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 - Class of 1970

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Text from Pages 1 - 332 of the 1970 volume:

. ,. S 1 N P N N N t f x 1 I 1 X2 I df E o 2 'Q t A. . i - 3 Qb.. ' Q t 'F E -I :V ' ski 01" gv xf 11 - 'fm , 1 " "1 73' r f W lgp- 1 ' T' E in ' 'A .. o . gli. nl' N I ' 9 .Std ..s .33 3 aj of Richmond Judy Samuelson, Editor-in-Chief t Tom Givens, Associate Editor l Sterling Moore, Photographer . -3 ,r Q, - 'N' 'fx r viii-fb? M ' lKf:.'zQ-.H x ii-5 Sit by my side, come as close as the air, Share in memory of grace, And wonder in my words, And dream about the pictures that I paint of changes. 2 4 l l CAMPUS LIFE ACADEMICS HONORARIES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES GFIEEKS STUDENTS Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall To brown and to yellow they fade. But then they have to die, Trapped within the circle time-parade of changes. Q X ,' 1,5 A J svagi Hfifff '-x 'lf ,f 'T' 4 3 J' ix 'g - 4 Q X Q l W 1 -, af, 4 .L ,, xx 'X 1' QV ' 1 Y' fl'- Scenes of my young years were warm in my mind - Visions of shadows that shine- Til one day I returned and Found they were the victims of the vines of changes. . , s 4 x 4 ' u rsv v . ' ' ' .1 , Q' . F ,4' .4 .4 4 f 4144 rl "14q . I , '- J 4 N ,I ., N -4 4, np ' Q. 5 . U X.. ,I 5 0 ,V , 4 ' -1 lx N, ' ' .l"" 1 I v ' .1 ,. X sg QI'-4 44 I I . 'nts hvgsfc '4 X 4 'S' 4. 44 ' V-S' ' 4' ' .Q QI:-..", ,QI 'FH' , 13,2 V ,' if E., . N4 xv. I 44.4--lx, le 'Xu' 4 4 4 4,4 '4 4. . gs: ' QI fam-1.-1 1 , f X -, ', 4 , g . - ' Q - ' A 4 ' v v.. 1,4 .1444 l..a. 4 4 Il A GIV4 , f lf A " . - ie 'lf ', - - - " 4 1 K '- s '41 J., vg"- th :FQ 1 'A' I, Q N x.. I .2-0' T' - f I . as " . WM-'Tx' - l X 1 ' '1 1 ,hs Q ' J, 'f f"aJ"'u1.kJ -- J , -5 5 X J 5? ' Q ' 'LY 1 ' 'nr ' ' -' . iff fa' if' 1 X W lv ,lg . u HJ Y 'L xg HL3' a Q x l I 3 - . ' L-is diff 6 ,I ' Xxx, X f x.'l M, :iff f 4 r 4 U 444 , i , Nl? 1 ' W r I 34,4 ', ji- 1 It 4 4 ,4 4- 4, 1. '-px E 1- X4 , 1 47 4 .44 v ' "NT " 'rf A 183 L ' -3 -ir?-Y-Q. 3.315 , '-., W 1' 'f ' '1 fi Q' .ffm 'S ' w , f . , fa, .k V-L. 'F . , 1 In a F 'I 4 14 4 Y 'E "Q ' 44 , ' 'Q' , , 2 1' 44 4 vi 4 4 4 V 4 4 044- 7-4 i 'A4 . 4 . ...A , lf' - V ' 'Z' " . 'I' ' U - ' 'fi ,-. v,,-.- H If x f: I ,QQ 4 5 . 4 ,.' as 1 - ' Ml.. -" 1 X21 V I 'frfffif 9 ,4 4 - ' f Pj u ' W- " ' r'- '- , xv ik ,rl mf? gt '4 'gl 4 I, XL EQ? , l VJ, ., 1 A , , , J , -ig'-gy ' 9 u , 43 a-if 4' F' 4 .4 ' ,I kff J SS. ' f-' ',s-'ea 151 ' 'f ' ' .' ' .r P R:'4,Vj 44.1. W " 54. 4.4, FVE- 8 lv '5"tf"'n4:' fx' 'Jail 7 4 Q !g:,- 4 4 . F:-. e L-N ui Y 2 I 'Gsf F5 dig .- rv PL- -av. -, ' ' ll. ' ' " 'A' , "L A4 ?f.:4 If - J 4 4 . . - ' . X.. 1 Q' J .45 Lf. 1 Q 1 F7 ' i 4 1 ' - ' ' 21 -' 5 ' , ' V' 1. -, 7' fy- A 1 'X ' ' -, 1 4 'fxxf-54,1'.f-,-I 'Q 4g,4.4,, 4' 's ,I ,wt '-"J :yi L f1i".wv iX iS'f.f':f - ', if ' A Q5 1' W 4 f 4 4 p 1 Q' 'fi 3:54,-Q5, Y' " Yigq 3 W' ., ,gncf 1 gwk J Nu. M ', '. ' ' , - L 5 A 44 4 44 I 6 4, ' . . . 1 , gg: ,059 1 f 4 1. 4 - 43.444 , 6 . , fri .W 2.4!-54 T ' 'ff -Q. .A 1 , J : ,- 3' 1 . - f . - ., 4, . , , '46 ' - .4 4 44 4 .Diva f4g 4 4 4, gr imgfti 4 -P 4 " 4 - .213 mfs? 4 . 4x1 51-Qi A . ,jftqg , G11 x1 xf4--..: ,,-' Q-' , - ' r- ,,l f4,f jf ' 4 ff gm W , 5 I , , A , , . . ,- K, . , r , I , , jr IA, lf -N f f -1 '- 'Ax ' 'I ,I . , 4' ,,.f'- 4 Q 'ffsl 0.444 1 an - A 4 4' Mi, fp Z: 7 4 -, sg' ,' I, ' M' - .' ' f 1 A F' 4 'A , . fl - 'Q .2 fl "S" ' , , ,q , - , f 1 fAx 75 .' 3 ' x' . ' ,' x 2 -' V. b Q , , -. F41 l 5 "" W 4 3 3 .,v .-x.. iw 1 , 4 A l .5 4 Q I .t , , i 'rl xi, lqfsi j.5'i.YW,Y-Y-,Wv?, .... Y 8 i il I , 1 , .x . ef 4 8 8 bm X X :fe :iff 'bf-T'i A v x ' 4'5I'ef4g:f. 1 "2--E. ' '. Passions will part to a strange melody, As fires will sometimes grow cold. Like petals in the wind, We're puppets to the silver strings of souls of changes. 4- . Qlsr - ' 'Tl.eHT-- . ' 'zur ' L"'g',5:3?1f-' ' rf"-fe V' i f f? V V V 1 V .. V .. , ..x::V--if'-Q52 'fur .. 1:-2.22 V-5. ..,. ,,'qf,f:1:g'1 "'5,il-:ffg'.',.' ,jf j ,- -x 5- .Q f ,:325"s??' . 5, -, ,wa ,R nf., nil: by 'u -I J. .r- x Q 5 -,LDV-1-'j.-.l 'w M I ' ffiw 'V S-'ff ..- . , - .V ., , , . Ag .-...E A M., 3, f. V. ,, nig h -N 'Y 'N-"" . V .:z1. 'r- - ' sfo -i-e.-- 'X 'lf-237-FFf:x ,,.U- - ,-gffrjgu, glf,,.,g7,i ., '- A 5 Q 1-f'-if.-','Y' -fy 1, 1. fg- 'wk - 1 1"-. -': ---f . - ' ' str 555:--.'-.rl -V A51 ", -2, Q :1. , .- ' ' 'L"f: '. 11:2111- - --9 - . '. ,Q -an A 1':+'Vfff.61H41:l-. . ' VE .- V -'r'f-zigffif-ii?ZF'-'Qiffiij A f , ffl!-ey'V,'fa:eL "24.'.g-Vt. g-All -- l 4' V- g 5 If f ,, , aw.,- , - 1. 'gf-1. Jar.. V' , 5 .. - ' ,'3'F'fH'-F-'sf:,f4w..Q::6 . A .MU r , , ff".-',. ,, ', 'I' - N , :' ' ., 1f:fw7T-1314355-v .."3-1. 33, - f . , ' r-Zzfffaf - .- .. , fx' "U:w.1-, 1 N ,- , l . . . . 1. ..f "- -.- '. ."....1.-'-..' r - V 33 : 1. ug. 5.1, 3- .I if' . -, b"f'5..w" N' 1.+q3f'q3"'1e.'f+.f'1'.m-Q-4" , . '7 7 lfhiwl. :V .-'f ii ffj,-1-. Sir ' .-'1L'f3Q. 1 r' - ff - - Vrigb, Y-. 3. FW' fV-11 'A -' -' - ' "if: . " 'ffl 3, ' '-" -ff " -.1-""?f'.-.::QnCrt.g-1, A ' , ' .2 ... 5451 ' 'if-3Si:3??4" ,f 3 -'eq-.,5i349fq4:Q1,-gr, .. L r. 1 IJ., +.-w.s:rw,.:..- V .v,.,.ie3 -,.4-fgsggm i, V -V . 1. 1 wc :--:- :. vi H- V'-.:'i '- V:-'-1-2 -- -5- ,- wi-....ffi"H.Sfa-4' V-4-:Q-ffs:'vf:gA Ji-rw!" f ' -GE f. -',:5EX"f"'Uff-V .,- ft, . "'wf:TA1i'aQ: trgazz-Vafgfr-9'-1 -'rms y ,al-fm. --- f ...,.1':,,V. -. -f:?fg.,,.u.-zur-N' - ies:-.... , 1 ,f S1 1. . . ., ..lf., . . ---.,v,.EI' 1.,,,.,. :- QW ., .596 V l - ag .---:rg-,:f5 L ,- S ..: :,.,,:Vr il .1 1 ,A. -, .1 - ,Q-,.x . 'L-,. 'fv '19 W Q ,ks -.1 mln L1 ,k A Ve 5 'iifl-.-f'y 'V '-" X- w. ,- - f '-V y V1 1,--...--A -- rg. .irq -,Q ka- 4 FJ- :kj-" ' wi? V- 'i-f:f2:Qm1L J'1"A3I' . ... . JL , - . . A :.-g,-:f,A,- V L., pgzg-trim. ,. ., .r V f"gf.KE".J '5L"' ,. ,1 gn? -522493-1-3-Yugi-x43q',4-g'g':gf5' --.4 8, . . g.f...1-1 ' .. . " an . ku- as www Lfrfht .iz-f':zi' "fl 45512. fig Q -utenrwvfgg 1 f5sf'.rf-fwtriii,-'f.5i:1r 1:Pf'!'Nf3i' 1' 95 3-'RT 5-i53"3..V'- 1f1?- ,- A-L' Nw! 4?-'TS' . 9'T'f1fi .r?C5, ,'-T l' '.i,,1?'-J:-1,.'Qf--r.l' "'-15" " 1 Q 4' Ape - '-1' .' -avi-L 'K'-gb: 52137:-'.'v1 ?m.n"Tii5LV, 3 ' 'QYWZL-Nfl-.S f'31'.1.egT? HV ? Z?M'kG1 -' v'?"9':q.Tp'!4 i1l','10 .l4.fA..Vi QM- Q. . ..lla fame-V. fx - ix'9:1Al2yg-i91v.5,37,l- --nfgighitg . 2-, , V -Q-milf -Y-Riu V ' .1 "V"-Ar -:wi -f .-.rl-n'.:'5' I .."-Q... -5- .1VJp' ,::. .:r f ' 'V I - -"5 ff. - wwf- wi' 1, " JL 'A - "1 ' ww. -GV . 'f-' -- -' S-Jr' .1 H15 V if V argl,-,igfrfr e -, H N , . iw , .-..3.,..,,.,,.. n , . -1-...lj .U..,1, L -, l . g.,:-uf-V , .. - 1 11, 3-jw ,,V, V'-fT5?gifil'?ib , 'tiff ' "l ji..,.',fLY"ii'? ' ' . MIN E?-.Q-'I .gf a2'Qf'4':5i,ZF' grit? :iff u ,..j,. ,,:i. ,- ': .-Vlnj iiibgrl 5? iiixgnllps-:lV,l.:f.i.Qf5."fL. V w. ,Q-gg,, ,4iaq:,,f ., 14. G... 3 ,V . My- - .b .gg 1 fs., 15:1--. A 5- ' - 1.-:V V, ,,,Q'- '-'5?t?tS'if in " .2V-'5iiViW5Ii"i"i93'F3 ' ' 5f1' l.. ms.:.Q ,fi-gtlw, a" 925isl2. :. ,, - ,i", :gl-sV:5g,e,1, ':l,yYkf.wi' V ig' Vg..-1 . ,H6?3:.h 3 3,.31uf.-,f..gj.'-div, 5. Ln: yin -' " w, '.1S'1. '.. .. ' 1.11 ,' "'f,"7lg'1-u"1"4u'T . 4",w:lg. 1 25' .-Y,- Tjlygnjg 1 X :flkfl fi-:1' .' "3-:M i "ifl-j'i.in1.'f'-wV'.1.. . -. ' -' '-1.1.4 V- -'1j'93i.i!j -,l' . ', -jg' 372- f fig, "1'.1.. -1 , ,S l '.V-4:if-- an "-"""-sf 43,351 1' ' . s-Vf '-'-v5::,.i'f'5i'3?'ffz:. v :yy-f..---4 Ll 1. 'u'l!'.3,25 .IL new A if-" .l-"?i.+:n1 :ti-'wr' r . .. , . 4. N . I . 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J 5'-rv ., ."r.,ld .. v- V A ,flfqilgh V- 5-:gi 35? 3 51. - . , - ,Vs ,.g.."V,,'f . ,. 22.21, - ,-34.1 ' Ha'-,A ,Q-5:Q,'g1.2.a - .fn-,f-V1. A ' fffif-"'4 ' .VH 7 21' ' ' "Q wuz f RF., W W2 W X ww I 5. fi A ggi f ? 7' 4 f vw. l...f,7', XF ,R . 1 .Ax fn" - 4 .. . -' 'YA l' ijaWMi'V'g4'f E ff, U - . ..,.,,..'g,gA. .. L, .. . iw., -, 1'-. J' 1-'iff ' yr: -M L, ,. ' .f':, ,,. , L.. M- -,fy Nw '..L1 N f. my-1, 575- -:V - , A- .. va- . ff .Pwr ,-44,4 'UW' p 'r-L4-.1y, :, .,.A . '11 Wx L ,.-- ,- - -mvg ,rg-' 5 l.,'.' ' ' '-. 4 ' .,,-..- y , M. eh. ,K 314' gi f W1 -fm wah, -aan., P. , The world spinning madly, It drifts in the dark, Swings through a hollow of haze- A race around the stars, A journey through the universe ablaze with changes. 11 Q if i yg5,,N -lf.,:,g4U. .-E . , ' '.- - vi ". " " - ' " , ,,-1"'..1f .1 g.."'fl-4 ,'f':.,'F,w ft . 'f 94. Y"4 .t"A!".q 3- I' r" ' "ri " . F V' I". A' 1'- ' -, ".' '. '. 'D ' ' .'Q It Hlwl' 'l.' rfus' I ' f N " ' 0 RM f' -, ' .s-I - 1,-.:'... g.qql.9'.f,v ' 'fn F . - ' 1 5.-. '- .-4' " 'gfwhm du- '-It . nf-. - 2. - . .- 1,- 1. 5--' s.'-'-f,J.f-r--- - vii". I " '1' 'EZJJ 4 .V rg D ,,.r- fm. . le. , . ry: A- . f . ... -' f -A 11-Af. 'f I 4..I. I,QI Q' ,C I .Irv 5' X y ' ' fl! ' M A 5 Q ,lf ' - 7 fi' n u . .-' 'A j'-.V -gi K I 61 Z, fI- uglalft v , A , I . QTL-.--I .gI .LZ 7' xh.-' ,Ir 4' -' -, ' 1'AP4'-,1'G-."- 34-a f f I ' I' Q G III. ' 5 I Il: I ,PI if ,7l'A." I ,?IZ,?1 T .Y. - l., .l I I IL1 , J 'I ' af Ig' f I , 1, UI I j - A A 'I if i "ff .Ii - :V . 0 . K 9 I I, I.. vII,,I I,I II I. if ici fm X 1 fi' , 'o 1" " lg .' ., Q 1.5 I A , ' JIYJQ ..,"-gf ", f 1, 'fam ' 1 ." .-'y.I1:' , 15- I ' "fI I .'lz4--"7.f-,ff -ff .15 15,- . ' .gs 'l?,: ,3" ' f M ,f1'l",.4-fn . 'f-Q--' : 1 m'uV'i' ' 'T:."1!ff'- 1' - Q fl '7fZi9?A+??54:-"ffl'PDQ'-Sf' "' I 1' '!,J'-'il WI. II.I. KI II . .I I uh .MI Ii,-CIIIIII5 . F iII,I.u'I K .171 - " Qi- "lil fl fc'5f 23fwQff' -fa'--" ffff 1 1QJ'z'-ff 1-Y ' "5 5 ' Q. I ' L - 'u K- Q' -? -. 1 f 2 T? A9 Q, Pa js, :TW ff 1,-I , an W . ', --5. .- - ,gr 'Q 0 "v -Q LQFA .' , , fu " '1 ' k 1'-' ' 4','?l v W m'i.g.'a " " - " 5---'fc 'T' 4 ' 'VIA .,.'v '.' II .Q Y . I . I I ,ITF 4 I .- ? ig A, I . .' . .I a '.'T,I", IL- x I , YI Or, , 4 2' ,I ,,e-L--I. U If I ' ' 'psi' I -c ' , S I . :tip I: , ' ,l- . .' '.- I A I - '-, . lr 1 XI '44 ',I,,,, I , I fi, . f --I "Ln," ' 4 ' ff" A Y. I 5 ' ,Q v I' ' L. I - I , I I I ? - " I U' ' . I X' ffff dj' ' , I1 , ', .f I A 1 - '14 f I A ' ' . 4 9, I 1 3 . 4 1' ' a ' , A V -g - . - ::Q. nivm ,v.'v. -1 4' Y 4 , is il '1 2, .f A.. mf .. f if 1 v ffl' ,l , - -.' f f we ,V Y. fr ' 'A ' 5 r Q gf' f - , 1" Y I I " 'wi .I ' a . . , I ', .1 I ' 3 . 1' , f . ' Q' 'fx X v V - f -1 ' ' 1 , f 4 . f - ,,. J ." . ', t EL' I fr f X l , ' I , I' fr' 'Y I ll A J 1 W X- 5 ro I' ,. I.,- I? .- SQIQI: ',' F' ,J-5517! j'.ff" ' .ff ,. tiff ,Wf H :Q X 1 . sf, '-si I v ' 2 r J , '4 , : 'L "' !.- N. , , if r , 'PKI 1 CAMPUS LIFE "s'.7""' mug, e- K , Kwok off Kapers helps swung couples into a new year. "l've been here four days and already l have writer's cramp." "Dean Baker, let me introduce you to...uh...uh...Wha!'syour name again?" Kick-Off Kapers Brings Barefooted Joan and Holly Clayton harmonize their voices to "Unfortu- nate Man" at the Freshman Talent Show. Grientation Week To a Close -1, - al? , 'Ai ' Q35 L lx f xf Junior Counselor Pat Gatllng tells her freshmen counselees how to get around the many Westhampton rules. 17 -up 'rehab 1' RQ ! X ,gg 7:-i-V "f X U I' Rat Counselors ioin together to scare the rats into obedience. i ,.,. . ' -f.-.aww V' .- The Space Team congregaies on' the green to do their morning calisthenics. "Freshmen, You'Il Pay" Rings Through Westhampton "Longhorn" Langston gives a rat the evil eye. Rats Betsy Rhett and Ella Sue Shelton think fondly of those "Two Days in October" while making their rat sister's bed. Frats Cheer Increase in '69 Pledge Return pa Sig brothers d h ve to the sounds of h sn ph d l. if --.! --,f xy. Xa , Lambda Chi does its best to snow the girls at the IFC Open House for Westhampton freshmen. ,-.,1. ' Y f 55' Dudley Fulton shoots the bull with rushees, hoping they'Il "Go PiKA." Flaming Cynthia Wornom moves to the sound of the Showmen at the SGA Fall Concert. fc.. 21 ls "I know the country is not totally insane because not everyone is listening to it," remarks James T. Farrell, the University's Boatwright Scho- lar ln Residence, in his speech on the birth of Midwest liter- ature. "lt amazes me that professors are not well-informed. Many stu- dents are better informed than their teachers," replies Senator Thurmond to Dr. Alley's chal- Ienging question. 22 T .l.5:,,Ll?'. U i 7 .P A V le' , , v-X -,r wg., -- H117 3. I' ,ft get ii.. .7727 - S 1 . 1 V J ' ' J, f! ii ' ,sg :fs-2--, .,.,g.- .,, ,, . it , , ,,-..-.. assess President Modlin and Gov. Godwin make their entrance at the Opening Convocation. At the Opening Convocation Gov. Mills E. Godwin Jr. pays tribute to the students at the University of Rich- mond lor having the good judgment to keep their campus free of the type of outbursts seen elsewhere. 23 , 3 'hm I-'JZ' qs.. , 5. fr Q2 ' 'E F l- z t, ii 24 Folksingers Penni Chappell and Jim Jontz captivate their audience at the opening Coffee House. The Family Dog, a rock group from Randolph-Macon College, brings a new sound lo the U of R campus. V ig.. "HeIIo, Darkness old friend ,.UQ,1-val, t Y rn . ' -Q' ' ' C ii' g AQ . 4 --1 Wednesday Nights Bring Relaxation and Enjoyment to Campus iii: Ill' ll , , ,, , 3 gf if. 'AJ-as . ,. ,, i X1 -fe e 'J - . '-.P gum' 1 1-Q--fnw-I gr N i 1 wx L.: 1 -V A s f. '- ', . is 3 -4 --... V - - A. i YY.. s"'L1"fT" ' ' I ' .36 ' 'f-4 515 'P-1 rf .., 4 5. ,iff w - iff Ai V4 ,. ,,- .M V. . if . fi. af' -,f' "What a bright shining star, like our love it's wundebarj' harmonize Fred Graham 1Bev Appletonj and Lilli Va- nessi fSaIly Andrewsl. "For 'twas I who was born to tame you, Kate," warns Petruchio, whip in hand. 'Z' I MA 4 r 'T' "Kiss Me Kate" Highlights Homecoming Weekend "N.....L '-'B .nv-i "Oh, Bill, why can't you behave," whines Donna Strother to Fred Brumback. "He's come to wive it wealthily In Padua," sings Lucentio iFred Brum backj. ll? .. " ' ..-4 -10 1- ,. :I 2: 1 , 1 vjrfvyvvsr- ., iff r,-.W--,: :A . . Q . -ff --Q, A ' Q .. -mm'-' ! I 4 . E Spy, A 5' I 1 5 A V ., '? ir 'ff .ff . M. , , 0 'L I ULL TL , - - ':"'n,.h 4 y .. lp w i ix , n 11" . V - v F, , wb- Q.. s "9 -, Q.-, " V , 'I 4' ,Q A - , ,, gl-, ,, P., 'fs '4 V '1- 'Zgjg '1. -: 3 . Y 1- ' x.. ' 1- 4, . - ' '-IL-. A . 1.1, -7 . " T' :'.Pk' 'Z' ' " it-1.- 1 Lis.. Y . V :E-1,,. - 3 . xii-'e 1 ' X ":p '. ,M-,v,J'n , In f-' ' -h 1-. - '-pvi-, , . a.- ' L -w1,g"?5ZfQ3V 'Q -jf . .rg , fw1:'fw,,.4,, " ..s 12. w' u5-- ,- ' . A 4 :rf 'Z,. ' ' 1' - ew- -f-2 . ' ' - .. iv'-'- 'f.1.gv at wig- 1.11, ,. 1, .ig , ' ,M Ljgb - ,r,?4.'A4 ,L .---,.-,gum ... , . ' . , 1-Syl ' - Q 'nw' ' '21 A-wg ,- E ,,..- 7. -.,.,f. ' nf' - L 511: -' .. .A f QE , "N'.':5.4 Hr. ,,-4 fy -1 ' Z P1 --.:1" .X L g.,r. 2-. . 1, , ,,.. -ef , fx x N Lg, . ggi '- 1"1iv:Q-, 5 - ff',z'1:Qi 35:2 , ' 1.5.5 , 4 'f7i15:'2 - ' - :,: -V 1-Qu fe:-spiral I 'Eff' 'T' '-ijliii 1' I . 5 2? ' Ei f . x 11- 1 , .' gl.:--Q Q A 1 . - , . - .ff -Xww ,dl f " - I ' A If, -X ',. , -1" ji" " '-P 28 7 A-,' ' tru- - ,W ,V 1- -e-,- x Phi Delta Theta's Best Fratermty Float passes by the stands at half-time. '17 UW4'Z N " ' .1 At midfield, U of R's Homecommg Court ra diales smiles for half-time festuvmes , F 5 ,. L 352 Q A-. I5- umn, gg: mswaw. um: Q- mf - ff 4:-A-f 'lf - , fx-:D .em P. me Qc Q , ' 1 4?1s?i!LTf g v ,Sf ,131 x A T5 Mx 185 Q , ga-. L M W KL wa 3' Navi 'f'4u:7"""' 4-" Q V-rw! .7 ,P """'-3-s- 1.4-, . .WZ 1 1' -. ce" I-u"'-H 1311, ' . sw-- Queen Ann Stewart reflects on the technical advancement of Westhampton College, Concert Concludes An Eventful Homecoming Weekend A lovely queen and court . . . gaily colored floats . . .a win over The Citadel . . . a concert . . .fraternity parties . . . all brightened the dreary skies which accompanied Homecoming weekend. Friday night found Fraternity Row buzzing with brothers and dates working to make their fraternity's float outstanding, while in the Fine Arts Building, the University Players presented "Kiss lVle, Kate." Alumni and students flocked to City Stadium Sat- urday afternoon to witness the battle between Ftich- mond and The Citadel. Aside from a Spider victory, the highlight of the game was half-time. The winning floats by Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Theta, the Business School, and Beta Beta Beta, circled the field before the members of the homecoming court were introduced, and Ann Stewart, a Westhampton sophomore from Staunton, was crowned as queen, Saturday night brought music and dancing. From the Richmond College gym came the sounds of Ron Moody and the Centaurs and Percy Sledge. Fraternity Ftow hummed again-this time with the sounds of parties . . . Alumnus W. K. Gaines crowns our radiant Homecoming Queen, Ann Stewart. slag' Richmond's Ron Moody and the Centaurs prove to be the star at- traction of the Homecoming con- cert, with their musical tour of the United States. 31 ,- "Ha! Ha! See if you get a smile out of me," thinks Maid of Honor, Ginny Gary. , Westhampton Sophomore Reigns Over Homecoming "I'Il take mine on the rocks," muses Senior Court member, Pat Connell. Smiling Ann Stewart and Maid of Honor, Ginny Gary pose by an autumn background. Princess Bebe DeBergh strolls through a Westhampton courtyard. Deborah Love, a petite University College co-ed, makes a pretty addition to the Homecoming Zourt. Student Life. . From Classrooms to Partiesg Dining Hall to Intramurals JyBg g tsthecrowdata Dfiy ZBT 34 ?f'a"'f?ff' if 'la kai- Q 1' -'Q' X U "Five milks and four Singamore Slings coming plll TM, Fall intramurals, like hardyball, provide a great deal of exercise lo Greeks and Independents. .sl 35 Salem Witch Trials Come to Richmond in The Crucible Terrified Mary Warren lDe Parsonsl screams "I feel a misty coldness climbing up my back, and the skin on my skull begin to creep, and I feel a clamp around my neck, and I cannot breath airy I hear a voice, a screaming voice, and it were my voice . . . " Accusingly, Elizabeth Proctor tMartha Rothenberg! says to her husband John tFrank Howarthl "You come so late I thought you'd gone to Salem this afternoon." 36 Mrs. Ann Putnam tAnne Bromleyj sarcastically says to Rebecca Nurse iMary Gallowayl "You think it God's work you should never lose a child, nor grandchild either, and I bury all but one? There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires!" 111183: - - M id - Winters Features "M agnificent Men," "Friends of Distinction "The Magnificent Men" show their magni- ficence in imitating rock, bubble gum, and soul sounds. Mid-Winters offered UR students another weekend to let them- selves go. 37 if 'iff W I.. 13 I. 'L Q v 1 of ll E, 5 IJ dx rl X W J, ? :ii T Queen "Rebel Yell" Rin Highlights May Day Festivities With events spanning an entire weekend, the May Day celebration was presided over by Queen Rin Henry, University cheerleader and Sociology major from Franklin, Virginia. Friday night . . . the lakeside was the scene of a picnic along with folk music. Saturday . . . the Westhampton green was dotted with booths made by the classes and clubs . . . children enjoyed the May Pole dance . . . the coronation, the freshmen daisy chain, and entertainment for the queen filled the Greek Theatre with students and parents . . . people lingered near the Fine Arts building and ad- mired the art work of various University students . . . PD's gave tours to incoming freshmen . . . box lunches were served, and the day's festivities ended with a dance in Keller Hall. ,Ji , l :1 -7. ,f ,, Maid of Honor Sally Andrews rests in the Camp Memorial Theater after a hard day. the lawn beside South Court --if X Q, "-11 ,' 9' x4,fjil.,,, . .' " 4 x . I . , 5 F il L , VV , ., , A 5 Q -' 1' ' -. 1 ' ti 1' -A E 1. T . ,,,-1- if A AY ,G :x.'F"J!1w' 1-gqmn...,,,. . 1 "5--. ,- . . Stax. I Q., "": ,da-L, -r' N 'Y 'L' 5,5 1 Xie 1, ,iz .., .. ... gy. -c u- g, ' gv' ., .. -f' " "1 ,., 5"':-f -'wi ' 16 . Y, A 1 be 4 1 1 , "' I 1,2 ,T I 1 L Ll'W'k of' . Jo Ann Russell, from the Sunshine State, is another lovely member of the May Court. --N f?"' X ' AG :. .V -.IT gl? if , ,fl .4,,, ,ge lu, 'tif , .vi .fs- ,M . 'T' 31133 . 'Nw t, - . "N..2l"-Q, Reflection. Kitty Taimi and double. Elise Miller, president of Westhampton's Senior Class, stops to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon. Helen Outen Iookmg at the early sngns of Manorle Scott presldent of Westhamptons College Govern- f 'H J 1 Ar 112 1 '1-of .I la, un +11 - :QB '. 9-Lai' . v.. . ,.,,, M73- L 1.9 V u :Q I : :' 411.3 1 -f . '31 I V4 4421 V1 U1 v. Yr". 1 5 ACADEMICS President Dr. George M. Modlin-President of the University of Richmond Treasurer Q . Dr. Charles H. Wheeler, ill-Treasurer of the University of Richmond Deans Clarence J. Gray B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Dean of Administrative Services ' " " 'i Robert F. Smart B.A., M.A., Ph.D. University Provost L. if-vm! R! o-'f 'ff' 48 Li" turf FN, wi, .fi , l. .. is , ,vig qw- .l v'w' W4 'W' ,J-vs me afiw 'w WN? 'W Q!! G ,,,. N f--Wi 'F' ,FII N FIDE!! Fm' -- Ja 1 1 xi 12 1: . ..n Austin E. Grigg B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Richmond College lx. N we . ww' lp. S' William T. Muse B.A., L.L.B., S.J.D. Dean of T. C. Williams School of Law W. David Robbins f""1 55235 B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. Dean of School of Business Administration ,Q l Miss Mary Louise Gehring B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Westhampton College Ai! . ff Edward Peple B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate School 0 Il. ,LL ' V7 d "X William E. Baker B,A., BD. Dean of Students: Richmond College and School of Business Administration William Leftwich B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Dean of Summer School Miss Clara M. Keith B.S., MA. Dean of Women Students l .- " l fs 3 A S Richard Chewning B.A,, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Dean of University College gee' 51 :EH Il -o fl' ...- nf" ff mf R ir.. Robert H. Bell John Watson. Bishop William E. Trout Addison D. Campbell R. Dean Decker 'fax 2 63. A 49- lf-: K7-" , iii. 1 . L ll X V Warwick R. West Robert R. Maior Richard A. Mateer William S. Woolcott J. S. Pierce iw 'W-.- In Sf -'-s William A. Powell James Worsham 4-11 - N. IIN 'YDX sm 52 'I' jf lYl'.2i!:Ea1mS Science 49 J. J. Taylor Welford D. Taylor .I HF' Ama. A- ofa Arthur Beck Jr R D Chewmng Norman E. Edwards Melvin J Borland Richard J Dunsing David Clifton Ekey Stephen E. Lile S. K. Moak Robert T. Partain S. Gordon Ponder S. Travis Pritchett James G. Rennie, Jr W. David Robbins John B. Sperry T 15' vw- Robert Arthur Randolph Beckham G. O. Gunter William B. Guthnie Lewis Ball John C. Boggs, Jr. Georgie Gurney James Hardin English and Journalism 7' if--":'mCn i ,A4n'5"4 H9143 Louise Kennedy Robert M. Nelson J. Moody McDiII F. Elaine Penninger 'WML I ff' I 5' , - .5 N ' i l I 5' .4 f ' , , f qv-1 ,dim ,192 X ,l' 'Am I 'Rasa 'Q' ILQL ' Jeanne B. Campbell Max Graeber William H. Lockey, Hannah Coker Charles Johnson John MacKay James Erb James V. Larkin Hilton Rufty Fine Arts Frederick Neuman Jerry Tarver J John Welsh Alton W. Williams Lo I ' I," linux f H. ,, v fog' '- lm. g... ir - ' ll. gf.: , i "7 1 .l l '59 -: J ' ' ff! Maile. Sw n-...xr 1? Gene I Adrean MaryD Beaty William S Cudlipp AlbertC Dawson Harry L. Farmer Judith Farmer William J. Gaines Peggy D. Hart S. Frederic Johanson Robert MacDonald Rose M. Marcone Weaver M. Marr Catherine Pastuhova Ernest C. Perry Marjorie Rivenburg Talbot Fl. Selby N. Wilford Skinner Carter W. Stone Robert M. Terry Haley Thomas Judy C. Walker it.- BW M. Ray Doubles D. Orville Lahy Willam T. Muse James W. Payne James R. Saul Harry L. Snead, Jr. Jack Shackleton Ellsworth Wiltshire William Cudlipp Earl Curry Ji 1. zz? mi 'LT iz ' 1 1. 5' ., .Q -QA : l E'- 7 fmx Harry Pearce Atkins Jacob Bowen E. Sherman Grable Elizabeth Hesch 1,1 1'-K Francis B Kay Elizabeth McLaughlin . l A ll" Betty C. McMulIin Lila W. McRae Clarence Monk Marion J. Stokes Thomas Vassar Doris L. Willett Mathematics F. .,,,.L Military Science :T-39 Charles Cook Enoch C. Copeland iw ' az, ,- 1 . 'V G 4, 4.4 . A. Ivan .-fait' . N,-fb , :A A fhtllfa-:I,, 1.-1 ' ' f.-iw ::+Tl".,, pjfwxa.,3e,q:.'4u5,f-3f:2' fi ,ln ' 11' '1.'-7' . A , ,J , E ' -l 4'-" -12: .i'2.f.'71!' ,F l , 'ill 1. U.: "hz - -l "6, 4 .gh P Q -,af J , an .. " 3 ,fligf ' Julliii ' f ' Q . aff, 1- ,J - ,R '11 1' .fn t , ll' ..g,fs3re1r' .. 'fQ-if-I V . M: , - 60 Matthew Paul Kalan M if Qi--s , , Q , , 'T l Carl A. Mann Charles E. Sands Ss .V X 1 R i Nag , Augusta S. Chapman Patricia Higginbotham Frank Jones Nancy Elkins Richard E. Humbert E. W. Jordan Q Physical Education Mary Miller Malcolm Pilt Lewis Mills John S. Fleid , . I lu -- .J 'T' gp- l .il ,GA 519 .XV U " 'Si i4.u V Spencer Albright Ernest Bolt W. Harrison Daniel James Gregory J. H. Hall Emory C. Bogle S. N. Chittom Daniel A. Dye Arthur B. Gunlicks Joseph P. Harahan V XL-Jiiaii.. fl' ll! y 2 Q Y . ,ff Wifi ' I , ,Eff - ffJXeQL4fi' . Political Science, History, and Philosophy 62 fir! M Q., John w. ouuand John mmng , hp his 5' Jim Ryle 'gh' i S. T. Schrotter Robert Horgan J. A. Moncure William Thorn Frances Underhill w Y T at Merton E. Carver Jean Dickinson Robert Filer f , 1 W .X 'am 'TQ' 7f or J Qi . W y I ,A "-' Xe , H an y 1 Q' A R N , Y i V Q ,Q -V in ' ' Edward Gregory Fredenck Kozub Wllham Leftwlch Psychology and Sociology James A. Sartain f Henry H. Stewart James Tromaier ,,, r K vw- kg Q.. Philip R. Han Robert S. Alley gh 0- I my lug -A Frank E. Eakin Larry D. Flora UMQMHMQ -Ili M Q 3 K--Q S Helen Louise Smith D. W. Rhodenhiser Robinson James ,Lvflxt - ! A Remgon and Educadon 65 --.-Q-,uni ., ,I I Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Scott Richmond College Host and Hostess Directors of the Student Center in , , i" .iff an-nf Miss Catherine Bell Westhampton College Registrar Thomas N. Pollard, Jr. Director of Admissions and Registrar, Richmond College 66 -5 'xx' X 'H Staff L Rudolph M. Peterson Director of Buildings and Grounds W-vu 'fi-nr P, . . v- .4 Mary Ellen Anderson Director of Admissions Westhampton College ' A Randy Walker Assistant Director of Public Relations A , A H, .L 'lj ':-. g,.,,4.' H - ,,,!,,m.'.,:,.- 1 A f -,l ,av-N,...f me-a-ily 1 . -limi vm -'- '.La'?fi, ...f "i . . ' "i ,IV , R mi .4 r' 3? Staff Mr. H. Gerald Quigg Director, Development Office , i James Ferrell PersonnelfGrants Cecil F. Jones Auditor Frank Soden Walter Drewery Director of Athletic Public Relations Sports information Director P3-:Q ....,- L Dr. william Smith ' , ' Director of Religious Activities Richmond College -"'-Q., Miss Nancy Mitchum 5 . -- Director of Religious Activities ' Westhampton College ? ff"'Z. lifegiais. ,is Richmond Michael Chandler Slater System Manager Staff i i Edna Tinsley C ollege Nurse laura! '. ' ' H1 Dr. Oscar Hite University Physician Mrs. Arnall and Mrs. Jones Westhampton Dieticians na l l .4 . l Ri 19 ' ' 's Mrs. Hodkinson, Miss Brady, Miss Jackson Miss Griffin, Mrs. Larus Westhampton College Hostesses x 1 HCDNORARIES H. Pearce Atkins PHI BETA KAPPA Lewis F..lBall Mary D. Beaty Catherine Bell Thomas S. Berry lrby B. Brown L. Burke Crowder, Jr. William S. Cudlipp, lll Albert C. Dawson Frank E. Eakin, Jr. Robert J. Filer Clarence ,J., Gray E. WadswoFthMGregory, Jr. Frances W. Gregory Garland O. Gunter Cecil Debney Allen Jr Thomas Paul.Beckmann Douglas Shaw Belt Charles Evans Boltwoodl Elizabeth Lindsey Britton S usanAnn,,,Bryant y 3 Kathleen Clinedinst Gregory Neil Daugherty Kenneth Joe Elsea Frederick William -Forsmark David lbulnearlfifrezefl Martha Sanders Goode Allen Wadsworth Gregory 74 OFFICERS President. . .K ..... P .....,......, Dr. H. Pearce Atkins ' J Vlce'PlresidentQ . J. . . J ' A ........ Dr. John R. Rilling Secretary. . . . ......... Dr. Clarence J. Gray Treasurer. Professor Pauline Turnbull FACULTY MEMBERS William B. Guthrie Woodford B. Hackley, l Benjamin C. Holtzclaw Robison B. James Louise B. Kennedy Francis B. Key Robert A. MacDonald Ralph C. McDaniel George M. Modlin Helen A. Monsell William T. Muse Robert M. Nelson, Jr. A M.lElizabeth Osborn James W. Payne, Jr. F. Elaine Penninger STUDENTl1MEMBERSYgll T Richard Jeffrey Herschaft Ronald Lee Jones -l g Nelson Douglas Lankiord Ruth ,Rebecca Lankford.. Marcia Craig McCoy B Rebecca Sue Mauckqf, Constance Gail Moore Frank Merriam Morgan Carroll .i'l Walton Morrow, Jr. John Ca'lil.'Ml4.UFRhY Marcia FraHbes:?Nieder Paul Allen . Parker y Phyllis 'RosettafPearce' Edward C. Peple W. lfAllan Powellf fl O. William Rhodenhiser John R. Rilling T Joseph C. Robert Marguerite Roberts N. Wilford Skinner Robert F. Smart Marion Jeffries Stokes Robert M. Terry , Herman P. Thomasf J. Josephine Tucker, Pauline Turnbulll A Thomas B. Vasser, ll Charles H. Wheeler, lll Ellsworth Wiltshire l rg, . ,iw Kenneth A llen Powell Garyflwayne. Robertsong Q Marjorie Ann Scott Philip, Dale Sweet , Marsha Suzanne Trimble. Margaret JanellTn0.wel Christine Dawn fwaddell Carroll Herbert ,,Walker,. Jr Elizabeth .ll Ellyson Willis ' Lance Dews Wood Q .. ial lrr fl .iill ,-Virginia Field Wray. f N , f . W f ,J Y 1 M- H., -' 4 ,QW .4 R- 1... . r, -.--V. , P Vw-.-.-., . .. , l . ! In-Nf....:, A.,-I g gg j -, 1 , 7 .,:1,,5i5:, . V. mp Jlvflalih, -4 ' 5aL.w5.L.5c, 4, v krgiugffef, '- , f'?fi '5 E-E' - wwf- -.' L 'f . rv' iw C PY , I-Q51 " : . ' 15? 57? f'? ?'f25QkW , '11-Q ', " " 'wJzX'.1I ' ff" . A 1112151 4,f"??fV. ' wisp? Q':S??qf1'f X 122955-' -iii:-q..f11.,fg-".,-' - ' - 1.51 ' :IL f " ' -' U. ., . ,,, ., fgglfw- 4, A T133 5' v -.- Peg ' F'5"':' M pw. A, , ,.A,.4?-1. , Qsfvfm -. f , W NW A 4 A u v ' 41: -fu 1 lY"7'-7', V- Eg,-"Z . , .-.- , .J ifwfrfw William E. Barrick Norris L. Brodsky James M. Caplan Ronald E. Carney Wayne W. Carroll Larry G. Cook Joseph C. Coppola Samuel L. Cowart, Jr. William A. Crowell Willia J. D. Donelson Alan C. Edwards Richard J. Epstein Dudley R. Fulton Walter R. Gambill, Jr Barry L. Ginder Robert K. Hatcher Thomas N. Hart James A. Hewitt, Jr. Henry L. Hinton Thomas E. James Jesse J. Johnson, Jr. Bry F. Jones Richard G. Koester Hermann J. Kreimer Wayne F. Leake Robert H. Lennon Philip R. Leslie D. Alenander Little ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Benjamin B. Ussery, Jr. ..... . Albert E. Bettenhausen ...... John R. Wilson, Jr. ...... . Thomas E. Marshall, lV. . . Mary C. Siler ........... MEMBERS Business . . . . . . . . .President . . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . . .Treasurer . . . .Sweetheart Larry R. Martin Nichael M. Matthews Paul E. Monger George H. Morris Bland L. Motley, Jr. Harry G. Norris Stephen S. Ogg Thomas T. Palmer Robert,B. Partrea Bruce E. Pearson Harrel M. Pedigo, Ill David S. Penson John G. Powers Edward J. See Grover L. Sheldon, Jr Julian O. Smith Robert L. Soles Thomas C. Strickland Norman H. Taylor, Jr. William H. Thompson Locke H. Trigg, lll Ruce L. Weinstein Charles W. Wienokowski George HA. Williams Gregory A. Williams Lawrence A. Wilson Dennis E. Wright John C. Zienius, Jr. l l SCABBARD AND BLADE J Military OFFICERS Captain... First Lt. ...... . Second Lt.. . . . First Sgt.. . .. Douglas Shaw Belt Robert Warrick Bendall Robert Michael Bowen Weldon Adair Bradshaw Paul Kirk Brady, Jr. Richard Story Clements L Edward Larry Craig . . . . .William Lewis Finch . . . . .Robert Keith Brower Spencer Manning Crowder . . . .Michael Stuart.Williams Stephen Thomas Lanier A Charles 'Hunter Letoef Jr. Larry Allan Lenhart L Robert Norton Melverg Jr. . Sterling Hale Moores George Howard Morrisilmy Bland Leonard Motley, Jr .iA, Richard Todd craggar L L samuel illl snapard Price Q H. Douglas Cunningham y Leonard Jesse Sly Gregory Neilibaughertym Julian Oaks Smith Frank Joseph Deytiaetani, Jr. Harvey ,Gene Soefer fx John Daniel Dooley, Jr. Barnard Fishburne William Lucas Dudley,,J.r.r Verovee,yJrt r. L L Thomas Bradley Famaid David Shaw wniiaara Barry Leet...Grimder'!v L Charles Woodruff L Frederick Hansford Hall Wienckowski y p stabbed Thdmaswiairi W ltrl l Harvidliiilkfiilbfrwiiaoni l M CN EILL LAW 'SOC IETY .ryy ,.r,g, L errry,y llrrr 7 ltr .V Chancell6rfl.l.g. .... 1. .... tlRobe rti'Nelsbn Baldwin A M, .. yb., t. Sandy1tmhgn1as Tucker, 511 Cl'tHi'iCSIIx6l'mlOfi the Ekchequer. . .... Mrs. Virginia Howitz A 9 'ir lf. fi ' ' r rin W wr . 78X 5 .1 rr. ,X A A mlJennis PaulY Brum b erg John Sykes Barr l it A James Hannngeyrly Chamblin Eric Lynn Ctimminlgsli Robert Wayne N Dawson. ll Joseph Dulnvlload Felton, iii A . . L. ,Clifford Woodward' l?.eRerrin, Jr. Alexander Taylor Mayor, Jr. l Barry .Albert Hackney L f l George Herbert McNeal, Ill y wGaynorHVanlalnldlngharn McNeal A l Phillip de Butts Rome GerandMPaulivRowe A A . Herbert Lee Sebren, Jr. A Harole EugenleMStarke, mJr. . . . Michael Alle.nmStarr 7 r . Charles KendmTrible ' L Charles Lassiter Williams, Jr. HERMAN P. THOMAS ECONCMICS SOCIETY Robert Henry Lennon ...... ..........President Charles Milton Poole ............ Vice-President Albert Edwin Bettenhausen. MEMBERS Robert Eugene Bushkan Wayne W. Carroll Larry Gordon Cook John Arthue Daniels Alan Curtis Edwards Leslie T. Figg, Jr. Thomas Neville Hart Wayne Adams Hollister Thomas Eugene James Richard Grier Koester Carol Lane Marks Upton S. Martin, Ill Harvey George Marvel Jerry Wayne McKowell Craig Laird McGruder Tanya Leslie Parker .Secretary-Treasurer BETAT GAMMA SIGMA r rBrulsiness Adm iniystratio.n.,,- A MEMBERS Mary-Ellen Adams William' Wade Alexander . Albert Edwin Bettenhausen Carl Ansel Bond Frank Beale Bradley, Ill Edward Wayne Carr Larry Gordon Cook A Samuel Lake Cook Samuel Lake Cowart, Jr: Robert Hildray Gooding Thomas Eugent James y Richard Grier Koester W A Philip Randolph Leslie Duard Alexander Little: Peter Harrison Lunt . Eugene Charles Lynn a Craig Laird McGruder at A T oFFloERsl T Robert Bradford Partrea Michael Lee Pardue Michael David Pratt Robert Edward Rigsby Cephas Lee Smith, Jr. John Clay Stanley Thomas Clive Strickland Carroll Herbert Walker, Jr. PROFESSORS Dr. Herman P. Thomas Dr. Clarence R. Jung, Jr. N. Tayne Edwards Stephan E. Lile Melvin Borland Amy Dalton David A. Whitaker Michael Lee Pardue Robert Bradford Partrea . Duane Harrell Roberts a Edward James See ' Benjamin Bascom Ussery, Jr Bruce Leigh Weinstein FACULTY AND HONORARY MEMBERS Thomas S. Berry N. Fayne Edwards David C. Ekey E. Elwood Ford rl Clarence R. Jung, Jr. Stephen',,E. Lile., 4 , 0 John M. McGurn Frank S. McLaughlin Robert T. Marsh, Jr. rrxr A H David Robbins ..................... '. .President .rl.r5'rlrrlllllHerman, P. Thomwas. . . . r. . . ..,. V-ice-President Frank S. McLaughlin .... . . .Secretary-Treasurer 355W ' 6FFlQE,BS' ,,. , , A Q e ,.. 1-f-ff may W. M M mfilemens Kenneth Lee VXWI pm ' sm 3 J . t vi .K :ME Y .I f e ' ' M 5' .2 Ng, ' k Vifx' 1 'w " - 2 - f" Q , 'M 'x Y f ' , . 14-2 I - ' '7 'f ' ,, ' , , e ,. . ,,.J , . , ' I AE 4 Presidnte Q, wwf "-- JIIH- -'f-- A ' ,,: VliQeeP reSJid - K, W W .. 1' l Q 'W V V Enghshe 'P el I A P i 4 V i 1 Lf 1 M Ln? - - 1 sig. -I -y-v y -I A Y H V, 4,,,P,,,V g H' -,j 'X - i 9 E ef , ee fe e aw efkiii FGHFQWEWWWFW ffhwe Q .5 e Bm Fmchw eeeeee eeee g e- A ' A ' 1, .Frank M0rQd3:sff"Viif, gef.,'.g Aee. M f ---V--M yyee --ee-M - V , ---5---We ,Wh -V , , W ,-A....V .Y .W .... .,,,. A -.-..-..- .... .,,,, .- ...,. ....- ' "F" V' ,I-J""'-4',, F9 r"- JiMT'S3UE'I'f "" A "i 'A wx ff! f ef' f ff fe-M i . -X' M- 1 1- f-w -m ---'M' W ....w.... ... .J ...Q s.. N...-.. 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' 'gif -." j' -5 .:...1 ,,,,,, -Jw.: .4 '-ff , -wif - M' - - fr '1 :xr -. N. -. f,.--4-- '..' ' ? Ts? ffftti-255-F....-4v.F,,1 - , .Lg 1 ,i gal' -1: - - "- - '.l..f- !f-- 4- K' J' 'sg'- -Mv: 45135:-4 1: ik, -- ,Y .. .. df : - f ff'---' -if - ' ' P-'f ' ATHLETICS 89 Richmond Gains Tie For Share of Title Football at U.R. had its ups and downs in 1969. Frank Jones' Richmond boys were everyone's pick to repeat as Southern Conference champs at the outset of the season. lt appeared that the 1968 Tangerine Bowl Champs were well on their way to another bowl berth, but something happened. After a stunning 17-10 victory over arch-rival Virginia Tech, Richmond travelled to Davidson for a shocking 37-7 thrashing. From an ecstatic roar to a painful silence . . . The Spiders went on to a 6-4 season, winning a big one at Homecoming, 45-18 over The Citadel. They gave nationally ranked West Virginia a scare and downed traditional rival William and Mary in the last game of the season. U.R. won all but one of its conferencel games to tie Davidson for the Southern Conference title. Once again the Spiders dominated the All-Southern Conference football team. Richmond placed ten athletes on the first team, including its captain Dick Irvin, who was also A.P. national lineman of the week. U.R. also placed eight team members on the All-Big Five squad. Split end Walker Gillette was named to the first team of the Associ- ated Press All-American team. He was the first U.R. grid- iron star ever to be named to the A.P. team. l 1 - Q Q 9 ' X - Q . Q - g l :-- 1 fi . at-at-3-ns N . g - p . . mv : li 'l 6 1.g - ' 6 1" 1 '.' L - af . Q51 ,Q , ' Z .'. i .v. ' N " - J it fl E -, -F T. . 5 , 1 - 1 12315 - at t m -- V 1 lx - 3 If h 1 1 -4. - 4-7 it ., x did. . . , . N i f .Q 'il .i.,.-,rfi'Cwt... h i . , 7 2 - 13 ' w,. V I J: I 41 A4-1-, f C r-' -1'3'f'- -:.- ' .V ge- --H G Thi 'Y , '. xl W L. I V ' . , ' V N' ,J Q -ig, - 7 AV R' Y R , vl N 1, 15 I 4. V . - ':' A . A...l A. A f- in- A. . .1 ,A - Us ,! a rt! ,Bs -. nalllamhla Etlatl Bm' First Row: L. to R.-C. Tysinger, D. Criswell, P. Bowman, H. Norris J. Mauro, M. Dussault, B. Montsinger, P. Morris, W. Tosh, E. Barnesl J. Bisese, D. Irvin, W. Whitehead, M. Medved. Second Row--J. Cren- shaw, V. Davis, R. Snyder, H. Perry, D. Hassell, F. Olejack, D. Chap- man, J. Hanson, N. Calabro, P. Turchetta, R. Carney, P. Roscia, J. Opalenick. Third Row-K. Nichols, B. Fazioli, C. Richards, R. 90 Bowen, J. Lansdale, J. Saecker, M. Doolittle, R. Easterling, B.,Duch, K. Popovich, M. Ignatius, R. Croom, C. Hall, O. Underwood. Fourth Row-C. Wood, J. Livesay, W. Gillette, M. Skinner, K. Davis, B. Woodle, J. Haynes, C. White, L. Blackshear, P. Newton, M. Armstrong, C. Hoskins. Fifth Row-B. Szetela, C. Suttenfield, J. Owen, B. Conrad, W. Fowler, B. Kasarda, B. Britton, J. Barelli, P. Rowe, C. Durell. :iw '. 1, , ,4 Y ,. .. 1,., , 'ff' Q A - 2115 4'-4' . I ,Q I e 4 X - - A - Qi 1 L- " A. A,-. 1 :gf Spider Staff Furst Row L to R Mxke Bnxnones, Jim Tait, Frank Jones Head Coach Dale Haupt AI Dorsey Second Row-Ray 'Q Dream Comes True As Spiders Wreck Tech! I Lee Blackshear grins as UF! gains a first down. Spider Football - 1969 Season Richmond Opponents 14 Mississippi State 17 20 'V. M. I. 0 17 Virginia Tech a 10 7 'Davidson 37 24 'East Carolina 7 28 Southern Mississippi 31 45 'The Citadel 18 37 'Furman 0 21 West Virginia 33 28 'William 81 Mary 17 'Southern Conference member 'Qi ,L ', A fine defensive effort halts a Keydet drive Charlie Richards hits a favorite receiver- Walker Gillette. 93 V I Hauling in a substantial gain, Ju- l l nior Frank Olejack churns up East Carolina defenders. Jf iff -.Al IH. .141 U. , -: L 'l if :N ' 4. v ,Q 94 Quarterback Charlie Richards throws a screen pass for short yardage. i Defensive back, Winston Whitehead brings down the Tech offense. lm... 7 wr ','-iw. wi: ", 1 , , .Q , - gi- 'V L' '-X' fini'-'f ,wl- The Spider defensive line puts the hurt on the CitadeI's quarter- back, Tony Passander. 95 Touchdown! Another completion to Walker Gillette is good tor 6. Mike Dussault blasts off lett tackle for a short gain against Furman. 96 Baby Spiders Show Potential Despite Disappointing Season The freshman football squad went 1-4 this season. Their only triumph was a 20-O shutout of the V.M.l. Flats. The Baby Spiders opened the season with a 7-6 squeaker at the hands of the Davidson freshmen. Richmond's freshmen lost to William and Mary, Fork Union, and East Carolina. As freshmen in U.Ft.'s football program, the Baby Spider's major mission is to help the varsity prepare for their weekly encounters. Because of the limited time factor and actual practice sessions as a co- ordinated unit, the freshmen learned only a handful of elementary plays. Mistakes are to be expected and precision is to be hoped for when gametime comes. The team gained invaluable experience and revealed tremendous potential. Richmond expects to see many of these fine athletes in varsity action next year. A 'Baby Spider defender bats down an E.C.U. pass. FlrSt BOW L I0 Fl C0-30h Tale MUCH Weber Jean DHVCY Wall Tom Littlejohn, Mike Troop, John Nugent, Mike Horton, Dick Wheat, Prillaman Skip Jones Eddie Arnrheln Clark Toole Coach Bixiones John Bolger, Tom Hogff, Dave Muth, Mike Mitchell. Fourth Row- S6C0r1d ROW Alan Lubas Mike WISGUWHU Ken Taylor Pete Siefnhafi Mike Ball, Alex Bugda, Bill Matsko, Russ McCauliff, Bill Berkes, Bud Mike Kincheloe James Hill John Maclin Donald Englar Third Row Mollema, Bill Haslup, Danny Jackson, John Darconte, Tom Dawson. 97 Spider Basketball 1969-1970 Season Richmond Opponents 85 Chattanooga 74 72 W. Virginia 97 57 E. Tennessee 63 74 'W. 81 M. 81 90 'E. Carolina 72 77 'Davidson 98 92 E. Tennessee 111 59 V. Tech 69 51 'The Citadel 53 77 Jacksonville 113 70 'V.M.l. 71 59 V. Tech 66 122 V. Islands 6-1 91 'E. Carolina 115 59 'Furman COTJ 66 82 'The Cit. COTJ 81 49 Jacksonville 88 85 'G. Wash. 98 60 'Davidson 97 51 'Furman 52 78 'V.lVl.l. 54 78 'W. 81 M. 60 Tournaments Big Five - Hampton, Va. 76 Virginia 87 69 V.M.l. 61 Southern Conference - Charlotte, N. C. 'Southern Conference game Picot Frazier displays a hot hand 98 glflllllk H X B hk dCl k W Picot Frazier Said Ineligiblea Decision Reversed !-...f M I 4 ' ' ' SQ. " H ,. ,i ' " -. 'ff 1 ' ff ' fu Q 'f ' V it , e 'Q 3 . Z V V- - H. . 3' 'I - I E - s CptKyF kim A "Season Of Troubles" Plagues Richmond Five Varsity Basketball: First Row, L. to R.-Gene Clemons, Clarke Wise- Row-Len Alley, Kent Greenway, Picot Frazier, Phil Bushkar, John man, Jim Hewitt, Frank Owen, Stan Ftyfinski, Charley Earle. Second Welch, Kenny Foster, Dave Williamson, Bart Eisner, Mike Glazer. It was just one of those years . . . injuries, sickness, ineligibility, lousy officials, Mike Maloy, Artis Gilmore and still no fieldhouse! Trouble seemed to be the only consistent thing about this season, but Coach Lew Mills' Spiders struggled on. Despite their cellar berth in the Southern Conference, the Spiders fought to the bitter end. Richmond provided the Arena fans with plenty of exciting basketball . . . from the Spiders' convincing victory over Chattanooga to their heart-breaking overtime loss to Furman. Coach Mills employed his "Mongoose" tactics against nationally ranked Davidson and Jackson- ville, and gave both a little scare before going down 100 in defeat. The "Picot Frazier Case" will go down in S. C. history as being the conference's biggest blunder. After a monumental mixup at S. C. headquarters, conference officials declared Frazier ineligible to play in varsity competition. Upon further investigation they learned that Frazier was eligible to play the remainder of this season. The original decision was reversed, and Picot was al- lowed to finish his brilliant basketball career. Congratulations are certainly in order to Richmond's fine varsity team for their spirited attitude and deter- mination. 111 ,,.J Bushkar's jump shot is good for two against The Citadel. Stan Rynfinski taps in two 101 Spiders Show "Hustle" Against Maloy, Gilmore The "Jacksonville Giant" exhibits famous yl 1 4 ,fx 5' , 4'J?'3f', 'I 3: ,NV .. ww, 1,1 -.3 1, , .?,.. "i iff! M. I ,i7f 746- 55, ' fm., I 11 ' 5 .3-t ,F I lflllu Foster goes in for a lay-up as Artis Gilmore prepares for rebound. Richmond's "Big Man", Jim Hewitt, foils an East Tennessee basket. 103 Spirited Freshmen Upset Maryland: on to Fantastic Season! Basketball Team: First Row, L. to R.-Mike Anastasio, Artie Sandler, Frank Gupton. Second Row-Landgon Moss, Dick Gordon, Roger Hatcher, Jim Barfoot, Fred Swink, Tom Weatherford, Jim Dome. To say that Coach Martin Morris's freshmen team was impressive this year would be a gross understatement. Not only did the Baby Spiders bring victory and honor to Richmond, but considerably boosted the lagging prestige of its basketball program. The frosh had an amazing array of talent, yet there was no one "best player." Each player was an integral part of this quick, aggressive team. Within three months, Coach Morris had built a polished powerhouse. The high point in the season came just before Christ- mas when the Baby Spiders pulled off a 69-68 upset over '104 the Maryland freshmen, considered the best first-year unit in the nation. With five seconds remaining in the game, forward Roger Hatcher sank a 17-foot jumper to cap a 13-point comeback. However, the rebounding of Joe Dauses and ball-handling of play-maker Mike Anasta- sio determined the big difference for Richmond. One can only imagine the tremendous possibilities of Richmond's basketball program with the construction of the new fieldhouse and the promising future of this fine freshman team. Baby Splders wrestle for rebound. .nf X Weatherford sinks two for Richmond. Mac Pitt's Men Set Sights on Conference Crown Steve Kennedy Leads Experienced Squad L 7- H QV 'W First Row, L. to R.-Bill Barber, Larry Pishioneri, Al Selby, John Denzler, Richard Bing. Second Row-Bob Bushkar, Donnie Walsh, Ronnie Chappell, AI Maiden, Steve Kennedy, Captain, Tommy Northam, Tom Bondurant, Reggie Dunnavant, Gene Van Galder, With baseball season just around the corner, Coach MacPitt expressed confidence and satisfaction in his hard-working ball club. The dean of SC coaches had every reason to do so. The 1969-70 Spider baseball team showed every characteristic of a prime conference contender. . . depth, experience, dazzling pitching and powerful hitting. Leading the spirited squad after last year's dis- appointing season is third baseman and captain Steve Kennedy. The Spiders will rely heavily upon the 106 Coach Mac Pitt. Third Row-Wayne Weirich, Bob Anderson, lRoger Bowles, Bruce Wright, Steve Lewis, Mike Beard, Len Alley, Tommy Gilman. Fourth Row-Barry Blythe, Rick Bradley, Ronnie Quinn Mark Manasco, Phil Rowland, Roger Hatcher, Ray Dameron. experience gained from last year. With the various improvements made this year, the Spider nine are going to be hard to beat. l Hailed as being one of the most successful sports in Richmond's athletic program, baseball has en- joyed the excellent supervision of Coach Pitt for a number of years. During his consistent service at Richmond, the Spider athletic program has grown to a prominent national status. ju. .........' 4 'Z 'FLQ 1'-l -4- fl-'T 5.3. v. ' . .1 ff L Spider ballplayer takes a steal Q' fy ,. .S3f'wT --2' 4. -if- Safe at first! we ,-" Patriot slugger fans out. -1 r n vu s u Q 'fl' itivirv' ' X' ' Q 'N'.-' :gy - 5 In Q l 5 I g . 0 u l i 1 1 s UR Tennis Revampedg "Racqueteers" Show Potential Spring means change, and with the first signs of the season, the Spider tennis program underwent a basic overhaul. The biggest change came with Dr. Chewning replacing Coach McNeal. After last year's disasterous season, Coach Chewning figured the '69-'70 season to be one of rebuilding. The Richmond "Rac- 108 queteers" will play on their brand new home courts for the first time this season, which has boosted the squad's spirit considerably. Conrad Mattox headed the list ot ex- perienced reporters for this potentially powerful and competitive team. x I ,fi .1 ... . rv f s " .. .. '.1,nlfl',f , PU 1 .A . ., .,, . . V . I . I . ,. .- V , -ffm 7-14 j- -',-' K..-,.:.W. A 4 , '.-!fWG53'liY1 erswm - lic M f f-Magnus-mg -of IE .P ulw I 1 KW mum L Varsity Tennis Team. All American Carl Wood, Puts UR Qn "Track Map" Richmond's traditionally strong track team scored another smashing performance this season. Led by captain, Walker Gillette, the Spider trackmen placed UR's track program in a position of national promin- ence. Carl Wood, a junior, won All-American honors as fourth ranking intermediate hurdler in the world. Wood, who toured Europe with the Amateur Athletic Union last summer, captured a first at the Holiday Festival meet in the 440-yard dash with a time of 49 seconds. He also finished second to world record holder Lee Evans at the Saskatchewan indoor Games. Wood is considered a 1972 Olympic hopeful. Richmond's strong categories this year have been the middle distance and relay teams. At the SC indoor meet in Lexington, the Spider quartet of Walker Gil- lette, Larry Chowning, Chuck Hunsicker, and Carl Wood smashed the SC mile relay record with 3:20.9. Richmond is expected to do well this year in the Florida Relays at the University of Florida. l Coach Fred Hardy is to be commended for his dedication and consistency in Richmond's outstanding track program. He has worked to build this program, lacking sufficient scholarships and equipment. An alumnus of the University of North Carolina, Coach Hardy has instilled a sense of personal achievement, pride and honor in his men. First row, l. to r. - Jim Davenport, Larry Barthurst, Cteve Campbell, Pete Roscia, Vin Davis, Walker Gillette, Larry Chowning, Chuck Hunsicker, David Fine, Wayne Hick, Charley Shelton. Second row-Dave Moserg Manager, Coach John Reid, Joe Carson, Mike Williams, Ronnie Gosper, Charles Paine, Tommy Lee, Frank Hardy, Sherman Grable, John Satterfield, Mark Skinner, Fred Hardy, Jr.g Assistant Coach, Fred Hardy, Head Coach. Walker Gillette: Captain, Coach Fred Hardy, Carl , Woody All American Cross Country. 110 -...,, ln u 41- JS-. Spiders Score Four First Place Victories At Chicago Open Indoor Meet! Determination . . . what Spider trackmen are made of. ' , , -V V . '. r"- Ik. . ' ' f' -T ' rr - -1- il -' 'xi ' Evil ,l -A Y X ? 7 Y., - , ,u, - , A ,, .:- - ,t . . ,t t f .1 jij- 4. i if , . .t " W V g , ' ' 4 so an .4-.f., 1' -f A-Twgglfv , '- . . :.- i, ' . 1 5.4 5' i I i 4' I i - . . W st - '- , , i J . 'gi - . 'V I YY.. ,. ' V i. l" ,K ' i .,,,, I ' T", 1: , ,- f 1 H s - - -1. W -,L .. .f 'f -ex - Vin Davis concentrates on another Spider victory. Mark Skinner muscles another throw in the shot put. 111 All-Southern Conference Runner, Fred Guest Paces UR Cross Country Through Difficult Season The UR. cross country squad faced one of its most difficult seasons this year, winning one meet and losing three. Coach Fred Hardy had expected the rigorous season and attributed the losses to inexperi- ence. Hardy expressed his satisfaction with the Spider harriers, especially All-Southern Conference runner Fred Guest. Other standouts of the season were freshmen Steve Campbell, Tom Lee and Dave Sanford. Coach Hardy expects a great deal from this potentially strong squad. pant...pant...pant...pant...pant 5 in-, .Q a .,,' , , A af., .. '. .. it .: 2 i .,-'- .. ss, ,I . N . N , ' JY?" , ,I JL- V -" i- A 7 , , . ' 'ffm' 7 'Q "'5E7v:Q'x " 'i- ff 'V vm. , .. ' Q,'rU'f0 J, ' 54.1, ,J I? Q5 43 ' ik. 'f1a,.j.' 55,31 I ' .- . TRACK l ,H ' l Allll 'X 112 First Row: L. to R.-Larry Chowning, Chuck Hunsicker, Larry Bart- hurst, Frank Hardy. Second Row: John Satterfield, Tommy Lee, David Sanford, Charlie Payne, Steve Campbell, Jim Davenport, Fred Hardy fCoachJ. Freshmen Marksmen Aim For Future Rifle Championship The varsity rifle team is perhaps the most promising of Fiichmond's athletic programs. The 1969-70 season saw the Spider riflemen blast their way to a successful season. Captain Pete Lunt led the 69-70 squad which was dominated by a fine contingent of spirited fresh- men. SFC E. S. Copeland coached the Richmond rifle team for the first time this season. His enthusiasm and hard work was a definite asset in the riflemen's success. The Spider marksmen participated in the National Rifle- men Association Postal League matches and the First Amy Postal match. The home action took place in the basement range of Milhiser. A complete revamping was to take place at the season's end, with repairs made on all facilities. This fine team has fantastic potential! lt's no wonder the '68-'70 Spider marksmen are aiming for a future SC crown. Flifle Teamg Kneeling, L. to R.-Bill Sutton, Capt. Pete Lunt. Stand- ing-SFC Copeland, Rick McDaniel, Paul Williams, Steve Owens, Hugh Scanlan, Frank Castenbader, Terry Anderson, Charles Fisher, Irby Williams, Clint Fasin. L. to R.-SFC Copeland, Coach, and Pete Lunt, Captain. 113 , :..,:,.h ,. F ' 5ef:+.- K' 4 f ff, l ' l -fb 7 7' 1 I L I QWQQS , ' , s i 1112? ' -.-., r Flies' 4 -V 1 -M . - , , ,af FWS, A jfd W 'V ' -Q,-3 'e -- , A ,gxumrf gif: .. M' S, 'rg fx"':x, N PM fe. ' fg 1.,f,,, . . -. 1 D3 mfg, -7 3. 1- A-1 2 ' - X -ftwf ft-, we?fi't4f 4 w +:l",C'f1vf'v.w '29 emu -' , I 'gf .fas-rf'-'+S" 'r2-115. ,' .Q-as ' f P AHTFIQQ ,L-Afrjfl'-QRLS1' ' ,. I - ,14 , ' H - t L 7.53. if . f+"',a , - .. --.HZ are-5 ,-.. , ,-.- f-. ,fa-,ts v-,"- I ,lv-.,.. -,. L- jg- . L :1,.f.x 1 , I ' ' , ,,g3'ww,1fgSvgSf".?f.a.,g.x..fa:a.'y.,g91w2'l.'. .-1.-31,-fu l, gwg . V fy1'M'5'Q1j,, A- x, V, ,,..-sn,-,,-, ,.Y,.-7-P rf-fa., 'f -,- -.4 4- f 2 .fr-iww f-f--ff--s L' ,i ' ,1.,.,:-Wfit "'iiif71-x"'fJ 1"'?L41L 1 .5Q'Q?N'-"ltr-Q-. rt ' 9-tw' rs43':1.e:irv1'l A .3,.,fi -fp .-"-"M"-9'z.' " 'L .s..-nl An encouraging pre-season turn-out revealed a promising season for Lew Mill's Spider linksmen. Among the outstanding Richmond repeaters are Captain Jim Cerza, Bill Judy and Bob Gillespie. The Spiders will Spider Linksmen "Putt" UR Golf Program On Top be based this season at the Ethelwood Golf Course This Richmond team has great ability and even greater determination. iiilfi' l fir First Row: L. to R.-Carolee Dykes, Temple Adair, Marcia Flake, Metta Harris. Third Row: Anne Allport, Marilyn Bray, Naina Harper, Betty Booker, Pat Burton, Mary Pearson. Second Row: Kitty Taimi, Madeline Reidinger, Miss Chapman, Gwen Fletcher, Sandy Lineberry. Drew Brown, Diane Glascock, Connie Day, Miss Higginbotham, Athletic Association Activities Stimulate Competition Among Classes To enhance class and team spirit, to encourage en- thusiasm, loyalty, and sportsmanship, and to provide a wide spectrum of enjoyable and competitive activities- these are the goals of the Athletic Association. Incoming freshmen are extended a welcome in the form of the A.A. picnic . . . Varsity sports offer girls intercollegiate competition as well as an opportunity to win well-earned letters . . . The Water Show provides a spectacle of synchronized swimming . . . Intramural sports, including volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, bridge and swimming serve as recreation . . . Song Contest stimulates class competition . . . At the A.A. Banquet, those participating in intramural and varsity sports are recognized, and the Westhampton Seal is awarded to those who exhibit the true Westhampton spirit. All this combines to strengthen the bonds which pro- vide the unity of Westhampton. 115 .,-fr-"'vr is 91x LJ-Y Swim Team First Row, L. to R.