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Text from Pages 1 - 276 of the 1949 volume: ,c,. 1 . Q. LQ Liz' i irflxw .f' J s 4 ,U J 5 1 'Q' M.. ff-' . uf 'sw ff' 5-iii wi i,!1v'H'Q V!! ,..- . -,zu -1 - . l -,b. - i'f'Y': .g fi ' "TF 5 IQ W A ', J' 'ff E 1 ., I A Q! Hr. .I Aa " uf.: r jim lm I I .-if H073 " x Q J r " MMI. ,, ,J L S 'Oi 1 V A ' wg. -4' 3: wp? ' , T4 An ri" TP: "fd 7 .-f- 1 1 7 A ,F -" -w uf J . w xl 5 . V--1 4 w Q. .a-. rsf ,ny ' 'X ' .0 f' 5. Sf- K EQ A V . - 7. V- rf rl gl R im ' A- f! , ' gif, ' .1 Hifi A I 5' ' ru' . f ff f' f' 'ff ' : ' 5 L 'A A, 1 o-n-an-v : P L' '.F'J.'77"I ' 1 - wg ' 1 'L' 4 4 4 f-ff L fl J -- ', iiff 5 C i 4 pi - R X X U - r Q.:-W 1 , . 71 9. - i - 4 ' E, I I J N ea V."4"'b':'TQ,. r 5- Q., rg, -I .l A ' Pg' , - , Y" - , 1 MTN' ' , 3- X. I ,. X X' , V QM. - I , 'V ' A' l? 4 JI ' X K 4 -, .Q,,...Q.....4,.-..1 ,,' F ' 35? . ,rw In fggh sl U r. . : 5.15 ,!:r1.w'?',j':'-rl A. Y Y T-'i ii? '4 If f the Student Body Annual Publication o UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND VOLUME 28 Copyright, 1949, by GORDON COUSINS, Editor-in-Chief MARILYN ALEXANDER, Westlmmpton College Editor NSKY, Business Manager LEWIS BELOTE, Richmond College Business Manager LIBBY WILE N' '1 CM '11 P r 4 ar ! k S 3 . 5-N Ig, K 1' , . 4 , Q . ' q . if F--K. rn 'T K ' . it - - VT' ,FH . 'l . -', , - .1 V ' , ' N 1 ,- - ,K , . 1 'c -. . . , - . ,V , ,,. . 3 V r , v -. - .' ' v. x - . 1 mf' ' J ,- " ' - ' .V ', .Ve x. -' ".-- I .?"T"f1 ' '- 1 . -2-' fwfr' v - .,g-- V- ., ' 1' - ' ' -' Ia 5 . ' : ' .J vlr. 1,2 9. . Z-"Vg ' 1 ,. -. - ' TY "-., " V '31 9 z"'.fl Lafg. . '-l V " .2 'f V M 'F 1- ' -'H V . I ' . -V75 . -.Y"f. L.-. , - ' .'L,i!. 1 2, . ' r - ' ' '.. 1' N R Y ' -. 5 V . ' ' .' . . , . . . ' ,Z f , ' ,' ,V+ - bt , . N B ,Lx . lg . . I -. . ziggy- V. .f:,J32'f,b Q - V. ' , A1 .- , ,H '45 A A T" V QV W-' LV: ' i - xii . ' V"' ' ' -Afvi "WSH" 'K -.. .f t f 5 Xl' 'V I M W 'S 'F A 'A ' ' f ' K: K 'U I 5 . 41 157, 'f V Q qv Y 5, ' ' 3 V ' 'ff fig , . P2 'Q 'N ' . Mg..- 4 .A ' , 2..- rug? V .av 13- ' P - "" .f , 1"- .iw V, f VV , V P' ' i ""L'f'V'-QAgs,QQ,Q.'fQQ- .'5f'x.fgQ..If if 32m?1.f'f- V if . wwf-Li aim!-'11 , cg ':: 43321. .- ' I ' -- "" 4- Elin-M, ' igmgp- Ju.?'-NH A4 :V 5 4, V- , . ,, Www " ' :.p-nv wzi.vLQf L""?"'u"'f'-' ' 4. 'j1f'e.. f,, Sgzg eiaf ' ""'1' ,rw . , . r,,.., eg V , j - 3- v -M ' 1' 13- - , .'5 1 V-.. ff? J. gba., ,q.'::f.'. .-1 V. ' - awe- -1 H71 - 4 .-- Q. wa- - ' V - '-. - -it-:VV .- M:-'ff-F ,J f . " YET" ' ' J' " ' -eff-!"54f+ 5-tzl .xi A' q.,.V,-ai., .1Vfsagaf:'f V - ,. .. W -f - V fs- ff' "4 U-:QQ ,Vfzv 'yi-ffge..,f:w3-Z, 1 -f,-gf:-1V1f,, v ff,3,V 3,-H V ' , P+ 2- Lf- , 'V K,,,1.-.A-4.qVgf4x,g'af,1-., fffgfff "P .2435 - . V 'A' ' "W"?'.. , fi ' V-V ' L. . nn, VV. .7 Vw, r Q ' ' 'da' 'V A v. ' ' -F' 1' - 2 " '2,,...f , . . x u- . ,gf as , - .V gw P V -- .J . -, --'J K , 4-1 '12 1 N rs- .x ,V --.. . ., ' - va. ,. .L 1 ,gg V' ?V, .f' 11. . V: .M .AV-.:1.,f . .gfgZ,Frfz1-img. V -I-1, ' :V""-"?f"?"' 291- mf A-'f..1wlg'5v4Hf'2f :J-wp '- 2? .V-na:-1--, .21-0. V-wr fffq'a-..- Q - ' .- --MV ,. . - .rw 14. 'ff-As 'E - . V J' -'T '- . - Tk-. --. '1-. V- - - - . - . ""':?I.2"4.-'1' ,F:Q,Vf.. :A 414: Q. X' P?"-' V 'ff his W' "1 n652g'fQ4'ifEf""'i 'Nr' " V 315' - 4- ' QV V -Q-. '::..-. V., , V ..L , . ' , qw- QV , " Fl' 1"'A-1.,:KrJ'i.:-in . - , .A A V 1" ,,,-53: 4' aff: ,. 1.1 .A ,' V -LV ' --.wx .,..- -- 'nz 1,--j i:4,V,,,, 1 r ' -..5 .,.N, V ' W K -12 , -1 4 'guru ' , VN ,gem .-- . .-,Q-ami? :sw . V . , 1 f. - 1 W , -Nur ,fa 1 ' Y 4 5 V I , v.-- . 5 r ' V 5 , 5 - ' . V ff ' .4 1' ' '-'wg Hia.: fi., V,,.' . ' ,- - . f , . ,V . V xx. . - Q' ' fin? Vw, -Q-.. ' ' ' .' 45.5 V W ,, . ' ", ' . 'Q ran, i ,, W j :M I g. 4 i h 1 '. .4 V. XA, qi- , Q-, ns. .- fn -V .ff . 'rx V 4, 59. 'Q V V. gil .A -,,W,4..V.6J,gxi.f3' vz A Vjigqnr. -:L -i,yJi5:.5:'gv-WY KY . 15, 1,3 ,, . 1517... 5. . 9 V I VI. -Q. , 1 , .- .VV , --A 'iff ., .:f2 V . 1... 5 .i .N , x V. ,' VV:w . ,- . . , g " . .- , " ' V 1'-4tiYt1zi.f4K.,::"512 if ' . 4 -' 'fx ' nb. 'wfuir' S I-A ."'1'3?:: .. . 5775, 1.-- ' -' . ' " TOP: Academic procession leaving 'the Administration Building-Richmond College. BOTTOM: North Court, women's dormitory and classroom section-Westlmainpton College. 39,4 - Jr XWV 2.-- fl. Wi - S-4Hmf!21.'K'1k,, I.1U'v"'!Yi!1'1PC!'m1nr1!luv.lvs4na1:r:2'ag::,f.-.-r-W-1r, -1 -,.. veesygge X, K Q TOP: Front View of the Refectory-Richmond College. BOTTOM: Tower section of North Court-Westhamplton College. TOP: Front view of Thomas Hall-Richmond College BOTTOM: Road leading to the lake separating Wfesthamp ton and Richmond Colleges. zezddf ark of the Spiders Last year a horn was heard on the Richmond campus, a horn com- parable only with Gabriel's, for it succeeded in bringing back to life the University of Richmond school spirit. Spirit is the pride in our school that binds the heterogeneous elements together. It is the pride in our team, not because they're winning, but because they're doing their best. It is this spirit which enables them to do better than their best. To us, Mark Troxell symbolizes this spirit. Arriving on the campus last year, he built a polished band from a group of isolated students. But no band is complete without a uniform-so they paraded, they gave concerts, and they raised the necessary money. This year, resplendent in their new uniforms, their spirit was so high that it actually became conta- gious. The rest of the students rapidly succumbed to a bad case of "cheeritis" at football games, basketball games, and wherever else the students gath- ered. And thus Mark Troxell has sucf ceedecl in blowing life back into our school spirit. To Mark Troxell, the man with the horn, we gratefully dedicate the 1949 WEB. IIIIIllllllllIllllIIIIIllllllllIllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlllllIIllIIlllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IllIIIIlllllIIlllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ADMINISTRATIQN Was it bis blood or another Extract more precious? Was it His right arm, or his dear old mother He left tloere, on deposit? Q 5 ' N QS H"'1k:'i if P 1 9: .ff falls , Sign , X 5525441 ,X QQ. w2:,v!,,,Q4 a g H , f, -v wr: mg, X, um w, va Aa x ww 225 ' S wa .1 ADMINISTRATION FREDERICK W. Chancellor University of Richmond Administrative Officers CHARLES H. WHEELER, III Treasurer President THE 1949 WEB ADMINISTRATION It . RAYMOND B. PINCHBECK MARGUERITE M. ROBERTS WILLIAM T. MUsE Dean, Richmond College Dean, Wfesthampton College Dean, Law School MARION H. HAMILTON CLARENCE J. GRAY Dean of Students Dean of Students Westhampton College Richmond College SPENCER D. ALLBRIGHT Associate Professor of Political Science RODNEY M. BAINE Associate Professor of English SAMUEL H. BAKER, JR. Instructor in Applied Economics LEWIS F. BALL Assistant Professor of English SHUBAEL T. BEASLEY, JR. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages JOHN A. BLAKE Assistant Professor of Psychology ADELE F. BROT Instructor in French MILLARD K. BUSHONG Associate Professor of History and Political Science JEANNE BEGIEN CAMPBELL Instructor in Painting and Sculpture MERTON E. CARVER Professor of Psychology STELLA D. CLIFFORD Assistant Professor of English THELMA R. COOK Associate Professor of Voice U niversity 0 f Richmond ADMINISTRATION P". QR va-0 Z Aii, Ars K. J' - 9 asa.. 1 HANNAH L. COKER Assistant Professor of Piano and Public School Music SOLON B. CoUsINs Professor of Bible FANNY G. CRENSHAW Professor of Physical Education BETSY CROTHERS Instructor of Physical Education EUGENE E. FORD Associate Professor of Accounting EUNICE M. FOY Assistant Professor of Spanish HENRY H. FUcHs Associate Professor of Musical Theory, German, and Violin WILLIAM J. GAINES Professor of Romance Languages ' GEORGE S. GRAHAM Instructor in History EDWARD W. GREGORY, JR. Professor of Sociology AUSTIN E. GRIGG Assistant Professor of Psychology WILLIAM C. GUY Instructor in English IsABEL HARRIS Associate Professor of Mathematics CARL W. HAGQUIST Associate Professor of Biology FRANK G. HALSTEAD Assistant Professor of Modern Languages JESSIE P. HAYNES Part-time Instructor in Education NATHANIEL H. HENRY Assistant Professor of English BEN JAMIN C. HOLTZCLAW Dean, Graduate School THOMAS E. LAVENDAR Associate Professor of Romance Languages SUSAN M. LOUGH Professor of History F. STANLEY LUSBY Assistant Professor of Religious Education RALPH C. MCDANEL Professor of American History WILLIAM L. MANER, JR. Instructor in English JOHN H. MARTIN Instructor in English F. BYERS MILLER Dean, Evening School of Business Administration THOMAS G. O'NEAL Assistant Professor of Applied Economics EDWARD C. PEPLE Associate Professor of English JOHN S. PIERCE Professor of Chemistry LLOYD F. PIERCE Assistant Professor of Economics MARJORIE J. RIVENBURG Associate Professor of Latin MARGARET L. Ross Associate Professor of English HILTON RUFTY Director of Music Department THE 1949 WEB ROYAL F. SESSIONS Associate Professor of Chemistry E. R. SLEIGHT Visiting Lecturer ROBERT F. SMART Professor of Biology HELEN G. STAFFORD Assistant Professor of History KARL H. STUTZMAN Instructor in Mathematics PAUL F. SWASEY Instructor in Mathematics HERMAN P. THOMAS Professor of Economics WILLIAM E. TROUT Professor of Chemistry MARK F. TROXELL Director of Band and Instructor in Music PAULINE TURNBULL Associate Professor of Latin MRS. J. A. TURNER Instructor in Music J. ASA WHITT Instructor in Applied Economics JAMES E. WITHERELL Assistant Professor of Modern Languages JAMES H. WILEY Professor of Sociology LAWRENCE A. WOOD Assistant Professor of English JEAN G. WRIGHT Professor of French ADMINISTRATION . 7 EI II 1311 emu mam P 5 WILLIAM LOFTIN PRINCE CHARLES LEONARD ALBRIGHT LEONARD STUART BAIRD University of Richmond FEATURES Please note-hut let us not he rude- H ow slim is these gals' pulchritude, And how they trip the light fantastic 'Though hound in three-way stretch elastic jf- ,125-31-11 . .. 11 ,, 2 11 rj' Q +1 fax, , 1, 11: W- 4' 1 1 111 "X 1 My x TQ ,.-1 1. 1 . 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 '1, 1 ' I, 1 1 1 - Q W-l1 1 W W rf'--1 I I A 11 ' '1 1 ' 1 ' " 1113 1 , 1'1 ' 1 V -' '11,-. 1 4 1 X 1 11 11.-. H I W "' W V 1 :""'1 1 1 1 ' . 115 1 ' ' ' 1, , 1. 1- 1 .1 Y' '.' 11 1 1 A ., Y 1 1 1 .1 , -mv 1 1 1 '- 4'.1A':rg - 5 1.. 1 1.11. , 'x 1. 1i ,, ' X, - TN W UI -v 1.2K 1 V M , J wfvqg 11-. x W - 1 1 4 1 1 in 1 11111 1 HN, 1 1 11 , N 1 11 'I M ' -1 1111- MQ, 1 11 ef' ml. H j -r .. ' l . weihjigggis-.. 'M af 521 s .a-,F -egrfgfgssggmgl 22: i lui-1 1 ii VM iiiliii X' X. xl y Fashions by Miller ci? Rhoarls Miss Mildred "Mimi" Anderson, 1949's WEB Beauty, is a combination of beauty, personality, vivaciousness, and all the other qualities we like to see in the typi- .cal college, coed. Mimi who hails from Catonsville, Maryland has spent four years at Westhampton during which time 'she has participated actively in extra- curricular activities such as publications, sports, Universi-ty Cheerleaderg and was chosen Homecoming Sponsor in her junior year and a member of May Court this year. Mimi who is five feet three and one- half inches tall has honey-colored hair and green eyes. But don't rush, boys! The pert Miss Anderson has a ring on the third finger left hand and will become a "Mrs.',' shortly. Among Mimi's likes are sentimental music, rare steaks, Spike jones, and sports sweaters. As a psychology major Miss Anderson plans to continue in her field of concentration, specializing in in- terviewing. THE 1949 WEB ' his 'wrgniff m ' ' ' EJ , Auz ml x -' 15537 . ,si , s. lf ,want - -,Q ,, my . , M W, 9? aa -, ,. , J -1 . Ht' Gr, 4- gg, A -k-:ggi . Q, ,551 . uc? ' in I Emdiv U niversity of Richmond J- -x gag, " ' ww3!,Nj AV, w, FEATURES - , Miss ALICE MAY "Mitzi" VERRA Richmond, Virginia RUNNER-UP The pictures of our ten Westhampton beauties were sent to Al Capp, the famous cartoonist, and originator of L'il Abner and Daisy Mae. These girls were chosen by the senior class as representing "The Loveliest," and their portraits were sub- mitted to judge Capp in New York. He was asked to choose the most beautiful of all, remembering that she was to ibe a typ- ical American college girl. Finally, Capp took the picture of "Mimi," and put it aside,-The Web Beauty of 1949. "The handsomest gal in six counties." In second and third place, Capp selected Mitzi Verra of Richmond, and Lou Winn of Chattaroy, West Virginia. Mitzi's smouldering dark-eyed Latin beauty is a vivid contrast to Lou's blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian loveliness, showing Al "L'il Abner" Capp's true insight into the wide distribution of feminine pulchritude mani- fested in these hallowed halls. This choice was wise indeed. Mitzi and Lou are both active in extracurricular activities, and stand above average scholasticallyg thus it is possible to combine brains and beauty and personality. -as ,,..r-'- I.,--33 fi 't CUP AL CAPP Judge of the WEB BEAUTY Contest Miss MARY Lou WINN Chattaroy, West Virginia RUNNER-UP MRS. PEGGY HARRIS MISS SUSAN DICKINSON Roanoke, Virginia Front Royal, Virginia I .QI MISS CAROLYN BONI-IAM MISS CYNTHIA PATRICK MISS JANE DENS Chilhowie, Virginia Hampton, Virginia Westheld, New jersey MISS CATHERINE SMITH MISS AUDREY BRADFORD Alexandria, Virginia Portsmouth, Virginia GY-. 011 ff Afolbr QMSX Gig Nab ,- sigiggvw 4 52026 G 1' O xa GWB on of O Cb of 'fierce Hoax Regiswu E509 . D gk- Ga Y' IAOAYX 11 Hlld Mrs eff Wk ' 111 was QSXQ I Hess ECL and X Qdbc' junlbr Va fs. C1 , H xv FS1' yde ' "Q- , 0816 Q4 tygame Rflfcjlbre 'K-K, .6 .vw Q .VWN afte UF Ch - 5 2.90696 K9 go O 590 5 of 95 W0 XLOX A cf A 9 moon Varsity gameXB1Ylings1ey fades to pass. Qu LKl'f v m 'SWK Ln 5' N54 U4'l h5 11 . Q V vi W Ziff , 5 QOQGCOZ N x x fw,,,,,2, F1N,v.2g? , 6. H, 06 140631, xege' COX ton Vfdthamp oat, , ing Winn The 9601? FEATURES - 'vm W L me f J i wi 3, 5 ' 1 M153 SUSAN DICKINSON 11 C C H Q fi If h C M Q, Y Front Royal, Virginia in a Day One of Westhampton Colleges most cherished tradi- tions is May Day. Each spring, visitors come from near and far to witness this colorful event. This spring, the first Saturday in May found a gay atmosphere prevailing on the campus. There was no general theme, but the booths displayed an international motif. The crowning of Susan Dickinson as May Queen was the main event of the day, with Carolyn Bonham attending her as Maid of Honor along with the ten lovely seniors composing her court. Following the Coronation, the crowd was led over to the hockey field to watch the Country Dances and May Pole dance. As night fell, the freshmen formed their lantern parade and serenaded the Queen in the Greek Theater. There the ballet, based on the story of the "Chinese Nightingale," was presented. The day was then climaxed by the May Day Formal Dance. Queen Susie reigned over the dance in full regalia attended by her court. Oh yes,-"our lovely May Queen will live in memory long after this night is through .... " ,,, if fa MAID OF HONOR-Miss CAROLYN BONHAM. MAY COURT. Left to right, reared: Rosamond Calhoun, Mitzi Verra. Stmzdifzgx Lou Winn, Mimi Anderson, Peggy I-Iarris, Cynthia Patrick, Catherine Smith, Flo Gray, Audrey Bradford, Jane Dens. FEATURES Richmond College Prom Carroll Miles, Senior Dan Class of Chairrnang Mrs. Tucky M0 rissett, Class Sponsorg an Basil Morrissett, Senior Clas President. in' -6 F .Y..,Q A is -NWT"ii1 . " , -175' 22.3 -1 A25 Westhampton College Rosarnond Calhoun, Prom dent of the Senior Class, and escort. .ri Class of '49 7'-1:1-. 1. , ,-,- J ' Q, Missa, Y, N my 5, 'f 1 M ' ' .l s 1 .11 - w 'ig C .".' -.V -U.. F I 5 N Vai - , 1 , M , 4, im w Elf ..w w, WL..-V M x ww, ,, , A W? , M Rezfkw 5 ' ,QS sg, in V 'fain Y .5716 M32 .LEW , . w ' ' . ,.,. . ,, N5 ,Q ' -. A 1 , M " f 1.1 ffl-gig-e, ,Wins-.Y 'L brggix Y. If 4 ., ,A . ,Q x' it ,L ' " ' 1 ' Nb' " Q i. a 1 A " V, I z M r . -EL ' ' . Ve , .La -, I , mm ,gp- Q QWQEQQ4 M L v ,4:',j.1f,Q , T 34.1 1 1 3 2 ' X . , A Lai .' -imyi Q 'iw . . :"'.-E, 3...1fi'1:, 2 I1 ' ' W 1 H H-4 -M, - ml: -'I-2:2-' -'---- M ,M . 3 I "' ?" -i.! -x , ff , W www Mf ': ' L G- 5 Q K K Q Y ' ' w Q F' , Kr Hifi? I Q iq! ..wx, 2 In-T I W 31- if! B f my 1':. t'f4n. v N' R 5 .A - '5r.,atf.,, 'YN' " " TN: .,-5 J, 1 Q15 1 , xx V K f..1 f 5 ,- 52412 is " QW 4' - ' : .... I 'F 'H .Ear 5:42 1 "- ...- ' L., 125355. 2 M 7 U -- if ' -fig H 'll m' V "'-if . .-2 25.5 A K . . ' "fm f 1' 'ig - gflff - ' 'P X , I . lf - . , . ,, ' , , , 'rflf IAN I W ., -,gl fl I 3?-Q-2, , Li " 5 ' We " 'i"5,?lV tx K ,U .W ,,, .. Y .' ' - I ' A M, 1 , H. . 8, - F . f "I 1 , S ,s-kr? g- nu ff r ,f 41 1 - . . P-' ' -sa K EI ,f-.M - f- W- 'IW WE, 2 1 'sw ,.. J , Q. , ff' fb? H ' Q RICH MOND CGLLEGE Between his Politics and his Books The Spider has no time for Looks,' Which may he why he always sticks His face in Books and Politics. fs an 1 - ,wa - .K-vm- V x, 1, ,Q 15-1 H' 'J 1 H1111 .V 1, ' If 'T1-11' " ui, E K W E ,i 1 vw -A 1 w- -, -V ' ' V 2 -V111 - Af- 11- '. M5114-'j 11? ,M 1-was fx, VVVV 1 V VV , V- ,VV 1 5. -QVQMVV-, -V,V V 1' -' -1' -1 rf 11 1 1 E 1 J ,,., A VVV, , VV V V " V,:.fJ','f"5i. 'L 22--n 11 3: V 1 aw L V 1 ' -'mf 'V I v 35 'W mf ' 1 -4 . sf Q 1 . 1 Jfwia1g11:' VV. EV 4- Q 1 1 .1-.fda ,. V V If 1, ,VV,..,,,V . 5,152 1' M. l IV . x . V ,-L'a'g'TS- HG '1' - I1 'A--111 - - - , - - . s:,fivVWV,-V V V3- 1 f fide 1g3g1Q'?:1.f'5 ,-1,3-1 .-1 4-G wi-."3f' -- I 1 ,-. 5,,,,1,-V11 ,.,, -1?-.1.. wiv' !-1. few 1111-. , 1 uf VW VVV:Qv,r'gJV,,VVVVV ML VV.j.nVV, V NTLV1 ,,V-- isa, . , S -1 ,V - XT- 5V VVV 1 -f -1 ,, .eww 'Ju wi- Nik. .-1-11,:12,1e.1. .. 9--1 'i, -1154151 ., , '.n1'f'511',X'-112 Pa- 'Fifi N-11.11 112-1 g. 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'- 1 "'-'L 1 J' 1' - - .LH-:"Ei11 fl. U. Trl'-.5-T-"1 -f a . 'Q' V - f , V: r..- ---VV .' '- . VV'-"h .-VVW-Q -V ,,.,, , 1 ,V 1 ' 1VVVVV1.VV , - V 3,-1 V. V 1 -,V VV V1VVV-,HVV -1, VVVVVVg-:VL -7DfV1.V-V 1 -Tj 'J!!,uV'- ' 'Zia "1 - V ' . 1 H 4 ' : -- kQ,.a,'-VV11T- - V , f'VV'g'fg fwfr.-QVE' 1,5- ' ' ' ' 1 , , ,:VV, -. V1 V ,,.-.1 - ,,, 'pm' 1- V- ,1- '- . 11 ' ----2 -- - A- V1,, 'W -'HT-' ' U. V.:-1 Q2-.1'.-IV -.1-'-r "Qf-1V'I::1-- - - f-f--g-1--f-Q-- ,, ,VY .VII , RICHMOND COLLEGE Richmond College Student Government Association The Richmond College Student Government Association of the 1948-49 session faced a most difficult task in meeting the needs of the largest student body in the history of the school. In order to best meet these needs, each individual was called upon to be especially cognizant of the two principal aims outlined by the Stu- dent Government: increased cooperation and participation in stu- dent affairs, and a re-awakening of school spirit. This has been a year of firsts for the Student Government, and through its leadership several noteworthy projects were instituted. Soon after the installation of the new administration a suggestion- 'box system was initiated by which students could voice their ideas for campus improvements. From these suggestions many innova- tions were brought forth, such as the accelerated matriculation schedule, improvement of washroom facilities, investigation of parking accommodations, the addition of pencil sharpeners, and the renovation of the tennis courts. Another first appeared in the University Honor Week which was conducted jointly by Westhampton and Richmond Colleges. A con- solidation of all Honor Society tappings in this one period was l thought to present to the student body more effectively the prestige associated with these organizations. l The last olhcial act of the Student Government was to propose plans for an over-all student council which would coordinate the activities of Richmond College with those of the newly formed Richmond College Student Government school of Business Administration- l STUART MASSIE Prericielzt RICHMOND COLLEGE SENATE. Left to right, reared: Lewis Booker, Don Fendler, Deck Hankins, Bob Lane, Preridefzl, Neil Cline, jim Sutteniield, Jim Sease. Stmzdifzg' jack Payne, Aubrey Ford, Frank Thompson, Haddon Snead, Harold White, Carrol Miles, Art Haines, Al Pittman. THE 1949 WEB STUDENT GOVERNMENT RICHMOND COLLEGE HONOR COUNCIL. Left to right: Edward Dunford, Jack Griffin, Arthur Singleton, Claaimmn, Aubrey Rosser, Phil Frederick, Bill Gee, Serrelary. QMissing from picture: Albert Evans and jack jenningsj Richmond College Honor Council The Honor System is Richmond College's greatest and most jealously guarded institution. Based upon the simple and irrevocable fact that a gentleman's honor is one of the paramount aspects of his being, the Honor System serves to inculcate even further the high moral standards the College has attempted to foster through the years. Behind the system and somewhat to the rear of the glamour parade of college life stands the Honor Council. Maintained as a judicial body and not a police force, the Council has as its fundamental duty the examination of cases involving breaches of the Honor Code. Since it is a council of honor and not a civil court, all persons who appear 'before it are judged as gentle- men, as they are as students at Richmond College. University of Richmond The Honor System, Code and Council began when the students of former years agreed that, as gentle- men, they were capable of maintaining a high stand- ard of honor among themselves. Consequently, these students made a bargain with the faculty and admin- istration of the College, in return for freedom to take tests and work without the piercing eye of a proctor upon them, the students pledged that they would maintain a high standard of honor on the campus. The Honor Council is, therefore, a student machine of justice. Its decisions are based upon character and moral development, rather than upon civil laws. In all its actions, the Council keeps this thought ever in view: "We are here to mould character, not to break men. RICHMOND COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to rigbl: Carrol Miles, Clair Sevzatofg' Tom Billingsley, Vice-Preridezzn Roscoe Crosier, T1'eamf'e1',' Basil Morrissett, Preridenlg Doug Pitts, Secretary. The Senior Class Spirit has been the foreword for the Class of 1949. Most of us began our educational careers on this and other campuses in 1942 or 1945, and after the cul- mination of World War II we found our way back to Alma Mater. Then we were older men with a keen determination for a successful college career, and full of the ideals of democracy for which we had just fought determinedly to hold. In the years just past We saw many changes in the physical appearance at the U of R. The old trolley has been replaced by modern busesg the Treasurer's Ofiice has been enlarged to take care of the financial dealings of a University with, a tremendously in- creased student bodyg Thomas Hall has been vacated by the fairer sexg and a new and modern dormitory has been built on t'other side of the lake, The "Forty Niners" have done much to instill spirit and leadership on this campus. We have now attained the goal which we set out to achieve three, four, five, six, and even seven years past. Now we must set for ourselves goals anew which we will accomplish in the same driving spirit- ful way. Many will go into the "outer world" while many of us will seek further studies. No matter what our future commitments may be, we can only look back with pride on our undergraduate days at Richmond College. To those who have aided us in accomplishing our task we express our sincere grati- tude. In keeping with our tradition and the principle of endeavoring to continue our search for knowledge as so ably taught us here, we go forth as the "Spirit of '49.', THE 1949 WEB WILLIAM LEE ALEORD Portsmouth, Virginia Applicanz for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Phi Alpha Thetag Ministerial Associationg Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM M. AMBURGEY, IR. Richmond, Virgin-ia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in BuJ'ine,r,r Admiizim-ation SATTLER BURNS ANDERSON Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Hirlory . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Omicron Delta Kappag ll'fbo'J llVbo,' Treasurer, Freshman Classg Senator, junior Classg Senator- at-Largeg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societ 3 Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg Varsity Football, Managerg Varsity Bashetballg Varsity Clubg Intramural Athleticsg Orientation Committee. WILLIAM ROBERT ANDERSON, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicanl for 13.5. Degree in Pbyricr Transfer from Tulane Universityg Sigma Pi Sigma. CLASS OF 1949 O A ROLEN CONWAY BAILEY JAMES LIVER VISON Bassettyvirginia RiChm0Hd,VifSiHif1 Applicant for BA. Degree in Applicant jar B.A.. Degree in Hirlory Palma!! Sfleme Transfer from Mars Hill junior Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Collegeg Ministerial Associationg Intramural Athletics. Baptist Student Union. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT SILAS BARBOUR, III South Boston, Virginia Applicanl for B.S. Degree in Bzlrrirzerr Adnzilzirlmliolz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Philologian Literary Societyg Intramural Athleticsg Table Tennis Championship. WALTER B. BARGER Buchanan, Virginia Ajfjzlimnl for B.A. Degree in Sociology Alpha Delta Fraternityg Phil- ologian Literary Society, Secre- tary, Historiang Inter-society De- batesg Glee Club, Vice-Presi- dentg Ministerial Association, Treasurer, Publicity Directorg Baptist Student Union, Editor of BSUster. University of Richmond N -7 RICHMOND COLLEGE WILLIAM EDWARD BARNETT Berryville, Virginia Applirunl for BA. Degree in Sofiolagy Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Philologian Literary So- ciety, Glee Clubg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Harlequin Club. EDGAR SENNETT BATTEN, IR. Camden, New Jersey Applirzmt for B.S. Degree in Burirzerr Admirzirtrutiorz Transfer from The College of William and Maryg Dean's List. X p . 'Q Q11 MARVIN A. BAYLES Brooklyn, New York Applimfzz for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry Phi Alpha Fraternity, Secretary, WEB, Business Staffg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Hillel Foundation, University Players, Technical Staff, Chemistry Club, Camera Clubg Varsity Swim- mingg Intramural Athletics. WILLIAM F. BAYLOR, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applimut for B.A. Degree in Political Srielzce Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, In- ternational Relations Club, President. CLASS OF1949 JOHN JOSEPH BAYTON Portsmouth, Virginia Applirmzt for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminiflralion Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Intramural Athletics. FRED BENDER Richmond, Virginia Applimrzl for B.A. Degree in Cbemirtry S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Hillel Foundation. MORRIS WILTON BENNETT Richmond, Virginia Appliranl for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirzration Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Comptroller, Glee Club, Intra- mural Athletics. WESLEY CLIFFORD BERNHART Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Claemirtry Intermediate Honors. THE 1949 WEB THOMAS I-I. BILLINGSLEY Fredericksburg, Virginia Appliamz for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirtratiarz Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Vice-Presidentg Senior Class Vice- Presidentg Society for the Advancement of Management, Varsity Baseball, Team Co-Captaing Varsity Football, Varsity Club, Treasurer. ERNEST GUYDELL BLAKE, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Psyrlaology Psychology Club. CHESTER THOMAS Bor.LxNc Norton, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Polilical Scienfe Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Executive Committeeg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg International Relations Club, Treas- urer, Delegate to VOIRCQ Young Democratic Club. THOMAS O. BONDURANT Rice, Virginia Applimrzt for B,S. Degree in Burinerx Adminirlmlion Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Theta Chi Fra- ternity, Intramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 JAY BURNS BORDER Huntington, West Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Poliziml Srienre Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Varsity Basketballg Intramural Ath- letics. University 0 f RiCb77Z01Z6Z IONAH JACKSON BOWLES Richmond, Virginia Applinuzl for B.A. Degree in Clsemirlry Transfer from Temple Univer- sity. SENIOR CLASS JOSEPH WADE BOWMAN Altavista, Virginia Applicant for B.S. 'Degree in Burinerr Adrzzirzzrtfczllozz Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Varsity Football, Manager Varsity Clubg Intramural Ath letics. WALTER LEE BRADLEY Sandston, Virginia Applimzzt for B.A. Degree in Politiml Scienre Dean's Listg T K Ag Forensic Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Presidentg Philologian Literary Society, President, Baptist Stu- dent Union Publicity Director, Vice-Presidentg Y.M.C.A. Cabi- net, Christian Volunteer Asso- ciationg International Relations Club, Secretaryg Richmond In- ter-collegiate Council Represent- ativeg Presidents Advisory Councilg Student Activities Councilg Student Party, Chair- mang Liberal Party, Chairman. - RICHMOND COLLEGE RICHARD ALTON BRAGG Richinond, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in ...IM Bll.YiI7E?.l'I Adminirmilion Intermediate Honors ' ' Y -E E: In Q 'Q- I " A MILTON DAVID BRENNER Newport News, Virginia Applicant for B,S. Degree in BIIJi!l0J'.l' fIKf77Zi7liJ'l7'dfi0lY Phi Alpha Fraternity, Dean's List, Interfraternity Council. J WALTER TAYLOR BRUCE, IR. MAYNARD E. BURKETT, IR. Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applimzzl for B.A. Degree in Apfiliranf for B.S. Degree in Englirb ' Pbyrics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Transfer from The College of Newman Club, Radio Guild. William and Maryg Sigma Pi Sigma. CLASS OF 1949 GEORGE HENRY BURNETT Richmond, Virginia Applirmzl for B.S. Degree in Chenzirlry Transfer from The College of William and Mary. GEORGE ELLSWORTH BUTLER, IR. Atlanta, Georgia Applimnz for B.S. Degree in Burinesr Adminirtmlion Transfer from Worcester Polytechnic Instituteg Alpha Tau Omega. DONALD WILLIAM CALDER Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in BIl.fi7I6.f.f Adminirlration Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Varsity Footballg Intramural Athletics. DONALD BARNES CAMDEN Big Island, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinexr Adminim-alien Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Correspondent, Philologian Literary SocietyffljfollegianpEditorial Staffg Harlequin Clubg 7' Intramural Athletics. 56" heist' ' f , THE 1949 WEB CHARLES EDWIN CARAVATI Richmond, Virginia Applirruzl for B.S. Degree in Blzrineff Admirzirlrfzliwz Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Newman Club' 1 Varsity Baseball. CHARLES VIVIAN CARELOCK Hopewell, Virginia Appliawzl far B.S. Degree in BlI.YilIL'.f,f AdlI1illi.l'fI'dfi0l1 Theta Chi Fraternity, Mu .Sigma Rho. CURTIS CRUTE CARLTON Halifax, Virginia Afllhlimrzl for B.S, Degree in Blarirrefr Adflzizlirlrntiozz Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Collegian, Business Staff, Adver- tising Manager. JOHN MARION CARTER Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.A. Degree in Hirmry Phi Beta Kappag Intermediate Honors, Phi Alpha Theta, Varsity Golf. CLASS OF 1949 WILLIAM CURTIS CARTER Stuart, Virginia Afwplifmzl -for B.S. Degree in Bzz.rizze.r.r Adminiirlralron Transfer from Wzike Forest Col lege and The College of Wil- liam and Mary. WILLIAM E. CARTER, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applimzzl for B.S. Degree in Bll.l'il7E.fJ' Ad77lilliJlI'dff0II Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate I-Ionorsg Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. SENIOR CLASS NIORRIS E. CATHER, IR. Wincliester, Virginia Applimuz for BA. Degree in Englirb Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappag Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary, President, Intermedi- ate Honors, Forensic Council, Philologian Literary Societyg Ministerial Association, Baptist Student Union, Third Vice- President, Chairman of Youth Teams, First Vice-President of State, Orientation Committee. .Wa JAMES EUNICE CAUDLE Petersburg, Virginia Applimnf for BA, Degree in English Dean's List. University of Riclmzond 5 na, PM 3? iv RICHMOND COLLEGE im F THOMAS I-I. CAULICINS Washington, D. C. Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology Philologian Literary Society, Treasurer, President, Secretary, Forensic Council, Baptist Stu- dent Union, Glee Club. DAVID ROLLSTON CHAPMAN Richmond, Virginia Applimzzl for B.A. Degree in Hiftory Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. L R? ZDZISLAW K. CHERWINSKI PAUL Louis CHEVALIER, IR. Brooklyn, New York Richmond, Virginia i Applicanl for B.S. Degree in Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemiflry Busineu Admirziriration Varsity Basketball, Varsity Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Baseball, Intramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 Louis ALEXANDER CIOLA Norfolk, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Economicf Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Newman Club, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Club. EDWARD THOMAS CLARK, IR. Winchester, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Englirb Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Fresh- man Class Treasurer, junior Class Chaplain, Senior Class Chap- lain, Intermediate Honors, Forensic Council, Philologian Liter- ary Society, Inter-society Debates, Glee Club, Ministerial Asso- ciation, Vice-President, President, Baptist Student Union, Vice- President, Y.M.C.A., Vice-President, Religious Activities Coun- cil, Cheerleader, Intramural Athletics, Orientation Committee. JOHN RODERICK CLARKE Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Erzglirb Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate Honors, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. RAWLEIGH GRANVILLE CLARY Whi.te Plains, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree ir: Hirtory Transfer from Ferrum junior College, Phi Delta Theta Fra- ternity. THE 1949 WEB DAVID SAGER CLAY Winston-Salem, North Carolina Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinexf Adminiftmlion Theta Chi Fraternity, Librarian, Pledge Marshalg Interfratemity Councilg Dance Committeeg Baptist Student Uniong Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg Society for the Advancement of Management. RICHARD ALLEN CLAYBROOK Baltimore, Mairyl-and Applimzll for B.S. Degree in BIl.fi71B.f.f Admininralion Theta Chi Fraternityg Glee Club. NEIL ROBERT CLINE Norfolk, Virginia Applimnt for B.S. Degree in Claemiftry Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Dean's Listg Secretary, junior Classg Omicron Delta Kappa, Presidentg lVb0'J 1171901 Tau Kappa Alpha, Virginia State Presidentg Chemistry Clubg Honor Councilg Student Government, Treasurerg Forensic Councilg Varsity Debate Teamg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societv, Secretary-Treasurerg Interfraternity Council 3 Harlequin Clubg International Relations Clubg President's Advisory Committeeg Orientation Committee. CLAUDIUS SMITH COLEMAN Richmond, Virginia Applimnf for B.A. Degree in Ecorzomirf Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity. CLASS OF1949 A WILLIAM C. COLLERAN, IR. GORDON ELLIS CONTI ELBERT VAUGHAN CooK R-icihmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Applimni for B.S. Degree in Applimnt for B.A. Degree in Bu:ine.r.r Admizziytralion Bll.fil26.fJ' Adnzizzixzrafion Pxycbology and Soriolagy SENIOR CLASS HUESTIS PRATT Cooic, III. Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.S, Degree in Burirzeu Admizzirzrfzlion Kappa Alpha Fraternityg West- minster Fellowshipg Varsity Tennisg Intramural Athletics. University of Richmond H E RICHMOND COLLEGE HARVEY ROCKWELL COOLEY Richmond, Virginia Applirarzl for BA. Degree in Sarialogy Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Warden, Social Chairmang Meuenger, Editorial Staffg In- tramural Athleticsg Dramatics with University Players. CHARLES W. COPPEDGE Powhatan, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Claemirlry WILLIAM LEE CORDER Haymarket, Virginia Applimut for BA. Degree in Pryclaology Alpha Delta Fraternityg Tau Kappa Alpha Freshman Class Representative g Psychology Club g Forensic Councilg Varsity De- bate Teamg Philologian Literary Society, Presidentg Ministerial Associationg Baptist Student Union. r l LYNwooD ANTHONY CosBY Richmond, Virginia Applircml for B.S. Degree in Pbyrir: Transfer from Virginia Poly- technic Instituteg Sigma Pi Sig- ma, Presidentg Pi Mu Epsilong Newman Clubj CLASS OF 1949 WINFORD COLEY COSTIN Richmond, Virginia Applicmzt for B.A. Degree in Bible Ministerial Associationg Baptist Student Union. PHILIP MELVILLE COURTNEY, III Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirzmtion Dean's List. WILTON GORDON Cousms, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicfwz for B.S. Degree in Burinerr 1qd77liIZi.fl7'dll07Z Phi Gamma Delta Eraternityg IlVlm'r lVlJa,' Omicron Delta Kappag Pi Delta Epsilong Intermediate Honorsg Dean's Listg Collegian, Editorial Statfg WEB, Editorial Staff, Richmond Col- lege Editor, Editor-in-Chiefg Baptist Student Uniong Society for the Advancement of Managementg Orientation Committeeg junior Prom Committeeg Senior Gift Committeeg Red Cross Drive, Chairmang Delegate to Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association Conference. ALAN L. CREEDLE Richmond, Virginia Applicant for 13.5. Degree in Bzzrirzerr Aa'mini.fmit-ian' THE 1949 WEB CARLTON AUSTIN CROOKS, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Vice-President. ROSOOE l'IAMILTON CROSIER, Bon Air, Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Ezlumliofz Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Senior Class Treasurer. OLIVER BRUCE CROSS, JR. Glen Allen, Virginia Applicarzz for B.A. Degree in Poliliral Srierzre Wesley Foundationg Glee Clubg Varsity Golf. GUYON WORTII CUMBY Riohmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.A. Degree in Pryebology and Murir Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Vice-Presidentg Wesley Foun- dation, Social Chairman, Ionian Music Club. CLASS OF 1949 I-IARRY LEE CUMMINGS Sandston, Virginia Applicafzi for B.S. Degree in BIlJ'iI16.l'.f Adllzilzirlrulfozz GERALD A. CUNNINGHAM Richmond, Virginia Ajzplicanl for B.S. Degree in BIl.fiH?.fJ Aflmirlirlratiolz Phi Delta Theta Fraternity dentg Varsity Tennis, Captain Intramural Athletics. a Freshman Class Vice-Presi- SENIOR CLASS JAMES ALBERT DANDRIDGE Richmond, Virginia Ajzplirazzl for B.A. Degree in Polilical Science Newman Club, Vice-President. ffl? N. WILLIAM CURRAN DAY Richmond, Virginia Applimlzl for BA. Degree in Biology Transfer from The College of William and Maryg Kappa Al- pha Fraternityg WEB, Editorial Staffg Harlequin Club. University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE C-EonoE JOSEPH DEHARDIT Richmond, Virginia Applirazzl for B.A. Degree in Politiml Scienre Newman Clubg Bandg Intra- mural Athletics. THOMAS WEST DELLA Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Playrin' Transfer from The College of William and Maryg Sigma Pi Sigmag Glee Clubg Choirg Chemistry Club. X Xi Viz, FRANK POWELL DICKINSON Fredericksburg, Virginia Appliazlzl for B,A. Degree in Saeiology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Presidentg Pi Delta Epsilong Tau Kappa Alphag Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Forensic Council, Presidentg WEB, Busi- ness Staff, Fraternity Editor, Editorial Staffg Interfraternity Councilg Harlequin Clubg Stu- dent Activities Councilg Presi- dent's Advisory Councilg Dance Committeeg Orientation Com- mittee. Cvnus IRVINE DILLON, IR. Boone's Mill, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Edumtion Transfer from Roanoke Collegeg Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Varsi- ty Baseballg Future Teachers of America. CLASS OF 1949 MELVIN JACKSON DILLON Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Pbyricr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Sigma Pi Sigrnag Pi Mu Epsilon. CLARENCE WHITTLE DOANE Richmond, Virginia Applit-fm: for B.S. Degree in Bzzrinerr Adnzinirlration University Players. CLIFFORD RAY DOGGETT Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Indurtrial Pryrbology Transfer from Richmond Professional Institute, The College of William and Maryg Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Camera Club. BERNARD DOLSEY Richmond, Virginia Applinmt for B.A. Degree in Biology IlVbo'.r lWloo,' Junior Class Treasurerg Senator-at-Largeg' Hillel Foundationg Varsity Basketballg Orientation Committee. THE 1949 WEB ROBERT MABRY Doss Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Prycbology Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, Dean's Listg Psychology Clubg Math Clubg Glee Clubg Choirg Baptist Stu- dent Uniong Varsity Footballg Intramural Athletics. WILLIAM HILL Dons, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Chemiilry Chemistry Clubg Psychology Club. ROBERT STEVENS DOWNS Richmond, Virginia Appliranz for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirtraiiorz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Intramural Athletics. ALFRED TRAYLOR DUDLEY Richmond, Virginia Apjllimzzl for BA, Degree in Euglirb Transfer from Oberlin College, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Tulane University. CLASS OF 1949 THOMAS S. DUNN, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B,S. Degree in Cbemirlry Transfer from Louisiana State Universityg Sigma Chi Frater- nityg Phi Beta Kappag Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Recorder, Phi Alpha Thetag Chemistry Clubg Glee Clubg Choir. University of Richmond DONALD GREGORY EDEL Richmond, Virginia Applirfrnf for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adnziuirlnrliolz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Newman Club, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Athleticsg Religious Activities Councilg Orientation Committee. SENIOR CLASS JOHN 'THOIVIAS EDMONDS Accomac, Virginia Appliranz for B.A. Degree in Cbemiilry Q Kappa Alpha Fratemityg WEB Business Staff, Chemistry Club Interfraternity Councilg Harle quin Club. JOHN POOL ELLIOTT Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Bible Alpha Delta Fraternity, Presi- clentg Ministerial Associationg Baptist Student Union. 5 RICHMOND COLLEGE GEORGE ROBERT ENDICOTT Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in B14.ri71e.ri Admizzirzraliorz Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. CLAVEL TYRUS EUBANK Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bumzeir Adrzzimirmzzion ALBERT HAROLD EVANS Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Biology Phi Alpha Fraternity, Presidentg ll'fbo'r W'lao,' Honor Council, Secretaryg junior Class Parlia- mentariang Varsity Debate Teamg S. C. Mitchell Literary GARLOND EDWARD EVERS Clarksburg, West Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Pryrlnology Transfer from Richmond Profes- sional Institute of The College of William and Maryg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Psy- chology Club. rt.. t Societyg Spider Handbook, Busi- ness Managerg Collegian, As- sistant Advertising Managerg Hillel Foundation, Board of Governors: University Players, Technical Staffg Interfraternity Councilg Harlequin Club, In- tramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 IRA BUCHANAN FALLIN, IR. Lottsburg, Virgin-ia Afzplicanl for B.S. Degree ill Burinerr Adminirtraliorz DONALD BRADFORD FENDLER Pelham Manor, New York Appliranl for B.S. Degree in Bufinexr Admini.ft1'r1fi0I1 Kappa Sigma Fraternit , Treasurer, House Managerg Society for the Advancement Oty Managementg Canterbury Clubg Inter- fraternity Council, Dance Chairmang Harlequin Clubg Presi- dent's Advisory Councilg Varsity Basketballg Intramural Ath- leticsg Student Representative to Athletic Councilg Student Representative to Faculty Committee on Student Social Life, Orientation Committee. LEONARD FENDRICH Mount Vernon, New York Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adlzzifziilmliofz Varsity Football. WILLIAM JOSEPH FERGUSON, In. Richmond, Virginia Ajzplimzzl for B.S. Degree in Bufirierr Adnzirziflfation THE 1949 WEB ITALO NATALIO FERRAMOSCA Riohmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.S. Degree in Buriueii Adminiflmzion Newman Club, Y.M.C.A. GEORGE CALIIOUN FIELD, JR. Wilmington, North Carolina Applimnl for B.A, Degree in Soriology Transfer from Wilmington College, University of North Carolina. ALEC WAKEFIELD FINLAYSON Marietta, Ohio Applicant for BA. Degree in Dramatirr Transfer from Hampden-Sydney College, University of Dela- ware, Columbia University, Glee Club, Band, Choir. 