University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1940

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University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 230 of the 1940 volume:

sk r . 1 Y f 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 'T 1 1 1 f l 1 . 1 . ,I 1 -11 1 . . . .. 1 df 5 gi , . I ' 1 9 Z 1 1 5 'S' 3 1 , 1 . ' : 1 na . .59 I 1, . pf.-1 ,jg Q ' a T9 ANNA MARIE SINCLAIR EDITCDR-IN-CHIEF JEAN BEVERLY I-IAMM BUSINESS MANAGER 1 JUNIQR CLASS gvffgc i umwmsuw QF i s x 45 vi 1 5 H A g 1 fl as C dz VCP IQQCHESTER RCDCHtSItR, N. Y Sw LQCEUS Volume 31 1 OLLEGE IS LIKE A SCOTCH PLAID, BRIGHT AND VIVID, BUT WITH DEEPER UNDER- TONES. IN THIS VOLUME WE HAVE TRIED TO CAPTURE THE SPIRIT OF THE COLLEGE WE HAVE KNOWN. CHANGES COME RAPIDLY TO EVERY UNIVERSITY, AND AT ROCHESTER TRANSITION IS EVERYWHERE APPARENT. IT IS DIFFICLLT FOR US TO REALIZE THAT IN THE SPACE OF BUT TEN YEARS OUR PRINCE STREET CAMPUS HAS CHANGED FROM THE SITE OF A CO- EDUCATIONAL UNIVERSITY TO THAT OF A TRUE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. NEW BUILDINGS SPRING UP ABOUT US, OLD SCENES, TRADITIONS DS- APPEAR .... IN THIS YEAR OF 1939, "TIME CAPSULES" HAVE COME TO BE THE FASHION. IN THESE STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERS, MEN FEARFUL THAT THE MULTIPLICATION, OF IN- VENTION WILL WIPE' OUT THE WORLD THEY KNOW, PLACE MEMENTOS OF THE PRESENT DAY AND SINK THEM INTO THE EARTH FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO PONDER AND REFLECT. LET THIS BE OUR "TIME CAPSULE." WE HAVE CALLED UPON THE RESOURCES OF THE PHO- TOGRAPHER, OF THE ARTIST IN CLAY, AND OF THE PRINTER AND ENGRAVER TO HELP US CAP- TURE THE FLEETING COLLEGE LIFE WE KNOW. WITHIN THIS RECORD, WE HAVE PLACED OUR ADMINISTRATION, OUR FACULTY, OUR CLASS- MATES, OUR ACTIVITIES, OUR ECCENTRICITIES. MOST OF ALL WE HAVE TRIED TO MIRROR INFORMAL LIFE ON THE CAMPUS .... AS THE YEARS ROLL BY, DIMMING FOR US OLD SCENES AND EVENTS, FAMILIAR FACES, MAY WE RE- TURN THROUGH THE PAGES OF THIS CROCEUS TO RENEW THE MEMORIES AND CHERISHED FRIENDSHIPS OF OUR DAY AT ROCHESTER. O THE MEMORY OF CHARLES LUTHER FRY, WE DEDICATE THE CROCEUS OF 1940. AS PROFESSOR OF SOCIOLOGY HE ORGANIZED, DEVELOPED AND MADE VITAL THE INSTRUC- TION OF THAT IMPORTANT FIELD OF HUMAN WELFARE. AS A CITIZEN OF ROCHESTER, HE SERVED WELL THOSE CONSTRUCTIVE FORCES WHICH TURNED OFTEN TO HIM FOR COUN- SEL. HIS ENERGY AND SCHOLARSHIP EARNED OUR ADMIRATION, BUT MORE THAN THAT HIS MODESTY, HUMOR AND UNSELFISHNESS WON OUR AFFECTION AND REGARD. WE SEE IN HIS LIFE THE INSPIRATION AND CHAL- LENGE OF A VIGOROUS IDEALIST. Ad' 2 up" Y .,L...-,,, L.. g. "-W-+1-E":."-Ti?" . 'Ll W 2 -. -"' -2' :.".11,, 'T '.'f"' ' V . - 1,1 Ou- - ..,,.. Y gf- -, , .-.,- ---. . Liz 'rg , s ,-N. ,5Q- .'.-v4-9 Pav 1 j', , f,'-, I. Q-"Q . X 1' 1.--av Q' ' A,' .,,-','1 ' ., 'Aw' . '. L ,-. .,-'r-- M- --. -. ,' ' V1 , ' - x .-'-,- --...-',4. -.. ',. - 1 . 'f 1-. , ...4.Q-,,.,K,f, M ,,.- -r ','..M ,-.,,. F-, -r 'L .-.f-f, -. 4 . -A,-".'- ..f .f,..,' Vg ., s , 1 I. KU- 4 ' f ""'n"" 'H H, 6... -1.1 m bf, ,wp- M A5 Lv 47-VL r r bw M . mv- , ia 0 r ..- -P" " 0 .lgqyw ml 1' lQlih.fd.q,Q QC f 15-941 7 HA f..a.4'l" x V , ' vw f I 'gl 1 ,, I ,,- f 2 ,A X --.-fm., - ' -,-.1 .4 . ' 1' ,,, wp.. ,. ts,-A , A, L jP-'f.f1' ff. ' 'i7'..f, .W ...Q 1 sn- - f. i"1 EFF S 51, .H . '-w- 1-, v , . '-,, -gait n, .,,M ,Y 354. ,s- KNNQ' v H ,V 1 1 .-,-761. - as . ,A ln, :"'7'. t'-A .' K wx, .. 111 A L LRF: ' . R. ,... . vm.-Q: Mg Au 5-0 bb 5 1 X '1 -'58, 44 ,.,o, , , 1 ,. A'f 1 , - " . -:gg vp- v, ' "-rg ,,.. J -an '- 5' Q 'il' I s 7, p rr f' Ax' I rvJ :F-I'-Q A X.. . 4-Ji jr- ' A A Af . . 1F','x,J r t ,"4' '. " I A-'FUN 0 rl, -A " '11 QJ 5.-,.-uv' Qwxxs ,,.nn" I 1 ,- tip T Y :rl-5 ,V 4 r :sf ' Vs ,- f 5. ' 1' ' ..- .nm " N 11 -QXFN 'I '-1 E' if '. :Aa - lil.. , fi T 4 E 'W' 5 I 02,9 0695: 11' 5 I fl.: in.. X FIEFTI :VFNH 'lim 5 fsf if' ,xf-:-' A V 1' 1? H Q -.crmalf .. -- V,-,-V V-:Vega , ,. ,, .- - 1 fu- ..1':g. : v. :4 " ' ' 4 -f 1 9 ' QJWQJ as UQ 'lik' 1 if 1 X K Aw " . . , ' " xx R, , f A j A av.- Q l i 1 Q 1. ..,.. ' ' 'fx -,. 5..- -IRFX-yg -1-V4 -5 'Q Q1 qv I ,l .Q . , 5.-'H .xx '-'.-f- .V ' J f mx:V,1s:?.,-'f-JK' N-YA r.. . P , 1 , b .N ,,,,- . ,K 3-v-A . f' 1 5. T. , Y. .! , . 4 - 'Rh vi xl, " 1' ' 'Q - .' ,jg zuug .4 ' , 'j'.: 5 ' ,, ,Q V, .- 1 'M . 1 -.' -T' V -f " -. '- - ff". ' V-i 1- n 2- f - J. . -7'-1 1 I ' -'lf ' If if ,-4' ,g, . Q ' ' .3- V V' ,rf-.rag V, ,.:- , . 1 ' ' 'v3'. - . V L ,, - . 5 as E 13-S-er ,, J 'if-jgfii 5 V "ff-' 5 .,lQ 1 1 ' "i". "'.,?1' H V:.-aQ--J - --s '. r-? ' ' '5.'iS7'9:.-V -,IL by ' -1 -4 , ,,-F9 ' , Q.- ,.- ar.....,k '1V?'s-fm ':,:f-gf-.. 3?-"g" .N me 5' rag' if-'ff .,b- if-gi. 1' .J .gf-' --'4 - ,M ' 'K 5"'f'l" J-:ae .3-.N ,z..,g- :Q Y' -1. i"'...-: .L -n. --1 ' aegis? 52'4' r- 2F -' ..-. -'L' 1' -5- ' un. - A .,- A-,EEE ,ggi-' " ..,..- "' : 1511: gg- 4.5,-:S g. 'I 1 Lanz. gear- - ..5....'l' , - r 'J AQN ,1 4 A S 1 . 'i . 4 . f A ' aLl" ' 7 I 1 1 T ' 4. 'f ' 3 ,, e - 1' 4 1 14' f . ' P L ,., Q ' 5 1-T 5 1 A' -Ng f 1 1 1' ' 'l .E ,Q l I H ff 0 ' or A 1 . I' 1 r- l' 1 'K 1- f 5 , f , 'J . . . 1 .-,I J? -S I- n h S "- I J c I Pm ' ' ' 6 ' , " - - .. , J - ,, 1 1 's , K . . af .. G V V f ' ' 1- ' gf " -' , ' ,gfgl 'ff ' ': -,T - 0 T gk - f .- . 1 f. . Q.- 1' ' V ': f -' - 'I T-5. ,.: .- F -ff jazz " is: ' 'V ' - ' ' Qi ' - - 11. . V .-- f fp -V31 - if' cf' - ,Aff ' ' fn - 'Vi 2 -fig: V-f , - J' 13,2 f -F-twig' " - iz: ,' V". E.: V V A: ..., -V -3, . .. VA-, - V. Y .,.., ,. , -- --.,1 -' - , .,: ,,: 1" V A f- --.-.,w, f. V -:-A- , .1-1' '.-:- .ffm . ' Q :3 " .. - .,1:... ' - 532 ff- ' 'A-1' N - ,,,-I, ., +111 1 1- i152 ff., ff" lg. . 1 ' ' , ' fm.: af,-Fr:-. V: -1153 . 1 'EV .153-:: :Y ' 1 V ' ,- y" ' --V V- is. .- ,- V ' ff' 'Q'-1' . 1 , -.1 .::gg:,,, L 5 L3 Fc: x. - -ye, rin Y I - w . ' k - N h :L .-. :- f ,tif-1 Q V ' a f' .f.'-g ff - 1 -V -1 VV- ,V . V55 1: i 5 5 ME. .--- M, J - , li V ,gf A T .,1V- '25-21' 1 - .11 - -' . ., , V .:- '51, ' ' -QQ, r ff, ,4 - " A -V 1- +:21E1..4'-' k-,...VV ' ' 1 V- V ' -' -I ,- .rn ZESE4' ' 5 F -2 -3 -xi!! VV.. .V 'xx 1 5" " '- 1 -2-' - f - ,. .- ,Z ,TWV-V -:- V 1 -T V VV .. , 4, .V.. .Vf-11,11 ve-:,:::r: n : ' V' ,, " ..- - - H - ' -'-' "" : V .:,w211fVe':1-1:- 59:55. gin "1 VV , i-Q " 5 1'-' V: VV V :1 V "'1-I-'S'-Tfiiiq-L A f f : Q fe - f 5 " VV.., --"" H' Qi V, ig s 1. - 21- V Via 1 1 V.: V1 F 1, , , ff- 1: V f T ,- ,fgia 'e ,E-"AT 'L ' ga V '12 Eiii- ' -Vi l,:a'21.2'2:534iff:5:5ii15iil?Qa- : , ig? A sf- - iQ - , , 51'-1 fx- 3 A-1- ,+V Q jiE:.jE.::::-i2azse1' " ' Y W ,wr ' '27 :lf 1?-V?-f ' fu --, , T -j'7-Q, . , -fi , .,-...-,,. - 'Lrg f---fl'--Q11 - gigfi-V211'-Q: V - rzfgarszzggggegzm V ,4,.,-ggi: Ygvtfgf gsp " pry-5,:: K Y , , , - - --4' ' ' ' "' ,-,,::-ga:-J' ' V - -v 1 Y Y . V ' l:ij'g4.Q, I , ,-E' A 'K h ' Jag:-"'A'3" "if "" H'-p V- ' ,- k Y ' I KA -Q-'i"1'Lf' g52ffg5r3,g'gq1:2',?':.'.'.,VV-L'14 --V- L ' 4 j4 b V h . -QV ,- - .V ', V J Q , Q-.,. . ,nr -- V-,- -,,.. .1 ' '-, M"' ,f r 1,4 " N L.. V1 N-L ay' ' ab- X, 16 -4 Q-f ,Q :E-?:--.-, 'i111'iiliiK't Jniagglfiiir- lqiiiig HK !'!S ..-. R! I f 'USU'-ll.. 13.-V, '1 '73 - EI'-I -mia FE ': ir43'V 35 555 ji I H v if I. NIO "Yes, yes, YES! I"II see if l can't make it. 'lhere's the dance rehearsal . . .andthe supper committee. . . and that paper for Dunkel . . . and the prom tonight. Yes, l'II try to he there." And two years ago we were such placid and self-centered infants . . . silence in the mess hall at Canandaigua . . . five hours in the basement of the syna- gogue. Then we became sophisticated . . . smoking and the facts of life. Qur first dance, hilarity at a circus.. .time for lvlccarthyys puns, AND Elsa. Ace reporters, Van l'lorne and Darcy, start on long careers . . . Schroeder and Peace Action . . . Erskine and her coterie . . . Sin and Bill in perpetual emotion. Phillips introduced "Dehutante for a Night' '... l'lolly and Smith the sunshine twins, roommates forever. Jeannie l-lamm led the football team to glory the same year that we went to the County Fair . . . ul-lell Qwasj a poppin, H at Addington's college supper . . . Esther Teller and the "pause that refreshes." And finally, checked table-cloths at the Streets of paris . . . and Mary Sutton, twice a queen , . .and 'fish hack from California. 18 nfl 0 o The Croceus Qlleen 'L 19 . A " 1' 1--1 .. fif'fA'Hv,, - "W1e.'-iw' N , ,v ,. .v yl f V gwstis ' - i A Kira ' Q Ir gi N 2. All 4 df fn. R pi R lglflgk a ,"' f , f Q -x , rhligllzfd QM.. ' 340-' iff' 'ffl 5,1 i X343 1.1 Elia!! 11 do 1 n N xx ' if Qv' ' 3 'F 4 X. 4 Q 2. 