-Al Stirling, Lucy Bone, Pat Day, Ann Zuver, Mary Lee Watson. Second Row- Miss Elkins Elise Miller, Anne Ogden, Button Hickock, Holly Clayton, Madeline Reidinger, Marilib Henry Year of Records This year, for the Westhampton swim team, was a year of records. The nine swimmers and two divers, under the direction of Miss Nancy Elkins, practiced three times a week, swimming laps, sprinting and building stamina, and, as a result, almost every stand- ing school record was broken. The team of Madeline Reidinger, Mary Lee Watson, Anne Ogden, and Holly Clayton, finished the 200-yard medley relay in 2:15.3. Alston Sterling holds the record for the 50-yard free- style, Anne Ogden for the 100-yard individual medley, and Madeline Fieidinger for the 100-yard backstroke. Both the school and pool record for the 100-yard freestyle was broken by Anne Ogden with a 1:O1.5. The 200-yard freestyle medley record went to Holly Clayton, Pat Day, Alston Sterling and Mary Lee Watson, and Ann Zuver acquired the fifth best diving score in the state. According to Miss Elkins, although the team's competition record was not the most spectacular ithey won two meets and lost fourl, the girls could be termed one of the best all-around teams that she had coached. Ann Zuvar displays her record-breaking diving form. Swimmers compeie against the clock, as well as opponents, in relay events. l i- l Madeline Reidinger, Manager. L. io R.-Mary Lee Watson, Captaing Miss Elkins, Coachg 117 ,as .DC Ns t First Row: L. to R.-Suzanne de Lesseps, Barbara Lange, Temple Adair, Kathy Kirk, Becky Smith, Marcia Flake. Second Row: Ellen Gwathney, Connie Day, Drew Brown, Susan Voris, Lynn Lennon, Louise Fletcher, Anne Allport. Third Flow: Kathy McDorman, Nancy Scott, Marsha Carl, Diane Glascock, Gwen Fletcher, Marilyn Bray, Brenda Hardman, Lindsay Struthers, Naina Harper, Miss Miller, Chime Tate. Despite Losing Season, Hockey Team Gains Experience The clear fall air resounds with the crack of sticks-another hockey practice begins, and the fa- miliar red and white uniforms can be seen darting down the field-dodging, shooting, blocking . . . Three times a week for an hour and a half the girls under captain Lynn Lennon strive at building new players, gaining experience and improving skills. Three games out of three were won when the team hosted the Tidewater Field Hockey tournament. T Hard work and determination paid off. Lynn Lennon, Captaing Miss Miller, Coach. ra ' T H ' 'wir ' pfi. "' 1-'l J- 'aj 1 p lg are ks' F -V 'w'f4f'lf."rrS X l L it l 5' A' ' en- '-3" . -g if . Nl llxhgll -at , . ,..vk, .dirl y gll lf- ,gf 1 ig gt , . , - , T". we-2, .,, 'MP " ruff-'f 2 l'1lg2'ii ix, , HQ . N' .l all F l ,Q l" l H . Nxt X I E ' ' llfg X . , i All l P 1 ' EL ' l V ,, '1 4. 1 ai' I ,U Vltlll - - ' l X U '-" twiki' vi ' l V . liwlxtgs' . 118 ,fi I--. so , H, 1. :gli ' .lg-QL-' 15:-',if',' . 1 " rss' 'T 'f1bQ'p'E.1. i,?w'iHf17f24-1 ' , xj, ,565 .4 L 335 . " E 'Q' fffrsl.-1 F: - . ., ,., ,, ,- - , ' ' ' , TL-f11,". ',"sm,,'j7, All qa'af.Qfm,'.Q- .,A. .-M, - - V ,- , . -- 4 4iu.."Q'A.Q.1, V. .,, N I K-sf lf. ,W-'PLL'-K -ff 1 , ,, K, l ,Jc,r,'. . 4.17 ' gt fn Sk"-. ag.. ., 1: Wig., ,, Opponent unsuccessfully blocks team captain's pass downfield. l. t ' Fw. ' ' x r L' -' - Nc'-, X-. . , H 11-sf' x - - s, XA, s. Goalie Marilyn Brey learns, "You can't win 'em all." College Team member Lynn Lennon drives for a goal. Westhampton Hosts I5 Team Sports Da 3 Posts Winning Season Basketball Team: First Row, L. to R. - Marilyn Bray, Lindsay Struthers, Co-Captains. Second Row - Sally "nf ' I Ann Terry, Mary Lee Watson, Alice Helms, Nancy Bass, Branda Hardman, Chime Tate, Naina Harper, Anne Allport, Frances Maddox, Gwen Fletcher, Marty West, Diane Glascock, Miss Higgenbotham, Kathy , McDorman, l Mary Lee Watson side steps defender. l 120 l Westhampton posted one of its best seasons this year and displayed a unique combination of strength and coordinated team-work. Led by captains Lindsay Struthers, Marilyn Bray, and Naina Harper, the West- hampton ladies powered past all their opponents except arch-rival Bridgewater. Their coach, Miss Hig- ginbotham, expressed pride and satisfaction with her hard-working young ladies. Westhampton was the scene this year of a 15 team tournament on March 13 and 14 called Sports Day. The tow day event was held at both Milhiser and Keller Halls. This new concept was termed "highly successful" and it was hoped that the tournament would be held again next season. Westhampton downs rival Sweet Briar in the first home game of the season. , thers for a lay-up. Marilyn Bray passes to Lindsay Stru Lacrosse Team: First Bow, L. to R.-Drew Brown, Sally Voris, Carol O'Donnell, Janis Weeks, Barbara Lange. Second Ftow-Marty West, Naina Harper, Linda Wilkins, Chime Tate, Brenda Hardman, Gwen Fletcher, Miss Miller. WC Plays Host to Virginia Womans' Lacrosse Tournament Enthusiasm, endurance, stamina, and speed are prerequisites for a sport as tough and fast-moving as lacrosse, but coach Miss Miller saw an encourag- ing year in view for the team. With almost half the team returning, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday practices providing the girls' with the skills, strength and spirit needed for good players, the team entered inter-collegiate competition and played host to the Virginia Woman's Lacrosse Tournament for a weekend in May. L. to R.-Miss Miller, Coach, Chime Tate, Captain 122 Team Sends Two to Mid Atlantic Lawn Tennis Tournament Six returning team members plus practice three times a week provided tennis coach Miss Chapman with an optomistic outlook this year for her team. The season began at Sweet Briar on April 15 and included competition with Mary Washington, St. Catherine's, Bridgewater. William and Mary, Long- y , A , is TT U t Q wood and VCU, while two team members were ,B , , k ,ry ,' - selected to participate in the Middle Atlantic Lawn L' to R,-Miss Chapman' Coach, Anne Auponu Captain, Tennis Tournament at Mary Baldwin. 'Z' +L La , I f ' ' ' ' . '-' - 1.7 ' , ,,.i , E-Iii-. 7-1 ' - , Q W - .Ref-, I asf . ,9P:j""-"1 'ESQ-.. ' ,Z xl - I 42. - xml'-' Q? f"-i.1'E- 3+.',.5.' 3 .I , Tennis Team: First Row, L. to R.-Mary Pearson, Elise Miller, Diane Qlascock, Kalhy Kirk. Belly Rodman, Jan FGEISTGV- Second ROW-lVllSS Chapman, Ruth Schweitzer, Neil Woolcott, Marilyn Bray, Metta Harris, Anne Allport. 123 Archery Team: L. to Fl.-Janis Weeks, Brenda Hardman, Diane Glascock, Chime Tate, Naina Harper, Miss Higginbotham Margaret Williams Archery Team Gains Four Male Members Springtime finds the members of the archery team at practice three times a week developing skills and precision in anticipation of competition. This year with four returning members the team entered three shoulder to shoulder meets against Longwood, Randolph-Macon, and Madison, and one telegraphic meet. The team also saw the addition of four male members when they participated in the National Archery Association Mail Tournament, which has provided the team with a top ten ranking for the past three years. Margaret Williams, Captaing Miss Higginbotham, Coach. 124 Varsity Cheerleaders: Standing, L. to R.-Lee Porebski, Sally Larry Maier, Lynn Holland, Paula Hammett, Betty Shaffer, Adele Harmanson, Ann Hodges, Susan Stansbury, Guy Ross. Seated- Affleck, Flin Henry, Shelby Seitz, Carolee Dykes, Frank Buhrman. Colorful Cheerleaders Add .Q fL,:3?r N ' ' ' ' H That Special Spider Spirit l ' I fl' 'v 3' G! Q The Spider spirit squad worked hard this year to overcome that annual UR. plague . . . Apathy. Fie- member the pep rallies? Those muted, gloomy pep rallies with only a handful of students in the Greek theater . . . Or how about the bonfire? Frustration is an integral part of a cheerleader's life. There were rewards however. Like the crowd whooping it up at the Tech game . . . And at the Homecoming romp over The Citadel. Changes created a new image. The squad was increased to ten girls and decreased to four boys . Gymnastic stunts were emphasized . . . The cheer- leaders introduced new chants and yells . . . New uniforms for the basketball season were purchased . . . Money was raised by selling Homecoming corsages. This year was marked by the absence of student support. The interest was there, it just never became evident . . . And the team felt it. Buster O'Brien said it best, "The team will win with or without the stu- dents' support." "Rip 'em up, Tear 'em up, Give 'em Hell Spiders," chants Senior Rin Henry. 125 Nancy Martin and Captain Donna Kingery anxiously ' "- 1' await a score from the Baby Spiders. . e , ' . Freshman Cheerleaders Compose A Spirited Troupe. The Baby Spider Cheerleaders are the very routines revealed their ingenuity and creativity. essence of sincere school spirit. This year, the The freshman cheerleaders complemented the eight Westhampton girls inspired freshman ath- varsity Squad at Homecoming by Selling Corsages letes with their eager enthusiasm. Their energetic and cheering at the pep rally and football game. . I 'T-Lbufhiii Freshman Cheerleaders: L. io R.-Allison Grueber, Suzy Wornom, Carol Bouckart, Nancy Martin. Roberts, De Parsons, Pat White, Donna Kingery, Debra ii va an I -:fl U? 'ii is J' ills. 'N 'F ACTIVITIES -Q ,, A - - . " ,:"9.X S . - "fr: fn. Q: ' . '1 , , ' -' Jrwf- , .-1. ' F 'A L .' K,4.,'vL,.f1T,: V ., V X, , ,' any sp x 5 ,..s ,, . ,wana-.-g14'.7 , .' ,glgiib Q 1- ,Fit jest gpg, 35 ' -Q 1' I f vi af- W 'A 'f-,:' '-l"7x'7.' ff. 'AFV' A '41-3. ' . 'R ',' ' f.'4.'1"' ,. ,,, J A I , - X .wi Y. .. 'Q ', 1 f.., . 'H' f. - -V . Q.,-,l.. .. A21 I ,,'ff.'.,,: K ' ,- . . ' X , . A P ., - , - -54.122 ' , 'H .1 , F, , A , o --.4.:.:w' -- - , nz, ,- . . . Q. '. Un w-.,.,-Q. ,. A uQ'. 1 ,,x, . , v, 1.4 ,, I 1 A H 'v.- ,f fy ,E .3 . 6',...sPe1' . it y -- ,T , ' 'Q .nf L m ,fag ....,,,, X 1 ! A -' 1' 4 1 v . .rg ,, .. ' .- 1 . r , . L, , .LA 1 .,, . .N . . . r' ' I 1 3 3 1 4 A 7 Es ' pf V... Q l - f ,J . 1 , 4 It . Wy 0 'W 1' ' , . , ,- ' A A -1 ' V A .,,'. :-r1f.."f.:Q-- ,.4, N' . A! .5 ha. i. v , 'W- ,A -w,4 , .r- .. 5,-,,4 1... ff- . " 1' ' rr.. H -fn ,..,,,,,,LJ.,! "A ,J-.,..., v 4 eff , I - .X m ,w ff A Z ag ' K ' K . 1 , ,, L 5 V, , W T oi , V CX ' 'V ai .iii ' f-k N - X " I 0 'ml 4 'uf -.W 317 in 19- l "TY ,NYM we 'i Q5 "'f,f5,5-j.!,,q,, 9' ,Y J A if-,. ' 2 55" 1, Richmond College SGA Takes Lead in Demanding Progress l l L, cr i 1' 5 f D 1 l ri Senate: Seated, L. to Fl.-Tim Evans, Woody Traylor, Weldon Bradshaw, John Phillips, Tom Fernald, Clarke Bustard. Standing-Gaston Williams, Bob Stokes, Scott Carier. -any Honor Council: Seated, L. to Fl.-Charlie Bova, John Parker, Alan Fankhanei, Sterling Hale, Bill Dubin. Standing--Ron Ottavio, Sam Price, Jim Winders. 131 ..,.. ni ,,, w 5 fs? . .f , ... X. -L, .1 ,, S .', W, , 1.4 4, , My-A K, .NH I. . I , if ,,.' n ' 1 resh- 15:11 'ww EE: - .,.., it . nf- v'4""' :1 ,f f 'X' I 1 . If -'s T 1 .. xt, , ur i S2411 '-'vs 1- 1 9' s L . if a- qi, if y s' u I x ng , srl-v . .J .5-1' , ,fiigff I Q ' - wr, . gi' 21,6 v 'S ,- nlq ' : Y,,l New Constitution and Active Senate Revolutionize Westhampton College Student Government Y' x rm. 'wr .AX "1 0 ,Qi il A lg T Cabinet: L. to Ft.-Marjorie Scott, Presidentg Susan Bain, Chairman dent, Mary Pearson, South Court President: Kathy Neal, Vice Presi of Judicial Council, Dee Fultz, Chairman of Town Senate Delegation, dentg Ann Hodges, Treasurer. Mary Stuart Kinsey, Secretary, Mary Lee Watson, North Court Presi- Senate: Seated, L. to R.-Sally Orlando, Millie Cochran, Kathy Neal, Sharon Phillips. Second Flow-Susan Tarkington, Mary Marshall Taylor, Anne Chappel, Lynn Mallory, Lucy Bone, Sharon Foster. Third Row-Joan Duer, Ann Marie Pearson, Francis Fowler, Dee Fultz, Connie Lamberth. Fourth Row-Jo Williams, Susan Ward, Anne Allport, Susan Stansbury. 133 2' l 1 t North Court Residence Council: Seated, L. to R.-Cheryl Blanken- ship, Mary Lee Watson, President, Ann Stewart. Standing-Nancy Clevinger, Nancy Bain, Betty 'Q' ,.f -n-,X ,4- KNGQ ,Q 4' vw Deans. WC SGA Redistributes Duties Among Councils South Court Residence Council: I ' S? "Ti L. to R.-Lisa Byers, Jane Alphin, "W -U i Emily Epps, Mary Pearson, Presi- ' dent, Ann Zuver. 134 3 'P i Executlve Board F1rstRow L to Fl Judy Kravetz Dr Rrllmg Dee Fultz Marcra ggm gfzgfxqssylglz gg?1E,A2LenCgtSx,Z?? Flake Emlly Zehmer Marjorle Scott Second Row Dean Gehrmg Ellse Muller Kathy Neal Nancy Russell Third Row Dunk Brown Lyn Zlmmerman Susan Bam 14 ...f SGA Officers: L. to R.-Bruce Wein- stein, Vice Presidentg Mary Ellen Adams, Secretaryg R. C. Moore, Treasurer: Tom James, President: Larry Lyons, Athletic Representative. 136 gim ill ,gh L-36: F .Q ,,.,.-1--.f., -A Ll Arman- alt X- f? aye ef ,ggi rx 1 si School of Business Administration SGA Pushes For Improvements Honor Council: Seated, L to R Mike Williams, Tanya Parker George Morris. Standing-Tom Palmer Lake Cowart, Ken Patton. Senate: L. to R.-Eddie Barrick, John Zienius. Bland Motley, Jim Butler, Wayne Leake, Wayne Carroll, Tem Marshall. .L-it SGA Officers: L. to Fi.-Eric Cummings, gre3S"L1eft5hTOmx'f'y Npealga P2esSegtg.gAi" Circuit Representaiives: First Row, L. to R.-Mike Ferguson, Sfjzretafc eff 'Ce 'es' en? 0 ' ef' swan Kazz, Morton wniuow, Tommy Blue. second Row-Rick y' Carter, Everette Feits. ,:4:sQ f VET... V VV.-:TJ . ii 9 6 .. 's'i"e-S'-' 'gg L' It U 1. .,- i T.C. Williams School of Law SGA IFC: First Flow, L. to R.-Richard Ryder, J ry Davis, Mac Pea- S R G T Ib Wll E H t Sms tross. econd ow- eorge a ert, ii vans, un er i . Student Bar Association lnstigates Placement Program l Honor Council: First Flow: L. to R.-Jerry Phillips Stan Pohl Michael P S d R -D' k Parker, F k G e It T y Hancock 139 lux: l l lf. ,Qs- 'Di' Honor Council: Sealed, L. to R.-Nancy Liesfield, Don Amos, Chair- man. Sianding-Paul White, Randy Shipman, Tom Brooks, Paul Parrish. 140 li - s Il 1. 1 i Senate: Sealed, L. to R.-Judy Fortune, Ed Taylor, Brenda Bartlett. Standing- Jerry Wilhoit, Carl Collier. N-Q X L University College Student Government Experiences Increased Involvement in UR Affairs AFR SGA Officers: Seated, L. to R.-Kathy Neblitt, Secretary J S mes, President. Standing-Otis White, Treasurer: Ed Tayl V P d WEB Staff: L. to R.-John Keller, Fraternitiesg Ellen Hoffmann, Edi- torials Editorg Lucy Smith, Organizationsg Linda Mclntosh, Campus Life, Wendy Bryant, Faculty: Sterling Moore, Photographerg Christy Holland, Honorariesg Ruth Schweitzer, Girl's Sports: Bill Casterline, Layout Editor, Not Pictured: Guy Ross, Boy's Sportsg Ned Massie, Business Manager. Yearbook Staff Weaves a WEB of Changes From early September through March, the tiny room on the fourth floor of the Student Center was the scene of hectic confusion, piles of papers and "mad" typists, as "Judy's slaves" huddled over the sections of what would miraculously fit together to comprise this year's WEB. There were times when the staff all wondered how anything so organized as a yearbook could develop from anything so disorganized as their cubbyhole of wastepaper baskets overflowing with crumpled papers, piles of layouts, stacks of identifications, and dozens of pictures scattered across a desk. 142 Deadline weeks saw the complete loss of composure as everyone waited on the edge of their seats to pounce on Sterling when he dramatically appeared in theldoor- way with the overdue pictures. Late-night dinners of popcorn, cookies and Cokes from the Slop Shop, pro- vided welcome time for laughing and joking. Deadline night-a missing picture or an incorrectly drawn layout discovered at the last minute could provoke staff hysteria. Some wondered how they ever got into such a mess, but seeing the final production, a com- pilation of months of work unbelievably contained in 320 pages, made the good times seem better and the bad times not so bad. l .3 Judy Samuelson, Editor-in-Chief and Tom Givens, Associate Editor. ' s . g E: f 5 Staff Assistants: L. to R.-Ftobbie Staples, Susan Clarke, Kelley Hardy. A . l Q .44 N Collegian Staff: L. to R.-Printerg Randy Walter, Men's Division Editor: Linda Niemann, Westhampton News Editorg Henry Patterson, Editorials Editorg Jim Raper, Editor-in-Chief. . 3 uumn mlm llllf'4'il - il - V 1 5. 1 - 'e ' 'CNQAQQ - 2-J i ' , 'Viz L. to Ft.-Mike Merritt, Assistant Men's Editorg Katherine Carter, Copy Editor. 144 ,-f"t Collegian Heralds Events of Change The Collegian began the year by rejoicing with the rest of the school over E. Claiborne Robins' S50 million gift and the promise of progress that gift offered the University. The paper called for and later reported the end of prohibition on campus, liberalized women's visit- ation rights and a new era of student cooperation with the Board of Trustees. Collegian reporters captured in the pages of the paper the esprit of campus visitors: novelist James T. Farrell, Senator Strom Thur- mond, NBC announcer Paul Duke, and CBS sports essayist Heywood Hale Broun, and the sports staff found, in the University's All- American split end, Walter Gil- lette, a wealth of news as he star- red in the Hula Bowl and later was drafted in the first round of the pro draft by the San Diego Chargers. "4 fx .. . '. 34 'Oil ' 1 , if r JI- ' 2 ., '19 nn -.1 ' ,f ,Z ff, 9 'gil it t.z.f- - Q 6:15115 '-1' " if'- LX1 . ., W. Q' 'l 145 Messenger Encourages Creativity and individuality Through Literature and Art The Messenger staff is attempting to renovate literary interest at the University of Richmond. For the last few years, there has been very little creative, artistic writing-perhaps due to lack of talent, perhaps to lack of outlet. The Messenger provides the outlet for any sort of creative literature or photography KNQ gel Messenger Staff: Seated. L. to Fi.-Anne Bromley, Don Owen, Sandy Lineberr Standin Rob Fri dm n Dav McLau hlin John Go dman, y. g- e a , e g , o Paul Monger, Tommy Olsen. Not pictured: Cathy Culpepper. 146 that University of Richmond students can produce. Pub- lished in the magazine which is issued biannually, are the best short stories, essays, poems and sketches of those submitted. Literature, art and photography are then com- bined to form the magazine which has become the voice of student creativity and individuality. Q7 Musical Programs Tours Keep Providing outstanding musical programs for both the college and the community, as well as touring inside and outside the state, was the work cut out for the University Choir this year. The group began the year by delighting University students with a Thanksgiving service, followed a month later by a Christmas concert presented with the Univer- From Concerts to Choir Bus sity Orchestra. February found the Choir touring the Washington and Northern Virginia area and performing at several high schools in addition to the First Baptist Church. The group ended the year with a northern tour of New York and Connecticut and a spring tour on campus. University Choir: First Row, L. to R.-Mary Anna Toms, Claire Born, Jan Spangler, Chuck Rytelewski, Tom James, Chip Morrow, Elizabeth Batten, Sally Andrews, Lisa Byers. Second Row-Mr. James Erb, Anne Ryland, Donna Strother, Jan Rumney, Willie Tyree, Lee Clinkscales, David Gulick, Steve Salter, Nancy Lee Jones, Sheryl Carter, Nancy Clevinger. Third Row-Nancy Goodman, Bertchie Chisholm, Joyce Clinkscales, Michael Plant, Jack Mays, Beth Dillon, Jeanie Nicholson, Barbara Baker. Fourth Row-Nancy Boykin, Michael Coleman, Louis Graham, Joanne Herrington, Linda French, Judy Johnson, Judy Lewis. Fifth Flow-Agnes Mobley, Steve Richerson, Don Lewis, John Brown. 147 Men's Glee Club Program Marked B Variation of Sounds With songs ranging from popular Christmas tunes to aGerman Requiem, and with lyrics being sung in four foreign languages, the Men's Glee Club presented a variety of programs throughout the state. One of the year's highlights was a mixed concert with the Women's Glee Club of Sweetbriar College. The University's singing men also presented concerts for various high schools, churches and civic or- ganizations, including programs for Parent's Day and the Beaumont Boys Reformatory. Under the direction of Mr. James Erb, the Men's Glee Club strives for perfection. hi First Row: L. to R.-Norris Partridge, Peyton Wiltshire, P. K. Black, Bill Alexander fPresidentl. Second Row-Steve Richardson, Tom Strupt, Gerald Robinson, Chip Morrow, Bill Martin, Donna Renfro tAccompanistJ. Third Row-Andy Daniels, Gerald Eagle, Don Lewis, it .gt 'l Mike Clingenpeel, Leonard Alley, Jerry Austin. Fourth Row-Mr. James Erb tDirectorl, John Hall, Charles Grimm, Thomas MacKnight, Dave Larson, Ed Godsey. Fifth Row-Lewis Graham, Ted Lane, John Benton, Jack Mays, Ben Emerson. V9 1- If VL1 'T R l Liili I is Hi 1 usage as E E use gs is -, 5 Ta fi -I iflgl-fi lil!-YQ Blhig EI3HsHE5S i1 :uma wagering! r1t:mfJmuI l 1 an :N an asmngam lQTffQ3f35l5UeiC" ruvscanuatunsi 39 iiarznzmuxv lQ5la.1lYT"?QB'..U Mhilfilif 4 JC. IEEE. . Billie, Q! 51,5 --as A 9 Ii' 'la ir' Q1 . 1 1 . ll 'Q 541 ' r -'11 if 2 C I iEQ .lg SYIWEII - 9 Gr K5 ' H 'it' gala-.3. n', ,' V'Ff'7Z5 H 'N ' "L "ii """"- 11 2351 'rig 7- Lf: ' i , 1 -..f r 1 fs , - 1 T r .af , I V 'A' -- .. , l , ' v -4 .1,.,r,iif Y , : H Y .S . 1,-. , t . V K M' G ' I 5 I I TQ . 'Qxf L ,. 1 1 . V- ', : br 'H E r- ' ,.f . A in F , W. l i I . X, 1 gg: VQVAI K Y V H .. . ' ' , I ' ' .T . - Cr S """' I ' ' - Y ., . -0 5 A 1 Q'-P Y I 1-5, V -F r,.,- gh I ' - ' ' I 1 I -3- . L ,J , . , , , 6 ,, I I 5 1 ::' if l . . , First Row: L. to R.-Sandra Snidow, Vickie Young, Cheryl Stout, Susan Hamill, Donna Abbott, Chris Steinbach, Mr. Erb. Second Row- Claire Born, Nancy Monk, Pat Gatling, Marshall Taylor, Jane Christian- son. Third Row-Carol Baker, Lee Finch, Nancy Jarvis, Linda Noell. Fourth Row-Margaret Binns, Dee Fultz, Carol Brown, Joan Freeze. Fifth Row-Betty Gammon, Robbie Staples, Rachel Pierce, Ann Watlington. Sixth Row-Lucy Smith, Linda Christopher, Joan Clayton, Ginny Reynolds, Seventh Row-Lelia Baum, Marty Saunders, Cathy Ryland, Lyn Zimmerman. Contemporar and Original Compositions Add New Thirty-five girls who enjoy singing, most of them not music majors, join to form the voice of the WC Glee Club. Mr. James Erb, returning from a year's sabatical, provided direction for the group, which started off the year by singing Debussy's Sirens with the Richmond Symphony. The girls also provided a Christmas program for one of the Westhampton assemblies and toured to Virginia Beach, where they performed at the Civic Facet to WC Glee Club Center with the Randolph-Macon lVlen's Glee Club. Join- ing with the University Choir and several other choral groups in the area, the girls in April sang Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, again with the Richmond Symphony. A new musical facet appeared second semester with the incorporation of folk pieces by Judy Collins and ori- ginal songs composed by Cathy Doenges, aWC freshman. 149 University Band: Seated, L. to R.-Robert McCarthy, Dennis Wright, Rich Pulliam, Dave Whitacre, Ned Massie, Bill Tiller. Second Row- Susan Massie, Ann Larkin, Janet Murray, Lynn Gillerlain, Julia Jones, Diane Jones, Trish Caldwell, Kenny Crowe, Bruce Booker, Damon Domlele, Clay Morgan, Rick Ford, Carol Baker. Third Row-Ricky Ricketts, Brant Watson, Bruce Hubbard, Ron Bell, Sandy Batten, Jim Williams, Warren Chapman, Mike Coleman, Jack Mays, Clyde Hughes. Band Acquires New Look While Adding Excitement to Games The University Band, with a new look both in sight and sound, now consists of three segments. Its 60-piece march- ing unit, complete with 11 color guard members, increased the spirit of the home football games and also trav- elled to Davidson, William 8g Mary and West Virginia games. This year new color was added at the halftimes of the Homecoming and William 8t Mary games, when the band, in new uni- forms, performed on the field. The re- maining portions consist of the 15- piece pep band, which sparks the spirit at home basketball games, and the concert band of 50 pieces, which provides the University with its Christ- ITTEIS COI"lCGl't. A new spirit was added to the Spiders field 150 during half-time by the recently-formed color guard, Fourth Row-Debbie Pearson, Michael Redmond, Bill Hudson, Les Lilly, Rusty Hundley, Mike Jordan, Charlie Wienckowski, Mac Wells, Dennis Schneer, Alvin Stenzel, Bob Allensworth, Linda Frenchl Fifth Row-Mr. James Larkin, Beverly Reid, Ted Lane, Charlie Sheldon, Dennis Bryant, Greg Yates, Jim Basgier, Lee Gettier, Jim Evans, Jeff Dewey, Gail Hockaday. , 1 r, rf ea 1 j 1 MQ? A934 A 7 A .J ' .f . f X 4 I 1 V , A. -1. .114 -V, 1 .,.- : eifaum ' LJ 2 L , L, .ll Y """?'L-Q is Q, .N Lffl, .lf r-in ' :' A1 iw 5 -, , J, "'s---. "w.v' if 5'7" " "S", l"ff.5i:4 ' ' ' N it -,:,:2+"' , .I .K 1 , ,,, ,kit a Nbr'-4' Ki' 'ii ' - sw FK.-gf, -H. -pt - .. ggwtv .1 , .V+ i , -, tu -N, ,h o .5 gl.-T! v. "Lia: A .h lg. ' - L .' 1. ' , - ' . 7 .,:. ig ... -'ng K .. Q-. .fail 1, . . Q" x isis A 0 .. I -f 10' .1 ., is ' L .af all ,,.--.12-' 3'-' """ ,A 1 ',,.- ,L f--,zr-' 4 -, . Z :Rx I -f-"'?'-rv' ,,, ,1 First Row: Captain Sands, CfCpt. D. Whitacre, C. Hughes, CfLt. man, R. Allsworth. Fourth Flow: Ft. Bell, A. Reid, J. Finley, P. Stevens, R. Pulliam, SfSgt. D. Fteinard. Second Row: G. Yates, C. Shelton, S. Price, W. Hudson, G. Snoddy, S. Salter. Fifth Row: R. Dunnivant, D. Bryant, J. Basgier. Third Flow: B. Veronee, J. Williams, M. Cole- D. McLaughlin. ' - s-1-L5-.. - ' .,, 2335251 '13-4:2:Ef?1: L ,-1.1 -Ig: X15-i'. . .' - 'I35:1'ciaiSS:. ' ' r- --- -- , , -Q?:gfiS.. - f :2'ST'?:x- . I . -. I CfCpt. David Whitacre, Band Com- mander. R.O.T.C. Band Plays For Militar Reviews 151 -ly WCRC "Turns On" U of R Students WCRC Staff: L. to R.-David Shores, Josh Jones, Ned Netherwood Robbie Watts David Throckmorton C nthia Wornom Mike Dale, , , Y , Maggie Hall, Rick Ferris, Dennis Scheer, Jeb Hockman, Bill Nicholes The musical sound of the University of Richmond is the big "new" sound of WCRC, the campus voice of the University. With a listening audience of about a thousand, WCRC provides the best in music, sports, and daily campus news, and continues to be a vital part of University life. WCRC not only provided the campus with con- stant entertainment, but also con- tributed in other ways, such as live broadcasting of campus forums, and interviews with such people as Strom Thurmond, Paul Duke and various mu- sical artists from around the country. Under the second year of its hard- working general manager, Bill Furr, WCRC is established as a common sound to the students. Frank Buhrman and Clarke Bustard provided the mu- sic and exciting new format currently in trend with the station. News Direc- tor Don Goddard kept the campus informed with constant news remind- ers and a style of commentary that kept everybody talking. W. --Jf ,A "QC Bruce Selznick, Curt Gilbert, David Berry, Ed Raine, Rozanne Bill Ritzel, Janet Glick, Blake Morris, Mike Robertson, Mike Ponder, Eric Dobbs, Wayne Keyser, Chip Gillis, Clyde Hughes. i WCRC Officers: L. to R.-Brad Jordan, Chief Announcer: Frank Buhrman, Business Managerg Bill Furr, General Managerg Don .God- dard, News Directorg Clarke Bustard, Program Director. l l rl 4t"" .V.,: YWCA: First Row, L. to Ft.-Cathy Culpepper, Lyn Zimmerman, Presi- dentg Vickie Bowman. Second Row-Patti Collins, Suzanne De- Lesseps, Pat Gatling, Terry Bailey. Concern, Involvement, Aid Charaeterize YWCA Campus, community, national and international affairs provided the four cornerstones for the YWCA to build on this year. Woman's Liberation and the Westhampton chapter's affiliation with the national organization provided themes for weekend workshops . . . Concern over pollution of the James River on the part of the YWCA commission led to positive action toward the problem . . . Parent's Day . . . Newly instituted involvement with the Hillside Court . . . and continued work with community centers such as Bon Air School for Girls, and the Cerebral Palsy Center constituted the 1969-70 contributions of one of the most vital Westhampton College campus groups. 