Mrs Crasliaw fgenerally calmj - - George L. Barrus Willis Campbell, fwho is fond of a jokej Arthur Rathjen The Elderly Bemis, Qwrathful but kindi Martin Tiernan Doctor Lavxton fsomething of a witj - - Harry J. Simmelinl: Xoung Bemis, fan interested chapj William C. Clark Dolly Dimple fa cheerful little maidi ---- William R. Foster Time: The Present. Place: Room in Home of Mr. Roberts. The Class Class History College Politics Oratiou - - Vive les Co-Ecls Class Prophecy The Sophs Class Poem - 1906 freshman 9lJ5unquzt. AT THE LIVINGSTON FEBRUARY 8, 1903. LEWIS G. REYNOLDS, Toastmaster. 36 Preutiss B. Gilbert Albert Bowen Ancel St. John Clarence M. Platt Walter S. Meyers Charles P. Oliver Harry J. Simmelink W. Robert Neel 1906 Qopbomore 1l5anqu2t. AT THE INN, PULTNEYVILLE, N. Y., MAY 18, 1904. CHARLES P. OLIVER, Toastmaster. The Class, Class History, Class Prophecy, Oratiou, Poem, ---- - The Frosh, where are they? 37 jasper H. Wright Walter S. Meyers William H. Higbie Lewis M. Wilson William R. Foster William C. Clark Ulbe Blunior Glass HOKVARD WALRATH ALLEN, H 65 Prince Street. Ulysses, Pa. Scientific. A. A. lb. Honor Roll C1-2Qg Class Eleven CI-Qjg Assistant Manager Varsity Basketball Team Cgj. "Seedlet" is an interesting morphological specimen, evidently sprung from the dirt, or of the earth,-earthy. In common with the species, he seeks light-note l1ow his head has been turned. He is light headed,-hence an astrologer, or star- gazer. Is found rarely, and at such times must be unearthed. Some seasons, he is not to be found at all. We predict a century-plant or a night blooming-liower from tl1e bulb. ' i'5'9 GEORGE LATTA BARRUS, Charlotte. 4--N Scientific. 111. E. Classl-Eleven CI-25, Captain Class Eleven C21 3 Class Track Team CI-2-33 g Class Banquet Committee C253 Sophjollg Varsity Eleven C35 3 junior Pl'OHl.COl1lI1ll'L'tEEQ Varsity Second Basketball Team Cgj 3 Charter Member K. S. G. 1:22:36 :e?i:1' 4- 9S.'7:'Jffg: E.: ii..,.e Q. - rf iii -fi -5-32: 3-fJQf55ff5f?if: iff f"2' ' lf'-?Z-'ffiff'If fif-1fi5:f:.f?p -.171Lilif-ff-if1Tfi?'f?Ei'? 5-ffif-4'5-.'5:i..?45'f3Z2:?f:5E??i.5??f, . , ,--lf' T '-"5'Ziff'If52F2:z'f?5':'zf!:5f5:'E3?!'Q ,. t'Barrrrsl' is a child of delicate sensibilities, shy and little heard of,-yet when anywhere -all over-everywhere. Reared where tl1e wash of the sad breakers and other things mingled their sounds with tl1e roar of the barkers in a quiet haunt- thus was the poetry of his soul developed and expanded. The class found that the poetry, however, withstood tl1e Wear and tear of football in a pretty satis- factory manner. 38 FREDERICK BETZ, 160 Grand Avenue, Rochester. Classical. All. E. Honor Roll Q2-gjg Honorable Mention Qzjg Entered '06 in Sophomore year from Wagner College. "I was a stranger, and ye took me in. " Then I took ye in. "A noticeable man with large grey eyes," yet-to give the devil his due-in the bottomless depths of those eyes burns the saintly soul of a dead-one. ' QN. B. Found to be dead by autopsy in biological laboratoryg iii' HARRY WILLARD BOSlVORTH, 41 Prince Street, Rochester. Scientific. clf. T. Entered Sophomore from Hamil- tong First Prize Sophomore Exhibition 3 Dramatic Club Q25 g Soph joll. A free thinker of massive intelligence. "Harry" looked over University of Rochester in prehistoric times but decided that Hamilton offered Wider plains for his mathenlatical precocity. Thence "Bot-r-rsworth" having struck dirt with his teeth wandered back to crop tl1e verdure from the former college. "H, Willard" tried several classes and finally condescendingly joined 'o6. :'Bozzie" is not turtle-necked as the geodeticallations seem to indicateg-he is quite stiff-necked. 39 ALBERT BOWEN, 221 Oxford Street, Rochester. Classical. tif. T. Pikq Honor Roll QI-2-353 Class Historian Q15 g Nominating Committee Q2-355 junior Prom. Committeeg Varsity Dramatic Club Q35 3 Secre- tary Canoe Club Q35 g Y. M. C. A.g Delegate North- field Q25 g Leader Bible Class Q35. An excellent chap, were l1e not so good. "Bunnie" Qperhaps,-yet other ani- mals have long ears5 is afflicted with Mormonicalistic Tremendous brought on by overworlz as stage manager. Bible classes and a sunny disposition act as antiseptics to keep this anomaly above ground. Kind friends, while permitting the use of his extensive mentality, act as keepers and restrain him from protococian investigation. 999 EDWIN ROY BOWERMAN, Fairport. Scientific. A. A. 111. Honor Roll Q1-25 g Mandolin Club Q1-2-355 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs Q35g Chess Club Q1-2-35g Tennis Association QI5g Class Eleven Q25 g Class President Q35 3 Assistant in Physical Laboratory QI-2-355 Y. M. C. A. Roy is the diplomat of theaclass. He has an ever-luminous smile which conceals much scorn. At times his face is in eclipse by the dynamos. Electrical and other problems necessitate the assumption of a dignified sullenness to conceal Q?5 the internal friction due to thinking. He is most like himself when he is most unlike others. "Meet it is I set it down,-That one may smile and smile and be a villain. " 40 LEON IERMAIN BRACE, 36 Winthrop Street, Rochester. Classical. Honor Roll fl-2-3,2 Y. M. C. A.g Chair- man Bible Study Committee. Leon I. is of us yet not with us. A disciple of '05 has he turnedg to go before us, yet by the traditions of our class, behind us and below us. A disciple of other golden calves is he. To the saving grace of 'iHYUlCl1': owed he his unhazed fresh- nianic life. White as the snowy firm as ice, and as cold and colorless as both. "Great human nature, whither art thou fled, "Are these things creeping forth and back again-- "These formalists and echoes, men?" Yet for his energy l1e is liked and perseverance will overcome mountains. 3' 5' 9 LAWRENCE BACON BRINK, 35 Strathallan Park. Manhattan, Kan. Special. A. T. Entered in junior Year from Kan- as Agricultural Collegeg Chess Clubg K. S. G. This specimen is a politician Who has recently been added to our class, fnotice we do not say, a statesman, or hear,-a college manj. Broad and deep ideas on most subjects, and a ready cheerfulness in giving them make his opinions most valu- able. Several times this ability has been shown in room four, where a deep dis- cussion of some political matter has revealed this ll12l.lliS wonderful political insight in sharp contrast to the acknowledged inefficiency of the class. Iinpressiveness of delivery and rock bottom statements will ensure our friend a lasting success. 41 WALTER AUSTIN CALIHAN, IOCIJOUES Street, Rochester Class Prophet tgj g Canoe Club, junior Prom. Com rnitteeg Art Editor INTERPRES. A happy lad--the brightness of l1is face is not real thouffh it is but the refl . D - . ec- tion of his cravats. No dude. A man of solid worth, U85 pounds, four feet, one inchj. HMoon Face" is never in ecli se but rolls 1 i, t l books and men. Palgrave, 256. p 1 s s eat 5' course along through 9'3'5' WILLIABII CURTIS CLARK, ' 6 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester. Scientific. elf. T. Pikg Class Baseball Team fI-25, Captain Class Baseball Team fzj g Glee Club CI-2-gj g Class Banquet Cornmittee Q2j g Varsity Dramatic Club Q11 g Soph jolly Chairman junior Prom. Committee. Generalissimo Asolo Twa Bill. A lion, a nightingale, hawk, and backwoodsman. Of great discrimination, perspicacity, and complexity. Understands horses, girls, "Golden Ropeg" is a student of "Sartor Resartusf' and the sublime harmonies of Ethelbert Nevin. "Willie" is tl1e mathematical biologistg for he studies astro- nomical curves and formulas of several varieties. Exhibits muleish tendencies at timesg tor he gets wild at the sight of fur on l1is tonff .ft --well-beloved. .Due a er vacating. In short, 42 Classical. A. K. E, Pilz. Class Eleven fl-23: CHESTER FREDERIC CRAIGIE Anderson Hall. Catskill. Philosophical. A. A. dv. Entered '06 in junior year. Honor Roll QI-ZDQ Class Nine QI-21, Class Track Team QI-23 g Captain Class Basketball Team Q11 g Glee Club Q1-2-31, Chapel Quartette fl-25, Caflzpzzs Board fl-255 Dramatic Club Q21 5 Sophomore Exhibi- tion, Assistant Manager Czzmjms KID 3 Varsity Basket- ball Five fzjg Assistant Manager Varsity Nine Qzjg Manager Varsity Nine Qgj g Tennis Association Q2-3j 3 Varsity Second Basketball Team Q35 5 Writers' Club fgj. "Chet" has been heard of before-several times. An insatiable, instinctive idea goads him to 'treport"-thus he is driven to make periodic investigations in col- legiate and other lines. Were it not for this, l1e wouldn't work. By presentation of his face and voice, he has ever been able to attain what he would. Thus he is here. "Sir, grieve not you, you're Welcome notwithstanding. " ilili WILLIAM RICE FOSTER, 153 South Goodman' Street, Rochester. Classical. A. A. QD. Honor Roll Q1-2-35, Soph jollg K. S. G. Class Poet fzj. We are proud of "Dotty" because he so nianfnlly bears his complex burden of intellectuality and idiocy. We think that he must incline to the osteopathic, or cartilage-treatment schools, for he is a ,clever elongator of the faculty's pedes. Market reports indicated that this stock remained constant ata high Price last seasong this year, Morey 'vasive valuation is noted. 43 PRENTISS BAILEY GILBERT, 41 Prince Street. St. Paul, Minn. Philosophical. lf. T. Pik. Class Vice President QU g Soph 10115 Varsity Dramatic Club, QI-2-gjg Vice-Commodore Canoe Club. A This specimen is best studied from astronomical observatories. Little informa- tion can be gleaned as he will not operate a parachute and air-ships are not yet editorial adjuncts. QStenographic notes by Prof. Peelemj. Social star-Cornet like existence-ends in a. state of coma-hence mentally unbalanced-comic lad-no brains, mostly lllllld-8.1'1ClC11f Spanish War veteran and emeritus professor in Span- ish college-prepared for University of Rochester in two years-globe trotter-trot trotter-primeval fusser. We predict, however, many friends and a long life if the wanderer in the milky way does not take to drink. IQQQ LEIGH BUTLER HALL, 65 Prince Street. Beech Ridge. Special. A. A, 411. Honor Roll fljg Class Track Team QI-QDQ Varsity Track Team QIjg Chess Club KI-2-3, . , This piece of architecture is thought by some to be Mediaeval. Owing to a dis- cussion in regard to the real nature of the specimen it l1as been taken to Dr. Denio who had previously not noticed it on account of its insignihcance in college. Records have shown that in the cold north of England, such a type has been found in the cellar of a monastery. , 44 RAYMOND HARDY, 20 William Street. Andover. Classical. ill. E. Class Secretary til g Class Eleven C21 g Class Nominating Committee 12-31 g Class Iraclc Team trj 5 Secretary and Statistical Editor INT13RPRJe3S. Hardy shows up regularly in college every Fall ancl just as regularly requires a full month to shake the cobwebs from his mind. He only awaits release from this classic cluugeon to be allowed to sink forever into everlasting oblivion, his proper level. This book coulcl not have been so replete witl1 statistics without his faith- ful work. 'QQ-Q CHARLES LACY HARRIS, , 35 Strathallan Park. Fairport. Classical. A.'1'. Honor Roll Q2-gjg Class Eleven fzj g Junior Prom. Committee. See the pretty creature. Where clicl it come from? Where else, but Fairport! No it is not a Quaker, but it will not hurt you. It is kind and gentle and will smile if you tickle it. Let us pray it will always have plenty of time. Let us pray the world will deal gently. Ah! it speaks, "Di bene fecerunt, inopis me quodque pusilli Fmxerunt 21111111 raro et perpauca loquent1s." 45 WILLIANI HAYVLEY HIGBIE, ' 35 Strathallan Park. Chili Station. Classical. A. T. Honor Roll Q2-3, 3 Class Pipe Custodian Q15 5 Class Prophet 1215 Y. M. C. A. Qgj g junior Historical Society. K. SL G. ."Bill" haunts the college, and especially the registrar's oflice, at the close of each term. One must not infer nervousness from this as it is only an animal reaction to tl1e stimulus of food. The origin of this beastly habit is obscureg the cause, a hankering after standings. He grazes in room four or six from morn till noon. An inveterate fusser,-from afar, a Romeo, of the pre-Shakespearean type, "born to blush unseen,"-such, O mortal is thy lot. iii CARR GILMAN HORN, 127 Scio Street. Acton, Me. Scientific. Honor Roll Q1-2-gjg Class Vice-Presb dent Qzj g Class 'Eleven Qzjg Class Nominating Com- mittee fgj 5 Charter Member K. S. G. Carr is a foreigner,-the air of the sea and hills clings to him. This somewhat clogs his reason but gives an individuality. There is 110 mistaking the trumpet note of his voice. Every line of his body bespeaks his patriotism and kinship to Uncle Sam. ' "Seldom he smiles: and smiles in such a sort, As if he mocked himself and scorned his spirit That could be moved to smile at anything." Last of all,-a third rate politician is his destiny. 46 ALFRED LEGRAND KINTER, 45 Birch Crescent. Chili. Special. fb. E. Entered 'oo i11 junior year. Stud- ent at Rochester, '94, JQ7, '98. Graduated Rochester Theological Seminary, 1904. Kinter is a dark horse. He stole unnoticed into our midst early in the niorning of our junior year, deciding after an absence of eight years, that it was to his interest to adiliate himself with the best class Rochester has ever known. We have put the neophyte to the test, and he has not been found wanting. His bril- liant mentality, his capacity for stump speech and debate, comparable in the vast- ness of its scope with that of the inimitable Todd alone, has made hini a class mate to be proud of,-thus this effusion. QQQ MAX ISIDORE KLEIN, 3 Crystal Place, Rochester. Philosophical. 111. E. Honor Roll fl-23 3 Class Eleven QU 5 K. S. G. "I Klein? " is the constant indignant question he asks. Most people think so. This being is characterized by plienonienal development of the inferior niaxillary nerve and nerve in general. So great a lover of inusic that only sesquipedalian words and polysyllabic languages serve to express the poetry of his soul and con- ceal nothing,-and everything. Distinctly a lexicographiclassical hot-air-shooter. 47 LEWIS FREIBERG LEVENSON, 112 William Street. Dayton, Ohio. Scientiiic. This specimen is one of the most interesting fossils from the Mesozoic era-was unearthed in the west and shipped eastward for analysis and classihcation. The Rheesian elixir of life was injected when the composition Qin three yearsj was found to be changed. Composition in 1902. Composition in 1905. HZS, QI-Iydrogen Sulphidej, 50. HZS, 10. CZHALOZ, fAcetic Acidj 17. C21-1402, 20. CHHMOH-i-HZO, tSugar of milkj 30. CIZHZZOH-I-HZO, .5 Fe, tlronj 2. Fe, 50. Au, QG0ldj 1. Au, , .5 FeSO4-1-7H2O, tGreen Vitrolj 20. FeSO4-I-7I-120, I9 100 100 5' 5' Y EMBRY CRITTENDEN MCDOWELL, 6 Canfield Place, Rochester. Classical. A. K. E. Pik. Honor Roll CI-2-35g City Scholarship KI-2-33? Class Eleven QI-2JQ Class Nine CI-21 g Class Track Team CI-2-35 3 Captain Class Track Team fgjg Class President f1jg Mandolin Club f2jg Junior Prom. Conunitteeg Varsity Nine 12, g Assistant Manager Varsity Eleven f2j g Manager Varsity Eleven fgj g Commodore Canoe Club. "He was a man, take him all in all, I shall not look on his like again," nor like to look upon his look again. "A countenance more in sorrow than in anger" is typical of him wl1en he can not sell more than two hundred football season tickets or'0n some like occasion. At such times, one might even think him a poet. In fact Kalos Kai Agathos-"but greasy." - 48 JACQUE LOUIS MEYERS, 76 Brunswick Street, Rochester. Classical. City Scholarship QI-2-gjg Honor Roll fr-2-gj 5 Honorable Mention fr-255 Tennis Association QI-2-315 Varsity Tennis Champion in Doubles fljg Runner-up in Championship Doubles Q21 g Runner-up in Championship Singles C233 Second Prize, Sopho- more Exhibitiong Class Treasurer Q2-gj g Collector Athletic Subscriptionsf,f3j 5 Chess Club KI-2-33 9 Presi- dent Chess Club fgj g Varsity Chess Team Qgj g junior Historical Society, Canoe Club. "Parvissimus" was sent here by the Board of Education as a sort of check upon the Profs. He stands as a constant monitor and severely ceusures any casual mis- takes. For the past two years, he has been fund-chaser for the class, and hence properly avoided at collecting time. If he was half again as big, and weighed three times as much, he would make a crackerjack football player. tl!! WALTER STEEFEL MEYERS, 76 Brunswick Street, Rochester. Classical. Speaker Class Banquet fr-21 g Varsity Dramatic Club fl-gjg Chess Club fr-2-gjg Varsity Chess Team Q11 3 Class Track Team fl-25 3 Tennis As- sociation CI-2-gj g Executive Committee Tennis Asso- ciation fzjg Vice-President Tennis Association fgjg Varsity Tennis Champion in Doubles flj g Runner-up in Championship Doubles f2j 3 Sophomore Exhibition 5 Soph Jollg Class Historian Qzj 5 Class Basketball Team fzjg Writers' Club Qgjg Assistant Manager Campus Q31 g junior Historical Societyg CHIIOC Club: Varsity Second Basketball Team Qgj g Editor-in-Chief INTER- PRES. "Walt" is our all-round, heavy weight, automatic, self-acting, reportorial wind pusher. His capacity is six thousand cubic inches per second. For this reason and to give him a good excuse for cutting occasionally, the class chose him editor- in-chief of the INTERPRES for in the sublime and never to be forgotten words of the poet, ' - "We will give him this much credit, Any fool can sit and edit." 49 KARL SUITS MORGAN, 94A Field Street, Rochester. Philosophical. fb. E. Entered '06 from '05 in jun- ior year: Class Track Team QI-2-gj 3 Class Basketball Team C1-Qj. K. S. G. "Pierpont" has found that many of his ventures go up in smoke, but being of an imposing presence, he is able to put a good face on his losses and grace our class, as he has others. He shows at his best during a K. S. G. initiation in the halls when he recalls the "Raider" and his terrible men. An aristocrat and our only one. By a subscription of the class, his biography is to be deposited in the corner stone of the "Carnegie" building to show the rock foundation of his character. Q Q U! CHARLES PETERS OLIVER, 582 Charlotte Street, Rochester. Philosophical. A. K. E. Pikg City Scholarshipfl-gj 5 Honor Roll Qljq Class Prophet CID: Chairman Class Banquet COI111llllI'lSCfI-2, 1 Class Toastmaster fzj 3 Class Nominating Committee g Glee Club fl-2-35 1 Leader Glee Club fgj 5 Assistant Manager Varsity Eleven Cgj g Soph joll: Dramatic Club Q1-2-355 College Organist Q2-gjg Class Eleven C2DQJ11I'llOI' Historical Societyg Canoe Club Qgj. Oh what a checkered life is thine, "Pete !" What are you not or think you are not? You are a rabid fusser, a Rosencrantz, a Guilclenstern, a grave digger, a musician, an actor, a delightful calf or kid in all your ways. A whirl-wind vaudeville show of "Quips and cranks and wanton wiles, Nods and becks and wreathed smiles." You're good. You're great. You're vacuous and bad. You'll do,-but my boy, it won't win a wife. You'll Peter Out. 50 HIRAM OLSAN, 138 Hudson Avenue, Rochester. Philosophical. Honor Roll QI-2-311 City Scholar- ship Q1-2-31 1 Sophomore Exhibitiong Class Basketball Five til g Varsity Second Basketball Five fr-21 5 Chess Club QI-2-gjg Secretary and Treasurer Chess Club Q25 g Varsity Chess Team 131. " What's in a name?" "Hymie" is another we would fain disown as he has us. Emeries, sandpaper, files and axes are meat and drink to this freak. Nothing gives the animal so much pleasure as to burrow in Math. 750 or Physics 4-II-44. The laurels, palms, sickly castor oil trees, and other grease-producing shrubs are displayed with belief in their healthy state by the proud gardener on whom the verdure waves mourntully. QThis department can not grind what is in itself an ancient mill.j Q Q IQ , 5,3 CLARENCE MELVIN PLATT, V in 355 Oxford Street, Rochester. ' - 5 - 'f- .,,. Philosophical. NP. T. Pikg Class Orator fll g Class i A Banquet Committee Q11 g junior Prom. Committeeg . V' Grind Editor INTERPRES. g..,fff,i- Every man in the class Wanted the pleasure of getting back at "Plattie.'i He expects to leave for Canada about two days before the INTERPRES makes its debut. We can appreciate the manner in which l1e rendered 'LHamlet.,' His "to be, or not to be" brought tears to our eyes and We felt for him in his perplexity. As a mathematician, "Plattie" leads us all. He literally loves Math. Prof. Esty and "Charlie" Watkeys are l1is favorite instructors. He has taken more courses with them, than all the rest of the faculty together. Last term, he must have had some Words With them, for we learn that he has forsworn Math. forever. Congratu- lations, old man. SI ARTHUR RATHIEN, III River Street, Rochester. Scientific. A. T. Class Banquet Committee Qijg Varsity Dramatic Club QI-2-gl: Assistant Manager Varsity Dramatic Club C1-gjg Class Eleven KI-23, Sophomore Exhibition, Manager Soph Jolly Chess Club QI-2-3, 5 Varsity Chess Team Qgj 3 Y. M. C. A. K. S. G. We designate this patent machine as "Art." It has the best combination word and jesturc thrower in the world. The machine exhibits the ease and grace of motion shown by the familiar Stegosaurs. "Art" presents many of the character- istics of this ancient machine. By proper manipulation of the stops, this phono will throw brass, bluff, hot-air, imprecation, gutter talks, or Shaksperean gram- mar. In all oratorical and dramatic exercises, :'Art" shows up better than the rest of us. He claims the distinction of being the sole inventor of the Soph joll. If you don't believe it, ask him. iii LEWIS GARLICK REYNOLDS, 98 Asbury Street,:Rochester. Philosophical. A. T. Honor Roll QI-2-gjg Class Toastmaster frj 5 Sophomore Exhibitiong Class Eleven, Q21 g Varsity Eleven C1-31 3 City Scholarship fr-2-31 g University Council fgj, Writers' Club Qgj 5 Class Bas- ketball Team Q2-3, g Tennis Association QI-2-3,5 Treas- urer Tennis Association fgjg Collector of Athletic Subscriptions Qij g Chairman Finance Committee Q3j 3 President INTERPRES Board. We will not taint "Lewie's" official position by the aged, time-honored, decayed, figured-head joke. He shall stand before you in all the pristine glory of a "Co-ed" supporter, and therefore, the arch-type of happiness personified. A steady boy-in fact he has never done anything more alarming than throw a clock through a window when a freshman. The flight of time will bring but joy and domesticity. 