4 'aw 1. 3, 1,3 . 1,6 X ,F '2 Q - -5 ,.i 3:2 3mgfe,eQQ9'1 3 is if 26- .fx my "'- 5 ,Q fd 35 fy-1 A? N Af ?:!E'ia 'F 'ff d 'if I 5: 1 14 wr W MW' lf ,' 1 1- Y, QF 5 1 ,I 35 L "" ras- 5, 5 W ' V '5f'v 5 L 'W .A.jg. W m E,? ,,,-1 , V 'Mr - fi' fif- . F r 1' . -X: f MARY SUTTON QUEEN 20 I 4 W A V 5 f 4 H aa - ,.. ...Q , 'fggi I fix N COURT OF HONOR I I DORIS ERSKINE 21 PAULINE PARCE JANET PHILLIPS ig, 3. Y as I 156 7 ,. Y V W 22 4 hr Q A6 Ja li PXRSORXE HHN-L ident Pres .22 E OF 1 RUTH WlLCOX Vice-President LOIS HOLLY Treasurer is f wczirp JANET McCORD ANN OLSON Social Chairman Secretary MARGARET TYLER Song Leader 23 ENGLISH Cuba New York A cameo set in ivory and black JOANNA ADAMS A " -.J ' N- -.- 4. . A' ,!,..5jn . . 1 -,f -Q ' sv- ",. '- Q 'W H ,, 1, - . . - "' My 'A 4332... A- " ' t I l RUTH M5 JANET ADDINGTON i E 5 e ! 1 I 1 3 . "im , 1 ,X l n r F NURSING East Aurora New York A smooth hand on the pulse SOCIOLOGY iioiio, lioiio Philippine isiancis Humanitarian aspirations in soft-spoken tones BARBARA JULIA ALGER LILLIAN ALTMAN 1 SGCIOLOGY Rochester New York Option on life MUSIC Rochester New York Gentle consclentiousness and a natural flair RUTH LEONA ANDERSEN MARY MARGARET ERSEN ANDERSON PSYCHOLOGY Rochester New York The peaceful way is pleasant NURSING Utica New York Congeniai liaison with science BETTY AUL N I ALVEIRA ANDREWS .. h, 'Zi ,Q 'S Lf S NM' CHEMISTRY Rochester New Y0l'k An imp among the test tubes S O C I O L O G Y Brockport New York "Importance of being earnest" HELEN ELIZABETH BALTZ NANCY BILLINGHURST E C O N O M I C S Rochester New York Tomorrow can take care of itself HBTORY Cleveland Ol-,io Efficiency in a dither ' RUTH ELIZABETH BLAKE MARY LOUISE BOCK HISTORY Quakertown Pennsylvania Hobby horses mounted on a pedestal H I S T O R Y Fairfield Connecticut The nonchalance of cynicism JEANNE ROWLAND BRENNAN MARY ELIZABETH BURLINGAME 'iss N P S Y C H O L O G Y Fairport New York Dynamo in a Scotch plaid BIOLOGY ima New York Her ideas do not lay in ambush CORNIE LOUISE BURTON MARY JANETTE CADY CHEMISTRY Waverly New York The practical mind rules the impractical heart ' GOVERNMENT Rochester New York Peace, it's wonderfull BELL SHANK CADMUS ELEANOR JEAN KDMUS COSTICH X X l i I X 5 2 x u I 1 P S Y C H O L O G Y Westbury Long lsfana' The effervescence of champagne CP4EhAlSTRY Binghamton New York Singuladty B an asset AMELIA MARY CHERKES DORG DOROTHY MARY CULLEN A A PSYCHOLOGY Palmyra New York Peter Pan goes to college GOVERNMENT Rochester New York Life is for the laughing 5 WINIFRED MAR' JEANETTE COURTNEY MARGARET MARY DARCY ECONOMICS Rochester New York "Give me wine and women, songs and laughter- Sermons and soda water the day after." N U R S i N G Wakefield Massachusetts A serenity pierced with laughter LOUISE FAIRBANKS BESSIE Q ng BESSIE ELLEN DE HEY fur FRENCH Brockport New York Alertness breeds alacrity SOCIOLOGY Morgantown West Virginia The eternal feminine in a modern frame DORIS ALLAN LANDRETH ERSKINE ,f JA JANET .47 . .. -'Nr' .MT ,L . I . WT 1 'vii' 'Q Q 'fi v., x rw., pw '., ' QM!! - ,J M A ff NX ,L ',.-WA, LOUISE ECKHARDT K .. , Nk BX 4, b E X11 ,Q In V V' f' 49 ,mf- CHEMISTRY Rocfzester New York "Ambition is the fault of angels" CLASSICS Batavia New York Transcending the mundane THELMA JANE FORD BERTHA EVELYN FIELD BIOLOGY Rochester New York The lady with the lens HISTORY Rochester New York Radicalism with a gentle twist JANE GAMVBLE JANICE FULLER ir- !" ss ENGLISH Bangkok Siam Looking squarely through a fringe of lashes FINE'ARTS Rochester New York At the crest ofthe wave, quiet humor HELEN RUTH GORDON RACHEL PROCTOR FOULKES Utica E N G LIS H Verses bespeak their own melodies New York FRENCH Rochester New York Wistful sincerity I l T i i I MARJORIE Q PAH HALL A I I ? F i H H L U I B S f""' 9 1 5 5 T P PALMINA NU- MARY GEORGE I l+ 5 Q , 4 I Y ROMANCE LANGUAGES Rochester New York A figure from the ether HISTORY Rochester New York The magnetic spark of friendship if f ELEANOR MARIE HAMMILL 'v il , MARGARET McCORMACK GILLETTE . L BIOLOGY ima New York Little Miss Muffet GEOLCHSY Rochester New York Effortless exuberance JANE SYLVIA HEWES JEAN BEVERLY EWES HAMM 45? ECONOMICS Grace and gaiety in swing time Pennsylvania PSYCHOLOGY Rofhestef NQW Yofk Too busy with the crowded hour JEAN LQ DOROTHY HALL X 1 W 1 Lois CLARK A'-L HOLLY 'gg E N G LIS H Schenectady New York Happiness in perpetual motion ENGLISH Rochester New York True worth is in being, not seeming I I I I I I I MILDRED I MARG ZIMMERMAN JACOB I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I MARGARET KN ALICE MOB HQWLAND I X . I 4 'i -D, .lf F H I P S Y C H O l. O G Y Cofdwater New York A subtle, yet warm radiation P S Y C H O L O G Y Rochester New York Competence is to her an unconditioned response MILDRED ELIZABETH JENKINS : A JANE ELIZABETH KINS HUGHES , Jw,-' E C O N O M I C S Rochester N York lfll nahoopsr PSYCHOLOGY Rochester New York Patchwork of emotion in bright colors MARGARET ELIZAE KELLER 4 ELIZABETH EUGENIE LLER HUSBAND ENGLISH ellevue Pennsyfva An individual mind with an individual purpose FINE ARTS LeRoy New York Weiner schnitzle a la Paris ELSA ELIZA LAPP I 1 ELIZABETH JEAN LANNING ENGLISH Cooperstown New York The lucid gaze of an el Greco NURSING Meriden Connecticut "There's no place like Nome" EDITH ANN LUCCHINI JEAN CHINI JEAN LIVINGSTON v'X PSYCHOLCDGY Rochester New Yo The amazmg vidll'12 amusing iff-SG has Rochester MUSIC Life is a keyboard to be played New Y0fk RUTH ILEEN MCGREGOR 74 , P, YJANI l1 JANET EGOR MARIE M CCORD ef' YJ FRENCH Rochester New York Present indicative and past progressive Niagara Falls H IS T O R Y Far from madding thoughts New York i 1 MARY RUTH MAR MARSH l MARY MARGARET McCARTHY 51 ENGLISH Rochester New York OhlPc1.efRdbb1rl Rochester P S Y C H O L O G Y Agreement is but idiot's delight New York ELIZABETH ANN MEAGHER BONNIE JE Y e 1 1 I S GHER 1 4 1 , i I4 -FT. NF f fs 'Z "37?.f7 BONNIE JEAN MARSTON GOVERNMENT Rochester New York Sdvoir Faire versatility Rochester F R E N C H Dispatch is the soul of business New York LORRAINE METZMAN MARJOI ! W r L r N N I 1 i ll . MARJORY YZMAN Amee MENG Ji- t'w Rocfvestef CHENHSTRY From tea gown to C t OC CHEMISTRY Rochester New York Absolute control, scientifically and personally Y A MARGAR RUTH L, MIRIAM MILLER LLER MARGARET LOIS MILBURN Q 1 ' - I. ENGLISH Ncww ' 'LL lnofc 0 PM 1. - x. P S Y C H O L O G Y Oak Park Hlinois The part is played with quizzical eyebrow MARCELLA MARY HILDEGARDE NEUMAN MARY E ELLIS AAN NORTH f.,-s 4 13:55 '76-f NURSING Kqnmorc The German H s cu my 8 5 1 MUSIC Rochester New York Flowing movement and a stalwart mind I PHYLLIS 7 ADELE JONES HELI NEIDIG 9 , ADELE HELEN WDW NUSBAUM 2' +43 QQ PN J,- GQVERNMENT Ro if UP vC'S ENGLISH Bfi9l"f0f1 New York "I dreamt I dwelt in marble I'aaIIs" SHEILA ANNCMW O'BRIEN I I F I I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I ANN CALISTA OLSON fN 'fx' . UCax,LC FINE ARTS Rochester New York Nor too much schloss in her sclwuss PAULINE HIGBIE PARCE LILLIA IE PARCE x .Ting ff LILLIAN ORDEN MARY PASSANNANTE JAN ET ELIZ ROMANCE LANGUAGES Rochester New York A multi-lungual anthology ,gf -Q J! 5? iffy ' f fm,ff'F" Y w 1 u 'w nf Qfu' 4 'ffm 4 , Wm WM "WG Z f ,gf 1454! ' ay, f f ,J iff 'ff JANET MN15 ELIZABETH PHILL IPS V1 ' p bAUS HISTORY Oak Park Illinois A blonde valentine V I ' AMY GERTRUADSNE DOLC RosnNsoN I 4 ISON AMY DOLORES POWNALL ks .5-1, 1 I! Y if PSYCHGLGGY Hd'TC' 1 RONMKNCE LANCHJAGES Rochester New York COXSW6h1ihd gondoh JOSEPHINE MARIE SCALZO MARY ELL MARY ELLEN ALZO RAUBACHER SYCHCLQG7 .w,n s.