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,. .1 1 5 1 If 1 1' 1 - 1 1 . 1 .nn 11 "'1 1 11 1 11 I 1 11 1 11 1 1 311 1. , A1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 A 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , -1 1 I 1' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 '11 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1. 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 mi 1 1 1 - 1 P I P .-.. X Ex Libris COPYRIGHT 1934 BEVERLEY D. TAYLOR Editor-in-chief ROBERT W. FERRELL Bzuinefx Manager Q46 jlfljlfldfddlflf 'Ci - cg-20147 CVM Published Annually by THE STUDENTS of the UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND Richmond, Virginia Foreword .215 iN this The 1934 Welu - We have endeavored to present and reflect the many and varied campus activities. We have at- tempted further to give an idea of student life as it really is-to present a unified university-to mold into this book that intangible yet all-pervad- ing college spirit. Coniemif ,ni ,QT I-. The University The Spider The Legend The Tower Orgzmizations Features Dedication To DOCTOR SAMUEL CHILES MITCHELL, Scholar and Gentleman of the South, for hir constant inypiration, increafing devotion to the Unioerxitjf, undying faith in youth and itf hopex, this thirteenth oolunie of THE WEB if a jectionately dedicated . lin Hilemnriam Diagnin Li. Swag, Zlr- lilrnfnsznr nf Ecuaiuxxtirs 1854 - 1533 iEil111u11h Li- "Gmini" Burns Suyvrixltnnhnxtt nf Girnunhs 1355 - 1533 ' El- Qlhilhreg Austin Stuhnui 1514 - 1533 Ziittz Ennis Gletnuzr Stuhnut 1511 - 1533 QAM fy V, :in ,Q-in-: ' -A: ,, ,--. , , -: , 1- .. -',"':'f' 'fffnnf Q 'i- fy w f N w A W W 1 f l i 1 N N 1 W w w Y K 4 F - "'Y YY, ,' Y,-,W- ,:', -' ' -,,,Yf w 1 I w I L . 'E 1 w w 1 ! , 1 W 1 V 1 P y N ' I W . , , W , N ' . x. 1' " ,' 1.. I..-. 'ww 1 ' - -lr Q- -.....- I I4 'tr' I1 FREDERIC WILLIAM BOATWRIGHT, M.A., LL.D Preyident, The U1zi11c1'.rizj' of Richmond ,... I IV' .I I ff, Yi ,Y .. .U Adminiffmtive Ujjicem nn L -!57.Q34L A Y FREDERIC WILLIAM BOATWRIGHT Prexidmt B. WEST TABB Vice-president and Treaxurzr RAYMOND B, PINCHBECK Dean, Riqlfmand College MALCOLM RAY DOUBLES Dean, T. C. William: Law Scbaol MAY L. KELLER Dean, Wcxtlmmpton College CULLEN PITT College Phjxician LUCY T. THROCKMORTON Acting Librarian J W V L 'A c.- . Ll 1 f Faczelzfy ROBERT E. GAINES-1890 Profenpr of Mathematic: 7 5 WILLIAM A. HA1uus-1901 Prufe.r.rar of Greek and Latin Y i FRANK M. DoBsoN-1913 l Director nf Athletiex HENRY B. HANDY-1914 Profenor of Erzglixb 1 L . FANNY G. CRENSHAW'1914 Director of Plsyximl EdIlFdfi0H H' PAULINE TURNBULL1l 916 - I Auociate of Latin L--'I Q93-Z LA, 71 ,Z u EE . SAMUEL C. MITCHELL'1 895 Profe:.rorafHi.rtary and Political Science ROBERT E. LOVING-1908 Prafexxor of Playxirx C. M. CHICHESTER-1913 Auoeiate Prafenar of Law MAY L. KELLER119l4 Profenar of Englixb SUSAN M. Love-H-1915 of Hixtorjy L j I N-'W 1 ,I 1 , -1-f' O'-qfa -H-fi Y-'if 3 f f' v ' -4 I 1 fl c, I ' I GARNETT RYLAND-1917 Profumr of Clucmimjf ROBERT C. ASTROP-1920 Prafcnor of Psychology WILLIAM L. PRINCELIQZO' Profccxar af Educatian MAUDE H. WOODFIN-1920 Arfaciatc Profcsmr of Hixtwy and Political Science ROLVIX HARLAN'1922 Profmxor af Sacialagv and .facial Ethic: L.: ' i""' 'j , I 1 Q 'Il I A W 5? 32.-.. T., -. , ,- 7, - A. CAROLINE S. LUTZ-1917 Prafcuar of Euglirh C. O. MEREDITH-1920 Prafmzror nf German JAS. H. BARNETT, Jn.-1920 Prafcnar of Law LOUIS B. HERRINK-1921 Anaciatc Prafcx mr of Law ISABEL HARRIS'-1922 Arxaciate Profcnor cf Mathematic: CLEMENT T. GOODE-1924 J. A. Boftwick Profcccar af Englicb 1 3 , I , .Wi C-w,I., W. B. HACKLEY-1924 Axmcinte of Laiiu RALPH T. CATTERALL'1924 A.r.rari4tz of Law RALPH C. MCDANEL-1926 Prnfuror of H ilfdfj' MARGARET Ross-1926 Auorifzte Profu.ror of Englixb W. R. CORNTHWAITE-192.7 Prafumr of Cbemiftrj' CHAS. H. WHEELER-1928 Auariare Prafenor of Mnfbcflzatirr ' X 'V' HUGH SAGER MEAD-1924 Profeuar af Bzuinem' Admirzirtratiorl E. WILTSHIRE-1924 Asmriatz Pmfeuor of Law DAVID MAYS-1926 Imtrzxctor in Bzuineu Adminiftrafion MALCOLM R. DOUBLES-1926 Profenor of Law HERMAN P. THOMAS-1927 Axfociatc Profruar af Eronomicx and Burinuf Adminirtratian ,.. WILLIAM F. CAYLOR-1928 Anoriate Profenar af Spanieh JOHN W. BAILEY11929 Prafeuor of Biology R. B. PINCHBECK-1929 Prafeuar af Bminefs Adminixtratian F. F. HARKER-1929 Inrtructar in Maxi: RUSSELL W. JORDAN-1929 Imtruetar in Law Fw 1 7AL. "7f',f sir W 43. . mm .- .J.. W -. nh, fm. , N um 5,1 , H Y Q' . 1 If? m E fgiliif ji '1 B 7, X Q73 JOHN H. RUSSELL-1928 Profeuor of Buxineu Adminixtrufion BENJ. C, HOLTZCLAW-1929 Profemzr of Pbiloxnplsy ROBERT F. SMART-1929 Auariate Profenor of Biolagy MALCOLM U. PITT-1929 Direetar of Frefbman Athletic: WILLIAM GAINES'193O Profenar of French JEAN GRAY WRIGHT-1930 Auociate Prafeuor of French AGNES JONES-1930 Rcgixtrnr, Wcxtbumpfan Callzge HAROLD A. BONER-1931 Irzxtructar in Englirb WILLIAM T. MUSE-1931 ProfeJ.ror of Law JOHN W. SMITHERS'1932 Inxtructnr in Law MARIAN GREENE-1933 Axmcinte Prafexmr of .fparlixb and French WILLIAM S. CUDLIPP'1933 Irutrurrar in Law 'M NY! 'A -I f 42.2.1 N. CURTIS GIDDINGS-1931 Auaciats Prafcxxar af Rommztic Language: S. W. STEVENSON'1931' Auaciate Profr.r.rnr of Erzlglixh SoLoN B. COUSINS-1932 Acting Proferror af Bible JOHN J. CORSON, III-1933 Profeuor of Ecanamiar MARJORIERIVENBURG11933 Auariate Prafuxar of Latin Q46 CSQQQJM CLAS H u 1, H u V w www if Sereeer Clem' VICTOR H. CHALTAIN . . Prefiderzt HARRY A. ROBERTS . Vice-prefieiem' MACELDIN TRAWICK . Secretary HENRY F. TAYLOR . . Treasurer HALDER FISHER . . . Hifterieuz FREDERIC R. PREUND Senator ROBERT W. ALLEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree HUGH H. BAIRD, JR. CHESTER, VIRGINIA Applicant fer B.A. Degree S. C. Mitchell Literary Sociecyg Economics Club HARRY BORNSTEIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.S'. Degree in Buyinesy Adzniniftmtion Spider Bandg Economics Club DELMAS A. BoTToMs A A RICHLIOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree GARY A. BOUSMAN A A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Glee Club, '32, Business Mzmager, '33g Philologian Literary Societyg Ministerial Associatioug Collegian Staff, '33 WELFORD A. BROOKS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applieanr far B.A. Degree 'L' ..n.' HAROLD W. BRYANT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Chemistry Club, '33, Vice-president, '34, Dean's List WINFREY BUTLER fb F A CULPEPER, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Spider Band, Glee Club, University Choir, Collegian Staff VICTOR H. CHALTAIN K 2, 0 A K BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Buyinen Adminiftration President Omicron Delta Kappa, '34, Presi- dent Senior Class, Senator-at-large, '32, Win- ner of Thomas B. McAdams Prize for Service to the School, Varsity Club, Captain Fresh- man Football, Freshman Basketball, Fresh- man Track, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Foot- ball, '31-'33, Varsity Basketball, '32-'34, Captain, '34, Varsity Track, '32-'34 -- I ffl RHYXV la 67 WILLIE THOMAS CHAPMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Buxinem Adminirtration Economics Clubg Intermediate Honors RODGER H. CHARNOCK CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.S. Degree in Bzuineee Adminisrmtiorz Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseballg Varsity Footballg Varsity Club CURTIS P. CLEVELAND A A ALBERENE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree President Ministerial Association, '33, Secre- tary, '32g Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society Y A X934 7! LEWIS GARLAND COLLINS SPARTA, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Vice-president Mu Sigma Rho Literary So- ciety, '33, Forensic Council, '33, International Relations Club, '32 DAVID CONNORS fb A Q SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Business Adrninixtration Senator-at-large, '34, Interfraternity Council, '34, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Base- ball, Varsity Basketball, '32-'34, Varsity Baseball, '33, Varsity Club STUART W. CooK Edin, TK A,oA K,1I1BK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Chairman Council of Honor, President State Tau Kappa Alpha Association, President Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, '32, President Forensic Council, Secretary Student Govern- ment, '33, Presidentjunior Class, Head Cheer Leader, Secretary Y. M. C. A., Harlequin Club, Interfraternity Council, Dean's List, Intermediate Honors, Debate Team, Collegian Staff, '31, Business Manager the 1932 Hand- bookj Freshman Basketball Lijx fr? - 1- 7 -if T.1l,- -I, -- .. . Y - I P V V l l J WILLIAM W. CRISP, JR. K 2 WASHINGTON, D. c. Applicant for BNA. Degree President Philologian Literary Society, -'33 Forensic Council, '33g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '33g Assistant Business Manager THE 1934 WEB FRANK CUTRIGHT, JR. A X A, A III' Q ATHENS,-WEST VIRGINIA Applicfmr for M.A. Degree University Playersg Glee Club CLARENCE E. DENOON, JR. fl- A Q, ZH 2, :Iv BK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Harlequin Clubg President Chemistry Club ' Intermediate Honorsg Dean's List DAVID R. DIAMOND FD A NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Business Administration Sports Editor Collegian, '34, Sports Editor THB 1934 WEBQ New England Clubg Interfra- ternity Councilg Freshman Basketball, Fresh- man Baseball, Varsity Baseball Squad ROBERT C. DIEDRICH K A VVAVERLY, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Business Administration Freshman Football, Freshman Trackg Fresh- man Baseballg Varsity Football, '31-'33g Varsity Club JOHN DOLEY Q A o, 0 A K NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Applicant for BAY. Degree in Business Administration President Student Government Association, '34g Council of Honor, Harlequin Clubg Inter- fraternity Councilg Senator-at-large, Vice- president Junior Class, Board of Publications, '34g President New England Club, '345 Dean's List, Freshman Football, Freshman Basket- ball, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Football, Football, '31-'33, Varsity Basketball, '32-'34, Varsity Baseball, '32-'34g Varsity Club L GSCAR CLARKE DUVAL fb B K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Buxineu Adminiftmtion President Economics Club, '34g DeaII's Listg lntcrlncdiatc Honors WILLIAM POPE EDWARDS H K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BA. Degree Glee Club Accompanist, '34 JOHN WILLIAM ELLIS, JR. II A Z' RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bnxinen Ael1ni1ziJtrezz'ian Glce Clubg Economics Clubg S. C. Mitchell Literary Socictyg Dea.u's List 1--, I HOMER G. Essux DETROIT, MICHIGAN Applimnt fur B.5'. Degree Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, '32-'34, Varsity Club ERNEST E. EVANS H A E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BJ. Degree in Bnxinexf Adminiftreztiofz Interfraternity Council OSWALD B. FALLS, JR. II A 2, 2 H E, O A K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Glce Club, '31, Secretary-treasurer, '32, Pres- ident,'33,'34g Bancl,'3lg University Choir,'31, '32, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33, '34, Richmond College Editor Handbook, '32, Editor-in-chief, '33, '34, Dean's List, Council of Honor, '34 71" l ROBERT WILLINGHAM FERRELL KE, HAE,OA K, A Wo, QB K CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA Applicant for B.A. Degree Business Manager THE 1934 WEB, Vice- president Pi Delta Epsilon, '34, Senator Junior Class, '32, Secretary of Senate, Presi- dent Philologian Literary Society, '32, Vice- presiclent Freshman Class, Forensic Council, l '31, Y. M, C. A. Cabinet, '31-'33, University 1 Pl ayers, Dean's List l W. HALDER FISHER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.5'. Degree Wrestling, '34 WILLIAM HYDE FOWLKES, JR. cl: K 2 DUMBARTON, VIRGINIA Manager of Baseball, Dean's List D. KINGSLEY FREEMAN fb K 2, A uf Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B. A. Degree University Players, Reporter Collegian, '32, Spider Banclg Mu Sigma Rho Literary So- ciety, '31, Glee Club, '31, Boxing, '33, Economics Club FREDERIC REINERT FREUND X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in ' Bu.rine.r.f Adminirtmtion Senator Senior Class, Secretary-treasurer Glee Club, '34, Vice-president Harlequin Club, '34, Collegian Staff, '34, Subscription Manager THE 1934 WEB, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, '31, Indoor Track, '32, Varsity Track, '32, '33, Varsity Club WILLIAM WOLFE GLICK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Chemistry Club, Dean's List, Freshman Basketball ROGER WILLIAMS GRANT, JR. CID K E, O A K SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, '32, Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, '31-'33, President, '33, Debating Team, '32, '33, Forensic Council, '32, '33, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '31-'33, Student Senate, '32-'34, Vice-president Student Government, '34 ABE ALBERT GREENE fb A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for 13.3. Degree in Bzifinerr Administration Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, '31-'33, Varsity Basketball, '31-'33, Varsity Club, Interfraternity Council JULIEN GUNN, JR. K A, A 1If Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree University Players EDWARD E. HADDOCK T K A, o A K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Secretary-treasurer Freshman Class, Fresh- man Football, Varsity Football, '32, '33, Senator Sophomore Class, Senator-at-large, '33, Secretary Honor Council, '34, Treasurer Debating Team, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society A. BASCOM HARDCASTLE K A SUTHERLIN, VIRGINIA Applicant for BAY. Degree Assistant Manager Track, '31, Harlequin Club, '34, Interfraternity Council, '34, Instructor in Zoology, '34 J. BURWELL HENING RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bmineu Adminirimtian WALTER L. HILL A A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Trackg Varsity Track, '32-'34g Varsity Club, Chemistry Club GEORGE CARLTON HOPE K A PARKSLEY, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Football, Freshman Baseball, Vai'- sity Football, '31-'335 Captain Football, '33, Varsity Baseball, '32-'34, President Athletic Association P. WILLIAM INGALLS 119 F A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BAY. Degree in Bwinefx Administration Spider Bandg Interfraternity Council, Economics Clubg DCZl11'S List JAMES MERCER JOHNSON A X A FORT SPRING, WEST VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bnfinexf Aeirninixtration Freshman Track HAROLD V. JOYCE G X WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Applicant for B..S'. Degree Freshman Footballg Varsity Football, '31-'33 Varsity Track, '32-'34g Captain '345 Varsity Club DAVID KAMSKY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BJ. Degree in Bnyineu Administration Economics Club BERNARD KELLEY 411 K E ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Applimm' for B.A. Degree Freshman Footballg V arsity Tennis, Incerfratcrnity Council HERMAN KOSLOW RICHMOND , VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree MARTIN LEVIN 412' A BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Basketball '3 J. DICKEY LIGON ill 1-' A COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA Applicezm' for B..S'. Degree V Treasurer Freshman Classg Harlequin Club CARL SCOTT LINGAMEELTER RICHMOND, VIRGINTA Applicant for B.A. Degree Phoenix Club HENRY POLLARD LONG fl! 11 A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree GUY V. MALLONEE A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bufineu Aelininiftration Freshman Trackg Treasurer Junior Classg I terfraternity Councilg Harlequin Club J. HOWARD MAY A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bminem Adininixtration POY E. MEADE POUND, VIRGINIA Applicant for 13.5. Degree JOHN ARMEAD MOORE K 2, O A K BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK Applicant for BJ. Degree in Bucinen Adminictmtian Varsity Club, Secretary Y. M. C. A., '31, Vice-president Athletic Association, '32, In- terfraternity Council, '33, '34g Chairman In- terfratetnity Dance Committee, '34g Manager Varsity Basketball, '34 ORISON T. NEBLETT K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Football, Varsity Football, '31-'33, Varsity Club PAUL W. NYE A A, fb B K ELLVVOOD CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Ministerial Association, Dean's List CARLYLE H. PALMORE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bn.rine.rJ Adminiftration BENJAMIN T. PEELE, JR. PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, '3lg Glee Club, '34 EMMETT H. POINTER 2 KI? E soUTH HILL, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Basketballg Freshman Baseball Varsity Baseball, '32-'345 Vice-president Athletic Association ROY NELSON PUCKETT H A 2 R1cHMOND, VIRGINIA Applimvzt for B.A. Degree ALEXANDER JUNIUS RAVDIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BRT. Degree in Buriners Adfninixtreztion Tennis, '32-'34 HARRY AGEE ROBERTS H K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Manager Freshman Track, '33g Varsity Club Vice-president Senior Classg Manager Var sity Track, '34g Treasurer Economics Club '34g Harlequin Clubg Interfraternity Council '33, '34 I-IOMER E. ROWLAND fb A Q HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND Applicant for B..S'. Degree in Bzerinerr Adminirtratiofz Freshman Baseballg Freshman Trackg Varsity Track, '32g Economics Clubg Board of Pub- lications Representativeg Intermediate Honors WILLIAM W. SEWARD, JR. - K A, H A E SURRY, VIRGINIA Appliranr for B. A. Degree President Pi Delta Epsilong Associate Editor Callegianj Assistant Editor WEBg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33g Dean's List MELVIN O. SHEPPARD KI' A Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree T Y J .7W ,,- .