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W- ...g L- -4g,,i,.,,7-- -. , 7,4 ---inn ,Y 47 ,-V,.T4-lwxg-F '7 Y 1 l 2 L-pl I F x I i w 1 1 0 W J l 1 1 J W ll ,I 5 V 1s 441 vital 4 MAR4' Xl840 fi OF RIC Q59 as 600 A X L 5 .S S 2, 5 M Q' l754FErLuM1'xS VVESTHAMPTON COLLEGE RICHMOND COLLEGE SCHOOL OE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OE LAW GRADUATE SCHOOL SUMMER SCHOOL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE The Wgn MIMI BRENT Editor-in-Chief MICHAEL JARRETT MARY B. HUMMEL Associate Editor Business Manager CONTENTS September CAc1ministration and facultyl . . . 7 October Cclassesl ..................... 21 November Ccollege governmentD ......... 111 December CsportsD .............. . . . 121 Ianuary CorganizationsD ,.....,. . . . 155 February ChonorariesD .... . . . 183 March CfraternitiesD .... . . . 195 April Cfeaturesl .....4... . . . 229 May Cbeauty queensD . . . . . . 235 Iune Csenior statisticsD .... . . . 243 FOREWORD The months of the co11ege year are varied and full, each bringing its special events, hopes, expectations, and-perhaps-disappointments. As the years pass, they become misty reco11ections imprinted on a hazy mind. In this vo1ume, we have captured those months and those events, hoping that, in the future, one will glance through its pages once more and remem- ber his co11ege days. ALMA MATER OF THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND 'Mid the pines of Richmond hills Stands the school we cheer, Hallowed place our rnem'ry fills Alma Mater, Dear. Chorus: Hail to thee, Hail to thee, University. May we always honor you, Our dear old Red and Blue. Alma Mater, gracious name, We thy children praise, Home of honor, Worth and fame, Love we all our days. Chorus: Hail to thee, Hail to thee, University. May we always honor you, Our dear old Red and Blue. DR. WILLIAM T. MUSE Dean of the T. C, Williams School of La To Dr. William T. Muse, teacher, advisor, and friend-We, the mem- bers of the 1963 WEB staff, are proud to dedicate this book to you. DEDICATIO Studying Counseling Teadlillg Doing research tx . 6. J' ,l ...n . T , r wghffl' x 'Q 'Q fgulf ,- , A 1 ff Q 1119 'v Lx .1 5" . 'Via X Q gg' " fffif, gsm, at 1 K' .,m1- -, ' 1' . In 15 1" V , . -Ili1,,. . 1- .4 I lil .Z 'Q ' ky -14 3- tiff, 'fm V' pvigi-1 .ff--if r If W Y-,in , .U , l A1 1 AV , ,1 1 1 1' A ' 1 . 1,41 Nfxycfi, n 111- , ,1 . 1 1 - 1 U' R1 Q J 1 215, 11-gr, y,.1:qff L ' ' '19-'T' - ' . i?:ff'.,,, Ig, L... . ',,1--3-' " ,,1.,-vs. I ,Wa Q 'W' fQ H, 1.x 1 5 . Nia N- . 11. ,3 1V hx J, iv - .Ny If f 1 W 1 Q, 1- ssl.- I ., vw , 34 . 25" S sf 'ff' f '.'ji1Q'4f'Jf""1.r"'3' aw 1- I, Ai:- 1 If 6 an a ,J IQ.. lk 1 vfltaag 41 -'t ' M111 '1' ' 'f ' Q gi 131 "' -gh . .7155- x 1"e ll f .r 1 . V' 1 ' 1 L1 I 3 A 1 l1,A'T,'j,'.i'.".., . 3' fwfr ,V 'lg' Ef'1'4-W 11, .s.5'.1i.1i gf .1,,. E. ,ff il .x' , A zisfiwfn K 1,1 g '1 ,fail fri 1 Ve il, im .Mx 1-. 1 54. ,A xv . 1 r 1 Q'-J' f- 1 14v. .-,E--' xr2P:,f.,: ,4 114 .11 --1 11.3, 1 1 1 , Q ng 5 "GE, 1a 1 . .1 - '- "'- ww., . 1 5Yf7gf'Y'1 151.111 . 4?11?f,.w'-. J ,Nl at " 1 ' 'R-i7 ,gh- ff 1.1'- ., f'-5-1:11 ,M 1 ' ,A " .1 1"' L I 1 ' I , ' : 'K .. 1 ' 'Hz' ' ' ' 2550 ,ii A I, :T,...L A . . K5 1:39 :fu 11 ' wfi-'Ye-' F- 'iw,-QL-,'a:- ,1, .,1- f .4 - 1' .9 I 'tIf'.f1l 2' "MH gif. 19' '.1'wlA+-f"1 ' ' V :A,.5 J KX N 1 pl uf 151 -1'-Qt.-R91 ' K JS" I '11"'ik, ' . .-.,w'!ff--, '3 fri ' 1 -1 . -f..,1 A . ,fl .11 L . .1 - -- , rw ,1 , 1, ,., W .ii 'in 1 .1 V E, v, 7, . YW , Nt .Q A k . -Qi ra 4, 1' ,., u- -ni, 4 1 V Q k 1 f td 1 ww Lf? 1 ' ,Q X. '. '1 ,1-1: , 1-4. '1 4 , ., .,L I 'vs 4-A' if N' ' A 15 .,'6 Y HJ., 1 1-1 1 ' Q 'L 1 1 11. , 1 3 1--Lg? f1,41, 1 1 1 a , H' ' if . 1 ffff? 1 n . S r Hs 1 ,Y....f- I DR. GEORGE M. MODLIN RESIDEN Dr. George M. Modlin has continued to give the University of Rich- mond excellent leadership which is evident hy the constant growth of both the physical and scholastic aspects of the University. His dedication to the University of Richmond, and his constant-desire to improve education is greatly appreciated. VVe, the members of the staff and the student body, Wish to thank Dr. Modlin for his many years of unseliish service. ' .fy 3. 252 .. '4 f.-,hh ' Y F shziiiyl J iz:-5 V .:"j.,j', . , , ' 'Q' ,' ' 11 'ff1f."fQfEY.Sif:'-,,.- ,13,"-,V f . '. - ,' J 'J -144 5.,' ,':.' ' A .Ux-1 , wi.-Q -- . -',: ': .' -:UN ':r'g1.w,' ,g..L.:5 Q 'f35f1,f- A'2::5:,-N if ,..q1 .4,.,.g.:r21-,112 , 1.5 ,fin -1, V ,s 2p.'g3,i' 1' -. f- zgggg.-...f--,Xa -:..', K,v'-'r.u- -2 ' ':v 4 H A 'A.,f:1z1 .-..5..,.lgg,3g:.N,,,1- r--155.3-,Qf.', ,q .xfxfghrgb-Ylaazf -jg Wifi 'fi' :..155,' '-ifl-Q:-Qgfflaifz, 5 iv, X gm 134-g2Wm5a.f.u,-1:l. XA-.Q--,r.q'-151 ,, sg-P3 u vi?-fm.t'4fA-.,.5.-, :T- ..,..- f's.1,v.JL, ..fn..A,...-- Q VS, 5,1.1ky,f,g,',tggy,xy -,-a-.- -Fi-1. w. gufiff-f 1-., iz,-:, , 1 1 232112 j'1fiE' :f - P W.1a1'?.-'-:ww 'G+'-xw9, ':3j2w:"Simffi,LQ23N L- 1,1-:I if .M 2:-Q MJ.-.l.. -15.-,-,uk ..,.2-?f?:.jsf.z,h.1f:f-.. , Q-mt.: ax Ar.. H, , x. 5- H. , ,--1 A H- A gsf"1f,., H nf-nf :mv-:53'.:f3,1. '1'- 4 :::q1::,:m. +A V1-'12?f795:':':w:f.g13gg. H+5e5fE5'3X ii!!! A 'F ,U Lil. gm?" 'JQQKWX 3, Jw 5.n'5-453-':.r4' X. .,.fm,,.,i.,cmi,,,L x,A.,..,l V Neg 15m.',A-V . 'f .,v.4aE.3xiQ"f. "-I-'M' '-in "2mX.v. , 1 ' " mia sf.-:ii ,:.-gre: 1 X "-'ia " f-12f..:,,1:-1'L.:- ,::'z:L-1:33,-1, -qu f,'f'ff.',11::::.,:1',.Q '.:, Wm, 'Q :. fe' A , I ""'f-'wii- 'f'!f'K.-7-f'-":.:f1'1 fi - A' JJAY- -ffkwlbz-5 wi' f X 1, Aliagli--VAV., .1 A32 . Lf' :f-,' , - 'fiilg 4-Qff.-v-if:','. 1'l-'::'- .':::a,A'1i :- "'W- :-. :'I,zXiY3g3 ' EEK- L: K ""lg11Q -fliwsiti 1-' ' W 0 ,. , R I ff? . ' ' :ff wg' ' 111555 ,WH-V 'ggz,,,,.,. LM- W ...,,,.. , X A -.',',z, J. 1 H .X .1 -'::?' L .wil L X .'.1. T 1 .U-M, f ,.... hwy, . :- "rw '-Y? 5 ., 39. .5 1 .Q 3:7 ' 3 ' I 11. .. -. . - L' - 'K 11 V 'J 4 41 . , I .ay Eg T'Qi"E' fa ' ' k i 21 1- ,sf . , , ,H ,fff in sg ILL MARGUERITE ROBERTS VIRGINIA M. PIERCE ROBERT F. SMART B.A., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., M.A., B.D. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Westbampton College Dean of Women Students Dean of Richmond College The Deans IODKJ 1 W 3 I 1' -' L ff CLARENCE J. GRAY W. DAVID ROBBINS WILLIAM T. MUSE B.A., M.A. B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. B.A., LL.B., S.J.D. Dean of Men Students Dean of the School of Dean ofthe T. C. Williams School of Law Business Administration EDWARD F. OVERTON MARTIN LUTHER SHOTZBERGER BENJAMIN C. HOLTZCLAW B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. A.B., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean ol Summer School Dean of University College Dean of the Graduate School 0,2111 UNIVERSITY FACULTY SPENCER DELANCEY ALBRIGHT B.A., A.M., Ph.D. - ' - fd- Professor of Political Science Ilgrq I 'W HENRY PEARCE ATKINS A.B., M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics X Q LEWIS F. BALL B.A., Ph.D. Professor I Chairman J of English THOMAS S. BERRY A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics A.B., M.A. I JOHN CAMPBELL BOGGS, JR. Instructor in English ..'!.. CHARLES M. BOWDEN f B.S., M.S. Instructor in Physics BERT E. BRADLEY, JR. Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. of Speech and Dramatic Arts JOHN WILLIAM BRIZENDINE 633 62 B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Bible and Religion IRBY BLAND BROWN Q f B.A., M.A. I Instructor in English 1 It GEORGE MacCLAREN BRYDON, JR. B.S. Instructor in Mathematics JACK DENNING BURKE 'I' B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology MARTHA B. CALDWELL B.A., M.A. Instructor in Art ADDISON DABNEY CAMPBELL B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics JEANNE B. CAMPBELL Part-time Instructor in Painting and Sculpture MERTON E. CARVER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology In . 'G . .. 'N 3 , ' 2, ' flx I We WILLIAM SAMUEL CUDLIPP, JR. LLB. Associate Professor of Law NOBLE E. CUNNINGHAM, JR. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History JT: """"' ' HARRISON DANIEL B.A., D.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History UNI ERSITY FACULTY LEONARD M. DIANA B.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics CLIFFORD DOWDEY Lecturer in English WALTER P. DREWRY, JR. B.S. Director of Athletic Public Relations MARIANNE DUTY B.A., M.A. Instructor in English DAVID C. EKEY B.S.I.E., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Management ROBERT J. FILER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology EUNICE M. FOY B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish WILLIAM JUDSON GAINES M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Foreign Languages GEORGE GOULDIN B.S., M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages SHERMAN E. GRABLE B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics EDWARD WADSWORTH GREGORY, JR B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Sociology AUSTIN E. GRIGG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology WILLIAM BELL GUTHRIE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English PHILIP RAY HART B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religious Education NATHANIEL HARDING HENRY A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English ELIZABETH BEAMAN HESCH B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Mathematics HOWARD TEMPLETON HILL B.S., 1.D. Visiting Lecturer in Speech RICHARD E. HUMBERT B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Physical Education UNIVERSITY FACL LTY ROBINSON B. JAMES DEG., B.A., B.D. Instructor in Philosophy and Religion GEORGE WOOD JENNINGS A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor in Economics ROBERT A. JOHNSON B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor in Psychology FRANCIS B. KEY B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor in Mathematics NOEL W. KEYS B.S., M.A. Instructor in Psychology PHILLIP H. KIRKPATRICK B.S., M.S. School of Business Administration D. ORVILLE LAHY B.S., LLB., LL.M. Professor of Law WILLIAM HENSLEY LEFTWICH B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology ROBERT ALAN MHCDONALD Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern Languages RALPH C. MCDANEL B.A., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. Professor of History and Political Science LEONARD D. MCNEAL M.A. Assistant Professor in Physical Education JAMES ASI-IBY MONCURE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History CLARENCE MONK B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics FREDERICK C. NEUMANN M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Music CHARLES H. NEWTON A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Sociology VERNE E. PATE B.S. Professor of Military Science and Tactics JAMES W. PAYNE, JR. B.A., LLB., LLM. Professor of Law EDWARD CRONIN PEPLE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor in English UNIVERSITY FACULTY MALCOLM U. PITT Director of Athletics O. WILLIAM RHODENHISER B.A., B.D., TILM., Th.D. Associate Professor of Bible NOLAN ERNEST RICE A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Assoriate Professor of Biology WILLIAM WILLIS RITTER Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern Languages MARJORIE RIVENBURG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor in Latin JOSEPH CLARKE ROBERT A.B., LL.D., A.M., Ph.D., LL.TT.D. Professor of History LOUISE ROBERTSON B.S. Instructor in French MARGARET L. ROSS B.A., M.A. Associate Professor in English MARGARET T. RUDD B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Spanish F. DAVID SANDERS B.A., M.A. Instructor in English CLYDE C. SCHRICKEL A.B., MBA. Assistant Professor of Economics BETTY JANE SEYMOUR B.A., MRE. Instructor in Bible GLEN L. SHIVEL, JR. B.S. Associate Professor of Military Seience j. WESTWOOD SMITHERS B.S., LLB. Professor of Law WALTER FIFIELD SNYDER B.A., Ph.D. Assoriate Professor of Ancient Languages MAMIE SPANGLER A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Education DALE D. SPOOR S.B. Instructor of Business Administration SAMUEL WHITFIELD STEVENSON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English A su . W xx 'f , .. w v. N - .... - ik. fi isiiigii 1 1 :fm ,S Will Mill UN VERSITY FACULTY JOHN B. STEWART B.S., M.S., DBA. Professor of Business Administration MARION JEFFRIES STOKES B.A., M.A. Instructor in .Mathematics JACKSON J. TAYLOR B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Physics WILLIAM EDGAR TROUT, JR. A.B., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry FRANCES I. WESSELLS B.A., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education RICHARD B. WESTIN B.A., M.A. Instructor in History IRVING H. WHITE A.B., AM., Ph.D. Visiting Lecturer in English ELLSWORTH WILTSHIRE B.A., LL.B., S.J.D. Professor of Law JEAN GRAY WRIGHT B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of French Xa-.1 GWR Q 'Kap is-my .bf- ffl, Riffs at 45-Q I I -,Sufi If Ku.. M' 6' - F, xv- Q X nl ' 'I' M X vi, . 1 fi . 4 -. ,- , GSW: 473 "' ,gp-..-,,, ---- . "5':Qg-g.g,gfg:,.fj-1r- 'H' ,N li:-' '43-IT3' Y - - , ,.., -, ,. I ,.41,ia.i'.1 'il , Ill! ill! n 5' "" 2 l I N Swimming or skating, depending upon your wishes . . . +1.21 17 S taff 18 jyxf r 2 THOMAS N. POLLARD, JR. B.A., M.A. Director of Admissions and R Richmond College .vfml egislrar If- 1 .hi-j Q . . X ' K I CHQ. ,ILL CATHERINE BELL B.A., M.A. Westbamplon College Registrar MARY ELLEN ANDERSON A.B., M.A. Dirertor of Admissions Weslhampton College 47 JOSE M. CABANILLAS JOSEPH E. NETTLES LESLIE S. BOOKER B.S., M.S., LL.B. Alumni Secretary and Director B.A. Law Librarian of Public Relations Alumnae Serretary J. LANGDON MOSS MRS, EDNA B. TINSLEY ELIZABETH B. MILES M.D. R.N. R.N. Richmond College Physician Richmond College Nurse Weslbamplon College Nurse , T'1:'f'?' 1 . gb IRVIN B. CLARK of Buildings and Ground: linux if . MARTHA STEWART Director of Buildings Wexlbamptorz College BETTY JEAN SEYMOUR JOHN W. BRIZENDINE B.A., M.R.E. B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Religious Activities Dirertor of Religious Artivities Westbanzpton College Richmond College College Host and Haxtess Dormitory Counselors MRS. GUY L. SCOTT MRS. MARGUERITE A. ADAMS H osteks Westhampion College ,Si CECIL F. JONES B.S., C.P.A., M.S. in Bus. Admin. Auditor ROBERT M. STONE LL.B. Director of Student Center Sta L!!! 19 ff 4 n A A . , V ' ' ., -'Q-tem s. ES?LfE32qi5' ,px ' ' ., ' -V x' N- x f . . , V. , I, N W I ,S . 1 x X- Z 1 "xx N l W i 5 H J ll '- , 51' 2 A il I w T ' 9 ' x ' X ' Fi ll l 2' X A , F I g 11 1 lv 5 X - , : : JI x f 1' r A ,.--V . .W A, fl , , ,-fi ,A .af , ,' 1 ,ff A I ! ff' L 'wig " wk tx ' Avi!! ft! "' ' F", F x 'N . .NK .A A X A Q 5 Y A . , ', ' J 1 : ,Y , 3 .1 -N . , 1 1 ' , ' W ' P 'lf 2 W J' ' 5 '. ,ll ,v W A 4 1 1 WJ W .1 " V 4 , . y' 1 1 11 J 4 is - I Q . ,N 1, 31 fi 1 , . jf 3 Fx 9 F . L. 4 L. ,ffl A XJ Jdf ,X 1' 'N'-' '- --'T S i R Y . 1 1 w - , 3 5 K 5 A . x 5 ' 'N. F XX 3 X 5 3 , l I ... 1 L 1 , L i -f K- 4 ,f ,, ,V k f .Al ,xx . , vi ,X A, , If M W . . - f v X. H. f lx 'lx I if X-. XX I xg, 1 Q R, Nt g N f 3 ' Q x 5 , 3 K' f..1,' Q rl. I ' "" 'g ' v A 'QW L ,W VAXCN 1 I x , xg I 4 'f' if'iff1"g"'f-AJ V fx- HA., -- dwrw- H ,. 1 , , , . ,-N'-A fx ,gf A4-Q11 5 y-"1 1 yy 5 ,Jr X 4" J' J A' w f' ff .ff ,F ' S' .gy ! Y X gf ,-if z ,fl ' A' f gf" ff 1 ,fix ff' 1 .Z ff' -X r',4f"ff' "' H " X. ,.-:J ,- yf' ,Y .iff ,ff .1 1' 4.1: f Mfr: -SN 4? ' F v if! 'W . Q, . , 1 . jf-536 Q! 5 Q i W TE 1 fig' A . 1 . , f-, , .x 1 . ' 5 i, f , 1 ' L ' , , ' A ,' f f 1 mg W g I RER Rx' ' '14M1?'.f' ' 4.-'S ,Nl .f at Q 'H Q 15 v . 4 . 1 4? in ix, ilk .oe c A ' I, A 'z Y 1 3, 4 . H 1.2-GT? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Sally Ann Clark, jo Hardy, joan Lee Wright, Judy Barlow, Val Bryant, Margaret Brower. SE ICR CLASS OFFICERS JUDY BARLQW ,... ..... P resident CLAUDIA DODSON , . , Vice-President VAL BRYANT ..... . . , Secretary JOAN LEE WRIGHT . . . Treasurer Io HARDY ....,.. . . . Historian SALLY ANN CLARK . . . .r..r....,.......,... Song Leader MARGARET BHOWER . , College Government Representative Lfqzs A LYNORE FRANCES AARON B.A., English Richmond, Virginia I CAROLYN SUE ANTHONY B.S., Physical Education Bedford, Virginia I 1 ADA ELIZABETH ALLEN B.A., English Richmond, Virginia I Junrru KEA BARLOW B.A., English Smithfield, Virginia The Senior Class A f 1963 CATHBMNE LEVERING BARRON B.A., English Towson, Maryland i Donna BENSON B.A., P h I gy I Richmond?cV?rginia Busy ANN BEALE B.A., Spanish Silver Spring, Maryland NANCY Bnnxowrrz B.A., Psychology Flushing, New York ,. 1, fix E . ,- Qi . .35 'G' RUTH ELIZABETH BLAIR B.A., English Chatham, Virginia I'lELEN JEAN BREWER B.A., History Portsmouth, Virginia 5' MIBJAM LEWIS BRENT B.A., Political Science Heathsville, Virginia ELIZABETH B. Bnoannus B.A., French Severna Park, Maryland Westharnpton College MARGARET LOUISE BEOWEE B.S., Mathematics Waynesboro, Virginia VALERIE LEE BRYANT B.A., Psychology Lynchburg, Virginia fb 'SQ 5 . 347 Rf' '- Q .X- PATRICIA LEE BEUMBLE B.A., History Fredericksburg, Virginia MAPJOEIE LoU1sE BURKETI' B.A., History Richmond, Virginia l np.. EE r L.!iI25 ..,.v" :YP 1 RQ' 1" . 26j7x.2 Q' DANVA LHR Burrs B.A., Sociology Arlington, Virginia Rosa-ANNA SHIU-M151 CHU B.A., Sociology Kowloon, Hong! Kong The Senior Class ri MER I-IAN CHAN B.S., Chemistry Kowloon, Hong Kong 1 SALLY ANN CLARK A B.A., Mathematics Farmville, Virginia H963 A ELIZABETH ANN COALE B.A., Political Science Aberdeen, Maryland BARBARA NELL Coors B.A., Art Avon, New York 2 E, --1" Ls .,',LL-' LW . , ' my H 1. REUBENA C. CONNAWAY B.A., Spanish Arlington, Virginia Iumrn GRACE Cooxs B.A., Psychology Durham, North Carolina ug +L L 163 '. A ' 'S rv l ,X M N 2" M ' v W Q TF BARBARA JEAN COPLEY B.A., Psychology Falls Church, Virginia PAULINE ANN Cosmr B.A., Applied Music Portsmouth, Virginia , , mx PATRICIA ANN Connua B.A., Spanish Richmond, Virginia PATSY BICKERSTAFF CURLEY B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Westhmnpton College PEGGY ANN DAIL B.A., History Newport News, Virginia NANCY HARRISON DELANO B.A., Political Science Oldhams, Virginia CATHERINE Hoornn DART B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia CAROL JOYCE DEROSA B.A., History Staunton, Virginia N E5 1 11 lww ffi sifssim 1 N, wx N efimmn me: G91 ' , nf! l , .. 1: . : ,YL ' -A ,mx v.!il27 ala! -4 28l7X.,0 one H? , .I K" ,, mi -fwfr :gl PATH ANN Dix B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia MARY KATHERINE ELMER B.A., Political Science Front Royal, Virginia w x, ' , r, 'Lx . CLAUDIA LANE DoDsoN B.S., Physical Education Richmond, Virginia ELLEN LENORE Frrz-HUGH B.S., Chemistry Staunton, Virginia The Senior Class i 1963 PAULINE FRANCES FONES B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia NANCY LEE FULCHER B.A., Applied Music Hillsville, Virginia I . , . iii . 7, Y T - fl-1 MARY LOUISE GEAYSON For B.S., Physics and Mathematics Richmond, Virginia BETTY Lou GILES B.A., English Danville, Virginia TX SHARI DIANE GOLDMAN B.A., French Charlottesville, Virginia PATRICIA LRIGH GREEN B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Westh qs' R14- fi, ALETA GA11. GooDwYN B.A., Sociology Chesterfield, Virginia MARY IANE GRBGG B.A., Psychology Staunton, Virginia ' ZIHIPIIOII College JOSEPHINE ANNE HARDY B.A., English Bedford, Virginia ELIZABETH ANN HARRRLL B.A., Applied Music Portsmouth, Virginia MARY KATPIRYN HARDY B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virgnia SARAH EUGENIA HARRISON B.A., Psychology Norfolk, Virginia will-uc -P! gf. QAM' ,wig PM VA? U EEE 51 H fjxw. a V V - 522:23 ,. L if BN 4 'L la Q! ,, lu Saw , iw :EF 0,2129 'G' i IQ 'gr L. W gel' , - I 1 SUSAN MASON HART NATHALIE DEAN HARWOOD B.A., English BS., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia JULIA MERLE HAYNIE CHARLOTTE RACHEN I-IINES B.A., History B.A., Latin Reedville, Virginia Suffolk, Virginia The Senior Class i 1963 CAROLYN RANGELEY HODNEIT ELIZABETH JARVIS HOLLAND B.A., Psychology B.A., Psychology Martinsville, Virginia Newport News, Virginia NANCY LEE HOOTMAN DONNA ELAINE I-IouI:P B.A., Sociology B.A., History Alexandria, Virginia Staunton, Virginia B A ii Emil 'ii IHENE CLAIRE HUDSON B.A., Studio Art Richmond, Virginia MARY BENTON HUMMEL B.A., Latin and English Blacksburg, Virginia X wi B S Muszc Education Midlothian Virgmla ANN Doss Hunn B A Sociology Welch West Vxrgxma NANCY CREATH PAGE HUDSON - wa M ' -:A f . .1 Y l Q ' v . - K s Al-A I... E, 9 1 I WW. ,IL Vg in 4- 3 I Westhampton College NANCY JANE HYBNER B.S., Biology Arlington, Virginia CAROL FAYE JOHNSTON B.A., Sociology Bayside, Virginia IACQUELINE MARIA INGB B.A., Sociology Emporia, Virginia ELIZABETH PARKER JONES B.A., Biology Franklin, Virginia ..d"- G: 0,2131 img-': N .-L A ISZDXJ A Doms E. JOYNBR B.A., Biology Windsor, Virginia MAnJo1uE GAY K1z1aL1Nc B.A., Ps h log Danvi11e,yVi3gini'a A gf. M 'Q 3311 LORENA ANN KEBCH B.A., Economics Richmond, Virginia ELEANOR KAY KOONTZ B.S., Mathematics Harrisonburg, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 JANE Lxzwrs LACY B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia SUSAN BURNS L1GoN B.A., Psychology Manhasset, New York V W. . A . H ' - MARY ANNE LEWIS B.A., Psychology Portsmouth, Virginia PATRICIA ANN LONG B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia .-...A- . . ll w inf ji 'Rx W' ii' 'Qs I AW rev? w iii' V' . ..., M... - ' 1 GAIL LUSH B.A., Political Science and Psychology Amelia, Virginia MARTHA Sun MCAPEE B.S., Biology Roanoke, Virginia af, M ffg A illl 'V GAIL LINDA MARCUS B.A., Sociology Kingstree, South Carolina SANDRA MARIE MCGLORY B.A., Psychology Barrington, Bghode lslaind WCSthH1HPtOH College Berry LEE MCGUIRE B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia CORAL K. MEARS B.A., Education Brookings, South Dakota MAnc1A ANN McMuLL1N B.A., Sociology Bluefield, West Virginia JUDY ANN METCALF B.A., Sociology Petersburg, Virginia ik 5? QSZKI33 Cv- R ff' , 1 ,S 1 r ..,., : it--Q' ' ,R Qi-4 if 6 !fviL'q4'A vi xv 5 . mi Q -. f A .24 , U IRAQ R 3 or N MARILYN ANN MILll.ER B.A., English , Ho-Ho-Kus, New Iersey l rw ' JEAN Wmco Momus B.A., Mathematics Wakefield, Virginia? gg 1 ZEZE: QA i' i i . IU, ' r l r I 1 i.1 L1 'f L. PM F ' ' ,Ju e I If Doms MARIE Moruus B.A., History Newport News, Virginia Amon Loursn Moynns B.A., History Annandale, Virginia A The Senior Class ! MARY JANE NEWTON B.S., English A Y I PHYLLIS ANN PETERSON B.A., Biology Big Stone Gap, Virginia ,, ,, ' xl. , H '-ii ow 34l7k..2 Richmond, Virginia Ilo f 1963 Comur Sun Ovnnsrnnnr B.A., Religious Education Front Royal, Virginia GRACE ROWBLL PHRLPS B.A., History Williamsburg, Virginia ISR 3 .M J-, in - 5 1-wb-f -ff FRANCES MAR PITCHFORD B.A., English Richmond, Virginia MARY ARCHER RANDLETTE B.A., French I Richmond, Virginia F.. l . V 'R lp J- V L PHYLLIS A. POLLACK B.A., English and Psychology' Richmond, Virginia PATRICIA LYLE RICH B.A., Psychology Glen Allen, 1 Westhampton R 3 H College Z X A JEAN Lnwrs ROBERTSON SHARON REBECCA Ronanrsfifr B.S., Biology B.A., Economics North Brunswick, New Jersey Burkeville, Virginia VIRGINIA FOSTER ROBERTSON 4 LORNAQANNRITERRORRER ll B.A., English B.A., Psychology w Walnut Creek, California Bassett, Virginia " R5,?,5?,f ,fb QCJKI35 . , A 'rn - A ,Soi A .,,,, , .X . XY 1 . 1 ' f' N' l' "' 19' at '-- ' L ' ww . 'Q wo! 1 wf '- 4 A u , ' LOUISE RYAN B.A., Philosophy ' V:-J-'7' 3' Richmond, A, fl? ' ,L W? 1 "AW P I' V' 'Its I SANDRA WATKINS Scrmonnnn Q . ""' I B.A., Biology Richmond, Virgiriia I N H ff SARAH ST. CLAm B.A., Psychology und Political Science Roanoke, Virginia WENDY GRBENLBAP SCHWARTL B.A., English Richmond, Virginia A o 5 The Senior Class A asa.. a-"N as BARBARA JEAN SHELL B.A., Psychology W" X I Ctewe, Virginia EMILY JEAN SHORT B.A., English, Purdy, Virginia S Y 'x' ' "'i""""-M" fx EX Of 1963 JANE LYNNB SHEPIPARD BAA, Elementary Education Ridgeway, Virginia PATRIGIA ANN SHOITON B.A. 'Sociology Suffolk, Virginia! ,Pyz Y A b"A' 36l7XJ 4 S 5 ,, I' . V I A ' 5-wx ylf,w1,: A-'Wil-. Y - X X F ' 1 3 of 6' 4'f'f""' N, UV .4 1 L41 ,GS ELIZABETH ANN SISLER B.A., English Gainesville, Florida SUSAN Lmz Sivnrm B.A., Art Richmond, Virginia .-' inniff t ixgsggfffi 2 , " X A f iio A ' YZ?3 me: GBORGEANNE ,SKEEN B.A., English Clintwood, Virginia JACQUELYN ANN Smrmnns B.S., Chemistry Kannapolis, North Carolina Westhampton College MARGARET E. STAFFOHD B.S., Mathematics Hampton, Virginia DIANE CLAIR 'TI-IURSTON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia L i ..,A...--.AA- -- :g' CECELIA ANN STIFF B.A., Mathematics Roanoke, TBRESA .LADD TOMLINSON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia 'W-A.. .qw N. 2 . an iii Aw A 'Q' 1.2137 k 32?-Di! RN, w."'i ELHABETH ANN VIOLETTE B.A., Sociology Hampton, Virginia ELLEN NASH WILKINS B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia NANCY Ross Wroxsas B.A., Psychology Norfolk, Virginia JULIA Form WILLIALQS B.A., Music Theory Hampton, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 MARY LYNNE WILLIAMS . B.A., History ' Richmond, Virginia CAROL HOBSON WINFIELD B.A., Religious Education Petersburg, Virginia ri ELEANOR RAMSAY WILLIAMSON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia JOAN LEE WRIGHT B.A., Mathematics Lawrenceville, Virginia 'vox IW' AIC t 5 , 'I C7' T? .13 sl Sf' 'Tv JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Kathy White, Carol Gilbert, Walker Glenn, Mary Kay Cross. Standing: Gloria Har- ris, Francie Mitchell, Charlotte Pringle, Joyce Sanford. JU IOR CLASS OFFICERS WALKER GLENN . . . JOYCE SANFORD . . . KATHY WHITE . . GLORIA l'IARRIS . , . FRANCIE MITCHELL CAROL GILBERT I I CHARLOTTE PRINGLE MARY KAY CROSS . . , . . President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary , . . Treasurer . . . Historian ..,SongLeaaier College Government Representative . , . . . Social Chairman KZQISQ Westhalnpton SALLY ABEL PATSY ALLEN MARY ATKINS LINDA AVERILL EMILY AYERS PAT BANKES JO ANNE BARCO JUDY BARNHART 115 +97 I S x I V-. klll : 4 :IH A . .s i www' ' tf MARY JO BARTLEY I ,Lu 1 CAROL BATEMAN N . L AS' H!! A, Cf Vi zzv' ' if I 1: 1 pr , I , I l , .A-sight' SANDRA BELCHER sAI.LIE BERKELEY I . 13 5533 HEDY BERNARD an A 5 JANE BIBB ' I MARIAN BINDER ' 'I 1' , 7 N, I If I X X- Q 4" ' JL '-Ifsm NANCY BLAKE I A , ANNE BLITCH 5 .. 'cas at ' CAROLE BRADLEY I ' I 'IJ . at . E LINDA BRADLEY - I' PATRICIA BRIGGS ' jg, I 11 r ' . 1 iff? I I I X 's .H x L- U r w .. ,1 :, A h e ' U Q X If NL- Mis: ' Q, MARY CROSS BRITTLE --" h P' , I , BONNIE BROOKS I, .fu 'tk f . , g ' ALMA BROWNE j 4' I y Q, ' .X CONNIE BURKE - A I ,my - 4, E ALICE CARTER ' A- ' 'V x P 4 fb , I B ' I I S. ' ,I ' N I Q .' , , , , .,, ,,:S. , I 3 If 15,1 :': 1 BETTY CHEYNEY A "f ' ELLEN CLUTE A w- as ff Q N I . LISA COLEMAN A ' . 1 ,A . ' BRENDA COUNCIL ' I, -f,,S5,N- WW' MADELINE CRENSHAW 4 -E I - "-, Q f L -I 1? X, ,f . I R R . Q.. , - I F . Q? xx. 'Q . W I ' A I f Y ' ' 'Mk y ' -- ' rf -I 'af' I F, 4 M 'I S MARY KAY CROSS I-. ' SANDRA CROWDER 'A -5 ' I R PATRICIA DABNEY 31 A . I BEVERLY DAVIS I M E kg, -, 6- DIANA DAVIS zu. V- - I , E I :.: 2 I . ,III IB A ' P' V 4 V, .wfn?'5i3Z J ,, ALICE DeCAMPS B- , JAN DuBOsE , R' V 5? A ' KENDAL EAST I I ' , ' I- I I BETH EDWARDS ff. 1 , - - HALE EVERETT - A . :C , Q 'V-I A -H" Z E 9' f f 1 J.. 1 L., , If Inf -h X Y , K5 I fri., I '- 'L' 5 li, Q' , 1 N 1 Q., A If X-A I Q62 O , 'X if . '- F Q' S f I 'Q 7 I web XI WK 'af wb U' X X A -4? fi. 'Y K . - A 4 Q, 'nr' Lk '-,I-. Y. , V 11 -fl ,X f wr' Ax u Y J. 21 I I 5 N bf . ., f X-.. I J , Q . , . X W I I Y ZV' . In S X I L X I X X3 1: 5 N I, -Q, ' " ur .1 . X 'I Z 6 LS fs: , J: ,, . Q' -I' rf I H , A NQQ Q I 'I tl L W! ,Ds ' X 16 A ' X ' G:- 5 L X .f I f-,rx H Ps G W, ,...,,... Y ,,... , 5'-gn X 5: 8- 3 J 2 , - r I, I J- E? S 5 HIE:-,E if 7' . K ' I JJ v-- av- is xi iw A Qt an-K., I I 4. C' -4' -.Yf' - K . 1 5w,I 'ET' 4 X! .3 .- E Iv C I 1 if C. ,Y E , N: I X Y ! ff' , K V ' I ly , X f Y A . L .:mp,,,5,5s,, 'V 1- Q- Y EE, .L A i iil b -al L 1 4 LEM uniors BRENDA FALLS JANE EITCHETT SUSAN FITCHETT SUSIE ELEMMING HELEN FLYNN MARY BRUCE FORD LINDA ERIDLEY GAY FRITH JEAN GARRISON JACKIE GATES CAROL GILBERT WALKER GLENN CAROL GOOD MARY ALICE GRIFFITH BETTY GUIDT NANCY HALL SHIRLEY HANBURY CAROLE HANSON GLORIA HARRIS MARTHA HARTMAN HECKY HENDERSON SUSAN HEPLER MERRY HIGGS LEE HILL JOAN HOCH MARY E. HODGES JOANNA HOLLAND NANCY HOLLAND CAROLINA HUDNALL ELAINE JOHNSON GAYLE JONES BILLIE LYNN LASSITER SHARON LEITH CAROL LONGEST JOANNA LONGEST INGRID LOOCK JULIE MARTIN KATHA MASSEY FRANCES MAYER POLLY McDOWELL Westhmnpton ELLEN MCNAMARA SONDRA MILLER FRANCES MITCHELL CYNTHIA MORGAN MARY LOU MOSCHLER BEVERLY NEALE GLENDA NICHOLAS JANE NORTON CONNIE NUNN LOUISA PASTORS LEA PERKINS JUANITA PHILLIPS LUCILLE PHILLIPS ANNE POINDEXTER CAROLYN POWELL CHARLOTTE PRINGLE ELSA QUEEN MARY RAINEY JANICE RANSON HUNTER RAWLS LINDA RICHARDSON MARY S. ROBINSON MARCIA ROIDER DONNALEE ROWE SARA RUSCHHAUPT MARIA SANCHEZ JOYCE SANFORD ANNE SARTORIUS JOY SCHMIDT MARTHA SCHMIDT ELIZABETH SCHOOLS NANCY SCHREIBEIS SANDRA SHAW GAY SHELTON MARGARET SIEGFRIED LETTY SLOAN ANN SMITH NANCY SMITH JOYCE STEVENS PAT STINSON .2 . ' - Q1-,H-n.""x . ,JV 'F7 'QV A I 2 xx .. 5 59 E A! NAI 5 -ff? if I ai I ls . ,X ':! fir 'is f L, 4 Y 5 '5 If V J, S Z, ii 2 wp A T 9! N N XX I .NQ '13 C . lag: - 1 . . 1 Q , -N- S an ws '71 t , x we 6 E2 get 'I ,J g ...L tv! HJ ,SX 61, S' E' X, 30 aj' I ,I 1 . ts. 7- 98 Q. ,,,... ' if .f- ,L 'Q x. v Aw xS I G2 K w A J' X v " ' -J! S I ,Iifq X I 'Q - A 5 QV N Mn, - z' Am 1 , . s . f ,r fi . , X-L I -J -T . , I, . 'Wi 1. jg" ,X 1-v I 'xb X A E ' 5 4 2 N . S . X .Nz l R- r, 4 -' "inf , 'UI E E! ,. i 5 fr Q Abi ,QA 5. . v if QI, 5 . L X WC un1ors select then' rings Iuniors JUDITH STONE BETTY TAYLOR SUZANNE TILLERY LENA TURPIN ELIZABETH UHL BRENDA WADE NANCYE WEBSTER KATHY WHITE JULIA WHITLOCK ANN GAY WIDMER ANN WILEY DOTTE WILLIAMS CAROLYN WILTSHIRE LESLIE JANE YONCE CONNIE ZENO 1.21143 g . H in '29 v 'V' 'Q -41 1 '77 S, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right, seated: Tay Wynne, Marionette Parker, Linda Holt. Standing: Millie Bradshaw 44rl7k.,v Elizabeth Morris, Mary Ellen Kyle, Brenda Matlock. OPHO ORE CLASS OFFICERS MARIONETTE PARKER , . ..... President LINDA HOLT ....... . , . Vice-President MILLIE BRADSHAW . . , . Secretary lo ANNE CHOPPER . . . . . Treasurer TAY WYNNE ,,,.., ..,. H istorian BRENDA MATLOCK . . ....... ..,.,.,..... S eng Leader MARY ELLEN KYLE ,............. College Government Representative ELIZABETH MORRIS AND BRENDA NETHERWOOD Town Council Representatives Westhmnpton Sophomores xi? 'Q ki, ki' I if ' -- A 4. Z: -- sis, 3' If' 0 I ' ' R A '-.1 Gr Qi-r V R aises: 'jf' ,- J' V' I FQ. I "anim, , ,, J '-E' 4? ,, . ll W xx. 3 xx XJ A ' if B 54' D 9 fa: E531 ug' RY 7 N x 5- 9 3 gt il 55 'A A -R+ BY 'L V F 3 4, I - al - px , I Ra- 5 1 .kv , I 1 . 11, ff N N rr GC' - v ,c , 9' M ' Q, ga' ku 54-Q 'J .,-:rf ' J 'rl N w J: I A R. . X X -, S A G 3 5 PAM ADAMS GLORIA AMBROSE LINDA ARMSTRONG PAMELA AUGUST CAROL BALDWIN VICKY BATTS ELEANOR BECK LYNDA BERAN BOBBIE BLEVINS MILLIE BRADSHAW PHYLLIS J. BRADSHAW JACKIE BRANCH MARGARET BRITILE JUDI BROWN SUZANNE BROWN BARBARA BRYANT SARA BUCK MILDRED BURNETT DIANE BYERS SANDY CARMI ANN CARTER HARRIETI' CLAY PHYLLIS CORKER ADRIANNE COX PAT COX JO ANNE CROPPER BETTIE LEE CURRELL KAREN CURTIS NANCY CURTIS CAROL DAMEREL SUSAN DARDEN RITA DAVIS VIRGINIA DAVIS WREN DAWSON DOLORES DeFAN'I' CONNIE DBVANE FRAN DIX EVELYN DREXLER SANDY EDWARDS MARY EVANS WANDA FEARNOW ANNA MAE FRAZIER CAROL GABELER BARBARA GARDNER EVELYN GARRETT PAT GOLDMAN SUSAN GRABLE ANNE GRANT PHYLLIS GRASTY FRAN GUYNN KATHRYN HALLER JACKIE HARPER BARBARA HARTON JUNE HOGE Westhmnpton Sophomores LINDA HOLT 7 9 , SANDRA HORNER A HARRYET HUBBARD 2.: I " 1. U4 F J sr CAROLYN JACKSON A 4, J - . . SUE JACKSON by -5 J J MARTY JETT , J " 1 If R, I fb, '-.J J . 'Q I I' L b V - - J r I J 1 FAYE JOHNSON JS J . -I, A I ' BABS JONES II - O J . , J JEAN JONES J 1 Az- 4' ' L' WS 9- 4-W LINDA JONES 1 f-f Jef ca ROSEMARY JONES A -G f J I "1 NANCY KEETER 'J - JJ K J . X F' , YANCEY KEMP - C- ' CHERYL KERR . MARY ELLEN KYLE M 57 A 5' 'P W9 5' J JANE LASLEY a 4, J , ,Q-7 gk 34 lp . GIGI LINDON g J J IE , J -, MARY MADDUX ' IPP X ,N '- I, I -,J J L I , ,H T '71 z ...S - ,. , JOANNE MARSHALL I - J PAY MARTIN I J f J BRENDA MATLOCK I 95 'ff' ' Q I.. J "' , 'R PEGGY MCCLANAHAN ' Q V 15. GINNY MCCORMICK J I j ' NELL MCGLAUGHON k J ' f Q' ,P ' X N -N s X S '. !9I LESLIE MCNEAL ' ' DALE MINTER IQJ I ., DIANNE MINTER JJ 6 UN :S S- 3' ELIZABETH MORRIS A H: , , I . - NANCY MUNDY I I SX PAMELA MYERS R' .VE A I . ' J I , . N J X . J J I f If BRENDA NETHERWOOD RACHEL NORMAN E JJ Q , MARY BETH PALMER ,X mf 'T 'FN 5' '95 MARIONETTE PARKER dy J aw iq I ,gf SUE PARRISH 5 'U ' TW RUTH ANNE PARS I A I 4 , I, SJ I J I , f' 1 x "s AN JANE PASSAGE ' . J Pr: JEANNE PAULETTE A EE-fx LYNN PINE fn- ' 5 at I 1 9' eg sr WI G WANDA PROEEITT A 1 J, - ... I A G- J J .L NANCY PURYEAR 5 vga -0 JANET RENSHAW JJ J - if ' J J X ' x I " N " AJ SQL Yagi' 4 --' I J Q A DONNA RICE 3 J JO RIPLEY g - I J A ROSALIND ROGERS 6 . -,-S . I, J -' 0' ,- PATSY SAFFELLE f Q., J SUE SALE JAP, - YQ bf . NANCY SAUNDERS J J .J - . ' . . - I . .A R V X N X J X PEGGY SAUNDERS CYNTHIA SHELHORSE SUSAN SHIRK MEDIE SIMS JOANNE SMITH MARY SMITH X . ,E k . .Sw we ' AJ ',J X w . , f-vtv t -"5 W ,J J R. E' I J J I J I Q? I " I L l 4- X, " x Q U, fv- J. r.