-. GOVERNMENT Rochester New York PoHUcalraHyinthe Padhenon DOROTHY WWLMA SCHROEDER ELEANOR K IOEDER ELEANOR SCHEIBLE LL ENGLISH Rochester New York "I disagree but do not dispute your absolute right" HARRIET SM'-'E EDITH JE" SHERMAN ,Q SALLIE JEAN SHAFER SOCIOLOGY Painted Post New York "Sense and Sensibility" MARIAN RUTH ELLA SHOEMAKER l l AKER is 511. if Y. In A J'-'xi-. RUTH SCHMIDT f, 'NU DUflPlNlf'f" NUPSING 3 z xx N 103 P S Y C H O L O G Y Darien New York A shy smile and a retiring wisdom EVELYN CORA SIERK ANNA MAR Q f, If ANNA MARIE SIERK SINCLAIR f' ay. Q kiwi Q CHEMISTRY Rockford Illinois A stubborn urchin with a twinkling eye i I ' LORRAIN JULIA SB PENFIELD O SMITH 3 1 LORRAINE J OSBORN SMITH SMITH G YS 'K iff-.VY Ol F I N E A R T S . Rochester New York Sizzling comet in the midnight sky 2 MARGARETTA ' ELEANOR WILLIAMSQN DUDL STEELE S ELEANOR JN DUDLEY EELE STEWART 5LL1NOMlCS 9 Jef SOCIOLOGY Rochester New York Latent mischief and naive sophistication FRANCES LESLIE STEVENSON JOAN ELEA JOAN ELEANOR 'SON STOKES 5 1 1. PSYCHQLOGY S c f BIOLOGY Spencerport New York The sly glint of sunshine HELEN M. MARGAR ZIMMERMAN 4 4 1 1 1 1 I w W 1 W I i I a gg - r i 1 2 MARGARET FRMAN TYLER Vis.. HISTORY Rochester New York Search for the plmilosophefs stone JANET VERNPEI-All WEBSTER A I VERNA CLAIRE VOLZ GERMAN Niagara Falls New York Humor bursts forth, efficiency remains 1 ESTHER r HARRIET ADELLA N, TELLER VA i A HARRIET TELLER VAN HORNE 3 .ff x H I S T O R Y West Los Angeles California Declaration of Independence 118 A VIRGINIA ELIZABETH WARD I I ' MARY ELIZABEI SI I I I I I MARY ELIZABETH TRD SUTTON T Pi ' GOVERNMENT Rochester New York Liberty and justice for all IU ANNIE CATHERWE PIETJE HE VAN WYNEN l 1 v 4 I 1 1 A CATHERINE HEATH 'NEN WEST I FRENCH Rochester New Yorlc A lacly of polite learning MADELEEFAELY l MARIAN Q: YAUDE D MARIAN DOROTHEA AUDE WYCKOFF RUTH DOW ADALINE H L WILCOX E C O N O M I C S Fairport New York Curly head on skis DORIS ELIZABETH LCOX WILLEY NURSING Rochester New York The cIean sure stroke oItI'1e champion FORMER MEMBERS OF 1940 O I DOROTHY Lou ALLEN ELSBETH APPELT ELINQIQE ASAY VIRGINIA GILES BETTYS BONNIE JEAN BYRNE EFFIE ZOE CREWSON EDITH CHARLOTTE DOMINE IVIAVIS HELEN DLINLQIH ELINIQE LILLIAN EVANS DOROTHY MAY FERGUSON OLIVE LQIQIQAINE FOSBLIRG AIQLINE WINIFRED FRENCH AIQAIVIINIHA MAY GEDDES IVIAIQJQIQIE ELIZABETH HALL ELINQIQ CONGDON HANDY SLIZANNE HUGHSON FRIEDA REVA I4AHN VIOLET MAY KELLOGG MARTHA LAPHAM JEAN ALDEN LEWIS MARIAN JEAN NATAPOW IVIARJORIE BELLE OLIVER MARY JANE O'ROL,IRKE AGNES IRENE PARKER DORIS PARSONS PHYLLIS MARY PROBST DORIS HENRIETTA PROLITY ADA MAE RAYTON BARBARA ELISABETH REESE VIRGINIA ELIZABETH RIEGEL MARGERY FRANCES SANDERS MURIEL LOUISE SHEFFIELD BETTY STEVENSON HELEN SHIRLEY STRAYLINE CATHERINE BRUCE WARD VERA FRANCES WITTER DOROTHY MARCELLA ZIIVIMER DORIS ERSKINE Editor Front Row- W. , C ' :mfr d Back Row: Doris Engine la ,. I ' 'N " . I Kid., .' l-3,4 sux' A me ,I V, - wx, s-"'-, 'U-'faw fi f Jn' r, jul I Jiri, , 1 ..',A,Q- ,'f'.g+f, Q Ilujil. DORIS ERSKINE, Editor Front Row: Winifred Courtney, Mary M. Anderson. If 4iuuL.. X .F Back Row: Doris Erskine, Elsa Lapp, Adele Nusbaum , BLUE BOCK 0 WINIFRED COURTNEY Business Manager i I can 4 .4-r , .,.. S- ' r I 127 i , , - A,,,,,,,,d-, Y i f" U, . . 4 1 , ef ' , ,....u X A f 1 K , 5 K V ' J . Q A - 1 N ' if "' 1 ' ' Y 3 ai A 1,2 .1 4. 4 , 3 qi 'AQ y V 4 1' 5 t f Q ' I I .Up ! " 1 ' ,"'v ' ' p ., 'M .1 My 4 ' , 5 I , kkni, fs 5 i 'Pg p ' ,. , ., ,.,., , qv, 1 . , A M .. WCW I s v :Q Y Vg V .WN , ' .. . N , I ' A 2 'M P f V , Q- ' 4 ' 1 wwf 5" X .Q ' - ' If My L f x W , 5 :V X I , , :X V .vi , . K J, A Q xs Egg! , Z I LVMJK .ay A ,H 0' 1: " -W ' my , fb ,, I if . , ,N-as . f xh ful' Ln.-f 7 ' ff. A ,, ,M b ff' ,f ,Iv f I LI I A WZ434 U14 W, ,V .. 'NL "f f ,nf ' MQW ,,. I I M Q, , Wfmgif. f if "4 - f f , Q ff? W 1 ,, sw, H. nf , fm fi' MM Z W Md' ,1 'z 1 '1 J No J I i l WI! NW'-'l "."3'I'f'.:.z1. T f .'A u Fri .W k ,fs I COUNSELORS Seated: Julia Smith, Joan Stokes, Anna Marie Sin- clair, Marjorie l-lall, Miss Ruth Merrill, Miss Frances lallmadge, Eleanor Stewart, Doris Erskine, Winilred Courtney. Standing: Marian Natapow, Lois l-lolly, Janet McCord, Pauline Parce, Mary Margaret Mc- Carthy, Margaret Darcy. FRESHMAN-JUNIOR HOUSE PARTY JULIA SMITH Chairman v ik' CE E 1940 CRO ANNA Wi i' To to Bottom: Janet McCord, Ann Clson, Mary Sutton, Mary Burlingame, Marcella Neuman, Gertrude Roginson, Virginia Ward, Jeanne Brennan, Mgrjorie I-Iall, Winifred Courtney, Joan Stokes, Eleanor tevyart. 1 I I CROCEU ANNA MARIE SINCLAIR Editor . a , . ' s .ly JEAN BEVERLY HAMM Business Manager K 1 A VOTE OF THANKS TO A DP. DELOS CANFIELD IN APPRECIATION OF I-IIS EXPERT GUIDANCE OE TI-IE CLASS OF 1940 f I NIC We enteredpsome ol us lil4e untamed colts, our lwools barely out of the mire ol liiglw sclwool-badly in need ol nie ne sais quoin-Life immediately cauglit us up-at tlwe rival brealclast we lwid our liglwt beliind a luneral Wreath- Friday tlie tliirteentlw passed and repassed leaving memories with a slfiarp tang ol Uyim and vigor"-tlne library Fire- Mary Wallace leading cliapel-Elya Baer budding into a Phi Bete-Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope and Jo Sutton-. Bubbles manages, sl4illlully,tl1e Winter Formal. Personalities pass before our eyes-l-lannalwys gentle manner, lNlorma's dancing, Mary Taylor"s gaiety, l:ranl4ie's enquiring mind- Clappie, a synonym For good nature. Dennis and friends "bridge it"-Brandlworst and Killy-Clemmy and l"lausy- ' Do Ferguson as Juliet-Brodlwead debates-Myra Dubois Hzipsn tlirouglw Witln HQn tlie Brinlcn We wouldn't lwave missed it. J. S. 'I34 MARSIE AROUND THE C l-lAl2RlEi E311 mit ste,- svtvifi . mm rust mommy ttizfxatiii 5: isfiatut xii, tiviiu cuter, ANNE scilu fvlfittaftiati H u MARSIENS AROUND THE CIRCLE P. ...:' 4 I J i"'P'l U' W' ' WXH A PM ,' x w.l'Ak ff"'f,+ VJ' 3 ' 'P' Vi' W"' U 'A'N IM W' 'Xf9illk WMV 'fllxv HWY 'QXNW3 5 V " 'NWO AQKQX K: W :wi .'. fx .fLf:Nm , x A Y v -Hb Lx 'gf' Z, ' " CLASS CF 1939 First Row: Houck, Slater, Garrison, Barnes, Cope- land, Mann, Davis, Swart, Suskind, Rosenthal, Silberstein. Second Row: Clapp, Woodside, Hin- man, Kelsey, Dick, Hinkley, Hausner, Schuhl, Jenks, Hanson, Cole, Polovvy, Fergusson, Gregg. Third Row: Britton, Peterson, Worner, Mueller, Vickers, Paterson, Hanson, Miller, Asman, Parker, Stephens, Sigl, Killigrevv, Stevens, Shannon, Maggio, Prenner, Jungklas, Robertson. Fourth Row: Van Atta, Hen- dryx, Alling, Bingeman, Becker, Little, Clifton, House, Tarbox. Last Row: Smith,,Meulendyke, Schumacher, Phipps, Brandhorst, Dennis, Scinta, Levis, Wallace, Brostedt, Payne. IA y, f r . ff ffl-xl ., .JW in -IK ,italy 4 an OFFICERS .ll Jane Schuhl . President Marjorie Parker . , . Treasurer Y' D. Patricia Palmer . . Vice-President XX. Elizabeth Browning Song Leader Alice l'lausner . . . Secretary V Florence Dunn Social Chairman Q-4 .1 ' i PHI BETA KAPPA BOTTOM OF PAGE: LOTS WHITE CLEMENCE STEPHENS ELVA BAER ELIZABETH BROWNING EILEEN WELCH ETHEL DAVTS ELEANOT2 MOON LOTS DAVTDSON U- 8 MARY TAYLOR PROPHESY.. We are all but cogs in a macl'1ine. . .not the designers, the builders or tlie engi- neers . . . just tlwe cogs . . . because someone lias to be. A few of us may Fly olf and set out for ourselves, leaving vague prints in the sand. We will not be tl'ie Sapplwos, tlwe George Sands, or tlne Florence Niglwtingales ol the Future . . . but we may bump against tlsiem. And We may even change tl'ieir patlws to some extent. We will be tlie solid iron, not tlwe glittering gold, ol tlfie World ol tomorrow. JANE GREGG JANE MQRGAN SCDPHOMORES Shining faces mirrored in a punch bowl The class of '41 gathered to itself youth eager to criticize, to comprehend, and to create. We were First captivated by the life stories of the darl4- haired Rosenow sisters. Early in the year, our spotlight caught Mary Esmonde Kelly in HQutward Bound." We dashed through mid-terms and dances in the proverbial Hdithern to Kaleidoscope with Jane Maloney in the lead. Barbara Bourgeois practiced a French accent to the beat oi a metronome. Sue Sanney and Betty Mitchell were lceeping etlicient Fingers in the Y pie. We were awed by the expressive dance patterns oi Sue Wolters and felt Allie Taylor's quiet inspiration. Qur Final fling-the Fresh- man Dance combined Surrealism and swing. Kaleidoscope, our sophomore year, revealed the sweetness oi Betty Becker, the vivaciousness of Jinny Ward and the sophisti- cation of Colgan-and who will ever forget those rene- gades of the rhumba, Jody Reed and Gretch Frizzell. Now we stand "Cn the Brink" of our college careers. That punch bowl refuses to conjure up for us visions oi the future-yet we see in it infinite possibilities. M. D. 142 -um I" I MARY ESlViOiNlDf if President -OFFIC .1 .-.f "JA ' ,., , J ww S fs? Q , 1 ,,,,,., ,. ' ' fm. f hi I Fin! Row: Sgcond Row: 2 ' A' .',f:w.- ' ': ' 1: ir.: .'. ,L F " .4 U.. ,... ', .. Fourth Row 'Hu L ' r .XV '-'ffff-' Row Third Rowg 1 .1 rw. ' fifth Mary Esmoncle Kelly, June Bdetzel, rival chairmen, shake lwamcls alter the fray. FRESHMAN - SOPHCMORE BREAKFAST 146 f. X' f 0 W44ff g '- -fl 4 SCPHOMORE DANCE FRESHMEN We danced to Allie l:ry's victrola, watclwed Wiggie Davis swim and enjoyed a four-ring circus by Justine Furman, -lony Wiener, Jean Adlcins and Midge Deffenbaugli, tlwe future lweroine of l-lellzapoppin-all tliis in the Bristol l-lills-and, before we left, we began to feel as it we were part of something wonderful-sometfiing tlwat would clwange all of us a little, and some of us a great deal. Between classes we discovered tlwe rytlwym of Mary l.ou lngram's fingers, and lwow Pat Foster could loolc society in sweater and pearls. We discovered Dot Longyear, Plwil Metcalfe, and l-lelen McDonald's dimpled grin. Kaleido- scope revealed furtlwer talent to justify our ego-June Baetzel, tlwe Uclassic Caspern- Millie Stanbro, Russian Romeo-Bobbie Sclwultze, a blond "toast to l-lavanaf' Nor could we miss Wliitney's plaster nose, a la Cyrano or tlwe Wfiitney wit. College lias been more tl'1an a success and, lil4e Taffy, we're always eager for more. J. M. 