- 47 . SIDNEY SIDELMAN BRONX, NEW YORK Applieeuzt for B.A. Degree Manager of Tennis, '33, '345 Manager of Wrestling CLAUDE A. SLAYDON MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Freshman Footballg Varsity Football, '31-'33 Varsity Club J. WORTHINGTON SMITH A T Q WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Applicant for B.A. Degree Transfer from Worchester Tech H. GARNETT SNEAD n fb K 2, O A K MORATTICO, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Freshman Footballg Freshman Baseballg Var- sity Baseball, '32-'34, Captain '34g President Varsity Club, '34g Senator Sophomore Class, '32g President Harlequin Club, '34g Intetfra- ternity Council, '34 V. HEARNE STEVENSON K E POCOMOKE CITY, MARYLAND ' Applicant for B.A. Degree University Playersg Harlequin Clubg Inter- fraternity Council Dance Committee CLIFFORD ALLEN STRAUS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Chemistry Club, '33, '34g Spider Band, '33 '34g Glee Club, '34g Dean's List 3 I I JAMES D. STRONG APPALACHIA, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.5'. Degree in Bzuineu Adminixtratian Freshman Footballg Varsity Football, '31-'33g Varsity Clubg Captain Boxing, '34 BEVERLEY D. TAYLOR LDA Q, l'IAE,OAK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Editor-in-chief THB 1934 Wmsg Economics Clubg Dcan's Liscg Intcrfraternity Council DANIEL BRUNSON TERRY KID K 2 RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Applicant for B.A. Degree Collegian Staff, '31, '32g Medical Assistant, '33, '34 WILLIAM P. TERRY 2 CID E BURKEVILLE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.S'. Degree Harlequin Clubg Dean's List MACELDIN TRAWICK -KA,oAK,nAE,A11fn, CIJBK BELLEFONTAINE, oH1o Applicant for B. A. Degree Secretary-treasurer Pi Delta Epsilong Presi- dent Alpha Psi Omegag Vice-president Uni- versity Players' Treasurer Harlequin Club' Honor Councilig Feature Editor Collergia1z,i Associate Editor Wang Secretary Senior Classg Business Manager Interfrarernity Council Dance Committeeg Intermediate Honors GILMAN RACKLEY TYLER cb K E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Transfer from V. M. 1.5 Chemistry Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33 HAROLD VAN ALLEN Z H E scoTTsv1LLE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Secretary Sigma Pi Sigma, '34, Vice-president, '335 Secretary S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, '33g Physics Laboratory Assistant, '33, '34 BRYAN WILSON VAUGHAN VVOODFORD, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.S. Degree in Burinen' Adminirtmtiun Varsity Track, '32-'34g Varsity Club JOHN E. WALKER, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BJ. Degree in Bminerr Adminiftmtion S. C. Mitchell Literary Society EDWARD S. WHITE LIJPA, OA K, QB K cAmz, KENTUCKY Applieeme for B.A. Degree Economics Clubg Varsity Baseballg Football Managerg President Y. M. C. A., '34g Member Council of Honor SAMUEL A. WRIGHT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applieemf for B.S. Degree WILLIAM WIATT WRIGHT A A Noiuvou-1, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Transfer Atlantic Universityg Ministerial As- sociation, Vice-president, '33, President, '34g Glee Club, '32-'34g Vice-president Y. M. C. A. '34 , - .. ,, -, a . ' 1 V .mf X - - ' ffft' ' if 152125-. ' "- T2 1,v'1 V A -1, fggggjx , .. '.j"4fEN!'j. 1' -4, zmiwf Clmf VERNON B. RICHARDSON . . . Prefident W. SMITHSON MORRIS . . . Vice-prefidmt P. HENRY POEHLER . . Secretary-treasurer DAVID N. SCOTT . . . . Senator BEVERLEY L. BRITTON . Hixforian ROGER B. ADAMS, JR. 9 X ALEXANDRIA, vmomm B ..S' . Cam-rs JOHN MARSHALL ANDERSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .A. C0llfJ't Economics Club ERNEST LYNWOOD BAGBY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Course S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Chemistry Club BILLY WITT BALLOU 9 X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Caurxc Interfraternity Council, Treasurer Interfraternity Dance Committee, Delegate to National Interfraternity Conference WAVERLY BAREE X CIP E FRANKLIN, KENTUCKY B.A. Courre Transfer from Furman Universityg Reporter Callegimz, '34 GEORGE IRA ALLEN K A WASHINGTON, D. e. B.A. Courre Glee Clubg University Choir CHARLES B. ARENDALL, JR. KE, IIAE, AIP' Q, OA K MOBILE, ALABAMA B.A. Courrc Managing Editor Collegian, '34, Harlequin Club, Interfraternity Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Freshman Basketball Manager, Sec- retary University Players, '34g President Freshman Class, Secretary Student Government Association, '345 Philologian Literary Society, Dean's Listg Intermediate Honors SAMUEL A. BAGBY SAO PAULO, BRAZIL B. A. Cauru Librarian Glee Club, '32-'34g Secre- tary Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, '32, Vice-president, '33g Business Staff Callegian, '32g Secre- tary-treasurer Athletic Association, '34g Assistant Manager Basket- ball, '31-'33 LLOYD D. BALLOWE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pr:-law Calmre Freshman Football EUGENE M. BAROODY E II E mcnmoma, VIRGINIA B..S'. Counts Dean's Listg Intermediate Honors . 1 f HOWARD AUBREY BASS, JR. MOSELEY, VIRGINIA Pre-mrdiml Counre BOYD H. BLANTON, JR. RUTHERFORDTON, NORTH CAROLINA B..S'. Cmrn S. C. Mitchell Literary Society B. TARLETON BOWLES K 2 CHATTANQOGA, TENNESSEE B.A. Court: Tennis Team BEVERLEY L. BRITTON KE, I'IAE,OAK Rrcx-uvroun, VIRGINIA B.A. Caurre Editor-in-Chief The Collcginn, '34g Wan Staff, '31-'3-'lg Richmond Col- lege Editor Handbook, '32, '33g President Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association, '32, '33g Uni- versity Playersg Class Historiang Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Library Assistantg Assistant Football Man- ager, '31, '32 ROGER D. BROWN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .S . Comm: Transfer from Medical College of Virginia JULIUS L. BERKLEY A ll" Q cHARLnsToN, was-r VIRGINIA Pre-medical Courrc University Players JAMES MOTLEY BOOKER fb I' A LOTTSBURG, v1RG1NrA B.A. Courts Harlequin Clubg In terfraternity Councilg University Players GARLAND H. BRANCH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Courr: RAYMOND E. BROOKING RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B ..S' . C ours: W. ROGER BUCK, IH GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA B..S'. Courre Freshman Baseballg Varsity Base- ball, '33g Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society BENJAMIN LOGAN CAMPBELL 115 A Q PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA BAY. Conn: Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club, Harlequin Club HUGH L. CARDOZA, JR. A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BJ. Courre Boxing, '335 Freshman Track R. HARVEY CAVAN, II GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA B ..S'. Couric Freshman Traclcg Treasurer S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, '33, Secretary-treasurer Chemistry Club, '33 J. WILERED COURTNEY WEST POINT, VIRGINTA Pre-medical Conn: Glcc Club, '31-'33g Freshman Bas- kctballg Boxing, '33, '34 G. WINSTON CRENSIIAW f-If K E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-law Cours: Boxing, '33, '34 J. TALBOT CAPPS, JR. II A E NORFOLK, VIRGINIA B..S'. Caurfe WOODROW E. CARTER 9 X MAR'I'INsvILI.E, VIRGINIA B..S'. Count: Assistant Football Manager, '31 JOSEPH W. CHINN 41 I' A HAGUE, VIRGINIA Pr:-mcdiml Couric Transfer from University of Virginia SLOVER R. COVEY A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Course WEB Staff, '31-'34 CHARLES W. DICKINSON E 113' E RICHMCND, VIRGINIA B.5'. Couric G-lee Club WILLIAM D. DICKINSON E GP E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Cours: BRUCE G. DODD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BAY. Count President S. C. Mitchell Literary Societyg Forensic Council CHARLES M. EDGAR A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Conn: STANLEY FINK PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA BAT. Caurfe DAVID M. FRAZER 'K A MARSHALL, VIRGINIA BAY. Caun: JOHN R. DIEDRICH 2 KID E WAVERLY, VIRGINIA B.A. Conn: Freshman Football, Varsity Foot- ball, '32, '33g Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball, '33, '3-45 Varsity Club BENNIE R. DoRsEY CID A Q HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND B.A. COHf.fd Freshman Footballg Freshman Bas- ketballg Freshman Baseballg Fresh- man Trackg Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseball E. STARKE FARLEY CID I1 A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couru FRANKLIN A. FRAYSER, JR. H A 2 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-medical Course Glce Club, '33g Student Leader Spider Band, '33 WILLIAM GILFILLAN A X A PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA B. A. Courfe Glee Club, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Baseballg Harlequin Club JAMES THOMAS GILL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .S . Couric Dean 's List HAROLD M. GOODMAN IT K A RIcI-IMQND, VIRGINIA BJ. Court: WILLIAM L. GRENOBLE RICPIMOND, VIRGINIA B. A. Courxe Philologian Literary Society, '31-'34, President, '33, Forensic Council, '33, Dean's List XVILLIAM C. HAM IT K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Courre Harlequin Club, Interfraternity Council HARRY C. HUBBARD RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Couru J. WESTON GILL A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Conroe Freshman Track, Varsity Track, '33, Varsity Club VIRGIL C. GRAY K E PIKEVILLE, KENTUCKY Pre-medical Courrc WILLIAM C. GRINNAN KI? K E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-medical Courxe Golf Team, '32, '33 RICHARD A. HICKS SCHUYLER, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Vice-president Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, '33, Secretary, '32, Forensic Council, '33, Assistant Basketball Manager, '32, '33, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33 BERNARD M. HULCHER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. C0llf.ft' S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, '32, '33, Forensic Council, '33 MORTON A. KARSH 'IP A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BJ. Courts A. WADE LAMB, JE.. DUMBARTON, VIRGINIA B..S'. Couric S. C. Mitchell Literary Society RAYMOND R. LANIER MODEST TOWN, VIRGINIA B.A. Course GICC Club, '345 B0XiHg, '33, '34, Dean's List ROGER W. LEVERTON K A WASHINGTON, D. c. B..S'. Counts Freshman Football 5 Freshman Bas- ketball, Freshman Baseball, Fresh- man Track, Varsity Football, '32, '33, Varsity Basketball, '33, '34, Varsity Baseball, '33, '34, Varsity Track, '33, '34, Senator-at-large, '34g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Inter- fraternity Council, Varsity Club R. COLEMAN LONGAN, Jn. E CD E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-medical COIlfJ'6 H' I ,. like Q CLEVELAND C. KERN 9 X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Courts Freshman Track, Art Editor WEB, '33, '345 Interfraternity Council, Harlequin Club ALLAN H. LANE, JR. E 411 E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Glee Club WILLIAM W. LEITCH E H E 1ucIIMoND, vInGImA BAY. Caurfe Dean's List C. OSCAR LONG, JR. 9 X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Cnurre Transfer from Hampden-Sydney G. HAROLD LUCAS A X A WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Pre-law Comxre Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Track, '33, '34, Glee Clubg University Choir, Sen- ator-at-largeg Secretary Harlequin Club, '34, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet RICHARD T. MCCRONE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .A. Cnurn Manager of Debate, Secretary- treasurer Forensic Council, S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Glee Club Manager MEREDITH L. MEADOR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BJ. Counts DAVID H. MILLER Rrcnmorm, VIRGINIA BAY. Count: Chemistry Clubg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society ROBERT S. MONTGOMERY, JR. 111 K 2 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Couric Boxing, '33, '34 W. SMITHSON MORRIS A X A MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Freshman Football, Freshman Base- ball, Varsity Football, '32, '33, I Captain-elect, '34g Varsity Baseball '33, '34, Varsity Club, Vice-presi- 1 dent Junior Class, Boxing, '33 THOMAS E. MCGEHEE KENTS STORE, VIRGINIA B.A. Crane EDWARD C. MEREDITH RICHINIOND, VIRGINTA B.A. Count: Golf Team PRYOR R. MILLNER A X A REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA BAY. Camzre Freshman Football, Varsity Foot- ball, '32, '33 THOMAS I-l. MORRIS A X A MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA B.A. Courxe Freshman Football, Freshman Base- ballg Varsity Football, '335 Varsity Baseball, '33 CHARLES A. NAUMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. CDIILFE Glee Club, '32, '33g Tennis, '34 OWEN L. NEATHERY A X A FALCONER, NEW Yoruc B.A. Caurre Treasurer Student Government As- ll sociation, '34g Cheer Leader, '335 Glee Club, '33g University Playersg Assistant Manager Track GRAYSON L. NICKEL, JR. 9 X Rxcx-rMoND, VIRGINIA B.A. Colzrra Harlequin Club Ross S. OVERTON fb K E ASHRAMA, MICHIGAN B.A. Caurrr JOHN N. PASTORE BLUBPIBLD, WEST VIRGINIA B .S . Colzrfc Glee Club, '32-'34g Freshman Trackg Chemistry Clubg Medical Assistant, '34 RICHARD C. POAGE O A K ROANOKE, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '32g Treasurer Y. M. C. A., '33, President Sopho- more Classg Honor Council, '33, '34 U. HUNT NENON LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA B..S'. Cnarrc Baud, '32-'34g Philologian Literary Society, '32-'34g University Playersg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33, '34 J. EDWARD NORFLEET E CI? E JETERSVILLE, VIRGINIA B.A. Cam-re Assistant Track Managerg Collegian Sports Staff, Interfrarernity Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet FRED PARKER A A PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA B.A. Crane Ministerial Association, '31-'34g Library Assistant, '31-'34 CHARLES W. PETERSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BJ. Course Freshman Track, Freshman Relay Team, Varsity Track, '32-'34, Varsity Club P. HENRY POEHLER, JR. A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Secretary-treasurer Junior Class VERNON B. RICHARDSON E fp E, 1'I A E, O A K PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA BA. Course President Junior Class, News Editor Collegian, '34, Cheer Leader, Secre- tary Y. M. C. A., Harlequin Club, Glee Club ELMER S. ROBERTSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-law Cam-re Glee Club, Assistant Managing Editor Collegian, '34 ENNO T. SAUER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BAY. Cazzrre Vice-president S. C. Mitchell Lit- erary Society, Chemistry Club PERRY K. SCHULZ fb K 2 RIVERSIDE, ILLINOIS B..S'. Cvurrc Captain Freshman Football, Fresh- man Track, Varsity Football, '32, '33, Varsity Track, '33, '34, Boxing, '33, Harlequin Club, Southern Con- ference Record Holder Freshman Relay, '32 HOWARD C. SMITH fb A Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B. A. Caurrc CHARLES E. S. RIDGWAY I-I A E BALTIMORE, MARYLAND B.A. Caurre Publicity Manager Collegian, '34, Assistant Managing Editor, '33, President Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, '34, Treasurer, '33, Spider Band, '34, Cheer Leader, '32, Secre- tary Ministerial Association, '34, Dean's List, Treasurer Y. M. C. A., '34, Forensic Council, '33, Debate Team, '34, Interfraternity Council, '34 FILLMORE H. SANFORD 2 fb E, O A K NORFOLK, VIRGINIA B.A. Courre Freshman Football, Freshman Bas- ketball, Freshman Baseball, Fresh- man Track, Senator Freshman Class, Varsity Football, Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball, Scnator-at- large, '34, Secretary Student Senate, Varsity Club, Dean's List MAXWELL R. SCHOOLS - fll I' A FARNHAM, VIRGINIA " B.A. Cnurn Freshman Football, Glee Club, '33 DAVID N. SCOTT I A X A pn--rsnunnn, PENNSYLVANIA B.A. Courre Senatorjunior Class, Boxing, '33,'34 J. ELWOOD SNEAD fb I' A w1Ns'roN-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA B..S'. Count: S. FRANK STRAUS l'I A E, o A K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .A. Court: Secretary-treasurer Sophomore Class, S. C. Mitchell Literary So- ciety, Wm: Staff, '32, '33, Collegian Staff, '32, Feature Editor, '33, Business Manager, '34, Manager Freshman Football, Economics Club, Executive Committee Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association, University Players RANDOLPH P. TABB ID I' A Nnwvonr NEWS, VIRGINIA B..S'. Counts Freshman Track, Business Staff WEB, '34 FREDERICK V AUGHAN dw K E COVERT, MICHIGAN B.A. Court: Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, '32, '33, Varsity Club, Southern Conference Record Holder, Indoor Track, Boxing, '33, '34 CLAUD M. WHITLEY ID K 2' SMITHFIELD, VIRGINIA B.A. Cofzrre Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society, Glee Club, '32-'34, Secretary-treas- nrer, '33, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '32-'34, Assistant Baseball Manager H. josnpn WILLIAMS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-medical Couric Freshman Track, Varsity Football, '32, Chemistry Club SYDNEY C. SWANN, JR. II? K E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Caurre Manager Boxing, '34, Glee Club, University Players, Business Staff WEB, '34 JULIAN F . THOMPSON JARRATT, VIRGINIA B.A. Caurrc JAMES C. WEST lb F A NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA B.A. Cow-J: Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Football, '32, '33, Varsity Track, '33, '34, Varsity Club DONALD D. WILLIAMS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-law Counts Freshman Baseball JOSEPH F. WOODARD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Courre Transfer from Guilford College, Glee Club v 5:4 1 W i i w . , . , ,. -' .. , f 71, E-nr-,,-55: , - ' mv 4 I , A um b , , ' me ffsi ' . ' ' . N! HN AH' . umm! w 1 - 1 . i H, m m - W T W vu M, , , mmm T 1, W 'Wm T H . uw m -. 1 H ' . gm' H" - m m m Sophomore Clorox CARLYLE P. HOLLAND, JR. . . . Proficient EDWARD SCHAAF . . . . Vice-proficient STUART CONRAD . Secretary!