52 WILLIAM CORNELIUS ROADES, 62 Rowley Street, Rochester. Classical. A. A. CIP. Class Eleven Q11 g Class Track Team QI-215 Class Basketball Team Q1jg Vice-Presi- dent Tennis Association Qzj 3 Class Banquet Committee Qlj 5 Assistant Manager Varsity Nine Q3j g Assistant in Gymnasium Qgjg Mandolin Club Q11 g Varsity Dra- matic Club QU g Business Manager INTERPRES. "Dusty" is nothing more formidable than our business manager. He cloles out lockers to the freshies during the fall term, and turns out the lights on the basket- ball men during the winter. When Doc is on a tear, he mends the torn bodies of the unwary and oftentimes, he must needs practice his surgery on himself. Although not born a fusser, "Bill' has fussing tendencies, and if it were not for the fact that he is such a busy man, all his thoughts would lie in that direction. IQ IQ Q ROBERT OSMOND SAUNDERS, 721 University Avenue. Friendship. Classical. A. T. Class Secretary Qzjg Honor Roll Q1-2-gjg Y. M. C. A.g Canoe Club. "Bobl' has often been taken for E. Howard Griggs and in the same way is quite the delight of the ladies. From two-thirty till tive-thirty, "Sobby Baundersl' has his ofiice hours in the library and in the midst of an intellectual atinosphere of blue sulphur, clouds of fussiness arise. 53 WILLIAM ALBERT SEARLE, 466 Clinton Avenue North, Rochester. Philosophical. Class Basketball Team Q1-2-gjg Class Football Team Q21 g Class Track Team fl-2-3, 5, Captain Class Track Team, Q2j g Varsity Track Team Qlj g As- sistant Manager Varsity Track Team C35 3 Varsity Dra- matic Club QI-2-35 5 Sopli Iollg junior' Historical Societyg Charter Member K. S. G.g Canoe Club. "Billy" has a cracking Hne tenor voice which commended him to der Herr Professor and ensured fame for our "perpetual fussern in the yellow book. "Bill" is interested equally in yellow journalism, pale co-eds and ale, black cigars, in a Word,-in spectrum analysis. He has by no means a colorless personality but is true blue,-how blue may be seen by the curve of the lips. QQQ HARRY JOHN SIMMELINK, 309 Hudson Avenue, Rochester. Scientific. G. A. X. Class Banquet Committee C153 Class Track Team Qrjg Class Nominating Committee f2j g Soph jollg Class Eleven Qzj g Class Historian Q31 3 K. S. G. "Simmy" is an Epicurean of the most virulent type. I-Ie eschews much whole- some dirt and partakes of those things which tickle the palate. His motto is eat, drink, and make merry. With these aims in view, he elects Esty and Lawrence. It is but a perverted taste, that had he joined '06 a few years younger he might have been saved. As it is, we have done our best and have furnished him with an inspiration. He is a lady-killer. 54 CHARLES ARTHUR SIMPSON, T18 Columbia Avenue Rochester Philosophical. G. A. X. Class Secretary Qgjg As- sistant Business Manager INTERPRES. "Charlie" is a ward-healer. He connuenced his political career about twenty- one years ago, and he is still going at the pace of his youth. He delights in work. Study is his chief amusement, and he bids fair to outshine us all, when t11e keys are dealt out. In fact, he is an expert dealer himself, so he finds that things usually come his way. QQIQ FRED JOSEPH SLATER, Charlotte. Philosophical. Varsity Eleven CI-2-gjg Class Track Team QI-2-355 Soph joll. K. S. G. Sod buster from afar! The only jester ill l1is classg of irresistible, perpetual, and often sadly unfathomable wit. Grand master of Hibernian "jiu-jitsu.'l First rnatheiuatician to apply that science to mental problems. He issues a defiance to throw any three problems of whatever sort, fbar Gillie'sj in two days. A fiery spirit who shines on top-a good Shakesperean scholar, tunderstands first fifty lines Hamlet V. i. perfectlyj . What would We do without our "Slate?" 55 ANCEL St. JOHN, . 440 University Avenue. Brooklyn. Philosophical. A. A. lb. Honor Roll Q1-2-gjg Class Track Team Q11 3 Speaker Class Banquet Q15 5 Varsity Dramatic Club Q15 g Sophomore Exhibitiong Collector Athletic Subscriptions Qzjg junior Prom. Committeeg Chess Club QI-2-Zyl? Science Club KI-2-352 Y. M. C. A. 3 Tennis Association Q1-2-gl g Campus Board fl-2-3, g Assistant in Physical Laboratory Q2-gj g Soph Joll. "Angel' is so called from the lucus a non lucendo theory. A burst of rhapsody springs from t11e heart of Z.7Zf6f!1lg'E7Zf men when they look upon this "Saint," and they exclaim, " What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving, how express and admirable! in action, how like an angel!" In general, how like the devil! QQ! MARTIN TIERNAN, 311 Linden Street. Charlotte. Classical. 6. A. X. Honor Roll CI-ZDQ Class Nine Q1lg Class Banquet Committee f2jg J1.111lO1'P1'O111. Coni- mitteeg Class Orator Qgj 3 Soph joll. :f'Tiernie" is: of that race of piratesvwho used to smuggle into the portlof Char- lotte various unmentionable commodities. He smuggled himself into the Univer- sity of Rochester and has since continued the nefarious process. This fierce tire- eater lies low mostly and only comes to light when some revenue officers stumble over his cavern. "Let sleeping dogs lie." Thus may We dismiss this brigand. 56 HARRY SWAIN TODD, Spencerport. Philosophical. Dramatic Club QU, K. S. G. Swain "Toddy," bright and bruslc, wafts to us every morning tl1e scent of new- mown hay from the lielcls of Spencerport. While there may be other philosophers, musicians, poets, artists, scholars and studio frequenters fwe infer so from his namej, yet a more composite and more Hnished laboratory product, QC. P.j, has seldom been seen. He likes best to blow his flute to the owl, the nightingale and the maids of his native roost. Perpetually happy-he can't help himself. 19? DOUGLAS EDWIN WILDER, 276 Monroe Avenue. Newark. Philosophical. 112. E. Honor Roll CI-2-33, College Choir CI-2-gjg Glee Club fl-2-gjg Class Toastmaster Qgjg Charter Member K. S. G. Librarian, History Department Qgj. ' Wilder is more so than he was three years ago and then he was irreclaimable. It is sad to see a young boy worthless, but he "is mad, 'tis true, 'tis true, 'tis pity and pity 'tis, 'tis true." 57 F LEWIS MITCHEL WILSON, Maceclon. Classical. A. T. Honor Roll fI-2-:QQ Sophomore Exhibitiong Class Orator f2jg Class Track Team QI-2-gjg Czzmjms Board fgj. "Willie" weighs two hundred and ten pounds,-built in proportion "A good l ' as fellow! QN. B. Editor's weight is one hundred twenty,-built in proportion.j 55? JASPER HEMAN WRIGHT, - 80 North Union Street, Rochester. Scientific. Honor Roll CI-2-35 g Class Eleven fI-2, 5 Class Track Team fl-2DQ Class President Qzjg Cfzmpffs Board fresigneclj Qgjg Assistant Biological Laboratory C31 5 Graduates with 1905? Vice-President 1905. jasper points out tl1e way to heaven and sets us the good example of what is t 1 ' lf ' f " ' ' ' ' ec inica lj ltnoyxn as morbid bliss. '. His heart may be Warm but his mind is rough and stony. Geology is his profession. A striking example also of extremes U 1 . . . rat meet. Shows great pronciency 1n washing bottles and in blasting. 58 Qlirstmhile Qmmbers of 1906, Clarence john Averill, Angelica. William Kenneth Barry, Rochester. Herman Bartholoinay, Rochester. joseph Alexander Blackford, Adams Basin. Arthur Joseph Berson, Rochester. Nelson Gowe Corkhill, Rochester. J. Guernsey Curtiss, Rochester. William johns, Ontario Center. Roy Channing Draper, Rochester. Charles Homer Holzwarth, Rochester. William Donald Hyde, Rochester Howard Wilder Lyman, Rochester. james Ernest Naylor, Williamsville. Wells Robert Neel, Rochester. Harry james O'Connor, Rochester. Raymond Lewis Sattler, Rochester. janies Hungerford Smith, jr., Rochester. Vincent Hollis Todd, Blooming Valley, Pa Earle Gibson White, Phelps. 59 MARY INA COE, 567 Averill Avenue. Yates, N. Y. Philosophical. 9. H. Honor Roll C2-Sli Secretary Students' Association for Women Qzj. LILLIAN LOUISE CRAFTS, 97 Glendale Park, Rochester. Philosophical. A. E. Y. W. C. A., Honor Roll Q1-2-gjg Class Secretary C33 3 Honorable Mention QI-25. GRACE ELIZABETH CURTIS, 37 Birch Crescent. Hilton Philosophical. Y. W. C. A.g Class Treasurer Qzjg junior Historical Society. HERMA MAUD HARKNESS, 557 Dewey Avenue, Rochester. Scientiiic. D. F. Entered from Wo1nan's College, Baltimore, in Sophomore year. ' ETHEL MCKAY KATES, I5 Hart'Street, Rochester. Philosophical. A. E. Class Vice-President C355 junior Historical Soc-ietyg Honor Roll KI-2-35. BLANCHE EUNICE KING, 168 Meigs Street. Mertensia. Philosophical. A. E. Honor Roll Q1-2-gjg Class Treasurer QU: Class President fzjg Vice-President Students, Association for Women fgj. EDNAH KATHRYN LEVIS, 185 Fulton Avenue, Rochester. ' Classical. LEAH MCPARLIN, 97 Prince Street, Rochester. Philosophical. CLARA TOWNSEND MOSELEY, 57 South Goochnan Street. Bergen. Philosophical. Entered from Mt. Holyoke, Sophomore year. CHARLOTTE STODDARD STONE, rIO8 Highland Avenue, Rochester. Philosophical. junior Historical Society. HELEN ELIZABETH THOMAS, 8 North Goodman Street. Silver Creek. Philosophical. 9. H. Honor Roll Q1-2-3l 3 Class Vice-President C15 3 Class President fgj 5 President Y. W. C. A., junior Historical Society. MINERVA CLAIRE WILLIAMS, 45 Brighton Street, Rochester. Special. 9. H. 60 W OPHO ORE O cum of 19OT. CLASS YELL-BooM-A-RAH, Boom-A-RAH, Boom-A-RAH, REVEN, ROCHESTER, ROCHESTER, 1907. CLASS COLORS-VVHITE AND MAROON. Qbffifers. President, E. F, VanBnskirk Vice-President, A R. H. Wellington Secretary, C. G. Palmer Treasurer, G. A. Beclell Toastmaster, G. T. Palmer Orator, E. C. Taggart Historian, E. A. Stahlbrodt Poet, H. P. Barss Prophet, - - - A. S. Miller Captain Football Team, - E. G. Koch Captain Basket Ball Teani, L. F. Fairchild Captain Track Team, - I B. Goldstein Captain Base Ball Team, G. T. Sullivan 62 Hfwkrf Ph nyfz bopijomore Winn. GAIN is the opportunity given for a recital of the many and illustrious "'-, 4 achievements of the class of "Noughty-Seven,"-the class which is called upon when a nian is needed. How was it that the upper-classnien, upon looking into our happy faces that first morning, knew that a class had at last come which was to give -its Alma Mater a good big lift along the highway of learning and of athletics. Then, did we not sl1ow the over-couhdeut "Sophs." the quickest way of reaching the head of tl1e stairs? Ever since, we have been showing all classes tl1e quickest way of reaching the top in everything. On the football Held did we not run our opponents up and down between the two goals at our own sweet will? Did we not show them new stunts in ahletics on the track, and who was it that taught them that it takes more than children to play baseball? After three months' recess, "Noughty-Seven" again returned to brighten the eyes and gladden the hearts of the faculty. There we niet a motley throng which called itself t'Frosh," Hlld which had conie to dispute our rights and privileges. It did not take long to set their siinple minds aright as to who was "running the show." Since then we have also shown the " Froshn how to keep the pig-skin in motion, to play basket-ball, and to win track meets. Which class has furnished men for the football and basketball teams, and will supply niore for baseball and track? Our fame l1as spread so far that even Sub-freshmen know enough to say liNOllgl1lj'-S6V6h.,, All these things has t'Noughty-Seven" done, and she will continue to do things until she has left behind all others in the race. 63 vw programme. Music. American Ideals, - - ---- Lyman Abbott BENJAIVIIN GOLDSTEIN, 1'?oclze.vlea'. The Philippine Question, - - A - Albert J. Beveridge PIOWVARD PHILLIPS BARSS, Rorhrrler. Abraham Lincoln, - ----- Phillips Brooks HERBIAN MICPIAELS COHN, Roclzfxier. The Influence of Geneva on the Puritans, - - Choate EDGAR FLANDREAU VANBUSKIRK, Broaklwr. Music. A Plea for Americanisni, - - , - Henry Cabot Lodge EDGAR JACOB FISHER, Roclzesievf. The Emperor of Japan, - - - - - john Swinton GEORGE TIMOTHY SULLIVAN, Roc1zz'sle1'. Lincoln at Gettysburgh, - - - - Geo. Wm. Curtis JOSEPH CROMBIE NAPIER, Rochmtevz The Commercial Spirit in Lincolu's Day, - Phillips RALPH ELMER HARMON, Clzfion. Music. First Prize, - JOSEPH CRGMBIE NAPIER. Second Prize, - EDGAR FLANDREAU VANBUSKIRK. Honorable Mention, - BENJAMIN GOLDSTEIN. COMMITTEE OF AWARD. Mr. Olin H. Burritt, A. M., of the Class of 1890 Superintendent of the School for the Blincl, Batavia. Mr. Earnest Belknap Superintendent oi Schools, Lockport. Mr. H. D. Bartlett Superintendent Of Schools, Medina. 64 Ollie Qsnuplgomore Glass. Wilbur Wilcox Bancroft, Howard Phillips Barss, Garnet Alexander Bedell, Floyd Erwin Bernard, Philip Bernhardt, Eldred S. Brant, Abie David Burr, Herman Michaels Cohn, Earl M. Copp, jay Edward Dutcher, LeRoy Frink Fairchild, Edgar jacob Fisher, Herbert Ernest Fowler, Harold Benton Gilbert, Benjamin Goldstein, Ralph Elmer Harmon, Charles David Heaton, Walter Clifford Hurd, Elon Huntington Jessup, Ward Delazon jordan, Carl Frederick William Kaelber, William Edward Kinney, Elmer George Koch, Fred Raymond Lewis, Harry Carl Michaels, Alvah Strong Miller, Theodore Augustus Miller, joseph Crombie Napier, Frederick Francis O'Connor, Carl Griff Palmer, George Truman Palmer, Francis Lamont Pierce, Floyd Orton Reed, Wallace Robert Reid, Hugh Alexander Smith, jr., Edward Adolph Stahlbrodt, Howard john Steere, Arthur John Steinhardt, Harold Osborn Stewart, George Timothy Sullivan, Mark Wallace Swetland, Pl1. Cl Cl SP Cl SP SP Ph SP C1 Sc Cl. Sc Sc Ph Cl Cl Cl SP Sc Cl Cl Sc Pl1. Cl. Cl Cl. Cl. Sc Cl. Sc. Ph. Sc. Ph. Cl Ph Pl1. Cl. Sp. Cl Cl 65 Fairporl, Rochesier, 70 Meigs St. Fafrfzorl, Savldusky, 35 Strathallan Park. Roclzesier, 91 Kelly St. Omfario, 173 Grand Ave. Chczrlotle, r Rachesler, 61 Westminster Road. Charlolte, 96 Park Ave Rochester, 59 Ontario St. Rochester, 363 Alexander St. Rochester, 21 Edmonds St. Rochester, 78 Dewey Ave. Avon, 96 Park Ave. Rochesler 56 Vienna St. Clworz, 65 Prince St. Rochesler, 52 Brighton St. Deep Rive1',C'0nn. , 255 UniversityAve Brooklyn, 762 St. Paul St. Frzendsbija, 35 Strathallan Park. Rocheszfer, 587 University Ave Rochester, 64 Lorimer St. Roclzesler, 579 University Ave. Charloiie, Rochester, 272 East Ave Roclzesier, 12 Reynolds St. Rocfzeszfer, I2 Reynolds St Rochesier, 289 Mt. Hope Ave. Rochesier, 158 St. Paul St. Rochester, III S. Union St Palmyra, 5 Canfield Pl ilzbelzcevporl, Cenierlisle, 127 Merriman St. No. Tomzwzmda, 65 Prince St Brockport, 65 Prince St Rochester, 26 Lake View Park O,1y'0rd, 41 Prince St. Roclzesler, 22 Scio St. Rochester, 37 Clinton Ave. So. Rochester, 184 No. Union St Hzlghtsiowfz, JV.f., 4 Vine St. Archie Wilcox Symonds, Edgar Charles Taggart, Louis Frank Talbot, Earl Wesley Taylor, Edgar George Tliomssen 1 Edgar Flandreau VanBuskirl:, Robert john Walkinshaw, Myron james Walter, Roger Hale Wellington, Nathaniel George West, john Winslow, Ralph Grant Yeaton, Bertha May Adams, Katherine Allan, Elizabeth Alice Butler, Clara Bessie Crittenden, Effie Helen Esson, Marie Agatha Felsinger, Emma Culross Gibbons, Amy Gazena Hardick, Lucy Camille Higbie, Marion Melville, Enid Elvira Morris, Bessie Florence Pettis, Ethel Rogers, Florence Russell, Madelon Dix Schuyler, Sc. Sc. Cl. Cl. Sc. Cl. Ph. Sc. Ph. Cl. Sp. Sc. Cl. Sp. Cl. PI1. Sp. Cl. SP Cl Cl. Ph. Cl Pl1. Cl. Ph. SP Wooclhzcll, 65 Prince St. Wilhesbzzrzfe, Pa., 96 Park Ave. Rochesier, 357 Jay St. Cohoes, 4 Vine St. Rochesier, 445 joseph Ave. Brooklyn, 428 Alexander St A70. Tolzzzwczndzz, 65 Prince St. C'!zj?011 Sp1'z'ng5, 35 Strathallan Park. Rocherier, 20 Argyle St. Rochester, 466 Garson Ave. Ithaca, 65 Prince St. Zirooklyfz, 285 Alexander St. fikzifybafl, Rochesier, 71 Edmonds St Rochesieff, 25 Warner St. Rochesfer, 73 Costar Ave. Rochesier, 130 Woodward St. Rochester, 123 Orange St. Rochesielf, Q7 Ambrose St. Fcz1'1'jJ01'z', Rochester, 150 Park Ave. Rochester. S3 Glendale Park. Lincoln, 3,62 University Ave. Rochester, 73 Glendale Park Rocheszfer, 1 Arlington St Rochesier, 2 Argyle St Rochester, ' 16 Granger Pl Ida Marie Wannemacher Died, Tllursday, April 13, 1905. 66 L 6512155 uf 1 908. CLASS X'ELL--KAN ABLE AN ABLE AN ABLE ATE, KAN ABLE AN ABLE AN ABLE ATE. CLASS COLORS President, - Vice-President, - - Secretary and Treasurer, Toastmaster, Poet, - Historian, Orator, - Prophet, - - Captain Football Team, Captain Track Team, Captain Base Ball Team, Captain Basket Ball Team, Ho Wo HO wo, NOUGHT-EIGHT, NOUGHT-EIGHT. CHERRY RED AND STEEL GRAY. Qbfficers. 68 E. C. Wolcott C. D. Hart C. D. MarSl1 B. T. DeMal1ie I. L. O,Connor H. C. Taylor A. F. Truex P. A. Benedict J. E. Burr S. L. Bidwell T. I. Fulton A. I. Pannnenter f-X Q rw Aw P11 im 8 j'fEE5ljl1IBlI ilaruttlrz. "History repeats itself" is 11Ol evident at the University of Rochester. - The following account will prove conclusively that '08 l1as not acted the fit same as '07 or '05 or any other class did in its Freshman Year. The traditions of Rochester are known near and far. lt is understood that the entering class shall lick or be licked by its predecessor. Consequently it was a "stripped for actio11" class that met the Sophs at the stairs on the first college day i11 September. A terrible struggle ensued. For a niouient, neither side made any gains. Then with a determined pluck, '08 rushed its opponents upward. just as the Sophs began to give way, "Dewey appeared on the bridge" as Swartz said, and the contest ceased. The Freshmen, though outweighed in the annual interclass gridiron battle, were not outplayed. At the beginning of the second half, the score was IO to o in favor of 'o7. By a series of rushes, and fake passes '08 slowly pushed the ball down the iield to score a touchdown. The good work, thus started, kept up. In the last minute of play, a Freshman secured the pigskin, made a long run around the end, plunged through a crowd of Seniors, Sophs, Hllll Coeds to tie the score. The most noteworthy thing about the rush which followed was the absence of Sophs. In glancing over the field, however, an onlooker could see the Sophs, not daring each to pick out his 111311, but piling three or four deep on one Fresh- man, while tl1e members of 'OS were bravely upholding their class. One day a meeting of the Sophomore class was called after chapel. '08 decided to attend. Imagine the consternation of the Sophs. "How dared the Freshmen stay to a meeting of the Sophomore class?" "Throw them out," were the excla- mations of the would be "wise guys." Even Freddie had to "but in" and say, "Classes are not supposed to tight around Anderson Hall." Finally, aftera consul- tation between Acting Prexy, "Doc" Forbes, and the Soph president, VanBuskirk, the former, in a brief address, said that "he was requested by the Sopltoruores, to ask the Freshmen to retire. " Not wishing to gain the illwill of a professor, '08 retired but not before its Indian warcry had cracked the ear drums of the"ground- lings" fSophsj nearby. ' By bribing the masons at work on the new ninety foot chimney, the Sophs had had the mystical '07 placed on it, but it was left for two Freshmen "Tink" and "Benny" to substitute 08' in large black letters, by climbing the wall. It was the banquet, however, that caused the greatest excitement. How did the Freslnnen arrange the banquet at the Eggleston and, what's more, how did they succeed in capturing Edward Flandreau VanBuskirk and hurrying him off to the hall, and how was it that the Sophs did not hear of it until the toasts had been given? I'1l never tell. It was the most successful banquet ever held at Rochester. The attendance was greater, the speeches were good and even little "Mallie" was able to butter the toasts with an unusual amount of humor. But the poor Sophsl They were so downcast that they began to think there was some truth in the yell, 69 "No place on earth," etc. Had it not been for t11e mockery of '06 and the encour- agernents of the Seniors, they would never have come down stairs to attack the Freshmen on the day after. It is difhcult to chronicle the events in the history of such a lively class. The data shows that '08 has contributed such nien as Langslow, O'Connor, Priest and Pryor to football and Wolcott and Fowler to basketball. It has not had an oppor- tunity of showing its prowess in baseball, but will do so shortly. Besides athletics, it has been the first class to successfully conduct a Freshman Debating Society. Thus ends an epoch in the history of '08, Keep up the good work fellows and '08 will be so large on tl1e roll of honor tl1at all the others will be hidden. Hurrah for 1908! 