'ISO JUUE MORGAN President O F F I C E R S MARGARET came S0Cial Chairman ll INF MQRG AN pl'G"5iC!QTFll OF F I C E R S MARGARET comm Social Chairmam RUTH WQLGPXST TI'C'dSklI'4'I I Q6 W 'gi ,VV O5 4 i' -Q 4 Q i V " R 572 ' ,idx Y 'Q , w. 291' 'gm x mihskw Q V ul .l . . x., 1 'B' ,I ax. XM Wm R f WW KRW X wx VV :N V, VNS 3 1 . T i4 In V VV VV? V ,Q qyyq V, ki "1 L. N fin ' A N C -1 Q , . ' -, ' fblva-Q.'V.L E.: 'Q"1f57 ' N35 1 'V' ' rf Vp ' Q -',. ' , . :V ' x V .'9'f'x -' A .QV z 'W V 4 . ' 'Q' W' 4 w- Tai' L f - 1 V ,QQ-V I H- av ' ' " '. ff H ' .V ' C V '- , , w i .. K .QQ - .M , "' ' ' f' f 4 ' ' . -f 1 V,, V , e wk mi , , A . , + M, .f. . , 4, Q fam VV 6 f 4 V-. V V V V ' V' , VV A Q, V ' " .fi S. V ' - B 1 V V f 4, '. N V V ' 2' , , '- ' -, N E A V- A V. M , ,V , ggi V .V 1 'f ,I V H M V f ' A ' ', hi 75114 V fw .V,hV'V7jfff'f 13 V Ex S V ' 1 V f 3 V V., 'A 5332 V! ' W V X Q .yy Um 0 .. ' ' V " ' -' X '- V , V. V ,,.. V ,, VV A . V N V .La VV am-. , V 119' 1 3 M 1 o V V ' V, V H V. 1. - f X 0 V 'V VV . " V ' 5 VV ' f :V ,N 'f' f 'asv fl V ' V ' VV' 1 ., , www' X stay , .TV ,,,,., V V " e "Z VV I , 6. - TW? 'iii-Sfrrjwm W4 , , V ,m. N. V V .M V V .VV , xy A 533755 1 . 0' 1 915' f' ' V- V 5 V ,. V in -V ...VV 3 VV V. V w V , ,V . WZ VY 1 V V M .. V V V Q V ' ' , 1+ V V K W. V ,j y VV V V V 1' ' MM. 1 ,V Z V " , 'fi '5 4 all V 1 . - VV ,,V qt- :V I V - i Q ,r ff' V' fa, 'U 'V 4? V' . . , , V V L , ' 1 ',ff-ww'.'::41.25fzh V ,V 1 " ,NV ,J V V, H ', V VY V ,0Vs,V.ff' .4 X? ,VV my VV V 'T V V V N ' ' VVV V,VV VV1'C'X ' ' Y V "' 2 ,ff VVVV, V xii? W -f F V 5-GVV - . W7 V VV iv V4 V: xx ' L f Q 1 V, ,mf -. f 4' v ' rib., V V V 7 VV.. , V. ff-32,5 ff l , .5 6 9' N I V VV V VVVVV5. A , VV VVV V V VVVV V 'Q' 'I n 3 fI,.o fl, .. Jn ROn m"- FJ f p Af. f-1 QS JS yx JO 'if f. C73 C CC QS A S l -IG CI L Sr 4 JS OO QC JS JS DL QQ 38 OO C 'Q- S i O2 05 Q9 38 00 bb Y 3 lb- 25- 1 Q QLL.-Nw -..A --Qmm-AV -1- .-1.-. QO- .nv c 1 LL x P1 ' Y' 1 I I 1 I l l 1 I Q I -I T DORMITORIES Washing clothes, playing bridge, eating and more eating and just plain loaiing. All these are a part ol lile in a dormitory. . . helping your neighbor dress for a fraternity dance . . . borrowing your roommate's newest dress . . . laughing at Ginny Arthurys antics . . . sighing when Ruth Jenks became engaged at Easter. Remember the time we lowered the dummy outside l-uey l-litchcock's window? And the night Pollee slept in the attic alone and Qlson dressed like a man to scare her? And the day Bobby Steddom came to dinner with her hair in pig tails? Re- member the tally pull at Seelye l-louse and the roller skating at lvlunro? D We all have mental Scrapbooks ol early morning bull sessions, ol l-lausie's stories and Jay's giggling. Alter college, what remains to us will be the personalities we have known, girls we lived with and learned to admire... gentle Betty Lanning, smooth Jean Williams, bouncing Ellie Costich, Peggy Tyler, the slender, Lois lvlilburn, the happy, Slug and Dossie . . . and so on in an endless and unique procession. 156 iii!- -ls X FORTY-THREE PRINCE Miss Helen Cole, House Moiher I If XA ' N,-fxx X sbs 9X fx- G Joanna Adams r frtary Adams 'trrginia Arttrur r Aut l Margaret Arnott I Laura Baker . tottn Blake , frtary Louise Bock I tfrarian Botles f Bartaara Bourgeois 1 Dorottry Brandtaorst I Jeanne Brennan ttorenee Brown t Alice Burritt t "ANY Jane Cady June Congdon Beatrice Corn tftar ,XA Saret Corn I . orrlyn De r tigoorr ,.a--"" FX L... ,,4,,-,..-v- ,,H-,,.4.-- ,.,....--" .,,,.--0-" , ,..-- ul. 'Q LA X -PVR . . K U , .QINN V icy... xt :J Vw -g ' A mf h ?,h? . . xv! K. 'Y S N159 -Sm. - .1-' --r uIk'xax .K Y V .I I Kilim f. ,bs'. K 5 -:Wg L. ..a'. A' 't .4 mf: fwfr: E ,' -!ff:k'5 , il' :4.f'g 'M xv . - 1'. A ' g . . ' ', is .v.'5W' STEPHEN FOSTER HALL Musa Elnzabcth Thulm House Mother Muss Pviavy Da-udazn fmalamnt HARRIET TSEELYE HOUSE Miss Mary Wesson, House Mother HARRIET BROADHEAD ELIZABETH BROWNING JEANNE HANSON ANNE HINKLEY LOIS HOLLY RUTH JENKS MARY JANE JLJNGKLAS LOIS MILBLIRN MARCELLA NEUMANN ANN OLSON KATHERINE OSTER ROLLEE RHIPRS GERTRLJDE ROBINSON EVA ROSENOW JANE SCHLIHL ANNA MARIE SINCLAIR JLILIA SMITH CLEMENCE STEPHENS JOAN STOKES ff X 'ffffz ff! ,X .W u . I -..,,4.,M 11'-Q ,pi s ' A PK --YW 2 3 'v-1 'Q vit' .- I :- n 0 P . f" af! TY , ,og a . .-, . A ... ,F Au. apw. ,... -......- ,, nf -'Ii' . .-.- dz' YV ' ' MT." ,L.L R, x 1 ..C""'5 uhm ,.,.'A--,.-,,....4- - ff'-ra ..o.0.'g ,O . Q 0. 0.0.9 O O ..-f" xv: .bf BRAGDON HOUSE Miss Ruth Merrill, House Mother RUTI-I ADDINGTON BARBARA I-IINES MARY BURDICK ELEANOR COSTICI-I LORNA DAVIS MYRA DU BOIS FLORENCE DUNN MARY LOUISE GARRISON JEAN I-IAMM ELEANOR I-IITCI-ICOCK FAY KELSEY RUTI-I MANN DOROTI-IY Mel-IENRY MOLLY RAUBACI-IER SALLIE SI-IAFER JANET STONE ESTI-IER TELLER VIRGINIA WARD RUTI-I WILCOX ijgf 1 .ll I, C 'Q Fx t' XX., -er .ff ,E J' 1 x w ,n J 'E 9 ,011 fl 9 ...- gq Cl E iw. 9 CUTLER UNION Dofmutofy for Cnty Students . ,..- ' 2 I 31 e re up. Ten minute dash gf A DAY .... w V ln the Life of a City Girl w Q S Ah, Food! 60 pages to read ADMINISTRATION While the nevv dorm rose up hastily, altering the appear- ance of Prince Street, the year saw other great changes. The University lost a line leader with the passing of Dr. Rhees. Mrs. Clarlc came on from Baltimore to talce up her duties in Anderson l-'lall-the honors system was inaugur- ated giving greater opportunities to our successors-We savv the dawn of a new era of planned economy-prices went upl We quizzed the faculty at the years' first college supper and heard Dr. Perkins sing "Fair l-larvardf' Diclc Greene came loaclc with tales ol the crisis and a head lull of early English madrigals. The Mays left to look over the Russian situation-Arthur Dingvvell first savv the light ol day-and, when spring came once more, Dr. Slater was so happy he gave us daffodils. 170 ALK-XN Vx'-.LENHNE prcixdcrwk mai lhe Croeeus ol194O welcomes ,lanet l-lowell Clark, third dean ol the College lor Women. l'ler high scholastic achievements, her administrative ability, and her line personality Well qualify her lor this position as our leader. We greet her in tol4en ol our great confidence in the luture ol the college under her guid- ance. . President Alan Valentine Q. Dr. l-lugh MacKenzie 3. Dr. l-larold Alling 4. Dr. lsabel Wallace 5. Mr, Wilbur Dingwell 6. Dr. Ralph Marquis 7. Dr. Richard Greene 8. Dr. Wilbur Dunkel 9. Dr. Carl l-lersey 10. Dr. Dexter Perkins 11. Jack Lowe and Arthur Whittemore 12. Dr. Robert MacLean 13. Dean Arthur Gale 14. Dr. Olga Longi dlcnlllu W9 cc gwc uis eenc kd Y Mns d more cLean ada QI ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ALAN VALENTINE, M.A., CQxon.D, LL.D., L.H.D., Litt.D., President RAYMQND N. BALL, B.S., Vice-President RAYMQND L. THQMPSQN, B.S., Treasurer JANET HQWELL CLARK, Ph.D., Dean of the CoIIege for Women ARTHUR P. CURTISS, A.B., Assistant Treasurer RUTH A. HEMENWAY, A.B., Assistant Treasurer JQHN H. WQRDEN, A.B., B.C.S., Bursar FREDERICK L. HQVDE, B.Ch.E., B.A. CQxon.D, Assistant to the President CLARENCE A. LIVINGSTQN, R.A., GeneraI Superintendent of BuiIdings and Grounds CARL LAUTERBACH, A.B., In Charge of University PuBIications ARMIN N. BENDER, A.B., In Charge of University News Bureau ELIZABETH THULIN, A.B., AIumnae Secretary KATHERINE BQWEN, A.B., Registrar of the CoIIege for Women GERTRUDE F. McCANN, M.D., MedicaI Adviser, CoIIege for Women ISABEL K. WALLACE, Ph.D., VocationaI CounseIor, CoIIege for Women RUTH A. MERRILL, Ph.D., Director of CutIer Union, CoIIege for Women, SociaI Dean MARGARET WITHINGTQN, B.S., Librarian, CoIIege for Women HERMAN LERQY FAIRCHILD, D.Sc., Professor Emeritus of GeoIogy HENRY EDMUND LAWRENCE, A.B., D.Sc., Professor Emeritus of Physics RYLAND MORRIS KENDRICK, A.B., Professor Emeritus of Greek ANNETTE GARDNER MUNRQ, A.M., Litt.D., Dean Emeritus, CoIIege for Women CLARENCE KING MQQRE, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages ARTHUR SULLIVAN