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RENAISSANCE 1988 The Yearbook of the University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island 02881 Volume 17 The eighty-eighth yearbook of the University of Rhode Island Rosa Cascalheira Sports Editor Missing: Gillian Netf Senior Editor Kathy Kleczek Student Life Ed. Michael Dean Cover Design Helena Sheldon Photography Opening P. 4 Some highlights that made 1987- 1988 special. Seniors P. 14 Portraits and candids of the Class of ' 88 !!! Graduation P. 82 The milestone that ends our years at URI and begins the rest of our lives. Student Life P. 94 Friends, groups, clubs, concerts and days spent At URI. Sports P. 130 The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat of URI sports teams. Advertisements P. 158 Local supporters of URI and the Class Of ' 88. Editor’s Note P. 176 Thanks to those who made this yearbook possible and Best Wishes to the Class of ‘88. The Kingston Emporium first opened the summer of ’87 with CVS. Gradually over the 1987-1988 school year, more businesses have joined CVS on Fortin Road. Students can find almost anything at the Emporium: Mexican food, donuts, gift items, videos, grinders, yougurt. They can also: join a health club, make copies, get haircuts and buy books. In fact, most businesses have hired students to work in their stores. The Emporium has proven to be a beneficial addition to the URI community and surrounding area. mur I nd.iy. Ichmary 12. 1988 Fraternities end Thursday parties By PKTKR SANTORO Thursday night fraternity panics vx ill not he held at URI when the Inter-Fraternity Council ' s decision to ban mid- week soirees is approved by the University. The IFC unanimously voted to abolish these parlies because the University faculty did not enjoy students miss- ing Friday morning classes, or il they went they would Tall asleep. Eric Andrcoz i. president ol the IFC. said " There was an outcry from the faculty and students that fraternity parlies caused this, so we acted accordingly.” Since the goal of the Greek system is to loster the educa- tional development of its members, this move was in their best interest, he said. " We are at the University to learn, not to party, and the suspension of mid-week parties will aid us in reaching our goal. " Photos by Helena Sheldon Photos by Jim Fraser, Dave Russell Helena Sheldon +11 Basketball NCflfl fiction! Triples The overwhelming response to URI by incoming freshmen had created a housing problem this year. The problem was solved by putting freshmen into triples. Triples are rooms made for two people but due to the housing shortage; occupied by three. There is hope of building a new dormitory. But, until then, triples still will exist in the dormitories at URI. Photos by Helena Sheldon i V ' V f i Remembrance It was all so new nor so long ago yet at once it ' s gone. So remember me when the laughter of children touches your ears Do not let time shatter the image forged in my memories. Today is binding Yet tomorrow is forever. So remember me when snow falls on the ocean or sun streams through an open window. Because I will remember you. Ericka Jenson | Beth M. Acciaioli Marketing Prabhat Agarwal Ele. Eng. David W. Allaire Finance Elaine M. Adamedes John F. Afonso Management Mech. Eng. Chris M. Albanese Chrissy Allaire Pharmacy Charles Francis Alexyon Sharon Leigh Almonte Nat. Res. Sci. Marketing Robert J. Alvine Finance Daniel A. Amadio Applied Math Michelle A. Amiro Marine Affairs Brenda R. Anderson j U dy L. Anderson MKT MGT Management • What Is Your • Favorite Drink? Michael Andreozzi Jane Antokal Communicative Disorders Psychology Laurie A. Apicerno Judy M. Armaniaco Dental Hgyiene Accounting Kerry Arsenault Brigitte S. Aubois Accounting Beth A. Audette Nursing Francis J. Ayotte Civ. Environ. Eng. Dominique Arminio Nutrition Beth A. Aurecchia Dietetics Janet Badway Candids by Helena Sheldon Douglas A. Baer Landscape Arch. yA Anything With Absolut Senior Poll (1988) Cynthia G. Bailey Nursing Kimberley A. Baker Voice Performance Cindy E. Beachen Keith J. Beardsley MGT MKT Jacqueline M. Beauregard Speech Journalism Timothy Behan Lisa M. Berard Pharmacy Kenneth R. Bellisle Pharmacy Tracy A. Benson Pharmacy Joelle Bekasi Journalism Jennifer A. Berman Psychology Photo by Helena Sheldon Cheryl A. Bernfeld Physical Educ. Lars Birkeland Finance Chris Bette Susan M. Bierden English Barbarc A. Bisceglio Colette D. Bissonnette Nursing Pharmacy Sherry Birch Miriam Bjurman Brendan A. Boulerice Mech. Eng. Mary Beth Bourbeau Early Child. Educ. Caroline M. Bowater Brenda M. Bowen Psychology Elem. Educ. Adrian E. Bowser Elem. Educ. Michelle Brais Poli Sci Marla BranGaccio Barry V. Brassil Poli. Sci. Tracy Branco Noel J. Breithaupt Speech Com. ST3P AID. STOP AIDS Gloria M. Brown Dietetics Sharon L. Bugbee Wild. Bio. Mgt. Gina M. Cacchiotti Jor Frn Paul P. Campopiano Math Jon D. Cannizzo Civil Eng. Kimberlee A. Cappello Finance Speech Comm. Jill A. Chojnacki Chemical Eng. Jae-Woo Chung Chemistry Larina L. Cipolla Italian Douglas C. Civllo, Jr. Psc Jennifer M. Clapp Marketing Candids by Helena Sheldon • What Is Your Favorite • Parking Violation? Richard D. Collins Consumer Affairs Paul J. Colombino Music Jane Comerford Laurence T. Comstock English Aquaculture Daniel W. Connery Elaine P. Conroy Geology Pharmacy Fire Lane - $50! Christopher R. D ' Ambrosio Physical Educ. Ann F. Daniello Psychology Michele A. Dauray English Andrew H. Davis Natural Resources Lori Davis English Timothy C. Davis M I S Jeanne M. Day Nursing William P. Day Mech. Eng. Andrew D. DeRiso Natural Resources David J. DeRouin M I S Denise Descoteaux Donna DiaLise Yvonne M. DiBlasio Nursing Jonathan A. Dietrich Chemical Eng. Cathy M. Dinsmore Fashion Merch. Denise L. DiOrio HCF Tracy A. Dussault Patrick Dwyer Dietetics Jessica M. Dyer Pharmacy Dana J. Dyrness MIS POM Alexander C. Easterday Douglas M. Edwards Geology Marketing Jill A. Egeland Accounting Sandra Ellingwood A Elizabeth J. Fairbank Textile Mktg. Beth A. Faria Accounting Christopher Faria Landscape Arc. Jeffrey L. Fein Industrial Eng. Vicki M. Feinn Jeffrey D. Ferraris Nursing Dietetics Marketing Paul F. Fioravanti Cons Aff. Advertising Lee Fassler Marketing Nancy E. Fee Speech Com. Elizabeth A. Ferreira Management Ann Fiorenzano Joanne Fayan Theatre Patrick Feeney Mark A. Fischer Applied Math Robert W. Fleishman Poli. Sci. Stacie L. Fisher Michelle T. Flaherty Elem. Educ. English Suzanne C. Flannigan Elem. Educ. Judith A. Flynn Psychology 9 Alesia B. Fortier Dietetics Photos by Helena