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Y ..-, ..T,,V:+-7-nw, - V .U . .. Y- . V I ,..,,., .V v -,. .M V ,,..,....,..f ....-.-..., -..- .-.. nw- - .4-. -f...-1.--..... .,..f 1-a.-,,..,...-......... .1--,-. ., 'x 5 ,I THE 1939 WEB v 1 IHI UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND VIRGINIA COPYRIGHT, 1939 GEORGE ALBERT KLAFFKY Enrrok-IN-Cnmlf CHARLOTTE ANNE BEALE Assocxmn nnwon GEORGE BRITTON SOMERS BUSINESS MANAGER f W I H P FOREWORD A RESPECT FOR TRADITION, A BELIEE IN PROGRESSIVENESS, AND A DESIRE E OR TRUTH HAVE BEEN OUR GUIDES IN THE CREATION OE THIS VOLUME. TRUSTING THAT IT REELECTS SPIRIT, STRENGTH, AND YOUTI-IFULNESS OE OUR COLLEGE LIFE, THE EDITORS PRE- SENT THIS 1939 WEB AS A RECORD OE THIS YEAR AT THE UNIVERSITY OE RICHMOND. TO DOCTOR MAUDE HOWLETT WOODFIN IN APPRECIATION OE THEIR INVALUABLE CONTRIBUTIONS AS ACTIVE ALUMNI, INSPIRING PROFESSORS AND CONSTANT FRIENDS IN MAKING POSSIBLE A GREATER UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, WE THE EDITORS OF THE 1939 WEB DEDICATE THIS VOLUME. .Q W, . TO DOCTOR HERMAN POLLARD THOMAS f 1 ALMA VIE Om' memories of Westhnmptoli Will he cherished in review, As each unfolding season Recalls those .spent with yon." Give us the power to remember As down the hill we go Rea' towerx washed by falling min Pine trees weighted with mowf, FW' ff 5 4 X, - Q , .-I MA' FIT 17 4 WESTH.fXhlPT'ON COLLEGE COURT RY1.,xNu I-IALL ,mm1N1sT1z,xT1oN BUILDING If Alma tweeter, gracious mother, E-Uer green thy pine clad hills, ' Ever green thy sweetest memory." wax'- IETER MEMORIAL I-Lxu Boys' ooRM1ToRY i Lmsului IN W1as'1':-l,xm11f'I'oN's GOTHIC CL.ols'ru1z CAMPUS W,x1'E1zFA1,L ,,,'-I VIEW THE CA PU IENKINS NIEMORIM, GREEK THEATRE Arnmzg the stately pine trees Towering belouezl to all ber sons Om' Alma Mater' lies With ber towers softly shadowed In the rnoonliglafs mellow glow Or ber glorious sunset: painted In the tranquil lalae belowf, THOMAS IVIEMORIAI. HA1.l. Boys' nom-uToRY VIEW CANNON MEMORIAL CHAPEL 'Huill Alma Mate1', sunset crowned, Upon the bill-wp proudly stand, While woods and 'uales your praises Jourzd, And waters .still reflect the land. STUDENT ACTIVITIES BUILDING UNIVEIQISTY LAKE Freclerir UV. Bofzfzuriglvl Prexialelzt Rayllzoml B. PllIL'lf7b!!L'k Demi, Rirlamonrl College ADMI I TRATI E OFFICER Nfny L. Keller Demi, u76flfbc1i7Y17l0lZ College Malcolm R. Dozzblef Deniz, T. C. lIVillia1m'Srbool of Law L C. A. Albright R. C. Astrop VI. W. Bailey . L. F. Ball -I. H. Barnett, jr. Sherlock Bronson M. E. Carver R. T. Catterall W. F. Caylor F. G. Crenshaw E. G. Cale W. S. Cudlipp, jr. John Fenlon R. E. Gaines W. J. Gaines CHARLES LEONARD ALBRIGHT Auoriale Pr0fe.r.f0r of Pbyrirr B.S., Coe Collegeg M.S., Ph.D., University of Iowa. LEWIS FRANKLIN BALL P1'0fe.r.r0r of Englirb A.B., Pl1.D., Johns Hopkins University. SHERLOCK BRONSON Inrlrilctor ifz Applied Economifr LLB., T. C. Williams School of Law, Uni- versity of Richmond. WILLIAM FREDERICK CAYLOR Arrociale P1'0fe.r.ror of Spmzirb M.A., Mercer University. SOLON BOLIVAR COUSINS Pmferror of Bible B.A. D.D. Mercer Universit' Student, y Q Y 1 University of Edinburg. JOHN FENLON Frerbnzan Coacla B.S., George Washington University. ROBERT COLLINS ASTROP Proferror of Prycbalogy A.B., Randolph-Macon Collegeg M.A., Uni- versity of Virginiag Graduate Student, Co- lumbia University. JAMES HARMON BARNETT, JR. Proferrov' of Law B.S., Georgetown Collegeg LL.B., Univer- sity of Richmond: LL.M., Harvard Law School. EDWARD GRAHAM CALE Arrociate Proferror of Economiar and Applied Emnomzrr B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. RALPH T. CATTERALL Artorinle Pfoferror of Law B.A., LL.B., Harvard Law School. WILLIAINI SAMUEL CUDLIPP, -IR. Aixrorinfe Proferyor of Law LL.B., University of Richmond. ROBERT EDWIN GAINES P1'0fe.r.f01' of Malhefrzaticr M.A., Litt.D., Furman Universityg Graduate Student, johns Hopkins University, Har- vard University. JOHN WENDELL BAILEY Proferrar of Biology B.S., M.S., Mississippi State Collegeg A.B., A.M., Cornell Universityg M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. FREDERIC WILLIAM BOATWRIGHT Prerizlenl of lbe University M.A., Richmond College, LL.D., Mercer University, Georgetown College, and Baylor Universityg Graduate Student, Halle, Sor- bonne, and Leipsic Universities. MERTON EZRA CARVER 1'1.l'.Yi.ffllIZl Proferror of Pryrbology and Sociology A.B., M.A., University of Rochesterg Ph.D., Harvard University. FANNY GRAVES CRENSHAW Direcior of Pbyriml Edumtiorz B.A., Bryn Mawrg Graduate Student, Co- lumbia University. MALCOLNI RAY DOUBLES Demz af Lrmf School and Profenor of Lau' B.S., Davidson Collezeg LL.B., University of Richmondg JQD., University of Chicago. WILLIAM JUDSON GAINES Profe.r.ror of Ranzanre Lmzgzmger A.B., University of South Carolinag M.A., Ph.D., University of Vfisconsing Graduate Student, Sorbonne. CLEMENT TYSON GOODE Proferroa' of Efzglirh A.B., Wake Forest Collegeg A.M., Harvard Universityg Ph.D,, Cornell University. WOODFORD BROADUS HACKLEY Arrociczle Profexfor of Latin B.A., University of Virginiag M.A., North- western Universityg A.M., Harvard Uni- versity, Columbia University, johns Hop- kins University, University of Berlin. EDITH M. HARKER Proferror of Vocal Mzzrir B.A., Westliampton College, Pupil of Fred- erick Zuchtmann, Max Spickerg summer courses with Frank La Forge, George Fer- guson, Sergi Klibanskv. and Westminster Choir School. WILLIAM ASBURY HARRIS Profeuor of Greek mul Lalin M.A., Richmond Collegeg Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. MAY LANSFIELD KELLER Dean and Proferror of Ezzglirh A.B., Goucher Collegeg Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Holder of the Goucher College Foreign Fellowshipg Grad- uate Student, Universities of Berlin and Heidelberg. SUSAN MADELINE LOUGH Pro fervor of H ivory B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. MARION AUSTIN GREENE A.rri.rtczni Proferror of French and Spanish A.B., Tufts Collegeg M.A., Radcliffe Col- legeg Graduate Student, Yale University, University of Grenoble Summer School, Sorbonne, University of Madrid Summer School, University of Santander Summer School. CARL WALDEMAR HAQUIST Inrlruclor in Biology Ph.B., Brown Universityg Ph.D., Yale University. ROLVIX I-IARLAN Proferror of Sociology cmd Social Ethic: A.B., M.A., George Washington Univer- sity, Ph.D., University of Chicago. LOUIS SI-IEPPARD HERRINK Arsociule Profefror 0fLfI1l' B.A., Randolph-Macon Collegeg LL.B., Har- vard Law School. CURTIS WILLIAM LAMPSON I Il rfrzlclor in Phyricr B.S.E.E., South Dakota State Collegeg M.A.. Ph.D., Princeton University. ROBERT EDWARD LOVING Proferror of Phyricr B.A., M.A., Richmond College, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University, Graduate Stu- dent, Cornell University. MRS. MARY MOLINE GRUBBS I nxlructor in Phyrical Education B.S., Simmons College, Graduate, Bouve- Boston School of Physical Education. HENRY BRANTLY HANDY Proferror of Englirh B.A., M.A., Richmond College, Graduate Student, Columbia University. ISABEL HARRIS Arrociute Profenor of Mczthematirr B.A., Richmond Collegeg M.A., Columbia University, Graduate Student, University of Chicago. BENJAMIN CLARK HOLTZCLAW Proferror of Philooxophy A.B., Mercer Universityg B.A., M.A., Ox- ford Universityg Ph.D., Cornell University. THOMAS E. LAVENDER Pf0fE.F.l'0f of Philofophy B.A., University of Alabama, M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. CAROLINE STOOKEY LUTZ Proferxor of English B,A., Goucher College, M.A., Columbia Universityg Harvard Summer Schoolg Uni- versity of Illinois, Oxford-Cambridge Sum- mer School. DAVID ,IOHN MAYS Imlruclor in Applied Econonziar Randolph-Macon Collegeg LLB., T. C. Wil- liams School of Law, University of Rich- , mond. Mrs. M. M. Grubbs W. B. Hackley H. B. Handy C. W. Haquist E. M. Harker Rolvix Harlan Isabel Harris W. A. Harris B. C. Holtzclaw C. W. Lampson T. E. Lavender S. M. Lough R. E. Loving C. S. Lutz D. J. Mays ol R. C. McDanel S. C. Mitchell G. M. Modlin W. T. Muse H. I. Myers E. C. Peple -I. S. Pierce W. L. Prince E. K. Ritter Majorie Rivenburg Margaret Ross Garnett Ryland Marcia Silvette N. W. Skinner RALPH CLIPMAN MCDANEL Proferror of Amerirmz Hirlofy B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Co- lumbia University, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Graduate, Institute of Interna- tional Studies, Geneva. HAZEL IONE MOSES Ar.ri.rlanZ MflJ'iL' 'Pfoferror B.A., Hunter College, Harp Student of Mildred Dilling, New York, and Henriette Renie, Paris. Pupil of Henry T. Fleck, New York, in theory, harmony, counterpoint, and composition. Piano instruction with Visan- ska, pupil of Leschetizky. MARGARET NOLTING Arrorizile Proferror of Phyriolagy and Hygiene MD., Medical College of Virginia. JOHN STANTON PIERCE Arroriate Profe.rJ'or of . Cbefnirlry B.S., Georgetown College: M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois. WILLIAM LOFTIN PRINCE Proferyof- of Edzzmlion A.B., Richmond College, M.A., Columbia University. MAJORIE RIVENBURG A.r.ri.r1ant P1'ofe.r.for of Latin B.A., Wellesley, M.A., Bucknell, M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. SAMUEL CHILES MITCHELL Pfoferror of Hirlory and Political Science M.A., Georgetown College, Ph.D., Univer- sity of Chicago, LL.D., Brown University. WILLIAM TAYLOR MUSE Arroriale Pfofe.rJor of Law B.A., LL.B., University of Richmond, S.j.D., Harvard Law School. MRS. BETTY BURNS NUCKOLS Arri.rtmzl Proferror of Englirh B.A., M,A., University of Richmond. RAYMOND BENNETT PINCHBECK Dean of Richmond College and Profermr of Applied Economirr B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Virginia. MARGOT s. ISSGLAND Proferror of Voral Muric Pupil of Adele Laeis Baldwin, Frank La Forge, Corinne Rider-Kelsey in New York, Student of Salignac of Opera Comique in Paris, Litvinne of the Opera, and 'lean de Reszke. GARNETT RYLAND Proferror of C lnemirlry M.A., Richmond College, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. GEORGE MATTHEWS MODLIN Proferror 0fEc0n0112it.r Dzrecior of Evening School of Bzzrinerr Adrzzzmrlmlion B.A., Wake Forest College, M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. HUGH I. MYERS Arrirlmzt Proferror of Biology A.B., Mississippi College, M.A., University of Richmond, Ph.D., Brown University. EDWARD CRONIN PEPLE Arrirlfmt Proferror of Ezzglirb B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. MALCOLM U. PITT Aiyrirfazll C oczrfy. B.A., University of Richmond. EUGENE KERFOOT RITTER A.r.ri,rtant Pro7'e.r.ror of Mrilbemiztirr B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Uni- versity of Virginia. MARGARET ROSS Arsoriale Proferror of Englirb B.A., Allegheny College, M.A., University of Pennsylvania. MARCIA SILVETTE Irmrzzrrrnr in Art Student of Ellis M. Silvette and at National Academy of Design, exhibited in National Academy of Design, New York, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., and other galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. JOHN WESTWOOD SMITHERS Pfoferror af Law B.S., LL.B., University of Richmond, Grad- uate Work, Harvard Law School. HERMAN POLLARD THOMAS Arrociate Proferror of Eronomiar and Applied Ecorzomzcr B.A., Richmond College, M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Virginia, Columbia University. GRACE STARR WENDT Profeuor of Murir Pupil of Max Swarthout, Alexander Raab, Luther Conradi, john Powell, in piano, Eric DeLamarter, in organ, Graduate of Chicago Musical College, Master Classes, 1928, 1931, Summer School, Comb's College of Music, Philadelphia, 1956. ABRAM I. WHITENFISH Aifiimzzl Profeixor of C bemiilry B.S., University of Richmond, M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. MAUDE HOWLETT WOODFIN Aiyociule Pfafefrar of Hiflory and Political Srierzre B.A., Westhampton College, M.A., Ph.D., N. WILFORD SKINNER I nrtructor in German B.A., Ohio University, M.A., Indiana Uni- versity. SAMUEL WHITEFIELD STEVENSON Armciule Proferrar of Erzglifly B.A., University of North Carolina, M.A., Ph.D., johns Hopkins University. PAULINE TURN BULL Arroriale Proferrm- of Latin, and Registrar B.A., Syracuse University, M.A., University of Pennsylvania. CHARLES H. WHEELER, III Armcinze Profeiror of Mallaemalirr S.B., Washington and jefferson College, Ph.D., johns Hopkins University. ASTON WILLIAMS Aryirlanl Profefrm- of Ezzgliih in Clmrge of Drama A.B., Fresno State College, M.A., Univer- ' sity of North Carolina. I CHARLES B. WRAY Profeiror of Arrolznling B.B.S., North Georgia Agricultural College, M.B.A., New York University. ROBERT FORTE SMART Arroriale P7'0f6.l'.l'07' of Biology B.A., Mississippi College, M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. GLENN F. THISTLETHWAITE Direrlor of Pbyriml Education B.S., Earlham College, University of Wis- consin. GRACE WATKINS Arrocinle P1'0fl?.f,f07' of Sociology B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., Bos- ton University. RUTH WHITTREDGE Ai1fi.rmnt Proferror of French B.A., Wellesley, M.A., Radcliffe. ' ELLAWORTH WILTSHIRE Axim-inte Profeirof of Law B.A., LL.B., University of Virginia, S.,I.D., Harvard Law School. JEAN GRAY WRIGHT ,P?'0fl!.l'.l'0f of French B.A., Bryn Mawr College, M.A., University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Col- University of Chicago. lege- R- F- Smurf I- W. Smithers S. W. Stevenson G. F. Thistlethwaite H. P. Thomas Pauline Turnbull Grace Watkins C. H. Wheeler, III Ruth Whittredge A. I, Whitenfish Aston Williams M. H. Woodhn C. B. Wray J. G. Wright Student overnment With the purpose of bettering the interests of the student body in general and bringing about a closer harmony between the college authorities and the various organizations on the campus, the Student Govern- ment Association of W Richmond College T has completed another year of Work. i The association is composed of three branches: the executive, the legis- lative, and the ju- dicial. The execu- tive group consists of the officers: the president, the vice- president, the secre- tary, and the treas- urer. The Senate, which is headed by the president of the association, is the legislative body. Its eight members are elected annually. The Honor Council is the judicial power of the campus. The Council is appointed by the presi- s is dent of Student Government with the approval of the Senate. It consists of the president of Stu- dent Government as ex-officio member, four seniors, three juniors, and one sophomore. t v v t W t , it w H t it nw STUDENT GOVERNMENT Black, Ely, Hmvif, llflmrlaafzt, Ma1'ii12, ReiVIi1ze, Sfzfzford, 1-Wfzlzfofz, lVbile It is hoped that every student will take an active part in the work of the association, attend all stu- dent meetings and in every Way help uphold the high standards of honor on the campus. HONOR COUNCIL . W' 411072, Gilleffe, Saznzderr, Bowling, Scott, Dameron, Bmndir, William! STUDENT GOVERNMENT FIRST ROW: lViley, Phillips, Smith, Curley. SECOND ROW: Langley, l!7illim11.r, O'Flal1erty, Wilson. THIRD ROW: Oakes, Babcock, Flormzce legislative- the College Coun- cil, which is made up of the Pres- ident of College Government, Vice-President, Secretary, Treas- urer, Day Student Representa- tive, Mortar Board President, Y.W.C.A. President, Athletic Association President, Repre- sentative of Publications, Sopho- more Representative, and junior Representative, and judicial- the Honor Council, which is composed of a Chairman, two House Presidents, the President of College Government, and a junior Representative. S0 that no student may hold too much responsibility, and to give honor to as many as pos- sible, Westhampton fosters the point system. This is a plan by which each Office of service en- tails a certain number of points and no girl may hold over twelve points during one semester. WG Sth H m QD C Q 1 1 G ge The importance of personal honor cannot be Government stressed too much, for it is the basic of success not only in our College Government Association but also inour future lives which we are building. The aim of the College Government Associa- Our government is as strong as each of its indi- tion is to represent and to further the best interests vidual members. of the students and to de- velop a sympathetic and thoughtful consideration of all the phases of student life. Since the success of the Association is based upon the Honor System, which is, in truth, not a system but a group of ideals and traditions, the full cooperation of each student is needed. Our College Govern- ment set-up has three in- tegral divisions: executive -the Executive Council, ' HONOR COUNCIL Wiley, Peterson, Elliot, Campbell, Dickimmz CQNTENTS FK Introduction Dedication Views Administration Eoolutiovi T. C. Williams School of Law A tlzletics A ctioi ties Fraternities Features Directory -K' 115' YA -1 . . , Q, rf I .1,, ,Vx 39- '11 QV r 3 CEM ' 'kk -U , 1 J .4 L 5 X1 , I s I 'I 'f f 1 T3 f ' m L ' V' Y R ,H 3 Q 'S X E -Af Y--...ww-1 I '- R-1' 5. .,., , , . -' 2 Vt , , ,. J H . L 3 , Y - '-- -1- J--.,-3' . 'ff ' Q 2 1 E. J -T -., ,.,,.,.,.,,- -.2 ' L K jg, rs Lfqff' WW..--:...,.-, fu, ' .2221 A ' i + .wi ,WJ ,' 14. . lfltbbfnf'-I, , ,,,,, 1'.'X-lfxiils-I " ' is 5:1574 ' xt. . ' ,483 . . "':' V :im , .1 5-f.-- mv-' :Flu-. 932163, - -'-E--.1 ,Q . 5'-M-Jr 3,',.:' if i"x W " 1' ,ASI. WLS aff' . 2 ' 'I .T.:1- ' ff' N ' m..,4,,,, Y.gM,.,.. I- , 47 'A i --Lv K' A lifsimi du .V P. al A W V N PROM FRIBHMKN TO QIINIOR FRE HME On Monday, September 12, the campus of Rich- mond College was invaded by the largest class in its history, and a day later Westhampton College received its second largest Freshman Class. The faculty and upperclassmen of each college sought to acquaint the new arrivals with their school and its traditions, requirements, and aspi- rations, through an orientation program which consisted of talks given by leading members of the faculty and student body. The freshman girls were the special charges of the junior class, whereas the freshman boys were divided into groups, to each of which an upperclassman was assigned as student advisor. "Rat Alley, here we value!" On the morning of September 15, the freshman boys were conducted on a tour of Westhampton College, but it was not until that afternoon that the two freshman classes had their first social event, which was a reception given by President Boatwright where both groups had a pleasant and profitable hour. Later in the week the Stu- dent Government gave a reception, and a little "Oh, Me! Wfmfr if all Maui?" later yet, a dance. Both of these were well at- tended. On Friday, the seventeenth, both classes were introduced to class routine, and the discipline of the sophomores. However, the freshman boys were partially relieved of the latter evil until the end of rushing season, during which all fraternity men seemed to think each freshman the most im- portant person on the campus, and shook his hand and patted his back profusely. The Freshman Classes of both sides of the lake further distinguished themselves by electing of- ficers. Those elected for the Westhampton class were: President, Ethne Flanagan, Vice-President, Elsa Keuffel, Secretary, Gene Woodnn, Treas- urer, Laura jenkins, Representative to College Government, Frances Badenoch, Song Leader, Shirley Fleet, Cheerleaders, Kathleen Abernethy, Anne Frank, and Frances Williams. Those for Richmond College were: President, Clinton Moore, Vice-President, Harold Weise, Secretary, Derek Hayley, Treasurer, Bert Milling, and Sena- tor, Stanton Richards. The.Pajama Parade was one of the most color- l L "Track on down!" ful events of the year. With flaming torches the freshman boys marched around the lake and up the hill to Westhampton where they frolicked be- fore the Social Activities building to the delight of both schools. After that the freshmen gained revenge by throwing the sophomores into the lake. A month after the Rat Parade, which was staged in the Richmond City Stadium between the halves of the Richmond-V.M.I. game, the freshmen set about gathering wood for the annual bonfire which preceded the William and Mary f'Paj4z1mz.r, lorcber, mugs, Joplor, and arwim " Thanksgiving game. When the Wil- liam and Mary "Indians" sought to frustrate the Richmond rally for the game, they were "scalped." Everyone, especially the freshmen, was overjoyed with Richmond's victory over the "Indi- ans,"' because as result the "rat caps" came off. In the meantime, the girls were received formally by the Y.W.C.A. and the Senior Class at a beautiful and symbolic candle-light service. In early November some of the girls were al- lowed to lay their "rat cards" aside, but the others, not being able to name the seniors present on Rat Night, had to wear theirs until Christmas. Later in November the Westhampton Class of '42 pre- sented the college with holly trees which were planted on the sides of the Greek Theatre. These "A cf-fpfff ' robust freshmen gained second place in the hockey tournament, yielding only to the sophomores. In March the girls, after a long and diligent practice, participated in the annual Song Contest. Their performance, it is said, was the best of any freshman class in years. The boys, not to be out- done, gave their dance the same month, which was one of the most outstanding social events of the year. In May the Freshmen entered into their first political campaign in which class parties were in- volved. Part of the class was divided between the "Progressives" and "Cooperatives," while the re- LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene lV00djfn, Serrefaryg Ellane Flanagan, Preridenlg Elm Kenjfel, ViL'B-PI'8Jfd8lZ!V,' Laura jenkins, Trem- zzrer. mainder was solicited to vote a partisan ticket. After the smoke of preelection cigars had blown away so that the notice on the bulletin boards could be read the results were discovered to be: Max Katz, President, Henry Garnett, ' Vice-President, Richard Klaffky, Secre- tary, Ashby Fisher, Treasurer, Frank Baker, Senator. Shortly after the election of officers for the incoming Sophomore Class, the President called a meeting of the class that the problem of the incoming Fresh- men might be discussed. The meeting was not only well attended, but those present were quite outspoken in their acute disappointment in the "ratting" program concerning themselves, and of- fered many pregnant suggestions for ac- centing the old tradition in such a way that the pitiful farce of the fall of '39 might be forgotten. In short the class "Fre5hmmz Crew?" has expressed itself as determined to have a defi- nite program with teeth in it. Other objectives concerning the next high-school issue are, to induct them into the spirit of Richmond College, and to foster in them gentleman-like qualities. The paraphanalia of the "invaders" will have what is designed to be a finishing touch to the customary caps and buttons, a red and blue bow tie. A committee appointed by the president to formulate the "rat rules" for the coming season functioned without delay and fully revised the rules of last year and also made additions which should make the coming school season colorful and interesting. The Freshman class looks forward to next year. ' 7 S r l i 7 i 4' 0 LEFT TO RIGHT: Derek Hayley, Secretary: Stazztmz Rifloarflr, Senator, Clinton Moore, Preriflentg Harolzl lIVeire, Vice-Pre.rirlenf,' Bert Milling, Trenrnrer. COURTNEY C. BOWEN . . . .... Tazewell, PI-IILLIP BRENNER ......... ..... R ichmond, FRANCIS A. BRISTOW, JR. .... West Point, EDWIN B. BROOKS, JR. .... Richmond Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia PHILIP ABRAMS ..........,. RICHARD LINWOOD ADAMS JOHN L. AMRHEIN ...,,... JOSEPH A, AMRHEIN .,..... RICHARD ANKERS . . . RICHARD BAGBY . . . FRANK J. BAKER ..., . WILLIAM M. BASKIN . . . CALEB L. BATTEN ..,.. ALFRED R. BAUGHAN ANDREW R. BEAZLEY SHELTON T. BELSCI-IES .... NORVEL W. BETTS ..... WILLIAM G. BEVILLE ...... WILLIAM H. BINGHAM ROBERT S. BLACK ......, Newport News, . . . .,.. Richmond, . . . . . Richmond, . . . , Richmond, . . . . Arlington, Richmond, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Richmond, Virginia . . . Smithfield, Virginia . . . . Covington, Virginia . . Richmond Virginia . . . Carson, Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia . . . . Petersburg, Virginia . . , Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia LOUIS R. BROUGHMAN Buchanan Virginia MELVIN D. BURGESS Cartersville Virginia MELVIN XV. BURNETTE . .. Richmond Virginia CLIFTON B. CHAPMAN . . . .... Woodstock, Virginia JOHN A. CI-IEWNING . . . ..... Richmond, Virginia BERNARD G. CLINE, JR. . . . .... Alexandria, Virginia CARL A. COLLINS, JR. .. Richmond,Virginia VINCENT W. COLLINS .... . . . Appomattox, Virginia EDWARD G. GONKIIN ,. JAMES B. cox, Jn. .... .. GEORGE E. cOX ...,.... JOSEPH M. CROCKIETT .. Rockville, Maryland Richmond, Virginia Covington, Virginia Hagerstown, Maryland ROBERT R. DANEORTH GERALD DASCHER ..... E. TERRY DENNIS JOHN DIXON, JR. CECIL E. DUNCAN WILLIAM D. ELLIS .... ALBERT T. ELLWANGER, JR. .. JUNIUS P. EPPS ....,...... . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia Richmond Virginia . . . . Clover, Virginia . . . Skippers Virginia J. WILLIAM ETHERIDGE .. JULIAN FELDMAN .,..... RAMON A. FISHER ........ LEMUEL W. FITZGERALD . ALBERT G. FOLCHER ...... FREDERICK A, FROHBOSE .... . . . HENRY D. GARNETT .... ROBERT A. GARY, III .... . . .... South Norfolk, Virginia . . . . Passaic, New jersey . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Covington, Virginia Collingswood, New jersey Bound Brook, New jersey . Fredericksburg, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia STRAUGHAN LOWE GETTIER .... ARCHIE GIRAGOSIAN ........... AYLETT WOODSON GOODE, IR. . . JOHN N. GORDON ......,....... ROBERT C. GRADY . .. WILLIAM C. GRAY HAROLD D. GREEN . . . THOMAS W. GREEN .... JOHN D. GRIFFIN .,.. EDWARD H. GROVE .... OWEN GWATHMEY .... EUGENE HAILMAN .,.. RANDOLPH E. HALL JOHN M. HARDMAN . .. COLIN HAYLEY ...... DEREK HAYLEY .... . . . . . Norfolk, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Fredericksburg, Virginia Wilkesboro, North Carolina . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Burkeville, Virginia . . . Poquoson, Virginia . . . . Winchester, Virginia . . . . Beulahville, Virginia . . . . . Fairfax, Virginia . . . Norfolk, Virginia . . . . . . Ettrick, Virginia . . . . Winchester, Virginia . . . . Winchester, Virginia GEORGE G. HAYNES . . . THOMAS S. HERBERT . . . THOMAS O. HERNDON . . . WILLIS D. HOLLAND . . . EARL S. HOLMON .,............ CLAUDE GIBSON HOOTRN, JR. . .. MAC J. HOUGH ........,.., FRANK M. HOWELL .... EMMETT L. HUBBARD .... JOSEPH B. HUDSON, JR. . . . CHARLES W. HUGHES .... CHARLES L. IRWIN . . . CALVIN B. JENKINS ..,. SAMUEL L. JOHNSON .... VIVIAN D. JOHNSTON . . . ARTHUR L. JONES ...... . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Ore Bank, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Lynchburg, Virginia . . . . . . Salem, Virginia . . . Portsmouth, Virginia . . . Rehoboth, Virginia . . . . . Culpeper, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . .. . . . Burkeville, Virginia Harper's Ferry, West Virginia . . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia QUENTIN R. JONES ROBERT J. JONTZ JOHN P. JORDAN ..... HERMAN D. KARKA .. ISADORE KAMINSKY . RICHARD W. KARDIAN . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Blytheville, Arkansas . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . .... Richmond, Virginia . . .... Richmond, Virginia . . . ...... Richmond, Virginia MAXWELL D. KATZ .... .... M ontclair, New Jersey ALBERT S. KELLAM . . . HENRY E. KING ...... RALPH E. KINSEY ..... RICHARD C. KLAFFKY EDWARD M. KLEIN . . . SYDNEY H. KNIPE .... CHARLES W. KRAUSE . DOUGLAS W. LAIRD . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Wilmington, Virginia . . .... Richmond, Virginia Huntington, New York Bridgeport, Connecticut Glen Ridge, New Jersey . . . . . . . . . . Baltimore, Maryland . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM E. LANGFORD, JR. .... .... R ichmond, Virginia l JAMES L. MCDONALD . . . . . . . . Yakima, Wasliington HUGH E. MCNEELY .... ALVIN H. MILLER GEORGE K. MILLER .... JERRY G. MILLER ........ ., . . . . South Hill, Virginia . . , Locklies, Virginia , . . Richmond, Virginia Fredericksburg, Virginia WILLIAM E. MILLER, JR. .... ..... R ichmond, Virginia BERT W. MILLING ..... G. CLINTON MOORE . . . . . . . . Mobile, Alabama , . . Richmond, Virginia JOHN C. MOORE ...... ....,. R ichmoncl, Virginia HENRY NAKDIMEN ..... ... J. POPE NASH, JR. .... . Pennington Gap, Virginia . . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia MORTON L. NICHOLSON .... . . . North Emporia, Virginia BRYAN R. NISWONGER .... . . . Providence, Kentucky EARL L. NOBLE, JR. ..... . . . Richmond, Virginia MARLIN T. NOLAN ..... . . . Richmond, Virginia JAMES D. NORFLEET .... .. Holland, Virginia VERNON T. LANKFORD MYER LEFKONWITZ ......... .... L. JAMES LICHTENSTEIN ALVIN P. LONG ........... REUEEN T. LONG, Jn. . . MANN T. LOWRY ..,... STUART M. LUCK ......... VIRGIL M. LUMSDEN, Jn. ADRIAN P. LYON .... JOSEPH H. MACK ..... CLARENCE E. MAJOR .... .....,... .BARTON J. MALLORY HAROLD L. MANAHAN DALACE E. MARABLE .... . . . JESSE W. MARKHAM . . . PHILIP B. MASON . . , . . . . . . Bloxom, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia Jersey City, New Jersey . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . Luray, Virginia . . . Bloverdom, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . ..... Sandston, Virginia Runnemede, New Jersey Stormont, Virginia Manila, Philippine Islands . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Newport News, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Hampton, Virginia IRVIN K. OWEN ....... WILLIAM A. PALMORE . R. ARTHUR PARRISI-I . . . EDWIN F. PAULI ..... JOHN G. PERKINS . , . JAMES L. PETERS .... LESLIE H. PHILLIPS .... ROBERT M. PHILLIPS .... ALBERT L. PHILPOTT . . ROBERT E. PIPER ...... MALCOLM U. PITT, JR. . H. BROADDUS PITTS, JR. . . . . HARVEY B. PRICE ......... ARCHIE H. PUCKETT . . JOSEPH E. PURCELL . .. LEONARD A. PURDY . .. ROLLO L PUSEY ..,.. T. RUSSELL REA ....... P. GORDON REMINE . .. JOSEPH J. REscH ...... ROBERT A. RHODES .... MARION L. RICE, JR. . . . . . . Petersburg, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Kent's Store, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Dumbarton, Virginia . . . Sandston, Virginia . . , . Richmond, Virginia . . . Petersburg, Virginia . . . Philpott, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Phoebus, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . ....... Richmond, Virginia Spencer,Virginia University of Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . . Fredericksburg, Virginia . . . Windsor, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia STANTON C. RICHARDS .... . , . Bronxville, New York WILLIAM L. ROBERSON .... .... H Opewell, Virginia DAVID L. ROBERTSON, JR. . . . .... Pelham, New York DONALD K. ROBERTSON .... .... M attoax, Virginia ROBERT E. ROBERTSON ..... .... P etersburg, Virginia CHARLES ROBINSON .... .... R ichmond, Virginia MORRIS ROBINSON . , . .... Richmond, Virginia DAVID R. ROGERS .... . , . Soonchun, Korea WILLIAM Y. ROPER . . . .... Richmond, Virginia HARRY ROUND ........ .... R ichmond, Virginia CHARLES R. ROUTON . . . .... Richmond, Virginia EDWARD R. SCHAPIRO . . . .... Richmond, Virginia ELI I. SCHRIEBERG ...... .... R ichmond, Virginia JEROME A. SCHOLER .... .... H artford, Connecticut ROBERT H. SEASE ............ .... R ichmond, Virginia WILLIAM H. SHAIA ............ .... R ichmond, Virginia LAWRENCE B. SHEFFIELD, JR. .... ....... R ichmond, Virginia LOUIS A. SHUFORD ........... . , . Fredericksburg, Virginia WILLIAM M. SMITH ....... BILLY JAMES SNOW ......., THOMAS F. SOUTHWORTH . . . LAWRENCE EARL SPIERS, JR. . . . VERNON C. STAFFORD ..,.... EPHRIAM STEINBURG ...,.... ALEXANDER B. STERNBERG .... ROBERT B. SWINK ........... ELWOOD S. TAYLOR .....,.. GERVAS S. TAYLOR .... JACKSON J. TAYLOR .,..... WILLIAM A. TAYLOR ........,. . HARDING LESTER THOMAS .... A. NORMAN THOMPSON ...., EMILIO F. TRILLA ........ THEODORE R. TURNER . ,. WILLIAM G. TURNER .... FREDERICK B, UZZLE ......... ALLEN W. VALENTINE, JR. ...... , EMOLIE B. VON GEMMINGER . . . CHARLES T. WALTHALL .... HENRY A. WELLHOUSE . . . CHAUNCEY G. WELTON SCOTT H. WERMUTH, JR. . , . . EDMUND P. WEST ..,...., BENJAMIN H. WESTON .......... . ALFRED MCALLISTER WHEELER . . . . WALTER D. WHOLEY ...... HAROLD EDWARD WIESE . . STUART L. WILLIAMS ...... THOMAS NELSON WILLIAMS MARK s. WILLING, JR. ..... . LAWRENCE H, WILLIS .... CHARLES R WJNGO ..... JULIAN o. WINN .... CHARLES H. WOLLARD . , . WOODROW W. WREN ..., WESTLEY WRIGHT ..... EVANS Y. WYATT . . . ROY P. WYMBS .... . . . . . Dillwyn, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Figsboro, Virginia . . . , Richmond, Virginia Winniihow, North Carolina . , . , . , , . Spencer, Virginia . . . . Martinsville, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Carolina, Puerto Rico . , Frederick Hall, . . . , . Chatham . . . Petersburg, . . . . Richmond . . . Richmond, . . . Matoaco . , . . Richmond . . . Richmond . . . . Richmond . . . Ellerson . . . . . , Arlington, . . Fredericksburg, . Fredericksburg, s x 7 Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Ogden,Utah . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, . . . Mount Holly, Virginia Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Keysville, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia ......... Richmond, Virginia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ventor, New Jersey . . Fredericksburg, Virginia , ' -.Q ,J Di My wr ... i 'id' , A 'g L e f!-,Q , W T I , KATHLEEN ABERNETHY ..... MARION FRANCES BADENOCH JOANNE BARLOW ............ EUNICE VIRGINIA BASS . . . JEAN CLARDY BEEKS ......... MARY MATILDA BENJAMIN . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . , . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Ettrick, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Mount Vernon, New Jersey ELIZABETH NORTON BERRY .... ........ R ichmond MARTHA BELLE BEVERLEY . . . JANE ELIZABETH BLAKE ..... EDITH MCDOWELL BURFOOT ELLA RACHEL CABANISS ..... FRANCES CLAUDIA CALISCH .... AIDA CHRISTIANSEN ...,.. EUGENIA M. CLAIBORNE .... EVELYN MAE CLIFTON .... ANNIE GERTRUDE COFER .... . . . Richmond . . . Richmond . . . . Fentress . . . . Roanoke . . . Richmond Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia I , Virginia Virginia . . . Whitestone, New York ........F0rest, Richmond Highland Springs, Virginia Virginia Virginia ELLEN BOURNE DORSEY . . . MARY LOUISE DUVAL .,..,,... RUTH FARLEY ................. ETHNE CROWDER FLANAGAN . EMMY SMITHSON FOUNTAIN . ELEANOR ANNE FRANK ........ Fi II iw" ,,,,, I , ,I ,, ii I II I ini Prince Frederick, Maryland , ...... Ore Bank, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Princess Anne, Virginia . . . . . Petersburg, Virginia JAMES ELIZABETH FRANKLIN .... , . . South Norfolk, Virginia CLARINE T. CUNNINGHAM .. DOROTHY COY .........,... NANCY ELLEN DAVIS ....... DOROTHY AMELIA DILL .,.. . . . Richmond . . . Richmond . . . Richmond . . . Richmond 1 , Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia KATHRYN SMILLIE GILLELAN . NINITA ORTS GONZALEZ .... SARA TRIMBLE GOODE .... JEAN SIMONE GRANT ..... ANN FISHER GWALTNEY .... STELLA LOUISE HALL ......... BERNICE SUTPHIN HARGROVE ELIZABETH ASHTON HARRISON . . , . . . Jersey City, New Jersey . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . , Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia ., . Richmond Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . , . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia ROSELLEN HOFFMAN ............ . . . Newport News, Virginia 6' LOUISE GILES HOLLAND .... FRANCES MOZELLE HOOD . . . JEAN CHAMPION HOOD . .. HARRIET WYLLY HOWE ,... . . . . Franklin, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Petersburg, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia LAURA VIRGINIA JENKINS . . MARIAM ALLENE JONES .... LILLIAN HENRIETTA JUNG ...... . . MARGARET DORA KALAJIAN ELSA MARIE KEUFFEL . . . IRIS GAY LACY ....... IANICE LOUISE LANE ...... CHRISTINE O. LAWSON MARJORIE F, LENTON . . . GRAY LUCAS ............... ELIZABETH F. MACMURTRY . . M. FLORENCE MAHONE . . . LUCY ELLEN MCDONOUGH . -IAYNE MARIE MAIRE ......... MARY VIRGINIA MANGUM . . . MILDRED ANNE MAITLAND .... MARJORIE MANN ........... VIRGINIA RANDOLPH MAYO HELEN MAXINE MOON ..... ADA DOROTHY MOSS ,..... . . . Yonkers, New York . . . . . Monterey, Virginia . Long Island, New York . . . . Richmond, Virginia Weehawken, New Jersey . . . . West Point, Virginia . . , . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Wliitestcmne, Virginia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . . . . Blacksburg, Virginia . . . Beverly, Massachusetts . Newport News, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Dumbarton, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Arlington Virginia . . . Scottsville, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia 6 --JL .J l G GRACE M. NORRIS ......,.. CHARLENE ANNE OAKES . . . NORMA LOUISE PALMER .... MILDRED ETHEL PARKER . . . VIRGINIA ELOISE PARKER .. PHYLLIS L. PARSLEY .,..... ANN ROSEMOND PAVEY . .. BETTY ANN PETZINGER ,.,. E. LAVERNE PRIDDY ....... MARY VIRGINIA QUILLIN . , . ELLA SUE RITCHIE .......... MARTHA HOWARD ROBESON VIRGINIA ANNE SAUER ..... MARY GRACE SCHERER ...,..... PHYLLIS C. SCHWEICKHARD . . . BETTY MAY SESSLER ......... ROSE LOUISE SHEFFIELD JACQUELINE ANN SHORT . .. ALICE GRAY SIMPSON .......... . . MILDRED VIRGINIA SLAVIN .... ,, , Ei . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Knoxville, Tennessee . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Shanghai, China . North Emporia, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Portsmouth, Virginia . . . . . Richmond Virginia Highland Springs, Virginia . . . . . Petersburg, Virginia . . . . Blacksburg, Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Snyder, New York . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Suffolk, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . Fredericksburg, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Lois MARION WICKS . .. JANE F. WILKINSON FRANCES s. WILLIAMS .... Saint Albans, New York South Boston, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia EUGENIA M. WILLIAMSON .... . . , Portsmouth, Virginia JUDITH CAROLYN WILSON .... ...... S uffolk, Virginia MARJORIE HELEN WILSON .... .... R ichmond, Virginia MARY PEGRAM WILSON ....... .... R ushmere, Virginia JOSEPHINE GAY WINGFIELD MARY ANNE WINN ........ . . . . . , . . Richmond, Virginia . ..., Richmond, Virginia HORTENSE WINSTON ....... . . . South Norfolk, Virginia GENE RAGLAND WOODFIN . . . .... Richmond, Virginia MARJORIE ELIZABETH SOGGE DORIS MAE STROHKORB ..... MILDRED LEAR TABB . . . MARIA MAY THAYER .... JANE ANN TOMPKINS .... CHE VIRGINIA VACHE .... EMMA BEE WALDROP . . . ROSALIE CELIA WONT .... ESTER WENDLING .... JEAN R. WHITEHURST .... JANE WHITENEY . . . . . . . . Schenectady, New York . , ....... Richmond, Virginia . . Newport News, Virginia . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Richfield Springs, New York Greensboro, North Carolina . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Snyder, New York . . . . Winchester, Virginia . . Hickory, North Carolina Qs SOPHOMQRE Then Back Again for the Second Year . . ! Because class histories are so strikingly similar subordination. Included in our enforced sched- they are uninteresting to all except the members ule was a rat parade, a proclamation night, a pa- of the class or those connected with it. To depart jama parade, and a lantern night. from the usual method of writing class histories The traditional policy of the school, that each is dangerous indeed - unless under- taken by one possessed of exceptional ability, writing about a class whose cir- cumstances and activities have been actu- ally unique. Here then is our chronicle: When we convened as freshmen for our first meeting, we of Westhampton proceeded to organize our class electing asofhcers the following: Jeanne Huff- man, President, Mildred Howerton, Vice-President, Ann Phillips, Secre- tary, Barbara Eckles, Treasurer. The Richmond College men chose: David Roland, President, Edwin Sinar, Vice- President, James Matthews, Secretary, Edgar Arendall, Treasurer, Simpson Williams, Senator. LEFT TO mm: Dick cam, saf1am,-,- B111 FffZl9llgf?, sa-fefm-y,,- Ed Gaf- After orientation had been completed we found that the sophomore class, in lieu of tradition, had decreed for us a life of be acquainted with all, was complied with read- strenuous activity, stern discipline, and complete ily. Thus we entered into the environment and activities of our "home" for the follow- ing four years. We who had suffered so much at the hands of the upperclassmen last year, entered this year consoled-yes-even exalted by the knowledge that our time had come! We proceeded to assert our authority over the uiconoclastic invad- ers" of our peaceful domain with as much vigor as we could, however, we found our noble efforts greatly restricted at many points. Indeed so much so that the Freshmen were aware of our limita- tions-even somewhat disappointed in us. Having come to a full realization of our prowess in athletics, and conscious of our scholastic ability, we resolved to LEFT TO RIGHT: Eftelle Greenebfzznn, S'eL'1'eta1'y,' Mildred Howerlon, '41 ' Vire-Prerident: femme Hlljf77Zc1IZ, TreaJ'1n'er,' Mary Alice Smith, Preri- Put dass of Q .On the map ln Fuch dezztf: Doctor Marjorie Rivefzlzzzrg, Spomor. 9- fashion and P051tl0f1 that our achleve' ber, Tf'6'd,fIlI'6I',' Hugh Crimmlz, Prefideul. Abreu! wlaezz pirlzzre war hzken: My Corbelf, Vire-Prexidezzty Ed Arendall, Hirloriazz. ments would be long and admiringly remem- bered. This year Westhampton chose as its officers: Mary Alice Smith, President, Mildred Hower- ton, Vice-President, Estelle Greenebaum, Secre- tary, Jeanne Huffman, Treasurer. Richmond "Ar Sophr u1e're f6'd1'77f7Z g llmt ibere are two .ricief fo the lfzke."' College elected Hugh Crisman, President, jay Corbett, Vice-President, Williain Fitzhugh, Sec- retary, Ed Garber, Treasurer, Dick Cash, Senator, Edgar Arendall, Historian. This year the Sophomores were, as usual, in charge of "rat weekf, Westhampton presented a dance recital, and Westhampton and Richmond Colleges jointly gave a dance, which was well at- tended and much enjoyed by all. Now we stand at the threshhold of the second half of our school career, and in relating the fore- going reminiscences a feeling of remorse comes over us when we realize that time has carried us so swiftly onward. We know that the next two years may be even more swiftly consigned to memories. However we are consoled in the knowledge that these memories are alive and will abide and be re- experienced for the years to come. It is not in writing but in the actual vital part we have played in the making of history that we glory. We are convinced by the manner in which we have acquitted ourselves in the past two years that our class is comprised of individuals of abil- ity-yes-even genius, that our class as a whole possesses great potentialities in many fields of en- deavor, because of which, in an age such as this with many problems and possibilities, we can un- reservedly and justifiably boast of a "rendezvous with destiny." Touching on things of our more immediate future, specifically the remaining years of our school life, we should like for all to know that it is our intention to leave with our Alma Mater an example of high scholastic achievement, and vig- orous, courageous and far reaching extra-curric- ular endeavor. We hope not to leave a work that will stand as merely a memorial for our class but as a living and inspiring force in promoting the interest and standards of this institution that we have come to love and cherish unselfishly. Inspired by the successes of the last two years and avid of the laurels that we know will be ours for the effort, we announce to all that if great things are to be accomplished, if prevailing records are to fall, if creative work is to be done, the sophomore X fi S a "The Frorlv build il, we l1llI'77 il."' "Beal ll7i!limg1 am! flfIm'y."l class will be counted among those that to these high ideals attain. CLASS OFFICERS Hugh Crisman, President, jay Corbett, Vice- President, Dick Cash, Senator, Ed Garber, Treasurer, Bill Fitzhugh, Secretary, Ed Arendall, Historian. Mary Alice Smith, President, Mildred Howerton, Vice-President, Jeanne Huffman, Treasurer, Estelle Greenebaum, Secretary. CHARLES R. BOOTH . . . Q6 w . Richmond, Virginia JOHN O. BRADSHAW . . . . . . Burkeville, Virginia WILLIAM H. BRAUER .... . . RICHARD Y. BRISTOW . .. . .. WILLIAM E. BRISTOW . .. . . . . FRANK H, BRITTON . .. ROBERT T. BROGAN . . . NORMAN BROWN .... HENRY A. BULLOCK ................. . Richmond, Virginia . Petersburg, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia . Richmond, Virginia . Richmond, Virginia . Richmond, Virginia . Richmond, Virginia EDWARD WADSWORTH BUTCHER, JR. Richmond, Virginia HENRY E. CAKE ........ RICHARD C. CARTER . ,. SALVATORE V. CASALE .... . . . RICHARD C. CASH ..... JOSE A. CATARINEU ..... . . . CHARLES F. CATLETT, JR. .. . . . . . . Norfolk, Virginia Northfork, Virginia Baltimore, Maryland . . . Bristol, Virginia Samturee, Porto Rico Covington, Virginia EDWARD R. ADAMS . . ELIE M. ADAMS ....... RAYMOND A. ADAMS . LEON H. ALEXANDER . . . . . . RALPH W. ALLEN ....... . . . REX MELVILLE ALLYN GORDON H. ANDREWS WILLIAM P. ANDREWS EDGAR M. ARENDALL JEFFERSON D. ASHER . .. ... MILTON B. BAROODY ALVIN F. BEALE, JR, . . THOMAS C. BERREY ,. LUCIEN W. BINGHAM, JR. . . . . . . . JOHN B. BLANTON , . . JOHN M. BLOXOM . . . . . ...... Redoak ,...Richrnond .....Luray, Richmond Virginia . Clarkton, Virginia Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Richmond, Virginia , Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . . Mobile, Alabama Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond Virginia Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Mappsville, Virginia WINFRED H. ELDER .,,.. HARRY E. FAINTER ...... GAETANO T. FATTARUSO CHARLES J. FERNEYHOUG WILLIAM B. EITZHUGH . . JAMES M, FOGG .......4. FRED c. EORBERG ..... EARL R. Fox ....... MARIO A. GAMBOA . .. EDGAR C. GARBER, ju.. . . . ELLIS P. GEORGE I..... SAMUEL E., GEORGE H, OSCAR G. GILBERT ........ CLARENCE W. GLADDING HAROLD J. GORDON .... MORRIS D. GRANDIS ..... . . Clarkton, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia Newark, New Jersey JR. . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Trenton, New Jersey Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia San Jose, Costa Rica . . Emporia, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . . . . Mears, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia IVIARTIN F. CLARK .... . . . Urbanna, AUSTIN B. CLARKE ..... Manakin, LAWRENCE A. CLAY .,.. ,..... R ichmond, ROBERT H. COMBS .... .... F redericksburg, HARRY B. COPLEY ........... .,.... R ichmond, Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia EUGENE W. K. CORNWELL ROBERT H. COURTNEY . . . HUGH S. CRISMAN ....... JOHN C. CROSS ............ . . . . . .. . Fredericksburg, . . . ...... Richmond, . , . Winchester, . , . . Richmond, WILLIAM E. DAVENPORT ..., . . . Amelia C. H., Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia DOUGLAS W. DAVIS ..... ASHLEY D. DESHAZOR . . . . . . . Richmond, . . . . Blackstone, Virginia Virginia BRANCH A. DINWIDDIE, JR . . . . Richmond, JAMES H. DONOHUE, III ..... ...... R ichmond, Virginia Virginia JOHN A. DOUMLELE ..... ROBERT W. DURRETT ..,. . ....... Richmond, Hartsville, South Virginia Carolina 'Q WILLIAM A. GRANT, Jn. . . . WAVERLY S, GREEN, JR. . . . HARRY EGBERT GRIFFIN . . WESTON HARRIS GRIMSLEY RICHARD S. GRIZZARD .... JAMES R. HARRIS .......... WILLIAM ROBERT HARTON, JR. ...... . MELVIN C. HAWKINS ...... WILLIAM H. HEMBY ..... WILLIAM M, HERNDON ,... IRA DURWOOD HUDGINS . RICHARD E. HUMBERT ..... OSCAR JANIGER ........,. JOSEPH E. JENKINS, JR. . . .. ARTHUR E. JONES ......., CHASTINE W. JONES, Ju. . .. . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Burkevillc, Virginia .. . Dillwyn, Virginia . . . Culpeper, Virginia . . . . .. . . . Danville, Virginia . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . . , . . . . . . . Richmond Virginia . . . , . . , Richmond, Virginia Fredericksburg, Virginia . Washington, D. C. . . . Suffolk, Virginia Brooklyn, New York Richmond, Virginia . . . . Suffolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia S LAPRADE STARKE JONES . . WILLIAM H. JONES, JR. . .. ROBERT KEIL ......,.... JOHN R. KELLISON, JR. . . . JAMES RANDOLPH KNAUB GEORGE B. LAMM ........ GEORGE H. LANDERS ..... JAMES C. LITTLER ...... JOHN H. LOCKE ..,.. INVIN LOVENSTEIN ..... MARTIN MARKOWITZ ,... ROBERT J. J. MARTIN, III . GEORGE E. MASSIE, III . .. JAMES A. MATTHEWS , . , JOSEPH W. MATYOSKA, . . . Fredericksburg, Virginia . ..... Midlothian, Virginia . . Oak Park, Illinois ,. Q. Richmond, Virginia . . . ...... Richmond, Virginia . . . .... Dunn, North Carolina . .... Richmond, Virginia . . . . Chicago, Illinois . . . . . Boyce, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . .... Brooklyn, New York . . . Towson, Maryland . .,.. Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Nashua, New Hampshire WILLIAM R. MAYNARD . . . ......,. Norfolk, Virginia BEN HARRIS MCGEHEE . . . THOMAS H. McVAY SAMUEL M. MOODY .... JOHN K. MOORE ..... CHARLES A. MORGAN, JR. . . . WILLIE P. MORRISSETTE . .. JAMES M. MURPHY .... HAROLD G. oWENs .... WILLIAM F. PARKERSON, JR. . . ...... Richmond NEAL PATTEN .............. . . . SAMUEL C. PATTESON ..... MARSHALL J. PHILLIPS , . . Wilmington, Virginia .. . . . Norfolk, Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia . . . Onancock, Virginia . . . Rockville Virginia . . . Midlothian Virginia . . . . Petersburg, Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia Virginia Newport News, Virginia . . . . . . . . Ransons, Virginia . . . Hopewell Virginia FREDERICK H. POWELL, JR. . . . .... Richmond BLANTON L. PRICE .......... ...... R ichmond THOMAS E. PUGH ......... Fredericksburg, CHARLES W. REYNOLDS . . . .... Richmond Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia WILLIAM T. RICH . . . DAN ROBERT RIGGS . . . GEORGE E. ROBERTS . . . I-IERMAN S. ROCKOFF . .. WILLIAM A. ROTHENBERG WILLIAM S. RYAN ........ ALVIN L. ST. CLAIR ....... WILI.IAM P. SCHAFFER . .. GEORGE H. SHACKELFORD ROBERT WALTER SHIFLETT CHARLES H. SKUTT ......... IIENRY L. STEINER . . . GRANVILLE H. STEINMETZ WILLIAM H. SURBER, JR. . . .l .i I A OWEN F. TATE .......... WILLIAM S. TERRY .... . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Nassawadox, Virginia Bridgeport, Connecticut , , , . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . .... Baltimore, Maryland . . ........ Roanoke, Virginia Drewry's Bluff, Virginia . . . . Hampton, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Clarendon, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . , Danville, Virginia . . . . Chatham, Virginia ELIZABETH B. ACKER ........,.. DOROTHY BURKE AURINGER . . . MARGARET LOUISE AUSTIN . . . VIRGINIA LEE BALL ......... r. ,'! ,I i J, it Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Richmond, Virginia . . . . Erie, Pennsylvania . . . . Schuyler, Virginia MARTHA LILLIAN BEAM .... .. . Hamlet Nort MARTHA ISORA BELDING ...... MARY ANNE BOEHLING ........ , h Richmond, Richmond, MARGARET EVELYN BRITTINGHAM .... Victoria, MARY MOSELEY BUXTON . . . LOIS INEZ CAMPBELL ..... PHYLLIS ANN COGHILL ..... EVELYN VIRGINIA COSBY .... KATHLEEN FRANCES CRAWFORD . . . Richmond . . . Saltville, . . . Richmond . . . Midlothian . . . . . Richmond DOROTHY ELOISE DAWLEY .,........ Richmond HELEN MARIE DODD ,.......... TRUMAN CRYSTAL DUNCAN . . . . . . . . Richmond . . . . Palmyra, s Carolina Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia' Virginia Virginia , , Virginia Virginia Virginia JOE E. THOMAS .........i WILLIAM F. TOPHAM ....... JAMES W. TURKINGTON .... ROBERT P. VAN BUREN .... FREDERICK A. WADDINGTON . . GEORGE T. WAITE ....... FREDERICK WANDERER . CHARLES A. WATKINS, JR WILLIAM J. WAYMACK . . GEORGE L. WHITE, JR. GEORGE P. WHITLEY, JR. JOE W. WIGGINS ...,...i ROBERT D. WILLIAMS . . . A. SIMPSON WILLIAMS, JR. . . JOSEPH A. WILSON ..... . SAMUEL J. WORNOM, JR. . . . Clifton Forge, Virginia . . . . . . . Roanoke, Virginia . . . Jersey City, New Jersey . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Durham, North Fayetteville, North . . . Richmond, Carolina Carolina Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia .. . Hampton, Virginia l 1 MILDRED TU RNLEY HOWERTON JEANNE WORTHAM HUFFMAN ...., BETTY MAY HULBERT ..,.......... DAGMAR FLORENCE JACOBSEN .,.. BETTY PAGE KEMP .......... in . . . . Suffolk, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . Chicago, Illinois ,Brown's Store, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia ELSIE KATHERINE KIDD ......... .... I lichmond, Virginia ELEANOR COOKSON KINDELL . . . . . DOROTHY LOUISE KYTE ..... ADA MAY LAND .......,........... KATHRYN REBECCA LEVISTON ..... . . Richmond, Virginia . Fnnwood, New jersey . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia NAOMI LEWIS ...........,,....., ..,. R ichmond, Virginia JULIETTE PAIGE LOVING .... HELEN DOUGLAS MARTIN , . . MARTHA WARD MCCABE .... MARIE LOUISE MORRISSEY ...... . BETTY GOODWYN MUSGRAVE .... JEAN LOUISE NEASMITH ...... . . Richmond, Virginia . . , . Richmond, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Ldesburg, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia BARBARA RUTH ECKLES ......, GLADYS REBECCA EPES .... ...... . . . ,IOSEPHINE FRANKLIN FENNELL Richmond, Virginia Blackstone, Virginia Richmond, Virginia MARGARET ELIZABETH FORRER Richmond, Virginia BETTY LEE FOX .......... Wasliingtman, District of Columbia VIRGINIA ELLEN GARRETT ........... Blackstone, Virginia CAROLYN HATCHER GARY ....,...... Richmond, Virginia FRANCES ROSE GREENBAUM . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia KATHRYN ESTELLE GREENEBAUM. .Short Hills, New jersey HELEN AVIS GRIMM ................. Wincliester, Virginia DOROTHY BERMICE HARSHBARGER . Saint Albans, W. Va. jESSIE PERSINGER I-IIBBS ....,........ Richmond, Virginia HELEN jAMES HILL ......,.... MARY ERINA HINCHMAN ........ .... ELIZABETH DILLARD HOLDEN ...... CATHERINE BIRD HOOVER .... Richmond Richmond Blackstone Richmond I , Virginia , Virginia , Virginia , Virginia MAYME FRAYSER O'FLAHERTY . . . MAYO GILLIAN OMOHUNDRO ....... VIRGINIA BLANCHE OMOHUNDRO NELL CHRISTINE O'NEIL ......... NATALIE MONTAGUE PAGE .... ANN CLEMMITT PHILLIPS ..., CATHERINE KAY PHILLIPS .... . . . . Richmond EVELYN MAUDE POMEROY . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . Richmond, Virginia Fork Union, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia .. . Richmond Virginia , .Richmond Front Royal AGATHA CONSTANCE POWELL ....... Richmond FRANCES OMEGA PRICE ,........ MARGARET LEE PURCELL .... EULALIE MARION RAWLS . .. BETTY CARSON RILEY ..... . . . MARY ELIZABETH RILEY ..... ANNA MARIE RUE ....,........... FRANCES HENRIETTA SADLER .... Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia . . . . Bealeton, Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia South Boston Virginia . , . . Richmond Virginia . . . Culpeper, Virginia . . . Liberty, Missouri LW 51 ELSIE VERNON SATTERWHITE . THELMA ANNE SELDES ,......, MARY ALICE SMITH ........... MARTHA HARDWICKE SNEAD . . . . . . , Richmond, Virginia . .... Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Fork Union, Virginia KATHERINE APPERSON SPENCER ...,. Lynchburg, virginia BERNICE IRENE STEPHENSON . . SADDYE JANE SYKES ......,. ELLIE TERRETTA ...... JANE WALDROP TREVVETT . SUZANNE ADORA TRUSSELL , . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . jackson, North Carolina . . . . Stony Creek, Virginia ,. . . . . . . Ashland, Virginia Port Washington, New York FRANCES ELIZABETH WILEY ......... Richmond, virginia JEANNE LOZIER WI LKINS ..,.. ANTOINETTE PARKER WIRTH VIRGINIA MALCOLM WOOD . . . BETTY I-IASKINS WOODSON . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia ANN LOVE WOODWARD .,.... MARION AUGUSTA YANCEY . . . . . . Fanwood, New jersey . Smithfield, North Carolina . . . . . . . Pendleton, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Clarkesville, Virginia "Ec01z0micJ'? Girl! Prom." JU ICR The Class of 1940 both at Westhampton and Richmond Colleges has completed its third and most successful year at the University. Led at Westhampton by Mary Sue Carter and at Rich- mond College by Walter Gillette, the class had as its other officers: at Wesfhampfon College, Annabel Lumpkin, Vice-President, Harriet Yea- mans, Secretary, and Vista Robinson, Treasurer, and at Richmond College, james Baggs, Vice- President, Carlton Whitlatch, Secretary, Dexter Abeloff, Treasurerg and Seabury Stoneburner, Senator. ' The first week was a busy one, with the orienta- tion of the freshmen-at Westhampton a week of teas, luncheons, and receptions, at Richmond College one of the freshman stunts and introduc- tions. The next big event on the junior calendar was the Prom+one on each side of the lake. Plans soared high, and the Class boasts two of the best Proms the University of Richmond has ever known. The Richmond College junior Prom was held in the Milhiser Gymnasium, a-glitter with red and blue cellophane, on December 2. The figure was led by the President, Walter Gillette, with Miss Lazelle Swenson of Richmond who was crowned Queen of the Prom by Congressman Dave Satterfield, a Richmond College alumnus. Westhampton College carried out in its Prom a Winter Carnival theme, with winter sports scenes as decorations and an ice-throne for the Class Sponsor, Mrs. Dallas Grubbs, who was Queen of the Carnival. Class President Mary Sue Carter led the intricate and beautiful figure, with George Oliver as her escort. In other class and college functions as well as their Proms the Class of 1940 has shown great interest. The junior Class of Westhampton won the Song Contest last year and the Mortar Board Cup for two successive years and was second in the Song Contest this year. It has participated enthusiastically in in- trascholastic games, carried on an am- bitious project in the sponsoring of the Clavilux Color Organ Concert last year, had a large part in making May Day a success, and performed all the tradi- tional functions of Sophomore Class in the i938 Commencement Exercises. The juniors of Richmond College have been active in all phases of campus life, placing an especially large number of men on the Intermediate Honors list and standing high in extra-curricular activities. Four of their class were elected to Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary forensic fra- ternity, five to Pi Delta Epsilon, hon- orary journalistic fraternity, and six to the honorary leadership fraternity, Gmi- cron Delta Kappa. Many juniors have been outstanding in athletics, in journal- ism, and in dramatics on the campus. It is evident from the success of both junior Proms and of other class activi- ties requiring class spirit and coopera- tion that the Class of 1940 of the Uni- versity of Richmond is one to be long remembered for its outstanding leader- ship, scholarship, and service. lVa!ler Gillelfe, Pmriclefll S0c1l7!lI'4jf Sl07IBblll'1I6I', Senator Cfzrlfwz Wbiflalcb, Serremry ' Dexter Abelojjt, Trea.s'11re1' finmzie Bfzggr, Vire-Preridezzf Vista Robimozz, Tremzzrer Arzmzbel Lzmzpkizz, Vice-P1'e.fide12t Mary Sw Carter, P1'0.ffIf67Zf Harrie! Yefmmnr, Secrelafy F01' 11 ,flll00ff'l dale - gf! JUNIOR' at mzooib fare! 1!'J 41 dale -- .ree 31011 111 Niue! Dmzre azzflyile ,ill the f1r11i01' P10111 Style! Crozwzizzg flue Queen! King - Spomor --- 0116611 ! N, Cake and pzmrh C ezuored I ALFRED CHESTER AARONS DAVID D. ABELOEE ....... JOHN P. ABERNATHY, JR. VINCENT REED ADAMS, JR. WILLIAM T. ALLMAN, JR. . EMMETT H. ANDERSON . .. WILBUR J. BAGGS, JR. . . BERNARD E. BAKER ....... JOHN M. BAREFORD ,..... RAUL BENJAMEN BARRERAS WALTER E. BASS ........, ARTHUR CHARLES BECK, Jn. HENRY WITTLER BLACK . JOSEPH E. BLACK, IR. .... . H. ARMISTEAD BLACKLEY EUGENE H. BLOOM ...... RAY SELDON BOISSEAU, JR. HENRY L. BOOKER, JR. . .. . EDWARD L. BRAGG ..,... ERNEST LINWOOD BRANDIS, JR. ..... . Phi Alpha ..,.. Phi Alpha ...... Phi Gamma Delta . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Sigma .... Lambda Chi Alpha . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha . Kappa Alpha ...,. Theta Chi . . . Phi Alpha . .... .. Phi Kappa Sigma- Phi Delta Theta . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia . . .... Richmond . . . Red Oak, . . . . Richmond Virginia Virginia Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia Wfebstef, Massachusetts . . ...... Ozeana, Virginia . Morovis, Puerto Rico . . . .... Richmond , Virginia . . .... Richmond, Virginia . , . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia North Emporia, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond Virginia . . .... Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . .... Richmond, Virginia ROYALI, BRANDIS .....,....... WALTER WOODROW BROOKING THOMAS HENRY BRUNO ....... WILLIAM BROWN BURGE ...... WINSTON O. BURGESS .... WILLIAM J, CASH, JR. ......... . THOMAS VERNON CHALKLEY, . HARVEY HOLMES CHAPMAN .. WILLIAM S. CLIFFORD ........ CHARLES C. COATES .....,.... FRANKLIN MADISON CROUCH . LOUIS E. DAILEY, JR. .......... . RAWLEY FLEET DANIEL .... ENDERS DICKINSON ........ RICHARD BOOKER EASLEY ..., HERMAN MILLER ELAM ..... HATCHER SNEAD ELLIOTT ROBERT BISSETT ELMORE . .. CURTIS M. ELY .......... MILTON ENDE .... Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Kappa Sigma . . Pi Kappa Alpha . Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha ....... Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Chi .... Kappa Alpha .... Phi Gamma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha . sign5iQii'g1Ji'rggi'iQ,5' f f ' ' A A A ' ' ' ' Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha .... . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Martinsville, Virginia . . . Fork Union Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia . .....,. Austin, Texas . . . Machodoc . , . Richmond . . . . Cape Charles , Virginia Virginia Virginia . . . New Church, , Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia Sandston, Virginia Amelia Court House, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Petersburg, Virginia , LK Sigma Alpha Epsilon MALCOLM GLENMORE EVA NS .... .... LOUIS RICHARD FARBER .... WILSON LEE FARIS .......... WILLIAM WINFREE FARLEY ..... .... ROBERT HENRY FENNELL, ju. .... .. CHARLES PHILLIPS FORD, JR. . . , , . . . HENRY LEE FOSTER .....,... DANIEL W. FOWLER .....,. JAMES M, FREDERICKSEN .... KENNETH FRED GARRISON .... WALTER BOOTH GILLETTE .... .... AUSTIN EARNEST GRIGG .... NATHANEAL B. HABEL .......... .... GARLAND DOUGLAS HADDOCK ALVIN F. HARRIS .............. . . . JAMES FREDERICK HART HENRY GERALD HELLER .,..... .... RUSSELL EDWARD HERRING . . . . . . . JULIAN HUTSON HILL .......... .... HARVEY HAROLD HOBGOOD .... .... Kappa1Alplm . Phi Gamma Delta . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Petersburg, Virginia . . . . Afton, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia v . . Brookneal, Virginia . . . . . . . . Washington, D. C. . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ........ Richmond Pi Kappa Alpha .............. Richmond Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Kappa Alpha ..... Phi Alpha ........ Sigma Alpha,Epsilon Amelia Court House , Virginia Virginia , , Virginia . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . , . Centralia, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Atlantic City, New Jersey . . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Richmond,Virginia Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lawrenceville, Virginia in RICHARD LEWIS HOLLENDER .... . . . STUART WALKER HOSKINS ..,. . . . RAYMOND FRANKLIN HOUGH THOMAS WINN ISBELL, JR. ..... . . WILLIAM W. JACKSON ...I.... . . . LUTHER BARNUM JENKINS . . . . . . EDWIN BARBER JOHNSTON . . . . . . WAYLAND HORACE JONES . . . . . . JOHN EMORY JORDAN ...... THOMAS DAVID JORDAN . .. JOHN F. B, JURGENS, Jn. WILLIAM F. KAYHOE ........, . . . GEORGE THEROS KERHULAS . .. . . JACK CHESTER KERVAN .... JOHN KORMAN, JR. ..... . ROBERT CHARLES KRUG .... RANDOLPH C. LAPRADE . .. PHILIP D. LAWRENCE, JR. . . . T. G. LEWIS .............. CLYDE BAILEY LIPSCOMB . ., Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Sigma ..... Theta Chi ..,. Phi Gamma Delta . i1ii45g,5a'Aii5ii'.'.'.' Phi Gamma Delta . . . Phi Delta Theta . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa Sigma . . Lambda Chi Alpha . Sigma Alpha. pai-lon Kappa Sigma ..... Pi Kappa Alpha .. . Garden City, New York Fredericksburg, Virginia . . . . . . Salem, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Blackstone, Virginia . , Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . .. Bon Air, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia San Francisco, California . . Scarsdale, New York . . . . Quinton, Virginia . . , Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . Bronxville, New York . . . Richmond, Virginia MACON MELVILLE LONG .. GUS DEAN MANDALERIS .... WILLIAM L. MANER, Ja. . .. ROBERT LEE MCNEELY EDWIN JOEL MERRICK .... HOPE FAIRFAX MILBY ....... ROBERT CLYDE MOORE ..,.... WILBUR CHAPMAN MOORMAN SIDNEY GRANT MORTON ...,. DONALD PITT MURRILL ...... JACK RICKS NOFFSINGER . .. WOODROW W. PARIS 4.... RANDOLPH I-I. PARRISH ...., MICHAEL STEVENS PEPI ...... ALLAN JACKSON PHAUP, Ja. .. GEORGE M. POLLARD ....... JOHN FRANKLYN POWERS JAMES DELBRIDGE PUGH ..,. DORSEY COLE RAWLINGS . .. WILLIAM H. REMINE ...... Phi Kappa Sigma . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Alpha ..... Kappa Sigma ..... Lamhda Chi Alpha . . . . Theta Chi ....... Phi Gamma Delta . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Phi Gamma Delta . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha . Phi Kappa Sigma . . Kappa Sigma ..... . . . . . , St. Paul, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia Allendale, South Carolina . . . . . Danville, Virginia . Pottsville, Pennsylvania . . . . . Norfolk, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Mt. Jackson, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia , . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Roanoke, Virginia , . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . New York, New York . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . ..... Richmond, Virginia South Norfolk, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia Fredericksburg, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM M. ROBINSON .. GEORGE ROCHKIND ...... GEORGE WILMOT ROSS, JR. . . SAUL SALISBURY .....,..... JASON MELVIN SALSBURY .. JULIAN DOUGLASS SANGER . PIERRE PAUL SAUNIER, JR. .. WALTER G. SCHNEIDER .... MARSHALL WINFIELD SCOTT GILBERT SIEGAL ............ JAMES P. SIMPSON, III ...... EDWARD SYLVESTER SINAR OTIS EDWARD SNOW ..,... GEORGE A. STEPHENSON, JR. SEABURY D, STONEBURNER . JOHN O. STOKER ........... JOSEPH OSCAR SULLIVAN . .. ROBERT VERNON TALLEY .. WARREN FRANCIS TAYLOR . CARLSON RAAEN THOMAS . . Phi Gamma Delta . . . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Alpha ...... Phi Kappa Sigma . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Pi Kappa Alpha . .. Sigma Phi Epsilon . Phi Alpha ..,..,.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Gamma Delta . Kappa Sigma .... Sigma Phi Epsilon . Kappa Sigma . . . . . . Hampton, Virginia Richmond Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia .. . Richmond Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia .. . Richmond Virginia . . . . Bronx, New York Fredericksburg, Virginia Clifton Forge, Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia . . Richmond, Virginia . . . , South Boston Virginia . . . .. Dillwyn, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . .. Washington, D. C. . . . . Danville, Virginia F. 5 AL Us V VINCENT SHARPE TILLER .... T. STANFORD TUTXVILER ....... WILLIAM C. TYLER ...4........ EDWARD NATHANIEL ULLMAN ROBERT GRAY URBACH ....... BRUCE P. VAN BUSKIRK EVAN B. VAN LEEUWEN .... CECIL PORTER VAUGI-IAN .... GEORGE VRANIAN ...,...... JAMES ARTHUR WAGNER .... JOHN THOMAS WATKINS, JR. .. PAUL GRAY WATSON, JR. ..... . ARNOLD FRANK WATTS ..... ALBERT E. WEAVER ........ CARLTON A. WHITLATCH RUSSELL KING WOOD, JR. ...,. . CHARLES FREDERICK WORTHAM WILBUR HOPKINS WRENN ...., JOHN WILLIAM WRIGHT, JR. .. CHARLETON P. YOUNTS, JR. .. Kappa Alpha . Theta Chi . . Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Alpha ...... Kappa Sigma . . . Theta Chi .... Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Theta . Phi Gamma Delta Theta Chi ...... Pennington Gap, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . .. Phoebus, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Bronxville, New York . . . . v . Norfolk, Virginia . . . Stevensville, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Nassawadox, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . Lancaster, Pennsylvania . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Richmond Virginia , . . Lynchburg, Virginia .. . .. Miami, Florida JANE ALER , ............. . . MADGE MARIE AYCOCK LUCY WYNN BAIRD .,.,. HILDAH C. BATTEN . .. LOIS BLAKE ........, SHIRLEY S. BRADLEY ...,. INIARGARET R. BRINSON . .. MILDRED C. BURNETTE .... MARY SUE CARTER ...... PAULINE CORTOPASSI . .. MARGARET CRABTREE ....... CHARLOTTE ANN DICKENSON CAROLINE V. DOYLE ........... DOROTHY ANN DUKE . . . EUNICE S. FLANAGAN .... KATHLEEN B. FRANCIS . . . MAUREEN P. FUGATE . . . MYRA ANNE GREGORY . .. JANET MOORE GRESHAM . . . MILDRED J. GUSTAFSON . .. . . . Churchland, Virginia Princeton, North Carolina . . . . . Rawlings, Virginia . . . . Smithfield, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . , . . Richmond, Virginia , . . . Norfolk, Virginia . . . . . Roanoke, Virginia . . Bronxville, New York . . . . Richmond, Virginia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . . . Front Royal, Virginia . . . McKenney, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . Bremo Bluff, Virginia . . Glenn Allen, Virginia . . . . . . . Ewing, Virginia . . . . . . Chester, Virginia . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . , Richmond, Virginia DORIS ANN HARGROVE BELLA HERTZBERG ..... MILDRED L. JAMES .... PATSY S. JOBLIN ....... H. ELIZABETH JOHNSON MARIE E. KEYSER .... RUTH B. LATHAM ..... MARGARET H. LIGON . EILEEN L. LLOYD ...... JUDITH c. LUCAS .... ANNABEL F. LUMPKIN . KATHERINE L. LYLE ELIZABETH J. MARSH .... ALICE W. MCELROY ..... VIRGINIA A. MCLARIN . .. . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . Newport News, Virginia . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Richmond Virginia .. Richmond . . . . . . Richmond ....... Richmond , Virginia Virginia Virginia . . . Mardela Springs, Maryland . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia Chesterfield Court House, Virginia Richmond, Virginia . . . East Syracuse, New York . . . . . . . . . Richmond, Virginia . . . . Mountain Lakes, New Jersey JEAN C. MILLER .,..,.....,. ETHEL HELEN O'BRIEN ...... FLORANCE EUBANK PARKER EDITH ELEANOR PARSONS ,.... DOROTHY ELAINE ROBERTS VISTA V. ROBINSON .... MABEL LEIGH ROOKE .... MARION E. SIBLEY .... THAIS SILVERMAN .... LUCY K. SISSON .... HELEN JANE SMITH ,... MAUDE W. SMITH ....... KATHERINE L. WICKER .,.. DELL M. WILLIAMS ....... HARRIET R. YEAMANS . . . , Greensboro, North Carolina . . . . . Garden City, New York Richmond, Virginia . . Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts . . . ............. Crewe, Virginia . . . Skippers, Virginia . , . . Suffolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Nutley, New jersey Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia IOR "Here's Where We Came Inf, From the vantage point of june, 1939, the are on the verge of graduation, and although Senior Class of the University of Richmond looks there is a great deal to look forward to, there are back upon four of the best years the University also so many wonderful things behind us. In the beginning, back in the fall of W 35, we were a tremendous class, and , what big ideas we had! Every one did a fzgqgrfqi . i - - - - - ' great deal to make us feel at home, and i important. The latter was short-lived, however, when the Sophomores took us in hand, with hazing for Richmond Col- lege Freshmen, Rat Night and its pre- ceding pranks for Westhampton. In October Westhampton's Seniors for- mally welcomed its Freshmen with the Proclamation Night ceremony, and we felt more a part of campus life. Frater- nity initiations followed, and the crown- ing bit was the torchlight pajama pa- rade of Richmond College Freshmen up the hill to Westhampton. Then came Thanksgiving, and the end of our "rat- has known. They are four years, also, which form tingn days. With the abandoning of rat caps we a non-eradicable memory for each member of the acquired a new dignity, and Rigamarole and the graduating class. Who can forget that - long-ago Freshman year when it all seemed so strange and new, the proud Sophomore year when we really knew our way around, the junior year full to the brim of labor and laughter among the many class activities, and finally this glorious Senior year which has given us the significant experience of realizing that we are no longer boys and girls, but men and women ready to face life and all it has to offer? T Reflecting upon our college career, we feel a thrill of pleasure that so much of worth has been ours and that we have forever with us such splendid memories. There hovers over us also, however, a little pang of regret when we realize that it is Caps! Gowfzrl Speeches! Diploma: . . . Gmdmztiofz. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Manley, Vice-P1'eJlale72t,' R0bert Leilch, Prefi- , alefzzfg Frank Corby, Semzlorg Dick Saznzderr, TrefzJzzre1'. Merril all OVC!-Very suddenly, lt SCCIIIS, WC O'C02mor, Secretary f7Z0fl7ZplC'lZl1'6j. Freshman-Sophomore Dance were truly social occasions. The Lantern Night procession of the Freshman girls on the eve of May Day finished our class activities and closed a fine Freshman year, in which we were led by Marion Locke and Thomas Graham as presidents. A Returning as Sophomores, we were mighty LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Conrey, T7'6fIJ'll7'6I',' Alice Evazzr, Pferidezzl' Virginia Shlllliclll, Secretm'y,' ferrie McElroy, ViL'e-Preridem. proud. This time Lavinia Winston and George George were our presidents, and Dr. Maude Woodfin was chosen Class Sponsor for West- hampton. The Richmond class was proud to boast of two four-letter men, jimmy Mundy and jack Sanford. The Westhampton Sophomores were also active in athletics, winning the inter- class basketball championship. The Sophomore girls had the privilege of giving a dance, which was quite a success. We shall never forget the early morning daisy picking nor the all-day job of making the traditional chain we carried with our "big sisters" at graduation. During our Junior year many from our class gained the honors that come to outstanding stu- dents. Our members were elected to ODK, TKA, PDE, and Mortar Board. The Class of '39 was again Westhampton basketball champion. The events most eagerly awaited this year on both sides of the lake were the junior Proms. Presi- dent Gerald Scott and Emily Parker led the Rich- mond College Prom, and Marian Wiley, junior President, and Purcell McCue, the figure at West- hampton. ' Came September, 1938, and we were given the coveted rank of Seniors. Alice Evans and Robert Leitch were chosen as our leaders for this, our final year. The Westhampton Seniors formally welcomed the Freshmen on Proclamation Night, a picnic strengthened the unity and con- geniality of our class, and the Thanks- giving Co-ed was given by the Seniors. In February we learned that many of our members had been elected to Phi Beta Kappa, as well as other honorary organizations. The Westhampton Sen- ior Show, "Away With the Breezes," starring the Conrey twins, was staged in the early spring. The men's Senior Formal followed, the decorations Ht- tingly carrying out the-theme of Saint Patrick's Day. May Day, with Virginia Shuman as Queen, and the Daisy Chain are both memorable events of our final spring. y Although we hate to leave, we are gratified to feel that we are now, after our four years of college, better prepared to make a go of Life, and our gratitude to the faculty, the P1'0t'ldII1:1fi0lZ N i gbl, Administration, and all those who made these years such grand ones knows no bounds. May our lives be well representative of our University. STUART ROBERTSON ALLEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Busirzesr Adnzinirlrniion Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Alpha Mu Omicron ALEX EMMANUEL ANDERSEN BRISTOL, VIRGINIA-TENNESSEE B.A. in Efzglirb ' Theta Chi Fraternityg Transfer from Bel- mont Abbey junior College, Golf, 5, 4, Intramural Athletics, 3, 4. ARTHUR I-IYMAN BEALE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Burineyr A!i7IlflZIIf1'dli0H Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Account- ing Club, 55 Assistant Basketball Man- ager, 1, 2, Golf Manager, 3, 49 Intra- mural Athletics, 1. KENNETH C. BASS, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. izz Clawzzirlry Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Phi Beta Kap pa, Chemistry Club, 2, 3g President, 4 Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Chem istry Honors, Interfraternity Council Track Manger, 1, 2, 31 Senior Man ager, 4. u JOHN R. BELL BIRDSNEST, VIRGINIA B.S. in BllJ'i72EJ.f Admirzirtrntiorz Philologian Literary Societyg Class Sena- tor, 2g Senator-at-Large, 33 Freshman Track, -IAMES WARREN BERKEYPILE GLEN ALLEN, VIRGINIA B.S. in Playrirr Sigma Pi Sigma, 39 Treasurer, 4g Chem- istry Club, 5, 4g Collegian Circulation Staff, 1, 2g Circulation Manager, 33 As- sistant Baseball Manager, 1. KENNETH LEON BLACK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Englirb Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Mu Sig- ma Rho Literary Societyg Intramural Athletics. ADAM ROSWELL BOWERS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Pbyrifr Theta Chi Fraternityg Harlequin Club lnterfraternity Council. WALTER AUGUSTUS BOWRY RICHARD CURD BOWLES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Burinerr Adnzinirlratimz B.S. in Bu.fi1ze.r,r Ad7I2ilZiIf1':1Ii0I1 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramural Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Baseball, Athletics. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Athletics. BRAGDON RAY BOWLING FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA B.A. in Englirb Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Harlequin Club, Vice-President, 4, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 2, 3, 4, Collegian Staff, 1, 2g Subscription Manager, 35 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 3, 43 Honor Council, 45 Inter- fraternity Council, 5, 43 Dance Commit- tee, 3, 43 Freshman Basketballg Inter- Colleiate Relations Manager, 43 Intra- mural Athletics. HENRY DOUGLAS BRITTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Burinerr Adminirtmlimz Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Freshman Trackg Intramural Athletics. ALLAN BROCKENBROUGI-I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in B1z.vine.rJ Ad7lli7IiJ'l7'rlli02I Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Alpha Mu Omicron, 33 Secretary and Treasurer, 4, Accounting Society, 3g Dean's Listg In- termediate Honorsg Intramural Athletics. STUART HARRISON CATRON JUDSON K. CHAPIN, JR. MARION, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Claemirtry B.S. in Cbenzixtry Chemistry Club, 5, 4, Mu Sigma Rho Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternitygG1ee Club, Literary Society, Dean's Listg Chemistry 1, Varsity Tennis, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Honors. Athletics. ARNE RAVN CHRISTENSEN HIGHLAND SPRINGS, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hirtory S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Camera Club. HERBERT MATTHEW CHURCH JAMES DANIEL CLARK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Claeflzixfry B-A ffl Eflglffb Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Chess Pi KHPPH AIPIW Ffatefnifyl Glee Clubs Clubs Football, 1, 25 Inn-amumj Ath. Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseballg leticsl Intramural Athletics. ALVIS MACON CLEMENT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in B1z.fi11er.r Ad7?Zi12iJ'f7'zlli0lZ Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Mu Omicron, MORGAN L. COMBS FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA BA. in Emnomicx Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Interfra- ternity Councilg President of Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketballg Freshman and Sophomore Baseball Manager. umnuuuun mnnnuunn muunmnuu ERNEST LEE COPLEY JAMES REGINALD COSBY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Pryrbology B.5'. ifz Pbyxifr Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Mu Sigma Sigma Pi SirgmzLg.Chemist1y Club, Bandg Rho Literary Society, Varsity Cluhg Box- Chemistry Honors. ing, 2, Golf, 3, 43 Intramural Athletics. nuuu nnun num: FRANK SPENCER COSBY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 13.5. in Bzuinexr Admirzirtmtion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Omicron Delta Kappa, S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Glee Club, 1, 2g Business Man- ager, 33 President, 45 Harlequin Club, 33 Secretary. 43 Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Chairman Interfraternity Finance Committee, 45 Class Senator, 4, Y.M.C. A. Cabinet, 3g Secretary, 4. JOHN JOSEPH CORTOPASSI RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Cbemiilry S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Dean's List. umm. unnnu mmm ALTON LESLIE CRIST PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA B.A. in Englirb Dean's List. THOMAS M. DAVENPORT WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT B.A. in Erzglixls Varsity Clubg Football, 1, 2, 5, 43 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4 munxnumm uunnnnumnn nnnnni JOSEPH M. DAMERON OLDHAMS, VIRGINIA B.A. in Sociology Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Mu Sig- ma Rho Literary Society, Class Secretary, 4, Honor Council, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 3g President, 44 Radio Guild, 1, 2 35 Vesper Committeeg Intramural Ath letics. WALTER F. DAUGHTREY, IR. HOLLAND, VIRGINIA B.S.i1z Biology Theta Chi Fraternity, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society. HENRY HUNT DICKINSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Sociology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Alpha Mu Omicrong Dearfs Listg Freshman Trackg Intramural Athletics. JOHN HILLIARD DODD OSCAR B. EDDLETON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in ElZgIi.l'f7 BA. in Spmzhb Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Varsity Clubg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 1 g Repre Freshman Footballg Basketball, 1, 2, 3, sentative to Forensic Council, 23 Secre 4g Baseball, 3, 4g Intramural Athletics. tary, 3. LOUIS ARTHUR EARLES, IR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bnrirzeyr Adnzinixmzliozz Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Alpha Mu Omicrong Harlequin Clubg Dean's Listg Freshman Track. FORREST E. EGGLESTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S, in Burirzen Arlmirzixfmliozz SAMUEL COFFMAN EPES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Psychology Theta Chi Fraternityg S. C. Mitchell Lit- erary Societyg Psychology Club, 4 3 Dean's Listg Finance Committee junior Prom, 3 g Intramural Athletics. JOHN CHRISTIAN FLEMING RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA, in Englirla Phi Kappa Sigma Fruternityg Glee Club. EDWARD LEWIS FIELD, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Cbemim-y Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Clubg Track, 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Ath- letics. JESSE TURNER FONTAINE, -IR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA, in Pryrbology Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Mu Sigma Rno Literary Societyg Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Fencing, 2, 3g Intramural Athletics. EUGENE WILMER FORD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bll,l'j7I?,f.l' Ad7I1iIIi,Yl7'lIfi0I1 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Alpha Mu Omicrong Collegian Reporter, 1, 25 Philologian Literary Societyg Accounting Club, 5g Intramural Athletics. CLYDE TAYLOR FRANCISCO DANVILLE, VIRGINIA B.A. in Pfsiloroplay Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Mu Omicrong Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Ig Secretary and Vice4President, 2, President, 33 Presi- dent Forensic Council, 45 Glee Clubg Chairman Vesper Committee, 55 Presi- dent Ministerial Associationg Dean's Listg Intermediate Honors, University Choirg Class Secretary, Ig Varsity Clubg Foot- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4. HENRY JAMES GARDEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Eronomicr Economics Club. WILLIAM EDWARD GRIGG, JR. JOHN ESTES GILL, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ETTRICK, VIRGINIA BA. in Pxycbology B.S. in Bu.rifze.r.f Admirzixlmlion Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Freshman Alpha Mu Omicrong Transfer from Wil- Boxing. liam and Mary Collegeg Football, 1. unnnn unlnu nnuuu WOODROW WILSON GLASS NATHALIE, VIRGINIA B.A. in Sociology Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Minis terial Association. DANIEL GRINNAN, IV RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Englifb Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Freshman Footballg Golf, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Ath- letics. THOMAS MARION HALL RUPERT, WEST VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology Theta Chi Fraternity, Biology Club 4 Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Iriterf fraterni Council' Football 1, 3g Intra- W , . , mural Athletics. tunnn 5 WILLIAM EDWARD HARRIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Pryrbology Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Mu Omicrong Psychology Clubg Collegian Staff, 1, 25 Glee Club, Band. JOHN SHARP HARRIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Burineu Adnzinirlralion Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilong Alpha Mu Omicron, 3g Vice-President, 45 Senior Managing Editor Web, 43 Collegian Reporter, 13 Advertising Staff, 2, Assistant Business Manager Messenger, 33 Business Man- ager, 4, Business Manager Spider Hand- book, 4g S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Vice-President, 23 President, 3, Forensic Council, 33 Senator-at-Large, 4g Dean's Listg Intermediate Honors. IAMES MINOR HOLLADAY GORDONSVILLE, VIRGINIA BA. in Emnamir: Philologian Literary Societyg Varsity Club, 4g Truck, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Coun- try, 2, 3: Captain, 4, Tennis Committee, 4. HERBERT LEE HOLLOWAY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.5'. in Bzuizzerr Admirziflmlion Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. A. GIBSON HOWELL, JR. FRANKLIN, VIRGINIA BA. ill Emzzomiar Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 2, 32 Band, 1, 2g Intramural Athletics. ALVAH CLIFTON HUTTS ROANOKE, VIRGINIA B.A.i11 Biology DAVID ELLIOTT JACKSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bzuineu Admirziflraliozz Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Philologian Literary Societyg Accounting Club. ,unnmnnnn unumunnm uunnuulnux JAMES EDWARD JOHN HERBERT KAMSKY ROANOKE, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B-5. ill Cbffflffffl' B.S. in BlLff!I6?.I'I Admifzivzmiiozz ' 11 ' . ' 3 GI Cl b, , , , , Phlluloblgl Eifijtlg 4. ee U Philologian Literaiy Society. nuns num num LEONARD KAMSKY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B,S. in Bnfizzefx Aa'111i11i.rtmtiorz Phi Alpha Fraternityg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Mu Omicrong Accounting Clubg Collegian Business Staff, lg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society. JULIAN OXFORD KAY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bll.fil7E.fJ' Admirziflmlion Sigma Aloha Epsilon Fraternity: Ac- counting Club, 3g Freshman Trackg In- tramural Athletics. num: uumn mum JOHN RYAN KENNEDY PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA B.A. in Economic: Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Harlequin Club, 2, 5, 43 Varsity Club, Treasurer, 43 Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Track, 1, 3, 4. GEORGE ALBERT KLAFFKY HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK BA, in Ecozzomiar Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Pi Delta Epsilon, Web Staff, 13 Fraternity Edi- tor, 2, Assistant Editor, 3, Editor-im Chief, 45 Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, Y.M.C,A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 53 Harlequin Club, 2, 3, 4, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, President of Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon Fraternity, Intramural Athletics. nun urn mul H. CALVIN KIBLER HERBERT ARTHUR KING WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA PEABODY MASSACHUSETTS B.A. in Hirtary BS nz Biology Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Harlequin Theta Chi Fraternity Biology Club Club, Interfraternity Council, Web Staff, Phrlologran Literary Society 1, 2, 5, 43 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Freshman Basketball. WILITRED PARRISH LAWLESS GROVER, NORTH CAROLINA B.A. in Ermzomirf Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Harlequin Clubg Varsity Clubg Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Basketballg Freshman Trackg Intramural Athletics. ROBERT EDWARD LEITCH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Bfl. in Hirlory and Govermnenl Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Web Sports Editor, 3: Senior Managing Editor, 4, Philologian Literary Societyg Pre-Law Society, President, 51 Class President, 4g Freshman Baseballg Varsity Track, 23 Tennis, 23 Captain, 53 Co-Captain, 4g Varsity Club. VIRGIL FOOKS LAWS GEORGE EDWARD LONG BALLSVILLE, VIRGINIA LOUISA, VIRGINIA B.S. ill ,Bll.l'i7lC'J'.f Adllzirziftmtiorz B.A. in Pfyclaology Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Web Staff, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Psychology 4g Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Club, Ministerial Associationg Freshman Dean's List, Intramural Athletics. Football. nmum CHARLES NANCE MAJOR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in BZL1'iI26.l'J' Admizzislruziwz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. AVALON B. MARCHANT URBANNA, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hirtory Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Interfraternity Council, 4, Harlequin Club, 45 Philolo- gian Literary Society, President of Kap- pa Sigma Fraaternityg Class Treasurer, Zg Senator-at-Large, 4g Football, 1, 2, 35 Captain, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Clubg Intramural Athletics. HERBERT SIDNEY MARKS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Cbe111i.m'y Web Snapshot Editor, 45 Camera Club, 3. 