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N ii AA: .. ' ' r ,., in 1-"T ' " 'bw -' 'auto Og 'f I-S-I., W 1- 44 . O III f -4' P A .1 X , a . gI 1 R' " I . AWIQ ,Ain D I 5-4 P . va I . w .3 7 I' ' II . w 5 . . . ' . 4 itmi A' A - ' Q 0' 5 3. 5 :I II ,I I 3 ,. III, -i ,I . . ' I .II II oi.: I qu. . Y a -- Q Y .- bb .' 1 '- - O. Q' 'Ek 'J' ffl Y 'L ' Q- I, 4 J 1 I . iff! ' C .- f1"'ef "' v Ai- ' . ""' JI" ...I ". Ag, -. ' ' , -4 31' .- -fha'-51 .. -,..4,.. .'-.1 'z asm- v -f ' .1 H 4l'A.'f"'. 'A V Q 1 if 'A' 'r ' - " . M5-"4 " A is SA A A ' A f ' q..'.' :."2 tt lrnf. tlltl. 'AAA' . -1 " ' P 5 "A" 'AA A AA-5-A3L""l Ai . A .MQ . AA Q Q ' 1' ' 1 v "3 , 29.4 I 'ge"l-?Qj"I' .I '1'1,,c - I- M- ' ' I ' ?If Iwi 'l. i .--""'AQ,," 1 ,I 4. - f f- - -- ..' -1--f. 'faq . 'Au ,v'lW x I. I A 4 ' ' 9' :'a. HA I 1 -i'-1-.M Qf'p'.'fT.. - ' " 9" -' M LN, 1 . 1- . III It-,,. 'Tig .gy . 1 - f 5.: . 1-u-3---,,I' .. . , fa .. - .ff -- '4 .,x. . I II III I vnu ,'.I,IIgI ,p I I ,. .IIe.II-I.. . Iv It 1 II., ,II ,I- 'R 5 J-.,LSTAAA Aff' A ' 1 -- ' QA' A AA' , V - r A A A 15 ' TI: . ,I I A7- I . -' 1' - . va' .ILM-5g.'fII1I I I' o,I nd ,:u.'I,,,T II 3-I V -Lf? T- Ip bg, gi'-I. I :I . - Wh I. Q ,- er F, - -T51 :I-In IJ:-'.Iq'I .III 'f ' ., -1 '. I- , ' 5 I ' J 1- 'N -n ., .44 , .49 ff. 144' . u' -'., ' . f 'Q " 'Wi S "-' -J ,- I -I gIIvI,IgI va,-.LII I,II ,I II I?-It II,eI..l-I Q ,., ' I. , I1 II. Is, G I, I I .' II. -I-'u,? 1 qv , x ' 0143. - f'-f' , . - , Ir, f 4, 1 ,a AA.1",5'z".r' ' A 9 NAA 7- '40 'Q' Q in . ,- 4 . 4 1 I .- .. I . - ' yn I qt WJ 1 ' uv IA A','pA 'WA ,a','--A . .J ffi':"3', -- J A iv is III, 5 J . ., IA Iii. -- fp Q-.' u. ',.,I,:j . a , --' , 1 ini- ' sl ', ' " Q .A 1 'QU lj "' . 'I , ' . I,, ' . I 'fy 4.4-9 a H Q -iv: 35' ? -. 2-- - IJ-fe, . fa . 4: - I .I Q I v . I 'Y ,I -QIIIQWQ4 Il , , , I.,J. , .' QI ' . 1, ,Q 5'-. 1, 5' , .. .I I 1 .II .I A 1-I .rf IIIIQIIEIIF IL- I In IIIIKI III -o 5. VT ' ' -J. ' '- .1213-V .' L "- Af " 1- . . - 'T 5 HI! .I . 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IGI , 'IIA I,II Ii -'VII OI, III' M . -:I I - at I I - I , .I " .5 --F ,..-, , 5- "-4l-'-e.fJv-,g- I- .Q ' Q- .4 ..-f-, -I , . I-P I A ' ,H iff II -- 1' I IIIi,a' I a I 'U-gi' MAI, , II SI I- "' I 1.-5, Q - ' NJ 'inhg II II Ar A.r K ' A' 'Z' ""i'f" 4 'A--A 'Asif' A 'G V3 if + ' ,.. " A A9 . r Vg, ' '- r- -, . 'Qi'IIgfv.'s- A-,Q ul, 1 Q 4' A- ,-f ,. 0 'ii fl' ' . 5' " I. 3, II I .I ,- If Ig' ILIII F. I I1 I , I ga .I adv AI . . 'J 3, v - , .-I -- 1 -I , -.L-. ' 1 32" 1.4" . I Ii, 4 , -1 g . II' I IL I I III . It III IJ!! II I, ' -I .I III-II 'i s. , -I I. I ,-wI?..,1 rf.. I. 1 . - .I ' - - -. 4- .af 1- : - . . . 4 - . f A- .X--2f..:.--... ff-,,,.f-- A I . .- .I I' . , ' , , v I 4 . - I ,I I . I I . I I I , I nf- - a ."1f' ' ve' 'M A infix.. -gf - -- - - ' A ' '13,- . 1. r- -Silt' , ' f - e - x - ' - . . - Q 1. - .e . f.. - - ' I- 1 -'J - -12. - .- A'-V ., f 'Mr' ' 4- -.ff fn' ' 5 2- "'.A1A-A' A - ' 12,-:P f' , 4 ,r I, . . II ' I , I , -i',I".,I'ij .I , '- II.. 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Lv-J.-0' 1 - . - I - .61 -,.'-6' -ifff 95. 5 A " NKA ' y ix '- 'ITU im V' AJ' 'A A A A"A Vg- 4 L Q n A A HA' .A - ' I 1- t Q' ' - I ,N -W, ws. Q." IIg -. - ,'II13.' IF-QI . K l.w-'QQAI' ,gr . 'Y 'U -' - - -' - Q+'f-IM' --T' 2- L -rwffsf ., , .- v A N f '- . -.-- .,- - - .,,f ' - . fs- -- w '---fx.-'-- f . 51+ . - - , W. H. V' A V T -A 13 VWAA AA1 Ak ' Q Q1 , A:?""lA'Q1Av V 1" . A A vw I A. AA 4. , L Q. ni'-,INI I -4'-I '-,. 5 - -,xg '- i --gf -1. F QI I ' -Q s '1 f . , ' rg ' ' Qa'9.f"'Iw4t",aS: D '- ' - f Ai' Q " -N I A' ' I - mt' ,IT I 'II fx ' A - 'V . ..,'i."'Au..fQ4'5m.--'-A." ' ' : - 4 H it-. -'g.-H' . . , L V50 'v ',-li. -' 5.-' B+' F' ' A ' JI." '1'-,6,,J-H "1 ,L ffl? 'Q . w . J' " - ' ' -' F I . I' ' .I I I QNI II.IIfq Ii -A - ,, II - , f 'U III1...- w 5-,III I a , . I Im I0 F ' gm I 1'-In .-F - . .-- - 'wi-if-" ' - - + -.1 f -- .ri 1 - - . I .I ' 1' .,I,. , -. I. II I I I I ,I I , - A ""' 'A ' 1.-A " ' A' -, .JT -' -. '. -' - .I ' I Y III . -Jil I . fly! Q . g I 4-I 5 ,I Id 24 III I I 0 ' ,Qi ' "I -' ',,, , -'I .IH .I 5-I ? I' Ig-N I-:., 1 5" ' , f . .I I III f ,I I I V. V M.. A L " , Q." 'A' If .5 gc.-.Rf-9' A ' I. - I - , 'f'- I ' .' Q.. 0- , .fi-', , 5.-,,,6a M,-, .. 3 . ---Id'--. 1 ' A 4 1 ' . "Ai A' ' YI . 'H A". hi' - 514 - 4 .' 9 N " ' - W . , , , I , , 4 - 'R 1 . . , - . - . QI . r I A B? . 357. X' - - , v I,-.+I 4- 0 I I FII'-Ip, II-II-,I III' I-y, 4L WI .,I - .- Ii .I - I LI., - 'I I " I . II.: H I IIII 'I I I II yb I I I I A I I I I I . JI. A I' I I-152. I IVI I I 'II' 'L 'II. -I. ',.. IPI-IIII I , III ' .II 4 I -. L f I . gr' -- . , I- - I - I I I II . IVR -.QF I, I up I, ,I ax - 'I' II. vii.: 'A I-QP q Q QI I .Is si - '- ' , ' :'- - - , - 1 . -r . A -9 1, -.m f ., ., f 'gI4.f 'V .V ' ':- ,, ' ' .af I - -"QI 4. I. -iI I I.. I . 'I kg, Ill Syn. pI, I' II .Jig YI' 4, - IIII.I II ny' - Q ' - .- .f . f:S f - At l I if I -. '-'F'-.'"-' ' 'r' ' ' - 'Q U' wifi' - - . II ,I ..I I . QI ,I ..,-, I I. II I III' Q . I . 'As U . "H" -"if SA I,4" A II' :I,q,- '. 'f- AA 'MQ A-,cr I 'V' -Q f A ., I I vf,,III,I.I I: .IL .I im. , Q4 It I I . fvII- ' 1 ...II N F 9 'II ,I UQIQIIM in II I 'Lift --I. . I' 4 - ' I 1 III t- -w 1 I P . IlIAgIvgiI I -I:.,,, I II., m.JII,iQ. I I I 'III II II .1 'II V I -hw 0' .--HI IIII I I II I III CIIII I II, .II Q . .AI Im' .I 1. ,li -a ' 'Fu -1 -fl gi 'Q' t,- J . V - . I '."' - III 1 . If 5 4, 5, in - I I ,I . 4' I ' A I ' ' 'Q .2, " ,- I II -- I 3 II , II 53 II I' III' Rh I Liu? I . I .J I 'Q' I 5 --I II,III ,I '.I I 'QI n, A . A' AU' -A' " D, lf' I ".A-'ff ' - - 5' ' U A F A II I ' If Q ,Ik , I I I 1 ,-.-.I , I -.I .I -4, I I I aI I I I K .I 'I .. .I I ,.., 1. I. ,I ,II I ,I I I .I 'I I I y , . - :ag II I.-an I I S QI. 'img Eg ,: 7,94 4. ' AI , ' . . , I n' KN , wt I ,I I ' A . I II . .- dig - II U I I -I - .HQ Q ' a EE 7?:?AA'f3..hA iA1",A A A ,I '-.A ' " A- A --2, A " f ..'A fig ' ' -J f ' H 'A 'E AA..--,gII'.I'f' 14 II.. A". .- aA"', ."f ' . ' , I f .I '- ' I' ., 'I . 'A ,,."' 'Ip 'A4,I 'rid + I . 'I , II! I I, II ,AI-LLI -,UI II ax I3 1 .f II k I 0 ' II1, . I rl J' 5' "- -' ' - " '- 9 ' 'il-1, " ..-55 .. 9 .. f ' '-I xiff? V. I f' ' J-pr. a . f . s.-' .A ,:,.t ' 'I , ",.IIIf ."If "Q ffl' '3xI,.wII,,-.I:-"-- ' ' 0 ff- I .QW I -. :QI if-VII, 4 2 ,I-9 III II . QA Y AAA' A ,Qc V . ' 6 A A 'A ' ' - " " . 1 5, . I LH ' . I I. Us - I I ,,. Q I , - I, -I ' " wha? 'A'--4-i f.".."" -' - " ', J . Q 'V I 'L .aa-I-I ,i-lm! J... ' ,I lf. - N J I :I I4 , , I F. . 5 - 1 .I , - 4 8 1 I ' -f I . . 'Q-Iyr 4 I' . f W ' .E3:'AA'f,'I.R AI 'A ' -fly. . 'Eg .I .Ig ,I . I V Q 1 II . .I I 5 7"lJ,4 . P -fmrp. .I:A:f, T ,ff u .I I I .I if - ..II.IfIIIIIAIII I UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND VIRGINIA COPYRIGHT, 1940 LOUIS RICHARD FARBER EDITOR-IN-CI-IIEE MILDRED COLOTA BURNETTE WESZTHAIVIPTON EDITOR E. PARKER BROWN LAW SCHOOL EDITOR ROBERT CLYDE MOORE BUSINESS MANAGER hh P X. 1 :W ash .. lf. ,,-5-Wm , K V r ' E 2 'fi . Q. ., my WN . J 3 1 AQ ' 1949 QVEB ZZZIL flfllllm 1840-1940 Cenfenn1'ajAnn1'uerSary ' U 1fz1'Uers1'fy OjfR7.CZ1W1OVlL17 ,. QQ J 3:-'Tx Nff-fm ! 'fu ., , -- ' '21 ' r f VA."., N., A fn, Q-H xxwl Q "'-.:.fg:EiEY ,.Vl,y' W'-2 -AQ,-xi. 1 I + , , Q f-M! ,ff QM JV'-M. . Q A Q CQ TE FOREWORD . DEDICATION . 1840-1940 ..... ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS . FACULTY ..... STUDENT GOVERNMENT . SENIOR CLASS . . . JUNIOR CLASS . . SOPHOMORE CLASS . FRESHMAN CLASS . LAW SCHOOL ...... RICHMOND COLLEGE ATHLETICS . WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE ATHLETICS . ACTIVITIES ....... FRATERNITIES . SPONSORS . MAY DAY . DIRECTORY . PAGE . Fine . Six . . Eight . Thirteen . Fonrteen . Eighteen . Twenty-one . Seventy . Eighty-one . Eighty-nine . . . . Ninety-Jeven . One Hundred and Thirteen . One Hundred and Tbirly-two . One Hundred and Forty-jizfe . One Hnncireezf and Sixty-six . One Hnndreez' and Ninety-five One Hnizdred and Ninety-eight . One Hnneired eine! Ninety-nine A HUNDRED YEARS it only a moment in hif- tory-yet this moment if molding ax into what we are to he. In this fraetion of time that we have Jpent here we have felt the impreff of the moment. In thif zfolnme we hazfe Joztght to hring to life a gain the laft of the firxt hnna'rea' yearf ana' pre- Jerve it in thif manner for oar fntnre enjoyment. If jayt one memory if Jtirrea' in fntare dayy when we glanee at theye pagef-the ena'eazfor of thi! 1940 Web will have been saeeefsfnl. REW RD DEDI ATI BECAUSE we refpect, aa'rnire, ana' love thenz for their anfweroing loyalty ana' sincere dedica- tion of their lizfef to the U nizferfityg BECAUSE of the infpiration ana' zeal they have inytillea' in n5,' BECAUSE they 1'6ll'71'6567ll the trite spirit of tolerance, growth, ana' intelligenceg BECAUSE they are living exarnlDle5 of the Jpirit of the U nioerfity, we, the Jtaj of the 1940 Web feeling that we expreys the elefirex of the Jtaajent hotly, feel honorea' in a'ea'ieating thif oolanre to: DR. WILLIAM ASBURY HARRIS DR. ROBERT EDWIN GAINES DR. FREDERIC WILLIAM BOATWRIGHT DR. SAMUEL CHILES MITCHELL X lv-w Aff' . X 1. ,,f, 'mf' QE. X- 1 f Q? 1 2 ix X x 7 N. RQ, fl. ' 1 M, A f mi I fb EgY1.'55xSM X ,Q 1 X, X X T3 Q31 ,,.,,,, 1 ,, KN lx X. 5 f , -xv, ' Q R 7 ,Q ,f 1 fi '21 if 97 5 J 7 ,Q , K? ak. ,A 3 W ,,,, Robert Ryland , rrederic W. Boafwrfi S40 1840 WAS A GREAT YEAR in the history of the Univer- sity of Richmond, for it was at that time that the Vir- ginia General Assembly chartered Richmond College to replace the Virginia Baptist Seminary. Thus it was that the institution "cast aside the clothing of the infant Seminary and emerged into the full estate of manhood." The Seminary, located at what is now the corner of Lombardy and Grace Streets, however, continued to function while the plans for the opening of the College were being made. Finally, in january, 1845, grounds and buildings, valued at 3520,000.00g a library of seven hundred volumes, seven teachers, and sixty-eight stu- dents of which twenty-one were ministerial beneficiaries were transferred to the control of the Trustees of Rich- mond College. At this time only freshman and sophomore courses were in the curriculum, but in 1845 a junior year was added and in 1848 the senior year. In 1849 the first de- grees were conferred. At that time the degree of Bache- lor of Arts was conferred upon Poindexter Smith Hen- son, the eloquent and inimitable gift of Virginia to the leading pulpits of Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, and Boston, and on Josiah Ryland, teacher, soldier, merchant and for years senior member of the Board of Trustees. From 1850 to 1860 the College grew steadily, not only in size but also in the quality of its teaching and in public esteem. The average enrollment of students Eigfu' ght 1940 was approximately 121, the total graduates for this period sixty-eight. The endowment grew to seventy-five thousand dollars and thus made possible the erection of the north wing of the main building. Thus it was that the buildings, grounds, endowment, faculty, and scien- tific equipment, while seeming puny in the present day, compared very favorably with the other Virginia col- leges of that period. No sketch of the history of the University of Rich- mond would be complete without mention of Dr. Robert Ryland. It was he who in 1832 as the only teacher in the Seminary and as its president in the formative years that followed, formulated the policies and ideals that are still a part of the University. His great strength of character, high ideals, resoluteness of purpose and absolute un- selfishness cause his rugged figure to stand out as a great educator and teacher. His influence abides. The Civil War struck the College with devastating effect. Many of her most promising alumni and students were lost on the battlefields. Study was completely sus- pended, and when the tide of battle had surged past, all that was left of the school were a few defaced buildings, stripped of their contents. The library, endowments, and scientific equipment had all been swept ruthlessly away. To those who had nurtured the College this must have seemed to be the end of all their dreams, hopes, and ideals. However, the spirit of the College was too strong to be crushed, and on October 1, 1866, thanks to the gifts of friends of the school, the doors were reopened, and classes resumed. At this time a Committee on Reorgani- zation advanced five recommendations which were "radi- cal and significant in the general field of education." The most important of these was that the English lan- guage was to be put on the same plane as the ancient and modern languages. Richmond College was the first to make this change in Virginia. Steadily strength returned to the College until at the close of the nineteenth century the perpetuity of the College was reasonably certain. Due to the Herculean efforts on the part of the trustees enough money was obtained with which to erect new buildings. The first addition was the building of a center struc- ture for the original four-story edifice that faced Broad Street. On the first Hoor was the auditorium which seated some five hundred people. This building was completed upon the addition of the south wing some years later. Here was housed the library. When com- pleted the whole structure had the shape of the letter H. Two cottages which served as dormitories were soon acquired and a little later a dining hall, known to the students as "The Hotel" was added. This was a step forward, for it reduced to a minimum the expenses of the resident students. In the midst of the new buildings stood Columbia Hall, the original College building. Columbia, with its great rooms and halls, through whose doors many a col- lege student for over one hundred years has passed, still proud and erect stands as a constant reminder of yester- year in Virginia. It is the one remaining link between the old Seminary and the modern University. As the school grew in this post-war period, two societies made their debut on the campus, the Mu Sigma Rho and Philologian literary societies. The halls in which the societies met on Friday nights were well furnished with armchairs, rostra, rugs, curtains, and well selected libraries. Each so- ciety published a weekly paper, The Philologiah Clzzrric Gem and The Mzz Sigma Rho Star. The publications were not printed but were handwritten. This state of affairs could not con- tinue, so one boy, who possessed a small printing press issued a modest sheet called The ZVIe1'rz11'y. This later gave way to Monthly Mzzrizzgf, a stu- dent publication with the motto: "Maiden Meditation, Fancy-Free." This periodical developed into The Richmond Coflege Merrezzger. The success of the literary societies prompted a few groups of students to form secret organizations. This move met with the disfavor of some of the friends and patrons of the College, but their objections were over- come and three fraternities appeared on the campus. They were Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Alpha, and Phi Delta Theta. Two of these organizations had halls on the fourth floor of the central building while the third one was located in the town. One of the men who helped the College the most during the critical years that followed the Civil War was Dr. L. M. Curry. He first served the College as professor of English, Moral Philosophy, and lecturer on Law, later he became President of the Board of Trustees. A great educator and an equally great gentle- man, Dr. Curry's name will forever stand as one of Rich- mond College's immortals. Thus, as we approach 1895, we come to the close of an era in University of Richmond history, an era of hardship and privation through which the College could not have endured had it not been for the strength of the men who guided its destinies. Now, however, the worst was over, the College had survived, the com- ing era could only be one of prosperity in which the school would undergo many major changes. In 1899 the Trustees of Richmond College voted to discontinue the policy, which had been in effect since 1865, of having the College administered by the chair- man of the faculty, and voted instead to have a presi- dent. The Trustees decided that F. W. Boatwright was the best suited for the position. Mr. Boatwright enrolled as a student at the College in 1883, and had been award- ed the Degree of Master of Arts in 1888. In 1899 he went abroad to study and at that time was selected for the chair of Modern Languages. On December 11, 1897, "Columbia," now part of the Law School, was in 1854 the Main College Building. Nine he was called to the Presidency and on january 1, 1898. he formally accepted, taking office on june 24 of that year. The first thing that President Boatwright did was to campaign for enough money to erect a science building. In 1898 the building was completed and paid for. Soon after this he began raising money for a new dormitory to 2 e' iv A 1 ix!! ' .' Q. yt 2 its 24 ' , 75 F- -S' lk.. pr V' , - Scene OU fl'l6 Pl'CSEI'1t CEUTIPLIS. be situated on the Broad Street side of the campus, and this was erected in 1899. The success of these building campaigns, largely' due to the new Presidents personal efforts, stands as a testimony to the vigor and wisdom of his administration. In june of 1898 the Trustees voted to open the school's doors to women. The girls were required to be eighteen years old, or over, and to satisfy the President that they were fitted to enroll in at least three of a number of designated classes. They were to be eligible for all Ten degrees, distinctions, and diplomas that the College of- fered. Four young women registered in the session that followed. From this modest start the number of women students grew steadily until 1914 when changes that took place in the policy of the institution, provided for Westhampton College. g In the years that followed 1895 public sentiment had grown in favor of a woman's college. The campaign for the new school was started in 1906 and extended to 1913. The General Education Board offered 3B150,000.00 towards the formation of the new school provided that it be matched with 35350000.00 raised from other sources. Dr. B. C. Henning began the task of acquiring the funds but was forced to resign in December of 1911. President Boatwright thereupon took up the cam- paign and completed it. This fund made the building of Westhampton College possible. Prior to this, however, the Trustees of Richmond Col- lege had been pondering over the problem of expanding the institution with opinion divided as to whether or not the location should be changed. In 1910 it was decided to move the school to Westhampton on two hundred ninety-three acres of property, one hundred of which had been given to the College outright. At this time the Trustees provided for an rlZlfOl10llI01l.1' W'o111rnz'.f Coflege to be erected on the new campus. This plan of coordinate education was adopted. since many Virginians were opposed as to co-education. v ln the fall of 1914 the colleges occupied the new site and opened for work. It seemed that Fate must have been against this move because for the second time in the school's history a war dealt it a devastating blow. The Trustees had depended on financing the new enter- prise by selling the old campus, but the World War caused real estate prices to drop so low that the land could not be sold for a reasonable sum. Thus, the school for the first time was heavily in debt. After America entered the war, the government, in 1918, took over the new campus and used it as a hos- pital. This forced the College back to its old site where it remained until the Armistice when it returned to West- hampton. With the return of peace the price of land rose again, thus making possible the sale of the valuable old prop- erty. The revenue from this paid off the principal and interest on the University's debts and provided suf- ficient funds to finance the erection of the Chemistry Building. Once again the future looked bright for the University. As the first hundred years draw to a close, plans are already under way for a greater University. The pro- posed Student Activities Building is no longer a dream but instead is fast approaching reality. May Richmond further herself as much in the next century' as she did in the last. Library nz' lzigbl. 2, . RiL'l,77Il0lld College Dining Hall CIIIIIPIIS winter sfezze. Thomas Hall. eter Hall at night Campus spring scene. DR. FREDERIC W. BOATWRIGHT Pl'E,!'ld6lIl University ot Riciinionct Actniinistrative Qtticers DR. RAYMOND B. PINCHBECK Dean, Rirlwzolm' College MAX' L. KELLER Deniz, lVe5flv,w1pf011 College MALCOLM R. DOUBLES Demi, T. C. II"illiav1z5 Sflmol 0fLL1ll Tlvirleezz CHARLES LEONARD ALBRIGHT A r mfi.1fc' Pr'' of Pby.i'lu' B.S., Coe Collegeg M.S., Ph.D., University of Iowa. ROBERT COLLINS ASTROP Pr-oferior of Pryrbology A.B., Randolph-Macon College, M.A., Uni- versity of Virginiag Graduate Student, Co- lumbia University. JOHN WENDELL BAILEY Profelymr' of Biology B.S., MS., Mississippi State College: A.B., A.M., Cornell Universityg M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. LEWIS FRANKLIN BALL A,ili.vl,111f Profe.u.ror of Efzglillv A.B., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. JAMES HARMON BARNETT, JR. Profeuor of Lau' B.S., Georetown College, LL.B., Univer- sity of Richmond, LL.M., Harvard Law School. FREDERIC WILLIAM BOATWRIGHT Preridezzl of the Uzzizferrity M.A., Richmond College, LL.D., Mercer University, Georgetown College, and Bay- lor Universityg Graduate Student, Halle, Sorbonne, and Leipsic Universities. SHERLOCK BRONSON Imfrzzrfor in Applied Etozzozfzlrx LI..B., T. C. Williams School of Law, Uni- versity of Richmond. EDWARD GRAHAM CALE fI,fl'oz'llJfc' Profeiior' of EL'Ul10Nllt',s' .HMI Applied Erfnzomirr B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. MERTON EZRA CARVER flriiiftzzzf Professor of Pjyclyology and Sociology A.B., M.A., University of Rochester, Ph.D. Harvard University. RALPH T. CATTERALL Auoritzre Pz'ofe.i.ror of Lau' BA., LL.B., Harvard Law School. WILLIAM FREDERICK CAYLOR Ayioritzfe P1-ofeipror of Sptnzirb M.A., Mercer University. SOLON BOLIVAR COUSINS P1'ofe.v.vo1' of Bible B.A., D.D., Mercer University, Student University of Edinburg. FANNY GRAVES CRENSHAW Direrfor of Pbyriml Edzzmflozz B.A., Bryn Mawr, Graduate Student, Co- lumbia University. 1 WILLIAM SAMUEL CUDLIPP, JR.'ltIlU Pl'01IL9.f,l07' of Lau' l LL.B., University of Richmond. MALCOLM RAY DOUBLES Dean of Lau' St-bool and P7'0fL'.l'.f07' of Lau' B.S., Davidson Collerzeg LL.B., University of Richmond, J.D., University of Chicago. JOHN FENLON Fmrbzmrzz Coach B.S., George Washington University. ROBERT EDWIN GAINES Profeisor of Mtzlbevmlirr M.A., Litt.D., Furman University, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University. WILLIAM JUDSON GAINES Profeuor of RUNZJIZFE Lmzgzmger A.B., University of South Carolina, M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsing Graduate Student, Sorbonne. MARION AUSTIN GREENE Profe.r.ro1' of French .md Sptzzziyb A.B., Tufts College: M.A., Radcliffe Col- lege, Graduate Student, Yale University, University of Grenoble Summer School, Sorbonne, University of Madrid Summer School, University of Santander Summer School. FACULTY MEMBERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. A. Albright, R. C. Astrop, J. W. Bailey, L, F. Ball, J. H. Barnett, Jr., Sherlock Bronson, E. G. Cale, M. E. Carver, R. T. Catterall, W. F. Caylor, F. G. Crenshaw, W. S. Cudlipp, Jr John Fenlon, R. E. Gaines, W. Gaines. -7 fourteen IDX 455 FACULTY MEMBERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. M. M. Grubbs, W. B. Hackley, H. B. Handy, C. W. Haquist, E. M. Harker, Rolvix Harlan, Isabel Harris, W. A. Harris, B. C. Holtzclaw, C. W. Lampson, T. E. Lavender, S. M. MRS. MARY MOLINE GRUBBS Ifzrlrzzrfor in Pfvyrictzl Edlfmliozz B.S., Simmons College, Graduate, Bouve- Boston School of Physical Education. WOODFORD BROADUS HACKLEY Arrorirzfe Profeiror of Lario B.A., University of Virginia, M.A., North- western University, A.M., Harvard Univer- sity, Columbia University, johns Hopkins University, University of Berlin. HENRY BRANTLY HANDY Profe.r.ior of E7?k'flj.lZ7 B.A., M.A., Richmond College, Graduate Student, Columbia University. CARL WALDEMAR HAQUIST I12.rtr11rIo1' in Biology Ph.B., Brown University, Ph.D., Yale Uni- versity. EDITH M. HARKER Profcirof' of Vocal Motif B.A., Westhampton College, Pupil of Fred- erick Zuchtmann, Max Spicker, summer courses with Frank La Forge, George Fer- guson, Sergi Klibansky, and Westminster Choir School. ROLVIX HARLAN Profe.r.ror of Sociology and Social Etbirr A.B., M.A., George Washington Univer- sity, Ph.D., University of Chicago. Lough, R. E. Loving, C. S. Lutz, D. Mays. ISABEL HARRIS Al',t'0ffrlf? Profeipror of Mtzfbefmzlicr B.A., Richmond College, M.A., Columbia University, Graduate Student, University of Chicago. WILLIAM ASBURY HARRIS Profeipror of Greek rum' Lrzlio M.A., Richmond College, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University. FLETCHER HENDERSON Profe.r.ror of Engliib B.A., George Washington. LOUIS SHEPPARD HERRINK Arrocirzfe Proferior of Lrzzr' B.A., Randolph-Macon College, LL.B., Har- vard Law School. BENJAMIN CLARK HOLTZCLAW Profeilror of,bby A.B., Mercer University, B.A., M.A., Ox- ford University, Ph.D., Cornell University. MAY LANSFIELD KELLER Dean and Proferror of Englirb A.B., Goucher College, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Holder of the Gou- cher College Foreign Fellowship, Graduate Student, Universities of Berlin and Heidel- berg. CURTIS WILLIAM LAMPSON I lzrfrzzrlor in Pfayyrirr B.S., EE., South Dakota State College, M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. THOMAS E. LAVENDER Proferror of Pbiloropby B.A., University of Alabama, M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. SUSAN MADELINE LOUGH Proferror of Hirzory B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. ROBERT EDWARD LOVING Proferror of Pbyrirr B.A., M.A., Richmond College, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University, Graduate Stu- dent, Cornell University. CAROLINE STOOKEY LUTZ Proferror of Eoglirb B.A., Goucher College, M.A., Columbia University, Harvard Summer School, Uni- versity of Illinois, Oxford-Cambridge Sum- mer School. DAVIS JOHN MAYS Irzrfrzzrfor in Applied Ecofzomim' Randolph-Macon College, LL.B., T. C. Wil- liams School of Law, University of Rich- mond. Fifteen RALPH CLIPMAN MCDANEL Profeuw' of f'III1c'l'it'JII Hiyfui'-y B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Co- lumbia University, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University, Graduate Institute of Interna- tional Studies, Geneva. V SAMUEL CHII.ES MITCHELL Prufeiwr' of 1'1iilury .zmf Puliliml Srielzre M.A., Georgetown College, Ph.D., Univer- sity of Chicago, LI-.D., Brown University. GEORGE MATTHEWS MODLIN Dirermr of Elelljllg Sriwul of Bliiiiieir f'IdIllilli.lfI'.IfiUII .md Pmfeiiw' of EL'0Il0N1iL'.l BA., XX'ake Forest College, M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. HAZEL IONE MOSES Muiir Profe.i.i0r B.A., Hunter College, Harp Student of Mildred Dillind, New York, and Henriette Renie, Paris, pupil of Henry T, Fleck, New York, in theory, harmony, counterpoint, and compositiong piano instruction with Visansl-ca, pupil of Leschetizky. WILLIAM TAYLOR MUSE Ar.r0ri.1!e Pr0fe.u0z' of Lau' BA., LL.B., University of Richmond, S.-ID., Harvard Law School. HUGH I. MYERS fliiiiltulf Prr1fe.f,rw' of Biology A.B., Mississippi College, M.A., Univer- sity of Richmond, Ph.D., Brown University. MARGARET NOLTING A.u.uuri.1Ie Pr0fe.ii'0r' of Pfyrbuiogy .md Hygiene M.D., Medical College of Virginia. MRS. BETTY BURNS NUCKOLS A.r.ri.if.1i1f Pr0y'e.u'or of Ezzglirb B.A., M.A., University of Richmond. EDWARD CRONIN PEPLE!If Profeiror of English BA., University of Richmond, M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. JOHN STANTCN PIERCE A.i.iari.zte Profeuor of Cbemiilry BS., Georgetown, M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois. RAYMOND BENNETT PINCH BECK Detm of Rirbmomi College' and Profexror of Applied Ecozzozzziri B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Virginia. MALCOLM U. PITT Arriimzzt Coach BA., University of Richmond. WILLIAM LOFTIN PRINCE Profeiiror of Education A.B., Richmond College, M.A., Columbia University. EUGENE KERFOOT RITTER A.i'i'irIa12t Proferror of Mdfb?ll1dlit'J' B.A., University of Richmond, M.A. Uni- versity of Virginia. MARGOT S. RAGLAND Profeiror of Vocal Mirrir Pupil of Adele Laeis Baldwin, Frank La Forge, Corinne Rider-Kelsey in New York, Student of Salignac of Opera Comique in Paris, Litvinne of the Opera, and jean de Reszke. MAJORIE RIVENBURG Auiilmzf Proferror of Ltzlin B.A., Wellesly, M.A., Bucknell, M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. MARGARET ROSS Airorirzle Profermr of Engliib B.A., Allegheny College, M.A., University of Pennsylvania. GARNETT RYLAND P1'0fei1i'0r Of Cfyellliitry M.A., Richmond College, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University. FACULTY MEMBERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. C. McDanel, S. C. Mitchell, G. M. Modlin, W. T. Muse, H. I. Myers, ' E. C. Peple, S. Pierce, W. L. Prince, E. K. Ritter, Marjorie Rivenburg, Margaret Ross, Garnett Ryland, William Ward Seward, jr., Marcia Silvette, N. W. Skinner. Sixteen FACULTY MEMBERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. F. Smart, W. Smithers, S. W. Stevenson, G. F. Thistlethwaite, H. P. Thomas, Pauline Turnbull, Grace Watkins, C. H. Wheeler, III, Ruth Whittredge, A. I. Whitenfish, Alton Williams, WILLIAINI WARD SEWARD, JR. Profeimr of Efzgliify B.A., University of Richmond. MARCIA SILVETTE I11tl1'11ff0r in Aff Student of Ellis M. Silvette and at National Academy of Design, exhibited in National Academy of Design, New York, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., and other galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. N. WILFORD SKINNER Irzifrzzrfor in Gernzrzrz B.A., Ohio Universityg M.A., Indiana Uni- versity. ROBERT FORTE SIVIART A.f.l'0l'jalf? Profei mr of Biology B.A., Mississippi College, M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. JOHN WESTWOOD SMITI-IERS Pr0fe.ii0f' of Lau' B.S., LL.B., University of Richmond, Grad- uate Work, Harvard Law School. SAMUEL WHITEFIELD STEVENSON A.l'l'l7l'FtlfL' Pmftfiim' of Efzgliifa B.A., University of North Carolina, M.A., Ph.D., -Iohn Hopkins University. M. H. Woodtin, C. B. Wray, I. G. Wright. GLENN F. THISTLETHWAITE Dirertor of Pla-yiirxil Edfmzljmz B.S., Earlham College: University of Wis- consin. HERMAN POLLARD THOMAS Aimrhzle Pmfeimr of Emzzrmzirr and Applierf Emfzrmzici B.A. Richmond Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Virginiag Columbia University. PAULINE TURNBULL Aiiufirzle Profeimr of Lrzlixz. .md Registrar B.A., Syracuse Universityg M.A., University of Pennsylvania. GRACE WATKINS Ariocitlfe Pmfeirrn' of Sfllmjliffllff-1' B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Boa- ton University. CHARLES H. WHEELER, III Attrlfirlle P1'0fe,tm1' of Alrzfbelllrlfici S.B., Washington and jefferson College: Ph.D., johns Hopkins University. RUTH XVI-IITTREDGE Atfj.s'It11II Prufeiirzr nf French B.A., Welleslyg M.A., Radcliffe. ABRAM I. WHITENEISH f1i1ifsI.17Il Profeiim' of Clbcfllljlflibl' B.S., University of Richmondg M.A., Ph.D. Duke University. l 1 i ALTON WILLIAMS Aiiiilrnll Profeimr in English in Charge of Drrzmrz A.B., Fresno State College: M.A., Univer' sity of North Carolina. GRACE STARR WENDT Prnferrw' of A1111-if Pupil of Max Swarthout, Alexander Raab, Luther Conradi, John Powell, in piano, Eric DeLamarter, in organ1 Graduate of Chicago Musical College, Master Classes, 1928, 19513 Summer School, Comb's Col- lege of Music, Philadelphia, 1956. ELLAWORTH WILTSHIRE Ai'im'ft1fe Pr0fe.vrw' of Ltlll' B.A., LL.B., University of Virginia, S.j.D., Harvard Law School. IVIAUDE HOWLETT WOODFIN ,'liim'ir11e Profermr of Hillary .md Polifirrzl Sviwzfe B.A., Westhampton Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. CHARLES B. WRAY Profewof' of Arcrzznzfizzg B.B.S., North Georgia Agricultural College, M.B.A., New York University. JEAN GRAY WRIGHT Proferror of Frwzfb B.A., Bryn Mawr College: M.A., Univer- sity of Pennsylvaniag Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. Serezzteell Ric lmoncl Colle e tuclent Government l 111.-mi H. RFlNllNF, Presitlent l5lWXY','XIllJ Bnixcse, Vice President lf.-xt'!.SAUN11?ia, -lli.,SCC1'CTLlI'Y lol I9 R IARHFR T ie isuru SFNfv1'oits-AT-I.ARcQF Leif fu righf: Willitiiii Burge, Wiiltei' Gillette, Stewart HENRY BLACK Representative to Board of Publi- cations Hoskins, Ricliurd Humbert. EDWIN MEIKRICK Representative tt Athletic Board HONOR COUNCIL IAISFT TU RIQQHT: Simpson Williains, Ed Arendall, Wtalter Bass, Royill Brfmdis Cfmzimm Carlton Wliitliltcli, Carlson Thomas, Robert Kell, and Henry Garnett We tliampton Colle e tudent Government ANNABEL LUMPKIN CHARLOTTE ANN ,IEANNE HUFI-'MAN RosAL1E CI.,-xRY HARRIETT YEAMANS President DICKINSON Treasurer Secretary Day Student Repre- Vice President sentative fa Qt X I , ,l ffvii. M':'Xh?'ii 32919 R' if -' fimw ' NIILDRED JAMES MARY SUE CARTER ALICE lVfCEl.ROY CARoLINE IDOYLIT Mortar Board Chairman, Honor H'.W,C.A. Presi- Athletic Associa- President Council dent tion President it L, , "X" l X' E, - .1 'i A 511721 , . " Qu-'f,. f"??Mf,f'f'X'2 I j' 2 1 If 4faQ'Z1:w,3v, ::ff'. A 1 NIARY ALICE ETHNE FLANNAGAN ANN OARES SMITH Sophomore Rep- Freshman Repre- Junior Represent- resentative sentative ative HONOR COUNCIL. LEFT TO RIGHT: Evelyn Pomeroy, Eleanor Parsons, Mary Sue Carter, Maude Smith, Annabel Lumpkin 4- .as V K, '5 gi 1 KZ? 52 x ' vs, We 1 4 X 6 Flower Bird Snowballizzg Recreation Muslnifzg Snow Battle! A11 ice time! 3? E V 'sf 1 , .1 I ,G .YQ-y' i .f - 2 me X Q 6 ' 5. f L , 5,5 ff.: J an Q .- -STH W 0 I 4 I .IL ' I . I ,. Li L- I. 1- a - L 1- ha X W ' i"" 'f A i' f Y , .-: I' Q51 'T 5 I '1 in H ' .' 5 o -- - A Q , . 8 ' r ls- -3 . 1 14' . Q. . I qs, I, 4- v I I K -.Tx , '4'. . is L , .Q N, - . av H I 4 it . . f f',' I rv F 0 . 4 , Q A ik.. ul' i4 i I I 1 . I, ,V 1 -1 '1 a aff!" - ,, 1 f w'g, Q ' 1 We, ffze Rfcfamonczf Coffege Seniors, never forget. . . "WHAT IS A FRESHMANPH "How is the cow?" "The V. C. will meet tonight and you are cordially invitedf' "Off the grass, freshman." "Come along with us, freshman, we Eta Bita Pi's will see that you get the right profs and that no soph will molest you." Rat Parade. Pajama Parade. Barn hre. Elec- tions and first politics. William and Mary O, U. of R. 6. Away with rat caps. Kay Keyser. Our glorious soph year. "Hey, Freshman." President Stoneburner goes in the lake. A great dance sponsored by us and the freshmen. Ed Mer- rick stars on the football team. "Stookie" Hoskins gets up a protective agency for the freshmen. Strange goings on in the playhouse sponsored by Saunier, Maner, Brandis and company. The show must go on, however, and so while "Bo" Gillette was winning presidency of our junior class over in the playhouse Carlson Thomas was showing Prof. some real acting. Examinations were still feared but not with the same fear that came our freshman year. Hal Kemp. junior year-Hoskins on the freshmen. What kids the freshmen seemed. Frank Crouch and Donald Murrill become synonymous with the Physics department. Merrick equals football and becomes a southern gentleman. Cornwall and Flos- sie. Saunier and Wiley. The S.A.E.'s and P.D.T.'s in full swing again. Intramural competition hot- ter than ever. Gillette and the prom. The kiss. Hal Kemp. William and Mary loses again. Burge, Hos- kins, and Ely on the basketball squad. Bill ReMine and Politics. Noffsinger and Politics. Abernethy and Politics. Stoneburner vs. ReMine. Dickinson vs. Abeloff. State baseball champs. jordan takes the Collegian. Our senior year. President Dickinson. President of Student Government ReMine. President of O.D.K. Saunier. Politics, dances, athletics, edi- torials, dates, trips, meetings, and, yes, classes also. Saunier and campus reforms. Student government catches h - - - from the Collegian. Collegian also catches h - - - from Student Government. Chapel. Processions. We file applications for degrees. The Skrontch society becomes mature. Campus carni- val again bigger and better than ever. Icfrozft De- light. Union blacklist and Tutwiler. Cooperative party vs. Progressive again. The value of good pub- licity. Brandis and Mary. One hundredth anniver- sary. Baggs, Moore, and Tutwiler sell ads. jordan, Bass, and Farber get gray hair. Younts, Kervan, Dickinson, and Abernethy vs. Neasmith. Watts and the water carnival. Siegal takes the debate team to Florida. Maner and surrealism. Whitlatch and Loving overshadow Whitlatch and University Players. See Bruno. Vaughan the strikeout king. Phi Betas-Bass, Brandis, Ende, Frederickson, jones, jordan, Morton, Noffsinger, Sanger, Stone- burner, Siegel. Graduation night. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Enders Dick- inson, Preridenf: Porter Vaughan, Semrforx Henry Black. Vire- Preridenff and Bob Talley, Tl'6r1.flll'6l'. 1411 ezzfy- 0 ue To renzemfver ajfzfeijfozzr years at W esffmmpfon . . . "FR1is1-IMAN! Say hello!" "Areyo11 a Westhamp- ton girl foo?" 'Upperclassmen first!" Doors to hold, long lines of Sophomores passing. "Water, Freshman!" "Very important Freshman class meet- ing" and Tommie looking stern. "Freshmen should be respectful." "May I go through the Front Arch?" Annabel Lumpkin heading the class. Big sisters. Kiddie Party-Alys as Donald Duck. Rat Night-and dozens of Senior names to learn. Submath or else. Song Contest, and millions of words to learn. "Do the girls cut on the boys? Gosh! " Lantern Night. Commencement-' 'Will we ever be Seniors?" We won the Mortar Board Cup. "So Sophomores have privileges." "Hey, Fresh- man, watch it!" Doors held for us. Song Contest, and victory for us. Color Drgan-"but where can we have it?" Mildred james at the helm and Mary Sue to pester the Freshmen. Dates on Wednesday nights-whee! May Day Co-ed-yards and yards of flowers. Queens Room for Alice. And then the Daisy Chain, beginning at four A.M. Miles and miles of daisies. "Chief says fill the truck." "just tie them on!!-but not so easy. Wearing white, Big Sisters in caps and gowns-Daisy Chain pil- lars. Again the Mortar Board Cup, Commence- ment---Big Sisters graduating. As Juniors we felt pretty old and dignified. The class had really become a unit, too. Little Sisters of our own. Plans for the glorious prom-Commit tee meetings till midnight. junior-Freshman Wed- ding. And the Prom-an Ice Carnival! "Susie" queening it among the icicles. "I-Iow can you paint a tree white?" President Mary Sue Carter, small package, dynamite. May Day and the archery con- test. Commencement time-"Golly! It'll be us next year!" Final Co-ed-Art of Tomorrow, the Worlds Fair theme gone haywire. Mortar Board tappings-Mildred james, Mabel Leigh Rooke, Marie Keyser, Alice McElroy, Mary Sue Carter, Dell Williams-solemn candlelight. Senior seats in Chapel. Politics in the air-"Who will be Chair- man, and President?" And goodbye to Senior friends. Seniors at last. Caps and Gowns for Chapel, first Academic Procession. Senior Show plans-Sit ln' Bull it was. May Day all year round-casting and chorus in the fall. President Dell Williams, Anna- bel Student Government President, Mary Sue Chairman of Honor Council. Mary Sue as a puppet. Diamonds and fraternity pins popping up. TKA taps two, PBK six. PDE conference. jobs, jobs, who's got 'em? May Day-Queen Kitty Wicker. And the Greek Play-our hopes at last. King Sad- dye Thoas and his wig and beard! "Pray for sun- shine!'! Last Chapel-Seniors with rosebuds-- "Where, oh, where are the stately Seniors Pl' Exams -for the last time-imagine! Teas, Luncheons, the Garden Party, invitations, presents-and Com- mencement. "This time it really is we who are leaving." "Was it really four years?'! WESTHAMPTON SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Emma Lou Parsons, Tl'C'fJ.l7ll'6l',' Katherine Lyle, I"ire-Pmiridezzf.' Patricia Ioblin, Sef1'effzry.' Mrs. Dallas Grubbs, Cfrzfr SlD0lI.f0l',' Dell Williams, Pvwidefzl. Tzrwzfy-I ll in ALFRED CHESTER AARONS BRONX, NEW YORK Af7fl!fL't1I2f for BA. Degree fb A Intramural Athletics: Deans List. VINCENT REED ADAMS, JR. RED OAK, VIRGINIA Apfvliuzfzf for BS. Degree in B11 IIIIEJQI' Alf77IjlZl,lfl'rIfj0II E A E Intramural Athletics, Mu Sigma Rho ' Literary Society, 1. DAVID DEXTER ABELDEE RICHIVIDND, VIRGINIA Alfvjvffmfzf for BS. Degree cl: A Phi Beta Kappag Collegian Staff, 2, 3 Sports' Managing Editor, 4, Class Treas- urer, 31 Intramural Athleticsg Basket- ball, lg Glee Club, 1, Radio Guild, 2 S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 2, 5, Presi dent, 4: Camera Club, President, 41 Chem istry Club, Treasurer, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabi net, 5, Forensic Council, 4, Interfrater- nity Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Alpha Presi dent, 4, Phi Alpha National Distinguish ed Undergraduate Award Plaque, Inter mediate I-Ionorsg Deans List. F 1 ,gdb rx Y ,Q JOHN PIERCE ABERNETHY, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Af7f7ljL'tlI1f fm' BA. Degree 115 I' A Web Staff, 2, Assistant Editor, SQ Class Vice-President, 13 Tennis Team, 2, 5, Cap- tain, 41 Philologian Literary Society, 2g Debate Team, Zg Intramural Athletics: Harlequin Club, 5, 4. Tufelzfy-flvrec JOSE ANDONEGUI RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Aflfvlirtzzzl for BA. Dc'grt'0 T1l'6lIfJ'-f0lIl' EMMETT HARVEY ANDERSON, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afvjrlictlzzf fm' BMI. Degree S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1, Secre- tary, 2, Treasurer, 5, Intermediate Honors, Dean's List. WILLIAM THOMAS ALLMAN, JR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajrjwfirtznl for B.S. Degree WILBUR JAMES BAGGS, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvjvffunzf for BA. Degree K E Pi Delta Epsilung Web Business Staff, I, 2, Organization Manager, 3, Collegian Business Staff, 2, Assistant Business Man- ager, 5, Business Manager, 4, Class Vice- Presiclent, 51 Intramural Athletics, Glee Club, Y.M.C,A. Cabinet, 2, 3, Philologian Literary Society, 2, Forensic Council: Har- lequin Club, 43 Deans List. JOHN MUSE BAREFORD OZEANA, VIRGINIA Applirrzzzf for BA. Degree A X A Collegian Staff. 1, 2, Intramural Ath- letics, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Radio Guild, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 3, 4, Interfraternity Council, 5, 4. ARTHUR CHARLES BECK, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliranf for B.S. Degree in B1zri11e,r,r Adnzinirtmfiozz AXA Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Mu Omicron, Collegian Business Staff 1, Advertising Manager, 2, Business Manager, 3, Hand- book Business Manager, 4, Intramural Athletics, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Y.M.C.A. President, 4, Harlequin Club, 3, 4, Economics Association Secretary- Treasurer, 4. RAUL BENJAMIN BARRERAS MOROVIS, PUERTO RICO Afvplirrnzt for BS. Degree Transfer from Polytechnic Institute of Puerto Rico, Intramural Athletics. W MX WALTER ELBERTH BASS DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Xijvjwfirzzzzf for BA, Degree E A E Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Mes- senger Assistant Editor, 3, Editor, 4, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 1, 2, Honor Council, Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 5, 4, Intermediate Honors, Dean's List. Twenty-fiz e' O fb fl x HORACE ARMSTEAD BLACKLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afvf1fir1nzf for BS. Degree in B11 vine v r AdlIljIlj,lf7'rlff0ll Alpha Mu Omicrong Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club President, 4. Tu 'elzfy-fix JOSEPH FRANCIS BLACK, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afvjrlimzzf for BA. Degree 00 X Intramural Athleticsg Biology Club, 2, 3, 4, Harlequin Club, 3, 4. HENRY WITTLER BLACK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apfvlimzzf for B.S. Degree in B11 fjzzeo Adnzizzirlrizfiozz K A Alpha Mu Omicron, Board of Publica- tionsg Collegian Business Staff, 21 Class ViceePresident, 43 Intramural Athleticsg Harlequin Club, Band, 1, 2, President, 5, 41 Philologian Literary Society, 43 Inter- fraternity Council: Economics Associationg President, Alpha Mu Omicron, 43 Presi- dent, Kappa Alpha, Deans List. RAY SELDON BOISSEAU, IR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afvfvfimlzf fm' BS. Degree in Bzzmzcw v Admrzzrvfnzfzozz S. C. Mitchell'Literary Society, 2, Economics Association, 3, 4. HENRY LAWRENCE BOOKER, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajlfvlimzzl for B.S. Degree in B11 rizzeiu Adlzzizzivlrnzliwi KID K E Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. ROYALL BRANDIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirazzf for BA. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Mu Omicrong Collegian Staff, 1, 2, 5, 45 Current Events Commentator, 2, 3, 4, Messenger Assistant Editor, 2, 33 Intramural Athletics: De- bate Team, 2, 5, 4, Forensic Council, 3, 4, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1, 2, Presi- dent, 33 Economics Association, 3, Presi- dent, 4g Honor Council, 3, Chairman, 43 Sckrontch Society. EDWARD LEWIS BRAGG RICHIVIQND, VIRGINIA fifvjvlimzzl for BS. Degree CID A 00 Student Government Vice-President, Var- sity Football, 2, 3, fig Varsity Basketball, 2, 5, -ig Varsity Track, Freshman Footballg Varsity Club, Chemistry Clubg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Harlequin Clubg Interfraternity Council. I . 69 "rx Y Q EFX ERNEST LINWOOD BRANDIS, 'IR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA xifgtvffvazzf for BA. Degree E CIP E Alpha Delta, Cheer Leader. 21 President, S, C. Mitchell Literary Society, Forensic Council, Treasurer, 3. Tzrelztq'-.re1'c 11 O P' t Hb fl X 0 ! u X WILLIAM JEFFERSON CASH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvjvfiixzrzl for BS. Degree in Blllfllvll Adnfizziifmfiuzl CID K A Alph.t Mu Omicrong Intramural Athletics, Interfraternity Relations Committee, Chair- mang Harlequin Clubg Interfruternity Councilg Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 43 Economics Association, Vice-President, 4g Account- ing Clubg Intermediate Honorag Deans List, T14'cf11ly-eight WILLIAM BROWN BURGE, JR, MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA fljvflfimzzf fur Bfl, Drgqrue A X A Clam Vice-President, 2g Senator'-at-large Freshman Football, Baseball, Basketball isit Foothill 4 AllSt1te 11 XILI1 y z,2,5,ff -1 QQVQ1 Sify B21Sli6flW21ll, 2. 