153 PDS and Counselors Help Frosh Become a Part of WC An incoming Westhampton freshman will find herself promptly acquainted with two groups of girls whose job it is to help the new class to adjust to and feel an integral part of the college community. The orientation counselors, a group of WC juniors, placed more emphasis on the idea of involvement this year, both in the college and in the community. They introduced freshmen to the varied aspects of college life at WC with programs ranging from the academics of a Raft Debate and a Forum to the more social side with the Coffee House and a dance. A new phase of the orientation program evolved with Nancy Ball as Chairman of the Transfer Orientation program. As Junior Counse- lors, the girls acquainted freshmen with traditions and rules they would encounter during their years at WC. The Pierides, or PD's, a service organization of 22 sophomores C14 dorm students and 7 town studentsl and the president of the rising sophomore class, are elected at the end of their freshman year from all those having a 2.5 average or better. They provide tours of the campus for prospective WC students, are waitresses at the Coffee House and work the polls on election days. By welcoming incoming Freshmen on May Day and by holding small dorm parties, the PD's help freshmen to feel more a part of their school. Pierides: Seated, L. to Ft.-Carolee Dykes, Nancy Russell, Kathy Woolcott, Jere Hudson, Nancy Boykin, Joan Freeze Jean Foerster, Ginny Gary. Standing-Blair Hall, Ann Marshall Taylor, Chris Steinbach, Rachel Pierce, Wendy Stewart, Donna Ftenfro, Nancy Clevinger, Kathy McDorman, Bryant. Orientation Counselors: First Row, L. to Ft.-Ruth Lankford, Mary Dianish, Fay Duffer, Brenda Carrier, MaryAnn Makowsky, Linda Noell, Pat Gatling, Pat Burton, Jane Alphin, Nancy Jarvis, Nancy Monk. 154 Second Row-Alice Graube, Jeanne Shorter, Becky Mills, Lindsay Struthers, Marilu Dixon, Nancy Bain, Marilyn Bray, Adele Affleck, Lelia Baum, Cheryl Blankenship, Judy Baughn. , k X .T f n it X UIC: Clockwise, Top-Carol O'Donnell, Paul Kafka, Sally Stone, Miss Mitchum, Kip Busick, L. C. Hutton, Roger Collier, Maryann Roger Beck, Rozanne Oliver, Steve Heslop, Nancy Turner, Jay Feldman, Ryczak, Henry Patterson, Dr. Smith, Father Carr. UIC and BSU Encounter, Symposium, Interfaith Dialogues, Community Action and campus Relation Committees . . . just a few of the programs sponsored throughout the year by the University Interfaith Council. A council composed of representa- tives from all of the denominational and interdenominational organizations at the University, the UIC aids in plan- ning and coordinating activities of its member groups as well as sponsoring a number of interdenominational pro- grams of its own. The Baptist Student Union, just one of the members of the UIC, offers in- volvement in several areas. If one likes music, he can join the BSU choir which, besides touring, sings in local churches. If one has literary Ieanings, he can work on the Scope, a campus as ses R s newspaper focusing particularly on BSU: Seated, L. to R.-Donna Renfro, Lynn Gillerlain. Standing- activities of the UIC and its member religious organizations. If one just en- joys helping people, he can work in the inner-city mission centers in down- town Richmond, accompany a student- Ied revival team to churches in the state, or participate in a summer mission. Linda Yeats, Mike Wyatt, Fllichael White, Phil Chenault, Judy Johnson, Jim Clay, Liz Shiflette, Janet Lee Murray, Gale Burrow. 155 Hillel Encourages Increased Participation Representation of all Jewish stu- dents at the University is provided by Hillel, the "Jewish community on campus," which found itself growing this year with more members and more active participation. The group, which sponsors such annual events as mixers with VCU, a Chanukah program, a Passover Sedar, guest speakers and joint-programs with other denominational groups on cam- pus, is a member of the Richmond area B'nai B'rith Hillel Counselorship. l I ,V J Hillel: First Row, L, to R.-Judy Kravetz, Marcy Hoffman Rozzie Gross Marcia Weinberg, Ilene Schrott. Second Row Ira Katz Alan Pollack Bruce Selznick, Paul Kafka, Herbert Berman ostrae Filiae Seeks Stronger Ties With Alumnae Working to establish stronger relations and better communication between Westhampton students and alumnae is the Nostrae Filiae, a traditional organization based on family attendance at Westhampton. Girls whose NOStrae Filiae: First Row, L. to R.-Beth Robbins, Betty Trent, Cathy McFalI, Martha Richardson Ruth Lerner Juliet Walls Edee Courtney Williamson, Carol McGehee, Nancy Manning, Emily Epps, Donna PHUY S1finQfell0W, KGTNY Kirk Temple Adair Abbott, Susan Massie. Second Row-Allison East, Kathy Neal, Jean 156 mothers, grandmothers or aunts attended either West hampton, Richmond Female Institute or Woman s College of Richmond are automatically members and work to gether as an aid and informant to the alumnae secretary 'B ' University Players: First Flow, L. to Fl.-John Willis, Alex Cofer, Madieth Malone, Yvonne Olson, George Norfleet, Mary Anna Toms, Nancy Stup, Joe Bristow. Second Row-Mr. Bill Lockey, Joanne Herrington, Davie Adams, Frank Howarth, Marcie Hoffman, Kathy Dowd, Joe Talley. Third Row-John Szelagiewicz, Carol Flansone, Players Complete Season Take additional talented players, add needed finan- cial aid, and the result equals a more versatile, profes- sional and enjoyable type of entertainment. Completing their second series of performances in the James L. Camp Memorial Theatre, the University Players presented a diverse program, beginning in October with the musical, Kiss Me, Kate, followed in -H , Jon Smith, Ben Curtis, Mary Dianish, Dr. Jack Welsh, Joan Unge- mach. Fourth Flow-Gail Stallings, Nancy Boykin, Penni Chappell, Eddie Strickland, Wayne Keyser, Bill Furr, Gene Bowyer. Fifth Row- Tim Perrell, Linda Simmons, Eric Dobbs, Bev Appleton, Martine Hut- ton, Marcia Harrison, Bruce Miller, Flick Gehr. of Diverse Performances December by the dramatic work, The Crucible. March brought the production of the French farce, A Flea ln Her Ear, and May, that of The Critic. Drawing interested students into all facets of the theatre, from props and production to makeup and actual acting, the Players aim to encourage the development of both group and individual expression. 157 1 l ,IH ll Orchesis: Bottom, L. to Ft.--Midge Liggan, Sharon Gulliksen. Top- John Willis, Becky Mills, Fred Brumback, Joan Ungemach, Martine Hutton, Mrs. Wessels. Communication Through Motion ls Grchesis' Goal Modern dance is a means of expression in which the performer's creative freedom is limited only by his ima- gination. lt is an art form by which the performer can channel his emotions, transforming them into movements often beautiful, sometimes ugly, but always the wordless communication of an idea embodied in motion. Senior Orchesis provides members with extensive op- 158 portunities to learn and perform, and to express them- selves through the creation of dance. Participation in the Virginia College Dance Festival featuring the group per- forming an original number choreographed by instructor Francis Wessels, and provision of creative entertainment during May Day festivities are a few of the contributions of Orchesis' combined talents. IGIDA "Aquanettes and the Zodiacs" From September till February on Monday nights, 25 girls can be found practicing at the swimming pool, striv- ing for grace, expression and pre- cision in synchronized swimming. Under the instruction of Miss Nancy Elkins, the girls not only learn basic stunts and group precision, but also are encouraged to individual improvi- sation and expression. With the arrival of February comes .3 -"' L - Q. , -I ,' ' ,,.i'fF""',.,,v1g' the production of the annual water ', vi- F Y? L - tt 'D K g WW 1 X, g - "' show, this year, Aquanettes and the T 1'-'t si g? V rg , V ' gs 'Q-wg Zodiacsf' Original group and individ- - ' All . - W .L F' f- , - E " .ss gif f ual numbers, both comical and serious Aquanettes: First Ftow, L. to R.-Ellen Hoffmann, Marilib Henry, Madeline Reidinger. Second Ftow-Beverly Livesay, Ann Comstock, BeBe DeBergh, Sally Orlando, Donna Abbott. Third Row-Becky Waggener, Wendy Bryant, Alice Helms, Faye Patterson, Linda Fries. Fourth Row-Millie Cochran, Rachel Pierce, Shelley Smith, Patti Dixon, Anne Campbell. Not pictured-Chime Tate, Naina Harper, Judy Samuelson, Temple Adair, Alston Stirling, Elise Miller, Rin Henry. are written and performed under the glow of colored spotlights, by the girls who also make their own costumesg all forming the culmination of weeks of hard work and fun. Debate Team Works on Current Political Issue "Should the federal government share income tax revenues with the state", was the argument posed for the debate team to tackle this year. Beginning with three meetings per week, the team held discussions, analyses and practice debates. Basing their various cases on careful research, and benefitting from the constructive criticism and suggestions of the coaches, the squad be- came versatile in the presentation and rebuttal of argu- ments from either position. Travelling to tournaments throughout the eastern United States, the members com- peted with college students from all parts of the country, and added another successful year to their record. L-R Us -5452 'N-L Debate Team: First Row, L. to Fi.-Juliet Walls, Linda Faglie, Carol O'Donnell, Mary Lynn Tate, Mary Alice Curtin, John Zydron, Tim Finchem, Assistant Coach. Second Ftow-Dr. Jerry Tarver, Associate 98 Coachg Steve Weaver, Bob Frank, Larry Joyner, Bernie Bohm, Ken Clevenger, Mr. Max Graeber, Coach. 159 Watershow Features K , f 'FU' ,jf fb ",,..-' L. to R.-CfLt. W. Thompsong CfCpt. W. Bradshawg C!Maj. H. LeFoe, ' cfivlaj. G. Daugnerryg cfmaj. c. Wienckowskig cfmaj. C. Smithg cfm. , , , , Q Col. V. Saundersg C!Col. J. O. Smith, Brigade Commander. Pershing Rifles PJ 5b,'g',,"'Qr f ., .QL ..,,. ,,, : IL4.. r sf L' ' 1 -'L ' 1, fir. -, .if Standing: L to R.-B. Rice: D. Stewartg P. Stevensg L. Gibbs, P.Fi. Com- manderg R. Koszareckg C. Grimm. Kneeling: B. Savageg S. Griceg F. Shumacherg S. Jeffreys. 160 S3 The Society of Physics Students: L. to R.-Bernhard Schopper, William Carter, Dr. Junkin, Dr. Major, Fred Kay, Wayne Boggs, Robert Doane, Betty Willis, Jeff Dewey. Not Pictured-Herbert Berman, Prof. Taylor, Robert Bell, Harry Lanzillotti. Research Program Teaches Scientific Investigation "The Dependence on the Resistivity of Cerium Metal on the Temperature and Crystalline Structure at Low Temperatures", may mean nothing to a number of people, but to the So- ciety of Physics Students it means this years' research project entailing a great deal of time and painstaking efforts in investigation, compilation and application of data. ln addition to the opportunity for scientific research, a member is also afforded encouragement toward high scholarship, information about careers in physics, and an outlet for any other interests he may have in the science. cv- 99 fs .glkx Psychology Club: Seated, L. to R.-Dr. Blick, Dr. James Tromater. First Row-Cynthia Sommers, Linda Noell, Ruth Lankford, Gary White, Charlie Boltwood. Second Row-Dr. William Leftwich, Bruce Bundy, Susan Ward, Ann Marie Pearson, Zach Simons, Roy Adams, Henry Patterson, James Overton. Guest Speakers and Field Trips Are Offered to the lf any University of Richmond student is interested in the field of psychology, either as a hobby or a career, he is entitled to join the Psychology Club and attend its monthly meetings. This year guest speakers covered such topics as Interested Psych Student learning, drugs, and the operation of the lie detector, while students gained valuable knowledge from attend- ing monthly field trips to places such as the Psychology Testing Bureau. 161 W, - ff- Q' si Ei :Ffa 7 1-. ,, --T L L GREEKS ' .Q 23 What Does It Mean To Be A Greek? , Fraternities are an institution, and institutions have backing, financially and morally. Fraternities just aren't about to kick off. Their power and influence has waned somewhat from their previous status, when they con- trolled almost completely all social functions, and to be non-fraternity was to be in the minority. What then does it mean to be a Greek? Rush is only the beginning of that special brotherhood where friendships are more meaningful than the ordinary kind. A Greek may be a swinger, a leader, or just another contestant seeking his role in this role. But more than that he is one who has found the involvement and caring that come through responsibility to something more than yourself. i TV Q 164 J ..,-' . 165 Qi IFC Plans For Increased Concerts and Dances an 5,15 ff i 'C' lnterfraternity Council: L. to R.-Tom Bondurant, Allyn Strauss, Tom Towberman, Paul Shelley, Bob Stokes, Wayne Warren, Wayne Grant, Dudley Fulton, Duncan Frazer, Pele Sutcliffe, William Nicol, Larry Brown, Butch Hinton, Myron Mann, Bob Cook, Phil Smith, Les Lilley. 166 ll lllfihi IFC Court: L. to R.-Larry Brown, Duncan Frazer, Sutcliffe, Bob Cook, Allyn Straus, Butch Hinton, Wayne Dudley Fulton, Paul Shelley, Tom Towberman, Pete Grant. 4 Q" un.. gf , 1- v L 1-Q ,XY- IFC Officers: L. to Fi.-William Nicol, Allyn Straus, Tom Bondurant, Paul Shelley. John Lumpkin Tyler Howerton George Blomquist Spencer Crowder T. Bear Bob Gutridge John Rowland Jimmy Gray Frank Bacon Reggie Dunnavant Hunter Paschall Tommy Armstrong Sandy Batlen Rick Atkins Larry Bandy J. F. McAllen Steve Hall Clyde Hughes Scott Carter Steve Doyle Charley Shelden Ronnie Bell Rick Orgain Chuck Richardson A. J. Barry Parker Terry Bill Hudson Tom Blaylock Cary Gaulding Jimmy Jones Gil Via Rick Hairfield Hoyt Perry D. A. Potter Greg Yates Richard Ayers C. C. Nuckols Herbie Niles, President Ken Scribner Q 1 ig? af? 34 6 2 7 KAPPA ALPHA K PP SIGM L :- nr. "fi .K 5 ' ,A 'A M X nk ,M JQ ww, K 1 X Q W .'x 5 ' Q 1 5 ,.. f-ff 3 2 4+- 1 f' v xx ' ' we ,U - xt , , " ' , . ' 'X Q X I 1' V, J s M f - U u xx. X . X , i -1, x Z 1 '-x.....,,. '-"" Avi- A X .. i v J NR, 3 ur :.. . M-A, I .' fi P1 1. 1 " D V fx ' .vw . .X ,.,- K X f . QE7 Aj' N Q ww I K I - Q' ' " of A. l , wx , I ? .A If L . n 6 r 4. N A gr 'M Sl .sl Q .. 5.4g'a1my, KT:-.Q 1 7 'fd' 1 Q, f -1 S nv IA- Q Q N5 ti Y u 4 E , - Q- it J .3 I . M4 Q . w""' J Q P' 4 ff"' 0 -1 4 X. . is 5,!"lq.:"", W, 4 -I.. N r , " ..... "" age. ' . 4 '- . W my I - S' an ,GN .bv N' ga -3 - 7- -' I , .ja K, --A I x .Q 5 . r 'Q Q . I, 1 ' .1 , uw 'I Q 3 -. - af' 8 . sg ur W' " ' f ' K - . . , ' ,J V t L, v.. . ' -1-Oi' F L A ,J 1 Matt Mattox 13 Preston Hicks 25 Rob Nicol 2 Page Bradford 14 R. C. Moore 26. John Cooke 3 Jack Moore 15 Brian McCahill 27 Andy Swinton. 4 Sam Graham 16 Buzzy Smith 28 Keith McGrath 5 Randy Walter 17 Wayne Leake, President 29 Walter Owings 6 Jimmy Smith 18 Bill Willson 30 Rodney Hicks 7 John Leyshou 19 Jerry Crustin 31. Sam Atkinson 8 Charlie Cosby 20. Truba Cooper 32. Tom Redgern 9 Sam Price 21 Donnie Ward 33. Preston Winn 10 Jay VanKirk 22 Rocky Reeder 34 Gregg Clapper 11 Mike Williams 23 Mike Plant 12 Harry McClaren 24. Penn Pendleton l L-. 171 .wo-. . .L ,H ., W? 3, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. 12. 13. 172 .. ... Bill Casterline Dennis Bryant Mark Neale Rick St. Clair Mike Redman Margaret League, Crescent Girl John Welch Paul Shelly, President Chaney Seagrist Chuck Bivens Pete Snyder Steve Taylor Charlie Payne -il Mike Pardue Dick Patterson Harry Morris Dick Snyder Doug Belt Hal Metcalfe Monty Brothers Tom Shockly Carl Shunkwiler Al Selby Rusty Hunly Carl Outen Lloyd Ellis Steve Cambell Dennis Coombe l George Bridgforth Carl Trauger Lake Cowart Lynne Padgent Rod Byrke ' Frank Castenbader Jim Hewitt y Randy Leslie Tom Lee Tom Sater l Bill Creath Robert Badenock Stu Driscoll fb A 1 . 1 I as :- mf, Q in in I FK A 15 ilu tv 4 Z l ,l. : T, A .A M --5-.n , . e Q'- ii l I 1 - -.sta m X1 rdkxh' ., '. , ,. . . 656696 5? LAMBDA HI ALPHA 173 PHI DELTA TH ETA 174 I . . 'EW4 - J V . ' 'Fm S T2 ar -xx M 42 4. 45 46 sr 22 23 2-x .5 as 17 as za an zu 1' nz ua I.: as IL- I7 ls uv zo as 4 M mmf .. "-.. I If 4 'N n t , i 5 x . . s f 6 ' A i 0 A M L ' ' A - ' . . fu: LA ,gm 35:1-Q '-,'- !.f,. W V -,"., . fl-At't1!'32Z'f6'f'-Q3 .T-'V' A V ' N ., ' f'fa"-if " in-?'r"Z: " ' , 1'f"'.f' YQ ' .1 "Fw " - , P2 . ' -, 1 ,:LA:1A-4.0, ,-. " f153E5Y?5g1'ff-'J-f'5":1A ' 'li - Ji' , . ,fii fzf--VQW ' ., ,frm--,qw --+ H . . ..- ,..-.,- ,..., . .,. VH. .,...,. 1' P-. L ,. ' - v ' - nz.-1 '- f-. , ,--- 2 9' " J- QQ, W, "' V - ff in-' , N - ' rw "'-1 :' Q."- . X.,--.. . ., .-' -' -L1 QA- -zum:-. r- "' X - s-: .Q Y -' gg, M n, ,- --,..,4 : - s ,. 1 ' X., ,. A ' 1 -A , w'T"'ii'5,,f'Q ",,, . 'H-3 N1 U' 1 ' V . - ga' 'WHY I Z.. ' f ftfni wif 1, ,guy Q F- N ,gh .bn b L, , M, s.-if I. .I ,Qi Q 1 3 A 'RA '19 MF"4'jf1:' ' ' 1 "AZ: ." vii? 'H' L- f':IL-fi '- 31 Q- K 1 + ,-1 WH Y . "Tia 1- 'L . ,xx Lf 'Q ,JA X55 4 ' - ,A F .,,' ki 'Q lv. W - ,gn-5 Hp - .ight f. I - -,, .M , 71 , -:Lg 3 . ' .2 41 fs' N, .gg 5 A A-- mf' ' xl' I V ' '24 .. ' u ,', ', 'SN 'A- ' Q v ni , r 'S , g r' ka. . ' 3'E:'Q54fC.- u. I 4 -"i' 1. --'re 1. PM A ' ' , Y i M -- :kts "g-43.1 "7 ' ' s fb -. ELM. i . E' 5' ""' : ' aa - 'A wg-4 BL-ji A 1 qg : , . H E .ff ' ' 5? I f Y Qi. if gif G , - ,Q :V 5 Q3 A An- M33 , Q x A I A , 1 . 4 + . ld P if xl 1 .,:L?!11,i .- 43,1 - - .YQA on , Q '11 f " ,A1,i-FW' w 1j4f2,:qprS5"53i 1 .. ..-A .: ,gt :Hi Q. N iiygipflwfs yf -..25"'L-Q-5 w. -:.:'ighf?5-gg, , 'Q 4-gf?-' gg , ny: V' Y 574 . ,kr firx .i. "p!:a,,Q'-53 kfsi. ,a.' 1' 'f-iz." pf-1521! "TH:- ' ' ,ai . h-.fn Hff' - .-2-vi 134' "' ' ' Q? -' .gh ' .T ' lg! ' 'x Q '--n ' -. 'ra 1 V Q x - -u:,,- 4- 1----r-lv 'I' 'awww'--"-' ir rf-Q ' , qi, .NF gs.. an-w...5......,7-N,-.-.-v.,1...-x-,. ,f-...,p-.W 59 .QFA44-5 Russ Bodine Vince Tiller, President Ric Hearne Mark Hanley Tom Makres Larry Maier Harry Kintzi Larry Brinkley Larry Joyner Ronnie Eason Frank Hardy John Phillips Jim Schneider Bob Mclver Frank Owen Wayne Hollister Richard Clements Walt Aikens Bob Stockburger Ward Kerr Jim Triempler Steve Winks Danny Cantrell Bernie Bohm Bruce Stockburger Jim Basgier Mike Martin Bill Tiller ,lasik PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI KAPPA SIGMA EQRQQQH , 4 QD ij m Tom Dix Hugh Hutcherson Gary Agar Mike Lewandowski Danny Wilkerson Joe Talley Robbie Watts Gardner Quantance Pete Sutcliffe, President John Bevis 4-3 91' f lr an VW 5 Q J-' I F 1 J George Varoutos Brad Moses Tom Okerlund Ed Raines Ron Bessent Bob Weber Tim Boschen Nick Eldridge Don Goz Steve Salter -.1--.. J l Robbie Kelly Randy Cordall Dave White Frank Hawks Paul Defreitas Barry Jett Jim Ward John Coleman Blll Dietrick Bob Stokes fd! Q arg, - wmv: ' David Leinwand William Laderburg Richard Frishman Barry Greene Tommy Snyder Bruce Selzniek Sam Katzen Paul Levin Robert Mrak Neil Dubin H- Dennie Watson Andy Newman Jay Berger John Speegle Bob Schmidt Larry Brown Jon Lewis Allyn Straus Alan Drew Al Link Marvin Schiff Robert Miller Harvey Soefer, President lra Flax Norris Brodsky Ray Blune Bryan Janney Ira Katz WSE' ZETA BETA TAU , ,YfL PI KAPPA ALPHA A N A fa, X I 1 X w x -Ai"-1feT.'fE:?f 'Q'iw"'---' f" Qj RA . , -,Lf ' ' ' fi-.553 A 'fc'-Q 51 'N---T' R' Nha. seems-as-,.r P asf' i'T-i""F -' :?f Fred Hall Ed Bischoff Bob Lennon Mike Kinchloe Steve Dexheimer Spence Cosby Dave Moore Jim Kinchloe Dave Short Trip Chaukley Dan Prince John Easley Tom Hart Mike Pratt Tom Innes Danny Sullivan Bill Sittman Rick Hicks Paul Reinarman Doug Cunningham Rocky Rochester Steve Switzer Tony Tedesco Tony Vandelinde Allen White Brad Partrea Mike Johnson Jim Gordon Lee Philpott Kip McNew Charley Easley Mike Campbell Bruce Wright Hugh Baskette Bill Booth John Lansdale Bland Motley Joe Lacy Rich Line Rhudy Tennant Tom Young John Quilter Mark Fasig John Shohon Dan Rucker Jesse Johnson Glen Pulley Ken Williams Dudley Fulton, President Jeff Crossan Herbert Manry Mike Royal Steve Womack Brick Hill Dick Stone K .'.. t I, ' , f s. M. s. E N i l l - ' 3 'il -n St In -lm 1 'l ? .I ' A 3 1 Q. ' 513 . . 1 if ii ' ji K' ' 1' Y . '- ' -- t N ' K ,g 'WE-."4-Q, X ' ' Nd A ' iyyfsa., YQ -LI-AT V it. lui' Q F Q' ' fl'-A X Nw' ' ' 'iifif i P My ff, ,lvl L W dc' M-vi s . -. 4. ff,- .L 4 . we f -l ffq qi' 'Nic .. V-" ',- .. 9 -- 1, ,4 - , 5... ,.-. N -, I J' A . . Y , V Q . .- .. X N, .1 , s ly -' '-2' ' Q ,P "2 : , 1 'T ff". ' .:. 4 , ' ' l.k.f' "- ' . , r f, - . - -1 - .:' 5.-2-rf: .-.ef f- L. Tl fy .1 ... ..'., -. A f-P.-+1-M elf-fo -vm-fe . ' X '- U .ev-4 ' lu ,. -AL Henry Hinton, President Les Anderson Monte Epps Jim Murdoch Phil Knause Al Martin Gregg Worm Tom Erhart Norman Taylor Ken Morgan Alex Little Homer Wright 4 U "T 13 14 15 16 17 18. 19 20. 21. 22. 23. Charlie Stevens Pat Price Curly Mann Ben Flitt Geoff Titsworth Pat Hoggard Don Herndon Matthew Hazeltine Garnett Lee Jack Dickerson Kenny Smith Mike Glass Richard Goodwin Jim Stanley John Finley Henry Langhorst Bill Williams Mike Morrison Bill Parrish Gary Anderson Addison Willis Herbie Mitchell , A H491 A 'E .1 .44 . f if ,"5' -. f N U. - ----af-, ,,-v-".' ,grgg:".-- ' '-.-.- , , v P' -gf. .1 ,.,4. x...,,. J-., -I ,rqgi -. -A ,, ., -.-.-- -, - .,,,- V A -. - .,-. I . . .- - - . -. 1 4, v - .A -- 3-.-?. -- 1 F- . A4 . ------T-.."!'l .- ...,.: - - - A -."1' -cry.,-.. .n K. ' ' -' - , f ,V .R f - .4 -. -..,- -11-5-, i- U", - ,X f--'44--. ' . ' - .., ,',. U . 3 I i s 12 in J, A, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ' SIGM HI fwiffiffw ' -21 -f ' f F , 2351 5 .- 'T . Spf'-. "' 'f aff l"2 5 , ' 1 Eli? H. ' 1" frlwwg? I if ,P N - 5' aiwilv Q5 p . . 'I H ' -455 Tom James Dave Chester Lee Blackshear Ken Nichols Tom Fix Ed Berry Harry Cummings Jim Butler Larry Ganey Ken Patton Joe Hampshire Wayne Grant, President Ron Bowen . 1-LK Scott Butler Flick Newman Ricky Rowe Ernie Lamberth Mark Lowery Ken Weaver Lee Childers Brag Bowling Frank Ruff Dave Pritchett Eddie Barnes Lloyd Rice - fkf?4f:'w, .F kgilwex-'Let . L., ,f . . 1 . . , -,-3:,.,',, M.t'1"l 222559 ' -if-'isis i NSA- .ailiaiel Drew Aubrey Mike Bowen Jim Clark Mike Lawrence John Waddell John Anderson Mac Trausneck Gene Smith Chip Thompson Mike Lenox John Keller Bill Smith 5 X13 '. J. . al Q'- 61' 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Tom Pearson Tom Strupt Duncan Frazer, President AI Ftied Keith Buchanan Dudley Hill Kelly Ragsdale Dave Giammittorio Mitch Garbee Moffit Skinner Steve Brock Barry White Bob Kline Brad Wilson Keith Mangum 188 Larry Wilson Eddie Miles Don Steward Al Ailsworth Tom Collins Dave Via Barry Bradshaw Hal Doran Mike Dendo George Jorner Bob Hof Richard Cobbs H. J. Shaw Trent Runyon Bruce Woodward Ted Burgman Bill Baskin Joe Webb Jeff Lee Bruce Hubbard Stan Pope Bill Dudley Vince Radford Danny Anderson John Leggett Clark Jones 1 Kirk Brady Flon Ohavio Mike Sala Sam Worley Tommy Gibbs LE W , SIGMA PHI EPSILCN TH ETA CHI as 27 as 24 as 21 22 23 I4 15 ,7 I9 I6 13 20 8 3 Q 1 J. . rr 5-2? :A P w.: 1. -... -..,'.afp. -1 . 71 1"-4 my , 75,5 .x': -. .- vi-J." 1f 'H.i1L.4- A u -1 wh g- '.1p.,..:.- -5. ' . 5 ' .v ..,'.7.,-xii. fig!! . ,L 1 - - T2 'R i Lf' .Q ' -B Jig? 2 421. ffl . A ...MV , A ,Q E 5 5 f 1 w 1 7.4 T . I I .L M , ..-n.-.vx . 1' 4 iff' -fu: 4 1 , ,, me -3 . , V, :Tiff I Q ' '- W4 N J- wi 1 lv gl 9 ,3'fiE''l3'sj .P-A " . 'F ,.- '- --'T-an 1. ,: Y B ,, .ly .,-. .fly 'np' .,v, f ,A 1.-A, Q!! A 1 ,L 3 . ni . X,--.-.-. 1 X f .- t Sig Y, X 7 x ' ' Q V L5 X , f f f f, . A X . X 1 ," V If 4.: 1 , g .l? ,V ', 0 f . Q45 .A - .nf .,!.. A, .v4,r.b,. 3 YB? ,, Lk if, I Q 5 Robert Soles Dennis Leftwich John Clark John Hardin Roy Adams Steve Henry Richard Pulliam John Garnett Scott Ward Sterling Moore' Roger Beck, President Chip Morrow Bruce Booker Steve Cates Butch MacCarthy Frog MacKnight Woody Traylor Don Luttrell P. J. Taylor Kenny Howard W' .H Gerry Robinson Charlie Nuttle Mike Pomfret Larry Lyons Mike Clingenpeel Ronnie Overstreet Jack Mays Bruce Honts George Lymbouris . - :gh '9-. iinpm- ' , ? ,.,...,,Wf - viffx' . "V 'K .v.T.k.--Q V . . 'gs' '35 ' ii' LPHA PHI OMEGA 193 DELTA THETA PHI - 1 -'- -,vw-efzaz.: . 9-an-agp n 1 Q no EJ svn-un-.g l A,-,V -L-1-H'-ni U3-NJ sg 194 Fitshugh Godwin, Marshall Ellett Clinton Corry Sam McEwen Edwin Clements Joseph Prince Sherwood Jones Joe Mains President vi ff'-2-" f six,- William Baker Marvin ltzkowitz . slilcahalg Cunningham Dick Haymes . 1 e ynn Wiley Gary Brian Miller Bob Dall . John Davies Paul Miller . John Florer Jerry Cough . Harr Snead Pete Nikas 9. 10 11 12. 13 14 15 16. Y Walter Franklin William Grove , XL H i H 195 A STUDENTS SGA-Sponsored Reforms Move Richmond College Forward A year of success . . . Spectrum I pro- vides the first rewarding lecture series in years, due to Strom Thurmond, Paul Duke and others . . . The College Union, with the help of The Showmen, Ron Moody and the Centaurs, Percy Sledge and The Iron Butter- fly, sponsors a dance and concert program which goes over for a change . . . The S.G.A. sponsors change-convocations are abol- ished and chances for a 5 day week look ,-5 , ., l ,iii g . Q ,' 1, -X - ., . good. The S.G.A. used book store competes with Mayo's . . . The refectory undergoes renovations with a new manager and imore funds . . . Honor Council undertakes a self- study with major revisions of the Honor Sys- tem proposed . . . '69 and '70 . . . a year of planning and proposals fostering change . . . change fostering success. T - 1' --' f - S Y - il? 'gif'- t i-332 ' - if --i ll? J if Nfl nl 355-5: 5 ini 'il' .C l bflliffi aiflfilnil From Students to Alumni, Class of ' O Will Carr Spider Tradition Z!! l 1 I 1 1 ' . i " gl l ., L 1 ' . '- '. . Senior Class Officers: L. to Fl.-Charles Bova, Vice Presidentg Ward Kerr, Treasurerg Jay Berger, Secretary: Greg Daugherty, President. 79' Richmond College Class of l970 ll 'UN KET' Roger H. Adams Cecil Dabney Allen, Jr. Howard Palmer Anderson, Jr. Qs QA ,sid 5 0 ig Donald Athelstan Ball George Arthur Barrows 3. l l ww, ix Roger L. Beck Douglas Shaw Belt ADAMS, ROGER H.-King William, Va., B.A., Psychology, Alpha Phi Omega, Sgt.-at-Arms, B.S.U. ALLEN, JR. CECIL DABNEY-Ladysmith, Va., B.A., Political Sci- ence, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Sigma Alpha, President. ANDERSON, JR. HOWARD PALMER- Halifax, Va., B.A., Political Science, Sigma Chi, Alumni Secretary, Rush Chairman, Annotator, Secretary of Freshman Class, House of Representatives, Intra- murals. BALL, DONALD ATHELSTAN-Sandston, Va. BARROWS, GEORGE ARTHUR - Richmond, Va., B.A., Economics, Kappa Sigma. BECK, ROGER L.-Danville, Va., B.A., English and Journalism, Eta Sigma Phi, Pi Delta Epsilon, College Union Concert Com- mittee, Board of Publications Representative, The Collegian, Edi- tor-in-Chief, Men's Glee Club, University Interfaith Council, Sym- posium, Chairman, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice President, President's Advisory Council. nvff' Jay Sheldon Berger Ronald Earl Bessent BELT, DOUGLAS SHAW-Ft. Monroe, Va., B.S., Biol09Y: Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, Scholar- ship Chairman, Beta Beta Beta, Scabbard 81 Blade, Intramurals. BERGER, JAY SHELDON-Norfolk, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau, House Chairman, Senior Class Secretary, Intramurals, Hillel, Vice President. BESSENT, RONALD EARL-Crewe, Va., B.A., Sociology, Phi Kappa Sigma, Athletic Director, Sargent-at-Arms, Intramurals, ROTC Band. BETKOWSKI, JOHN RICHARD-Bayonne, N. J., B.A., Political Science, Intramurals. BISCHOFF, EDWIN ALLEN-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Sci- ence, Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha, Freshmen Orientation Chair- man, Varsity Track, Intramurals. BISESE, JOSEPH ANTHONY-Portsmouth, Va., B.A., Math, Pi Gamma Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Varsity Football. BODINE, WILLIAM R.