GALE, Ph.D., Fayervveather Professor of Mathematics JQHN RQTHWELL SLATER, Ph.D., Joseph H. GiImore Professor of EngIish VICTOR JQHN CHAMBERS, Ph.D., CharIes FredericIc Houghton Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM DAYTON MERRELL, Ph.D., Professor of Botany J. PERCIVAL KING, Ph.D., Professor of German CHARLES WILLIAM WATKEVS, A.M., Professor of Mathematics DEXTER PERKINS, Ph.D., Watson Professor of History RQBERT ALEXANDER MacLEAN, Ph.D., Professor of CIassics, Lecturer in ArchaeoIogy HARQLD LATTIMORE ALLING, Ph.D., Professor of GeoIogy ALFRED HARRISON JQNES, Ph.D., Professor of PhiIosophy T. RUSSELL WILKINS, Ph.D., Professor of Physics NEIL CQLE ARVIN, Ph.D., Professor of French Literature EARL BURT TATLQR, Ed.M., Professor of Education BENJAMIN HARRISON WILLIER, Ph.D., Professor of ZooIogy LEE ALVIN DuBRIDCIE, Ph.D., Harris Professor of Physics HUGH MacKENZIE, Ph.D., Professor of Hlstory JQHN EDWARD HGFFMEISTER, Ph.D., Professor of GeoIogy RICHARD LEIGHTON GREENE, Ph.D., Professor of EngIish ELIgfIERh AUGUSTIN KURTZ CULLER, Ph.D., Professor of PsychoIogy, Director of the Laboratory of syc o ogy JANET HQWELL CLARK, Ph.D., Professor in the Division of BioIogicaI Sciences GEORGE CHESTER CURTISS, A.M., Deane Professor of Rhetoric and EngIish Literature RUTH CLAUSING, Ph.D., Professor of Economics ARTHUR JAMES MAY, Ph.D., Professor of History WILLIAM EDWIN VAN de WALLE, Ph.D., Professor of PhiIosophy JAMES DUMARS MCGILL, A.M., Professor of Government 'I74 I SHLRIAAIQ ,a. FLOYD C2 12 WILBUI3 If 54 LWALD Pfff MH-M QPIJQPP IIIILLSON df vIRcINIA ffl Louist ALF? ,ACR WILBU Luoi DOLL HAZLL WILE ETI-IEL LouL LIAYNARD I eLvNDoN I WILLIAM LD OLGA PAUI RALRH vfILI SELINA Mn cARL KENIN DELOS LINC WILSON NI HOWARD I HENRY CH WALDLN rv RAvIfIoND JOI-IN FRA LRIc cARRI FRANK RER DAvID RO RARL uLRIr STERLING . EDWARD J I'Iistory ISABEL RID ELSE H. Dc FRANCIS I STARING LLLANoR ROBERT D. WILBUR LI JoHN W GEORGE ALEXAN5 WILLIAM JAMES D ARTHLIIQ DONALD ALAN si THOrvIAf RosE.vIA EDWARD LTY SHERMAN C. BlSHQP, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology FLOYD COOPER FAIRBANKS, AB., Professor of Physics WILBUR DWIGHT DUNKEL, Ph.D., Roswell S. Burrows Professor of English EWALD PAUL APPELT, Ph.D., Professor of German MERLE SPURRlER, B.A., Associate Professor of Physical Education WILLSON HAVELOCK COATES, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History VIRGINIA MOSCRlP, PhD., Associate Professor of Latin LOUISE ALEREDA HILL, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French JACK WlLBUR DUNLAP, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education ELIOT DGLE HU-l'CHlNSQN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology HAZEL WlLBRAHAM, AB., Assistant Professor of Physical Education- ETHEL LQUET-lA FRENCH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry MAYNARD LAMAR CASSADY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Religion GLYNDQN GARLOCK VAN DEUSEN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History WILLIAM EDWARD DUNKMAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics OLGA PAULINE P. LONGl, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Erench RALPH WlLLlAM MARQUIS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics SELINA MEYER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German CARL KENNETH HERSEY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Eine Arts DELQS LINCOLN CANFIELD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Spanish WILSON MlCKS, DQCTEUR DE L'UNlVERSl'l'E DE TQULQUSE, Assistant Professor of French HOWARD GRAHAM HARVEY, LLB., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Erench HENRY CHRISTOPHER MlLLS, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education WALDEN MQQRE, A.M., Assistant Professor of Government RAYMOND VlCl'QR BOWERS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology JQHN FRANCIS C. RICHARDS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Classics ERlC CARRQLL VANCE, M.A., Assistant Professor of Economics FRANK PERCY SMllH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics DAVID RQCKWELL GQDDARD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Botany KARL ULRlCH SMl'lH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology STERLING ADOLPH CALLISEN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Eine Arts EDWARD JQHN EQYLES, Sc.M., lnstructor in Museum Methods, Direc History ISABEL KlNG WALLACE, Ph.D., lnstructor in Economics ELSE H. BQCKSTRUCK, BS, lnstructor in Physical Education FRANCIS EZRA BOWMAN, Ph.D., lnstructor in English Sl'ARlNG BAILEY WELLS, Ph.D., lnstructor in English ELEANGR CHAPlN SLATER, M.A., lnstructor in English RGBERT BONEBRAKE SlMPSON, M.A., lnstructor in Geology WlLBUR LUTHER DINGWELL, MEA., lnstructor in English JQHN WHITE PENDLETON, B.Litt., lnstructor in English GEGRGE BERNARD RASER, Ph.D., lnstructor in Erench ADOMSKI M A lnstructor in Sociology ALEXANDER LEOPQLD R , . .1 WILLIAM EMIL KAPPAUE, Jr., Ph.D., lnstructor in Psychology JAMES DANIEL PAGE, Ph.D., lnstructor in Psychology ARTHUR MONROE HANHARDT, Ph.D., lnstructor in German DONALD RANDOLPH CHARLES, BS., lnstructor in Zoology ALAN STUART GALBRAl-l'l"l, Ph.D., lnstructor in Mathematics THOMAS QLIVER MARSHALL, Jr., Ed.M., lnstructor in Education RGSEMARY DENNlSl'ON, AB., lnstructor in English EDWARD RQYCE, AB., Appreciation of Music ETHEL M. LUCE-CLAUSEN, M.D., Lecturer in Zoology tor of the Museum of Natural 'l75 S T U D E N T S f-xrsirsit SCHUMACHER President BQARD Anne Scliumaclier, '39 ..... Chairman Mary Sutton, '40 . . . . . Secretary Rutlw Addington, '40 Marjorie l'lall, '40 Pauline Parce, '40 Mary lf. Kelly, '4'l JaneScl1ulwl,'39 Julie Morgan, '42 Margaret l'lewins, '39 Miss Rutli Merrill . . . Director ol Cutler Union Mr. A. P. Curtiss . Assistant Treasurer ol University Dr. Delos Canfield . . . Faculty Representative Clerm expires June, 19405 Miss Eleanor Slater . . Faculty Representative Clerrn expires June, 19395 176 i A SS ASSOCIATION JEAN WILLIAMS SociaI Treasurer RUTI-I ADDINGIQINI Vice-President ISABELLE KILLIGREW 1AxtI1Ietic Manager ,.l :gg,,,.-G--ff MARY SLITTQN Secretary .-gn IDAULIINIE PARCE Student Bursar On Floor: Suskind, Jungklas. Seated. Sto Killigrew, McCarthy, Miss Frances Tallmadge INTER-CLUB COUNCIL MEMBERS Janet Alling lnternational Relations Club Emily Clapp .... Y. W. C. A. Mary Jane Jungklas .... Music lsatnelle Killigrew . . Pxtlwletic Boarcl Mary Margaret Mccartliy . . . Stagers .loan Stokes ..4. Dandelion Reveira Susldncl . . Liberal Center l 'I78 ATHLETIC BOARD Tix On Floor: Ethel Davis, Isabelle Killigrew, liilm Smith, Lois l-lolly, Mary Fortin, Seated: Miss Wilbraham, Jeanne Brennan, Miss l3ocksmicl, Gretchen Frizzell, Miss Spurrier. 'S ,, N L. Van Atta, Stolbrand, Anderson, Pownall, Palmer Anderson, Killigrew, McCarthy. INTERSORORITY COUNCIL MEMBERS Theta Eta-Elizabeth Browning, Janet Phillips. Alpha Sigma-Janet Stolbrand, Mary Margaret McCarthy. Theta Tau Theta-Patricia Palmer, Mary Margaret Anderson Gamma Phi-lsabelle Killigrew, Lois l-lolly Sigma Kappa Upsilon-Jane Van Atta, Ruth Anderson Theta Alpha Upsilon-Jean Barnett, Amy Pownall Sigma Delta Phi-Reveira Suskind 180 ACTIVITIES UCome on, old ladies,"-with these words of Miss Wilbraham ringing in our ears, we realize that this college life can never be static-what with new blood each fall and the expanding interests of us Uoldstersf' We finally acquired a cabin in the Bristols-the Quting Club made expeditions to Qld Forge. Skirts swung in a rhumba for weeks before "Cn the Brinlc' drew full houses. The harassed lnterclub Council strove to simplify lifefthe phone rang bringing the other campus nearer-Ersl4ine l-lawldns hit high C at the Winter Formal-Freshman Breakfast-Christmas Dinner-Y Suppers-The -lower limes protested "All worl4 and no payf, The lnstitute on Contemporary Trends got underway by spring-but all year the bridge fiends finessed on the rug of Cutler while Mr. Finkel carefully placed another log on the fire. 182 RUTH LIDDL Worlce YWCA RUTH LIDDLE and JEAN MQNEILL Workers at the hospital FMILY CLAPP prvsident .X- CABINET On Floor: Bali Cendrnusy ,Lsrinc Hman Sionre, Jena iNicLord. Seated: xsznc field, Trsxaiing becrerery, Emilv l,ljQQV Mtn Doris Erskine, Juiis bmiln Standing: Issac e x Suzanne ban nay, Samara r::-r5a:.s. MARGARET I-IEWINS Editor-in-Chief 'I84 ELIZABETH BECKER Business Manager utner tmw .ywy ,1 .112 'WK' . X V H W , x H Q 3 5, , -. "K Q 2 X , 1 X 12 K Left to Right: ,ce 2 e NAA M , Mersarer em L T85 THE DANDELIGN BRENNAN and STOKES Editors On Floor: Anna Marie Sinclair, Esther Teller, Jeanne Brennan, l-larriet Van l-lorne. Seated: Marcella Neu- man, Jean Livingston, Virginia Ward, Mary Sutton, Suzanne Sanney. Stand- ing: Joan Stokes, Winifred Courtney. 