4 CALVIN LYNDALL FISHER I Richmond, Virginia Applirant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirzry Dean's List, Chemistry Club, Wesley Foundation, University Band, Intramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 RICHARD I. FLAX Richmond, Virginia I Ajzplimrzl for B.S. Degree Bll.fiIZ!?.l'.l' Adminirtmlialz University of Richmond ARNOLD P. FLESHOOD Iarrawtt, Virginia Applirarzz for B.A, Degree in Englifla Theta Chi Fraternity, President, Glee Club, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Harlequin Club, University Players, President, Intramural Athletics. SENIOR CLASS JAMES WILLIAM FLIPPIN Stuart, Virginia Applitfml for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Transfer from Virginia Poly- technic Institute, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. f TEMPLE WHITT Poco Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Bnrineri Adminiitrution Intermediate Honorsq RICHMOND COLLEGE GEORGE A. FRoo1vr JOSEPH E. GALLOWAY, JR. Pomeroy, Iowa Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.S. Degree in Applinml for B.S, Degree in Bzzfinerr Azlrzzizzirtmrion Pbyrirr Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Honors, Dean's List, Student Assistant in Accounting. i-.te 5 "L EDWARD CARLTON GAMMON Richmond, Virginia Ajzplimnl fur .Degree in Bzzrinerr Adm1n1m'atz0n Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Sec- retary, Glee Club, Choir, In- tramural Athletics. WALTER JOSEPH GANS, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminiilmtion P D E, O D K, lVla0'r llVl9o,' Senior Class Publicity Chairman, Senior Class Social Committee, Intermediate Honors, Collegian, Managing Editor, Spider Hand- lzoak, Circulation Manager, So- ciety for 'the Advancement of Management, President, Uni- versity Special Events Commit- tee, Delegate, Student Congress of Virginia Colleges and Uni- versities, Constitutional Re- vision Committee, Matricula- tion Committee. CLASS OF1949 JOHN HowARn GARBER, IR. Hampton, Virginia Applieanf for B.A. Degree in Poliliml Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, President, Mu Sigma Rho Lit- erary Society, Baptist Student Union, Interfraternity Council, Harlequin Club, Intramural Athletics. OSEPH FLETCHER GARREN, IR, Richmond, Virginia Applimlzl for B.A. Degree in Eranomier Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. WILLIAM HENRY GARREN Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Buriuerr Adminirlmtion Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate Honors, Society for the Advancement of Management. STUART WooDsoN GARRETT Richmond, Virginia Aflfllifalll for B.S. Degree in Bmineu Adminirlratiorz Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Intramural Athletics. THE 1949 WEB EDWARD REDD1N GATLING Richmond, Virginia ,M , Appliranl for B.S. Degree in Burirzerr Aaiizziniiiralion Dean's Listg Intermediate Honorsg University Choir. WILLIAM NEVILLE GBE, JR. Kenbridge, Virginia Applimnt for B,S. Degree in Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, President, Secretary, Correspond- ing Secretary, Marshalg Phi Beta Kappag Intermediate Honorsg Dean's Listg Honor Council, Secretaryg Chemisif Clubg Philo- logian Literary Society, Secretaryg Baptist Student Uniong Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Orientation Committee. KENNETH GRAY GENTIL Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.A. Degree in Pfyelmlogy Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Westminster Fellowshipg Varsity Footballg Freshman Basketball. ROBERT GREGORY GIBSON Ricfhmond, Virginia Applimfzt for B.S. Degree in Burinefr Adrnirziftraliorz Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairmang Pi Delta Epsilong Col- legian, Copy Editorg Spider Handbook, Business Manager, SO- ciety for the Advancement of Managementg Intramural Ath- leticsg Matriculation Committee. CLASS OF 1949 JOHN GOODE Delaplane, Virginia ERNEST JOHN GOETZ Richmond, Virginia Applirarzl for B.S. Degree in Bu.rine,rJ Admirzirtmtiorz Poliliml Srienre Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Canterbury Club, Treasurerg In- University Bandg Varsity Ten- ternational Relations Club, His- nisg Intramural Athletics. torian. Appliefmt for B.A. Degree in SENIOR CLASS JOHN PEARMAN GOODYEAR JOHN CHALMERS GORDON Petersburg, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Admirzirtmtiorz Burinerr Adrzzizzirtraiiorz Theta Chi Fraternityg Newman Transfer from Wake Forest Clubg Intramural Athletics. College. University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE ROBERT CHARLES GRADY Grange, Virginia Applicfml for B.S. Degree in Bll.FlII6.lJ A!fIIZlIlf.fITlIfi0H Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseball. ' EDMOND R. GRAVES, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicalzl for B.S. Degree'i11 Burizzeu Advzzifzirzmtion Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Varsity Baseballg Glee Club. QQ. ,gp ROBERT ZANE GRAY Kingsport, Tennessee flppliamf for B.A. Degree in Englirh and Bible Alpha Delta Fraternity, Re- cording Secretaryg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Treasurerg Phil- ologian Literary Societyg Min- isterial Associationg Baptist Stu- dent Uniong Glee Clubg Uni- versity Band. WILLIAM ROBERT GROSS Richmond, Virginia Applimzzz for B.S. Degree in Claemirlry ' Intermediate Honors, Sigma Pi Sigmag Pi Mu Epsilong Chem- istry Clubg S. C. Mitchell Lit- erary Society. CLASS OF 1949 DAVID SOLOMON GROSSMAN Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirlmliorz WARREN CLEATON I-IAGOOD Clover, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry Dean's Listg Chemistry Club. ARTHUR JOHN HAINES, IR, Harvey, Illinois Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bu.riner.r Adminirlration Transfer from Thornton Junior Collegeg Senator-at-Largeg Society for the Advancement of Managementg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Golf. WILLIAM LANCASTER I-IALES Petersburg, Virginia Applirant for BA. Degree in Bible Alpha Delta Fraternity, Pledge Marshalg Ministerial Associa- tiong Baptist Student Union. THE 1949 WEB CHARLES NELSON HALL Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Claemiflry Theta Chi Fraternity. JACK B. HALL Bluefield, West Virgin-ia Applimnz for B.A. Degree in .Cbemiflry Transfer from Bluefield College. WILLIAM NATHANIEL l'IALLMAN, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.S. Degree in Bufirzesr Adminiylmtion GEORGE P. PIAMBLETON Richmond, Virginia Applinml for B.S. Degree in Bzuinen Adminirlration CLASS OF 1949 JAMES P. I'IANKINS, In. Halifax, Virginia Applirunt for B.A. Degree in Eflumliarz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg lf7lJ0'J lVho,' Student Gov- ernment, Representative to Board of Publicationsg WEB, Business Staffg Canterbury Club, Co-chairmang Student Activities Councilg Religious Activities Councilg Harlequin Clubg Re- ligious Emphasis Week Com- mitteeg Intramural Aithleticsg Junior Class Dance Committeeg RALPH N. HARGROVE Richmond, Virginia Applimmf for .Degree in Bu.rirzei'.r Adnzzrmlralzorz Theta Chi Fraternity, Vice- Presidentg Mu Sigma Rho Lit- SENIOR CLASS agu- x WILLIAM E. HARPER, IR. LAWRENCE C. HARRISON Richmond, Virginia Golansville, Virginia Applimnl for B.5. Degree in Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Buiirzerx Adrzzizziftmtion English Theta Chi Fraternityg Society Transfer from Blueheld Col- erary Societyg Interfraternity for the Advancement of Man- legeg Ministerial Associationg mittee. Council. agement. Baptist Student Union. Cheer Leaderg Orientation Com- Urziversity of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE RALPH O. HARVARD Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.S. Degree in Busirzers Admirliriralion Transfer from Virginia Mili- tary Instituteg Kappa Sigma Fraternity. CHARLES A. HARVEY Erwin, Tennessee Applimrzl for B.A. Degree in Political Scienre Dean's Listg Tau Kappa Alphag Forensic Councilg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Presidentg Varsity Debate Team, Inter- national Relations Club. : , A CHARLES P. I'IARWOOD ROBERT WARREN HAYS Richmond, Virginia Baltimore, Maryland Applimrzt for B.S. Degree in Applimrzt for B.A. Degree in Cbemirlry Englirb Transfer from Virginia Poly- Transfer from Loyola Collegeg technic Institute, University of Ministerial Associationg Baptist Pennsylvania. Student Union. CLASS OF 1949 RAouL ROLAND HEEERT Woonsocket, Rhode Island Applicanl for B.S. Degree ir: Burirzefr Adminirtrazian JAMES DANNEHL HEEEERNAN Fredericksburg, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Pbyricr Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg Dean's Listg Sigma Pi Sigmag Newman Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Freshman Foot- ballg Freshman Track. GILBERT GRAY HENLEY Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Burinerr Admirzixlraiion Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Presiclentg Varsity Baseballg Varsity Footballg Intramural Athletics. JAMES EMMETT HESLEP, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applffdlll for B.A. Degree in Ecmzomirr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Presidentg IVho's lWho,' S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Mexrenger Staffg Harlequin Clubg Dance Committeeg Interfraternity Councilg Senior Class Enter- tainment Committee, Chairmang Student Special Events Com- mittee. THE 1949 WEB JOHN CHASE HESS Baltimore, Maryland Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bzzrinem Administration Kappa Alpha' Fraternity, Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, Intramural Athletics. JOHN WILLIAM Hicks Richmond, Virginia Applifarzt for B.A. Degree in Pxyrlaology Ministerial Associationg Baptist Student Uniong Glee Clubg University Band. JOHN RALEIGH I'lOFFMAN Lake Worth, Florida Applirmzl for B.S, Degree in Pbyfics Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappag Intermediate Honorsg Dean's Listg Sigma Pi Sigmag Pi Mu Epsilong Col- legian, Editorial Staff. RAYMOND THOMAS HOLMES, Jn. Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.S, Degree in Bzzrifzefr Adminirfrntion CLASS OF 1949 ELBERT I'IILTON HOLT Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Economies Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. JESSE ANDERSON I'IOOD, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Biuinerr Admifzirlraliou SENIOR CLASS EDWARD T. I'IO0PER, Jn. Richmond, Virginia Applimrzt for B.S. Degree in Pbyriff Intermediate Honors, Sigma Pi Sigmag Pi Mu Epsilon. FARRAR W. HOWARD Richmond, Virginia Ajrplicanl for BA, Degree in Cbemiftry Dean's List, Chemistry Club, President g Baptist Student Union. F r University 0 f Riclomorzd RICHMOND COLLEGE , Q' JOHN B. LIOWERTON Petersburg, Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Hirzory Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Dean's List, Phi Alpha Theta, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Treasurer, WEB, Activities Edi- tor, Canterbury Club, B. S. U. Cabinet, Glee Club, Presi- dent, Secretary Treasurer, Solo- ist, University Choir, Vice-Pres- ident. SETH ROGER HUBBARD, In Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Cbemiriry Transfer from Dickinson Col- lege, Freshman Track. ' . VVILLIAM FRANCIS HUDSON Culpeper, Virginia Applirqrzt for B.S'. Degree in Bluuzerr Iid7lZll2iJl7'dlI072 Transfer from Virginia Poly- technic Institute, University of North Carolina. BERNARD I-IULCHER, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. -Degree in Burznerr Adminirtralzmz Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Treasurer, Freshman Class Pres- ident, Student Activities Coun- cil, Religious Activities Coun- cil, Newman Club, Vice-Presi- dent, President, Society for the Advancement of Management, Harlequin Club, Treasurer, Varsity Tennis, Manager, In- tramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 WERTER H. Hurst, In. Culpeper, Virginia Applinznl for B.S. Degree in Burizlerr Admizzirlmiiorz Transfer from The Citadel, Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Vice- President, Harlequin Club. WILLIAM NORMAN HURT, JR. Midloitliian, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bzuinerr Ad777ll1f.rl1'ali0n MARBURY MITCHELL HUTCHISON Herndon, Virginia Applimzzl for B.S. Degree in Biology WALTER FITZHUGH PIYER Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.A. Degree in Biology Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Interfraternity Dance Committee, Senior Class Dance Committee, junior Class Procurement Com- mittee, Intramural Athletics, Freshman Football, Freshman Baseball. THE 1949 WEB CHARLES DIMMOCK JENKINS, JR. Richmond, Virginia Afrplimnl for B.S. Degree in Bll.I'iIZ6.I'.I' Admini.rl1'nli0zz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Pi Delta Epsilong Collegian, Editorial Staffg WEB, Proofreader, Layout Editor, Richmond College Editorg Canterbury Club, Secretaryg Varsity Tennisg Varsity Football, Varsity Swimming, Captaing Religious Ac- tivities Councilg Religious Emphasis Week Comrnitteeg Intra- ' mural Athletics. CLAUD BRUCE JENKINS Richmond, Virginia Applimut for B.A. Degree in Prycbology JOSEPH ASHBY JENNINGS Rich-mond, Virginia Applimul for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirfmlion Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Omicron Delta Kappag Phi Beta Kappag Dean's Listg Intermediate Honorsg Honor Council, Harlequin Clubg Society for the Advancement Of Management, Vice-President. OSIE 'CLARENCE JERNICAN, Jn. Petersburg, Virginia Applimul for BA. Degree in Erzglirb Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg Dean's List. CLASS OF 1949 I JAMES PARHAM JETER Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Englifb Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Canterbury Club, Secretary, Presiclentg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Secretaryg Varsity Clubg Varsity Football g Varsity Basketball, Manager, Religious Activities Councilg Religious Emphasis Week Committeeg Intramural Athleticsg Matriculation Com- mittee. TI-IOMAS RUCKER JETER Danville, Vi-rginia Applirmzt for B.S. Degree izz Pbyrirr Sigma Pi Sigma. S BOBBY BROOKE JOHNSON Culpeper, Virginia Appliranl for B.A. Degree in Edumzion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Varsity Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Athletics. Jw, SENIOR CLASS DAVID WALLACE JOHNSON Richmond, Virginia Applimnf for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry Intermecliate Honorsg Dean's Listg Gamma Sigma Epsilong Chemistry Club. University of Riclomoml RICHMOND COLLEGE FRANKLIN CLINITH JOHNSON GEORGE IRA JOHNSON Vineland, New 'Jersey Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Applicant far. B.S. Degree in Sariology Bnrinerr Ad7?Zf77i.fff!lli0!Z Canterbury Clubg International Relations Club. JOSEPH R. JOHNSON, Jn. Bassett, Virginia Applimnz for BA. Degree in Eeaizomicr Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Uni- versit Pla ers' Radio Guildg y X , Varsity Football. THOMAS A. JOHNSON Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Political Scienre Dean's Listg S. C. Mitchell Lit- erary Societyg International Re- lations Clubg Young Democratic Club, President. CLASS OF1949 ROBERT MINOR JONES Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adllzinirlration Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Secretary, Presidentg Society for the Advancement of Management, Secretaryg Harlequin Clubg Varsity Tennis, Managerg Intramural Athletics. LLOYD ALEXANDER JORDAN, Jn. Richmond, Virginia Applican! for BA. Degree in Polilical Srience Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Harlequin Clubg Intramural Athletics. THOMAS DAVID JORDAN Richmond, Virginia Applicant far B.A. Degree in Cbemirlry Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Treasurer, Presidentg Harlequin Club, Treasurer, Presidentg Intramural Athletics. JOSEPH JOHN JOZEFOWICZ South River, New Jersey Applinzlil for BA. Degree in Ecmmmici Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Newman Clubg Varsity Football, Senior Managerg Varsity Club. THE 1949 WEB JACK W. IULIAN Richmond, Virginia Applinmr for B.A. Degree in Claemirlry Chemistry Club. IVIERCER WELDON KAY Crozier, Virginia Applimzzl for B.A. Degree in Sociology LEWIS AVERILL KELL1soN Arlington, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in BIl.l'i719.fI Admininraliorz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Philologian Literary Society. GEORGE EDISON K1DD, JR. Richmond, Virginia Ajzpliuuzz for B.S. Degree in Bmineu Adminirlraliorz Society for the Advancement of Management. CLASS OF 1949 GEORGE THOMAS KING, III Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.S. Degree in Bzzrizlefr Admiz2i.rlru1iolz Transfer from Virginia Mili- tary Institute, Phi Gamma Del- ta Fraternityg Dean's Listg Can- terbury Clubg Matriculation Committeeg Special Events Committee. IRVING RAY KING Richmond, Virginia A S . MW V .2 gr: ,Q ef . 2. SENIOR CLASS . ,area Applimm for B.S. Degree in CHARLES F. KOHLER pbylm' Richmond, Virginia Phi Beta Kappag Deanis Listg . , l . Intermediate Honorsg Sigma Pi Appllmm gggnEg,'gLIDeg'ee H2 Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Treas- urerg Math Club, Treasurer. Kappa Sigma Fraternity. I MAURIGE TYLER KOHLER Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bu.rine.rr Admizziylration Transfer from Virginia Poly- technic Instituteg Society for the Advancement of Management, Varsity Track. University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE WINEIELD KOHLER Richunond, Virginia Applimnl for BS. Degree in Bu.ri11er.r Admirzi.rlrario1z Transfer from University of Maryland, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. CASTLE Koop Fine Creek Mills, Virginia Apfflimnl for BA. Degree in Pbiloropby Transfer from Davidson Col lege, Ministerial Association Baptist Student Union, Chris tian Volunteer Association. DANIEL I-IERSCHEL KRUGER Applicant for B.A. Degree in - Transfer from The College of WILLIAM FRANCIS LAMB N orfollc, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Economic: C bemim' y Newman Club, Treasurer, Var- sity Swimming, Intramural Athletics. Williain and Mary. CLASS OF 1949 STEWART WILLIAM LANDEUM Richmond, Virginia Applimrzl for B.S. Degree in Buriners Adfzzinirtrution ROBERT AMOS LANE, IR. Salem, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bzzriners Adminirlralion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, President, Secretary, Pledge Master, lIVba'J I!Vbo,' Student Government, Vice-President, Student Activities Committee, Chairman, Harlequin Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Y,M.C.A. Cabinet, Interfraternity Council, Society for the Advancement of Management, Vice-President, junior Class Scholarship Committee, Chairman, Better Relations Commit- tee, Orientation Committee. MELVIN VVOODROW LAPRADE Richmond, Virginia Applimrzl for B.A. Degree in Claemirlry Chemistry Club. GUY ALEXANDER LEATH, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Prycbalogy Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Pi Delta Epsilon, WEB, Art Staff, Art Editor, Student Activities Council, Glee Club, Baptist Student Union, Interfraternity Dance Committee, Intramural Athletics, Special Events Committee, Homecoming Commit-tee. THE 1949 WEB AUSTIN WELLON LEFTWICH Richmond, Virginia Applirfwl for BA. Degree in Sociology JEROME I-IERBEET LEON Richmond, Virginia Applimrzz for B.S. Degree in Burinerx Adrzzirzirtmliofz Phi Alpha Fraternity, Collegian, Editorial Staffg WEB, Snap- shot Editor, Photography Editor, Publicity Directorg Hillel Foundationg University Players, Camera Club, Vice-President, President. WILLIAM HAROLD LESTER Hampton, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Transfer from Campbell Collegeg Alpha Delta Fraternityg Min- isterial Association. RONALD NORMAN LEVIN Richmond, Virginia Applicarzl for B..S', Degree in Biology. Hillel Foundationg Beta Beta Beta. CLASS OF1949 BERLIN B. LINEBERRY, In. THOMAS DWIGHT LINTON Galax, Virginia Nashville, Tennessee Aflflllfllllf for B.S. Degree in Afzplimrzf for B,S. Degree in Mczllaenmlirr Cbenzirlry Pi Mu Epsilon. Transfer from Erskine College. SENIOR CLASS Louis JOSEPH C. LOMBARDO Richmond, Virginia Applirant for B.S. Degree in Adminirzmlion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Newman Club, Secretaryg Var- sity Footballg Intramural Ath- letics. WILLIAM TYREE Luca, Jn. Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Eeouomier University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE WILLIAM FRANCIS IJUDLAIVI Richmond, Virginia Appliranl for B.5'. Degree in B1z.fi11e.rr Adrzzirzixfmiiorz Lours F. LUECHAUER Los Angeles, California Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry Transfer from University of Cincinnatig Dean's Listg Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Grand Alche- mist, Chemistry Club. WILLIAM LEE LUKHARD Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burzzzefr Adminirlralion Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Dean's Listg Tau Kappa Alpha, Forensic Council, Secretary- Treasurer g Varsity Debate Team, Managerg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramural Athletics. CARL DALTON LUNSFORD Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbenzirfry Transfer from The College of William and Maryg Phi Beta Kappag Sigma Pi Sigma, Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon, Chemistry Club. CLASS OF 1949 SAUL MARTIN LURIA Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirtry Phi Alpha Fraternity, Secretaryg Intermediate Honorsg Dean's Listg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Secretaryg Interfratemity Council, Chemistry Club. GEORGE OSCAR MCCLARY Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Psychology Phi Beta Kappag Intermediate Honorsg Dean's List, Pi Delta Epsilong Psychology Club, Secretary-Treasurerg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Secretaryg Collegian, Editorial Staffg WEB, Senior Class Editorg Westminster Fellowship, Radio Guild, Dramatics with University Players, Future Teachers of America. RussELL WENDALL MCDEARMON Richmond, Virginia Applirarzt for B.S. Degree irz Phyxicr Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate Honorsg Dean's Listg Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilong Varsity Golf. ELLETT RICHARD MCGEORGE, IR. Beulahville, Virginia Applimrzi for B.A. Degree in Edumliwz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Honor Councilg Student Govern- ment, Athletic Representativeg Philologian Literary Society, Y.M.C.A.g Varsity Clubg Varsity 'Baseballg Varsity Footballg Intramural Athleticsg Orientation Committee. THE 1949 WEB L I Phi Bet JOHN EDWARD MALLORY, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Malhemaliar a Kappa, Intermediate Honors, Dean's List, Pi Mu Epsilon. EDWIN WELLINGTON MANGUM Petersburg, Virginia Applimnf for BA. Degree in Englirb Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate Honors. WARREN DEWEY MANN Petersburg, Virginia Applirmzt for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirtralimz Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Glee Club. PIARRY MARKS IVIARKHOFF Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.S. Degree in Bzuinerr Admirzirinllion Transfer from North Georgia College. SEQ? . ' tg A ' ' SENIOR CLASS it X ,ginigmii ix, ' am si C L A S S 0 F I 9 4 9 IVIORTON MARKS, I-IERRICK S. MASSIE, IR. Richmond, Virginia Aflfllifdnl for B.A. Degree in Englirb Transfer from North Carolina State College, O D K, IVbo'r IVb0,' P D E, Honor Council, Forensic Council, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Student Gon- gress of Virginia, Secretary- Treasurer, President's Advisory Council, Member, V I P Associ- ation, Collegian, Editor-in- Chief, WEB, Photography Edi- tor, Literary Staff, Camera Club, President, Vice-President, Hon- ors Week Committee, C0-chair- man, Orientation Committee. ANDREW WILLIE MASON Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for BA. Degree in Frefzrb Phi Beta Kappa, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, New- Intra- man Club, Chess Club, mural Athletics. University of Richmond sl, BROOKS DUFFIELD MASON Bloxom, Virginia Applicant for B,S. Degree in Bz1,ri1zer.r 14d71liI2iJ'lH1Ii0l1 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity WEB, Editorial Staff, Glee Club Varsity Track, Intramural Athi letics. "ear 2 I, ' - A l 'feggf ig w e V - ' l.- 2 Richmond, Virginia Apjzlimnt for B.S. Degree in BIUIIIEJJ Adzninirhzzlion Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Secretary, O D K, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, lVbo'r lVbo,' Student Gov- ernment, President, Dean's List, junior Class President, Student Congress of Virginia, President, Society for the Advancement of Management, Board of Publi- cations, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, In- terfraternity Council, Presi- dent's Advisory Council, Ori- entation Committee, Chairman, Varsity Trackg Freshman Foot- all. RICHMOND COLLEGE A JAMES RICHARD MATTHEWS Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Bible Alpha Delta Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Min- isterial Associationg Interna- tional Relations Clubg Young Democratic Club. . ORVILLE C. MATTHEWS, JR I-Iot Springs, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bu.rine.rr Adminirtmlion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Varsity Baseballg Varsity Track Intramural Athletics. CHARLES D. MATTOX, Jn. Lynchburg, Virginia Applimzzx for B.S. Degree in B7lJ'l7Z6,f.f Adminirlmlion Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Presi- dentg Society for the Advance- ment of Managementg Interfra- ternity Councilg Harlequin Clubg Varsity Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseballg In- tramural Athleticsg Interfrater- nity Dance Committee, Matricu- lation Committee. CONRAD B. MATTOX, JR. Gretna, Virginia Applimnt for BIA. Degree in Political Science Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. CLASS OF 1949 1 ,,HARRY LYNWOOD MEARS, Ja. ,. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.5'. Degree in Pbysirr Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Tau Kappa Alphag Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilong Forensic Councilg Student Activities Councilg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, President, Treasurerg Intersociety Debates Winnerg Westminster Fellowshipg International Re- lations Club, Treasurer. ' I'IARVE.Y EDWARD MELTON Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Claemirfry ANDREW JOSEPH MEoNr, ja. Richmond, Virginia Afrplimnl for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirlrazion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Collegian, Sports Editorg Newman Club, Treasurerg Intramural Athletics. WILLIAM SEAWELL MICPIAUX Richmond, Virginia Applirunl for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adnzinirlmliofz Transfer from Virginia Military Instituteg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. THE 1949 WEB CARROLL E. l.VlILES Rocky Mounit, Virginia Applimzzl for B.S. Degree in B1l.l'i!1E.l'.f AdlIZiniJlfzl!i07l Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Senior Class Senatorg Senior Class Social Committee, Chairmang Society for the Advancement of Managementg Intramural Athleticsg Freshman Football, Manager. JOHN BROUGHTON MILLER Richmond, Virginia Applimmf for B.A. Degree in Claemirlry RODERICK DHU MILLER Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Historiang Biology Clubg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Intramural Athletics. HARRY DALEY lVl0FFETT Los Angeles, California Applifanz for BA. Degree in Ecozzomicr CLASS OF 1949 THOMAS CLARK MOODY JAMES ASHBY MONCUIIE Glen Allen, Virginia Richmond' Virginia Afiplinnzi for B.A. Degree in Applicant for BA. Degree in Poliliml Science Hmmy Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Intra S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. mural Athletics. 5 i , fl University of Richmond ..-. ee I. SENIOR CLASS LINDSEY DAVID MORRIS Richmond, Virginia Alliplimfzl for B.5'. Degree in Bll,ffIlE.l'.f Aelmfnirfnzfion DAVID B. MORRISSETT, IR. Priclunond, Virginia Applimm' for B.S. Degree in Burizzerr Adminirtreztion Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Re- porterg O D Kg Dean's Listg Senior Class Presidentg ,Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Freshman Class Vice-Presidentg Thomas Branch McAdams Awardg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg In- terfraterni-ty Relations Commit- tee, Chairmang President's Ad- visory Councilg Harlequin Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management, Treasurerg Intra- mural Athletics. RICHMOND COLLEGE CECIL GILBERT MOTLEY Priclunond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bll.fil16.l'J' Adminixifcztion Wesley Foundationg Society for the Advancement of Manage- mentg University Band. ALLEN MILTON MURPHY JOSEPH MURRAY PAUL ANDERSON MYERS Norfolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Aflflliflliil for B.5'. Degree in Applicant for B.S. Degree in Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirtfy Burinerr Adminirtmzion Pbyricr Transfer from New Mexico Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Pi Mu Epsilong Dean's Listg Military Instituteg Varsity junior Varsity Footballg Intra' Newman Club. Swimmingg Varsity Track. mural Football. CLASS OF 1949 LAWRENCE LEE NACHMAN Herndon, Virginia Applicant far B.S. Degree in Buxinerr Adnzinirlratiorz Phi Alpha Fraternityg Interfraternity Councilg Interfraternity Dance Committee, Chairman. CHARLES EDWARD NIEDERMAYER, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Economic: Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Canterbury Clubg Intramural Ath- leticsg Veterans Club, Vice-Presidentg Varsity Golf. I'IERBERT WILLIAM NIEDERMAYER, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.S. Degree in Playricr Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Intramural Athleticsg Matriculation Committeeg Freshman Basketballg Freshman Football, Manager. WILLIAM JUDSON NOELL Lynchburg, Virginia Applicant for B.S, Degree in Burinerr Adminirlrafian THE 1949 WEB CLYDE WILLAIID Noawoon Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bu,rine.r.r Adminismztiorz Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Wesley Foundationg Intramural Athletics. ANDREW LEWIS OBERG Beverly, Massachusetts Applimnz for BA. Degree in Englifla Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Radio Guild, Presidentg University Playersg Merrenger, Literary Staff. JAMES R. O,BRIEN Dunn, North Carolina Applicant for B.S. Degree in Playrirf Transfer from North Carolina State College. JAMES ANDREW O,CONNOR Richmond, Virginia Applicant far B.A. Degree in Political Science CLASS OF 1949 LEWIS MOSES OMER, III Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S, Degree in Claemirlry Theta Chi Fraternityg Chemistry Club. WILLARD C. OSBURN, Towson, Maryland Applimul for B.A. Degree in Pryrlaology Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Presi- dentg Student Government, Vice-Presiclentg Canterbury Clubg Interfraternity Councilg Harlequin Club, Secretaryg Uni- versity Playersg Intramural Ath- letics. SENIOR CLASS CLARENCE R. OTTO, ROBERT HENRY PARKS, III Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Appliamx for B.5'. Degree in Bll.l'iIlEJ'J' Admirzifmzzian Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bzz,ri1ze.rJ Admini.r2mfion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg So- ciety for the Advancement of Band, Presidentg Society for the Advancement of Management. Management. U ni-versity of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE CHARLES A. PEACHEE, In. Richmond, Virginia Aflplimnl for BA. Degree in Psychology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Harlequin Clubg Varsity Base: ball, Intramural Athletics. THOMAS B. PEAEMAN, III WALTER GRAY PEAIISON WILLIAM C. PENDLETON Richmond, Virginia South Hill, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applinmt far B.A. Degree in Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Biology Biology Burirleipf Adminirlmliofz Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Beta Beta Betag Glee Club. Kappa Alpha Fraternityg New- S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. man Club. iii CLASS OF 1949 JOHN GRAY PERKINS Sandston, Virginia ' " Applimrzz for B.A. Degree in Music Glee Club, Band, Secretary-Treasurer, Student Director. 4 WILLIAM LAWRENCE PERKINS, In. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in French Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Band. AUBREY TAYLOR PHILLIPS, In. Richmond, Virginia Applimmf for B.A. Degree in Pryrlaology ternity. CHARLES LIOIVIER PHILLIPS, IR. Richmond, Virginia A ,bplimrzl for B.S. Degree in Burizzerr Adminirmitiorz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Deun's List. THE 1949 WEB Transfer from Wofford Collegeg Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fra- FRANKLIN BRITTON PHILLIPS Hopewell, Virginia Appliffml for B.S. Degree in Bu.ri1ze.r,r Adrrzirzirlrrzlion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Intramural Athleticsg Fresh- man Basketball. WALTER ALBERT PI-IILPOTT Philpotr, Virginia Applirmzl for B.S. Degree irz B1z.rine.f,v 1'id7lZiIZi.ffI'lIfi0lI Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Lambda Chi Alpha Fratemityg Sophomore Class Treasurerg Harlequin Club. JAMES ROBERT PHIPPS Richmond, Virginia Applimzll for B.S. Degree in BllJ'i7ZEJ'J' Admizzirlruliorz Theta Chi Fraternity, Presidentg Harlequin Club, Treasurerg Interfraternity Councilg Collegian., Assistant Business Managerg University Playersg Dance Committee Chairmang Varsity Tennisg Intramural Athletics. JOHN STANTON PIERCE, IR. Richmond, Virginia Appliefml for B.S. Degree in Clsemirlry Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Sigma Pi Sigmag Gamma Sigma Epsilong Chemistry Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Track. CLASS OF 1949 IIUGII DOUGLAS PITTS Richmond, Virginia Appliamz for 13.5. Degree in Bll,fillf?,l'.f Adnzinirfrulzorz Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Senior Class Secretaryg Society for the Advancement of Man- agementg Varsity Clubg Var- sity Tennisg Varsity Basketball, Captain. f University of Richmond MICHAEL ANDREW PLATKO Monessen, Pennsylvania Applirmzl for B.S. Degree in Bll.l'illU.Y.l' Aiizzzinimwtioiz 46-1' SENIOR CLASS lVlARVIN I. POSNER Norfolk, Virginia Applimnz far B.S. Degree Bzzrizzerr Admizzirlrnfiorz :- 1 ROBERT HAYES POWELL Bridgeport, Connecticut Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burizzerr Adminirlraziozz V - 1 Q , ee, -1 RICHMOND COLLEGE VVILLIAM HENRY Petersburg, V A 11 111 iran! for B .A . Englirla Phi Alpha T PURYEAR irginia Degree in heta. ' I, EDWARD EUBANK RALSTON Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for BA. Degree in Prycbology Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseballg Freshman Trackg Var- sity Footballg Varsity Trackg All State Football, 1946g Var- sity Club. DANIEL EDWARD RAMER THOMAS E. REDFORD, JR. Hartwood, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applimzzf for Degree in Applicmzl for B.A. Degree in Edzmzlzon Ecorromias' Varsity Clubg Varsity Baseball, Co-captain. CLASS OF 1949 WALTER EDWARD REID, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Chemistry Dean's Listg Gamma Sigma Epsilgng Sigma Pi Sigmag Chemistry Clu . ALLEN K. RICHARDS Richmond, Virginia Applimfzt for B.S. Degree in Claemiitry Transfer from Averett junior College. ARTHUR LEE RICHARDSON W-averly, Virginia Applimzll for B.S. Degree in Bzuinerr Adminirlraliwz Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Intramural Athletics. JOHN BRUNSON RICHARDSON Roanoke, Virginia Apfvlirazll for B.S. Degree in B11.fir1e.vr Adrrzirziilmiiorz Varsity Debate Team THE 1949 WEB GEORGE WAX'NE RIEGEL Edgerton, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Bll.ViIZ?.f.f Admizziflmlion FRANK CARSON RILEY, IR. South Boston, Virginia Applimul for B.A. Degree in Bible Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Ministerial Associationg Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg Interfraternity Councilg Intramural Athletics. OTHO D. RILEY, IR. Lynchburg, Virginia Apjzlimizl for B.S. Degree in BllJ'iIZ6'J'.F Admizziriraliozz Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. JAMES BROWN ROBINSON Richimoncl, Virginia Applimul for B.S. Degree in Bzflinexr Al1'llli71i.Yl1':lfiUl2 Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Pi Delta Epsilong W'l90'J U7b0,' Philologian Literary Society, Vice-Presidentg Collegian, Sports Staffg WEI3, Business Staff, Business Manager, Art Staffg Chess Clubg Special Events Committee, Co-chairman. CLASS OF 1949 JAMES P. ROBINSON, IR. STANLEY A, ROBINSON Petersburg, Virginia Richmond, Virginia flffjwlirmzr lor B..S'. Degree in Apfllifzllll for B.S. Derree in B1zi'i11 err Admizzirfmlion Pbyrhir Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. Transfer from Elon College. SENIOR CLASS GEORGE KINSEY ROPER Richmond, Virginia Applirznzf for B.S, Degree in Bll.l'iII!?.f.f Admizziilraziarz Transfer from Princeton Uni versity. PHILIP ARNOLD RQSENFELD Richmond, Virginia Applimzzl for B.S. Degree in Biology Phi Beta Kappag Intermediate Honorsg Beta Beta Betag S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Vice- President, Parliamentariang Hil- lel Foundationg International Relations Club Secretary. University of Richmond 44 51 ! Q 111.5 Q RICHMOND COLLEGE 1? iii' WIARREN ELLWOOD Rowe EVERETT LEROYOE SADLER CONRAD F. SAUER, III LEO WALTER SAUNDERS Richmond, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Applicant for B.S. Degree in Dramatic Artr Bu,fine,rJ Adiizizzixlration Pi Delta Epsilong Collegian, Editorial Staff, Feature and News Editor, Radio Guild, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Applirant for B.S. Degree in I 1 g I Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burlnexr Admznzrtmtzon Burineyf Adrninirtmtiarz Transfer from Virginia Mili- Newman Club, tary Institute. CLASS OF 1949 ORLANDO CALHOUN SCARBOROUGH, III Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Transfer from University of North Carolinag Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Westminster Fellowship, Intramural Athletics, MELVIN LEONARD SEGAL Perth Amboy, New Jersey Applicant for B.A. Degree in Englirb Phi Alpha Fraternity, Treasurer, Vice-Presidentg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Vice-Presidentg Collegian, Managing Editorg Hillel Foundationg Glee Club, Interfraternity Councilg Harlequin Club. LAWRENCE IAMES SEYLER Nashville, Illinois Applicant for B.A. Degree in Prycloology Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Spider Handbook, Associate Edi- torg Collegian, Sports Staff, Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg B.S.U., Presi- dentg Ministerial Associationg Religious Activities Councilg Varsity Footballg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Trackg Intramural Athletics. ALTON RIVINGTON SHARPE, In. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirtry Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Warden, Rush Chairman, Reporterg Chemistry Clubg Intramural Tennisg Biology Club. THE 1949 WEB ROBERT RICIIARD SHOTZEERGER Bron Air, Virginia Applimnz for B.A. Degree in Political Science Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Secretaryg Philologian Literary Society, International Re- lations Club. ROBERT L. SHUE Richmond, Virginia Applimnl far B..S'. Degree in Blzrineri' Aclflzifziylrufion Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Canterbury Club. ARTHUR LEE SINGLETON, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applirnnl for BA. Degree in Englirh Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honor Council, Chairmang IVn0'.r IIVIJO: Pi Delta Epsilon, President, Collegian, Copy Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in- Chiefg Presidents Advisory Council, Interfraternity Council, Better Relations Committeeg Harlequin Club, Virginia Inter- collegiate Press Association, President, Representative to Stu- dent Congress of Virginia Colleges and Universities. CHARLES WILMEIX SLAUGI-ITER Richmond, Virginia Afrjllimnl for B.A. Degree in Pwrfmlogy Dean's List. CLASS OF 1949 RAYMOND B. SLAUGHTER Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bu.vine.f.r Azlrnizzirlrnzion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Newman Club. BILLY WARREN SLOOPE Norfolk, Virginia Applirazzl for B.5. Degree in Ployrirr Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Treas- urer, Phi Beta Kappa, Inter- mediate Honorsg Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Presidentg Sigma Pi Sigma Freshman Class Treasurer, Phil SENIOR CLASS JOHN MILLER SMITH Richmond, Virginia Applimnf for BS. Degree in BuJine.r.r Adnzinirtmtzwz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternitv ologian Literary Societyg Glee Newman Club, Intramural Ath Club, Band, Choir. leticsg Freshman Football. University of Riclamond LLOYD GRANVILLE SMITH Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Religion Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Vice-Presi- dent, S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Ministerial Associationg Baptist Student Union, Glee Club, Choirg Ionian Music Clubg Varsity Tennis, Intra- mural Athletics. 77- I C- -W 1-1, i RICHMOND COLLEGE PETER BYRD SMITH Warreniton, Virginia Applicant for B.S'. Degree in Biology Beta Beta Betag Biology Clubg Philologian Literary Societyg Mu Sigma Rho Literary So- ciety, Glee Clubg University Choirg Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM T. SMITH, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applicmzl for B.A. Degree in Bible Alpha Delta Fraternityg Min- isterial Associationg Baptist Student Uniong Christian Vol- unteer Association imitll ' FRANK lVlORRISON SMITHER Suffolk, Virginia Appliaznt for B.S. Degree in Cbemirtry Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Philologian Literary Society 3 Harlequin Club, Glee Clubg Cheerleader 3 Varsity Trackg Choir. I'lAROLD W. SNIITHSON Virginia Beach, Virginia Applimul for BA. Degree in Englirly Theta Chi Fraternityg Mu Sig- ma Rho Literary Societyg Min isterial Associationg Baptist Stu dent Union, Church Representa- tiveg Christian Volunteer As sociation, Presidentg Glee Club, Librariang Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Corresponding Secretary. CLASS OF 1949 BERNIE O. SNODDY Richmond, Virginia Applimrzt for B.S. Degree in Businexi Adnzinimwliazz lVlANSF1ELD lVlA'I'TH,EWS SNYDER Altavista, Virginia Applimnl for BA. Degree in Englirb Dean's Listg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Secretaryg Baptist Student Uniong Y.M.C.A.g Glee Clubg University Choir. 