University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1938

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University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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""" N411 'Q'-,g-,f 3,,,,,L r L 42-:W f.L!fr'J.-xa.:::1.J.',fG,41L.-aa:1I- v v-.....-.SWQ 1 -t - , Blu 1.5-.s -x .V 1 Z ff i I' f A 57? fffffv wig L A f 5 1 5 A A 2 2 i 3 'I 1 ?i S Z QI 1 i I E 3 4 Q , 2 3 s 7 i Ai X , 5 l 5 1 3 3 E 51 I 2 5 1 I i 2 Q x A 5 ri' ,-Ii f iv LLL' L . L.. W.. 1:55 -1,-'5' i- M11 'Wilt Q-"" F2 - . avi if-f"" ' - LREEXMIL-lil 1-4' 111 '1"xh1Uklll "IIil'- xx-N PREFACE ROM the shelves of Sibley Hall, the I938 Croceus greets you! And now, if you can spare a minute, let's stroll through the library, be introduced to some of the more interesting and significant volumes in our stacks, sit down and browse for a while, and meet some of the personalities on our shelves. Ol In this yearbook appears pictorial records of student life, scenes you will want to take with you and show others when you leave these portals, and a reading list that is certain to entertain and com- memorate scenes from a very happy college life! If fluflimfe flvix oolnlne, the Croeeno of 1958, 7170,fI" ' mmwl 1' fo Min' Hagel TVllombnnz, ez enefnber of flue jmfflem, zrlwo lun been of nfznoft fmxrifmfzee eznel who bn: ybozon fflfllilillg izffererf to the elmo of 1938.1-l'0 one wbofe ebezrnnntg Ih'l'.lllll1lllU' mul keen .renee of bnnzor bel! been appreciated on flu' mznplzor, in fbe clown, nnel in the olnJ.r1foo1n.' to one zoloo bm mule life on the ennzpnf 77Z6'1'Ifjl, eenel to one zolfoye loonole nnel .nlznimblu elnmzefef' mellnfes rloronglo all ploezsef of leer oetlolties e Hou' we love ber "Come on, olel lezelie.f," on the looekey field! The elfzff of 1938 if grateful to you for your gnielnnee! "-f gg- . W .7,,,,, ,.,A,..,-A q-A..,,., , Miss HAZEL WILBRAHAM I v ! 1 J 1 Q v 5I 4 4 a 1 Q X w 1 3 5 5 es 3 i 5 4 . 1 I 2 A S 5 1 F I x 9 E s 3 7 , 34 L . , ,Yi Y Y ,,,i7i,, Y ,,,z,v Y,,Y,.,.g,, W, TABLE QF CONTENTS BOOK PAGE BOOK I PICTORIAL REVIEW . . 10 BOOK 11 ENCYCLOPEDIA . . . 14 BOOK H1 ALICE IN WONDERLAND .I . . 22 BOOK IV CROCEUS . . 26 BOOK V YELLOWJACKET . . 86 BOOK V1 INNOCENTS ABROAD . . 90 BOOK VH VANITY FAIR . . . 94 BOOK V111 CANTERBURY TALES . . 112 BOOK IX GONE WITH THE WIND . . 140 ,rs ol' Ph' Q 1' ul' N" O 3 H' -s 423' JN Uh Haw 'mfutlv tfw .flvadu of I f0ffU!2c' 11 aff,s" like the thozztgbtf of your old college green lk Y 4 , . , . , 5 , sys ' ' . ". '4 ' X. '. .K Q sl t -' . 'y' KA . ,.".j:l .QQ ws- .tb , 'Rx ' -. Nx. if . xl" 1 nw 4 V L q, , . X Q.. 1 1' fs ,. .. . :V . '3- -'-..,. "ff, ' .Wgfss I vi- ' . FR R 5 . .1'.:.t. 4-all . I' . .J '- 31 I :?g,1.5.' , - 5. Q., - -,., gm. I Qc. I ut 9' '1 'gn fgl' "",',,., AIQQ is-v YH i a K' il il sir K 'K ' --v lui.. ,bun ,I I R .. XY yr., F 'gi Q D' . . , au' Q . l ' " L 11,51 5 . X fgvga .-', . , . gb, xr, , f .'x.-ng. LQ! 9 kv' Q4 2 - , Q ,gg 4. '-3,' ' 17,4 MI: f ' eg, I Z4-if ' we Thu dom 56522777 zum ,bn rf' EN ii. E A 1 3 1 Q V,,g,,:, .x.... ,. x- I E I i I o L I x 1 '-Q.. - Fc. P0L'RTEEx Bwk II , ,..?---"" , ENCYCLOPEDIA HE moft zmportant book 272 any library' to repreferzt an important body zn tbe college tbe acalzjf' Kreozol edge 272 ormatzon wzfclom cbaraoter complete zrz eacb ealztzon' We go to tbe enqfclopeclza or lzterargf grad ance term paper affzftance ana' for expert tzpf Tbzf volume ze neceffargl to tbe library tbe oampaf and ,feroef af a .rtzalent band book' . . . A A W v- .lt ' - 7 f 7 7 7 - - . . I , 7 7 ' . J 9 ' Book I1 PIFTEEN 'K l l Y Il Book II , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, W , Ile? ' 'fl 'ABN X11 xixl YLYIHQS O15 THIS ROYAL FAM x ILY A uf !'.lll5Cni m Jasll off' gn fcw skcrchcs of ,jx k,5,,.E :hy mi uni-l.!cxx, mlllil?-31iYCl'S, :md gcnrlc- .. pi,.x iw rim .hnnilllll of lltc .ls livul by !l1cpl'0fCSS0l'S, 2 Q X xx :aiu ,A intl: 5Il'CIllIUllS .u'I1x'iIx'. Do you l'CCUgl1iZC 1, f. ,, , f,.'. .f,.".m u.'.m!m' ru mnfplvtv flu- tlwmb- . . Q, Hy wh .1 num lngqh lm informal class discussion. Hu .mxumlnmx is Drs Mnincs LIIIJSCLIPUS, ll most .uu.mur lm na wlnph hc has pcrmamcntly trans- imx xml In lim lH'NlL'I'. X Hu mum muh' Iwilxglmu-:ms thc cgunpus. Hu likes hmuuxv wnzlx his lmlluus, but thc lloclmcsrcr Quumuuxnxu .arc xo dnslurlw his pru- , Y . A . 4 Q mfg- In-.uv lw lunmxnug lolm I.. Lewis Im' prcsl- ' ' A , l . I Nl. K xiklll 1 lhlx vv - Ihr pmlcssm' who slnzlsllcs thc :all-time sim-J wuud Hl3lll1lllUiS "CRmsxnnpnlirunjourncv x -, :l. .-1 Imw m un-ck .1 sound CUIlSlillIliUIl in twenty- -- .iv-.: fmllll many lluurs. X fa. 4 , , , , . -, Ik- wpa-mls lm lcmm: lIlllL'kiCfUINIll1.l.1 thc how-tic U-umangrnmx .ngyuimx lhc clxgunpiuns of thc fmn'-in- ham! ' K 11111 1-3 112 .- 4 'IU ur mn m uducnc :Inu is the dilemma ui :lac pullIiU.u1. 1 J. M,u'NA1m CAssAm' 4 .H . 1 J. CZLYNN VAN D1-:USHN I IW H1 1 HD. .IAMIQS McG1l.1, + J. S'l'1uu.lNG ClAl.l.lSl'2N ' I' 1 111 f J. WAl.DliN Momma ill..-XSS ADVISORS ' ' 7 ' IJ syy ' '4 1 -- Du. Hum: fVIAc.Kr:Nzuz Dm. Dranos CANFIELD 'J Cfffff 41939 Clan af 1940 Book Il ll lf l' .X li ll' M If N 'l' S ag, I ,A-V f . ' li ,vv,A- l ',,fll,f 'i L fwf i, 1 , :." v.--' , V 1. fa 1: , f , , A s a '.'- ' K , , :',.: 2 4. 4 ' 9 A27 ,C ' ' 1 f T917 RW'-Dr. Harold Alling, Geolagyg Dr. C. Luther Fry, .Yariolagyg Dr. Dexter Perkins, Hiftmj, Dr. james McGill, GOZf0l'I7lliL'lIf ferand Row-Dr. Maynard Cassady, Religion, Dr. William Merrell, Biology, Dr. Charles Watlceys, Matbeznatic,rg Dr. Donald Gilbert, Ecozzmzirf Tbzrd Row-Dr, ,lohn Slater, Engfirlag Dr. Victor Chambers, Clvemimy, Dr. Neil Arvin, F:-enfbg Dr. Clarence Moore, Romanre Lmzgzfaggef Ffllfffh Row-Dr, J. Percival King, German, Dr. William Berry, Pxychologyg Dr. Earl Taylor, Edzzmtiong Dr. Robert MacLean, Clnnzry HLYS WHO IN THE X g fs tv:-tm, Kat inn I , Ph 15 . PIUYVSNVV ul fihcm' lflix n 1 xL5!N,1 ruin l un, Nl I3.. It-truu-riuZoulogv. L - it NM., lituu. Ph U. l'mh-sxur or i'iQUll0lllf!S- Q ,. MH, XX in ist-N H wmot v., Ph.l3., .'x5bUCiLllL' l':o!.ss.-x o! Hnshux. Q tim, Xincxnx, .X lf.,'lllL'lll Sul'UI.ll'-Y, finl- ' 4 hu Xhqlllifll m i wxhs, I in. ml ,Ph I5 , lusu'm'lorlul-erlllalu. K Q 1 xixnxs, .Nrvxx lhcmiUl.l, i'l1:lhil. n L Miss. x.i.u...i ki, A M., Professor of lxiziuult .hui f'H3Qil3il lllCl.UlllL'. , l ll-HSE, Manuru P , .'XsslnI.lllI 'l're.lsurer of the X Puiuxwllx lhxxxsnx, finaly, HS, Dilulmll' of Llllli , Sulviiuu-nuieumi ol Nurses of Suoug Memorial iiuslilhli , ,, ,, A lhxoxxini. hh-lIMl'IK l.., M.l'4..'X., iI1Sll'llL'l0l' in I Hffi1Nil in Ih.m..n, In A., Ph.lD., Ihuris Professor of Phwlu- K lh un 1 nw, K un num-, l'AlL'l1i SL'Ll'L'lilI',' Y.W.C.rX. 1 4 N lh Null, KN in :urn IJ., Ph D., Roswell 5. Ilurrows ilk' l'!10f1'N'-tl!Uirllgilhil, lh -.ui vw, Wu rum li., Ph.l7., Assisrzuir Profes- . Pu - -or nf iltlllllllllkh. I m.nwi.r., frown C., A.I5,, Professor of Phvsics 1 'i wh.. fi .uid A-iioximliv. I mx iw, lhrnmmz l.., D.Sc., Professor Emeritus 1 rw t of licningy. : I i...i:io:1 Ixus, Pwr. M., Assistant in Psychology. IUHIH. IlUVVAllll ll., i,il'Cl'lUl' of the Museum of 1 I':t.fii.4i NJIIIIQII History, , i'l4I'!1I4.v lrxmu, L., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of 'si-. . if f.ill'llllSHY. fun, 1, lmrmfn, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology. :: 1 - fr'-JI. .'kurux'n S., Ph. D., Professor of Mathe- Ilmfll'-. i ' 1-f hxrrunfi, lJor:.u.n W., Ph.D., Professor of Eco- flllflllh'-. . ,. fmihimuufi., fI.o4oi.n, Ph.D., Professor of Educa- HHH. '- 55, K ..., 17""L, ff-,lnrezo Ci., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of f'-fffffffllflfl. Assistant Director of Extension and Summer School, fws.i.r.'i., Ru umm L., Ph,D., Professor of English, I .. U . 4 4f'1,,v i HF'-"W 4'-W, R -.Lvu W, Ph.D,, Professor of Chem- iarrv. Book II FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIGN HEMENw.xx', RUTH A., Assistriut Tl'C1lSlll'Cl' of the University. HERDLE, ls.xuEL C., A.M., Assistant Director of the Memorirrl Art Gallery. HERsEI', K,'XRL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of His- tory of Art. HILL, L. IALFREDA, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French. HOFFRIEISTER, J. EDXVARD, Ph.D., Professor of Geology. Hoon, J. DOUGLAS, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology. Hoorc, SAER.-x J., M.S., Assistant Professor of Zooloov. D. HovDE, FREDERICK L., B.Ch.E., B.A., Assistant to the President, Lecturer in Chemistry. JoNEs, ALFRED H., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy. KENDRICK, RYLAND M., A.B., Munro Professor of Greek. KING, J. PERcIvAL, Ph.D., Professor of German. LINE, XVILLARD R., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. LONGI, MME. OLGA P., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French. MACKENZIE, HUGH, Ph.D., Professor of History. MACLEAN, ROBERT A., Ph.D., Professor of Clas- sics, Lecturer in Archaeology. MARQUIS, RALPH W., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics. MAY, ARTHURJ., Ph.D., Professor of History. MCGILL, JAMES D., A.M., Professor of Govern- ment. MERRELL, WILLIAM D., Ph.D., Professor of Botany. MEYER, SELINA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German. MICKS, WVILSON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French. MILLS, HENRY C., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education. MooRE, CLARENCE KING, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages. MOORE, MRS. GERTRUDE HERDLE, A.M., Director Art Gallery. MOORE, WALDEN, A.M., Assistant Professor of Government. MOSCRIP, VIRGINIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Latin. ' NEILLY, HELEN C., A.B., Director of Music, Col- lege for Women. Book II NliXX'lIUllX', CoNs'rANcu LINCOLN, M.S., Director of Physical lzducntion for Women, E.S.M. PENDLETUN, .JOHN W., B.Litt., Instructor in English. PERIcINs, DEXTER, PlI.D., Watson Professor of History. PRATT, RoIsERT A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English. RIXDONISKI, ALEXANDER L., M.A., Instructor in Sociology. I REED, MIXRGUERITE, Assistant to the Registrar, College for WomeII. RHEES, RUSH, A.M., D.D., LL.D., President Emeritus. SCHNEPEL, KARL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German. SINGEWALD, QUENTIN D., Ph.D., Associate Pro- fessor of Geology. SLATER, ELEANOR C., M.A., Instructor in English. SLATER, JOHN R., Ph.D., 'JOSEPH H. GILMORE Pro- fessor of English. SMITH, FRANK P., Ph.D., Instructor in Economics. SPURRIER, MERLE, B.A., Associate Professor of Physical Education, College for Women. STEELE, SAMUEL C., A.B., Assistant in Sociology. TAYLOR, EARL B., Ed.M., Professor of Education, Director of Extension and Summer Session. THULIN, ELIZABETH, House Mother, Stephen Foster Hall Executive Secretary Alumnae Asso- ciation of the University. TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S,, M.A., Secretary to Sociol- ogy Department. VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G., Ph.D., Assistant Pro- fessor of History. VAN DE WALLE, EDWIN, Ph.D., Professor of Phil- osophy. WATKEYS, CHARLES W., Ph.D., Professor of Mathe- matics. WELLER, EARL, B.E., Lecturer in Government. WELLS, STARING B., Ph.D., Instructor in English. WILERAHAM, HAZEL J., A.B., Assistant Professor of Physical Education, College for Women. WILKINS, T. RUSSELL, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. WILL, BLANCA, Instructor in Modeling. WILLIER, BENJAMIN, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology. WITHINGTON, MAKRGIXRET, B.S., Librarian, College for Women. WORDEN, JOHN H., Bursar ofthe University. TWENTY ONE Book ALICE IN WONDERLAND hook that zrnpfooeo zozth each readzntg qnaznt hzanor delzghrfal enteriaznrnent Alzce zn Wonderland wzll alwayy refnznd af o the .renzorf The three K J o the Alzce g10ZlP Klonzck Kramer and Kellner not to rnentzon the three C J o Wonderland the carnpay oornprehenyzvey and commencement' A wonderland would he dull wzthoat Bare J harnor Donzfh .f good natare Colbf J .frnzle McCarthy .r hell lzke notef and rnoff of all wzthonf McWzllzanzJ f .A A . . . 7 . A . J J 7 ' H Q 1 1. f J 9 '- , . ' Y ' , ll T' J 1 Y, , ' , ll U 1, Y J J - 1 Book TWENTY-THREE I X1 o 1 .V 4' if .I . x 5 D hx Jw A 4 ' . .,,,X , LIXXS 011937 '11K1f1xf1lx' 111 Ll 2111 11111 .md IWLIIX1- 1.11 111.11 .lI'L' will .111 -11111 sl1.ql11ly' 1 11l11l1cw111d" 1111-H 1l1c111 lmnk 11 gc:-z11IgLlf1c1As, H'1li I RN Uflmx I'1.1.1.c1v.'s 11111 :X1.1J1c11Jc,11 C1 11 ac 1. R tx.-11,5 H1 mrs Xi!-.R'1'1x an li1,1-1.x1:1z I-f11.'1+1, fXicJ1zc,.f1x 2-ijfmlf, BROVVN 1 Book III M A R S I E N S Jxenior Honorary focietiy CHARACTER COLLEGE LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP ELEANOR VAN DEUSEN NORVAL KRAMER DORIS FELLOWS MIRIAM KLONICK RUTH DONTSH MARGARET KELLNER Book III TWENTY-FIVE B TWENTY-six ook IV CROCE US ND Ifxklf fifnxzrfm' U mlllpfvfv Ilffllllllf 41 C1'0Cvl1.s'?-01' J!lI1fUl'.Y:x""Bfg P.If'4!l!c', lffyffy of fha' King,-or dozft you Uk: our plum'---ar am' nppfm' and bor zfogy-mid Book IV our bridge - Uffrlfcfzl -f Ifffolcoft - Ewell - Kleinberg -and Azzcomfy l5llff0lIJ' Il'bfCbjI!J'flZ91l6'l' were! And Pee-Ufee play the Ho1z5epfz1'Uf-Midgy and the TFHWC jam-mzr! Pinky, five prexy! TWENTY-SEVEN THE CLASS OF 1 9 3 8 CRUCEUS FUR 1938 ALICE NTARGARET GREENE 916 South Avenue English Alpha Sigma Monroe High The mart facile pen CtZ7Z7Z0f defcribe her charm. Tower Times 1, 15 Features Editor 35 Sketch Club 1, 7.5 Freshman Choir IQ History Club IQ Art Editor, Blue Book 7.5 Croceus 35 Y.W.C.A. 7.5 35 Dr. Watkey's Discussion Group 3 5 French Club 35 Class President 35 Sorority Council 35 Students' Association Council 35 Stagers 1, 7.5 35 Kaleidoscope Staff 7.5 Sophomore Dance 7.5 Traditions Committee 3. it 'At x.1kQ1 Xl ll its :X1m1,.xx1 so lol. ,,1zagl1.1111bt1'ccf iivxlbw Monroe High I . 