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Y rgcn,,, . - --V .ra I, V X 1 .f ' 4' . Z Cfkacwfi -Zieff f76 f ' A Z, 1. 1 li 1 I 1 1 1 I I i as I 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I P I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 4 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 1 iii 4 OF RI Qi S W0 S i s Q :I MAR.4. 1a4o P 4 'J 340 5 19 S IIAEETLUMYQS WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE RICHMOND COLLEGE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW 7+Q., I 1 f? F' S 0 U Q ' " ' ' . 5 A ' 1 -e I, .Q- Q . . l N , , . -" 11 A .v . ,. ,' J ' lx ', ' , . tx i '112ffe,f 1avf.' 1!:1,1x I 1 ' if L. ' s ' M H ' ' ' l i Us 5 A h K -SM: ,. :gy I QL vi . Q 3. 1 ' 5 21- -- 4 f f 5 . '5 iff. ' W , Lg I ct. K , V Us r X ,1 L QQ.p:: . n , mqgfaq 4 .9 5 Q! 1 1 ' X ' 'Va V ' - . 4 -:ff " h rf. 'v ' R 4 . Q ' V ' sein., QU- ,Fai ' X Lg' , V Q X X X I . ,c -QQ 1 ' "jail XJ, 1. my A: ur J Y I , K f 'ik :C , sw' HA: 'gn- . .1 I .A?1.."X:lmq-v-V. , 3' bl 4 Vi, .- 1yaH .', Y3Qff,u JxQswQgM? Z f ' ., A f .,,yiW?'u. my 1 -gym' T i ,Y i I 5 H .31 ,Vlv A Q Q , ,Q 2 iz :gn . Q, MB :qw Q l I '1,,L1.,L 5' I . Q , sl A . .1 1' 4 , , - K.. V MPEK5- ' 'Nik' Q 'mf fx V A I' I ' G ,1,. . : ?5hEiMJ x J . -3 MQ 5 f fwzwws'-,qww Q :., T'?"r,xv , . "' " t ' WVM -Qw f1.J 9 M- Q ti! g Q . . pf u N , , 1 I. ,I v- ' I :af.'ff,- ,r-ink gj-T-1 ,Q A ' 5' I ' Lilith? 2. ' Mn 4 .ypf-ug. .mb 1 3 I -xv X X .g 3 g.LC w Cylhvlh, :Q K, L1 4 ' . r .W X v : H . 0 -5 RN. Q Q' Q F' .I V .-4? l Klyv '-Q 5 11 he wx Nik-1 Q . I xu X -X.. 'C' ' - ' 1 3 x 1'-M, f' dYa. -VA-5 ,51 "TL'V7'?""'f9'1'F3'Z', Y N" Q"l1.Y vu' 5 ' 4' JDXJ -qv X 1 1 To Dr. Robert F. Smart, our teacher, ad- visor, and trusted f1'iC11dTWC, the members of the 1962 WEB staff, are proud to dedicate this book to you. Qefzgbabbn DR. ROBERT F. SMART Dean of Richmond Collage LJQSDKJ K P RESIDEQ T l1ll.1.ll'lll'l. Nl, W'l'llN , ' . Dr. George lVl. Mocllin luis mmlinuuul lu giw llu- l lllXQ'l4llX ul liull- moud excellent leadeifsliip wliivli is iwulvnl lu llu- i-mul 'llll "l'n1Xklll1'l llfllll the physical and scliolaslie aspeuls nl' ilu- l uiwrsllx. lllf I-1 ilu' Uuiversity of Rielimoncl, mul liis l'lHlSl2llll ilvfirv lu luupr--xv 1-.llu-.ilu-u lx 81'eatlY 21D131'eciatecl.W6,ll1ememlu-rsulllul wlzllli quul llu' Nllltll'lll luulx. u I-ll to thank Dr. Moclliu for liis nmny years ul mm-lllxln w1'xu'v ll , - X! I r l G Fi' J I D 'Q l DR. Cll.XRI,liS Il. WlllilffI.liR, III provided hy the Treasurer. Through careful investments and a progressive building program, We are indebted to Dr. Wheeler and his staff for their contributions in making our University the outstanding institution it is today. Basing the operation ol our L'niversily on sound financial policy, Dr. Charles H. YVheeler has served as Treasurer since 19112. Though we often associate the ollice of Treas- urer to the jolb of collecting fees, the numerous scholarships, loans, and other Hnancial aids are Dr. R. C. McDancl leads the academic procession lo Cannon Memorial Chapel. ' 1 . ,- 'Hi 5T'f"4":-----------.v Y ... 'V' ""' 'Wav' 1 -"iff'Af+2!lf?-' , MARGUERITE ROBERTS B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Westhampton College t in- THE ELIZABETH ANN KASPAR A. M.A B. , . Dean of Women Students s 1 pn 5 W. DAV D B,A,, N333 fogggs MELVIN L. GREEEHUT 6 I ' " ' ' . B.A.,NI.A., 1. - D an of tze School of Busmees Associate Dean the Business SCM eau "-'!ql0D7XJ s , , ' i E EW -x T . , T , if 'X' i ' N gJ 1 ll ly ME, T fw E N ..LJ'......J Wag! ROBERT F. SMART B.A., MA., Ph.D. Dean. of Richmond College CLARENCE J. GRAY BA., M.A. Dean of Men Students WILLIAM T. MUSE EDWEXRDMFA OEFIETON BE1XJ1.?MT3NAC.hF?LT5?lI5AW A . B.A., LL.B., S,J.D. B- -7 - -7 1- - ' ', ' 'a ' ', ' ' IX IJ MRPHVDI iDean of the T. C. Williams School of Law Dean of Summer School Dean Of the Gfadwlie School K Q NI. 533159 Q,,!'ff11JYi.,0 SPENCER DELANCY ALBRIGHT M. Ph.D. B.A., A. , . ' Political Science Associate Professor of LEWIS F. BALL A.B., Ph.D. Q Professor of Efltgll-Sh ROBERT C. BARKER B.M., M.M. . Instructor in MUSIC MARY D. BEATY B.A., Ph.D. D Assistant Professor of Classics THOMAS S. BERRY A.B., M.A., Ph.D. D Associate Professor of Economics CHARLES BOWDEN B.S., M.S. Instructor in Physics ADELBERT E. BRADLEY, JR. A.B., M.A., Ph.D Associate Professor of Speech IRBY BLAND BROWN B.A., M.A. Instructor in English GEORGE M. IZRYDON, IR. B. . Instructor in Mathematics JACK DENNING BURKE B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology MARTHA BELLE CALDWELL B.A., M.A. Instructor in Art ADDISON DABNEY CAMPBELL B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics . . 'V 3 ,, A , 1, 4 V, .X ' " ' if f ' , my vs ' E i , Z f f UNIVERSITY D .IEANNE CAMPBELL Part-time Instructor in Painting and Sculpture MERTON E. CARVER A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology MATILDA D. CHALKLEY I B.A., M.D. Assistant Professor of Physiology and Hygiene Westhampton College Physician AUGUSTA STUART CHAPMAN G B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor in Physical Education HANNAI-I COKER n A.B. Assistant Professor of Music VIRGINIA A. CROWLEY B.A.. M.A. Instructor in English - I 9 Q Huff' z fl' livin f Hfiigf ix S ss f 'Wx I I xx X N X W1 Nc X E X f f s X x X X I X f X X NM I N KN Fri 4, I ,,., I I ,,,., I .- i'N'P" FACULTY AUSTIN E. GRIGG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology WILLIAM B. GUTHRIE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English WOODFORD BROADUS HACKLEY A.B., M.A., A.M. Professor of Latin FREDERICK T. HARDY A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Track Coach THOMAS MASON HARRIS A.B. Assistant Professor of Biology LAURENCE R. HAWKINS, JR. B.A. Assistant Professor of Military Science , , .X X I3 I 59 , Q f ! ? - SIX, , If ,. F555 ,, 9 ,, .ff P I -,I,2Z2',1' ' e W PM WMP Lo Lf' Q I "' P :I ,W .M . f s if Z, , ,V I k, , 1 a- 'Q PVQ if ,,. I I . -re-,.,.. ,A ,W ,gf - I f' X I Sign-2 K I S sl " P 1 , , P A - L, WILLIAM S. CUDLIPP, JR. LL.B. Associate Professor of Law NOBLE E. CUNNINGHAM, JR. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History W. HARRISON DANIEL B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History MARIANNE DUTY B.A., A.M. Instructor in English JAMES B. ERB B.A., M.M. Assistant Professor of Music ROBERT J. FILER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology E. ELWOOD FORD B.A., LL.B., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Accounting EUNICE M. FOY B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish WIILLIAM JUDSON GAINES A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages GEORGE GOULDIN B.S., M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages EDWARD WADSWORTH GREGORY B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Sociology FRANCES W. GREGORY B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History , 1 I I s 2 'WI ,144 w1w-vfv -r r 1-I nv '?"""-'lf ' .,,, Mt... . , .., .- ..,. -.. ,.A,...,f--Aix-,.f..n V i rrr ' Vw , is ' W Q mum W -. i y ,Q A 59 ES ,fy-V f V A 2 2 ' S I ROBERT A. JOHNSTON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. ' Professor of Psychology and Director Associate t of University Center for Psychological Services FRANCIS B. KEY B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics SUZANNA KIDD B.A., M.M. Instructor in Music D. ORVILLE LAHY B.S., LL.D., LL.M. Professor of Law EMANUEL M. LAST B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Marketing THOMAS E. LAVENDER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages ROBERT A. MacDONALD 1 B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern Languages ROBERT C. MARKHAM B.A., LL.B., M.A. Instructor in English RALPH C. McDANEL B.A., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D, Professor of History BETTY COMPTON McMULLIN B.A. Instructor in Mathematics MARY JANE MILLER A Q B.S., M.S. ssoclate Professor of Physical Education TIMOTHY MILLER A-B-, B-Mus-. M.Mus., D.MuS Associate Professor of Music. and Director of Music 1. ,. . c f R I X B 1 fc, , f, ' 1-f X V . .. . NW A XI' X sig hs.. RK NATHANIEL H. HENRY A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English ELIZABETH B. HESCH B A. M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics H. LESTER HOOXKER, J R. A.B., M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Basketball Coach RICHARD E. HUMBERT B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Physical Education GEORGE WOOD ,IENNINGS A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics L. D. JOHNSON B.A., Th.M., Th.D. Professor of Bible UNIVER ITY xx fix S6 'x I ,S . . J J' XJ s 1 vm-. 5. -. h "ip L' , N . . 'sf- ee s var Q .fs 3 f W. 2- A f. X 'x A L. 1 pf ,gs s Q g - ........ ss.tss. V sax... -N . Q N: R "5 A-,s. . . JAMES A. MONCURE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History CLARENCE MONK B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics CHARLES H. NEWTON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology NELL OOSTHOCK A.B., M.A. Instructor in. Physical Education VERNE E. PATE B.S. Professor of Military Science and Tactics JAMES W. PAYNE, JR. B.A., LL.B., LL.M. Professor of Law FACULTY M'-fv I 'Y is 'Z , I. 105 f 7 At I ff . f f sf , W t M I2 ..,, ' f6nv""' ,sole MGD' Qqga hV EDWARD CRONIN PEPLE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English JOHN STANTON PIERCE B.A., M.S., Ph.D., D.Sc. Professor of Chemistry W. ALLAN POWELL B.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry O. WILLIAM RHODENHISER B.A., B.D., Th.M., Th.D. Associate Professor of Bible NOLAN ERNEST RICE A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology ' JOHN R. RILLING B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History WILLIAM W. RITTER, JR. B.S., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Spanish MARJORIE J. RIVENBURG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Latin JOSEPH CLARKE ROBERT A.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. Professor of History MARGARET ROSS B A M A Associate Professor of En ish MARGARET T RUDD B A M A Associate Professor of Spanish HIL'1 ON RUFTY Associate Professor of Music 453 I 1, VID SANDERS F. DA BA., MA, D Instructor in English GLEN L. SHIVEL, IR. B.S. ' ' . Il iitary Science Associate Professor of I 1 N. WILFORD SKINNER B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of German BILLY WARREN SLOOPE Ph.D B.S., MS-7 ' . not Associate Professor of Ph3f5lC5 Aclju DALE D. SPOOR SB. Instructor of Business AclrmrLlSifl1il0n JANE STUART SMITI-I B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of German EFIELD STEVEN SON SAMUEL WHIT B.A., M.A., PhD. Professor of English QU' AIBORN STRICKLAND, I R. JOHN CL B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology MARION JEFFEIIIQS STOKES B.A., . Instructor in Mathematics JACKSON I. TAYLOR RS., M.S. Associate Professor of Physics HERMAN P. THOMAS B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economics WILLIAM EDGAR TROUT, JR. B. Ph.D A. , , PT0f6ssor of Chemistry l ual 5 .3 E I 2. I I T f F UNIVER ITY F ACLESLTX' , I Q' ,- iff Meera, 'N . My Hogg 'X N WN ,ag , MF'-v R , ., tg ay! u f,, , ,hy ,. ,t e m, 'Q IM, te' - , . ,, , if, f , ef f A it em yt. A ,, ,. -f f, at f , , A - W :th , tm, on My jf f.,,,. , ,,., , ,, A, X ,I fm f f 13-:tif ff 1 W ,-,045 A 4 .. 2 lnstru I-'RXNIIES D. XYESSELLS BMX.. ALA. Vllll' in Plzpsiml I'Iducmion NX',XRNX'll1K R. WEST. JR. IIS.. l'h.D. lun.-iufv I'myvssor of Biology R. BARRY XYESTIN RMK.. NI 'X lnxlrurmr in Hngiisil J. IIIINDIIX' WILEY UNK.. NIA., NLD. Plevlmwl ull Surioiogy' XLTUX XXill.l.l.NNIS mx., xm. u lxulrillh' l'lulg-Mm Ui Hpfffh mul llunrmlir .4115 I-11.1 SIX uR'l'll NN'll.'l'SNlRE II. X., H JI.. SJD. inn' i'lnh'xull ul . till' -T. church, and to his students will live on. A 1 A Q X B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology JAMES ESSEX WORSHAM, JR. ' B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry Ti K li? WILLIAM s. WooLcoTT X . X N M MORIAM Dr. Garnett Ryland, Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, passed away on February 2, 1962 at the age of 91. A member of the family asso- ciated with the University since its beginnings, Dr. Ryland became head of the Department of Chemistry in 1917. He attracted world-wide attention for his work with volatile substances, and his discoveries have been of great value in the production of industrial chemicals. But Dr. Ryland was more than a chemist. He was an exacting teacher outside as well as A inside the classroom. He was always concerned 1 with the spiritual as well as the intellectual growth of his students. The memory of Dr. Ryland and his service to his community, his it fy- fp A fl,-' .HX Dr. Garnett Ryland .1' 1 tl F11 Vt- 1' .v' A. 4 5 105' i ,ft 17 jfxj J .Jilin Y l A .. -ill U, .-, F H "" - 4 5 ' '- ,,- JDKKM 515294 O' ,V ggeffo WJ. 5 i YZ! fr 4 f ' ff K 4 L gi Z I , ,',,vn.f,!f'f. Q 'Fi' . ... - .- . YL . . , g ' W ADF ' , f" , ' f . , 4 X ,L V I.. A , 07 Ba Y THOMAS N. POLLARD, JR. CATHERINE BELL JOSE NI. C,-XB.-XNILLAS B.A., M.A. B.A,, M.A, ILS., XLS.. LLB. Director of Admissions and Registrar Westlmmpzon College Registrar Low Librarian Richmond College JOSEPH E. NETTLES -LESLIE S. BOOKER Nl:XR'l'l-IA S'l'EW.-XRT Alumni Secretary and Director B.A. llirvrlor nj lfuilzlings. of Public Relations Alumnae Secretory llesllmrrzplorz College . IRVIN B- CLARK CECIL lf. rows ma mn was rm' 1 SCOTT Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds B.S., C.P.A., NLS.. in Bus. Admin. Rivlxnxorul Col!e'g1-illosl unll llnszf-55 Auflilor llornzilory f.k0llIIS4'lUfS ' rg. ' x- , 'CTT is U-JKIISEXJ f NMMA amy, , HMI IH ' ,.. 1 fm BETTY JEAN SEYMOUR PHILIP R. HART ROBERT M. STONE B.A., M.R.E. B.A., B.D., M.A. LL.B. Director of Religious Activities Director of Religious Activities Director of Student Center Westlmmpton College Richmond College J. LANGDON MOSS MRS. EDNA B. TINSLEY ELIZABETH B. MILES M D R.N. R.N. Riclzmoncl College Physician Riclimoncl College Nurse Westlzampton College Nurse MRS. MARION BROWN Assistant Dormitory Director, Riclimonrl College STAFF MRS. VASHTI S. GROSSO MARY ELLEN ANDERSON Dormitory Director, Richmond College A-B-, MA- ,ny . , ee'-irw fWg:,g45:5,m-Q-f, g'-M143 , Jigs'-Wg' Director of Aflmissions, Westlzampton College q of W Meg 46522312 f ,Q , Q ne, We 't ,ww sw 3 35 tiszlhznxev M p ', - ug , 11, ,A-.sf-W Si' - 1 ' if W f in Lfmv, . t L J m , r in -wi: tv, ,U . -- , ,xg W rf .1-.1.2.f-ig: fs .i mg-51: eg -"' ' Qtr f xt- iizezi a NZNM s ff' I ,?,ggff,-- I ' ..wii'4g1 7! X R., wi A J., y ,... 1' I, ' 5 , ' ff 1,.g.,, Viv, Wlw fshsi. " RW6 Q ' ' A W.. I Al., ..... X ,WIN .1 .. ge f if ' ,, .X f, :I .,., .fix wif "W ' A f Llawf t ff msg J, ., V f W V ' we ,4.,4Qv,.'A.,a-.9vf'emftav,-A.,e- , , - ' V N. r few - ' "44f, f"'WwxI V, ,ew ,t , , . W - gfuy xxg -, I 1 wx f , if TQDXJ ' S K 4 ' J 1, diiw ,D W3 lf" Q 40 ' "AJ QILT Qty..-w D' .ei -M.--v '- Q 5 ., QQ! any 3' ,. in -Y xr 'Q K X 'I t ,.. f"' dv- 'I iSSQKzf3Lfm,g ,1 f. , , . ,, K. . .,.. . ..-,Ay -, iv- ' :1:,,.,:....---'-- fxo f ,A f J 7 Z ,5 L V .f7 In za , f f f' ff 7 M'-, fxfh z 1: fxy A ,g - X5 ,I 'mx . :I 51-2 W: V QV? 5 ' M-Mm s ,,.,,.M,is 5 TEAM M4.w.,, 1 Q 1 E S MISSMELIZABE H AMPLER 072052242125 MISS PAMELA KOCH MISS SANDRA DIXON MISS JOAN BISHOP MISS JUDITH COOKE n,,,f,,.?.,.- .,....,. . X Q9 'Q ., qty? , fx 93 f f f MISS DALE BOATWRIGHT 5 J ,Z X' 1 If K v ,L A , ,M VW, . , , ,f ' MISS MARY DOUGLASS ff f ,, 1 f w fv W 1 , vl-4,i..,ff---- fliilii MAY MISS JUDITH ACREE MISS JUDITH CASHION fi A, A., MISS TONI COUSINS Miss BARBARA DAVIES Miss DARLENE MORGAN Llq26K,p L JN Z, MORGAN CUURT MISS SANDRA NUNN MISS TUCKER SMART MISS MARGARET TAYLOR MISS ELIZABETH WAMPLER MISS MARTHA WREN v,.!fl27j7k..,v v W ph 7' ' Z Wy W Xxx M fi X 61 W W i ,,, , ,, 2 y xx, X X1 s S x ' g,,,.,,.a.2n .n.,-2-ff" C Westhampton ollege Government Association When Westhampton College was first opened in September, G rnment Association was established. lts presi- d tbod Whlch has grown from eighty two to six u 1914, the College ove dent, Celeste Anderson QO'Flahertyl, and the dormitory president, Louise Reames fllundleyj, presided over the Honor System, the College Government organization, and the Residence Council. The original organization has been revised through the years to meet the . A 1 . I . h H- needs of a stu en y d ed. The Westhampton College Government Association, with its JUDY AGREE r . . . . . President honor system, is prized by the student body as its choice heritage. L N HOHJHCI JlldV Acree Mary Douglass. Standing: Alice Hall ?OIf3IfFGEIC0U1?iCIk. lNeft to right, seated: Pat ong, ancy . o ett, am oc , ancy Loughridge, Connie DeVane, Judy Coolce t D' ', A h R' di Tuckie Smart, Nancy Richardson, Julie llerkiilonfc er an elle, Jane Thompson ' " 'f -xfv1 -. r y :iffy -gg, 'S-fllgolyk-,o GWMG NORTH COURT RESIDENCE COUN- CIL. Left to right, seated: Carolyn Anthony, Judy Cooke, Cecelia Stiff. Standing: Peggy St. Clair, Kendal East, Jackie Cates. HONOR COUNCIL. Left to right, seated: Pat Dix, Julie Perkinson, Judy Acree. Standing: Mary Douglass, Beth Holland, Joyce Garner, Judy Cooke, Jackie Cates. TOWN COUN-CIL. Left to right, seated: Dottie Williams, Pat Dix, Susan Cru- ble. Standing: Diane Lester, Joyce Garner, Dodie Benson. SOUTH COURT RESIDENCE COUN- CIL. Left to right, seated: Beth Hol- land, Mary Douglass. Standing: San- dra Dixon, Jane Crouch, Bet Burruss. fm Richmond College Student Government E -iw JOHN A. CLAYTON President d t who enters Richmond College is Every stu en . . her of the Student Government Association. a mem . The purpose oi this organization is to function as . . ' - - 1 t, the suprem in the affairs of the student. 5 In return, the student is expected to cooperate ' ' t st with his fellow students by taking an active in ere in the association and hy helping to encourage and . Q f uphold high standards of honoi in all phases o e instrument of government in iegu a campus life. The organization is modeled after that olf the national govemmemg executive, legislative. and judiciary. The executive hraneh is headed hy the president and includes the other oilit-ers of the Association. The House of of the Government Association Representatives and the Senate form the legislative branch while the Honor COllllCll IS the judicial hranch. , .W COLLEGE GOVERNMENT OFFICERS: B'll Cl. . . I 1 .uk-Vice-Pl-csidq-nl. jqlm vnuglmn-sownmuy. PM Burke--Tr easurer. HONOR COl'Nl1ll,. lmft In righl. sented: Russell liolwrlson. Rosa llolvh- kiss, Cary Cruvall. Sfllllllillgl lfing Garlhrighl, Mivluwl l"0I't'lll1lll, Ernosl Robinson, joel Slulnpil, ,lim Uclngclis. RICHMOND COLLEGE SENATE. L1-fl to right: Charlie Porlcr, Dave Gam- mon, Dave Pouvhol, Dave Fuller, S4-ot Strother, Bill Clark. president, Jim McClung, Jerry Parr. Russ Siler, Ron- nie Floyd. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Left to right, seated: Eddie Cohen, Lee Blevins, Thomas Summerell--Speaker ofthe House, jerry Puryear, Al Grubb, Bill Taliaferro. Stunfling, fir.-st row: Shannon Hauser, Jerry Mears, ,lim Morgan, Bari Novey, Rick Boucher, Al Millar, John Daugherty, Robert Slubblelield, Les Welmlm, Barry Coldin. Secoml row: Tom Hill, Jerry Ben-ker, J- C. Phillips, Randy Sholwell, john Buck, Steve Slaughter. E. .,v.,.,,..f-, , . ..,.. fL..!'li33l7x-'V G vernment Association of The Student o i Administration counts every full-time student as a mem It was establishe y is to represent and further the best interests 0 student body and t e l - eration and efficiency among the diilerent stu bring about coop din piinciples o , bodies, and 1tS in 1V1 d b the spirit of personal responsibility and i are motivate y vidual integrity which are the recognized fundamentals of C A acter to be ' ' ' Ad 'ni tr tion. found in the School of Business m1 S 3 i BRUCE ENGLE President School of Business tudent Government STUDENT GOVERNMENT oFF1 - CERS- Left to right, seated: Dave Burke, Steve Mussei, jerry Cohen. Standing: iI1gS, Gus James, Al Templeton, "Sfli34lDX.J the School of BUSI- ness l ber, d b the students as a self-governing organization Its purpose f the h entire school A constant eifort is made to dent organizations. i The gui ' g -' ' f the Association its component ' ' d' 'dual members has been honor. All its actions ndi h ar- J ack Hast- j3fk llrl- -1" HONOR COUNCIL. Left to right: Bill Fuqua, John Purcell, Gordon Hamlet, Tex Hudson, Jerry Robertson SENATE. Left to right: John Purcell, Jack Hastings, Steve Massei, Gus James. my... m.!Kf35Dk.,v The T. c. Williams S Qhool of Law Y 4-, V. , STUART ATKINSON President The T C. Williams Student Bar Association fulfilfd its .puf- t ve pose of supplementing the law student's curriculum y acl Y sponsoring many varied functions this year. Coinprised of all the students of the Law School, this organization attempts to function for the benefit of all its members. During the fall, the main concentration was directed to HS- commodate the first year students to adjust to their new surroun ings, A very thorough Orientation Program which was followed W - A - ll hy a uSmoker7' to enable the new students to meet infoinia Y with the faculty and upper classnien was arranged. Other fl1'St semester activities included the annual dance following the Bar Exam and the Christmas Party for underprivileged children. ln the spring the Bar Worked in organizing l,aw Day which was held in conjunction with the Alumni. Also the Spring Picnic WHS held as the last parting gesture prior lo exams. Law School Student Government STUDENT BAR. Left to right, first row: Stuart Atkinson, Frank Smith. Back row: John Pedigo, Pete Joyner. tr- ly all In JV' ml- ,.-.l ull? lir-I Har 1,51 1,x.l' IFC. Left to right, first row. Boyd Collier, George Farley, Frank Cowen, Susan Haggarty, Stuart Atkinson. Second row: Mr. Lahy, Marvin Hillsman, Edward Bryant, Wallace Sink, Bill Boice, Arthur Lambiotte. HONOR COURT. Left to right, first row: Ed Early, Jim Kauffman, Jerry Adams. Second row: Clif White, Wil Hotze. CIRCUIT REPRESENTATIVES. Left to right, first row: John Renick, Tom Betz. Second row: George Trlbhle, Len Owens, Art Koch. -rl-IE 1962 l lt S 1 l l l R BARRY V. KIRKPATRICK ' Editor-in-Chief 2 ,,f I E : 5, P 5 The 1962 WEB Wi11 1ong preserve the memories and moods of the school year 1961-62. A11 phases l and activities-are gathered into a single voiume of pictures and copy encompassing Westhampton 1 and Richmond Coiieges, the Business School, and E of University hfe-people, piaces, even events, 2 the Law School. 1 MEN'S DIVISIONS Class Editor, Bill Ryan Fraternity Editor, Fred Bateman Organizations Editor, John Daugh- erty Sports Editor, Randy Fitzgerald Law School Representative, Fred Creekmore Business School Representative, ,lim Arnold XVESTHAMPTON EDITURS Class Editor, Julia xY'iulillllS Grganizations Editor, jane Crouch Sports Editor, ,loan Lee Wright WEB CLASS STAFF. Left to right, first row: Donna Mezger, Linda Bradley, Julia YVilliams, Cecelia Stiff. Second row: Charlotte Hines, Linda Richardson, Ann Hurd, Xvren Dawson. , I H1 -ff I Q I l f 51 1 1 l l I il 1 i WM? 'QUE MIMI BRENT .4SSUt'l.lIlf' Editor MARY HUMMEL Business Manager ,naw WEB STAFF. Left to right: Doris Joyner, Joan Lee Yvrigllt, Barbara Harton, J0 AUI16 CFOPPCF, Eleanor Beck Mary Alice Griffith, Lee Blevins, art editor. Men's Class Staff: John Buck, Bill Ryan, Roy Adams, and Fraternity Staff: Jim Smith, Fred Bateman, Bill Blaylock. Bob Scarborough Yu' .4 DIANE LIGHT WAYNE HARMON Menis Divisions Editor Editor-in-Chief Richmond Collegian this THE RICHMOND COLLEGIAN has presented year a campus weekly offering a variety of news and features. THE COLLEGIAN has sought to con as an effective means of campus communication, in both news and student opinion Depth in news coverage as entertaining, and thought provoking articles has been the aim of this year's stall. tinue to serve well as informative, Begun in 1914 as a four column, four page THE COLLEGIAN has advanced in size and Paper? . . . quality to its present status. Diligent efforts by this " ' ll b ouvrht about increased ad- year s business sta r D vertisingg this in turn enabled the editorial staii to publish at least six pages every week. Efficient re- porters and alert copy readers working in the news- paper otlice and at the print shop helped to improve the quality of this yearis COLLEGIAN. FEATURE . - WRITERS. Phil Bagley, Gus James, Louis Zincone, Gc0,.,,.e Tidy, is X ill? ii? W REPORTERS. Left to right: Susan Shirk, Milni EDITORIAL STAFF. Left to right: Don Dale, Beth Brent, Lee Wllitley. Standing: Bettie Lee Currell, Edwards, George Tiller, Archer Randlette. Sharon Robertson, Ann Cosby. Charles Cloe Sports Editor. BUSINESS STAFF. Les Webb, Carolyn Wiltshire, Dick Alford Q,,!ff1LlDfk.,v I 1 ! NANCY CARMACK T he Messenger A literary magazine, written and edited by Uni- as short stories, essays, poetry, and illustrations. versity students, The Messenger has enjoyed a Conservative in tone, The Messenger affords the ' ' ' ' ' f ' lf- 'ession alon more prominent place among University publications. students a medium Ol se expr g . . . . 1. Now published quarterly, it contains such features creative mes. MESSENGER STAFF. Left to right: Barbara Sue Oglesby, Pat Waddell, Ann Corpening. K , my 4 Q ,,-xx s ww Q11 2 Q .. --- -, , , ., A , f W an .--,.,....i.w-y- ,...,.,s--we mm, Y,.,,-g:l:..,...,-...-if V Baptist Student Hifm , 1 : J yee Sanford, Cynthia Mor- B ' B n Nancy Wickers' Rod Hal?ili'eglfe?f::i'tll.Ei?il'!ZlniolgivMr? Phil Hart, Harold Leach, ' ht seated- onnie arro , our Allen U e U ' lgdsliioil, Gail -Lush, Miss Betty JeanF?z?1lilr:Fisl1er, Fred Watts' BSU Mission Work Off to Convention The success of the Baptist Student Union lies in Campus meetings, a Christmas caroling party, tel- its ability to meet the needs of each Baptist studentg lowship suppers, and state BSU meetings p1'0V1df'3 thus it endeavors to include all facets of Christian meaningful gatherings. Practical experience 11135' living in its yearly activities. he gained through participation in the city 1111SS1011S The program begins with a bus tour to acquaint and goodwill centers and on the many youth rc- new students with Richmond churches. Bimonthly vival teams. L.!tf1L1Ll7X.,D lig he titn int CA dei S F 1 fel- is ill? Hlfll Juli' 1 VP' anterbur lub The Canterbury Cluh has been a part ol the re- held on Sunday 11ights at St. Stephenls Church. Un- ligious organizations ou the campus since Novem- der the guidance of their faculty advisor, Dr. Ed 1361- 26, 191146 when a group oil students signed a pe- ward Peple, and the rector of St. Stephen7s, Dr tition requesting the estahlishnieut ol it cluh lor all Reno S. Harp, Jr., these students have partici- interested Episeopaliuus. Bi-monthly meetings are pated in Christian fellowship through study, play, and worship. CANTERBURY CLUB. Left to right. first row: Mimi Brent, secretary, Charles Franzman, president, Betsy Uhl, vice presi dent T. J. Moore. Second row: Chuck Davison, Francie Mitchell, Joanna Holland, Ellen Clute, Elsa Queen, Susan Terry i Third row: Louis Allen, Dabney Lee, Jahn SUIIIIIIS, Baillie Brown, Allen Saunders, Mike Jarrett. T? C5 001515 'fin R Nancy Berkowitz Hedy Bernard, Eddie Cohen. Standing: Frank HILLEL. Left to right, seated: Barry Goldin, Gail Marcumsherman Malech, Steve Seltzer, Bari Novey, Kress, Phil Okum, Teddy Friedman, Hillel Foundation S Carried out this year by means of an interplay of . . . . . C1 ontrihutions to the University. to offer Jewish students a religious, cultural, and acflvltws an C social hackground. Its purpose was successfully Us-!fI4.5Jyi,v The aim of the B'nai Birith Hillel Foundation i Wesley Founlliltiml The Wesley Foundation, through .its 1'Cg511?1f meetings, retreats, conferences, work with the. 1 dren's l-lom6, alld Participation m ti? aciilvlglizgt several local churches, seeks to ohet- Ciristian Students an opportunity to further t C11 - ' the University com- ,- dm-mfr their stay IH experience D munity. .d ' th 31 0 . .vgldgndi full-time Wesley Director, the local RIC mhag, made strides in spiritual growth and con- ou , . - iiihuiiions to the Christian community. i the Rev. Donald S. Stanton, I q St Lowe, Lean Copley, Aleta Goodwyn. - ht seated, Linda Fridley, Letty LeeEllgallBargLZl.t, Pat Dabney, Helen Henderson, WESLEY FOUNPATION. ,lift nil nfo iillen RiPleY, Mary Jane. Bacon, Giiieen George Snead, Wayne Stafford, Travis Fvqt row, smmlmg' Betty mire ,S ton advisor Ralph Fallm, James .lean Robertson. Second row: Mr. tan - 1 Harwood V77 its' WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. Left to right, seated: Gloria Harris, Bing Gartllright, Mary Kay Wfilliams, Don Roberts, Andy Baylor. First row standing: Sandra Belcher, Jonne Healwole, Louisa Pastors, Pam Myers, Pat Nvaddell, Diane Byers' Second row: Ed Shrum, Roland Brandis, June Hoge, Dick Marks, Milton Beattie, Kathy Nvhite. Westminster Fellowship To challenge the student to enter a new world of spiritual thinking and commitment in relation to his campus, church, and world-this is the goal of Westminster Fellowship. The group also stresses a growing understanding of one's own convictions and the opportunity to become involved as adults in the Christian community and in the molding of our rapidly changing world, Meetings are held each Sunday evening at Sl. Giles Preshyteliflll Church. Interest seminar groups on such IOPICS as modern drama, campus problems, psyCll0l02SY and religion, and theology meet at the convenienvfi of their members, u.!XQf4+6Dx,v Cz thi or of NE V'1 l 5 . 'fi F i mi, . if' r 5 ,N Kc 1.59 .wi R n. gf S Q l I I I lwrl '- HPV" llflll .flilll plllll- ,lnlfl 1 1'1" ,HY Newman lub The Newman Club. loumlvd bv ,lohn lilenry Cardinal Newman, gives the Catholic student on the secular cainpus opportunities to slrciigllien his yveekly meetings on Sunday nights at St Bridget liectory include religious instruction by the Chap- C1111 O11 various topics. The club also s onsors or l1er religion through the discussion oil topics social functions P of 1'6llg10llS.. cultural. and social iinporlance. The i NEWMAN CLUB. Left In right, first row: Fulhm. Q H - . Virginia Nllltliil. .