-treafurer GEORGE LACY . . . . Senator SIDNEY MATTHEWS . I-Iiftorimz JOSEPH A. ALEXANDER K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Course K. D. ANGUS II A 2 RICHMOND, vmG1N1A BAY. Com-.rc JAMES G. BALDWIN A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S'. Camnr: HILAIRE E, BECK, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Course MILTON BERLAD NEW YORK CITY B.A. FRED W. BLACK, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Counre Cheer Leader '32, '33 P. LANIER ANDERSON K 2 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Assistant Managing Editor Collegian J. R. APPERSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BAY. Couric Treasurer Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society SAMUEL B. BALL LAURAVILLE, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Freshman Baseball JOSEPH D. BERGER, JR. K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Cuurre ALFRED H. BERNHARD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B. A. Couru A. CLARKE BLEDSOE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BAY. Courf: Boxing, '33 JOHN CHRISTIAN BRISTOW RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Cauru WINFREY BROWN EREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA I B..S'. Court: Freshman Footballg Freshman Bas- ketball, Freshman Baseball: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball MAHLON L. BURTON, JR. K A RICHMOND , VIRGINIA B .S . Court: WOODROW W. CLARK GLADYS, VIRGINIA B.A. Count: Freshman Track Teamg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Soeietyg Ministerial Association WILLIAM T. COLEMAN, JR. 9 X CASCADE, VIRGINIA Pre-mediml Cuurrc , STEWART CONRAD A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Cairn: Freshman Footballg Freshman Trackg Varsity Footballg Varsity Clubg Secretary Sophomore Class E. GUTHRIE BROWN H A E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Couru Glee Club, Collegian Staflfg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Society REX BRUGH 9 X NACE, VIRGINIA B..S'. Conn: DENNIS RALPH CHILDRESS . FIFE, VIRGINIA B.A. Courxe Class Basketball '32 EDWARD CLARY A A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .A. Couru FORREST COLLIER K A PE-rERsnuRG, VIRGINIA B.A. Conn: Assistant Manager Track, '33g Collcgian Staff, '32, '33g WEB Staff, '34g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '33, '34 J. WILBUR COOK 2 CID E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Courts Collegian Staff, '32, '33g Freshman Basketball, '33g Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg Golf Team, '33 Interfratcrnity Council, WEB B. REDWOOD COUNCILI. E CID E HOLLAND, VIRGINIA B.A. Comzre ROBERT P. DRUM FD F A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Cozmre Glee Club, University Choir JOHN C. EDWARDS E fb E PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA B..S'. Camzre Chemistry Club W. HAMILTON ENSLOW RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric STANFORD C. PINNEY A X A BASSETTS, VIRGINIA B..S'. Caursc DAVID EDWARD FLAX CID A EXMORR, VIRGINIA Pre-dental Count: Boxing Team Staff ' GAIUS WESTON DIGGS, JR. CID K Z RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Court: Student Senate, '32, Freshman Foot- ball, '32, Varsity Football, '33 DAVID A. DUTROW, JR. A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .3 . Court: W. LAMAR EDWARDS II A 2 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Course Y. M. C. A. Cabinet WILLIAM FALLIS ROANOKE, VIRGINIA B.A. Ministerial Associationg University Choir, Glee Clubg Collegian Staff A. JACOB FLAX 11? A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Conn: Chemistry Club HORACE L. FORD A A RICHLIOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Cnunre I I I f.g,A...,v7 --D - ...AT A . JAMES THOMAS FRANCIS K E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Transfer from Randolph-Macon GRIFFIN T. GARNETT 411 K 2 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Cheer Leader, '32, '33, Debating Team, '32, '33, WEB Staff, '32, '33, University Players, '33 SAM GARWOOD BURLINGTON, NEW JERSEY B .S . Caurre ERNEST T. GEARIIEART RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pr:-law Calmr: S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, Freshman Track WILFRED B. GREGORY H K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BAY. Couru Freshman Track, '33 W. LINWOOD HADEN, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B,.S'. Caurxc Chemistry Clubg S. C. Mitchell Literary Society JOHN FRY, JR. A T A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Cmmrc EDWARD CHAISTY GARRETT K Z KING' WILLIAM, VIRGINIA Pre-Ima Courre Secretary Philologian Literary SO- cieryg Assistant Manager Baseball Circulation Manager Calle,gian,' Harlequin Club GEORGE M. GASTON KI' A Q NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT B.A. Caurxe Freshman Footballg Freshman Bas kerballg Varsity Football WILLIAM LEWIS GLEASON 9 X NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA B.A. Caunrr JAMES A. GRIFFIN ID F A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Courre JAMES N. HAMRICK II K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. WILLIAM F. HANCOCK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Conn: Chemistry Club JAMES M. HART PENDLETON, VIRGINIA Pr:-medical C. PITTMAN HAYNES QD A Q PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA B..S'. Comm: Spider Bandg Chemistry Clubg Assistant Track Manager WILLIAM S. HOPSON K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pr:-medical CGIIFIC Spider Band MURRILL N. HOWE A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Caurn Freshman Footballg Freshman Traclcg Boxingg Varsity Football URAL R. HUMPHRIES HIGHLAND SPRINGS, VIRGINIA B. A. Cnurre Freshman Footballg Freshman Trackg Varsity Football ROBERT B. HARRIS 111 A Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Courn Assistant Manager Basketballg WEB Staff HERBERT HASH CHANCBLLOR, VIRGINIA B.A. Courfc Freshman Basketballg Freshman Baseballg Freshman Trackg Varsity Basketball CARLYLE P. HOLLAND, JR. 412 K 2 SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Pre-law Courire President Sophomore Classg Mu Sigma Rho Literary Societyg As- sistant Track Manager JULIAN C. HOUSEMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Callegian Staffg WEB Staff JOHN S. I-IRYHARROW, JR. CID A Q NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT B.A. Caurre Freshman Footballg Freshman Bas- ketballg Freshman Baseballg Varsity Footballg Honor Councilg New England Club VERNON C. KIBLER KID A Q w1x.soN, NORTH CAROLINA B.A. Caurxz Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Assistant Manager Baseball GARLAND B. IQINCHELOE ill A Q ROCKY MOUNT, VIRGINIA B.A. Conn: GEORGE B. LACY K E CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE B..S'. Court: Freshman Footballg Freshman Bas- ketballg Freshman Baseballg Varsity Footballg Boxingg Senator Sopho- more Class MILTON LESNIK NEWARK, NEW JERSEY B.A. Count SIDNEY T. MATTHEWS, JR. K E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Cauru Assistant Managing Editor Calle- gifm, '34g Philologian Literary Societyg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Assistant Manager Basketball HUGH E. MCGUIRE K 2 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-mcdiml Court: Assistant Business Manager Callc- gian: Business Staff Wang Assistant Business Manager University Players L. VERNON MOORE, JR. K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Assistant Football Manager HARRY L. KING HENRY, VIRGINIA B.A. Caurre JOHNSON W. LACY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. COURSE SIDNEY LEVINSON CD A NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Pre-dmtal Course Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketball ALLAN G. MCCABE, JR. E 111 E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.5'. Caurre OWEN W. MEREDITH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Caurn Golf Team HARRY B. MUNDAY, JR. II A E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B. A. Caurre MosEs D. NUNNALLY II K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Courfe JAMES F. PARKINSON, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pre-mediml Couric SIDNEY B. PASSAMANECK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .S . Cdilffe Spider Band JOHN LOMAX PETERS 2 CD E FRANKLIN, VIRGINIA Pre-medical Caunre Freshman Baseball L. STAGG POWELL, JR. K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pr:-law Couric JAMES H. RICKS, JR. CIP F A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Assistant Mana er Football, '34g ie: 5 Collegian Staff E I-' 1, N311-.. V! lxfyffvgl . DAVE PARKER 413 A Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B..S'. Coirrfe ROBERT T. PARRISH RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Courn HARRY O. PATTESON fb K E RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Camus Assistant Manager Football R. THOMAS PHILLIPS, JR. K A HIGHTSTOWN, NEW YORK B.A. Caurre Freshman Baseball ARTHUR W. RICH, JR. A A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Ministerial Associationg Freshman Trackg Dean's List CHARLES HILL RYLAND T K A UNIVERSITY or RIC!-iMO.N'D, VIRGINIA B,A. Caurfe Secretary-treasurer Tau Kappa Alphag Debating Team, '33, '345 Forensic Councilg Treasurer Philo- logian Literary Socieryg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Business Manager Haml- baakf Business Staff Collegian GEORGE W. SANDERS GJ X WHITESTONE, VIRGINIA B.S. Calm-e Freshman Baseball rf , ROBERT L. SAVILLE, JR. CDPA lf RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Colin: ADAM BERNARD SICHOL NEWPORT, NEW HAMPSHIRE I Pre-law Caunrc 1 Varsity Football, '333 Wrestling " I I HARVEY STRANG, JR. A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Course G. THOMAS TAYLOR ID A Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Couric Wan Staff A. LOUIS TOBIAS 'I' A PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA B.A. Cour.rc Freshman Footballg Freshman Track 5 Callegian Staff I V., WALTER G. WINSLOW K E BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK B..S'. Conn: b I I G. STUART WOODSON U K A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA f I 5 B..S'. Course Rf. l . EDWARD SCHAAF, JR. A X A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. CDIIFJE Freshman Footballg Freshman Base- ballg Freshman Trackg Varsirv Foot- ballg Vice-president SOPIIOIIIOYC Class JOHN M. STONE, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Pr:-medical Cnmzre DOUGLAS C. TABB WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA BA. Corzrn BARTHOLOMEW G. TENORE K E BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK B..S'. Couric Freshman Foocballg Freshman Bas ketballg Freshman Track YVILLIS WILLS 411 K 2 PETERSIIURG, VIRGINIA B.A. Cozmc Boxing, '33, '34 CHARLES H. WOOD, JR. 9 X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B .A. Camzre w t. 1 wx M . , L R w 1-4. , , , , -: .V-1 , - i., .im I ,R V . I.. A 1 O Freshman Clmf F. OVERTON JONES . . . . Preyidem' DUNCAN HAWLEY . . Vice-prefidem' JOSEPH F. MEYER . . . . Secretary-treasurer STUART C. CRAWFORD . . . . Senator FRANCIS W. TYNDALL . Hiftormn DAVID ALEXANDER, JR. CII A .Q HERBERT C. ALLEN CD A Q H. BARRY BOTWICK JACK BRISTOW KP A .Q THOMAS BROADDUS E. PARKER BROWN CIIKE FRANK M. BULLARD ERNEST P. BURGESS, JR. LD K E EDWARD M. CANADA, JR. SCOTT COPELAND, III STUART C. CRAWFORD K 2 STOVER H. CREASY, JR. CP 1" A JOHN P. CROWDER, JR. HOWARD DENTON ALFRED DICKINSON IP I' A ERNEST I. FLEMING, JR. 3 ' DORSEY B. FORD LEONARD M. GALBRAITH A JOSEPH C. GODSEY BERNARD A. GILMAN BROADDUS GRAVATT GEORGE L. HARPER QHAQ DONALD B. GRAY K E ROBERT T. HARRIS F. OVERTON JONES KE ALVAH E. HAYDON, JR. KD FA FRED T. LAUGHON WILLIAM LUMPKIN AA ROBERT LINDSEY K E ROBERT L. MASON KE JOSEPH F. MEYER A X A EDWARD M. MILLS, JR. FIIKE K 1934 Q, V lc H f DAN L. MONTAGUE K 2 W. EDWARD MOORE J. ROLAND NUCKOLS I FRANK M. NUNNALLY I THOMAS B. OMOHUNDRO 'I 1 fl? I' A RICHARD C. PAULETTE A A 1 WILBUR PECK T CIP I' A HORACE E. PHILLIPS CII' A Q i EDWIN M. PILCHER V K A J JOSEPH L. PITTORE LINWOOD POWERS, JR. CP A Q JOHN H. PREISSNER 2 ff! E H. HUDSON PRICE J K2 Jj FLETCHER L. RAIFORD I KID K E E... LETCHER REID, JR. A 2 fl? E XROBERT W. RETHER CI' A Q WILLIAM T. ROBERTSON E iff E r ll if +P I ! ' -.4 O. WAYNE SHANNON 'M' fl 1,1 f I I ERNEST H. SMITH CD A Q PAUL SOMERS E '-I1 E BILL H. THOMAS IT K A STUART THOMSON A X A RICHARD TODD THOMAS TODD FRANCIS YV. TYNDALL IT A Z ROBERT A. VAUGHAN 112 K E PAUL WATLINGTON MICHAEL W. WEST TIKA BERNARD M. WHITE-HURST RICHARD M. F. WILLIAMS, IH LINWOOD WITHERS IT A 2 ROBERT WOOLFOLK, J LEWIS WOODDY ROBERT W. YOWELL M -fri? ATHLETICS ,4 ,Ha L,..., , I. :W3.. , H - Q f ,5'1 f 'Q . E: A 1 V Q 5 QMMGRRINETQYQ, Cheer Leaeierf Head Cheer Leader STUART COOK junior Cheer Leaderf VERNON RICHARDSON OWEN NEATHERY Sophomore Cheer Leaders GRIFFIN GARNETT FRED BLACK Freshman Cheer Leaderx DAN MONTAGUE BERNARD GILMAN BERNARD DABNEY N734 i ' - T ' l Coaches Director of Athletics FRANK M. DOBSON Frefbmari Director Graduate Manager MALCOLM U. PITT DAVE M. MILLER ITI-I his resignation in December, 1933, Coach Frank Mills Dobson ended twenty-one years of faithful service to the University of Richmond. To his many friends it is regrettable that so long and pleasant association should be concluded. It is their sincere hope that he may hnd the same success in the future which characterized his stay here. -M234 B. L. CAMPBELL V. H. CHALTAIN U77 L1 . H. CHARNOCK . CONNORS S. P. CONRAD J. R. DIEDRICH R. C. DIEDRICH J. W. DOESON J. DOLEY B. R. DORSEY H. G. EssEx F. R. FREUND W. H. FOWLKES -Izllffiljl Club Memberf J. W. GILL A. A. GREENE E. E. HADDOCK W. L. HILL G. C. HOPE U. R. HUM11HR1Es H. V. JOYCE G. B. LACY R. W. LEVERTON J. A. MOORE T. H. MORRIS W. S. MORRIS 19734 O . T. NEBLETT C. W. PETERSON E. H. POINTER H. A. ROBERTS F. H. SANFORD P. K. SCHULZ C. A. SLAYDON H. G. SNEAD J. D. STRONG B. W. VAUGHAN F. J. VAUGHAN J. C. XVEST E. S. WHITE ,. The Spider Bemel MR. CHARLES TROXELL . F. A. FRAYSER D. ALEXANDER, JR. HARRY BORNSTEIN CHARLES BOsI-IER FRANK BULLARD SLOVER COVEY D. K. FREEMAN PITT HAYNES Member: WILLIAM HOPSON JOHN MIZELL LEROY MOORE EDWARD MOORE HUNT NENON SIDNEY PASSAMANECK N. S. PECK JOHN C. PHILLIPS 1934 . . Director Studeezr Leader F. L. RAIFORD C. E. S. RIDGWAY W. T. ROBERTSON CHARLES T. RYLAND SAMMY B. SELF CLIFFORD STRAUS PAUL XVATLING-TON CAPTAIN GEORGE HOPE EQQTBALL l Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond VARSITY FC Furman ..... 14 Cornell . . 27 V. P. I. .... . Randolph-Macon O Roanoke ..... O TBALL -- 1933 i f A iyii My Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond .15 1 3 I-Iam pden-Sydney V. M. I. . . . . O William and Mary 13 Emory and Henry FE fl fgige. ' ', 'ilirji E Yi! Rl X If - E 'FN , . . LJ ' Q- 'adffi E ' ' . .YP-was . I t . . il A . ' -H '- ' ff' 1, " 31. jj, ' 1 ll " , .. A ,... ' ei 5 as 5522 :N 1 M .il zz :air mgsgsggii, lm -f- UIQ? f' HANDICAPPED by the failure of several lettermen to return, the University of Richmond football team faced in 1933 a heavy schedule with few reserves. The eleven won five games and lost four, reaching the climax of the season in the final game when it upset pre-game predictions to win over the previously undefeated Emory and Henry team. In the Furman game, which opened the season, a Spider fumble on the kickoff was recovered by the Hurricanes on the Spiders' 30-yard line, from which spot the invaders marched the remaining distance for a touchdown. In the second period, the Big Purple team again scored. A belated local rally in the second half, saw Freddy Vaughan cross the Furman goal line for the only local tally. The game ended with the Red and Blue on the short end of a 14-6 score. The following Saturday the Spiders travelled to Ithaca, to meet Cornell. The favored Big Red team, with two All-Americans in its line-up, was far superior to the Red and Blue, and won 27-7. Freddy Vaughan's thrust off-tackle in the final period was the only local tally. This marked the first time in four years that Richmond has been able to cross the Northerners' goal line. To say that the Spiders received an unfortunate break in the V. P. I. game is putting it mildly, as, in the opinion of many, they outplayed the Gobblers throughout. A penalty in the third period against a local lineman for slugging gave the Gobblers the ball on the Spiders' 8-yard line, from which the visitors registered the only score of the game, to win 7-0. The Spiders scored their first win of the season the next Saturday, when they defeated the Randolph-Macon Yellow jackets, 27-0. Perry Schulz thrilled the Spider rooters when he ran the opening kick-off 85 yards for a touchdown. The Spiders made three other tallies, which were scored by Chaltain and Vaughan. Led by Jack Dobson, who scored twice, the Spiders played their best game of the season in defeating the Roanoke Maroons, 19-0. The Maroous were unable to register a single first down. The first period saw the Spiders score once, when Vaughan hit the center of the line for a touchdown. Two scores were made in the second period, when Strong intercepted a Maroon pass and ran ten yards for a touchdown, and Schulz later raced around the Roanoke left end for twenty yards and another tally. Probably the most spirited game of the season was the 13-O win that the Red and Blue scored over the Hampden-Sydney Tigers the following Saturday. jack Dobson . . I .1 . . X--I . ,,'kv,. T V i A . V . , - .t-Pf ' ' ' ' l.', , ' . Q V 'f , , V , , accounted for the two local rallies, one coming in the lirst period and the other in the second. For the third consecutive year the V. M. I. Cadets were unable to defeat the Spiders, falling victims to a 15-0 defeat. Sonny Joyce, veteran back, accounted for the first local score in the second period, when he successfully kicked a field goal from the 20-yard line to give the locals a 3-O lead. In the fourth period Perry Schulz cut through the right side of the V. M. I. line and, aided by splendid interference, ran 60 yards for a touchdown. The final score was made a few moments later when Vic Chaltain scored from the four-yard line. Ten days later came Thanksgiving, and with it the annual battle against William and Mary. The Spiders found, after repeated attempts, that they could make no gain against the determined Tricolor line. In the second period, the winning score was made, as Stumpy Bryant slashed off tackle and, aided by the good interference of Chalko and Young, raced 37 yards for a touchdown. The locals, minus Dobson and Diedrich, who were hurt in the early part of the fray, put on a belated rally in the final minutes of play, but after making three consecutive first downs, were repulsed by the Indian forward wall, A few minutes later the game ended. Emory and Henry, with ten straight wins to their credit, came to the Stadium the next Saturday to combat with the Red and Blue. A heavy rainstorm the previous day made the Spiders a pre-game favorite. The locals started the scoring late in the second period, when Vaughan raced round left end for the first tally. No more scoring was done until the linal few minutes of play, when Rodger Charnock, reserve hack, went off tackle for the hnal score of the game. In the closing seconds of play Chaltain intercepted a Wasp pass and ran 50 yards, only to he thrown out of bounds on the five-yard line. The game ended shortly after with the Spiders on the right side of a 13-O victory. At the close of the season Smithson Morris, who has played a great game at end tor two years, was elected captain for 1934. The loss of the veterans, Strong, Essex, Captain Hope, Doley, Diedrich, Joyce, Slaydon, Neblett, Charnock, Chaltain, and Haddock will be hard to Hll. Coach Glenn Thistlethwaite, who will take up his duties here next fall, will have a nucleus of twelve lettermen, Captain Morris, Fil Sanford, Tom Morris, John Diedrich, Stuart Conrad, George Lacy, Ural Humphries, Perry Schulz, Freddy Vaughan, jack Dobson, Bob Leverton, and Jimmy West, along with the upcoming Freshmen, around which to build a strong grid machine. il , E MJ. fi wi is Qa . gi A ie- , , , S af In ' ii' se i . f.s.z 'g g Q23g25QW wiiif . -Qegjiiii I lf . r."a ' ng n rwawaa- , if cnaiaa saw sa, ii we-View B t I W s Q, A H . ,gaieiarl , H , yan 425: " Eaa.gH?Ne ae . X 1 v Wzzmrizjf Saaaa Football Leiter Winnerf Endf T. MORRIS S. MORRIS ESSEX Tackle: SANFORD STRONG HADDOCK LACY HUMPHRIES Gaawlr HOPE CCaptainD DIEDRICH CONRAD DIEDRICH C eatery SLAYDON NEBLETT Backx DOBSON SCHULZ CHALTAIN LEVERTON DOLEY JOYCE WEST VAUGHAN CHARNOCK Manfzger WHITE Fefefhman .Yqaaal Numeral WinnerJ Freshman Football A Endo JAFFEE BURGESS DICKINSON SUTTON Tackles MEYER KASSIN T. TODD GRAHAM Gaarax BOTWICK WVALTON L. TODD GARRETT WEST PILCHER Center: MUMPOWER TOLER Backus' ROBERTSON VAUGIiAN REYNOLDS BARRON UMANSKY PITTORE Bnooxcs Refalzkr of Fmrlmean Football, 1933 Richmond Freshmen ....... 19 Fork Union Military Academy . . O Richmond Freshmen . . O Greenbrier Military Academy . . 2 Richmond Freshmen . . 6 Georgetown Freshmen ...... 9 Richmond Freshmen . . . 18 V. M. l. Freshmen ....... . O Richmond Freshmen . . . . 