1.." fr.'!f'!l ,111 It Jlff .1 pm'!f1'.1'1'11." X., 115110 1, L, l,ilwe1'41lCe1ltc1'1g Fresh- ::1,...-N1L'l1o111o1'c llI'CLllii-JSF LQ SUb'FVC5h' 51,111 lhx ko11111111tec lQ M0fllf31'5 Dill' 11,,.t1,Wg.,.X1-1c'lulwggilrocwss- llt 1 1 x XI1KlRjAXNkON.X 1- 1 XE..111txl.1 Street l ,.-11.1n11, .lohn Marshall High .Xlpligi Sigma ' Ill, ful' ffm lift' of 11 fll'UlllLlll.'H 1 X ZcQ'lxl'C5lLlCl'Il' IQ House Committee 1. ll.-.Lev 1, LL Baslcetluall 1, ag Inter- l..:11y1:s Nlixci' IQ Y. XV. C. A. 1, 1, gg llqazt s iI'c.1 IQ Students' Association Ban- 1.1e: 1, Cliristziias Pageant ig Thornton KK-Vg" 'l'e.1 IQ Sulw-Freshman Day IQ Nlur: :J Dai' IQ Frosh Finale ig Class E er: 1. Secretary Student Association . C... C c KF .-'1ssoc1at1on Tea ag Freshman i . iz: 1. Y Dance lQ University Day LQ 1 w 'Q burner lLCI'1Cl'CCI Club 1gStudents' .arzon Constitution Revision ag ff' s Association Banquet ag Winter " 1 1. l-1tesar1ng1gDean Welcl'sTea 7.' .Ik .- ..., A CUQL... VY cilicr Bai 1, Student Bursar E.CT1'cCllS ggCha1tman Y.W.C.A. Break- yjg, . D . Qlfreshman-Iunior Housepartv 3g 3 :twine AHL: Auction lg Class Day 1 er ll N '- - - biggciiti .association Tea BQ University 1, Djgjglgit .'-vextz'-cient Book IV Book IV FORI938 fp, pnni 3 y 7 X xfnf, ff U' -' " f 1 lj' I 3 f, c L 2 f C iff ANNA lVlAURlNIi BECK 7.1 Willite Drive GCVINLIH - Syracuse University Sigma Kappa Upsilon Coolly qyirieut on paeleleelfeet. "Telephone coll." ' History Club 15 Hockey 2.5 Y.W.C.A. 35 Glee Club 35 Stagers 35 German Club 3g Stall' "Lalwurnum Grove." JULIA ANN AIKMAN , 184 Alexander Street Economies Monroe High "ClJezmplo1z bicycle ood motorcycle rider." Freshman Choir IQ Chairman Freshman Initiation 2.5 Glee Club 7.5 Sophomore Dance Committee 9.5 Croceus Apple Sale BQ Croeeus Bridge Tea Committee 3. TWENTY-NINE Q . 3 Writ THIRTY MARGARET BRUNNSEN 4 Averill Court Ef1gliSh Monroe High The heroine of the Jtoigf. Sub-Freshman Tea Committee IQ Tennis IQ Freshman Choir IQ Staff 'Julep Time"g Y.W.C.A. I, LQ Staff "Polychrome"g Staff "Wuthering Heights' ' 5 Junior Dance Com- mittee ZQ Newman Club 3Q Studio Club BQ Orchestra 3Q Hostess Cutler Open House Tea 3. EDNA JANE BENNETT Holcomb, New York Nursing East Bloomfiflld High ull "Diezmomi5 never have been fuccefrf J' imitated. . - shlllfm Archbearer ag Orchestra 2, Sub Pre Day Q., 3. Boak IV FORI938 M.-xm' lloswoiirii TS West High Terrace English West High Sigma Kappa Upsilon "J l.1.fJ of 5:l!t'll1.H Literary Workshop BQ Y.W.C.A. 1, 1, 3, Freshman Choir IQ Spring Pageant I5 Dance Exhibition lQ Committee Frosh Finale IQ Glee Club 1, 35 Glee Club Con- cert Committee 15 Sorority Council 35 Croceus 35 Hostess University Day 35 French Club 1, 1, 35 Croceus Bridge Tea Committee 35 Y.W,C.A. Dance Committee 3Q Staff "Laburnum Grove"5 Stagers 35 Walter White Tea 1. SHIRLEY V. BERTOLETTE 117 Aldine Street History Alpha Sigma West High "Freda as freefios-an original." "The Boor"5 Winter Formal Committee IQ Staff 'Julep Time"'5 College Supper Fash- ion Show5 Staff "The Terrible Meek,,5 College Supper '38 skit 15 Y.W.C.A. 1, 35 Staff "Polychrome"5 Intersorority Style Show 15 Archbearer Class Day 15 Croceus 35 Y.W.C.A. Dance Committee 35 Croceus Bridge Tea Committee 35 Secretary Studio Club 3. Book IV THIRTY-ONE X-1.311 lllssld H H-ki 111 H lgolld lvl ' ' T' P- Q .' f - iffh Xlt'tll.llllC.ll llngmecxing Clmilotte H D I 17 - I .1 ,,j, A, mp zzorolf wmd zobo mor zt. I 11A:1l1lCcl's'CllllW 1, 1, 39Y'W'C'A' I' Z' 39 Xl,lrl1Lilulw1QH0CkCY 1' lli rrx BLLLEN r N Crosman Terrace French Theta Eta Monroe High "A zwo'ding veil bong on az baroque angel Freshman Choir IQ 'Julep Timewg "Poly- chroineng Freshman-Junior House Party 3Q Y.W.C.A. 1, 1, 3' "Le Medeein Mal re 7 8 Lui 5 Frosh Finale Committeeg Freshman- Sophomore Breakfast Committee 9.5 Host- ess University Day Tea LQ College Supper Skirs 1, 3. THIRTY-TXVO Book IV Book IV FORI938 MARJORIE BENT 7.o5 Seneca Parkway R Education Syracuse University ix-Nsaffe 'K - . ikgffqjg Sigma Kappa Upsilon "Rhythm in her nznxrefgf rhyme." MARTHA BRADFORD 133 Genesee Street History Alpha Sigma Madison High "A home, az garden, cl porrmitf' Staff "The Boor"g Staff 'julep Time"g Staff "The Terrible Meek"g Students Association Reception Committee lg Y.W. C.A. lg Committee "Po1ychrome' ' g Croceus EQ Croceus Hot Dog Sale 3. THIRTY-THREE FO Jcnnctus HAZEL SUE BAsT1AN 2.11 Denver Street French Theta Tau Theta East High "The spirit afyoutb if written clear." Croceus Calendar Committee I5 Political Club IQ Aid to League of Women Voters IQ Assembly Committee LQ Sophomore Dance Committee 9.5 "Polychrome' '5 Silver Bay 15 Dr. Hansonls Tea 2.5 "Squaring the Circle" Staff5 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 35 Croceus 3Q Sub- freshman Day Hostess 35 Freshman Break- fast Hostess EQ Croceus Hot Dog Sale 35 French Club 3. RUTH BEEBE East Aurora, New York 3 General Science East Aufofa H1311 Gamma Phi 0,1 like w01'Id. 5 . ' C0mmittCC History Club IQ Mothers Dal' U 1 RCM- , . -' . tiona I: Sororitv Council 5, Imema tions Club 3. Bogk IV FORl938 ' s l'1111 1 Xl l11111g1 li ll111N1s klNsllllllt1,Nx'XX York H5101-1 lillCl.l li.111 lille'l.l klss111111llg ll1gl1 ..'.'..' .. 1' '- Hogkex 1, LQ ll.lSlxCllW.lll 1, LQ "il'l1e lloo1"' IQ ,Mil to l.c'.lgllC ol Xxixllllill X'o1e1's lg "Crime .1t lllOSSOlllSH 1. "'I11le-11 'l'i111e" lg li-l'CSlllll.lll kxllilll' 1, ll.lkLfC.lllf ll St.1ll "Le Xledecin xl.l.lgl'C l,LllH lg l:l'CSlllll.lll l111ri.1- tion kxOl'llllllfEL'C LQ College SLIPPCI' Skit LQ Stigers LL E.1ste1' kxll.lllCl L: lTl'C5llIllLlll- Junior l'lOLlSCP.ll'U' xg :Xssoei.1te litlitor Blue Book 1: Still' Ul3Oll'Clll'UlllCHl Vice- president lluuior Cl.1ss gg .junior Dgtuee Coiuiuittee :g Cutler Open House gg Secre- tary Cutler House Co111111ittee gg Croceus Bridge Teri 721 Literary Workshop SQ 'l'hg1r1ksgix'ing College Supper Committee 3. Nlataticia A. BLATCHLEY New Rochelle, New York BiO1OgT New Rochelle Senior High Prize perfomzlirief are never repeated. Hockey 1, lg Freshman Breakfast Com- mittee IQ Student Government Council IQ Horseback Riding rg Basketball IQ Base- ball IQ Archery 7.5 Geology Club 1, 3Q Biology Club 33 Representative Badminton Institute BQ Head of Badminton 3. Book IV THIRTY-FIVE R U C E .. lx, ,XX Xf1.:51:1lH.i Wcu High rind' YA ,I ,XIJFI I lf.l1'4'flh' X., ., H-lk1lClx'l41lllCHQPLIgC1lUl' z, lxmh l'.lll.llC IQ Y.W,C. f1m..11lm11r1.mnuCfmnluirtcc Lggu5L1VlNc1' LQCNCC Club LQ R Law llu' .'.Xl'Cl1lWC1lI'Cl' LQ ' ny , Nluuxxllql'lNDgly'D:l1lCC lQ w N 1 h.mn1.m g, Qlrmcmls gg Co- : .fx lhmc 3'l-iostcssUnivc1'- U S Brwrnxzl Tiff Xazarcth Acadcmxf I . -:jyw lf- . 55.1 AL JJ faux.-Q 67ZOIlgb.v, Bnok IV FURI938 limwn l'lARRII3T CHAPMAN Newark, New York l'1l1,!liSl1 Newark High Hllmffy, ll'fHjIlg, mm' able." llnselmll IQ l:I'CSl'll112lD Initiation Committee LQ Y.W.C.A. 1, 14 Croceus BQ Hot Dog n Salle 3. ROSE NELLIE CRISCUOLO 4 Sehauman Street Romance Languages Benjamin Franklin High ".5'l2gbt but engaging." French Club 1, 1, EQ ll Circolo Italiano I, 1, BQ Newman Club I, 7-, 35 Y'W'C'A' 1, 3. RTY-SEVEN Book IV TH1 IGH cnncfus ELEANOR LAKE CARSON Wellsboro, Pennsylvzlnia C French Mount Vernon Seminary Theta Eta "A qzzietzzerr than if beard Organ Club 1, 35 Stagers 3Q Y.W.C.A. 2., 35 French Club 35 Croceusg Orchestra 3. WILMA RUTH COONEY 70 Ferndale Crescent French Theta Tau Theta Monroe High "Yan Can? Win."' Freshmen Choir IQ French Club I, 1, 35 Y.W.C.A. 7., 35 Glee Club 2., 3Q GICC Club Concert LQ Sophomore Banquet 2.5 Cr0CCUS Apple Sale 3. Book IV foniaaa Nlxitiii KUlllNN little kiciicscc, New York Biology lloltx .ir kciitiyil f i B.1sketh.tll 1, L, :Q liiselmill ig Soiilioiiiote Dance LQ Y.W.Lf..-X. L, xg Otrliesti-.i L, xg College Supper LQ "Polvclirotne" Statlg Pence Institute gg Biology Club g. ELIZABETH CHAPBIAN Exeter, New Hampshire History St. Agnes School, Albany, N. Y. Theta Eta 'Calculated fopbiftiratiazz. " Mothers' Day IQ 'Julep Timeug Staff "Wuthering Heightsng Freshman Initia- tion lQ Assembly Council LQ Silver Bay ag Y.W.C.A. Treasurer gg Chairman "Y" Dance 35 Croceus BQ Hostess University DHY 35 Syracuse Conference 3. Book IV THIRTY-NINE U S .. XL.lJClllY ti.1fW1,l1ACsll- ,i,.xzex'Cl1.1pcl 'xicmme High frm' Lfffiz' Il'ff. .ur I'wlmsoIT1s"g Hgrfsorl Tea 1, fnmference lg f1rfm'1e"g Class :gfj-er LQ Dean TITJQ Dance ILQ jar Committee searer 1: Class 'Fil . ., University '. u 1-nfl' .fe .2-ev S '1 f ,.. Book IV Book IV FUR193B Lois JANETT13 CARR Batavia, New York I . . Numll Batavia High "I 'jrtm'.yr11z will be glad to know fl'iIl777PhJ' in flu' tml." Ftcslininn Choir ig Thornton Wilder Tea 1, Cricket Club 1, Y.W.C.A. Q., 3QFI'CShn'13,f1 lnitintion Committee Q., Glee Club Q., 3, Stull' "PolyChrome" Q., Guide University DHY 34 Croceus Apple Sale 3, Croceus 3, Psychology Club 3, Thanksgiving College Supper 3. ROSEMARY CHERRY Q.37 Sherwood Avenue Economics Alpha Sigma West High "P4zmdo.x in permnality. " Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast Com- mittee 1, Q., Y.W.C.A. 1, Q., 3, Secretary Y.W.C.A. Q., Political Club 1, Q., Newman Club 1, Q., 3, Newman Club Secretary 35 University Day Hostess Q., 35 Tower Times Q., 35 Assistant Business Manager Tower Times 3, Freshman-Junior Houseparty Committee 35 Advertising Manager Croeeus 35 French Club 3. FORTY-ONE cnncfus hflnm' C.-x'1'u12R1N13 Dicx 135 Rnvenwootl Avenue English Alpha Sigma West High Hlflflwo it flffmy, mlm! if Jlw, flint all li,-r J'Il'1lfllJ' COIIIIIIUIIII ber? " Tower Times Reporter IQ "Crime :it Blos- soms" 15 'Julep Time" I5 College Supper Style Show 15 Choir I5 Tap Dancing Club IQ Stull' "Wuthering I-leights"5 Dr. Eiser- lizmlt Tea 35 Archbearer 35 Stall' "Services Remlereclng "Turnabout" 35 Sub-Frcsh- man Day Q., 35 Chairman, Style Show 1Q Sophomore Dance Committee 15 The Stagers 1, 35 "Polychrome"5 Y.W.C.A. 1, 35 Silver Bay Club 9.5 Sketch Club 15 Sketch Club Pin 15 College Supper 9.5.Iunior Dance 35 Croceus 35 President, Studio Club 3. BARBARA JUNE COSTER 17.1 Woodland Drive Music John Marshall High ' "The Quintessence nf qzuzligf. " Freshman Choir IQ Y.W.C.A. I, 1, 35 GICC Club 15 Dance Group 7., 35 Glee Club Con- cert 9.5 Moving Up Day 2.5 Chapel Choir 39 Sigma Alpha Iota. Book IV 50111938 R1 111 M11111111111. 1111 Xlll11111 511:51 Nursing l-l1QI.l l'.111 l.l!Cl,l XX ml ll1rgl1 .'.' ll . Y.W.Ll..'X. 1, L, 1. .Xl'xllCI'N 1, l'll'UNlllIl.lll Cl1o1t1gl'ol1t1q.1lk'l11l11,.X11l111l.t'.1,:L11e11t XYOIUCII Yotcts 1.A'.I11le11 il'1111e' ', kllee kilulw 1: Dean Wcltl Te.1 LQ Xlmlel lic1'L1l1l1t'.111 COllYCIlflOll LL k'o1111111trcc Glue Clulw LY1111- cert ll Gct111.111 Club L, L'1'11t'c11s llwr Dug Sale 3. lRENE HOLCOMBE CLARK Henrietta, New York Nursing Gamma Phi Henrietta High Hofpitfzl haypitfzljzjf. Y.W.C.A. 1, 1, 3, Basketball 1, Hockey IQ Freshman Dance Committee 1, Junior Apple Sale 3,Junior Hot Dog Sale ggjunior Bridge Tea 3, Y.W.C.A. Dance 3. Book IV -was-qw FORTY-THREE C R U C E U S Xiuuii li.x'1'uuR1NE DUBELBEIS ug Wimlcfmere Road Soqigil Studies Monroe High Theta Tau Theta Rixrtrflizlt if gl.f1m01n' at iff bert. Gcrmgin Club IQ Geology Club I, lg His- rury Club ig Liberal Center 1, ll Sub- Frcslmmn Day 2.g University Day BQ Y.W. CLA. Dnuccg Croceus gg Hot Dog Sale 3. XI.xRx'nn1. DWYER Gcneseo, New York French Geneseo High S111-pf-iJi7zg and delightful, FI'CIICl1 I, 1, Freshman Choirs .lu CP Timeug Basketball Ig Newman I, 1, BQ Y,W.C.A. 7., 3gG1ee Club ZQ Ustmas College SUPPCF 15 Examination Teas lQ Croceusg Hot Dog Sale 3, PORTY-POUR gf! Book IV Book IV :ww W FORl938 Ruin 'IOSILPIIINI3 DAWLEY 134 Milton Street Biology Theta 'l'a1u'l'het:i West High HXUIIQQ of lrl'fL'Illl.fbfII. " lifrcsliiunm Choir l5 German Club 1, 15 Y. W.C.i-X. 1, 1, 35 Glee Club 1.5 35 "Julep Time' '5 Political Club IQ Croceus 35 Liberal Center 15 Biology Club 7.5 35 Freshman- 'Iunior I-louseparty 35 "Ninety in the Slmtlcn Stallg Glee Club Concert 7.5 Hot Dog Sale 35 Archery 1, 1. Lois AMY DEVEREAUX Clyde, New York Music Cornell University "It if her voice that win: our remembmnce and our refpome. H - Stagers 1, 35 Y.W.C.A. 1.5 35 International Relations ciub 1, 3 5 Political ciub rg Model Republican Convention 15 Arnold-Forster Reception 35 Liberal Center 35 P61156 MSU' tute 35 Debating Club BQ Badminton 3- FORTY-FIVE PO RT Y-SI fx cnncfus JEANNETTE GILBERT EWELL Q.Q.7 Westminster Road . Monroe High Psychology Alpha Sigma Wells College HC07'flZf7ZZj' the .rmootbeft-" Sophomore Dance Committee Q., "Poly- chrome" Staff Q., Croceusg Co-chairmzm, Croceus Bridge Tea 3Q Psychology Club 3. SHIRLEY GARDNER DUTEMPLE Oak Park, Illinois Economics Oak Park High Theta Tau Theta "Here and today." Class Historian IQ Debating Club 1, Q., 35 Hockey 1, Basketball IQ French Club 1, Q., 3g "Le Medicin Malgre Lui", Aid I0 League of Women Voters IQ Assembly DC- bate Q., 33 Chapel Committee Q.g TOWCY Times Q., Dr. Watkey's Discussion Group Q., BQ Y.W.C.A. Q., 3g Senior Life Saving 13 Editor-in-chief, Blue Book 34 ,HP9llfj chrome" Staff, "Le Malade Imag1nalfC "For Services Rendered", Sophomorc Dance Q., Faculty Tea Q., Liberal Center 2.3 Easter Chapel Q., Christmas Pageant 7-5 Vice-president, Students' Association 35 Vice-president, French Club 3, Phi Sigma Iota 3, Literary Workshop 35 Head of Swimming 3Q Stagers 1, 3,Croceus 35C1fCu' lation Manager, Tower Times EQ Y.W-C-A- Dance 3, University Day 35 Ffcshman' Junior House Party 3. Book IV FORl938 Xl.XRKlORllf l'.x1'itit'i.x Di-'xixuicit 16 Wcltl Struct Psyclwlogy Xlonrtwc High ..x'U -M -rr.