Sheldon Elizabeth B. Ford Nursing Adam M. Freifeld Gloria Fuller Speech Com. Andrea M. Gallagher Donald L. Gallagher, Jr, Dental Hygiene Sec. Educ. Suzanne Gallagher Theresa A. Gallagher Thomas F. Gallogly, Jr. Deborah L. Galloway Ellen Galvin Psychology Marketing Poli. Sci. Accounting Text. Mktng. Steven L. Garafano Mark K. Gardner Thomas A. Gardiner Mary Garrett Stacey J. Garrick Pharmacy Sec. Educ. History Speech Pathology Speech Com. Q . Which Fraternity Has _ The Best Parties? Julie M. Gasior Psychology John M. Gautreaux Finance Tara K. Gaydosh TMD James Geiger Accounting Kerrie Gemme Kevin J. Genest Katherine M. Georgenson Computer Science HSS Denise Giaccone Nursing Laurie J. Giardino Elisabeth L. Gifford Computer Elec. Elem. Educ. Linda M. Giovine Abdula Giroun Mechanical Eng. Lee J. Gladney Journalism Jennifer Glendon M. Glinka Accounting Zeta Beta Tau Senior Poll (1988) Joann Goodmaster Stephen P. Goodrich Marketing Urban Affairs Jeffrey Goulart Linda M. Gouveia Fiona Graham Ele. Eng. Tara Graham Karen L. Grant Consumer Affairs Shari Graubard Journalism Kimberly A. Greene Laura Greer Sharon P. Griffen Jennifer J. Griffin Elem. Educ. M I S Dietetics Music Photos by Helena Sheldon Roger S. Grotyohann Finance Shirley A. Grullon Kelly M. Hamb TMD Holley Harrington Kathleen P. Harrington Consumer Affairs Thomas L. Guarneri Physical Educ. Jeffrey T. Hannan Poli. Sci. Lisa M. Harris Psychology Christine R. Harrison Cynthia C. Hartman Denise L. Hasting Dental Hygiene Fashion Merch. Design Elem. Educ. Geoffrey Hausmann M I S P O M Debbie Hawk Nutrition Margaret M. Hayes Laurie L. Hazard Christine E. Healy Jeffrey Healy Elizabeth Heffernan Sociology Psychology Nursing Speech Com. Marketing Jeanne Helm Finance Karyn J. Henry CNS Maureen E. Henry HCF Kathlene R. Hensch HCF Penny M. Herchen Nursing James P. Henry Pharmacy John J. Hennessey Computer Sci. Katherine S. Hennigan Psychology Pilar Hernandez Matthew J. Herriger Pharmacy Speech Com. Robert L. Hibson Susan L. Hillier Consumer Affairs Human Development Photos by Helena Sheldon James Horiagon Pamela W. Horne Elem. Educ. Patricia J. Hussian Textile Marketing John D. Ivers Bus. Adm. K. M. Jaixen CNS Thomas J. Jalowy Karen E. Jarrett Landscape Arch. Sec. Educ. Barbara J. Jenkins Erika D. Jenson Accounting Journalism Christine M. Johnson Stacey L. Johnson Linda A. Johnston Fine Arts Nursing Pharmacy Q What Are Your • Favorite Classes? Photos by Helena Sheldon • Sex Education And • Floral Art Senior Poll (1988) Michael B. Kane I. E. Daniel J. Karkos Consumer Affairs Andrew M. Kay Accounting Thomas Keegan Eugene P. Kelly Communications Paul M. Kerrigan Accounting Sean P. Kelly Finance Edward M. Kennedy Finance Sherry L. Kenyon Fashion Merch. Kimberly A. Kershaw Dietetics Ashraf A. Khondker Holly R. Kilgour Marketing Nutrition Karolyn M. Klinger Management Beth L. Kozak Nursing Susan L. Kudish Consumer Affairs Young W. Koh CSC Math Paula R. Kosior English Mari A. Krenke Consumer Affairs Christopher S. Kuhn Ele. Eng. Kelly A. Krupa Dietetics Audrey A. Kunelius Pharmacy Photo by Helena Sheldon Stephen S. Kunz William P. LaChance Suzanne M. Lanciaux Chemical Eng. Management CMD Photos by Helena Sheldon Michelle A. Landi Business Adm. Ann R. Lareau Textiles, Fash. Merch Design Michael A. Laiter M I S Michael F. Lauder FSN William H. Lauder Mech. Eng. Frederick M. Law, Jr. Business Adm. Kenneth Lawrence Sean R. Levin History Mark S. Libby GMA Linda G. Lidestri Beth E. Limberger Debora A. Lindewall Marine Affairs Accounting Nursing Souky Litthisack Comp. Elec. Eng. Anne M. Loiselle Pharmacy Kerry A. Lonergan HCF Stephen P. Maguire Journ. Speech Com. Brian T. Mann Psychology Elizabeth Malin Physical Fitness Michael A. Mannarelle Jennifer Marcello MGT Gen. Business Speech Com. Laurine F. Marino Nursing Anthony C. Marmo Marketing Anthony J. Mattiello Accounting Jeffrey Mazur Mech. Eng. John P. McCarthy Ele. Comp. Eng. Photos by Helena Sheldon Kathleen M. McCarthy Dental Hygiene Michael K. McGwin CMD What Is Your Favorite Bar? Jonathan Mitchell Finance JoAnn P. Mollo Antonio S. Montecalvo James D. Moore Janet R. Morley Accounting Accounting Journalism Nutrition Andrew J. Morrisroe Poli. Sci. Michael Morrissey Psychology Betsy R. Morse Textiles, Merch. Design Todd D. Mosher Accounting Heidi J. Moyer Pharmacy Joel E. Mueller Karin Mueller Lidia D. Munoz Alison B. Murphy Carleen P. Murphy Finance Pharmacy Dietetics Nutrition Nursing Bon Vue Inn Senior Poll (1988) Kathleen R. Murphy Matthew E. Murphy Nursing Finance Pamela S. Najarano Fashion Merch. Michael Napolitano Marketing Laurie J. O’Neill Psychology Pamela L. Palumbo Speech Com. Bonnie Panaggio Journalism Photos by Helena Sheldon Stacey G. Pattou Communications Jill Pennington Education Kim L. Payette Aquaculture Catherine F. Perry Consumer Affairs Shira L. Perry Psychology Kristine A. Pettinato Elem. Educ. CMD Christina Pezzullo Carla A. Piccoli Lisa Pierz Finance Psychology Fashion Merch. Nancy E. Plunkett Theatre Jennifer L. Polke Journalism MaryEllen Polymeros Pharmacy Julieann C. Pompei Comp. Ele. Eng. Jeffrey B. Pomroy M I S Jill F. Pouliot Journalism Colleen M. Prior Pharmacy Mary P. Prior Accounting Deborah L. Proulx Psychology Carolyn E. Quirk Denial Hygiene Bernard P. Raftery Natural Resources Janice A. Ramieri Chemical Eng. Albert V. Ranaldi, Jr. Landscape Design Merryl B. Rappaport Speech Com. Robert E. Rapoza Animal Science Randy M. Rauso Psychology Stephen P. Ravenell Business Adm. Photos by Helena Sheldon Gary J. Rejan Psc His Christine L. Reilly Nursing Michelle Reinardy Thomas F. Reitano Pharmacy Kelly A. Renkar James R. Rentsch Pharmacy Mech. Eng. Ocean option Samuel L. Resnick George Reynolds Christine A. Rezendes Donna Ribeiro Poli. Sci. Marketing Pharmacy Donna J. Ricci Cheryl A. Ricciardi Dietetics Favorite Junk Nancy E. Riccio Sociology Timothy M. Rishton Accounting What Is Your Food? Lee A. Roberts Ellen M. Rocchio Accounting Pharmacy Daniel J. Rocha Sonya A. Rocha Accounting Dietetics Jennifer A. Rochira Mark T. Roder Industrial Eng. Accounting Elizabeth A. Riley John E. Rinaldi Consumer Affairs Finance Michael J. Riendeau Pharmacy Marilyn Rivera Theatre ft 2 Christine Ritarossi HCF • Pizza And Doritos Senior Poll (1988) - - Photo by Helena Sheldon Donna Santaniello David A. Santini Linda M. Saporita Business Adm. Nursing Youssef Z. Sayaf Civil Eng. Susan L. Schaefer Nursing Photo by Helena Sheldon Marianne Sequeira Dietetics Erik J. Schoepke Chemical Eng. David Sevigny Ele. Eng. Derya Sendcak Economics Diane E. Schultheiss Zoology