University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1936

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University of Rochester College for Women - Croceus Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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-.-.1 -f!A'5.4! -nf- r... f'.4 X ,..--" 2 8 s vi 1 Y i k I EDV102 l4OI.lElCll4ACl EIHT E 9 3 6 nollsbnsb srl! W91Q 919I'lW 2bl9l1 iI15b1SV srl! 19 o bs1sbn5w ysrll' Sebslwoml EBUPIBOFH H H5 EiE!SwSBvb6D SPP H055 v ,HU"?IlVl 5394? , X A mal Sl blI 9'lS D a'EoH WA , l A il' b ' A S .sgsllos srl! o! !i svsg bns 19WQn srl! mml mlos sal! aloe! ysrll' CLASS OF' THE UNIVERSITY' wollsm bris rlsi1 1olos s ei!' ,wollsy noilsbnsb srl! ,HO OF ROCHESTER WOMEN'S .wollsl !nElloQNo ynom yd yilsyol 'bns svol bsb1oasA . . suld 549.48 Hifi Gui bn. M3164-ISE! Svl.Eul.,n.Hsb.l ,mo E .9U1i sd 19.9 lliw sw wollsy noilsbnsb srl! ol' OPYRlC.vHT1935 BY MARGARET M.GLYNN H .bnumg aniinurl yqqsrl srl! rriso1 yboog nosssq lo ewoa sell' Qbnuous asmoa srni!Qni1qa as lliiz rleiwoll anoilslansb me mls bsliml bns nwoml ai bnsl srl! !uorlgu61rl! wolg nsblog 1lsrlT .sl lo .u bio boog san., mglanis euoholg bns mana .af .A i- I THE DANDELION SCNG ,f Oh, Azar They wande And when they clroveithe They took the color from Oh, the dandelion yellow Accorclecl love ancll lo alt I1 l oh, Ie' 'ima havefhwff I I N To the ndelion e o l ,. ' lm 5 r 1 "P W Hfmgl-il hold F HH IL II glow A5 the bfi9l'lf and glorious emblem of iah Boocly's cows were sl' red o'er the vercla fuel n th fo eu zwemf . . . BOOKI FALL BOOKII WINTER f PRI N "" I i l , ' ' i ff Vlw, Et YJ U U AU'm 6.2 JJ... l KE f asm ii W ,U2I:.ZL,. RM V-7 E 'Ei .PRQEM -ll-lE DfAxNDEl.lQlNl, renascent with the Spring, running the four distinct phases of its cycle and then quiescent, symbolizes well campus activity. Quickening life . . .the promise of future Springs ... it betokens, and therefore, it is ever meaning- ful. lts color, croceus, vve have used as a cohesive force running throughout the book, binding to- gether the diverse interests of the students. As background, vve have interpreted in modern guise, fixed traditions . . . Azariah Boody, his covv, the good dog, "Prince," rolling pasture lands, and campus. And it is right that they be but setting, for they are significant only in perspective. Again, vve have limned Cutler lower against the pages of the book . . . a prophesy of future days. For it best represents the present Woman's campus. Called into being to meet the demands of the vvomen students, it is the distinct contribu- tion of our generation to the symbols identified with university life. To WILLSON I-lAvEl.ocK COATE5 for quiet simplicity cmd d distinguished mindm tor tolerdtion in dll things... for gentle humor... for oil ot these dnd for triendship... WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK 3 KV i E XXQ Q35- ,,,,,A-.-- ""' K X xfxyj., rf 4 if N Nw Z . ' ' EI' ' " , final! T Q x3 li- ifxxw MC ,Wffffff Www, ff!! WW ,W X FAL AZARIAH Boom' . . . cows . . . OVER THE FENCE . . . YONDER DANDELIONS . . . NO COWS . . .STUDENTS INTELLIGENTSIA PEE WEE. . . SAY SO . . . PHYSIOGNOMIES Q 0.0 TID BIT. . . DITTO o 9.0 WHAT'S DONE... AND HOW.. .AND WHEN . . .AND WHERE GOVERNING . . . BANOUETING HIGH LIGHT. . . SPOT LIGHT o 0.9 SORORES F- RUSH RHEES A.iNfi., DD., LLD. Dr. Rhees, unanimously elected to the presidency on July 6, 1899, assumed oiiice on July 'i, 'i900. Rochester has grown under his leadership, irom a small, liberal arts college to a university including the arts colleges, schools of music and medicine, extension and summer divisions, and increasing graduate worl4. l"le started with a college oi small financial resources, and is leaving a university with one of the largest permanent endowments in the country. l-le has enlarged and enriched our faculty, our library, and our curriculum. l'le l1dS been honored with degrees from Amherst, and from Colgate, McMaster, and Toronto Universities. Now at the end of fliiffi'-live years of service, we thank him But more than l1iS cademic and financial achievements for the university, FTIOVZ n his own scholastic achievements, his fine friendliness hd n e has been to us We hope that as he goes on, memo ochester will enrich his life, as he has enriched 0 6 . . . . . . the . . . . . . . S endeared him to us. We hanar him For himself, forthe inspifd' tio h , ries of R . . . . - urs, ALAN VALENTINE fVi.A. Whom We welcome sincerely as he becomes President of the University of Rochester. HELEN BRAGDON i EDD. Whom We admire as an educator both in college curriculum and in the art of living Seated: WALLACE, MERRILL, BRAGDON, WITHINGTON, BOWEN Standing: REED, COBB, BEETON, DILMAN JENKINS, USING, MQQQE MacLEAN, MOSCRIP Standing: VAN DE WALLE, TAYLOR, WILLIAMS, MULDSHALL, DE WICK Seated: JONES, BERRY, HUTCHINSON HOOK, FRENCH, FAIRBANKS Ckssloxf, CQATES Seated: SLATER, DUNKEL, CURTIS, PRATT, I-IOCKINS Standing: GREENE, GULICK Standing: ESPY, GRACE, GOLDTHORPE Seated: MCGILL, TAYLOR OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE FOR WOMEN RLISI-I wits, AM., DD., LL.D. President xjiyiigvl-IAIXA E, WELD, PI-LD., LL.D. Dean oi time College of Arts ancl Science ANNETTE GARDNER MUNRO, ANI., Ll-IT.D. Dean Emeritus, College for Women HELEN DALTON BRAGDON, ED.D. ARTHUR SULLIVAN GALE, PI-I.D. ISABEL KING WALLACE, PI-I.D. MARGARET WITI-IINGTON, BS. RLITI-I A. MERRILL, ED.M. KATHERINE BOWEN, AB. RUTI-I O. BEETON, AB. Dean of tlwe College lor Women Dean IorEresl'1men Eayerweatlwer Professor ol Mathematics Vocational Counselor for Women Eresliman Aclvisor, College for Women Lilorarian, College for Women Director ol Cutler Llnion Registrar of the College For Women Assistant to tlwe Dean oi the College for Women IVIARGUERITE REED Assistant to tlwe Registrar oi tlwe College For Women HARPER SIBLEY Religious Counselor to tlwe Y. W. C. A., College For Women THE FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE RUSH RHEES, A.M., D.D., LL.D. President CHARLES HOEING, PH.D. Dean Emeritus of Graduate Studies Professor Emeritus of Latin VICTOR J. CHAMBERS, PH.D. Dean of Graduate Studies Charles F. Houghton Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM E. WELD, PH.D., LL.D. Dean of College of Arts and Science Professor of Economics ANNETTE G. MUNRQ, A.M., LITT.D. Dean Emeritus of College for Women HELEN D. BRAGDCN, ED.D. Dean of College for Women ARTHUR S. GALE, PH.D. Dean of Freshmen Fayerweather Professor of Mathematics LESTER Q. WILDER, A.M. Assistant Dean Associate Professor of English HERMAN L. FAIRCHILD, D.SC. Professor Emeritus of Geology HENRY E. LAWRENCE, A.B., D.SC. Professor Emeritus of Physics RYLAND M. KENDRICK, A.B. Munro Professor of Greelc CLARENCE K. MOORE, PH.D. Professor of Romance Languages JOI-IN R. SLATER, PH.D. Gilmore Professor of English WILLIAM D. MERRILL, PH.D. Professor of Botany J. PERCIVAL KING, PH.D. Professor of German EDWIN FAUVER, A.B., M.D. Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education College Physician CHARLES W. WATKEVS, A.M. Professor of Mathematics JGHN R. MURLIN, PH.D., D.SC. - Lewis P. Ross Professor of Physiology DEXTER PERKINS, PH.D. Watson Professor of History EWALD EISERHARDT, PH.D. Professor of German Literature and of History of Art DONALD B. GILCHRIST, A.B., B.L.S. Librarian JGSEPH H. FQTH, PH.D. Professor of Economics ROBERT A. MAC LEAN, PH.D. Professor of Classics HAROLD L. ALLING, PH.D. Professor of Geology ALFRED H. JGNES, PH.D. Professor Ol RIIIIOSODIWY T. RUSSELL WILKINS, PH.D. Professor of PhY5IC5 NEIL C. ARVIN, PH.D. Professor of French C. LUTHER FRY, PH.D. Professor of Sociology EARL Ev. TAYLQR, ED.M. Professor of Education if Director of Extension and Summer Session EENJAIVIIN H. WILLIER, PH.D. Professor of Zoology GEQRGE C. CURTIS, A.M. Deane Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature RQTH CLAUSINQI pl-ID, Professor of Economics y:,i,,flLLARD R' LINE, PH.D. Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM BERRY, PH.D. PrOf2SSOr Of PSYChOlOsY ,IQHN E. HQEEMEIS-lER, PH.D. Professor of Geology J. DGUGLAS HGQD, PH.D. Professor of Zoology HUGH MAC KENZIE, PH.D. Professor of History ARTHUR J. MAY, PH.D. Professor of History RALPH W. HELMKAMP, PH.D. Professor of Chemistry DGNALD W. GILBERT, PH.D. Professor of Economics WILLIAM E. VAN DE WALLE, PH.D. Professor of Philosophy JAMES D. MC GILL, PH.D. Professor of Government SHERMAN C. BISHOP, PH.D. Professor of Geology HAROLD B. PIERCE, PH.D. Professor of Physiological Chemistry .l. HAROLD Professor of Education LEE A. DU BRIDGE, PH.D. Harris Professor of Physics WILBUR D. DUNKEL, PH.D. I' Roswell S. Burrows Professor of English RICHARD L. GREENE, PH.D. Professor of English FLGYD C. EAIRBANKS, AB. profggggr gf Physics EWALD P. APPELT, PH.D. Professor of German QUENTIN D. SINGEWALD, PH.D. Associate Professor of Geology QRTHUR A. SUNIER, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry . RICHARD LUNG, A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics wilalfcflnl-ll2l2lEl2f AP- Assistant Professor of Physical Education VIRGIN N H. CQATES, PH.D. Assistant Professor of History IA MGSCRIPI pl-l-D Assistant Professor of Latin ELIGT D. Eiurcninson, RHD. HERBERT o. ESPV, EDD. Atonzo o. oRAcE, PH.D. LOUISE fx, HILL, PHD, KARL H. scHNEREL, RHD. HAZEL J. WILBRAHAM, AE. ETHEE E. ERENcH, Mg, DARPA J. Hooic Ms. iyifRynfRRD E. cfxsswy, Ein. Assistant Professor of Psychology Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Erench Assistant Professor of German Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Chemistry Assistant Professor of Zoology , A.M. Assistant Professor of Religion ,, , ,. .,..,.,. ,..1....,-Q--'--' ' ' JOHN T. SANFORD, PH.D. GRIFFITH W. WILLIAMS, PH.D. GLYNDON G. VAN DELISEN, PH.D. RAY G. DAGOS, PH.D. RALPH D. TITTSLER, PH.D. WILLIAM E. DLINKMAN, PH.D. JOHN J. GERGEN, PH.D. OLGA P. LONGI, PH.D. DELOS L. CANFIELD, PH.D. PALIL PIGORS, PH.D. CARL K. HERSEY, A.M. EDWARD J. FOYLES, SC.M. ETHEL L. CLALISEN, M.D. THEODORE F. FITCH, A.M. ELLIOTT A. MAYNARD, A.M. WALDEN MOORE, A.M. LLIVILLE T. STEADMAN, PH.D. EDMUND S. NASSET, PH.D. ADRIAN BLIYSE, PH.D. SIDNEY L. GLILICK, JR., PH.D. SPOFFORD H. KIMBALL, PH.D. RALPH W. MAROLIIS, PH.D. SELINA MEYERS, PH.D. ROBERT E. WALDEN, A.M. JESSIE W. HOSKAM, A.M. MARY E. MARSH, PH.D. MALCOM D. DAGGETT, A.M. HENRY N. DE WICK, PH.D. WILSON MICKS, Docteur cIe I'I.Iniversite de TouIouse ROBERT A. PRATT, PH.D. GRIFFITH FB. PRICE, PH.D. CORNELIA D. TAYLOR, PH.D. HOWARD G. HARVEY, A.M. ELSE H. BOCKSTRLICK, B.S. MILO L. WOOD, A.M. EDWARD L. HLIBLER, PH.D. HENRY S. LEONARD, PH.D. CHARLOTTE H. HOCKINS, A.M. Assistant Professor of GeoIogy Assistant Professor of PsychoIogy Assistant Professor of I-Iistory Assistant Professor of PhysioIogy Assistant Professor of BacterioIogy Assistant Professor of Economics Assistant Protessor of Mathematics Assistant Professor of French Assistant Professor of Spanish Assistant Professor ot SocioIo BY Assistant Professor in the I'Iistory of Art Director of the Museum of NaturaI I-Iistory Research Associate in ZooIogy Instructor in Music Instructor in ZooIogy Instructor in Government Instructor in Physics Instructor in PhysioIogy Instructor in Zoology Instructor in EngIish Instructor in Mathematics Instructor in Economics Instructor in German Instructor in Economics Instructor in German Instructor in Physiology Instructor in French Instructor in PsychoIogy Instructor in French Instructor in English Instructor in Mathematics Instructor in PsychoIogy Instructor in French Instructor in PhysicaI Education Instructor in English Instructor in English Instructor in Philosophy Acting Instructor in English 4 Nt. .er 'AL' ,W E? 5 E FROSH Flash . . . 'l3O young hopeluls in new class. Freshman week . . . Frosh learn Facts ol Ccollegel life. r Frosh mixer. . . opportunity knocks for the belles of new class. lnitiation . . . freshmen get the works, none dead but many injured. Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast . . . lrosh much too clever For bewildered sophs . . . auto showroom used as hide-out. Sorority rushing . . . dazzled lrosh giddily whirled in mad round of pleasure. Mid years . . . frantic students cram desperately. 'llulep Time" . auburn-haired freshman takes feminine lead. Freshman Class otficers VAN METER, ANCONA SMITH, I-IEINRICH FRESHMEN ' Course A ANN AIKMAN MS 'a:Qg..i2N .ADAIR ANCQNA MS .gs - 1 , A IIIARGUERITE ARTHUR Arts 'HLENE RORTER BARNES MS --CEL SLIE BASTIAN MS ILQRIZNCE ADALINE BATES Arts itgfiid ELEANOR BEEBE Nursing siRNA ,JANE BENNETT Nursins SHIRLEY VIRGINIA BERTQLETT E Arts :IJARIE ETHEL BESSEY MSSII. Ensf. IJARJORIE LOUISE BETTVS Arts ISIARGARET ADELIA BIGNALL Arts I'i.'.yRT'ICE AUGUSTA BLATCHLEY Arts I'v'IfXRY LOUISE BOSWORTH Arts IIHEL LUCILLE BOURNE Arts MARTHA ELLEN BRADFORD Arts DORIS SARAH BRINSIvIAID Arts MARGARET BRUNSSEN Arts BETTY BULLEN Arts JANE RATTY CARHART Arts JEAN ELIZABETH CARR Arts LUIS JEANETTE CARR Nursing LAURA IRENE CASHION Arts DOROTHY LYON CHARIN Arts EDITH HARRIET CHARIvIAN Arts RUTH LQl5 CHARLES Nursing ROSEIvIARY ANNE CHERRY Arts lRENl5 HQLCQMBE CLARKE Nursing MYRTLE vALENA COLLINS AIIS I:IfILIvIA RUTH COGNEY Arts IIJIARIETTE LINCOLN CORRINGTON Arts BARBARA JUNE COSTER Arts RUTH RHYLLIS COvELL Am ROSE NELLIE CRISCUOLG Arts BARBARA JOY CUIvIIvIINGS ASIS RUTH JOSERHINE DAWLEY Arts AGNES LOUISE DEAN MS IIJARJORIE DENINGER MS JOSERHINE DE STEEANIS MS DIARY CATHERINE DICK MS ELAINE ELEANGR DODGE MS NORMA MARIE DOELL QMS MARIE RATHARINE DUBELBEISS Arts SHIRLEY GARDNER DUTEMRLE Am Residence City Address Rochester 184 Alexander Street Rochester 65 Alameda Street Carthage 424 University Avenue Qssining 424 University Ave. Rochester 22'l Denver Street Rochester 20 Seneca Rarl4way E. Aurora 424 University Ave. W. Bloomfield Kendriclt Hall Rochester 227 Aldine Street Rochester 'l95 Harding Road Rochester 2 -lralalgar Street Batavia 440 University Avenue New Rochelle 424 Univ. Ave. Rochester 78 West High Terrace Rochester O9 Crosman Terrace Rochester 'l33 Genesee Street Lyndonville 424 University Ave. Rochester 969 Monroe Avenue Rochester 128 Crosman Terrace Rochester 'I4O Rockingham St. Canandaigua 424 University Ave. Batavia 41 prince Street Rochester 35 Wilson Street Rochester 83 Hawthorn Street Exeter, N. H. 424 Univ. Ave. Rochester 69 Milton Street Rochester 237 Sherwood Ave. Henrietta Little Genesee 58 Brighton St. Rochester 70 Ferndale Crescent Rochester 'l'l97 l3arl4 Avenue Rochester 'l Q1 Woodland Dr. R.D.4 Qneida 440 University Avenue Rochester 4 Schauman Street Binghamton 4'l Prince Street Rochester 'l34 Milton Street Rochester 2512 Ridge Road W. Rochester 36 Weld Street Rochester 392 Norton Street Rochester 'll64 Genesee Pk Blvld, 424 University Ave. 'l052 Dewey Avenue 125 Windemere Road Galt Rarlt, III. 424 Univ. Ave. Cal l icoon Rochester Rochester MARY ISABEL DWVER LEoNA EVELYN EBELSTEIN QE JEAN HELEN ENNIS MS EuNIcE LILLIAN EVANS ARIS HANNAH LOUISE EANG ARIS RUTH EMILY FIELD MS JEANETTE RoSE EINI4 MS JANE RATHRYN FINNERAN Arts VIRGINIA EGRB MS ELIZABETH FORQUER ARIS GEORGIA WILDA FOWLE ARIS MARGARET IoNE ERANcIS ARIS NANCY GAY M5 MARGARET ELIZABETH GRAHAM ARIS JEAN ELEANOR GRAVES ARIS ALIcE MARGARET GREENE ARIS JOANN POWERS GuGGENHEIMER ARIS HELEN JGSERHINE HAGSTRGM ARIS HELEN HGWE HARRIS ARIS HELEN VIRGINIA HEGENBGREER ARIS RUTH ALTA HENRIcH ARIS EMMA JULIA HGLLINGER ARIS SHIRLEY i-IOWE HOUSTON ARIS MARTHA ELGISE HULEK lXlUl'SiI'1Q SHIRLEY HARBIE JAcI4SoN ARIS JEAN JAEEESGN ARIS BEVERLY JENSEN ARIS DOROTHY JuLIET JGHNS ARIS LILLIAN JUNE KAPLAN ARIS CHARLOTTE MARY KEELING Nursing ANN SHERARB KELLY' ARIS JEAN SouLE KENYON ARIS BEATRICE KATHRYN KILLIR ARIS ETHEL LILLIAN KLEIN Arts DOROTHY SUZANNE KLEINBERG ARIS ETHEL LouISE KNIGHT Arts MARJORIE KNOPF Ms MABEL BGRGTHEA KYSOR ARIS JANIcE LEMBKE Arts SYLVIA RUTH LEVY Ms RUTH LuNGER MS ELIZABETH ANN LUSK NIIRSISS BGRGTHY BEWITT MAcoMBER Arts MARJORIE LGUISE MATHES Arts JANE IRMA MEYERS MS Geneseo Kendrick l-lall Rochester 40 Thayer Street Rochester 83 Adams Street Rochester 58 Lake View Rark Rochester 167 Grand Avenue Rochester 80 l-lighland Rarkvvay Rochester 330 S. Goodman St. Rochester 20 Brookside Drive Montclair, N. J. 505 Univ. Ave. Rochester 65 Wellington Ave. Greenland, N. l-l. 41 Rrince St. Rochester 35 Riverside Street Rochester 293 Seneca Rarkvvay Rochester 3 Bradburn Street Rochester 321 Seneca Rarkvvay Rochester 916 South Avenue Rochester 48 Werner Rark Rochester 317 Aberdeen Street Ontario Rittsiord Rlainville, Mass. 41 Rrince St. Middleport 424 University Ave. Rochester 179 Renhurst Street Rochester 311 Aberdeen Street Rochester 125 Monteroy Road Rochester 548 l-ludson Avenue Rochester 330 Aberdeen Street Qntario Rochester 21 Culver Road Rochester 48 Tremont Street Rochester 387 Troup Street l-lilton Rochester 49 Brockton Street Rochester 92 Maplehurst Rd. Rochester 175 Rosedale Street Rochester 243 Roslyn Street Rochester 905 Park Avenue Rochester 36 Bengal Terrace Rochester 174 l-lazelwood Ter. Rochester 3 Milburn Street Rochester 407 Meigs Street Rittsiord Rochester 3535 Elmvvood Ave. Rochester 13 Rundel Rark Rochester 193 Croyden Road ' "Q ABETH MOQRE JANE MOREY S EDITH MOLINT R11 RALILINE IDA MUELLER I RRIE MARIE MURR ARNDEN NEWELL 'Pt EUNICE NEWIVIAN , HTML.. x. ' -FN ELIZABETH QBDYKE K , .