70 The freshman Glass, Harold Edward Akerly, Arthur Howe Allen, Roy David Anthony, Hiram Leonard Barker, Jr., Harold deBlois Barss, Percy Alvin Benedict, Stephen Leon Bidwell, Harry Bloom, Walter Rollin Brooks, john Edwin Burr, Walter Henry Cassebeer, Delwin D. Chapin, jr., Leslie Marsland Conly, Bayard Thomas DeMallie, Harry Packer Dinkey, Raymond Bruce Eddy, Elbert Eli Farman, jr., john Denison Fowler, Thomas james Fulton, Macy Orsen Hallock, Arthur Samuel Hamilton, Jr. Curtis Danals Hart, Frederick W. Herman, ' Stanley Wilfred Iles Louis jacubowitz, George Hanes joy, Roy David Kinney, Lloyd Randolph Kneeland, H. Acton Langslow, Charles Frederick Lauer, Charles Darius Marsh, Gregory James Martin Charles Edmund Meulendyke, George William Morris, Lewis Enoch Munger, --joseph Lewis O'Connor Lloyd Partridge, Athur Thomas Paxnmenter Robert Francis Paviour, Samuel Porter, Carleton Elderkin Power, Arthur Franklin Priest, Sc Sc Sc P11 Cl Sc. Cl. Ph Ph Cl Ph Ph Ph Ph Cl Ph Sc Cl Cl Sp. 5 Sc SP SP Cl Ph Sc Ph SP Sp Cl Cl Ph Sc Cl. SP SP Cl Ph Sc Cl Sc Sc 71 Rochester, I3 Amherst St. Hofzeoye Falls, Rochesler, 358 West Ave. Rochesler, 280 Monroe Ave. Rochesler, 70 Meigs St. Pullhejfville, 445 Alexander St. Rochesler, 73 Kenwood Ave. Rocheszfer, 79 Chatham St. Rochester, 343 West Ave. Rochesler, 80 Flint St. Rochester, 769 St. Paul St. Harrison Valley, Pa., 65 Prince St. Brooklyn, 47 Hand St. Rochesler, 39 Berkeley St. Rochesler, I4 Vick Park B. Ontario Cenler, T73 Grand Ave. Warsaw, Rochester, I9 Thayer St. Rochesler, 48 Rosedale St. Rochesler, 487 Lake Ave. Rochesler, 71 S. Washington St. Rochester, I4 Sumner St. Iromlezj-uoii. .North Chili, 83 Meigs St. Rochesler, 8 Wait St. Rochesler, 1145 Main St. E. Behfczsl, 30 Boardman St. Lyons, 3,7 Birch Crescent, Rochesler, 32 Hamilton St. Rochester, I9 Meigs St. Spefzcerporl, Middletozovz, 67 Charlotte St. Rochester, II Upton Park Rochesier, 146 S. Goodman St. Holley, 35 Strathallan Pk. Rochesier, 32 jefferson Ave. EaslBloo11zjield, 43 East Ave. Iromleguoii, Rochesler, 537 Averill Ave. Elhcz, 133 Plymouth Ave. Rocheszfer, 2Q Thayer St. Haverhill, Mass., 285 Alexander St. Dean Todd Pryor, -Warrant Pryor, john Wilhelm Radu, William Cline Rugg, Edward Hayes Sawers, Ralph Carl Schwarz, Max Schweid, Norman Hamilton Stewart, Albert Moore Taylor, Fred Kalbtleisch Taylor, Harry Cecil Taylor, james joseph Tighe, Arthur Fuller Truex, Clayton Irving Ward, Andrew jackson Warner, 2nd, Samuel Young Whitehouse, Maurice Alton Wilder, Edgar Clinton Wolcott Leland Foster Wood, Hiram Wooden Clara Belle Abbott Margaret Tyson Applegarth, Alma Harriet Austin, Katherene Blackford, Ethel Josephine Bills, Ollie Antoinette Braggins, Emily Gertrude Crump, Dorothy Dennis, Annis Matilda Dunn, Carolyn Lillian Emerson, Grace Elizabeth Fowler, Winifred Stuart Gibbs, Harriet May Haeley, Carolyn Myrtle Heffer, Leila Marion Eysanian, Blanche Marshall Griflith, Grace Lawrence Hall, Iva Mary Hall, Francoise Nellie Klein, Florence Maud Lane, Mary Esther Lane, Georgia Louise Law, Olive Lucie MacGregor, Ruth Tillotson Miller, Florence Elvine Mosher, Marion Dix Mosher, Alicia May Morey, Jessie Naomi Owler, Helen Marguerite Persons, Verna Francis Robinson, Ph Ph SP SP Sc SP Cl Cl Ph SP Ph Pl1 Sc Ph Cl Cl Sc Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl Ph SP Cl Cl Ph Cl Ph Ph Cl SP Sp. Cl Ph Sc P11 Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph C1 Ph Ph Sp. 72 Rochester, Rochester, IV. T07lUZUfl7Ilfll, V icto r, Roch ester, Roch ester, Roch ester, Roch ester, A to ion, Roch ester, Roch ester, A ooh, Roch ester Loch 15 ort, Roch ester, Roch ester, Bergen , Roch ester, A tb ion , Roch ester, Roch ester, Roch ester, Roch ester, Rochester, Roch ester, Roch ester, Ptttyord, Roch ester, S co ttsvi! le, Rochester, Rochester, Roch ester, Rochester, Iromtecjzcoit, Heh oettofz , Rochester, Wa two rth W zz Z zoo rth , Rochester, W ebster, W eoster, Fort A 7272 , Rochester, Scottsoitte, Rochester, Roch ester, Fai rpo rt, Roch ester, Rochester, Roch ester, J 50 Gorsline St. 50 Gorsline St. 37 Birch Crescent. 67 Charlotte St. 548 Lake Ave. 292 Monroe Ave. 359 Alexander St. 296 Alexander St. 21 East Ave. 8 Gibbs St. I3 Bingham St. 82 Danforth St. 28 N. Union St. 96 Park Ave. 109 Troup St. QQ Alexander St. 216 N. Goodman St. T31 Frank St. 18 Lawrence St. 216 Culver Road. IO Arlington St. 362 Alexander St. 206 Scio St. IS Locust St. 1548 Main St. E. 23 Avondale Pk. 35 Vick Park B. IQ Thayer St. 72 S. Union St. 84 Reynolds St. 56 Meigs St. 103 Park Ave. 726 Jay St. 299 Monroe Ave. 37 Birch Crescent 77 Bartlett St. I3 Birch Crescent. 325 West Ave. 325 West Ave. IQ Evergreen St. 79 S. Goodman. 173 Maryland St. Marian Salisbury, Leila Belle Smith, Ruth Tappan, Susan Eleanor Taylor, Ethel. Alice Turner, Jennie Elizabeth Thomas, Cl Cl Ph SP P11 P11 Rochesier, Roch esiar, Shermaiz , Rochesler, South Livonia , 07Zfll7'Z'0, 49 Vick Pk. A 231 Fulton Ave 26 Boardman St 85 Caledonia Ave 239 Westminster Rd Qmmmumg. MEN. WOMEN. TOTAL. Graduate Students 16 6 22 Seniors - 31 II 42 juniors 31 I2 43 Sophomores 47 I2 59 Freshmen - 584' 28 86 Special Students 26 I2 38 Totals 209 81 290 Gtunninates for JlBacbelor's Eneggrees. SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN TOTAL Classical - 28 I5 31 30 104 Philosophical 8 IQ I4 37 79 Scientinc - 6 8 Q I4 I9 47 Totals - 42 42 59 86 230 ij fii'i fki I U K9 U Kb' Q s M 74 Qinmmmremmt Qlixmises. SUNDAY, JUNE I2, 7:30 P. M. The Baccalaureate Sermon by President Rhees in the First Baptist Church. MONDAY, JUNE 13, 3:30 P. M. The Class Day Exercises of the Senior Class, in the Alumni Gymnasium and on the Campus. 8:15 P. M. Oration before the Alumni by George Albert Coe, Ph. D., of the class of 1884, Professor of Philosophy, Northwestern University. 9:30 P. M. Fraternity Reunions at the Chapter Houses. TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 10:00 A. M. Tl1e annual meeting of the Trustees, in Ander- son Hall. 2:00 P. M. The business meeting of the Alumni, in Anderson Hall. 3:00 P.M. The business meeting of the New York Iota of the Phi Beta Kappa, in Anderson Hall. 5:00 to 9:30 P. M. Class Reunions. 8:15 P. M. The Alling Prize Debate by members of the Senior and Junior Classes in the Alumni .Gymnasium. 10:00 P. M. Social Gathering of the Alumni in the Alumni Gymnasium. XVEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 10:00 A. M. The Commencement Exercises in the Alumni Gymnasium. Orations in competition for the Davis Medals: the conferring of degrees: the address to the graduating Class by the President. 1:00 P. M. The Alumni Dinner on the Campus. 8:00 to 10:00. P. M. The Presidentis Reception in the President's House. 75 J J f , .H f X ti' tugs.: I can I ,QA MONDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 13,'I9o4. ij' PRESIDENT, - - - - GEORGE HAROLD VVOLCOTT MASTER OF CEREMONIES, GEORGE HALCOTT CHADEVICK 19lf0QlIHl1TIlIE. Opening Remarks, - Master Of'iCeremonies Address, - President oflClass History, William Morse Hastings Music Oration, Edmund Maurice Evans Poem, George Martin Weimar Prophecy, - james Holly Hanford Class Song Presentation of Class Gift, - The President of the Class Acceptance, - - The President of the University Tree Oratio Pipe Oratio Procession to the Class Tree Tree Song n, Charles Clarence Bidwell' Depositing Class Records n, Parting Song Music 76 George Edward Zimmer lug ffl? ebaie l TUESDAY EvEN1NG, JUNE 14, 1903. IN THE ALUNINI GYBINASIUBI, A flbrner of Glirercises. MUSIC DIRECT ARGUMENTS GEORGE HALCOTT CHADNVICK, Catskill, 1904 LEROY HALBIZQRT, Rochester, 1905 EDXVARD GEORGE ZIMIXIER, Rochester, 1904 THEODORE AUGUSTUS ZORNOVV, Pittsford, 1905 XVILLIAM MORSE HASTINGS, Rochester, 1904 ARTHUR LAXVRENCE STEWART, Rochester, 1905 MUSIC REBUTTAL ARGUMENTS MR. ZORNOW, 1905 MR. ZIMMER, 1904 MR. C1-1ADw1cK, 1904 MR. HALBERT, 1905 MR. STEWART, 1905 MR. HASTINGS, 1904 MUSIC AWARD OF THE JUDGES MUSIC ' Decision in favor of Senior Class. 9 Prize for individual excellence, Mr. Hastings. ' COMMITTEE OF AVVARD. judge William C. Rainsdale, B. S. 1879. Roscoe C. E. Brown, A. B., I889. Mors O. Slocum, A. B. 1889. 77 marinus of the Qirahuatiug lass WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 15, 1904. IN THE ALUIVINI GYMNASIUM. 00 when of Qmrrises. MUSIC PRAYER MUSIC The Development of Cosmopolitanism in America, The College Student's Indebtedness to the Community, Nathaniel Hawthorne, ----- The Student's View of College Life, George Harold Wolcott, Rochesier George Halcott Chadwick, Catslzill George Martin Weimar, Batavia james Holly Hanford, Rochester MUSIC The Utility of Poetry, - Charles Clarence Bidwell, Rochester The College Man as a Citizen, - Orrin Barker, Rochester A Plea for Civic Honesty, - William Morse Hastings, Rochester MUSIC CONFERRING- OF DEGREES. .BENEDICTION. First Prize, Second Prize, Honorable Mention, Mr. Chadwick Mr. Hanford Mr, Hastings COMMITTEE OF AWARD FOR THE DAVIS PRIZE MEDALS. The Reverend Henry C. Applegartli, D. D. Professor Sidney F. Pattison, A. B., of the Class of 1898 Principal Charles A. Hamilton, A. M., of the Class of 1889 78 4 a Hamilton, Columbia, Yale, - Arnherst, - Brunouian, Harvard, Hudson, Bowdoin, Dartmouth, - Peninsular, Rochester, Williams, Manhattan, Middletown, - Kenyon, Union, Cornell, Phi Kappa, - johns Hopkins, Minnesota, Toronto, Chicago, McGill, Wisconsin, ROLL OF CHAPTERS. - - Hamilton College, - s - Columbia College, - - Yale University, - Amherst College, - Brown University, - - Harvard University, - - Adelbert College, - - Bowdoin College, - - Dartmouth College, - - University of Michigan, - - University of Rochester, - - Williams College, - - - - College of the City of New York, - Wesleyan University, - - - Kenyon College, - - Union College, - Cornell University - - Trinity College, - - - johns Hopkins University, - Universityof Minnesota, - - University of Toronto, - - Chicago University - - McGill University - - University of Wisconsin, - 80 Qlpba Delta phi. Founded at Hamilton College in 1832 Rochester Chapter established in 1851 1852 1836 1857 1837 1857 1837 1841 1841 1845 1846 1851 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1870 1878 1889 1892 1393 1896 1897 IQO2 H,-X 1 " "w ' W,,:wW , , X Hm m ,Hy s X '55 ,X ggixgy, . ,, 4, ,IAN I, X ' 2 ,. ff ' . if it - F35-iiffll A .Q Y ' I 15 .4-'. Y I E1 ,,Qg.f.: 4.19, A ., 1741.1-Qi?44p55z95w,yx X Nw-- f, Y- 1 iffy H X XXQXNXE' fl if f " MX gig I,-Q ,f, f, ff JM W Lmn-r Perm Hctibz Qmenxbers of the Qlpba Qbtlta phi. Chester Garfield Gilbert, LeRoy Hzilbert, Howard Walratlx Allen, Edwin Roy Bowerinan, Chester Frederick Crai gie, Wilbur Wilcox Bancroft, Howard Phillips Barss, Edgar Jacob Fisher, Ralph Elmer Harmon, Elon Huntington Jessup, Harold Edward Akerly, Harold DeBlois Barss, Delwin D. Chapin, jr., 1905 Frederick Weik. 1906 1907 john Winslow. 1908 Warrant Pryor. 81 Dana Boardman Hellings, Howard Charles Page, William Rice Foster, Leigh Butler Hall, Ancel St. john. Carl Griff Palmer, Wallace Robert Reid, Hugh Alexander Smith, jr Archie Wilcox Symonds, Robert john Walkinshaw, Hiram Leonard Baker, Jr., Curtis- Danals Hart, Dean Todd Pryor. Williams, Union, Hamilton, Amherst, Adelbert, Colby, Rochester, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Rutgers, Brown, Colgate, New York, Cornell, Marietta, Syracuse, Michigan, Northwestern Harvard, Wisconsin, Lafayette, Columbia, Lehigh, Tufts , De Pauw, Pennsylvania Minnesota, Technology, Swarthmore Stanford, California, McGill, Nebraska, Toronto, Chicago, Ohio, ROLL 'ELDERS Zllpsilon. OF CHAPTERS. Williams College, - Union College, Hamilton College, - Amherst College, Adelbert College, - Colby University, - - University of Rochester, - Middlebury College, - Bowdoin College, - Rutgers College, Brown University, - - Colgate University, - - University of the City of New Cornell University, - - Marietta College, - Syracuse University, University of Michigan, - Northwestern University, - Harvard University, - - University of Wisconsin, - Lafayette College, - - Columbia University, Lehigh College, - Tufts College, - - De Pauw University, - University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota, Boston School of Technology, Swarthmore College, - Leland Stanford University, University of California, - McGill University, - - University of Nebraska, - University of Toronto, University of Chicago, Ohio State University, 82 Founded at Williams College in 1834. Rochester Chapter established i11 1852. York, 1834 1838 1847 T847 1847 1852 1852 1856 1857 1858 l860 1865 1865 1869 1870 1873 1876 1880 ISSO 1885 1885 1885 1885 1886 1887 1888 1890 1893 1893 1896 1896 1898 1898 1899 19oo 1904 .J 2 ,. "Ay A A 1 KRYEO UKZ -1 ,.,-,:'1'f 1 , . nm ,N X A Q. IX A ,kfk 1 , .f E,-1 X J 1' K 0 1' , L3 Q 7 M 1 M f kff , . ' Q. A -4 X L 6,-gs 1 , ' gg xi X f 0 Q93 BED V , .of ? P5 Q1 - fn:-Q .fvf ,.f.- 6' i, 3. ffm- 0 Q K5 '4F51S-X m 'jh'5'ff22f,? - "Q" Q1 754 of . - 'fff VQQQBQ 'ff . I 0115 T T . 'JCZYJW 253' E Q Q29 W? - 9566061 ac- fi- 7 Mfr l:7W'.4Z4G'j?f xffffwzff f WMU, . rfokum X 5' MCCILL P NLaaAsKA wxcmc y Owe NS xx BQ N 'Y V 0 K A' WW 1' Q, 6 m Aa? 'P In 7 f a 5 , ff X up 04181-T N: 1 'TIDD 0 rf- K. 1' W C Y , V -, , 43,95 V ,Q WEL 737 J . I I f ,CAL " N - ' xhoaowru . - av Dwhrafkllild. Zrcibe members oi malta Qllpsilon. Avery Morgan Meech, Lawrence Bacon Brink, Charles Lacy Harris, William Hawley I-Iigbie, Floyd Erwin Bernard, Ward Delazon Jordan, Joseph Crombie Napier, Arthur john Steinllardt, Percy Alvin Benedict, 1905 George Nelson Sage. 1906 Percy Bruce Dutton. Arthur Rathj en, Lewis Garlick Reynolds Robert Osmond Saunders Lewis Mitchell Wilson . T9Q7 1908 f Lewis Enoch Munger. 83 Myron james Walter, George Gould Wedd, Nathaniel George West, Earl Wesley Taylor. Arthur Fuller Truex, ,A sl 1 P 1 ,a-42:3-eyewf' "ff 'llHt" .l t.l Cqfl ir7,J 331Jaia?i3'iaiQa'9 itglflu r 4'-7E:..E , '7't , Phi, Theta, - Xi Sigma, - Gamma, - Psi, - Chi, - Upsilon, - Beta, - Kappa, - Lambda, - Eta, - Pi, - Iota, - - Alpha Alpha, - Omicron, - Epsilon, - Rho, - Tau, Mn, - Nu, - Beta Phi, Phi Chi, - Psi Phi, - - Gamma Phi, - Psi Omega, - Beta Chi, Delta Chi, Delta Delta, - Phi Gamma, - Gamma Beta, - Theta Zeta, - Alpha Chi, - Phi Epsilon, - Sigma Tau, - Tau Lambda, - Alpha Phi, - Delta Kappa, - Tau Alpha, - Sigma Rho, - malta Kappa Glipsilon. Founded at Yale College in 1844. Beta Phi Chapter Established in 1856. ROLL OF CHAPTERS . - Yale College, - - Bowdoin College, - Colby University, - - Amherst College, - - Vanderbilt University, - - University of Alabama, - - University of Mississippi,- - Brown University, - - - - University of North Carolina, - - Miami University, - - - - Kenyon College, - - - University of Virginia, - - - Dartmouth College, - - - Central University of Kentucky, - - Middlebury College, - - - - University of Michigan, - - - Williams College, - - Lafayette College, - Hamilton College, - Colgate University - - - College ofthe City of New York, - - University of Rochester, - - A Rutgers College, - - - Indiana Asbury University, - - Wesleyan University, - - - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, - - Western Reserve University, - - Cornell University, - - University of Chicago, - - Syracuse University, - Columbia University, - - University of California, - - Trinity College, - - University of Minnesota, - - - Mass. Institute of Technology, - - Tulane University - - - University of Toronto, - - University of Pennsylvania, - - McGill University, - - Leland Stanford, - 34 1844 1844 1845 1846 1847 1847 1850 1850 1851 1852 1852 1852 1353 1854 1854 1855 1855 1855 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1870 1871 1374 1876 1879 1889 1890 1899 1899 1899 IQOO 1902 fp fp ff- "ff-FI-If-I-I-.'. .ff-I'I-Q-f'1'f "1-f'1"'f fi f-I-1'f"'f'Uf- '-If-I-IC-1-I-C .'f'I-Ili-1'f-1-f 3111-X -'1 1- - - s:ia:a:- x ' - ' ,A E I I1 1 Q95 Q A WUNW!?VE?l!5Yf' 4 L i 'HllW1lL1f5'W'5'E ,fb f ul? fl 1K'Y mV 1!il lU 1WWm 0 V ' .-,A I-'ga K Bctihe members of Ebelca iiiuppa fIEp5ilon. 1905 Arthur Lawrence Stewart, George Burt Candle Edmund WorthingtondWestervelt. 1906 Walter Austin Calihan, Enibry Crittenden McDowell Charles Peters Oliver. 1907 Abie David Burr, George Timothy Sullivan jay Edward Dutcher, Edgar Flandreau VanBu5kirk Albert Vosburg, Edward Adolph Stahlbrodt LeRoy Fink Fairchild, Ralph Grant Yeaton 1908 Stephen Leon Bidwell, Walter Rollin Brooks, Walter Henry Cassabeer, 35 Bayard Thoinas De Mallie Carleton Elderkin Power Arthur Franklin Priest Theta, - Delta, - Beta, Sigma, - Gamma, - Zeta, - Lambda, - Kappa, - Psi, Xi, Upsilon, - Iota Phi, y Pi, Chi, - Beta Beta, Eta, - Tau, Mu, Rho, - Omega, - Epsilon, - RO LL lpsi illlpsilou. Founded at Union College in 1833. Upsilon Chapter Established in 1858 OF CHAPTERS. Union College, ---- University of the City of New York Yale College, ---- Brown University, Amherst College, - Dartmouth College, Columbia University, - Bowdoin College, Hamilton College, Wesleyan University, - University of Rochester, - Kenyon College, - - University of Michigan, - Syracuse University - Cornell University, - Trinity College, Lehigh University, '- - University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota, - University of Wisconsin, - Chicago University, - University of California, - 86 , . 1833 1837 1839 1840 1841 1842 1842 1843 1843 1848 1858 1860 1865 1375 1876 1880 1884 1891 1891 1896 1897 1902 f .4 ' Vg 'V PVL WV 'L E G N- X 1 5 ing. FE ' fam E 1 ff Q 322214 fs' ZA 5 ? 5' iw W 'HF 'if' A 1- T ix? SU 4 ,U ...K "x qi , Y '1. 5, z ' E ' E Q Q f " .Ll- .7 V T197 filly, 'U- 'H vfavff' Zffvfpv 57, ' Qtrtihe Qpenrbsrs of psi Ullpsilon. 1905 Walter Riley Beckley, Thomas Dransfield, Jr., Edward Huntington Jacobs, ' 1906 Harry Willard Bosworth, Albert Bowen, Clarence Melvin 1907 Carl Frederick William Kaelber, Elmer George Koch, Alvah Strong Miller, 1908 Roy David Anthony, john Edwin Burr, Arthur Samuel Hamilton, jr., Norman Hamilton 87 Edward Ernest Morris, ' Louis Albert Pultz, Carroll Arthur Sutherland. William Curtis Clark, Prentiss Bailey Gilbert, Platt. Theodore Augustus Miller, Howard John Steere, Roger Hale Wellington. Charles Edward Meuleudylce George William Morris, Robert Francis Paviour, Stewart. Z, 'L-we V q5,"':n---.. 1 Q, lass as - , ,s Qlbeta Bbelta 011131. ' N L' ' "" P11 - , . . ' LM-if H Wh- . , bounded at Union College 1n 1848. ' 1- 1f:'i1T'i"fE2' '-K' 2 ii? Cl1i Charge Established in 1867. " Miz.-.11-.1v+i6f.41.. - '- , " IQ-"'1:aL13::: 11'-1 Zeta, Epsilon, Eta, Kappa. - Iota, Xi, Phi , Cl1i , Psi, - - Omicron Denteron, Beta, - .- Lambda, -- Pi Deuteron, - Rho Deuteron, Nu Deuteron, Mu Deuteron, Gamma Deuteron, Iota Deuteron, Tau Denteron, Sigma Deuteron, Chi Deuteron, Delta Deuteron, Zeta Deuteron, Eta Deuteron, ROLL OF CHARGES. - Brown University, - - William and Mary - Bowdoin,Col1ege, - - Tufts College, - - Harvard University, - - - Hobart College, - Lafayette College, - - - University of Rochester, - Hamilton College, - - - Dartmouth College, - - Cornell University, - - Boston University, ---- - College ofthe City of New York, - - Columbia University, - - - - Lehigh University, - Amherst College, - - University of Michigan, - Williams College, - - - University of Minnesota, - - University of Wisconsin, - - - George Washington University, - - University of'California, - - - McGill University, ' - - Leland Stanford University, - 88 1853 1353 1854 1856 1856 1857 1867 1867 1868 1869 1870 1877 1881 1883 1884 1884 1889 1891 I892 1895 1896 1900 1901 1903 .L ll. f X Q Y rl Y: VY. I 1 jx. 'afg- .KM ' AW'-T-W"-,i't'-H A Ax ,, W' ILNSL i 'fsqi'-A " 5541 ', W' , f 'Q-ww, .A 'I HLLAS' , ' - U ' . 4g Q5 - YY WH f . . ti? Gly 1. , 'L I - ff S-QE, V 2-J , Q . ,, -.JF " ' H 'Drk ' 55 Y- '5 H fr, f- , 13, H '4 24' w W ' rw ,. gg 622 f 141,162 H , ,z g m x fuk xg 'X 'JA' t Q N V 1 3 - 55-f 5 , ' ' L- kiwi X" f s ,Jw W K F' F A if , 1 31.1, A. , gg, ,f ' - vf'M ,- . A- 'xgfugwww X ' K - --1. gr Adggf- 'K Y V A , , ' Y 2-:K -I gm., wg 5 g--l f- Hg h W . 1 W kff WEX " f -S ,ij r": lx,,f i rj, ,., i X D nfshvf .- JV, fm C Qrtihe stjernbers' of Ulheta Ebzlta ctlihi, 1906 Harry john Simrnelink, Charles Arthur Simpson Martin Tiernan. 1907 Eldred S. Brandt, George Truman Palmer Earle Morse Copp, Harold Osborn Stewart Harold Benton Gilbert, Edgar Charles Taggart Fred Raymond Lewis, Henry Lincoln Wilder 1908 Thomas james Fulton, joseph Lewis O'Connor, Arthur Thomas Pammenter, 89 jamee joseph Tighe Clayton Irving Ward Samuel Young Whitehouse 1Bbi Qipsilnn. twtablisben in 1884 Loral Qmsiztp. F W! ,gl T- FQJEEH i 'lll!Q2',A,1 x-52,554 ,. 'Yg V" ,N -Effif-' ' -, f A L1 Ashmn au. Elsrkl CnF'nflu Qrcibe members of phi Qlipsilon. Herbert Benton Arthur, Louis Jonathan Bailey, Merritt Way Haynes, Raymond Coon Keople George Latta Barrus, Frederick Betz, Alfred LeGrand Ki nter, Walter Clifford Hurd, Floyd Orton Reed, Raymond Bruce Eddy, Floyd J. Partridge, john Wilhelm Radu, T905 , Irving Nelson Kohler, Arthur Raynesford, Albert Perlea VanDusen, Theodore Augustus Zornow. 1906 Max Isidore Klein, Raymond Hardy, Karl Suits Morgan, Douglas Edwin Wilder. 1907 Frederick Francis O'Connor Louis Frank Talbot. 1908 ' William C. ,Rugg, Gregory Martin, Albert M. Taylor, Harry C. Taylor. qpbi 9lBeta iliappa. OFFICERS FOR, 1904-1905. President, Vice-President, - Secretary, Treasurer, joseph O'Connor, '63 joseph H. Gilmore Charles Hoeing Benjamin B. Chace, '89 BOARD OF MANAGERS . Charles E. Darrow, '77, Henry E. Lawrence, '89. Edmund Lyon, '77. MEMBERS INITIATED IN Theron G. Strong, '68. Roscoe C. E. Brown, '89. George Halcott Chadwick, 'o4. Alice Harriet Colby, 'o4. Helen Margaret Ellwanger, IO4. Marie Griesheinier, '04, Q2 Charles M. Robinson, 'QI Frederick I. Sinythe, '84 john B. M. Stephens, '84 1904. James Holly Hanford, '04 William Morse Hastings, '04 Laura Mae Lawler, '04 George Hayden Rounds, '04 George Martin Weimar, '04 George Crosier Whitney, '04 ff' A I,- uf. fy, 'P 'nu nu II nz'-s-umm' mTl EL-44 .3 U im 4 as EA: 541 1 mu.