Christopher Sears Raymond C. Searles Finance Insurance Denise L. Sena Consumer Economics Kevin J. Sheh Marketing James C. Sheehan German History Kevin R. Sheahan Economics Mary Sheehan Leon Shnayber Mkt. Photo by Helena Sheldon Cecilia Si Finance Linda M. Silva Poli. Sci. Diane M. Silvestri Accounting John A. Silvestri Ele. Eng. Marla L. Simon Marketing Stephen Soito Engineering Stephen Stamp Laurie L. Stanko Chemical Eng. Fashion Merch. Kerrie A. Stanley Stephen M. Stanley Psychology MCE Wendy L. Sternberg Textile Mktg. Jennifer M. Stich Art German Photos by Helena Sheldon David D. St. Jean Marketing Ronald S. Storch Accounting Jeffrey H. Sugarman Comp. Elec. Eng. Jean M. Sullivan M I S Edward D. St. Michel Personnel Mgt. Deanne J. Storti Poli. Sci. Kathleen E. Suits Pharmacy Marie Sullivan Journalism Poli. Sci. Carolyn A. Stoehr Accounting Christine Stone Mark Sullivan Ann M. Sweeney Elem. Educ. Ellen L. Sweet Therese M. Szczesiul Accounting CMD Photo by Helena Sheldon Marisa L. Szem Burt Y. Takesue CMD Marketing Kevin P. Talbot Robert J. Tamburro Textile Marketing Accounting What Is Your Favorite Band? Michael Tameo Edward C. Thaute Finance Lynn T. Tanguay Tonya R. Taskey Ele. Eng. Textiles, Merch. Design Dorthy Thomas Business Adm. Kristine M. Tennett Accounting Kristine D. Thomas Speech Com. Photo by Helena Sheldon Senior Poll (1988) Photo by Helena Sheldon Ina S. Trueheart Consumer Affairs Richard W. Turner Mechanical Eng. Janine L. Thorpe Accouniting Steven Tiernan Alice E. Townsend Pharmacy Lauren L. Treistman Joseph A. Tripi Psychology Zoology Norma J. Trojan Economics Cynthia A. Tuccillo Nursing Animal Science Jennifer A. Turcotte Microbiology Stephen B. Turcotte Consumer Affairs Richard Tutt Julie E. Underhill Stacey L. Vadnais Economics Physical Educ. Elem. Educ. CMD Manuel J. Vales, IV Finance Insurance Nancy J. Weaver Mgt. Phyllis M. Weedon Landscape Arch. Beth-Ann Welch Speech Com. David B. Vanderlaan Landscape Arch. Karen L. Waldo Nursing Jo-Anne K. Watkins Nursing Debra J. Watson Nursing Christopher Varreechione Steven M. Velardi Mgt. Roberta I. Willett Textile Mkt. Richard N. Wilmarth English Kimberly E. Westbrook Cynthia A. Whaley Biology Poli. Sci. Deborah J. White M I S Richard D. Wilkinson Comp. Elec. Eng. Jennifer E. Wolke Natural Resources Carolyn F. Woods Sociology Anne E. Wright Elem. Educ. Michael K. Wood English Tracy A. Young Consumer Affairs Azita Zamani Management John R. Zeuzavdjian Pharmacy Pauline C. Zielinski Biology Natalie M. Zodda Finance Michael A. Zoner Mechanical Eng. Photo by Helena Sheldon Amy J. Zuber Pharmacy The Reality of the Dream We bought books Sold them Studied Partied Fell in love Fought with our parents Got credit cards Fell out of love Made up with our parents And four years later Graduated from the University And started looking for jobs Richard Wilmarth Class of 1988 82 They Gave Us Advice . . . ' m They Helped Us Thru . . . Photos by Dave Russell and Mike Brown Photos by Dave Russell and Mike Brown DISTANCE THE SOUND OF WAVES POUNDING AGAINST ROCKS THE RUSTLE OF THE NIGHT WIND SIFTING SOFTLY THROUGH THE COOL SAND THE MOONLIGHT GLOWS ON THE HORIZON AND CASTS A WARM GLOW ON A PASSING VESSEL IF I LOOK, FOR JUST A MOMENT INTO THE TROUBLED SURF I CAN SEE YOUR FACE AND PICTURE YOU WITH ME BUT WHEN THE FOAM DISAPPEARS INTO THE COLD EARTH I REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT BESIDE ME, BUT MILES AWAY AS IS THE OCEAN OF BLUE AND THE SKY OF BLACK YET A PEACEFUL FEELING FLOWS THROUGH ME AS A LONE SEAGULL GLIDES IN THE DISTANCE AS IF TO SAY THAT TIME AND SPACE DO NOT MATTER FOR IT IS IN THE H EART THAT WE FEEL CLOSE AND DISTANCE IS ONLY A FLEETING THING NOT FOREVER LIKE THE WAVES AND THE SAND ERICKA JENSON Photos by Dave Russell and Mike Brown ni ' Photos by Dave Russell Little Brother, Little Sister Christmas Party President - Stacy Inhat; Transportation- Lisa Hodge, Jean Sullivan; Public Relations - Al Easterday; Treasurer - Barbara Jenkins; Social - Mike Farris; Secretary - Denise Hasting. O Two Guys And Another Guy fir ' The Renaissance wishes to thank the Cigar for its contributions to the ’87-’88 yearbook. Special thanks to Cigar photographers: Matt Cohen, Yogesh Saini, Jim Philips, Melanie Smith, Jay Tarrant, Mark Cifelli, Scott Sullivan, Helena Sheldon and Cheryl Gempp. Student Entertainment Committee marguerua hindle •WEBSliy OF SHODE ISlillD j STUDENT CHAPTER 1 NERICANASSOCWtfl OF Pltf QBISTS CajMSSTS I Greek Week Phi Sig Overall Winner By VALERIE J. LaTOUR Cigar Staff Writer Greek Week, the yearly competition bet- ween fraternities and sororities, ended last week as the Greek system marked its 80th anniversary on the URI campus. “Everyone was really into it,” said Jill Fishman and Joe Gazza. coordinators of the event. “We think it was a success.” Four of the events raised over two- thousand dollars. The events were the Greek semi-formal held at the Rocky Point Palladium, the dunking machine, the “lip- sync” contest, and Greek Sing. The money went to Meeting Street School. " We sup- port the purpose of the school,” said Fishman. “We wanted to help them in any way we could.” The largest and most popular event held during Greek Week was the much an- ticipated Greek Sing. “It is the most popular event because it is worth the most points and because each house begins prac- ticing a month or more in advance, " said Fishman. " A great deal of time and effort is put into this event.” In the frat competi- tion, Tau Kappa Epsilon captured first place for Greek Sing with Lambda Chi Alpha placing second, and Fiji placing third. For sororities. Delta Zeta took first, Sigma Kappa second, and Alpha Delta Pi third. " We would like to give special thanks to the Special Events Committee for all of their work, " said Jill Fishman and Joe Gazza. “Thanks to all who helped and par- ticipated in Greek Week 1988.” Photos by Dave Russell and Helena Sheldon Al Stewart Photos by Jim Fraser Thursday, April 28, 1988 Touch-tone may replace walk-through registration By STEPHEN CORSINI Cigar Staff Writer By fall, 1990 there may be no such thing as registra- tion lines; no more crawling out of bed that first wretch- ed day to stand in line in front of Keaney gym in the cold rain at 8 in the morning. Instead, all you’ll have to do is pick up your phone and punch a few numbers. URI has received two grants ($90,000 for 1987-1988; $99,000 for 1988-1989) from The Board of Governors for Higher Education to install a Touch-Tone Registra- tion System. This new system will allow students to call in to a