-Pearl River, N. Y., B.S., Math. John Richard Betkowski Edwin Allen Bischoff Joseph Anthony Bisese Wiliam R. Bodine 201 BOGGS, WAYNE CHARLES- Richmond, Va., B.S., Physics and Math, Dean's List, Physics Club, President, BOHM, BERNDT HARRY-Chesterfield, Va., B.A., Political Science and Speech, Phi Gamma Delta, Historian, Debate Team, Captain, Legislative Commission. BOLTWOOD, CHARLES EVANS-Richmond, Va., B.A., Psy- chology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Psi Chi, President, Psychology Club, Secretary-Treasurer. BOOKBINDER, STEVEN GORDON-Newport News, Va., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, Hillel, Encounter, Community Action Committee. BOVA, CHARLES NIIKELL-Pittsburgh, Pa., B.S., Chemistry, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, I.F.C., Theta Chi, Pledge Mar- shall, Chaplain, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Sgt. at Arms, Honor Council, Senior Class Vice President, Jr. Class Secretary, Fresh- man and Varsity Football, Intramurals, Vespers, Fellowship ot Christian Athletes. BOWLING, BRAGDON RAY-Arlington, Va., B.A., History, Sigma Chi, Athletic Director, Historian, Campus Grievance Com- mittee, Collegian Sports Staft, Intramurals, Foreign Film Society. BOYLES, JACK EDWARD--Richmond, Va., B.A., English, Theta Chi, Social Chairman, Pledge Class Treasurer, Intramurals, Glee Club. BRADSHAW, WELDON ADAIR - Norfolk, Va. B.A., Journalism, Sigma Chi, Chapter Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, S,G.A. Vice President, Head Resi- dent, Student Affairs Council, President's Advisory Council, Uni- versity Council, President of Junior Class, Collegian, Sports Editor, Reporter, Freshman Track, Intramurals. BRADY, JOHN DENNIS--Freehold, N.J., B.A., Political Science, Pi Sigma Alpha, Young Republicans. BREEDLOVE, WILLIAM W.-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science. BROOKS, DONALD L. - Newport News, Va., B.A., English, Phi Delta Theta, Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles. BROWDEH, STEPHEN FRANCIS-Lawrenceville, Va., B.A., HIS- tory. BROWN, ROBERT BRUCE-Charlottesville, Va., B.A. With Honors, English, Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha, High Delta, Areopagues, Intramurals, Religious Week, Co-Chairman. 202 1 223- Wayne Charles Boggs Berndt Harry Bohm I Charles Evans Boltwood Steven Gordon Bookbinder I N Charles Mikell Bova Bragdon Ray Bowling I urs Jack Edward Boyles, Jr. Weldon Adair Bradshaw John Dennis Brady William W. Breedlove .fig JP Cv 'CI' Donald L. Brooks Stephen Francis Browder Robert Bruce Brown Richmond College Seniors 203 David Price Campbell 1 David Scott Chester 'N ! , 1 gm iq. -his Horace B. Childress, Ill i his , y x - ,,, ' ', ,. , " ,Q 7-eavu,f:.,.-- '- . . , ffm i-17.3-:",,.l '-. A so , 1 -Q -- N, ,.-,i---ff, .,.., . - T' '1 .1 2.-,:, . .. ' ' - Q- .1 ' . N"vv-ilk-.-, -f13iT'T'-v.:fk- -' ' ' A .' ,.,."WN,e.:'i1',"'Y,'-', "-"A-' A4 ' - Q, ,'fe-A-If-f 5-gf ,,a,r47 rfll U- ' ' g'....i" - ... iw' f L ,agen ' ,,. , , L , ' M. i g e -"'f:-fm ,.,,,4A'.'f3:-i..,,. ftp if',5Qj-,3--:4'- ."' ,Q - . . . - 'Wg 'a-'fu--w .v " ' 1 -' , . " of i e- --we ., ef. .TIL ' V 1- , ,J :ILA J 4-we ' ..f..a.. .L -.-: ""f' s 1. ef-- .L-f'-ws-1 ' 1 ' '- K X ,. . I. 4 ,S . wc. ., i-115. . Lb: . ,Dre-5. :.- - V, -....' A 'f 3, ,V -. Q - 1 ws ff N ii-g,,g -- -e ' -., " ' -V, el- ' ,-. il M ,.- - 5, , - - ,V -- I., - . 'I I ' Q " ' " ' J .fa-r',,'-f-f-':, "' sf' "' ' -1 ..,4 Z 'fi-fy . -- , -' 5ggae:a.z-'a,,g- - Q V . 3 -, 5, -., :AA,3f!il-- 27" q - ,. - 'S . 1 I f C 1 r. ., r.,r:.r+:4r 3, , , . .--fn ' '1,,'. '4 elf- . '- N ..i s New ,1 'ff' if? ,. i- 'im .:.-A-1 . i., , 1, f ,, , I K if fi 1. - f , -- - +R: .. , w ' -.-. -, --'.e .- ,I . f. -Y-ff T - ' ' A .-jr-f'-A .J 4 ,- F -.,i-',-,,, lm, . 7" P-if-4'-1, A, ,114 ' .' ' , 'YH -ai' ' 'H' f -f -. '-'ur' 1 111. -V . - ' ' 4 LA ,, . C, , " A ,:f:.-iid.-.-aifselr: ,D -, f M ,514 V V jqafieij if Yin- , .h 1I,:1vJ3Q,,-LTQM lf,:,,-iarugg .,: it , M .D A 'I ' - 1- - - , . , . . 5 --1 I A: t t -vu .asf -.. ,LJ .T ' " 44445 M' .'f,?-1:.,.f.4 - ' - , I 15 HX-N I-'f. . ,' 204 1 , 4 -.N-5932 . .yf-H ra T -a-vw. 5-dv-M1 Q 1 .'. 1 ,,, -. -11 40- , .. 1 'N i David Craig Ciayton Lonnie Woodward Cloe Alexander Calliote Cofer Richmond College Class of l97O CAMPBELL, DAVID PRICE-Saltville, Va., B.A., Political Science, Intramurals, Young Republicans. CHESTER, DAVID SCOTT-Arlington, Va., B.S., Math, Sigma Chi, Social Chairman, Historian, Intramurals. CHILDRESS, lll, HORACE B.-Richmond, Va., B.S., Chemistry. CLAYTON, DAVID CRAIG -Arlington, Va., B.S., Biology? Dean's List, Phi Kappa Sigma. CLOE, LONNIE WOODWARD-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science, Intramurals. COFEFI, ALEXANDER CALLIOTE-Bon Air, Va., B.A., Speech and Drama, Alpha Psi Omega, Business Manager, University Players, Vice President. COOK, JAMES STANLEY-Richmond, Va., B.A., Economics and Political Science, Dean's List. CREATH, WILLIAM F.-Church Road, Va., B.S., Math, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President, Intramurals, Glee Club. DAUGHERTY, GREGORY NEIL-Dallas, Texas, B.A., Latin, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Eta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, President, President of Senior Class. COSBY, FRANK SPENCER-Richmond, Va., B.A., English, Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager. CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE O.-Hampton, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Glee Club, University Choir. DAVIS, GERALD WAYNE-Portsmouth, Va., B.S., Biology: Beta Beta Beta, President, Eta Sigma Phi. DEANE, DARRYL FRANCES-Richmond, Va., B.A., Biology, Freshman Football. 11 James Stanley Cook Frank Spenser Cosby, Jr. William F. Creath, Jr. George O. Cunningham, III Gregory Neil Daugherty Gerald Wayne Davis hm. Darryl Francise Deane 205 Richmond College Senior Class 453' wa if-q 'Rf , vga... Y 'CI Ronald Layne DeTemple Robert Ralph Doane, Jr. George Bernard Douglas, Ill Bruce Emmitl Dozier Carlton Lee Drake William R. Dubin NZ if ff l I U DETEMPLE, RONALD LAYNE-Philadelphia, Pa., B.A., Economics, Theta Chi, Athletic Representative, Varsity Golf, Intramurals, Basketball Manager. DOUGLAS, Ill, GEORGE BERNARD-Richmond, Va., B.A., Journalism, W.C.R.C., General Manager. DRAKE, CARLTON LEE-Franklin, Va., B.A., History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals. DOANE, JR., ROBERT RALPH-Richmond, Va. DOZIER, BRUCE EMMITT-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Sigma Alpha, Circle K Club. DUBIN, WILLIAM R.-Kingstree, S. C., B,A., Psychology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Sigma Delta, l.F.C., Areopagus, Honor Council, Hillel, Hillel Executive Committee. DUNNING, JAMES COPE- B.A., Economics and Political Science, S.G.A., Director of the Office of Public Relations, Young Republicans, Publicity Chairman, Treasurer, Dean's List. DUSSAULT, MICHAEL CLIFFORD-Wanwatosa, Wisc., B.S., Chemistry, Dean's List, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Varsity Football, Intramurals, Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes. DYE, HERBERT EUGENE-Bristol, Va., B.A., English. EDWARDS, JOHN REYNOLDS-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math, Pi Mu Epsilon, S. G.A. Clerk of Elections, Intramurals, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Young Republicans, President. ELSEA, KENNETH -.-Bristol, Va., B.A., English and Speech, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman, D.S.R.- T.K.A., Omicron Delta Kappa, Senator, President ot Sophomore Class, Intramurals. James Cope Dunning Michael Clifford Dussault Herbert Eugene Dye John Reynolds Edwards Kenneth J. Elsea 2 Alan Francis Fankhanel John Picot Frazier David Duncan Frazer William Welby Furr inns-.4 ' ' - ' ' ,1..l:.j-' ' " if ' ' . If" . .- , I Q- .N I , I I LI ,t -L 1 " T ,. an U " :f--1 'i I . vu - ' , .. L, ,jk ,X IKM. I ' - janv' A 1. . . ..,,,..... . K Wm, I.. tv- 'ww' j ,LQ .lg- . Au S' 1. TH ":A ,..--- bf dung' C... Y FANKHANEL, ALAN FRANCIS -- Baltimore, Md.: B.A., Math: Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman: Who's Who: Honor Council, Chair- man: Head Resident: Intramurals: Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FRAZIER, JOHN PICOT-Salem, Va.: B.A., Education: Freshman and Varsity Basketball. FRAZER, DAVID DUNCAN-Washington, D. C.: B.S., Biology: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: I.F.C.: Sigma Phi Epsilon, President: Philips Scholarship Winner: Beta Beta Beta: Intramurals: I.F.C. Court, Secretary. FURR, WILLIAM WELBY-Baltimore, Md.: B.A., Speech and Drama: P.D.E.: W.C.R.C.: Philogian Society: Young Republicans. GANEY, LARRY WALTER-Groton, Conn.: B.A., Math: Sigma Chi: Intramurals. GARRISON, JOHN MILTON-Fredricksburg, Va.: B.S. Biology. 208 tmrbs.. GILLETE, WALKER ADAMS-Capron, Va.: B.S., Math: Lambda Chi Alpha: Varsity Football and Track: All-American Football: Intramurals. GLASER, MICHAEL JEFFREY-Annandale, Va.: B.A., Sociology: Phi Delta Theta: Freshman Basketball: Intramurals: Varsity Bas- ketball Manager. GORDON, DOUGLAS RANDALL-Richmond, Va., B.A., Ec- onomics: Dean's List. GRANDJEAN, WALTER JOSEPH-Alexandria, Va.: B.A., Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon. GREGORY, ALLEN WADSWORTH-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Psy- chology: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Intramurals. GRILES, JAMES STEVEN-Clover, Va.: B.A., Psychology: Sigma Chi, Vice-President: Intramurals: Men's Glee Club. 4 '-'lf 'D' I' Larry Walter Ganey John Milton Garrison Walker Adams Glllelte w 1'- .-.f . 1. T29 X A wp 512 .1 9.1 L F. Michael Jeffrey Glaser Douglas Randall Gordon I - X gf-1 13 ' ,711 r ? A 1 I' K 45 EJ' in. n', . , 'E' ' bl' ' .-P SL '35 ,,,, 1 ,, 4- "'i"Y' 15'-FL ' I , ,1 r .- v -,' ",f'1.-.Tlx ' i":'eifiS9lf, -Q .- I - w -.27 'f-- Q. , , vi3l.', u ' -:-l Q: -1 - ,, , - ani, uf A . -Q, V-. mn- nr: 'N .mm-ll., -Tw la N .aqua if .is-. i , Walter Joseph Grandjean WTR! ik rear .,i" ' ff"'F'u- qi, Allen Wadsworth Gregory James Steven Griles Richmond College Class ofl90 'l"!a-. s-S l cm N 'Of X S l Charles Michael Grissom Harvey Joseph Grubbs Gary S. Gulliksen Sterling Howell Hale Stephen Thomas Hall Michael Ray Harper SF?- Z 1' I S mm' GRISSOM, CHARLES MICHAEL- Lynchburg, Va., B.A., English, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Senior Class Senator, Intramurals. GRUBBS, HARVEY JOSEPH-Highland Springs, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Visor. GULLIKSEN, GARY S.-Flichmond, Va., B.A., Sociology. HALE, STERLING HOWELL-Portsmouth, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Kappa Alpha, Of- ficer, Pi Sigma Alpha, Chairman, Committee On Contemporary Education, Honor Council. HALL, STEPHEN THOMAS - Chincoteague, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Intramurals. HARPER, MICHAEL ROY-Winchester, Va., B.S,, Biology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Chi, Scholarship Chair- man, Pledge Committee Chairman, Beta Beta Beta, Intramurals, ROTC Band, Pep Band, University Orchestra. HARRIS, STEPHEN CAREY-Mineral, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List, Sigma Chi, Pledge Trainer, Lodge Master, Pi Sigma Alpha, Intramurals, Novice Debate Team, Circle K Kiwanis, Foreign Language Film Society. HARVEY, AUGUSTUS G.-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science. HARVEY, STEPHEN ROY-Denbigh, Va., B.A., Spanish. HARWOOD, GARLAND M.-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden. HERBIG, JOHN HENRY- Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List. HERSCHAFT, RICHARD JEFFREY-Jericho, N. Y., B.S., Biology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Beta Beta Beta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Head Residents Coun- cil, Chairman, Sophomore Class Vice President, Collegian, Artist, Messenger, Artist, Intramurals, Leadership Conference, Chair- man, Reclpient-R. E. Loving Book Award, Phi Beta Kappa. 211 Richmond College Seniors -v X Preston Bailey Hicks Charles Clettus Holt, Ill Bruce Edward Honts , la- , fQ""". If f 41" I EI.. Richard Eugene Irvin HICKS, PRESTON BAILEY-Alexandria, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma, Scholarship Chairman, Intramurals, Inter- national Relations Club. HOLT, CHARLES CLETTUS - Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science. HONTS, BRUCE EDWARD--Columbus, Ohio, B.S., Chemistry, Alpha Phi Omega, Historian, Corresponding Secretary, Vice Presi- dent, Alumni Secretary, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. IRVIN, RICHARD EUGENE-Hastings, Fla., B.A., Sociology: Var- sity Football. JANNEY, BRYAN HOWARD-Norfolk, Va., B.A., Sociology, Zeta Beta Tau, Vice President. JONES, PERRY EDWARD-Richmond, Va., B.S,, Biolo9Y3 Phi Gamma Delta, Freshman Cross Country, Intramurals. JONES, RONALD LEE-Emporia, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List, Intramurals. JORDAN, BRADFORD LYNN-Newport News, Va., B,A., German, Dean's List, W.C.R.C. 212 TAQHP' Bryan Howard Janney Perry Edward Jones KALAFATIS, NICHOLAS EVERETT-Richmond, Va., B.A., Latin, Eta Sigma Phi, Vice President, SEA. KEGAN, JAMES BURGESS-Oxford, Md., B.A., Psycholo9Y: Sig- ma Phi Epsilon, House 8. Grounds Chairman, Rifle Team, Fresh- man Track Team. KERR, LEMUEL WARD-Norfolk, Va., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasur- er, Senior Class Treasurer, Intramurals, Distinguished Military Student. KEYSER, WAYNE NORTON-Alexandria, Va., B.A., Speech and Dramatic Arts, Alpha Psi Omega, House of Representative, W.C.R.C., Promotions Director, University Players. KINCHELOE, JAMES GORDON-Clifton, Va., B.A., English, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman, Intramurals, R.O.T.C. KINES, JR., JOHN G.-Callao, Va., B.A., Political Science, Phi Beta Kappa, Intramurals, Young Democrats Club. NSW 5 TWD . SPN Ronald Lee Jones Bradford Lynn Jordan 'JZ 2 44: -g., Nicholas Everett Kalafatis James Burgess Kegan Lemuel Ward Kerr, Jr. ins. 'za gm Wayne Norton Keyser James Gordon Kincheloe John G. Kines, Jr. S Richmond College Class of I9 O l l l l l vi ,L. ff' Vl r,,m ul -l QYVISIHX eFoe Jr. Lauren e Alan Lenhart James David Lnlly J 1 . 43- v, Q Q I CPE' William Latane Lumpkin, Jr. Thomas Keith McGrath, Ill Ronald Vance McGuffin .V-f 7' A -T-S '. . .e f lv --f, usa lin. . . Douglas Edward Markham Alan Randolph Marsh 'rs- David Charles Martin Jack Edwin Mays KOURY, JR., JOSEPH NORMAN-Richmond, Va., B.A., So- ciology, Dean's List. LANIER, STEPHEN THOMAS-Alexandria, Va., B.A., Chemistry, Intramurals, Men's Glee Club. LAMBERTH, ERNEST LESTER-Birmingham, Ala,, B.A., Politi- cal Science, Sigma Chi, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals. LANKFORD, NELSON DOUGLAS-Hampton, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, President, Honor Council, Secretary, Junior Class Vice President, Religious Emphasis Week, Chairman. LEFOE, CHARLES HUNTER-Hagerstown, Md., B.A., Psy- chol09Y3 Phi Delta Theta, Vice President, Eta Sigma Phi, Scab- bard and Blade, Intramurals. LENHART, LAURENCE ALAN-Farmingdale, N. Y., B.A., So- ciol09Y: Phi Delta Theta, Warden, Intramurals. LILLY, JR., JAMES DAVID-Richmond, Va., B.S., Chemistry. LUMPKIN, WILLIAM LATANE- Norfolk, Va., B.A., Religion, Col- legian, Sports Staff, Cross Country, Track, Ministerial As- sociation. MCGUFFIN, RONALD VANCE-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math, Pi Mu Epsilon, Intramurals. MCGRATH, THOMAS KEITH-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science, Kappa Sigma. MARKHAM, DOUGLAS EDWARD-Alexandria, Va., B.A., Psy- chology, Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha, Psi Chi, Secretary- Treasurer. MARSH, ALAN RANDOLPH-Fairfax, Va., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, President, Pershing Rifles, Platoon Leader, Freshman and Varsity Rifle Teams. MARTIN, DAVID CHARLES-Suffolk, Va., B.A., Sociology. MAYS, JACK EDWIN-Amhearst, Va., B.A., Music, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, University Band, Treasurer, Men's Glee Club, Secretary, University Choir, President, Librarian, Baptist Student Union, Publicity Chairman, B.S.U. Choir, President, Religious Emphasis Week Hospitality Committee. 215 MINTER, MICHAEL EDWARD-Providence Forge, Va., B.A., Sociology, Dean's List, Freshman Baseball. MIZELL, JR., JOHN GRANT-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science and History, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta, Eta Sigma Phi, House of Representative, Legislative Commission, Chairman, Baptist Student Union, Religious Em- phasis Week Co-Chairman, Spider Handbook Associate Editor, Summer School Honor Council, Circle K Club, Treasurer. MONTSINGER, LAWSON WARING-Richmond, Va., B.A., Psy- chol0QY5 Varsity Football. MOORE, STERLING HALE-Lexington, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Head Resident, S.G.A. Director of Public Relations, Collegian, Photographer, Web, Photographer, Intramurals, Who's Who, Williams Scholarship, Wicker Award, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President, Intramural Council, Secretary, Chairman. MORGAN, G. KENNETH-Green Bay, Va., B.A., Sociology, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega, Pershing Rifles, University Players. MORROW, CARROLL WALTON - Fairfax, Va., B.S., Math, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramurals, Dean's List, University Choir, Treasurer, Men's Glee Club, Baptist Student Union, Publicity Chairman, B.S.U. Choir, Williams Scholar. MULNER, RALPH DOUGLAS-Alexandria, Va., B.A., English. MURDOCH, JAMES G. - Richmond, Va., B.A., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MURPHY, JR., JOHN CALVIN - Lynchburg, Va., B.A., Chemistry, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Eta Sigma Phi. MYERS, HARVEY T. - Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science and Religion, Intramurals, Baptist Student Union, Ministrial As- sooiation. NAKDIMEN, STEVEN BRIAN - Danville, Va., B.S., Biology, Beta Beta Beta. NEALE, MARK MILTON - West Point, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Intramurals, Lambda Chi Alpha. NORFLEET, FREDERICK PARKER-Suffolk, Va., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon. Richmond College Seniors bi 'F like ,Wi gl ia- fran,- 'GTS' G. Kenneth Morgan 216 Michael Edward Minter John Grant Mizell, Jr. Lawson Waring Montsinger Sterling Hale Moore Carroll Walton. Morrow, Jr. Ralph Douglas Mulner 'mg James G. Murdoch, Jr. John Calvin Murphy, Jr. Harvey T. Myers Steven Brian Nakdimen Mark Milton Neale Frederick Parker Norfleet ' 11 . - , . . Q M 5 r 4 , 3 N 751.1-. vi . ,J ' ' N Q My 1. 4 gap-M M wr M. Q . f if rf 1 1 r -W-A r 2 . - v-- W- wut-v-X, in Ami . i land! rg . - , .r. ,wer-a.ubLyg4y4iE,-i. D, ,A J-:J 1-J U iUJ.,u!? :,,I,rM s ,, ' 1 . A - - - 'K M Vx.-H U 5. . Wfguqr MM . i V - .,,, -. A n Y. S .. f .1 ffww mf. , 4 in Q , q PJLL? ,Es . 1 V4 n In f1'N,,,, ZX L :fat X if S 6: r Lf' I s I A '4 if 3 Q' 1 mf-'ie 1 'N' M 3 Y-if ,Ls kr f'Vfv'EA-5 FSE: f n Iii" ML--if Y 5 ,Til 23,5 M M 3 M ' H M 42? N .ii M L f 122 231-M. fi p M M M M fi "j,.,"N",-F-1,,iTf"" . Wfgg' ,,,,...,.,b M, M -'Y ' Sv' 'N'AJ'AfT'5g q'l: ll? l Q' "lf"-f'3 -J ' . fn :. L:M:'- -M .::- fa- v -- v ' '45 I ,lv .N .Tr r -.Me M. . e e 5' 'k fffik MiP:g Mi, . b. .y.y 4.4- y i George Stark Norfleet 217 NORFLEET, Ill, GEORGE STARK - Westport, Conn., B.S., Speech and Drama, Alpha Psi Omega, Business Manager, Intra- murals, University Players, Business Manager, Chess Club. NORMAN, ROBERT JAMES-Norfolk, Va. OPALENICK, JOSEPH CHARLES-Saint Clair, Pa., B.A., Edu- cation, Varsity Football, Intramurals. OWEN, ERNEST DONALD-Newport News, Va., B.A., Journal- ism, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Collegian, Reporter and Feature Editor, Messenger, Circulation Manager, Editor-in-Chief, UIC, Symposium Committee, Richmond Community Action Pro- gram Campus Coordinator. OWINGS, WALTER STEELE-Richmond, Va., B.A., English, Young Republicans. PARKER, PAUL ALLEN-Richmond, Virginia, B,S., Chemistry, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Gamma Delta, President of Pledge Class, Scholarship Chairman, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Honor Council, Secretary, Intramurals, Settle Scholarship. PARRISH, CARL PRESTON-Richmond, Va., B.S., Biology. PARRISH, WILLIAM TRUETTE-Newport News, Va., B.A., Psy- chology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Treasurer, Intramurals. PATTERSON, HENRY OWEN--South Boston, Va., B.A., Psy- chol0gYZ Dean's List, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Collegian, Men's Division Editor, Editorial Editor, University Band, Or- chestra, Men's Glee Club, University Interfaith Council, Presi- dent, Baptist Student Council, Psychology Club. PERREAULT, KENNETH JAMES-Crofton, Md., B.A., English, Freshman Baseball, Intramurals. PHILPOTT, ALBERT LEE-Bassett, Va., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge master, Social Chairman, Pi Mu Epsilon, Intramurals. POWELL, KENNETH ALLEN-Richmond, Va., B,S., Chemistry, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. POWELL, JOSEPH RODNEY-Suffolk, Va., B.A., English, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President, Areopagus, Sophomore Class Secre- tary, House of Representatives, Freshman Tennis, Intramurals, Orientation Committee. PULLIAM, JOHN RICHARD-Virgilina, Va., B.A., Psychology, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President, Editor of Student Directory, Intramurals, University Band, ROTC Band. RAGLAND, GORDON GILBERT - Wingina, Va., B.A., Political Science, Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secretary, Student Direc- tory, Editor, Intramurals, ROTC Band. 5 . .tt QQ Paul Allen Parker 218 Richmond College Class of I9 O L- Robert James Norman Joseph Charles Opalenick Ernest Donald Owen Walter Steele Owings Carl Preston Parrish, III William Truette Parrish ui-S Henry Owen Patterson V QA F X! 'Qtr if Q 3 fi: Kenneth James Perreault Albert Lee Philpott, Jr. i"N if? '1 Joseph Rodney Powell Kenneth Allen Powell John Richard Pulliam, Jr. Gordon Gilbert Ragland, Jr. 'Pass'-' ,img , - H+ 219 Richmond Seniors 4 ' fl" Q k . x i 'ur q. i' Lloyd Emerson Rice, Ill Gary Wayne Robertson John Charles Rogers Zachary Claude Salmon 5-.-a John Michael Royal Robert Shelburne Ruddick -WSJ LQ.- 'hr- Milan Savkovich Brian Martin Schnitzer Richard Arthur Severin Marvin Brown Settle, Jr. Forrest Lee Smith Simon Philip Sibelman R K... ii ?'-N WD Paul Nathan Shelley Steven Michael Somers .im RALSTON, CARY ATWOOD-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science, Kappa Sigma, Intramurals, President's Committee to Study Campus Relationships. RICE, III, LLOYD EMERSON-Norfolk, Va., B.A., Chemistry, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Chi, Vice President, Chapter Editor, Collegian, Fraternities Editor. ROBERTSON, GARY WAYNE-Waynesboro, Va., B.A., Speech, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Collegian, Editorial Writer, J.V. and Varsity Track. ROGERS, JOHN CHARLES-Hopewell, Va., B.A., Political Science, Phi Delta Theta, Intramurals. ROYAL, JOHN MICHAEL-Remington, Va., B.A., Education, Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramurals. RUDDICK, ROBERT SHELBURNE-Glen Allen, Va., B.S., Biology. SALMON, ZACHARY CLAUDE-Rockville, Va., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, Freshman and Varsity Tennis, Golf. SAVKOVICH, MILAN -Chicago, III., B.A., History, Freshman Base- ball, Intramurals, Orthodox College Fellowship, W.C.R.C. SCHNITZER, BRIAN MARTIN-Portsmouth, Va., B.A., Chemistry, Hillel, Judo and Karate Club. SETTLE, MARVIN BROWN-Alexandria, Va., B.A., Psychology, Eta Sigma Phi, Ministerial Association. SEVERIN, RICHARD ARTHUR-Charlottesville, Va., B.A., Politi- cal Science, Phi Gamma Delta. SHELLEY, PAUL NATHAN-Staunton, Va., B.S., Math, l.F.C., Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Vice President, Pi Mu Epsilon, l.F.C. Court, Chairman. SIBELMAN, SIMON PHILIP-Richmond, Va., B.A., French and Russian, With Honors, Zeta Beta Tau, Corresponding Secretary, Alumni Relations Secretary, House Manager, O.D.K. Carnival Booth Chairman, Intramurals, Au Salon des Babillards, President, Student Committee tor Soviet Studies, Chairman, Language Lab Teacher and Assistant, R.E.W., Treasurer, Hillel, Vice President, Treasurer, Planning Council of Greater Richmond Area Hillel, President, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors. SMITH, FORREST LEE-Sandston, Va., B.A., English, Student Education Association. SOMERS, STEVEN MICHAEL-Lynchburg, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Phi Sigma Delta, Hillel. 221 ul Xue 'QL-.5 if Mbvv rub, 'ire '11-'N Richard Hayden St. Clair Stephen Raymond Stahl Greg Stillman Robert Walker Stockburger Bruce Ronald Tanner Murray Amos Thompson. Charles Frederick Stevens Phillip D. Sweet ,.f ,T 1.4. V .. ' l l ,', .- 1. ,V . Mu- -.g. me it si. Richmond College Class of I9 O Thomas J. Towberman Gene I. Van Galder ls. ,a, Q U, Yffdi. wx iii' ,us 9 E."t4 Robert Michael Vandeweghe George Douglas Varoutsos ST. CLAIR, RICHARD HAYDEN-Newport News, Va.: B.A., Sociology: Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman: Intramurals. STAHL, STEPHEN RAYMOND-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Ec- onomics. STEVENS, CHARLES FREDERICK-Severna Park, Md.: B.A., Political Science: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. STILLMAN, GREG-Chesapeake, Va.: B.A., Philosophy: Dean's List. STOCKBURGER, ROBERT WALKER-Norfolk, Va.: B.S., Chemistry: Dean's List: Phi Gamma Delta: Eta Sigma Phi: Fresh- man Football: Freshman and Varsity Basketball: Intramurals: Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Circle K Club. SWEET, PHILIP D.--Gloversville, N. Y.: B.A., German and English: Dean's List: Areopagus. TANNER, BRUCE RONALD-Newport News, Va.: B.A., English: Lambda Chi Alpha: Intramurals. THOMPSON, MURRAY AMOS-Stuart, Va.: B.A., Economics and Math: Chess Club: Young Republicans. TOWERMAN, THOMAS J.-Arlington, Va.: B.A., Psychology: Phi Delta Theta, President: Intramurals: l.F.C., Corresponding Secretary. VAROUTSOS, GEORGE DOUGLAS-B.A., History and Political Science: Dean's List, Intermediate Honors: I.F.C.: Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Rush Chairman, Historian: Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha: House of Representatives: Freshman Golf: Intramurals: Circle K Club: Foreign Language Film Society. VAN GALDER, GENE I-Beloit, Wisc.: B.A., History: Dean's List: Football: Baseball: Intramurals. VANDEWEGHE, ROBERT MICHAEL-Newport News, Va.: B.A., Political Science: Kappa Sigma, Inner Guard: Intramurals. WADDELL, JOHN PARKER-Princeton, N. J.: B.A., Sociology: Sigma Chi, Annotator: Optional Attendance Committee: Judicial Committee: Legislative Commission: Collegian: Intramurals. John Parker Waddell ,Pa- hor , T: 223 ...i in """- -asf' Carroll Herbert Walker, Jr. Randall Kent Walter Jerome Harris Want 'N QT? James Stuart Watkins Douglas Keith Wayland Marvin Steven Weaver Seniors 1 ', aww 'W Q 4'-v ,. 9 t .. Ev I 5' 5- .