1 ROBERT ELMO SNYDER, IR. Altavista, Virginia Applicant for B.S, Degree in Chemistry Transfer from Randolph-Macon Collegeg Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Secretary, Social Chairmang Dean's Listg Chemistry Club. EARL JACKSON SPENCER Narrows, Virginia Applimfzl for BA. Degree in Hirzory Philologian Literary Societyg Glee Club. THE 1949 WEB CHARLES SPITAL Newport News, Virginia Applimul for B.A. Degree in Prycbology Transfer from Mary Wasliington Collegeg Phi Alpha Fraternity, Varsity Tennisg Intramural Athletics. XNILLIAM TUCKE11 STUBBS Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. GILDO Louis SUEEREDINI Richmond, Virginia Applinnzi for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry American Chemical4Society, Student Affiliateg Virginia Academy of Science, Memberg Chemistry Clubg Newman Clubg Varsity Football, Managerg Varsity Baseball, Manager. JAMES EMERSON SUTTENFIELD Lynchburg, Virginia Applimzzl for B.S. Degree in Bu.rine.f,r Admizzirlruliolz Kappa Sigma Fraternityg lVb0'.f Ilybof Omicron Delta Kappag Student Government, Secretaryg Senator-at-largeg Society for the Advancement of Managementg Varsity Basketballg Intramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 I-lowARn TRIBLE SUTTON Glen Allen, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Pbyricr Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Parliamentariang Student Re cording Assistant. WIJITNEY B. SUTTON, In. Richmond, Virginia Applimrzl for B.S, Degree in Bzlrilzerr Adnzinirlrution Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Secre- taryg Collegian, Editorial Staff: Society for the Advancement of Managementg Intramural Ath- letics. SENIOR CLASS JAIVIES JOHANN SWEENY Richmond, Virginia Applirmzl for BS. Degree in Blirinefr Adnzinirtmliozz Transfer from Lehigh Uni- versity. l P K. University of Richmond CHARLES R. TALLEY Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Emzzonzinr Transfer from The College of William and Mary. RICHMOND COLLEGE GEORGE ABBITT TERRY Pa-mplin, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bzzrinerr Admifzirtnzliorz Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Secretaryg S. C. Mitchell Liter- ary Societyg Baptist Student Union, Y.M,C.A. Cabinetg Harlequin Club, Vice-Presidentg Intramural Athletics. CLAUDE GIBSON THOMAS Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Eronomirr Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Presidentg Omicron Delta Kap- pag lVbo'J W'b0,' Dean's Listg Intermediate Honorsg Spider Iflmzdbook, Editorg Harlequin Clubg Interfraternity Councilg Varsity Track, Captaing Varsity Cross-Countryg Dance Commit- teeg Orientation Committee. WILBUR EDGAR THOMAS Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in . Efzglirls Meriezzger, Literary Staffg S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Wes- ley Foundationg International Relations Club. FRANK KNIGHT THOMPSON Farmville, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinexf Adnzizzirlrrztion Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Senator-at-Largeg Canterbury Clubg Harlequin Club, Inter- fraternity Council, Dance Com- mitteeg Orientation Committeeg Varsity Footballg Varsity Clubg Intramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 JAMES LANGHORNE TOMPKINS ' Richmond, Virginia Applimzzl for B.S. Degree in Burirzerr Adminixlmliofz BEN GRAY TRIPLETT Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bluineri' Adrlzizzinraliofl Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Comptroller, President, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Collegian, Editorial Staff, News Editorg WEB, Business sraffg Interfraternity Council, Better Relations Committeeg Harlequin Clubg Matriculation Commit- teeg Intramural Athletics. Louis ANDERSON TUCKER Richmond, Virginia Aflfllirzml for B.S. Degree in Bnfineir Arluzizzirlmllozz Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Intramural Athletics. NOLTON WOODROW TURNER Beach, Virginia Applimzzi for BA. Degree in Religion Ministerial Association, Vice-President. THE 1949 WEB EDWARD WALTER VIETH, IR. LaGrange, Illinois Applicant for B.A. Degree in Prycholagy Transfer from Lyons Township junior Collegeg Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg Pi Delta Epsilong Collegian, Business Staff, Business Managerg Camera Club, Treasurerg Varsity Track. CHARLES RADCLIFFE VVAINIVIAN Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Poliliml Science S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Parliamentarian, Representative to Forensic Council, Social and Program Committeeg Richmond Intercollegiate Council, Social Committee Chairman, Richmond College Representativeg Spider Handbook, Business Managerg Cinema Classics Club, Presiclentg Young Democratic Club, SENIOR CLASS Treasurer and State Delegateg International Relations Club. EDWIN RUCKER VVALTHALL Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Pbguicr Dean's Listg Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-Presidentg Math Club, Vice- Presidentg Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice-President. IOSEPH O. WALTON Petersburg, Virginia Applimnl for BA. Degree in Biology CLASS OF 1949' I-IENRY D. WARD Richmond, Virginia Applicmzl for B.S. Degree in Phyricr University of Richmond NATHANIEL T. VVARREN OSCAR M. WARREN, JR. Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for B.S'. Degree ill Ajrjvlirmzl for B.S. Degree in Bu.ri11e,r.r Admini.rln1lion Buriizerf Admirzirlmlion Dean's List. Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. ROBERT W. WASH, JR. Apple Grove, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Biology Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Beta Beta Betag Philologian Literary Societyg Varsity Base- ball, Managerg Intramural Ath- letics. l fx H-mm .ilgwgr-' 2:55 R magma :general RICHMOND COLLEGE A ll .lim , x 4 JOHN B. WATLINGTON BERNARD LYNN WEBB NELSON E. WEBER EARL DUDLEY WEED, IR. Nlidlothian, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Asheville, North Carolina Applicant for B.A. Degree ifz Applicant for B.S. Degree in Applicant for B.A. Degree in Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hirlary Bnrinerf Aklminirlmlion Education Psychology ' Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Secretary, Presidentg Dean's Listg Intermediate Honors, Sophomore Class Senatorg Philologian Literary SO-cietyg Merrenger, Richmond Col- lege Editorg Radio:-Guild, Pres- identg Future Teachers of Amer- icag ' Interfraternity Council, Harlequin Clubg Greek Week Committeeg Rush Rules Revi- sion Cornmitteeg Orientation Committee. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Vice-Presidentg Psychology Clubg Philologian Literary So- ciety, Biology Laboratory Stu- dent Instructorg Radio Guild. CLASS OF 1949 MARCUS MYER WEINSTEIN Richmond, Virginia Applirmzl for B.A. Degree in Prycloology Hillel Foundation. LEONARD TI-IEODORE WEISS Richmond, Virginia Applicarzl for B.A. Degree in Prycbolagy Transfer from Pennsylvania Stateg Phi Alpha Fraternityg Hillel Foundation. FRANK STARR WENDT Richmond, Virginia Applirurzt for B. S. Degree in Pbyriaf '1 Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Sigm. Pi Sigma, Bandg Ionian Music Clubg Chess Club. NORMAN A. VV EST Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hittory Transfer from Pennsylvania Military College, Virginia Poly- technic Instituteg Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg International Relations Club, Young Demo- cratic Club, Wesley Foundationg Intramural Athletics. THE 1949 WEB RICHARD COLGATE XAZHITEHEAD Roanoke, Virginia flpjllicrnzl for B.S. Degree in Burirzerr Ad7llillf,l'll'zIli0I1 Transfer from High Point Collegeg Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Treasurer, Presidentg Presiclent's Advisory Councilg Religious Activities Council, Co-chairmang Varsity Trackg Intramural Athleticsg Orientation Committee. ROBERT ALPI-IIN WI-IITT Richmond, Virginia Afiplicczut for BA. Degree in Sociology ROBERT E. WIGGINS, N Richmond, Virginia Applicmzl for B.A. Degree in Political Science Intermediate I-Ionorsg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. DOUGLAS WALKE11 WILEY Ricihmond, Virginia Applinmt for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Intermediate Honorsg Pi Mu Epsilong Chemistry Club. CLASS OF 1949 THOMAS E. WILKINSON Glen Allen, Virginia Applimuz for B.S. Degree in Buriuerr AdllZllZi.fl1':lll0ll , .KI If 1" 'Y 'V W". , 14. V -I il FP University of Richmond 21' WILLIAM MARSHALL WILLS Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Claemirtry Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Menefzger, Photographic Eclitorg Collegian, Pliotograplierg Chem- istry Clubg Camera Club. FQ- SENIOR CLASS FRANK NICK. WILLIAMS, IR. Fredericksburg, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burirzerr Adminirlreztion Varsity Baseball. WILLIAM EDWIN WINN Martinsville, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology Alpha Delta Fraternityg Philo- logian Literary Society, Secre- tary, Presidentg Forensic Coun- cilg Ministerial Association: Baptist Student Union, Greater Councilg Varsity Trackg Varsity Cross-Countryg Intramural Ath- leticsg Top Floor Co-op., Pres- ident. RICHMOND COLLEGE NORMAN B. WooD, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bu.rine.rr Adminirlmlion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Hise toriang Intermediate Honors Dean's List. THOMAS C. WOODS, JR. Richmond, Virginia Ajzplimrzt for BS. Degree in Bufirzerr Adnzizzirtmtion Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. BILL NORMAN WOODY Bassett, Virginia Applicfmz for BA. Degree in Political Science Transfer from Virginia Mili- tary Institute, North Carolina Stateg Lambda Chi Alpha Fra- ternityg Intramural Athletics. JIMMY L. WORRELL Bristol, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinerr Adminirimtion Theta Chi Fraternityg Mu Sig- ma Rho Literary Societyg Col- legian, Editorial Staff, Manage ing Editorg Cheerleaderg Varsity Debatingg Intramural Athletics. CLASS OF 1949 VV ALTER MASON WRIGHT Glen Allen, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in BIl.l'i71EJ'.I Arlzlzizzixlmlion Veterans Club Gnovlzn C. YouNGBLooD, Wilson's Mill, North Carolina Apjzlimnl for B.S. Degree in B14.fi11e.r.t Admini,rtr'mfior1 Transfer from Campbell College. JOEL BYRD YOWELL Peola Mills, Virginia Applimnl for B.S. Degree in Buriuefr Adnziniflmtiou Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Treasurerg Interfraternity Council, Presidentg Harlequin Club, Varsity Baseballg Intra- mural Athletics. JOHN ZIZAK Richmond, Virginia Appliranl for BA. Degree in Edumlion Newman Clubg Varsity Footballg Intramural Athletics. THE 1949 WEB JORGE I. ACEVEDO JESSE L. AILSTOCK EMMETT L. ALLEN JACQUELIN P. ALLEN ATTILIO S. ALOIA CHARLES L. APPERSON JOSEPH A. ARCARO WILLIAM B. ASTROP DALE A. BALL NATPIAN C. BAREFOOT JOHN N. BARONIAN RALPH W. BARTRON QUARLES A. BASHAW CHESTER A. BECK CHARLES B. BECK LEWIS R. BELOTE, JR. THEODORE E. BERNSTEIN HENRY L. BISHOP, JR. HOWARD H. BOARD WALTER P. BOLEN THOMAS I.. BONDURANT FENTON S. BOWLES HOLT H. BRADLEY ROBERT A. BRADSHAW JOHN V. BROOKS FRANK J. BUCKLES, JR, ASHBY T. BURTON HAIIRY V. CALDWELL CECIL E. CARDER WILLIAM G. CARRINGTON University of Richmond JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left 10 right.- Harold White, C1451 Semilorg Bill Rowe, Seife- laryg Bill Astrop, P1'e.ride1zz,' Bill Carrington, VicefPreJiden1,' Tom Howard, Treamrer. RICHMOND COLLEGE i ,f A f Av so : . - - 1 I . im,-y - - A I E 1 - 'gi' ' .. .. "' ' "' Q 5 24- . ' 1 W. E 1 Q T K , iiiagii Z A ni 93? 'iii I N G' 1 i ' 1 i iff. .- S - i -Ii Rr ' x . ,. i, 6,1 . , , I . 1 - . W. 3- . 'i'l'?:' l . '- F L E .- - . Fill Q 91 ll ' ag- ii 4 " 1 A , . E . A A 1 A A T E ., as . I 1 ' 1 l T' if .. m l E: , iii? w.l."'r?5E:2:5 gl: ,, , . . . . ' wld ' ' if 1 ' . 2 - 5 - Y L3 I U if Hx A Y' "' .4 Z F V f I ' 'F ' A - . ' is 'J 2 1 ' E , , 1 ' - iii? . I Q Q . tk M :W , J, W . LT . ,TIL H qi ,Ziggy xl R iii V W. f it ' f " .' -A '1 V ,M A 'L -. 6 J A J Vi y U Q m e ,l R:.,.. . . I fb ' L- M lfl:L.i .4 .' li , A I L- on 5 :L -xx I . .,., -Q Y V f .11 .A T , 1... ' V - T . a 'E' f i . T "f Q 2 F 'A '5 gifs.. 'P L' ,Y - Y ' ' "" t .1 ii . 'L' 1 -fr J ' ' ' '- 4 415 , '3 iV2'5 5zii" 1 CLASS OF 1950 BEVERLEY F. CARSON STUART B. CARY WILLIAR1 P. CHAPPELL E. L. COATES CHARLES J. COLBERT FRANK B. COLE JAMES P. COMER MYRON B. COMLEY NICHOLAS C. CONDYLES ROBERT H. COULTER LOUIS A. CRESCIOLI SAMUEL N. CREWS CURTxs W. CROCKETT LEROY E. CROWDER CLARENCE E. CURTIS THOMAS J. CURTIS PIO HARRY DALLE MURA CARY W. DAv1s JOHN A. DEANE HENRY J. DECKER Left to right, top 1'r1zzf.' Laurence J. Del Papa, Francis J. Denise, M. Gary Dennis, Woodland B. Derringer, Jack E. Dickson, Raymond J. Dietrich, Walter Doley. Second row: Mack R. Draper, James F. Duckhardt, Robert W. Duling, Edward L. Dunford, Edward E. Dunklee, Robert G. DuVal, Julian R. Elliot. Third 1-aw: Julius H. Fanney, Jr., William C. Farmer, William F. Fish, Jack L. Flint, Aubrey L. Ford, Philip Frederick, Warren H. Friedman. Fourth row: Francisco Garcia, Jr., Perry W. Gills, George G. Gillespie, Jr., D. K. Gilliam, Edgar C. Goldston, William H. Gravitt, Todd R. Gregory. . THE 1949 WEB JUNIOR CLASS rl Q . . M fl - E, if A L, . s 1 , A M , 2, L I A . 4 4' - , H J V ex , A 91, V., . Left to right, lap row: Glenn O. Grimmel, Lloyd T, Hall, Charles L. Halloran, Donald E. Harding, Charles W. Harper, Thomas G. Harper, William P. Harper. Second row: Robert S. Harrell, Henry A. Harris, Henry T. Harrison, Claude S. Hawkes, Frank C. Hawkins, Jr., Black- well J. Hawthorne, Robert M. Heflin. Third row: Leonard P. Hellerman, Rudolph G. Hetzer, Jr., Albert L. Hobbs, Thomas R. Holt, Parker S. Hooper, James B. Hopkins, Thomas L. Howard. Fourlb row: Willis W. Howdershell, Amy D. Hulce, Jr., James W. Huxter, Manuel O. Jaffee, Robert P. Jett, Lamar L. Johnson, Quentin R. Jones. CLASS OF 1950 MAILVIN A. KRANE EDWARD L. KLIRTZ JAMES H. LAWRENCE, JR. EARL B. LEE ACREE S. LINK ROBERT M. LITTLE CLARENCE D. LIPSCOME, JR. WILLIAM E. LONG ANTHONY N. LONGO w RUDOLPH V. LOWERY JAMES T. LUCAS, JR. GEORGE C. LYNCH, JR. LEWIS C. MADISON, JR. RAYMOND W. MAGETTE BERNARD- W. MAI-ION CALVIN F. MA OR J JACK C, MALLOIKX' ROBERT O. MARSHALL STUART J. MARSLAND FRANCIS C. MAIITIN University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE CLASS OF1950 RALPH S. MATHEWS EUGENE C. MAYEIELD GEORGE W. MCCALL, JR. JAMES A. MCCLELLAN WALTER J. MCGRAW JAMES Y. MENEFEE MARVIN H. MENKES MERWYN W. MERHIGE WILLIAM D. MIZELL, JR. CHARLES E. MOFFATT RAMON A. MORANO GRAHAM A. MORIIIS S. S. MORRISON PEYTON H, Moss WALTER H. NE1.SON EDWARD K. NICHOLSON R. A. MuNoz-NOYA BEDFORD J. PAGE SAMUEL H. PATTERSON HUNTER C. PERKINSON Left to rigbl, top 7'01.l-'.' julian C. Picot, William B. Pierce, Glenn L. Plott, joseph Purcell, Edward H. Radcliffe, Letcher H. Reid, Thomas N. Richardson. Second row: George T. Rison, julio R. Rive, William R. Rollings, Robert R. Ross, Aubrey J. Rosser, Donald W. Roth, Hansford H. Rowe, Ir. Third row: William L. Rowe, Edwin M. Rubin, Harper J. Sasser, Frederick H. Savage, Louis A. Schumann, jr., james R. Sease, james S. Seay. Fourth row: vV2IllilC6 C. Shields, Carl S. Shires, William S. Short, Bernard H. Smith, John T. Smith, William T. Smith, W. Haddon Snead. THE 1949 WEB JUNIOR CLASS Lefl lo rigbi, top row: Hunter B. Spencer, Jr., William C. Steadman, jr., Eugene Stewart, jr., james S. Stoddard, Bernard L. Stokes, Robert M. Stone, john B. Sutton. Second row: Cornelius W. Sykes, Charles S. Taylor, Henry F. Thompkins, George A. Thompson, Julian E. Thornton, T, Douglas Thornton, Charles J. Townsend. Third row: Ralph G. Turner, Richard C. Tutwiler, Lon E. Ussery, Edward M. Vassar, L. Edmund Walke, Thomas K. Walsh, Henry B. Ward. Fourth rom' Barnet L. Waring, Robert C. Warren, Milford A. Weaver, Robert S. Wells, Charles B. Welsh, Charles G. Whitacre, Thomas I. Wl1itaker. CLASS OF 1950 .fd iz: atv- --A , I'--' - -T L. . -.,g:,,, wi "" ' "" 7-' "U-"fits r-1-:-:1-"W'- v-'II I-.-fm --mga-. 1- f . -. U i? ' V yi 5? 175 X-1 "iff: I HAROLD E. WHITE FJ , , . Wi g . ' M -' I I ., ,lap JACKSON WHITE A , , W :SE I. I Y A I my , .av T Y, W I It ,gel Va RUSSELL A. WILLCOCK L- I lgfr it Q , 'F Q I "I 1 ' ,QV EDWARD S. WHITLOCK n-,JH 'I' issf I- 9' , , . fl . f1:5:5:: -31 I fi -1 4' 4. - IEW We I 715. C. CARLYLE WILLIAMS - K ,. - Y, 5,3 4,5 - , , 2 5 f,.5.f.f,L14 5' f " 1: W W Y' ,, 'Y ' jg b W5 , H -, - .....,,, F .. 53 f- -'f"41-f:'vr.IE:I-x ' S . if fa l I ' -. V, Elivclgg S 'I . I ,U -EE, use LAQMLI Ii, - . we -Y 1,1 . 5 II - re DAVID O- XVILLIAMS 1 J . f '- rain ' 'g i-, ' ' vi REGINALD W. WILLIANIS iii' g'. I, - T, 'je I - 5-:ig N , ' 1"j-Eggg ligm HARRIS E. WILLINGHAM . I I - WIRT H. WILLIS jf LH f- Lum. .lg D A LE' " .ga , W F! li V I If ENNETT W. WILSON gi ' I ,lg ' " ,I I E:-,V ,rm k:,:7 A E . ,. 3 I .I 1-T , I Q I - I .51 Q "T . -A ' A 1 'T T . ' T 'i1'5" er ' ' "TFT - 521 --fm, " " " Leif-L' I "HIL J. DONALD WILSON V. V 333. , I ROBERT A. WILSON Ala. . ' , . .- M M ' ' ' ff"l RICHARD A. WILTSI-IIIIE - zlzt :if "5 I 501 . T' AUSTIN H. WINTEIIS - .5 'HL f? ' ., I l' .- i" 4715 ' HAROLD E. WOOD , L' -' ' A -f' I - f .. -' ' -- ' ielgggfi , 'I ' I PAUL B. WOODFIN I h . gl JEL ' ' gig' - ,, , ge t nlgg YQ u EAIILI2 F. WOIILEY , K .gt I. I.. .Az ,fa I 113,5 5 . .3 ,- WILLIAM C. WORTH 1 ' j 1 . A ZOPPAS Z. ZAMBETIS It ,N ' , W H 1 . .. H ,V II H It I III .rtgggp ' . q ua: ll II XL ,II . Y. It, . ia Y - I 1" 1: I I , "" ff -' , University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE f ,J , fra, 1 an W, . . .,. L, W , N, i f ,- aM.,,,, N, v -if I., T, l I ' :gs-.Zo ' Y SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Al Pittman, Sefmtorg Paul Atwell, Tren!- llI'61',' Yank Dulaney, S'efretary,' Wes Brown, Prerideng' Bob Stevens, Vice-Prerideut, The Sophomore Class Left lo righl, :op row: David J. Abrams, Standley D. Adams, Edward G. Altman, Don R. Anderson, Richard B. Anderson, Walter W. Anderson, Edgar R. Atteberry. Second row: Paul A. Atwell, Roland M. Avery, jr., Edward L. Baber, William H. Bahlke, jr., Robert O. Bailey, Charles K. Baker, Wfilliam C. Bannister, jr. Third raw: Donald L. Baxter, Francis S. Beal, Clarence L. Beebe, Richard N. Bell, Charles C. Bellos, Howard C. Bennett, William T. Bennett. Fourlb row: Herbert R. Blackwell, Robert T. Blake, Glenn B. Booth, james B. Bourne, N. F. Bosie, Marvin Brawerman, Eric H. Brent. Wlllm Q W3 IM ' l 'fm Q 'fi THE 1949 WEB SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to right, lop row: George B. Bridgforth, Emmett L. Britton, Jr., James E. Britton, James F. Brooks, Joseph E. Brooks, Lowell A. Brosky, Charles B. Brown. Second ww: George W. Brown, Wesley W. Brown, Winston M. Browne, Jr., William G. Bruce, Kenneth B. Bryan, George W. Bryant, Wzilter Budwell. Third row: Edward M. Butler, Caleb G. Campbell, Jr., Harold F. Carder, Herbert R. Carlton, Jr., Hill A. Carter, III, James E. Carver, Jr., Gerald G. Cassell. Faurlb row: Arthur T. Castros, Thomas G. Chase, Leslie H. Christian, Roland P. Clement, Jr., Henry P. Cobb, Robert L. Coffman, Harold E. Cole, Jr. CLASS OF 1951 DEWEY W. COLEMAN I EDWIN F. COMUNALE ROBERT M. Coox, JR. WILLIAM T. COPPAGE THOMAS A. COUCH WILLIAM H. Cox, JR. WINFRED T. CRAIG ROBERT E. CIIEASY EARNEST P. CRICK ROBERT S. Cnoss LoUIs B. CROWDER, JR. WILLIAM A. DEANE 1 CHARLES L. DELBIIIDGE, JR. JAMES E. DIETZ A. D. DoDD CHRISTOS DoULIs JAMES H. DWYER JOSEPH J. EDWARDS JAMES B. ENGLISH WELLFORD S. EsTEs University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE CLASS OF 1951 PATRICK H. FAIRCLOTH, JR. JOHN W. FISHER SAM H. FLANNAGAN KENNETH V. FLORA ROBERT E. FLOYD WILLIAM V. FORD FLOYD E. FOWLKES, JR. GEIIALD M. FRAMPTON ARTHUR B. FRAZIER WAYNE A. FREELAND JAMES P. GAINIES BRIAN E. GARDNER THOMAS E. GAIINETT, JR. CURTIS V. GIANNINI, JR. RICHARD I.. GRAY RAYMOND L. GORDON, JR. WILLIAM S. GIIABEEL JOHN K. GRIFFIN WILLIARI J. HARGIS THOMAS N. HARLOW, JR Left lo righl, mp rouu' Roy J. Harris, Welford L. Harris, Edward M. Harrison, Jr., Wilbur T. Hawks, Leroy K. Heath, Stephen P. Henkes, Frank D. Hill, III. Second row: Elbert R. Hines, Stephen D. Hite, Carlton M. Hobson, Jr., Walter A. Hoffman, Jr., Douglas E. Holloman, Harry G. Homes, Jr., Meredith A. House. Tl7i7'!f'7'01-L'.' James S. Howell, William B. I-Iowerton, Herbert R. Hunt, Malcolm M. Hutton, Don- ald J. Jacobs, Herbert L. Jeffords, Jr., Robert R. Jennings. Fourth row: William R. Jennings, Jr., Richard M. Jewell, James Johnson, James H. Johnson, Robert E. Johnson, Hervey S. Jones, Howard G. Jones. l I THE 1949 WEB SOPHOMORE CLASS l Lefl to right, lop row: Walter R. Jones, Matthias F. Kelley, Jr., Robert E. Kidd, Edward G. Landi, Robert J. Lawther, Joseph M. Levin, Jerome J. Lillian. Semud1'ow.' Adrien I. Loftin, Jr., Garland L. Long, Howard M. Lum, Douglas G. Maclachlan, James B. Mahon, Clarence E. Mathews, A. P. Meyers. Third row: Clifford E. Miller, Joseph B. Miller, Robert B. Miller, Charles E. Minter, William H. Mitchell, Lewis P. Mock, Powell Moore. Fourth raw: Thomas O. Morris, Kenneth E. Motto, Albert D. Murden, Elijah L. Music, Jr., William P. Neal, Charles R. Neatrour, William Newhouse. CLASS 0F1951 CONSTANT P. NICHOLAS THERYMAL E. NORTHERN AARON H. O'BIER, JR. JACKIE C. O'BRIEN FLETCHER B. OWEN, J RALPH M. OWEN MARVIN R. PACKER CURTIS C. PARKER, JR. ALVIN A. PATTERSON JAMES A. PAYNIE, JR. RALPH E. PEACHEE BILLIE J. PEERY FRANK A. PETRIE ETHELBERT V. PHXLPOTTS, JR. ALBERT C. PITTMAN WILLIAM G. PITTS, JR. PEYTON M. POLLARD GEORGE E. POWELL GEORGE W. POWERS HALE E. POWERS University of Richmond RICHMOND COLLEGE CLASS OF1951 JAMES E. POWERS WILLIAM E. QU1NN WALTER G. RANSON WILLIE M. REAMS, JR. GEORGE W. REESE, JR. JAMES G. REID JOHN A. REYNOLDS LUTHER M. RICHARDS JOHN A. RICHMAN, JR. VERNON B. ROBERTSON, J PAUL V. ROMERO ROBERT F. ROUDAEUSH ROBERT T. RYLAND, JR. JAY P. SAMUELS WILLIAM D. SAWYER GERALD B. SCATES DONALD P. SCHALLA CHARLES M. SHAW, JR. DONALD C. SHEAP HENRY S. SMITH Left to right, lap row: Jefferson D. Smith, Ray H. Smith, Richard M. Smith, Samuel L. Smith, III, Edwin E. Snead, Gilbert R. Spector, Robert S. Stephens. Serond row: Charles A. Stille, Richard W. Stone, William S. Sullivan, James D. Sutherland, Arthur L. Taliaferro, Jr., Bowlman G. Taylor, George D. Taylor. Third row: William C. Taylor, Norman A. Templon, Jr., John L. Thomas, Maurice A. Timberlake, Theodore VU. Troy, Edward B. Tyler, Clarence L. Bogt. Faurlla row: Richard F. Waid, Frank S. Warren, John B. Warren, Wade C. War- ren, Melvin G. Warthan, Everette D. Weakley, Charles E. Webber. THE 1949 WEB JAMES K. WEST WILLIAM J. WESTON HARRY T. WHEELER JOHN K. WHEELER, JR. CHARLES R. WHITE GERALD W. WHITE SAMUEL A. WHITE ROBERT G. WHITMER KENNETH S. WILHOIT MARION WILKOSZ L FRED A. WILLIAMS KENNETH D. WILLIAMS - MAC D. WILLIAMS PERCY H. WILLSON, II CHARLES H. WILSON ARTHUR B. WOLAN THOMAS M. Woo CLYDE E. WooDsoN HARIKY M. WOODWARD, JR. BoYcE C. WORNOM EDWARD A. ZACHARIAS FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class University of Richmond FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left lo right: jack Payne, Semztorg Bill Noble, Vire-Pre.ria'ent,' Warren Long, Prefidezzt. RICHMOND COLLEGE CLASS 0F1952 ALLEN B. BENNETT JOHN W. BISCOE K. EDWARD BISHOP LOUIS C. BLAZER ALAN L. BLOCH ALLAN S. BLOOM RAYMOND L. BREEDEN, JR. AUSTIN H. BRITT ERNEST C. BROSKE HARRY BROWN WILLIAM E. BROWN WILLIAM M. BRYANT, JR. WILLIAM R. BUCRINGI-IAM MARTIN BUENO JAMES W. BURGESS DONALD G. BURNETTE THOMAS R. BUTTERWORTI-I, JR. REWEL A. BYNUM RICHARD E. BYRD WILLIAM L. CASSELL ROGER W. CAULKINS ROY S. CAYTON JACK G. CHADD WILLIAM W. CHAEEIN RUSSELL L. CHEAT!-IAM WILLIAM J. ABRONSKI JOHN M. ALDERSON LAWRENCE G, ALEXANDER MICHAEL J. ANASTAISIO WARREN G. ANDERSON WILLIAM J. ANDREWS, JR. RICHARD M. ANTHONY WARREN G. ARMBRECHT ALBERT L. ATKINS JAMES C. ATKINS WILLIAM P. AUSTIN SAMMY BARONIAN JOHN E. BEASLEY JAMES E. BECK CHARLES A. BECKETT THE 1949 WEB ROBERT C. CHURN DONALD B. CODDINGTON JOHN COLLIE, JR. QI., SAMUEL L. COOKE SHIRLEY H. COPELAND CARLOS A. CORDARO MILTON E. CORNBLATT ALGAR H. COSBY ESTON E. COSBY HAYNIE W. CRAFTON, MELVIN L. CRANE EDWIN N. CRUMP THOMAS R. CURRIE RONALD M. DAMERON WALTER W. DAMEWOOD CLASS OF 1952 Uni1fe1'sity of Richmond FRESHMAN CLASS CLAUDE J. DAWSON, JR. GILBERT F. DEBIASI GODFREY S. DELCUZE JAMES I. DEWITT LYNN C. DICKERSON NORMAN R. DODL ARTHUR G. DRENIOS FRANK A. DULANEY WILLIAM P. DULANEX' CHARLES S. DUNKLEY, J FRANKLIN S. EDMONDS, JR. JOHN F. EIDMANN ROBERT J, ERDLITZ EDWARD M. EVANS RICHARD L. FARMER DONALD C. FERGUSON WARREN L. FLANNAGAN JOHN L. FLINT SYDNOR F. FOSTER ROBERT FOUNTAIN ROBERT E. FUECHSEL CHARLES W. GIBSON JACK E. GILBERT WILLIAM W. GILLEY JOHN C. GLASGOW RICHMOND COLLEGE g-,.1I..f- v L-LTER., , ,Exif A af. T-1 Ia, ' . 3 ' QQ. S r Q4 C of' f V' ' " I gy ' j-.1 ' .-, ' Pi"-5' Ii, H 1 ' ' " 2 552 , Q " f I I: . '. .1 f F Q 4 Q' ' if I ' I 'ff' ' I 'Q ' : ' ' '5 ' . Ma. 1 L ' -I 153 M fg 'V ' .V Q E E I 'A -'T - ik I I 'Sl -'H ' :EJ L . ff L., 5 E . . L ,fa ,V . UT? ff is 1: - I WL' ' A . ' . if My R aef - . E' f' 1- L "K ' . f L I L, - -I . .if -' ' .4 ' I K1 " Y' Q -V' ' .I '. Yi ' I - -' I - .5 L I. J :"'E gg, , ' v b V . agp IH: - j I I I 2' , f ' 6" 3 . ' . ,Y 1' I N ' ' ,sSlIfi1!rIiffI 'S '?, , . 3 . , Q. VII, Xi. L R' Em 1 ,R vw .v -I ' T Y ' E. '53 Gigi.. 1 ' I J zz - ' .- t x, Ig - 'Al CARLTON W. HEYWOOD ALTON E. HODGES VERNON J. HONEYCUTT, JR. LUCERNE G. HOOVER JOHN C. HOUSE, JR. VERNON S. HOUSTON ROBERT A. JENNINGS EDWARD B. JOHNSON, JR. PHILIP R. JOHNSON WILLIE B. JOHNSON JOHN J. JONES WALTER S. JONES EDGAR W. JORDAN LOUIS R. JORDAN, JR. KENNETH V. KANDLE, JR. CHARLES H. KELLEY DANIEL L. KENDRICK MARVIN F. KERBY, JR. . FRANK P. KICK CHARLES L. KNOTT, JR. ROGER A. KOURY GEOEREY G. LAYNG FREDERICK B. LEARY WILLIAM H. LEFTWICH MILTON E. LEONARD, JR. CLASS OF 1952 ROBERT S. GOOCH ROBERT K. GRAEER ADWIN F. GREEN D. M. GREINEN ROLAND C. GUTHRIE LAXVRENCE D. HANBACK CHARLES M. HANSON EDWARD L. HARILIS JAMES M. PIARRIS HAIKRY HASTINGS WARREN R. HAWKINS CHARLES M. HEATH ROBERT B. HEEKE JAMES W. HENDERSON WILLIAM F. HERGET' THE 1949 WEB I I . MAssIE S. LIPTRAP, JR. ROBERT LOBELL LAMAH K. LOONEY SEABORN L. LYON, JR. JOSEPH H. MALONEY BEVERLEY S. MARTIN WILLIAM G. MASON ROBERT S. MAXEY RICHARD W. MCKAY DONALD I. METZGER MELVIN R. MEYERSON JAMES G. MICHAEL PAUL MIDDLETON LEO J. MILLER JAMES C. MILLS CLASS OF 1952 I I Uvziversity of Richmond FRESHMAN CLASS BENNOTT O. MINOR, III BOYD T. MITCHELL RICHARD P. MITCHELL GEORGE D. MONTGONIERY, JR CLARENCE P, MOORE HARRH' S. MOORE, JR. RICHARD N. MOSELEY, JR. WALTER B. MOSELEY, JR. SIMON MOUGI-IAMIAN, JR. JOHN P. MULLEN FITZHUGH X. MULLINS EPES L. NELSON ROBERT A. NEWMAN HERBERT E. NICHOLS WILLIAM E. NOBLE, JR. THEODORE J. NOFFSINGER EDWARD W. NORRIS STUART C. NOTTINGHALII CURTIS D. OAKES JOSEPH A. ODDO JOHN B. OHRN SAMMY W. PARKER ROBERT C. PARSONS CLIFFORD E. PASTERNACK JOI-IN R. PATILLO I 1 RICHMOND COLLEGE GEORGE REDFORD BEVERLY N. RHODES SIDNEY C. RIGGINS JOSEPH W. ROBERTS, JR. GEORGE F. ROBINSON, JR. ROBERT S. ROSENBAUM MARVIN ROSENBERG MAURICE RUBINSTEIN CHARLES E. RUTLEDGE ' FRANK M. SAssER ROBERT E. SHORT PAUL SHUPE HOLLIE LEE SISK, JR. BENJAMIN F. SKINNER CHARLES W. SMITH P. CRAIG SMITH STANLEY S. SNEAD ERNEST S. SNEED FONTAINE M. SNEED PHILIP J. SNIDER AUSTIN M. SOMERVILLE ROBERT A. SPIOTTA WILLIAM E. STEED W. W. STENETT RICHARD D, STENNETT CLASS OF 1952 JOSEPH R. PATTERSON WILLIAM H. PATTERSON LUTHER W. PATTERSON HAROLD J. PAYNE WILLIAM C. PERDUE BRLINO J. PEREETTE JOHN H. PERKINS JOHN W. PERKINSON R. FOREST PERSONS EMMETT H. POINDEXTER NICHOLAS G. POULOS JAMES L. POWELL, JR. WILLIAM H. PRILLAMAN ROBERT G. PROCTOR MORRIS A. PRUETT 5 THE 1949 WEB LESLIE R. STEWART OGLE K. STRAUGHAN HARRY E. SULLIVAN, JR. W. H. W. SUTZKE ROBERT E. TALBOTT RICHARD H. C. TAYLOR JAMES W. TEABO ROBERT M. THOMAS FRED T. THRASHER ROBERT L. TILLER ROBERT E. TIMM GEORGE R. TROTTER JOSEPH F. TUcc1 JAMES W. TURNER GEORGE W. TUTWILER FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS OI-71952 University of Richmond JAMES M. TYLER JOSEPH B. VADEN JOSEPH VOZELLA ROBERT W. WALKER JESS H. WALTERS SHERALD K. WARD T. D. WATKINS, JR. THOMAS Y. WEBB SAMUEL WEIMAN HENRY D. WELLS RODNEY L. WELLS JOHN I. WESTBROOK, JR. WILLIAM B. WHEELEIL JOHN W. WHITAKER HUGH L. WHITE, JR. WILLIAM L. WHITE HARRY R. WHITT BERNARD M. WICKER JIMMY C. WICKEII JEROME A. WILSON CHARLES N. WOERNER MASON D. WOOD JOHN S. WYLIE JOHN A. YANCEY, JR. WALTER M. YOWELL WESLEY E. ZABRISKIE WESTHAMPTON CGLLEGE Who has put the lock on whom? IV ho welcomes most those iron hands? For he is through with doorless rooms, She, safe from all those hands. 5'39:Q"5? .N - 'sb 'X Q' I. Av WE, 'QW N 3. VT' 'cl V Q ' . f ,Q f - .1 35? 1 N 1. 1:lv it - an N M6 .1 A W5 3 w 'A ' 1 Milli,- V ' ' ' , , 5 ' '- 1 . L.,-bf1,' 0 TQ' A' Z . X 'w i' , 4, kagn--,-g.QQW,4f,, H, , f -' ff I - " . -1,5555 H-'.,:jL' Nui! , Q 'f T" W., "' PM v- 'af -1' "H W" QUEMQHW' ,, - 1 P ' X M :w ' v 1 A W5 Q 1 , X . 'W . ,as w- I . ,.. 1' . :UL .i, w 1 1.,i M "-fi-F' ' - Lg . Tai 5215 if-: .. T. 41 'QQ :if 1 f ..,.,5 ..f'f--ff- L- -fm, EH H ,, , W3 . ,V+ , 9 gm W, :L I-X EE, , - 'V if " 1f,f'j:?,,..gkA :xvffqwiii qwyi v' .V ff-.Wi 'i Q 'nv ,.' v -3 V, I , '. 1' 44 " -. 'ff' x ' .vm " fl 'QRYGQ si 'I :gr- -Ef7LiasEs?sEsi'if4 ffl? ! K ' fy n "NN: ' N '53 V -.sgi -. ' , x , . ' QQ-,-ff , ' 1- 'I' -f-A X A a.1. u+aZSQ? ., g9',A!Vfi' , N ' , T ' ' J . ..,J'5f ' ' " ' A - N k f ' ug' ' 1' ' 13 ' 1' , Pg- ' 1, ,f 1 ,' 1 Q 152 .. .. ., EZ: AA ,4' , -j I I j 3-- ww' 'fp .3 1 X Qs? 1 l.' 5 :' ' , . N i w. mx- N . W 0 .L-8 -an. .4 . aug 4+ f . W, l 1 44 5 i, f M. 1 3 Q ' n Q, '- Wm-. E wwf' ' 3. 1 '1 JW KC, TX., 1,2 ., A LM ga dk E L - wa, Q 15x,i,3 k.l,, i 'Hu H , F v- 1 h zz- 5 A ...g Je, wf ,Q 1-. Y W,-L . . 1-5 W: 4 i I ww, 1' r Q, 4 A w x W, auf: Ma. 5 J, ,.. E 'uma . ..,. N, F 4. Sql 1-my 1 x.. M ,fx ,Vx lin. faq, , ,1 2125-1 J ,E WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE Westhampton College Student Government Association FLORENCE GRAY Student Government President The officers of the Westhampton College Government Asso- ciation for the session of 1948-49 took ofhce on April 6, 1948 at installation services in Cannon Memorial Chapel. One of the major aims of these officers this year has been to encourage all the members of the Association to realize their responsibility towards College Government by taking an active part in all the affairs of the Association, The Association consists of three branches of government: legislative, judicial, and executive. The College Council, which is the legislative body of Col- lege Government, is composed of the executive officers of Col- lege Government, representatives of all major organizations on campus, the dean of the college, the dean of students, and two faculty members. College Government has also taken an active part in the social life of the College. The Westhampton student body spon- sored the prize-winning float in the Homecoming Parade. The judicial department of College Government consists of the Honor Council and two dormitory residence councils. The ,Honor Council made recommendations to College Government for setting up a University Honor Council which would function in any cases involving both men and women students. The council also recommended plans for setting up a more workable system of student government during the summer session. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE STUDENT GOVERNMENT. Lefl io fight, Jealed: Dean Hamilton, Paula Abernethy, Elo Gray, Catherine Smith, Ellen Largent, Dean Roberts. S!m2di1zg.' Virginia Herrink, Audrey Lynn, Catherine Wynn, Harriet Stubbs, Cynthia Patrick, Mimi Thalenberg, jane Sanford, Barbara Beattie, Ida Eanes, Peggy Hassell. THE 1949 WEB WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE HON- OR COUNCIL. Left to right, sealed: Peggy Hassell, Audrey Lynn, Florence Gray, Ida Eanes, Mimi Thalenberg. Slmzdiug: Libby Rowse, Rosalie Varn. SOUTH COURT RESIDENCE COUNCIL. Leff lo right: Libby Rowse, Ida Eames, Betty Evans, Isabelle Taylor. U1liZfE7'SifJ! 0 f Richmond I STUDENT GOVERNMENT NORTH COURT RESIDENCE COUNCIL. Left to rigbt: Rosalie Varn, Hilda Moore, Mimi Thalenberg, Stella Dalton, Barbara Covington. . -- 'ff"71' - -- -0 -+ 'nf1 -4fl . .:', is WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE Thomas Hall's ghosts turned somersaults when part of Westhampton's Class of '49 started their college life in a boys' dormitory. Orientation Week acquainted us with the other side of the campus and the traditions of Westhampton that we have held dear through the years. By the end of October the Freshmen and Sophomore classes knew each other very Well through the medium of ratting. After such preliminaries the Seniors oiiicially declared our ex- istence with a formal welcoming on Proclamation Night. Our newly lighted candles burned with Odd Spirit. Unity continued to echo. Odd Day blazed red and yellow when the lamppost, symbol of Odds, celebrated its second birthday. Songs and cheers were part of our spirit. The queen was not the only one who reigned May Day, lanterns also shone through. The circle of Freshmen, representing unity, formed around a final campfire in the shadows of the dorm by the lake, has not been broken. Dreams of winning the coveted Mortar Board cup and the General Ath- letic Championship came true. They were a fighting challenge for the future. The big move to Westhampton the next year did not squelch the feeling of growing up together. A famous slogan started, "Buy an Eskimo Pie", spring The Senior Class SENIOR CLASS OFFI- CERS. Left to right : Nancy Berry, Secreta1'y,' Mimi An- derson, Vice-Preriderztf Rosamund Calhoun, Preri- denlg Alda Marlin, Trear- zzrer. sprang the Sophomore Style Show, May Day featured the "Make-Believe Ball" under spun glass clouds, daisies danced down in a depression from which they were picked, pulled, and later pressed in a Chain for the last ceremony with "big sisters", Mortar Board honored us again. Welcome girls from other schools! You are the ones to help us use all the talents we can pool, in showing how we juniors fuse. Little sisters have we, in this year that makes us three. Voices echoed a suc- cessful Prom, a colonial setting offered the best in atmosphere, some classmates having one ring shortly sparkled with another. Mortar Board tapped nine of our girls for "superlative work in classroom and extracurricular activities", Nellie Burt Wright's con- cert kept the audience motionless for Miss Wood- fin's Memorial Fund. The '49ers are Seniors-meaning a cap, gown, and a new dormitory. "Westhampton Sings" are Odd, to have our class sponsoring, but we do not lack en- thusiasm. We formally welcomed the freshman class on their Proclamation Night by lighting the candle of perpetual spirit for each. Though we leave our college after graduation may our thoughts continue to linger here. THE 1949 WEB BKIARILYN ANNE ALEXANDER West Long Branch, New jersey Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Prycbology WEB, Editorial Staff, Sports Editor, Westhampton College Edi- torg Collegian, Assistant Sports Editor, Managing Editorg Uni- versity Playersg Pi Delta Epsilong Radio Guild, El Picarog Dormitory Committeeg Newman Clubg International Relations Club, Presidentg Varsity Hockey, Lettersg Class Basketball, Hockey, Captaing Board of Presidentsg Psychology Clubg Dele- gate V.I.P.A.g Dean's List. PATRICIA GARLAND ALLEN Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in S,l1d!1f.l'l7 Transfer from Hollins College, Roanoke, Va.g El Picarog Wesley Foundationg Varsity Tennisg Sponsor for Lambda Chi Alpha '48. lVlILDRED LEE ANDERSON Catonsville, Nlaryland Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Pryrbolagy WEB, Feature Editor, Collegian, Business Staff, A'lE.f.l'6i2gt?7'.' Westliampton Cheerleaderg University Cheerleader, Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Committeeg Class Hockey, Track Captain, Basketball Captaing Homecoming Sponsorg Senior Class Vice- Presidentg University Playersg Religious Activities Council, Sec- retaryg WEB Beautyg May Courtg Harlequin Clubg Canterbury Club. LAURA SHIRLEY ARIVISTRONG Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Drrwmrir Arm University Playersg Radio Guildg Collegian. CLASS 0171949 CORNELIA MAURY AYRE Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Matlaemuiirr Les Femmes Savantesg Pi Mu Epsilon, Canterbury Club. University of Riclamoml DORIS ANNE BING Victoria, Virginia A 1 alicafzl fm' B.A l l . - H1,rt01'y dentg Class Hockey A.A. Seal Winner, Class Song Leader Athletic Association, Degree in Vice-Presi- Basketballg Sophomore University Players, Glee Clubg Radio Guild, El Picaro. . . eat, fszwlf SENIOR CLASS "'--V.-f ' CAROLYN BONHAM Chilhowie, Virginia Applimfzt for BA. Degree in Sociology Transfer from Marion Junior College, Marion, Va.g Phi Al- pha Thetag Glee Clubg Resident Councilg Mortar Board, Vice- Presidentg Freshman Counselorg Maid of Honor, May Day. AUDREY LENORA BRADFORD Portsmiouith, Virginia Applirnnl for B.5'. Degree in Cbemirlry WEB, Freshman Class Editor, Westhampton Literary Editorg Athletic Association, Secretaryg Class Hockeyg Basketballg Soph- omore Class Vice-Presidentg Col- legimzg Westhampton Cheerlead- er, University Cheerleader, Can- terbury Club, Presidentg Board of Presidentsg Religious Activi- ties Council, University Players, Chemistry Clubg May Court. '--A" WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE DIANE JOAN BROWN Ptiolunond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Pryclvology WEBQ Eta Sigma Phii Interna- tional Relations Club, Vice President, Westhampton Cheer- leader, Varsity Tennis, Psychol ogy Clubg Hillel Organization Intermediate Honors. ELIZABETH W. BULLOCK Richmond, Virginia Applimzzt for B.S. Degree in Pbyrier MARY ENID BURNETT Hillsville, Virginia Applifcuzt for BA. Degree in Bible Transfer from Averett College, Danville, Va.g B.S.U.g Christian Volunteer Association. ROSAMOND GWYN CALHOUN Marion, Virginia Applicmzl for B.A. Degree in Hirfory Wesley Foundation, Chairman, Freshman Representative to Col- lege Councilg Sophomore Class Secretary, College Government Association, Treasurer, May Day, Treasurerg Mortar Boardg Fresh- man Counselor, Phi Alpha Thetag International Relations Clubg Senior Class President, ll'fb0'r lVlao,' Phi Beta Kappa, Intermediate Honorsg May Court. e CLASS OF 1949 ANNE LEE CARTER - Kilmarnock, Virginia Applimnr for B.A. Degree in Biology International Relations Clubg Class Basketball, Hockey, Dormi- tory Committeeg EI Picarog WEB, Editorial Staff, Senior Class Editor, Biology Club. KATI-IRYN THOMAS CARTER Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for B.A. Degree in Sofiology B.S.U.g Westhampton Glee Club, Radio Guild, University Choir. MARY EMMA COPELAND Charlottesville, Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Englirb Transfer from Mars Hill junior College, Mars Hill, N. C.g B.S.U.g Glee Clubg English Clubg Christian Volunteer Asso- ciation, Phi Alpha Theta. FLORENCE CRUTE Danville, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Biology Transfer from Averett College, Danville, Va., Senior Class Project, Chairmang Varsity Hockeyg Tennis, Mortar Board, Secretary-Treasurer, Dormitory Committee, Westminster Club, International Relations Club, Beta Beta Beta, Freshman Coun- l selorg Phi Beta Kappa, Y.W.C.A. .-J THE 1949 WEB mr IACQUELYN CUNNINGIIAM Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Transfer from Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Va., Phi Alpha Theta. JANE ADELYNE DENS Westfield, New Jersey Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology Athletic Association Board, Freshman Representative, Assistant Basketball Manager, Westhampton Cheerleader, Head, Univer- sity Cheerleader, Letters in Varsity Hockey, Track, Basketball, Track Champion, Class Basketball, Captain, Track, Captain, Hockey, Captain, Seal Winner, Blazer Winner, Sophomore Class President, Board of Presidents, Residence Council, Fresh- man Counselor, May Court, Harlequin Club. ELIZABETH YATES DICK Broolcneal, Virginia Applicant for BA, Degree in Hixlory Transfer from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C., International Relations Club, Dean's List. SUSAN LooK D1cK1NsoN Port Royal, Virginia Applicanz for B.S. Degree in Public School Mu.ric Glee Club, Ionian Music Club, President, Freshman Class Song Leader, Princess in 1948 Apple Blossom Festival, May Queen, Harlequin Club. CLASS OF 1949 PATRICIA ANN EAGAN Richmond, Virginia Applimzzz for B..S'. Degree in Biology Les Femmes Savantes, Biology Club, Varsity Hockey, Track, Manager, Newman Club. University of Richman al IDA Ross EANES Emporia, Virginia Applirarzt for BA, Degree in Hirlory WEB, Collegian ,' Freshman Rep- resentative to College Council, Residence Council, Junior Class President, South Court Dormi- tory President, W'h0'J lVb0,' Freshman Counselor, Wesley Foundation. SENIOR CLASS BETTY JEANNE EVANSA Norrhfork, West Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree izz Hirlory University Choir, Glee Club, El Picaro, Wesley Foundation, Re- ligious Activities Council, Resi- dence Council, International Relations Honors, America, Future Teachers of Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. xx. Club, Intermediate , ELEANOR BELLE FELDHERR Richmond, Virginia Applicrzrzl far B..S'. Degree in Biology Transfer from Syracuse Univer- sity, Syracuse, N. Y., Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Hillel. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE JANE FERRIS Scarsdale, New York Applicant for B.A. Degree in Soeiology NIARGARET LYNN GILMER Louisa, Virginia flpplirmzl for B..S'. Degree in Mnllvemolirr Sigma Pi Sigma, Secretary, Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary, West- minster Fellowship. VIRGINIA LEE GRABEEL Rose Hill, Virginia Ajlplirmzl for B.S. Degree in Plyyriml Educoliozz Athletic Association Board, Var- sity Hockey, Basketball, Man ager, Tennis, Class Hockey, Basketball, Track, Seal Winner B.S.U., Glee Club, Future Teach ers of America. FLORENCE ELLA GRAY Waverly, Virginia Applimnz for B.A. Degree in Soriology Freshman Class President, Col- lege Government, President, Dormitory, President, Honor Council , Executive Council, Residence Council, Board of Presidents, Board of Publica- tions, UVbo'r lWbo,' Intermediate Honors, Mortar Board, Nostraf: Filiae, International Relations Club, Collegian Staff, Daugh- ter's Club, May Court. CLASS OF1949 IVIARTHA HALL VVaynesboro, Virginia Alflfllifdlll for B.A. Degree in Pryrbology JEAN STROTHER HARPER Richmond, Virginia Applimnr for BA. Degree in SIILIIZAYI7 S University Choir, El Picaro, B.S.U., Senior Class Secretary. PEGGY BROCKNVELL LIARRIS Roanoke, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology Collegimzg Merrezzger, Assistant Westhampton Editor, West- hampton Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Ionian Music Club, College Government Association, Secretary, College Council, Varsity Hockey, Westminster Fellowship, Class Basketball, Hockey, International Relations Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, Vice-President, junior "Class Lass", Who? Hobo, Mortar Board, V.I.P.A. Delegate, English Club, Freshman Counselor, May Court. IVIARY BURTON I-IASKELL Richmond, Virginia Applinwl for B.A. Degree in Pryrbology Radio Guild, International Relations Club, Psychology Club, English Club, University Players, Me.r,re1zger,' Dean's List. THE 1949 WEB PEGGY IVERNA HASSELL Richmond, Virginia Applimrzl for B.A. Degree in Englirb Junior Class Treasurerg Freshman Counselorg Senior Class Col- lege Government Representativeg Honor Councilg College Coun- cilg President of Town Studentsg Intermediate Honors FRANCES ELIZABETH HIX Richmond, Virginia Applirrmr for B.A. Degree in Bible Nostrae Filiae, Secretaryg Christian Volunteer Associationg B.S.U.g Dean's List. " , ELIZABETH Hsu Kunming, Yunnan, China Applimnt for B.S. Degree in Cbemirrry Chemistry Clubg Biology Clubg B.S.U.g International Relations Clubg Glee Clubg University Choirg Phi Beta Kappa. CLARE CARDOZO IIVIBURG Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for B.A. Degree in Erzglifb Glee Clubg International Relations Clubg English Club, Presi- ' dentg Hillel. CLASS OF 1949 I-IAZEL VIRGINIA JENNINGS Richmond, Virginia Appliranl for BA. Degree irz Biology Biology Club. NANCY KATEIRYN KEESEE Bluefield, West Virginia Apfllimrzl for BA. Degree in Biology Transfer from Bluefield College, Bluefield, Va.g Canterbury Club International Relations Club Biology Club, President. GEORGIA KILPATRICK Lawrenceville, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Erzglixh University Players, Secretaryg Radio Guildg Menerzger, Poetry Editorg International Relations Clubg Les Femmes Savantes. SENIOR CLASS MARGARET ANN KNAPP West Point, Virginia Applimrzl for B.A. Degree in Sociology Y.W.C,A., Secretaryg Residence Councilg Varsity Tennis, Man- agerg Class Hockeyg Basketball. University of Richmond WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE Donornv RICHWINE Kona Richmond, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in Latin Eta Sigma Phi, Secretaryg B.S.U. L... JANET ELAINE LEONARD Chincoteague, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Freshman Counselorg Wesley Foundation Councilg Future Teachers of Americag El Picarog Class Hockey, Basketballg Inter- national Relations Club. MARY CATHARINE Lusay Vvashington, D. C. Applimrzt far B.A. Degree in CAROLINE JONES LYNN Richmond, Virginia Applirarzt for B.A. Degree in Hirtary Bible Varsity Hockeyg Class Hockey, Westminster Fellowship. Baskethallg El Picarog Wesley Foundationg International Rela- tions Club, CLASS OF 1949 LYDIA ALBERTA MCCULLOUGII Richmond, Virginia Applimrzt for BA. Degree in Sociology WEB, Editorial Stalfg Future Teachers of America, Canterbury Clubg Glee Clubg Class Basketball. HELEN MARIE MCDONQUGH Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Pryelmlogy Freshman Class Treasurerg Junior Class Historiang Psychology Clubg El Picarog International Relations Clubg Westhampton College Handbook, Co-Editorg Freshman Counselorg Intermediate Honorsg Phi Alpha Theta, Presidentg Newman Club, Phi Beta Kappa. ELIZABETH LEE MCNEAL Ashland, Virginia 1 Applimnt for BA. Degree itz F!'Ql1l'b Transfer from Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va., Wesley Foundationg Les Femmes Savantesg International Relations Club. GILDA RAND MANN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , Applimnt for B.A. Degree in Aft Les Femmes Savantesg El Picarog Varsity Hockeytg International Relations Clubg Radio Guildg WEBQ University Players. THE 1949 WEB ALDA BERYL MARLIN Richmond, Virginia ' Applicalimz for B.A. Degree in Prycbology Pi Delta Epsilon, Senior Class Treasurerg Psychology Clubg Phi Alpha Thetag WEB, Editorial Staff, University of Richmond Activities Editorg Westhampton College Handbook, Co-Editorg International Relations Clubg Class Hockeyg Basketball. JULIE CLARE lVl6LLER Caracas, Venezuela Applimrzt for B.S. Degree in Cbemiytry and Biology Transfer from University of Copenhagen, Denmarkg Biology Clubg Beta Beta Beta, President, Gamma Sigma Epsilong Les Femmes Savantesg Chemistry Club, Secretaryg University Choir, Radio Guildg International Relations Clubg El Picarog Inter- collegiate Councilg Phi Beta Kappa. JEAN ELIZABETH Moons' Baltimore, Maryland Applimrzl for B.A. Degree in Hirrory Glee Clubg University Choirg Collegian ,' B.S.U., Councilg junior Class Song Leaderg Y.W.C.A., Vice-Presidentg Freshman Counselorg Board of Presidentsg Daughter's Club. ANN ELIZABETH MORANO Richmond, Virginia Afrplirlml for B.A. Degree in Malbenmlirr WEB, Editorial Staffg Newman Club. CLASS OF 1949 JESSICA NIBLET Richmond, Virginia Alifrlimrzl for B.A. Degree in Hirfory Psychology Clubg Phi Alpha Thetag University Players. JANE VVORMELEY NORRIS Richmond, Virginia Afzplimrzl for B.A. Degree in Lalirz El Picaro Eta Si ma Phi, Treas- 1 3 2 urerg Wesley Foundationg Fu ture Teachers of America. Unilzfersity of Richmond X 2 SENIOR CLASS I - 1 I' . ,xr VIRGINIA ANNE OTEY Crumpler, West Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology El Picarog Alumnae Daughters Clubg Future Teachers of Amer- icag Wesley Foundation. -,.,-J' ELIZABETH V. PAHNELAS Richmond, Virginia Afrplimnt for B.S. Degree in Cbemirlry M?.fJ6?1g6?',' Chemistry Clubg In- ternational Relations Clubg Cam era Club. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE JOYCE ANNE PARRISI-I Richmond, Virginia Apllulicmzl for B.S. Degree in Claemirtry Merrenger, Assistant Westliamp ton Editor Westham ton Edi- - P tor' Camera Clubg Glee Club Pi bein Epsilong English Clubi CYNTHIA WEST PATRICK Hampton, Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Latin Freshman Class Secretaryg Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Collegian, Assistant Business Managerg WEBQ Freshman Counselorg Eta Sigma Phig Westliampton Cheer- leaderg University Cheerleaderg Y.W.C.A., Presidentg Les Femmes Savantesg B.S.U., Coun- cilg lWl90'r W'l1o,' May Court. 'Wu -" 'P-., , 6 RUBY LEE PATTERSON lVlcKenney, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Biology Beta Beta Beta, Secretary-Treas- urerg Biology Clubg WEB, Busi- ness Staifg Canterbury Clubg El Picaro. NIARY ANN PEDDICORD Catonsville, Maryland Applicant for B.A. Degree in Psychology Pi Delta Epsilong WEB, Busi- ness Staffg Canterbury Clubg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag El Picaro. CLASS OF 1949 MARGARET HATHAWAY POLLARD Red Iacket, VVest Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Cbemirtry Chemistry Club, Treasurerg Daughter's Club. ANN PULsEoRn RAKES Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.S. Degree in Public School Muric Glee Clubg Ionian Music Clubg Christian Volunteer Association B.S.U.g Intermediate Honors. PATSY V. RAYL Richmond, Virginia Applicanl for B.A. Degree in Hirtory Transfer from University of Redlands, Redlnds, California GEORGIA RAE Ridgeway, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Bible Transfer from Averett College, Danville, Va.g B.S.U.g Christian Volunteer Association. THE 1949 WEB BETTY JANE REVELI. Hampton, Virginia Applimzzl for B.A. Degree in Pryelaology Westliampton Glee Club, Wesley Foundation. BARBARA ANN RHODES Roanoke, Virginia Applicmzt for BA. Degree in M:llfJ6771dfiC.Y Math Club, Vice-President, May Day, Chairman, Phi Beta Kappa. ANNETTE MARIE RICE Reidsville, North Carolina Applimnf for BA. Degree in Erzglirb BARBARA ANN RODEWALD Orange, New Jersey Applicewl for B.A. Degree in Hirlory Transfer from Knox Junior College, Cooperstown, N. Y., Class Basketball, Collegian, El Picaro, Radio Guild, Canterbury Club, Merrenger, Editorial Staff. CLASS 01-71949 JANE O,NEAL SANFORD Danville, Virginia flpplimrz! for B.S. Degree in Pbyfiml Euenlion Mortar Board, llVbo'.f lVlJo,' In- termediate Honorsg College Council, Freshman Counselor, Athletic Association, President, Board of Presidents, Recorder, Varsity Basketball, Manager, Tennis, Hockey, Captain, Class Track, Hockey, Captain, Basket- ball, Captain, Seal Winner, Blazer Winner, El Picarog Fu- ture Teachers of America, In- ternational Relations Club. LAURA LAVINA SAUNDERS Ivor, Virginia Applirnrzt for BA. Degree in Sociology B.S.U., Christian Volunteer As- sociation, El Picaro, WEB, Busi- ness Staff. University of Richmond SENIOR CLASS t x. CATHERINE I-IooE SMITH Alexandria, Virginia Ajzplierzzzt for B.A. Degree in Frerzeb College Government Associa- tion, Vice-President, College Council, Freshman Counselor, Class Hockey, Basketball, Les Femmes Savantes, Canterbury Club, May Court. HARRIET LEE SLIITH Alderson, West Virginia Applimnl for B.A. Degree in Sociology Junior Class Secretary, Dormi- tory Committee. .Z WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE I'-. . MARY JACQUELYN STONE London Bridge, Virginia Ajzplimnl for B.A. Degree in Pryelaology Transfer from Averett College, Danville, Va.g B.S.U., Secretary International Relations Club. ISABELLE HAY TAYLOR Pensacola, Florida Applicant for B.S. Degree in Biology Westminster Fellowshipg Senior Class Historiang Biology Club, Freshman Counselor, Residence Council. MIRIAM H. THALENEERG New York, New York Applieam for B.A. Degree in Soriology Les Femmes Savantesg WEB, StaEg Radio Guildg Freshman Representative to College Gov- ernment Associationg Honor Council, Board of Presidents, Sophomore Class President, Mer- renger, Poetry Editorg Freshman Orientation Committee Chair- mang North Court Dormitory President, University Playersg lVlao'r llf'lJa,' Harlequin Club. OLIVE THOMAS TRADER Oak Hill, Virginia Applimrzt for BA. Degree in Hirlory Wesley Foundation, El Picarog Class Hockey. CLASS OF1949 LILIE BROOKE TRIPLETT Marloham, Virginia Applifdlll for B.S. Degree in Public School Marie Ionian Music Club, Glee Clubg B.S.U.g Westminster Fellow- ship, Varsity Hockeyg Class Hockey, Basketballg El Picarog French Chorale, Vice-Presidentg Deanls Listg University Choirg International Relations Club. SALLIE HALL VAN DYGK Petersburg, Virginia Applicant for BA. Degree in French Glee Club, Canterbury Clubg Les Femmes Savantes, President, Class Hockey, Dean's List. ALICE MAE VERRA Richmond, Virginia Applimnx for B.A. Degree in Pryrbelogy Wesley Founclationg Freshman Class, Vice-Prcsidentg junior Class Representative to College Governmentg International Re- lations Club, Vice-Presidentg Psychology Club, Presidentg Mor- tar Boardg Eclitorg Phi Alpha Theta, May Court. NEVELLE WATSON Washington, D. C. Applimnz for B.A. Degree in Sociology Y.W.C.A., Treasurer, Canterbury Clubg Les Femmes Savantes. THE 1949 WEB ELIZABETH WEBB Woomt Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A, Degree in Educuliorz CHARLOTTE WHEELER Newport News, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Prycbology Transfer from Fairfax Hall Junior College, Waynesboro, Va.g Class Basketballg International Relations Clubg Canterbury Club. IDELL LIBEY WILENSKY Petersburg, Virginia Appliccznl for B,A. Degree in Sociology International Relations Clubg Les Femmes Savantesg Hillelg WEB, Business Manager, Religious Activities Councilg Pi Delta Epsilong Future Teachers of America. SHIRLEY MARIE WILLER Canandaigua, New York Applicant for B.A. Degree in S,bc111i,rh CLASS OF 1949 ANN ALLEN WILSON Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Hirtory Christian Volunteer Association Westminster Fellowship, Presi: dent, Religious Activities Coun cilg Board of Presidents. University of Richmond MARY Lou WINN Chattaroy, West Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology Senior Class Song Leaderg Wes- ley Foundationg Board of Publi cationsg Class Hockey, Basket ballg Glee Club, May Court Y.W.C.A. SENIOR CLASS I.-.., CATHERINE SUE WYATT Danville, Virginia Applicant for B.A. Degree in Sociology El Picarog Residence Council , junior Class Treasurerg Dormi- tory Committeeg Dormitory Re corderg Honor Councilg Fresh man Counselorg Mortar Board Presidentg College Council Board of Presidents, Presidenti '1- ,. MARY LEE Yooic Richmond, Virginia Applicant for B,A, Degree in Englirb English Club. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE The Jumor Class MARGARET HELMS ALEXANDER WILLIE SNOW BACON DORIS CORINNE BALDERSON BETTIE LANE BARNI-IILL BARBARA ANNE BEATTIE DOROTHY AMELIA BECK MARIANNE ROGERS BECK JOYCE GIBSON BETTS VIVIAN JAMES BETTS DOROTHY JEAN BISHOP MARY MARGARET BOWLES JANICE MAE BRANDENBURG BARBARA ANN BRANN VIRGINIA LEE BRINSON MARGARET JAMES BUCK MARYANNE QUARLES BUGG MARJOILIE CANADA FRANCES MAE CHANDLER NANCY JEANNE C1-IAPIN LORRAINE ANN CHAPMAN JUNIOR CLASS GRACE GLORIA CLAUTER .I ,Q BARBARA JOAN COLEMAN - , BARBARA KING COVINGTON il S V LOUISE COVINGTON ' FRANCES CURTIS DAILEY A I . ' STELLA DALTON K ' 1 - LENORE DAVIS I ANN HUNTER DORSEY ' - 4' Li JANE OSEORN EDMONDS PRISCILLA ENSLIN AGNES PARISH FEILO LORRAINE DORIS FEINBERG BETTY GRAY FINNEY ELIZABETH IRENE GIVENS LENORE DOROTHY GREENBERG JOYCE ADERTON GUsTARsON SARAH GENE HART HELEN WALLACE I-IAsIcINs LOUISE HICKERSON MARY FULLER HOWARD CLASS OF 1950 Left to right, Iop row: Suzanna Huff, Barbara Joy Hull, Nan Elizabeth Johnson, Barbara Lee Jones, Patricia Kelly, Pearl Kline, Catherine Isabelle Krause. Second row: Helen Kathrine Lampathakis, Ellen Bradine Largent, Audrey Marie Lynn, Dorothy Ruth Maddox, Joanna Cranston Maiden, Athena Milonas, Mary Sue Mock. Tbird row: Hilda Lee Moore, Ruth Claire Morrissey, Elizabeth Ann Neblett, Claire Christine Noren, Marjorie Bolling Parson, Susan Marie Peck, Jane Pitts. .- .-rv. S S fl ' A tts A se ie ' H , I J W r 6 Il K Q v Q I I It if 1 L, University 0 f Richmond WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE i ma L T , S Q W id-.1 zii. "" 6440 6 ,Q z i , Y ,I b -V':."AL.1 Q M , n y ra ,I w i ' F 1 'E ,.. , Tx ..., ..fl,ilLaa,,,. V it ' Left to right, top row: Jean Crichton Rainer, Mary Lee Rankin, Doris Lee Reeves, Marianna Rounds, Elizabeth Mather Rowse, Clarice Bagby Ryland, Jeanne Marie Schanen. Serwzd row: Winifred Paula Schanen, Carol Mae Sidlovsky, Betty Marshall Sims, Virginia Winston Sims, Ida Sparks Smith, Rosa Lou Soles, Mary Elizabeth Sullivan. Tlyird row: Frances Witherspoon Sutton, Barbara Ann Taggart, Emma jacquelin Tilman, jean Marie Tinsley, Georgia Louise Triplett, Maud Sanders Tyler, Julia Byrd Wann. Fourth row: Dorothy Selden Warner, Miriam Turner Weddle, Margaret Wells, Charlotte Emily Westervelt, Barbara White, Wilda Boyd Whitman, Rosemarie Wilks. The Sophomore Class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Lefz to rigbl: Sue Pitts, Vice-Preridezztp Ann Lide, P1'eJider1t,' Susan Jones, Secre1m'y,' Anne Marie Hardin, T1'6dJlll'6l', not in picture. THE 1949 WEB SOPHOMORE CLASS PAULA R. ABERNATHY A IRENE J. ADLER ' FRANCES L. ALLEN 7, F' l Y ERNESTINE ALLPORT ' J FRANCES M. ARRIGHI F, 1 J I! I Jo ANN ASBURY PATRICIA G. ATw1LL V M. ANN BAIRD 39 MARGARET A. BAKEMAN 5- . , , SUE BEAL 1 . ll, ., in ' A. E Q? , "1'Fl ,.f , fE,..., . .T 3 BETSY BETHUNE in 5 " P 7 A r . ' JEAN N. BOOTH 5 It , - 9 'f ' 6. ,, 1 - -, MARY B. BOOTH ? A 2 ' .Q .gf .H , A A ,, RITA B. BRoss ,- vw- 5' , Mb, "1 A nf' . BOBBIE L. BROWN l ' ' J' . i Y ' V 1, I ' W' . 1 All ' -4- ' T Yfx' f ' M 54' ' R'::f" 'e Q.. .fp - fi .4 - .. . .. L. . . It in 5 A, MARY C. BUNTING 3 in A 'A MARTHA CARPENTER Q- ' il , A . 6 . , ' " ' 1 6' L BETTY B. CATHER ' , Q' A 'WJ ,L , N J ' ALICE H. CLARKE - E A J, 2 . " HELEN D. CLARK P ,K ' N ' '- , . MARYGLYN COOPER A .. - A JOAN A. DALVE -Q - ' MARY J. DEVILBISS A .r A l " he . . JEAN B. DE WITT X N .,- 'U I 'X ELIZABETH E. EANES 2 . ' 'M' CLASS OF 1951 Lefi zo right, :op row: Jane S. Ellis, June R. Ferrell, Suzanne G. Gibson, Elizabeth P. Gill, Doris I. Goodwyn, Jeanne E. Goulding, Irene C. Groves. Serond row: Shirley J. Hall, Anne M. Hardin, Virginia W. Herrink, Audrey R. Hetzel, Suzanne H. Holt, Shirley L. Hoover, Charlotte M. Houchins. Third 7'0'll'.' Mary Ann Hubbard, Jocelyn Hyche, Edith G. Hutzler, Ann P. Jones, Susan Jones, Lee Keiter, Margaret R. Lacy. :. -Q H 5. ... . r I Va. 3 - v J fr . . - . ,Y rm, 3 L4 L. L. University of Richmond ,if in ,H 1,1 .. , I ' 11' L 1 1- f" . WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE F X -iff 6. I A I Left to rigbl, lop row: Elizabeth R. Latimer, jane N. Lawson, Patricia R. Lawther, Anne M. Lide, Laura J. Longarini, Monica jean Longino, Nancy Jean Love. Second raw: Betty jean Lowe, Helen C. McCarthy, Barbara L. McGehee, Natalie J. McKissick, Elizabeth McRae, Gladys H. Maroney, Patricia Merritt. Third row: Ernestine Mitchell, Mary Lee Moore, jane A. Muiiitt, Elizabeth V. Munsey, Lois M. Nelson, Ida Gill Norris, Helen C. Pence. CLASS OF 1951 SUE Pl'I'l'S ANNE B. PLUNKETT GXVEN F. PRIDDY MARION C. REDMOND SUZANNE A. RICHARDSON K. ALMA RICE S. ANN ROGERS CAROL SIEGEL RosE SETIEN JANE L. SLAUGHTER PATRICIA E. SMITH BERTRAND SNEAD IRIS J. SNOWDEN NORMA A. STEEVER NANCY N. TAYLOR -3 f I LEA K. THOMPSON l 1 Z BETTY C. TREDWAY T U ROSALIE A. VARN ' K 1 NAOMI WALENSKY ROBIN WAIIDLAW k IR ' 'l . . 4911- V y I I , I .X ,,. ' , MIEDRED RWWATERS f: .1 ' I ,I I .3 rf L' . NN ILEY Q 5' "'::: , 'iv , 5' V F IVIARTHA B. Wooos ' ' N A I C' 1 . ' "1 5 1 ' ' ELEANOR C. WRIGHT ' " A 'A f MILDRED L. WRIGHT ' , -"' ' " FI.oRA J. ZBAR THE 1949 WEB 'I LELIA V. ADAMS LUCILLE D. ANGELL NANCY R. AYERS CHARLOTTE L. BABE SARAH ANN BARLOW RoEERTA A. BECKNER JOYCE E. BELL JEAN T. BETHEL JUNE L. BosTIcIc MAE BORIS ELEANOR W. BRADFORD ANNE C. BREHME MAURIANNE BURTON JOANNIE CALLAWAY JANE A. CAMLIN CLAIRE V. CARLTON BARBARA A. CAWTHORNE MA1iY ANN COATS KATHLEEN COLE GRACE M. COLLINS KATHLEENE A. COOKE BERTHA B. CosEY FANNIE Y. CRADDOCK JEAN M. CREws MARIE L. CREWS University of Richmond NE , ,, ,, . V ,,x kik, I , FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to riglylx Mary jean Ivey, Secretary,' Roberta Beckner, Preridefztg Eleanor Bradford, Vice-P1'e:ident,' Freddie Lee Watson, Trenm1'er, not in picture. ' C ' ZS' .il .:.. -. -, f" ' . I ' L ' , 3 ' ami .. . I 1 uv . .AI .. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE PATRICIA DAVEY C. BETTY DAvIs LUCILLE DEARING BARBARA L. DEMENT LAURA DIAL DORIS J. DOHRENWEND HENRIETTA C. Dow CATHERINE L. DUPUY SUE M. EASLEY BETTY J. EDMONDS ADELAIDE M. EICKS DIANE P. EVANS ELOISE T. FAIREANIcs BARBARA E. FERRE LUCY G. FRAZER S. ELIZABETH FUGATE BETTY MAE GEIMAN JACQUELINE D. GARsoN ANNE M. GIBSON BEVERLY J. GILBERT HANNAH M. GLADING ' ' SONDRA P. GLASS 'V , NANCY L. GOUGER ,., , f BARBARA O. HARRIS if if LUCILE HEDLEY CLASS OF 1952 Left lo rigbl, lap row: Le Neve Hodges, Anna M. Holmes, Deborah E. Holmes, Betty B. Hurt, Mary joan Ivey, Patricia L. james, Bettie R. Jarrett. Sefond row: Charlotte E. jolliffe, jolo jones, Nancy E. judges, Elizabeth W. Kennard, june B. Kershenbaun, joan H. Kleeman, Margaret L. Kniseley. Third row: Marian M. Lacy, Harriet U. Larnm, Nina M. Lanclolina, Polly A. Lloyd, Jill E. B. Lobach, Myra Long, Dons R. Lowey. F l E W X THE 1949 WEB FRESHMAN CLASS I ..-4 . X l N? Q? I I U- A 5 :af 6 wal Ill' E 1 l , K '4 ff 31' nj K4 A. . 1? , A I .nv .- aff' .L le . -I. ' I Left to fighi, tap row: Jacqueline M. Lynch, Frances E. McEver, Marilyn McMurray, Ida M. Marks, Mary Marsh, Drucille Marshall, Joyce L. Meisel. Second row: Anne E. Mellen, Carol J. Melton, Hilda Ann Nolen, Jane E. Ozlin, Honore M. Parker, Eleanor L. Persons, Susan B. Peters. Third 7'01l.'.' Elizabeth D. Poole, Beverly M. Randolph, Alice Jane Ratcliffe, Barbara Rhudy, Barbara A. Rose, Isabel G. Sanford, J. Joy Selby. CLASS OF 1952 . . ANNE L. SIMPSON ,,:,, lu DOROTHY L. SMITH Q4 BETTIE C. SNEAD I .4 BARBARA Jo SOLES MARJORIE C. SPARER " HELEN L. STAGGERS JANET M. STORM A , l DESIREE E. D. STuART-ALEx- 'U ANDER I,-5, I l J' I HARRIET S. STUBBS X 'GSW W ALICE T. SUBLEY ' ' X 'ab ' . I x . ANN K. THORPE ' ":':i: 4 I 'A JANIE E. TUNE ' A f HELEN WANT A ELIZABETH A. WATKINS FRED LEE WATSON - 'l P x 'fs vga. lp MARY MARSHALL WILEY DONNA J. WILKINS JEANNINE A. WILLIAMS ANN E. WILLIAMSON HARRIET R. WILLINGHAM rise" F as M. JANE WILLIS MNQ4 SARAH A. WOOD y. KATHLEEN M. YOsT MARCIA M. ZITOWSKI University of Richmond LAW SCHOOL The lawyers made their legal points, The judge then "cases" all the joints That the ends of justice might he served, Especially since they're nicely curved. 'uYrF"Qv!311nLsj': "vw: W' Aux- 152.1 i?,,,,:3., I -..,,5l ,,-, - X ,u , in .. .,,L. 1 W Hffglrf xx v 1,7-, 1? " I f f h 0 W n A r , i I 1 W f Fw? 'L' V K V. I K Qilfli VJ ' 0 ' " 'li , ...ATJ 5 f L' as ' J 3 7 " X 4 . . , 1 I r 4,201 - 'F ,-. iff" ? 1, J ' JV' X X , fa rf- hi M LAW SCHOOL STUDENT BAR OFFICERS. Left 10 right: Richard C. L. Moncure, Presidentg William S. Patterson, Vice-presidentg Rob- ert K. Coats, Secretary, joseph N. Tenhet, Treasurer. tudent Bar Enrollment in T. C. Williams Law School is, of it- self, membership in the Student Bar, which is the student government association. The constitution of the Student Bar, in keeping with the present-day trend, delegates the power in four Executive Offices, a Representative Council, and the Honor Court. Richard C. L. Moncure ably served as President of the executive branch this year. This position has the power of veto over acts of council, and the right of appointing members to serve on the Honor Court and committees. Presiding over the Council this year, as is the duty of the Vice-President, has been William S. Patterson. The less authoritative, and certainly more menial positions of Secretary and Treasurer were will- ingly served this year by Robert K. Coats and Joseph N. Tenhet, jr., respectively. STUDENT BAR COUNCIL. Left to right: G. C. Mooreg M. Minor, Jr.g F. T. Grayg H. L. Snead, jr.g F. A. S. Wrightg S. B. Anderson. THE 1949 WEB 1 2 1 E - - - .1 1- . ' -A . . ' , ' ' 9 . STUDENT GOVERNMENT HONOR COURT. Left io right: J. E. Savageg D. G. Joyceg P. A. Jamarikg M. Barefordg R. Lumpkin. The Representative Council is composed of six members, two elected from each of the three judicial circuits. These positions were very capably filled this year by Barry Anderson and Frederick Gray of the first circuit, G. Clinton Moore and james M. Minor, Jr., of the second circuit, and Harry L. Snead, Jr., along with Frank Wright from the third circuit. The third unit of the Student Bar is the Honor Court. Dick Moncure, in exercising his usual good judgment re-appointed Paul A. Jamarik to the Honor Court, who was elected to serve as Chief justice by the remainder of the appointees. These other mem- bers consisted of john M. Bareford, Daniel G. Joyce, Robert Lumpkin, and Julian E. Savage. A STUDENT BAR PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE. Left lo right, jirrt row: F. T. Grayg P. Jamarikg M. D. Aldridgeg E. G. Garrett, jr. Second row: A. D. Winborneg W. A. Smithg R. P. Tomlinsong R. C. Rakes. Third row: R. Skahang R. M. Spencer. University of Richmond LAW SCHOOL Law chool Facult D. ORVILLE LAHY Instructor in Law JAMES WILLIAM PAYNI5, JR. Instructor in Law J, WESTWOOD SMITHERS Professor of Law ELLSWORTI-I WILTSHIRE Associate Professor of Law JAMES HARMON BARNETT, JR. Professor of Law RALPH T. CATTERALL Associate Professor of Law WILLIAM SAMUEL CUDLIPP, JR Associate Professor of Law Louis SHEPARD HERRINK Associate Professor of Law 3 THE 1949 WEB i l ROBERT FLETCHER BABE South Norfolk, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree Wake Forest College, Phi Al- pha Delta, Euzelian Literary Society, International Rela-tions Club, Phi Delta Omega. Umverszty 0 Rzcbmoncl SENIOR CLASS JOHN MUSE BAREFORD Ozeana, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree B,A., University of Richmond, Lambda Chi Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mu Sigma Rho, Radio Guild, Collegian Staff, Cabinet, Interfraternity Council, judicial Council, Treasurer, Stu- dent Bar, Honor Court. WILLIAM T. BAREFORD Ozeana, Virginia Applicanl for LL,B. Degree B.A., University of Richmond, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Alumni Medal, O D Kg P D E, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pres- ident, Senior Class, Manager, Debate Team, Business Man- ager, WEB, Vice-President, Glee Club, Vice-President, Choir, Interfraternity Council, Harlequin Club, Honor Court, Law School Editor, Collegian, Virginia State Bar. CLASS OF 1949 WALTER EGBERT BEVERLY, IR. Rocky Mount, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree Virginia Military Institute, Historian, Phi Alpha Delta, McNeill Law Society. CARY LEJEUNE BRANCH Aslhland, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree University of Richmond, Theta Chi, Delta Theta Phi. Louis PAUL BYRNE Richmond, Virginia Applicant far LL.B. Degree University of Richmond, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Honor Court. ROBERT CANTOR Richmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.S. fE.E.j Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Virginia State Bar. LAW SCHOOL CHARLES T. CHANDLER, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B, Degree fi! .. University of Richmond. CABELL FLOURNOY COBBS Rocky Mount, Virginia Applimfzl for LL.B. Degree Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Sigma Chig Phi Alpha Deltag Tiger Staffg Intramural Debatingg McNeill Law Society. FRED ALEXANDER CROWDER Richmond, Virgin-ia Aflplifcllll f01'LL.B, Degree University of Richmonclg Delta Theta Phi, McNeill Law Societyg Virginia State Bar. Cil-EORGE ALBERT DAVIS Richmond, Virginia Apfvlirmzl for LL.B. Degree Delta Theta Phi. CLASS OF 1949 STANLEY EDWIN DEUTSCH Charleston, VVest Virginia Ajzplimrzf for LL.B. Degree A.B., West Virginia Universityg Pi Lambda Phi, Sphinxg Fi Bater Capper fMoCk Honoraryjg Pi Tau Pig Virginia State Bar. XVALTHER B. FIDLER Sharps, Virginia Applimnl for LL.B. Degree A.B., Randolph-Macon Collegeg Phi Delta Thetag fDeanj Delta Theta Phi, Omicron Delta Kap- pag McNeill Law Societyg Pi Delta Epsilong Washington Lit- erary, Student Bar Council, Vir- ginia State Bar. iii JACK PAUL FINE Richmond, Virginia Applimzzt for LL.B. Degree B.S., University of Richmondg Sigma Pi Sigma. HAROLD LLOYD FLAX Exmore, Virginia Applifafzt for LL.B. Degree B.S., University of Richmond, Pi Delta Epsilong Law School Editor, Callegimzg Business Man- ager, Me.r:enger,' Assistant Busi- ness Manager, WEBg Phil- ologian Literary Societyg Virginia State Bar. f 49 THE 1949 WEB 322' l it -M -vw SENIOR CLASS .1 JAMES WILLIALI FLEET ROY BEADLES Fox, In. WALTER RAY GAMBILL ERNEST G. GARRETT, IR. Biscoe, Virginia Holland, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree Applimnl for LL.B. Degree Applimzzz for LL.B. Degree Applicmzl for LL.B. Degree B.S,, University of Richmond, John B. Stetson Collegeg Delta B.A., University of Richmondg Univefgify of Rid-,mondg Kap. Kappa Alpha. Theta Phi. Virginia State Bar. pa Sigmag Delta Theta Phig l i l University of Richmond Vice Chancellor, McNeill Law Societyg Associate Law School Societyg Honor Courtg Virginia Editor, Me.fJenger,' Vice Presi- dent, Student Bar. CLASS OF 1949 FREDERICK THOMAS GRAY Chester, Virginia fipfllffcllll for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmondg Delta Theta Phig Phi Beta Kap- pag Chancellor, McNeill Law Societyg Student Bar Councilg Law School Editor, Collegiarzy Student Director, Publicationsg Con- stitutional Revision Committee. JOHN TAYLOR GREEN Natchez, Mississippi Applimrzl for LL.B. Degree B.A., Louisiana State Universityg Kappa Sigmag Delta Theta Phig McNeill Law Societyg Virginia State Bar. I'lOlXIER W. l'lANNA, ju. Charleston, West Virginia Applirmzt for LL.B. Degree A.B., B.S., West Virginia Universityg Sigma Chig Delta Theta Phig McNeill Law Societyg Virginia State Bar. BENJAIVIIN GRAY l'lANSON Richmond, Virginia Applirazzf for LL.B. Degree University of Richmond, Phi Alpha Delta. LAW SCHOOL WILLIAM PALMER HANSON Richmond, Virginia Appliemzt for LL.B. Degree College of William and Maryg University of Richmond, Sigma Rhog Phi Alpha Delta. FRANK WHITAKER HARDY Richmond, Virginia Applicmzl for LL.B. Degree B.S., University of North Carolinag Phi Alpha Delta. RussELL BERRY HARRIS Riohmoncl,'Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Phi Alpha Delta. VIRGINIA RAGSDALE HILL Canton, North Carolina Applimnt for LL.B. Degree A.B., Guilford Collegeg A Capella Choirg Secretary-Treasurer, Women's Athletic Associationg Vice-President, Student Affairs Board. C L A S S O F 1 9 4 9 JOSEPH B. l'lUDSON, JR. GEORGE JOHN JACOBS Culpeper, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree Afzplirmzt far LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Du- B.S., Roanoke Collegeg Pi Kappa quesne Universityg Honor Courtg Phig Monogram Clubg President, Delta Theta Phig Grievance Student Bodyg Debating Teamg Committee. Virginia State Bar. PAUL ANDREW JAMARIK Hopewell, Virginia Applicmzl for LL.B. Degree B.A., Maryville Collegeg Delta Theta Phig Pi Kappa Deltag Honor Courtg Treasurer, Delta Theta Phig Student Director, Public Relationsg Virginia State Bar. DANIEL GREEY JOYCE Bassett, Virginia Applimnt for LL.B. Degree Bridgewater Collegeg McNeill Law Societyg Delta Theta Phig Grievance Committee, Student Councilg Honor Courtg Student Librarian, Virginia State Bar. A ., THE 1949 WEB WILBUR MURDOCK KESSLER Riclhmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmondg Sigma Alpha Epsilong Phi Alpha Delta. FRANK GARLAND LAINE, IR. Clhester, Virginia Applimul for LL.B. Degree A.B., College of Williarn and Mnryg Kappa Sigma. " r Q NCL, University of Riclamofzcl get LAWRENCE W. LATANE, JR WaslIington's Birthplace, Va. Applinzut for LL.B. Degree B.S., Hampden4Sydney College Graduate Student, Virginia Poly- technic Instituteg Theta Chi Delta Theta Phi. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT JOSEPH LUMPKIN Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for LL.B. Degree g B.A., University of Richmondg Delta Theta Phig McNeill Law Societyg Honor Courtg Virginia State Bar. CLASS OF 1949 I-IARRY COLEMAN NICGEHEE, Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for LL.B. Degree B.S,, fI.E.j, Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Delta Theta Phig Election Commit-teeg Student Bar Constitution Committee, Chairman, Second judicial Circuitg Society of Industrial Engi- neersg Virginia State Bar. IAINIES DICKINSON MCMULLAN Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Randolph-Macong Uusticej, Phi Alpha Delta. WILLIAM READ MILLER, III Richmond, Virginia Applimrzf for LL.B. Degree A.B., Waslrington and Lee Universityg Kappa Alphag Delta Theta Phig Virginia State Bar. JAMES MADISON MINOR, JR. Richmond, Virginia .Aflfllifdllf for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Phi Delta Thetag fVice-Deanj, Delta Theta Phig Student Bar Councilg Virginia State Bar. LAW SCHOOL RICHARD CASSIUS LEE lVloNcuRE Richmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.S., University of Richmondg Delta Theta Phig Omicron Delta Kappag Dean's Listg President, Student Barg Judicial Councilg Chairman, Publications Committeeg fTribuneJ, Delta Theta Phig Chancellor of Exchequerg McNeill Law Societyg Virginia State Bar. GEORGE CLINTON MooRE Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Kappa Sigmag Delta Theta Phig Student Bar Council. CHARLES B. Moss Norliolk,Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Virginia State Bar. LUNDUS HARVEY NEFF, IR. Rural Retreat, Virginia Applimnl for LL.B. Degree Bluefield Collegeg Kappa Omega Deltag Virginia State Bar. CLASS OF1949 SAMUAL T. NICASTRO, IR. Montgomery, West Virginia Applirarzl for LL.B. Degree A.B., West Virginia University. WILLIAM S. PATTERSON Richmond, Virginia Applimrzl for LL.B. Degree B.S., Hampden-Sydney College Sigma Chig Delta Theta Phi Basketballg Trackg Pi Delta Ep silong President, Sophomore, Jun- ior, Senior Classg Vice-President, Student Barg Virginia State Bar. CHARLEY W. PINNELL, IR. Richmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree Washington and Lee Universityg Phi Kappa Sigmag Delta Theta Phig Football. Z "QU" JOSEPH PAUL RAPISARDA Richmond, Virginia Applimnz for LL.B. Degree University of Richmond. THE 1949 WEB WALTER W. REGIRER Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for LL.B. Degree LLM., University of Wfarsaw. A U. ALBERT SALLWASSER Richmond, Virginia Applied!!! for LL.B. Degree Wasliington Universityg Vir- ginia State Bar. CLASS OF 1949 JOSEPH FERDINAND PETER SPINELLA Richmond, Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Phi Alpha Delta. NICHOLAS A. SPINELLA Richmond, Virginia Applirmzt for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Phi Alpha Deltag McNeill Law Society. WALLACE BRYAN STOCKDON Richmond, Virginia Apfrlicmzl for LL.B. Degree University of Richmond. JOSEPH NESBITT TENI-IET, Ju. Richmond, Virginia Apfrlimrzl for LL.B. Degree The Citadelg University of Virginiag University of Richmondg Delta Theta Phig Treasurer, Student Bar. University of Richmond JULIAN ESTES SAVAGE Richmond, Virginia Applimlzl for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Delta Theta Phig Omicron Delta Kap- pag CChancellorJ, McNeill Law Societyg President, Tau Kappa Alphag Debating Teamg Honor Courtg fChz1rter Memberj, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Stu- dent Bar Councilg Virginia State Bar. r it , ill SENIOR CLASS VIRGINIA S. Snvnvrs Charleston, West Virginia Applimnl for LL.B. Degree West Virginia University. LAW SCHOOL OSCAR CONRAD THACICER, JR. Richmond, Virginia Applimnl for LL.B. Degree Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg University of Richmondg fLaw School Staffj, Merrenger. HARRY LEIGI-I THOMPSON Richmond, Virginia Afzplimnz for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Phi Gamma Deltag Delta Theta Phig Virginia State Bar. DORIAN TRAVERS Richmond, Virginia Applimrzz for LL.B. Degree University of Richmonclg University Players. HARVEY RATCLIFFE TURNER Richmond, Virginia Applimnt for LL.B. Degree Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Kappa Sigmag Delta Theta Phig McNeill Law Societyg Virginia State Bar. C L A S S O F 1 9 4 9 HOWARD B- WEATHERFORD: GORDON POWELL WILLIAMS Applirant for LL.B. Degree ' A IR' Richmond, Virginia Rlchmond' Virginia Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmondg Virginia Military Institute, Kappa Sigma. ve GEORGE WILLIS, III Richmond, Virginia FRANK A. S. WRIGHT Apjnlzmnt for LL.B. Degree Richmond, Virginia B.A., University of Virginiag . A Alpha Chi Sigmag Delta Theta Afelfffffff for LLB' Degree Phig Eastern Shore Clubg Chair- University of Richmondg mang Grievance Committee. Student Bar Council. THE 1949 WEB .Y , . ' ' I .If I L SR if ,L ' I' RI 2' . I f - 'an - . G F - ll : if Q A V hr ,W I 'fi' : 'e' - wi I- .I - . R - . I ' In-f ' . A - - if ' K Di ' ' ' 'gf ,gf I " . 3 .V 455- ., A , ' 4' . " 5':?,f,'1'., I , , psig L X, .-...L A ..-Y -g, , H- - A-R-fr---Mfr: e- 'T' . - ' ' - mf .I G55 . .. . -N1 X ,QAIAQA UW vga Q. Wg L5 ffl ,, T ,. N - - 1. , -' -.1 ' I 1 , ' . P VW I . I I .f -fl . ' A, ' ff -I ' EQ' 1 1: 11 ' iff' .I I, V ' ' ' , b - m R -,A V . 1' 223 f ' . -y wif 1 'S Q A ' Ir' I , f :A s :' --x- . -iii-' . V Y. . 'EL--1'-T-rg ' EI I ' S. 59' f. . l . . HIV- .1 wp. 5 I . . - 1-7 " 'I'f-,mil-A , . H ., , ,.x, ,...,,., g . , . . ,. -I IB? I " I .1 2 ' .I .. if . .. . '- -if . ' . W - Y -' . 4 1 -, .- 'I ,- -JI AV Iv. v li gs 4 - 2 Eg. - f -. V, '-A' ,NR , . I - .I L A TOXEIL. ' A r. OAKLEY JAMES GRAHAM, JR. DEAN MACDOUGALL GREINER DANIEL GRINNAN, IV ALAN COURTNEY GUILD FREDERICK M. HADEN ROGER A. HEDGBETH WILLIAM THOMAS JOHNSTON ANTHONY TREDWAY LAYNE PARIS IRBY LEADBETTER WALTER H. LOCKOWANDT MARCUS HARDING LONG AUSTIN EVERETT OWEN KENDALL WILSON PAUL HARLIN PERRINE BLACKWELL N. SHELLEY EDWARD BROADUS SIMMS JAMES ALVERNON SMITH, JR. HARRY LAMONT SNEAD, JR, ROBERT PARRISH TOMLINSON 1 CATLIN EMMET TYLER I University of Richmond Intermediates INTERMEDIATES MELVILLE D. ALDRIDGE, JR. STEPHEN BARRY ANDERSON A CHARLES E. AUGUST PETER M. AXSON, JR. JOSEPH S. BAMBACUS THOMAS JACK BONDURANT WILLEY R. BROADDUS, III GEORGE NATHANIEL BYRD MARTIN FILLMORE CLARK LEON S. CLARKE, JR. ROBERT KENNON COATS THOMAS TAYLOR CRALLE JOHN ANTHONY DI NAPOLI VASIL FISANICK GERALD KEENAN GIBSON LAW SCHOOL CHARLES THOMAS ALMOND, JR. ASHLEY AEBETT ANDERSON THOMAS TROY ANDREW, JR. RICHARD PRESTON BABYAK RICHARD A, BENDALL HUNTER JAY BERNARD ROBERT BLANTON, JR. BEVERLY BAY BOWERS STEPHEN JOSEPH BOYLE III DELMAR LEE BROWN ELMER THOMAS BRYANT ISAIAH FULLER BURKE FRANK ELMORE BUTLER JOHN EVERETT CAMPBELL LESLIE D. CAMPBELL, JR. Freshman Class ARTHUR CARL CAREY, JR. MARY KAT1-IRYN CAREY WILSON P. CHEELEY ARTHUR B. CRUSH, JR. DOUGLAS PAGE DETTOR JOHN GUERROUT DUNN WELFORD STUART FARMER DOROTHY DEANE FERGUSON VERNON THOMAS FOREHAND HERBERT G. GEORGE VICTOR HAMILTON GUY B. HAZELGROVE, JR. GARLAND EDISON HILL MARVIN LEE HILL IRVIN GOODE HORNER THOMAS PRESTON HYLTON JAMES LEMUEL JONES NORMAN A. KRUMENACKER JAMES LABAR GERALD L. LAVENSTEIN T HE 1949 WEB REID MADISON SPENCER HARVEY R. STEBBINS, JR. EUGENE P. SUTTLER MICHAEL TESLOVICH GEORGE W. THOMAS HUGH REID THOMPSON, JR. RICHARD ALLEN TURNER HARRY LEE VILLEMAGNE BERNARD W. WEST, JR. FREDERICK KIRBY WHITE ROGER THORNTON WILLIAMS JAMES MARTIN WILLIS WILLIAM EARL WILLIS JAMES M. WILTSHIRE, JR. ALONZO D. WINBORNE, JR. MILTON MITCHELL WOOD LUNDY ARTHUR WRIGHT ALVIN RAYMOND YOUNG CHARLES G. ZEHMER, JR. University of Richmond FRESHMAN CLASS MALCOLM SHELTON MANN SIDNEY E. MATTHEWS, JR. RICHARD HORTON NASH ELMER JOSEPH NOCHTA OTIS WILLS NUCKOLS THOMAS HENRY OXENHAM, JR. ROBERT JAMES PARR WILLIAM BYRD POND RICHARD CARLYLE RAKES BERTRAM H. RAPOPORT ELIZABETH I. ROBERTSON ANDREW ROUPAS CHARLES W. SALE, JR. WALTER GLEN SALLING WINSTON GRAY SEWELL THOMAS WALTON SHAW WILLIAM P. SHEFEIELD ROBERT JOHN SKAHAN GRANVILLE R. SMITH WILLIAM A. SMITH LAW SCHOOL I i THE 1949 WEB LAW SCHOOL University 0 f Richmond -Nia LAW SCHOOL F:-'T'-4 W A 'W 'A L' " 'MY' 'if' .3 , '3rf1.i,1 ' "ff ' .1 -' ' K " 7-1---'lm .f Q ts.reia . - . w ' - 'f l G i rr gg 1 . N '+'-"-'W "---...X A , I " - "'V' f 1 a A' l MCNEILL LAW SOCIETY. Left lo right, firrt raw: D. G. Joyce, E. Savageg F. T. Grayg E. G. Garrett, jr.g R. C. L. Moncure. Ser0lm'1'ow.' II. T. Green, F. A.1Crowderg C. F. Co-bbs, V. Fisanichg C. E. August, A. E. Owen, R. K. Coats. Third row: W. B. Fidlerg H. R. Turnerg W. E. Beverly, Jr.g M. F. Clarkg H. L. Snead, jr., D. Grinnan, Ill. McNeill Law Society Founded in 1955 and named in honor of Dr. Walter Scott McNeill, for many years a beloved pro- fessor of this law school, the McNeill Law Society has continued to offer recognition of scholarship in legal studies and to afford a forum for the discussion of legal problems. Desirous of stimulating interest in and providing an opportunity for extracurricular legal research and the argument of appellate moot cases, the ground, work has been laid for extensive participation in these activities by the Whole student body of the law school through planned competition under the super- vision of the McNeill Law Society. The moot cases argued before the Society during the past year have been exceptionally well prepared and ably presented. justices of the Supreme Court of McNeill have, by their pertinent questions, added to the interest of these programs. Guest speakers and specially prepared reports on recent decisions have all contributed to a most successful year of activity. As faculty advisor, Dean William T. Muse has contributed his time and counsel in all phases of the Society's work. Student officers have been Julian E. Savage, Chancellor, Daniel G. Joyce, Vice-Chancel- lorg and Richard C. L. Moncure, Chancellor of the Exchequer. THE 1949 WEB LAW SCHOOL DELTA TI-IETA PHI Jefferson Senate Founded 1911 FACULTY MEMBAERS Dean William T. Muse PM--5 Professor James H. Barnett, jr. Professor William s. cudupp a NS ' o-FFICERS es .22 Walther B. Fidler, Dem, james B. Minor, Vice-- 5119 Dem, William S. Patterson, Clerk of the Rolls, Paul A. jamarik, Clerk of the Exclaegzievg' George Willis M P III, Master of the Riizzizl,' William Lumpkin, Bailijfg RS' hEYTON. li ITIDLER Richard C. L. Moncure, Tribune. S afPS'V1fgm'a DELTA THETA PHI. Left fa rigbf, lop row: M. D. Aldridge, jr., -S. B. Anderson, C. E. August, W. T. Bareford, C. L. Branch, L. P. Byrne, M. F. Clarke, R. K. Coats. Second r0w.' F. A. Crowder, W. B. Fidler, V. Fisanick, E. C. Garrett, jr., F. T. Gray, D. Grinnan, T. Green, H. W. Hanna, jr. Third row: B. Hudson, P. A. jamarik, D. G. Joyce, L. W. Latane, P. I. Leadbetter, W. H. Lockowandt, R. J. Lumpkin, H. C. McGehee, jr. Forrrlla row: W. R. Miller, J. M. Minor, jr., R. C. L. Moncure, G. C. Moore, A. E. Owen, W. S. Patterson, C. W. Pinnell, jr., K. W. Paul. Fiflb F0105 E. Savage, B. N. Shelley, H. L. Snead, jr., J. N. Tenhet, H. L. Thompson, R. P. Tomlinson, H. R. Turner, G. Willis. ' University of Richmond I GRGANIZATIONS The baby-grand will win applause- Polite, restrained, and knowing, But the crowd will stamp anal shout because Of the way the arts are showing. I x,,4 .V ,M , fin ' . i 5 5:5- .., ' A ' fl! .. 5, H f . .5 . 'w "' - Elf 5 I . ,i.""1"c: . J M M X 4 -wAIIn:""" ww n ' A ww v,1JAJ:-IIN... ,I H ,M ,It , , ' ' M W , , ' Q.2.-n.-j,j1'lg,4L rl., qu K. W H Wg, ' ' ,Q-.....' ,Q ' '- "' ' ' L' '. N I A ,M , ' Wt wh, 4 12 511 JIM!! ww I . ., -,"." ,Q I..l'cf .U .I Im. tv! n 1: -nv h- JI M A , . . n v , y, 1 w ww Hmm, w 1 ORGANIZATIONS PUBLICATIONS S BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS. Left to right, reared: Miss Marjorie Rivenburg, Dr. Charles H. Wheeler,'Dean William T. Muse, Lou Winn. Stamiifzg: Deck Hankins, Flo Gray, Stuart Massie, john Moncure. ii Boardof Publications During the session of 1927-28, a corporation was formed and a board of d-irectors appointed to super- vise the student publications at the Universityof Riehmsad. This year the board consists of the fol- lowing members: the Presidents of the Student Gov- ernment Associations of Richmond College-Stuart Massie, Westhampton College-Florence Gray, and the T. C. Williams School of Law-john Moncure, who are members by virtue of their oflicesg one stu- dent elected at large for a term of two years from each of Westhampton and Richmond Colleges- ,P Mary. Lou Winn and Deck Hankins, respectivelyg two memberslof the faculty appointed by the Presi- dent of the University for a term of two years-Miss Marjorie Rivenburg and Dr. Charles H. Wheeler, IIIg and two alumni appointed by the President of the University for a term of two years+eDr. Reuben E. Alley and Dean William T. Musef The Board of Publications controls the activities of the three campus publications, the Collegimz, the weekly newspaperg the WEB, the Annual, and the Messenger, the periodic literary magazine. ' THE 1949 WEB 'The Web GORDON Cousms, Edifm--in-Chief LIBBY WILENSKY, Business Manager V , A 5 X EN CRGANIZATIONS EDITORS and BUSINESS MANAGERS The Messenger PEGGY HARRIS, Edimr-in-Chief The Collegian ED VEITH, Business 1VIfznager MORTON MARKS, Edizor-in-Chie University of Richmond f bin ORGANIZATIONS 'xx ,gr f Th WEB We have worked-we have struggled- we have progressed from frenzy to desper- ation-but we finally managed 'to take the last picture, write the last copy, and join all the loose ends. Thinking back over the year, though, we have enjoyed it! Now we offer the WEB to you-a rec- ord of your year at the University of Rich- mond. Between the covers you will find your friends, your class leaders, your fra- ternity brothers, your professors. You will remember the lake, the weather-beaten Playhouse, the Chapel, South Court-and the oh! so-beloved barracks. Here are the football, basketball, and hockey teams for TOP-WEB Emrons, Lefz io 1-iglfz, reared.- Wirt Wills, Co-11hotograpf'ay Editor, Marilyn Alexander, Ilffertimnzplozz College Editor, Charles Halloran, ' Co-pboiogmphy Editor, Claire Noren, Ilyerlbazizpzofz Spanx Edilor. Smnding: George McClary, Senior Clarr Editor, Doris Balderson, ll76.l'fb6l7l1,f1f07l Ac- zivilier Edilor, Anne Carter, lVerlbampio1z Clary Editor, Alda Marlin, Unizfefzfily Ar- tizfilier Editor, Lewis Madison, Sopbonzore Claris Edimr. Borronr-WEB EDITORIAL STAFF. Lefl fo rigbl, reared: Lorraine Feinberg, Barbara White, Helen Lampathakis, Rosa Lou Soles, Louise Triplett, Helen Clark. Standing: john Nye, joe Vozella, George Tutwiler, Billy Sullivan, jack Payne, Dick Moseley, Bob Parsons, Hawkins Bradley, Walt Ma- hon, Bob Proctor. THE 1949 WEB 1949 S FF which you cheered. Here is your Univer- sity! For their help, patience, and coopera- tion in the production of the 1949 WEB, the staff wishes to thank Mr. Foster Orpin, jr. and the entire staff of Foster Studio, photographer, Mr. G. Edmond Massie, III, of Garrett and Massie, Inc., printer and publisherg Mr. A. C. Ford and the Virginia Engraving Companyg Miss Penny Taylor and Miller and Rhoadsg Mr. Law- rence Wood, our faculty advisorg our many advertisers, and all those who offered their time and energy in turning out a big- ger and better WEB. Top-WEB EDITORS. Left to right, rented.- Alberta McCullough, Layout Editor, Mimi Anderson, Fettturer Editor, Buzz Leath, .Co- art Editor, Lois Nelson, Typing Editor. Standing: J. B. Hull, junior Cldrr Editor, Audrey Bradford, uVEJ'1l7fll?lf1l0tl Literary Editor, Dimmock jenkins, Rirlomond Col- lege Editor, Bert Bahlke, C0-.fj1o1't.f Editor, Marianne Beck, Co-nrt Editor, Bob Lynch, Literary Editor. Bovrom-XVEB Bususmss STAFF. Left to right, rented: Ted Noffsinger, Mary Ann Peddicord, Janice Brandenburg. Standing: Doris Lee Reeves, Dean Adams, Wilda Whitman, Rudy Garber, Frances Allen. University of Richmond IIB ORGANIZATIONS The CGI ,I ,EGIA No Collegian staffer will ever forget those grueling Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at the Print Shop when head- lines had to "count," tear-sheets had to "Ht," and lunches had to "wait" There was always a deadline to meet, for Friday afternoon was synonymous with the Col- legifm. We will not soon forget the crowds waiting outside the Playhouse for "the rag" hot off the presses. Nor will we for- get the first ten-page special Homecoming Edition in the recorded history of -the University or the Richmond College Elec- tion Extra. The C olle glam has three important func- tions: first, it provides a means of binding the campuses together by keeping students TOP-AT THE SHOP. Morton Marks, center, Editor-in-Chief, with Barbara Beattie, West- hampton College Editor, and Buddy Gans, Senior Managing Editor, make up the Hrst page with Mr. Faber. BOTTOM-RICHMOND COLLEGE COLLEGIAN Emromar STAFF-Boys. Lefz to figlyz, reaf- ed: Skip Fanney, Walt Preston, Phil Freder- ick, Wally McGraw, Donald Baxter. Stami- ing, ,Graff raw: Roger Koury, Bill Wills, Nor- man Dodl, George Taylor, Charles Taylor, Marvin Rosenberg, Milton Cornblatt, Paul Shupe. Seronkl ww: Marvin Menkes, Goef- rey Layng, Ben Triplett, Jack Griffin, War- ren Long, Sam Patterson. THE 1949 WEB 1949 FF aware of current University happenings, second, it acts as an outlet and organ of expression for opinions and interests of the studentsg and third, it affords, to those students interested in journalistic work, an opportunity for practice. This year the Collegian has fulfilled the first function through its news items, fea- ture stories, sports stories, and varied col- umns. The editorial staff aims at a high degree of reportorial writing, and particu- lar attention is given to the composition and arrangement of important news stories. The Collegian offers to those stu- dents who are interested in journalism an opportunity' to obtain valuable practical experience. It does the same from the busi- ness and advertising angles. TOP-COLLEGIAN BUSINESS STAFF. Lefz zo riglal, jiri! row: Marianna Rounds, Everett Weekley, Ed Thornton. Second row: Elijah Musick, Walt Doley, Curtis Carlton. BOTTOM-CoI.I.EGIAN EDITORIAL STAFF- GIILLS. Lefl lo right, jiri! row: Kathleen Cole, Diane Evans, Elizabeth Givens, Vir- ginia Brinson. Second row: Charlotte Babb, Addie Eicks, Irene Adler, Mary Lee Moore, Kathleen Yost. University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS MESSENGER EDITORS. Lefl lo righl: Harold Flax, Law Sfhool Edilorf Joyce Parrish, Werthezmpton College Edilorg Nel- son Weber, Richmond College Editor. Messenger Even though The Messenger, literary magazine of the University of Richmond, is the oldest publi- cation on the campus, i-t has, in past years, sometimes played the role of a "little orphan child." This has probably been due to the fact that we are not allowed to"solicit--ads-from .the,City, and thus improve our own lot, but must' depend' it'or"rour'1e3't'is'ten:eef-Qnqqlie contributionsxaf -the students. But at last the light has dawned- andthe students, realizing, that '-inte-restingsg covers and pictures do cost money, as a challenge to the -Staff, increased our budget. We met the chal- lenge by going to battle and returned victorious, wav- ing high our banner in the form of an Honorable Mention Award received at -the Fall convention of the Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association. Our scroll read"'For Distinction in the journalistic Field as a Result of all-round Excellence. F. . The Staff does not either wish or deserve to take credit for any improvements. All thanks go to the students who have made the improvements possible. We -have tried to show our appreciation by giving you "living" covers, and by helping out young organ- izations such as the Camera Club QPicture of the Monthj and the Westhampton College English Club Qremember Hey Petey! by Flora Zbarj. We recognized the good work done by the Fraternities in Our Greehr, and have tried to reach as many dif- ferent student as we possibly could through photog- raphy and contests-the Personality Poll in the Oc- fUfF5QQsW3.S designed by Don Wilson to involve fifty winners, and the Short Story Contest, sponsored by"'P. D. E., was open to the entire student body. To put a fine edge on your knowledge of happen- ings at home and abroad, Harold Flax, Law School Editor of The Mesxenger, gave you insight into our Electoral College and Nelson Weber contributed an article on The Amrrewlom Conference. Up to press time, some other favorites were You Meet the Queerert People, by Betty Cather, and Charles Taylor's The Roch. fDid you agree that "Murder might be anyone" Pj Oh, and if you have wondered who has been re- sponsible for all the photography-the name is Bill Wills. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS We l RICHMOND COLLEGE MESSENGER STAFF. Lefl to right, .reateclx Don Wilsong Bill Willsg Nelson Weberg Charles Tay- lorg Waltt Pfestong Sam Patterson. Stafzdizzg' Walt Mahong Wally McGraw3 Chester Beck. fy. 1 c. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE MESSENGER STAFF. Left to right, Jefzleds Joyce Parrish, Peggy Harris, Mimi Anderson, Bobby Rodewald, Barbara Covington, Harriet Lamm, Louise Triplett. Standing: Anne Brehme, Elizabeth Pahnelas, Jean Bishop, Ann Wiley. University 0 f Richmond lin!" . ll ORGANIZATIONS For conspicuous attainment and service in collegi- ate activities, Omicron Delta Kappa, National Hon- orary Leadership Fraternity for men, twice yearly elects its members from the men on the campus who have attained prominence in one and excellence in -two of five fields of endeavor: scholarship, leader- ship, social and religious affairs, athletics, publica- tions and forensics, and dramatics. There are also other points considered indispensable for leadership, Whos Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges WHO'S WHO. Left to fight, rented: Peggy Harris, Cynthia Patrick, Flo Gray, Jane Sanford, Rosamond Cal- houn, Mimi Thalenberg, Ida Eanes. St41ndi11g.' Jimmy Robinson, Jimmy Sease, Stuart Massie, Bob Lane, Julius Fanney, Haddon Snead, Claude Thomas, Gordon Cousins, Morton Marks. Who's Wlio Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges was founded in 1934, and each year approximately six hundred American schools are represented in this organization. Eligibility for Who's Who at the University of Richmond is open topjunior and Senior, students whose efforts and ability have been genuinely outstanding and who are W S micron Delta Kappa OMICRON DELTA KAPPA. Lefl to right, reeled: Mr. Caylor, Basil Mor- rissett, Dr. McDanel, Neil Cline. Sattler Anderson, Mr. Pitt. Struzdizlg: Dean Gray, Arthur Singleton, Stuart Massie, Claude Thomas, Dr. Thomas, jack Null. character, intelligence, fellowship and consecration to democratic ideals. The purpose of ODK is three- fold: first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activitiesg second, to bring together the representative men who will help mold the traditions and inspire the ideals of Richmond College, and to bring together members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. enrolled in the school at the time of nomination. The membership of this group includes those stu- dents who are outstanding in scholarship and leader- ship, who cooperate in educational and extracurric- ular activities, and whose general citizenship shows promise of future usefulness either in the field of business or society in some capacity. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS MORTAR BOARD. Left to rigbl, realed: Florence Crute, jane Sanford, Carolyn Bonham, Catherine Wyatt. Standing.- Mitzi Verra, Peggy Harris, Florence Gray, M o r t a r Leadership, Scholarship and Service-on the basis of these three ideals was established Mortar Board, the national honorary society for senior women. Thirty years ago the first chapter, fostering a stand- ard of perfection and a seeking after beauty based on these ideals, began to build up a legacy of honor that seventy-nine other chapters have since come to inherit. It was in 1930 that Mortar Board was estab- lished at Westhampton College, and from that time a few of each rising senior class have been chosen to be wearers of the Mortar Board pin. The only tax demanded for the honor has been in achievement well done and actions above reproach. The Westhampton chapter of Mortar Board began its year's activities with the Orientation program. Letters of welcome were sent to each new student, and an informal pajama party was given for these girls during the Orientation Week. After classes had been organized, the chapter conducted the sale of secondhand textbooks, a service much needed and University 0 f Richmond Rosamond Calhoun, Betty Ann Allen. Board much appreciated by the student body. Later, a Tea for Transfer Students was held in order to introduce this group to the officers of the campus and further their adjustment as new upperclassmen. In the fall, the Anne Florence Frazier lectures on marriage and the family and a movie in keeping with the lectures were sponsored by the group. Mortar Boards of the College of William and Mary were invited down for one of the lectures in an effort to create good Will. As its contribution to scholarship, Mortar Board set up a tutoring service on campus to help maintain the scholastic ideal of Westliampton. Also, the chapter had its annual Smarty Party to entertain and recognize the top three honor students in the fresh- man and sophomore classes, the junior Intermediate Honors, and the senior members of Phi Beta Kappa, In line with leadership, Mortar Board was in charge of College Government elections and in the spring sponsored a School for Officers to help train all new- ly elected officers of campus organizations. 5.5-L ORGANIZATIONS PI DELTA EPSILON. Left to right, J'6c2'fEd.' Joyce Parrish, Barbara Beattie, Peggy Harris, Libby Wilensky, Marilyn Alex- ander. Starzdifzg' Gordon Cousins, Warren Rowe, Pete Singleton, Frank Wentzel, Frank Dickinson, jimmy Robinson, Morton Marks. Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Del-ta Epsilon is a society with a mission. Par- ticularly is this true of the University of Richmond Chapter, which beams its every activity in one direc- tion-the one that will improve publications which bear the Spider stamp. PDE is proud of its traditions-it is the oldest national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity in the nation-but prouder still of its contributions to the growing field of undergraduate publications. The society teaches service at sacrifice of self. To the workers on student publications who sacrifice many of the lighter and more pleasant attractions of col- lege life to labor upon a worthy campus publication for the sake of the student body, the student bo-dy owes much. It is as a reward to those student work- ers that Pi Delta Epsilon operates. The local chapter of the fraternity follows the path laid by the national organization by attempting to better our three undergraduate publications by constructive criticism and through cooperation, by constantly stressing to the publications the ethics, technique, and mechanics of journalism, and by sponsoring projects designed to provide further in- centives for publication workers. During the college year of 1948-49 Pi Delta Ep- silon sponsored a short story contest for Westhamp- ton and Richmond College students, established the Pi Delta Epsilon Award which is to be given annu- ally -to the outstanding sophomore journalist in Rich- mond College and in Westhampton College, initi- ated and backed a movement to require certain basic publications qualifications for the office of Student Representative to the Board of Publications from Richmond College, and s-trove to strengthen the cords of kinship between the Collegifm, the WEB, and the Messenger. THE 1949 WEB Tau Kappa Alpha TAU KAPPA ALPHA. Left io riglal: Charles Harvey, Harry Mears, Betty Graham, Mr. Pierce, Morris Cather, Neil Cline, Frank Dickinson, Walter Bradley. Tau Kappa Alpha, national honorary forensic fraternity on the campus of the University of Rich- mond, was founded at Indianapolis, Indiana, May 13, 1908, for the purpose of honoring men who have attained achievement in the field of forensics and debating, and -to foster interest and participation in these activities. Requirements for membership in the University of Richmond Chapter Qfounded as the ORGANIZATIONS Richmond College Chapter in 1917? include active participation in intercollegiate debating or in the ac- tivities of one of the three literary societies on the campus over a period of -two years, ability in public speaking, and a high scholastic average' The sponsor of -the University of Richmond Chap- ter is Mr. Lloyd F. Pierce, Assistant Professor of Eco- nomics and Varsity Debate Coach. The Varsity Debate Team reached a new level of activity and achievement during the 1948-49 school year. The affirmative team composed of jerry Roberts and Charles Harvey opened the season auspiciously by winning championship honors in the State Fall TKA Tournament at Randolph-Macon on Decem- ber 5-4. A week later the first Old Dominion Invita- tional Debate Tournament was held on the Universi- University of Richmond Debate Team DEBATE TEAM. Left to right: Bill Corder, Bill Lukhard, Neil Cline, Mr. Pierce, Charles Harvey, Jerry Roberts, jack Richardson, William Cassell. ty Campus. Nine colleges and universities partici- pated in this tournament including Wake Forest, Pennsylvania State College, University of Virginia, Randolph-Macon, George Washingrton, Georgetown, University of Florida, and The United States Naval Academy. The climax of this tournament was reached in the final debate in which the George Washington Negative Team defeated the Roberts-Harvey duo. -Siu ORGANIZATIONS Established at the University of Richmond in 1932 Sigma Pi Sigma is the only national physics honor society. Members are selected from advanced and graduate students who have maintained high standards of scholarship and have a manifest interest in physics, and from faculty members, alumni and others who have achieved distinction in the field of physics. The objects of the society are: to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high Phi l Sigma Pi Sigma SIGMA PI SIGMA. Left to right, firrt faux' Lyn Gilmer, Lynwood Cos- by, Dr. Alley, Dr. Albright ide- ceasedj, Mr. Taylor, james Heffer- nan, Edwin Waltliall. Serafzd rou-'.' Ralph Raiford, Melvin Dillon, Ers- kine Hutcheson, Elizabeth Bullock, Russell McDearmon, Edward Hooper. Third row: Bill Gross, John Hoff- man, Maynard Burkett, Irving King, Harry Mears, Frank Wendt, Billy Sloope, Rucker Jeter. scholarship and promise of achievement in physics, to promote student interest in research and the ad- vanced study of the subject, to encourage a profes- sional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in physics, to popularize in- terest in physics in -the general collegiate public. Faculty members of Sigma Pi Sigma: Dr. R. E. Loving fProfessor Emeritusj Mr. Taylor Mr. R. E. Alley. Alpha Theta PHI ALPHA THETA. Left to rigbz, reared: Mr. Graham, Mr. Belcher, Dr. Bushong, Helen McDonough, Mr. J. M. Carter, Dr. Stafford, Dr. S. D. Albright, Dr. McDanel. Standing' Gene Hart, Mitzi Verra, Jackie Cun- ningham, Alda Marlin, Georgia Kil- pa-trick, Sterling Dunn, Billy Sloope, Carolyn Bonham, Mary ,Copeland, Rosamond Calhoun, Betty Evans, Vir- ginia Brinson. Phi Alpha Theta, the National Honorary History Fraternity, was founded in 1921 at the University of Arkansas, in order to encourage the study of history and to develop a vital interest in all branches of this field. The organization has grown until there are now 75 chapters in the country, of these the Beta-Mu Chapter was founded at the University of Richmond in 1948 through the initiative of Dr. Ralph C. Mc- Danel. In order to be eligible for membership, a stu- dent must have 12 hours in history and an average in history of better than B with the same high scholastic average on two-thirds of his other subjects. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS PI MU EPSILON. Left to right, jim row: Lyn Gilmer, Billy Slope, Barbara Rhoades, Mr. Grable, Miss Harris, Mr. Bill- man, Irving King. Second raw: Bob Stone, Melvin Dillon, Bill McCorkle, Harry Mears, Mr. Key, Stuart Massie, john Hoff- man, Edward Hooper. Third row: john Warren, Erskine Hutcheson, Doug Wiley, Connie Ayre, Russell McDearmon, Paul Myers, Bill Gross, jack Mallory, Lynwood Cosby. Pi Mu Epsilon Motto: For the Promotion of Scholarship and Mathematics Founded 1958 AS MATHEMATICS ASSUMES an increasingly important role in the scientific World in which We now live, the embryo mathematicians on our campus have felt the need of some medium through which they might express themselves as a group. As a result the Math Club was organized at the University in 1945 to increase interest in higher mathematics, and particularly to cultivate an appreciation for its appli- cation in related fields. An honorary society, it recog- nizes scholastic achievement by accepting as mem- bers all students of mathematics who have shown outstanding interest in and aptitude for the subject. The club sponsors occasional social functions in an effort to develop more balanced personalities and University of Richmond to encourage more intimate relations among its mem- bers, faculty and student. On November 5, 1948, We received the grant of a charter from Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary mathematics society. This acceptance of the local clubis application for membership is a successful cli- max to the untiring efforts of its members. Pi Mu Epsilon Faculty Members: Dr. Charles H. Wheeler, III Miss Isabel Harris Mr. E. Sherman Grable Mr. E. Billman Mr. F. B. Key I ORGANIZATION S The national honorary chemical fraternity was organized on this campus May 29, 1948. Its purposes are -to further interest and scholarship in chemistry, to encourage greater friendship and a professional Chemistry Club CHEMISTRY CLUB. Left to fighlf first row: Rudy Garber, Sam Morri- son, Lyndell Fisher, Joyce Parrish, Elizabeth Pahnelas, Bill Wills, Hath- away Pollard, Elizabeth Hsu. Second row: Carl Lunsford, Audrey Brad- ford, Julie Moller, Bob Lynch, Doug Wiley, Saul Luria, Louis Suffredini, William Gross. Third row: Walter Reid, Marvin Bayles, Frank Buckles, jack Pierce, Ralph Raiford, Farrar Howard, Bill Gee, Thomas Dunn, Dr. J. S. Pierce. Fourlb row: Dr. Sessions, Dr. Trout, Bob Snyder, Louis Luechauer, Lee Rush, Neil Cline, Lewis Omer. The Chemistry Club was organized in 1950 for the purpose of furthering the interest in chemistry, pro- moting more intimate relations among students of chemistry, and recognizing those students who have shown ability and interest in chemistry at the Uni- versity of Richmond. The chemistry club is a student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society. In order to become a member of the club, a student must have done good work in the field of chemistry. l Gamma Sigma Epsilon GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON. Left za right: Douglas Wiley, Louis Lue' chaner, Dr. Sessions, julian Rush, Thomas Dunn, Jack Pierce, Dr. Pierce, Walter Reid, Ralph Raiford, Dr. Trout, Carl Lunsford, Julie Moller. spirit among future chemists and those who plan to combine chemistry with their future vocations and to recognize those students who have main-tained high scholarship, especially in the field of chemistry. Each member is expected to present a paper to the group concerning some phase of chemistry in which he is interested. "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy." The chemistry club also has banquets, picnics and ball games with the members of the Biology Club. It is our sincere hope that we have been successful in promoting interest in chemistry and a genuine feel- ing of -fellowship among the members of the club. THE 1949 WEB Beta Beta Beta BETA BETA BETA. Left to rigbl, ,reuledf Eleanor Feldherr, Ruby Pat- terson, Esten Shomo, Phil Rosenfeld. 5n11zding.' Mr. Holt, Dr. Strickland, Dr. Smart, Wirt Wills, Dr. Bickley, Julie Moller, Stu Baird, Flo Crute, Dr. Hagquist. The Beta Theta Chapter of Beta Beta Beta was founded at the University of Richmond in 1939. Tri- Beta is only twenty-six years old and was founded to encourage high scholarship in the field of Biology. Membership standards are high since a member has to be an honor student in biological sciences and The reorganization of the Biology Club, after a year of inactivity, was the result of a great interest displayed by numerous students in biology. With the able help of members of Beta Beta Beta, the clulb began its first meeting with a large attend- ance of students, who met the sole qualification of the club-an interest and desire to learn more about University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS have a superior academic record for all courses. This year we have re-created the Biology Club for the interest o-f biology students and have had our members parallel classroom work with exhibitions in hall cases. Our meetings are devoted to individual talks as well as to business and social gatherings. Biology Club BIOLOGY CLUB. Le!! to rigbz, fi:-ft raw: Ruby Patterson, Elizabeth Hsu, Ronald Levin, Sue Beal, Barbara Brann, Hazel Jennings, Esten Shomo, Anne Carter, Mitzi Keesee, Isabelle Taylor, Jeanne Schanen. Second raw: Don Wilson, Wirt Wills, julie Mol- ler, ,Barbara White, Flo Crute, Eleanor Feldherr, Patricia Eagan, Emma Tilman, Ruth Morrissey, Helen McCarthy, jean Tinsley. Third row: Lenny Hellerman, Darrell Gilliam, Rod Miller, Stu Baird, Jerry Solin, Charles Harper, Bill Bruce, Charles Beck, George Thompson. Fourth row: Charles Townsend, Dr. Smart, Vernon White, Dr. Bickley, Dr. Hag- quist, Phil Rosenfeld, Byrd Smith. biology. Much has been learned academically through talks by members, and the fellowship of the club has been enjoyed by all. With the closing of the year, the Biology Club sincerely hopes that it has, in some small way, re- warded the interest of the students, and that this interest will be further stimulated in years to come. ORGANIZATIONS SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT. Lef! to right, flrrt row: Bill Garren, Basil Morrissett, Bob Jones, Mr. Starke Farley, Buddy Gans, Bob Lane, George Kidd, Bill Lukhard. Second row: Whitney Sutton, Tyler Kohler, Cecil Motley, Bob Parks, Carrol Miles, David Woolford, jack Flint. Third row: Buddy Hulcher, Don Fendler, Tom Billingsley, Art Haines, Bob Otto, lack Jennings, Ray Carter. Fourth row: Gordon Cousins, Walter Nelson, john Hess, Doug Pitts, Jim Suttenheld, Charles Mattox, Stuart Massie, William Harper. Society For Advancement of Management In the early part of the fall semester the Univer- sity of Richmond Management Club became a Sm- dent Chapter of the Society For Advancement of Management. The chapter was sponsored in this change by the Richmond Chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management and received its char- ter at a dinner meeting with 'the Richmond Chapter on November 23, 1948. Thus the chapter became the first professional organization for business stu- dents on the University of Richmond campus. The Society for Advancement of Management as a student chapter is an organization built around a discussion group of the theory and practice of modern scientific principles of management. Its purposes are: Q 1, To stimulate interest and understanding of the social, psychological and economic implications of scientific principles of modern management among business students. QZQ To create and develop the highest ethical conception of individual and collec- tive social responsibility on the part of students of business. QQ To encourage study and research in the advancement of our standard of living by the application of scientific principles and methods of management to all fields of human endeavor. QQ To assist the University of Richmond in all ways possible, to increase the level of student work and instruction in courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Q55 To supplement classroom training through plant visitations, discussions, conferences, and such other means as may be available. A student to be eligible for membership must be of a junior or senior class standing and be a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a graduate student work- ing for the M.S. in Business Administration degree. THE 1949 WEB Psycholog A Club PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. Lefz to right, realed: Mitzi Verra, Mary Burton Haskell, Helen McDonough, Marilyn Alexander, Alda Marlin, Betty Ann Allen. Slanding: Diane Brown, George McClary, Ernest Blake, Bob Doss, Garland Evers, Dr. Carver, Mr. Grigg. The Psychology Club extends an invitation for membership to students having at least twelve hours of psychology with an average of "B" or better. This year Dr. Merton Carver and Dr. Austin Grigg directed the club in conducting a poll of student attitude toward school functions and facilities. The ORGANIZATIONS club considered the advantages of joining the Na- tional Psychological Fraternity, Psi Chi. The officers of the club are Mitzi Verra, President, Betty Ann Allen, Vice-President, George McClary, Secretary-Treasurer, and Alda Marlin, Publicity Chairman. "That our daughters may be as the polished cor- ners of the Temple"-these words were inscribed on the catalogues of the Richmond Female Institute and its successor, the Woman's College of Rich- mond, the predecessors of Westhampton College. To the daughters, granddaughters, or nieces of the alumnae of these institutions are entrusted those words as a watchword. Through Richmond Female Institute chartered in 1853, and Womanls College University of Richmond ostrae Filiae NOSTRAE FILIAE. Left to riglaz, hr: row: jane Ratcliffe, jane Ed- monds. Serorzd row: Flo Gray, Ernes- tine Allport, Betty Hurt, Jane Pitt. chartered in 1894, Westhampton College has a noble heritage, and to Nostrae Filiae are committed those cherished ideals and traditions. Organized in 1936, Nostrae Filiae has been active ever since under the sponsorship of Mrs. jack L. Epps, an alumna of the Womans College. Founder's Day, commemorating the founding of Richmond Female Institute, was observed on October 2 by the alumnae and Nostrae Filiae at a luncheon. nl' ,I 'r ORGANIZATIONS l'11"2ie'fi'i"t I ' l E . A I ' l l "Y':'L'i' A '. 1 'Q 'Fi lf' ' ..,g""' . -z-:- i ' Q l 5. . ' ' 02 . 1-Eff , .f . E' 1 l. .. 4... .m.,.....f... -- -f FORENSIC COUNCIL. Left 10 rigbl: john Moncure, Charles Harvey, Harry Mears, Don Wilson, Bill Corder, Bill Lukhard, Walter Bradley, Ted Noffsinger, Mr. Pierce, Morris Cather, Morton Marks, Neil Cline. Richmond College Forensic The Richmond College Forensic Council is the governing and controlling body of the three literary societies, the Debate Team, and Tau Kappa Alpha. Its membership is composed of the president and an additional elected representative from each of the member organizations. This year the council worked more effectively than ever under a new constitution which went into opera- tion last June. For its fall project the council cooperated closely Q ' ' U .U lg'l ..l 1.1. .I I' I -U. F51 Council with the Debate Team in sponsoring the first Old Dominion Invitational Debate Tournament here in December. Some of the finest Debate Teams in the Nation appeared on -the campus for this tournament. The Oratorical Contest was again held, this time in February. Also the annual Inter-Society Debates in the spring did much to promote interest in the work of the literary societies, and gave the societies a chance to compete against each other. The year proved even more successful than past years. THE 1949 WEB 6 F Eta Sigma Phi ETA SIGMA PHI. Left to rigbl, .filling on fioor: Joy Hull, Cynthia Patrick. Seated: Mary Howard, Jane Norris, Dorothy Korb, Miss Turn- bull, Diane Brown, Miss Rivenburg. The Honorary Undergraduate Classical Fraternity, Eta Sigma Phi, was founded at the University of Chicago in 1914 and became nationalized in 1924. The purpose of the society is "to further the spirit of cooperation and good will among the members of classical departments and to stimulate interest in the study of the classics and to increase our knowledge of the art and the literature of ancient Greece and Rome." For members of El Picaro, the past year has been an active one, filled with interesting and enjoyable programs on the customs, folklore and personalities of Spanish-speaking countries. High-lights of the year were the Christmas party and the Pan-American Day fiesta in April. The aim of the club has been not Unirfersity of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS The Westliainpton Chapter, Beta Gamma, re- ceived its charter in 1940. Membership is attained through invitation of the local chapter and "is con- ditional upon an attained grade of not less than 'B' in courses in Latin and Greekf' The annual tea for students of advanced Latin at Westhaxnpton and throughout the city, was given as is traditional in the home of Miss Pauline Turnbull, one of its sponsors. El Picaro EI.. PICARO. Lefl Z0 rigbl, rilting: Emily Mintz, Lenore Greenberg, Barbara Taggart, Rose Setien, Helen Clark, Rosa Lou Soles, Marjorie Canada. Kueelirzgf Joyce Bell, june Kershenbaum, Marilyn McMurray, Doris Lee Reeves, Janice Branden- burg, Jackie Gerson, Barbara Caw- thorne, Barbara McGehee, Nina Landolina. Slmzdiug: Vivian Betts, Laura Saunders, Desiree Stuart-Alex- ander, Gene Hart, Julie Moller, Har- riet Willingliam, Ernestine Allport, Cathy Krause, Miss Rudd. only to provide entertainment and information, but also to promote interest in Spanish affairs among the students. Under the direction of the sponsor, Miss Margaret T. Rudd, in conjunction with the work of the officers and the committees, El Picaro was an outstanding organization on campus. sh!- bi.: ORGANIZATIONS 1 RICHMOND COLLEGE GLEE CLUB. Leff lo rigbl, jiri! r010.' C. Gammon, Al Richardson, R. Williams, C. Beebe, B Hite, L. Mock, B. Sutton, R. Peachee, C. Shaw, White, Comer. Semnd row: T. Howard, M. Bennett, D. Mitchell, G. Taylor, jones, H. Carter, M. Snyder', C. Thomas, Doc Smithers, G. Long, Howerton, M. Spicer. Third row: Kynett, J. Hicks, Ralph Batron, P. johnson, G. Leath, J. Lyon, P. Snider, L. Johnson, Ed Coats, D. Anderson, H. Dwyer, C. Rut- ledge, R. Doss. Fourth row: S. Dunn, T. Garnett, S. Rollins, Waring, Ed Clark, J. Beck, S. Hite, W. Freeland, W. Mann E. Altman, E. Dunford, B. Smith, A. Murden, C. Dawson, C. Rutherford. 1 Richmond College Glee Club The Richmond College Glee Club, under the ex- cellent leadership of Mr. Mark Troxell, has contin- ued to make great strides. Working with Mr. Troxell have been Gerald Kynett, president, Ralph Bartron, vice-president, George Bowman, business manager, "Doc" Smither, secretary-treasurer, and Reggie Wil- liams, librarian. Miss Maurianne Burton, a West- hampton freshman, served as accompanist. In the Spring of 19-48, the Club joined the Federa- tion of Music Clubs and participated in the state- wide auditions of glee clubs at Madison Co'l lege. The group made its initial appearance of the year at the Mosque, where they participated inthe Gold Feather Rally on election day. This appearance was followed by the Homecoming Pep Rally, which was broadcast over WLEE. All during the singing season the Glee Club enthusiastically accepted invitations -to give concerts at various girls' colleges, and took part in many church-sponsored and alumni-sponsored programs. With the coming of Spring and ideal weather, we joined the Westhampton Glee Club to give the an- nual joint concert at the Greek Theater. The survival and success of the Club this year have been due to the spirit and determination character- istic of college choral groups. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE GLEE CLUB. Left to right, jiri! row: Anne Bing, Elizabeth Latimer, Francis Sutton, Gene Hart, Jean Moody, jean Crews, Ida Smith, Helen Lampathakis, Louise Covington, June Ferrell, Vivien Betts, Rosa Lou Soles, Elizabeth Gill. Second row: Peggy Wells, Charlotte Westervelt, Claire Noren, Betty Evans, Helen Clark, Pat Atwell, Jeanne Schanen, Agnes Feil-d, Carol Sidlovsky, Win Schanen, Betty Sims, Priscilla Enslin, Lou Win11, Alberta McCullough. Third row: Lou Angell, jane Mufht, Julie Wann, Nancy Ayers, Kitty Little Dupuy, Francis Chandler, Harriet Stubbs, Doris Doh- renwend, Charlotte Houchins, jean Lowe, Mary Lee Moore, Stella Dalton, Joyce Parrish, jean Booth. Fozfrtb row: Lea Thompson, Deborah Holmes, Barbara Wlmite, Kathryn Carter, Shirley Hoover, Carol Melton, Harriet Willingham, Charlotte Babb, Ann Tharpe, Betty Munsey, Susie Dickinson, Barbara Covington, Jean Love, Rosalie Varn, Sue Easley. Westhampton College Glee Club Despite a number of losses in membership, the Glee Club got off to an early start this year when it presented the music for the Orientation Vesper Serv- ice held in the Greek Theater. Our second appearance on the campus for the year was Opening Convocation in the same week. A period of hard work followed because the remainder of our program was full. In addition to our annual Christmas concerts and Spring concert we have presented several chapel pro- grams and have sung at various affairs, including the gala' 'pep rally at Loewls Theater and the Gold Feather Celebration at the Mosque. University of Richmond Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at practice time we gave an impromptu concert in the Chapel at which time the strains of Gershwin, or Kern, or Bach, could be heard around the lake. Our black skirts, white long-sleeved blouses, and black bows have become a tradition on the campus. Our Glee Club is under the able direction of Miss Thelma Cook who has Elizabeth Gill working with her as accompanist. This yearis officers were jean Moody, president, Susan Dickinson, vice-president, Frances Sutton, secretary-treasurer, Ida Smith and Louise Hickerson, librarians. ORGANIZATIONS UNIVERSITY CHOIR. Left 10 rigbf, fri! row: Ida Smith, Pat Atwell, Elizabeth Gill, Betty Geiman, Pris Enslin, Eliza- beth Hsu. Ser01m'r0w.' Frances Chandler, Harold Carter, Charles Beck, Charlotte Babb, Sarah Barlow, Barbara Taggert, Eleanor Easley. Tfyircl row: Powell Moore, Howard Lum, Richard Mitchell, james Lucas. University Choir Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon the chapel is the place where boys and girls desirous of singing together, come and work, so that religious music may occupy a higher position on the campus. There is a great elation felt when people come to- gether and sing some of the greatest music ever written, and the choir hopes that they are able to spread some of this feeling among the student body when they sing during convocation exercises. The choir has been very fortunate this year in having Dr. Fred B. Denker as its director. His musi- cal talent and previous choral work have meant much. Membership has been raised, and needless to say, the performances are ever so much more polished. There seems to be a certain impetus which compels the members to give their all in singing. Although talent is a great asset in the choir, it is not a prerequisite. The choir wants people who genu- inely desire to sing, and who are willing to sacrifice a little time for the all-important rehearsals. Only the best results can be attained when the choir co- operates completely with its director, and enjoys its work. Only then does the choir receive the title of be- ing a truly Christian organization. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND BAND. Left zo right, fry! row: Allan Bloom, Robert johnson, Walter Damewood, james Carver, Charles Rutledge, john Perkins, Beverly Carson, Jack Lyons. Second row: Lynvdall Fisher, john Baronian, Robert Kidd, Jerry Lillian, Phil Johnson, john Smith. Third row: Zane Gray, James Huxter, Cecil Motley, Robert Lobell, Williain Sullivan, Ray Dietrich. Fourth row: Ralph Matthews, Robert Ross, Dave White, john Hicks, Tom Butter'worth, Eddie Alt- man. Fiflb row: Don McNeill, Phil Browning, Kenneth Kandle, Stanley Ada-ms, Richard Taylor, Claude Dawson. Sixth row: Wayne Freeland, Howard Lum, Harper Sasser, Charles Heath, Ray Smith, Charles Blount, Bob Otto. University of Richmond Band The University of Richmond Band, under the able direction of Mark Troxell, appeared in its second year of organization resplendent in new red and blue uni- forms. There was a welcomed increase in member- ship, with many excellent musicians included among the new members. The Band was helped in its efforts to become better organized and have full strength re- hearsals by having a band period set aside on the schedule by the administration. The organization spread the name and fame of the Spiders throughout the community and State by par- ticipating in many activities. During the football season the Band played at all the home games, and not only supported the team with music, but also formed a lively cheering section. One out-of-town trip was taken, that to the game with our strong University of Richmond rivals, Williain and Mary. The bandsmen also added to the fun and festivities at numerous pep rallies. Leading off the homecoming day float parade was one representing an old-time German band, with five of the bandsmen furnishing the music. After the football game the Spider Band enjoyed the company of the Mary Wasliington Band members at a party held at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Included among the other activities were a trip to Powhatan, Virginia, to furnish a musical background to the dedication of the highway marker near Dun- lora Academy, the original site of the University of Richmond, marching in the Thalhimers' Toy Parade to raise funds for music and equipment, and playing for a luncheon honoring the varsity football squad and sponsored by the Rotary Club. A I IE ORGANIZATIONS UNIVERSITY PLAYERS. Left lo rigbl: Marilyn Alexander, jerry Leon, Mimi Thalenberg, Baxter Causey, Mimi Ander- son, Anne Bing, Andy Oberg, Arnold Fleshood, Audrey Bradford, Shirley Armstrong, Georgia Kilpatrick. Universit Players The first endeavor of the University Players for the year '48-49 was different from anything the campus had seen before, in that it had two second acts and everyone was crazy. The latter difference of this play, Czzckoor on the Hearth, projected itself to an en- thusiastic audience. Betsy Bethune played the com- manding female role with a great deal of facility. Especially popular in the roles of the slightly de- ranged Lulu Pung and the Sheriff were Betty Cather and George McClary. Joe johnson, Maurice Ruben- stein, and Andy Oberg thickened the already thick- ened plot by their antics as three men of questionable character. The Administration was in danger of having to buy a new playhouse when, in the second production, Pzzrrzzit of Hfzppinerr, Prudence Kirkland played by Georgia Kilpatrick invited a young Hessian soldier played by Peter Carney to get into her warm bed. Max, a newcomer to the country, was quickly learn- ing the old New England custom of bundling. Also outstanding were: Hansford Rowe, the Virginia colo- nel who sustained his character excellently through- out the play, jessica Niblett whose lines such as "He ain't done a thing to my virtue" delighted the audi- ence, and Will Osborne as the tolerant and dry- witted father. Baxter Causey added another success to his string of character roles in his portrayal of Rev- erend Banles. Clarence Doane, Mary Burton Haskell and Clyde Woodson helped immensely to make the play a success. Cuckoor on the Hearth was directed by Professor Alton Williams. The sets for both productions were designed by Professor William Maner, director of Pwsuit of H nppizzers. THE 1949 WEB The Players In Action ORGANIZATIONS i 'ty of Ricla momi r ORGANIZATIONS HH Westhampton College INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. Lefl to rigbz, MJ! row: Alda Marlin, Clare Imburg, Helen Mc- Donough, Louise Triplett, Mary Copeland, Elizabeth Hsu, May Lee Yook, jean DeWitt, Elizabeth Mc- Rae, Frances Sutton, Vivian Betts. Second row: Florence Crute, Peggy Bakeman, Barbara Beattie, Betty Dick, Lois Nelson, Brooke Triplett, jean Crews, Dr. Helen Stafford, Marilyn Alexander fPresidentJ, Flora Zbar, julie Moller, Lorraine Fein- berg. Third row: Pris Enslin, Anne Carter, Mitzi Keesee, Phyllis Barnes, Diane Brown, Charlotte Babb, Bar- bara Coleman, Winn Shaenon, Gene Hart, Rosa Lou Soles, Libby Wilen- sky, Libby McNeal, Betty Evans, jane Sanford. International Relations Club The purpose of the International Relations Club is to stimulate student interest in world affairs through speakers and group discussions. This club is affiliated with the Virginia Organization of Inter- national Relations Clubs and representatives from this club attend state and regional conferences, thus exchanging ideas, programs, and resources with students from other Southeastern colleges. The re- gional conference this year was held at Nashville, Tennessee and there were also other conferences at Greensboro, North Carolina and Williamsburg, Vir- ginia to which the club sent representatives. The International Relations Club of the Univer- sity of Richmond is made up of two chapters which work co-ordinately. Each chapter has its own officers and faculty advisor. Dr. Helen Stafford and Dr. R. C. McDanel are the faculty advisors for Westhampton College and Richmond College respectively, and Marilyn Alexander and Bill Baylor are the presidents of the respective organizations. Richmond College RICHMOND COLLEGE INTER- NATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. Lefz la riglyz, nfl! row: Carlton Hey- wood, Herbert Weinman, Dr. Mc- Danel, Norman West, Charles Har- vey. Seromi row .' Jim Johnson, Harry Mears, Don Wilson, Bill Baylor, Al Pittman, Chester Bolling, John Fer- guson. Q" 'n THE 1949 WEB I 'll I Q ' ' ,a u ..l I-I' I.: l-ll ' E-5 I Les Fennnes Savantes LES FEMMES SAVANTES. Left to right, hm! row: Rita Bross, Ann Wiley, jean Golding, Mary Sue Mock, Kathleen Cole, Libby Wilen- sky, Libby McNeal. Second muf: Julie Wann, Madame Brot, Alma Rice, Sally Van Dyke, julie Moller, Miss Wright. Third row: Athena Malonia, Mary Booth, Katherine Smith, Addie Eicks, Diane Evans, Sondra Glass, Deborah Holmes, Len- ore Greenberg, Nancy Berry, Mari- anne Beck. Les Femmes Savantes, through its monthly big pro- grams consisting of talks, music, or parties and its small weekly "dessert" meetings for conversation and getting together, has endeavored, as always, to promote interest in French life and culture. During the Christmas season, the club made and l OFFICERS: PreJia'e12t.' Clare Cardozo Imburg Vice-P1'eJidem'.' Mary Copeland Sec1'e1fm'y.' Joy Hull Faculty f1drz1i.re1f." Miss Caroline Lutz I One of the most recent organizations on the campus, the Westhampton English Club had its first University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS sold its own Christmas cards and gave a party. Later in the year, the group sponsored a chapel program for Westliamptoii students. This French student group enjoys good fellowship and mutual interests in its varied activities through- out the school year. English Club WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE ENG- LISH CLUB. Left I0 righl, refllezli' Peggy Harris, Flora Zbar, Clare Im- burg fPresidentj, Mary Copeland fVice-Presidentj, Mary Burton Has- kell, Mitzi Verra. Stmldifzg: Betty Cather, Irene Adler, Peggy Hassell, Elizabeth Givens, Shirley Willer, May Lee Yook. meeting in November with Dr. Christian Gauss, Dean Emeritus of Princeton University, as guest speaker. Organized for and open to all students seri- ously interested in writing, the Club met in Decem- ber, with Miss Marguerite Roberts, Dean of West- hampton, as hostess, to read scripts which they had prepared. Ofiicers were elected at that meeting. ORGANIZATIONS S. C. MITCHELL LITERARY SOCIETY, Left to right, jirrt' row: George Terry, Tommy Howard, Dr. Smart, Sam Crews, Charles Harvey, Ray Dietrich, Don Wilson, Phil Rosenfeld, Bill Baylor, Maurice Rubenstein. Serwzd row: Sterling Davis, Craig Smith, Therymal Northern, Chester Bolling, Harry Mears, Richard Tutwiler, Jerry Roberts, Louis Crescioli, Earl Dunklee, Don Roth. Third row: Andy Oberg, jim johnson, james Matthews, Alex Jordon, Norman West, Edward Whit- lock, Frank Estes, Phil Snider, William Cassell. Fourth row: Andrew Mason, Dave Abrams, Sam Smith, William Chaflin, Morton Marks, Charles Wainman, john Ferguson, Marvin Menkes. Fifth row: Harding Foster, George Tutwiler, Clyde Norwood, Beecher Ward, Rudy Garber, Bob Wiggins. S. C. Mitchell L With a greatly augmented membership the S. C. Mitchell Literary Society opened its nineteenth year of activity under the presidency of Charles Harvey. A sizable group of returning members plus numer- ous initiates made this year's organization one of the largest in history. Interest in and devotion to the prin- ciples of forensics are evidenced by a constantly en- larging membership, the only worthy tribute to the man whose name the Society bears, the late Dr. Sam- uel Chiles Mitchell. This year saw the adoption of a revised method of holding Society meetings under which the business and program meetings are alternated weekly. That this new step has borne fruit is shown by a renewed interest in forensic knowledge and greater activity in iterary Society individual participation by members of the group. Speeches during the year were varied, with topics ranging from the very serious to the very humorous. Vice-president Thomas johnson delivered a notable oration which solidly established his niche in the old guard wall of States' Righters. Louis Crescioli's rather didactic speech on school spirit was one that would warm the cockles of any pedant's heart. None will forget Treasurer Sam Crew's extemporaneous talk on "How To Cook Breakfast On A Buddy Burner." The Society's other officer-s for the year were Ray Dietrich, secretary, Don Wilson, representative to the Forensic Councilg Philip Rosenfeld, parliamen- tariang and Bill Baylor, sergeant-at-arms. THE 1949 WEB Philologian Literary Society PHILOLOGIAN LITERARY SO- CIETY. Lefr to riglaf, jirrl row: Walter Bradley, Morris Cather, Bill Corder, Wally Shields, Bill Coppage, Bill Sloope. Second row: James Comer, Lynn Dickerson, Norman Woerner, Mac Hutton, Walter Barger, Percy Wilson, Lewis Wright. Tbird raw: Bill Winn, Bill Wheeler, Cecil Coates, Byrd Smith, Bill Gee, Harold Carder. The Philologian Literary Society, in seeking to bring the attention of its members to current world problems, has endeavored to base its programs on the events of the world of today, especially those which will promote closer harmony with other na- tions. Discussions also center around the needs on ouriown campus, illustrating the ways in which we might improve present conditions. The purposes of the society, founded in 1856, are Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, the oldest student organization at Richmond College, has as its purpose for organization to provide and promote the general information, literary tastes, rhetorical skill and readi- ness in speaking. These qualities are developed by its members in frequent readings, declamations, ora- tions, debates, and inter-society debates. The ofhcers of the society are John Moncure, Pres- University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS to foster forensic activities on the campus and to in- struct students in the art of public speaking. The society has also had a strong social program this year, and the members will long recall Brunswick stew at Cloverleaf, apple cider and doughnuts, and "Open Night." The organization has progressed well under the guidance of Bill Corder, president, Wallace Shields, vice-president, Bill Sloop, treasurer, and Bill Coppage, treasurer. Mu I igma Rho MU SIGMA RHO. Lefl lo riglsl, jirrz raw: Bill Alford, Thomas Harp- er, John Moncure, Wally McGraw, Hawkins Bradley, Bob Stone. Second row: Sam Patterson, john Ohrn, Bob Proctor, George Taylor, Chester Beck, Perry Gills, Harold Smithson. Third raw: Charles Carelock, Ralph Owen, Warren Mann, Ted Norf- singer, Charles Taylor, jim Payne. identg Bob Stone, Vice-President, Wally McGraw, Secretary, and Warren Mann, Treasurer. Supported by others, we class this society a pleasant and useful function for the advancement of those standards which have been called the "aims of the society." Mu Sigma Rho was founded in October 1846, here at Richmond College by eight students who felt an urgent need for a literary society. uid- -Sd.: ORGANIZATIONS The University of Richmond Radio Guild, with a roster of some twenty members, offers experience in all phases of radio from script writing to the actual production technique of a radio broadcast. The Guild maintains professional recording equipment for the use of members in transcribing programs and im- proving them through helpful criticism. Weekly broadcasts over local stations instruct the Guilders firsthand as to what actually goes into the making of a successful broadcast. CZHDJCIQ Club CAMERA CLUB. Left lo right, jiri! row: Ray Daggett, Wirt Wills, Joyce Parrish, Bill Wills, Morton Marks. Second 701,0.' Ed Vieth, Charles Hal- loran, Sam Smith, James Bourne, john Patillo. The Camera Club was organized for the purpose of creating .an interest in photography on the cam- pus. It also served to help and instruct its mem- bers in the art of taking, developing, and printing pictures. The two main objectives for the year were the installation of a darkroom in the Playhouse, which was open to the members of the club and to the staff members of the University Publications, and QRadio Ciuild RADIO GUILD. Left zo figbl: Bill Weston, Shirley Armstrong, Don Wilson, Andy Oberg, Walter Bruce, Nelson Weber, Natalie McKissick, Howard Sutton. By participating in a variety of programs through- out the year the members gain actual experience in producing, announcing, and acting. They discover that rehearsals and painstakingly accurate timing are two important factors that make what is termed "good listening." Under the direction of Professor Alton Williams and guidance of President Andy Oberg the Guild looks forward to bigger and better programming on A. M., F. M. and television. the Annual University of Richmond Photographic Salon Exhibition held in the University Library. The club members also acted as judges for the "Pic-of-the Month" published in this yearls issues of the Mer- Jenger. This year's sponsor for the Camera Club was Dr. Smart. Under the leadership of its president, Morton Marks, the Camera Club looked forward to a very successful year. THE 1949 WEB Ionian iblusic Club IONIAN MUSIC CLUB, Lefl fo rigbl: Brooke Triplett, Frances Sut- ton, Marianne Beck, Frances Chand- ler, Ida Smith, Jean Booth, Eleanor Easley, Jane Slaughter, Barbara Cov- ington. All students taking applied music courses, vocal or instrumental, are eligible for membership in the Ionian Music Club. In the monthly meetings and in chapel programs, students develop poise and indi- vidual style by performing before an audience. This The F. T. A., a branch of the National Education Association and the Virginia Education Association, was established on the University of Richmond Campus in 1947 for the benefit of those students who plan to enter the teaching profession. The local chapter is known as the William L. Prince Chapter. University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS New ,M in year we welcomed Mr. Denker as a valuable addition to our music faculty and head of the music faculty. With the cooperation of the members and the music teachers, many interesting projects were undertaken and varied programs. Future Teachers of America FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERI- CA. Left lo right, lint row: Virginia Grabeel, Cornelia Ayre, Ida Jean Norris, Second row: Ann Bing, Ida Eanes, Marbury Hutchison, Betty Evans, jane Sanford, Charles Beck, Ida Smith, Carlyle Williains fPresi- clentj, Helen Lampathakis. Third row: Miriam Wedclle, Lenore Green- berg, Mary Ann Peddicord, Rosamond Calhoun, Richard Jewell, Aaron O'Bier, jr., Jackson White, Barbara McGee, Barbara Rhodes, Doris Bal- derson, Libby Wilensky, Alberta McCullough. This year, under the sponsorship of Dr. Edward F. Overton and Miss Jessie P. Haynes, interest has been stimulated in preparation for elementary teach- ing, as well as for high school teaching. Outstanding educators have met with the group from time to time. I ORGANIZATIONS Y.M.C.A. OFFICERS. Left to right, Jealed: Lloyd Smith, Vice Presidentg Dick Whitehead, President. Smnding: Bob Stone, Treasurer, Ed Clark, Recording Secretary, Spilman Short, Corresponding Secretary. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet The Y.M.C.A. Cabinet is composed of a maximum of fifty members proportionately distributed among the four college classes. It has endeavored in nu- merous ways to promote a closer union of Christian fellowship on the Richmond College Campus, and also to aid the underprivileged of the outside world. The "Y" Cabinet, withthe aid of the Y.W.C.A. Cabinet of Westhampton College, published a stu- dent directory for the two colleges. Contained in the directory were names of all students of both colleges, their local and home addresses and phone numbers. The faculty names, addresses and office hours were also included. The directory has met with success on the entire campus and has served well to aid both stu- dent and faculty in their college life. The directory was published and sold at a loss, the purpose being a service to the student. Hunter B. Spencer served as editor-in-chief. In order to aid students throughout the world, the "Y" Cabinet conducted a drive for the World Stu- dent Service Fund. This fund goes to the aid of the overseas student in the way of constructing and re- pairing educational facilities, providing food, medi- cal supplies, books, study grants and financial aid. i. Officers for the 1948-49 session of the Cabinet were: Dick Wtlmitehead, president, Lloyd Smith, vice- president, Ed Clark, secretaryg Spilman Short, cor- responding secretaryg and Bob Stone, treasurer. Fac- ulty advisor for the Cabinet was Dr. Lumpkin, di- rector of religious activities at Richmond College. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS Y.M.C.A. CABINET. Left lo right, firrl row: David Clay, Lloyd Smith, Ed Clark, Dick Whitehead, Bob Stone, Malcom Hut- ton, Spilman Short. Second l'01l'.'MRDSfICld Snyder, Bill Chappell, Bill Hutchison, Ralph Owen, jim Payne, Bob Ross, Bill Bar- nett, Boyd Sutton. Third row: George Terry, Steve Hite, Walter Bradley, Harold Carter, Larry Seyler, Hervey Jones, Nor- man Woerner, Al Pittman. Fonrflv row: Aubrey Rosser, Carlton Thomas, Bill Farmer, Dick Hensley, James Dietz, Ellett Mc- George, Hunter Spencer, Melvin Spicer. Q University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS Y.W.C.A. CABINET. Left fo right, rented azz floor: Eleanor Wright, QMargaret Knapp, jean Moody, Gene Hart. Seafed: Lou Winn, Miss Rudd, Cynthia Patrick, Miss Harper, Virginia Brinson. I Young Women's Christian Association The Y.W.C.A. is an active organization on our campus which tries to promote spirit and good will among the students. Its initials explain its aims and activities fully. "Y" stands for You. You are an in- tegral part of this organization, and without you it cannot .hope to function successfully. stands for Workers, the workers both in the Cabinet and throughout the student body who strive to knit social life with religious life. "C" stands for Christianity, as all denominations and faiths are brought into one big Christian family in which there is neither antag- onism nor prejudice. "A" stands for Action-the Freshmen party, the Roslyn week-end, the Bon Air project. The Y.W. is not only a religious organization, but also an organization where one can find friends and fellowship. Only through fellowship and coopera- tion can any organization carry out its activities. THE 1949 WEB i ORGANIZATIONS A 1 X1 ' 9 Q. K I 1 WSTQQFTGJ W I XJ ' L' 1 CULLEW. Y. W. C. A. House Part at Roslyn University of Richmond l"l'l 0 ', ORGANIZATIONS MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION. Left to right, frat row: Clarence Beebe, jack White, Nelson Basil, Walter Barger, Ed Clark, Nolton Turner, Harold Carder, Wallace Sheilds, Boyd Sutton. Sefofzd row: Castle Koop, Parker Hooper, Tommy Woo, Rolen Bailey, Bob Ross, Coley Rock, Mac Hutton, Cecil Carder. Third row: john Smith, Morris Cather, Bill Corder, George Bowman, Harper Sasser, Howard Lum, Bill Winn. Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association, led by President Ed Clark, has again hit an outstanding year with one hundred members, all who are planning to enter the Christian ministry as pastors, missionaries and re- ligious education workers. These men are active in all types of campus activities as well as those pertaining to the religious side of life. There are men on the varsity football squad, cheering squad, track team, varsity debate team, Student Government, Y.M.C.A., B.S.U. and others. The Association also sponsored an intramural football team which played in the fra- ternity league. At their bimonthly meetings the members have heard speakers from the various seminaries in which they are interested, The group has also heard mem- bers of various secular organizations such as Alco- holics Anonymous and United World Federalists. One of the regular activities of the Association is to conduct services in the Virginia Home for In- curables, under the leadership of Vice President Nolton Turner. A Christmas party was also held for the shut-ins and was enjoyed by all. Then, too, the "jaspers" as they are fondly called after the famous Negro minister, john jasper, participated in the an- nual Student Night services at which time the stu- dents stepped into all the local pulpits. In addition to their campus activities many stu- dents have active student pastorates in the smaller churches around the city. Others are actively work- ing in the local churches as assistant pastors or young people's workers. Our many thanks in this depart- -ment go to Dr. Cousins and Dr. Lumpkin who have offered their advice and friendship to so many who were interested in this type of work. THE 1949 WEB lam MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Left to ngbf ful :ow john Elllot Clarence Moore Carroll Welch B111 Smlth Mac W1l 1. ll ii, r 1 ,W :gm af V951 152 ff f 4 U fzzverszty 0 Rzcbmond ORGANIZATICN S NEWMAN CLUB. Left to right, yfrrt row: Helen MacDonough, Millie Waters, Bernard J. Hulcher, jr., Father McClunn, james Beck, George Acevedo, Leo Saunders, Bill Raskis, John Zizak. Second row: Ruth Morrissey, Marian Redmond, Walter Bruce, Jr., William Bruce, Paul Myers, Ramon Morano, Louis Crescioli, Leo Miller. Third raw: Shirley Hall, Charles Welsh, jr., Charles Coravoti, Donald Edel, Stuart Nottingham, Jack Etz, Walter McGraw, Gilbert DiBiasi. Fozzrzh row: Robert Heeke, john Flannagan, Lynwood Cosby, George DeHardit, Roger Koury, James Dandridge, Edward Zacharias. Newman Club Motto: Cor Ad C01' Loqzzitor-Heart'Bpeaketh to Heart The pathway to acquaintance and association with those of one's own faith is often difficult in the com- plex society of campus life. Dr. Timothy L. Harring- ton, recognizing this need, established the first New- man Club at the University of Pennsylvania in 1895. It has so successfully served the purpose of develop- ing an organization through which Catholic students can share their mutual culture and fellowship, strengthening and fortifying their own spiritual ideals, that it has spread to virtually every large uni- versity or college in the United States, Canada, and the Orient. The ideals of the Newman Club are those of its patron, john Cardinal Newman, namely: love of truth, honesty, hatred of duplicity and coarseness, refinement of manner, gentleness, and manliness. The first Newman Club was organized at the University of Richmond in 1941 by the Rev. Dr. Francis J. Blakely of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, and has since that time grown into an organization of more than one hundred fifty students under the guidance and leadership of the Rev. Dr. justin D. McClunn, the Newman Club's advisor. The Newman Club held several Communion breakfasts at Sacred Heart Cathedral in conjunction with Westhampton College and the Richmond Pro- fessional Institute, and also had several outings in the spring. Many prominent speakers addressed the Club at its monthly meetings. The ofhcers who served this term were: Bernard J. Hulcher, jr., presidentg james A. Dandridge, vice- president, William G. Bruce, secretary, and William F. Lamb, treasurer. THE 1949 WEB Westminster Fellowship WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. Left to rigbl, jiri! row: Charlotte Westewelt, Ann Wilson. Serond row: Bill Wheeler, Deborah Holmes, Ann Williamson, Barbara Cawthorne, Betty Dick, Louise Triplett. Third row: Huestis Cook, jim Payne, Dwight Linton, Bill Bryant. At the beginning of the Fall Semester, a group of Presbyterian students from -both sides of the lake reorganized the group. They chose as their President, Anne Wilson. The slate was completed with Dwight Linton, Vice-presidentg Jane Lawson, Secretary, and jim Payne, Treasurer. The organizations first project for the new year was a Membership picnic. Weather prohibited an outdoor affair, but everyone joined in the fun in Through frequent meetings for worship, discus- sion, and fellowship and projects of community serv- ice, the Wesley Foundation aspires to help the Methodist student in his religious quest. On the campus under the helpful guidance of Rev. R. Beverly Watkins, our counselor from Trinity Methodist Church, and Dr. E. W. Gregory, our faculty advisor, the Wesley Council meets every Wednesday at noon in order to plan activities. Mem- University of Richmond ORGANIZATIONS Keller Hall. One aim is to obtain speakers from the various churches in Richmond to speak on a variety of topics relating to current world and religious problems. Several interesting and enlightening discussions were held. The Fellowship also undertook, as a Christmas Project, the presentation of a Santa Claus bundle to a needy Richmond family. Wesley Foundation WESLEY FOUNDATION. Left to right, rented: Betty Evans, Oliver Cross, Mary Howard, Harper Sasser, Mitzi Verra, Rosa Lou Soles. Siand- ing: Virginia Herrink, Ernestine All- port, Libby McNeal, Harry Wood- ward, George Terry, Norman West, Guy Cumby, Frank Sasser, Rosarnond Calhoun, Marianna Rounds, jane Norris. bers of the Council for 1948-49 are Co-Chairmen, Mary Howard and Harper Sasser, Secretary, Mitzi Verrag Treasurer, Oliver Crossg Worship Chairman, Rosa Lou Soles, Recreation Chairman, Guy Cumbyg Social Chairman, Betty Jean Evans, Community Serv- ice Chairman, Gladys Maroney and Mac Wil'liamsg Publicity Committee, Chairman, Eleanor Wr'iglmt, Pat Allen and Manning Woodward, RAC Representa- tive, Marianna Rounds. f Siu ORGANIZATIONS BSU OFFICERS. Left to right, reared: Ed Clark, Louise Covington, Larry Seyler, Walter Bradley, Mary Lee Rankin. Stand- ing: Eleanor Persons, Katherine Carter, Boyd Sutton, Cecil Carter, Bill Winn, Aaron O'Bier, Mary Copeland, jackie Stone. Baptist tudenr Union The Southwide Student Retreat at Ridgecrest, N. C. marked the beginning of the year's work for the Baptist Student Union on our campus. A group of about thirty spent a week there and then returned to pass the ideas and spiritual inspiration on to their fellow students at a preschool retreat at Chapo- wamsic near Quantico. Returning to the campus they resumed their Eve- ning Watch services at the chapel each evening at five o'clock. These services have grown in size in the last two years to reach an average attendanceof more than sixty students. The programs include student speakers as well as outstanding laymen and ministers in Virginia and the South. The Baptist Student Union enlarged its program this year by entering basketball and baseball teams in the intramural ath- letic program. Six youth teams were also organized to go throughout the state to continue their work with the young people of Virginia. Then -too, seventy students joined more than four hundred other Bap- tists in 'Roanoke for the State Convention. . The Baptist Student Union is on the campus in order to help -the student adjust himself to college life and find his place in a local church. Many stu- dents have found a place of service in some church through the aid of the B. S. U. Much of our work would be impossible without the willing and able help of Miss Harper, Dr. Lumpkin, Dr. Bushong, our faculty advisor and Rev. Noffsinger, our pastor advisor. THE 1949 WEB ORGANIZATIONS 4 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. Left to right, jim! row: Clarence Moore, Ernestine Mitchell, Bill Hutchison, Miss Araminta Harper, Larry Seyler, Mary Copeland, Cecil Carter, jane Muflitt, Ann Plunkett, Louise Covington. Second rozo: Sherald Ward, jack Montgomery, Norman Woerner, Bill Alford, Harold Carder, jackie Stone, Nelson Basil, Elizabeth Gill, Phil Snider. Third row: Wm. Prillaman, Bill Coppage, Bill Winn, George Bowman, Boyd Sutton, Walter Barger, Jean Bishop. Fourth 1-ow: Melvin Spicer, Lewis Mock, Dick Anthony, Aaron O'Bier, Catherine Bunting, Eleanor' Persons, Mary Lee Rankin, Georgia Rea, Mary Burnett. Fifth row: Stanley Sneed, Sam Rollins, Lee Keiter, Miriam Weddle, Sarah Barlow, Kathleen Yost. Sixfb row: Bill Gee, john Elliot, Walter Bradley, jack White, Mary Ann Hubbard, Malcol-m Hutton, Morris Cather. Seventh roiox Carlton Thomas, George Trotter, Charles Becket, Carrol Welch. ' University of Richmond HEI FRATERNITIES As Greeks, we love the love of knowledge And all the loving we might get. Tlzafs the reason we're in college, And why we're still around here-yet! wg,-1: H G m' N --...H wa-X X rl : , I - , V 236, if 3 , E n r Q ' , sf ' .14 ' , P I ' 1 3 - if! H: fl' A-F vA- - 45" N 'K J Q' 0 4 4. 3 ' gf pang . ' 6" I 5' 'Iv-Av 3 L 4 ! " ""fg- .1 S'- 'JS-, q " ' ' "1 ul- lbfgi A ' 714 w Q r .... ' 1 . , -'rf v 4 N.. . I. fu '55 vf' " ' J Q 5 - ' sf W 'w 1-, 1, 4- .V I b . H .- 1. , , . E Y 1 Mx' E 5 , "WA .T ' 1. M' 5 'U ' . K' ' Q' ' S- " W 1 ' I 4 Xwfmwg Q, ',.,,'3,, N ,. V' J Lg ., ww N Away, ,M h A w N XL J PM W , H , H 'Y , . 1 W A 11 .7.wMM'f W , 'M 1 YHA ge, H ygfg -9 M," WMIX1 ""W, ' 1,1954 . 1 'Q 1' 1: Tu- "H "! '- ' '- W' , 'E ' ' . 4 ', ' nv w--Q z , x Af , i - 1- 171-"lg ' -r' fn , K ny T . Q., H , XM' Wk ggi- ..-jf fwx:.U,, fm' . ,1"" ' ' ' D fx., 1 'ff' I' .QQWL5 :gil I if . .XM : ggw-X -- Q, - p ,. . , mu' . ,,- - . I 1. um? 1.5--115' I xv r ' 4 . -5 .. -ff, , . 3- - ' - Q. 1' .. 'f.-f?P. - f ' " ' 1 - '. ' xv -1 .1 -1, - -. .- A -b , L. . .- ",,,':x1iQx,j::' ,, ' , A4 u .h ' " 'J'-.. J-F' 3' 'M ,-V.."' f"" ' ' .-ni","' , A ,'.,,- V , - .1 1- ' ' A- 1 - . , ' Y ' ' rt, " - ' 41,-J' . V , -' ,. .'-1'v1' '61, '.g:g-fluff wi, . K 9. I L-.' x ff' 2,---3-1' -en. xv'-f ":f. '- .' . L gn? .I ,-A .. .v . .AAI ,, . ' wi , w1.,x.fxfw, f - L , A X ,. 1 - . '..,a a.:..V ,ar - ,, . .. .. - , I-.l V ..-H W--57 W , - ' . ' ., ag, -Q. 3 -- - i Fil-:ju i-5? -Jgwm ,, -4. N. W ly- xg . 1 M A : 5 2 ' . I ' 'lfnv'-' ,, M, Y . .RF X-!.d..-h:: I ' , - 1 F " -A ,, .'.-f: A :J -5' -W - " ' - - V w '- .u "fi L 'J-Eff' 'f:,'f'gIgH t I ' X' .5 I ' 1- ' N A Y ' t' 'Il 'bi-,"lWif:f 1X MMA Qg, ., .gg - ff'-f-f:.,,-56.4. L41 A-..,--aid,-1,,, ,,..,,,'. Y --,.,,,4-,l.J-, - qaglri ... ,.,:..-' - 1-,--H I X, FRATERNITIES INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. Left to right, filling on floor: Haddon Snead, Robert Duley, Pete Singleton, Nelson Weber, George Lynch. Seated: David Clay, Frank Dickinson, Charles Welsh, Don Fendler, Basil Morrissett, George McCall, Arnold Fleshood. Slanding: Marvin Menkes, Claude Thomas, Ben Triplett, Charles Halloran, Sam Flannagan, Melvin Segal. lnterfraternity Council For the thirty-fifth consecutive year the Inter- fraternity Council has carried on their work of pro- moting friendship and cooperation between the elev- en social fraternities on our campus. The Council supervises rushing, undervvrites the three main sets of dances, awards trophies for scholarship and ath- letics, and represents the aggregate opinion of the fraternities to the administration. This year, Dr. Herman P. Thomas served as presi- dent. Dr. R. C. MacDanel was elected vice-president, and Fred M. Caylor acted as secretary-treasurer. Don Fendler was chairman of the Dance Committee and Basil Morrissett led the Interfraternity Relations Committee. These men served with diligence and distinction. Each fraternity is represented by two men. One of these representatives serves on the Dance Committee and the other on the Relations Committee. The Dance Committee selects the bands which entertain us at our dances and supervises the sale of dance cards. The purchase of these cards admits a man to a dance at a reduced price. The big undertaking of the Re- lations Committee is the Annual Greek Week. The theme underlying this project is to present the work of the Greek letter organization to the public. It is comprised of a song fest, skit night, track meet, and costume ball. Because our campus is possessed of a fine inter- fraternity spirit, we can sincerely say, the Inter- fraternity Council has again proven its Worth. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES HARLEQUIN CLUB. Left to right, reared: Charles Halloran, George Lynch, Robert Duley, Frank Smither, Walt Mahon, Pete Singleton, Wally McGraw, Al McCue, Nelson Weber, Arnold Fleshood, George Terry. Slazzdirzg' Pete Brown, Au- brey Ford, Don Fendler, Bill Barnett, Claude Thomas, jack Jennings, Charles Mattox, Marvin Menkes, Edward Dunford, William Day, Bernard Hulcher, Don Roth. Harlequin Club Realizing the need for an organization which would promote better relations and closer harmony between the women of Westhampton and the men of Richmond College, if the connotation of the word "university" were ever to become a reality, the mem- bers of the Greek letter fraternities of Richmond College organized the Harlequin Club. Throughout its entire history the club has continually striven to promote these ideals. Prior to 1949 the club had remained an exclusive organization of Richmond College men. This year the club, under the leadership of Arnold Fleshood University of Richmond as president and Dr. Edward C. Peple as faculty ad- visor, submitted to the faculty committees of both Richmond and Westhampton Colleges a proposed change in its constitution which would give repre- sentation to Westhampton. With the acceptance of the revision, the three upper classes of the co-ed division received a voice in the club with the election of three members of each of these classes to the Harlequin Club. Through the medium of social functions and assist- ance to other organizations, the Harlequin Club has helped to build a better University for all. B31 K? vv ' U FRATERNITIES v ii- Z U i s as J: ' c 'i- ,ei f 4' 4. 1 '.. Ay-?'+l1..1'Q S9 R if-X ' e-gf' ,wt -v rapasl, 'ii5i ' 6-L1 N KAPPA ALPHA Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865 ETA CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1870 The men of Eta returned to school this fall de- termined to regain their -prewar prominence on the campus. Charles Mattox I, Huestis Cook II, and john Hess III, led the fraternity in a tremendously suc- cessful year. The fraternity room was repainted, new furniture acquired, and other furniture repaired and cleaned. Our ranks were swelled considerably by initiation of new men and with the addition of new pledges after a successful rush season. Under the capable Charlie Mattox, the football team carried on from the previous season winning the league championship undefeated. The team was eliminated in the play-offs. Special recognition should be given to Bill "Mud-ball" McCall, jay "Toe" Border, Preston Harper, Huestis Cook, and Ed Bow- dein. An elaborate banquet was held by the fraternity in the latter part of October in honor of the brothers with Brother Mac Pitt, the principal speaker. It was a well planned affair and enjoyed by all. Numerous other parties were enjoyed -by the fraternity. Elabo- rate plans are being made for our annual house party after the school year. The annual Alumni Banquet was its usual success. The Kappa Alpha Annual Rose Ball was held at the Mosque Ballroom and was considered by all that attended as the best yet. All things considered, including the lack of a fra- ternity house, this has been a very successful year for the fraternity and although we still have a long grind ahead of us, we feel confident that we will achieve our goals in the near future. Eta Chapter ex- tends her sincerest congratulations to all her gradu- ating men and wishes them much prosperity in their futuref THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES M KAPPA LPHA 'E Miss MARY ARLENA Davis ' , Portsmouth, Virginia j ' ' ' KAPPA ALPHA. Left to right, top row: Fenton Bowles, Huestis Cook, Thomas Curtis, Cary Davis, William Day, Wood- land Derringer, james DeWitt, Cyrus Dillon, james Duckhardt. Second row: Franklin Edmonds, Thomas Edmonds, John Eidmann, Wellford Estes, jack Fisher, William Harper, John Hess, Sale Houston, George jones. Third row: Robert Kidd, James Mahon, Ralph Mathews, Charles Mattox, George McCall, Harry Mears, William Mfizell, Charles Niedermayer, Willard Osburn. Fourth row: William Pendleton, Nolting Rhodes, Thomas Richardson, Robert Shotzberger, Billy Sloope, Ernest Snead, Gilbert Spector, Richard Stone, Richard Taylor. Fifth row: George Thompson, Ralph Turner, Richard Tut- wiler, Charles White, Gerald White, Edward Whitlock, Melton Williams. -W-:.,,?s , . I 3. hu' - ' H Q 'f' ' ' 1.594713 "-'- T""i-ir-'fjj A--'---'Y-V-H ' '-' A rv r ' , leg .- T .. - R a 2 ' l . i r ' X: x - ' if -V Q ' 11 at ' 1 ' wif "7 N f , f -f. ' ,5j?,,'g ' it as L ,fl af' BK V jfzf V ig il iii - 4 1 V Ml. l' ' ia V 'si f ' li 4 li .,1,, ' I P - ' ' .1 R ctrtt , Y ' "f' " 2: ur 'L f 'W ' .51 , L .Q , -e 7 if 1. '- ff' , ' 1 we "1 4 V -. ,arg l ' . ' - ' "Q E 1- 1 , I : 1, . 45 1 .Q My X. ,Q- alfa' If l , M y , LQ 2. jj .1 -1' . ' 1 , tc 1 ' ' , V f " ' , A v 1 , L 'fl V335 ' ,x K . ,-, ml I 1 X . : X A f a , V ' El A gm? -1 - W 1 Hg , -, ,. ai R , ,. I. V I Y IIA, 1.5.7 W- I AI, -xl ' ' F' , t. -'airy afjmffiv A vm, ,' l' ,,, x 'jg buffy.-1, ling, t E ., . i , 'i V , :'?i ' G- ,:., , Rl L ,W ' ' i rif t- , l ll , ,Q T . H if f 'rl 'H"f" f we - t y' U it W' fs W7 Q2 . ,I 1- , A ,F p P yy, in --f V, T y - :J Er 'H f 1- e., 1 - X ' Qfiifini sg 1 .4 J ,a :,: Flite N ,,. ,- ' 1, - f ,,f'f,-'fill "E, 't,' 1 32, -, ' 4 '4 ' 1 ' ' 1 iff? ' M' L ' ."5wg1,s-F' 552 , ' E V M . ' ' iii C T 3' l' it A A5 Lf" K 4 ,,, W -- fx X 'l ,J ' L 1 - ,- V , Y. - ' 9: ,. ,Qjffffg ' ' - ' , 5' ,. ,, 5 e 1' j ' - r , ' -if 'fig'fiflgjfl,,, ' i E- l, , , 5, :.: ' P ft Wa- M, . l ,Q tz' , - i " f j 1 f ' f . , 1 F i 3, A A 5 I. 'ij 'A" jzf fi 'lf' ' . ' if' A l E v p gf' y r ,j 4 . 'W 4' lv ' 2 1 'fl f air , r YF ff 'ffm' 24,7 '91, . ' ' gi - 3' M, ' ' W l rLlL J52lf2l-all-wlidllliflm - i' i lil 32: Miter.,lil,limaiuilMJlllli1i.lial4lnu l ., University of Richmond FRATERNITIES 1 ff 1 x 'hx .. fx di...-f, F' 413, pf , - .4-22. X G O. tl 2 L xxxxsx vi E. . JN PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, 1850. PHI CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1873 Phi Kappa Sigma, second oldest fraternity at Rich- mond College, 'began its seventy-sixth year on the campus pledged to the principle of all-out participa- tion in school activities and aggressive striving for scholastic achievement. In addition-for the enter- tainment of its members-a social calendar listing a variety of feature events was planned and conducted from the beginning of the school year in September '48 to the end of the '48-'49 session in june. The two integrated schedules of activities, plus a diversified social program for PKS brothers was evolved and carried out with special emphasis placed on the building of a stronger fraternity chapter and a strengthened bond of cooperation with the school. Witlu George C. Lynch, Alpha, sewing from May to December of 1948, Phi chapter was launched on its most successful year since the advent of World War II. Phi Kappa Sigma members actively partici- pated in intramural football, basketball and baseball during the year, held open house at the "Skull House," Number One Fraternity Row, during the Homecoming dances and sponsored a banquet for active members and pledges December 14 at Ewartis Restaurant in Richmond. Since the establishment of the first Phi Kappa Sigma chapter on the University of Pennsylvania campus October 15, 1850, individual chapters of the fraternity have endeavored to limit membership to a reasonable number in order to realize the primary function of fraternities-the formation of a true fellowship. At the University of Richmond, the policy of maintaining a medium membership has been strictly adhered to, resulting in a closely knit organization dedicated to the fostering of brother- hood and allegiance to the idea of lifetime comrade- ship of Phi Kappa Sigma members. THE 1949 WEB F RATERNITIES PHI KAPPA SIGMA Mas. GEORGE C. LYNCH, JR. Richmond, Virginia PHI KAPPA SIGMA. Left lo right, lop row: Charles B. Beck, Chester A. Beck, Richard N. Bell, Howard H. Board, George B. Bridgeforth, Frank Buckels, Claudius S. Coleman. Second row: H. Aubrey Ford, William N. Gee, Charles L. Halloran, Thomas L. Harlow, Thomas G. Harper, Blackwell J. Hawthorne, Werter H. Hurt. Third row: Earl B. Lee, Acree S. Link, George C. Lynch, james A. McClellan, Leo J. Miller, Lewis F. Mock, Epes L. Nelson. Fourth row: john B. Ohrn, Samuel W. Parker, Samuel H, Patterson, H. Douglas Pitts, William E. Steed, Bernard L. Stokes, Charles S. Tay- lor. Fifth row: Robert E. Tiller, Richard F. Waid, Frank S. Warren, Wade C. Warren, Wirt H. Wills, Charles H. Wilson, Richard A. Wiltshire, Harold E. Wood. University of Richmond mn 3 1 I W YN K FRATERNITIES , J. J gr. A- gg. . Tr- rc' 1 I qxmvff , . . ls if FF? P at x Qgitith is e. . T f .. SQ M S PHI DELTA TI-IETA Founded at the University of Miami fOxford, Ohioj 1848 VIRGINIA DELTA CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1875 Reestablished at the University of Richmond, 1939 Virginia Delta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta dis- tinguished itself 'by reaching a new high in leader- ship in all endeavors on the campus. Under the able leadership of brother Claude Thomas, the Fraternity maintained its present enrollment by pledging and initiating capable men to take over the reins of those lost through graduation. On the Spider Varsity football team brothers Co- captain Harry Bode, Wes Curtier, who later made All-State, Walt Bolen, Steve Henkes, Mike Cocco, and Billy COX were standoiuts. On the mound for the Varsity Baseball team were Ralph Graves and Jerry Frampton, while Henry Moody held down the third base position. To round out sports, brothers Jerry Cunningham and J. B. Hall led the way in ten- nis and golf. On the campus activities side we find the list long and significant. Brother Basil Morrissett, last year's Thomas Branch McAdams Award winner, added to his list of accomplishments O.D.K., President of the Senior Class, Chairman of the Interfraternity Re- lations Committee. Chosen to Winds Who in Ameri- can Colleges were brothers "Skip" Fanney, Claude Thomas, and Jimmie Robinson. Included among the leaders for the Honor System was Honor Council Member Jack Jennings, backed in religious activities by Buddy Hulcher, President of the Newman Club and James Jeter, President of the Canterbury Club. Expressing himself in "Lew's Views" for the Go!- legian we had brother Lewis Booker, also Senator-at- Large in the Student Government, while "Skip" Fanney was creator of the new University Morgue. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES PI-ll DELTA Tl-IETA I X "Q U g ' -'yrs Q 5 - Sf Miss MARTHA ANN Boos "-.3 D Richmond, Virginia I PHI DELTA THETA. Left la right, top row: Charles Apperson, Walter Bolen, joseph Bowman, Blythe Brown, Donald Calder, Curtis Carlton, Stuart Cary, Hill Carter, David Chapman. Serorzd row: Paul Chevalier, Lou Ciola, Rawleigh Clary, Frank Cole, Harvey Cooley, William Cox, Louis Crescioli, jerry Cunningham, james Dwyer. Third r0w.' Walter Doley, joseph Edwards, julius Fanney, Floyd Fowlkes, Gerald Frampton, Edward Galloway, joseph Garren, William Garren, Stuart Garrett. Fourth row: Ralph Graves, Steve Henkes, Elbert Holt, jack Hudgins, Bernard Hulcher, joseph Jennings, Robert Jennings, james Jeter, john jones. Fifth row: Robert jones, joseph jozefoweiz, Conrad Mattox, Basil Morrissett, Richard Mosely, William Perdue, joseph Purcell, Walter Reese, james Robinson. Sixth row: Alton Sharpe, William Stubbs, james Teabo, Claude Thomas, Louis Tucker, Edward Tyler, Oscar Warren, Robert Wash, Irving Westbrook, Paul Woodtin. University 0 f Richmond A , 3 1 W' I. 5 X., .. FRATERNITIES tial it fy . F :ml rig' '1 J ' Jli?gq l! 5?ifl 4212. H SIGMA ALPHA EPSILCDN Founded at the University of Alabama, 1856 VIRGINIA TAU CHAPTER Q Established at the University of Richmond, 1884 Reestablished at the University of Richmond, 1938 The ideals of Noble Leslie DeVotie, the founder, and his small group of intimate friends to perpetuate friendship forever are embodied in the Virginia Tau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fraternal spirit and cooperation have helped to overcome the handicap of inadequate space and facilities which faces most of the fraternities on the campus at present. This year's social program was the best yet! Nu- merous informal functions have been held throughout the year. The social calendar opened with a dance at Stratford Hill Country Club in September, then moved to Camp Richmond for an October afternoon and evening of fun. The Virginia Boat Club was the scene of the December dance and party. As usual, the highlight of the year was the Founders, Day Ball, which was held at the John Marshall Hotel on March 4, and to which all fraternity men on the campus were invited. After several small, informal functions came the annual Hollyfield Plantation outing, and the an- nual house party brought the social season to a fitting end. Between each of these monthly functions were held small informal parties, intermission parties and the like, not to mention the frequent smokers, which added so much to the campus life of our members. With twenty-six members leaving the chapter in its first big postwar graduating class, the responsi- bility will fall on the shoulders of the newer mem- bers, including twenty new members who took the oath after fall rushing. We know that they will hold high the place which SAE has had on the Richmond campus since its establishment here. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES SIGMA ALPHA EP ILO Mus, MARYLOU M. CUMBY Richmond, Virginia F.. ., C ,' A '. I 'I". . 5-'ilu .Q oo: an" SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Left to right, top row: Donald Anderson, Sattler Anderson, Paul Atwell, Charles Baker, Dale Ball,- William Baylor, Robert Blake, Chester Bolling, Walter Bruce, William Bruce. Second row: Ashby Burton, Donald Camden, Guy Campbell, Edward Clark, Edwin Comtmale, Leroy Crowder, Guyon Cumby, Frank Dickinson, George Endicott, Garland Evers. Third row: james Gaines, john Garber, Thomas Garnett, Raymond Gordon, james Heslep, John Howerton, William Hutchison, james Huxter, Bobby johnson, james johnson. Fourth row: Raymond Magette, Warren Mann, Brooks Mason, Orville Mathews, William Michaux, Powell Moore, Charles Peachee, Aubrey Phillips, Franklin Phillips, Raymond Slaughter. Fifth row: George Taylor, Thomas Thornton, Thomas Webb, Charles Welsh, john Wheeler, Carlyle Williams, William Wills, Clyde Woodson, joel Yowell. Vf'?"'--"""' " "Y 'H "A ' 'M' ' Y . zfgf:1vf'f-'1" g:fff"' - ' ,"e'15 .P 1- . 257' ik iii-i Pig alia . ' ' 1" " ' - . . 5 Y if ., , " 11, 5 XV' 1', ' 5, W tu rf an W 4 W A A I f V L.. Q , 1 f. N. ' .- - te , - .. , :E 1 , viii . -'f. 5' ,, 9 i ,of L I 4 N r Q I I A-ku: A eff " " T. .. . .. --- - - -V , .,,.... I , L I f ,W f, f Y, we A , 5 5 I 9 ' ra ' ug, 1' . La If , if .- !"-' . ., - -. ---' Wy 5 .. --1,, A ,, ' ,. 1 iz, ' ' ,N - l' i - Fel, G g sg ? 1 lg ' El ' f If- i ' I WT 1 ll :" Q "f f!'m " ' I f ,rg - .f ' . V lv. . a f-P1 sf A , f 1 ,M ' . - ' 1 :Q .Q i - Y , ' V V v , ..., r U -If ' -rj, -, W - - ' .Q ' , - qi 4' 1 A N , ,,,,,, I il ii iiiftifisg 5 . u 53" ia.. 9 251 H I ,vi A 'ffl 1 . . h - L' V t f If-'55, K ' - r ' 2 , ri . , - . . V f i I Q - ' ' , if I .. an f ' 4' fa V. ? 1- A 'K aw- A 3 L. 2 A11 Q' I f , ' A 'N . N, at is Eg ir- ,rxx ,,,, i,r.M, ., -5, , , 1 , -.T-, gl li., I K - LV., ,..,. ,,, ,,g, ,, ,,.,,, .Q M X . I K I 5 ts - . N . V , --N , i 5 4--I ,V eff .. ,. V "- ' li . , I I 1 '5 "' - 1 . . 'Ma wt . , , te . 4 ,.,,, ,,, .' , hm T 9 L35 . , like D "" ' W " . ,X '3f'f .-,. ' is i. ,,. , ' 1 . . .. ' W . ' ' ,. . . 'i Y , f I " is Sgv 'P' . r , ' , 1 ,DQ U 5: 'Q is 1. hail, P Y N I. . . -V Qi 5, N Y . 1' ' ' F ' ' 'ff ' I T . . - I' A f "'i A A. - " ' -L r. -Y ' ,,., , .,E A , .. ' , . ,,,,,. .,.. i . W1 ,.,.,, . .. .... . or ' Il oos - Q ti r gi, , 1 , . , i ig? " ne w I, - Y. xiii-'B 'ry A Q Q " ' I - ' 'ii Q 4, 4- Q fi' - .I l 'W . , . Q ,,,, Q , fi. , I . gi Q :-:-' -my ' iw t l - gif?5g,,'flQ,, wa I , X X r w . , ii ,.. Y ig, 'fu l. :.: .Sf . ri, SY v,,irWgf5 . J z ' Q ' ros' "' ...M ' I.: . f. A 4352 "" I ,- l"' r .. f 1 V . L 1' 'I i Air' ...iff- University of Richmond 554 F RATERNITIES V- ,. . ,- , -QE, - ,-,..,., ..,. ,. j I -.i -- - -"- 5 1 1--1-vw by CM Wt .+ wr or Mi. , ., ,, ,-. pf: l:.?f-.I ' v-ww - 'ate j h -f ? ,, '51 .sa if ,dit if ,.i , .53 '12 E Q .auf , im, i Q-sy, . H W aff 12' '-'- 4 Q X 42:11-:' 'Lb 113.1:' fX SESS? 31 ' A ,JZ Q-we , V mums? PHI GAMMA DELTA Founded at Washington and jehferson College, 1848 RHO CHI CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1890 The first century of Phi Gamma Delta is only a fond memory now, but Rho Chi has begun a new hundred years that promises to be even more fruitful. The Fijis picked as their officers Bill Barnett, presi- dent, Bob Barbour, treasurer, Guy Leath, recording secretary, Don Edel, corresponding secretary, and Haddon Snead, historian. Under the guidance of these five men the fraternity enjoyed a highly success- ful year. In their activities the Fijis carried on their reputa- tion for leadership. Stu Massie was elected President of the Student Government Association, Gordon Cousins was named Editor of the WEB, Frank Thompson and Haddon Snead were elected Senators- at-Large. But with all their other chores, Fijis found time to be outstanding in the field of athletics. Sugar Ralston, rounding out four years of football, was a standout all season and was elected Co-Captain by his team- mates. Bill Newhouse, Ellet MacGeorge, Frank Thompson, Larry Seyler, and "Corkie" Brimm and Hohmann can also be added to the list of Fijis who bolstered the varsity squad. The social side of the Fiji band was very ably con- ducted by Rudy Hetzer with the assistance of Doot Dunford. The highlights of the season were a dance at the Virginia Boat Club, a party at the Stratford Hill Country Club, and an outing at Camp Rich- mond. The main feature was the Phi Gam Spring Formal, which was acclaimed by all as being among the finest given. i With the entrance of young blood into the Fiji brotherhood Rho Chi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has set its sights on even higher peaks of attainment for the coming year. THE 1949,W EB FRATERNITIES PHI GAMMA DELTA Mas. PEGGY B. HARRIS Roanoke, Virginia PHI GAMMA DELTA. Left lo righl, lop row: Edward Altman, William Anderson, Herbert Bahlke, Robert Barbour, William Barnett, William Buckingham, Beverly Carson, james Carver, Gordon Cousins, Claude Dawson. Second row: Gary Dennis, Norman Dodl, Robert Doss, Robert Downs, Edward Dunford, Donald Edel, Philip Frederick, Rudolph Garber, Kenneth Gentil, john Goetz. Third row: Todd Gregory, Poindexter Hankins, Charles Heath, james Henderson, Gilbert Henley, Rudolph Hetzer, john Hoffman, Cornelius Hohmann, Richard Holt, Meredith House. Fourth row: Walter Hyer, Dirnmock jenkins, Lewis Kellison, George King, Guy Leath, Garland Long, Ellet MacGeorge, jack Mallory, Stuart Massie, Roderick Miller. Fifth row: Richard Mitchell, William Mitchell, William Newhouse, Curtis Oakes, jack Payne, Charles Phillips, jack Pierce, Peyton 4Pollard, Edward Ralston, james Robinson, Lawrence Seyler. Sixth row: Robert Short, Spilman Short, john Smith, Haddon Snead, Eugene Stewart, William Sullivan, Frank Thompson, Theodore Troy, Douglas Wiley, Mason Wood, john Yancey. it ' 'A . - V4 A 5. - i .I . A - Z ' V .Ili 12 . 1 ' - - .- , '. ' l, i 92.3 5 5 5 , .3 - " 4 ' . " ' ' , . "' H A f A S ' . ' - f "' IE Y - A X 'gxsfi-, .,, T Mizn gf v' :az 5 . f 5' ., , r 5? , ,. V :M ,N A i' Y , .5,!- V X .sup .,V,i.-Q-.T E,-.s,V-:M DALWEVVV. ,, .1 J ::i, ,V .f V , I H ,H . -N if - -A L .3 'd : , f ligag , ' 5 V be-I ' K . l , he . -f -7 A -T .Rx ii.-' ' A A A' 'A f ,Y 4' i f ,ru .li W V V 2 . -A - JA 'Q A :A Q i l A F i- T . 7 f I T - .. I ir ' ill 'ar ' Q ' I l Mi 'll , v N. ---A . . . z -:-: . a , . -. 1 - VV V' V . . V 1 ,,,, ,,,, V14 ,. ,V V,V,wmfgVVgQ,-3 w R , 3 M A "': .f A" ZAAZ , ':" 4 .,'1 J , IQ f ' I ' -. ' i, ,, - l i, ' 1 . 1 ,., , '47 5' T A ' . . 9 ,,r "'9' 5 ' il if all 'ii' in T N i l V '35 , Q" l 9' ii 12? J . fi n to '53 'tffii i 1 . r , lair 'r' - - Rr 4.5 ' . f ' - A yt i ' ' - 1' N.. Sw swf- al luEkr',f-. f-,- k Vw F Y ,. X I -V r F- xl . ,Ui ll .' 1 f 1 .. . - Q Q, V V f 1 f- ., s ,. - 5 -Jag! 1 1 I , ,- , ' VUL Q - Q Q. T ,gil V ji' V . .N ' "M ' ' A ' " . ' ' l 'i.. "r ' A . ,ri ', 5 ?' it " . f i f A ,bf fl, ,VC T? VV V VA V V -V V . ,uV VV i -N V V V XA ' V, V. . l j .V V , . V VV h f ek?-E .Ti 'V i db -- if ' A r ' ' I 5' , -Eli I li 4 - fa 1 Y "H .3 VVV A, IV - ...VV . ,A A . ,,,,. " gf - 'rw-'e ff 'V :VSV f V - ,J J l Ve l .g' Z , 1 VIV V Y? l l -., v' ' - , xi' A rf V- r - ' i ' 1 ' i f " ,' -i . V. il 12 95" - ?i:f'l":.T..' 'g'3"'fY'f' ' i l ' f e . V ' 'A f .. . . ...... A .. , If - A - . .... . , r . V1-,V 1 H1 ' ri? V 6 25 r ? .. , V , , V ,QV I. .V - -V V ,if ,N , I w ., Wg , .,:..,5, , ,V-A: V V, .HV VX Y. ,, V 3V .V VV V EI V 1 V V. i l . V V Vs ,1 5 , v .gg V 1.15, VVVEVH , J V., 154, 5 , 1.12, ? 1' N'-N .I ' lv w vig' ' ' f A N3 f' ' ' Wi l 2 ' -'iigfi A .Bn 4 -f , g?"9',,, University of Richmond Q5 ? av 'H 377 .1 -Siu li X ' A' 1, FRATERNITIES is' L :iff 1' 1 , . "' 3H1"E9"t"1s'gT S',-iw . - gi g: ,thug-,g V V ' 'ifiqff i' ii? '5la':"'f:Q ?ElQ,,, if Mm-11, , wifi 25, -5 ' - gr- 43-'J' '1 '. -'-1,3 v. ,, . V 'w,,.." 5. 1 ' N 'P f' ' .- X' r . ' A XLJZQ..-,, . . gi, K JI. 0 ' V N 'tj ' ' 1 ' '-fhiiii at - ' v 'ea' X, 1 . l l 1 4 D MW, PP Kd N PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at the University of Virginia, 1868 OMICRON CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1891 Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha found a new meaning to fraternal life as it returned to the Uni- versity after the summer. Fellowship was to receive a new outlook as the chapter took the lead in a state- wide attempt to bring together in intercollegiate fel- lowship the other Virginia chapters. Functions were jointly planned with the chapters at the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, Hamp- den-Sydney College, and Washington and Lee Uni- versity. The All-State Pika Ball, given December 4, was proof that the drive toward fellowship was well on its way. Larger delegations than ever before repre- sented the other Virginia chapters. Highlighting the Ball was a Dream Girl Contest in which Miss ,Io Owen of West Point, Virginia, Sponsor of Alpha Chapter at the University of Virginia, was chosen as the state-wide Dream Girl from among the five chap- ter sponsors. Omicron Chapter exchanged orchids with Alpha Sigma Chapter at the University of Cali- fornia who also- chose a state-wide Dream Girl on the same night. The orchids were presented to the Dream Girl at the Ball. At the time of this writing plans were being made for the two more large social functions to be held before the end of the year. The Founders' Day Ban- quet was being planned for the beginning of spring with expectations of a larger gathering of alumni and actives than ever before. Plans were also under way for a gala house party to be held immediately follow- ing the close of school. Many other smaller, but no less spirited, social functions were being planned for the coming spring. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES PI KAPPA ALPHA o , YZ 57 Q O . O O MRS. JANICE P. SINGLETON ', g' Richmond, Virginia 6'O'6 Pl KAPPA ALPHA. Lefl to right, top row: Michael Anastasia, Donald Baxter, Carter Bradley, Rewel Bynum, Morris Cather, Richard Fitz, Samuel Flannagan, Warren Flannagan. Second row: Carlton Gammon, Wellington Gilley, Charles Harper, Robert Heflin, Harry Holmes, jack House, Lloyd jordan, William Jordan. Third raw: Robert Lane, Bruce Locke, Louis Lombardo, Robert Marshall, Andrew Meoni, james Michael, Carroll Miles, Jack O'Brien. Fourth row: Robert Otto, Robert Parks, William Perkins, Forrest Persons, William Pierce, Albert Pittman, Emmett Poindexter, Arthur Richardson. Fifth row: William Rowe, Orlando Scarborough, james Sease, Arthur Singleton, Hollie Sisk, Hunter Spencer, Howard Sut- ton, Melvin Wartham. Sixlh raw: Norman West, Richard Whitehead, Harris Willingham, Emmett Wilson, Norman Wood, Harry Woodward, Lewis Wright. V ' "" '-"YI" A. , ' ' , f-'He - f AA :f"' ' Q" ' ' - . - , ---- ,gr . Am-7-'aw-f Le -my ,3.::.:.,. -AA:-' ' A ,E L yr 135: i V Y gg. .3 1 -'w,...