--. .j.H:ffllt ,i..1ff. Vice Prcsitlcnt, Political Clulw ig Lilwcml Center 1, 1: Secretary, Lilwcml Ccntcr lQ Dr. Wgttlccfs Discussion Group i, L, SQ "Polychromc" Stall' LQ Psychology Club 3. ,MV AGNES LOUISE DEAN 1512. Ridge Roacl West Ef1gliSh John Marshall High It if up to you to match her genius. Dance Club 1, lQ Class Day IQ Y.W.C.A. 1, 3, Book IV FORTY-SEVEN CRUCEUS HANNAH LOUISE FANG 167 Grand Avenue French East High Theta Alpha Epsilon "D0n'f give it zz yecomi thought." History Club IQ Frosh Finale IQ Sub-Fresh- man Day 9.5 "For Services Rendered" Staffg Stagers lg Y.W.C.A. Q., 3g Badminton 7.5 "Polychrome" Staffg French Club Q., 35 University Day 35 Croceus Bridge Teag Sorority Council 3.- GEORGIA W. FOWLE Dorset, Vermont English Northfield Seminary A .rober .rfudy in .reriozunmxr ciifcreetly handled. Freshman Choirg French Club 1, 9.5 Base- ball IQ Scribblers' Club 1Q Y.W.C.A. Q., 33 Literary Workshop EQ Croceus. FORTY-EIGHT Book IV X .'h a Q'-' C siffilf C . . - s. fr BQ W I Epi . .XXX-x,Ss i t -- i. Qwgsgiziissx-X i - X Ns, is X, X XTX Xfiwbc , ygwciigs f FOR1938 RITA ELIZABETH FORQUER 144 Sunset Drive, Brighton Sociology East High Sigma Kappa Upsilon "Young, fzueet fort of pemonf' French Club 2.3 Y.W.C.A. 1, Q., 3, Arch- bearer 1, Silver Bay 9.5 Freshman-Junior Houseparty 3, Thornton Wilder Tea IQ Croceus, University Day 3, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3, Secretary and Treasurer, Assem- bly Committee 3. Book IV IONE FRANCIS 35 Riverside Street History John Marshall High Existence is at timer extmardinmfibl peculiar. Basketball IQ Freshman Breakfast IQ "For Services Rendered" Staff, Stagers 1, Geol- ogy Club Q., 3. FORTY-NINE CRUCEUS NANCY GAY ll Riverside Street Music John Marshall High Laughter fmmer ber lfn1g1mgv. Hostess, Hanson Tea 1,15 Valentine Supper IQ Sub-Freshman Day IQ Hockey IQ East- man School Symphony 1, 35 Alumni Council 15 College Orchestra 15 Y.W.C.A. 15 College Supper 35 University Day5 Chapel Choir. MARGARET ELIZABETH GRAIiAM 3 Bradburn Street Biology Theta Tau Theta West High Willa ez shrewd twinkle in her eye. "Crime at Blossoms"5 Staff of "Ninety in the Shade"5 Horseback riding IQ Basket- ball IQ Archery IQ Committee Freshman- Sophomore Breakfast 15 Senior Cabinet 15 Stagers 1, 35 Staff "Polychrome"5 SUVC1' Bay 15 Easter Chapel 15 Committee Fresh- man-Junior Houseparty 35 Biology Club 1, 35 Vice-President Y.W.C.A. 35 Chfllfman Membership Campaign 35 CroceuS. 35 Hostess University Day 35 Secretary Biol- ogy Club 3Q Committee Junior Benefit Bridge 35 Y.W.C.A. 1, 1, 35 Studio Club 35 Blue Book 3. Book IV FORl938 DIILDRED LOUISE GINTHER Adams Basin, New York History Gamma Phi Syracuse University .Silva 11111 the kimz' 0 e ef 111111 1111 1111111 would be J' .7 glad to have tzmzed 021 111111. Y.W.C.A. 1, SQ Debating Club BQ Croceus 35 Dance Club 15 Cutler Open House 3. JEAN GRAVES 37.1 Seneca Parkway Sociology John Marshall High Alpha Sigma ".S'j1icy, mvofjf, 11nd-good! " Page at Class Day IQ Examination Tea Hostess zg Archbearer Class Day :Lg Com- mittee Croceus Sale Hot Dogs 3. Book IV FIFTY-ONE JOANN P. GUGGENHEIMER JEAN GRISWOLD CROCEUSl 48 Werner Park Sociology Theta Eta Monroe High ' '.M11d and 111m'z1ef0zzJ.' ' ' Archbearer 7.5 Freshman-Junior House- party 35 Silver Bay 7.5 Freshman Breakfast Committee 7.5 Y.W.C.A. Dance 9.5 Junior Dance 35 '38 Skit College Supper 2.5 Y.W. C.A. 1, 1, 35 Assembly Committee IQ Hanson Tea IQ Frosh Finale I5 Sub-Fresh- man Day IQ 'Julep Time"5 "Polychrome"5 Sophomore Dance 9.5 Sorority Council Secretary 35 Croceus 35Junior Bridge Tea 35 University Day Hostess 3. l 459. Rockingham Street Sociology Theta Eta Monroe High "Pocket mmzmzl of gayezjf and bzwzorf' Y.W.C.A. 1, 35 Croceus 35 Biology Club 35 President, Psychology Club 35 Pianist, I College Supper 35 Peace Institute 3. FIFTY-TWO Book l Book lFllRI93B MA1z'rl-IA ELOISE HULEK 311 Aberdeen Street Nursing Theta Tau Theta West High "Soft mvlozlier clumf ber theme rang. " Kaleidoscope IQ Y.W.C.A. 1, 15 Sopho- more Class Song Leader 15 Sub-Freshman Day Hostess 1, 15 Glee Club 15 Stagers 1, 1, 35 Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast IQ Liberal Center 1, 35 German Club 15 Uni- versity Day Committee 1, 35 Staff "The Boot-"5 Tower Times 15 Easter Pageant LQ Dean Weld Tea 15 Composer's Workshop Committee lg Chapel Choir 35 Co-Chair- man Glee Club Concert 15 Christmas Pag- eant 35 Secretary-Treasurer of Glee Club 15 Secretary of Glee Club 3. THEDA ELIZABETH HAYES I9I Oakdale Drive Soclology Mt. Holyoke College New people like new wry make the grade." Y.W.C.A. 35 Student Industrial 3. IV FIFTY-THREE ,Q if CRUCEUS l'lliLliN l-luo1sNDonr15R Pittsford, New York Nursing Theta Eta Pittsford High "Love I Dare Not." Archbeztrer Class Day 15 Bnskethullg Com- mittee Freshman Breakfnstg Committee Sophomore Banquet 2.5 University Dany 2.5 Newman Club5 Music Chorus 'zlulcp Time"5 Croceus5 Staff "Crime at Blos- soms"5 '38 Skit College Supper 15 Stagcrsg Y.W.C.A. HELEN JOSEPHINE HAGSTROM 485 Wellington Avenue Psychology Alpha Sigma West High "Preview of tamorraw. " 'julep Time' '5 Christmas Pageant IQ Fresh- man Choirg Freshman Breakfast Com- mittee IQ Sub-Freshman Day IS Usher Class Day IQ College Supper Fashion Show I5 Wilder Tea IQ Hostess University Day 7-5 Winter Formal 7.5 Archbearer Class Day 9.5 Class Song Leader 35 Promotion Com- mittee, Croceus 35 Hostess University DRY 35 Psychology Club 3. Book IV fnnisas Hi-iiiifx Howie l'l.xiii:is Out.ii'io, New York Govetmueut Webster High Theta T.iu Theta Q.'1.9t'! f:n'u1'. Debating Club 1, L: Y.W.C.:X. i, L, gg 'Julep Time", Fteshiugm Choirg Basket- ball 1, L, 31 Hockey L, xi Curtlgmtl Confer- ence L: Glee Club L, 3: Political Club LQ Model Republican Coiiveution LQ :Xtclicty BQ Croceus 3, Library Committee gg Tower Times 3: University Day 3. RUTH JACOBSTEIN 405 Westminster Road Hisfofl' Nlotiroe High Political dictimzaijf. Political Club IQ Model League Delegate 3. L Book IV FIFTY-FIVE C R U C E U S Lam: hxnxx 1, Nl.zVlul1L11'5r Rumi H'U1U"X . . .N Immlcquoir High lf.f. 11 ..'.'n.:Yn rxfm fur !.lllkQlffc'l'. Hzxrurx llL1lNl,Y.XK'.Ci.."X.1, lg Bgwkctlwglll v 1. lmvlwgjx' K lulw 1, gg ll1ICI'l1LlfiOH1ll Relu- .mx K lulw L, Q, Sufi' "For Services Ren- 'crcfvl L, C ullcgc Supper 1. kEi'.H1,U'ZTi Xian' KLILLING x 1-,, vu .yA y.,- .Z.- X x..5. .- mmf brrccr West High POiI'1".1! "H.:rf2fzf.f.'o:z.f p:i'feffioi2.' . b 1: Archery lg Hockcv 2.5 Egszcr Ch 1 P-Q1 - ...--. 1 Book IV Book IV iFURl938 l3iuu1iiiwSi'f xxxi. lii,i,ixisi.iui fb lhiiiscy' l'girk SUklUlU4lfX' SlAL1lll.l l3cli.i Phi Nliiili'iicl'liql1 l5l!.l!!.llJf .ii Ll'1lf.l!, llUlll1x.lll,ll1l1 l,ljCl1,1Il11l1f,lLllX 1' ll Lih- Venter :., 3, Business XlJlllll.QCI'Ulil-ll1- C111l lifilfff' 1. I.. Hlllilllllllllltlil,SUlWl1UINlJl'C'c :., inmtciis gg boiwiriry Council 3. Nlinizr, IDOROTHIE.-X KYSOR 36 Bengal Terrace Economics Monroe High "TIN Lazfi' Hilqlwi' fp." Baslcethall ig Freshman Choir ig "Crime tit Blossom" rg Blue Book Advertising Nlanager SQ Freshman Initiation Com- mittee LQ l'l21USOI1'l.-C21 lg Students' Associa- tion Bz1nquet2.,3gGlce Cluh J., BQ Y.W.C. A. J., 3QCI'OC6L1S 3Q'lL1I1lOl' Dance 33 Univer- sity Day hostess BQ Orchestra BQ Ctoceus Hot Dog Sale 3. FIFTY-SEVEN Irry-HG HT cnncfus LILLIAN JUNE KAPLAN 9.1 Culver Road V Psychology Monroe High Sigma Delta Phi "Une bin an A on the key-nmrd of llfef' German Play 1, 15 Hostess Hanson Tea IQ Psychology Club 35 Vice-President German Club 3. BEATRICE KILLIP 49 Brockton Street 3 English Chflfloffc Hlgh A pledge of co-operation. Hockey IQ Basketball 7-5 Junior Dance Committee 3. Book IV 511111938 ,Xxx S111 1'11:11 R11 1.1 :Sr lllfvlll' Street EQQu0111iQs Xl.l1ll5Ull l'l1s11l1 ",Y.'1':'.'1'q lll,-:fr gl ,Y"'.'.' Frcsh1'11.111 Choir IQ Y.W.k'.qX. 1, - , Pol1r1c.1l Club IQ NlCXX'Ill.lIl Club 1, L, gg 'French Club 1, LQ Spring l3.lgC.l1lf IQ .'X11'l1- erv 1, 11 B.11l111111r1111 LQ Silver lhy LQ Croceus 3: Senior C.1b111erg Y.W.Lf,.'X. g, Chairnmn, Srurlenrs' Spmkers l311re.111 1, 3. NIARJOME KNOPP 905 Park Avenue ECOUOHUCS Monroe High Sheer perfectimz of picture taleizzg. Y'W'C'A- 1, 1, BQ Liberal Center 1, 1, EQ International Relations 1, gg Croceus 5. Book IV FIFTY'NINE CRUCEUS JEAN SOULE KENYON Hilton, New York Religion Theta Eta Hilton High "Life Beginy Wfaefz Yozfre In Lovefl Frosh Finale IQ Silver Bay LQ Archbearer lg Y.W.C.A. 1, 1, BQ Sophomore Auction LQ Y.W.C.A. Cabinets BQ Ctoceus BQ Hostess University Day 3. JANICE LEMBKE 174 Hazelwood Teri-ace English East High "An elfu New Yorker who plays ojff the stage mu! on." Political Club ig Freshman Choir IQ "The Terrible Meek" ig Discussion Clubg Hos- tess l-lnnson Tea lQ Committee Sophomore Pmnquet LQ "Polyclito1ne" "Cradle Song" 2.g"Tl1ete's Culture in Crime" LQ "Squirting the Ci1'cle"g French Club LQ "Le Mulade llllllgllllllllfng Biology Club LQ Croceus BQ lui l'Cl'2ll'Y Worlcsliop gg Hl.,2llWllI'llLlIl'l Grove' 'Q , . . . ., Ciultlc llmverslfv Dm' " btnffets 1 1 ' V I 5, C, . , .., 5. Nil Y'l'Y , nw lfavyggxgvf, f0Rl938 H11nl, 5 1' X1x'lEf-5llx'x'l I'-mfr 'l I xx Nlmmw lluqla lhlnqm lfau lfxvm 179 1 ring! .if I X NNW X 1, ', N111-l1lQrA.ilx1l1 I lulvp , . Y . ' , - tlmnl- n IWC'-llllllll l hum: 1, l3.v.Lcllv.nll 1, . , , X 5 tv l.k,L1'L1c uf Xvxlifllfll Xulcfh. 1 Silt: x . , I , . V . . - u .i , . , , x . x , . , . , , ,.. . , . . , . K Hlllllllfffk' : , l'rcA.z1fc11r Ss I'lIVt'lfK'- : , lm.-act' lxm Ii.-5-warg: 1, Ski: Q nllfzfc Supper' 1, H v lm .,f1lllxlCfu1f5llf' !'lCNflHl.UlIj.l'v J, xx. lhnlmw llulw I, 1, X4.-.1Nc.u1L ,XLIII-lyflkljf l xmr l4m,1.Qr 'l'rm:N g, l'r.a.,g-ala 3, fluwtc-.S ., x . ', - ff Slxppcr' C Hill- mmrc., , Ilmrq-.N lurlc: Uycu H-:mc 1, lskxflmlllh,-'v Klub Q, .Immvr I'1z'm-iygc l'.u'ts I Kwzxmzuxcfcc Sxrex I,m1Rxxw ,Xz1gwl.x, NSW 'YQIVLC Nw Ill imlxgg :Xm1nl.1 High xf-, . V IN7' II C If-Nil., fr.1I1.1rm r, fmcr'n.1rmm.1l Rela- rx-mxf Iulw1.Ncwr11,1l1fVll1lNl.R4 Bf Mk IV Nrxrw'-owl, CRUCEUS l1i.'xnn1n.XNNl.l'si4 l':iuim.l, Ncxx' Ynrlx l .luhumn 'lilIL'I.l liz.: l'iirsl'unl High n "lf'f.. .film .n:.l .1 u-lump fur flu' .ummm .'f'.ll'I Q.-f!:.'lli'.H Nui, "limo Ilmn' lQlillllCl1C Suppci' Coin 1 imxuc i, Xnus l,.Ij1L'.lIll ig 'zlulcp Time" NCXNIIIJII Klub 1, :, gg I-'rcslnnzm Clmir, Cliuius ul l.c Mc-lccm Mnlqrc Lui 1, I , . ll.iw Hsu' fXl.unll.ill IQ X.W.C..A. J., 1, "t 1.n.lln' Smmbign SI.l.l1Cl'S J., 1,3 Soplmnmrc. llama- KUHIIIIIIICC :.g .luninr IBQIIICC Coin NH murcc g. xllxllglfllilly .'VlAnii1 fvluiciz 1150 Purilziml Avcmic l,:uin Our Lady of Mercy High Tbctu Alpha Epsilon "l'u1iw1cc . . , never to lourziyf' History Club ig Ncwman Club 1, zg Classi- cal Club gg Sorority Council 3. Book IV funisaa Mini l,ix'x 1 Xlillwiirii Sires: Biologxe Sigiim lWcli.i l'lii Xloiiroe llilgli l ' - - . -av 1 .1 wp.. li.. Reporter "Tower limes" i, llistorx klulw ig Center ig lirosli l'iii.ile Vom- mittee ig Xkfiltcr White l.etetiire kioriie mmccl Q1-ogeiis l'7iii.iiit'ing Coiiiiiiittee ig :Xssismiit News Supervisor, "'l'oxver Times" L: Spring Uiiiee Loiiiriiittee LQ Freshiii.iii-Sophomore boiiif mittee L: College Supper Lloiiiiiiitrec LQ Blotlel Repiiblioiii Llviivciitioii LL "lower Times" Poll ll Business Nl.iii.iger lfroceiis 31 News Etlitor "Tower Times" xg liresli- inan-Junior Hotisepirtv Lfoiiimittee gg Y. W.C.A. gg Hostess Lpiversity l7.iy gg Pe.iee Action Group :Q Biologv Lfliilw gg St.itc Scholarship. .IANE A. L.xl:ETR.x Lockport, New Yorl-: Biology Lockport Collegiate Ceri ter A tofzcli of copper, PfCSllman Choir igOrCl1estrQ1 ig Biislcetlmill 1. Book IV SIXTY-THREE CRUUEUS .flux E1.1z.aixi3'tii OBDYKE 6Sg tlellietson Avenue French Theta Tau Theta West High ' 'll 'ull-Kq1'oa11mf-11fuvgff. ' ' llpisketlmll i, lQ Y.W.C.A. 1, lQSL1lD-FI'CSl1- main Dgiy Committee IQ Kaleidoscope 7.5 Deluting Clulw 15 Students' Association Reception lQ junior Dance Committee zg Guide Sulw-Freshman Day lg Secretary Students' Association 3g Business Man- ager, Blue Book gg Students' Association llo.ird 3. Ltxici. Niwxi xv nwillc X i QV lhivctsiti' of North Carolina 51.211151 Delta Phi . 