5, 41 Varsity Baseball, 2. 5, 43 Varsity Clubg Interfraternity Council: Philologian Literary Societyg Harlequin Club. THOMAS HENRY BRUNO RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvjflirrnzl for B.S. Degree in .Bllljllflt Adzzzizzirfnzfiwz E fb E Freshman Traclcg Rowing Club, Coxswain, 3, 4g S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Presi- clent, 41 Economics Club, 3, -ig Aviation Club: Accounting Club. 2. CHARLES CLEVELAND COATES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvfvlirtlzzf for B.A. Degree Intramural Athleticsg Mu Sigma Rho Liter- ary Societyq Chemistry Clubg Biology Club. EUGENE W. K. CORNWELL, JR. FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA fllf7f71fL'r1lZf for Bfl. Degree fID I' A Intramural Athleticsg University Players, 4. ENDERS DICKINSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjfliuzzzf for BS. Degree in Bzmizzerv Adlzzjlzivfzuzlimz KID I' A Class Presitlent, 11 Class President, 43 Freshman Football, Trackg Varsity Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Athleticsg Tennis Managerg Interfraternity Council. I I JOHN IRVIN CREWS SAXE, VIRGINIA flflpljlllllf for BS. Dugwt' in Bzzuzmfw v Arflfflzzllfnllmfl K E Baseball Nlanagerg Society. KY O IJRANKLIN MADISON CRUUCIPI RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fljlfvfirxzzzf for BS. Degree Sigma Pi Signing Intramural Atlmleticsg Radio Guiltlg Band, I, 2, 51 Glee Club. Tzzwzfy-zljlfe bf l I-IATCHER SNEAD ELLIOTT WINFALL, VIRGINIA flffjrfjaxllll fm' 13.14. Degree' E1 A E Alpha Mu Omicrung Freshman Track, Var- sity Track, Frmhman Cross Country, Var- sity Cross Country, 2, 3, Captain, 41 Intra- mural Athletics, Varsity Club: President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 7lf7jl'f"j' FORREST EMMETT EGGLESTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Affjvlimrzl for BS. Degree in Blllfllkll Adl?lfI1flIl'.lffl!ll BRANCH ANTONIO DINWIDDIE, JR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvpliuuzl for B.S, Degree in Bffiizzeii fILiI?!Il2IlfI'.If1Ul.7 Glee Cluh, 1, Z, 3, -I. ROBERT B. ELIVIORI3 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flfljvfirizzzf for BA. Degree KIJ li 2 Frcslunan Track, Glcc' Cluh, 1, 2, 5, 4. MILTON ENDE PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Ajljllirxlrlf fur BS. Degree Chemistry Club, 5. 41 Biology Clllb. 3. 4- WILLIAM WINITRED IIARLEY RICHIVIOND, VIRGINIA Ajwfflimzzf for BA. Degree fl? I' A Crew, 3. 41 Intramural Athleticsg Biology Club. LOUIS RICHARD FARBER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afrfvlirznzf fur BA. Degree Omicron Delta Kappa, Editor Web, 4g Treasurer Student Government, 4g Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 5, Vice-Presi- dent, 4, President, 43 Forensic Councilg Intramural Athletics: Deans List. I ,xdl lx 7 Q WILSON LEE FARIS AFTON, VIRGINIA Afvlffliazzzf for BA. Degwe Freshman Football, Baslcetlwallg Varsity Foothall, 2, 5, -4, Intramural Athleticx. Thirty-wie HENRY LEE FOSTER BRQOKNEAL, VIRGINIA Ajljvlimrzl fm' BA. Degwrf' Transfer from Blueheld Junior College Alpha Delta, Choir, 3, Vice-President, 4 Glee Cluh, 3, blg Ministerial Assuciatiun, 5, Tli7if'fJ'-fl! '0 CHARLES PHILLIPS FORD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fIf7f7!fL'.1I1f for BS. Degree E A E Class Treasurer, lg Harlequin Club, 3, 4. ROBERT HENRY FENNELL, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fIf7.f7!1:L'rll2f for BS. Degree Chemistry Club, 3, 41 Eiulugy Club, 4. DANIEL WEBSTER FOWLER KVASHINGTON, D. C. Ajrfiliinnzr for BA. Degree E A E Alpha Delta, Mu Sigma Rho Literary So- ciety, 1, Vice-President, 2, Secretary, 3: Y.M.C.VA. 1, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, Vespers Committee, 3, 43 Ministerial Agsociationg Dean's List. JAMES MONROE FREDERICKSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjwliazzzf for B.S. Degree Phi Beta Kappa: Chemistry Club, 1, 2, 5, Vice-President, 4, Intermediate Honorsg Deans List. WALTER BOOTH GILLETTE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applfmrzf for BA. Degree KID K E Omicron Delta Kappag Advertising Staff Web, 1, Managing Editor Web, 2g As- sistant Business Manager Web, 5, 43 Col- legian Staff, 1g Sports Managing Editor, 2g Senator, 13 Class President, 32 Senator- at-large, 4: Intramural Athletics. IYIARIO AGUSTO GAMBOA SAN -IOSE, COSTA RICO flfrfrfirilrzl for Bri. Degree II K A Cross Countryg Crewg Intramural Athletics. , X KENNETH FRED GARRISON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apfwlimfzf for BS. Degree Chemistry Club, 3, 4g Sigma Pi Sigma. Tfairlj -three O ec - tb fo , Q X MILARD PHILIP HABOUSI-I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flfwfllirtzzzf for BS. Degree Collegian Staff, 23 Chemistry Club, 4. 7If7jl'f"l7-!f!lll' AUSTIN ERNEST GRIGG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Affjllirizlzf for BA. Degree IT K A Alpha Mu Omicrong Collegian Sports Staff, 1, Feature Sports Editor, 2, Intra- mural Athleticsg Psychology Club Secretary, 3, President, 4. HAROLD IACKSON GORDON, JR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimzzzl for B.A, Degree Alpha Mu Omicron, Rho Eta Sigmag Trans- fer from Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Collegian Staff, 33 Fencing Team, 2, 5, 4g S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 51 Dez1n's List. GARLAND DOUGLAS HADDOCK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvjvlimzzl for BA. Degree E A ,E Alpha Mu Omicron, Rho Eta Sigmag Col- legian Staff, 2, Forensic Council, 41 S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 2, Treasurer, 3, Vice-Presiclent, 43 Glee Club, 1, 2, Treas- urer, 4. ROBERT DEITRICK HAM RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Af7f7lfL'iIlIf for Bri. Degree II K A Intramural Athletics. HENRY GERALD HELLER ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY Applfftlllf for BS. Degree Transfer from Indiana University, Orches tra, Philologian Literary Sucietyg Chemis- try Clubg Intramural Athletics, Dean's List. ALVIN F. HARRIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fifvfvfimfll fur BJ-1. Degree K A S JAMES FREDERICK HART RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Xljrjflimfzl for BS. Degree Blziizzeli Atf111i11isIr.1ljw1 Alpha Mu Omicrung Glee Clu Y.M.C.A. Cahinetg Intermediate Deans List. in bl' - v Hmmm Tfairlvt STUART W. HQSKINS FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA Applimzzt for BA. Degree 2 A E Freshman Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Football, Z, 3, 4, Varsity Basket- ball, 2, 5, Captain, 4 fAll-Statejg Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Intramural Ath- letics, Senator-at-large. Thirty-Jix HARVEY HAROLD HOBGOOD LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA flf7f7ljL'rll2f for BA. Degree 2 A E Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball, 2, Cheer Leader, 1, 2, 3, Head Cheer Leader, 4, Intramural Athletics, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, Philologian Literary Society, 4, Choir, Harlequin Club. RUSSELL EDWARD HERRING, JR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvplmuzf for BS. Degree E A E Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Collegian Reporter, 1, Varsity Track, 2, 5, 4, Cross Country, 5, 4, Varsity Club, 4, Inter- mediate Honors, Deans List. RAYIVIORID FRANKLIN HOUGH SALEM, VIRGINIA fl,i1pfir.111Z for BA. Degree K 2 ' Transfer from Mars Hill College, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Athletics. JULIAN HUDSON HILL, JR, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliiwzt for B.S. Degree in Bzniueo fI6?II.'IlliItIl11flf1IZ A M 07 EDWIN B. JOHNSTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimzzf for BA. Degree S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1, 2, 5, 4, Economics Association. LUTHER BARNUM JENKINS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fifvfvlirizfzl fm' BS. Degree in Bzztizzeo Adzfzfzzfifmfjwz IIDFA Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Mu Omicrong Collegian Staff, 1, Soorts Managing Eflitor, 2, Sports Eclitor, 3, Web Staff, I, Assistant Sports Editor, 2. Assistant Editor, 31 Fresh- man Football Managerg Varsity Basket- ball Managerg University Players, Varsity Club. I ,269 R Y O MILTON JOEL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apfvfiistzzzf fm' BA. Degree Transfer from University of Viriniag Psychology Club, Vice-Presidentg Aviation Club, Vice-Presidentg Economics Asso- ciation. Tlvi1'fy-Jezfefz f' O Dy. Lb , x WILLIAM F. KAYHOE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fljfplirnzzzf fur BS. Degree in Blrrifleui fILYJN!l7Il,lf7'rIfIU7! Tbi1'IJ'-elgbf EKIDE JOI-IN EIVIORY JORDAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA .tljrjrfirunzf fur BA. Degree CD I' A Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Col- legian Staff, 1, Feature Editor, 2, Man- aging Editor, 3, Editor, 4, Assistant Edi- tor Spider Handbookg Assistant Track Manager, 1, 2, Debate Team, 2, 3, 4, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1, 2, 4, Presi- dent, 5: Forensic Council President, 41 Intermediate Honors, Deans List, JOI-IN SPREULL JONES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirrzzzt for B.S. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Mu Omicrong Crew, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Intermediate Honorsg Deans List. GEORGE THEROS KERHULAS SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Applicrzzzl for BS. Degree in Bzzrizzerr Adzizizzirinzfiozz I Intramural Athletics, S. C. Mitchell Liter ary Society, 3. JACK CHESTER KERVAN SCARSDALE, NEW YORK fif7f7ljL1llIf for B.S. Degree in BIl.l'1:l.7?.l.l' Adnzizzirfmfion K E Collegian, 11 Web, 1, Zg Intramural Ath- leticsg Crew, 2, University Players, -ig Inter- fraternity Council, 4, President of Kappa Sigma, 4. ROBERT CHARLES KRUG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjzlirzzrzl for BS. Degree A X A Chemistry Clubg Intermediate Honorsg Deans List. JOHN BURWELL KING XWILMINGTON, VIRGINIA f1f7l7!fL1llIf fm' BA. Degnm' Collegian Staff, 5, Psychology Cluh, -4. 5 JOHN KORMAN, JR. QUINTON, VIRGINIA Applimzzf fmt Bu'-I. Degree Glee Club, 2, Psychology Cluh, 5, 4. TZWIJI-zzilie CLYDE BAILEY LIPSCOMB RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fiflflzflllllf for BA. Degree H K A Alpha Delta, Alpha Mu Omicrong Intra- mural Athletics, Glee Club, 1, 2, 5, 4 Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, 4 Y.M.C.A., 2g Alpha Delta Presidentg Deans List. Forly THOMAS GORDON LEWIS BRONXVILLE, NEW! YORK Afvfvlianzl for BS. Degree in BIHIIIUI1 Adzfzzzzfrfmfzozz KE Freshman Basketball, Trackg Crew Man ager, 2, 31 Intramural Athletics, Philo- lngian Literary Society, 1, I PHILLIP DRAKE LAWRENCE RICHINIOND, VIRGINIA Ajvplirmzl fm' B.S. Degree 2 A E Sigma Pi Sigmag Web Staffg Chemistry Clubg Deans List. MACON MEVILLE LONG, IR. ST. PAUL, VIRGINIA Ajvplimzzf for BA. Degree Assistant Baseball Manager, 1, 2, 3, Man- ager, 43 Intramural Athletics, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 43 R110 Eta Sigma Secretaryg Varsity Clubg Deans List. IRVIN LUCAS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirtzzzf for BA. Degree Transfer from Mars Hill College. WILLIAM LAWTON MANER, JR. ALLENDALE, SOUTH CAROLINA Applimnt for BA. Degree fb K E Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Collegian Staff, 1, Z, 3, junior Managing Eclitor, 4, Web Staff, 1, 2g Football Man- ager, 13 Basketball Manager, 1, 23 Golf Manager, 3, 4, Fencing Team, 43 S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Treasurer, 4, University Players, 4g Sckrontch Societyg Dean's List. ROBERT E. L. IVICIXIEELY DANVILLE, VIRGINIA flp,fvlir.11zf for BJ-I. Degree E A E Alpha Delta, Cross Country, I, 2, 5, el Football Manager, 11 Intramural Athletics Mu Si ma Rho Literir Societ 1 7 E t V V, , -, Ministerial Association, 2, 43 Dean's List, I NY C9 o GUS DEAN MANDALERIS RICI-IMGND, VIRGINIA f1,fv,f1lit1z1zI for BS. Degree in B11 vjlzeo Affmilziifnzfmzl Alpha Mu Omicrong Collegian Staff, Z S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 2, 5: Eco nomics Association, 3g Intermediate Hon orsg Dean's List. Forty-one SIDNEY GRANT MORTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirarzf for BA. Degree Phi Beta Kappa: Collegian Staff, 1, Copy Editor, 2, Assistant Managing Editor, 2g S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1, 21 De- bating Teamg Intermediate I-Ionorsg Deans List. Forly-lwo ROBERT CLYDE MOORE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajrjrljrurzf for BS. Degree in Bninzeii Adzrzlrlrifriltjryzz Pi Delta Epsilong Collegian Staff, lg Web Business Staff, 1, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4g Football Manager, 1, 2, 3, 43 Coxswain Crew, 2, Intramural Athletics. EDWIN JOEL MERRICK POTTSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Afvplfmrzf for BS. Degree H K A Representative to Athletic Councilg Fresh- man Football, Baseball, Basketball, Var- sity Football, 2, 3, Captain, 41 Varsity Baseball, 21 Intramural Athleticsg Varsity Club. DONALD PITT MURRILL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afljvlimrzf for BS, Degree Sigma Pi Sigmag Math Clubg Aviation Clubg President of Sigma Pi Sigma, 45 Intermediate Honors, Dean's List. JACK RICKS NOFFSINGER ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Af7f7ljt'tI7If for BA. Degree O X Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Mu Omicron, Glee Club, 1, 2, 51 Debate Team, 1, 2, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 1, 2, Radio Guild, 1, 2, 3, Ministerial Association, 1, 5, Mu Sigma Rho, 1, Vice-President, 2, President, 3, Forensic Council, 52 Vespers Commit- tee, 3, 41 University Players, 4, Planning CUmmi5Si0n, 5, -1, ALLAN JACKSON PHAUP, IR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliuzzzf for BA. Degree 2 'FD E Rho Eta Sigma, Web Staff, 1, Intramural Athletics, Rho Eta Sigma, President. WOODROW WILSON PARIS RICHINIOND, VIRGINIA Afvjvfiazzzf for Bfl. lDeg1'ec fIP I1 A I be 'tx 7 Q RANDOLPH HENDERSON PARRISH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flpfvliriizzf for BS. Degree in BIll'1Ile'U' flifzzzlfzzslmlffnz Alpha Mu Omicron, Crew, 3, 4, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Accounting Club, Economics Association, Deans List. I:0I'f,'l'-fbl'L'6 JAMES DELBRIDGE PUGH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flfvfllirtzfzf fur B.S. Degree in Forly-four BIll1:IIUl'l Adzzzmiilmfiozz A X A JOHN FRANKLIN POWERS SOUTH NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Afvfrliazrzf for Bfl. Degree 2 A E Freshman Football, Boxing: Varsity Foot ball, 2, 5, 4, Varsity Baseball, 2, 5, 4 Intramural Athleticsg Y.M,C.A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club. GEORGE MILLER POLLARD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvplitxzrzf for BS. Degree in Bnrjzzei r Admizzirfrtzffozz CDFA Intramural Athleticsg Accounting Club, 2 Economics Association, 4. DORSEY COLE RAWLINGS FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA Applimnf for BA. Degree fb K E Alpha Mu Omicrong Intramural Athletics Psychology Club, 4. WILLIAM HERVEY REIVIINE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fIf7f7Hl'tIIIf for BS. Degree K E Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Beta Betag Collegian Staff, 1, 23 Treasurer Student Government, President Student Govern- ment, Freshman Basketball, Track, Var- sity Track, Glee Club, 1, Y.M.C.A. Cabi- net, I, 2, 3, Philologian Literary Society, 1, Vice-President, 2, President, 33 Varsity Clubg Harlequin Club, Intramural Ath- letics, Forensic Council, Board of Publica- tions, 43 Athletic Council, 43 Interfrater- nity Council, 4, President Kappa Sigma. SAUL SALISBURY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimzlf for BS. Degree CD A Chemistry Club, Intramural Athleticsg Deans List. ' -0 WILLIAM MATTHEW ROBINSON HAMPTON, VIRGINIA Ap,hlir.zz1f fm' B.S. Degree 211 Bmjfzwl fldllilllllfhlllllli fb I' A Freshman Football, Track, Varsity Foot- ball, 2, 3, Varsity Track, 2, 33 Intra- mural Athletics' Philolo ian Literar So- 1 8 Y ciety, 1, 23 Economics Association, 3, 4 Harlequin Club. l --.. 6' Y Q GEORGE ROCHKIND RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Af7f7!IL'tZllf for BS. Degree in Bmizzerl Adfzzizziilrtzfjmz KIPA Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Mu Omicronp In- tramural Athleticsg Radio Guild, 1, Eco- nomics Association, 5, -ig S. C, Mitchell Literary Society, 3, -1. lforly-jiz e O Dfj bf A-'Q X PIERRE PAUL SAUNIER, FIR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afvjvlnpzrzf fur BA. De,g'ree E flf IC Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Collegian Staff, 1, News Editor, 2, Mzlntlging Editor, 3, As- sociate Editor, 4, Messenger Associate Editor, 2, Richmond College Editor, 5, Class Secretary, 2, Secretary Student Gov- ernment, -fi, Freshman Basketball, Intra- mural Atliletics, Radio Guild, 2, Univer- sity Players, 3, 4, Debate Team, 5, Philo- logian Literary Society, 2, Vice-President, 5, President, 3, Forensic Council, 5, Bi- ology Club, 2, Y.IVI.C.A. Cabinet, 51 Choir, 3, Glee Club, 4, President Omi- cron Delta Kappa, President Pi Delta lipsilong Sckrontclw Society, Deans List. I7rn'f'y-,mix DIULIAN DOUGLAS SANGER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA XIlfPf7ljL1lI1f for BJI. Degree fIJ Ii E Plii Beta Kappa, Collegian Staff, 1, In- tramural Atlileticsg Glee Club, 1. JASON MELVIN SALSBURY RICI-IIYIOND, VIRGINIA fljljvliinnzf fmt BS. Degree in Cfaemiifry Chemistry Clulw, 2, 3, President, 4, Inter mediate Honors, Dean's List. WINFIELD M. SCOTT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajffwfitxrzzf for BMI. Degree S. fff IC Manager of Tennis, 5, 4, Intramural Atli letics, 2, 5, 4, Dean's GILBERT SIEGAL BRONX, NEW YORK Apjvlimzzf for BA. Degree CIP A Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Mu Omicron, Rho Eta Sigmag Intramural Athletics, Debate Team, 5, Manager, 41 Forensic Councilg Camera Club, 3, 41 Philologian Literary Society, 5, ViCe-Presi- dent, 43 Economics Associationg Inter- mediate I-Ionorsg Deans List. OTIS EDWARD SNOWA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirtzfzf far BS. Degree in Bnlnzei v Adzzzizzivlnzfifnz Alpha Mu Omicron. JAMES POLK SIMPSON FALMOUTH, VIRGINIA fljwjvlimzzf for Bfl, Degree Intramural Athleticsg Economics Association, 31 Frederickshurg Cluh Vice-President. l NY EDWARD SYLVESTER SINAR CLIFTON FORGE, VIRGINIA flfvjlfialllrl fm' BS. Degree E A IC Freshman Football, Freshman Trackg Varsity Foothall, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Track, 2, 3, Captain, lim Ivy-,rez'e11 SEABURY DENISON STONEBURNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvllvfimlzi for B.f1. Degree fl? I1 A Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Class Secretary, 1, Class President, 2, Class Senator, 3, Freshman Football, Basketball, Varsity Basketball, 2, 5, 4, Varsity Track, Intramural Athletics, Vice- President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Mc- Adams Award, President of Phi Gamma Delta, Intermediate Honors, Deans List. Puffy-eiglvf GEORGE AUGUSTUS STEPHENSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fllflflfflllllf for Bfl. Degree Intramural Athletics, S. C. Mitchell Liter- ary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, Inter- mediate Honors, Deans List. PARKE PURDY STARKE, JR. ASHLAND, VIRGINIA fIf7f7UL'tIIZf fm' BS. Degree Sigma Pi Sigma, Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Aviation Club, Treas- urer, Dean's List. OWEN EARLEY TATE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Ajrjffituznf fm' BS. Degree ill BIHIIIQII Admi1zi.rfr,1!i01z K A Messenger Staff, 2, 5: Richmond College Editor, -ig Philologian Literary Society, 1, 2. ROBERT VERNON TALLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimfzf for B.S. Degree in B11 rizzei r Admizziimzfimz ECIJE Class Treasurer, fig Freshman Trackg Var- sity Track, 2, 5, 43 Intramural Athletics: Varsity Club. PAUL COWAN THOMAS BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Applimzzt for B.S. Degree in Burrineri Adrzzizziifmziofz Banclg Economics Association. WARREN FRANCIS TAYLOR XVASHINGTON, D. C, fljwjfiirnzzzf for Bfl. I3egree Dean's List. 5 CARLSON RAINE THOMAS DANVILLE, VIRGINIA .flflfffitxnll for Bfl, Degree li E. Omicron Delta Kappag Hunnr Cuuncilg University Players, 2, 3, President, -ig Planning Commission, 3, -ig Interfrater- nity Councilg Harlequin Clulwg Inter- mediate Hnnursg Deans List. F0l'f.1'-IIIII6' 0 Dry, kzq, f P Q X, .WCA X T. STANFORD TUTWILER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flfffvliruzzzl for BS. Degree K A Sigma Pi Sigma, Collegian Business Staff, 1, Advertising Manager, 2, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, 32 Assistant Business Man- ager, Messenger, 5, Business Manager, 43 Fencing, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, Business Manager, 31 Chemistry Club Vice-Presi- dent, Harlequin Club, 5, Secretary, 41 Interfraternity Council, 3, 41 Chairman of Dance Committee, 41 President, Kappa Al- phag Intermediate Honors, Dean's List. Fifly WALTER SCGTT TOWNSEND PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Afvjvlirtrzzf fm- BA. Degree IIJ K E Beta Beta Betag Biology Club, 1, 2, w President, 4. VINCENT Sl-IARPE TILLER PENNINGTON GAP, VIRGINIA Afvfvfjrtnzf for BA. Degree Transfer from Mars Hill, Intramural Ath leticsg Biology Club, 41 Beta Beta Beta EARL WAYNE TYLER, DIR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afljllfrlllll fm' B.S. Degree in Bffiizzeii Arfmizziifrrzllml EIDE Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Insti- tute, Harlequin Club, Dean's List, 3, -4. vlflsiel . px ' -'A Q24 rs fa...-an EDWARD NATHANIEL ULLMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimm' for B.A. Degree Collegian Business Staff, 1, 2, 41 S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. CECIL PORTER VAUGHAN, JR. STEVENSVILLE, VIRGINIA Applirwzl for BA. Degree fb I' A Rho Eta Sigmag Class Senator, 4, Fresh man Baseball, Varsity Baseball, 2, 5, 4 Varsity Club, Intramural Athleticsg Philo- logian Literary Society, 1, 2. - O f 9 Y BRUCE PEARSQN VAN BUSKIRK BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK Afvflfirxrzzf for BA. Degree K E Freshman Football, Basketball1 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 43 Crew, 2, 3, 4g Y.M.C.A., Sp Philologian Literary Society, 2, 3. EVAN BALFOUR VAN LEEUWEN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA flflfllftllllf for BS. Degree' fl! HIIIIIZEH ."ILfIlIfIIIl,7V.IfjIl1I QI: Collegian Staff, 21 Cross Country, 1, 3, 3, 43 Freshman Trackg Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager, 1, 2g Intramural Ath- leticsg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 1, 2, President, 3, 4, Bandg Varsity Clubl Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 5g President, -ig Foren- sic Councilg Intercollegiate Relationsg lico- nomics Associationg Vespers Committeeg l-larlequin Club. Fffliy-Ulla 0 5, ,.., cb . . 'ffm X JOHN THOMAS WATKINS, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flflfflitxzfzf for BS. Degree in Bzrvizzerv Adlfzfzzirfnlijmz E Cl? E Crew, 3, 4, Harlequin Club, 3, Vice- President, 4. Fifty-f11'0 GEORGE T. WAITE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA jglvlictzfzf far BS, Degrrc 111 Bfnjfzevf Adwilzitiznzfjmi CIJ I1 A Intramural Athletics. GEORGE VRANIAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvplimzzt for B.S. Degree Chemistry Club, 3, 4, Biology Club, 4 S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1, 2, 3 Treasurer, 4, Dean's List. PAUL GRAY WATSON, JR. NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA Applimfzf for Bfl. Degree Freshman Track, Varsity Track, 3, 4, Philologian Literary Society, 3. ARNOLD FRANK WATTS RICHIVIOND, VIRGINIA Applimfzf for BS. Degree in B11.fi1ze.U AdI?Ii!II.l'f7'rIfj0lI CIP A Economics Clubg Accounting Club, In structor Swimming and Life Saving, 2, 3 -ig Intramural Athletics, 3, 4. ROBERT FAIE WILLIAMS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicrnzf for BA. Degree ALBERT FAULKNER WEAVER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjllifrnzf for BA. Degree K Pi Delta Epsilon, Collegian Staff, Z, News Editor, 3, Senior Managing Editor, 43 Freshman Trackg Crew, 4, Fencing Team, 4, Biology Club, 1, 21 Sckrontch Society, 2, 3, 4. l ,6' 'x Y Q CARLTON ARDELLE WHITLATCH LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA flppfimzzl for BA. Degree O X Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Mu Omi- cron, Class Secretary, 33 Intramural Ath- leticsg Honor Council: Glee Club, 1, 2g Choir, 1, President, 2, Radio Guild, 1, 2, Director, 3: University Players, 1, 2, 3, 4g Mu Sigma Rho, 1, Treasurer, 21 Vespers Committee, 5, 4. Fifty-flvree W. GREGORY WRIGHT ACORN, VIRGINIA a'1Af7f7lfL'tI7If for BS. Degree dv A O Transfer from Virginia Pnlytechnic Insti- tute, Intramural Athletics. lijflj'-fum' IOI-IN WILLIAM WRIGHT, IR. LYNCI-IBURG, VIRGINIA Afwjvliuzzzf fm' BS. Degree in Blllflltll flcfl1!fl1f,lf1'i1f1511I1 KIW II .X Freshman Fmvtball, Basketballg Varsity Football, 2, 5, Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, Tennis, 2, 5, 4, Intramural Athletics, Var- sity Club, 3, 4. RUSSELL KING WOOD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA xljwfvliuzzzf fm' B.S. Degree in Bzziizzwr Adwizzirlmlimz Economics Assuciatinn, 3. CHARLETON P. YOUNTS, IR. MIAMI, FLORIDA Ajvfvlitxnzf for BA. Degree' O X Freshman Basketballg Freshman Baseballg Varsity Basketball, 2, Intramural Athletics: Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 43 Harlequin Club, 2, 5, President, 41 President of Theta Chi, 4. JANE ALER CHURCHLAND, VIRGINIA Apfvliuzfzf for BA. Degree Collegian Business Staff, 3, 4, Web Busi- ness Staff, 3, 4, International Relations Club, 4, Radio Guild, 2, University Play- ers, 2, Y.W.C.A., 4. LUCY WYNN BAIRD RAWLINGS, VIRGINIA Apfvlimnt for B.S. Degree Class Vice-President, 1, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball Manager, 4, Var- sity Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Manager Track, 3, Athletic Association Board, 3, 4, Senior Life Saving, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 1, Class Tennis, 1, 3, 4, Captain, 2, Class Track 1, Modern Dance Group, 3, 4. MADGE MARIE AYCQCK PRINCETON, NORTH CAROLINA Apjvlirtnzl for B.S. Degree National News Council, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4, Biology Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, Beta Beta Beta. xii .. FRANCES BELL BAILEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnf for BA. Degree International Relations Club, 31 Secretary- Treasurer, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4, Biology Club, 1, 2, 5, 4, Beta Beta Beta. Ffffy-,Gy MARGARET RUTH BRINSON NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Afvplitwzl for B.A. Degree Varsity Tennis, 1, Class Hockey, 3, 4, Class Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, Puppets, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Commission, 4, Camera Club, 4. Fifty-Jix HILDAH COFER BATTEN SMITHFIELD, VIRGINIA Applimzzl for BA. Degree Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 3, 4, University Choir, 1 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club, 4, In dustrial Commission, 4, Camera Club, 3, 4 LOIS BLAKE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimfzf for BA. Degree Web Business Staff, 3, Collegian Adver- tisin Mana er 3' Assistant Business Man- g g , , I ager, 4, El Picaro, 3. VIRGINIA HALL BUGG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for Bjl. Degree Collegian Staff, 2, Web Staff, 2, 3: Class Hockey, 1, Senior Red Cross Life Saving, 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta. MILDRED COLOTA BURNETTE ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Appliuuzi for BA. Degree Pi Delta Epsilon, Web Staff, 1, Feature Editor, 2, Assistant Editor, 3, Westhamp- ton Editor, 4, Collegian Copy Editor, 2, Senior Red Cross Life Saving. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4, National News Council, 4g International Relations Club, 43 Biology Club, 3: Chairman, May Day Program Committee, 4, Intermediate Honors. IDA MADELINE COSBY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnt for BA. Degree El Picaro, 3, 43 Biology Club, 2, 3, Vice- President, 4, Beta Beta Beta. MARY SUE CARTER NEW YORK, NEW YORK Ajlpliaznf for BA. Degree Mortar Boardg President Honor Council, 4, Secretary College Government, 23 Class Vice-President, 2, President, 33 Class Song Leader, 1, 2, 3, Class Basketball, 1, Na- tional News Council, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., 43 University Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, University Players, 2, 3, 4, Radio Guild, 2, 3, 4, Puppets, 4. I . 5, Y Q Q PAULINE ELVIRA CORTOPASSI RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliazzzl for BA. Degree Class Basketball, 1, 21 Class Hockey, 31 Piano Music Historian, 2, Ionian Music Club Historian, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, El Picaro, 3, Secretary, 4, Choir, 43 Glee Club, 4, Intermediate Honors. Fifty-rezfelz 0 bf , 2 fof, X CHARLOTTE ANN DICKINSON FRONT ROYAL, VIRGINIA flllvfvlicuzzi for Bfl. Degree Honor Council, 3, Vice-President College Government, 4, Vesper Committee, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Commission, 3, International Relations Club, 4, University Choir, 1, 2, 3, 41 Glee Club, 1, 3, Vice-President, 2, President, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4. lzfly-eigbf ALYS LEONTINE D'AVESNE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjvlianzl for BA. Degree Les Femmes Savantes, 2, President, 3, 4, Radio Guild, 4, University Choir, 1, Glee Club, 1, Writers' Club, 4, Beta Beta Beta. MARY MARGARET CRABTREE RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Applimzzf for BA. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Y.XV.C.A. Cabinet, 3, University Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club, 4. CAROLINE VIRGINIA DOYLE MCKENNEY, VIRGINIA Applimlzf for B.S. Degree Collegian Reporter, 1, President Athletic Association, 4, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Manager, 2, Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Co-captain, 4, Assistant Manager Varsity Basketball, 1, Manager, .33 Varsity Track, 2, 3, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Track, 1, Modern Dance Group, 3, Publicity Head, 4, Na- tional News Council, 3, 4, Y.XXf.C.A. Cabi- net, 3, 4, Westliainpton Seal Winner, 3. DOROTHY ANN DUKE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliazzzl for BA, Degree Collegian Business Staff, 4. MAUREEN OPHELIA FUGATE EWING, VIRGINIA Applimnl for BA. Degree Transfer from Virginia Intermont Collegeg Class Basketball, 3, 4g International Rela- tions Club, 4. EUNICE SIGNORA FLANAGAN BREMO BLUFF, VIRGINIA fII7f7HL1IlIf fur Bfl. Degree 02155 Bi1Sl46flU21ll, 5, 42 Camera Club, 5, -I Psychology Club, 5, -Ig University Choir: 1 W ,... I be 'N 7 Q KATHLEEN BURKE FRANCIS GLEN ALLEN, VIRGINIA Appfirtnzl for BA, Degree Biology Club, 2, 3, 43 Beta Beta Beta. Fifty-zzizle o fb fel X MILDRED JANE GUSTAFSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applifrzzzt for BA. Degree Transfer from Williarn and Mary Division, Class Hockey, 2, 3, 41 Class Basketball, 2, 3, Y.W.C,A. Cabinet, 3: Les Femmes Savantes, 3, 4, Biology Club, 4, Safety Council, 4. Sixty JANET MOORE GRESHAM RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flffjllitznzl for BA. Degree Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Basketball, 2, Pegasus Club, 3, Vice-President, 4. MYRA ANNE GREGORY CHESTER, VIRGINIA Appliuzzzf for BA, Degree International Relations Club, 5, 4. DORIS ANN HARGROVE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliuzzzf for BA. Degree Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 2, Pegasus Club, 3, 4. BELLA HERTZBERG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnf for BA. Degree Class Hockey, Z, 3, International Relations Club, 43 Beta Beta Beta. HBWLEN ELIZABETH JOHNSGN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnz for BA. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Col- legian Reporter, 1, Staff Assistant, 2, Fea- ture Editor, 3, Managing Editor, 4, Hand- book Editor, 4g Class Hockey, 13 Class Basketball, 1g Y.W.C.A., 4, Pegasus Club, 4g Secretary, 33 May Day Research Chair- man, 4, Intermediate Honors. MILDRED LYBLI. JAMES NEWIDORT NEWS, VIRGINIA fljvjzlimfzf for BJI. Degree Phi Beta Kappag Mortar Board President Representative to College Government, 1 Class President, 23 Tea Room Represent ative, 5g Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 3, 4, Secre tary-Treasurer, 23 Glee Club, 1, 2, 4, Vice- President, 3, University Choir, 1, 2, 4 National News Council, 1, 2, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 33 International Relations Club, 43 Intermediate Honors. 1 ,.,,' I 69 Y Q PATRICIA SARAH JOBLIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimzzf for B.A. Degree Transfer from Sweet Briar College, Class Secretary, 43 Les Femmes Savantes, 2, 3, 4g EI Picaro, 3, 4. S i.X'f,j'-0176 f' MARGARET HATTON LIGON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Afwfvfirtzzzl for BA. Degree Web Business Staff, 2, 3, Wfesthampton Business Manager, 4, Class Hockey, 11 Class Basketball, 1, Glee Club, 5, 4, Les Femmes Savantes, 3, 4, International Rela- tions, Club, 51 President, 41, Y.XXf,C.A. Cabinet, 4. Szxfy-Izuo RUTH BAILEY LATI-IAIVI RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjllirtizzl for BA. Degree El Picaro, 5, 4, Modern Dance Group, 5, 4, Beta Beta Beta. MARIE ESTELLE KEYSER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnl for BA. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Mortar Board, Chapter Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon Vice-President, 4, Tau Kappa Alpha President, 4, Col- legian Reporter, 1, News Editor, 2, Man- aging Editor, 3, Assistant Editor, 4, Mes- senger Staff, 2, Business Manager Hand- book, 3, Class Treasurer, 1, Class Hockey, 1, Class Basketball, 2, Debate Councilpl, Manager, 2, Vice-President, 3, 4, Les Femmes Savantes, 2, 3, El Picaro, 3, Y.XW.C.A., 4, Biology Club, 2, May Day Business Manager, 4, Intermediate Honors. EILEEN LOUISE LLOYD IVIARDELA SPRINGS, IVIARYLAND Ajrjvliriznf for BA. Degree Transfer from Averett College, Varsity Hockey, 3, 4, Class Hockey, 3, 4, Y.NXf.C.A Cabinet, 4. JUDITH CARTER LUCAS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnf for B.A. Degree Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Council, 2, 4, Manager, 33 International Relations Club, 3, fig El Picaro, 3. ELIZABETH JANE MARSH SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Appliamf for BA, Degree Transfer from Hartwick College, Biology Club, 4, Beta Beta Beta. ANNABEL FARINHOLT LUMPKIN CHESTERFIELD COURTHOUSE, VA. flflplimrzf for BA. Degree President College Government, 4, Class President, 1, Class Vice-President, 5, Bi' ology Club, 2, International Relations Club, 3, 43 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 3. I - ..., s of BN Y o KATHERINE LEE LYLE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimrzt for B.A. Degree Web Advertising Staff, 2g Class Vice-Presi- dent, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 4, Captain, 3, Class Basketball, 1, 2, 5, Nostrae Filiae, 2, 4, President, 31 Pegasus Club, 4g Treas- urer, 5. Si,x'ly-lhree JEAN CRITTENDEN MILLER GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Ajlplimlzf for B.A. Degree Transfer from St. Mary's Collegeg Web Business Staff, 3, 43 Collegian Staff, 3, 43 Varsity Hockey, 43 Class Hockey, 43 Class Basketball, 3, National News Council, 3, 43 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 43 International Relations Club, 4. Szxfy-four VIRGINIA ALLEN MCLARIN MOUNTAIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY Afrpliauzl for B.A. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Collegian Reporter, 2, 3, Feature Editor, 43 Web Staff, 3, As- sistant Editor, 43 Messenger Staff, 43 Var- sity Hockey, 2, 33 Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Basketball, 2, 33 Camera Club, 33 El Picaro, 33 Y.W.C.A., 43 Writers' Club, 43 Intermediate Honors. ALICE WILSON MCELROY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimzzf for BA. Degree Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Historian Managing Editor Web, 33 Class Secretary 1, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 23 Second Vice- President, 33 President, 43 Class Hockey 1, Z3 Glee Club, 13 National News Coun cil, 33 International Relations Club, 3, 4 Intermediate Honors. ETI-IEL HELEN O'BRIEN GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK Applicmz! for BA. Degree Messenger Staff, 43- Puppets, 2, 3, 43 Writers' Club, 4. ' FLORENCE EUBANK PARKER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Transfer from University of California, Ionian Music Club, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2: International Relations Club, 4, Industrial Commission, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4. DOROTHY ELAINE ROBERTS CREWE, VIRGINIA Applicant for BA. Degree Athletic Association Secretary, 2, Treas- urer, 3, Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Co- captain, 4, Class Hockey, 1, Class Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, Class Track, 1, 2, National News Council, 3, 4, Westhampton Seal Wirirler. EDITH ELEANOR PARSONS SHELBURNE FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS Applirazzf for BA. Degree Honor Council, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball, 3, 4, Class Tennis, 3, Captain, 4, Puppets, 2, 3, 4, Y.W,C.A. Cabinet, 3, Industrial Commission, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4. I NY EMMA LOUISE PARSONS RICHIVIOND, VIRGINIA Applimrzf for BA. Degree Web Advertising Staff, 2, Class Treasurer 4, Class Hockey, 1, Class Basketball, 2 Captain, 51 Glee Club, 3, 4, Pegasus Club 3, President, 4, Writers' Club, 4. Sixty-flz e MARION EVELYN SIBLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirrznt for BA. Degree International Relations Club, 4. Sixty-fix MABEL LEIGI-I ROGKE SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Applimzzf for BA. Degree Mortar Board, Secretary, Collegian Re- porter, 1, Business Staff Web, 31 Associate Editor Messenger, 33 Westhampton Edi- tor, 4g International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4, National News Council, 2, President, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 32 University Choir, 2, 3, 4g Radio Guild, 3, Industrial Commission, 3, 45 Writers' Club, 4. VISTA VIRGINIA ROBINSON SKIPPERS, VIRGINIA Apjvlirrzfzf for BS. Degree Class Treasurer, 3, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, University Choir, 1, 2, 3: Y.NW,C.A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4, National News Council, 3g Secretary- Treasurer, 43 Chemistry Club, 3, Secretary, 4, Math Club Vice-President, 3. THAIS SILVERMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applirzzzzf for BA. Degree Debate Council, 2, 3, International Rela- tions Club, 3, 4. LUCY KEELING SISSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimzzf for B.S, Degree Secretary Math Club, 31 Chemistry Club, 3, 4, Biology Club, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma Vice-President, 4, SADDYE JANE SYKES JACKSON, NORTH CAROLINA Applicant for BA. Degree Class Hockey, 43 Class Basketball, 1, Puppets, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4. I-IELEN JANE SMITH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fIf7f7lfl1IIZf for BA. Degree Class Hockey, 1, 2, Modern Dance Group, 3, 4: X .W.C.A.. 4. l Y O MAUDE WAKELEY SMITH NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY A,hfv1ir,111f for B.A. Degree College Government Representative, 2, Treasurer, 5, Honor Council, 41 Univer- sity Choir, 1, Puppets, 3, 43 Les Femmes Savantes, 3, 4. Szxly-rezfefz BETTY MERTON WILLETS ORANGE, VIRGINIA Applirtzzzi for BA. Degree Athletic Association Vice-President, 51 Class Hockey, 1, 2, Y.XY!.C.A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, National News Council, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta. 5 zxly-eifghl KATHERINE LUMPKIN WICKER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Aflltrlirtuzl for B.S. Degree Varsity Hockey, 1, 51 Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Basketball, 1, Y.W.C.A. Cabi- net, 21 Glee Club, 1, 2, University Choir, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Commission, 5. MARY ANNE TUCKER YORKTOXVN, VIRGINIA Appliuzzzt for BA. Degree University Choir, 1, 2, Les Femmes Sa- vantes, 3, 4, Puppets, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., 4. DELL MERCEDES WILLIAMS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjflimnf for B.A. Degree Mortar Board, Vice-President and Treas- urer, Collegian Reporter, 1, 2g News Edi- tor, 3, Web Business Staff, 1, College Government Representative, 3, Class Sec- retary, 23 President, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 5, 41 Captain, 2g Class Basketball, 1, 2, 5, 43 Pegasus Club, 3, 4. ROBERTA YANCEY WINFREY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnf for BA. Degree Messenger Staff, 41 Athletic Association Secretary, 2g Cheer Leader, 13 Class Hockey, 1, 21 Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3: Glee Club, 1, 23 May Day Publications Chairman, 41 Industrial'Commission, 4g Les Femmes Savantes, 3, 4, Pegasus Club, 5, 4g Y.W.C.A., 4. HARRIETT RUDD YEAMANS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA flfvjrlirtuzl for BA. Degree Web Business Staff, 21 Westhampton Ad- vertising Manager, 51 Messenger Business Manager, 43 Day Student Representative College Government, 4g Class Secretary, 33 Nostrae Filiae, 1, 2, 5, 4g Intermediate Honors. l , 6 "R 7 Q lQRR.X'I'A. XVI: regret that I'IPl'lIIlI2llllI BIorton's pit'- turv was lt-ft out in the silplisilsit-tivail plat-eine-nt of tht- Senior section. FERDINAND H. MORTON, JR. WINIFREDE, WEST VIRGINIA Affplirtzzzf for B.A. Degree CD I' A IN MEMORIAM Beta Beta Betag Collegian, 1, 23 Philologian CHARLES TALMAGE HALLOWELL ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY August 21, 1915 February 12, 1938 Literary Societyg Intramural Athletics. Sixliy-zzizze IUI HISTORH', BY ITS NATIIRI2, is a complex blending of events and memories whose design might be compared to the mosaic-the pattern never com- pleted. Each separate and distinct part has a niche equally important to the others. The tesserae of the Class of 19-I1 are but added colors to the chang- ing patterns, and yet to the class of '41 will seem the most apparent portion, since it is their very life. Witli three eventful years completed, the class of 19-I1 looks ahead to the final year of its college career. This past year has been successful in every way. The officers of the Richmond College Junior Class were: James Turkington, President, Edgar Garber, Vice-President, Thomas McVay, Secre- tary, Leon Alexander, Treasurer, and Bill Fitz- hugh, Class Senator. At Westliampton College, un- der the able guidance of Margaret Eorrer as Presi- dent, Jeannette Evans as Vice-President, Louise Morrissey as Secretary, and Jane Trevett as Treas- urer, they had a very fine year. The outstanding event for any Junior class is, of course, its Prom, and this year's dance was one of the best of the season. It was held in Milhiser JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: James W. Turkington, PI'e.fiIle12l.' Williain Fitzhugh, Selmforq Harold McVay, Seu'cffI11'J'.' Ed Garber, Vive-PI'e.I'ide11f.' and Leon Alexander, TI'c.zIn1'w'. Sevenly CLASS Gymnasium, while the Westhanapton Junior Prom was held in the Westhampton Student Activities Building. Members of the Class of '41 have been outstand- ing in every phase of campus activities. A large number made Intermediate Honors for scholastic excellence. Many were elected into honorary or- ganizations such as Tau Kappa Alpha, Mortar Board, Pi Delta Epsilon, and Omicron Delta Kappa. The opening scene of the year portrayed snatches of summer vacation, new schemes-clever ideas- Freshmen - questions - llustered Juniors -incor- rect answers and introductions. Then a lull, fol- lowed by dances and examinations, gaiety and grinding. Then spring-summer plans-and an- other year passes. The workmanship of '41 is not yet completed. The value of the experiences of the past must meet its test by the trials of the future. The full design of the mosaic must be realized-the finish made to glisten. One more year in which to realize dreams and add new color to the pattern we are fashioning. A JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT! Jane Trevett, TI'ezzrm'er,' Jeannette Evans, Vive-P1'e.I'ir!e11f,' Margaret For- rer, Pz'e.I'ide1zf,' and Louise Morrissey, SerI'etaI'y. THOMAS R. BENTON Richmond, Virginia LUCIAN WARNER BINGHAM, JR Richmond, Virginia CHARLES ROBERT BOOTH Danville, Virginia BENJAMIN FREDERICK BOWLES Richmond, Virginia RICHARD YOUNG BRISTOW Petersburg, Virginia FRANK HENRY BRITTON Richmond, Virginia ROBERT THOMAS BROGAN Richmond, Virginia NORMAN BROWN Richmond, Virginia HENRY ARMISTEAD BULLOCK Richmond, Virginia EDWARD REEVES ADAMS Richmond, Virginia RAYMOND ATWELL ADAMS Rcdoak, Virginia LEON HARPER ALEXANDER Petersburg, Virginia GORDON I-IUTSON ANDREWS Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM PAGE ANDREWS Richmond, Virginia EDGAR MULLINS ARENDALL Mobile, Alabama JEFFERSON DAVIS ASHER Richmond, Virginia IVTURRAY M. BARR Brooklyn, New York ALVIN FRANCIS BEALE, JR. Richmond, Virginia Sl?l'GlI!'J'-0116 SC'l'6iifJ'-fll'0 ICDXVARD lil'TC'HliR Richmond, Virginia HENRY EPES CAKE No1'folk,Vi1'gini.l SALVATORE VINCENT CASALE lialtiinorc. 