4g Chemistry Clubg Chemistry Honors. PIETRO VALDO MARCHETTI RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Pryrbology Fencing, 2, 3. HUNTER WATKINS MARTIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Gozfernmenf nur! Hirtory Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Debate Team, 3, 4, Camera Club, 3, 4, Philo- logian Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, Vice- President, 4, Intramural Athletics, 3, 4. ROBERT RAY MARTIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bll.fiI16,l'.l' Aduzirziilmliwz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Web Business Staff, 3, 4, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Varsity Club, Class Senator, 3, Football Man- ager, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, Cross Country, 3, Intramural Athletics. WILLIAM HENRH' MARTIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Psychology Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Mu Omicron, Web Staff, 1, Organizations Editor, 2, Man- aging Editor, 3, Collegian Reporter, 1, 2, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Judiciary Committee, 4, President Harlequin Club, 4, Honor Council, 3, Vice-Chairman, 4, Y.M.C.A, Cabinet, Dean's List, Vice- President Student Government, 4, Base- ball, 1, 3, 4, Freshman Boxing. GROVER BEN MCCLURE, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Erzglirb Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Presi- dent, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, President, 4, Web Staff, 2, Assistant Editor, 3, Col- legian Reporter, 1 , Sports Staff, 2, Sports Editor, 3, Associate Editor, 4, Assistant Editor Messenger, 4, Philologian Liter- ary Society, Vice-President, 2, President, 4, Debate Team, 2, 3, 4, President Forensic Council, 3, 4, Freshman Base- ball, Varsity Tennis, 3, 4, Intermediate Honors, Intramural Athletics. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA l l FERDINAND H. MORTON, IR. JAMES LUTHER MEACI-IAM WINIFREDE, WEST VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology BA. in Sociology Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Philologian Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Intramural Literary Societyg Intramural Athletics. Athletics. WILLIAM E. MORRISON BRIDGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA B.A. in Spmzirb Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg Interfra ternity Councilg Chairman Dance Com- mittee, 45 Harlequin Club5 Varsity Club Class Vice-President, 25 Football, 1, 2, 3 45 Track, 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Athletics JEFFERSON D. MOTTLEY, JR. B.S. in Burineff Admizzirlmtiorz ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity5 Alpha Mu Omicrong Web Staff, 35 Senior Man- aging Editor, 45 Interfraternity Council, 45 Chairman Interfraternity Relations Committee, 45 President S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, 25 Forensic Council, 3, 45 Debate Team, 45 Glee Club, 1, 25 Chairman Tennis Committee, 45 Dean's List5 Class Vice-President, 45 Freshman Track, Cross Country, 25 Intramural Athletics. ROY M. NEWTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Hirlory and Gouerrmzenl Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Collegian Staff, Ig Assistant Circulation Manager, 23 University Players, 1, 2, 55 Business Man- ager, 4g Freshman Football, Crew, 53 Captain, 4. EVERETT LEE NOBLE FORREST H. NORVELL, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA BA. in Freud? B.S. in Pfayfirr Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Varsity Club Football, 1, 2, 3, 4g Senator-at-Large, 4 FREDERICK M. O'CONNOR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ' B.A. in Sociology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Collegian Reporter, 1 5 Copy Editor, 25 Assistant Managing Editor, 35 Editor Spider Hand- book, 45 Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Interfraternity Council, Harlequin Clubg Debate Team, 4, Class Secretary, 45 Var- sity Trackg Boxing, Intramural Athletics. FRANCIS BYRON PARKER RODERIC LEE O'FLAHERTY RICHMOND VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B A nz Englzah B.A. in Pyyfbnlagy Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Varsity Clubg Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Boxing, Intra- mural Athletics. GEORGE LEWIS OLIVER NORFOLK, VIRGINIA BA. in Englirb Phi Gamma Delta Frzlternityg Philologian Literary Society, Harlequin Clubg Fresh- man Basketballg Intramural Athletics. MOSES PAYTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 13.5. in Bll.l'iIZ6J'J' Ad71ZiIli.I'I1'rlliUIZ Phi Alpha Fraternityg Alpha Mu Omi- crong Collegian Reporter, 1, 3, Interfra- ternitv Council, S. C. Mitchell Literary Societvg Forensic Council, 4g Account- ing Clubg Dean's List, President of Phi Alpha Fraternity, Class Historian, 4g Freshman Trackg Intramural Athletics. EUGENE GOODBRED PEEK, JR. OCALA, FLORIDA B.S. ill Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Biology Club, 4g Basketball, 5, 45 Track, 3, 43 Varsity Club, Intramural Athletics. CHARLES HUMBOLT PHILLIPS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in BIl.l'ill6.l'.l' fldlzzilziiinlliorl Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Band, lg Manager, 23 Student Directur, 3, 4, De- bate Team, 4, Freshman Football, Intra- mural Athletics. GROVER CLEVELAND PITTS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, Phoenix Societyg Biology Club, 2g Vice-President, 35 President, 43 Dean's List, Intramural Athletics. LINWOOD CLAY POWERS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BJ1. in English Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Freshman Boxingg Freshman Baseballg Freshman Basketballg Intramural Athletics. EMMET KENDALL REID BALTIMORE, MARYLAND B.A. in Englirb Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Dearfs List, Glee Club. JOHN LAWSON RIDENOUR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Pfycbology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Psychology Clubg Pre-Law Societyg Dean's List, Box- ing, 1, 25 Intramural Athletics. RICHARD EDWARD RUCKER, JR JETERSVILLE, VIRGINIA BA. in Ecwzomicf Freshman Trackg Cross Country, 2, 3g Intramural Athletics. WILLIAM HUGH SANDERS, JR. DUMBARTON, VIRGINIA B.5. in Bmizzerr Adminirlmliorz Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Interfra- ternity Council, 3, 4, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Glee Club, 1, 2g Uni- versity Players, 2, 3, 4g President of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, 4. JOHN DOWARD SANFORD LURAY, VIRGINIA B.A, in Sociology Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Philologian Literary So- ciety, Class Senator, 1, Senator-at-Large, 2, Representative Athletic Council, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 33 Cap- tain, 4, Varsity Club, University Choir, All-State Football Team, 2, Holder Col- lege Record in Discus Throw, 3, South- ern Conference Batting Champ, 3. RICHARD H. SAUFNDERS, JR. UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, VA. B.S. in Biology Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Chem- istry Club, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, Class Treasurer, 3, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 3, Vice-President, 4, Forensic Council, 4, Honor Council, 4, President of Alpha Delta Ministerial Fraternity, 4, Dean's List. RICHARD LEWIS SCAMMON JACKSON, MICHIGAN BA. in Erzglirb Messenger Staff, 2, University Players. DAVID GERALD SCOTT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Burinexr Adminirlmlion Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Mu Omi- cron, 35 President, 4, Philologian Liter- arv Society, Honor Council, 3, Chair- man, 4, Class President, 3, Freshman Basketball, Intramural Athletics. nun nun mm JOHN BERT SECRIST, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in MdfbE77ltlfff.Y Phi Beta Kappag Winner of J. D. Crump Mathematics Prize, 3, President of Mathematics Club, 45 Chemistry Club, 3, 4, Biology Club, 4g Dean's List, 1, 2, 3, 45 Intermediate Honors, 53 Chemistry Honors. GEORGE HAMER SPEARS SOUTH BOSTON, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bzzrirzen' AdmiHi,fli'lIfi0IZ Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 35 Captain, 4. umm mann num: umm ulummnn . RUSSELL NELSON SNEAD MIDLOTI-IIAN, VIRGINIA BS. in Biology Glee Club, 1, 2, 3. GEORGE BRITTON SOMERS RICHIVIOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Elzglifb Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternityg Pi Delta Epsilon, Secretary, 43 Business Manager Web, 43 Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Harlequin Clubg Varsity Club, Fresh- man Trackg Baseball Managerg Intra- mural Athletics. MERRILL ROBERT STEWART PITMAN, NEW JERSEY B.A. in Hirlory and Government Tennis Team, 5, 4. WILLIAM MCLEAN TRAUSNECK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hirlory and Gozferrzmeni Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Footballg Intramural Athletics. REED FRANKLIN TAYLOR KENSINGTON, MARYLAND B.A. in Erzglifla Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Philologian Literary Societyg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, In- 'irfraternity Councilg Varsity Club, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Ath- letics. JAMES LEE THACKER DISPUTANTA, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bll.!'iII6.I'J' Adllzizlixlratiwz Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Interfra- ternity Council, 4g Camera Club, 3, 4g Dean's List: Dance Committee, 45 Pres- ident of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, 45 Freshman Baseball, Intramural Ath- letics. WT .mum :mum unnmu GARNET ROY TUREMAN PENDLETON, VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology Philologian Literary Society, Biology Clubg Cross Country, 2, Track, 2. ALEXANDER C. WALKER, JR. EXMORE, VIRGINIA BA. in Ezzgliila Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Minis- terial Association, 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Del tag Freshman Trackg Cross Country, 5, 4. ROBERT WATTS WALLACE NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA B.S. in BlLl'i726.l'.f Adminixmzliozz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Class Vice- President, 2, Freshman Track. FLAVIUS BURFOOT WALKER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hirlory and Gozfernmenl Tau Kappa Alphag Philologian Literary Society, Vice-President, 25 President, 33 Forensic Council, 3, Debate Team, 3, 4. RUSSELL EDWIN WALTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hiflory :md Garerizment Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternityg Omicron Delta Kappag Interfraternity Councilg Harlequin Clubg Secretary of Honor Councilg President Student Government, 43 Junior Class Presidentg Class Vice- President, lg Vice-President Y.M.C.A.g University Players, Dance Cornmitteeg Richmond College Rowing Clubg Assist- ant Manager Freshman Track. CORBIN BARRINGER WHITE NORFOLK, VIRGINIA B,S. in Bz1.rinei'r AdIIZiI2i.l'lf:ZIi0ll Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternityg Omicron Delta Kappag Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, 1, 2g President, 3g Sports Staff of Collegian, 3, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4g Forensic Council, 3: Chairman junior Prom, Class Vice-President, 3g Student Government Secretary, 45 Tennis Team, 2, 3: Co-Captain, 4. ROBERT MCL. WHITTET, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.5', in Bzzrirzexf Adfzzinirmztiozz Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Web Snap- shot Editor, 25 Philologian Literary So- cietyg Secretary, 25 Camera Club, 33 Pres- ident, 4, Forensic Council, 3g Band, lg Student Director, 23 Business Manager, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. MILTON EUGENE WILLS, JR PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA B.S. in Bzuinerr Admi1zi.flmtiwz Camera Club. ..........:1......... WERTER GREGORY WRIGHT MONTAGUE H. WOOD, JR. ACORN, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Cbemiflry B.S. in Biology Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Intramural Biology Club. Athletics. CARL F. WOOST, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA BS. in Bzzriuexx Adminirtmtian Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Phi Beta Kappag Alpha Mu Omicrong Web Staff, 3g Messenger Staff, 45 Y.M.C.A. Cabi- net, 2g University Choir, 2g Freshman Track. EDWIN WORTHAM, IV RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B,S. in Cbemirtry Phi Gamma Delta Fraternityg Phi Beta Kappag Omicron Delta Kappag President, 4g Pi Delta Epsilong Collegion Staff, 1g News Editor, 2g Managing Editor, 35 Editor-in-Chief, 45 Interfraternity Coun- cilg Harlequin Clubg Chemistry Clubg Inter-collegiate Relations Managerg In- termediate Honors. nnnnuanunnu uunnunnnnuu :nun 16 DOROTHY E. ALSTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Frenrla Les Femmes Savantes, 3, 45 El Picaro President, 45 Puppets, 2g Class Hockey, 1. ELIZABETH M. ASHBROOKE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in French Les Femmes Savantes, 35 Secretary-Treas urer, 4, El Picaro, 4g Puppets, 2. Y i NATALYE T. BABCOCK BABYLON, NEW YORK B.A. in Englixla Pi Delta Epsilon, 35 Vice-President, 43 Collegian Reporter, 15 Staff Assistant, 2, Managing Editor, 35 Westhzlmpton Edi- tor, 4, Assistant Editor Messenger, 4, University of Richmond Peace Council, 3, 45 Radio Guild, 45 Puppets, 23 Class Song Leader, 1 g Class Treasurer, 2, Class Hockey, Captain, 1. SALLY MOORE BARNES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. izz English Sports Editor Web, 33 Secretary Board of Publications, 3, 4, University Players, 3, 43 Play Production, 2, 35 Nostrae Filiae, lg President, 2, 3, 4g Class Vice- President, Ig Varsity Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Hockey, 1, 3, 4. 's CHARLOTTE ANNE BEALE PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA BA. in History Pi Delta Epsilon, Web Staff, Z5 Snap- shot Editor, 39 Westhampton Editor, 43 Editor Westhampton College Hand Book 43 International Relations Club, 3, 43 Industrial Commission, 3, 4, National News Council, 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 4, University Choir, 1 g Puppets, 2. .. ELSIE FOWLER BRADSHAW LAUREL, VIRGINIA B.A. in Ezzglirb Colle ian Re orter 1' Glee Club 1 8 P , , , , University Players, 3, 43 Radio Guild, 5, 45 Class Song Leader, 1 g Class Basketball, I 2 , . 7 Y REBECCA CLARKE BRANCH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in French Les Femmes Savantes, 5, 4, El Picaro, 4. MARGARET SPARKS BREWER SOUTH NORFOLK, VIRGINIA BA. in Engliib Transfer from Mary Washington Col- lege, 2, Westhampton Sports Editor Col- legian, 35 Web Staff, 4. 'sv- --T1 -f Q,-,..-v nmu umm MARY VIRGINIA BRITT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.5. in Biology Biology Club Vice-President, 2, 45 Pres- ident, 55 Varsity Hockey, 2, 35 Manager, 45 Class Hockey, 2, 31 Captain, 45 Class Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Tennis, 2, 35 Class Tennis, 2, 3, 45 Phoenix Society, 3, 4. an runnin nuuuu nun 2 ELIZABETH COLLIER BURCH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.5. in Cbemirlry Sigma Pi Sigma, 35 President, 45 Chem- istry Club, 2, 35 Secretary-Treasurer, 45 Class Track, 25 Honors in Chemistry5 Honors in Physics. G fi- ANNE SCOTT CAMPBELL VENTER, VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology Tau Kappa Alpha, 55 Secretary-'I'reas- urer, 45 Glee Club, 25 Secretary-Treas- urer, 35 President, 45 Debate Council, 15 Secretary, 25 Contract Manager, 55 Bi- ology Club, 45 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 33 University Choir, 15 Puppets, 25 Honor Council, 45 House President, 45 Class Song Leader, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball, 1, 2, 5, 45 Phoenix Society, 4. MARY MAE CHALKLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA, in Frerzrb Les Femmes Savantes, 3, 4. IH H 5....:, , :,.: f lin F l tg - , i 13:5 sf, 'VU ,-ENE . . 1 sm, MARY KATHERINE CURLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Hixtory Assistant Business Manager Messenger, 4, El Picaro, 33 Day Student Repre- sentative to College Council, 4, Varsity Hockey, 2, 33 Class Hockey, 2, 3, 43 Class Basketball, 2g Captain Class Tennis, 2g Puppets, 2. RUBY ELLIS DANNER BEAUFORT, SOUTH CAROLINA BA. in Erzglifb ' Art Board Web, 4g Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 43 Puppets, 2. --gif" BETTY ELLEN CONREY MARION ANGELINE CONREY PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA ' PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA BA. in Hiffory B.A. in Hixtory International Relations Club, 3, 43 Class International Relations Club, 3, 4g Red Treasurer, 43 Red Cross Life Savings, 2, Cross Life Saving, 2, 3, 4, Puppets, 2. 3, 4, Puppets, 2. Q-- A. ELIZABETH DAVIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Latin Radio Guild, 43 Pegasus Club, President, 43 Class Hockey, 1. MARIE LENORE DINNEEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in English and History Westhampton College Editor Messen- ger, 4, Class Secretary, 33 Puppets, 2. ,Q AGNES RUSSELL DEATON ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Web Staff, Players, B.A. in Englifh 33 Art Board, 4, University ,3, 43 Class Hockey, 3. CHRISTINE IRVING DULING VILLAGE, VIRGINIA BA. in Englixb Phi Beta Kappag Glee Club, 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President Piano Club, 3, Ionian Music Club, 4g University Choir, 1g In- termediate Honors. ,...: ff-. 4. .,f-'Q 5 if t SARAH ANNE EPPES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in French Les Femmes Savantes 3 4' El Picaro 4 MARY JONES EARP MARTHA ,IEFFRESS ELLIOTT puppets: 21 ' MILTON, NORTH CAROLINA B.A. in Efzglixb Pegasus Club, 4. GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA B.A. in Matbefmztirs Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Boardg Tau Kappa Alpha, 3g President, 4, Collegian Reporter, 1, 2, Debate Council, 1, 2, 3, 43 Business Manager and Treasurer, 2, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 53 University Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Commission, 3, 4, University of Richmond Peace Council, 2, 3, Secretary College Government, 23 Treasurer College Government, 33 Chair- man Honor Council, 4, Varsity Hockey, 3, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Intermediate Honors. ALICE COOK EVANS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Hirlory Managing Editor Web, 3, Assistant Edi- tor, 4, International Relations Club, 35 Vice-President, 3g President, 43 Debate Council, 4, Industrial Commission, 3, 4, Puppets, 23 President Class, 4, Varsity Hockey, 25 Class Hockey, 1, 2, 34 Class Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Class Tennis, 25 Red Cross Life Saving, 3, 4. Sirfaf J" 5 31' 1 -1 JACQUELINE M. FAULKNER RUMFORD, VIRGINIA BA. in Hiitory Tau Kappa Alpha, 3, Vice-President, 4, International Relations Club, 3, 4, De- bate Council, 1, 2, Vice-President, 33 President, 45 National News Council, 43 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 4, Industrial Com- mission, 33 Chairman, 4, University Choir, 1, Puppets, 2. JULIET HARRISON FLORANCII RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology Mortar Board, Vice-President and Treas- urer, Nostrae Filiae, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club, 43 President Athletic Association, 4g Varsity Hockey, 1, 2, Captain, 4g Class Hockey, 13 Captain, Z, 3, Class Basketball, 1, 2, 4, Assistant Basketball Manager, 13 Manager, 2, 33 Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Tennis, 1, 2, Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, Red Cross Life Saving, 13 Blazer Winner, 1, Phoenix Society, 4. EVALINE BERNARD FLOW RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in History University Players, 4g Puppets, 2. NANCY TREVEY GATEWOOD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. 111 Ezzglixh 'ig in -1. MARY EVELYN HAZARD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in C bemirtry and Mrztbe2f1alic.r Phi Beta Kappa, Chemistry Club, 33 Sec- retary, 4g Puppets, 2, Class Secretary, 33 Class Hockey, 4, Honors in Chemistry, 4. ' -...ef 1' lr, CASSANDRA WARD HARMAN TAZEWELL, VIRGINIA B,S. izz Cbemirlry Puppets, 23 Industrial Commission, 3, 45 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 3, 45 Chemistry Club, 3, 43 Honors in Chemistry, 4. 2' :htm N I A N MARGARET LOUISE HARRIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. in Playrirx Varsity Tennis, 3, 43 Class Tennis, 33 Captain, 4, Class Hockey, 33 Varsity Basketball, 4, Class Basketball, 49 Mathe- matics Club, 4. EVELYN H. HILLSMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BJ1. in Erzglixb v-i....,- ,-.- HERMINE LOUISE HOEN BALTIMORE, MARYLAND B.A. in French Pi Delta Epsilon, Assistant Advertising Manager, Web Stalf, 2, Advertising Manager, 3, Business Manager, 4, Radio Guild, 3, 41 Les Femmes Savantes, 3: Vice-President, 4, Biology Club, 45 Puppets, 2, Class Hockey, 3, 4. SARAH HULDAH I-IOOVER , RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Cbemixlry Chemistry Club, 3, 45 Junior Representa- tive College Government, ' 39 Class Hockey, 43 Phoenix Society, 4. .of RUTH SAVAGE HOUSER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in H irlory Collegian Reporter, 1, Business Manager Westhampton College Hand Book, 45 International Relations Club, 5, Secre- tary-Treasurer, 43 Debate Council, 4, Nostrae Filiae, 2, 35 Secretary, 4, Pup- pets, 25 Class Song Leader, 1, Business Manager May Day, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY JANE LANGLEY NORFOLK, VIRGINIA B.A. in Lalin Mortar Board, Industrial Commission, 55 University Choir, 1, National News Council, 4, Pegasus Club, 4, Y.Wl.C.A. Cabinet, 43 Class Treasurer, 15 Class Vice-President, 25 Vice-President Ath- letic Association, 31 Vice-President Col- lege Government, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2. fl'-ff LOIS ELIZABETH LYLE MILDRED F. MARKHAM RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Efzglisb BIA- in Aff Business Staff Web, 43 Nostrae Filiae, 3, 4g Puppets, 2g Class Hockey, 3, 4. 'K' JESSIE WOODROW MCELROY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Drama Transfer from Bob jones College, 2, Radio Guild, 3, 4, Puppets, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club, 2g University Players, 4, Class Vice-President, 4. MARIETTA BAGLEY MCGEHEE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hixtory Transfer from Stratford College, 25 Busi- ness Staff Web, 43 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, University Choir, 2, International Re- lations Club, 3, 4. RSS ELIZABETH G. MITCHELL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Spanirb Picaro, 43 Puppets, 23 Class Basket- ball, 3, 4g Class Track, 1. ROSALIE VADEN OAKES WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA . BA, in Hirtory Mortar Board, Secretaryg International Relations Club, 33 National -News Coun- cil, 43 Industrial Commission, 2, 4g Uni- versity Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabi- net, 3, President, 43 Representative to judiciary Board, 2, Corresponding Sec- retary College Government, 3. nag KATE ELIZABETH PETERSON HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA B.S'. in Biology and Cbemirlry "+t,,,,. Mortar Board, Chapter Editor, Fresh- man Mortar Board Awardg Biology Club, 5, 43 Chemistry Club, 3, 4, Honor Council, 4, House President, 4g Repre- sentative to College Government, 2, Class Secretary, 1, Varsity Hockey, 2, 33 Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, 35 Captain, 4, Varsity Tennis, 2, 3, 45 Manager Tennis, 2, 35 Class Basketball, 2, 5, 43 Captain, 1, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Tennis Singles Champion, Red Cross Life Saving, Phoenix Society, 4, Honors in Chemistry, 4. CALLY CORLING ROSS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Englirb Vice-President Pegasus Club, 43 Inter- mediate Honors. s ii wi " ,Q ,N :.,, A 'alll' 'fc n 1 i it in il!m'H -. Mlizw r . EMILY BARHAM RUCKS DISPUTANTA, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hirfory Transfer from Blackstone College, 3: International Relations Club, 43 Class Hockey, 4. JULIET ANDERSON SHELL A DEWITT, VIRGINIA B.A. in Ezzglirb Transfer from Madison College, 23 Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Class Basket- ball, 2, 35 Captain, 4, Class Hockey, 3, 4, Captain Class Track Team, 2. CHARLOTTE SAXE MOUNT UNION, PENNSYLVANIA B.S. in Biology Biology Club, 3, 45 Phoenix Society, 4. 2 W iid? I DOROTHY BAYLEY SHELL LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA BA. in Hirlory Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate Council, 1, 2, 3 L University Choir, 1, International Relations Club, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 2, 33 Vice-President, 4, Puppets, 2, Mathematics Club, 3, Cheer Leader, 4. l il ' W W 1 VIRGINIA EUBANK SHUMAN ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA B.S. in Biology Industrial Commission, 53 International Relations Club, 53 Biology Club, 3, 4g University Choir, 1, Class Secretary, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 2, 33 Phoenix Society, 4. ELLEN GOULD WARNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Hirlory Puppets, 23 International Relations Club, 4 5 University Players, 5 3 Vice-President, 4. 1 JANE ALLYN STRAUS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in History Managing Editor Web, 33 Les Femmes Savantes, 5, 4, International Relations Club, 35 Class Hockey, 2, 35 Intermediate Honors. BESSIE PATERSON WALFORD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BA. in Hixlory International Relations Club, 3, 45 Psy chology Club, 49 Puppets, 2. X RUBY MARIAN WILEY CROZET, VIRGINIA B.A. in Mntbermzticr Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Col- legian Reporter, 1, 2, Industrial Com- mission, 2g National News Council, 4, Puppets, 25 Y.W.C.A. Secretary-Treas- urer, 2, Class Secretary, 2, Class Presi- dent, 33 President Student Government Association, 43 Varsity Basketball, 3, 43 Class Basketball, 1, 3, 43 Captain, 2g Class Hockey, 2, 3, 45 Intermediate Honors. MARY GARLAND WILSON BOWLING GREEN, VIRGINIA B.S. in Mrzlbemfzlicr Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board Presi- dent, Collegian Reporter, 25 Debate Council, 1, 2, 3g Secretary, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, University Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Nostrae Filiae, 1, 23 Secretary, 3, 4g Na- tional News Council, 3, 4, University of Richmond Peace Council, 2, 35 Pup- pets, 2, 3, 43 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 2, 33 Honor Council, 3, Intermediate Honors. LAVINIA LEARY WINSTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. in Englirla Phi Beta Kappag- Westhampton College Editor Messenger, 3, Les Femmes Savantes, 4g Representative College Gov- ernment, 1, Class President, 2, Class Hockey, 33 In-termediate Honors. IN MEMORIAM LUCILLE WOODSON GREENWOOD VIRGINIA October 22, 1918-December 23, 1936 Z 1 I Q ,J IU Ji' nw Scnnny w kg T. C. Williams Although Richmond College was founded in 1838 a Law School was not established until 1870. The worst of the reconstruction days was choking the South, and its beginning was inau- spicious. However, the Dean, our beloved judge Gregory, was a determined man and the Law School slowly took root. In 1890 the family of the late Mr. T. C. Wil- liams, who had been a devoted and useful trustee, donated 325,000 as the nucleus of an endowment for the Law School. In recognition of this gift, the name of the School was changed to the T. C. Williams School of Law. At various times the school has received further gen- erous gifts from members of the family of Mr. Williams. The larg- est of these gifts came through a bequest from Mr. T. C. Williams, jr., who, like his father, was long a trustee of Richmond College, and for twenty years was the ef- ficient chairman of the executive committee of the Board. As a re- sult of these several benefactions the endowment of the School of Law now amounts to iIfl281,000.00. judge Gregory was faithful to the School and served as the Dean for over thirty years. Under such astute guidance it is no wonder that the School went ahead. His vacancy was filled by one of the greatest scholars of the law the South has ever known, Walter Scott McNeill. Although Dean McNeill was a great scholar, he, who refused many honors from larger schools, is best remembered for his interest in the rebuilding of schools in the South. He took great pride and pains with his work at the T, C. Williams School of Law, and he, with his skill and learning built a strong foundation for the School. In his memory was founded the McNeill Law Society in which membership is limited to students of high scho- lastic average and leadership. l School of aw The present Dean, Malcolm Ray Doubles, completes the really great triumvirate of Deans. Under his guidance the School has become one of the greatest in the country. He has placed the Law School, which occupies the "Columbia" building, the early home of Richmond College, on the approved list of the American Bar Associ- ation, it is a member of the Association of Ameri- can Law Schools, and its degree is fully accredited by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. A beloved and great tutor leads the School forward. The location of the School in Richmond, the THE SENATE Lewis, Scbriebewg, Stallings' Stapler, Tawzzrend, White seat of Virginials government, affords such op- portunity for unsurpassed study for the practical ways of the law, as is offered in only three cities in the United States. With unlimited facilities and great leaders the School progresses to still higher 'heights. In paying homage to the inspiring instructors, we must not forget the men they molded, a dili- gent group of leaders and an honor to the school. Student Government The Student Government Association is prob- ably the only benefactor the students "en masse" enjoy g although they have other benefactors ever present, as profs. The students pay small dues to the Association and elect their oHicers in the organization. These officers exercise such powers as are delegated to them under the Constitution of the Student Gov- ernment Association, University of Richmond Law School. This Constitution is modeled after the Constitution of the United States, it creates a legislative, a judicial, and an executive branch of the Association. The legislative department has all of its powers vested in a Senate composed of six students elected at large. It shall meet once a month or sooner if deemed necessary. The Senate has the power to pass all laws and to regulate the affairs of the Association not inconsistent with the Con- stitution. Should these laws not be obeyed the Senate may provide for penalties. The procedure for the enforcement of the Honor System shall be promulgated by this body. The power of im- peachment is delegated to this group and'they shall try such proceedings. Should additional of- fices in the Association be thought necessary this department may create them. If the accused so Willimzz D. Temple Edward P. Brown demands then the Senate shall act as a Grand Jury in presenting cases to the Court, and shall appoint a prosecutor. No appropriation shall be made except by the Senate and no expenditures Samuel H. Allen except upon its written order. The affairs of the Association shall be transacted in the summer session as the Senate declares proper. This body may declare offices vacant and call special elections for the purpose of fill- ing these vacancies. The president's veto may be overridden by a vote of two-thirds of the entire Senate. The laws are passed when the Senate passes them and a signed copy is delivered to the president for his signature and posted for a period of seven days. The executive department is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secre- tary, and Treasurer. These officers have such duties as their titles indicate. The chief duties are those of the President, who must execute all of the laws and has the power of veto. The judicial powers are vested in a court, com- posed of five members. This is called the Honor Court. The judges of the court are appointed by the President, subject to ratification by the Senate. The Court elects one of its members to be the Chief justice. Its meetings shall be held once a month and it may convene on such occasions as deemed necessary. This Court is the main cog in enforcing the Honor System, which is the pride of the Association. Four justices must concur to execute any order, decree, or judgment of the Court. The Constitution also provides for class elec- tions. The Honor System is an integral part of the Constitution and every student is under its juris- diction. So far the Student Government Association to gather and think of something other than the law. Although the recreation room is a necessary addition to the school, it is only a portion of the work of the Association, for it gives three school dances a year and it is superfluous to add that these functions are attended by the whole student body and faculty. Remembering that the best in men is always brought out at "stag" affairs the Associ- ation gives a smoker to welcome the new students at which their minds are enlightened and then they are physically refreshed with something a little more tangible. If it were not for the Student Government As- sociation the Law School would be darker than the Middle Ages. Often the Association by presenting a united front can bring pressure to bear on the faculty, HONOR COURT Bernard W. McCray, Ifznzer IV. Fletcher, Wildrrzarz S. Kizzrbeloe David C. Rite, George T. Taylor, Chief furlire seems to consist of nothing but rules and regu- lations, however, its chief business usually is com- posed of providing for the pleasure of the stu- dents. The Association has been instrumental in procuring a recreation room for the students. Then the Association furnished all of the furni- ture for this room. The room might sound like a drab affair, but the furniture consists of a pool table, tables for playing cards, and a radio plus sofas and chairs. This investment of the Associ- ation has greatly improved the fellowship among the students, and also allows the students a place which might prevent them from becoming over- zealous in their attempts to pound in the knowl- edge of the "Law," This united front is not wielded as a bludgeon, but more often the inter- mediary for the students and faculty. Thus this complete cooperation is conclusive to the indi- vidual's more ardent wooing of the jealous mis- tress, "the law." Transposing a remark of a vener- able sage a law student must work like a horse and live like a hermit and his only enlightenment is the Association. Thus the Association is truly the great benefactor of the lowly student. Class of 1939 Day Book Year ,36-'37 September-The embryonic barristers enroll with a roster of 34. We are efficiently oriented and split into factions by class politics, led by our lovable "Boss" Ryland and jovial Hyuagev Wil- liams. The "Boss" turned his first defeat into a lasting victory. Spring-The school softball team is comprised of our class-the best in school. The battery of White to Salvatti was invincible, but the soft- tempered catcher often saves his pitcher the em- barrassment of open battle. june-We depart: some, to return, others, to happiness. Year '37-'58, September-Back again-things look familiar with Allen, Lewis, and Temple in the driver's seat of the political machines. Spring-At last our inert University donates a recreation room, and the desertion of the library is worse than rats leaving a sinking ship. june-We are brilliant, our pool table de- mands a lot of time, but untainted we have a higher average than usual.' David Meade While, Vive-Preridezzf, Ulyrrer LeRoy Sweeney, S L'L'1'8ft1VJl-T7'dd.I'lll'E7' Braxion Bryan Torwzrelzd, Preridemf "What's this?" No carousing around, and school is out-no "the boys" are in review class for the Virginia State Bar. Roanoke-We are present two days taking "the Bar" and still we attended the parties given for us both nights. Year '58-'39, September-Tried and true, "the veterans," lawyers by now, condescend to attend classes and occasionally speak to an underclassman. Personality review-Kell and Brown, boys from West Virginia, the state of questionable origin, are in a class with Knibb and McCray, Cavaliers, with a high sense of honor. Rice, Schrieberg, Sweeney, Temple, and Taylor are the mainstays of the class and school of pool. Allen, our Head, and Lewis, our Goat- head are as vital as Conway, our Co-ed. Watch this Ryland go. Townsend and White, just watch out, ladies! Our year has been marred by the sum- moning of our classmate, Bob Harris, to practice before the Court of The Great judge, but his noble attributes assuage our fears and assure us that the worthiest counselors are chosen first. SAMUEL HARRISON ALLEN SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA Applit-am for LL.B. Degree University of Richmondg Pi Kappa Al' phag Law School Editor, The Web, '37- '38g Law School Business Manager, The Web, '37-383 Board of Publications: President, Student Government, Treas- urer, Student Government, President, Intermediate Classg Assistant Librarian, Omicron Delta Kappa, McNeill Law So- cietyg Member, Virginia State Bar. WILLIAM GAY BROWN PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Apfzlinzzzt for LL.B. Degree AB., West Virginia University, Sigma Chig McNeill Law Society. MARTHA BELL CONWAY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applifmzt for LL.B. Degree Willizlm and Mary Collegeg Law School Editor, Collegian. WILLIAM LECKIE KELL BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree West Virginia Universityg Kappa Al- pha, Mchleill Law Societyg Honor Court, '37, JAMES CLOPTON KNIBB Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.A., Lynchburg Collegeg McNeill Law Societyg Member, Virginia State Bar. WILBUR MARSH LEWIS ASHLAND, VIRGINIA Applimzzz fa1'LL.B. Degree Randolph-Macon Collegeg Kappa Sigmag Secretary and Treasurer, Intermediate Classg Member, Student Government Senate, '383 McNeill Law Societyg Mem- ber, Virginia State Bar. DAVID CLARK RICE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.S., Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Kappa Sigmag Member, Honor Court, '37-'58g Member, Student Government Senate, '36g Vice-President, Freshman Classg Omicron Delta Kappag McNeill Law So- cietyg Member, Virginia State Bar. BERNARD WINN MCCRAY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimnf for LL.B. Degree B.A., Virginia Military Instituteg Honor Court. CHARLES HILL RYLAND UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimrzt for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmond, Phi Gam- ma Deltag President, Student Govern- ment, Richmond College, '36g Omicron Delta Kappag McNeill Law Societyg Member, Virginia State Bar. ULYSSES LEROY SWEENEY, JR. DUMBARTON, VIRGINIA Applirmzt for LL.B, Degree Randolph-Macon Collegeg Sigma Phi Epsilong Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Classg Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class: Delta Theta Phig Member, Vir- ginia State Bar. GEORGE THOMAS TAYLOR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree B.A., University of Richmondg Phi Delta The-tag Chancellor of McNeill Law So- cietyg Chief justice, Honor Courtg Win- ner of McNeill Scholarship for Inter- mediatesg Omicron Delta Kappag Mem- ber, Virginia State Bar. WILLIAM DAVID TEMPLE PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Chi Phi Vice-President, Student Government Secretary, Student Government, '56-'57 Member, Student Government Senate 363 Member, Virginia State Bar. DAVID MEADE WHITE, JR, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applmml for LL.B. Degree I-Ifunpden Sydney Collegeg Sigma Chig Law School Editor, The Web, '38-'391 Vice Preudent Senior Classg Member, Student Government Senate, '56-'37, '37- J8 38 39 Delta Theta Phig McNeill Inw Society Member, Virginia State BRAXTON B. TOWNSEND PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Afzplicarzl for LL.B. Degree B.A, University of Richmondg Phi Kap- pa Sigmag Vice-President, Intermediate Classg President, Senior Classg Member, Student Government Senate, '37-'38, '53-'39g McNeill Law Societyg Membex. Virginia State Bar. Bar. I Class of 194-0' Upon this deponent is the burden of proof of propounding an alleged history of the aforesaid class of the hereinbefore mentioned law school. To the declaration there is hereby Bled a special plea of confession and avoidance: confession, that there is very little history in the case, avoid- ance that as has been truly and often stated "The Law is a jealous Mistress," that is to say that by the time we complete our daily studies we have no time left in which to make history, whoopee, or anything else. We came, we saw, and most of us are not conquered-yet, to wit: out of the 21 who entered in '37, 16 are still here, as tenants by sufferance. One of the members of our class being a bit more versatile than the rest found time to in- dulge in certain activities which resulted in his Ezra Tbomar Carfer, fr., Vice-P1'!e1zl,' Herbert H ead en, SECl'6f:1l'-'Q'-T1'Ed.flll'87' being featured one morning in the local news- paper's heart-throb column. The fact upon which we rest our case, that is, that our class is entitled to a space in the archives of this Law School is hereinafter set forth: In our midst are two "jim Farleys" namely, "Fire- cracker" Stallings and "Boss Bergen" Blanford jamer Williafrz Fletrlaer, Preridenl who, after a difficult and masterfully directed campaign, succeeded in breaking an alleged po- litical dynasty which had reputedly controlled the student government for several years. It is for future historians to record who will be the one to break this new political dynasty. This deponent further sayeth naught. The respondent answereth this above bill in the following fashion, to wit: The said faculty do admit that the Class of 1940 is an industrious class and willing to work, but they have certainly made history. The proof of this has been shifted to us and we propose to prove such by the introduction of the following evidence. The green freshmen have been completely subdued and brought under your political nose, the seniors are reluctant to be around for you continually take their money in games of skill. The preparation.for exams is usually a joke and some do not even bother to write English on the examsg but you are not a menace and we demur to your work. We point out that you are the largest class in school and that is making history, for the pre- sumption is that the first year class is the largest in the school. We introduce in evidence the grades as a proof of the quality of the class. This large class, we submit, is epoch-making in all of its activities. WILLIAM PRITCHARD BECKER BRAMWELL, WEST VIRGINIA B,S., Davidsong Hampden-Syclney Col- legeg Pi Kappa Alpha. EZRA THOMAS CARTER, JR. GATE CITY, VIRGINIA Emory-Henry Collegeg Phi Pi Alphag Member, Virginia State Bar. ROSS SHACKELFORD GIBSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA University of Richmondg Phi Kappa Sigma WILLIAM R. BLANFORD BEAUMONT, VIRGINIA B.A., Hampden-Sydney Collegeg Chi Phig Omicron Delta Kappa. JULIAN NEWTON DOVELL LURAY, VIRGINIA Bridgewater College. HERBERT HEADEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., University of Richmonclg Secretary- Treasurer, Intermediate Classg Secretary- Treasurer, Freshman Class. Class of . C. illiams EDWARD PARKER BROWN SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA B.A., University of Richmondg Phi Kap- pa Sigmag Business Manager, The Web, . '38-'59g Treasurer, Student Governmentg Q President, Freshman Classg Mc.Neill Law Society. JAMES WILLIAM FLETCHER SPERRYVILLE, VIRGINIA University of Richrnondg Phi Kappa Sigmag Member, Honor Courtg Presi- dent, Intermediate Classg McNeill Law Society. WILDMAN S. KINCHELOE, JR. CREWE, VIRGINIA B.A., University of Richmondg Member, Honor Courtg McNeill Law Societyg Phi Beta Kappa. I 9 4- O School of aw SADI JAMES MASE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Degree, University of Moscowg Former Member of Dialectal Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences. HUGH RUDASILL ROSS CRIGLERSVILLE, VIRGINIA B.S., University of Richmondg Phi Delta Omega. MOODY EASON STALLINGS SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Hampden-Sydney College, Kappa Al- phag Vice-President, Freshman Class, Member, Student Senate. JOHN LAWRENCE MCINTIRE FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA B.A., Fairmont State College. HENRY JEROME SCHRIEBERG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA University of Richmondg Phi Alphag Member, Student Senate. ABRAM PENN STAPLES, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA University of Richmondg Member, Stu- dent Senate, '38-'393 McNeill Law So- ciety. 