1 tim' forgtff to be rg ..e::.::r Cumininiztee Croceus Fund IQ :legs Tame. Political Clulw ig Committee or Sizli-Fresliinan Day 1: Ptosh Finale IQ I :E' Center: Croeeus gg Croceus Bridge l:.a Committee 3: Y.W.C.A. 34 Junior QT Bank IV Book IV FORI938 MARJORIE LOUISE MATHES I3 Rundel Park Economics Theta Eta Monroe High ".S'ol1zz'e to royalty in the Coronation year." Y.W.C.A. 1, 7., 35 'julep Time" IQ Hanson Tea I5 Freshman Choirg Tower Times 15 Sub-Freshman Day Committee I5 Usher Class Day I5 Point System Committee 7.5 Secretary, Class 7.5 Cortland Conference 7.5 College Supper Skit 7.5 Chairman Publicity Y.W.C.A. 7.5 Assistant Managing Editor, Tower Times 7.5 Weld Tea 7.5 Archbearer, Class Day 7.5 Silver Bay 1, 15 Editor-in- Chief Croceus 35 Chairman, Y.W.C.A. Breakfast 35 Hostess University Day 35 Freshman-Junior Houseparty 35 Croceus Bridge Tea 35 Correspondent, Times Union 3. DORIS EDITH MOUNT RICHMOND HILL Psychology Richmond Hill High "A yen for my kind of outdoor sport." Student Government Council IQ Freshman Choir5 Wilder Lecture Committee I5 Arch- ery 1, 7.5 Head of Archery 35 Stage Man- ager, "Cradle Song"5 Staff "For Services Rendered"5 Easter Chapel 7.5 Publicity Glee Club Concert 7.5 Biology Club 7., 35 Freshman Initiation Committee 7.5 Fresh- man Breakfast Committee 7.5 '38 Skit Col- lege Supper 7.5 Motet Choir 35 Glee Club Treasurer 35 Representative Badminton Institute 35 Staff "Laburnum Grove"5 Psychology Club 35 Geology Club 3. SIXTY-FIVE CRUCEUS ELEANOR EARL PARTRIDGE 318 Hurstbourne Road Music Eastman School of Music Preciazzf dirco uefjf. Sigma Alpha Iota, Eastman School of Music. MARY EUZABETH O,BRIEN Corning, New York Economics Corning Free AcaclCmY Gamma Phi There are fo 7726Z7Q' rmram to be happy- Croceus 33 Newman Club 1, 1, 35 Bafkcf' ball 1, Q., BQ Hockey 33 Library Commlfffif 3Q Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast Com- mittee zg Y.W.C.A. 3. Book IV 7' I lg M .uf Fun' NH .U ,Cf RUTH HARNDEN NEWELL fl' JEAN ELIZABETH PARKEs 479 Flower City Park Political Sciences john Marshall High Theta Tau Theta 'fzzjoyfzzezzt of Lnuglvter. " Political Club 15 Aid to League of Women Voters IQ Hostess Saturday Noon Lunch- eon IQ Hanson Tea 15 Y,W.C.A. 1, 35 '38 Sl-:it College Supper 15 Croceus Hot Dog Sale 35 Hostess, Cutler Open House 3. 57. Oliver Street History Theta Eta Monroe High "My miter are the Jimpleft, I care for the bert. l ' Y.W.C.A. 1, 7., 35 Basketball 1, 35 Hockey 15 Freshman Choirg Class Treasurer 15 Treasurer, Student Biology Club 7.5 Inter- national Relations Club 7.5 Tennis 7.5 Hos- tess Sub-Freshman Day 35 Blue Book 35 Biology Club 3. Book IV s1xTY-SEVEN Y lwclwloqgv T F C R U C E U 3 l lnxn. l,Al'l.l. .H Nl.1yflmx'cx' Drive 5,,k,,,1t,lgy Monroe High "yin .n'riftft' n'u.riLq11for !fI"ill1g.H lehszory Lllulw IQ Archlnenrer, Class Day LQ Sulw-l7rcsl11n.m Day Committee 1. s xxx t:x,T1i.x'I'CmiR RADDER ex-.mark lNeWark High UI' afxifllld no peace." 3 WNCC..-K. 1, 1, 3Q Lewis Street Settlement, Nevszmjg .ami Dramatics Lg College Orchestra g He s - - 73 - ' out Presxoent Qeelve D01-mit , y , Ory BQ WCW-Ulogy' Club SQ Exam Tea Hostess lg rencl1Clul'v 1, 3. f':'-EIGHT Bank IV HELEN DOANE PECK Book IV Hilton 5OCiO10gY Antioch couege Theta Alpha Epsilon Her own way of doing tloingf. Y.W.C.A. 2., 3. JEAN FRANCES POTTINGER 73 Brookfield Road English Kenmore High Portmit of oz friend. Freshman Choirg Committee, Christmas College Supper IQ Y.W.C.A. 1, Q., 3Q Tower Times Reporter 1, 3Q Glee Club 2.5 Croceus SIXTY-NINE la. wwf -X 3? l C R U C E U S ELSA MARIE REITH I9 Shelter Street Biology Madison High A Ginger Rogerf Auf Deutsch. Liberal Center I, LQ Archery IQ Political Club IQ Spring Pageant IQ Badminton 1. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH ROBINSON 7.17 I-Iarvvick Road History of Art Chesbrough Seminary Sigma Kappa Upsilon A Nlid-Victarimz Nludern. Lifesaving 9.5 Badminton ag Sketch Club 7-5 Dance Group Q., 35 Y.W.C.A.g Round Tables ag Treasurer Artists' Studio 35 Committee Junior Dance 3Q Committee Students' Association Tea 3g Hostess Uni- versity Day 35 Stage Designer and PrOPCffY Manager "Laburnum Grove" 3. Book IV 0Rl938 Xlxnx K itiiinixii lliwit my k'x'press Street English :Xlplia Sigma Monroe leligli 'TE-f .zrt of .'.n::'ur',v..'ff tr: zu," t i'f".:r11.'. f'1't'..',tt. 'llulep Tinieug lfsher Class Dai' ll liresli- man Choirg Newman Club 1, L, gg Hostess Mothers' Dai' Teri 11 "Poli'elirotiie"g Dance Group Recital Lg :Xi'cl1be5tret' LQ Re- orter Tower Times " Y.W.C.i-X. 1, gg p . -. Sophomore Dance Committee 11 :Xssistant News Editor Tower Times QQ Chairtnan Charm School BQ Committee junior Dance 3gFreshman-junior Houseparry Committee 35 Chairman Y.W.C.A. Brealcfast 3. Jane S. Rambo ISO Gardiner Avenue Economies Theta Tau Theta West High Arrerring simplicity. Sub-Freshman Day Guide IQ Mothers' Day Hostess IQ Freshman Choir5 Archery IQ Y.W.C.A. 1, 1, 33 French Play IQ Glee Club 7-5 BiOlOgy Club 7.5 International Relations Club Q., 33 Croeeus 35 Secretary, Inter- national Relations Club 3. Book IV C R U C E U uf will' O,,,v'lA.64'l'. Wl f HMM wit elf Doms Ellllil. RIQPENTIZR Cgtrthztge, New York Social Studies Carthage High "ll"i.m'o111 mm' Il I1iCU lr11111w'." Chgtirinqin, Freshman Breakfast IQ Christ- mas College Supper IQ Basketball LQ Hos- tess University Dill' BQ Croceus Hot Dog Sale 3. S Ermxox M. SU1.L1v,,N 3.11 Savannah Street Ch Cmlsffi' Monroe High Var.fati!e cba1'acte1'i1qtj0 21 , SEYENTY"I'XYO Bank I V Book IV F0Rl938 BESSIE STANroRD Iol Maplehurst Road SP1 nish Collegiate Center "iff fo much fun to listen." French Club 3g Exam Tea Hostess 3. EUGENIA T. SHERIDAN 96 University Avenue Biology Spencerport High They couldvft copy ber mimi. h D cl e Biology Club 1, 3Q Charles Wrig t o g Y.W.C.A. 1, zg History I Club. SEVENTY'TI-IREE -ul NT':"?OL'R ' ' 3' riff '5 Wav, - cnucrug Rosiimam' SEILER 33 Cottage Street F1'C11Cll lvlzidison High .Silva ref1tl1e.r new baigbzhr of drrlzmltit flrlliviwrlvrlr. Stagers 1, 1, 3, "Wuthering Heights", Summer Stock Company IQ Dance Club ig History Club 1, Archery 1 , Tower Times lg Chapel Committee 1, "Cradle Song", Stall' "For Services Rendered", Easter Chapel Service 1, Biology Club Q., Y.W.C.A. QQ Literary Workshop Committee 3, French Club 3. M. LoU1sE SWEETNAM 73 Austin Street Geology Theta Tau Theta West High Ordimzry .rzzperlaztivef are ricficulouf. Committee for "Boot" 1, Debating Club 1, Q., Chairman, Freshman Dance, UShCfa Class Day 1, Assembly Debate Q., CHSF, "Women Who Understood Men" 7.5 Cuflcf House Committee, Y.W.C.A. Chairman of Round Table ag Stagers 7.5 Model Repub- lican Convention ag Geology Club 7-i 35 Chairman, Junior-Freshman I-lousep2ffY5 President, Debating Club 35 Afchbcafgf' Class Day 7.5 Sorority Council 35 CQ'Ch2f'r' man Junior Dance 3, Hostess, University Day, Director of Kaleidoscope 3- Baok IV Xlxaw Xliuizxs-Vi' 1 Pg X-JL .' li Nursing Xrtytz ,A X. tlcl frifj - Xcwmim Lfluis ri l'ili1xRQfN, llritii l'z::,1l:, Y,XX',QA, 1, 1, .Xzxltcrx Ls k.vux11x::'f.fq Cutler Linton .Xuctaoir L, liuscnlicasfsf' Prizezgrlostessl':mc:-sau Un 1.ll5"li'5fl' Cluh 1. XTARJORTF Tim: xnr 374 Court Street English Theta Eta Namretli Acaclerny I zrrztt' .15 I pfrzzrrs. "Wuthering Heights" rgTower Times Re- porter, IQNCXX'IHL1H Club rg French Club r, lQSC1'ilDbl61'S IQ 'Squaring the Circle" ll 'Cradle Song" ll Staff "For Services Ren- dered" ag Assistant News Supervisor Tower Times ag journal Correspondent 1, 39 C0llege Orchestra LQ News Editor, Tower Times gg Assistant Editor, Croceusg Y.W.C.A. Peace Action Group gg Peace Institute gg Assembly Committee gg Dele- gate Model League Council, Syracuse gg Assistant Director, Kaleidoscope g. Book IV SEVENTY-FIVE K nnucfus xiiuiiixii Wii.i.i.xx1s Nlcrriiimii Strcci vi lmlngy Gamma Phi Oberlin "'1'..iL.' IL1U01!l1s',l'.l' fur lqrinlrurl. ' ' 1' Wszxrz' i:t:.a, New Yi nk .yi Fredonia High UT. 'if .7-f -,, ffm' L'.17'fL.U gl: i L, SL Baskctiuli 1, 1, 35 Y,W.C. -. gg Christmas Pageant ig Life- : 1: Hzsrory Club 1: Croccus. y--.-- Book IV i l iunisii i i i V i l l l C. Hg yi. -V , l l i I Book IV lliigliwli l'-.VYICY1 l i,i.uiCri is-Ji Nlwiirnc l7.1Fl-CV-'Alf' llrigliroii High Pf,'c.'i'u, L'w1ci.i'u, mmf xml. Frcslimgiii Clioir ig Policic1ilClulw ig Kalei- iloscnpc Chorus ig Bnslccrlmll, 1, L, gg French Play igY.NV.C.A. L,gQl:1'CDCl'l Club 1, gl Crlce Club 1, ggCl111pCl Clioii' ggTOWCf Times gg Croccus Staff gg Christmas Pageant g. SEVENTY-SEVEN cnuctus DOROTHY WIARDA Brooklyn, New York Economies Packer Collegiate Center Theta Tau Theta ' 'Good-bye 1U0l'lj'.l " Hostess, Hanson Tea 1, Basketball, 1, 15 Hockey 1, Life Saving Q., Skit College Supper 1, Easter Chapel 7.4 Committee, Sophomore Banquet 7.5 Kaliedoscopc 15 Chairman Croceus Apple Sale 3, Y.W.C.A. College Supper 3, Literary Workshop 3. MARGARET WILLERS 47 Erion Crescent Economies Alpha Sigma East High 'ATM bustier the if the Zatfelier .the can be. Politieal Club IQ Newman Club I, 1, 35 Freshman Initiation Committee ag Y.W'C- A. Q., 3, Cabinet 3, Chapel Commifffic 35 Chairman Sophomore Banquet 3A CFOCCUS 3, Industrial Organization Group. Bank IV 5. 1 Mw- -viz ELIZABETH XV,-XLLACE Fulton, New York Nursing Ganima Phi Fulton High A person to rezzzezzzbcr. Debating Club 1, 1, 35 Basketball 1, 35 Committee Student Association Recep- tion5 Academic Honesty Committee 2.5 Exam Tea Hostess 2.5 International Rela- tions Club 35 JANE WoLcoTT 45 Oliver Street Nursing Theta Eta Rosemary Hall .iT077207'l'010 ar richer life begins." Usher, Class Day I5 Italian Club IQ Politi- cal Club 1, 7.5 Hostess at Mothers' Day Tea IQ Hockey 1, 7.5 Committee Freshman Breakfast 9.5 Dance Group 15 Class Secre- tary 35 Assembly Committee 35 Co-chair- man Croceus Bridge Tea5 Committee Fresh- man Junior Houseparty5 Hostess, Univer- sity Day 3. I SEVENTY-NINE Book IV gnoctus lX'lARGARET WILBUR 4 Ontario View English Alpha Sigma Charlotte High "Brillim1f as the mzditiamzl fam-fare of trzmlpvlr. ' ' Mothers' Day Tea rg Lighting Committeeg i Wuthering Heights IQ College Supper 7.5 Y.W.C.A. 1, 3Q Kaleidoscope 2.5 Tickets Sophomore Dance LQ Easter Chapel 1 Exam Tea Hostess 3Q Croceus Staffg Liter :try Workshop 3. A Awmyffyy wx VX RUTH XVILNER LS Erion Crescent Soclologl' East Rochester High llfbat the feelr .the believer. Fetlgehtatyi, Avukah 2.3 President, Avukah 31- ebating Club 1, SQ International Rela- tions Club 1, 33 Psychology Club 3g Liberal Center 39 Peace Institute 3, Eionri' 130013 IV Book FORI938 E. JANE WINCHELL North Rose, New York Psychology North Rose High Theta Tau Theta "The beat mooffzefy of the moment." Freshman Choirg Dance Group 1, 7., 3g Hockey 1, 7.5 Basketball 1, 7.5 Ticket Com- mittee, "Julep Time" IQ Floor Show Frosh Finale IQ Class Day Pageant IQ Y.W.C.A. 15 7., 35 Freshman Breakfast 7.5 Freshman Initiation 15 Skit College Supper 7.5 Stagers 7.5 Life Saving 7.5 Cast, "Polychrome" 7.5 Archbearer, Class Day 7.5 Committee, Sophomore Banquet 7.5 Committee Fresh- man-Junior Houseparty 35 Promotion Staff, Croceus5 Hostess, University Day 3. DOROTHY MACOMBER 3335 Elmwood Avenue Government Theta Eta Rosemary Hall llTbEI'61J no one in the world .ro mztimzlf' Hockey IQ Secretary Political Club IQ Presi- dent Political Club 15 Italian Club 1, 7.5 Freshman Choir IQ Mother's Day Hostess IQ Chairman Freshman-Sophomore Break- fast 7.5 Peace Assembly 7.5 College Supper Skit 7.5 Glee Club 15 Model Republican Convention 15 Archbearer Class Day 7.5 Junior Year in France under Delaware Plan. EIGHTY-ONE TVX O "rar . Ha" "f 'lv I . r , ,.,- US GHQCE ,THE Q ?. Q NI.-KTHES LEVY Book V A mums.. 1 1 6 I I Editor-in-Chief NI.-XRJORIE NIATHES Affbmzzf Edjforf NIARY BOSWORTH bfi.-XRJORIE TAGGART Pboiogmpfoy Ind! Zlzldildlf NIARTHA BRADFORD JEAN GRISWOLD Grozzpf JANE CARHART Gfifzdf RUTH LUNGER JOANN GUGGENHEIMER Bzzfifzeff Manager SYLVIA LEVY Adoertjfjfzg Mafzagef' ROSEDIARY CHERRY Affifmnrf EDITH CHAPMAN HAZEL BASTIAN JEAN PARKES JANICE LEMBKE ALICE GREENE ELEANOR CARSON MILDRED GINTHER ELIZABETH CHAPMAN SHIRLEY BERTOLLETTE Book IV CROCEUS STAFF Elll.f0Vl'dl swf Crodefztiolf MARGARET GRAHAM Club! RUTH DAWLEY LOTS CARR Sororirief JEAN KENYON Ammrgement MARY DICK .Ymzpfbotf MARYBEL DWYER MARJORIE KNOPF Bzzsinexx Staff Promotion MARIE DUBELBEISS JANE WINCHELL JEANNETTE EWELL DOROTHY WIARDA JANE WOLCOTT Proofropzoiefxr ELIZABETH FORQUER BEATRICE KILLII1 BETSY O,BRIEN GEORGIA FOWLE Typiftf JEAN POTTINGER LUCY WHITE MABEL KYSOR ANN KELLY ELIZABETH ADLAIVI G67Z61'dZ Affiytmztf ELECTA TICE HELEN HARRIS LOIS DEVEREAUX CZ1'cz4lotio1z Nfmwgofu' MARGARET WILLERS DOROTHY KLEINBERG Affixmntf IRENE CLARK RUTH WILNER DORIS MOUNT MABEL KYSOR ELECTA TICE HELEN HARRIS MARGARET GRAHAM JANE RAMBO ANN KELLY EIGHTY-THREE ' ,, .1 2 P FQ! E? Y JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Plurirfvlzf . . Via'-P1'c.rm'v11f jlfcwrflljy . T1'a11.f1n'cr . . .swofjllf Clmifwzfnl x X1.1LlF Cum Nl. l"l'u1.lzN1z IXARNM ANIQ Wm.w'x I' . 'IANLc..'XRllAIl'l' . Ivlfxnllolul-L H151 Us Xmzg LUKIIJUI' . 'lOSIil'lllNli H .fxus'l'nma I, BOOR STAFF Smn1.m' G. DUTEMPL15 ETHLENE P. BARNES XOR5I.A NI. DOELL Jn.-xx E. OBDYKE XIABEL D. KYSOR RUTH H. IQEVVELL Ki.1.RG,aR.ET E. GRAHAM . ALICE KI. GREENE Book IV "Stop Look, and Linen"-.Ycfoool Zone Ahead-No Parking-were just a few of the zoarningf at the junior trafic fam, the big bang of the year! Co-chairmen "Pee-Wee" Sweefnam and A "Midgy" Betzjff gave ou! commands for the ajjrair and patrolled the tboroaglnfaref of Caffe?- EIGHTY-FIVE Book IV . Bank V I I YELL OUUACKE TS Periodiazf Jlwff'-f'o1'1115 a part of eoefjf library! and zrlvar cozzfd oe more gay ana' colorful than the new "YeUozzjackef"-fo add to our literafy collection- Nfafj' Tfglor, the vendor, on roller-.rkares-the "clown group" zoiflr ifreainx of Bernizieia-Bzifinefflike Frankie financing a fairy tale and daffoing of feaz'n1'eJ.' Harriet Brodlzeaci playing Elinor-jack and Wallaee, the liorafjf fzoin,f.',Y1nolay and ber nappy feet!-Roooinf and ber glainonr-Stolomnd, "Trnckin", Weaoing a Daixy-Chain!-The Yellozojaokety and "never a dnl! inofnent-" HTY SEVEN Book V BIG ' F CLASS OF1939 . 'Uri-X l'-Lyra Nl.ui.m in ii when they threw their own COI'UI12lfiOl'I Bull . . 