--Q 54- "4 Christopher Bell Weissmann David Shaw Whitacre Lawrence B. Whitlock, Jr. Norman Hill Williams, III WALKER, JR., CARROLL HERBERT-Norfolk, Va., B.A., EC- onomics, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors. WALTER, RANDALL KENT-Alexandria, Va., B.A., Journalism, Kappa Sigma, Secretary, Collegian, Fraternity and Men's Division Ed. WANT, JEROME HARRIS-Hampton, Va., B.A., English, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Scribe, National Rep., Historian, Baptist Affiliation 8t Relations Committee, Chairman, Contemporary Education Com- mittee, WCRC News, Associate Director, Richmond Tutorial. WATKINS, JAMES STUART-Amelia, Va., B.S., Mathematics. WAYLAND, DOUGLAS KEITH-Richmond, Va., B.A., History, Golf Team, Intramurals. WEAVER, MARION STEVEN-Harrisonburg, Va., B.A., Political Science, Debate Club. WEISSMANN, CHRISTOPHER BELL-Pennsauken, New Jersey, B.A., Philosophy, Dean's List. WHITACRE, DAVID SHAW-Cross Junction, Va., B.A., Political Science, Sigma Chi, Tribune, Head Residence Council, Secre- tary, Vice Chairman, Sophomore and Junior Senator, SGA Secretary, Intramurals, University Band. WHITFIELD, ROBERT JOSEPH-Norfolk, Va., B.A., Political Science. WHITLOCK, LAWRENCE B.-Richmond, Va. WILLIAMS, NORMAN HILL-Richmond, Va., B.A., History. 225 Richmond College Senior Class Q4 I hir' 'V Harvey K. Wilson, Raymond Lee Wimbrough WILSON, HARVEY K.-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Political Science: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Sigma Alpha. WIMSBROUGH, RAYMOND LEE-Portsmouth, Va.: B.A., Political Science: Intramurals. WOOD, LANCE DEWS-Newport News, Va.: B.A., History: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Omicron Delta Kappa: D.S.R.-T.K.A.: Phi Alpha Theta: Senator: S.G.A. President: Novice and Varsity Debate Teams: Williams Scholar: McAdams Prize: S.A.R. R.O.T.C. Medal: Association of Independent Students. WORRELL, WILLIAM FRANKLIN-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Journalism: Pi Delta Epsilon: Collegian: W.C.R.C., Business Manager, Program Director. Lal'1C9 De xy, ws Wood William Franklin Worrell J' ll QOL 1-16 if Juniors Work Toward Senior Year NJ- 5 'Ii V . X 'N fiif' -'N X ,M ' ' 'V 131+ 1 'f Y I." ' S. 5- if 1 LN Q .v r ' 1-if if. ' My in at 1. nj . 2 if 5-fA7f"'P: ' . n I ' 1 - vi, . 1-.- i 'A' ...I V . X 1 V 4' x N' ki' 'K+' 'af -fe "' '-....' 1 - fx --0' x G., .'.v.J -H v A . "'-far nf - - ,Fm - .A ff. ,v-'Q !.J,- Junior Class Officers: L. to R.-Alan Drew, Vice presidentg Doug Cunningham, President: My- ron Mann, Treasurerg Jim Ward, Secretary. ,.,1 '., I D -' ..- 4 ' it-? "S Ko 5 ,.- '4, -U-J 'im .31 22 7 William Alford, Jr. Richard W. Ayers Paxton K. Black John S. Booker Orin W. Booth, Jr. Lester C. Brewer Richard M. Brothers Stephen C. Buckingham Clarke A. Bustard, Ill Geoffrey D. Cahill Robert B. Carter, Ill John L. Coleman K. Marshall Cook Robert G. Courtney John W. Crute Benjamin F. Curtis, Jr. Wiliam S, Custis William S. Dail Wayland B. Denton, Ill Jeffrey A. Dewey William L. Deyo Joseph H. Diersen, lll Eric Dobbs William L. Dudley, Jr. .vt . . at LL: . 13:5 fv A f,... .. 1 L .,,, a--...X Richmond College Junior Class -. 6 ,r-et ff 3 a .,. me ll 'f' , A- ci-vp Qig- -4 I, Q , lid L , x, ' rg N31 l tw, Fin """'-I V .1 FTF' ' l - - ' ll. ' I .5 ,, .,. , wi E:-T "x - f it Q A :N . -V kr i 'N K 1 at ly ENX Lu R , ,,. sf QRS Kal . ,JF -I, .. 'H ay. f, Un: Ig' 5- .., lx ik Vg - fv- XC? if e in Ronnie L. Eason Larry G. Evans Thomas B. Fernald William C. Fitchett lra L. Flax Edward H. Foley, lll J. Darrell Foster Michael J. Garbini David C. Giammittorio Henry L. Gibbs Louis B. Graham Rodney B. Griffith H. Bruce Grimes Charles R. Grimm James D. Harrell, Ill James W. Harris, Jr. Bruce P. Hawley Stephen M. Henry G. Edmond Massie, IV Bruce F. Herndon John H. Humbard C. D. Humphrey, Jr L. C. Hutton Dwight W. Inge James L. Jester, Ill David R. Johnson Frederick M. Kay J. Wayne Keeling Thomas E. Lee, Ill Brandt M. Levin Donald S. Lewis Ralph R. Liniado Albert N. Link Myron T. Mann Harvey G. Marvel Robert E. Maxey David L. Miltier Charles A. Montagu Ronald E. Moody Linwood S. Newton Ronald G. Nicholls Cardwell C. Nuckols Joseph D. Oliver Terry L. Overby Q "u- T-' 'fi-. K fir! ik: L., Qt: James C. Raper David L. Rawls John A. Reid Robert E. Rigsby Edward C. Roach, James M. Russell J. Rawls Saecker Victor P. Owen, Jr. Richard E. Patteson Harrell M. Pedigo, lll Orville V. Pence, II James S. Perrow Alan H. Pollack Frederick O. Pond Barry W. Powell Edward J. Raine ll Dwighi A. Shambler Donald R. Skinker Leonard J. Sly Jon M. Smith R. Wayne Smith 231 Richmond College Michael R. Stafford William H. Stone James A. Straus William R. Street Preston J. Taylor William A. Thornton William C. Tignor Bernard F. Veronee, Jr James H. Ward, Jr. John F. White Raymond M. Wiggins William C. Williams, ill William C. Willson Samuel G. Wilson James A. Winders Clarke A. Wiseman Bill C. Wood, Jr. Edward C. Woodard Thomas W. Woodie Richard H. Wray Charles C. Wright Dennis E. Wright Gene Lee Yoder John Zydron 232 Af 1, ?, 10 . I SSR., . f, 'I s . 4 . J, , 5 . .l . . 1 'V 25 "' .AQA ,f'2,1, ' .' ' , L .. , ,- .1 x.:1'. v- .J Y . , la sf I QI' t .L 7 ' r .4 ,,-, ' ' , ' . ,Wig In ,K 1 J - ,5 Ju Q ' 1 F , '. 9" , W - 4- 1 iff sl ,I t . . ' . l 'I' . n !I.' ' . ' , . ,A 1' ' .3 A.. I N 1 - ' ' A . , ! . f-.-gig . .n '-- , - , ,N nl 1 '5?fLt"-.':: ' y, ' ff "- ' - 'I ' I' 4 ,Q A -A I Zinn.- .,M. .,!,, xvfml Q. . W , :4 ,xr if H .xy 1 f if-A .I 'I " .. ' - ' :H ' P Z 1 'Z f' 9, is I .i '4'-' 1-5, 1' - :y...,g 1 1 " v -'ff .' -'f', .1L"x',- ' . pw' , ,lf - . f .X ' . lf? , , 1:11 "lf 4 . ' fi?" st, 1 iv, v 35 v NW' ' . '.' ,fqfrl 1 y 5' ' - K I 1 ' :fl I I T ,. , ' Y K i- .. 9 x -A .H . J ,-. A ,f- I -ffgg . , ...g - V , , 7 WV. r A? 2. -ft 1' f!'v Y' Il . f' Y .lf m"'-.I-3: . ff 1 4', '5 Lfj! lx xt , .vi .S i V .-f . X ., : c"' L' - sz X 'J ,hxyf L' ' A 1 S7 JL ,' ." Richard T. Adams, Jr. Alfred E. Ailsworth Robert W. Allensworth Leonard M. Alley A. Ray Alvis, Jr. Gary M. Anderson George R. Andrews Thomas W. Armstrong, lll Joel T. Ashworth R-Q Richmond College Sophomore Class we T 1- ns., if ' Pix 234 'J f '07 I Larry Joe Austin Frank W. Bacon Larry M. Bandy Donald A. Baxter William R. Bell Frank H. Bernhart Edward D. Berry Richard M. Bing Lee M. Blackshearl Billy Blythe Ronald L. Bower Barry L. Bradshaw Eugene D. Brinkley Jr Michael L. Burke Ernesi T. Carson Charles S. Carter John W. Casey Michael S. Cates Bill Chaney Warren D. Chapman Joseph A. Cheatham Philip Chenault H. Glenn Chewning Larry S. Chowning Michael J. Clingen peel Richard W. Cobbs Roger M. Collier Clifford W. Conner James T. Cooper, Jr. Charles C. Cosby, Jr. George L. Craig Bruce P. Davis fm-cu, hu VI' :tai Ju ll' I Jiiihil. i l -wr 5. L . vie... , -iiydgglxfii .gl , .Q A ig 1. N limi, y 'WEEFE , l 53 'Ml 7' .V 1 fm: F -- i il s ' . E ., ,gl ', 3 ,iw . Larry Davis William H. Davis, Jr Joseph V. DlTroIio Timothy J. Evans Paul W. Fariss John Finley Charles R. Floyd Richard L. Ford Douglass K. Futrell John M. Garnett, Ill Cary S. Gaulding Thomas C. Givens, Jr. S. Michael Glass Samuel A. Graham, Jr, Gurney W. Grant, ll John A. Green Barry N. Greene Alexander P. Grice, IV John N. Hardin Paul S. Hatfield Michael S. Hawkins i Robert M. Hazelwood Glenn A. Hegamyer Edward F. Hlywa Kenneth G. Howard Clyde L. Hughes, Jr. Duane E. James Thomas J. Johnson, I Steven H. Jones Larry T. Joyner Paul Kafka Michael E. Keck John S. Keller 4 ta , , Q rw' x-. X 1 B 3 , Robert M. Kelley Philip C. Kelly Harry E. Kintzi Philip C. Knause Harvey V. Lankford Hugh E. Lee Dennis J. Leftwich J. Michael Leonard Jay C. Leonard Barry C. Linkous John F, McAllen John E. Major John Makriyianis Ronald A. Malstrom Gerald M. Markowitz William E. Martin, Jr. Melvin R. Merritt Hal Gordon Metcalfe Bruce C. Miller Robert J. Miller William F. Moffett, Ill David M. Moore James D. Morgan Kenneth R. Nichols Steven L. Nook Thomas C. Northam Richard C. Orgain Ronald B. Overstreet Reginald L. Padgett Norris A. Partridge A. Wayne Pearson William T. Pearson, Jr John F. Phillips Dennis K. Poe 238 Us John M. Pomfret Ernest W. Powell Paul L. Prewitt Judd Proctor Edward H. Pruden Raymond G. Quaintance Vincent C. Radford Eldridge B. Reynolds William M. Rhodenhiser Gerald E. Robinson Wilfred A. Roper, ll Leslie W. Rose, Ill David H. Russell Steven R. Salter Wilton R. Schmidt Kr 5.1 T W5 "' --lr Hi-5 l.A'5 31 l.ix"A :A i ' V Ln- " ' ' fl .Ei lu... .l,, ,,. "'a-for X :Milf Xml immune' FEE QR. hir- N S On bv-N 1 Otis R. Thornhill William G. Tucker, Jr. Claud C. Turvver John R. Turner Perry E. Turner, Jr. Gerald K. Underdown Scott J. Ward Arthur D. Watson William T. Webb Wayne E. Weirich B. Randolph Wilkinson James G. Williams John M. Willis, Jr. Charles H. Woodward Gregory M. Yates " Bernhard H. Schopper Douglas S. Schroeder Robert B. Seward David C. Shores Carl G. Shunkwiler David M. Smith A .5 James A. Smith ' Philip B. Smith Lee J. Sneedon John H. Speegle Robert D. Stokes za- . John M. Sullivan William H. Sutton Harvey Sweeney Steven G. Switzer Chris Taylor P' 239 gi! wa i -, 4 l . .g'. '2 -sob V K 'D'm'r.he Freshmen Class Officers: L. to R.-Harvey Barker, Vice President: Sam Barlett, Presidentg Bob Epstein, Treasurerg Bill Sterling, Secretary. Freshmen Find in UR a M riad of New Experiences Both Enjoyable and Trying 240 l 1 i David B. Able Michael J. Anastasio, Jr. Clyde T. Anderson Daniel M. Anderson John W. Anderson Jerry L. Austin Richmond College Freshman Class 'ily N C' James D. Barfoot Harvey M. Barker Richard C. Barker William M. Baskin Dallas S. Batten John F. Benton David H. Berry Brent D. Birchett Bruce E. Booker Bernard G. Bowyer Louis M. Breeden George O. Bridewell Richmond College Freshmen George B. Bridgeforth John E. Brinley Flobert C. Brizendine Dennis M. Bryant Keith W. Buchanan William C. Burnside James Campbell Stephen D. Campbell Joseph D. Carroll Charles M. Carter Edward N. Cassada William H. Casterllne E. Lee Childers James W. Clay Lee E. Clinkscales Linwood D. Collins Allen H. Cooper William R. Cordle Allen J. Costa Frank D. Costenbader Jeff C. Crossan Walter M. Crowe Michael W. Dale Joseph E. Dauses James L. Davenport Wayne Dawson Stephen M. Dexheimer John F. Douglas Ronald N. Douglas Michael B. Dowdy Stephen Fl. Doyle Neil S. Dubin Gerald W. Eagle Elwood V. Elliot V' I L v .C Q -lj if il. lf' 4 0 x .Q- an ye 6 . .3 William S. Elliott Lloyd J. Ellis Benjamin W. Emerson Monte W. Epps Clinton B. Faison Mark B. Fasig Richard B. Ferris Donald F. Fowler Richard J. Frishman Ronald L. Gathright Richard F. Gehr Richard C. Gordon William C. Gregory Bernard F. Gupton John W. Hall S. Craig Harris Burnell B. Hawthorne Donald L. Herndon James W. Hevener Charles D. Hill George B. Hill Edward G. Hilldrup 243 ll. Henry L. Langhorst Michael J. Largen Danny D. Lawson Jeffrey P. Lee Robert C. Lee Thomas C. Lee Phillip D. Leinwand Leslie O. LeMon Edmund M. Lewandowski Stephen L. Lewis Roy L. Liles John O. Little John S. Lorber Mark F. Lowery George Lymbouris Thomas E. MacKnight W x 1: , ' 5 fn. f 'Irw- lv- nvef .cw f' l Jeb R. Hockman l Eugene J. Hofmeyer Mark S. Holpe y Henry T. Howerton William L. Howerton David O. Jamneyl Beeher B. Jessee Robert E. Johnson Emory E. Jones Jeffrey T. Jones Monty H. L. Kimball John W. Kincheloe Michael N. Kinchelow Robert T. Kline Robb T. Koether Laurence S. Lamapna 6. qua ag., Q1 Richard N. Owen Charles K. Payne Edgar R. Pierce George S. Pope Curtis P. Powers Patrick L. Price Glenn W. Pulley R. Robert Rasmussen Charles H. Richardson Richard E. Ricketts John N. Riley William D. Ritzel Sterling E. Rives Michael H. Robertson Alan L. Rollins Guy A. Ross Philip H. Rowland Glenn A. Sandler David C. Sanford Hugh N. Scanlan Dennis C. Scheer Christian F. Schneider Malcolm L. Scott Harry A. McClaren Richard W. McDaniel Kent R. McDonald John H. Maclin Thomas K. Mangum Robert W. Marker Thomas R. Marshall Michael M. Martin William A. Martin John S. Moore L. Clay Morgan William H. Morgan Jacques R. Morin Blake N. Morris Bradley S. Moses Terrence J. Murphy Richard E. Newman Daniel L. Nichols William R. Nichols Charles I. Noble John O. Nottingham Charles T. Nuttle Melvin L. Oakley David R. Oser i L ai! Glenn E. Walters Kenneth G. Walters Robert A. Watts Alan Weatherford Bob Welch Richard L. Wheat David R. White Robert A. White lrby S. Williams J. Michael Williams J. Gaston Williams Ken C. Williams Jim A. Williford Bradley W. Wilson Gregory D. Wilson James C. Wilson Peyton W. Wiltshire Michael Wyatt ..., -- ' T-. '1 Rn 1 A .Qflil E' -.1 ,fin H fi, ii" -.fl y is -ir-TW 1' Lt v'i.'s:"'3fJg' - .. .W .-..i',.,-. -' Bruce M. Selznick William K. Seward Charles E. Shelton Gordon W. Shelton Thomas E. Shockley David A. Short Richard T. Simms Samuel L. Simpkins Charles D. Smith George G. Smith Alvin M. Stenzel Larry L. Stephenson George B. Sterling Bruce C. Stockburger Edward L. Strickland Joseph A. Swinton John S. Szelagiewicz William G. Thalmann Jerry D. Thurman William M. Trausmeck Howard M. Turner Andy Vache Jay C. VanKirk John L. Vergerg Dennis H. Walters G 6- ltv Liberalizing Movement Changes Westhampton College Reforms and revisions of all aspects greet the returning student . . . Long-standing social rules are finally modified-extension of dorm hours, off-campus residence for seniors, cars for juniors, elimination of freshman restrictions, simplification of sign- out procedures . . . A new College Govern- ment constitution is in effect-also a new Senate, Cabinet and Executive Board . . . lf- , iwfei 5 at .v A. 'D s-- 5 1. ig, 'ss -1 'N '51, X .. ,'l 'QP I E :F r l A self-study is instituted-the judicial sys- tem is examined along with College Govern- ment meetings, compulsory events, and rat- ting. Possibilities for a five-day week are discussed, convocations are eliminated . . . Dean Gehring holds an "open office" once a week for student opinions. '69 and '70 . . . Liberalization fostering change . . . Change fostering new freedom. Seniors Sponsor Bridal Fashion Show Senior Class Officers: L. to Fl.-Susan Cosby, Secretary: Mary Pearson, A. A. Representative, Martha Brandt, Social Cultural Coordinator: Joann Russell, Vice Presidentg Elise Miller, President, Phyllis Pierce, Treasurer. Dale Stephanie Allen Margaret Drake Anderson 29 Susan Anne Bain Nancy Reid Ball ,015 6- QM "V is-. l L Patsy Lewis Barr Judy Ann Baughan Westhampton College Senior Class i Sally Elaine Andrews ALLEN, DALE STEPHANIE- New York, N. Y., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Senior Senator, Intramurals, Freshman Cheerleader. ANDERSON, MARGARET DRAKE-Richmond, Va., B.A., So- ciology, Dean's List. ANDREWS, SALLY ELAINE-Springfield, Va., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, University Council Representative, Songleader, Uni- versity Choir, University Players, REW. BAIN, SUSAN ANNE-St. Petersburg, Fla., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, Residence Council, House Leader, Judicial Council Chairman, Sophomore Vice- President, Intramurals, B.S.U. Supper Co-Chairman. BALL, NANCY REID-Aylett, Va., B.S., Biology, Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta, Secretary-Treasurer, Glee Club, B.S.U. Publi- city Chairman, Chairman of Transfer Orientation, Junior Coun- selor. BARR, PATSY LEWIS-Richmond, Va., B.A., Latin, Dean's List, Eta Sigma Phi. BAUGHAN, JUDY ANN-Richmond, Va., B.A., History with Honors, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Town Council Vice-President. 249 Westhampton College Class of i970 BECK, SHIRLEY JO-York, Pa., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, Psi Chi, Junior Senator, Intramurals. BERSCH, MARY ELIZABETH-Richmond, Va., B.A., Religion and Sociology. BOOKER, ELIZABETH SCOTT-Callao, Va., B.S., Biology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Beta Beta Beta, Chairman of Speaker's Committee, Vice-President, Varsity Lacrosse and Basketball, Intramurals, Athletic Association, Intramural Co- ordinator. BOONE, DONNA LYNN-Colonial Heights, Va., B.A., Psychol- OQYC Westhampton College Government Treasurer, Senior Or- chesis, Treasurer, College Council, Executive Council. BORN, CLAIRE ELIZABETH-Hampton, Va., B.A., Music Edu- cation, Dean's List, Eta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Intramurals, University Choir, W.C. Glee Club, President, Secretary, YWCA Cabinet. BRITTON, ELIZABETH LINDSEY-Mechanicsville, Va., B.A., French, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Eta Sigma Phi. BRYANT, SUSAN ANN-Newport News, Va., B.A., English, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary- Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, President, Intramurals, Junior Coun- celor. BURNETTE, ELISABETH MOODY-Amelia, Va., B.A., Fine Arts, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mortar Board, President, Sophomore Class Historian, Varsity Basketball, Intramurals, Pierides, Homecoming Court-Maid ol Honor, Sophomore, Junior Greek Week Representative, Who's Who, A.A. Vice-President. CAHOON, BARBARA STARR- Low Moor, Va., B.A., History with Honors, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary, Junior Class Historian, WEB staff-Girls' Sports Editor, Editorials Editor, Intramurals, Glee Club, Treasurer, B.S.U., B.S.U. Choir, Junior Councelor, Devotional Chairman for College Government, Freshman, Social Chairman of Sophomore Class. WILLIAMS, FRANCES GAIL - Falls Church, Va., B.A., Sociology. CARTER, ANNE HARRISON-Richmond, Va., B.A., History. CARTER, JANICE GRACE-Richmond, Va., B.A., Psychology, Junior Class Town Council Representative, Junior and Senior Business Manager of Handbook, Who's Who, Junior Counselor, Orientation Co-Chairman. CHAPPELL, PENNI ANNE-Lexington, Va., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, Eta Sigma Phi, Psi Chi, Residence Council-Senior House Leader, Glee Club, YWCA Tutorial Chairman, Psychology Club, University Players. L 250 gs-Q Shirley Jo Beck Elizabeth Scott Booker if . ' m1..fa Claire Elizabeth Born Mary Elizabeth Bersclw 5 -al . ' lil A l Donna Lynn Boone .Y . .-1.'.? V 1 Z5 6 Elizabeth Lindsay Britton I -'il' IPI-nl. l ff- l l l Susan Ann Bryant Barbara Starr Cahoon I l l l l -n""' Elisabeth Moody Burnetle Gail Williams Campbell Anne Harrison Carter Us QF' Janice Grace Carter Penni Anne Chappell Seniors Kathleen Clinedinst Patricia Martha Connell Susan Carver Cosby l 1,-1. -3 QTY, tgp?-vi 252 i l -A er HC" Edith Gray Courtney Augusta Kate Crowell Christian Campbell David l A 't I 1 I E A . . I ,t ff' 4, z 1 ' 5' " . Q 3' 6 i or CLINEDINST, KATHLEEN-Alexandria, Va., B.S., Chemistry, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Presi- dent, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Delta Epsilon, Collegian-Reporter and Editorial Assistant Columnist, Intramurals, Board of Publications Trustee. CONNELL, PATRICIA MARTHA-Silver Spring, Md., B.A., English, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mortar Board, Trea- surer, Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, Sigma Tau Delta, Board of Publications Trustee, Chairman of University Council, Orienta- tion Counselor, Collegian, Glee Club, Business Manager, Who's Who. COSBY, SUSAN CARVER- Huntington, W. Va., B.S., Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Senior Class Secretary, Pierides, Junior Counselor. COURTNEY, EDITH GRAY-Ulster Park, N. Y., B.A., History, Pi Delta Epsilon, Collegian, Reporter, Circulation Manager, Copy Editor, Intramurals. CROWELL, AUGUSTA KATE-Richmond, Va., B.A., English, Eta Sigma Phi. DAVID, CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL-Midlothian, Va., B.A., Art, Eta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Kale Techne. DAVIS, CHERYL DIANE- Roanoke, Va., B.A., PSyCh0l0QyI Intra- murals. DAVIS, EMILY JANE-Wheaton, Ill., B.A., Music, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mortar Board, Vice-President, Orchesis, University Band, REW Committee, Orientation Councelor. DAVIS, SANDRA ELAINE-Richmond, Va., B.A., Psychology, Psychology Club. DEANS, MARIAN ELIZABETH-Fredericksburg, Va., B.A., Ele- mentary Education, Residence Council-Junior House Leader, Sophomore Secretary, Freshmen YWCA Representative, YWCA Cabinet, Pierides. DIEMENTE, MARTHA FRANCES-Richmond, Va., B.A., Ele- mentary Education, Student Education Association. DOWDY, ELIZABETH ANN-Clifton Forge, Va., B.A., Elementary Education, Residence Council-Junior House Leader, Secretary, Sophomore Class, Freshman Town Council Representative, President of Student Education Association. Cheryl Diane Davis Emily Jane Davis Sandra Elaine Davis Marian Elizabeth Deans Laura Zimmerman Derrenbacker Martha Frances Diemente E 'Q Elizabeth Ann Dowdy 253 i T7 A Q!"'f" .gn-I' '31- Sarah Lee Emory Lynn Andrews Epps I i 1 I 4 Beverly Louise English Emily Talbot Epps Pamela Gay Firebaugh Marcia Flake Doris Ann Fultz Mary Louise Gibbs -of TW Martha Brandt Goode Nancy Weddle Goodman Carol Alrich Graube Westhampton College Seniors EMORY, SARAH LEE-Chase City, Va., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, Psi Chi, Vice-President, Sophomore Class Social-Cultural Co-ordinator. ENGLISH, BEVERLY LOUISE-Altavista, Va., B.A., Elementary Educa- tion, Eta Sigma Phi, Secretary of YWCA. EPPS, EMILY TALBOT-Roanoke, Va., B.A., PsycholOQY3 Residence Council-Junior and Senior House Leader, Nostrae Filiae-President, Psychology-Vice-President. EPPS, JUNE LYNN ANDREWS-Greensboro, N. C., B.A., Political Sci- ence, Dean's List, Pi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer, South Court President, Operation '70 Chairman, Coffee House Chairman, Elections Analysis, Self-Study, Cabinet. FIREBAUGH, PAMELA GAY--Richmond, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President. FLAKE, MARCIA-Alexandria, Va., B.S., Biology and Math, Beta Beta Beta, Pi Mu Epsilon, A.A. President, Summer School Residence Council, YWCA Cabinet, Varsity Hockey, Intramurals. FULTZ, DORIS ANN-Richmond, Va., B.A., English, Dean's List, Inter- mediate Honors, Judicial Council, Senator, Vice-President of Town Stu- dents, Chairman of Town Student Delegation, Glee Club, Vice-President, Rat Counselor, Co-Chairman of Sophomore May Day Booth, Judicial Council Self-Study. GIBBS, MARY LOUISE-Charlottesville, Va., B.A., Political Science. GOODE, MARTHA SANDERS- Richmond, Va., B.A., French with Honors, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, Mortar Board-Secretary, Co-Chairman, Dimension '69, Junior Class Trea- surer, Senior Class Social-Cultural Co-ordinator, Pierides, R. E. Loving Book Award, Salon des Babiliards, Secretary-Treasurer. GOODMAN, NANCY WEDDLE- Martinsville, Va., B.A., English, University Choir, Secretary, University Orchestra, YWCA. GRAUBE, CAROL ALRICH-Spotsylvania, Va., B.A., Economics, Dean's List, Intramurals, Herman P. Thomas Economics Society. GRIMSTEAD, RITA KAY-Newport News, Va., B.A., Math, Web Staff, Intramurals, Junior Counselor, Hall President. HALL. DIANNE COURTENAY-Bon Air, Va., B.A., History. Rita Kay Grimstead Dianne Courtenay Hall WC Class of i970 Sv -QQQ Jeanne Louise Hankinson Harriet Carter Haynes Gayle Dawn Hobday . av., 1: , "W . :L , ,al Mir. , I W I as ji! ,-,riff Marcia Ann Harrison Corinne Elizabeth Henry HANKINSON, JEANNE LOUISE-Hampton, Va., B.A., Elementary Education, Intramurals, Junior Counselor, Student Education Association, Secretary. HARRISON, MARCIA ANN-McLean, Va., B.A., Speech and Dramatic Arts, Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary, University Players. HAYNES, HARRIET CANTER-West Point, Va., B.A., English, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, WEB, Business Manager. HENRY, CORRINE- Franklin, Va., B.A., Sociology, Residence Council-Junior House Leader and Senior Member-at-Large, Judicial Council, Sophomore Athletic Association Representa- tive, Collegian-Ass't. Sports Editor, Varsity Basketball and Hockey, Intramurals, Who's Who, Miss Richmond Centennial Queen, '69f70, Homecoming Princess. HOBDAY, GAYLE DAWN-Portsmouth, Va., B.A., English, YWCA Treasurer, Intramurals, BSU, Student Education Association. HOTZ, REBECCA ANNE-Pulaski, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, lnramurals. HUDGINS, BONNIE JENELL-Farmville, Va., B.A., Speech, Dimension '69 Co-Chairman, University Players, Debate Team, Junior Counselor. JARVIS, NANCY LU-Coral Gables, Fla., B.A., English, Eta Sigma Phi, Sophomore Song Leader, Glee Club, Pierides, Junior Counselor. JOHNSTON, JANE ELLIOT-Richmond, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List. JOHNSON, SUSAN BREED-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math. JOHNSTON, MARY LOUISE-Norfolk, Va., B.A., History. JUREIT, APRIL GEORGIA-Miami, Fla., B.A., Sociology, Intramurals, Psychology Club. KEPNER, PATRICIA ANN-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math, Pi Mu Epsilon. .xx--N wshw. i 7 i in -...S 'ie- J-2. , --, "'. i i-me .J ri ix ir Ryu' 'J 3 QX Rebecca Anne Hotz Bonnie Jenell Hudgin Nancy Lu Jarvis I I i U' 'x -,..--v Jane Elliott Johnson Susan Breed Johnson Mary Louise Johnsion H Ei v .-rz'-Q - nhl SV iieieai' 432 QKISDS Ci DSW:-3 i April Georgia Jureit Patricia Ann Kepner H!!! Ruth Rebecca Lankford if " , R4 Westhampton College Senior Class 258 . Joyce Anne Lee Lynne Ann Lennon Mary Angela Lilly Sallye Ann Link ,Patricia Coleman Lorraine Nancy Coates Loving :MQ 4 l if 'TTTPX y-A ll I I I I. +I I 64' Susan Louch Massie Rebecca Sue Mauck Christine Ellen McAllister Marcia Craig McCoy Elise Browning Miller Diana Lynn Monroe LANKFORD, RUTH REBECCA-Purdy, Va., B.A., Psychology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Senator, Psychology Club, Junior Counselor. LEE, JOYCE ANNE- Bedford, Va., B,A., History, Senator, BSU, Junior Counselor, Chairman of May Day Festival Committee, Hall President. LENNON, LYNNE ANN-Marco Island, Fla., B.S., Physical Edu- cation, Varsity Hockey and Basketball, Hockey Captain, Newman Club, Secretary-Treasurer. LILLY, MARY ANGELA-Louisville, Ky., B.A., History with Honors, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Who's Who, WEB-Honoraries Editor, Intramurals, Glee Club, Orientation Co-Chairman, Junior Counselor. LINK, SALLYE ANN-Petersburg, Va., B.S., Math, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Senator, Intramurals. LORRAINE, PATRICIA COLEMAN-Richmond, Va., B.A., Soci- ology, Dean's List. LOVING, NANCY COATES-West Point, Va., B.A., History, 1968 Greek Week Queen. MASSIE, SUSAN LOUGH - Hanover, Va., B.A., Art, Color Guard- Chairman, Young Republican's Secretary. MAUCK, REBECCA S.-Suffolk, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List, University Council Representative, Junior Counselor, J. V. and Varsity Basketball, Encounter Chairman. McALLISTER, CHRISTINE ELLEN-Richmond, Va., B.A., Ele- mentary Education. MCCOY, MARCIA CRAIG-Baton Rouge, La., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Senator, Intramurals. MILLER, ELISE BROWNING-Harrisonburg, Va., B.A., Political Science, Dean's List, Senior Class President, Varsity Hockey, Tennis, Swimming, Intramurals. MONROE, DIANA LYNN-Richmond, Va., B.A., English. 259 W . i :fel -W -' I ll , i Il if Vi' Constance Gail Moore Sharon Paige Morrissett Marcia Frances Nieder Cindy Ann Nitsch Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary. MORRISSETT, SHARON PAIGE - Bon Air, Va.: B.A.: Studio Art: Dean's List: Kale Techne, Vice President. NIEDER, MARCIA FRANCES-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Psychology with Honors: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Psi Chi: Senator. NITSCH, CINDY ANN-Roanoke, Va.: B.S., BIOIOQYI University Band: Young Republicans' Secretary, Vice-President: Co-Chairman May Day Decorations Committee. NORRIS, CYNTHIA LOUISE-Richmond, Va.: B.S.: Biology. OUTEN, HELEN CARLTON-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Biology: Honor Council: Town Student Representative, Intramurals. PARK, ANNE MARIE-Simsbury, Conn.: B.A., History: W.C. Handbook Junior Editor and Editor-in-Chief: Junior Counselor. 