186 'K - 1 ll ll ll fVlavericlc,McCartl1y, Stanbro, Sutton, Steele, Norris, Keller, Vfyclfoll, Beclfer. GLEE CLUB ' f - . 1 .5 Q - 4. , ... ,' 'Ah V - '1 -.,' if ' -11 lu, - ff. " 'fwfr'-1-,,,.4,"' -1" ' 'A' 720,- ' .-'mx' f- Ev,-f ,KW ." f . . ltrwl gs ,Q-33, " .1 1 lv, , - if ,f ., 4 x , 7-vy-. VV - l Ak. gL.Q.:.:g .ww ff-Q:-J.,2'y31'?'IafS,+QKf'VM.'Z'12:gix 11 "Aww'.""k A J X1 1 - hiv., ,-Nl'-'f. 'gush' ' N aMf"A I . ' 1 - rx i -- M" ,-'- - Q-f .. 'fm fx'-1 ff y Q -.Ng .xaxiglkltq :pi 5. .fgwyxxivggl 'Xg4,..,,,...., -. " - Qs, 3 5,97 -,.-.fwyyb -.1 .5 5 , - ,. ..fK""'3""-fx-"YV f M zu, 1 , 25 fkjf' .. ' .- . ,..m,-,5".-- ' " " . . - a"':f'-f'h-'1"- -' Q. ,330 .x.s,:- ' f ,wg -",'fN".1,xr",'-sQ,-15.5. . i-."':- Q F V-Y-N pl?" nw, 'V ., '. :-f'.w-,m-.'f- Q f' - , .. ". Lf, . 2 MQ. VK 4 5 x.Q,.' ft ' 1 -syn. tA,.kg,3:x2.'s:. i R' W wi- ' 4 ' Av- F Q "'iv"lf x - . f'L.03ff.'L5U-.W Q .35r'!. .k1.-Qfzegyni ,dwivpiv ,--' Hx J. fl- -,- x--,K wry iq' Q", 5--,,. W V ' ,"z.,v . ""'f: , .R-1112 X-1 T' .'-I1f:?12'sg.'-ji. W' av 7' L-v ' 4.1 -:xx xwzf-w 5.9.1.-xuQ,.:wg.M . ' ' N1-fl.. ,D ifQgN13..,'gwJj'fHqgif'rQ':Qg,.-.figl , X 1 -N" upxi,'ff,,'iZa,i14-Qvwlfmf'iw:--1231 P ' 1 4 , -4' -. 1 1'f's'4-wmmf, fx- -- .- -- ,-- J . ""- Q- Q'- I ,. i-,-K-4,,yn.lm' f 1 ...,,.:.,,. . - . P . . . l l l l l 4 l l l l ! i l l STAGERS Stapelton, Tarbox, and Michaels. IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE Martin Moll . Gertrude Scott Robert Swarton David Michaels Barbara Tarbox Joseph O'Connor Thomas Stapelton August Bardo Anne Schumacher David Kelsey Seldon Fisher Burnett Anderson Joseph Conway Paul Dygert . Jack Crofts . George Adkins Edward Auer by Sinclar Lewis CAST Clarence Tubbs Mrs. Veeder . Mr. Veeder Jim Nicholson Mary Greenhill David Greenhill Doremus Jessup Fowler Greenhill Lorinda Pike Frank Tosbrough . . Shad . Julian Falck Effingham Swan Private Brown Private Carpo Don Wilgus . Mr. Dimmick by Gee ARMS fl Michaels. T bbs 52mm Ar. veedrf 1 lXllCllOlSQn Y Gfeenlwlll a csfeenwll 7muS -lessllp :V Greeplillll iorinid ro 4 Tos Shad Ilan Fdlfl Jgulrarfl Swag were BVOWO 'wake Cfilps Don Mr. DU" ARMS AND THE MAN by George Bernard Shaw CAST Nancy Colgan Harold l-iosentlwl lionnle Jean Nlarslorn August lifardo liurbfara Bourgeois Allred liuslm Scldon lrslmer -2 NANCY COLGAN, '41 OFFICERS Barbara laroox Con drrnl, Record- ing Sccrezary, fvldrgdrszrm Smale Csefaredl, Social Secrzmry, flfmry Mcrgarer Mccarrlwy fslandnngj, lnzer-Club Connell Pizpreserrratwcg B. Jean Marston fstqndmg, limi D ' J , ness Manager. No: an lacxpgrc: EClX-'JJVG Hammond, lfraszdzni Benjamin Zeugler, Vlcc-Przsldzrt ,-.f l',lEfL lla Gallant, Mueller, Brix, Fitze. l K A l' E l D IN WEISSEN RO'SSL" Presented by the German Club December 10, 1938 Emma Mueller . Leonard Gallant Peter Brix . . Edith Rosenovv Virginia Fisher Norman Parkhill Johanna Sennewald Max Fitze . . Robert Larson . William Gay . Evelyn l-lappel David Stewart . Marilyn De Liguori Esther Teller . Mary Curtis . Arnold Mossberg John Geary . Elsa Lapp . . Keron McNeil . Don Phillips . Elsie Seigl . Emily Little . Robert Geisler . Franklin Parslce . CAST . Josepha . Leopold . . Wilhelm . . Ottilie Charlotte . Dr. Walter l-lirgelman . . Klarchen Dr. Otto Siedler Arthur Sulzheimer . . . Loidl . . . Resi Assessor Bernbock . . . Emmy . Ratin Schmidt Melaine Schmidt Forstrol Krocher Erin Hochtourist . . . Kathi , , . Franz . Erin Fiecolo . . Mirzl . . Mali Martin Joseph f"" X Q. h Josepha lil . leopo . . Wilhelm . . Ottilte . . Charlotte Dr. Walter iflirgelmam . . Klarchen Dr. Otto Siedler Arthur Sulzheimer . . . Loitll . . . llesi Assessor Bernhocl , , , Emmy . Patin Schmidt ivlelaine Schmidt Forstrol Krocher Erin hlochtourist A , , Kathi A , . Franz . Eriniieeolft I , Nlirzl 4 I Mali ' I Martin V Joseph JUNGKLASE GS Mabel SUTTQN as l-Ulu K A Hit D O 5 C O P E N THE BRrNK,, D- l3fAxTi2iCtA PALMEQ Qr96Hirlzjt2?nal Homtzier VAN HQRNE AUll'tOr ON KELLY DE ds Susan BARBARA B0Ut2C3EQis MGUGQQV thsfmfi Dtiisqpig Difgctor 1? u W 1 fv M "T, , ,V M 1 X, 'E . - ',. 1 ,fm .- ,, if LQ . s gx,. 1 ,M - gh' V . iffy 1- 22? Af , - ,ff 5 ,Q 1,2 W i"5 V.: vw ,EW 'n Pils E32 5 :VS lagi vv Q 4 f 7 vs at 1 A4 , f 1 A, r V' ,vb 1 "V . IW n 'V an I ,Q 1 gag., I I 5,97 ' ' 'PH 1 gli ,Q ll Y 3 'z T ? , r 1 U2 C' fb' rf ' .. H ' ' I - ' -ff, ' . 'V Y' Q 1 - g""- I , fyf.-2' ' ' . A In 'Af-1. ,A 'S 124. 111 ww ff, 1 'AT ku Seated: Frederick Springer, Thomas Frawley, Martin Moll, Father Geck, Janet Steve, Monica Kelly, Jane Maloney, Mary F. White, Margaret Darcy, Mary E. Kelly, Jacques Pelissier, Father Kelly, William Madden. Standing: Dr. Zwierlein, Frederick Braier, William Daly, Bernard Fravvley, Elsa Lor- scheider, Catherine Quinn, Concettina Bronte, Barbara Bourgeois, Patricia Brayer, Frederick Mar- tin, Nancy Colgan, Mary Margaret McCarthy, William Bruckel. On Flo NEWMAN CLUB vley, Martin oniea Kelly, garet Darcy, :ether Kelly, ein, Freclericlr ey, Elsa Lor- ttina Bronte, edericlc Mar- zr McCarthy, FRENCH CLUB On Floor: Rachel lotillces, Lorraine Smith, Barbara Bourgeois, Bessie De Hey, Jean Ciresens, Seated: Albert Mattera, Mary Sutton, Captain Vforth, Miss Cftirnmings, Miss l-lill, Joyce Matthews, Ur. Mix, Concettina Bronte, Ruth lnlager, Dr. llaser, Lorraine Metzrnan, Mary Hawley. Standing: Robert Giles, lanite ltiller, Catherine Vfest, Robert Larson, .lacqiies Pelissier, Marie ldinn. 4 1 'wig , Q t x l' f lik ll ,BM 5 i. fl- '- rp V 1 Q1 AY: V WQLQ, ,,,v , I ,.,fJ'f,,: Q ,4 . A 41, YV tv X 1 -'Pay nf Q VR' X , , ff.,, , V fi 'rx' gh x ,Y ,av . A52 , K ix gi" 1 V-1 ,,,Vf,,, r.". VVVV i ff M W ,Fl A 1" x ' Q QV .. QV 1 WT? as Q- ., 9 f u . Q wf X X X 'W I ' .. N Q ' 'V X x 2 ,f x 'Ria IW X ,MW 5' 2 Y' . iw xy? , 4 fx kiajx 3 fx! f .5 0 Q , ,ff M 1 , 1 ,652 ,V V ,, , V Q "Tzu L V . 2 L , Q ,Ni :..xZj,, . , 1 nr V: , -N. 5 ,ff If 5 . 5 it , W Y 5 ' ,Q X J, 2, ' . 42 ff X. 45 f, ' X Vu a ' f , ,E , Q!, W5 E X ' ' 4 f-Wiwyex Z - X Q Q. 1 1 0 in X .N ' My my 1 ff W N 5 X M VV if Hwy, nw, ,, 'A 3 - A 7 , V fr f 1 5' -f ? Y 4 4 C QP Kem F42 ""f':::: 3445 ""h.4J'. M , - " K f' X Qi v - tw. 2 ' "f uf , -, " . 5 , ff gm, f 2,4 .. W: ,zilgjyga 'f . " 4 -, uf. ' f 35' Zzf fa x..,,'. 'TQQIZW ' ' 1: "" 5 -2 ,V . ' ' -V C ' r ,,. ZWWT Vw .L A X 7? 4 6 2 - , , '-- "' M7 nf ' ' ' . 15 , Al ' 320 4 ' ' V H ff ,. , ' V E ' ,V f X V A Q if -I ,Q , V- , 4 V 2 A 1' 'z V, -' V f V ,nuff 6347 Mg ' 3 ,- W , ,4 - Y army, J V Jggghzf 92543, 1 ' f' ' '7 , ke ' "" " ' Vf , 1702-5:'Z'?' f V f V' . . 1 I M -1, . A V ,V i - li . , I -i,'fV',V'- V, fi-V W 0 fV ,f f, 1 few, fx f ', ,, - , rw, ' ,, wma ff " E 2, ' ' ,N ' I 4' fm, Aj - ,f V , W MA, f f M 5 'V "3 V ' mv WV Q Www , f WW 0 W , ' 'W , 'W , VVZ, 2 Z X , J 'X On Floor: Fnfzlfm Payne, Home ffhllar, fmnz Pffzfzrwhnl. Seated: ' r f Y j' ffxl',', l'fw1'.p'1fLQf, Vuifufi 1 M5 fry! r r frm 'JI f P f 'VD , 41 CSU 4, 'J 9121, cj 5, f"lf"" PWM K fxf-'r Slgndin I V V n Y 2 an Morgan, Brosledl, s. Seated: Kellfer, Tarbox newark, Jenkins. Stand- qgy, HoHman, Ecchen Bless, Wright' CLASSICAL CL On Floor: June I-Ieyden, Angelina Boella, Eleanor Moser, Esther Teller, Janet McCord. Seated: Miss Moscrip, Ruth Chapin, Alice Wilner, Esther Lipslcy, Dorothy Copeland, Edith Rosenow, Kath- ryn Steele, Isabelle Killigrew. Standing: William Springer, Doug- las Parks, Dr. Richards, Thelma Ford, Richard Bisque. ARCHAEGLOGY CLUB First Row Margaret Wilbur Lorna Davis Dr MacLean Second Row: Jane I-Iewes Ethel Davis Isabel I-Iigh UB LIBERAL CENTER On Floor: I-Iarriet Sherman, Ellen Cureen, Marion Lord, Constance Merwin. Seated: Annie Van Wynen, Claire Sigl, Dr. Van Deusen, Concet- tina Bronte, Freda Bernstein, Jose- phine Scalzo, Bessie De I-Iey. Stand- ing: Alice Wilner, Virginia Fischer, Jane I-listed, Ruth Asman, Lorraine Metzman, Anne Rosenthal. IAL 'ER Sherman, Ellen ard, Constance wie Van Wynen, Deusen, Concer- Bernstein, Jose- De Hey. Stand- Virginia Fischer, Asman, Lorraine :Rosenthal. socmr LIFE From a welcome to the freshmen at our Fall tea to the query -"what to wear to open house?" the year punctuated with occasions-the Croceus Bal proved to us "lt Can't l-lappen l-'leren-Do the Dawn Patrol came way up from the big sorority and we got a closeup ol George l-la Christmas holidays over, we turned to the W Erskine l-lawkins' plaintive blues singer hae K'What do you know about love?"