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UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND 2 The Bicentennial landmarks our nation’s accomplishments and past struggles. URI is also a landmark in its own right. URI has been our home base for the past four years. It ' s a place where we’ve grown into individuals, sharpened our skills in relationships, learned the importance of an education, and where we ' ve raised hell. We look to ourselves to search out and sort out what we’ve accomplished. Each of us has goals and URI served many of us well in formulating these objectives. We leave behind us a part of ourselves but ahead of us we bring the things that we ' ve discovered and fostered that make us what we are today. LMN Egg Grading 1900 (Library Archives) onrmsTCMD — STANDS THE SNUFF MILL WHERE WAS BORN DECEMBER 3, I7S5 GILBERT STUART AMERICA’S FOREMOST PORTRAIT PAINTER ERECTED BY THE STATE OF RHODE ' SLAND 1933 Changes. Building upon foundations laid by others. Reaping harvests in fields that other hands have sown. Certain ideas have grown from seedlings into tall sturdy trees. By counting the rings around historical figures we can discern their influence. Weathering many severe struggles, the principles of Roger Williams have endured long enough to be reaffirmed during our nation’s bicentennial. A tree is known by the fruit it bears. Of the several distinctive features that made the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations different from its contemporaries, the focal points B Murray were the political, military, commercial, agricultural, religious, social diversity that continues to shape the uncertain destiny of the colony on the shores of Narragansett Bay. The historic buildings in this area remain the scene of an intriguing drama of contrasts, reminders of a climactic phase of the social, economic, cultural evolution that was and is still taking place in America. 5 S. Johnson Cleaning Brush in front of South Hall 1896 (Library Archives) In an atmosphere of spirited debate, a Rhode Island tradition, R.l. carried on a lively experiment in democratic government. When President Lincoln signed the Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862, a nation-wide venture bagan. After three decades of frustration and disappointment the legislature gave the Land-Grant college separate status by establishing the Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts at Kingston, now known as the University of Rhode Island. LMN In many ways, the University ' s history is a reflection of the state itself. It is a record of crises encountered, hardships weathered, and victories won. The wallop of the 20th century has changed the size and scope of URI so dramatically that there are only a few lingering traces of the small agricultural college established in the 1890’s. 6 B. Murray However, the basic principles and purposes remain intact. The goal of a university is to take a person who is still basically only an extension of others and to develop an individual. It is no mean achievement, for individuality is the essential link toward the attainment of that for which we have always struggled — independence. And that ' s what it’s all about. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Campus 10 Academics 18 Campuses (other) 24 Dorms 28 Faces 32 Rebirth 36 Paddy Murphy 44 Greek Week 46 Pub 48 Circus Maximus 50 Health Clinic 56 Crafts Fair 60 Theatre 64 Student Senate Organizations 76 Lecturers 80 Spring Fest 76 86 Concerts 96 Sports 108 Gallery 150 Senior Week 162 Graduation 168 Senior Section 174 Directory 236 Renaissance Staff 258 Love 22 260 C. Margeson CAMPUS 1976 10 C. Margeson 11 C. Margeson 12 C. Margeson 13 14 15 C. Margeson 17 S. Johnson REGISTRATION One thing in this world I can ' t stand. Lines. Two nights ago, I went to see a movie. Had to stand in line. Before that I went to the bank. Again, in line. As my Italian grandmother says, " Siempre en ligna” — always in line. Been through four years of college and I ' ve spent more time complaining than hours put in for homework. But I have learned something. I am a master at standing in line. For three meals a day at the URI dining halls, countless times at the campus bank and bookstore. Most of my expertise comes from waiting to gain entry to the Pub; long lines outside are just a taste of the confusion at the bar. I propose a toast — : to the degree I ' ll be standing in line for on May 30th. aar 18 ! PHC PEW ■ !■ IVfi] PED _ S. Johnson k u - 0 M R fc B ThsArtoifDtotptton NICHOLAS CAPALDI ThaArto? Dtoip tton NICHOLAS CAPALDI QO r ArtcfDtotption NICHOLAS CAPALDI QO AHc IWfcn • - — ■TOwArtofUtotpflon ThtArtof Dtotptton NICHOLAS CAPALDI QD Th ArtofD»ogrton NICHOLAS CAPALDI QO CAPALDI QO Th§ Art erf Dtotpton NICHOLAS CAPALDI QD 5 50 KJTVdVO SVTOHOIN uondwq»oW«U. ■m Art0fD»0 ton nchcxas carald. qo r TTnArtOfDKWpttOn ncholasc 19 B. Murray A. Lisi The teacher must throw his whole force into the tendency of the taught. Without real sympathy we can never teach well. Do not try to disturb the faith of any man. If you can, give him something better, but do not destroy what he has. The only true teacher is he who can convert himself, as it were, into a thousand persons at a moment’s notice. The true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of the student and transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else. Swami Vivekananda, from his book Education 20 21 A. Lisi 22 Watching Professor Quixote Given that no colleagues are left in the building, all appointments kept except the last one he screams, the sigh louder than intended; must have gotten up wrong side of the muse this morning, out of ideas cigarettes it ' s time to face the long drive home. Notes for tomorrow’s class done, he ' s said this three times, looks for a clock to punch: an exercise at day’s end easier than jogging as good for the heart. He regards the watch around his wrist as though it were the face of Sancho Panza himself, then walks away from books into a world with no consideration for aesthetics. Can ' t find his car, the parking lot a sea from which strange metallic creatures have washed ashore to die. Thinks he ' s spotted his Impala but it’s the night he slips into, opens a dark door throws his papers down onto a seat which appears out of the blue. Not surprised at all that the key turns he’s startled at the dial’s refusal to illumine the space around him; looking for reassurance he sees the moon fade behind a cloud. Where is Sancho Panza Which path to take? An engine races. There is noise, plenty of it but this darkness will not budge; the only signs are these persistent fictions . . . Those watching saw nothing unusual. Only a man rolling up the window inside a black sedan confident that he’s left this darkness behind him. 23 ALTON JONES CAMPUS 24 At the Environmental Education Center, the task of waking up minds young old is done by utilizing a 2300 acre wilderness classroom; animals, streams, plants trees are some of our finest staff members. This outdoor school is set aside for people to explore discover the wonders of the natural world and is becoming more well-known widely used by Rhode Islanders. A recent example of this was the W. Alton Jones Intersession Minicourses, sponsored by the Student Senate during January 12-16 on the West Greenwich campus. It was an academic success as well as a peaceful winter retreat for students and faculty. A full schedule of workshops in such rustic surroundings was literally disorienting; what with the next pack of cigarettes being a half-hour’s drive away, no newspapers or television for a week, people had lost a certain amount of contact with the ‘ outside world, " more apparently with its counterpart: that level of our minds we can easily satisfy by being on campus, in cities, near shopping centers. Something about being out in the open, how our response ability is heightened. The winter session was, without seeking to plagiarize, something of a rebirth. " The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds " Anatole France 25 S. Johnson BAY CAMPUS 26 S. Johnson 27 D. Lew Confessions of a Dormitory Attendant Hi. URI students know who we