25 William and Mary Freshmen . . . O BM CAPTAIN VIC CHALTAIN BASKETBALL ,ERB ERB BBB HHH SNYITH seven lettermen back, headed by Captain Vic Chaltain, prospects appeared bright as the 1934 court season got under way. The resignation of Coach Dobson prior to the opening of the season called for the substitution of Mac Pitt as mentor of the Varsity combine. The Medicos were no match for the superior Spider five who had the advan- tage in height and reserves. At half time, the local cagers were in the lead by a 23-15 count. The hne shooting of Lacy and Chaltain was the feature of the early local attack. In the second half, the Varsity increased their lead, with Winfrey Brown running wild, registering six field goals. The game ended with the Red and Blue winning 47-25. A few days later the Roanoke Maroons were met at Millhiser Gymnasium, after a great game the Spiders came out with a 42-35 score. The first half saw the Spiders get away to an early lead, the Maroons tied the game as the half ended. A second rally, with Leverton the scoring ace, gave the Red and Blue an easy win. On their first trip, the Spiders traveled to Lexington to decisively defeat the V. M. I. Cadets, 32-20. The Cadets got off to an early lead, but the fighting Spiders soon started their scorin attack and assumed a 12-11 lead. After examinations, the Ref and Blue started the last lap of their schedule by meeting the William and Mary Indians in the gymnasium, and after one of the greatest and closest games ever to be staged on the Millhiser court, the Spiders scored their first triumph over the Indian cagers in five years, handing them a 27-24 defeat. The following week the Spiders met Roanoke, and the Maroons evened the count with the Richmonders by handing them a 25-19 setback. The next night the Red and Blue moved over to Blacksburg to combat the V. P. I. Gobblers, the Spiders showing a complete reversal of form to soundly trounce their rivals, 39-17. After a day's rest the Spiders moved on to Emory to meet the sensational Emory and Henry Wasps. The first half was close, with one point separating the teams, but in the closing half, with Glenn Roberts leading the attack, the Wasps pulled away to win, 38-25. Two nights later the Medicos were again met, and although they played fine ball the were unable to co e , Y P with the S ider attack, falling victims to a 38-21 dnefeat. Travelling to College Park the next night, the Spiders surprised the Old Liners of the University of Maryland and walked away with a 44-33 victory. Playing their best game of the season, HRH the Spiders assumed an early lead and were never headed. At the close of the first half, the Red and Blue were in the van 21-20. In the second half, with Leverton running wild, the Pittmen increased the lead considerably to score a great victory. Returing to their native haunts, the Spiders scored an easy victory over the Hampden-Sydney Tigers, 37-19. The lirst half was close, but in the second stanza the Red and Blue scored at will. Washington and Lee was the next Spider o ponent, the game being played in Lexington, and after one of the best games ofpthe season, the Generals scored a thrilling 29-26 victory. The Spiders started off slowly and at half time trailed 18-10. A last minute rally by the Pittmen fell short by the narrowest of margins, the poor foul shooting of the locals being the main reason for their defeat. Before one of the largest crowds to ever witness a game in the Millhiser Gymnasium, the Emory and Henry Wasps, led by the great Glenn Roberts, again defeated the Spiders, this time by the score of 30-27. At the close of the Hrst half the Wasps were leading 13-11. The loss of Green via the personal foul route in the hrst stanza greatly injured the Spiders' chances of winning, as he was holding Roberts in check. Again the Spiders returned to the win column when they travelled to Farmville to take the measure of a reiuvenated Hampden-Sydney five by the score of 41-32. The score does not indicate the closeness of the game, as both teams played hard and inspired ball. The early lead of the Richmond quintet was too much for the Tigers to overcome. The next Richmond victory was at the expense of the V. M. I. Cadets who again tasted defeat by the score of 35-19. The Cadets' early lead was erased by the Pittmen near the close of the first half, and from then on the Spiders were never in danger. The Spiders closed their season the following night in Williamsburg when after one of the roughest games of the season, the William and Mary Indians evened the count with the locals winning 27-25. The season was more or less a success with the quintet winning ten and losing five. Much credit for the team's success should go to Coach Mac Pitt. Four men, Chaltain, Connors, Greene, and Doley will be lost to the quintet due to graduation, and although their losses will be felt, the upcoming yearlings are expected to take their places. Roger Leverton was named captain for 1934-5. . Z BRE A ,- BRE l 1 .- 5 ., A' HRH 1 .A :T"?I'.. - P -'ff-is 'QL NTZMLQ.:-:E-1:-7' BBB Vazfmyf .Yaaaa Basketball Letter Winner: Forwardf CONNORS LEVERTON CHALTAIN BROWN Gzzardf DOLEY LACY HASH ELMORE Centem GREENE SANFORD Manager MOORE Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Rem!!! of Baxketball, 1934 . . ....... 47 Roanoke ........ . . , . . . 47 Medical College of Virginia . . . . 32 V. M.I ........ . . . , , . . 19 Roanoke ..... . . . ,. ..34 V.P.I....,... . , . . 25 Emory and Henry . . . , , . . 27 William and Mary . . . . . . 26 Washington and Lee . . , , . . 39 Hampden-Sydney . . . . , . . 27 Emory and Henry . . . . . . , , . . 37 V. M. I ......... . . . , , . . 39 Medical College of Virginia . . . . 41 Hampden-Sydney . . . . . . , , . . 44 Maryland ....... . . . , , . . 25 William and Mary . . Fffefkman Squad A Numeral Winnerf Frexbmafz Baxketball JACOBS ROBERTSON Forzuardr PITTORE ALLEN BRISTOW Guards DICKINSON VAUGHAN WEST C anim' GREENE BURGESS Results of Frefloman Basketball, 1934 Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen Richmond Freshmen 36 Medical College ...... 57 Fredericksburg High School 24 Ashland High School .... 47 Wilson High School .... 29 William and Mary Freshmen 51 Hargrave Military Academy 59 Medical College ....... 31 St. Christopher ....... 23 Central High School .... 37 William and Mary Freshmen 33 Maury High School .... 41 Ashland High School .... lf ii45 Fraternity All-Stars . . I .,, CAPTAIN MARBURY HOPKINS Vmffizyf Tmclz Letter Winnerf Hopkins CCapt.D: 100 and 220 Peterson: 440 Hill: Mile and Two-Mile Chaltain: High and Low Hurdles. Broad Jump West: Pole Vault, Javelin, High Jump, Broad Jump, High Hurdles Carroll: Shot Put Dobson: Javelin Schulz: 110, 220, and Low Hurdles Vaughan: 440 and 880 Gill: Mile and Two-Mile Joyce: Pole Vault, Shot, Discus, Broad Jump, High Jump Leverton: High and Low Hurdles, Pole Vault Petrus: Discus Williams: Half-Mile Remltf of Tmck-1933 Richmond ..... . . . 103 Richmond ..... . . . Richmond ..... . . . Richmond ..... . . . Richmond ..... . . . 592 69M 67 46 Wake Forest ..... 23 Maryland ...... ....,... . . 66M Washington and Lee 56M V. M. I .... ........ 5 9 William and Mary.. 80 LTHOUGH defeated twice, the University of Richmond tracksters enjoyed in 1933 their best season in years. Washington and Lee, V. M. I., and Wake Forest tasted defeat, while Maryland and William and Mary were successful in overcoming the Red and Blue. The outstanding feature of the track season was the smashing of previous records in the pole vault, shot put, broad jump, javelin, and the hurdles. Wake Forest was the first Spider opponent, and was easily defeated, 103-23. It was in this meet that Jimmy West soared over the cross bar at 12 feet 1M inches to break the previous record held by Graham Carlton. The Spiders annexed twelve firsts, losing only the mile and the two-mile races. Traveling to College Park to meet the Maryland Old Liners, the Spiders met with a surprising upset, losing to the Terrapins, 662-592. The Red and Blue was superior in the field events, but was no match in the running events, losing every- thing but the hurdles. Earle Widmeyer, Old Liner ace, easily captured first place in the two dash events. Vic Chaltain was the local star, winning three first places, in the high and low hurdles, and in the broad jump. The most interesting event of the day was in the broad jump, as Chaltain defeated his teammate, Joyce, by a scant inch. The following week, after one of the most closely contested meets ofthe year, the Red and Blue emerged with a 69M-56M victory over the Washington and Lee Generals. The meet was so close that the Spiders had to win the last two events to gain the victory. Jack Dobson broke the javelin record by throwing the javelin 180 feet, 3 inches to win that event. The feature event of the day was in the high hurdles, when after one of the greatest races ever seen on the Generals' track, Vic Chaltain broke the school record by crossing the tape in 15.7, to just barely edge out Finklestein, former Southern Conference champion. Dunaj was the individual star of the day by capturing first place in the half-mile, mile, and two-mile events. W. 8 L. took the majority of first places, scoring seven and tying for one, but the Spiders piled up points in the second and third places to win the meet. Records again went to the boards next week, when the V. M. I. Keydets were subdued 67-59. John Carroll threw the shot 40 feet, 7M inches to break the former record held by Taylor Sanford. Although he broke the record, Carroll finished second in the event, as Moorhead captured first place with a throw of two feet further. Bill Petrus, in the next event, surpassed Mac Broaddus' record in the discus, by heaving the disc 124 feet, 8 inches. In the final event of the day, on the result of which the meet depended, Sonny Joyce broad jumped 22 feet, 7 inches to break his own record set last year. Welford featured for the Cadets, winning the 440 and 880, although he was hard pressed for honors by Ned Vaughan, who threatened throughout both races. The season was brought to a close two weeks later, when the local trackmen were defeated by the Williain and Mary Indians, 80-46. It was in this meet that two more records were smashed, both being in the hurdle events. Vic Chaltain broke his own high hurdle mark by running the event in 15 seconds flat, to surpass the former mark by .7 second. In the low hurdles, Roger Leverton, the other half of the hurdling team, ran a beautiful race to finish in the remarkable time of 24.2. As was the case all season, the defeat Qf the Spiders was due ro the lack of runners. Monk Little again predominated for the Tricolor clan, winning first places in the two dash events, and the broad jump, and taking second in the javelin. At the close of the season, Harold, "Sonny," Joyce, one of the best tracksters to ever sport the Red and Blue was elected captain for the following season. Joyce is called a one-man track tean1 as he appears in five events in every meer. With ten letrermen returning next season, and with an abundance of material moving up from the Freshmen, a good prospect is in view. Witli aid from the yearlings, the Spiders will be well balanced in all phases, being especially strong in the field events. Refulrr of Freylamfm Tmck Richmond Freshmen ........ 85M XVake Forest, 242 McGuires, 7 Richmond Freshmen .... . . . 42 Maryland Freshmen .............. . 75 Richmond Freshmen .... . . . 69 V. M. I. Freshmen ..,......... . . . 48 Richmond Freshmen .... . . . 73M Wasliington 81 Lee Freshmen ..,... . 43Z CAPTAIN ED PERLOWSKI BASEBALL Veeryezfy Beefeheell Letter Winners Catcher SNEAD Pitchers WHITE T. MORRIS PEILLOWSKI CCaptainD Firxt Bezfe Second Bene Third Base SANFORD DOBSON LEVERTON POINTER Shortetop V Ontjielderr CoNNoRs DIEDRICH CAMPBELL DOLEY HOPE Meznntger HOBSON Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond .Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Rernlrf of Bezsehezll-1933 . . . . . . 5 Washington and Lee . . . . 14 Navy ........ . . . 5 Randolph-Macon .... . . . 5 Hampden-Sydney .... . . . 12 Medical College of Virginia . . 0 William and Mary . . . . . . 5 Hampden-Sydney .... . . . 2 Randolph-Macon .... . . . 2 Virginia Military Institute . . 1 William and Mary . . . . WITH many veterans back, the hopes of the 1933 Spider nine were very bright. Captain Perlowski, Doley, Hope, Snead, Pointer, White, and Taylor were the lettermen reporting at the start 0 the season. Considerable aid was expected from the championship Freshman team, which included such line ball players as Morris, Leverton, and Campbell. The season was dismally opened, however, with a 9-5 loss to Washington and Lee Generals. White hurled good ball for five innings, and was then replaced by Morris. The hitting of Leverton and Snead gave the Spiders a 5-5 tie going into the final inning, but the Generals put on a belated ninth inning rally to score four runs and win the ball game. Traveling to Annapolis on April 5, the Red and Blue scored a surprise victory by defeating the Navy nine 14-5, in a one-sided fray. At no time during the game did the Middies threaten. Tom Morris hurled great ball, and was given excellent support by his mates. The Spiders started the scoring early in the game and scored ten runs in the first five innings. The following Saturday, Randolph-Macon, with their strongest team in years, invaded the Stadium to meet the Spiders, and were defeated by the score of 5-1. The score does not show just how close the fray was, as it was a nip and tuck contest, until the local nine put on a belated rally in the sixth inning to score four runs, and enough to win the game. Jack Dobson's triple with the bases loaded was the damaging blow. Probably one of the best games of the season was played the next Wednesday, when the Spiders were defeated, 7-5, by Hampden-Sydney at Farmville. One of the largest crowds ever to witness a game at Death Valley saw the Red and Blue lose the close tussle. Practically all the scoring was done in the early innings, the Tigers scoring five runs in the first two frames, and the Spiders scoring four. The inability to solve Mann's slants in the pinches was the cause of the defeat. The next local win came a few days later when the Medical College of Virginia was an easy victim, losing 12-5. Smithson Morris, on the mound for the Red and Blue, was stingy with hits in the pinches, although hit hard. The Varsity scored early in the fray when, Snead hit a long home run with two mates on base. Every member of the squad was given a chance to play, and all acquitted themselves in fine fashion. One of the most decisive defeats ever imposed on a University of Richmond nine was inflicted the following Saturday, when the William and Mary nine defeated the locals, I6-O. This was the first time in five years that the Red and Blue had been shut out, and marked the first time that a Dobson-coached nine failed to give the Indians a close game. Morris, White, and Perlowski, all took a turn on the mound but none of them could stop the determined Indians. The only redeeming feature in the local play was the fine fielding of Campbell, who robbed the Indians of certain base hits. Hampden-Sydney came to the Stadium the next Tuesday and again scored a 7-5 win. The game was thrilling from beginning to end, and only the fine relief hurling of Birch Douglas, saved the Tigers from a defeat, Bill Humphries, Tiger short- stop, was the individual star of the game, getting four safe hits, besides featuring afield. His long triple in the fifth with two mates aboard was the deciding factor in winning the game. This was the first time in years that the Tigers have been able to score two wins over a local nine in the same season. With Al Hudson, Jacket twirler,in hne form, the Randolph-Macon nine avenged their early season defeat at the hands of the Spiders by winning the return game, 5-2. For seven innings, Hudson and Morris staged a stirring pitchers' duel, but in the last half of the seventh the Jackets scored four times, when consecutive hits by Beall and Surgent, following bases on ball to Hess and Hudson, gave the Jackets enough runs to win the game. The locals threatened in the ninth, but the rally was cut short when Hudson made the hnal two batters hit weakly to the inlielders. May 6 saw the V. M. I. Cadets Colne to the Stadium to meet the Richmond nine, and to win after a hard fray, 6-2. This was the first Cadet victory of the season, and the Spiders' sixth loss. The game was a long and listless fray with neither team hitting hard. Smith on the mound for the Cadets allowed the Red and Blue but seven well scattered hits, and had the situation under control at all times. The unusual feature of the game was the making of six double plays, four by the Cadets and two by Richmond. The Richmond nine closed its season the following Wednesday, traveling to Williamsburg to again meet the Indians. As in the first game, the Spiders were no match for the Tricolor clan, who scored an easy 10-1 victory, with Carter White closing his intercollegiate season in fine style, fanning ten Spiders. The Indians started the scoring early and registered eight runs in the first two innings. This marked the close of the baseball careers for Captain Ed Perlowski of the Red and Blue, and seven Indians. With all the lettermen back for action in 1934, with the exception of Perlowski, prospects appear bright for one of the best seasons in years. At the close of the 1933 season, Garnett Snead, veteran receiver, was elected captain of the team by the lettermen. The Freshmen are expected to aid considerably. Nnrnereel Winners Freshrnezn Bezsehnll Catcher LACY Pitchers HASH PETERS SANDERS BALL First Base Second Base Third Base CIECKO NVRENN ODELL fhgrfytap Ontjieleiers PHILLIPS BROWN VANLEAR SCHAAF Resnlrs of Freshman Bnsehezll Richmond Freshmen ........ 2 Petersburg High School . . . 1 Richmond Freshmen . . . . 16 Hopewell High School . . . . . 4 Richmond Freshmen . . . 5 William and Mary Freshman . . . 4 Richmond Freshmen . . . 4 William and Mary Freshman . . . 1 x N 1 CAPTAIN JIM STRONG GX I Boxing, 1934 ' Pound WILLIS WILLS .......... . 115-lb, Clan DAVID SCOTT ........... . 125-lb. Clan WINSTON CRENSHAW AND WILFRED COURTLNEY . . 135-lb. Clary YOUNGER SAUNDERS ......... . 145-lb. Clam STANLEY FINK AND WINDY XVINSLOW . . 155-lb. Clan FRED VAUGHAN ....... . 16 5-lb. Clam JACK DOBSON ........ . 175-lb. Clan CAPTAIN JIM STRONG . . Unlimited N rounding out its athletic program, the University of Richmond in 1934 sponsored such a successful boxing season that at the end of the year, the Varsity Club rec- ommended to the Athletic Council that it be given recognition as a major sport. This was rather remarkable, due to the fact that it was only the second season during which this activity has become a part of the regular athletic program. Much of the success of the sport is due to the expert coaching of Paddy Mills, whose wide experience and able methods made a strong team possible. The second season opened by a match with Maryland, which the Red and Blue lost by a narrow margin, 4M-35. The match was decided when Stalfort, of the Old Liners, uncorked a looping right-hand smash that sent Captain Jim Strong, of Richmond, to the canvas. "Peewee" Wills, Younger Saunders, and Freddy Vaughan copped their bouts, and Dave Scott fought gamely to a draw. Three of the matches ended in technical knockouts. Next the Spiders faced a strong Roanoke aggregation to win by a score of 6-2. Richmond won the three opening bouts, and completed its scoring when Freddy Vaughan and Captain Strong won the two final scraps. Roanoke came through in the 155- and 175-pound classes to register their lone rallies for the evening. Meeting the highly-touted V. M. I. mittmen in the Millhiser gymnasium, the Spiders found tough competition in all classes, and came out finally on the small end of a 4M-3M score. The highlights of the evening were the eagerly-anticipated match between Peewee Wills of Richmond and Willis Cavedo of V. M. I., in which the Red and Blue bantam weight emerged victorious after all exciting three rounds, the bout between Wilfred Courtney and Captain Eddie Bain of V. M. I., in which the contender fought to a draw, and the battle between two outstanding football men, Freddy Vaughan of the Spiders and Billy Smith of the Keydets, in which the latter won a close victory. The other Spider wins were registered by Younger Saunders and Jack Dobson. In the final match of the season, St. john's College went down in defeat, 5-3, before the Red and Blue in the Millhiser gymnasium. Featuring the evening were Freddy Vaughan's knockout of Asbury Lee with a terrific right in the third round, in the 165-lb. class, and Windy Winslow's thorough beating of Irvine Silver in the 155-lb. class. Other Spiders winning were Captain Jim Strong, Peewee Wills, and Winnie Crenshaw. Action on the recommendation of the Varsity Club that major letters be awarded the boxers is expected before the end of the year. With this encouragement, the 1934-35 squad should be even stronger than before. Remltr of Boxing-1934 Richmond . . 