-lnl1n X w1lnm111Wl1mu.n mmf 3. F.- A: E? 17. g fi? 42, 25 R 1 snvarr Pnmn. GLUE Zlllnihersitg cliounril. FOR THE YEAR BEGINNING MAV, 1904. President,- - Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Trustees, Faculty , Alumni, - Physical Director, E. E. Morris, D. President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, B. Hellings, OFFICERS. Eugene C. Denton - Charles Hoeing Francis S. Macoinber Dana B. Hellings MEMBERS. J. T. Alling, G. C. Hollister - Charles Hoeing, H. E. Lawrence E. C. Denton, F. S. Maconiber, H. D. Shedd - - - - J. W. H. Pollard STUDENTS T. A. Zornow, C. G. Horn, L. G. Reynolds Ulihz Qatuuzutzr' Qssociution. OFFICERS. Edward E. Morris. Theodore A. Zornovv. Carr G. Horn. Dana B. Hellings. Lewis G. Reynolds. 94 54.DAvu5 K Y 'X Jw -2 F E9 " - - A 5A f f' I ' 2 Z fx ,Z ig wwvivf I OOT ' BALL ? , . 6 'f f laarsnty ilieam. if "ll, SEASON OF 1904 EMBRY C. MCDOWELL, Manager. CHARLES P. OLIVER, Assistant Manager. EDGAR C. TAGGART, Captain. lf! 11491. if tnmlluufg - . 'u t 1 Xxx' 'ftif 0, , . 5- f' " Z ,- .aaa Wilder, O'Connor, Left End Slater, Barrns, Right En Priest, - - Left Tackle Tagfrt, - - Quarterback Clark, Left Guard Langslow, Jessup, - Right Halfback Reynolds, Center Sullivan, Goldstein, - Left Halfback Gilbert, Right Guard Steere, - - Fullback Pryor, Right Tackle so BS Tir Urns. A. M. Taylor, W. D. jordan, A. W. Symonds. RECORD.i Date Score Opponents Score Place Sept. 24-ROCl1ESt6T ...... ....... 2 6 Niagara ....... ....... o Rochester Oct. I-ROChCSt6f .. 6 Cornell ..... .... 2 9 Ithaca Oct. 8-Rochester .. 6 Union, ............ .... 5 New York Oct. 15-Rochester. ...... .. 6 New York .... .. .... 5 Rochester Oct. 22-Rochester ....... ..... 5 8 Indians ....... .... 0 Rochester Oct. 29--Rochester ....... .. 5 Colgate ..... .... 2 o Rochester Nov. 5-Rochester ....... .. 6 Hamilton ......... ..... 2 8 Clinton Nov. I2-ROCl16StCI' ....... ..... 4 4 St. Lawrence ...... .... o Rochester Nov. 24-Rochester.. .... ....... 1 6 Tufts ................ ...... 5 Rochester 173 Q2 96 "1?06I-PEUBS KJESJBA . VARSITY SQUAD 1904 NAME H. L. VV1lcle1', A. F. Priest, fi. B. Clark, L. G. Reynolds, C. G. Gilbert, W. P1-yor, F. J. Slater, E. C. Taggart, E. H. Jessup, G. T. Sullivan, H. A. Laugslow, H. JI. Steere, J. L. O7COl11lOl', G. L. Barrus, Beuj. Goldstein, W. D. Jordan, A. YV.Symo1.1ds, A. M. Taylor, AGE WEIGHT 21 140 I9 172 25 172 21 167 23 181 19 192 19 159 23 149 19 145 I9 136 I9 170 22 161 IQ 140 19 150 20 136 23 167 22 162 21 138 HEIGHT 5ft. 6111. 5l't. 10111. 6ft. 5ft. 10111. 6ft. 6ft. 1 111. 5ft. 9111. 5ft. 9111. 5ft. 7111. 5ft. 9111. 5ft. 9111. 5ft. 9111. 5ft. 8111. 5ft. giu. 5ft. 7111. 6l't. 5ft. gin. 5ft. 7iu. POSITION Left end Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle Right Eud Quarterback Left Halfback R. I-Ialfback R. Halfback Fullback Left End Right End Left I-Ialfback Guard Tackle Substitute E. C. RTCIJONVELL, Manager. J. NV. H, POLLARD, B. L., M. D., D2ftll1OlltI1, Coaoll. AZ? EY "1 1 :WF "-liiii f '2 ' wig, 7,2 1 ' f v. . 11 . 17 - 1,91 ., .v1'.-1J2- , .i,gfig.5512..1-.fffff , " -9.45-13. Fifi Q, ' . , 5,245 ' iqhzg .. ' '1'v+,u9f 1.:r ' 1-11.-1 M., 0 we , 99 ,. , R, 1 ,i ty ASKETB I.I, D' :ii A 3 5 sig! f,5"if-'-2. :, 1 E , - ' if T X J l "' 2 0 varsity inieam. ' I SEASON GF 1904-05. FREDERICK N. lVEIK, Manager, HOYXTARD W. ALLEN, Assistant Manager. VVALLACE R. REID, Captain. Forwards Center Guards XV. R. Reid E. C. Taggart A. Coach, john Wi B. Clark F. Love . H. Wolcott . C. Wolcott . L. Wilder E. F. Van Buskirk. lliam Hobbs Pollard, Dartmoutll. ' RECORD. Dates sLo.eb Opponents Dec. I31R0Cl1EStSY ....... I2 Syracuse ..... jan. 7-Rochester ....... I7 Pennsylvania. jan. 13-Rochester ....... 16 W,7lSCO11Sl1l...... jan. 16-Rochester ....... 38 McGill ..... jan. 21-ROCl16StSf ....... 24 Coluu1bia...... jan. 28-Rochester ....... 16 Williamsu... Feb. 4-Rochester ....... 26 Cornell .... Feb. Io-Rochester ...,... I2 MlU11CSOl3...... Feb. 28-Rochester ...,.,. ..... 2 5 Hamilton ...... Total points .,..., ..... 1 86 IOO S coree 40 21 26 I3 36 30 22 41 18 274 A1gs11:A S061-P31153 Qesonn Basket JJl5all Grain. HOXRVARD W. ALLEN, Manager. CHESTER F. CRAIGIE, Captain. S Forwards Center Guards Chester F. Craigie, George L. Barrus Walter S. Meyers, Thur Smith Edwin F. Van Buskirk John D. Fowler Henry L. Wilder E. Clinton Wolcott RECORD. Dates Scores Opponents Score Dec 12-Rochester ....... 2I Brockport at Brockport jan. Rochester ....... 25 Brockport at Rochester ...... .... jan. Rochester ....... I7 R. A. C. at R. A. C .... jan. 20-Rochester ....... 29 Starkey at Rochester... Feb 3-Rochester ....... 31 Palmyra at Rochester... Feb. -Rochester ....... 30 Palmyra at Palmyra ........ .... Feb -Rochester ....... 30 R. A. C. at Rochester. 183 158 . fsi M :f7r2"-'TT:.1"f y ' CNQXES 7 f W K Q2 X , V . if? 102 I Second Team-1905 TR CK TEAM 3 llllllli' X X 7 . M yy , E. M. EVANS, Manager. XX ll Trios. DRANSFIELD, Assistant Manager. X v X C. A. SUTHERLAND, Captain. . TX X X - was - , .iflaalq41,s5lf'nHlj?'l X7 l't'Mi X DUAL MEET VARSITY vs. UNION. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., M.-iv 28, 1904. Ioo yard dash-C. G. Palmer, Rochester, irst, Von Dannenburg, Union, second, Sutherland, Rochester, third. Time, 10 3-5 sec. 330 yard dash: C. G. Palmer, R., first, Von Dannenhurg, U., second, Wa1dron,U., third. Time 37 3-5 sec. Half mile run: Hanford, R., iirst, Waldron, U., second, Reed, U., third. Time, 2 min. I6 4-5 sec. Mile run: Hanford, R., first, Reed, U., second, G. T. Palmer, R, third. Time, 4 min. 58 3-4 sec. 2.20 yard dash-C. G. Palmer, R. iirst, Sutherland, R., second, Von Dan- nenburg, U, third. Time 24 sec. T20 yards high hurdles-C. G. Palmer, R., first, Raymond, U., and Smith, R., tie for second place. Time I7 4-5 sec. 220 yards low hurdles: C. G. Palmer, Rd., Erst, Reeder, U., second: Ray- mond, U., third. Time, 27 4-5 sec. Pole vault: Hallock, R., iirst, Raymond, U., second, Maure, U., third. Height, gft. 6 in. Running high jump: Wedd, R., first, Rutledge, U., second, Stalilbrodt, R., third. Height, 5 ft. 2 in. Running broad jump: Waldron, U., first, Hagar, If., second, Reeder, U., third. Distance, I9 ft. IO in. Putting I6 lb. shot: Gilbert, R., iirst, Cushing, R., second, Von Dannen- burg, U., third. Distance, 34 ft. 3 in. Throwing 16 lb. hammer: Closson, U., first , Gilbert, R., second, Cushing, R., third. Distance Ioo ft. 9 in. Total, Rochester, 65 points, Union, 43 points. 104 5 2 Pr '-I 0 W 3 I CO CJ H5 I Email Hluhoor Emmterrlass Zllracls ment, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1905. 100 yard dash-Bidwell, '08, and C. Palmer, '07, tied for first place Sullivan, '07, second. Time II 3-5 seconds. One mile run-Won by G. Palmer, '07, Anthony, '08, secondg Schweid '08, third. Time, 5:17 2-5. 1 Shot put-Won by C. Palmer, '07. W, Pryor, '08, second, Priest, '08 third. Distance, 34 feet, 6 inches. , 220 yard dash-C. Palmer, '07 and Bidwell '08, tied foriirst. Van Buslcirl: '07, third. Tin1e 28 2-5 seconds. 1 Pole vault-Won by C. Palmer. Wood, '08, second, Wilder, '08, third Height, 8 feet, 5 inches. Half mile rim-Won by Sullivan, '07, Michaels, '07, secondg Wood, '08 third. Time, 2:21 1-5. 1 440 yard dash-Won by C. Palmer, '07, Van Bnskirlc, '07, second' Kinney, '07, third. Time, 1 minute. 1 High jump-Won by Wood, '08, Stahlbrodt, '07, and F. O'C0nn0r, '07, tied for second. Height, 5 feet, 1 1-2 inches. Broad jump-Won by O'CO1l1lO1', '08, Kneeland, '08, secondg O'Conn0r, '07, third. Distance, I7 feet, 7 inches. 25 yard dash-Won by Sullivan, 707. Bidwell, '08, second, Palmer, '07, third. Time, 3, 3-5 seconds. 25 yard hurdles-Won by Bidwell, '08, Van Buslcirk, '07, and C. Palmer, '07, tied for second. Time, 4 seconds. One-half mile relay race-Won by Sophomores: QG0ldstein, Jessup, Van Buskirlc and Sullivan.j Freshmen: fBidwell, Paviour, Taylor and O'C0nnorj second. Time. 1 :15 3-5. First place in each event counted 5 points, second place 3 points and t11ird place 1 point. Final score-Class of 1907, 63 points, Class of 1908, 45 points. 106 0 ' 3. P K, Q 55 fag Ali? , r varsity jpiue. SEASON OF 1904. EDVVARD G. ZIMMER, Manager. CHESTER F. CRAIGIE, 'Assistant Manager. J. P. HOGAN, Captain. Barry, Morris, McDowell ....,. ..... Reid, Morris ................ Hogan, White, Wolcott .......... P ultz .................. Bedell, Brandt ....... Faucher, Barry ..... Bedell .... Sullivan ....................... Brandt, White, Reid ..... Date April 30-Rochester ....... May 3-Rochester ....... May 4 -Rochester ...... May 5-Rochester ........ May 6-Rochester ..... May 7-Rochester ........ May 14-Rochester ....... May 28-Rochester. ..... . june 4-Rochester ......... june I4-Rochester ..... RECORD. Score Opponents .......Rain IO I 7 5 .. 6 .......Ra1n I4 5 .. ..... Rain 48 108 St. Lawrence ...... Hamilton ......... ....First Base .Second Base ...Third Base ......Sl1ort Stop ...Left Field Center Field .Right Field ........Catcher .......Pitchers Score ......Rain II Colgate ............. . . I6 St. Lawrence ............. ........ . . I2 University of Vermont ...... 9 University of Vermont ..,.... IO Niagara .......................... ....... R ain Hamilton ..... . 6 Colgate ...... 7 Alumni ..... ...... R uin 71 5061-Lueal A1gs11aA lllllS S5067 I ROBERT P. BENNETT, President. lVILLIAM C. ROADES, Vice-President. ORRIN BARKER, Secretary. J. HOLLY I-IANFORD, Treasurer. EXECUTIVE COINIINIITTEE, ROBERT P. BENNETT, CHARLES Homme, PH. D. and WALTER S. MEYERS. TENNIS TOURNAMENT. r904-SINGLES. Preliminary. First- Second or Thomasfbyej I Semi-Finals Finals Holzwarth 1 Holzwarth iHolzwarih I Bailey I7-5, 6-3 J 6-2, 6-2 X Meecir 3 Meeclr 1 ' Roacles f 6-2, 6-3 PMeyers kMe ers 6-L6-O Reynolds 1Meyers f Qy O Meyers, I. L. j 6-I, 6-I I7 5' - ' Q J J ' Leiter Forbes' IAIEIO 6 6 Forbes 6-2, 6-2 I 1 -3, "2r -2 ' I Haufonl 1 Michaels ?Michaels I Albro Michaels gy-9,6-2,6-3,17-5,4-6,10-S pe-2, 6-3 l I Meyers,W.S. QAlbro Albro .5 6-3,4-6,6-2 TENNIS TOURNAMENT, 1904-DOUBLES. Prelimiiiary First Finals l Forbes and Albro Forbes and Albro I Michaels and Caudle l 6-2 6-0 Meeeh and Large fMicl1aelsa11d Caudle li , j6 8 6 3, 6 4 i Thomas and Bailey 1 Holzwarth-Reynolds IJ Holzwarth-Reynolds i CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND J. L. and W. S. Meyers ' . Forbes and Albro KCIIHIIIPIOIIS for IQOBD -Q - Forbes and Albro 7 5' 8 6' I0-8 IIO Forbes auclA1bro 7-5, 6-3, 6-2 .I KN U J ,ri WEARERS OF THE VARSITY "R" K 1 1905 ' Q L. J. BAILEY E. E. MORRIS A as A. B. CLARK L. A. PULTZ C. G. GILBIQRT THUR SMITH C. A. SUTHIQRLANIJ F. N. VVEIK ' 1906 G. L. BARRUS E. C. MCDOWI-tLL W - C. F. CRAIGIE L. G. IQEYNOLDS 6 F. J. SI.A'rI3R W 1907 , E. S. BRANDT H. J. STEERE 5 G. A. BEnELL E. A. S'rAI-II.BRoIm'r 7 - ' g E. H. JESSIIIJ G. T. SULLIVAN W. D. JORDAN A. W. SYMONDS C. G. PALMER E. C. TAGGART G. T. PALMER E. F. VAN BUSKIRK W. R. REID H. L. XVILDER .1 A 5 1908 3 H. A. LIINGSLOW A. F. PRIEST 9 J. L. O,CONNOR W. PRYOR E. C. XVOLCOTT. 'i I u -.-.:".-"'-.-- III Y L lj Lx i n Ji nys Y ,-N. Z Z -v"l av.. I Z I 1' . Ill X L N S X nw l ', 5 4 , - 'T.".T'..'-- fgii' wsarcrs of 0121555 jpunterals, ARTH UR BAILEY CLARK CRANDALL ALLEN BARRUS BOWERMAN CALIHAN HALL HORN BURR FAIRCHILD GOLDSTEIN HARMON KOCH IQINNEY ANTHONY BENEDICT BIDWELL BROOKS BURR DEMALLIE FOWLER T905 GILBERT MORRIS PAGE 1906 MCDOXVELL MEYERS, J. L. MEYERS, W. S. OLIVER OLSAN 1907 NIXPIER M1'CHAELS, C. PALMER, C. PALMER, G. REID TALBOT TAYLOR 1 908 FULTON H ART KNIELAND MEULENDYKE MUNGER O'CONNOR PAMMENTER POYVER SMITH SUTHERLAND W EIK ZORNOW RATHJEN REYNOLDS ROADES SEARLE SLATER WRIGHT SWLTI AND THOMSSEN XVALTER W FST 'XVINSLOXV VAN BUSKIRK PRIEST PRYOR W SCHWLID STI W KRT TAYLOR, A 'N G, Eg 'N w 1 if ia TAYLOR, F. K. Q-f , 1 I ak ' 1 1. I I i f it I .M. 4 VVOOD ' H J II2 '- PTUSI CLUBS liar IW" IQO6 W S Efuvo-Q 0 SAN QQ" CL C 7 .111 S 9' Q.,-J df 0 V Blunior ilbuartecses. VOCAL . 12- DOUGLAS E. XVILDER, First Tenor CHARLES P. OLIVER, Second Tenor WILLIAM C. CLARR,'BrIritone , CHESTER F. CRAIGIE, Basso X Z, INSTRUMENTAL ' EDYVIN R. BOYVERMAN, First Mandolin X ALBERT BOWEN, Second Mandolin 6 ' r WILLIAM C. ROADES, Guitar 1 S3 CLARENCE M. PLATT, Violin. 5 Qi., II4 'SQJJQMEHQ .zogunf Z- DRAM Manager ................ Assistant Manager ..... .. Stage Manager ................. . 5 il' E TICS J. BAILEY ......ARTHUR RATHJEN ..........,ALBERT BOWEN Assistant Stage Manager ...... ....... R OBERT F. PAVIOUR Master of Properties ......... ....... K ARL F. W. KAELBER Master of the Wardrobe ...... ...... Director of Make-up ......... .... Press Agent ................ Director ......... ..... .FREDERICK O,CONNOR C. HOYT ...XVALTER S. MEYERS L. SWARTOUT GIVEN AT THE LYCEUM THEATRE, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12,-1905. ' CAST 'OF CHARACTERS. SANDY SMITH .................. JOSIAH KROP, his uncle ........................ .,... .,.......... PHILIP KROP, his cousin .............,............................ BILL SHORT, Philip's friend of Queenstown College ..... KENNETH SUMMER, friend of Sandy ........................... PERCY GORDON, captain of Kingstown football team ...... ...........Carl Palmer ......W. Albert Searle .......Artl1ur Steinhart .....Wi1bur Bancroft . ...... john Winslow ........Artl1ur Rathjen DICK HART, a sophomore ......................................... ...... T homas Dransielcl UBABEH VAN TWILLER, a freshman ....... ............ X YV. R. Foster JOE FLEETWOOD, a college sport .........., ......... l William Searle KARL XVOODSTONE, a student ...... ..... R obert Walkinshaw ARTHUR MEDROW, a student ...... .............. X V. C. Clark FRANK THURSTON, a student ..... JAMES RUSSEL, a student ...... CHAUEEEUR .................,..... . ..... Chester Craigie . ........ P. B. Gilbert ........E111ier G. Koch A VOICE ..................... ...... R obert F. Paviour J. BOOTH MCREADY ...... ....... A ndrew J. Warner PROFESSOR DRYDEN ..... .......... D ana B. Helliugs MABEL SUMMER ....... ....... R oger H. Wellington SUE ....................... .......,... C harles P. Oliver II6 fi 1 1 Will 1 U wi-'S " ,,,... 0":a-f:- fe swf 'fjh f 'cf 'fl Q X 711 a s MQ X 'A f-.. C JJ fri-'i EQ A In 4 1 ll kk X Fx L . ,f', -E. 9 Ziff A-f f Z 593115 - fe 4,.- "'-41 L R -lv'- Qs?-,'I1b Q r" 'I . I l ' , : I. 'rl " '. I- liiilil .iii ,Q11 i xf"'y . 2 i ' 4 1 ' If 9 I ' I F i. if ll '11 ' lin Iii.: ' I It jill.. In .1 -'iwgggl .1 i I Jim' ,en-II 'HQ l . .I.I nl II I ll' I ",'!:.:.E,: -ffl: ill illlil ' ii. lilly it ,il llil. .'.. ,4:..l w,,,.. Flll H ll.fll"li?! nfigisizl .z1a!l1r1.i1..sI 11,5-'af Y V - ' .Z . ,: I,.:,lJ.',1'-!g.f'I:I .. iii' -.Fat -?f91ll.!l!lf.l-li" 5?.2.f?1"iily. ' ' . 0:f'.1z4cf'7"ff .155 2 ' W' ' -.:."f"-525:54 fesgllji, i ' ,T ,::.x 1' K ' f . x X ai . 'I-WK " .I--flf ' fx M2ifTfW?is2. -1 'K 1 --2 W- -. 4 , V - 4 1, .I G I , , , :.--, gig' . life -5 - ' "iff" - 4 Q viii!" 43 17 ' - -6 "-if 5:52, La l gk if -' E. C. McDowell, Commodore. P. B. Gilbert, Vice-Commodore. A. Bowen, Secretary. H. C. Michaels, Treasurer. E. G. Koch, Captain. 1905. A. L. Stewart. H. W. Bosworth, A. Bowen, W. A. Calihan, W. C. Clark, P. B. Gilbert, J. L. Meyers, H. M. Cohn, C. F. W. Kaelber, E. G. Koch, H. C. Michaels, T. A. Miller, R. H. E. Akerly, H. L. Barker, Jr. J. E. Burr, H. P. Dinkey, E. E. Farman, jr. 1906. W. S. Meyers, E. C. McDowell, C. P. Oliver, C. M. Platt, R. O. Saunders, W. A. Searle. 1907 A. S. Miller, C. G. Palmer, E. A. Stahlbrodt, G. T. Sullivan, A. Vosburg, H. Wellington. 1908. A. Hamilton, C. E. Meulendyke, G. W. Morris, R. F. Paviour, N. H. Stewart. THE FLEET. Canoe Skipper Colonel ...... ....... A kerly Feclelia ............ ........ B arker Wahnapitae ,........ ........ B owen Chiuigoochichi ..... ....... C lark Laughing Water ....... ....... C ohn Gypsy ................... ...... D inkey Conchaching ....... Valkyrie .......... Nongainog ....... Bobs ....... . ...... 118 ............Gilbert H. Stewart L. Stewart Q Ghz 1906 Elnterpres. EDITORIAL STAFF, XVALTER STEEEEL MEYERS, - Editor-in-Chief LEWIS GARLICK REYNOLDS, A, T., Literary Editor CLARENCEIVIELVIN PLATT, NP. T., Grind Editor VVALTER AUSTIN CALIHAN, A. K. E., Art Editor RAYMOND HARDY, fb. E., - Statistical Editor BUSINESS STAFF. LEWIS GARLIC REYNOLDS, A. T., President RAYMOND HAVRDY, 111. E., - - Secretary WILLIAM CORNELIUS ROADES, A. A. CP. - - Business Manager CHARLES ARTHUR SIMPSON, 9. A. X., - - Assistant Business Manager 119 THE CAMPUS. A Bi-Weekly Paper Published by the Students of the University of Rochester. Eu tered at the Post-Office at Rochester, N.Y., as second-class mail matter PXOCHESTER. N. Y., JANUARY 18, 1905. CHESTER GARFIELD GILBERT, 'o5 Editor-in-Chief. ANGEL ST. JOHN, '06, ALVAH MILLER, 'o7. College News Editors. DANA B. I-IELLINGS, '05. Miscellany Editor. LE Rov HALBERT, 'o5. Manager. XVALTER S. MEYERS, 'o6. Assistant Manager. EDWARD E. MORRIS, '05, Athletics. HARRY C. MICHAELS, '07 Alumni News. TERMS: 31.00 per year. Single Copies 10 Cents. Address all communications of a business nature to LeRoy Halbert, 452 Garson Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 120 The Campus Board CIE PRESIDENT - SEcRET,rRv AUTUMN Vacation Reports ....... Wood's Hole ........ A Cement Plant ...... CE. CLUB OFFICERS. C. O. BEAMAN. MISS H. ROGERS. AND WINTER TALKS. CLUB M155 A. E. lVOODXVARD O. BEAMAN Are the Planets Inhabited ....... . ................. MISS H. ROGERS The City Water Supply ........... .............PRo11. C. W. DODGE Operation ofthe Heating Plant . ...................... THIYR SDIITH Products of the Phillippines W. G. PARKES l22 CHESS L OFFICERS. IACQUE L. MEVERS, HERMAN M. COHN, HAROLD O. STEWART, - Prefadent - - Vice-Pre ldellt Secretary and Treamrer K. S. HOXVARD, Post Graduate. 1905 L. A. PULTZ. 1906 E. R. BOWERMAN, L. B. BRINK, L. B. HALL, J. L. MEYERH, 1907 H. M. COHN, Q H. O. STEWART, C. F. W. KAELBER, 123 H. W. S. MEYERS, OLSAN, A. RATHJEN, A. ST. JOHN. M. J. YVALTER B. GOLDSTEIN F. L. PIERCE Writers' Club A. J. SIGL, - PRESIDENT, L. J. BAILEY. - SECRETARY. 1905. L. J. BAILEY, A. M. MEECH, C. F. CRAIGIE, G. N. SAGE, D. B. HELLINGS, A. 1. SIGL, R. K. KOEPLE, A. L. STEWART. 1906. W. S. MEYERS, L. G. REYNOLDS. Il Nils' fl fill! X ' 1" - 2 , 'Lf A' 46 ' ,fi vw I xx WJ' ' I ,42- if al-'Z ff? I ,. If' ld pg 1 5 I f f Q Q QD, .1 ,fez-,,..,..1-...'T"-....4V E iw- -.,, ..- 124 E jbresbxnan Meaning ctilub. OFFICERS ROY ANTHONY, Chairnian of Executive Committee. ALICIA MOREY, Librarian. CHARLES LAUER, Secretary. RUTH TAPPAN, NORMAN STEXVART, Members of Executive Committee. MARGARET APPLEGARTH, The whole idea of a Freshman Reading Club is due to Harold Stewart of '03 who this year has had the correcting of the Freshman themes. So congenial was the idea to the class, that when Mr. Stewart first broached the subject one morning before the Rhetoric sections, more than forty students expressed a desire to enter upon the Work. Although this number was afterward greatly diminished by other attractions, the same spirit prevailed to the end among those who continued in the club. The plans of Mr. Stewart were closely followed. For each meeting a reading list was made up, from which each member read a topic previous to the meeting. Then there were reports on tl1e different periods studied, the lives of authors, and their works. Each meeting closed With a general discussion. In scope, the work extended from the early legends of King Arthur down to the beginning of the age of Tennyson. Ot this wide field no more than a general survey was possible but tl1e club has not ungrouuded hopes of continuing the work next year in greater detail. At the last meeting of the winter term when tl1e scheduled programmes were com- pleted, a volume of "Great English Plays" was presented to Mr. Stewart by tl1e club as a. mark of their gratitude for his kind assistance during tl1e year. -C. H. L. 125 ALBERT BOWEN PRENTISS BAILEY GILBERT, ! XVALTER AUSTIN CALII-IAN, EMBRY CRITTENDEN MCDOXVELL XVILLIAM CURTIS CLARK, CHARLES PETERS OLIVER, CLARENCE MELVIN PLATT. W w- 3 ,5 , -f.- 5 . . Aux. I IS V -H XM ' 1 M if Lf 3' I "gif-'LA JN1 , AKC z' "' '-Zlvvn Lg-f A f-fl?