are. We used to be called Evening Managers. We " managed the night. " How did the less elegant but more graphic title of Dormitory Attendant come into being? It’s possible that the State Department in Providence got the word that somewhere in the south of Rl dwelt a large thriving community of humanoids living in closely-packed dormitories at a place called a UNIVERSITY. The in-dorm atmosphere is surprisingly reminiscent of " One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. " So people were hired to watch over these humanoids each night to make sure they didn’t destroy themselves in their enthusiasm, their lust for life. Marvelous tales were brought to the ears of the wise men in Providence; when they heard of the near-world-record feats, the celebrated " keg parties " that rivaled the body-packed phone booth contests of the 1950 ' s, the mysterious " trains " that sometimes went off the track, they were amazed. They listened with growing respect to stories of the Great Water Fights and understandably confused them with an older battle of local interest — the Great Swamp Fight. They were skeptical with regard to the story of General Burnside, who not only named a great URI dorm, but invented sideburns as well. Last year at Burnside Hall, true to prophecy, one side of the building burned. And the tales went on. There was the one about IRVING and his dog who delivered half-sour pickles and sandwiches to starving inmates at 10:00 every night. He waged capitalist war with The Truck and The Machines. These combines in miniature were sometimes stocked with questionable edibles. They especially loved to eat quarters. Nickels and dimes were spat out. If a humanoid was lucky, a lumpy something would appear to remedy the widespread dormitory disease called The Munchies. Frequently the humanoids would place themselves across from each other separated by a long green board. Holding a round wooden paddle in one hand, they would assume a crouched posture and with narrowed eyes and tense smiles double-whammy each other, sending a small white ball lightning — quick across the table. Sometimes the ball would be returned. This was called " ping-pong. " A form of Chinese torture. Halloween, the full moon, and Thursday nights often produced bizarre happenings. Faint strains of Moussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain " would play as formerly calm inmates rushed around baying at the moon. On Halloween, a man with a large plastic bag over his body was asked who he thought he was. " A giant condom, of course, " came the indignant reply. A girl won a contest dressed as a large plate of spilled spaghetti and meatballs. In the dining halls so much food was thrown that a new floor was put in. It was the color of mashed potatoes and gravy. Our wise men in Providence thought and thought. They reasoned that Evening Managers sometimes didn’t manage their evenings very well; the humanoids needed attending to so we naturally became Attendants. As the euphemisms continue, I foresee — and hereby suggest one more — why don ' t they just call us Zookeepers? Eleanor Carpenter 28 30 Suites Walls of cardboard ... 8 people with the option of being as close or as distant as they choose . . . to be part of The Complex . . . balconies — a luxury worth its weight in gold — watching the football games without leaving the dorm . . . hearing everything from the suite next door through the bathroom walls . . . discovering the Supersuck . . . having a living room to relax in, party in, or just escape to . . . Whose turn is it to clean the bathrooms? Donna Cagen D Lew 31 32 33 C. Margeson 34 C Margeson Faces somehow strange yet too familiar to be new, familiar bring words to mind: lettered pictures with a story to share inventing perhaps time and a place, those particulars of adventure 35 36 REBIRTH A Prayer to Humankind For are we not one, have we not one desire, to heal our Mother Earth bind her wounds? And do we not all seek peace, even as our brother the lordly elk upon the vast silent plains, to be free as the spotted eagle climbing the laughing breast of our Father Sky, to hear from the dark forests flashing rivers to the curling lip of the sea the intricate harmony of the varied ever-changing Song of Creation? O Humankind, are we not all brothers sisters? Are we not the grandchildren of the Great Mystery? Do we not all want to love be loved, to laugh to play to work sing dance together? Let us let the children out, break the traps of fear our fathers left us, set them free, give them trust, to grow to seek question, to play dance sing, to build a rainbow world of endless love, for love is life believing in itself. Hear, O Humankind, the prayer of my heart. excerpts from Medicine Story of the Rainbow Tribe, a poem written in 1971 dedicated to Alan Watts 37 In November of 1974 a group of student, faculty, staff, community people were sitting around discussing the need in this area for a new type of growth. After about a month of clearing, a seed was planted. It took nearly six months for the seedling to stand in sunlight; during the germination period we watered it, cared for hoped in it. No one knew for sure what would happen. We had our own dreams but this was a group effort so — the one seed became many. When it sprouted, a gathering of 300 was present. Here, it took shape. The plant contained a part of everyone. It grew because there was a need. Next year there were offshoots, as each blossomed there was a gathering to celebrate the rebirth. The plants are thriving; many thanks to past, present future gardeners. I remember a girl who came to me at the orientation said she was having second thoughts about coming to the week-end because she didn’t know anyone else who was planning to attend. I told her that I didn ' t think that would be too important . . . she came. As I remember those few days with the help of video-tape slides, she shines thru with the biggest smile. I saw her the other day; she asked how she could lend a hand with Rebirth next year. I can’t help but smile when I think back to the first week-end. The good Mother gave us all she had in stock — sun, rain, snow wind (we almost lost the tents). You ' d think that such changes would have bummed a lot of people out. It didn’t, the craziness drew us closer. Elmer Palmetier had us dig a little hole six inches into the earth then shared his knowledge of the dynamics that go on there. A small thing, but a lot of people will never forget it. We spent months trying to line up Doug Henning, the newest reincarnation of the great Merlin. He was interested, said he’d come ... he didn’t . . . our own Jive Ananda, Peter Grossi, shared his yoga of dynamic apathy with us. Henning he wasn’t but his version of illusion is homegrown it made for great smiles . . . Thanks to Rebirth, Phillip Berigan, Sam Lovejoy, Richard Valariano from the Findhorn Community, the R.l. 2000 Lecture Series were appreciated by many of us. A very beautiful thing, to share some time with hard workers, fighting for what they believe in. The Tai Chi workshop was magical, like seeing a slow-motion version of reality. It ' s becoming more more wellknown, rightly so, as it’s not a fighting form like karate or kung fu but more of a life-giving ballet, meditation- in-motion. The famous Love-22 graced us with his presence. Before going to his workshop we all thought he was crazy. Afterwards, we knew it. He’s crazy enough to put all his time energy into something he believes in . . .so what if it’s the number 22 with its cosmic implications . . . maybe it’s true, what’s your obsession? I think one of the strongest things the week-end revealed was that we re not all that different. We all sleep, eat, laugh cry. The cold rain made it easier to see that. Some of us were afraid that it was going to be a religious trip. It wasn’t, there were no dogmas being bought or sold. Just a fine time with some good people, some crazy weather the funnyfaced gods in each of us. Mike Lapointe 40 41 42 43 44 W Merguarian PADDY MURPHY 46 47 PUB S. Johnson 48 My Love Affair With The Cigar To the uninitiated, ‘The Good 50 Cigar” is nothing more than a cutesy-cute 19th-century presidential