3M Maryland. . 4M Richmond . . 5 St. Johns . . 3 Richmond . . 6 Roanoke . . 2 Richmond . . 3M V. M. I. , . 4M Q46 ,fefenj CLASSE A W, 5, ,W Senior Clays CASIMIR F.NOW1cK1 . . . . Prexident WILLIAM C. PARKINSON . Vice-prexident EDWIN O. THORNHILL . .Swecretmgf CHARLES H. RYERSON . . Tremurer VERNON L. DUNCAN . . Hiytarian SAMUEL T. BINNS, JR. . Senator I Iffr O' f I' fi + Y ' . ROYAL ADAMS, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Applicant for LLB. Degree Treasurer Student Governmentg McNeill Law Societyg President Junior Class, Atlantic Uni- versityg Football '31, '32 SAMUEL T. BINNS, JR. 2 N fb RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree Senator-at-largeg V ice-president Junior Class g Senator Senior Classg McNeill Law Societyg University of Richmond Bar Club VERNON L. DUNCAN E N fb NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree A Senator-at-largeg Secretary-treasurer Junior Classg Historian Senior Classg University of Richmond Bar Club fax:-AGE-ess--age-M FRANK E. KECK A 9 fb, fb K 111 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree V. P. I.g President Student Government ROBERT B. MACFARLANE A 9 113 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree University of Richmond Bar Club RICHARD MCDEARMON 9 X APPOMATTOX, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree A.B., Hampden-Sydney McNeill Law Society ,,d.r---.-?.???..,, pw ' CASIMIR F. NoW1cK1 2 N qw, A T Q SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA Applicezvzt for LLB. De gree B.A., Colgate Universityg President Senior Class 1 w WILLIAM CRENSHAW PARKINSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree Vice-president Senior Classg University of Richmond Bar Club CHARLES ALWYN PERKINSON A 9 fb, K A DOLPHIN, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree Interfraternity Councilg University of Richmond Bar Club I 9734 TA., C7 OLIN A. ROGERS K A, O A K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree I ff! Historian Junior Classg McNeill Law Societyg Assistant Librariang Freshman Law Prize, '32g University of Richmond Bar Club CHARLES HERMAN RYERSON 9 X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree I Treasurer Senior Class University of Richmond Bar Club SOLOMON SACHS CIP A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., University of Richmondg Business Man- ager The Legend, '33g Secretary Student Gov- ernment Associationg McNeill Law Socieryg University of Richmond Bar Club 12234 , I E. H. THOMPSON A 9 111 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Senator-at-largeg McNeill Law Society' University of Richmond Bar Club J EDWIN O. THORNHILL A X A BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Appliemzt for LLB. Degree Secretary Senior Classg Senator-at-largeg University of Richmond Bar Club THURMAN B. TOWILL A o fb, 0 A K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for LL.B. Degree Varsity Fo0tball,'19-'235 Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball 5 President Athletic Association v , fs., Y 'ff if 'f A -'-U 4- , c ' . 1 A E Inteemeeieette Cleese GEORGE RANEY BRYANT . . . . . President WILLIAM I: MONCURE . . . . Vice-president 'A. WILFRED HARDY . . . . Secretary-treaxurer MAX O. LASTER . . . . Senator ' t 619.3-li e., Jr AM--- A A AA. i Jiffy It ALFRED S. ANDERSON, JR, KLOAK RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA A.B. William and Maryg University of Richmond Bar Club JAMES A. BETTS, JR. EASTON, PEDIISISYLVANIA A.B. Lafayette Collegeg Secretary- treasurer Freshman Classg McNeill Law Societyg Fencing Team, '28-'31, Lafayette GEORGE RANNEY BRYANT A 9 fb, A 2 11: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.O.S. Duke Universityg President Intermediate Class LAWRENCE JOSEPH CROWDER 2 N 111 RICHMOND , VIRGINIA l I If L. A A A A Y L!! ,AW :Ez ,, 1' ,d-5 Af V I . "1 .'i'.F":-,' '15 A ,,,, .I-. I, . E25 1, L: :nz :M Y N' - ting . is - ' V- A., . I - IMA, I I 'T I , M1 W, 1, 'I f-... - AAA, 7:1- ANTHONY JAMES BAROODY E N fb RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Editor The Lcgendg McNeill Law Society WILLIAM M. BLACKWELL AEfI1,A2 fIw,f1wBK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. University of Virginiag Busi- ness Managcr The Legendg McNeill Law Societyg Freshman Law Prizeg Assistant Librariang University of Richmond Bar Club WARREN F. CURTIS A 9 fb RICHMOND, VIRGINIA CURTIS M, DozIER, JR. 9 X, 111 A A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA l X. 1 J ,. ---R ,HU a s l STUART A. EACHO A X A Ricumoxn, VIRGINIA Varsity Basketball, '27-'30, Captain Varsity Basketball, '30-'31g Varsity Tennis, '27-'30g Captain Varsity Tennis, '30-'31, Varsity Club, Uni- versity of Richmond Bar Club JOHN T. GILL, JR. A 9 KI? RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Senator-at-large A. WILFRED HARDY PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Secretary-treasurer Intermediate Classg Petersburg Spider Club MAX OWEN LASTER 'IJ A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. University of Richmond, Sena- tor Intermediate Classg McNeill Law Society, Assistant Librarian .l,ilZJ ANNE BEVERLY GEORGE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.A. Bryn Mawr J. SPENCER GILMORE A X A, n A E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Varsity Club, Harlequin Clubg President Freshman Class Z. V. JOHNSON, JR. E 111 E DANVILLE, VIRGINIA McNeill Law Society WILLIAM IRBY MONCURE K A BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA William and Mary College, "13" Club, Vice-president Intermediate Class fQ34ae ee- BERNARD C. O'SULLIVAN A o 111, can X RICHMOND, VIRGINIA German Clubg Vice-president Fresh- man Class WILLIAM GRIFFITH PURCELL E N KID RICIINIOND, VIRGINIA J. KENNETH RADER E N KI? RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. University of Richmondg Sen- ator-at-largeg McNeill Law Societyg University of Richmond Bar Club R. WESTWOOD XVINFREE A 9 411 RICFIMOND, VIRGINIA WILLIAM M. POPE A 9 111, fb B K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S. Washington and Lee CECIL DYER QUILLEN GATE CITY, VIRGINIA A.B. King College, '3Og University of Chicago Law School, '32, '33g McNeill Law Society W. V. RENNIE PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA William and Mary Fencing Squad, '29g Cotillion Club BEN F. WOODSON A 9 fb RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Senator-at-largeg V. P. 1.5 Varsity Manager of Basketball 5 Vice-presi- dent Senior Class, '31 , . -In A I Fzfefbmam Clmf ACK BARNEY ............ . . . Prexidem' EVERETT S. SLAGLE . . . Vice-prefident CLARENCE P. KEARFOTT . . Secremfyf CHARLES W. GIVINS . . Tmzmrer M. BALDWIN WATTS . . . Semzfor 19341 H L7 I ir! l GEORGE E. ALLEN, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA A8111 VIVIAN R. BETHEL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ENCIJ JOHN R. BRINSER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 9X,OAK Hampden-Sydneyg President Student Body, '26, '27g German Clubg Jongleursg President Vigilance Corn- mittee, '25-'27g Varsity Football, '24-'Z6g Varsity Baseball, '24-'275 Captain Baseball, '26, '27g President Monogram Clubg Vice-president Athletic Councilg Student Repre- sentative to Athletic Associationg President Junior Classg Pan-Hellenic Council J. M. DERN LITTLESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA JACK BARNEY PETERSBURG , VIRGINI A fIJA President Freshman Classg Assistant Business Manager The Legend HAN1-'oRD K. BooxER PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA B.A. McGill University C. P. CRAWLEY APPONIATTOX, VIRGINIA EKIDE CHARLES W. GIVINS, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA CID B K Treasurer Freshman Class I Q3 Jes , it E 4. M - ROBERT JOHNSON PRINCESS ANNE, VIRGINIA KA,f1wAA A.B. William and Maryg Past Presi- dent Virginia Beach Rotary Club ARTHUR RITZ KINGDON BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA GPX EVERETT STEWART SLAGLE NORFOLK, VIRGINIA ENCIJ Vice-president Freshman Classg As- sistant Editor Tbe Legend ESTER SUTRQ XVEINBERG FREDERICK, MARYLAND CLARENCE P. KEARFOTT MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA A9411 A.B. V. M. 1.3 Secretary Freshman Class SLYVIA MARGOLIUS NORFOLK, VIRGINIA fb K LIP, T K A B.A. William and Maryg Debate Teamg Woman's Debate Councilg Flat Hut Staffg American Associa- tion for Advancement of Scienceg A. I. B. MAURY BALDWIN WATTS, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA E N fl' Senator Freshman Class R. GRANGER WEST NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA LIJFA . -IQQSJE as - l Z4 CLASS L. i ...L 5 I 1 1 E 1 il l Q F, CQISU Senior Clow GRACE ROWLAND . . . . . Provident EDITH M. MCDANEL . . . Vice-proficient M. VIRGINIA STIFF . . . Secremfgf KATHERINE BELL . . . Tmzmrer MISS CAROLINE LUTZ . . Sponsor LILLIAN PATTERSON ALLEN STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT Applicant for B.A. Degree Treasurer of College Governmentg Collegian Staff, 335 WEB Staff, 'H34 KATHERINE BELL A IP' Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Les Femmes Savantesg Class Treasurer, '33, 345 Day Student Representative, Executive Council, '345 University Players KATHERINE E. BROWN fb B K, E 1'I 2 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Vice-president Sigma Pi Sigma, '34g Inter- national Relations Clubg Crump Prize In Mathematlcs MILDRED KATHERINE CLAY SUTHERLAND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Class Basketball, '33 ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN CLAYBROOK BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Applicam' for BA. Degree Assistant Editor Collegian, '33, '34g Interna tional Relations Clubg Secretary-treasurer Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association Class Hockey, '31, '32g Class Basketball '32, '335 Mortar Board VIRGINIA MARIE DAVIS NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree International Relations Club JULIA ADELLE DONOHUE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Business Manager of THE TOWER, '34 VIRGINIA EDNA ELLETT JENNINGS ORDINARY, VIRGINIA Applicant for BA. Degree Class Hockey, '31-'345 Class Basketball, '32-'34 VIRGINIA DARE FERGUSON BOYKINS, VIRGINIA Applicant fer B.A. Degree International Relations Clubg Class Hockey '345 Y. W. C. A. Music Chairman, '34 FRANCES CRUMP FOLKES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Appliceuzt for B.A. Degree University Playersg Les Femmes Savantesg E1 Picaro ERMA GRACE GAY RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BA. Degree SCC1'CE21I'y-f1'C2lSL11'Cf Iutermitional Relations Club, '34 FRANCES GBE IIICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for BA. Degree MARY ELIZABETH GOODWIN VICTORIA, VIRGINIA Applieemt for B.A. Degree President Sophomore Class ELEANOR I-IARDAWAY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Class Hockey, '29-'34g Class President, '30 Secretary College Government, '30, Les Femmes Savantes, Mortar Board HAZEL MACE HEMMING T K A BIG STONE GAP, VIRGINIA Applicant for B. A Degree Class Hockey, '33, '34, Class Basketball,'33 Captain '34, International Relations Club, Debate Council, '33, '34. HELEN MARIE I-IULCHER 111 B K, E II 2 RICHMOND, v1RG1N1A Applicant for B.A. Degree Secretary Sigma Pi Sigma, '34 LOUISE ROGERS LEATHERLAND CD B K RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree University Playcrsg Memefzger Staff, '33, Editor '34 DOROTHY LEE LEIGHTY CLARDENDON, VIRGINIA Applicant for B..S'. Degree Varsity Hockey, '33, '34g Class Hockey, '31-'34g Varsity Basketball, '31-'34gJudiciary Board, '33, Chairman, '34g University Choir, '33g Class Tennis, '31-'345 Phoenix Clubg Mortar Board MARYDEE LOWE TSINGTAU, CHINA Applicant for B.A. Degree Varsity Hockey, '31-'34, Class Hockey, '31-'34, Varsity Basketball, '31, '32, Class Basketball, '31, '32, Class Tennis, '31-'34, Tennis Singles, '33, Tennis Doubles, '33, Class Song Leader, '32, '33, Secretary Sopho- more Class, Glee Club, '31-'34, University Choir, '31-'34, XVE13 Staff, '33, Editor of THE TOWER, '34 FRANCES ELIZABETH LUMSDEN DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree El Picaro FRANCES ELIZABETH LUNDIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Class Hockey, '32-'34, Les Femmes Savantes, International Relations Club EDITH MAYNARD MCDANEL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Class Vice-president, '32-'34, Representative Executive Council, '33gClzIss Hockey, '31-'34g Varsity Hockey, '34 VIRGINIA MCINTOSH RICHMOND , VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree JULIA LOUISE MESSICK IRVINGTON, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Class Hockey, '31, Class Basketball, '31, Collegian Staff, '33, International Relations Club, House President, '34 LOUISE NEWLAND KWANGZU , KOREA Applicant for B.A. Degree Transfer from Duke University GENE NEWTON TSINGTAU, CHINA Applicant for B.A. Degree Executive Council, '32, '33g Les Femmes Savantesg Class Hockey, '32-'34g Collegian Staff, '33 LUCILLE WARE OLIVER KING AND QUEEN COURTHOUSE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Glee Club, '33, '34g University Choir, '32-'34g Class Basketball, '32, '335 Class Hockey, '335 Class Tennis, '32-'34 MARGARET OWENS II IB 411 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicemt for B.A. Degree Transfer from William and Mary, El Picaro MARGARET ASHLIN PROCTOR A 11" Q RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA Applieewr for B.A. Degree University Players, '32, '33, President, '34, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Collegiem Staff, '33, Les Femmes Suvuntes, International Re- lations Club, V ice-president College Govern- ment, '34, Mortar Board SUSIE CREWS RAMSEY GRETNA, VIRGINIA Applicmzt for B.A. Degree Class Hockey, '32-'34g.Class Basketball, '31- '34gUniversityCl1oir, '34gI-louse President, '34 GRACE ROWLAND RICHMOND , VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Manager.Trz1ck, '32, Vice-president Athletic Association, '33, Les Femmes Savantesg President Senior Class VIRGINIA STUART SANFORD A 'P' Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicemz' for B.A. Degree Varsity Hockey, '32-'34, Class Hockey, '31-'34, Class Basketball, '31-'34, Class Song Leader, '32-'34, Glee Club, '33, University Choir, '34, University Players, Sports Editor, Collegian, '32-'34, President Athletic Associa- tion, '34, Phoenix Clubg Mortar Board KATHERINLE KARR SERGEANT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicmzt for B.A. Degree El Picarog Les Femmes Szlvantes MARY VIRGINIA STIFF HARMONY VILLAGE, VIRGINIA Applicemt for B.A. Degree Class Hockey, '32-'34, Class Basketball, '32, Track Cup, '31, Secretary Senior Class, Glec Club, '32-'34g University Choir, '33, '34 CHRISTINE TAYLOR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicmzt for B.A. Degree Class Hockey, '31-'34g Class Basketball, '31 1 '32, University Players, IIIternzItiom1l Relu- tions Club, President College Govern- IDCIII, '34, Mo1'ta1' Board VIRGINIA GREY WATKINS ID B K, .Y II E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree HELEN ELIZABETH WILKINSON DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree El Picarog Y. NV. C. A. Council, '33, '34 ANN CHILDREY WOOD RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Applicant for B.A. Degree Y. W. C. A., '31-'33, President, '34g Treasurer FreslI1IIa1I Classg Executive Council, '34g Glec Club, '32-'34g University Choir, '33, '34Q University Playersg Les Femmes Savautcsg El Picaro zmiwf Clam THERESA CARTER .... . . . Preyidenf MARY PATTESON EARLY . Vice-president HELEN CAULFIELD . . . Secrerafgf ELIZABETH MARSTON . Tremzzffer T 4 K MARION BEAZLEY ALLPORT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARGARET VIRGINIA BROWN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 0 N MARIA THERESA CARTER ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH H. CLARY BOWLING GREEN, VIRGINIA .A,.,,,I We 'fimlf-,4'4:J, . . 5.:L1......I,...z CATHERINE BEVERLY BATES ASHLAND, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH H. CANNON ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA HELEN CAULFIELD PO RTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA MAE FRANCES COLANNA ONABTCOCIC, VIRGINIA MARY NELSON DECKER FRHDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA MARY PATTESON EARLY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA OTELIA MILDRED FRANCIS GLEN ALLEN, VIRGINIA ANNA ELIZABETH HALLETT NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA MARY EVELYN HARRINGTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA JAQUELIN JOHNSTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MILDRED HETHERN EPES BLACICSTONE, VIRGINIA MARGARET C. GRAVATT ELLERSON, VIRGINIA ALICE LOUISE HARRINGTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA NANNIE ELIZABETH HARRIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA GERTRUDE DURANT LEWIS CULPEPER, VIRGINIA MARTHA E. MARSTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY PEMBERTON MILLS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA JESSIE ELEANOR NEALE BEALETDN, VIRGINIA FLORENCE ELIZABETH LOWE TSINGTAU, CHINA SUE Coox MCCLURE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA DOROTHY MAE NALLE CULPEPER, VIRGINIA NAN BYRD OWENS JARRATT, VIRGINIA MARJORIE REBA PURYEAR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA FRANCES ELEANOR ROWLETT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA GLADYS TILSON SMITH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARIAN REED SPEARE ROCICVILLE, MARYLAND MARGARET DOWNER TAYLOR MORRISTON, TENNESSEE ESTELLE EDWARDS VEAZEY WEST POINT, VIRGINIA : rm?-f fffff-L - JEAN ARMSTRONG SHAFER RICHMDND, VIRGINIA MINNIE DELAPLANE SMITH DELAPLANB, VIRGINIA FLORENCE RHEA TALLEY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA CORNELIA C. VADEN RICHMCND, VIRGINIA MARGARET MINOR WALKER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HAZEL WARD WEAVER FORK UNION, VIRGINIA HELEN MAURY WHITTEN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA LOLA ERSELLE WILLIAMS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA YM--.VY.