1 l w l JAMES L. MCLEMORE, JR. SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Randolph-Macon Collegeg Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, Member, Vir- ginia State Bar. BOOKS POORMAN SI-IETTER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A., University of Richmond, Lambda Chi Alpha, McNeill Law Society. RANDOLPH WILEY TUCKER NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Washingtcmn and Lee University, Delta Theta Phi. Class of 1941 Twenty-one young hopefuls, we, another fresh- man class, entered into the study of law seriously QQ in the latter part of September after a brief introductory course which possibly created many fears and formed deep impressions within most of us as to the great undertaking ahead. We may have been likened unto a mass of raw material Qand raw we certainly werej entering a great manufacturing plant to later emerge a finished and tested product. Only, we were unquestionably impressed at the outset by the machines, the most patient faculty, and those in a later stage of em- bryonic professional development, the most graci- ous upperclassmen, that within us ourselves would lie the determining factors as to the ulti- mate quality of the finished product, the lawyer we all hoped to be. We briefedg we studied, we read, we carefully followed the directions of the "great citator" fnot Shepherds, eitherj , not daring to relax Qnot where anyone would noticej , but all to no avail. Alas, after our first trials in November it was found we had all won our 'lfreshman letters," not a one of us was slighted. Oh Happy Day? We now realized that each of us would be on trial in Cbnrler L. I-Izzwell, fr., Vice-Pr'e.ride71l,' fobrz B. Boa!- wrighl, fr., Serrefary and Treasurer IJIIYEI Wf. Gordon, fr. P1'erider1t january for trespass Quaere Clausam Fregit and that our defense would be solely in our own heretofore unassuming hands. Resigned to our fate, we entered "the grind." But, hark, when the smoke had cleared away, though our ranks were greatly depleted, the heart of our corps still re- mained. Also many of those badly battle-scarred in the fracas had absorbed enough of the law in their brief sojourn to have their exceptions sus- tained and a new trial granted. Then, too, five fresh reserves rushed forward to fill the breach. fSome say anticipatoryj Gur class now marches on at full strength to seek more about the "average reasonable man," fully realizing that none of us is he. QFor which we should be thankful., Although we march on we find it is slightly un- ethical to toot our own horn, especially to strang- ers, however, we are not lawyers yet and we can tell the world to wait and hire us and you will get the best. This just about completes the list of classes in which we find it diflicult to sleepg although we still have that Common law actions on our black list and maybe personal property. Still we are trooping out eager for more with the forlorn hope that a halcyon-tinted dream may materialize and thus make sleep possible in all. JOHN CLIFFORD HUTT . . . .... Neenah, Virginia HAMILL DICE JONES ............ Richmond, Virginia FRANK HERBERT JORDAN, JR. ...... Dublin, Virginia EUGENE WILLIAMSON MCCAUL . . Richmond, Virginia JOHN WESLEY PEARSALL ....... Richmond, Virginia JOHN PERSHING SANDERS ....... Richmond, Virginia CHARLES s. SMITH, III ,..... Saluda, virginia JOHN T. WASSOM, JR. .. .... Wytheville,Virginia BERNARD EDWARD BAKER . . . Webster, Massachusetts JOHN B. BOATWRIGHT, JR. .... Buckingham, Virginia JAMES BAKER BOWERS, JR. ....,. Richmond, Virginia LEROY EDWARDS BROWN ...,... Richmond, Virginia THOMAS CULLEN CROUCH, JR. . . . Richmond, Virginia JOHN CALOON EVERETT ..... Smithfield, Pennsylvania MELVIN BURGESS GASKINS ...... Richmond, Virginia JAMES WADDELL GORDON, JR. .... Bon Air, Virginia CHARLES LYDON HARRELL, JR. .... Norfolk, Virginia it FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Allen, E. Brown, W. Brown, Ceztlemll, Donblef, Fletcher. SECOND Row: Kell, Kimbe- loe, Kzzibb, Lewir, Mme, Rive. THIRD ROW: Sloeller, Smitlaerr, Taylor, Tozumefzd, While. McNeill Law Society The McNeill Law Society was founded at the T. C. Williams School of Law in memory of the late Dr. Walter Scott McNeill. Dr. McNeill was a member of the Law School faculty for twenty- five years, from 1905 until his death in 1930, and during this time was held in high esteem by every student and by his associates of the faculty. This Society has as its purpose the honoring of those law students who have excelled in scholastic achievement and also those who have shown out- standing proficiency in various phases of extra- curricular activity. It has brought a number of prominent speakers to the campus, and has since its founding rapidly gained prestige. On April 29, an oil portrait of the beloved pro- fessor, by a Richmond artist, David Silvette, was presented to the school by a group of former stu- dents. Dr. S. C. Mitchell, professor of history at Richmond College, delivered the presentation address in commemoration of his colleague. That evening the Law School alumni, students, and faculty held their first annual banquet. Because of its twofold purpose in honoring both scholarship and leadership, the McNeill Law Society has won its valued place as an influ- ential body on the Law School campus. The membership of the society is limited and thus the requirements of each member must be of the highest. The one incentive for hard labor and extra- curricular activities is thought to be the McNeill Law Society. It is the true spirit of Dr. McNeill. MEMBERS Samuel Harrison Allen Edward Parker Brown William Gay Brown Ralph T. Catterall Malcolm Ray Doubles James William Fletcher Williain Leckie Kell Wildman S. Kincheloe, jr. james Clopton Knibb Wilbur Marsh Lewis William Taylor Muse Elio john Ninnini David Clark Rice Books Poorman Shetter John Westwood Smithers Braxton Bryan Townsend George Thomas Taylor David Meade White, jr. i V ag" .. gL 4 VARSITY ATHLETICS Gaining over a mile and a half in the air and over the ground, the University of Richmond's Red and Blue eleven finished the 1938 football season in fifth place in the Southern Confer- ence with a record of six wins, three losses and one tie. This was the Spiders' third year in the Conference and the highest position that they have held since their admittance to it. Sophomores dominated the star spots on the Richmond team with Art Iones and his junior teammate, Ed Merrick, who rated on the ALL- STATE team. jones was well known for his LEFT TO RIGHT: Frerbzzlfzll Conch fohmzy Fenlozz, Arblelic Dirertor Tloiyllefh- waile, Mm' Pill, Baxkelbnll and Bareball Couch, Mr. Caylor, Treamrer, Atbfelir De,b:1r!me11t. sweeping jaunts around his opponents' ends aided by the able blocking of A. B. Marchant, captain of the team and former ALL-STATE end. The 1938 edition of Coach Thistlethwaite's team were able to kick but three extra points dur- ing the season, but they defeated their ancient rivals, the Indians from William and Mary, with LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: f0l76'J', Merrick, lironzrek, Horkinr, Mc'Vf1y, HllIl1b6I'f, Keil, DiL'kiI1.f0I2, SECOND ROW: Van Bzarkirk, Lau'le.r.n', Spearr, ludl'CbcZ71l, fCa,bt.j, K eilllffdy, ll'IOI'I'f.l'Ull, N orvell. THIRD ROW: Fifzbllgh, Powers, Bragg, Slmrkelford, Robinson, liarir, Parkx, Bnlcber, Marlin, fMgr.j. FOURTH ROW: fmzef, Carb, Wrzgbt, Snmr, Barge, Terry. a field goal kicked from the twenty-yard- line hy Art jones. Alopentice School, 0-Rirbmond, 6 Opening the season in a very prophetic manner the Spiders scored their first victory on a pass from Ned Butcher to Stukie Hos- kins, foretelling the very effective passing game which Coach Thistlethwaite was to e'tee e-"1 ' develop during the season. This was a win over the Ship Builders from the Newport News Apprentice School, the traditional opener for the Red and Blue eleven. Ed Merrick started the season with a spectacular game at center and Andy Fron- czek played the first of his fine games as a varsity tackle which won for him a spot on the third ALL-STATE team. zlflaiylami, 6-Richmorzaf, 19 On the following Saturday the Spiders scored their upset of the season, beating Frank Dohson's Terrapins 19-6. Maryland's only scoring was done early in the second quarter when "jarring Meade crashed across from the two-yard line. The Spiders came back to score in the same period when Buddy Lawless set the stage with several beautiful run-backs of Maryland T I I E punts for Art jones' twenty-yard sweep to a touch- down, leaving the score tied at half time, 6-6. Barge Merrifk N orzfell C 41 plain Il"ld?'f!JtZllf M orrirofz After the half a rejuvenated Spider eleven took the gridiron and ran off two more touchdowns. Sophomore Dick Humbert and Captain Marchant came into the game and the passing attack of the Spiders be- gan to click. A pass to Marchant placed the ball on the fourteen-yard line from 'Sigh where Buddy Lawless, with good blocking Hr I 3 . . from Van Buskirk, ran over the goal line ,,,,-- , , standing up. Another pass from jones to Humbert which was downed on the one- yard line led to the third and last tally of the Richmond team. Lawless again cracked the line to score his second touchdown. Rfzfzdolltzb-zlflfzcofz, 7-Richmond, 12 The Spiders almost tripped on their old rivals from Ashland and barely eked out a 12-7 decision. The jackets took advantage of a break near the end of the first quarter and scored first. Palisak went to the twelve on a slash off tackle and then shot a pass to Waleski who swept wide and went over standing up. Waleski then made the extra point from placement, and the jackets led by seven points. In the closing minutes of the first half Arthur jones shook himself loose for a forty-nine-yard gallop to the R-M I twenty. Witli only seventeen seconds remaining in the half, jones looped a pass to Captain Mar- chant in the end zone for a score. The attempted Fronzrek DiL'kiII.f0l1 P0 mem Mrlfay Sinm' Dfwenporl - Anais .A pass for extra point was no good, and the Spiders left the field trailing by one point. After the intermission the Spiders came back driving to the one-foot line late in the third quarter. Jones dived across, and the U. of R. led twelve to seven, ending scoring for the day. One of the brighter points of the game was the play of I-Ieebie Spears and Bill Burge. Hafnjzcien-Sydney, 0-Richmond, 26 Continuing their victory march, the Spiders journeyed to Death Valley and buried the Tigers under a twenty-six to nothing score. In the big second quarter the boys from the U. of R. pushed across twenty points, led by Lawless and jones. Virginia ilflilitnry Institute, 13-Richmond, 6 Before one of the largest crowds to witness a college football game at the Richmond Stadium in quite a few years, the four-game victory march of the Spiders was brought to an abrupt halt, when the Flying Keydets from V.M.I. steam- rollered to a thirteen to six win, and threw a damper on hopes of the loyal Spider rooters for State honors. The Richmonders had little chance to set their offensive machine in motion, being on the de- fensive for the greater part of the game. The great Spider line showed itself to good advantage several times, when they braced and held the V.M.I. powerhouse for downs deep in their terri- tory. Paul Shu, the sparkplug of the Keydet team, was the chief ground-gainer, and his hard-driving runs contributed largely to the victory. Arthur Jones, brilliant Soph star, had no re- spect for the highly-touted V.M.I. team, and his usual spectacular running constituted a one-man offensive which was good for six points. Gather- RICH MO ing in the ball on the eight-yard line, he side- stepped his way down the sidelines, broke into the clear, and raced ninety-two yards for a touch- down. Near the close of the first half, he almost scored again, taking the V.M.I. kickoff and run- ning it back fifty-seven yards before he was finally stopped. Ed Merrick's stellar defense work at the pivot post was one of the main factors in his se- lection as center on the ALL-STATE team. Roanoke, 13-Richmond, 6 An injury-weakened Red and Blue team went out and had its applecart upset by an inspired Roanoke Maroon eleven to the tune of thirteen to six, to chalk up their second defeat in six starts. Ed Merrick, Forrest "Tubby" Norvell, and Tom Davenport were missing from the line, and Stukie Hoskins from the backfieldg their absence showed plainly as the Maroon offense began to click. Things seemed to be going Richmond's way, but a few minutes later Roanoke drove down the gridiron and tied everything up at six all. The ball seesawed back and forth for several minutes, as the Spider rooters waited expectantly for the big Red and Blue to push over another six-pointer and go ahead. However, events suddenly took another turn, for the worse, as Charlie Andrews, Roanoke hero, cut through the line, and raced thirty-eight yards for the Maroon's winning touchdown. y Washington and Lee, 0-Richmond, 6 For the first time since the Maryland upset, the U. of R. gridders really clicked, and displayed a smooth-working, hard-driving offense, and an air- tight defense, to upset a favored Washir1gton and Lee eleven by a six to nothing margin. The opening minutes of the game were enough to give the average fan a bad case of jitters, due to the fact that the ball moved about one hundred and thirty-eight yards in the first four plays. Heebie Spears took the W. and L. kickoff, faked a PIDER lateral to jones, and swept down the field seventy- two yards to the Generals' twelve-yard line. The first play into the line advanced the ball to the seven. On the next play Dick Pinck of W. and L. intercepted a pass, and then raced up the field sixty-one yards before he could be downed. The reappearance of "Spark-plug" Hoskins in the lineup, who averaged nearly five yards a carry, and who drove over for the winning touchdown, gave the team that added something that they needed. Dick Humbert, another Soph star, set the stage for the touchdown with one of the prettiest leaping catches seen anywhere this season. Hum- bert was on the five-yard line with a W. and L. de- fense man on either side of him. With perfect timing he went up between them, grabbed the ball, and fell back on the two-yard line. On the next play Stukie Hoskins went over for six points. C itadel, 6-Richmond, 0 The Spiders lost a heartbreaker to the Cadets, in the closing minutes of the last quarter, on a bad break, which was converted into a touchdown, making the final score six to nothing against them. The Richmonders started well, taking the open- ing kickoff, and by hard, straight football driving to the Citadel five. However, the Cadets held for downs, and kicked out safely. Neither team gained the upper hand until late in the fourth quarter. An oiiicial ruled that a Spider back had interfered with Bob David's attempted catch of a pass on the U. of R. ten-yard line. From that point the Cadets scored a touchdown on a well-exe- LEFT TO RIGHT: Blllfl.79l', Fitzhzzgla, Horkim, loner, Lawlerr, Van Bzukirfe, Spearr, Kennedy. cuted lateral play. Morrison, Sinar, and Cash were outstanding on the field. Virginiaz Polytechnic Imtimle, 0-Richmond, 0 Hard luck dogged footsteps of the Spiders for the second straight game, and although they out- played the Techmen, they had to be satisfied with a scoreless tie. Williafn and Mary, 7-Richmond, 10 Arthur Jones closed a sensational Sophomore year as the University of Richmond's star back in a spectacular fashion as he led the Spiders to a hard-earned victory over an inspired band of Indi- ans from Williamsburg on Thanksgiving Day at the City Stadium. jones passed to Captain A. B. Marchant for the lone Richmond touchdown a half-minute before the end of the first half, con- verted the tying seventh point, then went on to execute successfully his first attempted placekick. The Indians started the game off with a bit of dominating play that led them on a seventy-four- yard touchdown drive in the first quarter. Climax- ing this drive was a fancy reverse and lateral that sent Lloyd Phillips across, on a twelve-yard sprint. Byrne's placement was good and the battling In- dians led, seven to nothing. The Spiders counted just before the half closed. With only a few minutes remaining, jones heaved a long pass upfield that Dick Humbert, great Sophomore end, miraculously picked out of the air while hemmed in by two opponents. On the next play Jones raced wide around right end, with good blocking by Eddie Bragg, and was pulled down on the seventeen. Witli about thirty seconds of the half remaining, jones dropped back and shot Captain Marchant a touchdown pass in the end zone. 'jones then converted, tying the score at seven all. Late in the fourth quarter, with the game still tied,'I-Ieebie Spears gained twenty-one yards, plac- ing the ball on the Indian ten-yard line. After fail- ing to gain, jones successfully attempted a field goal, putting the Spiders ahead ten to seven, a lead which they held the remainder of the game. Playing their last game for the Spiders were George Spears, Buddy Lawless, and jack Kennedy in the backfield, and in the line, Captain Mar- chant, Forrest Norvell, Bill Morrison and Torn Davenport. lil. CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fiflaer, Cozzrtfzey, Afzdi-em, Hobgood, B1'0add11r. Coach Pitt's 1938-39 Spider basketball team, after an oif and on season, climaxed an eighteen- game schedule with a well-earned victory over the VMI Keydets in the first round of the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament at Raleigh, North Carolina. On the next day the once- beaten Terrapins from College Park, Maryland, who were runners-up in the tourney, got hot and eliminated the University of Richmond entrants to the play-off. As the final smoke cleared away and the shout- ing died down, it was found that Richmond wound up the season with a .500 average winning ten games and losing the same number. The irst BASKETBALL RESULTS FOR THE SEASON OF 1938 59 Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond 41 24 35 4-4 52 32 39 26 30 25 31 24 29 51 28 38 40 36 Maryland Citadel Hampden-Sydney VPI Virginia Randolph-Macon William and Mary Washingtoii and Lee VMI Roanoke Washington and Lee Pittsburgh Hampden-Sydney VPI Virginia Randolph-Macon William and Mary VMI game of the season was a win over the University of Maryland quintet. After ending the first half in a 1 1-1 1 tie, the Spider sharp- shooters came back to drop a lot of long shots and won by 41-34 score. In the next Southern Conference game, the Pitt- men were not so lucky and lost a tough one to the Cit- adel five, by a fifteen-point margin. This was the first defeat of a Richmond basketball team on their home court in two years. In the race for the state title, the Spiders took to the road where they lost a fast game to the Hampden- Sydney Tigers by five Coach Pitt, Captain Spearr, Manager Barney points. When the Tigers were entertained on the home court of the Richmonders, the loss was re- venged with Bill Burge's basket as the margin of victory. The Gobblers were soundly drubbed on the Milhiser court, 44-26 in revenge for an early-sea- son, one-point defeat at Blacksburg in one of the last games of the year. jimmy Ely and Stuart Hos- kins were the stars of this victory which was one of a string of wins in the drive for a position in the Ra- leigh tournament. Other games which fig- ured in this drive for the tournament were the two wins over Williain and Mary, the first one played in Williamsburg with three of the regulars out because of influenza and Stoneburner and Bragg starring for the Spiders as substitutes. The second game with the Indians saw the Capital City team come back in a second-half rush to win 40-51. In the two contests with VMI, one point decided both games. The first decision went to Richmond, as the Spiders won 50-29. The last game of the regular season the Keyclets got revenge by tri- umphing, 37-36, as Captain Heebie Spears missed a foul shot after the game was over. Randolph- Macon added two victories to the Spiders' string by 32-17 the first time and 38-24 the second trial. Bill Burge scored 19 points in the first game. .1 If ...Q y Hmzzberl Horkifzr Sanford Barge janet Lon fobfz rinkr one! H7l77lb6l'l,I of again! The Washington and Lee Generals counter- FRESHMAN SUMMARY Richmond 32 Hampden-Sydney Frosh acted these two by tripping to Richmond quint twice. Dick Pinck won the game in Lexington with thirty-four points for himself while his team- mates sank 15 to win 49-26. At Richmond, the home team led all the first half but lagged in the second stanza and lost 31-34. Richmond split two games with Virginia. The hrst struggle went to the Cavaliers, 45-28, the Spi- ders came back in the home game and won 32-30. Two outstanding exhibition games packed Mil- Richmond 37 Richmond 32 Richmond Richmond Richmond 37 Richmond 42 Richmond 38 Richmond 32 Richmond 30 Richmond 24 Richmond 23 Richmond 32 QE 38 49 Maury High William and Mary Extension Randolph-Macon "B" 3 Hampden-Sydney F rosh Fork Union Williaxn and Mary Extension Randolph-Macon "B" Williain and Mary Frosh Fredericksburg High William and Mary Frosh Maury High Danville Military Institute Ein-1 B nzgg Speaks' Ely lWrig!:7l VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bnrge, Ely, Spearr, H orkinf, W1-ight. BACK ROW! Conch Pilt, Bragg, Cm'- zmm, Hzmzberf, jwzer, Sanforrl, Barney. hiser Gym this year. The first was the famous Pitt was good enough to be invited to the national five, which had little trouble trouncing the Spi- tournament in Madison Square Garden. ders 47-24. The Panthers lived up to all advanced notices and presented as smooth working and accu- rate a team as has been seen in this section in a long time. The "Five Smart Boys" also played a one-night stand at Milhiser Gym- nasium and almost lost themselves a ball game, Coach Pitt's hardwood squad started off with a roar and kept the Maroons jumping for the first half when the Spiders walked off the floor with a slight lead. In the second period, however, Richmond was not able to keep up the pace of the team which FROSH BASKETBALL FRONT ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: T7l1"7261', Mack, UVeiJe, Robimwz, lWb0!ey. BACK ROW: M. R0bjlZJ0ll, Almzlm, Grimm Bowen, Greene, G'i7'dg0.ffcZll, Coach Fefzlwz. BASEBALL Led by the .444 batting of first baseman jack Sanford, the University of Richmond baseball team played an eighteen-game schedule, last year, winning seven games and losing eleven. Another factor in the unbalanced record that the scorebooks won't show was the loss of Cap- tain "Pete" Jacobs through an injury that occurred in basketball season. Pete did not play in a single game, but he was always present on the coaching line to help in the fight for victory. The most noticeable weakness was in the pitch- ing staff where there were only two men to carry the burden of the mound work, "Slick" Trevett, a dependable veteran, and Porter Vaughan, a prom- ising sophomore who won his games consistently. A. B. Marchant also came in from his post in the outfield to take a few turns at the mound, so great was the need for pitchers. After starting the season in a rather ominous manner by losing the first five games to out-of- state teams, the Spiders came back strong to down a fighting team from Cornell, 9-3. Sanford and George George both had a perfect day at the plate, Sanford getting three for three and George collecting four safeties for his four trips to the plate. The Randolph-Macon game, scheduled to open the state contests for the Spiders was rained out as BACK Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wilbowz, Vaughan, Barge, Harkinr, Merrick, Conch Pin. FRONT Row: Afiarfin, Dodd, Taylor, farobr, Butcher, Marchmzl, Sanford. were three other games of the season, so the Red and Blue nine opened its defense of the state championship against Virginia Tech with a 7-3 win. "Slick" Trevett went the distance for the Spiders and got two hits to lead the batting. One of the bingles was a three-bagger. After this bright spell, the title hopes dimmed a little for Richmond as they went down into a slump and lost games to VMI, and Washington and Lee, the first by the score, 12-5, and the sec- ond, 2-0. Following that fatal trip to Lexington, the Spiders picked up some and won a couple of slug- fests from those traditional enemies of the old Virginia Conference, Randolph - Macon and Hampden-Sydney. The Tigers hit hard but were unable to match the knocking of the Spiders and lost, 15-7. In an exciting game at Milhiser, the Ashland jackets were beaten 11-4. Rain got the first game scheduled with the Indians, but the winning streak continued, as the hapless Gobblers again opposed the hitting of Sanford and the pitching of Lefty Vaughan. Porter let them down with only one hit and rang up the first of the two shut-outs which the Spiders were able to get during the season. The score was 6-0. In a heart-breaking game played at Death Val- ley, Hampden-Sydney revenged their earlier de- feat with a home run in the ninth inning that broke up a five to five tie and stopped the winning streak of the Richmond nine. Close on the heels of this defeat came another trouncing by Virginia to the tune of 7-1. n the Vaughan dropped a close pitchers' duel to Wake Forest and the Spiders came out on the wrong end of a 3-I score. But he came back strong against the University of North Carolina and al- lowed only three hits, winning, 10-2. For his second shut-out of the year, Vaughan chose the VMI Keydets. He left fourteen of them standing there swinging at the beautiful spring air as the Spiders went on to win 6-0. This win, coupled with an upset by Virginia over W. 8: M., threw the University of Richmond back into the state race, and on the outcome of the Richmond-William and Mary game at Milhiser hinged the Old Dominion championship. Vaughan opposed "Rosy" Waugh on the mound, in the contest played before a crowded stadium, but he was unable to match the speed and control of Waugh, who has since signed a professional contract, and the Indians went home with Spider scalps at their belts and the state crown on their heads. The final score was 6-O. State opposition was the best that has been seen in several years and the University of Rich- mond nine, greatly weakened by losses at gradua- tion the previous june and by injuries, was unable to keep up the fine winning streak that had been The Hit . . . S,w'i1ztt0f1'Jt . . . Safe al yecafzd . . . iamond established in the three preceding years under Coach Pitt. In the first three years that "Genial Mac" coached Baseball here, the Spiders Won two state championships and tied for another one. SCHEDULE: Richmond 2 Ohio State Richmond 2 Ohio State Richmond 2 Wake Forest Richmond 2 North Carolina Richmond 0 Duke Richmond 9 Cornell Richmond 7 VPI Richmond 3 VMI Richmond 0 Washington and Lee Richmond 1 1 Randolph-Macon Richmond 1 5 Hampd en-Sydney Richmond 6 VPI Richmond 5 Hampden-Sydney Richmond 1 Virginia Richmond 1 Wake Forest Richmond 10 North Carolina Richmond 5 VMI Richmond 0 William and Mary Captain "Pele" lamb! Letter men: Bill Burge, John Dodd, Stuart Hoskins, Wish Martin, Edward Merrick, jack Sanford, Porter Vaughan, George George, A. B. Marchant, Reed Taylor, Pete Jacobs, Gus Lynch, james Trevett. Manager-Shanks Wilborn. Roinzdirzg third . . . Sliding home. The Richmond thinclads experienced another successful season this year, when they wound up their schedule with a record of four victories and one defeat in dual competition. The Varsity placed fifth in the State Meet at Blacksburg with a total of 15M points. They found stiffer compe- tition in the Southern Conference Meet and had to be satisfied with a total of 61g points for sixth place. In a triangular affair, between the Spider Var- sity, Randolph-Macon, and the cocky Richmond F rosh, the Varsity opened the track season with an easy victory, that saw them way out in front with a 62-point total. The Varsity's one-sided victory came as a fitting climax to several weeks of bick- ering between the two Richmond squads and ef- fectively silenced the boasts of the first-year men. Captain Frank Alvis was the key man in the vic- tory, taking firsts in the high and low hurdles, and the broad jump, for a total of fifteen points. A new freshman record was set in the half mile, 2 OVER THE when Neil Patton breezed in 10 yards in front of the rest, in four minutes and 4.7 seconds. The Spiders were impressive in their second start, soundly trouncing the N.C. Staters, 82 to 43. Captain Alvis was again the leading scorer with eleven points, sharing this honor with Richmond's Bill O'Flaherty, who took firsts in the high jump and javelin and third in the broad jump for his eleven points. Alvis showed good team spirit in allowing teammates to cross the finish line with him in the hurdles events. Other firsts for the Spiders were: Guy Knight in the two-mile, jimmy Ely in the 100 and 220 dashes, Bill Morrison in the shot put, Dick Stoneburner in the pole vault. The Red and Blue thinclads could take only three first places in the W. 8: L. meet and the Gen- erals won easily by an 85 to 41 score. Dick Stone- burner, jack Sanford, and Ed Bragg took firsts in VARSITY TRACK LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Correll, Knight, Elliott, Mfzrlivz, O'FlalJerly, Peek, Van L6C'll1l'ElZ, Herring, Coach Tlairlle- llnwaile. SECOND ROW: lVIcNeely, Wagner, ReMine, Alvir, OJCOIHZOI'-, Field, Talley. FIRST ROW: Ely, Bragg. CINDER P TH the pole vault, discus, and javelin, respectively, to account for hfteen points. In a nerve-tingling battle the Spiders finally nosed out the VMI Keydets, GZMZ to GZM, to win a well-earned victory. As the final event was called, the Keydets were leading by two points, and the Richmonders needed a first and third in the low hurdles to win. Captain Alvis came through with a first and plucky little Murril O'Connor garnered a third, and Richmond won the meet by one point. Both VMI and Richmond took seven first places, splitting second places. Summaries: VARSITY TRACK RESULTS FOR 1958 SEASON Richmond 8,2 North Carolina State 45 Richmond 41 Washington and Lee 85 Richmond 65M VMI 62M Richmond 67 William and Mary 59 Varsity finished fifth in Big-Six State Meet with UM points. Varsity finished sixth in Southern Conference Meet with 61g points. C zz plain Frmzk Alai: FRESHMAN TRACK RESULTS FOR 1938 Richmond Frosh Richmond Frosh Richmond Frosh Richmond Frosh Finished second 69 john Marshall 48 53 Norfolk Div. W. 8: M. 64 74 W. 8: L. Frosh 45 7116 W. 8: M. Frosh 4416 in the State Track Meet with thirty- three points. FRESHMAN TRACK FRONT Row: Cor-bell, Pbillipr, Fox, Keil, Tfnubingfoll. BACK ROW: Alexander, Bnzner, Mrlfczy, fairer, Manager Barr. llyellf, Sllmrl, Abemetlvy, Leitch, l-Wright, lllVf9ile, Chapin, McClure. TENN With only three returning lettermen, the Rich- mond tennis team suffered a rather mediocre sea- son in its 1938 schedule, winding up with a record of seven wins, nine losses, and one tie. Highlight of the schedule were the two victories over the North Carolina State netters, by scores of 5 to 4 and 6 to 3. Getting off to a good start, the Spider net men swamped the Wake Forest squad, 8 to 1, dropping only one singles match. Continuing their southern jaunt, the netters downed N.C. State, 5 to 4, and then ran into a stone wall at Duke, where they were turned back, 8 to 1. Coming back on the campus the Spi- ders held an unsuccessful home stand, losing to Maryland and Michigan Uni- versities. In the Michigan match, Cap- tain Bobby Leitch showed great form to turn back the Michigan captain in straight sets, 6-4, 6-2. After a northern trip in which they downed George Washington, 6 to 3, and tied American University, 4 to 4, the tennis team lost four of the next five matches. This list of losses was snapped at Williamsburg, when the Richmond netters outclassecl the Indi- ans to win, 7 to 2. Season Summar Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond 8 5 1 1 5 6 4 1 1 7 1 0 3 7 6 1 8 y: Wake Forest North Carolina State Duke Michigan Maryland George Washington American University Wayne University Virginia Hampden-Sydney Maryland Washington and Lee VMI William and Mary North Carolina State VMI William and Mary Co-Cnplaim Bob Wlaile and Bob Leitch. GOLF Led by Captain Dan Grinnan the Spider golfers completed their 1958,season with a record of five victories and four defeats. The five teams to fall before Coach Caylor's four-man team were Boston College, William and Mary, Washington and Lee, Hampden-Sydney, and William and Mary again. The Richmonders looked impressive in their first state start when they downed the highly fav- ored Generals in a very close match. The final score was 10 to 8, decided in Richmond's favor when the second doubles team played steady ball to down their opponents two up. Hampden-Syd ney's golfers gave the Richmond squad little trouble in their next match and the Spiders won handily by a 15 to 3 score. The Red and Blue team, composed of Dan Grinnan, Bill Gordon, Beverly Lamb, and Alec Anderson took all six contests. After striking a snag at Hot Springs where the Generals proved too much for them in their return match, the Spiders journeyed to Yorktown where they met the golfers of William and Mary in another return engagement. Having downed the Indians in a previous meet, the Richmond golfers made it a rout this time, winning 16VZ to lw. Coach Caylor looks forward to a very success- ful season next year with three veterans, Grinnan, Anderson, and Alexander, returning and Andy Fronzcek coming up from the Freshman Class to strengthen the Spider foursome. Season summary: Richmond 4 Wake Forest 1 1 Richmond 1 Virginia 17 Richmond 14 Boston College 4 Richmond 13M William and Mary llyz Richmond 10 Washington and Lee 8 Richmond 5 Virginia 13 Richmond 1 5 Hampden-Sydney 3 Richmond M Washington and Lee 175 Richmond 16M William and Mary ly! Summary: Won five. Lost four. .R 31 'F' 731+-1. Anderrozz, Grimzan, Copley, Pallou, Mr. Caylor fronfbj, Alexander. Walker, Van Leezzwerz, H ollillay, Pbillipr, Elliott, H errifz g, MrNeely Cross Countr Led by Captain james Holliday, the University of Richmond cross-country team carried our colors over hill and dale to ring up a record of one victory, one tie, and two defeats. Other men running for the Spiders were Hatcher Elliott, Evan Van Leeuwen, Marshall Phillips, and Robert McNeely. CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD FOR THE 1939 SEASON Richmond 27 William and Mary 29 Richmond 29 Virginia 46 Richmond 28 Virginia Military Institute 28 Richmond 37 Washington and Lee 18 ater Spiders ln the second year of college competition, the Water Spiders compiled a praiseworthy record. In a season of four starts, the U. of R. crew were victorious in three of them, losing only the race with Rollins College which was rowed in Florida during spring vacation. Returning home, the Richmond Crew met and defeated American International College from Springfield, Mass., and the Asheville School for boys on the james River course. A win over Washington and Lee climaxed the season for the Water Spiders. Steiner, Baroody, Parrirla, O'C0m2or, Vmz Bnrkirk, Litller, Newfovz, loner, Bruno Westhampton Athletic Association The year 1938-39 has been an outstanding one for the Athletic Association of Westhampton College. Among the numerous programs which it has sponsored under the leadership of Judy F lorance was a plaque to be placed in the gym- nasium lobby which will bear the names of the Association presidents, hockey and basketball captains, singles tennis champions and first place winner in the interclass track meet. A full social program also took up the time of the Association. It began with a hike in the fall to Boscher's Dam which was designed to acquaint the students with the many lovely walks around the campus and stimulate interest in hiking as a recreation. As a part of the program to bring the athletic departments of Westhampton and Richmond Col- lege closer together, the Westhampton Athletic Association gave a dance in the fall for the Cap- tains of the Westhampton and Richmond teams just before the spring vacation and in the fall it sponsored an evening of informal recreation in the girls' gymnasium which was attended by all letter winners of both schools. The annual Christmas dance rounded out a full social year. ATHLETIC DIRECTORS LEFT To RIGHT: Mt-T. Dallai Gwzbbr ffirfirtatztj, Miiu' Fanny G. Crembaw fDireclorj. In the annual Song Contest, put on by the Asso- ciation, the senior class came off with the victory after a highly successful evening of pep songs and proclamation songs. The usual banquet for the old and new athletic boards, team captains and seal winners was the last project of the Athletic Association. ' fgyi.-mis' 'A Vsr. . ATHLETIC BOARD FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Willett fVice-Prerirlentj, Caroline Doyle fBa5ketball Managerj, Mfr. Dalla: Grubb: fAtl1fiJorj, jtzliet Floratzce fP1'eritlentj, Mir: Fanny G. Crerrrbazu ffldoirorj, Ma-rgaret Forrer fSerretaryj. SECOND ROW: Lztry Baird fTrark Matzagerj, Margaret Purcell fTenniJ Managerj, Dorothy Robert! fTrearztrerj, Virginia Britt fH0ckey Manager j. HOCKEY Led by Judy Florance, captain, the Co-ord hockey team came through on the top, after a hard-fought season, winning 5, tying 2, and los- ing 3. The number of girls who reported for practice at the beginning of the year was small in comparison with the good attendance record of previous years. Hard practice and constant fight- ing under the able direction of Coach Crenshaw made the team a success. The Athletic Association was fortunate and honored in having Miss Appleby, English coach who introduced hockey to America, coach the varsity for an afternoon. The highlight of the season was the Virginia Hockey Tournament held at Fredericksburg, where teams from all over the state gathered to participate. Each team played two games and judges picked a Virginia team to represent the state at the South-Eastern tournament. West- hampton in their first tilt met Mary Washington College and came out in a 3 to 2 lead. The Wil- liam and Mary eleven was pitted against the Spiderettes in the last fray and won over the Rich- mond girls by a 7 to 1 score. Westhampton was proud of Baird, left-wing who was placed on the second Virginia team. In the last games of the season the great im- provement in the team was shown as the red tuni- cated girls took charge of the field. Westhamp- ton met the All-City team which showed skill in stick and teamwork, but the Co-ords proved the superior in both of these phases to tally a win in the final game of the season. The Clmrge of the Red 'n' Blue. '-'gif 1 . ' -,J LEFT TO RIGHT: Amzie Loie Walker, Szzzamze Tmixrell, Martha Elliot, Virginia Brill fMa11agerj, Helen Dodd Sallie Moo: e Barzzef, Lucy Baird, Virginia !vl6Ldl'llI, Mary Alire Snzilla, Elra Kerrjfel, Eleanor Kimlell, Mary Grate Srlaerez Belly Cal p 1 Margaret Pizrrell, Margaret Forrer, Georgia Pbilpotl, julie! Florazzce fCaptai1zj, Min' Fanny G. C 1 elz thaw fCoacbj Letter winners: Juliet Florance, Virginia Britt, Martha Elliott, Sally Moore Barnes, Georgia Phil- pott, Lucy Baird, Eleanor Kindell, Helen Dodd, SCHEDULE Collegiate Thomas jefferson John Marshall Harrisonburg Mary Wasluiiigtoiu W. ck M. Sweet Briar St. Catherines W. 8: M. Extension A11-city Westhaiiipton Westhampton Westliainpton Westhainptoii Westhamptoiu Westliainptoiu Westhanlpton Westhampton Westliampton Westluampton Mary Alice Smith, Margaret Forrer Margaret Purcell, Mary Grace Scherer, Elsa Keuffel and Betty Carper. -. ....Lf...iW, M Lozuilorwz from jlnly. l CLASS OF 1942 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. L. Walker, Mildred Parker, Virginia Quillin, Frances Baden- och fCaplai1zj, Amie Shafer, Nanny Davir, fearz Beekr. SECOND ROW: Elia Kenjfel, A1111 Rebey, Amee G-walmey, Norzvoorl Stapler, Gerlrnde Cofer, Alice G. Sil72'fJ'077, Mary Grace Selaerer. Class CLASS CF 1941 CENTER: Eleanor Kimlell fCaptaizzj. LEFT TO RIGHT: Szzzamze Trzufell, Helen Dodd, fearzeile Ezfazzf, M. A. Smitla, Margaret Purcell, Margaret Ferrer, feamze IIVilkin.f, Kira Nielaolsky, Betty Mzugrave, Belly Page Kemp, Helen Hill. LL - is ' - CLASS OF 1940 LEFT TO RIGHT: E. E. Parforzf, Dori! Har- grozfef, Dell Williamy, Lucy Baird, Mildred Giulafforz, Bella Hertzlierg, Virginia Mf- Lariri, Caroline Doyle, janet Greilaam, Mar'- garet Bri11.ron, V iffa Robimorz, Virginia A Wood, Kitty Lyle fCaptainj. CLASS OF 1939 LEFT TO RIGHT: Martina Elliot, Evelyn Haz- ard, Mary K, Curley, fzzliel Floranre, Marian Wiley, Hermirze Hoerz, Ruth Hozuer, Kate Pelerfoiz, Sarah Hoover, filliet Shell, Emily Rizclaf, Virginia Britt fCaptai1zj CENTER, S. M. Barrier, Loi,r Lyle fSTANDINGJ. The Vfzrrily later to life air! BA KETBALL The Red and Blue, boasting the best team in many years, registered an undefeated season ex- cept for one point! Losing to Blackstone College on their court in the final minute of play, West- hampton's strong team was defeated. With the change from three-court to two-court hall, and the emphasis on man-to-man guarding changed to zone play, the Co-ord court femmes completed a most successful year. Those who re- ceived letters were: Kate Peterson, Juliet Shell, Marian Wiley, Lucy Baird, Caroline Doyle, Helen Dodd, Mary Alice Smith, and Elsa Keuffel, who formed the nucleus of the large squad. SCHEDULE Thomas jefferson 9 St. Margare-t's 11 John Marshall 1 1 Pan-American 27 Highland Springs 18 Williaxli 8: Mary Extension 17 Madison 22 St. Catherines 20 Blackstone 28 Hopewell 9 Sweet Briar 22 Westllaillpton Westhainpton Westliarilpton Westhainpton Westluampton Westluampton Westliaxnpton Westluailupton Vifesthainpton Westliamptoim ,Westluainpton Kale Pelerrofz, Cnpffrizz VARSITY BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Norwooll Smpler, julie! Shell, Elm Kezzffel, Helen Doelfl, Mary Alire Smith, Trzmzfuz Dmzmn, l1l'ldI'gc1l'Ef Purcell, Lucy Baird, Caroline Doyle flllazzagerj, Kale Peterxouz :N V .., .aan ,, W1 ,111-ww... it k E Q . . . . . E Z . if CLASS OF 1942 LEFT TO RIGHT: Norwood Slapler fCaplainj, Bernice Hargrozxex, Allezze loner, Elia Kenfel, Anne Frank, Francey Badenarla, Anne Slyafer, Mildred Parker. CLASS OF 1941 FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann II7oodwara, Margarez Ferrer. SECOND Row: A. M. Rae Margaret Purcell, Traznan Duncan, Helen Dodd fCaplainj, M. A. Snzilla, Mary Owen, M. E Riley. J CLASS OF 1940 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Paryom, E. L. Parxom fCapIai11j, Dell lWilliamJ. SECOND ROW: Lucy Baird, Caroline Doyle, Eznzice Fldlllldgdll, Dorothy Roherlf, jean Miller, Mazzreefz Fzzgatel CLASS OF 1939 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Brill, Alire Evans, julie! Shell fCall1taifzj, A. S. Campbell, Martha Elliot. SECOND ROW: Kate Pelelmn, fzzlie! Floranee, Marian Wiley. Blazer Winners The Westhampton Blazer is awarded to any individual who has made her letter in three varsity sports. Thus, recognition is given for un- usual achievement and skill, the stripes on the insignia designate the number of sports in which a varsity let- ter has been won, and the stars indicate the number of times won. Juliet Florance, '59, and Helen Dodd, '41, LEFT TO RIGHT: flzliet Florezfzre, julia MrClm'e, Helen Dodd, Mollie Fleet, fo A1712 Kent. Seal Winners showed their athletic prowess by winning a blazer at the end of their respective freshmen years. Each spring the Athletic Association Board of Elsa Keuffel, who does not appear in this picture, Westhampton confers the honor of a flannel seal is a blazer winner of the class of 1942. She won on those members of the junior and Senior Classes a letter in each major sport, thereby proving her who have shown the greatest leadership in ath- all-around athletic skill. LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Lockwood, Roralie Oezker, Mollie Fleet, Rmb Roma, fuller Flormzce, Elizabeth Dlzrrezroft, Barbmzz Defarnelle. letics and the best sportsmanship in college life. It is their cooperation and school spirit that makes the games successful and enjoyable, and because of their enthusiasm and interest in the promotion of athletics, they are awarded the seal of Westhainpton Col- lege. This group picture shows those girls who won seals in the spring of 1938 or who had won one at an earlier date. Those girls upon whom the honor was bestowed at the Ath- letic Association Banquet in May, 1959, were as follows: Kate Peterson and Marian Wiley, members of the class of 19395 Caroline Doyle and Dorothy Roberts, members of the class of 1940. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mollie Fleet, Firrl Plezre, jmly Florfmre, Second Place, Helen Dodd, Fourlla Place, and jo Am: Kem, Third Plate. 1938 Track Winners The Westhampton track team climaxed a suc- cessful season with a win in the dual meet held at Westhampton with john Marshall High School. The interclass track meet held at the end of the season determined the four people who were to receive letters in track. ,M 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Bradley, Helen Smith, Margarel Crabtree, Diuzple Lmlmm, Lucy Baird, jane Langley. THOSE NOT IN PICTURE: Cerroline Doyle, Belly Page Kemp, Margaret Purcell, Marion Rfzzulef, Babe Riley, and Bernire Sfezfenron. Modern Dance Group Under the direction of Miss Betty Carpet, this group studies and practices the principles of the Modern Dance. They participated in a large re- cital given in the spring. The class includes those just beginning the study, and those who are doing more advanced work. ,legal LEFT TO RIGHT! Helen Dodd, Margaret Purcell, Mollie Fleet, and Peggy Settle. TENN The Co-ord tennis team started out the spring of 1938 with great enthusiasm, which was respon- sible for the competition that brought about more practices and a successful season. Fifteen girls reported for practice as candidates for the team. They were: Fleet, McLarin, Kemp, Settle, Evans, Britt, McClure, Curley, Purcell, Baird, Peterson fmanagerj, Kyte, Harris, Brin- son, and Dodd. The matches played by the members among themselves proved more interesting than in previ- ous years. Miss Crenshaw inaugurated a new sys- tem of ladder matches which gave every girl an opportunity to work up. This made positions on the team subject to change at all times and was a good incentive for practice and improvement. After many ladder matches, Helen Dodd, won number one position holding also the freshman crown from the class tournament held in the fall. Mollie Fleet was number two, followed closely by Peggy Settle, number three. The fourth place was captured by Margaret Purcell. Westhampton also played matches with Thomas jefferson, john Marshall, Collegiate, and St. Catherine's. Besides these varsity matches, an extensive pro- gram of intramural contests was carried on. These proved interesting and enjoyable to the players as well as to the student fans. W :.,v,4+vM ., B: A 1' 3 meg Q , W. 1 43555 'ali "Ve-Q f,f-iffy Jil .612 L1 " Hf'w' g,r Q . - 3 A , L, fi? -- CH Eg -k' If---1-3 W ' .tif .- as :kr mmf L-:LJ .Y - - J 5 .F ,- . ., as . ' 5 Zia J".,,. .- --'l : "' ' ix a f . I 2 , . 2 '- -fa i an , :xi-L H Un., Lv . v.'.1"! jQ:,.1L:fbg,4,:f .- ,gm ., F43-13+ 1.!a4:Q.iaf.l'Z 1iHJk.M:2' 5, WQII'7 -' ,, l,g5,,,g? V " wh ! F 'U' 'vii' " , in Q--21 ' H J M .,, . '- A X N' --mf-W--f - , - ..',. -5 i , ...-,,'..-',,3 , W . : af - - -A-Q-., b -K , Ip w+ 'i,g, Mu Wye Ai. V, :rg--52 Q' f A Q' , " 'gil-,,,.4...,. ff VA, V N -'Qi-4.4 ' 1 H ' ' :fir-5-agcp 41- - , --C17-gmt: 9 L - A Wm, lm: -I .V . v K 5 ' ,ig 'f f -Q 1 4 5 i ,, ,r .FL,.. -ifvak 1, nl fa-1 N ' W' , .Q .H iffiflf 't-1 3' , Z1 1 ACTIVITIE EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ON THE CAMPUS OF THE UNI- VERSITY OF RICHMOND FULFILL A TWOFOLD SERVICE. THE FIRST IS TO THE STUDENTS WHO ENGAGE IN THEM. TO THESE STU- DENTS THE NUMEROUS ORGANIZATIONS ON THE CAMPUS OFFER AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPLEMENT THEIR ACTIVITIES IN THE CLASSROOM WITH WORK IN THE FIELD OF THEIR CHOICE. THIS GIVES A CHANCE FOR THE MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSITY TO SE- CURE THE WELL-ROUNDED EDUCATION IN A SOCIAL SENSE THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO A LIFE THAT IS TO BE ENJOYED TO THE FULLEST AND THAT IS TO BE OF THE GREATEST VALUE. THE SECOND SERVICE PERFORMED BY EXTRA-CURRICULAR AC- TIVITIES IS TO THE UNIVERSITY. THEY ARE THE ESSENCE OF THE UNIVERSITY. THEY ARE WHAT DISTINGUISHES A COLLEGE FROM A GLORIFIED CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL AND IT IS WITH THIS SERVICE IN MIND THAT WE GLADLY DEDICATE THE FOLLOWING PAGES OF THIS BOOK TO THE RECOGNITION OF THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE DEVOTED THEIR TIME AND EFFORT TO SERVICE OF THE UNIVERSITY IN THIS WAY. The 1939 WEB Since the earlier days of its production, the University of Richmond's annual has been called "The Web." During these years of development it has undergone many changes to keep pace with the changes which time effects in all things. We, the editors of the 1939 Web, have at- tempted to do more than just this. We have sought not only to keep pace, but where a new pace is possible and desirable, we have tried to set it. A criterion of a good book is, we believe, not a particular size, color, style or organization. It is the honesty and the vividness with which it tells the story of the college year. In attempting to do this we have found that some changes in details such as those mentioned were desirable. You will note that with this in mind, we have laid out our book, not according to any one set form, but individual pages, with the hope of get- ting away from the standardization and duplica- tion of set-up. We are introducing for the first time in campus publications the idea of evolution. We are telling the story of the student who comes as a green fresh- man and we fol- low him until he leaves with his d e g r e e. O u r pages, we hope, show the hilarity i of RatNight and also the dignity of our honor so- cieties. Our photo- graphs were made as infor- mally as the limi- tations of making a formal year's record would allow, for we realize that every picture to be in- teresting should tell a story. The size of the book has been increased to allow for a good number of illustrations of reasonable size. The book has G. ALBERT KLAFFKY - Editor-in-Chief .ii . .. H ii i 4 .A LEFT TO RIGHT: Kilzler, E'lftIlI.ll, Harrir, Klalfky, Leilflv, Mamie, Manley been organized simply and logically, to avoid confusion in reading it, and make reference to it more easily. Also we, for the first time in the history of the school, have gotten a padded cover. We have tried to pre- sent, not only to the students of the University, but also to our par- ents and friends, a memorial of the s t r e n g t h a n d youthfulness of college life. GEORGE B. SoMERs B11.ri72o.r.r Mfzmzger STAFF G. ALBERT KLAFFKY .................. Eafilor-in-Chfef GEORGE B. SOMERS ..,.........,.... B11i'ilze.rr Mzzzmger CHARLOTTE ANNE BEALE ......... lWe.rfh-fzozlolorz Editor Law School Editor, David M. White, Jr., Aifflfilllf Eelitorr, Luther Jenkins, Malcolm Evans, Mildred C. Burnette, Vir- ginia A. McLarin, Mmzagizig Editorr, John S. Harris, Davis Mottley, Calvin Kibler, Alice C. Evans, Arroriale Edilorr, Edmond Massie, Sd, Alice N. McElroy, Kate E. Peterson, Robert E. Leitch, Fmterfzity Edilorr, Leander T. Saunders, Jr., Junius P. Epps, Straughan Lowe Gettier, Family Edilorr, Richard C. Klaffky, Juliette Loving, Sporty Editorr, Frederick A. Waddington, Jr., Chauncey Welton, Our staff members have used much more writ- ing to present to the reader a better knowledge of the activities and accomplishments of each organiza- tion. In our writ- ing, a vivid, mod- ern and to the point style, has been sought by each author.Thus, we the editors of th e 1 9 3 9 Web, have attempted to portray a year of progress at the University of Richmond. CHARLOTTE ANNE BEALE Arroriale Edilor Frances Badenoch, Margaret Purcell, Fenlfzre Edilorr, Robert M. Phillips, Alvin H. Miller, Kathleen Crawford, Helen Hill, Photographic Edilor, McLean Whittet, Jr., Organiza- tion Ediforr, George Cox, Ethne Flanagan, Sparks Brewer, Jeanne Huffman, Staff Arfirlr, Ruby E. Danner, Agnes Deaton, Estelle Greenbaum, Slajf Arrirtolztr, Norma Palmer, Jeannette Evans, Jeanne Huffman, Evelyn Pomeroy, James C. Littler, W'e.r1fba71zpt01z Bzzrifierr ll'ldl1r1g9l', Hermaine Hoen, Bm'i12e.r.r Manager, G. B. Somers, C0-Adverli.ri1zg Mazinger, Walter Gillette, Co-Ao'zfer1i.fi1zg Mamzger, Robert Moore, Arxirtazzt Bzuifzerr IiVlrZI7rlg6I', Robert Martin, .AJ'J'iIlf!ll2f Cirru- lotiofz lvldlldgff, Jimmie Baggs, Arri.rmnl Cirrzzlation Mozz- ager, Fred Wortham, Slant Arrirtaiztr, John Locke, Robert C. Williams, Ralph Kinsey, Terry Dennis. LEFT TO RIGHT: Somew, Whife, Brown, Gillelle LEFT TO RIGHT: MrLarin, McElroy, Beale, Eomzr The Richmond Collegian The Richmond Collegian, a weekly newspaper published entirely by the students, includes in its pages all varieties of current journalism. The editors seek constantly a higher level of journal- ism and the paper has won recognition in mem- bership in the Virginia Intercollegiate Press As- sociation, and is served by the Associated Col- legiate Press, by which it has been awarded first honors in the uweeklyl' class. There are four important functions which the Collegian aims to serve as a part of the Univer- sity. These are: first, to provide a means of bind- ing the campus together by keeping students aware of current campus happenings 3 second, to act as an outlet and organ of expression for opinions and interests of the students, third, to afford an opportunity for practical experience for those students interested in journalistic work, and finally, to represent and interpret the Uni- versity to its neighbors, other colleges, and the outside world in general. The Collegian fulfills the first function through its news items, feature stories, sports stories, and various columns. The editorial staff aims at a high degree of reportorial writing and particular attention is given the composition and arrange- ment of important news stories. In encouragement of this policy the Board of Publications this year offered a prize for the best news story submitted during the first semester. The Collegian is alleged to offer to those stu- dents who are interested in journalism an oppor- tunity to obtain valuable practical experience. The advertising work should not be overlooked. Stu- dents learn the principles of advertising and be- come skilled in the art of selling "space" to ad- vertisers. ,,,i-Q 25.-L.-iplii Q 4lf"4t' 3 , A 'T' .-v-5 .lx .gal STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Keyrer, P4111 Sfzmzier, Ioim jordan, Ben MfCl1n'e, Lnlber jelzkizzr. SEATED: Tommy Babcock, Edwin Warilaam ' The final function is served by the paper as a whole, through exchanges and general circula- tion, presenting the University of Richmond to the public in a fresh, current manner, as a vital organ of student life. EDITORIAL STAFF Edwin Wortham ............ Natalye T. Babcock . .. G. Ben McClure .... Luther jenkins .... john E. jordan Paul Saunier Ma1'ie Keyser . . . Albert F. Weaver Dell Williams .... William Maner ..... Elizabeth johnson ..., Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . . . Associate Editor . . . . Sports Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor . . . News Editor . . . News Editor . . . Feature Editor . . . . . Feature Editor Martha Conway ..... . . . Law School Editor George W. Ross .... ........ C opy Editor joe Wornom ,.... .......... C opy Editor Edward Arendall .... ..... A ssistant News Editor NewsAssistant . . . . . . . . . . . Current Events Commentator REPORTERS Philip Cooke ..... Royall Brandis .. Williarn Roper Robert Courtney Harold Owens Emmet Warriner Alyett Goode J. P. Eppes Anne Phillips Marlin T. Nolan Mayme O'Flaherty Barbara Eckles Antoinette Wirth Virginia McLarin jean Beeks ,lean Miller Martha Belding Virginia Mayo Walter Gillette . . . .... Sports Managing Editor Al Waddington ....................... Sports Managing Editor Margaret Purcell ................... Westhampton Sports Editor Sports Staff: C. B. White, David Abelotf, jack Rich, H. S. Rockoff, Martin Markowitz. W. J. Baggs ....................... Assistant Business Manager T. Stanford Tutwiler . . . . . . Assistant Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Arthur C. Beck, jr. .............. .......... B usiness Manager W. I. Baggs ......... . . Assistant Business Manager T. Stanford Tutwiler . . . . . Assistant Business Manager L. W. Bingham ...... . . . ........ Circulation Manager Simpson Williams .... ................. C irculation Manager Lois Blake ......... .... W esthampton Advertising Manager Bill Terry ....... ................. O fiice Manager Samuel Moody .... .... A ssistant Circulation Manager John Kellison . . . ......... Subscription Manager Bill Parkerson .... . . . Manager of Exchanges ADVERTISING STAFF Stuart Williams, Lucille Reynolds, V. D. Johnston, Earl Noble, Virgil Lumsclen, Margaret Forrer, Leslie Philips. CIRCULATION STAFF - Robert Black, Willis Holland, Edwin Miller, Earl Noble, Gervas Taylor, O. Winn, William Shaar, Joseph Amrhein, john Amrhein, Billy Laing, Ralph Pickles. ipf LEFT TO RIGHT: Tutwiler, Parlaerrorz, Moody, Beck, Buggy, Terry, Williams T e essenger Looking backward is a happy proclivity when it reveals a great heritageg for then it is that the glad frivolousness of memory allows the pleasant past to live, the unpleasant to die. The Messenger, University of Richmond literary magazine, hard- ened by the vicissitudes that beset it, and are usual to college literary publications, has survived sev- enty-odd years to give us just such an inheritance. The parallelism reflected in editorial views Qand somewhat in literary contentj throughout the years is remarkable. Recurring during long decades are editorials decrying overemphasis on athletics with a resulting undermining of literary and other artistic activities, complaining of pau- city of material, charging lack of staff cooperation within the journal, even occasionally striking out at administrative judgments. Restyled in the modern mode, with a wide- open, liberal editorial policy, sponsoring every type of literary work, illustrating its copy graphi- cally, the 1939 Messenger has attempted to adapt itself to the tenor of the times. Its endeavor has been to develop latent talent in writing on the campus and to present for the student body an un- dergraduate book of popular, modern stories, articles, and poetry. MESSENGER STAFF George Scheer .....................,.. Editor-in-Chief Paul Saunier, Jr. .... . . . Richmond College Editor Lenore Dinneen ........ . . . Westhampton Editor Phyllis Anne Coghill . . . . . . . . . jean Neasmith Helen Hill ........ .... Mabel Leigh Rooke , . . . . . . N. T. Babcock ...... .... Royall Brandis Walter E. Bass Owen Tate ........ Philip Cooke F. Merrill O'Connor . . . . . . . G. Ben McClure, jr. . .. .... . . . .. Carl Woost ........ ........... Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor john S. Harris ....... ........... B usiness Manager T. Stanford Tutwiler .... .... A ssistant Business Manager Mary Katherine Curley ....... Assistant Business Manager LEFT TO RIGHT: P4111 Samzier, George Scheer, Lefmre Dimieen, john Harrir TOP ROW: Allen, Brorkenlzrozzgb, Ford, Fralzrirm, Harrif. SECOND ROW: Kanzrky, Payton, Smit, U7 00511 Dr. Thonmr. lpha Mu Gmioron Alpha Mu Omicron, formerly known as the Social Science Society, was founded on january 10, 1935, by a group of men majoring in the social sciences. The purpose of Alpha Mu Omi- cron is to create an interest in the social sciences among the student body. In past years the society has brought numerous prominent speakers to the campus including Senator Harry F. Byrd, former Governor George C. Peery, and Governor james H. Price. Frequent meetings are held at which papers are read and pertinent subjects discussed. In order to be eligible for membership a student must have an average of eighty-five in all of his classes and show a definite interest in social sciences. This year the Alpha Mu Ornicron, under the leadership of Gerald Scott, has shown remarkable progress. The size of the organization has grown and the interest of its members has been very noticeable. With the election of reliable officers for next year, Alpha Mu Omicron has very good prospects for another successful season next year. OFFICERS Prafidenz ...... ............,...... G ERALD Sco'rT Vice-Preridefif .... ...... I OHN S. HARRIS Ffzmlty Adviror . . . HERMAN P. THOMAS MEMBERS Stuart Robertson Allen Arthur Charles Beck, jr. Henry Wittler Black Royall Brandis Allan Brockenbrough William Edward Harris john Spruell jones Leonard Kamsky Gus Dean Mandaleris William Henry Martin William jefferson Cash, jefferson Davis Mottley, J Henry Hunt Dickinson Jack Ricks Noffsinger Louis Arthur Earles, jr. Moses Payton Eugene Wilmer Ford George Rochkind Clyde Taylor Francisco David Gerald Scott john Estes Gill, jr. Gilbert Siegal Garland Douglas Haddock Charles Emerson Smith john Sharp Harris Carl Frederick Woost, jr. Arendall, Baggr, Bareford, Berk, Bowling, Bragg, C1'i.f1mm Damerofz, Fowler, Grant, Hzzdgirzr, Kibler, Powerr Pugh, Reivline, Robertr, Sdll77d67'I, Van Burkirk, Van Leezzwen, Woffzonz oung' lVIen's hristian Association The Y.M.C.A. on this campus seeks to improve the moral and spiritual welfare of the students and to improve the relations among the colleges of the University. It maintains a house on the campus which serves as a student center. This building is equipped with a radio, piano, ping- pong tables, magazines, and newspapers. It is a place for recreation and the enjoyment of the fellowship of other students. The organization also sponsors worship periods, prominent speak- ers, and worthwhile entertainments. This year the Y.M.C.A. has brought to the campus several well-known speakers. It has spon- sored ping-pong and horse-shoe tournaments which excited much interest among the students. It helped in the preparations for "Religious Emphasis Week" and conducted, at the conclusion of the week, a meeting at which a prominent speaker summarized the program of the whole week. It also observed Founders' Day. At this time the program consisted of several speakers, who gave the history of the Y.M.C.A. and dis- cussed the principles and purposes of the organi- zation. The Y.M.C.A. also cotiperated with the Y.W. C.A. of Westhampton College in the observance of the World's Christian Federation Day of Prayer. A very interesting program was given in place of the regular Vesper Services. Preridefzi ....................... JOSEPH H. DAM ERON Vice Preridem ..... .... R ICHARD H. SAUNDERS, IR. Serrelmy .,... ................ F RANK S. COSBY Tffearm-er . ............... DANIEL W. FOWLER CABINET Sevziorr: joseph H. Dameron, Bragdon R. Bowling, H. Cal- vin Kibler, john F. Powers, Richard H. Saunders, Ir., Corbin B. White, Frank S. Cosby. ffmiorrs Evan B. Van Leeuwen, Daniel W. Fowler, Bruce P. Van Buskirk, W. james Baggs, jr., William H. ReMine, Edward L. Bragg, john M. Bareford, Arthur C. Beck, jr., P. Paul Saunier, Ir. S0plJ0m0rer.' S. joseph Wornom, jr., Ira D. Hudgins, George E. Roberts, Hugh S. Crisman, William A. Grant, jr., Thomas E. Pugh, Edgar M. Arendall. oung Womenls hristian Association The Young Women's Christian Association has its activities defined in the purpose: "We, the Young Women's Christian Associ- ation of Westhampton College, unite in a desire to realize a full and creative life through a grow- ing knowledge of God. We stand to make this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand jesus and to follow Him." The year beginning in the spring of 1958 has been one of transition from an association with an automatically formed membership and a Cabinet, the duties of whose members had become un- neccessarily overlapping, to an association wholly independent in membership and organization. Under a revised constitution some committees have been combined and others created to meet a growing need. It has been felt that in so doing, the triple emphasis in the purpose, upon mind, body, and spirit, has been more fully realized. The particular emphasis this year has been to make possible greater participation in the whole pro- gram for the day students and to plan for a one- hundred-per-cent active membership in the future. Preridem' ........................... ROSALIE OAKES Vice-Preriderzt ......... ........ D OROTHY SHELL Secomz' Vire-PreI'icle1zl .... .......... A LICE MCELROY Sen'enz:'y-Trearfzrer .....,..... MARGAIIET BRITTINGHAM CABINET CHAIRMEN: D6lf0fl0IldliMildfCd james, Pro- gram-Antoinette Wirth, flflllrir-Mildred Gustafson, Pub- lirity-Vista Robinson, Blzze Ridge-Eleanor Parsons, Social Service-Hildah Batten, Day Stzrdefzf-Alice McElroy, IVOrld Felloiurlaip-Margaret Crabtree, Imlzlrfrifzl Commir- Jian-jaqueline Faulkner, Rerreafiafz-Mabel Leigh Rooke. ADVISORY BOARD: Dr. Susan Lough, Faculty Sponsor, Miss Grace Watkins, Director of Religious Activities, Mrs. R. C. Astrop, and Miss Anne Wood. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Iareqzfelifze Ffmlkner, Elefmor Parrwzr, Dorothy Shell, Roralie Oaker fPreridezztj, Doc- tor Szzrmz M. Lough Uporzrorj, Margaret Brittinglmm, Hilrlab Batten. ON STEPS, TOP TO BOTTOM: Virin Robifzfou, Mabel L. Rooke, Aizminelte Wirth, Alice McElroy, Mildred Gmmfrou, Mildred fazner. fi! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sjfiem, CI'0IlI'b, llVl9ilfet, Corby, Lipfromb, Carb, Fofler. SECOND ROW: Allen, 1Vl001'e, Dm'- rert, Dixon, Elmore, lWiggi7zJ. THIRD ROW: Beale, lI7'illiamr, fC'1Z1?fl7gI, Blarkley, Baghy iehrnond College Glee Club The Richmond College Glee Club was one of the first college glee clubs in the State of Virginia. It was organized in 1926. Since that time it has grown both in number and in activities. In its concerts throughout the State it has built up a reputation worthy of Richmond College. The Club presented a very fine concert at the Farmville State Teachers College, just before Christmas. Early in March, the Club gave a joint concert with the Glee Club of Westhampton Col- lege. Therelwere several other concerts through- out the year in the Greek Theater. The Club sang regularly in Chapel and at Vesper Services on Sunday nights. They took ad- vantage of the new radio studio on the campus and presented programs for broadcast. The officers for this year were as follows: FRANK CosBY ............................. Preridefzr MCLEAN WHITTET . . . . . . BllJ'f7IEJ'J' Mfuzager CLYDE LIPSCOMB .......................... Lilmzriau MEMBERS or' RICHMOND COLLEGE GLEE CLUB 1938-1939 Rex Allyn Herbert L. Holloway Gordon Andrews Richard Bagby Alvin Beale Arrnistead Blackley J. K. Chapin Frank Cosby John Dixon Robert Durrett Robert Elmore Henrv Lee Foster William Herndon Alton Howell Clyde Lipscomb John Moore Harold Owens Robert Phillips David Rogers L. E. Spiers, jr. Gervas Taylor McLean Whittet Stuart Williams Thomas Williams Westhampton College Glee Club Since its organization in 1924, the Westhamp- ton College Glee Club has been one of the most active and interested groups on the campus. Its main purposes are to create an interest in the de- velopment of the singing voice, and to afford an opportunity for the appreciation of good music to those girls who enjoy singing. The club has been under the direction of Mrs. F. Flaxington Harker since its founding. This year the Glee Club boasted an enrollment larger than ever before, with thirty-two active members brought together by the love of song. At the annual campus concert on March 4, in the Reception Room of the Activities Building, the group presented as guest artists the Richmond College Glee Club and Miss Mayme O'Flaherty, pianist, along with its own musical. Other activi- ties include: singing at Vesper Services in the Cannon Memorial Chapel on the first Sunday of every month, two broadcasts from the campus studio over station WRNL, and a concert at a Christmas service for the Virginia Industrial School for Girls at Bon Air. Three out-of-town concerts this spring complete the Glee Club's schedule for the year. - This year's officers include: Anne Scott Camp- bell, Presidentg Mildred james, Vice-President, and jean Neasmith, Secretary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carter, Hewef, james, Campbell, Nefzrmilla, Bzzrfool, Dzzlizzg. SECOND Row: Mar- Mzlrlry, u7IlJ'0II, lWly1rel111rrf, Fox, THIRD ROW: Beam, Powell, Robinmaz, Ligwz, Grirzmz, fdrobreaz, Shell, Fleet, Lezfzftozz, Terrella. LAST ROW: f6l7kll1,f, MrGelaee, Holden, IWir!b, Parker, Parmm, Owen, IlVil.r011, Reyrzolclr, Femzel .Fl S. C. Mitchell Literary Society Samuel Chiles Mitchell Literary Society has enjoyed a very successful year at the University of Richmond. Under the leadership of President john Jordan, who is also manager of the univer- sity debate team, the society has grown in size and quality of membership. The society was founded at the University of Richmond in 1950 by a group of students who were interested in forensics and who wanted to see the literary and oratorical efforts on the campus improved. It is the youngest of the three literary societies on the campus, but it has grown to an equal standing with its competitors. This year S. C. Mitchell defeated the other two socie- ties in the Intersociety Oratorical Contest, an annual affair on the campus, and was awarded the prize for the victory. The society decided to give keys to members who have distinguished themselves in the society. The keys were presented at the last meeting of the year. The keys bear the profile of Dr. Samuel Chiles Mitchell, for whom it was named and one of the keys was presented to Dr. Mitchell by the group. Since the society was designed to cater mainly to members who live in town, it has its meetings at the T. C. Williams Law School, which is more convenient to town students. These meetings are held at 7 :45 on Thursday nights. MEMBERS Dexter Abeloff Royall Brandis Walter Brooking Thomas Bruno Arne Christensen james Donahue john Doumlele Aylet Goode Garland Haddock john Harris Vivian johnson john Jordan Isadore Kaminsky George Kerhulas Gus Mandaleris Dave Mottley Cecil Patterson Moses Payton George Rochkind Emil Von Gemingen George Vranian George White Robert Williams TOP Row, LEFT TO RIGHT! Abelojf, Brooking, Brfwdir, Bruno, Clvrirlefzren, Dormhne, Dozmzlele, Goode. MIDDLE ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Haddock, Harris, folnlsorz, f07'dd7Z, Kd772i7ZI,ejV, Kerhzzlar, Mfzzfzdnlerir, Manley. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pailerron, Payton, Rorbkiml, Vmz G677Zil7g6I7, lffdilldll, Wbite, William! FIRST ROW: Adrzzgzr, Arerzdoll, Baggr, Bloom, Garnett, Hootefz, Hngher. SECOND ROW: john, loner, Markowitz, Marrie, Nirbolron, IV. ReMi1ze, Riclmrdr. THIRD Row: Rockoj, Sanford, Siegnl, Walker, Worrifzer, lViggi1zr, Wornom Philologian Literary Society The Philologian Literary Society was first es- tablished in 1856 on the Richmond College Campus, then located at Grace and Lombardy Streets. Its membership is open to all students who are interested in promoting forensic and literary activities. It is interested in the improve- ment of each member's abilities, and expects each one to have a part in at least one program during the year. Last year the Society, as usual, entered a team in the Intersociety Debate which took second place in this annual event between the Uni- versity's literary societies. It hopes to improve its standing this year and is trying hard to win first place. lt will also enter all other competitive af- fairs between the literary groups. This year the Philologians have taken several important steps toward the improvement of the society. The first of these was the adoption of a new and improved constitution to replace the old one which was misplaced. This document was drawn up and presented to the society by a past president, and was accepted unanimously. The document went into effect immediately. The society has been very fortunate in having some line programs during the year. It has had some excellent talks by various members of the University faculty. Several fine forums and open discussions have been held which have created a great deal of interest among the group's members. MEMBERS Edward Adams Ed Arendall Jimmy Baggs Eugene Bloom Henry Garnett Owen Gwathmey Gibson Hooten William Hughes Jimmy john William H. Jones Herbert King Martin Markowitz Edmond Massie Jimmy Mathews M. L. Nicholson Gordon ReMine William ReMine Stanley Richards Herman Rockoff jack Sanford Paul Saunier George Siegal Flavius Walker Emmett Warriner joe Wiggins Samuel Wornom Fred Wortham ' as FIRST ROW: E. M. Adamr, Rieharcl Enkerr, Sbellou Belrcherr, BT'e1gd0lZ R. Bowling, Lollir R. Brofrglamafz, Smart H. Cafrovz, IV. E. Dtl1!6'lZ,Z70I'l. SECOND ROW: Winfield H. Elder, f. P. Epper, Daniel Fowler, Sl'1'awglJa1z Lowe Gellier, Wilronz IV. Glailr, IVa1ferly Green, R, B. Hall. THIRD ROW: Harvey Holagood, Ira D. Hmlginr, C. B. felzkim, Rirlaarzl Klaffky, Rirlaard Marable, Alvi11Miller, lark R. Nojfringer. FOURTH ROW: Robert Pbillipr, Harvey Price, Thomar Pugh, Rzfrfel Rea, Donald R0l761'lI07Z, William S. Ryan, Lee Saznzderr. FIFTH ROW: Riclaawl Saamlerr, Alvin Sl. Clair, UV. A . Taylor, Lee Tharker, Harding Thomar, Evan Van Leeuwefz, Eoanr lWya1i u Sigma ho Literary Society The Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society of Rich- mond College, one of the oldest organizations on the campus, was begun on October 19, 1846. Throughout its long history the Society has worked to train its members for worthy careers in after life. The present Society follows the same three ideals incorporated in the original motto: Musa, signifying poetry or music , Sophia, wisdom, and Rhetorike, language or rhetoric. The regular Monday night meetings follow these goals, the chief emphasis now being placed on the develop- ment of oratorical powers-speaking, debating, and reading. For the past three years Mu Sigma Rho has won the campus intersociety debating competition. Keys are awarded after two years of membership, a practice started last year and made a regular event. Forensic Council The Forensic Council of Richmond College was established in 1915. Its purposes are to further and act as council for the forensic activi- ties of the institution, to advise the literary socie- ties on matters of common interest, and to arrange intersociety and intercollegiate contests. The For- ensic Council is a member of the State Inter-Col- legiate Oratorical Association, taking an active part in the annual contests. Clyde T. Francisco, President, Rep. Mu Sigma Rho Ernest Linwood Brandis, jr., Secretary-Treasurer, S. C. Mitchell john Emory jordan, Manager of Debates, S. C. Mitchell 1. Davis Mottley, jr., Member at Large, S. C. Mitchell G. Benjamin McClure, Member at Large, Philologian jack R. Noffsinger, President, Mu Sigma Rho Richard H. Saunders, Member at Large, Mu Sigma Rho William Hervey ReMine, President, Philologian Royall Brandis, President, S. C. Mitchell William james Baggs, jr., Representative, Philologian , Moses Payton, Representative, S. C. Mitchell Debate Team This year the Debate Team has drawn to a close a very successful program. It has been our choice to debate subjects in economics in light of FIRST ROW: E. Al'6lZ6Z'd!l, R. Bmvzdir, jordan, McClure, Morley SECOND ROW: O'C0mz0r, Rory, Samzier, Siegal, F. lV0rlbam FIRST Row, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: L. Bmzzdir, R. Brafzdir, Fralzrirro. SECOND ROW: jordan, ll'lCClllI'6, Molley. THIRD ROW : N 0 jfifz ger, ReMi17e, Samzier, Van Leezlwvezz present-day conditions. The team has debated against more than twenty-five colleges all over the country, and even had one debate with a visiting team from Australia. During the year the schedule included two trips: one Northern and one Southern. While South we debated Radford State Teachers College, Lynchburg Col- lege, Hampden-Sydney College, and Farmville State Teachers College. While North we met several of the large universities including Colum- bia and Lehigh .... Many of these were broadcast over the radio. The team featured something new in having the majority of its debates on a non-decision basis. This year, too, marked a better re- lationship between Richmond Col- lege and Coordinate Westhampton College. Tentative plans were made for a debate between the teams of the respective schools. ' ing the sale of seals for the benefit of children of E1 Plcaro the war zones. The Spanish Club, El TTS y Picaro, is an organized group of students of ad- vanced Spanish which seeks to promote interest I in the languages, tradi- tions, and present life of Spanish speaking coun- tries. Not only are meet- ings generally conducted in Spanish, but the club also tries to give a bit of Spanish color to all its ac- tivities, which include one- act plays and parties in ad- dition to the regular meet- ings. Although inactive for some years, El Picaro has recently been revived with greater iI'1'C6IICSt under the Latham, Beekr, Brmzrb. SECOND ROW: C0rl0y7a.s'ri, Mitchell, L, Blake, Afblfry, Afla- able guidance of its advi- sor, Miss Marion Green. The entire group has taken considerable interest in resent-da S ain by means of movies and aid toprefugeegyincllud- Les Femmes Savantes t mi rtti n A club devoted to French majors and to those especially interested in French, Les Femmes Saw- antes was organized to pro- mote interest in various phases of French life: food, language, and cus- toms. Added appreciation of French food has been developed by a special all- French dinner held every year. Directed and spon- sored by the organization, Moliere's Le Meaiicin Mal- gre Lzzi was presented in the Greek Theatre in April, another feature of the club's activities was a FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G1r,s'fz1f.rw2, Brmzcb, IVi1Ifl'6Jl, d'A1fe.r11e fPre5identj, Aflabrooke, Reynolds, Tinker, l1Vo0df01z. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Asbury, booth on the green for Slephemofz, Duling, joblizz, Ligon, Hoefz, AlIf0lZ, Epef, Keyfer, Smith MaY Day- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: MrLm-in, Pbillipf, Lzfmr, A111011 fPrerifZenlj, jobliu, brooke, Forrer, Epef, Blake, Steplaemozz. THIRD ROW: Keyrer, fling, Molley, Salterwbile Puppets The University of Richmond Marionette Rep- ertory Theatre presented this year a Spanish comedy adapted from the Quintero Brothers' The Women Have Their Way, the first full- length marionette play produced on this campusg a Punch and Judy show on May Day, four lecture recitals at Women's Clubs in and near Richmond, and a Commencement Exhibit on the history of puppets at the University. Ionian Music Club The Ionian Music Club, re- organized from the Piano Club October 8, 1958, to include a membership of all vocal and in- strumental students in the col- lege, has as its aim the further- ance of interest, knowledge, and performance of music on the campus. The club sponsored a delightful two-piano concert on April 14 with different piano students at one piano and their sponsors at the other. The eighteen members have as their sponsor Mrs. Frank Wendt, piano teacher in the Fine Arts Department, and under her ac- FIRST Row. LEFT TO RIGHT: lWood.r0n, fmzzer, Pfzrrozzr, Melizzr, Garrell, Owen. SECOND Row: MrElroy, Fox, Cook, Eppej, lWil.ro1z, Brizzron, Sybex, O'Brie1z, Snzith tive leadership the Club has grown in size and service to the musical education and entertainment on the campus. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fomztairz, Buxton, fncobrefz, Powell, Riley, O'Flal9erly, Hall. SEATED IN CHAIR: Parker fPreride11tj. ON FLOOR: Fleel America. In February the Council conducted a ' ' round-table discussion from the radio station of atlonal News COUHCII the University over WRNL, on the topic: Where Founded in the spring of 1938, the National Is Congress Taking Us? News Council has as its main objective the stimu- lation and maintenance on the campus of an interest in national affairs and the effect on our nation of the international situations. With a limited member- ship that meets twice monthly, the members par- ticipate in round-table dis- cussions. Twice this year the Council held open meetings where they had special addresses. In the fall Dr. Wyndhani Blan- ton, eminent Physician of STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: ll'lnZl'llJcZ L, Beam, Dorolfh I Harilabar fer, Alice 1llcEl1'0 f, A , J, S J Richmond, gpokg on US0- Beliy U7illefl.s', Viffa Robmron, Marzazz II7iley, Marian Yafzrey. SEATED: Rofalie - d M - U L Oakes, Garlaml lVilJ01z, 1IfIil4li'eel james, Mabel L. Rooke fPv'e.ride11lj, faire Langley, Cla me C lane' aterf Doroflv Roberlf. Doffor Mamie H. UV0onl 111 KS ozzmrj, acclfeline Faulkner, . . J' P I 111 the Spflflg, WHS llCZ1I.'Cl Charlolle A. Beale, Mary Size Carler Dr. R. C. McDane1, Professor of American His- tory at Richmond College, who discussed South N OS-tl-ae F111 ae Nostrae Filiae, derived from a Latin phrase mean- ing "our daughters," is one of the social organi- zations at Westhampton College. Its membership includes those students of the college some member of whose families has at- tended Westha1npton's predecessors, the Rich- mond Female Institute and the Woman's College. An outstanding social event this year was the tea given by the Governor of Vir- , ginia and his wife, with the Club, for every dormi- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Loi: Lyle, Garland Wilfmz, Sally Moore Barzzer. SECOND - ROW: fzzalitb Lnraf, Ruth Homer, Katherine Lyle fPre.fidentj, Harrie! Yeamaur, tory Student of Westhamp Betsy Woodfon t00- International Relations The International Relations Club of West- hampton College purposes to keep alive on the campus a well-informed interest in contemporary affairs. The club is corn- posed of history majors and all others interested in current topics, who meet bi-monthly-once on the Westhampton campus and once at "Loughwood," the home of the club's sponsor, Dr. Susan Lough, Profes- sor of History at West- hampton College. At these meetings the group first hears several informal talks on current affairs, which serve as a back- ground for a general dis- cussion. On December 7 at an open meeting the guest speaker, Dr. Pieter Roest, spoke on "Founda- tions of Peace." The chapter at Westhampton is one of some four or five hundred International Relations Clubs which are found in colleges and universities throughout the United States. From April sixth LEFT TO RIGHT! jmlilla Lzzrar, Rnlla Hozzyer, Kilfy Cmzufowl, Alive Ewzmj. faczynelizze Faulkner fPreJide12lj, llflarlba Elliot, femmelle Ewzm, Etlme Flanagan, Marie Keyrer to ninth at Wfilliamsburg, Virginia, there was held an International Relations Conference of the southeastern states, which members of the Club attended. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mnrimz Coazrey, Dorollay Shell, Clmrlotfe A. Beale, lacque- lilze Ffzzzllwzw, Margfzrel Ligofz, Mzrriella MrGelaee, fzulilla Lmw. MIDDLE ROW: Ellezz Wfmwer, Rzflb Homer, Alice E'l'fllZ.l' fPreride111fj, Dortor Szuafz M. Lough fSp011mrj, Mabel Leigh Racke, Emily Rnrkr flfloorj. Debate Council The Debate Council was founded on the West- hampton campus in 1920 for the purpose of better- ing forensic relationships with other colleges and of increasing the apprecia- tion and knowledge of de- bating at Westhampton College. Under the able guidance of Miss Mar- garet Ross, the council de- bated a question chosen by Tau Kappa Alpha, na- tional forensic fraternity. With the largest active membership in years, the Council has stimulated more interest in debating on the Westhampton campus than ever before. F. M. Aclazmr, E. M. Arendazll, W, E. Barr, L. R. Brozzghmafz, E. L. Bramljf, A. L. Crirt, H. IV. Curry, I. M. Dd'77l61'077, IV. H. Elder, M. Fogg, D. W. Fowler, C. T. Fwznrirro, S. L. Geltier, W. W. Glam, R. S. G1'izza1'd, N. B. Habel, R. B. Hall, T. O. Hermlolz, H. L. Holloway, I. D. Hmlgim, C. W. Krazzre, C. B. Lipfcomb, D. E. Marable, R. L. McNeely, C. A. Morgan, f. R. Nojjfrirzger, I. G. Perkirzr, T. E. Pugh, T. R. Rea, R. H. Sazzmlenr, A. L. St. Clair, C. A. Walkiizr, B. H. Werton, C. A. Whillatch, C. H. Skull. The Ministerial Association During the quarter-of-a-century since its found- ing the Ministerial Association of the University of Richmond has kept faith with its original pur- pose as stated by its founding fathers: "The in- creased spirituality of ministerial students, to en- courage them to take part in the exercises of the various missions of the city, to encourage their participation in all proper college activities, to assist the President of the College in sending out students to supply vacant pulpits, and to exert a helpful influence on the student body." This organization has done a worthy if not con- spicuous work this past year. Every week repre- sentatives of the association under the chairman- ship of Mr. E. M. Adams have conducted services at the Home for the Incurables at Byrd Park in which spiritual messages and songs have been rendered. The Ministerial Association intends to 'continue such services there since they have been constantly encouraged by the inmates and seem to be appreciated. On the night of April 23, 1959, every member of the association took part in the services of the churches of Richmond and vicinity at the invita- tion of the Ministerial Association of the city of Richmond. This was done last year and it is hoped that it shall become a traditional activity for it enables the students to broaden their experience, and acquaintance with the ministers and the con- gregations of the city. At the last meeting of the association for the 1938-'39 session plans were discussed and de- cided upon for the coming year. Members of the association will put themselves at the service of the incoming freshmen and try to help them in adjusting themselves to the school and their work. A banquet has been decided upon which will be held in the early part of the fall. The association will continue to help its members find temporary pulpits from time to time, and make permanent placement when possible. The oflicers this year were: President, Clyde T. Francisco, Vice-President Robert McNeely, Sec- retary, Daniel Fowler, Treasurer, Earnest L. Brandis, jr. The officers for next year are: Presi- dent Alvin, St. Clair, Vice-President, I. Durwood Hudgins, Secretary, Charles Krause, Treasurer, Straughan Lowe Gettier. nterfraternity ouncil The Interfraternity Council had its beginning on the Richmond College campus about 1914 when the Greek letter fraternities recognized sors the Opening, Mid-Winter, and Final dance sets, which have been received enthusiastically by the student body. The final dance set which for the last two years has been the background for a Hal Kemp broad- cast are among the most popular dances of the year. Upon the success of these dances and the so- lution of fraternity problems the council is to be congratulated. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barr, Tafwiler, Conzhr, Bowling, Tharher, Manley, Worthafn, Dichinron. SECOND ROW: Cash, Marrhanl, Kernan, O'Connor, Sanderr, Hall, Lorhe, Kihler. THIRD ROW: Martin, Morriron, Wfalton, Payton, Aheloj, Thomar, Prerident their need of a unifying association to aid them in carrying out their activities. This Council to- day is made up of two members from each of the eleven social fraternities, and is headed by Dr. Herman P. Thomas of the faculty. Numerous problems arising in fraternity life are considered by this group, and every attempt is made to solve them. The Council has under its jurisdiction fra- ternity rushing and pledging, intramural ath- letics, and many other matters pertinent to the organizations. A scholarship cup and an athletic trophy are awarded annually to the most outstanding fra- ternity in each of these fields. The Council spon- OFFICERS Preridemf ..... HERMAN P. THOMAS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vice-President ....... RALPH C. MCDANEL, Kappa Sigma Serretary-Trearilrer ...... FRED CAYLOR, Phi Delta Theta MEMBERS Kappa Alpha: Kenneth Bass, Stanford Tutwiler. Phi Kappa Sigma: Morgan Combs, Bragdon Bowling. Sigma Alpha Epriloa- J. Lee Thacker, J. Davis Mottley, Jr. Phi Gamma Della: Edwin Wortham, Enders Dickinson. Pi Kappa Alpha: Frank Cosby, William I. Cash, jr. Kappa Sigma: Avalon B. Marcharit, Jack C. Kervan. Sigma Phi Eprilorz: F. Merrill O'Connor, William H. Sanders, jr. Thela Chi: Thomas M. Hall, John Locke. Phi Delta Theta: H. Calvin Kibler, William H. Martin. Lambda Chi Alpha: William E. Morrison, Russell E. Walton. Phi Alpha: Moses Payton, D. Dexter Abeloff. With the Kappa Alpha Urcler At the close of the War in 1865, four young men at Washington College, now Washington and Lee University, organized the first chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order. Under the guidance of Robert E. Lee, then president of the college, Alpha Chapter came into being on December 21, 1865. Five years later, on March 18, 1870, the sixth chapter of the fraternity was installed on the campus of Richmond College. Eta Chapter, as it was called, was the first social fraternity founded on the campus of the college, and has been in continuous active existence ever since its founding in 1870. In seventy-five years of growth, Kappa Alpha has grown from a single chapter at Washington and Lee University to a national organization of 69 chapters. They cover the territory south of the Mason-Dixon Line from the eastern coast to the waters of the Pacific. Among the 69 chapters lo- cated throughout the entire South, seven are located right here in the Old Dominion. During the past year, Eta saw the embryonic development of a Mother's Club, and the for- mation of a new Eta Association for the alumni of their chapter. The Mother's Club, the first in the history of Eta, elected as its officers, Mrs. Wil- mer O'Flaherty, president, Mrs. E. W. Black, vice-president, and Mrs. Forest L. Collier, jr., secretary-treasurer. The chapter is well represented in the Helds of both curricular and extra-curricular activity. Ken- neth Bass, graduating this year, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and also President of the Chem- istry Club, and Senior Manager of the track team. Henry Black holds Intermediate Honors, is a rep- resentative to the Board of Publications, and a member of Alpha Mu Omicron. Henry also guided the Band through a successful year as their president. Kappa Alpha is represented on the Richmond Collegian staff by seven members, on the Web staff by three, and on the Messenger staff by two. Bill Terry, Garland Turner, and Harry Griffin have won numerals in football, bas- ketball, and baseball for Kappa Alpha. Stanford Tutwiler, a member of the Interfraternity Coun- cil, is the chairman of the Interfraternity Dance Committee for the coming year. Besides these Barr, H . Black, R. Black, Bloxom, Bmdrlmw Clijjrord, Cline, Cox, Ellwmzger, Emmy Grizzard, Harfir, Holloway, Knaflb, Milky honors, "Tut" is a member of the Chemistry Club and Sigma Pi Sigma, honorary Physics fraternity. Simpson Williams was a member of the Honor Council, and john Bloxom has won numerals in track. The Fraternity is well represented in the Philologian Literary Society. The University Fac- ulty includes seven Kappa Alpha alumni. The Kappa Alpha social season begins with a Halloween dance and closes with a spring house party on the james River. On january 19, the chapter celebrates jointly with its alumni, at a banquet and dance, the birthday of its spiritual leader and founder, Robert E. Lee. The Spring Formal, held each year in the Milhiser Gym- nasium, crowns a busy season with a sparkling oc- casion. Lmzkford, Parkerrozz, Rirb, Roberts, Stigall, Tate Taylor, Terry, Turner, Tutwiler, Williafnr KAPPA ALPHA Founded : Washington and Lee University, December 21, 1865 Established at the University of Richmond, 1870. C olorrx Crimson and Old Gold Flozoefm' Magnolia and Rose Pzzblimtion: Kappa Alpha journal Fmney in Faculiate Robert C. Astrop, M.A. James H. Barnett, LL.D. C. M. Chichester, LL.D. Henry B. Handy, M.A. William A. Harris, Ph.D. Benjamin C. Holtzclaw, Ph.D. Malcolm U. Pitt, B.A. Kenneth C. Bass Henry W. Black Robert S. Black john M. Bloxom William S. Clifford George E. Cox Rawley F. Daniel Albert T. Ellwange Malcolm G. Evans fa Harry E. Griffin, Jr. Frafrer in C ollegio Richard S. Grizzard Alvin F. Harris Herbert L. Holloway James R. Knaub Vernon T. Lankford Hope E. Milby William F. Parkerson, Ir. William H. Perkinson Rollo I. Pusey, Jr. William T. Rich George E. Roberts john Stigall Owen F. Tate Gervas S. Taylor, Jr. William S. Terry W. Garland Turner T. Stanford Tutwiler A. Simpson Williams Jr Thomas N. Williams At the Phi Kap House The Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded by Samuel Wylie Mitchell on October 19, 1850, in Philadelphia. The Alpha Chapter is located at the University of Pennsylvania. On the fifteenth of january, 1875, through the work of Leroy Ed- wards, Phi Chapter of the fraternity was organ- ized on the campus of Richmond College. Thus Phi Kappa Sigma is the second oldest social fra- ternity on the campus. Its charter members were Addison Holladay, George Swann, Thomas Al- derson, and Patrick Eager. The first year the chapter consisted of eight men, and it prospered and grew rapidly during the following years. Phi Chapter has had among its members three Past Grand Alphas of the National Fraternity: George P. Bagby, 1915, Thomas B. McAdams, 1927-29, and Patrick M. Estes, 1929-33. The alumni chapter is very active and strong in the city of Richmond. Meetings are held regularly which help it maintain an interest in the fraternity. The fraternity has always maintained a strong group on the campus and taken an active part in all branches of student activity. This year Walter Gillette was President of the junior Class. Corbin XVhite served in the capacity of Secretary of Stu- dent Government. Evan Van Leeuwen was Presi- dent of Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society for the spring term. Richard Cash was Senator from the Sophomore Class. In athletics, Bragdon Bowling was Manager of Inter-Collegiate and Intra-Mural Relations, with Evan Van Leeuwen as assistant. james Turking- ton is to be Manager of the Freshman football team next season, and Douglas Laird is Sopho- more Manager. Nash Broaddus was Head Cheer- leader this year and Gordon Andrews is the next lunior Cheerleader. Richard Cash and Robert Keil are on the Varsity football team, Courtnev Bowen on the Freshman football and basketball teams. james Turkington, Robert Keil, and Evan Van Leeuwen are on the Varsity track squad. Cor- bin White is Co-Captain of the tennis team and Dan Grinnan is Captain of the golf team. Bragdon Bowling, on the Interfraternity Dance Committee and james Turkington, Chairman of the Freshman-Sophomore Dance, represent Phi Chapter in campus social activities. The chapter's own social program includes. in addition to smaller informal functions, two for- mal dances each vear, to which bids are extended to non-members. The Hallowelen Formal was one of the most successful affairs in the history of the fraternity. Al?tlI'E1l,'J, Baglzy, Booker, Bowen, Bowling, Bzzrgerr Coyle, Claeiwziizg, M. Combs, R. Comlar, Crockett, Elmore Firber, Fleming, Fontaine, Gary, Gillette, Grinmm Howell, loner, fmzlz, Laird, Lauu' Maner, Nash, Rauflizzgr, Sanger, Tozumeml Tzzrkinglon, Van Leeuwen, R. While, G. White, W'irke1' I-Williams, Willing, UVil.rofz PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded: University of Pennsylvania, October 19, 1850. Established at University of Richmond, 1873. C 0lo1i'.r.' Old Gold and Black. Flowefn' Goldenrod. Pzzblicution: Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter. Fmtrer in Fucultfzte Frederick W. Boatwright, LL.D. Robert Forte Smart, Ph.D. B. West Tabb, B.A. Thomas Edward Lavender, Ph.D. Gordon Andrews Richard H. Bagby Lawrence Booker Courtney C. Bowen Bragdon R. Bowling T. Nash Broaddus Winston O. Burgess Richard C. Cash Harvey H. Chapman John Chewning Morgan L. Combs Robert H. Combs Robert B. Elmore R. Ashby Fisher Ffntrer in C olle gio john C. Fleming jesse T. Fontaine Robert A. Gary Walter B. Gillette Dan Grinnan A. Gibson Howell Arthur L. Jones Starke jones Robert jontz Robert Keil Douglas Laird Virgil F. Laws William Maner J. Pope Nash Irvin K. Owen Dorsey C. Rawlings julian D. Sanger Walter S. Townsend james Turkington Evan B. Van Leeuwen Corbin B. White George White Robert D. Williains Tivis Wicker joseph A. Wilson Mark Willing Life with S. A. E. While the fraternity idea was still in its infancy, Noble Leslie DeVotte and several of his col- leagues at the University of Alabama banded themselves together in a brotherhood later to be known as Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Since that memorable night of March 9, 1856, chapters have been established in many of the leading col- leges and universities of the United States, of which 111 are now active. The Virginia Tau Chapter was established on the campus of Rich- mond College in 1884. Ranking high among the resident fraternities in the several phases of University of Richmond life, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was awarded the Interfra- ternity Council Scholarship Cup and shared honors with Phi Gamma Delta as intramural athletic champions. These awards are given every year to the fraternity ranking highest among the eleven social frater- nities in scholarship and athletics respectively. There are twenty-eight active members and seven pledges. Among their extra-curricular ac- tivities there are the following: Clyde Francisco is the president of the Forensic Council, David Mottley is vice-president of the senior class and chairman of the Interfraternity Relations Commit- tee, Al Klaffky is Editor-in-chief of the Web, Ed Sinar, Stuart Hos- kins, Jack Powers are stalwarts on the football team, Pete Jacobs and Hoskins hold important places on the Spider baseball team. Because of his first-class performance in basketball, Hoskins has been elected to captain the team for the next season. Gene Peek, Ed Her- ring, Sinar, McNeely and Elliott add strength to the track team. Among the individual honors, Francisco was elected to Phi Beta 1Kappa, having made the only perfect record of straight A's in the 107 years of the college's existence. Alpha Mu Omicron in- cludes in its membership five S.A.E's: Francisco, Eugene Ford, Louis Earles, Garland Haddock and Dave Mottley. Phil Lawrence is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, while C. P. Ford is a member of the Chemistry Club. Sigma Alpha Epsilon occupies C Section of Jeter Hall, where the members pass their spare moments between classes. Bull sessions barely hold a lead over bridge games and ping-pong in popularity, while intramural competition always finds itself one of the more serious topics. A well- rounded social calendar includes a cabin party, several dances and a house party. The social high light of the year is the Founders' Day banquet and dance given annually in conjunction with the Central Virginia Alumni Association. Aclazwzr, Arzkerr, Bam, Burien, Clmpfmzfz DeSbazz0r, Dagger, Earles, Elliott, C. Fowl E. Ford, Fowler, Fnmcirco, Grady, Habel H all cl 0 ck, H ef-'rin g, H 0 ln go od, H 05,-billy, H zzd gim Vincent Adams Richard Ankers Walter Bass Livingston Batten Boyd Chapman Ashley DeShazor Emmett Dugger Louis A. Earles Hatcher Elliott C. P. Ford Eugene Ford Daniel Fowler Clyde Francisco A 41' L- ',x,'-+ -' .-. vi, Y , iv -23. ,I ' 4 Kay, A. Klafky, R. Klajky, Lawrence, Littler, Afiamble Mr-Neely, Miller, Mollley, Murphy, Peek, Powerr Price, Reed, Riggf, Simzr, Thacker, Wfeltozz SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded: University of Alabama, 1856. Established at the University of Richmond, 1884. Colon: Old Gold and Royal Purple. Flower: Violet Publication : The Record. Fmtref in Ffzculmte C. Leonard Albright, Ph.D. Robert E. Gaines, Litt.D. Herman P. Thomas, Ph.D. Fmterr in Collegio Robert Grady Nathanael Habel Garland Haddock R. E. Herring Harvey Hobgood Stuart Hoskins Durwood Hudgins Albert Jacobs Julian Kay Albert Klaffky Richard Klaffky Phillip Lawrence james Littler Dalace Marable Robert McNeeley Alvin Miller Davis Mottley Eugene Peek Robert Phillips Jack Powers Harvey Price Emmett Reid Daniel Riggs Lee Thacker Chauncey Welton Phi Gamma Delta The white star of Phi Gamma Delta first rose on the campus of the University of Richmond one january morning in 1890 when a group of six stu- dents received a charter for the Rho Chi Chapter from the fifty-year-old national organization. At the head of this half-dozen founders was Rev. William A. Goodwin, instigator of the restora- tion of Williamsburg which john D. Rockefeller has endeavored to complete. Edwin Wortham, editor of the Richmond Col- legian and president of Omicron Delta Kappa, led the local chapter this year. The rushing com- mittee headed by Seabury Stoneburner got the boys off to a good start with a very successful sea- son which resulted in thirteen new faces over at the chapter house on Towano Road. Later in the year, the white star appeared on Arthur jones, Spider football and basketball star, and Henry Bullock. George Oliver, social butterfly and King of the Wfesthampton junior Prom, handled the intra- mural athletic situation with the aid of john Aber- nethy, Bill O'Flaherty and the other muscle men from the Fiji Isle across the ravine. The Phi Gams trounced the Kappa Sigs in the finals of the bas- ketball season and went on to represent the Uni- versity in the ODK tournament held for the first time at Richmond, where they won the state intra- mural championship, to finish the season unde- feated. In football, the Fijis were not so fortu- nate, finishing in third place. With practically the same team that won the championship last year, the Phi Gams won the volley ball trophy and fm- ished among the leaders in baseball and track. Cannibals mingled with pirates, Robin Hoods, and other usual and unusual costumes at the an- nual Fancy Dress Ball on April 22, in Milhiser Gym. The alumni of the chapter had their fiing at the Norris Pig Dinner which the Fijis held at the Commonwealth Club in ac- cordance with tradition. At the outset of the year Bobby Leitch was president of the senior class, and Stoneburner was a senator from the junior class. Bobby was also co- captain of the tennis team. Phi Gamma Delta placed a manager in every var- sity sport, with Bobby Martin and Arthur Beale heading the list as senior managers of football and golf, respec- tively. Bob also rated ODK along with Ben McClure, who was president of Pi Delta Epsilon, journalistic fraternity. Phi Gamma Delta lost a strong senior class but she looks to a good group of juniors to maintain her place among the leaders of the campus. Alaerrzetlay, Aclams, Alvin Beale, Arllom' Beale, Brifloro Bullock, Church, Collinr, Cornwell, Cozfrmey Dickimofz, Dormlozle, Dzzrrett, Farley, Frolabore , Goode, Gorclofz, T. Green, W. Green, Hootevz l felzzlainr, folmrtorz, jordan, Leitch, Mejor H. Martin, R. Aflarfiu, Maron, 1VIn.rrie, McClure, Morton Oliver, Parir, Phillips, Pitt, Pollard, Robirzroll Rory, Shrzcklefonl, Sf0lZ6blIl'IIEI', Vrmghmz, lVaddi11gt0f2, Waite Iffallnce, U7lJittei, F IW01-lharzi, E. Worllmm, 117,-fgm PHI GAMMA DELTA Fowzded: Washington and jefferson College, May 1, 1848. Established at University of Richmond, 1890. Colon: Purple and White Flower: Purple Clematis Pzzblimtiorzr: The Phi Gamma Delta, Spider Fiji Fmtref in Frzcultate William Gaines, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Garnett Ryland, M.A., Ph.D. Robert Edward Loving, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Samuel Chiles Mitchell, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. Edward Graham Cale, BA., M.A., Ph.D. Malcolm R. Doubles, B.S., LL.B., ID. john P. Abernethy, jr. Edward R. Adams Alvin F. Beale, jr. Arthur Beale Francis A. Bristow, jr. Henry A. Bullock Herbert M. Church, Jr. Vincent W. Collins Eugene W. K. Cornwell, Robert H. Courtney, jr. Enders Dickinson james H. Donahue, III Robert W. Durrett, Jr. William W. Farley Frederick A. Frohbose, Aylett W. Goode john N. Gordon Jr. Fmtrey in Collegio Thomas W. Green Waverly S. Green, Jr. Owen Gwathmey C. Gibson Hooten, jr. Luther B. jenkins Arthur E. Jones Vivian D. Johnston, jr. john E. jordan Robert E. Leitch Charles N. Major Hunter W. Martin Robert P. Martin Philip B. Mason G. Edmond Massie, III G. Ben McClure, jr. Ferdinand H. Morton, jr. Roderick L. O'Flaherty George L. Oliver Woodrow W. Paris Leslie H. Phillips Malcolm U. Pitt, jr. George M. Pollard William M. Robinson George W. Ross, Jr. George H. Shackleford Seabury D. Stoneburner C. Porter Vaughan, jr. F. Alexander Waddington, Jr George T. Waite, Jr. R. McLean Whittet, jr. Edwin Wortham, IV C. Frederick Wortham john W. Wright, Ir. g'Pikas" on Deck The stirring tale of a little band of Confederate soldiers who wished to perpetuate their friend- ship is the story of the founding of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. Three of the original members were V.M.I. graduates and two were students at the University of Virginia. Omicron Chapter was chartered at Richmond College on October 23, 1891. How- ever, several of the charter members did not return to college and consequently in March, 1893, the charter was withdrawn. The chapter was reorganized in F F 1901. Pi Kappa Alpha men hold many prominent positions in campus life. In Student Government are Frank Cosby, Ed Merrick, James Ely and William Fitzhugh. Carl Wfoost was elected to Phi Beta Kappa this year. Cn the Richmond Collegian Pi Kappa Alpha is represented by Vir- ginius Goodman as staff artist. Ath- letes of the chapter are next season's football captain, Ed Merrick, who was chosen All-State Center, james Ely, varsity track and basketball, and the only man to earn four Fresh- man numerals, William Fitzhugh, football and track, Arthur Wag- ner, varsity half-miler whose Fresh- man record for that event still stands, and Earl Fox and Tom Isbell, trackmen. George Long is the president of the newly founded Psychology Club. He has been responsible for several interesting trips along with his fra- ternity co-workers in Psychology, james Meacham, Austin Grigg and William Grigg. The two outstanding events of a full social program for Pi Kappa Alpha are Founder's Day and the State Ball. Founder's Day is celebrated on March lst by a banquet and dance, and the State Ball is held every year in Richmond on the Friday following Thanksgiving. All state chap- ters of Pi Kappa Alpha are co-sponsors of this ball. These events were a great success this year. The Pika Ball at the john Marshall Hotel was the highlight of the social year being enjoyed by its own members as well as by many other fraternity men to whom bids were given. This year the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity ended their fortieth year as an active chapter on this campus. They have increased their membership from only a few to a large number and have been a very successful chapter. Beafley, Bowry, Brookirzg, B111-'zzelte Carb, Clark, Difzwiddie, Ely Fox, Gamboa, A. Grigg, W. Grigg Hnrtolz, Huglaer, farkrofz, fofzey Lzprromb, Long, Lyon, Mack, Markham Meaclaam, llflerrirk, Pelerf, Srhrzeider, lWagnef lIVaymark, Wfeife, Woort Russell Beasley Walter A. Bowry Walter W. Brooking Melvin W. Burnette William Cash Charles Catlett James D. Clark Frank S. Cosby Richard Easley Curtis M. Ely William B. Fitzhugh Earl R, Fox PI KAPPA ALPHA Fozmded: University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Established at University of Richmond, 1891. C olorr: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Pzzblimtiomx Shield and Diamond, Dagger and Key Fmtre in Faczzlmle Joseph C. Ellett, M.A. F1'zzZ1'er in Colle gio Virginius H. Goodman Mario Gamboa Austin E, Grigg William E. Grigg Robert D. Ham William R. Hatton Charles Hughes David E. Jackson Horace jones Clyde B. Lipscomb George E. Long Adrian Lyon Joseph Mack jesse Markham james L. Meacham Ed. Merrick Alex Moore Linwood Peters Walter G. Schneider Alvin C. Taylor J. Arthur Wagner W. Waymack Harold Weise Carl F. Woost efwnle F1-zulu. N010 we laave. . . . "It all started way back in the Golden Age," says the presiding big-shot, "when those wolves from over at the Rho Damit Rho house got hold of Freshman Socrates and slipped him a Micky Finn at a rush dance. Our order of the Beta Dimes was then founded for the express purpose of pro- tecting the cream of our American youth from such marauders. Here at the University of Rich- mond we carry on that fine tradition, and we want you to make our house your house. Any time that you see one of those snakes-in-the-grass coming, run over here and you will be perfectly safe." The assembled freshmen, who have been garn- IT' R' LL ered from incoming trains, and the long lines waiting to matriculate, probably don't recall the incident in history that is referred to, but they can't very well argue with a man who has such a long string of keys. How are they to know that the keys were borrowed from some alumnus for the occasion? Caught at la.s'l! Acting on the belief asserted above by the bogus big-shot, the Greeks proceed to monopolize the life of the desirable frosh. It begins in the morning, if you are lucky they wait 'til the sun comes up, and lasts until far in the night after all the music of the rush dance has died away and all the rivals have gone to bed so that it is safe to leave the prize alone until morning, if it is not already morning. All through the day these ardent disciples of Dale Carnegie have made desperate attempts to GREEK call you by name. Honestly, never were names subjected to such a beating as those initial two weeks of college. Between professors and fra- ternity men, they assume such forms as parents could never have contemplated, or they would use numbers instead. This goes on for two weeks until Silence Day. Ah, blessed Silence Day! That's the day that frosh are supposed to indicate their choice of fraternity on a little slip of paper turned in to the Admin- istration, and great is the biting of fingernails while this is going on. Life of a goat. Finally the day is over and the results are an- nounced. Then everybody is happy, except the fraternities that got bumped. Shiny pledge but- tons are proudly pinned on the waiting lapels. Then upperclassmen begin to trickle back into classrooms and life assumes a more level pace. Then also the paddles come out. Men who once greeted you like a long lost brother now speak to you like a second cousin. Freshmen who once walked in through the front door now have to beg for permission to crawl in through the coal chute. Once they called you college men, now you are goats who don't know anything and are learning less every day. You have to learn the Greek alpha- bet, the names of the founders, the number of lamp posts on Broad Street, the distance around the lake in centimeters, and a host of other worth- less facts along with valuable information about the fraternity of your choice. This period of training lasts for the rest of the first semester. But just when the goats are beginning to feel that their term in the dog house is up, Hell Week pops up. Acting on the belief that cleanliness is next to godliness, the fraternity men start a clean- up campaign that would make a Reform candi- date for the City Council turn green with envy. Everything from the mascot's collar to the gutter pipes around the roof, including the kitchen floor and the hand-worn trophies have to be shined until even Time leaves footprints when it marches on it. All this is culminated in Hell Night which is in turn culminated in a long ride into the country immediately followed by a long walk back. Then comes initiation. At long last you are in the fraternity. Maybe you wonder if it was worth the struggle, but you can usually argue yourself into believing that it was, at least that is what you will tell the fresh- men next year, if you don't believe it, just wait and see. The mari Jdfffd order. . . . Ifzitialiofzf At the Kappa Sig House The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fra- ternity was organized at Richmond College on March 5, 1898. The fraternity was originally founded at the University of Virginia, and the Richmond chapter has been a particularly pros- perous one. This year has been especially successful for Kappa Sigma, beginning with a large number of pledges, and continuing with many honors for its members. William ReMine is the new Student Government President, and james Baggs, Vice- President of the junior Class, Hugh Crisman is the present President of the Sophomore Class. As to Freshmen, Kappa Sigma boasts Clinton Moore, President, Derek Hayley, Secretary, and Bert Mill- ing, Treasurer of this year's Freshman Class. "Monk" Weaver is on the Collegian Staff. Carlson Thomas is a member of the University Players, where he has become well known for his excel- lent acting in such plays as "High Tor." Kappa Sigma has been particularly strong in athletics, counting among its members Captain A. B. Marchant, and W. P. Lawless, George Spears and Bruce Van Buskirk of the varsity foot- ball team, Marchant and Reed Taylor of the base- ball team, Spears, Captain of the basketball team, ReMine starring on the track, and Roy Newton, Captain of the boat crew. Participating in intramural athletics, Kappa Sigma won the football trophy, placed two mem- bers on the All-Fraternity football team, and was runner-up for the basketball crown. The great social event of the chapter, crowning a series of smaller functions at the fraternity house, was held at the Country Club of Virginia. This dance, the Spring Formal, was an outstand- ing occasion. Kappa Sigma looks forward eagerly to many more years on Richmond College campus just as successful as this one has been. Arendall, Baggf, F. Britton, D. Britton, C1'i.rwafz, C . Hayley D. Hayley, Herbert, Mae Hough, F. Hough, felon, Kervan Krzipe, Lawlerr, Lewis, Marrhant, Matthew, Milling C. Moore, 1. Moore, IW. Reflfiioe, Riclafznlf, Stover, Taylor, Toplanm, Van Bnrkirk, KAPPA SIGMA Fozznded: University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 Established at University of Richmond, March 5, 1898. Colorr: Scarlet, Green, and White Flower: Lily of the Valley Pz1blimlio1zr.' The Caduceus, The Star and Crescent Fmlfer in Ffzcullote Newton, G. REITUTYE Shijletl, Spear: Thoozar, iTlJompron W'emfer, lViggi12.r Ralph C. McDanel, Ph.D. William L. Prince, M.A. Edward C. Peple, Ph.D. Charles H. Wheeler, Ph.D. Fmtrer in C all e gio Edward M. Arendall john E. john W. james Baggs Frank H. Britton H. Douglas Britton Hugh S. Crisman Colin Hayley Derek Hayley Thomas Herbert Mac Hough R. Franklin Hough Jack C. Kervan William L. Kirby Sydney H. Knipe William P. Lawless Thomas G. Lewis James Lee McDonald Avalon B. Marchant james A. Matthews Bert M. Milling G. Clinton Moore john C. Moore Robert C. Moore Roy M. Newton P. Gordon ReMine William H. ReMine Stanton C. Richards Robert W. Shiflett George H. Spears Robert E. Stanley John O. Stover Reed F. Taylor Carlson R. Thomas Abner N. Thompson William F. Topham Bruce P. Van Buskirk Albert F. Weaver joe W. Wiggins Sigma Phi Epsilon ' Virginia Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in September, 1901, at Richmond College, then located at Lombardy and Grace streets in the city. The birth of this fraternity came about through the efforts of six Richmond College students who formed an organization known as the Saturday Night Club, which was the forerunner of S. P. E. In November of the same year -they received permission from the faculty to form a fraternity, which adopted the name of Sigma Phi Epsilon. This fraternity was given a charter by the State of Virginia in the following year, 1902, and immediately began a program of expansion which has continued to the present day. Virginia Alpha Chapter thus has the distinc- tion of being the "mother" chapter of the fra- ternity, and as such, is a contemporary of modern Richmond College, for it has grown and de- veloped along with the College since the date of the founding of the latter as it is today. S. P. E. is a prominent fraternity on the Rich- mond College campus, and Virginia Alpha is, in- deed, one of the strongest chapters in the organi- zation. This year it led the entire campus in se- curing more new pledges than any other fra- ternity. The chapter has been quite active in social events during the past year, having given many popular dances and parties for its members, in- cluding its far-famed cabin parties. It also has initiated a set of dances in the spring to which the whole campus is asked. This set includes a tea dance and an evening dance, and was the first of its kind ever given by any fraternity on the campus. Alpha Chapter is well representedlin the campus life of the college, having such prominent members as jack Sanford, the fourth of the San- ford brothers who have achieved literary and athletic fame at Richmond College. Sanford has earned awards in football, basketball, baseball and track, and is Captain of the 1939 baseball team. In addition to his athletic achievements, Sanford was tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa, and also holds the position of Athletic Repre- sentative in Student Government. Added to such excellent representation in athletics, the chapter also boasts of literary fame in the person of Paul Saunier, who has long been identified with the Richmond Collegian, of which he was Managing Editor this year, and the Messenger, and is also a member of P. D. E. and Secretary of Student Government for 1959-40. George Somers is another prominent S. P. E. He is Senior Manager of the baseball team, Business Manager of the Betty, Black, Blanton, Bowler Bmmlir, B7'0t'kE7Zf71'0Zlgh, Bruno, Chapin Copley, Cox, Demzir, Dick-izzrovz Field, Garber, Koylaoe, Kinrey Long, Luck, Lzmzrden, Miller Morfirrette, Piper, O'Comzor, Phaup, Pitlr Powell, Ridefzonr, Mallory, Reynoldr, Rice Ro per, Sanderr, Sazmier, Sanford, Scott Somerr, Seare, Talley, Watkinf, W1'ight 1939 Web, and a member of P. D. E. Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon, despite its comparative Epsilon has also several members on the newly- youth as a fraternity, has played an important part formed Spider Crew: Monroe Wells, johnny in the life of Richmond College, and hopes to Watkins, and Tommy Bruno. continue to do so in the future. Pledges James B. Cox William H. jones Reuben T. Long Virgil M. Lumsden George K. Miller Robert Piper Marion L. Rice William Y. Roper Member: Norvell W. Betts SIGMA PHI EPSILON Fozmo'eo': Richmond College, 1901 C olors: Royal Purple and Red Fl oufe1'5: American Beauty and Violet Publication' The Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal Fmlrer in C ol l e gio Kenneth L. Black, jr. Thomas H. Bruno Allen Brockenbrough Judson K. Chapin Eugene T. Dennis Ernest L. Copley Henry H. Dickenson Edward L. Field Ralph E. Kinsey William T. Kayhoe Barton Mallory Frederick M. O'Connor Grover C. Pitts Allen Phaup john L. Ridenour William H. Sanders john D. Sanford Pierre Paul Saunier Marshall W. Scott George B. Somers Robert U. Talley john'T. Watkins Earl W. Tyler Wesley Wright Ar the Theta Chi House Omicron Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity was established at the University of Richmond on April 10, 1915, when Theta Chi granted the pe- tition of a local fraternity, Zeta Xi. Theta Chi is represented in every eXtra-curric- ular activity on the campus and has among its members several outstanding leaders in campus life. Carlton A. Whitlatch is President of the University Players, Director of the Student Radio Guild which recently opened its studios on the campus, Chairman of the University Vespers Serv- ices, Secretary of the Class of 1940, President of the University Choir in 1937-38, Director of the junior Prom Figure, and a member of the Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society and the Ministerial Association. jack R. Noffsinger is past President of Mu Sigma Rho and is now the Representative to the Forensic Council. He also holds member- ship in Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Radio Guild, Ministerial As- sociation, and Vespers Committee, and has been on the Dean's List every semester since he entered college. john H. Locke is on the Web staff, a member of the Interfraternity Council, Harlequin Club, and Mu Sigma Rho, and has Won his numerals in basketball and baseball. William H. Brauer was the outstanding member of the strong Freshman track team last year and promises to be an important competitor in varsity meets this sea- son. C. P. Younts, jr. is a member of the Harle- quin Club, a former member of the Interfraternity Council, and has participated in athletics during his Sophomore and junior years and won numerals in basketball and baseball. Theta Chi is proud of its Mothers' Club, com- posed of the mothers of the members of the chap- ter. The Club has done much for the fraternity in chaperoning fraternity social functions, helping to furnish the house, and generally adding a homelike atmosphere to life in the fraternity house. . The outstanding social event for Omicron Anderron, Belrcber, Bowers, Dailey Duugblrey, Davin Fper, Grant Grove, R. Hall, T. Hall, King faction, N 0 jfrirz ger, Phillips, Skzztt, H. Thomas 1. Tlaonzfu, Van Buren, Von Gemmifzger, lVa1'riz2e1 Ufyatl Whillnlcb, Wl'67l,, Yozuztr Chapter comes every May Day. After the annual ceremonies held at Westhampton College, Theta Chi has its own May Day at the fraternity house. All of the officials of the Administration and the Professors and their wives are invited as well as the parents of the members of the chapter, and the dates of the members add grace and beauty to the occasion and assist in serving the supper prepared by the Mothers' Club. Theta Chi looks forward to 1939-40 with the brightest of prospects. With only four graduating members, Omicron Chapter will be a large, well- organized unit endeavoring to maintain its high position in campus activities. THETA CHI Foznzded: Norwich University, 18 56 Established at the University of Richmond, 1915. Colors: Red and White Flower: Carnation Publicmfiom The Rattle Alex E. Anderson Shelton T. Belsches joseph.F. Black, jr. A. Roswell Bowers William H. Brauer Louis E. Dailey, Jr. W. Frank Daughtrey, Jr. Samuel C. Epes William A. Grant, jr. Edward H. Grove Randolph B. Hall Fmtrer in C ol! e gio Thomas M. Hall William W. jackson Herbert A. King George B. Lamm john H. Locke Jack R. Noffsinger james D. Norfleet Marshall Phillips Charles H. Skutt Harding L. Thomas joseph B. Thomas Robert G. Urbach Robert P. Van Buren Elmslie B. Von Gemminger Thomas E. Warriner Carlton A. Whitlatch William H. Widener Woodrow Wren Evans Y. Wyatt Charleton P. Younts, jr. Life With Lambda Chi In the last year of the World War on May 8, Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity installed the Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter on the University of Richmond campus. Though it was the last fraternity to start at Richmond, Lambda Chi Alpha is an active and growing one and is well represented in all branches of student activity. To Russell Walton was awarded the foremost position on the campus, that of president of Rich- mond College Student Government. Russell is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary leadership fraternity. In Pi Delta Epsi- lon, Lambda Chi Alpha has Arthur Beck, Ir., who is Business Manager of the Collegian, campus newspaper. Bill Burge captured a political plum in the office of senator for the student govern- ment of the college. Bill teamed up with jack Kennedy and Bill Morrison to represent their fraternity on the varsity football team. Burge starred in basketball and was first substitute on the baseball nine. joe Dameron headed YMCA on the Richmond campus for the '38-'39 year and led that organi- zation through a very successful year. Bill Morrison held one of the most important positions on the campus, that of chairman of the Interfraternity Dance Committee. Under Bill's guidance, the interfraternity dances were pulled off in a fine fashion and rated as some of the best that Richmond has had. For the tenth year in a row Lambda Chi Alpha entertained the campus at their Thanksgiving Day dance in Milhiser Gymnasium where the Spiders celebrated a 10-7 victory over William and Mary. This started a very successful year fraternity, john Amrheifz 'Ioreph Amrheirz Frank Baker john M. Bareford Arlhzn' C. Beth William Burge, fr. Samuel George, jr. john Kelliron john Kennedy famer K nigh! Robert K rug Edwin Miller, fr. which has seen them rise steadily in activities and fraternity spirit. Among the alumni of this chapter, Mr. Claude Kidd, one of the founders, was particularly outstanding. He start- ed the first of a long series of "Quarter- back Clubs" among the Richmond alumni. These have spread all over the country as an organization to meet on Monday and discuss the football game of the previous Saturday. Mr. Kidd is president of the Richmond Alumni Chapter. Lambda Chi is looking forward to her pledges and Freshmen initiates to carry on the good. Work of the fratern- ity. They are promising material for University activities as well. Szzmzzel Moody, fr., llyilliam Morrimrl, lVi!bm' ll'l001'7l1c1ll Earl Noble, fr., fanzer D. Pugh, Rzluell lWa!1o1z LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Foznzde:i.- Boston University, November 2, 1909 Established at the University of Richmond, May 8, 1918. Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold Flozuers Purple Iris Pzzblicfztionr Cross and Crescent, Delta Pi Fnztrw in Farullazle q Woodford B. Hackley, M.A. William T. Muse, S.j.D. Rolvix Harlan, Ph.D. Raymond B. Pinchbeck, Ph.D. John L. Amrhein Joseph A. Amrhei Frank Baker John M. Bareford Arthur C. Beck n, Jr William B. Burge, jr. joseph Dameron S. W. Stevenson, Ph.D. Fmtref in C ol! e gio Samuel F. George, Jr. Willis Holland Emmet Hubbard john R. Kellison, Jr. john R. Kennedy james H. Knight Robert C. Krug W. Edwin Miller, Jr. Samuel M. Moody, jr Wilbur E. Moorman William E. Morrison Earl L. Noble, jr. A. L. Philpott james D. Pugh Russell E. Walton Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta one of the oldest and largest of college fraternities, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on December 26, 1848. It originated as one of the famed "Miami Triad," composed of Theta Pi, Sigma Chi and Phi Delta Theta, all founded at Miami at about the same time. Six students of tested friendship conceived the idea of a new college Brotherhood, and on the evening of Tuesday, December 26, 1848, these six met in the old Northeast Building and Phi Delta Theta was born. The fraternity was organized with three princi- pal objects: first, the cultivation of friendships among its members, second, the acquirement indi- vidually of a high degree of mental culture, the attainment personally of a high standard of mo- rality. These objects are contained in "The Bond of Phi Delta Theta" which every member has pledged himself to uphold. Phi Delta Theta, ninety-one years of age, has 107 active chapters distributed over forty of the forty-eight states, and a chapter in each of the six dominions of Canada. Total membership hovers about the 50,000 mark. Phi Delta Theta on the University of Richmond campus dates back to 1875 when Virginia Delta Chapter was established. However the chapter be- came dormant in 1895, remaining so until the fall of 1938 when the petition of Phi Delta Omega, a local fraternity of long standing on the campus, was accepted. In February, 1939, the local chapter was installed into Phi Delta Theta, national fraternity, marking an outstanding event in campus fraternity circles. Thus Virginia Delta Chapter was restored to active standing. Initiation, at which the national officers and many outstand- ing members were present, took the better part of two days, as the festivities were concluded with a banquet and a ball at a downtown hotel. In Student Government activities, William H. Martin held the vice-presidency for 1938-39, and was replaced by Edward Bragg, a member of this fraternity and one of the few three-letter men on the Richmond campus. Martin is first string fly- chaser on Coach Pitt's Spider nine. Forrest Nor- vell was a member of the Student Senate, the col- lege governing body. He was also awarded the Alumni Blocking Trophy, which is given to the football team's outstanding blocker every year. The chapter won the Interfraternity Bridge Tour- nament, which is sponsored by Phi Delt Martin. ' A7Zd7'6ZU.f, Bragg, Dodd, Dzmmn, Irvin janet, fardnn, Kibler, Ln Pmde, Marlin "Wish" Martin is also a mem- ber of Omicron Delta Kappa honor fraternity. john Dodd, bet- ter known as "Hank" has been a member of the varsity baseball team for three years playing short- stop and field. Calvin Kibler has been on the Editorial staff of the Web for three years and was a managing editor his junior year. Outstanding social activities of the year included the fraternityls annual Thanksgiving Formal, the Installation Ball in mid-February, and the chapter's yearly house party at a site somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay. lnterspersed among these functions were num- erous house dances and cabin parties. N alan, Norvell, Owellr, Pfzlmore Panli, Pittr, Powerr, Pzlckell Tyler, liffdfkillf, li'7I'6lZ PHI DELTA THETA Founded- Miami University, 1848. Established at University of Richmond, February, 1939 Colon: Blue and White. Flower: White Carnation. Publimliomfs Sword and Shield. Fmtrer in Facultaie joseph E. Nettles, B.A. William F. Caylor, M.A. Stuart R. Allen William P. Andrews Ruffin Apperson Edward L. Bragg John H. Dodd C. Eugene Duncan C. Linwood Irvin Quentin R. jones Thomas D. Jordan H. Calvin Kibler R. Crozet La Prade William A. Martin D. Benjamin McCullough, Jr. Marlin T. Nolan Fmtrer in C olle gio Harold G. Owens W. Alan Palmore Edwin F. Pauli A. Harold Puckett H. Broaddus Pitts, J Linwood C. Power Forrest H. Norvell, 5, Jr. r. jr. William C. Tyler Charles A. Watkins, Thomas Wiley, jr W. Gregory Wright Wilbur H. Wrenn Jr TOP ROW: Aarons, Abelofjt, Abraham, Brown, Seigal, Gramlir. MIDDLE ROW! Heller, Klein, Lefkowztz Mmkowilz, Payton, Rorkoff. BOTTOM ROW: Rollaenberg, Srlarieberg, Steinberg, Steiner, Warn, Wafzdefef Rho Chapter, historian of the Senior Class and Phi Alpha Fraternity Phi Alpha Fraternity has twenty-six men on its roster either as pledges or initiates. Among the campus leaders that Phi Alpha boasts are: Leon- ard Kamsky, member of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Mu Omicrong Moses Payton, president of Alfred Aarons Dexter Abeloff Philip Abraham Eugene Bloom Norman Brown David Grandis Henry Heller Leonard Kamsk Y member of Alpha Mu Omicron. Meeting in the annual Conclave, on December 50 to january 2, Rho Chapter was given the cov PHI ALPHA eted Founders' Cup, a yearly award by the found ers of the fraternity, symbolizing the most out standing chapter in the fraternity. In addition to this honor, the Richmond chapter was the recipi ent of the Scholarship Plaque. Founzled: George' Waslmington University, October 14, 1914 Established at the University of Richmond, February 6, 1925. C0lo1'.f: Red and Blue Flower: American Beauty Publimtioms Phi Alpha Quarterly, Phi Alpha Bulletin Fmlrer in C oll e gio Edward Klein Meyer Lefkowitz Irvin Lovenstein Louis Mangers Martin Markowitz Moses Payton Herman Rockoff Billy Rothenberg Saul Salisbury Eli Schrieberg Gilbert Seigal Ephraim Steinberg Henry Steiner Fred Wanderer Arnold Watts Alpha Delta Alpha Delta, ministerial fraternity, was found- ed on the University of Richmond campus away back in 1925 by a group of students preparing to enter the ministry at the University. Its mem- bership since then has been confined to those men on the campus who are interested in this kind of work and it has necessarily been limited in its members. At all times they have kept an interested and active number of boys on the roll, however. Alpha Delta occupies the big white house on the top of the hill back of the lake, and most of the members live there. The official colors of the fraternity are white and copper and the fraternity flower is the white rose. Under the leadership of Dick Saunders the fraternity has had a very successful 1939 which was culminated with a banquet at Ewarts Cafe- teria followed by a party at the house on May 12. This banquet is an annual affair and is the only social function of the chapter. It is attended by all alumni who are able to get there. New officers for the next year are Clyde Lips- comb, president, George Stephenson, secretary, and Tommy Pugh, treasurer. Among the more distinguished members of the Alumni of Alpha Delta are Dr. Cousins, pro- fessor of Bible at the University of Richmond, and Dr. Harlan, professor of Sociology. MEMBERS ACTIVES Robert E. L. McNeely Thomas E. Pugh E. Linwood Brandis, jr. G. Thomas Fattarusco Clyde T. Francisco, fPres.j Richard H. Saunders, jr. Charles H. Skutt joseph O. Sullivan Daniel W. Fowler S. L. Gettier I. Durwood Hudgins A. C. Walker Clyde B. Lipscomb PLEDGES Carl Collins Stuart Grizzard Harold Zicafoose D. E. Marable Gordon Conklin ToP Row, LEFT TO RIGHT! Linwood Brandir, Carl Collim, Gordon Conklin, G. T. Fdzlarzuro, Clyde Framirro, Dan Fowler. SECOND ROW: Strdzzglamz Lowe Gettier, Smart Grizzdrd, Im Hzzdgim, Clyde Liprcomb, Dollar Maralzle, Robert McNeely. THIRD Row: Thomas Pugh, Rich Sdlllldlflif, Charles Skull, Ioreph Sfzlliomz, A. C. Wolkei'. i I i I I . ,q 1 ,. .. H II, ' HI II 5 i W FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Allen, Braazdir, Corby, Hari-ir, Ionian, R. Martin. SECOND Row, LEFT TO RIGHT! IW. Marfin, ll'l,6'C6llll, MrC!m'e, Noffringer, ReMine, Sanford. THIRD ROW: Sazmier, Scott, Walton, White, Wortham. NOT IN PICTURE: Slonebfmzer, Blazzford, Goode, Ryland and Taylor Qmieron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary leadership fraternity for men, was established on December 5rd, 1914, at Washington and Lee University. The inception of the movement, which resulted eventually in the establishment of O. D. K., was due to Carl Fisher, now of Baltimore, Maryland, who was then a member of the senior class at Washington and Lee. He, with fourteen other members of the student body, drew up the main outlines of the plan for organization and made public announcement shortly after Decem- ber 5 of that year. When the United States entered the World War, there were three other active circles, located at Iohns Hopkins Universitv, the University of Pittsburgh, and Davidson College. Since that time the fraternity has experienced a steady growth and today has circles in forty-two American colleges and universities. ' The purposes of Omicron Delta Kappa are threefold: first, to recognize men who have at- tained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, and to inspire others to strive for con- spicuous attainments along similar lines g second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the senti- ment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest, third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and un- derstanding. Since March, 1930, O. D. K. has been a mem- ber of the Association of College Honor Societies. There are only six other members among the three hundred honor and honorary societies and fraternities of a national character, which are in existence in the United States today. The emblem of this fraternity is a circular key crossed by two bars between which appear the Greek letters OAK. The .upper bar contains five stars and the lower bar the date 1914. In the election of mem- bers, Omicron Delta Kappa seeks to recognize men who are outstanding in the following fields: scholarship, athletics, leadership in social and re- ligious activities, publications, and forensic, dra- matic, musical, and other cultural activities. Mortar Board Mortar Board, national honorary fraternity for senior women, was founded at Syracuse Univer- sity in 1918. Pi Alpha, a senior honorary society at Westhampton, founded in 1921, was granted a charter on june 26, 1950. Miss Isabel Harris was chosen sponsor of the group. There are at present sixty-nine chapters of Mortar Board at colleges and universities throughout the country. New members are elected to Mortar Board in the spring of their junior year. The qualities upon which their election is based are leadership, scholarship, and service. By leadership, stress is not laid only upon the driving enthusiasm which is often characteristic of leaders, but also upon the calmer qualities, such as forethought, dignity, and sane judgment. Concerning scholarship, the constitution of Mortar Board states that the scholarship requirement shall be three points above the most recent college average. By service, which is the thing that Mortar Board endeavors to stand as much for as any other single quality, is meant participation in college activities and the generous contribution of the person's talents and time to affairs concerning the good of West- hampton. The aims of Mortar Board are to work con- structively for the betterment of the college com- munity, to foster school spirit and a feeling of cooperation between the students and the faculty, and to hold high the ideals for which the organi- zation stands. Among the services rendered by Mortar Board are the annual Honors Tea for the members of the faculty, Phi Beta Kappa, and those holding intermediate honors, the school to train new officers for their executive duties, the cup presented at the end of the year for class co- operation, the Mortar Board Honor Roll, help during orientation week, chapel lectures on vo- cations for women, and the sponsoring of eugenics lectures for senior women. Mortar Board came to the ultimate recognition of democracy, fidelity, and service-traits without which the college could not exist. Those who have been chosen have kept the goal high, and have recognized their responsi- bility of doing so. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marion Wiley, julie! Flozwzve, falze Langley, Gilfliilltl Uyilmrz, ll'ltIl'ffJ4I Elliol, Kate Peferrwz, Romlfe Outer. Pi Delta Epsilon In the year 1909 at Syracuse University, an honorary fraternity was founded for the express purpose of recognizing signal achievements in journalism in undergraduate colleges. This was Pi Delta Epsilon. A chapter was founded at the University of Richmond on November 26, 1926. In the session 1958-'39, this group has been able to found a new chapter in a Virginia College, Hampden-Sydney. It hopes to extend its activity to aid in bringing other state schools into the or- ganization of this journalistic group. The na- tional convention of the fraternity will be held on the University of Richmond campus on No- vember 6-7, 1959, for the first time in the history of the local chapter. In 1957, the Richmond College contingent of Pi Delta Epsilon was able for the first time to in- duct women, and regular tapping exercises have Babcock, Beale, Berk, Bflwzetle, Harrir Hoen, jordan, jenkim, Keyfer, Klajfky McClure, Preridenf, Sazmier, Scheer, Somerr, lVortham To be qualified for membership in Pi Delta Epsilon a student must have worked at least two years on one or more publications and have at- tained one major post of responsibility. The local chapter stresses vital interest in journalism and hopes that each member will make a contribution to campus literary and publicational endeavors. Since the founding of Pi Delta Epsilon it has fostered all student publications, encouraged stu- dent interest with prizes and awards. It was large- ly responsible for bringing the Virginia Intercol- legiate Press Convention to the Richmond cam- pus in 1935. been carried on at Westhampton College since that time. The delegation from the University of Rich- mond chapter of PDE which attended the na- tional convention at Lehigh University, offered the University campus as a site for the 1940 na- tional meeting iand their offer was accepted. It is hoped that a successful introduction of the journalistic life in Richmond may be made to the fraternity members of the other colleges and uni- versities. I-Ience the chapter, under the leadership of President Paul Saunier, is looking forward to a full 1940. Tau Kappa Alpha Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary forensic fratern- ity, was organized by eleven representatives from Indiana colleges and universities in the office of the Lieutenant-Governor of Indiana on May 15, 1908. It was introduced to the Richmond Col- lege campus in 1917, and in 1931 a Westhampton College chapter was formed. The fraternity recognizes forensic attainments meriting honor, seeking to inspire in its members a higher cultivation of the art of public speaking Of special note has been the greater interest in debating on the University of Richmond campus this year, especially at co-ordinate Westhampton College. The women have engaged in many de- bates with the result of the selection of several who were chosen at the first formal tapping cere- mony by the two local chapters in the Cannon Memorial Chapter. A banquet is to be held by the Co-ord chapter at the Gypsy Tavern on june 1, 1939. At this time several alumnae who have proven themselves proficient in the art of public speaking are to be initiated as honorary members. This step marks still another accomplishment of TKA on the campus. Royal Bmndir, Martlm Elliot! fPreride11fj, farqzzelilze Faulk- ner, john E. forclan G. Ben MeCl1fre KP-reridentj, I. R. Nojjfringer, George W. Rorr and to instill in them the desire to use their talents toward worthy ends. To be eligible for member- ship a student must have participated in at least two intercollegiate debates and proven himself able in other literary activities. One of the most significant accomplishments of Tau Kappa Alpha on this campus has been the conduction this year of a chapel program by the two local chapters, which was received very favor- ably and marks a new field for forensic activi- ties here. llyerlbarzzptozz College Anne Scott Campbell Martha Elliott Jacqueline Faulkner Ethne Flanagan Ruth Houser Marie Keyser Judith Lucas MEMBERS Rirhmoml College Royall Brandis john E. jordan G. Ben McClure Davis Mottley J. R. Noffsinger George W. Ross Paul Saunier, Jr. Gilbert Siegal Fred Wortham TOP ROW: Aberzzetlay, Beck, Blfzrk, Bowen, Bowling, Corby. SECOND ROW: Earler, Emi-zr, Ford, Grigg, fonlmz, Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Kibler, Klajfky, Lazulerr, Locke, llflartin, O'C0m101'. BOTTOM ROW: Somerf, Tzflwiler, Van Leezlzuefz, lVallo1z, Yomztr. NOT IN PICTURE: C. White, Oliver, W 01-thaw, Sclmeider, Mm'- cbant, Reilflirze, Walleifzr. Harlequin Club This social club, composed of three members from each of ten social fraternities on the campus, has as its sole purpose the furthering of the social relationships between the colleges of Westhamp- ton and Richmond. This may sound like an un- necessary job, but strange as it may seem, it, nevertheless, helps to carry out a much needed ob- jective. In order to accomplish this end, the group has several dances during the school year at one or another of the fraternity houses. These dances are usually formal and all girls must be from West- hampton College. Each member is given one stag bid to be given to someone in his own fraternity so that only these Greek-letter men and club mem- bers are allowed. All dances are attended by mem- bers of the faculty groups of both Richmond and Westhampton Colleges who act as very capable chaperons. This year, in addition to its regular dances, the club sponsored an interfraternity bridge tourna- ment. The purpose of this was to stimulate inter- est in the group and its functions, as well as to broaden its field of activities. This affair, held in February, was won by the team representing the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. So much enthusiasm was shown that the club is considering making it an annual affair. we 1 w W M ,,, V, M M 1 '1 M' rg -'f ,. - , X w ,H Y .g ,'., ' W ' ,H 1 f' ' , ,w 5 .gm ' 'Q' . '. S 15, ,-e ,Liu ' ' ' x ,E 555:11 . . 1 aff .-:-A , u ' 'L 1' 3 .I . - ' Kiggf' ll: J -. df, . W .Q , N , 1 x ?.?f.jZ.,1:f- .' H, ff ,. J, -, ,, E 'fl A .., , fl M 5 . :...:, .12 1 J. A QQ ' 5 .., M ' w , Q ww ff 'xi-,,, X tg ef 2 V ww w ww 1 ' ,eg the 2 H H www i 155 ,.,, -Q ,mu f ' J X Z m m , , gi ' mfn J' F? ., .-,.. -,y Y- ,- flu , L A, . ' A. is 1 , La ww' Xu M . ' i v X T 1. W V- 13 A f , . X A -ni, QUT, ' "4 "Q h ,r H M . .. . V ,-.,... I V : 54.11,-v. Vi xt: X, . Q , T 5 , i' - K - M WF 1' lg F 1 C Q O C I I' Q 0 'Mi' O C 0 - O O c O , JI . ' n e f , Q v S, J Q v VIRGINIA SHUMAN, WEB BEAUTY I I H I U H F 3 SPCDNSCDIQS KATE ELIZABETH PETERSQN HOREWELL, VIRGINIA Web Editorial Staff G. ALBERT KLAFFKV MRS. EDWIN WORTI-IAM, Ill RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Omicron Delta Kappa EDWIN WORTHAM, IV SRGN CARYLE LYNN ROBERTS VICTORIA, VIRGINIA Richmond College Student Governmem RUSSELL E. WALTON MRS. PAUL SOMERS RIGI-IIVIGND, VIRGINIA Web Business Stall GEORGE B. SOMERS ALICE MAXINE HOFFMAN VIRGINIA BEAGI-I, VIRGINIA Lew School Editorial Stall DAVID MEADE XXfl"llTE, Jr. SGRS VIRGINIA EUBANK SI-ILIIVIAN ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Football AVALON B. MARC!-IANT I in A ' Ig: ,ax E RUTH AIIHEA RGAGEI - BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY I . I Law School Business StaFI I EDWARD PARKER BROWN Qgifgvl. ,I EMILY VIRGINIA PARKER ARRAIAGHIA, VIRGINIA I-lonor Council DAVID GERALD SCOTT DOROTHY BAVLEY SI-TELL LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA Senior Class ROBERT EDWARD LEITCH SPCDNSCDRS MARGARET SMITH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Law School Student Government SAMUEL HARRISCN ALLEN BEST ALI. RGUND EDWIN WORTI-IAM, IV Y BEST ATI-ILETES AVAL JU BEST STUDENTS EVELVN HAZARD +L-3-1.3-,f-Fi:-,H-5 I if , CLYDE FRANCISCO RUSSELL WALTON MOST SCI-IOOL SRIRITED ANN SCOTT CAMPBELL MAY DAY Qne of the most cherished of Westhampton College traditions is the annual May Day celebration, in which all classes have a part, the Queen and her ladies are chosen from the Senior Class and the rest of the class forms the court. ln 1938, May Day was held on May seventh, with perfect weather for the occa- sion. Since it had been decided to have three simple May Days in suc- cession, followed by a more elab- orate one the fourth year, the 1938 lVlay Day was the second of the sim- ple ones. The theme was an adap- tation of Sir James l3arrie's "Peter if Queen Alice Lacy E57 ,ps ZW, l , . i. L Left to Right: Douglas Gee, Emily Parker, Jo Ann Kent, Hilda Kirby Alice Lacy, Olive Messer Pan,"with Esther Webber playing the role of Peter Pan. Martha Ware ruled the pageant as Queen of the Fair- ies and entertained the members of the Senior Class, the mortals, about her throne of roses. Before her were performed a pageantand dances by the Modern Dance Group. Chosen by Pan as the loveliest of the mortals were Jo Ann Kent, Qlive Nlesser, Emily Parker, Alice Lacy, and Douglas Gee, and from these Alice Lacy was crowned Queen of all. The Fairy Queen surrendered her throne to the Mortal Queen, and the fairy court was invited to share with the mortals the merrymaldng on the hoclcey field. l-lere the Queen viewed from a chair of state the follc dances and games and the dance of winding the Maypole, and the guests wandered among the booths of the colorful Fair. At duslc the freshman Class performed the tradi- tional Lantern Parade up the hill from the lalce, forming a "W" in the Greek Theatre and finally serenading the May Queen in the court. The day ended with a dance given by the Sophomore Class in the gymna- sium decorated as a country fair, with refreshment booths and a gypsy fortune teller. I ampus Carnival Come One! Come All! The dark home profenoz' Ice Cream, Candy and Legf Big Chief Glenn Neighbor-Come in the home! Ofzly cl dime! the big- geff Jhow on earth! Pirk the lucky 1711712087 Watfh fu e rl oyel y .' UVM hoo! I Bingo! T ry your luck! 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West St., Petersburg 38-04 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond 3221 Brook Rd., Richmond . . . . 1817 Princeton Rd., Richmond . . 3117 Monument Ave., Richmond . . . . . . . 1900 Amelia St., Richmond . . . . 3436 Hanover Ave., Richmond Box 54, R.F.D. 1, Buchanan, Va. . . . . . 4414 Augusta Ave., Richmond 4324 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond . . 2017 Monument Ave., Richmond s a J , Va. Va. , Va. , Va. Va. Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. .. . P. O. Box 476, Martinsville Cartersville,Va. ForkUn1on . . . 1303 Essex Ave., Richmond . . . 302 Overbrook Rd., Richmond, . . . . . . 1408 W. 59th St., Norfolk, Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. Va. . . . . 2811 Kennedy Ave., Baltimore, Md. Nortlifork,W.Va. . . 2641 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Md. 417Moore St., Bristol, Va. . . . . . 1003 Perry St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 32 Cerra St., Santurce, Puerto . .. . 107 Prospect St., Rico Covington, Va. D., Marion, Va. . . . . . 2115 Fendall Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1104 Peachtree Blvd., Richmond Woodstock,Va. . . . . 2913 Noble Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 6107 Patterson Ave., Richmond, HighlandSprings,Va. . . . . . 509 N. Boulevard, Richmond . 4215 Kensington Ave., Richmond . ............... R.F. , Va. Va. , Va. Va. Stuart: Va. . Manakin, Va. . . . . . . . 511 Libbie Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1219 Nottoway Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 1500 Preston Ave., Austin, Texas . . . . 35 Mason Ave., Alexandria, Va. Machodoc, Va. Cambria, Va. . . . . . Spout Spring, Va. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg , Va. 411 W. Montgomery Ave., Rockville, Md. . .......... 2515 Grove Ave., Richmond , Va. . . . . . . . .. 55-01 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 5501 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 905 Sylvania Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . 4318 Stonewall Ave., Richmond. Va. . . . . 3015 Second Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . 2101 E. Marshall St., Richmond .. 1802 Greenville Ave., Richmond . . . . . . . . 213 Sixth Sf.. Covington .... 4503 Brook Rd . 4603 Dover Rdii Xwinchester . . . . . . 122 Terrace Ave., Petersburg 1307 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, . . . . 1205 Stanhope Ave., Richmond . . . . . . 512 N. 24th St., Richmond Richmond, Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va. ' , Va. , Va. Md. , Va. , Va. NewChurch,Va. Oldhams,Va. 3032 Parkwood Ave., Richmond, Va. Smithlield,Va. . . . 4000 Monument Ave., Richmond AmeliaC , Va. Holland, Va. . . . . . . . . 1200 Park Ave., Richmond . . . 300 Second Ave., West Haven, Conn. ourt House, Va. 2707 Grove Ave., Richmond 4332 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, 107 E. Elm St., Blackstone, Va. . . . . . . . 4013 Park Ave., Richmond .. . . . .. R.F.D. 2, Richmond , Va. , Va. Va. , Va. , Va. Ellwanger, Albert T., Jr. Fgfd, C. P., Jr. ,..L, ............. B OX Suffolk, V21. Isbell, Thomas W., Jr. . Emporia,Va. . . . . 1108 Chickasawbu St., Blvtheville, Ark. Jontz: Robert J. . . . Dinwiddie, Branch A., Jr. . . Dixon, John, Jr. ...... . Djiovanidis, Geo. C. Dodd, John H. ......... . Donohue, James H., III . Doumlele, Jolm A. .... . Dugger, Emmett L. . .. Duncan, E. Eugene ..... Durrett, Robert W., Jr. . Earles, Louis A., Jr. . . . . Easley, Richard B. . . . . Eddleton, Oscar B. .... . Eggleston, Forrest E. . .. Elam, Herman M. . . . . Elder, Winfred H. . . . . Elliott, Hatcher S. . . Ellis, Robert W. ...... . Ellis, W. DeWitt, Jr. . . . . Elmore, Robert B. .... . Ely, Curtis M. .... . . . Embrey, E. P., Jr. . . . Ende, Milton ...,. Epes, Samuel C. . . . . Epps, Junius P. ...., . Etheridge, John W. . . . Evans, Malcolm G. . .. Fainter, Harry E., Jr. . . . Farber, Louis R. ..... . Faris, Wilson L. . . . . Farley, Wm. W. .... . Fattarus, G. Thomas . .. Feldman, Julian ....... Fennell, Robert H., Jr. . Ferneyhough, Charles J., Jr. ...... . Field, Edward L., Jr. ..... . Fisher, Ramon A., Jr. ..... . Fitzgerald, L. W, . . . . Fitzhugh, Wm. B. . . Fleming, John C. . . . Fogg, James M. ..... . Folcher, Albert G. .... . Fontaine, Jesse T., Jr. . . . Forberg, Fred C. .... . Ford, Eugene W. . .. Foster, Henry L. .... . Fowler, Daniel W. . . . Fox, Earl R. ....... . Francisco, Clyde T. ....,.. . . . . 1206 Apperson St., Richmond, Va . . . 2228 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va . . . '. Gbbyckf argl sff, Hopewell, Richmond, Va Va . . 2330 Monument Ave., Richmond Va . . . . 14 S. Addison St., Richmond Va Meredithville,Va . . . 2915 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 1201 Second St., Hartsville, S. C . . . . 3134 Hanover Ave., Richmond Va . . . . . 3404 Park Ave., Richmond Va . . . 3224 Lamb Ave. 511W.21stSt. , Richmond , Richmond Martinsville, ...... 2713 Third Ave., 3015 E. Marshall St., i i f Sai 'i4iQ'B5.l1'eb5L3,' .. . 3018 Springhill Ave., . Clarkton . Winfall Richmond Richmond . . Clover, Richmond Richmond 3 . . . . 701 Lee Ave., Fredericksburg, .. . 1012 Hinton St., Petersburg, Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va . . . 2116 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va Skippers,Va . . . 1019 Park Ave., South Norfolk, Va . . . . 102 S. Boulevard, Richmond Va . . . 1902 Albany Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 139 Franklin St., Petersburg, Va Afton Va . . . 3921 Seminary Ave., Richmond 1 , Va Newark, N. J. . . . . . 355 Brook Ave., Passaic, N. J . . . . . 45 Webster St., R.F.D. 2, . . . 3304 Lamb Ave., . . . 2010 Evelyn Byrd Rd., Richmond, Richmond, Richmond, Va Va Va . . . 4604 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va Westwood P.O. Box 494, Covington, Va ......... 2509 Grove Ave., 1809 ParkAve., Richmond Richmond Va Va Griffin, John D. . . . . Grigg, Austin E. . . . Grigg, Wm. E., Jr. . . . Grimsley, W. Harris .... Grinnan, Daniel ....,. Grizzard, R. Stuart .... Grove, Edward H. .. Gwathmey, Owen .... Habel, Nathanael B. . . Haboush, Milad P. . . . . Haddock, Garland D. . .. Hailman, Eugene F. .. Hall, Randolph B. . . Hall, Thomas M. Ham, Robert D. . .. . Hardman, John M. Harris, G. Franklin . . . Harris, James R. . . . . Harris, John S. . . . Harris, Wm. E. ..... . Hart, James F. ..... . . Harton, Wm. Robert, Jr. . . . . Hawkins, Melvin ..... Hayley, Colin ....... Hayley, Derek ....... Haynes, George G. . . . Heller, Henry G. . .. Hemby, Wm. H. . .. Herbert, Thomas S. .... . Herndon, Thomas O. . . Herndon, Wm. M. .... . Herring, Russell E., Jr. . . . Hill, Julian H., Jr. .... . Hobgood, Harvey H. . .. Holladay, James M., Jr. Holland, Willis D. . .. Holloway, Herbert L. . . Hollender, Richard L. . . Holman, Earle S. ....... . Hooten, C. Gibson, Jr. Poquoson, Va. . . 1207 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. .. . 4203 Seminary Ave., Richmond Va. Culpeper:Va. . . . . 925 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Danville,Va. . . . . R.F.D. 1-A, Winchester, Va. Beulahville,Va. Amelin,Va. . . . . 3000 First Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1425 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. Fairfax,Va. . . . . . 321 W. 13th St., Norfolk, Va. Rupert,Va. . . . 517 Northside Ave., Richmond, Va. R.F.D. 1,Ettrick,Va. Centralia,Va. .. . . . .. 111 S. 5th St., Richmond, Va. . . . . -604 Edgehill Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 310 S. Cherry St., Richmond, Va. . . 3009 Edgewood Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 2605 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 316 W. 29th St., Richmond, Va. . . . 1735 Valley Ave., Winchester, Va. . . .- 1735 Valley Ave., Winchester, Va. . . . . . . 337 S. Laurel St., Richmond, Va. . . 116 Dewey Place, Atlantic City, N. J. . . . . . . . 303 Roberts St., Richmond, Va. . 2903 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 6900 Patterson Ave., Ore Bank, Va. . . . 720 Lee Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . . 1512 Rogers St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 3151-A Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. Lawrenceville,Va. Gordonsvrlle,Va. . . . . 2818 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3520 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va. 71 Willow St., Garden City, L. I., N. Y. . . .. . 2306 W. Main St., Richmond, Va, . . 228 Langhorne Lane, Lynchburg, Va. . . . . . . . . . 226 Garfield Ave., Trenton, N. J . 270 New Jersey Ave., Collingswood, N. J. . . . . . . . . 2008-A Park Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 35 Albemarle Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1726 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 3420 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va Brookneal,Va. . . . 52 S St., N.W., Washington, D. C. . . . 1900 Amelia Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . . . . .. . 746 Grove St., Danville, Va. Hoskin, Stuart W. . . . . Hough, Mac J. ...... . Hough, Raymond N., Jr. . .. Howell, A. Gibson ..., Howell, Alton L. .... . Fredericksen, James M. ............ 1652 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Frohbose, Frederick A., Jr.. . Frostick, H. Winston ...... Fronczek, Andrew A. ..... . Gamboa, Mario A. . .. Garber, E. C., Jr. .. Garden, H. J. ..... . Garnett, Henry D. . . . . Garrison, Kenneth F. . . . Gary, Robert A., III .... George, Ellis P. ...... . George, Samuel F., Jr. Gettier, Straughan Lowe .... Gilbert, Oscar G., Jr. .... . Gill, John E., Jr. Gillette, Walter B. Giragosian, Archie ..... Gladdinfz. C. Willard . . . Glass, Woodrow W. . . . Godsey, Marvin S. . . . . Goode, A. W., Jr. ...... . Goodman. Virginius H. . . . Gordon, Harold J. .... . Gordon, John N. .... . Grady, Robert C. . .. Grandis, Morris D. . .. Grant, Wm. A., Jr. . .. Gray, J. John ...... Gray, Wm. C. ...... . Green, Thomas W. .... . Green, Waverly S., Greene, Harold D. .... . Greene, Joseph T., Jr. . . . Gritlin, Harry E., Jr. . . . Fairview 8: Union Aves., Bound Brook, N. J . . . . . . . . . . . . Box 246, Fredericksburg, Va . . . . . . . . . 15804 Lathrop Ave., Harvey, Ill. . . . . . . . . San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A Howell, Frank M. . . . . Hubbard, Emmett L. . . Hudgins, Ira D. ..... . Hudson, Joseph B., Jr. . . . . Hughes, Charles W. . . Humbert, Richard E. . . Hutts, Alvah C. ..... . Irwin, Charles L. Jr. .. Jackson, Jackson, David E. ... . Wm. W. .. . . . . 806 W. Franklin St., Richmond 128 Hampton Roads Ave., Hampton R.F.D. 1, . . . . 33316-B Stuart Ave., . . . 3214 Edgewood Ave., . . . 3214 Edgewood Ave., Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond . . . . . . 120 Hardy Ave., Norfolk . .... 729 Arnold Ave., Richmond v 1 1 s 1 Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Janiger, Oscar ...... Jenkins, Calvin B. . . . . Jenkins, Joseph E., Jr. . Jenkins, Luther B. ..... . Jennings, Fred A., Jr. . . . John, James E., Jr. Johnson, S. Linden Johnston, Edwin B. .... . . . . 529 Main St., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . . Baptist Orphanage, Salem, Va. . . . Baptist Orphanage, Salem, Va. Franklm,Va. . . . . . 308 Webster Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Rehoboth.Va. . . 128 Bryant St., N.W., Washington, D. C. ............ 219 Park Ave., Culpeper, Va. . . . . . . . . . Masonic Home, Richmond, Va. . . . 409 W. Washington St., Suffolk, Va. . . . . . . . 1308 Maple Ave., Roanoke, Va. 1025 Perry St., Richmond, Va. .... . . . . . . . .. Route 7, Richmond, Va. . . . 1207 Nottoway Ave., Richmond, Va. Lithia,Florida .. . 1750 E. 52nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ........... Box 112, Burkeville, Va. . . . . . . . . . . 922 Porter St., Richmond, Va. . . . 3611 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . 3124 Woodcliffe Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 804 Medical Arts Bldg., Roanoke, Va. Harper'sFerry,W.Va. . . . 2343 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Jr. . . . . . . . . . . Chesterheld Ave., Ettrick, Va. . . . 5010 Evelyn Byrd Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 402 N. 12th St., Richmond, Va. Mears,Va Nathalie,Va . . . . . . . . . R.F.D. 2, Appomattox, Va. . . . . 1912 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 3312 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3332 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 601 W. 44th St., Richmond Va. . . 606 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, Va . . . 1301 N. 32nd St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 2911 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 17-6 Ocean Ave., Long Branch, N. J Wilkesboro,N.C. Va Burkeville, Burkeville,Va . . . . 1897 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va . . 2111 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . .............. . . . . Drllwyn, Va Johnston, Vivian D., Jr. 1121 W. Grace St Richmond Va. . . . .. . . . . . 114 Pinner.,St., Suffolk: Va. . . 4012 Forest Hill Ave . . .. . 2024 Barton Ave. . . . . 4107 Boscobel Ave ., Richmond, Va. , Richmond, Va. ., Richmond Va. Jones, Arthur E., Jr. . . Jones, Arthur L. ..... . Jones, Chastine W., Jr. Jones, Edwin W. ...... . Jones, Horace C. .... . Jones, John S. ...... . Jones, LaPrade Starks . Jones, Quentin R. . . . . Jones, Wayland H. . . . Jones Wm. H. .... . Jordan, John E. .. Jordan, John P. ..... . Jordan, Thomas D. . .. Jurgens, John F., Jr. Kafka, Herman D. . . . Kamiasky. Isadore i . . . Kamsky, Herbert . . . Kamsky, Leonard . . . , McKennev,Va. . . . . 4012 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va. 1406 Prince Edward St., Fredericksburg, Va. 3087 Midlothian Pike Richmond Va. i ...... 310 Harris St.,,Blackstone: Va. Midlothian,Va. l114FloydAve ., Richmond, . . . . 1504 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . .. 1300 W. 42nd St ., Richmond, Va. . Bon Air, Va. . . . 1308 Bainbridge St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 801 W. Clay St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 21610 Grayland Ave ., Richmond, Va. . . . 2610 Grayland Ave., Richmond, Va. Va. 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1Im--un1mI1nu1un1-m1 - 1 1 - 4, 1,,,.-,!, +..1.,,,1I-I 1.m1mI1Im111111nn1nn1mI1nn1uu1W1,m1un1Im-lm.-W1 In 1 1uu...uu.1Im1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1.m'1Im1Im1Im1nn1nn1Im1Im NOLDE BROTHERS INCORPORATED 1892-1938 S4 54 :Q-2: AMERICAN MAID Bread and Cakes S4 if if -9: . . I l Qualify, Noi Przee Af Yom' Dealer I..-W.-....-....-I...-,...- .. .. - - -,,.-.,..-...-..,.-....-,...-m...n - - - - - -....-....-....-,..,.....,-....-.,- - - - C om plim ezzzif 0 f STUART Oc BETTS, Inc. Wboleiale Confecfionew 1313 E. MAIN ST., RICHMOND, VA. Agelzlf far SCHRAFFTS CHOCOLATES W. T. STUART J. E. REDFORD, JR. Prexiderzz S E'l'7'Bfl1fJ'-T7'E!l.fllf61' un.1mu...,,,,1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1nn--nu1m1.-.RII1I1m C om pl im entx 0 f Baughman Stationery Company STATIONERY ef- OFFICE FURNITURE PRINTING '21-:- RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ,,,1 1 1 11m-nn1nu1am1-nn1un1Im1Im--Im--nn1 1 111-nn Cwnplimenty of A FRIEND ,.l11111111111111111,.1 1un- In-n1Im.. nn1Im- Fmteefnety, College eenel Clmf jewelry JEXVELER TO THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASSES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND Q' WALTER B. ANDERSON L. G. BALFOUR PRODUCTS 111 BROAD-GRACE ARCADE -I.:I1I.:1a:1: 1In11m1Im1.11.-un11m..nn1nu-Im1Im1m.-.. 1 1,,,1 n1nn1 1uu1un-- --nn.-IHI1vm1uu1nII1 1 1 1 1,,,,141-,1I'I1 Wm. F. Gravins Co. Slaenemeloezb Valley Foofl Proelzzcty 23 and 24 South 13th Street RICHMOND -A VIRGINIA -nn1nn1nn....,,,....m,1..,,1 1 1 1,111,111 1 1 .1,.,.1.,,.1,.,.1,, n1Im1 1 1 1,.,,1 1 1 1 1,,.,1 EDDIE'S Famous for Sandwiches - and - Fountain Specialties 2724 WEST BROAD STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -,,,,.-uu1 1 1 ..nu1nn1IIn1nn1nn1nn1m-..Im1,,,,.1nu.-. 1 1,,1., I.1,,,,11.1111111111111...1,I,I1 C 0 n grezzfzzleztions- To the C L A S S O F '3 9 fmm "The Web" -.,,,1lm1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m1,,,,1q ,i.,1111111111111111 Davenport Insurance Corporation Oldest Agency in the South Q MANAGERS AND BROKERS ENGINEERING AND ADJIISTING SERVICE 1113-1115 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 2-1671 11.11-.Iin11ii.1....1.,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PAINTS . . . Pure and tested over a long period of years SPECIFY OUR BRANDS when ordering. SAMPSON PAINT 8: COLOR CO. llfI6IlZl1ft1L'llll'9I'5 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ..i1i,.i1u 1 1 .1im1nII1u 1411411.111Inu-nn-I-'11.m.1nn1im-viu-un-nu1mi- 1 1 1-f'1.n-I "For Nearly Half A Century" Im1nn- -,.,.1nn1 1 .,1uu1uII1nu.1uu1W1.II.1,.,,1mI...nu1uu...,..1.uu1. 111111411-Ii -uni-11.11 -. 1 1 1 1,.,.1.w1...1,.,41m.1 1 1 1 1 vm1nn.. 4........- - ...,.........-....-....-.,..-....-..,.-,...-...,-..,,-..,.-,...-..- BELLWOOD Food Products For Imtitzzliom DISTRIBUTED BY W. H. WILLIAMS 8: CO., INC. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ,,1.m1 1 1,,,,1....1..,,1,,.,...,i,.-.in1I,u1,,,1,,,11,.,.1q,41,.,.1y,,.1 UNIVERSITY PHARMACY INC. 55 14 GROVE AVENUE u 1 itil: f 'The Unive1'Iity'5 Student C entef' 4-8474 +.1un1,.n1nu1 1,..,1 1....1,,.,1,..,1,.,.1,,,.1,,,,1,,,1nii1un1 1 "Ho11e.ft!y, If: the Bert Polity" ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY'S Cljolicy ATLANTIC AGENCY, INC. Genem! Agefztr 217 Mutual Building, Richmond, Virginia 4.-K,.....II-..i-........I...-....-.W-I...-....-....-I...-....-....-..........-,..- - 4, ,.,,-,.,1-,,..-,- .. - .. - - -- - - - - - - -. - The Richmond Dairy Co. Has been identified with Richmond institutions and homes serving them daily with Dairy Products that fulfill the highest standards of wholesomeness, richness and purity. DAIRY . H o I ICE Q O PRODUCTS -' li CREAM any o. D 251' 1,011 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-mi1Im1.un.1nn1un1nu1 1 1 1 1 .-.iIp1..,,1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.1111 -I.-....------...1---...-.-im 4, -un-af. ufon-nu-HII1nn-M1nninninn-mi-nn-nn--m--nn-nu-nm- 1 1 .1.,111.-11....11.-1..11.-I-un VIRGINIA DAIRY I The Home of Eetter JVIilk GRADE AA MILK - CREAM Buttermilk - Fresh Eggs 1810-14 W. Main Street : Dial 5-2838 ...11111-.111111--.1-..,......u.. START THE DAY WITH . . . ,X S I Q? '-f fi K I N G A N 81 C O . RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 4. -....-....-....- .,-....-....-....-...I-....-....-....-....-....-...,-....-i..- .fa .!guL,,nTi1IlT,1..... 4, GRADUATE TO- ORANGE JULIUS "az devilish good drink" BROAD AT THE BOULEVARD Come T0 See Ur, Hear? -...9 'l'-,,..-....-....- .. - - - - .... - - - - - - - -i.......,.......-,..,......- .. - - .. - -- .. - .. .. - - - - IT IS OUR DESIRE TO PLEASE YOU EXCELLENT SERVICE We Will Order Any Article Desired TI-IE STUDENT SI-IOP Kaplan, Stanley sf ..... . . Kardian, Richard W. . Katz, Maxwell D. . . . . Kay, julian O. .... . Kayhoe, Wm. F. . .. Keil, Robert A. ..... . Kellen, A. Staness, jr. . Kellison, john R., jr. . Kennedy, john R. . . .. Kerhulus, George T. . . Kervan, jack C. ..... . Kibler, Hiram C. . . . King, Henry E. . . . . King, Herbert A. ..... . King, john Burwell . . Kinsey, Ralph E. .... . Kirby, Wm. L., jr. ...... . Klaffky, George Albert Klaffky, Richard C. ..... . Klein, Edward M. . . . . Knaub, james R. . . . Knight, james H. . . . . Knipe, Sydney H., jr. .. Korman, john, jr. . .. Krause, Charles W. . . Krug, Robert C. .... . Laird, Douglas W. . .. Lamm Geor e B , g - '---- - Landers, George H., jr. .. Langford, Wm. E. .... . Lankford, Vernon T. . LaPrade, Randolph C. . Lawless, Wilfred P. .. Lawrence, Philip D. . . Laws, Virgil F. ..... . Lefkowitz, Myer . . . Leitch, Robert E. ..... . Lewis, Thomas G. ...... . Lichtenstein, L. james .... Lindsay, R. H., jr. .... . Lipscomb, Clyde S. . .. Littler, james C. . . . Locke, john H. . . . . Long, Alvin P., jr. . . . Long, George E. .... . Long, Macon M., jr. . . Long, Reuben T., jr. . Lovenstein, Irvin ..... Lowry, Mann T. . . . . Lucus, Irvin ......... Luck, Stuart M. ..... . Lumsden, Virgil M., jr Lyon, Adrian P. ..... . Mack, Herbert W. . . . Mack, joseph H. .... . Major, Charles N. . .. Major, Clarence E. Mallory, Barton j. . . . . Manahan, Harold L. Mandaleris, Gus D. . . Maner, Wm. L., jr. . . Manger, Louis P. . . . . Marable, Dallace E. . . Marchant, A. B., jr. . Marchetti, Pietro V. . . Markham, jesse W. . . . Markowitz, Martin . . . Marks, Herbert S. . . . . Martin, Hunter W. . . . Martin, Robert j., III . Martin, Robert R. . . . . Martin, Wm. H. .... . Mason, Philip B. .... . Massie, George E., III Matthews, james A. . . Matyoska, joseph W. . Maynard, Wm. H. . . . McClure, Grover B., jr. McCullough, Daniel B., jr. McDonald, james L. . . McGehee, Ben H. ...... . McKay, Richard C. . . . McNeeley, Hugh E. . . McNeeley, Robert E. . . . 205 5. Rhode Island Ave., Atlantic City, N. j 823 Hull St., Richmond, Va 15 Willowmere Ave., Montclair, N. I McVay, Thomas H. . . . Meacham, james L. . . . Merrick, Edwin j. . . . . . . . . . 1030 Hanover Ave., Norfolk, Va . . . 306 N. Stafford Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 809 W. Race St., Pottsville, Penna . . . . 1315 Claremont Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 332 Creamway Lane, Richmond, Va . . . . 1018 S. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, Ill R.F.D. 3,Richmond,Va . . . . 151-0 Laburnum Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 209 Mabrick Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn Milby, Hope F. . .. Miller, Alvin H. . . . . Miller, Charles I-I. Miller, George K. .... . Miller, jerry G. ...... . Miller W. Edwin jr. .. . . . 218 E. Berkley Ave., Norfolk, Va Locklies,Va Kearneysville,W.Va . ............. . . 5 York St., Richmond Va 1103 Kenmore Ave., Fredericksburg: Va . ....... . 3206 Griffin Ave., Richmond . . . . 1346 Masonic Ave., San Francisco, Calif 16 Withington Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y cfo Attorney-General's Office, Richmond, Va .. . . . . . . . . . . . ... Stuart Hall, Staunton, Va . .... 71 Gardner St., Peabody, Mass . . . . . . . . . . Stuart Hall, Staunton, . . . . . . 2817 Floyd Ave., Richmond, . . . . 3916 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. Va Va . . . . 83 Prospect St., Huntington, N. Y Milling, Bert W. .... . Moody, Samuel M. Moore, George C. . . Moore, john C. Moore, jolm K. .... . Moore, j. Alex. ..... . Moore, Robert C. ..... . Moorman, Wilbur C. . . . Morgan, Charles A., jr. . , Va 552 Wisconsin Ave., Mobile, Ala . . . 1808 Third Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1516 Carlisle Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 1516 Carlisle Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 13 W. Market St., Onancock, Va. 2900 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 3208 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va. Mt.jackson,Va. Rockvi1le,Va. . . . . . 83 Prospect St., Huntington, N. Y . . . 751 Cleveland Ave., Bridgeport, Conn . . . 2708 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 106 N. Belmont Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 5 Columbus Ave., Glen Ridge, N. j Quinton,Va . . . . 1906 Sherwood Ave., Baltimore, Md . . . 418 S. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va . . . . 4524 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va ... . . . 614 E. Broad St., Dunn, N. C Morrissette, Wm. P. . .. Morrison, Wm. E. ..... . Morton, Ferdinand H., jr. Morton, Sidney G. .... . jr Mottley, j. Davis, Murphy, james M. . . . . Murrill, Donald P. . . Nakdimen, Henry . . . Nash, j. Pope, jr. .... . Newton, Roy M. ...... . . ........ . ............. Midlothian, Va . 710 Washington Ave., Bridgeville, Penna Winifrede,W.Va . . . 20 N. Allen Ave., Richmond, Va Amelia,Va . . 228 Cameron Ave., Petersburg, Va . . . 3111 Fourth Ave., Richmond, Va PenningtonGap,Va . . . 6305 Towana Rd., Richmond, Va . . 317 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Va . . . 2919 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 4219 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va Bloxom,Va . . . 2819 Stonewall Ave., Richmond, Va Grover, N. C . . . . 4317 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va Ballsville, Va . . . . . . 528 S. Pine St., Richmond, Va . . . 4108 Boscobel Ave., Richmond, Va 80 Parkway Rd., Bronxville, N. Y . . . 119 Clifford Ave., jersey City, N. j . . . . . . 3123 4th Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 2511 E. Clay St., Richmond, Va Ill .. . 5016 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, Boyce, 4328 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Louisa, St.Paul, Luray, . . . 1104 N. Sheppard St., Richmond, Beaverdam, . . . . . . . . . . .. 3412 First Ave., Richmond Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va . . . 3021 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va E. Brookland Park Blvd., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . ., 9 Rodes Ave., Sandston, Va . . . . . 203 Second Ave., Altoona, Penna 3rd and Orchard Ave., Runnemede, N. j . . . 2421 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va Stormont, Va . . . 3103 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va .. . . . . . . .. R.F.D. 10, Richmond, Va . . . . 2920 Ellwood Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . 16 Hancock St., Staunton, Va 280 Watson Ave., Perth Amboy, N. ,I . . . . . 122 30th St., Newport News, Va . . Urbanna, Va . . . 2315 Idlewood Ave., Richmond, . .... 514 N. 25th St., Richmond, Va Va . . . . 456 DeWitt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y . . . . . 3313 Patterson Ave., Richmond, . . . 6007 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, . . . . . . 405 Georgia Court, Towson, . . . . . 906 W. Grace St., Richmond, .. . 1301 Oakwood Ave., Richmond, . . . . . 1015 Blain Ave., Hampton, . . . . 4001 Grove Ave., Richmond, . . . . 3213 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va Va Md Va Va Va Va Va .. . . . . . 15 Stevens Ave., Nashua, N. H 216 W. 33rd St., Norfolk, Va . . 3315 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va 3107 Grilhn Ave., Richmond, Va 2609 W. Chestnut St., Yokirna, Wash Wilming-ton,Va . . . . . . 32 Kendall Ave., Rutland, Vt . . Doswell, Va . . . 321 Floyd Ave., Danville, Va. Nicholson, Morton L., jr. Niswanger, Bryon R. . . . Noble, Earl L., jr. . . . . Noble, Everett L. .... . Noffsinger, jack R. . . . . Nolan, Marlin T. . . . Noonan, john j., jr. . . . Norfleet, james D. . . . . Norvell, Forrest H., jr. . O'Connor, Frederick M. O'Flaherty, Roderick L. . Ogburn,'Wm. D. ..... . Oliver, George L. .... . Owen, Irvin K. . . . Owen, Harold G. Palmore, Wm. A. . . . Pankey, Wm. A. ..... . Paris, Woodrow W. . . Parker, F. Byron ....... Parkerson, Wm. F., jr. . . Parks, Roy C., jr. ..... . Parrish, Randolph H. . . . Parrish, Raymond A. . . Patten, Neal j. ..... . Patteson, S. Cecil Pauli, Edwin F. ..... . Payton, Moses ......... Peek, Eugene G., jr. . . . Pepi, Michael S. ..... . Perkins, john G. . . . . Perkinson, Wm. H. . .. Peters, j. Linwood . .. Phaup, Allan j., jr. .... . Phillips, Charles H., jr. . Phillips, Leslie I-I., jr. . . Phillips, Marshall j. . . Phillips, Robert M. . . . Philpott, Albert L. . . Piper, Robert E., jr. . . . Pitt, Mac U. ........ . Pitts, Grover C. ....... . Pitts, H. Broaddus, jr. . Pollard, George M. . . . . Powell, Frederick H., jr. Powers, john F. ...... . Powers, Linwood C., jr. Price, Blanton L. ........ . Price, Harvey B. ..... . Puckett, Archie H. . . Pugh, james D. . . . . Pugh, Thomas E. . . . Pullen, Roy D., jr. . .. Purcell, joseph E. . . . Purdy, Leonard A. . . . Pusey, R. K., jr. . . . . Rawlings, Dorsey C. . . NorthEmporia,Va Pr0vidence,Ky . . . . 2107 Third Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 603 N. 24th St., Richmond, Va . . . . 607 Greenwood Rd., Roanoke, Va . . . 218 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va . . . 312 N. 32nd St., Richmond, Va Holland,Va . . . . 3011 Market St., jacksonville, Fla . . 331 Albemarle Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 2623 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3101 Fifth Ave., Richmond, Va Route 2,Norfolk,Va . . 405 LaFayette Ave., Petersburg, Va . . . . . 1505 Perry St., Richmond, Va . . . 2811 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 1828 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . . 2917 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 2713 Griffin Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 3448 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 5604 Cary St., Richmond, Va . . . 816 N. 35th St., Richmond, Va Rents Store, . . . . 652 28th St., Newport News, Ransons Va Va Va .. . 112 N. Allen Ave., Richmond: Va . . . . 701 W. Clay St., Richmond ,Va Ocala,Fla 142 W. 101st St.,NewYork,N.Y Dumbarton, Va Dolph1n,Va Sandston,Va . . . . 3315 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . 11 Oak Lane, Richmond, Va . . . 2702 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va .... . . . . . .. Box 163, Hopewell, Va . . . . 1131 Hawks St., Petersburg, Va . ................... . Philpott, Va . . 3125 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 3918 Park Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 30292 S. Pine St., Richmond, Va 700 Chimborazo Blvd., Richmond, Va . . . 3035 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3105 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va 1129 Stewart St., South Norfolk, Va ...... 619 N. 35th St., Richmond, Va . . . 39 Willway Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 12 William St., Phoebus, Va . . . . . 1107 N. 36th St., Richmond, Va ... . . . . . . . . .. Route 10, Richmond, Va . . 1609 Franklin St., Fredericksburg, Va Sandston,Va . . . . . 3114 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 2817 Stonewall Ave., Richmond, Va . ........... 1824 Park Ave., Richmond, Va 1400 Washington Ave., Fredericksburg, Va ,,1,..,1...r11111.-111111111m I I ,1 14,111-I-I1 1uu1lnI-nn-nn- 1 -uuiuuiuui 1 in-n1nn gi, -nn-Q, oIan1luI1nn 1-1----1111 rm 11-11 W1 731131 Cakes, 'Ties and Tastries from ABRAMS' SISTERS IF Quality County! Dial 2-1192 vs 9 East Grace Street -1- -....-....- -......,...-,.,.-...,-, -.,,.........r..-m.-n.g. 4. -..r.-..r.- -.M-....-....-....-....-....-..., ------ ...-H..-....-.g. Van Pelt.8c Brown, Inc. Tbarmacists Professional Building, 505 East Franklin Street Phone 2-8565 RICHMOND, VA. ,,,,1.,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1nu C om plimefztf of I L. H. JENKINS, INC. 730012 Ljvlmzufactwfem RICHMOND M VIRGINIA A. HOEN SC COMPANY LITHOCRAPHERS LABELS OF ALL KINDS RICHMOND OFFICE: 801 S. Randolph Street -,,,i, .5.-,.,1-r.....,.,.. .. .. .... .. - - - ... .. ... - -,.,,- -....,, -..I-I..I-....-H..-....... - - - - .. .. - - .. ... - - .. .. -..E- TIANTILLA GARDEN TINY TOWN AMUSEMENT CENTER "Meet Your Friemif Nightly at Tmzlilla Garden and Tiny Town" LEADING ATHLETIC AND NIGHT LIFE CENTER FOR UNIVERSITY of RICHMOND STUDENTS 4, 1,,,, 1111111111 11111111111 - I 1---- unvuu --11 nn 11--- -111.1 nf. Rea, T. Russell .... Reid, Emmet K. .,... . ReMine, Philips G. .. ReMine, Wm. H. .. Resch, joseph J. ...,. . Reynolds, Charles W. . . . . Rhodes, Robert A. . . . . Rice. Marion L. Ir. . . . . Rich, Wm. T. ...... . Richards, Stanton C. . . Ridenour, john L. . .. Riggs, Dan R. . . . . Roberson, Wm. L. . . Roberts, George E. . . . . Roberts, Shilly H. .... . Robertson, David L., Jr. . . . Robertson, Donald K. . . Robertson, Robert K. . . . Robinson, Charles Robinson, Morris . .. Robinson, Wm. M. . .. Rochkind, George . . . Rockolf, Herman S. . . . Rogers, David R. .... . Ronnick, Harold L. . . . Roper, Wm, Y. ..... . Ross, Geo. Wm., Jr. .. Rothenberg, Wm. A. Round, Harry ........ Routon, Charles R. .... . Rucker, Richard E., jr. . Ryan, Wm. S. ......... . St. Clair, Alvan L. . . . . Salisburg, Saul ..... Salsbury, I. Melvin . . . Sanders, Wm. H., jr. . . Sanford, John D. ..... . Sanger, julian D. ..... . Sauer, Lester M. ...... . Saunders, Leander T., Jr. Saunders, Richard H., jr. Saunier, Pierre P., Jr. .. Scammon, Richard L. . . . Schaffer, Wm. P. .... . Schapiro, Edward R. . . Scheer, Geo. F., jr. .... . Schneider. Walter G. . . . Schrieberg, Eli I. .... . Scoler, Jerome A. . .. Scott, David G. ..... . Scott, M. Wingfield . . . Sease, Robert H. ..... . Secrist, john B., Jr. . . . . Shackelford, George H. . Shaia, Wm. H. ....... . Shefheld, Lawrence B., Jr. ...... . Shillett, Robert W. . . . . Shuford, Louis A. .... . Siegal, Gilbert ........ Simoson, james P., III .... . Sinar, Edward S. ..... . Skutt, Charles H. . . . Smith, Charles E. .... . Smith, Wm. M., jr. . . . Snead, Russell N. . . . Snow, Billy J. . . . . Snowa, Otis E. ...... . Somers, George B. .... . Southworth, Thomas F. . Spears, George H. .... . Speir, John A., jr. .... . Spiers, Lawrence E., jr. . Stafford, Vernon C. . . . . Stanley, Robert E. .... . Starke, Parke P., jr. . . . Steinberg, Ephrain .... Steiner, Henry L. ..... . Steinmetz, Granville H. . Stephenson, George A., jr Sternberg, Alexander B. ..... . . . Stewart, Merrill R. ....... . . . . Stigall, John l., III ....... .... Stoneburner, Seabury D. . . . . Stover, john O. ........ . Spencer,Va . . . . . 203 E. 33rd St., Baltimore, Md. 3126 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3126 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. 914 Sylvania Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . . 22 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. Windsor,Va. . . . 3201 Fendall Ave., Richmond, Va. . 1208 Avondale Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 20 Pleasant Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. 2510 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2007 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 208 N. 7th Ave., Hopewell, Va. Nassawadox,Va. Stern,N.C. . . . . . . . . . 209 Fifth, Pelham, N. Y. Mattoax,Va. . . . 108 Fairfax Ave., Petersburg, Va. . . . 3328 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3328 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 50 Locust Ave., Hampton, Va. . 3024 Idlewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 253 Roctow Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. . . . . . 1204 Rennie Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 2220 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 4416 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. LaBelle,Mo. . . . 1818 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va. . . . 12-01 St. John St., Richmond, Va. .. . . . . . . . R.F.D. 9, Richmond, Va. jetersville,Va. . . . 1210 Linden Ave., Baltimore, Md. . . .I 1810 Patterson Ave., Roanoke, Va. . . . . . . 62-0 North Road, Richmond, Va. . 2026 Grayland Ave., Richmond, Va. Dumbarton,Va. Luray,Va. Medical College of Va., Richmond, Va. . . . 1827 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Ivor,Va. Box 1-05, University of Richmond, Va. . . .... University Heights, Richmond, Va. . . . . 2-800 Francis St., jackson, Mich. Drewry'sBluff,Va. . . . 730 W. Leigh St., Richmond, Va. . . . 2009 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. . . 502 Northside Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2530 Venable St., Richmond, Va. . . 92 Woodstock St., Hartford, Conn. 1808 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . 3020 Edgewood Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1-00 Gun Club Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . 1612 Monterio Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . . 22 Myrtle St., Hampton, Va. .. . . . 1101 E. Clay St., Richmond, Va. . . . 2231 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 2817 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. 818 Brompton St., Fredericksburg, Va. 1212 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N. Y. Falmouth,Va. Va. Sullivan, joseph C., Jr. Surber, Wm. H., Jr. . . . Swink, Robert B. . . . . Talley, Robert V. . . . . Tate, Owen F. .... . Taylor, Elwood S. . .. Taylor, Gervas S. ...... . Taylor, Hayward F., Jr. . . Taylor, Jackson J. .... . Taylor, Reed F. .... . Taylor, Warren F. . . . Taylor Wm. A. Terry, ,Wm. S. . . . . Thacker, james L. . .. D1llwyn,Va. . . . . . . . . . 900 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3110 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 207 N. 36th St. Richmond Va. .. . . .. . . . 125 Broad St., Danville: Va. Frgsboro,Va. . . . 3210 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1207 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. Winnabow,N.C. S W Baltimore St , Kensington, Md. If 151i W sf., s.E., washington, D. c. Spencer,Va. Chatham,Va. . . . . . . . . .. Disputanta, Va. 615 Allegheny St., Clifton Forge, 2919 N. Franklin Rd., Arlington 1-002 Westwood Ave., Richmond Dillwyn: Midlothian . . 6600 Patterson Ave., Richmond, R.F.D. 2 . 3116 E. Marshall St. Richmond . . . .. 2312 Park Ave., , Richmond, , Richmond, SouthBoston, .... 25 S. Cherry St., .. . R.F.D. 9, Box 215, . . 202 S. Mulberry St., 800 N. First St., 701 N. 31st St. .. . . 1411 N. 22nd St. . . 1719-A Grove Ave. . . . . 2711 Grove Ave. Logan, W. Richmond, Richmond, Richmond . Ashland, Richmond, , Richmond, , Richmond, , Richmond, , Richmond, Thomas, Carlson R. . . . . Thomas, Harding L. . .. Thomas. joseph B. ....... . Thompson, Abner N., jr. Tiller, Vincent S. .... . Todd, Julian P., jr. . . . . Topham, Wm. F. . .. . Townsend, Morton Townsend, Walter S. Trausneck, Wm. M. ..... . Trilla, Emilie F. .... . . . Troxell, Wm. S. . .. Troy, joseph R. ..... . Trump, Donald E. ..... . Tureman, Garnet R., jr. Turkington, James W. . . . Turner, Theodore R. .. Turner, Wm. G. ...... . Tutwiler, T. Stanford .... Tyler, Earl W., Jr. . . . . . Tvler, Wm. C. ..... . Ullman, Edward N. . .. Urback, Robert G. .... . Uzzle, Frederick B. ..... . Valentine, Allen W., jr. . . . Van Buren, Robert P. . . . . Van Buskirk, Bruce P. . Van Leeuwen, Evan B. . Vaughn, C. Porter, Jr. .... . Von Gemminger, Elmslie Vranian, George .......... Waddington, Frederick A., jr. ........ . Wagner, james A. . ......... Waite, George T., Jr. ...... . Walker, A. C., jr. . . .. Walker, Flavius B., jr. . Wallace, Robert W. . . . Walthall, Charles T. .. Walton, Russell E. . . . . Wanderer, Frederick ..... Warriner, Thomas E., jr. Washer, Roy J. ..... . . . . Watkins, Charles A., jr. . . . Watkins, john T., jr. ....... . Watlington, Paul B., Jr. Watson, Paul G., Jr. .. . Watts, Arnold F. ..... . Waymack, Wm. J., Jr. . Weaver, Albert F. .... . Webber, Bernard B. . .. Wellhouse, Henry A. . . Wells, James M., jr. . . . Welton, Chauncey G. . . Wermuth, Scott H., jr. West, Edmund P., Ir. . Weston, Beniamin H. . . Wheeler, Alfred M. .... . Whitlatch, Carlton A. . . White, Corbin B. ..... . White, George L., Jr. . . White, Thomas W., Jr. . . Whitley, George P., jr. Whittaker, Otte H., jr. . Whittet, R. McLean, jr. Wholey, Walter D. . . . . Wicker, John T. ...... . . . . . . . . . . . 892 Pine St., Danville . . . . . . . . . . . R.F.D. 3, Martinsville . . . 301 Ridgeway St., Clifton Forge . . . 2906 Du Pont Circle, Richmond PenningtonGap , Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. Va. .................Dumbarton . . . . 711 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, Va. . . . . . . . 126 Shore St., Petersburg, Va. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126 Shore St., Petersburg, Va. Route 2, Stop 29, Towana Rd., Richmond Carolrna,Puerto . . 2109 Rosewood Ave., Richmond . . . . . 3112 Fendall Ave., Richmond 6007 Clear Spring Rd., Baltimore, Pendleton . . . 283 Griffith St., jersey City, N. I. FrederickHall, Chatham, Va. . . . . 510 W. 24th St., Richmond . . . 4109 Stuart Ave., Richmond, . . . 206 S. Curry St., Phoebus, Va. , Va. Rico , Va. , Va. Md. Va. , Va. Va. . . . . 3107 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 1311 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 335 E. Washington St., Petersburg, Va. .. . . . . . . . 1137 West Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2701-A Floyd Ave., Richmond , Va 6 Grama-tan Gardens, Bronxville, N. Y. 1318 Brunswick Ave., Norfolk, Va. Stevensville , Va. B. ........ 2010 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. . . . 292-6 Westhampton Ave., Richmond, Va. 22-08 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . . . . . Route 5, Box 129, Richmond, Va. . . . 2904 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. Exmore,Va. . . . . 4914 Cary St. Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . 851 30th St., Newport News, Va. Matoaca,Va. . . . 2013 Rosewood Ave., Richmond 4416 Augusta Ave., Richmond Lawrenceville,Va. . . 1554 Williamsburg Rd., Richmond . . . . . . . . 821 W. 30th St., Richmond . . . . . 48-00 Patterson Ave., Richmond 512 Washington Square, Hagerstown, Nassawadox , Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. , Va. Md. , Va. . . . . . . 615 Roseneath Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2916 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3205 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 1708 Seddon Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 3128 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 3205 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2512 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. Dumbarton,Va. ..... 900 N. Frederick St., Arlington, Va. Ellerson,Va. . . . 810 Brompton St., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . 136 E. james St., Lancaster, Penna. . . . . . . . 210 Hardy Ave., Norfolk, Va. . . . . . -613 W. 33rd St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2210 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va. Box 945,Durham,N.C. . . . 2003 Walton St., Bluefield, W. Va. . . . 3406 Gloucester Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . 809 Marye St., Fredericksburg, Va. . . . . 1300 Victor St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 10 Arbutus Ave., Pitman, N. I. 4521 E, Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 3005 Brook Road, Richmond, Va . . . . . 703 Main St., South Boston, Va. Widener, W. H. .... . Wiese, Harold E. ..... . Wiggins, joe W., Jr. . . . Wiley, Thomas J., Jr. . . Shungnak,Alaska . .. . . . . . . . 939 30th St., Ogden, Utah . . . . 11-00 Clark St., Fayetteville, N. C. . . . . 2208 Jefferson Ave., Richmond, Va. m1nu1nn1I11.1.1111...1.11111. 1m111111.1111111111 1,,,.1111111111111111fIvv1II..- '!' I I Complimezztx of 5 A. T. MASSEY COAL Q COMPANY, INC. j IRICHMOND, VA. I I -1- -I. ------ ---- .--- ----- 1--- - I I I-I-11 4- - --" ---- ---- - '--- - I I- "-- - ---- - ---- - '1'- - f--' ----- I I- 1f-- -.Q Complinzenty of MEADOR-POULSON-PRIDDY INCORPORATED 5 Uflvolemle I FANCY PRUITS S Phone 3-9027 1302-4 E. CARY STREET I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 1.3.1 1.1.1-.IIII1-I-I1IIII-...I1Im11m..m.1.m1nu1.mI1Im1II1. 1n1I,1IIyI1..!. I1Im1uu...Iu I 1 I -1- -nn1,.,. u.1nn '!' I I -I- lfvn1uII -11111-11---- 111- I III1 4, For Quality and Choice Mean . . . JACOB KECK'S SON J. ANDREW KECK, P1'0p1'ie1f01' SIXTH STREET MARKET z: Dial 3-5395 .111-n1.m.-.1111.-111111111,,,, Dealers in . . . C H OI CE JWEATS fFor over 85 years? B. BRAUER'S SONS SIXTH STREET MARKET 'M DIAL 5-5328 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -,...1....1 1 1 1,H1Im-mI1uu1nn1uu1nn1nu1un1 1 1 1 1 E. T. IVIANKIN, INCORPORATED B R I C K BUILDING BRICK FACE BRICK HAND-MADE COLONIALS ow OFFICE AND EXHIBIT ROOM: YARDS: MANBUR, VA., SO. RY. 527 EAST MAIN STREET YORK RIVER DIVISION RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Richmond, Va Abernathy, Kathleen . . . DeBoe, Frances Virginia . . . . Va Williams, A. Simpson, Jr. Williams, Bolling G. Williams, Robert D. ........ . Williams, Robert F. .... 112-A W. Brookland Park Blvd., Stuart L. .... . , Thomas N. Willing, Mark S., Jr. .. Willis, L. Haywood . .. Wills, Milton E., Jr. . . Wilson, Joseph A. . . . Wingo, Charlie F. . . . Winn, Julian O. ..... . Wood, M. Henson, Jr. . . Wood, Russell K., Jr. . .. Williams, Williams Acker, Betty Benson Aler, Jane ......... I .I .i .U . Alston, Dorothy Elizabeth Arnold, Mary Lorraine . . . Asbury, Mary Harrison . . . Ashbrooke, Elizabeth Mary Auringer, Dorothy Burke Austin, Margaret Louise . . . Aycock, Madge Marie .... Babcock, Natalye Tunison Badenock, Marion Frances Bailey, Frances Bell ..... Baird, Lucy Wynn ..... Ball, Virginia Lee Barlow, Joanne ..... Barnes, Sally Moore . . . Batten, Hildah Cofer ..,. Bass, Eunice Virginia . .. Beale, Charlotte Anne . . . Beam, Martha Lillian . .. Beeks, Jean Clardy .... Belding, Martha Isora . . . Benjamin, Mary Matilda ...... Berry, Elizabeth Norton . . Beverley, Martha Belle . . . Blake, Jane Elizabeth ..., Blake, Lois ............ Boehling, Mary Anne .... Bradley, Shirley Spotswood Bradshaw, Elaie Fowler .. Branch, Rebecca Clarke .... Brewer, Margaret Sparks . Brinsom, Margaret Ruth . . Britt, Mary Virginia ..... Brittingham, Margaret Evelyn . Bugg, Virginia Hall ..... Burch, Elizabeth Collier ....... Burfoot, Edith McDowell Burnette, Mildred Colota ...... . . . 408 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3411 Gloucester St., Richmond, Va. . . . 2235 Monument Ave., Richmond Va. Richmond Va. . .. . 2323 Hanover Ave., Richmond Va. . . . . . . 3617 Brook Road, Richmond Va. Mt.Holly Va. 9O0N. 36th St., Richmond . . . . . . . . 404 Ninton St., Petersburg Va. Va. . . . 1212 Laburnum Ave., Richmond, Va. R.F.D. 10, Box 205, South Richmond, Va. Keysville Va. . . , . . , . . 4433 Park Ave., Richmond Va. Woolard, Charles H. . . . ..,.. 1406 N. 22nd St., Richmond, . . . 616 Connecticut Ave., Norfolk, Woost, Carl F., Jr. .,..... . Wornom, Samuel J., Jr. ...... . Wortham, C. Frederick . .. Wortham, Edwin, IV Wren, Woodrow W. . . Wrenn, Wilbur H. . . . . Wright, John W., Jr. . . . Wright, Wenten G. . . . Wright, Wesley ..... Wyett, Evans Y. ..... . Wymbs, Roy P. ....... . Younts, Charleton P., Jr. .. . . . 3217 Hanes Ave., Richmond, Va. Zicafoose, Harold C. . . . . . W esthampton College . . . . . . . . . . 2 Clark Road, Richmond, Va. Cunningham, Clarine Totty 5070 McKean Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Churchland,Va. 608 Hazelhurst Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 105 Elizabeth St., Clearfield, Pa. . . 3800 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 2716 Hillcrest Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . 5704 Meadow St., Richmond, Va. ... . . .. 3856 Beech Ave., Erie, Pa. Prmcet0n,N.C. . . . 524 Deer Park Ave., Babylon, N. Y. . . . 3203 Kensington Ave., Richmond Va. . . . . . . 27 Willway Rd., Richmond, Va. Rawlings,Va. Schuyler,Va. . . . . . . 55 Lock Lane, Richmond Va, . .. . 2232 W. Grace St., Richmond Va. Smithf1eld,Va. Route 1,Ettrick,Va. . . . 415 Riverside Drive, Portsmouth, Va . . . . . . . . 405 Jefferson St., Hamlet, N. C. . . 2308 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 2616 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. 428 Prospect Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. . . . . . . . 3326 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 1912 Princess Anne Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . . 3-029 Noble Ave., Richmond Va. . ........ 3029 Noble Ave., Richmond Va. . . . 3021 Hanover Ave., Richmond Va. 108 N. Auburn Ave., Richmond, Va. Laurel,Va. . . . 312 Overbrook Rd., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 907 B St., South Norfolk, . . . . . 268 East 39th St., Norfolk, . . . 205 N. Addison St., Richmond, Victoria, 5500 Riverside Drive, Richmond, 3014 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Fentress, 652 Northumberland Ave., Roanoke, Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Buxton, Mary M. ...... . Cabaniss, Ella Rachel .... Calisch, Frances Claudia . Campbell, Anne Scott . . . Campbell, Lois Inez ...... Carper, Elizabeth Hunter .... .... Carter, Mary Sue ....... Chalkley, Ivfary Mae .......... . . . 1001 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 1015 S. Jefferson Ave., Roanoke, Va. Va. 3018 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Venter, Va. Saltville,Va. 2409 Rosewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 54 Sagamore Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 2711 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. Christiansen, Aida ....,...... Claiborne, Eugenia Macon .... Clary, Rosalie Gordon ...... Clifton, Evelyn Mae ...... Cofer, Annie Gertrude Coghill, Phyliss Ann ...... Conrey, Betty Ellen ..... Conrey, Marion Angeline Cortopassi, Pauline Elvira Cosby, Evelyn Linda ..... Cosby, Evelyn Virginia .... Cosby, Ida Madeline Coy, Dorothy ............... . 147-09 14th Avenue, Whitestone, N. Y. Forest,Va. Dumbarton, . . . . 209-A N. 28th St., Richmond, Highland Springs, . . 2327 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. Va. Va. Va. . . . 214 E. Meade St., Philadelphia, Pa, . . . . . 214 E. Meade St., Philadelphia, Pa, . . . 4318 Stonewall Street, Richmond, Va. . . . 2101 E. Marshall St., Richmond, Va. Midlothian,Va. . . . . . 2101 E. Marshall St., Richmond, Va. The Tuckahoe, River Rd., Richmond, Va. . . Caixa 1982, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Crabtree, Margaret ...... Crawford, Kathleen Frances ...... 2319 Rosewood Ave., Richmond, Va. Curley, Mary Katherine ..... Danner, Ruby Ellis ...... d'Avesne, Alys Leontine . . Davis, A. Elizabeth ..... Davis, Nancy Ellen ...... Dawley, Dorothy Eloise . . Deaton, Agnes Russell .... 443 Newport News Ave., Hampton, Va Va Va . . . . . 5100 Caledonia Rd., Richmond, Va . . . . . 5100 Caledonia Rd., Richmond, Va . . . 521 N. Belmont Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 301 Roanoke St., Richmond Va . . . 1344 Bedford Ave., Lynchburg: . . . Acorn Va , Va . . 6805 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Penna 6320 Ventnor,N.J 902 Sylvania Ave., Fredericksburg, . , . 8430 E. Dixie Highway, Miami, Fla Lewisburg,W. 731 Byrd Park Court, ..... 3226 Grove Ave. Va Va , Richmond, Va Beaufort, S. C Va . . . 421 N. Boulevard, Richmond, . . . 623 Overbrook Rd., Richmond, Va . . . 111 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . . . 3126 Lamb Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 133 N. Fillmore St., Arlington, Va Chatham,Va Dickinson, Charlotte Ann . .. Dill, Dorothy Amelia ..... Dineen, Marie Lenore . .. Dodd, Helen Marie ..... Dorsey, Ellen Bourne ..... Doyle, Caroline Virginia .... Duke, Dorothy Ann . . . . . . Duling, Christine Irving . . Duncan, Truman Crystal . . DuVal, Mary Louise .... Earp, Mary Jones ..... Eckles, Barbara Ruth . . . Elliott, Martha Jelfress . . . Ellis, Susan Anne ..... Epes, Gladys Rebecca .... Eppes, Sarah Anne ....... FrontRoyal, . . . . 11603 Magnolia St., Richmond, . . . 727 Byrd Park Court, Richmond, . . . . . . 606 W. 31st.St., Richmond. PrinceFrederick, MCKC-nney, 3518 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Village, Palmyra, . ................ Arvonia, Va Va Va Va Md Va Va Va Va Va M1lton,N.C . . . 3324 Park Ave., Richmond, . . . . . 27 Tyson Ave., Glenside, . . . . 2506 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Evans, Alice Cook ......... Evans, Elizabeth Jeannette . . . Farley, Ruth ............ Faulkner, Jacqueline Minge Fennell, Josephine Frankkin Flanagan, Ethne Crowder . Flanagan, Eunice Signora . Fleet, Mollie Macgill . . . . . Fleet, Shirley Heath ...... . . . . . 110' High St., Blackstone, Va Pa Va Va . . . . . 2429 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3903 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3903 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va . . 3921 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va Rumford,Va . . . . . , . . . . Route 2, Richmond, Va . . . 4007 Wythe Ave,, Richmond, Va BremoBluff, Florance, Juliet Harrison .... Flow, Evaline Bernard .... Forrer, Margaret Elizabeth Fountain, Emmy Smithson . . . Windsor Farms, Richmond, Va Demarest,N.J . . . 1823 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 2822 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . . . .. 3018 Noble Ave., Richmond, Va Fox, Betty Lee .............. Francis, Kathleen Burke . . . Frank, Eleanor Anne ..... Franklin, James Elizabeth . Fugate, Maureen Ophelia . Gatewood, Nancy Trevey . Garrett, Virginia Ellen Gary, Carolyn Hatcher . .. Gillelan, Kathryn Smillie . Gonzalez, Ninita Orts .... Goode, Sara Trimble ..... Grant, Jean Simone ...... Greenbaum, Frances Rose . Greenebaum, Kathryn Estel Gregory, Myra Anne ..... le Gresham, Janet Moore ...... Grimm, Helen Avis ...... Gustafson, Mildred Jane . . Gwaltney, Ann Fisher .... Princess Anne, Va 4114 Fessenden Street, Washington, D. C Va GlenAllen, Box492,Petersburg, Va SouthNorfolk,Va Va Ewing, 828 W. 29th St., Richmond, Blackstone, . . . . . 9 Maxwell Road, Richmond, Va Va Va . . . 630 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J . . . 3109 Hanes Ave., Richmond, Va Hall, Dorothy Traynham .... Hall, Stella Louise ....... Hargrove, Bernice Sutphin Hargrove, Doris Ann .... Harman, Cassandra Ward Harris, Anne Elizabeth . .. . . . 30 Albemarle Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . . . 4007 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 3324 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va ShortHills,N.J Va Chester, 1021 N, Tilden St., Richmond, Va . ..................... Winchester, Va . . 1212 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va . . . 2512 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 26 Brookwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga . 4536 W. Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . 3403 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va . . . . 3403 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va Tazewell, Beaverdam, Va Va Organ, Beryl Taylor ....,.. Robey, Ann Beverley ....... Harris, Margaret Louise ...... . Harrison, Elizabeth Ashton . Harshbarger, Dorothy Bernice Hazard, Mary Evelyn ...... Henry, Mary Elizabeth ....... Hertzberg, Bella .......... Hewes, Dorothy Virginia . . . Hibbs, Jessie Persinger ,... Hill, Helen James .......,. Hillsman, Evelyn Holdcroft . Hinchman, Mary Erina .... Hoen, Hermine Louise . . . Hoffman, Mary Duane ..... Hoffman, Rosellen ......... Holden, Elizabeth Dillard . . . Holland, Louise Giles ..... Hood, Frances Mozelle . . . Hood, Jean Champion . .. Hoover, Catherine Bird Hoover, Sarah Huldah ..... .................Route3 Houser, Ruth Savage ........... Howerton, Mildred Turnley . Howe, Harriett Wully . .... . Hulbert, Betty May ........ Jacobsen, Dagmar Florence . James, Mildred Lyell ....... Jenkins, Laura Virginia .... Joblin, Patsy Sarah ........ Johnson, Helen Elizabeth . . . Jones, Miriam Allene ...... Jung, Lillian Henriette .... Kalajian, Margaret Dora . .. Kesee, Elizabeth Ann .... Kemp, Betty Page ..... Keuffel, Elsa Marie ...... Keyser, Marie Estelle .... Kidd, Elsie Katherine .... Kimbell, Jean Louise .,.... Kindell, Eleanor Cookson . . . Kyte, Dorothy Louise ..... Lacy, Iris Gay .......... Lafoon, Mary Florance . . . Land, Ada Mary ....., Lane, Janice Louise .... Langley, Mary Jane ..... Latham, Ruth Bailey ...... Lawson, Christine Octavia . . Lenton, Marjorie Farguhar . . Levine, Ethel ............ Leviston, Kathryn Rebecca . . Lewis, Naomi ..,.......,. Ligon, Margaret Hatton ..... Lloyd, Eilleen Louise .... . Loving, Juliette Page .... Lucas, Dray ............. Lucas, Judith Carter ........ Lumpkin, Annabel Farinholt Lyle, Katherine Lee ..,..... Lyle, Lois Elizabeth .....,.......... MacMurtry, Elizabeth Farwell Mahone, Marguerite Florence Maire, Jayne Marie . ......... .... . Mangum, Mary Virginia . .. Maitland, Mildred Anne . .. Mann, Marjorie ..... V ...... Markham, Mildred Flournoy Marsh, Elizabeth Jane ...... Martin, Helen Douglas ..... Mayo, Virginia Randolph .. McCabe, Martha Ward .... McDonough, Lucy Ellen .. McElroy, Alice Wilson ..... McE1ro essie Woodrow 3314 Westhampton Ave., Richmond, Va. 3414 Carolina Ave., Richmond, Va. ..... 2717 5th Ave. Albans, W. Va. , Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . P. O. Box 462, Hopewell, Va. ... 3301 W. Grace St. . ..,....... 605 E. 19th , Richmond, Va. St., Chester, Pa. .. . 908 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 46 Willway Rd., Richmond, Va. . 2800 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va. .. 1601 W. Grace Sr., 5803 Clear Spring Rd., Richmond Baltimore , Va. , Md. 40 Jewel St., Forest Hills, N. Y. . . . . 17 Pear Ave., Newport News, Va. Blackstone, Va. . . . . . . 304 Clay St., Franklin, Va. Richmond Va. . . . .. 407 Henri Rd. .. . 716 S. Adams St.,,Petersburgj Va. Route3,Richmond,Va. 3405 Hawthorne Ave. 217N.Saratoga , Richmond, Va. , Richmond, Va. St., Suffolk, Va. 2307 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. Huffman, Jeanne Wortham ........, 103V2 Libbie Ave., , Va . . . 6553 Greenview Ave., Chicago, Ill. Brown'sStore,Va. . . . 1250 23rd St., Newport News, Va. . . 14 Ellsworth Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. . 3612 Hawthorne Ave., Richmond, Va. . . 3913 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Richmond . Monterey, Va. . . . 1825 Stephen St., Ridgewood, N. Y. 112 N. Meadow St., Richmond,Va. 634 College Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. . . . 505 S. Davis Ave., Richmond, Va. 744 Boulevard East, Weeliawken, N. J. 3127 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va. 406 S. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va. . . 543 Prospect St., Maplewood, N. J. . . . . 2517 3rd Ave., Richmond, Va. Fanwood, N. J. West Point, Va. 4525 Leonard Parkway, Richmond, Va. . . 1502 Peachtree Blvd., Richmond, Va. . . . 4209 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . 179 Dupont Circle, Norfolk, Va. . . . 3220 Enslow Ave., Richmond, Va. White Stone,Va. . . . 5929 Wayne Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 2001 Idlewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 402 N. Tilden St., Richmond, Va. 209 Bland St., Richmond, Va. 1708 Commonwealth Ave., Richmond, Va. Mardela Springs, Md. 1507 Laburnum Ave., Richmond, Va. Blacksburg,Va. . . . . . 3505 lst Ave., Richmond, Va. Chesterfield Court House, Va. . . . . 2-04 S. Linden St., Richmond, Va. 204 S. Linden St., Richmond, Va. 331 Cabot St., Beverly, Mass. 912 23rd St., Newport News, Va. Dumbarton Rd., Dumbarton, Va. 200 W. 46th St. 3105 New Kent Ave. , Richmond, Va. , Richmond Va. . . . . . . 2916 2nd St., N. Arlington: Va. 203 N. Blvd., Richmond . zoo W. Manuus sr., E. ' 6007 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond , Va Syracuse, N. Y. , Va. Scottsville, Va. Route 7, Richmond, Va. 2822 Hanes Ave. 3812 Chamberla ne Ave , Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va. . . . y ., . . 3812 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 24615 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. , . . . . 30 Oak Lane, Mountain Lakes, N. J. Melius, Elizabeth ...... 4530 Livingston Ave., Fieldston, New York City Miller, Jean Crittenden .............. Pinecroft Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Mitchell, Elizabeth Graham ........ 800 Westwood Ave. Moncure, Marion Josephine . . . .... 111 N. Plum St., Richmond, Va. Moon, Helen Maxine ....... ...... 8 00 W. 29th St., , Morrissey, Marie Louise . . . . . . 3125 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. Moss, Ada Dorothy . .. .... 3123 Garland Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3209 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va. V, J . - McGehee, Marietta Bagley . . McLarin, Virginia Allen .... Motley, Dorothy Lou .. , Richmond, Va. Richmond Va. Musgrave, Betty Goodwyn .... Neasmith, Jean Louise ..... Nicholsky, Kira ............ Norris, Grace Marguerite Oakes, Charlene Anne .... Oakes, Rosalie Vaden ..... . . . O'Brien, Ethel Helen ......... O'Flaherty, Mayme Frayser . . Omohundro, Mayo Gilliam . . Omohundro, Virginia Blanche O'Neil, Nell Christine ........ Owen, Mary Bennett ..... Page, Natalie Montague . . . Palmer, Norma Louise ..... Parker, Florance Eubank .... Parker, Mildred Ethel .... Parker, Virginia Eloise .... Parsley, Phyllis Llewellyn . . . Parsons, Edith Eleanor . .. Parsons, Emma Louise .... Pavey, Ann Rosemond ...... Peterson, Kate Elizabeth .... Petzinger, Betty Ann ..... Phillips, Ann Clemmitt . .. Phillips, Catherine Kay ..... Philpott, Georgie Corinne .. Pomeroy, Evelyn Maude .... Powell, Agatha Constance Powell, Monena .......... Price, Frances Omega ...... Priddy, Elizabeth LaVerne . . Purcell, Margaret Lee ...... Quillin, Mary Virginia Rawls, Eulalie Marion .... Reynolds, Lucille Earle Riker, Anne Fox ....... Riley, Betty Carson ..... Riley, Mary Elizabeth . . . Ritchie, Ella Sue ........ Roberts, Dorothy Elaine .... Robeson, Martha Howard .... Robinson, Virginia Elizabeth Robinson, Vista Virginia . .. Rooke, Mabel Leigh ....... Ross, Cally Carling ..... Rue, Anna Marie ...... Rucks, Emily Barham ..... Sadler, Frances Henrietta Satterwhite, Elsie Vernon . . . Sauer, Virginia Anna ..... Saxe, Charlotte ........ Scherer, Mary Grace ...... Schweickhard, Phyllis C. . .. Scott, Miriam .......... Seldes, Thelma Anne Sessler, Betty May ........ Shafer, Anne Holladay .... Sheffield, Rose Louise . .. Shell, Dorothy Bayley . . . Shell, Juliet Anderson .... Short, Jacqueline Ann .... Shuman, Virginia Eubank .... Sibley, Marion Evelyn .... Silverman, Thais ....... Simpson, Alice Gray ..... Leesburg, Va. . . Apt. 6, 513 N. Blvd., Richmond, Va. ... . 44 W. 119th St., New York, N. Y. . . . 4230 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . Parkland Drive, Knoxville, Tenn. .. 412 W. Cliltord St., Winchester, Va. . 114 Wickham Rd., Garden City, N. Y. . . 3603 Moss Side Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 3322 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va. Fork Union,Va. .. 1521 Laburnum Ave . . . 711 Bancroft Ave. '.'. '. bbswf 'soak' si .. 213 Nottingham Rd ., Richmond, Va. , Richmond, Va. . . . Jarratt, Va. ., Richmond, Va. ., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 4524 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. Va. . . . 4524 Grove Ave., Richmond, .... . . . . Box 301, North Emporia, Va. . . . . . . 3514 E. Clay St., Richmond, Va. 40 Church St., Shelbourne Falls, Mass. . . . . . . 3428 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. .. . . . 1010 W. 45th St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 2319 Atlantic St., Hopewell, Va. . . 504 Shenandoah St., Portsmouth, Va. .. . 1211 Greycourt Ave., Richmond, Va. Route 7,Richmond,Va. Philpott,Va. Front Royal,Va. . . . 3007 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 172 Serpentine Rd., Tenafiy, N. J. Bealeton,Va. . . . 304 S. Pine St., Richmond, Va. Va. .. 1610 Park Ave., Richmond, ..... . . . . . . . .. Highland Springs, Va. . . . 1003 Edge Hill Rd., Richmond, Va. . 4100 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . . 42 W. 58th St., New York City SouthBoston,Va. .. . 3508 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. Petersburg,Va. Crew,Va. Blacksburg,Va. . . . . . Route 10, Richmond, Va. Petersburg,Va. Skippers,Va. . . . . . . 210 Bosley Ave., Suffolk, Va. Va. Culpeper3Va. .. . 1615 W. Grace St., Richmond Disputanta,Va. Liberty,Mo. . . . . . 904 W. 30th St., Richmond, Va. . . . . 1827 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. MountUnion,Pa. . . 1603 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 64 E. Chateau Terrace, Snyder, N . Y. . . 1808 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 3113 Floyd Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 3110 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . 1814 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Suffolk,Va. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . Lawrenceville, Va. DeWitt, Va. . . . . . . . . 35 Lock Lane, Richmond, Va. ...... 512' Cameron St., Alexandria, Va. . 314 Chimborazo Blvd., Richmond, Va. . 11101 Petersburg Pike, Richmond, Va. Fredericksburg,Va. Sisson Lucy Keeling . ...... . Slavini Mildred virginia Smith, Helen Jane ....... Smith, Mary Alice ..... Smith, Maude Wakeley .. Snead, Martha Hardwicke . . . Sogge, Marjorie Elizabeth . . . . . . 4028 Fauquier Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 2516 Hull St., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 203 S. Blvd., Richmond, Va. . . . . 2701 4th Ave., Richmond, Va. Nutley,N.J. Fork Union, Va. . . . . 1217 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. Spencer, Katherine Apperson Staples, Norwood Seymour . . Stephenson, Bernice Irene . . . Straus, Jane Allyn ........ . . . Strohkorb, Doris Mae . . . . . . Sykes, Saddye Jane Tabakin, Betty ....... Tabb, Mildred Lear . . . Terretta, Ellie ....... Thayer, Maria May .... 415 Elmwood Ave. 6433 Roselawn Rd , Lynchburg, Va. ., Richmond, Va. . . . .3009 Montrose Ave., Richmond, Va, . . 2600 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 3800 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. f I 'ish 'a555w55Qi'A1f5 Jackson, N. C. ., Richmond, Va. . . . . . . 81 31st St., Newport News, Va. StonyCreek,Va. . . . 2014 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Tompkins, Jane Ann .... Trevvett, jane Waldrop Trussell, Suzanne Adora ..... Tucker, Mary Anne ..... Vache, Virginia .......... Richheld Springs,N.Y. Ashland, Va. 54 Bar Beach Rd., Port Washington, N. Y Yorktown,Va 4014 Monument Ave. Waldrop, Emma Bel ....... Walford, Bessie Paterson Walker, Annie Lois .... Walsh, Betty Woodina ..,. Want, Rosalie Celia .... Warner, Ellen Gould . . . Weinfield, Helene Rose . 207 Tate St., Greensboro, N. C. Va .. 2113 Hanover Ave 3908 Chamberlayne Ave., 4914 Cary St. Rd . . . . 1314 Nottoway Ave 2707 Semmes Ave ...... 41 Edgehill Rd Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond I Richmond: Wendling, Esther ......... Whitehurst, Jean Reynoldson Whitener, jane .........., Wicker, Katherine Lumpkin Wicks, Lois Marion ....... Wiley, Frances Elizabeth . .. Wiley, Ruby Marion .,... Wilkins, Jeanne Lozier . .. Wilkinson, jane Franklin . : . . . . . 47 Fruehauf Rd., Snyder, N. Y. . . . . . . 1305 Valley Ave., Winchester, Va H1ck0ry,N.C. 1207 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. . . . . . 114-7-6 180th St., St. Albans, N. Y 810 W. Lancaster Rd., Richmond, Va Crozet,Va. . . . . Fanwood, N. J. . . South Boston, Va. Willets, Betty Merton . .. Williams, Dell Mercedes . .. Williams, Frances Sussette Williamson, Eugenia Mason Wilson, Judith Carolyn . . . Wilson, Marjorie Helen . . Wilson, Mary Garland ., Wilson, Mary Pegram . .. Winfrey, Roberta Yancey . Wingfield, Josephine Gay . Winn, Mary Anne ....... Winston, Hortense .,.... Winston, Lavinia Leary . . . Wirtl1, Antoinette Parker . . . Wood, Virginia Malcolm . Woodlin, Gene Ragland .. Woodson, Betty Haskins . . Woodward, Ann Love .... Wright, Nancy Haxall Yancey, Marion Augusta . Yeamans, Harriett Rudd . . Orange,Va . . . 3216 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va 3216 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va . . . . . 111 Park Rd., Portsmouth, Va . . . . . 227 Clay St., Suffolk, Va . ...... Route 7, Richmond, Va BowlingGreen,Va Rushrnere,Va 3011 Brook Rd., Richmond, Va . . . . . . 102 N. Mulberry St., Richmond, Va Va . . . . . . 610 Maple Ave., Richmond, .. . 141-0 Poindex-ter St., So. Norfolk, Va . .... 1809 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va . . . .. . 405 N. 3rd St., Smithfield, N. C Va Pendleton . 4308 Springfield Ave Richmond, Va . .... 2820 New Kent Ave., Richmond, Va .. . 3401 Chamberlayne Ave Richmond, Va . . . . . . 603 S. Davis Ave Richmond, Va . ................. Clarksville, Va . ,. 1005 Floyd Ave. Richmond, Va '!"-""I""'- ' "'u""I-I"- "" - "" - "" -"I" "" ' "" -""-"'-"'-"-"-"P"'-'I-'I""'- "" -"'-"I'I""'""""""""""-"""I- - - -"'-""'-P I I Q TABB, BROCKENBROUGH 81 RAGLAND Q I GENERAL INSURANCE - ALL LINES "Insurance, Your Silent Guardian" I 1101 EAST MAIN STREET DIAL 2-6546 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA .I-..-..-..-...-..-..-...-..-..- .... -..-- ...... ..-..-..-..-..-... ....... ...-.,.- .... - .... -..-..-...-...-..-,.,-...-..I s!an1n- 1 -11uu-1111-u11- ilil -11.11n1111111.-.11n- iil, 1 ilt. 111,111.11 1.1.1 .... -4, ul..-1111-1111-1111-1-1111111111111-111n11an1.11.-..n..-111.1111111.111111-.w1.,1..,,1.,.,-4, I I I - I Q BEN pARKER..pLOR,ST Q Q Rlchmond Camera Shop Q I Flouerf for e ' ' I I Incorporated I T ' very 0L'fdJ'I07Z i - Q I Q "CALL BEN" 216 EAST GRACE STREET Q Richmond, Va. 202 E. Grace St. BQ BQ SPEIDEL 'i"""-' "" -"'-""- "" '-""-""'- "" 1111 H l-""1"l'-""-"1"1"'-""1"i' 'i'-ll-HI --1-1- nl-nr-ul-vu--nl--H - - - - - -lu-ng vgllill-vn1HH -1------ --1--- uv-I-A-ego slu-uniu-1111-1111-11--.--.-a..-.1m111111.u-.u-111---1-111-11.1.11--11.1.-11.-1.1-gg. 2 I 5 I I i I RIVER ROAD TAVERN i Q ROLL RIGHT IN Q I 2 I .1 I ' To I 2 I '41 I 8 E Q Aa, A 2 I I 1 1' A In . I I Q THE ROLLING PIN f I 'T Complete Line of Fancy I Baked Goods Q I . f - 2732 W. BROAD STREET Dial 5-7417 Q Q Q Q I I ' I sa- --- ---------------- -I---I I-I--I--I --------------- --I---I i"'i"'t"'i"l'l"""l' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ""l""'I' IM' "l"'i""'I"'l"I"I"'I''"II""I''l'i""i"'i"'i'W'I'I'I CURB SERVICE ROYAL LAUNDRY I A R N E T T E ' S I Q Q DELICIOUS ICE CREAM i Zoric Dry Cleaners i Q 3121 W, BROAD STREET Dial 4-3598 Dial 3-7411 -i-I-----I--A-I------I----1-I-I---P - -I--W-H-I--I------I3 -i----A ------ I--w-'-I-u---H-1- - - - - -----I? IVI RIN-B ALIBAN 'IO'I O Chestnut Street I3I1iIacIeIpI1ia Penne. I OFFICIAL RI-IQTOGRARI-IERS TO TI-IE 1939 WEB UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND SPECIALISTS TCD SCHOCDLS- COLLEGES-UNIVERSITIES-CLUBS SPECIAL RATES TQ STUDENTS ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BUCK PRODUCED BV w -fx, an 9 1-, ,,-A - ifiivi -mia-7 'Tff - f ,w,,, I ,v., . I , IoI GQVERIXIQR STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..,.1,...1m,1,..1 1 1 1 1 1ll1m,.4111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1I11,111- .1n,11I.I1111111,,,.1-1.111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '!' '!' l LET VIM am, BREAD WHITTET PRINT 1. 1 . ,. t A A ,:,:,:,:59!T.5g1s.. - - I I . WHITTET st Atlas Exo., Inc. S ' ' IQ I O H M O N D ,... .... ...-- .--. ---- .. .. .. ..g. 4.-.11-..-.-1...-II-1...-....-...-....-....-..........- -..,.- -.,... -.,,,., Yllinitnzrsitp uf irbmunh me includes l. RICHMOND COLLEGE, liberal arts and sciences for men, R. B. Pinchbeck, Ph.D., Dean. 2. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE, liberal arts and sciences for women, May L. Keller, Ph.D., Dean. 3. THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW, for men and women, M. Ray Doubles, j.D., Dean. 4. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, for men and women, j. J. Corson, III, Ph.D., Director. 5. GRADUATE SCHOOL, for men and women, R. E. Gaines, Litt.D., Director. 6. SUMMER SCHOOL, for men and women, W. L. Prince, M.A., Director. Each college or department publishes a catalogue which will be sent upon application to the Dean or Director, P. O., University of Richmond, Va. The University of Richmond is on the approved list of the Association of American Universities, and of the American Bar Association, and holds membership in the Association of American University Women, the Association of American Colleges, the Association of American Law Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges ani has a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. F. W. BOATWRIGI-IT, Preriderzt. -lv 1-1111 --111111 1111111-1-111111111 11111-11:11111111111111111 all

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