-.gms . L v I I . --1 r-1 ' Irv .'f1.Rt- ELIZABETH OBRIEN -f 'HN ELIZABETH PARKES AZN? IPAULL .Ii-RN FRANCES POTTINGER LOU PRICE -IEANETTTE THATCHER RADDER ,Ir-1,NtE STELLETA RAMBO ERISA MARIE REITH tiiSI2IS ETHEL RERENTER IRANCES ALBERTINE REVNCDLDS ELINICE ELIZABETH ROBERTS -IANIZT RQSENTI-IAL MARY CATHERINE RUSH EILEEN MARY SCHAEFER i't.f'iAR,IQRIE MARY SCHEFINGER MAYME ELEANGR SCHIFINCD HELEN ADELAIDE SCHLEGEI. ROSEMARY SEILER EUGENIA TITUS SHERIDAN BILLIE VIRGINIA SMITH ANN MARIE SNYDER MIRIAM LOUISE SWEETNAM MARJCDRIE ELINOR TAGGART ELECTA TICE CONSTANCE TCDMLINSON EUNICE MURIEL ULLRICH MARCEARET VAN METER ELIZABETH MARJCDRIE WALLACE Nu '.IIf IRCnINIA ANN WEST LUCY MAY WHITE DCRGTHY WIARDA I 'I.I' MARGARET LUCILE WILBUR I-II 'ARI' DUDLEY WILEY QIHARGARET RQGERS WILLERS I-'MNA GRACE WILSQN ELIZA BETH JANE WINCHELI. IA-WE HZCLCOTI Nu Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts rsing Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts rsing Rochester 396 Westminster Road Eairport Richmond I-IiII 494 Univ. Ave. Rochester 70 Turpin Street Rochester 'I230 Rortland Ave. Rochester 6 Qiiver Street DanviIIe, Va. 596 Monroe Ave. Rochester 683 Jehferson Ave. Corning 424 University Avenue Rochester 479 Eiower City Park Rochester 303 Dartmouth Street Rochester 73 Brooktieid Road RikesviIIe, Md. 424 Univ. Ave. Newark Kendrick I-IaII Rochester 'I50 Gardiner Ave, Rochester 19 Shelter Street Lake Bonaparte West Webster Richmond Hill 424 Univ. Ave. Rochester 749 Arnett Boulevard Rochester 'I'I0 Troup Street Rochester 'I93 Cypress Street Rochester 2'I'I Summit Drive Rochester 343 Avenue B Rochester 'I39 Eimdori Avenue Rochester 'I'I32 East Avenue Rochester 33 Cottage Street Spencerport Ashtabuia, O. 440 Univ. Ave. Rochester 1938 I.ake Avenue Rochester 73 Austin Street Rochester 374 Court Street Lockport 424 University Ave. Rochester 50 Meigs Street Rochester 'I00 Monroe Parkway Sacket I-Iarbor 4'I Prince Street Eulton 424 University Avenue Rochester 'I889 RortIand Avenue Fredonia 440 University Avenue Brooklyn 424 University Avenue Rochester 4 Qntario View Rochester 239 Mulberry Street Rochester 47 Erion Crescent Rochester "I'I7 Edgemoor Road North Rose 554 Woodbine Ave. Rochester T Qiiver Street IN THE CLOISTERS EACLHG THE SLTLLH- TLQH LOOK WHAT THE WIND BLEW LH! IS THE WATER WET? THE RLAYEUL KIDDIES THE SORHS IDEA OE HUMOR POTENTIAL HELEN WILLS GOOD INTENTIONS LIBRARY BOUND ANOTHER STUDENT TWO MORE . . . QOH WELL, THEVTEE JUST EROSHIJ HOW'S ABOUT A TICKEE? I-II WINCH! STRANGE CRITTERS, THESE EROS H GRAVE JEAN TI'IE STUDENT LOAD --...- 2+ Ogbfimzk E -3 .,,E..S ' 1 -Eg.. ale ww, . E A CLASS OF T937 SOPHOMORES o Flash . . . September 1934 . . . Rochester. New crop ol verdant Freshmen for output as seniors 1937. l"lectic initiation . . . Ellis lsland costumes. Retaliation . . . Soplws lcidnapped . . . imprisoned in attic . . . returned plus mercuroclmrome. Wily Froslw elude Soplws . . . breakfast safely in garage. Regular epidemics of exams preceded by tense cramming. Sophomore Class OHICCVS MARTIN, McoLAsHAN, KLON'CKf MORGAN, GILL, VAN DEUSEN, OAKLEY 5 li NN 5 sax ggi' xxiiigw A- is -3 sis t , v ,:., ix ' i x Y 1 I X " - 'N Al I i . 1 ff 5 -. Fsix Lf:- . ' F - ' Mfr w 3. i rf 5 as -5 K l 1 l t Q t hte, ,..,.Q. 9 5 Q z.3W'A -'wa' fialxwusc. M-Q ' SOPHOMORES Course x PELQRES ABRAMQWITZ Arts '- -RDI..-Xi'tr'i Arts ici IRENE ALBQRN Arts .PYLQITTQ FRANCES ALDRIDGE Arts -QNQR ALEXANDER Arts ii R CQRELANO ALLYN Arts tits? ANGE Arts .,lIir"XIXl BROWNELL ANTHONY Arts ETH MABER BAILEY Arts PNLFIINE GAYLQRO BAKER Nursing ,'.',-KR,IQfIRY ELIZABETH BARBER Arts FIWNA MAE BARS Arts BAXTER Arts ITJCILLE MARGARET BEAL Arts I t..R f 'IS HELEN BEAN Arts LILLIAN BENZ Arts HELENE RUTH BERMAN Arts I 'tr.f 1lLOREO CAROLINE BETZLER Arts SYLVIA BLACK Artg BQRIS WILLIAIVISQN BQHACHEK Arts LILY VIRGINIA BGNDI Arts ELEANQR BREEMES Arts ,P-NNETTE BRIGQS Nursing BARBARA FRANCHOT BROWN Arts MARJQRIE PAULINE BROWN Arts DCRCTHV BEECHER BURTQN Artg CQNSTANCE ANN CARIVIAN Artg SHRLEY SELMA CQHN Arts HELEN BENNETT CQLE Arts ELEANQR CQLLIER Arts THERESA MARIE CQTTCNE Arts HF RRIET MACAEEE CRQSS Arts i.'r?RIfL.NNE CURTIN Arts H9-ZEL MARIQN DEUERLEIN Arts SQTNIERED FRANCES DINSIVIQRE Arts QABETH ARISTINE DODD Arts Residence City Address Rochester 10 Morris Street Rochester B2 Rockingham Street Qntario Kendrick l'Iall Rochester 400 Wellington Ave. Rochester 373 Barrington Street Rochester 67 Rark Avenue Rochester 422 Bay Street Easton, Ra. Kendrick Hall Amsterdam 424 University Ave. Rittstord S. Byron Kendrick Hall Rochester 18 Aetnersold Street Rochester 415 Avenue A IVIacedon Center Kendrick Hall Rochester 320 Titus Avenue Salamanca 424 University Ave. Brighton R. D. No. 2, Box BB Appleton 424 University Ave. Rochester . 450 Avenue A Rochester 164 Rinnacle Road Rochester 171 Deerfield Drive Rochester 499 Broadway Attletnoro, Mass. 424 Univ. Ave. Scottsville Fairport Lima Ithaca 424 University Avenue Rochester 719 Rarsells Avenue Hornell 241 Alexander Street Rochester 47 Colby Street Rochester 219 Ravine Avenue Rittstord Kendrick Hall Rochester 2B Lakeview Rark Corning 424 University Avenue Fairport Brockport Kendrick Hall MARGARET LOUISE DOERFFEL RUTH MARY DONISH DORIS KATHERINE FELLOWS JUNE MILDRED FOY MARYA STELLA FRYCZYNSKI ELIZABETH JEAN GALLOWAY GENEVIEVE GANS PHOEBE REYNOLDS GIFFORD BARBARA JUNE GILL JANET LILLIAN GOELTZ RUTH BEATRICE GOODMAN D. JANE GORSLINE HELEN RHODA GROVES JEAN MADALENE HARDING LUCINDA JANE HAZEN RUTH ELIZABETH HENION ALPHA DELINDA JOHNSON BETTY FRANCES JONES BETTY MARIE KEARNEY MARGARET EVA KELLNER MIRIAM ELSA KLONICK NORVAL HENRIETTA KRAMER ELSA PHILLIPS LAW FLORENCE ELIZABETH LYDDON JUSTINE MARGARET LYNES GERTRUDE ELIZABETH MCCARTHY MARGARET F. MCGLASHAN MARGARET KNAPP MCGURK EURIE MARIE MCWILLIAMS ELIZABETH ANTONIE MARK ELISABETH ANNE MARSH ELEANOR MARJORIE MARTIN HELEN MARIE MARTIN EUNICE LILLIAN MILLER LOUISE ELEANOR MORGAN GERTRUDE ELIZABETH MORLEY KATHLEEN MARY MORRISSEY SARA ESTELLE MOSHER Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts INI u rs i n 3 Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts QaI4 RarI4, III. 424 Univ. Ave. Rochester 64 Maria Street Fairport Rochester 'I22 Asbury Street Bayonne, N. J. 424 Univ. Ave. Jamestown 424 University Ave. I'nIarIowton, Mont. 424 Univ. Ave Whitesboro 424 University Ave. Medina 440 University Avenue CaIdweII, ISI. J. 380 Raines Raric Rochester 85 Park Avenue Rochester 89 Brunswick Street Warren, Ra. 424 University Ave. Auburn 42 Grosvenor Road Brockport Rochester 233 Denver Street Rochester T40 George Street Rochester 424 University Ave. Rochester 'I532 Culver Road Rochester 290 Canterbury Road Rochester 28 Ericsson Street Rochester 915 Chili Avenue Wauwatosa, Wis. 78 I-IoIIywId Rochester 64 Southern RarI4way Rochester 295 Sherwood Ave. Rochester 630 East Avenue Rochester 576 I'IazeIwood Ter. E. Rochester Rochester 538 Linden Street Rochester 68 Dale Street ScottsviIIe Webster Rochester 77 Sidney Street Rochester 297 Coiumbia Ave. Rochester 36 Edgemont Road Rochester 'II5 Windemere Road Livonia Kendricic I-IaII Northviiie 424 University Ave. EUNICE LEONA MOSTKOv Arts MYRA MOSTKOV MS ELEANOR NICHOLSON Arts KATHERINE CAROL NOWACK Arts RUTH RARKER OAKLEY Arts MARION EVELVN O'CONNELL Arts BARBARA RUTH GLSAN Arts JEAN HARRIET ORBAKER Arts ALEBA RUTH PARKER ARB ELLEN SHEEEIELD RATMAN ARIS ANNA PICCARRET O Arts JUDITH JEAN ROWNALL Arts MARY ELEANOR RUEEER Arts HELEN MARGARET OUIGLEY Arts MARY BARBARA ROMIG Arts MINNIE ROSEN Arts IRMA HARRIETT RUBENS O Arts GRACE AUDREY RUNALS Arts MARY ELIZABETH SADDEN Arts SUSAN BELLE SALE Arts STELLA SCARDINO Arts EUGENIA CATHERINE SCHEID Arts RUTH LUCILE SCHLGSBURG Arts BOLORES RAE SCHWINK Arts MINERvA CAROLINE SCOTT ARIS MARY ALICE SELDEN Arts HELEN MARY SHADDOCK Arts ELOISE OUINN SMITH Arts JANE ELIZABETH STEVENS Arts JANICE HARNED STONAKER Arts ELEANOR VAN DEUSEN Arts RUTH MYRTLE vERxXfEY MS SUSAN EMMA VOGT MS ELIZABETH ALBERTA VQN WIEGEN ARIS ETHEL MAE WALZ NUrsin9 RACHEL ELIZABETH WINSHIR Am RHYLLIS BELLE WOODWORTH Arts ELIZABETH COMSTOCK YOUNG Arts Rochester 68 Vassar Street Rochester 68 Vassar Strggr Rochester 574 Hague Street Rochester 26 Cutler Street Rochester 2i'l Rosevvood ler. Rochester 528 Linden Street Rochester 395 Canterbury Road Rochester 'l39 Caroline St. Rochester 56 Hancock Street Rochester 663 East Avenue Rochester VI2 Isabelle Street Rochester 79 Rosedale Street Rochester 'l8'l Eastman Avenue Rochester402 Rlymouth AvenueS. Rochester 'IOS Albemarle Street Rochester 'IO8 Conkey Avenue Rochester 262 Berkeley Street Clean 424 University Avenue Rochester 'VI84 Devvey Ave. Fairfield, Va. 'I69 Avalon Drive Rochester 45 Weld Street Rochester 60 Navarre Road Rochester 'I52 Laburnum Crescent E. Rochester Auburn 424 University Avenue l.e Roy Kendrick Hall Brighton 'I Westland Avenue Hollis Kendrick Hall Kendall 440 University Avenue Rochester 15 Qliver Street Rochester 376 Clay Avenue Rochester 'I65 Parkside Avenue Rochester 63 Benton Street Brighton 99 Qakdale Drive Rochester 265 Melville Street Lockport Kendrick Hall Nliddleport 323 Portland Ave. Rochester 52 Rowley Streef ON THE WAY TO GERMAN CLASS, DUFFY? GET A HORSE, PEG WANNA MATCH, BARB? RAISE YOU FIVE, COLLY TIME OUT DORM DAMES HAIR HAREI THE SUNNY SOPHS MCCARTHY BUSTLING TO CLASSES JOKE PLEASE? WHAT S SUITABLE FOR CLASSES IN WINTER GOODIE GOODIE GHANDI THE ACTION PICTURE MAC MIKE MASON 4 1 I 1 I . 1 I I I I .,.-.s......u......-is-. 'RCM NJTIE, MEYER, MASON, LAY, SCHAEFER, CURTISS, STARR, FRENCH, HILL, MERRILL, BAILY STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL THE BOSS of all campus activity. . . Besides levying a tax on the groaning stuclents, the council puts its Q. K. on the budgets of all undergraduate organizations and controls their Finances . . . There is a calendar committee to avoid conflicts of social activities . . . Once a month the council meets in the Student- Faculty rooms to consider weighty matters affecting that fabulous being, the Hentire student body" . . . Whether the arguments are about the number of delegates to be sent to the conference on the cause and cure of the over-tired student or the recognition of the new slti-jumpers' associa- tion, the solons of this august body invariably reach the wiS2Sf decision. . . 9 0.0 FACULTY MEMBERS ARTHUR CURTISS . . .Ass't. Treas. University of Rochester ETHEL L. FRENCH .............. Chairman FRANCES B. STARR ....... Alumnae Repfwtdffve I.. ALFREDA HILL .... Chairman of Athletic Committee DR. HUGH MAC KENZIE Chairman of Non-athletic Committee STUDENT REPRESENTATION CLAIRE MEYER, '35 .........,... Ex officio MARY LAY, '35 ..,. - - ' MONICA MASON '35 . . - - - ' BETTY scHAEEER,'35 . . . . - - CI'dI'md" MARGARET BAILY, 'sa .... . - - Tre-Wt' MARGARET Hoi4ENsEN, 'sa . . . . . secretary TRADITIONS COMMITTEE Inter-class rivalry and the annual Freshman-Sophomore Brealclast Iray . . . the Traditions Committee steps in and smooths out all rutfled feelings . . . It also governs Freshman initiation . . . has charge ol the presentation ol the Blue Boolc, the publication ol the Croceus, the Freshman-Junior I-Iouseparty, Moving-Llp Day, the Students' Association Reception, and Sub-freshman Day. HOUSE COMMITTEE OF CUTLER UNION The I-Iouse Committee arranges the distribution ol the house fund . . . it accepts any suggestions ol students lor malcing the Union more attractive . . . is responsible lor numerous inno- vations about the building . . . An orchid to the organization for putting on tvvo ripping campus mixers in the Union . . . Let's have more . . . also more chairs in the Iunchroom. MEMBERS Chairman BETTY HARRIS '35 MARGARET MC GLASHAN '37 MONICA MASON 35 HELEN ANCONA 38 MARGARET GLYNN 36 MISS MERRILL RUTH SEEBACH 36 CA To keep students on the straight and narrow and to deal with those unfortunate souls vvho Iail to curb the frantic urge to talce just one peelc at their neighbors paper is he unpleasant but necessary lunctlon ol this committee Whose proceedings are darl4 and mysterious to the student body Spirit ol Diogenes please note FACULTY DR EDWIN VAN DE WALLE DR JOHN HOFFMEISTER MISS SABRA HOOK STUDENTS I I I' I I UU I3"E'2E3C' IZSZS MONICA MASON 35 MARGARET DOERFFEL 37 -J, GRACE MOEHLMAN 36 WSE? ,plc Q fi I v, r -'F I Ft A D E M I C H O N E S T Y -i . I - ... . 4 , . I , mml. t at Q55 A .. . - I --V-i X . I, -Ii ' X ""' WYNI 254' IOHANSQN, RENTSCHLER DONCDGHUE, JONES BLUE BOOK A small compendium ot useful knowledge . . . a "Whos Who and What's What" oi the campus . . . edited by the obliging juniors for the enlightenment oi their y0U08CV sisters . . . Upper classmen use it too . . . usually to Find out when and if the next vacation occurs . . . or the date of the Christmas Formal . . . Contains map oi the Campus . . . socidl events . . . football schedule . . . lovv-dovvn about clubs . .. awesome lists of traditions . . . information about sor0rifiC5 . . . constitutions . . . college songs . . . and advertising . .- which an heroic advertising statl vvheedled and Wf25f2Cl from reluctant business men all through a hot sticlcy .lUlY- 0 0.0 STAFF A Eaftar-in-Chief . . ...... ANNE JOHANSON Associate Editors . . . ELIZABETH DONOGHUE MARION JONES Business Manager . . .... HARRIET FRANK Advertising Manager ....... VIOLET RENTSCHLER Assistant Advertisin Mana ers . . . MARION OGH-WE 8 S IRMA PAUI-L Art Editor . . . . . . ALICE RAMSAY STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION We're all members ol the Students' Association, which is piloted by Betty Schaefer '35, its president.. .Besides giving a reception for the freshmen in the Fall, this organization sponsors the annual free Christmas College Supper, a festive occasion for everybody . . . The monthly assemblies are in charge of this group . . . The maestros who make Phi Beta Kappa are presented with their keys as a gilt of the associa- tion. . .The fall banquet was a lot of lun , . . we all enjoyed the Christmas dance, the high spot of the holidays . . . This organization is doing splendid worlc in creating genuine college spirit on the campus BETTY A SCI-IAEFER MARGARET M GLVNN MARGARET KELLNER BETSY D CONANT ROSEMARY MORGAN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Athletic Manager KELLNER SCI-IAEFER CONANT GLYNN if D "-N-.Ol HATCH, RELJBENS, BAILY, BERGER, FRANK, CRAMER, GOLDSTEIN, GLYNN J U N I O R D A N C E aniors to be different. Who but tlme noble class of '36 would a oigskin party? Ve olde Footballe dance was ennobled by 5 the football players-even benclwes, blankets, and banners This indoor Football is the tlning-all tlwe comforts of lwome. e rrnaid sick from cider, douglwnuts, and penny candy, and many nelled out For a clwrysantlwemum. Brotlwer, can you spare a T. aa-find the name of the orclmestraj And wlwo got tlwe auto- ll f' We didn't, and we always wanted to play football- oown once and it's in tlwe blood. U JANE MANGAN Group: I-IEIXIDRYX, BOWEN, BURNS, WALLACE, GLYNN, MERRILL, MCWILLIAMS STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION BANOUET The banquet, Ied by the Iair GIymph, went oII in Iine styIe. Starting with the Iovvest forms oI IiIe fno, not the studentsb we covered the whole scope oi evoIution Within a haII hour, arriving at Iast at the Cooking schooI oI to-day. CLine Iorms at the right for chaste and sun-burned coIIeeD. The Cook Cget itfPD gave deIirious recipes, abIy assisted by the IOI girIs. Turn it upside down. See? It's still TOT. And then IVIiss I-Ieartburnaa dear IVIiss I'Ieartburnr toId us all about itaaaaayou know, Ieminine allure and all that sort oI thing. You I4novv, girIs, it's amazing what one can do if one reaIIy tries. Yes, indeed, carrots are going up, or is it coming up? MARGARET GLYIXIN COOK HOFFMAN SPENCER EGBERT ETHERIDGE GLIDDEN COAPMAN GREENE LUSK ACI-ITER SURDAM HETTIG OGILVIE WILCOX SORORITV COUNCIL awzilfiea. . . The seven sororities are active centers ol college life . . . their members include about one-hall ol the under-graduates . . . Rushing is the highlight of sorority activity . . . a great deal ol rivalry exists . . . climaxecl by the pledging oi the Fresh- men just belore Christmas vacation . . . then more Friendly relations are resumed. Umar CMM A court of arbitration . . . regulates all sorority alfairs . . .enforces the much-debated Sorority Council Constitution . . . vvorlcs very gallantly to maintain friendly relations among the sororities . . . thus assuring comparative peace during those hectic vveel4s . . . -lvvo representatives from each sorority malce up the membership. . . a junior and a senior. . . The president, Marion Glidden, was chosen from the seniors . . . the secretary, Frances Etheridge from the juniors. 'N - , S3522 , 35523 'JL s 2 s 1 HT , A 1 ' w ,S v " T . C .z g is Q Y ' H - ," Ei r , .. .,. J - ' L.J 1 ' 14 T " ' ' ,Q X' n v. 7 ' -.- - . 3- "' , .. - 4 ,h . ' V GASON, E. SCHAEFER, CARMAN, B, SCHAEFER BURKE, E. MASON, EAST, SEEBACH .N ALDRIDGE, JONES, PAULSON, BETTYS, STONAKER, HATCH, MAIJGREN, A. GREENE,Mc CARTI-IY, LAY T P-TAKEN, LYNES, BERTOLETTE, CHERRY, SNYDER, DICK, COOK, SULLIVAN, MADDEN, '!3F?EENE, RUSH ALRH!