-4 126 SG The K. S. G. tKnights of the Stygian Gloomj was an organization promulgated in diseased minds under the diabolical innuence of a half-smoked pipe of limbur- ger cheese and feathers. The purpose of this organization was the promotion of deviltry. It was instituted Friday, january 13, and had with its other good quali- ties the added charm of that day. The organization dates back to Adan1, who administered certain parts of the first two degrees to his refractory son Cain. Hence the derivation ofthe expression, "raising Cain." The ritual is a translation from the original Sanskrit and was made by Shakspere an obscure poetaster of the Elizabethan age. The bool: served as a chart to Ponce de Leon in his search for the Fountain of Youth. It Qthe bookj was lost for years, until joseph Smith found it together with the bool: of Mormon one dark night while he was over in his neighbor's melon patch. It was one of the prized possessions of the Mormon Church, although they have been unable to decipher it. They knew that if its obscure lines could be read, the University of Rochester could furnish the man. It was sent here accordingly, but while it lay in the Registrar's office, awaiting Professor Burton's return from Eur- ope, it was stolen, and now given forth to the world by the K. S. G. It solves practically all the problems which to-day agitate the world. It accur- ately defines the "fourth dimension" laying bare its secret. It shows how a news- paper may be white when it is readg and many other equally wonderful things. The only tlllllg that casts discredit on the book is that it attempts the impossible in a sonnet entitled t'Cant Fail Method for Enforcing the Raines Law.'i The K. S. G. is hibernating at present, but will bud forth again in January 1906. The officers are: Kinnikinicl-1 - C. G. HORN. Keno Kinnikinick - L. F. TALBOT. Sapendukei - - H. F. SrMMELrNK. Skorigum ---- D. E. WILDER. Ghinkazooks F. J. SLATER, G. L. BARRUS. Kabob - - - . - - W. R. Fos'rER. Ghandarvah ----- - -, - NAPIER. The active members besides Prof. Shedd, are: Tiernan, Klein, Morgan, Wilson, Barss, Zorrnow, Raynsford, Stewart, West, Hardy, Reynolds, Harris, Calihan, Wright, Sigl, Todd, Rathjen, Brink, Oliver, honorary: Higbie, Levensong charter members, Horn, Barrus, Searle, Napier, Wilder. Yell Z-iKKaSbaY3111aUa Sigga Gil. Sigaramma See Gillaramma, Kassaramma K. S. G." 127 1 - K DTERATURE 'xv h 'QL NW fb do I W bl ll ma NUI A football. Q35f OU have heard niuch of the Sultan And l1is hoards of dark uiarauders, Of the cruel Turkish soldier, Of his bloody dirk and sabreg How he comes upon the Christian In the forest and the darkness, How his wicked eyes flash fire As he plays the part of butcher. And we have i11 our OWII country, In the land of free and noble, Institutions of the learned, For the man with mind l'lHtI'3.11l111ClSCl, Free from thought of blood and murder, For the soul sublime, unselfish, Where the noblest hu111an spirits Hold coniniunion with their fellows. Yet in almost every college, In this land of loving brothers, Football is a game beloved By the many kindred spirits. And if ever you should ask nie, You should seek for information, How they play this game of football, I would tell you, I would answer: I3Q On the green and silent campus Mighty men of strength and valor, Formed in bunches of eleven, Stand with all their nerves a-tingle, Ready, each man in position For the leap, each at the other, Like the Royal Bengal tiger, As he crouches on l1is haunches. Crash I! They rush with sponge and water, Pull the injured from the melee, Swab the mouth and rub the muscles. Fracture? Only dislocation. Substitute takes his position, And again they're inthe conflict. Touch down? No, the leader plunges With a dozen men atop him. Thus the tide of battle wavers While the cheering from the bleachers Close approaches to a frenzy, As each hero of the coniiict Strives to cover him with glory. While in the gymnasium cellar, Surgeons with their skilled assistants Snap the bones back in their sockets. Many weeks they come to college, Some with limbs fast bound in splinters, Hobble up and down the stairvvays With the doubtful aid of crutches. But l've wandered from my subject, From my bloody man of Turkey, Yet by some hallucination Seems as if there were connection. H. S. T., '0o. R fist 66599 X 1 U Wing, ,0 X, l yi I ag -gif? 3 7 ffffwl? S e W 1 Z2 nl' ff- 1: IM' 1 - fl Y IH v , if -. 1 YLVKA fl., 131 ,, fi rl 1? ' fi alma f ta l' T, qs.. f:,---'- - ,.. .lil 1 4?- illbe plague of iIEbe Qplimers. QI. The plague of the Slimers. 2. Tl1e king seeketh to destroy it. 6. Exodus of t11e Chosen People. 7. The Slimers pursue. 13. But to no avail. 15. The feast. 17. Downfall of the Slimers.j 1. Now it came to pass in the days when King Wright ruled over the Chosen People, that there arose a grievous plague of Slimers in the land, and the nuisance thereof was exceeding great, for they respected not the sacred places, neither was there any limit to their butting in. 2. And the king summoned the Chosen Ones, who are called the Rough-housers, and said: Now verily it is up to us, for tl1e arrogance of these Slimers increaseth daily, and tl1e Faculty, yea, even Prexy, looketh to us to squelch them. 3. And he chose certain men of great cunning, and bade them go forth and pre- pare, even negotiate for a great feast, which should be in secret, so that no Slimer might know thereof, neither be aware of itg for thus should shame be brought upon them, and of their butting in there should be an end. 4. So the messengers went forth, and did seek diligently how they might accomplish the King's commands, and for a space there was quiet in the land, for the king had charged them strictly to speak of these things to no man. 5. But on the sixteenth day of the fifth month, the messengers returned, and did take secret council with the Chosen People that they should prepare for the feast on tl1e next day but one. 6. And so it came to pass that on the eighteenth day of the fifth month, the Chosen Ones did gird up their loins, and did go to tl1e Road which is called Culver, and then did mount a swift chariot of tl1e lightning-juice to journey into a far country, even to Pultneyville. 7. But a certain lewd fellow of the baser sort, one Frank of the tribe of Winter, had seen them depart, and he straightway sent hither and thither and did summon the Slimers to stir them up against tl1e Chosen People, yea even from their dens did he call them forth, Cfor it was now day, and the Slimer, being a creature of darkness, loves not the light.J 8. And they came with much umult and with many strong cords, if haply they might fall upon tl1e Chosen People and bind them. 9. And he of the tribe of Winter saith: Now of a truth I am onto these chaps: they have gone to the bay which is called Sodus, and thither will I lead you for their destruction, but first you must cough up, even shell out, for the way is long and the price is not to be sneezed at. I Io. And they gave him of their shekels all that they possessed, and when he saw that their pockets were empty and nothing more could be taken from them, he made haste to lead them forth upon the way. II. But the pursuit was known unto the Chosen People and they took counsel among themselves how they might honswoggle it, as it were. 12. And the captain of their chariot said unto them: Now listen, even give heed, for I have a plan, and it is this, Let us straightway pull down the curtains of our chariot and show ourselves to no one, thus will we pass through tl1e land unseen, even as an empty chariot, and when we come to a secluded place, you shall leave the chariot and journey on foot to Pultneyville, while I continue with the chariot to Sodus Bay, whither our enemies will most certainly follow. 13. And they did even as l1e had said, and came unmolested to Pultneyvilleg 133 but the Slimers hastened on to the Bay of Sodusg and there they did search, and in their unholy zeal did perform all manner of idiotic and asinine stuntsg but they found no one. 14. Now the city of Pultneyville is a mighty burg of seven houses for some say eightj g and in it there is an inn, and one Shaw is boss thereof. And at the inn the Chosen People did meet, and there they did feast upon the fat of the land, even the best that could be hadg and with song and speech and hearty quip and jest did they make 1nerry until tl1e day Was far spent, and no Slinier came nigh unto them. 15. And they nailed their banners to the tall Hagstaff which is by the great Water, and departed, and as they went, behold, they found along the wayside divers and sundry weary and spitlicated Slimers, and they laughed them to SCOFII. 16. But the Slimers answered not, for they felt like thirty cents. 17. Moreover, on the next day at the hour of chapel, the Chosen People did fall upon the Slimers, and did beat them sorely, yea, utterly overwhelm them Q for shame had entered their hearts, and they Were no longer 1ne11. And thus it came to pass that the plague of the Slixners was at an end, and there was peace in the land of the Chosen People. P ' C. G. H. 'o6. . 3, 134 tttlipnrimrrs of a Jlboots Qgent. tHaving to do with fact and iiction as related by a prominent '06 member of the Students' Council in a letter to one of this beloved professorsj Dear Rolyt- Ever hear that old saying that "No man can hide from God? " Don't you be- lieve it. The inventor and promoter of that remark probably did the best he knew,-but he had never been in Pennsylvania. The fact that he ever 'heard of God proves that. - THIS is Pennsylvania-in general. It's Guthriesville in particular. Guthries- ville on the map? No! Verily No. Guthriesville is a metropolis-of Brandy- wine. Brandywine on tl1e map? Nay, Good Soul, nay. Guthriesville consists of a sign-post and a blacl:-smith shop-with their functions interchanged. The weather-bleared sign-post shoos the horses. The human animal goes to the shop for his local information. Started work immediately upon my arrival fvia. the Walker's Bus Routej and have already seen live persons. Reception warm-much so. Interest in me and my work Hndsjexpression in various ways. Some of it "com-pounding." Of the tive called upon two most hospitably invited me to tl1e back yard. The other three even escorted me in person to the gate. Didn't any of them get my book. Would if they had got near enough. As for ine I got out of town. All I did get out of it. Made one touching little call upon a lady with a bull-dog. Didn't call on the dog. He was there waiting for nie. You know, Roly, how a bull-dog sort of takes to a fellow. Well this one was no exception. While he was taking to me, I was taking to the woods. We seemed to have several things in common. Both going the same way. Both in somewhat of a hurry. Even our pants came to- gether. The beast seemed to have taken a very strong attachment to me. I had a feeling for him too. Finally had to lem' myself away. Sad indeed Was the pzz1'zfz'71g. Am afraid, Roly, that the Lord never intended me for a book canvasser. Am going to try my hand before long at canvassing a canoe. Suppose even she will be siewz and try to bow ine out, but I'll bet she can't keel me over. E. G. W. Ex. '06, 135 VQQQQTQQM rx . is ,DQ - Qfiw L+Qf1UZJfP'+UAJ,.m.K al, Mi HA Zvi 4zC2MLZg , df. swf? . ,M M46 J ' Mwawwm, dh-6 Kenniniscenres. ET was a dark dreary winter afternoon in Rochester. The snow lay ive or six feet deep in the, yard around the house, and the deepening shades of a January night were beginning to gather about it. The only attraction to the younger members of the family was the large mysterious garret with its myriads of relics and the wondrous stories which grandfather was able to connect with each bit of faded bunting and each scrap of yellowed paper. Taking an electric hand lamp, john, the proud hope, aged ten, wandered up into the dimly lighted apartment and squatting down beside an old dilapidated trunk, l1e began to rummage among its miscellaneous contents, looking for some interesting bit of history to furnish the theme for one of grandfather's delightful tales. An erstwhile derby hat connected with a bill-of-fare from a Canandaigua hotel with some faded writing on the back of it seemed to Mr, john to be just the acme of mystery, and holding the treasures to his heart, he descended quickly to the library, where grandfather was dozing before the dull red glow of the firelight. On his knee was a large dog-cared volume bearing the title, "Interpres, 1906" in gold letters on its faded cover, and the smile that rested on the face of the slum- bering old man revealed to his grandson the fact that his dreams were carrying him back to the scenes of his youth. The boy sat down expectantly on the stool at l1is feet and waited. In the course of a few minutes, the old man laughed outrigl1t, and awakened by the out- burst, his gaze met the wistful eyes of his grandchild, and he said kindly, "Well, john, my boy?" "See, Grandfather," cried the boy holding up the treasures, "I found these in your old trunk in the attic, and I Want you to tell me tl1e story of them." The old man smiled reminiscently as he 'took the battered hat, and he instinct- ively put his hand to his l1ead, and said laughingly "I can almost feel that blow now, boy. I got it from the club of a deputy. And this old faded piece of paper tells the story too, as it was for this that I spoiled that old hat. 'I Then he chuckled. "Ol1! but that was a great day. I'll tell you all about it little man. Come here, on my knee-so. It was away way back when I was a freshman at Rochester. You know, because I have often told you, that I was in the class of Nought Six. Let me see. That was fifty years ago. You remember what I told you about our banquet at the Livingston? Well this was supposed to have been held in the same year. But as that paper says, it Wasn't, "When we arrived on the campus, Qthis was before the days of the dormatoriesj, we found the sophomore Hag at the top of the tall timber which then stood in front of Anderson Hall, where the monument is now, and upon inquiry among the upperclassmen, we discovered that the entire class of 1905 had left the city to hold its annual banquet. It did not take us long to find out that they had gone to Canandaigua, a village about thirty miles south of the city, and in half an hour, our whole class had set out in pursuit of them. We had to rent a room at the Canandaigua hotel where they had located so as to have the freedom of the halls, and we got a room directly opposite to the one in which the unsuspecting Sophs were confined. They soon became aware of our presence and locked themelves in, so as to be free from disturbances. We took tl1e precaution' to secure their door on the outside, so as to have no doubt as to when our friends were going to leave. "It is a rule of college etiquette that if a class once reaches the room where the 137 feast, already prepared, is upon the table, that it shall be safe from molestation by its rival, and you n1ay be sure that we took every precaution to prevent such a calamity. "After we had been there some time, the heat in the room in which the Sophs were couined became unbearable, and they decided to make a sally. We were a little stronger in numbers, and a great deal stronger in position, so after a short struggle in which the police joined, they were in no position to resist us further. The thought of the feast that awaited them and of which they were to be deprived by our interference was too much for them, and they capitulated, signing that paper which you have in your hand." 'tBut the hat, Grandfather," urged the boy. "What did that have to do with it?" The old man chuckled and stroked the faded felt fondly. "The hat my boy, was broken in this way. As the Sophs came out, several of them shouted, 'I demand the protection of the police,' and in walking up to one of the deputies, and shouting that at him in fun, he raised his club and felled me to the earth. I can almost feel that club now, smashing against my thick skull. But it only stunned me for a little while, and when I recovered consciousness I found that the iight was all over and that we had won, and when I felt the lump on my head, I knew that I had borne some share in humiliating our rival class." iii bums Qiloisrs 31 ilgahe illiolu. A MONOLOGUE. fEnter Sheddie, a three-ply smile on his face, a package of yellow song books under one arm, and six or eight note-books under the other. The contagious smile is contracted by some of the members of the class who haw haw vocifer- ously. Taking a seat at his desk and throwing down his load of books and pam- phlets with a bang,-J Good morning. Glad to see you looking so pleasant this morning. As Mrs. Wiggs used to say, "Eat Quaker Oats and acquire the smile that Won't come off." QCheers from tl1e freshmen, stamping from the sophs, groans from the juniors and snores from the seniors.j What soleful applause, Qas the dust rises toward the ceilingj, I always appreciate that sort of thing. By the way there is one thing that I have always noticed about college students right here in Rochester that I am going to talk about this morning. Yes, I know it's blue Monday and not one of you has prepared his lesson so I am going to consume some of your valuable time by telling a few stories. Clvlore soleful applause mingled with the snoring of the seniors.j I told my boys at the Evening Home last night that there were only two things in this world beside lemons and vinegar that had a right to be sour,- and they were juniors and seniors. fCheers from the underclassmenj Yes, they are about the most sated, blase, acrid things that I know of, and that's the reason that they are in such demand at the pickle factories. Yes there are fifty-seven varieties of them right here in college and whether they are liked or not by the rest of the students is just like the chicken with one wing and the chicken with two, merely a difference of a pinion. CSmiles. A silence broken only by the snores of the upper classmen and then more soleful applause from the freshmen.j There is nothing quite so apparent as the verdancy of the average freshman. 138 QCries of Hear! Hear! from the sophs.j They are receptive and willing to learn. They enjoy a good joke and they don't fall asleep just because they are hearing a story for the twentieth time. They come here to learn and they show it while the juniors and seniors walk around with that complacent, self-satisfied, important air as if they knew it all. fCries of It's association! from tl1e upper- classmen.j Speaking of association,-I once knew an American woman who had lived a great deal in Germany and in telling one of her stories about her life in the Fatherland, I guess this was her upper story, fGroans from all classesj, she said she was speaking with a German lady about her cornmon use of Mein Gott, and Gott in Himmel, and Gott, Gott, und so weiter, on a particular day when she had remarked an unusual number of malappreciations of the sacredness of the name of tl1e Onlnipotent, QA mad rush toward tl1e dictionary,j Wllell her friend said, "Yes it is strange. We Germans say Mein Gott and you American ladies say God damn." QCries of that'll do and give us another.j Here is a new song that I composed in honor of Professor Gilmorets new hat. It is to the tune of "Drop the Handkerchief. " just a moment and I will sing it to you. tSingsj A new hat, a new hat, Gi1lie's got a new hat, He won that hat upon a bet And then again he lost it Lost it, And then again he lost it Lost it. lf,- fe . 4 ' I 1 I Z fjx 1 . f arf Tj filo . Q.. any T' 5.2-21 7 I '-Y A ,ml WMI' ,Q ' "" ' X f tux fn" 4 ai 4 V K 2. Z0 1 fs Q Z gf .-' H' . Q at-" fi, - --J -' "- V -ig f-,ffvzifa - 55 ' 71530.53- 139 1 tCheers, cries and loud applause, stamping, etc.j Now we'll sing this in front of Professor Gil- more's door after Chapel. If some of you gentlemen would be so kind as to pass these few copies around. QThrowing some to those in the first row.l Now 1et's all try it. fAll sing., That's splendid. Now letts give the "Hoo- Rah" and sing the "Gen- eseel' and then I'll excuse you but I want you all to be at my singing class in the chapel at twelve-thirty. fAll yell and sing and then rush out save five or six fussy Co-eds to whom Sheddie talks until twelve- tl1irty.j f fm - ' ' .,x mx lzy - ' A 4:1 vs. 43 Xia.. an -. ,. vm I apr. Ebuoleyg 4911 Gliollege Lift. 'YEZ know where polothics is born in this country? Uh! Well, polithics is the dirict risult av a college educashun. If yez ever seen as much as I have in these colleges, yez wouldn't doubt it fer a minit. Gimme a college witl1 a boonch av thim frats, and I'll show yez more crooked dealin's in polithics than either the Dimicratic or Republican parthies iver would uv belaved possible. jist look at Rochester. There's a place that o't a sind out Prisidints, sinators and the loike. For the min there learns more av polithics than an American, without one av thim higher educashuns like mesilf, would catch on to in tour loiftoimes. Oh them fellows is a shnlart lot. Oi rimimber a few years ago them frats got togither and agreed to hog the whole thing among thimsilves. It was a regular fraize- out game, wid the poor cusses that didn't own a friternity shut out in the cold. Well anyway, they run things fer a year or two. My, but that was er cinch. Them fellows jist got together, put up a shlate fer the whole boonch av offices and thin ran 'em through like clockwork. The other fellow wasu't nowhere. But even the ring didn't sthand long. After a while each boonch av frat min was scrappin' ter see which cud be the biggest hog. An' they it good an' proper. Avery one av thim wanted at least two Prisidints av the sthudent's associashun an' ivery thing else. But anwyay they busted up tinally an' sed they'd give th' out- sider a chance. But they was soon back in combination, all scrappin' each other and from the way things looks now, they w'ant git over it fer awhile. It ain't no use a scrappin' that way anyhow. Thim fellows is possibly learnin' a good lot av polithics, but that ain't jist what they go ter college fer. But have yez heard av the good luck av tl1at college. Why itls jist loike gittin' money from home. Millionaires is a runnin' a race ter see which av thim kin give the college the biggest boonch av money in the shmallest toime. Now there's a big hole on the campus where a big lot av George East1nan's money is goin' fer abuildiu' av labriatories or whatever yez call 'em. Evin Mister Carnegie had inough lift after buildin' libraries fer iviry city in the United Sthates to give a big boonch ter Rochester fer another new buildin'. Av course, the college has got ter raise a boonch jist loike it, but their Prisidint is a hustler an' Oi guess he 'll git it all roight. An, that's a handsome tigger av Prisidint Anderson standin' there in the cirkil. First tl1ing yez know, old Rockerfeller will put up the price av oil agin, and thin the college'll have more buildin's. They need a dormitory for the fellows to shlape iu, anyway, and I guess they'll git that too some day. They tell me Sheddy's Dootch is a cinch, specially fer thim co-eds. Well, I nivir studied Dootch and don't loike the Dootch nohow. But I guess thim co-eds loikes Sheddy all roight. I used to pass him iviry day on the street an' he always had a boonch av six or eight, jist loike a schoolm'a'm takin' her kids fer a class in nature stoody. I thought once I'd loike ter see a class in Dootch. So I went up ter tl1e buildin' about half-past eight er so and inquired fer the Dootch room. Some or tl1e fellers said Sheddy always locks his door when the bell rings. I nivir knowed they did sucl1 things in a college, but suppose some av thim teachers can't git classes around on toime no other way. "Sampson the second," sez Oi, openin' tl1e door av the big loibrary. An' youse would 'a sed the same if yez saw what Oi did. Sittin' there behind a railin' wasa small body av man completely surrounded by hair. "Phat is it?" sez Oi to one of tl1e fellows. "Phinney" sez he. "1-Tunnyf' sez Oi and comminced ter laugh. 