1NIarvl.1nd XWADE ST. CLAIR COATES 'I'.1zcwcll, Virginia .IOSEPH HOVUARD CONDLTFF Floyd, Virginia FRANK MAXXVELL CONNER, klic. Ellcrson, Virginia HUGH STUART CRISMAN Vlfinchcstcr, Virginia JOHN CARRINGTON CROSS Richmond. Virginia ASHLEY DUNN DPSHAZOR Blackxtonc, Virginia JOHN ANTHONY DOUMLELE Richmond, Virginia ROBERT XWILLIAM DURRETT, .IR Hartsvillc, South Carolina GERSI-IAN GERALD EDISS Norfolk, Virginia WINFRED HUGO ELDER Clarkton, Virginia HARRY EDWARD FAINTER, JR. Richmond, Virginia CHARLES xl. FERNEYHOUGH, -Ti: Richmond, Virginia XVILLIAM B. FITZHUGH Richmond, Virginia JAMES MATTHEW! FOGG Richmond, Virginia EARL RUSSELL FOX Richmond, Virginia RICHARD S. GRIZZARD Richmond, Virginia NATHANEL BERNARD HABEL Amelia, Virginia GORDON COOPER HAINES Leesburg, Florida PAUL ,IULIAN HARRELL Edenton, North Carolina JAMES RIDOUT HARRIS Richmond, Virginia MELVIN CLYDE HAWKINS Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM HENRY HEMBY Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM M. HERNDON Fredericksburg, Virginia LAWRENCE HILGEMAN, -IR. Baltimore, Maryland I-IERIIERT WINSTON FROSTIf,K Fredericlcshurg, Virginia EDGAR CLYDE GARBER, ju. Emporia, Virginia OSCAR GREEN GILBERT, llc. Richmond, Virginia ,IOHN BENTLEY GILMER Washington, D. C. MORRIS DAVID GRANDIS Richmund, Virginia WILLIAM ALEXANDER GRANT Richmond, Virginia XWAVERLY S. GREEN, VIR, Burlceville, Virginia HARRY EGBERT GRIFFIN Dillwyn, Virgini.1 WESTON HARRIS GRIMSLEY Culpeper, Virginia ,Sczuflg ffmr IRA DIIRVUOOD HVDGINS XX'.naIiington, D. C, RICHARD IfI,INIIfR HI'INII5IfR'I' Suffolk. Virgini.1 ARSIIHIIR IfDXX'ARD AIONIZS SLlIiI4IlIIi,VII'jlII1I.l CQHASIINIQ XXfAl.'I'ON AIONES, Alia. Richmond, Virgini.1 XXIILLIAIXI H. ,IONES INIicIlotIiii1n, Virginia ,norm FREDERICK Auvizcsiiws, viii. Bon Air, Virginia MARIII-I.'XI-I, IPRIESCQOTI' KEAN Ilopcwcll, Virginia ROBERT A, KEIL Oak Ilrrk, Illinois WILLIAM XVARD KERSEY, FIR. Iiluciield, Wcbt Virginia Srzuzfi um' GEORGE HENRY LANDERS, -IR. Richmond, Virginia RANDOLPH CROZET LAPRADE Richmond, Virginia JOHN HOWARD LOCKE Boyce, Virginia BEN HARRIS MCGEHEE Wilmington, Virginia T. HAROLD IVICVAY, -IR. Norfolk, Virginia GEORGE EDIVIOND INIASSIE, III Richmond, Virginia IVIARTIN MARKCJWITZ Brooklyn, New' York WILLIAM ROSE MAYNARD Norfolk, Virginia CHARLES H. MILLER Kearns-ysville, West Virginia THOMAS EDWARD PUGH Fredericksburg, Virginia WILLIAM NEIL RANEY Morgan Hill, California NWILLIAM THOMAS RICH Baltimore, Maryland GEORGE EMORY ROBERTS Nassawadox, Virginia HERMAN SAMUEL ROCKOFF Bridgeport, Connecticut LESTER MARTIN SAUER Richmond, Virginia WII.LlAM PARTIN SCI-IAFEER Drewry's Bluff, Virginia WILLIAM OSMAR SEIFERT Denver, Colorado GEORGE HILL SHACKELFORD Hampton, Virginia JOHN KELSO IVIUORE Onancock, Virginia WILLIIE PHILIP IVIORRlSSE'l1'l'l Midlothian, Virginia -IAMES MALCOLM MURPH Y Pctc-1'sbL11'g, Virginia HAROLD GRAVES OXWIZNS Richmond, Virginia XXXILLIAM F. PARKERSON, 'Ili Richmond, Virginia INIICHAEL STEVENS PEPI New York City, New York MARSHALL ,IACKSON PHILLIPS Hopewell, Virginia BLANTON LYNN PRICE Richmond, Virginia JAMES PUGH Richmond, Virginia XVILLIAM HENRY SNYDER, -IR. . . . -IOHN HAMMITT SPROLES ..... ROBERT EARLE STANLEY .. ALVAN LEE ST. CLAIR .A.. ....... HENRY L. STEINER ......,...,....... GRANVILLE HARDING STEINMETZ .IOSEPH OSCAR SULLIVAN ........ XWILLIAM HARMAN SURBER, IR. XVILLIAM SANFORD TERRY . . . . XWILLIAM TOPHAM ............. ,IAMES XWILLIAM TURKINGTON .. ROBERT PENDLETON VANBUREN FREDERICK ALEXANDER WADDINGTON 'IAMES ARTHUR WAGNER ......,.....,.... XWILLIAM .IULIAN XVAYMACK GEORGE LUDLOXY! WHITE, -IH. GEORGE PUCKITT WHITLEY, ja. . . W. HARRY XWIDENER ........... -IOE XWHEELER WIGGINS .....,. AUBREY SIMPSON XVILLIAMS, VIR. Sezfwzfy-,six Staten Island, New York . . . . . Pocahontas Virginia ,. Richmond Virginia . , . Roanoke, Virginia . , . . Richmond Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . .. Dillwyn, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Chatham, Virginia , . . . . . Roanoke, Virginia . . Jersey City, New Jersey , . . . . Richmond Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Durham, North Carolina Honolulu, Hawaii Fayetteville, North Carolina . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia ANNE FOX ADDISON ...... MARY LORRAINE ARNOLD .. MARTHA LILLIAN BEAM ......,..., MARY ANNE BOEHLING .,.....,..... .. MARGARET EVELYN BRITTINGHAM EDITH MCDOWELL BURFOOT ..... MARY MOSELEY BUXTON ...... LOIS INEZ CAMPBELL .........4. KATHLEEN FRANCES CRAWFORD . FRANCES VIRGINIA DEBOE ...,,., HELEN MARIE DODD ..........,.. EDNA FRAZIER DRUMXWRIGHT . .. BARBARA RUTH ECKLES .....,.. GLADYS REBECCA EPES .......... ELIZABETH ,IEANNETTE EVANS JOSEPHINE FRANKLIN FENNELL MARGARET ELIZABETH FORRER CECILE BEARDEN GADDIS ........ CAROLYN HATCHER GARY ., EMILY ALESE HARDAWAY .. . . , Norfolk, Virginia Clearfield, Pen mylvania Hamlet, North Carolina . . , Richmond, Virginia . . Victoria, Virginia . . Fentress, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia , . Saltville, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Chatham, Virginia . . . E Richmond, Virginia Union Level, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Blackstone, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia , 4 Richmond, Virginia I . Richmond, Virginia . , . , Miami, Florida 4 . . Richmond, Virginia . Stony Creek, Virginia Swezilvy-,vez 'EU Sezwlzfy-eight MARY ELIZABETH HENRY DOROTHY VIRGINIA HENWES HELEN JAMES HILL ,.....,... MARY ERINA HINCHMAN ...... ELIZABETH DILLARD HOLDEN . MILDRED TURNLEY HOWERTON ,IEANNE WORTHAM HUEFMAN MARY FLORENCE LAFOON ...... ADA MAY LAND ,.......,...... KATHRYN REBECCA LEVISTON . NAOMI LEXWIS ,............... .IULIETTE PAIGE LOVING HELEN DOUGLAS MARTIN .... MARIE LOUISE MORRISSEY ,. ,IEAN LOUISE NEASMITH . . . . Hopewell, Virginia . , . Chester, Pennsylvania . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Blackstone, Virginia . . . . . Suffolk, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . , . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia KIRA NICHOLSKY .............,. New York City, New York MAYME FRAYSER O'FLAHERTY ...,. ........ R ichmond, Virginia VIRGINIA BLANCHE OMOHUNDRO .... . . . Fork Union, Virginia MARY BENNETT OWEN ........,.... ...... I arratt, Virginia MILDRED ANNE OWEN . . Keysville, Virginia SARAJANE PAYNE ............. AGATHA CONSTANCE POWELL ANN PHILLIPS ................ MARGARET LEE PURCELL ..,.. ANNA MARIE RUE ........... FRANCES HENRIETTA SADLER . ELSIE VERNON SATTERXWHITE . THELMA ANNE SELDES ........ MARY ALICE SMITH ........... KATHERINE APPERSON SPENCER BERNICE IRENE STEPHENSON .. ...... Marion . . , Richmond . . . Richmond . . . . Richmond . . . . Culpeper, . , . Richmond . . . . Richmond . . . . Richmond . . . Richmond . . . . Richmond . . . . . ..... . , . .... Richmond JANE WALDROP TREVETT ...... .........,..,............ A shland SUZANNE ADORA TRUSSELL .... JEANNE LOZIER WILKINS ...... FRANCES ELIZABETH XXIILEY ANTOINETTE PARKER WIRTH BETTY HASKINS WOODSON . . . ANN LOVE WOODWARD ...... MARION AUGUSTA YANCEY . ., 1 a Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Fort Wfashington, Long Island, New Yorl-1 Fanwood, New jersey . ........ Richmond, . . . . Smithfield, North . . , . . . .. Richmond, . . . , . . . Richmond . . . Clarksville, Virginia Carolina Virginia , Virginia Virginia ZR 6- ,4- WWW Sezfelzly-121116 The figure Corozmiimz wfzior Prom King and Queen x and yes, dmzeifzg loaf ,s 'M N iv "' urzfors af war ana! pfay Archery dass. In lab. Homework. Class bofleey. A IIIOIIIBIIIUS rest Varsity bofkey. Gym flnss. THE PH MDRE CLASS SoP1-1oMoREs of the University of Rich- mond, felt upon our entrance into our second year of life here that peculiar surge of freedom and unbounded authority which was to distinguish us in both outlook and action from the bewildered "rats" of the preceding year. Not only did the real- ization of the fact that our period of subordination had been completed add fire to the Hames of satis- faction, but the fact that we had graduated from the ranks of the Frosh gave us the opportunity to enjoy the distinct privilege of administering our authority on another group of neophytes. We wasted not the slightest opportunity, and the "rats" began to experience the privation of the freedom we felt should be denied. ' Under the leadership of President Henry Gar- nett, Vice-President Bert Milling, Treasurer Mark Willing, Secretary Dick Klaffky, and Senator Frank Baker of Richmond College, and President Elsa Keen, Vice-President Louise Sheffield, Secre- tary Norma Palmer, and Treasurer Betty Ann Petsinger we had a successful year of activities. The annual "Pajama Parade" of Richmond Frosh cannot be forgotten by any of our number. We, of SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Baker, Semzfmy' Henry Garnett, P1'e.mle11l,' Dick Klaffky, Seci'elr1rwy,' Bert Milling, Vjl'6-Pl'6,lii6ll6lIf, and Mark Willing, Treafzlrer. lfiglvfy-f11'0 Richmond, cannot overlook the bruises we re- ceived at the hands of the Freshmen in the Frosh- Soph "free-for-all" that followed the parade, nor can we fail to remember the gala Centennial Dance which we sponsored with the aid of the first-year students. We, of Westhampton, had an active year, not only scholastically but socially as well. Ours was the honor of sponsoring the May Day dance. Our year finally culminated with the early morning daisy picking and the all-day job of making the daisy chain that we carried with our "big sisters" at graduation. As we finish our second year and graduate into the last half of our college experience, we do so with the knowledge that we have fulfilled the aim that this year should be one of happiness and ac- complishment. Four of our number received recog- nition by election to Tau Kappa Alpha, and many have been honored in campus activities. This Soph- omore year, we naturally leave with reluctance but in accordance with our desires and attitude, we look forward to even greater accomplishment in the years to come. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Ann Petsinger, Tre.1.fffre1',' Elsa Keuffel, Pl'L'.lifc!CJUf.' Norma Palmer, Sei'i'efrzi'.y.' Louise Shehficld, I'ire-P1'eiide11f.' Miss Grace Watkins, S, RICHARD LINWOOD ADAMS .. Richmond, JOHN LEONARD AMRHEIN Richmond, JOSEPH A. AMRHEIN, JR. ...... Richmond, RICHARD ANKERS ........,.. Arlington, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia FRANK JOSEPH BAKER . . Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania ALFRED RIFFE BAUGHAN .... JOHN CALVIN BELL, JR. .,,.. . SHELTON THOMAS BELSCHES Carson, WILLIAM GOODE BEVILLE .. Petersburg WILLIAM H. BINGHAM ...... Richmond COURTNEY cox BOWEN .,.... s. J. BRANDON .,.........,., HARROL ANDREW ERAUER .. Tazewell Richmond DANIEL NATHAN BROCK Appalachia, EDWIN BEVERLY BROOKS .... Richmond, MELVIN DWIGHT BURGESS ., Richmond MELVIN W. BURNETT ...... Richmond CLIFTON BOYD CHAPMAN .. Wocidstcick, AUSTIN BRAXTON CLARKE Manakin, BERNARD G. CLINE, JR. ...... Alexandria, VINCENT W. COLLINS ..... Appomafaix, WILLIAM BRUFFIE CONNOR .. Roanoke, ROBERT C. COTTEN, JR. ...... Richmond, GEORGE EDWIN COX ........ Covington, ROBERT RIEVES DANFORTH . . Richmond, JOHN DUN L. DAVENPORT Richmond EUGENE TERRY DENNIS ..... Richmond, JOHN DIXON, JR. ..,......... Richmond, WILLIAM DEWITT ELLIS ...... Richmond, JOHN W. ETHERIDGE .... South Norfolk, GEORGE LEE EUTING ......... Richmond, LEMUEL W. FITZGERALD .,.. Covington, 1 1 Blackstone, Covington, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia F. A. FROHBOSE ........ Bound Brook, New Jersey HENRY D. GARNETT ..... Fredericksburg, Virginia ROBERT A. GARY ..., ,.... R ichmond, Virginia ELLIS P. GEORGE ............. Richmond, STRAUGHAN LOWE GETTIER Norfolk, ALFRED RACHELS GILBERT .. Richmond, AYLETT WOODSON GOODE .... Richmond. JOHN NEWTON GORDON .... Richmond, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia THOMAS WALTER GREEN Burkeville, HAROLD GREENE ............ Richmond, EDWARD H. GROVE .... Winchester, OXWEN GWATHMEY . . . . . Beulahville, RANDOLPH B. HALL . ., .... Norfolk, JOHN MARCELLUS HARDMAN .. Ettrick, COLIN HAYLEY .,........... Winchester, DEREK HAYLEY ............ Winchester, GEORGE GARNETT HAYNES .. Richmond RAY MCL. HENDERSON. .New Bern, North WILLIAM PAUL HEPLER ........ Bloxom THOMAS S. HERBERT ......... Richmond, THOMAS O. HERNDON ....... Ore Bank, EARNEST L. HIGGINBOTHAM. .Alexandria, WILLIS DABNEY HOLLAND .... Richmond CLAUDE GIBSON HOOTEN MAC JOHNSON HOUGH . .. ..... Salem, ALTON HOWELL ............. Richmond, FRANK MYERS HOWELL ..... Portsmouth, EMMETT LEE HUBBARD ..... Chase City, HARVEY LEE HUDSON ....... Richmond CHARLES WILLIAM HUGHES .. Richmond, FRED ALBERT JENNINGS, JR. .. Richmond, VIVIAN D. JOHNSTON, Jn. .... Richmond, ARTHUR LEAKE JONES ....... Richmond, . Lynchburg, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Carolina Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia ROBERT JAMES JONTZ ...... Blytheville, Arkansas JOHN PRESTON JORDAN ..... Richmond, Virginia H, DAVID KAFKA ............ Richmond, Virginia ISADORE KAMINSKY ......... Richmond Virginia RICHARD WILLIAM KARDIAN . Richmond, Virginia ALBERT STANES KELLAM ..... Richmond, Virginia HENRY EUGENE KING ...... Wilmington, Virginia RALPH ELLSWORTI-I KINSEY . Richmond Virginia RICHARD C. KLAFFKY ..... Huntington, New York EDWARD MILTON KLEIN . Bridgeport, Connecticut SYDNEY HUNTLEY KNIPE . Glen Ridge, New Jersey CHARLES WILLARD KRAUSE . Baltimore, Maryland DOUGLAS WINFIELD LAIRD .. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM E. LANGFORD, JR. .. Richmond, Virginia VERNON THOMAS LANKFORD . Bloxom, Virginia A LVIN PENROSE LONG REUBEN T. LONG, JR. ....... . VIRGIL M. LUMSDEN, JR. . ADRIAN P. LYON ........ JAMES LEO MCDONALD ..... Richmond, Virginia . . . . Luray, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . Sandston, Virginia Yakima, Washington CLARENCE EDWARD MAJOR .. Stormont HAROLD L. MANAHAN ...... Richmond DALLACE E. MARABLE Newport News JESSE WILLIAM MARKHAM .. Richmond PHILIP BENJAMIN MASON .... Hampton ALVIN HUDSON MILLER ...... LOCklieS GEORGE KENNETH MILLER .. Richmond JERRY GERSON MILLER ,. Fredericksburg BERT WILLIAM MILLING ....... Mobile, GEORGE CLINTON MOORE . .. Richmond JOHN CURTIS MOORE ..,.... Richmond HENRY NAKDIMEN ..... Pennington Gap MORTON L. NICHOLSON, JR. Emporia EARL LEWIS NOBLE, JR. .. MARLIN THOMAS NOLAN JAMES D. NORFLEET . .. IRVIN KYLE OWEN .... SPENCER OWENS ....... EDWIN FINDLEY PAULI ...... JOHN GRAY PERKINS JAMES LINWOOD PETERS LESLIE H. PHILLIPS, JR. ROBERT MACON PHILLIPS .... RALPH KNIGHT PICKELS . MALCOLM UPSHUR PITT HARVEY BENSON PRICE LEONARD ALFRED PURDY RUSSELL REA ............. . . PHILIP GORDON REMINE Richmond Richmond . . Holland Petersburg Portsmouth Richmond Richmond , Sandston Richmond Petersburg Richmond Richmond . . Phoebus Richmond . . Spencer, Richmond ROBERT A. RHODES .. Univ. of Richmond s 1 n Virginia Y , Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Alabama Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia MARION LEE RICE, JR. ........ Richmond, Virginia STANTON C. RICHARDS .... Bronxville, New York WILLIAM LAMAR ROBERSON . Hopewell, Virginia DAVID LAUDER ROBERTSON . Pelham, New York DONALD KENT ROBERTSON Mattoax, Virginia ROBERT EUGENE ROBERTSON DAVID ROSE ROGERS ..... HARRY ROUND .....,.... CHARLES RAY ROUTON ...... LEANDER T. SAUNDERS, IR. EDWARD ROBIN SCHAPIRO ROBERT HAMMOND SEASE LAWRENCE B. SHEFFIELD . MARTIN SHEINTOCH .....,. VUILLIAM MOSES SMITH, jk. .. THOMAS F. SOUTHWORTH LAWRENCE EARL SPIERS, JR. EPHRAIM EDDIE STEINBERG . . ALEXANDER STERNBERG ..... ROBERT LECKY STONE .. Petersburg, Virginia . Soonch un, Korea Richmond Richmond .... Ivor, Richmond Richmond Richmond Petersburg, . Dillwyn Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond, GERVAS S. TAYLOR .,......,.. Richmond -IACKSON TAYLOR .. Winnabow, North WILLIAM ALEXANDER TAYLOR . Spencer, HARDING LESTER THOMAS . Martinsville, JOE B. THOMAS ......i.... Clifton Forge Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Carolina Virginia Virginia Virginia A. NORMAN THOMPSON ..... Richmond, Virginia EMILIO FRANCISCO TRILLA. . .Carolina, Puerto Rico THEODORE ROY TURNER . . Frederick Hall, Virginia FREDERICK BOOTH UZZLE .. . Petersburg, Virginia CHARLES T. WALTHALL . . . . Matoaca, Virginia THOMAS E. WARRINER, DIR. . Lawrenceville, Virginia ALLAN HENRY WELLMAN . Old Bridge, New Jersey CHAUNCEY GOODE WELTON . Richmond, SCOTT HENRY WERMUTH .. Dumbarton, BEN-IAMIN HUGH WESTON Arlington y ALFRED WHEELER ...... Fredericksburg, THOMAS W. WHITE, JR. ...... Richmond, WALTER D. WHOLEY .... Fredericksburg, BOLLING G. WILLIAMS .....,. Richmond, STUART LEE WILLIAMS ...... Richmond, THOMAS NELSON WILLIAMS , Richmond s Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia MARK S. WILLING, IR. ....., Mount Holly CHARLES FRANCIS WINGO Richmond IULIAN OVERBY WINN ....... Keysville EVANS YOUNG WYATT .... Camden, New jersey ROY PAUL WYMBS ...... Fredericksburg, Virginia ERICK FALK YARCHIN ..,.... Richmond, Virginia 9 1 9 Virginia Virginia Virginia KATHLEEN ABERNATHY ..... Richmond, Virginia LUCIA ALLEN ADAIR ........ Richmond, Virginia LUCY BURKE ALLEN ...,.... Richmond, Virginia MARION FRANCES BADENOCH, Richmond, Virginia JOANNE BARLOW .......,,.., Richmond, Virginia EUNICE VIRGINIA BASS ...,.... Ettrick, Virginia JEAN CLARDY BEEKS ........ Richmond, Virginia MARTHA BELLE BEVERLEY .. Richmond, Virginia JANE ELIZABETH BLAKE ..... Richmond, Virginia FRANCES CLAUDIA CALISCH . . Richmond, Virginia AIDA L. CHRISTIANSEN Whitestiine, New York EUGENIA MACON CLAIBORNE Forest, Virginia ROSALIE GORDON CLARY .. Dumbarton, Virginia EVELYN MAE CLIFTON ...... Richmond, Virginia CLARINE T. CUNNINGHAM .. . Richmond, Virginia DOROTHY AMELIA DILL ..... Richmond, Virginia RUTH FARLEY ............ ETHNE C. FLANNAGAN EMMY S. FOUNTAIN ...... ELEANOR ANNE FRANK KATHRYN S. GILLELAN SARA TRIMBLE GOODE JEAN SIMONE GRANT . STELLA LOUISE HALL . BERNICE S. HARGROVE . . . Richmond, Virginia , . . Richmond, Virginia Princess Anne, Virginia . . Petersburg, Virginia Jersey City, New Jersey . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia MARY DUANE HOFFMAN . Forest Hills, New York ROSELLEN HOFFMAN Newport News, Virginia FRANCES MOZELLE HOOD ..,. Richmond, Virginia HARRIETT WYLLY HOWE .... Richmond, Virginia DAGMAR F. JACOBSEN .... Brown's Store, Virginia LAURA VIRGINIA JENKINS .. Yonkers, New York MIRIAM ALLENE JONES ...... Richmond, Virginia LILLIAN HENRIETTA JUNG . Brooklyn, New York MARGARET DORA KALAJIAN . Richmond, Virginia ELSA MARIE KEUFFEL .... Weehawken, New Jersey JANICE LOUISE LANE ........ Richmond, Virginia CHRISTINE O. LAWSON .. White Stone, Virginia ETHEL LEVINE ......... . . . Richmond, Virginia EVELYN MCAULEY .......... Richmond, Virginia LUCY ELLEN MCDONOUGH .. Richmond, Virginia BETTY E. MACMURTRY ..... Beverly, Massachusetts KATHERINE M. MAHOOD , Princeton, West Virginia -IAYNE MARIE MAIRE ....... Dumbarton, Virginia VIRGINIA RANDOLPH MAYO . Scottsville, Virginia ADA DOROTHY MOSS ......., Richmond, Virginia DOROTHY INIOTLEY .,,......, Richmond, Virginia GRACE MARGUERITE NORRIS . Richmond, Virginia BETTY SPICER NORWOOD . . . . Shanghai, China NORMA LOUISE PALMER ..... Richmond, Virginia MILDRED ETHEL PARKER . Richmond, Virginia VIRGINIA ELVISE PARKER . Emporia, Virginia PHYLLIS L. PARSLEY ......... Richmond, Virginia ANN ROSEMOND PAVEY . Richmond, Virginia BETTY ANN PETZINGER . . Portsmouth, Virginia ELIZABETH LAVERNE PRIDDY . Richmond, Virginia DOROTHY BELLE QUINN . Richmond, Virginia ELLA SUE RITCHIE ...... Petersburg, Virginia ANN BEVERLEY ROBEY . . . Richmond, Virginia VIRGINIA E. ROBINSON .. Petersburg, Virginia HANNAH RYLAND .. Univ. Richmond, Virginia VIRGINIA ANNE SAUER .,.... Richmond, Virginia MARY GRACE SCHERER . . . Richmond, Virginia BETTY MAY SESSLER ..... Richmond, Virginia ANNE HOLLADAY SHAFER Richmond, Virginia ROSE LOUISE SHEFFIELD ....... Suffolk, Virginia ALICE GRAY SIMPSON Fredericksburg, Virginia MILDRED VIRGINIA SLAVIN . . Richmond, Virginia ANNE KATHLEEN SMITH ......,. Crewe, Virginia MARIA MAY THAYER ....... Richmond, Virginia AUDREY THURSTON . . . . . Richmond, Virginia JANE ANN TOMPKINS . Richfield Springs, New York EMMA BEE WALDROP ....... Richmond, Virginia ANNIE LOIE WALKER . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia ROSALIE CELIA WANT . . . . . Richmond, Virginia ESTHER WENDLING ..,. .... S nyder, New York JANE WHITNER ........., Hickory, North LILA RICHARDSON WICKER . Richmond, FRANCES SUSETTE WILLIAMS . Richmond, MARY PEGRAM WILSON ..... Rushmere, MARY ANNE WINN .......,. Richmond, GENE RAGLAND WOODFIN .. Richmond, Carolina Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia .ww v Al an-sit , .11 mg. a PM um 460 13 as gn 8 it sqm rg if' Q f g ,,.-Y NZ., . , E'-. 4.. fi: I , .x.x .Q ve- s , x M5 563 39.-sv' 7 5 F 25. s Tk, 3 W sf' ff . ff if I f gg ff M . X . se 4: .4 , , mx., . , . - -.W ,tc ' 44 'sf + 5 f. . M Dinner is served. 2-They also serve. 3-Music lmtb clmrnls. Biologists take skeleton out of closet. ---uV65flJt11iII7f0lI kitchen police. -Dance tomorrow. -Scientists in the making. an 1- 3-.- 3- .lzh 5 Rn! izlsperliml. Rai parade. Cwtlllgllic II III! ll'l? T65 . Heil. f7'65lJlIIIlll., Off the gnzsy' mm we .wif 5, ,Yu , Jr nf- rzzzvzgy 533 f A. , E Te-451 " EQ. :auxin I aw Qi V 1 4 wg A , M i ?. f. ' ,fvwxgv dn my Q ., ' . - I 4- ., , X , i.5,j:1,:,. Lx-5 , j g vw V' X ,J ,, lQ'5,:t ' 1 I-V ' it-'iff , It tl 1' A 558, 1. Y" .W Hx ,X f 13:-.,": ,J ff2,,5',f L A AJ' ,A..:'l '4 ff' Q," mix' ' Af ,1 - - - 'N 3335i .E 4 - if f 54 ,E . 5 YA AW' , + :I - M 1 Q" V 1. H: , . N - ,, V i U ., - . Q e" . V Y' K X g ,wdrwk sl ., , , Q . f . W, P kg fd ,g X ,X ,M M ,. i - 1 f+Xw,,- way- ff,,,,v Q f ' YA M? .. ,QA-Q? Left, f0l7-1276519112611 play, too. Left, boffom--Have you voted, frcfsbnzan? ERE HMAN CLASS ONCE MORE THE NPINE-CLAD HILLS" of Alma Mater were looking down on a new Freshman Class. It was the beginning of Orientation Week in September, 1959, and a new class was just set- ting out to learn of the customs, activities, rules, and organizations of the University of Richmond. Physical and mental exams of all kinds were taken. Lectures, discussions, and sermons were listened to attentively. Another Freshman memory of that premature "Hell Week" at Richmond College was the mighty striving and straining of the various fraternities to give him a better time than the others. This occu- pation was appropriately called "rushing" Every "rat" came close to being torn to pieces many times as he stepped from the Playhouse door. On the Wfesthampton side of our fair Univer- sity, the sister "rats" were receiving their "big sistersf, The attempt was made to keep them in their place by the worldly Sophomores and each "rat" was given a card with her name inscribed upon it. Also, a set of rules and regulations had been prescribed which were religiously ob- served by all. The dreaded Vigilante Committee was soon functioning with deadly precision in cleaning out the 'Rat Trap and administering justice to those requiring it at Richmond College. RICHMOND ERESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: john Byrd, Serrefarjn' Mike Floyd, TI'FrZ.IlIl'6I'.' Dick Owens, Artizzg Pre.ria'e111,' Bob Erickson, Semzlor. And then one night in early October an innocent pedestrian was knocked down and trampled upon by a stream of gaudily clad figures carrying torches and running all over creation. It was the Pajama Parade. After the entertainment put on by the "rats,,' they faced the Sophomores in a bag light. The riot which ensued was horrible to behold. They say the "rats" won, but some are doubtful to this day. The Richmond Rat Parade before the Citadel game was another highly successful affair run off without a hitch by the rats' only "friends," the Sophomores. Proclamation time had come on the other side of the lake and at last the rats were rats no longer. In the impressive Candlelight Service presented by the Y.W.C.A. and the Senior Class, the girls were formally received as members of the Col- lege. The traditional tree-planting ceremony was another event of importance. The class gave twelve pink dogwood trees which were set around the new Student Activities Building as well as several clumps of the wisteria vine. The year is all over now, and the members of the Class of 19-15 are beginning at last to realize their love for our Alma Mater, and they are look- ing forward through what seems to be countless ages to the day when they will don the cap and gown and leave her "pine-clad hillsl' forever. ' V .t .af E S 5 ' I ga XXZESTHAMPTON FRESHMAN OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIQHT: Barbara Lewis, 1JnfriJwzl.' Dolores Stockberger, Tl'cfr1f!ll'Ul'.' Althea johnson. I'fri-'-Puarm'tf1.'fJ Lillian Emerson, Scr1'vf.z1'j'. Niffelj'-wie CHARLES LAYNE ADAMS ..... Richmond, VANCE QUENTIN ALVIS .... ..... S abot, EDWARD HOLMAN AMOS .... Richmond, GEORGE THOMAS ASBELL .. Portsmouth, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia ROSCOE SEASE AULL .......... Washington, D. C. JOHN WARREN BAIN .... White Plains, New York IVON RAY BAKER ............. Norfolk, BEVERLY EDWIN BALLARD .... Suffolk, WILLIAM THORNTON BAREFORD Ozeana JAMES HAMILTON BARNES .... Warsaw, JAMES HARMON BARNETT .. Richmond WILLIAM TITUS BEACHY .... REINHARD A. BERNSTEIN EDGAR MALLORY BINNS .. WILLIAM S. BLOUNT CARL RICHARD BOGESE WILLIAM E. BRISTOW ...... SAMUEL SKINNER BRITT .. ARTHUR HENRY BROWN, JR. ROWLAND HARVEY BURNS Petersburg, Virginia Virginia , Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia New York, New ork . . Roanoke, Virginia . Washington, D. C. . Hopewell, Virginia West Point, Virginia . Abingdon, Virginia Bangor, Pennsylvania . . Lebanon, Virginia WILLARD WHITE BURTON .. Richmond, Virginia JOHN ABBOTT BYRD .......... Parksley, Virginia AUBREY SNEAD CAMDEN .. .. Chatham, Virginia MARVIN FREDERICK COLE .. Richmond, Virginia FRANK STUART COVEY ...... Richmond, Virginia ROBERT RITCHIE CRAWFORD . Richmond Virginia WILLIAM C. CUNNINGHAM . Richmond Virginia HENRY ADDISON DALTON . . Richmond, Virginia JOHN HENRY DALTON ..... . . Norfolk, Virginia ALLAN THORNTON DAVIS . .. Chatham, Virginia WILLIAM FRANKLIN DAVIS .. Blantons JOHN LEWIS DECKER ........ Richmond FITCHETT TROWER DIX ,...... Eastville ROBERT E. LEE EDWARDS ....... Fleeton, CHARLES BINGLEY EINSTEIN .... Ellerson, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia FLETCHER LEIGH ELMORE .... Alberton, Viirginia ROBERT ERICKSON ........ Jamestown, New York JULIAN STROTHER FANT ..... Culpeper, Virginia ROBERT WILLIAM FENLON .... Washington, D. C. JERRY JEWETT FIELD ........ Richmond, Virginia ROBERT JAMES FILER ......... Richmond, Virginia JOHN ROBERT FITZGERALD, Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania JOSEPH A. FORTUNATO .... Montclair, New Jersey RAY BEADLES FOX ...... . ...... Holland, RALPH W. FRANKLIN ,... Fredericksburg, IVAN GRAHAM FREED GUY RAYMOND FRIDDELL DOBERT DANIEL GANO . . JACK GARRENTON ....... JOHN LEFEBVRE GAYLE , . ROBERT O'KENNON GILL , . . . Errrick, HAROLD TENCH GOYNE, JR. . .. HENRY CLAY GREGORY ...... JOHN EDWARD GRIGG ...... JERRY GROSS ,........ . . . Richmond, Richmond Richmond, . Altavista, Richmond, . Chester, Richmond, Richmond, Richmond, WALTER WIGHTMAN HADEN ...... Fife, MICHAEL HARMAN .......... Richmond, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia ROBERT M. HATHAWAY. . .Pleasantville, New York WILLIAM W. HERMANN ...... Pitman, New Jersey DON F. HIGGENBOTHAM, Bridgeport, West Virginia JOHN CABELL HORSLEY ...... DONALD W. H. HOWE ...... RUPERT STANLEY HUGHES, JR. WALES B. INGRAM, JR. ....... i ALEXANDER SAMUEL JACOBS, CECIL FRANKLIN JONES ...... GILBERT BERTRAND JONES. .. JAMES BRUCE KELLISON ...... WALTER HARRY KESSLER .... HUGH L. KEYSER ....... ..,. WILLIAM SEMPLE KIRK ...... RICHARD H. KRAFT .......... LESTER LAVYNE ............. JOHN STEVEN LAWRENCE .... ROBERT SPENCER LAWRENCE. HUNTER T. LEAKE .,......... IRWIN HERBERT LEVENSON.. STUART DAVID LEVENSON. .. WILLIAM CLIFFORD MALLERY, JACK H. MANLY .......,.... Arrington, Richmond, Richmond, Richmond, Petersburg, Richmond .Richmond Richmond, Arlington, Richmond Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Richmond Virginia Richmond, Virginia Syracuse, New York .Covington Virginia .Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia .Richmond, Virginia .Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Buchanan, Virginia TED TUCKER MARTIN ,........ Towson, Maryland SAMUEL D. MCCAMMON, JR. .. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM A. MACKENZIE .... Roadstown, New Jersey SAMUEL LEE MCCLAREN ........ Summit, Virginia WILLIAM H. METZER, JR. .... Richmond, Virginia JOE BERNARD MICHAELSON .. Richmond STEPHEN L. MITCHELL, JR, .. Martinsville, RICHARD BAXTER NICHOLS .. Richmond, EDWARD TAYLOR OVERTON ,. Halifax, RICHARD CLEMENT OWEN .... Norfolk, , Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia WARREN MAXWELL PACE . Bloomfield, New Jersey ROBERT E. PALMER .........i. Arlington , Virginia I-IORACE EUGENE PERKINS . . . Richmond, Virginia WARREN GRAYSON PIERCE . . Petersburg, Virginia OSCAR AUGUST POHLIG ..... Richmond, Virginia JAMES ANDREW REMINE, JR. . Richmond, Virginia STRAUGHAN S. RICHARDSON, JR., Lilian, Virginia WILLIAM C. ROBERTSON ...... Oilville, Virginia FRANK L. ROSE .,............. Windsor, Virginia GEORGE WILLIAM SADLER . . . Richmond, Virginia DANIEL JOSEPH SASMOR ...... Bronx, New York DAVE E. SATTERFIELD. III .... Richmond Virginia CHARLES ALMAE SAUNDERS JOHNSON A. SCHOOLS .....,. WILBER MAXTON SHEAFFER HARRY L. SNEAD, JR. PHILIP SPAHN ......... EMMET LESLIE SPENCE WALTER FRANKLIN STORY CHARLES B. VALENTINE, JR. .. ELMO JENKINS VOGT ......., HARVEY M. WALTHALL .. HARRY EARL WATKINS .. JOHN BENJAMIN WATKINS .. STANLEY S. WATTS .......... EDGE FRANCIS WHEELER .... FRANK CHURCHILL WIATT WILLIAM B. WILKINSON ..... A. GORDON WILLIS, JR. ....... I SAMUEL GARLAND WILLS Richmond , Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Petersburg . Rutland, Richmond .. Suffolk Richmond Trevilians . Matoaca Richmond, Richmond Richmond Virginia Vermont Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Arrington Virginia Hampton, Virginia McKenney, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia Petersburg , Virginia EVELYN LARUE ALLEN VIRGINIA ALSTON ........ CHARLOTTE RUTH ATKINS ANNE CAROLYN BABB MARJORIE L. BEARD ..... FRANCES BEAZLEY .... . ELIZABETH M. BLAIR .,.. REBA MAE BOOKER ...... JEAN WILLIAMS BOWERS . Richmond Richmond, Richmond, . ...... Iver, Richmond, Richmond, Richmond, . Naruna, Richmond, ELLEN R. BUTTERXWORTH .. Butterworth, BEATRICE LOUISE CARDOZO .. Richmond, FAY DALTON CARPENTER .. Brightwood, ANN BOLLING CHAMBLISS Rawlings, MILDRED C. CHRISTIAN MARY LEE CLARY ..... MARJORIE W. CLEMENTS ALISON LOUISE COOPER KALIMA DALTON ..... BETTY JO DANIEL ...... MARY ESTHER DERRING ,. Richmond, Valentines, . Charlotte, North Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Carolina Winchester, Virginia Pulaski, Virginia Blakely, Georgia Blacksburg, Virginia DORIS MENGER DISNEY. . . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania LOIS CATHERINE DORSEY MARY CORNELIA ELDER MARY LILLIAN EMERSON ..,. VIRGINIA LEE FIGG ..... EVELYN SELMA FLAX DORIS ANNE FORD ...,...... AUDREY LISTER FOSTER . .. Hopewell, Richmond, Richmond, Richmond, Richmond Richmond 7 Richmond, BARBARA FULLER ........ Hilton Village LELIA N. GARDENER . .. Henderson, North FRANCES E. GRIGSBY ..,..... MARYANNE HALLMARK . . . JUNE PHILLIPS HARGROVE SARAH LAVINIA HAYES ..... HELEN REED I-IERRINK . .. ALICE JUNE HEWITT . .. Richmond Richmond Richmond . . Franklin, Richmond, Richmond JANE CANODY HILBISH ..... Piney River, MARY ELIZABETH HOGAN ..,. Roanoke SHIRLEY HUXTER ........... Richmond RUTH BANCROFT IRVING . Charlottesville ROSEMARY IVES ............. Richmond HELEN JEFFRIES ,. Richmond 5 7 1 1 1 9 9 7 7 7 3 Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Carolina Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia BETTY JEANICE JOHNSON ..... Parksley , Virginia MARGARET A. JOHNSTON . Harrisonburg, KATHLEEN CARMEN JONES .. Richmond VIRGINIA LEE JONES ........ Richmond 1 1 Virginia Virginia Virginia NELLIE M. KESHISHAN, Port Washington, New York ROSE WARE KOLTUKIAN .,.. Richmond, Virginia BARBARA YOUNG KRUG ,... Richmond, Virginia PEGGY JEANNE KYLE ........ Richmond, Virginia EVIE CHAMBERS LAWSON .... Richmond, Virginia BARBARA JEANNE LEWIS .... Richmond, Virginia LUCILLE JEAN LEWIS .... MARTHA LOUISE MEADOR .... Roanoke MINNIE FLOURINE NUCKOLS . Richmond ANN TALIFERRO OAKES .... Winchester RUTH MARGUERITE PHILLIPS, Waverly a . . . . Flushing, New York , Virginia , Virginia , Virginia Virginia LELIA BONDURANT PIERCE .. Richmond, Virginia PRISCILLA HALE POTEAT JEAN CLAIRE PRICE ..... MILDRED C. ROBERTS .. PHYLLIS ANNE ROBERTS JANE LEE ROUDABUSH ......... LOWAITA LEE ROWLAND . GERALDINE SCOTT ..... MARY GENE SHELBY MARGARET C. SHELTON ...... Hanover, GEORGIE ISABELLE SIMPSON . Winchester, SALLIE WAVERLY SNEAD ,..... Chester ,Virginia JEAN CORRINE SPENCE ...... Arlington, Luray, Virginia Abingdon, Pennsylvania . . . . . Brookneal, .. Portsmouth, MARGUERITE SHELL . . . . Lawrenceville, . . . Chester, Pennsylvania . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia DOLORES R. STOCKBERGER . Fort Wayne, Indiana RUTH THOMPSON .. Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts VIRGINIA MURRAY THOMPSON . Stuart, Virginia EUGENIA CRUMP THOMPSON .... Stuart, Virginia ANNE BYRD TUCKER ........ Richmond, Virginia MARY HOLCOMBE TURNER . Blackstone, Virginia KATHLEEN K. WEBER . . . College Point, New York LEONE E. WICKLUND ...... Rochester, Minnesota LOUISE ELLYSON WILEY .... Richmond, ANNE CLAIRE WILLIAMS ...... Norfolk KATHLEEN LEIGH WILLIAMS . Culpeper, MAXINE NUNALLY WILLIAMS, Richmond JONSY ERNESTINE WINGFIELD . Naruna J Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia I 4 i 5 s , ' h 4' S pl Mg' x . W , 0 A Q f.A-' 5. ,sv '55 ., ' I ' ' :M A gg- U. up 4, A Az J - 6 5 : I K . uv UNT? ' x+ N 'W v S J? f-1.1 1 vi, .. . -. Y , Us 'Wir L - , 2 . 1 Q Q' I LA . ' ' x 1 5' , U xx ,v K , O ,r' fx I X If 40 LA CDO 1940 --w , f . 1 1 ax. Q H 1 A Wil' i 1 24 Swv ,Q kg 'fs A KMWHYW Nw ,. ' ' is ' if 3, 3 . A ., ,. I S -.-.... , 2 Q R ,W ....,,....Q,' ,4 X - W- . Il ' 4 ms.. . 31" 8 1 , Q A Ng Q- 0 S 1 V2 ' . .,, ,Q 1 , N' ' 2 4 fa.. : . . ix fkf g If I " ' Y l Hel , w',,,,,,-ww 1, , x , Q Q I Q' , if X. ,, lun-Wh 'fs H -fx Tw, f " 1 1 X by 4 x M-sv' ' ,gfz ' . ' . ..... , If Q , - ,X L gg, ,f ' f' Q . M5 Q4 'Q 5 My K? 51 fi' v Af .A . y 1 , 5' .: Al . . N s Vg? ..,. W A V 15 1 sig 6 ' V7 'V " . -f' X N ' 4 . 22? was K' . if it , is ' A 1 A Q 5 5 ' .4 ' 1115 ' fi WERE Q. K Svawsw N.. Q. 5 I f . , .S 1 ,,,.. n , ,. , l , 5., T , 1 Y ,,i-,f?ruaf..?s- M .4 . a . 1 Q t ,g A I , 1 i' 2 " 1 Q 1-I ' -fa , i ' N' ' ' 'I QP' ' ,Myif . 7 '32 G ' M ? ,1 v f f ,f 4 N ,J fn. W Ev 1' x . f X in 1 if 'va - A' 3 f' ,A ' ' ' 3 2 'h 4' -Qfgj? N. , Q f if' -V ' a , , M , ,Mg , X 7 , f M5 . E Y ir - , . f Y , fy, 'sl V 3 , , J, , frm f Q 1 'V , M' 1' . W. , i if xl ' Q, Q- 5 x wee: , -'f'?2i5w.x, X , 1 f- 2. ? Q -U "' :' ' ' , .fi f " ' 71- " film: ,Q -- ." .fl 'J f f' W 41 - . 2'-'iqbiv ' nf' -'fi .4.Vf'f'-?'. V . ' li' l"l1," ' 'I ' A 514, ' 41' 'fi V., 5 V "K I' ,. I ' 5 VI I 1 , is , .I ,F t Q . r 'J I -yy gy Iam, ..gI -t ,. ' . - wa . L 7: I I ' 1 I "-:LW V I ' ' " -- S ' + - " J , I , l ' is... I .la . I ' Q I . Y QQ? ' I if . I I I I , I 5 I I ' ' 4 F I. xi . I L A i f ' "K-N 5 1 I 1' l , . ' , 1' - F II g I I R 6 A Z f Ii! 1 'iz I - r Ib i I V A 1 V ' I-'N' J n I- . - I 1 ' - -L N I 1 Q , , ' 'A V 1 r- 'A P: ,Ab A l- V , v I . 4 ' ' . - ' , I. . Y, Ig f ' I 5 L , :V Y Q l 'iw - I 5' hr I ,:,I .. in J . I . ' I ' J Im TUDE T BAR WHEN THE GHOSTS OF LAW SCHOOL pleasures haunt the mansions of the mind there comes to the front immediately-the Ufziverrity of Rirhmoud Stzmfezzr Bar. Quite a re- cent innovation in stu- dent life here, this organ- ization has already begun to assume such propor- tions in importance that there is a wonder why the likes of it were not in ex- istence before the fall of 1959. Replacing the "Student Government Associa- tion" which was the origi- nal student self-governing body here and which was organized years ago largely through the efforts of our illustrious Dean M.R.D., the Slzzdefzf Bm' is patterned after the Virginia State Bar and the Vir- ginia State Bar Association, the leading legal groups of the Commonwealth. Whereas the now obsolete SGA followed the time honored theory of balance of powers between judicial, legislative, and executive, the new constitution-which in the student elections was adapted with but one dissent- ing vote, now accredited to a possible remaining, ever-hopeful member of the defunct "Ryland po- litical faction" which died a natural death last year -places the vast weight of power in a council, part in executive officers, still less in a court. The attempt is to change the entire emphasis of student life toward more pre-professional standards. Headed by blond, potentatous William Shake- speare Goode who hails from the mountains of A Clifton Forge, a move- ment early last summer took the initiative to change the student gov- ernment to a form which aims as stated in the new constitution, "to mold the student mind into chan- nels of thought" appro- priate to future member- TWilliam Goode, Preiidezzf 1 W? Hamill jones, S6t'I'Ef.1l"j' ship in the profession, "to teach a consideration of individual honor and integrity as essentials of the legal profession," and "to promote a spirit of mu- tual fellowship" among its members. Aided by the ever willing assist- ance of Dean Doubles, the old Senate, the pres- ent Council, drew the final draft of a work which has since received compliments from some of the highest of legal sources. SZIIJEIIZ' Bm' membership is comprised of active, associate, and honorary classes. The active members are the stu- dents. Associate membership is made up of the faculty and those interested alumni who have made application. Honorary members are any other per- sons associated with the legal profession who shall have been elected into membership by the Council. Membership is divided into three judicial cir- cuits and from each of these circuits is elected one- third ftwo membersj of the Council. In the write- ups under the individual pictures on the following pages, these circuits are noted. The Council, in which is vested most of the power of the Bar, makes laws, ratihes appointments to the court, sets the amount of dues, allocates funds, calls elections, promulgates canons of student ethics, recommends publications representatives, and exercises neces- sary powers to: flj cultivate and advance the sci- ence of jurisprudence, Qj encourage better educa- tion for profession mem- bership, QQ promote a spirit of cordiality and brotherhood among mem- bers, and uphold and elevate standards of hon- or, integrity, and courtesy of the profession. The first person to preside over such a Council is "vice Abe" Staples, whose rules of parlia- Abram Staples, Vive-Premlefzf Frank jordan, jr., 7i1'L'.I.llll'C'l' Ninety-,fez'e1i coUNc1L. LEFT TO Rioili: Williarn P. Becker, john B. Boaiwfigm. E. Parker Brown, john C. Hutt, Ara Langdon Long, Hugh R. Ross. mentary procedure are far from the nature of a lost art. Not the least of the Council powers is the ap- pointment of the Grievance Committee. This com- mittee consists of three persons, one from each ju- dicial circuit, and investigates complaints of un- ethical conduct on the part of members, prosecut- ing the more serious charges before the Court. The Court consists of five justices appointed by the president, confirmed by the Council. Serious violations of ethics and points of constitutionality of laws are within jurisdiction of the court. For the session now ending the court was "chief-jus- ticed" by james William QMcNeillj Fletcher, who has enjoyed the privileged concurrence of "Sam," "Flash," "Bud," and "Snake" U In early May of eachtyear the annual meeting of the Smdem' Bm' is held at which time various re- ports are presented to full membership, and new officers for the ensuing year take oaths. Not all of the activities of the Stzzdezel Bar are of so serious a nature as those elucidated upon this far. fOn the other hand the word "bar" in the title is by all means to be distinguished from any lay use of the word.j It being felt that a student can many times do his best when facilities for mild recreation are close at hand, the Sfl!6lI6lZf Bm' maintains a GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Y. Cridlin, J. W. Pcarsall, R. S. Gibson. Niuelj'-eiglvl STUDENT BAR COURT. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. W. Gordon, jr., W. R. Blandford, gl. W. Fletcher, Chief !!lliffr'K,' E. Nunnini, E. W. McCaul. recreation room in the basement of the school. Therein are pool and card tables, lounging furni- ture. Daily papers are furnished and the room is equipped with radio. "Professor" Becker and his assistant Flavius have done remarkable jobs in im- proving the pool shooting of the entire student body in this department. A series of formal dances and a series of informal smokers are also sponsored by the Sfzzdezzt Bm' with an object of improving fellowship among students, faculty, and alumni. The aspired results are gen- erally had. Speakers are brought to the school under its sponsorship and much has been gained by the embryonic legal mind from these talks on topics of current interest in the judicial field. No account of this year's activities would be com- plete without mention of Law Editor Parker Brown who gave the school one of its two tropical days experienced during the january-February cold spell, by importing a heat wave in form of a photog- rapher's representative who talked over problems of retouching with the boys. The other warm spell came during the mid-winter exam in Smither's "The Great A 85: P," when Columbia Annex played host to a "fireman's holiday." All in all the session has been quite eventful in this "integral part of the University" and no doubt many fine judges and lawyers will be reminiscent in years to come by pointing to the following pic- tures with a "Yes, junior, that's your Pop!" Niue! 1'-llfllcf C ass of 1940 WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS AD SUBJICIENDUM To the Hmmmfzfe F1'cJv1'2i'ff U". Bor1Izz'1'jgXvf. P1'6'.l'flf6llf nf five Ulljl'C'1',l'ff'1' of Rir'Zv111o1m'.' YOUR PETITIONIERS, the members of the Senior Class of the University of Richmond Law School, respectfully show that they are unlawfully im- prisoned, detained, confined, and restrained of their liberty by M. Ray Doubles, Dean of the University of Richmond Law School, and Frances Farmer, Keeper and custodian of the records of said school, in the City of Richmond, in the State of Virginia, that the imprisonment, de- tention, confinement, and restraint are illegal, and that the illegality thereof consists in this, to-wit: That the only pretext or cause of such de- tention is examinations, formulated by the faculty and issued out of the Dean's office of said school, which your petitioners were required to pass successfully. This requirement, and each and every and all other divers and sundry requirements, rules, regulations, standards, requisites and conditions have been wholly, completely and satisfactorily complied with. In restraining your petitioners liberty by withholding our Bachelor of Law degrees, for which there is no authority of law or reason, your petitioners will be greatly aggrieved, damaged and embarrassed, both financially and socially, as a large sum of money has been invested to make possible our purpose, and three long years of hard labor have been diligently spent within well defined boundaries and under the rigid supervision of the faculty. Ignoring, now, the inan-made laws that our faculty has so nobly and patiently drilled into our thick heads, we appeal to the laws of natural justice, of fairness and equity. After our long struggle and valid efforts to understand and master an aliquot part of the law and to solve the problems that arise, some of which seem incomprehensible and have caused many of your petitioners to fall by the wayside and have turned others from carefree infants to aged adults, we plead, implore, beseech and beg that no Haw be found that will detain us at this time on a technicality. ' Wherefcure, your petitioners pray that a writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum may be granted, directed to the said M. Ray Doubles, com- manding him to appear before your honorable court and authorize the granting of our Bachelor of Law degrees, as a symbol of our liberty, on Commencement Day, june 11, 1940, and that the same be there de- livered, and the petitioners be restored to their liberty. THE SENIOR CLAss or 1940. Pefifiwzelir. TUP: E. Parker Brown, Preridelzf. CIENTLR: Moody Stallings, Vice-Piwidelzl BoTToM: Books Shetter, SEH'Ef.1l"j'-TlAcQr1J'l1l61 Une Hfflldlseal ROBERT WATSON ARNOLD, JR. XVAVERLY, VIRGINIA Appliazzzf fm- LL.B. Degree Wiishingttmn and Lee Universityg Phi Kup- pa Sigmag Phi Delta Phig Member, Vir- ginia State Burg First Circuit. DOUGLAS WALTER BROWN, JR. HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Applimfzl for LL.B. Degree University of Virginiug Delta Phig McNeill Law Societyg First Circuit. WILLIAM PRITCHARD BECKER BRAMWFLL, WEST VIRGINIA fIf7lI7LLl11IIf for LLB. Degrc-'L' B.S., Hampden-Sydney College1 Pi Kappa Alphag Student Bar Council, '59-'img Memher, Virginia State Burg First Circuit. . I 'xx 3, WILLIAM RANDOLPH BLANDFORD BEAUMONT, VIRGINIA Ajvfffirxzrzf for LL.B. De'gre'e Hainpclen-Sydney Collegeg Chi Phig Omi- cron Delta Kuppag Student Bar Court, '39-403 Member, Virginia State Burg First Circuit. One H IIIIJVEJ rum' One JAMES WILLIAM FLETCHER SPERRYVILLE, VIRGINIA Applinzzzl for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Phi Kappa Sig- mag McNeill Law Society, Chancellor of Exchequer, '59-'4Og President, Inter- mediate Classg Law School Editor Col- legian, '39-'4Of Student Bar Court, Chief justice, 393403 Member, Virginia State Barg Second Circuit. One Hfzfzrherl and Tivo DIULIAN NEWTON DOVELL LURAY, VIRGINIA Applicrzlzf for LLB. Degree Bridgewater College, First Circuit. EDWARD PARKER BROWN SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Afffwliruzzzf for LLB. Degree I'5.A., University of Richmondg Phi Kappa Sigmag Omicron Delta Kappag McNeill lrtw Society, Vice-Chancellor, '59-'40, Pres- ident, First Year Classg President, Senior Classg Law School Business Manager, Web, '58-'591 Law School Editor Web, '39-'40, Treasurer, Student Government, '58-'39g Student Bar Council, '39-V103 Member Virginia State Barg First Circuit. ' ROSS SHACKELFORD GIBSON P RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajzpliftnzt f01'kLL.B. Degree University of Richmond, Phi Kappa Sig- ma, Student Bar Grievance Committee, '39-40, Member, Virginia State Bar, Sec- ' ' ond'Circuit. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE GOODE CLIFTON FORGE, VIRGINIA fljljlfiznzlzl for LL.B. Dtqqzu' BS., Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilong Sec- retary, Student Government, '38-39, Presi- dent, Student Bar, '39-'img Secretary. Boarfl of Publications, '39-401 Member, Virginia State Barg Second Circuit. WILDMAN S. KINCHELOE, JR. CREWE, VIRGINIA Apfllirtnzl for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmondg Phi Beta Kappag McNeill Law Society, Honor Court, '38-'39L Member, Virginia State Bar. HERBERT HEADEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fljljlliawlf for LLB, Dt'grc'e BS., University of Richmond, Secretary, First Year Class, Secretary, Intermediate Class, Member, Virginia State Barg Second Circuit. 