-,POKE Ngipll.ISp4-urul row: ,lohn Palocliiikfniiiallilyid'Fi:llliiried,Ailii-iin Siecfgailljolliiv Shmiiiek' Bob Scarborough' ll 0llll nec. :irc row: Nick Eulrmk Steve M-lcik B- C ' Se av USD' Olf Pat Cue ' . - Q K . , ill Ventura, Jack Sullivan D , rm' un a ilve McDonald. ' 1 f'5" f,f, ,f C V, Q , we V - f 11 ' t Edd' C len Francie Mitchell Barbara Harrell Kitty Con- RELIGIOIQS ACTIVITIES coUNsEL. Left to right, nm row: le 1 01 , , . , , nawah Call Marcus, Preston Forbes. Seconrl row: Nancy Vaughan, Nancy Richardson, Mimi Brent, Jean Copley, Ann Perry. Third row: Steve Stutzman, Bari Novie, Charles Franzman, Rod Hale, Cordon Porter, Jerry Smith. Religious Activities Council The coordinating organization for all the dif- ferent denomi11atio11al groups of the campus is the Rehglous Activities Council. Representative mem- bers are the Baptist Student Union, Canterbury Club, Hillel Foundation, Newman Club, Wesley F0Undat1on, Westmitistei? Fellowship, lVlinisterial ASS0c1ation, YMCA, and YWCA. The Council SPOr1sors the daily evening Watch services and the Vesper services. The RAC also serves as the co- ordinating body for the annual Religious Em- phasis Week which is one of the most impres- sive examples of the cooperation, the goodwill, and spirit upon which the operation is founded. This group embodies the spirit of complete sin- cerity, friendship, and most of all, a deep respect for the other person's faith. . , . b I K len 'clnulg --,, h first row Co rch Hum er s 0 'I u urB0b Meignfs Mr. Hart, jerry annum, 1 ur.. ,,.,..,-. , . C M le , Ed Welmer, Tom Hill. YWCA' Left to rig t' Y J' 'N' r 1 n Third ww. . . , g, - rc ro so . - e 1 H . Dean Chdversi Anim un arsillelilatts, Tex Hudson. Fifth row: Abner Anthony, HOW-'rd 'lr 7' Angell, Charlie Wyatt, Fre Young Men's Christian Association The YMCA at the University of Richmond is one of the six hundred college c'Y,sM in this coun- try. The MY" has one goal of helping the student maintain constant Christian maturity. The pro- grams of the HY" a t al intellectual and social development, vide spiri u , , re aimed at the student to pro- One of these programs, World University Service, . . l D H f provides all university students with a program 0 ' N - - tl e individual aid to destitute students throughout 1 ' 1' ' ' 2 d ' rsorino' the World. Other aetrvitres inrlu e spot' D printing of the Student Directory and fielding in tramural teams. 0-ffl 48 4 .- 0 b q .12 NH 1-,.. -wefvlcef tolli the me 1116 el ing ln' YWCA. Left to right, seated: Molly Higgins, Ann Bennett, Nancy Richardson, Miss Betty Jean Seymour. Standing: Jeanie Harrison, Nancy Wickers, Bonnie Barron, Lee Hill, Elaine Johnson, Beth Davis, Pat Cox, Sharon Leith. Not Pictured: .ludy Cashion, Miss Augusta Chapman. Young omen's Christian Association Through its various programs and activities, the Westhampton College YWCA seeks to bring each student to a growing awareness of her responsibil- ity to God, her fellowman, and herself. Participation in such projects as the World Uni- versity Service Campaign and the Work with the girls at the Bon Air School help each girl to realize the needs of others, While monthly programs and dorm devotions are an attempt to guide her into an understanding of her personal involvement in these needs and into a closer relationship with God. The Work of the YWCA is carried on under the guidance of its advisors, Miss Betty Jean Seymour and Miss Augusta Chapman. o,,!Q49D'k.J inisterial ASSOC Q Q 1Ht1OI1 glp place students in missions in the city, to aid . . h . . . ' ' ease the t0 U The Ministerial Associatipn pigrglpp ipprincrease in sendlng students to supply vacant pulpits, and Spiritual me of mimstina Sei college activities, to exert a Splritual influence on the student hodY , . . . mp . their participation in a p I I MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION, Left to right, first row: Rod Hale, Allell w cm, um..- --.H , , , Second row: Taylor Cousins, Jim Luck, Michael Jarrett, Russ Baker, Jerry Smith. Allen Pnffenberger, Charles Pendleton. Third row: John Willis, Dennis lVIcEntire, Art Kennedy, Boll Moffett, Earl Crouch, Gordon Porter, john Herring, Howard S ith. Fourth row: Lanny Horton, Lynwood Prince, Bill Russell, Joe Stanley, Colidgc Porterfield. Fifth row: Robert Daw- ff ' k H df'es, Steve 0'Ncill, Bryan Nuckols, Fred Linkenhoker. m son, Elton Cooke, Otis Wheelhouse, Bob Y0un,,, Jac o ,, .I. P. The student section of the AIP, open to all stu- careers. lts services include bringing to campus . Q 1 visitinv' lectures and interesting films, and Supp Y- dents interested in physics, is a member group of C Eine imeifcan Hitltut? Of PhYSiC.S, the professional ing information ahout graduate studies. The AS- eniouizaa 20310 glerlian PhQ'S1C1SYS- US fi.1mS are to sociation meets every other Tuesday in the Student E in d ? .9 Stu YP- PhYS1CS 311610 31d SU1dCHiS Center, and all interested pre-ministerial students D eve oplng qualities helpful in their future are invited to attend. E Dr. Addison D C b - . W 1 amp ell, Atlvtsol Albany D. Grubb a fer H' Caftef, Jr., President - ' Thomas C S - h . , Nathalie Dean Harwood M . . mit , Vice-President D 'H F H t ary Louise Grayson Foy, Secretary R lona t . .u un p Neill Orr, Treasurer .1 ph Palnnerl, 11. t In Ronald M. Pugh m eu Paul E. Cohen Pauline Frances Foneg llarold li. Smith William R. Tolhert -1-ftt505m.J W Lllll and Malt, F 2 Nirholson. Pendleton. .IL Hmm Shi uhm Uv' hnhtf- pq u'3U5P:i in-1 tullllli N The V , hmglfll- 1 UK! . ri' 1 .1 Ml' 'i'A tudent Education Association The Williaiii L. Prince Chapter of the Student Education Association was first established in 1911-7 as a Future Teachers' Association of America and was renamed four years ago. The members in- clude. those students Who are interested in the teaching profession and in education. These stu- dents automatically become a part of the N.E.A. and the V.E.A. of which the chapter is a branch. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. Left to r'gl t, fi t : Sz d- N . Davies. Second row: Cherry Blanton, Susan Herefhrd, Czii?0l:'iJ1wWhiiii1li1f:lr, ElIdd17QB1iIeldi1hlwTXIii3lihzgmgglif gllorganb Bilrbara ner, Tuckie Slflkll-I, Lucy Hardy, Jo Ripley, Miss Spangler. i D e ones, ons Joy- SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT. Left to right, first row: John Hastins, Dr. Ekey-Advisor , .hm Teachey-President, Dave Burke-Vice President, John Green-Treasurer Jim Arnold-Secretary. Second row: Wayne . I Paul, Charles Leber, Curtis Ballard, Jack Christian, Steve Massei, Joe Cragnani, Jim Snapp. Third row: Frank Hoots Elwood Edwards Kent McNew John Purcell Jack Sullivan, Phil Wade, Bob Warren. Fourth row: Elmo Cross, Roy Adams Decker Bristow, Nick Eubank Steve Meyers, Art McGee, Al Templeton. Fifth row: Claus Lehmann, James Sprouse Graham Ragland James Dunivan Bob Trent Ernie Jordan, Charles Taliaferro. Sixth row: Tex Hudson, Robert Toler Bob Stewart, Jerry Robertson, Forrest Perrin, J. P. Burke, Bill Mezger. Seventh row: Steve Catlett, Dave West, Gus James James Lumpkin Jim Slaughter Jim Hlldenbi Ind Bob Scaiborough Last row Jerry Cohen Society for the Advancement of anagement The Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment is an organization Whose purpose is to pro- mote and stimulate interest in the principles of sci- entific management. A student to be eligible for membership must he either a member of the junior or senior class and a candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, or a graduate Working for a Master of Science degree in Business'Ad- ministration. m.!Cf5lD'k,v Psycholflgy lub - t rests gf the students and facultY- - . de- m 6 - d of members of Westham - h is puipose the I l 1 13 is compose p velblplnlfidlfcolioitijigiiiseiteldt iii gill an underistzhnihlli toiirlailid Eiichmond College student body and fac- ulty. Interested non-members and members of Psi M thl meetings 6118339 P f h lssioom on Y Chialso attend the meetings. o teca ' i- . . -t-ntoother mg from the University facnlty in addi igcts in the 11 U Field trips and PTOJ Vir inia co e es. . . 'nate S ,S e Fail- az well as fellowship help cooidi D Annette Rower, Ryland Reamy, Gail Mat- CICIIC , fl- Dr Carver, Dr. Filer, Anne Afkngggls Gail Lush, Carolyn Logan, Pat lfwa, PSYCHOLOGY CLIBJB.fllifrasilznilgggajgilrigg -firsi 1-01123 Jeldygllggogltg, ggglnfou M0Sc'hlel.7 Cul-glyn Hodnett, Marsha Sullivan, l ,D. Griggs r' 01 v .' ' I- Shlata ' ' L, 5 f "l- lllilniy ffootlnan, Nancy Berkowgz,fgdilefilobezrtolgvereli, MF- Keyb' Dr' Le twlt 1 ,5 Z N,,...v nnlland. Back rvwr Ben ca ' ,, r U 'ee- H C, ss,s l 99 2, PHILOLOGIANS. Left to right, first row: Al Millar, Robert Gourd, John Burk. Phil Seal, Robert Tolcr. Second row: L90 Stroud, Charlie Wyatt, B. B. Allen, Francis Reibsamen, Judson Booker, Robert Sl'ill'll0l'0llQIll. Philolo ian Literal' Society Rostra et Penna-the ability to speak and write . u have included prvsenlulion ol' historic hlms illlfl -is the motto of the Philologian Literary Society. . . . . M , n. bringing mlereslmg spealwrs to the campus. M61 The society, the oldest student organization at fter bersliip in the sovivlv is l'0lll't'l'l'Cll by eleclwll 3 Richmond College, was founded in 1855, and since that date, has maintained high standards of speaking and writing. Activities during the year Writing and has clvmonslrulvd this in an Illil'0 tory essay or spocrli. k.!ll52l7k.,v . - ' - - , . -' td the caiulidulo has sllown mlcrvsl in spealxlllg 310 u Il. 'Q 1 INV: LK ni- -wi W' tmp NICE ' 4 .V ,HW i,,:r"'l'l'i' Westhampton Counselors p During Orientation Weeli the counselors are re- sponsible for assisting the new students in their initial adjustment to Westhaiiiptoii campus life, and as a result of special training they are quali- fied to help with any personal and social problems which may arise throughout the year. It is hoped that this more extended program may prove to be beneficial and rewarding to both students and counselors. COUNSELORS. Left to right, first row: Charlotte Hines, Pat Kirby, Pat Dix, Dee Harwood, Lynore Katz, Gail Marcus. Second row: Sharon Robertson, Sandra Dixon, Jean Morris, Pat Rich, Judy Barlow, 'Cecelia Stiff. Third row: Barbara Davies, Tuckie Smart, Jo Ellett, Lucy Hardy, Ada Allen, Beth Holland. Fourth row: Jo Hardy Mimi Brent Donna Houff Emily l E 9 9 7 Short, Shir ey aster, Marte Morris, Elizabeth Violette, Ann Hurd, Margie Burkett, Jeanie Harrison, Archer Randlette, Peggy Dail, Val Bryant, Bonnie Barron, Nancy Wickers. . : , .h, B' l , Sl ' ley Kell, Betsy Beale, Judy. Cashion. Second. row: Miss IiifgsfolgfllgllilfiE2iti0KarIecnmSljJ?a Jal1?emCrdi1cll?Li1idla Holt, Kitty Connaway, Lisa Coleman, Adrienne Cox. El Picaro All enrolled Spanish students are membersuof the Spanish club. Representatives from the Spanish classes and the Spanish majors comprise the gov- erning board of El Picaro, and from this group the club oflicers are elected. Among the annual activi- ties of the group are the presentation ol a play 621011 fall and the sponsoring of Pan-American celebra- tions in April. During this time the club brings two distinguished speakers to the campus, one for a convocation and the other for a special eyening program conducted entirely in Spanish. This pro- gram attracts students and professors not only from the University, but from schools and colleges in the surrounding area. L,fCf53Dk..,v foreign countries. This year's 'l h s served since l93l HS with students TIOH1 2: . f . Athe international debate-Resolved: 'alt ' C unci 21 . - oi The Eorenslc 0 i ic activities. It is com- 10910 H tg Red than Dead"-proved to he very a coordinator of all orens . A' Lit- is better to J . . 4 - rised of representatives from the Philologian. interesting. The Cou H611 Stuves to Calry out 1-LS ppm.- Erari' SocietY and the Debate Team!-t Sponscilstlxlib Pose of encoi11'a?5lUS the development of forenslcs . t whic iS OPGH 0 . ug intramural debate tournamoli 1 . te gn our Camp ' general Student bgdy, and an international debaB k Lee Stroud Bing Gartlxright, Roland Bmmiis. . ht: John uc , ' V ' . , , -.,, ,,,, FORENSIC COUNCIL. Left to rlg , ,-. Qsffsx' l l NV l I' ' Clil lu ll Stanrling' Dr- Ben DEBATE TEAM. Left to right, seated: Bonnie Higgins, Sandra Bc Q ter, ll ter yrnggs, vi J pf . N - S tl Bradley, Bing Garthrigllt, Halver Belcher, Jerry Becker, Clark Robins, Buy Robertson, Russ Warren, btrotlier llll I Wayne Wliite, Boland Brandis. Debate Team ln addition to its participation in fourteen major tournaments throughout the country, the Debate Team continues its active program in forensics with exhibition debating before university groups, high schools, and civic organizations. ln intercollegiate competition the team, under the leadership of Dr. Bert Bradley, had its mggt successful season. The team captured first places at the Temple University Tournament and the Georgetown University Tournament. Second place honors were taken at the hflarshall Wythe TON?" nanient at llfilliam and Marv, the Dixie ClasS1C Tournament at llfake Forest. and the Virginia THU Kappa Alpha Tournament at Bridgewater Collegi- ln lVlarch the team won first Place at the DiSf1'1Ct Vll Elimination Tournament at William and MHYY' Along with this honor went the opportlll1ltY I0 de' bate at the United States Military Academy. L.!'Ql54Llyg,v . Bef' gmllh. plalfe Tollf' flaiflc ia Tau ilnllfge' Dislfllft 1 NIM?" In R. C. McDanel Historical Society The R. C. lVIcDanel Historical Society was founded on December l2, 1955, at the University of Richmond by a group of students for the fur- thering of their knowledge and understanding of ihe World in which We live. The Society is named oi Dr. R..C. lVlcDanel, Chairman of the Depart- ment of History and a member of the University faculty for over thirty years. R. C. McDANEL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. L t 'ul . . - Dr. McDanel, Dr. Moncure, Dr. Albright. Secififltgox? Hi1iIeSl4ieiT.BIHl.Ml?:Iiiiel, Iiobegt Guard, 'John Buck' Frank Masters, Miss Gregory, Sue Smola, Leslie McNeal. Third row: Howard SIIIIIII Al Millyrei See troudi Shirley Easter, Margie Burkett' liam, Mr. Westin, Dr. Robert. Hr, teve Stutzman, B. B. Allen, Dr. Cunning- KALE TECHNE. Left to right, seated: Margaret Taylor, Anyce Dameron, Barbara Cook, Sue Smith. Standing: Marty Cone, Ellen Clute, i L nda Warner, Evelyn Garrett, Jo Ann Barco, Hale Everett, Ellen November, Carolyn Whittaker, Gail Lush, Julie Perkinson, Miss Caldwell, Jet Hurt, Miss Turnbull, Mrs. Campbell. Kale Techne The Art Club is a rather recent addition to the Organizations on campus. Last year a group of students interested in art decided to form an art club. The main purpose of the Art Club is to stim- ulate the interest in art as well as provide an en- J0yable program for all. This club plans various trips throughout the year. In the fall the Art Club made a successful venture to Washiiigton, D. C. and Baltimore, Mary- land to view the King Tut display and the Van Gogh exhibition, respectively. The prerequisite for eligibility in the Art Club is an interest in art. The club Welcomes all inter- ested students and strives to build and strengthen this interest which will lead to the cultural advance- ment of the individual. LJif55Dx,v i w 1 t ' LEE CLUB Left to right, first row: David Gammon, Moultrie Lanier, .,..v. .. .,.,, , H ll W att Mapp, Carolyn Wiltslxii-e, accompanist. Second row: Mr. ll J 'l MEN S G . Thomas Clarke, Randy Shotwell, Glen Lutz, Bill Russe , y ' James Erb, J. J. Jepson, Russ Baker, Denis McEntire, Russell Scruggs, Jerry Lindsey, Bill Mclntyre, Frank Co ins, ami Najm, Don Scearce. Third row: Ashton Archer, Bob Meiggs, Rick Boucher, Steve Miller, Tom Benton, Robert Coligin, Jim Wagoner, Jim Ashworth, Clemens Boeut, Jerry Parr. Fourth row: Bob Bullock, Joe Tatum, Doug Maxey, Robert Jepson, Frank Lilliston, Harold Conner, Ken Philbrick, Jon Bolling, Bud Baker. Top row: Jim Richardson, L. R. Wllitlow, Dave West, Jim Jeffers. Men's G ee Club The University of Richmond Menis Glee Club has ended a very successful year under the direc- t1OI1.0f James Erb. The organization is noted for its active student participation and administra- tion. During the year the Cflee Club sang its Widely Varied repertoire at local Richmond churches and hioh schools and presented its annual Spring Con- D Cert on campus. The Glee Club publicized the name of our Alma lVlater by its trip to Florida which was made during Spring Vacation. Q"Jii56li'i.J' WES' vice 1 Jeani Joync ti- L 59 Dale Th. IHOSI Other Lilb Club 1 Riillllq fentinl '?O'Yoi H011 all I lm. llr. mil lim on. have . and Q 3311 xvlilfll Coll' lwsssse-X ' E i WESTHAMPTON GLEE CLUB. Left to right, seated: Judy Cooke, Pat Shotton, 'Carol Gilbert. Beth Stafford, Gloria Harris, vice president, Marty Goding, president, Val Bryant, secretary, Bonnie Brooks, treasurer, Marcia Reider, 'Carol Winfield, Jeanie Harrison. Second row: Ann Cosby, Mr. Erb, Susan Grable, Marty Cone, Ginny Burcher, Barbara Gardner, Doris Joyner, Sandra Edwards, Pat Dabney. Third row: Brenda Matleck, Nancy Loughridge, Connie Burke, Jo Ripley, Nancy Cur- tis, Libby Schools, Nancy Saunders, Carolyn Parks, Mary Cross Brittle, Carolyn Jackson, Glenda Nicholas, Zanne Borum, Dale Minter. Fourth row: Gloria Ambrose, Lee Wllitley, Pat Bankes, Joyce Stevens. Back row: Kitty Haller, Kris Sponsler, Susan Greenwood, Louisa Pastore, Lisa Coleman, Julia Willialms, Carol Baldwin., Lea Perkins, Pat Stinson. Westhampton Glee Club The Westhamptoii College Glee Club, one of the most active organizations on our campus, had an- other remarkable year. Under the direction of Mr. James Erb, the Glee Club toured Virginia and North Carolina with the Randolph-Macon lVlen's College Glee Club, pre- senting four Christmas programs. ln addition, the 50-voice organization sang frequently in Convoca- tion and Chapel. Combined with the University of Richmond lVlen's Glee Club, the Westhampton Glee Club finished the year with an outstanding Spring Concert in the Chapel. Officers Were: Marty Goding, president, Gloria Harris, vice-president, Val Bryant, secretary, Bon- nie Brooks, treasurer, Beth Staiford, business manager, Carol Gilbert and Marcia Roider, li- brarians, and Ann Cosby and Miss Suzanne Kidd, accompanists. ERSITY CHOIR Left to right, first row: Sharon Leith, Betsy Beale, Nancy nuusun, U....,. -.., 0, ,A,, v,.- 7 -K Vwn, W, ' l Powell, Liz Violette, Pam Koch, vice president, UNIV . Hall, Sue Ligon, Elizabeth Smith, Betty Cheyney. Second row. Caro yn Jean Morris, Betty Harrell, Joyce Sanford, Marilyn Mclntyre, Libby Wampler. Third row: Judy Gayhart, Letty Sloan, Bob Dunville Randy Cox, president, Gene Lassiter, secretary-treasurer, Mike Baskett, Holman Jennings, Sally Able, Carol l B Baker Warren Taylor Bob Hasty, Colidge Porterfield, Stewart Med- h l DeRosa, Ann,Cosby. Fourth row: Walker G enn, uss , , ' ' P' hf d Carole Miller. Top row: Lee Walcott, Steve Stutzman, P i lin, Nlike Geiger, John Willis, Sally Clark, Frances itc or , Jackson, Mac Angell, Ed Robinson, Fred Linkenhoker, Willy Smith, Jim Bierson, George Sneed, Mr. Erb. Choir Vefiifeifiiiffifiitiilffigliieifilfasiie to Sf, for by 1, St to provide the University and the siirrourigdin 'yeilri ad? Thi? performance Was- the highhght of the with its usual high Caliber of music and e?fIIfii yiair and included guest soloists and orchegrl-a. In ance. The Choir Sang for the Virginia B S H IIIIJII the Choir toured Tidewater Virginia and D 319 1St 'EHT6 participated in its annual Spring Concert. Convention in Arlington, and in February it pre. unit 58 px-J ,fw- l 4 1 .fri V, ,C fm. . I N. ,. r A Vngw, 1 CONCE Noonan Al Mill toms. I Leary, MEMBE L00 Hill .lohn W .. .. . s 1 Qwest- X wx, . N , x Q - S .+R CONCERT BAND. Left to right, first row: Ann Stowe, George Hazelton, Steve Blood, Ronald Odom, Sandra Shaw, Bill Noonan, Samantha Embrey, Judy Metcalf, Charles Bahen, Dick Manson, Donna Lee Rowe, Lee Boatwright. Second row: Al Millar, Ed Shrum, Dave Willizlnlson, YVayne Paul, Jonne Heatwole, Mac Angell, Joan Lee Wrigllt, Bob Davies, Ed Bot- toms, Dennis Nofsinger, Bill Tolbert, Lee Hill, James Britton, Lee Stroud. Third row: Larry Boppe, George Snead, Linton Leary, Carl Erickson, Jim Ashworth, John Buck, Lon Keim, Tommy Tucker. Standing: Mr. Barker, Charles McKinney, Mary Susan Robinson, Jim Mullen, J. J. Jepson. Not pictured: Jana Privette, Stuart Clough. University of Richmond Band MEMBERS OF THE PEP BAND are Bill Noonan, Sandra Shaw, Judy Metcalf, Charles Bahen, Lee Stroud, Dick Manson, Lee Hill, Lee Boatwright, Mac Angell, Yvayne Paul, Ed Shrum, Al Millar, Stuart Clough, Dennis Nofsinger, Bill Tolbert, John Willis, Carl Erickson, John Buck, Lon Keim, Jim Ashworth, Linton Leary, George Snead, Cl1arles McKinney, Jim Mullen, Steve Blood, Thomas Moran, Jonne Heatwole, Mary Susan Robinson. "T""'Y:r" 'W' ""' 'T-agar: 'we-ei -.-T. An, nf.. W niversity Players g Orchesi: lege in 19 Mrs. Franc Virginia D4 and Illt? lfm The aim in the danw formant-cf. 1-gphy ziml I UNIVERSITY PLAYERS. L ft t '0ht, H t w: Sue Hepler, Polly lV1clJowe11, DUIIIIIC ua...,.., .,..-..-- -vw H: 1 s 4 e 0 nb Jollnriilaliloglierty, Carol DeRosa, Tom Callahan. ORCHESI' ' I" production of All The Kinggs Men, very success- fully done, was a credit to the Players and received Wide acclaim on campus. Membership is awarded by players' election on the basis of participation, interest, and ability in the dramatic arts. The University Players is the campus honorary dramatics group with a purpose of producing and promoting the various aspects of the stage. The major accomplishments of the Players during the l96l-1962 season included The Matchmaker, All The King? Men, and Between Two Thieves. The .. .. is , ,. gi 'ww I klfl60JyiJ Orchesis Orchesis was established at Westhaniptoii Col- lege in 1949. The group, under the direction of Mrs. Frances Wessels, participated in the annual Virginia Dance Festival at the Virginia Museum and the traditional May Day Ballet. The aim of Orchesis is to stimulate an interest in the dance through creative and expressive per- formances. The class emphasis is upon choreog- 1-aphy and technique. Any student wishing to join may participate in the regular fall tryouts. An original dance must he presented and selection is made on the basis of technique, expressiveness, and apparent potentiality. Those who are interested in dance, but do not feel qualified to compose and perform an original creation may audition in a group technique class for Junior Orchesis which aims to develop and prepare girls for Work in the senior organization which is to come. ORCHESIS. Left to right. first row: Joanna Holland, Sylvia Brown, Malinda Holderby. Secoml row: Carolyn Shields, Judy 1 Carpenter, Sandra Dixon, Phyllis Pollack. , ..k,, ,Y , ,..,, N., ...., ,, - -Q 'Ho .tjwlis-J Al Campus Part The two campus political parties provide means by which candidates are nominated for the various campus oflices. The All-Campus Party is made up of the following social fraternities: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Sigma Delta, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, and Phi K a Sigma. The second party, the Student Party, HPP 2: is composed of the following social fraternities: Pi Kappa Alpha, Theta Chi, Kappa Alpha, Sigma L l da Chi Alpha, and Phi Delta Alpha Epsilon, amn Theta. B is Clrnett Steve Miller Rus Siler. ALL CAMPUS PARTY. Left to right: Frank Horton, Dave Pouchot, Phil Bagley, 1 2 a t STUDENT PARTY Left to right' John Dau he t ' . ' of s J A B r y Plgzelljnlgghj Igfgglelliaclntosll, Denny Brooker, Blanton Barnett, John tudent Part RUTC Battalion Band Qmszrr 'MCH M09 ROTC BATTALION BAND. Left to right, first row: 1st Sgt. Ceoren, SfSgt. Burch-Drum Major, Cpl. Tucker, Pvt. Stuart Pfc. Parr, Pfc. Erickson, Pvt. Marks, SFC Scott. Secoml row: Pfc. Mentzer, Cpl. Ferguson, Pvt. Peterson, Cpl. Jepson Pvt. McIntyre, Pfc. Wolfson, Pvt. Britton, Pfc. Hnzelton. Third row: Pfc. Balxen, Sgt. Boope, Pvt. Tucker, Pvt. Cook, Pfc. Odom, Pfc. C. D. Cray, Pvt. D. T. Cray, Pfc. Snead, Pfc. Herndon. Fourth row: Pfc. Yeatts, Pfc. Powers, Pvt. Ash worth, Cpl. Myrick, Pvt. Underwood, Cpl. Shrum, Sgt. Novey, Cpl. Thomasson, Cpl. Harvey, Pfc. Puryear. .,y4f63j7k.J A A HO UR HIE kJ9l64DekJ ,w ,- 'saw Pi Vi Se Tr H, Pearc Lewis F. Mary D. Catherinf Thomas f Irby B. H Noble E. Marianne Robert J. E. Wadsw William l Woodford Charlotte I Charles El Randolph 1 Raymond Q Balbara l.t Charles Ya llarslmll li Mwwohi Robert R O Phi Beta Kappa Q 7 55 The Epsilon of Virginia Chapter if Officers and Faculty Members President ...... ..... ........ .... W A L TER F, Vice-P1-esidem -H ... W. ALLAN iggiifliziii W sem-eral-y .... .... C LARENCE J. GRAY 52 T1-easum .. PAULINE TURNBULL ll H. Pearce Atkins Lewis F. Ball Mary D. Beaty Catherine Bell Thomas S. Berry Irby B. Brown m Noble F.. Cunningha , Jr. Marianne Beck Duty Robert J. Filer E. Wadsworth Gregory, Jr. William B, Guthrie Woodford B. Hackley Charlotte Desper Adams Charles Ellery Clough Randolph Calvin Cox, Jr. Raymond Morrison F earnow Barbara Louise F ohl Charles Valentine Franzman, Ill Marshall Redfern Frazer Aretie Gallins Robert Richard Goard Benjamin C. Holtzclaw May L. Keller Francis B. Key Robert A. MacDonald Ralph C. McDanel Timothy Miller George M. Modlin Helen A. Monsell William T. Muse James W. Payne, Jr. Edward C. Peple O. William Rhodenhiser Student Members Claude Carrington Gravatt, J. Bradley Hunt Gunter Alice Verlander Hall Neil Edward Hutcher Marion Wayne Johnson Paul Samuel Jones, JI'- Sandra Atkinson Jones Barbara J ohanne Kelly Diane Keith Light 0,!fl65l7k-'U J .John R. Rilling William W. Ritter .Joseph C. Robert Marguerite Roberts Garnett Ryland N. Wilford Skinner Billy W. Sloope Robert F. Smart Marion Jefferies Stokes Herman P. Thomas J. Josephine Tucker Ellsworth Wiltshire Gail Marie Matthews Karin Elizabeth N ordenhaug Robert Preston Nuttall Barbara Sue Oglesby Clifton Linwood Parker Leslie Winston Smith Charles Daniel Stevens Mary Kathryn WilliamS Patricia Chewning Young I I ortar Board MORTAR BOARD. Left to right: Iris Creedle, Diane Light, Julie Perkinson, Alice Hall, Judy Acree, Nancy RiCl1al'dS0H, Dale Boatwright. Judith Sanders Acree Elizabeth Jarvis Holland FOU Ada Elizabeth Hayward Allen Barbara Dale Boatwright Miriam Lewis Brent Judith Grace Cooke Iris Layne Creedle Patti Ann Dix Alice Verlander Hall u!if66j7Xn Diane Keith Light Patricia Ann Long ,lean Wiligo Morris Julia Lee Perkinson Mary Archer Bandlette Nancy Dale Richardson ter, 1914. 0116 , 5 iors ship, athler 0 micron Delta Kappa OMICRON DELTA KAPPA. Left to right: Mr. Philip Hart, Dean Muse, Russell Robertson, Dr. R. C. McDanel, Bradley Cun- lefa Bruce Engle, Ebb Williams, Cary Cravatt, John Clayton, Dr. Bert Bradley. Not pictured: Dean C. J. Cray, Stuart Atkin- son, George Farley, Jerome Adams. Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, membership into Omicron Delta Kappa is one of the highest honors a student may attain. Membership is extended to those juniors and sen- 101'S who have shown preeminence in two or ex- cellence in three of the following respects: scholar- ship, publications, forensic and dramatic activities, athletics and leadership in religious and social ac- tivities. The fraternity has a threefold purpose: to rec- ognize men Who have realized a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, to bring together for reciprocal influence and benefit those repre- sentative men, and to enable prominent individuals of the faculty and student body to meet on a basis of common interests and mutual understanding. w,,jff67D'x,v Q Q O lllhos llllwo Jr Am n an ht Wh0,S Who IN A IK um UNlvERsme6 "VT I o e S 1, . mo Cott acs H 1 Y Judith Sanders Acree Charlotte Desper Adams Barbara Dale Boatwright David Lee Burke William Alexander Clark J-ohn Alfred Clayton Jerome Jay Cohen Iris Lyne Creedle Mary Bishop Douglass Joanna Savedge Ellett Bruce Roy Engle Charles Valentine Franzman, William Drewry Fuqua Claud Carrington Cravatt, Jr. J. Bradley Hunt Gunter Alice Verlander Hall III Eleanor Tucker Smart 5 Gordon Edward Hamlet i I Richard Day Hylton A Gus John James, II ig Paul Samuel J ones, J 1'- L Barry Vincent Kirkpatrick 6 Pamela J can Koch Diane Keith Light Christopher Stephen lVlassei, Jr. Julia Lee Perkinson Nancy Dale Richardson Russell Percy Robertson, J 1'- Earl William Stoudt James Fleming Teachey Jane Bryant Thompson lpha Society The Alpha Society was founded at the Univer- in problems of Business Administrationg f3j es- srty of Richmond in 1957 to encourage and pro- tablishment of sound ideas and high ideals in the mote flj a high standard of scholarship among theory and practice of Business Administrationg the students in the Day Division of the School of and ULD fellowship and cooperation among its Faculty Member s Herman P Thomas 17 lVlar s a lVlelv1nL Creenhut V1celVla1 s a Thomas S Berry Secretary Treasurer Davrd C Ekey E Elwood Ford George W Jennrn s Emanuel M Last W David Robbins Members ln Course Chester lVler11tt Class 0 1962 David Lee Burke Stephen Hunter Catlett Jack Eugene Drtt Cordon Lea Eanes Robert Torrence Farmer William Drewry Fuqua Stewart Lee Richardson Jr James Hunter Slau e A Wayne Lee Youn ' i ' Class o 1963 1 Barry Eugene Saunders 1 k.lq68Kp Ja Business Administrationg f2j study and research members. A - u 1 7 ., Class of 1961 1 I 1 ' 9 J ' 1' df J h 1 ' . ' ' 1 - " , ' - . A V REV . u .' 