141 Well that disturbed Phinney an' he hustles me out. Oi bet tl1i111 whiskers was three feet long. If Oi was him, Oi'd have 'em braided er done up inaping pong. Me old friend O'Hooligau had a goat wid whiskers loike that. They sez Phinney had a shave once-the day he graduated. But O'Hooligan's goat's got that beat. He aint been shaved since the war. "Ch1'isL'y.l' 9- v in Qftermacb, Oh 1've nnished Analytics With all Math. I now am throughg Though I can not square a circle Yet one problem I can do. And the answer to this problem Was a "yes 3" the answer book Was, like those we used in college, The first place where one would look. On her face I read the answer And I knew my work well done. But the problem, would you know it? "How to make 2:I." M. ,07. 5- 0- in 9 bonnet of Qpologig, fBy a halt-baked Romeo.j I pray you, my good friends, cease to protest That all my verse to one sweet theme refers. Can lips that drank their power of song from hers Breathe music of aught else? Or can that breast Which swells for her alone yield breath for jest? Give me to speak for that my life's blood stirs: No poet speaks but each word registers The living truth he lives to manifest. Know that I see within the starry deep Of truth, no truth but that I love,-Oh dole Me but that truth since love awakes my soul Like morning melts the leaden lids of sleep. Though other themes another bard invokes My hubby is the hub of all my spokes. iii' There once was a fellow named it if at at Who didn't like payin' nor owin', S0 he banked all his cash, Thus he couldn't be rash, If there should come a good chance for bestowin'. I42 Uleas wbirb they tprefrr. Bowerman-Electricity. Searle-Hilarity. Platt-Austerity. Oliver-Society. Foster-Prefers milk. Clark-Repartee. Brace-Frigidity. St. -Iolin-Extensity. J. L. Meyers-Brevity. Calihau-Adiposity. Klein-Verbosity. McDowell-Assiduity. Sinuneli uk-Takes something stronger. Haynes-Iuanity. Craigi e-Urbani ty . Prexy-Ubiqui ty. Beanian--Rotundity. Snlith-Nonentity. Stewart-Strenuousi ty. Sigl-Eccentricity. VanDusen-Indefatigability. Beckley-Anlbiguity . Westervelt-lniqui ty. 1 6- i- ilgearh in the 11911: illiomer. "Oh-h-h tl1e terrors of war!" shuddered the skeleton in armour, "to break our noble bones while scaling parapetsf' "Oh-h-h the joys of peace!" sighed the debtor Qhiding from his creditors,j "getting busted from scaling waiters." i- if if UDB may of the young Buthor is ilgarh. A youth sat in his little den And thought and thought and thought and then With sudden grasp picked up his pen Only lo lay z'L' down again. The youth thought on as he sat in his chair And now and again as he rumpled his hair His brow was wrinkled and furrowecl with care For no! an idea would come to him Mere. Before him lay of paper a lot Covered with many and many a blot That dropped from his pen when his brain was hot But all of the sluj was rot. A love story started and torn in bits A brace of melodramatic misfrts An attempt at some most amusing skits- All as pleasing as lawyefds zwfils. Into the waste basket he piled the bunch And then went out for a midnight lunch. fAs there are no more decent rhymes, the tale ends hereg for which the Lord make us truly T.l13.11kfl1l.J T45 O ODE XIV. rYf1z1z's, 1'ez'ev'e11z' in nzare ie zzozfz' 171165145 Ship, new Waves would hurl thee out Again upon the sea, And if the fates ordain tl1is lot, What will become of thee? Bravely strive to reach the shore And gain the harbor safe. Thy naked sides are all unmanned, No oars against them chafe g Thy mast is badly shattered by The swift South-western Windg Thy weakened corclage crealcs and groans The chains no longer bind, V Thy hulk of Wood can scarce endure The all too powerful sea. Alas, dost thou not then perceive What dangers threaten thee? No whole sails now are left to thee, No gods on whom to call: Oppressed again by evil chance, Forsaken thou by all. Although thy beams are Pontic pine, Offspring of noble tree, Cast overboard thy boasted name And useless pedigree! The sailor, timid of the sea, When he for safety turns, Trusts not to gilded ngure-heads, Nor yet to painted sterns. Unless already doomed to be The sport of raving Wind, Beware, thou creature frail and fair, And this niy warning mind! O, Object of my anxious care Avoid the treacherous seas, Nor risk the waves that flow between The Glistening Cyclades! W A .S 6 144 Qlihen as you ann 31. With apologies to Rudyard Kipling. Dedicated to Professor Shedd. ' MAN there was, and he forgot, Even as you and I, So he studied his German with an English "trot Q" He'd crib whole pages spot for spot, For if he didn't, he always forgot, Even as you and I. Ik Gxa Oh, tl1e years we waste and the tears we waste, And the work of the head and hand, Belong to the man who never did learn, And now we know he never did learn, And never could understand. A man there was and he came to "Coll." Even as you and I. He thought the Profs were quite a "joll" To let him sleep in class and loll, And amuse the Co-eds like a doll, Even as you and I. Oh the time we waste, and of others we waste, And the smoke curling up in the air, Belong to the man who never did know, And now we know he never did know, For he said he didn't care. The man came up for German "Exams," Even as you and I, For this was just the Prof's pet plan, So he made a "stab," but had to "stain," And when he flunked, he said, "O D--. Even as you and I. Oh the trots we use, and those we abuse, And the work of another man's hand, Belong to the man who couldn't tell why, And 11oW we know he couldn't tell why, And never could understand. The man was fiuuked on every Hoor, Even as you and I. His "sheep skir1's" lost and a great deal more- I tell you it made him feel right sore, And it's no wonder that he swore, Even as you and I. Oh the time we waste and the hours we waste, And the bursting of our old pate, Belong to the man who came to "Coll" And always tried the Profs to "jO11," But never could translate. 145 R. C. K. '05 jpnnsmzsr. ARRY had an auto Bought it very cheap Tool: it up to college Went away to sleep. Gasoline exploded Made an awful 11oise Frightened all the co-eds Tickled all the boys. Harry woke in terror Saw the wicked flameg Out four hundred dollars Isnlt t11at a shame? Sheddy had a German class Sought by every little lass Knowing well that she would pass When the term was o'er. Sheddy gave them sunshine straight Locked them out when they were late Passed them up at over eight When the term was o'er. Carnegie gave us some money Eastman some physical halls Alumni a beautiful statue And Burton our annual calls. Professors are giving us knowledge But Prexy is treating us best For when the exams. have been finished He'll give us eleven weeks' rest, 4- v if ftiberkereb. In the far off golden future, In the becldning coming years, There are trials, sore and many, There are many woes and tears g But our joys will be still brighter, And our gladness still more glad, If there's mingled with the joyful Something solemn, something sad. 146 ' ' Ch7'Z.5l'jl A. .S. '06 Sn Glipisohe. Tschng, Tscliug! ' Toot! Toot! Toot! Get out of my road! Cant' you see I'rn running this thing Any place it darn pleases? I came, I saw, I bought And now it owns 111e, heart and soul. A bull has no more business In a physical laboratory than A fool in a china shop. That's why I'm running this thing. Oh pickles, theconfound- Ed, insignificant, obstinate, Exasperating sparker refuses to spark. Where's john? 5' if 'V Sl abirtionarp of Gliotlrge marins. BONE-A coin. See CARTWHEEL. BOHN-A freshman proclivity. Taboed by Juniors and Seniors. CRIB-A system of memory training invaluable during examination week. Send for testimonials. CUT-A rupture caused by a violent co11tusion with the mental disease known as work. DER HERR PROFESSOR-A render of decayed and motheaten jokes, puns, and ffC'tT5IZ1Ill'I'6'.Y. DINK-The first Saturday in the term. A mild form of FLUNK which see. FACULTY-FYOIII the Latin, yizmlms meaning easy. FLUNK-From the Latin, fiuere-to flow. Indicating a prospective con- tinuation of the course in which it occurs. FUSS-V. tr., The result of not knowing what color eyes you prefer. FUSSER--A night crawler. See BUNNIE. GINK-The chief guy at a function. The only pebble. GRIND-To patronize the Standard Oil Company. See BOHN. GYM-The place in which Rochester was reported once to have won a basketball game. LAB-The place where time, gas, and elements can be wasted at the mod- erate price of ten bones per term, ORATION-FFOIII 0771, face, and Zio, to be silent. The face of the chapel orator becomes silent at unexpected intervals. POLY CON-From the Gr. Poli meaning 1nuch, and 5012, meaning guff. Much guff. PONY-A diminutive horse. The only animal that can be used to advant- age for rapid transit through Greek and Latin passages. See TROT. PREXY-T116 wielder of tl1e hymn book during a class scrap. TYVALL-A catlike sound produced by one or more men. Becomes noticea- ble immediately after Chapel. SONG-An excrutiating form of torture invented by der Herr Professor. Infests tl1e chapel on Wednesdays and Fridays. 147 Look! There it says "Library and Museum. Ss Embers QDEE Maybe it's got some funny things. Let's go in and see 'em. Gosh! Ain't it big? Gee! But itis cold! Say, that rig-a-ini-jig Must be a relic Of the days of old, The Bronze age: - That head there, Ain't it slick, Backed up with green? Do you know I've heard it said That people in that age Very often coughed up Pennies When they sneezed? Let's go on in. Ain't it nice? And light? See all the books. And look, Therels an upstairs, too, With winding steps just like a boat. of Bronze 21115. Well, sake's alive, Will you look there? The inunzunies. Over by the door Where We came in. One at each side Behind a great big desk. They look almost like life. Come on, let's look around. Hold on! One of tllelll niunimies moved. Well, I'1l be dinged, He's getiul down And comin, towards us. Gee whiz! ! ! He is a she. What does it say? We must not talk Nor breathe Out-loud? Let's go then. This must be A morgue. It surely Ain't no place For living folks Like us. I - V iz!! ' I , , ,.,.Lv I T ' .-fi. - ' .l ., . fan x ., - f- -sv. " :3!:':' T ' 'fb ,. . Z - " --1-:N f' .. ' " f i 553 if yea- to .4 I Q, fb. 4, ' . ,.-if "-Q .E C .aff ,rf-. F A ' 'f D -"' 21321 ,:.'f.:s,:2s, . 13 - -r.:f:-,1.f if 5 - 5-ws 1. ' . 7' . . ,014 ' '1 .. ' 0 1?,'1:- 2 'I' fs- :1':Z'?:2'.:er-1:-ia-L13-"f:'!,"Q:1: 5":f-:-::,.'5 -'- 4,aar17'-:-,gaff'- , 'fi' fQi"'4"' 'X-aff FY? , 1" ffffs i L :s Zia-1-f 'f' F71fi1'1'?51wT'715rs-'41-1435 -.113 5.4.3 V, ' .. M532 is. "vf'i2- 44?2?'::' -1-?e2fggg1?jf:, .ez .e-5M.LfR5,f1'11-sEfa1-,.,s:5g:: -' 12 . I Z 15'- - ' NT1452251114151-zg3i:,f"--2-fb--I' :fq:liA3,fx-3513?-s,,ryv1gs . ulziyg 5-lzliilwr'i'r1y':!f'14i"4'u?'f52"f!'15gr4v-'ffflzlfl-"iz-5-wi'-TQE4!f'514'wf:ff'W'?11"'7+':5":Z1'2gf.-JS.,1-N4 , Vi":.'?'f..21-.swf-r-1r.w?Fr1'T -"'.2'P1:''iffffl.-2111.1ifQ:'f?'D:!2'12-13'.2r+'f'-aS1ffffvf-sxzv -1 r f ,T ' ' ' n..if -A- -.Q,1f:g. 9,-mul.: :gym -' '-11.-..:!f,-in1z.!..,1i1a:.!.!f..Qof.:.2-.,if.s.:rn.rf!La-:fewQx'ZQLEe:ca'.1.!!t4.Aa:-yiz,sgsi:6n,'Ixx:.:.:r--el.-1..wx-,, - T48 1907 SLIMERS Learn and Assimilale the iollowing 52523, ily rl. -lll rllllllln llle lllllll llll -llll rllllfllll- alla gall glen lma- lllg .llllllll-l, . Slimer President Captured Papa Rescues Lilxll: Boy Llll mllillll il -ls lllqlld lllllll lllll. lll l-.lvl lrll mlllllll llllle lllllll . lll-lllillz1..llA 'ilu nlls ella lll lil- l llullallll slllllwlllllln vlllllu llll llrllllill .ll lewrlll pmllllllrlll lvl vmllllllfll, lllll mlllllll- ,lla lbcvclllllll llql lgll lllll llllfl lllpln sllll nlll llllm lm yllllllllg lvlllll ll-l llea. Tllll cllll. rmllxflll, Ll in-llm-w pull l lm- lllll-Kl. -ll lllllllg lly llllnylllg "i-llllw ul slllll l Ulm. llr wllyl Wu Elllllll Pl-l-llallllx' -lllll lvl: lllll-llblll l-lug. Tile r-llslllelll llllllrlfll lvl. llell :llla -lu l1ll,llll.lllllllwllllllllellllllllywllll lllllw lullle lllll lll l-ll ll wlsnlly l-sllnsflllllllvl llr . lzlllll-ll flllll llllll lll lm welll .lullll llc gl-ippllli nl aol-f llllllllclllll- lllll lvl-lllell l. " Pllplll cllllle llml Qlllcll l '- . , in 9 Q-0 W x a , , 0 SP2 - ..- liii A K o Mlm: MPA! lmllll lllllle. l-ll lllllllgrll ll-llll nllll lllll ull lm. fllllll la,ll lll-ld ll rlvll, ell-lil l-llfulllllllry wllllll llf ll-.ll llllllllllllllllllly llllll lo ,llrellll-ll,-, lllll-llll .,.ll:l..lll.lll lllllllil., llllul -.l ll..lllll .llr llll lallll llll-lll lil, ll-ell-.. llllllll ll. lllllllglll llll lllllll my lllllll llll llf.-. nl- llll-l llllll ll llll 9 lflllxi .lla lllllllllgll lrll lllllllnlllllm sfllllllll me ull-ll. lllngllllly lvlll .lm rlllllll llllllplllllll lll lllllllll lll.l ull Pmlllllfll lllll-l :ill llc In bed ui so lute un lmllr and Ihcv nu: mlm- ,lllllll lf, wlll lyl llllllllllll lll llllll llllll.lll..llll ll. vllllllllllillll cllllllle ,Till lllll llw lllllgv Freshman Prize Poem l.llQ ll glwl, llll is l-lllllllll. lll ll... fl-lll .ll :nlllgl llll, wc ll. lllllle-" 0 llllll llc Nl' ll..l l'- l. l-llll llmyfl lllllll ll-ell lllglll. lll llll lzllll fill.. lmlll .ll .lllll,-. ll.. lll. lll...,l fl-llllllsllllll ll.,..l- lwll llllllll lllll lllllll llllll lllllly llllll llwllll. full s.,,.ll...l..,l.l. l.lu4 lll dimers ull remind us We l-:lll null.: :fur Iii is ul mllmt. ,ll..l ll-ll,-ll lllllll llll lwl llllllllll lll llmll. E l.,. l .ln ll.: llllllll -ll llll-ll. FRESHMA a b c Grind hard, Freshman! Learn your ln, Il, cl and some day you will be Sophumoresl IS lor nslnlne conducl-Oh. well! Every one knows xhnl in lhis lhe Freshmen excel! IS for Burr ind lor Barss. The l:lm:r x bnby-boy digg lhc illrmer x compu- ous larce. ' IS lllf cllllll lllll lor Cullll, The slimels wha rry hurd lo bulin. IS :hc dignlm-d l?l Dulcher. Now rrzllly you're nol such a much. slr. l'S the .c.lrIel ensign ol sllnmu Wllicll vnrli Freshman shows whvrrl you call him by llnlm. . Fairlshlld ul course. Wilh his wall a In nlilllaircl Allll his sly-illuv pink, llllllll-pale slllllel rlllar. . rusalunlf Tllu gnu-y grzlllcr Goff Lnccs so lighl llc llarl nol lr:-ugh. IS Ihr ncgnlixu rcdylrncnl ul hcuvcn. Lll us rllllll- il will low llll :lass .ll 'ln IS lor iglmrullvc. slimy 'or is you-l llllrl llllll. OF ioys on lhl: :zlnlpul llc Ilavu quir: ll plcnuy, Nllllllll-sll-ull lllllllllrl. lllllll slxll- pill, lllullly. IS lor K'1ch,lll:: cll:lfl'cllr. Hoch llfr Koch! l-ll, lllbl- llllll lllll sun-dried lntlls Remind US ul' al lllcl lll sllwks. IS lol lllllllcl-s. ix'l 'll llll-U .llllll 3 blllllll Wlllcn lurll-shullld 07 is serial! up Iur lunch. IS llll llll lllllll-llll -Fl llllllll-lllllll llllllllrs. Blll lllll ylll llllll .llc ,lll llll- lllllll-S. . IS rlll Nlllllll, llll lml,,l-lll-lulllfll Nlllicl, Flll- lllll-all llllll In R llll lllll llc pllll all lll llll rear. IS thc odor whll:ll -will ns rxliillcl 'Tis .ls swuul as llv: llll me which grolu in lhl: vale Wllell clllllllll-all lo lll- lllllll-fllllls, llllll-slllulllllg R35 fiivun HH by Illl' buJ, lil llll: '07 rl:lSS. IS lllr Pnlmersl The long lllll lllf lllllr The lull one 's lm ass: The sllurl one z wnrl Oil lh: :lose of llll- class IS lur llualnlily, ll vera' lgllllll lhing. l-xlll qlllllll- is l-lllll-. ls Dlllls all slllg, Noll- llll Fllllllls lllll .llllllllll-. l-lll lfl llll ll-lllll ll lllls hlllllll sllllllullllllcsllllllllll-llllln all lllllll. IS for Rollelll ll-alll ills pill: lllll-llls sllcll. - His brain Ind his tongue are colcrcd will' Slwltlisl IS lor Sullivan, Ill: lnlll.-lunsl mzlsllsr. His rlisx is LI--Ll Slow, and lu-'u lm! murll Inurrr. lSl1irllle ,lllll slilllll Taglwl. Whom lr:iil1ingl?l nllll llunlls lllln'i sucln Ill llurl. IS llll yllll ylllllslli lllll llll lllllcl-. May lhu nexl lrclin :aku you hmm- lll your lllolller. Exmcr from Pittsford News I-lrrsl-llllll. ollllllll l, lem. nl llll lllllllllll lll lrll plmlll Fllllllllllll cl... lll lllf U, lll ie, lrlll. lll-llllllllflll has mul ,glllllly llllll lllllllvll lflwllalllg llllsw lllll-4 el-lllclll vlllll lllllll- llllllllll lllllllllllllllcl lzlllvfllllll- lml lllll ll lllll llllf .ll lll. l-os uw. lllll ll llllllllsrllll-ss ll sll..llll ll,- lllg iw: clllu all ill llllvll-llllflll lll mllllqe lwlllll lllll fl-fl-l llllll-lim gllllll. Nll lwlllmllllllylll.f.l lllg l-lilvsllll llle elllmllfl lll ill. lllllllllmllllll llll mlllll- lll lllll ,ll.lll.,.lll.. lilly llllll willlg-lll Llllllu, lllll lll-lllllnlll llllmllllllllg ll llmllw-lx ll-flllll rll- lllllllllull ullllllllg lllr ..Jlllf llpplf lllllsnlllll. lll flllll lzlllillll- llll llillllllllll ll lllll-ll, 'rrlll ll fllllllnlll lllllllc flllll-lll ll.-llll lllllllllilll lllllnlulll- .lllll llllllalll- l.l lvl.: l-llllllllll llllll lllngf llmlm. lvl lllfll el, llll llllllll lll pl-lllwllf pllllll, lllll-.- llll ll V.-lllllllll llrllllllg llll pllllflllm l-cllflmlv slllllll-ll .l llwllllllll- llllplllll llllllllg, lll lil.-y lllllll, lll-lllll llllll .-..ll-l-l..lllNllQl.llllll wllll lil. lnpllllllll-lg ll.lsl lllll pmlllllc glulll lfllllll, llllll llll U lll ll lllll bl- ull-ll Personals ln ll lllll-l. sllllllllllll. slll, lil.,-.ll. lllllll, lllllllll. .alll-l l l.ll 'lllllll l llll-lll'- llml ll lull llllllll ln ll-ll..lll -1 - ll l llllllll l,l-lll- pill llly llullllllllll ill llll- lollql lllllll, l llllulll s.-ll., lllll lll.l.e ll..,l llllll lll-fll " rlll- ll.lll- llrlllm-l...l1 llm. rlllllll all lllllllulll vsllll-. l.lll lll llwllrl .lllllllllll ll, ll lllll- rlmq 1'll...llplllll llllllll ll., lllllvll-lllllll llrlllllnlllllyll xlllllw llllflv lll lll. llll,-lll.llll lllll lllllllll alll, all, gllllllll lull sllllll--l lllll lullllll, my lwlllllllllg llllyl, lllfll llmll ml lllllll ,lllll llll mulls -ll lmllll llllrllllq nllll ll lllllll lllll, x, l-l --.ill llllllfl lllllll - llllw lo Fl-lfllllllllp ll,- lllllllll- ' - - lll..lll. llllll lll.plllllllll.lll.ll.,llllll lll.-,ln lll lllllll l.. mllll llll ll, play llllll-llllll sl.. lllll lll.,l llulllllfu All mls. ,ull llll I lllll lllllllll lull, l.,ll...-lmll-ll-, l., lllll, lllly lllll-l ml illpllv l..lll- lfsll lllll lll- l..lll, g..l llllllg ll. ' - ADVICE 'l'lll.- llllll lllllll ill lllull llllllws llll ll llllllll .ll.l gll-l l-l.ll .lull will-. lu -'lllll-l-l-ll llllp- ll lllllllllllllll llllll ll..ll Q..lll- ,lllll.,... l I ,,, W .W l I L . He Knows His Nose 'ill -lllll lllll lllll llly ll'-llll lllnllllug llll ll-ly llllllll, l ,lllll qlllll llll lmlll llll, llllml. Tlle 'II7 Ph-xilllllll .hill-ll rlllg lvllle-l rl-Ali:-ill Tile lll.lll.ll ll-.l,- lll..ll -,lm ll, ml lllllllll. ulllll gm.. llllll llulllupl llllllll lllllllll ll,..lll,g lll llll llll-l, lfl.ll..lll ,lllll slclllg lllllll llll, egllll R ll Q ll ln s..l.l lllv l.lll mll, -- l ..l,.,l.lle .. IS llll vllllllllg, lrll Clllllllllll lllllflr-Pl Alsll flll vlll lxllsillll. llll l-lslll-ulll lllllflol I5 llll ll-llllill-y www lllll l.-l- wlllll. They lllllll lllll-'ru llll llllllll Glue Lllllrl. 'las -- said. Milk, milk, milkl Goo goo, Heaven ll lfll. l..ll.l.l ,-.lllf ...- . vl.ll'll .