- fl tk T 'F 3 JY ! J'- r 'Z'-'O Cf JF' C51- Westhmnpton Sophomores i"w.n I. I 71 45, x Nur' . ' f g V 1 K ...,wH.,,,' A u or 'Q' Q 194 . fs l 'Ui 1 lov "1-J A 1-I. Q5 - 'H L if 'SX 1 . '25 '-vX 'EZ' Q fs 'U' N if nf ,Q if .kb . Alf. 552' Those phone calls are important . . .-,.-I ,. SUZANNE SMOLA ANN SNEAD KATHY SPARE KRISTIN SPONSLER THELMA STABLES FLORENZ STITH ANNE STOWE JUDY SWINGLE JANET TAYLOR SUSAN TERRY MARY SCOTT TURNER BARBARA VAUGHAN JESSICA VAUGHAN LINDA WEBB LEE WHITLEY NANCY B. WHITWORTH JUDY WIDENER BRENDA WILLIAMS CAROLINE WINGFIELD MILLIE WOOD PATTIE WOOD JANET WOODEN TAY WYNNE u.!Kf4-7 sl' l . f R Q 1' 'j C, , 4 L FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right, seated: Judy Eastman, Susan DeA1ba, Kay Ramsay, Pat Davis. Standing, joan 48Dk.,v Miller, Carolyn Brewster, Jean Reynolds, Kay Galloway, Kedmn Davis. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS SUSAN DEALBA . , . .... President HARRIET MANN . . . . . Vice-President KAY RAMSAY . , .... Secretary JUDY EASTMAN . . . . . . Treasurer PAT DAVIS . . . .... Historian JEAN REYNOLDS . . .................. Song Leaaler EUTH1-:CIA GUNN . . . . College Government Representative KAY GALLOWAY ............................... AA Representative CAROLYN BREWSTER AND JOAN MILLER . . Town Council Representatives KEDRON DAVIS . . . . . . . . YVVCA Representative Westhalnpton Freshmen I mi 3 V V BARBARA ADKINS ,S 5- A V I 5: - RITA ALLMAN I b , 'F' L, 9 I I K LYDIA ANDERSON 'eh I ts A 'ev -....,N-""' 1 , . I I , A ANN ASKEW X ' I J I ' I, ,. V T I .- PAT ASHWORTH Yr W, , ,uv V MF I ANNE AYRES - V . X V K . , v u, .1 VI' X A M' I. .' Q ' I " ff" Q Q' MABEL BAILEY 'V 'W' I 'T at .Q .'A.. .5 CAROL BASHAW I., P- I T I - Q 1 I VIRGINIA BEARDSLEY 17 I Q I IL , V 'Zip I .W I JAYNE BERSCH X A IS V I , MARY ANN BIGGS 9 C V , STEPHANIE BIRCKHEAD .,c " , i X 'N s Big' V Vw "E BRENDA BISHTOP I f I G5 5 GINGER BLAN ON I Q "Q " 'Eff' V 15, ELIZABETH BOOKER :L M- ,' TAQPR BEVERLY BREITSTEIN 4' L ' . 'Sf E' I CAROLYN BREWSTER . vga I Y A VV I Ei,1 LI BETTY BROWN ' N ' 'Q' ' ' hx X LESLIE BROWN . 'T A Im in SHARON BURGAN I 5: 6. f' BRE - 'N" EDIE BURROWS .. I I A , M. BUTTERWORTH 'll-T g . . , LUCY CARPENTER I I Rv' I 'S-ff 5 I ANN CARR .,' gl' I K . Z , lg x V. - . QI - ,, I CONNIE CHAPPELL 0- F I-I VIRGINIA CHILDREY . , . I, E. CHRISTENSEN I V . DEBBIE COLONY V -, MARTHA COLSTON 9 R, , ,i V ,g BETTY CRAWLEY My f, X , - N 5 . I s. X I PAM CRIDLIN , '57 WP A- JANE CROWDER I- .X as BONNIE DAMRON V ' I KAY DARDEN ' I .3 , Q - JACKIE DAVIS KL' , K I -I . V JO DAVIS , NV, JN ' g . N N Y 'r I . V V x ' f ' Q V 6 I I ' A K Isa? A I. , 1 . . E ON DAVIS ', I I Q' QM I XV , at I, A . LINDA DAVIS , I ,gy - I .: N I I PATRICIA DAVIS .I I ' ' V , A I I V SUSAN DQALBA I V Y - CAROLYN DEAN X V A x I , 5, I - 'Y '-Lf X 'V A .'.hrg.5, , "I ' II Ei , I GERARDA deBAKKER -. A. - - V - 5: 6. SUZANNE dePOIX 'N M V, 'V -' V I Q I JOANNE DEW I , A X ANNE DIXON A I V " I I PAYE DIXON I I V V I I ' SHERRY DIXON - I - I I I I N v XX .V N w ,I f I A SS-4 A ' V . ' V MARY DUTROW - I 1- ,L I s V I JUDY EASTMAN V - 1 I I 'I MIMI EDGE I ,VI A, V I -N . uq A BRENDA ELLIS ., "' QV - j f I 4, W7 JOAN ENSOR I. ' I I ' I I ' , ' KATHARINE RIFE I QX if' xx I R- ' SI . S ELLEN FRANKLIN KAY GALLOWAY GAY OARRETT JOAN GIBES SARA GILLIAM PATRICIA CRIzzARD I L CHARLOTTE GROVE CAROLE GROSSMAN BETTY BYRD GUNN EUTHECIA GUNN JUDY HAMMOND SANDRA HARRIS MARY SUE HASSELL JOANNE HAUFT EUGENIA HENDERSON TUCKER HILLEY NANCY HILLIARD CAROL HINRICHS LINDA HYMAN CAROLYN ISLEY JO ANN JAMISON MARGARET JENNINGS MARILYN JORDAN GINNY JUDO J Jw' MILLIE KAISER LEORA LAWRENCE LUCKIE LEE LOUISE LIEBER JOHANNA LOOCK COLLEEN LUFFSEY BONNIE LUSH HARRIET MANN SUSAN MARTIN ELAINE MAYNARD JANICE MAYS ALICE MCCOLLUM IRENE MCDANIEL FRANCES MCDOWELL BETSY MCINTOSH SHERRY MEYERS JOAN MILLER JUDITH MITCHELL NANCY MORRIs JENNY NEELY ELAINE NEWLON FAYE NEWTON JANE NOFSINGER JANE NUCKOLS ELAYNE PARSONS JUDITH PAULETTE CAROL PAULI PAMELA PHELPS DONNA PLOSS LOIS POLLARD K. Y? A IJ "! X, -2- if .Il 5 A x ,Q , ' ' fx EI' , , -! A Y .7 W. 1,49 . I rv 1, il I .E ,II xx 'Fi w-My .. Westhmnpton Freshmen ,,, - 41 'RI AS' 'I - f,., X23 "I: VY QWMY W t x I f 6' I F. - C i , L ,N is 6 - 1 .1 , , A 'A'- av'-I I' . ..v I5 V , I 5 ip , 'A 39' "W -sri .I 'Tz- " Q Y -- A 1 -C .r. R BY Ei 2 I , .- A R, A 1 I Q- I Cm gf Ji gg . ' I A 16 A - ' f I 9, - -- A A 1 fag:- , VV, EJ XX 3,-TX , .I IM J if 1 Y N 1 as 2. 'bf ' A I 1 -. A F 1 I ' ., I v. I 4-,K ' Ill O A fi., - A 5 A if XXX 2-J TIE 5' J Q-fx -x .Il -C , X - 5 I 1 -N X ' 5? A, f W A ,fi I ,J 1 -I f I I x N I 'X X Q 1 , U 'x ' 2 N -:-'R , A N5 'T 4 I I Aj I w - Y -IE A I I KC' f 5 Westhalnpton Freshmen ,- - '-I I XI Q I . 'J I 5 ,3 :aw 0 fi 1 y E ' I ,G A H '41 , ' . . , I' U' V 25' G" ' 'Vip ' ' I Q L , - O " E .X x 5 . E 'F-s E-E A 5 cf' - I? l J E A N V 4-1 F 1 I if 0 A ' : 1 j. A f f- I 'E' S 5 A N ll gg. J 'A ' 'Wi . ew' is I 9 , :M l , I E I - X 1 . I ' sl I A If I , ,fw 'fx LE -IX' 'I A . I A, I' I , S: 99 7' 62 ' Y I ' 'i E , - N I Xi ll L V ' f , 7, , M., GS I A ,I 'l I , 'H f Qs. 925 'EL QLQZAE Q ,L Qi J -fs 'tu-1 K xx '-fff' 5- .... , .' I ., , 'BFE H., 1 v , :---if T 'V . C 6. JE-hh N." :A " , ,.,, Ii B-x K. f-ar ' an f,I . -n A C K, ' sn I CAROLYN POORE MIMI PROCTOR KAY RAMSAY LINDA RATHBUN MARTHA RAUCH JEAN REYNOLDS BETTY RICHARDSON ELLEN ROBERTS KATHLEEN ROBERTSON HELENA RODRIGUEZ PAT ROONEY DIANE ROSE NANCY ROWAN CAROLE ROYALL BARBARA RUSCUS NANCY LEE SAUNDERS KAREN SCHOESSOW CANDY SCHUMACHER JUDY sco'r'r IRENE SHEPPARD KAY SHPIL CAROLYN S. SIMMONS CAROL SIMPSON MARSHA SIMS GINNY SOUTHWORTH BETTY SMITHSON BETSY SPENCER FRANCES STEWART CAROLYN SUBLETTE REBECCA SUTER BETTY SWEANEY QUITA TANSEY JANE THURMAN SUSAN TOMLIN JULIA TRENT CAROLYN URQUHART FRAN VAN HEUVELN BARBARA vENo BECKY WAGONER JANE WALKER JAYNE WALKER MARY C. WARE MARIA WEBER BETTY WELLS ADRIENNE WILKS KAY WOODY 4 .A V Ex: X 1 V 1 i . 1 3 . ? Q , N S , , V - ii Z , Q V' Q 'ZI 5 1 E 1 "3 jig, - ' , ' 1 , ,fir 'W -fl ' gg.: Q 5 4:11 f 'ff I , -ww, , i A . L Wu-AN. J . ' I E-A-'TX"n A ? ,fm , -1 ' -- ' '-1, - .. - X 7? - auf- , -. Y Qkj- ,Y Y if V, Q - , . gf- 'JL ,,1 ,X-1. -I , f N' ,W :'?:'-V 'K . 1 5. V 1 -Q W , -1. H fflf ' 'A 1' ' . 2--I V . -Z , , ' k i' . . , .- V- , 'w,.g if' W ...-, . :,:.:,4. ,Q X, .M 1 Mff,-'h- V " - , ' W.. ,W N M, x . I -AWE. V, 'il A 1 xl .1 4 ,, ,-MY' : 54154: 1 fm .,, .mx wi? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Norb Beville, Randy Shotwell, Gordon Merritt, Bill Jennings. SE IOR CLASS OFFICERS GORDON L. MERRITT . . . RANDOLPH W. SHOTWELL WILLIAM W. JENNINGS, JP.. . . NORBORNE P. BEVILLE , . JAMES R. FITZGERALD . . MICHAEL M. FOREMAN . . . A . . ..... President Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . , . Senator Representative 41,241.53 -,i 511-VXA' N rh- . -2 ,. .f V - fr: ' - VJ. . - c., Ori... if JAMES ANTHONY ACNEW THEonoEE GERALD ALDHIZER B.A., Economics Richmond, Virginia LEE WOODSON ALLEN B.A., Bible and Religion Fork Union, Virginia B.S., Chemistry Harrisonburg, Virginia Louis S. ALLEN, IE. B.S., Biology Silver Spring, Maryland The Senior Class f 1963 ANDREW GEORGE BACHMANN B.S., Chemistry Newport News, Virginia JOHN G. BARRIE, JR. B.A., Mathematics Yonkers, New York PHLLIP JOSEPH BAGLEY, III B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia ROBERT BUFORD BELTON, IR. B.A., Iourmzlism Roanoke, Virginia A Q X X 1.. :, , A.-13. " 1,2 I A ., 2-. '03 T . I - . 'Qu I., , U-. "- .A ,, A. F41 ,WWA I .V 4 P ' A .1 A' F ir 'Z ' 9 , I I y I . I 3 A Q N ' . xii '--. ROBERT WILLIAM BERGER B.A., Political Science Petersburg, Virginia NORBORNE P. BEVILLE, In. B.A., History Huntington, West Virginia DAVID M. BERLIN B.A., English Berryville, Virginia JAMES RussELL Boms B.S., Personnel Relatibns Richmond, Virginia Richmond College JAMES IUDSON Booman, III B.A., Clzemistry Portsmouth, Virginia ROLAND Bupoan BRANDIS, III B.A., Political Science Falls Church, Virginia E' , ERNEST JUNIE BOYD B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia LARRY LEE BROWN B.A., English Winchester, Virginia -hir! Hi -AJQ55 f.- 56D'k.J 'F 5 A I -1 . Y, ln , .r ' in w J bf gh-gh IOHN EDWARD BUCK, IR. B.A., History Powhatan, Virginia JOHN THOMAS BURCH, IR. B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia ROBERT C. BULLOCK B.A., History Bradenton, Florida PATRICK KENDALL BURKE B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 WALTER H. CARTER, IR. B.S., Mathematics and Physics Front Royal, Virginia THOMAS R. CLARKE B.S., Biology Iarratt, Virginia ii ii- 'Sv' BRUCE EDWARD CATHBY B.S., Chemistry Norfolk, Virginia JOHN GARLAND Cosny, IR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia 1. Aft- .' thun- 'Sf my wi . , MN. ,1 fltg " q i, Q A ' f '1 w ' u ' W 5, ...N ,f ea' f CHARLES W. CURTIS B.A., Bible and Religion Newport News, Virginia ROBERT LOYAL DAv1s B.A., Mathematics Richmond, Virginia HENRY PHILLIP DALTON, JR B.A., History Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM CHARLES DRURY B.A., Biology Alexandria, Virginia Richmond College HERBERT Soon' DUER B.A., Sociology Onancock, Virginia JERRY FRANCHOT EMANUEL B.A., Music Richmond, Virginia E, DOUGLAS PAGE ELMORE B.A., Political Science Painter, Virginia ROBERT JAMES FAGG, IR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia A ai- M , , "Min" i I ' 'QT , , . J, ,V ,.,'. 'P'--F IAMES RANDOLPH FITZGERALD B.A., English Charlottesville, Virginia F ..,. MICPIAEL M. FOHEMAN B.A., Political Science Winchester, Virginia THOMAS RICHARD FOSTER IOHN L. FUGATE B.A., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia B.A., English Richmond, irginia The Senior Class DAVID M. FULLER B.A., Psychology Bluefield, West Virginia DICK D. GARDNER B.S., Clzemistry Abingdon, Virginia - I 1963 DAVID W. GAMMON B.S., Chemistry Petersburg, Virginia GRIFFIN T. CARNEIT, III B.A., Political Science Arlington, Virginia k I I , , ,r 1 ' I7 .1 X.. bf' "-N. WS' sig-us S J 1 rf WALLACE E.. GARTHRIGHT, IR. B.A., Mathematics Cherry Hill, New Jersey BILLY JOE GILMORE B.A., English Clinton, Missouri WILLIAM GARLAND GERMAN ii M G B.A., History Dutton, Virginia DAVID Ross GOODE B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Richmond College LESLIE GRANVILLE GOODE B.A., History Richmond, Virginia JACK C. GRADY, IR. B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia DANIEL EDWARD GRABEEL B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia STUART VICTOR GRANDIS B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Li , B s i .fl 41.2159 N in 60Di,v .nz-. ROGER WILLIAMS GRANT, III HARRY A. GRAY, IR. B.A., English and History McLean, Virginia B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia WALTER SAMUEL GRIGGS, IR. R. BAXTER GRIFFITH, IR. B.A., History Richmond, Virginia B.A., English Richmond, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 GEORGE GRODZIOKI B.A., Histmy Sunnyside, New York CHARLES JOSEPH HARVEY B.A., History Richmond, Virginia fn ROBERT WAYNE HARMON B.A., English Richmond, Virginia ROBERT GLENN I-IASTY, IR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia ,1 , N-A is Db YQ ' V H fe- iv ' - zv- - ' 'xi -5 1 NATHANIEL WARD HATCH, Ja. B.A., Political Science Chester, Virginia Guy MONHOE Hrcrcs, IR. B.A., Spanish and French I Richmond, Virginia . y X 'T ROBERT ALBERT HENNING I B.A., Political Science Emporia, Virginia HERMAN FISHER HICKS X B.A., Bible and Religion Henderson, North Carolina I Richmond College JACKIE F. Honcns l B.A., Histonf ' Norfolk, Virginia v CLAUDE R. I-IOGGAED, III l B.S., Mathematics Q Richmond, Virginia W1LuAM THOMAS HOGARTH B.S., Biology Iarratt, Virginia FRANK WAYNE HORTON B.A., Political Science Raven, Virginia A Aa ' ..,. ,fif- A i,,rr, 0,2161 fi' .. fi, -.Cs x ,fx PHILIP TAYLOR JACKSON EDWARD MICHAEL JARRETT B.A., Music History B.A., History Alexandria, Virginia Newport News, Virgini WILLIAM W. JENNINCS, In. LARRY BERT KING B.A., English B.A., Political Science South Boston, Virginia Arlington, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 ROBERT WILLIAM KINLEY WILLIAM DONALD KNIGHT B.A., Psychology B.A., Bible and Religzbn Summit, New Jersey Lancaster, South Carolina EDWIN L. LAMBBRTH, In. MICHAEL G. LAMBIOTTE B.S., Chemistry B.A., History Norfolk, Virginia Newport News, Virginia ,A-S so W Y w ma., X .ni 5 so S J Q...-u 'i' I ,r-z., if Q ir' ri A ' - e 1 -ci, ,, 'ix rs... NORMAN E. LASSITER, IR. B.A., Political Science Chesapeake, Virginia FRED DAVID LINKENHOKER B.A., Bible and Religion Roanoke, Virginia I yi - .E as ' T1-f ff " .MW Q.,-.. r X 1 K ff' ' DABNEY BENNETT LEE B.A., Political Science Roanoke, Virginia JOSEPH HERBERT LIVELY B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia Richmond College HOWARD WAIKINS LovE B.A., English Richmond, Virginia ROBERT EDWARD MEIGGS, III B.A., English Hampton, Virginia JACK ANDREW MARCOM B.A., Psychology Fredericksburg, Virginia GORDON L. MERRITT B.A., English Annandale, Virginia . 'f 'ugfgfgva i ami, 7: EV-. I " 1 x M- ' T f .Q B' 4. ein., 1 iii! I 3 if 'HI' 5 r X 's E95 ' LJKI63 x 'ii r " u I- ,ML s-up -Q' 1 I me Q QQ-V' 4 r w 64D'iJ ALBERT EDWARD MILLAR, IR. B A En lish . -, S Newport News, Virginia CEPHAS W. MORTON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia CHARLES RUSSELL Moons B A En lish ' -l 8 Newport News, Virginia WILLIAM E-ARLE NETILES B.A., French Richmond, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 JIMMY LEE NICKELSTON B.A., Bible and Religion Nlartinsville, Virginia ELwoon MANSFIBLD OBRIG B.A., Political Science Summit, New Jersey 101-IN THOMAS NUCKOLS B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia CARL LEE OUSLEY, Jn. B.A., History Holland, Virginia 'xanax' Xt -eezik, A ,Q I ' E . X, N-.-f A 73" v ' . 1 V. 47 I 'ix ,L , N .X Q v1 n ??'Wi Q I A A G. WAYNE POARCH B.A., Political Science Emporia, Virginia ALLEN LEE PUFFENBERGER B.A., Bible and Religion Luray, Virginia Coounca A. PORTERFIELD, In. B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia RUSSELL LENWOOD RABB, In. B.A., -Political Science Richmond, Virginia Richmond College Gnoncn RAYMOND RAPP B.A., History Wayne, New Jersey ARCHIBALD ROBERTSON, III B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Qs-a-., I- FRANCIS EARL REIBSAMEN B.A., Psychology Waverly, Virgnia DALE GLENWOOD ROBINSON B.A., History Wilmington, Delaware r y I ei- X W- ' S L..!fl65 66j7k.J Qi- 3 l H V . ' ' -.9-. N -,ac H. WILLIAM S. ROYSTER, JR. WILLIAM STANHOPE RYAN, In. B.A., Political Science Cluster Springs, Virginia WALTER JEROME SCHWARTL B.A., Chemistry Alexandria, Virginia B.S., Chemistry Baltimore, Maryland THOMAS G. Seccm B.A., Sociology Brooklyn, New York The Senior Class i 1963 RANDOLPH W. SHOTWELL HARVEY WATSON SKINNBR B.A., Political Science Criglersville, Virginia STEPHEN BENTON SLAUGHTER B.A., Spanish Bremo Bluff, Virginia -any B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia GERALD L. SMITH B.A., English Fredericksburg, Virginia mai Wg W q' tv, if 5? Q1-L.. is , '.'-5 P 1 ATM M' A S. STROTHER SMITH, Ill B.A., English and Political Science Richmond, Virginia GERNOT Fmnnmcn SPALLEK B.S., Chemistry Dortmund, Germany THOMAS CALDWELL SMITH B.S., Physics and Mathematics Richmond, Virginia WALLACE Aucusrus Sownnn B.A., English Elberon, Virginia Richmond College JOEL ,IOSEPH STEMPIL B.A., Political Science Arlington, Virginia ERNEST Soon' Simornnn, B.A., History Arlington, Virginia IR. OLIVER JOHNSON STONE B.A., Philosophy Bassett, Virginia LEE I-IASKBR Srnoun, II B.A., Psychology Portsmouth, Virginia ,1 K ,Q r -1..J!f67 ii-if A ? .x 'N 7... ' 'UN 'C-n D THOINIAS BRAGG VAssAn, II B.S., Physics and Mathematics Richmond, Virginia BRUCE CARTER WArnansoN B.A., Biology M Richmond, Virginia . :A-.fy , ,, JOHN WILLIAM VAUGHAN, In. B.A., Political :Science Portsmouth, Virginia ri-'ERRY M. WELBUIAN B.A., Bible mid Religion Richmond, Virginia in--, 1 L T 1 5 I The Senior Class 4 i.-rf 68j7k.J i 1963 WILLIAM N. WHITFIELD B.A., Psychology Rgiohmond, Virginia GEORGE CURTIS WOMBLE, In. B.A., History Portsmouth, Virginia H. IOSBPH WILLIAMS, In. B.A., Chemistry Staunton, Virginia Louis G. WONG B.A., Philosophy Brooklyn, New York if In-:QQ if 4s"""' l 1 1,5 A . WLS-, .J h - , , '-. " ' -H:-.'f.."" ' . - J" ,ti i I!! Q . , K ig 3 'f 'x 7 'I 1 -Vi , 1 - I FL.- JACK BER YAFFA Roy CARROLL YOUNG Louis I'IENRY ZINCONE, IR. B.A,, Sociology B.A., Political Science B.A., Political Science Pennsaukcn, New jersey Collinsville, Virginia Richmond, Virginia A view from R Hall fN4I69 'YODKJ JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Jim DeAngelis, Howard Lee, Barry Sharp, Eddie Cohen UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS HOWARD D. LEE . , . EDWARD S. COHEN . I. DAVID MCDONALD JAMES A. DEANGELIS BARRY G. SHARP . . . GERALD L. PURYEAR . . . President Vice-President . 4 . Secretary . A . Treasurer . A A . . Senator Representative Vu Iuniors --. K HANK ALPERIN BUD BAKER ALAN BALABAN LUTHER BARDEN BEN BARONIAN 1' un., JEROME BECKER MAJOR BENTON ILA - A ., J J WILLIAM BLAYLOCK , , fi I ' I 1'2.""W STEPHEN BLOOD X' J. 9' ROBERT BREWSTER I . W B 1 fAmf JACK BRUCE 7' -I 'Q 55' BILL BURTON WILLIAM CALDWELL JAMES CALES 'Tr' JOHN CAMETAS . . I ,J ,,. I , ' , - I "1 .. BOYD CAVE 'S A '57 3 9 'R' 9 , 'Q' ' I FLOYD CHURN J 5. I I , , 1 Q THOMAS CLAY - - IJ - ' C I A FLOYD CLINGENPEEL I "fs F EDWARD COHEN I , 4. 'P , K Aff CARLOS COLEMAN FRANK COLLINS 5. J . 5. 5 MELVIN CRANE I ,Q -C ART CROW Q ' ' v . KEN CROW 5 -- A ' ' , OLEN CULLER an 'W M 7 3 Q TN 'i DON DALE . gy FRANK DARNELL , --ff GUY DAVIS 'Q' 5 JAMES DeANGELIS , JOHN DEETER gg W 25: .. 'UH I , , CHARLES DICKINSON L A0 HX I :J L OTIS DOUGLAS I ay BOB DUNVILLE JOHN ELLIS LA? 4? A E XG' Qq HENRY ENCK ROBERT EVERETT THOMAS FLETCHER DOUG FOUGHT DECKER FRAZER if 'Q- I Q Richmond College MAL FREEMAN BILL GARNETT RICHARD GARRETSON ED GARRETT JAMES GARRETT CHARLES GESHEKTER RON GILMORE BARRY GOLDIN ROBERT GORMAN BOB GORMUS BILLY GRAHAM FRANK GREENWALT AL GRUBB RALPH HALLIWILL CHARLES HARTZ BOB HARVEY TRAVIS HARWOOD ROBERT HASH TOM HILL RICHARD HOLCOMB JULIAN HOLLAND RICHARD HORTON HENDERSON HOWARD HARRY HUTCHERSON JIM JEFFERS JERRY JENKINS EDMOND JOHNSON JIM KELLY JOSEPH KEssEL WALTER KIRBY WAYNE KNIGHT JAMES LAWLESS HOWARD LEE TED LINEBERGER SHERWIN LITTLE RONALD LIVELY GERALD LOFSTEAD LARRY MARANGOS CRAIG MATTHEWS GORDON MAY A A--A, I, 'New . ,iii 'his-.., 9, , . Q'-1 05 I-'Z-Q bf' 'T' .X .L Q afvqg Case HRSA' i ' bv. - gf 4"-11121 sg, jr? L. ' it W I 'N ' A T WW x I I A 'DRI as A I fs iw 9 fm I G-O' "R Q ,"? 1731! ---' as-Q ,N -i 'SE Q. is 33 2. 1 TT? gf: 21 rv A P w vnu., I I 4' 1 FU" . ...X -- 3 K 9 Y vi- , ! 36" s", '. In Y' .' ft' iv lx... Nr 6. , l 54:2 - R' -. 'aw aaa -5 ,I 012 5- , 9 6 ' Q 5, Q"!qI if Juniors REUBEN MCBRAYER SAM MCCORMICK DAVID MCDONALD DANIEL MCFADEN MALCOLM MCGREGOR JOHN MCKENZIE ROBERT MEADOR ROBERT MEARS STUART MEDLIN EDWIN MEYER BURNETT MILLER AL MITCHELL WESLEY MONEALCONE JOHN MOREAU DEAN MORRIS JIM MULLEN DARRELL MYRICK DAVID NELSON JAMES NICHOLSON WILLIAM NOBLES RUSSEL ODLAND JERRY OWEN RALPH PALMIERI LOUIS PASTORE ANDREW PASTORIUS DONALD PATTEN ROBERT PATTON JOHN PETTENGILL GORDON PORTER STUART PRINCE RONALD PUGH JERRY PURYEAR WILLIAM RANSON RUDOLPH RAYMAKER JIM REYNOLDS BUTCH RIST JAMES ROCKWELL THEODORE ROWE JOSEPH SABATINI DAVID SANDRIDGE Richmond College ALLEN SAUNDERS KENNETH SCHONFELD MARVIN SCHWARTZ BARRY SHARP SILAS SHELBURNE RUSSELL SILER JERRY SILVER ALFRED SMITH ALVIN SMITH WILLIAM SOMMERS BRYAN SPELL RONALD SPENCE MEL STIRISS EARL STANLEY JOSEPH STANLEY JOE STROMICK STEPHEN STUTZMAN K. 37' we Q Q DOUGLAS SWEENEY JOE TAIUM WARREN TAYLOR JACK THOMASSON JACK THOMPSON GEORGE TILLER CLAUDE TOLBERT WILLIAM TOLBERT KEN TORREYSON WILLIAM TUNE BOB TURNER JOHN VITTONE BUDDY WAITE CHARLES WALTON JOHN WEAVER LESLIE WEBB CARLEN WEEDER JOHN WELLS OTIS WHEELHOUSE ALLEN WHELESS JOHN WHITE-HURST TOM WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMSON GEORGE WRAY HARLESS WRIGHT ARCHER YEATTS :fir -fU'N.' Q 4-14.11 6 1 1' Q- vx .Lb I 'Cf ' -.:. 6 , ,,.- I 4433. 63 4. W ! Y fftgl ' , 'F A J JS 2JSL AJSLSJJ V K . A I.. JM . ki, V ' ' an- If X G uv-J , . -ff: N P'-7' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right, first row: Don Roberts, Ray Robertson. Second row: Townes Lea, Harold Dumas, Jerry Parr, Anthony Barcellona. SOPHO ORE CLASS OFFICERS RAYMOND ROBERTSON . . , ANTHONY L. BARCELLONA . . TOWNES LEA, IR. ...,, . . HAROLD B. DUMAS . , . ARTHUR PARR, JP.. , . DONALD F. ROBERTS . . . . . President Vice-President . . . , Secretary . . Treasurer . . . . , Senator Representative L.Jff75 GERALD ABBOTT CARROLL ADAMS WILLIAM ADAMS NORRIS ALDRIDGE GEORGE ATWELL MICHAEL ANDREWS CLAUDE AREHART JIM ARENDALL ROBERT ARTHUR JIM ASHWORTH JACK AUSTIN GEORGE AUX BERT BAER CHARLES BAHEN JOHN BAILEY STEVE BAIN RUSSELL BAKER SAM BALL A. BARCELLONA JOHN BARNETI' HAL BELCHER CLEMENS BOELT DAVID BOOTS ED BROOKS GRAY BROUGHTON BAILLIE BROWN DAVID BRYDON SPENCER BULLINGTON JAMES BUSH BUz BUSKIRK ROBERT CADOW JAMES CAMPBELL BILL CARPENTER STEPHEN CARPENTER JAMES CARR JACK CARROLL WILLIAM CLARK STUART CLOUGH LARRY COLEMAN BOB COLGIN HAROLD CONNER BILL COOGAN RICHARD COOK JOHN COURTNEY TAYLOR COUSINS WENDELL CREWE EARL CROUCH JIM CULLINAN LAWRENCE DAVID ROBERT DAVIES CARL DEMO DANNY DONLON HAROLD DUMAS SENNET DUNN Richmond College Sophomores JL- .. -u. f I B ln is I 1:5 R- I 9' , A :L ' . J A if A I Limb .l iiilf QA KB .L I A C 3 Q 35- I 1 I QQ ' I -. gg, an... , ., , W OL OR c ,IQ -I ,gb il 45 .475 - . W? .J av QQ 5. N L. tb 'C' I ' A :N ?"ff I A 4 ug - 'I 12 11" v I f sf 5519 get J mn , 'T J ew- I IQ-SEX 93 Q ag- Ilffw ff: U eng' 1 Q' 5" ff, 5 R- AL Z. .5 A 1 5 35 15. 'UWIIJ Q I I 4. Y I Q?-pf L-q-'JA O Q1-R Q "Og Ia 19 1 . 5. la .. an Qin- . ,Tru I: Avg. . fl A , , , wgs , 'Q , - " I my - " - ' li' X " 1,3 - 5 Q' N Richmond College Sophomore-:s Q. I Ivy fi , ,ik 'U V.. I G2 9 r bg' S7 I V . b-9. Q A el Shu I. -iw-. ., ,if V' .., A A A- ' 1 .xg . Sr . I -- I1 QQ Q- X ' Q Q- J. iw 'ist .1 A Lg. L L,- F ' Yu L ,' .L , s X Q I-"ff V ' ,. A+' A 4 iff" N 9 ' x x , J I , H636 """."' ' 4, ' 44 V 4, yx 4' Qs .aw .ip . L l-my! s X - . un..- hi? ,- .95- 69 'E' ,- th 1 '44-1 'HQ v Ld 1 ,WX X is-I is- ' "1" nh 34 Iw- O f Til .. T , ' 5' 1 5 51 I ,Q Wa Y . ,ji Qin' Rs I , 3' Xl ,, A I J J J ,Aff gg, -gs: V J ' A., I if" S .'1 ' OOC ' I Q STEWART DUVAL WILLIAM EARLY BURRIE EAVES GARY EBBELS BARRY EDEN NATHANIEL EDWARDS RICHARD EDWARDS LARRY ENGLISH RAYMOND ENGOTT CARL ERICKSON DENNIS FABELLA BUZZ FALKS GILBERT FERGUSON STANLEY FINK ROY FORD RONNIE FOWLER LANGHORNE FRANCIS WAYNE FULLER DICK FULLERTON MILTON FUTRELL JAMES GARNER JIM GATES THOMAS GOODMAN JAMES GORDON D. T. GRAY JAMES GREEN MASON GREEN DAVID GRUMBLATT HAROLD GUY DOUGLAS HACKNEY MICHAEL HALE MELVIN HARRIS WAYNE HARRIS ROBERT HAWKES KENNETH HAWLEY WARREN HAYES GEORGE HAZELTON THOMAS HICKS LARRY HITCHNER LARRICK HOCKMAN JOHN HODGE RICHARD HODSDON AARON HOPKINS JAMES HORNE ALEX HOWELL WILLIAM HOWELL GEORGE HUDGINS BOB HUNDLEY DAVID INGRAM WILLIAM JENKINS ASHBY JOHNSON REGGIE JONES POWELL JOYNER MICKEY KELLER MIKE KIPP MICHAEL KUSHEBA MORTON LAMBERT FRANK LASLEY RICHARD LAYTON TOWNES LEA RICHARD LEVIN POWELL LIVESAY GEORGE LONDEREE JOHN LONEY EARLE LONG JAMES LUCK JESSE LUMSDEN SANDY MacLEAN JOHN MANEY ROBERT MARCHANT AL MARKOW RICHARD MARKS HOWARD MARLEY JOHN MARRIOTT JOHN MCCLOUD RONALD MCCONNELL ROBERT MCDANIEL DENNIS MCENTIRE RICHARD MCEARLAND WILLIAM MCINTIRE JOHN MCMICHAEL ROGER MEACHAM ERIC MERAHN CECIL MERCER JOHN METZ ED MILLER RYLAND MITCHELL KEITH MONROE EARLE MOORE PEYTON MOTLEY REUBEN MUSGRAVE DANIEL NORMAN BRYAN NUCKOLS CLIFTON O'BIER RONALD ODOM STEVE O'NEILL DOUG OSBORNE RUSSELL OUTTEN TOM OWEN DICK PARKER JERRY PARR VINCENT PARRISH DON PATTERSON ALLEN PAULETT CURTIS PAYNE DICK PETERSON BOB PHILYAW LEE POTTER Richmond College Sophomores lg " N45 qs- 51 lf- I C' C R- E fy-I 1 I IE ' M XA I- 4 A. . K ff lx, J - O v- J . X 5 In O 9 -'RJ -O F A "r:f"' I J A 'I , I Q1 1 4 ' 3, .N K R ' N '-Y. f 'L-I 3 Q Y A I 3 Q Q 3 Q r I I iq N , 9? V+' g I LLC wh, V, by LEX. -.I Q , . I .J E . I ' E . , ,... W Q 5 Q1-:Tv Q' 0 gg.-. .ffl X at 1-,, N 1271- 15 'View J - Q' J , is 'yd' I 5: 3- 1 'C 'K' Ai" lj S! 'cr FHS'- Richmond College Sophomores gg .Y 'tv wp. i ef- gf I ml 1'-Sq bf I Q!-A 'vv-7 F 'si EQ 15: A 'F ' L. 1:5 5 A F C Fi- A1 X ' ' 4-Av - '31 I , N 5 :htm . thx' 3- I . A ww . I bf x I 45:7 . "Sf ':'x' I, N 3 - ' .i,.-UWM A T, 'V E' Q YC f' 255' 31? 4, 'sf' '6- Q- LP, ,aL I Q El- lpn 7 nf H' Q :E ' vw? N K Q c-tm, ziggy, 1, qw O xx 'Cs' -1' I in ,T is tl- K it Qs. '11- Qt' TF" f 1 pg 9 3 V' 63' Q ' an -of- 1' M , i I ! F QQ If A. EDDIE POWELL JAMES POWERS LINWOOD POWERS LARRY PRYOR A. P. REYNOLDS CHARLES REYNOLDS PHIL REYNOLDS FIELDS RICHARDSON JAMES RICHARDSON CLARK ROBBINS BARRY ROBERTS DON ROBERTS RAYMOND ROBERTSON JAMES ROSE WILMER ROWE EDDIE ROYSTER GENE RUARK TONY SAKOWSKI CHARLES SAMUELS ROBERT SANDKAM WILBERT SAWYER FRED SCHNEIDER MICHAEL SCOTT RUSSELL SCRUGGS STEVE SELTZER JAIME SENDRA RICHARD SEWARD REID SHEAFFER ROSS SHEARER ED SHRUM ROBERT SLIS JULIAN SMILEY . BILL SMITH KENNETH SMITH LOUIS SMITH JAMES SPICER DON STEELE WILLIAM STEINMETZ JOSEPH STIES LEWIS STORY JAHN SUMMS RAY TATE LANDON TAYLOR WILLIAM THOMAS EMMETT THOMPSON THOMAS THOMPSON GEORGE TODD STRAN TROUT JAMES TUCKER STANLEY 'IUCKER TOMMY TUCKER HORACE UNDERWOOD JAMES WAGONER JAHN WALL ROBERT WATERS HANS WEIDMANN SAM WEST WAYNE WHITE VERNON WHITE LYNN WILLIAMS RONALD WOLFSON DANIEL WRIGHT COLEMAN YEATTS LOGAN YOUNG ROBERT YOUNG 801722 r-' ,J FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Lefl to right: Larry Spigel, john Girardi, Mickey Kirby, Gar Wood, Carlton Colllns FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS MICHAEL W. KIRBY MORTON I-I. I-Iomss .... . . . CARLTON COLLINS . GARLAND A. WOOD JOHN GIRARDI .,.. LARRY SPIGEL . . . , IR. , . .,.... President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . . Senator Representative BOE ALLEN EREDDIE ANDERSON JAMES ANDREWS FRANK APPEL JOE ARONICA BILL BAILEY DON BARNES ANTHONY BAROODY JAN BATEMAN BOB BAYLISS JON BELDING BILL BLACKWELL WILLIAM BOOKER ROBERT BOSTON WILLITS BOWDITCH LAURENCE BOYCE CHUCK BRAGG LARRY BROWNING DONALD BUTLER RONALD BUTLER CREED CALDWELL HENRY CAMPBELL JOHN CAMPBELL EDWARD CAPPS DOUGLAS CARPER TOM CARWILE ROGER COLLIER CARLTON COLLINS TIM CONNELLY RUSS CONRAD WILLIAM COOPER RICHARD CORBIN ROBERT COTTON LUKE COUKOS BOB COUSINS WILLIAM CRAWFORD DICK CULLISON CARL CUSTALOW MERCER DARDEN JAMES DAVIS EDWARD DEDGE HARVEY DIEHR THOMAS DILDAY GEORGE DIXON RALPH DRAYER CHARLES ELLIOTT RICHARD ELLIOTT CLAUDE EVANS SZIDKJ A Richrnond College Freshmen pl-Rf ' .. I , J Ik . L., K 'Q V 1' lg 'f A- . I Us Q I "' 'Y' .- R . 1 .. L Vx . X J N h I..- 3 'LII sv ch 6 . I3 ..1, lg J. 'S' gg: JW., I.. - . 5 . K n 5-n... i ,L fi A 1 W. subm- . 1' " 6' 1 All A 492 45. -fs, 'E' I A ...J 5 1 1 -ar 'I Li'-TF? ., ii 'REG' Q J, ,f , III 5' '-'W-QW ' N x A . 5' L- B., TEV I 4 Ia -2 Ii' 24 s, f .- he 'Q ' . ,I .1-Y! ' " - T' I' L- CT! I M QI 1 I . L J GQ 4 0.-. 9.35. 5+ sf'-'fr ' G. rf-4' 1 NL 3754 .ib- 'in- NL 1915: .J - A 1 'F-5 Richnlond College Freshmen -I-..-J f . Q nr ' -5-' S' CN Q GQ 1, i- u4. ' Qs- I- I A Q . S A,-v .. fi Q, IN V' QW,- V I I I ISS? Q. A In HI J if ...- 33 I ' ll: xxx, . J I I Ae. CI Q14 ICQ? Q Q Q . I I' 4 A I 6 I-I I Gi-cp .hx . S Q' V. i NI 5, ..f:,, t , 1 L. .C , by . S Eb I If EARNEST EVANS JOHN FARNOR JOHN FARRAR RALPH FAULHABER HANEY FAYED WALTER EELTON JAMES FERGUSON RICHARD EISCHER CARL ERANKSON OLIVER FRAZIER ROBERT FRICK JOHN FRY ROBERT GARDINER JAMES GARNER ROBERT GAZZOLA JOHN GIRARDI FRANKLIN GOODMAN TALMADGE GRAHAM A. B. GRAVATT BOB GRIZZARD ED GROVE JOHN GRUNDY CRAIG HALBLEIB JAMES HALL FORREST HAMILTON WARREN HARRIS MASON HART RICHARD HAWKS SKIP HEINEY DAVID HIRNDON HORTON HOBBS FRED HODNETT BOB HUNGEREORD JON HUNT JERRY JACKSON HARRY JACOBS RICHARD JAINCHELL ANDREW JARRETT ERIC JOHNS ANDY JOHNSON PETER JONES WILLIAM JONES MICKEY KIRBY DAVID LEAKE JOHN LLOYD HERBERT LONG RUDY LUETHY CHARLES MacFARLANE 1.2183 Richmond College Freshmen .Eb- ALAN MARKOW ,J ' BOB MAKOWSKY A ,I BUD MARTIN 5' fy, , J RALPH MAY ' r. EUGENE MCDONALD A , A -5 .. DAVID MCILWAIN ' A I A ' A A I KJV HOWARD MENDELSOHN MARC MINTON DAN MULLEN I '05 QI 'R '- TOM MUMAW I - I I. BOB NICHOLS f 'Q-,A DAVID NICHOLS BILL NUCKOLS A J 1 FLOYD O'BRIEN I ,. J- JAMES O'BRIEN 3, F: ,-.7 W' LEYCESTER OWENS If A X - JOHN PACKETT I CHARLES PALMER I 1 F W 53, 4. F -S JAMES PAUL A BILL PAYNE Q THOMAS PAYNE 95 'F 'Q' 'P MAC PERKINSON DOUGLAS PERRITT FRANKLIN PHILLIPS WILLIAM POLLARD WILLIAM POWELL WILLIAM POWERS DAVID PRICE JIM REESE BOB RHUDY EDDY RICE GLENN ROBERTSON Q 1 BUD ROWE JIM RUSSELL JOE USSO DAVID RUST ,Y "V JOHN SAVAGE A WALTER SCI-INEE I I 'A I A g DAVID SCHREIBEEDER . I .J 1, FRANKIE SCHULTZ -5- fx ALBERT SHAHDA LEE SHELBY l . I SPENCER SILVERBACH PETER SMITH g WILLIAM SOLARI 5, BAILEY SPENCE f LAWRENCE SPIOEL CLARENCE SPRENKLE 84j7xJ A3 'I llg. 11 . I, wx ' I I k I A Q' 'C' 'ff- C se: 5 ss' ,.4.,. , Y' LEA 5234? YQ Q,,li L. X. 4? 'W f MBAQ 'lla- 5' fam' fl 7 L..- .1- ' s.- Isp '57 4 ' -iffy A 5 'F 1 1: -SJ? 'SP vfv f I Richmond College Freshmen 1: X R: ' BOB STAHL Q fv- Q l , 7-I: , -ft. GEORGE STERLING EVERETT STRATTON MICHAEL STRAWSER DONALD STRONG CHARLES SYDNOR ig 5 I I A AUBREY TALLEY Q, ue- 'an ,. WAYNE TALLEY , . ,R F: W9 ll T' 5:5 " GIL TAYLOR 3, A J f 'gs J A. LARRY THOMPSON ""' I ' I -1-5, TED THORNE I , BOB TISDALE A I Q t R 1 'W usa" gg: -I Qu. 'Rw- EDWARD TOMLINSON Q, Q JAY TRONEELD ' JOHN TURNER LEE UIIL WARREN VANDERSLICE RONNIE WAGNER fx 7 WALTER WALESKI '29 ' ' -7, E ROBERT WALKER , ff I 9 A JERRY WALTERS '-- ROBERT WEBBER DON WEEKS ROSS XVELSH DANIEL WILKINS 'B , ROBERT WILLIAMSON A 45 z:-. GARLAND WOOD GERALD WYATT 21- 1, nf: MARTIN YEDIES JEFFREY ZWERDLING A popular spot for all . . . -1,2185 School Of Business Administration ,I EJ , " J - A . : av A 1 .7 , 'A 1 " -'I 1L-i' ' ' ' J 3 15'--4 ' i -1-f',.x , 2 9 ' 1 V 'X'-. . 3 ff J! vu!! -d"" ' I x' A 1 -',!7.'-:pgs M, -.N f L ..,,,' x J , uf G" . J -. 3, p . 1 A ,W,--,....r ,M J, ' A' ,',"',,f"""""""'w J ,,g 'J -px -.Fw-f Y V U ,.. ' V l, n,of:"""""' f f f' , ' 's , ,, .. if "' X ss v 4,--0' I .1 ,J ,,..f -""' ' , , , , ., ' F I U n t 7 f-- 'xi W .1-1"'.'A 'ze , W, .W V 'f9'+-- -A 3, 1 J'-' 'Ni' ' Z'P!5'f'5f 1-6 ' -I 1 7"1Y1'3 J lf' raw no-Q TY? ,qw 'Vs NJ gf ,,., ,,., .'7F4"FQ gli 3- Sli P: 'Q 'i::"r wife 11, lf. if, i 9 RZ' ,w, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left lo right, sealed: jerry Robertson, Mac Dirom. Slnnding: Decker Bristow, Nick Eubank, Phil- lip Wade. SENIOR CLASS OFFICER JERRY ROBERTSON MAC DIROM , . . NICK EUBANK . . DECKER BRISTOW PHILLIP WADE . . , . . . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary A A Treasurer . . Senator 0.2187 .-"QL, I I I 1 DAvrn KEITH BAKER B.S., Economics Newport, Rhode Island RussELL CHRISTIAN BAUR B.S., Business Administration Richmond, Virginia "' D R , Cunrrs LANE BALLARD B.S., Marketing Fuquay Springs, North Carolina JON NELSON BOLLING B.S., Marketing Fredericksburg, Virginia The Senior Class ,E Q i. , f ! if-'ff -,.- 5 ' 1 NELSON DBGICER Bmsrow CHARLES LACY BruTrA1N 88 Dix' B.S., Management Amburg, Virginia JAMES DENNIS Bnoo1cEn B.S., Marketing Waynesboro, Virginia S3 ek 1 5' in C Kia L nAn B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia HARRY L. CANNON B.S., Marketing Salem, Virginia 15: L Q ,.,.g.4'q5.,,N .