4 iv! II1III.Hl1JH. ,. r-- In egmieiiil h.ieLei-ihm'ners in favor of the first yezirlings on the con- Their swam song might he "Wake up and Live." Ui I if I- R S D i iif-A hxlniilicmrsi .Igzte Sehuhl Fi-fence Dunn Barharg Tnrhox rgznccs Ladd oscfhfns Sutton Polls: Phippg -sewn" -.S Sa. , ,,:"?U9-'YT ff 951. N ,nm isyxv , M7 n N S Bank M ,-ilu' W.-x L1..Axci5 Clmirinnn of the Grind Hop held in ,june hy the class of '4o. Black l'-onrds, school desks, and horned- c rimmed glasses provided the prover- l binl scholarly atmosphere for the ' linnl fling of the year! Nl.-xRY TAYLOR Headed the Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast and helped the Sophomores to route out the unsuspecting Fresh- 5 man sisters in Temple Beth El before the clock struck onel The Sopho- mores pounded the pavement while the Freshmen tried to eat a meager repast in the form of 21 breakfast. E1GHTY'NINE Book V .fx ' . xw. X Xxxxxxx .-NXT X .'1K ' V WP . K 3 V' Y """ r xzxrt'-' Book VI lf IN N0cj1f.X"11s' pl 13 KO.-1 D XXf7L'l:'.X"14.Y .'1f11v1..'..', 111' l'!ftQ1'111:.r 1,i'11tQI'r.'.l'.Y., 11 g1111f- L! .ing fri! if .'.P.'.'1'..'.'.'11z' W' flu' f-1'.'.rlf1f.'.'11.' gl nun' c.x'p1'1'1w1vu -,: f.:11.'f.'1'.f u12.'.f.' 511-1111! Ill' l!.fa'.1'll, 13111 tlfix 1.r H11 .1 1 ...fum . .fQ11.fv .l'.ia'l!J.Y .11 flu' l1011.wn11't'- I-I pg f V XI K, D H1 0r1.'11f.1!1u11 IZTUQ llvffzf flu' 1111111 nf f1'.rf,r 1- Elm Lnpp, the Fra.flv1:.:11 5111-11p.' Firyf 11'11r1f1 11111 11111I-fu1'111.r-Lgcffillg "1'lv,fr111" 111 ffwm' 5.1.1111 !L'.f,Yl1Il.S""- 151111' 01'1'1' "A Gfflli P.111j1' TM."'M-C1.1111111111g .11 0111! 111011111115-IfV11.rb111tg- f0lI'J' B11'fl11f.1m .1111! ffw fklfltl' for flu' jlll1.i0I'J-' P. McC111'fl11'. Tuff, Booty, P1'o1111', D111'q1', c0111'1'1b11fi11g fo tba f1111f Book NINETY-ONE N !......1 I . 1 I I ,,,1vv-f-"' .-fo-ww .- 1 V . X 111111111. J -v 9 1x11 1. l7L'1.1,131: R1' 1 11 :X11111xc1'1'oN lT111m1111' l71i11caLIsoN 1 X1 11111 SL"l"l'ON 1 ...1 X1 1111. 11:1 lg X1L'C.x1x'1'11Y X 4 1 IAN ' 1 1 1 .'X1ax1Ls 139111141211 1111111 Sc1111o12D131z 1 1 THE FRESHMAN CLASS -v nf ,,.-f,....-N.....- 4.4-.W ., 1, av pn- 6 , 1 1 1 1 , 0 I , 4 1 1 F 5 k- XIXETY-Tyy O V1 11 1 i 4 1 Book VI 1-1 Book VI - f'MM.Ef Cwllhlii Mi Q FRESHMAN COMMISSION OF THE Y.W. C. A. Newly-fornieil group of the Y.W.C.A. made up exclusively of members of the Freshman Class inreresrerl in the program of the Y.W.C.A. Teas during the year, especially one given for members of the cast of Kaleidoscope, talks, and concentration on the Charm School, were highlights of the years program. NINETY-THREE 1 i XIXETY-PO HY! L we 1 1, ,N Y. A H li 54 ' , ' 'FL ' PU ,XHQHUI .JK fl ., ,I- " 1 n 1: I1'r,,Ay.'!-, f1E,'f5f" ' ffm,- ' " Jin' H r ,N , 5 , f. 1 K I ,X Book VU UR f ,,. -" VANITY FAIR cfaffic that appealy to mg' co-ed! Vanity Fair decor- atef the Jtackf and Jororitiexj addy glaznor and charin to college life! Inter-Sorority Ball with fndy at the helin and Freddie IfVoolJton furnishing the hit tnnevr! Meet- ings with the "alarm" and get togethercf Racrhing characterized hy gay tear and forinal dinnercr! The trialf of initiation ofthe pledgecf Spring dancef and honye-parties!-adding to the college ,focial life! Book VII NINETY'FIVE NINET INTERSORORlTY COUNCIL QFFICERS Prefident . ...... JUDITH POWNALL Secremfy . . . . JOAN GUGGENHEIMER X su Bwk V11 INTERSORORITY COUNCIL JOANN GUGGENHEIMER . . . Thr Er DORIS BOHACHEK e 4 4 JANICE STONAKER ALICE GREENE ' Alpha Sigma MARJORIE BROWN . . Theta Tau Theta LOUISE SWEETNAM RUTH OAKLEY RUTH BEEBE . Gamma Phi HELENE BERMAN MARY BOSWORTH . Sigma Kappa Upfilon HANNAH FANG JUDITH POWNALL . Theta Alpha Epfilon DOROTHY KLEINBERG SHIRLEY COHN . . Sigma Delta Phi Bggk VII NINETY-SEVEN lpwf llufrx Wolwrr, Mnrlms, l-lugcndorler, Clapp, Browning, Koster, Griswo Wilgv, CL11tgluc11l1ci11lcl'. Xrrffml liffnz' C,r1rln4n'n, lfinncrnn, Collier, Gillord, Hanson, Branclluorsr, Hausne lwllw, 'lin-H' linux llunlrw., Womlsinlc, Dennis, Clmmlwcrs, Bingeman, Kenyon, lfffllff' lim: lllmipps. Clrows, Cflrzlpnmn, lXf'losl1c1', Kilmer, Dibble. ld, Bullen, Bohachelc, Silberstien, Taggart, Lusk, llf0""'fl C Docrllcll r, Hinckley, Gorsline, Stephens, Carson, YOSS, T Plfffffiflyfllll ,F6'!71'7ld7fl' IQ05 H Q' fe Q 'OIC' Q Q. If .Q l H1 km Ill ll Ill Book VH SORORES IN EACULTATE Katherlne Bowen Gertrude Herdle Moore UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Florence Bates Doris W Bohachek Barbara F Brown Eleanor Collier Harriet M Cross Betty Bullen ane P Carhart Eleanor Carson Elizabeth Chapman Frances Bingeman Dorothy E Brandhorst Elizabeth H Chambers Emily R Clapp Betty Dennis Betty Baas Jane Gregg Marjorie Hall 1937 Margaret L Doerffel ane Finneran Marya S Fryczynskr Phoebe R Gifford D ane Gorsline 1938 ean Gr1swold Joan P Guggenheimer Helen V Hegendorfer ean S Kenyon 1939 Jane D1bble eanne C Hanson Bertha W Hendryx Anne H1nckley Margaret Keller 94 Elizabeth Lanning ean Lewis Janet McCord Ann Olson Pledgef Helen R Groves Margaret E Kellner Norval H Kramer Sara E Mosher Mary Dudley Wiley Elizabeth A Lusk Marjorie L Mathes Marjorie E Taggart ane Wolcott C Elizabeth Kilmer Ruth K Koster Hannah E Silberstein Clemence A Stephens Marion R Woodside Agnes Parker Mary Ellen Raubacher oan Stokes Lois Milburn 40 Pauline Parce 40 .z4.YJ'0C161f!:' MEIHLEFJ Genevleve Gans 37 Mary Elizabeth Moore 38 Ruth H Newell 38 Dorothy D Macomber 38 Mary Lou Price 38 HOH0fdfy MEIIILEFJ Mrs G G Van Deusen Mrs T Russell Wilkins Miss Barbara Chichester Book VII NINETY NINE PK ' J - J A. Elizabeth Browning Alice Hausner Polle M. Phipps I O J . SORORES IN FACULTATE X1 in nc Brownell Esther Newman Jenkins Isabel K. Wallace , . ll UW JCC Durkcc Ruth Thulin Helen Zorsch lk UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS lliatlottc lx Aldridge l. Liaylord Baker Sally B. Bascom 'xnnu Briggs Helen A. :Xncona Shirley Y. Bertolette Xlarioric L. Bettys Nlartha E. Bradford llowinary A. Cherry Mary E. Adams Betty E. Becker Myra E. Dubois Florence L. Dunn Elinor R. Jack Johanna Adams Ruth Addington Virginia Bettys Eleanor Costich Edith Domine Doris Erskine Janice Fuller Jean Hall Marianne Curtin '37 Elizabeth Hatch '37 Beverly Jensen '38 Mrs. Charles E. Hoeing Sits. Ralph O. Bflarquis 1937 Constance A. Carman Lucinda J. Hazen Betty lVlcCarthy 1938 Mary C. Dick Jane Ewell Jean E. Graves Alice M. Greene 1939 Mary Lawless Grace E. Moffett Gene C. Robbins Janet E. Stolbrand Pldllgfi Marjorie E. Hall Jean Hamm Jean Livingston Jean Marston Margaret McCarthy Sheila O'Brien Phyllis Probst Arsociate MEIIZLHFJ Betty M. Kearney '37 Ruth A. Miller '37 Mary Romig '37 H0l10l'lll'y M6l11L6l'5 Mrs. Lester O. Wilder Margaret F. McGlashan Janice H. Stonaker Mary Lawless Justine M. Lynes Helen Josephine Hagstrom Mary C. Rush Ann M. Snyder Margaret L. Wilbur Margaret R. Willets Josephine Sutton Anne Taylor Mary Taylor Mary Wallace Dorothy L. McHenry Doris Prouty Eleanor Scheible Sally Shaefer Margaretta Steele Mary Sutton Katherine Ward Virginia Ward Ruth Wilcox Eileen M. Schaefer ,37 Constance Tomlinson '33 Margaret VanMeter '38 Mrs. Leonard Carmichael Miss Betty lmbrie ONE BUXDRED B ook VH r f 2 l Fi:-fr Row: Taylor, Dunn, Becker, Adams, Ancona, Cherry, Bradford, Bertollecre, Willers, Hagstrom. .Slem11dRow.'LyneS, Snyder, Dick, McCarthy, Sutton, Carman, Stonalcer, Wilbur, Ewell, Greene. Third Raw: Lawless, Jack, Baker, Stolbrand, Bertys, Graves, Bascom. Fozzffb Row:Dubois, McHenry, Rush, Moffett, Robbins, Wallace, Benham. A L P H A S I G Founder! September 1903 XX 1 l 3, 1 .3 0 - erm l Ex C7 1 76? X, X57 ' 'O ,KVAXX ,X y Tff5E-fOT?g'5 Bank VII ON1: HUNDRED oN1 I I 1- f a wwf T Q fs 5 if T , , . f...- Q 7 X 4 A Fi:-Jr Row: Tarbox, Lembke, Houck, Hulek, Thape, Miller, Patterson. ' Ch 1 Puffer Obdyke M Parker Brown Harris, Martin. Second Raw: Parkes, Lunger, Sweetnam, Hewms, ar es, , , . , , ' . D 'l A Cooney, Palmer Thi dRow.' Bastian, Meulendyke, Heirn, Dubelbeiss, A. Parker, Runnals, Goeltz, Drnsmore, Schumacher, avw cy, Fellows. T H E T A T A T H E T Feemeieaf Deeembee 1906 T Book VU oNn HUNDRED Two I vp ,izgw UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS K Marjorie P. Brown W inifred F. Dinsmore Ruth M. Donish Doris K. Fellows Janet L. Goeltz Ethelene P. Barnes Hazel S. Bastian Ruth L. Charles Wilma R. Cooney Ruth Dawley Helen Baybutt Pearl Heim Margaret B. Hewins Elizabeth A. Houck Frances Ladd Edna Bennett '38 Anne Johnston '39 Janice F. Lembke '38 E. Jane Winchell '38 Margaret Tyler '40 Mary Jane O'R0urke '40 Dorothy May Ferguson '40 Emily Sage '39 Jane A. Sullivan '39 Esther A. Cotton '36 Mrs. Williard R. Line Betty F. Jones ,Xb-lf Kathleen M. Morrissey ' 1937 Mails' JW Marie E. McWilliams Elizabeth A. Marslflfo Helen M. Martin Gertrude E. Morley 1938 Marie K. Dubelbeiss Shirley G. Duternple Margaret E. Graham Helen H. Harris Martha E. Hulek 1939 Frances Meulendyke Eloine R. Miller D. Patricia Palmer Marjorie D. Parker Pledges Margaret Mary Darcy '40 Catherine H. West '40 Marian D. Wyckoff '40 Effie Z. Crewson '40 Janet L. Eckhardt '40 Nancy Billinghurst '40 Arline W. French '40 ffsroeiate Members Jean H. Ennis '38 Betty C. Fairbanks '36 Emma Hollinger '38 H0710l'Hl'y MEIHLEVI Mrs. Brian O'brien Aleda R. Parker Mary Puffer Grace A. Runals Eleanor Van Dusen Ruth Lunger Jean E. Obdyke Jean E. Parkes Jane S. Rambo M. Louise Sweetnam Doris Paterson Anne E. Schumacher Barbara L. Tarbox Marguerite E. Thape Anne Gordon Marjorie A. Meng '40 Jane E. Hughes '40 Suzanne Hughson '40 Catherine Oster '39 Martha Lapham '40 Doris Parsons '40 Betty N. Weld '40 Eleanor M. Meade '36 Mary H. Roistrick '36 Ethel M. Walz '37 Mrs. Edwin A. Stebbins 4'5- Bgok ONE HUNDRED THREE SORORES IN EACULTATE x' ll i r.c,. .l :i l. llfl. 1' UNDERGRADUATE letillr Nl litzal lzllsarz lxllif ll Xia: li us ll-ner lein litztlz l lleelk' lit: e ll llarlg v 1 X zxa l llaer l .oth ii llarnum Noun.: il llrosxedt fxnnolee S House Ruth li K.l'.'.1sCl1 lplslwth .Kppelt lit-:tr Iialtz Ruth lllalce Xl.r:wrj.' E. Barher '3 lg .K llaizernsclimidt Ula'-nz lf. Chase '39 Elazne E. Dodge '3K Mrs Dalrney Blair IXDRED FOUR Q eanor Lf. Slater Llrrherine Strowget K . 1937 Elizabeth ll. Galloway Ruth P. Oakley Ellen S. Putman Minerva C. Scott 1938 Mildred L. Ginther Betsy O'Brien 1939 lsahelle Killigrew Ruth H. Levis Catherine O. Lutz Eleanor Moon Pleflger Bonnie Byrne Mary .lane Cady Amelia Cherkes Dorothy Cullen Arrocizzle MEII1L6fJ Eleanor C, Gano '39 Mary Krause '38 Mary E. S. Lanlces '37 H07l0fdfjl MKlI1b6VJ Mrs. Edwin Eauver Mrs. Howard Mosher Yera Tweddell Agnes Walters MEMBERS Eugenia C. Scheid Helen M. Shaddock Dorothea E. Small Elizabeth M. Wallace Katheryn Williams Faith L. Niles Eleanor A. Robertson .lane Anne Schuhl Dorothy B. Smith Anna Weaver Ada May Rayton Marjory Sanders Dorothy Schroeder Helen M. Lenna 137 Eloise Q. Smith '37 Marion I. Thomas '37 Ruth M. Verway '37 Mrs. John Richards M... 3... ll F .J Fi:-Jr Raw: Benz, Shztddock, Small, Beal, Killigrew, Niles, Brodstedt. .SVFEOIZJ Row: Smith, Scott, Kavasch, Lutz, Beebe, Oakley, Scheid, Clark, Weaver, Barnum. Tbmz' Row: Williams, l-louse, Schuhl, Ginther, Robertson ,Moon. G A P H l Founder! November 1909 ri cijl ,..., ,iii-again " "' Ti , lg72jfijI"':Qv -V welwr llzl fn 2 .,"' '1ifx,,f,, 'K fi. fl lq QLf.,:,,3,E,: Iyk, f fl e 1 "KX . ,ff 5 I VJ I J Qjur ICU I5 ZAAX1 ,i X, 5,2 v ONE HUNDRED FIVE Book VII B orth Beck Pallowav Breernes, Kaiser, Styles. Fir-Jr Row: osw , , I , Second Raw: Berman, Brown, Henion, Morgan, Paige, O'ConneH, Robinson. Third Row: Burt, Vogt. SIG KAPPA PSILO UNI", lll!Nlllll'Ill S Founded March IQ25 S , -. C Book VH SOROR IN FACULTATE Dorothy Truesdale lk UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Helene R. Berman Eleanor Breemes Janet Burt june M. Foy Mary L. Bosworth Marjorie E. Calder Dorothy I. Long Norma M. Page Ruth L. Anderson '40 Alveira Andrews '40 A. Maurine Beck '38 Marjorie Bent '38 Edna Kaiser '39 Eunice I. Alborn '37 Mrs. T. Alling Miss Helen Ellvvanger 1937 Q Ruth E. Henion Elsa P. Law Margaret K. McGurk Louise E. Morgan 1938 R. Elizabeth Eorquer I939' Margaret Stebbins Evelyn Stiles Pfealges Mavis H. Dunlop '40 Eleanor M. Hamrnill '40 A Vera Hanson '40 Edna M. Kaiser '39 Berry A. Meagher '40 Ruth E. Moore '39 .f4.r.roc1'ate Members Rita S. Marvin '39 Katherine C. Nowack '37 H0l10I'd7'Jl MEIMLEFI Mrs. Clarence K. Moore Miss Annalee Smith Marion E. O'Connell Dolores R. Schwink Susan E. Vogt Elizabeth C. Young Charlotte Robinson Jane Van Atta Betty Worner Beatrice H. Brown Katherine Poloway '39 Jane Slater '3 9 Janet R. Webster '40 Lois White '3 9 Dorothy M. Zimmer '40 Margaret Williams '3 9 Mrs. Henry Strong Mrs. George Whipple SEVEN Bank ONE HUNDRED soRoREs IN FACULTATE l7r.lllccs Etheridge Phyllis Fulton IK Jessie HOSlCHIl1 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS 1937 Phyllis B. Woodworth Eleanor MHffiU Lois Benn Eunice Miller Dorothy Burton JCZLD Ofbakef Jean Barnett Jane Mclntyre Jane Hewes '4o Amy Pownall '40 Betty Adlam '38 Shirley Houston '38 Mrs. Joseph Foth MfS. Joseph Gavett ONE HUNDRED EIGHT 1938 Ruth Pederson Judith Pownall Helen Quigley -'Tfu. J-dfJ-gl-6544: 'wk Hannah Fang 1939 Lois Muehler Pledges Betty Aul '4o Cornie Burton '40 Margaret Gillette '4o Associate Members Marjorie Murr '38 Jeanette Muscarella '37 HOHOVdV'y M6lf1L6VJ' Mrs. Raymond Ball Esther Tuthill Frances Wood Annie Van Wynen '40 Verna Volz '40 Rita Shannon '37 Laurette Turgon '37 Mrs. Francis Bowman Mrs. Delos Canlield Book VU VHS N-Q VP' .XX.. 1 fy A J' Fi:-fr Raw: Barnett, Pederson, Pownall, Woodworth, Fang, Tuthill, Petl-:. ' ' ' 'X f 4 . l J P0A,,,,+?7 ,I Sem11dRaw.' Martm, Mueller, Burton, Orbaket, Bezm. ' .