-and, be has been well -the Stagers ly Dawn and city for lnter- l's mustaches. inter Formal- us humming lore we were aware of it, Kaleidoscope was upon us. Beiore we scat- tered for Easter, Prince Street played hostess to the River Campus at a joint college supper-and loved it. As a toast to Spring weather, we celebrated with the Hfhrms and the Man" and lnterlraternity Bal Stager's play l, Q02 Dolly Dawn and INTERSORORITY BALL 1 News Z f ELIZABETH BAAS President 1939 Janet Alling Elizabeth Baas Frances Bingeman Dorothy Brandhorst A. Elizabeth Browning Emily Clapp Betty Dennis Dorothy Fergusson Jeanne l-lanson Alice l-lausner Bertha l-lendryx Anne Hinckley lda l-linman Jane Holland C. Elizabeth Kilmer Elizabeth Lusk Jane Dibble Morgan Pollee Phipps Rosalie Scinta SORORES IN FACLILTATE Katherine Bowen Gertrude l-lerdle Moore ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Elizabeth Chambers, '39 Louise Fegan, '41 Ruth Koster, '39 Jean Levvis, '40 Agnes Parker, '40 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS l-lannah Silberstein Clemence Stephens Marian Woodside 1940 Jane Gregg Margaret Keller Marjorie l-lall Elizabeth Lanning Edith Ann Lucchini Janet McCord Lois Milburn Marcella Neuman Ann Olson Pauline Parce Janet Phillips Mary Raubacher Gertrude Robinson Frances Stevenson Joan Stokes Q04 1 941 l-letty Barth Florence Blake Barbara Bourgeois Mary Curtis Marilyn De Liguori Anne Finucane Gretchen Frizzell l-lelen l-larper Marion Kenyon Margaret Millard Katharine Norris Joan Reed Mary M. Richards Johanna Sennewald Marjorie Somers Janet Steve Betty Van Arsdale Ann Wellin ton Elizabeth XX!'l'1itney Ann Wolcott Susan Wolters as 'zf' ,a I , ,ff f ' 1 i ' " V A QQ' '7' 1 as . qi g. 1 A 1-fx -'-Er 'QR T ".-'X i -.f r 'Q l "" ' 1 J -1r,,,, 6 l . D ' ,QL 40' "' 4 .Q ffl L-'ZQA ,, , ' Av- l THETA 1 'f c ETA ,3 4-Q5 ... .- af' 'ag 1 - af-5, J 3. 4 V m ,T Q s Y T' Q' ' 1 ,r ag G- A 9 . 4' 'W af- hill .2 ,Qin 1 we-x ,'?:i , A ',v1,, N I 5 ' -4 - 'K' NX Y . g ,v K Q -0 as ' 2 val. 2 2. IL i , 1, 'limb 55' ' ' 43. 4 . 1 W L X -r ' l L 4' at ' "' ' 4' X T -vi 10- f 5 if I Q .QQ ,A ' x s S I f z, 3 g 1, Q I Q -. C , I' gg Q. X'-V - ' 4.4:,s .A ., 'A ' v v L -1 K F 3 ul-up A -...Q gxl '05, V. ,pq yd F Nl A, .K 41 5 ' ve H- X 4, if 7 .A ' Q I 4 1 'L - c 5 x x N 1 , . J, ., ' W 44 - 1-- -.w, 1 qv K , X ' V if , N 2 ' K ' . , K ,,,, K X ,, ...-N, ' A .4 ,,,- , 1, 1 1 .5 . ,pl--gl 'Il h,p,'- 1 , 1 V ,.,,.5,,.. 'J-I , L4,.,p, 1j'fll".k 5" Navy, K.. HU, ffl .. .s. HHX 1 A,-, 'am --. 4,flVhf 1' Lum , . 'w.'!Hniluf15 HLJU! H mf-1-' 1 fm-'K -I-'--' K' -r Kiwi'-r1f:LH1,ru "'x'1r.,1s-'Kr'..,1ff1Hi '.'xrm.'H'xr13m Wxarurw nh 11l'f-'YS'-'xr I' U-'-' W1rg,p3 Hvrfy ,'A'rurw X-fvm . r 1 l.'A1fKV'fl P -'my frm ' ' l " MT .'f-'lnvyq H r-'mt .' HM-- iphlrmrwa 1-,rm 175 llxflk xr' 3 Tluqrm Hu H.:I4:v1 F M111-'r fxfmru arm X'.f.ff,fiz:f1 5 irw::rw,4' J'.f'ph llzr why fmqusz ' ' vy' J ,f . 511.51309 V1 fm ,..r1r ,gmt 1 114251: "mu:-H1rv,H2ff '3f,ff1,V'Z2 f Lrrjfx 1' ,mum . ,VW . , ,3,,,:.. p :,.. 5. N,,,f,..L, .f ,fy f ' , f ,.,' f:.,,, . ' 'ff' f a H ,Jr .'. K ff- f ','N J.,7' 'J2f",Cz P33 Liz H3W1r.G - . f- 'wrr I nr ' "-2 2.14. -I 'A L1 f X Xl: 'ZZO . . J :V YZ DCWVV f SORORES IN FACULTATE Marjorie Brownell Onnalee Derkee Esther Newman Jenkins lsabel K. Wallace l-lelen Zorsch ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Dorothy l.. Allen, '40 Jane S. Auchincloss, '41 Virginia Bettys, '40 Elinor Jack, '39 Ann Marcellus, '41 Phyllis Probst, '40 Doris Prouty, '40 Betty Stevenson, '40 Catherine Ward, '40 Rita Weingartner, '41 Edith Domine, '40 Marjorie E. l-lall, '40 Ellen Renshaw, '39 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 1939 Mary Adams Elizabeth Becker Myra DuBois Florence Dunn V. Fay Kelsey Emily Little Dorothy Mcl-lenry Grace MoFFett Gene Robbins Janet Stolbrand Josephine Sutton Anne Taylor Mary Taylor Mary Wallace 1 940 Joanna Adams Ruth Addington Eleanor Costich Doris Erskine Janice Fuller Jean l-lall Jean l-lamm Q06 Elsa Lapp Jean Livingston Mary M. McCarthy Jean Marston Sheila O'Brien Eleanor Scheible Sallie Shafer Margaretta Steele Eleanor Stewart Mary Sutton Virginia Ward Ruth Wilcox 1941 Betty Becker Alice Burritt Nancy Colgan Barbara Feinberg Betty Jones Mary E. Kelly Jane Maloney Shirley Moon Alice Taylor Virginia Ward Francis l-lill ALPHA SIGMA i W v do F5 A if 1 - - .. x' , X L . J h , r X A ' Q 1'-Mm' '.'x.jl'7H3 L, 0, U - ww K 'ilxzi-' Bunn!! bt Q fXAM','l P-'Hy 3 A' 5 , N A 4 :CUC F'Cm5Db1!1S I ' ' , ' jf imc! 'Qmlbr-arvi J ...Mm L. ' Y I L 1 ...,,. limnrma f"!1rr13 4 a 5 , rA,-,A,,,--, , 1 P . "f"gg3,"'c-in . 'nw 444 1 . V, - . 4 A. .BVS w A V I M4 it V , 'Q-K ,N 9 9 A r Q Ruth ,fkddnmgmv fxhrqfaffrrm bm-' ICAO Hfsmrn f, Harry hrms . Q -4' lcfm l'lAar5!f1m ,Q '. 1'XAyr.1 Uufifvlz . ,,,, ,,. I. N -ff-Y J i , 1 ia W IMHHT gfmfff ' W wh Mlm. ,fy IYHJDCCS NIU A ' ,',11. Vuqlmfv Wffwi Q fi . fjhxrlfzy ITA-'AXf1"'rf! I sb, A M K p' l'mlCf: full-if S . g 3 422 f ' ad- A 3 ... 4 L. J X? Q Zhrulvy ',J'Hrff'r ' , if , I -A ' Lfyyqfrfnfa Vflfyrfi - -AL! glrfgrwr C C-3'lfP1 ' fiu.'f:3Urfh HRW I ..: A, F',3r'g,i1lncg!,'1' R. E I' il Ni 71-",ymf:'1rUp -"'1,w! ,, , ., ,,,, -W . , , V I , 4' - fl cu .0 K , . A 79 5? V4 L ,I 5 , 1 V A . ' ' - 1 ' VY A A AA, n ' 3 !I.,,Y,'f , L -AH 7 , ,-.,,........-, ,v irq J 3 - A 2 i A A 5 -A l X51 Jw, " I' A yt: 'S ,. .4 -X c vf' ,VI- xf' gf ,.- , ' fs., A fff ' fffff 9 ' A A ' K r:jff,f31Zr,r, luis- ! 1 Q07 ,W bln ' swf ut,-. Y ,-2 Less f ,. 4' -rg ,r- M , MARJORIE PARKER President ASSOCIATE MEMBERS EFiie Crewson, '40 Dorothy Ferguson, '40 Anne Gordon, '39 Pearl Heim, '39 Suzanne Hughson, '40 Anne Johnston, '39 Martha Lapham, '40 Arline F. McChesney, '40 Mary Jane O'Rourke, '40 Doris Parsons, '40 Emily Sage, '39 Jane Waite, '39 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 'I939 Helen Baybutt Margaret Hevvins Elizabeth Houck E. Ruth Jenks Mary Jane Jungklas Frances Ladd Frances Meulendyke Eloine Miller Katherine Oster D. Patricia Palmer Marjorie Parker Doris Paterson Anne Schumacher Barbara Tarbox Marguerite Thape Betty Weld 'I 940 Mary M. Anderson Nancy Billinghurst Margaret Darcy Janet Eckhardt Jane Hughes Margery Meng Margaret Tyler Q08 Catherine West M. Dorothy Wyckoff Anna Marie Sinclair Mildred Jacob 'I 94'I Jane Corp Pamela Fahrer Marjorie Graham Alice Hall Ruth Harrington Dorothy Harrison Monica Kelly H. Jane Ladd Katherine Lapham Marion Lee Doris Lindsay Marjorie Mitchell Jean Prozeller June Moiiatt M. Katherine Matteson Jean Rissberger Virginia Robinson Helen Shakeshaft Ann Tyler Vivian Weyraugh Rosanne Wiarda Jean Williams .Y I I I I i 1 -I iv- ri l I I I . ,ll ll I I I . I 1, Q I I 5 .QQ ag -A f sn ,--q NF 5 3 I Ann? Schumacher Elrzabeth Houclf Margaret Darcy Vmrgnma Pobmsorm on LW Dorothy Harrrson ETA TAU THE Jarwt Fdflfmardt lhrrlruqtarr Monica Pc-Hy Marr Anna M Slnciaur Dorothea Wycboff Patrrcu Palrrwr Barbara Tarbox Jean Prozellvr 'VK Jun? Moffatt 3 Vv1aruYrrg1h nhvrmr X r argorrf' :Au fA5rGf'r,'l'J'x rm ra 1 T ,Rin 196 A!- '-A 46 Y it Q D or-10 4 ..- 1 ANNA WEAVER President SORORES IN FACLILTATE Marian M. Allen Ethel L. French Eleanor Slater Catherine Strovvger Vera lvveddell Agnes Walters ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Jane Adam, '39 Elsbeth Appelt, '40 Faith Barnum, '39 Olive Babbitt, '39 Bonnie Byrne, '40 Dorothy Campbell, '41 Marjorie Elliott, '41 Eleanor Gano, '39 Doris I-lover, '41 Catherine Lutz, '39 Ada May Rayton, '40 Marjorie Sanders, '40 Pauline Woods, '40 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 1939 Elva Baer Norma Brostedt Onnolee I-louse Ruth Kavasch Isabelle Killigrevv Ruth Levis Eleanor Moon H Faith Niles Eleanor Robertson Jane Schuhl Dorothy Smith Kathryn Steele Betty Viclcers Anna Weaver 1 940 I-I. Elizabeth Baltz Ruth Blake Mary Jane Cady I' Q10 Amelia Cherkes Dorothy Cullen Lois Holly 1 941 June Congdon Beatrice Corn Jessie Fleming Doris I-lover Mabel I-Iurley Mary Kaczala Marjorie Mercure Jane Mish Fay Muxworthy Barbara Reisert Suzanne Sanney M. Elizabeth Steven Marjorie Van Ryne Dorothy Wendel Cathrine Zaenglein ABERS '41 GAMMA PHI F'.,vhHl41'f Mme fuffsh Qa'h'1rzzf"4grxgf.g,rx lunar C,'um5d"m flmurhy ,mth ,"A,s'y' 5, Cady ' ugfmm: 'Jmn-gy 1'!'mr,yrxft Van Pyr'-' F' yy f'.M-.-.13ezhA,' iiifdflflf F",b-trx:-an inn: ytlyif sv-if 3-'iss-: H-ww" PA-xry P 1113313 z'JMr.5,1r-'ijt-' FJ vm Nfl-:Q -3 K K 3' g' Q 1- ,..,,, ""' , .' - ' . f,A .. f Q' '1' -QL I, ,as 6- 3 ,..-... ,. X , ,V ,. K ' I ,f Heian 359: iframe' T. 1 ,'.'h1pf1.:.'.'1-ffgg ?A5'hrym 7,35 f Hubua L'-rm.:': if-f11'y'V'gJ,u'fS 'Qdtfvi-'-T P41 ii-' Vi! -fn' .'Q"r'x if Li-:"r,'.' L, ."' f':!1Sff,.