- -f-- -- V- K-if - -- ,' Fw J -1 ' :I 1 HARRIET MARSHALL WALTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARGARET E. IVHITESEL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SUSAN GARLAND WHITTET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA EVELYN MARIE Wycorf RICHMOND, VIRGINIA M.,M,..,..i i I Sopbomove Clam CAROLINE SHAFER . . . . Prexidenz' KATHRYN CONNER . . . Vice-pmrident ELIZABETH KELLEY . . .Sxecretfugf KATHRYN ELLIS . . Treasurer MARGUERITE C. ABBOTT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SUSAN BOOTH BONNET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY ANNE CAsTELvEccH1 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA VIRGINIA COLEMAN PULASKI, VIRGINIA HELEN ELIZABETH CONWELL ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA HELEN EL1zABETH BINNS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARGARET BOWERS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY ELIZABETH CHAPMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA KATHRYN STUART CONNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ETHEL GRACE COOKE WEST POINT, VIRGINIA Y Y I , ,,I,4.,f,,R Y- - AMY LUISE COWHERD CUMBERLIKND, MARYLAND REBEKAH ELLIS DAVIDSON RHOADESVILLE, VIRGINIA KATHRYN DUDLEY ELLIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ANNA CORA FERRELL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HELEN ELIZABETH FINK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA I I I VIV ,J .I 3 S SS I Ii ' 4i,Yi.'!4f," , f' A -L ' '57 5 I A L, L," I .A I I 5 V MILDRED CROWDER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HELEN CAMILLA DENOON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MILDRED LEWIS ELLYSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ESTHER ETHEL FIGULY QUINTON, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH R. FOLKES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA FRANCES SCOTT FRAZER CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA VIRGINIA BLAIR HARRIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA JUDITH PLEASANTS HODGES RICHMOND, VIRGINIA VIRGINIA KIRK OXFORD, PENNSYLVANIA RAE ELEANORE NORFORD HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA BEULAH LOUISE GREGORY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARIE LACY HARWELL PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH CLARK KELLEY MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK FLORENCE MARSTON RICHMOND , VIRGINIA MAYSVILLE JANE OWENS CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND RUTH ESTELLE PARKER DANVILLE VIRGINIA s LYNDALE ATKINSON PITT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARJORIE VIRGINIA PUGH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ALICE RYLAND RICHMOND, VIRGINIA CAROLINE A. SI-IAFER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 1 L- ,Aw , ! P I 4 .5 -1...-,Y.A....MvM.M,Y- --. - .., L, -M-.MM , 1' , 1' ,--NM T, V , .L MARY MARGARET PEARMAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY ELIZABETH PUETTE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MILDRED IRENE. REYNOLDS ORANGE, VIRGINIA ANNE PENDLETON RYLAND RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PATRICIA GORDON SHEAIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA LALLA TERRILL LAHORE, VIRGINIA MARGARET WATKINS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY VIRGINIA YVHITE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SARAH FRANCES WILLIAMS SCOTTSVILLE, VIRGINIA IIA I ?'I' I gi? H li .1 -ff, .Lani I 'I ' I L, JACQUELINE LEE WARNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA . l LOU CHAPMAN WHITE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY ELEANOR WHITEHEAD A RICHMOND, VIRGINIA J I MARY HOLT WOOLFOLK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ffy 2 ,QCA A I E, - I-.--I I I I -. I , I W I I I I I I I Freshman Clam ETHEL EUBANK . . . Prefidem' PAGE JOHNSTON . . . .Vice-president POLLYANNA SHEPHERD . Secretmjf ALICE TORBECK Trefzmref' 1 I I I I I I I I I I I "-T1 I-.Yf IL 1 ill? glklig Y . I , , 4253 L EIA '-I HELEN WAMSLEY ALLEN RICHMOND , VI RGINIA ELIZABETH GANO ALLISON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH IVEBBER ANGLE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA THELMA ANGLEN BARNETT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA FRANCES MEADE BERKELEY RICHINIOND, VIRGINIA BLANCHE CHRISTINA BRISTOW RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Q KATHERINE BARR BROYLES RICHNIOND, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH LEWIS BUXTON NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA FRANCES COLEMAN PULASKI, VIRGINIA JANE WARREN CARROLL CLARKSVILLE, MISSOURI RHODA HELEN CORNISH OLD GREENVVICH, CONNECTICUT ELIZABETH MARILLA DENTON I JANE DABNEY DUKE RICHMOND , VIRGINIA NORTHVILLB., NEW YORK HELEN MAY ELLETT POCAHOIVTAS, VIRGINIA GRACE ELIZABETH ELLIOTT GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA A ,IQELI A E ETHEL HEWLETT EUBANK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY ALICE FLACK BALTIMORE, MARYLAND MOLLIE MACGILL FLEET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA CATHERINE FRANCES GREENE MT. STERLING, KENTUCKY CATHERINE HERBERT GREGORY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PHYLLIS HANN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA DOROTHY HILL HALL RICHMOND VIRGINIA MARGARET ELOISE HARRIS RICHMOND. VIRGINIA J EAN ELEANOR HUDSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARGARET ANN HULVEY UNIVERSITY, VIRGINIA MARGARET HENINGHAM ISBELL BEAVERDAM, VIRGINIA PAGE BURWELL JOHNSTON RICHMOND , VIRGINIA KATHERINE LOIS LANGHORNE BERWYN, ILLINOIS JANE THAYER LAWDER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RHODA HOYT LESLIE AYLBTT, VIRGINIA Xl I --- u RUTH MARJORIE LIGHT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MILDRED ALMEDA LOUTHAN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARGAR ET ANITA MITCHELL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA DOLLY LEE NORRIS ELLERSON, VIRGINIA MYRTLE ELLITON NORRIS RICHMOND, V MARY IRGINIA JOSEPHINE O'GRADY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA LOUISE LUCILLE PATRICK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA JEAN LUI PHIPPS CLINTWOOD, VIRGINIA MARIE DUMANT POWELL VIRGINIA LEE PRIDDY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARIAN LOU SANDSTON, VIRGINIA ISE PUGH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA NANCY LEE RILEY SOUTH BOSTON, VIRGINIA ESTHER ELIZABETH ROGERS HAM ILTON, VIRGINIA HELEN ESTELLE ROPER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA RUTH CLARK RosE NORFOLK, VIRGINIA IVINII-'RED LOIS SCHENCK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY MAXINE SCHUTZE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA POLLYANNA SHEPHERD PORTSMOUTH, VI RCI NIA ANN KATHERINE SMITH MARSHALL, MISSOURI JOYCE NELLE STANLEY CLINTWOOD, VIRGINIA ANNE ELIZABETH STEPTOE LYNCIIBUIIG, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH MORRIS STRAUS RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA ALICE LOUISE THOMPSON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ALICE ELIZABETH TORBECK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA LORENA FLORENCE TROUTNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA DOROTHY MAY VERLANDER ATLEE, VIRGINIA GRACE MILDRED VICK RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MINNA RAY WILLIAMS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ALICE HYACINTH WRENN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA FRANCES STOVALL WRIGHT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ATHLETICS Q ' if ' , if iff' 'L 1 M - 1 .- Y if fi 1 -f : V , , .J :f:,1,: - YW- if r-"fy 1'-,fjfjfl-KA ,lf '- Y ' ' 5 :Y -'L f sk .21 -.ff -fifffvfu 1:7 ' f 1 if E L Iygjz' Wy. , fl 'Q '. T113-TQ' '- , , N. , wx Y Q ,,12.ljf'wfv ' W x9,,m"'mH ' F ' 'F:A,,yf':'- " W ' "1-rl lliflw sun.-:.r ' '. ,, " www' ni Q-fgf X X , XM I U as w ms 'JH EQQJZW , ,fg ,gr . if" vp ,, I K 1571 uw A? - , f -,-1 :Y-E H- -V mm, if 'gf ,, , ' Q Q f 4 :gg ,, ,V .V - In H 5 , ffss1.P,g25f - uw" :mr NME? Y H lj ., w NLig,,1,l"vMV'f'QW' MW" "' " 'zzlfvfffiba ' 1 H! H H W' ' ' ATE? :7fs2fgsx,EN ,mn uw 1. ,,x, V myw.wwwqzr: u 'w!1f1'11q!::i!! "il " "' W1 ' ull! , W W, 1 QQ K . . - 53 Vw 1, Q: 'ai - 5 Z' i .- W 'H j:1:g: A 1,-: W 3 '--::: 1. -H ,gg .V 1 'wg W., 4.11, N- ,iw ,1.mQ1,wq--3-'N H1 H. W 1 2-wmv, -mu 4 , W N 1 N W, W if ' 'wvz Q ,., -,m-,.Y..f-.,,,.- --4, A,.-.g,.,- ,.....v,..:. - ., ,,..., Li, , Y 'V . . Y' W Y YM WSF, , , Y u. wi' Eiga' . sq JAQUELIN JOHNSTON, Vzce-Pmrzdent MARGARET WALKER, Secretary FLORENCE MARSTON, Treaxurcr zwzylu Winner! 0 Blazzqiem MARYDEE LOWE-1932 jixcxuz Lowa-1933 HE Westl1ampto11 blazer is awarded to only those who have shown marked skill in the realm of athletics. The insignia shows by its stripes the number of sports in which a varsity letter has been won and by its stars the number of times, THERBSA CARTER-1934 Winnerf 0 Sealy 1933 VIRGINIA SANFORD-1933 SPORTSMANSHIP, skill, leadership-these three words are deeply Woven into that in- tangible thing that signifies the seal of West- hampton. It is the symbol of all that is Hue not only within the Held of actual participation in sports but includes the larger scope of college activity. Song Lmdew MARGARET TAYL0R11935 MARGARET Bowens-1936 VIRGINIA SANPORD'1934 RHUDA CORNISH-1937 DOROTHY C!-IEWNING, College Cheer Leader H-.wt VlRGlNlfk SANFORD Hacker C11 ptnin Hoelefgf Wen. df M4131 Extezzriofz, O Werrbezfezloton, 6 This, the lirst Varsity game, started the team off to quite a successful season. During the first half, the Varsity players found many opportunities to score, attacking the goal with only a fair degree of opposition from the comparatively weak William and Mary defense. Viaggivziez Field H ockey Arfooieefion Tournament The fourth annual tournament held at Westhampton this year is considered the best of all the preceding ones. Eleven colleges, including Westhampton, were represented. 1 From the beginning of the tournament until the closing match games were being played continually, keeping the spectators moving between the two fields, rooting for Hrst one rival and then another. There were many games between second teams, clubs, et cerera players and Varsity teams. Some of these games showed good team play and stick work, while others were not as good exhibitions of hockey. One of the big events during the tournament was the Harrisonburg- Westhampton game which ended 3-O in favor of the Spiderettes. Westhamp- ton's Varsity came against one of her greatest rivals, expecting a much harder right, and in the end came out victorious. Both the defense and the attack played skillfully, the passes of the forward line-from the center to the inners and out to the wings-being especially well played, evoking many comments of praise. The most exciting game, perhaps, between two rival teams was the William and Mary-Westllampton game which ended in a scoreless tie. The Williaili and Mary team was characterized by great speed and by the long, hard, uncompleted passes, which sometimes went nearly the length of the field. The Westhainptoii team held to its short pass combination between the attack and defense and did excellently in intercepting the opponents' passes. The team, perhaps, would say that they enjoyed playing in this game more than in any other during the season, not mainly because they were opposing the age-old VVilliamsburg rivals, but because they were playing hard during the whole game as a well-cooperating EGZIIII. The climax of the tournament was the final game played between two all- star teams, selected by a Committee of Coaches. On the first team Cthe wearers of the greenj were four of Westhampton's Varsity and on the second Cthe wear- ers of the redl were three other Varsity players. The game is said to be the best exhibition of hockey given by college girls in Virginia. Sweet Briar, 4 - Wextbrzmpton, l The trip to Sweet Briar this year was quite different from that of two years ago. Summer seemed to descend from the mountains for the afternoon and that stimulating cool weather that hockey players enjoy most was gone. The game was not marked by nicely completed passes or a strong, well concentrated defense on the visiting team. The opponents were able to break through our defense line and score by nicely directed "follow-up" shots. A large part of the time the play was back and forth in the center of the field, the ball being alternately lost and recovered again by each team. A A . A. I 10 a MILLS h . ,QA fl M. LOWE MARY MILLS . JACKIE LOWE . MARX'DEE LOVVE JESSIE NEALE . THERESA CARTER FRANCES ROWLETT I 4 . YY I CARTEI V E' K conmsn. F I W h . - 4 A 1' ' I A meme- h M h h Wnffizjf Hockgf . Left Wifig . . Left Inner Center Forward . Right Inner . Right Wing . Right Half HARRIET WALTON . DOROTHY LEIGHTY FLORENCE MARSTON :KATHRYN CONNER. . . EDITH MCDANEL . VIRGINIA SANFORD, . . Center Half Left Half Right Full Left Full Right Full . Gaul Q6 ' 'E+ . x X p1 4 11 ff' i 1 , se. .. ,sf T ali 1 ,ss ,. ,-as ,.. .iii , and Blue forwards soon began to make all their shots lead which they never lost. Pan-American made every effort to score but was unable so that the final score was 33-18. On February 24 the team journeyed to Harrisonburg Where lf WHS Basketball- ESTHAMPTON opened its Varsity basketball season on February 10 with a 34-26 victory over the Richmond Division of VVilliam and Mary. At first, it seemed as if the Green and Gold team were going to win, because it was leading, 25-22, at the end of the third quarter. However, the Red and Blue forwards became more accurate in their shooting, adding twelve points more and at the same time, the guards prevented their opposing forwards from shooting at all except for a foul shot until the final score stood 34-26 when the whistle blew. February 19 in the Millhiser Gymnasium found Westhampton engaging in a battle with Blackstone which ended in a 24-21 decision for the visiting team. A 15-9 score at half time in favor of Westhampton proves that the Red and Blue team was better than its opponents. In the second half, Blackstone took the lead when the forwards were success- ful with their foul shots in almost every trial. Up to the last minute of play, both teams fought to keep the lead but West- hampton could not overcome her oppo- nents who won 24-21. The third game of the season resulted in a victory for YVest- hampton over Pan- American by a 33-18 score. In the f1rst quarter, there was a 9-9 tie, but the Red successful, taking the Weffbampfon defeated, 33-10, by the Teachers. When the play was center jump in the hrst half, West- hampton got the ball and was able to put it in the basket. The team members clicked well and were accurate in their shooting, in spite of the fact that the court was extra long and the passes were consequently long. I-larrisonburg led, 12-10, at half time and continued to lead throughout the rest of the playing time until the game ended, 33-10. Another defeat, this time by Sweet Briar, was the result of the game played in the Millhiser Gymnasium, March 3. It was rather strange to note the rather low score of the game which ended, 13-6. This may be accounted. for by the excellent work of the guards of both teams who prevented their opposing forwards from shooting more often than they did. The passing of both teams was good and the game was fast throughout. Westhampton's hnal game was on March 6 with the team from the College of the City of Charleston, S. C. This match was also marked by its somewhat low score of 16-11 in favor of the Red and Blue Varsity. Westhamp- ton kept the lead dur- ing the entire game, but was threatened in the last quarter when it failed to score while Charles- ton added five more points to its previous six. ,H 3 : K s I., 4' In the full season of six games, Westhampton was victorious three times and defeated three times. However, the playing, including passing and shooting, was quite good through the whole season. I Temiif 1934 MARYDEE LOWE . . . Fire! Team DOROTHY LEIGHTY . . . Second Team LUCILLE OLIVER . . . . Third Team 1935 1936 MILDRED EPES .... First Team ELIZABETH CHAPMAN . . Fire! Team JACKIE LOWE ..... Second Team VIRGINIA HARRIS . . . Second Team MAE FRANCES COLONNA . Third Team KATHRYN CONNER . . Third Team 1937 RUTH WYCOIIF .... . . Fire! Team FRANCES COLEMAN . . . Second Team ESTHER ROGERS . . Third Team mek MARGARET CREWS . . Firft Place HARRIET XVALTON . Second Place THERESA CARTER . Third Place Life SQUBVJ LUISE COWHERD SUE COOK MCCLURE JACKIE LOWE FRANCES ROWLETT VIRGINIA SANFORD dlfLI:jdil:0 I4, . . 5 of w w ' Stnelent Gooezfnneent Ptefielentf JOHN DOLEY .... . . . Richmond College CHRISTINE TAYLOR. . ..... Westbmnpton College FRANK E. ICECK .... T. C. William: School of Law ' CM 71 ff? - Sfneienz' Government Aefecentien RICHMOND COLLEGE JOHN DOLEYT ............ . . . Prexident ROGER W. GRANT, JR. . . . Vice-prexident CHARLES B. ARENDALL, JR. . . . Secretary OWEN L. NEATHERY . . . . . Treezfurer Senate Sefzntorx-at-large DAVID J. CONNORS G. HAROLD LUCAS ROGER W. LEVERTON FILLMORE H. SANFORD Clan Senator: FRED R. FREUND ...... . Senior Clan DAVID N. SCOTT . . junior Clem: GEORGE B. LACY . . . .Yopbamore Class STUART C. CRAWFORD . . . Frefbman Clan 16734 YA 7141 STUART W. Cool: EDWARD S. WVHITE Senior Roprefofzmtiooy STUART W. COOK OSWALD B. FALLS MACELDIN TRAWICK EDWARD S. WHITE JOHN DOLEY, CX-0155-Ci0 Council of Honoff LEscablished April, 19331 -1973-Z . . Chairman . . Vice-chairman jzmiof Reprefenmtioef EDWARD E. HADDOCK RICHARD C. POAGE Sophomore Reprefefztfztive JOHN S. HRYHARROW 71 it .College Government Affoointion CHRISTINE TAYLOR . ANNA HALLETT . . . ELIZABETH CONWELLI . GERTRUDE LEWIS . MARGARET PROCTOR MARGARET TAYLOR LALLA TERRILL . DOROTHY COLE . VIRGINIA 'SANFORD ANN WOOD . . WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE Prexident . . 'Correrponding Secretary . Recording Secretary Treezenrer . . Senior Cleef: Repreeentntive . junior Clan' Representative Sophomore Clam Reprexerzteztive Frexbznezn Clan Representative . . Athletic Representative . Y. W. C. A. Representative 1934 judiciary Boom' DOROTHY LEIGHTY . . . . . . Clmirmfm LOUISE MESSICK . . Home Prefident SUSIE RAMSEY . . Home Prexidevzt JESSIE N EALE . . junior Clan' Reprexenmtioe RUTH PARKER . . Sophomore Clam Reprefentotioe ,.,'4 - 1 f L 1+-.1-.- ...Y --.-M,.v., L... .Ytnofent Gooeeninent Ayfoointion FRANK E. KECK . . T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL or LAW V . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President W. L. SANDERS . . . Vice-prexident CD01 T. B. TOWILL . . . Vice-j1resiiZentCE11eningD SOLOMON SACHS . ...... Secretary R. ADAMS . . . . . Trmmrer J. K. RADER . . . Senator-at-large E. O. THORNHILL . . Senator-at-large Q. M. HARLESS . . Senator-at-large M. D. TODD . . . Senator-at-large J. T. GILL . . . . Senator-at-large B. F. WOODSON . . Senator-at-large E. H. THOMPSON . ...... . Senator-at-large SAMUEL T. BINNS . MAX O. LASTER . M. BALDWIN WATTS Clam Senators f 2.7 -L Sl Senior Clam Intermediate Clan' . Freshman Clan' . ag,-, 'SWE 15-fs ,, . 'E L . , 'gif , ff: Alf!!! 1 L' : L" Univemizjf of Richmond Bm Club A. SCOTT ANDERSON SAMUEL T. BINNS, JR. WILLIAM M. BLACKWELL VERNON L. DUNCAN STUART A. EACHO ROBERT B. MACFARLANE Members C. ALWYN PERKINSON J. KENNETH RADER OLIN A. ROGERS CHARLES H. RYERSON SoLoMoN SACHS E. H. THOMPSON EDWIN O. THORNHILL B 1934! E 5 M6 42 Weh Staff Editorial Staff Editor-in-chief BEVERLEY D. TAYLOR Editor, The Tower Editor, The Legend MARYDEE LOWE EUGENE BAROODY Affiftant Ediforx MACELDIN TRAWICK WILLIAM SEWARD LILLIAN ALLEN Sportx Editorf DAVE DIAMOND JACKIE LOWE Arr Editor MARY HARRINGTON Aseoeiate Editors BEVERLEY L. BRITTON SLOVER COVEY MARTHA SAUNDERS .Ytajjt Affiytanti THOMAS TAYLOR GRIFFIN GARNETT ROBERT HARRIS CAROLINE SHARER HERBERT ALLEN Beerineu .Ytajf Bnxinen' Manager ROBERT YV. FERRELL Busineff Md71dg61', The Tower Bze.rineI.r Manager, The Legend JULIA DONAHUE WILLIAM BLACKWELL Amiftant Bzerineys Managerf NVILLIAM CRISP FREDERIC FREUND EDITH MCDANEL FRANK STRAUS Stajj' Anixlarztr HUGH MCGUIRE PAUL SOMERS LUISE COWHERD JULIAN HOUSMAN STUART CRAWFORD RANDOLPH TABB HORACE PHILLIPS .. ,.c1.1.2 ..W.. ,Q5xiiff....11... H.. ... im mu... H .. M. CE .. H.. ..' .. I M... J.. Hm..M..., ... I x :gg vpwsfae ... f , ,E- ... '-- Jilin' .. ..,y. 1. E: :im ,g-, A - 1 Q Z E.. ...ll ,. '!'