-V K V 4' New ,, 1-ef wt" ', o V . f, f ,lj Am-"J 10 - WJ' I 'ff-'QC ,733 'D fy 'X 7. "Ja ' 'f yf 6' f J 'ff fy! F ,fi-f is ' JQKIZ: 4 f e-,Ld fygfiv-We 1 M '-C " ' J 04LC7Lr,2L.f. , I fioaycarfef- THET LPHAWEPSILO Founded Haber IQ23 X ,yt,yf,,f Shaw 21516545 jjj:-.ffyikylj ,sl ,lyyygicj-3 fgnfld , , K 4 ff L V . ?2LyyoP' afloat! 'VJMQ . y 1 . 4 A 1 , " - fzefmv QQ.-Qafw f, " ff-l x ,J I rf ' ." SJ 'Qgyrpm -T!-" 9 ' - A VDRED YIVE Book OBIS HUL L 1 44 .L '-K A I W 1 K 3"'.uf . Kluniwrrxg. Kaplan, Levy, Rosenthal, Newman, Levcy, Cohen. SIGMA DELTA PHI Founded Ocfoooff IQZQ ' n o f o 'N HUNDRED TEN Book VH UNDERGRADUATEiMEMBERs 1937 Shirley Cohn Miriam Klonick Ruth Goodman 1938 Lillian Kaplan Dorothy Kleinberg Beatrice Newman Sylvia Levy 1939 A l Nathalie Levy Ann Rosenthal Pleflvey Lillian Altman '40 Lorraine Metzman '40 Harriet Sherman '40 Frieda Kahn '40 Marian Natapow '40 Riveira Suskincl '40 Lillian Orden '40 Bwklql ONEHUND RED ELEVEN Book VIII xnasn Tx-:amz X w 5 CANTERBURY TALES f.. 'ANTERBURY talef-varied adventures and stories emhoabfing every phafe of life!-and what could he more varied and zzumerouf than the actioitiey on our campuff -the hook an attraction at eoe191 lihrary- co-edy on the hockey feld, at cluh meetings, at house partief, at dancey, around the fre in Cutler, Goodman and Peace, Kaleidoxcope, Tag and the Stagerf, the new Studio Cluh, The College Orchestra-the Y program and the cahinet, Tower Times, Student Affociation functions, thece oariouf actiuitief that clamor for the ,ftudent'J time! THIRTEEN Bak VIII ONE HUNDRED 8 o 1 , A . ' 1 A v 1 x 2 5 , 0 .xl - 1 . Q S'l'UDEN'1'S' ASSOCIATIQN BOARD "kOlll'f consctl was nn! longs for to Serbs. Us lhoghlr it was nogbt Luortb to make it naps, Rub grnuntch bpm Luitbuutrn moore uhps, ?lnh hah hum srpc his hoirhit as bpm busts." -Prologue , NORVAL KRAMIER '37 Z 810. 1.-1 . SHIRLEY DUTEMPLIE '38 M'-fw . JEAN OEDYKE, '38 K.':,.f,f1.' li:,m..'r . HELEN ANCONA, '38 751' -H-iii-JU? . BARBARA GILL, '37 f.i'.'f fp 'I '1'f :1 cr 'ffzmi . , , MIRIAM KLONICK, '37 4l"n.:f:. f -uf' I '::::Lf'.r1fjy of Rocfacfter . , , , MR. CURTIS NSN 'Nix RHILL, Director of Cutler Ufziwz, ex offcia Us f- I,1fTI'H,R FRY, Faculty Reprefefztative, term expiref 1938 'witv .'xxL?Ri.D.'-. HILL, term expiref, 1938 'I-ff Sfifffdiu, Miss RUTH THULIN, ex afcio IXDFLED FOLRTEEX Book VIII STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS "jfur enh of hem mahe uutber for tu mpnnz: lfyir frznbshipc nas nat netne tu higpnnef' Prologue- Pm-.fdefzr . . . NORVAL H. KRAMER, '37 Viet'-.Prafnlwzt , . SHIRLEY G. DUTEMPLE, '38 Secremgv , , . JEAN E. OBDYKE, '38 Stndw1ffBzzmn , HELEN A. ANCONA, '38 Athletic Affzlllclgtff , , BARBARAJ. GILL, '37 farm! Tmmmfr . SYLVIA FRANK, '39 HOUSE COMMITTEE OF CUTLER UNION NIISS RUTH NIERRILL MISS L. ALFREDA HILL CHARLOTTE ALDRIDGE, '37 ETHLENE BARNES, '38 JANE SCHUHL, '39 RUTH ADDINGTON, '40 SHIRLEY IDUTENIPLE, '38 BWQ VIII ONE HUNDRED FIETEEN cpu rv- ..sIL."- FY 1 'T rn'IT"rrf , I Enuwr Gimp PubI2sI'u-2:3 Weekly by Ike CoIIege for Women Q? ihe Un?-1ersi'rf of Rochesfer VOL. XI ROCHESTER, N. Y., necfkkaksii sa MEDIEVAL LEGEND OF N OTRE DAME Attractive DRAMATIZED FOR CHRISTMAS CHAPEL Life.-ary Workshop, Dance CIu5. Speech Ciasxcs Com?" 'Idenn for Premmaiiofs of 'langlauf de V ' A Nohe Dame" A mm-IIzz ffinziuc, cimrx! fpuukingg are Lined in za :he old Inv No, I0 CHRISTMAS SUPPER BY SHIRLEY G. DUTEMPLE Holiday Decoraliom and Carols ' To Be Molii In r Sfudz-nh' Associalion Banquul X Flxrixmu-: mm-In mul :I1.nmlI. n. I Iml fx nm nm lu.. 1 I ,-hm rinlmn I'l.u-l- I If:-sh lumpy: un...-1, mxi'I Huw mf.. um- L'nif.,. -In 11:-1f'4l..,, In-A Gnul lr zmnisu-vw hm- HIFSL II nv' Ihr nlhur. uhh-h un-mph-, '::f., ir .rn-mmr..'r .4 I Chrimm.. I-urn I-un ..p,,,mf. M... fm.-1.w..m-. llxlwl- ,mg 1 111.1-M. ws. Lal L.-In hw. -hziin-man of vnu-r1..imrf-nl cw-ffniirxulinn In muh-r In iw and fncuhv ihui xi-3 Iiluauy unfl Ilwyfrn-:.vn1.1::w-I XY:-r E. -, 'v Em orne To Print On Prince Harrie! Brodhc-ad o Dormhory, Subrmf To 'Arcopag BIIH Ilnlrir-1 Ilil-In-:II rwnlvnl M' Iilz'-lurk IIA4 --H.m-.- -mfm:.,.,. :Il el. or nu- .-.ln-,ri .J l'I.w-.xl-.V---H.-1.1 ,...,mh1y j..-.I-nm ..: .,,. . Vmuwll l':m'1 r-ily, Inv fnlnnillv-I 1. ,,..,..r .W uw .4,..I.,..-.-:Im-.- W. Wm nl IIW I"l!u-lvlv of IQ:-.'Ix-'w 1.-f I., um ,.I.n.l..-m...... I In ny Harp s, FU- xxw:.r.5: xx. mf.,-. M, Yusuf-mzx, i1chnir:wnn nf comm Inn fy, nUf.,n..I. n:. .-f, nxog W avivlirru, W 11. nrrzmm, png: 4 Bond 'l'Iw ,-WV. m.:..Ix .-x, W -,www an-.N -1rl,,,u W ...,,..w.-.n I N , Im.: .-H..-a.-.1 Um. up .1m..1.. ..r ilu' IIl'ffW5" M ww nu.. I,-...v1,-br, We uw ".f1.1.--" f""W'f """' Nm' 'NTI ...HI 11.-mmfw xml.. imc. mm- r.,z1mf,,f hi- ff'-'f"'wff""' I 'ax.1,, In-.S W Iinwx fvym fmixn mx. 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GIXYLORD BAKER, '37 .43-,,,.v,-,f.,,,f 1g,'1jfI!g',1'.l' . ROSEMARY A. CHERRY, '38 ' l 1 ELIZABETH E. BECKER, '39 CJru.v.' .XI.n.'.:g.-r , . . . SHIRLEY G. DUTEMPLE, '38 . i ,, :l.f.f.',rr.n.'f f.'.'l'L'!l!.if.ff1I.' ,xIJIlJlKa'l' . . . JANET C. BURT, 37 rf? V IqL'p0l'fL'l'J4.' 3 I . , U ELIz.xnIaTII B.xAs, 40 X IERNA C. XIOLZ, 40 1 VIRGINIA E. XIVARD, '40 ELEANOR D. STEWART, 40 4 H.XRRIli'T XBKN HL7RNIi, '40 ANNE E. SCHUMACHER, '39 MARION-'IU Ngympowy '49 KATHERINE B. OSTER, 39 Ig LILLIM, QRDEN, '40 H.-XRRIET E. SHERMAN, 40 'N SXDELIL H. NUSEAULI, 40 1 13. ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN Bank VIII I I fwfr 'T Q X m Y. W. C. A. "buh lubzb be best with al his hnule heart, Qnh tbannz his neighehur tight as bpmselhef' Prefideozt . . . Vice-Prefident . .SN6C7'6f6l7j' . . Tremurer . . . Social Cfmirmmz X ifrxniio ETGHTE x -Prologue r . , RUTH M. DONISH, 37 MARGARET E. GRAHAM, '38 . . EMILY R. CLAPP, '39 ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, '38 ELEANOR XIAN DEUSEN, 37 Book VIII Y. XV C977f57'i7IL':' Program 506111K .'1ff,'fQzg Pears riff: 77 Pflbflflf, , . fpeaiery j3,!,f,. ,., Social' Sari gg, Frffkmafz Lllifdrfgfg Book VIH F-wQ:t C. A. CABINET ' Hwfr Q RKQHYXN, R f,ifVffxf'li"'7l FMQQVVR X Fg:zx:f'1vf':vIr,1?2, ' 1 R 'V 'ff rxfl Wfwfrlxf X X - xw.'.14qr Ht:-xrzw, 1 W V wa V x N New lx I V X ,N X u I 1 1 5 H., .,..p , 1 ca mg HUNDRED NINE TEEN , I IIUNDRI D 'FVVIEN WOMEN'S 'I' Y 1 COLLEGE ORCHESTRA "was nshsrs trumps nf half so greet a scum" -Prologue . ,f o Dzreffor . . . . . . VICTOR ALESSANDR A ,Vtffdezzt L6'lZIi6'1' . . . ANNE G. HINCKLEY, 39 Librfzrifzfz . . . - - SYLVIA BLACK, 37 Book V111 r i -F- S I 1 1 , x - - V Q X . , f G A f A 5 ' . V A . LX - '44 im CHAPEL CHOIR 'Qui trcmclp. Ihr must of nw mum-nga' Uias uunlp for to hrrianc how tim vi svnqrf' x ' f,,.1.. "ful tnccl She soong thc srmlfc Dr'Ur'x1r, fntuneb m hlr nose ful srmrivf' Dlfiffbf' Boa? VHI' , HI mm: rv IKNIVVVO 9 1 V! 'Ffa' D D INTERNATIONAL RELATIGNS CLUB ca we strpbe as hibe the huunhes for the boon! CUE? fuugbte al Hap, anh pet bit part mas noun." -Kniglaff Tale Prefidezzf .... RUTH L. SCHLOSSBURG, ,37 Secretmj' . . . . JANE S. RAMB0, '38 Libmrirzfz . . ELECTA TICE, '38 O Book V111 LITERARY XYURKSHUI HIUEIIU ht 'auubr ?:1U2tf, wh ruxfzf 1 H 4 Ihflf EUUUE HU !1J!gf1T UVYW511' 11 '1 I1 4 Jfffffjfz Pfiffgng Q-V'..-, T 7. Bocz , MEMBERS 1 P I I .lvl I 1 I r .'.l1-nl f.Hi'l ? If 1.'n.r .lxm .'XD,KMh lM1111,x11,x BARNLN X1.x1'R1N1, B1-Au: Xl sm' H05XK'OR'l'Il Xl,x11-101111. BROXYN l.O1xC,AR1c Inm 1.1.1. D1. YAEA: V-'1N11 Rl D DINNMORE 1 1 1 3 Xi i I 1 ! GLEE CLUB "SMD for to nmke his hops tbn moore strung, ibn mulbc so pepuc him that with hutbc his pen A ibn masts tnpnixc, so Inuhe be tnolhc crprn, SIRI: stonhcn un his tiptonu thettnitbal, Qtnh strecchc forth his necks Iung anh Klllillf' -N1n1'.r Priafff Tala . . . Miss HELEN Nlill.l,H' . WINIITRED F. DINSMORIL, '37 . MARTI'IA E. HULEK, '38 DORIS E. MOUN'I', '38 MIKRION DEVENDORE ANNE GORDON HELEN HARRIS PEARL HEIRI WINIITRIED HOLMES MARTIiA HULEK RUTH KIKVASCH CATHERINE LUTZ ELEANOR MOON DORIS MOUNT PATRICIA PALMER MARIAN SAGE JANE SLATER QNNOLBIZ SMITII EUNICE ULLRICH MARION WOODSIDIZ PRESHMAN GLEE CLUB "ZS lerne song, 35 kan but smai grammeeref' 11711 SCH:-11D'r B1.R'111.1. FILLD .'K'-11' POV-'XALL RUTH XIAPESE Te11.Lr-1.1. FORD BELLE CADMUS PEGGY MCCARTHY EVELYN SIERK JEAN LEVVIS ROBERTA COOPER N-'IARY MIXRGARET ANDERSON -Pri0re.r.r' Tale BESSIIZ DE HEY XIERA WITTER V ERNA VOLZ ESTHER TELLER DORIS WILLEY OL i ND D x-:ENTY-E 'R Bank VIII GERMAN CLUB "EiSLtm:t be mas anh uf greet rv:11zrcnne-- 352 Semzh stnicb, his tnurhcs mercu so mise." -Profogzze Prefidefzt . . . ROxALD A. H. NIUELLER, '37 Vice-Prefidezzz' . . LILLIAN KAPLAN, '33 T1'eafzn'er . , , ADOLF E. IQANNNVISCHER, '37 Social Chairman A ELEANOR NICHOLSON, '37 5'2WmfD' A - . A RUTH H. ASMAN, '39 Book VIII ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE Q A , . . 4f'5 w1 - .,t r X 5 ' . PSYCHOLOGY CLUB "Sub sbnrtlp, turneh was al up so hntnn Zgutbe habit anh eeh hispusiciuun of bpm . . Kniglftfr T410 P7'6.IjdE1Zl' . . . . 'JEAN M. GRISXVOLD, '38 .S6C7'6fd7j'-T7'6d.fZl767' A . .IUSTIN15 LYNES, '37 X ED TV. I Book VIII I 5 9 2 2 DEBATING CLUB "ENS rsscms he sunk ful sulrmpuclvf' y fl, ' Pfefzdefzz xy LU, , X., , 7, My Sm'5m7f' NT H'-'-fl F1 V ww il. w J D5bgf5.xIdF24Zg1'?' I-fxfnpg: ' fl Hr11,f,ry7 xp, -Q7 Book VH! xi W omg HUNDRED TW 1 ! 5 4 I ENTY'SEVEN P- 'H- R if A 4 Fe 4 x- ' 4 LIBERAL CENTRE "Chat in scale is greet altercacinun 3511 this mateere, anh greet Uisputasoun, Q-'Inh bath been uf an bunhreh tbuusanh men." ""INrZl7Z'.f Prie.rt'.r Tuff Leader ,... HANNAH E. SILBERSTBIN, 39 Auirrezzzt Leader , BERTHA M. P15'r15RSON, '39 .fecretazg f.,,. MARou15R1'r15 E. THAP15, '39 Bzz.r2fze.rf fVI,gr. , , DOROTHY S. KLIZINBERG, '33 X 3iL'NDF.5D Tv. x ra Bwk VIII ART STUDIO CLUB H1132 lpf so short. the craft so long tu lrrnrf' Pffrzdefzt Jewry:-1 Tfmzurfz' Yana! Olm- Book VIH 772,172 , - 1 ' 'XVIQNTY-NINI I fs 1 1 , I , A ' 'D N E W M A N C L U B "3IBut rirbe be was nf bnnlp thogbt auh lucrh. -Prologue Prefidezzf . . . G.EL1zAm1'mMCCARTHY,'37 Vice-Prefiderzt . ROBERT F. WlEINGAR'I'NliIl, '37 .Sqecremay ..... ROSEMARY A. Cumuw, '33 1 T7'8dJZl7'67' ..... WILLIAM L. MADDliN, 39 Progmm Director . . .JANE K. FINNERAN, '38 "bball babe a super at cure aiier :ost ibere in this place, sittpnge hp tfJi5 PUKV' -Pralogzze NDRED THIRTY Boak V111 Book VIH ,n PEACE INSTITL ' Thu1tuf1ur1'1'r,u1'pr1'15.01'l1.1t1',o1 lou H115 rrulrb U11 tht 91ql1tf.1L1oU1 uf H611 Yi 1 1 mf 1 '.1.1"'4 11 X P11111-111 1' F1 1 IUIX 1 ' theme M111 111 'Hg F11 9511 VQ1-Q T1-4 3 11 I P IX IX 1 .mf L3 C1114 PWM " 1 11 Q'1fQ:1' 3xl'fiL -1 ' 11 1 ' .UCif'?I,1T111I1iiNF4,'HQfxmr -':fv'j "" 11151 1fw"'I4 1 11' I1 N1 jlifi Q1WfQ1T1'1111'1"" Q 1" I '1 2: 1 H5111 1"l 1311 f W1 Sf -1 .f1- lUl11 T'W"1"'11"':" 1' VX1X" N1 1 F11 1 1.1 bhng VY R"1 1'1"11' 1"' Iyvx' V x 111 1 1 r1..,Q,...-. L-1, P-I-1 My QT 1,X.1,, 5,.1 4 , W .1-,N11., ., 1 ATHLETICS L1 Q gf 'A Q, - . Y, 1 I Chev ronne so hem thoughts hir bcrtc hteeizc. 'Ulf gout lette hire nutbpng for to Daunte. xnzuzn THIRTY-Two Bagk VIII pe. X ' Q. STAGERS 'liblut straight, Luitfgouten moth or reberspng, 5 W I 5 Gincrirb of hem Unzip for tn armen uotbzr EIS frccnblp as be tnere his ntnene brother." - KnZgbt'.f Ta! g Prffidefzr . . , TVIORTON S. GOLDSTIilN, '37 ,Wfeizzbefifbip .Yecj . . . .IAN1C1z LIiMBKIi, '33 Secrezzzsg 4,.. . , JANE K. PINNERAN, '38 M in Director , . MR. WILBUR L. DINGWELL :aio .--QL D Book VIII NS' x ...X KALEIDOSCOPE what labpes fairest been ur best haunspnge, r tnhich uf hem kan Uaunren best anb spnge. Book VIII ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-HVE DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS CLASMCAI,CLUB P,.wjde,,f JEAN M. HARDING Pezczelzgf Aeioiyor, DR. JOHN F. C. RICHARDS ARCHEOLOGY CLUB Preridenr, CONSTANCE CARMAN -Yeffefeffy, HELEN SHADDOCK Progrezm, MARIAN DUERLEIN IusToRYi1oLUB ' 3 Composed of honor history students of the I-9.-course. Hold their meetings at the MacKenzie's home. MATHEMATICS CLUB "Q fern tetmes harms hz, than or tbre, Ulibat be bah Iernzh nut uf sum Demise- jllu tnunher is, be bathe it aI the Hap"- -Prologue Prefielent, EDWARD O. STEPHANY, '37 Secretory, LOWELL E. Moss, '37 Peeculzjf Adoioorr, DEAN GALE, DRRSEIDEL GEOLOGY CLUB Wdlunsihetetb ask buh: that the bathe stuun Huber nuts feet, nn mbirb me trehe anh gnun, get tnastetb it as it Iptb hp the mapa." -Knighfx Tezle Prefidem, JOHN BROUGHTON Refreflament Committee: Vice-President, WILLIAM L. GROSSMAN HELEN M. SHADDOCK .Y 6C1'9ZLoZlj', LORENE KARLESKEND MARGARET K. MCGURK Progrom Committee, ROBERT E. WALTERS MINERVA C.ScoTT M. LOUISE SWEETNAM THOMAS G. PAINE CHARLES WRIGHT DODGE BIOLOGY CLUB "Quin in a glass he bahhe pigges bones." -Prologue Pfefidenf, IVAN W- BROWN, '37 Secrefmyf, MARGARET E. GRAHAM, '38 Vfmpfefldmf, DR- CURT STERN Treemerer, IVIARGARET B. HEXXVINS, ,39 FRENCH CLUB H9115 Jfrenssb she spake ful faire anh fctislp, Qftet the scale nf Qttatfnth att: imma, Jfur Jftmtssb of iBatps:4 was tu hire unimumc." --Profogm? Pre ' - A ', V.Hijmi1LEONARD R' M0RE1', 33 Secretmlyg ROBERT P. LARSON, ,9 ree- reszelerzt, SHIRLEY G. DUTEMPLE, '38 Trcffmrvr, RAL.