slogan. But to the 10,000 some-odd readers of URI’s bi (soon to be tri) weekly, " The Good 50 Cigar” is that located, tolerated and yes, even liked, rag. We, at any rate, would like to think that more people feel better about the Cigar, because we do give it a lot of our time. The public at large doesn ' t (and shouldn’t) realize that Cigar people sometimes stay up all night editing the libelous scrawls submitted by J-majors. So when at 8 a.m., some poor soul meanders into the office and asks, “Is this where I write classifieds? " sometimes the only response is a grunt from an unshaven, disgusted copy reader: " Huh? Oh yeah. Sure pal, right over there . . While we feel that the Cigar has been improving over the years, there are always those who attack it for misspelling a name or misinterpreting a quote. The alleged worthlessness, or for that matter, the Cigar ' s worth is met by a healthy cynicism on the part of the editors. All the while, I think, we realize that we are not godlike, Woodward and Bernstein, Redford and Hoffmann, — all of the above or some of the above. We re none of the above: we re what this country really needs. We re The Beaco (ooops) I mean, The Cigar! Paul " Smoky” Senzer CIGAR 49 50 R. Conway R. Conway 51 52 53 54 55 R. Conway C. Margeson 56 HEALTH WEEK C. Margeson 57 STUDtNfS m Al COHOL , . {education I ALCOHOLl C. Margeson iiillityiiuillllllllllllllllt niiinyiiqii ' i mi 58 I am constantly changing my mask of intellectualism for one of playfullness and laughter. I extend myself and reach out to others in the kalaidescope called community. It is here where I can grow; where I can make a niche for myself. I touch others in ways that make me feel alive, and respectively, others touch me. I gain insight into the workings and complexities of the community, of others, of myself. LMN Speakeasy QuesuoriAi R c. fill one oat «yl $.«t FfEE Condom !I_J good i UJiU. Ht HUD IN ROW 320 ir w mum, im 59 C. Margeson 61 62 C. Margeson 63 r B. Izzo 65 The Ressurrection of Jackie Cramer B. Izzo " He ' s so stupid, he used to get out of the shower to take a pee! " " Jackie slipped on dog-do and hit his head on a volkswagon bumper. " The Great Magoo 70 71 There ' s only so much history you can expect an audience to appreciate. They need the human effect. Rule Rhode Island B. Izzo 74 Kimber G. Wheelock Assistant Professor COSTUME SHOP 75 ACADEMIC COMMUNITY FOR LIFE ALTERNATIVE FOOD CO-OP Manager: Anthony Michael AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION Chairmen: Bob Mendillo Bill Gardner Debbie Kohl AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Pres.: Frank Karas AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY Pres.: Andrew Horvitz ARTS COUNCIL CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST Pres.: Mike Merrion CHESS CLUB Pres.: Roger Blake CHRIST THE KING PRAYER COMMUNITY Co-ordinators: Frank Ferendo Paul Lambert CLEAN AIR NOW Pres.: Thom McKeag COMMUTER S ASSOCIATION Pres.: Michele Spero CREW CLUB Men ' s Capt.: Bruce Taber Women ' s Capt.: Linda Beck DIRIGIBLE COMPOSING Gen. Manager: Willie Gempp DIVINE LIGHT MISSION ECKANKAR THE ENLIGHTENMENT Publisher: Tom Rhodes Ed.-in-chief: R. Low FREE UNIVERSITY FRENCH CLUB GERMAN CLUB GOOD 5 CIGAR Ed.-in-chief: Paul Senzer HEALTH PROFESSIONS CLUB Pres.: John Keating HORSEMEN ' S CLUB Pres.: Martine Carrion HILLEL Pres.: Jeff Wasserman INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Pres.. Rick D ' Allonso STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE ITALIAN CLUB KINGSTON LITTLE THEATRE GROUP Pres.: Carol Sardillo KINGSTON STUDENT SERVICES, INC. Manager of Book Co-op: John Lavalle Denise Carter Manager of Cellar Sounds: John Wasslich Manager of Photo Co-op: Adrien van Lowen Manager of Student Hostel: Kris Cayer LITTLE BROTHER LITTLE SISTER Pres.: Dave Dickensheets MORTAR BOARD Pres.: Andrea Seelig MUSHROOM COFFEEHOUSE Co-chairmen: Diane Kane Annie Cox NATIONAL WILDLIFE SOCIETY THE NAVIGATORS Pres.: Barry Gillette ORIENTEERING CLUB Pres.: Henry Hebert PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Pres.: Lori Hand PEACE OFFICERS PERSPECTIVE Editors: Mary George Cheryl Steets PORTUGESE CLUB REBIRTH WEEK-END COMMITTEE Pres.: Michael Lapointe RENAISSANCE Editor-in-chief: Charlie Margeson Literary Editor: Stuart Blazer Photography Editor: Warren Merguerian RHODE ISLAND PUBLIC INTEREST GROUP (RIPIRG) Pres.: Bo Perry RUGBY CLUB Pres.: Carl Bardy SAILING CLUB Pres.: P. Kavanaugh SHIATSU JAPANESE MASSAGE CLUB Roshi: Peter Grossi SKI TEAM SKIN DIVERS SKY DIVERS 76 Pres.: Dennis Stovall SLAVIC EAST EUROPEAN CIRCLE SPANISH CLUB SPEAK EASY Pres.: Kim O ' Connor STUDENT COALITION AGAINST RACISM STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Pres.: Steve Santos STUDENT HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD STUDENTS INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION SOCIETY (SIMS) Pres.: Michael Bigbee STUDENT LECTURE SERIES Pres.: Val Star STUDENT VIDEO CENTER Pres.: Mark Boas STUDENT WORLD HUNGER COMMITTEE SURF CLUB Pres.: Duane DeFreese TABLE TENNIS CLUB Pres.: Bruce Ahern TAI CHI CLUB Master: John Murney UHURU SASA Pres.: Diane Pina UNDERGRADUATE JUDICIAL BOARD Pres.: Lome Adrian UNION BOARD Pres.: F. Coulter THE WAY — CAMPUS OUTREACH Pres.: Gerord Kelley WATSON HOUSE GUILD WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION WOMEN ' S CAUCUS Pres.: Lois Bruckner WRIU Pres.: M R. LaPlante YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM Pres.: Laura Chatfield YOUNG DEMOCRATS Pres.: Laura Wilson YOUNG REPUBLICANS Pres.: Tom Rhodes YOUNG SOCIALISTS ALLIANCE Pres.: Mike Jones S. Johnson B Murray 77 C. Margeson 78 HORSEMAN’S CLUB PECKHAM FARM 79 Sen. Clairborne Pell “I believe that the world ' s advanced countries should exclusively stress intellectual and technological growth and place an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. " LILY TOMLIN ‘‘Ernestine — One Ringy Dingy” ' We don ' t want those Homecoming Queens and Greek Week Queens in this house. We want those greasy elbows, " expounded Susie Sorority. D. Lew 85 S. Johnson 87 91 92 93 94 95 A. Lisi 96 A. Lisi C.MARGESON C. MARGESON 97 A. LISI " The name of the Burrito Brothers is synonymous with the origins of country rock.” A. Lisi The Flying Burrito Brothers September 18, 1975 Hot Tuna Oct. 9, 1975 A. Lisi We re Hot Tuna and we re gonna sock it to ya. " 99 C. MARGESON Richie Havens Oct. 31, 1975 ‘People may come to hear me because of the music, but they don’t just identify with the music — I want them to find out about themselves.” all hallows eve, October madness presents richard p. havens with his all-electric back-up band, voice like strong black coffee, his hands pass through his guitar as if t hey were thoughts, they be- come animals, run fly, sleep dream. chanting the zodiac he tells us there are only 12 people living in the world at any given time . . . backstage he talks of energy, how thinking too much is morbid, how so much traveling can tire him, C. MARGESON how it can be heavenly, and it ' s all such a strange rhythm ... we are in Scorpio, the moon is in aries, is in the music; coyotes are loose, howling in edwards, at last check their voices haven’t died — : it was april fools’ paul winter was talking thoreau tapping the brotherdrums; he took me back to the halloween spent with richie havens when he said In Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World Jonathon Edwards Wendy Waldman Feb. 19, 1976 102 A. Lisi 103 P. God bout Aztec-Two Step Jan. 29, 1976 ‘‘Every time we go on stage it’s like wiping a black- board clean. It ' s a new. pure, and fresh experience.” B. FEVSZ C. MARGESON 106 A Sayles LAURA NYRO 107 FOOTBALL W. Merguerian IV? jr W Merguerian 109 Football Team 1898 — (Library Archives) W Merguerian It might be better just not to talk about the 1975 URI football season, and discuss this seasons ' prospects. Just write the 1975 football season off as a disaster, and let ' s start anew. But for the records, let ' s go back and review some of the highlights (mostly lowlights) of the past season. The Rams began the highly touted season, their 75th as a varsity sport at Kingston, with the ambitious motto, " The Rams will thrive in 