voice-controlled computer and register for courses. The system will be ready for the fall of 1990. “We want it to be great!” Jack Demitroff, registrar said. " The major difference from our current system is it won ' t be a matter of requesting classes anymore (like our current pre-registration) You ' ll actually be register- ing right then.” Demitroff said students will receive a similar registra- tion packet in the mail. In it will be a code number for the student to gain access into the system along with a list of times that the student can call. After the student enters the code number, the computer will check the student ' s major, see if he shc owes the Bur- sar’s Office any money, see if he she is an eligible stu- dent for registration and check to make sure that he she is calling at the correct time. Photos by Dave Russell Frank Santos Photos by Jim Fraser and Helena Sheldon O.R.L. Resident Assistant Clambake BASEBALL Photos by Helena Sheldon Photo by Helena Sheldon OWENS BREAKS 2,000 pt. plateau By BRETT DAVEY Cigar Sports Editor The 2,000th and 2,001st points came in characteristic “Silk " Owens fashion. With a little under eight minutes left, Owens drove to the left, hesitated, then charged forward and double pumped a shot off the backboard thus accomplishing what only- one other URI basketball player had ever achieved. Only Steve Chubin(‘66) had ever scored 2,000 points in Rhody hoop history. That basket constituted only two of the 24 points that Owens scored in URI’s 87-73 wipeout of UMass at Keaney Gym last night. The Rams dominated throughout, leading 48-27 at halftime. Field Hockey Gymnastics Photos by Dave Russell Photos by Dave Russell Photos by Dave Russell Photos by Dave Russell Hockey 4t « Photos by Jim Fraser Soccer Photo by Helena Sheldon Photo by Helena Sheldon Photos by Dave Russell n» Wrams Volleyball team WP S BC ’ Diving duo qualifies for Nationals ; first ever for Rhody swim team B CHRIS BREYAN Cigar Spons Staff Juniors Todd Hemenway and David Dean became the first URI divers to ever qualify for the Division I Nationals in Tuesday night’s 116-101 come from behind triumph over Providence College. " They hit everything, " said diving coach Art Scolari, referring to Hemenway and Dean. The duo combined to set four school records on the one and three meter boards in both the six and eleven dive programs. “Outstanding, " said coach Michael Westkott about their efforts. The URI sports program had an Awesome year in ’87-’88. Due to the turmoil the plagued the Renaissance, we were unable to include many sports teams and clubs in this year’s yearbook. We would like to extend our apologies to those that were not pictured. We regret these omissions. However, we’d like to congratulate each team member for a great season!! Vis fj ' etS t ' l ' IKI, ay y pi r 0 ' } Wrams lacrosse team Rugby Rhode Island sailing team ranked number one By SEAN MCNEILL Cigar Sports Staff It’s been been a long time coming, some might even say too long, but the URI Sail- ing team is finally back where it belongs: number one in the country. As published by Sailing World magazine. URI, voted by a three member panel, which includes URI grad and cur- rent Tufts coach Ken Legler, jumped from the 12th position to overtake Tulane University in the top spot. The last time URI was ranked number one was in the winter of 1984-85 after a highly successful fall ' 84 campaign. “It’s a great acomplishment for the team. " said sophomore skipper Lars Guck. “The ranking shows that we have good team depth an are operating as a team unit again. " The sailing team had fallen on some hard times since the last number one ranking. Another aspect that makes the top rank- ing even more impressive is that the team is a club sport. “We’re proud of our ac- complishments because we lack a real coach,” said Guck. “It’s a total team ef- fort.” URI’s number one ranking is due large- ly in part to their current winning streak. Collegiate sailing is structured such that if a team places within the top three finishers of a regatta it is to be considered a victory. In URI’s two trophy regattas, the Admiral Moore and the Truxt-Umstead, they have a first and a second place to date. While the performances of All- American candidates Doug McLean and Lars Guck are largely accountable for this present success, sophomore Charlie Allen and junior Paul Craine have also con- tributed greatly. Men and women’s swim cap best seasons Women go 7-4 by routing Central Conn. Men top Northeastern, compile 9-1 mark cVva 4cCve r iti iemevit Allendale Insurance Compliments of Allendale Mutual Insurance Company Allendale Park P.O. Box 7500 Johnston, Rl 275-3000 SAAB. COMMON Congratulations SENSE HINCKLEY, ALLEN, SNYDER COMEN AND Attorneys at Law AN UNCOMMON DRIVING EXPERIENCE. BOSTON □ PROVIDENCE □ WOONSOCKET SAAB The most intelligent cars ever built 245 Main Street OKI JAPENESE Wakefield, Rl 789-9309 STEAK HOUSE 231-0754 1270 Mineral Spring Ave., North Providence. Rl Juke Boxes Pool Tables Videos Payphones Inc Pinballs WIZARD ELECTRIC SUPPLY INC. Atlas Music Co. Lighting Fiztures Electrical Supplies 401-826-0900 1106 North Main Street Providence, Rl 485 Quaker Lane West Warwick, Rl Rl 1-800-325-6533 401-421-4183 outside Rl 1-800-343-0973 Congratulations Class of ' 88 TASCA LINCOLN-MERCURY AMERICAN WOODWORKING. INC. 200 Fall River Avenue Seekonk, MA 336-7200 Quality Custom Products Sash, Doors, Specialty Cabinets Mouldings and Millwork Richard Colavecchio 725-1582 Until January 31, 1989 Your Bachelors or Advanced Degree is Worth $400 Toward a New Mercury and a Pre-approved Credit Line. 181 Benefit Street Pawtucket, Rl Converting your business to computers? Phone: 861-1660 Rusco Steel Company We make It Easier. • Full Accounting From P.O.S. to Back Room Accounting • Hardware and Software (NEC, NCR. AT T, CLONES) • Training and Updating • Electronic Cash Registers (Sweda, TEC, Teknika, MSD) • On-going Support and Service • Tec Fine Dinino Systems Restuarant Control Systems 25 Bleachery Court, P.0. Box 7894 Warwick. RI 739-5300 Finding Solutio ns to Business Problems gm wgmmr MWO Wi. g i M tracing 29 Elmwood Ave., Providence, Rl Robert S. Russell President Congratulations to the COORDINATED INSTALLATIONS, INC. Class of 1988 Manufacturers of Contract Furniture “ Above All, Quality and Pride " CJ 63 Cedar Avenue East Greenwich, Rl GANNON SCOTT, INC. Roger A. lannetta 884-4208 Why rent a Ryder truck? Ryder trucks are newer, tougher, stronger, more dependable. Ryder has trucks with radios, power steering, automatics, air-conditioning, loading