4 . - g ' ' . n. - ' ght r 8 , Q . f 5 Phi Alpha Theta PHI ALPHA THETA. Left to rivht, .' t d: D . Alb "wh , .. - 0. , Aretie Callins, Charles Franzmiin, eM D-r H-B t D1 -Cunmnbhdm 30402 i. 9,- I u . c anel, Sandra Dixon Samuel " X Z Genderson. First row standing: Wzlltei' Grwgs ' I D is , Margie Burkett, Annetie Rorrer, Mimi Brent, Arm Bemleltv Marie M0l'l'lS, Janet Parrish, 'Carolyn Shields, Carolyn Light. Second row: Ed Weber Logan, Alice Hall, Nanlcy Richardson, Diane F. k M- ter, Dr. Ro ert, Dr. Daniel, D . M -, R b ' , lan as Grant, Robert Goard, IMr. 0 en Nuttall' Jim Pi Sigma Alpha, national po- litical science honora societ IVY YQ was founded at the University of Texas in 1920 and established at the University of Richmond as Beta Xi Chapter April 12, 1953 lts purpose is to stimulate pro- ductive scholarship and intelli- gent interest in the subject of gov- ernment. Membership is open to faculty members and all those students who are outstanding in the field of political science. Pi igma lpha PI SIGMA ALPHA L ft t ' I . e o ng It seated: Dr. Albright, Dr. Daniel, Dr. Robert, Dr. McDanel, Dr. Moncure, Wfilliam Thomas. First row standing: Calvin Alperin, Bob Hyman, Sandra Britton, Aretie Gallins, Ebb Williams, Strother Smith, Dr. Billing. Second row: Thomas Davie, Rusty Robertson, Sam Kerr, Lynn Owens, Ken Allison, Mel Manning. The Beta Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary history fraternity, was founded on the campus of the University of Richmond on May 16, 1948. lts purpose is to stimulate a pro- ductive interest in the field of his- tory. To be qualified a student must have maintained a vital in- terest in history, must have com- pleted at least 12 hours in that subject with a better than MBU average, and must rank scholas- tically in the upper 3571 Of hiS class. 1 Qian? 12' Q Q TK Q in " P l Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary forensic fraternity, was founded in 1908 at the University of ln- diana for the purpose of honor- ing those who excel in the fields of discussion, debating and pub- lic speaking. The local chapter promotes in- terest and participation in these activities on the campus and is represented throughout the coun- try by the members of this organ- ization taking part in discussion and debate tournaments. Cv off 6 .ie yah N We 3' aw QN The national military honor society of Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904 and was es- tablished at the University of Richmond as HAM Company, 11th Regiment in 1953. The society recognizes ROTC .cadets who have better than a B average in military science and who show exceptional perform- ance on the drill field. Tau Kappa lpha ' 1 , I: R land Brandis, Russell Warren, TAU KAITPA A5"HQ',LEf.iii1.'E.Zf..5S'gi'F'w..1?.. Griggs, Dr. Albright, Bing Jerry Becker, trot e Garthright, Dr. Bradley. Scabbard and Blade SCABBARD AND BLADE. Left to right, first row: Maj. Shivel, Charles Moore, Robert Stubblefield, Paul Jones, Bob Watkins, Charles Franzman, Sam Kerr. Second row: Dave Prim, William Hartzman, Bruce Battey, Barry Scott, Garth Hoffman, Robert Hasty, Tom Morris, Frank Powers, Charles Porter. Third row: Fred Watts, Gordan Merritt, Bruce Engle, Bob Belton, Preston Forbes, Russell Rabb, Phil Bagley, Bob I-laid. Loui: Haze Irwin Jame Mary Iosep. Bessie Wiltoi Virgin Iris L: Barbai Diana Patti A Marsha Jacquel Nancy . Janice 1 GAMMA si Fahl. Paul Pierce. 390 Paul can Kifkpau-ifll -Jfcvvisg Beta Beta Beta Louis Sutherland AllC11, Jr. Hazel Anne Atkinson Irwin Beitch James Judson Booker, HI Mary Martin Bratcher Joseph B. Burrell Bessie May Burrus Wilton Owen Curtis Virginia Anne Clodfelter Iris Layne Creedle Barbara Louise Davies Diana Leigh Davis Patti Ann Dix Marshall Redfern Frazer Joanna Holland Nancy Noyes James Robert Flynn Jochen Orvin Clarence J ones, Jr. Doris Elizabeth Joyner Patricia Anne Kirby Philip Calvin Lee, Jr. Patricia Ann Long .losie Rogers Lovelady Martha Sue McAfee Carolyn Virginia Parsley Carolyn Mae Paulette Phyllis Ann Peterson Jacqueline Ruth Cates Nancy Jane Hybner Janice Carol Hoffmann Gamma Elsa Carolyn Queen George Waltoii Riddick, Mary West Riggins Jean Lewis Robertson Sigma Epsilon GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Left to ri ht H . g , rst row: Dr. William Trout, Barbara Fahl, Pauline Fones, Judy Wilhux'n, Dean Harwood, Cecelia Stiff, Dr. J. S. Pierce. Second row: Dr. W. A. Powell, Ben Pritchett, president, -Charlie Clough, Paul Cohen, John Moody, Tom O'Connor, Maurice Novick. Third row: Barry Kirkpatrick, treasurer, Cary Cravatt, secretary, Dallas Pinion, Bill Ryan, Jerry Aldhizer, Richard Coover, Bob Gilliam, Mr. Bell. mA7lKJ XB B Wl'he task of science is to stake out the limits of the knowable, and to center consciousness with- in them." Beta Beta Beta, a national honorary biological society, in- stalled Beta Theta Chapter here at the University in 1939 with a three-fold purpose: the encour- agement of biological experi- mentation, the dissemination of scientific truth, and the stimula- tion of sound scholarship. Only those students who maintain su- perior averages both in biology and other subjects are invited into membership. Chapter ac- tivities include Science Day, lec- tures of biological interest, and field trips. sa'3 .- Epsilon Beta Chapter of Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon Chemical Fra- ternity recognizes outstanding ability in the field of chemistry, promotes scholarship and the friendship among chemistry stu- dents, and encourages interest and service in the field of chem- istry. The activities of the fraternity include sponsoring tours of in- dustrial plants, participation in the annual Science Fair, and sponsoring social activities for its members. A , 7 f fm X - I Q sf! '-fd ,L ml' 'W l't Q ' -'1 FQ' U - 3 "u.'Sf L us 1 if L1 ilu- ' ,Q f, Q ,n-+V, few ff , W, eh V f,'.,j -.5 ,sf ,521 N ' 2 4' i 3 'Umm ' 'K 'Q . Q V 1 V .. ..,... .--wg-.. . ..., 'LAN -, Part 3 3 I Z 'I ,J XT-ala "fx ' El U: ' 23 'Tp lv 1 , . 1 l . X ,I H u mf, v 3, I-:iw-3 -my M il Rf, , , .. J l H 1 L, 4,,..,. 13. 44 1' 3 ,L, 1 1 91 V I, I ' 'J' ,4.,. , , ,X .-..-......-vfgf, 2. I ' ""'i5"+ I I I 1 ,.,.,..v.,..N 5 N E Alpha Epelf Alpha Kap! Kappa .Hp Kappa Sigr Lambda Cl Phi Delta 7 Phi Gfllllllll 'P 76 N .1 4 IFC. 1, Dick riff, Cuiro, Frm! L Interfraternit Cgumgil Plfsldelll -'-- .. RICHARD D. HYLTON Vice-President . . ...D PHIL BAGLEY Secretary-Treasnrer . . . . . DR. BERT BRADLEY Alpha Epsilon Pi , . .Paul Lewis 4.,. Steve Miller Alpha Kappa Lambzla Dick Nicholson , Ceorge Wray Kappa Alpha ..,. Kappa Sigma . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta . Phi Gamma Della 1I'l' I . Norb Beville , . .Carrington 'llate , . .Pllil Bagley .... Morton Shooter C Pat Burke , . .Neill Orr . , Blanton Barrett lluerli Mc'Cuire Mark Frazer A .lack Hastings 7--- PN' X Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Sigma Della , Pi Kappa Alpha A Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Chi ...,..,.. Sigma Plzi Epsilon Theta Chi ,..,.,, , V, .Sam Kerr A , .lack Cosby Doug Lee ..... ,..Eddie Cohen . Dennis Brooker James Higgs . Bus Garnett Randy Shotwell Binford Parker Robert Moore ,Decker Frazer . . . Harry Macintosh ? 'Mus . , . z ley advisor, I 1 . I , S1 e Miller, D1. Bert Brld 1 W -- HTC' Left U' fight, -'fefllffli .lflllll HUIYMIIH, Bill Howell, Howard -llcc,giii?lg?c?rie:l'ute.evStamlings left to Hght: Hu-lhkME Dlqk Hylton' John Hu"'l"l5"v Sum K"""' 'fur Gurncn' N0lib'Bcvl le, Decker Frazier, Robert Mansfield, Cl1url0S C0519 le" Gulfea Fred Linkenhoker. Denny Brooker, ,lark Cosby, Ilnl Bag ey, f -CAYSJNJ .J..l 'Va w xg jggz HUNM' Q. XLPHA EPNII 0 Cary Culberlel .-Xlvin Barry :Xrlhu N btuarl diff 1 Paul .5 Alvin Baron Barry Colflin Arthur Colrlmun Stuart Crunrlis Cary flullierlvl Paul Kessler ALPHA EPSILON Pl. LPI! In right. firxl rmr: H4-I Stiriss. Phil Okun, Paul Kessler, Erick Meralln, Sheldon Markowitz Cary Culberlel. Rivlmrd Crm-n. Sa-4-mul rmv: lim-ry Colmlin. Frank Kress, Alvin Baron, Stephen Miller, Al Levenber, Paul l,e-sais. Kenny Wiynn. Sluurt Grunclis, Barry Steinberg. Actives l'1l'illlli Kress fll l.l'YClll7Cl'IJQ 4 l'nul Lewis Pledges Slll?lflUll Markowitz l'l1il Okun 77lfXJ Stephen Miller Maurice Novick Barry Steinberg Ken Wynn Murray Rosenberg Mel Stiriss Kappa lpha Eta Chapter Foullclefl-Washington and Lee University, 1865 Established at University of Richmond in 1870 CARREDNGTON TATE MISS LESLIE LONG reszdent K A Rose .X q f X24-: ff r ... X... ik '.. l af, " 'M S f Q? 31, v ff X070 FA N fx I A1 .xl .. 4, r-5 . - . I bi nf ,wx V fff. IHPPA ALPHA. Lvl Robertson. Second r Buck Robinson. ,Im- Bill Crump. Dau- ,Il Boynton. Fred Bah-u Phil ,-Ns' Fred B. Haw I' Nurh I Daw V Gem- I' Tum Jill! Dt Ken I Irv Ft Bill lf lm' X Rvnj ls' l 1-1 .'u,rn.a. 1481! lo right. first rmr: Hill Savage. Cc-no Brown. Carrington Tate, Don Scearce, John Wyatt Linwood Robertson Second rmr: Manx Criilin. Norln llc-villa-. llnntly Fitzgerald, John XViggs, Phil Ast, Wayne Tiffany, Jim Thacker, Buck Robinson, Joe Nnnrzt. Ray Tntv. lluvv H4-rlin. Third row: ,lint Sannmons, J. C. Phillips, Rance Conley Andy Wood, gill Crumlg, Duyc Johnson. Joe Kessel. Kon Ntoucll. Jim llvflttgclcs. Standing on steps: John Hilton, John Rose Dave nt 1 en tc ttenmue ler, Bill Drury oynton red linlcnmn. R1 ulmn Hvllruyvr. Jun Snntli. .Smnrling on porch: George Sn ' l , K D' 'l l lien Youth. 'llom llainglltrcy. Al Mitchell, B. R. Holcomb, Chuck Walton. Actives Phil Ast Frerl Bateman Dave Berlin Norb Beville Dave Boyton Gene Brown Tom Doufrhtrev Jim DeAf3'ge1aS' liumly l7itzgerztlfl l'll't'fl Cztskins Klux Crilhn John l-lilton B. B. llolcomlne Dave Johnson Paul Jones Joe Kessel Ken Dichtenmueller Rc-ulmn McBrayer Lee Fentress Pledges Bill Crump John Rose Joe Nuara Buck Robinson Jim Samans Frutres I11 Facu Benjamin lloltzclaw Comme M- Wffidlin Lester H. Hooker Malcolm li. Pitt ltate ,fig 79 JNJ Al Mitchell J. C. Phillips Don Scearce Jim Smith Carrington Tate Chuck Walton John Wiatt John Wiggs Andy Wood Ben Yeatts Bill Savage Ken Stoudt Billy W. Sloope William E. Trout Kappa S'gIH3 Beta Beta Chapter F ounded-Unlverslty of Vlrgllllaa 1869 Established at Umverslty of Rlchmond 111 1393 jk V ,,q,, Q " " , f N 1 ' X0 , f: S14 A1 'wffmx 'Lf 'f lg! 7 M, ,W ,, X X M i f ,.ae ,, WAYNE R. MORGAN President MISS JUDY HORNER Sponsor fu' ' a '-pi VV! , 1 W. , WS '10 H QNX 5' W 'wflfyan f-J up fx?-V ,gl I1 X- 4 X N Luhpl'-.w X Q , MA' gf, fu X XA -M Tai? R5 'ff Q an ,ni Wf , my 7 1,2 -S f nf KAPPA E Sid Smill' Morgan, J tore, Slew Polio I H, ..,,- .., ..,:,..., ,UM ruw: ierry Lerch, Bill German, John Bagley, Skip Shelburne, Bob Fab, Phil Ba, Sid Smith, Bob Brewster. Second row: Dave Fuller, Bob Belton, Jim Rose, Tom Hash, Joe Pitts, Stevie Stevenson Jim Mor,an Ralph Palmieri, Dave Goode, John Hor fer B k : B ' 5 . ac row uz Buskirk, Wayne Morgan, Jack Christian Louis Pas tore Steve Ellerbroke, George Hudgins, Don Amnierman, Martin Shorter, Ken Crow, Bill Ferguson, Wynn Barton Tom Pollok, Al Saunders, Harvey Patterson, Bubba Crone, Dick Caravati, Phil Reynolds, Bob Holsten, Ollie Stone Actives Philip J. Bagley John J. Bagley Robert B. Belton Harvey H. Berry John G. Christian Winn Barton Roy Boone Bob Brewster Buz Buskirk Dick Caravatti Bubba Crone Ken Crow Steve lfllerbroek Balph Mcllanel Robert J. Fagg David M. Fuller David B. Goode Terrace D. Lerch Wayne B. Morgan Ralph A. Palmieri Pledges Bill Ferguson Bill German Tommy Hash Bob Holston ,Iohn Horger George Hudgins 'liom Morgan lim Morgan Fratres In Facultate Edward P61916 Charles Wheele1', Ill Silas S. Shelburne O. Martin Shorter J. Sidney Smith Stevie Stevenson Ollie Stone Louis Pastore Harvey Patterson .loe Pitts Tom Pollock Phil Reynolds Jim Bose Al Saunders Jim Spicer William Ritter fu..!ff81l7X-'U I I Lambda hi Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter Founded-Boston University, 1909 Established at University of Richmond W- AI-EEN COLLINS MISS ALICE MAYERS reszdenz Sponsor in 1918 guuaai qpasaeh w a. ' 2 5, 7 Q 'V " lil-l WWA i 5- v 'l T wa' .-,-- 311 Eb gyif ,Niki f, gfghmgy'-4'f'4'2 41 5 L'-U 1 ' .Ni 13 1, +I- it rf :"1"tx 'f Q 'wx ,I X 7' ul' Us-!ll82j7RJ LAM Bala Seca Neill Thir Powe Newl cia, I tZ',1g..L..t...:..A...4...a,.4,..,, 1- . , LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. Left to right, first row: Tommy Futrell, D. T. Gray, Dave Davis, Stan Fink, Ed Newman, Keith Baker, Tom Yeaman, Fred Schneider, Harliss Wright, Bob Slis, Jerry Parr, Jim Paxton, Bob Hardisty, Russell Odland. Second row: Dave Gammon, Dave Rutherford, Bill Thomas, Kenny Wren, Gordon Merritt, John Daugherty, Jack Hodges, Neill Orr, Tom Smith, Bob Davis, John Vaughn, Jim Hildenbrand, Al Collins, Bobby George, Warren Taylor, Bob Patten. Third row: Chuck Harrison, Charles Jenkins, Chuck Barham, Bill Royster, Carl Woodard, John Loney, Pat Burk, Dave Powers, Robert Henning, Jerry Mears, Ken Philbrick, Wallace Edwards, Dick Oakley, Joe Reynolds, Ben Pritchett, Bill Newman. Fourth row: Herb Peterson, Doug Osborne, Carl Erickson, Macon Edwards, Steve Slaughter, Al Wall, Tom Sec- cia, Don Patten, Horace Underwood, Gary Ebbels, George Grodzicki, Jerry Aldhizer, Micky Keller, Bill Curtly, Gary Wright, Ronnie Spence, Garth Baldwin, Jim Teachey. Actives T. G. Aldhizer Garth J. Baldwin Charles B. Barham Judson J. Booker Patrick K. Burke W. Allen Collins John W. Daugherty Robert L. Davis H. Wallace Edwards David Gammon Robert M. George George C. Grodzicki Charles H. Harrison Steve Bain David W. Boots N. Stephenson Boyki Harry L. Cannon David L. Davis Gary S. Ebbels N. Macon Edwards Carl Erickson John S. Fink Ronald G. Fowler M. Thomas Futrell Jack D. Burke Robert J. Filer E. Sherman Grable l'l Robert Henning James Hildenbrand Jackie F. Hodges Charles E. Jenkins R. Gerald Mears Gordon L. Merritt W. Earl Nettles William M. Noonan Richard S. Oakley R. Neill Orr Donald N. Patten Robert M. Patton Herbert C. Peterson Kendl P. Philbrick Pledges D. T. Gray Robert E. Hardisty Richard K. Haymore Michael S. Keller William M. Kirtley, Jr. John R. Loney Paul J . Mehal M. Keith Monroe Edward M. Newman Russell K. Odland P. Douglas Osborne Fratres In Facultate W0OdfOI'd B. Hackley Robert A. Johnson William R. Muse Nolan E. Rice fr-,!if83JDk,0 B. J . Pritchett Joseph B. Reynolds David R. Rutherford Thomas G. Seccia E. Ronald Spence Thomas C. Smith Warren F. Taylor James F. Teachey William B. Thomas John W. Vaughan Carl E. Woodward Kenneth W. Wren Gary R. Wright A. Jerrell Parr James M. Paxton David L. Powers Theodore Rowe Frederick M. Schneider Stephen B. Slaughter Robert A. Slis Horace Underwood Allen J. Wall, Jr. A. Harless Wright Thomas C. Yeaman Luther Smith Samuel S. Stevenson M. W. Wingfield ' Phi Delta Theta Delta Chapter Founded-University of Miami, 1848 Established at University of Richmond in 1875 'd20q'l -K 1 I ? 2 1 X 41 J x .gain HUGH E- MCGUIRE, JR. MRS. H. E MCGUIRE President Spzmsor 1 Rgiixi W U 8 s fl , ' ...Q I L :,. ,.., .. S X ,. .. R Q ' X h':sWMf2,' fy Q-, ii A L X ffmfmzi. W, , , .A XA iffy ' 3, .-1,2 f M Q X , . . M N.. is if f N ew MQ- :dia , 7 if 7 T652 ' Nb QNffl84-JYXJ 3? v ,, K 'Wxv Z '-, X N th 3 is YZ +1 4'kf'k,,J 4 PHI l ny Pc Lively Bill S rut U1:.L'1'A '11-1I:l'1'A. Left to right, first row: Roger Meacham, Carey Kessler, Jim Lawless, Lee Potter, Jack Carroll Lin ny Powers, Jim Kelly, Doug Patterson, John White-Hurst, Stran Trout. Second row: Joe Sabatini, Buddy Zlncone Joe Lively, Bob Haid, Wayne Harmon, Hugh McGuire, Charlie Faggot, Blanton Barnette, Jerry Spivey. Third row Bud Waite Bill Souders, Fred Sale, Jr., Lloyd Koehler, Tom Peacock, Charlie Cloe, Bob Gormus, Don Waybright, Moultrie Lanier George Hobson, Tom Tenwick. Lee Roy Amburn Blanton S. Barnett, Ill Charles W. Cloe, Ill Arnold Cottom, Jr. Donald Dale Charles E. Fagan, ll Michael D. First Thomas R. Foster John C. Fugate John F. Carroll, Ill James R. Kelly James P. Lawless Roger H. Meacham, Jr. Actives Bobby Joe Gormus Robert G. Haid R. Wayne Harmon George K. Hobson M. Wayne Johnson Norris K. Johnson Lloyd K. Koehler Buddy Lanier Joe H. Lively Hugh E. McGuire, Jr. Pledges Douglas Patterson Liland W. Potter Linwood C. Powers Fratres In Facultate Joseph Nettles Francis Caylor fJ4c85JmJ William E. Pascoe, Ill Thomas J. Peacock Joseph A. Sabatini Eugene C. Smith Gerald M. Spivey William Souders William Tolbert Don K. Waybright Louis H. Zincone, Jr. James D. Richie Frank H. Robins Stran L. Trout John M. White-Hurst Phi Gamma Delta Rho Chi Chapter F oundefl-Jefferson College, 1348 Established at University of Richmond in 1890 egg? i-'Sf f"" - 'ff-HM :"f:E33-5-Z 'Far-' . 1'-f L-+2-1 Mi'-,Ill f -4..fz-- -i.:,. - -2-5 47 ,' -'rf . . 17 .53 f M421 if .xi ' :l i fx Q AA, ,un . a,6w1, .2Q7,,a9 f --Sf x 1 iq' 93 5 Wllmuv 10 A i ' MARSHALL R. FRAZER MRS. DAVID M. FRAZER President Sponsor .fyxwwm , Wil PHI 1 Fletch ley, C nolds, Parkel Alford ville, . Back Burtox PHI GAMMA DELTA. Left to right, first row: Larry Coleman, Jerry Robertson, Bill Gunter, Banny Carleton, Tom Fletcher, Jim Britton, J. J. Jepson, Charles Beard, Scott Frazier, Sandy MacLean, Ron Lehnowski. Second row: Bob Hund- ley, Gray Broughton, Bill Carpenter, Powell Livesay, Bill Hogarth, Doug Hunt, Boland Pugh, Ron Guidt, Charles Rey- nolds, Bill Banson, Bill Hatfield, Fields Richardson, Gordon May. Third row: Tom Summerell, Dave Burke, Scott Parker, Ronnie Floyd, Bob Stewart, Frank Knill, Mark Frazer, Busty Robertson, Jerry Kluttz, Jack Hastings, Dick Alford, Tom Clarke. Fourth row: Bob Harvey, George Paynter, Frank Darnell, Wayne Paul, Rucker Burnette, Bob Dun- ville, Jack Calse, Henry Dickinson, Carlos Coleman, John Alexander, Larry Buchanan, Rick Boucher, Sandy McGregor. Back row: Buddy Banks, George Tiller, Dick Gardner, Jim Morand, Tex Hudson, Butch Jepson, John Moreau, Bill Burton, John Turner, Geordie Weeden, Guy Davis, Pete Gordon, Buddy Enck, Barry Sharp, Alan McNamee, Les Webb, Buss Siler, Decker Bristow, Jim Mercer. Actives Donald W. Adams John M. Alexander Richard E. Alford Henry T. Banks, Jr. Richard B. Boucher, Jr. Nelson Decker Bristow Larry W. Buchanan David L. Burke Rucker P. Burnette William S. Burton, Jr. James A. Cales, Jr. Thomas R. Clarke Carlos W. Coleman Alvah F. Darnell, Jr. Guy R. Davis, Jr. Charles H. Dickinson Robert M. Dunville, Jr. Henry S. Enck Charles D. Beard James N. Britton, Jr. Herman G. Broughton W. Randolph Carleton William R. Carpenter, lll Larry K. Coleman Barry D. Crawford Thomas A. Fletcher Charles S. Frazier Irby B. Brown William J. Gaines Clarence J. Gray Robert T. Farmer Ronald L. Floyd Marshall R. Frazer Dick D. Gardner Robert E. Gilliam Marshall P. Gordon, III J. Bradley H. Gunter Gordon E. Hamlet Robert C. Harvey John K. Hastings Elliott A. Hudson Robert S. Jepson, Jr. Gerald E. Kluttz Franklin P. Knill, Jr. Malcolm P. McGregor Eugene A. McNamee Douglas L. Martin James W. Mercer James F. Morano Pledges Charles R. Guidt William F. Gunter Rodney J. Hale James W. Hatfield, III William T. Hogarth Robert J. Hundley, ll Norman D. Hunt Julius Joseph Jepson Ronald Lee Lehnowsky Fratres In Facultate Richard E. Humbert Robert C. Markham Lj4f87j7SsJ John N. Moreau Charles S. Parker Wayne S. Paul George W. Paynter John L. Pettengill George R. Rapp Edwin C. Robertson Russell P. Robertson Barry G. Sharp Russell 0. Siler Benjamin G. Smith Robert G. Stewart Thomas B. Summerell George W. Tiller John D. Turner, Jr. Leslie S. Webb, Jr. George J. Weeden, Jr. Robert D. Whitehurst Powell M. Livesay James L. McGuliin Charles B. McLean Gordon K. May Roland M. Pugh, Jr. Vl7illiam F. Ranson, Jr. Charles N. Reynolds, Jr Arthur Richardson Jeremiah Robertson Edward F . Overton Thomas N. Pollard, Jr. Jackson J. Taylor Phi Kappa igma Phi Chapter Founded-University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Established at University of Richmond in 1873 GUS JAMES, II MISS FRANCES 'TERRY' FREEMAN President Sponsor L SKI!!! 6 ..., el ei - ,J Euls ' QANO Quus Z Z Z PHI IL Poore Szyman ens. F i , Charlie PHI KAPPA SIGMA. Left to right, first row: Jerry Puryear, Dick Peterson, Al Grubb, Jim Hosier. Second row Wlndell Poore Bill Croxton, Paul Nurko, John Hurley, Woody Obrig, Dick Coley. Third row: Bob Whittington, Larry King Stanley Szynnnskl Wayne Haskins, Howard Lee. Fourth row: Olen Culler, William Howell, Ron Gilmore, Steve Maclk Bill Coz ens Fifth row: Abby Mina, Gus James, Jolm Palochak, Barry Eden, Bob Meador, Bus Garnett. Top row: Riley Northam Charlie Harris, Lou Headley, Pete Sickley, Buddy Williams, Bruce Engle, Tom Morris, Scot Strother, Bob Land Jolm Nelson Richard Coley William Cozens William Croxton Anthony Cudd Bruce Engle Bus Garnett Ronald Gilmore Alan Grubb Wayne Haskins James Hosier William Howell Olen Culler Barry Eden I Thomas Actives John Hurley Gus James Larry King Douglas Lee Steven Macik Fredrick Mancuso Robert Meador Abdullah Mina Thomas Morris Daryl Myrick Pledges Charles Harris Bob Land Jamil Najm Fratres Ill Facultate E. Lavender Robert F. Smart Riley Northam Paul Nurko Elwood Obrig John Palochak Jerry Pezzella Jerry Puryear Peter Sickley Scott Strother Stanley Szymanski Clarence Williams Robert Whittington Richard Peterson Wendel Poore E 1 Phi igma Delta Rho Chapter Founded-George Washington University, 1914 Established at University of Richmond in 1925 A Aw JERRY 'COHEN MISS BARBARA THALHIMER Preszflent Sponsor xxvf i ig. gg-fi 4 'R 1 PHI SICD Steve Sell' hen, Miki PHI SIGMA DELTA. Left to right, first row: Elliott Familant, Al Balahan, Rick Larner, Dick Layton, Ronald Wolfson Steve Seltzer, Steve Rochlin, Larry David, Hank Alperin. Second row: Paul Brickner, Joel Stempil, Joel Laster Jerry Co hen Mike Morchower, Eddie Cohen, Bari Novey, Steve Meyers. Third row: Charles Geshekter, Jack Yaffa Eddie Schnex der, Jerry Silver, Larry Bress, Sam Bliden, Marv Szhwartz, Lenny Hyman, Sherm Malech, Ted Hyneck Sam Bliden Larry Bress Paul Brickner Edward Cohen Jerry Cohen Sam Cenderson Charles Geshekter Hank Alperin Alan Balahan Larry David Actives Leonard Hyman Ted Hyneck Joel Laster Sherman Malech Kenneth Meyer Steve Meyers Pledges Elliott Familant Richard Larner Richard Layton Fratres In Facultate Emanuel Last Mike Morchower Bari Novey Edward Schneider Marvin Schwartz Jerry Silver Joel Stempil J ack Yalfa Steve Rachlin Steve Seltzer Ronnie Wolfson Pi Kappa lpha Omicron Chapter Founded-University of Virginia, 1863 Established at University of Richmond in 1891 JAMES MCCLUNG MISS ROSEMARY HICKS President Sponsor wdllnmllj I f ,isis Nix ,. X-vb 7. if 99 V Kd. ,755 PI KAP Tommy Dave Rc I A...Q-laxgyss s PI KAPPA ALPHA. Left to right, seated: George Rick, Ryland Mitchell, Wayne Fuller, Barry Mueller, Steve Cirpentel Tommy Tucker, Peyton Motley, Dave Nelson, Charles Bahen. Second row: Tod Christian, Mike Foreman, Ken Torreyson Dave Reid Jim McClung, Dennis Brooker, Williaunm Brammer, Randy Mueller. Standing: Eddie Powell, Jim Reynolds Bm, Carthright, Alex Daniels, Mick Lambiotte, Strother Smith, Richard Hancock, John Hopkins, Bill Tahaferio William Brammer Dennis Brooker Tod Christian Alexander Daniel Michael Foreman Wallace Carthright Charles Bahen Steven Carpenter Townes Lea Ryland Mitchell Lewis F. Ball Actives Richard Hancock John Hopkins Michael Hull Michael Lambiotte James McClung Pledges Peyton Motley Barry Mueller David Nelson Fratres In Facultate T, Edwin Merrick Austin Grigg Lfcrggrw Randy Mueller David Reid James Reynolds Strother Smith William Taliaferro Kenneth Torreyson Eddie Powell George Rick Clark Robins Thomas Tucker T. Hundley Wiley ,-I' A , fv, W4 aff af 0 , I , XMQXZZ Sigma Alpha EpSil011 Tau Chapter f Al hama 1856 Foumled--University 0 3 v Established at University of Richmond in 1938 fy' 1 R W '77 f M I Z ag f AX f f ff eg f 1 , f 9, f , WW f X 4-' X? ,, VM. . 2 wa-IZ g AYWXW Q m Q V X f W V f My 4 W Wx f ZX W Af 4 if if, f Okay! 4 W M X nwJaw fx fkfw RICHARD D. HYLTON MISS SANDRA NUNN President Sponsor Q., R, 4 I K r' 'ff " ' L nw .1 4 I . ff v 0,2 - ,Q W 9 v X Ms " If IQILQZ gl f" SIGMA ALPH Jack Deacon. Perkinson, Da Vandevort, CI Wally Price. I A C G N I4 I I C I I I I 1 I I I ,Q .. H' . , V4 9 , 3 1 j fri' A fl 4 51-1' J SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Left to right. first row: Busty Babb, Andy Pastorius, Craig Organ, Doug Sweeney, Bill Blaylock ,lack.Deacon, Mark Bang, Cary Bang, Larry Hoover. Second row: Butch Everhart, Shannon Hauser, Cley Tyler Bucky Perkmson, Dave Yvest, Dick Hylton, John Purcell, Pete Doley, Elwood Edwards, Binford Parker. Standing: Dan Lytle Frank Vandevort, Cliff Hayes, David Tull, Sim Larkins, Baillie Brown, Bill Tune, Dick Patterson, Joe Willialsrris, Dou Bowirs ' ' -' ' - ' ' ' ,I k El lS Wally Price, Ed Johnson, Andy Lasley, john Vail, Ray Robertson, Casey Riley, Frank Collins, John e epo, ac Yvayne Poarch, Bill Confroy, Phil Daffron, Bill Howell, Randy Shotwell. Actives Alvin C. .Allen C. Clifford Attkisson. li Cary R. Bang Mark E. Bang Roy T. Bennett William M. Blaylock C. Roscoe Damron C. Jackson Deacon, Jr. Peter D. Doley Elwood L. Edwards Lyn M. Bauer Douglas B. Bowers C. Baillie Brown R. Franklin Collins, ll William E. Confroy Philip V. Daflron Charles F. Davidson John W. Ellis, III Clifton l-layes Waltel' T, Price Cecil F. Jones Marvin H. Everhart, Jr. John F. Creen O. Shannon Hauser J. Larry Hoover Richard D. Hylton C. Conner McCehee, III Craig P. Organ Binford E. Parker, lr. Andrew S. Pastorius Pledges Casey W. Riley William H. Howell, Ill J. Edward Johnson Simeon J. Larkins, ll'- F. Andrew Lasley, lll Daniel R. Lytle Kent J. MCNGW Sam W. Mustaine, III Richard H. Patterson Fratres In Facultate J, Westwood Smitl'16TS Qv!Nfl95lYk-J Benjamin C. Perkinson John J. Purcell, J r. Russell L. Rahb, Jr. Randolph W. Shotwell L. Winton Smith Douglas W. Sweeney Allen E. Templeton Glen A. Tyler David A. West H. Joseph Williams, Jr. C. Wayne Poarch Raymond C. Robertson Gary L. Saeger William T. Sommers ,lohn M. Telepo David W. Tull William O. Tune, lr. John T. Vail Frank F. Vandevort William H. Wisham Herman P. Thomas Sigma hi Epsilon Rho Chapter Founded-University of Miami, Ohio, 1855 Established at University of Richmond in 1958 IEIKEB umcx-:sf EEE' ROBERT LANEY MISS KATHI? GROVES President Sweet eau SIGMA 1 Second 1 Tom Ha Mike Ki SIGMA CHI. Left to right, first row: Bob Laney, James Higgs, Ward Hatch, Gordon Wilkins, Burnett Miller, Louis Won Second row: Ray Engott, Walter Faiks, Carl Delno, Phil Devron, J. P. Burke, Walter Griffith. Third row: Tom Mansfield Tom Hall Jack Bruce, Don Carver, Gil Ferguson, Bill Smiley, Stephen Scheifer, Bob Mansfield. Top row: Bob Moore Mike Kipp, Jim Ashworth, Bill Baber., Dave Edmondson, Bob Klinger, Forrest Kerns, Vernon White, Mason Green Frank Charles S. Banks Jackson M. Bruce James P. Burke Phillip F.. Devron Nathaniel W. Hatch James H. Ashworth William C. Baber Donald A. Carver Carl F. Demo, Jr. Joseph R. Engott Walter A. Faiks, Jr. Celester G. Ferguson, J Merton E. Carver I'. Horton, Bob Kinley. Actives James H. Higgs Frank W. Horton J. Robert Klinger Robert D. Laney Robert C. Mansfield Burnett Miller, III Pledges Mason W. Green, Jr. Walter D. Griflith Thomas T. Hall Harold D. Ingram Forrest D. Kerns Robert W. Kinley Fratres In Facultate Joseph C. Robert David M. White ...Agrmwfs-J Robert M. Moore Victor A. Skinner Charles N. Whitener, Jr Gordon A. Wilkins T. H. S. Wilton Michael H. Kipp Thomas L. Mansfield William M. Moss Stephen J. Scheffer Julian I. Smiley Vernon W. White, J r. Louis G. Wong Alton Williams Sigma Phi Epsilon 'Virginia Alpha Chapter Founded-University of Richmond, 1901 RANDOLPH C. COX, JR. MISS ANNE CULVIN ABBITT President Sponsor 2 '21 ,' , gi " yilll' ,j'Jg. fax X 0 . jfifg , A l Z ,A 5.31 " ,,. SIGMA J. Sumr over, T. Manouk R. Bunc Clay, B. enpeel, Forli, J, p A A WW Nw .Xx.... ..x..x. W ,Ng:..Q XX X X X Sp p std,.... . WX -WN., Kms Y Aamir, ssswsf . A 1 , SIGMA PHI EPSILON. Left to right, front row: J. Garrett, D. Stevens, R. Maney, J. Cates, W. Thomas, V. Parrish, J. Summs, R. Philyaw, E. Rosa, L. Hockman, A. Hoswell, D. Steele, A. Barr. Second row: W. Smith, D. Smith, R. Schoon over, T. Thompson, R. Seward, R. Odom, R. Musgrave, C. Lundin, W. Thompson, J. Carr, D. Rozum, W. Coogan, H. Manoukian. Third row: O. Jones, D. Pouchot, R. Hasty, C. Cravatt, R. Cox, W. Clark, S. Massei, D. Stevens, B. Howe, R. Bunch. Standing: J. Grimes, A. Yeatts, J. Hagy, B. Baker, T. Hill, W. Mapp, T. Benton, B. Smith, J. Holland. F. r enwalt R Priest S Peru N Goeren W Caldwell M Dirom J Cavedo F Cling Clay, B. Spell, E. Lamberth, F. C e ' , . ' , . 'y, . , . , . , . - , . '- enpeel, W. Strickland, J. Campbell, S. Blood, J. Mullen, C. Nobles, R. Carretson, J. Barrie, B. Baronian, J. Bolling, W. Forti, J. Massie, D. McDonald, R. Davies, K. Hawley, D. Frazer, H. Howard, R. Hodgson, R. Dinges, C. Heidenrich. Actives Leslie M. Baker, Jr. John G. Barrie Thomas M. Benton, Jr. Stephen D. Blood Jon N. Bolling Richard E. Bunch William A. Clark Franklin Clay Floyd Clingenpeel Randolph C. Cox, Jr. John M. Dirom David G. Edmondson William B. Forti Ben B. Baronian Alfred K. Bzrr David W. Boots William H. Caldwell John T. Campbell James S. Carr John R. Cavedo E. William Coogan, Jr. Robert L. Davies Robert E. Dinges Edward S. Dunn, Jr. Richard W. Ellis James E. Garrett James A. Gates, HI Decker Frazer Richard L. Garretson C. J. Goeren Claude C. Gravatt, Jr. Frank Greenwalt Jerry L. Grimes Robert G. Hasty, Jr. Thomas E. Hill Julian N. Holland Henderson Howard Robert E. Howe O. C. Jones William S. Kerr Edwin L. Lamberth Pledges John G. Hagy Kenneth E. Hawley Gary J. Heidenreich H. L. Hockman, JF- Robert Hodgson Alexander G. Howell, J F- Michael Jeter Peter W. Lewis Charles E. Lundin, JI'- Randolph JVlaneY, JI'- Haig Manoukian James H. Massie R. L. Musgrave, JI'- Ronald W. Odom Vincent Parrish Q-!fl99J7X-J C. Stephen Massei Wyatt S. MHPP, Jr. David McDonald James R. Mullen Clayton Nobles Steward W. Percy Roy B. Priest George W. Riddick, Jr. Wallace A. Sowder Bryan Spell, Jr. C. Daniel Stevens William J. Strickland Archer L. Yeatts, III Robert E. Philyan Eugene A. Rosa Dennis M. Rozum Richard C. Schoonever, Richard H. Seward, Jr. David B. Smith Richard C. Smith William R. Smith, Jr. Donald G. Steele Donald Stevens John W. Summs William E. Thomas, Jr. E. L. Thom son, Jr P ' . Thomas Thompson, Jr. 3 1 ix IN W 1 2 J ig I .if I 1 wi 1 1 9 E 9 .fa . , Q . -. , , , 1 Z ! Z . 1 " M e ff J A , .4 . ,gf 4 X Z3 f I , -wq ..,,,g 210' er-Q .w,. ' 521' a 5 ' l 1 7 4 9 4 1 . -2 .X ? .J 5 fa Theta hi Omicron Chapter Founded-Norwich University, 1856 Established at University of Richmond in 1915 HARRY P. M INTOSH Presidgrit MRS' ROBEg1g0nI3brMacINTOSH sgfg x A XJ X W... 1 1 dl ., 1. JE jd rm :F . ,T . ff gf-ixh THETA Howard Curtis B Green. 