-XSIGMA FOUNDED SEPTEMBER 1903 N 2 x X' . 5' T po'-E655 3 X 45 vqx ,Q Q RN 77 SORORES IN FACULTATE Marjorle Brownell Esther Newman Jenlclns lsabel K Wallace Onnalee Durlcee Ruth Thulin l-lelen Zorsch UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Kathryn E Bec4er Mary K Burns Florence E Foster Mary G Greene Sally B Bascom Marlon E Burke D Rhea Cook Marjorre l-l East Charlotte F Aldrlclge E Gaylord Balcer Anne Briggs Constance A Carman l-lelen A Ancona Shlrley V Bertolette Marjorie L Bettys Martha E Bradford Jean E Curtin 35 Margaret Domlne 35 R Elizabeth Graves 36 RuthS Kurtz 35 Mrs LesterQ Wilder +Deceased November 1932 CLASS OF 1935 Mary Pauline Lay Allce P Maljgren Edith M Mason Monlca B Mason Virginia M Pammenter CLASS OF 1936 l-lelen M l-latch Lula Ray Johnston M rnan G Jones CLASS OF 1937 Marianne Curtln Luclnda J l-lazen Betty M Kearney Justine M Lynes Betty McCarthy CLASS OF 1938 Mary C Dlcl4 Jean E Graves Alice M Greene l-lelen Josephlne l-lagstrom PLEDGE Beverly Jensen ASSOCIATE MEMBERS El1zabethC Miner 35 Aileen Ferster 35 Pauline M Paulson Betty A Schaefer l-lelen Wagor Elizabeth C White Mary E Madden Ruth E Seebach Grace C Storandt Louise K Sullivan Margaret F McGlashan Mary B Romng Eileen M Schaefer Janice l"l Stonal4er Ann M Snyder Constance Tomlinson Margaret Van Meter Margaret L Wilbur Dorothy l-lart 36 Ruth Miller 37 Katherine Wood Poyntz 35 Bernadlna C Strong 36 l-lelen Stevenson 35 Bette l-latch 37 HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs Ralph W Marquis l2osemary'A. Cherry Mary C. Rush Margaret Ri Willers QKQQENHEIMER, SANS, GORSLINE, BULLEN, TAGGART HVVLE, LUSK, MACQMBER, BATES, GIFFORD, DOERFFEL, KELLNER, TOWNSEND, POFFENBERGER, MANGAN DVES, EGBERT, GRIMES, MOORE, M. BAILY, MOE!-ILMAN, V. BAILY, CONANT, MOS!-IER THETA ETA FEBRUARY 1 V, , 26 Z I' ,WQIRQ 5 ,J .1 ,, I i q ,-lf aff ' 903 SORORES IN FACULTATE Katherine Bowen Dorothy D. Loveland UNDERGRADUATE M Mary l.. Banl4s Catharine A. Forster Edith A. l-larman Elizabeth M. l-larris Margaret G. Baily Virginia l.. Bally Betsy D. Conant Charlotte Egbert Esther C. Allyn Florence Bates Doris W. Bohachel4 Barbara F. Brown Eleanor Collier Betty Bullen Joanne P. Guggenheimer Jean S. Kenyon l'lelen A. Schlegel '37 Dorothy Chapin '38 Anna E. Callister ,36 Ruth M. Connors '36 Mrs. G. G. Van Deusen CLASS OF 1935 Cora l"'l. l-lochstein Mary A. l.usl4 l-lelen D. MacDowell CLASS OF 1936 Ann l.. Elander Ann Grimes Jane P. Mangan CLASS OF 1937 l-larriet M. Cross Margaret l.. Doerllel Jane Finneran Marya S. Fryczynslci Genevieve Gans Phoebe R. Gifford CLASS OF 1938 Dorothy D. Macomber Mary Elizabeth Moore PLEDGES Elizabeth Chapman '38 l'lelen V. l-legendorler ,38 ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Virginia l-l. Pecl4 '36 l-lelen D. Sage '36 Farley Siclcels '36 HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. IAXDCJCVS Qrbecl4 Gertrude l-lerdle Moore E M B E R S l-lelen Pottenberger Virginia l.. Townsend Charolet Watl4eys Gertrude E. Wilmot Grace A. Moehlman Anne R. Newell Alice S. Ramsay Ruth M. Whipple D. Jane Gorsline l'lelen R. Groves Margaret E. Kellner lxlorval l-l. Kramer Sara E. Mosher Ruth l-l. Newell Mary Lou Price Marjorie E. laggart Elizabeth Ann l.usl4 '38 Jane Wolcott '38 Suzanne Trimble '36 Margaret Miller '37 Mrs. l. Russell Will4in - ' - .. .'.iE?7XJ,M.', FELLOWS, DINSMORE, DOUGHTV, SURDAM, BELISLE, INGELOW, MORLEY E'A,'XQE1TT, QUNALS, GRAHAM, MORRISSEY, ALLEN, GOELTZ, CHARLES, DAWLEY, WINCHELL, WALZ, RAMBO LL LNQSTQN, PARKES, PUFFER RENTSCHLER, WALKER, LEHR, CLAPP, HOLLINGER, VAN DEUSEN, BASTIAN, HUNTER, ENNIS, 'if' EQ DLJEELBHSS, LUNGER THETA TAU THETA 'x UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Kathryn E. Albrech Ella A. Balter Madeline Belisle Esther E. Allen Miriam E. Clapp M. Francis Ensign Wilma J. Doughty Marjorie P. Brown Winifred E. Dinsmore Ruth M. Donish Doris K. Fellows Ethlene P. Barnes l-lazel S. Bastian Ruth L. Charles Mariette Cforrington Margaret P. Johnston E. Marie McWilliams Eleanor S. Gleason ,35 Eleanor M. Meade A36 Mrs. Edwin A. Stebbins CLASS OF 1935 Ghallice R. lngelow Clarice Keenan Gladys V. Lehr CLASS OF 1936 Margaret M. Glynn Evelyn J. l-lunter Anne E. Johanson CLASS OF 1937 Janet L. Goeltz Elizabeth A. Marsh - Gertrude E. Morley Kathleen M. Morrissey CLASS OF 1938 Ruth J. Dawley Marie K. Dubelbeiss Jean I-I. Ennis Margaret E. Graham Emma J. Hollinger PLEDGES Edna Bennett Martha l-lulelt ASSOCIATE MEMBERS HONORARY MEMBERS -l'. Janet Surdam Elizabeth M. Mangan Alice Z. Wall4er Wilma E. Kujawsld Marian K. Qgilvie Doris E. Pecl4 Violet E. Rentschler Mary Puhfer Grace A. Runals Eleanor Van Deusen Ethel M. Walz Ruth Lunger Jean E. Parl4es Jane S. Rambo M. Louise Sweetnam Janice E. Lemblqe Jane Winchell Mary l'l. Raistricl4 '36 Betty C. Fairbanks '36 Mrs. Williard R. Line Mrs. Brian O,Brien I' JCEQ, VITANZA, GALLOWAY, BEAL, SMITH, PATMAN, DELIERLEIN, WILCOX A-li HLNZ, EEEBE, GLOVER, ALLEN, PALMER, FONDA, OAKLEY f2,f'f.P.'H,f'1AN, SNIDER GAMMA PHI f nf rf 5:::::::':5 fzf ff Qu A i f ,fyz f Ja UN ig i s' fQ'i1l3i U1 ff 11 ,N 1 we wi' .grid xv' Kg, agqdf 54 mr-Qi' 45" N""'J,-f Z5 x SORORES IN FACULTATE Marian M. Allen Florence E. Briggs Vera lweddell Ethel L. French UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Bernice E. Allen Marian D. Chamberlain Marguerite J. Fellows Eleanor A. Bauernschmidt Lois G. Bowman E Maber Bailey Lucille M Beal Lillian Benz l-l Marion Deuerlein Ruth Beebe l-larrlet Davies Marthabelle Mcl'lenr Mrs Dabney Blair CLASS OF 1935 Doris L. Fonda Marion M. Palmer Susan l-l. Glover Elinor L. Snyder l-lelen G. l'lolly CLASS OF 1936 Gretchen D. Wilcox l-lelen M. Coapman l-lelen J. Martin Margaret l-l. l-lol4ensen Concetta Vitanza l'lelen M. Lenna CLASS OF 1937 Elizabeth J Galloway Ruth P Oakley Ellen S Patman Minerva C Scott Eugenia C Scheid l-lelen M Shaddock Z Eloise O Smith CLASS OF 1938 Elizabeth M Wallace ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Doris V Mclfuen 35 Ruth Verwey 35 Dorothy Van Campen 35 Elizabeth C Ward 35 HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs Edwin Fauver Mrs William E Weld Mrs l-loward Mosher . . 135 . I 1 ' y '35 ' ' . ' fl SIGMA KAPPA LJPSILQN :A 13 99 'slr no lm Q32 x 55' t":,, xghiig yin! 'A TE' -.'5,' . - - S SOROR IN FACULTATE Dorothy Iruesdale UNDERGRADUATE M Emily R. Cockett Lois A. Goehringer Marion C. Glidden Lily V. Bondi Elizabeth S. Collins E. Marjorie I-Ieise Eunice I. Alborn I-lelene R. Berman Eleanor Breemes June M Foy Mary Bosworth Edith G Lyon 36 Mary Eleanor Eishbaugh 35 Janet Burt 36 Mrs l'larold-I Alling Miss I-Ielen Ellwanger CLASS OF 1935 Rebecca W. Mccormiclt Luella I. Marsh CLASS OF 1936 Marjorie M. Johns Dorothy l-I. Qtis Marguerite A. Smith CLASS OF 1937 Ruth E. I'lenion Elsa P. Law Margaret K McGurl4 CLASS OF 1938 PLEDGES ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Ruth Loebs 36 Frances C Mottram 36 HONORARY MEMBERS EMBERS Rosemary A. Morgan Ruth F. Q'Grady Roberta C. Wilder L. Geraldine Spencer Ruth E. Waugh Jane E. Welch Louise E. Morgan Katherine C. Nowack Dolores R Schwink Susan E Vogt R Elizabeth Forquer Marion E Qconnell 37 Esther Rayne 36 Marcia Tuttle 36 Mrs Clarence K Moore Mrs I-Ienry Strong Miss Annalee Smith Mrs George Whipple , 1 . 1 , 1 1 P 1 1 . 1 --ww' .mm g ,hh L,,,m,,, ,,.., ,,, . .,. .. .,.....,,.,,, .- ,,..i..... .tk s...f-1-.M ...... ..--...,.s.....,.....m...-.0-.-. - , ....c :F-M, DI PASGUALE, ETHERIDGE, SULLIVAN, QUIGLEY ,ll FVKNG, VIERGIVER, WOODWORTH THETA ALPHA EPSILGN X2 SOROR IN FACULTATE UNDERGRADUATE M Dorothy K. I-Iettig Maime J. Dipasquale Frances L. Etheridge Betty Adlam Edna Mae Barg lyy Baxter I'IdI'II'Idl'I IFGUQ Billie I-Iuddleston '35 Dorothy Seaman '35 Mrs. Raymond N. Ball Phyllis Fulton CLASS OF 1935 Catherine M. Salo CLASS OF 1936 Ruth M. Garin Dorothy M. Suter I-I. Margaret Van Zile CLASS OF 1937 Lois I-I, Bean Eunice L. Miller Jean I-I. Qrbaker CLASS OF 1938 ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Elizabeth Donoghue '36 EMBERS Marion E. Sullivan Ellenmae Viergiver Anna Jean Wallace Judith J. Povvnall I-lelen M. Quigley Phyllis B. Woodworth Shirley I-I. l'louston Rita M. Shannon '37 Mary Murasl4o '36 Laurette M. Iurgon '37 Mildred Post '36 HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Joseph I-l. Foth Mrs. Joseph W. Gavett I I i .....,+..-.,.,...-C V ......-....... ,....,...A .. .f ,.- .. V - .. -. -- . -1. .--' L, 14-Q15 E1I?EQNBEF?G, HOFFMAN, BOGORAD, LEVY, ASNASS, HEILBRUNN L ,I LSCDODMAN, COP-iN, KLONICK, ACHTER, NEWMAN SNGMA DELTA PI-Il FGUNDED OCTOBER1993 'Si 4 1757. ! g591'9i!l F1 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Susanne Bogoraol Annette Aclmter Slnrley S Colm Lllllan Kaplan Rutl1S Naclel 35 Mrs A 0 Samuels CLASS OF 1935 Florence l-lotlman Ruth l. Naclitz CLASS OF 1936 Sylvia Asnass CLASS OF 1937 Rutln B Goodman El1zabetl1J l-lerlbrunn CLASS OF 1938 Dorothy Klelnberg Sylvia Levy ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Betty P. Wolberg Ann R Eisenberg Mlrramlf Klonlck Beatrice Nevvman Gladys l'lornung 36 Ruth N Steldlutz 36 HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs A l-l Jones Mrs l'l Wolfe 1 a , , 1 ' . - f Y 'x - - 1... .- 4 2. F-54 X Q X L 1 ii1.. Q-f-4 1-Zi,- X Xff-'F"5 g 7700, .A+ ff ' .2 X ff!ff M Vfh: Y 2 Q x 1, i w 5 s 2 E I I WINTER f WINTER 'LADES EXCLUSIVE . .. SNlP...SNAP... . oo EYES AND EARS . . MAESTRC 9,0 Y... PRO AND CON PARLEZ . . . 0 0.0 WAS IST DAS . . . TEE I-IEE GET TQGETHEI2 4 MLEZ 5 n ' EQWR-'ii E l15P"',ff- ' .- I if-V f . ' X . 'X - . x t 'NL : A f K ' 9 X W ' V2 K i 0.8115 x Enix X l ., P S In .url .mln vm. Hill,- lrru lull! """ Zjvfl' mv' ww- ...... -......... Y , ,..,,,...,.....,... F . g r'flf1r!f"""iX F ' Xu . f' . ef , k j JW A '1,ff'1,, ' Y H I f xx sxsxsxxxxNN5Nx ' '0- :Zxx xxx s sxswNN-NNNVYN' xxggygsxxNNNNNNNNNNNf 1 J minute to res- 1'vLx1IQ.'uS...GrdCie .nn and Annie ff .nrrswu gt the mar- '.- in.: farmers . . . 3. 'I TGV-'KUUVOmUf'lCh , 'for e week - 7" "2 :rw ff - -if TY QU, 3 LGU . .. -'--.Q :..l.J-,,: y., - -W .,n.1eeztenen :es 1: Grynn .2,-TCC? ,::ri,...,S in - P t7.,'.7': 7 ffl is 2 K 5585 Wai? Q25 .4 Q33 5 N63 'Q M8 xL A N me mm X f f Z f f f rf f 2 And then a not dog stand to smoke up the campus. .. Buddy cnalks the record For Wimpies . . . G, C. Curtiss and R. L. Greene runners up . . . But Hula wins for Downyflake . . . 4 Newgpapers and tinfo collected in a Final attempt to Qet the CroceUS to the il press . . . 6 Tliornt steams in from Clwicago . . . liailed by clamoring audience . . . lounge moved to auditor- ium piece by piece . . . Croceus pocl4et bool4 ex- pands . . . X. 7 fl X 5 Junior Dance . . . at vvliicli a Football was given away Hee ... and Hmen vvent without desserts for two weelcs' '... because oi clwrysantliemums . . . The royal trio oi Junior Phi Betes bailed extolled and congratulated ff ,111 I JKfff','AlNXxNxfffl!f rjffiy X K ! xxxxxxxwxxxxxxsxsxsv -v-.-.-.-c-.-V-vs.-.-of.-.QQ-.Q.-V-.A.Av ,xxwwwsmnvsxmx x xwxwwv -14" i.r, , 1 i I I lxx AMQy HHH il XMI, X 'l gf 73,2 l , ,fluff MQ K ffffzxa, dig!! yy lil W, VITANZA I4OKENSEN SEEBACH RENTSCHLH SULUVAN JOHNSTON MANGAN ANNETTE ACHTER l 425 Rosewood Terrace Arts Sigma Delta Phi East l-ligh Liberal Centre 3, Debating Club 3. Smart clothes and the figure to go with them are always an attribute. Combine this with brains plus versatility, dnd you have-Annette. ESTHER EMMA ALLEN Victor, New York ' Arts Theta-Tau-Theta Victo ' ' Basketball 3, l-locl4ey 3, French Club Q, , a'tura ? Dancing 3. . -, The future 'Babe Didriecl4son', is , li X5 you doubt her prowess in the way oi sp , justCc5C4CC-Lx .1 come around to the gymnasium most any afternoon- , or just read the above credentials. Qn the othe hand, her hair fa la l-larlow-but naturalb and her native etliciency may do her well in any line. Time if-. will tell. 33 l SYLVIA ASNASS 49 Rosedale Street Arts Sigma Delta Phi Monroe l-ligh Debating Club 3, l.iberal Centre Q, 3, Assistant Business Manager Croceus 3, Junior Football Dance Committee 3. Behind that roguish smile and uwho gives a care" air, there lurl4s a philosophical soul and seriousness which arise to meet the occasion. With this combi- nation Sylvia ought to malce a success at any profes- sion or business. l'lave we heard you express a i preference, Sylvia? itz..-nt I, Y. W. C. A. Vice-President 3, olunior I-louseparty 3, Freshman Choir 'I, MARGARET GARRISON BAILY I Canandaigua, IXIGW YOVI4 Arts Iheta Eta lVIonroe I-ligh Ire-asurer Student-Faculty Council 3, Freshman- Junior I-louseparty Committee 3, Class Vice-Presb dent I, Secretary V. W. C. A. Q, Secretary-Treasurer Silver Bay Club Q, Freshman Choir 'I, Glee Club Q, 3, Pageant Q, I-locl4ey Q, Liberal Centre 3. Xllfe canit tell them apart either. But "Dorothy" will succeedAior they both turn around on hearing that Hnamef' We vvere never sure about Canan- daigua aaaa but just read the achievements of one ol the natives. lhen you'll see. VIRGINIA LEVERING BAILY Canandaigua, lxlevv Vorl4 lheta Eta Monroe l'ligh I 3, lraditions Committee 'I, I-Iocl4ey Q, Club 3, Liberal Centre 3, Vice-Chain Yorl: State Conference 3. 'i one but "VH is the elder. Cyou Figure 'well seasoned traveler by dint ol these and fnlerences, she ought to become a good :F what, Virginia? ELEANOR AMELIA BAUERNSCHMIDT Baltimore, Wlaryldmgl NUVSIVI8 Gamma Phi Eastern I-Iigh Ffsslimdfi Choir ,li Giga ciais 3, Riaing Club Q, 3, Clifilfmdfi Junior Bridge 3, Archaeology Club 3. N Barry came all the vvay from Baltimore to study ursing. ln addition to her ability in that Field, vve've lOund out that she possesses a beautiful soprano voice. And thanlcs to her lor the success oi the JUVIIOV BVICISQ. We can see her singing all her Patients to Sleep Wen novv-or lullabies could be 1 included. LILY BONDI 'I7'I Deerlield Drive Arts Sigma Kappa Llpsilon East lcligh Y' W' C- A- Q1 3i IDGBCGDI Qi Plwilosopliy Club 3i lower limes Qi Elmira Conlerence Q. I A future etiiciency expert or tlie super-business woman is tlwe plan ol tlwis economics major, Tl-lat wistful smile will be sure to lrielp ner, too. I-ler ex- cellent sense oi Iwumor will probably cinclm many an important business deal-it bas already helped her to pass l'1er courses witlwout attending all her Buginggg Qrganization classes. But personal invitations did tlie triclc. MARION ELIZABETH BURKE 'IQ7 Soutlwern Pa rl4way LOIS GLAIR BOWMAN Corning, New York Arts ' Gamma Plii Monroe I-ligli Y. W. C. A. 'Ii Qi Fresliman Choir li I-loclcey li Arcliery 'Ii Qi Badminton Ii Basketball 'Ii Clwairman ol Muriel Lester lea 3. Starting as a city girl, slie liked tlwe idea ol co- operative dorms so well tliat slie lwad lwer family move to tlwe metropolis oi Corning. Now the study oi the practical arts ol l1ousel4eeping l4eeps ber busy'-ol course, ber studies tal4e up a little time and eiiart on time side. But tlwe result slwould be a good basis lor about anytliing. Arts Alplia Sigma Nazaretli Academy I:rosl'i Mixer 'li Y. W. C. A. Cabinet li lower limes Q, 3i Croceus 3i Sub-Freslwman Qi Campus Bauble Qi Newman Club 'li Q, 3i Arclw Bearer Qi Pageant Qi Magazine Sale 3. i'Any old newspapers or magazines?"-and tlwus Marion does ber bit lor Croceus. l'l1inl4 of the luture in this business-wliat witlw collecting Phi Betes' papers and selling tliem at a neat profit. llien tlwere is ber giggle-wlwiclw goes to prove tliat tlwere is a sense oi liumor lurl4ing beliind tlwose eyesfwlwat about Abulia? ls tlwat the cause oi lrier grey liairsf? I MARY ELIZABETH CASHMAN 68 Arnett Boulevard Arts Nazareth Academy Croceus Stall 3, Debating Club Q, 3, Liberal Centre 3, Newman Club Treasurer 'l, Q, 3, V. W. C. A. 3, Dramatics Club Q, 3, Technical Staff, ul-lolidayn Q, Mary is a born executive, lil4e a good general, she First lool4s over her territory and then proceeds with her plan ol action in a cool, ellicient manner. So il you vvant a job vvell done, give it to Mary. This gal also has the courage oi her convictions but all ellorts to convince her oi a dog,s honorable intentions are futile. - Q5 Eastland Avenue . NJ nf Wt MIRIAM ELIZABETH CLAPP 5. ' VJ! I ' LeRoy, Nevv Vorlc L A X' f' JyA44j!J Ilylta Tau Theta LeRoy l-ligh x ' I 1 4 ,1 NWN ,fl sir, ne dvmQei16m,v. W. c. A. Q, 3,Basl4etbalI Q, 3, .1 ' U oclcelS7Q, 3, lap Dancing 'l, Q, Criclcet Club Q, 3, Lilflgaving Q. 1 A very attractive blond vvho gets her exercise by .frunning to her eight o'cloclc classes. ln an English major, her chief reference is Websteris Dictionary. l-loclcey and basketball are oi great interest to Miriam as well as her specialty-the Flea hop. HELEN MARION COAPMAN Arts Gamma Phi Brighton l-ligh Freshman Choir, Glee Club Q, 3, V. W. C. A. 'l, Q, 3i V. W. C. A. Cabinet 3, Criclcet Club Q, Debatin8 Club Q, 3, lnternational Relations Club Q, 3, SDVUTB Dance Committee Q, Freshman-Junior l-lousepariY Committee 3,"Campus Baublen Q, Sorority Council 3i l:V05lW-SODh Brealdast Committee 1, Q, Rosenberiief Prize. l'lovv l-lelen can lceep up with all the above activi- ties and still vvin the coveted Rosenberger Prize is 5 VUYSWVY- But even that prize can't cure you of the l3lC'CUD5 CGW il, Helen? . . . sorry to mention il. 