-XRY A. SELDON, 37 Cloezzrmezrz Refreslmzezzzf Cormzzifteo, EUNICE M. ULLRICH, '33 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX Bwk VIII' llUNUll.Xll Y SUL'll2'l'll2S "i'oluuvugr In muml urllu 113.15 hm uprcllr. Rub qlahlv luulhc luv lrlnlmmbql.lI1lvtrrllr." IMI l'lll lll l'X lx Xl'l'X lwllvlllf-:ell-1 Xll'-X Xqnygps lXW'- Nl N'YNNfHI, l.- lin num l. lllll.l.Nll, 192.6 ' l1'1"T4l lf'U"l lf' llxlzlu N. l'iI.NI'uN. IUIJ. 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Rohm: Porter Uni. 1113 lllnllclmm l".lIf.IlIcIlI Small X ' l ' l'.u1l ll Smith I I Ruth lw.a:r:,.' kwm.2II.u. l'.Ilw.u'Il law .lf SCCl7llLllll' Xll5'i.lIll klxllflek Nlgrx Altunllxcy FIIIIECCS llccfzm vlnnex Yuan lmrtg l.:c bumum l'.mm.I Xligf Xhvlllkllll ll-f:.lcf:.L Nl.u l".Ilw.IIxl llCl1I'N' W'.lll.N'UI'l'll lr. , , I , ' l lxlwzwsr lt NXQIIIILIIIIIICI' I Cfmr nf- 11.255, Alle: xl.l.I'xQ.lfCC Green: lfrhel l.Illl.m Klkflll Seth Shaver fjfrffnf in IQ 50 frum ffm' I'fn.r.r nf 1957 KlOSC?l1 llcuczl l'l.IIf Smlnel Scullllelkwrll Srmrmn Donnhl Lester Wagner Run lfIIxPI'I-211 UI' P H l S l G M :X IOTI-X X:.lClOl'l.1l l'elOIIwr.1rv ROIIIIIIQC l,,LlI1lHllL1.!IC Frgltcrnlty Pmgi.-f:: DR. CI,ARI5NcIz KING MOORE Fmf Pr.w,'.!..'u: . . DR. NEIL C. ARVIN .g:'L'fil!J I':u.--Pr.',':.!.,'fg: DR, HOWARD G. HARVEY Carf5,ipfn:J.'1:f j'ycryf,pru' . . . DR. WIIASON MICEKS Rmrdfng j','5r,'f,:ry l HELENE R. BERMAN, 37 - Y Tra.u.vr4r I , NV.-XRREN E. RICHMOND, 37 Umfrrgrmfffnlr zlffI'n1fn'r5 SHIRLEY DL"'l'IfNlPLli Nl IRI' SIlLl'7l'Y HIQLIQNE BERRIAN LEONARD MOREY ' - Rf - - . R HMOND ROSERIARI' SILILER ELIZ xnI.rIf VON W MGI-LN RUBEN BITIENSRI WARREN IC ETA CH.XPTllR OI' DELTA PHI ALPHA N.lCll'3I1A1l German HOnOrz1I'ySOcIety ADOLF E. KANNWISCHER Pfiffllliilf . , , I , , , , , . fecfetfzfiy'-Tm:rf1:':r .,,,,. . . b ' SUSAN E' VOGT Ijllffvllrlvlnlllzlfe ML'l1lLL'l'.f 6 4 h Helen A. BrOmOv.'I1:z lvl' Baxter Elsa Mgrfe Eff Sue Vogt Helene Berman Mlldfe A agchadc Madeliene Weaver Nlglrgaret E. Kellner lliobci Mueller Adolf Kannvxiseher Eleanor E. Nicholson gun Mac Barg Gwfgc Dag: Elizabeth Von wiegcn IE HE Lungcf Myron Davis Nluurine E. Beck ut RTY-SEVEN CONVOCATIGN 3H.utn babe 35 tunlh puumsbnttlp in a tlauszzz: Qlibe ftaat, the attap, the numhte, anh ask the cause. why that assemhlzh mass this tumpaignpz. On February 11th, 1937, at 4 P. M., the first all University Convocation was held in the Eastman Theatre. President Alan Valentine addressed the College for Men, the College for Women, the Eastman School of Music, and the School of Medicine and Dentistry. A faculty procession and selections by the Eastman School of Music Sym- phony Orchestra under the direction of Paul White besides the president's address were inter- esting features of the exercises. oNE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT Bwk IIII k'HRlSl'X1XSl'UllX1XI. QV: L, -wlx Ulu 5 I 293 txuppr wi Gu In- lu,-Haw. ruhlxy Lf int. ,,,.lIr,u wa k....L..m..n.,..., Wukbmlqhu amn J Q ' V: 5, oo? VIH HX, HI wma LD THIRTY-NI 1 F211 Book IX ONE HUNDRED FORTY vl u I 4 N 1 5 1 GUXIQ' ll'l'l'll 'l'lll:' IVIND 1 X pu fl XJXI1' H'.','f' Hv.'l.'.f f.'.':1 ..'r:.f .'11r.'rf.1i11f111g 1 zsffrrf .173 1' ' f fx' QUHL' :Milf ffm' zwimf "m.' nn' ff: HQ' .H fuzzy ffwzzz zrifff In for this Wfffl' f1.'.'..'r.'.'f:5 ..'1:.f .'l.'I'f'.'f'.i:'ffHi fu Arfmfullf UID-- "G fn,'.' :1 f' -17-5 li':f.',f" ,'1.w'4:z1vf,f .f114f4fufigf1f.v iff r5.:.far.v .n.'.1' ff rn. fi .fm fff1f'.fij1 .lx ffw '11f11111.r" .175 ffi 1' ,'f,1.1!5g'5.' .X-fffw' Tf!1.f!!.U!, .iii .llcfv L'.N.'UL'lIffl,'L', zrlw 54L'gp r iffy " ll! .fufmfz .'1!1zm11f1uC01111cil in F,'f5rn.:fj: szifff ,nf .r:f!ry f5n,v!f1u.s1r Jin! ,facial pro- gmw zuiffw fmf-f1 f-fffzuz J4!yg.1fu,vM"Bcc0111i11tg 1111 fzlfzzfzf' 41 fur! f1f'4z'y:fL .Yfl!:!n'ilf',!' ffrufzilzf NDRED BME IX ONE HU FORTY'0NE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION MRS. EMMA O'KEB11E Prefident of the Alumnae Amo- cmtian. ALUMNAE BOARD ONE - HUNDRED IORTY Two Baok IX I x Q '- '-' ln l uv. 1 uxxv I0 1 1 ix ,mul rmw tllcv LlI'C "z1lL1lHSH-T116 Soph ' sun.-rx, All lillf Rurluc in the from row. The ,llhl uuwsr rucumrgllvlc cxpCriCnCCS of college ,iffzf 9, , guy XIm'QL'r21iN H Q17-Q ,,f' fha Students' ASSOC1 ,WL ry, xi ,X Queen is chuseu O ONE HUN ation and 2111 f r her personality, DRED FORTYWH REE KMM A N ,fig " , , :N .A ' . aj - af P' XIALENTINE. OVIATT LIPPMAN President Alan Valentine conferr ioitlo Percival D. Ooiatt and Walter Lippman about Commencement plans. Walter Lippman delivered tloe Com- mencement Addrerr and daring the exertifer load bestowed iipon him tloe loonoraijf degree of Doctor of Laior. CoMMENCEMENT 1936 An organ prelude, a processional, a prayer by Dr. Andrew Gillies, the conferring of degrees, and the singing of the Commencement Hymn 1 written by Dr. john Slater formed an impressive part of the program! The Commencement Exercises included the entire University includ- ing the College for Men, the College for Women, the Eastman School of Music, and the School of Medicine and Dentistry. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR Book IX C-ADVERTIXEMENTS eRocEUs...ADvERT1sEMENTs THE IVER ITYo ROCHE TER allege for Women lk ALAN VALENTINE, M.A. COXONQ, LLD., L.H.D., Prefizlem' LEONARD CARMICHAEL, PH.D., Dean of the Faculty of Arty mul Science HELEN DALTON BRAGDON, ED.D., Dean of the College Pk The University of Rochester, founded in 1850, maintains a College for Women with the same privileges and opportunities as are offered by the coordinate College for Men. Since the removal of the College for Men to its new River Campus in I93O, the College for Women has enjoyed exclusive occupancy of the Prince Street Campus of twenty-eight acres located in a residential section of the City of Rochester. It contains nineteen well-equipped buildings that provide ample facilities for classroom and laboratory instruction, library study, recreation, and dormitory life. Two outstand- ing buildings are historic Anderson Hall, the administrative and principal recitation building, and Cutler Union, a beautiful Gothic structure with a loftv clock tower, a building unique among small colleges, serving as a center for extra-curricular life and social activities. The College for Women is a small college of 5oo students, which shares the large faculty, curricular offerings, and library facilities of the College of Arts and Science, which the men's and women's Colleges comprise. Of the development of its independent college life this publication, the "Croceus,'i presents an interesting record. More complete information will be found in an attrac- tive, illustrative bookl registrar of the College for W0111C11. et, a copy of which may be obtained upon application tO F116 Besides the two c0116 ofM' -- . . U- .' C USIC and the School of Medicine and Dentistry, with its School ol Nursing- atalogues upon request. 865, Other schools of the University 'ite the Eistinnn SchOOl THE UN1VERs1Tx' or ROCHIESTISR RocHEs'rER, NEW Youre ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX L RkjcELlS...txDX7ERTISEMENTS Where gooel frlenels rneez' gooel ooolzs UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE CONGRATULATIONS! TO THE CLASS OF '38 Br err Good-Well one onr Desire ro Pleezse Yon eznel ro Answer Your College Neeels We Hope Yon Wen Inelnele Us Arnong Your "College Erlenelslvlpsu THE STORE or SIBLEY, LINDSAY 84 CURR CO. College Centering B3 ' llixp 'iijgkev lg ' v ' 'ay ' f cUTLER UN1oN CAFETE RIA EVERY STUDENT NEEDS AN I. E. S. LAMP 'These famous lamps give MORE AND BETTER light than ordinary lamps. They are prescribed for SEEING by the experts of the Illuminating Engineering Society of America. Poor lighting, common to many homes, causes eye strain which uses up nervous energy and produces fatigue, headaches and other nervous disorders. If your eyes bother you, have them examined, but if the trouble is in the lighting, let us help you check it up. See the special showing of I. E. S. Lamps on our Main Floor ROCHESTER GAS Sc ELECTRIC CORPORATION S9 EAST AVENUE MAIN 396 N v CROCEUS...ADVERTISEMENTS iahntiillierilgali 'Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color The Largest College Annual Designers and Engravers in America . . -7'Aeze 1.5 Jahnzil1sItI,ier Engraving En. 8X7 Lwdfinffon 6Al'C'd70, .gffinof-4 dftitute for gudfify Nl IIINIIHI RINII lll CRNIIQIQ - V351 w-, .K KK Lx .... ADX lolxrllbL1g,I11NTS ,.,-,....--- lwwn M ,Y VW YQVY in VW-'Ap .--- -----"T" T"" 'TTT' f T ' FOOD STOR ES Aly' KOCH l5.YT1fIQ',x' G R If .4 T EA' T Cf R 0 C If R 5' T-TGOOOROON XVHITE I :vi EAST AVENUE INTERNATIONAL TIME RECORDING, INDICATING SIGNALING, AND SOUND liQUlPMliNT STONE iss., MANHATTAN RESTAURANT ON EAST .AVENUE Complerel 1' Air CUll!!ifi0lIc'l! j mfkg INCORI ORATED Tailors anal Fiirriers to Gentlewornen "Frikgirl Air Storalgo Vaults on tloe Premises." 39 EAST AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y, STONE 7-S33 ESTABLISHED 1903 Pfeifer Printing Company PRINTERS . . . PROCESS EMBOSSERS 36 RICHMOND STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y, Follow the Vogue-Have Your Clothes Cleaned at VOGUE DRY CLEANERS STORE AND PLANT-57.7 MAIN ST. E. Delivery Service-Phone Main 8oo Ezqvtbifzg For Your Garden H A R T ck V I C K ' S S E E D S T O R E CORNER OF STONE Si ELT STREETS, ROCHESTER Your Eyes Deserve The Finest Glasses WHELPLEY 8: PAUL Prescription Opticians 6 SENECA HOTEL ARCADE SPORTING GOODS Golf-Tennis-Radio RUDOLPI-I SCHMIDT 84 CO. 43 SOUTH AVENUE HAROLD KELLER PLORIST Whatever the Occasion, We Haoe the Flowers RETAIL SHOP AND GREENHOUSES: IOL3 SOUTH AVE. MONROE 3500 ROCHESTER, N. Y. 1357-1937 HOWE 84 ROGERS COMPANY Roclaestefs Largest . . . Home F1zrni.slJi1zgs Store S9 CLINTON AvENI.'E SOUTH A Studenfs Store. .. Books and Supplies for the Wof'lz Sporting Goods and Gaines for flee Play Entgraoing, Printing, and DGC0f'effiWf for tloe .Slocial Functions SCRANTOM3 ONE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE CROCEUSWADVERTISEMENTS Onbf Complete Stock of ReCOWiJ In Roobefter LEVIS MUSIC STORES 33 SOUTH AVENUE 417. E. MAIN STREET VAN'S ART KNITTING SHOPPE Pnl! line of MINERVA sc IMPORTED YARNS. . . BOOKS . . . NEEDLES CLEANING . . . BLOCKING Inftrnotionf free. . . Phone, Stone 2789 Floral Building. . .157 Main Street East. . .ROChester, N. Y. WM. B. RYDER PHONE GEN. 7605 ARNETT SERVICE STATION 300 ARNETT BLVD. Independent Gnyoline and Oil Co, BATTERY SERVICE TIRE SERVICE Slooef of every defcription in RED CROSS SHOES EXCLUSIVELY ARTHUR KENT, INC, 2.3 EAST AVE. CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED STONE 750 STROMBERG CARLSON RADIOS C077ZPh77Z97ZfJ' T .-..,. If e .... 2 A I A. W. H O P E M A N I I i 84 S O N S C O. , -'-e L A H I C K S O N ' S 569 YELL VENUE ELECTRIC 8 RADIO CORP. COR. MAIN AND FRANKLIN Con fgmtnlntions to The Gruuzus from ROCHESTER ALLIANCE PRESS, INC. A PRINTERS OF TOWER TIMES C omplifnenty of American Taxicab Company 73-75 SCIO STREET 2428-STONE-2429 01fU67f'J'. ..GE0. T. BOUCHER 47.7. MAIN STREET EAST STONE 96 , . A.E.I-Ieneiemon Seeley C17 Semyjgg STY?EWd7RITERS ADDING MACIIINES npp zevr Repnzw Syppljw Q91 Repdjm. 515 EAST MAIN MAIN Lllj ONE HUNDRED FIFTY P O R T E R FISH S OYSTER MARKET, INC ,Qznzlizjv .Yen Fooolr STONE 6043 ONE HUDSON AVENUE Co111pfi111e11f.1Ijl' lla, STUDENT DIRECTORY Abr.unoxxit.:, Helen D., '37 Ad.tnis,J.1ne P., '39 Adams, Jo.inn.i, '40 Aclanis, Mary' E., '39 Addington, Rnrh J.. '40 Alexanrler, Eleanor '37 Alger,, '40 Allen, Dorothy L., '40 Alling, Janet G., '39 Altman,l.illi41n,'40 Andersen, Ruth L., '40 Anderson, Mary M., '40 Andrews, Alveira, '4o Appslt, Elsbeth, '40 Asman, Ruth H., '39 Aul, Betty, '40 Baas, Elizabeth '39 Baer, Elva F., '39 Bair, Harriet E., '39 Bailey. Edith M.. '37 Baltz, Helen E., '40 Baker, E. Gaylord, '37 Barg, Edna M., '37 Barnes. Barbara A., '39 Barnett, Jean V., '39 Barnum, Faith C., '39 Baybutt, Helen, '39 Bascom, Sally B., '37 Bates, Florence A., '37 Baxter, Ivy, '37 Beal, Lucille M., '37 Bean, Lois H., '37 Becker, Elizabeth E., '39 Benz, Lillian, '37 Benham, Dorothy E., '39 Berman, Helene R., '37 Bernstein, Freda, '39 Bettys, Virginia G., '40 Betzler, Mildred C., '37 Billinghust, Nancy, '40 Bingeman, E, Frances, '39 Black, Sylvia, '37 Blake, Ruth E., '40 Bock, Mary L., '40 Bohachek, Doris W., '37 Rochester Wax erly Cuba Cuba East Aurora Rochester llloilo, lloilo P. l. Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Bronxville, N. Y. Schenectady Brockport Pittsford Rochester Geneseo Rochester Phelps Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Victor Rochester Rochester Salamanca Irondequoit Brighton Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Cleveland, Ohio Rochester Rochester Braudhorst, Dorothy E., '39 Schenectady Breemes, Eleanor, '37 Brennan, Jeanne R., '40 Britton, EmmaJ., '39 Broadhend, Harriet B., '39 Brostedt, Norma-J., '39 Brown, Barbara F., '37 Brown, Beatrice H., '39 Brown, Marjorie P., '37 Browning, Amy E., '39 Burt, Janet C., '37 Burton, Cornie L., '4o Burton, Dorothy B., '37 Byrne, BonnieJ., '40 Cadmus, Bell S., '40 Cady, Mary J., '40 Canfield, Juliette J., '39 Carman, Constance A., '37 Chambers, Elizabeth H., '39 Cherkes, Amelia M., '40 Clapp, Emily R., '39 Clark, Lois E., '39 Clifton, Ruth, '39 Cohn, Shirley S., '37 Collier, Eleanor, '37 Collins, Mary E., '39 Cooper, Letha R., '40 Copeland, Dorothy J., '39 Costich, Eleanor J., '40 Cottone, Theresa M., '37 Courtney, Eleanor F., '39 Courtney, Winifred J., '40 Crewson, Efhe Z., '40 Cross, Harriet M., '37 Cullen, Dorothy M., '40 Darcy, Margaret M., '40 Davis, Barbara, '39 Davis, Ethel M., '39 Davison, Lois E., '39 De Hey, Bessie E., '40 Dennis, Betty M., '39 Deurlein, Hazel M., '37 De Vaux, Isabelle, '39 Devendorf, Marion I., '39 Devereaux, Lois A., '39 Dibble, Jane, '39 Dick, Laura W., '39 Rochester Fairfield, Conn, Rochester Bryn Mawr, Pa, Rochester Scottsville Rochester Fairport Belmont Rochester Lima Lima Corning' Rochester Waverly Gladewater, Texas West Newton, Mass Rochester Binghamton Rochester Avon Rochester Rochester Rochester Avon Brockport Warsaw Westbury Rochester Rochester Rochester Buffalo Pittsford Palmyra Rochester New York Rochester Rochester Brockport Rochester Corning Johnston, Pa. Schenectady Clyde Rochester Rochester oNE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE STUDENT DIRECTORY Dinsmore, Winifred F., '37 Dodd, Elizabeth A., '37 Doerffel, Margaret L., '37 Domine, Edith C., '40 Donish, Ruth M., '37 Du Bois, Myra E., '39 Dunn, Florence L., '39 Dunlop, Mavis H., '4o Eckhardt, Janet L., '40 Edelstein, Leona E., '37 Engelman, Rose C., '39 Erskine, Doris A. L., '40 Felerski, Celeste M., '39 Fellows, Doris K., '37 Ferguson, Dorothy M., '40 Field, Bertha E., '40 Ford, ThelmaJ., '40 Fosburg, Olive L., '4o Foy, June M., '37 Frank, Sylvia R., '39 French, Arline W., '4o Fryczynski, Marya S., '37 Fuller, Janice, '40 Galloway, Elizabeth J., '37 Gamble, BarbaraJ., '4o Garrison, Mary L., '39 George, Palmina M., '39 Gifford, Phoebe R., '37 Gill, BarbaraJ., '37 Gillette, Margaret M., '40 Goeltz, Janet L., '37 Goodman, Ruth B., '37 Gordon, Anne V., '39 Gordon, Helen R., '4o Gorsline, D. Jane, '37 Graves, Phebe J., '37 ' Graves, Ruth C., '39 ' Gray, SylviaJ., '39 Gregg, Jane H., '40 Groves, Helen R., '37 Hall, Jeane D., '40 Hall, Marjorie, '4o Hall, Marjorie E., '40 Hamm, Jean B., '4o Hammill, Eleanor M., '40 Hanson, Jeanne C., '39 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO Fairport Brockport Oak Park, Ill. Rochester Rochester Rochester Le Roy Rochester Rochester Rochester ' Rahway, New Jersey Morgantown,'W. Va. Rochester Fairport Appleton Rochester Batavia Glen Ellyn, Ill. Rochester Rochester Rochester Bayonne, New Jersey Bangkok, Siam Jamestown Rochester Brockport Rochester Whitesboro Medina Lima Caldwell, New Jersey Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Elmhurst Rochester Rochester Warren, Pa. Rochester Rochester Washington, D. C, Harrisburg, Pa, Irondequoit Oak Park, Ill. Hanson, Vera C., '40 Harding, Jean M., '37 Hausner, Alice, '39 Hazen, LucindaJ., '37 Heim, Pearl E., '39 Hegendorfer, Helen V., '39 Hendryx, Bertha W., '39 Henion, Ruth E., '37 Hewes, Jane S., '40 Hewins, Margaret B., '39 Hinckley, Anne G., '39 Hinman, Ida F., '39 Hinman, Ione E., '39 Holland, Jane L., '4o Holly, Lois C., '40 Holmes, Winifred J., '39 Houck, Elizabeth A., '39 House, Onnolee S., '39 Howland, Margaret A., '40 Hughes, Jane E., '40 Hughson, Suzanne, '40 Hunt, Elizabeth H., '39 Jack, Elinor R., '39 . Johncox, Marian E., '37 Johnston, Anne P., '39 Jones, Frances B., '37 Kahn, Frieda R., '40 Kaiser, Edna M., '39 Kavasch, Ruth E., '39 Karge, Anne M., '40 Keller, Margaret, '39 Kellner, Margaret E., '37 Kellogg, Violet M., '4o Kelsey, Charlotte L., '39 Kelsey, Virginia F., '39 Killigrew, Isabelle M., '39 Kilmer, Carolyn E., '39 Klonick, Miriam E., '37 Koster, Ruth K., '39 Kramer, Norval H., '37 Ladd, Frances R., '39 Lande, Vieno, '37 Lanning, Elizabeth '4o Lapham, Martha, '40 Lapp, Elsa, '4o Lawless, Mary, '3, Rochester Auburn Corning Brockport Rochester Pittsford Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Niagara Falls Clyde Oneida Rochester Schenectady Wellesley Hills, Mass Rochester Bath Coldwater Rochester Buffalo Utica Brighton Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Pittsford Hartford, Conn. Rochester Rochester Rochester Marion Rochester Fairport Corning Rochester Rochester Short Hills, N. J. Rochester Rochester Rochester Cooperstown Rush Le Roy Rochester STUDENT Levy. N.ith.ilie, '19 Levis, Ruth H., '39 Lewis, .-X., '40 Livingston, Jenn, '40 Logmsso, Sara, '39 Long, Dorothy l., '39 Lusk, Elizabeth A., '39 Lutz, Catherine O., '39 Lyddon. Florence E., '3- Lynes, Justine M., '37 McCarthy. Gertrude E., '3 McCarthy, Mary M., '40 McCord,Janet M., '40 McGurk, Margaret K., '37 McHenry, Dorothy L., '39 Mclntyre,Jane, '39 McWilliams, Eurie M., '37 Madden, Lynnette W., '39 Maggio, Marie A., '39 Mann, Ruth M., '39 Marsh, Elizabeth A., '37 Marsh, Ruth, '40 Marston, BonnieJ., '40 Martin, Eleanor M., '37 Martin, Helen M., '37 Meagher, Elizabeth A., '40 Meng, Marjory'A., '40 Metzman, Lorraine, '40 Meulendyl-ce, Frances, '39 Milburn, Nlargaret L., '40 Miller, Eloine R., '39 Miller, Eunice L., '37 Moffett, Grace E., '39 Moore, Ruth E., '39 Morgan, Louise E., '37 Morley, Gertrude E., '37 Morrison, Emily C., '37 Morrissey, Kathleen M., '37 Mosher, Sara E., '37 Mostkov, Eunice L., '37 Mostkov, Myra, '37 Mueller, Lois F. A., '39 Natapow, Marion J., '40 Neuman, Marcella H., '40 Nicholson, Eleanor, '37 Niles, Faith L., '39 Rochester Pail lllJ'l'Ll Rochester Rochester Angola Rochester Pittsford Egg Harbor, N. J Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester East Rochester Buffalo Binghamton Rochester Rochester Rochester Pike Scottsville Niagara Falls Rochester Webster Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Akron, Ohio Rochester Rochester Rochester Coldwater Rochester Rochester Fairport Livonia Northville Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Oak Park, Ill. Rochester Rochester D1REcToRY Norman, Lois, '37 Nusbauln, Adele H., '40 Oakley, Ruth P., '37 - O'Brien, Sheila, '40 O'Connell, Marion E., '37 Oliver, Marjorie B., '40 Olson, Ann C., '40 Orden, Lillian, '40 O'Rourke, MaryJ., '40 Oster, Katherine B., '39 Page, Norma M., '39 Palmer, Dorothy P., '39 Parce, Pauline H., '40 Parker, Agnes I., '40 Parker, Aleda R., '37 Parker, Marjorie D., '39 Parsons, Doris, '40 Passannante, Mary, '40 Paterson, Doris B., '39 Patman, Ellen S., '37 Pederson, Ruth A., '37 Peterson, Bertha M., '39 Phillips, Janet E., '40 Phipps, Pollee M., '39 Peirce, Betty S., '39 Plant, Genevieve L., '39 Polowy, Katherine, '39 Pownall, Amy D., '40 Pownall, Judith J., '37 Prenner, Millicent, '39 Probst, Phyllis M., '40 Prouty, Doris H., '40 Puffer, Mary E., '37 Quigley, Helen M., '37 Rathbun, Margaret L., '39 Raubacher, Mary E., '40 Rayton, Ada M., '40' Reese, Barbara E., '40 Renshaw, Ellen J., '39 Riegel, Virginia E., '40 Robbins, Gene C., '39 Robertson, Eleanor A., '39 Robinson, Gertrude A., '40 Rosen, Minnie, '37 Rubens, Irma H., '37 Runals, Grace A., '37 Rochester Rochester Rochester Brighton Rochester Rochester Winnetka, Ill Rochester Little Falls Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Herkimer Rochester Rochester Buffalo Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester East Aurora Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Brighton Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Cooperstown Rochester Oak Park, Ill Olean Rochester Rochester Wolcott Oak Park, Ill Rochester Rochester Olean ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THREE STUDENT DIRECTCRY Sage, Mairian, '39 Sanders, Margery F-, '40 Scalzo, Josephine M., '40 Scheible, Eleanor, '40 Scheid, Eugenia C., '37 Schlosburg, Ruth L., '37 Schmidt, Ruth, '40 Schroeder, Dorothy W., '40 Schuhl, Jane A., '39 Schumacher, Anne E., '39 Schwink, Dolores R., '37 Scott, Minerva C., '37 Selden, Mary A., '37 Shaddock, Helen M., '37 Shafer, SallieJ., '40 Shannon, Anna M., '39 Sheffield, Muriel L., '40 Sherman, Harriet E., '40 Shoemaker, Marian E., '40 Sierk, Evelyn C., '40 Sigl, Claire C., '39 Silberstein, Hannah E., '39 Simmons, Elinor J., '39 Sinclair, Anna M., '40 Slater, Jane E., '39 Small, Dorothea E., '37 Smith, Dorothy B., '39 Smith, Julia P., '40 Smith, Lorraine O., '40 Snyder, Ann M., '37 Sprague, Margaret B., '37 Stebbins, Margaret L., '39 Steele, Margatetta W., '40 Stephens, Clemence A., '39 Stevens, Bertha E., '39 Stevens, Jane E., '37 Stewart, Eleanor D., '40 Stiles, Evelyn, '39 Stokes, Joan E., '40 Stolbrand, Janet E., '39 Stonaker, Janice H., '37 Storer, Winifred C., '39 Suskind, Reveira E., '40 Sutton, Josephine C., '39 Sutton, Mary E., '40 Swart, Lois Van P., '39 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR Mumford Schenectady Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Munson, Pa. Rochester Schenectady Rochester East Rochester Auburn Le Roy Brighton Brockport Rochester Rochester Rochester Painted Post Darien Rochester Rochester Rochester Los Angeles, Cal. Massena Rochester Coffeyville, Kansas Rockford, Ill. Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Oak Park, Ill. Red Creek Kendall Rochester Rochester Schenectady Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Hoffmans Szinkunas, Josephine N., '39 Tarbox, Barbara L., '39 Taylor, Anne, '39 Taylor, Mary J., '39 Tefft, Hazel I., '39 Tefft, Helen F., '39 Teller, Esther A., '40 Teute, Evelyn E., '37 Thape, Marguerite E., '39 Tuthill, Esther M., '39 Tyler, Margaret, '40 Van Atta, Jane, '39 Van Deusen, Eleanor, '37 Van Horne, Harriet, '40 Van Wynen, Annie P., '40 Vickers, Betty, '39 Vogt, Susan E., '37 Volz, Verna C., '40 Von Wiegen, Elizabeth A., '37 Wallace, MaryJ., '39 Ward, Catherine B., '40 Ward, Virginia E., '40 Weaver, Anna L., '39 Webster, Janet, '40 Welch, Eileen A., '39 Weld, Betty N., '40 West, Catherine H., '40 White, Laura L., '39 White, Lois M., '39 Wilcox, Ruth A., '40 Wiley, Mary Dudley, '37 Willey, Doris E., '40 Winship, Rachel E., '37 Witter, Vera F., '40 Wood, Frances M., '39 Woods, Pauline L., '39 Woodside, Marian R., '39 Woodworth, Phyllis B., '37 Worner, BettyJ., '39 Wyckoff, Marian D., '40 Yalowich, Rhea S., '39 Yaude, Madeleine E., '40 Young, Elizabeth C., '37 Zimmer, Dorothy M., '40 Zimmerman, Helen M., '40 Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Niagara Falls Rochester Rochester Rochester Bangor, Maine Rochester Rochester Newark Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Fairport Rochester ' Pittsford Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Holcomb Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Lockport Podili, India Fairport Wolcott Canandaigua Middleport Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Brighton Spencerport 5 I I 4 r r v 7 5 FORMER MEMBERS or THE CLASS or 1933 Yclnm :Xrthur Doris lltinstngtitl L.tnt'n C.lSl1lLlll Dorothy Chapin Ruth Covell Josephine De Stefan is Virginia Ford Ruth l-lenrich Emma Hollinger Dorothy Johns Ethel Knight Jane Meyers Mary Elizabeth Moore Mary Lou Price Mayme Schilino Billie Smith Constance Tomlinson Janet Rosenthall Margaret V an Meter Virginia West Anna Grace Wilson Mariette Corrington Norma Doell jean Ennis Eunice Evans Ruth Field Jeanette Fink Shirley Houston Shirley Jackson Beverley Jensen Mary Krause Martha Jane Morey Harriet Mueller Sally Pike Albertine Reynolds Eunice Roberts ONE HUNDRED FITTY FIVE cROc:EUs...ADVERTIsEMEN'rs EASTMAN SCHOOL ' of MUSIC of THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER I HOWARD HANSON, Director RAYMOND WILSON, Arrirtant Director Courses lead to Degrees: Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Master of Arts in Music, Doctor of Philosophy in Music, Eastman School Certificate CDiplomaD. Music Electives for Arts College Students Preparatory and Special Department: Registrations for I937-V38 and 1937 Summer Session Now Being Received For Information ancl Catalogaec Aclclrerr Arthur H. Larson, Secretary'-Regiftrar Eastman School of Music Rochester, N. Y. Compliments of E. R. AN D REWS PRINTING COMPANY X AQUEDUCT BUILDING ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Fine Pianof. . . EXCLUSIVELY JOSEPH SI-IALE ONE FORTY EAST AVENUE After College . .. many of you will enter the business World. School of Commerce Training before you enter business will save you both time and money. 3 61 EAST AVENUE MAIN 5530 Learn tloe comfort and econo- my of famibf lannclrgf by the pound. PHONE MAIN 898 Ojjlicial fewelery UNIVERSITY of ROCHESTER Club Pins . . . Rings Programs . . . Fav0rS MAR KET :Nc J Kelso Laundry Company Metal Arts CO. 747. Portland AVC- EAST HAINAND 5610 CHARLES xl ACK REPRESENMTIVB ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX W-W. Arif!- euoe1cUs...AOVEIITISEMENTS EIZIZC6... A BID FRQM BUSINESS Quiclcly acquire the necessary skills for getting starred on Ll business career. :Xu intensive ren or sixteen weeks in the COLLEGE SECRE- T.-XRI.-XL CQU RSE will ntltl money value to your college degree. RI'g.i.rtr.:r.Fa11 fflliffdl to Coffvgt' or Nammf .Yclvaal gr'.1Il11I1te.r COURSES BEGIN JULY 6TH R O C H E S T E R BUSINESS INSTITUTE 171 CLINTON AVE. S. NIAIN 3869 Zwfmfi - a,RECORD CHEST .U E I Record Chests are selling so fast be- cause they are just right to keep personal papers, bills, receipts, etc., safe, convenient and away from pry- ing eyes. Then too, the three modern crinkled finishes of this steel chest are so smartly attractive that it is hard to believe anything so good looking can be so useful. YAWMANmnBlBEMFG.fb. 41 cH:s'rNu'r ST PHOTOGRAPHY JOSEF SCHIFF 154 EAST AVENUE ONE HUNDRED FIETY-SEVEN """'l r + + I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. .iz

Suggestions in the University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) collection:

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