75. " The season opened against a team called the " Notre Dame of Canada.” St. Mary ' s of Halifax, Nova Scotia. St. Mary s looked more like a Pop Warner team as the Rams trounced their Canadian opponents 33-0 at Cranston Stadium. Rhody ' s true form came out the following week as they were downed by a weak Northeastern team 21-16. Then came the embarrasing debacle at Brown, as the Rams took it on the chin, 41-20. Next came homecoming day at Kingston, but the Rams disappointed 7,143 Meade Field fans, dropping a 23-14 decision to Maine. The Ram football program hit rock bottom the following week, as URI lost to a Division II team, C.W. Post by the incredible score of 3-0. About 400 fans watched that sleeper at Meade Field. But, more was yet to come as URI dropped no their fifth straight game, a 23 to 7 decision at UMass. The team finally got on the winning track, downing Boston University 21-6. But that was to be the final win of the season and the only against an American opponent. Rhody lost the last three games to New Hampshire. Temple, and UConn. as the season ended at 2-8 and 1-4 in the Yankee Conference. But lost among the list of scores is something that happened during the Temple game at Philadelphia, something tragic. Ron Barlow, a freshman defensive back, collided with the Owls Jeff Stempel, who was attempted to make a pass reception. In a freak accident, Barlow ' s neck snapped and the 18-year-old was immediately paralyzed from the neck down. He was rushed to Temple General Hospital where his condition was listed as critical. It was several days in W Merguerian before Barlow began to show slight motor improvements, and was moved to Moss Rehabiliation Hospital in Philly where every day he goes through extensive exercises that may someday lead to recovery. Doctors remain cautious, but do not rule out the possibility that Barlow may be walking again. Meanwhile, head coach Jack Gregory resigned his posi tion. " We had great disappointment with the season just concluded, " ' Gregory said. " Things just didn’t work out for us this season.” At the time of his resignation, the football players were circulating a petition asking for a removal of Gregory. His decision, however, did not stem from the players petition. The players were not the only people to have a petition. A few weeks later, a faculty petition drawn up by professors Joel Cohen, James Findlay, and Carl Beckman, and signed by one third of the faculty, asked for the abolishment of the football program. President Frank Newman accepted the petition but had no decision on the plans for the future of URI football until a report was submitted to him by the Budget 112 Task Force. The BTF report recommended that football be continued at URI with substantial cuts (to the tune of $200,000) and slashes in several other areas, including scholarships and coaches. After two weeks of meetings, Newman made his decision. He went along with the BTF in cutting funds, but not nearly as much as was recommended. Football was full speed ahead at URI, and the search for a new coach was to begin immediately. In early February, URI hired Bob Griffin, a highly successful coach at Idaho State, as the new URI head mentor. Griffin, a former assistant at URI, brought with him an entirely new staff. It was like a breath of fresh air to Kingston. URI ' s football squad may not fare that well this season. We must give Griffin a year or two to get going. But with all the turmoil and ill feelings behind, URI football has moved past its most tumultous year and looks into the future, a future that can only bring improvements. — Larry Berman 113 W Merguerian 116 117 118 W Merguerian 119 W Merguerian SOCCER 120 121 With the dismal play of the URI football team, the students at Kingston had one fall sport to be proud of, the exciting Ram soccer team. Rhody’s boosters had their most successful season in the 15 years that soccer has been at URI. The Rams finished the season with an overall record of 8-3-1, while finishing tied for second with Connecticut in the Yankee Conference race, just behind Vermont. W. Merguerian URI had an incredible six game win streak at midseason, while shutting out their opponents in five straight games. Boston College finally snapped the Rams shutout streak, but URI won the contest 9-1. Just consider the following accomplishments of the soccer team this season: — Outscored their opponents in goals 44-12, — Junior goalie Bob Auletta allowed just 10 goals in 11 games, for a 0.9 goals against average. Auletta registered the five consecutive shutouts. — Sophomore Danny McCrudden scored 15 goals and tallied six assists for 21 points. Both his point total and his goals scored were tops in the Yankee Conference for the second year in a row. He was chosen for both All New England and All Yankee Conferences. — McCrudden scored seven goals and an assist against BC, an 122 alltime URI record. — Freshman Mario Pereira scored 12 goals and added four assists in an outstanding rookie season. The season came down to one game, November 15th against Connecticut. A win would give URI a share of the Yankee title with Vermont and a little satisfaction, despite bitter disappointment that the NCAA Selection Committee had snubbed the Rams and chosen UConn for the post-season New England tourney. Before a record crowd of nearly 1,500 fans at the Keaney soccer field, the Rams took a 1-0 early second half lead on a goal by Pereira. UConn deadlocked the game with less than 13 minutes to play when Rody defenseman, attempting to clear the ball away from the net, kicked it off a UConn forward and the ball trickled past the Ram goalie. That ' s the way the game ended, tied at 1-1. The Rams appear to be stronger again for this season. Auletta, McCrudden, and Periera will return, along with the Rams top two defensemen Jim Buehler and Doug Tashijian. The Rams will return 11 lettermen in all, with an upgraded schedule, URI soccer fans will be seeing some of the finest soccer being played on the collegiate level in the east. 123 124 125 Coach Geza Henni is one of the big reasons for URI s soccer success. He just completed his seventh season at Kingston, and five of those the Rams have finished second or higher in the Yankee Conference. — Larry Berman 126 1975 Results 3 Providence College 1 7 Maine 1 0 Bridgeport 1 (OT) 0 Vermont 2 1 Long Island 0 5 Massachusetts 0 10 Western Maryland 0 2 Boston University 0 (OT) 5 New Hampshire 0 9 Boston College 1 1 Brown 5 1 Connecticut 1 (OT) W Merguerian 127 CROSS COUNTRY 128 W. Merguerian 129 130 131 132 133 WRESTLING 134 W. Merguerian Scott Pucino and the URI wrestling team enjoyed their greatest success in the history of the sport at Kingston, as the Rams swept the Yankee Conference and New England titles. Pucino, who graduated in the spring, virtually rewrote the record books with an unbelievable four year career at Rhody. He compiled a career record of 96-14, including four Yankee Conference and New England individual titles. This past season, Scott Swept through the year undefeated, winning 32 straight matches before losing the NCAA semi-finals to Jack Weinwant of Wisconsin, who was the eventual 126-pound champion. Because of his incredible performances, Scott was named an All-American, the first Rhody wrestler to earn such an honor. Pucino was, in fact, seeded first in the NCAAs. URI sent six wrestlers to the NCAA championships in Tucson, Arizona, the most ever. In amazing performances at Keaney Gym, the site of the New England championships, nine Rams qualified for the finals, and six won. Winning his second straight New England title was 177-pound Tad Sargent. He won one match in the NCAA consolation round, and 135 finished his collegiate career with a sparkling record of 66 wins, against 36 losses and six draws. Scott Pucino ' s sophomore brother Frank also represented URI at Tucson. The highlight of Frank’s season came when he defeated two-time defending New England champ Sev Popilizio of BU, in the 134-pound final. He finished the season with a 16-8-1 record. Dave Hovey, also a sophomore, finished an outstanding season with an 18-7 individual record, including dethroning the three-time New England 150-pound champion Tom Kryzak of BU in the finals. Hovey won one consolation match in the NCAAs as well. John Gubelman, a junior college transfer, proved to be a big surprise for Rhody as he captured the 118-pound New England title. Joining the team at midseason, he compiled a 12-3 record. The sixth New England champ for Rhody was 142-pound sophomore Mike Wilner, who ended the season with a 14-6 individual record. Also wrestling well last season for Rhody were Steve Pizzo, Earle McQuaide, Moe Haislip, and John Staulo. All will be returning next season. The Rams lost through graduation Scott Pucino, Sargent, and John Richard. The biggest loss of all may have been of the coach, Al Nero, who resigned at season ' s end. The head coach at Rhody for four years, he was named New England Coach of the Year three times. He was the main reason for bringing URI wrestling to the level of excellence that it now enjoys. He was the main reason for the tough schedule, second to none in the east, and for the Rams ultimate successes. Nero resigned because he will devote all his energies into his prosperous insurance business. The dynamic young coach will be sorely missed. 