1 I 6' Y CD HAMILL DICE JONES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliranf for LL,B. Degree B.A., Randolph-Macon Collegeg Phi Delta Thetag Omicron Delta Kappag McNeill Law Societyg Secretary, Student Bar, '39- '40, Member, Virginia State Bar, Second Circuit. One Hnzzdred and Thret JAMES LATINUS MCLEMORE, JR. SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Applianzf for LL.B. Degree Randolph-Macon Collegeg Phi Kappa Sig- mag Phi Alpha Deltag Member, Virginia State Bar. One Hundred and Four SADI JAMES MASE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ajvjvlimzzf for LLB. Degree Degree, University of Moscowg Former Member of Dialectal Cummissitm of the Russian Academy of Sciences. ARA LANGDON LONG PINE GROVE, WEST VIRGINIA Ajlplimzzl for LL.B. Degree West Virginia Universityg Phi Mug Stu dent Bar Council, '59-'40, Member, Vir ginia State Barg Second Circuit. ELIO JOHN NANNINI WASHINGTON, D. C. Ajwjvlimzzf for LLB, Degree AB., Duquesneg McNeill Law Societyg Student Bar Court, '39-'40, Second Circuit JOHN PERSHING SANDERS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Af7f7ljL'tIIlf for LL.B. Degree University of Richmond, Theta Chig Mc- Neill I-aw Society, Member, Virginia State Barg Third Circuit. MOODY EASON STALLINGS SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Af7f71jfillZf for LL.B. Degree Hampden-Sydney College: Kappa Alphag Vice'Presiclent, First Year Classg Student Senate, '38-'39: Vice-President, Senior Classg Member, Virginia State Bar, Third Circuit. HENRY JEROME SCHRIEBERG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Apjvllrtnzl for LL.B. Degree University of Richmonclg Phi Alpha, Stu- dent Senate, '38-'591 Member, Virginia State Bar. I . 67 'x S? Q BOOKS POORMAN SI-IETTER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA fllhjvlirizzzf for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmondg Lambda Chi Alphag McNeill Law Society, Chan- cellor, '59-'-101 Secretary-Treasurer Senior Classg Member, Virginia State Barg Third Circuit. One H1l1Idl'C3Lfr1lilf F1516 0 Dfw, 5 fi .fa X RANDOLPH WILEY TUCKER NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Applimzzz for LL.B. Degree Washington and Lee University: Phi Kap- pa Psig Member, Virginia State Barg Third Circuit. One Hfnldretf .zmf Six VUILLIAIVI DAVID TEMPLE PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Ajvplifruzf for LL.B. Degree Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Chi Phig Secre- tary, Student Government, '37-'38g Vice- President, Student Government, '38-'39 Member, Virginia State Bar. ABRAIVI PENN STAPLES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ,-iffpljiwzf for LLB. Degree University of Richmondg McNeill Law So cietyg Student Senate, '58-391 Vice-Presi dent, Student Bur, '39-'40g Member, Vir ginia State Bilrg Third Circuit. Class of lQ4Ll WE, THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE, of the University of Richmond Law School, in the City of Richmond, being duly sworn upon oath, do depose and say as follows, to the best of our knowledge and belief: That on the Twelfth day of September, nineteen hundred and thirty-eight we journeyed to Richmond and there enrolled in the University of Richmond Law School. Throughout the ensuing year we did pursue the law with diligence, though never seeming to be able to pass it en masse. Then late in May we laid aside our books and went home for the summer. The three months that fol- lowed were given to reflection and when once again we met in September there was a new spirit-indeed, a new approach. Then did we let it be known to all that the Class of 1941, in the exercise of its own untrammeled will, had determined the true path of the legal heights. To us it had been shown that the way to success consisted not in slavish devotion to the Law as a Goddess of Books. For a year had we wooed and pursued her with the ardour born of inspiration to find upon touching the train of her garment that she, too, was of the world. Wlierefore it was resolved that from thenceforth the ever-receding goal should be a practical knowledge of the ways of our chosen Mistress. And who can forget the by-ways into which our search has led us that we might better use our learning on leaving these wisdom.- steeped halls? True, our sallies into the outer world were not made with a singleness of purpose that was complete. For some Police Court Practice had a fatal fascination. Others sought the dignity of the Supreme Court. For some the click of the pool balls was the music of the Sirens. Gthers found the music of Murphy's fell more sweetly on the ear. january and examinations, however, brought us up with a start and made us acutely aware that the pendulum had swung too far. However we lost none of our members in the usual February exodus. Perhaps this result was achieved by our splendid display of the knowledge we had gleaned during the past four months, perhaps as a result of the suspension of the automatic rule. But which is the true reason is aspeculation into which this group does not deem it wise to enter. Now work is upon us again for with the Bar Exam ahead we tread once more a narrow path-more serious, perhaps, but truly more worldly wise. TOP: Eugene McCaul, Preiidezzf. CENTER: John Boatwright, Vice-Preiidelzf. BOTTOM: John Wassom, S6'L'l'6fr7l'y-TI'6rZJ'lll'C'l'. l One H IIIIHJFGJ .zmi Seven JOHN B. BOATWRIGHT, JR. BUCKINGHAM, VIRGINIA B.A., University of Richmond, Phi Beta Kappa, McNeill Law Societyg Secretary, First Year Class: Vice-President, Interme- diate Classg Student Bar Council, '59-'40, First Circuit. THOMAS CULLEN CROUCH, JR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B. A., University of Richmond: Kappa Al' phag McNeill Law Societyg First Circuit MELVIN BURGESS GASKINS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Randolph-Macon Collegeg McNeill Law Society: Second Circuit. One Hwldred and Eight LEROY EDWARDS BROWN, III RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., University of Virginiag Phi Kappa Sigmag First Circuit. MEREDITH EDWARD EVANS APPOMATTOX, VIRGINIA Wake Forest College, Second Circuit. JOHN CHAPMAN GOCHENOUR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SB., Harvard University, Second Circuit. FRED CAPLAN CLARKSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA AB., West Virginia Universityg Sphinxg Pi Lambda Phi, First Circuit. JOHN CALHOUN EVERETT SMITH FIELD, PENNSYLVANIA AB., Pennsylvania State Collegeg Kappa Sigmag First Circuit. JAMES WADDELL GORDON, JR BON AIR, VIRGINIA B.A., Hampden-Sydney College: M.A., University of Virginia, Chi Phi, Omicron Delta Kappag McNeill Law Societyg Presi- dent, First Year Class: Student Bar Court, '59-'40, First Year Law Prize, Second Circuit. CHARLES LYDON HARRELL, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA A.B., Randolph-Macon Collegeg Phi Kap- pa Sigmag Omicron Delta Kappag Phi Beta Kappa, McNeill Law Society, Vice- President, First Year Class, Second Cir- Cuit. EUGENE WILLIAMSON MCCAUL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., University of Richmondg Sigma Phi Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, McNeill Law Society, President, Intermediate Classg Student Bar Court, '39-'40, Law School Business Manager, Web, '39-'40, Second Circuit. JOHN CLIFFORD HUTT NEENAH, VIRGINIA Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Student Bar Council, '39-'40, Second Circuit. JOHN HENRY PEARSALL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., Randolph-Macon Collegeg Theta Kappa Nug Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappag McNeill Law Societyg Stu- dent Bar Grievance Committee, '59-403 Third Circuit. FRANK HERBERT JORDAN, JR. DUBLIN, VIRGINIA B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Mc- Neill Law Societyg Treasurer Student Bar. '39-'4og Third Circuit. HUGH RUDASILL ROSS CRIGLERSVILLE, VIRGINIA B.S., University of Richmond, Phi Delta Omega, Student Bar Council, '39-'40, Third Circuit. GILBERT ROSCOE SWINK, JR. JOHN T. WASSOM, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA XWYTHEVILLE, VIRGINIA A.B., Washingtcmn and Lee University, Bluefield Collegeg Secretary-Treasurer, Tau Kappa Iota: Third Circuit. Intermediate Class, Third Circuit, One Hl1llcZII'6oi and Nine The Class of T942 WOULD THAT we courn sAY as Cxsar said: "We came, We saw, We conquered." Such alas, is not the case-we came, we saw, we hope. This year began as most years do. We enrolled with high hopes and great ambitions. Our first few weeks were pretty confusing, and it was only when we attended the l'SmOker," meeting Our fellow students and smoking free cigars, that our law career really ap- pealed to us. The long days of Contracts, Torts and Crimes were finally interrupted by our first Law School Dance, and from then on we were properly authorized to say we were members of the Law School. Now initiated, we again ploughed relentlessly through our studies. Then came our first practice in taking examinations, and we resolved forthwith to do better or else. fWe didn't know what else, but it could have been no worse than the grades we receivedj The merry chase went On. It was merry for the professors and a chase for us. We had heretofores and whereupons, and the plaintiff pleads while the defendant demurs from morning until night. Then just as the light was beginning to break, came Christmas and the holidays were upon us. We came back to a different school. Everyone, even the seniors, was studying to get ready for examinations. And get ready we did and we took the exams. But on this long journey, sad to relate, some of our members dropped from the scene and we were forced to go On without them. When the smoke had cleared away we found that none Of the survivors were badly damaged, and with several additions to our group we determinedly resumed our fight with the law. t Many are the outstanding gentlemen Of our class. Among them the old "ledge" and the "Bold Barristerl' must take their places in our memories as loyal lawyers. There, too, will be the sixth and one-half Baronet, whom we shall never forget as the true historian of England, America, and the Confederate States of America. There also were the boys from the backwoods and many Others Of great and sterling worth, but space does not allow their naming other than as good fellows and loyal companions. Above all, we wish to thank the members of the second and third year classes, and particularly President William S. Goode, for their help in guiding us in studious ways. THE CLAss OF 1942 fWe Hopej. TOP! Neal Patten, Preridenf. CIENTIERI Thomas W. Isbell, jr., Vive-P1'efide12f BOTTOM: L. Shields Parsons, jr., Serrehzry-Trefzfznex One Hlf1I1Jl'L'ffr'7llzf Ten aw -wyv NEAL JOSEPH PATTEN Newport News, Virginia MILTON PICKUS Beckley, West Virginia JOSEPH DELSAEDO POLINO Fairmount, West Virginia LEONARD S. PRICE New Castle, Virginia JOSEPH TYNN SAVAGE, JR. Fredericksburg, Virginia GEORGE MUSE SHIELDS Charlottesville, Virginia STOCKTON HITH TYLER Norfolk, Virginia FLAVIUS BURFOOT WALKER Richmond, Virginia JAMES ERROLL WHEELER Narrows, Virginia WILLIAM REAMES YEATTS Danville, Virginia HUGH PARKER YOUNG Richmond, Virginia BERNARD EDWARD BAKER Webste1', Massachusetts HERMAN LEWIS CHENAULT Aylett, Virginia ERNEST LEE COPLEY, Ja. Richmond, Virginia CLYDE YEAMANS CRIDLIN Jonesville, Virginia FRANCISCO ANDRE'S GIL Aiborlito, Puerto Rico LESLIE CHARLES HALL Bristol, Virginia HENRY S. HATHAWAY White Stone. Virginia TI-IOINIAS WINN ISBELL, JR. Richmond, Virginia LIGON LEE JONES Hopewell, Virginia FRANCIS BYRON PARKER Richmond, Virginia LESTER SHIELDS PARSONS, Ja Norfolk, Virginia M N LAWSUCIETY g, ' l PR A MCNEILL LAW SOCIETY Decllczuecl tw thc memwrv Ol.1Xal1cr Scutt Rl 'X ll tlus Swmety has as xts twotulcl purpme the I'6COgl1ltlOl1 Of cllllgence and C1lSt1l1C11O tl tl ll ltl H ttl ll l ttl l t t Jlttyfftl kbJtJt t l l l tl l I l l J t 10 S UC 5' U EIXY, Zllll 10 U Cflllg H IUSC XY'lU IEIYC 161110119 T21 GL SHCI 111 C'l't'S , H11 U1 Till S, I't'St'll1'C 1, 11111 16 f1SC11SS11ll1 tl CQIH LUCS Fl'df7'6.l' in faczzlfazfe DOI' 11111 OI' UI' 161' WOI' 5' JE11' 1C1 Ja 1O M. RAY DOUBLES RALPH CATTERALL WILLIAM T. MUSE WESTWOOD SMITHERS Fmfres in rollegio BOOKS P. SHETTER, Cf ,.,,,1Q film' T. C. CROUCH, JR. E. W. MCCAUL E. PARKER BROWN, w...CA 1,,,,Q .ffm MELVIN E. OASIONS ELIO J. NANNINI JAMES W. ELETCHER, jfgj5i7jjggJ,. JAMES W. GORDON, JR. JOHN W. PEARSALL JOHN E. BOATWRIGHT C. LYOON HARRELL, JR. JOHN P. SANDERS W. D. BROWN HAMILL D. JONES A. P. STAPLES, JR. FRANK H. JORDAN GEOROE T. TAYLOR Winner Of Charles G. Norman Award. One H!IlI6lI'6a!r1lILf Tzwelve HONOR STUDENTS WILDMAN S. KINCHELOE Winner of Walter Scott McNeill Award .4-" f 1' tr A-ll Ll 02 ' 3 G A . , . if ' ' 4 2- Y 'lg I .J I' . 'ii gs -I." ,.' .soi- air M4 xhxx 0 Q. H lo- 'Q A VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD. LEFT TO RIOHT, FRONT ROW: Powers, Dickinson, Burge, Bragg, Hoskins, Merrick, Faris, Van Buskirk, Sinar, and Robinson. SECOND ROW: Coach Pitt, and Coach Thistlethwaite. THIRD ROW: Bowen, Mack, Amrhein, T. Bingham, Resch, Keil, Shackleford, Fitzhugh, Wfholey, Cash, and Terry. FOURTH ROW: Butcher, Knipe. FIFTH ROW: L. Bingham, ReMine, C. Moore, Milling, Collins, Hurnbert, jones, McVay, Robertson, Frohbose, Baker, Fitzgerald, A. Moore. SIXTH ROW: Caylor, Tl'6r1,f1ll'6l', Aflvfefic A.r,fm'iizli012,' and R. Moore, Aldlhlgcjlt. i O O T BALL LED BY CAPTAIN ED MERRICK, the University of Richmondis 1939 football team compiled one of the best records in the athletic history of the insti- tution. When the last contest on the ten-game Coach Thistlethwaite schedule was written into the books, the Spider record showed seven victories, two ties and only one defeat for the 1959 Season. Only by the slimmest of margins were the Spiders robbed of the distinction of being the only undefeated team in University of Richmond his- tory. A backheld, riddled by injuries, spelled the difference, and the William and Mary Indians eked out a one-touchdown victory in the tenth and final , NS' 5 if , ,E ,,,, , ' " 1 I' , , ff, N. gfzmgit , , at I 'A .V , - iff , v M ,T 5.:iyu:Wqsa?'r RH. 3 fy! I A , , m I 2,11s,3tig3,yx5 J 1 , ,E if , K .L 5, M , G up I , My '51, -I .Mx 5,33 QC... , M, ,I , f2 ,i ,,fig5, ., I .. I J L, - ' - 5 i w s g ff: 4,is'l,,A. M, .gg ,z ,Q.,9?ig,x-i,.,, 1, . ,X I gl, Sf' 5 ' V- -", ' w Hg. '. 4 If .,.,'1!,,:1 1 ,yg akffy 'd i 4 Q Q VL, - 1, ,5. ,,e4X,j!rl: A ' j.f!", . ff. 1 V ,za A : 1 ,, ar tx?-'-"3 '4-5 -ia ,, R, , V w ie 2 95 SYS ' wggj ,- i ii, U i 2' m.gfgiv,g,f-4, -V X? , :la s I fi: xlfg,fw.i -- -ssiaiyw fm-f"w ffw -w , F-.'1xI,i it ai' ',-,5,g1.'.ii,gR ., : p s . ,, .ilfwwm r xiii ,QEQV-11337 ,pig 5185. g ,jf ,Q '. MR Qw 1 W X 'tg i' Q r pain, uk., X. F Coach Kellison. One Hzmdred um! Thfl'f66ll game of the season. Edwin joel Merrick, gained for himself a permanent place among the Spider football immortals by his brilliant play at center and his great abilities as a leader. Together with Bill Burge, senior end, Merrick gained further honors by being selected on the ALL-STATE team. A week later it was announced that Merrick had also been selected on the ALL-SOUTHERN team. RICHMOND 57-APPRENTICE ScHooL 0 The Spiders opened the season by trouncing the Shipbuilders, 57 to O. Arthur jones, brilliant half- back, was the first to score, crossing the goal in the first quarter. Bill Burge snagged a pass from jones to set up another score, this time by fullback Eddie Bragg, Bill Robinson ' who plowed through the line for the second tally. Alec Moore fired a pass to Bill Burge that was good for another score. After a long run by Moore, Bill Fitzhugh plunged through for the Spiders' fourth six-pointer. Moose Faris, substituting at center for Merrick, intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter and scam- pered 54 yards to the goal. The honor of scoring the last touchdown went to jack Powers, who ran back a punt to the two-yard line and then took it across on the next play. Lem Fitzgerald added the only extra point of the game. R1cHMoNo 26-RANDOLPH-MACON 0 The Richmond gridders added the Yellow jackets of Randolph-Macon to their victory list, by burying them under a 26 to O score. In the first half, One H1lllLfl'Ed and FUIIIYEEII Alec Moore and jack Powers alternated in carrying the ball to the two-yard line, and from that point Powers took it over for the score. Burge added the extra point, making it 7 to 0. After the intermission, jones, behind beautiful blocking, swept around end for 47 yards. Two W "Moose" Faris short gains by jones and Powers and a pass to Burge set it up for jones to dive through the middle for the second tally. In the same period, Stukie Hos- kins, on a beautiful reverse around end crossed the goal standing up, after a great run of 54 yards. jones made the extra point, making it 20 to O. The recovery of a fumble by Bill Terry preceded a final tally by jones. A The defensive stars of the game were Merrick at center, Hal McVay at tackle and Enders Dickinson at guard. R1cHMoND 7-WASHINGTON 8: LEE O The Spider machine almost struck a snag at Lexington, but a stubborn defense and a spec- K . A . " 5,5-are . ffifiif .2 I-.-f 5,5-3 J., t, e'v".d.i-Q ' A ge' -WV. 'vis' + 2' .Hr ix, vid:-fa, ffts' " f 1 ef'7f"f, 15aw1Zf5w .rw T- ,..,Lf:rm 4'-V 'rf 1' if -Q T, Q . wx , -V , . - L, F, , '.fsa5Z5i'.?,59-,1gf'x'5iQ.? 1 L"4".SBi,Hl . A 'ff f -Pb'f"x. ff' '.,,s4,- '--if' -., We ' ' 213 ? gfwaf 3.1-.ia-.5 -5 a , .Q was-,,, .v-,Q.g3fQ1gf,:, ..::.Q-"4if5:i,'. . Jegynfrf 'ff' L1 fn' ei. R-:Gin W .aa- Bill Burge tacular third period offense spelled victory for the Richmonders by a 7 to O margin. After playing a purely defensive game in the first half, the Spiders came back after the second half whistle to com- pletely turn the tables on the bewildered Generals. It was the Moore to Burge combination that led the Spiders to their winning touchdown. The Richmonders began to move with a 25-yard pass by Moore that was snagged by Burge on the Generals' 21-yard line. Two plays later Moore shot a low aerial to Burge, who fell over the goal with the ball safely tucked away. Moore's placement was good and the Spiders led, 7 to 0. RIcHMoND 6-RUTGERs 6 Never willing to accept defeat, the old Rich- mond fighting spirit brought the Spiders from be- hind in the closing minutes of the ball game at New Brunswick, New jersey to tie the heavy a -. 5T'fv51:.'Pfe. -xl-fl.fffL'if'1'-W I s . ,., . I , Bruce Van Buskirk Rutgers eleven, 6 to 6. Greatly outweighed by the men of Rutgers, the entire Spider team played a brilliant, hard-fought game. After playing the heavy Scarlet team to a stale- mate for more than three and a half quarters, the Richmonders saw the Northerners push across a heart-breaking touchdown in the last three minutes of the game, to go out in front, 6 to O. The score was made by the aerial route. Captain Merrick then called a huddle and gave the boys a pep talk. With about a minute and a half to go, Rutgers kicked off. Moore, taking it on his ten, moved ten yards up the left side of the field. Then he reversed to Arthur jones, who set sail for the right side of the field and was finally stopped on the 46-yard line. Moore then tossed a pass to jones on the Rutgers forty. Three Spider passes then fell incomplete, time was almost out, and it was last down for the Red and Blue. While the small band of Richmond supporters eyed the clock anxiously, the Spiders came out of their huddle and up to the line of scrimmage. jones then snagged a pretty pass from Moore on the Rutgers ten and raced over the goal, unmolested, tying the score at 6-all. The try for the extra point was blocked, and the game was over. Captain Merrick and Hal McVay were power- houses in the line, and were important factors in Richmond's moral victory. R1cHMoND 21-GETTYsBURG O The Spiders bounced back into the win column the following week, when they downed the Gettys- burg Bullets at the City Stadium, 21 to O. The first quarter was seesaw affair with neither side making any serious threats. Following a punt return to midfield, jones completed a pass to Dick Humbert that was good for 20 yards. Alec Moore then sliced through tackle and broke into the clear, racing 28 yards for a touchdown. Moore converted. Two minutes later, Humbert gathered in a pass from Moore on the twenty and dashed over for Stukie Hoskins another tally. A 55-yard smash through center by Stukie Hoskins had set up the scoring play. Moore again converted. Ned Butcher scored the final tally, One I'I!llld'I'Ec!i1llolI Fifteen catching a pass in the end zone from jones. Bill Burge made the extra point. RICHMOND 19-THE CITADEL 0 Displaying an air-tight defense against the highly respected aerial attack of the visitors, the Spiders turned back the Citadel eleven I9 to O. The the Keydet five-yard line before they were stopped. A few minutes later Stukie Hoskins tried a field goal that was wide by about a foot. Once in the third period and again in the last, . 1 great work of the Spider line, with Merrick and Enders Dickinson sophomore Bert Milling doing an outstanding job, resulted in a complete failure of the Soldiers' pass- ing attack. Richmond turned the tables on the Citadellians by taking to the air for their first score, a pass from Moore to Burge in the end zone. The conversion was good. In the third quarter Ned Butcher inter- cepted a pass and galloped 60 yards to score. Hoskins accounted for the third tally with a 13- yard dash through center. Butcher was the outstanding ground gainer, getting 78 yards in eight tries. RICHMOND I0-VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 0 Witli the state title hanging in the balance, the Spiders and the Keydets of VMI struggled up and down the field for four scoreless quarters before the final gun sounded, ending one of the most im- portant games in the state. Despite the pouring rain that fell during a greater portion of the game, an overflow crowd of 11000, the second largest in Spider football history, watched the battle. Due to the rain the dangerous passing attack of the Spiders was bogged down, and the slippery ground prevented anything but straight football. In the first period the Richrnonders penetrated to One Hmzdrerf rzml Sixleefz Ed Merrick the VMI captain called for a field goal. The try from the twenty-five was blocked by Bill Burge, and a second attempt was very short. In the sea of mud the fast running backs of both teams were unable to break away and passing was out ofthe question. Bill Burge played one of the outstanding games of his career at left end for the Spiders. He broke up every play that came his way, and on the end sweeps he cut in behind the interference to smear the ball carrier consistently. Less than three yards were gained around his end all day. The entire Richmond line came in for the highest praise. RICHMOND 13-V.P.I. O For the benefit of the Gobblers the aerial attack of the Spiders was demonstrated in all its effective- Ed Bragg ness, and, when the air raid was over, the Rich- monders had collected two touchdowns and an extra point to win, 13 to 0. Burge, rapidly taking a place among the state's leading scorers, was on the receiving end of both touchdown passes. Setting up the first score, Dick Humbert recovered a VPI fumble on their 33-yard line. Hoskins picked up twelve yards. Moore then faded back and shot a high pass to Burge who took it on the three and went over for six points. Hos- kins converted. In the final period, Gordon ReMine, a sopho- more back, got 14 yards on two end sweeps. jones then fired another high pass to Burge, who took it between two Gobblers on the seven and scampered over the goal. A serious VPI threat was stopped when Burge recovered a Gobbler fumble on our 15. In the backfield Hoskins, for his ground-gaining, and jones, for his perfect punting, were outstanding. RICHMOND 26-HAMPDEN-SYDNEY 7 Scoring four touchdowns in the first half, the Red and Blue gridders took the Hampden-Sydney Tigers in stride and administered a 26 to 7 defeat. jack Powers Early in the first period, jones let fly a pass that was deflected into the arms of Gordon ReMine who scored. Stu Hoskins converted. One minute passed and then jones returned a Tiger punt 60 yards for another six-pointer. Still another tally was added in this period, when Burge, rushing the pass- er, managed to hit the ball and, after juggling it a moment set sail for the goal, making a 55-yard run, The fourth tally came in the second quarter and was provided by Coach Thistlethwaite's midget backs. Sonny Wholey passed to Lem Fitzgerald on the five, and it was no trouble at all. R1cHMoND O-WILLIAM AND MARX' 7 With a good portion of their backlield, either out with injuries or hobbling about on one good leg, the Spiders lacked the necessary punch to push over a touchdown and the Richmonders went down in defeat before a scrappy Indian team, 7 to 0. Jones, star halfback, was out with a leg injury, as was also Eddie Bragg, blocking back. Ned Ed Sinar Butcher, another dependable back, had a bad leg. Three times the Spiders penetrated within the six- yard line of the Indians, but the climax plays did not develop, and the thrust was stopped. After the half the Indians took the ball and drove down the field to a touchdown, never losing pos- session. jimmy Howard scored, Matthews con- verted, and the Spiders were trailing in their last game of the season. Seven points behind, the Richmonders threat- ened once again, when Bill Burge took a long pass from Moore and lateraled to Sonny Wholey, who was downed on the Indian eight. The Spiders again could not generate the spark to put it over. With the end of the William 8: Mary game came the end of the college football careers of ten Rich- mond seniors. They are Ed Merrick, Bill Burge, Bill Robinson, Stuart Hoskins, Enders Dickinson, Ed Sinar, Wilson Faris, Ed Bragg, Bruce Van Bus- kirk and jack Powers. One Hf11m'f'ed.111J Serezifc II , ' I 1. . if .l 39'-Q T551 ' !f4'2f'.,,.f , '11 A ,V xv. .Q if , ,:,gffi,ig lf J ,g A, .sig MW5W:k.-.,fM V - A Q ,. L A Z Vi.. M f 'fmffbi' .,,..f1fk mm. X " file.. M '-I " 'li fx x --N ' ' - I ' f 'fx-' gf? gl.-,H w wi' 'Q..:'4,' ,z A w ' 1. 4 2, ' . 1 , Anvyilati,-jx.. iw tugs ini'-j:..,i:jl WTA. P NXRM M14 Y A , ,. ,, I f .ig t 7 4 . .1 - rv, , - .ff ,f""',.i,7. wg,-k.af1SwQ1.sfy-fgfwm-2 ,ff, - 9 ' " . s'ff:e.f, .- Q ff . .. 'Mw'faf.fw f. . ' 'f ' ' ' . f fv .L A Q., - -..J . . . ... ., .. . . , . . ,... . . f. , .gh gf. W1 ' ' W -is fx' " HELL? izafw I. Alex fwooreq 2. Dave Robertson: 3. "Conde" Bowen: -I. "AYfie" lanes: 5. Bill FlfZl9llgl9,' 6. "Bull" MCVay,' 7. Cli111AIoorc.' 8. Ned BIlI'6'lJ67',' 9. Dick: Cash: 10. I0eMnrk.' 11. Bert Milling: 12. Gordon ReMi12e,' 13. Lem Fitzgerald: I-I. "Sonny" Wfboley: 15. Dirk Hllmberf. BASKETBALL. LIZFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Humbert, Stoneburner, Burge, Captain Hoskins, Ely, Bragg, and jones. BACK ROW: Coach Pitt, Alexander, Cash, Crisman, Pitt, and Manager jenkins. BA KETBALL Coach Malcolm U. Pitt UNDER THE LEADERSHIP of Captain Stukie Hos- kins, Coach Pitt's 1939-40 basketball squad com- piled a better than average record, Winning eleven games and dropping only five in their regular schedule. The Spiders finished third in the state rat- ings, trailing Washington and Lee and Virginia, both of whom suffered losses at the hands of the Pittmen. At the close of the season the Pittmen found themselves in seventh place in the Southern Conference standings, which automatically gave them a berth in the annual tournament at Raleigh. In the pairings for the Southern Conference Tournament, the Spiders drew Wake Forest in the opening game. After leading the Deacons for all but four minutes of the game, the Pittmen saw their Carolina opponents "get hot" and put on a rally that defeated the Red and Blue by a -10 to 54 score. The Spiders played one of their best games of the year and really put a smooth-working com- bination on the boards. In their opening game of the season, the Rich- monders easily defeated the visiting Hampden- One HIlI?L17'cJifr1lIL2IfXTfl7c2fPc?1Z Sydney live, 46 to 22, to begin their campaign in fine style. Bill Burge and jimmy Ely starred for the home team racking up 28 points between them. Next victim on the list was Davidson whom the Spiders narrowly defeated, 55 to 52, by virtue of Captain Hoskins' last-second held goal. In their last game before the Christmas holidays the Pitt- men made it three straight with a smashing -I5 to ll victory over the Yellow jackets. Burge was high scorer in each ofthe three contests. Getting back in action after the intermission, Coach Pitt's aggregation met the vaunted Williani 8: Mary quint at Millhiser Gym and upheld the tradition of winning on their home court by staving off an Indian rally to come out on the big end of a 55 to 55 score. Burge was again high for the Spiders with ten points and Seabury Stoneburner turned in a good floor game. Going on the road for the first time, the team seemed to miss the old Spider cheer- ing section and played listless ball to lose by a margin of 16 points, the score being 55 to 19. Two substitutes, Arthur jones and Mac Pitt, jr. were high for Richmond with six points each. The Spiders snapped out of it the following week, however, and trounced the Randolph-Macon five at Ashland, 39 to 19, with Eddie Bragg and Bill Burge leading the way. In the two games with VPI the Richmonders were selfish, and refused to give up either of them. The first encounter played here was a thrilling nip and tuck game which the Spiders finally won, -il to 59. In the last six seconds of the game Eddie Bragg stole the ball from De- Muro, Tech guard, and dribbled in for the lay-up shot that was the margin of victory. Captain Hos- kins and Dick Humbert were top men with 11 points each. The second Gobbler game was the first in a four- game series of out-of-town games for the Red and Blue. Captain I-Ioskins sparked the team, tossing in seven field goals for 14 points, to a well-earned 41 to 32 win. The following night the traveling Rich- mond team played a return game with the Hamp- den-Sydney Tigers, finding them a little harder to beat this time, but finally gaining a five point vic- tory, aided by Hoskins with 10 points and Ely with nine. Next on the schedule was the Lexington trip which was all but disastrous to the Spiders' hopes of winning a tournament berth. The first engage- ment was lost to the VMI Keydets, 28 to 26, in a seesaw affair. The only bright spot was the brilliant showing of Dick Humbert, who led the scorers Bragg, Ely, Captain Hoskins, Stoneburner, and Burge. One ffllllcllftfif limi Tzzwzfy with 13 points. The Pittmen were downed the fol- lowing night by the Generals for their second loss in a row, losing 37 to 23, in a fast game. The de- feat was largely due to the efforts of W8zL's Dick Pinck who managed to net 21 points before the closing whistle. Returning home, the Richmonders scored an up- set over the Virginia Cavaliers to the tune of 27 to 21. Burge regained his old form to lead the Spiders with ten points. Although Humbert added 11 points to the cause, the Red and Blue quint could not match the set shots of the William 81 Mary In- dians in the next game, and lost this all-important game by a 43 to 38 score. This defeat meant that the Pittmen had to win their next two games in order to gain a conference bid. The two teams to be played were the Washington and Lee Generals, who were already crowned state champions, and the VMI Keydets. With the pressure on, the Spiders went into the W 8: L game to win, and win they did, staving off a desperate rally in the closing minutes. Playing one of their best games of the season, they main- tained a comfortable lead and won handily, 32 to 26, advancing another notch toward Raleigh. After the General win, the Spiders were unbeatable, and Dick Humbert the hapless Keydets were swamped under a 52 to 21 landslide. Arthur jones figured prominently in the scoring, accounting for 13 points, and Coach Pitt used every man on the bench in the walkaway. This victory cinched a conference bid for the Spiders, putting them in seventh place in the ratings. In their last contest on the regular schedule the Pittmen lost to an inspired Cavalier team at Charlottesville, 36 to 20. ScoREs Ricnmond Hampden-Sydney .. Richmond Davidson ....... Ricnmond Randolph-Macon . . . Richmond William and Mary . Richmond Maryland ......... Richmond Randolph-Macon . . . Ricamond V. P. I. ....... . Richmond V. P. I. ......... . Ricnmond V. M. I. ......... . Ricumond Washington and Lee Ricamond Virginia .......... Richmond William and Mary . Ricnmond Washington and Lee Ricamond V. M. I. ......... . Ricnmond Virginia .......... Richmond Wake Forest . . . Captain Stuart Hoskins One Hzzfzdred .md Tu enfy out BAc E BALL STATE CHAMPIONS in Baseball for 1939! For the fourth time in five years Coach Pitt came up with a top-flight team that took the measure of every nine in the state. Led by hard-hitting Captain jack San- ford, the high-Hying Spiders swept through a six- teen game schedule, winning fourteen and losing only two. Throughout the entire campaign, the pitching duties were borne by a three-man staff, which dwindled to two at the most crucial point in the state race. The hard-working three were Starke Jones, Porter Vaughan, and Ned Butcher. Butcher suffered a case of appendicitis at Lexington near the end of the season, and was lost to the team for the rest of the year. A One of the main highlights of a brilliant record was Butcher's "no-hitter" against Yale. In this game Ned struck out fourteen men and allowed no hits to become the second Spider hurler to enter baseball's Hall of Fame. The early season form of the Spiders gave full warning of the caliber of Coach Pitt,s 1959 entry. Opening with Ohio University, the Pittmen gar- nered their first two wins, 5-1 and 4-2. Jones and Vaughan worked the first game, and together they fanned ten and allowed four hits. In the sec- ond game the Ohio team got eight scattered hits, but the Spiders gave Butcher excellent backing and he received credit for the win. Facing Cornell the Spiders really put on the pressure and swamped them under a fifteen-hit barrage by a 14 to 2 score. Stukie Hoskins with four and Captain Sanford with three hits led the batting spree. In the same mood, the Spiders opened their bid for the state crown, with an im- pressive 21-O shellacking of the W 8: L Generals. The game was ended in the eighth by agreement, and when the smoke was cleared away the score- book showed twenty hits for the Pittmen and two for the visitors. Vaughan pitched a honey of a game allowing only two scratch singles. Only five men reached first base, and twelve went down swing- ing. The Spiders took time out from their state wars to trounce the touring Yale nine, 11 to O. This was Butcher's day, and he came through with a perfect VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDINQ: Dodd. Martin, Vaughan. Jacobs, Sanford, Burge, Hoskins, jones. Powers, Butcher, Coach Pitt, and Garber. KNELLINQ: Locke, Painter, and Grant. One H1nzdreJ.z1zJ Tzvezzfy-Izzo Porter Vaughan performance. Starting his first game for Coach Pitt, he let the Yale men down without a single hit. He also led the hitting with three for three. In their next venture the Spiders lost a heart- breaker to the Virginia Cavaliers by a one-run margin. After pitching a beautiful game, Vaughan saw it slip from his grasp when the Cavaliers pushed across the winning run in the ninth inning. Both pitchers allowed four hits. The Richmonders jumped back into the win column a few days later with a 10 to 6 victory over VPI. Butcher fanned thirteen, and his mates gar- nered ten hits to clinch the game. Hoskins, A. B. Marchant and Wish Martin led the hitting. Rain cancelled the Maryland contest, and the Pittmen traveled to Blacksburg to defeat the Gobblers again by a margin of 21 to 3. The undefeated Randolph- Macon nine was the next Spider victim, falling be- fore the slants of Porter Vaughan, who allowed four hits, fanning sixteen. The Pittmen played errorless ball to win 5 to O. With Vaughan again on the mound, the Wil- liam and Mary Indians went down in defeat, 8 to 3. Every player on the Spider squad got at least one safe hit. Butcher, playing in the outfield, got three for three, to lead the hitters. Traveling to Lexing- ton, the Richmonders met and defeated the Key- dets, 5-1. In what proved to be his last game, Ned Butcher gave up five hits to get credit for the win. It was after this game that Butcher suffered an ap- pendectomy and was lost to the team. The return game with Randolph-Macon de- veloped into a pitcher's duel, which "Lefty', Vaughan finally won, 5 to 2. He struck out twelve and gave three hits. After the jackets had gone out in front, Bill Burge tied it up at 2-2 with a mighty home run with one man on the bases. Dodd scored with the winning run, from third base, on an error. The Maryland nine was next, and they gave the visiting Pittmen an 8 to 5 beating. Going into the eighth inning the Spiders had a one-run lead, which disappeared before the Old Liners' five-run rally. Captain jack Sanford was the leading hitter with four for hve. In an all-important title game, the Richmonders were avenged for an early defeat, by downing the Cavaliers at Charlottesville, behind the two-hit pitching of Porter Vaughan. Catcher Hoskins started the fireworks with the longest home run p l Stuart Hoskins One Hzzlzdred and Tzwezzfy-flv1'ee ever seen on Lambeth Field. The ball was last seen speeding through the weeds in center held. Toots Garber, the Spider shortstop, played an outstand- Q5 . Captain jack Sanford ing game. Vaughan and Sanford also walloped home runs during the afternoon. After knocking off the Keydets in a close 4-5 game, the Spiders were only one step away from the state title, with the Indians being the only ob- stacle. Going into the sixth inning of the William and Mary game the Pittmen were trailing by four runs due to miscues of the infield. However, the State Champions regained their old form. and drove across three runs in the sixth and seventh innings to win, 6 to 5, clinching the title for 1939. ScoREs RlC.,'llllOIlCl Ohio State . . . 1 Richmond Ohio State ....... 2 Richmond Cornell ............. 2 Richmond Vifashington and Lee 0 Richmond Yale ............... O Richmond Virginia ....... 2 Richmond V.P.I. ........... 6 Richmond Randolph-Macon . . O Richmond Williain and Mary . . . 3 Richmond V.M.I. ........... 1 Richmond V.P.I. ........... 5 Richmond Randolph-Macon . 2 Richmond Maryland ....... 8 RlC.lH1OHd Virginia ......... O Richmond V.M.I. ............. 3. Richmond William and Mary . . . 5 l One Hznzdred and Tzuezzty-fozzr TRC IN THE STATE MEET, in which the Spiders took fourth place, Captain Morrison took an easy first in the discus toss with a mark of 1-i0 feet 5 inches, establishing a new school record. Sinar was a con- sistent winner in the javelin event and also took a first in the state meet. Another school record was shattered in the Indian meet when McVay made a heave of 4-1 feet 7Vz inches in the shotput. Taking eight first places and tying for another the Red and Blue harriers easily took their initial meet on the schedule from the Hampden-Sydney Tigers. With Bob Keil leading the way the Spiders piled up an 8315 to 41215 margin over the visitors. Keil took firsts in the high jump and high hurdles, Morrison, in the shotput, Sinar, in the javelin, and Bill ReMine, in the broad jump. In the running events Afie jones, Arthur Wagner, and Bill Brauer breasted the tape ahead of the pack winning the century, 880, and -140 features. The following week Keil again led the scoring with double wins in the high jump and hurdles as the Richmonders defeated the N. C. State tracksters 69 to 57. jones, ReMine, and Sinar again captured their events, and Harold McVay placed first in the shotput. Richmond's Herring and Holladay com- bination tied for first in the two-mile run. Sinar's mark of 190 feet, 2 inches was the day's highlight. The Generals of Washington and Lee won easily by a SOV3 to 4515 margin. Afie jones captured the only first place in the running events, with a time of 10.1 seconds in the 100 yard dash. McVay in the shotput, Sinar in the javelin, and jack San- ford in the discus accounted for the only other Spider firsts of the day. The following week Richmond bowed to the VMI Keydets on a water-soaked track and a muddy field. The final tally read 75-5X6 for the Keydets and 51-U16 for the Red and Blue. Gene Peek took his initial first place of the season with a victory in the broad jump. The William and Mary Indians wrote a rather gloomy finish to the 1959 season with a surprising 68 to 58 victory on their home track. Evan Van Leeuwen ran a beautiful race to take the mile run, and Harold McVay made a record-break-heave of 441 feet, 71f3 inches to capture a first in the shotput. VARSITY TRACK SQUAD. LEFT TO RIGHT, sTANo1No: Bass, AI.m.zger.' Phillips, Holladay, Keil, Sanford, Herring, Wagner, Chapman, Fox, and Coach Thistlethwaite. SEATED: McVay, Sinar, Bragg, Van Leeuwen, ReMine, and Turkington. One Hzrmfred tim! Tzvefzty-jiz'e TENNIS TEAM. LITFT TO RIOHT: Manager Dickinson, Abernethy, Chapin, Wright, Captain Leitch, Shackelford, McClure, and Donohue. The Tennis eam FINDING THE OPPOSITION well up on their back- hand and forehand strokes, our tennis team last spring won only seven out of fifteen matches. Yet the brilliant play of Captain Bobby Leitch, who later won the Richmond City Championship and went to the semi-finals in both the State and South- ern Conference Tournaments overshadowed the playing of many of our opponents. The season opened as March drew to a close with the team on the road. In three days they played Carolina at Chapel Hill where the mighty Tar Heel net men whitewashed the Spiders 9-O, Carolina State at Raleigh which Richmond took 5--2 in an exciting afternoon of tennis, and lastly at Wake Forest where the Spider net men came out on the large end of a 7-2 score. A Dartmouth match was rained out here on April lst, and two days later an invading Michi- gan team took all nine matches. Albright bore the brunt of the Spider fury after this defeat and went down 6-5 before Leitch and Company on our Um- Hffziilwll lim! 'l'11'a11!.i'-six own courts in a match well-played by the Spiders. April 15th found the Spiders in Washington where G. W. handed them a 6-3 beating and the next day offered no solace for at College Park the boys went down 8-l. Maryland repaid the visit a week later but our home courts only gave us two more matches and Maryland counted her second win over our team, 6-5. William and Mary proved easy on their own courts and lost eight out of nine matches. How- ever, V.M.I. a few days later shadowed this vic- tory by beating us 6-5 on our own courts. May opened with 9-O scores over both William and Mary and Wake Forest, but although we played brilliantly against Duke and Virginia, they were too much for us. The former won 6-3, the latter 9-l. On May 10th the tennis team closed its season with a 7-2 win over the N. C. State here. john Abernethy was elected captain for the 1940 season. "S infix' GOLF TEAM. LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson, Grinnan, Coplen, Patton, Mr. Caylor, Cflr1t'f7.' Alexander. Richmond 9 L F Richmond NVQ Richmond 6V3 GOLF SCORES Richmond 6V3 Richmond 12 Alma College . . . . 6 Richmond 2 HEER LEADER Boston College ..... . 9 Westerii Reserve . 6Vg Virginia .............. llV3 Wfilliam and Mary. . . lllfg Virginia .... . .......... 16 CHEER LEADERS. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT Row: Courtney, Hobgood, Head Cheer Leader: Andrews. BACK ROW: Davis, Willing, Garrenton. One Hffmfred lewd Tzzwzly-.fe1'w1 CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD. LEFT TO RIGHT: Elliot, Capttzinq Taylor, Van Leeuwen, Phillips, Herring, McNeely, Ma nager Gladding. ross ountr rew TEAM RECORDS WON FROM Richmond .io Washington and Lee 17 Washington and Lee, Asheville School for Boys Richmond 25 William and Mary . . . . 38 American International. Richmond 41 Virginia .......... . 17 Richmond 42 V.M.l. ............... 38 DEFEATED BY Rollins College, in Florida. ,,4 I f , ,. ,,, ' , E - , W K N -i , i ,,,,, g , , . FFA 4 2 , 4 ' i . n Q, CREW. MSFT TU RIUHT: Baroody, Parrish, Brooks, Higginbotham, Knipe. Littler, Van Buskirk, One Hzmdred and Tufezzfy-eiglyf Captain jones, and Coxswain Bruno. FRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD. LIZFT TU RIGHT, IfIIIsT Row: Herman, Pace, McKenzie, Blount I-ltylcy lloyd jacobs. SECOND Row: Strauss, Snead, Ingram, lfortunado, Evely, Perkins, Ingalls, Cate, and Smith THIRD Row Coach Eenlon, Eenlon, Rosser, Decker, Boyette, Sasmor, Erickson, O'Bannon, Ingalls, Skecns Coich Kellison Leif Q Look at the Recor Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond ERESHMAN BASKETBALL 1959 I0 Richmond Richmond Richmond R i ch monc Richmond Richmond Richmonc Richmonc, Richmond Richmond Richmonc, 58 -I6 Sl 5 9 S 5 58 .17 -I6 2 9 20 26 -108 john Marshlll Benedictine Randolph-Micon B Tc m Wfilliam and Miry Norfolk Eerrum junior Colle e Fork Union Milittry ALILISITU FI'CLlCflL'liSlDLl1 High XXfilliam and Mlry Norfolk Maury I-Iigh Benedictine Wfilliam and Mary Irosh SBRB H BRE ERB i igQRBg ala-RBA Ld FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD. I.I2FT TU RIGHT, FRoNI' Row: Pace, Fitzgerald, licllison Wxtts Iicohs Eant. STANDING: Eortunado, Story, O'Bannon, Thistlethwaite, Erickson, Binns, and Coich lenlon One Hundred and Tu ezzty zmze Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD 119391. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT Row: Giragosian Baker Wholey Lefkowitz, and Grady. STANDING: Manager Long, Batton, Wlieeler, Pitt, Thomas, Mack Coach Fenlon FRESHMAN BASEBALL McGuire's Fredericksburg .............. 17 Williaim and Mary Extension. . . Fredericksburg .... . ........ . Benedictine ........ . ..... . Fork Union . . . Benedictine ........ . ....... . Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Maury . . McGuire's 5 Fork Union FRESHMAN TRACK Williarn and Mary Extension Wasliington md Lee Willirim and Mary FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD 419595. LEFT TO RIGHT, SIZATEDZ ReMine, Gwathmey Moore Peters Kellum, and Miller. STANDING: Manager Bass, Frohbose, Griffin, Hall, and Coach Thistlethwaite One H znzdretl and Thirfy alla W.