-N 'fi ' its 'ay I ' + is w I gf Q1 ' - L-1 M A buf: CHARLES WESLEY CLOE, III WILLIAM ALLEN COLLINS B.S., Accounting B.S., Management ' A f Richmond, Virginia Bowling Green, Virginia gf'- N ' BARRY L. Coornn ELMO GARNETT Cnoss, In. B.S., Accounting B.S., Accounting ' ' , Scranton, Pennsylvania Hanover, Virginia Q I '2I:-Lgifsgr ,gm-. ' df- Win School Business Administration , 4 x DWIGHT V. DEMASTERS JOHN MQWANE Dmom l p B.S., Marketing B.S., Marketing Waynesboro, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia JACK RUSSELL EVANS NICHOLAS LANSING EUBANK B.S., Accounting B.S., Business Management Scranton, Pennsylvania Richmond, Virginia as-Q.:-a hi ! fi' m.ZKf89 QOIJXJ g HonAcE LEE FORD B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia CORNELIUS I. GOEREN, jr.. B.S., Marketing Maplewood, New Jersey uh ROBERT S. GALARDI B.S., Accounting Winton, Pennsylvania O. MAXEY GRIFFIN, In. B.S., Marketing Buffalo Junction, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 WALTER DIXSON GEIEFITII B.S., Accounting Johnstown, Pennsylvania CLIFTON UPTON HAYES B.S., Marketing Newport News, Virginia his WAYNE I. HASKINS B.S., Finance Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM W. HENDRICK B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia 'F dp L Rm I F' JAMES EARLB HILDENBRAND B.S., Management Baltimore, Maryland HERMAN WAYNE HUDGINS B.S., Accounting Highland Springs, Virginia School Gif 'Tr' JOHN P. I-Ioncxzn B.S., Management New Canton, Virginia ELLIOTT A. HUDSON B.S., Marketing Baltimore, Maryland Business Administration THOMAS EDWARD HYNECK CHARLES Enswoam JENKINS ' ' B . Ma ement B.S., Economics and Finance Southington, Connecticut Mourxnun S. LANIBR, II B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia V. . . - U' - ..-.,- MX-3. A ff 4 X Wbqxd .S , nag Great Falls, Virginia CHARLES C. LEBBR B.S., Economics Red Lion, Pennsylvania i 'i!,N1s f' ' :QS-"L'f U. if ' 1 1 B ' 4 92" A '::- if Q.. Req if 1' 7 0,2191 I L gi..-g ' in , KENNETH FRANKLIN LEE, IR. CLAUS RICHARD LEIIMANN N B.S., Business Management B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia PAUL ANSEL LEWIS Louis JOSEPH MATI, In B.S., Marketing B.S., Management Falls Church, Virginia Richmond, Virginia The Senior Class I Q H963 JAMES WILLIAM MCCLUNG CHARLES M. MCKINNEY, J B.S., Marketing B.S., Accounting ' Richmond, Virginia Suffolk, Virginia - -, g Silver Spring, Maryland . ., e ang Richmond, Virginia IA ,fr '. JL ' w,,5.,'lf1t'Qi'k?' L STEPHEN BARRY MILLER JAMES ELLIOTT Momus, I B S Accountin B S Mark t' I 'fe H x. vm New K ' Q Wx i JAMES EDWIN MULVANY JAMIL MAJID NAJM B.S., Personnel Management B.S., Personnel Management Richmond, Virginia Sidon, Lebanon WILLIAM EDWARDS PAscoE, III WAYNE SULLIVAN PAUL B.S., Finance B.S., Business Economics Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia School Busmcss Adm1n1strat1on JAMES MCCORMICK PAXTON BINFORD EARL PARKER, JR. B.S., Marketing B.S., Business Economics Suffolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia JERRY J. PEZZELLA, JR. B.S., Business Economics Norfolk, Virginia B.S., Economics Orange, Virginia WALTER THOMAS PRICE, JR. N l, 'L ,Dil N ul!! 93- 1: HAROLD EUGENE PUGH GRAHAM KEITH RAGLAND B,S., Management Hurt, Virginia JOSEPH B. REYNOLDS B.S., Marketing Newport News, Virginia B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia ALBERT M. ROMUALDI B.S., Management Hershey, Pennsylvania The Senior Class f 1963 JOHN IVIARILN ROSE B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia ROBERT EUGENE SOARDOEOUGH B.S., Managment Newport News, Virginia IOHNAI. SANDY B.S., ccounting Scranton, Pennsylvania GARY ALBERT Scorr B.S., Personnel Relations Boothwyn, Pennsylvania -'- R5 L , ,.N:,,:'r-Q: MJF" A 'Vx i 7' if ue., in me r A N XKX9 H Q 1 f W , , -.M . cv " . A Q Y is s , an - '1 1... ' Sq. SYD WENDELL SMITH, IR. GERALD MATrHEws SPIVEY Z" B.S., Marketing B.S., Management 4 n Portsmouth, Virginia Richmond, Virginia fm Ck DAVID LEONARD SULLIVAN, III B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia School JOHN E. SULLIVAN B.S., Management Lebanon, Pennsylvania Business Administration LEONARD EDWARD STEFANKO B.S., Accounting Scranton, Pennsylvania ROBERT ALLEN STUBBLEPIELD B.S., Marketing Williamsburg, Virginia ROBERT G. STEWART B.S., Management Deltaville, Virginia CHARLES M. TALIAEERRO B.S., Industrial Management Richmond, Virginia R.. 745 ,7 X if .nfs u.!KI95 ins. 96j7k..,v 'UB i b . N ELMER ROBERT TOLER B.S., Management Dabneys, Virginia GEORGE WADE TYLER B.S., Business Management Richmond, Virginia Q .15 RUBERT HAROLD TRENT B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia EDWARD WHITMAN WADE, II B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia The Senior Class f 1963 PHILLIP MONTAOUE WADE B.S., Marketing Sandston, Virginia BENJAMIN M. YEAITS B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia 'Ov l5 CLARENCE E. WILLIAMS, III B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia RUSSELL TAYLOR YOUNG B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia I N I 'Gt , Ny. - - ,. .gi 'Ka-4 'lsr JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right, seated: Robert Jepson, John Telepo. Standing: William Howell, Olvm Shorter W1l IU IOR CLASS OFFICER ROBERT S. JEPSON D , JOHN TELEPO . .... . WILLIAM STRICKLAND VVILLIAM HOWELL L EDWARD L. SCHNEIDER OLVIN M. SHORTER . , . . , , . President Vice-President . . . Treasurer . . . , Secretary Representative . . . A . Senator School Of Business ALVIN ALLEN RUSS ALLEN ASHTON ARCHER LYN BAVER LARRY BOPPE JOSEPH BOWDEN DOUGLAS BOWERS EVERETTE CLARK WILLIAM COLLINS ARNOLD COTTOM WAYNE COX BILL CROXTON EUGENE CRUMP KEN CUSTALOW BILLY CUTTS ALEX DANIEL LINDSAY DAWSON GALE DEACON DON DOUGLAS DOUGLAS EDWARDS WALLY EDWARDS PHILLIP FINCH MICHAEL FIRST JOHN FOX DALE GAMES JOHN GORDON BUDDY GREEN GARY GUTBERLET JAMES HIGGS JAMES HILL BOB HOLSTER WILLIAM HOWELL ROBERT JEPSON TERRY KINUM BILL 'LACY RUFFIN LEE FRANK LEONARD TERRANCE LERCH JERRY LINDSEY GLEN LUTZ 'JV' E-A -6- dsf- L . -Jw. J .sr MET . ..- :I-gy., is , 5, nA ,Rf Rxs, E. f' . 'F' tb .J , I gil , - fs ' f . Aix i l 5 in B-15: 'E' 'Q as If , G' N , -7- 1 -- -R . I 1 I 3 ii , ms, A H' If '36 lug:- G- 1 A ""' 1 J, ' Q I EE 4 X A 1 W I 7 - . 'i I A FO gp., agsl ILA' X5 I 'Eff A A lf Juniors DANIEL LYTLE SHERMAN MALECH WYATT MAPP MICKEY MARKOS STANLEY MARSHALL ALAN MCNAMEE GEORGE MCNEAL KENT MCNEW ED NEWMAN WILLIAM NOONAN BARI NOVEY FRED PACE JOHN PALOCHAK GEORGE PAYNTER TOM PEACOCK HERBERT PETERSON KEN PHILBRICK JAMES PHILLIPS TOM REYNOLDS PAUL RICHLIN DENNIS ROZUM BILL SAVAGE EDDIE SCHNEIDER JOHN SEWARDS MARTIN SHORTER BILL SMITH PETE STAVREDES WILLIAM STRICKLAND 4- , JOHN TELEPO JAMES THACKER BILL THOMAS CHARLES TIBBS FRANK VANDEVORT JACK WADE RUSSELL WARREN ERNEST WHITTINGTON JOHN WIGGS WARREN WILLIAMS ALEC WILSON DAVID WORKMAN RICHARD WRENN GARY WRIGHT BARRY ZELL --........,. .,,. ...W Q f , ':,e2t. " -' f N J V f QE 1 I , ,X .4 . , an ,, aww ,tp -,, 5 Eff c lv .19 --1: - 1 if R 1 . "rv - , I .W F " 1 1 lu-Q I WILLIAM IRVING BANDAS CHARLES RODNBY CHAPMAN Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia it I LOWELL KENNETH CLARKE FREDERICK H. CREEKMORE I if 3 Norfolk, virgioao Norfolk, virginia of-f fl 1 5. v " 5 3 R THIRD YEAR LAW MACK T. DANIELS JOSE RAMON DAVILA Chester, Virginia Richmond, Virginia CHARLES EDWARD DUKE ROBERT WEBSTER DULING Alexandria, Virginia Richmond, Virginia 'lk migvf o iii Y, Q. ff Lffl 101 J I I Xxx-A K J gl ll ,u f NJ: 102 JQKJ P' I ww-.J ,Q 54 Y" to EDWARD WILLIAM EARLY ARTHUR CHARLES ERMLICH M -A Charlotte Court House, Virginia Portsmouth, Virginia " CLAUDE CRISP FARMER ALBERT JOHN FITZPATRICK Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Third Year Law JAMES JUDSON Fox JAMES WILLIAM GILLIAM Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia SUSAN MARION HAGERTY ROSZELL DULANY HUNTER, III Cranbury, New Jersey Suffolk, Virginia I , ,, vw- Mm.. A .5 ,iii 'VL ffm: T J,7,,,,-tg V THOMAS BENJAMIN INGE, JR. PHYLLIS ANNA JOYNER H ' "I A Kenbridge, Virginia Windsor, Virginia ' i R ROBERT PARKS JOYNER IAMES I-I. KENNEDY ' 4 g Richmond, Virginia Bedford, Virginia I' ' im,,.... T. C. Williams School Of Law DONALD HALL KENT Q Danville, Virginia Newport News, Virginia ARTHUR GRINNBLL LAMBroTrE THOMAS RODMAN LAYMAN Richmond, Virginia Blacksburg, Virginia Hu T av... """"',m ' GORDON RUSSELL KBRR, IR. Bs- 'ig- 2211 103 'W 1- PANO JOHN Lmros MARILYN EVON Locxwoon - Charleston South Carolina Beulah Michigan f - . iiii l ,I , 4 4, '4 His. 1 4 , Li fy 1 ,Wa- ,-fL Q ,Wulf 104 Dig' HERBERT IVAN MEYER RIEGINALD PHLLIP MORRIS ' Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Third Year Law WILSON CURTIS OU'1'I'.BN, R. I Portsmouth, Virginia CHARLES BERNARD PHILLIPS Tazewell, Virginia LYNN BIRON OWENS Richmond, Virginia CHARLES JOHN RBNICK Roanoke, Virginia Kes Z4 .f "7 L7 'W 5,4 .i':. A "' GERALD RUBINGER N. LESLIE SAUNDERS, JP.. Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia EDWARD EARLEY TANGUY, Jn. WILLIAM G1uEE1TH THOMAS ' Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia ' Mi ,- W I l T. C. WHIIRIHS School Of Law GEORGE MEREDITH TRIBLE, West Point, Virginia R. KENIVBTH WHEELER Petersburg, Virginia I' .sgs ,I H-,ff III RICHARD WEIGHT WEST Richmond, Virginia THOMAS Scorr W1NsToN Chester, Virginia 'QW i V .143-FY' 1. fig! ,A , Y i . "I" I A ' i i EQ A Z 1 , , l I w I aff! 105 Second Year PAUL BARBERY BOB BEALE BRUCE BEAM CHARLES BOWLES ROBERT BROOKS ED BRYANT BOYD COLLIER JOHN DAEERON JOHN EOLKES OsvALsO OIL RALPH GOLDSTEIN PAUL GOODE STANLEY GRIFFIN HARVEY HARRIS MARVIN HILLSMAN ROBERT HYMAN LARRY JONES JOHN LAMPROS ALBERT LILLY OSCAR MAHAN BOB MANN MELVIN MANNING ARTHUR MARIS A. MATZANIAS JOHN PAPPAS VON PIERSALL GERALD SKLAR JOHN STUMP BILLY SWANNER EDWARD TAYLOR LOUIS TREOLE RANDOLPH WEST JAMES WHITLOCK HARRY WILLIAMS RICHARD ZORN 106 JPXJ if i H6142 W U in K., l QF 454 TU' I'-if I 1, FJ A A 6--f B-. 6 ' "I I I" eq. Y I FS. I I-1 or! I gs- X, ,- qx I I b A is X F QF' Q . -'xx T' mama , 54 , j- 5 QT' .5 4, A il A A T, v- Q 1:2 . W. it-rv , . .1 ,ng IU!- QF T-v .7 -1:-9 3 QI ,I G., " tr' J iv in-s in I 'fl' ,Q sf ":" 75- 'x fr- .- ,,.. Q we P.. E- Alun ' I "IN fv- ' L J' '- QU '61 J inn- 'ss .v ' o ,--Q I N N F' lx .: I I AAQ 43 'ky If 1 :gk 3. 6' 'AI '71 '73-'-X ':.':f' IGS 'T O '5' 1 6, IX Q Q sw g ,Sr First Year WADE ADAMS NICHOLAS ANTONAZZO O. T. ATKINSON BILL BAYS EARL BELL EDWARD BETTS DALE BIMSON HOWARD BRODSKY ALLAN BUFFENSTEIN WENDELL CALL JOSEPH CANADA C. CARTWRIGHT HENRY CROOK GEORGE DAVIS MARVIN EVERHART WILLIAM FULLER SHOCKLEY GARDNER SAMUEL GENDERSON ROBERT GILLETTE JOHN GILMER STUART GLASSER HOWARD GOULD AL GRAVETT HENRY HOPKINS GORDON HUMPHREY BILL HUMPHRIES GROVER JENNINGS JOHNNY JOANNOU HARRY JOHNSON LEWIS JOLLY JERRY JONES PHILLIP JONES WILLIAM KERR PATRICK KEITH LARRY KEssLER LAWRENCE KOONTZ BOB LEONARD JOSEPH LEWIS DAVE LUONGO FRANK LYNCH First Year JOHN MAGILL STEPHEN MARGULIES WATSON MARSHALL WILLIAM MARSHALL W. A. MCFARLANE JAMES MCGILL RALPH MIRARCHI T. J. MOORE MICHAEL MORCHOWER ELTON MOSKALSKI KENNETH NYE ALFRED OWINGS STEPHEN PROCTOR JOHN P. RAWLINGS PETE ROBEY EDWARD ROUNTREE RICHARD RUEDA LEE ROWAN HARVEY SCHLESINGER WILLIAM SIMS ROBERT SONDE J CHARLES STANZIALE WILLIAM STEPHENS FRANK TAYLOR JOHN TAYLOR CHRIS TERRELL CLARK THOMAS JOE WEAVER DAVE WEST THOMAS WILLIAMS NORWOOD WOODARD 108 jbxj x Q 4 Q i I 1 4 This too is a part of college life. fe LZQIIOQ i S., -4 as 5. . J, . " sh V. ' .Q sf' - L41 sfmii 1 W 59 " Env 'Fig-'Tf' '24 .TW , . 'Ph' sf 2 'Q 4. 6 1 fc 'su -- D' 7 ' 5:54- x ' fl ' I?" ' r':f5.1i,2,a,'tV :Q v . -af' v .. ,, ,Q.Vi,:!... Pi AAA., . ,, ,, L .Y ,+- .4 -wk as 4. 'A ff' 11 ba .- " ufxv ww . 1 ,pr-4. 1 4 - l ,.,.CfQ- ' , K,-., . ak? my 1- ,, fn, E ff, .V .,-,wi 7 . -wg: 'll' . W... if ee :Vi 355-asm Ali? 4 K 1 x 1 l f , Z! N x , t I N , WESTHAMPTO CGLLEGE GOVE N MEN T ASSOCIATIO v 5. BETH HOLLAND r President ft COLLEGE COUNCIL. Left to right, first row: Barbara Gardner, Beth Holland, Charlotte Hines, Judy Cooke. Second row: Pat Long, Margaret Brower can Morris Pe Dail Ada Allen. Third row: Euthecia Gunn , J , ggy , , Beth Edwards, Elsa Queen, Mary Ellen Kyle, Carolyn Wiltshire. When Westhampton College was first opened in September, 1914, the College Government Association was established. Its president, Celeste Anderson CO'FlahertyD, and the dormitory president, Louise Reames Cl-lundleyD, presided over the Honor System, the College Covernment organization, and the Residence Council. The original organization has been revised through the years to meet the needs of a studenit body which has grown from eighty-two to six hundred. The Westhampton College Govern- ment Association, with its honor system, is prized by the student body as its choice heritage. W7 T? 111 1..- Yi' NORTH COURT RESIDENCE COUNCIL. Left to right: Fran Guynn, Lee Hill, Carolyn Wiltshire Donnalee Rowe, Pat Bankes. SOUTH COURT RESIDENCE COUNCIL. Left to right: Sally Abel, Ann Cosby, jean Morris, Cecelia Stiff, Nancy Holland. TOWN COUNCIL. Left to right.- Elizabeth Morris, Brenda Netherwood, Pat Dix, Bev Davis, joan Miller. HONOR COUNCIL. Left to right, first row: Jean Morris, Beth Holland, Judy Cooke, Pat Dix. Second row: Carolyn Wiltshire, Bev Davis, Nancy Holland. Lili 113 RICH O COLLEGE STUDE T GOVER JOHN VAUGHAN President STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS. Left to right: Archie Yeatts, Phil Bagley, John Vaughan, Russ Siler. Every student who enters Richmond College is a member of the Student Government Association. The purpose of this organization is to function as the supreme instrument of government in regulat- ing the affairs of the student. ln retum, the student is expected to cooperate with his fellow students by taking an active interest in the association and by help- ing to encourage and uphold high standards of honor in all phases of campus life. The organization of the Government Association is 'modeled after that of the national government: executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. The executive branch is headed by the presi- dent and includes the other officers of the Association. The House of Representatives and the Senate form the legislative branch while the Honor Council is the judicial branch. 45 1, g'x ff' HONOR COUNCIL. Left to right: Ted Rowe, Tony Sowkowski, Roland Brandis, joel Stempil, Mike Foreman, Bing Garthright, Barry Sharp, Tom Benton. SENATE. Left to right, seated: Bus Garnett, Archie Yeatts, John Vaughan, Phil Bagley, Russ Siler, Dave Gam- mon. Standing: john Girardi, Allen Puffenberger, Reggie Jones, Wayne Harmon, Bill Blaylock, Joel Stempil, jerry Parrel, Roy Young. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Left to right, first row: Bill Taliaferro, Jac Cales, Gene Lassiter, Henry Dickin- son, Michael Jarrett. Serond row: Richard Cook, Carlen Weeder, Eddie Garrett, Eddie Cohen, Bob Colgin, Wesley Monfalcone. Third row: Barry Goldin, Larry Spilgel, Bill Bailey, jam McCloud. 1.21 115 SCHOOL OE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STUDENT GOVERNMENT mr 1' ff vrwr 'el as-. f : if -- k . V I . 1 I 4 , I . V 1 ,-Q i Iii r V: 45 Q.- STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS. Left to right: John Horger, Buddy Williams, Wayne Haskins, Bob Stewart, Dennie Brooker, Bill Pascoe, Ted Hyneck. ROBERT STEWART my President The Student Government Assoc-iation of the School of Business Administration counts every full-time student as a member. It was established by the students as a self-governing organization. Its pur- pose is to represent and further the best interests of the student body and the entire school. A constant effort is made to bring about co- operation and efficiency among the dil-Ferent student organizations. The guiding principle of the Association, its component bodies, and its individual members has been honor. All its actions are motivated by the spirit of personal responsibility and individual integrity which are the recognized fundamentals of character to be found in the School of Business Administration. ok Us HONOR COUNCIL. Left to right: Butch Jepson, jerry Robertson, Tex Hudson, Jerry Pezzella, Eddie Snyder. SENATE. Left to right: Buddy 'NVil1iams, Bill Pascoe. 0.211 117 THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW xl 'il 'L J .- A ' ' 14' LESLIE SAUNDERS President J X! 4' .-5 ,.,fa!z'EfE?f- ,z::g+e:a. El! The T. C. Williams Student Bar Association fulfilled its purpose of supplementing the law student's curriculum by actively sponsor- ing many varied functions this year. Comprised of all the students of the Law School, this organization attempts to function for the benefit of each of its members. During the fall, the main concentration was the accommodation of the first year students in adjusting to their new surroundings. A very thorough orientation program was arranged. This was followed by a smoker to enable the new students to meet informally with the faculty and upper classmen. Other Hrst semester activities included the annual dance following the Bar Exam and the Christmas party for underprivileged children. In the spring the Bar worked in organizing Law Day which was held in conjunction with the Alumni. Also the spring picnic was held as the last parting gesture prior to exams. ffl! f M .gy " f'W'T V 'FV W 5. Q 5, K. KH 'M gg In lp ia A 1 1 I .ai f-M 9 f'??! P W 'S- I 1: , ff. N. I W, ,Q gr-..1, v ' Rf XF fffprjl gf J, Ffa. . XIJJ' 'Nx 1 , , wr X' ff ff' ff' af JT 3 -M, f I x'x,.e XJ, kLy:,,,,i 'f.,YQf,?f 'KN N .1 ,.f v' 'Q ,, If 1 f , Lf df, ,gf giivx. " '--Q ff-agiik f ,N wxxxxxx -.L XX , x. RQ xxx - I NAS WI X 4. if Y H i V in 1- jf H!! 'H 'V fi 'll 1 ,F 5 b I : , 'V BX r QQ .4 Q .xxx 'Q -4 , ,4- 1, w. A, ,ff jj V' gp' ' V - ' fi 4 'MW RN ig I riff! ff XXXL XR ff' asf LQ ,,53'xZRg,A S' OF 'J- RICHMOND FDUTBALL 4 ' gl - r . P ig E QM We 78 X x P f f Z 25 FOOTBALL TEAM Left to rzgbt first row Head Coach Merrxck J Kessel, M. Ricleout S Stevenson B Ventura G Rapp J Yaffa B Vann S Percy J Pesansky B Klmger Coach Eaton Second row: Coach WISE B Shelton R Tate D Foutz B Waxte A Mitchell M Smelzer B Sommers B Drobney G May J Gxllen Coach Wilt. Tbzrd row Coach DeFalco J Vxttone F Mancuso K Wxlbourne L Deco J Deeter J Loftstead B Marchant D Hodsdon, D Porter J Hllton Busmess Manager Caylor B ,A - .la 'Q f - ps 131232895 e if if, V v per 1 . fe 22448 4 Fourth row: Coach Downing, J. Helvin, B. LaPrade, L. Duty, B. Silvi, J. Stromick, K. Labik, K. Kressler, N. Aldridge, W. Hayes, F. Brock, Athletic Director Pitt. Fifth row: Equipment Manager Graham, Manager C. Robbins, M. Hughes, T. Peacock, K. Stoudt, R. Smith, Q. Vallei, Manager B. Zell, Trainer McNeal, Coach Humbert. k Yafia, and Brent Vann The 1962 edition of Richmond's football team finished the season with a 6-3-0 record, best since 1946 C6-2-21. The Spiders won all sig games, the last five in a row, with tremendous come-from-behind e orts. Coach Ed Merrick's boys opened the season with a close 27-26 win over East Carolina after trailing at one point 26-13. The next three games found the Spiders on the short end of the linal score. Southern Mississippi University scored early and held on to beat the Spiders on their way to an undefeated season, VMI caught Richmond dragging and easily whipped the Spiders in the biggest dis- appointment of the season. This loss changed the attitude of our team and although they were beaten in their next game with VPI, the team showed great improvement. Making their second out-of-state visit, Richmond pounced on Boston University's mistakes and won 14-7. The next week Richmond received national notice as the Spiders rallied three times to nip Cincinnati 21-20. In probably the greatest comeback in the University's history Richmond rallied to score two touchdowns in the last four minutes to heat George VVashington 17-14. Mel Rideout kicked a record 45 yard field goal earlier in the game. Wiiining their fourth in a row the Spiders were assured of a win- ning season, the first in seven years, as Davidson fell before another Richmond rally. The season was climaxed with a 15-3 win over arch-rival William Sc Mary. Once again the Spiders rallied for two fourth period touchdowns for the win. Nine Spiders ended their varsity careers with this win. To these men we pay our tribute: Brent Vann, Jack Yaf-fa, George Rapp, Mel Rideout, Joe Pesansky, Bob Klinger, Bill Ventura, Steve Stevenson and Stewart Percy. Richmond Edges Carolina 27-26 The University of Richmond opened its 1962 football season with a thrilling 27-26 win over a surprisingly strong East Caro- lina team. Nine minutes after the Spiders' season opened fullback Tom Peacock plunged one yard for Riclimond's first score. Later Mel Rideout hit halfback Stewart Percy with a 22 yard scoring pass and a 13-0 Spider lead. Ar this point the Pirates rallied to take a 20-13 lead into the dressing room at halftime. After falling behind 26-13 on the sec- ond half kickoff Richmond took charge of the game. The defense led by Jack Yaffa, Fred Mancuso and Bill Ventura kept the Pirates in check while the of- fense rallied to drive for two touchdowns, one in each period. Ken Stoudt drove two yards for the third Spider score to narrow the gap to 26-20. In the early minutes of the fourth period Ken Wilbourne scored on a three yard run and Rideout added the winning placement. SMU Drops Spiders 29-8 Traveling to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the Spiders met a tough Southern Missis- sippi team. Tak-ing advantage of two pregks the Southerners took an early 15-0 ea . In the third period Southern Mississippi added another score on a 51-yard run by halfback john Sklopan to make the score 23-0. Sklopan also scored the second South- ern touchdown on a 52-yard run. Without quarterback Mel Rideout in the lineup the Spider offense found the going rough until Bill Silvi took charge and directed the team downfield. The first drive stalled on the Mississippi seven, but the second drive put Richmond on the scoreboard. A seven yard pass to Iohn Hilton climaxed the drive. Silvi completed 11 of 19 passes for 146 yards to provide some happiness for the few Spider fans in the 29-8 loss. 124 px, Stoudt blasts over through a big hole Q54 Haliiback Brent Vann lflf- X . . - S - 3 Center Jack Yaffa I ,J .- ta, gk QQ- 1 1 - wr. 2 F u I Wilbourne over for the score Q """ Sommers, Deco, and Kessel 524 . lead Van around end 'Xi , Quarterback Mel Rideout Stevenson tackled after a 39-yard gain End George Rapp T I i lv ! VMI Over Richmond 21-0 The Spiders opened their Southern Con- ference season at City Stadium against VMI before 11,000 fans. The Keydets caught Richmond down and scored an easy 21-0 victory on their Way to a South- ern Conference championship. VMI led by only 6-O at the half, but after a first period drive stalled at the VMI 20, Richmond could do nothing right and VMI nothing wrong. A fumble on the Spider seven and a pass interception gave VMI two second half scores, but they weren't needed. Richmond gained only 35 yards rushing and 17 yardspassing during the long night. The less said about this game the better. Gobblers Trip Spiders 13-7 VPI, playing before a large homecoming crowd, rallied to score a touchdown late in the fourth period to beat down a de- termined Richmond team 13-7. Tech took a 7-0 lead in the second period after driving 41 yards. Richmond then put their offense in motion. After taking the kickoff, Mel Rideout directed the team downfield. A ass to Norris Aldridge gained 35 yari. Another to John Hilton put the ball on the 19. Brent Vann went 15 yards off tackle to the four. After driving to the one, Rideout rolled out around right end untouched for the score. Standing out on defense for the Spiders were Dave Porter, Larry Deco and Vann. 0.241 125 Richmond Whips Boston 14-7 Richmond got back to the winning ways with a 14-7 win over Boston University at Boston. The Spiders dominated play in the first half but were on the short end of a 7-0 score. Boston recovered a Spider fumble at the 43 and moved for a score in seven plays in the first period. Taking the second half kickoff, the Spiders drove 75 yards for the tying score. A Mel Rideout pass to Brent Vann covering 62 yards was the big play of the drive. Ken Wilbourne drove over for the score and Rideout added the conversion. Vann scored the clinching touchdown later in the period when he fell on a Boston fumble in the end zone. Ken Stoudt stood out on offense for the Spiders picking up 91 yards in 15 carries. Cincinnati Falls Victim to Spiders 21-20 Stewart Percy threw and completed his first pass of the season to climax Rich- mond's tremendous uphill victory over Cin- cinnati 21-20. Richmond trailed three different times by 6-0, 12-6 and 20-13, but each time came roaring back to take the win. Mel Rideout enjoyed one of his better days as he threw three touchdown passes. His first went to end Bob Drobney and covered four yards. Later, with only 28 seconds left in the half Rideout hit John Hilton with a 12 yard pass. P1ideout's conversion made it 13-12 at the half. In the final period and down 20-13, Richmond started the winning drive from their 28. Moving downfielcl on P1ideout's passing the Spiders scored on an eight yard pass to Hilton with only 1:50 left on the clock. Down 20-19 Coach Merrick faced the task of going for the win or the tie. Going for the win Rideout pitched out to Percy who faked a run and hit Hilton all alone for the winning point. Defensive standouts included Larry Duty, Dick Foultz, Jim Helvin, John Deeter and Fred Mancuso. 126 my Drobney misses connections on Rideout pass Tackle Joe Pesansky "1 E I 791- is 'H Oil-5 1 F dy .1 qlx "1 fi' l if Da . Tackle Bob Klinger Rapp brought down by two Carolina boys ' I Richmond Rallies to Top GWU 17-14 Down 14-3 with only four minutes left the University of Richmond made one of the most amazing comebacks in the Uni- versity's history. Taking the ball on their own 40 late in the fourth quarter, Mel Rideout hit Hilton with two passes taking the ball to the GW 37. After a running play Rideout hit Hilton on the 13, who lateraled to Stewart Percy for the score. Playing the greatest game of his career John Hilton caught eight passes for 138 yards and set up both touchdowns with pass completions. Richmond scored touchdowns with 3:09 and 1:10 left to play to get the win. The Spiders tried an on-side kick and recovered on the Colonial 48. Once again Rideout passed the Spiders downfield. Presently interference was called against GW and Richmond had the ball on the one. Ken Wilboume drove over to give the S iders the win. Riclleout scored Ricl1mond's Hrst points with a record 45 yard field goal in the first period. ,R Wildcats Dumped 28-20 For the fourth time Richmond had to come from behind to pull out a victory as the Spiders defeated Davidson 28-20. When the much heralded Mel Rideout to John Hilton combination was broken up by the sidelining of Rideout with an injury late in the third period, Coach Ed Merrick found late game heroes in Bill Silvi and Warren Hayes. Midway through the third period Rich- mond trailed 14-6, but at this point Hayes entered the game and carried the ball to the three. Hilton then snagged a jump pass to tie the score. Hilton scored again on an ll yard pass climaxing a 63 yard drive. Steve Stevenson set up the score with a 39 yard scamper. With seven minutes left and Rideout injured, Silvi took over the reins and di- rected the Spiders to the winning score. A 21 yard pass to Brent Vann set up the final score. From the nine Hayes drove over for the score. oft 127 'ine Spiders Rally Again, Topple Wm. 8: M. 15-3 The University of Richmond climaxed a very successful football season with an- other one of their famous comebacks scor- ing two touchdowns in the last four min- utes to better rival William 8: Mary 15-3 and take a 35-31-5 lead in the series. The Indians took a 3-O lead on a field goal by Steve Bishop in the second quarter and it appeared that's the way it would end until late in the fourth quarter when Ken Stoudt stole the ball from the Wm. 8z M. quarterback, Don Henning. Passes to John Hilton and George Rapp put the ball on the one from where Larry Deco drove over for the winning score. Mel Rideout's placement put the Spiders in front 7-3. After the kickoff William and Mary was unable to move and lost possession when a hard charging defensive line recovered a loose ball on the Indian 25. ln five plays Richmond scored again when Stewart Percy drove nine yards for the six points. Bill Ventura snared a pass from Percy for the extra point. In all, no one among the City Stadium homecoming crowd estimated at l0,000 should have been surprised by the Spider comeback. Itis the way Richmond had been doing things all year, winding up with a 6-3 record-best since 1946 C6-2-22. The Spiders won the last five in a row and completed all the victorious turns with a come-from-behind effort. Spiders set up a shield for a Rideout pass . S' . N- Halfback Stewart Percy lj L FOOTBALL COACHES. Left to right: Head Coach Merrick, Backheld Coach Wise, Line Coach DeFalco, End Coach Humbert, Freshman Coach Downing. ,,. an "RL-L -A' I Coach Merrick gives word of advice Dean Gray announces referee's call AHL, 1 TNA rf. Teammates watch, add encouragement Pre-game huddle aids morale CROSS COUNTRY The cross-country team suffered through a long season this fall as Coach Fred Hardy rebuilt his forces for the future. The varsity team will lose only one man, Herbert Duer. Returning letter- men include Harvey Patterson, Abner Anthony, Murray Rosenberg, Bruce Stuart and Carlos Coleman, who was unable to compete this year. The freshman team looked extremely well this year and some of the better runners included A. B. Gravatt, joe DeStefan, Charles Barrett, Bill Day and Donald Barnes. The Richmond Hurriers met four Southern Conference teams and partici- pated in the Virginia Track and Field Federation Meet and the State meet at Lynchburg. The season was climaxed with the Southern Conference meet at The Citadel. Conference teams met included Davidson, William 8: Mary, West Virginia and Virginia Military Institute. The cross-country course stretches out over the entire campus and covers four miles for the varsity meets and two and one-half miles for freshman meets. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Left to right, first row: Herbert Duer, Harvey Patterson, Bruce Stewart, Murray Rosenbur, Abner Anthony. Serond row: Don Barns, Dan Mullens, Tom Mumaw, Bill Day, Joe DeStefon, David Chaulklin, Coach Hardy. TR Coach Hardy and captain Harvey Peterson ,P 9-N0 'Nr f ' 'ixqfflbliiflg 1 X Q, - df . A 04- . , . i' TRAC, T V ,L A 5 5 0 gi . Q' 0 1 f, ' if -, xia?'MU4V' SQA' 6 Q' musk ,V- onncrxct . w Q . r A 1. 'T fi" A ' i wwe' I g 1 ? , a .5 I x r . M ' sv'-2. Y ' l ' xl .5 if K J- A .tl h , li , 5 I A. jil -I xv JU.: ' I RTICI 1 X 1' lk 1 f A 1 N Q-iq f at 5. -,a ff' team captain James Morano and coach St. Cooper. RIFLE TEAM The University of Richmond Rifle and Pistol Club enjoyed a winning season again this year with high hopes for an even better one next year. Participating in 21 matches plus the Southern Conference Tournament, the Spider rillemen are led by John Courtney, James Cordon and James Morano, president of the club. The varsity team is composed of four sophomores and six juniors. Witli all varsity men returning plus a fine group of freshmen marksmen coming up, the Spiders' future does look bright. The freshmen team has done very well this season winning the Eastern Virginia Rifle League championship. They are paced by John Matter, Walter Greenwood and Richard Krause. Sergeant Alan R. Cooper, coach for the teams, has organized a pistol squad and has high hopes to have intercollegiate competition next season in this new sport. RIFLE TEAM. Left to right, first row: Edward H. Drove, Clinton E. jones, Robert C. Roberts, John Matter, Floyd H. O'Brien, Frank Cervarick, William Salari, John Russell, Charlie Bahen. Second row: Francis Schultz, Jon Belding, Walt Greenwood, Richard Krause, Rob Gardner, Stanley Yusko, James Tuck, James Rose, David Steffon. Third row: Sgt. Alan Cooper, James Gordon, Louis Pastore, John Courtney, James Morano, John Ellis, George Aux, Robert Bruster. gi-n-v I WT' Av' 2-L 459' Xu: jf ew nv- T' BASKETBALL TEAM. Left to right, first row: john Telepo, Bill Burton, George Grodzicki, Danny Higgins, john Vaughan, Buddy Enck, Tom Tenwick. Second row: Assistant Coach Mills, Hugh Hockman, Ronnie Fowler, William Sutphin, George At- 132 1722 SPIDER ASKETBALL 1962 and 1963 Danny Higgins-Captain. 4-'Q ff'- Q- Len well, David Boots, Doug Hunt, Horace Underwood, David Workman, Coach Hooker. Coach Hooker and Assistant Coach Mills The University of Richmond Basketball Team suffered through its fourth consecutive losing season finishing the 1962.