ramps. Ryder has the right truck for you - the best truck money can rent. ircl Warwick (401) 781-5500 a? ROGER M. CICCHINf — " Z _District Manager DROITCOUR CO. 28 Graystone St„ Warwick, Rl Manufacturers of HYDRAULIC RELIEF VALVES SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS RYDER TRUCK RENTAL, INC. 1 Jefferson Blvd. Division of Ryder System Warwick, RI 02888 YOUR FULL SERVICE STEEL FABRICATOR SINCE 1903 • STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATORS ENGINEERS • ORNAMENTAL LIGHT IRON STAIRS RAILS •ALUMINUM FABRICATORS Good Luck to The Graduating Class of ' 88 For Information Call: PROVIDENCE STEEL INC. 27 Sims Ave., Providence, Rl 401-331-1810 From: R.C.S. COMPUTERS 167 Columbus Avenue Pawtucket, Rl 723-3212 Compliments SULLIVAN COMrANl aRIIMUl PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS f Of A Friend 198 Dyer Street Providence, RI 02903 (401) 272 5600 LEOCHANDRONNET FULL SERVICE PHARMACY 35 School Street Danielson, CT 06239 (203) 774 3673 826-0580 QUAKER VALLEY PHARMACY 1417 Atwood Ave. Johnston, Rl 02919 944-4300 1 686 Warwick Ave. Warwick, Rl 02886 732-3000 LOW PRESCRIPTION PRICES John Merlino III B.S. Reg. Pharmacist 727 Quaker Lane West Warwick From Employees Of HANDY HARMAN Providence. RI A H DUFFY POLISHING FINISHING INC. Albion Rd. Lincoln, RI 334-2272 SUPPLY COMPANY INC. SOUTH PIER FISH COMPANY. INC. Healing Air Conditioning Supplies Equipment 420 Lincoln Avenue Warwick, RI SHELTER HARBOR INN Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Served Daily Lodging Spirits Open Year ' round 732-0853 P.O. Box 53 12 Walts Way Wakefield, RI Narragansett, RI 783-6611 351-7000 Lou Fiore C.P.A. FIORE St ASMUSSEN INC. Cerlilied Public Accountants Route 1 Westerly, RI 322-8883 1274 Eddie Dowling Hwy N. Smithfield, RI 783-5700 H. E. THORP SON REAL ESTATE Drawer 516, Airport Road Westerly, RI 596-5184 596-1960 Sales - Rentals - Management - Appraisals ATLANTEK INC. Computer Graphics Systems Non-Impact Printing Specialists 27 North Road Peace Dales, RI NEW ENGLAND SURGICAL CENTER 1174 Park Ave., Cranston, Rl Under the supervision of Professor Basil J. Mignacca President 943-9110 SLAES - RENTALS ■ SERVICE Customizing and Modification of Manual Power Wheelchairs Including Repairs-Complete Physical Rehabilitation Equipment- TE N S Units-Neuromuscular Stimulators-Continual Passive Motion Units- Aids to Daily Living-Surgical Hosiery. Braces. Supports-Traction Equipment A Complete Line of Home Care Equipment and Supplies Auto Sales and .Cfe-yBody Works, Inc. WRECKS REBUILT COURTESY CARS 24 HOUR TOWING QUALITY USED CARS COMPLETE AUTO BODY WORK- BUMPER TO BUMPER BODY REPAIRS UNITIZED FRAME SPECIALISTS FEATURING THE MOST ADVANCED EQUIPMENT FROM CHEIF EZ-LINER 828-8818 FOREIGN CARS OUR SPECIALTY PAUL PICOZZI TOM RICCI, PRES. TONY DESIMONE 834 PROVIDENCE ST., V . WARWICK Compliments of ROOFING CONCEPTS, INC. INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL E. P. MENNILLO, M.D. 183 Knight St. H.E. THORP SON r REAL ESTATE SINCE 1906 SALES RENTALS APPRAISALS MANAGEMENT SEASONAL RENTALS 401 596-5184 401 596-1960 DRAWER 516, AIRPORT ROAD. WESTERLY. R.l. 02891 FRANK B. HALL CO. OF RHODE ISLAND, INC. riP Insurance Brokerage Risk Management Services IMSvbeiie Esm 13 4 Thurbers Avenue Providence, Rhode Island C401D7B1-B0B0 1600 Fleet Bank Building Providence, Rl C Kelectric COMPANY, INC. ESTABLISHED 1923 166 Doyle Ave. Providence. Rl 331-3909 PROFESSIONAL PLANNING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SECURITIES DEALERS, INC. 70 Jefferson Blvd. 781-7500 Warwick, Rl EXXON 463-6230 463-9769 OAKLAWN EXXON SERVICE Louis D’Abrosca, Owner 1195 Oaklawn Ave. Cranston, Rl X-RAY ASSOCIATES, INC. 320 Phillips Street Warwick, Rl Bill Watt 725-6700 WATT DISTRIBUTION SERVICES TERMINAL DELIVERY Warehousing Distribution P.O. Box E Lincoln, Rl ARNOLDS DINER SAT SUN BREAKFAST SPECIAL ALL THE PANCAKES YOU CAN EAT 2.25 579 Atwells Ave. 274-7299 Providence, Rl MIL INI CK ' S COAST TO COAST Warehouse Distribution local Transportation Serving All New England 19 Industrial Way Seekonk, MA 336-4515 Narragansett Auto Body Welding 17 Narragansett Ave. Robert Dawson Providence, Rl 467-8882 Computer Associates, Inc 36 Thurber Blvd. Smithfield, Rl WILKINSON ASSOCIATES 737-6386 615 Jefferson Blvd. Warwick, Rl LAURA 942-9595 Hair 2000 845 Oaklawn Ave. Cranston, Rl 942-2250 Henry Pasquazzi PASQUAZZI BROS. INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS DEMOLITION SPECIALISTS SINCE 1949 464 Dyer Ave. Cranston, Rl JAMES F. FREEMAN CO. Complete Insurance Service 7 Jackson Walkway Providence, Rl William G. Cain 456-5888 Bus 274-0600 Res. 949-2763 Carl B. Lisa ATTORNEY AT LAW Samuel Staples House 5 Benefit St. Providence, Rl 467-3510 Overhead Line Work Industrial Commercial E.W. AUDET SONS. INC. Ernest W. Audet 169 Bay St. President Providence, Rl MELONE CONSTRUCTION CO. Industrial-Commercial-Municipal-Residential Bernard Melone Bernard S. Melone II 12 S. Locust Ave. No. Providence, Rl 353-0088 William A. Trumble President Smith Precious Metals Company 131 Bellows Street, P.O. Box 860 Warwick, Rhode Island 02888 (401) 467-5025 GORDON LEVITT Attorneys At Law 339 Angell St. Providence 42 1-5000 Copiersp usinc. 88D Jefferson Blvd. Alphonse Falco Warwick, Rl 785-4040 N.F.D.A. R.I.F.D.A. Urquhart-Murphy Mortuary EDWARD L. MURPHY, Director 812 Greenwich Ave. Warwick, Rl 737-3510 861-2881 INTERNATIONAL Asbestos Removal. Inc. Commercial-Residential 73 Tuxedo Ave. James Ney Providence. Rl Pres. Frank Boffi 100 Folly Landing 884-6240 Warwick, Rl The Robinson Green Beretta Corp. Architecture-Engineering- Interior Design 50 Holden St. 1 1 1 1 N. Westshore Blvd Providence Tampa FL 401-272-1730 813-870-0889 WELLS-WATER PUMPS-FILTERS DONALD S. LORENSON Old Flat River Road Coventry, Rl 397-3926 397-3993 Office Residence 828-6888 89 943-4991 JOEL S. CHASE ATTORNEY AT LAW 328 Cowesett Ave. Suite One West Warwick, Rl EAST GREENWICH BRIDALS 901 Main St. East Greenwich, Rl 884-7333 gothic cabinet craft Unpeonted Furniture Formica Work-Custom Made-Ready Made 747 Airport Rd. Warwick, Rl 737-7104 R1 TEXTILES CO. 722-3700 211 Columbus Ave. Pawtucket. Rl Keith Guyette 336-5536 OUTPOST GUNS Lie. FFL 6-04-003-01 -IB- 10646 445 Taunton Ave. Seekonk, MA 55 Gal Barrels Construction: 1-40 Yd. Containers 30 Yd. Open Boxes Compactors Roll Otis 1-8 Yd. Containers KEN-L-RAY INC. RUBBISH REMOVAL 434-3471 Office 438-8651 Home Scott M. Cook We ' re up to the challenge CHAFFEE INDUSTRIAL ROOFING 430-1160 80 South Brow St., Providence, Rl BLISTER CARDS SKIN PACK