'ilk ' " LEONE MAY COFFLY Niagara Falls Arts Niagara Falls l-ligh Qnce upon a time a princess had a fairy god- mother, but Leone is a goddaughter of the Muses, For Euterpe, -lerpishchore, and Erato endowed her at birth. l-ler descriptions oi sensuous, mocnlit nights, of fragrant breezes, solt music, impassioned glances are the envy ol all the vvould-be authors ol the campus. This raises the question-has geo- graphical specialization anything to do with it. And then there is her tennis playing-she really can drive one svvilt ball-or even more than one. lt you don't believe us-play vvith her sometime. rts Sigma Kappa Upsilon Monroe l-ligh i EVA COHEN Q5 Catherine Street Arts Benjamin Franlclin High German Club 1, Q, 3. 1 She may be quiet but there is a lot behind her shy smile. We predict a future ol extensive travel- Hall the better to use your languages, my dear." l-ler inclination to say little ought to stand her in good stead lor that ticl4lish position ol an international diplomat. We can see her settling many a crisis-by the vvay, do you believe in the World Court? ELIZABETH COLLINS T87 Crosman Terrace Model League 3 lnternational Relations Q, 3, V. W. C. A. Q, 3, Political Club 3, l-listory Club T, Class Treasurer Q, Photographic Editor Croceus 3, Badmin- ton 'l, Q, Chairman Freshman Junior lea Dance 1, Freshman Choir il, Glee Club 1. Lizzie is Godis gilt to the government department. She vvall4s two miles to college every morning to get in trim For her First move in the diplomatic service. qw- ,.-,. -fn--I -1 .-,-lviurv-f ' K '- """' 'N -5.4 llllffgyu Q, Sophomore l-louseparty Q, Dra- . fs .k, Alpha Sigma Sacred l'leart Academy uv , ,ri Choir, Olee Club Q, 3, Chapel Committee if tial Chairman Q, international Relations Club Cub ig. Q, 3, Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast Q, Council 3. rzcrfr need to mention Rheals dramatic ability een Mtried and provenf, She can manage .wizn the best oi el-liciency as is proven by recent committee Q, "Crime at Blossoms" Q, New- BETSY DRURY CONANT Amsterdam, New York Am Theta Eta Amsterdam l'ligh Treasurer Students' Association 3, Assistant Literary Editor Croceus 3, Olee Club Q, 3, international Relations Club Q, Library Committee 3, Cricket Club Q, lower limes 'l, Q, l-lockey Q, Freshman Choir i, i-listory l Club. "Ah, go on" with that wave ol the hand is our Betsy. But she can surely wave a keen dissecting kniie over dead cats in Biology, too. Anyone should trust any kind oi a cat with Betsy, lor she radiates trustiness. Ever consider advertising "that school- girl complexionm? DOROTHY RHEA COOK 'l5Q Trevor Court Road MAIME JEANNE DI PASOUALE 403 Central park Arts lheta Alpha Epsilon East l-ligh lrreshman Choir, Otlicer French Club Q, 3, V. W. C. 'jx' Alf Q1 3i SODhomore Cabinet Q, Chairman Social Vfork Q, Newman Club T, Q, 3, l-lockey l, Qi Basketball 'l, Q, llflaime s success is due to her nonchalance. lhis i0S2tlisf with G irish degree oi intelligence, accounts for the ease with which she plays bridge and trans- ates Spanish at the same time. It has been said that I . sne kept the library stati at bay over a twenty-live cents an hour line. Who won, Maime? ELIZABETH DONOGHUE 80 Jacl4son Street Arts Theta Alpha Epsilon Charlotte l-ligh Freshman Choir, Tower Times 'l, l-loclcey 3, Baseball Qi Scribblers' Club 'l, Q, 3, Treasurer Scribblers' Club 3, Associate Editor Blue Boolc 3, l-listory Club Q. When Elizabeth clisapproves, the question is deiinitely settled as lar as her friends are concerned. Qnly on one subject can she be wrong-we insist that her hair is not red. Anyway, it may help her sense of humor for she has an uniaiiing one. She dashes oii sonnets any time at all, decorates her notes with Maltese crosses, lceeps one step ahead oi the lecturer, and sings "Black-Eyed Susan Brown" in Erench. WILMA DOUGHTY 324 Birr Street Arts Theta Tau Theta U. of Chicago Junior Auction Committee 3. Bacl4 from the wild and woolly west, Wilma started right in to help the money minded Juniors mal4e their quota, what with pinlc elephants or white elephants, or what was it we sold at the auction? We only wish she had been here sooner. r'f7"'M ' "" "" ' MARJORIE HELEN EAST CSQB post Avenue Arts Alpha Sigma West l-ligh Arch Bearer Q, Advertising manager oi Croceus 3, "Campus Baublen Q, Apple Committee 3. The First halt oi East and Westl Why the worried loolc, Marg? Maybe the psychology is getting her, or maybe she only went out five times this weelt, or maybe she toolt a iender oti the new Qlclsmobile, or possible it's the situation in Albania. You can't never tell. But worried loolt or not, she's always slews oi fun. CHARLOTTE EGBERT Buhfalo, New VOVl4 Arts Theta Eta Bannett l-ligh 50 XXX. C, A. Cabinet T, Freshman Choir, Glee Club Q, 3, Sophomore Class President, l-loclcey l, Q, Tap Q, Basketball 'l, Q, Arch Bearer Q, l'Campus Baublei' Q, HJulep lime" 3, Croceus 3, Sorority Council 3, l-listory Club l, Genesee Scholarship, Junior Dance Committee 3. Better l4nown as the Hblonde menacef' The miracle ol how she passes all her quizzes when they are the only cause For her attendance at class is lound in all her sleeping. But il thatis the secret ol her blonde loyeliness--Hgood-night, everybody." ANN RUTH EISENBERG i6'l Ernst Street ms Sigma Delta Phi Benjamin l:ranl4lin Qi, Watlzeys Discussion Group 'l, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Q, Student lndustrial l, l-listory l Club, fclitical Club 3. ll Ann is not going to or coming from some lab cr other, we wonder. But it is all in line lor that cursing careeraoh bugs. Conscientious is some- ning that we can truly add on to Ann's name. Just sl: her to do anything-or most anything-and it -.fill be done. l ANN LOUISE ELANDER Lalcewood, New Yorle Arts Theta Eta Jamestown l-ligh Freshman Choir, -lenriis manager 3, Chairman Junior ADDle Sale 3, Chairman Junior Candy Store 3, Sophomore Brealtiast Committee Q, Genesee Scholar- ship. The girl with the supreme sense ol humor is Ann. And when it comes to card triclcs, Ann is the Feminine combination ol Mr. l-loudini and Mr. lhurston. Qi course, one canlt forget that she can also sell any and all GDDl2S tO unsuspecting co-eds: proof-the Junior Apple Sale. Q9 Nichols Street M FRANCES ENSIGN 593 Mt I-Iope Avenue Nursing Theta Tau -Iheta West I-Iigh Arch Bearer Q Basketball 'I Q Political Club 3 Usher Sub Freshman Day 3 Fran will certainly malce a clever little nurse I-Ier excellent poise is perhaps due to training But what gives her that lovely school girl complexion a bunch ol raw carrots daily? f - 1 -.n. -.iQ-. .aug , ,,,N VA g I I . 7 1 i j VIRGINIA CHARLOTTE ESTER FRANCES LOUISE ETHERIDGE SQI Chili Avenue Arts East I-Iigh Evening School I-Iistory Club 'I, German Club Q, 3, Dr. Watkeys, Discussion Group 'I, Croceus Stall 3, Riding 3. Whois afraid ol the big, bad problem? Fortun- ately Ior her Iriends, it isn't Virginia. Armed with a I4een intellect and unwavering ambition, she Forces our problems to unconditional surrender. By right ol her name and knowledge, Virginia is the undisputed queen ol the chemistry laboratory, I-Ier one con- Iessed weakness is fortune-tellers. Arts Theta Alpha Epsilon West l'Iigh I-Ioclcey 'I, Basketball 'I, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet I, Q, "places," ml-he l.", Rhees Chapel Committee, French Club 'I, Q, 3, Scribblersy I, Q, 3, I-Iistory Club 'I, Class Secretary Q, In Medias Res Q, Sorority Coun- cil 3. Fran has been distinguishing herself in the Scrib- blers' Club since her freshman year. She Iinds time for clubs, dances, writes parodies on Shakespearian plays and manages to Iceep up her marlcs. She is positively ingenious when it comes to smuggling pillows from the browsing room to a seminar. :---- -af'-H .-Qin:-uw -f- -"-- ---f-"-- J? l l C v ' i i :nat was presented at Fresliman camp. i ltv baseball in one ol time gowns "appro- HARRIET RUTH FRANK EM luaburnum Crescent Am Monroe l-liglw Business Manager Blue Book Q, Assistant Managing Editor lower limes 3, Committee liresliman-Junior l-louseparty 3, Committee Spring Dance Q, "Campus Bdublgn Q, lap Dancing l, Q, Arclw Bearer Q, Cliapel Program Q, Committee College Supper Q, Business Manager Kaleidoscope 3. Quiet and unassuming, tlwe loil ol lwer several soul-mates, Frankie is tlie personilication ol tlwe proverb that a good listener is tlwe best conversa- tionalist. l-ler popularity is tlwe prool. RUTH GARIN 398 Cedarwood -l-errace it-'ra Alplwa Epsilon Mercy l-Iiglw , Basketball 'l, 3, Swimming 'l, New- EY 3, Freshman-Junior l-louseparty 3. itlw tlwat many ol tlwe Juniors were in- lf use ol tlwe clwarming apparel used in nstructing lreslimen what to wear. l-ler fougtit to be mentioned, also. But you ,A MARJORIE GILLES 42 Audubon Street AVE Monroe l-ligli V-Vf.C.A.1, Q, 3, Liberal Centre 3, lnternational Relations Club 3. A llVW8uist and an lwistorian, way back in liiglu an 1, . - . scaool sn, XNGS liolding lortlw in tlie languages, and in , l- ' . , , 'OW sues a regular attendant in Seminar T Sire fczglii believe in doing anytliing lor next montli, 35661122 You can never tell wlwat's going to lwappen. -UV mUCl1 Interested in tlie Liberal Centre. Blue is mol-"'-' 32iU"18 G Detition signed to lynclw one ol our Cflngressmen. MARGARET MARY GLYNN 475 l-layward Avenue Arts -lheta -lau Theta East l-ligh CNY SCl1OlarShip 'l, Editor in Chiel Croceus 3, Vice- President Students' Association 3, News Supenfisor Tower Times, Din, Q, 3, Arch Bearer Q, Chairman Freshman lnitiation Q, Chairman Freshman l.uncheons Q, Chairman Students, Association Banquet 3, Dele- gate Model League Q, Junior Skit Q, Cutler Union l-louse Committee 3, Silver Bay Q, Spring Dance Committee Q, Assembly Committee Q, Mock -lrial Pacilists Q, Dr. Watkeys' Discussion Group, Frosh Mixer 'l, Freshman-Junior l-louseparty 3, Kaleido- scope Q, 3, Committee University Day 'l, 3, New- man Club 'l, Q, 3, Sophomore Cabinet Q, Basketball Numerals Q, l-listory l Club. IRMA GOLDSTEIN 3'l6 Berkeley Street i Program 3. .JV unbusinesslike qualities. RUTH ELIZABETH GRAVES 3Qi Seneca parkway Arts Alpha Sigma John Marshall l-ligh HCampus Baublel' Q, Sub-Freshman Day Q, Arch Bearer Q, Class Day i. Betty, better known as Gravy or Gravey, depend- ing on how well one knows her, is one ol our loggier members. She can sit for hours in the library and the result is: ul wonder if her color is natural?" l-here's something about the low pressure areas that got her, or was it the picture puzzle of the U. Sf? F--'.-- - . -iii' w ' Arts Monroe l-ligh Class Day 'l, Sub-Freshman Day 3 -lennis 'I Q Busi i nessManagerCroceus3,licketCommittee Campus Baublen Q, Business Stail "l-loliday Q Chapel A good sport, friendly, sympathetic with a ready ear lor your troubles, lrm may "manage well enough but we're afraid she will never be a complete suc cess as a business woman so long as she retains these 'N S4 ii f rfi .c, V 'ff 2 ol its possessor. movie stars. But she must SYLVIA ESTELLE GRAY F fO Laburnum Crescent ,AWS Monroe l"ligh Financial Committee Croceus 3, Liberal Centre 3, French Club Q, 3, German Club Q, 3. Sylxia is the delight ol her profs in French class, quiet as a mouse but suddenly bursting lorth in un- expectedly humorous sayings. l-ler sense ol humor is not conlined only to her classes, lor she is the lile ol all gatherings. She is sure to mal4e a line French teacher a realizing her lilelong ambition- -the delight ol all her pupils. ANN GRIMES Portyille, New York ia lita Portville l-ligh tim ever thought ol competing .fhnf i ilw U. ol R., reading volumes lore the said quiz. For those pro- rigirialopinionsyaxnnisan oblig- ,vi F. Kirin is one ol our newest ready lnows her slow smile and LORRAINE HAEGE T59 Cady Street Am Nazareth Academy Gzwift Cltlb ll, Q, 3, Newman Club 'l, Q, 3, lnter- rmlmel Rslififm Clllb 3i Riding 3, Croceus Statf 3. l-'3fV5lV12,S h2dVt is as sunny as her hair but don't Sei the impression that she is one of the cloyingly M221 Sirls Whg Dall on the appetite alter the First hdli hour. Lorraine has a dash ol spice nicely blended with the sweet, so that the total etlect is a compound ot which one never tires. l.orraine,s major is chem- 'QL X l X . . L , '-iff, out her exotic illustrations ol her lab-mates wealnness is their despair. DOROTHY G. HARNESS 'l6O Eastman Avenue Arts John Marshall High History Club 'l, Philosophy Club Q, V. W. C. A. Q, 3, Lewis Street Settlement Q, 3, St. Lawrence Conference Q, Freshman-Junior Houseparty 3, State Scholarship, City Scholarship. Dottie's head is in the clouds but her Feet are in the biology laboratory. She worried and worried about what she should talce her major in, and then decided to start with the lowest Forms oi life and worl4 up. When Dot leaves our scholarly world here, we hope she'll leave the secret oi her success to the school. Plenty oi us could use it. HELEN MARY HATCH 53 Normandy Avenue Nursing Alpha Sigma West High Freshman Mixer Committee 'i, Glee Club 'l, 3, Chapel Choir 'l, Committee Sophomore-Senior lea Q, UCampus Baublen Q, Croceus 3, Hockey 'l, Com- mittee Christmas Formal 3, Arch Bearer Q. Quietly eilicient, Helen is conscientiously earning her medals at the Nursing School. Her inimitable graciousness attracted us to her, and her loyalty and thoughtiulness have won for her many enduring friendships. HELEN LOUISE HAWELKA Auburn, New Yorlc Nursing Auburn Academic High Newman Club i, Q, 3, French Club Q, Basketball "R"1,Bas'ebiaII Numerals Q, Sketch Club 3. She didnit want her nursing course mentioned here, so we won't. But as to anything dealing with art-that is Helenls chiei interest-aside from nursing which we aren't mentioning. She spends a great deal oi her time at the Art Gallery tal4ing many a course under the art instructors there. Maybe she can combine?-with the art some oi these days. --f -i W wxuurlr- ---'A---QW -' n-' l appa Upsilon West f-ligh V W. C. A. 'I, Q, 3, Swimming 'l, Ct fl 3, Junior Flowerfommittee 3. that whiz with the basltetball-she th court in lightning fashion. The cnorus also proves her nimbleness en with Gerry Spencer-we wonder ll in the family, we assure you. BETTY HEILBRUNN S9 fantcrbury Road Ang Sigma Delta Phi Monroe High lnternational Relations Club 3, Debating Club 3, lcibcral Centre Q, 3. A transfer from Mount l-lolyolte in her sophomore year is Betty. Ask her about the church services there. And then you can aslt her all about her budget W how much time can you spend for eating, Betty? She believes in great deliberation and thought in writing any kind of a paperftalce her Sociology l paper for instance. lwo lines a day during vacation was the limit of this genius. ETHEL MARJORIE HEISE 69 Congress Avenue LOUISE HENDRYX Cuba, New Vorlf AWS Cuba l'ligh School French Club fl, Q, 3, lnternational Relations Club 3, fAtVCh2"Y 3, l'louse president Q, Chairman Assembly Committee 3, -lreasurer V. W. C. A. 3, State Scholar- snip. l'loola will always be remembered by her class- VHZ9 for tier D29 and spontaneity which can only I f' - - . . . 1 Cf 2Q'JGll2Cl by her executive ability. But then, isnt ,A rw . ifw lcfnzf the VUOYOV Of Cuba, l-loola? It you won- Cerat the source of II f-l I 6 oo als vitality, we refer you observation-just watch her attaclt a Plate of Hthem thar wimpiesf' fi personal 1:1-ff-.W-.-ev.,-:vw--cena-n--,., ...,-.,,, .Y , - GERTRU DE HELEN HEWITT Watertown, New York Arts Sackett I-ligh School Cricket Club Q, 3, Manager Archery 3, Archery'l, Q, I-liking 1, Q, Basketball 'l, Y. W. C. A. 3. Did anyone mention the army? What about the army post at Sackett's I-larbor? Then there is her ability in the cooking line-in preparation For what? And she can certainly ply a mean needle-or per- haps we mean Usew a Fine seam." She can make tailored clothes look tailored-not an easy thing. We almost Forgot Syracuse-but we will wager that Helen hasn't. What is there about that town? MARGARET HELEN HOKENSEN VIRGINIA MAE HILLOCK 8 Nottingham Road Arts East l-ligh Freshman Choir, Y. W. C. A. 7, Q, Sophomore Cabinet Q, Business Staff Croceus 3. Virginia is one of our future "brain-trusts," etticiency experts, international interpreters, or what have you? Equally at home on the ballroom Floor as in any or all classrooms, she thus proves her versatil- ity. She is one of those rare specimens who may be called a "one-mann woman. We hasten to qualify that statement-only one man at a time. Salamanca, New York Arts Gamma Phi Salamanca I-ligh Class president 3, Vice-President Q, Secretary, Student-Faculty Council 3, Croceus 3, Tower 'limes Q, 3, I-louse Committee, Cutler Union Q, Cricket Club Q, 3, Tennis 3. "l'lokie" hails from Salamanca where the lndians war-whoop all day. Any information concerning the lndian Reservation can be obtained by addressing a self-addressed envelope to Miss l'lokensen. As the Junior class president, her executive abilities are unequallecl. As For original ideas-she is a true genius. - a-- .'l3'i"Y" A ANNE ELIZABETH JOHANSON 734 Woodbine Avenue Sclmolarslmip. view to time results to be gained MARIAN ELIZABETH JOHNCOX 766 Garson Avenue Arts East i-liglm Qeology Club 'l, international Relations Club 3, Political Club 3, l-lockey 3. lo time uninitiated, itwould seem tlmat Marian's two passions-music and government are as lar apart as time two poles. But as music can Usootlme time savage breast," wlmat could it do to tl'me politicianisf? lime connection is apparent wlmen one recalls time pass- word oi time two fields: tlme musician says, HGive me don wlmile time politician says, UGive me douglmi' -. lt's all in tlwe spelling. Qntario, New York Club 3, State Sclmolarslmip. can work lmar tinme. Not bad, Marg. Arts -llmeta Tau llmeta West l"liglm l-lockey 1, Q, 3, Manager oi l-lockey 3 Basketball 1, Q, Tennis Q, l-listory l Club Geology Club 'l Dr. Watkeys' Discussion Group l Model League Committee Q, international Relations Club Q 3 V W. C. A. 