.:.f..n.!lL.f'1. 1, ...'Y gFi:"L..:.Lla. ... .. . .- ... 'N .eww 1: ,ws Y... Y, M.- -QW 4 ... ... "W ,... J ,.1..ML.u:.11.,,.J: ku be Riolzniond Collegian Student News Weekly Of the University of Richmond Member Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association BEVERLEY L. BRITTON, Editor-in-chief ELIZABETH C. CLAYBROOK ........ XVILLIAM W. SEWARD, JR. . CHARLES B. ARENDALL, JR. . H. ELIZABETH CONWELL . VERNON B. RICHARDSON . FLORENCE RHEA TALLEY . DAVID R. DIAMOND . . VIRGINIA S. SANFORD . MACELDIN TRAWICK . . ELIZABETH H. CANNON Atsiftarzt Managing Editor: E. GUTHRIE BROWN SIDNEY T. MATTHEWS Reporterx XVAVERLY BARBE LUCY BLACKWELL STANLEY CIECKO STUART CRAWFORD ETIIEL EUBANK FRITZ FREUND GLAUCUS GULLEY ROBERT HELLER JULIAN HOUSMAN PAGE JOHNSTON VIRGINIA KIRK RUTH LIGHT MARGERY MOORE Biifinefs .Sl ta jf S. FRANK STRAUS, Bzuinesy M HUGH E. MCGUIRE . . E. CHAISTY GARRETT . C. E. S. RIDGWAY . W. T. COLEMAN, JR. J. WILLIAM FLEET WILLIAM L. GRENOBLE Adoertioin g MITCITELL KATZ BETTY KELLEY ROBERT RAAB MORTON A. IQARSH JOHN A. RADSIJINNER Circulation EDWARD CANADA ROBERT T. HARRIS Amirtant Editor . A.r.roeiate Editor . Managing Editor . Managing Editor N ewx Editor N ews Editor Sports Editor Sportx Editor . Eeatnre Editor . Featnre Editor ELMER S. ROBERTSON ED NORFLEET JAMES RICKS DAVE SCOTT LOUISE THOMPSON LOUIS TOBIAS MILDRED VICK PAUL W'ATLINGTON . dndglfl' . . Advertising Manager . Circulation Manager Pnblicigf Manager FLETCHER RAIFORD PAUL SOMERS STUART ULLMAN MARGARET WATKINS DICK YVILLIAMS The Meffenfger LOUISE LEATHERLAND . . . . . . . . . Editor FLORENCE RHEA TALLEY . . . . Amociate Editor MARY HARRINGTON . . Busineu Manager 1' Infezfnafional Relations Clan FRANCES ROWLETT . . ..... Prefident ERMA GAY ..... . . . Secretafy-treafurer MISS SUSAN LOUGH . . . . Faculty Advixer Menzberf THERESA CARTER ELIZABETH CLAYBROOK MARION COCHRANE VIRGINIA FERGUSON HAZEL HEMMING VIRGINIA INGRAM FRANCES LUNDIN ELIZABETH MARSTON LOUISE MESSICK N AN OWEN MARGARET PRocToR CHRISTINE TAYLOR ESTHER WALSH as ,.-V L L , V iw 'U W"-1 .I . I w . ' 5155! SK O' B Y,-I Q, gf. Ki -jg' 5' 095- . ' f - ' " .ff J 1' - . ,. . J: 'nit I - . -' I I Q11 M. I. V . K ' V-Q51 l J . X . x V , ' V, . " "C ' D X ' II A I, 4 fu. x 4 E132 . , -'-. .. Y I "Yuki- . I j P 1 I A f A -a 'IA R , f 7 . I - X, I ' -- , . I pzrleqzzm Club PURPOSE: To promote better social relations between Westharnpton and H. GARNETT SNEAD . FRED R. FREUND . . G. HAROLD LUCAS . MACELDIN TRAWICK CHARLES B. ARENDALL, JR. J. MOTLEY BOOKER BEN L. CAMPBELL STUART W. COOK CLARENCE E. DENOON, JR. JACK W. DOBSON JOHN DOLEY E. CHAISTY GARRETT Richmond Colleges Membery WILLIAM GILFILLAN HAROLD M. GOODMAN WILLIAM C. HAM A. BAscoM HARDCASTLE GEORGE C. HOPE CLEVELAND C. KERN J. DICKEY LIGON ' . President . Vice-president . . Secretary . Treasurer GUY V. MALLONEE GRAYSON NICKEL VERNON B. RICHARDSON HARRY A. ROBERTS PERRY K. SCHULZ V. HEARNE STEVENSON WILLIAM P. TERRY EDWARD S. WHITE 15.55 L 1 .,: ...f' A j 'N W :I A .:., K N -A -.. i f HM, Q N L--A i "E ' ' I ' "'. ak. A. -. 'lgu H my . Y I" .. ' 1.1.5. " W A ' " ' A I V . .LL , H, A M. .Nfyili . I - .an 55.1.53 V lr, Q f- --VP ' fx?-I li ' Ti- P A- 1 5. 'QA U YN NN: Nx R I A M V A. ' i LQ w ..AI I ' ' "- L .xg in ..,. A , 1 N W S. 1 . . in 8 22. - ggg A f . Af A I AIAA z 1' t A v, 1- fi: A , :I A MTWIMK, A I V- , Am, ,, 'I' . .UQ ' E A Y A llb A :H .. 4 W Hu. Q V I L A A A e , , .. A . , . ,, ' i A 1 f.' 2 A 'N Wi? V' I' .. .A A . .Q . A ' F , I .-,, ,. -A:: -Li ,J M l" I-S. A L J" A f"' new I 1 ' 5 . i Sl --AAA- MARGARET A. PROCTOR . . . Prefident MACELDIN TRAWICK . . Vice-prefident JULIEN GUNN, JR. . . . . . .Yecretmy ELIZABETH H. CANNON . . . Treemerer S. FRANK STRAUS CHARLES B. ARENDALL, JR. C. BEVERLEY BATES KATHERINE E. BELL JULIUS L. BERKLEY J. MOTLEY BOOKER BEVERLEY L. BRITTON FRANK CUTRIGHT C. MEREDITH EVANS, JR. Members ROBERT W. PERRELL FRANCES C. FOLKES D. KINGSLEY FREEMAN GRIFFIN T. GARNETT MARY ANN GUY JAQUELIN A. JOHNSTON GARLAND B. KINCHELOE LOUISE R. LEA'THERLAND SUE COOK MCCLURE -A. Buminem Manager MARY P. MILLS OWEN L. NEATHERY U. HUNT NENON MARTHA F. PORTER VIRGINIA S. SANFORD V. HEARNE STEVENSON CHRISTINE TAYLOR ANN C. WOOD Riclnnond College Glee Clno OSWALD B. FALLS . . . . .... Prexident FREDERIC R. FREUND . . . Secretary-trearzerer SYDNEY C. SWANN, JR. . Bn.rine.r.r Manager SAMUEL A. BAGBY . . . . Librarian WILLIAM P. EDWARDS ..... . . Pianict GARY BOUSMAN GEORGE HARPER SAMUEL BAGBY AUBREY FRAYSER, JR. FRANK BULLARD JACK BURCHER CHARLES DICKINSON JOHN ELLIS GUTHRIE BROWN EDWARD CANADA, JR. ROBERT DRUM Fire! Tenom' RAYMOND LANIER FRED LAUGIION Second Tenors FRANK NUNNALLY CLIFFORD STRAUS First Baccex FREDERIC FREUND ALLAN LANE WILLIAM LUMPKIN CARRINGTON PAULET Second OSWALD FALLS, JR. JOHN PASTORE WILLIAM PECK TE HAROLD LUCAS JOHN TAYLOR STUART ULLMAN JOSEPH WOODARD BENJAMIN PEELE, JR. ELMER ROBERTSON EDWARD TIEDEMANN DICK WILLIAMS SYDNEY SWANN, JR. CLAUD WHITLEY YVILLIAM WRIGHT Weytbampfon Glee Club JACKIE LOWE .... ..... P refident ELIZABETH MARSTON . . . 5'ecf'etfz19f-trezzxzzrer MRS. F. F. HARKER . Faculty Aduixer .Yopmnof GRACE ASHTON ELIZABETH CLARY MARY PATTESON EARLY MARGARET GRAVATT LOIs LANGHORNE SUSAN BONNET ELIZABETH BUXTON VIRGINIA SANFORD JACKIE LOWE MARYDEE LOWE FLORENCE MOORE LUCILLE OLIVER Second .fopmnos Ahoy MARJORIE PURYEAR HELEN ROPER RUTH ROSE VIRGINIA STIFF ANN WOOD DOROTHY COLE MARY ELIZABETH PUETTE MARGARET TAYLOR FRANCES WRIGHT SUSAN XVHITTET Richmond College Debating Teeme GARY A. BOUSMAN EDWARD E. HADDOCK STUART W. COOK RALPH E. HOKE GRIFFIN T. GARNETT C, E. S. RIDGWAY CHARLES I-I. RYLAND RICHARD T. MCCRONE, Manage:- DR. S. W. STEVENSQN, Fezculgf Coach , u Vi 4 , Q1 J ,V f,A', fvf- f?--i - ,QM The Debate Coemcel BETSY CANNON . . . . . Prexident MARY ELLEN STEPHENSON . . Vice-president VIRGINIA KIRK . . . Secretary HELEN CAUFIELD . .... Treasurer Miss Ross . . Fezeulgz Advimr 2 E W" 213' ' eg 'wg Yozmfg Men'I CbViffi6Z7Z EDWARD WHITE WILLIAM WRIGHT . . VERNON B. RICHARDSON . CHARLES E. S. RIDGWAY . ROGER W. BUCK LAMAR EDWARDS ROGER GRANT VERNON KIBLER Cabinet SIDNEY T. MATTHEWS FOY MEADE JOHN A. MOORE RICHARD POAGE C. E. S. RIDGWAY .H . :., .. , I 5 Affocmtion . . Prefident . Vice-prexident . Secretary . Treamrer CHARLES H. RYLAND CLAUDE WHITLEY WILLIAM WRIGHT EDWARD S. WHITE . W ANN WOOD . . . GENE NEWTON . . . FLORENCE MARSTON . VIRGINIA FERGUSON ANNA HALLETT . MARION COCHRAN . HELEN WILKINSON HAZEL HEMMING . VIRGINIA KIRK . MARGARET TAYLOR RUTH PARKER . . MARY I-IARRINGTON LOIS LANGHORNE . V., .5 1 1 MQf:II11f.f,-, . , swf , . ,. i C. A. Cahinez' . . . Prexident . . . Vice-president . Secretary-treafurer . . Mafia Chairman . Program Chairman . Blue Ridge Chairman . Relilgionf Chairman . Well Fellawfhip Chairman . Iniizextrial Chairman . . Morning Watch Chairman . Permnal Service Chairman . . Pnhliciry Chairman . Frexhman Commiuion Chairman W gm Q.. 'Km ,mf fm ' F2132 ffzvw If ,. I Lf: Vw - H .- 15-:Q ER -I. H- F I w , . w 1 I I , I MARGARET OWENS LOLA WILLIAMS . . ELIZABETH CANNON MISS MARION GREEN REBECCA DAVIDSON KATHRYN ELLIS FRANCES LUMSDEN Jr, E! Picmfo Membenr ANN Woon 1 ,135 . . Prefident . . Vice-preyident Secretary-tremurer Faculty Adviser NAN OWEN CONSTANCE VADEN HELEN WILKINSON I xv, ii '. , ,, ,4 L ,VU , iw, Ley Femmef Smwmtef HELEN CAUFIELD . KATHERINE BELL . . . FLORENCE RHEA TALLEY MARION ALLPORT MARGARET BROWN MARY PATTESON EARLY KATHERINE GRACE ELEANOR HARDAWAY JAQUELIN JOHNSTON VIRGINIA KIRK GERTRUDE LEWIS LOUISE MESSICK Memberx ANN WOOD . . . . Prexident . .Yecretzzr -treamrer J' . Program Clmirmmz DOROTHY NALLE GENE NEWTON MARGARET PROCTOR GRACE ROWLAND MARY ELLEN STEPHENSON ALICE TURNER LOU WHITE SUSAN WHITTET EVELYN WYCOFE Ricbmaml College Foremic Cozmcil STUART W. CooK . . . . . .... Prexident RICHARD T. MCCRONE . . Secretary-treasurer DR. W. GAINES, JR. , . . . . Faculty Adviser Memberf BRUCE G. DODD RICHARD A. HICKS WILLIAM L. GRENOBLE BERNARD M. HULCHER EDWARD E. HADDOCK C. E. S. RIDGWAY CHARLES H. RYLAND G. I. ALLEN C. B. ARENDALL S. H. CREASY R. W. FERRELL E. C. GARRETT J. R. APPERSON S. A. BAGBY W. NV. BARBE E. G. BROWN E. P. BROWN W. W. CLARK Lifemffy Societies Plailologimz B. A. GILMAN E. NORFLEET W'. L. GRENOBLE D. B. ORCUTT S. T. MATTHEWS H. H. PRICE W. L. LUMPKIN FUWPQU 53 WPFUFW I IEIEFU Z 26553 F1 31N ,UCI Z .AU O Q5 g z Q C4 N. OZHFEHE 4 Q sw puPv"U'-'O Lfzigauz 5 ? USMS E PU,-1?-iff, W 55352 E ng o NO Z S. RIDGWAY J. H. RICKS C. H. RYLAND W. C. TURBYFILL A. W. WVATKINS R. E. SEGAL W. W. SEWARD R. L. TODD P. B. WATLINGTON L. A. WooDDY R. W. YOWELL Iafeiffifaleifaizy Coimcil DR W. R. CORNTHWAITE DR. W. A. HARRIS . . PROF. W. F. CAYLOR MACELDIN TRAWICK Kappa Alpha ROGER W. LEVERTON Kappa Alpha B. JOSEPH KELLEY Phi Kappa Sigma H. GARNETT SNEAD Phi Kappa Sigma P. WILLIAM INGALLS Phi Gamma Delta JOHN M. D. TAYLOR Phi Gamma Delta HARRY A. ROBERTS Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM C. HAM Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN A. MOORE Kappa Sigma CHARLES B. ARENDALL, Kappa Sigma STUART W. COOK Sigma Phi Epsilon Memhery . . . Preszelenz' . Vice-prerideizt . Secretary J. EDWARD NORFLEET Sigma Phi Epxilon WILLIAM W. BALLOU Theta Chi CLEVELAND C. KERN Theta Chi DAVID CONNORS ' Phi Delta Omega BEVERLEY D. TAYLOR Phi Delta Omega GUY V. MALLONEE Lambda Chi Alpha J. HOWARD MAY, JR. Lamhila Chi Alpha DAVID R. DIAMOND Phi Alpha MORTON A. KARSH Phi Alpha ERNEST E. EVANS Pi Delta Sigma C. E. S. RIDGWAY Pi Delta Sigma FRATERNITIES , Q1 Y ,.-. .-4 ggi?-mm f 4 1 w Q 1: Hy 1 lt, w fi- ef 1.:' 3 E 35 I. "v5'ff'K'f' W. .QL fc T 5 .:f"vi:.fh. T1 'N ..' "f.'1M'.l'f S 4 ff. QD A-. .A5E:ff:T.wPy E. ' I IE IP Q A Q ff l x . -, f 1 ..f --11 - .4..u.......,...h. Kappa Alpha fFOunded at Washington and Lee University, 1865J Eta Chapter fEstab1iShed at the University of Richmond, 187OJ COLORS: Crimson and Old Gold FLOWERS: Magnolia and Rose JAMES H. BARNETT, C. M. CHICHESTER, JOSEPH ALEXANDER GEORGE ALLEN J. D. BERGER, JR. FRED BLACK MAHLON BURTON FORREST COLLIER T. C. CROUCH ROBERT DIEDRICH PUBLICATION: Kappa Alpha journal Fratrey in Facaltate ROBERT C. ASTROP, B.A., M.A. H. B. HANDY, B.A., M.A. LLB. W. A. HARRIS, M.A., Ph.D. B.A., LL.D. B. C. HOLTZCLAW, B.A., Ph.D. M. U. PITT, B.A. Fratref in Collecgio WILLIAM FLEET DAVID FRAZER WYNDHAM GREGORY JULIEN GUNN, JR. BASCOM HARDCASTLE GEORGE HOPE WILLIAM HOPSON ROGER LEVERTON FRANK MARKS VERNON MOORE O. T. NEBLB1-T THOMAS PHILLIPS EDWIN PILCHER STAGG POWELL WILLIAM W. SEW MACELDIN TRAWICK JACK WEBB ARD, JR i 1 X , W 1 m k , I , I . w.: Li I X if ..ff'f,fffff I. . 7 Aj IJ! ., Phz Kappa Szcgma fFOundcd an :hc University of Pennsylvania, October 19, ISSOJ Phi Chapter flistablislled at the University Of Rich mond, 18731 COLORS: Qld Gold and Black FLOWER: Goldenrod PUBLICATION: Phi Kappa Sigvza Newy Letter Fratref in Facaltate FREDERIC XV. BOATWRIGHT, LL.D. B. WEST TABB, B.A. WILLIAM AKIN E. PARKER BROWN ERNEST BURGESS G. WINSTON CRENSHAWV MAURICE S. DEAN GAIUS W. DIGGS, JR. JOHN W. DOBSON JOHN EARLE SAMUEL M. EARLE J. DAVIS EWELL, JR. WILLIAM H. FOWLKES D. KINGSLEY FREEMAN GRIFFIN T. GARNETT Fratref in Collelgio S. LYLE GRAHAM ROGER NV. GRANT, JR. WILLIAM C. GRINNAN JOHN H. GUY, JR. DUNCAN HAWLEY XVILLIAM D. HERR CARLYLE P. HOLLAND, JR. WVILLIAM W. JACKSON B. JOSEPH IQELLEY ERNEST MILLS ROBERT S. MONTGOMERY, JR. ROSS S. OVERTON HARRY O. PATTESON FLETCHER L. RAIFORD PERRY K. SCHULZ H. GARNETT SNEAD STANLEY SPOWERS SYDNEY C. SWANN DANIEL B. TERRY BRAXTON B. TOWNSEND GILMAN R. TYLER FREDERICIC V AUGHAN ROBERT VAUGHAN CLAUD M. WHITLEY WILLIS H. WILLS ff X F31 hi:-2 gf. .- ff fi 7 T ff: .:4g fe.-SB ' 25, , YFJ. 4 O I lm RI LTI' Phz Gamma Delia fFOunded at Washington aIIdJeIferso1I College, May 1, 1848J Rho Chi Chapter fEsrabIisIIcd at the University of Richmond, 189Oj COLOR: ROya1Pu1'p1c FLOWER: Heliotrope PUELICATION: The Phi Gamma Delta Fratrex in Facaltafe M. RAY DOUBLES, LL.B. ROBERT E. LOVING, Ph.D. WILLIAM GAINES, JR., Ph.D. SAMUEL C. MITCHELL, LL.D. J. MOTLEY BOOKER L. V. WINIIREY BUTLER JOSEPH W. CHINN STOVER CREASY ALFRED DICKINSON E. STARKE FARLEY JAMES A. GRIFFIN EDISON HAYDEN P. WVILLIAM INGALLS GARNETT RYLAND, Ph.D. Fratfef in Collegia J. DICKEY LIGON HENRY P. LONG BERKELEY MARTIN HOWARD MCCUE THOMAS OMOHUNDRO WILBUR PECK JOHN A. RADSPINNER JAMES H. RICKS, JR. ROBERT ROPER ROBERT L. SAVILLE, JR. MAXWELL R. SCHOOLS J. ELWOOD SNEAD RANDOLPH P. TABB JOHN M. D. TAYLOR WILLIAM TUREYFILL JAMES C. XVEST R. GRANGER WEST EDWARD S. WVHITE was my .Wx , V' an 0. XJ 1 if fp f "IQ, ,. "I 'f F 7. NR .LQ ff' f. I QI, R., ,ffg?Q', I-3' E Y K ' Ps 0 P2 Kappa Alpha Wounded at the University of Virginia, March 1, 18681 Omicron Chapter Uistablisllcd at the University of Richmond, 1891J COLORS Garner and Gold FLOWER: Lily-Of-the valley PUBLICATIONS: Shield and Diamond, Dagger and KU Fratffex in Collegio SAMUEL H. ALLEN CHARLES F. BAHEN WILLIAM P. EDWARDS HAROLD M. GOODMAN WILFRED B. GREGORY, JR. WILLIAM C. HAM J. NATHANIEL HAMERICK ARDEN HOWELL, JR. MOSES D. NUNNALLY JOHN M. REYNOLDS, JR. HARRY A. ROBERTS G. YOUNGER SAUNDERS WILLIAM H. THOMAS CARROL F. TOLER WVOOLRIDGE T. TUCH WILLIAM P. TUCKER WVILLIAM H. WALKER MICHAEL W. WVEST ROGER WING G. STUART WOODSON W3 I 1 111 G AS. 3 H im. '. ,: .... ,M W. RW ,N Q1 .R Jig glfiy hppaz Sigma fFOunded at the University of Virginia, December Benz-Benz Chapter 10, 18691 Uisrablished ar che University of Richmond, March 5, 18981 COLORs: Scarlet, White, and Gfeen FLOWER: Lily-of-the-vzilley PUBLICATIONS: The Cmiuceuf, The Star and Crexcent Fmtrex in Fazcultrzte RALPH C. MCDANEL, Ph.D. WILLIAM L. PRINCE, M.A. P. LANIER ANDERSON CHARLES B. ARENDALL, JR. R. SIDNEY4 BONDURANT, JR. B. TARLETON BOWLES BEVERLEY L. BRITTON VICTOR' H. CHALTAIN KENNETH CHERRY LAWSON H. COOKE, JR. STUART C. CRAWFORD WILLIAM W. CRISP, JR. JAMES DUNCAN CHARLES H. WHEELER, Ph.D. Fwztref in Collecgio RICHARD A. FARRAR ROBERT W. I-'RRELL E. CI-IAISTY GARRETT DONALD B. GRAY VIRGIL C. GRAY ROBERT T. HARRIS GEORGE B. LACY ROBERT LINDSEY ROBERT L. MASON SIDNEY T. MATTHEWS, JR. HUGH E. MCGUIRE JUDSON MILLER DAN L. MONTAGUE JOHN A. MOORE H. HUDSON PRICE ROBERT F. RIEGEL V. HEARNE STEVENSON CLIFFORD STREET HAROLD T. SUTTON BARTY G. TENORE WALTER G. WINSLOW R 9 K I Rw liqlgff , A N A COLORS Royal Purple Sigma Phi Epfilon Wounded at Richmond College in 1901J Vifginia Alpha Chapter and Red FLOWERS! Amerie PUBLICATION: The Sigma Phi Epfilon Frarref in Calletgia XVAVERLY BARBE DONALD G. CAMPBELL ROBERT M. CARSWELL J. XVILBUR COOK STUART NV. COOK B. REDWOOD COUNCILL CHARLES W. DICKINSON I WILLIAM D. DICKINSON J. C. EDWARDS NEWTON S. JACOBS ALLAN H. LANE R. COLEMAN LONGAN, JR. WIRT MALLORY ALLEN G. MCCABE, JR. XVINTON NAEE J. EDWARD NORELEET J. LOMAX PETERS JOHN H. PREISSNER EMMETT H. POINTER NUMA L. REID VERNON B. RICHARDSON XVILLIAM T. ROBERTSON FILLMORE H. SANFORD PAUL SOMERS XVILLIAM P. TERRY an Beauty and V1Olets ! -.tiff M 'Z' u H H ,y Wu M ,133 Hu 5 19? I ! -ET , - . Qi 1 1 fe QW ',L lE?' Z.. I ju ' I V YW Lil' Wiz. -'. 1 pa: ,,...z , , 3 'E ' Mg' 1 : iw " i,,f, 'If-V3:"A'5F.v'T ,'W1i!5'i ?Lg"f'E."i"1"f'3 ,ww -ww A .1-s2'w,:A, a. ' Jw -Q Z giw 11 .'v,,1ni3i .HN ,.:,fm,:nt . -, -Egii,,,,.'I.,:.f, .io if V ,, ,219 ,I sg: , -FS. whim ' Them Chz fFounded at Norwich University, 1856J Omicron Chapter l:EstabIishcd at the University of Richmond, l915J COLORS Red and White FLOWER: PUBLICATION! The Rattle ROGER B. ADAMS BILLY VV. BALLOU JOHN B. BOATWRIGHT REX BRUGH WOODROW E. CARTER C. MEREDITH EVANS,- FREDERIC R. FREUND WILLIAM L. GLEASON EDGAR JENKS MASON JONES Fmrrey in Collegia JR CHARLES H. XVOOD, HAROLD V. JOYCE BRIEL KEPPLER CLEVELAND C. IQERN WINSTON KING LANGDON MOSS GRAYSON NICKEL H. BANKS PANNILL JOHN PHILLIPS Carnation GEORGE XV. SANDERS, JR. ROBERT M. WILSON JR. fig' , "EET 'I' M.--.. -- 4' if-fz.. , H , W w 3 m w,,,Q 1, W ,,.:..,, gf I- Mg. , 51 'Q if ii: , , ,L A 11, . V IRI V , R 135. Lambda Chi Alpha fFOnnded at Boston University, November 2, 19091 Alpha Chi Zeta fEstabIishcd at the University of Richmond, May 8, 19181 COLORS: Purple, Green, and Gold FLOWER: Violet PUBLICATIONS: Cram and Crexcent, Delta Pi Frarres in Facaltate XVOODFORD B. HACKLEY, M.A. ROLVIX HARLAN, Ph.D. JAMES G. BALDWIN ROBERT BRANCH HUGH L. CARDOZA, JR STUART P. CONRAD SLOVER R. COVEY FRANK CUTRIGHT DAVID A. DUTROW CHARLES E. .EDGAR STANFORD C. PINNEY WILLIAM GILFILLAN RAYMOND B. PINCHBECK, Ph.D. Franfef in Collegia J. WESTON GILL MURRILL N. HOWE JAMES M. JOHNSON G. HAROLD LUCAS GORDON L. MALLONEE GUY V. MALLONEE J. HOWARD MAY, JR. JACK MCDONOUGH JOSEPH MEYER PRYOR R. MILLNER THOMAS H. MORRIS W. SMITHSON MORRIS OWEN L. N EATHERY P. HENRY POEHLER, JR. JACKSON M. POWELL EDWARD M. SCHAAR, JR. DAVID N. SCOTT L. PORTER SEAY, JR. BOOKS P. SHETTER HARVEY L. STRANG, JR. STUART THOMSON 'E-7 S H T!! T wIr:i':'TmT I tWNI1I1"". I.1..iNlliW jb1l1li 1mu Us I PM Delm mega fFOundcd at the University Of Richmond, March 1, 19151 COLORs: Green and Gold FLOWER: DaffOd11 PUBLICATION: The Daffodil Fmtref in Collecgio DAVID ALEXANDER HERBERT ALLEN JACK BRISTOW BENJAMIN L. CAMPBELL DAVID CONNORS CLARENCE E. DENOON, J JOHN DOLEY BENJAMIN R. DORSEY GEORGE M. GASTON BROADDUS GRAVATT ROBERT B. HARRIS PITT HAYNES R. VERNON C. ICIBLER GARLAND KINCHELOE DAVE PARKER HORACE PHILLIPS LINWOOD POWERS ROBERT W. RETHER HOMER E. ROWLAND MELVIN O. SHEPPARD ERNEST SMITH HOYVARD C. SMITH BEVERLEY D. TAYLOR G. THOMAS TAYLOR S H25 il: 'Q ww E: f MCM.. Q H F w H , 4: L Baum' Hg, 2 WSW mx Y 255 ,gmggji Q99 T 7iiqQ5Q' EAT Oh! A 1 , ' .- fi 'X M y ,Q, tvs xii. up-u".1m' P2 Delta Szfgwm Ufounded at the University of Richmond, December 4, 19301 COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER! Pink CZIIUJUOU KENNETH ANGUS SAMUEL BAKER BASCOM BARRON GEORGE BOTTS GUTHRIE BROWN TALBOT CAPPS Fmter in Facultate H. P. THOMAS, Ph.D. Fmtref in Collegio GORDON CHRISTENSEN LAMAR EDWARDS JOHN ELLIS ERNEST EVANS OSWALD FALLS ALVIN WITHERS AUBREY FRANKLIN F. AUBREY FRAYSER THOMAS HARRISON HARRY MUNDAY HOWARD ODELL ROY PUCKETT CHARLES RIDGWAY JOHN TAYLOR FRED TIMBERLAKE FRANK TYNDALL DONALD WILLIAMS PM Alpha fFOunded at George Washington University, 19141 R220 Chapter U-Established at the University of Richmond, February 6, 19251 X I L , V r V .QA COLORS Red and Blue FLOWER: American Beauty PUBLICATION: The Quarterly JAKE BARNEY DAVE DIAMOND DAVE FLAX JAKE FLAX ABE GREENE HENRY JAFFEE MORTON KARSH CHARLES KASSIN Fmtref in Collergio DAVE UMANSKY MAX LASTER MARTIN LEVIN SIDNEY LEVINSON DAVE LEVY HENRY MANDEL MEYER SALSBURG SOLOMON SACHS LEWIS TOBIAS r,....,.... .,,. LW...-.Y -.- - Y-. WL..-J A -.-...1... 1 ' e !.. COLORs: E il "w ' f Alpha Dew I:FOunded at the University of Richmond in 19231 White and Copper FLOWER: DR. ROLVIX HARLAN, Faculzjf Advifer LEONARD B. ARCHER GARY A. BOUSMAN EDWARD CLARY CURTIS P. CLEVELAND CLIFTON D. COSEY HORACE L. FORD WALTER L. HILL HORACE C. JONES Memberx SAMUEL H. KIESTER FRED T. LAUGHON PAUL W. NYE FRED J. PARKER White Rose R. CARRINGTON PAULETTE ARTHUR W. RICH BERNARD M. WHITE-HURST PAUL G. WILEY x 7 Qsisfilff .Hun w M H ':i'?t ww' .. 'ww -HL -1 ,E E .ML 5 B 1' R. MER m In pm Am-.