SHEETS DISPLAY CARDS SPECIALTY PRINTING Samuel P. Harris, Inc. 55 Pawtucket Ave. East Providence, Rl 438-4020 331-2345 TOURTELLOT CO., INC. FRUIT PRODUCE Pamela J. Vierling 36 Harris Ave. VP Finance Providence, Rl RHODE ISLAND HEAT TREATING 467-9200 24 Hours a Day Pick Up Delivery Express Service 81 Aldrich St. Consultations Providence, Rl Quotations 942-9748 Oaklawn Mobil Service Centre COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS-STATE INSPECTION MOBIL PRODUCTS-ROAO SERVICE TIRE-BATTERY SERVICE 975 Oaklawn Ave. Cranston, Rl R.L. tforridge 8t Associates. Inc. 601 Jefferson Blvd.. Warwick, Rl Consulting Engineers 738-1290 Raymond L. Horridge, P.E. Cafe in the Bam Route 6. Seekonk. MA 336-6330 JOSEPH J. ALTIERI, LTD 831 -3600 Office 350 Main Street 934-0073 Residence Providence, Rl Executive ' s Silent Partner Jewelry Industry Specialists 400 Reservoir Ave. Providence, Rl 461-5170 TUREX, INC. Packaging Films 568-2567 P-0. Bo 431 FAX. 401-568-0953 Harrlsvllle, Rl 738-1688 M.P Lie 1234 738-1885 PAP LiC. 1065 Mass Lie. no10143 WILLIAM J. RILEY PLUMBING fir HEATING. INC. Commercial-Industrial-Residential 205 Hallene Rd„ Bldg. 2 Warwick, Rl 596-2392 China Village CHINESE-POLYNESIAN RESTOURANT -COCKTAI LS-T AKEOUTS- 27 Canal St. Westerly, Rl 331-5185 Meckandil Tool Co., Inc. TOOLMAKERS ft TOOL DESIGNERS HUBS S DIES 390 Harrison Ave. Dan Mechnig Providence IRA BAZAR. President A.S. Manufacturing Co., Inc. Tashl Creations Asco 10 Fairmont Ave. 434-9505 East Providence. Rl Richard W. Otrando, C.P.A. BRINDAMOUR CO. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 1230 Greenwich Ave. 1 Social St Warwick, Rl Woonsocket, Rl 739-9250 769-7050 REYES FRUIT MARKET Free Delivery 1262 Broad Street Providence, Rl 785-0009 J.L SHELLFISH State Pier Galilee, Rl 789-2020 Joe Lewis, Jr. RuggedWear LtcL men, women and children. Fresh vibrant colors and designs Styled lor function, fashion and comfort. 148 Boon St. Narragansett 789-3508 203 Plymouth St. Falls River. MA Durfee Union Millplace 61 7-679-0510 TToyenco. inc 3291 Post Road 738-0912 P.O. Box 7777 Warwick, Rl Bald Hill Subaru-Dodge, Inc. Bob Hagan Bob Petrarca 1035 Bald Hill Road Warwick, Rl 828-3700 BALD HILL NURSERIES, INC. Wholesale Nurserymen ANGELO L. SAVELLA. Pres. Victory Hwy, RR2 294-9100 Exeter, Rl 884-0001 DICK CRANSTON FORD SALES. INC. ROUTE 2 EAST GREENWICH, Rl 02818 S Graduate Purchase Assistance Available Until December 31.1 988. Please Call Dick Cranston. Jr. If This Is A Problem. Jigs, Fixtures, Dies. Piece Parts Special Machinery, Form Rolls Munroe Tool Co., Inc. John K. Munroe, Jr. 826-1040 134 Howard St. Coventry, Rl FIRE CONTROL INTERNATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS COMPONENTS 641 KillinglySt. Johnston, Rl 421-4070 273-0360 Quality Polishing Co. Specializing in All Types of Costume Jewelry. Precious Metals Industrial Products John David Eunis 71 Troy St. Proprietors Providence East Providence Cycle Co. 414 Warren Ave., E. Prov. 434-3838 Washington Plaza, Attleboro, MA 617-399-7888 PILGRIM SCREW 274-4090 120 Sprague Providence, Rl CAREY, CHARLAND 8i MARCIANO CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 206 Waterman St. Providence, Rl 331-9600 Compliments of ANTHONY F. DeMARCO, Esq. DOMINION REBAR Mark H. Mainelli General Manager DOMINION REBAR CO. 30 Lockbridge St. Pawtucket 724-9200 CHINA JADE RESTAURANT INC. FINE CHINESE COOKING CANTONESE MANDARIN CUISINE 1511 Atwood Ave. 273-6220 Johnston, Rl SLEFKOW SLEPKOW fit RAPPOPORT, Inc. David N. Bazar ATTORNEY AT LAW 1481 Wampanoag Trail 437-1100 East Providence Dot Leasing, Inc. Driver Leasing Qualified-Safe- Profess tonal 345 Highland Ave., Seekonk, MA Wayne T. Rozon, Pres. 617-336-4300 Cantonese- Polynesia n-Szechuan Tai Dee Garden 1134 Bald Hill Road 828-2311 Warwick, Rl GENE JIMMY FRANKIE Mama Chiello ' s The Second Be si Italian Restaurant In The Country 549 Quaker Lane, Rt. 2 West Warwick, Ri 822-1500 Don Benedetto pipy® wM. Specializing in Martial Arts Eguipmenl and Sporting Goods 1703 Warwick Ave. Warwick, Rl 732-3777 BEST QUALITY LOWEST PRICE A. D. TIRE 667 Warwick Ave., Warwick, Rl Dave Matthews 467-6355 Ocean State News Corp. The wonderful world ol reading. Distributors ol Magazines-Newspapers Paperbound-Hardbound-Comlc Children ' s Books 15 George Washington Hwy Lincoln, Rl 333-3340 Kelly ' s Car Wash All-Cloth Ultra Modern Tunnel POLISHING-WAXING ' INTERIOR SHAMPOOING SI MONtZING- INTERIOR CLEANING 200 Charles St. Providence, Rl 831-9199 BENITO MESITI Frame Work BENJ1 AUTO BODY COLLISION ANALYST 401-231-0938 100 Douglas Pike Smithfield, Rl Portland Transmission 831-6444 290 Smith Street Providence, Rl 861-0695 Tops Lighting Tops Electric Supply Company 1 20 Point Street Providence, Rl SOUTH COUNTY SURGICAL CO., INC. 783-1850 552 Kingstown Rd., Wakefield, Rl THE PIN CUSHION 596-9897 1 4 Broad St., Westerly, Rl AQUIDNECK DATA CORP. 273-41 44 170 Enterprize Centre, Middletown, Rl JOHN SUALI ROOFING CO. 738-2495 170 Greenwich Ave., Warwick, Rl NEW ENGLAND AIR EXPRESS, INC. 295-2143 7 Belver Ave., Kingstown, Rl COMMUNITY CARE NURSES, INC. 295-8862 7 Belver Ave., N. Kingstown, Rl PLAS TECH, I NC. 86 1-6580 555 Valley St., Providence, Rl COMPLIMENTS OF: GJ SALES CO. 397-4084 Box 63, Hope, Rl SOTHERN NEW ENGLAND STEEL ERECTION CO. Lake Dr„ Chepachet, RI 568-4340 VISITING NURSE SERVICE OF PWTUCKET, CENTRAL FALLS, LINCOLN AND CUMBERLAND 725-341 4 172 Armistice Bldg., Pawtucket, Rl DEL TUFO PLUMBING HEATING 884-4232 85 N. Marlboro St., Warrick, Rl CARVEL ICE CREAM 1589 783-0313 400 Kingstown Rd., Wakefield, Rl C A WALLCOVERINGS INC. 377-2204 Chase Hill Road Ashaway, Rl TWIN WILLOWS. INC. 789-8153 865 Boston Neck Road Narrgansett, Rl EDWARD H. TORGEN Attorney at Law 885-1200 7395 Post Road North Kingstown, Rl QUONSET AIRCRAFT SERVICES, INC. 294-4550 P.O. Box 989 Davisville, Rl CAPUTO WICK, LTD 434-8800 1150 Pawtucket Ave. Rumford, Rl SERVICE OFFICE PRODUCTS CORP. 828-8610 1160 Bald Hill Road Warwick, Rl WILLIAM T. SISCO Certified Public Acct. 596-2271 Crandall Avenue Misquamicut, Rl C C TOWING 783-7826 580 Kingstown Rd. Wakefield, Rl LUKE ' S RECORD EXCHANGE WE BUY SELL TRADE RECORDS TAPES Dependable and 737-6705 Reliable Service G. DiCostanzo, Inc. BUS CHARTER SERVICE 123 Longmeadow Ave. Warwick, Rl Rl PICTURE FRAME INC. 20 Cherry Lane Wakefield. Rl 789-3200 9 Tillinghast Ave. Warwick, Rl 821-4477 THE NEWPORT CREAMERY 22 Belmont Shopping Plaza Kingston Road, Wakefield, Rl SERVICE IMPORTS LTD QUALITY FOREIGN AUTO REPAIR Wickford Insurance Agency 760 Boston Neck Road N. Kingstown 7630 Post Rd. P.O. Bo 433 N. Kingstown Robert n. Driscoll Office 294-3304 Home 293-8987 Sarah E. Fallon, DMD Robert R. Bernstein, DMDM 5550 Post Road East Greenwich INDUSTRIAL-COMMERCIAL-RESIDENTIAL MASTRO ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO 50 Broad St. Pawcatuck 599-1 336 555 Elmwood Ave. Providence 467-7700 1249 Main St. West Warwick 821-3660 INSURANCE UNDERWRITERS 273-4100 21 1 Angell St., Providence, Rl 467-8060 781-4338 ALEXANDER RUSSOLINO Lathing-Plastering-Drywall 81 Arnold Ave. Cranston, Rl HUTCHINS ELECTRIC CORP. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING JIM HUTCHINS, President 567 Indian Corner Rd. RIVER’S EDGE CAFE MARKET 406-B Main St. JOSEPH A. BLANCHETTE Certified Pubic Accountant 521-4424 566 Smith Street Providence, Rl lOZZI ' S MINI MART 421-9340 306 Broadway Providence, Rl GEORGE 0. MARTIN SONS Walk in Coolers Freezers 353-6120 Spraqueville Road Smithfield, Rl KAWASAKI OF R.I., INC. 884-2036 2706 South County Trail, Rt.2 East Greenwich, Rl COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND NOBRA MACHINE CO. 884-4214 42 Ladd Street East Greenwich, Rl EVERETT PRODUCTS, INC. 334-3600 Jenckes Hill Road Lincoln, Rl DESIGNS BY FUTURECRAFT 331-4090 166 Valley Street Providence, Rl CERTIFIED ENGINEERING TESTING CO., INC. 831-9090 400 Smith Street Providence, Rl SHUR-AZ CHEMICAL MFG. COMPANY, INC. 723-01 1 6 871 High Street Central Falls, Rl BENEFICENT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (UCC) 331-9844 300 Weybosset Street Providence, Rl GREENWICH MICROSCOPE 397-9066 1266 Victory Highway West Greenwich, Rl LINCOLN FINDINGS, INC. 98 Plainfield Street Providence, Rl PEREGRINE MECHANICAL, INC. 434-1 265 60 Taylor Drive East Providence, Rl ROTH TICKET AGENCY 751-0200 1 55 Westminster Street Providence, Rl TAN-TASIA TANNING SALON TAN-1940 1208 Main Street West Warrick, Rl BILL’S RESTAURANT 726-9265 844 Newport Avenue Pawtucket, Rl PASCO F. LOFFREDO Attorney at Law 781-1280 628 Park Avenue Cranston, Rl DAY-O-LITE Fluorescent Fixtures 467-8232 126 Chestnut Street Warwick, Rl EAST GREENWICH PRESCRIPTION CENTER 884-8600 688 Frenchtown Road East Greenwich, Rl DR. DANTE A. RAMOS 728-9208 1 26 Prospect Street Pawtucket, Rl Congratulations! COMMUNITY CHAPEL (Christian Charismatic) 944-1163 1 308 Phenix Avenue Cranston, Rl AUTO DRIVEAWAY CO. 431-1880 694 Broadway East Providence, Rl R.J. SANDERS, INC. Raymond J. Sanders ' 81 264 Roger Williams Avenue Runford, Rl SCHOOL OF MEDICAL SECRETARIAL SCIENCES 331-1711 60 S. Angell Street Providence, Rl KRISPPE PRODUCTS CO. 2763 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence, Rl SUPERIOR BAKERY 463-6659 1234 Oaklawn Avenue Cranston, Rl HOPE WEBBING CO. Bruce H. Hauser 723-2800 1005 Main Street Pawtucket, Rl CROSSMAN ENGINEERING 738-5660 151 Centerville Road Warwick, Rl FAIRLAWN CO-OP CREDIT UNION 724-2330 571 Smithfield Avenue Pawtucket, Rl EASTERN ART FRAME CO. 781-8363 311 Washington Avenue Providence, Rl M. PERROTTI SON, INC. 821-3200 41 Sharon Drive Coventry, Rl DINING TRADITIONS Winkler’s Restaurant 63 Washington St. Provid. Murphy’s Deli 55 Union St. Providence MARO DISPLAY INC. 943-0710 27 Mill Street Johnston, Rl WEST WARWICK SCRAP METAL CORPORATION 828-0057 Hay Street West Warwick, Rl IDEAL WINDLASS COMPANY 884-2550 P.O. Box 430 East Greenwich, Rl LEMAY’S GMC, INC. 821-1600 31 Providence Street West Warwick, Rl A.R.C. 942-5513 74 Mill St. Johnston, Rl O.J. HAN RATTY MACHINE, INC. 828-1 038 8 Hazel Street Coventry, Rl CONGRATLUATIONS CLASS of 1 988 K. GOTTFRIED, INC. 959 N. Main Street Providence, Rl FREY FLORIST 521-3539 50 Radcliff Avenue Providence, Rl ROSS-SIMONS JEWELERS Warwick-Providence Barrington DEPETRILLO’S PIZZA BAKERY 351-4685 901 Douglas Avenue Providence, Rl BAYPHAR 421-4302 20 Westminster Street Providence, Rl EAST SIDE CLINCICAL LAB 861-1818 154 Waterman Street Providence, Rl IZZO’S OIL SERVICE 231-2450 28 Howard Avenue No. Providence, Rl LEONARD J. APPEL Ceritified Public Accountant 738-7448 3239 Post Road Warwick, Rl NORTH SMITHFIELD AUTO SALVAGE 766-5422 Pound Hill Road No. Smithfield, Rl WALLANDER REALTORS 364-3616 School House Road Charletown, Rl THE WEDDING SHOPPE 322-5050 Route 1 Dunn’s Corner Westerly, Rl ST. FRANCIS CHURCH 783-4411 114 High Street Wakefield, Rl DR. PAUL D. CASHION 789-8674 45 Patton Avenue Wakefield, Rl OTIS ELEVATOR CO. 331-2608 175 West River Street Providence, Rl UNITED CUSTOM AUTO BODY PAINTING, INC. 467-2100 216 Swan Street Providence, Rl MINUTEMAN PRESS 885-1226 70 Cliff Street East Greenwich, Rl HOUSE OF FLAGS 785-1850 2162 Broad Street Cranston, Rl DR. OSCAR A. SAMOS, MD INC. 942-9088 95 Meshantieut Valley Pkwy. Cranston, Rl THE FO’C’S’LE RESTAURANT Extends Warm Wishes to the URI Class of ' 88 For a Bright New Future Galilee, Rl 789-6905 NORTH EAST STEEL CORP., INC. 294-3375 61 Brown Street Wickford, Rl THE RIVARD CO., INC. 751-1480 Old Stone Sq. Providence, Rl NEW ENGLAND STONE INDUSTRIES 232-2040 Providence Pike Smithfield, Rl PIT-N-PATIO 789-9311 Narrgansett Pier Village Narrgansett, Rl F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 789-9316 70 Tower Hill Rd. Wakefield, Rl WOLF ROCK COUNTRY KITCHEN " For Great Cookin Year Roundl” “Home of the Wolfburger " 294-4981 Exeter, Rl DRABBLE-SHERMAN FUNERAL HOME 309 Benefit Street, Providence, Rl QUALITY AUTO CAMPER REPAIRS 22 Tiogue Avenue, West Werwick, Rl WARWICK OIL 738-8449 139 Brendard Avenue, Warwick, Rl CERAMIC TILE DESIGN CENTRE 732-5777 55 Lambert Lind Hwy., Warwick, Rl ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCE BRACE CENTER 205 Broadway, Providence, RI 331 -5548 43 THE CHOCOLATE PETAL 944-6960 17 Sawin Avenue, North Providence, Rl LUXURY TRUCK SALES 231-6390 167 Putman Avenue, Johnston, Rl PARTY WAREHOUSE 726-2491 310 East Avenue, Pawtucket, Rl LEERS AUTO SALES 725-1 1 1 1 272 Beverage Hill Ave., Pawtucket, Rl YOUNG CATERERS 336-4053 364 Newman Avenue, Seekonk, MA CHOQUETTE CO., INC. 781-5700 1015 Newman Avenue, Seekonk, MA COMMONWEALTH LAND TITLE INSURANCE CO. 66 S. Main Street, Providence, RI 331 -5331 K-MART 828-6400 Rt. 1 1 7 1075 Centerville Road, Warwick, Rl R.I. TEMPS— R.l. PERSONNEL 781-8400 98 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, Rl STEWART CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 723-0543 P.O. Box 683, Pawtucket, Rl COMPLIMENTS OF: CLUB PROVIDENCE 274-0298 MIDDLEENTON AGENCY INC. 434-1616 88 Newport Avenue, East Providence, Rl CREST MFG., CO. 333-1350 5 Hood Drive, Lincoln, Rl STEWART CONSTUCTION CO., INC. 723-0543 92 Woodside Drive, North Providence, Rl TOWN HALL LANES 831-6940 1463 