136 137 139 " Naturally, we could have done better, and we were disappointed in the results of the last two weeks of the season, but overall, I can say we ' re generally satisfied with the final record and look forward already to next season. That was coach Jack Kraft summing up his feelings on the 1975-76 basketball season, a campaign that was played in two phases, with the eventual outcome a 14-12 overall record, the first winning season since 1971-72. Through the first two thirds of the campaign, the Rams distinguished themselves nationally. They owned big victories over: — San Francisco to win the ECAC Ocean State Classic. It was a tremendous upset, as just about everyone practically conceded the game to the nationally ranked Dons. The Rams made it look easy, winning 85-77. — Providence College 75-73 in perhaps the most exciting game ever played between the two schools. PC, who later became NIT semi-finalists, fell to the Rams before a packed house of 11,800 fans at the Civic Center. — Connecticut by a score of 63-60 in a heart-stopper at Keaney Gym. UConn later proved how good they really were, as they swept the New England regionals and made the NCAA east semi-finals. — DePaul in a great finish, 71-70, finished the season in the Top Twenty and made it as far as the NCAA east finals. The Rams, over their first 18 games, compiled an impressive 12-6 mark and were sailing along solidly in the running for a post season playoff W. Merguerian 140 berth and were right up there for the Yankee Conference title. Sellout crowds were piling into arenas everywhere to see Kraft ' s Cinderella team play, and everyone who observed the Rams felt Rhody had come all the way back. It was too good to be true. In URI ' s last eight games, the Rams won only two, lost their chance at post-season play and fell into a final second-place tie in the Conference with UConn. Those last eight games were a disappointment, but if you consider the results of the season, you can ' t be too upset. The season before the Rams were a dismal 5-20. And with 11 of the 12 players back, the future is definitely bright for URI basketball. The only player lost through graduation was the ever-popular Carlton Smith, who gave URI fans many great moments. But returning will be the other four starters, the entire bench, some good recruits, and Irving Chatman. Chatman, however, will not be eligible to play until mid-February. The 6 9 " forward originally signed a letter-of-intent to play last season at URI. But at the last minute he switched to Tennessee and played for the nationally ranked Volunteers. He became disenchanted there and transferred to URI last February, and will be eligible to put on a Rhody uniform this February. Sophomore Stan Wright led the team in scoring and rebounding last W. Merguerian 141 W Merguerian season and was chosen All Yankee Conference, in addition he was selected as the top player in the state of Rhode Island. Wright averaged over 15 points a game. The teams floor leader was Jiggy Williamson, also a sophomore, who scored 14 points a game. Jiggy was named the Most Valuable Player in the Ocean State Tourney. Also coming back are starters Mark Cixynski and Vic Soares, with top reserves Randy Eilds and Lem Johnson. URI announced to last season that 75-76 would be its last year in the Yankee Conference. So beginning this season, the Rams will be in the independent ranks in basketball and have upgraded their schedule tremendously. The Rams will still play traditional New England rivals such as PC, UConn, UMass, and BC. But they have added to next seasons schedule such outstanding opponents as Michigan, the NCAA finalist and the second best team in the nation last year, Louisville, South Carolina, Davidson, St. John’s, LaSalle, St. Joseph ' s, and Syracuse. — Larry Berman 142 B. Izzo 1975-76 Basketball Results W. Mergueriar 79 Stonehill 66 93 Massachusetts 73 Brown 57 63 Connecticut 94 Boston University 78 79 Maine 72 New Hampshire 50 76 Vermont 71 Maine 73 71 DePaul 71 Manhattan 90 47 St. John’s 60 Brown 59 79 Boston College 85 San Francisco 77 85 New Hampshire 77 Wake Forest 89 76 Massachusetts 52 Jacksonville 55 66 Providence 56 South Florida 72 76 Vermont 75 Providence 73 66 Connecticut 85 Boston University 72 99 Brown 143 B. Izzo BASEBALL Two outstanding juniors emerged as stars from an otherwise unimpressive 1976 season of URI baseball. The Rams finished with a 9-13 overall record and a 2-6 mark in Yankee Conference play. But two sluggers. Keith Perron and Bob Messier, could be matched with anybody in the conference. In fact, both juniors were named at the end of the season to the All-Yankee Conference first team. Perron, a designated hitter, won the team batting title with a lusty .356 average. Messier was second best on the Rams with a .347 average. Messier, a shortstop, at one time not only led the team but also the ECAC Division I and Yankee Conference players with a solid .418 average. However, he slumped in the final six games of the season. Outfielder Bill Bartlett, who will also be returning for the 1977 season hit .400. but played in only 10 games. Nevertheless, the Yankee Conference coaches thought he was good enough to name Barttett to the All-Conference second team. Ed Zabilski was the fourth Ram hitter to hit over .300, alternating as a pitcher — first baseman and closing the season with a .327 average. Zabilski graduated in the spring. Zabilski, however, tailed off in the pitching department after two years as the ace of the staff as he suffered through several losses. One of those defeats was a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Brown despite scattering just two hits. Dave Clark was the top Ram pitcher with a 2-1 record and an ERA of 2.62. Rick Mundy, 3-2, and Phil Dupont, 2-1, were the only two other pitchers with winning records. Jack Bannon pitched well in spots for the Rams, and had an ERA of W Merguerian 3.35. The high point of the season came when the Rams defeated UMass 5-3, knocking the Minutemen out of the race for the Yankee Conference title. Other memorable moments were ten-inning victories over Bridgeport (5-4) and Providence (5-3) and a doubleheader sweep of Holy Cross, 16-9 and 6-5. The Rams will be losing three seniors, tri-captains Zabilski, Scott Campbell and Kevin Reichler. Outfielder Campbell hit .237 and Reichler, the starting catcher, hit .163. URI finished the Yankee Conference season tied with New Hampshire for the league ' s fourth spot of five teams. John Norris completed his seventh season as coach. — Larry Berman 144 INDOOR TRACK 146 W. Merguerian WATER POLO 147 |KJS| 148 149 mm S. Johnson 150 151 B Murray termination why did you leave me the way the doctor did that early, cold September morning? were you just done with me too? you even left your instruments behind for me to see — the memory of a mistake. God help me — I pulled my clothes on with no one to help or hold me. the endless lump in my throat will not be as easily rid of as the bulge in my belly was. 152 153 S. Johnson 154 B