1 Reggie Q www mizliwxl ' il? Yiiuv' ss- 1' was -mm-mfvw ,- THETA CHI. Left to right, seated: Gene Lassiter, Jack Ditt, Jamie MacMillan, Jim Arnold, Lee Blevins, Harry Maclntosh Howard Haynes, Barry Kirkpatrick, Curtis "AlJie" Womble, Bob Immig. Second row: Boyd '4Corky" Cave, Jim Halley Curtis Ballard, Jack Thompson, Wayne Fuller, Eddie Garrett, Danny Wriglit, John Richmond, Roy Young, George "Buddy' Green. Third row: Johnny Clayton, John McCloud, Doug Edwards, Donny Cash, Ashby "Butch" Johnson, Bill Jennings Reggie Jones, Jack Cosby, Bob Meiggs. Fourth row: Bill Collins, Jack Sullivan, Bill Early, Harold Dumas, John Flatt Nicky Eubank, L. R. Wllitlow, Jim Agnew. Actives James R. Arnold Henter Lee Blevins Phil W. Blythe, Jr. John N. Bussey Boyd D. Cave John A. Clayton John G. Cosby Philip Dalton Jack E. Ditt Douglas G. Edwards Roger W. Grant G. F. Green James F. Halley Howard R. Haynes Robert E. lmmig William W. Jennings Barry V. Kirkpatrick N. Eugene Lassiter Harry P. Maolntosh James M. MacMillan Robert E. Meiggs Frank Powers John G. Richmond William Smith Robert A. Stubblefield Jack F. Thompson G. Curtis Womble Roy C. Young Pledges James Agnew Bill Early lqshby gohnson Anthony Barcellona Nicholas Eubank Gigli 3165 d Curtis Ballard John Flatt 50 H C . Ou Jack Sullivan Donald Cash Bill Collins Harold Dumas Bert E. Bradley E. Elwood Ford Wayne Fuller Edward Garrett Frank Griffith Dave Grumblatt Fratres In Facultate Philip R. Hart ,fri 101 JYXJ L. R. Whitlow Daniel Wright J. Langdon Moss, lVl.D Robert M. Stone r V I 1 Y 1 P F V' .1 I i I 1 I 5 I S I I N fx 5 E P , s n , i I 's F I P 3. 1 l L l . l F . E 4 I 5 1 5 1 1 5 F 4 a v. ,L 1 ,I Y Q V wg, . ,. 1 ' . -4 JP as V W5 U k gy 1 545 V' ,A K 'Z av, 9 X . I 6 . .- plder X f' i W J Football h f ' if 1962 'hh-' l , nj ' if l az lg 1 . e 4' C C ptains Art McGee and Earl Swudt' K 0- a I . COACHING S 1961 Spider Football Team- l A ,IIC I r lie? I X V, Playing ll highly respe place in the Hl'Cll-l'lYi1l V The Spimlexs teams as Y team also I. ference. hal Captained tl The team 66-0 loss I. team. Alain Stoudt and games with l.TIllY61'Sllf' 1 P fer 1 COACHING STAFF. Left to right: Dick Humbert, Carl Wise, W Playing the toughest schedule in its history, the University of Richmondis football team had a highly respectable season in 1961 finishing second place in the Southern Conference and rolling over arch-rival William and Mary by a 36-18 score. The Spiders gained a 5-2 SC mark by beating such 1631115 as Virginia Tech and West Virginia. The tcam also boasted of the best player in the Con- fe1'CI1C6, halfback Earl Stoudt. The Richmond star Caprained the SC eleven and won its MVP award. The team had its rough spots also, notably its 66-0 loss to the eventual national championship team, Alabama, but the game was played without Stoudt and several other key players. In other games with nationally significant teams, Richmond Ben Jones, Hal Hunter, Leonard McNeal. did very Well at its first-year bid for big-time foot- ball recognition, losing to Army and Florida State by the close scores of 24-6 and 13-7, respectively. Besides Stoudt, Richmond was led by Don URed" Christman who Won the Jacobis blocking trophy, Mel Rideout, Who was HSports 1l1ustrated's" back- of-the-Week early in the season, and other players such as J oe Teefey and Don Thompson. Even though Stoudt will be missing next year, the Spiders are looking forward to a good season with Jack Yaffa, George Rapp and Hideout return- ing, and talented juniors led by All Big-Five end, John Hilton, who should develop into one of the finest ends in Richmond's history. ogiff 1071112 KVM Stoudt in Action at C. W. Game Richmond 35-W. Va. 26 lVlel Rideout turned in a performance good enough to Win him Sports Illustrated's uldack of the Wieekn honors as the Spiders Won their first game ever over West Virginia in a series dating eight years. The junior quarterback had ll-29 pass completions, three of them for touchdowns: scored one himselfg and gained 67 yards on seven carries. The Spiders had to come from behind three times in a game that saw the lead change hands Hve Earl Stoudt Joe Teefey times. Their point total was ll-3 more than their seven previous efforts totaled. The 6-6 tie last year had been their best effort to date. The Richmond scoring parade was led by sopho- more ,lohn Hilton who caught two scoring passes from Rideout and had a total of four catches for 69 yardsg and by Earl Stoudt who scored a touch- down and five extra points for ll pts. Brent Vann made the other touchdown. Dick Curl ,.-,Q it , Don Christman X s wt s tp , V ,,MM,,,A it 6 at T n - st 44 wk X 4 N N f 6 S it -to Fat-ing liltllllltllll muster Ill ginia tht- Knights. :Xrrny of the fir held gttil George ll with Pap half. Rivhml riod uhf George l lann lu Stoutlt sr added tl Playil Yalla ug Hideout game ag, Milil- llfl Ridcoul Drolmcy nmlu-s iam try. Richmond 6-Army 24 Facing heavily-favored qiriny in New iork. Richmond put up a good defense hut eouhl not muster the oiiense that they hail against West Vir- ginia the week lmefore and lost 21-6 to the lllaek Knights. Army was unalile to st-ore until the final minutes ofthe first half when Diek lleymlt kicked a 25-yd field goal. From this point it was .-Xl Rushatz and George Pappas hreaking the tough Spider defense. with Pappas scoring two touchdowns in the second half. Richmond managed to st-ore late in the final pe- riod when Mel Ricleout lu-avetl a 58-yarcler to George Rapp and a lT-yard pass play to llrendt Vann to the three two plays later. From there Earl Stoudt smashed over for the Ri:-lrmoml tally and added the conversion. Playing a tremendous defensive game, ,lack Yafia was voted the game-is outstanding lineman. Rld60llt was somewhat sul:-par considering his gfime against ivest Virginia. hut ilifl manage to get 80 yards through the air. Mel Rideom ,I-wk Y'iff'i lots. Sloudl brought down by VMI player. Richmond 6-VMI 8 Despite the facts that Richmond completely ran over VMI on the field and on paper, the Spideris lost their first SC game oi the year to the Keydets, 8-6. The rundown on the statistics went like this: Rushing yardage for Richmond 299, for VMI, 152. First downs Richmond, l8g VMI, 9. The rundown that counted, however, was that one that Andy Tucker made from his one yard deep in his own end zone all the way to Richmond paydirt in the lirst quarter. Tucker intercepted a Spider pass and went all the way untouched. Tucker's run was a new Southern Conference record. It broke Bill Hughes, mark of 100 set in l959. The two point conversion proved to be de- cisive as Richmond failed to make its attempt. Joe Teefey was voted the game's outstanding lineman and Earl Stoudt was voted the outstand- ing hack. Dick Hlliiiillldll Brent V A-.. Stoudt off tackle for tllrec. Richmond 6-Citadel 24 League-leading Citadel proved too much for Richmond as the Spiders suffered their third straight loss of the season, 24-6. Statistically out-playing the Bulldogs, the Spid- ers could not get the scores. Three times the Spiders were deep in Bulldog territory only to be halted. Richmond picked up 271 yards rushing against the Bulldog's 267. They also completed 10-22 pass- es as opposed to Citadel's 5-18 and beat the Citadel 16-14 in the first-down department. Quarterback Sid Mitchell threw two touchdown Mancuso leads the way for Vann. Richmond 16-GW 15 Calmly faking a handoff, then rolling out to the left, Mel Rideout passed to George Rapp in the end zone for a two point conversion that gave Rich- mond a 16-15 win over slightly-favored George Washington. The Spiders trailed all the way with the Colo- nial's Dick Drummond doing most of the work for GW. Losing by 9-0, Rideout hit Rapp with a long pass for a touchdown just as the first half ran out. Building their lead to 15-6, the Colonials ran Yau Riel bring lb lilolitlgi 51- Spiders mn. The Sen quarter lo led :llll't' tl Rirhtnol pass funn P55565 Capping drives Of 92 and 65 Yafds- Bobby out of steam and Riclnnond went to work. When rentaining G1lg0 5C01'9d 3 touchdown, kicked Th1'C6 extra CW was forced to punt on the 6 yard line, the ball point and 1 Pfuntsv afld lJQ0ted 3 43'Y31'd field goal f01' half Of landed in the end zone where it was picked up by tage all the IHS team 5 Pmmsg ' i the Colonials, Corbin. Art 1V1cCee tackled Corbin Fam-1,-,-1 Led'bYthf'3Pa?f1ngfffR1dC01-lf, U16 Spiders drove for a safety. ln the fourth quarter, Stoudt scored set-owl td. 65 yards for then score. Bob Hodgson scored from 011 3 28 yard 1-un to give the Spiders their 16.15 take Img 12 yards out after John Hilton and Earl Stoudt victory, grabbed passes for long yardage. Billy Nix Art McGee Ben Davis John Hilton Larrv DH-0 Larry Deco Vann stopped after short gain Richmond 7-Florida State 13 Using three squads against depth-shy Richmond, Florida Stateis Seminoles finally wore down the Spiders late in the -1th quarter to eke out a 13-7 wm. The Seminoles marched 88 yards in the 4-th quarter to heat a game Richmond team that had led since the close of first half. Richmond's only touchdown was the result of a pass from Mel Rideout to Rapp with 20 seconds remaining in the first half. Stoudt gained the extra point and the Spiders clung to their 1 point advan- tage all through the third quarter. Fourteen plays later, Florida State scored her SCEOHE td, and Richmond was never ahle to over- ta e er. Bob Hodgson Hilton misses connection. Richmond 20-Davidson 0 With Earl Stoudt turning in an excellent per- formance against Davidson, the Spiders defeated the Wildcats, 20-0 before a rainy home crowd of 5,000. Carrying most of the time, Stoudt led a 63-yd touchdown march in the first quarter, and plunged over from the four for the score. After Larry Deco carried for 31 yards on two plays, Brent Vann added the second Richmond touchdown from three yards out. With Davidson trying the air lanes, Billy Nix hatted up a pass, caught the ball and returned it eight yards to the Richmond 17. Then Stoudt rounded out the scoring with another touchdown and the conversion. The Spide1's, then ranked first in defensive in the Southern Conference, held Davidson to one first down for three periods, six altogether. With Nix, Don Christman and Stu Percy turning in stellar defensive performances, the Spiders brought their conference record to 3-2. joe Kessel Al Mitchell 9 -JW Deco stopped after short gain. Richmond 11-Tech 0 The line kept the favored Gobblers' rushing of- fense in check and Pratt set up all three of the Spider scores. His five punts averaged 44 yards, one of them 61 yards that rolled dead on the Tech four line. Tech returned, and the Spiders went 32 yards for the touchdown, Vann hitting off the left side of the Tech line 10 seconds before the half ended. After a scoreless third quarter, the Spiders scored a safety and field goal in the final period. Co-captain Stoudt tackled Tech quarterback War- ren Price in the end zone for the 2 point safety when Price Hfieldedn Prattis 50-yard punt on the Tech goal line. With an 8-0 lead, Stoudt kicked a 35 yard field goal with minute remaining. Trammell IS over the lme for il T.D. Richmond 0-Alabama 66 Facing Alabama, who was then ranked number 2 in the nation and who finished the season as the first place team in the country, Richmondis Spiders suffered their worst loss of the year at Tuscaloosa, 66-0. Richmond was playing without the services of top-notch tackle Joe Teefey and all-around star Earl Stoudt, and had to face the awesome job of playing the best team in the country with a sopho- more-predominated outfit. Pat Trammell, the Crimson Tide's amazing quarterback, led Alabama to its ninth straight vic- tory. The passing of Mel Rideout to John Hilton was the only bright spot of the day for Richmond, besides an enormous guarantee at the gate. Earl Su in the trail Richmond Mary 30-l tion All-A lJ1'Uii6 six scoring vw llost Yillll Scoring on 32 var l'Ct'Ol'Llb fr most poin llllre vulcg The ga Southern put the 5 Stoudt finds way blocked by Techmen 0 in .ww SN- -ip '15, M ,mfxfo .N WQQM ll 2,0 t J ' .. H ' 5' M, ,. W'-'l " ' f . w"5f!wf"2'3"f-,ff-M4 W", f J' 'N ' , ,Z e ' - .. 4. -' A "ffm Y f .A Q ' .va ' QM vpyw W, frqm-www' .1?WW ?'a" M , . fbf . 3, 1' ,, " 42 rt!-,K , W . tw' f. -- " " A' , . ,. . 'I' ' ' -' - Nw' - ml -1- - f' 1-11. - - r -f was , t. --M -4-H4 M' ,,,1:,f-,, A s ,f ,L lznrl SIUIIKII in uelinn. Riehmoml 36-xvillilllll and Mary 18 Earl Sloudt made luis ln-I IDl'l'lAHl'lll mu lllS lresl was llie lilllr time in six years that the Spiders had lneulen llie lntlians. in the traditional Tlranlxsgixing llay l li it .rs llls Richmond Spiders lrouneetl areli-rixul ll illnrm .intl llerul Coat-li lid Merrick agreed that the en- lrre sqnaul played at great game. Besides the bril- Mary 36-18 in City Stadium. 'lilll' lrormi'-tlnle men- tion All-Aineriea from l.urreasler. IH nn xlxannr broke six Rielnnonml reeorals. sem tl up llle Sli 4"'l"'l IU' WI-'l'0"""'6 end 101111 H11f011 Who Served lianl perlorrnanee ol' Stoudt, the Spiders were , noliee ol his eluture greatness. Hilton added a 23- Ill mul lrrmsell lln scoring crown. and rirtnallxo ' s '- Most Valuable SC player illN1ll'1l. ul touelnlown to the total on a pass from lVlel llialeoul mlm eonipleted 9-16 for lll yards in the Scoring 26 points and rushing lol lfll murals on 32 carries. the Spider -rl 4 ' s illl'. 1 1 rl rin rl lll le-game Supporting Slondtis ollensive heroics was a records for most rartls rushing. mos! lil s, tml . 1 strong rleliense led lay Don Christnlan and ,loe Teef- most points. He set season reeortls in llie sunn- ex. 'l'lre line eonluinied the lndians quite well with tln' -- " ' ' - - . . ee Ldtegolleb' llre exeeplion ol Roger Hale who broke loose for The 'Sault' in-'HW lilflllllflllfl il l'2 """'l l" 'ln' lun long louelnlowns. liielnnond completely dom- Southern Conferenee for seeoml-pla ll lmnors -intl PUI the Spiders ahead in the serie Sl Sl-J. ll inaletl llie 2-hour 53 minute struggle as it contin- ued its lralmit of beating the arch-rival Indians. S l ! QQAMGN Q: 6 In the cross country this fall the team ran against some rough competition and came out with an 0.6 record. The main reason was that the team suffered from lack of men and had to place individual men in the State and Conference meets and could not score as a team. ln the regular season meets against the Southern Conference teams the team had some individual winners, but failed to win any meets. The top men in fall running were David Me. Donald, Herbert Duer, Dave Reid and Bob Meador. The Spiders ran against flj VMI, West Vir- TRN-ll pgtqntttt ginia, and William and Mary in multiple meets f2j the AAU State Meet, Davidson, Wash- 7 N ington and Lee, Q51 VPI, Q65 the State Collegiate Championship Meet, and the Southern Con. ference Championship Meet. ln the last two meets Richmond entered individual men and could not score as a team. David Reid, Captain and Coach Hardy Cross Countr CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Left to right first row: B c St ' -l C- l W d M . . U - Land, James Wagoner, Bryan Nuckols,,Harvey Paiteriidofi. Sigigllli rbdiivinl-Ieiielie Slifer, li1l'dlTImgi?nD,3:Z,1l:if:lild? IIg:j'2ellTdDIfJ?1l:1Tdl ,, V K if -...J-I Thi TWO 5 make luS H iffleech next W Con and in impfef Rolf the Olll He plat Team 1 ference The Sophon confide ference RIFLE TQ 'px M 92. i This year,s rifle team has an Two seniors, no juniors, and thirteen sophomores nlake up the squad. With this returning material gt. Allan J accent on youth. plus a fine freshman team, coach S , Meg-Ch has high prospects for the rifle team in the next two YCHTS- Competing in both shoulder to shoulder matches and i11 postal matches, the Spiders have set an impressive record. n Robert Watkills, captain of the team, is one of the outstanding shooters in the Universityls history. He placed high in the Intercollegiate All-American Team and was a member of the All-Southern Con- ference and Virginia All-State teams. The team is improving with each match as the sophomores gain in experience and the coach feels confident of a good finish in the Southern Con- ference Championships this year. Rifle Team RIFLE TEAM. Left to right, kneeling: Cary "Anschutz" Welch Robert Watkins ing: Jim Morano, Richard Self, Decker Frazer Gordon Ham ..,y4f1l5J7k.2 E I I 3 5 I I I J 1 N. i 1 Burton fights for possession. Virginia and St. Joseph, the Spiders went on to win five of their next 10 games, starting with George Washiirgtoii Q71-681. This winning streak was the longest and hottest of the year. The Spiders dropped off again and won only one of the remaining 12 games. Late in the year John Vaughan shaped up and gave the team the extra boost to carry them to the win over VMI by one point f82-811, and to three near wins out of the last seven. The dropofl in the second half still plagued the team, however. Sophomore Buddy Enck proved to be another spark in the Spiders, reserve late in the season, and he won the February 7 game against the Keydets of VMI on a now famous '4Crazy Hooki' in the last seconds of the overtime. Enck moved up from the bench after being plagued by injuries most of the season. Coach Hooker maps new strategy. George Grodzicki proved to be the man under the boards again this year as he pulled in a total of 253 rebounds during the season. He also helped the team considerably in scoring, especially in the St. Joseph game t16l, the second Tennessee Tech game f21j and the last George Washiiigtoii game 1165, and he was high man under the boards in 14 games. Danny Higgins broke his career scoring record twice in the season, against George Vifashington in the Richmond Invitational and again against VPI with 35. He played a fine game throughout the year, playing good defensive ball when his shooting was oil. He was, next to John Telepo, thC highest scorer consistently for the Spiders, being high man in eight games and sharing the honors with Vaughan and Grodzicki once each. John Telepo was the surprise player of the k.!XtI118lDk-Q Spidf' seasm him ei prorer first gx games. year. Start streak bounvef. them bt- The F 174-5.3! 497-61 1 guisbed and 18 2852. gg could not qpiders for the YCill'. He lmwlxctf so well 111 pre seaqon practi1'e that C11111'l1 Les Hooker dcsigna hi111 as a starter 111 the first H1111 1 T 1 ' 1 1 lht somhoiiiore s - - 1 P1-Oved equal to the task: he was high St'0l't'l' 111 H1-st game and was high 1111111 ill il total of ll. 111e games. He was 11 co11siste11t starter thrtrugh the year. Starting the season with il four g11111 L e losing SU-5-ak put the Spiders ill il had light. hut they bounced hack with a llill'tl-lillllillll Will which plll them hack into the spirit of things. The Spiders' first four losses were to Virgin" 174-555, East Carolina. 181-701, West V11'0ti11i-1 2' fa Q97-611 and St. Joseil 1-7-55 1 ' 1 1, 1 . il. T1 lepo distin- guished himself ill the hrst game with 2l points and 18 rebounds. hut the poor t1-11111 per1'e11tage, 28611, gave the Cavaliers the edge. Rod Thorn could 11ot he stopped ill the next ganic against YVest Crodzif-ki up high for two. ted the 1.1, Virginia as he led the M0llIll3iIlCC1'S for the 1 ' vm. St Joseph utiliz d f - e a ull-court press to invade Richniond territory time after time in their outing against the Spiders, hut Burton showed unexpected effort ill leading the Spider attack with 18, His efforts were ill vain, however, because St. Joe outshot and out-rebounded the Spiders. After winning over CW in a close game that was sparked hy Telepo with 23, the Spiders lost their f Tech, 911--825 Cen- te11ary, 84-69, Memphis State, 96-775 Georgetown 76-75 1. IIGXI Olll' 111 a row. fTennessee The Spiders were hehind all the tin1e ill the Tennessee Tech game, a11d 11ever came closer than seven poi11ts to the other team. Tech had five men ' l Ill couhle figures and played a good all-around l'll " ' ' 1' Id game. Higgins a11d Telepo stood out with 19 and 18, respectively. E J Wh ww t KM? " 1,- .,, .E 5, as :":- sf is , 1 -, x fl 1 133 2 M ff 1 .,1-1.-47, -2 i 1 A ' .ff 5 ., vs' 1. Q S .QSLWQ " . , ,A.. N ,. - ,, 5 ,. m - Easy Iwo pointer for Telepo. 'wr WL Crodzicki drives around Shuck in West Va. game. The Spiders traveled to Shreveport, La. to meet Centenary in a game in which the Spiders lost possession of the hall 30 times, and in which the Cents had as much as a 22 point lead. A week later the Spiders lost the game to lVlem- phis State. They were never in the game after the first 16 minutes, and had as much as a 20 point lead over them in the second half. Higgins was again outstanding with 24, Telepo had l8, and Co- captain Ronnie Floyd made an important showing with 14. In the first game of the Richmond Invitational, the Spiders lost a game which was decided in the final seconds. John Vaughan made a jump shot that set the record at 75-74 in favor of the Spiders with only 24 seconds left, hut had his one point lead cracked hy Bob Sharpenter, who scored on a field goal with l2 seconds left. This game was perhaps T X Tough battle under the boards against The Citadel. the hottest of the yearg the lead changed l0 times in the last 20 minutes of play. Higgins was again high man with 20. The Spiders came hack from the four defeats again with a walloping win over CW f90-66j the next night in the invitational. This was the second time the Spiders had played the Colonials and the second time they had won, hoth victories at CW,s expense. Higgins hit a career high of 31 and the team hit for a percentage of 50 of their attempts. The Spiders won their next two games, taking it three in a row, hefore howing to the twice- defeated CVV Colonials. The Citadel proved easy shooting for the Spide1'S as they went on to win 76-68 paced hy Telepo with 24. He made l8 of his total in the first half, then settled hack and fed the hall to Buddy Enck, Wl1O made 13 points, many of them clutch haskets vwftf 120 ,.,1 5 l i l 1 5 ii li ll W ff' Baseball . I V 4 ,lf V. ,f it 1 9 2 Lyf i f , r ap W A efe.?e f A , ." I 7 ff! l .Qi Coach Pitt and Captain Mel Hideout The 1962 Spiders are expecting another excel- lent season under the wise coaching of Mac Pitt. With the hulk of the pitching coming from veterans John Clayton and Mel Rideout, plus the addition of Frank Griffith and John Telepo to the pitching mound, the Spiders have a good chance of finish- ing high in the Southern Conference standings. The big man with the hat again will be Stewart who plays center field. This year's team is much younger than last year's as far as experience goes, but Coach Pitt expects them to shape up after a few non con- ference opening games. BASEBALL TEAM. Left to right, first row: Charlie Moore, Al McNamee, John Clayton, Jim McClung, Bob Stewart, Mel Rideout, Charlie Cloe, Frank Griffith, Don Douglas. Second row: John McCloud-manager, Jim McGufHn, Bonnie Mynes, Rucker Burnett, John Telepo, Ronnie Lehnowsky, Bob Brewster, Grover Flint, Coach Pitt. 15 March 27 April 2 April 5 April 6 April 10 April ll April 12 April ll 1 April 17 ' April 18 1 April 21 l April 24 w APril 27 r May 3 X M3yS X1 May S M3312 rr May 16 X- May 19 L. 'G 1962 Varsity Baseball Schedule March 27 LaFayette College April 2 April 5 April 6 April 10 April 11 April 12 April 14 April 17 April 18 April 21 April 24 April 27 May 3 May 5 May 8 May 12 May 16 May 19 Ohio-Wesleyan Universit Harvard University Harvard University Citadel Furman University Davidson College George Washington VMI Washington K Lee West Virginia lini. f2J VP1 William 8 Mary V131 Washington 8 Lee Ceorge Washington William 8: Mary VMI University of Virginia ,V Pitchers Here Here Here Here Charleston, S. C. Creenville, S. C. Davidson. N. C. Here Lexington, Va. Lexington, Va. Here Here Williarnsliiirg. Va. Blacksburg, Va. Here Washington,l1. C. Here Here Here Criflith and Clayton. Batting practice for Stewart with Douglas behind the plate McNamee scoops one out of the dirt Run!" Co-Captains Brad Gunter and Sidney Ives. Under the able coaching of Leonard McNeal, the 1962 Tennis Team is expected to continue its fine record. The two returning seniors, Brad Gunter and Sidney Ives, have been named co-captains. Each is a letterman. The only other letter holder, O Tennis 1962 Varsity Tennis Schedule April 6 George Washington Washington, D. C. April l7 Randolph-Macon Richmond April 20 The Citadel RiCl'11T10nd April 23 Toledo RiChIT10I1d April 24 William and Mary Richmond April 27 VMI Lexington April 28 Washington and Lee Lexington May 5 VPI Richmond May 7-9 Southern Conference Tournament Virginia Beach May ll Randolph-Macon Ashland TENNIS TEAM. Left to right: Dave Fuller, Sidney Ives, Sliflll Strother, Brad Gunter, Joel Epstein, Rusty Robertson, Roger rant. Scott Strother, is expected to add much to the team. Nine matches are scheduled for the season, five are against Southern Conference teams. The first match will he on April 6th against George Wash- ington. ITSM. 2552 m..!ff121Lj7xJ GOLF TE 1 OHUOHMIC JmSl hr M D ton Heb Pele 0 D0 I lten Dou Lee B s Ca nelt Wall:?ceeEdw:x?ds m Top Joh Go f Golf Schedule April 4 MCV Richmond April l7 VPI Richmond April 25 Randolph-Macon Richmond April 29-30 Slate Golf Match Hot Springs, Va. May 2 Hampden-Sydney Richmond May 8-9 S. C. Tourn. Myrtle Beach, SC. May 111' Wrii. and Mary Richmond' v,,,jffl25D'i.J r w I 3 tl 1: V 1 E 1 Track and Field Events In the indoor track running held during the winter, the team suffered from its chronic illness: no depth. Richmond failed to score as a team in all four meets. Top men in indoor track were David McDonald, David Reid, Jimmy Halley and Bill Ventura. The winter meets were Qlj the Junior Chamber of Commerce Invitational at Richmond, 25 the State Indoor Championship Meet, Qfij the Con- ference Indoor Championship Meet and fill the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Meet. For spring track, the team is in practice and is shaping up well, according to Coach I-lardy. Bill Ventura on the shotput and the javelin is looking good, and George Grodzicki on the high jump is in fine shape and is expected to come through for the team. Ventura also hurls the discus along with Tommy Peacock and Harlass Wright. John Telepo looked good on the javelin and high jump last year, and should improve this year, Ted Hyneck is also a high jumper. Jimmy Halley is the broad jump man and also the hop, step and jump man. Herb Duer, who looked good in fall cross country, will be trying the pole vault, and George Rapp and Linky Pratt will he the sprinters. Halley, Pratt, and Burnett Miller are in training for the hurdles. McDonald and John Vaughan are in training for the middle distance M140 and 880D running, and McDonald and Norh Beville are expected to compete in the mile and two mile events. Competition will be against East Carolina, New- port News Apprentice School, William and Mary, Davidson, VMI, VPI, West Virginia, and will end with the state and conference championship meets. Dave Reid and Jim Halley work out on the high hurdles. E !,....,.,,. 0,.!ffI26jjx,,o Ns p April April April April April May May May 4 17 20 u s Zo u 21 1 5 I1 1 April 4 April 17 April 20 April 25 April 27 May 1 May 5 May 11-12 Pole vaulter Duer. H l Track Schedule VPI Apprentice School Davidson East Carolina William Sz Mary VMI State Meet S. C. Meet Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Lexington Lynchburg Norfolk L,,yff127J7kJ 'Q Intramurals The lntramural Athletic Program, under the able direction of ,lohn lVloreau, has provided the . Q -A d lVlen's Divisions with an excellent program an has encompassed over 8575 of the student body. The following activities were included during l96l-62: the cake race, HHardyball," horse shoes, fall olympics, tennis, basketball free throw, basket- ' ll ' k ball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, softba , trac and field, tennis fdoublesj, and archery. This yearls activities were not limited to social fraternities and several independent teams entered ition. New rules were also made by the Athletic Representatives to limit the participation of ex-varsity players from intramural sports which they had played on varsity teams. the compet I l Set-up by Cloe. Spallek moves the ball quickly down field. ,xf- ,, M X " ' W , ,ss 'fa . W fs? af ,, , 4 1 Z, E l l lf f '. y,,. iss fm wa! ww ' as N- My X241 A ff gat Maxx Vvgwcy x Syw w 1 5 'Mr , we A A Q , , ,, 4, vt, s- , W., ng s ,M 7 sk so 4 K Q 1. U V if Q , f? 5 ' X A f W W M . X , j 3,4 X , ww. X ff X - , Ya QWWMNSX hx ,f r X 1 s , Y ' , W, ag ff My V, ,g.jg,f f ' A , 1 4 V, A' - ' . . - '- - K' b ' M- rt ' UNIVERSITY CHEERLEADERS. Left to right, kneeling. Darlene Morgan, Sandiil Ngfnhcfillk 31' 3, J d N Y C0dlIlg. Stand- ing: Dickie Musgrave, Shannon Hauser, Jack HaslmgS9 Bob Dun" ev ' dr ' ' ' epson' University Cheerleaders they show loyalty and faith. During the year they usually hold a bonfire and pep rallies which are greeted with enthusiasm. The cheering of the University Cheerleaders af- fords the teams an unseen player-spirit. Leading the student body in active support of their teams, Cheerleaders Clad in the traditional blue and red University port of the odd and even teams, and divided in colors the Westhampton Cheerleaders give active inter-class rivalries. Their vivacity helps main- support to the different teams. Through the year tai11 class and college spirit. i they are united for varsity sports, divided in sup- Westhampton WESTHAMPTON CHEERLEADERS. Left to right- Linda Webb Henry Knn 1 ' . ' , , , - , lpp, lun A g st, J H- d ', B e Barron, Emily Shout, Phyllis Grasty, Francis Mitchell, Mary Ann Wllealry, Sue Darden flarolhlil,lackllonMEli1ine0,Tolins0n, Su- zanne Bofumwnggsy All-21:2 E3ciJniiSzEZndra. Ngnn, Polly 'McDowell,' Darlene Morgan: 'Marty Coding, :Ioan Bishop, Martha t F00 v Ofmle 111111, Jackie Inge, Margie Burkett, Millie Bradshow, Anne Cosby. S,. A 'N ,fi Blazer Award given to Bobbie Wilke while Miss Chapman and Miss Oosthoek look on. i Westhampton thletic Association The entire student body of Westhampton makes up its Athletic Association which is created to fos- ter and maintain sportsmanship, spirit and co- operation among the students. The Athletic Association sponsors traditional activities such as the orientation picnic, the Snow Ball, and song contest. Letters are awarded by the ATHLETIC ASSOCI AA at the climax of the year's activities, the AA Banquet. These letters are earned in hockey, has- kethall, tennis and archery. Westhampton seals are awarded in the spring to juniors and seniors who have shown enthusiasm, loyalty and sportsmanship, and represent the true Westhampton spirit. ATION BOARD. Left to right, seated: Betty Lou Blankenship, Pam Koch, Josie Lovelady, Pat Bankes. Standing: Miss Mary Jane Miller, Janet Wooden, Carolyn Anthony, Claudia Dodson, Darlene Morgan, Barbara Wilke, Kay Koontz, Zanne Borum. The Westhampton Hockey Team was very active this year. Many of the players were veterans and attended summer hockey camp for the pur- pose of improving their skills and learning new techniques. Bohhie Wilke was the teamis captain and Joyce Garner the manager. They hoth proved to he very efficient leaders, urg- ing the team on to vic- tory. The Tournament at Longwood was the high- light of the season. There the team lost to Longwood Varsity Hockey VARSITY FIRST TEAM. Left to right, first row: Carolyn Anthony, Lyndle Eaton, Peggy Dail, Claudia Dodson. Second row: Doris Joyner, Sara Rusehhaupt, Miss Miller, Frances arsity Second Team 10' VARSITY SECOND TEAM. Left t ' h k o ng t, neeling: Joanna Holland Judy Cqqhion Joanna Longest. Standing: Kathy Wliite, Nancy Holland, Lea Perkins ,Rolf Cf. , E , ln ramme. wa.ff1132yXJ but still made a very good showing hy heating the Norfolk Division of William and Mary. At the end of the sea- son two members of the team won positions on the Tidewater Field Hockey Team. Peggy Dail was named second team inner and Sara Ruschhaupt served as second team goalie. The season record was 2 wins, 5 losses and a tie. GAMES AND SCORES W.C. They St. Catl1erine's ..... 