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, Rl ANN MARIE’S CAKES ’N COOKIES , INC. 18 Racing Avenue, Warwick, RI 738-6921 HALL DRUG INC. 861 -5200 149 Elmgrove Ave., Providence, Rl ORGANIC DYESTUFFS CORP. 434-3300 84 Valley Street, East Providence, Rl KESSLER ' S SHEET METAL CO., INC. 421-3220 375 Valley Street, Providence, Rl R.l. FISH CO., INC. 421 -2970 51 5 South Water Street, Providence, Rl MELLO SIGN CO. 722-8296 665 mineral Spring Ave., Pawtucket, Rl CRANSTON CASTING COMPANY, INC. 467-81 84 44 Worthington Road, Cranston, Rl WESTCOTT PERENNIAL, INC. 647-7122 206 Westcott Road, North Scituate, Rl PRECISION CHROME PLATING CORP. 737-3442 54 Bay State Avenue, Warwick, Rl CHESTNUTS SALON 351-5250 4 Benefit Street, Providence. Rl C J GRAPHICS SCREENPRINTING CO. 75 Eagle St., Providence, RI 331 -7037 ETTA’S BEAUTY SALON 621-8027 216 Aademy Ave., Providence, Rl PROMED TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE 949-1388 1 Austin Avenue, Greenville, Rl GLORIA MARON 272-4930 80 Mancini Drive, Providence, Rl SUPERIOR AUTO BODY 941-7690 50 Cadillac Dr., Providence, Rl STANLEY ENGINEERING INC. 434-01 34 33 Alexander Avenue, East Providence, Rl ABORN TOOL WELDING 467-4877 5 Aborn Street, Cranston, Rl BILLY J. ENTERPRISES 272-2206 35A Oakdale Avenue, Johnston, Rl EAGLE AUTO REPAIR 831 -2940 57 Eagle Street, Providence, Rl INSTITUTIONAL LINEN SUPPLY CO. 723-9480 887 Charles Street, North Providence, Rl INSURANCE CENTER, INC. 783-7250 190 Commerce Drive, Warwick, Rl MAINELLI TOOL DIE, INC. 273-4800 30 Houghton Street, Providence, Rl PEERLESS CLEANERS 941-3336 25 Pontiac Ave., Providence, Rl SOUND STAGE AUDIO 353-001 0 1 190 Douglas Avenue, North Providence, Rl STERLING OFFSET NEGATIVE CO. 521-6494 564 Eddy Street, Providence, Rl CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 88 COUNCILMAN ALBERT RUZZO of West Warick, Rl CUTTING CLUB HAIR SALON 751 -41 1 0 52 Custom House, Providence, Rl COLUMBAN FATHERS 253-6909 P.O. Box 65, Bristol, Rl VINCENTS SPECIALTY STORE 421-4557 303 Atwells Avenue, Providence, Rl MILLER’S ROAST BEEF 434-6678 628 Warren Avenue, East Providence, Rl KUNZMANN CHAIN CO. 737-8686 1 1 1 Plan Way, Warwick, Rl HAWKINS MACHINE CO., INC. 828-1 424 P.O. Box 315, Coventry, Rl FIRST-IN IMPORTS, INC. 461-7400 1655 Elmwood Avenue, Cranston, Rl EASTLAND FOOD PRODUCTS 421-2149 6 Bucklin Street, Providence, Rl SOUTH COUNTY DRYWALL SUPPLY CO. 783-0121 Liberty Lane, West Kingston, Rl THE MITRE BOX, Custom Picture Framing 828-1680 22 Coventry Shoppers Park, Coventry, Rl LEVIN, ARBOR BAROCAS, P.C., CPA’s 732-4203 560 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, Rl PAWTUCKET DELI 781-8815 2160 Broad St., Cranston, Rl CREATIVE TYPESETTING IC. 737-1766 1845 Post Road, Warwick, Rl CLOCK SHOP INTERNATIONAL 826-1212 667 Bald Hill Road, Warwick, Rl ABRAHAM FUR SALON 826-9077 1276 Bald Hill Road. Warwick, Rl COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CITY HALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 521-2700 1229 Westminster Street, Providence, Rl McGinn, f.d. INC. 434-7340 55 Talman Avenue, East Providence, Rl PAYETTE TRUCK BODY MFG., CO„ INC. 351-071 1 65 Dyerville Ave., Johnston, Rl ROMAN TILE TERRAZZO CO. 437-1 1 1 1 3708 Pawtucket Avenue, Riverside, Rl RICHARD’S PLACE 231-9735 2053 Smith Street, North Providence, Rl PAGLIARINI ' S PIZZA 885-3388 2850 S. County Trail, E. Greenwich, Rl ELECTRO FILMS, INC. 738-91 50 1 1 1 Gilbane St., Warwick, Rl THURSTON MANUFACTURING CO. 331-0243 45 Borden St., Providence, Rl THOMAS M. MARCELLO, INC. 331 -81 68 105 Harris Ave., Providence, Rl EAST SIDE TRAVEL AGENCY 724-31 1 1 1143 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, Rl ALLIED FASHION OF R.l, INC. 725-2235 1088 Main St., Pawtucket, Rl EDGEWOOD GARAGE 781-1711 1850 Broad St., Cranston, Rl CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 JAN HERB FINE TENCHER’S FLORIST 828-1 000 245 Washington St., West Warwick, R.l. PERRI JOHN SONS, INC. 737-5953 100 Oakland Beach Ave., Warwick, Rl JOHN W. KENNEDY CO. 434-1246 990 Waterman Ave., E. Providence, Rl L.M. HOVEY SONS, INC. 331 -7980 33 Fuller St., Providence, Rl VICTOR GOLD SONS Pontiac Mills, Bldg. 2, Warwick, Rl BAY BUSINESS MACHINES, INC. 732-1361 1579 Post Rd„ Warwick, Rl THE CORRAL INC, T-Shirt World 828-9376 288 Cowesett Ave., W. Warwick, Rl SHARP TRAVEL CENTER 732-3465 177 Airport Rd. Warwick, Rl SECURITY CLEANSERS, INC. 821 -4850 1060 Tollgate Rd., West Warwick, Rl METRIC AUTO ELECTRIC CO., INC. 273-1 630 250 Valley St., Providence, Rl VICEMZA GOLD OF AMERICA, INC. 461-5700 1 1 5 Pettaconsett Ave., Cranston, Rl VENETION GARDEN RESTAURANT 737-4100 2078 W. Shore Rd., Warwick, Rl FIRE-GLOW OF R.I. 737-31 90 2699 Post Road, Warwick, Rl DENNIS COLEMAN 273-9600 182 Waterman St., Providence, Rl ROGER LEDOUX 621-9158 1680 Hartford Ave., Johnston, Rl TOSCANO’S MEN’S SHOP, INC. 596-2584 23 Canal St., Westerly, Rl RUTH T. ZECK 596-51 97. Broad St., Washington Trust Bldg., Westerly, Rl MEGREW’S BOATS 322-1 1 50 «Rt. 1 at Rt. 216 Charlestown, Rl D.C. 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This is the final page of the ' 87-’88 yearbook. A lot of people though we ' d never make it. But somehow we managed to pull through. In a campus of thousands only a handful of people worked on this yearbook. That I sad statistic. It shows that students are apathetic even about the things that involvel them. Many people also will complain about the yearbook. But those people had al chance to have some input but for whatever reason chose not to. One suggestion-tic ask is there going to be a yearbook? Make it happen! Get involved!! I hope that whl this book comes out in October more people will take an initative and things will bef different from this year. We ' d like to see some helpful, friendly faces at the Renaissl office (Room 137 Memorial Union). As for this year, there are a few people I’d like to thank for supporting the Renaissance. Thanks to Bruce Hamilton, Maureen McDermott, Carol Baker (for patient explanations of our money situation), and Varden Studios (especially Mike Brown for terrific graduation pictures). Thanks Maureen, Jim, Kathy, Dave, Helena and Gillian for doing a terrific job and sfc it out!!! Thanks to Rosa for " volunteering” to be Sports Editor. Special thanks to Pii who filled in when and wherever she was needed. And, thanks to Norval Garnett, J inspirational layouts and patient responses to endless questions. Congratulations to the Class of ' 88 and Best of Luck in the Future!!!!!

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