-63 campaign with a 7-18 record. Coach Les Hooker started practice with sixteen men on the team, but injuries and academic difficulties reduced the squad to eight at the end of the season. Undoubtedly the Spiders would have fared better if all the men could have played throughout the season. Only two seniors were on the squad which points to an improved team next year with seven lettermen returning. Opening the season the Spiders put up a great battle against VPI, a team that had upset third ranked Kentucky in a previous game, before bowing '76-68. It was 38-38 at the half with the lead changing hands thirteen times, Tech's biggest lead being three points and Richmond's five points. john Telepo had 20 points to lead the Spiders with Buddy Enck adding 19, 12 in the first half. In the home opener the Spiders fell before Virginia 59-50. Rich- mond outscored the Cavaliers 19 fieldgoals to 18, outshot them 38.895 to 37.5'Zi and outrebounded them 39-36, but lost due to 21 loss posses- sions and some effective foul shooting by Virginia. Telepo scored 19 to pace the Spider attack. Richmond led 44-39 when cold spell killed winning chances. -tjq 133 Higgins starts to drive by McCormick of WVU. West Virginia's All-American Rod Thorn was sidelined with an ankle injury and the Spiders put up a great battle for 32 minutes before running out of gas, losing 78-59. Richmond led 33-30 at the intermission after owning a 30-21 lead in the first half. George Grodzi- cki scored 12 points and controlled the defensive boards in pacing the Richmond attack. After dropping their first three Richmond scored their first win of the season with a 70-56 victory over Baldwin-Wallace at the Arena. Leading only 31-29 at the half, Richmond turned to a running game and broke it wide Open and with 13:45 to go led 45-34. S iders shot at a 47.495 and controlled the boards 57-33. Grodzicki 17, llelepo 16, Danny Higgins 11 and Horace Underwood 10 paced the Spider attack. Hitting the road, the Spiders ran into some tough luck. At Charles- ton the Spiders trailed the Citadel by only two ints and lost the ball twice in the final 30 seconds to lose 80-76. Ricldomond led at the half 37-33 with Tom Tenwick, who had 18 ints, and Higgins, who added 14, setting the pace. In the second hallfo Richmond lost the lead with fourteen minutes to go and never lead again. Telepo 15 and Enck 12 helped the Spider cause. George Washington broke away in the final nine minutes to stop the Spiders 81-70 at Ft. Meyer. Although they never led, the Spiders stayed Within range until a thirteen point tear ave the Golonials the game. Higgins with 21 paced the Spiders. Ttiepo and Tenwick were also in double figures with 12 and 11 points. Moving to Tuscaloosa, the Spiders saw a 31-28 half time deficit jump to a 38-28 lead and were never able to come within six points, losing 72-56. Higgins again paced Richmond's attack with 19 points. The Spiders built up a 31-23 lead at intermission and won their second game of the season upsetting Florida State 62-56 at Tallahasse. Richmond jumped off to a 5-0 lead and led by as many as ten points. Grodzicki paced Richmond with 15 points, Tenwick getting 13 and George Atwell 11. The Spiders shot at a 44.296 from floor and had a 45-39 rebound edge. Tenwick captures another rebound for the Spiders. -Qin 1 'Q A W J' 3' v gnllll! Q x 3 mga .1 ' '4 1 :Q T 'E 1-' W 1. N was - . 5' 1 , 5 sg, 4-aiu. 4, 1 QQ!! 'w 'fo N305 n 0 QM 04' uno X U. v.HHwf t f I wqbgkl H 0 L BASEBALL TEAM. Left to right, first row: Jim McGuBin, Rucker Burnette, Donald Douglas, Bobby Stewart, Coach Pitt, Al McNamee, john Telepo. Second raw: Bill Smiley, Stan Tucker, Bob Marchant, jim Bush, Jim McClung, Tommy Good- PIDER BASEBALL 138 Dxj 1963 Coach Pitt and captain Bobby Stewart -if I , 1,4 t 0 , I u 195: '48 ' 1 . xi. HHO Y' X050 mano Y-s. E. W' 01,1 AN-ll H Ula- f QM H 01, man, Dick Thompson. Third row: Sandy McGregor, Topper Davis, Terry Owens, Paul Richlin, Bobby Philyaw, Bob Brewster, Dennis Fabella. Pitching and shortstop problems confront Coach Mac Pitt as he prepares his University of Richmond baseball team for the defense of its state Big Five crown and the Southern Conference diamond chase. The Spiders posted a 12-5 overall mark last season, finished second behind West Virginia with an 8-3 S.C. mark and made it five straight Big Five pennants with a 5-1 record. Pitt, however, lost ace southpaw Frank Griffith C7-31 1.71 ERA and 84 strikeoutsl along with Johnny Clayton and Mel Rideout from his pitching staff. Hideout also played first base and led the Southern Conference in hitting with a .458 mark. Both Rideout, who completed his eligibility last season, and Criflith were named to the All-Southern nine. Griflith and Shortstop Grover Flint C4413 signed pro baseball contracts. john Telepo, who had a 3-1 record but hurled only 15 innings, is the only hurler with any varsity experi- ence. Pitt must develop a staff from Telepo and Sopho- mores Bill Smiley, lim Bush, Bob Philyaw and Evan Davis. Stan Tucker, up from the froshg Paul Richlin, who didn't play baseball last season, and Tommy Goodman, an outhelder on last year's freshman nine, are battling for the shortstop berth. Captain Bobby Stewart, All-Southern center fielder who batted .277 last season, covers a lot of territory and has a fine throwing arm. Rucker Burnette C.222D and lim lVlcClung also return but sophomores Bob Mar- chant, Bill Thomas and Terry Gwen will make them hustle for their jobs. Jim lVlcGufHn C2731 returns at second base and A1 McNarnee C2221 is an experienced hand at third base. Sophomore Dick Thompson appears to be perfectly capable of handling the job of first base. Don Douglas C.217D returns behind the plate with Sophomore Dennis Fabella to back him up with the mask and mitt. 1.21 139 ENNIS Scott Strother, a senior from Arlington, and Roger Grant, a senior from Mc- Lean, will serve as co-captains of the 1963 University of Richmond tennis team. Coach Leonard McNeal, who has four returning lettcrmen, believes the Spiders should field an improved team this season. Newcomers are expected to fill the first three spots. Bob Kinley, a transfer stu- dent from Summit, N. I., probably will play No. 1 with Sophomores Larry I-litchner, Bridgeton, N. I., and Bill Carpenter of Newport News in the No. 2 and No. 3 spots. Strother is slated to play No. 4 with Sophomore Coleman Yeatts of Chatham in the No. 5 berth. Grant, Steve Stevenson, Letterman from Richmond, and Ed Lambert, a senior letterman from Norfolk, are battling it out for the sixth berth. Tennis Schedule Randolph-Macon . . . .,.,.............,...... Ashland, Va. April 2 Hampden-Sydney . . . ,... Richmond, Va. 4 East Carolina ..... ,..,... E ast Carolina 6 Davidson ...... ,... D avidson, N. C. 8 Furman ....... Greenville, S. C. 9 East Carolina .,,... . . . Richmond, Va. 15 Virginia Tech .....,,.. ...... B laclcsburg, Va. 18 George Washington .... , . , Washington, D. C. 22. Washington and Lee ., ..... Lexington, Va. 26 William and Mary .............. ,... R ichmond, Va. May l West Virginia .............,...... ...,. R ichmond, Va. 4 Southern Conference Tournament .... .... W ashington, D. C. 6-7 Coach McNeal and captain Scott Strother GOLF TEAM. Left lo right: Don Patten, Mac Dirom. -5 fi .. L' TENNIS TEAM. Left to right, first row: Coach McNeal, Steve Carpenter, Ed Lamberth, Dave Fuller. Second row: Larry Hitch- ner, Scott Strother, Bob Kinley, Coleman Yeatts, Tom Tenwrck. Coach Lewis Mills will have four lettermen available for the 1963 University of Richmond Colf team which opens its season against VVilliam and Mary at Williamsburg on April 15. The Spiders won three matches and lost four last season. l-leading the list of rcturnees are a pair of seniors. They are Mae Dirom of Lynchburg and Criflin CBUSD Garnett of Arlington. Other lettermen back are Wall Edwards of l-lampton and Don Patten of Newport News. -Otliers seeking positions on the team are Doug Lee ol: Danville and Tom Hill of Easton, Md., junior holdovers from last year's squad. Dave Workman, a junior from Allentown, Pa., and Reggie Jones, a sophomore from larratt, Va. are new- comers to the s uad. Coach Mills chopes to add a match or two to the present schedule. Golf Schedule William and Mary .....,. .,..,....,....... W illiamsburg, Va. April 15 Virginia Tech ,...,........ ,... B lackshurg, Va. 18 Medical College of Virginia . . . ........ Ethelwood 23 State Tourney .,......,.,.., . . , Hot Springs, Va. 29 Baltimore University ........... .s... .,.... H e rmitage May 2 Southern Conference Tourney ..., Myrtle Beach, S. C. 7-8 Richmond Professional Institute .. . .....,. Meadowbrook 13 GOLF efql 141 TRACK TEAM. Left to right, first row: Abner Anthony, Burnett Miller, David Ingram, George Rapp, Sam Ball, Carlos Coleman, Harliss Wright, Gernot Spallek, Doug Sweeney. Second row: Norb Beville, Jack Deacon, Bob Arthur, jim Wagnor, Stuart Clough, Bernard Murden, Bruce Stewart, Sydney Smith, Mike Kusheha, Coach Hardy. Third row: Hans Carter, Ed Johnson, Frank Horton, Ted Hyneck, George Grodzicki, Alvin Smith, Murray Rosenberg, Harvey Patterson. TRACK and FIELD EVENTS The University of Richmond has had its troubles on the Cinder paths in the past few years, but Fred Hardy, the Spiders' track mentor, calls prospects for this season "encouraging" Twenty-nine men, the largest number in years, turned out for track and Hardy reports the squad is bubbling over with enthusiasm. "We should be fairly strong in the high jump with George Crodzickif' says Hardy. "Things look much better in the quarter and half mile with the return of George Rapp and johnny Vaughan Clsettermen who did not compete in track last yearl, and we should be better in the two mile with Carlos Coleman and Abner Anthony rounding into shape." Sophomore Michael Kusheba placed third in the broad jump in the Southern Conference Indoor Games and should improve. Kusheba, Ted Hyneck and Robert Arthur oiiier a fairly strong combination in the triple 142 DXJ jump. Hardy believes Harless Wright, jim Helvin and Hyneck will score in the discus. The Spiders' big weakness will be in the pole vault until Hardy can develop a pole vaulter from scratch. Letterman Cale Deacon returns in the Sprints along with Rapp and Doug Sweeney. Burnett Miller, a letter- man, and Kusheba are available in the hurdles. Star weightrnan Bill Ventura signed a professional football contract with the Baltimore Colts, so Hardy will have to count on Frank Horton, Helvin, Dick Foutz and Tom Hicks in the shot. Sidney Smith and Wright are candi- dates in the javelin. Others who may help include Harold Ingram and Bernard Murden in the 440 and 880, Murray Rosenberg in the 880 and mileg Smart Clough, 440, Alvin Smith, Harvey Patterson and Bruce Stuart in the two mile and Cernot Spallek in the pole vault. if Q' TRIXG WWW irnrrg , Co-captain Carlos Coleman, Coach Hardy, and co-captain Ted Ball takes lead as McCormick hands off in mile relay. Hyneck. Track Schedule Newport News Apprentice School Richmond, Frederick College .A.,... Richmond, William and Mary Relays Williamsburg, Davidson ......,..... Davidson, N East Carolina .,.i..,.... Richmond, William and Mary ,,., Williamsburg, VMI .4..,.,.......... Richmond, State Meer ...i...,.,. Williamsburg, Southern Conference Meet Charleston, W. Va Va Va C Va Va Va Va Va .March 28 April 2 13 19 22 26 30 May 4 10-ll is Richard Elliot paces Baby Spiders to win in 100-yard dash. xg if ,,-2: 4.4 Z.. . M A V.: Q.:- been 'ft' .- . is H-Q -r , 'af' .je---,, - V-fx' 'fd ' , - ..- -:Lie C - .ug --'s-.3.2'1..'e-41 4- 4. .. '1 L"'ft.1..' ' I TRAMURALS The Intramural Athletic Program was once again under the direction of john Moreau. Over 80? of the student body participated in Intramural activities. Phi Gamma Delta set a new record for total points as they won the overall Intramural Ghampionship. Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Rebels, an independent group, were also high in the team totals. In the major sports, Phi Gamma Delta defeated the Law School in the finals to win the "Hardyball" championship. The Rebels won a sudden death overtime game over Phi Gamma Delta to win the soccer championship, but the Phi Gams gained revenge in basketball defeating the Rebels in triple overtime for the champion- ship. In volleyball the Law School breezecl to its second straight championship. Sigma Phi Epsilon won the class of the entries in track. Softball had several teams fighting for the championship. In minor sports, Dave Ingram CSigma Ghij won the horse shoe tournament. John Moreau CPhi Gaml set a new individual basket- ball free throw record, but the team of Jerry Spivey, Jim Kelly and Charlie Gloe C Phi Delta Thetaa won the event setting a new team record. Phi Gamma Delta took the team titles in tennis and badminton. Lambda Ghi won the archery and horseshoe champion- ships, while Phi Delta Theta came out on top in rifle shooting. Several individuals were in competition for the top Intramural Athletic award. John Moreau of Phi Gamma Delta tries for championship. ' Phi Kaps stretch for another basket ' ' - renhvu- it v iv, ' 5 Ti . 2f'-g'i:iu- 4- ..---png 1-I1 55 Y' ' ' H- . : , fr . ' ff ' f my W Y 'L , .Q .......-.. --.ff-QL 1414. DKJ 'f yy' 1 I , V .21 1 X , f ,xg , .--fo f Aw.. ' '31,-1 .-1-:e--Yr" F "nv ,N Y .- v A.'is+1:' if .. , .-.1 V , '... -,r- .Af su-.A sp., in ' x ', fm. ax -ws. . 1 ,Q -.Jfx L.- in 1.-r,-E ' UT a wh "' f 'Z' at 1 lk s gr lsr- x V 5:9 UNIVERSITY CHEE LEADE S The cheerrng of the Unrversrty Cheerleaders affords the teams an unseen player Splrlt Leading the student body 1n act1ve support of thexr teams they show loyalty WESTHAM UN Clad 1n the tradzuonal blue and red Umversrty colors the Westlmampton Cheerleaders glV6 actrve support to the d1fPerent teams Through the year they are unrted ODD TEAM Left to rzgbt, frst row Nancy Curtxs Glgl Landon M1l11e Bradshaw Joanne Marshall Susan Darden Second row Cecelia Stntf Bonnxe Barron Ann Hurd and falth to and 1n the UHIVCISIIY Durmg the year they held 1 bonfire and pep rallles Wlnch were greeted wrth enthus1asm and further sumulated school Splflt CHEERLEA ERS for vars1ty sports d1V1d6d 1n support of the odd and even teams Thelr v1vac1ty helps malntam oddeven and col lege spmt EVEN TEAM Left to rzglat hrs! row Polly McDowell joy Davrs Barbara Veno Second row Betty Taylor Lors Pollard Judy Mxtchell Mrml Edge Tbzrd row Becky Wagoner Judy Scott Sandra Crowder Connle Nunn 7 if O o'g BLAZER WINNERS. Left to right: Peggy Dail, Sara Ruschhaupt, Bobbie Wilke. WESTIIAMPTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The entire student body of VVesthampton makes up its Athletic Association which is created to foster and maintain sportsmanship, spirit, and cooperation among the students. The Athletic Association sponsors traditional activities such as the orientation picnic, the Snow Ball, and Song Contest. Letters are awarded by the A. A. for varsity participation in hockey, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, and a national rating in archery. The climax of the year's activities is the A. A. Banquet in which recognition is given to all who have earned letters and other A. A. awards throughout the year. Westhampton seals are awarded in the spring to juniors and seniors who have rendered service to the A. A. and have shown enthusiasm, loyalty, and sports- manship, representing the true Westhampton Spirit. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Left lo rigbl, seated: Glenda Nicholas, Kendall East, Peggy Dail, janet Wooden, Miss Miller. Stand- ing: Linda Webb, Sara Ruschhaupt, Dotte Williams, Betsy Uhl, Sally Clark, Jackie Harper, Bonnie Barron, Kay Galloway. Ill I C7 VARSITY HOCKEY Experience, enthusiasm, and determination characterized the 1962 Westhampton Hockey Team. The entire team, with one exception, started its second season together. With a respectable record from the preceding year, these girls were eager for an undefeated season. Working hard, but enjoying every minute, the Westhamptonites achieved their goal-until the last game. Richmond Club had the honor of that victory by virtue of one goal. Westhampton, led by the team manager, Dotte Williams, served as hostess to the eight teams participating in the Tidewater Tournament. Both Mary Washington and Old Dominion were prey to the stalwart W. C. Team. Frances Mayer and Bobbie Wilke were selected to the first team Tidewater while Claudia Dodson, Carolyn Anthony, and Sara Ruschhaupt placed on the second team. Peggy Dail, team captain, was a reserve forward. From the Southeast Tournament in which Tidewater participated, Bobbie Wilke and Frances Mayer were chosen as reserves to the National Tournament. Bobbie journeyed to Delaware, Ohio playing on the second team. Westhampton experienced its best season in several years with 5 wins, 1 loss, and 3 ties. Games and Scores W.C. They St. Catherine's . .. . 3 0 Madison ....... . 3 2 Roanoke ........ . . . 2 ' 1 Longwood ......... . 1 1 William and Mary . . . . . . 2 2 Little Colonels ..... . 1 1 Mary Washington . . . . 3 1 Richmond Club .... . . . 0 1 Old Dominion . . . . . . 4 1 'Q' Hocky team captain Peggy Dail and coach Miss Miller, VARSITY HOCKEY. Left to right, first raw: Carolyn Anthony, julie Haynie, Lyndle Eaton, Peggy Dail, Lea Perkins. Second row ' ' Fr es ara Wilke, ye n. Not pictured: Claudia Dodson. Dotte Wrhrams, Sara Ruschhaupt, anc Mayer, Barb Fa Johnso ."'1'1 SECOND TEAM. Left to right, first row: Linda Fridley, Carolyn Brewster, Nancy Hall, Nancy Loughridge, Sally Clarke. Sec- ond row: Lynn Griffith, Marionette Parker, Nancye Webster, Mary Catherine Ware, Millie Kaiser, Brenda Falls, Kitty Connaway. ODD-EVE HOCKEY ODD TEAM. Left to right, frst row: Caro- lyn Anthony, julie Haynie, Sally Clarke, Peggy Dail, Pam August. Second raw: Kitty Connaway, Marionette Parker, Mary Ellen Kyle, Bobbie Wfilke, Faye Johnson. EVEN TEAM. Left to right, frst row: Nancy Hall, Nancy Loughridge, Lyndle Eaton, Lea Perkins, Melissa Evans. Second row: Patsy Allen, Dotte Williams, Frances Mayer, Sara Ruscbhaupt, Mary Catherine Ware, Nancye Webster. uf!! 149 VARSITY BASKET13 LL With a season record of 9 wins and 3 losses, the West- hampton basketball team proved itself to be quite suc- cessful. It played against such Virginia schools as Mary Washington, Sweetbriar, Longwood, William and Mary, and Madison. The team was led very efficiently and spiritedly by the coach, Miss Chapman, the two captains, Carolyn Anthony and Barbara Wilke, and the manager, Sally Clark. The team, including many experienced players, was as follows: First Team Letters. Anthony, C., Dodson, C., Kyle, M. E., Mayer, F., Morris, I., Norman, R., Ruschhaupt, S., Wilke, B. Second Team Letters. Dail, P., Cuynn, F., Parker, M., Perkins, L., Rathbone, L., Wooden, Substitutes. Biggs, M. A., Glenn, W., Harper, I., Webster, N., Williams, D. Basketball Games I 11 Ian. 12 Mary Washington 46-24 33-35 Feb 9 Madison 34-19 35-31 Feb. 15 Sweetbriar 57-32 37-32 Feb. 16 Lynchburg 59-42 45-30 Feb. 23 Wm. and Mary 56-18 25-33 Mar 2 Longwood 33-44 34-33 Coach Chapman and co-captains Bobbie Wilke and Ca FIRST VARSITY. Left to right, first row: Jean Morris, Bobbie Wilke, Carolyn Anthony, Claudia Dodson. Second row: Mary Ellen Kyle, Frances Mayer, Miss Chapman, Rachel Norman, Sara Ruschhaupt. rolyn Anthony SECOND VARSITY. Left to fight, first row: Fran Guynn, janet Wooden, Nancye Web- ster, Dotte Williams, Jackie Harper. Second row: Peggy Dail, Walker Glenn, Marionette Parker, Mary Ann Biggs, Linda Rathbun, Miss Chapman. ODD-EVE BASKETBALL ODD TEAM. Left to right, first row: Claudia Dodson, Peggy Dail, Bobbie Wilke, Sally Clark. Second row: Rachel Norman, Carolyn Anthony, jean Morris, Mary Ellen Kyle. EVEN TEAM: Left to right, first row: Walker Glenn, Mary Ann Biggs, Linda Rathbun, Lea Perkins. Second row: Frances Mayer, Sara Ruschhaupt, Dotte Williams, Nancye Webster. oyfl 151 yi' ni 1 my ga , I ,I .,,,. 3:15 af ,. - 4211" 'x' - r gig .4 ' AM, 4 gk TENNIS TEAM. Left to right: Miss Oosthoek, Kay Koontz, Marionette Parker, Bobbie Wilke, Dotte Wlilliams, Carolyn Anthony TENNIS Captain Bobbie Wlilke and Coach Oosthoek Coached by Miss Oosthoek and managed by Bobby Wilke, the tennis team is looking forward to a success- ful season. There are six scheduled matches, including games with Sweetbriar, Mary Washington, William and Mary, R. P. I., and St. Catherine. 152 j7k..,v Bobbie Wilke-Hrst singles Kay Koontz-second singles Carolyn Anthony-third singles Dottie Williams-Hrst doubles Marionette Parker-first doubles Jackie Smithers-second doubles gn fa 195' 'n n 'Niall 'w s , ,l'19'l'll'F '- 4 li- A - v LACROSSE TEAM. Left to right, hrs! row: joanne Marshall, Bobbie Wilke, Peggy Dail, Sara Ruschhaupt, Betsy Uhl. Second Captain Betsy Uhl and Coach Miller. -au J. 'M sf 1: 1 ZA? I' row: Kitty Connaway, Claudia Dodson, julie Haynie, Frances Mayer, Miss Miller. Acaossa A 7-3 victory over William and Mary opened the season for the Westhampton Lacrosse team. Hoping to maintain a winning record, the team looks forward to the remainder of the season. A relatively new sport at Westhampton, lacrosse has aroused a great deal of enthusiasm among its participants. With Miss Miller as coach and Claudia Dodson as captain, the team, which includes four freshmen in varsity positions, will play Mary Wasliington on May 3 and will conclude its season by competing in the Virginia Women's Lacrosse Association Tournament at Sweetbriar on May ll. 1.21 153 w H H 4L4M-,, 'fi I' v9 -ff-I ,1v"'4 f " A .lv I., AJ Mwwf, i" gikelxgj fl-Auirbsefym., if la, .wi s -,gg 41 THE 1963 WEB ASSOCIATE EDITOR. Mike Jarrett. BUSINESS MANAGER. Mary B. Hummel EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. Mimi Brent. The 1963 WEB will long preserve memories of the school year 1962-63. All phases of University life-people, places, even events, and activities-are gathered into a single volume of pictures and copy encompassing Westhampton and Richmond Colleges, the Business School, and the Law School. 'r U- qi?- xfrw - WEB EDITORS. Left to right: julia Williams, Don Patten, jackie Harper, Mary Alice Gritiith, Charlie Cloe, jane Norton, Page Elmore. .,...d-.--.4--J-1--7-. -U - ' 1- 4 fiiwf f- 'ixr 1 A I I efm'.E1!.ilifi? WEB STAFF. Left lo right, first row: Linda Bradley, Ann Hurd, Tuck Hilley, Mimi Edge, Ginny Lou McCormick, Diane Byers, Cecelia Stiff, Linda Richardson. Second row: jane Walker, Louise Lieber, Evelyn Garrett, Linda Armstrong, Katha Massey, Caro- lina Hudnnll, john Girardi, Ann Ayers, Edie Burrows, Carol Pauli, Nancy Rowan. hifi 157 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Archer Randlette I Men's Division Editor. Don Dale. .,.i,,.a.....,..g,...i,...g,, 158 DRJ . .--.- . ' Ii RICHM ND COLLEGIAN I The RICHMOND COLLEGIAN has presented this year a campus weekly offering a variety of news and features. The COLLEGIAN has sought to continue to serve as an effective means of campus communication in both news and student opinion. Depth in news coverage through informative, entertaining, and thought-provolv ing articles has been the aim of this year's staif. Begun in 1914 as a four column, four page paper, the COLLEGIAN has advanced in size and quality to its present status. Diligent efforts by this year's business staff brought about increased advertising, this in turn enabled the editorial staff to publish at least six pages every week. Efficient reporters and alert copy readers workin in the newspaper office and at the print shop helped to improve 8 the quality of this yearis COLLEGIAN. MANAGING EDITORS AND SPORTS EDITOR. Left to right: Tay Wynne, Nancy Curtis, Dick Peterson. COLLEGIAN EDITORIAL ASSOCIATES. Left to right: Russ Conrad, Bettie Lee Currell, Allen Markow, Beth Edwards, Florenz Stith. xx., IV W5 1 REPORTERS AND COLUMNISTS. Left to right: Cindy Shelhorse, Jose Davila, Fran Stewart, Betsy Mclntosh, Charlie Cloe. ull! 159 li '71 w I THE MESSENGER A literary magazine, written and edited by Uni- versity students, THE MESSENGER, has enjoyed a prominent place among University publications. Now published quarterly, it contains such features as short stories, essays, poetry, and illustrations. Conservative in tone, TI-IE MESSENGER affords the students a medium for selfexpression along more creative lines. Editor-in-chief. Baxter Griiiith. -41' x. IJ' 227 MESSENGER STAFF. Left lo right, first row: Bob Meiggs, Mal Freeman, Baxter Griffith, Foster Robertson. Second row: Howard 160 jrxqw Love, Chuck Harrison, A. D. Hopkins. f-N This -- ll 1 I -ag QB WCRC OFFICERS. Left to right: Chuck Harrison, john McCloud, Bill Whitneld, Ed Schrum. l l' . , f W. C. R. C. This year, WCRC proved itself one of the fastest growing organizations on campus. The news depart- ment was separated from the sports department and put under the direction of Al Wheeles who set high standards of coverage to give the students regular, up-to-date information. Charlie Cloe took over the sports department and increased the number of taped intramural and varsity events. A special programs department was added and, under the guidance of Bill Iennin gs, produced interviews with visiting speakers and entertainers. ln the engineering department, WCRC was fortunate to have Edgar Shrum, a First Class Engineer, who steered the station through some very rough technical weather. By operating on the standards of a commercial station, WCRC has continued at its capacity for information, entertainment, and public service to the University. WCIQC STAFF. Left to right: Dickie Nicholson, Larry Goodall, Mel Stiriss, Betsy Uhl, Carol Baldwin, George Tiller. C7 V I I 2 1? Ev , L BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. Left Io right, first row: Joyce Sanford, Linda Richardson, Janice Ransom, Bonnie Brooks, Ann Carter, Dianne Minter, Barbara Vaughan, Brenda Bishop. Second row: Carolyn Sublette, Sara Gilliam, Linda Bradley, jane Thur- mond, Pam Cridlin, Carolyn Urquhart, Betty Cheyney, Bonnie Lush, Sherry Dixon. Third row: Jerry Smith, Lee Hill, Marcia Roider, Cynthia Morgan, Emily Ayers, Carol Gilbert, Allen Puilenberger, Gordon Porter, Gail Lush, Taylor Cousins. Fourth row: Miss Seymour, Rucker Burnette, Garnet White, Coolidge Porterfield, Katha Massey, Gay Shelton, Barbara Powell, Gay Frith, Nancy Wickets, Eddie Higgens, Floyd Church, Dr. Brizendine. Bapnst Student n1on The success of the Baptist Student Union lies in its meetings, a Christmas caroling arty, fellowship suppers, ability to meet the needs of each Baptist student, thus and state BSU meetings provide meaningful gatherings. it endeavors to include all facets of Christian living in Practical experience may he gained through participation its yearly activities. in the city missions and goodwill centers and on the The program begins with a bus tour to acquaint new many youth revival teams. students with Richmond churches. Bi-monthly campus V :S ' ,, . V 7 L -Y r cc . - ' A .7 4-' g :: T: 162 Ima f5 75 Q. O 1 CANTERBURY. Left to rigbl, sented: Dee Harwood, Susan ff? Terry, Fran McDowell, Mimi Brent, Dr. Harp, Betsy Uhl. Second row: Fred Schneider, Tuck Hilley, Louise Lieber, Kitty Haller, Elaine Newlon, Chuck Harrison. Third row: Louis Allen, George Wray, jim Gates, Baillie Brown, jahn Summs, Charles Sydnor, Dr. Peple. Canterbury Club Canterbury has been a part of the religious organi- zations afliliatcd with the campus since November 26, 1946 when a group of students signed a petition requesting the establishment of a club for all interested Episcopalians. Bi-monthly meetings are held on Sunday nights at St. Stephen's Church. Under the guidance of their faculty advisor, Dr. Edward Peple, and the rector of St. Stephens, Dr. Reno S. Harp, lr., these students have participated in Christian fellowship through study, play, and worship. Hillel Foundation The aim of the Binai Birith Hillel Foundation is to offer Jewish students a religious, cultural, and social back- ground. Its purpose was successfully carried out this year by means of an interplay of activities and contri- butions to the University. HILLEL FOUNDATION. Left to right, first row: Sherry Meyers, Phyllis Pollack, Gail Marcus, Hedy Bernard. Second row: Steve Miller, Helen Brewer, Elinor Robinson, Barry Goldin. f,f w'If 1 I I tv Y I Ijfl ' Ill SJ! 'Q' 6 if 'H- ml WESLEY. Left to rigbl, first row: jo Ripley, Mary Beth Palmer, Jean Robertson, Ann Grant, Virginia Davis, Jim Jeffers. Second raw: Linda Fridley, James Green, Lettie Lee Sloan, Jean Copley, Mr. Stanton, Judy Barnhart, Hecky Henderson. Third row: Travis Harwood, visitor from Randolph-Macon, Phyllis Parks, Beth Stafford, Betty Harrell, Judy Hammond, Buz Buskirk, visitor from Randolph-Macon. Wes ey Foundation The Wesley Foundation, through its regular meetings, retreats, conferences, work with the Children's l-lome, the University community. With the aid ot the Rev. Donald S. Stanton, Rich- and participation in the activities of several local churches, seeks to offer Methodist students an opportunity to further their Christian experience during their stay in mond's full-time Wesley Director, the local group has made strides in spiritual growth and contributions to the Christian community. Westminster Fellowship To challenge the student to enter a new world of spiritual thinking and commitment in relation to his campus, church, and world-this is the goal of West- minster Fellowship. The group also stresses a growing understanding of one's own convictions and the op- portunity to become involved as adults in the Christian community and in the molding of our rapidly changing world. Meetings are held each Sunday evening at St. Ciles Presbyterian Church. lnterest seminar groups on such topics as modern drama, campus problems, psy- chology and religion, and theology meet at the con- venience of their members. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. Left to right, first row: jamil Najm, Kathy White, Bing Garthright, Miss Sechrist, Diane Byers. Second row: Carol Baldwin, Gloria Harris, Sandra Belcher, Kay Ramsey. Third row: Dick Marks, Don Roberts, Becky Suter, Bill Collins, Earl Crouch. Q"? 55' ag ' Xl' if ,Q Y? 93 Tw QI! I . 4-"v ' 5-I 'VA 1 ix ,T g:-'11 42 en y- CSP AIA -.0 0.0 CT" 1K ,.1-I xf f"""'T 1 ,. RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES COUNCIL. Left lo figbl, first row: Eddie Cohen, Mimi Brent, Jean Copley, jerry Smith. Second 1'Q1U.' Walter Griggs, Bing Gnrthright, Mary Cross Brittle, Nancy Berkowitz, Nancy Wickers. Tbirrl row: Roland Brandis, jamil Naym, Bob Young, Dennis Mclintire, Richard Cook. Religious Activities Council The coordinating organization for all the different denominational groups of the campus is the Religious Activities Council. Representative members are the Baptist Student Union, Canterbury, Hillel Foundation, Newman Club, Wesley Foundation, Westininstcr Fel- lowship, lVlinisterial Association, YMCA, and YWCA. Fl he Council sponsors the evenin? watch services and the Vcsper services. The RAC aso serves as the co- ordinating body for the annual Religious Emphasis VVeek which is one of the most impressive examples of the cooperation, the goodwill, and spirit upon which the operation is founded. This group embodies the spirit of complete sincerity, friendship, and most of all, a deep respect for the other person's faith. REXV Steering Committee listens attentively as Jamil Najm explains plans for the week. r,,-sf,-3 'f 4 1, 5. I Y1 Lf 42 if ,E 'Tc 1, A 'Fl A ,Q A T .' W J vw: , -., ,4-sl , ., . I 5 , 4-. fb ' by ,Irv gf, w"u 4 in" V"- k1lf' 'V'f,,-:sm s 3 -il :qw-:+I - c . is AMW? Fl f if it 1 .W .. W wi Y F . ?: '. A,,.h ,,A - c 0 V A 1 25: "1 0 3 .Q , W, 9 ' w o o Q frih- Q s Wes. I . - Z"4g,..,,' 11' 1 R f '. Q ' nw, - J 1 I ' fi Q. . l I Y I l if . , 1 55? f'..f', - '35 - 1- - ' -A A A n l ff ' I Q -W - - If MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION. Lefl to fight, first row: Otis Wheelhouse, Gordon Porter, Dennis McEntire, Bob Young, Jim Campbell Terry Wfilbourne, Herman Hicks, Jerry Smith. Second row: Claude Evans, Richard Cook, james Luck, Dan McFadxn jack Marcom, lfete Ford, Stuart Motley, Coolidge Porterield, Eric Johns, Garnet Wlmite. Third row: Rodney Hemphill, Dr. Brizen dine Henry Rlst, Ralph Halliwell, Fred Linkerhoker, Floyd Churn, Lanny Horton, Claude Talbot, Russ Baker, Ted Boelt Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association aims to increase the spiritual life of ministerial students, to increase their participation in all proper college activities, to help place students in missions in the city, to aid in sending students to supply vacant pulpits, and to exert a spiritual influence on the student body. The Association meets every other Tuesday in the Student Center, and all interested pre-ministerial students are invited to attend. 