260 MOORE, CONSTANCE GAIL - Manakin-Sabot, Va.: B.S., Math: Cynthia Louise Norris Helen Carlton Outen PEARCE, PHYLLIS R.-Portsmouth, Va.: B.A., Religion: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Pi Mu Epsilon: Eta Sigma Phi: Class Treasurer: Intramurals: BSU: Religious Emphasis Week Com- mittee: Ring Dance Committee. PEARSON, ANN MARIE-Farmville, Va.: B.A., Psych0l0QYi Eta Sigma Phi: Senator: Constitution Drafting Committee: Junior Class President: Publicity Chairman, Sophomore Class: Intramurals: Who's Who. PEARSON, MARY WINDER-Norfolk, Va.: B.S., Math: Residence Council President: Senior Class A.A. Representative: Varsity Ten- nis: University Council. PETERS, SUSAN ELAINE-Roanoke, Va.: B.A., Psychology: Junior Class A.A. Representative: Intramurals: Psychology ,Club: Student Education Association. PETERSON, SHIRLEY ANN-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Political Sci- ence: Dean's List: Pi Sigma Alpha, Vice-President: Young Re- publicans. PIDCOCK, MARTHA JO-Waynesboro, Va.: B.A., Political Sci- ence: Dean's List: Eta Sigma Phi: Academic Affairs Committee. Westhampton College Seniors I ll f N . 3 if-tl .l 5. Anne Marie Park Phyllis Rutledge Pearce if lf' 'nz 5 Anne Marie Pearson Mary Winder Pearson -- in-Tj.: -- I yi . ' 'lg . , . 4 ,. '1 .J ' T, , . fr 1 .- A 41.1. lx fl. .Eli ' n V .' 'L .-, , l l Susan Elaine Peters Shirley Ann Peterson T Q Jl Martha Jo Pidcock Class of l97O ee. 'Q'-' l r -if 5 ,Q-PN' 'RY' l W if, -A" it A -5 - ' x x. i 'Jiri QL ir ya' lt fd! EL. - ' ly ' I y , All ,T E. Carolyn Teresa Polis Martha Jeter Richardson Kay Elizabeth Riner Jo Ann Russell Q14 im! Theresa Helen Schmid Marjorie Ann Scott Trudy Seely ' '.'i1-.-itli Connie Pearle Seymour Elizabeth Beirne Shaffer I I Q1 Sallie Garrison Shipp Priscilla Alston Stirling 5 Kathleen Idette Taimi Kalima Chime Tate Ln f ra., POLIS, CAROLYN TEHESA-RiChm0Rd, Va.Q B.S., Ci'I8miSil'y. RICHARDSON, MARTHA JETER-Bluefield, W. Va., B.A., His- tory, Intramurals, Nostrae Filiae, President. RINER, KAYE ELIZABETH-Richmond, Va., B.A., Spanish. RUSSELL, JO ANN-Winter Park, Fla., B.A., Elementary Edu- cation, Junior class Secretary, Senior class Vice-President, Intramurals. SCHMID, THERESA HELEN-Richmond, Va., B.A., Political Science. SCOTT, MAJORIE ANN-Bedford, Va., B.A., English, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Tau Delta, Judicial Council, Residence Council Recorder, President of W.C. College Govern- ment, Sophomore class President, Intramurals, Pierides, Mortar Board, Who's Who. SEELY, TRUDY-Wakefield, Va., B.A., Psychology. SEYMOUR, CONNIE PEARLE-Cherry Hill, N. J., B.A., Political SCi6f'lCS. SHAFFER, ELIZABETH BEIRNE-Hampton, Va., B.S., Chem- istry, Freshman Class Songleader, Varsity Swim Team, Intra- murals, Glee Club, Junior Orchesis, Varsity Cheerleader, Ring Dance Committee, Coffee House Committee, Pierides. SHIPP, SALLIE GARRISON-Fairborn, Ohio, B.A., Sociology, Junior Councelor, Intramurals, Canterbury Club. STIRLING, PRISCILLA ALSTON-Agana, Guam, B.A., History, Dean's List, Junior Counselor, Swimming Manager, Varsity Swimming. TAIMI, KATHLEEN IDETTE-Potomac, Md., B.S., Biology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Junior class Vice-President, Intramurals, Canterbury Club, Pierides, Athletic Association Special Activities Chairman. TATE, KALIMA CHIME-Pulaski, Va., B.S., Physical Education, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Eta Sigma Phi, Kappa Delta Phi, Vice-President, North Court Sophomore House Leader, North Court President, Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Archery, Lacrosse, Intramurals. 263 THOMAS, PATRICIA ANNE--Richmond, Va., B.A., Math, Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer, Town Student Association Secretary-Trea- surer, Freshman class Treasurer, Junior Counselor, Pierdes, Senior Town Senator. THORNHILL, MARY SUSAN-Culpepper, Va., B.A., Elementary Education, Intramurals, Junior Counselor, Student Education Association, Treasurer. TIMBEHLAKE, MARY CAROLE--Mechanicsville, Va., B.A., Ele- mentary Education. TINSLEY, SUSAN SEAY-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math. TOMASEK, LINDA GAIL-Mechanicsville, Va., B.A., Biology, Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta. TOMS, MARY ANNA- Richmond, Va., B.A., Speech and Drama, Alpha Psi Omega, President, University Choir, Vice-President, University Players, Publicity Chairman. TRIMBLE, MARSHA SUZANNE-Hot Springs, Va., B.A., English with Honors, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-President, Mortar Board, Editor, Academic Affairs Council, Chairman, Glee Club. TROWE, MARGARET JANE-Richmond, Va., B.A., History, Dean's List. TURNER, NANCY OGG-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math, Pi Mu Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, President, Pierides. VAUGHAN, FREDRICA JUNE-Richmond, Va., B.A., Studio Art, Dean's List. WADDELL, CARISTINE DAWN-Richmond, Va., B.S., Math, Dean's List, Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice-President. WALLS, JULIET LOUISE-Providence Forge, Va., B.A., Speech and Political Science, Dean's List, Eta Sigma Phi, Intramurals, Canterbury Club, Debate Team, Co-Captain. WALTER, ASTRID HILDEGARD- Rochester, N. Y., B.S., Biology, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors. 264 We 'x A ul' ng Gai til lf U its 'tt ."'Ni I 'l"'..I" I I I I .bi I 'PN-s, Patricia Anne Thomas Mary Carole Timberlake Linda Gail Tomasek Mary Susan Thornhill Susan Seay Tinsley Mary Anna Toms Westhampton Seniors iff Y.-f ,VP- .- .QQ 7. Marsha Suzanne Trimble Margaret Jane Trowe Astrid Hildegard Walter Nancy Ogg Turner Fredrica June Vaughan Christine Dawn Waddell Juliet Louise Walls l 265 I i Susan Catherine Ward WARD, SUSAN CATHERINE -Alexandria, Va., B.A., Psychology, Senator, Glee Club, Psychology Club. WEINSTEIN, LINDA CAROL-Glen Allen, Va., B.A., Elementary Education, Student Education Association, Vice-President. WILLIS, ELIZABETH ELLYSON-Culpepper, Va., B.S., Chemis- try and Physics, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Recorder, Sigma Pi Sigma, President. WOOLCOTT, NEIL ELIZABETH-Richmond, Va., B.A., Spanish, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sophomore class Treasurer, Varsity Tennis. WOOLRIDGE, LINDA LYNN-Richmond, Va., B.A., English, Student Education Association. WRAY, VIRGINIA FIELD-Hampton, Va., B.A., English, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Tau Delta, Historian, Mortar Board, Historian, Lacrosse, Academic Affairs Committee, Junior Counselor. ZIMMERMAN, LAURA RUTH-Jarratt, Va., B.A., Elementary Education, Glee Club, BSU Choir, BSU, Student Education Association, Special Activities Chairman, YWCA, Tutorial Project. ZIMMERMAN, LYNDA MAY-Baltimore, Md., B.A., History and French, Collegian Reporter, Intramurals, Glee Club, Librarian, YWCA, President, Parents' Day Chairman. 266 I LF.. 1 -JJ . M: ,.,:1' 1, '-17' gl I ' Flux.: - MAJ l , ,W I 1 . as ff-1. ' - '-l il ,li . te is S at I .4 Linda Carol Weinstein Elizabeth Ellyson Willis q-N,-0 Q'-'73 Neil Elizabeth Woolcott Linda Lynn Woolridge Virginia Field Wray Lynda May Zimmerman HT r . F Laugh-Out, Creation of Junior Class, Succeeds Again 'Qi 7 K T L v.- ' Pi -ef ' 1 ,VK fry?--i I X -C 5- 4 -Y i J W l ff, 5 ,FP 3 lg' 1' I T A 1 ,V if IP' s 'I F ' y I t. 'E X iv, . ,vhilv N :f'i""?'a, ,- ' -. is V130 ' ""g , , If fn' 'sf 7' -it f Q 1 5 r i ii 3 ,U '-,rig W i"-um' ,ff 1 ij I gy: I r ' l- Q X ' fx wi -Y-i 'fi ,Xl .. ,HN QI P Junior Class Officers: L. lo Fl.-Alice Graube, Vice President: Marsha Carl, Social Cultural Coordinatorg Cathy Dixon, Presidentg Melia Harris, A. A. Representativeg Marylu Dixon, Treasurerg Judy Lancaster, Secretary. 267 Juniors l David Adams Adele Affleck 5. Anne Allport 1 . vi A, ,.. Jane Alphin Terry Bailey Nancy Bain ,N Carol Barker 1 Lelia Baum Janet Beard l lm l ,Ji ll 1 fi Lee Bingham A Bev Black ua- l Cheryl Blankenship -If ' I 'l Debbie B051 ' W Vickie Bowman N Kay Brasu re rt, A ' 'i ' xl Marilyn Bray Sara Bridges ' Dink Brown G 'I B S ai urrow f Lisa Byers 555, Marsha Carl W I 'iw .i . frm Rig: 1 A 'fp ,v .W l E -'Al i M l " l ,wr 5' Q., f F 'mf J 2 J 1 ,. f 'el -C l l Ms W , ,wg 1 ' x 1' ' N QF K l 11 r A W 'Y' XI l 1 4 ' ' X l l -ll .ew gt - Q l 5' N Cheryl Carlson Brenda Carrier Nancye Caskey Terry Catasus Joyce Clinkscales Mildred Cochran Patti Collins Betty Conner Carol Coukos Mary Dianish Linda Dix Marilu Dixon Margaret Douglas Fay Duffer Lee Finch Jacque French Llnda Fries Mary Galloway Pat Gatling Meg Gilman QR M 1 H 3 A A' Pamela Haycox Gloria Hickok Ann Hodges Lynne Holland Anne Kalafatls Ann Kelley Connie Lamberih Judy Lancaster Barbara Lange Maryann Makowsky Becky Mills Beverly Miner 270 6-X ' . 5. v v' .r ,L . X 43 Westhampton College Junior Class Jonna Graham Alice Graube Sharon Gulliksen Paula Hammett Sally Harmanson Naina Harper Bel Harrell Metta Harris X 'WT' ,l , J . 444 X -'fn' -, r za V y xv' 5- if , V , Q - , lfvr. 'l - 'V ' N 'lr MN 0 mx ,,.. - '- , f-ff .. X ' I., ll.. girly-s o - . Qlllyr- ' "rl --Ai, l I' k ' n E- 'n 4 " ' 4 'B' F I ,Q Q I iii ii -. f'5v.l"". , nf +94 - LPS ' ' 'ii 122 1 ' 'K 'lx in ffm l' ll' e N il la M x, n X , Q. X X J W if ,I f Ll 1 ll , ,' g..f.j 1 , 7 V i fl l vi N S l E- X xx ., X Q, 1,- ,l I l l W I' x fl 17 V1 S Q "T, xl ' Il 'W 1, ,O 5 A ' N ali: V x l Af ' Y 5 , -1 gl .. X pl sl, b 9 lr' Nancy Monk Kathy Neal Linda Nlemann Linda Noell Yvonne Olson Nancy Osgood Doris Pickels Beth Poston Alice Presson Carol Ransone Madeline Reidlnger Martha Rothenberg Rosie Ryan Anne Ryland Gena Shadwell Jeanne Shorter Linda Simmons Mary Sparrow Susan Stansbury Judy Strauser Lindsay Struthers Anne Taylor Pam Thompson Janet Thornton Regina Umphlett Carole Waite Martha Walters Mary Lee Watson 272 it 9 ' ' x . .L , 7 S I 6 , 1 mn ,... f Q if 'H v 'yd 3-.H D I :xiii s 4:5 r 1: it i ,IA Qi is "'9p,,h-5 f'.' Janice Weeks Sandra Wright A Linda Yeatts Em Zehmer J Lffg T, J W an rg -, i :Li : , ft - Hyfgrjji RA' si 1 J I V! i It Increased Social Functions Brighten Sophomore's Lives 'XT-!"24f - ' V 'ag' , 45,2-fbi' ff-'7 h". 'Q - '-f,-'lf Q an A-' 4 ' 'Q' ' V J X '7 fl' f. .. as L .rv L .sc-ez, s, , Y Q ,, if fx!! ,sl N' Q! Ab! wit-A . r 1 . L f L f, '. - - as ."'-Rfk 1 - 1 'o.?'!iL" ffl .ALM xlril -".i:' Iflzfs' pi Sophomore Class Officers: L. to Fl.-Joanne Morgan, Social Cultural Co- ordinator, Donna Fienfro, Song Leader, Dale Brown, Historian, Gwen Fletcher, A. A. Representative, Nancy Lou Langston, Vice President, Nancy Russell, President: Jere Hudson, Secretary. 273 l Westhampton College Sophomores 'lil A I li J l l X i N ll in 0 If Y 'fu ' Y zany. ,,' 1:1 1- l fly, ft ' A l . 'if li l I l l q l l I X V I I H cl 1 t ' A l A ggvl xijv V A ' l 1 ' l . ' V l u .l 1 My l X P: l l il , I A . 1 l A V : X ,... 9 i 5 , I l l . N L 1' K QL lg C- , Q ,119 . '- itil' i 2. f'f A "CJ fl' l LJ? 'fill 4 l Q if: th: " A-1 - x' ' 1 -. - 's T2 r ,b - I I" X Il E , li ' If L l :- I - , J 'l Q l Linda Christopher ' A l Susan Clarke l , Nancy Clevinger l ff Barbara Crews A Cathy Culpepper l Mary Alice Curtin W l . i ' Sharon Custer p f Q, l ,l Erin Dalton 'W 1 l " 'i Connie Day -QQ, Q i ll ' . Patricia Day 'L N ' " w ' Rebekah Debergh - Sharon. Dickinson .V ,W . , li l 274 4 l 1 1 JI: W P s. A' l K X . 4551, . N Donna Abbott Debbie Aiken Marleen Bareford Julia Bergamo Adell Blankenbaker Lucy Bone l Nancy Boykin Diane Briggsl Anne Bromley Beverly Browder Carol Brown. Dale Brown Elizabeth Browning Wendy Bryant Katherine Carter Bonita Chatnibk , , W' Ya . l ' 'Q l Brenda Giannotti Patricia Gillerlain Brenda Glascock Ann Greene Ellen Gwathmey Nelle Haag Blair Hall Marilib Henry Marcy Hoffman Ellen Hoffmann Christie Holland Mary Holland Linda Holt Jere Hudson Martine Hutton Judy Johnson B- E5 J' I Is Nw X, ' i 6 ill' 9:5 if - 'in ev ' J w xi W' ,. 1 I l -,I 1, 4' 3 X it 'U d . . . Us l if :- -I I x ' nv- "' lf' 's Q 51 ,X ,N .x, l .xxx l i av . l 5 A sex A K - Aww Ygtiqllrl s ' '-'tg xx ,. ,'l' l ' la 'l X ,Q Xx 1 M -Srl wb 5 i I X N s L .i QXKNWQ i. YB' Jane Dischinger Catherine Dowd Carolee Dykes Allison East Gwen Fletcher Jean Foerster Linda Fox Joan Freeze Ann Fuller Betty Gammon Ginny Gary Mary Gates -eq i J -Dx X ls, I i A ii Joanne Morgan Elizabeth Morris Donna Moss Betsy Myers Elizabeth Newsome Ruthie Norfieet Liz Northern Carol O'DonnelI Rozanne Oliver Satly Orlando Faye Patteson Deborah Pearson 76 1, i i Dianne Jones i T 1 Martha Key I Mary Stuart Kinsey f- ii i . ' , - -X Ula ONES ' Q ge .J i' .1 rar i ' IF 'sv Lf i ii V I it - i at f s Katherine Kirk i I yi i -'12 Nancy Langston X f " Margaret League , i 4 , Richie Leggett i 94, i . i fl i i 1 if ' i ' fi 'V , ' , Sandy Lineberry i i - . Vi: Paulette Lowman i K fi JL Libby Lynch ,J 1 .V i ' - Nancy MacCaffrayi lg ,I '55 't 1 ' vx 3 74 all W , as . T i i y . i S i v A . I i Frances Maddox , ' Q, . " -gr Nancy Manning by i L i I ' ' Alice Martin V i i H i ff- A i Trish Mason .X X i X ' X i ' I , 31214. - it "fl- ' Q ,X i ff .. ii -Q '1 't 9 'ei M 1' L HU i it f Kathy McDorman nf . , Jean McFaII X X "' 1 " if L- ' Linda Mclntosh . g 5? ' Q i Mary Mitcheil A K, ,lf ,p-4, Y Q Lx . h X i X i W , i!l i 1 - , I A' 5 G ' - 6, r- .9-, ' Q 'g y L ' 'v M U I ': , i A K V R r' I i 4 K-, ns.. f fi ' 1:-A1 . sw F XX j X4 A ' iii X -.. ji 9 N,X Westhampton College Sophomore Class .,..I x ' l L- wx ' , :' 1' f tl ' I. W 7 - ' 1- J S I in , xii, l,- 417 ',7 ' X AX ' , or , ., if 52?-9 . 1'2" Ya '.-73' 1 ,. pvlgv r l 5- ,l ' -n. E - ,stef L. - 1 .za , y :M l, as six lax if I l C i a I 'U x f 'FU' Wh ,Q 1 f 5 f 5 e 3 'PQ P, F-LV" Q. C1-NI , x : . rf, i ' A fl u- it . a l it fc ' ff 'T ,Q all Cathy Perkins Sharon Phillips Rachel Pierce Constance Pope Deborah Powell Donna Renfro Mary Reynolds Beth Robbins Gail Ruark Janet Rumney Nancy Russell Catharine Ryland Judy Samuelson Ruth Schweitzer Nancy Scott Shelby Seitz Liz Shifflette Bobbie Simmons Becky Smith Diane Smith Lucy Smith Jan Spangler Gail Stallings Julie Stanley Robbie Staples Chris Steinbach Vivian Stephenson Ann Stewart Sallie Stone Ludi Stopps Nancy Stup Laurie Talley Susan Tarkington Mary Taylor Bonnie Thomas Isabelle Thomas Judith Thornhill Betty Toler Anne Tootelian Linda Tuck Sharon Tulloh Harriette Turner Joan Ungemach Janet Utley Rebecca Waggoner Diane Wagner Lee Weaver Ann Wilkerson Ann Wood Cathy Woolcott Cindy Wornom Margaret Wright Anne Zuver fr Q. 4- ,,l ,gf ta EZ N V ,N 'Jw SS" X Westhampton Sophomores kv fs. l i l ,ha W Lil N .,, 'fl 4 T 1 W i u' Y A I in A W " Tiff I , . ' 1- W ' GE i . .EL . X 'Ai' l L, l e , lil Q J J ' "url: f , . ,lil ll 'r 1 -' X, , K x 71 71 Freshman Class Sets Up Their l973 Class Traditions i v i I l Freshman Class Officers: Seated, L. to Fi. - Penny Barlow, Social Cul- ture Coordinatorg Pat Jennings, Vice Presidentg Judy Kravetz, Presidentg Ann Watlington, Secretaryg Libbie Hodges, Treasurer: Temple Adair, Ath- letic Representative. 279 l l l Elizabeth Achaual Temple Adair Roxanne Armstrong Barbara Baker Carol Baker Cathy Barlow Penny Barlow Bonnie Barnett Nancy Bass Nancy Bendall Margaret Binns Rozmary Bond Carol Bouckart Barbara Brennan Drew Brown 280 Westhampton College Freshman Class u l isvR:gy,.t if Q ff 45 ,N X M F 1 as ill ,. i' .fl n. ii i 7 in 7 .,, A If , M. V1 Y ll L s " . . .4 ' I 1 l I I 'll' -XV 'k- M Y' l ., X A i .J-4' fu- ,lt Y X X V I D, - in A CT ' Tl l X - l at i -- F ' - . 3. A W -ge" , " ' My 4 ' B it l l i K l 5 'K Susan Brown l Carolyn Buckley Betty Bugg l Patricia Caldwell Sheryl Carter l if, l - rp A 5. Betty Carwile l it ,N i- A Anne Chappell f- X ll if- Marianna Childs, 4 'Viv' Virginia Chisholm i X, U. i y . . Jane Christiansen .P l 5 r y 3 Jane Clayton r l r Q 2 be , QS- E Joan Clayton E 1 y Rf: ' .. ' V- Mary Clements l i ' at ' ' " ' Jillayne Corbin 1 , 1 l . A Spring Crafts - s 1 S 5 " ,K Q5 l I x l l 1 1 X 53' F' .J 1 I l ll 9 s X X ,gd fs 'a R , 'Q 1.5 5 3 5 ! N if' l ll' F +I 3 l I l E , V I Ns l K ,Q xx, l 4 AI, Nl Sharon Foster Suzanne Freed Catherine Freeman Linda French Kathy George Patricia Golden Linda Gooding Gayle Goodson Adrienne Gross Susan Hamill Marianne Hanbury Brenda Hardman Kelly Hardy Alice Helms Sharon Henderson Carol McGhee Robin McKean Pamela Minter Agnes Mobley Lynn Moncure Beverly Moore Sandra Moore Ann Morris Janet Murray Brenda Hockaday Libby Hodges Pat Jennings Fanida Johnson Nancy Jones Holly Kannenberg Claire Karam Meg Kemper Donna Kingery Judy Kravetz Helen Lathrop Ruth Lerner Judith Lewis Vickie Long Nancy Martin . f v-. f "I W4 'iw l R l ' S4 ui' ,l ii 'J M3 I ' i "W 1 . - l 7 .l -sql If M l t x l it x'xX f 1 XX s. t l fl .I I J-4 jg r l 415, l . -4 Freshmen .1 s. ' A wi 'bf S - I- ,- "Vx , 1 - -Q l J - A, fl- Rebecca Neil - .- -"'-4 , , AN ' l ' Jeanette Nicholson i 'l I H- l V l Anne Ogden .r X R, E A A " ' y l Carol Oppenheim x r . i . ,Q 1 i Qi six' l 4 A 5'1- Lz . W ' A A l 6 si' 1 . - ' l . - - ' L. Terry Parrish - " 4' V , -5 4 De Parsons Q- Q- - 1 f ' ' Pe Pet s 44. ll vw er si s it X M t A Susan Peterson M ' X h ' l ' "fa N. J 'Q' ' l ' -N 45-"'H "' -- V 'V V' 'L . l V 'X H in S . l ff ' 4 ' as A Dolph' Phil' +A-N , 5 me I ips 'F' 'T' pfgg. uw, 1 Jane Pope - if t' ' . jg 'f Martha Poston J , ' Carol Reeder 'il' ,I i 1, ll, ,ff 1 f 'lf , v n' -K' P Q T Beverly Reid ye' , Edna Reynolds i , I' ,- . l Elizabeth Rhett X tx I x Helen Rice l tl I , , Judith Roberts " 1 Sharon Roberts t Betty Rodman N ' M ' Maryann Ryczak i' -,N , V V. f .K Cheryl Sanford 'X N ,, in r Martha Saunders N il , Q. if c7A5 X 7-4 'I rv Wendy Schomo Ilene Schrott Brenda Sealey Susan Sheffield Ella Sue Shelton Elizabeth Slone Mary Small Linda Smith Shelley Smith Sandra Snidow Gay Straubel Pat Stringfellow Westhampton Frosh ll ff V 42 284 ,,-4-21 - '.:e-5' " ' Mary Tate Linda Tatum Sally Terry Barbara Thomas Betty Trent Laura Trowe Sally Voris Patrice Waggoner Patrice Walker Ann Watlington Marcia Weinberg Martha West Frances White Patricia White Penny White Sandra White Russell Wiley Linda Wilkins Rebecca Williams Cathy Williamson Polly Winfrey Jane Woodward Deborah Wornom Vickie Young cs , , l xx , P. A. Stone Cheryl Stout l Nancy Swallow l l X ,Q W Donna Strother L K. ff Mary Swetnam Bonnie Talbot P A l , tc ,L l ' W I F5 , It A I .ll tix 4 r x L 1 ,. ., Hi A . ,X ' X ,,, , t- A All . W 6 , A N ' I lr X Q M N T l l Q A l A,- 'rt' Cooperation is Keynote as S'BA Initiates Improvements A new cooperation without a loss of identity . . . The Business School and Richmond Col- lege combine forces in the area of student government for the first time. A cooperative judicial body handles conduct cases not covered by Honor Council or IFC . . . Stu- dents find additions to the curriculum-new courses in Marketing and insurance and ln- vestment . . . Plans are underway for a major in Insurance . . . Five new professors arrive, one of whom initiates involvement in the American Marketing Association . . . A new awareness evolves on the part of the pro- fessors . . . A faculty evaluation forum bene- fits by depicting strong and weak points of the individual teacher . . . '69 and '70 . . . Change fostering coop- eration . . . Cooperation instituting improve- ments by the merging of ideas. tiff 'ts xy-5 117' -sf ,-1, 5-wk wt.: ' 'V Q". ' .. '5'.'Q,QQ. ' - ' . ' ' 31 , A' 4: , - A x , A U Lk 5 aihlplb ' 1h'j'-lg!"-':4! ,...... Vu ' ia,5'wwQ -,"u, ' ,QW-RTI" "j--ef , - -e -I, '. ' 'A-4+ .nm is I - 1, .- " - T . T. .. "+3.f'nPM:,,'.m4 M1 r 9 W F- '- ' 1 ' ' 'apex' 4 T T- rm u.,g',,e- Qing, Q U T-, Lu: A u. , "A ' T mf' T V' .. F r . -' . J J'HS:f-'LT is-R' - Q-,."5ff,, e jg. - 3 ,Q ':"4l,'-"fi"-,'f Q:-1? 4-gel! - " A Ji., ff? ,G A' -H-S5-. "'i.T,'f'-.- 'N'--', 2 'Q ., 'Q - ' --L -fm' ' 1 Qu-T 'W' 'Ui , 5 5,5 .. 1.,., 'S ' - 'NQVF ft, , . T ,L 1 .yr b3e"5':rgi,,,QwE:l,1fs4Z"'+g,7:1nii1-any1:11 T' , , il ' 4, wvazb--..g4.-1-vffw-,fuss ,T H e T T of - ws. . - ' , -gh --f-N, , M A , Q , . K , L. O WHT- Ve vu., -rx, -, f 1,5 --':4g2.1yf:,,gg-'52-1'r,T,z,1sif14r if T - , TP gh s i, .. Qgmwg, .W .M . Mu. T, K ,gg i5W?Ly"us'i."-i:k'9'fYP e f F L " Y ?,g1?"fs -1.",.'L-J"f'. . 1 "1-iq,"7f 'ig-?T1W',i , ,. ."'Vi 1 . T 'wr '-1 " 'll' " , ,iH.Q'if- N sh-Jef. " "'-me Aw N M Meyer--.,' "L ,W , n V, 4-,. il -'N .'-' -1, - 1 ' -ii . ir? "'-mwww gn in Fr .H ili T I A I If? ill IH VH My .g Senior Class Officers: L. to R.-Seated, Beverly Harton, Secretary: Stan Sldman, Treasurer. Standing, Lee Smith, Vice Presidentg Mike McPhail, President. w ff- 5'--v.w1,w Y-' ' ' ' ia, " df' "' '. " 45 vb. A igqm , F , i .T Yi 1 1 "-i J? 4 i 4 i 1+."a-1. V1 i i .1 ri.. A 'fir i i I I 1 i 1 , Al' fi-14, liwi, f Ti is' in 11 fi- nrt- i Seniors Today, The WorId's Businessmen Tomorrow ALEXANDER, WILLIAM WADE-Stuart, Va., B.S., Economics, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, Summer School Honor Council, Men's Glee Club, Treasurer, President, Baptist Student Union. APPLE, BARRY ANDERSON-Glen Allen, Va., B.S., Business, Intramurals. BELL, GEORGE EDINGTON, Ill-Bethesda, Md., B.S., Economics. BIXIONES, MICHAEL JACKSON-Silver Spring, Md., B.S., Marketing, Varsity Football, Tri- Captain, Student Assistant. BOND, CARL ANSELL-Courtland, Va., B.S., Accounting, Dean's List, Beta Gamma Sigma. BOOTH, SCOTT CARLTON-Salisbury, Md., B.S., Finance, Phi Gamma Delta, Spider Fiji -Editor, Intramurals. BRADLEY Ill, FRANK BEALE-Mechanicsville, Va., B.S., Finance, Dean's List. BRADY, JR., PAUL KIRK-Suffolk, Va., B.S., Marketing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chair- man, Scabbard 8t Blade Honorary Military Fraternity, Dormitory Section Counselor, Intra- murals. BRYANT, WILLIAM THOMAS-Bon Air, Va., B.S., Marketing, ROTC. School of Business Class of I9 O 4: 'ts R... William Wade Alexander Barry Anderson Apple George Edington Bell, Ill -my 6' 4"nj - . I lf,-L Michael Jackson Bixiones Carl Ansell Bond Scott Carlton Booth Frank Beale Bradley, lll Paul Kirk Brady, Jr. William Thomas Bryant 287 James Douglas Butler, Jr. James Mark Caplan Edward Wayne Carr Ili S- Wayne W. Carroll James Francis Cerza, Jr. Ernest Daniel Chapman, Jr. bl I,-.W .l. 'Q sa Q 5' James Robert Clark, Jr James Frederick Cook BUTLER, JR., JAMES DOUGLAS-Winchester, Va., B.S., Finance, Sigma Chi, Treasurer, Senator, Freshman Class Vice President, Kiwanis Circle K Club, President. CAPLAN, JAMES MARK-Norfolk, Va., B.S,, Finance, Dean's List. CARR, EDWARD WAYNE-Dinwiddie, Va., B.S., Accounting, Dean's List, Accounting Society, Secretary. CARROLL, WAYNE W.-Vienna, Va., B.S., Accounting, Dean's List, intermediate Honors, Alpha Kappa Psi, Auditor, Senior Class Senator, Society for the Advancement of Management, Publicity Director, Accounting Society, Senior Class Advisor. CERZA, JR., JAMES FRANCIS-Portsmouth, Va., B.S., Accounting, Dean's List, Theta Chi, Historian, Secretary, Varsity Golf, lntramurals. CHAPMAN, ERNEST DANIEL, JR.-Richmond, Va. CHAPPELL, RONALD KENT--Chesapeake, Va., B.S., Marketing, Varsity Baseball. CLARK, JR., JAMES .ROBERT-Waynesboro, Va., B.S., Business Administration, Dean's List, Sigma Chi, Senator-Junior Class, lntra- murals. COOK, JAMES FREDERICK-Waynesboro, Va., B.S., industrial Man- agement, Society for Advancement of American Management. CRENSHAW, JAMES LAMAR-Ackerman, Mississippi, B.S., Market- ing, Head Resident's Council, Varsity Football, lntramurals. CROCKETT, JOHN MILTON - Falls Church, Va., B.S., Finance, lntra- murals.. CRUTE, JAMES BYRON-Richmond, Va., B.S., Accounting. DORAN, JAMES HAROLD-Alexandria, Va., B.S., industrial Man- agement, Dean's List, Sigma Phi Epsilon, lntramurals. EDWARDS, ALAN CURTIS-Franklin, Va., B.S., Economics, Alpha Kappa Psi, Herman P. Thomas Economics Society, Circle K Kiwanis. ELY, JOHN STEVEN-Newport News, Va., B.S., Finance, lntra- murals, Men's Glee Club, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Young Republicans, Varsity Yell-Leader. FOSTER, KENNETH LEE-Richmond, Va., B.S., Finance, Phi Gam- ma Delta, Freshman and Varsity Basketball, Captain. GEER, JR., JAMES FRANKLIN--Richmond, Va., B.S., Economics, Freshman Football. fat ':.s N 2 V51 , -R-S an-Q-5 :r 1 X, .bfv A if K WL. -1 1 James Lamar Crenshaw John Milton Crockett James Byron Crute James Harold Doran Alan Curtis Edwards I . John Steven Ely i Kenneth Lee Foster James Franklin Geer, Jr. Barry Lee Ginder Robert Hildray Gooding Daryl Arden Greenberg Thomas Neville Hart Robert Kenneth Hatcher Wayne Davis Hendricks 1- '6' A K'- K. 'har S 45 .. 1-g Brian Ries Hirschler X 1 qv-5' .4 Julius Robert Hof Wayne Adams Hollister if F f ess 'irzr' GINDER, BARRY LEE-Palmyra, Pa.: B.S., Accounting: Dean's List: Alpha Kappa Psi, Historian: Intramurals. GOODING, ROBERT HILDRAY-Aroda, Va.: B.S., Industrial Man- agement: Dean's List: Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Executive, Reporter: Intramurals: ROTC Band: Society for the Advancement of Management, Secretary. GREENBERG, DARYL ARDEN-Norfolk, Va.: B.S., Marketing: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Social Chair- man: Alpha Kappa Psi: Junior Class Treasurer: Society for the Advancement of Management, President: Senior Advisor: Uni- versity Council. HART, THOMAS NEVILLE-Washington, D. C.: B.S., Finance and Economics: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Pi Kappa Alpha, House Mgr., Alumni Secretary: Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi: Intramurals: Society for Advancement of Management, Treasurer. HATCHER, ROBERT KENNETH-Powhatan, Va.: B.S., Account- ing: Dean's List: Alpha Kappa Psi. HENDRICKS, WAYNE DAVIS-Richmond, Va.: B.S., Economics: Kappa Sigma. HIRSCHLER, BRIAN RIES-Norfolk, Va.: B.S., Finance: Zeta Beta Tau: Intramurals. , SBA Class of Charles Spencer Hopkins, Jr. 7 Beverly Harton Howell William Harrison Hughes Thomas Eugene James Clarke Chastain Jones George Garland Joyner, Ill HOF, JULIUS ROBERT-Berkeley Heights, New Jersey: B.S., Management: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Intramurals, HOLLISTER, WAYNE ADAMS-Richmond, Va.: B.A., Finance: Dean's List: Phi Gamma Delta. HOPKINS, JR., CHARLES SPENCER-Hampton, Va.: B.S., Mar- keting: Collegian, Reporter: Men's Glee Club: Society for the Advancement of Management. HOWELL, BEVERLY HARTON-Richmond, Va.: B.S., Economics: Junior 8t Senior Class Secretary. HUGHES, WILLIAM HARRISON-Callao, Va.: B.S., Accounting: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Master: Intramurals: ROTC Band: Accounting Society. JAMES, THOMAS EUGENE-Arlington, Va.: B.S., Industrial Man- agement and Finance: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Sigma Chi, Pledge Master, Secretary: Alpha Kappa Psi: Omicron Delta Kappa: H. P. Thomas Economics Society: SGA President: Honor Council: Advisory Council, President: Intramurals: University Choir: Men's Glee Club: Steering Committee: REW. JONES, CLARKE CHASTAIN - Midlothian, Va.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOYNER, GEORGE GARLAND lll-Portsmouth, Va.: B.S., Fi- nance: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Board: Tennis Team, 291 Hermann Josef Kreimer S A Senior Class William Michael Kephart Richard Grier Koester Robert E. Kostenbauder, Jr Wayne Franklin Leake Garnelt Owen Lee, Ill fv- , X' I4 sv , .uri ml 3 tu. T, K... ' 3' if L' - bs gun, T 4:-5 Robert Henry Lennon Donald Franklin Luttrell Eugene Charles Lynn Ralph Larry Lyons Joseph C. MacPhaiI, Jr. Jerry Wayne McDowell Thomas Edward Marshall, Jr. KEPHART, WILLIAM MICHAEL-Herndon, Va., B.S., Industrial Management. KOESTER, RICHARD GREER-Pasadena, Md., B.S., Marketing, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma, Intramurals. KOSTENBAUDER, JR., ROBERT E.