-Y. NA Delm Them PM lFoL1nded at Baldwin University in 19001 fejferyen Senate lEsta.lwlished at T. C. Williams Law School in 19121 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Czu'ImtiOII PUBLICATION: Paper Book .fyllzzbzzf F wzt1'e.r in Faczeltezte M. RAY DOUBLES XVILLIAM T. MUSE WILLIAM S. CUDLIPP Fmtref in Cellecgio GEORGE ALLEN FRANK E. KECK WILLIAM BLACKWELL BERNARD O,SULLIVAN GEORGE RANNEX' BRYANT CHARLES PERKINSON XVARREN F. CURTIS WILLIAM POPE 'IOHN FOLKES MINETREE FOLKES JOHN GILL XVALTER HARLOW CLARENCE KEAREOTT E. H. THOMPSON T. B. TOWILL CATLIN TYLER R. WVESTWOOD WINFREE BEN F. WVOODSON I f-N Q- - ful . . 63 M329 f I J fl' ll!f'f!l xi A If Iflfoundcd at the National University Law School, February 12, 19021 f e jjt6I'J'01Z Dmzif Chapter Uistablished at T. C. Williams Law School in 19211 COLORS Gold and Purple . FLOWER: NVhit PUBLICATIONS: Owl, Adelphia H azzomfjf M67Ub61'J JOHN R. SAUNDERS LOUIS S. HERRINK ANTHONY BAROODY WILLIAM BAYLIS VIVIAN R. BETHEL SAMUEL BINNS, JR. LAWRENCE CROWDER Memherf in School VERNON L. DUNCAN F. CASIMIR NOWICKI J. KENNETH RADER W. GRIFFITH PURCELL EVERETT SLAGLE M. BALDWIN WATTS -7 yr e Carnation fa 3 f 3 E S -,fu Omiczfon Delm Qpppz fNational Honorary Leadership FrarcrniryJ fFounded at Washington and Lee University 19141 Epsilon Circle ffistablished ac Richmond College in 1921J VICTOR H. CHALTAIN Preyidem' ROGER W. GRANT, JR. Vice-President PROP. VV. F. CAYLOR Secretary -treawrer Memberf STUART W. COOK JOHN DOLEY OSWALD B. FALLS, JR. ROBERT VV. FERRELL EDWARD E. HADDOCK DR. ROLV1x HARLAN DR. R. C. MCDANEL JOHN A. MOORE DR. R. B. PINCHBECK H. GARNETT SNEAD MACELDIN TRAWICK EDWARD S. WHITE Movtazr Bmw! MARGARET PROCTOR Prexidwzt DOROTHY LEIGHTY Secretazfgf-t1'mJzz1'er Meffzberf ELIZABETH CLAYBROOK ELEANOR HARDAWAY VIRGINIA SANFORD CHRISTINE TAYLOR - I U fmx -W ..Y-n..,,.,,l 131' 1 ilgan EH QQEQKJ 'f gil' H f'-. ,1 . C-,y. V cl fx' rf I Sf 3 Phi Bela Kappa fFOunclcd at thc College of William and Mary, 17761 Epsilon of Virginia fMcmbcrs in Course from the Class of 19341 Weftbampton College KATHERINE EVAGENE BROWN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HELEN MARIE HULCHER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA LOUISE ROGERS LEATHERLAND RICHMOND, VIRGINIA VIRGINIA GREY WATKINS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Riclamonel College STUART WELLFORD COOK RICIIMOND, VIRGINIA CLARENCE ENGLAND DENOON, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA OSCAR CLARKE DUVAL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ROBERT WILLINGHAM FERRELL CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA FREDERICK WILLIAM HABERER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PAUL WASHINGTON NYE ELWOOD CITY, PENNSYLVANIA MACELDIN TRAWICK BELLEFONTAINE, OHIO EDWARD STREET WHITE CADIZ, KENTUCKY 'I 1 ,pf 6,,,A,,A,,,,,, AMW. L, ,L ,A Ji 1 il 4 1 I 1 r Y P . il 4. I Alpha PM Omega Y I ,f fNational Honorary Dramatics Ftatcx-nityJ fFounded at the State College, Fairmount West Virginiag August, 19251 W Alplwz-Tau Cam' fEstablishcd at the University of Richmond, May, 19281 I MACELDIN TRAWICK, President JULIEN GUNN, JR., Buxineu Manager J Memberf CHARLES B, ARENDALL, JR. I KATHERINE E. BELL J JULIUS L. BERKLEY FRANK CUTRIGHT, JR. D. KINGSLEY FREEMAN JAQUELIN A. JOHNSTON MARY P. MILLS MARTHA F. PORTER MARGARET A. PROCTOR VIRGINIA S. SANFORD F Y 'r P il H 193-:Z : C W7 SSM Qfwu w wx ll A .- , ,R . ,, , ...L mf.. u z. Jw 5, e ig E . , ll "lm A. N if A PZ Delia Epfilm -ee 4. V -113. ., ,Q fThe Honorary Collegiate Journalism Fraternityl IfFounded at Syracuse University, 19091 Univemizyf of Richmond Chapter fEsrablished November 26, 19261 WILLIAM W. SEWARD, JR. Prexident ROBERT W. FERRELL Vice-pre.ride1zt MACELDIN TRAWICK .Yecretagf-treasurer Memberf CHARLES B, ARENDALL, JR. BEVERLEY L. BRITTON PROP. HENRY B. HANDY DR. RALPH C. MCDANEL VERNON B. RICHARDSON S, FRANK STRAUS MAA 5555222 1- 45. L, -- .7 ' .QL - ,A E" F A uw f lux: ll Hg .ul 1 " ,lm'i3. ww' 1 . ul, U! X- M: LL, A, BEVERLEY D. TAYLOR f' 67341- Phoenix Club S ARDEN HOWELL, JR. Prexident MARGARET D. SLAUGHTER H Vice-prefident CARL LINGAMFELTER .Yecremzy-tremzzrer Mefnberf STUART COOK JULIA DONAHUE DAVID M. FRAZER JAMES T. GILL EDWARD HADDOCK ANNA HALLETT A. B. HARDCASTLE R. RAY LANIER,JR. . DOROTHY LEIGHTY SUE COOK MCCLURE JESSIE N EALE VIRGINIA SANFORD MARSHALL W. SMITH GARNETT SNEAD WILLIAM P. TERRY HARRIET WALTON FJCIZZU Mernberf DR. JOHN W. BAILEY DR. ROBERT F. SMART MISS FANNIE G. CRENSHAW MISS RUTH LANGLEY 'ASF ,' 'WD ' I 1,7 A' If fl 1 ff M Q' Sm 'IJ-s 1 ,Q 5 J H WHT' was-f vi - ,, cL?mf14ze.4 ff o l JJMLAA C-Lfeewz CZBlfLz5AILW CQWM, ci!z1.1fz,1! cS1.1,,l,,l, 1934 CMA! XMLJ? CQZEVLCZJ CECJAGA 5fOlt30Z, 5tL3l:lfLB.44 Sfllblbl, ,XMLM WWW y0!LlfL4t0IfL .:Q,,c,,m, flZiCA,,,WZ Collegian, IQ34 cgi mia C717bLCy 056446 9011.59-z, gfzufelzf CJCVEZILIILBILZ, 14234 ..:l Nj aj - .XMAS face c7i4!Llf0H, Spolfzaot, 01102: Clourzcil, M54 JMazya,zelf cg0Zf1M'LElNl, 5l90'lflJ023, Giloofgaxll, 1934 MIAA dZ!.0Zi3 t 4:9 az, genicz C-Lzaa am! 551.54 Mall gm O!!!-JZWLJ -- chfoz ,AL Clmlf gui GJ!!-JZOLLILJ -- ,MEZII7-0666 lf? Qggm. O Kcxwic Wm mm QQ Koc Off sg ' , N M ,,... ,.m, . 613331 x M, aan?-wi ,g . 56553 , 653151515 "ge A .S2Q53?LEW f - 351, . had ,,,': mmmf-QQ - r nf , , ,w , uw - 'M ws' ,v 'IWWFQQE f " wif '- , Q T, gv1L5,,g A NM M ,N 5:45 , H ,:W, 1w,?QW,,:5: H, , 1 ,ww n 3, , i37u32i3,':'?g,:i ' , Y MQW on , ,gif fm if is 'g,g.SHU M W' " if 5 ,-f, SS main ' -fiiimiifiigsf .- X651 Rmaw A-" ,, f-,mm Tm. K1 ,ff wS1a1i5?l?zf,, 6 WM. . .wwegizz-1,1-a , J 1 mm Q1 ,mfg A 5, far 1 .gisigzaw ' fri: , . Q .I I V, . ,, VU C ' Q.. , V : 3 VWQ CI 1 235533 ,Q ,- , 3 awk . . . ll, ig, , I 5 - AS Y ' 'V ' J 'rf ' . F V 'ggi 'g,f 3: f Q' , Am ,, ...,.,A, , . .. -M:-V '.. , wif . gi- -'kfig n ' ' 1 ' 'a'f.A ,-Q -jihii ' "W ' f' ff'' :QwQ,33fffi in w swf A 911. . A: .1'.'--1.wQ:Q' J: 53:82. 2. V 4 Q ,J M Wg, W, LF' -W yr ' Aw.. ALM . . " 'K 1 ' w , W-Qi , , , , ,r , 2 - rf f , lm wa X 2 ,, JL.. ,, .. . , 71533 2- , N, Mfg! .QW Q' if -, ,,15s5'i:, 3 Q , y , U L is W mf f GFI? Lf W ' ' is 'i El wg if' -V . .,1, M ,W-N H1 1,1 wx, w M ,mu wx. 'wi wi um Q, W 1 .4 M , ..., Min Czjizyinifz Cglfi Queen, f MLM !4aIfAzyffL ylrlfmzzia- MIW Qmw, 1933 f T -Y ' ug., f I a ,,.-.-.. f 1' f X I, ,, a ' 'T j'T as Y, ' ' , T FP 1 " ' 4 1 Hs. ' ., L . W , May Day, 1933 A MAY QUEST MARIAN WEST ............... Master of Ceremaniex CATHERINE GEOGHEGAN ...... .... R obin Page KATHRYN HARRIS ........ . . . The May ,Queen ISABEL TALIAFERRO, ETTA XVHITEPIEAD . . . Her Mfzidf of Honor CCA MAY QUEST," written by Adelaide Holloway, was presented as the main feature of the annual May Day Celebration in the Greek Theatre. The theme of the "May Quest" is built on the English custom of of choosing and crowning n village queen every May Day. Therefore, the characters were peasant boys and girls, the dances and songs original folk songs. ftmggg --g1w--- -g fm -- Fiv ""H"aL"aj T f '-' 1' ff A An archery contest was held among the youths of the village to determine who should journey for eleven months in search of the chosen queen of the May. The prize archer, Robin Page, goes to Ireland and finds a castle in an Enchanted Wood. Elves work magic on him, and he sees the drill of the enchanted soldiers who are holding the Princess imprisoned in the dark for- bidding tower. YVith the aid of the forest elves and their devious, captivating antics, Robin rescues the Princess and her maids of honor. The Irish ladies, who form the court of the Princess, dance with the soldiers who are released from their enchantment when Robin saves the Princess. Meanwhile on the Village Green in Merrie England the peasant boys and girls are frolicking, awaiting their promised queen. The arrival of the maiden is announced as the Master's Entertainers are in the midst of a rollicking and elaborate solo-dance which leads to a May-Pole Dance participated in by most of the village boys and girls. The Queen is crowned amid rejoicing and the "May Quest" ends in an elaborate tableau. l -ch li .1 ,f I .,n.-.., -., . fs-- K ,.,...,... ,-!. K .X ,f.-,..E.,... .....,,,,,, ,Y ,EY , A i l l r i L I ii l i I l N l A l f l l 5 l l I 1 l l I Z lr l l l l li L 1 1 I I i if ll l l ,-,f Ayff I I f' ' : ,. , . ll. -,ff i f i l l l Proclamation N Z gb! Seniors in caps and gowns, bearing lighted candlesg Seniors singing the culmination of their college years, Which other classes sing in future yearsg Seniors lighting the candles of the Freshmen, guiding their way through the unknown paths. Messages of wisdom to those yet unacquainted with the way. Songbooks for the Freshmen who will sing past songs of Proclamation nights. "Alma Mater" bringing a feeling of warmth for the new class now recognized as a vital part of Westhampton. Thus did the Class of '34 formally welcome the Class of L37. m as aj+'?'S ff as " " --ft RICHMOND COLLEGE STUDENT BODY ,SX ' gf'x 1 f Rwxx .1 WESTHAMPTON STUDENT BODY E f -Q , , f'5 CAVEAT THE Qpmgy MAN C.LwMPus :ww .- ,FII 'Ti' ,ff IIJIL Q E. , HOQKEY A VOTING? DAS! FOR A qriw. GOING- Bvr NOT 1109-Cv5'E1'1N6' -, - ,NEWS AT CHAPEL? . w gili ri ' ' 'B-i' Q': l'4" 41f ' ,, ' . f u Wg lp?1,533Xigg1':1j5Qj,g,'QJ- I N X L kiiilwvx .3 1 V I v ,3ffgFN X 'Hy yy x:51QQiz ' --E-fr Q' me if g mf -n b' 4 ,. .Jusr Become me BATTLE- A' PARALDE 4' ,f + 1 , 1 1 A w ,i I 75.- ,G if fl 1 THE SNOW' Q Ji' 5 3 Mmm ,HY , , , H . '- H if'-L ' 3:51 'YU cg. I 1 um T IS NOT juft the yeure, The length of eieiyer, The gueftiouf eerie! the uufzoerfj I t is the immortal elreezmf Impleiuteei i fi our uiizieh By thoxe who know- The feel of hluftering wiueix, The Jtreutgth of wezoeer In oppoyitiori. It if the Jetliezzt 772'6.f.flltg6 Prefyeei to our eyes By ,rueh in told us To wulk Jtutely, To he patient uno? kirzel. It if the feeeef, The woriif We curry with ue, The heeiutiful lurid, Arie! thi.r lun' view Of our riiutureei youth. With el green' hope We turn awww. We do not grieve, For thif we know: So .rtroutg you tuned us With your .vtrikifzgg defer progreffioii Thizt we .rhezll heur it with uf eelwizyur, Knowing it if the greezteft ofyour gifts. Lnixe Cowh :rd ADVERTISEMENTS Plame fzafrofzize than who have helped zu I A-AA ooo! GUERNSEY AA GQ?-D CREAM AND BUTTERMILK G66 Notzoroir Moot Pefyfeof Foooi for Young omni Olo' Concgmmlfmgm pg PAUL L. RUEHRMUND, IHC. the Clow of 1934 . . . General INSURANCE CAPITOL AND STATE ALL LINES 204-205 State-Planters Bank Building RICHMOND, VIRGINIIK QW Phone 3-0130 ILICI1IT1OI'1CI CDWIICCI ' PAUL L. RUEHRLIIUND CLIIIIIQRD C. Przmco Pruidenr .feoretmgf-TrmJ1n'er Complimefztf of ELKINS 8: DURHAM CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS State-Planters Bank Building RICHMOND, VIRGINIA C. M. PARRISI-I COAL CO., INC. Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Mefnberf AMERICAN INSTITUTE ov ACCOUNTANTS AMERICAN SOCIETY or CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUN NTS VIRGINIA SOCIETY on PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS gy ff? rxmfm ' ,. cf' V1 i Xx' f gv1 7 'V' L .1 or .Hi A ' 4 ,W ,?:' j'J7I'Ei"?r"' 1 ' ' Q . lffg- l.::lJ-Q -I ,f ,Mn I b 1 I M UL rf' 5 J -L. - - - -do - , -f umm :'-' "'-, --ITS.. ' ff. J .. ' if I 0 5 J f h imiumur lmmimimrm- Q ' 5 V '- wx- -Y-,L -- . - 6. VTP- 52 Q :Q l .1 . ,PQ V qu 4, MMA ' A' 1- ,: f f' ,- XY: f,- X 4-,.,..' img OLD STONE HOUSE Wow fll7E:pOE SHRINE Q57 HE stone l1ouse on Main Street--tl1e olclest lwouse in Ricl1mond-- is now time Poe Slwrine, a mecca For 'tourists and people of literary culture. Lilfewise Murpl1y's Hotel, tlwe olclest l1otel in Riclwmoncl, lras become a mecca 'tor tlwe collegiate---a class wl-ro prefer culture and refinement. g MURPHY? HOTEL IRGINIA niuerzitg nf Eirhmnnh . c-we 1l'1ClL1ClCS 1. RICHMOND COLLEGE, liberal arts and sciences for men, R. B. Pinchbeck, Ph.D., Dean. 2. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE, liberal arts and sciences for women, Mzty L. Keller, Ph.D., Dean. 3. THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL or LAW, for Inen and Women, M. Ray Doubles, J.D., Dean. 4. SCHOOL or BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, for men and women, J. Corson, III., Ph.D., Director. 5. GRADUATE SCHOOL, for men and women, R. E. Gaines, Litt.D., Director. 6. SUMMER SCHOOL, for men and women, NV. L. Prince, M.A., Director. Each college or department publishes a catalogue which will be sent upon application to the Dean or Director. P. O. University ofRich1nond, Va. The University Of Richmond is on the approved list of the Association of American Universities, and of the American Bar Association, and holds membership in the Associa- tion of American University Women, the Association of American Colleges, the Association of American Law Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and has a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. F. W. BOATWRIGHT, Prexialent. WONDER ale BREAD Iris' S10-Baked is HOST ESS L.. CAKES Cgbo CB Q8 Baked by the A HAPPY WONDER MADE IN BAKERS RICHMOND A - Jefferson and Cary Streets RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Wellillgdk 5073 CONZXE ZPL 61463 M6I4 ONE! VERY year sees an increasing number of college men and women Ending progressive, profitable careers in the Held of life underwriting. More and more the busi- ness of life insurance becomes a profession and as such requires representation by men and Women with Well- trained minds. If interested in a worth-while agency connection, communicate with YAC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY pf VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VIRGINIA INCORPORATED 1871 C0ff2Pffff2f'2ff Uf Crembazw Currie 417' C0. B. BRAUERS SONS Wholesale D6,,le1nj7Z FANCY FRUITS CHOICE HOME-KILLED MEATS GMP Sixth Street Market PHONE 3-5328 1217 East Cary Street Richmond, Virginia E. T. NIANKIN, Prarizlezzt TELEPHONES OFFICE-2-2740 B. S. BRUNT, .ferreffzrgf mid Treamr H, R. MANKIN, Viz,'efPrefin'cul YARDS-2-7804 E. H. MANKIN, Vice-Prfxidezlt E. T. MANKIN INCORPORATED - Brick Maznzzfazcfzzrerf - BUILDING BRICK - 'fIIAND-IvIADE COLONIALSH - FACE BRICK Orrucxz AND EXHIBIT Room YARDS' MANBUR VA So RY 527 EAST MAIN STREET YORK RIVERIDIVISIOINI THE DAVENPORT INSURANCE CORPORATION Managers, Brokers and Adjusters C958 H70 Yeizw of Iiifiiwince Service 671619 1113-15 East Main Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Corrie!! mio' Cooke Inmrporimfl Business-Building PRINTERS College Work iz Specially 996 1308-1310 East Franklin Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Complimontf of MEADOR-POULSON-PRIDDY NOLDE BROTHERS I71L'0?'P0fdft'l1 1892-1934 Wh I . I 0 fam 6 AMERICAN MAID FANCY FRUITS Bread and Cakes Qu? 9-:P Phone 3-9027 1302 East Cary Street Quality, Not Pric At Your Dealer SHENANDOAH VALLEY Food Products 966 WM. F. GRAVINS AND CQ., INC. Dirtrioutor Compliments of A. T. MASSEY COAL CO., Inc. RICHMOND, VA. THE STUDENT SI-IDP K C-151-J If We Hetve Net Got Wbnt Yen Wttnt We Will Get It For Yen E366 Yom' C0-opemtion If Wnnteei G50 IT IS OUR DESIRE TO PLEASE YOU After School-Before the Dance- IZC1' the Af Game-Meet the "Gang" at L 0 E W' Locw's leads in Richmond, show 8 :hc absolute pick of pictures V g' ' ' H h IT. . . I ' - . Watch for y f d "big"p L Cofnplifnentx of STUART 84 BETTS, Inc. 84 Wlnelefezle Confectionery SHEPPERSON R I C H M O N D Aggentx for SCHRAFEIUS CHOCOLATES W. T. STUART W J. E. Rxznronn, JR. Prcfidmt Setretagf- Treamrcr ENGRAVINGS FOI? TI-IIS BCDOK PRGDUCED BY A AAAAA - Af,Y,A V,VvY,,,,,,V non GOVERNOR STREET RICHMQND VIRGINIA . 1 I E D G E O R T H SMOKING TOBACCO "C17oe Smokeefx Diploma" LARUS 84 BRO. CO. SINCE 1877 RICHMCND, VA Cozzgffezteeleztiom to the Clam of '34 "FooeiJ You Are Prom! to Sezfoe " THEATRE Fu Richmond Owned and Operated 4:9 LLQIEWQSEEE 1 HC jj- 1, J LK ,x l ' , THE STAPLES GROCERY CO. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA THE BEST IN MUSIC AND PICTURES FRATERNITY, COLLEGE emo? CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Amzozmcememir, Inoefeeteom, Diplomof Officialjeweler to the University of Richmond and Wesrhampron College L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Malzzefaofzenfifzg fezoelerf and Steztioezerx ATTLEBORO, MASS. COLLEGE ANNUAL fequifes the undivided interest and attention of Editor, Business Manager and Publisher if it is to present that much desired appearance of Character. If For that reason, Everett Waddey Company handles only a limited num- ber of annuals each year-a limited number so as to permit proper service. if Everett Waddey Company of Rich- mond, Virginia, alone was responsible to the Staff of THE WEB for 1934 for the correct manufacture of THE WEB. "Hmze.rrb1, If: the Beit Policy" ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY'S Talicy ATLANTIC AGENCY, Inc. Gevzeml Agents 217 Mutual Building, Richmond, Virginia J. BINEORD WALEORD JI rcloifect Successor to CHARLES M. ROBINSON, Arcl1ifccl.r G56 1002 Tenth Street Building RICHMOND, VIRGINIA il ff ? lie I Q 1 Z Q.. ,mimlmknag ' , N X ffl I ll I f i 31 ne, ' I "I I 4 . E I N 1215. 1 :Img-11111 1 nom JOHN MARSHALL - Q "Riclimoncl's Host fo: Every Occasion " lrlQTELRlCH.MORlD R 'M HOTELWM BYRD O 2 I Q "Opposite Broad Street Station " Hospilalily--Convenience---Reslfulness Splendid Service O Ganga Accommodations Complimentf of 'iinglizh Eauern INCORIIORATED Broad Street Road Richmond, Va. RICHMOND VALETERIA INCORPOR ATED Cleaners - Dyem 1840 VVEST BROAD STREET Phone 5-2849 BEN PARKER CARILLON FLORIST THEATRE Flowers for All Ocmxiom z'lamzz,gbouf the yew 9679 CALL BEN-3-3056 202 EAST GRACE STREET, RICHMOND, Colonial and Westhzuupton Avenues Suburban Run METRO, PARAMOUNT and UNITED ARTISTS Mfztifzee, 15 rents Night, 25 cent: Children, all timex, Z0 cent: VA- 1 UNTIL 11 P. M, CONTINUOUS Co111plunent.r of RUM F O RD BAKING POWDER Coniplinienzlr of A Friend C Compliment! of BAPTIST BOOK STORE 'Any Book from Any Pnhlifher 110 N. SECOND STREET up-I4Il.flCdZhj' Yonrx ificliownel Collegian EDWARD DUNKUM I CTED LOMAND ANNOUNCES ' A SPECIAL OFFER TO Wd fm . GRADUATES DIPLOMATS .S'nh.rcription for n Full Year iz! only 31.00 KEEP IN TOUCH-dOn't miss the undergraduate news Of sports, activities and personalities-the news Of graduzltes. Send 31.00 and your nizfne and iulelreu to THE RICHMOND COLLEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, VA. The JEFFERSON The Ariftocrnf of the H ofels in the Soiethliznel 966 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PORTRAITS DEMENTI STUDIO Official Photographer for THE 1934 WEB COMMERCIAL Phone 2-9003 219 E. Grace Street, Richmond, Va. Compliments of WeJrbampf0n'J Athletic Association Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class College Government Glee Club Mortar Board Tea Room Y.W. C. A. The Messenger ' The Collegian The Debate Council Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Hutze by wr fa? fcafp 1' 1 - I , . A, I H , wi 'K W ' . ' 1 X . M i 1 ' ' mg I4 b ' 1' 11 ' fix I - - . ' wi i . , it 1 I ' N , Y N 1 1 Nl! , I ' If V . , l Q , Q, I . - 1 r , wr L k . NL ' . - V , , , , . , , ,,,,,,x,,,,,

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University of Richmond - Web Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


University of Richmond - Web Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


University of Richmond - Web Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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