168 YXJ Terry Welborne carries out an aim of Association STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. Left to right, first row: jo Hardy, Danva Butts, Carol Mears, Lynn Sheppard, Aleta Goodwyn, Charlotte Hines, Pauline Fones. Second row: Elsa Queen, Emily Short, Marjorie Keeling, Joyce Sanford, Diane Thurston Jones, Betty Cheyney, Linda Bradley, Mary Lou Moschler. Third row: Mary Ann Williams, Elizabeth Schools, Carol Gilbert, Stuart Medlin, Pat Shotten, Ann Hurd, Frances Pitchford, Pat Rich. Student Education Association The Willitlni L. Prince Chapter of the Student Educa- tion Association was first established in 1947 as a Future Teachers' Association of America and was renamed four years ago. The members include those students who A. I. The student section of the A.I.P., open to all students interested in physics, is a member group of the American Institute of Physics, the professional organization of American physicists. Its aims are to encourage the study of physics and to aid students in developing qualities are interested in the teaching profession and in educa- tion. These students automatically become a part of the National Education Association and the Virginia Education Association of which the chapter is a branch. P. helpful in their future careers. Its services include bring- ing to the campus visiting lecturers and interesting films, and supplying information about graduate studies. The Association meets every other Tuesday in the Student Center, and all interested students are invited to attend. Advisor: . . . . DP.. ADD1soN D. CAMPBELL President: . . . ........... CRAYSON EoY Vice President: . ...... DEAN I-lAnwooD Sec.-Treasurer: . . . . WILLIAM Pt. TOLBERT Members Luther K. Barden I. Van Bowen Walter H. Carter, Pauline Fones Donald L. Hunt I. B. Lumsden Ralph A. Palmieri, Roland M. Pugh M. D. Schwartz Ir. Edgar V. Shrum Thomas C. Smith M. W. Souders Stran L. Trout 0,21 169 i , PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. Left to right, first raw: Harriet Clay, Pat Rich, Gail Lush, Annette Rorrer, Ann Cosby, Leslie Jane Yonce. Second row: Dr. Leftwich, Francie Mitchell, joy Schmidt, Diane Thurston jones, Jeanie Harrison Fisher, Merry Higgs, Charlotte Pringle, Nancy Berkowitz. Third row: Dr. Johnston, Phyllis Pollack, Cephas Morton, Craig Matthews, Yancey Kemp, Nancy Holland, Julia Whidock. Fourth row: Bob Kinley, Francis Reibsamen, Dr. Filer, Dr. Grigg. Psychology Club The Psychology Club has as its purpose the develop ment of an interest in, and an understanding of, the classroom. Monthly meetings engage speakers from the University faculty in addition to other Virginia colleges. Field trips and projects in the Science Fair as well as fellowship help coordinate interests of the students and faculty. The club is composed of members of Westhamloton and Richmond College student body and faculty. lnter- ested non-members and members of Psi Chi also attend meetings. Philologian Literar Society Rostm et Penrza-the ability to speak and write- is the motto of the Philologian Literary Society. The society, the oldest student organization at Richmond College, was founded in 1855, and since that date, has maintained high standards of speaking and Writing. Activities during the year have included presentation of historic films and the bringing of interesting speakers to the campus. lVIembe1'ship in the society is conferred by election after the candidate has shown interest in speak- ing and writing and has demonstrated this in an intro- ductory essay or speech. PHILOLOGIAN. Left to right, first row: Glen Lutz, Phil Seat, Bobby Toler. Second row: Bill Greenwood, Francis Reibsamen, johnny Fry, Chuck Barrett, Woody Greenwalt. fr Inn' nf' COUNSELORS. Left to right, first row: Mary T. Rainey, Joyce Sanford, Anne Garlock, Emily Ayers, Carol Gilbert, Connie Zeno. Second row: Mary Catherine Elmer, Sally Ann Clark, Elaine johnson, Ada Allen, Gail Marcus, Emily Short, Nancy Delano. Third row: Kathy White, Judy Barnhardt, Mary Alice Griffith, Nancy Loughridge, Beth Edwards, Betty Cheyney, Suzanne Borum, Kendall East. Westhampton Counselors During Orientation Week the counselors are re- personal and social problems which may arise through- sponsible for assisting the new students in their initial out the year. It is hoped that this more extended pro- adjustment to Westliamloton cam aus life, and as a result gram may prove to be beneficial and rewarding to both of special training, they are qualified to help with any students and counselors. COUNSELORS. Left to right, first row: Lucille Philips, Lee Hill, Gloria Harris, joan Hoch, Margaret Siegfried, Diana Davis. Second row: Gail jones, Julia Williams, Bonnie Barron, Margie Burkett, Grace Phelps, Betsy Broacldus, Third row: Brenda Wade, Dottie Williams, Nancye Webster, Cindy Morgan, Pat Dabney, Carol Hansen, Mary Eleanor Hodges. WH! gg ps FORENSIC COUNCIL. Left to fight: Roland Brandis, Strother Smith, Walter Griggs, jerry Becker, Judson Booker. Forensic Council The Forensic Council has served since 1931 as a coordinator of all forensic activities. It is comprised of representatives from the Philologian Literary Society and the Debate Team. It sponsors an intramural debate tournament which is open to the general student body, and international debate with students from foreign countries. The council strives to carry out its purpose of encouraging the development of forensics on our campus. Debate Coupled with its own distinguished record in inter- collegiate debate circuits, the Debate Team promotes forensic activities on campus including demonstration debates and invitational tournaments on both high-school and college levels. Under the guidance of Dr. Bert Bradley, Richmond secured second-place trophies in the Wake Forest Invi- tational Novice Tournament and the Dixie Classic Tournament. First-place honors came in the Marshall- Team Wythe Tournament of The College of William and Mary in which Richmond ranked top among twenty- three schools. ln addition, Richmond debaters gained a berth in the semi-finals of the University of Miami tournament. The national intercollegiate topic for debate during the 1962-63 season was: "Resolved: That the non- Communist nations of the world should establish an economic communityf' DEBATE TEAM. Left to right, first row: Dr. Bradley, Russell Warren, Strother Smith, Ray Robertson, Walter Griggs. Second row: Hal Belcher, Jerry Becker, Wayne White, Warren Harris, James Barody. Third row: Wyatt Mapp, john McKenzie, Charles Sydnor, Glen Robertson. Fourth row: Linton Leary, Guy Peters, Clark Robins, Jim Davis. N- U 73's Q x '19, 0 'S ,pus X I 7 , W r f f fi f ' ' f 1 ' 1 Ji ll I I X , v f 1 , , rf 1. .-. '- '-T"' '- . . ,W an - . - - af... ,ugly -nu .. .5 V , - A gi ,,. 6 ,442 ' ,..fl 'if'f'fi gi, 3 270 y p g ll 4 fx . X 5, ,,,A .42 . f fir j ' N .' ff' in? f -' ,ff ' . C. N 4 , ' , Q. .f , ,- . , 1 ee, V f g 5 ' " I ? f- . Nxf V C ,Af 7 X. ,. y . El Picaro All enrolled Spanish students are members of the Spanish club. Representatives from the Spanish classes and the Spanish majors comprise the governing board of EI Picaro, and from this group the club oflicers are elected. Among the annual activities of the group are the presentation of a play each fall and the sponsoring of Pan-American celebrations in April. During this time the club brings two distinguished speakers to the campus, one for a convocation and the other for a special evening program conducted entirely in Spanish. This program attracts students and professors not only from the Uni- versity, but from schools and colleges in the surrounding area. R. C. McDanel Historical Society The R. C. lVlcDanel Historical Society was founded on December 12, 1955, at the University of Richmond by a group of students for the furthering of their knowl- edge and understanding of the world in which we live. The Society is named for Dr. Pt. C. McDanel, Chairman of the Department of History and a member of the University faculty for over thirty years. R. C. McDanel Historical Society. Left to right, first row: Dr. Albright, Archie Robertson, john Buck, Dr. McDanel. Second row: Leslie Goode, Dr. Westin, Dr. Daniels, Dabney Lee. 015,- 1.7 , 7.5 , 9. C9 . 3 LI '. 1 'f I A -2 'ff f 4 .3 'T . Q E 1 P Q 1 ,Fi ,L Q QE W1 i 55 W I ' . 3, 1 . 4 4 mf pf? I Tk R 7 4 , ,Q ' a A4 Q' KZKZA is Q S I 1 M'?"aQ g9 A ,A Q ' X A a k W, xx ., if -'Tx fig' 'iff ' 5' -Q. 2 Q 7, ' if - - .J f. 4 X- f 'Q 'Q' ,,. 4, fl .f K . ,AJ .. . .' fr, ,U . . ,VF ,-, . ,- f -nwxt - - J' Sn f 4 2 ' 3 Y' -s -2" z .f :Fl " X 37? ff " T' QV " I 5 'P ' "5 ' ' CV- ' A ' ' .' S . av qQ,,al?-1553 I ,5I,f:.:iQIi.I-1 Iv I I - . ,QIIKSQ-QQQ ' V ,,5n.,TI I-II. .4 f F- W, --P4-,1 -,. ,. ,-I . ' ' vw ' mil' 2 .Q 1 1 12 , " gs We sf PEL: ' 'rr -1 '21 ' - ' " 1' - - ' L ,- V .-I - . - " Y If -.4 .- .eh ffl'-N ' 1 . 5 j-'Haig' ,ivan . ' ,. ' , fljffgxi QQ'-If - ' fi: -.- 1. 3 . I Inf. ..I- .. .u -g1:.,frg- .ISI I I MFI: .RLIQI :Y Iva S.IS,Qg-Ig,11 ,.gI I II , IJYII, 1 -if ' ' ' 'E ' , 'Q -Y s ftlzzga-2. -r - "N X- 2 '12 ff ,I .I I v 1 f' 3 . . ,I I -1, .,. :I I. fu. ,- I, .vp .- I- h - - I JM 'w a .' , '.- K, .f 1 Tx . 5 ffl -. 4, ., MQW. .- , J f. ,-if , ei Q' Ir, x My + .A I I , ,jk -,Q ' -7 ' , 5 g I I 5 1 I A - IIN I fn III LA 'Ig I I V :I ' - I III 1 MIT! ' 2 I I 't' II , I ' ,I 4 --II I ,II E txf?x..I,fQ, I 4 I I ,fa IAQ!-fa I0:?mp,b?,11II1.II. -im , 1 I, I,II,.f! - - f' -5.1-fkf-' Q, . , r :. -x. 1 ,L 1+ Q -K., Q 44", I bt.. ' v , - , If Is I., AS' ,s.IIIi..II X IIRI I I,I . -rw. IIIug Qnnq - ji .T . I I , , II - I A I . T' - 'N I . I, Q : :Ig 'infdtb II-I L .' A u 1 . f., 4 " E Q , QI y, . I, .I I .Im I, Igii II. . . ff -X X ,, 1 fig ." 'Q . Y ai, A Q fr. , 'V r. , '. v W ,5 ' ' 'L ix .3 Q. , ' y. 1 - ' -' . -2" 4 .-w I i I., ,J II .III I I ,IIII TI, - w , ' Q, A" ,. . fi' ' ' -'T wi .1-S . - ' " -5 Q,."K J-1' I ' ,H - fa' , 'f 'T 15 N -f .112 - 1 :-, 5 1, ' 1 -. ' f' ,r .L-.. -FY-f i , fy- .,w 5.v-'fx X-Q ,. 'lvxiftfi N -1 ENV r ,.- mf'- . K -,, . .,,, W., f... . in if-W' , it K A V ' . ' 1 , .. . - , ' n . , , ' ' ' ' . " A' ', Q ' sr- , - A . X - , .' -.' ' , 4 -' ' 3,-,-, V ' ' V . ' V 7 4 .- ' , . ' iff, -. ' ' p ' - Q Wi V1 ' ' ' '- . -5 ,.,.,, W I I 4 - wh ' I 12- 'V ,I A ,Q " ,. ' , . 5: -lg A T . V' ,NA , 0... , . , d I I' . .I .. ,- III, i I I ' I I I I I If 5 . I ' I I . I I 3 ' M' 'P , I ' 7 ' .L I I III! I Il! b , l I I I. ' I 3 I 'III I II ' - I f , I ' ' , . I 2 , I l I 1 .. iff! I I . ....... III II , , ' I Q-'-I-.lz ' ' AA AI I A! nl- nl I . .I I I I ' ' . I., I I , I..-'I I I I ' ' ' ,I!..i I II .-'I .I.I,I ' I I I' II I I ' I 3- I I ' III'I . , I II I. I ' I I I . I 5 . r , i I I, ', II I I IVI .I 3 I III I II I - . I I I . Q .- ,V - I . I ,S Id :I F 'lt I I ' . I , II, ' I I' I I II I I : I:'. IIIII IIIIIII III! II III I fp II II I IIIIII IIIIIIII II IIIIIII I IIII I :I I III II7 I II ' jf 13 I1 IIZLLSZIK 33 1 I I. I I ' I- f IIIWIXQ ailii ii 'Ili 3313 I3 I2 " 3. I , V I A' , I' my N W Y M mn 1' B. -X' 'i UNIVERSITY PLAYERS. Left lo right: Billy Gilmore, Chuck Harrison, Polly McDowell, Linda Averill, Jim Garrett, Pat Ryan, Leslie McNeal, Dr. Williams. Not pictured: Steve Boykin, Ruth Blair, Carol DeRosa, Susan Terry, Ted Boelt, Bob Meiggs. Universit Players to participate in the state collegiate drama competition To promote interest and participation in all areas of in February 1963. dramatic art is the aim of the University Players, the campus dramatics group. During the 1962-63 season the University Players successfully produced "Tons of Money," "The World of Carl Sandburg," and a bill of one-act plays. Sponsored by Alton Williams, the group was invited A drama workshop in coordination with Manchester High School was the years' project. Gffrcers for the year include Pat Ryan, President, Chuck Harrison, Vice- Presidentg Linda Averill, Secretary and james Garrett, Treasurer. The Areopagus Throughout the history of literature, there have always been groups of educated men, interested in the expres- sion of ideas through the written word, who have come together to criticize works already completed and to discuss form and technique in writing. Such was the club that met in Athens some 300 years before Christ, and such was the group of friends who gathered around AREOPAGUS. Left to right, first row: jerry Smith, Baxter Griffith, Edmund Spenser and Sir Philip Sidney and who called themselves by the same name-The Areopagus. ln November of 1961, several students and professors at Richmond College, interested in literary forms and criticism, came together to organize what is, as far as they know, the only active society of English majors in existence in this part of the country-The Areopagus. Wayne Harmon. Second row: Mac Angell, Howard Love, Jack Fugate, Mr. Brown, Dr. Peple. Third row: Sidney Smith, Wallace Sowder, Al Millar, Bob Meiggs. if! ,Q --.., fa. rv 1 l -. 'A -Y .Q ' Tl -'Y 'v- ag: rw ' K -'Q' .' 'kb n - ,, n.'1"'.i. 4 " - sq 1 Jaffa. -ff: I Ifogfa IW E ft 5, Q.,-at 1 had-fi. neil F . 441. my in ORCHESIS. Left lo right, first row: Shelley Markham, Hedy Bernard, Pat Dabney. Second row: Phyllis Pollack, Foster Robertson, Connie Zeno, Beth Edwards. Third row: Millie Bradshaw, Lynda Beran, Joanna Holland, Elizabeth Arrasmith. Urchesis Grchesis was established at Westhampton College in 1949. The group, under the direction of Mrs. Frances Wessels, participated in the annual Virginia Dance Festival at the Virginia Museum and the traditional May Day Ballet. The aim of Orchesis is to stimulate an interest in the dance through creative and expressive performances. The class emphasis is upon choreography and technique. Any student wishing to join may participate in the 178 DXJ regular fall tryouts. An original dance must be presented and selection is made on the basis of technique, expres- siveness, and apparent potentiality. Those who are in- terested in dance, but do not feel qualified to compose and perform an original creation may audition in a group technique class for junior Orchesis which aims to develop and prepare girls for the Work to come in the senior organization. 857 X ' 1,:'l. ' ' I" I Af' , ,I 'A:.-., x' pf' x ' - v 1:-L? Y 5 1 11,5 . I iflfigylir Ue,Efle21I'g:3 M if 7 0 .1 A gsff-f ff' .+ 1 'ij . -an XP' 'lg' 11.3 ' 1 af, ,, ' ,m 5 Al-a-L' 1' Qi 1 w T 1 Q 'E L, P m va, ...Th fx tif' R I 'va' Ks' fo T ,e, T all 7-5 7 13 PIERIDES. Left to right, first row: Linda Webb, Susan Grable, Harriet Clay, Brenda Netherwood, Fran Dix, Pam August. Second row: Barbara Gardner, Pam Adams, Mary Evans, Joanne Cropper, Yancey Kemp, Millie Bradshaw, Susan Greenwood. Third row: Gigi Lindon, Susan Darden, Janet Wooden, Connie DeVane, Marionette Parker, Sue Parrish, Adrianne Cox. Not pictured: Elizabeth Morris Pierides The Pierides, a group of 21 sophomores chosen by their classmates on the basis of leadership, scholarship and service demonstrated in their freshman year, is an enlargement of the former Fourteens, a similar orvani zation but smaller in number and in duties. The name Pierides was selected as a symbol of inspiration, learning, and poetry, after the mythological muses of the same name. Among the duties of Pds are heading the weekly Toby decides to join the formation. Wednesday night socials in Keller Hall providing an information booth on May Day and servmv as guides foi visitors on the campus as well as producmv an lnnual booklet, Pd Cues, sent to all incommv freshmen supply1ng them with information concerning the more informal side of campus life, such as class traditions extracurricular activities, and opportunities in thc city of Richmond. This group serves until late spring when another group is chosen. Q7 1 f , , .y 1--. ,- , , 1. ':vn??-nfkif1f5- 'F 'ff' f . U , 180 jyxf 3 I 1 ' fi 25 Fiji 'f f -W? if A l W A I f'g"v 'JW 5' I 5,1 ,, Q ,v . 1 i 1 V f iw ' i i .ri-' . . ' - - .mu M . M. 'r f ' , :Q-gf: 'fun I .1 ! , . . .. 1 , 11. 'll-91 Lg: . 35111 1 - ' I -iff, 1-1, Lf A 5 T -1' A L A 1 S '1 I H, X ,A -A. .wg ,lg . 1 J 'A 355 1'fAfFf .. W- --ff' if-Qru - - ,gui-i 5- -4101 " A .nu ' .sg ,rug 'J-.E-:-'E-572 5 .x ws - A K L5 'T 5? 5,f'.1:i?f Y- T! ' I, bm -.qi ,hugs -Q, .. ,"' 'V' "Q ".' I :KA x-97 -f"" -,LQ ' Q: V ., V, ,I fi A ,few ,.. , fu , ' R ,f 'I"h.33X Jn' 'EYT7'-. - nrffcqw Mg:-ff ,-Jw., . ' A , . -gn- J1 . if ffflv. '-f' 4,5 1.3 5 -, L .ff .. N., . . - N . 'Q-1. f r 1, f H .1 ' - nk 'V -, -'x--.,f-bg, W -- '-'. 1 4 Y "1 f-', 'f ,Lf A ,- ff.-.t gy, 'gg 1 J 5. Q ' .. , 1 'f r-. ',,--, 3, 5143-"'f'f. ' .fffg .,.,., . , f.,- TL jg.: ,f ag " -"4.--A" . 1 .1-5? , 2.5-4 ' ,ff .3,.?,W'5v'Tf?-'Lx' gi , virqv-Qfn I 'L 33. tw.. 4.1 hi ' a if iff-,S .'lggS?f 4 5 1 , ' 1 x A fffw- 'fs-iv , ff, . - fi 'J sN' ' '-,,33,fL, ...,.."1,,,..--.. 1 L . -H- Ag..-M .Tl " - - 5-31--M7:::....' ' IC-TIT-'25 K. MA 181 F P I w I 1 1 -- : ..,,- 'V 3 fif - ' v Y-f L wx Lfa Q H 5 'Jax mx XXX ff 'NJ 5? feb Axxfffff XxNX'f,.f"' I LM ,ff NMV 1-X ff!'xx f' V ,rf 41-'lin 3 NX 15 '. , , fA sf wwf Q N sg , 1 H J MTN fn N .M . psf -X53 If 11 , I f 'ff 1 i 'A ix: X , Q M J if Q n W! Fiji' '5 I ' ,' K-dw 'Fix 2 " - fi- lik! ' VKX ff LZZCWF , - ,SX 1E dw!,Lwg!5jL f' L x U 'F 1 xx in E lfifgi--f-A31 1 , ,e,,. I N, A' 'Y f V F .4 . K 'g' --KH-1. R A if fi Q3 4 'W ' L 2 , eg XM 'W 1 H E E 31 1 Q 1 ,1 Phi Beta Kappa The Epsilon of Virginia Chapter Officers President ..e., ,.,.......,.. D P.. W. ALLEN PowELL Vice-President . , . . . . PROP. JAMES W. PAYNE, JR. Secretary .... ,.A. D E. CLARENCE J. CRAY Treasurer . . . ....,.......... PROP. PAULINE TURNBULL H. Pearce Atkins Lewis F. Ball Mary D. Beaty Catherine Bell Thomas S. Berry Irby B. Brown Noble E. Cunningham, Jr. Marianne Beck Duty Robert Filer Clarence Gray E. Wadsworth Gregory, Jr. Frances W. Gregory William B. Guthrie Woodford B. Hackley Theodore Gerald Aldhizer Philip Joseph Bagley, Ill Catherine Levering Barron Elizabeth Berry Broaddus Walter Hansborough Carter, Jr. Reubena Catherine Connaway Richard Burton Coover Patti Ann Dix Jerry Franchot Emanuel Michael Marcellus Foreman 184 J7k..,v U as B ii. Faculty Members Benjamin C. Holtzclaw Robinson B. James May L. Keller Francis B. Key Robert A. MacDonald Ralph C. McDanel Timothy Miller George M. Modlin Helen A. Monsell William T. Muse James W. Payne, Jr. Edward C. Peple W. Allan Powell Student Members Mary Louise Grayson Foy Wallace Edward Carthright, Jr. Stuart Victor Granclis Guy Monroe Hicks, Jr. Eleanor Kay Koontz Patricia Ann Long Howard Watkins Love Jean Wingo Morris William Earle Nettles Thomas Joseph O'Connor O. William Rhodenhiser John R. Rilling William VV. Ritter Joseph C. Robert Marguerite Roberts N. Wilford Skinner Robert P. Smart Walter F. Snyder Marion Jefferies Stokes Herman P. Thomas J. Josephine Tucker Pauline Turnbull Irving H. White Ellsworth Wiltshire Grace Warren Rowell Phelps Phyllis Adrienne Pollack Allen Lee Puflenberger Jean Lewis Robertson Patricia Ann Shotton Frederick Richardson Shull Thomas Caldwell Smith Cecelia Ann Stiff Thomas Bragg Vassar, II Louis Henry Zincone, Jr. i ,.. . 5- ,', -ws 1'-' .1 X I U ' A I4 ZZ' . iw nf., A MORTAR BOARD. Left to right, seated: Je ADA ELIZABETH HAYWARD ALLEN MIRIAAI LEWIS BRENT ELIZARETI-I ROBERTS CHEYNEY JUDITH GRACE COOKE BEVERLY LORRAINE DAVIS PATTI ANN Dlx 4-L I 1' --4 ,yn - , I m- , ,, . , A -f IES -'LJ I an Morris, Pat Long, Ada Allen, Judy Cooke. Standing: Archer Randlette, Brent, Patti Dix, Beth Holland. Mimi Ortar Board ALICE ELIZABETH EDWARDS IACQLIELINE RUTH GATES CHARLES WALKER GLENN VIRGINIA LEE HILL ELIZABETH JARVIS HOLLAND GRACE ELAINE JOHNSON PATRICIA ANN LONG JEAN WINGO MORRIS MARY ARCHER RANDLETTE DONNALEE ROWE DOROTIJY MAE WILLIAMS CAROLYN ELIZABETH WILTSHIRE 0,21 185 N 'f'l12Y"i' I N Q '55 ft I 'l I 2 ...,,x OMICRON DELTA KAPPA. Left to right, first row: Roland Brandis, Bing Garthright, Phil Bagley, Bobby Stewart, Mike Foreman, Walter Griggs. Serond row: Strother Smith, john Vaughan, Dr. Bradley, Tex Hudson, Bus Garnett, Dean Gray. 'Uiaiticitoii Delta Kap a Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, membership into Omicron Delta Kappa is one of the highest honors a student may attain. Membership is extended to those juniors and seniors who have shown preeminence in two or excellence in three of the follow- ing respects: scholarship, publications, forensic and dra- matic activities, athletics and leadership in religious and social activities. The fraternity -has a threefold purpose: to recognize men who have realized a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, to bring together for reciprocal in- Huence and benefit those representative men, and to enable prominent individuals of the faculty and student body to meet on a basis of common interests and mutual understanding. fflbfg FX 186 IYXJ 'ZF' Alpha Society The Alpha Society was founded at the University of Richmond in 1957 to encourage and promote CU a high standard of scholarship among the students in the Day Division of the School of Business Administrationg C23 study and research in problems of Business Administra- tiong C33 establishment of sound ideas and high ideals in the theory and practice of Business Administrationg and C42 fellowship and cooperation among its members. Faculty Members Thomas S. Berry, Marshal E. Elwood Ford, Vice-Marshal Geo-I-ge W. Jennings, Secretary- ISBSLIICI' Thomas S. Berry David C. Ekey E. Elwood Ford George W. Jennings Patrick S. Kemp Emanuel M. Last W. David Robbins Martin L. Shotzberger I-cflm B. Stewart erman P. Thomas Members in Course Class of 1963 David Keith Baker Nelson Decker Bristow William Hobart Collins, Ir. Barry Leslie Cooper John Philip I-lorger Herman Wayne I-ludgins Stephen Barry Miller Glenn Howard Payne, III Jerry James Pezzella, Ir. Harold Eugene Pu h Graham Keith Ragland Robert Gwynn Stewart David Leonard Sullivan, Ill Robert Harold Trent Phillip Montague Wade 187 IYRJ 188 JYXJ WhO's Who In ADA ELIZABETH ALLEN PHILIP JOSEPH BAGLEY, III JUDITH KEA BARLOW ROLAND BUFORD BRANDIS, III MIBIAM LEWIS BRENT NELSON DECKER BRISTOW JAMES DENNIS BOOKER SALLY ANN CLARK JUDITH GRACE COOKE PEGGY ANN DAIL PATTI ANN DIX JAMES RANDOLPH FITZGERALD MICHAEL MARCELIUS FOREMAN DAVID WILLIS GAMMON GRIFFIN TAYLOR GARNETT, III WALLACE E. GARTHRIGHT, JR. WALTER SAMUEL GRIGGS, JR. WAYNE JEROME HASKINS O LUho'S LUIIO Amon Sfudcnib IN A mum UNIVE 52557155 AND CoLLEOrS I Ai Y American Colleges ELIZABETH JARVIS HOLLAND ELLIOTT ANDERSON HUDSON EDWARD MICHAEL JARRETT PATRICIA ANN LONG GORDON LEE MERRITT JEAN WINCO MORRIS JAMIL MAJID NAJM JERRY JAMES PEZZELLA, JR. ALLEN LEE PUFEENBERGER MARY ARCHER RANDLETTE JEREMIAH ANDREW ROBERTSON GERALD LAFAYETTE SMITH SYDNEY STROTHER SMITH, 111 JOEL JOSEPH STEMPIL ROBERT GIVVYNN STEMIART JOHN WILLIAM VAUGHAN, JR. NANCY ROSE WICKERS ROY CARROLL YOUNG PHI ALPHA THETA. Left to right, first row: Dr. Albright, Annette Rorrer, Helen Brewer, Margie Burkett, Mimi Brent, Walter Griggs. Second row: Dr. Moncure, Kay Koontz, Beverly Neale, Elizabeth Violette, Donna Houff, Mike Foreman, Bob Davis, Fred Shull. Third row: Dr. Daniel, Katha Massey, Elaine johnson, Jean Morris, jim Hosier, Charlie Porter, Dale Robertson, Dr. Mc- Danel. Fourth row: Jerry Parr, Dr. Cunningham, Mr. Thorn, Dr. Rilling, Tom johnson, Dr. Robert. .ap no The Beta Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national I Q h' A h Th g P 1 p a eta ll. I honorary history fraternity, was founded on the campus I of the University of Richmond on May 16, 1948. lts purpose is to stimulate a productive interest in the field of history. To be qualified a student must have maintained a vital interest in history, must have completed at least class. 12 hours in that subject with a better than "B" average, and must rank scholastically in the upper 3596 of his Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha, national political science honorary society, was founded at the University of Texas in 1920 and established at the University of Richmond as Beta Xi Chapter April 12, 1953. Its purpose is to stimulate productive scholarship and intelligent interest in the subject of government. 'V Membership is open to faculty members and all those students who are outstanding in the field of political science. PI SIGMA ALPHA. Left to right, first row: Gail Lush, Nancy Delano, Donna Houff, Strother Smith, Mimi Brent, Mary Bruce Ford, Ann Coale. Second row: Dr. Moncure, Dr. Albright, Walter Griggs, Dabney Lee, Mike Foreman, Bus Garnett, Frank Horton. Third row: Dr. Cunningham, Bob Bullock, Dr. Daniel, Dr. Rilling, Dr. Robert, Dr. McDane1. '47 'tr' 'P CI? GW vs-my 5' 63'- A?- . .-N17 115' jx TAU KAPPA ALPHA. Left to right, first row: Walter Griggs, Russ Warren, Dr. Albright. Second row: Jerry Becker, Roland Brandis, Bing Garthright, Dr. Bradley. CQ Q11 W9 Tau Ka a A a A TK Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary forensic fraternity, was JZ. founded in 1908 at the University of Indiana for the M purpose of honoring those who excel in the fields of T discussion, debating and public speaking. The local chapter promotes interest and participation throughout the country by the members of this organi- in these activities on the campus and is represented zation taking part in discussion and debate tournaments. Scalobard and Blade The national military honor society of Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904 and was established at the University of Richmond as "A" Company, llth Regiment in 1953. The society recognizes ROTC cadets who have better s ,H ,rf , fi 49 v 6 L l ,Wg If 'Q' s i'll "g,: than a "B" aver g ' 9 rih'iV2i "nt, and who show exceptional perfor ' 'N N X N i X SCABBARD BLADE. Left to right, first row: Tex Hudson, Gene Lassiter, Charlie Porter, Bill Jennings, Gorden Merritt, Gray Scott, jun Irlxll, Lt. Col. Shivel. Second row: Ken Philbrick, Larry Boppe, Neil Goeren, Bari Novey, Buddy Lanier, Ward Hatch, Ralph Palmieri. Third row: jack Thomasson, Bill Tune, Darrell Myrick, Barry Steinberg, Joel Stempil, Linton, Leary, Tom Burch, Ben Parker. fi' Beta Beta Beta "The task of science is to stake out the limits of the knowable, and to center consciousness within them." Beta Beta Beta, a national honorary biological society, installed Beta Theta Chapter here at the University in 1939 with a three-fold pur ose: the encouragement of biological experimentation, the dissemination of scientific SO . f l 4 ' "ess ll .ga Xtllpnfvtqggi 1 'x ,i ' E .U all X, Q", ' X, 1 4. truth, and the stimulation of sound scholarship. Only those students who maintain superior averages both in biology and other subjects are invited into membership. Chapter activities include Science Day, lectures of biological interest, and field trips. Louis Sutherland Allen, Ir. Elizabeth Ann Bergin james Judson Booker, III Diana Leigh Davis Patti Ann Dix Jacqueline Ruth Gates Brenda Council Griffiths Joanna Holland Carol ,loan I-Iybner Nancy lane Hybner Elizabeth Park Jones Doris Elizabeth Ioyner Patricia Ann Long Martha Sue McAfee Glenda Lou Nicholas Robert Carroll Patton Phyllis Ann Peterson Kenneth Lloyd Poff Elsa Carolyn Queen Mary Almentine Rainey Sara janet Renshaw lean Lewis Robertson Henry Burwell Robinson Sandra Watkins Schroeder o a pg!-fy!,,' . feel fvlqgvw .Ai Gamma Srgrna Epsilon dp ay" t Epsilon Beta Chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon and service in the field of chemistry. Chemical Fraternity recognizes outstanding ability in The activities of the fraternity include sponsoring tours the field of chemistry, promotes scholarship and friend- of industrial plants, participating in the annual Science ship among chemistry students, and encourages interest Fair, and sponsoring social activities for its members. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON. Left to right, first row: Pauline Fones, john Nuckols, john Moody, Dee Harwood, Jerry Aldhizer. Second row: Westley Childress, Margaret Siegfried, Patti Dix, jean Robertson, Cecelia Stiff, Mee Han Chan, Sandra Belcher. Third row: Tom O'Connor, Louis Allen, Helen Flynn, Floyd Clingenpeel, Bill Blaylock, Bobby Gormus, Joe Williams. Fourth row: Les Webb, Dr. W. Allen Powell, Dr. William Trout, Mr. Robert H. Bell, Bill Ryan, Dr. J. S. Pierce, Reuben McBrayer. Not pictured: Stuart Grandis, Dallas Pirion, Charles Beard, George Siegfried, J. B. Lumsden, Sid Smith, Carol Good, joel Lassiter. J Asa- SIGMA PI SIGMA. Left to right, sented: Tom Smith, Dee Harwood, Grayson Foy, Rama Murthy. Standing: Mr. Taylor, Dr. Campbell, Hans Carter, Tom Basser, Bill Ryan, Mr. Bowden, Dr. Diana. Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma honors students having high scholar- ship and promise of achievement in physics, encourages a professional spirit, and promotes the advancement of knowledge in physics. i u Pi Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics society, was established at the University of Richmond on November 5, 1946. At this time the Math Club on campus became affiliated with Pi Mu Epsilon and was chartered as the Virginia Alpha Chapter. The University of Richmond Chapter, installed in 1932, annually sponsors the R. E. Loving Award in physics, public lectures by outstanding scientists, inspec- tion trips, socials and the annual Science Day program. Epsilon The objectives of the society are to promote interest in higher mathematics and to cultivate an appreciation for its application in related fields. The society sponsors each year a Freshman Math Exam and awards a prize to the student with the highest score. PI MU EPSILON. Left to right, first row: Grayson Foy, Jean Morris, Hans Carter, Kay Koontz, Cecelia Stiff, Bill Tolbert, Ingrid Loock, Beth Stafford, Margaret Brower. Second row: Carolyn Richardson, Glenda Nicholas, Mary Rainey, Dotte Williams, Lea Perkins, Sandra Crowder, Nancye Webster, Beth Edwards, Sharon Robertson. Third row: Helen Flynn, Bob Davis, Tommy Smith, Joe Tatum, George Hotfa, Fred Shull, John Moody, Tom O'Connor. Fourth row: Dale Gaines, Dr. Key, Dr. Monk, Dr. Grable, Dr. Atkins, John Weaver. 1-,r W C7 ? . , ..f '.'!o,, Ja qv , , KAPPA DELTA PI. Left lo right, first row: Pat Shotton, Cecelia Stiff, Elsa Queen, Charlotte Pringle. Second row: Miss Spangler, Brenda Wade, Mary Kay Cross, Dean Overton. Third row: Larry Marangos, Stuart Medlin, Dale Robinson. Kappa Delta Pi Psy hi PSY CHI. Left to right, first row: Annette Rorrer, Jean Copley. Second row: Gail Lush, Nancy Wickers, Beth Holland. V va 'r a i X alll 193 -5 1 w u ,M -- fu.- , ,,- ., ,Mm 'hi'- ' 1 sy we li X' w ,- Ho U? B 33, 1 f V -.Ye-X I 4- 4 525-I aw v 'VNS s .5 P W , Writ! 352 ' ' ,gpggm- , 3 . , ' if Q 51:55 K LJ l r,"-I' , .1 . .Im mid U, . F V J, , 'I fy ,ff ,ffifgif l VII' ff' ,.f'iLf44yj:'k X, .i "NN- : ff' V -i , -' fi ff! Jfigfgffjj "R V fl ,J 1, ' ,ffl ,rfw ff' ,Trax ,R X' .' v' 4 V' ji .f5f'fQ,i"fj XS xg ff fr . , f 'iff' I ,J -1,4 , ,J 1-L-, ,f ,rxfj ff If 9.5 It . -f J r ,M- 'H T f 1 fx' Y - ' I x X , , F. fry xliwff IVF' if 'Nj 'f rn x I N V! JJ' rj' N E. 1 J, uvfvx-ix? jf W' Id, If N133 nr 1 amWMf X ! fr lx My ,R P JS fllfx'-'2jZ'? gf T MJ! X f . v f 4' fl f f f-ffiii-lfiiig ff Ffili X V M ij ""xXl,fiTf" .1 Nlfif 1 Z4 ff xxx-ff J jg up JUN 5' fe 2 f f' ' A Elly sblfx! rK,f'V,,' R gljfk: if JJ E! ,gg N'HQ+:-Q11-,L,,,g25gf?,,f' X9-..gX.,,MVf' i W SQ - i 'Alf fr, -H J l,YN3' , if Jggp if Ziff 1 ,lf fn ffl 4 x'Ji:l"""'f-Q. -- -Q A4-frf' 'f-iii!-J' h Amt? 5 ?f'w'ffff"f . ,ff KK Wil! : jf JAX F 11 f 1" I A Af -.- -- , , I I INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. Left to rigbl, first raw: jack Cosby, Reggie jones, Phil Bagley Bus Garnett Eddie Cohen Decker Frazier. Second row: Bob Belton, Barry' Goldin, Doug Lee, Jack Ellis, Binford Parker, Les Webb Third row Paul Lewis Robert Henning, Townes Lea, Tykey Miller, Tex Hudson. Fourth row: joel Stempil, Mike Foreman Don Patton Bill Grump Dabney Lee. Fifth row: Arnold Cottom, Dr. Trout, Dean Gray, Dr. Bradley LNTERPRATERN Y C UNCIL 196 jykfv President ..,.., Vice-President s.... Secretary-Treasurer .... Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Epsilon Pi 4 A . Kappa Alpha Orcler 4 Kappa Sigma ...... Lambda Chi Alpha , Phi Delta Theta .... Phi Gamma Delta . . Phi Kappa Sigma , . . Phi Sigma Delta . I Pi Kappa Alpha .,.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi ......... Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Theta Chi ......... . . . . . . PHILIP BAGLEY Ill . . . GRIFFIN T. GARNETT III . . . . . . DR. BERT BRADLEY Dabney Lee, James Nicholson . . . Paul Lewis, Barry Coldin Bill Crump, Reuben McBrayer . , . , Phil Bagley, Bob Belton . . . Don Patten, Kenny Sauls Arno1dCottom I . . . Les Webb, Tex Hudson . A Bus Garnett, Pee Wee Lee . , Eddie Cohen, Joel Stempil Towneslnea , . . . . . Jack Ellis, Binford Parker BurnettlVliller . . . . . . Decker Frazer, Bud Baker . . . Reggie Jones, Jack Cosby 's .. 'T Pg? ff' . -K 1 if as-n I IFC COURT. Left lo rigbl: Eddie Cohen, Phil Bagley, Bus Garnett, Decker Frazier, Binford Parker. D5 I ,Q-3-g,:,, L7:"1f"' 'PSN 'v 3121! M ' ff? il' x V' ,MP "ffm ng, ,F 29525: Q-3.-1 gr A- 4. x'5TfQ5,s -f-M371 ' 4- '35 ravi.. -,L 1. ,- A 'iii Lf M M sf' 'XR 'Seed M 'W A A-'i f ' 4 ,1., i fm 2 s,, n:Lwmf.,v .A Q 'I ak, W-"Q: 'ra- A-F "5-4 " '12-jr: V121 . mu' W' 5' ' i ' A 4- Aa, fx W- 45375,-ra . i 'fiuiiiiy N: X L Riff 9 -Elan 'Z' " ' , f, JN' . ., r., 'T ' ,Qgi Y EG Q C .WWE ' '.,,gggg? i,-.Q-, W 'Z ., Mg 2 133:15 fd: 't V i iw H fi : 'VSA-1 ,IQ M21 W . ., 5. v 1 -g 5 K 1 r 1 J x 'CZK 197 198 hx! -FQ BARRY GOLDIN President Barry A. Goldin Arthur H. Goldman Stuart V. Grandis L. Gary Gutberlet Paul M. Kessler Alpha Epsilon Pi Upsilon Rho Chapter Founded-New York University, 1914 Established at University of Richmond in 1954 Actives and Pledges Frank G. Kress Paul A. Lewis James K. Lowry Sheldon M. Markowitz Steven B. Miller STUART GRANDIS PAUL LEWIS STEPHEN MILLER WALTER SCHWARTZ BARRY GOLDIN GARY GUTBERLET lfzmzossh Phillip Okun Barry Robins Murray S. Rosenberg Walter Schwartz Melvin Stiriss e- mfs DABNEY B. LEE President Samuel B. Ball Robert C. Bullock Bradus W. Crewe Richard M. Foutz Ronald L. Gallo x ' l, o Q C MRS. W. COLEY COSTIN Sponsor 5 + -KQV S221 Y i a . e 'if R 5:wLa4f,f rf-'RA 449 , aageg' Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Delta Colony Founded-University of California, 1914 Established at University of Richmond in 1961 Actives and Pledges James W. Green Melvin R. Harris Ashton T. Harwood, Ir. John A. Hodge Dabney B. Lee james D. Nicholson Stuart L. Prince V. Earl Stanley Terence M. Welbom George A. Wray, Ir. I -a 1' J l .ax 1 J A ll J . S J - '51 2 e i ROBERT BULLOCK DABNEY LEE TERRY WELBORN SAMUEL B. BALL, JR. WENDELL CREWE ASHTON HARWOOD JAMES GREEN JOHN HODGE JAMES NICHOLSON STUART PRINCE EARL STANLEY GEORGE WRAY all 199 REUBEN McBRAYER MRS. PATSY HAMILTON President Kappa Alpha Eta Chapter Founded-Washington and Lee University, 1865 Established at University of Richmond in 1870 Phillip Ast Saunders R. Bagby David M. Berlin R. Elwood Beverly Norborne Beville Bob Hunter Colgin Robert H. Cotton Eugene L. Crump Lindsay Dawson Iames DeAngelis Kenneth E. Dichtenmueller William C. Drury J. Randy Fitzgerald Terry A. Fitzgerald Carl E. Frankson Benjamin C. Holtzclaw Lester H. Hooker 200 NJ Actives and Pledges Tinker Gray O. Maxey Griffin Ronald L. Hayes John Hilton Richard F. I-lodson Beverly R. Holcombe james W. Horne Kenneth C. Houston Clinton E. jones john Kessel Stanley Marshall Reuben H. McBrayer Stuart Medlin Albert T. Mitchell Joseph C. Nuara Robert A. Parham Fratres In Facultate George M. Modlin Malcolm U. Pitt Thomas C. Pate james C. Phillips William E. Savage Sanders T. Schoolor Everette C. Stratton Ray M. Tate James L. Thacker lack E. Wade Walter L. Waleski, Ir Charles E. Walton james F. Watkins john D. Wiggs Warren Wi liams Andrew W. Wood Benjamin M. Yeatts Billy W. Sloop William E. Trout Q' DAVE BERLIN NORB BEVILLE BILL DRURY RANDY FITZGERALD MAXIE GRIFFIN BEN YEATTS BOB COLGIN ROBERT COTTON EUGENE CRUMP LINDSAY DAWSON JAMES DeANGELIS CARL FANKSON RICHARD HUDSON JAMES HORNE JOE KESSEL STUART MEDLIN ALBERT MITCHELL JAMES PHILLIPS BILL SAVAGE EVERETT STRATTON RAY TATE JAMES THACKER JACK WADE WALTER WALESKI CHARLES WALTON JOHN WIGGS Cfq 201 DAVID GOODE President John Bagley Philip Bagley, III VVilliam Beauchamp Robert B. Belton, Jr. Robert A. Brewster Eli D. Buskirlc John G. Cametas Kenneth E. Crow Steven Ellerbroek Robert A. Fagg David M. Fuller VVilliam E. German David R. Goode Ralph C. McDanel 202 DXJ MISS PHEBE JEAN GOODE Sweetheart Kappa Sigma Beta Beta Chapter Founded-University of Virginia, 1867 Established at University of Richmond in 1898 Actives and Pledges Thomas T. Hall Robert A. Holsten Fred A. Hodnett John P. Horger George P. Hudgins Page Johnson Terrance D. Lerch Herbert S. Long Alex T. Markow Ralph A. Palmieri Louis T. Pastore Harvey D. Patterson Thomas H. Pollok Fratres In Facultate Edward C. Peple William W. Ritter 69 f 4121144 Philip R. Reynolds James C. Rose Robert C. Sandkam Morriss A. Saunders O. Martin Shorter Silas S. Shelburne William Solari James S. Smith James L. Spicer Dscar M. Stevenson Oliver Stone Samuel H. West Gerald W. Wyatt Charles H. Wheeler III PHILIP BAGLEY ROBERT BELTON ROBERT EAGG WILLIAM GERMAN DAVID GOODE JOHN HORGER DAVID FULLER OLIVER STONE ROBERT BREWSTER BUZ BUSKIRK JOHN CAMETAS THOMAS CARWILE KENNETH CROW GEORGE HUDGINS FRED HODNETT ROBERT HOLSTEN TERRANCE LERCH BERT LONG ALEX MARKOW RALPH PALMIERI LOUIS PASTORE HARVEY PATTERSON PI-IILLIP REYNOLDS JAMES ROSE ROBERT SANDKAM AL SAUNDERS SILAS SHELBURNE OLVIN SHORTER WILLIAM SOLARI JAMES SPICER SAMUEL WEST GERALD WYATI' L24 203 N. Theodore G. Aldhizer Norris T. Aldridge Robert W. Allen Russell E. Allen Michael D. Andrews Paul Jackson Austin Stephen Curtis Bain Robert E. Bayliss James Judson Booker, David Wayne Boots Patrick K. Burke Harry L. Cannon William A. Collins Mercer G. Darden Robert L. Davis Robert J. Drobney John M. Dudash Gary S. Ebbels H. Wallace Edwards Carl N. Erickson Richard Fullerton Milton Futrell, Jr. David W. Gammon James F. Garner Robert M. George Jack D. Burke Robert Filer E. Sherman Grable 204 Jykw . ayjlblw' 9 4+ U 'W .JJ 5' . A ,,. . 1 ' A -:V-uw f-qff' -...sf mfg: I, L f:.i4?x3:-1sk':f.Wgr LIU nliir ml-slit. ,px CEL ETD F A. ANS-af! . "LW BOB DAVIS MISS CAROLYN JACKSON President Crescent Girl Lambda Chi Alpha I Alpha Chi Chapter Founded-Boston University, 1909 Established at University of Richmond in 1918 Actives and Pledges Ron Gorden Douglas T. Gray George C. Grodzicki Robert A. Henning James E. Hildenbrand Jackie F. Hodges Charles E. Jenkins Michael S. Keller Kenneth R. King John R. Loney Gordon Martin, II Robert G. Mears Paul Mehal Gordon L. Merritt John R. Metz Marvin K. Monroe Eugene McDonald, Jr. Edward More Newman William Moss Noonan Russell K. Odland Bernard M. Ortvvein Paul D. Osborne Leycester Owens, Jr. Arthur Jerrell Parr, Jr. Donald Neal Patten Robert C. Patton F ratres In Facultate Woodford B. Hackley Robert A. Johnson William R. Muse Nolan E. Rice James M. Paxton Herbert C. Peterson Kendl P. Philbrick William N. Powell James H. Reese Joseph B. Reynolds Theodore C. Rowe Thomas G. Seccia Stephen B. Slaughter Robert A. Slis Kenneth R. Smith Thomas C. Smith E. Ronald Spence Lewis E. Story Michael Strawser Warren F. Taylor William B. Thomas Larry E. Thomson Charles T. Thomsvard John M. Tumer John W. Vaughan, Jr. Allen Wall, Jr. Daniel B. Wilkins A. Harless Wright Gary R. Wright Luther Smith Samuel S. Stevenson M. W. Wingfield A . . I. Q I f - , , l I if Q J f Q, K, A 5 9 I GL 41 , 'L 3 J, E . Q ' 4. A '- '- J' , 4' J I gg, I ' ' I I F N 1' A Mx .nb- 11 rl W ir ir N ,, 'F I 1 I ' 9' E! X . Y E ' N Y 'S' q.G'. in R' AZ' .-A I I 'JN Qx 91" v I In Nm '67 ' '95 -.. G. sfI"4'- , t,W 2 T. 1,1 lf' I lr. ' if I I tm -gs Q um nr J J PLLR fy- . f , I ' - ,f fc, U nw. 1 J JJ A Z .I tfrff V M ah 4 I . L 1 A , 1-P :Q T 'I ,,. ,E -as sr .1 P. ' 1 Q' ' , J Ah , Q' I ' -J V N1 Aa' xq I. ' I 1.5 P7 '51 2 .Q -.-g..' -cr? lv- S- , it--fl GIJJI MW'- J JERRY ALDHIZER JUDSON BOOKER PAT BURKE HARRY CANNON ALLEN COLLINS BOB DAVIS DAVE OAMMON GEORGE GRODZICKI BOB HENNING JIM HILDENBRAND JACKIE HODGES CHARLES JENKINS GORDON MERRITT JAMES PAXTON JOE REYNOLDS TOM SECCIA STEPHEN SLAUGHTER THOMAS SMITH JOHN VAUGHAN RUSSELL ALLEN JACK AUSTIN ROBERT BAYLISS STEPHEN BAIN DAVID BOOTS MERCER DARDEN GARY EBBELS WALLY EDWARDS CARL ERICKSON MILTON FUTRELL JAMES GARNER ROBERT GEORGE D. T. GRAY MICHAEL KELLER JOHN LONEY EUGENE MCDONALD JERRY MEARS JOHN METZ MARVIN MONROE EDWARD NEWMAN BILL NOONAN RUss ODLAND DOUG OSBORNE LEYCESTER OWENS DON PATTEN BOB PATTON JERRY PARR HERB PETERSON KEN PHILBRICK WILLIAM POWELL JAMES REESE TED ROWE BOB SLIS KEN SMITH RON SPENCE LEWIS STORY MIKE STRAWSER WARREN TAYLOR BILL THOMAS LARRY THOMSON JOHN TURNER DANIEL WILKINS GARY WRIGHT HARLESS WRIGHT A 'agar 2 LOUIS ZINCONE MISS MARIA TAYLOR President Herbert Baer C. W. Cloe, III Arnold Cottom Donald E. Dale Harvey Diehr E. E. Evans Michael D. First Thomas R. Foster john L. Fugate Bobby Cormus Andrew W. Gunn 206 yxf Sponsor Phi Delta Theta Delta Chapter Founded-University of Miami, 1848 Established at University of Richmond in 1875 Actives and Pledges Robert W. Harmon Gerald W. Jones James P. Kelly M. S. Lanier, II James P. Lawless joe H. Lively Roger H. Meacham, Iames O'Brien Thomas D. Owen W. E. Pascoe, Ill T. Peacock F ratres In Facultate 0,1 f V fl' ir 'k s f f I 4 '. Linwood C. Powers james D. Richie Joseph A. Sahatini Martin W. Souders G. M. Spivey T. Tenwick William R. Tolbert Stran L. Trout Edward C. Waite, Ir john M. White-Hurst Louis H. Zincone, Ir Francis Caylor joseph E. Nettles 'E I CHARLES CLOE THOMAS FOSTER JOHN FUGATE WAYNE HARMON JOSEPH LIVELY BUDDY LANIER WILLIAM PASCOE JERRY SPIVEY LOUIS ZINCONE HERBERT BAER ARNOLD COTTOM DONALD DALE HARVEY DIEHR - EARNEST EVANS MICHAEL FIRST BOBBY GORMUS JIM KELLY JAMES LAWLESS ROGER MEACHUM JAMES O'BRIEN THOMAS OWEN THOMAS PEACOCK LINWOOD POWERS JOSEPH SABATINI -Eu I WILLIAM TOLBERT STRAN TROUT E ' EDWARD WAITE f JOHN WHITE-HURST 'n 1.211 207 -.4-1 W T . ELLIOTT HUDSON MRS. LOUIS P. HUDSON President Sponsor Phi Gamma Delta Rho Chi Chapter Founded-Jefferson College, 1848 Established at University of Richmond in 1890 Charles David Beard Ronald Aubrey Bell Winston Robert Blenkstone Nelson D. Bristow Herman Gray Broughton Rucker Burnette William Stone Burton James H. Bush James Arthur Cales VVilliam Ruliin Carpenter James Stanton Carr Thomas R. Clark Carlos Wade Coleman Larry Knight Coleman A. Frank Darnell, Jr. Guy R. Davis, Jr. Charles Henry Dickenson Robert Murphy Dunville Travis Talmadge DuPriest, Jr. Henry Snyder Enck Thomas Arthur Fletcher Charles Scot Frazier Robert Samuel Frick, Jr. Irby B. Brown William J. Gaines Clarence J. Gray 208 lyke' Actives and Pledges Wayne Meredith Galbraith Dick Douglas Gardner Marshall Peterson Cordon John H. Gooch Kenneth Stewart Gray William Flint Gunter Richard James Hankinson Robert C. Harvey Larry Johnson Hitchner William Thomas Hogarth Elliott A. Hudson Robert Jeter Hundley Harry Franklin Jacobs, Jr. Julius Joseph Jepson Robert S. Jepson Gerald Klutz Ronald Lee Lehnowski Powell McCourt Livesay Charles Evans MacFarlane, ll Gordon Kent May Sandy McGregor David Edward Mcllwain Charles Buck McLean Eugene A. McNamee Fratres In Facultate Richard E. Humbert Robert C. Markham L3 fi 7 ,,.,.,...,,f Z, ' "4 sub! ff R rg: 1555? Y i l t NM if ir iw L . lllnmtem' Cecil Duke Mercer Charles R. Moore James Francis Morano John Morris Moreau Stephen Wiley O'Neill James Paul, Jr. Curtis Russell Payne George W. Paynter John LaRue Pettengill Roland M. Pugh William Fitzgerald Ranson George R. Rapp Charles Nelson Reynolds Arthur Fields Richardson Anthony Dominic Sakowski Richard Lee Scharif Barry Graham Sharp Russell Oliver Siler Clarence William Sprenkle, Robert G. Stewart George Wilburn Tiller Leslie Southgate Webb Russell Taylor Young Edward F. Overton Thomas N. Pollard, Jr. Jackson Taylor 4 5 " THOMAS CLARKE t bww M 15- ,i J, . DICK GARDNER A. it J 1 -N 9- I WILLIAM HOGARTH .I try qfg, - f X TEX HUDSON . I A I . :I CHARLES MOORE WAYNE PAUL JV--A. 1 ,I ' 5 if Q X GEORGE RAPP ,N . I ' V ROBERT STEWART T I G' ' "" A RUSSELL YOUNG Ee- -I I . ,J HERMAN BROUGHTON 5 1 C' ""' WILLIAM BURTON u, JAMES BUSH V JAMES CALES J , WILLIAM CARPENTER 49, Q' W G' "" 'F 0 Q6 J "' JAMES CARR Q, CARLOS COLEMAN I .15 'R LARRY COLEMAN u . ALVAH DARNELL I PP. -N ' ' I fE GUS' DAVIS, JR. Q , , ' , - BO DUNVILLE 9 W 1 7: 4-. 'Q' " 5 Q ,: G5 :P , -w. BUDDY ENCK . , A J - , V . 4, ' Q. A, THOMAS FLETCHER ' if' V '. 11 C., ROBERT ERICK . if "A I A . J '- I ROBERT HARVEY C - Ah I L - ' ' is J I LARRY HITCHNER f -A . S EA A A 63 A PM A- REQQISSEEBSW j' , .. S ' - . A gg, ROBERT JEPSON, JR. 'rr W J xg L ' . . v POWELL LIVESAY , gf I I Q ' CHARLES MACEARLANE . ,Ai . Ji! , A I MGIACOLM MCGREGOR . :sq qu.. f I A A Ma. . , VID McILWAIN V Y 'V H '5 n 'E ' 9 R " EUGENE MCNAMEE f 'sy L.. - - - R - G' GORDON MAY Sf- .- CECIL MERCER - ' JOHN MOREAU E A 'A A STEPHEN O'NEILL f Q Q- -2 S f S' ' A A .A A I E Q GEBPEISPLQRER I . A- -7 . "" ' Qt ' 4- JOHN PETTENGILL - I S' ' -': I' -- ROLAND PUGH, JR. ' WILLIAM RANSON 1. - . CHARLES REYNOLDS . A , X P --,gp ARTHUR RICHARDSON ,fi S- Ga cl , 6- N1 Wil! -W 'S' I A. SAKOWSKI, JR. 4- 5, A - . fp I gs' QL V. BARRY SHARP -- 1-5,1 I A RUSSELL SILER J CLARENCE SPRENKLE A KA as, -2: -an 'FS I ,I . . il A K " u GEORGE TILLER LESLIE WEBB, JR. 0,21 209 ERNEST STROTHER, JR. President Richard D. Barner C. Jan Bateman Laverne A. Boscheu John F. Carroll Arthur B. Crow A. William Croxton E. Olen Culler F. Wayne Dementi Frank DeStefon Joseph ,DeS tefon Ralph W. Drayer Larry W. Duty, Jr. Louis Flaim Grifhn T. Garnett, III Ronald M. Gilmore Albany D. Grubb Wayne Haskins Horton I-I. Hobbs 210 J7k.m KAREN WULFSBERG Sponsor Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Chapter Founded-University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Established at University of Richmond in 1873 Actives and Pledges James W. Hosier William Howell Melvin W. Hughes S. Andrew Jarrett Larry B. King Howard D. Lee John D. Lloyd Frank A. Loveloclc Glen B. Lutz Steven J. Macik Frederick A. Mancuso Robert C. Meador Thomas A. Mumaw W. Darrell Myrick Riley L. Northam Elwood M. Obrig John B. Palochak Fratres In Facultate J, X2 A KKK W A ev. fvuus Q 3 . .rt us ' Richard Peterson Jerry Pezzella, Jr. Dennis A. Pryor William B. Pryor Gerald E. Puryear Robert F. Rice VVilbert L. Sawyer, Jr Frankie Schultz Leland C. Selby John M. Sewarcls John Sponslcy Panayiotes Stavrecles E. Scott Strother Bruce R. Stuart Ronald L. Wagner Garlen G. Weecler Clarence E. Williams Ill David E. Vllorkman Thomas E. Lavender Robert F. Smart -as-J 3 'Q' 'QL ff' 1 . A we QQQ 5,1 ma ,ap Y' N A-jj in QA --n., .-1: Q., ' 'UIQ' nw E99 'sae ga. F' L: I 1 I,-., ln , - 4" , - 1. I E "C" Q- its A . I1 A 'R as oz M-M :WH kk-7 A , l Q l i ,, Q I nfl WAYNE HASKINS LARRY KING ELWOOD OBRIG SCOTT STROTHER CLARENCE WILLIAMS CLYDE BATEMAN JACK CARROLL ART CROW WILLIAM CROXTON EDWARD CULLER RALPH DRAYER RONALD GILMORE HORTON HOBBS WILLIAM HOWELL ANDREW JARRETT HOWARD LEE JOHN LLOYD GLEN LUTZ ROBERT MEADOR DARRELL MYRICK THOMAS MUMAW JOHN PALOCHAK RICHARD PETERSON GERALD PURYEAR WILBERT SAWYER FRANK SCHUTZ LELAND SELBY JOHN SEWARDS PANAYIOTIS STAVREDE RONNIE WAGNER CARLEN WEEDER DAVID WORKMAN S QCZKIZII JOEL STEMPIL President Henry Alperin Alan S. Balaban W. Randolph Carleton Edward S. Cohen Barry S. Comess Lawrence S. David Barry S. Eden Elliot Familant Charles L. Ceshekter Franklin R. Coodman Leonard Hyman Thomas E. Hyneck 212 Div MISS GAIL SUE WALD Sponsor Phi Sigma Delta Rho Chapter Founded-George Washington University, 1914 Established at University of Richmond in 1925 Actives and Pledges Richard E. Layton Richard N. Levin Sherman R. Malech Alan H. Markow Howard H. Mendelsohn Eric L. Merahn Kenneth I. Meyer Bari B. Novey Edward L. Schneider Kenneth Schonfeld David B. Schriebfeder Fratres In Facultate Emanuel Last lll,iff'71- S lf-L! L. ...S PH, 35115 12 :X :Z : a,-HE Marvin D. Schwartz Steven Seltzer Gerald B. Silver Spencer R. Silverbach Lawrence M. Spigel joel Stempil jay Tronfelcl C. Allen Wheless Ronald R. Wolfson lack B. Yalfa Barry Zell jeffrey M. Zwerdling THOMAS HYNECK JOEL STEMPIL JACK YAFFA HANK ALPERIN ALAN BALABAN EDWARD COHEN LAWRENCE DAVID LEONARD I-IYMAN CHARLES GESHEKTER FRANKLIN GOODMAN ELLIOT FAMILANT BARRY EDEN RICHARD LAYTON RICHARD LEVIN SHERMAN MALECH HOWARD MENDELSOHN ERIC MERAHN BARI NOVEY KENNETH SCHONFELD EDWARD SCHNEIDER DAVID SCHREIBFEDER MARVIN SCHWARTZ STEVE SELTZER JERRY SILVER SPENCER SILVERBACH LAWRENCE SPIGEL JAY TRONEELD GEORGE WHELESS RONALD WOLFSON BARRY ZELL JEFF ZWERDLING MICHAEL FOREMAN William M. Adams Charles E. Bahen james D. Brooker Larry L. Brown Stephen S. Carpenter Russell V. Conrad, Ir. William E. Cooper, Jr. X J E- .5 yi .. vp Ka fi' -, .aff Www Pi Kappa Alpha Omicron Chapter Founded-University of Virginia, 1868 Established at University of Richmond in 1891 Alexander N. Daniel, Ir. Carl E Demo, Ir. Grafton S. Duval Michael M. Foreman Wallace E. Carthright, Iames A. Cates, III Lewis F. Ball 214 my Jr. Actives and Pledges William E. Crammer, I james S. Hollins, lr. Michael C. Lambiotte Harry G. Lea William T. Lea, Ir. Robert E. Marchant James W. McClung john E. McKenzie, Jr. Marcus D. Minton Ryland L. Mitchell Edward P. Motley Richard B. Mueller David C. Nelson Clifford V. Parrish F ratres In Facultate T. Edwin Merrick Austin Crigg I'. Edward M. Perkinson, Brainard C. Peters jr Franklin I-I. Phillips, Ir. Eddie M. Powell james C. Reynolds George E. Rick, Ir. Edgar C. Robbins, Jr. Barry T. Roberts Sidney S. Smith, III jahn W. Summs William L. Taliaferro James K. Torre son Ceorge T. Tucker T. Hundley Wiley flf , 7 r F A 1 - 9 iv' sl' Of? 5A5"5J 5 I ' 'I A I , -, f Mi' L i L? , 'v 91 -Q 4 1 Q N F S Y "N 'F N . A 'B IFN X WZ! '-'inn 45.4 N:-v M ' 1 QQ K w A W 1 E HL . fl - w I 1 JA Riff Sw ff DENNIE BROOKER LARRY BROWN MICHAEL FOREMAN BING GARTHRIGHT MICHAEL LAMBIOTTE JAMES MCCLUNG STROTHER SMITH WILLIAM ADAMS CHARLES BAHEN STEPHEN CARPENTER RUSSELL CONRAD WILLIAM COOPER ALEXANDER DANIEL CARL DEMO GRAFTON DUVAL TOWNES LEA ROBERT MARCHANT JOHN MCKENZIE MARCUS MINTON RYLAND MITCHELL EDWARD MOTLEY DAVID NELSON CLIFFORD PARRISH EDWARD PERKINSON FRANKLIN PHILLIPS EDDIE POWELL JAMES REYNOLDS BARRY ROBERTS EDGAR ROBBINS JAHN SUMMS JAMES TORREYSON TOM TUCKER LA 215 MMM, - ,,.,..,T,,,i,:.. I l .ff vii . was " RANDY SHOTVVELL MYREE MATHEWS TYLER President Sponsor M . l M if J it cl CJ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alvin C. Allen Gilroy Mays Anderson Wilson Bailey, Ir. Cary R. Bang Mark E. Bang Lyn M. Bauer William M. Blaylock Bruce M. Bloomquist Douglas B. Bowers Larry C. Browning Thomas P. Carr Thomas E. Clark R. Franklin Collins, Il Phillip V. Daffron C. lackson Deacon, Ir. 1. Edward Dedge Charles M. Elliott john W. Ellis, III Cecil F. Jones 216 NJ Tau Chapter Founded-University of Alabama, 1856 Established at University of Richmond in 1938 Actives and Pledges Arthur B. Cravatt Clifton U. Hayes Robert B. Heiney, Ir. William H. Howell, Ill I. Edward johnson flames W. Jones Michael W. Kirby F. Andrew Lasley, III David M. Leake Ruliin D. Lee Daniel R. Lytle Kent McNew Robert D. Norman Craig P. Organ Binford E. Parker, lr. Andrew S. Pastorius Thomas A. Payne Fratres In Facultate I. Westwood Smithers William H. Payne, Ir. Wayne P. Plunkett James W. Powers W. David Price W. Thomas Price Larry A. Pryor Russell L. Rabb, Ir. Raymond C. Robertson Iohn M. Rose Randolph W. Shotwell Douglas W. Sweeney John M. Tele David W. Tullo William O. Tune, Ir. Frank F. Vandervort H. Ioseph Williams, lr. Garland A. Wood Larry C. Wright Herman P. Thomas 'F 43 'F' 1'1- R' II.. E' I Cam, f"1 in-u 'F AJ .- I K an 'Nfl 'QT NJ I 'S I I 'K N V5 Q I AN' b- 'E Io , 0 - CLIFTON HAYES BINFORD PARKER WALTER PRICE RUSTY RABB RANDY SHOTWELL JOE WILLIAMS ALVIN ALLEN WILSON BAILEY LYN BAUER BILL BLAYLOCK DOUGLAS BOWERS LARRY BROWNING FRANK COLLINS GALE DEACON JOSEPH DEDCE CHARLES ELLIOTT JOHN ELLIS A. B. CRAVATT ROBERT HEINEY WILLIAM HOWELL JOHN JOHNSON MICKEY KIRBY ANDY LASLEY DAVID LEAKE RUFFIN LEE DAN LYTLE KENT MCNEW WILLIAM NORMAN BILL PAYNE THOMAS PAYNE JAMES POWERS WILLIAM PRICE LARRY PRYOR RAY ROBERTSON WALTER SCHNEE DOUG SWEENEY JOHN TELEPO BILL TUNE FRANK VANDEVORT GAR WOOD fluff! 217 g., 'Q-1 'X N 5- NATHANIEL HATCH MISS TERRY BRYANT President Sweetheart James H. Ashworth William S. Blackwell Jackson M. Bruce I. Raymond Engott Walter A. Falks I. Ronald Farnor Richard VV. Fischer Walter D. Criflith N. Ward Hatch John C. Boggs Merton E. Carver 218 DXJ Sigma Chi Epsilon Rho Chapter Founded-University of Miami, Ohio, 1855 Established at University of Richmond in 1958 Actives and Pledges james H. Higgs Frank W. Horton H. David Ingram E. Michael Jarrett Michael H. Kipp J. Robert Klinger Burnett Miller William M. Moss Don F. Roberts William E. Rose Fratres In Facultate joseph C. Robert l 113111 David C. Rust Michael C. Scott Victor A. Skinner julian I. Smiley Wayne K. Talley Vernon W. White, I Charles N. Whitner Louis C. Wong L. Keith Yonce Alton Williams David M. VVhite I' WALTER GRIEEITH WARD HATCH FRANK HORTON MICHAEL JARRETT LOUIS WONG JIM ASHWORTH WILLIAM BLACKWELL JACKSON BRUCE JOSEPH ENGoTr WALTER EALKS JOHN FARNOR RICHARD FISCHER JAMES HIGGS HAROLD INGRAM MICHAEL KIPP BURNETT MILLER DON ROBERTS DAVID RUST CHARLES SCOTT JULIAN SMILEY WAYNE TALLEY VERNON WHITE -CA 219 jON BOLLIN G President MISS PAT RYAN Sponsor Sigma Phi Epsilon Claude H. Arehart Robert Arendall joseph Aronica Leslie M. Baker, jr. Barkev B. Baronian john G. Barrie Major T. Benton Stephen D. Blood jon N. Bolling Willits H. Bowditch Donald K. Butler William H. Caldwell john T. Campbell james E. Cap s Thomas F. Clay joel F. Clingenpeel Edward W. Coogan, jr. Robert B. Cousins William B. Crawford Robert Lee Davies john M. Dirom Edward S. Dunn, jr. David C. Edmondson john Andrew Edmondson Peter Warren Eldredge Ralph Edward Faulhaber Walter Shephard Felton 220 Din Virginia Alpha Chapter Founded-University of Richmond, 1901 Actives' and Pledges john Decker Frazer Robert H. Gardiner Richard L. Carretson james E. Garrett, jr. john T. Cillen Robert B. Cinglen Cornelius Coeren jess F. Creenwalt, jr. john C. Hagy Robert C. Hasty Everette K. Hawley Thomas E. Hill Hugh T. Hockman julian N. Holland, jr. Richard H. Howard Alexander C. Howell,djr. Robert W. Hungerfor jerry D. jackson Edwin L. Lamberth, jr. Fred D. Lineberger Earle Walter Long john R. Maney Wyatt S. Mapp, jr. james H. Massie Melvin Craig Matthews j. David McDonald john Stuart McMichael james E. Morris i i. 4,- Q 4222 ,.,,, Zag? 7 X I f 4 james R. Mullen Reuben L. Musgrave, jr David B. Nichols William C. Nobles W. Bryan Nuckols Ronald W. Odom Frank Lewis Orth Stewart W. Percy Robert E. Philyaw Dennis M. Rozum james Forehand Russell Richard C. Schoonover, Richard I-l. Seward Wallace A. Sowder William R. Smith james B. Spell, jr. Donald Glen Steele C. Donald Stevens William Strickland W. Earl Thomas, jr. jack Thomasson Emmett L. Thompson, jr Floyd T. Thompson Alex Towell Ross B. Welsh Archer L. Yeatts, III Coleman B. Yeatts, jr. os... . ch'- 12' F' 'HUT 'hw -2-s. QQ-Q W7 -ve. Q3 IQ' 4511 I Ti .3 E w'.' Q51 . 5. JOHN BARRIE JON BOLLING MAC DIROM NEIL GOEREN ROBERT HASTY EDWIN LAMBERTH JAMES MORRIS CLAUDE AREHART ROBERT ARENDALL JOSEPH ARONICA Q y S, LESLIE BAKER T , '- " BARNEY BARONIAN TOM BENTON I' l STEPHEN BLOOD A BILL BOWDITCH , I A DONALD BUTLER M153 3 J J 1? 9 ' 'Q Q WILLIAM CALDWELL QI" Re: 'K D, mmf v3'..n,X,. cr x , ' -C. 'V I. an--C Ia 'Q' Yrv' . wr- ' wap-I JAMES CAPPS THOMAS CLAY FLOYD CLINGENPEEL EDWARD COOGAN ROBERT COUSINS WILLIAM CRAWFORD BOB DAVIES EDWARD DUNN RALPH FAULHABER WALTER FELTON DECKER FRAZER ROBERT GARDINER RICHARD GARRETSON JAMES GARRETT JESS GREENWALT EVERETTE HAWLEY TOM HILL HUGH HACKMAN JULIAN HOLLAND 'Q-Q., -sriw 4 r fiqvf W. . ky -gf :H hd ' LM to 'S-I Y I IA Lf E.. A l A A I V AL X 'Ira Q 3. Q- If-11 R 7 1, 4- .ff Q- .Q I u- I , -an Nl M IQ Q 'J 5. wh- I -- I - L- W Sl. K X I " '-4 , TIK In A mil af Va-Q I-s fo"-5 32-W-EI Q-B , -gf I an -I I -: A' ' 'Q'-J , ,X f jf ' F I , f" K Q Yin v w Q G7 3 Q ' A 3 Q 1 ' L w.: z "' G- A -f ff 'I fx. . 1- - 1 ., GN G? - 'v Q L I Q I I an-.. In 4-., I 1- 5' if ' I ' 'AW 1'-5 Gif' if ' 1 .3 ,N ing' 'T '-'I . -15 Q V xx - L .L I . A 3 fv- p06 I In :A Q, -1? 'Bi Nffap v- nu. y .ll -rp, 'fbi it RICHARD HOWARD ALEC HOWELL BOB HUNGERFORD JERRY JACKSON FRED LINEBERGER EARLE LONG JAMES MCDONALD JOHN MCMICHAEL WYATT MAPP CRAIG MATTHEWS JAMES MILLEN R. L. MUSGRAVE DAVID NICHOLS WILLIAM NOBLES WILLIAM NUCHOLS RONALD ODOM ROBERT PHILYAW DENNIS ROZUM JIM RUSSELL RICHARD SEWARD WILLIAM SMITH BRYAN SPELL WALLACE SOWDER DONALD STEELE WILLIAM STRICKLAND WILLIAM THOMAS JACK THOMASSON EMMETT THOMPSON FLOYD THOMPSON ROSS WELSH ARCHIE YEATTS COLEMAN YEATTS N. ,. or ' ' , -an .wiff 4.- v v . it .Z JOHN COSBY MISS SARA PAGE COSBY President Sponsor Theta Chi Omicron Chapter Founded-Norwich University, 1856 Established at University of Richmond in 1915 James A. Agnew Curtis L. Ballard Anthony C. L. Barcelona Jon M. Belding William H. Booker John T. Campbell Boyd D. Cave, Jr. William B. Cave William F. Collins Roger Collier John G. Cosby, Jr. Allan A. Cronk Henry P. Dalton James W. Davis Harold B. Dumas Bert E. Bradley J. Langdon Moss, M.D. 222 JYXJ Actives and Pledges William B. Early, Jr. Douglas G. Edwards Nicholas L. Eubanlc James W. Ferguson John C. Flatt Wayne A. Fuller Edward M. Garrett, Jr. John P. Girardi Thomas D. Goodman Roger W. Grant, Jr. George F. Green, Jr. Forrest K. Hamilton William W. Jennings, Jr. Ashby F. Johnson, Jr. Reginald N. Jones Powell W. Joyner Fratres In Facultate E. Elwood Ford TC A' ,.,,,,,,,,, Terry K. Kinum Edward Kullaf Norman E. Lassiter, III I-larry P. Maclntosh Robert E. Meiggs, III John A. McCloud, III Earle W. Moore D. Bud Rowe Charles H. Smith Robert A. Stubblefield John E. Sullivan Jack F. Thompson George C. Womble, Jr. Daniel D. Wright Roy G. Young Philip R. Hart Robert M. Stone 'S' G' 5-X I Jn- "'-' ' A 1 i '3- ,K gg Tree ,M Gs :LAL F. V 1 qi 5, ,7 A din f 1- ' ns. in I Q ss N K :af 6- Q I1 A., Liv, t' 'x 'I S' -X. 1' I l 'TTS is "' L, 3:1329 " Eg ,ogfg-3--Q I JIM AGNEW CURTIS BALLARD JACK COSBY PHIL DALTON NICK EUBANK ROGER GRANT BILL JENNINGS GENE LASSITER BOB MEIGGS BOB STUBBLEFIELD JOHN SULLIVAN GEORGE WOMBLE ROY YOUNG A. BARCELLONA JON BELDING JOHN CAMPBELL BOYD CAVE ROGER COLLIER JAMES DAVIS HAROLD DUMAS BILLY EARLY DOUGLAS EDWARDS JAMES FERGUSON WAYNE FULLER EDWARD GARRET1' JOHN GIRARDI THOMAS GOODMAN GEORGE GREEN FORREST HAMILTON EUTCH JOHNSON REGGIE JONES POWELL JOYNER TERRY KINUM JOHN MCCLOUD EARLE MOORE BUD ROWE JACK THOMPSON DANIEL WRIGHT E9' ...eip GEORGE TRIBLE MRS. MARGARET TRIBLE President Sponsor FRED CREEKMORE MACK DANIELS CHARLES DUKE ROBERT DULING EDWARD EARLY ARTHUR ERMLICH CLAUDE FARMER JAMES GILLIAM GORDON KERR THOMAS LAYMAN , V 'I' he if, .Q Yrf inn ' W 1 lil Y : Q 1- Q J ! ,. 4 ' in I Delta Theta Phi Jefferson Senate Chapter Founded in Chicago in 1900 Established at University of Richmond in 1911 REGINALD MORRIS WILLIAM OUTTEN LYNN OWENS CHARLES PHILLIPS CHARLES RENICK GEORGE TRIBLE THOMAS WINSTON PAUL BARBERY JOHN FOLKES JOHN GILMER GORDON HUMPHREY sAM KERR JosEPH LEWIS MELVIN MANNING WALTER MCEARLANE T. J. MOORE ALFRED OWINGS JOHN PAPPAS voN PIERSALL JOHN RAWLINGS Gxw if Q .Y viiv '- W !!V JE- v L. Ugg, WILLIAM ROBEY EDWARD ROUNTREE ROBERT SONDEJ WILLIAM SWANNER JOHN TAYLOR JOSEPH WEAVER EBB WILLIAMS NORWOOD WOODARD was.-. fi ,F J -53 zr, Q89-U .' W sl Qr W"'s , 4... : .f L In 'L I vs. Q. A -,. i X 'T' I 'F 5, Q 11-fi A -of , J g I I ' nj D A 13,462 9 QU., gs- A1 fm Q-aww 'F R" A "" -f 'iw A' .21 -'ff Je L J ,v . " it I A' I 1 lk !'W"'2 I GR ff 1 'F - A T' .. . A A J ' YL A ' E W' wi gm cd 'X 1'11 N V V nur ff gg 'F'- 2 W 1 el -. 1 I 'fa-' X- I -Z I ,, 5- X 1 + Y ff'3i4,-I ,eq A I 8 Y AAQA WILLIAM G. THOMAS MRS. WILLIAM G. THOMAS Iustice Sponsor Ph' Alpha Delta Patrick Henry Chapter Founded in Illinois in 1897 Established at University of Richmond in 1948 NICHOLAS ANTANOZZA LESLIE SAUNDERS HARVEY HARRIS, JR. FRANK LYNCH WILLIAM BANDAS WILLIAM THOMAS HENRY HOPKINS JOHN MAGILL RODNEY CHAPMAN OLIVER ATKINSON, JR. WILLIAM HUMPHRIES STEPHEN MARGULIES CHARLES STANZIALE LOWELL CLARKE JAMES BIMSON ROBERT HYMAN WATSON MARSHALL FRANKLIN TAYLOR ALBERT FITZPATRICK ALLAN BUFFENSTEIN GROVER JENNINGS WILLIAM MARSHALL PHILLIP TERRELL JAMES FOX C. CARTWRIGHT JOHN JOANNOU A. MATZANIAS LOUIS TREOLE THOMAS INGE, JR. MARVIN EVERHART LARRY JONES JAMES MCGILL, JR. DAVID WEST DONALD KENT SAMUEL GENDERSON PHILLIP JONES RALPH MIRARCHI RANDOLPH WEST ARTHUR LAMBIOTTE RALPH GOLDSTEIN JOHN KEITH MICHAEL MORCHOWER RICHARD ZORN PANO LIATHOS PAUL GOODE, JR. LAURENCE KESSLER HARVEY SCHLESINGER GERALD RUBINGER ALBERT GRAVETI' JOHN LAMPROS GERALD SKLAR ' I ': if., , F A 4 an ydfw 1 Q .V E. .7 :, f.. . .A f it 'A ,- if w Q6 09 WV' ct 'Qu-Q lid "' 'N N I C 4 A K I' I ,I af' A ' I .. ' K 1 ' K , ' N ., ' ,." 3 Q ,, Y V: SN ' .'.x.. J' 'YJ ,, I lf A . 1 ' , il lx is f 9 I I -, if v 4 w I 9' x K Q our ' ' 'A Lg ' .I ' 8 - , 'I i 'c I ai J I I 'fi A . ' Q 5' I I 'IF ,1 ' un in 'P' 1 l . - 1 HLJ .5 -2..- - 5- ,jig- ,, .A X E' 'S' BOYD COLLIER MISS CARLETON H. CAMERON President Sponsor .X Phi Delta Phi James Madison Inn Founded-University of Michigan, 1869 Established at University of Richmond in 1962 I A ,vu V4 , A A 1 ROBERT JOYNER EDWARD BRYANT, JR. HOWARD GOULD HERBERT MEYER WENDELL CALL STANLEY GRIFFIN EDWARD ROWAN, JR. EDWARD TANGUY, JR. ANDREW CANADA, JR. LEWIS JOLLY RICHARD RUEDA KENNETH WHEELER BOYD COLLIER JERRY JONES WILLIAM STEPHENS WADE ADAMS HENRY CROOK, JR. LAWRENCE KOONTZ JOHN STUMP WILLIAM BAYS JOHN DAFFRON, JR. ROBERT LEONARD, JR. WILDMAN TAYLOR BRUCE BEAM GEORGE DAVIS ALBERT LILLY CLARK THOMAS EARL BELL WILLIAM FULLER ROBERT MANN JAMES WHITLOCK JAMES BETTS SHOCKLEY GARDNER ARTHUR MARIS THOMAS WILLIAMS, JR. CHARLES BOWLES, JR. ROBERT GILLETTE OSCAR MEHAN MARVIN WILLSMAN, JR ROBERT BROOKS STUART GLASSER STEPHEN PROCTOR 'F' 9, ss: 5 SP1 . .kg QKW A" 1 V99 . i ,H f' ' ' 'TX "Sy ' A I 5 Ax i it K el i 1 I K ' E - Hf' - ' B- .1 ' ,gif J if if . T . i K km AT . ' A ph Q 61 NX Hg. V .N 6 'YS ag, 6 N A . 'QV' xl Y -I sv A W- ' -S .fp 17 l K . K 1. I ie 1 ' ir V 7 Q I M 1' 'V-1. ,..' at i ? ' V ', Q' '-I YP 5 -wx iv .qi 2 Q 1, uzlb Q Z ,-.ary - , -Ll! ' A i, '- ' - Gb- Q27 .1 f. f E' I ' 5- .f' if " X "' E X , ,., .4 .. I +I .4 r ' X54 il xx. nf., ,Apr f X 7, ,.-v-A-- 1. N x f' 'x - 4 , f' 1' k ., X,- 5 'Nah 5 , 15, . D ,-... 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W 315 M WJ I, ,, W ix, W 40 WESTHAIXTPTO COLLEGE LYNORE FRANCES AARON B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Intermediate Honors, Kappa Delta Pi-Sec- retary, Orientation Counselor. ADA ELIZABETH ALLEN B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Mortar Board-Historian, Chairman of Orientation, Orientation Counselor, Junior Orchesis, Junior Class Representative for May Day, Who's Who. CAROLYN SUE ANTHONY B.S., Physical Education Bedford, Virginia North Court Residence Council, Summer School Honor Council, Varsity Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Intramural Tennis, Tennis Manager, Senior Representative to Athletic Association, Hall President. JUDITCH KEA BARLOW B.A., English Smithfield, Virginia College Covemrnent Social Committee, Senior Class-President, Junior Class-Vice- President, Varsity Basketball, Intramural Basketball, University Band, Fourteen Committee, Orientation Counselor, Chair- man of Junior Ring Dance, Homecoming Queen, May Court, Who's Who. CATHERINE LEVERING BARRON B.A., English Towson, Maryland Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, WEE- Organizations Editor, Sports Staff, Varsity Lacrosse, Tennis, Basketball, Intramural Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, BSU-Vice-President, YWCA-Vice-Presi- dent, Social Responsibilities Chairman, Orientation Counselor, Head Westhamp- ton Cheerleader, University Players, Phi Beta Kappa. 