-llllll lllll llll llglll ill llll lull:- 1 ll. ll llll lllll .l,...ll llgll. lll . ,.l. l llwl.,--l l.,.ll-, l .l. llll,llll,-- ve ,4..ll, llmlslell-lllllll. -ll Cflll, lull. IS llll XIX-Vll, llllllll sllllc x all lllllf llllllll, llllllllllllll llllfll f-. llllllll. IS llll :my lfrlsllllllll yell, wllllll lllllllll like lll llllll lllllll llcllllsl --- - ' Boo Mama, Boo Mama, Boo 5 from eleven 1 I5 llll fll-lu. nllll- llllll sllll, ASll7Tl6f'S, sllmers, 1907! ull-1 .lllll ll grind ll-llll ll-lllllld llllulllllll llllll. mann llllllqlrlal .l-flll mv ,ml l-fl-flu lllf rfllmilllllll fzlllll lll llfl-llllfa' .lllu all pm: lll lgllllwln lll lllf lull mapa .mf fllllllllllglflll, ll ll ' ' llwllfu lil la mllfllll ll, l-,alll me lllllll llll,lllll.llll .lf mm Traditions I You must l-:cap off rhe grass. II You are llrllllillilcd fmm timing on the campus. III You musr nlll wear claw nlllnl-mls llpllll alps nr swear- 'crs, unlew yllll have wllll ill: privilege ol' welll-illg lhc snml: Ill' llllk-illg lllnycll ill :ln illxer-alms cnnlcsl. I We want our Ma, 1907 IV Yllll lllllsl show ,lluc rrlpuul flll lllc rlghrs of X, llllpl-l .llllllll-ll llll lllllsl sllllw :ll ll-.lsr .llllll- sliglll sclnl-lullcc ll! l-lllll-ge .plrlr VI Yl-ll lllllsr lllll llzlll llxc l-llllcgc vi-ll., Thur ls :ln VIII VII I Y lllllll-r l-lzsslllank Ilril-llcgil-. llll lllll.l lllll llllllkl- pllw- llll llll- czllnplls, all lllllsl ll.lll ln lllllllll llll :llc l-.lulzlll llll, ,lllll-ll lllll. 2- EVEN IN COLLEGE SAUNDERS-"Can I ask a question?" PROF. M.-"Well-we will see. " 5' FLASH OF SELF REVEALED CHARACTER MAC-"Would you like to play foot ball Todd?" TODD-"O there are enough fools in the world now-without my going into the game." MAC-"Not in sympathy with the gan1e?,' TODD-"O-it's good enough to kill off a few fools." 5' MAC-"Now in Sweden in a case of vacancy on the throne-" 5' SEARLE fgraluitously explainsj-"The town reve in ancient England looked after the schools. " BILL-'tYes-you mean to say, perhaps, he supervised the University system. " X 9' UNCLE B.-"Name the houses of England." CLASS-"Hapsbnrgs, Burbous, etc. Stuarts Ptoloniiesfl' I-IIGBY Qwaking upj-"The-House of,lLords. " 5' "What is feudalism Mr. Meyers?" "A system of interlocked land vassalage. H NOW we'l1 rule that out-as E1 less simple and definite term. Why, when you said interlocked I inunediately thought of Lockportf' 152 ,fi BECKLEY-"As heaclstrong as an allegory on tl1e banks of the Nile. " HAVNIQS, V.,xNDUs129N-"Their heads sometimes so little that there is no more room for witg sometiines so long, that there is no wit for so much room." SIGL- "There's something in a flying horse " " " " huge balloon." XVEIK-HTllC hell of waters! Where they howl and hiss." ARTHUR-"He was a man who stole the livery of the Court of Heaven to serve the clevil in. " SMITH-':Who thinks too little and talks too n1uch." MEl3CIi-iiSO1lOYOUS 1netal Chrassj blowing martial sounds." NIORRIS-HBS not wise in your own conceitsf' KOHLER-':Up! Up! My friend and quit your books, or surely you'll grow double." MORRIS-"Go poor clevil, get thee goneg why should I hurt thee? This world is surely wide enough to hold both thee and me." KOEPLE-KilllllC1lCE and what art thou, execrable shape." 4 BAILEY-Wanted: a subscription of ten cents from the college for al- QOH! you know what I neecl.l PULTZ- "O what a deal of scorn looksAbeautiful In the contenipt and anger of his lip." VAN DUSEN-' A There is a pleasure in being mad which none but-inadmeu knowf ' C. G. GILB1sR'r,j . WEIK, L 'tWhere be his quiclit1es?" REID, I -Shak. - J .... , l WH P ,fi A young daddy long legs named 1 1 1 1 SE-AR L E ,B From the Co-eds picked out l1is best girl. Wonian's rights he espoused, ' And became greatly aroused,- Now Wouldn't that make your hair curl? There was a green junior named 1 1 1 1 L, E ,NB In the class room he strove hard to shine. When asked to recite, He'd soar clear out of sight Till his class mates all thought they'd resign. 5' , DR. HOEING Qln Latin 11.1-" Do you agree with what has just been said, Mr. Steere?,' Looking up after a pause, "Will some one please wake Mr. Steere up." il PROF. MOREY-' 'Will you please take up the next topic, Mr. Hardy, showing the logical relation and connection of the twof' HARDY Qafter some thoughtj-"We have seen how the feudal system prevailed in France. We will now study Germany, -" PROF. M.-"Yes, your logic is good. For instance, we have studied the movements of the amoeba. We will now see how the logarithmic tables are computed. Yes, you certainly showed a logical sequence. You may sit down." 154 il, HOARV JOKE GILLIE LECTURING- I ISalter - Miss - Thomas oujranl seat Lwilliams CHORUS-' 'The air is so Warm here professor. May we have the window open?" GILLIE-"Yes-but if you are too warm here go back and sit by Wilson where the air is fresher." 'Y GILLIE-"A 'Jag' is a small load of anything." Y PROF. MOREY fin History 1.1-"Mr. Bernhartlt, Will you please give us your ideas on the same subject." BERNHARDT-"I don't think I can improve on what has been said." PROF. M.-"Do a great deal worse then? 5' Charming, that's the word to useg oh! but sl1e'll all arts refuseg Ease of iuauuer, poise and grace Dainty figure, lovely face: fAll this that I say is trueg gar nicht, uou pas, uihil, Ghj. T55 4i IN PHILOSOPHY FORBES--"Can you sympathize wilh a Wrong act? " HAYNES-'AI can't, but some people can." WEIK-I don't believe that I am morally bound to pay my debts. ii' IN METEOROLOGY fweatherj ZORNOW-"Half of the sun's heat which reaches the earth is absorbed by the atmosphere before it reaches the earth. " ' 5' DEFINITION FROM OUR ENCYCLOPEDIA KLEIN fexplains in psychologyj-"Therefore it is evident that people are likely to vaunt themselves." PROF.-' ' What is that?" KLEIN-' 'To vaunt-to-er-boost, ' ' 5' FLASHES OF CHARACTER SHONVN BY REMARKS Mlss WILLIAMS-"Where does 'sentiments' come in, Prof. ?" PROF.-"Is winking involuntary?" MISS KATES-"I don't-er-not always-why sometimes I fstalnpingj canf' 156 4124 DODGEfin lecturej-"In pneumonia, death frequently occurs by the stoppage of the lungs. You need not be afraid then of burning from the inhala- tion oi pure oxygen. If any burning occurs it Will be after death." 9' ROADESG11 debaiej-"By a fixed policy our country would be benefited in its foreign cloinestics. H 5' SYVEATLANDGU Fr. 21-Butfasieualed Qfascinatedj by her eyes-he remained glued to his chair." 5' WILDERCtranslatingj "She tool: off her hat, and her golden hair-" 9' TODDU11 clebatej-"Do they claim that an inflation is a bubble? 5' TAGfin Historyj-Pausing, "Ha Ha Ha! Can't read my own notes, professor. " PROF. MOREY-"Pass them around the room maybe someone else can. " Y DODGE'iKIS the skin dead ? " BETZ-'lYes the epidermis-" DODGE-What other dead parts have you ? " BETZ-"Hair and er-er" DODGE-"Yes skin and hair and nails and teeth, in fact you are pretty much dead anyhow." 157 f W FR x R 1 M11 I f 4 5 Xi X - N '- 4 4 A C2 X V' , ul - . "' ' 55 -, 1' X X . S+: Q j , I Si ., ' fig, I I . N il, v-1 jg ,.,,Q -1V fi?'"W!i""-Mui M X0 Olin lpassant. following pages, gentle reader, tell the story of it how this bool: was published. In them appear the names of those, who by their financial support, en- abled us to make this bool: what it is. It is to them, as well as those of the student body who assisted us with literary and other matter, that we owe the lion's share of our grati- tude, and we hope that you will look through these pages carefully, and include the places named in your visiting list. And when you go into one of these stores, just tell Utlie man" that you are from the college, and it will make it easier for those who follow in our footsteps. 159 'dlahte nf cliontcnts. Athletics: Football Basketball Track Team - Baseball - Tennis Association - Wearers of the Varsity "R" Wearerszof Class Numerals Campus - - Chess Club - - Classes: Senior Junior Sophomore - Freshman - College Organizations Connnencenient - Dedication Dramatic Club - Eastman, George: Portrait - Sketch Faculty Foreword - Fraternities: Alpha Delta Phi Delta Upsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Psi Upsilon - Theta Delta Chi Phi Epsilon Phi Betta Kappa C-rinds - In Memoriam - Interpres Board K. S. G. Literature Musical Clubs Science Club Summary Trustees Writers' Club 160 96-99 IOO-T03 104-106 108-109 110 III 112 120-121 123 24-27 38-58 61-66 67-73 93 75-73 3 116-117 4 5 11-20 2 80-SI 82-83 84-85 86-87 88-89 90-91 92 151-157 8 119 127 129 II3-115 122 74 9 124 E G , A COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS RUSH RHEES, D. D., LL. D., President Courses of Study: Classical, Philosophical and Scientific. Laboratories: Chemical, Biological, Geological and Physical. Students preparing for graduate courses in Theology, Law and Medicine receive special attention. A Pretechnical Group of studies, fits graduates to complete a technical education in two years at such technical schools as Sibley College, QCornellj, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or Columbia University. A Teachers' Training Department secures On graduation a State Teachers' Certificate of the first grade without further examination. 13' BEGINS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1905. EXAMINATIONS FOR ADNIISSION WILL OCCUR ON MONDAY AND TUEsDAY, JUNE 26 AND 27, AND g UPON TUEsDAY AND VVEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 AND 20, IN ANDERSON HAIJL. M The Annual Catalogue will be sent On application. Address all inquiries to THE REGISTRAR, Anderson Hall, Rochester, N. Y. ilgotn glhmnmg 31s moulin QEEITI 53 Cloths For Men's Wear gg One of the effective ways in which to secure just the right thing 3 . for Suits and Overcoats is to visit "Burke's" Cloth Department, 0 Q Q fourth Floor. The greatest stock of Stylish and Durable Suitings, Q25 Trouserings and Overcoatings in Rochester is there spread out. It will be noticed, too, that our prices afford good substantial savings. Q0 FANCY CHEVIOT SUITINGS-all 56 COVERT OVERCOATINGS-M o st Q53 inches wide-25 new varieties of checks, popular tans, olives and browns for top- O ,, overplaids and 111lXlLl1'CS-- coats and 0 ., QQ yard ................................. 5 women'-s S 1 '50 BLACK SUITINGS-56 inches Widen- Jacltetb .........,........,.........,......,............ Q , large line of fine thibets, cheviots, diag- We 0 QQ ouals and FANCY WORSTEDS-a half hundred QQ uninish- S 1 '25 new styles in dressy stripes 2 Q ed worsteds ...................... ................... a nd checks-yard ............... S '00 0 QQ Q53 Burke, FitzSimons, Hone Ee? Co. ri W N e.. 'il 2.1 EV? g'5 5535-' N: Y. , ,..-- - ' Taxi E 55:-Age' ,-9 refs- .-.. ' i 1-,ri 7.153 --- 1?5i"i ? 'finden S ' ' .-- ?e if 'w,Y',..Wfi Riagg ? ' X 1" W-rs,lv:qa.-tra'-mil.-i' ' itiq,my'm..-.wwwtgsuqiqmwtl'O " ,.-Quzm .,,,. 1 .. - X...-- Y Q , x A f , fzfpffafvf ,r,, W N, S J To hear Prexy pray for the co-eds! Whose telephone do VU, you know best? If' - Q-A Who has the winged . ffl ! 7 'f',. Ze " f ,,.g.-ss horse for crest? Whose handsome rigs lead all the rest? Whose name is known North, South, East and West? HIGGINS, "49" Outdoor Display AD VERTISING The most successful result bringer when properly applied. All great successes are due directly to its adaptation in a wise advertising campaign. Billposting,Distributing, Paste, Signs. Rochester Bill Posting Company, Edward A. Stahlbrodt, Mgr. 19-Z1 Mill Street. THE 1905 Goodrich Championship Tennis Ball Approved by the National Lawn Tennis Ass'n For Sale By All Sporting Goods Dealers The B. F. GOODRICI-I CO. N. Y. Branch Factories 66 Reade St. Akron, Ohio. 111 LIGHT! LIGHT ! ! LIGHT !!! Man through all ages has been searching for it. N experience of nearly half a cen- tury with all kinds of lamps- froin the old sperm oil burner down to the lmproved Central Draft-makes us an authority on artificial light. We are showing all the best lamps in the market. Nothing but the best. Light is the chief factor in a lamp. Study, Student and Electric Read- ing Lamps a Specialty. W. H. GLENNY QD. CO., 190-194 East Main st., ROCHESTER, N. Y. To see Ancel wear tight pants! A Tip Top Sporting Goods Store -er ie UR Nortla L is a place wliere every lover ol outdoor sports and indoor exercise will feel laimseli at l1o1'ne. The loest manufacturers E are represented in our large assortments and we lceep prices on a level with tlie expectations ol our customers. We cordially invite you to inspect our offerings in all departments at your pleasure. vs fe Scrantom, Wetmore 81 Co. Traders ational Bank 43 and 45 STATE STREET. I President. C l alma CHARLES H. PALMER, Surplus Sgoogxxmoo Xmrmwkm Sgoogxxloo CARROLL E. Bowsn, Cashier. I 1 HENRY c.BREWsTER, 1 I Invites the accounts of firms, corporations and individuals, and will grant every courtesy consistent with conservative Banking Boxes to rent fsize and price suited to every need, in absolutely Fire and Burglar Proof SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS. IX To have students at the Junior Prom. l To Simplify the Siudenfs Work The easiest, simplest method of gathering data of any kind is pro- vided by using a l-lancly "Y and E." Card Index Outfit-like that here shown. ii F12 . 1l.Lfl' fQ '1.1ti .. . 5 You enter the information on a card, size 5x3 iff, -.'. ,V -Q inches. You file the card by subject back of the -"'i 54 ib'V Q proper alphabetical guide. When you want the ,,'4 'i,, information, it's there-at your fingers' ends. E D li r ewfgritj PQ , ff G i H Y, K 1 I f: f B M: so ,il 3 fl .hi 'gf ' This handy "Y and E." Card lndeic Outfit complete with l50 Ruled Linen Record Cards and 20 Alphabetical Guides CA-ZJ, 65 cents. Larger Outfits equally inexpensive. Li YAWMAN 6 ERBE MFG. CO., 3,4 340-350 Sf. Paul St., Rochester, N. Y. Both ,Phones NO- 527- I A ,'--.'.1g:,i?m1:,g:..s,. .-.4 .,f1..,-, s-1 --ff-' D VAW I f uvewannvzifrr I' I ' ' 1 r Nz.. 1-gm,5,vyf:,..,.iz''A-:pzvp.arg,qgqu:.s, ,m f, if X We Lead, Gthers Follow. 655 One Who Follows is Always Behind. al .sw at HARTMAN BRo ., The Students' Tailors. Y. M. C. A. Building. Cor. South Auenue and Court Street. N J V To hear Dodge read an exemption list! A QQ Q93 0 o .u " a n Photographs ! EJ 3 We are in Business to Please Our Customers. ke EW The Groups in this Book were made by Us. E Sm1th-Curry Stuc11o, Rochester, - New York. f Q . , 0o.U0n,n0, fi sf' FRED M. RQOD, P. RALPI-I PLASS TAILOR Dentist WE CATER To YOU NG 314 Ellwanger and Barry Building. FX, 51' To win the Hamilton football I BA USCH if LOMB MICROSCOPES are used in nearly every college laboratory in the country. They are the best microscopes made. BA USCH Er LOMB PHOTOGRAPHIC LENSES are used by successful photographers. lt is the lens that makes the picture. Equip your camera to do the best possible Work. BA USCH G LOMB ZEISS STEREO BINOCULAR FIELD GLASSES are used by the armies and navies or the World powers. They are a source ot constant pleasure and usefulness for yachting, hunting, traveling, etc. WRITE FOR BOOKLET Bausch fr Lomb Opiical Co., San Francisco Chicago Newgggton Rochester, N. Y. f,a,,ifim,Gef. f To see Todd with his hair combed! JAMES JOHNSTON FIRE INSURANCE FIDELITY BONDS N0. 147 POWERS BUILDING UP-T0-DATE IJHESS GUUUS AND THIMMINGS S C OFI E LD 'S Tenth Floor Chamber of Commerce Building. X f Jas. J. Ernisse, Df- P- ia JEWELER and OPTICIAN. L nj Diamonds, Watches, ALBANY DENTIST W 26 Main Street. E. Rochester. N. Y. Clocks. Silverware, . V Jewelry, Cut Glass, Novel: ties, etc. at POPULAR PRICES I We nmke a specialty of repairing Fine Watches at Popular Prices-Main Spring, ii -Cleaning, JSI-Crystals, 13.20. 15 STATE STREET . I gg: James A. Burke. John F. Wfhite. Burke 81 White .Book Binders. Law andC1oth Editions a Specialty All kinds of Magazines and lVorks of Art neatly, cheap- ly and substantially bound. Sunday School, Public School and Public Library Books. This Book Bound by Us Aqueduct Building Rochester, N. Y. Q Donoghue IM PORTING CGMPANY .... IMPORTERS and I DEALERS in SOLE AGENTS FOR THE Inglenook Vineyard Napa Co., California. I 237-239 Main Sr. E- Rochester, N.Y. viii To have Rolly Gray get a shave! 3 ' .MBoucherAdjustable ' 5hmingGlass" H H A f ff' ? ef ADJUSTABLE SHAVI G GLASS QL J' 'Q LJ ' . lf! Z2 5 g V' No dressing room or bathroom is complete without a " Boucher " r 'eq 'f' f,,'z, A Adjustable Shaving Glass. lt is a neat and convenient article for " j ' shaving and general toilet use. It consists of achipped edge plate- W 1 V., glass n1irror,supported by a bracket which is nickel-plated, It can A All yy be fastened to the window casing, and so adjusted as to catch a , gmt strong light upon either side. Made by wi' ffl A CALDWELL MANUFACTURING, COMPANY, Ur W, , U , I2 Jones Street, Rochester, N. Y. LM . . STLITZ, Wli- Write Your Fire Insurance. WILDER B C.. W. STLITZ sf 5011.109 R0CHLg1ggfqg9t,, Hollister Lumber LL, Q U ur, n S -in Q 8 Com pany WEIS 8: F ISHER CLIMITEDJ P Akcqgk 1 H0llSfH0l.D UUTFITTERS. 106 North Goodman Street FURNITURE C CARPETS, DRAPERIES. S E L L S HOMES IflIRIXll?lilED COMPLETE 'e glggagr Sifoaijff SSIZIZN r Coal as Well as Lumber Q, ' . A ,y Telephone 63. ROCI'1CSfC1', N. Y, ix To see Kendrick WALK across the campus! DREKA FineStatinnery and Engraving House 1121 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia College Invitations Visiting Cards Dance Programmes Reception and Fraternity Menus Wedding Invitations Engravings for Annuals Book Plates Monogram and I Fraternity Stationery RESOLUTIONS ENGROSSED AND ILLUMINATED MF The Problem TICHNER 6: .IACOBI 'Students' Tailors." We give to our customers clothes that have style to them. Our prices are reasonable. We study to please. St. Paul and Andrews Streets. W EG MAN Book and Job Prz'mz'fzg 31 North Wateri Street. s of Distribution This store, offering as it cioes supplies for most of the neecls anti luxuries oi life, has reciuceci the problem of distribution to its simplest practical form. Taking from the prociucer, it hancls the prociuct ciirectly to the consumer. One oi the most profitable acquaintanceships the college man or woman can form is with this store. Sibley, Lindsay 85' Curr Co. s J J I X l g ni. suit ou! To see Hoeing xx t 1 a y GeneseeValley ALLIANCE BANK TfU5t COmP3nY CAPITAL - 3225000 21 Exchange Street Capital - S300,000.00 ,SURPLUS - 3225000 DEPOSITS - 36,800,000 Surplus - SI20,000.00 OFFICERS ' Hohart F. Atlcinson, - President - 1- James G. Cutler, - Vice-President Allwert O. Fenn, Vice-President and Cashier H' C. BREWSTER, - - President John P. Palmer, First Assistant Cashier FRANK H. HAMLIN, - - Vice-President CHARLES H. PALMER, Vice-Pres. and Se-c'y HERBERT C. HOWLETT, - Asst. Secretary Charles L. Barton, - Assistant Cashier Interest on Special Deposits J. C. Wilson 6' Co Diamonds Watches Jewelry 39 MAIN STREET, EAST. Money Loaned on Personal Property. Fraternity Emblems Made To Order. The cuts in this B00k Were made by The Electric City Engraving Company, 507-9 Washington St., Buffalo, N. Y. To imagine Mrs. Rich fnssingl MNYX -11. 1. lp' few. ez. is , 4 . 1 ' :SYNC 1 ff ' '11 2 THE GILLETTE W?-1 entl. leave belhxinelyeee et ' '- monument qvitettie if f . - , 5 I SAFETY xN'I'1'iIS.yOllI'I'15II16. ltaylktine- A ,d , 1 , 1 jx n s, leve enilmeneey on new 1 ea in 4 18.Vl1lff, no rop- ' D ping, no honing. Tl1e5lmlades are heart? Magus' it tgin dwafer pf Usiteel, sharp 01-1 5jfOH COTITIQ lllfl lGOlllii6Qii N +R Jo ie ges anc wi give F0111 IO E ' to 30 velvet shaves withonthother ' and X or attention. I2 of these blades r' W GTX O11 WT1 6,1156 5, go with a set and when dull will v i' y v be exchanged for 6 new ones free V V of charge. Satisfaction guaraiiteed " or purchase price refuncled. Price W 4 '- Cogipleti, griple silsfergnllzrte liolder F an I2 a es in ve ve inec case 55.00. 1 Q, ' im ' L.E.Waterman Co Weaver Palmer 81R1eh111end o xx x. 3 5 E 85c:1Eng1.Basrnn 160S1a1eS1..Ch1zaga I38Manrgomuy51,5anFrm1s Lu .X ,Q 31' 33' 35 E- Main St. en.nL.n.. Lando.. 1o7s1,1eM5t,Men1m1 Z AE 'SQ Q W Securit Tru tCompany Capital, Surplus, Deposits, Fiscal Agent University oi Rochester. Before Going to Europe or the Country, Deposit Your Securities anti Silverware in our vaults. Issue Letters of Credit or Anierican Express Co. Checks Available Anywhere. Pay Interest on Monthly Balance. Money to Loan on Approved Security at Lowest Rate. OFFICERS 1 EDWARD H Amus, President JAMES S. WATSON, 1 . - - ALEX- M. LINDSAY, 1 Vice Presidents. JULIUS M. WILE, Manager. FRANK M. ELLERY, Secretary. xii To read "Elmer G. Koch,1I1. B. IL!" The Consolidated ational Bank. OF NEW YORK, 56 BROADWAY. Capital 1,000,000. Surplus 31,000,000 Designated Depository of the United States, State of New York and City of New York. Also Depository of Margins for the N. Y. Coffee Exchange, N. Y. Consolidated Stock Exchange. N. Y. Cotton Exchange. N. Y. Produce Exchange. : : : : OFFICERS: WILLIS S. PAINE, President. JAMES Tl-IORNE, Assistant Cashier. lVlORTllVlER I-I. WAGAR, Vice-President. THOS. l-l. JONES, Assistant Cashier. ' THOMAS LEWIS, Cashier. HENRY G. LEWIS, Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS: WILLIAM O. ALLISON, Publisher. HENRY C. BREWSTER, President, Tra- ders National Bank, Rochesterg Presi- dent Genesee Valley Trust Co. EDWARD G. BURGESS, President New York Produce Exchange, President In- ternational Elevating Co. OLIVER M. FARRAND, Importer. ANDREW I. C. FOYE, President, Stand- ard Graphite Co. JOHN W. GRIGGS, Ex-Governor of New jersey: EX-Attorney-General U. S. JOHN HAFFEN, President, Dollar Savings Bank. GEORGE V. HAGERTY, Manager, Na- tional Enaineling and Stamping Co. WILLIAM A. HALL, President, Eastern Timber Co. E. BURTON HART, JR., President, Ports- mouth, Kittery Sa York R. R. R. H. LYNN, Banker, Washington, D. C. T. F. MANVILLE, President, W. H. johns Manville Co. JAMES G. NEWCOMB, Standard Oil Co., 26 Broadway. WILLIS S. PAINE, Ex-Superintendent N. Y. Banking Dept. CHARLES I-I. PATTERSON, C a sh i e r Fourth National Bank, N. Y. CORNELIUS A. PUGSLEY, P r e si d e n t Westchester Co., National Bank, Peeks- kill, N. Y. L. V. F. RANDOLPH, EX-President At- lantic Trust Co. q President Consolidated Stock Exchange. OSCAR L. RICHARD, President State Bank of New York, C. B. Richard 81 Co., Bankers. CHARLES E. SPRAGUE, President Union Dime Savings Bank. MORTIMER I-I. WAGER, Vice-President Consolidated Stock Exchange. Report t0 the Comptroller of the Currency. QCONDENSEDJ At the close of business March 14th, IQO5. , ASSETS- L1AB1L111Es. Loans and Discounts - jZ4,421,933.89 Capital - . - - fI,OO0,000.00 U.S.Bonds 81 Other Securities 548,748.89 Surplus ---- I,0O0,000.00 Due from Fourth Nat'l Bank 248,872.49 Undivided Profits - 48,783,,66 Due Froni Other Banks - 522,906.47 Circulation - - 338,297.50 Cash and Exchanges 1,114,6-69.05 Deposits - - 3,487,249.33 Five Per Cent. Fund - 17,100.00 55,374,320-49 xiii 325,874,330-49 To hear Thur Smith tell the trutlil HF N A KNOWLEDGE OF BUSINESS ESSENTIAL for your success. Every man should know how to t ra n s a ct business whether he is a professional man or a business man. The world does not give the professional man credit for being a good business nian. COll6gGlI'Hll1l1'lg is not business training but it is the best preparation for it. Many college men attend the Roches- ter Business Institute every summer. There is no better place to get business training than at the Rochester Business Institute. Open all summer. Com- Established 1872 Wright, Kay 6 Co. MAKERS OF Fraternity Invitations Established 1872 Fraternity Badges Fraternity Jewelry Fraternity Novelties Fraternity Pennants Fraternity Stationery HIGH GRADE Fraternity Announcements Fraternity Programs Our 1905 Clllflffllfpfllf of l"rn!c1'1zi!y lVOZ'6ffI'6.Y is Send for our f now rcazftf and will be g?3X:eE0l?k 0 ZIZKIIYLYZ' wfiwz afvfzlzfmiion. Y WRIGHT, KAY 6' CO., Manufacturing Jewelers and Importers, kmerciaiandstenogfaphiccoufses. -J. Ziixieotfgieoperau DErRorT,MICH. Zi N FREUK H. Jo Es. Pictures and Frames oO-62 Main Street, Wiest. ROCHESTER. N. Y. K J xiv ll"AL'lIl llkol someone else beslde ll1111SClfl f-- -f - f W--" X r w I 7k2'f6 Shrubs . Evergreens Roses I Hardy Plants All the Best and I-Iarrliest Varieties. Largest Collections in America. Gold Medal-Par"- an-American-SL.Louis. 