1 2 Madison ........... 1 2 Little Colonels ..... 1 6 Roanoke ........... 3 4' William and Mary .. 2 1 Richmond Club ..... O 0 Longwood .......... 1 2 Norfolk Division .... 3 1 I gan' The ODI Beal Class Hockey 1 .H lx EVEN TEAM FINALISTS. Left to right, kneeling: Alice Brewer, Lyndle Eaton, Joanna Holland, Sara Ruschhaupt. Standing: Judy Cashion, Robin Cramme, Frances Mayer, Lea Perkins, Nancy Holland. In November the annual intramural hockey games between the even and odd teams were played. The even team Won three of the four regular games, ODD TEAM. Left to right, first row: Kay Koontz, Betsy Beale, Bonnie Barron. Second row: Marienette Parker, Linda Webb, Beth Holland, Sally Clark. EVEN TEAM. Left to right, seated: Judy Cashion, Nancy Loughridge, Alice Brewer, Joanna Holland. Kneeling: Marilyn Mclntire, Nancy Carmack, Nancy Holland, Mary Teene Rainey, Lucille Phillips. Standing: Jane Thompson, Robin Cramme, Mary Alice Griffith, Lea Perkins, Kathy White. but the odds won the big Odd-Even game, there- fore, both teams earned an equal number of points during the season. ODD TEAM FINALISTS. Left to right: Doris .l0Yfl0.1', Carolyn Anthony, Barbara Wfilke, Peggy Dail, -Claudia Dodson. 1 M. ZZ if Z -WSF S 5,2 fa? Har e A of -ff W, Wi f 2 779, , , 44 X5 ,wi li si C tl fi as WW 4 1 W WX i, M V A, Q X wmv ' gi. 0 Q C O il zfmm ff xx , K . Q-v ' . QQ..-?NE1V.iAQSXNi.f . ' , ,V I fx. A V , fy N r ' f , , K ' A Q5 1 . Q Q f - ' Wm' I , . Sy, . xy 15 , ,A X x'-' X Z 5, X is 'Q ,la-ug... in 1" Xi 6 1. Y Q K 35 iw 2 I 1 X F , X F xx 46 S , 4, ,I an A 0 f X Q f :t z ' . S ., ? X' 'Q I xvv: I " x . X, wif .- -- X K A X . X . X Q X xx X + KN. if-L ,W ir, V HY' W o T I ff A Class Basketball as ,AWN , . , EVEN TEAM FINALISTS. Left to right, kneeling: Con- nie Nunn, Dottie Yvilliams, Judy Trunzo. Standing: Sara Buschhaupt, Ann Hardwick, Frances Meyer, Judy Acree. ODD TEAM FINALISTS. Left to right, kneeling: Mary Ellen Kyle, Peggy Dail, Caro- lyn Anthony, Bobbie Wilke, Jo Anne Smith. Standing: Claudia Dodson, Gail Marcus, Marionette Parker, Rachel Norman, Jean Morris. The Odd Team captured the II1t1'ElI1'1ll1'Z-ll Basket- ball Championship this year by defeating the Even Team in all nine games played. The Odds com- TEAM. Left to right, seated: Jeannie Watson, Dottie Wllllams, Marilyn Mclntire, Connie Nunn. Kneeling: Kendal Easl, .ludy Barnhart, Gloria Harris, Lettie Lee Sloan, Carol Good. Standing: Phyllis Shields, Robin Cramme, Mary .lane Bacon, Mary Alice Griffith, Mary T. Rainey, Sandra Nunn. pleted a victorious season by beating the Evens in the big Odd-Even game by a score of 27-23. ODD TEAM. Left to right, seated: Fran Cuynn, Mary Ellen Kyle, Barbara Sue Oglesby, .lanet Wooden, Jo Ann Smith, Bonnie Barron. Kneeling: Doris Joyner, Cheryl Kerr, Car- ll olyn Jackson, Mary Maddox, Peggy, Dail, Mafgi? Burke. , Rachel Norman. Standing: Jackie Harper, Marie Morris, Diane Byers, Marionette Parker, Carol Domeral, Bonnie Higgins. I V 1 1 n i i E y I l E ..., 4 4 7 4 . 1 ii EE l E 'QL i l M 7245 Q ,M ,Z if, yt . W E l l w w F V 5 E! f i 1 wi Q -ati. f Q tix Xb sie ? Z if Qi. J Q X Sa XX ts ff i e Tennis Coach Oosthoek With the 5-1 record of last year in the back- There are six tentatively scheduled matches. Ai ground and the enthusiasm of the girls this year, again this year, representatives will be sent to the Westhampton Tennis Team, coached by Miss Middle Atlantic Tournament to he held at M4 Oosthoek, is certain to have a successful season. Baldwin College. TENNIS TEAM. Left to right: Kay Koontz, Bobbie Wilke, and Jackie Smithers. S . it Q 1 X S Q I E K Coached by Miss Chapman and managed by Claudia Dodson, this yearis varsity lacrosse team is looking forward to a Winning season. Team spirit is high as more girls came out for the team and llllii players are more experienced. The schedule includes a game with William and Mary, as well asla tournament with William and Mary, Sweet Briar, or Hollins. Miss Chapman-Coach, Clau. dia Dodson-Captain. LACROSSE TEAM. Left to right, seated: Betty McGuire, Mary Rainey, Frances Meyer, Betsy Uhl, Janet Wooden, Jonne Heatwole. Kneeling: Pat Brumble, Perry Dail, Carol Good, Marilyn Mclntire, Sara Ruschhaupt, Dale Boat- wright. Standing: Margie Bur- kett, Claudia Dodson, Julie Haynie, Robin Cramme, Bob- bie Wilke, Anna Lee Dooley, Bobbie Downs. Lacrosse l l l l 1 1 ll I 1' 5 l .jffygvig li f W? 3, 225226 7 J 1 X li, 2, Z 4 Q2 X I l l v I t I l fx 3 I , gl Vg X xi l V sf N .SX x Q -xx N N-Rx A fx XS s,Qs -'XX xxx ES Part 1 ,. ,W ,-A 7 - -Hr V "'-sf in s.. KT'-i f"3ff"-'W' ' " f"'f'x!"'-" ,fx '- If-N fx. - - ---N ,fi --F J I ' 1 ' 1 ff Alf l' f , , , Q- g.x-2 -- Qyii - . .14.?- .4 Ll' V Y L.!ifl1L0Di,v , XXXL vi , SENIOR CI Senior Class fficors IRIS CREEDLE .... SHERRY RATCLIFFE ..... i D NIARGARET BESS TAYLOR . . . JANET PARRISH ...... NIARY DoUGLAss . . LIBBY WANIPLER . . H . . . President Vice President . . . Secretary .. Treasurer .. Historian Song Leader SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right, seated: Sherry Ralcliffe, Iris Creedle, Margaret Taylor. Standing Joyce Garnor, Janet Parrish, Libby Wampler, Mary Douglass. Mfg 1411 DMJ v- . . ... ...... A... . . , .... , ww y . Q - lJl:lhl hi: fl I I B ' . A YiI2i"' Hlchm0Il llNll BA.. Balrimof REED CAI: ' i Hjgforj ei Nlary LII 5 'Ii X I I JUDITH SANDERS ACREE CHARLOTTE DESPER ADAMS SHARON MARGARET ALDERSON HAZEL ANNE ATKINSON BA., French BA., Math B.S., Math BA., Biology Sharps, Virginia Hampton, Virginia Newport News, Virginia Richmond, Virginia EUNICE ANN BENNETT JOAN ELIZABETH BISHOP CHERRY BLANTON BARBARA DALE BOATWRIOHT - BA., History BA., Latin BA., Psychology BA., Math Beaverdam, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Front Royal, Virginia Richmond, Virginia -v,!Qfl42Dk.,v ,, ., +S- SANDRA LOUISE BRITTON BA., Political Science Richmond, Vilf.-Tima JUDITH REED CARPENTER B.A., History Baltimore, Maryland A R- o WR T fo T NJ ' 1 U '- I ' ' --.- -. --- XJ' .-.. fyixj SYLVIA MAIKIE BROWN B.A., Bible and Religion Danville, Virginia CATHERINE STONEHAM CARR BA., German State College, Pennsylvania tml Tl ,"T'1- if ',l-l 9 BESSIE MAY BURRUS BS Biolog . . y 7 Lahore, Virginia MARY FRANCES CARTER BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia NANCY LoU1sE CARMACK BA., English Brunswick, Maryland JUDITH LYNN CASHION BA., Spanish Richmond, Virginia In ,jqiiayxw E l K ROBIN LEWIS CRAMME P' - 1, . fNIII:I-:I-3 IH Nlnilil lfr'l1':1'Hl - Ojk Xlruul Norf 1 'BISHOP DHI lliniw FXXXIXXIX I I Chatlialn. N 1-'U A fm, 1, K. if I ' VIRGINIA ANNE CLODFELTER ANNE MARIE CORPENING CAMILLE JACQUELINE COUSINS X B.S., Biology BA., Philosophy BA., History B.A., Math I Hampton, Virginia Danville, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia IRIS LAYNE .CREEDLE JANE PAGE CROUCR ANYCE CRENSHAW DAMERON BARBARA LOUISE DAVIES ,N B-A-,XBl0lQgyX . X B-A-, Spafiwli B.A., Studio Ari B.A., Biology Q South Hill, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Staunton, Virginia l 1' TW C3 1-foci? I' f If-aww fy I If any A - If A l 'mf if? 'R' ir I 2 I , J, J.l,,,JL-fi gg- ,Ji-QL QI Iv I, X X X a L.Zlfl4l14LDk,.J t. NANCY MINEE DAVIS EA., Re1is'1'0'1I. N01-folk, Vifgilufl MARY BISHOP DOUOLASS BA., English Chatham, New Jersey' E IOR OF 1962 BONNIE LEE DEEMS LORENE E. DEJARNETTE BA., English Halifax, Virginia lifl., Psychology. Riclnnoncl, V11'g1!llH SHIRLEY ANN EASTER I3 A H islory . ., I BA., History Riclimoncl, Virginia Buffalo, New York JOANNA SAVEDGE ELLETT CONNELIA ANN DOUGLAS BHS., Accounting Hopewell, Virginia SAMANTHA DEARBORN EMBREY BA., Music Theory Lovingston, Virginia x bt QQ kjq 14.5 DMJ CE VERL ALI B.A., Richmond MARION MELI1' B.A., . Warwick, BARBARA LOUISE FoHL B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia GAIL HARLEY GLOVER B.A., Sociology Waiterboro, South Carolina CYNTHIA D. FOLTZ B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia JOYCE CHRISTINE GARNER B.S., Physical Eclucation Moseley, Virginia JUDITH GAYHART BA., Philosophy Staunton, Virginia A F I MARY DOUGLAS GODSEY J UNE GooDALL BARBARA LEE GRIGG B-A-, Pllil0S0phy B.A., Sociology B.A., Bible RiChm0Ud, Vifginia Richmond, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia . Lfrqiicyko ALICE VERLANDER HALL BA., Imam Richmond, Virginia MARION MELINDA HOLDERBY BA., English Warwick, Virginia SE IGRS QF 196 LUCY WHITE HARDY BA., Sociology Bedford, Virginia JANICE CAROL HOFFMANN B.S., Biology West Hartford, Connecticut BARBARA ANNE HARRELL B.A., English Blacksburg, Virginia CAROLINE A, HOLLEMAN BA., Sociology Surry, Virginia SUSAN JANE HEREFORD BA., Sociology Clarksville, Virginia NANCY JAMES B.S., Biology Hampton, Virginia WY A ELL NIARZBl4,, Poli: Fredericksh SHIRLEY VIRGINIA KELL BARBARA JOHANNE KELLY PAMELA I EAN KoCH BA., Sociology BA., History BA., Spanish Halifax, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia DIANE KEITH LIGHT JOSIE ROGERS LOVELADY FREDERICA B. LYNCH BA., History BA., Biology B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Hopewell, Virginia Richmond, Virginia PATRICIA WAI-WAH KWA B.A. Ps chology 1 3' Hong Kong GAIL MARIE MATTHEWS B.A., Psychology U I Highland Springs, Virglnla WESTHAMPTO COLLEGE m..!if148jyx,,o BETTY Lol BA. Amelia, MARTHA ELLEN MCMURTRY BA., Political Science Fredericksburg, Virginia BETTY LOUISE MORRIS B.A., Math Amelia, Virginia E IUR OF 1962 SUSAN METZOER SUSAN ELIZABETH MEYER DARLENE A. MORGAN B.A., Psychology BA., Sociology BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia ANNE LAVERNE MORROW KARIN E. NORDENHAUG ELLEN KAYNE NOVEMBER BA., Music History B.A., French BA., Studio Art Glendale, Virginia Arlington, Virginia Richmond, Virginia U,-fifl49D'k,0 Q HER LINDS EST B.A., E1 Covesvillef 5 AN JANE! Us B.A.,H. Fredericksburg SANDRA PALMER NUNN B.A., Biology Clarksville, Virginia CAROLYN MAE PAULETTE BA., Biology Richmond, Virginia .L V ROSE MARIE PARADIS BA., Speech and Dramatic Arts Richmond, Virginia J o ANNE YOUNG PAYNE B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia JANET MARIE PARRISH BA., History Salisbury, North Carolina ANN CAROLINE PEAVY BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia CAROLYN VIRGINIA PARSLEY BA., Biology Richmond, Virginia JULIA LEE PERKINSON RA., English Richmond, Virginia V rfirfojrwfiv-r ,'X1.'1-' J A. L, :Xl1r1,Ilf+ EHIAlQwl,1EW M Irii 1 'cg I-M JJ JT. , E..-Ixj E.. -- - Lx. E' ,JL lL xg-Q - 5 'xrL,5 L2'fll50JD'k,J ESTHER LINDSAY POWELL BA., English Covesville, Virginia SUSAN JANE SANDERSON B.A., History Fredericksburg, Virginia IDR OF 1962 EDITH SHERRARD RATCLIFFE NANCY DALE RICHARDSON BA., History BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Salem, Virginia JANE CARLTON SHAPARD BA., Psychology Halifax, Virginia CAROLYN SUE SHIELDS BA., Political Science Martinsville, West Virginia MARY WEST RIGGINS B.S., Biology Hampton, Virginia SHELIA SHOCHAT BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia w-HKUNQ, . ..,yff15lDk.2 ELEANOR TUCKER SMART MARTHA ANN SOLLEY MARGARET LEE STRAWHAND MARSHA LYNN SULLIVAN BA., Psychology BA., History BA., Math BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Baltimore, Maryland Richmond, Virginia MARGARET BESS TAYLOR JANE BRYANT THOMPSON JUDITH DIANE TRUNZO NANCY BYRD VAUGHAN BA., Studio Aft BA., Math BA., French and English BA., Sociology Lewisburg, West Virginia Hampton, Virginia Cfgzeto Virginia Pulaski, Virginia E T HAMPTO CULLE GE -cami 152 yxj C ROLE MAmLY1i.A.iS0Cff Richmond, xi MARILYN CAROLE WAKEMAN BA., Sociology . Richmond, Virginia ELIZABETH LAYNE WAMPLER OF 1962 CAROLYN L. WHITTAKER MANY KATHRYN WILLIAMS B.S., Music Ecluycalion BA., Studio Art BA., English Ha11'I'isonbuI'g, Virginia Heathsville, Virginia Arlington, Virginia MARTHA BOLLING WHEN BA., Sociology Big Stone Gap, Virginia PATRICIA CHEWNINC YOUNG BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia QSM .,,yql53DkJ unior Class Qfficers . . . . President SALLY ANN CLARK . . JUDY BARLOW , , , . . Vice President . . Treasurer BETH JONES . . . JULIE HAYNIE J 0s1E ROGERS PATTI DIX . . , , , . . Historian LOVELADY . . . . . ......... Song Leader . . . Town Student Representative JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS' Left to fight, seated: Beth Jones, Sally Clark, Jlldy Barlow. Standing: julie Haynie, Josie Lovelady, Pat Dix, Jean Moyrisi ' M-21 154 YYY-J' Jun QARUIAN L Jl HH ! UUXXIIZ HIYIFJ xxxfl ff ' fzxlmw NI.-kR'l'l H mm HELI-,N y1,mc:,xlu ' lwl' HI ul, I NIJHUIIQ IMNYW NIEE II' l,ll,ltl.: HUFP.-.KV ?rXI.l.X ,X Jlllllli 1 KITTX 121 IEXIRIHI Jl IH JEAN 4 IFYI' 4 .XXX l'Elll2 CAXTI l l-fl! QI.-XR! DI, PX' SVXNIIH ,xxlxx I+ 5 m N MARE' 'L Rim hl.l.EX 1 PM 1.1 1-1: xx Nfxxm HE'I'Tx Nl.Xli'l' .-XLETHX lm-X-. .IU .XXI ,luniors CAROLYN ANTHONY JUDY BARLOW BONNIE BARRON BETSY BEALE NANCY BERKOWITZ BARBARA BLINN MARTI BRATCHER MIMI BRENT HELEN BREWER MARGARET BROWER PAT BRUMBLE VAL BRYANT MARGIE BURKETT DANVA BUTTS MEE HAN CHAN LILLIAN CHU ROSE-ANNA CHU SALLY ANN CLARK JODIE COLLINS KITTY CONNAWAY BARBARA COOK JUDY COOKE JEAN COPLEY PAT CORDLE ANN COSBY PEGGY DAIL CATHERINE DART CAROL DEROSA PAT DIX SANDRA DIXON ANNA LEE DOOLEY BOBBY DOWNS MARY KATHERINE ELME ELLEN FITZAHUGH PAULINE FONES GRAYSON FOY NANCY FULCHER BETTY LOU GILES MARTY GODING ALETA GOODWYN PAT GREEN JO ANNE HARDY R F CN N . is ' a J ,M 5, J 5 I ' wi I X ,fbxSW1S fl xx y I 'i - S ,, S Q ' , 97 Q 1.2 in 'iff' ,N ,J it 'C 1- Wi. mm , ' av E E ' , . X IJ' 'N ,Aga -. M X 3: agp-,f , " 9 ' 'f xl Z, 'V J .-I , W , y I , f f Z Z ' J O 5 .Ly4fI55jYwJ , V jf V ifz I , xx X mu J J, ff! 'iv ' x ' x , I f ' Jfwi, ,. A f 7 ' f, X Uv X ff 1 pf xw 1 W X I W f S ,4 A Q f XX ,ff X X f ::., A"A A ,.1,A QQ.. lb 1 X X N5 X' A A A - 1 Hse5ee:fe:g.'f X 1 " 4 L ,X El X , y 4 wa, Y X f Q 'Z Q x Z ff Z , W , ,.,., We if ,,,,,,,, N, I l Q 5 f i , ,zz ,f ij ff f 4, W, U .,-il Z .. X 'N f Wh f W ,f X f ?X X I , X W A w' X O "N ,,, QS, 7 an f X O W! f xx 1 s' , SIE f . -V, I I ii , V f . og . Westhampton BETTY HARRELL JEANIE HARRISON SUSAN HART DEAN HARWOOD JULIE HAYNIE CHARLOTTE HINES CAROLYN HODNETT BETH HOLLAND NANCY HOOTMAN DONNA HOUFF CLAIRE HUDSON NANCY HUDSON MARY BENTON HUMMEL ANN HURD NANCY HYBNER JACQUELINE INGE CAROL FAYE JOHNSTON BETH JONES DORIS JOYNER LYNORE KATZ PAT KIRBY KAY KOONTZ TERESA GENEVIEVE LADD SHIRLEY LAI MARGARET LEE LESLIE LONG PAT LONG GAIL LUSH GAIL MARCUS SUSIE McAFEE BETTY MCGUIRE MARCIA MCMULLIN JUDY METCALF CAROL MILLER MARILYN MILLER JEAN MORRIS MARIE MORRIS ALICE MOYERS CAROL MYERS MARY JANE NEWTON BARBARA SUE OGLESBY CONNIE OVERSTREET ANN CARR PERRY PHYLLIS PETERSON FRANCES PITCHFORD PHYLLIS POLLACK ARCHER RANDLETTE PATRICIA RICH IW 1 J LN. W-5' . -XXI ' I .XX - X'xt'f T xl I-If gi.. T41 I :QID H .wx x LLUII I, -uw-f Iutlllfllxy HI! VEQJO W1 IU! xx QI' I-It IIXNI4 I' XMI 4 I X U Ilhwl X um xi X l 4 um xx ,wx X Juniors JEAN ROBERTSON ANNETTE RORRER ANN SHELTON LYNNE SHEPPARD EMILY SHORT PATRICIA SHOTTEN BETTY ANN SISLER GEORGEANNE SKEEN ELIZABETH SMITH JACQUELINE SMITHERS BETH STAFFORD PEGGY ST. CLAIR CECELIA STIFF DIANE THURSTON ELIZABETH V IOLETTE NANCY WICKERS ELEANOR WILLIAMSON BARBARA WILKE CAROL WINFIELD JOAN LEE WRIGHT ij I 1 E' Ophomore Class Ufficers SALLY ABEL .. CONNIE NUNN . . . LEE HILL . . JUDY GARRETT . . . BETH EDWARDS . . JOYCE SANFORD . . . NANCY LOUGHRIDGE DODY BENSON . . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right, se t rl:'L H'll, C ' N S2 ll A . .. fl- ing: Dodie Benson, Joyce Sanlifoid, B351 Eldwvar?1lsT,nI?ancL:fnEO11gI11?Idg::J?l, Judy Gdueu. Stan SOP ,I IW XII IIN I-:xl mm If In lv' mn' IQKII ,NN xx! ADO III-Il JI .V Sl X XIXII IQXII LIN AI. XIXIIX IIU' IQXRU lil III- XI' ,XI lil. , . I-I-. IN 1. II I-I l. XI lf Nl Xlxlm SK IW II Fl SOPIIOIIIOPCS SALLY ABEL PATSY ALLEN MARY ATKINS LINDA AYERILI. EMILY AYERS MARY JANE BACON PAT BANKES JUDY BARNIIART MARY JO BARTLEY CAROL BATEMAN ANDIE BAYLOR SANDRA BELCI-IER DODIE BENSON I-IEDY BERNARD JANE BIBB JEAN BISCOE ANNE BLITCII SUZANNE BORUM MARCIE BOSWELI, CAROLE BRADLEY LINDA BRADLEY ALICE BREWER MARY CROSS BRITTLE BONNIE BROOKS CAROLYN BROWNINC CONNIE BURKE BETSY BURTON NINA CACHELIN ALICE CARTER CLEN CHASTAIN BETTY CHEYNEY DOROTHY CLAY ELLEN CLUTE ANN COALE BETTY COLEMAN LISA COLEMAN MARTHA CONE CAROL CRONIN MARY KAY CROSS MADELINE CRENSIIAW SANDRA CROWDER PATRICIA DABNEY BEVERLY DAVIS DIANA DAVIS ELIZABETH DAVIS Q4 I If fu. V Aj , , N.-1' E535 ,QTU B V "' X 'w .x ' , 'N I LM l WX . f X f 5 5. . .AAI - x gs , vm , QL- ' X 7 I , I .,- ' A 47 VT , I I J, '75, f',' W as f ' Q3 X Westhampton. LOIS GAIL DAVIS ALICE DeCAMPS JAN DuBOSE KENDAL EAST LYNDLE EATON BETH EDWARDS HALE EVERETT JANE FITCHETT SUSAN FITCHETT SUSIE FLEMING HELEN FLYNN MARY BRUCE FORD MILLICE FREY LINDA FRIDLEY GAY FRITH ANNE GARLOCK JUDY GARRETT JEAN GARRISON JACKIE GATES CAROL GILBERT WALKER GLENN CAROL GOOD SHARI GOLUB MARY ALICE GRIFFITH BETTY LOU GUIDT NANCY HALL BUCKY HANBURY CAROLE HANSON ANN HARDWICK GLORIA HARRIS MARTHA HARTMAN JOAN HASKIN LETA HAWKINS JONNE HEATWOLE LYDIA HEIDEN BETTY JEAN HEINLY HECKY HENDERSON SUSAN HEPLER MERRY HIGGS LEE HILL PATRICIA HINTON IOAN HOCH MARY .ELEAN OR HODGES .I OAN NA HOLLAND NANCY HOLLAND 7' Sophomores BETTY LOU JENNINGS ELAINE JOHNSON GAYLE .JONES CAROL JURGENS MARJORIE GAY KEELING JOAN KENNEDY JANE LACY MARVINE LANIER BILLIE LYNN LASSITER SHARON LEITH SUSAN LIGON JOANNA LONGEST INGRID LOOCK ROSE MCCLEARY PAULINE McDOWELL SANDY MCGLORY MARILYN MCINTIRE ELLEN MCNAMARA KATHA MASSEY FRANCES MAYER DONNA MEZGER SUE MILLER FRANCES MITCHELL CYNTHIA MORGAN MARY LOU MOSCHLER BEVERLY NEALE GLENDA NICHOLAS JANE NORTON CONNIE NUNN LUIS OLIVER LOUISA PASTORS LEA PERKINS JUANITA PHILLIPS LUCILLE PHILLIPS ANNE POINDEXTER BARBARA POWELL CAROLYN POWELL CHARLOTTE PRINGLE LEE PUTNEY ELSA QUEEN MARY RAINEY CAROLE RAMEY ADORA REES LINDA RICHARDSON ELAINE ROBERTSON xxffzfx ,f 'N . x WY 7' X f E 5,41 www ...N X Westhamptgn CAROLINE ROBINS ,XIARY SUSAN ROBINSON MARCIA ROIDER DONNALEE ROXVE SARA RUSIIIIIIAUPT DIANA RYAN PATRICIA RYAN MAARIA SANCHEZ JOYCE SANFORD GISELA von SARKOEZY ANNE SARTORIUS XIARTIIA SCHMIDT ELIZABETH SCHOOLS KAREN SCOTT SANDRA SHAW III-XRI3.-XR.-X JEAN SIIELL I'IIX'I.LI5 SHIELDS XI,-XRUARET SIEGFRIED I,E'I"I'X' LEE SLOAN NXXIIX' REE SXIITH I'IIXII,LIS SXIITH RI'I'.fX SXIITH X.-XXCIX' SPENCER JOX CIC STEVENS I'.-XT STINSON RIi'I"I'X' 'I'.'XX'LOR LICXQX TURPIN XIQXRX IO TUBING .I ,-XXE 'I'XX'X'FORD ICI.IZ.-XRE'I'H UH L Xl RIL X RRI-XDX XX XDIL X XXK XL XX EBN1'Eh IX XXE XI XIXX XXX XXIII:.XRX IX XXI XI XRQ XREI XX'III'lIOLIx XNN XXIIIMER XNN XXIIILX Xllxi INIX XXIlIx XS XXllll XIXIXX IXNNI XX'lIllAX1S IXIXUI XX XXII ISI I2 INIII IXNI X01' CONNII XINO II I , Q I " K 3 ln. 1 7 :UL Q' 1 6 :L I D 'Ii i T XX A V I A, A l I 4. I . ' - Ii.-X'I'I ' IITIQP L. .IlIl.I.-X w11l'1'L0n.1xV L Li r X M Q 'J . T- I . 'I 'I A I , ,, 1 . ' -5 , gn 5 'V , :Ti " - - , -2 ' nu'1"1'1-:B ",,Mlb. , En 2 'JI1" , A - L1 H ,","llR Q- Si- , il I 4: , .A Q' NCB I lim. a'zUEtK . ,L Q Freshman Class Officers SUE PARRISH .... .. President JUDY SUTHERLAND . . . . . Vice President LINDA HOLT .. . Secretary FRAN DIX . . . . Treasurer BARBARA GARDNER . . . . . . . Song Leader PAT COX . . . . . YWCA Representative CONNIE DEVANE . . . . . College Cov't Representative JANET WOODEN .. .. AA Representative SUSAN GRABLE AND DIANE LESTER. . . . . . Town Council Representatives ,519 - fig! 7 . - g 5 3 A 2 N . L A A 45 K A A . A f - K ix: f lt ' f i 6? e 1 Wm MMG! YY fm gms? QQ ey "Kr X if? 'mf' , Wcgiif X - . . V - 1- Judy Sutherland, Fran Dix, Linda Holt. Stand- FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Seated' Sue P'f""",h' .. i ,, ,, bl , P. C , ing: Barbara Gardner, Janet NVOOJCI1, C0'm'e Devaner Glgl Lmdon' Dune Lester, Susan GN e at Ox x .:.,??: I f W, W' , f uw, GL. X 2, f I a I ,W X- , , lf ,l X ,N I 217, I X ,,,,,x, , X, ,, 0- A Kg WM , 5 0 W " ,, f 6' N , .S f X I L, sf 1. f 4 wc ' QL ' v I . w 1 I i ,A ,4,, Q I 2 ,,,,.,,. I jf!! ' A ff ff 1, : W 7 ,- E L ffm, f f AX f X, ' f' , . fiX X My N , 5 f " A f I if x 2 W f f 1 ff f.,,f,,m4 X E we , ' g N . 1 w z 1 1 1 ,, I , xx? W M' 5 X f 3 ,, I2 MV! W L V, , 5 11 1 I Nw ,W ff A w fm Q ,i mf! aw W X PM K A wf mf , QX 2 1X 4 1 I X Q' . , "" I .SAN . W 'SX N , 1, S "" 2 X f 2 A ffff :ss if ,I N X f W ,X I A A Q Nag. XXI , L fn. . ,, 5 i ,K X y Adv ,I , , ff. 7 :as A ' 'WK 1 fgf Z X X X 7 M' ' 745 X ff, 'f I' --fv A ,.,. -' .,z f X WWE ' I p A 7"4 ,lf 0? WW M E N B? f f F X f g , 'T !f X, fx 3 f 51? K f f Q ' ,. ff, 3 Nxeyfl ling f , 3 Q XNX l YX 1, ,,,, Q My :XL 2 , f . Q, fs' N 5 Iv Q f , M ff S X XX W I ff It ..., I ,f ' , 'IX ,, TX Wpw? ' X l 1 X 0 , f 'V f RX A X I MVA, f, ff I 7 7 :.:! ' ' f XX X 7,4 X .3 X ig ff X Q ,MWK X A 5 I .4 '55 Q K, X N I ' 1 5 1 f 1 'Ax S, Z Q Y ,, N : 62 fm X wx A Z x N1 2 599 ff? 6 4 1--Q wa'-M 0 V S ,..X Off? x , 53 N f f 5 . 4' f2 X X 4 ff Wi , I 1 AHAE ,, U I NX - ag ., 212 KX W 5 x X f X . ' A' ' I , ,MI ' A ..,, i V vgwu T I vo X A if X Y ,,f,,Xf A W I . W , , L N I A y .- ,.,. I A ,P fwf ' if ,.,. M X an 0 . I Q . f iz P' ,, .. sh ,L ,L Aww. A A ,fm N f f-XV, X f ' Q , I XQr5,f:f:QXJ if I -W X W4 I ws ' X E x - , . , 2 .,.. , fx 1 ' gg 4 N ' N my ' A 'Q xi, Aggf' Q Q, X, X' f . X, A xg QD . AIX, X 4! I I L, W X , XQ If! ff' it Sw.vXNy X- 49 wiv. X K, S 'Q S- f ,. N fl 1' 1 ' s-29:32 , 7' al' xi .. Q gfyw x K ix 0 I X I Westhampton NELL McGLAUGHON LESLIE MCNEAL DALE MINTER DIANNE MINTER LINDA MOORE ELIZABETH MORRIS NANCY MUNDY .IUDITH MURDEN PAMELA MYERS BRENDA NETHERWOOD RACHEL NORMAN MARIONETTE PARKER CAROLYN PARKS SUE PARRISH RUTH ANN PARS JEANNE PAULETTE LYNN PINE MARTY PITTS JUDIE PRICE WANDA PROFFITT NANCY PURYEAR MARJORIE RAMSEY JANET RENSHAW ANNE RICE JO RIPLEY ELINOR ROBINSON ROSALIND ROGERS PATSY SAFFELLE SUE SALE NANCY SAUNDERS PEGGY SAUNDERS ANN SCHLIESER CYNTHIA SHELHORSE SUSAN SHIRK MEDIE SIMS JOANNE SMITH MARY SMITH SUZANNE SMOLA ANN SNEAD KATHY SPARE KRISTIN SPONSLER THELMA STABLES KATHY STECYK PHYLLIS STEWART FLORENZ STITH Freshmen ANNE STOWE JUDY SUTHERLAND JUDY SWINGLE JANET TAYLOR SUSAN TERRY SCOTT TURNER f X I V ki 7 7 X f A X I . ,E . x I Q XY? ,,v.,, ' 4. ZR A X ,Ai I f f f f Q f A l f I f S 'RAF ff I ea, f W X vu f X 3 , ,W ' 'ZX I' Syl! 5.3422 mf 1 , Q ' M ww, I X Q A Q Xi Q Z XX BARBASRA VAUGHAN 9 K JESSI A VAUGHAN I A::: LINDA WARNER LINDA WEBB W . I I '-,gm A LELIA WHITLEY " W 1 A W NANCY WHITWORTH tg h . 3 Jig JUDY WIDENER I - I 'f f BRENDA WILLIAMS . CAROLINE WINGFIELD ff MILLIE WOOD I PATTIE WOOD gn-.sf JANET WOODEN MARGARET WYNNE . .J .. X 7 f ,- ,W X f ,, , ,, 1.0 Ry! gr fm -A .,,, ,f W 4- D Z 2. N , Rat Week y f 1 Q M f I, ,W f W N 'R QSO Q X X ,X IL. V 1 f f .Z .. VN 5 ,f . 5 vf . , XA -, . 9 W z W f WW- 6 Nw Part 2 ,X -Y --,, A 'X "' -- L fx rf 1M v,.yffl68DxJ x.,-..,-..- SENIOR CLAS Senlor Class 0ff1C6PS RUSSELL ROBER SAM KERR . . PAUL BRICKNER TOM MORRIS . . DICK I-IAYMORE FRANK KNILL . S OFFICERS. Seated Rush Robertson Left to Tlbllt, Sllllllllllb S nm Kerr, Tom Morus, Paul Brlck 93:3 w R Whig, f, VN' ff , i ' f, , A XXX , we , r X ,IG ,, X , ' I X, 2 , 4 RAYMOND FULTON ALLEN BA., Bible and Religion Amherst, Virginia CHARLES FREDERICK BATEMAN BA., Political Science Arlington, Virginia Q 'fa-f , 4 ,KZ Wm A 2 ff! ,f KENNETH L. ALLISON B.A., Political Science Edgewater, New Jersey HENTER LEE BLEVINS B.S., Chemistry Arlington, Virginia 4 4 Sis, ,fgf X Z C. CLIFFORD ATTKISSON, JR. JERRY WAYNE BAKER B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia JOHN FLEMING Bocas BA., Sociology Cartersville, Va. -Q -,- ,-X. , , -. I! 15 X , xx I ,' ' ' - 'X' ,fx -'T -'-'- T-F f-X. ..-, 1.4 .,,' -, y I,, , , , ', ,- I llryfil I: I Nl . , 1' I I 1 1'-J. 1 , ! I 11 I ,IN 1 ,'l ' I . I M- - .,-I'- , ,..J'-4g .LL '. ' ,J,,,,- ' 'f 1 1 ' I ' N,-g,..'.,.,'.,,'-,' 1 V +L.!ifl7Oj7X.,v M HAYAIO A 1s.,4..Ef1 Ckx- Xlounl Q XVILLIA RT linux ROBE l3.,'I.. E115 Richmond. l 1 5 A I I if BA., English Richmond, Virginia DAVID GEORGE BOYNTON B.A., History Billerica, Massachusetts WILLIAM HAYMORE BRAMMER BA., English Rocky Mount. Virginia 5 ROBERT BERKLEY BUSH f BA., English Richmond, Virginia - - f- X- ,X - .,, ,' in Iawfxl I- I7ily"l iQ E "M -- .-f- gf -,..'.L..x,f' PAUL BRICKNER BJ1., History Lawrence. New York HUGH THOMAS CALLAHAN BA., English Union Level, Virginia ,f-X -Q if if -L +L ,J""i.Ll47 ALLAN SIDNEY BUFFENSTEIN BA., English Richmond, Virginia ELSON Ton CHRISTIAN BA., English Newport News, Virginia A ,V Cqz.222lQQ,"'fffl, x X jg W' 4 f . 7 QI f I NS 'I I f JOSEPH BEVERLY BURRELL B.S., Biology Bon Air, Virginia DONALD RICHARD CHRISTMAN BLA., Sociology Northampton, Pennsylvania Wg .SXQIVIJIXD W , 1, ' WILLIAM ALEXANDER CLARK THOMAS ROLAND CLARKE CHARLES ELLERY CLOUGH B.A., Psychology B.S., Chemistry B.S., Math, Fredericksburg, Virginia Jarratt, Virginia Richmond, Virginia RICHARD WARREN COLEY GORDON ELTON COOKE RANDOLPH CALVIN COX, J R. B.S., Math BA., Bible B.A., English aml Spanish Richmond, Virginia Colonial Beach, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia RICHMO D CULLEGE L!41172jyx.J WILTON flwi N As.. 1-mf' Richlnqplltl. X PETER DAHII IIA.. ll'-XI' Warwic-k, iiilmi PAUL EDWARD COHEN B.S., Math and Physics Richmond, Virginia RICHARD ALBERT CURL BA., Hislory Richmond, Virginia -nigga 1 V WILTON OWEN CURTIS BS.. Bi0l0g',l' Ricliinonfl. Vilgllllil PETER DAVID DOLEY B,A,, HI'slor,I' Warwick, Rhode Island W 'I' IIIIA , I I -,-I fx 1-, - ' ,II I , , ,I I fx- fl 6 ll lf? P Qlllll Xl ,I A., .low 114 lv K .EL I IIOAIAR DAUGll.'l'l'lEY, JR. l9.,fI., Sociology Norfolk. Virginia OEI, AIITIIUR EPSTEIN l3..fl.. Cllenzislry Norfolk. Virginia -si" I I V . I ' I I A I I ' I J ,f -.1. ' --lx .Il ww, I l ' Z ' RICHARD ELROY DAVIS 1 HS., Chemistry H1Cl'llTlOHCl, Virginia GEORGE ANTHONY ESPOSITO BA., History Montclair, New Jersey I ,, M 'Wiv- .L-JIIITRDXJ WALTER ROBERT DAWSON BA., Philosophy Hurt, Virginia RAYMOND MORRISON F EARNOW BA., English Ellerson, Virginia FRANK JAMES FISHER B .S ., Math Richmond, Virginia MARSHALL REDFERN FRAZER B.S., Biology Washington, D. C. R. Cc, RQBERT BIA.. From-l Chatham. N if? T GUNTHE H0BERB.A., Iffmlis Richmond- Viff RONALD LEE FLOYD PRESTON WILLIAMS FORBES CHARLES V. FRANZMAN, III B.S., Chemistry B.S., Physics and Math BA., Political Science l W iliiamson, West Virginia Newport News, Virginia Newport News, Virginia THEODORE ROGER FRIEDMAN SAMUEL GENDERSON ROBERT EUGENE GILLIAM BA., Sociology B.A., History B.S., Chemistry Newport News, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia RICH O D CULLEGE A H241 174jyxJ F 1962 CLAUDE C. GRAVATT, JR B.S., Chemistry Arlington, Virginia JAMES FRANCIS HALLEY BA., Sociology Orange, Virginia X A ,R , X 'S W ff ff . S -.1 Viz in Q ' , GEORGE THOMAS GRAY BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia JAMES E. HARRISON, JR BA., English Hopewell, Virginia vit? 'lv' Virtua..- Rff O A.fwl175lfX"7 OWEN SHANNON HAUSER DANIEL F. HIGGINS JAMES WALTER HOSIER, III ROSCOE A. HOTCHKISS, JR. BA., Political Science B.A., Psychology BA., History B.S., Biology Waterford, Virginia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia J oHN WILLIAM HURLEY, Jn. RICHARD DAY HYLTON WILLIAM SIDNEY IVES JAMES E. JARRELL BA., History BA., Chemistry BA., Philosophy B,S,, Chemistry Princeton, New Jersey Richmond, Virginia Hampton, Virginia Richmond, Virginia I I I or D UT L " l .,fflf,,4,Q4ljrjL,.g L!ffl76JJ'k.J DAVID W- l1.f1.. ll Virginia Bcuf WILLIAM Sun BS.. Pol1'l1'a-11 Alexanclria. N-aw' gt-I 7-N. J if fi fi x "T F' 'W T 'I I If' fr I "Y 1 I , I AA'Q,' EXJ.1f.J w.l L,fi.ILIA.J ML,-'L JL ,fflflzi DAVID W, JOHNSON MARION WAYNE .JOHNSON PAUL S. J ONES BA., History b B-A-, Ellglwlb BA., Philosophy Virginia Beach, Virginia PllCl1II10IlCl, Virginia Staunton, Virginia WILLIAM SAMPSON KERR BARRY VINCENT KIRIQPATRICK J. ROBERT KLINGER B.S., Political Science HS., ClL6lfLiSI5fy BA., History Alexandria? Virginia Arlington, Virginia Palmyra, Pennsylvania ARTHUR B. KENNEDY BA., Bible anal Religion Bluefield, Virginia FRANKLIN PETER KNILL, IR BA., English Alexandria, Virginia q,yqf177l?k-J iw A w , V gl' f,..,4.