24v4l:Jl'iJ BETSY ANN BEALE B.A., Spanish Silver Spring, Maryland Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Freshman Class-Treasurer, Intramural Hockey, Westhampton Clee Club, University Choir, Spanish Club- President, Treasurer, May Day Publicity Chairman, Junior Ring Dance Picture Committee Chairman, May Court. DODIE BENSON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Town Council, Westhamp- ton Cheerleader. NANCY BERKOWITZ B.A., Psychology Flushing, New York Hillel Foundation-President, Religious Ac- tivities Council, Psycholo Club, Student Education Association, Rglligious Emphasis Week Steering Committee. RUTH ELIZABETH BLAIR B.A., English Chatham, Virginia Intramural Basketball, Westhampton Clee Club, University Choir, University Play- ers. MIRIAM LEWIS BRENT B.A., Political Science Heathsville, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Sig- ma Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta-President, Mortar Board-Secretary, Collegian-Re porter, Religious News Editor, WEE- Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Canter- bury Club-Secretary, President, Vespers Chainnan, Religious Activities Council, R. C. McDanel Historical Society, Orien- tation Counselor, Who's Who. HELEN JEAN BREWER B.A., History Portsmouth, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Hillel Foundation-Treasurer, May Court. ELIZABETH B. BHOADDUS B.A., French Severna Park, Maryland Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, WEB Staff, Orientation Counselor, May Court, Phi Beta Kappa. MARGARET LoursE BROWER B.S., Mathematics Waynesboro, Virginia Senior Class-College Government Repre- sentative, Hall President. PATRICIA LEE BRUMBLE B.A., History Fredericksburg, Virginia Dean's List, WEB Staff, Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse, Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Odd-Even Hockey Team, Canterbury Club, R. C. McDanel Historical Society, Kale Techne. VALERIE LEE BRYANT B.A., Psycholog Lynchburg, Virgihia Dean's List, Senior Class-Secretary, West- hampton Clee Club-President, Secretary, YWCA-Co-Chairman of Foreign Students Committee, Fourteen Committee, Orienta- tion Counselor. MARJORIE LOUISE BURKETT B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta- Secretary, Varsity Lacrosse, Junior Varsiiy Hockey, Intramural Hockey, Basketba , Young Republican Club-Chairman, R. C. McDanel Historical Socie , Westhampton Cheerleader, Orientation Counselor. DANVA LEE BUTTS B.A., Sociology Arlington, Virginia Canterbury Club, Student Education Asso- ciation, WCRC-Announcer, Kale Techne. MEE I'IAN CHAN B.S., Chemistry Kowloon, Hong Kong Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Ep- sr on. ROSE-ANNA SI-uu-MEI CHU B.A., Sociology Kowloon, Hong Kong SALLY ANN CLARK B.S., Mathematics Earmville, Virginia Chairman of Sophomore Class Project, Junior Class-President, Senior Class- Song Leader, Varsity I-locke , Basketball, Intramural Hockey, Basketliall, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping Pong, Uni- versity Choir-Business Manager, Vice- President, YWCA Cabinet-Chairman of Personal and Campus Affairs, BSU-Pian- ist, State Council, Music Chairman, Ves- pers-Music Chairman, Athletic Associa- tion-Basketball Manager, Orientation Committee, Orientation Counselor, Hall President, Westhampton Cheerleader, Young Republicans Club, Who's Who, Religious Emphasis Week. ELIZABETH ANN COALE B.A., Political Science Aberdeen, Maryland REUBENA CATHERINE CONNAWAY B.A., Spanish Arlington, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, Junior Varsity Hockey, Varsity Lacrosse, Intramural Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, University Orchestra, Choir Accompaniment Group, Religious Activ- ities Council-Treasurer, Spanish Club- Vice-President, Phi Beta Kappa. BARBARA NELL COOK B.A., Art Avon, New York Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Di- rector of Senior Class Project, Director of Junior Ring Figure. JUDITII GRACE COOKE B.A., Psychology Durham, North Carolina Dean's List, Mortar Board, Fourteen Com- mittee, Honor Council, North Court Res- idence Council-Recorder, President of North Court, Colle e Government-First Vice-President, Freshman Class-YWCA Representative, Westhampton Glee Club, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Psychology Club, May Court, Who's Who. BARBARA JEAN COPLEY B.A., Psychology Falls Church, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Psi Chi -President, Kappa Delta Pi, Religious Ac- tivities Council, Wesley FOundation-Pres- ident, Psychology Club, Religious Empha- sis Week, Steering Committee. PATRICIA ANN CORDLE B.A., Spanish Richmond, Virginia BSU, Spanish Club-Secretary. PAULINE ANN COSBY B.A., Applied Music Portsmouth, Virginia Dean's List, South Court Residence Coun- cil-Senior House Leader, Orientation Counselor, Collegian-Reporter, West- hamgton Cheerleader, Westhampton Glee Clu -Accompanist, University Choir- Section Leader, Business Manager, Reli- gious Emphasis Week-Music Chairman, Co-Editor of Psy-Cry, Psychology Club, Music Club-Vice-President, Vespers-Mu- sic Chairman, WEB Staff. PATSY BICRERSTAFE CURLEY B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Collegian-Reporter, Newman Club, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Orchesis. PEGGY ANN DAIL B.A., History Newport News, Virginia Dean's List, College Council, Athletic As- sociation-President, Varsity Hockey-Cap- tain, Basketball, Lacrosse, Intramural Bas- ketball, Hockey, BSU-Missions Chair- man, Y.W.A.-President, Orientation Counselor, Who's Who. CATHERINE HOOPER DART B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Intramural Hockey, Newman Club, Psy- chology Club. NANCY HARRISON DELANO B.A., Political Science Oldhams, Virginia Wesley Foundation, Orientation Counse- or. CAROL JOYCE DEROSA B.A., History Staunton, Virginia Dean's List, Westhampton Glee Club, University Choir-Section Leader, Univer- sity Players-President. PATH ANN Dix B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mortar Board-Vice-President, Gamma Sigma Ep silon, Beta Beta Beta, Junior Class-Rep- sentative to College Government, Honor Council, Town Students-President, Del- egate to I. A. W. S. National Conven- tion, College Council, Executive Council, Sophomore Class-Vice-President, Colle- gian-Reporter, Westminster Fellowship, Fourteen Committee-Editor of Handbook, Orientation Counselor, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kappa. CLAUDIA LANE DODSON B.S., Physical Education Richmond, Virginia Sophomore Class-College Government Representative, Freshman Class-President, Senior Class-Vice-President, Varsit Hock- ey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Intramural, Hock- ey, Basketball, University Band, Student Education Association, Athletic Associa- tion-Secretary, Lacrosse Manager. MARY KATHERINE ELMER B.A., Political Science Front Royal, Virginia Hall President, Kale Techne. ELLEN LENORE FITZ-HUGH B.S., Chemistry Staunton, Virginia Dean's List, Freshman Class-Secretary, Wesley Foundation, University Players. PAULINE FRANCES FONES B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-Sergeant at Arms, Pi Mu Epsilon, BSU, Student Education Asso- ciation, American Institute of Physics. MARY LOUISE GRAYSON FOY B.S., Physics and Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma-President, Amer- ican Institute of Physics-Secretary, Pres- ident, Phi Beta Kappa. NANCY LEE FULCHER B.A., Applied Music Hillsville, Virginia Dean's List, University Choir. BETTY LOU GILES B.A., English Danville, Virginia BSU, WCRC-Announcer, May Day Nar- rator, Junior Ring Dance Committee Chairman, Senior Project Narrator, Fresh- man Nominating Committee, Sophomore Nominating Committee. SHARI DIANE GOLDMAN B.A., French Charlottesville, Virginia Dean's List, Hillel Foundation. ALETA GAIL GOODWYN B.A., Sociology Chesterfield, Virginia Westhampton Cheerleader, YWCA Cab- inet-CO-Chairman of World University Service, Student Education Association- President, Chairman of Devotional Com- mittee for College Government. PATRICIA LEIGH GREEN B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Student Education Association. MARY JANE GRECG B.A., Psychology Staunton, Virginia Music Club, Psychology Club. JOSEPHINE ANN HARDY B.A., English Bedford, Virginia Senior Class-Historian, Westhampton Cheerleader, Wesley Foundation, Student Education Association, YWCA, Orienta- tion Counselor. MARY KATHRYN HARDY B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia ELIZABETH ANN HARRELL B.A., Applied Music Portsmouth, Virginia Intramural Hockey, Volleyball, Westhamp- ton Glee Club, University Choir-Li- brarian, Music Club-Publicity Chairman, Vice-President, Wesley Foundation-Song Leader. SARAH EUGENIA HARRISON B.A., Psychology Norfolk, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, West- hampton Glee Club-Section Leader, YWCA-Publicity Chairman, BSU, Psy- gil-plogy Club, Orientation Counselor, Psi I. SUSAN MASON HART B.A., English Richmond, Virginia NATHALIE DEAN HARWOOD B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-Recorder, Sigma Pi Sigma, Sophomore Class-Town Student Repre- sentative, Director of Freshman Class Proj- ect, Westhampton Handbook-Business Manager, Intramural Hockey, Canterbury Club, Religious Activities Council, Amer- ican Institute of Physics-Vice-President, Orientation Counselor. JULIA MERLE HAYNIE B.A., History Reedville, Virginia Junior Class-Historian, Intramural Repre- sentative to Athletic Association, Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse, BSU, Freshman Proj- ect, Senior Project. CHARLOTTE RACI-IEN HINES B.A., Latin Suffolk, Virginia College Govemment-Second Vice-Presi- dent, Freshman Class-Representative to College Government Social Committee, WEE Staff, Intramural Tennis, Archery, FWCA Committee, Orientation Counse- or. CAROLYN RANGELEY HODNETT B.A., Psychology Martinsville, Virginia Psychology Club, Young Republican Club. ELIZABETH JARVIS HOLLAND B.A., Psychology Newport News, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Psi Chi, Mortar Board, Honor Council, South Court Residence Council-Recorder, College Gov- ernment-Secretary, President, WEB Staff, Intramural Hockey, Volleyball, Wesley Foundation, Psychology Club, Fourteen Committee, Orientation Counselor, Home- coming Court Maid-of-Honor, May Court, Who's Who. nfl 24-5 NANCY LEE HOOTMAN B.A., Sociology Alexandria, Virginia Psychology Club, Young Republican Club. DONNA ELAINE HOUEE B.A., History Staunton, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Orientation Counselor. IRENE CLAIRE HUDSON B.A., Studio An Richmond, Virginia Kale Techne, Orientation Counselor, Homecoming Court, May Court. NANCY CREATH PACE HUDSON B.S., Music Education Midlothian, Virginia Sophomore Class-Song Leader, Univer- sity Choir-Librarian, University Band, Music Club-President, Student Educa- tion Association. MARY BENTON HUMMEL B.A., Latin and English Blacksburg, Virginia Dean's List, WEB-Business Manager. ANN Doss HURD B.A., Sociology Welch, West Virginia WEB Staff, Westhampton Cheerleader, Orientation Counselor, Student Education Association, Hall President, May Court. NANCY JANE HYBNER B.S., Biology Arlington, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Beta geta Beta, University Band, Wesley Foun- ation. JACQUELINE MARIA INCE B.A., Sociology Emporia, Virginia YWCA, Student Education Association, Westhampton Cheerleader. CAROL FAYE JOHNSTON B.A., Sociology Bayside, Virginia WEB Staff, University Choir, Junior Or- chesis, YWCA, BSU. ELIZABETH PARKER JONES B.A., Biology Franklin, Virginia Junior Class-Secretary, Hall President. DORIS E. JOYNER B.A., Biology Windsor, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Beta Beta Beta, Fourteen Committee, WEE Staff, Collegian-Westhampton Sports Editor, Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Westhampton Glee Club, BSU, YWA-Vice-President, Treas- urer, Social Chairman, SNEA, YWCA SO- cial Committee. LORENA ANN KEECH B.A., Economics Richmond, Virginia MARJORIE GAY KEELINC B.A., Psychology Danville, Virginia Spanish Club, Psychology Club, Student Education Association. 246 Jykj ELEANOR KAY KOONTZ B.S., Mathematics Harrisonburg, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon-President, Phi Alpha Theta, North Court Residence Council-Sophomore House Leader, Freshman Class-Song Leader, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Hock- ey, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Uni- versity Choir, Music Club, Men's Clee Club-Accompanist, Athletic Association- Intramural Coordinator, Phi Beta Kappa. JANE LEWIS LACY B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia MARY ANNE LEWIS B.A., Psychology Portsmouth, Virginia BSU, Psychology Club. SUSAN BURNS LIGON B.A., Psychology Manhasset, New York Junior Varsity Hockey, Tennis, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Volleyball, Badminton, Westhampton Clee Club, University Choir. PATRICIA ANN LONG B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Beta Beta Beta-Secretary, Mortar Board-Pres- ident, College Government-Treasurer, College Council, Sophomore Class-Secre- tary-Treasurer, Intramural Volleyball, BSU, Fourteen Committee, Phi Beta Kappa Book Award, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kappa. GAIL LUSH B.A., Political Science and Psychology Amelia, Virginia Intermediate Honors, Psi Chi, WEB Stalf, Debate Team, Religious Emphasis Week -Secretary, BSU Executive Council, Psy- chology Club-Vice-President. GAIL LINDA MARCUS B.A., Sociology Kingstree, South Carolina South Court Residence Council-Junior House Leader, Intramural Basketbal, Hil- lel Foundation-Treasurer, Religious Ac- tivities Council-Secretary, Orientation Counselor. MARTHA SUE MCAFEE B.S., Biology Roanoke, Virginia Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta, Hall Presi- dent, Rat Council, WEE Sports Staff, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship. SANDRA MARIE MCGLORY B.A., Psychology Barrington, Rhode Island Dean's List, Dormitory Committee, Stu- dent Education Association, Psychology Club. BETTY LEE MCGUIRE B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Collegian-Reporter, M essenger-Critical Staff, Varsity Hockey, Tennis, Intramural Hockey, Tennis. MARCIA ANN MCMULLIN B.A., Sociology BlueHeld, West Virginia Young Republican Club-Secretary. CORAL K. MEARS B.A., Education Brookings, South Dakota Student Education Association-Secretary Treasurer, BSU, YWCA, Kale Techne. JUDY ANN METCALF B.A., Sociology Petersburg, Virginia University Band, BSU. MARILYN ANN MILLER B.A., English Hohokus, New Jersey Junior Orchesis. DORIS MARIE MORRIS B.A., History Newport News, Virginia Dean's List, Intramural Hockey, Basket- ball, May Court. JEAN WINGO MORRIS B.A., Mathematics Wakefield, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mor- tar Board-Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon-So- cial Chairman, Phi Alpha Theta, Honor Council, South Court Residence Council -President, Junior Class-Treasurer, Var- sity Basketba l, Intramural Basketball, Vol- leyball, Westhampton Glee Club, Uni- versity Choir, YWCA, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kappa. ALICE LOUISE MOYERS B.A., History Annandale, Virginia MARY JANE NEWTON B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, BSU, YWCA. CONNIE SUE OVERSTREET B.A., Religions Education Front Royal, Virginia Dean's List, BSU. P1-IYLLIS ANN PETERSON B.A., Biology Big Stone Ga , Virginia Deanfs List, Intermediate Honors, Beta Beta Beta-Historian, YWCA, Young Re- publican Club. GRACE ROWELL PIIELPS B.A., History Williamsburg, Virginia Dean'S List, Phi Alpha Theta, Hall Pres- ident, Orientation Counselor, Class Rep- resentative to College Government Social Committee, Collegian-Reporter, Canter- bury Club, May Court, Phi Beta Kappa. FRANCES MAE PITCHFORD B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Student Education Association, Univer- sity Choir. PHYLLIS A. POLLACK B.A., English and Psychology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Or- chesis-President, Hillel Foundation, Orien- tation Counselor, Senior Project, Co-Chair- man of Big-Little Sister Dinner, Phi Beta Kappa. MARY ARCHER RANDLETYE B.A., French Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mortar Board-Chapter Editor, Fourteen Commit- tee-Chairman, Orientation Counselor, College Government-Board of Publica- tions Representative, Collegian-Editor-im Chief, Westhampton Editor, Managing Editor, Editorial Associate, Religious Ac- tivities Council-Publicity Chainnan, Span- ish Club, Westhampton Handbook-Co Editor, Who's Who. PATRICIA LYLE RICH B.A., Psychology Glen Allen, Virginia Collegian-Business Staff, BSU, Psychol- o Club-Publicity Chairman, Student E?ucation Association, Orientation Coun- se or. JEAN LEwIs ROBERTSON B.S., Biology North Brunswick, New Jersey Dean's List, lntemiediate Honors, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, West- hampton Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, Intramural Hockey, Phi Beta Kappa. SHARON REBECCA ROBERTSON B.A., Economics Burkeville, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sopho- more Class-Historian, Collegian-Report- er, Hall President, YWCA. VIRGINIA FOSTER ROBERTSON B.A., English Literature Walnut Creek, California Dean's List, Messenger-Associate Editor, Orchesis. LORNA ANNETTE RORRER B.A., Psychology Bassett, Virginia Dean's List, Psi Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, WEB Staff, BSU, Y.W.A., Psychology Club-President. PATRICIA LOUISE RYAN B.A., Philosophy Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, University Players-President, Tovim Student Honor Council, Town Council-Freshman Representative, Junior Orchesis, Spanish Club, May Day Execu- tive Committee-Ballet Representative. SARAH MARGARET ST. CLAIR B.A., Psychology and Political Science Roanoke, Virginia North Court Residence Council-Ilunior House Leader, Intramural Basketbal , Vol- leyball, YWCA-VicePresident, Fourteen Committee, Orientation Counselor. SANDRA WATIcINs SCHROEDER B.A., Biology Richmond, Virginia WENDY GREENLEAF SCHWARTZ B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Hillel Foundation. BARBARA JEAN SHELL B.A., Psychology Crewe, Virginia Student Education Association, Psychology Club. JANE LYNNE SHEPPARD B.A., Elementary Education Ridgeway, Virginia Sgudent Education AssOciatiOn-Vice-Pres- I ent. EMILY JEAN SHORT B.A., English Purdi Virginia Chairman of Big- ittle Sister Committee, YWCA. PATRICIA, ANN SHOTTON B.A., Sociology Suffolk, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Kappa Delta Pi-Treasurer, Westhampton Glee Club, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, Student Education Association, Hall Pres- ident, Phi Beta Kappa. ELIZABETH ANN SISLER B.A., English Gainesville, Florida Dean's List, WEB Staff. GEORGEANNE SREEN B.A., English Clintwood, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors. SUSAN LEE SMITH B.A., Art Richmond, Virginia Kale Teehne-President. JACQUELYN ANN SMITHERS B.S., Chemistry Kannapolis, North Carolina Varsity Basketball, Tennis, YWCA-Chair man of Personal and Campus Relations, Orientation Counselor, Hall President. MARGARET ELIZABETH STAFFORD B.S., Mathematics Hampton, Virginia Intermediate Honors, Freshman Class- Historian, Westhampton Glee Club, Wes- ley Foundation. CECELIA ANN STIFF B.A., Mathematics Roanoke, Virginia Dean's List, lnterrnediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon-Secretary, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, North Court Residence Council-Junior House Leader, South Court Residence Council-Senior House Leader, WEB Staff, Westhampton Cheer- leader, Intramural Volleyball, May Day Executive Committee-Secretary, Orienta- tion Counselor, May Court, Phi Beta Kappa. DIANE CLAIR THURSTON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Orientation Counselor, Student Education Association, Psychology Club. TERESA LADD TOMLINSON B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia ELIzAEETH ANN VIOLE1'I'E B.A., Sociology Hampton, Virginia Dean's List, WEB Staff, Westhampton Glee Club-Section Leader, University Choir, Fourteen Committee, Orientation Counselor, May Court. NANCY ROSE WICKERS B.A., Psychology Norfolk, Virginia Psi Chi, Westhampton Glee Club-Libra- rian, Section Leader, BSU, BSU Choir- Secretary, College Council, Religious Em- phasis Week Steering Committee, Reli- gious Activities Council, Orientation Com- mittee, Orientation Counselor, Psychology Clilib, YWCA-Treasurer, President, Who's W 0. BARBARA JUNE WILRE B.S., Physical Education Richmond, Virginia Varsity Hockey-Captain, Basketball-Co Captain, Tennis, Lacrosse, Intramural Bad- minton, Ping Pong, Tennis, Basketball Team-Manager, Tennis Team-Manager. ELLEN NASH WILKINS B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia JULIA FORD WILLIAMS B.A., Music Theory Hampton, Virginia WEE-Westhampton Class Editor, Intra- mural Hockey, Music Club, Westhampton Glee Club, University Choir, Hall Presi- dent, Orientation Counselor, Committee Chairman for Senior Class Project. MARY LYNNE WILLIAMS B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Student Education Association. ELEANOR RAMSAY WILLIAMSON B.A., Psychology Pzichrnond, Virginia CAROL HOBSON WINEIELD B.A., Religious Education Petersburg, Virginia Dean's List, Westhampton Glee Club- Section Leader, University Choir, BSU, Religious Activities Council, YWCA, Ves- pers Chairman. JOAN LEE WRIGHT B.A., Mathematics Lawrenceville, Virginia Dean's List, Senior Class-Treasurer, WEE Staff-Sports Editor, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, University Concert Band, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Young Dem- ocrats Club, Westhampton Chairman. RICHMO COLLEGE JAMES ANTHONY AGNEW B.A., Economics Richmond, Virginia Intramural Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis. THEODORE GERARD ALDHIZER B.S., Chemistry Harrisonburg, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma Sigma Ep- silon-President, Intramural Tennis, Bas- ketball, Band, Pep Band, Phi Beta Kappa. LEE WOODSON ALLEN B.A., Bible and Religion Fork Union, Virginia LOUIS SUTHERLAND ALLEN, JR. B.S., Biology Silver Spring, Maryland Beta Beta Beta-President, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Rifle Team. RALPH lVlCLEAN ANGELL, JR. B.A., English Wilmington, Delaware Areopagus, WEB Staff, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Soft- ball, Choir, Band, Glee Club, Brass Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Ministerial Association, YMCA, BSU, REW Com- mittee. ANDREW GEORGE BACHMANN B.S., Chemistry Newport News, Virginia Student Directory-Assistant, Philologian Society, Band, Radio Station, Canterbury Club. 248 ,NJ PHILIP JOSEPH BAGLEY, III B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Inter- fraternity Council-Vice-President, Presi- dent, Greek Week Chairman, Help Week Chairman, Kappa Sigma-Treasurer, Social Chairman, Pledge Master, Omicron Delta Kappa-President, Pi Sigma Alpha, Seab- bard and Blade, Who's Who, Student Government-Vice-President, Senator, Jun- ior Class-President, Collegian-Frat Chat Editor, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Football, Archery, Bowling, Horseshoes, Newman Club, Outstanding Cadet, Pres- ident's Advisory Council, All-Campus Par- ty Representative, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN G. BARRIE, JR. B.A., Math Yonkers, New York Sigrna Phi Epsilon. ROBERT BUEORD BELTON, JR. B.A., Journalism Roanoke, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Inter- fratemity Council, Kappa Sigrna-Presi- dent of Pledge Class, Rush Chairman, Grand Master of Ceremonies, Scabbard and Blade-Treasurer, Tennis, Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, WCRC-News Announcer. ROBERT WILLIABI BERGER B.A., Political Science Petersburg, Virginia DAVID M. BERLIN B.A., English Berryville, Virginia Kappa Alpha-Corresponding Secretary, President's Advisory Council, Freshman Class-Vice-President, Sophomore Class- President, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Track. NORBORNE PATRICK BEVILLE, JR. B.A., History Huntington, West Virginia Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Kap- pa Alpha-Historian, Athletic Chairman, Publications Chairman, Senior Class- Treasurer, Collegian-Sports Staff, Golf, Intramural Tennis, Track, Football, Soft- ball, Men's Glee Club. JAMES RUSSELL BOBE B.S., Personnel Relations Richmond, Virginia University Players. JAMES JUDSON BOOKER, III B.A., Chemistry Portsmouth, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta-Vice- President, Freshman Rifle Team, Varsity Rifle Team, Philologian Society-Presi- dent, Student Trainer, Dormitory Coun- selor, Forensic Council. ERNEST JUNIE BOYD B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia Intramural Softball, Ministerial Associa- tion-CO-Chairman of Publicity, Chaplain. ROLAND BIIEORD BRANDIS, III B.A., Political Science Falls Church, Virginia Dean's List, Tau Kappa Alpha-Virginia State Secretary, Treasurer, Pi Sigma Al- pha, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honor Council, House of Representatives, Student Center Board of Governors, Orien- tation Committee-Vice-President, Presi- dent's Advisory Council, Student Direc- tory Staff, Forensic Council-President, Varsity Public Speaking, Intramural De- bate Tournament, Freshman Golf Team, Young Republican Club-Membership Chairman, Executive Council, YMCA- President, Vice-President, Program Chair- man, Cabinet, Task Group, Chairman National President's Congress, Religious Activities Council, REW-Editor of Bro- chure, Committee Chairrnan, Steering Committee, Westminster Fellowship-Di- rector of Worship Activities, Executive Council. LARRY LEE BROWN B.A., English Winchester, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha-Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Collegian-Reporter, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Intramural Foot- ball, Volleyball, President's Advisory Coun- cil, Press Club-President. JOHN EDWARD BUCK, JR. B.A., History Powhatan, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, House of Representatives, Intramural Basketball, Band-Marching, Concert, Pep, Drum Major, Philologian Society-House Repre- sentative, President, History Society- House Representative, President, Forensic Council-House Representative, Young Democrats Club-Chairman. ROBERT C. BULLOCK B.A., History Bradenton, Florida Interfraternity Council, Alpha. Kappa Lambda-Pledge Marshal, Recording Sec- retary, Intramural Soccer, Football, Mens Glee Club, Newman Club, R. C. Mc- Danel Historical Society. JOHN THOMAS BURCH, JR. B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Scabbard and Blade, Intramural Debate, Freshman and Varsity RiHe Teams, ROTC Rifle Medal, Drum Major, Drum and Bugle Corps, ROTC Band, University of Richmond Band, ROTC Band Medal, Drum Major's Trophy, Young Democrats Club. PATRICK KENDALL BURKE B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Lambda Chi Al- pha, Senator-at-Large, Student Govern- ment-Treasurer, Freshman Senator, Fresh- man Tennis Team, Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis. WALTER H. CARTER, JR. B.S., Physics and Mathematics Front Royal, Virginia Dean's List, Intennediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon-Treasurer, Sigma Pi Sigma, Intra- mural Basketball, Track, American Insti- tute Of Physics, Phi Beta Kappa. BRUCE EDWARD CATHEY B.S., Chemistry Norfolk, Virginia Dean's List. THOMAS R. CLARKE B.S., Biology Jarratt, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta-Outstanding Pledge, Clorresponding Secretary, Glee Club-Pres- I ent. JOHN GARLAND COSBY, JR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Greek Week Co-Chairman, Theta Chi-Presi- dent, Social Chairman, Areopagus-Secre tary-Treasurer, Men's Glee Club-Prop- erty Manager. CHARLES W. CURTIS B.A., Bilzle and Religion Newport News, Virginia Ministerial Association. HENRY PHILLIP DALTON, JR. B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Theta Chi, Debate Team, Intramural De- bate Trophy, Freshman Football, Intra- mural Football, Track. ROBERT LOYAL DAVIS B.A., Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Lamb- da Chi Alpha-Treasurer, President, Pi Mu Epsilon, House of Representatives, Collegian-Sports Reporter, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Student Party Chairman. WILLIAM CHARLES DRURY B.A., Biology Richmond, Virginia Scarpa Alpha, Intramural Basketball, Foot- 3 . I'IERBERT Scorr DUER B.A., Sociology Onancock, Virginia Freshman Basketball Manager, Varsity Cross Country. DOUGLAS PAGE ELMORE B.A., Political Science Painter, Virginia WEB-CIHSS Editor, R. C. McDanel His- torical Society, Young Democrats Club -State Vice-President. JERRY FRANCHOT EMANUEL B.A., Applied Music Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Music Club, University Band, Orchestra, Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERT JAMES FAGG, JR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Kappa Sigrna-Vice-President, Intramural Softball, Volleyball. JAMES RANDOLPH FITZGERALD B.A., English Charlottesville, Virginia Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Kap- pa Alpha-Publications Director, Student Party Representative, Who's Who, Stu- dent Government-Board of Publications Representative, Senator, Freshman Class- Secretary, Senior Class-Senator, Collegian -Reporter, Sports Editor, WEE-Sports Editor, Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, Areopagus. MICHAEL M. FOREIVIAN B.A., Political Science Winchester, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Inter- fraternity Council, Pi 'Kappa Alpha- Scholarship Chairman, President, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honor Coun- cil-Chairman, President'S Advisory Coun- cil, House of Representatives, Debate Team, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Richmond College Medical Assistant, Phi Beta Kappa. THOMAS RICHARD FOSTER B.A., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta-Historian, Intramural Football, Baseball. JOHN L. FUGATE B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Delta Theta-Secretary, Alumni Secretary, Vice-President of Pledge Class, Librarian, English Club, WCRC- Announcer. DAVID M. FULLER B.A., Psychology Bluefield, West Virginia Kappa Sigrna-Guard, Secretary, Vice-Pres ident, Senator, Sophomore Class-Treas- urer, Freshman Football, Tennis, Varsity Football, Tennis, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Football. DAVID W. GAMMON B.S., Chemistry Petersburg, Virginia Intermediate Honors, Lambda Chi Alpha, Who's Who, Donn Counselor-Secretary, Senator, President of Sophomore Class, Intramural Football, Softball, Volleyball, Glee Club, Ministerial Association, Assist- ant pastor at Grace Baptist Church. DICK D. GARDNER B.S., Chemistry Abingdon, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta-Treasurer, Intramural Football, Soccer, Track, Dorm Counselor -President's Advisory Council. GRIFFIN TAYLOR GARNETT, III B.A., Political Science Arlington, Virginia Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Phi Kappa Sigma-Vice-President, Rush Chair- man, All-Campus Party Representative, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, WEB Staff, Freshman Tennis, Golf, Varsity Golf, Intramural Football, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Soccer, Tennis. WALLACE E. GARTHRIGHT, JR. B.A., Mathematics Cherry Hill, New Jersey Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Kap- pa Alpha-Historian, Alumni Secretary, 'I' au Kappa Alpha, Pi Mu Epsilon, Omi- cron Delta Kappa-VicePresident, Honor Council, Messenger, Collegian, Debate Team, President of Forensic Council, In- tramural Football, Tennis, Softball, West- minster Fellowship-Moderator, REW Steering Committee, Religious Activities Council, President's Advisory Council, Phi Beta Kappa. WILLIAM GARLAND GERMAN B.A., History Dutton, Virginia Ealppa Sigma, Intramural Softball, Volley- a . BILLY JOE GILMORE B.A., English Clinton, Missouri Philologian Literary Society. DAVID Ross GOODE B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Kappa Sigma, I-louse of Representatives, Collegian-Sports Reporter, Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball. LESLIE GRANVILLE GOODE B.A., History Richmond, Virginia DANIEL EDWARD GRABEEL B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia JACK C. GRADY, JR. B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia University Band, Ministerial Association, Baptist Student Union. STUART VICTOR GBANDIS B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Hillel Foundation, Phi Beta Kappa. ROGER WILLIAMS GRANT, III B.A., English and History McLean, Virginia Theta Chi-Historian, Pledge Marshal, University Players, Varsity Tennis, In- tramurals, House of Representatives. HARRY A. GRAY, JR. B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia R. BAXTER GRIFFITH, JR. B.A., English Literature Richmond, Virginia Areopagus-President, Messenger-Editor in-Chief. WALTER SAIVIUEL GRIGGS, JR. B.A., History Richmond, Vir 'nia Dean's List, Tau Kappa ATpha-President, Phi Alpha Theta-Vice-President, Who's Who, Pi Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Debate Team-Captain, RAC, REW-Associate Chairman, YMCA Cab- inet, Forensic Council. GEORGE GRODZICKI B.A., History Sunnyside, New York Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Intramural Volleyball, Soft- ball, Football, Soccer. uftl 249 ROBERT WAYNE HARMON B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta-Greek Week Chairman, Vice-President, Areopagus, Board of