Murray 155 S. Johnson S. Johnson A. Lisi 156 D. Avie 157 S. Johnson S. Johnson 158 B. Murray If you touch me soft and gentle If you look at me and smile If you listen to me talk, sometimes before you talk I will grow, really grow Bradley (age 9) 159 S. Johnson A Bicentennial Offering Find some dry wood gather small pieces of kindling, shape them into a tepee then sit crosslegged before it Take off your shoes feel the ground that was your home, take a few long breaths then turn them into song Bend down to find that pipe you dropped years ago, brush off the dirt the dried blood, the ashes pack it full of loose leaves twigs, let your instinct guide you to the right ones remember where that knowledge came from Light up, if your matches are wet find some flint; blow smoke deep into your lungs then higher, into your head Feel the bowl ' s warmth, run your fingers over the carved soapstone until you ' re in the presence of the man whose knife forced a pattern through the pipe, acknowldege him with a gesture of the heart, pass the pipe, take the role of Indian stare hard then accept 160 S. Johnsc 161 S. Johnson D. Lew SENIOR WEEK 162 163 C. Margeson 164 C. Margeson Class of 1892 (Library Archives) 165 C. Margeson D. Lew 166 167 Past GRADUATION We have to discard the past and. as one builds floor by floor, window by window, and the building rises, so do we keep shedding — first, broken tiles, then proud doors, until, from the past, dust falls as if it would crash against the floor, smoke rises as if it were on fire, and each new day gleams like an empty plate. There is nothing, there was always nothing. It all has to be filled with a new, expanding fruitfulness; then, down falls yesterday as in a well falls ye sterday s water, into the cistern of all that is now without voice, without fire. It is difficult to get bones used to disappearing, to teach eyes to close, but we do it unwittingly. Everything was alive, alive, alive, alive like a scarlet fish, but time passed with cloth and darkness and kept wiping away the flash of the fish. Water water water, the past goes on falling although it keeps a grip on thorns and on roots. It went, it went, and now memories mean nothing. Now the heavy eyelid shut out the light of the eye 168 WELCOME RHODE ISLAND ALUMNI S. Johnson and what was once alive is now no longer living; what we were, we are not. And with words, although the letters still have transparency and sound, they change, and the mouth changes; the same mouth is now another mouth; they change, lips, skin, circulation; another soul took on our skeleton; what once was in us now is not. It left, but if they call, we reply " I am here, " and we realize we are not, that what was once, was and is lost, lost in the past, and now does not come back. Pablo Neruda 169 S Johnson 172 Summary I am pleased at having taken on so many obligations — in my life most curious elements accumulated: gentle ghosts which undid me, an insistent mineral labor, an inexplicabl e wind which ruffled me, the stab of some wounding kisses, the hard reality of my brothers, my insistent need to be always watchful, my impulse to be myself, only myself in the weakness of self-pleasuring. That is why — water on stone — my life was always singing its way between joy and obligation. Pablo Neruda A. Lisi 173 Arlene Aaron Jill Aaronson James Adams Joseph Adiletta Lome Adrain Journalism Textiles Natural Resources Mech. Ocean Engr. Organizational Mgt. James Ahearn Ellen Ahern Wendy Ainsworth Michael Albert Mark Albin Mechanical Engr. Textiles Textiles Marketing Mgt. Speech Mark Albro Wanda Aldrich Deborah Alexio Louis Algieri Debra Allen Elementary Ed. Pharmacy Dental Hygiene Electrical Engr. Home Economics Ed. Stephen Allen Valerie Allen Kenneth Allen Jr. Beverly Almanzor Thomas Almedia Pharmacy Nursing Mechanical Engr. Home Economics Ed. Zoology 174 Anne-Marie Almon Patricia Almy Dana Anderson Donna Andoscia Stephen Andrade Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Pharmacy Art English Jean Ascoli Thomas Ascoli Thomas Ashley Daniel Askinas Ann Atkins Secondary Ed. Pharmacy Elementary Ed. Marketing Mgt. Nursing Kenneth Andrew Fredrick Andrews Jr. Annamarie Angelone William Annon Louis Antignano Psychology Psychology Food Nutrition Mathematics Pharmacy Raymond Antonio James Apostolou Richard Appelbaum Beverly Arnold Donna Arnold Business Adm. Marketing Mgt. Marketing Mgt. Child Development German 175 Kau eh Azar Mechanical Engr. ter Michael Baker Accounting Joyce Austin Steven Avcoin David Avedesian Bob Awkerman Sociology Civil Engineering Secondary Ed. Cheryl Babcock Mildred Baglini Joyce Bahoosh Cheryl Baker Civil Engineering Nursing Organizational Mgt. Nursing Stephen Baker Pharmacy Linda Barros Speech William Baluch Pharmacy Richard Barry Business Adm. Robert Banigan Political Science Chester Barszcz Mechanical Engr. James Barbosa Zoology David Baum Engineering Barry Barnes Mechanical Engr. 176 Lynn Beals Deborah Bearse Ray Beattie Bob Beauchamp George Beaulieu Dental Hygiene Physical Ed. Chemistry James Beaulieu William Beckman Pamela Begg Mary Jane Behrends Linda Belk Accounting Civil Engr. Dental Hygiene Journalism Barbara Bell Marie Bellohi Steven Benharris Paula Bennett Terry Bennett Nursing Home Economics Political Science Elementary Ed. Nursing Joan Bentley Mark Bentsen Joseph Berendes Donald Bergeron Mark Bernadyn Art Chemical Engr. Business Adm. Business Adm. Organizational Mgt. 177 Bonnie Bidga Philip Bini Jill Biolos Jill Birbin William Bird Sociology Botany Textiles Business Adm. Pharmacy Fred Bishop Joyce Blanchard Robert Blaney Rhonda Blazer Barbara Bliss Marketing Mgt. Marketing Mgt. Natural Resources Education Zoology Carol Blizzard Carol Boden Thomas Boffa Diane Bohmhauer Celeste Bonaventur Textiles Child Development Accounting Zoology Nursing 178 David Braman Michele Brandimant Richard Brandon Susan Bratlie Frank Braum Electrical Engr. Textiles Pharmacy Nursing Pharmacy Nora Brayman Daryl Breese Denise Brehant Joseph Brennan Diane Brewster English Marketing Mgt. Textiles Secondary Ed. Earl Bonneau Electrical Engr. Carl Boyes Physical Ed. Ralph Boragine Geography Kevan Boyles History Donald Borden Pharmacy Delores Bouthillie Nursing Linda Bourassa Mathematics Beth Bragger Elementary Ed. Donald Bowen Business Adm. Eileen Bradshaw Nursing 179 Jeffrey Bridge Shelly Briggs Susan Brightman William Britt Deborah Britton Natural Resources Elementary Ed. English Physical Ed. Elementary Ed. Russel Broccoli Zoology Michelle Brousseau Secondary Ed. Deborah Brown Dental Hygiene Dori Brown English Francine Brown Pharmacy Jean Brown Nursing Rae Brown Textiles Sheree Brown Food Nutrition Catherine Brownell Pharmacy Lois Bruckner Sociology Paul Brule Thomas Bruzzese Gerard Bucci Irene Buchynsky Janet Buckley English Civil Engineering English Micro Biology Nursing 180 Patricia Buonaiuto Stephen Burke Richard Burns Walter Burrows Marsha Bursley Food Nutrition Zoology Accounting Biology Carol Bussiere Donna Butler Megin Button Barbara Byrnes Joan Cachules Psychology Nursing Food Nutrition Food Nutrition Cheryl Caito Richard Calcagni Jeffrey Caldwell Craig Calvert Gail Cambria Child Development Electrical Engr. Political Science Natural Resources Elementary Ed. Diane Campanella Carol Campbell Connie Campbell Heather Campbell Robin Canha Elementary Ed. Marketing Mgt. Food Nutrition Physical Ed. 181 Lee Cannon Robert Cannon Louis Cappiello Patricia Capobianco Anthony Capuano Speech Organizational Mgt. Pharmacy Food Nutrition Zoology Deborah Capuano John Capuano Kenneth Caraccia Janet Carbone Stephen Carcieri Child Development Pharmacy Natural Resources Sociology Journalism William Carey Maureen Carley Jan Carlson Larry Carlson Ronald Carlson Psychology Secondary Ed. Philosophy Donna Carlton Frank Carnevale Neal Carpenter James Carpetis Sue Carter Dental Hygiene Finance Micro Biology Animal Science Home Economics 182 Janice Carter Speech Diane Caruso Marketing Mgt. Erin Carver Physical Ed Paul Casinelli Pharmacy Dawn Castiglia History Nettie Caswell Ida Catlin Willard Caulkins Steven Cayquette Diane Celentano Home Economics Journalism Accounting Secondary Ed. Elizabeth Celestino Thomas Cerio Kathleen Cerra Deborah