- A O ips R A , I I c2i ' WALTER NILES HAROLD LEACH, JR. BA., English Roanoke, Virginia JAMES M. MACMILLAN, JR. B .A ., Economics Richmond, Virginia LEE PAUL LEWIS B.A., Biology Mappsville, Virginia E. MILTON MCDONALD BA., English Purcellville, Virginia 5' STEVE HAKMON LOWE BA., History Hampton. Virginia ROBERT C. MCKINLEY BA., Sociology Richmond. Virginia RICH O D COLLEGE 'k..!'ff178lIk,p Q RA., RichITl0f1 THOMAS B,A,, Polii South Bos! HARRY P. MACINTOSH B .A., History Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts A 'A DOUGLAS LEE MARTIN lu B.A., Political SCICQCC A D Richmond, Virginia I A., W I WALTER F MASTERS, J BA Hzstoly R1Cl1IT10I1Cl Vuoinia E IOR ABDULLAH MICHAEL MINA BA History Kafraya Bekaa Lebanon OF 1962 MICHAEL MORCHOWER B A Political Science Bayonne New Jersey ROBERT MAURICE MOORE BS Chemistry Richmond Virginia Q 1 SH usetts IN e THOMAS J. MOORE BA., Political Science South Boston, Virginia PETTUS THOMAS MORRIS, JR BA., English Martinsville, Virginia JOHN ROBERT MOTHERSHEAD BA., English Farnham, Virginia DENNIS NOESINGER, JR. B.A., Chemistry Midlothian, Virginia 'A 0,-yfQ179l7k.J MIWWM W . v ' I ,JAIHN Cm BEN l3..f1..5f C1-env. BENJAMIN . Hub.. C fn 17,-edeI'ic'kslnn RILEY LEE NORTHAM BA., Political Science Modest Town, Virginia RICHARD STUART OAKLEY B.S., Chemistry Fails Church, Virginia MAURICE NOVICK B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia RONALD NEILL ORR BA., Physics and Math Washington, D. C. PAUL RICHARD NURKO BA., History Washiiigtoli Crossing, Penn CHARLES SCOTT PARKER BA., History Richmond, Virginia RICH 0 D COLLEGE '1-.!'ff180 lyk-,v k ROBERT PRESTON N UTTALL BA., Economics Richmond, Vil'g1H1a DALTON AUSTIN PARKER HS., Clzemislry ' I Highland Springs, V11'glI113 K BENJAMIN C. PERKINSON, JE. BA., Sociology Crewe, Virginia BENJAMIN J. PRITCHETT B.S., Chemistry Fredericksburg, Virginia SE IDR CHARLES H. PERKINSON B.S., M ath Richmond, Virginia RYLAND OSBORNE REAMY BA., Psychology Ashland, Virginia X f A A HX OF 1962 DAVID AMEDEE PoUcHoT BA., Political Science Richmond, Virginia DAVID MACPHERSON REID BA., History Richmond, Virginia DAVID F. PRIM BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia BEAUFORT SHELTON RICE, JR BA., Sociology Mangohick, Virginia Lyqiaijyxj Bmw? HOWAHDB 1 H A Lynchlmufif EARL W. ,, S01 Richmond. SAMUEL E. RICHARDSON, III ERNEST LEROY ROBINSON l B.A., Sociology BA., Psychology y Urbanna, Virginia Richmond, Virginia F I I l 1 BENJAMIN G. SMITH, JR. B.A., Sociology Sharps, Virginia I CARROLL HENRY SHOTWELL Q BA., History Brookneal, Virginia WILLIAM EARL RUSSELL B.A., Sociology Portsmouth, Virginia GEORGE THEODORE SMITH BA., Sociology and Clzemislry Hopewell, Virginia -rT3w'ITf'xlTf-I-Ii T 'A.Q x f-xc. ,if T, TQ, ,XITQ M.llll,fIIiLNilUll ll I ll .lwlil .I .Fl-5,f xx - XJ V -..-i- - g.!4q1S2jpxJ I JESSIE L. SHIFFLETT B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia HAROLD L. SMITH B.S., Physics ana' Math Gladys, Virginia 4. it . .X L HOWARD BRYANT SMITH, JR. BA., History Lynchburg, Virginia EARL W. STOUDT B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia E IUR OF 1962 JAMES LOWELL SMITH BA., Sociology Severna Park, Maryland STANLEY A. SZYMANSKI B.S., Math East Brunswick, New Jersey LESLIE WINSTON SMITH BA., History Richmond, Virginia LARRY LEE TALBERT BA., History Martinsville, Virginia CHARLES DANIEL STEVENS BA., English and Psychology Hopewell, Virginia W. CARRINGTON TATE, I BA History Danville. Virginia L,y4f183I7kJ JOSEPH MICHAEL TEEFEY B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia LEONARD EARL WALCOTT, JR. BA., Music Boxford, Massachusetts FREDRIC HAROLD TROLL BA., Bible and Religion Mansfield, Ohio WALLACE AYERS WALKER BA., History Hampton, Virginia HHCHMUTQJEWF GLEN ALLEN TYLER BA., English Salem, Virginia PAUL JOSEPH WALSH BA., English Roanoke, Virginia iff-xi Qiyxvj TV -F ' 'fx N., nl -I 3-4,l-7, .LH N N I Lcfqieiyscj CARY DAWSON UPSHUR B.S., Math Richmond, Virginia JAMES FRED WATTS B.S., Physics anal Math Hampton, Virginia EDWARD H. iA,HRwww Arlinyllwll FREDERICK NN' BA., P01171 Skipwitli. A , 1 I 1 l G EDWARD H WEBER, JI 13A Hzsloly lIlllI7P.S1l,1I010 I Alilll ton V11 lllll FREDERICK W WILLIS, JI B A Polztzcal bczuzee Skipwith, Viroiiiia E IOR CIIAR1 LS ALLEN WELLS, JP B A Bible Dam Ille Vuolnia JOHN HARRISON WILLIS III BA Englzslz, Lignum, Virginia UF 1962 EDWARD ROBT WIIITTINGTON BA Chelmslzy Richmond VITDIHIH CHARLES WILLIAM WYATT B.A., Hzstory West Point Virginia GORDON A WILKINS, JP B A Polmcal SCZCIICG Iuchmond Vir 1n1a ALLAN KA LUN YUNG B.A., Chemistry Hom' Konff 5,5 WW' Ljql85DkJ unior Class Ufficers PHIL BAGLEY . . .... President RANDOLPH SHOTWELL . . . . . Vice President GORDON MERRITT . . . . Secretary RUCKERLBURNETTE.. ...freamuer CHARLES PORTER . . . . . . . . . Senator ROY YOUNG . . . . . Representative to House JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Cordon Merritt, Charlie Porter, Phil Bagley, Randy Sllotwell, Roy Youn 41,Zffl86Di.,,v llll QQEIHU' Om U 'I MAIN ml I' Hxl.l'H mm, um Hlllllfli NUR!! Pllll, ERNP3 RUXAL juli lim: I'.K'l'Rl IIUIKEI J. N lllilh ,IM XX .X PHIL Cl!.,XRl.l BF Bl Wll.l PM I-'. LE llt ll Nlllillf Ju IM llll GRIP Bl RH lie l.l J H' B U XX XX W 'Q Ill I Juniors u151:.xl.n,u,muzlc1: JOHN ,x1.lf:xfmn4:n ,xulw ,ILIJQN 1.o111s.x1.l,uN R-Xl vu ,m:m,l. vnu, n,u:1I1cx .J GARY BANG RORERT RERG ER NORR REYILLE PHIL RI.Y'I'IIE ERNEST ROXD RONALD RRANDIS JOIIN RUCK ROR BIII,,I.OCK PATRICK BURKE RUCKER RI IR NE'I"l'Ii J. N. RIISEY DICK CODYER JACK COSRY WAYNE COX PHILIP DALTON CIIARLE9 IMYIDSON BEN DAVIS BOB DAVIS WILLIAM DRIIRY PAGE ELNIORE F. LEE FENTRESS IIORACE FORD MICHAEL FORFNIAN JACK FIIGATE DAVID FULLER DICK GARDNER GRIFFIN GARNE'I"I' BILL GERMAN BILLY GILNIORE DAVID GOODE LESLIE GOODE JACK GRADY ROGER GRANT BAXTER GRIFFITII WA LT GRIFFITI-I WAYNE HARNION ED IIAR'I' ROBERT HASTY WARD IIA'I'CII ROBERT IIENNING HERMAN IIIGKS JAMES IIIGGS FFL" X -9 Nr-..... XX 'SCN qs. '75 Q nos-.,, as-. f-- -'Fx 'if V, .-n.,,.,. A f Z, f A if ,gg . 4 2 X N X fl . L 3 CN 1-1' 'Q""w- Q6 I. ib- W. 1 .mf 50 W. 3 1 A H-faux X f H' x A Uv Richmond JACK HODGES WILLIAM HOGARTII CLAUDE HOGGARD JOHN HOPKINS FRANK HORTON MICHAEL JARRETT HOLMAN JENNINGS WILLIAM JENNINGS ROBERT KINLEY BILL KNIGHT SIM LARKINS MICHAEL LAMBIOTTE GENE LASSITER DABNEY LEE FRED LINKENHOKER HOWARD LOVE JAMES McCLUNG ROBERT MEIGGS GORDON MERRITT ALBERT MILLER JOHN MOREAU CEPHAS MORTON JIM MULLEN JOHN NUCKOLS ELWOOD OBRIG RUSS ODLAND LEE OUSLEY FRED PACE BINFORD PARKER WILLIAM PASCOE CHARLES PENDLETON STEWART PERCY WAYNE POARCH CHARLES PORTER GORDON PORTER COOLIDGE PORTERFIELD WALTER PRICE ALLEN PUFFENBERGER RUSSELL RABB FRANCIS REIBSAMEN JAMES RIERSON CASEY RILEY ARCHIBALD ROBERTSON DALE ROBINSON WILLIAM ROYSTER BILL RYAN WALTER SCHWARTZ RANDY SHOTWELL juni' .. ' NI Y, :IHAX 'H'.Il,1UII' ' "x1N' .IHU N J . U 5 l xx,xlIV' . url! xii' IH I HHN IV II. i F juxtlx IH" XXIIIIUI I xml ll FIHNK N U JUHN I I' wax xl lv NI In xxlluxxx xx. jug xx Hx lall,l XXIII IIIII Xl' JURY HHN N lnllx fl' Juniors STEPHEN SLAUGIITEII GERALD SMITII THOMAS SMITII WALLACE SOWDER SCOTT STROTHER LEE STROUD ROY TAYLOR JACK THOMASSON WILLIAM THOMAS ROBERT TOLER FRANK VANDEVORT JOHN VAUGIIAN DONALD WAYBRICIIT WILLIAM WHITFIELD .IOE WILLIAMS BILL WILLIAMSON LOU WONG .IACK YAFFA ROY YOUNG LOUIS ZINCONE Yin 1 Ophomore Class fficers DONALD PATTEN TOM BENTON . . KEN TORREYSON HOWARD LEE . . Russ SILER . . . GERALD PURYEAR SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. , , .... President . . Vice President , , . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . ......... S enator . . . . . Representative to House Left to right, first row: Tom Benton, Don Patton, Russ Siler, Second row: Ken Torreyson, Doug Lee. Jerry Puryear. Sf' wg ,,,, ,gg 0,.!ifl90Pk.,0 .'Xl.l-IX 'HHH , I Ixmrliripffbtl 'Z Supl -I UH' IH-NH u:'IlU H XFHIKIN4 ,lull 4,Kll'lI mixm mill. W' VAN' XXll.l H 'IUXIXI XX ll.!,l 'N XXX! HIV: lil!!! LUX HHN Ill IHHH juih 'NJA XX JHHX VI. Illll -lilll mm- xp: ,IUHN I. IZXXXX lll'fXXv Hi XX J.Fl1nlvq Hlllillf f.XHl,Ux lil! XXIN VA 'xlflil-Ili lk!-INXHI Elm ug INA U Hum, mu 1 In Jun., X .Ruxxl lllxpgl , Nl: lux SopImnmr4-s XIIN X XVXI-'XX 'Iucxm xlpjl-.lux ' ,Iwi If IQ N"f,M-."' x5lll'UX ll-il-Z xl. 'Ill-il. I ,IOIIX IIXILI I-ix UARHIBXIOWIN uExnx11nxxks.ny OHH.XIRERII!XRRN wxxxnauruwx wnluiuunxhux TOXIXIN IIENTHX WII I I XXI III. IN I HPR SHI I2I.ll1I-.X 'UN IEOOXI-I h Q Lxnnx uuvvh LAXYIIEXIIIC Ii. IIRIQN- ROBERT IIIIICXX YII-III ,IAIIIK IIRI IIE IARRI XY. III IQII XX XX JOIIX 'I'. III IIIIII. .III. IIII.I. III IIIHX BII,I. IIAI.I-I IANIE4 AR'I'IIl R 42 XIIS .IOIIN 'I'.41XXII'I2IiI,I. R.-IXNX IIXIII.I-I'I'4lX DEAN IIII XX ICIIS IR.-'INK III U I.FLUIDI2l.IX4Ll-1XI'IiI'1l. EIJIJIIQ IIOIIICN CARLOS fQOI.IiXl XX IRAXKIXHJINN WALTERILIJIXIEN KENxHHnu,nnuu EDWARDIJIIIM DONALDILIIXLE ALEXANDER N. IJANII-QI. III FRATRIMRXELL ' , I ' nAx1s 0ALEJ.nEAnmx,Jn JAx1Es A.ln.xxrpu:Is Allis III mg , . RUN: . 11.-xx CHARl.Es II. IIIIQKINSOX DON IIOI rpms ROBERT' xl. IDI xx II,I.I'1. JI.. I 3 IIA N IH IC ,9!"" GN: Q VQC 9573 , Aw ,I -, 5 3 Q, iq 1 3' Q' V 3 -Q- ",,. L ' w h .- QQ av- , , Q 1 Av A-. s I -.1 .25 ,I 43g nw' L0 ' N Richmond DOUGLAS G. EDWARDS S4 HENRY SNYDER ENCK , I ROBERT EVERETT 3 THOMAS A. FLETCHER HA" DOUG FOUGHT ., , JOHN DECKER ERAZER mf WILLIAM T. GARNETT, JR. f I R. L. GARRETSON, JR. X MICHAEL GEIGER H' 'E CHARLES GESHEKTER 1-' -' 1 RONALD GILMORE ' 'Vi BARRY GOLDIN H, xx h GRESHAM GOODE I MARSHALL GORDON J I ROBERT GORMAN RH BOBBY JOE GORMUS Ju GEORGE D. GRAY, JR. GEORGE E. GREEN, III REI FRANK GRIFEITH STIA AL GRUBB RON II GARY GUTBERLET Nlllf RICHARD HANCOCK I Us CHARLES HARTZ 'R II ROBERT C. HARVEY M' ROBERT WADE HASH H' JOHN HASTINGS GUY HICKS - l'l JAMES HILL I TOM HILL Imax I JOHN HILTON In ,TWH I I X WILLIAM JAMES HOAG GEORGE KING HOBSON , W J ULIAN N. HOLLAND, JR. - f' LANNY HORTON 1 I, "W HENDERSON HOWARD xx xi YM .II up WILLIAM J. HOWELL MICHAEL HULL ,ul I I-I. L. HUTCHERSON, JR. ' ,Q UI LEONARD HYMAN H "M JAMES CHARLES JEFFERS m,,,I.'lQT Xl I -4 X I 'll-fliluqi JERRY LEWIS JENKINS ROBERT SCOTT J EPSON GRANVILLE M. JOHNS A' Hu A JOHN EDMOND JOHNSON ,lllllx , EDWIN C. JONES, JR. RI X -' Nm l hay SOPIIOIIIOPCS J IM KELLY JOSEPH KESSEL WALTER KILBY WAYNE KNIGHT LLOYD KEITH KOEIILER CHARLES K. KRAMER. JR. RICHARD LAWRENCE. JR. LINTON LEARY HOWARD DOUGLAS LEE RUFFIN D. LEE. JR. FRANK A. LEONARD TERRY LERCI-I FRANK D. LILLASTON. III JERRY LINDSEY SI-IERWIN LITTLE RONALD LIYELY GLEN LUTZ REUBEN MI-BRAYER STEVEN JOHN MAGIK RONALD D. Mc-CONNELL SHEFMAN MALECH LARRY MARANGOS JOHN MARSH DOUGLAS MAXEY JERRY MEARS STUART MEDLIN ED MEYER JOHN ROBERT MOODY ROBERT E. MOODY. JR. DAVID NELSON JAMES NICI-IOLSON BARI NOYEY CRAIG PAUL ORGAN WALTER TERRY OWEN JOHN PALOGHAK LOUIS THOMAS PASTORE ANDREW PASTORIUS DONALD N. PATTEN ROBERT CARROLL PATTON HERBERT C. PETERSON JAMES C. I'AT'I'ESON JOHN PE'I'TENGIl.I. KEN PHILRRICK JAMES PHILLIPS TOM POLLOK ,Tomas iz, 48, . rr I M , 6- Q, J., I gg. mg .Q N401 Richmond STUART L. PRINCE ROLAND PUGH CHARLES E. PURYEAR JERRY PURYEAR WILLIAM F. RANSON JACK RICE WYATT RICHARDSON JAMES ROCKWELL THEODORE ROWE ALLEN SAUNDERS BILL SAVAGE PHIL SEAT RICHARD SELF EDWARD L. SCHNEIDER RUSSELL LEE SCRUGGS BARRY GRAHAM SHARP SILAS SHELBURNE RUSSELL O. SILER JERRY SILVER ALBERT E. SIMM, JR. RONALD SPENCE JOSEPH STANLEY VERNON E. STANLEY, IR. MEL STIRISS WILLIAM STRICKLAND STEPHEN STUTZMAN DOUGLAS W. SWEENEY JOSEPH TATUM CHANDLER R. TAYLOR, JR JOHN MICHAEL TELEPO JAMES THACKER JACK THOMPSON GEORGE TILLER WILLIAM TOLBERT JAMES K. TORREYSON WILLIAM TUNE CHARLES E. WALTON, JR. JOHN SAMUEL WEAVER LESLIE WEBB GEORGE WEEDEN CARLEN G, WEEDER JOHN WELLS JOHN WIATT JOHN WIGGS MARSHALL WILKES Sophomores DAVID WOODROOF GEORGE WRAY GARY WRIGHT HARLESS WRIGHT BENJAMIN YEATTS BARRY ZELL ' if I as ax 54444. S -fm, X X I K Freshman Class Offlcers RICHARD TOZOUR . REUBEN MUSGRAVE REGIIAIALD JONES . DOUGLAS OSBORNE JERRY PARR . . . JAMES MORGAN . . . FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left t right Dou Osborne Re me Jones Dunk To7our Fresllmen GERALD ABBOTT CARROLL ADAMS WILLIAM ADAMS ROBERT J. ARENDALL JIM ASIIWORTH JACK AUSTIN GEORGE AUX HERBERT BAER CHARLES BAHEN JOHN BAILEY SAM BALL AL BARR MILTON BEATTIE JEROME BECKER HAL BELCHER CHARLES BLANKENSIIIP TED BOELT DAVID BOOTS JAMES BRITTON EDWIN BROOKS BAILLIE BROWN SPENCER BULLINGTON ELI D. BUSKIRK DICK CARAVATI STEPHEN CARPENTER WILLIAM CARPENTER JOHN CARROLL WILLIAM CLARK STUART CLOUGH LARRY COLEMAN 4 BOB COLGIN WILLIAM COLLINS HAROLD CONNER RICHARD COOK JOHN COURTNEY WENDELL CREWE EARL CROUCH JAMES CROWDER JAMES CULLINAN ROBERT DAVIES CARL DEMO HAROLD DUMAS STEWART DUVAL WILLIAM EARLY BARRY EDEN Sgr nymph. Richmond NATHANIEL EDWARDS RICHARD EDWARDS LARRY ENGLISH CARL ERICKSON DENNIS FABELLA RALPH FALLIN WALTER FALKS ELLIOTT FAMILANT STANLEY FINK RONNIE FOWLER LANGHORNE FRANCIS MILTON FUTRELL JAMES GARNER ED GARRETT JIM GATES TOMMY GOODMAN DOUGLAS GRAY JAMES GREEN MASON GREEN RICHARD GREEN HAROLD GUY MICHAEL HALE THOMAS HALL CHARLES HARRIS MELVIN HARRIS WAYNE HARRIS ROBERT HAWKES KENNETH HAWLEY GEORGE HAZELTON THOMAS HICKS LARRY HITCHNER JOHN HODGE ALEX IIOWELI, WILLIAM HOWELL ROBERT IIUNDLEY DOUG HUNT WILLIAM .JENKINS ASHBY JOHNSON CIIRIS JOHNSON REGINALD JONES LON KEIM CAREY KESSLER PAUL KESSLER MIKE KIPP MICHAEL KUSHEBA I I I Rll I In III N. I I I 'I Il I RI Xl ilu X Rm I I ,I I Fresllnlen ROBERT LAND RICHARD LARNER ANDY LASLEY RICHARD LAYTON TOWNES LEA JOHN LONEY EARLE LONG JAMES LUCK JESSE LUMSDEN RANDY MANEY HOWARD MARLEY RICHARD MARKS CRAIG MATTHEWS JOHN McCLOUD DENNIS McENTIRE RICHARD McFARLAND JESSE MCINTYRE LARRY MENTZER ERIC MERAHN ED MILLER RYLAND MITCHELL ROBERT MOFFETT MARVIN MONROE EARLE MOORE JAMES MORGAN PEYTON MOTLEY THOMAS MOYER SAM MUSTAINE DAN NORMAN JOSEPH NUARA BRYAN NUCKOLS RON ODOM PAUL OSBORNE RICHARD PARKER RICKY PARKS JERRY PARR VINCENT PARRISH GORDON PATERSON ALLEN PAULETT DICK PETERSON ROBERT PHILYAW LELAND POTTER EDDIE POWELL JAMES POWERS LARRY PRYOR R R, .A , f ,I A S X an ' A W X R, A .I 'fy A A , ,, X ,4 XM? S ' Q 7 , , ' A W R 4 f ' 4 ' , A - If fn I R . I A I w,,,,g,3:, X fy my , 'WA Rwfvfks mai W -Igrsm . C rin I 3 IK, A ' f R A I -X 1 ,,.,: A any H ss... R - A 15 Z .. 3 W A , Sis Richmond ALVIN P. REYNOLDS, JR. ARTHUR RICHARDSON JAMES RICHARDSON JAMES RICHIE GEORGE RICK BARRY ROBERTS DON ROBERTS RAYMOND ROBERTSON BOB ROBINS EDDIE ROYSTER GENE RUARK TONY SAKOWSKI CHARLES SAMUELS JOHN SAPONSKY FRED SCHNEIDER RICHARD SCHOONOVER STEVEN SELTZER JAIME SENDRA RICHARD SEWARD A ROSS SHEARER REID SHEAFFER EDGAR SHRUM ROBERT SLIS BILL SMITH GEORGE SNEAD WAYNE STAFFORD KENNETH STOUDT EDDIE SUMNER RALPH SUTHERLAND JAHN SUMMS LANDON 'TAYLOR WILLIAM E. THOMAS THOMAS THOMPSON GEORGE TODD RICHARD TOZOUR STRAN TROUT JAMES TUCKER STANLEY 'TUCKER TOMMY TUCKER HORACE 'UNDERWOOD JOHN VAIL ALAN WENBERG SAM WEST WAYNE WHITE L. R. WHITLOW Fl'6Sllll1Cl1 PHILIP WILLIAMS RONALD WOLFSON .IOIIN WOOD DANIEI. WRIKZIIT '1'l'lOM.-XS Y EA M .-X N COLEM A N Y E.-X'l"l'S JOHN YOU NC ROBERT YOUNG f W I, W Q- 2 . Q' Aix X Na 1 1' X 3' x x X A ' X233 ,,,...M X fu X 3 X , ' f x f ' 1 K 4 rf 'Q N fx MW s'3?3?g 535 Q35 - 5 ? 1 ff Q Q E U , Mwwwvwm fmw ' 35 A "i Q. ' ' X 5 N 151 as ' Q al' - AH if 1 +L 5, ..Xx 4? ff "pw Q' ff Q. xi if if' .fi ,f f la Sf ,g if ,' .. lf ' 'Q , 1 K 4' nw ,f S kk' I 'Y' is W fr 'N VT A ,W , 3 YE 1 1.3 ,lf :Q X, - X, ,Q R-ffi202pXJ ,M Q " "x ,R ,WN slrx 'n I -1 Senior Class fficers r w JXNIICS lllixctllm . ETON . President JOHN IIWHN Vice President DDARD , Y 4. lg. QUIQIJON l,.-XNl,b . .. Secretary uma lllmillexlm .'XI,l-Uh!! .. Treasurer JUIIX l'L lui:-1l,1. .. H Senator V SENIOR CIASS Ulflflillflli. l,wj't In right: ,lolm Purcell, Cordon Eames, Dick Alfred, John Haslings. 93 ugh 955 'T r A ALP fag. Lid 203 Jfgr""0 "ini f 'III I Ricllmf rlll 7 4 'Ill' lrl I.- i. I' 1' H519 lin!! -fnlllllzlf- liicl1IIwIl'l- l 1' -"' RICHARD E. ALFORD BS., Marketing Baltimore, Maryland BRUCE THOMAS BATTEY BS., Personal Relations Richmond, Virginia JAMES R. ARNOLD SAUNDERS RICHARD BAGBY CHARLES BERRY BARHAM, III B.S., Accounting B.S., Marketing BS., Marketing Lebanon, Pennsylvania Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia BLANTON S. BARNETT, III ROY TIMOTHY BENNETT HARVEY HERBERT BERRY B.S., Marketing B.S., Marketing HS., Marketing Silver Spring, Maryland Red House, Virginia Richmond, Virginia I f-Nl Tr A T . , I I , I T I 'I Cx ' .J U IU P ,J nl no if -LD il I-J l L21 204' Din lb a!'Q li C js, A Q' TW SS S S A S QI EN IGH OF 1962 , , ..-.- ml-:S Vim. l'I1I'RI-1 I 4, '. DAVIDLEI-. BIIIIIRI. .I i ' ,W I U. Wil EIAMYWALIQER CHAPMAN I ..N.. l . I L- ' , AN0Un,I,,y I f I V-'Iliff I lab., lusonnel Relations B5-I ' lil -III-lun XII'-'IIII' ' ' ' ' ' - . -. . , .I Richmond Vl1'0'1I1121 Hichniond. Y NSW'-' 5 C Sz X I E Jw C-mlm tl uzla i'il'lll-INI-I DI'I"I' JAMES EDWARD DUNIVAN I 151205 Apgalmn-n,,. ILS., ifr1llrl"1'Illr'lll l3.S. Management si - I I 5 9 ' Y I Richmond. Virginia i.1'iHlll1bll. PMIIISI lx .IIIIII RlC,ilIT1OI1d, Virginia f JOHN GILBERT CHRISTIAN B.S., Marketing Smithfield, Virginia ELWOOD LRE EDWARDS HS., Accounting Onancock, Virginia 'LETON ia YI li Qi II I 4 ii I -OODARD ting rginia ja. ilu I I ,Q Bk 155' L4yff205lYY-fo BRUCE ROY ENGLE B.S., Personnel Management River Edge, New Jersey EMIL JULIUS GASSER, JR. B.S., Economics Richmond, Virginia x CHARLES EMMIT FAGAN, HS., Accounting Richmond, Virginia JOHN FRANKLIN GREEN B.S., Accounting Sutherland, Virginia fs , ,fx gf-xx'-' :NIA VW, .Nl ,, , ,I , - 41 I,, ,Ni -II II I- I ' ,J I 1, ' 45 1'-I xjd fl! IL-' 'JJ ' ' im. xg-'--- X, 1 .J..., II GEORGE WILLIAM FARLEY HS., Accounting Richmond, Virginia GORDON EDWARD HAMLET HS., Accounting Richmond, Virginia ,ef 3 QT, M , ,Q-1 I,-wx. J I V :XJ I ..- ' I' -L Ljff2O6JDi,v I 7J7'TT fxi7f'TT TMI F1 Fi WILLIAM D. FUQUA HS., Accounting Richmond, Virginia NORMAN LEE HANCOCK B.S., Economics Richmond, Virginia f, i ff- W ' 1 1 ' 1 . T KFWFTH ll.,g5'1'1N1:s ilicuiusl-1 IIA'r'rON HOCK RICHARD CARL HUFFMAN JOHN is 'llllrkvll-Hu. ILS., .'!f'I'0IIIIfI.lIg BS., Marketing Lancggtgvl lmm,lS51iVu,,ia1 Him-limnml. Virginia Petersburg, West Virginia L WIS FRANKLIN 'Iiwllllxv i'iItNliS'I' ii.-AILIEY JOHOAN, Jn. FORREST DEUM KERNS E BS llarA.l,,m..' Uh.. l,l'l'SUIIlIl'l B.S., Finance P. I' Ioind Vil,,,.i'Hi., liivlminml. Yirgiiiiu Cliarlotte, North Carolina 11cm - S ' E inn Su- QQ ,W 076, x. ,,Qf, GUS JOHN JAMES, II B.S., Accounting Danville, Virginia ROBERT DALE LANEY B.S., Economics Petersburg, Virginia TON JARD .ia UIUUX Qs LAQOYDXJD we WWDFN J ERL P JOHNBS.. ACI Louisa, DAVID ALLAN B.S., Markelm Alexandria, Virz? JAMES G. LUMPKIN, JR. B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM FRANK MEZGER B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia wwf? CHARLES C. 'MCGEHEE, III B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia ARTHUR WILLIAM MCGEE B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia ROBERT E. NUNNALLY, JR. B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia GEORGE RANDOLPH MUELLER B.S., Management Nyack, New York SCHOOL OF B INESS RXQQORIIXQ STEPHEN ALLAN MEYERS B.S., Finance Richmond, Virginia FORREST E. PERRIN, JR. .B.S., Accounting Ellerson, Virginia R SE IOR OF 1962 JOHN JERL PURCELL, JR. MELVIN J. RIDEOUT JAMES FLEMING TEACHEY ALLEN ERNEST TEMPLETON B.S., Accounttng B.S., Marketing B.S., Management B.S., Marketing Louisa, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia DAVID ALLAN WEST EDWARD ROBERT WARD B.S., Marketing B.S., Marketing Alexandria, Virginia Richmond, Virginia ROBERT WENDELL WARREN ROBERT E. W ATKINS CARL EDGAR WOODARD B.S., Accounting B.S., Marketing B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia , A A it-.Wi X, iwjq kif iff' bl V, Q Rf 7' if .452 Wim-g Z Q R ifkri 25 WAV? f ,fm -if A - W -X 41 N49 4 , .udwaa I . i S E5 x my fr ,JZ W ZZ.. Z 1, M'-wr" I 5 LJQQOQDKJ 'N junior lass ffiC6I'S BILL WISHAM . . ROBERT STEWART CLIF HAYES . . DAN LYTLE . . JAMEL NAJM . . . I mf l'l'1'.wi1ff'l1I l'1'1's1'1l1'11t SI'f'l'I'ffll'-Y TI'l'l1SlI rw' . Scullllflil' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Bob Stewart. Clif lluyca. junwl Nujm. Dun Lptlv. liill NY: hmm 'L..2Qf2lU f'- Juniors ROYAL J ADAMS III REITH BAIxER CURTIS BALLARD RUSSELL BAUR DENNIS BROOKER DECKER BRISTOW CHARLES BRVITAIN CHARLES CLOE BILL COLLINS BERT COPELAND BILL CRUMP ELMO CROSS JR DWIGHT DeMASTER PHILLIP DEVRON JOHN M DIROM INICHOLAS EUBANK STEVE FLOYD JOHN GORDON III MAXEY GRIFFIN CLIFTON HAYES WAYNE HASKINS JAMES HILDERBRAND BOB HOLSTEN JOHN HORGER TEX HUDSON CHARLES JENKINS MOULTRIE LANIER CHARLES LEBER CLAUS LEHMANN CHARLES McKINNEY KENT MCNEW JIM MERCER STEPHEN MILLER THOMAS MORAN JAMES MULVANY JAMIL NAJM WAYNE PAUL JIM PAXTON JERRY PEZZELLA HAROLD PUGH GLAHAM RAGLAND JOSEPH REYNOLDS EUGENE ROSA JOHN ROSE ROBERT SCARBOROUGH JERRY SPIVEY JAMES SPROUSE ROBERT STEWART 'gs-v sf' -.IL , 'vii 5 r I I n ,1 I I 4 5 5 E' r 4 ,355 , '-11-1 . x Mx. W 1, v Wa M, 7 'L ' Q H .-. M WCQMZ 1 swf M, dv pa A! WW V1 , ,K , 4 4, .M-mf , ,. -ff' , I f ni, , ,ff V Vr.,,?,i. 1 , ' 'fmwgy Q I , A , f, ,J -fr" f Q 1,4 wflkgf gfli'W'f'+p' 4 fi' l' , f, ,, V ,V 'xfv lpha Kappa PSi GUS JAMES Il Preszdent Alpha Kappa Psi was founded October 5, 1904-, at the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance at New York University. The objectives of Alpha Kappa Psi are to further the individual Welfare of the members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and financeg to educate the public and demand high ideals therein, and to promote and advance in institutions of col- leges courses leading to degree in business admin- istration. Delta Zeta Chapter, the 92nd chapter of the fra- MISS FRANCES HTERRI FREEMAN Sponsor ternity was established at the University of Rich- mond on May ll, l9l5. To qualify for membership, a student must be enrolled in the School of Business Administration, signify his intention of obtaining a degree 111 Business Administration, possess a grade average of G'C,7 or better, possess ability and potentiality for business success, and be interested in the ad- vancement of professional ideals and activities. It is also necessary to receive 10029 vote of the p1'CS- ent membership. '1..!ff2l4JYk.J ALP1 ALPHA KAPPA PSI. Left to right, first row: Gus James, Elwood Edwards, .John Purcell. Second row: Dave Burke ,John Hastings, Cordon Hamlet. Third row: Dave West, Jim Teachey, Carl Woodard, Mr. Wingfield Harvey Berry Steve Catlett Elwood Edwards Bob Farmer John Green Blanton Barnett Decker Bristow Dave Burke Gordon Eanes Nick Euhank Charles Fagan Norman Hancock Wayne Haskins Actives Gordon Hamlet Wayne Harden John Hastings Gus James Forrest Perrin Pledges Clifton Hayes James Hildenhrand Elliott Hudson Charles Jenkins Lewis Jolly Ernest Jordan, Jr. Arthur McGee Lfff215j7kJ John Purcell Stuart Richardson James Teachey Dave West Carl Woodard Kent lVlcNew James Mercer J amil Najm Mel Rideout Jerry Robertson Jerry Spivey Robert Stewart William Wisham Part 4 X 4.x I f' Y ' A ffg, I H fx, Af- x Y ' gl fax, -M X X41 gA216nm, NIE Xll1.Hx1,1 ' 112110. Gl'CCIlOIfk. Pvrm- x f-. STUART Woomx -.nm X Newport Nm., X i, N D A I s -ta KG JEROME MICHAEL ADAMS Gieenock Pennsy lx 11111 STUART WOODNVARD ATKINSON Newport New Vi1"'if1iH A 1THUR LEWIS ALLEN WILLIAM MICHAEL AMRHEIN DAVID S ANTROBIUS Himpton Virginia Richmond V1Tg1H1a Clarksburg West Virginia STEPHEN CHARLES BARNARD CASSELL D BASNIGHT CHARLES PETER BEEMUS Richmond Virgini Saint Brides, Virginia Erie, Pennsylvania 'R 1 I 4 ,,uyif2l7D'k-J' THOMAS FRANK BETZ WILLIAM GRANT BOICE CHARLES OLIVER BOYLES CHARLES A. CHRISTOPHERSEN Norfolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Bluefield, West Virginia DONALD JOHN COUREAS FRANK NEIL COWAN NICHOLAS DANIELS ALEXANDER F. DILLARD, JR. Norfolk, Virginia Danville, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Tappahannock, Virginia ii ' Tl f W77' SCLUMDGDL UM LH Af QLJIIQISJIXJ 'A GE Richnionfl- mul" ones WI'-"ml l -qmonfl. X UF' Q:- E, lx xll RCE WILLIMI F,-u:1.1-:Y 0 T1 ,- -. GE Richrnonai. X lrgllll-I jim-is K,xL'1fFx1,xN Riclimondf X i"Sl"m iilllhl,-XS XY11,soN i'i0'l'ZlE ,. -. . . iXlt'illllUlNi. X ll'!jQlIllll 1 , Y .'Xll'l'Ill'll la. lgoczuz III l- Lll'lllX nllv, XIVSIIIIH 7-"Z kiwi MT .XNA " JXXX 'NRKRQP i iQf1liQX.Li.U, i.LA.LALx MILLS KENT HOWELL Portsmouth, Virginia CONRAD C. LEWANDOWSKI Irvington, New Jersey ULYSSES P. JOYNER, JR. Franklin, Virginia WARREN GREY LINEBERRY Richmond, Virginia Ai"-v ,,w,4219JN-J DENNIS FEREBEE MCVMURRAN Portsmouth, Virginia LEONARD ALTON PARIS Richmond, Virginia N RICHARD STEWART MILLER Lynchburg, Virginia ROBERT LEE MASDEN Richmond, Virginia GUY ELWYN POSSINGER Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania RALPH BLACKFORD RHODES Richmond, Virginia 'S-I ,fx --f-- -- ----- - . -.-,,,.L, li, I L J fr ,f ix! KJ -Q - - A. Mx' LJ -- IM!! Lf , ,Q 441' -LAR if ,ly f1.!XQ220I7k.v LLoI'uWU"'iix!i.Ii XNPOII Vx' ' COLE Fl f 1 'X 'n. if ., .ul Ulllll U 52" N .- BRUCE GIBSON MURPHY Virginia Beach, Virginia DONALD MACD. SCHUBERT Newport News, Virginia Q 26 A, I I? bf' NIN! TIIIRD XF R L jfrxmlcs lflnwmm SPINKS Charles 'l'uwn. West Virginia Gi-:omni-1 FRANCIS 1wlDEY Hivhiiimul. Virginia "5- ,,,j41221j7k-2 ,N If ' X ,. i.I' I'r I PA1 ll 'X X IL: 'Ill ll fy II XI Ulkxxlvll I1I.Ii f'IIA3II',lUN If' 'II' 0 Flrst and Seeond Law lglgug IFJ , Ili?Iliil S4 Second Year Students IgI.I.w: I H 'J III.- "if,,,,, I In II 3 It WILLIAM I. BANDAS FREDERICK CREEKMORE .XI.lIIfIi'I' I II II XX I I I' Nl 'XIIXIIXII IIORI-im' I XII-II. XI XN .XII'I'IIl II ' .XLEXXXIII-III X III-'III'Ifl"I' . i,X IIIUXI XS XI XXII SUN ul 'I ..,,. IIUIIXLI-. I XX lI.I.l XXI I XUN I, Vu J.XXII-fSIIII1lII I'IfIIIIX S'I'IxI'III'X I'XII S .I .XXIICIINIX I-Qmx xml I-.IIXX um IIISSVII xx 222 IIXXINI11-I I-.IIII XXI IIIII XXI II'iXXlx XX IIIXXIX 3 lil. IIXIQ IAIXII "IH ,- 'vlwx IHQHXI IXIIII M. T. DANIELS CHARLES E. DUKE ROR DULINC EDWARD W. EARLY ,WN X, IIXXI CRISP FARMER 1 JOHN ,., ,Hx IOSI-1I'II Milli" 1 1,13 V I ALBERT EITZPATRICK HTH' 3' 1,1 I4 IIII JAMESUJ. FOX 1 XIII t,IilI'I I. WILLIAM OILLIAM : IIE' ,I Xlil SUSAN HAGERTY INN ' BERNARD .HARRIS PHYLLIS IOYNER DONALD KENT GORDON KERR, IR. Imax MII ARTHUR LAMBIOTTE CIe1.xIII.I-.S II I W. MCCLENNY, IR. XIAIIXIX IIII.l.' LAWRENCE N. MASON IIHIHH III RECINALD MORRIS II.-XIIIIX JOHNS LYNN R. OWENS ILIRIIX IH JOHN PAPPAS RElfIII.N II NNI CHARLES I. RENICK GERALD RURINCER NORMAN SAUNDERS, IR. WILLIAIXI THOMAS IUMIQRI' JU ljxxllj kgpl ' THOMAS WINSTON, III ,, Wg I ,I - .11x 11.1 1.1111 I-'1II111.1s 11 XIN. 111 l.M1l. 11.111111-1111 1-.1'11111111.1 1. 11.11 1:11 111 ' 11111121-2 1115111 1101.11.11 1:1-11111 CH.,1111'10X H1111 l.l-5, .I R, 1101112111 11111111115 51111111111 11111 .111 1:1.1.111'1"1' 111 1iHI1.R 1.o11'1t1.1. 1t1..111111-. 110111 1t111.1.11-111 12,1111 1i11.11 1 JOHN 11 11,11f1-'1111x. 111. T111111.-1s 11.11'11i. .1 11. 1o11x 1-'111.111is 10551111 1:11.1.1-1'1"1'1-: 11.111111 1:111.11s'1'1-21x PAUL 11001111 .111. 12,1111 1:1111-'1-'1 x 11.11111'151 11.111111s. .1 11. JOHN HART CHARLES IIAXYKS, .I R. MARYIN HILISMAN. .I R. BOBBY IIYMAN HARRY JOHNSON. .I R. LARRY .I ONES REUBEN BAN E 11111-is ROBERT JOYNIQR DAYID KOLMAN BRLTON A. LANtll.I-IY PANO LIATOS ALBERT LILLY . .I R. RAY E. LESTER. .I R. ARMAND LEYY ROBERT MANN MEL MANNINKL ARTHLR MARIS ALEXANDER MATZANIAS HERBERT MEYER THOMAS MOTIEY WILSON OLTTEN. JR. GEORGE I-'. PACE WILLIAM PARKER VON L. PIERSALI. JAMES RIDDLEBERILER PERRY RIQSS STEPHEN SCAFIDI PALTL SHAW IAMERSON S'I'If4lKEY ROBERT STINH' WILLIAM SWANNER. III EDWARD 'I'ANfLI'Y V EDWARD TA YLOR GEORGE THEOI'IlII,OS LOUIS 'I'REOI,E 1111551-31.1. 11'..1'1'soN. 111. RANI9o1,1'11 '11 111-1s'1' KEm12'1'11 111'111a1c1.1c11 1,1111 1v11,1.1.111s 11111. w11.1.1.f111s LEWIS ww:111:. .l11. FRANK Y1'S1f11, DIR, 1111311111111 zfmx G. 9 - A-. YZ' I uf f 4, 95 K "N FPR ,Q . 5 5 I f ",.Q",'N A1284-,gf 1'5- -v"" "' I , if if 79 11 5 . 'RQ .bf .,-.f- Q.- W QM Delta Theta Phi t VUIY wig vt! Tzu, Jefferson Senate ol' The Delta 'l'lu-ta l'hi Law Fraternity was founded at the University ol' llivlunoml in l9l l. The Senate strives to unite students of tht- law with hontls ol' fellowship and profes- sional standards of at-liitwmiwnuts. Je-llierson Senate has an out- standing record in st-holarship. It-.alt-rsliip, extra-c'u1'1'iCula1' activi- ties, and service to the law school. GEORGE W. FARLEY President MRS. GEORGE W. FARLEY Sponsor DELTA THETA PHI. Left to right, first row: Yvilliam J. Willianns. llc-nnis l'. NI4'NIlll'l'ilIl. I-Ihh Xxilliauns. Cassell D. Basnight, Donald J. Coureas, Stuart W. Atkinson, Frank NY. Smith. Jr.. Elliott ll. llnrhe-r. N14-lsin R. Nlunning. Gordon R. Kerr, Jr.-Treasurer. Second row: George NV. Farley-Dean, Tholnais S. XYinston. Junu-s li. Spinks, l'nul S. Burbery. Thomas F. Betz, Jr., Fred H. Creekmore-Tribune, Charles J. C. Rvnia-lt, Janna-s Il. Ke-nmfaly. YYillium J. Swunner. Claude C. Farmer, Jr., Charles E. McConnehey, Frank D. Yusup. Tlairrl row: Ca-orgv M. Trihhlv. lll-Muster of Ritual, Charles W. Martin, Jr., Harry M. Johnson, Jr., Reginald l'. Morris. Ray liilwin l,c-ste-r. Fourth row: Wx-lllitllll C. Boive, Ral h B. Rhodes Roszell D Hunter Ill Bruton A. lanfrlvv, xxllllllllll l l'urlwr Ro-'er C Hoppe-r John M. Pedigo. P , ' 9 9 ' I . ' 5 ll ' I Warren C. Lineberry. Fifth row: John M. Folkes, Kc-ruth. XY. llurkholeh-r. Ifurnnin ll. XYliitsruru-r. llvrnurtl F. Harris. Leonard A. Paris, Charles W. Hawks, Jr., Ji.llllCI'S0ll H. Stun-key. Churh-s X. 1Iliristoph1-rson-Vive' Donn. Sixth row: Ar- thur E. Koch, III, Donald M. Schubert, Muck T. Daniels.. Charles li. Phillips. Churh-s lf. Duke. Arthur C. Ermlich, Charles 0. Boyles-Bulhll, Bruce G. Murphy, Edward XV. Early, ,Jllllll'h XY. Cillium. l.ynn li. thu-ns. Ulyssvs l'. Joyner. Finw l'hi .Xll ol, tlllll -ilvlvz 1 Thi- oIn'i'.ili1 llvllgt I livlds: f gowrin l'lll tl.l xxllllillll llymann, Zorn. I-'r -on. Jr., llrvulv, 1 Hin. Sn-I ll. Couch McNeill Law Society The lVlcNeill Law Society, an actively-function ing honorary society of the Law School, was or- ganized in 1933 and named in honor of Dr. Walter' Scott McNeill. The society's aims are to encourage scholarship by stimulating a greater interest in ' ' - - ' t' al law the study of both theoretical and prac ic , and to foster a Well-founded pride on the part of the student in his law school and in the legal pro- fession. Nlenihership is huseml on high scholarship achieve- s ' lcresl and ahililv in legal research, and ment, in A I A--'fv5.Ti - 1- demeanor in exliaciiii i in nlai .nstixilic ie iegu H1 monthly nieeling ol' thc society includes the read. ing of original papers on recein decisions and topics of interest. the urgnincin ol' moot cases, and addre Bar. sscs hy various inenihcrs ol the Bench and .AA H MCNEILL LAW SOCIETY Le ' ' . I . ft to right jr, ,- ,. , ' . . Sll1k,TYLrce Chancellor. Second rciiv:rs,l.r1qlilrlilliixli piY'X,l'kf""'1'llfH'- J., NY. Cillinm. X. J. KnuITmnn, R. 5. mlm-1. quer. uid row: G' wi' Fm'le?', F. N. Cowan U. if llnyn - i lpvsli NI l'.' N"""l"l'f. .ll'.. 