-A41 I I-Herr Merrick. 24-Sfeize in early azitumzz. 3-Pep rally before W'illiam and Mary game. 4-A sralped Indian lights our bonfire. 5 and 6-just before the battle. 7-Half-time. 8-Talking it over in the student sbop. 1 -T 3 3--A , .v-Sul' 4355 2 ' Westhamptoii Atliletio Association THE FRESHMIEN WERE 1N'ri1oniicED to the Asso- ciation and the spirit for which it stands at a picnic lunch during orientation week, which was given in place of the usual treasure hunt. In the fall, the Association continued its drive for school spirit by the presentation to the college of a set of "Gopher Golphf' This novel sport, new on the campus, has been at the disposal of the students throughout the year. The year 1959--40 has been an outstanding one for the Athletic Association of Wfesthampton Col- lege. Under the leadership of Caroline Doyle, it has fostered a program to build up the school spirit of the College through the advancement of social activities. - Two dances were sponsored with great success. The annual Christmas dance closed the winter sea- son, and the spring dance, given in honor of the athletic captains, climaxed the spring season. The achievement of greater school spirit was brought out admirably in the annual Song Contest. The junior class won a close victory this year in a contest better than ever before. As a part of the program to bring the athletic departments of Westhampton and Richmond Col- lege closer together, the Westhampton Athletic Association sponsored two recreation nights which were attended by letter winners and outstanding class members of both schools. The annual banquet for the old and new athletic boards, team captains, and seal winners closed a most successful year for the Athletic Association. WESTHAMPTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. l.l?FT TO iuuH'r, SliATliDI Gene Wooclnn, Twmii- ilItz11.z,qer.' Miss Fanny Crenshaw, Afblclir lDireclm'.' Margaret Brittingham, Vice-Pre.iiJe12f.' Caroline Doyle, P1'eiiJe1zl.' Mrs. Dallas Grubbs, A.i.i'i.i'f.z11f Di1'ecfm',' Allene jones, 7'i'ei1,i'm'ei'. STANDINU: Frances Badenoch, Sc'l'l'L'frI1'Y'l'.' Mary Alice Smith, flI.z11.1'qer of Hncie,y.' Helen Dodd, fllizmzgei' of Thick. fNot in picture are: Lucy Baird, B.zifefb.1!! ilI,z11.zgw',' and Reba Booker, A.igri.rl,111l illmzrzger of Ba.rkel!mfl.j One Hundred and Tbirfy-fzco ll' 'W ,Y , B? 3' 5 . Q11 HOCKEY TEAM. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Pricilla Poteat, Ann Evers, Elsa Keuffel, Frances Badknoch, Mary Grace Scherer, Margaret Purcell, Margaret Forrer, Mrs. Dallas Grubbs, Comb: Georgia Philpott, Alice Gray Simpson, Elizabeth Cardwell, Shirley Huxler, Helen Dodd, jean Miller, Ann Lois Walker. FRONT Row: Mary Alice Smith, Lucy Baird, fCaptainj. The Hooleey quad of Westhampton Colle e THE SPIDERETTE VARSITY HOCKEY SQUAD round- ed out the 1939 season with only two defeats against their record. Miss Fanny C. Crenshaw, coach, was replaced by Mrs. Grubbs, who did a Hne piece of work in leading the Co-ord eleven. With nine games on their schedule, the Red and Blue aggregation came through with six wins, one tie, and two defeats. Opening up the season by a tilt with Thomas jefferson, the Co-ords showed their urgent need of hard practice. From then on to the State Tournament it was easy going for the Spiderettes. Their teamwork improved, and in- dividual stickwork and technique greatly profited by the match games. Lucy Baird, speedy left wing, was elected captain by the Westhampton stick- wielders. The Virginia Hockey Tournament was held at Williamsburg on November 3rd and 4th, and the Co-ords competed in three match games. They played the femmes from William and Mary Col- lege, the Apples, and a team made up mostly of players from Hollins. They won two of these tilts but lost to the Indians by a -1-2 count. Smith, cen- ter forward, was selected bythe judging committee for the Virginia team which competed at the South- eastern Tournament. This season was a long one and the last game was played at Sweet Briar, De- cember 9th, when the Spiderettes lost to their old rivals 2-O, in one of the closest tilts ever played with the strong Sweet Briar eleven. 1940 Hockey Scoiuzs Vffesthampton 2 john Marshall 1 Wfesthampton 8 Collegiate . . . 1 XXfesthampton -1 Williaiii 8: Mary Extension O NVesthampton 1 St. Catherine's 0 Westliaiiipton 2 Thomas jefferson . . . . . 2 Westliainptoii 2 Madison ..... 1 Westliainpton O Sweet Briar . . 2 Westliaiiiptoii 10 Alumni .... 1 29 8 One Hfnzdreal and Tlvirfy-lluee One Hzzlldred mid Thirly-four Spiderette Hockey Team in Action faq gg! ,I 'S+ Vi 231592 JUNIOR CLASS HOCKEY. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Owens, Elizabeth Cardwell, Mary Alice Smith, Babe Riley, Helen Dodd, BACK ROW: Suzanne Trussell, Margaret For- rer, Margaret Purcell, Jeannette Evans, Helen Hill, Virginia Lee Ball. ,'fS3,,QZIx?3l A, rw ,..4"'x I .Q 2352 9 CLASS OCKEY SENIOR CLASS HOCKEY. FIRST ROW, BOTTOM TO TOP: .lean Miller, Caroline Doyle, Saddye Sykes, janet Gresham, Doris Hargrove, Mildred Gustafson. sECOND ROW, BOTTOM TO TOP: Georgia Philport, Lucy Baird. THIRD ROW, BOT- TOM TO TOP: Virginia Wfood, Margaret Brinson, Eleanor Parsons, Vista Robin- son, Dell Williiliiis, Virginia McLarin. "'l-""i'lp- ev To .L www? ,,,, :N nge., , W . . - ' I S . " .- ... va ,Q is V ' :Q , ' . . L , .. A , 4 ' Q . A , ' ,V WMA ., sm-.,f,..,- .. ., - . . u A Q 'A ' , . ' . ,J ,A W, ,, , . N. , ' , --nf ij M Q . Nga, +1 ' h v I y h v A "'wJ'F x r' W ,,. -'M' Q. -' 'ff ' ' ,.,..,1'W?Q5a .' . Y '-ww? r ' ' sw T A ,., ' ' 2, ,- . N ,, L, Ev .p . Q .--wa 4-7:-'I' -ann 'I4 3 1+ igfvsfi ,,. 1' ' ' . f .fr 'A if ,1 a 2 fi fb'- SOPHOMORE CLASS HOCKEY. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT Row: Annie Lois Walker, Roselle Clary, N . Mildred Parker, Anne Shafer, -lean Beeks. BACK ROW! Frances Badenoch, Elsa Keuffel, Anne Wood- fin, Alice Grey Simpson, Bernice Hargrove, Allene jones, Frances Williams, Mary Pegram Wilson. -Q, Z . ,mf , at vi FRESI-IMAN CLASS HOCKEY. LEFT TO RIGHT: Priscilla Poteat, Louise Wiley, Georgia Simp- son, Ann Evers, Shirley Huxter, Betty Blair, june Hewett, Evelyn Flax, June Hargrove, Tommy Thompson, Evie Lawson. One H znzdred and Tlmfy-.r2.x' S BASKETBALL SCORES VARSITY BASKETBALL. LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Purcell, Elizabeth Cardwell, Georgia Philpott, Grace Thomp- son, Evie Lawson, Dorothy Roberts, Caroline Doyle, Mary Alice Smith, Helen Dodd, Lucy Baird, Elsa Keuffel, Frances Badenoch. BACK: Miss Fanny Crenshaw, Aflalefir Director. n the Basketball Courts WITH VICTORY THEIR KEYNOTE, the Westhamp- ton court femmes completed the season with only two defeats, one at the hands of the powerful Madi- son College sextet and the other by Hopewell High School. All four classes shared the honors with outstand- ing players from each on the unusually large squad. Co-captains Dot Roberts and Caroline Doyle led the team through the season of nine games, sched- uled by Manager Lucy Baird. Reba Booker was Assistant Manager for the year. The most gratifying victory was the win over Blackstone which last year, by one point in the last exciting minute of play, toppled the Co-ord bas- keteers from the list of the unbeaten. High-scoring honors go to Senior Lucy Baird, closely followed by Tommy Thompson. Letter winners were Baird, Doyle, Roberts, Dodd, Smith, Cardwell, Keuffel, Badenoch, Law- son, and Thompson. Westhrimpton Westhampton john Marshall Thomas jefferson Westhampton St. Margaret's Westliampton Williarn and Miry Extension Westhampton Blackstone .. Westhampton Hopewell . . . Westhampton Madison . . . Westhampton St. Catherines Westhampton Sweet Briar . One Hznzdrtd zzzd Tlvnfj rezezz CLASS OF 1940 BASKETBALL. LIsFT TO RIGHT, FRONT Row: Maude Smith, Lucy Baird. sI2cgoNn ROW: Maureen Fugate, Georgie Philpott, Dorothy Roberts. THIRD RCJWI Vista Robinson, Eleanor Par- sons, Dell Willialms, -lean Miller. CLASS OF 1941 BASKETBALL. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Alice Smith, Elizabeth Cardwell, Helen Dodd, A Mary Owen, Margaret Purcell. FRONT: Mary Elizabeth Riley. One H1lIlLf1'L9Ll.IlI4f Tlrirfy-:lille CLASS OF 1942 BASKETBALL. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Mildred Parker, Frances Badenoch, Gene Woodlin, Allene jones. BACK ROW: Aida Christensen, Louise Hall, Elsa Keuffel. One Hfnzdred um! Forly CLASS OE 19-I5 BASKETBALL. LEFT TO RIOHT, FRONT ROW: Althen Johnston, Georgie Simpson, Shirley Huxter. SIECONII ROW: Allison Cooper, Evie Lawson, Helen Ridgely. THIRD ROW: Reba Booker, Grace Thompson. TRACK IN SPITE or THE FACT that XVesthampton Col- lege does not place great emphasis on track, quite a number of Co-ords reported. Individual per- formances were better than usual and track, at least, to the students, was becoming more im- portant. Having only an intramural track meet at the end of 1959 season instead of any dual meets, the Co-ord cinder stars met up with some stiff compe- tition before the winners came through. Elsa Keuffel, '42, was individual high scorer with 16 points, and the Class of '41 took the team cup for their second straight win with 49 markers. Letter winners were Keulfel, '42, Helen Dodd, Kira Nicholsky, and Eleanor Kindell, '41, and Mollie Fleet. Winners in the meet events were as follows: 50 yard-Keuffelg 75 yard-Purcell, 100 yard-Fleet, Hurdles-Keuffel, Hop, step, jump-Fleet, Shot- put- Keuffelg High jump -- Staples, Basketball throw-Philpottg Broad jump-Nicholsky, and Relays-sophomores. VARSITY TRACK. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kira Nicholsky Helen Dodd Eleanor Ixindell Elsi Ixeurfel 2 r :ig dig 'T' TENNIS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Dodd, Elsa Keuffel, and Mary Alice Smith. THE SPIDERETTE TENNIS TEAM started out the varsity season with ladder play as a method to select the position of a player for intercollegiate competition. The ladder was made at random so that the members of the squad had to play several matches in advancing to the top of the list. A player could challenge any of the two people directly above her on the ladder. The ladder method of play made team positions subject to change at any time, and therefore all players had to keep in top condition. This proved an incentive for practice and steady improvement. One Hmzdred am! Furfy-fzm Helen Dodd, ,41, won out for the number one position for her second year. Elsa Keuffel, '41, played up to the second place, and Mary Alice Smith, Dorothy Kyte, and Margaret Purcell, con- stantly competed for third place. Matches were played with Thomas jefferson, john Marshall, Collegiate, and St. Catherines. Be- sides these varsity matches, intramural competition vvent on throughout the entire season.- Reporting for practice were Keuffel, Dodd, Trussell, Kyte, Purcell, Smith, Baird, McLarin, Britt, Florance, Scherer, and Shafer. Blazers THE WESTHAMPTON BLAZER is awarded to any individual who has made her letter in any three varsity sports. Thus recognition is given for un- usual achievement and skill in athletics, the stripes on the insignia designate the number of sports in which a varsity letter has been won, and the stars indicate the number of times letters have been won. Elsa Keuffel, '42, showed her athletic ability by winning a blazer in four sports in her freshman year. Other girls to win blazers in their freshman year were Judy Florance and Helen Dodd. Blazer owners are Helen Dodd, Judy Florance, Mollie Fleet, and Elsa Keuffel. SEAL WINNERS. LEFT: Dorothy Roberts, RIGHT: Caroline Doyle. ,,-JY? J , 1 f if BLAZER WINNERS. sTANn1No: Elsa Keutfelg SEATIYDZ Helen Dodd. eal Winners THE HONOR OF A FLANNEL SEAL is conferred, each spring, on those members of the junior and Senior classes who have shown the best sportsman- ship in college life and the greatest leadership in athletics. It is their cooperation and school spirit that makes the games successful and enjoyable, and because of their enthusiasm and interest in the promotion of athletics, they are awarded the seal of Westhampton College. This presentation is made by the Athletic Association Board of the College. Winners of the seals at the Athletic Association banquet in May, 1959, were Marion Wiley, and Kate Peterson, members of the Class of 1939, and Caroline Doyle and Dorothy Roberts, members of the Class of 19-10. One Hzffzifzmf .zmf Iiuzrtry-flwee W ., Y Wim 6 MEN yi, V 1-Goalg 2 111143-OH the backbofzrdsg 4--Taclelef 5-Field goal. 6-Out at first. 7-Safe at home. .C. Will! 'Q , x ff 4.5 ,jig L X my 'An A W "?U35':5 K 'fi .V'w,.:.,qKf Q47 1 'If' if , , Cam yn xy, 3 ,,,,,, . tx ,,, . I lx -5 r 1 an O 0 ' Q I II 1 -air ., . ,g,.,? 9 Y 'l""r , lft, ' ,H l I Q , I ii .X h af- ' Nf 't 4 B 61.7 - I' V :"- I I F i 5 K f .r I L Q ' . I 1- 4' V 1, Q' ' - an Q ..1 5 . . ' -is ,QV ,, 31: Y . W '. ,F '-,. - E I A .l'-'ga' " :I :4 . .r l, ' I - - - , -ig ,, if f . , O . lrks-A 5' 'B' Y V V J 5 5' . A D . i if ifg e 35 I . ,L - 1 , - I. vpn Q? . J 'iw' Ni , if - 1. - u - . ,- , ,V f- a -.- -' . . , . - --Y 0... - , ' 'Vg i W ' - 4 -t ' ., . .vii ,' . o ' -sg'- V. The WALTER BAss Edifoi'-iff-Clvief THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND has catalogued its literary creations in the Mesfefzger for about seventy-five years, at first as a cooperative work of Mu Sigma Rho and Philologian Literary Socie- ties, and later on as an independent organ of the University. A review of its pages presents the work of many who have later become famous as writers -but always the magazine has depicted the trend of thought contemporary to its publication. The Meyfezzger is not a type magazine, as can be seen from its contents this year: sports, fantasy, humor, drama, history, religion, and the like, of- fer opportunity for any creative literature which Nlessen er STAN TUTWILISR B11 winery M.z11.z,ge1' may be peculiar to various types of minds. This, indeed, is its purpose. This year's Mesrefzger incorporated the editorial policy of previous years with two exceptions: it would print no controversial material unless both sides were given equal opportunity to present their views. The staff felt that mere criticism was not literature. Secondly, it sought to present stories of fact concerning the college and its life which would be of lasting interest and information to the student body. A short biography of Dr. S. C. Mitchell won unanimous praise from the entire campus. if LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Bass, Eflifnrf Stan Tutwiler, B1l.lijlI6.liJi lll4IlZJg6l'.' Owen Tate. One Hznzdred Izmi Forly-ji1'e JOHN joRDAN Eiffffll'-Tl! Chief FROM A TINY two-windowed room in the Play- house building there comes each week with steady regularity the ofhcial news organ of the Uni- versity of Richmond Student Body, The Rich- mofza' Collegifw. The year of 1959 marked the twenty-fifth year that The Colfegimz had served the campus faithfully in its capacity as a news- paper and also as a training school for prospective student journalists. The CO!f6gTrllZ celebrated its twenty-fifth anni- versary in the December 1st issue, although the The Collegian IVIARIIE Knysna lI"t+vfht111.1j2fu11 Edifm' original date of publication was November 25, 1914. The anniversary issue reviewed the history of the University and of the paper itself in a pan- oramic view of each year,s activities. Its twelve pages made it the largest issue, ever published by local students. The beginning of another terrible conflict "over there" marked the year of 1959-40. The editors of The Collegian recognized the latent danger covering the whole earth by their always remind- ing streamer "America must stay out of war!" COLLEGIAN EDITORIAL STAFF. LITFT TO RIGHT: Paul Saunier, jr.,'i,1fe Ef1'ifm'.' Bill Maner, lvfdlldgjlig Ifififwy' Marie Keyser, Armslizzzf Ediforf John jordan, Edjfm'-iff-Chiefq Libbie johnson, ,fllnlmgizzg Editor: and joe Wornom, Mlzmzgizzg Edifor. One H!fllL!I'ELl tzmf Iiwly-.s'i.x' QM 413 "if-i,,,,,,-, COLLEGIAN BUSINESS STAFF. LEFT TO RIGHT: Leslie Phillips, Bibbs Johnston, and james Baggs, Bmj11e.ri' ilfizmzger. This battle-cry was always present except in the never-to-be-forgotten April Fool issue when it was changed to "Miss America must stay out of the water!" The subtle humor of The C01- legimz brain-trust was indeed exhibited at its best in that copy. Another important event of the year was the meeting of several hundred student journalists at Richmond when the Pi Delta Epsilon conven- tion was held at the University in the fall. Another fine feature of The C olle giezzz year was the student polls that were conducted to determine student opinion on various matters. The students voted against the Southern Conference Eligibility Blank and they said that they thought the newly sug- gested Quietus System was a good idea but "it probably wouldn't workf' The editorial policy was one of the finest in scholastic journalistic circles. Symbolic of its wide- awake attitude, The C olle giezh campaigned against the Heller Bill. "Men of ability" were demanded for the Richmond College Student Governmentg the Senate was fired upon because of its seeming laxityg strengthening of the Honor System was recommendedg and many other needed reforms such as a "CH average for all political office candi- dates were backed. The verbal fireworks that had flared over the Westhampton College Student Activities Building and its facilities for dating extended to the editorial columns of The C ol- legiezlz. john E. jordan directed the activities and the policies of the paper during the 1959-40 year from his position as editor-in-chief. He was assisted by the Editorial Board of eight and a staff of twenty- five members. These thirty-four budding journal- ists produced thirty-three issues of twelve hundred copies each, and had them waiting in the Playhouse for the crowds of students leaving each Friday's convocation service. JIMMIE Bfiocss . Bll.YjlIE.l'.l' fllizmzgez' One H7l1Il11'C9lfr1lIL! Fflrfjf-Je1'e12 The We l LOU FARBER Etfjff,l1'-fl?-Chief This is the hundredth anniversary of the .Uni- versity of Richmond. A century has passed since our inconspicuous beginning at Lombardy and Graceg and we, the editors looking backwards and at the same time keeping a constant eye at the future, feel that we have come a long way-and that each year was a point nearer to a greater and finer university. li MILDRED C. BURNETTE Werflmzzzpfozz Editor We have attempted to relate in this year's WEB the history that our university has undergone: the bright full and rich years of peace and advance- mentg the dark and tragic years of war and destruc- tiong and the good intermingled with the bad. We have sought to record the progress that we have made in the last century. The division pages this year in accordance with our theme contain two pic- N045 -6' EDITORIAL STAFF. LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Waddington, Sporty Edifory Mark Willing, Arfiylmzf Etljforq Edmond Massie, Arvormfe Editor: Lou Farber, Edimr: Mildred Burnette, llveyflaazzzp- 1077 Editor: Parker Brown, Lau' 5619001 Ediforf and Murray Barr, Ayfofiafe Edilor. One Hmldred and Forty-eight WESTHAMPTON STAFF OF WEB. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kitty Crawford, Jeanette Evans. SEATED: Mildred Burnette, Virginia McLarin. tures, one depicting the old and the other depict- ing the new. The idea here is to show through the medium of photography something of the change that we have undergone through the years. To each who sees the pages a different story may be told but underlying it all will be the fact that our ex- periences here have formulated these stories for us. We are deeply grateful to Miss Lucy Throck- morton and Dr. Garnett Ryland for their help in this particular phase of the annual. Because this is 1940-the age of the camera, we have doubled the amount of informal snapshots, and lessened the amount of written material. We are no longer concerned with the task of describing scenes and eventsg we have no need for it. Instead we present them. not as we think they are, but as they really exist. Pictures do not lie-and we have here preserved the memories of your college days as they actually did occur. And lastly, we have tried to make this your year book. Not a year book that can belong to any year and to any university or college, but rather one that expresses without a doubt that it belongs to the University of Richmond and to the year 1940. We have dedicated this particular anniversary annual to four scholars who have dedicated their BUSINESS STAFF OF WEB. sTANDiNc., LEFT TO Rioi-iT: Norman Brown, jane Aler, Ralph Kinsey. SEATED: Bob Moore, Margaret Ligon, Conny Powell. lives to the University. These men have largely been responsible for the growth of our University, and in this humble manner we have tried to ex- press the appreciation felt by those of us who really love the University of Richmond and them. To the staff and to all the students of the Univer- sity we wish to express our sincere appreciation for their help in making this W'eI2 possible. With- out your cooperation and interest we frankly admit that our task would have been impossible. Bois MKDORIE Bff.ri11e.i1r Mnlnrgez One Hzzlzdred md Forty-nine orensic Counoi THE PAST YEAR has been one of advancement and growth for the Forensic Council. The chief instrument of this advancement was the new con- stitution drawn up for the Council. The new document, written by john jordan, chairman of the Council, changed the size and make-up of the group as well as redefining its duties and making more concrete its aims. The new arrangement provides closer control over the three literary societies as one of its features. As in the past the forensic leaders sponsored and backed the Inter-Literary-Society Debates in the spring. There was also the Oratorical Speak- ing Contest held in the form of a group of after- dinner speeches following the Forensic Council Banquet at Ewart's Cafeteria. The Council.also took the lead in organizing Forensic Contests in several local high schools. DEBATE TEAM. LEFT TO RIGHT: Edgar Mullins Arendall, Royall Brandis, Daniel Nathan Brock, Frank Connor, john Laws Decker, Straughan Lowe Gettier, john Emory Jordan, William Thomas Rich, Gilbert Siegal, Debate Mn1mger.' Theodore Turner, Thomas Emmett Warriner, Jr., Chauncey Welton. One Hlfmlreu' and Fifty FORENSIC COUNCIL. L'EFT TO RIGHT: Royall Brandis, Thomas Henry Bruno, Louis Richard Far- ber, Henry Garnett, G. Douglas Haddock, john Emory jordan, P1'ei'ide'12t.' George Edmond Mas- sie, III, Thomas Pugh, Gilbert Siegal, Evan Balfour Van Leeuwen, Samuel joseph Wornom, jr. Debate Team THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND has grown dur- ing the past year and not the least part of its growth is the finer and more polished debate team turned out during the past months. Gilbert Siegel, manager of debate, has guided the team through a large group of sharply contested debates in a well-planned forensic program. The team completed a long southern trip visit- ing Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina as well as a trip through the State, debat- ing both men's and women's colleges. All of the debates were non-decision and so no winning or losing percentage is available, but it is safe to say that all those individuals who took part came out on the winning side of the ledger. There is no finer training for thinking and speaking than de- bate. Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society MU SIGMA RHO LITERARY SOCIETY. LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Ankers, Ray Baker, XX'illiam Bareford, H. Barnett, M. M. Barr, Shelton T. Belsches, William B. Beville, Allen Davis, W. Davis, Fletcher Elmore, Louis R. Farber, Preyidenf, 2nd Semester, Straughan Lowe Gettier, O. G. Gilbert, Gilmer, W. Grant, N. B. Habel, Walter Haden, Paul Harell, Leland Higginbotham, Emmett L. Hubbard, Robert Keil, john H. Loche, Mann T. Lowry, Dick Marable, A. McKinsey, Alvin H. Miller, Irvin K. Owen, Richard Owen, Robert M. Phillips, Harvey B. Price, T. Pugh, Pl'6J'jti6l7f. lst Semester, Russell Rea, Robert A. Rhodes, Donald K. Robertson, Lee Saunders, A. H. St. Clair, Walter Story, Taylor, Harding L. Thomas, Evan B. Van Leeuwen, B. H. Weston, T. White, Mark S. Willing, Evans Y. Wfyatt. One Hlnzdred and Fiffy-one S. Nlitehell Literary Society THE SOCIETY WAS FOUNDED IN 1950 by a group of town students who were unable to attend the meetings of the two similar organizations on the campus. It is named after Dr. Samuel Chiles Mitchell, who has done much for the College and the Society since his afhliation with Richmond College. This year, 1940, will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Society. In honor of this celebration and Dr. Samuel Chiles Mitchell, the Society struck a key with the bust of Dr. Mitchell on it. This key was presented to Dr. Mitchell one morning before one of his classes by a committee composed of Thomas Bruno, Ran- dolph Parrish, and George Rochkind. The Society has backed every move for the good of the College that has been started on the campus. This year the Society participated in inter-society debates, having as its debators, Ed Johnston, Irving Lovenstein, Charles Adams, and Kenneth Miller. Also at the Forensic Council Banquet they were represented by Kenneth Miller and George Roch- kind in the after-dinner speech contest. At the regular meetings everythingfrom U nion Now to How to Raise Chickens was discussed. Extemporaneous speeches were often heard and also open discussions. S. C. Mitchell cooperated with the Mu Sigma Rho and the Philologian Literary Societies in spon- soring a hoop-throwing booth at the Campus Car- nival. The booth was a success and the literary so- cieties are proud to have done their part toward contributing to the new Student Activities Build- ing for Richmond College. Kenneth Miller discussed the values of a union of democracies, particularly at a time like this. George Rochkind discussed the care of a young newspaperman who was denied the right of free- dom of the press. It was an enlightening discussion. The Society meets on Monday nights at the T. C. Williams Law School. Dexter Abeloff served as president the first semester and Thomas Bruno led the Society the second. I S. C. MITCHELL LITERARY SOCIETY, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Dexter Abeloff, Charles Layne Adams,'Thomas Henry Bruno, john Carrington Cross, john Anthony Doumlele, Archie Girgosian, Aylett Woodson Goode, Harold David Greene, Garland Douglas Haddock, Edwin Barber Johnston, Herman David Kafka, Isadore Kaminsky, Ralph Ellsworth Kinsey, Irwin Lovenstein, Williain Lawton Maner, jr., Kenneth Miller, Earl Lewis Noble, jr., Randolph Henderson Parrish, Marion Rice, George Rochkind, George Augustus Stephenson, jr., George Vranian, George White. One Hfzmlred and Fiffy-tivo PhiloIogian Literary ociety mi.- 'fem' E ilu- PHILOLOGIAN LITERARY SOCIETY. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Arendall, W. Bain, M. Binns, H. Black, W. E. Bris- tow W Burge P Byrd, B. Cline, L. Decker, F. Dix, Fitzgerald, H. D. Garnett, R. M. Hathaway, H. Hob- good W Ixessler I Lawrence, H. Manley, M. Markowitz, Ed Massie, Miller, S. Mitchell, R. Philpott, W. ReMine S Richardson, D. Satterfield, G. Siegal, T. Turner, T. E. Warriner, Wiggins, Wornom. X yiation Cluli UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND AVIATION CLUB. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clyde Ford, Mr. I. H. Preissner, GWUIIIZJ I1z.tfzwrf0r.' Ernest M. Taylor, Ir., Pre.ride11l,' Donald Murrill, Mr. "Gene" Sut- ton, Flight I11.flrm'fm'.' Dr. C. L. Al- bright, Gmznzd I12.rf1'm'l0r.' Harvey Chapman, Milton joel, Ifire-Prem dent. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Parke P. Starke, Ir., Tre.z.r11f'e1'.' Samuel George, Sec1'ef.1f'-y.' Frank Britton, Emmett Dugger, Tommy Bruno, Tommy Wiley. fNot in- cluded in picture: Dr. Curtis W. Lampson, Grnnzm' 1ll,l'f1'!lL'f0I'., One Hznzdreiz'.z11flFifty-fbree Riehmon olle e Glee lub THE RIcHIxIoND COLLEGE GLEE CLIID was or- ganized in 1926, being one of the first college glee clubs in the state of Virginia. In the club's fourteen years of growth, it has attained a high standard of efficiency, and has built up a reputa- tion that is indeed a credit to Richmond College. Among its first activities this year, the club sang at a Pep Rally before the William and Mary foot- ball game and at a Homecoming broadcast. On a three-day trip to South Carolina in March, the club presented an admirable concert at Meri- deth and Coker Colleges. The club sang regularly in Chapel, and at Ves- algae. per Services every third Sunday evening. In Feb- ruary, they sang at Ewart's Cafeteria and at Grove Avenue Baptist Church during the Baptist con- vention in March. The Glee Club also appeared over the weekly college radio program. The Glee Club also sang at various high schools in the state and through this gave much publicity to the Col- lege. On May 5rd, they concluded a great year when they sang at Amelia High School. The officers for this year were as follows: Mr. Alton Howell, Director, Robert W. Durrett, Presi- dent, Gordon H. Andrews, Business Manager, and Lawrence E. Spiers, Librarian. W 'wk Jkvinm A .. RICHMOND COLLEGE GLEE CLUB. IfIRs'I' Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dalton, Baker, Bareford, Durrett, PI'eIide1If.' Alton Howell, IDM-I'fffI'.' Andrews, Bffmzeii Illizzzizgwx' Spiers, Lifm11'i.z11.' R. Phillips, S. Williams, Gladding. SECOND Row: Garrenton, Beville, Belsches, Turner. Cake, Moore, Alexander, DeShazor, Asbell. THIRD ROW! Farnum, Stone. Bernstein, Howell, Blackley, Bagby, Dinwiddie. FOURTH ROW: T. Williams, L. Phillips, Rogers, Wilkinson, Whitley, Cash, Foster. One Hfflldlml .md Fiffy-fwfr K tub .LN WE C -Q5 'qtef-A -3 l v WESTHAMPTON GLEE CLUB. FRONT ROW, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: jean Neasmith, Mary Sue Carter, Antoinette Wirth, Mary Owen, Sefretary,' Charlotte Ann Dickinson, P1'eijde11f.' Dorothy Hewes, Vire-Preride12f,- Lucille Lewis, Cecile Gaddis, Jeanice Johnson. BACK ROW, STANDING: Nellie Keshishan, jane Lee Roudabush, Mary Pegram Wil- son, Anne Oakes, Lowaita Rowland, Sarajane Payne, Mildred james, Dagmar Jacobsen, Margaret Ligon, jean Spense, Allene jones, Ruth Phillips, Louise Cordoza, Pauline Cortopassi, Emma Lou Parsons, Helen Ridgely, Josephine Fen- nell, Betty MacMurtry. p Westhampton Glee THE WESTHAMPTON GLEE CLUB under the di- rection of Mrs. F. Flaxington Harker was organ- ized in 1924 for the purpose of creating an in- terest in the development of the singing voice and of affording an opportunity for the appreciation of good music to those girls who enjoy singing. The chief activity of the Glee Club this year was the singing at convocations and chapel services each week and at Vesper Services in Canon Me- morial Chapel on Sunday nights. The group also gave a concert on the campus and several out-of town concerts. This yearls officers include: Charlotte Ann Dickinson, President, Dorothy Hewes, Vice-Presi- dent, Mary Owens, Secretary-Treasurer, Sarajayne Payne, Librarian, and Pauline Cortopassi, Pianist. One Hzmdred ,zmi Fifty-fiz'e niversity ol Richmond hoir UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND CHOIR. LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Bareford, Hilda Batten, S. Belches, R. Bernstein, H. Brauer, A. Brown, H. Cake, P1'e.ride11f.' Eugenia Claiborne, Marjorie Clements, Margaret Crabtree, Dalton, Mary Derring, Charlotte Ann Dickinson, H. Foster, Vice-Pre.ride1zf.' Cecile Gaddis, Lelia Gardner, Garrington, R. Hall, P. Harrell, Lavina Hayes, C. Krause, Dagmar Jacobson, Mildred James, Ieanice johnson, Lucille Lewis, A. McKenzie, Betty MacMurtry, Manley, Virginia Mayo, Anne Oakes, Mary Owen, Serrefary and T1'eaJm'er,' Sara- jane Payne, Ruth Phillips, R. Phillips, jane Lee Rondabush, Mabel Leigh Rooke, E. Thomson, Jane Trevett, Ester Wendling, G. Whitley, Kitty Wicker, Louise Wiley, Kitty Williams. Om' Hfzmfred .md Fiffy-Jia' University Band UNDER THE ABLE LEADERSHIP of Mr. Sinclair the 1959 edition of the University of Richmond band has enjoyed its most successful season. The rapid development of the band is greatly due to the ex- cellent leadership of Roy Wymbs, President and Marion Rice, Business Manager. With the addition of the new uniforms and an increase in membership the band proudly displayed their maneuvers at the football games. For their excellent showing, the band accompanied the foot- ball team to Lexington where they helped pep the team on to victory. Besides playing at the games, the band played an important part in our pre-game pep rallies. Larry Sheffield was drum major and performed in professional style throughout the year. From time to time guest drum majorettes were invited to lend added color to the blue and red clad band as they paraded at half-time at the football games. In chapel the band provided a much appreciated program and undoubtedly gave the student body one of the best programs of this school year play- ing everything from Wagner to stirring martial music. Encores were the order of the day. To round out a great season the band journeyed to Winchester where they paraded in the Apple Blossom Festival with several other fine bands. Mr. Sinclair, director, has worked hard with his musicians and the student body, particularly the seniors, can readily realize the improvement that has come about. This year much more interest in the band was aroused than in previous years and with an antici- pated increase in membership next year the band hopes to swell its ranks to fifty or more musicians. The future of music looks bright at the U. of R. UNIVERSITY BAND. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! Ginhardt, Kessler, Wymbs, Pi-eride1zt.' W. T. Sinclair, Directory' Phillips, Herndon. SECOND ROW: Gano, Lowry, Rice, Bzzrizzefr Mamzger: Hildreman, Saunders, Nakdimen. THIRD ROW: Barr, Beechy, Valentine, Piper, Davis, FOURTH ROW: Spahn, Robertson, Burton, Perkins-, Amos. QAbsent from picture: Gordon, Harmon, Hathaway, Irby, Snead, Williamsj One H!llItfI'6d and Fiffj'-,fezwz Y.M.C.A. CABINET. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dexter Abeloif, Frank Baker, john Bareford, Arthur Beck, Charles Booth, Edward Bragg, Hugh Crisman, Daniel Fowler, Henry Garnett, Straughan Lowe Gettier, Aylett Goode, Ira Hudgins, Robert Keil, Stan Kellam, Richard Klaffky, Douglas Laird, Vernon Langford, Earl Noble, Thomas Pugh, George Roberts, james Turkington, Bruce Van Buskirk, Evan Van Leeuwen, Prefide1zf,' Mark Willing, joseph Wornom. Y. M. C. A. THE Y.M.C.A. ENDEAvoRs to maintain a high moral and spiritual element on the campus and in every way possible, to improve relations with Westhampton College. The organization is housed in a small building directly behind Jeter Hall. In this building the students may enjoy the use of several ping-pong tables, a radio, piano, many of the current magazines and newspapers. The build- ing is always open so that the students may feel free to go in at any time. During the current year the Y.M.C.A. sponsored a ping-pong tournament, and a horseshoe tourna- ment, which created a fine spirit of friendly rivalry and competition among the students. At Christ- mas season a tree was decorated in the building in the effort to stimulate a true Christmas spirit. One Hlll7LII'6Lf and Fiffgy-eilgbf In preparation for the Religious Emphasis Week in cooperation with the Y.W.C.A., the "YH Cabi- net conducted a religious poll in order to learn what subjects the students desired to hear the most. A program was presented in the Sunday Vespers by the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. preceding the Religious Emphasis Week. The main work of the Cabinet this year has been directed toward a stimulation of interest among the students for the Y.M.C.A. A whole room was refurnished and painting was done in the build- ing, the campus movies were presented to the en- tire campus, and new hymn books obtained. After those progressive strides this year, the "Y" hopes to exert even greater influence in the coming years in campus progress. Y.W.C.A. LEFET TO RIGHT: Jeannette Evans, Sarah Goode, Allene jones, Margaret Ligon, Alice McElroy, Praride11f.' jean Miller, Louise Morrissey, Mayme O'Flaherty, Betty Willets, Antionette Wirth. .W. C. A. THE YOUNG WoMEN's CHRisT1AN Associa- TION,Of Westhampton College was organized in 1914 as a functioning part of the National Y.W. C.A. The purpose of this organization is to encour- age the growth of community and group spirit among Westhampton College students and to fos- ter the growth of friendship and religious educa- tion on the campus. Before the school year of 1958-39, membership in the Y.W.C.A. was automatically formed upon entering Westhampton, but in the spring the con- stitution was revised to make membership volun- tary. Several committees have been combined and others created to meet the several needs. Basing their activities around the theme of "Abundant Christian Living," and striving to ful- fill the real meaning of this theme in every phase of life, the Young Women's Christian Association during the past year has come to be, more than ever before on the campus, a vital force for the best and highest. The year has seen the consolida- tion of committees for better organization, the introduction of new committees in order to widen the scope and purpose of the Association, and a more constant emphasis upon its threefold aim: mind, body, and spirit. The activities of the organization for 1959-40 have included social service work in the com- munity, the betterment of relations between the races in the locality, a heightened interest in national and international affairs, leading to the sending of petitions to the Federal Government concerning vital policies, and a true deepening of the fundamental religious welfare of Westhamp- ton's campus. The officers are: President, Alice McElroy, Vice- President, Henrietta Sadler, Secretary, Sara Goode, Treasurer, Antoinette Wirth. Chairmen: World Fellowship, Louise Morrisey, Social Service, Ethne Flannagan, Day Students' Committee, Jeannette Evans, Industrial, Margaret Ligon, Worship, Betty Willets, Mayme O'Flah- erty, Recreation, jean Miller, Program, Vista Rob- inson, Freshman, Kathleen jones. One H!llIdl'6zf and Fifty-Hilfe in 1'3" 'uw UNIVERSITY PLAYERS, LEFT TO RIQHT: Murray Barr, Charles Booth, Mary Sue Carter, Salvatore Casale, Phillip Cooke, III. Eugene Cornwell, Carrington Cross, Billy Ethridge, Carolyn Gary, Harold Grimsley, Fred jurgens, Jack Kervan, Flossie Lafoon, Juliette Loving, William Maner, Phillip Mason, Jack Noffsinger, Henrietta Sadler, Paul Saunier, George Shackleford, Alexander Sternberg, Carlson Thomas, Carlton Whitlatch. University P layers UNIVERSITY PLAYERS had an inconspicuous be- ginning more than forty years ago when a group of thespians got together and formed the "Masked and the Wig Club." The group had no set rules and regulations, and it was open to those who showed a keen interest in dramatics. Now, almost a half century later the dramatic group, under the guidance of Carlson Thomas, is just about the same as it was then. With possibly one exception: its name has been changed to Uni- versity Players. From beginning to end, it was a glorious and busy year for the Players. The plays that were given varied from the blank verse of Maxwell Anderson's "Winterset" to the highly hilarious melodrama of a hundred years ago, "The Drunk- One Hfmdrerf mm' Sixly ard." To satisfy the various tastes of the campus, the Players presented for their spring play, Robert Sherwood's "Idiot's Delight." Early in April, University Players took an origi- nal one-act play, "Back from Texas," by their own Bill Maner to Chapel Hill to be given at the Caro- lina Playmakers Festival. It was a huge success, for it made Broadway critics sit up and take notice of the Players. To climax the season, the Players presented Beaumount and Fletchers "Knight of the Burning Pestle," at the Luther H. jenkins' Greek Theatre. It lZ767'J01Zjji66Z' the work that the Players did all year. It was a fresh and real portrayal of things Eliza- bethan and it received ardent acclaim from cam- pus and local newspapers. PEGASUS. I.EET TO RIGHT, FRONT Row, sI5ATED: Kitty Spenser, Elizabeth john- son, Roberta Winfrey. SECOND Row, SEATED: Miss Pauline Turnbull, Pmfeipmi' of Latin: Josephine Fennel, Sew'efr11'j',' Emma Lou Parsons, P1'e,i'irfe11f.' janet Gresham, Vice-Preride11f,' Helen Hill, TI'6J.l'lII'6!',' Miss Marjorie Rivenburg, SlI7Ull.l0l'. THIRD ROW, STANDING: Kitty Lyle, Doris Hargrove, Dell Williams. The ionian Music ESTABLISHED IN THE FALL OF 1958 for the pur- pose of enlarging the appre- ciation of music on the West- hampton campus, the Ionian Music Club has in the past year rendered a great service to the college. Taking over the piano fund for the Stu- dent Government Associa- tion, they sponsored a square dance in February to raise ad- ditional money for this fund. The square dance was a com- plete success, and the club is hoping to make it an annual event. Under the able guid- ance of Mrs. Frank Wendt, teacher of piano, the club has developed into one of the outstanding groups on the campus. This year the club has achieved its highest mem- bership since its beginning. Pegasus WITH A membership com- posed of those students ma- joring in Latin, Pegasus has as its aim the development of a greater appreciation ofclas- sicism and of the ancient au- thors on the Westhampton campus. Ably guided by Miss Marjorie Rivenburg, profes- sor of Latin, the club in the past year has presented a radio program and a chapel program which met with much approval. In the spring Pegasus entertained at a tea to interest those students ma- joring in Latin in joining the group, and the membership was appreciably increased. Once each month during the past year the club has held social meetings, at which many outside speakers were entertained. The or- ganization is one of the most notable groups on the campus. IONIAN MUSIC CLUB. LISFT TO IuoHT: Louise Wiley, Emmy Fountain, ,lane Lee Roudabush, Mary Buxton, Pauline Cortopassi, 5i0l'1'C'frI1'-1'.' Lucia Adair, Dagmar Jacobsen, Louise Hall, TI'C'rI.l'llI'c'I',' Ann Gwaltney, Frances Beasley, Phillis Ann Coghill, Lowaita Rowland, Lelia Gardener, Mayme O'Flaherty, Praiirfrfzzf, seated. Om' Hf!l!4!l'c'i! rim! SifXfJ'-flllt' Debate Counei FOIINDED ON THE West- hampton campus in l92O and now sponsored by Miss Mar- garet Ross, the Debate Coun- cil has for its purpose the bettering of forensic rela- tionship with other colleges, and the increasing of the ap- preciation and knowledge of debating at Westham.pton. The council debated a question concerning isola- tion CPOSCU by Tau KQPPQ DEBATE COUNCIL. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT Row, sEATED: Clarine Cunningham, Alpha, I121lZlOU2tl fO1fCI1SlC f1'2l- Grace Norris, Evelyn Clifton. SECOND ROW, SEATED: Marie Keyser, Jeannette Evans, ttfmty' Among We Colleges iiiiifglig.li5iffi15fi..-fffiffff'Fifi'ivliiiitiffgi-'iiiRifffliifi2Tf.TQ'ifffffiiiZliifiiieffiifii debated were Bfldgewafef- McDonough, Judith Lucas, Bernice Stevenson, Constance Powell. Averett, Bucknell, Pennsyl- vania, New York University, Farmville, and Mary F-1- Washington. As the membership of fifteen exceed- NOSTIHS 1 13.6 ed all previous years, the debates were able to be bigger and better. INCLUDING IN. ITS MEMBERSHIP those students of Westhampton College whose mother, aunt, or if grandmother attended the ' Richmond Female Institute or the Women's College, Nostrae Piliae has grown in the past few years into one of the outstanding social organ- izations on the campus. The group was entertained this year at a tea by the alumnae of the two predecessors of Westhampton College. In an attempt to increase their scholarship fund, which was begun last year, the club sponsored a lecture on flower arrangement in the spring of 1939. To add- further to this NOSTRAE FILIAE. LIZFT TO RIOHT, FRONT ROW, SEATED: Mildred Roberts, Betty Rosser, Kitty Lyle, Mary Louise DuVal. SECOND ROW, SEATED: Judith Lucas, Ethne fLlHCl Cltlflng the COI'HlI1g yC2lI'S lflannagan, Harriet Yeamans, Premlezzfq Juliette Loving, SecI'efI1ry.' Betty Woodson, is the Objective of NOSU-ae Kitty Spenser. THIRD ROW, sTANDINo: Constance Powell, Louise Wiley, Frances , , Beasley, Phyllis Ann Coghill, Alice Gray Simpson. P11136- One Ielnmfreil rim! .Yixiy-f1z'0 I' , V If-1- , .2 NATIONAL NEWS COUNCIL. LEFT TO RIGHT, sI2ATI2D: jean Miller, jane Trevett, Mary Sue Carter, Dorothy Harshbarger, Martha Lillian Beam, Ifii'e-P1-em dent: Mabel Leigh Rooke, Prei' Vi llie Nationa News Counei THI2 IXIATIONAL News CoIINcIL is a relatively new organization made up of a limited number of girls elect- ed because of their vital in- terest in national affairs. lt has brought several speakers to the campus for national news. The group met twice a month, and was sponsored by Dr. Maude Woodhru. This year the organization was led by the very versatile Mabel Leigh Roolie. fi idwzl: Dorothy Roberts, Madge Aycock, Mildred Burnette, Carolyn Doyle. STANDING: Betty Willets, Mildred james, Mary Owen, Esther Wenclling. The International Relations Club THE INTERNATIONAL RE- LATIoNs CLUB of West- hampton College has for its purpose the promoting of a well informed interest in con- temporary affairs. The club is composed mainly of his- tory majors, but others in- terested in current topics are allowed to join. The club is sponsored by Dr. Susan M. Lough. This year at the first meeting of the chapter Dr. Lough gave an account of her European voyage during the summer. Several informal talks are heard first at each meeting and these talks form the basis for a round table dis- cussion which follows. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. LIZIPT TO RIGHT, FRONT Row: Hildah Batten, Mildred Burnette, Mabel Leigh Rooke, jean Miller. SIfcoND Row: -Iuliette Loving, jane Aler, Margaret Ligon, PI'emlw1f.' Frances Bailey, SKLil'L'ft1l"l-,1'f'L'.1,lllliL'I,' Mildred james. THIRD ROXX-'I Evelyn Clifton, 'losephine Fennel, Louise Morrissey, Ethne lflannagan, Alice McElroy, Virginia Parker, Margaret Crabtree, lfrances NXfiley. One' 1I11f1If1'eif.z11if Sjxlgy-!I'vI'ee' MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION. LEFT TO RIGHT: Linwood Brandis, Louis Broughman, Winfred H. Elder, George Euting, james M. Eogg, Henry L. Foster, Dan Fowler, Straughan L. Gettier, TI'6J.l'Zll'6I'.' R. Stuart Grizzard, Nick Habel, Paul Har- rell, Paul Hepler, Overton Herndon, E. Leland Higginbotham, Lawrence Hilgeman, Alton Howell, Charles W. Krause, Serref.11'y.' Clyde B. Lipscomb, Spencer Owen, Robert McNeely, Thomas E. Pugh, William N. Raney, Russell Rea, Wilbur M. Sheaffer, George Stephenson, jr., A. L. St. Clair, Pre.fide1zt.' Warren Taylor, Theodore Turner, Charles Watkins, Harry E. Watkins, Ben H. Weston. Qlra D. Hudgins, Vice-Pmridezzf, no picture availablej The Ministerial Association WE ARE PRo1iD TO SAY on the hundredth anni- versary of Richmond College, that the Ministerial Association has had a great part in molding the institution through the years. The organization has kept faith with the great purpose set forth by its founders: "The increased spirituality of ministerial students, to encourage them to take part in the ex- ercises of the various missions of the city, to en- courage their participation in all proper college One Hm1J1'eJi1mfSi.x'fy-f0111' activities, to assist the president of the college in sending out students to fill vacant pulpits, and to exert a helpful influence on the student body." Every week programs of spiritual songs and mes- sages have been conducted at the Home for lncur- ables. - Each student has the opportunity to take charge ofthe services of the churches in Richmond and vicinity at least one Sunday night during the year. l I INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. KAPPA ALPHA: Henry Black, Mac Evans, KAPPA SIGMA: jack Kervan, William ReMineg PHI GAMMA DELTA: john Abernethy, Enders Dickinsong PHI ALPHA: Dexter Abeloff, Martin Markowitz, SIGMA ALPHA EPsILoN: Hatcher Elliott, C. P. Ford, PHI KAPPA SIGMA: Walter Gillette, Robert Keil, THIETA CHI: john Loche, C. P. Yountsg PI KAPPA ALPHA: William Cash, William Fitzhughg PHI DELTA THETA: Ed Bragg, Harold Owens, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA: john Bareford, William Burgeg SIGMA PHI EPsILoN: William jones, john Watkins. Tnterfraternity Counci THIS YEAR THE WORK of the interfraternity coun- cil has been threefold. Most important, they have worked toward better relations between the eleven fraternities on the campus. Toward this end they sponsored again this year an ulnterfraternity Better Relations Week'i during which time members of the various fraternities visited among themselves. Climaxing the week was a banquet held in the college refectory for fraternity men at which Dr. Theodore Adams, pastor of the First Baptist Church, was the principal speaker. Kappa Alpha Fraternity was awarded a prize for having the largest per cent of its members at the banquet. Secondly, the council worked toward improving this year's Homecoming by offering a prize to the fraternity that put on the best welcome for the alumni. This offer spurred the fraternities on to decorating their homes and rooms in a gala fashion and certainly made this year's homecoming a greater success. The prize, incidentally, was award- ed to the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. Thirdly, the council has endeavored to make the dances this year better than ever before. Such orchestras as Mal Hallett and Russ Morgan played here this year. The council again carried out their subscription plan and it proved very successful. It is much to be regretted that the local musicians' union saw fit to place the University of Richmond on their blacklist because of the fact that some non-union bands had played here this year. How- ever, the student body on the whole feels that the dance committee has done its best. 0116 H!ll1rfl'L'ff Illlai Sixfj'-fizfe . Vif-'A If ini f.- A sw S .H , 1 :21 QQ5 find T' KAPPA ALPHA THis S'l'llDliN'l'S AT WAs111No'1'oN COLLEGE on December 21, 1865 for the most part were war veterans. They were young in years, of course, but seasoned in the acrid smoke of Antietam, the car- nage of Gettysburg, and saddened in the memory of a quiet morning at the Appomattox Court House. General Lee was President of the college which later became Washington and Lee. And- the boys who had followed him in the profession of arms were able to renew their studies under his guiding hand. Among them were the founders of the Kappa Alpha Order. just five years later on March 18, 1870 the old gold and crimson banner of K.A. was raised at Richmond College. It was the first social fraternity on our campus and has a rec- ord of continuous active existence since that date. KAPPA ALPHA. Llirfr TO RIQHT: james Barnett, Henry Black, Robert Black, john A. Byrd, Bernard Cline, George Cox, lfitchett Dix, Malcolm Evans, Charles A. lierneyhough, jr., Clarence Gladding, john Grigg, Richard Grizzard, Alvin Harris, Vernon Langford, William F. Parkerson, jack Rich, George Roberts, Robert L. Stone, Owen Tate, jervas S. Taylor, jr., William Terry, T. Stanford Tutwiler, A. Simpson Williams, jr., T. Nelson Williams, Gordon Willis. One fflllitflfcfv .wif Smfj-1Z.x' During its seventy-five years of growth the Order has expanded from a single chapter to a national organization of sixty-nine chapters. They are all found in the territory below the Mason Dixon Line from the Atlantic Seaboard to the Gulf, ex- tending beyond the Rockies. Of the sixty-nine chap- ters seven are located right here in "0le Virginnyf On our campus, Kappa Alpha is well repre- sented in the Chemistry Club, Glee Club, Y.M.C.A. and on THE WEB staff. The Mefrefzger staff claims Tate, Richmond College Editor, Tutwiler, Business Manager and Simpson Williams, Assistant Busi- ness Manager. Kappa Alpha also had several of its men on the C ol! e gram staff, and quite a representa- tion in Rho Eta Sigma Historical Society. Athletically, Bill Terry won a letter for football. Cox, Taylor, and Barnett were members of the cross-country track team. As track managers, Daniels, Gladding and Bob Black were kept busy. 3 Also, Tutwiler was chairman of the lnterfraternity Dance Committee. Simpson XXfilliams was a mem- ber of the Honor Council while Henry Black was the representative to the Board of Publications, vice-president of the Senior Class and president of Alpha Mu Omicron. Also john A. Byrd was treas- urer of the Freshman Class. Kappa Alpha was ex- tremely active in the Philologian Literary Society, Ministerial Association, Camera Club and Radio Guild. The crowning social event of the year was the Spring Formal held in the Gymnasium. On janu- ary 19, the Chapter celebrated jointly with its alum- ni, at a banquet and dance, the birthday of its spirit- ual leader and founder, Robert E. Lee. The Kappa Alpha social season closed with a house party on the james River. All in all, Kappa Alpha had a very successful season on the campus and is looking forward to many more in the years that lie ahead. One HlllZLfI'L'cf .zml Sf,X'f.j'-J'c'I'c' ' i TFP? .fiv- ,,-G-9254.3 .. ray,-,F Si if . X, r 9 2 2 KYKKXN 3 tl Y PHI KAPPA SIGMA THE PHI KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY originated on the fifteenth of january, 1875. The man respon- under the leadership of Samuel Wylie Mitchell on sible for its organization was Leroy Edwards. Phi October 19, 1850. The Alpha Chapter is located Chapteris charter members consisted of four men. on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. They were Addison Holladay, George Swann, Phi Chapter was installed at Richmond College Thomas Alderson, and Patrick Eager. PHI KAPPA SIGMA. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gordon Andrews, Courtney Cox Bowen, Henry L. Booker, Samuel Britt, Row- land Burns, Allan Davis, Robert Elmore, Robert A. Gary, Ill, Walter Gillette, John C. Horsley, Rupert Hughes, Robert jontz, Robert Keil, Douglas Laird, William Maner, William Metzger, Jr.,'Irvin K. Owen, Richard C. Owen, Dorsey Cole Rawlings, julian D. Sanger, Emmett L. Spence, Walter Story, Walter Scott Townsend, james Turkington, Evan Van Leeuwen, George One Hznzdrer! and Sixty-eight White, Mark Willing, Sam Wills. The local fraternity proudly claims three Past Grand Alphas of the National Fraternity. George P. Bagby, 1915, Thomas B. McAdams, 1927-29, and Patrick M. Estes, 1929-35. The alumni of Phi Chapter are very active in Richmond and watch with interest the progress of the fraternity here. Phi Kappa Sigma is very strong in its representa- tion in activities on the campus. james Turkington was President of his Junior Class. Evan Van Leeu- wen has served as President of the Y.M.C.A. cabi- net and Walter Gillette was Senator at large in Student Government. In athletics, Phi Chapter is represented by the following: Evan Van Leeuwen, Manager of Inter- Collegiate Relations and Intramural Sports, james Turkington, Manager of Football for the 1940 sea- son, Douglas Laird, junior Manager, Gordon An- drews, senior cheerleader, Mark Willirig and Irvin Owen, assistant cheerleaders. Richard Cash, Bob Keil, and Coxie Bowen are on the varsity football team. Cash and Wfalter Storey represented Phi Chapter in Freshman basketball. Evan Van Leeu- wen, james Turkington, and Bob Keil are all mem- bers of the Varsity track team. Keil has served on the Interfraternity Dance Committee and Mark Willing, a Sophomore, was treasurer of his class and Chairman of the Centennial Dance sponsored by the Freshman and Sophomore classes. The Chapter's social program consists of two formal dances each year in addition to smaller in- formal functions. This year's fall formal was one of the outstanding successes of Phi Chapter. One 1Jfflltll'c'i.!r11ltf Sixfy-fxifft QA , film 158135 C lil ni A 1 ' l 1 . R 'Nix i iipa is xv C I - N f? S ll . E 0 5 5.9537 f -1 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPsiLoN Fraternity was founded ei ghty-four years ago at the University of Alabama. Only during the War Between the States has its growth been halted. Since that memorable night of March 9, 1856, 113 chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon have been established in 45 of the states. Vir- ginia Tau Chapter was founded at Richmond Col- lege in 1884. Later it became inactive, but it was re- established in February of 1958. Virginia Tau Chapter has taken her place among the leading fraternities of the campus from the start. SAE has always had a strong position in intra- SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles L. Adams, Vincent R. Adams, Richard Ankers, Walter Bass, Ben- jamin Bowles, Harrol A. Brauer, C. Boyd Chapman, Marvin Cole, Frank M. Conner, Ashley DeShazor, Hatcher S. Elliott, john Fitzgerald, Charles P. Ford, Daniel W. Fowler, Nathaniel Habel, Garland D. Haddock, Russell Herring, Harvey Hobgood, Stuart W. Hoskins, Ira D. Hudgins, Cecil jones, Richard C. Klaifky, Phillip D. Lawrence, Robert E. L. McNeely, Richard Nichols, Robert Phillips, john F. Powers, Harvey B. Price, Charles A. Saunders, William Seifert, Edward Sinar, William Snyder, Allan Wellman, Chauncey G. Welton, Frank Wiatt. One Hnzldrerl rzml Sezwzfgy mural athletics and it ranked third in scholarship last year. This year there are thirty-five active members and four pledges. Among those participating in extracurricular activities are: Walter Bass who is editor of the Messenger, member of the Honor Council, and just recently elected to Phi Beta Kap- pa, Hatcher Elliott and Garland Haddock are members of Alpha Mu Omicron, Phil Lawrence is a member Sigma Pi Sigma, Phil and C. P. Ford are members of the Chemistry Club, Harvey Hob- good is the head cheerleader. In athletics SAE has four captains. Hoskins was captain of basketball and baseball. Ed Sinar is cap- tain of track. Hatcher Elliott captained the cross country team. Both Ed Sinar and jack Powers added a great deal to the Spider line last fall. Gene . 1 Peek, "Fish" Herring, Bob McNeely and Hatcher Elliott added much to the track team. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has three large rooms in C Section of Jeter Hall. The Fraternity gave sev- eral dances during the season. The high light of the year was the Founders' Day Banquet and dance held at the John Marshall Hotel, which was a great success. Last Christmas the Fraternity gave a party for twenty underprivileged children. This included a movie, a dinner and one of the basket- ball gamesg all were given presents. Though SAE is losing many outstanding members this year, we look forward to another splendid rushing season such as we had last fall under the excellent leader- ship of our Eminent Archon Hatcher Elliott. All are certain that the Fraternity's success in the future is secure. J! -2 . 1 . ,- sfwew- 317. 5.-T-I'1,,.,1':'j - f- is .,5:i,J15-az' , - jr ,g .., W- . 'W--im.. A I . .- ., HF? . ' 4 if exe' F , - ,, -W N A 1 - - "av .53-.5... fa . as Ns f .. , -ai L A-x .: 1 ww gm P- La, f' V , XWQWM? ,f fy . n - , vu . f 1--5 iff- - f ia 4' +' 2 '.:- " f ,'-F .sl s ' Mm r u f ,. ff 1 Yf"T-fiiffi. T- WEE? S 9 i . if f"lV"f f A ,I W if li .f N-. fr -F 'ggi if . -f""'l'1i -1 fi . .J - Ss. ya fwgryfv ,. V ri? JL' f w .4 if' iv. I ? ', 5 , V. X A V. , is j "fl 1 me . L I TA -' - . r 'qs' ' , , A W ffl Ai .5 i ,i Y-,R -f M ' - -- ' W TW- ' f- 'i i ii' V . +1-1 . 'A g A . f ,Q . A 'l get ' .. ' 8: ,, X V '- if ' 4 V 4- ,xiilix - X ' 'i 1 - , ' X 'if' ' V' If "'L ' ' ' A A 7 ' 3 M A ' ' J Q 5 5 .die . WHL , w iv A in uw f y, . . 6. " T-' -X 4' i A A' 1 'f ,W rf V my . T-if ' '- av , 1 f T ' 5. , i ,, M' ' T' A - I fr W -g - fi ue. is R- M W ll ' - . H 1 A W-if -i . .iw .rv Q 4 4 2' .io - ' 'L ' " 'fuk gf' g.::.ifg- 'r lv " Aww' , v 'Nw , , rffqz.-"-Hiitifz 3-' ' . f' - . ' ' - ' ,V ' in , . v-W xi..-is w -.flu w N ' 4 . A fi r... . 495 ,f 'sw ty p A .ff X .. F A A 5 Q, M 3, ly. Ni 'H . . , Nh . 1 , , , , wmv-., ,V , A .. A W 4, .Q H X V. " f . T i - . if ...mfg . 1 - f - pgs '-X ' " V- -' ' 'gre " ff - .L 1 . W g ' ' ' v ei, 3?- " ' -iffi-,-..--'Q' gf if- . . . 'TlIF'i,lb'-:W 1 'A fs -' 1 N -fig , ,i 'Pi' - 'T2'i"v T 'x '- , . " '-1 Mi' f ' . f 'G R ' ' . it - ' W , . - fig-if '- A ' .. "ll" 7 Q M 1 . ',rf-1'-il-.F-?53Q,"f'ff,iTf"1'f55 ififvif " ' 42 ' ." U' 43? N " . , S J" ,. QW X .i re-3'e:wifir:...' ,- f f-gaeff' , 3- ma--5. ,:,-VF -f -gt -...if "' Nw xr: ' . , . . ' ' A' ',.-MQW? ' 7' i 5 .X A H , V, A . XA, . , V , ..-.4495-i' ye ...L A mi if ,. .. .Xu One Hundred and S6I'l?lIf'j'-0176 W1 du' w. .Y .Maw A' .' 'Lf , -J' 0 A --4 fy .-3-'it 'r 'v ,reset FWT '-i'T. ff-.2-W ' ff "fi-7""" ' 42. " WF -1 xi, , -.:g',. fa , Kyiv,- EQQL f fa 1- if f- . .I BME 1 94 . rlgtufr X019 r " f 0 OJ. 4: ey lfdukuv 19 PHI GAMMA DELTA 1940 MARKS THE COMPLETION of fifty years of service to the University for Rho Chi chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. The Fijis' Golden Anniversary was marked by a two-day celebration begun with a commerative convocation in Cannon Memorial Chapel, and climaxed with the annual Norris Pig Dinner at which Dr. Douglas Freeman, distin- guished Fiji alumnus, presided. . With Seabury Stoneburner, vice-president of Omicron Delta Kappa and member of Phi Beta Kappa, as President, the Phi Gams got off to a flying start by putting the White Star on eleven pledges. Having eight brothers on the Red and Blue gridiron, the chapter followed the Spider football fortunes, religiously, but they managed to keep PHI GAMMA DELTA. LEFT TO RIGHT: john Abernethy, Edward Adams, Alvin Beale, Mallory Binns, Daniel Brock, Henry Bullock, Vincent Collins, Gene Cornwell, john Decker, Enders Dickinson, Robert Durrett, William Farley, Fred Frohbose, Aylett Goode, john Gordon, Tom Greene, Waverly Green, Owen Gwathmey, Gibson Hooten, Dick Humbert, Luther jenkins, Bibbs Johnston, Arthur jones, john jordan, Walter Kessler, Dick Kraft, Phil Mason, Edmond Massie, Harold McVay, Steve Mitchell, Pete Morton, Woody Paris, Leslie Phillips, Mac Pitt, George Pollard, William Robinson, George Sadler, Dave Satterheld, George Shackleford, Seabury Stoneburner, Porter Vaughan, Al Waddington, George Waite. One H11m1'1'eJ ,11m'Se1'e11ly-lzvo enough men at home to finish third in the intra- mural football race. Rho Chi's contribution to the Richmond team were Enders Dickinson, outstand- ing guard, Harold McVay, star tackle and captain- elect for 1940, Dick Humbert, "Ripper" Collins, and Fred Frohbose, ends, Arthur jones, flashy tail- back, and Billy Robinson and George Shackelford, dependable reserves. Keeping the campus informed of the exploits of these and other Fijis, were john jordan, ODK, PDE, and PBK, editor-in-chief of the Collegifzzz, and Al Waddington, sports editor of the same organ, as well as other lesser members of the staff. Other Fiji members of Pi Delta Epsilon, were Luther jenkins and Al Waddington. Outstanding social event of the fall for the Phi Gam.s was the Fancy Dress Ball, which was moved from the spring season to avoid conflict with the anniversary celebration. Numerous house dances and cabin parties filled in the vacant week-ends between other dances on the campus to give the chapter a busy fall. With winter came basketball. Phi Gams once more rallied around and turned out in full force. Four were finally chosen to continue on the squad. They were Stoneburner, Humbert, jones and Mac Pitt, jr. At the close of the season Humbert was elected to lead the hardwood squad in next year's battles. Luther jenkins was the varsity manager and Eddie 'Adams was appointed to look after the af- fairs of the freshman basketball players this year. The members continued their good class work which won second place in the scholastic list last year, and at the end of the first semester a count showed that sixteen men made the Dean's List, four with straight A's, and four of the members captured Intermediate Honors. Winter intramurals again found the Phi Gams among the leaders. A first place in volleyball and third in basketball gave the Fi jis a good shot at the major trophy for excellence in all sports, which has resided in the house for the last five years. A full spring social program was high lighted by the Spring Formal in Millhiser Gym, which was a part of the Golden Anniversary commemoration. Porter Vaughan, star southpar and major league prospect, was the leading hurler for Coach Pitt's Spider nine. Two Phi Gams, the Green brothers, Waverly and Tom, were on the managing staff. Captain john Abernethy toured the country side with his tennis team which had four other Fijis as regulars and three reserves who are Phi Gams. In the spring elections, the Cooperative Party put Leslie Phillips in as representative to the Board of Publications Mac Pitt in as a student senator. For this excellence in all fields the national fra- ternity in 1940 awarded Rho Chi chapter the Newton D. Baker Cup, coveted prize for the chap- ter giving the greatest service to the University or college at which it is located. Aw Sw' Ut? 3.9- 0110 Hffmlrwf 111111SL'I'tU1f'j'-ff7l'U6' Q55 1f-f rv ff? ETX QI-5 ff PP Kd 4 " :vii PI KAPPA ALPHA THE cLosE coMPAN1oNsH1P of six Confederate soldiers who wanted to be bound together in a secret brotherhood organization, in order to per- petuate their friendship, is the story of the found- ing of Pi Kappa Alpha. The fraternity was found- ed at the University of Virginia, March 1, 1868. These six students were from the highest type of southern families and were keen believers in warm friendship and high ideals. Omicron Chapter was first chartered at Richmond College on Qctober 25, 1891. However, several of the charter members did not return to college, and, consequently, it was withdrawn. The Chapter was reorganized in 1901. There are several outstanding events that form a full social program for Pi Kappa Alpha. First event of the season was the State Ball, which was PI KAPPA ALPHA. LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly Ballard, james H. Barnes, Ed Brooks, Melvin Burnette, William Cash, Wade Coates, Robert Erickson, Carlos de los Espriella, William Fitzhugh, Earl Fox, Mario Gamboa, Austin Grigg, Robert Ham, Ray Henderson, William Hughes, Clyde Lipscomb, Adrian Lyons, jesse Markham, E. Merrick, Linwood Peters, William Waymack. Ozzy Ilnmlmf ,zmf Sezwzfy-fofrf' held in one of Richmond's leading hotels Thanks- giving week-end. All state chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha are co-sponsors of this ball, which was con- sidered by many as the best affair of the year. Other outstanding social affairs were our Founders, Day celebration on March 1, and the Pikas' house party at the end of school session. Pi Kappa Alpha men hold many prominent positions in campus life. William Eitzhugh served as senator from the junior class and was elected this spring to serve as Athletic Representative. Ed Merrick held the position as Athletic Representa- tive this year. Austin Grigg, William Cash and Clyde Lipscomb are members of Alpha Mu Omi- cron. Earl Fox is a member of Rho Eta Sigma and Beta Beta Beta. Mario Gamboa is in the Chemistry Club. Austin Grigg is president of the Psychology Club and Clyde Lipscomb is president of Alpha Delta. Besides this many members are connected with the school publications, literary societies, ln- terfraternity Council, Harlequin Club, and dance committees. In athletics, Ed Merrick has made the football team at the university famous. He captained the team through one of its most successful seasons and he himself won much recognition throughout the country. He was elected to All-State and All- Southern Conference center. Bill Eitzhugh and joe Mack were also stars on the football field along with Alex Moore. In basketball jimmy Ely was a regular and starred throughout the season. Eitzhugh, Fox, and Wagner were trackmen, Bill a weight man, and Wagner and Fox were run- ners. One I-I1f1m'a'w1' ami' Sezwlfy-Afiz'e 45 I t ci-sz Q--f - - .. ..,,. U ' ' 1 ex' ll "ili'.!i,igi:'la:ir!Ill"EiS iii N. r!l'iiLfIQl-"' QQ: r llll1""g-SQ? I fq'.l1f"i il' RX 4 Y ""'i!l1iQ!'gjlg :-i""' ., . 4. E. K , Ay., KAPPA SIGMA THE KAPPA SIGMA Fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia by five men: William Grigsby McCormick, Frank Courtney Nicodemus, Edmund Law Rogers, George Miles Arnold, and john Covert Boyd. The first meeting of the fra- ternity was held in McCormick's room, 46 East Lawn, on December 10, 1869. McCormick is the only one of the five founders living today. The fra- ternity has grown to a national fraternity consisting of 110 chapters. The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the University of Richmond was organized on March KAPPA SIGMA, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edgar Arendall, W. james Baggs, Frank Britton, john Crews, William C. Cunningham, Basil Hayley, Colin Hayley, Derek Hayley, Thomas Herbert, Mac Hough, R. Frank Hough, jack Kervan, Hugh Keyser, Sydney Knipe, Thomas Lewis, james McDonald, Bert Milling, Clinton Moore, John C. Moore, Warren Pace, Grayson Pierce, Gordon ReMine, James ReMine, William ReMine, Stanton Richards, Robert Shifliett, Harry Snead, Robert Stanley, Carlson Thomas, Abner N. Thompson, William Topham, Bruce Van Buskirk, Albert F. Weaver, joseph Wiggins. One lrlfrfiflwif nm! Scfzvfzfy-iix 5, 1809. It is one of the leading fraternities on the campus. Beta Beta has taken a great interest in the intramural athletics on the campus and its social functions are of the best. The annual Spring Formal held at the Country Club of Virginia was one of the most entertaining dances of the year. Beta Beta is well represented in the different ac- tivities on the campus. William ReMine served as President of the Student Government for 1959-40. Carlson Thomas, who did a fine job with the lead- ing role in "Winterset,', served as President of the University Players for 1959--40 and is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa Honorary Fraternity. jimmy Baggs, who is a member of Pi Delta Epsilon Honorary Fraternity, has served as Business Man- ager of the Richmond Collegian for 1939-40. Al- bert Weaver, who graduates this year, is Senior Editor of the Richmond Collegian and Editor-in- Chief of the Richmond College Hmzcllaook. Ed Arendall, President of the Philologian Literary Society for 1959--10, was tapped for three honorary fraternities, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsi- lon, and Tau Kappa Alpha. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Richmond Colleglfzfz for the year 1940-41. Bert Milling, a Sophomore, is Vice-President of his class. Gordon ReMine also a Sophomore, is one of the Senators of the Student Government for the coming year. As for athletics, Bruce Van Bus- kirk, Bert Milling, Syd Knipe, Gordon ReMine, Warren Pace and Basil Hayley are our contribution to football. Bill ReMine is a track star and Van Buskirk, Knipe, and Milling are our contributions to the crew. Stan Richards is the Sophomore Man- ager of the basketball team and Derek Hayley is the Sophomore Manager of the baseball team. Kappa Sigma looks forward to many more years on Richmond College campus just as successful as this one has been. -. ff One Hfffiilwil .xml Sbzwzfy ,a YZ SIGMA PHI EPSILGN THE SIGMA PHI EPSILON Fraternity was found- be more easily carried on. Later in the year the ed at Richmond College, then located on the old group petitioned the faculty for permission to be- campus at Lombardy and Grace Streets in the city, come a fraternity. November of the same year saw in the year 1901. lt had its beginning as a Saturday the organization of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fra- Night Club, organized by six of the College stu- ternity, while the following year saw the granting dents in order that their ideals and purposes might of a Charter by the State of Virginia, a f1rm foun- SIGMA PHI EPSILON. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Benton, William Bristow, Thomas Bruno, Willard Burton, james Cox, Charles Davis, Eugene Dennis, Edward Field, jerry Field, Walter Gambill, Edgar Garber, Michael Harman, Ralph Kinsey, William jones, William Kayhoe, Reuben Long, Virgil Lumsden, Kenneth Miller, William Morrissette, Morton Nicholson, Allan Phaup, Robert Piper, Marion Rice, William Roper, Paul Saunier, john Schools, Robert Sease, M. Winfred Scott, Robert Talley, Earl Tyler, Charles P. Valentine, john Watkins, Calvin Wilson. One Hnlftlrttl Izmf 5'e1'w1f'3'-aigfvt dation upon which to build and expand as seen by its present nation-wide organization. Thus, Virginia Alpha Chapter on the campus of the University of Richmond, is known as the "mother" chapter of the fraternity, and as such, is a contemporary of Richmond College, for it has grown and developed along with it. Sigma Phi Epsilon is a prominent fraternity on the campus, and Virginia Alpha is, indeed, one of the strongest chapters of the fraternity. Every year it has been among the leaders in its pledge groups. The chapter, as always, has been active in its social life. Its cabin parties have gained a distinc- tion for their ingenious forms of amusements. It also initiated the practice of holding the annual Spring Formal dance open to the whole campus. Virginia Alpha is well represented in the cam- pus life of the college. Ed Garber is the newly elected President of Student Government for 1940-41 after having served as Vice-President of the junior Class. Paul Saunier, who is graduating this year, is one of the most outstanding men on the campus. He is President of Omicron Delta Kappa and of Pi Delta Epsilon, the national journalistic fraternity. He is identified with the Meffefzger, associate editor of the Richmond Collegian, and Secretary of Student Government. In addition he has taken an active, if not leading, part in many other campus activities. Allan Phaup is President of Rho Eta Sigma, Honorary History Society and Thomas Bruno of the S. C. Mitchell Literary So- ciety. Robert Talley is Treasurer of the Senior Class and Herbert Davis, President of the Freshman Class. Sigma Phi Epsilon, despite its comparative youth as a fraternity, has played an important part in the life of Richmond College, and hopes to continue to do so in the future. One Hfnnlred .zmf S?I'6'llf,j'-Iliff? . si' I- ox xx Mi' it i ffs E X JZ X THETA CHI THE OMICRON CHAPTER of Theta Chi Fraternity on April 10, 1915, and since that time has continued observed the twenty-fifth year of its existence on to occupy a prominent position in college activi- the Richmond College campus this year with a cele- ties. bration unequaled in the life of the chapter. The Silver jubilee celebration marks a big mile- Originally Zeta Xi, a local organization, the fra- stone in the history of the chapter. Attending the ternity was inducted into the national brotherhood two-day observance, in addition to the local alumni THETA CHI. LEFT TO RIGHT: Shelton T. Belsches, Lucien W. Bingham, jr., William H. Bingham, joseph F. Black, jr., Carl R. Bogese, William H. Brauer, William F. Davis, William Etheridge, julian S. Pant, Roy B. Fox, jr., Guy Friddell, William A. Grant, jr., Edward H. Grove, Gordon C. Haines, William W. Hermann, Don T. Higginbotham, Marshall P. Kean, john H. Locke, jack R. Noffsinger, D. Norfleet, Horace E. Perkins, Marshall Phillips, William M. Smith, Harding L. Thomas, Robert P. Van Buren, joseph B. Thomas, T. Emmett Warriner, Thomas W. White, Carlton A. Whit- latch, Charleton P. Younts, jr. One Hfrmfrerf .zmf lfigfafj' and active members of the fraternity, were out-of- state notables and officers of Theta Chi. President F. W. Boatwright and Dr. Samuel Chiles Mitchell were speakers at the banquet which preceded the dance in the ballroom of the john Marshall Hotel. Theta Chi's membership takes an outstanding part in extracurricula activities on the college cam- pus. One of the sophomores, T. E. Warriner, jr., is News Editor of the Richmond C olle gimz, a mem- ber of the Debate Team, treasurer of the Philo- logian Literary Society, and has taken part in two play productions this year. William A. Grant, jr., was elected last March to the 1940-41 Student Gov- ernment Senate, is Assistant Editor of the WEB, serves on the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, and played on his freshman baseball squad. Another member of the junior class, john H. Locke, is Decorations Chair- man for the lnterfraternity Dances, was captain of the touch-ball team that captured the trophy for us last fall, and has won his numerals in basketball and baseball. Particularly noteworthy among the outgoing seniors is jack R. Noffsinger, who has served for two years as Chairman of the Richmond .vi V' f tiff' . 'Q ' 1 ' . College Planning Commission. He held the Presi- dency of the Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society during his junior year and was also the representative to the Forensic Council from that organization. In ad- dition to his work with the Radio Guild, he holds membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, and Phi Beta Kappa. Carlton A. Whitlatch, another senior, has been President of the University Players, secretary of his junior class, Director of the Prom figure, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. C. P. Younts, outgoing President of Omi- cron, is a past President of the Harlequin Club, and has taken an important part in interfraternity sports. The Theta Chi Mothers, Club holds a unique position in the hearts of the members, and the group has been very helpful in aiding the fraternity in social functions, assisting in house decoration, and in giving the house the added touch that makes it home to Omicron's members. The fraternity has seen twenty-five years of achievement. Now Theta Chi looks ahead to another quarter century of growth. C2110 Ilnmfreif .mtl Iiigfvly-wie 'R Ea xlff ' u. 5 + . - f uuszw, . . -'-"- X 'l 5:4152 L!!! ' ' ,ZA Jil in .Hx J 1' X 1"-' 1 KM. 11" .A-. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ALTHOUGH LAMBDA CHI ALPHA is one of the youngest fraternities, not being founded until 1909 when many other fraternities were well expanded, it is now the fourth largest national fraternity, having one hundred and eight active chapters lo- cated at the leading universities and colleges in the country. The year 1959 was a red letter year for Lambda Chi Alpha for it saw the merging of the fraternity with the Theta Kappa Nu Brotherhood, an affiliation that greatly enhanced its strength. Alpha Chi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha was installed on the University of Richmond campus May 8, 1918 and since that day has entered whole-heart- edly into every phase of campus life. in-5 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. LEFT TO RIGHT: john Armhein, joseph Armhein, Frank Baker, john M. Bareford, William Bare- ford, Arthur Beck, William Burge, Frank S. Covey, Henry A. Dalton, Robert Filer, Harold Gayne, D. Griffin, Emmett Hubbard, Bruce Kellison, Robert Krug, W. K. Kyle, W. E. Miller, Al Philpott, james Pugh, Harry Watkins. One Hnmlrmf .zml liigbfy-Izzfff And this year the fraternity was very active in campus life. Bill Burge was a senator-at-large and Frank Baker was senator from the sophomore class. Arthur Beck was business manager of the Spider Handbook and was tapped into Pi Delta Epsilon honorary journalistic fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha is well represented in the literary societies, the pub- lications, the Harlequin Club, and the Interfra- ternity Council, and has four men on the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. The chapter contributed much to the ath- letic teams of the university this year. Bill Burge, end on the varsity football team, was elected to the All-State team and also elected to the All-Southern Conference second team. Besides football Burge also starred in basketball, where he played center, and baseball where he played first base. Frank Baker and joe Amrhein both sophomores made their letters in football, John Griffin was a member of the track team. The chapter was well represented on the freshman squads and teams were entered in all intramural sports. This year Lambda Chi Alpha has been under the leadership of john Muse Bareford. Under his guiding hand the chapter had the honor of install- ing the new chapter at Randolph-Macon. Lambda Chi has an active Mothers' Club and Alumni Organization that work hand in hand with the chapter and help in any way that is possible to build the chapter's quality. Mr. Claude Kidd, Presi- dent of the Richmond Alumni Chapter was the founder of the University of Richmond Quarter- back Club. Highlights on the social calendar for the past year were the Spring Formal held at the Hermitage Country Club, the annual week-end house party, the banquet given annually at the Commonwealth Club at the end of each pledging season, and num- erous minor functions. Lambda Chi Alpha has a set of rooms in Thomas Hall from where all of its many activities are carried on. Sam Moody has been elected by the chapter to take over where john Bareford left off in leading the chapter. The fraternity is looking for- ward to a great year next year. wi!-'V ul 4' One HIl1Icfl'C'Lf.IlILf Eiglvfli'-llvfee 43 ' s tag ..j',hv: .5533 - -K f 74. PHI DELTA THETA PHI DELTA THETA, ranking among the leaders of college fraternities in size and age, had its birth on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Six students who had become very good friends banded together at the suggestion of Robert Morrison, a senior, on the night of December 26, 1848, and from that meeting emerged a new col- lege brotherhood. Founded on the principlessof a cultivation of friendships among its members, the attainment of a higher degree of mental culture, and the seeking Personally of a high standard of morality, Phi Delta Theta has grown in ninety- two years to a brotherhood of over fifty thousand mem.bers. Today, its one hundred and seven active chapters are distributed throughout the United States and the six dominions of Canada. For many PHI DELTA THETA. LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Adams, Steve Blount, Ed Bragg, Ned Butcher, john Dixon, Fletcher Elmore, Linwood Irwin, Floyd Jarvis, Tommy jordan, Clarence Major, Marlin Nolan, Croset LaParade, Harold Owens, Ed Pauli, Wilbur Skinner, Charles Watkins, John B. Watkins, Charles Woodard. One Hffznhed um! Ijiglvfy-fwfr years the fraternity has been nationally famous as one of the "Miami Triad,'l composed of Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Chi, and Phi Delta Theta, all of which have been on the University of Richmond campus in former years. Phi Delta Theta first came to our campus in 1875 when the national fraternity chartered Virginia Delta Chapter. However, after twenty years of fraternal leadership, the chapter became dormant in 1895. In the fall of 1938, the petition of Phi Delta Omega, a well-established local fraternity of good standing at the University of Richmond, was accepted at the national convention of Phi Delta Theta. After forty-four years of dormancy Virginia Delta was to be restored. The installation of the chapter in February, 1939 was a memorable event in campus fraternity life, for it marked the passing of the last local and the entrance of a strong national to the Grecian circle at Richmond. The active chapter is now little over a year old. Among the leaders in the campus activities is Eddie Bragg, vice-president of the Student Gov- ernment for 1939-40. Bragg is one of the few three letter men on the campus. He was one of the main cogs in the wheel that rolled Coach Thistleth- waitels Spider Eleven through such a successful season last fall, and as a forward on Coach Pitt's Varsity Five, Eddie's twenty goals helped us over many a crucial moment. On the track team, Bragg throws the javelin with record-breaking skill. Ned Butcher, of no-hit, no-run fame from last year's game with Yale is the only Phi Delt on the Spider nine this year. Ned made his letter at foot- ball, too. Phi Delta Theta is represented in almost every college activity and organization, the Glee Club, the publication staffs, the literary societies, etc. Not having more than three graduating members this year Phi Delt looks forward to a bigger future with the campus activities. The outstanding social event of our fraternal year was the annual Thanksgiving Formal in the gym the night before the big game with William and Mary. A number of private dances and week- end parties filled the Phi Delt social calendar throughout the year ending with the house party in june. The Phi Delts look forward with eagerness to many years of fellowship and service to this insti- tution and the organizations within its gates. r z'S, Up ,HUF 6:1394 stills One Hmzdred ima' Eighty-ji1'e R X KX livin' K 73, I AAN PHI ALPHA NEVER BEFORE since its installation on the Richmond College campus on February 6, 1925 has Rho Chapter achieved the standing and prestige it now boasts. Phi Alpha points with pride to its social standing, scholastic attainments and to its share as an integral part in the function of the uni- versity system. From a body of 8 men 15 years ago, Phi Alpha can now show an increase to 28 members. Through these 15 years, Phi Alpha has been a leader in the scholastic ratings on the campus. Six times the Interfraternity Council Scholarship Cup, that is awarded annually, has made its way to the Phi Alpha room. Gne cup has been awarded to the PHI ALPHA. 1-121f'r TO RIQHT: Alfred Aarons, Dexter Abeloli, Norman Brown, Gershan Ediss, David Grandis, Jerry Gross, Alexander Vlacobs, David Kafka, Edward Klein, Lester Lavyne, Irwin Lovenstein, Martin Markowitz, Joe Michelson, George Rochkind, Herman Rockotf, Saul Salisbury, Daniel Sasmor, Martin Sheintoch, Gilbert Siegal, Phil Spahn, Ephraim Stein- burg, Henry Steiner, Arnold Watts, Stanley Watts. One lelxfmlreif tim! Iiilglvlvii-,i'ix chapter for permanent keeping, and with the high- est average attained for the year 1958-1959, the name Phi Alpha has been engraved for the 'third time on the present cup. Phi Alpha is doing its share in partaking in social activities at the college. Her greatest advance was the Rho-Tau dance, held on February 23, the affair was very successful with a great number of our student body helping us celebrate on this an- nual state-wide function. "Win or lose,', Rho chapter's intramural ath- letics team is always out fighting and ready to give a good account of itself against all competition. Although small in number, the men of Phi Alpha have distinguished themselves in honors, extra- curricula activities and leadership. She is proud of her seniors, three of whom were honored with Phi Beta Kappa. Dexter Abeloff besides being one of the "Phi Betasf' has held a class oflice, has been a member of the Forensic Council and Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, president of the S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, an officer of the Chemistry Club, and managing editor of the Collegian sports staff. George Rochkind, another "Phi Beta," is a mem- ber of Alpha Mu Gmicron and secretary of S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. Gilbert Siegal, the third "Phi Beta," is a mem- ber of Alpha Mu Omicron, Tau Kappa Alpha, Forensic Council, vice-president of the Philologian Literary Society and manager of the Debate Team. Phi Alpha is also proud of its remaining seniors, Aarons and Salisbury, Dean's List men, and Watts. For the future, Phi Alpha looks to Martin Mark- owitz, Herman Rockoff and Norman Brown as its campus leaders. All are Dean's List men, with Phi Beta Kappa prospects in view. Markowitz holds the oflice of secretary of the Student Government, a position no one else in the fraternity has ever ob- tained. Rockoff and Markowitz are members of Beta Beta Beta, have both received chemistry honors, and are both past secretaries of the Philo- logian Literary Society. Brown is assistant business manager of the WEB, and is very active in class activities. Dave Grandis is a member of the Chem- istry Club. Phi Alpha has many pledges affiliated with the organization among whom are Bey Jacobs, Fresh- man football, and basketball teams, Dan Sasmoi, Freshman football, and Stan Watts, WEB staff and Freshman basketball. At its national convention on january 1, 19-10, the local chapter received the national scholarship plaque and Dexter Abeloff was awarded the dis- tinguished undergraduate award for the year. ? ' One Ilffmlml .zmf Ifiglvfy-rezfell ALPHA DELTA. LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Ray Baker, Wr1lter Bass, Linwood Brandis, Arthur Brown, Billy D. Connor, james Fogg, Daniel W. Fowler, Straughan Gettier, Richard S. Grizzard, Paul Harrell, Thomas Herndon, Leland Higginbotham, Ira Hudgins, Clyde Lipscomb, Robert McNeely, Richard Marable, Thomas Pugh, George Stephenson, joseph Sullivan. Alpha Delta RECOGNIZING THE NEED of a professional fra- ternity on the Richmond College campus for min- isterial students, a few of their number founded Alpha Delta fraternity to meet that need. This completes the seventeenth year of its existence, having been founded in 1925. Since that time the membership has been comprised of active and interested men of the cloth. Under the leadership of Clyde Lipscomb, the One Hffffrlawf limi Ejlqlvfgy-rfjlgfvf 1 fraternity approaches the end of 1940 and looks back upon a very successful year. The climactic social event of this session was the annual banquet given at Ewartls Cafeteria to which all of the alumni were invited. This was followed by a party at the home of a member, Linwood Brandis. The officers for the past year were: Clyde Lip- scomb, President, George Stephenson, Secretary, and Thomas Pugh, Treasurer. Among the more distinguished alumni members of Alpha Delta are Dr. Solon B. Cousins, Professor of Bible at our university, and Dr. Harlan, Professor of Sociology. 'if 'E' S2 fha PI DELTA EPSILON. LEFT TO RIGHT: Edgar Arendall, W. james Baggs, Walter Bass, Arthur Beck, Mildred C. Burnette, Kathleen Crawford, Jeannette Evans, Luther jenkins, Elizabeth johnson, john E. jordan, Marie Keyser, William Maner, Edmond Massie, Virginia McLarin, Robert C. Moore, Paul Saunier, Al Waddington, jr., Albert Weaver. Pi Delta Epsilon Honorary fournczffrstfc Frczferzfzify IT IS PARTICULARLY fitting that in the hundredth year of the mother institution of the University of Richmond the local chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary collegiate journalism fraternity, was host to the national convention of that organization. On November 17-18, 1959, some fifty delegates from colleges and universities as far away as Minnesota congregated on our campus to conduct their na- tional convention. The success of that two-day meeting was the year's outstanding achievement for the host chapter, which operated under the leadership of President Paul Saunier, Vice-Presi- dent Marie Keyser, and Secretary-Treasurer Pro- fessor E. C. Peple. One H11m1'1'eJ.111r1' Eigfvfy-Him OMICRON DELTA KAPPA. LEFT TO RIGHT: Edgar Arendall, Royall Brandis, E. Parker Brown, Louis R. Farber, Edgar Garber, Walter Gillette, John E. jordan, Robert Keil, Eugene McCaul, William Maner, Edmond Massie, Jack R. Noffsinger, William ReMine, Paul Saunier, Preridellif Seabury Stoneburner, Vice-Pre.s'ide1zf,' James Turkington, Carlson Thomas, Carleton Whitlatch. Cmioron Delta Kappa Honorary Leacfersfzip Fraternity 0M1cRoN DELTA KAPPA is a national honorary leadership society for men. Founded at Washing- ton and Lee University in 1914, ODK has experi- enced a rapid growth in size and influence. It is now a member of the select Association of College Honor Societies and has active circles in forty-four American colleges and universities. Epsilon Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa was chartered at the University of Richmond in 1921. The purposes of Omicron Delta Kappa are three- fold: first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous at- tainments along similar lines, second, to bring to- gether the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the insti- tution on questions of local and intercollegiate in- Ozfe Hmzdred and Nim-fy terestg third, to bring together mem.bers of the fac- ulty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. ODK has been extremely active this year in serving the students of the University. This society sponsored the great Campus Carnival for the bene- fit of the Student Center fund, backed the C-aver- age amendment passed by Student Government, set up committees for the entertainment of visiting teams, and studied and reported on various student problems. It is through GDK, the one organiza- tion where faculty and students meet on an equal basis to discuss campus affairs, that most adminis- tration-student problems are solved. Law School members are: W. R. Blandford, E. P. Brown, W. S. Goode, W. Gordon, jr., C. L. Harrell, Jr., H. D. jones, L. L. jones, E. W. McCaul, W. Pearsall. Mortar Boar MORTAR BOARD, national honorary society for senior women, was founded at Syracuse University in 1918. Pi Alpha, a senior honorary society at Westhampton, founded in 1921, was granted a charter on june 26, 1950. Miss Isabel Harris was chosen sponsor of the group. There are at present sixty-nine chapters of Mortar Board at colleges and universities throughout the country. New members are elected to Mortar Board in the spring of their junior year. The qualities upon which their election is based are leadership, schol- arship, and service. The aims of Mortar Board are to work con- structively for the betterment of the college com- munity, to foster school spirit and a feeling of co- operation between the students afld the faculty, and to hold high the ideals for which the organiza- tion stands. The theme of Mortar Board for this year has been to emphasize college spirit, with spe- cial emphasis upon better feeling of llierrwzal re- Jlbolzyibilily. MORTAR BOARD. LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATIZD: Mary Sue Carter, Mildred james, Marie Keyser. STANDING: Alice McElroy, Mabel Leigh Roolqe, Dell Williiiiiis. Om' Hfffzrlnnf rim! fyfllcffj'-Killa Six. TAU KAPPA ALPHA. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP Row: Edgar Aren- dall, Royall Brandis, Robert Cotten, Ethne Flannagan. CENTER ROW: Straughan Lowe Gettier, john jordan, Marie Keyser. BOTTOM ROW: Judith Lucas, Jack Noffsinger, Paul Saunier, Gilbert Siegal. dll Kappa Honorary Forensic Fraternity TAU KAPPA ALPHA, honorary forensic frater- nity, was organized by eleven representatives from Indiana colleges and universities in the office of the lieutenant governor of Indiana on May 13, 1908. It was introduced to the Richmond College campus in 1917, and in 1931 a Westhampton College chap- ter was formed. It is the oldest honorary fraternity on our campus. The fraternity recognizes forensic attainments meriting honor, seeking to inspire in its members a higher cultivation of the art of public speaking and to instill in them the desire to use their talents One Hmldred and Ninety-lim towards worthy ends. To be eligible for member- ship, a student must have participated in at least two intercollegiate debates, and proven himself able in other literary activities, either in the literary societies or on the publications. As a result of an extensive debate schedule, three men were tapped into the Richmond College chap- ter of Tau Kappa Alpha in a formal tapping cere- mony in the Cannon Memorial Chapel. This tap- ping ceremony was unique in that the Westhamp- ton chapter participated with the Richmond Col- lege chapter tapping four women. W Alpha Mu micron ON JANUARY 10, 1935, Alpha Mu Omicron was founded at Richmond College by a group of men majoring in the Social Sciences. A.M.O. was founded for the purpose of creating a greater in- terest in the Social Sciences among the student body. In stressing this purpose, the society en- courages outside work, that is, various members at each meeting will report on topics in which they are interested and on which they have spent a great deal of time in research. At these meetings which are held every other Monday, pertinent subjects are discussed. The So- ciety each year sponsors at least one prominent speaker to deliver an address to the student body. Col. Leroy Hodges, State Comptroller, and former president of the State Chamber of Com- merce, was the speaker sponsored by the group. ALPHA MU OMICRON. LEFT TO RIGHT: Arthur C. Beck, Henry W. Black, Pz'e.iside1zf.' H. Armistead Blackley, Royall Brandis, S6L'l'6fc1l'y-Tl'EaI.flll'6l'.'WilllL1lU Cash, Vive-Pi'e.i'iJa1ffJ Hatcher Elliott, Austin E. Cfrigg, Garland Haddock, Hutson Hill, james F. Hart, Luther jenkins, john jones, Clyde Lipscomb, Gus D. Mandaleris, jack R. Notfsinger, Randolph H. Parrish, Dorsey C. Rawlings, George Rochkind, Gilbert Siegel, Edward Snowa, Carleton Whitlzitcli. One Hzfmfred .md Nizlefvi'-flwee HARLEQUIN CLUB. LEFT TO RIGHT: john Abernethy, Gordon Andrews, james Baggs, Arthur Beck, Henry Black, joseph Black, Edward Bragg, Thomas Bruno, William Burge, William Cash, Enders- Dickinson, Hatcher Elliott, Malcolm Evans, William Fitzhugh, Charles Ford, Earl Fox, Harvey Hobgood, Douglas Laird, John Locke, Sam Moody, Harold Owens, William ReMine, William Robinson, Carlson Thomas, Stanford Tutwiler, Wayne Tyler, Evan Van Leeuwen, John Watkins, and Charleton Younts. Harlequin Club THE PRIMARY PURPOSE of this organization com- posed of three men from ten of the social fraterni- ties on the campus is the stimulation of better re- lations between Westhampton and Richmond Col- leges. This purpose is carried out through the medium of social affairs given on several occasions throughout the school year. In the fall a dance was given at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house and this first function of the year started the club's social activities in fine fashion with the largest crowd ever to attend a Harlequin Club function. The spring dance was held in the Theta Chi house in honor of the new officers and was the final social event of this yearls calendar. One Ifllllclflfcf and Nilzefy-four f In a different mode from the usual club affair a picnic was also held at one of Richmondls popular parks after which the members and their dates enjoyed dancing to music furnished by "Nicky and his Lodiansf' Like last year a bridge tournament was sponsored by the club and eighteen teams entered. Held in April this year in the Y.M.C.A. building the com- petition was stiff due to the exceptional brand of bridge exhibited by the players. Bill Heflin and Dortch Oldham of Theta Chi fraternity defeated Dick Cash and Mark Willing of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity to win the Harlequin Club trophy. The officers for the past year were: C. P. Younts, President, john Watkins, Vice-President, Stan Tutwiler, Secretary, and Thomas jordan, Treas- urer. 4' A hz Q ww. 'WV 0.-Q ., , Q' 'ff ' K me .Ng , W ---- A N Q 12213 x f'i, f 2 O .,,A,,- 3 fm 'Q m .'Q!"9f ,Q 1, 9 Q wir. afsgfi Y k Ax F 5- ,ff I: 44.'Ixiu"' xx Zygf. llff. .V r kkrxfw' ' I fl, 1 ' .1 X - ff,-P,,yQ'Q2:,1. 1 -'r Q ' 3 A wif-, : A35 Q as - W 'io 155' ' ' ',Li, .- , , Y. A . , Ja. xf V JF FEATURE IQ-40 a' , .J eb . 1 0 " 5 1-2 Q , U' 0 F' u F 1 9 ' 0 5 1 0 as 4 O Q -i RN 9 U in , , 'P gl Q 9 Q M- - O Q A U Q f s ' fb ' Q f' fr + - fi' Sam Elizabeth Farber RjL'Z7lll0l1lf . Lfjfgjlljzl WEB EDITORIAL STAFF NS Daroihy Lofz fwoffey Riebmomi, Virginia Marie Efrelle Keyyer RjCl7llZ0l26f, Virgizzilz COLLEGIAN WEB BUSINESS STAFF Efmmz Ziegler RfCbl110lI0, . Virgjlzifz LAW SCHOOL WEB EDITORIAL STAFF One H1z11df'eJ,1mf Nizzely-jire Beffy fave KEIIIZELIKDJ' Nnrfofk. Vizgjlzicz RICHMOND COLLIQOIQ STIIDISNT GOVIQRNMRNT f 61111 Lozzife N6cI.Yl1ljfb Riflwzozzcf. Virgiizhz RICHMOND COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS Mary L01'7'lljlZ6 Arnold Cfef11'j'Ielzf, Pefz1z,Iylz',11zi41 RICHMOND COLLECI2 HONOR COUNCIL One HllllLfl'C'Lj L111JlNVi11ely-,Iix 1 I 5 I F 2 4 , !W111'i01z Wfifey Cruzer, Vizgilzifz OMICRON DIQLTA KAPPA Mm. H. E. Hoykixzf I51'ecfe1'ivk,sTf9z11'g. Virgifzju BASK IYTBALI. AND BASEBALL 41 MH. C. H. Ivffcrlllf RjL'Z7l1l0ll6I,. Virgilzifz LAW SCHOOL WIEB BUSINESS STAFF jane Cll7'l'jlZgl'OlZ Rivlwffolzrf. Virgifzhz LAW SCHOOL STUDENT BAR V Elaine Gent!! RjL'Z7ll!0l1f?I. Vi1'Qgi11h1 FOOTBALL One Hnmfred Lam! Njllkfvj'-SxEl'6l1 8 is ff, A1 . .xg , C H 1 x ,vs . J4MLzypole Drznre. 2-Queen Virginia. 3-Tbe Seniorx enier. 4-A dunre. 5-Robin Hood und Maid Muriun. 6-Tbe play progre.r,re.r. May Day Joeo IN ACCORDANCE zejfb Ibe irudifion of buring un eluborule Moy Duy only onre ezfery four yeury, und in fbe inferzfenlng yeurif offering u Jnnple eerernony, tbe Clem of 1959 of W'e5fbun1pfon College leur May Duy prexenfed Ibe old funnllur legend of Robin Hood und bra' Murd Murrun. Sei in fbe green beuufy of fbe flufyla' Greek fbeufre und buebed by flou'er.s' und freer, tbe pluy, unfolded zeifb Spurbf Brezeer u.s' fbe bero of Sber- zeood Forex! und zelfb lozfely Virgnnu Sbuznun uf Muid Murrun. Tbe enfire Senior Cluys. Ll1'CiY,Y66l in long flow- ing gfillblii, llklj' lbe rburflnrrg buelegroznzd for tbe pug- eunf. und fbe fire rnoyi beuuliful ,s'enior,f, eboyen by ibe zrofe of fbe zrbole rollege. uefed ur Mu1'u1r1'.f rourt. Tbefe zeere Belly und Muruzn Conrey, Agnew Denton, Dorofby Sbell. und june Lnngley. Tbe crowning of lbe Queen of lbe Moy by Robin Hood zeux followed by fbe pref- Une Ilumlrefl Lznrl Nlnefy lillgbl entulion of .fez'erul dunref by lbe Modern Dunre Group under tbe djrerfjon of Beffy Curper. und u ,fborf pluy by Mary Sue Curfer und Mary Grufe Scberer. Robin Hood fben invited ull Ibe rourf fo zfjfif fbe folk duneey und tbe gulnex on fbe green-into zebjfb Ibe upper boebey field bud been Z'7Zll1.ff0l'llZC'5l by fbe zeifebery of fbe .fopboznorer-und fo puriulee of fbe l'6'f1'6f.fl77lI6'7IfJ' o jfered by fbe boolbf .rurrounding fbe Fulr. flnofber frudiflon of Muy Duy. beuufifully exeeufed fbif yeur, um' fbe Fre.s'b1nun Lunfern Purude up fbe bill puff tbe lube und info fbe Greek fbeufre juff 415 dufb zeuf falling, zebere fbe group formed u "Wm zeifb fbeir llgbtx, und fben .ferenuded fbe Queen beneufb ber open zeindoze. Cloxing on u nofe of guiefy und joy, May Duy ended zeifb u dunee in fbe g'1'l1llIzl.fl1ll1I given by Ibe ,YO pb- oznore fluff for lbeir .senior "big .viffer'.f," 2500 Fourth St Abraham, joseph ....... Aarons, Alfred Chester . Abeloff, David Dexter . . Abernethy, john Pierce, jr. . . . , Adams, Adams Charles L. .. Ebe M. . . . Adams Edward R. . . . . Adams Raymond A. . Adams Richard L. . . Adams Vincent R., 'Ir Alexander, Leon H. . . Allen, Ashby B. .. Allen, Ralph W. .. STUDENTS E THE U I Riclzrrzorzal College 2185 Valentine Ave., Bronx, N. Y. . . . . 12 E. Main St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 2 Clark Rd., Richmond, Va. . 550 29th St., Newport News, Va. ... . 425 Wythe St., 5002 Seminary Ave 5020 Patterson Ave Richmond, Va. . . 2517 Grove Ave., . . Clarkton, Va. . . 2510 Stuart Ave., . . . Redoak, Va. .. BUS W. fllfll Sl., . . . Recloak Va. Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va. Petersburgi Va. Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va. Allen, William E. . .. Allman, William T. ERSITY Alvis, Vance .......... Amos, Edward H. Armhein, joseph A., jr. .. Armhein, john L. Anderson, Emmett H Anderson, Lane S. . . Andonegui, jose . .. Andrews, Gordon H. Andrews, William P. Ankers, Richard . . . 'a jif Antone, Joseph F., jr. . . 112 Lancaster Rd., R.Ir.D. No, 4, . 3101 Stuart Ave., . 3101 Stuart Ave., 2004 Hanover Ave., . 2328 Stuart Ave., 1140 W. Grace St., 3219 W. Grace St., .. 315 Dundee Ave., 4814 Wilson Blvd 108 W. Franklin St., - a Richmond Richmond . . . Sabot Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Arlington Richmond Scenes rom the Llrziversity Players' Proaluclions 1-Thomas and Gary in "Wfir1terset." 2-Grimsley and W'hitlaich in "W'ir11'erset." 3-Kermu in "IVinterset." 4-Casale and Shacleleford in "The Drzuzlaardf' 415-fx 5- 7- 3- 5-Flamzegrm and Carter in "The Drurzlefzrdf' W'hi1latch and Sadler in "Idiot's Delight." Sadler and Nojfsinger in "ldz0t's Delzght. ' Soldier and chorus scene from "Idi0t's Delight." One I-llmrlreal .zml Nilfefy-111114 Im II D i TI.. ...IT i Y , -. .1 f .. ....-I,:I-- .1 - ml Im- HBUDDYH says . . THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND EOR THE PATRONAGE YOU UNIVERSITY OI? RICHMOND STUDENTS HAVE GIVEN THE NEVVLY IMPROVED AND MODERNISTIG COLLEGE SHOP. MAY THE DAYS AHEAD BE AS HAPPY EOR YOU AS YOUR GOIIEGE SHOP DAYS AT RICHMOND. 'Q' 2 1 I -1 I '1 T GOI .I .II.cjII. SI-IOP RALPH P. "IsI'OOY" IVIAYO, Mon. -1- -I-- ---- '--1 f--- --'- ---- - ---- 1--- ---- ---- '--' --I- --1- I - -'-l '-" - -3- 4- I - '--- -'-- '--- ---- --1- '--- '--- A A ---- --1- ---' A A A A - I - A I H f I H - To Complete Your Ijlflenl . . . GRADUATE to the New . Y 5 5 'L 'b 1 I ORANGE JULIUS 'Ir I 3215 WEST BROAD I IOMIIIIIIII Sftllioll IVAIBGI i f 0 A Dezfilisla Good Drink 7?nder'.S'mokea'l1'am 0 A Dezfilisla Good Time KINGAN 8: COMPANY 0 Dine and Dance in Richmondwginia AIRICONOITIONEO COMFORT 4. I-I.-.I.-I -DDI .I.I ..II I I+ 4- ,IYI I Qoof III .YII IIYI A I.II -III -III I - 1-I- -I.I -III I-I, -III --II 1-II -III I I I I I I I I I I4 II- --II --II IIII IIII --II II-I A IIII IIII I A IIII I IIII - IIII - I-II - -III - -III - I I - I I-II- -III -I---I fs- -'-I ---1 --If --f- f--I ---f A --1' ---1 - --II I A I A I I Ie'IA---A I----If I I 731131 Cakes, Ties, Tastries and Fancy Cookies '-RICHMONIVS HIGIII-:ST SCORING from I E I 9 BOWLING AI,I,EYS" MIEAIWOW AND HIQRMITAOII ROAD IF Q I Qllcl!il'yC0lllZi5.l 36 ALLEYS Ifhfme II-8211 f I I DIaI 2-1192 If 9 East Grace Street .I IIII IIII I.I. IIII I.II IIII I I I. .II I IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII I I I IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII III- I I -I Ifllllffllwf Arendall, Edgar M. . . Asbell, George T. . .. Asher, jefferson D. .. Aull, Roscoe S., jr. . . . Bagby, Richard H. . .. Baggs, W. james ..... Baker, Frank j., jr. . . Baker, Ivan R., jr. . .. Bain, john Warren . . . Ballard, Beverly E. . .. Bareford, john M. . . . . Bareford, William T. . Barnes, james H. . . . . Barnett, james H. Barr, Murray M. . .. Barr, Robert G. . . . . Barney, Sidney ..... Baroody, Milton B. . . . Barreras, Paul B. . . . Bass, Walter E. .. Batten, Caleb L. Baughan, Alfred R. .. Beachy, William T. . . Beale, Alvin F., jr. . . Beck, Arthur C., jr. . . Bell, john C., jr. Belsches, Shelton T. .. Benton, Thomas R. Bernstein, Reinhard A. Betts, Norvel W. .... . Beville, William G. . .. . . . . . 19 Demory St., Mobile, Ala . . . . 746 Emmett St., Portsmouth, Va . . . . . . . 2606 The Plaza, Richmond, Va .. . 3225 6th St., S.E., Washington, D. C . . . . Sunny Side P.O., Cumberland, Va . . . 3214 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 320 Lavina Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa . 1801 Arlington Ave., Norfolk, Va . . . 11 Odell Ave., White Plains, N. Y .. . 447 W. Washington St., Suffolk, Va Ozeana,Va Ozeana,Va Warsaw,Va . . . . . 37 Edgehill Rd., Richmond, Va .. . 331 Williams Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y . . . . 3007 Lamb Ave., Richmond, Va Petersburg,Va . . . 2504 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va . . . . . Box 1, Morovie, Puerto Rico . . . . . . 322 Bellevue St., Danville, Va ' ' '?Qi9'1s1'.'Le,Li'iJggi,ii' sif , 625 High St., . . . . 15-06 Bellevue Ave., 1716 Fifth Ave., 656 Blvd., Col. Heights, ff Q '32iilA' iiaaes' Avg., Smithfield, Va Covington, Va Petersburg, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Petersburg, Va . . Carson, Va Richmond , Va 210 68th St., New York, N. Y . . . . 1506 Confederate Ave., .. . 1942 Berkeley Ave., Binford, Hinton C., jr. ..... 12-06 Westminster Ave., Bingham, Lucian W., jr. ........ 3019 Grove Ave., Bingham, William H. . .... .... 3019 Grove Ave., Binns, Edgar M. ........... . . 375 Highland Ave., Roanokej Va Birchett, Thomas Daniel, jr. ....... P. O. Box 207, Black, Henry W. ......,...... 1329 Avondale Ave., Black, joseph F., jr. .... . Black, Robert S. ...... . Blackley, Horace A. Blount, William Steve .... Bogese, Carl R. ...... . Boisseau, Ray S., jr. . . . . Booker, Henry L., jr. . . Booth, Charles R. .... . Bowen, Courtney Cox Bowles, Benjamin F. . .. Boyette, joseph M. .. Bra Edward L gg, ' . . . . Brandon, 'Sidney j. .... . Brandis, Ernest L., jr. . .. Brandis, Royall ....... Brauer, Harrol A., jr. . .. 14 Clark Rd., .. . 1329 Avondale Ave., 3321 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va Petersburg, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond Va Petersburg, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Blankenship, james L. .................. Route 5, 1001 Evarts St., N.E., Washing-ton, D. C 223 S.9th Ave., . . . 10 North Allen Ave., .. . 3815 Moss Side Ave., Hopewell, Va Richmond, Va Richmond Va . , , . . . . . 808 Green St., Danvillez Va ...... 1415 Grove Ave., Tazewell, Va Richmond Va . . . . . . . . 247 Chestnut St., Suffolki Va 3912 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va Blackstone,Va. Va . . . 710 W. Grace Street, 4008 Crutchfield St., ..... 3511 Stuart Ave., Brauer, William H. ........... 4308 Augusta Ave., Bristow, Richard Y. ..... . Bristow, William E. fBuddyj ................... 18 N.WestSt., Bristow, William E. .............. 18 N. West St., Britt, Samuel S. ............................... . Britton, Frank H. . . Brock, Daniel N. . . . . 3804 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Petersburg, Va West Point, Va Petersburg, Va Abingdon, Va Richmond, Va . . . . . 411 Kilbourne Ave., Appalachia, Va Brogan, Robert T. .......... 3117 Monument Ave., Brooks, Edwin B., jr. Broughman, Louis R. .. Brown, Arthur H., jr. . . . Brown, Norman ....... Brunk, Eugene L. .... . Bruno, Thomas H. ...... . Burge, William B. .... . Burgess, Melvin D. .. Burks, Harry N. ..... . Burnette, Howard O. .. Burnette, Melvin W. . . . Burns, Rowland H. .. Burton, Willard W. Butcher, Edward W. ..... . . . . . 3436 Hanover Ave., 'Q Qffi-ti5'vci.'H'ig15'sf'. Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Buchanan, Va Banger, Penn Va . . . . 4414 Augusta Ave.,,Richmond, Rt. 5, 4324 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Bullock, Henry A., jr. ....... 2017 Monument Ave., . . . . . 38 Ellsworth St., Martinsville, Va 3220 Floyd Ave., ... . 1905 Fifth Ave., '1'3o3'i533e5i Ave.. s. Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Boulevard, Va Richmond, Va Lebanon,Va 2219 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va 302 Overbrook Rd., Richmond, Va Byrd, john A. .................................. Parksley, Va Cake, Henry E. ........ Apt. B-5, 1245 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va Camden, Aubrey S. .............................. Chatham, Va Casale, Salvatore V. . .. Cash, Richard D. ..... . Cash, William j., jr. . . Cate, William S. . . . . .. 2641 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Md ........ 417 Moore St., Bristol, Va . . . . 1003 Perry St., Richmond, Va Niotu,Tenn Chandler, john W. .. Chapman, Clifton B. .. Chapman, Harvey H. . . . Chewning, john A. . . . Clarke, Austin B. . . . Clarkson, Fred W. . .. Cline, Bernard G. . . Coates, Charles C. . . . . Coates, Wade St. C. . .. Cole, Marvin F. ...... . Collins, Vincent W. .. 222 East 10th St., Richmond, Va. Woodstock,Va. 2913 Noble Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 6107 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va. ....................Manakin,Va. . . . . . 605 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, Va. 103 W. Mason Ave., Alexandria, Va. Machodoc, Va. Tazewell,Va. 2002 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Appomattox,Va. Combs, Robert H. .. Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Va. Conduff, joseph H. Conklin, E. Gordon .... Connor, Billy B. ...... . Connor, Frank M., jr. . . Cooke, Philip, III ...... Cooke, Robt. W. .... . Copley, Harry B. ..... . Cornwell, Eugene W. K. Courtney, Robert H. . . . . Cosby, Irving H., jr. .... . Cotten, Robert C. jr. . . . Covey, Frank S. ..... . Cox, George E. . . . . Cox, james B. .... . Crawford, Robert R. . . Crews, john I. .... . Crisman, Hugh S. . . . . Cross, john C. ....... . Crouch, Franklin M. . .. Cunningham, William C. Currin, Eugene G., III. Curry, Harper W. .... . Dalton, Henry A. . . . Dalton, john H. . .. Danforth, Robert R. . . Daniel, Rawley F. Darden, Harry M. Dascher, jerry ..... Davenport, john D. . . . Davis, Allan T. . . . . Davis, Charles H. . . Davis, William F. . . Decker, john L. .... . Dennis, Eugene T. .... . De Shazor, Ashley D. . . . Dickinson, Enders ..... Dickinson, William F. . . DiVice, Louis P. ..... . . Dix, Fitchett T. . . . . Dixon, john, jr., . . . . Dolsey, Harold ........ Donohue, james H., III Doumlele, john ......... Doyle, Elton N. ..... . Driscoll, Courtney j. . . . Dugger, Emmett L. Durrett, Robert W. . . . Eck, Sherwood B. . . . Edison, Meyer ...... Ediss, Gerham G. ..... . Edward, Robert E. L. . . . Eggleston, Forrest E. . .. Einstein, Charles B. .. Elam, Herman M. Elder, Winfred H. . . . . Elliott, Hatcher Snead .. Ellis, Leonidas W., jr. . Ellis, William D., jr. . .. Ellwanger, Albert T., jr. . . Elmore, Fletcher L. . . . . Elmore, Lloyd S. .... . Elmore, Robert B. . . Ely, Curtis Marion . . . Embrey, Elmer P., jr. . . Ende, Milton .......... Erickson, Robert ....... Floyd,Va. . . . . . . . 417 W. Monty Ave., Rockville, Md. . 1003 Crescent St., Villa Hts., Roanoke, Va. Ellerson,Va. 2815 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. Lawrenceville,Va. . . . . . 5501 Grove Ave.. Richmond, Va. . 906 Sylvania Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . 18202 Greenville Ave., Richmond, Va. . 3020 Pump House Drive, Richmond, Va. . . . . 3114-A Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3217 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va. 213 Sixth St., Covington, Va. .. . 4503 Brook Rd., Richmond, Va. . . 1211 N. 42nd St., Richmond, Va. . . . 808 S. Braddock St., 1205 Stanhope Ave., ..... Saxe, Va. Winchester, Va. Richmond, Va. .. . . . 512 N. 24th St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3515 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. eredithville, Va. . . . . 3101 Hull St., Richmond, Va. . . . 3300 Fendall Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . 3102 Cromwell Road, Norfolk, Va. . . . 3023 Parkwood Ave., Richmond, Va. Cape Charles,Va. Smithfield, Va. . . 4000 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2916 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va. Chatham, Va. . 1412 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. f '52 of55a9i5QAQg.','wi3i' . Blantons, Va. te Plains, N. Y. . 4332 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. 107E.ElmSt., Blackstone, Va. . . . . . . . 4013 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . .2027 Rosewood Ave., Richmond, Va. Dinwiddie, Branch A., jr. ...... 1206 Apperson St., Richmond, Va. ... 95 Valley St., T arrytown, N. Y. . Eastville, Va. . . . 2228 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 701 Denny St., Richmond Va. . . . .2330 Monument Ave., . . . . 14 S. Addison St., Richmond Va. ' '. i3'i5'i1Q1LiA'AQg.'.' Warfieldz Va. Richmond, Va. eredithville, Va. Hartsville,S.C. . . . . . 2015 Letcher Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3413 W. Cary St., Richmond, Va. 342 W. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, Va. Richmond, Va. Fluton,Va. 511 W. 21st St., Richmond, Va. Ellerson,Va. Martinsville, Va. Clarkton,Va. Winfall,Va. 3208 22nd St., Arlington, Va. . . . . 3015 E. Marshall St., Richmond, Va. . ....................... Clover, Va. Alberta,Va. Heathsville,Va. . . . . 301 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 3018 Springhill Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 701 Lee Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . . . 1012 Hinton St., Petersburg, Va. . . . . 217 Willard St., jamestown, N. Y. Espriella, Carlos R. .... Dele gracion Panamena, San jose, Costa Rica. Etheridge, john W. ........... 1019 Park Ave., South Norfolk, Va. Euting, George L. .... ...... 1 24 S. Laurel St., Richmond, Va. Evans, Malcolm G. . .. . . . 102 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. Two Hmzdrerl and Om' Q TABB, BROCKENBROUGH 81 RAGLAND GENERAL INSURANCE-ALL LINES E Hlrzsuranfe, Your Silent Guardian" I 1101 EAST MAIN STREIST DIAL 2-6546 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -i.- -lly 1--- - ...- --IA --1- ---- ---- -'-1 --AI '1-' I I - -1-- 1-'- 1 1 -'-f -'-' "-' -"- -"' "-' 1 "" "" -"' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' 1 1 ' ' 4' 1-I 1f11 I 111- -111 '1f1 --11 1-11 1111 -11' 1-11 1+1- -1'1 -lff -f1f 1-1- f-11 I 1 I -+1f -AHQ - I- 1- 1 1 1 1 - lkf' 1-11 -f1f 'f1f '-11 -111 -111 -'f1 'f-1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 + NOLDE BROTHERS UNIVERSITY INCORPORATED I S92 - 1940 -Q. PHARMACY, INC. 5514 GROVE AVENUE cw-D ARIERIITAN IVIAID BREAD AND CAKI5S "The UniUersity,s Stzfzclent Center!! AT ALI. GOOD DEALERS ok, - Qgzality, Not Price! 4-8474 Q I . I +- .-1I .1.l I .... ...l I I II Im III. Im Im Im Im -I+ 40- :1-u un I I I 'I 'I' Emu nn I ml Inu-O? ffm: nn In "' 41 For gmlity and Claoife tJVleats .... Compliments of 'Q A. T. MASSEY COAL COMPANY, INC. JACOB KECK'S SON I. ANDREW KECK, Propriemr R'ffH'N'0ND1V'RG'N'A - SIXTH STREET MARKIET 1: Dial 5-5595 I I I 40-un IIII Im :I+ qt- Ilvl llll I 4' ?ll IIII IIII illl llll Illl I I II I llll llll 1 ? +ll lm II In + PAINTS... - Pure and tested Over a long period Of years 2 SPECIFY OUR BRANDS , when Ordering. . SAMPSON PAINT 84 COLOR CO. IIIp1l7llfeZ'l'l'Il7'6I'.I' RICHMOND, VIRGINIA il -Ill' IHI un Im Im - - Im lin 'i' +I: Im nu Im un mn Im un nu nn nu un un nu nu Im Im nn un nu- -lv 'i' I I Q , PHONE 5-6922 WHERE BEAUTY IS AN ART I WESTHAMPTON BEAUTY SALON I I 5604 Grove Avenue - E ! For Those Special Orcasions- MAKE A DATE WITH "CARMEN" FIRST .g.-.,.. E....- .... .... ...g. -Q. Tun Hlfmlretl and Tim PHONE 3-7812 JOHN G. KOLBE FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT 309-A East IVILIIIH Street RICHRIOND, VA. Im nu nn un Im Im Im Im nu nu ml nn Im nu un nu Im TRU ADE BOTTLING COMPANY YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO TRY "TRU ADE" A P.1IIe1n'ized fN0n-Cdrbomzledj Pure Orange Drink HARRISON AND CLAY STREETS 1, Dial 5-3269 Gindhart, Charles F., Jr. .,........ 855 31st St., Newport News, Va .. . 1807 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va Evely, Ralph W., Jr. . . . Fainter, Harry E., Jr. . . . Fant, Julian S. ..... . Farber, Louis R. . .. Faris, Wilson Lee . .. .. . 1320 Custer St., Petersburg, Va . . . 1902 Albany Ave., Richmond, Va Culpeper, Va . . 2720 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . Crozet, Va 3921 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va 710 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Va Eattaruso, Gaetano T. ............. 45 Webster St., Newark, N. J Fenlon, Robert W. .... 2131 Fifteenth St., N.W., Wa Fennell, Robert H., Jr. ..............,.... Route 2, Richmond, Va Farley, William W. . . Farnum, George L. . . . Ferramosca, Oveste . . . Fidler, Mercer H. . . Field, Edward L. . .. Field, Jerry J. .... . Filer, Robert J. ..... . Finnegan, William J. . Fitzgerald, John R. . . . Fitzgerald, Lemuel W. Fitzhugh, William B. . Floyd, Marion E., Jr. . Fogg, James M. ...... . Ford, Charles P., Jr. . . Ford Cl de W . . . , y . . . Fortunato, Joseph A. . . . Foster, Henry L. . . . . Fowler, Daniel W. . . . Fox, Earl R. ...... . Fox, Roy B., Jr. Frank, Raymond J. . .. Franklin, Ralph W. . . Frayser, William E. W. Fredericksen, James M. Freed, Ivan G. ...... . Friddell, Guy R. .... . Frohbose, Frederick A. Frostick, Herbert W. . . Gambill, Walter R. . . Gamboa, Mearie A. . . Gano, Robert D. .... . Garber, Edgar C., Jr. . Garnett, Henry D. ..... . Garrenton, John S., Jr. Garrison, Kenneth F. . Gary, Robert A., III .... Gayle, John L. ..... . Gee, L. Gary ....... George, Ellis P. ..... . Gettier' Strau han L . . , g ' - - Gilbert, Alfred R. . . . Gilbert, Oscar G. . . . Gill, Robert O. ..... . Gillette, Walter B. . . . Gilmer, John B. ..... . Gilson, Robert S., Jr. . Giragosian, Archie . . . Gladding, Clarence W. Godsey, John T. .... . Goode, Aylett W., Jr. . Gordon, Harold J. . . . Gordon, John N. .... . Goyne, Harold T., Jr. . . . Grandis, Morris D. . . . Grant, William A. . . . Gravatt, William D. . Gravett, Samuel W. . . . Green, Thomas W. . . . Green, Waverly S., Jr. Green, Harold D. . . . . Gregory, Henry C. . . . Griffin, Harry E., Jr. . Griffin, John D. .... . Grigg, Austin E. . .. Grigg, John E. ..... . Grimsley, Weston H. . Grizzard, Richard S. . Gross, Jerome ...... Grove, Edward H. Gwalthmey, Owen .. Habel, Nathaniel B. . . Haboush, Milad P. . .. Haddock, Garland D. . Ferneyhough, Charles J., Jr. ...... 3304 Lamb Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 3433 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va 2010 Evelyn Byrd Road 2010 Evel n B rd Road 3 9 Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va . - Y ,X 1 I , . . . . . 3128 Griffin Ave., Richmond, Va 4814 Williamsburg Ave. 1 Richmond, Va . . . . . 41 Rocklyn Place, Pittsburgh, Pa . . . . 2509 Grove Ave. 60 Roseneath Road .. . 457 Norway Ave. . . .. 1726 Floyd Ave. . . , . 3420 Grove Ave. 1 Covington, Va. Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Z Trenton, N. J Richmond, Va Richmond Va 9 . . . 27 Glenridge Ave., Montclair, J Brookneal Va. sis isrieet, Nw., washington, lj. c . . . . 1900 Amelia Ave., Richmond, Va Holland, Va 1805 Seddon Road, Richmond, Va . . 1408 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg, Va . . 2000 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va 1652 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . 2032 Park Ave., Richmond, Va . 1218 Westminster Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . Fairview Ave., Bound Brook, N. J . . . . . . . . . Box 246, Fredericksburg, Va . . . . . 2-611 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va La Industria," San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A . 121 W. Lancaster Ave., Richmond, Va shington, D. C. Hadin, Walter W. . . . Haines, Gordon C. . . . Hall, Randolph B. Ham, Robert D. .... . Fife, Va . . . 123 Cleveland St., Richmond, Va ....... 321 W. 13th St., Norfolk, Va . . . 516 Northside Ave., Richmond, Va Hardman, John M. .... ......................... E ttrick, Va Harman, Michael G. . . . . . . 2215 Nfonument Ave., Richmond, Va Harrell, Paul J. Harris, Alvin F. Harris, James R. . .. . . Hart, James F. ...... . . Hart, Joel C., Jr. . . . . . . Harton, Williarii R. . . . . Harwood, Garland M., Hathaway, Robert M. . . Hawkins, Henry F. . .. Hawkins, Melvin C. . . . Hayley, Basil ....... Hayley, Colin ..... Hayley, Derek ..... Haynes, George G. . . . Heflin, William N. . .. Heller, Henry C. .... . Hemby, William H., Jr. Henderson, Raymond M. Hepler, William P. . . . Herbert, Thomas S. . . . Hermann, William W. Herndon, Thomas O. . Herndon, William M. Hewlett, Ralph J., Jr. . . Herring, Russell H., Jr. Higginbotham, E. L. . . Higinbotham, Don L. . .If Hilgeman, Lawrence, Jr. Hill, Julian H., Jr. . . . . Hobgood, Harvey H. . Holland, Willis D. . . Holman, Earl S. ..... . Hooten, Claude G., Jr. Horsley, John C. .... . Hoskins, Stuart W. . . Hough, Mac J. ...... . Hough, Raymond F. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . University of Richmond, Va . . 1306 Winchester St., Fredericksburg, Va Box 373,Altavista,Va Va . . . . . . 3336 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 1601 Princeton Road, Richmond, Va ' ' Va . . . . 3214 Edgewood Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 120 Hardy Ave., Norfolk, Va . . . . 729 Arnold Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . 729 Arnold Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 47 Chesterfield Ave., Ettrick, Va . . . .5010 Evelyn Byrd Road, Richmond ...............R.F.D. 1, Richmond, Victoria, , Va . . . . 4627 44th St., N.W., Washington, D. C . . . . . . . . . . 2707 Griffin Ave., Richmond, Va Howe, Donald W. H. Howell, Alton L. . . .. Howell, Frank M. . . . . Hubbard, Emmett L. .. Hudgins, Ira D. .... . Huddleston, Ray E. .. Hudson, Harvey L., Jr. Hudson, Joseph B. . . . Hughes, Charles W. . . Hughes, Rupert S., Jr. Humbert, Richard E. . . Huneycutt, James W. . Humphrey, James T. . Ingalls, James H. .... . . 1016 Fourqurean Lane, Richmond, Va .........................Mears,Va .. . 408 W. Eleventh St., Richmond, Va . . . 1912 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 3332 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 601 W. 44th Street, Richmond, Va Chester,Va . . . 4211 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 2911 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va Ellerson, Va . . . R.F.D. 1, South Boston, Va Burkeville, Va Burkeville, Va .. . 4017 Cutshaw Ave., Richmond, Va Dillywn,Va . Poquoson, Va . . 1207 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va . . . 811 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va Culpeper,Va .. 2110 Rosewood Ave., .. . 1301 Valley Road, 1, Danville, Va Richmond, Va Winchester, Va Beulahville, Va Amelia,Va 2229 W. Main St., ..... 1425 Park Ave., Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Ingram, Wales B., Jr. . Irby, Moreland R. . . . . Irwin, Charles, L., Jr. . Jacobs, Alexander S. . . Jarvis, Floyd E. ..... . Jenkins, Luther B. . . . Jennings, Fred A. . . Joel, Milton ......... Johnson, Samuel L. .. Johnston, Edwin B. . . . Johnston, Vivian D. . . . Jones, Arthur E. . . . . Jones, Arthur L. .... . Jones Cecil F. ...... . Jones Chastine W., Jr. Jones Gilbert B. .... . Jones, W. Horace . . . Jones, John S. ...... . Jones, Quentin R. . . . Jones, William H. . . . Jontz, Robert J. . . Jordan, John E. . . Jordan, John P. . . . . Jordan, Thomas D. . . . Julia, Julio F. ...... . Jurgens, John F. B., Jr. a Edenton, N. C . Centralia, Va 1420 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va 2019 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va Santa Cruz, Rio Grande de Saul, Brazil, S. A .. . 2605 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 1647 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . .Choate Ave., Pleasantville, N. Y . . . . 2808 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 3116 W. 29th St., Richmond Va .. . 1735 Valley Ave., .. 1735 Valley Ave., .. 1735 Valley Ave., Winchesteri Va Winchester, Va Winchester, Va . . . . . 337 S. Laurel St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 211 Ramsey Ave., Hopewell, Va . 116 Dewey Place, Atlantic City, N. J . . . . . . . 303 Roberts St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . .39 Craven St., New Bern, N. C JordanMines,Va . . 2903 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va .. . . . . . . . .. Euclid Ave., Pitman, N. J Ore Bank, Va .. . 720 Lee Ave., Fredericksburg, Va . . . 421 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Va . . . . 1512 Rogers St., Richmond, Va Box684, Alexandria, Va Br1dgeport,W.Va . . . . 6205 Lincoln Ave., Baltimore, Md . . 3151-A Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va Lawrenceville,Va . . . 2818 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 230-6 W. Main St., Richmond, Va . 101 Pennsylvania Ave., Lynchburg, Va Arrington, Va . . 529 Main Street, Fredericksburg, Va Box ...,............Box 190, Salem, Va 190, Salem, Va . . . 1224 Greycourt Ave., Richmond, Va Box 439, Suffolk,Va . . . . . 308 Webster Ave., Richmond Va Chase Cityl Va 128 Bryant St., N.W., Washington, D. C Farmville, Va . . . 3221 Lamb Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 219 Park Ave., Culpeper, Va . . . . . Masonic Home, Richmond, Va . . . . 3309 Second Ave., Richmond Va . . 409 W. Washington . . 2114 Rosewood Ave. St., Suffolk: Va , Richmond, Va Cedar BlufT,Va 1609 Charles St., Fredericksburg, Va Route8 , Richmond, Va . 117 N. Crenshaw Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 1025 Perry St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 10 Center Hill, Richmond, Va . . . 2015 Rosewood Ave., Richmond, Va . 2611 Hawthorne Ave. , Richmond, Va . . . 3124 Woodcliff Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 5 Greenway Lane, Richmond, Va Harper . . 2342 W. Grace St. .. 1130 W. Grace St. 114 Pinner 's Ferry, W. Va , Richmond, Va , Richmond, Val St., Suffolk, Va . . 4012 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 3411 Maryland Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 2024 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va 3429 Westhampton Ave. 7 Richmond, Va Blackstone Va . . 4012 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va . 3087 Midlothian Pike, Richmond, Va IVIidlothian,Va. . . . 1108 Chicawaba Ave., Blytheville, Ark. . . . . . . . 1114 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 1504 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 1300 W. 42nd St., Richmond, Va. . . . .......... Hato Rey, Puerto. Rica. . . . ................. Bon Air, Va Tzm Hffmlretl .md Three 'Q-----"H -1- -1- uu nn- n un I un Complzmeufs of COMPLIMENTS OI, MEADOR-POULSON-PRIDDY B- BRAUEITS SUNS CHOICE MEATS Ilvlaolesnle QFOR OVER 85 YEARS, FANCY FRUITS : Phone 3-9077 1307-11 E City Street - SIXTH STREET MARKET DIAL 5-5528 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 5- .--. ---- ---. ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- -.-- --.. -.-. . .--. - . -Q 3- - '-" -llf '-" --'- -'-- ---' IIII '-" -"- A -'-- '--' -"- I I 4- '!"' "" "" "" "" ' ' ' "" "" "" "" "" ' 'I' 'S' ' ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 4' I C0"fPff"1ffff-f0f Fraternity, College and STUART 81 BETTS, Inc. Class Jewelry Wfloolesale Confectioners -1 1315 E. Main St., RICHMQND, VA. -IEWELER TO THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASSES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND AGENTS FOR SCHRAAFT'S CHOCOLATES WALTER B. ANDERSON 5 W. T. S'rUAwr .T. E. RVEDFORD, JR. : : L' G' BALFOUR PRODUCTS Prmvirllmlt Nw1'rf'fu r'y-T:'Pu.su1'+'r - : 11 1 BROAD-GRACE ARCADE L nllll llll llll Ili 6 lllll IIII llll llll llll Illl IIII IIII llll Illlf-IIII IIII I + 'I' E. T. MANKIN, INCORPORATED RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Manufacturers of JAMES RIVER COLONIAL HAND-MADE BRICK OFFICE AND EXHIBIT ROOM-527 EAST MAIN STREET 'i""' "" "" "H IIII ml I-IIII IIII lull ml lun un Im lm ull nu ml ull nu nn ml ml ull nu--Illl IIII III' I H' li' Two Hmzdred and Ffllll' Kersey, William W., jr. . . . Pace, Warren M. . . Kafka, Herman D. . . . Kaminsky, Isadore . . . Kaplan, Stanley S. . . . . Kardian, Richard W. . . Kayhoe, William F. . . . Kean, Marshall P. . . . Keil, Robert K. . . . . Kellam, Albert S. . . . . Kellison, james R. ..... . Kellison, John R., -lr. . Kerhalus, George T. . . . Kervan, Jack C. ......, . Kessler, Walter H. . . Keyser, Hugh L. King, Henry E. King, John B. .... . Kinsey, Ralph E. . . . . Kirby, William, jr. . . . Kirk, William Semple . Klaffky, Richard C. . . . Klein, Edward M. . . . . Knipe, Sydney H., jr. . Korman, john, Jr., .... Kraft, Richard H. . . . Krause, Charles W. . . . Krug, Robert C. .... . Kyle, Winheld N. . . . Laing, William H. . . . Laird, Douglas W. . . . Lamm, George B. . . . . Landers, George H., jr. Langford, William, jr. Lankford, Vernon T. . LaPrade, Randolph C. . Lavyne, Lester .......' Lawrence, john S. ....... . Lawrence, Philip D., jr. Lawrence, Robert S. . . . Lazzarini, Alfred A. . . . Leake, Hunter T. . . . . Lee, Walter B. ...... . Levenson, Irwin H. . . . Levenson, Stuart D. . . . Lewis, Thomas G. . . . Lipscomb, Clyde B. . . Littler, james C. . .. Locke, John H. Long, Alvin P. ...... . Long, Macon M., jr. . . Long, Reuben T., Jr. . Lovenstein, Irvin .... Lowry, Mann Y. . . . . . . 1308 Bainbridge St., Richmond, Va .. . . . . . 801 W. Clay St., Richmond, Va 205 S. Rhode Island, Atlantic City, N. 'I Maynard, William R. . . Merrick, Ed. bl. ....... . Michaelson, joseph B. . . .... 216 W. 33rd St., Norfolk . . . . 8-09 W. Race St., Pottsyille . . . . . . 3124 Park Ave., Richmond 1 1 9 Va. Pa. Va. ........... 823 Hull St., Richmond, Va . . . 332 Greenway Lane, Richmond, Va .. . . . 312 Brown Ave., Hopewell, Va . . 1018 S. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, Ill ............ R.F.D., 3, Richmond Va . . 1510 Laburnum Ave., Richmond Va . . 1510 Laburnum Ave., Richmond , Va . . . . 2506 Preston Ave., Columbia, S. C ....... 114 Lake St., Bluefield, W. Va Metzger, William H., jr. . 158 Edgemont Road, Scarsdale, N. Y .. 1300 N. Hartford St., Arlington, Va .. . 3127 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va Wilmington,Va ................Wilmington,Va 2817 Flo d Ave Richmond, Va . . . . . - y ., . . . . 3916 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va 6429 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, Va . . . . 83 Prospect St., Huntington, N. Y . 751 Cleveland Ave., Bridgeport, Conn .. 5 Columbus Ave., Glen Ridge, N. -I Quinton,Va . . . 2627 Kensington Aye., Richmond, Va . . 1906 Sherwood Ave., Baltimore, Md .. . 418 S. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va . . . . . 1520 Victor St., Richmond, Va .. . . . . . R.F.D. 4, Richmond, Va . . . . . 2808 Park Ave., Richmond, Va 614 E. Broad St., Dunn, N. C . . . 2919 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va . . 4219 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va Bloxom,Va . . 2819 Stonewall Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 508 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N. Y . . . . 124 Prospect St., Covington, N. Y . . . 4317 Hanover Aye., Richmond, Va . . . 4317 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . . 3309 Florida Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 408 N. Meadow St., Richmond, Va .. . 3201 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va ...... 319 W. 28th St., Richmond, Va . . . . 2335 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va Lucas, Dargan B. ......... . Lucas, Irvin ......,.. Lumsden, Virgil M., Jr. Lyon, Adrian P. ..... . MacKenzie, William A. 0 McCammon, Samuel D., Jr. . McClaren, Samuel L. . . . . McCrone, Alexander .... McDonald, James L. . . . McGehee, Ben H. . . . . McGehee, John H. McGehee, Lewis A. . . . McGriff, William P., II McNeel Robert L y, . .... . McNutt, Charles W. . . . . McVay, Thomas H., jr. Mack, joseph H., Jr. . . . . Major, Clarence E. Mallery, William C. . .. Manahan, Harold L. .. Mandeleris, Gus D. Maner, William L., jr. . . Manley, jack H. ....... . Marable, Dallace Elmo . . Markham, jesse W. . . . Markowitz, Martin .... Martin, Theodore T. . . . . Martin, Robert J., III . . . . Mason, Philip B. ...... . Massie, G. Edmond, III Matyosha, Jos, W. . . . . . . 6 Midland Garden, Bronxville, N. Y . . . . . 2507 E. Clay St., Richmond, Va . . . . 5016 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, Ill Va . . ................... Boyce, . . . . College Ave., Richmond Va 3 Box 188,St.Paul,Va Luray,Va . . 1104 N. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va Beaverdam, Va Troutville,Va . . . . 1417 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va 1 E. Brookland Pk. Blvd., Richmond, Va 9 Rodes Ave., Sandston, Va . ............... Readstown, N. J . . . . . . 10 Dundee Ave., Richmond, Va Summit,Va . . . . . 1215 Taylor Ave., Richmond, Va . 2960 W. Chestnut St., Yakima, Wash Wilmington,Va . . . . 3316 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 3316 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va 436 S. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, Ohio . . . . . . . . 321 Floral Ave., Danville, Va . . . 269 N. Lewis Ave., Staunton, Va . . . 1030 Hanover Ave., Norfolk, Va . . . . 3rd Avenue, Runnemede, N. -I Stormont,Va . . 2704 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va .. . . . . . . . R.F.D. 10, Richmond, Va . 2920 Ellwood Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 16 Hancock St., Staunton, Va Buchanan,Va . . . 122 30th St., Newport News, Va . . . . 514 N. 25th St., Richmond, Va . . . 456 DeWitt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y . . . 405 Georgia Court, Towson, Md . . . . . 405 Georgia Court, Towson, Md . . . 136 Greenbrier Ave., Hampton, Va . . . . 4001 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 15 Stevens Ave., Nashua, N. H Miller, Alvin K. ...... . Miller, Charles H. . . . . Miller, George K. . . . Miller, Jerry G. . . . .. Miller, William E. . .. Milling, Bert W. .. Mitchell, Steve L. . . Moody, Samuel M. . . Moore, George C. . . . . Moore, John C. . .. Moore, -lohn K. . . . . . Moore, Joseph A. . . . Moore, Robert C. .... . Moore, Warren, Jr. . . . . Morgan, Charles A., Ir. . .. Morrissette, William P. Morton, Ferdinand H., Jr. . . Morton, Sidney G. .... . Murphy, Tames M. .... . Murrill, Donald P. . . Nakdimen, Henry ..... Nash, joseph P., Ir. Nichols, Richard B. . .. Nicholson, Morton L. .. Noble, Earl L., jr. Noffsinger, ,lack R. . . . Nolan, Marlin T. . . Noonan, john J. . . . . Norfleet, James D. . .. O'Bannon, Charles G. . . Ogburn, William D. Oldham, Wm. Dortch . Overton, Edward T. Owen, Irvin K. .... . Owen, Richard C. . .. Owens, Harold G. . .. Owens, Spencer . . . Palmer, Robert R. . . . Paris, Woodrow W. . . . Parkerson, William F. . . Parrish, Randolph H. . . Paul, Ell Gradey .... Pauli, Edwin F. . .. Pepi, Michael S. .... . Perkins, Horace E. . . . Perkins, John G. . . . Peters, James L. .... . Phaup, Allan J., Jr. . . . . Phillips, Leslie H., -Ir. . . Phillips, Marshall gl. . .. Phillips, Robert M. . . Philpott, Albert L. .. Pickels, Ralph K. . . . . Pierce, Warren G. . .. Piper, Robert E., Jr. . . . Pitt, Malcolm U. ..... . Pohlig, Oscar A., Ir. . . . Pollard, George M. , . . . Powell, Frederick H. . . . Powers, John F. ...... , Prettyman, William S. . . Price, Blanton E. . . . . Price, Harvey B. . .. Pugh, lames D. . . . Pugh, Thomas E. .. Pullv, William R. . .. Purdy, Leonard A. . . . . . 326 Roseneath Road, Richmond, Va. Locklies,Va. Kearneyville,W.Va. ........... 5 York St., Richmond, Va. 1103 Kenmore Ave., Fredericksburg, Va 3206 Grifhn Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 101 Beverly Court, Mobile, Ala. . . . -605 Watt St., Martinsville Va. s . . . 1808 Third Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 1516 Carlisle Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1516 Carlisle Ave., Richmond, Va. Onancock,Va. 290-0 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . 3208 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va. Bon Air,Va. Rockville Va. ................Midlothian . .............. Winifrede, W v v Va. Va. .. . 20 N. Allen Ave., Richmond, Va. . 228 Cameron Ave., Petersburg, Va. .. . 2111 Fourth Ave., Richmond, Va. Pennington Gap,Va. .. 6205 Towana Road, Richmond .. 3010 Barton Ave., Richmond Emporia .. . . . 2107 Third Aye., Richmond . . . 607 Greenwood Road, Roanoke .. . 218 S. Boulevard, Richmond . 312 N. 32nd St., Richmond . . Holland . . 113 N. West St., Charleston, W. . . . . 3101 Fifth Avenue, Richmond 1 Q a s a v 1 Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Care Southwestern Co., Nashville, Tenn. Halifax,Va. . . . . . 20 Watson Court, Petersburg, Va. .. . 2006 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk Va. v . . . . 1505 Perry St., Richmond, Va. .. . . . 1021 Ann St., Portsmouth, Va. 206 Hillside Ave., Bloomfield, N . J. .. . 4300 Columbia Pike, Arling-ton, Va. . . . 2916 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3448 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 816 N. 35th St., Richmond, Va. 3161 North Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . 112 N. Allen Ave., Richmond, Va. ... 142 West 101 St., New York, N. Y. . . . . . R.F.D. 6, Box 58, Richmond, Va. R.F.D. 6, Box 58, Richmond Va. Sandston,Va. . . . . 3315 W. Grace St., Richmond Va. . . . 2702 Grove Ave., Richmond Va. ........... Box 163, Hopewell Va. . . . 204 S. Market St., Petersburg Va. Philpott,Va. . . . . 2900 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 221 Hickory St., Petersburg, Va. . . 3125 Monument Ave., Richmond Va. . . . . . . 3918 Park Ave., Richmond Va. . . . . 712 N. 35th Street, Richmond Va. . . 3035 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3105 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1129 Stewart St., South Norfolk . . Exmore, .. . . . 39 Willwav Ave., Richmond ... . . . .. 12 Williams St., Phoebus Route 10, Richmond . 1-609 Franklin St., Fredericksburg, . . . 1308 Bainbridge St., Richmond, . . 2817 Stonewall Ave., Richmond 1 Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Pusey, Rollo Ivan . .. ....... 1824 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Ranev, William N. ......................... Morgan Hill, Calif. Rawlings, Dorsey Cole . . 1400 Washington Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. Rea, T. Russell ................................... Spencer Va. Reams, Clyde E. ...... ......... 2 02 N. 34th St., Richmond Va. ReMine, James A., Jr. ..... 4200 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. ReMine, Philip Gordon .......... 312-0 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. ReMine, William H. ............ 3120 Stuart Ave., Richmond Va. 1 Resch, joseph J. ....... .... 9 14 Sylvania Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. Reynolds, George E. . . . ............... Route 5, Richmond, Va. Two Hfmdred and Fire VIRGINIA DAIRY IIII The Home of Better Milla I GRADE AA MILK-CREAM-BUTTERMILK-FRESH EGGS I IHIIIIIII W. IXIAIN SIrRIfI2'I' IDIAI. 5-2858 +- II-I .III II-- -.-I I--I --.. --I- -I-- -.-I --I. E I - ---I ..-. I.-. --.- --II -III -I.- -.-- I--- --II -I-- E --II - I... I .-.. -.-. -III I.-- --I. I --.- -.-- --.. I I -,-- ---. ---- ---I --I- ---. I I I .--. I I I I -I--I -I-I -'-' E I--1 I-I- - -g- -I-I --I- -'-' 'I-' I--- --I- -'-- '--' I--1 - I - I - - - I- - I 1 E Morton G. Thalhimer, Inc. : Aff,-fiw REAL ESTATE I K - REN'I'AI,s-SALES-LoAN5 I A ICE CREAM IIII5 Mm SI. 'IIIIIAIIIEII RICHMOND, VA .II II.I IIII I I III -I-I IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII III- IIII IIII I-II IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII I I I I -I I-I -I-I 'III IIII IIII -III 'III IIII IIII I'II IIII IIII IIII II'I IIII I I ' IIII IIII I -1- I- I I I I I I I I I I -I- N, S I c,oIIIPI,IIIIIiN'I's III-' , The Hudson Baile Paint Co. MEN 5 WEAR y MANUFACTURERS OF HOME OF HART, SCIIAEENIQR si MARX CLOTHES BAN-EY'S 709-711 E Bmad Street PAINTS - VARNISH - ENAMELS H RICHMQND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VA. DIAL 2-6518 II III, IIII IIII IIII IIII III. IIII IIII .III IIII IIII I I II I IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII I I I IIII I I I I I ?,, ,,,, ,,,, Im, sign IIIII lull IIII IIII IIII Illl llvl lvll ullv llll llvl IIII lll: I I I I I I I I I I I I 4- , -I- i Z BELLVVOOD Food Products For I11.If2z'zzfi011I' COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BY W. H. WILLIAMS 85 CO., INC. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA I+- IIII IIII IIII IIII I I I -III IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII III. I I I I I IIII IIII IIII III. I I I I I .IL , NTINE AUCTIO , General AUCIIOHCCFS UCTI IIO, Expert Appralsers Office and Warerooms , ' I .I 'A Tele hone 406 EAST MAIN STREET RICHM D1ALp2I5492 CHAS. B. VALENTINE, Manager Tzu! HlI11Lfl'L'ofI1llcj Six s .....................LaBelle, . . 1500 Victor St., Richmond, Va. Rhodes, M. Watkins . .. Rhodes, Robert A. Rice, Marion L., Jr. . . . Rich, William T. ..... . . . . . . . University of Richmond, Va . . . . . . . University of Richmond, Va . . . 5201 Fendall Ave., Richmond, Va .. . .. 1017 Walnut Ave., Baltimore, Md Richards, Stanton C. .......... 20 Pleasant Ave., Bronxville, N. Y Richardson, Straughan S., Roberson, William L. . .. Roberts, George E. .,..... . Roberts, Shilly H. ..... . Robertson, David L., -lr. . Robertson, Donald K. .. Robertson, Robert E. . .. Robertson, William C. .. Robinson, Charles ...... Robinson, Morris ...... Robinson, William M. . . Rochkind, George ...... Rockoff, Herman S. . . . Rogers, David R. . . . . Roper, William Y. . . . Rose, Frank L., jr. . . . . Ross, George W. . . . Rosser, Broaddus V. . . Round, Harry ........ Routon, Charles R. . . . Ryan, William S. . . . Sadler, George W. . . Salisbury, Saul ....... Salsbury, Jason M. .... . Sandridge, William A. . . Sanger, -lulian D. ..... . Sasmor, Daniel J. ..... . Satterfield, Dave E., III . . Sauer. Lester M. ...... . . Saunders, Charles A. . . . . Saunders, Leander T., jr. Saunier, Paul, jr. ....... . Shaffer, William P. .... . Schapiro, Edward R. . . Schiel, Herman F. .... . Scheer, George F., slr. . . . Schoolz, ,lohn A. .... . . Schrieberg, Eli I. .... . Scott, M. Winfield ,... Sease, Robert H. .,... . Seifert, William O. . . . . Shackelford, George H. . Shaia. William H. .... . . Sheaffer, Wilbur M. . . . . Sheffield, Lawrence B., jr. . . Sheintoch, Martin ...... Shepherd, Allan T., jr. . . Shiflett, Robert W. ..... . Siegal, Gilbert ....... Simpson, james P. .. Sinar, Edward ...... Sisson, Hugh H. ..... . Skeen, Richard W., Jr. . . Skinner, Wilbur L. . . . Smith, ,lack S. ...... . . Smith, William M. . . . Snead, Harry L., jr. . . . Snead, ROV M. .... . Snow, Billy J. ...... . Snowa, Otis E. ....... . Snyder, William N. .... . Southworth, Thomas F. . Spahn, Philip .......... Spence, Emmett L. . .. Spiers, Lawrence E. . . . . Sproles, john H. . . . . St. Clair, Alvan L. . . . . Stafford, Vernon C. .. Stanley, Robert E. . . . Starke, Parke P., jr. . . Steinberg, Ephraim ..... Steiner, Henry L. ...... . Steinmetz, Granville H. . . Stephenson, George A., jr. . . . . Sternberg, Alex B. ..... . Stokes, Claiborne H. . . . . Stone, Robert L. ...... . Stoneburner, Seabury D. . . . . Story, Walter F. ...... . Straus, Allyn C., Jr. . . . Jr. ........................ Lilian, Va . . . . . . . 208 N. 7th Ave., Hopewell, Va Nassawadox,Va .................Stem,N.C ........... 209 Fifth Ave., Pelham, N. Y Mattoax,Va .108 Fairfax Ave., Col. Hts., Petersburg, Va Oilville,Va . . . . . . . . 5528 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . . 5528 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . ...... 50 Locust Ave., Hampton, Va .. . 2024 Idlewood Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 255 Rocton Ave., Bridgeport, Conn . . . . . . . . . . . . . Soonchun, Korea, fAsiaJ . . . 4416 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va Windsor,Va Mo . . . . Masonic Home, .... 1201 St. ,lohn St., R.F.D.9, ... 1210 Linden Ave., .... 25 Towana Rd., 620 North Road, . 2026 Grayland Ave., ..... 514 N. 25th St., Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Baltimore, Md Richmond. Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va . . . . 1050 Anderson Ave., New York, N. Y 5222 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 1827 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 8 Clark Road, Richmond, Va Ivor,Va . . . University Heights, Richmond, Va Drewry's Bluff,Va. . . . . 650 Leigh St.. Richmond, Va. Massaponax,Va .. . 2009 W. Grace St., , Richmond, . . . . 2450 Venable St., . 2822 Woodcliff Ave. 5020 Ed ewood . . . . . , - g , . . 100 Gun Club Road, . . . . 509 Depew St., ....... 22 Myrtle Sr., . . . 11-01 West Clay St.. Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond. Va Denver, Colo Hampton, Va Richmond, Va Box 520, Benhams,Va .. 2251 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va ..... 105 Halifax St., Petersburg. Va 2529 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va 2817 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond. Va 1212 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N. Y Falmouth, Va . 615 Alleghany St., Clifton Forge, Va . . . . 5217 Brook Road, Richmond . Narrows, Va. Vai , Vai ... 218 W. 12th St., Richmond, Va . . . . . R.F.D. A-1, Winchester, Va Dillw n, Va .. 144 Carroll Ave., Col. Heights Va. P6DHlD2tOUG8D,V3 . . . 6600 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 2512 Park Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 57 Westbury Ave., Staten Island, N. Y . . . . . 5116 E. Marshall St., Richmond Va. . . . . . . . . 45 Crescent St.. Rutland, Vt . . . . . . River Road, Richmond Va . . . 24 S. Cherry St., Richmond:Va ................Pocahontas,Va . . . 412 Woods Ave.. Roanoke, Va. .........R.1f.D.9, . . 202 S. Mulberry St ff f f 'acid iii' igf si 701N.21StSt ... 1411N. 22nd St . . 1719-A Grove Ave: ... 5555 W. Grace St., 5615 Hawthorne Ave., 5005 Brook Rd -1 -a -a 'a Richmond, Va Richmond, Va . Ashland, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va Blackstone, Va Richmond, Va Richmond, Va . . . . 1005 Maryland Ave., Suffolk, Va . 2600 Monument Ave., Richmond Va 1 Stubbs, john L. ....... . Sullivan, Joseph O., vlr. . Surber, William H., jr. . Talley, Robert V. .... . . Tate, Owen F. ....... . . Taylor, Gervas S., hlr. . . . Taylor, jackson tl. ..., . Taylor, Warren F. . . . Taylor, William A. . .. Terry, William S. ..... . Thistlethwaite, James R. . . . Thomas, Carlson R. .... . Thomas, Harding L. . . Thomas, Joseph B. . . . Thomas, Paul C. ..... . Thompson, Abner N. . . . Thomson, Earl L. .... . Tiller, Vincent S. . . . . Todd, julian P. .. . . . Topham, William F. . . Townsend, Morton . . . Townsend, Walter S. . . Trille, Emilie F. ...... . Turkington, James W. . . . Turner, Theodore R. . . Tutwiler, T. Stanford . . . Tyler, Earl W., jr. . . . . Ullman, Edward N. . . . . Uzzle, Frederick Booth . . Valentine. Charles P., -lr. Van Buren, Robert P. . . . Van Buskirk, Bruce P., . . Van Leeuwen, Evan B. . . Vaughan, Cecil Porter, -lr. ......,.............. . Vogt, Elmo J. ........ . Vranian, Floyd R. ..... . Vranian, George ....... Wagner, James Arthur . Waddington, Frederick A. Waite, George T. .... . . Walthall, Charles T. Walthall, Harvey M. . .. Wallace, James ........ Warriner, Thomas E., jr. Washer, Roy J. ....... . Watkins, Charles A., glr. . Watkins, john B. ..... . . Watkins, john T., Jr. . . . Watkins, Harry E. . . . . . Watson, Paul G. . . . . Watts, Arnold F. ..... . Watts, Stanley S. ...... . Waymack, William J., jr. Weaver, Albert F. ..... . Wellhouse, Henry A. . . . Wellman, Allan H. .... . Welton, Chauncey G. .. Wermuth, Scott H., lr. . . . Weston, Benjamin H. . . . Wheeler, Alfred M. . . . Wheeler, F. Edge ..... White, George L., jr. . . . White, Thomas W., lr. . Whitlatch, Carlton A. . . Whitley, George P., blr. . . Wholey. Walter D. . . . Wiatt, Frank C., Jr. . . Wicker, ,lohn T. . . . . Widener, W. Harry . . . Wiggins, joe W. .... . Wiley, Thomas J. ..... . Wilkinson, William B. . . Williams, Aubrey S., jr. . Williams, B. Gay ...... Williams, Stuart L. . . . . Williams, T. Nelson .... Willing, Mark S., jr. . . . . Willis, Addison G., Jr. . . Willis, Lawrence H. . . . Wills, Samuel G. . . . Wilson, Calvin L. . . . Wingo, Charlie F. . . . Monroe Terrace, Apt. 5-C, Richmond, Va. Dillwyn,Va. . . . . . . . . 900 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 207 N. 56th St., Richmond, Va. .......... 125 Broad St.. Danville, Va. . . 5210 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. ..................vUlDD3bIlW,N.C. .. 1606 Yee St., S.E., Washington, D. C. Spencer,Va. Chatham,Va. . . . 5505 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. ........... 892 Pine St., Danville, Va. ........... R.F.D. 5, Martinsville, Va . . 501 Ridgepost Ave., Clifton Forge, Va. . . . . . . . 817 Prospect Ave., Bristol, Va. . . . . 805 Lancaster Rd., Richmond, Va. Dahlgren,Va. Pennington Gap,Va. Dumbarton,Va. . . . 711 Maiden Lane, Roanoke Va. . . . . 126 Shore St., Petersburg, Va. . . . . 126 Shore St., Petersburg, Va. . . . . Box 96, Carolina, Puerto Rico. . . . . 285 Griffith St., Jersey City, N. J. Frederick Hall,Va. . . 6905 Glendale Rd., Chevy Chase. Md. . . . . 4109 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 5107 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 555 E. Washington St., Petersburg, Va. . . . . 5516 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 2701-A Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . 6 Gramatian Gardens, Bronxville, N. Y. . . . . . 1518 Brunswick Ave., Norfolk, Va. Stevensville, Va. Trevilians,Va. 2926 Westhampton Ave., Richmond, Va. 2926 Westhampton Ave., Richmond, Va. ...... Route 5, Box 129, Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 2208 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 2904 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. Matoaca,Va. .........Matoaca,Va. ................NewRochelle,N.Y Lawrenceville,Va. . 1554 Willianisburg Rd., Richmond, Va. .......... 821 W. 50th St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 821 W. 50th St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 2854 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 5201 Fourth Ave., Richmond, Va. Nassawadox,Va. . . . 210 N. Stafford Ave., Richmond. Va. . . . 210 N. Stafford Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 2918 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 5205 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 5128 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. OldBridge,N. I. .. 2512 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. Dumbarton,Va. . . . . 900 N. Frederick St., Arlington, Va. . . 810 Brompton St., Fredericksburg, Va. Arrington,Va. . . 2505 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. .... . 2210 E. Broad St., Richmond Va. . . . . . 1516 E. james St., Lancasteri Pa. . . 205 E. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. . . 809 Marye St., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . 120 Apple Ave., Hampton, Va. Honolulu.Hawaii . . . 1100 Clark St., Fayetteville, N. C. . . 2208 Jefferson Ave., Richmond Va , . McKenney,Va. . . . . 408 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. . . . 5411 Gloucester St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 5801 York Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . 5617 Brook Rd., Richmond Va MountHolly,Va. Culpeper,Va. .. . . . . . 900 N. 56th St., Richmond, Va. . . 1162 Monticello Ave., Petersburg, Va. . . . . . . . . 5122 Salem St., Richmond, Va. . . . R.F.D. 10, Box 205, S. Richmond Va Two Hznzdred amz' Sezfeu tion Im 11 llll -tit +11 1111 + IM BRE D A LET WHITTET .wfvwwvv A., , Al .. . PRINT IT. . .,., 1,1, . ap if W HITTET CSI Atlas Baking Co., Inc. RICHMOND, VA. R I C I-I M Q N D Tltinihersitp uf irbmunh fnfzuaa 1. RICHMOND COLLEGE, liberal arts and sciences for men, R. B. Pinchbeck, Ph.D., Dean. 2. XXIFSTHAMPTON COLLFGF, liberal arts and sciences for women, May L. Keller, Ph.D., Dean. 5. THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW, for men and women, M. Ray Doubles, j.D., Dean. 4. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, for men and women, Geo. M. Modlin, Ph.D., Director. 5. GRADUATE SCHOOL, for men and women, B. C. Holtzclaw, Ph.D., Director. 6. SUMMER SCHOOL, for men and women, W. L. Prince, M.A., Director. Each college or department publishes a catalogue which will be sent upon application to the Dean or Director. P. O. University of Richmond, Va. The University of Richmond is on the approved list of the Association of American Universities, and of the American Bar Association, and holds membership in the Association of American University Women, the Association of American Colleges, the Association of American Law Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and has a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. F. W. BOATWRIGHT, Prefidezzf. -i-- '--' -f" -i- Tuw Hzzznlfwf .md Iiilglwl Arwood, Anne Elizabeth Wiltshire, Alfred O. . . Winn, Julian O. . . . . . Winkles, S. Allan ..... . . . Winston, Beverly K. . . . . Woolard, Charles H. . . . . Wood, Russell E. ........ . Wornom, Samuel J., Jr. . . . . Wren, Woodrow W. . . . Wrenn, Wilbur H. . . . Wright, Cecil S., Jr. . . Abernethy, Kathleen . . . Adair, Lucia Allen . Addison, Anne Fox . . Aler, Jane ......... Allen, Evelyn Lorne Allen, Lucy Burke . .. Allman, Elise ....... Alston, Virginia ........ Arnold, Mary Lorraine .... Atkins, Charlotte Ruth . . . Aycock, Madge Marie .... Babb, Ann Carolyn ........ Badenoch, Marion Frances . . . Bailey, Frances Bell ..... . Baird, Lucy Wynn . .. Ball, Virginia Lee . .. Barlow, Joanne ...... Bass, Eunice Virginia . . Batten, Hildah Cofer Beam, Martha Lillian .. Beard, Marjorie Jean ..... Beazley, Frances Wood . . . Beeks, Jean Clardey .... Beverley, Martha Belle .... .... . . . . . . . College Rd., Richmond, Keysville, . U. S. Veterans Hospital, . . . . . . 1703 Seddon Rd., Richmond, . . . . . . 1406 N. 22nd St., Richmond, 3217 Hanes Ave., Richmond, . 443 Newport News Ave., Hampton, . 3516 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, . . . . . 201 Roanoke St., Richmond, Coatesville, . . . . 9 N. Granby St., Richmond, Va. V il Pa Va. Va. V Ll V Ll Va Va Va. Wi'igl1t, John W., -lr. . .. Robert M. . . NXfright, Wright, Werter G. . . Wriglit, Wesley . . . Wyzltt, Evans Y. . . . Wymbs, Roy P. . . . Yarchin, Erick F. ....... . Younts, Charleton P., Jr. . . Zicafoose, Harold C. . . Wesffaampfoza Coffege . . . . . . . . . . 2 Clark Rd., Richmond, Va 3601 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond .. . 828 Spotswood Ave., Norfolki Churchland Rt. 8, Richmond Va Va Va Va .. 3002 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va Rt. 4, Richmond,Va 1315 North 20th St., Richmond, Va . . . . 105 Elizabeth St., Clearfield, Pa . . . . . . 920 Sabot St., Richmond, Va . . 1008 W. 45th St., Richmond, Va. Princeton, N. C. lvor,Va. . 3203 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. Richmond Va. ..... 27 Willway Rd., Rawlings,Va. Schuyler,Va. 55 Lock Lane, Richmond, Va. Rt. 1,Ettrick,Va. Smithfield,Va. . . . . 7200 Hermitage Rd., Richmond ......... 711 N. Blvd., Richmond 2309 Ma levsood Ave., Hamlet, N. C. Richmond . p f 1912 Princess Anne Ave., Richmond 7 1 a Va Va Va , Va Blair, Elizabeth Montgomery ...... 118 N. Morris St., Richmond, Va Blake, Jane Elizabeth ............ 3029 Noble Ave., Richmond, Va Blake, Lois .............. . . 3029 Noble Ave., Richmond, Va Boehling, Mary Anne . . . . . . 3021 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va Booker, Reba Mae .... ...................... N aruna, Va Bowers, Jean ............... 3616 Seminary Ave., Richmond Va Brinson, Margaret Ruth ............ 268 E. 39th St., Norfolk? Va. Brittingham, Margaret Evelyn Victoria,Va. Buchanan, Annabel .................. 16 S. Blvd., Richmond, Va. Bugg, Virginia Hall .......... 5500 Riverside Drive, Richmond Va. Burfoot, Edith McDowell ......................... 7 Fentress Va. Burnette, Mildred Colo-ta . . 652 Northumberland Ave., Roanoke: Va. Butterworth, Ellen Rives ............,.......... Buxton, Mary Moseley . .. ..... 1001 Grove Ave., Calisch, Frances Claudia .... Butterworth, Va. Richmond, Va. 3018 Kensington Ave., Richmond,Va. Call, Ann Hooper ........ 3212 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond Va. Campbell, Julia Adelaide ........ Campbell, Lois Inez ........ Cardoza, Beatrice Louise .... 9 3204 Grove Ave., Richmond Va. saiivriieiva. 3110 Kensington Ave., Richmond,Va. Cardwell, Elizabeth Pendleton. .1817 Monument Ave., Richmond Va. Carpenter, Fay Dalton ..... Carper, Elizabeth Hunter Carter, Mary Sue ........ Chambliss, Ann Bolling Christian, Mildred Collier . . . Christiansen, Aida Lesley .... Claiborne, Eugenia Macon .. Cla Mar Lee ry, y. .......... Clary, Rosalie Gordon ...... Clements, Marjorie Ware . . Clifton, Evelyn Mae ........ Coghill, Phyllis Ann ........ Coo er Alison Louise s Brightwood,Va. .. 2409 Rosewood Ave., Richmond , Va ...... 235 E. 22d St., New York City Rawlings,Va. . . . . . 2111 Fourth Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 147-09 14th Ave., Whitestone, N. Y. Forest,Va. Valentines,Va. Dumbarton,Va. Federal Reserve Bank, Charlotte, N. C. . . . . 209-A N. 28th St., Richmond, Va. 2327 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 404 S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. p , ...... Cortopassi, Pauline .... .... 4 318 Stonewall Ave., Richmond,Va. Cosby, Evelyn Linda .... . . . 2101 E. Marshall St., Richmond, Va. Cosby, Evelyn Virginia .. Cosby, Ida Madeline ..... Crabtree, lvfary Margaret . . Crawford, Kathleen Frances Crobarger, Jeanne Carolyn Cunningham, Clarine Totty Dalton, Kalima ......... Daniel, Betty Jo ........ d'Avesne, Alys Leontine . . Davis, Nancy Ellen ...... DeBoe, Frances Virginia . Derring, Milly Esther Dickinson, Charlotte Ann . Dill, Dorothy Amelia .... Disney, Doris Menger, . .. Dodd, Helen Marie .... Dorsey, Ellen Bourne Dorsey, Lois Catherine Doyle, Caroline Virginia . Drumwright, Edna Frazier Duke, Dorothy Ann ..... Duval, Mary Louise ..... Eckles, Barbara Ruth . .. Elder, Marv Cornelia . . . Emerson, Mary Lillian Epes, Gladys Rebecca .... Evans, Elizabeth Jeannette . Evers, Anne Theresa ..... Farley, Ruth . ........... Fennell, Josephine Franklin Figg, Virginia Lee ......... Flanagan, Ethne Crowder . Flanagan, Eunice Signora . Flax, Evelyn Selma ...... Ford, Doris Anne ....... Forrer, Margaret Elizabeth Foster, Audrey Lister ..... Fountain, Emmy Smithson Francis, Kathleen Burke .. Frank, Eleanor Anne. ................ . Franklin, James Elizabeth . Fugate, Maureen Ophelia Fuller, Barbara Marshall . . Gaddis, Cecile Bearden . . . Gardner, Lelia Norlleet . . . Gardner, Ruth Virginia . .. Gary, Carolyn Hatcher Gillelan, Patricia Kathryn Si Gonzalez, Ninita Orts Goode, Sarah Trimble . . Grant, Jean Simons .. Gregory. My1'i1 Ann ..... Gresham, Janet Moore. . . . Grigsby, Frances Elizabeth Gustafson, Mildred Jane . . Gwaltney, Ann Fisher .... . . . 1344 Bedford Ave., Richmond, Va ........ . .. Route 8, Richmond, Va. Acorn, Va. ... 6805 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. .. . . . . .. 314 Linden St., Camden, N. J .. . 902 Sylvania Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . . .. 41 Winslow St., Roxbury, Mass .. . 81-130 E. Dixie Highway, Miami, Fla. . . . 2103 North Ave., Richmond, Va. Midloth1an,Va. 2101 E. Marshall St., Richmond, Va. . . . Caixa 1982, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . 2319 Rosewood Ave., Richmond, 26 Willway Rd., Richmond, . 731 Byrd Park Court, Richmond, .. 1019 Prospect Ave., Pulaski, ........... N. Main St., Blakely, 421 North Boulevard, Richmond Va. Va. Va. Va. Ga. Va. 1111 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Chatham, Va. Blacksburg,Va. 400 Royal Ave., Front Royal, Va. 1603 Magnolia St., Richmond, Va. . . 69 Standish Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 606 W. 31st St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . . . . Prince Frederick, Md. 304 Brown Ave., Hopewell,Va. McKenney, Va. Union Level, Va. 3518 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va. Arvonia Va. .. . . 3324 Park Ave., Richmond Va. . . 2111 Fourth Ave., Richmond Va. . . . . 216 S. Linden St., Richmond Va. Blackstone,Va. .. . . . 3903 Hanover Ave., Richmond , Va 12 Moore Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. . . . , 3921 Seminary Ave., Richmond . . . . . Rt. 2, Box 241, Richmond, . 3116 Fendall Ave., Richmond . . . . 4007 Wythe Ave., Richmond Bremo Bluff, .. . 301 Roseneath Rd., Richmond 14 S. Sheppard St., Richmond . . . . . . . . 3018 Noble Ave., Richmond 211 Kayewell Ave., Cape Charles 1409 Chesapeake Ave., So. Norfolk Ewing, 220 Ferguson Ave., Hilton Village, . . . 1446 S.W. 16th St.. Miami. Princess Anne, Glen Allen. Box 492, Petersburg, Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Fla. . , 124 Winder St., Henderson, N. C. 321-6 Edgewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 9 Maxwell Rd., Richmond, Va. nillie . 630 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Goldfarb, Esther ................ 532 N. 18th St ., Richmond Va. 3109 Hanes Ave., Richmond Va. , . . 30 Albemarle Ave., Richmond Va. 4007 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. Chester,Va. . . . 1021 N. Tilden St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 2914 Griffin Ave., Richmond Va. .. 1212 Confederate Ave Richmond Va. .. 2315 Maplewood Ave Richmond Va. Tim Hzmdrerz' .md N me E Ererhy Gl'zlIl,111IfU ix I1 Fzzfzzre - Azzlwzmbife Buyer +- ---- '--' --'- - + 7-I --'- HHONESTLY, IT'S THE BEST POLICY" ATLANTIC LIFE I WILL ALWAYS SELL GOOD USED CARS AND NEW FORDS, MERCURY AND LINCOLN ZEPHERS INSURANCE COMPANYS I POLICY Let's Get Acquaiuted ATLANTIC AGENCY, Inc. QTEDQ EDVUARD L. KINDER General Agent Richmond Motor Co. l0th and Broad Sts. 217 Mutual Building' Richmond' Va' 'E' ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' ' ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " i 'E' ' "" "" "" 'I" IIII I I I 'III 'I1' IIII I'vI III1 Ilfl vlll I I I I I I I I I +I ---- ---- I--- - -1- +I ---- ! ' 3 : f - - ROLL RIGHT IN MARROW -- Florlsts STORE: 504 North em Street To Dial Phone 3-0938, 2-2590 E 5913 Complete Line of Farley GREENHOUSES: 1556 North 19th Street Baked 600415 - RICHMOND- VA- 2752 W. Broad Street Dial 5-7417 4- II,I I.II ..,. - Q. 4- .-.- --.- . . 4. ji" "" ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' ' ' "" "" "" "" "" "" ' '!' ' ' "" "" ' "" "" "" "" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'I' 2 E- W- RUDD, INC- Wm. F. Gravins 81 Co., Inc. Plumbing - :- Heating PROIIIIYI' .24-I'IUL7R REPAIR SERVICE Shenandoah Valley TIMKEN OIL BURNERS Food Pfmfff Dial 4-9061 23 and 25 South 13th Street EIl1El'gel1Cy Dial 4-6696 OI' 5-7866 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA E 9-11 South Belmont Avenue 5 4- -.-- .--. I --.- - --L -i-- -I-- - -1 "" "" "" ' '!' 4' Coflzplinzelzfx of INCORPORATED IJ. I-In VA. BOOK MANUFACTURERS Egmblblged 1871 RICHMOND VIRGINIA Phone 3-5378 -i-- --.- -.-- - -- --Ii -i-- -..- -- - -I- Tzm H Illldftfcl tzml 71611 McDonough, Lucy Ellen ..... .. 5929 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa Hall, Dorothy Traynham . . 26 Brookwood Drive, N.W., Atlanta, Ga Hall, Stella Louise ........ 4536 W. Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va Hardaway, Emily Alese .... Hallmark, Maryanne ......., Hargrove, Bernice Sutphin . . Hargrove, Doris Ann ..,. . . Hargrove, Pattie Phillips .... Harris, Anne Elizabeth .... Harshbarger, Dorothy Bernice Hayes, Sarah Lavinia ...... Henry, Mary Elizabeth ..... Herrink, Helen Reed Hertzberg, Bella ........ . . Hewes, Dorothy Virginia . . Hewitt, Alice June .,.... Hilbish, Jane Canody Hill, Helen James ...... Hinchman, Mary Erina ..., Hogan, Mary Elizabeth .... Hoffman, Mary Duane . . . Hoffman, Rosellen .......,.... Holden, Elizabeth Dillard .. Hinchman, Noel Eileen Holland, Louise Giles . .. Hood, Frances Mozelle .... Hood, Jean Champion . .. Hoover Catherine Bird ..... Howe, Harriet Wylly ...... Howerton, Mildred Turnley . Huffman, Jeanne Wortham . . Huxter, Shirley ..........,. Irving, Ruth Bancroft . .. Ives, Rosemary .......... Jacobsen, Dagmar Florence James Mildred L ell -. ., y ..,..,. Jeffries, Helen ,......... Jenkins, Laura Virginia . .. Joblin, Patsy Sarah ......... Johnson, Betty Jeanice .,... Johnson, Helen Elizabeth ...... Johnston Mar aret Althea . , 8 - ' Jones, Kathleen Carmen ..... Jones, Miriam Allene .,.... Jones, Virginia Lee ..... Jung, Lillian Henrietta . .. Kalaian Mar aret Dora 1 , g . . . Kayhoe, Mary Ellsworth .... Kemler, Carol ............. Keshishian, Nellie Marie . . Keuffel, Elsa Marie ........ Keyser, Marie Estelle .... .. Kidd, Elsie Katherine ..... Kindell, Eleanor Cookson .... Koltukian, Rose Ware .... Krapin, Ida Shirley ..... . . Krug, Barbara Young . . Kyle, Peggy Jeanne La Chance, Mrs. Tamis ........... 315 S. Third St Lafoon, Mary Florence ...... Land, Ada May ....... . . . Lane, Janice Louise ..... .. Latham Ruth Baile , y ...... Lawson, Christine Octavia . . . Lawson, Evie Chambers ........ Stony Creek, Va . .2728 Woodrow Ave., Richmond, Va . . 3403 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va . 3403 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va . . 4010 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va Beaverdam,Va . 303 8th Ave., St. Albans, W. Va Rt. 2, Franklin,Va Mansion Hill, Hopewell, 17 S. Blvd., Richmond, . . 3301 West Grace St., Richmond, 605 E. 19th St., Chester, 2526 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Piney River, . . . 46 Willway Ave., Richmond, 1701 VU. Grace St., Richmond, . 435 Bluemont Ave., Roanoke, Va Va Va Pa Va Va Va Va Va . . 40 Jewel St., Forest Hills, N. Y 17 Pear Ave., Newport News, Blackstone, 1601 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va Va Va . . . . . . . . 304 Clay St., Franklin, Va . . . . 407 Henri Rd., Richmond, Va . . .. 716 S. Adams St., Petersburg, Va Rt. 3, Richmond, Va 2307 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 217 N. Saratoga St., Suffolk, Va . . . . . . 105 Libbie Ave., Richmond, Va 1309 Westbrook Ave., Richmond Va . . . . . . . Box 156, Charlottesville Va .. 3105 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va Browns Store, Va 1250 23d St., Newport News Va 7 Warrenton f , Va . . . 14 Ellsworth Ave., Yonkers, N. Y . 3612 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va Parksley,Va 3913 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va .. Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va . . . 3023 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va 3410 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va 717 W. Cary St., Richmond, Va . . . . 1825 Stephen St., Brooklyn, N. Y . . . 112 N. Meadow St., Richmond, Va .. 332 Greenway Lane, Richmond, Va . . . . 1908 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md 59 Bayview Ave., Port Washington, N. Y 744 Boulevard, East, W 3127 Garland Ave. eehawken, N. J , Richmond, Va . . . 406 S. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va . . . 75 Florence Ave., .... 6105 Howard Rd Sharon Hill, Pa ., Richmond, Va . . . . . 2115 Venable St., Richmond, Va .. 418 S. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va ...... 1520 Victor St ., Richmond, Va ., Richmond, Va 4525 Leonard Parkway, Richmond, Va 1502 Peachtree Blvd. , Richmond, Va . . 4209 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3220 Enslow Ave., Richmond, Va ..WhiteStone,Va 308 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va Leary, Lelia Arlette .......... 1305 Nottoway Ave., Richmond, Va Lenton, Marjorie Farquhar .. Levine, Ethel .............. Leviston, Kathryn Rebecca . . . Lewis, Barbara Jean ...... Lewis Harriett ....... Lewis Lewis Ligon Llo d Lucille Jean .... Naomi ......... Margaret Hatton . . Eileen Louise . . 2001 Idlewood Ave. .. . 402 N. Tilden St. 1610 Grove Ave , Richmond, Va , Richmond, Va ., Richmond, Va 3112 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 36-40 Bowne St., Flushing, N. Y 3112 Grove Ave., Richmond, 4817 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va Va Mardela Springs,Md y , . . . . . Loving, Juliette Paige ........ 1507 Laburnum Ave., Richmond, Va MacMurtr Elizabeth Farwell 331 Cabot St Beverl Mass Lucas, Judith Carter ...... Lumpkin, Annabel Farinhol Lyle, Katherine Lee ............ 204 S. Linden St., Richmond, 3505 First Ave., Richmond, t .............. Chesterfield C.H., Va Va Va y, ........ , ., y, Mahood, Katherine Maitland ...... 214 Hale Ave., Princeton, W. Va Maire, Jayne Marie ......... ,........ ....... D u mbarton, Va Mangum, Mary Virginia .......... 200 W. 46th St., Richmond, Va Marsh, Elizabeth Jane ...... 200 W. Manlius St., E. Syracuse, N. Y. Martin, Helen Douglas ...... 6007 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, Va. Mayo, Virginia Randolph Scottsv1lle,Va. v McAuley, Evelyn ...........,. 3908 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Ja. McElroy, Alice Wilson .... McLarin, Virginia Allen .... Meador, Martha Louisa ..... Miller, Jean Crittenden .... Moncure, Marion Josephine ....... Morgan, Eva Tyler ......... Morrissey, Marie Louise ...... Moss, Ada Dorothy ..... Motley, Dorothy Lou .... Neasmith, Jean Louise .. . Nicholsky, Kira ............ Norris, Grace Marguerite . . . Norwood, Betty Spicer ..... Nuckols, Minnie Florine ...... Oakes, Ann Taliaferro ........ O'Brien, Ethel Helen ....... O'Flaherty, Mayme Frayser . . Omohundro, Mary Gilliam . . . . . . . 2822 Hanes Ave., Richmond, Va. 3812 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. 30 Oak Lane, Mountain Lakes, N. J 307 Wellington Ave., Roanoke, Va 213 Kensington Road, Greensboro, N. C 111 N. Plum St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . . . . Iris Lane, Richmond, Va 3025 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va 3123 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 3209 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va 513 N. Blvd., Richmond , Va 420 W. 119th St., New York, N. Y 4230 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va 154 Tifeng Rd., Shanghai, China 4607 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va 412 W. Clifford St., Winchester, Va . 114 Wickham Rd., Garden City, N. Y . . 3603 Moss Side Ave., Richmond Va 1 . . 3322 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va Omohundro, Virginia Blanche .................. Fork Union, Va Owen, Mary Bennet ............................... Jarratt, Va Owen, Mildred Anne ...... .................. K eysville, Va Palmer, Norma Louise . . . Parker, Florence Eubank . . . Parker, Mildred Ethel .... Parker, Virginia Eloise .... Parsley, Phyllis Llewellyn . . . Parsons, Edith Eleanor ...... Parsons, Emma Louise . . . Pavey, Ann Rosamond . .. Payne, Sarajayne ....... . Petzinger, Betty Ann ....... Phillips, Ann Clemmitt ..... Phillips, Ruth Marguerite .. Philpott, Georgie Corinne .. Pierce, Lelia Bondurant ..... Pitchford, Constance Mae . . . Pomeroy, Evelyn Maude . .. Poteat, Priscilla Hale ...... Powell, Agatha Constance . . . Powell, Monena .......... Price, Jean Claire ......... Priddy, Elizabeth LaVerne . . . Profhtt, Efiie Chastain Purcell, Margaret Lee Quinn, Dorothy Belle Rawls, Eulalie Marion . . . Ridgley, Helen Waldo . . Riley, Mary Elizabeth Ritchie, Ella Sue ....... . . 213 Nottingham Rd., Richmond, Va . . . . 4524 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 4524 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va 418 Southampton St., Emporia, Va ...... 3514 E. Clay St., Richmond, Va . . 40 Church St., Shelburne Falls, Mass . . . . . . 3428 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 1010 W. 45th St., Richmond, Va Marion,Va . 504 Shenandoah St., Portsmouth, Va . 7112 University Drive, Richmond, Va Waverly,Va Philpott,Va . . . 135 S. Colonial Ave., Richmond, Va . 4500 Monument Ave., Richmond,Va Front Royal,Va . . . . . . . . Crozer Seminary, Chester, Pa . . . . . 2710 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, N. Y Roberts, Dorothy Elaine ......................... Roberts, Mildred Christian . . . Roberts, Phyllis Anne ..... Robey, Ann Beverly ........ Robinson, Virginia Elizabeth . Robinson, Vista Virginia . . Rooke, Mabel Leigh ..... Rosser, Mary Elizabeth . . . Roudabush, Jane Lee .... Rowland, Lowaita Lee . . . Rue, Anna Marie ...... Russell, Ann ......... Ryland, Hannah ........ Sadler, Frances Henrietta Satterwhite, Elsie Vernon .... Sauer, Virginia Anne ..... Scherer, Mary Grace .... . . Scott, Geraldine ........ Seldes, Thelma Anne .... Sessler, Betty May ...... Shafer, Anne Holladay .... Shapiro, Florence Debora . .. Sheffield, Rose Louise .... Shelby, Mary Gene .... Shell, Marguerite 2-611 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . 304 S. Pine St., Richmond, Va 3320 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va . . . . 1610 Park Ave., Richmond, Va .. 1523 National St., Richmond, Va . . 1-003 Edgehill Rd., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lincoln University, Pa 3508 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va Rt. 4, Petersburg,Va .. Crewe, Va 4705 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va Rt. 5, Richmond,Va . . . . . . . . . . Route 10, Richmond, Va . . . 1839 Berkeley Ave., Petersburg, Va Skippers,Va .. . 210 Bosley Ave., Suffolk, Va Whitakers,N.C . . . . 115 Court Street, Luray, Va . . . 9 Guernsey Ave., Abington, Pa Culpeper,Va . . 806 Westover Rd., Richmond, Va . . . . . . University of Richmond, Va . . . . . . 23 Towana Rd., Richmond, Va . . 904 W. 30th Street, Richmond, Va .. . 1837 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va 1603 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va Brookneal,Va .. . 3113 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3110 Park Ave., Richmond, Va . 1814 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 3320 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 1005 Lakeside, Suffolk, Va . . . 445 Grayson St., Portsmouth, Va Lawrenceville,Va Two Hmzdred and Elezwz 4- 'I' TAINTILLA GARDEN TINY TOWN AIILNEMENT CENTER 'Kf!l'eet Your Friends Niglwtfy at Tantiflfz Garden ana' Tiny Townn LEADING ATHLETIC AND NIGHT LIFE CENTER EoR UNIVERSITY of RICHMOND STUDENTS 4. III ml .9 + In IIII un Im ilu nu III 'H' """+ Q file gee? of guccess in ou That is the question that every man faces as the time clraws near for him to enter the business worlcl. If you are able to save money, you can succeeclg if not, you will fail! You may not think so, but you will lose as sure as fate, for the seed of success is not in you. IVIan has one fundamental weakness. I-Iis inabil- ity to hang on to his material Posses- sions. 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Silverman, Thais ............ 1101 Petersburg Pike, Richmond, Va. Simpson, Alice-Gray Owens ...................... Falmouth Va. Simpson, Georgie Isabelle. . . Sisson, Lucy Keeling .......... .112 N. washmgmn sf., XX7lflCl16StCI': va. 4028 Fauquier Ave., Richmond, Va. Slavin, Mildred Virginia .......... 2516-A Hull St., Richmond, Va. Smith, Smith, Helen Jane .,... Smith, Mary Alice ....... Smith, Maude Wakeley . . . Snead, Sallie Waverly ...... Spence, Jeanne Corine ............ Anne Kathleen . . . , ...... . ............. Crewe, Va. . . 203 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. . . 2701 Fourth Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 137 Coeyman Ave., Nutley, N. J. Chester,Va. 624 S. Taylor St., Arlington, Va. Spencer, Katherine Apperson .... 415 Elmwood Ave., Lynchburg, Va. Stephenson, Bernice Irene ...... 3009 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va. Stockberger, Dorlores Ruth. .2817 N. Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne, Ind. Strokorb, Doris Mae ....... 3800 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. Stover, Mary Evelyn ........,................ Cranberry, W. Va. Sykes, Saddye Jane .... .....................Jackson,N.C. Tabb, Mildred Lear ......... 81 Thirty-first St., Newport News, Va. Thayer, Maria May ........... 2014 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Thompson, Grace Hawkins. . ,24 Westmoreland Place, Richmond, Va. Thompson, Ruth ........ Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Thompson, Virginia Muriel .' ............ Sunset Drive, Stuart, Va. Thurston, Audrey ..... 2715 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. Tompkins, Jane Ann . . ....................... Warren, N. Y. Trevvett, Jane Waldrop .,.......... 913 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Trussell, Suzanne Adora .... Tucker, Anne Byrd ........... Triplett, Eugenia Crump Tucker, Mary Anne Turner, Mary Holcombe . . . .............. . . . . Waldrop, Emma Bee . .. Walker, Annie Loie i .... Want, Rosalie Celia . . . Ashland, Va. 54 Bar Beach Rd., Port Washington, N. Y. 3320 Pa-tterson Ave., Richmond, Va. Yorktown, Va. Blackstone, Va. 2113 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 2805 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 2707 Semmes Ave., Richmond, Va. Webb, Martha Elizabeth ........ 2012 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Weber, Kathleen Knote ...,.. 113-114 14th Ave., College Point, N. Y. Wendling, Esther ............... 47 Fruehauf Road, Snyder, N. Y. Whitener, Jane .......... Wicker, Katherine Lumpkin Wicker, Lila Richardson. . . Wicklund, Leone Winifred Wilds, Anne Taylor ...... . . . . . . . 1406 Sauer Ave., Richmond, Va. Wiley, Frances Elizabeth .... Wilkins, Jeanne Lozier . . . Willets, Betty Merton . .. Williams, Anne Claire .... Williams, Dell Mercedes .. Williams, Frances Susette . Williams, Kathleen Leigh . Williams, Maxine Nunnally Wilson, Judith Carolyn . . . Wilson, Marjorie ........ Wilson, Mary Pegram .... Winfrey, Roberta Layne ...... . . . Wingfield, Jonsy Ernestine Winn, Mary Anne ....... Winston, Hortense ....... Wirth, Antoinette Parker . . Wolff, Jean Emily ....... Wood, Virginia Malcolm . Woodtin, Gene Ragland . . . Woodson, Betty Haskins . . Woodward, Ann Love ..... Wray, Willie Kaye ........, Wright, Geraldine Leone . . Yancey, Marion Augusta . . Yeamans, Harriet Rudd . . . Zehmer, Evangeline Young Box 366, Hickory, N. C. . . .1207 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1207 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. Box 184, Rochester, Minn. . . . . . 810 Lancaster Rd., Richmond, Va. University of Shanghai, Shanghai, China .. . 75 Willoughty Rd., Fanwood, N J Orange . . . 2821 Ballentine Blvd., Norfolk .. . 3216 Barton Ave., Richmond . . . 3216 Barton Ave., Richmond 511 N. East St., Culpeper . . . . . . 1717 Third Ave., Richmond 227 Clay St., Suffolk Route 7, ' ' 'adn' 'Biota' aa., ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' 'aio' ivigpie' Avg., Richmond Rushmere Richmond . Naruma Richmond 1410 Poindexter St., South Norfolk Smithfield, N C ..... 918 Floyd Ave., ' 1 4565's,5f'ii,,L,'i1ii1'A9Lf.', Richmond Pendleton Richmond . . 2820 New Kent Ave., Richmond .3401 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond . . . 4110 Patterson Ave., Richmond . . . 404 Heathcote Rd., Scarsdale, N X Clarksville V1 . . . 1005 Floyd Ave., Richmond Va Route 3, Petersburg V1 -429.24 N' . im ,,,.p--rr-vi 1' . 1 'fr-M. A 'TT '41 ' . X A I . Y M, . X- W' 5 ' 'un Tim Hlmdrea' and Tlvifleezl J jon nn "C01ztgmz'ul:zti0nJ Clary of 1940,' We have had the honor of serving you many of our products during your College term .... Yes not only you-but your fore- fathers before you-for a half century we have clone our utmost to produce the best and the "basin only. QJVB RICHMOND DAIRY CO. "Rirbmond's Milkman for fifty years" -I- tglu uu II Im M f w c ., A GAIIIIETT Q MASSIE, INC. - IIICIMDND, VIRGINIA til-lm rl nl un ruin gig-ml nu Tzm HlllIl1!'6L! and Fozzffeerz '-"-4- 4'-' "" "" "" ' "" "" "" : F35 ll ' lx JL 'J l -nu nu lm Iwi. tin-un ml 'M DRINK I f - Tlx Coca Cola 'A In Bottles W "" 47 N, y Richmond Coca-Cola Bottling Works 1801 W. Marshall St. ,ln ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, - ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,: ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , , l 'f' ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 4' GOOD FOOD IS PRIVATE ROOMS GOOD HEALTH FOR PARTIES AIR CONDITIONED DELIGHTFULLY COOL THE LANGFORD CAEETERIA, Inc. 805 E. GRACE ST. DAVENPORT INSURANCE CORPORATION OLDEST AGENCY IN THE SOUTH O89 MANAGERS AND BROKERS ENGINEERING AND ADJUSTING SERVICE 089 1113-1115 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 2-1671 - .. -. H, H. ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' 'Q' '!' ' ' "" "" "" "" ' ' ' ' I ' ' - 'S' . I I I ' "1 I I I 5 STOP AT . R YAl lAUNUIlY I I 3 I I I I I mc navcremens T I R 0 X Y 5 I . AAAIJIAL 3-74llm WHERE U. OF R. STUDENTS MEET I , . ' "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ' 1' 3' ' ' "" "" ' ' "" "" "" "" "" ' ' ' ' ' 'Q' LANCE i E I W. M. Gary Grocery Co., INCORPORATED TASTY--NOURISHING-ENERGIZING 17?-ffifllfi0f2 Sllpplifff They are just right-for a short bite Telephone 24215 LISTEN IN NTOASTCHEE TIMEH EVERY 1411 East Cary Street WEDNESDAY, 10 P.M. N.B.C. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - I I- --'- I '--1 -'-' I -S -i'- -'-' -'-- --'- ---- ---' ---- '-'- I I I I I -Ii + - -1'1 11-1 1f'- 1"f 1--1 1"1 I - 1'-1 I 11'1 '1-1 11-1 -111 -III - :I if I I 1-11 -11- -11- -11- -1-- IIII '111 -III 1111 111- I I I I - -I , , E OOMPLIMENTS OF I Graham Radio Service I 1 I MEMBER OF NATIONAL RADIO INSTITUTE W E S T I N N 1703 Decatur St. Richmond, Va. PATTERSON AVE- AT THE BOULEVARD Phone 3-7982 Phone 4-4014 -I -'-- ---' -'-' -I'- -'-- 'I-- e e I I -I3 -i-- f-I-- - '--I -'-- I II '--- --'- --'- I I II --F Homecraftsman's T O 0 L Carpenter's Mayhew-Maydole Tools have been manufactured since 1831. Our three plants in Shelburne Falls, Mass., Conway, Mass., and Norwich, N. Y. devote their entire facilities to the manufacture of Hand Tools for every type and class of trade. I ,M I ' IIIIIII I in 5 'Igi I,:: si " 'TQ 1 'IE 'QI -fax! gif W, 93111, 4' IIUFI i I It-3354" . MAYHEW STEEL PRODUCTS, Inc. SHELBURNE FALLS, MASS. e -III ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- -I-- -I-- ---- E I ---- -II- . . . . 4. Two Hmzdred and Fifteen -,-V A' ' 1 4 We: 4 e 'i I . ' QW -3 " 4 er e ' r V . .fl E'-if Wri ' ' l a 'X' .-'- 1' , ' Z.. h, . . ,Y ear.-.iii It-via A il l M l +4 6 I in ,ix I x 'A We .4 nsxlf., X.. X N . , . N 'xr' X -' xv' "if '- X 1 ' ENGRAVINGS FCI? Tl-IIS BUCK PRQDUCED BV , , . , l -, , N e , xx X i Vi i K S' 6 Yi -Q. if il 2:31 5" E., ' Jfgii in-F '59, i r . , v . JSM 2 if Q 5 K , 2, fl? A, lj 5' ' 'lf ' ' I. 0 A 'J if L n A service that includes . .2 Q personal lwelp and assist- 1? . , Q ance witln every detail ' H ' 1 l Q ' ol your book, lrom pre- i l i f my i liminary planning to . - l ' ' final completion. 1 fi ,. . jf lVldY we lielD You vvirlw K J 4 it Al- 3. your problems? P , il ' Representatiwe always i' sl 5 ll i 1 available. f Y ,, 5 W, K 3 - A , ,I A at kd ' -W , WE? Q I V A W 5 A 1 if 1 1 , enema K . , ff- X ,--.F -- -4 ',,-- ,--. f ' fl ' e x ' - ' . x . e . 'Z IOI GCDVERNCDR STREET, IQICHMCDND, VIRGINIA Q - - 1- X -- ' i e x Y X . ,- e,,, AJ , Y Y, ,Y , f ,,- 1 K Y ,. .,f ,,- -Y -1 - ,f Y,,,f If f ""'1r"'w' and-1 l r V r ,rgfifis Hseee., - i . 1 N wr - s as W - r .V ., .gil L our 4- 517' s .rigs . V ' Mai? 109 w 1 nw. vga' ,VI n: L, WV . 111.351 , my-'I '11 V 1 -V r , 1iV ,va V V 1 1 j n . " V' 1 '11 ' -. 1 .,, I . W 1 V V vV' 4, -9 - ' 1. ' L . 1 ,L X '22 's Y' V' QL -VLH. ' . Q 11. 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