Cerullo Richard Chaffee Journalism Resource Tech. Physical Ed. Political Science Journalism Patricia Chaharyn Kenneth Chapman Nancy Chapman Stephanie Chapman Jo-Ann Charette Food Nutrition Finance Speech Textiles Physical Ed. 103 Susan Charis Marc Charren Richard Chartier George Chasse Pat Chessare Nursing Organizational Mgt. Psychology Psychology Marketing Mgt. Peter Chin Lynne Chmurzynsk Lois Christense Wally Christense Norman Cianfarani Pharmacy Resource Tech. Elementary Ed. Accounting Speech Cynthia Cioe Ralph Cirillo Patricia Clark Raymond Clark Susan Clarkin Resource Tech. Physical Ed. Accounting Pharmacy Natural Resources Paul Clinton Laura Clippert Candice Cogean Charles Cohen Paul Cohen Economics Home Economics German Organizational Mgt. Industrial Engr. 184 Kenneth Colen Mark Coles Susan Coles Barbara Collins Joseph Collins Arts Sciences Mechanical Engr. Nursing Natural Resources Maureen Collins Joanna Colucci Christine Combs Robert Cometa Margaret Conaty Nursing Secondary Ed. English Electrical Engr. Physical Ed. Steven Congdon Mark Conroy Psychology Joe Continetti Secondary Ed. Carolyn Cooley Food Nutrition Ralph Coppola Business Adm. Domenic Coppolino Thomas Corcoran Doreen Corrente Mary Corriere Karen Costello Zoology Finance Business Adm. Dental Hygiene Sociology 185 Carlos Costa Paulette Costa Marriann Cotter Fred Coulter Michael Craven Political Science Nursing Elementary Ed. Psychology Accounting Jeff Creamer Grace Creasy Julius Cresci Deborah Cripps James Criscione Art English Pharmacy Nursing Chemical Engr. Mary Ann Croce David Crocker Margaret Crowther Jeanie Cunningham David Curran Secondary Ed. Business Adm. Pharmacy Physical Ed. Psychology Jane Curry Paula Cyganiewicz Charles Cyganoski Alfred Cabral Karen D’Affuso Elementary Ed. Food Nutrition Pharmacy Micro Biology Elementary Ed. 186 Anthony D Agnenica Alfred D ' Almeida Mary Dalton Histo Deborah Danielewicz Philip Dargie Civil Engineering Sociology History Elementary Ed. Zoology John Daucunas Psychology Albert Davis Anthropology Jeffrey Davis Marketing Mgt. Mindy Davis Zoology Charles Day Resource Tech. Michael Dazenski Susan Dean Hugo Deascentis William De Caporale Susan Dececco Pharmacy Speech Psychology Sociology Home Economics Dennis Decker Holly Decosta Daniel Decuccio Karen Defusco Thomas Deimantas Natural Resources Business Adm. Psychology Organizational Mgt. 187 David Dejesus Jeffrey Deluca Richard Demaria Thomas Denucci Joanne Derdak Business Adm. Pharmacy History Zoology Nursing Joseph D’errico Barbara Desimone Marilyn Desimone Mary Desimone Richard De Sista Insurance Physical Ed. Food Nutrition Elementary Ed. Accounting Paul Desroiers Kerry Devan Pat Devereaux Patricia Devine Jean Dexter Elementary Ed. Medical Tech. Political Sci. Psychology Secondary Ed. Kenneth Diamond Gerald Dias Steven Dibiasio David Dickensheets Thomas Diffily Zoology Electrical Engr. Marketing Mgt. Zoology Speech 188 Dennis Dill David Dilustro David Dillon Paula Dimartino John Dimatteo Finance Elementary Ed. Psychology Natural Res. Steven Dipalma Glenn Dipaola Robert Dipetrillo Betty Disalvia Lisa D’itri Marketing Mgt. Art Elementary Ed. Art Paul Dobson Mary Donnelly Maureen Donohue Betsy Downey Jean Doyle Geography Civil Engr. Mathematics Food Nutrition Political Science Lorna Dressier Food Nutrition Peggy Drew Arts Science Mark Dryden Botany Gerry Dube Resource Tech. Debra Dubois Microbiology 189 Debra Ducharme Textiles Michael Duggan Marketing Mgt. Robert Dunlap Political Science Deborah Dunne Debra Dunlea Psychology Anne-Marie Duperron Paula Duprat Gerard Duval Edward Dzwill Mary Ellen Eamshaw Nursing Psychology Pharmacy Business Adm. Anthony Edem Stewart Edison Mark Edwards Susan Edwards Martha Eidson Natural Resources Chemical Engr. Child Development Resource Tech. Gregory Eighne James Eisenhardt Louis Eliasof George Ellis Harold Ellis Political Science Finance Market Mgt. Pharmacy Natural Resources 190 Joanna Ennis Elizabeth Erath David Erikson Maria Escobar Peter Esposito Psychology Natural Resources Animal Science Accounting Scott Eustis Thompson Fadirepo Robert Fair Susan Fairfield Andrew Fales Pharmacy Speech Nursing Physical Ed. Diane Fallon Donna Fallon Mary Fanning Ahmad Farhoumand Ebrahim Farhoumand Dental Hygiene Speech Home Economics Mechanical Engr. Mechanical Engr. 191 Linda Farruggio Michele Fecteau Roseanne Fedak Margaret Feeney Alan Feldman Animal Science Spanish Pharmacy Peter Fella Joseph Fernandes Christine Ferry Steven Fezette Pamela Figarsky Microbiology Organizational Mgt. Physical Ed. Elementary Ed. Sociology Kenneth Fillo Theater Maryann Finamore Child Development Joseph Finan Journalism Cathy Finn Elementary Ed. Francis Finocchiaro Psychology Catherine Fisher Larry Fish Thomas Fish Kerry Fish Leslie Fishkin Biology Accounting Respiratory Therapy Organizational Mgt. 192 Diane Fitzgerald Richard Fitzgerald Lesley Fitzpatrick Kathleen Flack Edith Fletcher Anthropology Sociology Zoology Child Development Economics David Fleurant Dale Flodine Cindy Flynn Mark Fonseca Michele Fontaine Political Science Elementary Ed Nursing Natural Resources Child Development Roger Fontaine James Forte Robert Fournier Robert Fournier Peter Fratantuono Finance Organizational Mgt. Psychology Accounting Zoology Patricia Frazier Shirley Frederick Daniel Frye Susan Fulford Deborah Fuller Elementary Ed. Pharmacy Organizational Mgt. Physical Ed. Dental Hygiene 193 Thomas Gallagher Deborah Gallison Ulysses Gallman Becky Gallo Deborah Galloway Natural Resources Child Development Secondary Ed. Child Development Nursing Jaclync Gammerino Cynthia Ganosel David Garoflao Gina Garofalo Paula Gaskill Journalism Business Adm. Zoology Nursing llene Gatsoff Peter Gavitt Thomas Gebing Michael Geisser David Gencarelli Resource Tech. Marketing Mgt. Political Science Journalism 194 Sedat Gencoglu Dennis Gentile Denise George Linda Geremia Deborah Germond Mechanical Engr. Animal Science Physical Ed. Organizational Mgt. Zoology Barry Gertz Louise Gibbons Ralph Gibson Carol Gifford Jane Gifford Urban Engr. Home Economics Pharmacy Industrial Engr. Biology Diana Glusti Robert Glancy Meryl Glatt Steven Glazerman June Goddard Pharmacy Natural Resources Psychology Pharmacy Secondary Ed. Marie Goe Tamsin Goggin Barbara Gold Ronald Goldberg Arnie Goldstein Nursing Resource Tech. Elementary Ed. Organizational Mgt. Psychology 195 Cheryl Greene James Greene Cheryl Greenfeld Gail Greenwood Roger Grenier Physical Ed. History Child Development Resource Economics Bruce Goldweitz Marketing Mgt. Susan Golet Elementary Ed. Susan Gonzalez Marketing Mgt. Edward Goodrich Resource Tech. Kenneth Goodwin Physical Ed. Francene Gordinier Lau Gorham Michael Gorham Dorothy Goulart Gale Gradilone Child Development Insurance Nursing Child Development Katherine Grandy Zoology Tom Grau Civil Engr. Harvey Green Elementary Ed. Paul Green Sociology David Greenberg Business Ad. 196 Thomas Grennan Julie Griffiths Daniel Grlebien Bonnie Gronneberg Marlene Guertin Accounting Medical Tech. Food Nutrition Nursing Barbara Guida Donna Guida Paula Guida Douglas Guimond William Guy Natural Resources Food Nutrition Secondary Ed. Mathematics History Maria Haas Jane Haddad Carol Hagan Robert Hagan Colleen Haggerty Speech Animal Science Sociology Organizational Mgt. Speech Patricia Haid Larry Hall Mark Hallett Robert Halliday Susan Halsall Business Adm. Secondary Ed. English Food Science 197 George Halstead Martin Halterman Annette Handy Loretta Hand Maureen Hannigan Business Adm. Geology Nursing Anthropology Nursing Bruce Hanson Patricia Harper Katherine Harrington Mark Harris Paul Harris Mechanical Engr. Home Economics Zoology Sheila Harris Wendy Harris Russell Hastings Michael Hauser Robert Hawkins Zoology Pharmacy Journalism Jessica Hayes Sociology Rebecca Hayford Pharmacy Alexis Hazard Paul Hazard Plant Science Donna Healy Nursing Keith Healy Rodney Heines Linda Hemphill Mark Henault Richard Hencler Physics Secondary Ed. Speech Psychology Civil Engineering Beth Henderson Richard Hetherington Katherine Hey Ed Hill James Hill Zoology Chemical Engr. Child Development Secondary Ed. Accounting Ayub Hira Emily Hirschberger Diane Hobson Steven Hodosh Peter Holtz Chemical