1O21Jl'IZ6SN.X7.S t Fair, 1904. Illustrateml Descriptive Catalo f144pZ1gE5D FREE on request. ELLWANGER 6: BARRY, Nurserymen-HorlicuIturists 1'l0UNT HOPE NURSERIES. Drar 1 A R h t N Y ,X Estzllxlisln-ll ISI I llgntinn, N J ' I LAWRENCE'S 3g mm je L UNCH ROQM For Ladies and Gents Open Day and Night Headquarters for a good Meal or Lunch. J. B. GREENFIELD, Manager 46 South Auenue Roch ester, N. Y. J. B. Keller Sons FLORISTS 25 Clinton Ave. N, Rochester, N Y CHOICE FLOWERS FLORAL DESIGNS P L A N T S A N D D E C O R ATI O N S William M. Furlong ?botograpber I5 East Avenue, ROCHESTER, N.Y. SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS To hear "Stubby,' Wilder talk at all! JOHN C. MOORE CORPORATION Mtzlcefsof BOUND AND LOOSE-LEAF BLANK BOOKS OP EVERY DESCRIPTION .al PRINTERS .ff BINDERS 69-71 STONE STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. A.KALIN5KY Leon L. Bach Ladies, Fine Tailoring Home 'Phone 4341 ft'-+ Rochester, N. Y. 131 TAILOR North St., Corner Andrews, ROCHESTER, N. Y. Merchants Bank of Rochester Main Street, Last, Cor. South Ave. Capital and Surplus - - Resources ---- 32,250,000 OFFICERS PERCY R. McPHAIL, - President THOMAS J. DEVINE, Vice-President GEORGE WELDON, 2nd Vice-President JOHN C. RODENBECK, - Cashier if you are not a depositor in the Flour City National Bank you should be. No matter how small your business, you will receive courteous treat- ment, and every facility of the bank will be placed at your disposal DIRECTORS Capital and Surplus - S475,000 George W. Archer George H. Perkins Resources - 34,000,000 William N. Cogswell V. Moreau Smith OFFICFRQ Tl'101'I1aS Devine Frank Ward Waite B D1ffy,Prest. W C B y, 1St Vice-Prest. E. F. Brewster, 2d Vice-Prest P t A V y C l George Weldon V. F. Whitmore Nathan Levi . E. W. Burton, As t C 1 Percy R. Mcphail Wm. G. Watson, X 1 To know when Craigie o? is going to graduate! 34 Reynolds Arcade Telephone 277 A 237 North St Paul Street at llx-Y Q1 Q1 lf? Telephone J E 277 n Mules and Facts Are stubborn thmgs You cant budge em The fact about our Lfflyzgh C0671 IS that It s all coal I 1S BRIGHT SHINY COAL Very hard Very clean very pure makes aReci H01 fire and lasts a long t1me Call and et one of our patented Vest Pocket C1 ar Sl11e1cls It prevents C1al'S from breakln H. F. DRAKE 6 CO. YARD, 259 T0 301 sr. PAUL STREET 1 .7 if ' .X K ' , Av. V I. Iss -' I ' 1 ., fi ' ' , ,Je . ' l fup om- Flightl 44 K, P' J L ' ' - ' 9 1 . . . , . t . 9 9 9 7 1 8 1 ' ' 'g ' . . 'g ' g. xx ii To see Horn without a beard! East Ave. Pharmacy DELICIOUS SODA FRESH CANDIES GOOD STATIONERY A. C. Dempsey, 159 East Avenue. .Crosman Bros. Seeds E2 gh? Sold Throughout the United States. ASK FOR 'llllliil AND 'FAKE N0 OTIIICRS Plants, Bulbs. l'oull'1'v Supplies. l:ill'1ll!ll 'I l 1 lll' l Xl I K inm 0l'Ilfllll0lll'S. .ll -ri:1lsl'0r Bnsketry, Ilolidny Decorations in Senson, etc. . . CROSMAN BROS., ROCHESTER, N. Y. NVll0l0sa1Ic :ind Ollivc. 503 illourou Ave. Ret:1ilSto1-0. 275 Main Sl. East. Bolh ,PIIOIIIES WARD'S Natural Science Establishment Rochester, N. Y. Mineralogy, Geology, Paleontol- ogy, Zoology, Osteology, Anat- omy, Minerals, Rocks, Fossils, Casts of Fossils, Geological Re- lief Maps, Stuffed Animals and Skins, Mounted Skeletons, In- vertebrates, Anatomical Models, SEND FOR CIRCULARS H. E. WILSON. Florist Ilhoiee But Flowers and Plants. Floral Baskets and Bouquets, Funeral and llleclcling Designs, Large Palms for Decorations. Greenhouses, Hudson Ave. and Avenue D. Phone l084. 88 Main Street, East. Costumes,Wigs,Cosmetics, F O R FANCY DRESS BALLS, Tl-IEATRICALS, ETC. Childrens Fancy Dresses, also full line of Gentlenien's Evening Coats. ROCHESTER COSTUME Co. Home Phono 3503 377 COURT ST. CENTRAL BANK. Rochester, N. Y. Capital .... 3200000 Surplus and Uncliviclecl Profits . 190,000 OFFICERS Presiclent, . BENJAMIN E. CHASE Vice-Presiclent, . GEORGE WILDER Cashier, . . JOHN I-I. GREGORY Asst. Cashier ,.... H. l-l. CLAPP Xviii A J G . Rochester Savings Bank Corner Main Street, West, and Fitzhugh Street Q25 Q25 A Resources, - - 32I,5QI,Q55.7I Surplus, - SE' 1,825,427.4o ,'.29.2'e99 Interest Paid on Deposits. A Choice Flowers -: AND :- ' FLORAL DESIGNS Floral Decorations Salter Brothers 320 Main Street East and 38 Main St.West Xix The Powers Hotel RESTAURANT Strictly First Class ALL DELICACIES OF THE SEASON MusiISlt' D'gD' d A ft Theatr Wesley Crouch To hear Beckley call the cat! E. WIEG.f1 jVD, BOOTJ, JHOELY, an? RUBBERJ. Repairing a Jpecialty. 137 East Ave., ROCHESTER, N. Y Same old H EN LEY, 188 East Avenue Upp. Asbury Ilhurch Does Bicycle Work and when ice comes, does skate work, and promptly too. Ask the fellows how he does it. That's all. "?l3?NF.I'.l.iet H E LEY P.f HY FINE. MLATS and PROVISIONS. Both Phones 359 52, 54 and 56 Andrews St. MABBETT 81 MORGAN Hatters and Furnishers 195 Main ll. E. HAWES HATS. The Simpson Livery Co Open All Night Coczchaf, Coupler, and Fine Lifoery Both 'Phones 8-IO-IZ South Union Street New York Law School. 35 Nassau St., New York City. 1. Follows the Dwight Method of legal instruction, the method of the great teacher, Prof. Theodore W. Dwight. 2. Gives thoroughly practical instruction, developing the principles of the law and the reasons upon which they rest. 3. Is in New York City,-the best place to learn New York law and procedure,--tlie most desirable place in which to establish a law- yer's practice. Its location in the city affords an opportunity to attend the sessions of the courts, and also to gain practical experience in lawyers' otilices, in connection with the law school study of legal principles. 4. Confers the degree of LL. B. in two yearsg of LL.M. in three years. 5. I-las a Day School and also an Evening School, A student can attend either. Both are at the same address. 6. Had 912 students in attendance the past year KIQO3-1904, g of these 302 were college graduates. GEORGE CHASE, DEAN, 35 Nassau St. YX B t to have Halbert and Koeple w th ff th L I Hermann Dossenbach, Teacher of Violin as -fe we U Orchestras for all Occaszons Bell Phone, Chase 34-0. 29 UPTON PARK. Cramps in the toes, and all pains in the feet cured DR. GEORGE E. BUELL Pedic Surgeon 1001 Chamber oi Commerce Building. St ilizedlnstruments and Antiseptic Treatm t 'PHONE ROCH. 1234 CRAFT Er CO., IVIERCI-IANT TAILORS 1009 Chamber of Commerce Bldg FINE TAILORING at MODERATE PRICES just the Thing For Students. Wm. P. Carpenter, S U B S C RI B E No. 14-2 East Avenue. A SODA WATER, N O VV Pure Home-Made Candies, F 0 R Also LoWney's and Stacy's Candies. THE CAMPUS IVIILNG 6- SHAFER MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTLRS AND LXPORTLRS FINE FURS. FINE HATS 186 Main Street East, Opposite Whitcomb House V 11 State and 14 West Main Streets, Powers Block ROCHESTER, N. Y. To find the bool: y l k g f n the library! College NIen's Headquarters Eugene H. Lewis Hair Cutting and Shaving Parlor... 184 East Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. ESTABLISHED 1841 THE SEVIPLE STORE R. A. HAMILTON WHOLESALE . AND RETAIL ' GR CCER Nos. 44 and 46 Main Street, East, and 5 Front St. Nomar TOPCOATJ, JUITJ, R.f11Nc0.f11.r 510.00 and Sl5.00 Complete line of up-to-date Furnishings. A 92 STATE STREET. RICHARD GAR YDINER "THE BIG MUSIC STORE." EVERYTHING IN Music PROM A JEWSHARP TO A KNABE GRAND PIANO SOLE AGENTS FOR WASHBURN IVIANDOLINS, GUITARS AND BANJOS I fllacleie Piano, Organ and Mu5z'c Co. 100 State Street, - ROCHESTER, N. Y. XY11 If "Bill" Bailey should get a shave! Hayden Bros. Milk Co. PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM Both 'Phones 547 West Ave. Fi ' Employers' Liability Plate Glass J. H. A S H T 0 N General Insurance 201-202 Ellwanger G Barry Bldg., To the Smoking Public. The East Side Quality Cigar Shop is at Hyde Drug Company Store, 202 Main Street, East, which branch we have installed hoping for your patronage. Sineerely yours, FRANK THOMAS. "QUALITY 4 snare sneer GIGARSJ' zoz Main sum, East. SearvogIe's Art Rooms Picture Framing a n d G i l d i n g BELL PHONE 3168 R. MAIN gizjgiflig ROCHESTER, N. Y. Elevawl' Home POM 1350 I7 Main Street, East, Rochester ,N. Y. Accident Bell Phone 714-R Main I N Leh 1 gh Va I I e y .UJCE 0 iv 31-51:38 -XYHER V A sf- B' 209 Mins X Brightest, Cleanest, Best. J. M. REDDINGTON 99 Main Street, West. Gor. of Plymouth Ave. 'Phone 390 5 I xiii To have lean Politics! I X A man is known by the company he keeps. A "l..ikly" trunk or traveling bag is always good company. Where ever the foot of man has trod, there you'1l find "l..ikly" baggage. , HENRY LIKLY 81 CO. Baggage Builders Since '44. Retail Store, 155 Main Street, East. K E J 3 2:35 il . ,M t The -H lmgvqni I - . . I 4' lf I S filmtv .f "',h"llM a For J th e llll, Michaels- ' ' .ff H ll R This ""F"i Maile. -, Stem El . .... Y ..-, - on il - Label C lolhing l'llCHAELS:STERN FINE CLOTHING FOR YOUNG MEN is exceptionally popular with COLLEGE MEN and young men in busi- ness who Want Clothes abounfling in style, brimming over with individ- uality and that Ht as if macile-to-measure. Sold by leading retailers in every city in the United States. Suits and Top Coats, 3510 to 330. Write for more information, name of retailer, and our new Spring booklet "F" "Styles from Life." FREE! Michaels, Stern 6: Company, Manufacturers, ROCHESTER, N. Y. 1 If "Scissor5', never ground! Howe 85' Rogers Co. 80. 82 and 84 State Street. CARPET E DRAPERIES, PILLOWS. SCREENS, V FURNITURE COVERINGS, ETC. ' t Eye Strain we know Superior Qualities. . Best Workmanship, Lowest Prices. Blindness we do no pretend to cure we can relieve Emma Qvofaml Q, -A-Qi? 5 - ,x 'wh , A f"V:: , . 'rg AL af- iw RL 4,6393 -5 mga' s v fb iff? si- - i :S 'ks-' S 1 33. I A -"1 ' 'if-5,11-2 QT y To if '19 I. z5"mh' 'WM 326 5 E '7' N- f ij .,s:vQ'l: J2 :Ls ATAQQ, L!i V . H51 . Q-?.--Maggy. 325' x X: 5 .153 . ,, f X ? X :xx Eg' 4 K9 '13, R Eff? S ' gums, g ful e T. 7- I ir Vs. , we Q 5 J, ,E ff 32 0 V 'Zig' 3 Z 8 1, 5?-gil f 5 ,-Q, Ml. 'ji '-,V " 'ai fe, sex' - 2'--em? -- - me V-f:.s-rank,-324 ' E xwxre 5,3 origin 4g,..'-g1.3,ss1,Q2kg,,g 9.4 in X E5 ' ' Q' ,E . G 'E - f if 9. 329 5 A V 3 2 4- - -.4--1' H 9 f ' ' 2 3 5 oisfsrm' 2 3 4 : , E, ir? , G 'ai Q-5 ' ,E-,, --e ef P ff?-E ss e ss Emafsfi' om E-' - 5' - 'iwzfi' . - 'fs 'N wx fre 6, ' ,EE . -' 3165- va AL, Q' gi.-1 up -,GX .54 tram QI. ' . '0- 551 ' " if . Ah .N 22 3 2 I 3 3I8 332 FUR PRICES CALL UR SEND FOR CATALOGUE. - 21 SOUTH AVENUE, B35151311 Bf0the1'S-, Nexttto COOK OPERA HOUSE 'XXV 'ie 1 - i J' R ' :' Q'5S'T2fy QL ' x4:Q',4 fora 5 x Q P- Not to I t l l l l 29 East Ave. Both Pliones 4 7 ABNER ADAMS V F Fine Hardwood Floors OF EVERY APPROVED KIND AND STYLE WESTERN NEW YORK AGENCY WUUIJ-MIISAIG FLUURING 60. ADAMS FLUUR WAX Rochester, N. Y. QUALITY DRUG 510 202 Main St., East. AGENT FOR uyleris Candies. GEORGE N. FORKEL PRINTING, ENGRAVING, STATIONERY ' I7 Main Street, East lim-In-wtvr 'l'uln-plmlw H309 .29 Wedding and Office Stationery a Specialty 199 College Work. GUGGENHEIMER Wigs, Masks and Theatrical Supplies OF ALL KINDS I7 Clinton Avenue, South. . if fn' ez , L1-+ H .lu J 5 ' . GX ! 't C. K. GROUJE CS' CO. FRATERNITY AND CLASS PINS, 41 Clint0l1 Street, N0rth. Tl S lleb l F N in FRANK M. HANSEM TONSORIALQ J PAR Lok V 502-4-6 Granite Building O SELECTION OF BOOKS This is an age of hookrnakingg the real student will not lose sight of the truly good among sueh a flood of literature, so called. When you heeorne the po ssess or of sueh carefully SELECTED hooks, let us aid you in their CARE. Library Furnishings always to he found here. Let us equip you with any furnishings needed for the home. WhippIe's House Furnishing Esiablishmeni 156-146 Main Sf. Wesi,Cor. No. Washington Si. --CARE on BOOKS Postls Drug Store, Main St. E. H welcome Gilt in anv Home The Most Popular College Songs - - S .50 50 New College Songs - - - .50 Songs of ALL the Colleges - l.5O Songs ofthe WESTERN Colleges - L25 Songs ofthe EASTERN Colleges - - 1.25 Songs ofthe Flag and Nation - .50 100 New Kindergarten Songs I.0O School Songs with College Flavor - 50 4 New Songs for College Glee Clubs - - .50 New Songs for Male Quartets - - - .50 Songs ofthe University of Pennsylvania l.50 Songs of the University of Michigan - - l 50 Songs of Washington and jefferson College - l.25 Songs of Haverford College ---- 1.25 New Songs and Anthems for Church Quartets, fEIe'vs1z Nzmzbersj each .IU to .30 At Bookstores, Music Dealers, or the Publishers, Binds, Doble sf Eldredge 31:33:35 west lsth St. new York City J. T. JNYDER 18 MAIN sT., E. Arcade Cigar Store 105 MAIN ST., E., COR. WATER ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. LafayetteHotel Cigar Stand IVIOONEY Sr BRISBANE BLDG., 4 O 3 IVI A I N S T R E E T BUFFALO, N. Y. W Ci-mar o THEM Au. QQ' is El li' I ---:ea 'I' . I, 4 V M1 lm ll ' 5 I a ll .Mia nr iii W " 'T fe t. rl r f ,, 'fr l g-- ' l jlif f W '7 NATURAL MINERAL WATER. BETTER THAN IMPORTED Highly elfervescent, delicious, healthful, with that "Taste That Te1rrpts." ICS natures tonic for body and brain. Blends perfectly with wines and liquors. Ask for lt at the club. FEE BROS CO SOLE ' AGENTS xxviii To have a student in chapel ou Day of Prayer! X, , QNX X, Q .N X x rs i X5 - X , rx . rQ M W2 Qs me W QI W We to Q s E E T Y MILTON CLARK Q 'K E W 'NE S r BICKFORD BROTHERS N FURNITURE,-Den furmture and f rnishin s for cha t 11 d , A i,: u Q p er ouse an students rooms a specialty. I zvz. s f - , , ees . s t 'f sr , 28 v 'v w 1- 11 s M ,M 4- -X, , yy NH wxk ' " "a12R'9l+lF,Fi5YW Y' nf 5. 17? ' f' 51235 pf -l'R:flMMsll'seilf B!3EkE'r'1f5' Ws,G: Ones O D BROS t ii I 501 muster Om ..,. '-.',:,, 1. f'- ' ' 4 ' '- . ., NF wwf' r y uocncsrinmx u.s.A Hung snugagainst ceiling Y' - U it fn Avfnlngsq M- 5? 5 11li'!H F ,,Qi N Tents, fb I ,Q 4f aQUL+ 57, College Pennants to order ' f-.,,Y W-mn H h ,, Xxix It' "Shetlcliel, should unclerstancl one of Prexy's sermons! This space reserved for a friend of the College. W 5 INDEPENDENCE IS ASSURED by starting a Bank Account. A little Saving each Week-a little economy where it is wise to economize-a little prudence in expenditure-and deposit the savings with this Company, where they will be safe and increased. We especially desire the accounts of men and women who are wage earners. None too small to commzmcl our services. zz :': :: 1: :: :: :: 1: :: One of the highest privileges of this Institution is to encourage thrift and economy among the people, and to assist them in their efforts to save money. :: 1: ON fgygfgjif, FOUR PER CENT. SUBJECT T0 CHECK. Rochester Trust and Sate Deposit Go., 25 EXCHANGE STREET. Resources s : 18,500.000.00 K i J This space reserved for a friend of the College. Xxx Hats 6 Furnishings tor Young Men The Nobby, Distinctive Kind The celebrated "ChaseI' Derby-the most popular "College" hat of the season. Designed by a halter who is in close touch with the "Yeh, set" and whose creations are always approved. 1 , We consider ourselves fortunate in securing the sole agency for KW, Rochester. Price, 54.00. I h 1 "Cravats de Luxe," the most fascinating and exclusive 1 I-i . Q mtl , W neckwear of the season. 51.00. Our own make of Gloves-dogslzin driving gloves at 51.00 's fff f and English Walking gloves at jjSi.50. - ss- I nf . . . . . - s, I 57 Shirts-"E ik W" pure linen Prince Albert Negligees, in 3 the niost exquisite patterns and coloriugs-53.50. Waistcoats-Imported tlannels, in stripes, plaids and linen effects-single and double breasted and including the new dip front-53.00, 54.00 and gE5.0o. MCFARLIN CLOTHING COMPANY l s as T H E Union Central Life Insurance Company. X CINCINNATI, OHIO. The Great Pohcyhold ers Co. Assets, January 1905 - E43,891,738.40 Gross Surplus - - - 37,216,688.16 Large and Increasing Dividends to Policyholders-N0 Fluctuating Securities-Largest Rates of Interest-Low Death Rate. I-I. R. LEWIS, General Agt., 802-804-806 Granite Building, Rochester, N. Y. I Arthur Rathjen, '06, Special Agent. 0 0 IMPORTED DIRECT FROM ITALY. Made from Olives selected before crushing, analyzed by the Analyst of the Italian Government as strictly pure. The Best Olive Oil Ever Brought to Rochester. Sold in original Imported tins Quarts 65c., Gallons 52.25 Both 'Planes ses. BRYANtS DRUG HOUSE, 92:94 West Main St. Xxxi jllnneli to Qhhertisers. Alliance Bank, - xi Ashton, J. H., Insurance, xxiii Bastian Bros. , jewelers, xxv Bach, Leon, Tailor, xvi Bausch 8 Lomb, vii Bickford Bros., - xxix Bryan's Drug Store, - xxxi Burke, Fitzsirnons, Hone R Co. ii Burke ik White, Book Binders, viii Buel, Geo. E., Pedic Surgeon xxi Carpenter, Wm. P., - xxi Central Bunk, - - xviii Craft K Co., Merchant Tailors, xxi Crossman Bros., Seeds, - xviii Consolidated National Bank, xiii Caldwell Mfg. Co., - 1x Dempsey, A. C., Pharmacist, xviii Donoghue Importing Co., viii Dreka, Engraver, x Drake, F. H. 8: Co., Coal, xvii Dossenbach, Herman, Orchestra, xxi Electric City Engraving Co., xi Ellwanger Ek Berry, - xv Ernisse, james J., jeweler, viii Fahy, P., - xx Fee Bros.. Co., - xxviii Flour City National Bank, xvi Forkle, George N., Printing, xxvi Furlong, Win. M., Photographer xv Genesee Optical Co., - xxv Genesee Valley Trust Co., xi Gardiner, Richard, XXii Glenny, W. H., 8 Co., - iii Goodrich Co., - ' - iii Greenfield, I. B., Lunch Room, xv Grouse, C. K., 81 Co., - - Xxvi Guggenheiiner, Theatrical Supplies, xxvi Hanse, Frank M., Barber - xxvii Hartman Bros. , Tailors, V Hamilton, R. A., Grocer, Xxii Hayden Bros., Milk Co., XXiii Henley, Bicycle Repairing XX Higgins, Livery, iii Hill, Dr. P. K., Dentist, viii Hollister Lumber Co., l iX Howe SL Rogers, Carpets, - XXV Hinds, Noble gl Eldredge, Publishers, - xxviii Hyde Drug Co., - - - XXiii-XXVi Johnston, james, Fire Insurance, - - viii jones, Frederick H., Pictures 81 Frames, iv Kalinsky, A., Ladies' Tailor, Keller, J. B. Sons, Florists Lewis, Eugene H,. Barber, Likly, Henry X Co., - Luce, Ivan H., Photographer, - Mackie Piano, Organ 8 Music Co., Mabbett K Morgan, Hatters 8 Furnishers, Merchants' Bank, - - Meng K Shafer, - - Michaels, Stern K Co., - Moore, john C., Blank Books McFarland Clothing Co., Milton Clark Co., Insurance. New York Law School, - Plass, P. Ralph, Tailor, Powers Hotel Restaurant, - Recldington, I. M. Coal, - Rochester Bill Posting Co., Rochester Business Institute, Rochester Costunie Co., - Rochester Savings Bank, - Rochester Trust Sc Safe Deposit Co., Rood, Fred M., Dentist, - Salter Bros., Floral Decorations, Scofield, W. D., Dress Goods Security Trust Company, - Searvogle's Art Rooms, - Scrantoin Wetmore 8 Co., Sibley, Lindsay SL Curr Co. , Smith-Curry Studio, - Simpson Livery Co., Snyder, J. T., - Steitz, G. W. fx Son, Insurance, Star Palace Laundry, - Tichner 8: Jacobi, Tailors, Traders National Bank, University of Rochester, - r Union Central Life Insurance Co., Waterman, L. E. Co., Fountain Pens, Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Weis my Fisher Co., Furniture, - Wegman, A. J., Printing, Weaver, Palmer 8 Richmond, Wilson, I. C. 81 Co., jewelers, Wilson, H. E., Florists. - Weigand, E., Boots 8a Shoes, - Whipple, George C., House Furnishings Wood-Mosaic Flooring Co., - Wright K. 81 Co., jewelers, - Yawman SL Erbe Mfg. Co., xvi xvi xxii xxiv xxiii xxii xx xvi xxi xxiv xvi xxxi xxix xx vi xix xxiii iii xiv xviii xix xxx vi xix viii xii xxiii iv x vi xx xxviii ix ii X iv i xxxi xii xviii ix X xii x xviii xx xxvii xxvi xiv X7

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