- W , Q. ...rr L L-,LE l if Af - - Q A Aw ' e- L-fa 4 ,. 3 as , Q J .i . "Qm 3 i f-.Ml IRQ Q fa M aaa ., if M 'sg iAfE -- .521 ' 'i V L ' I V . ' ' 1 ' 2 L+ W5 tag irish", fiiilffisigr Q " A' -' in W' A ' 'F A HA 'A A ,, ' , at f gigg LF- za, Aga. rf- ,r'A'5 -vita 4 L 1 r A - X Y I W ax' ii My me si X W q K dl S 1 ll if P l Y v I L f fi f A A L Q X ,Af -4 'WW A .arf an Eta mwfwwkf :aaa PPImfWP??QaW ana . l 6 .A 4 fgl. rl 9 A ,Q A - ,Q , T ' ' 1 A 3 I AA vs . : 'Q A it . 1 , fiaqgi 1 V A. if M gi fr. A 1-i. a.,A2S h- azaaa a QT.'fr Qawara. m?'Q A 3 ssii " ' A AA A ,- l 1 ,,. AVA , A A" . TELL ii 2' 'FT' 'ish 'H " 5-gi. I A Lg' A , 5 9 H V , ,, A A ' " V 7 'T' 'A' ' ' fi i b , , ,,,. ' W,-fx, ' f ' :H ' G ' All . , ,, . X . i, M, Q A i 1, ' J A 3 i 2 A-1 , , - - , f f 39' - X if f' - A , , 5' X- . A -Fe., A. A , -X .i 1 ' rf: 1 F' ,. r C 1 i. 4 1 ef f. .,w, i , .1 '. I' v '1 'lg ' I I ii A i , ' A . A 1 1 , ,. ? . r - 1 A A 1 A' "1 Q a3AAAaa ww - 1 , Asian PA A Q A ij AA A, ff K . AA Ai "sz, V .,,,,...-u,-.f- , A A ,.,. W. . . J' ' ., ,..,.,,.., 3, , ...,. 4 . L , . , 1 A ' i fs' Aw: A A A'a.i .. r frat ' , - Q - .A . ' , - . if : W-f. , At fait . 5 Q W ,Y '. Q Q ' ff" if i A i be V, , - A , fx .. I U , , 1, g g A, A A P. AA r N g 4-9,1 ,, , L 1 A 5 , A .EA ,. . , V QWQAA v up A-par r V U R' g,-'D U T A A a M V V , , ,1 ry L A' ti'-af A- -1 'W rA:,,.7.:g Q ,5 1. '27 . A ,AL-f jjj ' Y 'I .i - - - ' . . it FJZL,-Fw .A . , 3 W: , 'U I A A Ml, Q A ,. A A , V. Agfa, 'QA is 'Atf . ' lt- , :qi P' 1 4 ,lg gl-1,5 A ffl - A F1 SA ,i , li' 1 1 gr 5 ilgii. 1 L' A i ' -L.:-F , .. .V i t N - .,, . A.. -fr? ., il. J 'Atl M ,, . 'JA if " - i , V - 3 J , jg ,Q 1-' University of Richmond FRATERNITIES f V l i l l l u l I 1 A v 1 I I l 1 1 i 1 1 5 1 1 l l Q Xl 1 l Will S Hhs' 1rQlf1f. 1" ,, ' ., -Nl l , 2 il ' X N mmf-""'f-'j'1.." XX '1l1s'11il'1'1 Z XQ ,X X ' KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 BETA BETA CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1898 Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma feels it has completed one of the most successful and prosperous years on the Richmond College campus and looks forward to an even brighter future with the idea in mind that maximum benefits are gained through our fraternal brotherhood. Since Kappa Sigma's found- ing at the University of Virginia in 1869 the Fra- ternity has striven for diversion of interests in all phases of college life among the brothers. Robert Duley served as our president and during the year the brothers accomplished many advantageous undertakings such as the landscaping of the front yard, the repainting of the interior of the house, and the purchase of a television set for the enjoyment of the brothers. Chapter Officers were "Cotton', Billings- ley, vice-Presidentg Herbert Niedermayer, Master of Ceremoniesg Whitney Sutton, Secretaryg and Don Fendler, Treasurer. All members of Beta Beta were grieved this year by the passing of one of the chapter's most honored and beloved founders, Dean William L. Prince, whose loss saddened both the University and the community. Social highlights throughout the year have been many and varied to cement our fraternal relation- ships even stronger. Homecoming found many "ole grads" welcomed back to No. 2 Fraternity Row. On December 10, 1948, a Eounder's Day Banquet was held at Ewart's Cafeteria bringing together the alum- ni and the active brothers. Another page has been written in the life of Beta Beta Chapter and with the close of the year many brothers leave to pursue vari- ous endeavors forthe glory of both Kappa Sigma and the University. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES KAPPA SIGMA 020. 0 'QT ' A Miss BARBARA FERR13 1 4' il Miami, Florida ga.iS"521i 3,1 KAPPA SIGMA. Left I0 right, top row: john Alderson, William Austin, Lewis Belote, Thomas Billingsley, Glenn Booth, Winston Browne, Russell Cheatham, Robert Churn. Second row: William Dean, john Diskson, William Dulaney, john Etz, Edward Evans, Donald Fendler, Robert Floyd, William Ford. Third raw: john Glascow, William Gravitt, Charles Hanson, Ralph Harvard, james Howell, Dale Hulce, joseph johnson, Robert johnson. Fourth row: Fred Kohler, Thomas Moody, Herbert Niedermayer, Frank Petrie, julian Picot, Hansford Rowe, Austin Somerville, james Suttenlield. Fifth wiv: Whitney Sutton, Arthur Taliaferro, Edward Thornton, Charles Webber, William Wheeler, Arthur Wolan. l University of Richmond f P 1 ERATERNITIES 1 .CJ A., 1 .QQ-i.,,,.k.,: 4. , ' 71. . L- TE 4 . ' 1" '1.i.,Q , 1, . rf .4 -' ll 'W-l '.-'fr L1 Ei. ll " Wi' 43 51:5 1. A r ', A A fa, tyi i j ,A X " ..,. SIGMA Pl-ll EPSILGN Founded at the University of Richmond, 1901 VIRGINIA ALPHA CHAPTER A On November 1, 1948, Sig Eps gathered through- out the nation to celebrate the forty-seventh birthday of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the only national fraternity founded on the Richmond College campus. Virginia Alpha is especially proud of the fact that despite its youth Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown to encompass eighty-seven chapters, with each contributing that spirit which has carried this fraternity to the top. Credit is especially due to the oflicers who aided this chapter through the highly successful 1948-1949 session. They include: Ben Triplett, president, Carl-- ton Crooks, vice-presidentg Morris Bennett, comp- trollerg Don McNeill, secretary, and Walt Preston, historian. Tom Woods also served as secretary after Brother McNeill resigned since he had to attend Marine Reserve meetings. There were many parties given by Virginia Alpha during this session, and much of the credit for their success should be given to Dave Duggan, who served as social chairman. The highlight of the social season was the annual Golden Heart Ball, given at the Coun- try Club of Virginia in May. V Virginia Alpha publishes SPME1' SPiEl, a news- letter designed to inform our alumni of the progress and happenings on this campus. Sig Ep alumni know that once they leave college they are still present in the hearts of Virginia Alpha. This year many seniors will leave the chapter and there will be many new faces added to the pledge classes, but wherever the graduates go, they will al- ways remember their experiences and brothers in Vir- ginia Alpha-where friendship is more than just a smile. THE 1949 WEB F RATERNITIES SIGMA PHI EPSILON '.Cl.l'r. EZCDEE :X Qui . O 0 Miss FRANCES MAE Cov1NoToN , V Richmond, Virginia SIGMA PHI EPSILON. Left to right, top row: Iames Avison,john Beasley, Howard Bennett, Morris Bennett, Robert Black- well, Lynwood Britton, William Chaffin. Second row: Neil Cline, Myron Comley, Carlton Crooks, Roscoe Crosier, Ray Dietrich, Ray Doggett, Robert Gibson. Third row: Darrell Gilliam, Thomas Howard, Edward Kurtz, Robert johnson, William Lukhard, jack Lyon, Don McNeill. Fourth Row: Peyton Moss, joseph Murray, Earl Northern, Willard Norwood, George Robinson, Thomas Pearman, Louis Schumann. Fifth raw: Robert Shue, Harold Steele, George Terry, Henry Tomp- kins, Ben Triplett, Henry Ward, Edward Zacharias. University of Richmond .Sw F RATERNITIES .,, Jff. Waraizr " rsuzrrz is ,fs 4.5 If-' t-4,5 if 'C l wing , Q 1 WH in 1 tts -at 2 9 onpollf A1-9? THETA CHI Founded at Norwich University, 1856 OMICRON CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1915 To carry out the motto: "Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater," many of the boys from the "White House on Roselawn Road" took an active part in the campus life, particularly supporting the publications, forensics and athletics. The social life of the fraternity was maintained through the many parties, held jointly in the house and the lounge, which was renovated during the latter part of the summer. Homecoming this year was one which will long be remembered by many Theta Chis, because of the yard decorations which, as usual, were superb and the intermission parties held in the "White House." The "Bowery Ball" was a great suc- cess with scenery and costuming suggested by the name given the event. The annual "Mason-Dixon jubilee," which was held in the spring in conjunction with the chapters at Virginia, Hampden-Sydney, Maryland, Wake Forest, and the Theta Chi Colony at Randolph-Macon, was anticipated and enjoyed by all who attended the double-barrel, two-night, shin- dig. Every year the Theta Chis begin early in December to look forward to the Christmas Party which is given annually for underprivileged children, and this year was no exception. With Dean Pinchbeck serv- ing again as Santa Claus and Miss Monsell as story- teller, the party this year surpassed all in the joy and happiness of both the boys from Roselawn Road and the children who were their guests. The trips to the lake for the ceremonial dunking were rather frequent, and many of them were pre- ceded by a trip across the lake for those jubilant serenades, which were enjoyed by all. THE 1949 WEB 4 FRATERNITIES THETA CHI If-Kiln -all- 1 ,. ,..,-:i5:-:li Miss FRANCES Lives.-xy Emporia, Virginia THETA CHI. Left to right, top row: Stanley D. Adams, W. Gilbert Armbrecht, William B. Astrop, Ralph W. Bartron, jr., Quarles A. Bashaw, Thomas O. Bondurant, Holt H. Bradley, jr., joseph E. Brooks, Wesley W. Brown, Charles V. Care- lock. Second row: David S. Clay, Richard A. Claybrook, Henry J. Decker, jr., William W. Eudailey, joe L. Flint, Arnold P. Fleshood, Donald C. Ferguson, john P. Goodyear, Charles N. Hall, Ralph N. Hargrove. Third row: Charles Hiltz- heimer, Malcolm M. Hutton, Hervey S. jones, Kenneth V. Kandle, jr., Charles T. Lane, Bernard W. Mahon, Francis C. Martin, Walter J. McGraw, jr., Charles E. Minter, Herbert E. Nichols. Fourth row: Theodore J. Noffsinger, Lewis M. Omer, III, Ralph M. Owen, james A. Payne, jr., Ethelbert V. Philpotts, jr., james R. Phipps, James L. Powell, jr., Robert G. Proctor, john A. Reynolds, Robert A. Spiotta. Fifth row: Aubrey J. Rosser, Bernard H. Smith, Harold W. Smithson, Robert M. Stone, Bowlrnan G. Taylor, john L. Thomas, George R. Trotter, jimmy L. Worrell, Boyce C. Wornom. University of Richmond BP 3 u 2. Wt FRATERNITIES 1 , ,Wax ar 'Esife". , :Yi as ' . "'ia,,f ffgrasf at GQLKLGSW flnasqqva ' Sl - it f' f il. -BM . Lyyseifg, 3 , 5 xl' PV Llflfyxl 172 -+'lr....'5t r""t'.a ru LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University, 1909 Alpha Chi Chapter Established at the University of Richmond, 1918 Progress is measured in terms of action and since actions speak louder than words, 'tis a pity the brothers here cannot leap from their pictures and go through their familiar routines. The memories of the year 1948-49 may not soon be forgotten, from the lakeside picnics at "Sleepy Hollow" with their bon- hres and portable radios to the famous Halloween Ball at the Mosque. 'Twas the reign of the prodding president, Nelson Weber, who with the good and close help of Jerry Kynett as Secretary, Bill Carring- ton as the money-man and Treasurer, Bob Snyder as the arranger of social living on a high scale, "Pea- nuts" White as Vice-President, and the many com- mitteemen, saw the A-X Chapter increase from twen- ty-seven to a fine and thumping membership of sixty. It welcomed the return of "Legal" Billy Holland, saw the revival of the "Virginian" as a chapter publi- cation under the "Get-at-itship" of Ed Veith, greeted the Alumni at the first of the monthly joint meet- ings, embarked en masse for Williamsburg to try to beat the William and Mary Chapter at basketball and then ate them out of house and home afterwards. It saw new records chalked up in athletics with a line sports group composed of Hopkins, Jett, Lawther, Falls, Raccioppo, Sponsler, Winters and many others. There were the Twit-Twins, Kick and Kiel, who gave the Murphy's Stonewall Room a new reputation Qwhat, for instance, is a coke bottle?j. For a grand year in the Chapter, high praise to all, and especially to the committee chairmen: Philpott and Chappell, Pledges, C. L. Delbridge, Activities, Snyder, Social, Weaver, Scholarshipg Jett, Athletics, Ed Veith, Publications, White, Membership, and Earl Weed, Alumni. For every member it has been a good year of good brotherhood. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES LAMBDA CHI ALPHA LI QL I x Miss RUBY LEE PATTERSON ij McKenney, Virginia LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. Left to right, lop row: William Abronski, William Alford, jacquelin Allen, Richard Anthony, Harry Caldwell, Williain Carrington, William Carter, William Chappell, Roland Clement. Sammi row: William Coppedge, Charles Delbridge, Mack Draper, Edward Harrison, james Heffernan, William Herget, james Hopkins, William Howerton, Herbert jeffords. Third row: Osie Jernigan, Robert Jett, Lamar Johnson, Walter Jones, Frank Kick, Charles Knott, Robert Lawther, Lewis Madison, Walter Philpott. FOZl1'lf1 row: William Prillaman, George Rison, Julio Rive, Charles Shaw, Donald Sheap, Frank Smither, Robert Snyder, Norman Templon, Edward Vieth. Fifth row: Milford Weaver, Nelson Webber, Earl Weed, William Weston, Harold White, Austin Winters, William Woody. University of Richmond J FRATERNITIES SJ? Xxx I t Q . W x A PHI ALPHA Founded at George Washington University, 1914 RHO CHAPTER Established at the University of Richmond, 1925 Fighting off the lethargy of the summer vacation, Phi Alphans returned to the battle of the books with renewed vitality, and with considerable anticipation of the oncoming week ends of the social calendar. Starting off in fine fashion, Rho Chapter got the ball rolling at the Hollyfield Plantation where the first function of the year was held. A nostalgic air was met as the chapter renewed memories of the pre- ceding semester and discussed plans for the future. "Ours is not to reason whyg ours is but to do and die," was the motto of Phi Alpha's Red and Blue men as they took to the intramural field. Under the able leadership of Sherry 'Galloping-ghost" Sosnow, the football seven fought a steadfast game. Although the spirit was willing, the victories were wanting. Weill wait till next year! Men of distinction once again emerged from the ranks of Phi Alpha. Al Evans, a familiar figure on campus, was honored by being appointed secretary of the Honor Council. He gained further recognition by being named to Whdr Who in American Uni- versities and Colleger. The Virginia Organization of International Relations Clubs elected Phi Alpha's president Marvin Menkes to its vice-presidency at its annual convention, held this year in Williamsburg. The words, Rho-Tau, strike a familiar note to all students on our campus. Gaining impetus each year, this annual dance is considered by many to be the outstanding social event of the college year. Tra- ditionally held in the Mosque Ballroom, this gala af- fair draws large crowds from both the William and Mary campus and our own. This year history re- peated itself and once again Phi Alpha demonstrated that it had plenty on the ball. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES PHI ALPHA il in- Miss CAROL SIEGEL Teaneck, New Jersey , .ff PHI ALPHA. Left to fight, top row: Marvin A. Bayles, Allen L. Bloch, Milton D. Prenner, Milton E. Cornblatt, Arthur G. Drenois, Albert H. Evans. Serofzd row: Richard J. Flax, Warren H. Friedman, Robert K. Graber, Leonard P. Hellerman, Manuel O. Jaffe, Jerome H. Leon. Third row: Saul M. Luria, Marvin H. Menkes, Larry L. Nachman, Marvin Posner, Marvin M. Rosenberg, Donald W. Roth. Fowlb raw: Edwin M. Rubin, jay P. Samuels, Melvin L. Segal, Charles Spital. H ,, L ',, .file ' i Eileen: ., ii, i w?ia5'l --A -asm. girgsifaf - 1 M University of Richmond Y Q Avdpos AoKfM0l.L mum H3 ALPHA DELTA Founded at the University of Richmond, 1923 Alpha Delta enjoyed another successful year with the largest membership since the war. It continued in its purpose of providing closer fellowship for ministerial students. This year the fraternity discon- tinued the use of the room in Jeter Hall and met at Calvary Baptist Church. As usual members were found in positions of re- sponsibility and leadership throughout the campus and town. Bob Harrell was honored by the position of student-assistant pastor at Tabernacle Baptist Church, and most of the other members served in supply work. The fraternity was pleased to welcome back to Richmond one of its charter members, the Reverend W. R. Pankey, who returned as the new pastor of Westhampton Baptist Church. Last spring the annual boating trip was held with great success. The brothers and their dates were treated to a day of boat-riding, swimming, fishing, sun4bathing, eating, and doing-nothing fthe latter two activities being the most popular, . No sooner had we returned than was there talk about the next trip. One of the early socials was a feed at Wakeheld Grill for prospective pledges, an affair which proved that all present had been exposed to the well-known chicken dinners of the country brethren. During the year the weekly meetings were planned so as to give time for various social activities in addition to the regular business sessions. Also plans were made for the year's biggest event-the spring banquet. Alpha Delta has meant much to its members this past year, and we know that our ever-deepening friendships will continue to remain firm when our days on the campus are over and we have gone on to other fields of training and service. THE 1949 WEB FRATERNITIES ALPHA DELTA U Miss NANCY RICHARDSON if L, Richmond, Virginia fi if' , ALPHA DELTA. Left lo right, top row: Walter Barger, Temple Bennett, George Bowman, Harold Carder, William Carcler, Robert Fontaine. Serofzcl row: William Hales, Robert Harrell, William Hieatt, William Lester, Howard Lum, james Matthews. Third rozu: Glenn Plott, Roy Rakes, Robert Ross, Harper Sasser, Wallace Shields, William Smith. Fourth row: William Stinnett, Boyd Sutton, William Winn, Thomas Woo. University of Richmond BZ S 1 if 2. ATHLETICS Ray for our side, ui11't she slick, This lovely, cheering lass. Urging the team to hlocle that kick The way she blocked that pass. an Q -.ju .1 , f x "mv V . . ,sf w U' X H l W N m V H X H ,nu--L L 4 ' H w u w, . , w fi.. K.. --m 9 x ' 'Fy'r 41 s" ,g-,. .un 2, wif - 1 , 1 R,-:' w.,--51,433 . , 1 ,..,,, .'f'?""ln-"1 . 4' A43? "1:12,,',Iw' - 2' , 5' -. ,. V., w,1,. s hx . K, 1 1 -,.,,-I. 4. -N N A" ' wlivba V,- 5 Q 4 .u. s I 4 ,mi 1 --. - af I A, . 1'-1"if"' J!.' V w. 5' 5 ,E Q., .. fmfa. - 4, , X, - ' 4. I... ' , ,. V. Y -,iynf .f' 'L v '-'. , Mu .V L .., - f. 'v Q u 1 4 Liv ' A n M ATHLETICS I-'WHQAM -H.ii,.,,,.,,.vmWw.,. fp., A - hr--1 vvr- -W -f .! . UNIVERSITY CHEERLEADERS. Lefi to right: Ed Clark, Cynthia Patrick, Ralph Bartron, Mimi Anderson, "Doot" Dun- ford, Head Cheerleader, jane Dens, "Doc" Smithers, Audrey Bradford, "Deck" Hankins. NIVER ITY CI-IEERLEADER THE 1949 WEB ATHLETICS RICHMOND COLLEGE ATHLETIC COUNCIL. Lefl to right, fri! ro-w: Dr. Caylor, Coach Pitt, Coach Esleeck, Dr. Pitt. Second row: Coach Irwin, Mr. Nettles, Coach Null. Richmond College Athletic The administration of athletes at the University of Richmond is under the control of the Athletic Coun- cil, of which President Modlin is a member. This group, which decides the policies of the institution is composed of alumni, faculty, and students. The athletic department is headed -by the athletic director, who has the direct responsibility of the administra- tion of the intercollegiate fvarsity and freshmanj, physical education, and intramural programs. The director is aided by an assistant director and business University of Richmond Council manager, publicity director, and physician. Each major varsity sport has a head coach, and the head football coach has a staff of assistants. Freshman activities are under the supervision of one man. The physical edu- cation department work is carried on by the coaches, one of Whom assumes the responsibility under the supervision of the athletic director. This is also true of the intramural program in which the student rep- resentative to the athletic council has considerable re- sponsibility. Football-1948 ATHLETICS The Spiders liked their new coach, Dick Esleeck. The players worked hard, comfortable in the belief that the coach could turn their hard work into a win- ning ball team. They were right, too. Coach Esleeck engineered a record of five victories, three defeats, and two ties. The team left the field each day with aching muscles, but they smiled at their fatigue and came back the next day every bit as willing as the day before. The tough workout each day kept in- juries at a minimum, and on Saturdays the team brought back either a victory or the knowledge that they had lost to a much superior team. Besides a rigorous practice program, Coach Esleeck had other ideas on how to win football games. He installed his own version off the single wing forma- tion. Instead of shifting one man across the center, Coach Esleeck shifted everyone but the end over to the right side of the line. This variation caught the fancy of the players, except for the left end, who com- plained bitterly that his side of the line got lone- some with only the center to talk to. Besides, the center was constantly peering between his knees at the 'backfield and consequently wasn't good company. But eventually the left end began to enjoy his hermit's existence, and the team was entirely happy with the new formation. The fans were happy with the coach and the team, too. They squealed with delight when the Spiders crossed the enemy's goal line, and they howled with rage and surprise when an opposition back had the CoAcH Esuarck Head Football Coach COACH PORTERFIELD Backfield Coach VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD. Left to right, jul row: Athletic Director Pitt, Long, Curtier, Bolen, Billingsley, Ralston, Fendrich, Hensley, Hofbauer, Thompson, McGeorge, johnson, Head Coach Esleeck. Second row: Dr. Caylor, Price, Farmer, Reynolds, Loury, Cocco, Ford, Rosser, Sey- ler, Henkes, Brown, Gulick, Dr. Pitt. Third row: Line Coach Crane, Atwell, Schalla, Jacobs, Wil- liams, Cox, Wilkosz, Newhouse, Thomas, Anderson, Paulette, Nuckols, End Coach Irwin. Fozzrlb THE 1949 WEB audacity to run beyond the line of scrimmage. They turned out in droves for all the home games and the games played within any reasonable distance of Richmond. When the team played anywhere too far from home for them to see the game in person, they sat around their radios and cheered the players just the same. Then they went down to the airport, in the middle of the night if need be, to welcome back their heroes. At Rollins the Spiders bid farewell to twelve of the squad. These players came 'back having played their last game of college football, all of them re- gretting the necessity of walking off the Spider grid- iron scene. The backfield suffered heavily, losing eight menl These were Charlie Sutteniield, Sugar Ralston, Bobby Johnson, Larry Seyler, Frank Thomp- son, Cotton Billingsley, Bernie Hof-bauer, and Gra- ham Morris. The team also lost three guards, Harry Bode, john Zizak, and Leonard Fendrich, and one ATHLETICS tackle, Ellet MacGeorge. This list includes some of the mainstays of the team in the past few years, and they will be sorely missed. When the end of the season rolled around, it was necessary for the outside world to sit up and take notice of the Spiders. Especially outstanding was Wesley Curtier, a 225-pound tackle from Pottsville, Pa. Wes was named to the first string All-State team by the Associated Press, to the second string All- Southern team by the United Press, and was given honorable mention for the Associated Press All- American team. Charlie Suttenfield was named to the third string All-State team by the Associated Press, and Sugar Ralston was given honorable mention for the same honorary eleven. Coach Esleeck should be proud of his first season as football coach at Richmond. Although his team did not look very strong on paper, he instilled into the players a spirit that paid off in touchdowns. row: Freshman Coach Wilbourne, Purinai, Liptrap, Brimm, jones, Sanford, Brown, Thayer, Hoh mann, Dulaney, Wolan, Shelor, Riker, Freshman Coach Null. Fiflh row: Delbridge, Kelly, Gordon Ulreich, R. Farmer, Tutwiler, MacLachlan, Turner, Bode, Coates, Moore, Tiller, Zacharais, Saun ders. Sixlh I'01l!.' Trainer Brooks, Manager Suffredini, Trainer McNeal, Manager Jozefowicz, Equip ment Manager Richards. COACH CRANE Line Coach COACH IRWIN End Coach i 1: . lla, . LAS QX - i ' K . 5 2""i' 0 N' ATHLETICS Ver! BERNIE HOFBAUER MIKE Cocco DICK HENSLEY CORKY BRIMM W-M --,.,- . Top, BILL FARMERQ COCAPTAINS SUGAR RALSTON and HARRY BODE Top, FRANK Tl-IOMPSONQ Bafmnz, GRAHAM MORRIS B0ff0ff1, WALT BOLEN LARRY SEYLER PETE BROWN HENRY TURNER SHORTY LONG THE 1949 WEB ATHLETICS DON FORD YANK DULANEY DON ANDERSON JOHN REYNOLDS MARION WILKOSZ ART WOLAN JOHN ZIZAK BILL NEWHOUSE . COTTON BILLINGSLEY BUDDY ROSSER DON SCHALLA DOUG MACLACHLIN WHS CURTIER ELLET MACGEORGE STEVE HENKES LENNY FENDRICH University of Riclomoml ATHLETICS "COME INTO MY PARLOR . . The 1948 season opened with a spanking defeat of Randolph-Macon College by a score of 33-0. The vic- tory was the biggest offensive show put on by -the Spiders all season. Richmond wasted no time in proving that they would win. Doug Maclachlin took the opening kick-- off and returned it to the Spider forty-seven yard line. The Richmonders then drove the remaining fifty-three yards, with Cotton Billingsley finally Crossing the goal line from the one-yard stripe. 1 In the second quarter it was Sugar Ralston's turn to score. He dented the goal from the jacket three. Then in -the third quarter Billingsley uncorked a sixty- three-yard punt return which placed the ball on the Randolph-Macon thirteen. Dick Hensley carried the ball across in two running plays. just before the end of the third quarter, center Ed "Yank" Dulaney snatched a pass thrown by the jackets' Barrett and returned it to the Randolph- Macon forty. A few plays later tailback Bruce Price tallied from ten yards out. The linal touchdown was made by johnny Thomas on a seven-yard reverse. Frank Thompson made good on three of five con- versions. The crushing victory was a fortunate one for Coach Esleeck. With the Spiders leading throughout the game he was able to play almost everyone on the ,.. ,.,. .. . -.,. . .,, ... , ..- . , -, . ..1. squad and thus determine the strength of his reserves. That knowledge was a great help during the rest of the season. MARYLAND T PARTY The Spiders did an abrupt about face in their second game of the season by bowing to the Terps of Maryland, 19-0. Maryland's split T-formation op- erated to perfection, reeling off four or five yards at a crack through the Spider line. The Terps ran for eighteen first downs during the course of the game. Siebert, a speedy Terp back, took Frank Thomp- son's opening kickoff and ran it back forty-five yards. Three plays later the Terps had made three first downs and seemed ready to score. They missed, how- ever, when an alert Spider fell on one of their furn- bles. The Terps did finally manage to score in the first period when Siebert carried the ball over the Spider goal. McHugh, the place kicker, missed the conver- sion, and the score was 6-0. - The two' -teams ran the ball back and forth along the field during the rest of the first half, but neither team could score. The Terps scored twice again in the second half, Turyn and LaRue each getting a six-pointer. McHugh misiired on one of the extra points, but he made the last one good, and the final score stood at 19-0. i ' 4.2 X . Dick Hensley sprints for a thirteen-yard first down in the third quarter against William and Mary. THE 1949 WEB Richmond, after finding their running attack stop- ped by the Terp forewall, took to the air in the sec- ond half. Brimm, Billingsley, and Ralston completed six of twenty-one passes and made them good for ninety-nine yards, but it was not quite enough. Graham Morris did a consistently fine job with his punting. On ten occasions he pushed the Terps back into their own territory with kicks averaging forty- five yards. DIME NOVEL UPSET In this storybook ball game the Richmond Spiders upset a highly favored Furman team 7-O. Again Richmond's excellent pass defense proved its worth against the rated Purple Hurricanes. The ball was swept from one end of the held to the other, but neither team was able to score until the last thirty seconds of play, when Corky Brimm connected with Buddy Rosser for a thirty-eight-yard scoring pass which was the only touchdown of the game. Coach Esleeck, in the hospital with appendicitis at the time, will undoubtedly long remember his sigh of relief as the radio announcer screamed the Rich- mond score. T-he tough Richmond line is not to be forgotten in this battle, for Wes Curtier, Doug Maclachlin, and Russ Gulick particularly played a fine game against the favored Furman team. V.M.I.'s jack Hutchinson takes a lateral and runs for fifty yards. I-Ie was stopped by Bernie I-Iofbauer near the goal line. TAIL SPIN Two upsets in two weeks would have been too much. The Spiders had to drop a game somewhere, and they did it against V.M.I.'s Cadets. The game was preceded by a newspaper debate about which would win-Richmond's tight pass defense or Bob- by Thomason's sure arm. The issue is still in doubt. On one hand, Thomason's thirteen passes, of which University of Richmond ATHLETICS five were complete, were good for only seventy-three yards. That was not up to Thomasorfs usual stand- ard. On the other hand, it was a Thomason pass to end Eddie Lutes that accounted for the only touch- down by either team. V.M.Ifs other three points came on a field goal by Bill Graf. Cotton Billingsley moves in on Vince Ragunas, Keydet back, after a two-yard gain in the first quarter. But the Cadets made up for any dulling of their air arm by putting on a fine running attack which netted 260 yards in forty-seven plays, chiefly through the efforts of jack Hutchinson and Vince Ragunas. Richmond's own attack was for the most part stalled all during the game by a tight Cadet defense. Mike Cocco and Walt Bolen got off nice runs, and Sugar Ralston was a consistent ground gainer all evening, but the Spider attack lacked the necessary punch to score. BACK IN THE BLACK The Spiders, making a comeback af-ter the previous week's 9-0 defeat at the hands of V. M. I., com- pletely devastated the Hampden-Sidney Tigers by a score of 28-6. Outcharging the lighter Tiger line throughout the whole game, the Spiders also displayed the tough pass defense which made Coach Esleeck's boys the fifth ranking team of 127 major colleges all over the country in this department this past season. The Spiders showed they meant business at the beginning of the ball game when Charlie "Put-Put" Suttenfreld ran back the opening kickoff for ninety- one yards and a score. Not long afterwards, Sugar Ralston bucked his way through a prepared Hamp- den-Sidney line for the second TD. The Tigers displayed a better game in the second half, but it was not enough to keep the Spiders fr .--is striking twice again. Suttenfield pushed the ba ATHLETICS across once more, and elusive Walt Bolen sped into the end zone for the fourth and hnal Richmond tally. The Tigers' lone score was on a short pass late in the last period. CLOSE, BUT NO CIGARS Though defeated this season by a tough, powerful William 8c Mary team, the Richmonders surprised everyone by holding the Indians to two touchdowns and scoring themselves for the first time since 1938. Tommy Korczowski, Indian back, is tackled after fumbling a lateral. Spider tacklers are Bernie Hofbauer and john Reynolds. Coach Esleeck can be particularly proud of this game, for William and Mary faced a staunch Spider line, a superb aerial defense, and such men as Charlie Suttenfield, hard-hitting Sugar Ralston, and punter Graham Morris, whose beautiful out-of-bounds kick- ing placed the ball twice in the corner, once on the three-, and once on the five-yard line. Outstanding linemen in this game, William and Mary's homecoming, were Bill Newhouse, Harry Bode, and tackle Wes Curtier, who, incidentally, was chosen "lineman-of-t-he-week" after the game. The two opposing lines held each other to a total of seven first downs apiece, and jack Cloud, Chief Wahoo for the Indians, was hit hard all through the game. William and Mary scored both their touchdowns on running plays. The first was a thirty-yard run by jack Cloud in the second quarter, and the other was a fifteen-yard advance by Henry Blanc in the third. Richmond's score came early in the fourth quarter on a long pass from Cotton Billingsley to Doug Maclachlan in the end zone. "HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE .... " In a sticky North Carolina mudhole seventy-five hundred spectators watched the Richmond Spiders beat the Davidson Wildcats by a score of 6-0. A constant downpour kept the field ankle deep in mud, and the game was a defensive battle for both sides. Fumbles were frequent, Richmond fumbling four times and Davidson dropping the ball five times. Neither team had much success through the line, and end runs were impossible because of the shaky foot- ing. It is a wonder that any sort of offense at all clicked, but the 'Cats managed to complete seven of fourteen passes for fifty-seven yards. The only score of the game came in the third quarter when blocking back Bernie Hofbauer raced in to knock down Bert Anderton's punt. The ball rolled to a stop on the one-yard line, and Sugar Ralston fell on top of it. On the next play Ralston carried the ball through the center of the line for a score. Graham Morris did a fine job with his punting, averaging thirty-eight yards per punt. One of his tries bounced eighty yards before coming to rest on the Davidson two. THE BIG SHOW Richmond's homecoming football fete resulted in a 7-7 tie with V. P. I.'s Gobblers. V. P. I. had not won a game all season, and the Gobblers were hoping for an upset victory over the Spiders. The Spiders drew first blood in the game. Sugar Ralston threw a jump pass to Mike Cocco, who - ' 3- f-fla-,-..-Y -V .. Ml .. - -1:1 William and Mary's jack Cloud takes off for thirty-one yards and a touchdown in the second quarter. scooted to the Tech fourteen. On the next play Cocco took the ball around left end alone to score. In the second half the Gobblers took the ball on their own twenty and drove to the Spider eleven. Then Bud Fisher dropped back and passed to end Ronnie Casto in the end zone. Frank Thompson and THE 1949 WEB Russ Orr both made good on conversions for the Spiders and Tech, respectively. Sterling Wingo proved to be the fly in the Spider ointment all afternoon. His fast plunges gained ninety-two yards in seventeen tries. The Spider offensive thrusts were split up between Sugar Ralston, Charlie Suttenlield, Dick Hensley and Mike Cocco. These four gained ninety yards all told. For the most part the game was a duel of lines. The Spider forewall was led by tackle Wes Curtier, who played outstanding ball all afternoon. The big gun in the Tech line was jack Ittner, playing opposite Curtier at the tackle slot. . . . AND TURKEY TOO The 1948 season marked the opening of a new Thanksgiving day series with Washington and Lee. The Spiders took the first game of that series by a score of 14-12. Charlie Suttenfield was the standout for the Spiders in the game, scoring once on a forty- four-yard punt return in the second quarter. All told Suttenfield gained forty-eight yards in sixteen rushing plays, ninety-one yards on four punt returns, and twenty yards on a kickoff return. Richmond's other touchdown was registered when Cotton Billingsley passed for ten yards to Mike Cocco, and on the next play Ralston drove off tackle for the score. ' The outstanding player for Washington and Lee was Brian Bell, who received the most valuable -. ...J ..- - f E ' -:ffl ii' 1 2 1 . , ' ,fra i- E - , - we . J? 5 -' ., . l ' -ve' , " ' " "Q 4.6 .' ' 5.41.5 f oil ' "'?'i-:'J'Ag"m - U-hifi? :tip -hi- :". ".i.fl Qi 4' 'lux' f st!! h' 'tif in 1,555 fr. Q' Y' i' '- ' ' -' A Y ' .'-' . , :.l' " IL! i' 3 if"1::":fu ' J' ali!! P. '-li ' .f .-gf.-a . , - gy, . . 1 'ef -2 lglf f ' 4' "c-as jg .2 . '- .'o - '- fi' . il" Jn .-Isnt., , 1 Q Q, '11, . i" .-l"'v1"i1'l'- L' if- VN. f 1 E' i 41 -I ' . g,. -. m. .-. , .5 I -' I Q . H 4 . Q ,Y 1 4 H D ,'l'fllX'i,ff-' ' ' " 'Q' - ' z b f li I' "L '- .1 I, ji . 1:1 ii,5"fZ:iQr--:f:" .ij L' 1' -Nui I lsff't1f1Jn'QTf52Qi1'?','i',71 V 'mf " '. 1"' 15' A 75--2-'-1 '. c f gg1v1v?fI4.,ggtf-I . " .pa-5f1'Q'4 1 '!?7sf"ar-,-ffiF1:'.K- ,,.,.:6.Z-- ' if-A' ...ffl ' . , "H eli ft? .v:"'1'1'ie-i?ifs'w.'4ig'9"'-2: 1 ' ,"24f.f4"l"f ' " fm ' 1. ,.f'1?ft5'.3gL'EffJ-T.2fiK.L:!1.13i'i?'..5?i55'l'iiff ' Dick Hensley hit hard by a host of V.P.I. defense men. player award for that game. He scored both of the Generals' touchdowns, the first in the initial period on a pass from Mike Boyda, and the second in the second quarter. Bell and sophomore Charlie Holt combined to drive seventy-six yards in nine plays to score. - But in the end it was Frank Thompson's square- Ufziversity 0 f Richmond ATHLETICS toed kicking shoe that fturned the trick. The W.8cL. place kicker, Michels, missed both his attempts at conversions, while Thompson made both of his good to provide the margin of victory. FLORIDA FIASCO The Spiders wound up their 1948 season with a thousand-mile jaunt to Orlando, Florida. Richmond . 4 ,ya Graham Morris gains tive yards on a fake punt in the home- coming game with V.P.I. was favored by three touchdowns, but the Rollins Tars' double wing formation proved to be a little trickier than the Spiders had expected. In the final quarter the Spiders led 20-14 and seemed to be well on the way to victory number six. Then a Tar back broke into the clear and raced seventy-seven yards. to the Richmond three. He was caught only as a result of a last second tackle by center Don Anderson. The Spider line held for three plays, but on the fourth the Tars scored and went ahead 21-20. But Richmond had one more punch left. In four- teen plays Ralston, Billingsley, and Suttenlield once more had put the ball over the Tar goal, with Sut- teniield finally scoring from seven yards out. It looked as though the game was really in the Spider victory bag then, because there was only time for the kickoff and perhaps one more play. Rollins tried hard to score on the kickoff, but they got only as far as their own nineteen-yard line. Then Ken Horton, Tar halfback, dropped back and Hipped a short screen pass to L. D. Bochette, his companion halfback. Bochette then turned and ran like a jack rabbit for pay dirt. Eighty-one yards further on he crossed into the end zone. The Tars then had a chance to put the game on their own win log, but the place kicker, Knecht, missed, ending the game in a 27-27 tie. ATHLETICS FRESHMAN FOOTBALL. Left fo righf, jim row: Coach Null, Bennett, Watkins, Shelton, Moore, Howell, Antonucci, Raccioppo, Churn, Kick, Heath. Sammi row: Ratliff, Assistant Coach, Ward, Kostyal, Lowe, Porterfield, Hudgins, Sisk, I-louse, Falls, Brown. Third row: Whitt, Williams, Weinberg, Kozak, Farris, Byrd, Breeden, Kiel. Falfrlh row: Sponsler, Martin. Freshman Football 1 9 4 8 Freshman Football Coach ,lack Null and Assistant Coach Russ Gulick. At the end of the 1947 football season the South- ern Conference passed a rule declaring that fresh- men would no longer be eligible for varsity compe- tition. Accordingly, the "B" football team was dis- continued at Richmond and a freshman team was substituted which served as a training school for varsity players of future years. During the season the Spider frosh won none, lost four, and tied one game. The four losses were to W. and L., 19-Og Fork Union, 26-18, V.M.I., 52-199 and W. and M., 15-0. The single tie was with the W. and M. freshmen in the-Peanut Bowl, 12-12. In spite of the unimpressive record of the frosh, the varsity may look for considerable aid from the freshmen in next year's games. Billy Farris may help fill the shoes of Sugar Ralston, and he will also be a contender for the position of punter vacated by Graham Morris. Other players who should see con- siderable service with the varsity next year are john- ny Mack Brown and Hoover Britt, blocking backsg Vic Falls, a backg Weiriberg, an end, Tony Raccioppo, a guardg jack House, tackle, and Watkins, center. THE 1949 WEB ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. Left to right, 1511! row: Wes Brown, Bob Shaw, Bootsie Dolsey, Art Haines, Aubrey Ford. Serovzd row: Sattler Anderson, Elmo Stephenson, Keith Loury, Bob Whitmer, Marvin Packer, Mike Anastasia, Charlie Boorsuz DOLSEY ART HAINES Blount. BA KETBALL 1948-1949 JIM SUTTENFIELD ELMO STEPHENSON WHS BROWN E1 , X U nizfersity of Richmond ff" i' tilt, and their experience told. Art Haines led the ATHLETICS Varsity Basketball Scores Richmond. . George Washington Richmond. . Maryland ........ . Richmond. . Quantico ...... . Richmond. . Clemson . . . . Richmond. . VMI .... V. . . . Richmond. . Georgetown . . Richmond. . Wake Forest . . . . Richmond. . Virginia .... . Richmond. . N. C. State .... . Richmond. . VPI ............. . Richmond. . Randolph-Macon . . . Richmond. . Hampden-Sydney . . . Richmond. . VPI ............ . Richmond. . Hampden-Sydney . . . Richmond.. William and Mary . Richmond. . Virginia ......... . Richmond. . VMI ............ . Richmond.. Washington 8: Lee . Richmond. . Citadel ........... . Richmond.. Washington and Lee Richmond. . Maryland ........ . Richmond. . William and Mary . . Richmond. . Randolph-Macon . . . The Spider cagers had one of their lowest seasons in 1948-1949. Their over-all record was 8-15, just under 47-48's record of 8-14. One of the biggest factors in the meager showing was a lack of height. Richmond's opponents throughout the season had little trouble controlling the backboards. The cagers opened their season with a 68-49 loss to George Washington University. G-W had had several games under their belt prior to the Richmond Willis Taylor, Hampden-Sydney, attempts to steal the ball from Wes Brown. Bob Shaw f21j and Elmo Stephenson f22j watch the action. Coach "Mac" Pitt. Richmondscoring with 15 points. The second game was a win for the Spiders, who took Maryland in tow 54-45. The Spiders pulled ahead in the first few minutes and led all the rest of the way behind the scoring of Elmo Stephenson, Newport News freshman, who hit for 18 points. But the Spiders went back to the losing side against Quantico, 59-57. A late rally by the Spiders was stopped by the marines, who froze the ball for the last seconds of the game. Stephenson again was high scorer with 15 points. Against Clemson the Spiders brought their record back to the .500 mark. After a slow start by, both teams the Spiders pulled ahead by twelve points mid- way in the third quarter. A late Clemson rally tied the score at 45-45, when a field goal by Stephenson with fifteen seconds to go gave the Spiders a 47-45 victory. The Spiders' first stategame was a 65-52 defeat at the hands of VMI. The Keydets put on a great de- fensive show, slowing the sharpshooting Elmo Stephenson to four points, and holding the Rich- monders' high point man for the evening, jim Sut- tentield, to ten points. Three more defeats in quick succession by Georgetown, Wake Forest and Virginia started the cagers downhill, and they were not able to brake the descent. After a two-week layover for hnal exams the Spiders were host to N. C. State for was it Indiana THE 1949 WEB I, State?j. State's fast break and flashy crisscross hand- ed the Spiders a 77-56 setback, The next two games were wins for the Spiders, a 51-48 defeat of Virginia Tech, and a 74-48 win over Randolph-Macon. Another four-game losing streak numbed Spider rooters, including losses to VPI, William and Mary, and two to Hampden-Sydney, before the cage squad edged out Virginia 59-58. A last minute Cavalier ral- ly, led by Frank Allen, fell just one point short of a repeat win over the Spiders. Richmond then lost two games, to VMI 70-51, and Washington and Lee, 84-64, before the team could pull another victory out of the bag. The win was over The Citadel, 58-42. Then the Spiders, playing perhaps their best game of the year, dumped Wash- ington and Lee 77-55. Richmond's passing hit its high Dick Dickey, State's All America forward, pushes in two points in the first half, Wes Brown fllj attempts to block the shot, while Keith Loury waits for a rebound. of the season, and the Spider shooting proved to be highly effective. In the next game the Spiders were unable to again upset Maryland's Terps and went down in defeat, 66-51. William and Mary next handed Richmond a setback for the second time, 82-55. The last game of the season was a 62-60 defeat of Randolph-Macon. The jackets led up until the final seconds, when Wes Brown tied the score at 59-59 with a clutch lay-up. In the overtime period Art Haines made a foul shot, and Bob Shaw scored a field goal to provide the victory margin. The failure of Doug Pitts and Al Rinaldi, the previous season's first string center and guard re- spectively, to return to the squad was a severe setback to the Spiders. But several newcomers filled the un- expected hole left by these two men, and gave reason to expect brighter seasons ahead. Elmo Stephenson, University of Richmond ATHLETICS . Wes Brown takes a rebound in the N. C. State game. ex-G.I. freshman guard from Newport News led the scorers with 294 points. For his sharpshooting he was named to the All-State second team by the Associated Press. Bob Shaw, a junior college transfer from Berwyn, Illinois, showed great promise both in ball handling and scoring. Keith Loury, recovered from a knee injury which kept him on the bench for the greater part of the previous season, operated very well from the center slot. In addition to these performances from new men on the squad, the old standbys, Captain Bootsie Dolsey, Art Haines, and Wes Brown, played good ball all season. ' l . B. B, jimmy Suttenfield blocks out Hampden-Sydney's jimmy Hunt, who is trying to recover a rebound from Wes Brown. ATHLETICS VARSITY BASEBALL-1948. Left to riglal, jimi Grow: Mitchell, Stephens, Matrox, Nelson, Metzger, Kilpatrick, Setien, Bil- lingsley, Morris, Ramer, Frampton. Second row: Coach Pitt, Coach Null, Williams, C., Graves, Owen, Caravati, johnson, Baseball-1948 Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . Richmond. . RECORD Georgetown .... Hamilton ......... Hampden-Sydney .. Delaware ......... George Washington Randolph-Macon . . V.P.I. ...,...... . Hampden-Sydney .. Virginia .......... V.M.I. ........ . Medical College . . . Virginia .......... Medical College . . . Washington and Lee George Washington Georgetown ...... William and Mary . Washington and Lee Randolph-Macon .. William and Mary . Little Creek ....... Hunt, Mgr. Ai 12 0 8 0 8 l S 5 5 5 0 8 8 5 0 7 4 2 O cuss the proper grip for a knuckle ball. Captain Bob Kilpatrick, Angelo Setien, and Dan Ramer dis- THE 1949 WEB ATHLETICS Bobby Stephens is caught in a run down play at third base in the seventh inning against Georgetown. The 1948 Spider nine had a big job ahead of it at the beginning of the season. Richmond's baseball teams during past years had met with much success, and a great deal was hoped for in '48, But gone was Weenie Miller, the flashy first sacker, along with Pat Fenlon, the third baseman, and Marion Timberlake, the shortstop. In the outfield the Spiders missed the heavy bat of Tommy Nichols, and Bill Finney, the curve ball artist, had signed with the Yankees. Into the place of Miller stepped Bobby Stephens, a freshman from Fredericksburg. Stephens would have had a hard time matching the defensive play of Miller at first, but his heavy hitting earned him the job of clean-up man. Bo Nelson was back at second, and Coach "Mac" Pitt had few worries over that position. Holding down the hot corner was Graham Morris, wfho was a good defensive player, but he lacked Pat Fenlon's power at the plate. At shortstop was Charlie Mattox. He was a converted outfielder, and the results of the change were a mighty big question at the start of the season. Behind University of Richmond the plate was Angelo Setien, a senior on the squad, and a man Coach Pitt was counting on to give the Spiders the steadying hand of experience. In the outfield were Cotton Billingsley, the rifle- armed, heavy hitting center fielder of the '47 squad, Bubber Metzger, another slugger, the right fielder of the ,47 squad, and Ralph Owen in left, a freshman. The pitching staff looked good, with only Finney gone, and a couple of promising freshmen to take his place. Back were lanky Bob Kilpatrick, the cap- tain of the team, Dan Ramer, of Falmouth, and a troupe of other experienced pitchers. As it turned out, the green freshmen and the breather game pitchers of the '47 season were the ones who turned in the victories. Billy Mitchell, who hitched up his pants after every pitch, was perhaps the season's standout. The Spiders split the twenty games played almost, but not quite, in half, with the larger part going to Richmond. The team had a record of twelve wins and eight losses. The most decisive victory was sq 18-O triumph over Hamilton College. There were ATHLETICS l Albert Thorpe, Delaware pitcher, is tagged out at home in the second inning by Spider backstop Angelo Setien. good many disappointing games in which the Spiders were edged out by one or two runs, for instance the V.P.I. game which Tech won 8-7, the second George Washington game which the Spiders dropped 8-6, and the second Washington an-d Lee game which the Gen- erals took 7-6. On the other hand there was a 14-12 defeat of Hampden-Sydney, a 9-8 win over George Washington, and a 7-5 defeat of Georgetown. It was a good season, all in all. The scores showed that while the team was not unbeatable, it was not a push- over for anyone. There were games, such as the Ham- ilton game, the second Hampden-Sydney game Q14-lj, and the Little Creek Amphibious School game Q12-Oj, which proved that the Spiders had a scoring punch which, if not carefully watched, could run rampant. wwf RRWMU it 7 r fLefIj: They all swing from the left side. Outfielders Billingsley and Metzger, lirst baseman Stevens, and shortstop Mattox were a thorn in the side of opposition pitchers all season. fRigbtj: Ed Richitelli, sprints for home, but the throw from the outfield, Metzger to Nelson to Setien, beats him by several feet. Richmond's third baseman is Graham Morris. ' THE 1949 WEB Track 1948 SQUAD. Left to right, row: Bud Loury, jimmy Sease, Crane, Claude Thomas, Doug Serwzd row: Robert Corky Brimm, Murrell Nuck- Larry Seyler, Buddy Rosser. ird row: Bill Winn, Sam White, jim Payne, Marvin Krane. Considering the fact that the 1948 season was nly the second after a five-year layoff, much credit should be given to Coach Russ Crane for his fine and able coaching job. The Cranemen were encouraged at the beginning of the season by the receipt of much equipment. The track itself was recindered and new jumping pits were made, so that now the Spiders can -boast of some of the best pits and runways in the state. ATHLETICS 5 The Spiders were captained during their 1948 season by Claude Thomas. jimmy Sease was elected to that post for the coming season. Keith Loury led scoring with 50 points and received a letter along with Claude Thomas, jimmy Sease, Ronnie Ziemek, Buddy Rosser, Sheldon Rooth, Doug Maclachlin, Ed Vieth, Larry Seyler, Corky Brimm, Mark Sternheimer, Marvin Krane, Murrell Nuckols, Robert Cross, and Wes Curtier. Richmond's harriers, under the tutoring of Dr. William Lumpkin, former Spider great in track and cross country, completed their first full cross-country season in ten years this fall with a record of one win and four losses. Led by jimmy Sease, the team got off to a fast start by defeating Randolph-Macon 26- 29. Then they dropped their next four meets, to VMI 26-33, Washington and Lee 27-28, Quantico University of Richmond Cross Country CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD. Lefl to right: Jimmy Sease, Sam White, Bill Winn, Coach Lumpkin, jim Payne, Wilbur Hawkes, Bill jordan. Marines 20-3 5, and William and Mary 26-29. In the annual Southern Conference meet, the team placed ninth, and in the State AAU meet, the team placed second. For the first time since the war, letters were awarded to the team. Lettermen were jimmy Sease, Bill Winn, Bill jordan, Wilbur Hawks, and Sam White. In a special meeting of the team Sease was elected unanimously to lead the team in 1949. ATHLETICS Xwinananag 1949 SWIMMING TEAM. Left to right, reeled: Preston, Bayles, Allen, Woerner, Jenkins. Sland- ing: Sullivan, Kirby, Garber. Through the efforts of manager Bill Sullivan, soph transfer from VPI, who initiated, organized, and di- rected the teamls activities, in addition to being high point man in every meet, the Richmond College swim- ming team was again able to make an appearance on the campus. Witliout a coach and with a late start, they bowed to a stronger Randolph-Macon group, 52-23. Improving as the season progressed, they dropped a meet with William and Mary, 48-26. The third and fourth contests were comebacks with these two schools, while a journey to engage the powerful team from Norfolk Division, College of Williani and Mary, closed out the season. High scorers for the season were Sullivan, jack Allen, Captain Dim- mock jenkins, and Bill Buckingham. Other team members include Al Kirby, Norman Woerner, Walt Preston, Spilman Short, Marvin Bayles, and Tom Harlow. This was the first year since before the war that the University had a golf team. Interest ran high and when the call for the team was given over twenty golfers reported. Since the team was to be composed of six players and two alternates, qualifying play was used to pick the members of the team. Dr. Caylor coached the team, drew up the schedule, secured the equipment and gave the team his whole- hearted support. Ciolf 1948 GOLF TEAM. Left to right: Art Haines, J. B. Hall, I. Carter. l The team played eleven matches of which they won five and lost six. The six regular players were J. B. Hall, jack Chap- pell, Charles Niedermayer, Wendall McDearmon, Art Haines, and john Carter. The two alternate play- ers were jack Hamilton and Bill Carter. The school has obtained the use of Hermitage Country Club and the services of Walter Hagen, jr. as coach for next year. THE 1949 WEB ATHLETICS Left lo right, jim row: Huestis Cook, Bob jones, manager, Karl Collawn. Second row: Hughes Ware, jerry Cunningham, jim Phipps, and Doug Pitts. Te n n 1 s - I 9 4 8 The Spider netters wound up the 1948 season with VARSITY TENNIS TEAM SCGRES a record of ten wins and eight losses. jerry Cunning- ham had the highest won-lost percentage, .656. Cun- ningham held down the number one position for his third straight year. Karl Collawn was number two man, Irvin Robinson number three, Phipps num- ber four, Doug Pitts number tive, and Hughes Ware number six. Substitutes were Huestis Cook and John Goetz. Other players participating in one or more matches Were: Edel, Creedle, Lloyd Smith, Spital, Pond, and Hellerman. At the end of the season the prospects for '49 looked bright. The team had shown great improve- ment over the 1946 and 1947 net squads, and still more improvement was looked for in '49, Of -the '48 team, Cunningham, Phipps, Pitts, Cook, and Goetz would be back on the squad. University 0 f Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Kutztown, Pa., T. C. . Albright College .... Eastern Carolina T. C. Hampden-Sidney .... Randolph-Macon .... Washington 8: Lee . . Duke .............. Eastern Carolina T. C N. C. State ............ Randolph-Macon .... William 8: Mary .... Lynchburg . . . . .. William 81 Mary . . . Lynchburg ....... Davidson ..... R. P. I. .... . R. P. I. ........... . George Washington . . 2 1 3 3 5 5 9 2 6 2 9 5 9 5 9 ....o ,Queeg Q A' ' ATHLETICS TRAMURAL 1948 -1949 Theta Chi Fraternity won the Intramural Trophy for 1947-48 'by totaling the highest number of points, 360, of the sixteen competing teams which form the University of Richmond Intramural Program. The point system is based as follows: the first, second, and third place teams of each league in the four sports, football, basketball, softball, and track, re- ceive 100, 80, and 60 points respectively according to their team's standing at the end of the regular play- ing season. Theiteam winning the playoffs takes an additional 40 points. For each man placed on an All- Intramural Team an extra 10 points is awarded his team. These points are tabulated at the end of the year and the fraternity with the highest total receives the Intramural League Trophy for its efforts. SOFTBALL WINNERS-PHI DELTA THETA. Left lo 1-ight, fri! row.- joe josefowicz, Basil Morrissett, Curtis Carlton, Bob jones, joe Bowman. Seroml row: Angus Brown, Billy Stubbs, Don Calder, Buddy Hulcher, Karl Collawn. l Coach Pitt presents the Intramural Trophy to Theta Chi president Budgie Fleshood. TRACK QTheta chip Theta Chi, led by Buddy Rosser, Bruce Price, and Wes Brown who together accounted for five first places and ran on the winning relay team with john- ny Thomas, ran away with the Intramural Track Meet by scoring 47 points. Their closest competitor was Phi Gamma Delta with a total of 17 points. The complete scoring: GX .......... ...47 PGD... ...17 PiKA.. 9 KS 7 PKS ..... 6 Catbirds .... 5 SAE .... 5 LCA .... 1 SPE ..... . .. . 1 SOFTBALL fPhi Delta Thetaj After defeating jasaitis' Catbirds for the League B Championship, Phi Delta Theta forged ahead to win the Intramural Softball Championship, by virtue of their edging out the PiKA's League A Champions, in a close series of 2 out of 3 games. Both league races were touch and go, right down to the final wire, with no team remaining undefeated at the end of the season. The possibility of a tie for the Intramural Trophy between Theta Chi and PiKA was ended when the PiKa,s were defeated 'by the Phi Delts. THE 1949 WEB FOOTBALL fPhi Delta Thetaj Sparked by their All-Intramural players Lou Ciola and Jerry Frampton, Phi Delta Theta won the 1948 Intramural Football Championship by defeating the Kappa Sigs 25-6. Defeating the second place Theta Chi's in League A playoffs, the Phi Delts gained the right to meet the Kappa Sigs who had defeated the first place Kappa Alpha's in the League B playoffs. Other League A All-Intramural men were Bill Eudailey QTCD, Skeeter Smith fPhi Gamj, Tex Cowles fCowles' Catbirdsj, Ray Magette QSAEQ, Dave Chapman fPhi Deltj , Dan Ramer QCowles' Catbirdsj, and Wes Brown QTheta Chij. Charlie Mattox QKAQ, Julian Briat fKap- PHI DELTA THETA'S TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPS. Left to right, kzzeelifzg: josefowicz, Warren, Bowman, Stubbs, Brown, Doley. Stmzdiizg: Purcell, Apperson, Cunningham, Graves, Hall. pa Sigj, Charlie Webber QKappa Sigj, Dick Whithead fPiKAj, Henry Wells fWicker's Catbirdsj, Will Osburn QKAQ, Bob John- son fKappa Sigj, Ed Bowden QKAQ, and Nelson Banil QMinisterial Assnj were placed on the All-Intramural Team from League B. BASKETBALL qrrheia chip Theta Chi, led by All-Intramural players Buddy Rosser and johnny Thomas, won the BASKETBALL WINNERS-THETA CHI. Left lo right, yin! row: Bob Moore, jim Powell, Hawkins Bradley, John Goodyear, Ted Noffsinger. Semrzd row: Don Schalla, Walt Mahon, Wally McGraw, Buddy Rosser, john Reynolds, john Thomas, Wes Brown, University of Richmond ATHIJETI539 TRACK WINNERS-THETA CHI. Left to right, jimi row: Bob Moore, jim Powell, Hawkins Brad- ley, john Goodyear, Ted Noffsinger. Second row: Don Schalla, Walt Mahon, Wally McGraw, Buddy Rosser, john Reynolds, john Thomas, Wes Brown. 1947-48 basketball championship by defeat- ing the Kappa Sigs 56-55, in the third game of the interleague playoffs. The boys from the White House defeated the Phi Gams and Miles' Catbirds to become League A's entry in the finals, while a forfeit by Long's Cat- birds gave Kappa Sig the championship in League B. Other All-Intramural players were Tex Cowles fMiles' Catbirdsj, Bob Kilpatrick fPhi Gamj, Don Jacobs fMiles' Catbirdsj, Charlie Webber fKappa Sigb, Bobby John- son QSAEQ, Bill Dagle fKappa Sigj, Ed Bellawag fLong's Catbirdsj, and jerry Cun- ningham fPhi Deltj. Q ATHLETI CS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD. Left to right, rented: Peggy Wells, Anne Bing, jane Sanford, president, Martha Carpenter. Stmzdiizgf Virginia Grabeel, joy Hull, Pat Eagan, Henrietta Dow, Miss Eva Parrish, jane Dens, Mag Knapp, Virginia Brinson. Westhampton College Athletic Association "RUN, RUN ON DOWN THE FIELD, FIGHT FOR WESTHAMPTONH Westhampton spirit, a spirit of cooperation, en- thusiasm, and sportsmanship, can be found embodied in the Athletic Association of our college. This or- ganization does not limit itself only to sports, but sponsors outside activities, such as picnics, a Christ- mas dance, the Song Contest, and the A.A. banquet, as well as class and varsity games. Each Westhamp- ton girl is automatically a member of the Athletic Association and is asked to support its projects. Di- recting its activities is the A.A. Board, which is com- posed of the executive officers, managers of the vari- ous sports, the 'head cheerleader, and the reporter. ' The picnic for Freshmen and transfer students dur- ing Orientation Week introduced all new students to the A.A., and, in October, both old and new stu- dents joined in the fun and fellowship of the Bosher's Dam Picnic. The Odd-Even Games with their traditional rivalry and contagious cheering and enthusiasm climaxed both the Hockey and Basket- ball seasons. Projects such as Bridge and Bingo parties were sponsored by the A.A. in order to raise money to send a team to Hockey Camp in the Pocono Moun- tains, as is the custom. In December, the A.A. added to the holiday fes- tivities by sponsoring its annual dance, the Snowball. The Westhampton gym was decorated to depict the typical Christmas spirit of old St. Nick's visit on Christmas Eve. Many and long practices for the February Song Contest began the new semester. According to tra- dition, each girl learned the old college songs, and aided her class in writing its original song. Rivalry was strong, spirit was at its height, and the night of the contest the gym rafters vibrated with enthusiasm. THE 1949 WEB SEAL WINNERS The highest award given by the Westhampton Athletic Association is the Seal, presented to 'those girls excelling in leadership, sportsmanship, and service. SEAL WINNERS. Left to right: Ginny Grabeel, Anne Bing, jane Dens. WESTHAMPTON CHEERLEADERS. Left to rigbl: Eleanor Bradford, Stella Dalton, Virginia Herrink, Audrey Bradford, Cynthia Patrick, jane Dens, Susan Peters, Ann Rogers, Mimi Anderson, Beverly Randolph, Helen Clark, Barbara Ferre. University of Richmond ATHLETICS BLAZER WINNERS. Left to right: Gwen Priddy, Jane Dens. BLAZER WINNERS A white blazer with the Westliamptori emblem in red on the pocket is awarded to any girl winning a Varsity letter in three major sports. WEsTHAMPToN COACHES. Leff to fight- Miss Bet Crothers, Miss Eva Parrish, Miss Fanny G. Crenshaw. gt ATHLETICS VARSITY HOCKEY The Westhampton hockey team under the able coaching of Miss Betsy Cruthers, aided by Miss Fanny G. Crenshaw, had a most successful season, winning five games, tying one, and losing two. The Second team won one, lost one, and tied two. The team played both at home and at other Vir- ginia colleges, travelling to Madison College and William and Mary. At the Virginia Tournament in Williamsburg, the "Spiderettes" topped William and Mary by a -score of 5-O and tied the "Campus Char- acters,', a group of Sweet Briar alurnnae, 3-3. At this tournament Joy Hull was selected for the All-State team While Gwen Priddy and Jane Sanford made All-State Reserve. In early September, spon- sored by the Athletic Association, a complete team went to hockey camp in the Poconos for a week of rigorous training under the direction of the familiar Miss Appleby. Varsity letters were awarded this year to Elo Crute, Marilyn Alexander, Martha Carpenter, Lorraine Chapman, jane Edmonds, Pris Enslin, Joyce Glad- ding, Virginia Grabeel, Lorane Graves, joy Hull, Lea Hunter, Marilyn Montague, Helen Pence, Gwen Priddy, and jane Sanford. VARSITY SECOND TEAM. Left to right, fiigrt row: Helen Pence, Agnes Feild, Lucy Dearing, Mary Sullivan. Second row: jill Lobach, Freddie Lee Watson, Pris Enslin, Virginia Brinson, Ludie Hickerson. Third row: Pat Davey, Henrietta Dow, jane Ratcliffe, Debbie Holmes, Tommy Fairbanks, Elizabeth Watkins, Miss Crothers, coach. VARSITY HOCKEY. Left to right, jiri! r0u1.' Lorraine Chapman, joy Hull, jane Sanford, Lorane Graves, jane Edmonds. Second row: Marilyn Montague, Martha Car- penter, Gwen Priddy, Lea Hunter, Marilyn Alexander, Miss Crothers, coach. Westhampton . . 3 Richmond Club . . . . . . . 2 Westhampton ,. 3 Madison ....... .... 7 Westhampton . . 4 Petersburg Club . . . . . . . 0 Westhampton .. 2 R. P. I. .............. . 1 Westhampton .. 3 Campus Characters ..... 3 Westhampton . . 5 William and Mary ...... 0 Westhampton .. 4 St. Catherine's ......... 2 Westhampton .. 1 Sweet Briar ........... 4 ALL-STATE HOCKEY PLAYERS. Left to right: Gwen Priddy, joy Hull, Miss Crothers, coach, jane Sanford. THE 1949 WEB SENIOR CLASS TEAM, Left 10 right: Kakie Smith, jane Sanford, Flo Gray, Peggy Harris, Marilyn Alexander, Elaine Leonar'd, Lou Winn, Mag Knapp, Mimi Anderson, Anne Bing. Not in picture-jane Dens, captain. ATHLETICS JUNIOR CLASS TEAM. Left to rigbl: Jane Edmonds, Lorane Graves, captain, joy Hull, Lorraine Chapman, Louise Hickerson, Nancy Chapin, Agnes Feild, Mary How- ard, Pris Enslin, Mary Sullivan. Class Hockey-1948 When the hockey teams put away their sticks, the Seniors, captained by jane Dens, shone forth in first place, winning five games and losing none. The an- nual Odd-Even game, accompanied by cheers from the Seniors and Sophomores and sighs from the Juniors and Freshmen, ended in an Odd victory, 4-1. SOPHOMORE CLASS TEA-M. Lefl I0 rigbl: Suzanne Holt, Martha Carpenter, Elizabeth Eanes, Helen Pence, jean Booth, Marilyn Montague, Lea Hunter, Gwen Priddy, captain. University 0 f Richmond S REcoRD Won Lost Tied Seniors 5 0 1 Juniors ...... . . . 5 3 0 Sophomores . . . . . . 2 5 1 Freshmen .... . . . 1 5 0 FRESHMAN CLASS TEAM. Leff to rigbl, jim' row: Jane Ratcliffe, Desiree Stuart-Alexander. Second raw: Henrietta Dow, jill Lobach, Pat Davey, captain, Freddie Lee Watson, Lucy Dearing. Third row: Diane Evans, Debbie Holmes, Elizabeth Watkins, Tommy Fairbanks, Sandy Glass, Bobbie Beckner. ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL. Left 10 right, fri! row: Lorraine Chapman, Martha Carpenter, Mimi Anderson, Jane Dens, captain, Margaret Alexander, Virginia Grabeel. Second row: Lea Thompson, Nancy Chapin, jane Sanford, Gwen Priddy, Helen Pence, Hilda Moore. Third row: Miss Eva Parrish, Elizabeth Eanes, Barbara Coleman, Henrietta Dow, Lee Hunter, Barbara Covington, Diane Evans, Betty Fugate, Miss Fanny G. Crenshaw. Varsit Basketball-1949 A most successful season for the Wfesthampton Varsity Basketball Team culminated in a 40-18 vic- tory over William and Mary. Out of the nine games played this season, Westliampton was victor in eight, losing only to Madison 37-39. Witli Jane Dens as captain, the team scored most of their wins in their home gym, travelling only to Sweet Briar and Lynchburg College. jane Sanford kept up her reputation by scoring 145, points, an aver- age of 15.9 points pergame. V First team Varsity letters for the 1949 season were awarded to Martha Carpenter, Lorraine Chapman, jane Dens, Henrietta Dow, Virginia Grabeel, Gwen Priddy, and jane Sanford. 1 Record First Team Westliampton Richmond ,Club . Westhampton Blackstone ..... ' . Westhanipton Madison .... Q Wfesthamptou Bridgewater . . . Westhainpton St. Catherines . . . l Westhampton Lynchburg College , Westhampton R.P.I. .......... . Westhampton. . Sweet Briar ...... l Westliampton. . William and Mary Jane Sanford Leaps Against William and Mary THE 1949 WEB ATHLETICS Class Basketball The strength and deadly accuracy of the Sopho- more team gave them the lead in the Class Team tournament from the start. Although many of the scores were very close, the Sophomores have the honor of winning every game they played. The Odd-Even game was one of the fastest games played this year. The score volleyed back and forth SENIOR CLASS TEAM. Left lo right, firrl row: Mimi Anderson, captain. Serond row: Flo Crute, jane Dens, Vir- ginia Grabeel. Third roto: jane Sanford, Kakie Smith, Marilyn Alexander. SOPHOMORE CLASS TEAM. Left lo rigbi, jimi row: Suzanne Holt, Lee Hunter, Ann Baird. Second rozo: Eliza- beth Eanes, Gwen Priddy. Third row: Frances Arrighi, Martha Carpenter, Helen Pence. University of Richmond until the final whistle blew, when the Odds stood ahead, 27-26. RECORD Won Lori Sophomores . . . . . . 6 0 Seniors ..... . . . 4 2 juniors 2 4 Freshmen .............. O 6 'YT I l JUNIOR CLASS TEAM. Lefl lo rigbl, jirrt row: Lorraine Chapman, captain. Serond row: Margaret Alexander, Hilda Moore, jane Edmonds. Third row: Bar-bara Coleman, Nancy Chapin, Barbara Covington. FRESHMAN CLASS TEAM. Left to right, firrt row Charlotte Babb, captain. Second row: Tommy Fairbanks Fred Lee Watson, Betty Edmonds, Diane Evans. Third r U 6? Jo Soles, Betty Fugate, Isabel Sanford, Betsy Davis. N' ATHLETICS TRACK. Left to right: jane Sanford, jane Dens, Nancy Chapin, Lorraine 'Chapmanj Tenrns-1948 Westhampton continued their intercollegiate ten- nis games, defeating St. Catherines and R. P. I. and losing to Sweet Briar and William and Mary. Those awarded tennis letters were Irene Barbour, Gwen Priddy, Maria Carter, Virginia Smith, and Winifred McAlpine. Track-1948 For the third successive year the Westhampton track team came out far in the lead in the annual contest with St. Catherineis. Due to their outstand- ingvrecord, letters were awarded to jane Dens, jane Sanford, Joan Dalve, and Nancy Chapin. As the intermural season closed, the Freshman team was in the lead, with the juniors in second place. TENNIS. Left to right: Carol Sidlovsky, Gwen Priddy. l I Beauty, Form, and Grace. g "I shot an arrow into the air" THE 1949 WEB 'Z' ..1un.1nm.1 1 1,1 1 1,1 1 L 3 l 1 I 2 Q : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.-.11.m1,,,,1M1.,,,14m1,,,,1mv1,. ADVERTISEMENTS 'l' l l T 1 WEB i PHQTQGRAPHY 5 by E FQSTER STUD10 University of Ricbmoml ADVERTISEMENTS .5...-.......-....- .. ......-....-..,.-...,-.....-.,,- - - ......-..-.....-..-.... .. .. - .. .. -...........,-...,-.... - - - - - .. -w,...,.,.-.g. 1 1 l Bigger and Better . . 3 1 I ing class in the history of the University of Richmond. We hope you found in the classrooms and on the l campus the golden nuggets of knowledge which will be forever a treasure to you. l As you turn the pages of this yearbook and relive in memory your pleasant student days, may you be re- 2 minded of the University's continuing efforts to mould its program to meet the needs of young men and I I women in this complex and changing world. V , 2 I 1 If the University has grown in size and usefulness through the years which have passed since you left her academic halls it has been because of the unswerving loyalty of those who call her Alma Mater. 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I I I ol--IIII--III. ----- III--.III-III.-.III-I-II-III--I... ----- I...-I...-ni. 4. -.III-III.-Im ---- ---------- I -II--IH'-HH-II-I' .g.........- .. .. - - - - - - - - .. -..,.-.,..-.,.,-.,..-....-....-,,,.-.,..-..,.-.,.,....,.......-,.........-. - ... - .. - - - - - - - .....I.- I THE GREATEST SHOWS IN RADIO ARE ON I I Dial 1380 W M B G Dial Isso I I RICHMONDS FIRST FREQUENCY MODULATION STATION W' CAPITAL ou: DONIINION - 98.1 MCS. on your FM dial I I I I AAAA I KEEP YOUR EYE ON I THE SOUTH'S FIRST TELEVISION STATION I W TELE VISION RICHMOND I I I 4.-,...-IH... .. .. .. - - .. .. .. --II..-I...-........II....III-IIII-II....,........,...,I.....III-.....-III.-I...-III.-..I.-,........I.-. ..I,-I'..,.- - - -.- - - -,9, University of Richmond 4...-....-.... --------- ...I-....-....-....-.....-....-II-I...-......l. 'S' - I ADVERTISEMENTS 5 E L 'f"' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" -W' "" - "" "' """"' "" ' "" ' "' 1""'u""u'n"' "" ""u"""' ' "" ' "'x ' "" ' "" ' ' "" """"""1' -"""""!' I E s A. L. Lorraine Hardware Co., Inc. l DIAL 5-9101 I 3114 WEST CARY STREET T ik 1 E O LOWE BROS. PAINTS i SPORTING GOODS HOUSE FURNISHINGS I I : 0 I 0 I I I - 1111 - 1111 -i-- 1111 - 1111 1111 - 1111 - 1111 - IIII A IIII - .I11 - inn- nunu -- nuuu -nn-nnvnu- Iuny 1 lynl 1 1 llxl 1 IIII 1 ll.. -- Illl -. 1... i lg., L Ilx. 1 qlyl ,mmgsg l 2 I Qgnrubf fn- - - ' - I1 - S I OMB S I l COOKIES I AND ' . I i Q f EMM 04014 CRACKERS A I ""' " f i I """.i2E3..iF..2'i'.35l1Z'1 soumsnn BISCUIT COMPANY, mc. I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA E 4.- .,.. - .... ......... .... - ,.,. - - I..-.,-. - - ..,. -,..-. +- .... - .... - I... - .... - .... - .-.. - I... -1- --,- - ---I - -.,. - I--- - ---- - ---. -1-----I------------------L El I V, ,"I'IS1 I ,. S '.:'z A I-'J I T E ' I 5 K1 41- f 4 Q: f-1 X I I N ' I ' Y THE 1949 WEB 6'-X5 SEABQARD CQNTAINER CQRP fk BRISTCL PENNSYLVANIA F-X5 1uu1.nn..nn Richmond ADVERTISEMENTS I I +-- --'- - ---- -H-t- -'-' - ---- - A'-- - ---- - ---1 - A'-- --------- ---- - ---- - -1- -1---M ----------------- ---' - Zllibe Qnuthern Baptist Compliments l Zlllbeulugical Seminary , of ELLIS ADAMS Fu LLER , DD., President "An lnternatiomzlly Famous Institution" RICHMOND RUBBER L Q 1 I CO., Inc. T Q A Faculty of World-falnous Teachers, Preachers, Authors g o Eleven Great Departments of Instruction +-'m-""-'m- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -H"-"P o A Modern 555,000,000 Educational Plant 'f'-W-'m-m'-'l"-u-m'-""'-""-"H-"W"u-""-m'-""- - - -H'-mf 2 0 An Atmosphere of Scholarshlp and Q 5 Evangelism COLEMAN-SCALES AUTO SUPPLY CO., INC. W'rite lo Ike President for Catalog 1301 Wegf Broad St, I and fzmber informaliorz 2 Q RICHMOND, VA. 5 Q "THE BEEC1-IES" i I -'You STOP . . . WE START" Q i I TOWING SERVICE-WE NEVER CLOSE i LoU1sv1LLE, KENTUCKY i DIAL 5-3,45 1 E E Z A i 1 2 1 Z '!'- llrr -- fuw: ---- 1 -1--1 n I1 susu -uw -11--- Irlx 1- Info 'f'- rlrl 1 IIII 1--111 I r- AIII -fHI- vfll 1 'II' 11-111 "" 1 ' mini' X m fl!! 'W If ls ' -Elf 4' fl RK Hmong xfll I C I l xx 11 THE 1949 WEB ADVERTISEMENTS ,I.........-...-.....-------...-..--....---...------...-....,...,.,.-....-... Compliments of COMMONWEALTH SALES CORPORATION I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 5 0 0 f DISTRIBUTORS OF MAJOR APPLIANCES AND HARDWARE 5- ,.,. ...--............. ..., - .... - .... - .... - .... - . , ..... - R..- .... ................---...-..... - I ..... - Q COMPLIMENTS OF MAX FEINBERG I 5 l .iv-uu1InI-In -TT-i---- I- 1-vvv-------1-- -11-1 4...-..,. ------. .. 1 - ! l S I X NNN A X N A I, ru I 0. l RICHMOND - PETERSBURG i ROANOKE -- NEWPORT NEWS CI-IARLOTTESVILLE - WASHINGTON, D. C. 1 SHOP AND SAVE AT "STANDARD" l- III, -1-1 I... 1 ,... 1 ,.,. 1 ..,, 1 1 .,., 1 ,..,. 1111111,,11,,11i11i1i11 .P University of Richmond -I' 5 I I ADVERTISEMENTS -lv-un-I...-lm-I...-un-nl.-.m-lm-my -un1uu,.nu-nn-.nn-nu--un-suntan-H1110 I.-un-.m-....-....-.-H-....-.........-....-..,.-....-,...-....-....-....-....-....-......m.-4, .p..-m.-...,....,.-m........-..,.-,,,,-,..,-..........-.,..-..........-,,,.-....-.m......-....-..,,-,!, I I I I I I I I I I I ...,..-....-.........,.-....-....-....-....-..........-....-....-.,..-,...-...,..,,,.-....-....-....-H+ s Inf THE 1949 WEB 5 E ADVERTISEMENTS I I -:---- -,-x ------ ----- - ----- - ------------ - - -- '-'- - '-'- - -'-- - ---- - --'- - '--- - '--- - '--- --'Q' 2 I I I I I I ' - I 1 ' I I Z I I I f I , 1 I I I I ' 1 I I . I I , I A I E I E I I .I I 2 WI!" AT THE SIGN C7 ' THAT SPELLS QUALITY GENERAL I I TO MILLIONS - I - f I I Meet the Merchant Who Makes a Business of Giving Greater Dollar Value I I 2 I I MARLOWE TIRE C0 I I ' I Q INCORPORATED i I T L. E. MARLOWE, President E ' I . ' - - STATIC AND DYNAMIC WHEEL BALANCING ' ' TEN-HOUR RECAPPING SERVICE BY APPOINTMENT ' i 2701 WEST BROAD STREET 0 RICHMOND 0 l I Phone 5-9171 1 Q +I- ---- ---------- - --------------------------- -f-- - Iflf - - -1- University 0 f Richmond ADVERTISEMENTS vIv--"I-- - IIII - flvl - 'lvl ------------- I 1- Ilfl- -in fIvI1Iw ---------------- -mi-ui.-,!, l ' 1 g Compliments of L B U D D Y . . l FLORSHEIM LAUNDRY AND T l Invites you to visit with us 3 I often . . . Each time you re- L :I turn to the campus . . . And i 1 renew old friendships. i 408 NOITI1 BOLIl6V2lI'Cl i L Young ideas . , . a youthful viewpoint . . . that's what i L makes the College Shop , . . the web for the Spiders ,... Richmond, Va' 2 L That's why the College Shop atmosphere is the kind they i I like . . . in the heart ai the University. I g UNlVERSlTY OF RICHMOND C 0 L L E G E s H 0 P i 4. .,... .. .,., ---------- ------- ii-i - - I 19 gif" -...,-..,.--.....--.......-....------....-..!. l-- lllr vt vilvvllivivvvviv mil llll -,r l I B. O. Williams and Son i BUILDING CONTRACTOR I BUILDERS EXCHANGE BUILDING f RICHMOND 19, VIRGINIA E ofa-im1n-I 11-----1- -------- 1 ul-will Wy vavv 00 'fig M N 3 ,3A9O Q ' 9 00x N98 42 Q4 'Q ...4v aw .- . Q' V AN I 09 ez- -A . tr f P ' O ' x i D R IN vuss- 2 ' 5 Iii? -ff pig THE 1949 WEB ADVERTISEMENTS .g..,.....,.-...,- - 1 - - .. .. 1 .. 1 1 .. .- 1 .. 1 .. .. 1 .. - - - .. - - - .. - -.,-I...-....-....-I...-....-...,-.,..-.,......,.5, Compliment! I 0 VIRGINIA I TRANSNP I I I o I QFIZEN I I I I I I xy : 4.,.-........,.-,.,.-,,..1...,-,,,.-.,..-,.,,-,.,,-,..,- .. - 1 .. - - - 1 - 1 1 - - .. .. .... .. - ... .. ... University of Richmond 1 1 1 1 1 1ml1uu1,m1.. I I I I I I I I I I I -1- ADVERTISEMENTS I 3 vi- -'-' - --'1 - "'f - '-'f - Q-'1 - Af-f -l- 1-'f --------------------- - - --------- M- Jfl- -if- i l i JinrwLLmcLng,.' E E 1 i Q i Michie's Jurisprudence E l of i Q Virginia and West Virginia All the law ofthe Virginias in one comprehensive set of 24 volumes in which both T case and statute law have been treated with meticulous accuracy under a single al- phabeticol arrangement. 1 I z THE MICHIE COMPANY Law Publishers if Charlottesville, Va. Qi.- i.i. - i,i. ......... . - ........................... iiii - Wi. -f tx E 4 9 - 1 , . . i .5 'O ' 1 THE 1949 WEB ADVERTISEMENTS 4"-"'-" --'-------------'-'------- n"- "" "'-H" ------ - - - '-'H'--I' - I THE DAVENPORT INSURANCE CORPORATION Managers and Brokers - I W. O. Wilson, Chairman of Board LOSS Adlustmg I Ralph W. Howe, President Fire Protection and i I Wm. Ross Walker, Vice-Pres. 8: Treas. fi: Casualty Engineering E 5 Everett M. Owen, Vice-Pres. 8: Secy. G.: I I . G QP Insurance Surveys l J. Norvell Trrce, Asst. Secy. QOQ9 1 3 E J. W. Tredway, jr., Asst. Secy. CE SPeCia1 Service 5 ESTABLISHED-1848 i 1113-15 E. Main St. Telephone 2-1671 T RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 2 I Over A Century of Insurance Service -------- -I-I-A r1-- ----I----I----I--I-I--I--IU-I----------I-I-II---I---I-I--I-I---I ------- - - - - - -...--.I '!"""""" """"' -""' I"' "" "I" "" "I""n """ "-"""' ' n'n"!' I I I Compliznentf of ik L O M B A R D 1 N N ik LOMBARDY AND BROAD I .I +I--0 ------ ---- - - ----- '-I-- '-" - -'-' --In-H-I-M--mf-In-I ------- - - - - - - - -I-I-H 'I""""' ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" "" """" "" ' "" ' 'I' 'I' """"' """""""'- "'-"""!' 2 'z'77'5I75?5'fi I ' I 5E'.!!I5I"- BEST WISHES i I W k ' I ' i A 4 5 ll I FOR A HAPPY I T H 15 rl I - , ,IA I I I hm of HEALTHY I 5124 WEST BROAD STREET 7 T USEFUL LIFE I O E ' I 2 I I From "Chicken in the Rough" I I 5 51.00 .... 351.00 I 2 I - T "THE HOME I fCopyrigl1t by BEVERLEY OSBORNE, T OF MILK!! I Oklahoma Cityj I I f I Q 2 : I E I I I 2 i DAUQY j ONE-HALE FRIED CHICKEN I : Served Unjointed-Without Silverware 5 I - I 5 Q I 2 I 2 2 I 2 I T I I Every Bile 41 Tender Delight I f 2 O i I T LOTS OF SHOESTRING POTATOES 5 E i JUG HONEY AND I I HOT BUTTERED ROLLS - E I Q I I E I I AI--"I-'-I--I-I-'II'-H---H'--'fl'--I ----------- -In-A+ -5- "-' -I-I --------------- - -M---E University of Richmond ADVERTISEMENTS I I I I I I I I I I I mm mmm nm mm I ' I sms-row LINES Q I I 9 E B RI S T 0 L 1 E CHARTERED SER VICE i Buses to Fit Your Need Phone 6-5886 2512 Hermitage Rd. I I -1.-....-,... -.....---- .- .....-.--. ----- - ---- ------- - I --------+ SOCIAL CAMPUS Gem. BLQQK Cen' 1 THIS CELL FOR U55 OF 'FEGAULAR A ' 'X I V V XS ,le I 5 5.5 1 3 f II ff I X ,II fQ Qi T i ff f T Q ...... fo X X N-A I 2 iff H X " X X I X Q' it I .4 f ' f" " A fv z -taxi H X f I ' es : A THE 1949 WEB ADVERTISEMENTS .!...-..,....,.-...- - - - - - .. .. - - - ... - .. - - - - -... - .. - - - ., -- -,.-.m-,......,.,..,..,-,...-,.,.-....-,i, l I I 2 5 ff' il 1 ns mug 1 FOLKS I I I E I E l I The one bright spot in the family I budget is the low cost of Electricity! I E You can still buy Electricity at prewar - prices-the lowest in VEPCO history! 1 VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND PUWER COMPANY : I I 1 ofa-Im-Ilrl-lin-lui-ini1uu-nn-uni -uni --- -1-------11-1-11 111- iliiil , .. ,,,,1,,,,,-,,,!, University of Richmond ADVERTISEMENTS ,.-,,,.- - -..-..,.-...,-....-...,......-....-...,.....,-....-..........- - -....-.,..-,f. ,!.,....,,,.. - - - .. - -....-......,.- .. - - - - - -,...,.,.,.- 'ff 3' i LANDMARKS OF DISTINCTION Phone 44491 E : I i ,ml EARL R. THOMAS T i Q All Work Guaranteed Z '-ij M 4031 MACARTHUR AVE. 7 Richmond 22, Va. Q if 'ilu H 2 i Egg,:,.S E GENERAL REPAIRING 1 U . ff GOODYEAR TIRES ' -""l:m, Q- 5 :T AND BATTERIES z I 3 Um, 2 E ! E 451 ' ..- N, W 3 L Ja .4 V -.......... ---.-- ....-....-....-m......-.... -.---- ....-mf. z -f -- ' E I .......-. ................ L E ' M ":" T I I : i LIGHTHOUSES AT CAPE : HENRY, VIRGINIA 2 E Compliments of I ATLANTIC LIFE I T M I SO CO I C g I INSURANCE COMPANY T 0 L N N -7 N - i I . . 2 DIRECTING THE WAY TOWARD 2 Plumbmg Supphes FINANCIAL SECURITY SINCE THE T - TURN OF THE CENTURY Richmond, Virginia Z ORGANIZED 1899 5 I I Oil-un-un 11-1-1 nu--nu-nu-un 1-111-11 Inl1u0!o 4'-HII1'IH 11111111 llllllli 1 """"l' X. Z f fe I X L, 1 f X L17 ff 1 If 7 VIKGIUIA , AL0mJoLId Bw. , T CDUTRDLBD. ' 1" ,, I T.iI",a..,f'Il I T' f s... THE 1949 WEB 4...-........ .--- .--- - ------- I I-I-I-I---9 ' I For A Rea! Clemzizzg Service I Semi It To U5 WESTHAMPTON CLEANING l COMPANY l 514 Libbie Ave, l -1- -1- I T I WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE I CAMPUS SHOP l KELLER HALL l oQo-w,..u..1-.11...111..-.111111 'P I l CLAIBORNE ,,1m.1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1IIII1IIII1Im1mI1Im1nu1nn1un- ...,,....,., ......... ..-...- . ...-....--4. u1,I..1.111111111111.1..11Im1mI.- ITHH11111ii'11111ii11I1n,,1IIn- .,1m,1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1IuI1nu- ADVERTISEMENTS 'Q' l UNIVERSITY PHARMACY I ! 5514 Grove Avenue I -k 5 "The U11izfersity's Student Center" 1 4-8474 -....-....- .. .... - - - - -..n-........-...,....... - - - -I..-,.,.-.,!. -I- l 1 L. T. WRIGHT DRUG CO. I L. H. HALL, Prop. I Lombardy and Broad Sts. Phone 4-7711 Richmond, Va. I aio-uu1uu 1111111111111111 Im-Im1u!. nina-:In-nu 1-----1111--111 I-un-nn-gi. LET I AND W H I T T E T I : I P R I N T Q TAYLOR INC. I T - I I I + il? I 2 I 2 I I E CONSTRUCTION if - A E Q : I I WHITTET 8. SHEPPERSON RICHMOND I 2 VIRCEINIA R I C H M O N D -5- I-II - -I--I ---- - 1- - IIKI - - I-II - -I-- ------- I -- -'-- -I+ -1-- "-' - -"f ---------------- f'-' - I University of Richmond ADVERTISEMENTS I I I I 1------H-'-H'--W "'- -M- 1-'- ---H- f--- ----------------------- ---- f--- - - - M-H----A f i j o. T. GRAHAM o. J: GRAHAM E. M. GRAHAM GRAHAM BROTHERS i General Contmctorf i 709 Miiiiiai Building Dial 2-0059 S I I ! P. O. Box 388 - i I RICHMOND,VIRGINIA 1 iw- ii-i ---------- - - ------------------------- - - -"H-"P 'fm' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'M"""'m""'A"A'A'M"'A"""'n"'n"1'1'n"'W""'n'"""'A"m""""'' ' 'M' """A'A"m" ' ' 'mi' 1211-13 BELLEVUE Avn. DIAL 5-8621 i Northside Delivery i I -i-...- .... -.-------- - --- ---i - iiii - ---i -0- f-1- - --'- -0- ---i - -i-' - --'- - -'-' - III- - '-'1 ------- --i- - --i- -I----------1-5 A -I A X 1,1-k-:S 5-'L-,fifi X X xr ff 'X--f f N XC! ..1 Z , , X "S . X I wg gi!-'ix v im' .l iil L X if THE 1949 WEB ADVERTISEMENTS +,,.,,,, 1,11111 iilillliii 11111111111 - - -1 1 1nn--uu-nn-luu--lm-ml--uu1uu14, 5 5 E Q l L ! .l . I i T f 1 - I E T r I Q i - 1 Q 1 1 Q - 1 - I - " REO CKY" I ' I Rockingham is well educated foo! 1 Q Rockingham Clothes have earned a high degree of l merit through the years. I Q Q ff' E N ,,,. r T OMR c L o 'r H E s F o n M e n IR-'R ' wamwtwzwmnxwtwl il Phone STORE T800 WEST BROAD STREET 6-1567 Factory 1400 W. Marshall Street l - T fi---W -------------- ...-.--.... ..-........... .... - . .g University of Richmond ADVERTISEMENTS . :gnu-un1.um1nn1lm1.nn...nn1nn1.nn1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,1,,,,1,, 'S' i l I Z l - n ' l E PET ICE CREAM - MQWWQE ' E E i . . i - Dally Fresh Whole M11k 5 - 2AmdZfm!n and WHMW: ff: ""' I f Daily Fresh Sweet Cream I E I ...... W-u.,-..n-..,-.., - .... - ..., - - .... - .... - .... - .... ............... - - - - - - -g -3---M ----- --'- - W- ---- ---H- -1-- - -'-f - ---' - f--- ----- --lv - -'-- - ---' - -xfb - '-'- - ---- - '-'f - ---- -M- ---- - --'- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- -:-- ---- - 1--- - ---- - ---- ------ - E DANIA CATERING SERVICE f 5414 LAKESIDE AVENUE Richmond, Virginia f rmmm-mu --fr ---- ---, ---- ---- -QE -1-- -.-y ----------------- 1-1f -----------W4 ---- 1-1- ---- ---f ---- -l-- --l- ---- -1-y --l- U 1 -. . I. .,, A 'v. n. .,. ' ,E ,. , ,W . - T-II Lp , T 'sf!, ' 'lt ' , I ntsrre ' K gl' ' ?E4xw! . K I x ' f Sf 11' gn" K SX -Ep:iE. S .stir ji SIS EE -1 :::'55 .Es Ggfig 353 THE 1949 WEB 4,,,-,, ..... ....... . .,.-.t... .. -.,.-.n-H..-,.,.,.g. I l l , I RICHMOND VALETERIA, INC. I I I 1 Cleaning and Pressing I CATERING TO RICI-IMOND'S MOST I FASTIDIOUS T I E I 2705 W. Broad St. Richmond, Va. I 2 T Phone 5-2849 -5-...t........ - .. ... .. -,...-....-.,....n-n-I..- .. - - - -.,..-,.g. .gn-.,.... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -....-..... 5 l , I 5 I TELEPHONE 7-4524 'S' 1 R. E. B. BLANTON, INC. I s T U D E B A K E R I I 520 W. Broad Street Richmond, Virginia I l T R. E. B. BLANTON, President 1 I i ll'fe Pay Cusb For Your Car - . .f.-..........1 1 1 ..,..,.....,-.n.-.n...n..1.n.-nn- 1.n.1 ... .. 1 1........i, +,.....n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ... 1 1 1 1 .. ..........,...- I IOS. T. MOORE - REALTORS l I 1 I Builders of Modern Homes I l I 415 Cowardin Ave. I l RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 1 Phone 5-8690 T - I I - I 4- ....-. ....-...... I- . .- -. ...... ....-1.5. 'IM' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "W"l""I'T T I U lj . The G. G. Moss Co., Inc. I n l I Auto Supplies ID UI - I l I fig--un-uu1utt -11-1---11-11111 nn1ng!. University of Richmond ADVERTISEMENT S +n1tIu-tt 1 -tttt-ntt-Iut-ntt--nu-un-nu-tttt1tttt1Itn1tt-t1ttn1ttu1Itu1 4, ARNETTE ICE CREAM CO. Manufnftzzrers and Distributors 0 Pine Ire Cream ak 5121 West Broad Street f RICHMOND - VIRGINIA .uu1tm1. 1 u1un1u1 1 1ttn...tm1mt1tm1ntt.-tttt1.ntt1tnt...mt1M1 1 1 1 CHAS. E. SAVEDGE CLEANING WORKS CLEANING, PRIESSING, DYEINC AND REPAIRING "NONE BETTERL' Yam' Work Especially Soliviled Dial 5-3258 3106 West Cary Richmond, Va. 4...-.n-.. ----........ - - -.,,,1ttut.1 1 THE DIETZ PRESS, INC. Printing and Publishing 112 East Cary Street Rinnnnnnd 19, Virginia Every Year Write for Catalog of Books The Stratford Hill Country Club RICHMOND, VA. Phone 84-4001 1 1 1 1 1tttt-txt:-nu-stu-IIII1 1 1 1 1 1m1ut1tut1 1 1 ..- 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 Street .g.-....-.. ---..----...--. - ..- 4. mt1 ADVERTISEMENTS ,. vfvu- IIII -II --1---- llvu - un-n ------ -m.-,...-,!, I For THE FINEST BAKERY PRODUCTS , fix ,, I 4' if .. , f ,L-in 'E-' 'W." T- ,, -gif i - Z 4 rgi!flil5 " l L . 'xl 2732 WEST BROAD ST. . lll'V'.4-"f f: -'W ' 'A 'U i s We Deliver Dial 5-1735 'EE. A --1-- - ---- - ----- ------ A -- .--. - ---- -M.---.H--.-.---l L New Apartments for Married Couples l- Iyll - IIII - Iyly - Illl -ml ----- Ixlx - M- llll - -m- - - 4. I - W' "" ' "" ' z i . Greetings from E E New Orleans Baptist Theological l Dial 5-8693 Boulevard at Kensington Ave. ? Seminary ' Offering Your Graduates Standard Courses and I Degrees. : SU'I'herIand'Br0Wn S l Theology, B-D-, Th-M-, Th-D- Funeral Home, Incorporated Q Religious Education, B.R.E., and M.R.E. Z Q 1220 Wasliington Avenue ' - l New Orleans 15, LOulSlaI12l Ambulance Service i ROLAND Q. LEAVELL, Prefidefzt A . i l -i--M- -'-' - -m-- ---' - ---' - ---- -'--1-w- -'-- - "-1 -'-u- 1-" - -'-' - ---' - Iil- - - - -'-' --4- - -Iff --I ---------- - - - - - - ---H--1+ Q' if-SHLQWQ ..,, 56? gqf my :walls - o :'I5nf,i ,ru-of-E2-'Toyz . L. , 2 5 K ir : ,,L V E :I 0 O O ll Q ,,1. Z Q 'Mele O 7 i J6'g,,fri'? Q X S A s 3 l' llwlxjf ,ll Y X ,r -on 1 I1 'A 4 2 V l JQW X K i V 5 , V I l l l lil X w 1 X aff T, w w w l, O A.. 1 2 E Il I I R 0 so H - f I X l X l ll l fe T Il I i O 1 l X l J-, 'Q ii 6 1 XX, ll I ,YZ fqfujx O ff M ee- 5- N12 S or so I H X fs" J X ll J!! MH xl XXXNQXXX X X X or , , ..--- X I Z! 1 'gf V ' . ",v' 11. X X. xxx? f sl tsl",-I-' 1 I ff , , , -fy. Y , 1 'l'l'R'l Wm ix XXQ- ,fax W M mx lil I l wi LOU SEEN L M f ll z' l I Hpqlli ? i l 1 l J rtxslx 1 llwgf i 1 l T T l 1 T f 1 I l 1 I. i 1 I K I 5 A . ll THE 1949 WEB , L 'B fi " :K 'S A + 'v-,DG 4 'J 112' v 41'- -r-, .. 2- ..,, f .-If wh., 1 ,R If .1 ,'ll Q, 5 xii 1 l N TIN P, .. A 1 , if lg ff w. Q 1 ,....N, 'vu -. L ,. ,. 1' . Fil , '. Af . :"'L-r v' ff A . T 'ifzff'-Hn .wi 1 in .X ,T ,L ,, A K ' ' .Qin F fc 1, U'- rf: 'r .',. w' sl' .Y J - x Gi 3' -:tv fi Q1 W gi-',b,gf .-,,-jiri.. V H ' lAw 1 -- 348.-S cj F!! - 'Z F I . . , n JV: .1 F, K . X V I ff ff 'fa-H - a Y' 1 ,flip .T 'nj X . A ' 'X W , 1.33 Q 1 , I 'rf

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