'l, Q, 3, Y. W. C. A Cabinetl Q e Book Editor 3, Croceus 3, State Sclmolarsliip City It you wonder at time source oi lwer lmiglm marks vigor in all sports, and lmer pleasing personality alw, tlme answer is HSmacks.H A very systematic person is Betty Jo-slme plans everytlming witlm a deiinite MARJORIE MABEL JOHNS Arts Sigma Kappa Llpsilon Qntario l'lI8lW Ereslmman Clwoir, Easter Clmapel l Basketball 'l Q 3 l'llSlOVY l Club, Soplmomore Cabinet Q V W C A 'l, Q, 3, Geology Club Q, Spring Pageant Q pOlIUCdl Margie tlmreatens, i'Drive witlm me once A levt iavored lmave lived to tell time tale about time street car-. llwis driver came from Qntaiio xm rrlm a pen and d brain and slie lmas gone on from tlwat point exei SiVmCe. Qne oi tlmose wlmo doesnt nced to studb l G CiUiZ, Slme, uniortunately, docsnt k NN f d and at tlmc samc timc lmaxc one Q0 LULA RAY JOHNSTON 8 Argyle Street AHS Alplid Slfimd Monroe l-ligh Chairman Sophomore l-louseparty 2, Committee Sophomore Dance, Song Leader Q, 3, Committge .Junior Dance, Glee Club Q, Committee Freshman- ,Junior l-louseparty 3. There is a natural vivaciousness about our Lula, if your spirits are low and you "need a lift," go to Lula. She always has a cheery word and that infec- tious giggle is a sure cure. A music major is our Lula, but she always seems to find time to spend on that uArt" course. Among her hobbies might be listed linen and silver collecting. MARION GWENDOLYN JONES 30 Colgate Street MARGARET JOHNSTON 56 Dunbar Street Arts Theta Tau Theta West l-ligh UCampus Baublen Q, Newman Club 1, Q, 3, Junior Dance Committee 3, Production Committee 3, Croceus Staff 3, French Club 3. We wonder why Marg is always looking for a ride to New York? Though she is a French major, we understand that she will enter Social Work after graduation. It must have been Sociology l or maybe it is the experience gained in doling out food to the starving co-eds in Cutler cafeteria. Arts Alpha Sigma West l-ligh Tower Times Reporter Q, "Campus Baublel' Q, Arch Bearer Q, Blue Book Staff Q, Class Day Exercises Q, ,Junior Auction Committee 3. There is a wistful quality about Marion that makes her seem apart from us, but her essential depend- ability and thoughtfulness make us proud that she is a part of us. She ought to make a good detective- what with all the experience she is now gaining in the library. She can track any clue to its lair. 1-, - - A--X ,ou::wr1- ELLEN ELIZABETH KONDRAT T49 Garson IAWCHUC Arts Spencerport l-ligh Baseball i, Q, l-loCl46Y 9, 3i Basketball 'lf 9, 3i NEW- man Club i, Q, 3, l-listory l Club. When Ellen hears a iol4e she laughs, and vvhen she laughs, vve laugh. ln spite ol the hearty shalcing up she gets every morning and alternoon in her air- conditioned Iimasine, she collects her scattered thoughts enough to get some pretty good grades, during her soph year, 'tis said, she got some eighties. WILMA FRANCES KUJAWSKI 5 l-lart Street Arts -lheta Tau Theta West l-ligh German Club Q, 3, Sophomore Cabinet V. W. C. A. Q, German play Q, 3, l-locl4ey 'l, Q, Dancing 'l, Q, Baslcetball i, Q, 3, Croceus Stall, Pageant Q. This little songstress is the joy ol the chemistry lab with her heartrending ballads. But her activities are not confined to the laboratory, everyone on the campus lcnovvs and loves Wilma. She has a nice sense ol lair play, and the only thing that brings the red Flag ol anger into her cheel4s is to see an injustice done. Wilma's svveet personality guarantees her success. VIENO LAHDE 38 ldillendale Street Nursing Xilfest l'li8lW Baseball 'l, "Places" i, Liberal Centre 3, lnter- national Relations Club 3, Swimming Q, Freshman Choir. A characteristic ol Finnish pcoplc is that thei' DGY their debts promptly, and Vieno has inhci'itCCl this admirable trait. She also has inhcritcd an cxccl- lence in SDOl'l5i sho is an aidcnt spOilSW0ma'l' Vieno is tal4ing thc nursing course, and wc prOPlW5Y llml lift Patients will obvy thcii nuisc without question. HELEN MARGARET LENNA Jamestown, New York Nursing Gemma plil Jamestown l-ligh Dormitory Council Q, 3, Freshman Choir, Riding Q 3, Lena is the red-head from Jamestown who Studies UUVSWB- Ordiriarilv We wouldn't recommend a red- headed nurse, but l-lelen's disposition belies her red hair. And speaking ol nursing, ask her if she heard anything about the uStrep', sore throats at the Strong l-lospital last summer. You'll probably hear something about theml EDITH GIFFORD LYON 46 Avery Street Arts Sigma Kappa Upsilon West I-ligh Basketball 'l, Q, 3, V. W. C. A. 'l, EZ, 3, Lewis Street Settlement Q, 3, l-lockey 1, Business Stall Croceus 3, Archery Q, Philosophy Club Q, "R" 1, 'lap Dancing 'l, Auction Committee 3, Sub-l:resh- man Day 3. Edith is our budding philosopher who never bloomed. She thinks with Plato, but she eats with us-indications ol high mindedness and low tastes, Edith always liked to play cute little games, so she majored in psychology. MARY ELLEN MADDEN Q1 Westland Avenue rts Alpha Sigma Sacred l-leart Academy Class Treasurer 'l, Page, Class Day 'l, Glee Club li Erosh Breakfast 'l, Arch Bearer Q, "Campus Baublen Q, Junior-Freshman l-louseparty 3, Newman ClUb 'l, Q, 3, Croceus 3. Mary had a raccoon coat, lts lur was very thick, And now she has a car to carry it around in. Also her friends. ltls safer when the steering-wheel works, but not much. Mary also looks well on a talus slope. The eyes speak lor themselves. JANE PATRICIA MANGAN Binghamton, New York Arts -lheta Eta Binghamton I-ligh Social Chairman 'l, 3, Baslcetball l, Q, 3, Baseball 'l, Q, Tennis Q, lap 'l, Q, l-locl4ey 'l, Q, 3, Chairman Sub-Freshman Day Q, Glee Club Q, Chairman Junior Dance 3, Arch Bearer Q, Newman Club Q, Assistant Director ot Dramatics 3, "Campus Baublew Q, Croceus 3, Genesee Scholarship. The Irish have it. All worl4 and no play-you lmow-has a strong bacl4er in our friend Jane. Just try to Find her at the dorm any weelc-end. l-lere come the Irish with a bang-bang and ustuti lilce that," l-loot-hootl HELEN MARTIN Mt. Morris Arts Gamma Phi Mt. Morris "Martyn probably mal4es more breal4s than any one else in college, or at least more than any one in Eastman Dormitory. Une might thinl4 that all would be learned by experience-but not I-lelen. And when it comes to seeing the point ot a jol4e, well, Martin may be lrish, but isn't England somewhere near Ireland? FRANCES MIHILL l.al4e placid, New york Arts Lal4e placid l'll8li Newman Club l, Q, 3, Freshman Choir, Committee Apple Sale 3. lolow could a girl from the region oi Lale placid be GVWWIWIVWS IDM d good sport? Fran is cxfcrYbOClY'5 lfliiud. l-lei' First love was chemistry, but linding IIWC 9ldmO"OU5 Dd80aiiti'y ol the past moic alluring than the prosaic tinklc ol img MLW Amt Sr,,,m9 i-Od, sht decided to linlx her hnntl in liiuntlship with that ol tht. Qlkdl of luglglyh thnx. OI hlkfg my5tr'lIC5 IS VVIWY l'l'dIi IOOIXS lllitlvl liyi ts.-.4 yxylxi' ltlfllil. GRACE ANNE MOEHLMAN 149 Gregory Hill Road Eid Monroe High Freshman Choir, Glee Club Q, 3, Hockey 'i, Q, Basketball 'i, Q, 3, Baseball Q, Dr. Watkeys' Discus- sion Group 'i, History l Club, Librar Q, 3, Academic Honesty Committee Q, 3, Chapel and Assembly Committees 3, Assistant Editor Croceus Arts Theta y Committee 3, Chairman Junior-Freshman Houseparty 3, Pro- duction manager Kaleidoscope 3, Silver Bay Q. We predict either a career on the Metropolitan or around the corner at the Cotton Club. She can also Hl2eaFiirm iaith in human naturef, Then there is Gracie's rendition oi "The Man o th Fl ' Trapeze." One has to have iaithl n e ying MARION KATHRYN OGILVIE 533 Augustine Street ANNE NEWELL 6 Qliver Street Arts Theta Eta Monroe High "Baby" is that girl you see always ilitting here and there, almost hidden by a pile oi books. If the books aren't there, then it is the sister, Ruthie. We mustn't iorget Anneis giggle-it is as good as a trade-mark, for that is all that is necessary to identiiy "Baby" Arts Theta Tau Theta John Marshal' Freshman Choir, Glee Club Q, Arch Bearer Qi Hostess Sub-Freshman Day i, Q, BaSl46ibdll Numerdls Q, Sorority Council 3, Assistant Advertising Man- ager, Blue Book Q. When we hear HHi'ya, -l-oots?", vve know that Marion has just entered the lab. Though d VZVY enthusiastic chemist, she sometimes brings her italian cut-vvork to class. fireball Q, Basketball 3, German irl .ffitli tlwe friendly smile-and ou il you are a member ol tlie DOROTHY OTIS N50 Cliili Axcritit' X Sigma Kappa Llpsilon Cincinnati, Qlwio iljtgball lffkt-tcli Club 3, leclinical Stall l'l3oor'l 3i ii Dirt-crore "Crime at Blossoms" 3, Kaleidoscope 3. Miss Otis lias regretted ever since Ozzie Nelson i dt' licr famous in Cutler Union. Unlike most mod- in girls slit' paints as well on paper as slie does on litr lace NVQ liope slwe draws many dates and no lemons. DOROTHY OWEN 37 Riclwland Street East l-liglw l .lic out-oi-doors. .lust watclw l wlien Dot is on tlie court. Our MURIEL WINIFRED PARKIN 37 Woodstock Road Om East i-ligii l:OUmfi ill? SDecies rarus-a woman wlio actually H225 Vfailll and wlio never gossips. -lliat Mona l.isa srfile lwides a trul ch Y arming personality and a keen 52952 ol liumor. Wflwen Muriel endows a university, ii will be witli tlie stipulation tliat time cliemistry tables be built lower. She has ter liar mmm during lW2r Sophomore year was, "Why ledm lo Swim? -lli2Y always save women and cliil- l - rn oren First, anyliow, a very logical mind, IRMA SYLVIA PAULL 303 Dartmouth Street Arts Monroe l-ligh Tower 'limes Reporter 'li Kaleidoscope Q, 3, A552ml0lY Program 'li QiTeio1, Qi Chapel Service Q. A smooth car swerves behind Anderson-we see a grin, a curl, that cheery "l-li" and lfma dashes to her numerous "psych" classes. HAccording to PSYClWOlO9Y-H, says lrma, and we do not catch the last as she disappears around the corner. DORIS EDNA PECK l-lilton, New Yorlc Arts Theta Tau Theta Spencerport l-ligh l'locl4ey Qi Basketball 'l, Qi -lennis Qi Sub-Freshman Day Committee Qi Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 'li Com- mittee Apple Sale 3. l-lere's some advice to the one who sometimes has trouble in starting her car. lnstead oi aslcing for a push, just uhitch your wagon to a star." As an Eng- lish major Doris is particularly interested in those "luscious" lectures concerning English novels. PHYLLIS HILDRED PHILLIPS 'N 654 South Avenue 3' Arts lthaca l-ligh Scribblers' Club 1, Q, 3. Phil came to us from lthaca with imperturable self-possession, leaning towards entomology and a habit of thinking in circles around most people. She argues considerably, in a manner as clear and to the point as her tailor-made clothes. She wielcls d medfi lmile when dissecting Frogs, but that is as lar as it goes. She is also a noted member ol the Scribblers' Club and is tamed lor her psychological themes. H, i ,fs o member ol our class, but all .f."K'lCOVTiG. She seems to like to ' the great men ol the past, for fF'f1i deal ol her time. Then there ANNA PICCARRETO 'if 'sam' h' Stivct QMS Xllfest l-ligh Ncxxnyaiw Club l, 3, Y. ,li l-l0Cl4eY Qi 'Xitneit 32 ,lunior Auction Committee 3. li. ho is the modest, unassuming girl with the win- ning smile? Anna Piccarreto, ol course. Anna is iroioiing in geology, and like a true geologist, she wants to get to the bottom ol things provided that it is not the V. NW. pool. She is firmly convinced that .s diving board is an instrument ol torture, unsur- passed by anything that the middle ages had. 1 GRACE POELMA Albion, New York Albion l-ligh ,f ,V it ll.,cl,yl. ALICE SCOVH. RAMSAY Q91 Barrington Street fL'tfiS Theta Eta Monroe l-ligh 6522 Club 1, 2, 3i Sketch cioo i, 3, Sophomore Dance Committee Q, Grand-daughters, Club 'l, Q, 3, Blu? Book Stat? Qi Arch Bearer Q, Freshman Choir. A sirl llldl Cen combine a college career with an interest in all the Hartsi' and especially art in the literal sense, is our little friend, Alice. She has demonstrated that certain ease in ditiicult places N '-.f hich is the envy of us all. And her slovv spoken l drav-fl is sure to bridge many a crisis, VIOLET ELIZABETH RENTSCHLER 48 Atvvell Street Arts lheta lau -I-heta Charlotte I-ligh I-listory I Clubi Cvlee Club 'Ii Class Treasurer 3i Advertising Manager Blue Book Qi Christmas Dance Committee 3i Arch Bearer Qi Senior-Sophomore -lea Committee Qi Moving-up Day Committee Qi I-Iostess Sub-Freshman Day 3. Though a biology major, we are sure that Vi will never practice dissection on her pet cat, "Jitters." We wonder why Vi doesn't Iool4 lor the postman during vacations? ETHEL PATRICIA ROSS Canandaigua, New Yorlc Arts John Marshall I-ligh I-Iistory I Clubi Y. W. C. A. 'li 3i lower 'limes Reporter 'Ii Archery Q, 3i International Relations Club 3i Croceus Statl 3. Few on the campus can view high marl4s with such nonchalance, lor marl4s which send most girls into ecstasies ol delight are merely mediocre lor pat. I-Ier talents are not conlined to one sphere, lor she is very versatile, and excels in science as well as in the more classical subjects. RUTH RUBINSON 793 South Goodman Street Arts Monroe I-Iigh I-Iistory Club 'Ii French Club Qi German Club 3i Liberal Centre 3. Ruth is the girl that goes about her studies in her own quiet way. l'ler peacelul nature permits her loyal assistance in intellectual enterprises-just loolc at her credentials. . --. ,'lI'i'V" Evfx MAE RusHBRooK Albion, New York ,gms Albion l-iigh Freshman lnitiation Q, Sketch Club 1, Q, 3, Junior Dance Committee 3, Y. W. C. A. Q, 3, l-liking 'l, Q, Junior Auction Committee 3, Archery Q, 3. "Red, is another one who is getting practical ex- perience in house-keeping during her college career by a Kendrick address. She also Finds time to make many posters to advertise various college activities. Can you ever imagine Hl2ed" without Hl'lula'?" After rooming together for three years, it is just a habit. But then the tvvo names seem to go together. Ml-lulan tor. . .and "Red, for Warmth. 2968 St. Paul Boulevard STELLA SCARDINO 45 Weld Street Arts East l'ligh French Club 3, ltalian Club 3, Cnlee Club 3. Stella is one oi our nevver members of the class ol 36. But when it comes to speaking a Fine tongue here is our Stella for you. She can decipher any language-'re so bevvare, all ye tricksters. RUTH ELIZABETH SEEBACH Arts Alpha Sigma lrondequoit l-ligh Class Secretary 'l, Freshman Choir, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1, Freshman-Sophomore Breakfast Com- mittee Q, Spring Dance Committee Q, "CampuS Baublen Q, Spring Pageant Q, Freshman-Junior l'lOUS6DdVty 3, Class Vice-President 3, Croceus 3, Cutler Union l-louse Committee 3. Ruth is as tastidious and capable a person as our class can boast. l-ler grace of manner and poise have endeared her to us all. She ought to be a biology mdiOV-her excellent vvork in l3iology l is a sure Droot. l3ut there are related Fields in medicine-HO? MARGUERITE SMITH Qntario, New York Arts Sl9m'5 KGDDG lflDsilon Qntario l"ligh Freshman Choir, Basketball 'l, Q, 3, Sophomore Cabinet Q, Geology Club Q, 3, Art Board oi Croceus 3, Baseball 'l. The 5l1Y heroine from Qntario who went up the River and made good. She majored in Geology Cstep right up girlsl She expects to spend her liie in a museum with the mummies. 'l'lO Raeburn Avenue LAURA GERALDINE SPENCER Arts Sigma Kappa Llpsilon West l-ligh Freshman Choir, l-lockey Q, Swimming 'i, Basketball 2, l'listory l Club, Y. W. C. A. 'l, Q, 3, Sorority Council 3, Junior Auction Committee 3, Political Club 3. Cierry's the little girl, with little girl ways. You can always Find her ii you listen lor her laugh-sheis the girl with the cheerful disposition. For Gerry we predict a successful life and a merry one. RUTH E. MILLER Saranac Lake, New York Arts Saranac Lake French xl, Q, 3, lDldY Qi xl, Q, 3, Croceus Fund Committee, 3. l2uth's work as librarian in Sibley must be quite a help in her chosen avocation-collecting material for her promised Brochure-on Great Jokes oi the Ages. We put her over on this page because she claims an appreciative audience is a prerequisite for the successful raconteur. re better things in life, aren't there, GRACE CAROLYN STORANDT h x XM .ti 5 -Xfpria Sigiiia John lvlarshall High x :visit-i lrom Qbuilin in her second year, her fi as szfiilt' has made her one ol us. It you are ever Ning tor a walking fashion-plate, here comes Qiattr Rh mt' always as neat as a pin. Her last name nos as il some one were stuttering or but it's tlit' truths BERNADINA STRONG Perry, New Vorlc Alpha Sigma Perry High bfond deserter ol '36 But even though ol alarmed most of her time last year, ss that foggy smile of hers these days. music, on the other hand, should come irilf of Hsolt lights and sweet music." STELLA STRZECIWILK T04 Xxfeyl Street AWS Benjamin l:ranl4lin High History l Club, Y. W. C Pt. 