'lf NX . llolzv. Cflinnvvllur of the E. Thonun-ai Mr ISAU' tri i xx l snmh' 'lr' 'FUI' FUN? fl. l". Tidvw. l.. ll. Owens. W- -fv - . . liuliy, fawully aulvisu,-. ' m.!4l226jfx-J Puvf ', , Q., . 1' i 1' 5 . ,-f n bl' up -X x . y Q? S Tx K vi. . -Q ' - X. Sig K , r x Q s K 1 -- +- -. . x. . J. - ' . .- ,..- .. -" - . .-,. -.- - ' -' 1- - . -. .. . . av.rk:.,k .5 ,'liVf!.H, . V h . I . A.. Y... W . Vw- . .,to AUM 'Qu :i:'..lIl V Y Y , 2- all Where do I slgn up for the Peace Corps?" Lake party. 5 sri tif- f-xl QQ 1 Jggmdldg 9 "'l'lmt's the one Officer-the one in the middle!" ...k ss. 4 Lullvgv IIHIRUS u mnn llnnk - ' on zu luglwr lvvvl. Z i Il I 1lnn'l wnnl In lvllfl' . .. how In lwlsl! F51 XX il Organization . . . the key lo success. Yve want wulerl YVQ want water! YVe . . . New wb .vu- Muture college men express- ing themselves. P 7, Z Hey' You wouldnt beluve that party Honor Councll strlkes agam. Some girls would do anything to get out of W. C. "Honestly ofiicer, no one is hiding behind mei' 'W 1 M aff 5, iv ,,,. ,,,,,,,,... . A M Z5 4 ,772 ff 'VW QQ W f f qs' l ,IJ 'V w. lm' 2-N , t n, kv nf: EZ- QWNJ ' 'vhs -. ,X 'fx ' 1 , 57 'T' 'T ."' 7 5 ,Q t, :Vi X elm , ML NVho's happy now ? I "J ual 1-lring. lo , T "Yon think you got conned '99 out of live bucks? XY C 0 .. C mg u inn X "just keep following the string, girls . . . NVe're bound to get out sometime." E.T. ' -. I is I -4-lp ,A rf ,W ea- f ' 4,265 Kg ! f l 06. X' Ktxmxzwtrrff K- - . . . . 9 '4All seven of us passed! ' ,f,f 'ii L f ' , I Q . .' ,Z 'f 'P Nice pair of tonslls you lla there, Rat." f ' , ,x ,, 1 eq W.C. chapter of the K.K.K. 2 2 4 4 Big Bad Sophomores. z SENIUR STATISTICS Westhampton College Richmond College School of Business T. C. Williams School of Law Q,-,yKf233JYkJ f'He A. . E THAMPT O COLLEGE JUDITH SANDERS ACREE B .A., French Sharps, Virginia Dean's List, Mortar Board, Honor Council, College Government-Secre tary, President, North Court Presi- dent, Basketball-Junior Varsity, Var- sity, Who's Who. CHARLOTTE DESPER ADAMS BA., Math Hampton, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon-Secretary, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class Secretary, WEB Class Editor, Phi Beta Kappa, Who's Who. SHARON MARGARET ALDERSON B .S., Math Newport News, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, WEB Staff, Class Hockey. SYLVIA MARIE BROWN B.A., Bible and Religion Danville, Virginia BSU- YWA- Junior Class Hockey, , ' i A Orchesis, Senior Orchesis-President? SNEA, May Day-P235 BESSIE MAY BURRUS B.S., Biology Lahore, Virginia Residence Council-Senior House Lead- er, BSU, YWCA. NANCY LOUISE CARMACK BA., English Brunswick, Maryland Dean's List, Pi Delta Epsilon, Service Project Chairman, Messenger-West hampton Editor, WEB StaiTS Class Hockey, Basketball, Clee Club, Band, BSU , YWA. ROBIN LEWIS CRAMME B .A., Math Richmond, Virginia Pi Mu Epsilon, Junior Class-Treas- urer' Senior Class-Intramural Repre- 7 ntative- Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse, C 1 Class Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, May Day Treasurer. IRIS LAYNE CREEDLE BA., Biology South Hill, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mor- tar Board-Vice-President, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Residence Coun- cil-Junior House Leader, Senior Class -President, Who's Who. JANE PAGE CROUCH B.A., Spanish Richmond, Virginia Deanis List, Kappa Delta Pi, Resi- dence Council-Senior House Leader, Freshman Class-Treasurer, Project HAZEL ANNE ATKINSON BA., Biology Richmond, Virginia Transfer from Madison College, Deanis List, Beta Beta Beta, Psychology news letter: PSY CRY, editor, Psychology Club, SNEA. EUNICE ANN BENNETT fl' . BA., History .. Beaverdam, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Debate Team, YWCA--Cabinet Member, Re- ligious Emphasis Week-Secretary, Westhampton Chairman, BSU Council. fl JOAN ELIZABETH BISHOP B .A., Latin Richmond, Virginia Deanis List, Hall President, Collegian -Reporter, Class Hockey, Basketball, Westhampton Cheerleader, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, Spanish Club Rep- resentative. CHERRY BLANTON BA., Psychology Front Royal, Virginia Student Education Association-Treas urer, Arts Club, Psychology Club. BARBARA DALE BOATWRIGHT B.A., Math Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Mortar Board, Pi Mu Epsilon, Town Council--Sophomore Representative, Freshman ClHSS1V1CC- President, Junior Class-Song Leader, Varsity Lacrosse, Glee Club, Octet, Athletic Association-Vice-President, "lily, Wh0's Who. SANDRA LOUISE BRITTON B .A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Student Education Association, Pi Sig- ma Alpha. JUDITH REED CARPENTER B.A., History Baltimore, Maryland Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Orches- is, University Players. CATHERINE STONEHAM CARR B.A., German State College, Pennsylvania WEB Staff, Messenger Stafi, Canter- bury Club, German Club. MARY FRANCES CARTER BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Class Archery, University Chorus, Psy- chology Club. J UDITH LYNN CASHION B.A., Spanish Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Town Council-Freshman Representative, Varsity Hockey, Class Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, YWCA Council-lst Vice-President, BSU Coun- cil, Spanish Club-President. VIRGINIA ANNE CLODEELTER B.S., Biology Hampton, Virginia Beta, Beta, Beta-Treasurer, WEB Staff. ANNE MARIE CORPENING BA., Philosophy Danville, Virginia -Messenger-Copy Editor, CAMILLE J ACQUELINE COUSINS B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Class Hockey, Basketball. Q.f4L234ym.i Chairman, WEB Staff-Features and Organizations Editor, Handbook-Co- Editor. ANYCE CRENSHAW DAMERON BA., Studio Art Richmond, Virginia Senior Class-Publicity Chairman, New- man Club-Recording Secretary. BARBARA LOUISE DAVIES B.A., Biology Staunton, Virginia Beta Beta Beta-Secretary, Freshman Class-YWCA Representative, Junior Class-Historian, "lil-", Orientation Counselor, YWCA. NANCY MIREE DAVIS BA., Religion Norfolk, Virginia BSU, R.A.C.-Secretary. BONNIE LEE DEEMS B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Handbook--Advertising, Varsity Arch- ery, Class Archery, Psychology Club. LORENE E. DEJARNETTE B.A., English Halifax, Virginia "M", Collegian Staff, "M" Booklet, Westhampton Cheerleader, University Cheerleader, BSU. MARY BISHOP DOUGLASS 1 B.A., English Chatham, New Jersey H r Council, South Court President, Ono Il Executive Council, College Councii Senior Class-Historian, U14-'ii Orien- e tation Counselor, May Day Execllilv Committee, Who's Who. 7' Slum Ric SNEAQ 'R' ci0lY9 selor- JOANNJ Class BI Dean's List ,Treasurer Who's WM SAMANTI B. Lo Dcan's U Band? Nlvf BARI Ri Transfer fl List, Gam Kappa. CI R Weslhamp Fellowship JOYCI B.S Honor Cc Senior R ciation-C Hockey: ey-Capt: Dean's l Club. CA W al Wesley Secrelurj Assoviati MA Junior l Tennis. I BSU. AI. Denn's lill' lin Fx-lvl' -ollvg lrhog Q SN!-IA SHIRLEY ANN EASTER BA., History Richmond, Virginia SNEA, R. C. McDancl Historical So- ciety, Class Hockey, Orientation Coun- selor. JOANNA SAVEDGE ELLETT BA., History Buffalo. New York Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta: YWCA ..Treasurer, Orientation Chairman, Whois Who. SAMANTHA DEARBoRN EMBREY BA., Music Theory Lovingston, Virginia Dean's List, lntcrincdiatc Honors, Band, Music ClIIb. BARBARA LOUISE FOHL B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Transfer from Duke University: Dean's List, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. CYNTHIA D. FOLTZ B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Westhampton Cheerleader, Westminster Fellowship. JOYCE CHRISTINE GARNER B.S., Physical Education Moseley, Virginia Honor Council, College Government- Senior Representative, Athletic Asso- ciation-Class Representative: Varsity Hockey, Hockey Manager, Class Hock- ey--Captain. JUDITH GAYHART B.A., Philosophy Staunton, Virginia Dean's List, University Choir: Clee Club. GAIL HARLEY GLOVER B.A., Sociology Walterboro, South Carolina Wesley Foundation-Vice-President, Secretary, R.A.C., Student Education Association. MARY DOUGLAS GoDSEY BA., Philosophy Richmond, Virginia Junior Varsity Hockey, Class Hockey, Tennis. JUNE GOODALL B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia BARBARA LEE GRICC. B .A., Bible Norfolk, Virginia BSU. ALICE VERLANDER HALL BA., Math Richmond, Virginia Deanis List, Intermediate Honors, Mor- tar Board-President, Pi Mu Epsilon -Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta: College Government-Treasurer, Wll07S Who, Phi Beta Kappa. LUCY WHITE HARDY B.A., Sociology Bedford, Virginia SNEA, Orientation Counselor. BARBARA ANNE HARRELL BRA., English Blacksburg, Virginia Hall President, Collegian Staff' Glee QQJEABSU, Religious Emphasis Week, idem , R.A.C.-Vice-President, Pres. SUSAN JANE HEREFORD B.A., Sociology Clarksville, Virginia SNEA-Secretary, Kale Techne, MARION MELINDA HOLDERBY B.A., English Warwick, Virginia .lunior Orchesis, Senior Orchesis. JANICE CARoL HOFFMANN B.S., Biology West Hartford, Connecticut Dean's List. CAROLINE A. HoLLEMAN B.A., Sociology Surry, Virginia BSU, Graduated from Averett Junior College. NANCY JAMES B.S., Biology Hampton, Virginia Beta Beta Beta, WEB-Class Staff. SHIRLEY VIRGINIA KELL BA., Sociology Halifax, Virginia Transfer from Bluefield College, Dean's List, BSU, Young Woman's Auxiliary, Spanish Club-Class Representative, Senior Class-Co-Chairman of Swim- ming Pool Drive. BARBARA J OHANNE KELLY BA., History Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. PAMELA JEAN KoCH B.A., Spanish Richmond, Virginia College Council, Sophomore Class- Project Director, "lil", Handbook- Business Manager, Cl21SS H0CkCY- Basketball, Badminton, Westhampton Cheerleader, Glee Club-Treasurer, Section Leader, Octet, University Choir --Vice-President, Wesley F0undHIi0I19 ' t' n Treasurer Pres- Athletic Associa 10 - , ' ident, Spanish Club-Secretary, Orien- tation Counselor, Song Contest Chair- man, Orientation Committee? Whos W ho. PATRICIA WAI-WAH KWA BA., Psychology Hong Kong, China Hall President. DIANE KEITH LIGHT B.A., History l Richmond, Vifglma Mor . ' . H 01.5. . Dean'sL1st, Intermediate, on Tb ta? d Treasurer' Phi Alpha 6 tar Boar -E .long kappa Delta Pi, Pl Delta P51 0 --Ed Orientation CounselogggC01gl5iii'? Re Horan-Chlefi Manilbn College Hand: 5 Westhamp 0 liiiimlfi-Co-Editor, YWCAWlClpmmIttee Phi Beta Kappa? Whos ' ,N-jtt235j7K-J' JOSIE RocERs LOVELADY BA., Biology B Hopewell. Virginia eta Beta Beta, AA-Hockey Manager Treasurer, Junior Class Song Leader: .lunlor Varsity Hockey, Varsity Hocki ey, Class Hockey, Westminster Fellow. Ship-Secretary. FREDERICA B. LYNCH . BA., History Richmond, Virginia GAIL MARIE MATTHEWS a B.A., Psychology Hlghlalld Springs, Virginia Deanls List, Intermediate Honors' P ' Chi? Pi Mu Epsilon, College Cover-Sl ment Representative, WEB Staff, Class H0CkCYS YWCA Cabinet, Canterbury Club? Psychology Club-Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, Phi Beta Kappa. MARTHA ELLEN MCMURTY BA., Political Science Fredericksburg, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, College Government Rep- I'BSCnl3.l.1VC. SUSAN METZCER B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Junior Varsity Tennis, University of Richmond Orchestra, Accompanying Musician for Choir Tours, Music Club, Richmond Symphony Orchestra. SUSAN ELIZABETH MEYER BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Transfer from Trinity College, Wash- ington, D. C., Honor Council, Fresh- man Representative, Glee Club, Choir, Newman Club, Sociology Club-Secre- tary, Foreign Students Club. DARLENE A. MORGAN BA., Sociology Roanoke, Virginia Class Hockey and Basketball, Univer- sity Chorus, Westhampton Glee Club, Head Cheerleader, Westhampton, Co- head University Cheerleader. BETTY LOUISE MoRRIS BA., Math Amelia, Virginia Junior Class Secretary, Varsity La Crosse, Class Hockey, Basketball, YWCA Cabinet, Hall President, AA- V ice-President. ANNE LAVERNE MoRRoW BA., Music History Glendale, Virginia Dean's List, Class HockeY3 Band, Music Club. KARIN E. NORDENHAUG BA., French Arlington, Virginia 'S List, YWA3 BSU: Phi Beta Dean Kappa. ELLEN KAYNE NOVEMBER BA., Studio Art. Ricbmondi Ygireifli Ar, ' L' tg Hille oun ation, lrgiillglifieiysresentative To Fine AUS Council. SANDRA PALMER NUNN B.A., Biology Clarksville, Virginia Hall President, Varsity Basketball, Class Basketball' Westham ton Cheer 9 P ' leader, University Cheerleader, Stu- dent Education Association. ROSE MARIE PARADIS B.A., Speech and Dramatic Arts Richmond, Virginia University Players. JANET MARIE PARRISH B.A., History Salisbury, North Carolina Dean's List, Senior Class Treasurer, Class Hockey, Basketball, BSU. CAROLYN VIRGINIA PARSLEY BA., Biology Richmond, Virginia Beta Beta Beta, Varsity Lacrosse, Westhampton Glee Club, University Chorus, Music Club-Vice-President. CAROLYN MAE PAULETTE BA., Biology Richmond, Virginia Beta Beta Beta, SNEA-Advertising Manager, Psychology Club. J O ANNE YOUNG PAYNE BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Deanls List, Student Education As- Sociation. ANN CAROLINE PEAVY B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Psychology Club. JULIA LEE PERKINSON BA., English Richmond, Virginia Dean'S List, Mortar Board, Honor Council-Chairman, College Govern- ment Vice-President, Junior Represent- ative to College Government, Town Council, Sophomore Class Vice-Pres- ident, Varsity Lacrosse, Class Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Whois Who. ESTHER LINDSAY POWELL BA., English Covesville, Virginia Dean's List, Pi Delta Epsilon, WEB- Class Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Varsity Tennis, Westminster Fellowship. EDITH SHERRARD RATCLIFFE BA., History Richmond, Virginia Senior Class Vice-President, Newman Club. NANCY DALE RICHARDSON BA., Psychology Salem, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Mor- tar Board-Historian, Psi Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, College Council, Orien- tation Counselor, Junior Class Vice- President, YWCA-Cabinet Member, President, BSU, Who's Who. MARY WEST RIGGINS B.S., Biology Hampton, Virginia Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta-Historian? Hall President, Fire Warden, YWCA 2nd Vice-President, Chairman of Per- sonal and Campus Affairs, Vespers Chairman, YWA Circle Leader. SUSAN JANE SANDERSON RA. D Fredericksburg, Virginia NEA. JANE CARLTON SHAPARD BJ1., Psychology Halifax, Virginia BSU, YWCA. CAROLYN SUE SHIELDS B.A., Political Science Martinsburg, West Virginia Dean's List, Junior Orchesis, Senior Orchesis, WCRC Announcer. SHELIA SHOCHAT BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia SNEA, Psychology Club. ELEANOR TUCKER SMART B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia ' Transfer from Randolph-Macon Wom- an's College, Co-Chairman of Orienta- tion, Junior Coordinator of May Day, SNEA, Psychology Club, Who's Who. MARTHA ANN SOLLEY BA., History Richmond, Virginia Westhampton Glee Club-Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, SNEA. MARGARET LEE STRAWHAND B .A., Math Baltimore, Maryland Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class College Government Representative, College Council, "l4,'. MARSHA LYNN SULLIVAN BA., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Class Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Psy- chology Club, AA Board. MARGARET BESS TAYLOR BA., Studio Art I Lewisburg, West Virginia Senior Class Secretary, Co-chairman of Evening Watch. JANE BRYANT THOMPSON BA., Math Hampton, Virginia Pi Mu Epsilon, Residence Council- .lunior House Leader, College Govern- ment-Second Vice-President, Fresh- man Class Historian, "l4", Co-chair- man of May Day, Orientation Coun- selor, Who's Who, MJQZSODXJ J UDITH DIANE TRUNZO BA., French and English Crozet, Virginia Dean'S List, CO-ordinator of Sophomore Project, Collegian-Reporter, Editorial Assistant, Junior Varsity Basketball, Class Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, BSU -Reporter, RAC Representative, YWCA-Social Responsibility Commit- tee. NANCY BYRD VAUGHAN BA., Sociology Pulaski, Virginia Dean's List, Collegian-Business Staff, BSU, YWCA, Co-chairman of Evening Watch. MARILYN CAROLE WAKEMAN BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia ELIZABETH LAYNE WAMPLER B.S., Music Education Harrisonburg, Virginia Deanis List, Sophomore House Leader, Junior House Leader, Freshman Class and Senior Class Song Leader, Junior Varsity Basketball, Class Basketball, Hockey, University Choir, Westhamp- ton Glee Club, Westhampton Octet, Music Chairman of May Day, Fresh- man and Sophomore Project, Lead in MPlain and Fancy", H14-,', Homecoming Court, Orientation Counselor. CAROLYN L. WHITTAKER BA., Stuclio Art Heathsville, Virginia Dean's List, Varsity Lacrosse, SNEA --President, Kale Techne. MARY KATHRYN WILLIAMS BA., English Arlington, Virginia Deanls List, Intermediate Honors, Kap- pa Delta Pi-President, Phi Alpha Theta, Band, Westminster Fellowship -President, State Secretary, Vespers Chairman, National Student Christian Federation, Committee on Christian World among International Students, Phi Beta Kappa. MARTHA BOLLING WREN BA., Sociology Big Stone Gap, Virginia Westhampton Cheerleader-CO-Captain, YWCA, Student Education Associa- tion, Art Club. PATRICIA CHEWNING YOUNG B.A., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Freshman Class Vice- President, Phi Beta Kappa. RAYMC lift.. A Mgniqcrial KEN BA Fda' ,gr Senate, Stu Pfesitlc,-nl muralsj-50' ing C,0lllIll Council? .V C-A..PrcsId ,Ce-Cltairn C, CLIF I Ri- Sigmu All Ser-retary: l JERI Ri CHARLES BA AI Kappa Aly: Freshman 4 SL'CI'L'lllYy Z Varsity B Band. Nlar Collegians. HES Theta Chi book-Art Intramural ball. Yollt- Jon Varsity F- Bust-lmll. D.-KX'll Bill lntcrfrat:-r Ord--r Su dent: lntn Tl'ilt'l'i. Sul WlI.I.1A' IRD: lnlvrfmtvr phat-X ir.- Foollmll, f ljlti Sign lx-lm-rxtiim N'1'N'l:try ltaunnml Y l'onml,ni vl ll' Club, I l ,I I RICH OND COLLEGE RAYMOND FULTON ALLEN B.A., Bible anal Religion Amherst, Virginia Ministerial Association. KENNETH L. ALLISON BA., Political Science Edgewater, New Jersey Senate, Student Government Chaplain, President's Advisory Council, Intra- murals-Soccer, Glce Club, REW Steer- ing Committee, Religious Activities Council, Westminster President, YM- CA-President World University Serv- ice-Chairman: Board of Governors. C. CLIFFORD ATTKISSON, JR. B.A., Psychology Richmond. Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Corrcsponding Secretary, Glce Club. JERRY WAYNE BAKER B.A., English Richmond, Virginia CHARLES FREDERICK BATEMAN BA., Political Science Arlington, Virginia Kappa Alpha Order-Parliamentarian, Freshman Class Secretary, Junior Class Secretary: WEB-Fraternity Editor, Varsity Baseball-Manager: Concert Band, Marching Band. Pep Band, The Collegians. HENTER LEE BLEVINS B.S., Chemistry Arlington, Virginia Theta Chi-Secretary, Spider Island- book-Art Editor, RVEB--Aft Editor, Intramurals-Football, Basketball, Soft- ball, Volleyball, Track. JOHN FLEMING Boccs BA., Sociology Cartersville, Va. Varsity Football, Co-Captain, Varsity Baseball. DAVID GEORGE BOYNTON BA., History Billerica, Massachusetts lnterfraternity Council-Kappa Alpha Order Social Chairman, Vice Presi- dent, Intramurals-Football, Basketball, Track, Softball. WILLIAM HAYMORE BRAMMER BA., English Rocky Mount, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Pi Kappa Al- Pllll-Vice President, Intramurals- Football, Softball, Band. PAUL BRICKNER B.A., History Lawrence, New York Phi Sigma Delta-Secretary, Student Government House of Representatives, Secretary Senior Class, Collegian, In- tramurals-Soccer, Baseball, I-Iillcl Foundation-President, R. C. McDan- el Historical Society, Psycl10l0SY Club. ALLAN SIDNEY BUEFENSTEIN l B.A., English Richmond, Virginia JOSEPH BEVERLY BURRELL B.S., Biology Bon Air, Virginia lleanls List, Beta Beta Beta, ROBERT BERKLEY BUSH I BA., English Richmond, Virginia Dean's List. HUGH THOMAS CALLAHAN v B.A., English Union Level, Virginia DeaII's List, Kappa Delta Pi-Vice President, University Players-Busi- ness Manager. ELSON TOD CHRISTIAN BA., English Newport News, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha-Pledge Master. DONALD RICHARD CHRISTMAN BA., Sociology Northampton, Pennsylvania Varsity Football. WILLIAM ALEXANDER CLARK BA., Psychology Fredericksburg, Virginia Dean'S List, Tranferred from Univer- sity of Hawaii, Sigma Phi Epsilon- Vice President, Whois Who, Student Government Association - Vice-Presi- dent, Senator at Large, Cheerleader- Busincss Manager, Intramurals-FOOL ball, Volleyball, Track, Field, Badmin- ton, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Ar- chery, Bowling, Canterbury Club, Board of Governors-President. THOMAS ROLAND CLARKE B.S., Chemistry J arratt, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta-Rush Chairman, Glce Club-President. CHARLES ELLERY CLOUGH B .S., Math Richmond, Virginia Dcan'S List, Intermediate Honors, Pi JVIII Epsilon, Gamma Sigma EPSIIOHS Marching Band, Concert.Band, PCD Band, The Collegians, Phi Beta Kap- pa. PAUL EDWARD COHEN B.S., Mach, Physics Richmond, Virlglinii 'lon . . . ' S1 - l3l5.i.ili?2aG?.il2?a' SQL- lilvsiliim Hil- lel Foundation-President, American Institute of PbYSiC5"'Student Section' RICHARD WARREN COLEY 13.s.,Maih, . 0 Richmond, Vlrslmffl ' I - -,S h 1 h1p Chair- PIA Kappa, Slsgwebai ,O f,ff,amu,,,1,- FldldltliailarSBiicerluSV0HeybaH' Softball' .,ft1237jykJ GORDON ELTON COOKE B JI., Bible Colonial Beach, Virginia C166 C1ul9:.B. S. U.-Mission Chair- IUEUIS Ministerial Association Chap- am. RANDOLPH CALVIN Cox, J R. BJ1., English anal Spanish Norfolk, Virginia Deants .LiSt, . Intermediate Honors, Sig. ma Phi Epsilon-President, Historian, Intramural Debate Competition, Intra- murals-Volleyball, Soccer, Cake Race, Mens Glee Club, University Choir, President, Religious Emphasis Week- Brochure Committee Chairman, Phi Beta Kappa. RICHARD ALBERT CURL BA., History Richmond, Virginia Varsity Football, IntramuralS-Basket- ball, Softball, Volleyball. WILTON OWEN CURTIS B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Be- ta Beta Beta-President, German Club. WILLIAM T. DAUGHTREY, JR. BA., Sociology Norfolk, Virginia Transferred from Chowan Junior Col- lege, Kappa Alpha Order-Athletic Chairman, Social Chairman, Varsity Football, Track, Intramurals, Softball, Basketball. RICHARD ELROY DAVIS B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia WALTER ROBERT DAWSON RA., Philosophy Hurt, Virginia Transferred from Bluefield College, In- l F otball Basketball' CRY- tramura S- 0 , Q, O, BSU-Radio Program Chairman., Ministerial Association-Vice Presi- dent, BSU Revival Teams. PETER DAVID DOLEY B.A., History Warwick, Rhode Island ' Al h E 'l n, Freshman Base- Slgma P a aRS-cliootball, Volleyball, ball, Intramur Softball. JOEL ARTHUR EPSTEIN BA., Chemistry Norfolk, virginia . . ' ' , I - Phi Sigma Delta, Varslty Tenmilo 1,52- 1...F tball, Soccer, Slriiiill a liillgo Foundation-Secreta1'Y Vice President. l l 3 GEORGE ANTHONY ESPOSITO B.A., History Montclair, New Jersey Transferred from University of Tenn- essee, Delta Tau Delta-Assistant Treasurer, Intramurals-Basketball, Football, Softball, Newman Club. RAYMOND MORRISON FEARNOW BA., English Ellerson, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors' Freshman Track, Intramurals-Basketi ball, Football, Phi Beta Kappa. FRANK JAMES FISHER B.S., Math Richmond, Virginia BSU, American Institute of Physics. RONALD LEE FLOYD B.S., Chemistry Williamson, West Virginia Phi Gamma Delta, Senate-Athletic Representative, President's Advisory Council, Varsity Basketball, CO-Cap- tain, Freshman Basketball and Base- ball, Intramurals-Football, Univer- sity Band. PRESTON WILLIAMS FORBES B.S., Physics, Math Newport News, Virginia Pi Mu Epsilon, Wesley Foundation- Treasurer, Program Chairman, Deputa- tion Chairman, Religious Activities Council-Evening Watch Chairman, Vice President, American Institute of Phys- ics. CHARLES V. FBANZMAN, III BA., Political Science Newport News, Virginia Deanls List, Phi Alpha Theta-Vice President, Spider Handbook Commit- tee, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Base- ball, Intramurals-Football, Basketball, Canterbury Club-President, Religious Emphasis Week Steering Committee, Religious Activities Council, Scabbard and Blade, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kap- pa. MARSHALL REDFERN FRAZER B.S., Biology Washington, D. C. Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Gamma Delta-President, Beta Beta Beta, Intramurals-Football, Softball, Track, Basketball, Religious Emphasis Week Brochure Committee Chairman, Phi Beta Kappa. THEODORE ROGER F RIEDMAN BA., Sociology Newport News, Virginia Phi Sigma Delta, Intramurals-Foot ball, Softball, Basketball, Hillel Founi dation-Vice President. SAMUEL GENDERSON BA., History Richmond, Virginia Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Intramurals-Foot- ball, Basketball. ROBERT EUGENE GILLIAM B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Phi Gamma Delta, Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT R. GOARD B JI., French Chatham, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, R. C. McDanel Historical Society-Vice-President, Philologians- Vice-President, Phi Beta Kappa. ARTHUR H. GOLDMAN, JR. B.A., English Richmond, Virginia Alpha Epsilon Pi-Scribe, Historian, Athletic Chairman, House of Represent- atives, Intramurals-Basketball, Volley- ball, Tennis. CLAUDE C. GRAVATT, JR. B.S., Chemistry Arlington, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Historian, Secre- tary, House Chairman, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-Recorder, Pi Mu Epsilon, Honor Council, Freshman Class House of Representatives, Junior Class House of Representatives, WEB--Fraternity Editor, Intramurals-Football, Volley- ball, Soccer, Tennis, Freshman Chem- istry Book Award, Sophomore Math Award, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa. GEORGE THOMAS GRAY BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Phi Theta Kappa, Ministerial Associ- ation, Baptist Student Union. ROBERT GUNTHER HAID BA., English Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade, Westminster Fellowship. RODNEY JAMES HALE B.A., English Roanoke, Virginia Transfer from Bluefield College, Phi Gamma Delta, Intramurals-Football, Basketball, Track, Band, Baptist Stu- dent Union-President, Religious Ac- tivities Council, Religious Emphasis Week Steering Committee, Ministerial Association-Chorister. JAMES FRANCIS HALLEY BA., Sociology Orange, Virginia Theta Chi-Sergeant at Arms, Varsity Track. JAMES E. HARRISON, JR. BA., English Hopewell, Virginia OWEN SHANNON HAUSER BA., Political Science Waterford, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Rush Chairman, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, House of Represent- atives, R. C. McDanel Historical So- ciety, Varsity Rifie Team, Intramurals -Football, Archery, Track, University Cheerleader, Varsity Club. DANIEL F. HIGGINS B.A., Psychology Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Varsity-Basketball, Track, Intramurals Football, Track, Softball, Tennis, New- man Club. m.!fl238lDk,,v JAMES WALTER HOSIER, Ill B.A., History Richmond, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma-Secretary, Intramu rals-Football, Track, Glee Club. ROSCOE A. HOTCHKISS, JR. B.S., Biology Richmond, Virginia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Honor Council- Secretary, Chairman, President's Ad- visory Council, Orientation Committee, Summer School Honor Council. JOHN WILLIAM HURLEY, JR. BA., History Princeton, New Jersey Phi Kappa Sigma-Sergeant at Arms, Intramurals-Baseball, Football, Soc- cer, Basketball, Newman Club, R. C. McDanel Historical Society. RICHARD DAY HYLTON BA., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Interfraternity Council-President, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon-President, Vice- President, Rush Chairman, Chaplain, IFC Representative, Chronicler, In- tramurals-Football, Soccer, Archery, Horseshoes, Volleyball, Bowling, Men's Glee Club, Student Center Board of Governors, President's Advisory Coun- cil, Who's Who. WILLIAM SIDNEY IVES BA., Philosophy Hampton, Virginia Varsity Tennis. JAMES E. JARRELL B.S., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma-Pledge Master, In- tramurals-Football, Volleyball, Soft- ball, Basketball, BSU. DAVID W. JOHNSON ' BA., History Virginia Beach, Virginia Kappa Alpha Order-Pledge Class Pres- ident, Intramurals-Basketball, Foot- ball, Softball. MARION WAYNE JOHNSON RA., English Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Phi Delta Theta-Chaplain, Secretary, Vice- President, Junior Class Chaplain, Mes- senger Staff, Intramurals-Archery, Football, Phi Beta Kappa. PAUL S. JONES B.A., Philosophy Staunton, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Kap- pa Alpha Order-Treasurer, Scholar- ship Chairman, Scabbard and Blade, House of Representatives, Junior Class Chaplain, Messenger Staff, Collegian Staff, Forensic Council, Philologians, Ministerial Association, Religious Ac- tivities Council, BSU Revival Teams, Religious Emphasis Week General Chairman, YMCA Cabinet, ROTC Drill Team, Intramurals, Phi Beta Kappa, Who's Who. ARTHUR B. KENNEDY BA., Bible and Religion Bluefield, Virginia Dean's List, Dorm Counselor, Minis- terial Association, BSU. l ' 71Ll.l.45l 7 Ng Q Ill, M,-xasul , '. l.l-'- I." lzhi I'-I sl' Siam fulm' W.