Pub- lications, Collegian-Managing Editor, Men's Divisions Editor, Intramural Foot- bill, Soccer, University Press Club-Pres- 1 ent. CHARLES JOSEPH HARVEY B.A., History Richmond, Virginia ROBERT GLENN I-IAsTY, JR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon-Historian, Scabbard and Blade, Glee Club, University Choir. NATHANIEL WARD HATCH, JR. B.A., Political Science Chester, Virginia Sigma Chi-Rush Chairman, Vice-Presi- dent, President, Scabbard and Blade Mil- itary Society, Intramural Football, Soft- ball, Soccer, Basketball, Track, Bowling. ROBERT ALBERT HENNING B.A., Political Science Emporia, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Lambda Chi Al- pha, Intramural Bowling. GUY MONROE HICKS, JR. B.A., Spanish and French Richmond, Virginia Phi Beta Kappa. HERMAN FISHER HICKS B.A., Bilale anal Religion Henderson, North Carolina Dean's List, Dorm Counselor, Intramural Football, Ministerial Association-President, BSU Missions. JACKIE F. HODGES B.A., History Norfolk, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Junior Class-Chap- lain, Varsity Football, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball, Soccer. WILLIAM THOMAS HOGARTH B.S., Biology Jarratt, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta, Intramural Basketball. CLAUDE RICHARD HOGOARD, III B.S., Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Freshman Rifle Team, ROTC Rifle Co. FRANK WAYNE HORTON B.A., Political Science Raven, Virginia Sigma Chi-Pledge Trainer, Freshman Football, Intramural Soccer, Track, A11- Campus Political Party-Treasurer. PHILIP TAYLOR JACKSON B.A., Music and History Alexandria, Virginia Transfer from University of Virginia, Del- ta Upsilon, Football, Basketball, Music Club-President, BSU, University Choir, University Band. EDWARD MICHAEL JARRETT B.A., History Warwick, Virginia Sigma Chi, Who's Who, House of Rep- resentatives, Student Directory-Editor, Spider Handbook-Editor, WEB-ASSOC. Editor, Philologian Literary Society, Cant- erbury Club, Ministerial Association, REW -Financial Chairman, Ralph C. Mc- Danel Historical Society, Young Repub- lican Club, WCRC. 250 JYXJ WILLIAM WESLEY JENNINGS B.A., English South Boston, Virginia Theta Chi, Scabbard and Blade-Execu- tive Officer, Senior Class-Secretary, WCRC-Station Manager, Consultant. LARRY BERT KING B.A., Political Science Arlington, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, YMCA. ROBERT WILLIAM KINLEY B.A., Psychology Summit, New Jersey Varsity Tennis, Intramural Soccer, Psy- chology Club. WILLIAM DONALD KNIGHT B.A., Bible and Religion Lancaster, South Carolina Ministerial Association. EDWIN L. LAMBERTH, JR. B.S., Chemistry Norfolk, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Govemment Association-Clerk, Varsity Tennis, Intra- mural Basketball, Soccer, Football, Soft- ball, Tennis, Dean's List. MICHAEL G. LAMBIOTTE B.A., History Newport News, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha-Secretary. NORMAN E. LASSITER, JR. B.A., Political Science Chesapeake, Virginia Theta Chi-House Manager, Pledge Mar- shal, Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Stu- dent Government Association-Speaker of the House of Representatives, Matricula- tion Committee, Orientation Committee, Intramural Football, Basketball, Volley- ball, Softball, Track, University Choir- President. DABNEY BENNETT LEE B.A., Political Science Roanoke, Virginia Alpha Kappa Lambda-Secretary, Presi- dent, Intramural Volleyball, Canterbury Club, R. C. McDanel Historical Society, Young Democratic Club-President, Inter- fraternity Council. FRED DAVID LINKENHOKER B.A., Bible and Religion Roanoke, Virginia University Chorus, Chairman of Revival Teams for BSU, Religious Emphasis Week -Co-Chairman of Seminars, Radio Com- mittee for Ministerial AssociatiOn-Chair- man, Transfer from Mars Hill College. JOSEPH HERBERT LIVELY B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta, Intramural Track, Ten- nis, BSU. HOWARD WATRINS LOVE B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Aeropagus, Dean's List, Intermediate Hon- ors, Phi Beta Kappa. JACK ANDREW MARCOM B.A., Psychology Fredericksburg, Virginia Ministerial Association, Transfer from Bluefield College, BSU, Greater Coun- cil, Executive Council, Summer Mission- ary, Church Related Vocations-President. ROBERT EDWARD MEIGOS, III B.A., English Hampton, Virginia Theta Chi-Secretary, Librarian, Reporter, Areopagus, Messenger-Art Editor, Stu- dent Directory-Art Editor, Spider-Art Editor, Rifle Team, Track, Glee Club, BSU, YMCA-Publicity Manager, Art Club, College Radio Staff, University Players. GORDON L. MERRITT B.A., English Annandale, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha-Social Chairman, Scabbard and Blade, W'ho's Who, Junior Class-Secretary, Senior Class-President, Pistol Team, Newman Club. ALBERT EDWARD MILLAR, JR. B.A., English Newport News, Virginia Deanls List, Areopagus, Student Govern- Inent Association-House of Representa- tives, Clerk, Student Directory Staff, WEB-SPOIYS Staff, Philologian Literary Society-Treasurer, R. C. McDanel His- torical Society, Freshman Cross-Country, Indoor-Outdoor Track, Varsity Track, In- tramural Football, Pep Band, University Band-Property Manager, BSU. CHARLES RUSSELL MOORE B.A., English Newport News, Vir 'nia Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbar? and Blade, Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Track. CEPLIAS W. MORTON - B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Psychology Club. WILLIAM EARLE NETILES B.A., French Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa. JIMMY LEE NICKELSTON B.A., Bilale anal Religion Martinsville, Virginia Ministerial Association. JOHN THOMAS NUCKOLS B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Theta Chi, Gamma Sigma EpsilOn-Treas- urer, Dean's List. ELWOOD MANSFIELD OBRIG B.A., Political Science Summit, New Jersey Phi Kappa Sigma-Sergeant-at-Arms, So- cial Chairman, Vice-President, Secretary, House of Representatives, Freshman Rifle Team, Tennis, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Rifle, Volleyball, Horseshoes, Track, Archery, Badminton. CARL LEE OUSLEY, JR. B.A., History Holland, Virginia G. WAYNE POARCH B.A., Political Science Emporia, Virginia Freshman Baseball, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball, University Players. COOLIDGE ALBERT PORTERFIELD, JR. B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Varsity Track, Intramural Basketball, Soft- ball, BSU Choir, University Choir, BSU, Transfer from Mars Hill College. ALLEN LEE PUEPENEEROER B.A., Bible and Religion Luray, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Who's Who, Student Government Association- Chaplain, BSU, Ministerial Association, Phi Beta Kappa. RUSSELL LENWOOD RABB, JR. B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Vice-President and Pledge Trainer, Scabbard and Blade- President, Intramural Volleyball. GEORGE RAYIWOND RAPP B.A., History VVayne, New Jersey Phi Gamma Delta, Athletic Representative, Student Government-Administrative Council President, Varsity Football CO- Captain, Varsity Track. FRANCIS EARL REIBSAMEN B.A., Psychology Waverly, Virginia Philologian Society-Secretary, Young Dem- ocrats Club, Psychology Club-Secretary Treasurer. ARCHIBALD ROBERTSON, III B.A., History 4 Richmond, Vir 'nia R. C. McDaniel HistOricaT Society-Vice- President, Young Republicans-Treasurer. DALE GLENWOOD ROBINSON B.A., History Wilmington, Delaware Dean's List, Kappa Delta Pi-President, Phi Alpha Theta, House of Representa- tives, BSU, R. C. McDanel Historical Society, Philologian Literary Society. WILLIAM S. ROYSTER, JR. B.A., Political Science Cluster SErings, Virginia Lambda Chi Alp a, Collegian-Reporter, YMCA StaHi. WILLIAM STANHOPE RYAN, JR. B.S., Chemistry Baltimore, Maryland Dean's List, Intemiediate Honors, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, WEB-Class Editor, Philologian Literary Society. WAL1'ER JEROME SCHWARTZ B.A., Chemistry Alexandria, Virginia Alpha Epsilon Pi-Scribe and Sentinel, Al -Campus Representative, Dormitory Counselor, Intramural Basketball, Volley- ball, Hillel Foundation. THOMAS G. SECCIA B.A., Sociology Brooklyn, New York Lambda Chi Alpha, Newman .Club-Pres ident, Junior Varsity Football, Univer- sity Players. RANDOLPH WAYLAND SI-IOTWELL B.A., Political Science Criglersville, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon-President, Chaplain, House of Rep- resentatives, Junior Class-Vice-President, Senior Class-Vice-President, Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Men's Glee Club, University Band, REW Steering Committee. I'IARVEY WATSON SKINNER B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia Intramural Softball, Ministerial Associa- tion, STEPHEN BENTON SLAUOHTER B.A., Spanish Bremo Bluff, Virginia Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Philologian Lit- erary Society. S. STROTHER SMITH, III B.A., English and Political Science Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Pi Kappa Alpha-Treasurer, Rush Commit- tee, Who's Who, Pi Sigma Alpha-Presi- dent, Tau Kappa Alpha, Areopagus-Vice President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Col- legian-Current Events Columnist, Inter- mural Debate Team, Debate Team-Cap- tain, International Debate, National In- tercollegiate Debate Finals at West Point, Canterbury Club, Young Republicans- Virginia College Federation Vice-Chair- man. THOMAS CALDWELL SMITH B.S., Physics and Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Dean'S List, Intermediate Honors, Lambda Chi Alpha-Secretary, Vice-President, Sig- ma Pi Sigma-Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon, Intramural Basketball, Track, Football, American Institute of Physics, Phi Beta Kappa. GERNOT FRIEDRICH SPALLEK B.S., Chemistry Dortmund, Germany Varsity Football, Cross Country, Track, Intramural Soccer, Track, YMCA. WALLACE AUOUSTUS SOWDER B.A., English Elberon, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon-Junior Marshal, Aero- pagus. JOEL JOSEPH STEIWPIL B.A., Political Science Arlington, Virginia Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Phi Sigma Delta-Treasurer, President, Who's Who, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honor Council- Secretary, Senate-Clerk, House of Rep- resentatives, Religious Activities Council, Intramural Volle ball, Football, Basket- ball, Soccer, Solliball, Rifle, University Band, Hillel Foundation, All-Campus Par- ty-Chairman, Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa. OLIVER JOHNSON STONE B.A., Philosophy Bassett, Virginia Kappa Sigma-Vice-President, House Man- ager, House of Representatives, Collegian, Intramural Football. ERNEST SOOTT STROTHER, JR. B.A., History Arlington, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma-President, Vice-Pres- ident, Pledgemaster, Senate, Varsity Ten- nis, Basketball, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball, Soccer, Volleyball, R. C. McDanel Historical Society. LEE HASKER STROUD, II B.A., Psychology Portsmouth, Virginia Student Directory Staff, Forensic Council, Freshman Baseball, Track, Intramural Track, Marching, Concert, Pep Bands- Band Staff, Philologian Society, ROTC Drill Team, Dorm Counselor, R. C. Mc- Danel Historical Society. THOMAS BRAGG VASSAR, Il B.S., Physics anal Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Ep silon-Secretary, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN WILLIAM VAUGHAN, JR. B.A., Political Science Portsmouth, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha-Rush Chairman, ODK Freshman Award, Who's Who, Student Government Association-President, Secre- tary, Senator, Freshman Class-President, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Track, Intramural Football, Track Volley- ball, Tennis, Softball, Omicron Delta Kappa. BRUOE CARTER WAITERSON B.A., Biology Richmond, Virginia Varsity Rifle Team, University Band. TERRY M. WELBORN B.A., Bible and Religion Richmond, Virginia Alpha Kappa Lambda-Chaplain, Colle- gian-Reporter, Ministerial Association- Vice-President. WILLIAM N. WHITFIELD B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Intramural Football, Softball, Men's Glee Club-Secretary-Treasurer, BSU, WCRC -Chief Announcer, Psychology Club. H. JOSEPH WILLIAB-IS, VII B.A., Chemistry Staunton, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Chaplain, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Intramural Football, Soccer, Bas- ketball, Track, Cross Country, Archery, Westminster Fellowship. GEORGE CURTIS WO1XiBLE, JR. B.A., 'History Portsmouth, Virginia Theta Chi-Athletic Representative, In- tramural Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball. LOUIS G. WONO B.A., Philosophy Brooklyn, New York Sigma Chi-Rush Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Intra- Inural Football, Soccer. JACK BER YAFFA B.A., Sociology Pennsavken, New Jersey Phi Sigma Delta, Varsity Club, Varsity Football-Captain, Varsity Track, Intra- mural Softball, Basketball, Hillel Founda- tion. ROY CARROLL YOUNG B.A., Political Science Collinsville, Virginia Theta Chi, Who's Who, Freshman Class -Vice-President, House of Representa- tives, Senator at Large, Junior Varsity Baseball, Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball. LOUIS HENRY ZINCONE, JR. B.A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intemiediate Honors, Phi Delta Theta-President, Alumni Secre- tary, Collegian-Columnist, Pi Sigma Al- pha, Phi Beta Kappa. -1,21 251 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DMINISTR TIO DAVID KEITH BAKER B.S., Economics Newport, Rhode Island Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Drill Team, Most Outstanding Ca- det Award, Scabbard and Blade Award, Sons of American Revolution Award, Drill Team Award, No Demerits Award. CURTIS LANE BALLARD B.S., Marketing Fuguay, North Carolina Theta Chi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramural Soccer, Foot- ball. RUSSELL CHRISTIAN BAUR B.S., Business Administration Richmond, Virginia ION NELSON BOLLING B.S., Marketing Fredericksburg, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon-Rush Chairman, Pledge Chairman, President, Glee Club, Intramural Football, Soccer, Interfrater- nity Council. NELSON DEOKER BRISTOW B.S., Management Amburg, Virginia Who's Who, Phi Gamma Delta, Senior Class-Treasurer, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Dean's List. CHARLES LACY BRITTAIN B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia JAMES DENNIS BROOKER B.S., Marketing Waynesboro, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Pi Kappa Alpha -Vice-President, Rush Committee, Repre- sentative to House of Representatives, Who's Who, Student Govemment-Sec- retary, Secretary of Junior Class, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Softball, Horse- shoes, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for Ad- vancement of Management. 252 Dk.: HARRY L. CANNON B.S., Marketing Salem, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramural Football, Softball, Archery, Horseshoes. CHARLES WESLEY CLOE, III B.S., Business Accounting Richmond, Virginia Collegian-Sports Editor, WCRC-Sports Director, WEE-Sports Editor, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Track. WILLIAM ALLEN COLLINS B.S., Management Bowling Green, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha-President, Rush Chairman, Athletic Representative, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Softball, Vol- leyball. BARRY L. COOPER B.S., Accounting Scranton, Pennsylvania ELMO GARNBTT' CROSS, IR. B.S., Accounting Hanover, Virginia Society for Advancement of Management. DWIGHT V. DEMASTERS B.S., Marketing Waynesboro, Virginia IOI-IN MOWANE DIROM B.S., Marketing Lynchburg, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Senior Class-Vice- President, Basketball, Golf, Intramural Track. JACK RUSSEL EVANS B.S., Accounting Scranton, Virginia Transfer from Lackawanna junior Col- lege, Class President- 1 96 1 . NICHOLAS LANSING EUBANK B.S., Business Management Richmond, Virginia Theta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi-President, Senior Class-Secretary, Society for Ad- Iaancement of Management-Vice-Presi- CDI. HORAOE LEE FORD, IR. B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Society for Advancement of Management. ROBERT S. GALARD B.S., Accounting Winton, Pennsylvania Intermediate Honors, Intramural Softball, Basketball. CORNELIUS I. COEREN, IR. B.S., Marketing Maplewood, New jersey Sigma Phi Epsilon-Scholarship Chair- man, Rush Committee, Socieg for Ad- vancement of Management, heerleader -Captain, Grant-Du ack Improved Schol- arshi Award, Track, Intramural Football, Track, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Col- legian Dance Band, University Band, Newman Club, WCRC. O. MAXEY GRIFFIN, JR. B.S., Marketing Buffalo Junction, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Kappa Alpha Or- der-Treasurer, Secretary, Rush Chairman, House of Representatives. WALTER PIXSON GRIFFITH B.S., Accounting gohnstown, Pennsylvania Sigma hi-Treasurer, Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer. WAYNE j. HASKINS B.S., Finance Richmond, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma-Representative to House of Representatives, Who's Who, Summer School Honor Council, Vice-President- Student Government, All Campus Political Committee, President's Board of Gover- nors Student Center-Senior Advisor, Col- legian-Business Columnist, Intramural Tennis, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Al- pha Kappa Psi. CLIFTON UPTON HAYES B.S., Marketing Newport News, Virgnia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Soci Chairman, Lunior Class-Secretary, Intramural Foot- all, Soccer, Golf, Track. WILLIAM W. HENDRIOK B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Society for Advancement of Management. JAMES EARLE HILDENBRAND B.S., Management Baltimore, Maryland Lambda Chi Alpha-Treasurer, Alpha Ka pa Psi-Secretary, Intramural Soccer, Volleyball. IOHN P. HORGER B.S., Management New Canton, VirginiaA1 h S Ka a Si a-Asst. Secretary, p a o- cieitpyli Athlgiic Representative from School of Business, Intramural Football, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Softball, Bowling. HERMAN WAYNE HUDGINS B.S., Accounting Highland Springs, Virginia Alpha Society, Alpha Kappa Psi. ELLIOTT A. HUDSON B.S., Marketing Baltimore, Maryland Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, A1- pha Kappa Psi-Treasurer, Phi Gamma Delta-President, Scabbard and Blade- Distinguished Military Student, Who's Who, Honor Council-Chairman, Senior Class Advisor, President's Advisory Coun- cil, Barrack Counselor, Food Committee- Chairman, Dorm Council-President, Var- sig Football, Intramural Football, Basket- b l, Track, Volleyball, BSU, YMCA- Vice-President, Treasurer, Reli ious Em- phasis Week-Asst. Chairman, Society for Advancement of Management-Treasurer. THOMAS EDWARD HYNECK B.S., Economics, Finance Southington, Connecticut Phi Sigma Delta-Treasurer, Athletic Chairman, Student Govemment Treasurer, Track, Intramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Glee Club, BSU, Young Republicans. CHARLES ELSWORTH JENKINS B.S., Management Great Falls, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha-Social Chairman, Cor- resplgndent, Intramural Soccer, Alpha Kap- pa sr. MOULTRIE SHREWSBURY LANIER, II B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES C. LEEER B.S., Economics Red Lion, Pennsylvania Society for Advancement of Management. KENNETH FRANKLIN LEE, JR. B.S., Business Management Richmond, Virginia CLAUS RICHARD LEHMANN B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Society for Advancement of Management. PAUL ANSEL LEWIS B.S., Marketing Falls Church, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Alpha Epsilon Pi -President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Senior Student Advisor, Intramural Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Band, Hillel Foundation. Louis JOSEPH MATT, JR. B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Theta Chi, Intramural Track, Newman Club-Vice-President, Society for Advance- ment of Management. JAMES WILLIAM MCCLUNG B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha-President, Junior Class -Senator, Sophomore Class-Vice-Presi- dent, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Base- ball, Intramural Football, Basketball. CHARLES MONROE MCKINNEY, JR. B.S., Accounting Suffolk, Virginia University Band-Property Manager, Vice- President, President, Outstanding Fresh- man Bandsman. STEPHEN BARRY MILLER B.S., Accounting Silver Spring, Maryland Dean's List, Interfraternity Council, Al- pha Epsilon Pi-President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Al ha Society, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowlling, Glee Club-Business Manager, Hillel Foundation. JAMES ELLIOTT MORRIS, II B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA. JAMES EDWIN MULVANY B.S., Personnel Management Richmond, Virginia Senior Student Advisor. JAMIL MAJID NAJM B.S., Personnel Management Sidon, Lebanon Alpha Kappa Psi, Junior Class-Senator, Choir, Glee Club, Religious Emphasis Week Chairman, U.C.C.F. National Ex- ecutive Committee, Senior Student Ad- visor. WILLIAM EDWARDS PASCOE, III B.A., Finance Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta, Student Government Senator, Junior Class-Vice-President, In- tramural Football, Softball, Basketball, Newman Club-President, Treasurer. WAYNE SULLIVAN PAUL B.S., Business Economics Richmond, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, In- tramural Soccer, Volleyball, Track, Arch- ery, Football, University Marching and Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, Pep Band: Collegians Dance Band, ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, Society for Advancement of Management. JAMES MCCORMICK PAXTON B.S., Business Economics Richmond, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Society for Advance- ment of Management, Alpha Kappa Psi. BINEORD EARL PARKER, JR. B.S., Marketing Suffolk, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Interfraternity Court, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Vice-Pres ident, Rush Committee, Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Softball. JERRY PEZZELLA, JR. B.S., Business Economics Norfolk, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Kappa SigIna-Corres- ponding Secretary, Alpha Society, Who's Who, School of Business Honor Council -Secretary, Intramural Baseball, Basket- ball, Football, Society for Advancement of Management, Senior Student Advisor, Alpha Kappa Psi, University Band. WALTER T. PRICE, JR. B.S., Economics Orange, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HAROLD EUGENE PUGH B.S., Management Hurt, Virginia Dean's List, Transfer from Mars Hill College. GRAHAM KEITH RAGLAND B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Alpha Society, Society for Advancement of Management. JOSEPH B. REYNOLDS B.S., Marketing Newport News, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, House of Representa- tives for Men's Glee Club, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Men's Glee Club, BSU, Society for Advancement of Management. ALBERT M. ROMUALDI B.S., Management Hershey, Pennsylvania Society for Advancement of Management. JOHN MARTIN ROSE B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Alpha Kappa Psi. JOHN SANDY B.S., Accounting Scranton, Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT EUGENE SOARROROUOH B.S., Management Newport News, Virginia Student Directory Staff, WEB Staff, Fresh- man Baseball, Intramural Football, New- man Club-Treasurer, Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Philologian Literary Society-Treasurer. GARY ALBERT SCOTT B.S., Personnel Relations Boothvvyn, Pennsylvania Society for Advancement of Management, Alpha Kappa Psi, ROTC Band. SYD WENDELL SMITH, JR. B.S., Iklarketing Portsmouth, Virginia Kappa Sigma-Vice-President, Rush Chair- man, Intramurals, Society for Advance- ment of Management-Vice-President, Freshman Football, Alpha Kappa Psi, Honor Council, GERALD MATTHEWS SPIVEY B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta-Treasurer, Freshman Basketball, Intramural Football, Basket- ball, Softball, Track, Soccer, Volleyball. LEONARD EDWARD STEFANKO B.S., Accounting Scranton, Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT G. STEWART B.S., Management Deltaville, Virginia Intermediate Honors, Phi Gamma Delta -Historian, Omicron Delta Kappa, Presi- dent Student Government, School of Business, Junior Class-President, Board of Directors, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball-Captain, Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, Alpha Kappa Psi, So- ciety for Advancement of Management, Wl1o's Who. ROBERT ALLEN STUBBLEFIELD B.S., Marketing Williamsburg, Virginia Theta Chi-Vice-President, Scabbard and Blade-President, House of Representa- tives, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Men's Glee Club, ROTC. Lfif 253 DAVID LEONARD SULLIVAN, III B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Dean's List. JOHN E. SULLIVAN B.S., Management Lebanon, Pennsylvania Theta Chi, Track, Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, Alpha Kappa Psi. CHARLES MITCHELL TALIAEERRO B.S., Industrial Management Richmond, Virginia Society for Advancement of Management. ELMER ROBERT TOLER B.S., Management Dabneys, Virginia Alpha Kappa Psi, Forensic Council, Fresh- man Baseball, Society for Advancement of Management-Secretary, Philologian Literary Society-Secretary, Treasurer, President, R. C. McDanel Historical So- ciety, Young Democratic Club-Chairman. ROBERT HAROLD TRENT B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Alpha Society, Senior Stu- dent Advisor, Junior Class-Treasurer, So- ciety for Advancement of Management. GEORGE WADE TYLER B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Glee Club. EDWARD WHITMAN WADE, III B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Society for Advancement of Management -Pledge Chairman. PHILLIP MONTACUE WADE B.S., Marketing Sandston, Virginia Dean's List, Senior Class-Senator, So- ciety for Advancement of Management. CLARENCE E. WILLIAMS, III B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma-All Campus Repre- sentatrve, Student Government Business School-Senator, Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Baseball. BENJAMIN M. YEATTS B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Kappa Alpha, Intramural-Track. RUSSELL TAYLOR YOUNG B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta. 254 JYRJ J J SCHCOL CF LAW WILLIAM IRVING BANDAS Richmond, Vir 'nia Phi Alpha Delta, McNeiR1 Law Society, Phi Epsilon Pi, Virginia State Bar. CHARLES RODNEY CHAPMAN Richmond, Virginia EA., University of Richmond, Phi Alpha eta. LOWELL KENNETH CLARKE Norfolk, Virginia B.S., University of Virginia, Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Committee, National Moot Court Competition. " FREDERICK HILLARY CREEKBIORE Norfolk, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Delta Theta Phi, Student Bar Association-Vice President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Virginia State Bar. MACK T. DANIELS Chester, Virginia B.S., Wake Forest College, Delta Theta Phi, Virginia State Bar. JOSE RAMON DAVILA Richmond, Virginia Publications-Collegiate Representative. CHARLES EDWARD DUKE Richmond, Virginia llgelta Theta Phi, Football, Virginia State ar. ROBERT WEBS'fER DULING Richmond, Virginia Delta Theta Phi. EDWARD WILLIAM EARLY Charlotte Court House, Virginia gilt!! Theta Phi, Honor Court, Sigma I. ARTHUR CHARLES ERMLICH Portsmouth, Virginia Delta Theta Phi, Virginia State Bar. CLAUDE CRISP FARMER, JR. Richmond, Virginia Delta Theta Phi, Phi Gamma Mu, Kap- pa Alpha Order, Virginia State Bar. ALBERT JOHN FITZPATRICK B.S., Richmond Professional Institute, Phi Alpha Delta, McNeill Law Society, Alpha Tau Omega, Virginia State Bar. JAMES JUDSON Fox Richmond, Virginia B.A., Richmond Professional Institute, Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Committee- Chairman, Virginia State Bar. JAMES WILLIAM GILLIAM Richmond, Virginia B.S., Randolph-Macon, Delta Theta Phi, Honor Court-Chief Justice, McNeill Law Society, Kappa Sigma, Virginia State Bar. SUSAN MARION HAGERTY Cranbu , New Jersey B.A., Wilson College, Student Bar Asso- ciation-Secretary, Interfraternity Council -Secretary, Honorary Member of Phi Alpha Delta. RoszELL DULANY I'IUNTER, III Suffolk, Virginia B.A., The Citadel, Honor Court, Library Committee, Intramural Volleyball, Vir- ginia State Bar. THOMAS BENJAMIN INCE, JR. Kenbridge, Virginia B.S., Virginia Milita Institute, Phi Al- pha Delta, Intramurzill Football, Softball, Basketball, Ping Pong, Virginia State Bar. PI-IYLLIS ANNA JOYNER Windsor, Virginia B.A., Sweet Briar College. ROBERT PARKS JOYNER Richmond, Virginia B.S., V.P.I., Phi Delta Phi. JAINIES H. KENNEDY Bedford, Virginia B.S., V.P.I., Delta Theta Phi. DONALD HALL KENT Danville, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Phi Al- pha Delta--Program Chairman, Interlira- ternity Council, Phi Kappa Sigma, Volley- ball, Virginia State Bar. GORDON RUSSELL KERR, IR. Newport News, Virginia B.S., L.L.B., V.P.I., Delta Theta Phi- Treasurer, Virginia State Bar. ARTHUR GRINNELL LA1VlBIO'I"1'E Richmond, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Honor Court, Interfraternity Council, Volley- ball, Virginia State Bar. 'Til-IOMIAS RODIXIAN LAYNIAN Blacksburg, Virginia A.B., Bridgewater College, M.A., Indiana University, Pi Sigma Al ha, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alplia, Alpha Psi Omega, Virginia State Bar. PANO JOHN LIATOS Charleston, South Carolina A.B., The Citadel. MARILYN EVON LOCKWOOD Beulah, Michigan Hiram College. HERBERT IVAN MEYER Richmond, Virginia B.S., University of North Carolina, Mc- Neill Law Society, Phi Delta Phi, Tau Epsilon Phi. WILSON CURTIS OUTTEN, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia B.A., University of Virginia, Delta Theta Phi, Alpha Tau Omega. LYNN B. OWENS Richmond, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Delta Theta Phi, McNeill Law Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Student Council, Law School Directory-editor, Sigma Phi Epsi- on. CHARLES B. PHILLIPS Tazewell, Virginia B.A., Emory and Henry College, Delta Theta Phi, Intramurals, Virginia Bar As- sociation. CHARLES JOHN C. RENICK Roanoke, Virginia B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Delta Theta Phi-secretary, Student Bar-Cir- cuit Representative, Intramurals-football, baseball, Virginia Bar Association. EDWARD EARLEY TANGUY, JR. Sarasota, Florida B.A., Randolph-Macon College, Phi Delta Phi, Kappa Alpha Order. GERALD RUBINGER Norfolk, Virginia AAA., William 8: Mary, Phi Alpha Delta, McNeill Law Society, Law Notes. NORIVIAN LESLIE SAUNDERS, IR. Richmond, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Phi Alpha Delta, McNeill Law Society, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Bar-president, president's advisory council, radio board, Board of Publications, Virginia Bar Association. WILLIAM GRIFFITH THOMAS Richmond, Virginia Phi Alpha Delta-justice, McNeill Law Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Law Notes- editor, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Intramurals, Virginia Bar Association. GEORGE M. TRIBLE, III West Point, Virginia B.A., Lynchburg College, Delta Theta Phi-master of ritual, dean, Senator, Kappa Alpha Order, Intramurals-volleyball, basketball, Virginia Bar Association. R. KENNETH WHEELER Colonial Heights, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Phi Delta Phi, McNeill Law Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Student government-radio board, Interfraternity Council, chairman, Third Legislative Circuit, Law Notes, Beta Lambda Zeta. RICHARD WRIGHT WEST Richmond, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, McNeill Law Society, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Sigma, Intramurals-football, volleyball. THOMAS SCOTT WINSTON, III Chester, Virginia B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Delta Theta Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals, Virginia Bar Association. 1.24 255 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 11 1 ' I 1 I 1 1 1 1 -ir f xv Z ,fs 1-Pj,, ' , Q 1' in r-if J 1 - f .1 11 ' I' N 1- v I .. -. , 4- 1 . W . . ln . ' I ! 0 -- 1 I F . rug , 4 . AH K I v 4 v r .'-1 1

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