'l, Q, 3,Archery1. Stella is gifted with that rare talent of tolerance which enables her to understand mispronunciations of her last name. Should a professor stumble, he is ClW?2VlUllY N525 lDY a "Here," before the name is manhandled. She is a lcindly philosopher and can give well-ventilated opinions on any and all sub- l2CfS4 The "Y" talces up most of her time. LOUISE KIEFFER SULLIVAN 417 Seneca Parkway Arts Alpha Sigma John Marshall l-ligh Secretary Student Association Q, Class l-listorian, Silver Bay 1, Arch Bearer Q, lower -limes 3, "Campus Baubleu Q, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 'i, 3. "Girls, l didnlt know a thing," sayg Jackie after every quiz-but you look at her marks some ol these days. Then there is the question ol a perpetual fog- you know, that quizzical look olten seen on Jackie's face. But she will always listen to anybody-and that is a help in these days. Ancl blue is flattering, isnyt it, Jackie? DOROTHY MARIE SUTER Webster, New York Arts Theta Alpha Epsilon Webster l-ligh Sophomore Cabinet Q, Basketball 'l, Q, 3, Tennis Q, Junior Dance Committee 3, French Club Q, 3, Com- mittee Apple Sale 3. Although petite, Dorothy has her share of inde- pendence and gets around the basketball court with surprising agility, easily evading her taller opponents. She is an English major and wonders why. ln spite ol her cheerlul and lun-loving nature, she knows what itis all about. ETHEL RUTH HELEN THEIS 308 St. Casimir Street Arts East l-ligh -l-reasurer German Club 3. Ethel's service in the library has brought her into contact with her Fellow students at their worst- hurried and worried, but it has left her good- natured, quiet, and uncynical, a truly lovable per- sonality. Ethel is one oi the rare people WhO CGD master the intricacies oi the German language and answer a question in German with ease. HELEN MARGARET VAN ZILE Caledonia, New Vorlc Arts Theta Alpha Epsilon Caledonia High State Scholarship, Freshman Choir, French Club 3, Archery 'l, 3, Y. W. C. A. 3, Swimming Q. Margaret is one of those people with a quiet determination which overcomes all obstacles and lalters not. l-ler resolution to major in French was not even shalcen when she was called "Miss Van Zillyn by a certain member of the French Depart- ment. l-lowever, Zilly or not, she is a good person to have around when there is worlc to be done. ELLENMAE VIERGIVER 'I77 Colebourne Road Arts lheta Alpha Epsilon East I-ligh Freshman Choir, Sophomore Cabinet 52, Y. W. C. A. i, Q, 3, Committee Students' Association Banquet 3, Croceus 3. Ellenmae is one of those rare individuals who can learn chemical formulae and physical laws. Behind a cheerful and nonchalant exterior she conceals a certain dependability which is not to be ignored. She likes lootball games and the movies. And among her lab reports are generally to be lound song sheets nd autographed l. Q. Us l i CONCETTA VITANZA Binghamton, New Yorlc Arts Gamma Phi Binghamton Central l"ligh l-loclcey Q, Baslcetball Q, 3, Tennis Q, Newman Club 'l, Q, 3, Criclcet Club 3, Class Secretary 3, German Club 3. Connie is one ol the few people who have been able to stand the pace ol a pre-med course, and before WNY YQGVS W2 Qxpect to see her a lull-fledged doctor. She had better sticlc to the treating of women and children only, or she will be having all her patients in love with her. What man could resist a Dfetty doctor lilce Connie? ANNE JEAN WALLACE Iarrytown, New York Arts Theta Alpha Epsilon East High History I Clubi Hoclcey Qi International Relations Club Qi French Club 'I, Q. .Iean's salient characteristic is ingenuity. During her freshman year she spent her time writing short verses which she handed in in Iieu of term papers, and got A's. In cold weather she wears Flannel pajamas and a wool dress and is not at all embar- rassed to pull up an otlending yellow leg during a history lecture. JANE ELIZABETH WELCH RUTH ELIZABETH WAUGH 'I5 Westland Avenue Arts Sigma Kappa Llpsilon Monroe High Criclcet Club 3i Freshman Choiri Glee Club Q, 3i Archery Qi Riding Q, 3i Y. W. C. A. 3i Junior Auction Committee 3. Ruth really believes it is polite to be late. Gut of an 8 o'cIocI4 cIass.oI 'IO6 persons, she has earned the uncontested title of "the IO o'cIocIc scholar." Religion is her major and our private opinion is that she's trying to get the inside dope on St. I3eter's views on punctuality. Fairport, New York Arts Sigma Kappa Llpsilon Fairport High Y. W. C. A. 3i Croceus 3i Junior Auction Com- mittee 3. Jane is I:airport's eleven o'cIocI4 girl. She is Gertrude Stein's only rival with her famous Ol' infamous epic ode to the cow- "Cow, cow, cow- Row-dy-down Miss Stein-Welch credits this great creative genius to those extra hours of sleep she gets each night. L, - 1 Theta Eta Monroe i-iigh w. lc-saotgr i, Afampus Baublel' Q, publicity, ,.p liiiieu 3, Moving-Llp Day Q, Basketball 'l, Q, .- -',f i Q, l-listory l Club, Freshman Choir, Glee i 3, Grind Editor, Croceus 3, Point System riot-Freshman l-louseparty Q. i Wifi, here comes Whipple-a smile and a load cle Dependable, a sense ol humor, a wee bit this girl has won a place in the heart ol her suhlerers. V!hat ol the class oi '36 il it were EUZABETH MARGARET WERNER Glendale, lv New york Nwsmg Richmond l'lill l"ligh Baseball ul?" Q, Basketball ul?" Q, l-lockey Q. lhose who iollow in the footsteps ol Florence Nightingale must possess a rare courage and devo- tion to duty, and Elizabeth is quite worthy ol the profession. Quiet and unassuming, she goes about her work etliciently and without any complaints. Xlifith all ol New York City to take care oi, Elizabeth will need that excess energy which keeps her so constantly busy. RUTH WHIPPLE 18 Alpine Street l DORIS WILSON Bliss, Nlew York Arts Geneseo Normal Liberal Centre 3. Doris decided that teaching wasn't the profession for l'iQi' SO she l'idS DOW idVOi'6Cl LIS l12i' m2mkD2i'- Ship in the class of ,36. Now Doris spends her time between the library, her books, and the Liberal Centre. But welcome to ,3o, Doris, MARY JANE WINTER 'l8Q Parlcside Avenue Arts Nazareth Academy Tap l, Q, Granddaughters, Club 'l, Q, 3j Newman Club 'l, Q, 3i Glee Club Qi Junior Auction Com- mittee 3, Croceus 3i University Players 'l, Q. Mary Jane spent four years at Nazareth just to prove that she was not the convent sort of girl. She can give all lcinds of information on all lcinds of sub- iects. l-ler specialty is politics. She stuclies furiously and plays with an equal amount of energy. Mary Jane refuses to recognize obstacles. 31 Rand Street Club 3. as well. l HELEN SCOTLAND WISHART Arts John Marshall l-ligh freshman Choirf Y. W. C. A. l Q 3 Archery Q Junior Auction Committee 3i lnternational Relations Short and to the point, l'lelen has convinced every one around college that after all it is the little things in life that count. We are sure novv that svveet things come in small packages. This little girl means to malce her marlq she has done so in archery and we prophesy that she will do so in the world of finance FORMER MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1936 Fr dnce s Adler Julia D. Bailey Puth J. Beeleer Elizabeth M. Brady Janet C. Burt Anna E. Cellister Ruth Mocomber Conners Marian E. Crolts Ruth l-l. Eberle Ruth Foes Dorothy l-lart Gladys E. I-lornung M. Dorothy l-lyde Teresa Lisowslci Ruth E. Loebs Jane MaePherson Eleanor M. Meaele Ruth A. Miller Janet Mills Fr anee s C. Mottrarn Ruth Muraslco Ruth Naditz Esther E. Payne Virginia l-l. Peele Mildfed A. Post Dorothy G. Potter Mary l-l. Raistriele Dorothy M. Rennie Ruth N. Steidlitz Evelyn M. Theis Suzanne l-l. Trimble Marcia W. Tuttle Louise P. Vieltio Geraldine 0. West June M. Wilcox YOU MEANY, ELLEN! "MODEL" CHILDREN BASEBALL AS AN "ART" A "BARRY" ISIICE SLIR- RRISE FOR THE IEIQRSE 'LSTRIKING' LOOK AT THE BIRDY, WILMA THE HAIR IS KIND OF HARD TO "CORE" WITH COME om, GRAVV, SMILE THE CARIOCA ALL ABOARD DON'T LET HIM THROW YOLI, LENA ANOTHER JUNIOR "ROW" BEFORE AND AFT PERFECT FORM ON THE WAY OLIT? BECKER, Mgygig T 0 W E R TIM Wedne5ddY evening, ancl tlwe vveeltly publication ol tlme Women's College is on it Wpewriters clicl4 luriously. . . a rU5lW in witlw last minute news. At si Slwarp, tlwe stall knocks oll and goesd lledlly SUDDGV, and tlwen baclq to s way to press . .1 nd tardy VGDOVWS x o'clocl own to Qdli vvorlc. The l00l' owes Out' ' - P685 ancl l-lol4ie's scandal sheet..-C 'I of in and all activity ceases vvlwile tlie latest escapd 4 . . 6 Ol Professor Zilclw is ascertained X - - A . Nlidl OU! RIVCI I'CldllODS dl'C upto no All ol it rccl lnot in this issue and it is l Hmm W lxlewsl . Y. W. iii l . 5pOil5 Cutler' Cloings , . , campus activity . -- ' INQWS 'N' ' Wok, music, ancl art gallery lxeatl all about gil f y'gVl2VVS. l A ES EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief .... CLAIRE R. MEYER, Associate Editor . . MARY G. GREENE News Editor CI-IALLICE R. INGELGW Managing Editor ........... . . . . . VIRGINIA L. TOWNSEND News Supervisors .......... . . . . . .MARGARET M. GLYNN . . . .MARGARET I-I. I-IOKENSEN, Assistant Managing Editors ...... . . . . . . . . I-IARRIET R. FRANK, '36 . . . . . MARGARET L. DOERFFEL, '37 Assistant News Editors ........ . . . . . . . . MARION E. BURKE, . . . . . . . MIRAM E. KLQNICK Sports Editor . . ANNE JOI-IANSON, '36 Exchange Editor ........... . . . . MARGARET M. KELLNER, ' BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager KATI-IRYN E. BECKER, Advertising Manager ........ . . . . . . LOUISE K. SULLIVAN, CircuIation Manager ......... . . . . . . E. PI-IOEBE BABBAGE, Assistant Circulation Manager ..... . . . . . . I-IELENE R. BERMAN, I I BEcKER, INGELQW, BURKE, GLYNN, GREENE, FRANK, Rtorsucit TOWNSEND SULLIVAN, I-IOKENSEN, MEYER i l iQi?i'-AICOLA, FELLOWS, GLOVER, BAILY, CARMAN, GIFFORD, COOK, MOSHER, HATCH, MOEHLMAN, EGBERT, GROVES GLEE CLUB - uncle Monday alternoons strange, almost eery S0 f FC tler Union band Ol lust! with students enjoying an afternoon Ol Bfdllmsfthe Ted and Dianissimo . . . Several m6mbelSO.i . Hegldtz club lwave been preparing lor tlie interco . I contest to be lweld in Cutler in April ' ' Gulf, services lwave been enlivened bi' the ldlenlollbll O"8anization . . . At tlie conxfocdlloncdsigol lweld lor President Rlwees in Stron9 Auclllon lb, ielileo l steal from the second tloor o U lnvestigators discover merely d , . n February 6, it was tlius same Sfoupf aug ,J ii in SGW" tlwe River Goliatlws, who lifilfl loft vi, lLIU9'pOl college songs . . . More DOWN - " . . . to tlic Glcc Club. TCH Director . ...- THEODORE F' ll CHOIR Here is a noble organization . . . Rain or shine its members turn out every Wednesday morning to vvarble cheer to chapel congregations . . . I-hese freshmen sing anything from Bach to Fitch with cadenzas . . . We particularly IiI4e the gray and scarlet robes . . . Ihey give that medieval atmos- phere . . . At Christmas and Easter the choir puts on a special program in combination with its big sister, the Glee Club . . . And such harmonyl Director . . . THEODORE F. FITCH IELD DWYER ivioraty MAH-its coorsitv Moursir, uuraicri, CARHART' ENNIS' F ' ' ' ursiotrz, wirsicilitu, imrviao, Kysoie FOWLE, POTTINGER, KOVELL, CARR, HARRIS, I. I -QR' .. , ......r.-. .- ' ' .... .. " 0.4.4. V V . , ,..-...qu-asf-.. .,,f- A ,........m......!.,,,... ..,.... :ml G, Y. W. C. A N x - . ff ., ,X Q 1 SITZENSTATTER, SIBLEY Qver one hundred students belong. Twice a month supper meetings are held in Cutler Union and the members tal4e part in discussion groups. Mrs. l-larper Sibley is the leader ol the group On personal relations. Another, dealing with the philosophy of life, is guided by Dr. Maynard l.. Cassady. The Y. W. C. A. also has a prominent part in col- lege activities. During Freshman Weelc, memberS of the entering class are entertained at luncheon. Each term a chapel service of an international nature is put on by the Y. The organizdU0f1 has also sponsored the special Saturday noon lunch6S- Several interesting speakers have addressed the students at open meetings. Among them . . - DV' T. Z. Koo from China . . . Muriel Lester, head ol Kingsley l-lall Settlement l-louse in London. The Women joined vvith the men in sponsoring these meetings. il-he retreats at which the VM and the YW also combine, are held on Sundays. Speakers address the SVOUD uDon subjects of ethical intereSf- D" Wilhelm Paucle of the Chica9O University Con' ducted one ol the retreats this year. For the last tvvo years, the incomif18 D the Y has been sent in the summe resident Ol r to the Union Theological Seminary at Columbia. The experi- ence is valuable in conducting V worI4 during the college session. Delegates were sent to two conferences this year, at Colgate and at Wells, where they represented the Student Christian Movement. The Y. W. C. A. seeI4s to adjust the student's religious life . . . it ollers an opportunity for active participation in the education of the community with settlement worlc and interracial 'activities in which the organization co-operates with the city. OFFICERS President .... RUTI-I SITZENSTATTER, '35 Vice-President . . VIRGINIA BAILY, '36 Secretary ....... RUTI-I DONISI-I, '37 Treasurer ..... LOUISE I-IENDRYX, '36 CHAIRMAN OF COMMITTEES Conference . . . LOUISE SULLIVAN, '36 Social Service . . . MAYBER BAILEY, '37 Program ...... SUSAN GLOVER, '35 Religious Trends JANET SURDAM World Fellowship I-IELEN COAPMAN Publicity DORIS FELLOWS Advisor MRS HARPER SIBLEY cabinet SITZENSTATTER coAPlviAN BAILEY Feuows otovere BAILY I-IENDRYX . . , . . , 35 . , . , 36 . . . . . . . . . , 37 ' I I ' ' ' I ' , ...1-f I V , W ,L ,-..,......... I-....c.g....s-.N-. ....,.. -.-- ..... -................. -..,......s. Y, .., 0 ww- --4-M N -"- R115- STLWART, GILLES, RUBINSON, HOCHSTEIN, MANN, LEI-IR, ASNASS, LUSK, KLONICK, SALE, GOODMAN, HEILBRUNN Standing: GRAY, CASHMAN, YALOWICH, MACKENZIE, BOGORAD THE LIBERAL CENTRE Everything from capitalism to communism is diS- cussed by the Liberal Centre . . . formed in the fall by students who realized the need ola college lorum where modern problems could be lfffl discussed. The attitude of the club is D open-minded . . . it is neither rad eration evefY059Zd erlectli' ical nor cori- servative, but talqes into consid of each question. l Speakers, usually outside oi collefieflmve do rent toD'C5 ' ' ' dressed the students upon cur I R ' and the indU5' race relations, modern art, uSSldi WW , i meeting, Welle' trial system. At an open Spoke on the negro problem. ,I d around The anti-lynching petitions circulate W COllC3C were sponsorcd lib' the Liberal Cenlr . . . in lact, the club scrycd G5 headquarters O the protest in the castcrn collc9C5- ' 5, wxtoxicficii, '35 Lcadci .... RUTH DEBATING CLUB Are you tongue-tied if called on to give an im- promptu speech on tlwe habits of tlie American oyster? . . . l-lave you ever longed lor, vulgarly spealcing, a gift of gab? . . . Join tlme Debating Club and learn lwovv to entlirall an audience. . . Formed last year, tliis club lwas gained members among tlwe aspiring orators oi tlwe student body . .. ln order to enlarge tlwe club, the men were invited to join . . . tlwe membership from tlie vvomen's college automatically increased. . . Meetings are lweld every tvvo weeks in Cutler . . . or at the liome ol Dr. Guliclc, tlie club's advisor. Leader . . RUTH B. GOODMAN, '37 ASNASS Htitsiauisiisi cAsHfviAN HARRIS srvima ctfxussrsi oooorvifw wan KLONICK SWEETNAM LAW SALE CO!-IN I I ' I I I I I I I - V L A- --AW J -,UM- ,,,,,,,,.....-....4',s ...A . .4 ..,,. -,,,,.-........ ............ FRENCH CLUB Can you Hparlez-vousuf? Brush up OD H1052 idioms if you want to leel at home, as onlY Ffencll is spolcen at the meetings. . . If you are interested in France and French customs, you are welcome . - ' Cnce a month in this atmosphere of the Old World, the members gather to learn what their Gallic brothers and sisters are doif1S- - ' plays add to the entertainment. . . And alter the meet- ing , . . des ralraichissements . . . Members tooli part in the play "Le Medicin Malgre Lui,', PVC' sented by the French Department in the spring. President ....... WILLIAM WALZER Vice-President ....... MARIE FINN seamen, ,.... MAIME on PASQUALE Treasurer . . .... JOHN MASON GERMAN CLUB Spreclmen sie Deutsclw'?'ll1e German club . . . open to all students interested in tlie language and culture ol the land of pretzels and beer. . . meet- ings once a montli. At some meetings . . . spealcers . . . at others, a UlVlusic Appreciation l-lourf' The social part ol tlie meeting . . . German lolksongs and games. An enjoyable feature of the club is its afternoon Ulfatlestrunde' '... at Wlwicli tlwose two affinities Katlee und Kuclwen are served. A comedy by Kleist . . . "Der Zerbrockene Krugn . . . was presented by the club and members ot tlwe German Department in lVlarcl'1. President. . . RUTH BRETSCHNEIDER Secretary . . .... EVELYN Tl-IEIS Treasurer . . . ETHEL THEIS ooooi-suis, sisuntiz, witty, MARVIN, GRAVES, BERTOLETTE i CHRISTMAS DANCE - fr- - ear .nies very smootlw indeed. ..'