-.l'f.--1-l""' illlVl": i"' lnle-rmuf-fl I. man lla+f'l'41l ' Tat-I. llOrsufl1""" ' RY WNY' BAR lim.. Jhfllllgl Dcarfr I-i"1 , All ma ElIfiloIl'Ril"l'i' .t-nIauw-- ' Editor: lnlramu lcv l7oI1rnl.lll"H3 Kirin COInlnl1l""- J, Rom B..'l Palmy rd quma Clni--KU lnIraInur.xl-'--'ll-1 FRANKLIN l H..- ,'hit'XLiIl Dcan's Li-up I' I,-fponmliligl I 51" 1 scnlaliw--4-ll-fl'l ball: lniwrsny- XL-ws and Spur NILES HAI Ii.. ll oan intramural- li hall: llrl fl! R,-yiul 'l'v.nn .XssOvl.llI-'lx LH: I B. Nlappf BSL. Srm iz B. llaln lntramural-----l' Wesley lm-unl hership lilmirn ligious l'fmpl1.a Illllll't'. .Xrrang EX IU'-lift'-lain' H Aram' If Wellesley lun-rfr.nI-ruin liusll liildlflli ill-use Xl.lIl.l,.1 llh's-linfyrxl dent l'.xrIy Xl. ll rin-ra Inu.. lull. 'll-unis, liillvg l,l,.,. fl h,?1l"llN lim A-lllllfllldlll and llugh. .l An I-:S 'lllrla lflti I dfnl: intra bulllhllll WILLIAM SARIPSON lxi-:RR B.S., Political Science Alexandria. Virginia Dean's List, llllCl'll'lllt'l'lllIV Council: Signla Phi Epsiloit-Viewl'I'csiIlcIIt, Phi Sigma Alpha: Scabbard and Rladc ,..Viqe.Prt-sident: House oi Represent- Class Vice-l'I't-sitlciit: lntermural Debate 'll0lll'llllIltl'lllZ Freslt- man Baseball: lntrannirals-Foothall. T -ck, Soccer, Vollt-ylmall, Softball. atives, Senior ra , Horseshoes, Archery. BARRY VINCENT KIRKPATRICK B.S.. Chemistry Arlington. Virginia Deayfs List, Theta Chi, Cantina Sig- ma Epsilon-Treasurer: lloust- of Repre- sentatives, WER-Editor-in-Chief. Class Editor, IntramuralS-Volleyball: Wes- ley Foundation, llnlttfs Who: Orienta- tion Committee. J. ROBERT KLINGER B.A., History Palmyra. Pennsylvania Sigma Chi-Kustos: Varsity Football: Intramurals-Basketball. Soccer, Track. FRANKLIN PETER KNILL, JR. BA., English Alexandria. Virginia Dean'S List: PlIi Cantina lh-lta-Cntr responding Secretary: llouse of Repre- sentatives-Chaplain: lIitrarnurals-FOOL ball, University Band, BSL: XVCRC-- News and Sports Director. NILES HAROLD LEACI-I, JR. B.A.. English Roanoke. Virginia lntramurals-Basketball. Football. Soft- ball, BSU--Transportation Cliairmanz Revival Team Chairman: Ministerial Association-Social Chairman. LEE PAUL LEWIS BA., Biology Mappsville, Virginia BSU. STEVE HARR-ION LOWE BA., History Hampton. Virginia Intramurals-Football, Rifle Team Wesley Foundation-Treasurer. Niem- bership Chairman, President, RAC: Rt- ligious Emphasis Week Steering Com- mittee, Arrangement Chairman, YMCA -Vice-President. HARRY P. MACINTOSH BA., History Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Interfraternity Council, Theta Chi- Rush Chairman, Secretary. President. House Manager, House of Representa- tives-Corresponding Secretary, Stu- dent Party Member, Collegian-Feature Writer, Intramurals-Football, Volley- ball, Tennis, Softball, Intramural De- bate, Clee Club, Canterbury Club, Rc- IIEIQUS Emphasis Week Comrnittcr- Chairman, ROTC Drill Team, Drum and Bugle Team. JAMES M. MACMIIJLAN, JR. BA., Economics Richmond, Virffinia D Theta Chi-Pledge Marshal, Vice-Presi- dem? Intramurals-Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball. E. LNIILTON MCDONALD JR 7 0 J BA., English Dt-an's ligiiceuvluei Virginia ROBERT C. MCKINLEY .I3.A., Sociology W Richmond, Virginia l35ll: Ministerial Associatignh DOUGLAS LEE MARTIN lift., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Phi 'Cantina Delta, Varsity Baseball t.o-Captain, lntramurals-Basketball. i WALTER F. MASTERS, JR, 1 13.A., History Richmond, Virginia lh-an's, University Choir, R, C Alcllanel llislorical Society-President: ABDULLAH MICHAEL MINA V BA., History D lxafraya, Bekaa, Lebanon llln lxappa Sigma-Corresponding Sec. rt-tary. llistorian, Collegian--Reporter, llolumnist, .llcsseager--Editor-in-Chief, Board 'of Publications, Forensic Coun- Fil: X'MCA-Vice-President, Philolo- glans-Secretary, President, R. C. Mc- Danel Historical Society-Vice-Presh dent. President. NlICI-IAEL MORCHOWER BJ1., Political Science Bayonne, New Jersey Phi Sigma Delta-Pledge Master, Rush Chairman, Collegian-Sports Writer, Varsity Basketball, lntramurals-Foot- ball, Softball. ROBERT MAURICE MOORE B.S., Chernistry Richmond, Virginia Sigma Chi, Varsity Tennis, Intra- murals-Baskctball, Football, Soccer, Tennis. THOMAS J. MOORE BA., Political Science South Boston, Virginia l Canterbury Club, R. C. McDanel HIS- torical Society. PETTUS THOMAS MORRIS, IR. B.A., English Martinsville, Virginia PlIi Kappa Sigma-Second Vice-Pres- ident, First Vice-President, Treasurer? llouse of RepresentatiVCSL Suemof Class Treasurer, Messenger-Business Man- ager, Philologians, R. C. McDanel HIS- torical Society, YMCA: Inlfamurals' Football, Basketball, Softball, Horse' shoes, Broad Jump, Westminster Fel- lowship, ROTC. J O1-IN ROBERT MOTHERSHEAD BA., English Farnham, Virginia USU. DENNIS NOESINGER, IR- B.A., Cl1emiSff3' Midlothian, Virginia tjlmii-3 Band-President. RILEY LEE NORTHAM BA., Political gfiefwff Own Irginia Modesgwirma Secretary? Fresh bhi Kappa XI, .'Entramura1Sd1:-Dot. . . Rifle Team, ,V U Archery, Soccer, Rifle, Volleyba Bttsketliall, Softball, Track- .jttfzaoysw IVIAURICE NOVICK ,B-S-, Chemistry Dean' Richmond' Virginia Mastei, I.ltstiMa.ZiB1il GEPSHOH SH' Epsilon, Iii 1' amma igma leybau, Tr:CEmIE1IEH5iBasketball, Vol. PAUL RICHARD NURK0 . BA., History Ph'WaSh1ngton Crossing, Penn. tminljaglpa Sigma! Varsity Track, Iii. B ra S- Ootball, Basketbalt, Soccer aseball, Newman Club, R. C Mei Danel Historical Society. I ROBERT PRESTON NUTTALL B A., Economics D , Richmond, Virginia eans LISIZ Intermediate Honors' In. E3gIuI2:ZlIsElBaSketball, Softball, i Phi RICHARD STUART OAKLEY B.S., Chemistry Falls Church, Virginia Dean'S List, Lambda Chi Alpha. RONALD NEILL ORR B.A., Physics and Math Washington, D. C. Interfraternity Council, Lambda Chi Alpha-Ritualist, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sig. ma Pi Sigma-Treasurer, Intramurals -Football, Soccer, American Institute of Physics-Treasurer. CHARLES SCOTT PARKER BA., History Richmond, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta, Intramurals-Bas ketball, Football, Volleyball. DALTON AUSTIN PARKER B.S., Chemistry Highland Springs, Virginia BSU, German Club. BENJAMIN C. PERKINSON, JR. B.A., Sociology Crewe, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Executive Com- mittee, Collegian-Reporter, Intramu- rals-Football, Softball, Soccer. CHARLES H. PERKINSON B .S., Math Richmond, Virginia DAVID AMEDEE POUCHOT B A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia A lnterfraternity Council: Sigma Phl Epsilon, Senior Senator, WEB-FIH- ternity Editor, Intramurals-Track, Football. DAVID F. PRIM B.A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Transfer from Florida Southern Col- lege, SCal3lJZ11'Cl and Blade. BENJAMIN J. PRITCHETT B.S., Chemistry . . Fredericksburg, Vifglma , G a Sigma L ld Ch' Alpha, Hmm Eilllriilbi-Prdsident, German Club. RYLAND OSBORNE REAMY B.A., Psyclwlvgy d, V'rffinia h Ashlan 1 e Honors. PS1 t - . I d'ate A Dean EgSlmeCiub3 Psychology Chi, , Club-President. DAVID MACPHERSON REID BA., History Richmond, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha-Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country, Captain, Intramurals- Basketball, Softball. BEAUFORT SHELTON RICE, JR. BA., Sociology Mangohick, Virginia Varsity Baseball Manager, BSU. SAMUEL E. RICHARDSON, III B.A., Sociology Urbanna, Virginia ERNEST LEROY ROBINSON B A., Psychology Richmond, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Psi Chi-Vice-President, Honor Council- Secretary, Summer School Honor Coun- cil-Secretary, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Collegians, U. S. Collegiate Jazz Festival at Notre Dame U., Psy- chology Club. WILLIAM EARL RUSSELL B.A., Sociology Portsmouth, Virginia Menis Glee Club, Ministerial Associa- tion, BSU. J ESSIE L. SHIEELETT BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Intramurals-Softball, Ministerial AS- sociation, BSU. CARROLL HENRY SHOTWELL BA., History Brookneal, Virginia Intramurals-Softball, Track, Basket- ball, BSU. BENJAMIN G. SMITH, JR. BA., Sociology Sharps, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta, Band. GEORGE THEODORE SMITH B.A., Sociology and Chemistry Hopewell, Virginia Kappa Alpha Order-Treasurer, Scab- bard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, House of Representatives, In- tramurals-Football, YMCA, Rifle Team, Dorm Counselor. HAROLD L. SMITH B.S., Physics and Math Gladys, Virginia Deanis List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon--Treasurer, Sigma Pi Sig- ma-Vice-President. HOWARD BRYANT SMITH, JR. BA., History Lynchburg, Virginia Alpha Delta-Historian, Chaplain, House of Representatives, Intramurals -Basketball, Football, Ministerial As- sociation-Athletic Representative, Pub- licity Chairman, BSU, Philologian So- ciety, R. C. McDanel Historical So- ciety. JAMES I-HOWELL SMITH BJ1., Sociology Severna Park, Maryland Kappa Alpha Order-Social Chairman, WEB, Fraternity Staff. LESLIE WINSTON SMITH BA., History Richmond, Virginia Deanls List, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, Intramurals-Football, Basketball, Baseball, R. C. McDanel Historical Society, Phi Beta Kappa. CHARLES DANIEL STEVENS BA., English anal Psychology Hopewell, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Sig- ma Phi Epsilon-Comptroller, Intra- murals-Football, Softball, Bowling, Band, Phi Beta Kappa. EARL W. STOUDT BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Varsity Football, Intramurals-Basket ball, Tennis, Softball, Who's Who. STANLEY A. SZYMANSKI B.S., Math East Brunswick, New Jersey Phi Kappa Sigma, Varsity Football, In- tramurals-Football, Basketball, Track, Soccer, Newman Club. LARRY LEE TALBERT BA., History Martinsville, Virginia Transfer from Bluefield College, Alpha Kappa Lambda-Vice President, Treas- urer, Intramural Debate, BSU. W. CARRINGTON TATE, JR. BA., History Danville, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Kappa Alpha Order-Historian, President, Junior Class Treasurer, Acting President, Senior Class Chaplain, WEB-SPOIIS Editor, Collegian-Sports Editor, In- tramurals-Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Official, Religious Emphasis Week, BSU, President's Advisory Council, University Usher Committee. JOSEPH MICHAEL TEEFEY BA., Sociology Richmond, Virginia Varsity Football, Track, Intramurals -Basketball, Softball, Tennis. FREDRIC HAROLD TROLL BA., Bible and Religion Mansfield, Ohio Collegian-Reporter, WCRC-Chair- Illiln. GLEN ALLEN TYLER , BA., English Salem, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Pledge Class President, Rush Chairman, Chronicler, Intramurals-Football, Volleyball, Soft- ball, Soccer, Glee Club. LEONARD EARL WALCOTT, JR. B.A., Music Boxford, Massachusetts Music Club-Program Chairman, Uni- versity Chorus, Canterbury Club- Worship and Music Chairman. v,.!fI240J7k,v CARY DAWSON UPSHUR B .S., Math Richmond, Virginia WALLACE AYERS WALKER B.A., History Hampton, Virginia Student Directory, Editor, Philologians -Secretary, Dorm Counselor. PAUL JOSEPH WALSH BA., English Roanoke, Virginia JAMES FRED WATTS B.S., Physics and Math Hampton, Virginia Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Pi Mu Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Pi Sigma-Secretary, Intramu- rals-Basketball, Tennis, BSU-Vice- President, Treasurer, YMCA-Treas- urer. EDWARD H. WEBER, JR. BA., History and Psychology Arlington, Virginia Kappa Delta Pi-Historian, YMCA, Dorm Counselor. CHARLES ALLEN WELLS, JR. B.A., Bible Danville, Virginia Intramurals-Football, Basketball, BSU. EDWARD ROBT. WHITTINGTON B.A., Chemistry Richmond, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma-Corresponding Sec- retary. GORDON A. WILKINS, JR. B .A., Political Science Richmond, Virginia Sigma Chi-Chapter Editor, Freshman Baseball, Intramurals-Football, Soft- ball, Golf, Basketball. FREDERICK W. WILLIS, JR. BA., Political Science Skipwith, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma, Intramurals-Foob ball, Basketball, Softball, University Players. JOHN HARRISON WILLIS, III BA., English Lignum, Virginia Transfer from East Carolina College, Band, Choir, Glee Club, Brass En- semble, BSU-Publicity Chairman Missions Chairman, Ministerial Asso- ciation-Home Project Chairman. 7 CHARLES WILLIAM WYATT, III BA., History West Point, Virginia Philologians-Secretary, Treasurer, Fo- rensic Council-Secretary-Treasurer, In- tramurals-Football, Soccer, BSU, YMCA. ALLAN KA-LUN YUNG BA., Chemistry Hong Kong Dean's List, Varsity Rifle Team-Seo retary, YMCA, Soccer Team Captain. liugii.-uf ILS.. Iiahiim Phi Iiijllllllil ll" ruturwi f"'!l"'m ,,.,cfg lntrauium c - , , Buwhnu. fn: 1 1 l'. JAM ES ILS.. Iiflillllllll Thvm flhi 'Ai pany lfonlmlltf ball, BJ-iil'lll.Ili. .'hlll'Llfll'I'llll'Ili p" wry, Fvllllif Fl . . ,. H-ltr, , 4llINll. S.-XIANIPEIIS , . hh.. Hit-hm' Kappa Alpha Ur ball. CHARLES BE BS.. liif-hn Lambda Chi All BRLTIE T1 ILS.. Per Rim.-Inn. BL.-ASTON Z BS.. Silver Sp Phi Dt-lla Tln-1.1 nanrial .Mlxi--I hilll. BQINRPIIDJI S' l'1't'f. ROI' 'Ima ILS.. N Ri-Il 'In -lglllil .Alpha Foulliall. Mill.-5 H.-XIIYI-IY l ILS. l RIUIIIII FWPPLI Sigma man: .-Xlpha I Intramural of Xlanagv D.-KYH HAS Hit-In DCQIII-5 ljq I Iffvsidn-In hvll!t'l'lllllt'lll been-4 . ngvlllvlll Ni, I . I Tt'wlth'lllZ II ll .li xi I-:S ill-lv' fran-rn il x -'Slormn' hall: S ugl'llIt'l1l, CHOOL OF RICIIARD E. Al.l-'tlltll B.S.. .lluI'kelil1g Baltitnore. Mary land Phi Gannna llelta: Senior Class See- rem-,-: lfollegiun+--tiircnlatinn Klan- sliver: lntrannirals-l-'notball. Xolh-yball. Bowling. 5Ul'1't'l'- JAMES B. ARNOLD B.S.. .-Iccolllzfilzg Lt?lJ1lll0ll. Petinsylvania Them tflii-Vice-President: Student Party Comniittee: lIItraIIIIII':Ils--l-'mn- ball. Btlslietlrall. liasclialll Fncit-It int' Adi-ancetnent of NillllilHt'lIlt'lll -ASl't'l'l'- tan-5 Senior Student .-Mlxisor ill Bus- iness St-lu-vol. SALTNDENS liltill.-'tltll BAGRY B.S.. .lllIfA'!'fl.lIy' liiclnnond. Virginia Kappa Alpha Order: lllll'ttllllllitll illl5l'xl'l- ball. CHARLES BERRY li.-tltll.-XM. lll B.S.. Jlllll'A'CfI.IIy' Riclnnond. Virginia Lambda Chi .-Alpha. BRUCE TIIOAIAS li.-'t'l'TliY B.S.. Personal lfelctliurzs liiclitnond. Virginia BLANTON S. li.-lltNli'l"l'. lll B.S.. .lllll'A'l'fl.IIg Silver Spring. Xlarylantl Phi Delta Tiltfill-StN'iill tflnairnian, l-'i- nancial Advisor: illlfillllllfllli lfoot- ball. Basketball. Softball. Volleyball, Soccer. ROY TIMOTHY liliNXli'l"l' B.S.. .llurkeling Red House, Virginia A Sigma Alpha Epsilon: lllifllIIlllI'itiN'- F00llJ8ll, Yolleylmall. Softball. HARVEY HEHBEIVI' lililtltt' B.S.. ,llarkelfng Richmond. Virginia Kappa Siglllil-St'l'ft'iitI'f'. Social tibair- man? Alpha Kappa Psi: liille 'l't'illll2 lntramurals: Society for ,-'tflvaiiea-iIIeIIl of Management. DAVID LEE BURKE B.S., ACCOIIIIH-lly Richtnond. Virginia DCHIPS List: Phi Gamma lJI-lla-Plt-tlgrt- President, Pledge 'l'I'illlll'I'f Student Government Secretary: Junior Class Secretary? intramural Basketball: Al- plla Kalllfil Psi: Senior Student Ad- vlsori Sfmltfll' for Advancelne-II! of Alan- 3Z0rrtent-Vice-President. Assistant Vice- Pfesldent: Whois Who. JAMES PAUL lillltlili B.S., IJIZFSOIIIIUI I lfealeton. Virginia nffffffiilffrnity' Council: Sigma tIlIi--- Historian: I lull? S0'il"iY for ,'hllYlIllt't'llll'lli of Klan- dgelnent. nlrutllUrals---Soccer. lduul- BU INESS WII,I.IAIx-I WA HAS.. Personnel Relations lilL'lllll0Iltl, Virginia JOIIN Cvll,BEltT CI-imgq-IAN i B.S.. Marketing H Smithfield, Virginia lf4'l'l'il Slglllil-AltlSlt'I' of Cercmonieg f'll1lI'd: St-nale--Sergeant at ArIIIs' tratnnrals-lfootball, Basketball Soft- ball. Volleyball: Society for the Ad- xancenient of Nlanagcment. JEROME JAY COHEN B.S.. Accounting liiclimond. Virginia llllt'l'il'lllt'l'llliy Council: L Phi Siffma llelta- -l'rt-Sident. Vice-President: Juiiior tflass Vice-Presidetit: Student Govern. Inent Asset-iatinII Tl'CLlSLlI'Cl'1 Inn-a. n.IIrals--Baseball, Basketball, Football, 'll-nnis. StN't't'l', Volleyball: W'l1o's Who. DUDLEY BANKS CURRIN B.S.. Accounting liiclnnond, Virginia l.aInbda Chi Alpha. JACK EUGENE DITT B.S.. zllanageznent Lebanon. Pennsylvania llt-an'S List: 'llllt'ill Gbi-House Man- ager: itlll'illllllI'LllS-l"00lllilll, Volleyball, Basketball. Soccer: Society for Ad- XAlllt't'lllt'lli of Alanagetncnt. CORNELIA ANN DOUGLAS B.S.. Accounting llopewell. Virginia ,JAMES EDWARD DUNIVAN B.S.. Illanflgernenl liiclnnond. Virginia Soi-it-ty for .'htlYllllt'ClllClli of Manage- Illt'lll. ELWOOD LEE EDWARDS B.S.. Accounting Onftncock. Virginia P-iulllil A'plIa Epsilon-Social Chair- man: llllfitlllUI'LllS-F00llli1ll, Volleyball, Softball: Alpha Kappa Psi-Treasurer? Society for the AtlVi1llL'CITlCIli. of Man- 1ljlt'lllClli. BRUCE ROY ENGLE ILS.. Personnel Management liiver Edge, New Jersey , iilli Kappa SigIIIa-PrcSiClCHlZ Omlcfon Delta Kappa-Vice-Presidenl3 Scabbard and Blade: Student Government As- soc-iation--PresidentZ 50Pl'0m0fe , Class 'l'rt-asurer: Junior Class President: Varsity lfootballg lIlll'Llll1l1I'LllSjBi1SkCt' MIR, volt.-ylntt, SMIIEII: WMS Who- CIIAHLES EMMIT FAGAN, II B.S., ACC0lLlIlll1g Richmond' llllliglngl ' ' nan' ph: U4-lin 'l'heta-Atretlc 'ldlfl It .Xlphi Kappa PSI! 50U'9ly.f01gagl1itl'g1l X"lll4't'lIlt'lll of lllanagement, ul Vl'III'I-fi-I" Golf 'lleaml II1t1'i1mU1'1S' lftiotbiilbl Basketball- Baseball' Volley- 'MH Sm.,.,.r, Ilorseshocs. LA 24.1 JDK-0 GEORGE WILLIAM F ARLEY B-S-, Accounting Richmo lzeanrs Llist: Intermediate Honors' Al. 5Jl:gi0So?:i:tY: gmicron Delta Kgfppa. ass resident' lntr , f , , , amu lg Veterans Club-VIce-President: MSZ. gtetyl fojutlie Advancement of Manage zen.: p a Kappa P.. P I ,. Advlsory Council. 51, residents nd, Virginia WILLIAM D. FUQUA B-S-, Accounting Richmond, Virginia Dean's L' t: P' K .- Gouncil, lPho's lwtollppa Phi' Honor EMIL JULIUS GASSER, JR B.S., Economics Richmond, Virginia Deiffnls List! Plwtographer for the Col- legian and Alumni Affairs. JOHN FRANKLIN GREEN B.S., Accounting Sutherland, Virginia Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon-Treasurer, Corre- spondent, Scholarship Chairman: Al- pha Kappa Psi: Society for Advance- ment of Management-Treasurer: Sen- ior Student Advisor. GORDON EDWARD HAMLET B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Phi Gamma Delta-Treasurer: Society for tlIe Advancement of Management: Alpha Kappa Psi: Honor Council- Secretary, Chairman: Ritie Team: In- tramurals: PreSident's Advisory Coun- eil: SeIIior Student Advisor: Whois Who. NORMAN LEE HANCOCK B.S., Economics Richmond, Virginia Society for Advancement of Manage- lllent. JOHN KENNETH HASTINGS B.S., Marketing Lancaster, Pennsylvania .. ' C ncil: Phi Gamma l51lii.f?aZif31T5Kai?L- Psi: Society fo: Advancement of Managemeffti Semin Class ViC6-P1'BSld6I'1lli Senior Ciass Senator: Cheerleader: lntramura s-T Football, Tracks Volleyball- Softball' Student Advisor. GEORGE HATTON HOCK B.S., Accounting Richmond, Vifgima RICHARD CARL HUFFMAN B.S. Marketing Petersburg, West Vlrgmla Varsity Football. GUS JOHN JAMES, II B.S., Accounting Danville, Virginia Interfraternity Council, Phi Kappa Sigma-President, Alpha Kappa Psi- President, Student Government Oliicer of Business School, lntramurals-Foot- ball, Softball, Collegian Reporter, Who's Who. LEWIS FRANKLIN JOLLY RS., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for Advance- ment of Management. ERNEST BAILEY JORDAN, JR. RS., Personnel Richmond, Virginia Society for the Advancement of Man- agement. FORREST DRUM KERNS B.S., Finance Charlotte, North Carolina Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT DALE LANEY RS. Economics Petersburg, Virginia lnterfraternity Council, Sigma Chi- President, Vice-President, Society for Advancement of Management, House of Representatives, Intramurals-Soo cer, Football, Basketball. JAMES G. LUMPKIN, JR. B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Phi Delta Theta, Golf, Intramurals- Football, Basketball, Baseball, Alpha Kappa Psi--Master of Rituals, Society for the Advancement of Management. ARTHUR WILLIAM IVICGEE RS., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Football-Co-Captain , Intramurals- Softball, Basketball, Newman Club, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment. CHARLES C. MCGEHEE, III B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals- Football, Basketball. STEPHEN ALLAN MEYERS B.S., Finance Richmond, Virginia Phi Sigma Delta, Varsity Football Manager, Society for Advancement of Management. WILLIAM FRANK IVIEZGER B .S ., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Society for Advancement of Manage- Ulent. GEORGE RANDOLPH MUELLER B.S., Management Nyack, New York Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha-Treas- urer, Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramurals-Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball. JAMES E. MULVANY B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia ROBERT E. NUNNALLY, JR. B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Golf. FORREST E. PERRIN, JR. B.S., Accounting Ellerson, Virginia Society for the Advancement of Man- agement. JOHN JERL PURCELL, JR. B.S., Accounting Louisa, Virginia lnterfraternity Council, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Vice-President, Honor Coun- cil, Senior Class Senator, Philologians, Alpha Kappa Psi-Vice-President, So- ciety for Advancement of Management, Chairman of Student Party. MELVIN J. RIDEOUT B .S ., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Football, Baseball, Intramural Basket- ball. ,JAMES HUNTER SLAUGHTER B.S., Personnel Management Richmond, Virginia Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, Golf. mill 24-2 DAVID L. SULLIVAN, III B .S ., Accounting Richmond, Virginia JAMES F LEMING TEACHEY B.S., Management Richmond, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment-President, Senior Class Presi- dent, Freshman Track, Intramurals- Track, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, PreSident's Advisory Council. ALLEN ERNEST TEMPLETON B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Athletic Rep- resentative, lntramurals-Football, Bas- ketball, Softball, Society for Advance- ment of Management. DAVID ALLAN WEST B.S., Marketing Alexandria, Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intra- murals-Football, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Softball, University Men's Glee Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. EDWARD ROBERT WARD B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia University Band. ROBERT WENDELL WARREN B.S., Accounting Richmond, Virginia Society for the Advancement of Man- agement. ROBERT E. WATKINS B.S., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Scabbard and Blade-Secretary, Fresh- man RiHe Team, Varsity Rifle Team- Captain. ' CARL EDGAR WOODARD B .S ., Marketing Richmond, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals, Alpha Kappa Psi. JEROMI-J Crccnw BA., sI.s.E.i.. lcgf. Armin: Ham, BAN Washing! Della, Pi All 50cieIy: Vi M YVILLIAM Nl Richm A.B., CUfl"'li" Phi Alpha Ih-ll DAHD f Clarksbur, Bju Slilfrllilll Dghag Sigma l STUART XX oc Newport B.S. Industrial I ton and Lu- l'1 Phi: Student 4 61-62, Treasurer visury Council: l llcxcill Law Sol STEPHEN LI- llir-limo BSA Xin-dit-al Cui Alpha Dt-lla. CASSPJLI. l Sain! liri- BA. Burittrws .in bllfg Ct-Ili-gi-g ih- CHARLFS I' Eric. l'r BJA. Efllnufnlfgv Della Th.-za l'l1i: THOMAS l N1lffUlk B-5. Busim--. 3.1, P0ly'lm'llIll-' lnqjgu btudcnt tfnun,-,1- Wll.I.l.uI if N lilflllllnn. Rlnllufl IPX'- U11'wI'ln. Phi it Cll.Uil.I-IS th liivlnnnn BUsinv,s Elfhul liihu 11.1, mga.: lllll tidliliit, pa 513 lh!r.IIIIur.1l ' C ' . Cuintirs A, 4-, lt b liluvlivltl XX niwrsily of Rid Elin: Naliuml urn: ppa Alpha ind'-1 DON-TLD jg, Bk H. Nurfulk' ""'rx. l lllrb' Vining born-15: hu FRANK XF BR 'warn Mt lr' I ' lldqll 121:12 lv.-I xjllgior: WWII 'Vilma SCHOOL or LAW JEROME NllCIIAlCl. ADAMS Greenock. Pennsylvania B.A., M.S.Ed., llampden-Sytlney Col- lege. ARTHUR LEWIS ALLEN Hampton. Virginia BA., Washington and lA-ec Pi Alpha Delta, Pi Alpha Nu: Sigma Senior Society: Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIADI NIICHAEL AMRIIEIN Richmond. Virginia A,B,, Catholic University of America: Phi Alpha Della, Sigma Beta Kappa. DAVID S. ANTROBIUS Clarksburg. West Virginia B.S., Marshall lniversity: Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon. STUART WOODWARD ATKINSON Newport News. Virginia B.S. Industrial Managernent. Washing- ton and Lee University: Delta Theta Phi, Student Governtnent. President 6162, Treasurer 60-61: Presitlt-nt's Ad- visory Council: Board of Publications: McNeill Law Society. STEPHEN CHARLES BARNARD Richmond. Virginia BS., Medical College of Virginia: Plll Alpha Della. CASSELL D. B.-XSNIGIIT Saint Brides. Virginia B.A. Business and lzft-orioniirs, l.yllt'll- burg College, Delta 'I'ht-ta Phi. CHARLES PETER BEEAIUS Erie, Pennsylvania B.A. Economics, Colgate Uriiw-rsity: Delta Theta Phi: Nlcxvill l.:1w Society. THOMAS FRANK BETZ Norfolk. Virginia 3.5. Business Administration. Virginia Polytechnic lnstitute: Delta 'l'ln'ta Phi: Student Council. WILLIAM GR.ANT BOICE Richmond. Virginia B-S., Randolph-Macon College: Delta Theta Phi, Phi Della The-Ia. CHARLES OLIVER BOYLES Richmond. Virginia RS. Business Administration. l'niw-r- sity of Richmvnd, Dt-Ita Thr-ta Phi- Ballllli Phi Gamma Delta: Alpha Kap- P3 Psi, Intramurals. CHARLES A. CHRlS'l'0PllEliSEN n Bluefield, West Virginia EUTVCTSIIV of Richmond: Delta Tlteta lil: National Moot Court Competition: KaPPa Alpha Order. DONALD JOHN COUREAS Norfolk, Virginia ISIOFY, University of Virginia: pelta Theta Phi, Skull and Keys Po- lllC3l Society, Zeta Psi. B.A. H' FRANK NEIL COWAN BS .Danville, Virginia M -1 Virginia Polytechnic lnstitutf-g 0Netll Law Society' Phi Alpha Della Njushce 5 Virginia Bar. NICHOLAS DANIELS H X E Peterslourg, Virginia .I . -trononiics, Ri 1 1 1. , , Kilim P1 Alpha Dpltl1ii0Rfil11SliiIgl1L.0ITAIS:5.k vt- mresentative, t J I-....II..III, v.,I1eyIAIii.mmumls Track' ALEXANDER F. DILLARD JR llappahannock, Virginia B.A., llampden-Sydney College. Delia lheta Phi, Honor Court, Thela Chi GEORGE WILLIAM FARLEY Richmond, Virginia DI-lla 'l'heta Phi-Dean, Vice-Dean. XICNI-ill Law Society, Alpha Societyi OIIIIVYUII Delta Kappa, lnterfraternity Council. TI-IOMAS WILSON HOTZE Richmond. Virginia AB., University of Notre Dame, Delta llu-ta Phi: McNeill Law Society, Hon- or Court Justice. NIILLS KENT HOWELL Portsmouth, Virginia B.A., University of Richmond, Delta Theta Phi. ULYSSES P. JOYNER, JR. Franklin. Virginia D5.. Efllltilllltll. University of Rich- mond: Delta Tln-ta Phi, McNeill Law Sovit-ly: Student Bar Association- St'l'!'t'lill'fl l7nivI-rsity Forum on Con- servative Covernment--Chairman. ARTIIUR JAMES KAUFFMAN Riclimond, Virginia Phi: Nl:-NI-ill law Society: Chi Beta Phi, Student Council, Honor Court B.A.. l,Vllt'llltUl'g.Z College: Delta Theta --Chit-l Justice. ARTIIUR E. KOCH, III Parmvillc. Virginia ll..-X.. llampdcn-Sydney College, Delta Tltt-ta Phi: Student Council Repre- st-ntativt-: Sigma Chi. CONRAD C. LEWANDOWSKI Irvington. New Jersey ll.S., linsint-ss Administration, Univer- sity of Richmond: Phi Alpha Delta, Soi-it-ty for tht- Advancement Of Man- agement, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WARREN GREY LINEBERRY Richmond, Virginia B.A.. University of Richmond, Delta 'l'hI-ta Phi. DENNIS FEREBEE MCMURRAN Portsmouth. Virginia B.A., College of William and Mary, DI-lta Theta Phi. ROBERT LEE MASDEN Richmond, Virginia ll.S. Business Nlanagelllenft COUCSC of William and Mari'- RICHARD STEWART MILLER Lynchburg, Vlfglma B.A., Lynchliurg Collcgci Delta Theta Phi, McNeill Law Society. BRUCE GIBSON MUR.PtiY Virginia Beach, V11'Sm1aTh ta University of Vifgmlai gelfgant Bear Phi: Student Council, tal C Assis' Assoc-iation-SecI'cll1fY3 Stu em tant Librarian. .jr 243J7'kJ LEENZRD ALTO 1C mond, V' ' ' EAR Political SciencejrzTi1hiViersity of IC mondi Delta Theta Phu MC- LHW S0 ' t 17 tional Moot CoRiityTea anceuori Na' -Basketball, Softball. mi Intramurals N PARIS gur ELWYN POSSINGER B S troudsbufg, Pennsylvania .'-, East Stroudsburg State College, gall -SPSFJ1 Digita, llntezifraternity Coun. 3 u ent a 5 - ball, Baskethaur ntramurals Volley. RALPH BLACKFORD RHODES B Richmond, Virginia Pigs VLYIlChbl1rg College, Delta Theta 1. DONALD MACD. SCHUBERT NeWP0rt News, Virginia B.A., Randolph-Macon College- Delta Theta Phi, Student Council,bPlIi Kap. pa Sigma. LLOYD WALLACE SINK Newport News, Virginia A B.A., Wofford College, Phi Alpha Del. ta, McNeill Law Society, Seabbard and Blade, American Law Student Associ- ation Committee, Delta Sigma Phi, In- tramurals-Football, Virginia Bar. JAMES EDWARD SPINKS Charles Town, West Virginia A.B. Government, Shepherd College, Delta Theta Phi, Alpha Psi Omega, Zeta Sigma. FRANK WINSTON SMITH, JR. Grundy, Virginia B.A., University of Virginia, Delta Theta Phi, McNeill Law Society, Hon- or Court, Student Bar-Vice-President, Sigma Chi. MICHAEL LEONARD SOFFIN Richmond, Virginia B.A. Journalism, University of Minne- sota, McNeill Law Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Tau Alpha. ROBERT COLE SULLIVAN Berlin, Connecticut A.B. History, Franklin and Marshall College, Phi Alpha Delta, Grievance Committee, Phi Kappa Psi, Intfa' murals-Football. GEORGE FRANCIS T IDEY Richmond, Virginia U 'ness Administration, niver- Oliuiiiichmond, Delta'Theta Phi, McNeill Law SocietY3 P1 .Delta Ep' Silong Interfraternity Council? C0U68' ian, Theta Chi, Intramurals-Basket ball. CLIFFORD EUOENEWHITE Richmond, VEIQP1? ' Phi - C 11 g Irgimag RlTJhaMeDhTiiI-Vicfe-Priiisident, Clerk! Honor Court. FURMAN WHITESCARVER, JR- Salem, Vifglma A Hampden SYd11eY College? Delta B. ., ' Theta Phi, Kappa Alpha Order. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 5 ' r .-1-Q . 5i'- 1 55, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .J , 1 1 1 5 A Q 4 1 1 s .I 'I ms. -.1 Q T' ",n' V i. fyff

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University of Richmond - Web Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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