- Lake Charles, La., B.S., Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KREIMER, HERMANN JOSEF-West Germany, B.S., Economics, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, Honor Council, Head Resident of Summer School, International Relation Club, President. LEAKE, WAYNE FRANKLIN-Richmond, Va., B.A., Business Administration, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma, Guard, Historian, Social Chairman, Grand Master of Ceremonies, Alpha Kappa Psi, Senator. LEE, Ill, GARNETT OWEN-Midlothian, Va., B.S., Finance, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Delegate of National Convention, Intramurals. LENNON, ROBERT HENRY-Westminster, Md., B.S., Economics, Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sgt. at Arms, Herman P. Thomas Economics Society, President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals. LUTTRELL, DONALD FRANKLIN-Woodstock, Va., B.S., Finance, Intramurals. LYNN, EUGENE CHARLES-Richmond, Va., B.S., Accounting, Dean's List, Accounting Society, President. LYONS, RALPH LARRY-Blackstone, Va., B.S., Business, Dean's List, Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, Athletic Representative-SBA, Intramurals. MACPHAIL, JOSEPH C., JR.- Portsmouth, Va., B.S., Business Administration, Senior Class President, Society for Advancement of Management. MCDOWELL, JERRY WAYNE-Richmond, Va., B.S., Economics, Dean's List, Intramurals. MARSHALL, THOMAS EDWARD, JR.-Sterling, Va., B.S., Industrial Management, Dean's List, Alpha Phi Omega, Historian, Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer, Senator, Web, Photographer. MASSEY, FRANKLIN ASHLEY-Saluda, Va., B.S., Economics and Finance, Dean's List. MATTHEWS, MICHAEL MERRILL-Richmond, Va., B.S., Finance and Economics, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals. MEACHAM, DAVID S.-Catonsville, Md., B.S., Marketing, Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman, Historian, Intramurals, ROTC. g B5 '55 I Franklin Ashley Massey Michael Merrill Matthews David S. Meacham MILLNER, JAMES L.--Charlotte, N. C., B.S., Business Econom- ics, Theta Chi, Assistant Treasurer, Intramurals. MOODY, JR., ROBERT JACKSON-Portsmouth, Va., B.S., Mar- keting. MOORE, ROBERT CALHOUN-Fairfax, Va., B.S., Finance, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Vice President of Pledge Class, SGA Treasurer, Intramurals, Senior Advisor, University Council, Picnic Chairman. MOREHOUSE, EDWARD FORREST-Atlanta, Ga., B.S., Market- ing, Theta Chi, Intramurals. MORRIS, GEORGE HOWARD-Winchester, Va., B.S., Account- ing, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Alpha Phi Omega, Alum- nae Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, Chaplain, Honor Council, Intramurals, Student Center Board of Governors, Vice President, House of Representatives. MORRIS, RUSSELL WALTER-Haure de Grace, Md., B.S., Accounting, Phi Delta Theta, Warden. MORRISON, MICHAEL DOUGLAS-B.S., Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Golf. MOTLEY, BLAND LEONARD, JR.-Champlain, Va., B.S., Fi- nance, Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard 8t Blade, Senator, Intramurals, Society for the Advancement of Management. MRAK, ROBERT J.-Wilmington, Delaware, B.S., Marketing, Zeta Beta Tau, Secretary, Honor Council of Summer School. OGG, STEPHEN S.-West Point, Va., B.S., Marketing, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals, Alpha Phi Omega. PALMER Ill, CHARLES GERALD-Richmond, Va., B.S., Ac- counting, Dean's List, Kappa Alpha, Treasurer. PARDUE, MICHAEL LEE-York, Pa., B.S., Economics, Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Herman P. Thomas Economics Society, Intramurals. Robert Calhoun Moore Edward Forrest Morehouse George Howard Morris PARTREA, ROBERT BRADFORD-Norfolk, Va., B.S., Finance 8t Economics, Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Sec- retary, Scholarship Chairman, Alpha Kappa Psi, Director Public Relations, WSB, Collegian, Who's Who. PATTON, JR., KENNETH CHARLES-Winchester, Va., B.S., Marketing, Sigma Chi, Honor Council Chairman. PEARSON, BRUCE EDWARDS-Annandale, Va., B.S., Finance, Dean's List. PERRY, HERMAN RANDOLPH-W. Chesapeake, Va., B.S., Mar- keting, Varsity Football, Intramurals. PRITCHETT. CHARLES DAVID-Lake Wales, Florida, B.S., Marketing, Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman, Intramurals. James L. Millner Robert Jackson Moody, Jr. Mi' '51 . ll I . J Russell Walter Morris -..- Michael Douglas Morrison Bland Leonard Motley, Jr. 294 ji!! are 'UF gg f ul' I School of Business Class of I97O Q gg' - 'x .-C vw r X "V i--- 1""' Roberl J. Mrak Stephen S. Ogg Charles Gerald Palmer, lll , 'g , V :N L 'QA ...S 'hs Michael Lee Pardue Robert Bradford Partrea Kenneth Charles Palton, Jr. -ng., Bruce Edwards Pearson Herman Randolph Perry Charles David Pritchett James P. Quinn Bobby Davis Rickman Greg Scott Sandvig Edward James See Ronald Danny Shepherd Stanley Zalmen Sidman 50' .-5 l -x- ei L' MU! 'fb A iff' -ei.. n f L 'WVV if Cephas Lee Smith Julian Oaks Smith, Jr. Richard Lincoln Snyder QUINN, JAMES P.--Richmond, Va., B.S., Economics. RICKMAN, BOBBY DAVIS-Nathalie, Va., B.S., Marketing. SANDVIG, GREG SCOTT-Springfield, Va., B.S., Economics, Dean's List. SEE, EDWARD JAMES-Winchester, Va., B.S., Finance-Eco- nomics, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals. SHEPHERD, RONALD DANNY-Richmond, Va., B.S., Finance. SIDMAN, STANLEY ZALMEN-Washington, D. C., B.S., Account- ing, Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Intra- murals, ROTC Band, Hillel Foundation, Society for Advancement of Management, Accounting Society. SMITH, CEPHAS LEE-Chase City, Va., B.S., Economics 8t Finance, Dean's List, Sigma Chi, Trtasurer, Finance Chairman, Senior Class Vice President, Intramurals, Circle K Kiwanis, ROTC Brigade Staff, SMITH, JULIAN OAKS, JR.-Roanoke, Va., B.S., Finance 81 Economics, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Alpha Epsi- Ion, Rush Chairman, Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals, Scabbard 8t Blade, Junior Class President, Intramurals, Outstanding Cadet, ROTC Brigade Commander, President's Advisory Council, Dis- tinguished Military Student, Senior Advisor. SNYDER, RICHARD LINCOLN-Orwigsburg, Pa., B.S., Marketing, Varsity Football, Intramurals. SOLES, ROBERT LYNN-Dutton, Va., B.S., Business Administra- tion, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi. SORRELL, FREDERICK MAURICE. JR.-Arlington, Va., B.S., Accounting, Accounting Society. SOTER, THOMAS C.-Hampton, Va., B.S., Marketing, Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals. STAUFFER, DAVID RAY-Fairfax, Va., B.S., Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Society for Advancement of Management. STEWART, THOMAS EDWARD-Arlington, Va., B.S., Marketing, Intramurals, President's Advisory Council. STRAUS, ALLYN HECHT-Baltimore, Md., B.S., Marketing, Zeta Beta Tau, President, Treasurer, Varsity Football, Intramurals, IFC, President, President's Advisory Council, Society tor the Advance- ment of Management, Who's Who, American Marketing Associa- tion, Program Chairman. STRAUSS, PAUL JOSEPH-Richmond, Va., B.S., Finance 8t Marketing, Dean's List, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Golf. STRICKLAND, THOMAS CLIVE-Martinsville, Va., B.S., Eco- nomics and Finance, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Alpha Kappa Phi, Intramurals, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Young Republican, Float Committee Co-Chairman, Head Resident of Summer School. SUTTON, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Ill-Mechanicsville, Va., B.S., Business, Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles Drill Team. A Robert Lynn Soles Frederick Maurice Sorrell, Jr Thomas C. Soter 5' ig., fy' 9 David Ray Stauffer Thomas Edward Stewart Allyn Hecht Straus Fifa. Paul Joseph Strauss Thomas Clive Strickland Robert Alexander Sutten, Ill 297 as Btu 11 Charles W. Wienckowski George A. Williams, Jr. Jerry F. Williams SZIGETI, JI., EUGENE-Hopewell, Va., B.S., Industrial Manage- ment, Intramurals, Society for Advancement of Management, Accounting Society. THOMPSON, WILLIAM PATRICK-Freeport, New .Yorkg B.S., Marketing, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, UIC, Treasurer, New- man Club, President, Encounter, Young Republican, Society for Advancement of Management. TROEMMLER, LARRY FOSTER-Vienna, Va., B.S., Finance, Dean's List, Phi Delta Theta. TYSINGER, CHARLES W.-Culpepper, Va., B.S., Finance, Varsity Football, Intramurals. USSERY, JR., BENJAMIN BASCOM-Ridgeway, Virginia, B.S., Marketing, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Senator, Varsity Football, Intramurals, Senior Advisor: Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 4-up N-v Stepen Christopher Winks Richard Lional Wyatt if Richard Edward Williams, III Addison Gordon Willis, Ill John Robert Wilson, Jr. WALTON, CHARLES EDWARD-Glen Allen, Va., B.S., Account- ing, Dean's List. WEAVER. PETER FRANCISCO, III - Emporia, Va., B.S., Finance, Theta Chi, Chaplain. WEINSTEIN, BRUCE LEIGH-Richmond, Va., B.S., Marketing, Dean's List, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alumni Secretary, SGA Vice President, Intramurals, University Council, Society for the Advancement of Management, Senior Advisor. WHITE, LELAND ALLEN, JR.-Emporia, Va., B.S., Industrial Management, Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, Intramurals. WIENCKOWSKI, CHARLES W.-Owings Mills, Md., B.S., Ac- counting, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard 8t Blade, Freshman Baseball, Intramurals, University Band, President, Accounting Society. ' WILLIAMS, JR., GEORGE A.-Fairfax, Va., B.S., Accounting, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Society, Treasurer. WILLIAMS, JERRY F.-Lawrenceville, Va., B.S., Economics. WILLIAMS, Ill, RICHARD EDWARD-Victoria, Va., B.S., Eco- nomics and Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge President, Co-Rush Chairman, Intramurals, Society for Advancement of Management. WILLIS, Ill, ADDISON GORDON-Culpepper, Va., B.S., Busi- ness Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Junior Class Vice President. WILSON, JOHN ROBERT, JR.-Culpepper, Va., B.S., Marketing, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary. WINKS, STEPHEN CHRISTOPHER-Richmond, Va., B.S., Fi- nance and Marketing, Dean's List, Phi Gamma Delta, Society for Advancement of Management, Honor Council, Intramurals. WYATT, RICHARD LIONAL- Newport News, Va., B.S., Account- ing, President of Freshman Class, Phi Gamma Delta, Account- ing Society, House of Representatives, Intramurals. 299 Career Training Begins for SBA Juniors ,. - -rr ,-,- '1' A r an ' 'P ff' 1 Q , -1 'Z' T - , i A ' . .... - 1 " x IA .. , fi . ' W, X 1, r, iw V '! 1 ' .15 - All ,. ,. , , '15 .-U ,,. 4 H' Jr. Class Officers: L. to R.-Rick Madison, Presidentg Dudley Fulton, Vice Presidentg Larry Brown, Secretary: Dave Jewitt, Treasurer. N N 'Qs if X fi Ml' .JEL , tx S. Lake Cowart Robert E. Crans Paul B. Davis John C. Dickerson Alfred D. Doggett Willis J. D. Donelson Robert E. Dooley John B. Easley Alan W. Fearnow Charles J. Ferneyhough, Ill Leslie T. Figg Ronald T. Fink Les Anderson Lewis S. Baker, Jr. William E. Barrick Verlon H. Bass Charles C. Bivens, Jr. Edward Robert Boland Billy L. Booth Norris L. Brodsky Nicholas A. Calabro Ronald E. Carney William A. Carwile Warren A. Clark Richard S. Clements Richard L. Coleman Stan Conner Larry G. Cook Sr' 'F 5 ff .I iff? 3,1 . 1? Jesse J. Johnson B. Hudson Jones, lll Bryan F. Jones Lloyd M. Jordan Ira E. Katz John E. Lansdale Philip R. Leslie John G. Leyshon Leslie L. Lilley D. Alexander Little Maurice T. McCarthy, Jr. Ernest E. McGinley Riley M. Madison, Jr. Larry R. Martin Frank E. Mitchell Lawrence H. Freas Dudley Fulton Michael W. Garrette Robert G. Gillispie Wayne R. Hairfield Frederick H. Hall James B. Harris Charles E. Harvey Robert D. Hausenfluc Jim A. Hewitt, Jr. Larry L. Howard Bruce L. Hudson Robert W. Hundley William E. Jeffress David A. Jewitt 'Ilan -5 4? Paul E. Monger Julian K. Morgan, Jr Michael G. Morrison David W. Norris Harry G. Norris Frank C. Olejack Roger T. Orange Frank M. Owen, Jr. Thomas T. Palmer John G. Powers Robert J. Pullen Thomas E. Redford, Brian L. Rice William B. Flitt Dee Roberts John C. Ross, lll Michael J. Sala Steven R. Saulnier Marvin N. Schiff Gordon F. Scott Grover L. Sheldon John C. Shotton Mary Courtney Siler Stanley A. Smith Richard P. Sneeder Jerry O. Taylor Thomas W. Warren Robert S. Weber, Jr. Gregory A. Williams Lawrence A. Wilson James P. Winn Steven D. Womack Involvement infiltrates T.C. Williams Law School A centennial and a new philosophy . . . Isolation is left behind and many facets of a new-found involvement spring up in its wake: social work in Richmond . . . civil rights . . . legal aid . . . poverty lawsg increased partici- pation in campus activities . . . legal council for Honor Council cases . . . action on the Student Steering Committee. Factions other than the ultra-conservative are represented: speakers include civil rights lawyer Philip J. Hirschkop . . . October 15 provides a respite from hum-drum classwork in order todiscuss the legality of the Moratorium . . . '69 and '70 . . . concern fostering change . . . change fostering a policy reversal . . . involvement marking the beginning of a new century for the T. C. Williams School of Law. R25 t ii 7'-P'-" ,. j1,:,t I 4 'A az' if W' , 141 ss 1ilF"'x It Law School Senior Class 16? William James Baker John S. Barr BAKER, WILLIAM JAMES-Richmond, Va.: L.L.B., Lawg Delta Theta Phi. BARR, JOHN S. - Richmond, Va.g L.L.B., Lawg Legal Aid Society Treasurerg Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity clerkg Barrnett Com- petition Chairman. BLUE, THOMAS WILCOX-Richmond, Va.: L.L.B., Lawg Circuit Representative: Moot Court Committee. BONDURANT, WALTON GIBSON-Richmond, Va.g L.L.B.g Law: Phi Delta Phi Law Fraternity. BROCK, STANLEY BRUCE-Arlington, Va.g L.L.B.g Law. BRUMBERG, DENNIS PAUL-Richmond, Va.: L.L.B.g Law, Staff member "U. of R. Law Review-1968-69"g Phi Delta Phi. BUTLER, DONALD KEITH-Richmond, Va.g L.L.B., Lawg Honor Court Clerk, Collegian Law School Editorg Intramural Basketballg Intramural Moot Court, Best Appellee Brief, Legal Aid, Moot Court Committee. CURTIS, HENRY POWELL-Onancock, Va.: L.L.B.g Law: Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternityg Chairman Student Bar Assoc. Griev- ance Committee, Legal Aid Society. 5 3-A T5 Thomas Wilcox Blue Walton Gibson Bondurant, Jr. Stanley Bruce Brock mt Dennis Paul Brumberg Donald Keith Butler Henry Powell Custis, Jr. 305 Rush Committee, S.B.A. Vice-President, Legal Aid Society. l '19 --N, I F51 Darden Edwards Daniel Everette Allan Felts Mildred Buckner Fletcher Fitzhugh Lee Godwin, Jr. Law School Class of I9 O DANIEL, DAFIDEN EDWARD-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Chairman Law Enforcement Committee. FELTS, EVERETTE ALLAN-Highland Springs, Va., L.L.B Third Circuit Representative S.B.A. FERGUSON, MICHAEL STEPHEN-Roanoke, Va., L.L.B., Representative. FLETCHER, MILDRED BUCKNER-Sperryville, Va., L.L.B., Phi Alpha Delta, Co- , Law, Phi Delta Phi, Law, S.B.A. Circuit Law, Phi Delta Phi GODWIN, FITZHUGH LEE-Hopkins, Va., L.L.B., Law, Delta Theta Phi Dean 69- 70, Clerk of Rolls 68-69, Speaker's Committee Chairman 68-69, Honor Council, Williams Scholarship, Legal Aid Society President. GOODE, MICHAEL TAYLOR-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Hardy Ball Intramurals, Legal Aid Society. GREENWALT, J. FRANK-Winchester, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, Honor Council, Tennis, Hardyball Intramurals, Legal Aid Society, Intramural Moot Court. HACKNEY, BARRY ALBERT-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law. HACKNEY, VIRGINIA HOWITZ-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, Mc- Neill Law Society, Chancellor of the Exchequer. HANCOCK, THOMAS F.-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Inter Fraternity Council, Phi Delta Phi, Honor Court, Circuit Representative S.B.A., Basketball, Hardyball Intramurals, Moot Court, Legal Aid Society. HAYMES, JOHN RICHARD-South Boston, Va., L.L.B., Law. HOBACK, FRED L.-Salem, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid Society, Moot Court Competition. , HUDGINS, WILLIAM SHEPPARD-Shadow, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, Basketball Intramurals, Moot Court Committee, Legal Aid Society. MCEWRN, SAMUEL WILLIAM--Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, moot court. MORRISON, CHARLES M.-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi Exchequer, Legal Aid Society. I I I l l I I Michael Stephen Ferguson Michael Taylor Goode J. Frank Greenwalt, Jr. if All Samuel William McEwrn, lll Charles M. Morrison, Jr. .ig . ii.. Barry Albert Hackney Virginia Howitz Hackney , Thomas l. Hancock John Richard Haynes, Jr. Fred L. Hoback, Jr. William Sheppard Hudgins, Jr 307 'S' . 'FQ 7' lv' -ff' Law School Class of I9 O C' l Carroll Thomas Neale, Ill Lloyd J. Parker Clifford Woodward Perrin, Jr 'X James Stan Pohl Gerald Paul Rowe Laurens Sartoris n. gf l as 2 l , l Paul Tucker Scott George Levin Smith Charles Kent Trible Stephen Wainger Charles L. Williams Rupert Rieves Winfree John Alston Wray nn? bi ,- x 1 NEALE, CARROLL THOMAS-Richmond, Va., T.D., Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Pres. S.B.A., Moot Court. PARKER, LLOYD J.-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Alpha Delta, S.B.A. Secre- tary, Moot Court. PERRIN, CLIFFORD WOODWARD-Arlington, Va., L.L.B., Law, "U. of R. Law Review" Memorandum Award, Phi Delta Phi Historian. POHL, JAMES STAN-Pittsburgh, Pa., L.L.B., Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Chief Justice Honor Court, National Moot Court Team, Sec. Legal Aid Society. ROWE, GERARD PAUL-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Law Re- view, Intramural Moot Court. SARTORIS, LAURENS-Valley Stream, N. Y., L.L.B., Law, Delta Theta Phi Master of Ritual, National Moot Court Team. SCOTT, PAUL TUCKER-Fredericksburg, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Williams Scholar, Who's Who, Legal Medicine Series. TRIBLE, CHARLES KENT-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Dean's List, Phi Alpha Delta, Law Review, McNeill Law Society, Williams Scholarship. WAINGER, STEPHEN-Norfolk, Va., L.L.B., Law. WILLIAMS, CHARLES L.-Richmond, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Delta Phi, McNeill Law Society, Law Review. WINFREE, RUPERT RIEVES- Richmond, Va., .L.B., La. WRAY, JOHN ASHTON-Hampton, Va., L.L.B., Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Traffic Court Competition. Second Year Law Students John J. O'Keefe, Ill Paul M. Peatross, Jr. Jerry M. Phillips Robert F. Rider L. Willis Robertson, Jr. Philip D. Rome William F. Schutt Allan W. Smith Michael A. Starr Wiliam C. Stillgebauer George E. Talbot, Jr. William B. Toombs William R. Wahab James R. Ward Michael M. Weise Robert B. West 310 Carroll F. Bray, Jr. Raymond A. Carpenter, Jr. l Richard E. Carter James H. Chamblin Clinton B. Corry, Jr. Susan V. Croghart Richard P. Cunningham Aubrey M. Davis, Jr. Robert W. Dawson Marshall L. Ellett Bill Evans Joseph D. Felton Charles B. Foley Walter M. Franklin' William K. Grogan Harrison Hubard Charles A. Huffman Franklin J. Jenkins' Charles F. Lincoln l if First Year Law Students ,-5 Ronald L. Hicks Charles V. Hoback William T. Hudson Marvin ltzkowitz Stuart E. Katz Donald A. Lahy Philip S. LaMar Paul H. Miller, Ill James T. Moore, lll John L. Morgan Joel H. Peck Carl J. Pletenyik James L. Polley Thomas H. Pollok Joshua Pretlow, Jr. J. Waverly Pulley, lll Eddy P. Rice Jay S. Ricketts John D. Rorer c. Jeffers schmidf, Jr. Samuel C. Scott John W. Smithers, Jr. John H. Snead, Jr. Arlie H. Soucek Marion L. Stilwell, Jr. Edgar S. Sturgis, Ill Steven A. Thomas Florence A. Tompkins James J. Vergara Michael J. Walker William A. Wheary, lll John M. White-Hurst Morton V. Whitlow Charles F. Witthoefft James S. Yoffy fa-l ' 9'w ,gy A -, 2 f ' "1-Uv Bl, ' ,As Thomas D. Bagwell Eddie D. Barnes Michael E. Barney Robert W. Bendall Francis A. Beninati Archibald C. Berkeley, Jr. Stephen D. Bloom Larry G. Browning Patrick R. Bynum L. Gerald Carter Robert K. Cauclle, Jr Allen H. Chappell Sharon F. Clark James G. Council George F. Cridlin Philip V. Daffron James H. Dandridge John J. Davies, lll George T. Elmore Denis C. Englisby David E. Evans Michael E. Flynn Wiley G. Gary John E. Good, Jr. William D. Grove 'F' 1.1, .sm Beautification Projects Create New University College A new look, both inside and out, both structurally and functionally . . . The five day week comes to the University College . . . Beautification projects, helped along by the P.K.O. and the new girls' service club, change the face of the schoolg a new student lounge provides quiet and relaxation for students . . . A new intramural team increases school spirit . . . Closer and more stable relations between students and the University are spon- sored by the student government . . . '69 and '70 . . . growth fostering change . . . Change fostering added expansion.l I ..-Us ,,,,,,,. V. --H l, . 1 , -., ...Q 1 University College Juniors 'R Frank Bohm Charles DeVier Donald Amos Leonard Atkinson Flobert Baltzegar George Barkley Michael Bradstock Thomas Brooks Martha Browning Arthur Campbell James A. Carter William Carter Frederick Chin Mark Chinn Carl Collier Eugenia Dietrich Dreama Dillon David Edmondson Roy Fisher William Fazioli William Judy 9 Q r -E. A Collins D. white 'I lk Steve Wilkinson L gi, rl I A I il s ,Es l Q I l X r -D T A , 4 , Sophomore Class Judith Fortune Sam Franzello Jacquelyn Fridley Stan Gasiorowski Kingsbery Gay Kenneth T. Grizza Ronald S. Grubbs Larry Havener Diane Haynie Anne Henderson Charles Hook Mary K. Holzgrefe rd l 'HI i l1Q.llsinN-i-'kia .. ,i Q N nb. H 59 'P X X JM X f P' , 5 :sq be 2 l x I2 tv N W , ., 5 University College Sophomores far- " K' 6- l 5 t .--,F .1 'Q' I dj Jw' 291 'PT ,-ur. -r Genious Hudgins Wayne Jennings Nelson C. Johnston Dick Koechlein Jerry Korusek Keven Lackes Nancy Liesfeld Kevin Logan it r ef S X ' 1: l, . 5 64 1. .Y .ii V ' I -ed gr AL. l X Nancy McLaughlan David Meadows Kathi Neblett Cecil Parker Charles Redd Charles Rytelewski Melba Smith W. Ft. Southward Jim Stames Marc Stockton Temple Stratton Brenda Swann Otis J. White Jerry L. Wilhoit James Williams Terry Young 315 Earl Allen Boyd Amason Arnold Sirley Dennis Balch Brenda Bartlett Charles Baur Barbara Bonn Sandra J. Bowersox James F. Brooks Wayne Brooks Walter Campbell John Carlton Herbert Claytor Larry E. Collins Ronald Davis Leo Dubovsky Sam Dunn Larry Eakes Steve Edmonds George S. Faison Freshmen ' L Q Y 351: ' .. ! si ,Pd-,.,f - ,Il 'al ffl in Q E ,W ,- ,. af ..-...4.i.1-., Y.- Lf.. L University College Freshman fe 0 ,K , Q lllggkjjlfi A ENE-fsfi' llqqfo 3-g Class Felix Farley Sara Fazioli Valerie Fowlkes Ronald Gosper William Hales John Harler Charles Harris Robert Hart George Heubi Ray Holmes Richard Johnson Edwin Keller Steve Landin Luther Lane Terry Larch John Long Dennis Lynch John McKay Robert McKee Earl Maderia Steven Matter Gary Matthews Lynda Mazzucco Jeff Mercer Jim Moore Barbara Myers Thomas Myers Cheri Neal Durwood Snead Paul White Christopher Whitney Donald Park Curtis Parker Craig Poole James Proietti Thomas Purvis Eric Ralston Ronald Roberts John Samer Randolph Shipman Harrison Simpson p- Clic: .f' l Randolph Wilburn Paul Williams Susan Wise R W:-.. l in keeping office hours. Thank you WCRC for the l97O WEB Staff Judy Samuelson Tom Givens Ellen Hoffmann Bill Casterline . John Keller ... Guy Ross ..... Ruth Schweitzer Linda Mclntosh Wendy Bryant . . . Ann Greene ... Lucy Smith Christie Holland Susan Clarke .. Ned Massie .... Sterling Moore Julia Jones .... Brad Partrea .. Debbie Love . . . Bill Grogan .... Editor-in-Chief . . . . Associate Editor ... Editorials Editor . . . . Layout Editor ......., Greeks Editor .. . . . R. C. Athletics Editor . . . W. C. Athletics Editor .. Campus Life Editor . . . . . Academics Editor . .. W. C. Students Editor . . . . . Activities Editor . . . Honoraries Editor . . .. Graduate Editor . . . Business Manager ..........Photographer . . .,.......... Photographer Business School Contact ....... Univ. College Contact LawSchool Contact General Staff: Lynn Gillerlain, Kelly Hardy, Jacques Morin, Dale Brown, Paula Hammet, Tem Marshall. Notes About the Book The 1970 WEB was published by Hunter Publish- The cover was designed by Mr. Jim Ellis of Hunter ing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Paper and made by the Kingskraft Company. Portraits were is Saxony Enamel. Copy is Helvetica using 10 pt. for done by Collona Studios of Long island, New York, body, 8 pt. for captions, and 8 pt. solid for identifi- and the general photography was done by Sterling cations. Headlines are printed in 24 pt. Scholastic. Moore. Press Flun - 2600 copies. Web Staff Receives Help From M any Production of a yearbook entails the co-operation of many groups and individuals - from our publish- ing company, Hunter, to the individual student who stood in long hot lines to get his picture taken. I would like to express my appreciation to all those who have offered their help in creating the WEB. First to my staff, mainly underclassmen, for sticking to their jobs, in spite of term papers, exams, and the crowded little room on top of the Student Center. Thanks go especially to those few who joined me use of your phone, The Collegian for publicity, Dr. Wheeler, and the Publication Board members for an increased budget, Tom James of SBA and Tom Neale of the Law School for helping the WEB in regard to their respective schools. Special thanks are extended to Mr. John Perry of Hunter for his many trips to Richmond and his expert help. Judy Samuelson, Editor 1970 WEB .--an 'lt f A .. M --f .il YM nf?"-W -' , Q - iii- j 'N :Ji ---- -0 ' -L 1,-.J A., v - 'L - -:9f,,' 1, - 5- ' " 'f . ' K A V., 1 , W , 313. ,gwvlrtv . 4 0 . 1 "T ilflgfflvfp' Q "4 ' ' l ' .Lf 1' ' ,ls N , 3525 . ' 1: :g,,, . bug' 4- 1 -ZL ..g-' Pr" u an yn 'W "'61UU"'- Cl' W an Ci.- 1' 575146 - 1 '1- 320 ,,, 'Gut'--sl Q .: r' - . 7,+ gfvfyf-' l I 'fi 5.-I QA 'lf - P 'i . - , . 9-'firm--. .: , 5 3 , Y .. ,4 Q. 7 ' if A itz. '- ' 1 l --E I' 'st' : TY' ...,.i .. - -,. T- .Exe , ,, Hg- A 1-...I N. Q 1:-.. " 2 " '-5 Q- Lo iff- 511. --- -f' , 'L Q., . ,I V- --gl 1.-.-, 0,1-,iq .' 1-... gf 'J ' A rc 1, A' 2'.:I'I' 1 ' - '. ' 1 c A--' - g,s' NA '-V It Y "YO" V y ""':v' "-'MIA VIAUKP M' 'v T' s A 4 Q Lf- if f v 1. gi' Iliff-f K " 5 " , -1.5 - V-ts. '- ' -, 'L . '. f " W.: -as N - 1 y ..-, T Y 5" - 44" . ,, . 3 , . 4' g1'.A.,ff '.-9' '-L :sl ggfL1,.,""':37g:f?:"? 4 be -cg' -new-ries HF A 0---gn , '. 'F' A . 3 af", 31:6 ,-5 'sem'-f 6' is. "' 1"3. s',2"" 'i""'fl' '- . hh ' E. ,V 4 . 5' -' l":fi,!l2-','l 1 - Ng: ' F '- '.' '1 , J e EEPJ, 'R fu- - .' lsr- SW! - 0 . . , l' - ' . fs ei fn 'li " f ,h , 1.1- " '-' 'T 5 N Q' 1 xx Q, ' Asfgl v " -'FQ..."" WI' , , 3 vu- E- 1.5. - f 'f . -X u 15 YR ' 'x Your tears are all trembling, Now we're somewhere elseg One last cup of wine we will pour- I'll kiss you one more time And leave you on the rolling river shore of changes. - Phil Ochs

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