-.,-- ,.Z- v 272 fi. 'I estl' old luis pert, and ofs. Tnose miniature frames -s .... ,.-.' 3 .ve neeo is time minia- -A .,- ,.,-,,-- A 'free re: fs few of us slower- i tickets too late to get a ference es long as were ., ' :'e ':::. ::rri,f to mention lood so :sid og Tefe is so'etning eoou: it. This time 1 e-:'e.s" :ike emo cogee . . . deeply -.5n,,-,:- ,-. W, ,Q : :.... L, -.2... V' -. -. iz: intefesinr 'o see F5"'Z . . . Es"'lf7T IC Er l l l - . . e giso neo e receiving line. ..n:t can tae done witli ei oi.-an in ten easy lessons. MONICA MASON THORNTON WILDER The juniors at their money-mei4ing dqdm ing therewith entertainment and we ate . . . thereis something Ca as we recovered from the sho-:L o o to a iree-for-nothing dinner c sw oiiiee with our ecceptanees o ix a casualties reported. it seems th t twin, so he had e nice litt denees with our shining examoi was the Funniest thing . . .h oi us and came back with and her henchmen did Ca tin as it were, Filled the hell Mouse scored again, as it were I I ll 1 if pl mu v U 45' A .3 55.25 LIN E3 E A E325 LV... EET Ll' , V VE-if C is 'P fi ITALIAN CLUB With the organization this year oi a new language club, vve are beginning to wonder if it would not be advisable to form an American Club to pre. serve the native tongue. We barely hold our own against the ltalian, German and French linguists, This new club has been very active. Meetings have been addressed by speakers upon aspects ol Italian lite and culture. A social hour always Follovvs. President . . . SAMUEL J. D'AMICO, '35 Vice-President . CHARLES N. CLARK, '36 Secretary ....... LOUISE ANGE, '37 Treasurer ..... FLORENCE STOLT, '35 Social Chairman DR. CLARENCE K. MOORE Advisor ...... MRS. PAUL PIGORS HISTORY CLUB To the victors belong the spoils. . . At mid years, to those Fifteen or twenty luclcy individuals of the l-listory 'l-Q Class who have most successfully grasped the course comes the privilege of be- coming members oi this club. . . ln class. ..l2W2f quizzes . . . more discussion. . . The club m2CfS every tvvo vveel4s at the home of Dr. and lVlf5- Mackenzie. . . Members give reports on interest- ing bool4s and current problems. . . Discussion lollovvs . . Formal barriers are sure to dissolvti a eshmef1lS . . . and students reveal deep-laid Plans lold under the influence of Dr. MacKenzie'S Sen' personality and Mrs. Maclfenzies relf bigger and better university. OLCGY There are rocks and rocks but lt takes an expenengecl geologist to explain the hne dns tmcrlon between porphyrltlc andeslte and amy e loldal hasolt Earnest seekers after the truth faculty and students meet every thlrd Tuesday atthe home olDr Alllng the head of the Geology Department, and are further enlughtened by stu dent papers, slrdes, motion pictures and dlscus sions Freld trlps Adirondack freshness and Vermont hrs the goal of every zealous member A further inducement IS the clubs lnsrgma two crossed hammers over an A President BENJAMIN T SIMMCDNS 34 Flrst Vice President ARTHUR F GALE JR 35 Second Vrce President CHARLES M REED 34 Secretary Treasurer IRENE WRAY 34 Faculty Advlsor DR ALLING MATHEMATICS CLUB Quadrangles and triangles and the lntrlcacres of higher mathematics for those who long for the answer to the why of things It IS open to all tnose Interested In the subject particularly to those majorlng In It and honor students In second Year math Their supper meetings are the vogue four Yearly at which student papers are read or speakers on current mathematical dis coverles hold forth The mann purpose of the club ts to Interest students In Individual work and research and to discuss thelr own results President HOWARD HENNINGTON 35 Secretary Treasurer RAY WYLAND 35 UU T3 E211 IEE Wal L ASQ. avr W F GE C L U B D H ,. . 8- . 1-G - .... '. . .l. ..I.,. ' I I l ...,. . . . . T l I 1 ... . .l.,- I l l q. Nl' llifl Et ' - f A ofa A . .- J-In ., l' ---..- N -..W S V1 fx ' fr -. f ,Q rf' L KX f 'V-fk RSX 1'-,X ' l - - 3, li.-T U E ff W!! XT ' ffwfw WX N KN , f Y XJ X 'R X 0 . A an .4 yN K if 'xg SPRING SPRING NEES CEE -r .,-.A X-. br-IELIEIXIN . .. SIATLIS GLIO . . . CELEBRITIES . .. JULEP . . . TROPICS . . . NEWMANITES . . . o 0.0 TI-IE WORLD IS TI-IEII2 OYSTEI2 . . . o 0.0 WITI-I PEN . . . AND BRUSI-I . . . FOOTLIGI-IT. . . LIIVIELIGI-IT. . . SPINACI-I EATERS . . . SATELLITIES . . . BE KIND, GENTLE READER, BE KIND AESTI-IETES . . . OF TI-IEE WE SING - -' l 1 f ,gy 1, fiw i In -,, ,.., . , , -.,..,.4.... . E CLASS QF 1935 , . fv -,.-.Y-.- - x.,--k..x,..-, SENIORS Flash . . . Marsiens, senior honorary society, runs college suppers . . . capacity crowds . . . largest in history ' oi the school. Senior heads liberal club, new organization . . . for that matter, seniors heading everything. , A Class in a social whirl . . . vocational teas, senior teas, Mothers' tea, teas . . . seniors otiered oppor- tunities in New York store. Largest number oi Phi Betes in the history oi the college . . . inspires undergraduates to greater ehforts. Feeling runs high . . . mascot jealously guarded in senior lounge . . . a great race is anticipated. i Practice teachers spend long hours in library, trying to keep a step ahead oi their students. Classes called oil on account of comprehensives . . . seniors go in retirement . . . iew casualties expected. :Jr Senior Class OHICCV5 PAULSON BAscHisiAoEL BECKER HARRIS suiaofwi , ,tg Q, ,. W . ,it ,uf J ' .V i .fig-A ffl: I 1 I I CL :.,q,rty.ts1 FLORENCE ALBRECH, Phi Beta Kappa :': -MILL LI I.fABETI-I ALLEN Llfaitilfl IZLHH APPELBAUM Itt wi NCL PHOEBE BABBAGE I 'K AITLLAIDE BAKER f'.'r'xIIY LOUISE BANKS ,'t.',!lYI,"xM RUTH BARKER iItNA LOUISE BASCHNAGEL, Treasurer ASS OF 1935 it "xll'lARXr'N ELLA BECKER, Social Chairman, Cast "Julep Time" i't.'i."xDEI.INE BELISLE fi.t,"xRI,-KIXJ DOLORES BERGER N:'IlZL'ilNIA CLARK BLACKMAR SUSANNE BOGORAD, Marsiens, Phi Beta Kappa, Chairman Mothers' Tea ALICE CATHERINE BRANDT IIUIH BRETSCHNEIDER, Phi Beta Kappa, President Delta Phi Alpha i".'.,-'xlib' KATHERINE BURNS i't.iARGARET PATRICIA CARLOMUSTO t.1AI3IAN DOROTHY CHAMBERLAIN DOROTHY SCHOENHEIT CHASE CATHERINE OCUMPAUGH COBB IQMII.Y REEVES COCKETT GOLDIE COHEN LVELYN RUTH COOPER CLARA ELIZABETH DOSCHER FRANCES LUCILLE EARL ALICE LILLIAN ESTER i'.i'-KRGUERITE JEAN FELLOWS, Secretary LENA FERRARI, Phi Beta Kappa f'.',."'-IRIE FINN If-ORIS LOUISE FONDA NANCY TESSIENE FORMICOLA C,-KTHARINE ALICE FOSTER FLORENCE ERIIQA FOSTER It-"HEEL REED GLEASON 'I'-'-flow cavoursis GLIDDEN Ph B ' ff QQ Nl 't I i eta Kappa, Pres. Sorority Council fbift - HANFORD GLOVER, Marsiens LOIS ANNA GOEHRINGER GRISWOLD GREENE, Director-Author "Julep Time" T te-Lt. .-YNINA HARMAN t-l..f -EIH MARY HARRIS, V .-s Mx.. N wg ice-Pres. of Senior Class, Chairman Cutler Committee snowy izftrnsiaims Henle COFQA Hama Hoci-ISTEIN 1 Pres. International Relations Club Phi Beta Ka a F ORENCE Horrwtm ' pp tjgggw Gsmuot HOLLY :Lam DOROTHY I-iurzvirz C-.t-Luce Rum imottov H , x ff Marsiens, News Editor Tower Times ,.t,-L,-QINE TUENBULL ,101-INSQN CL,-HRICE MARY KEENAN EERTHA KERSTEIN .. ARP' PAULINE LAY, Chairman Point Revision Com mittee Course Residence City Residence Arts Rochester 34 Iroquois Street Arts Macedon 41 Prince Street Arts Rochester 188 Culver Road Arts So. Byron 41 Prince Street Arts Andover 424 University Avenue Arts Rochester 143 Wellington Avenue Arts Pennsylvania 561 University Avenue Arts Rochester 824 S. Goodman St. Arts Rochester 578 Arnett Boulevard Arts Rochester 80 Thurston Road Arts Brighton 120 Oakdale Drive Arts Rochester 149 Melville Street Arts Rochester 4768 Lake Avenue .Arts Fairport Arts Brighton 93 Meredith Avenue Arts Rochester 208 Culver Road Arts Fairport Arts Rochester 166 Navarre Road Arts Rochester 196 Wellington Avenue Arts Rochester 119 Brunswick Street Arts Coldwater Educ. Rochester 121 Shepard Street Arts Rochester 66 l-lickofY Sffeet Arts Rochester 304 Dartmouth Street Arts Rochester 296 Conrad Drive Arts Rochester 25 M005 Street Arts Rochester 229 Warwick Avenue Arts Rochester 412 JaY Slfeet Arts Rochester 38 Hinsdale Street Arts Rochester 107 Electric Avenue Arts Rochester 93 Saratoga Avenue Arts Rochester 33 Aberdeen Street Arts Rochester 440 S. Goodman St. Arts Oil City, Pa. 125 Weldon Street Arts Rochester 149 AnthonY SUM Arts Rochester 268 Brunswick Street Arts Rochester 999 Pullman Avenue Arts Rochester 916 South Avenue Arts Brighton 14 Emland Avenue Arts E. Rochester Arts Rochester 125 Mulberry Street Arts Brighton 215 Oakdale Drive Arts Rochester 665 Savannah greet Arts Rochester 473 Flower Clit' P twat Arts Rochester 8 Berkshire Street Arts Rochester 69 S. Washinfiton strc? Arts Monmouth, lll. 440 Thurston Rod Arts Rochester 45 Trdfdledf Street Arts Rochester 82 Watkins Teffaae Arts Rochester 1193 Lewiston Ailenue MARION LORETTA LEEK GLADYS VIOLET LEHR CATHERINE EMMA LEITER VIOLA LIDFELDT MARY ADELAIDE LUSK REBECCA WINIFRED MCCORMICK HELEN DELIA MACDOWELL ALICE THORA MAIJGREN ELIZABETH MARIE MANGAN CATHERINE JEAN MANN LUELLA IRENE MARSH EDITH MAY MASON MONICA BRAYER MASON Marslens Chairman Christmas Dance CLAIRE RUTH MEYER Marsiens Editor in Chief of Tower Times Phi B Chairman University Day ROSEMARY AGNES CHARLOTTE MORGAN Athletic Manager LAURA EMILY MURPHY Phi Beta Kappa RUTH IRENE NADITZ HARRIET JULIA NAYLOR Phi Beta Kappa HELEN CRAWFORD NEILLY Marsiens RUTH FRANCES O GRADY Phi Beta Kappa Delegate Model League MARION MAGDALENE PALMER VIRGINIA MAE PAMMENTER PAULINE MARY PAULSON President Phi Beta Kappa DORA HELEN POFFENBERGER ANGELINA POLSINELLI ELIZABETH PRENTICE GERTRUDE EMMA ROUSHORN CATHERINE MAY SALO ESTHER SAMYS BETTY ANNE SCHAEFER Marsiens President of Students Association FRANCES ELIZABETH SHANNON Phi Beta Kappa RUTH ELLA SITZENSTATTER Marsiens President Y W C A ELTA SLAGHT Cast Julep Time ELIZABETH ELLEN SMALLWOOD Columnist Tower Times WANDA AILEEN SMITH ELINOR LORENE SNYDER MARY JEAN STEWART FLORENCE STOLT MARION ELIZABETH SULLIVAN THEO JANET SURDAM Historian MILDRED ROSE TALLUTO EDYTHE MARGARET TELFORD VIRGINIA LOUISE TOWNSEND Managing Editor Tower Times ALICE ZODA WALKER MARIAN JANE WALKER CHARLOTTE WATKEYS CORINNE WICKS GRETCHEN DUDLEY WILCOX ROBERTA COVER WILDER GERTRUDE ESTHER WILMOT BETTY PATRICIA WOLBERG Phi Beta Kappa Pres Phi Si8md 0 5 RUTH SONIA YALOWICH Leader Liberal Centre Phi Beta Kappa eta Kappa Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Educ. Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts Rochester 140 Ravenwood Avenue Naugatuck, Conn. 424 Univ. Ave. Rochester Rochester Pittsford Greenville Dundee Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester 721 Glide Street 287 Electric Avenue . 41 Prince Street 251 Park Avenue 650 Seneca Parkway 192 Sherwood Avenue 304 Seneca Parkway 40 Holmes Street 67 Ouentm Road 1092 Harvard Street 1261 Highland Avenue 36 Ed emont Road 9 N Hartford Conn 54 Thornton Rd Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester 112 Huntington Parkway Landing Road 242 Albemarle Street 374 Post Avenue 105 Navarre Road 3390 Culver Road 325 Yarmouth Road New York City 424 Univ Ave Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Fairport Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Warsaw Rochester Rochester Rochester Fairport Rochester Rochester Rochester Brighton Sta Rochester Batavia Coldwater Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester Rochester 554 Clarissa Street 507 Brooks Avenue 212 Monroe Avenue 118 Beaufort Street 211 Summit Drive 22 Holmes Street 205 Depew Street 14 Harvard Street 41 Prince Street 625 Arnett Boulevard 137 Warwick Avenue 30 Audubon Street 34 Savannah Street 180 Pardee Road 84 Rohr Street 858 Landing Road B7 Culver Road 287 Dartmouth Strc I 07 Culver Road 0 Olut rStr et 00 Conklin AN nu O0 Harper Str t 407 Joscoh Awenu OOO Rhlnccll I Dr , Pa I . I . . . . . -. - . . , . 1 . . I I A T I' ' I . , I . , . . I . . I . I I I I T I S . . I . I . , . . I V I I ' ' ' E . ll ' ll I . I I I . . I . I Q ' h ac f' kStreet Arts Rochester 60 BFUDSN-NIC ELIZABETH CHAPIN WHITE , . -1 ' fe C A-f . ' ra C L I ce . , ,. C I I 1 - I. I It A-' ' 7 'II I'-'C 1 I ' MEEEP GLOVER MASON INGELOW SITZENSTATTER MARSIENS Marsiens . . . the Senior l-lonor Society . . I is composed ot eight ol the current graduating class's best . . . Scholarship, perSOFIdlifYf and participation in extra-curricular activities are the criteria lor choice. . .The chosen ones are tapped by the active Marsiens on Moving UP Dar and begin their duties the next lall. . . Cn University Day come prospective freshmen from out-of-town hish schools . . . The Nlarsiens do the honOfS with a luncheon at Cutler . . . a trip to the foot' ball game . . . and then back to a tea dance . H College suppers are also their province . - - an ' e old custom to the lore . . . ln between timesdf se business meetings and social eveningS. - - The veftl- Droud possessors of the small sword worn cally on the left shoulder are the eF1VY class and the idols of the freshmen. Qf tllell' WHATS TRLIMR? A USRECIALH TREAT TWO RETIRING SENIORS BEHIND THE FRONT HEARS OF ELIN BEAUTIES SACRIEICE THE LATEST IN SHOWERBATHS NO MORE 10zQO'S EOR ROFFY WHY THE DISGUISE, MCDOODLE? DODGING AGAIN, MARY A COUPLE OE SPHINXES EDNA'S BACK AGAIN THE LIPS AND DOWNS ECONOMICS RROE . . PLEASE NOTICE AND STILL TH EV COME 'H LM 'Q I 5 it NW I ' I N NYG, kv X :L N? f if Q1 ' 1 iq I-f xstx x I 1. .Tw-1 ,L Wfv xfE 'I . K 'Gllwfifx fam my I - ' 'J Q fg ', ZA x R X D i 5 ,1.,f'-'Qg::.j.2QQ . ,W M Q ,-IL.-1: '- , WN ,. .N 5 I ' I ' If- "' u H- '..' C Q. , .1..,CL.TW A 3 .. .- f, . , K JL. ,- Sdiw'-1, Ili'- -nf ' X , , 4,X wg, ,T 5 xJ's I ' ' "v 1r'Nx' fi ' , 1 'v 1 A 'Q' V I mia. , 'f, Q 1 A F .- n:,' .--, ,g v ,I Q!-', -. . llulg. AlllV.,l..t.5. 'At-1:.i uf:lI - n.nxu4,U,-vp. ul.,.y 'u hl:.'Y Zlltll ll' x :5 5 , ,Y I f ., 1 , ,X A 5, 17 I -in .. , fx X . we 5 , If f ""' , x -X . ' Xt . H , 1. ix, , .. Us . lr., 1.4 ,,..,,,,,,,,. at Wad A - SOPHOMORE SPRING DANCE We have to admit that this was the smoothest dance ol the year. Well l meanl lmagine Finding the lounge turned into the l'lotel lnternationale, the dance hall into Waikiki Beach, and our own cafeteria into the Pink Elephantcale. The orchestra was backed up bya boat, and a Full moon. Qnly one objection . . . the moon did not rise. probably it couldn't get away lrom the orchestra. You know how orchestras are. The retreshments were refreshing, and a goodly supply thereof. And the Floor showl Well, whatl mean is, why go to New York? lt's hard to decide these days whether to be a Democrat or a Republican, but the elephant was so cutel V ZA 'ff fin 4. yi-Y, 1 sig ff Lf ' '-" ooizsuisic ,.,, H' ' A"' '..., " 1, fLQ.g1-, , for? A4 if 'V' - 151 i'.'rCCfKF2Tl-iY, CHERRY, MASON, WILLERS, LUSK, CASHMAN, FELLOWS, TAGGART, BELISLE, MANGAN, PALMER NEWMAN CLUB Catholic students ol both campuses are members of this organization . . . it has as its aim the ol the students social as well as the religious orientation . , . supper meetings held once a month with out- 'h side spea l4ers emphasize the layman's concern wit church allairs . . . Friday afternoon discussions Ori urch hrin8 roach. Father the history and philosophy of the Ch out the trained theologians app Benedict Ehmann, religious advisor, and NYS- l Richard Ford, social counselor are responsib 2 OV the well rounded program characterizing the club. President ..... . . . NEIL I-IICKEY Vice-President . . . DONALD '37 s . . . 1 ...... Euotisiit sc , ecreta'Y ARY CASHMAN 36 Treasurer ......... M T A' EHMANN A DIC dvisors . 'Rl?V.ERl2lilD- Bllilxrlfgfksb RKHARD FORD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Russia . . .the name has a mysterious thrill For most of Us . . . To knovv more about this country which looms large both on the map and in vvorld atiairs, the lnternational Relations Club spent the fall term studying dillerent aspects of this subject. The more prosaic Great Britain . . . the present fgpig , , ,otlers the high dignity ol centuries ol iniluence, but does not carry the mystery ol Russia. By studying these countries and others, the club seeks to understand World problems. At the meetings every three vveeks in the East Lounge, both members of the faculty and outside speakers give informal talks. . . At afternoon meetings an old British custom is followed. . .lea and cookies ...brownies on rare and special occasions. President .... CORA HQCHSTEIN, '35 Secretary .... HELEN CQAPMAN, '36 Social Chairman PAULINE PAULSQN, '35 Librarian. . . . EDITH MASON, '35 Advisor . . DR. WILLSON COATES ,..,,...,..m-...Y STLWART, Pl-llLLlPS, S MALLWOOD, ET!-IERIDGE, BAILEY, SMITH, ALLYN For those who yearn l SCRIBBLERS' CLUB toward a literary career . H or 'ust write . . . this club otlers discussion . -E l to ferret criticism . . . advice . . . Each year . . . out new talent . . .a contest.. .the reward membership . . . Dr. Slater acted as advisordunni . ' ll the Fall term . . . Qccasional open meetingS W' - literan' tall4s on literature . . . lhe lVleliora . -Q I' publication ol the club. . .came out IU AW' "' tom Homrf to At meetings discussion ran32S V Gertrude Stein. '35 P.-asiaem . ELIZABETH sivifxLtwOODf ,37 RET KELLNER, Secretary . . . NlAl2GA ,36 isiraswi-a.'