-'I 17 - '46, . X 3 W' I-QI lag 10 40 f 1 J 7 : , S hgx if Q' , 9 L sp . A dv 415 - 1 " 1 T? fx I ,Q 7 7' 6 5 --If -4 , ., 3 f as A 1 ' 4- N IU ' k Q A ' V"'s. fi, I ll 3 I Q l 'P -' -4-r i Y' A-.., if A Y JANE VAN ATTA President SORORES IN FACULTATE Dorothy Truesdale ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Beatrice Brown, '39 Mavis Dunlop, '40 Edna Kaiser, '39 Rita Marvin, '39 Margaret Stebbins, '39 Evelyn Stiles, '39 Norma Webster, '39 Margaret Williams, '39 Dorothy Zimmer, '40 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 'I 939 Vera I-lanson Dorothy Long Bertha Peterson Katherine Polovvy Jane Slater Jane Van Atta Lois White Betty Worner 'I 940 Ruth Anderson Alveira Andrews 212 Bertha Field Eleanor I-Iammill Janet Webster Madeleine Yaude 'I 941 Clara Bates Concettina Bronte Miriam Fuhrman Rhoda Gardner Dorothy Peden Elsie Sigl Barbara Ray N 'E EMBERS 39 J s, '39 '39 s, '39 '40 C IC SIGMA KAPPA UPSILON VERA I-IANSON KATHERINE ROLOWY JANE SLATER BERTI-IA PETERSON CLARA BATES MIRIAM FUI-IRMAN ELSIE EIGL 81 is ,J qv X ...qqt X- I 39 1 .5 4:3 36 xr-' ...- Y IQ K . H A NIJI C JNCTPAIIIM II I I I T 2 F, LAURA DICK President SORO RES IN FACULTATE Frances Etheridge Phyllis Fulton Jessie Kneisel ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Jane Mclntyre, '39 Jeannette Muscarella, '39 Barbara Reese, '40 Esther Tuthill, '39 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 1939 Lois Clark Dorothy Copeland Jean Barnett Ethel Davis Laura Dick Marie Maggio Lois Mueller Hazel Telft I-lelen Tellt Laura White Frances Wood 'I 940 Betty Aul Cornie Burton Bessie De I-ley I' Q14 Margaret Gillette Jane l-lewes Amy Pownall Marian Shoemaker Josephine Scalzo Evelyn Sierk Annie Van Wynen Verna Volz Doris Willey Louise Fairbanks 1 941 Elizabeth Fisher Carol McGregor Emma Mueller Dorothy Neracker Lydia Reeh Elizabeth Stroh XABERS la, '39 H THETA ALPHA EPSILON Helly fm! Frances Yf!f,-zgi I1r..v H-2 -' 'vfm ' yr x I-Au' In- M , funn.: f-Auvcllvzr loss Nmvtllvzr Hazel T-:5'K 'fi-,' F' 1 :H .iff x Vi' Hu:-:buh fynzh.-r Comm Hurryn Ins-:phm-: '.w:1i."y 1'.Mr3ar.:i 4 :RH-:YZ-: Hwi-3:1 I.-2 If-an f1Qrm:H lJ'3rOlfW T I-:rad-:r lfburz-T f,xrr9J:r135 ff VJ "lf-'1H'ff Milf! DV" Q99 ew 1 0 va 13 R :fx 15 -4 , -'15 AT' ara' "-' 1,1 lx -,. Lil- A .I , is 1 'I 'V' , . f uni? ' S , -is .f was I ,, -af IAA! i -A ,- ' 'V I Mn ,i Q13 ANNE ROSENTHAL President UNDERGRADUATE VMEMBERS 'I939 , Nathalie Levey Anne Rosenthal Reveira Suskind 'l 940 Lillian Altman Lorraine Metzman Q16 Lillian Orden l-larriet Sherman 'l 941 Rose Bigelman Esther Cramer l-lelen Falk Charlotte Gordon Adele Hellman SIG Revcira Susl-and Charlotte Gordon Nathalie Levfzy 2"I? 4113 MA DELTA Lillian f'Xltm.5n Lorraine Mckzmdn Rose Bigclmdn 'V l fxcl-:lc lflcllrniin lflqrriel Shcrn Helen Fall' '99 .ad 4.13 Y. 36 U3 5 fm 61" .,l 'Q PHI PAST, PRESE ND Curtis and Barry De Liguori and McDonald Blake and Lane Brewer and Maloney FAX. Q :nf 17 ,paris-ww X. Q J, E SENT AND FUTURE ..,f1:1 , .gf A gy 4. ,yt 1.4 - 3 A-. I -Q , , , Davis and Brodhcad Shafer and Merc riff K 1 1 tix Six 1 K f I jx Q3 Q Frazer and Mllburn rauer and Smart ADVERTISERS Albert Flower Shop George T. Boucher, Florist Colonial Tea Room Cutler Union Cafeteria Fahy Marlcet Mildred I'Iess, Beauty Shop Maggs Ice Cream and Catering Manhattan Restaurant Rochester Gas 8a Electric Corp. Sibley, Lindsay 8: Curr Company Vogue Dry Cleaners 363 East Avenue 422 Main Street East 28 Prince Street 25 Front Street 371 University Avenue 732 Main Street East 25 East Avenue 89 East Avenue 228 Main Street East 527 Main Street East WHY Nor MAKE H O T E L ROCHESTER Your Headquarters in ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Radio in Every Room 6 Air Conditioned 0 DINING ROOM 0 BARBER SHOP 0 GRILL 0 LOBBY O MEZZANINE 0 BEAUTY PARLOR 0 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS 6 GUEST ROOMS Conveniently located to shopping and theatrical districts. Garage in rear of Hotel Under Direction of American Hotels Corporation 570 Lexington Avenue New York City J. LESLIE KINCAID I-IARRY I-I. I-IOGI-IN President President-Manager Compliments ol The I.awyers Co-operative Publishing Co. PRINTING DIVISION Aqueduct Building Rochester, New York 220 l E 7 ie ist :et ieet nue East anue enue 1 East t East iiil ,- - -,iii i-1-if rerative P. SI ON ing Yorlr The University oi Rochester cottiaora FOR Women Alan Valentine, lVl.fAx.Qoxon.D, l.l..D., l..l"l.D., l.itt. D., president Pt. DuBridge, PHD., Dean oi the Faculty ol Arts and Science Janet l'-lovvell Clarlr, PHD., Dean oi the College Located on its own campus oi tvventy-seven acres, this College lor Xii.forr'rr-ri oli.-rg rt-4 ' " ' fll coll students all the advantages o ot 500 students. At the same time, however, as part of a large university with a o wg school of music, and a school ol medicine and dentistry, each located on rts own campus, it enjoys the advantages oi a broad curriculum, a large teaching statl noted lor both teaching and research, extensive library resources, and other opportunities lor us:-lui study which a small college oi arts and science cannot ordinarily ohfer. Special opportunities exist in music and nursing. For students who have a talent lor music and a desire to continue their musical training vvithout preparing lor a carerrr rn 'th the university's Eastman School oi Music, a prolessronal i intimate cultural and social lrle peculiar to a smi rzgt' C 43 lor !"'.f'tvii. fi music, an arrangement vvr ' ' ' b' d course ol study rn music and arts school oi international reputation, permits a com ine leading to the degree Bachelor ot Arts in Music. ln the School of Nursing maintained by the university's School ol ltflriclitjttirj an Dentistry, students at the College lor Women may enroll lor a tive-year nursing -rrtr course oi study leading to the degree Bachelor oi Science in Nursing. ln both instances students have the advantage ol liberal arts education rn srrall college, vvith all the residential and cultural advantages this implies, yet the acivan me ol instruction in professional schools nationally famous tor high standards and sehr ments. This combination oi opportunities is an unusual one. N 5' C llf'GfTf1r1'j ligt Your inquiries regarding these and other courses ol study rn th , o J ' est. Catalogs and pi ctorial booldets will be sent upon reQU The College for Women THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Rochester, New Yorlc QQT you can buy your books meet your friends feel at home . . . -Y STEE L DESKS E' 1880-1939 For nearly sixty years "Y and E" has catered to mod- ern business. Keeping pace with the times has re- sulted in a new line of modern Steel Desks, as well gs malny improvements in Steel Files, Systems, and upp ies. Today, as through the years, Quality is the keynote. The new "Y and E" Style-Master Steel Desks are the most sensibly modern desks made. YAWMANMDERBEMPGLQ. 41 CHESTNUT ST. STONE 2431 Flowers for All Qccasions HERMAN H. ZAHN, Florist Phone Stone 3567 in the 555 Main Street East Rochester, N. Y. umversity Tailors and Furriers D to Gentlewomen fi lm I Ready to Wear Clothes 39 East Avenue Rochester, N. Y. Life . . . sparkle . . TB' Tx pure refreshment W BUY THE SIX- BOTTLE CARTON mm ,S SQ ll K lllk J ffx - ' A T" 1-.- llml 'ru A . li gizbli-fl jxlxifl YE - 2 "WMS, J 1. Q61 X f Plus deposit Ti? , l fi fm . TL J ' I .l' rf :' R' 7,2 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CGRP. A. l... Anderson 8a Sons 222 jf". F l I l T l l ls l l I r l 'Y ll is l .f' W L. - i E I H s rw N.-., , 'Yeti n , gsics ered to m NWS ltasllii Els' as wen Ystemsl dlld S t lD2Sl4S are the he lfellwte STONE 2431 . DHS J Florist tcliester, N. Y. llors and Furriers a Gentlewomen :dy to Wear Clothes ochestzr, N. Y. l XS, lcltfatw 3 "Dnlfs and Cfzuion-Zn' Joiial Wfd'fA'WfW 'Nm-'S : 7'1"-2 PHOTOGRAPHY by V. C. WHIPPLE 1oo1 PENFIELD ROAD lfill lllt: l1f'lf-5-'llf lf'.'l r and lay' usinq our Ol wir L. F'nmlg,f l.f:unflr',' 3-'r .w by tliw porin., Blanlcet Washing Specialists SLICOISSOVS to ll-.fl in 535 GQRDQN anal KAELBER H. H. SULLIVAN, INC. . C55-7l Scbutlw Avg. Drfltif- f Ncarlv cm' student and zcacln-:f in .-:asf-:'n7 1 bcrantunfg S S l l.oLated in-tl'1aTaylt:ir Building, 334-336 Main Street East Q93 l l Engravings by Hurst Engraving Co Offset by Colony Press, Inc. 'a I 1 I i E 5 i i G 3 - 1 1. .Y r'.' S. Q 1 4 I S , 4 V 3 5 1 n I I ' 1 - 'ws .. Q " f'1,11g, :rel Wlx' 1. ,U , u ., ' a 1. . ' u l I fm I .

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