. ELIZABETH DONOGHUE' W W H H W v W Q- Y.ViV A W-in Q in V U VV V -,NT-1, n Y Y V: ,V 4,-,,,,,, H., ,,,,, ,.---217'-.-,.,.V VY -, x.+A ., . - .,.,. .-, .-.. SKETCH CLUB Ch For the lile ol an artistl . . . paint-smeared smocl4s, greasy daubs on othervvise charming noses, and the Feeling of abandon and freedom that such an existence bringsl ln Cutler, a club room is the rendez-vous oi those vvho long to express themselves with palette and brush. l-lere innumerable posters advertising college functions are turned out. . .and once one gets an inlcling of the enticing activities to come, hope ol saving that last hall dollar is completely gone. Best oi all, club membership is open to all those vvith artistic ability and a desire to vvorlc on posters. Would that we all had a touch of the Bohemianl s President ..,... MARY STEWART, '35 pngi-iniaooig SMALLWOOD, HAWELKA, Dom, ons Dl"'Y"'A"9 T I-l E B O O R The lure ol the stage . . . greasepaint and loot- lights . . , under the direction ol lVlilo l.ivingStOf1 Wood. No delinite organization as yet. . . There GVC, hovvever, several small groups . . . intef6St6fl in ditlerent phases ol the theater . . . some, wouli in be Bernhardts . . . others, content to vvorlc bell the scenes. For those interested in dfdmdl in Cutler.-' ic an and technique, a room has been set aside intriguingly titled the Green R asts are busily engaged in converting it intod YT' i I 0 dez-vous lor the theatre-minded soulS O Com 1 , , enthusi- college. . . . Their repertoire so lar includes . . . Chelchov s The Boor . . . Janice Stonaker outdid herself . . . Richard l-lenderson raged eiiectively . . . an Betty McCarthy was superbly proud and haughty . . Mordaunt Sharpe s Crime at Blossoms . . . who can forget the inimitable Mayber Bailey? . .. the students ol the Drama have invaded assembly programs . . . Q Neill s tragedy ln the Zone with an all star cast climaxed the March Assembly . . and then came Dick s original one act play 90 in the Shade . . the first brain child produced by the play writing group. d or Rhea Coolcs dramatic rendition'?. . .and novv MILO L. WOOD H , ,,... ...-,... ,.-. .- JOI-IANSON I-IEWITT I WILBRAI-IAM SUTEI2 ELANDEI2 MARTIN ew - COLLINS ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATICDN Bosl4eTlooill, hockey, Tennis, boseboll, boclrninTon, ond doincing . . . all The SDOVTS oiclered To The SporTs ol The Universih' ...EnerQeTic: underclossmen vie vviTh Tirecl, WQIILOUI Uploerclossmen in numerous inTeV- rnurol conTesTs . . . AcTion, urged on by The rouSIVTQ coll oT, "Come on, old loioly"...oT "BooTY IUOOIY -.iGroceTulness encouroiged by suloTle VITYIIWS ISSUIIIQ lfom The piono...And oITer all QUIVISS, like roin olTer Thunder Comes The ineviTohle shower. ,X ,,,.......-.--,..,......-.- ....., M 'S W . Nui"- Q- rfxx 'x 'X u ye., ..,....-A ...,.4, .-.nq u4"l .au- --4 1---A .......-v V ,, s u""""' '-- - A P- , vw A -AH "Y ' """'--"-i---.--- 5' ' . V ' Vvv ' '77-,..,- .. Sf . . if: ' N- . If ' N I ' . s L f N N ' W Nx.1,V -.., -4 1 , :Q X , . , . ! l - ' """"-' " ' if-' , ,af I , ,,,, , 'A , 3 ' ,I V 1 WV., I 1 I , V, V, ,V Qi- ff- A x . , 5 V14 .X 7 ' 1 'n - - b X , A - - . 1- ,' 5 , A ' V ,+ e.,3 ,V 'iii , 'J-A-I Q, Ni-igj,,3' I - 1,3 , g ' W ' - ,W,.,,, H 1 V .T f f , f J f V . I , J' , m I ' , x 1' I X, H 4 5 N ..., 'h 3 V . , 1. fn , M , , , Q I 4 V, .I .x 133-p 2-N, , , T . 14 KL- K k ax- f A 5 K --A--f -.-, ,. iw A, -f 7 , ' J f K' V, ' ' f ' ' ' , - ,,4s., A 2. g-fx W P H l President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Kathryn F. Albrech Susanne Bogorad Ruth Bretschneider Lena Eerrari Marian C. Glidden Claire R. Meyer Laura E. Murphy l-larriet J. Naylor Ruth E. CD'Grady Aflrs. Lillian Broolcs Virginia Ester BETA KARRA IOTA CHAPTER OF NEW YORK Q 0,0 CLASS OF 1935 Pauline M. Paulson Frances E. Shannon Betty P. Wolberg Ruth S. Valowich Charles l-l. Eoster Robert B. Gordon David L. Gundry Reed l-l. l-larding Howard l-l. l-lennington CLASS OF 1936 Virginia M. l-lilloclc Anne E. Johanson N all X. V. Q52 . xfffi 5 'V si" 1,-ig it- i t . T EUGENE RAINES ROTH CLALISING CLARENCE KING MOORE HARRY N. KENYON David James Charles B. Kenyon Donald E. McConville Charles E. Passage Donald C. Pease Morse Peckham John TL Plati Paul G. Schade Gordon L. Wassdorp Bartholomew Conta William T. Plumb I-IONORARY SOCIETIES o 0.4 RHO CHAPTER OF PHI SIGMA IOTA NATIONAL HONORARY ROMANCE LANGUAGE FRATERNITY Prssrdsrrf DR CLARENCE K MOORE VICE Prssrclrfnr Miss OLGA Eonor Sssrsfdrv BETTY WOLBERG Treasurer DAVID JAMES UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Kathryn I: Altnrech Margaret I-Iondel1nl4 Samuel J D Ammo Esther E Allen Esther Samys Gerard I-lagemdagr Jeanne Nl Bedel Florence Stolt Wulluam V I-lotlman Margaret P Carloumsto Betty R Woltaerg David James Lena Ferrari Kenneth Chasey Wllluam C Walzer MGVIC ITIFITI C harlesR Clark Lewrs I-I Whrttneclt ETA CHAPTER OF DELTA PHI ALPHA NATIONAL GERMAN HONORARY FRATERNITY President Secretary Treasurer Ruth Bretschnelder David Carson Eva M Cohen I-lelmut Dymmel President Vrce President Q Secretary Treasurer RUTH E BRETSCHNEIDER CHARLES E PASSAGE UNDERG RADUATE MEMBERS jglqn Fldgg Ruth I Nadrtz Dorothy L Q Wlllan1X.Il.fal Bertha Ifersteln ljor l.evltsl4y Fritz Lllge Betty Nllfolb ra ROCHESTER CHAPTER OF SIGMA Xl GEORGE W CORNER BRI ANN O BRIFN LIENTIN D SINGEXX AED MEMBERS W ld E Conley JF 'C 3 I Lloyd E Alexander Q A w x Raul W Aradln Z Clarl4 I-I Dale: O 0:0 - A ' . wen ' ' i A zur ' ' r ,Z 1 0:0 , - , , ..... . - - - I I-IX . . .... . - x . . , , ,,,. ...... . f - - - . . . If , ,.... . - s. I f A , l M' h Q J. Gcrbasi I l I , Earle 'lah r C! I- Lab-M J -MQW-M46-Jvwwglmu ,X A Min ,j,,,,,., .E,, --,......-..,...-I.. . ,Q----'-A M mm,-4kM,,,, .M .. - 43 THE CRQCEUS QF 1936 goes to press, Char- acterized by inlormality both in typography and motil, vve have tried to evade the stereotyped year bool4 presentation ot campus lile. With no recurrent theme dominating and, ol necessity restraining the pattern ot the boolc, vve have endeavored to chronicle in orderly sequence both the glamorous and the prosaic, each in its vvay characteristic ol campus activity. lo a cooperative staht vvho evinced a sincere interest in the production ol this annual we are gratelul. lo the Junior class vvho made the Croceus really their boolc through their support, their enthusiasm, their enterprise, vve are also indebted and in their name, vve present this, the Croceus ol l936, to the college. ffl 'GPN WINTER, WELCH, l-IEISE, ROSS, JOHANSON 4 f' .1,4f,, ,, r V f , V I, , fy! fi r 1 ff! V .. .X 5 Axbx X R. HSXNQ. . ... V ii? fix SEEBACH, CONANT, MOEHLMAN, ASNASS, EAST, WHIPPLE, HOKENSEN, BURKE Editor-in-chief . . MARGARET M. GLYNN Business Manager ...... IRMA M. GOLDSTEIN EDITORIAL Associate Editor .... GRACE A. MOEHLMAN Literary Editor .... MARGARET H. HOKENSEN EDITORIAL BOARD Photography ......... RUTH E. SEEBACH . ELIZABETH S. COLLINS Grinds . . . . RUTH M. WHIPPLE VIRGINIA C. ESTER LORRAINE F. HAEGE D. RHEA COOK Sorority . . . . MARY E. MADDEN Clubs . . . . MARION E. BURKE BETSY D. CONANT Credentials.. . ...... WILMA F. KUJAWSKI ELEANOR A. BAUERNSCHMIDT Snapshots . ..... JANE P. MANGAN CHARLOTTE EGBERT Art . . . . HELEN L. HAWELKA MARGLIERITE A. SMITH TYDists . . ........ HELEN M, HATCH ELLENMAE VIERGIVER BUSINESS BOARD Assistant Business Manager .... SYLVIA ASNASS Advertising Manager ,... MARJORIE H. EAST Assistant Advertising Manager . MARY JANE WINTER Assistants ,........ MARY E. CASHMAN MARJORIE HEISE RUTH GOODMAN VIRGINIA M. HILLOCK EDITH G. LYON JANE E, WELCH GOLDSTEIN .Q .QS Q ig. -: ASN V, S I .'.. X 'n R. .-, X X. I ...J I C L A S S D A Y A "A rare olol planT is The ivy green". . . lauT The seniors Tounol one To planT Tor class clay. Then when The TuTure had laeen seTTleCl by The class propheTess, We SOm9liOW Tounol ourselves in Wonderland, COVN' I p eTe wiTh aueens and lqnaves ancl SXS- cuTioneTs, and especially Alice...VGVY especially Alice, loecause WhaT did she do buT Turn inTo The MOV Queen, and a very lovely one incleed. MARION MINGES MAY QUEEN 1 NAM if-N X XX ., 9 ix X X 'Q wg-3,,i4 ,- ,arr- - a 4 x 1 5 ,Quail Q v CJ K v x"5 ff- A 1 'ii ., .. w wg x ' -K. If hh, ,HLA 4 V . ,VK . Q I ,,. . AVA: 1? " 1 ,Aff . ' , 5 Q I I I 4 i 4 5 A UU P 3'2- I2-6323 F3253 1 Elf? D g , mga .EY KD l N ,J-'W x W LEG LEWIS RUST DESIGNER OF PAT I If I2 IXXI S DECORATIOIXIS AND IAYQU-IS FOR INDUSTRIAL AND CQIVIIVIERCIAL USES 49 GLASGGW SI- ! RCD CHESTER, NY- -l 'lllVERTlSEMtN1s The University of Rochester College for Women RUsH RHEES, D. D., LL. D., Pygyjdemi HELEN DALTON BRAGDON, ED. D., Dean Pk THE UNIVERSITY or ROCHESTER, founded in I85O, now maintains a' College for Women with the same privileges and opportunities as are offered by the co-ordinate College for Men. Since the removal of the College for Men to its River Campus in 1930, the College for Women has enjoyed exclusive occupancy of the Prince Street Campus of twenty-four elm-shaded acres on University Avenue, with its vine-clad buildings suitably remodeled and renovated to adapt them to their new pur- poses. In this historic setting, which has been the seat of the University since 1861, it has an entirely separate and distinctive campus life of its own. A recent and distinctive feature of the Prince Street Campus is the Cutler Union and Assembly Hall, first regularly occupied in September, 1933. A beau- tiful Gothic structure of limestone, with a clock tower rising to a height of 11o feet, it serves admirably as a center of extra-curricular and social activities, besides providing dining and other facilities for the women students. This designedly small college of restricted enrollment shares, with the College for Men, the large faculty and library of a college of more than twice its size. It also enjoys further advantages in the resources of other departments of the University, of which it is an integral part. Of the development of its independent college life this publication, the "Croceus" presents an interesting record. More complete. information will be found in an attractive illustrated booklet, 21 COPY Of Which mal' be Obmmed upon application to the dean or registrar of the College for WOIHSI1- Besides the two colleges, other schools of the UniverS1fY me the Eastman School of Music and The Sc of Nursing. Catalogues upon request. hgol of Medicine and Dentistry, with its School The University of ROChCSfCf ROCHESTER, N- Y' eraoerus 1935 Count GOOD BOOKS among your steadfast College friends, the UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE among . your pleasant college contacts For Good Books, Magazines, Stationery College Jewelr S l' UNIVERSITY B Y, Llpp les, Z76lf7'07ZiZ9 the OOK STORE ANDERSON HALL 1857 WJ' Compliments of Howe 8: Rogers CO. Rocl1e.rz'er'J Lmlgeft H F -flfg Store E. Andrews owe 11111111111 or - - S C S Prlntlng CGHIPQHY 9 LINTON OUTH I Pk Afflfdzzct Building ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Flawcrf GEO. T. BOUCHER 411 lVlAIN ST. EAST 'WW 96 Genesee Bridge CO- STRUCTURAL STE121- 371-1 liixrz' .flzwzffc ROL'lllES'l'liR, NVICNY YORK 52' ADVERTISEMENTS our Eyesight... is certainly as important as anything in college life. from dormitory to diploma. Sibley, Lindsay R Curr Company Offers a dependable and skilled Optical service, with ll registered Optometrist in charge. Proper examination will soon determine whether your eyes need the help Of glasses. lf they do, we are prepared to Offer the most modern of eyewear, at prices in sen- sible accordance with a college budget. Sibley, Lindsay 84 Curr CO. Fine Clarke: Require Fine Cleaning mu EN Ea U in Pl. DYEWG fsE,5t'EiU"Gl1 L5 ll ill 2.O SOUTH CLINTON AVE. Bigfcler Tirer COMPLIMENTS OF Rochester Harley-Davidson Corp. 17.9 MAIN ST. W. 0 Telephone MAIN 7O5O Motorqcler Repair! Compliments of Non-Smut Carbon Mfg. CO., Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF CARBON PAPERS AND TYPEWRITER RIEEONS R. C. ROBINSON, Manager ROCHESTER, N. Y. GORDON WHITE INTERNATIONAL TIME RECORDING, INDICATING SIGNALING, AND SOUND EQUIPMENT K 165 EAST AVENUE FWF JL'0re.r to .rerve you in Rochester NOah's Ark 6O STATE ST. 44 CLINTON AVE., N. 190 EAST AVE. 561 STATE ST. COR. LYELL The Beautiful Lawns Around the Buildings of the WOmen's College Were made With Hart and Vicks Grass Seed COMPLIMENTS OF Levis Music Store The Pl9y.ricimz's Plmrfmzcy J. K. POST DRUG COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1839 PURE DRUGS I7 EAST MAIN STREET BRANCH 338 PLYMOUTH AVE., ROCHESTER, N. Y. PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS BOOK WAS DONE BY TAMARA STUDIO 31 GIBBS STREET NlfIZl1569I eros 1935 ciao Z Flowery for all occmiom J. B. Keller Sons, lne. CoMv1.1x11.1sTs OI' Fl0f'iJl'-f 15 CLINTON AVE. NORTH T .' , c Jr. 21 'AIDCUCJ U Tflxlc b P Y When in need of Printing Stone 7.42.8 CALL John Ro gan Prrntrng Co. Main 3859. I7 EAST MAIN ST. Mom 25,9 , T ESTABLISHED 1901 .Simuu 190 t MAR K E mc. J EAST HAIN AND sCl0 HENRY SCHUDT, Prefident Cook lron Store Compan no-118 ST. PAUL STREET ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Wholesale Distributors of General Merchandise Heavv H - ' afdwafe Goodyear Tires Conr ' - factors Suljphes Musury Paints lron an - d Steel Roohng fi 'Y' -xn- lil"-N .-N., X L.. S ll ' l Coxt:R.x'1'r'1.,x'rrox ro l l 3 Thr Qrurrus l E ruosr Rochester Alliance Press COMPLIMENTS Pl'.fllfa'l'J' of Tartu' Tfllla'.t' OF sPoRT1NG oooos AW- HOPCIMH SC S0115 Co Goffl- Tuzzrliy-Rinfio 569 LYELL AVENUE RUDOLPH SCI-IMIDT S CQ. .tg Soorrr Ava. After the dance meet at THE LIANHATTAN RESTAURANT 15 EAST Avizxma Open Dy and Night Protect Your Home with ELECTRIC LIGHT Use that inexpensive servant and Watchdog, Electric Light, as a safeguard When you leave your home for a few hours in the evening. . . ' ro- A light left burning on the first floor and one on the second floor furnishes p . . t. tection to your home far in excess of the few cents of cOSt fOf Cuffen . . ' ' cl com letei The illusion, so far as the would-be-burglar is concerned is ma e p the radio is also left turned on. Ever think Of fhaf? BUY LAM RDCHESTER' GAS PS BY THE CARTON , I E L All L . ND SAVE TEN PER CENT. AND - EVHEIQTRIC 2 5 f f 1 - CROCEUS1935 UNIVERSITY OE ROCHESTER EXTENSION DIVISION Pk SUMMER SESSION, JUNE 2.6 TO AUGUST 7. EXTENSION DIVISION OPENS SEPTEMBER 9.3 Registration in Extension Ojice, Catharine Strong Hall Pk For Catalogue and Information Address EXTENSION DIVISION, UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Cornplirnonrs Uf A E R I E N D For Flowers call Albert, Florisi 363 EAST AVENUE Phone: STONE 318-319 O U TL ER U N I O N CAEETERIA JVIUWU 5536017 SEVENTY EAST AVENUE Pk "Exclusive Jlppareln rxuxlntlgg ---" A , , .-f'-'-"' A ' -"' ' f -v---.,,,.,,,, O YOUR l:Rll'iNl5S S.-xy, "i'01I'l'c' flu' Garfro 'lj1'lm+?" ...ot the Lr.m'tortl type, or that you l1g1x'eDiet1'icl1's ligute or lfonnie llennoffs hair? Then you really slioultl know that you will lintl Copies of gowns worn lw your prototype in . . . i McCurdy's Bright Little Cinema Shop on the Second Floor Here copies of gowns worn by favorite stars in current pictures are priced to Hg a school allowance. McCURDY'S THE C OLGATE-ROCHESTER DIVINITY SQHQQL I . V ?- '3 W. H, K : alibi I , liz ?"1l,2ill AL. ' 'lil' nm" '- I , 1 ,ff -f-,W I ,JE 54 fifliil 4 , 1 F I Rita! V L f rff 4' ' ' 'ul ' af' 41 if ' f F' "Q3':3-fir" ooricgratalatef Thr Urnttus EASTMAN SCHQQL QF MUSIC of the UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER HOWARD HANSON, Director RAYMOND WILSON, Affiftaiit Director Cozirfei ieaal to oiegreeyf Bachelor Of Music, Master of Music, Master of Arts in Music, Doctor of Philosophy in Music, Eastman School Certificate CDip1omaj. Registration for 1935-36 and 1935 Summer Session NOW Being Received Preparatory and Special Dopartmeatf ORCHESTRA BROADCAST OVER N. B. C. EACH TH URSDAY 3:15 P. M-, E- 5 T For Information and Catalogue, atitirtff ARTHUR H. LARSON, Secretary-RegiSffP1f EASTMAN ScHOOL OF MUSIC - - - - ROCHEST ER, N. Y. CROCEUS 1935 -- N f X fjy OQQAL PRINQCI, Gm I . ' f THE 'E nf: Q zo 1'oco11.s A A . 'rw 'A beg on 792- LQ U3 'f f X' U r f l 11.9 KUCCIII' IUCLS 5 R . ,Nl E -'gf i s com aryl fp Zil E U ' : ' f7I'1IllUC!gU HART Z 3' Q ' ef f QE OCHESTYJY' fy 5 ,IL gg: ,L , ,, XVII AT A DIFFERENCE A LITTLE Tll0llGllT AND 0BIGINALITY RIAKE . E I I gs, ,,,,, CZCUE of TH E LEO HART CO. pride oarselztes on thefaet that the Year Books hearing oar imprint are a LITTLE FINER, A I,I'l"l'l.l2 MORE OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY, A LITTLE BETTER DONE than the average, and we strive to maintain that standard in ALL OF OUR XVORK . . . The PERSONAL THOUGHT and CARE- ru L STUDY given each INDIVIDUAL hook, in addition to FINE 'rx'1-OGRAvm', HIGH GRADE PRESSWORR and SKILLFUL HAND- LING thrnoat, cannot help hat show in the jinished prodaet . .. .ind the Editorial Staj which tarns its book over to as has a right to expect an Annaal that is DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT. This issue cj the Croeeas was planned and printed in the plants cyf the Leo Hart Co, e 60 Hart CO. 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