Engr. Resource Tech. Nursing Biology Pharmacy Peter Homa Debra Hoover Tom Horn Jr. Barbara Horne Steven Horovitz Mechanical Engr. Mathematics Natural Resources Omr. Journalism 199 Andrew Horvitz Lon Howard Bruce Howarth Janice Howayeck Robert Howe Geography Zoology Natural Resources William Huddleston Jean Hudson John Hummel David Hunt John Huntley Political Science Economics Business Mgt. Marketing Mgt. Chemical Engr. Janet Hyland Marcia Hyland Denise lacampo Wayne lacono Stephen lacuele Economics Nursing Psychology Commercial Fisheries Secondary Ed. Lori lannazzi Diane lannucci Sandra lenello Jasper lleka Robert Introini Child Dev.. Family Rel. Speech Pharmacy Education 200 Carolyn Irving Elena Izikoff Tamar Jackson Jeffrey Jacober Lori Jacober Zoology Food Science Natural Resources Political Science Food Science Barbara Johnson Cyndi Jamison Debra Jamieson Rita Januszewsk Greg Jenkins Speech Arts and Sciences Speech Psychology Natural Resources Shirley Jensen David Jastram Richard Jefferson Stephen Jerman Micky Jerome Business Adm. Natural Resources Business Adm. William Jerrow Diane Jobin Gary Johnson Marianne Johnson Sandra Johnson Sociology Psychology Pharmacy Speech Speech 201 Corinne Jolie Diane Jones Janet Jones William Jones Micha el Jordan Nursing Pharmacy Psychology Natural Resources Physical Ed. Ronald Jordan Stephen Jordan Christine Joseph Jeffrey Joy Raymond Joubert Pharmacy Civil Engineering Psychology Secondary Ed. Marketing Mgt. Eileen Jurista Edward Jusczyk Janet Justman William Jutras Joanne Kaiser Microbiology Mathematics Home Economics English Food and Nutrition Alyse Kaplan Janet Kaplan Lane Kaplan Frank Karas Howard Kargman Nursing Textiles Zooloav Engineering Pharmacy 202 Margaret Karkos Secondary Ed. James Kawa Electrical Engr. John Keating Zoology Gordon Kee Resource Tech. Joan Keenzel Journalism Peter Keibel Mark Kelley Marybeth Kelly Karen Kelton Martha Kenworthy Zoology Elementary Ed. Home Economics Sociology Nursing Prudence Kenyon Timothy Kerns Richard Kershaw John Kevorkian Nina Kerzner Nursing Secondary Ed. Physical Ed. Psychology Journalism Kathleen Kiernan Jacqualyn Kikrilis Laura Kimball Philomena King Susan King Sociology Nursing Animal Science Sociology 203 Susan Kirby Jonathan Kirschner Iris Kleinman Jeff Klepfisz John Knowles Botany Speech Physical Ed Heidi Koch Keith Kohanski Deborah Kohl Gary Kolligan Amy Korchin Textiles Resource Tech. Political Science Economics Child Development Gary Kosacz Robin Kosch Joel Koss Paul Koulbanis Walter Kowal Psychology Psychology Accounting Natural Resources Finance Patricia Kowerko Robert Krangel Joanne Krempasky Gisele Kriegel Jerome Kritz Political Science Marketing Pharmacy Speech Political Science 204 Steven Krous Al Ksen Mary Kulik Janice Kulikowski Richard Kullback Natural Resources Art Dental Hygiene Food and Nutrition Accounting Susan Kuppel Ellen Kurtzer Martha Kustesky Jerome Lacy Diane Laflin Nursing Arts and Sciences Psychology Omr. Physical Ed. Denise Laing Paulette Laliberte Joan Lally Angelyn La Marra Diane Lamoureux Mathematics Psychology Food and Nutrition Joyce Lamprey Richard Lan Karen Lapin Marionrose Laplante Resource Tech. Accounting Journalism 205 Jay Larson Zoology 1 Jerold Larsson Karen Larsson Michael Laverdiere Elizabeth Lavoie Wakil Lawal Omr. Elementary Ed. Civil Engineering Elementary Ed. Economics Beverlee Lawrence James Lawrence Joseph Lawrence Cynthia Lawson Bonnie Leeds Natural Resources History Omr. Natural Resources Art Albert Lees III Adrienne Lefrance Giovanni Lepore James Lepore John Lessard Marketing Mgt. Nursing History Omr. Pharmacy Kathleen Letourneau Norma Leveille Richard Leverone Stephen Levins William Levy Food and Nutrition Pharmacy History Geology 206 Donald Lew Elizabeth Lewis Keith Lewis Ellen Leys David L ' Heureux Civil Engr. Dental Hygiene Pharmacy Textiles Insurance Janine Liberati Nursing Romauld Lipcius Biology Patricia Lipe Nursing William Liscio Speech Nancy Lister Physical Ed. William Litke Andrea Littlefield John Livezey Donna Loffredo James Lofgren Natural Resources Natural Resources Sociology Mechanical Engr. Craig Lofton Maureen Logue Rodolfo Lopez Salvatore Loporchio Raymond Lou Accounting Zoology Civil Engr. Mathematics Chemical Engr. 207 Amy Lovell Greg Lovett Micheal Lucia Gary Ludorf Roger Lusignan Medical Tech. Biology Marketing Chemical Engr. Resource Tech. Yvonne Lutter Farzin Maali Mark Macgracken Barbara Macgregor Robert Mackenzie Sociology Civil Engr. Mechanical Engr. Nursing Organizational Mgt. Jean Mackey Karen Macmillan Kathleen Macrae Sandra Magnani Richard Magruder Nursing Organizational Mgt. Psychology Nursing Respiratory Therapy Mindy Mailman Micheal Mainelli Micheal Majewski Donald Major James Malley Journalism Journalism Electrical Engr. Pharmacy 208 Susan Maloney Patricia Mania Barbara Ann Manning Richard Manning Andrew Mantel Physical Ed. Accounting Arts Sciences Resource Tech. Zoology Steven Marasco Elizabeth Marchak John Marchwicki Geraldine Marcoccio Charles Margeson Psychology Journalism Physical Ed. Finance Janice Markey Amy Marks Sheryl Marks Timothy Marseglia Barbara Marshall Sociology Education Speech Resource Tech. Nursing Bernadette Marshall George Marshall Philip Matarese Karen Marti John Martin Psychology Political Science Zoology 209 Arlene Martin James Martin Robert Martinelli Linda Martinez Nina Martuccelli Accounting Textiles Accounting Patricia Marx A. Massed E. Massouda Vincent Mastrostef Christine Matheson Child Development Nursing Nursing Engineering Political Science Beverly Matson Beverly Mattera Catherine Matthews Judith Matthews Marie Mcafee Textiles Secondary Ed. Food Nutrition Plant Science Zoology Karen Mcauslin Marlene McBride Colleen McCabe Marian McCarthy Sharon McCarthy Secondary Ed Nursing Home Economics Anthropology Physical Ed. 210 Deborah McClure Susan McCooey Phoebe McCoy Rosemary McElroy Peter McFarland Journalism Pharmacy Resource Tech. Nursing Elementary Ed. Scott McFarland Stephen McGillivra William McGlinn Physical Ed. Civil Engr. Robert McGorty Sarah McGough Accounting Madonna McGwin Mary McHale Kathryn McKenna Sheila McKenna Patrick McKinney Political Science Nursing Elementary Ed. Animal Science Sociology James McNeil Mary Ellen McQueeny Tom McSparran Linda Meiklejohn Amy Melnikoff Biology Political Science Insurance Organizational Mgt. 211 Roland Melzer Lynne Mendenko Robert Mendillo Mary Mendonca Micheal Mercer Natural Resources Medical Tech. History Food Nutrition Natural Resources Warren Mergueran Paul Metivier Joseph Merlino Rebecca Merrill Jeff Metz Zoology Electrical Engr. Plant Science Nursing Zoology Patricia Millar Garry Miller Cynthia Mills Jill Mills Sheila Mills Textiles Pharmacy Food Nutrition Elementary Ed. Journalism Micheal Milner Barbara Minissale Judith Mockapetris Khosro Moghadam Nader Moghadam Pharmacy Elementary Ed. Physics Mechanical Engr. 212 Wayne Mollohan David Monast Joseph Montaquila James Montmarquet Martha Mooers Zoology Physical Ed. Business Adm. Marketing Pharmacy John Moore Patricia Moore Sandra Mooshian Janet Morasso James Morelli Resource Tech. Nursing Elementary Ed. Nursing Microbiology Wendy Morgan Diane Morrison Jeanne Morrone Donald Morse Karen Morse Office Administration Food Nutrition Child Development Business Ed. Sociology Lynn Morse Sherrie Moses Anne Mosher Hooman Mossadeghi Richard Mullaney Elementary Ed. Zoology Electrical Engr. Political Science 213 Karyn Mullen Wendy Mumford William Mumford Sandra Munslow Donald Murano Elementary Ed Psychology Resource Tech. Psychology Organizational Mgt. Deborah Murphy Denise Murphy Patricia Murphy Judith Murray Ernest Myers Home Economics Accounting Sociology Deborah Naccarto Arlene Nadal Micheal Nahod Stephen Najjar William Nardone Pharmacy Resource Tech. Psychology Philip Nash Anastasia Nasis Maryanne Natoski Anthony Navoy Rick Nebiolo Civil Engr. Pharmacy Home Economics Geology Organizational Mgt. 214 Janet Neff Carla Netter Carol Neuman Kenneth Newman Vincent Nigro Nursing History Management Sci. Civil Engr. Animal Science Steve Nikola Diane Niles Linda Noddings Susan Noon Joanne Noyes Electrical Engr. Accounting Nursing Marketing Mgt. Accounting Peter Nunes Debbie Nuttall Chris Nwankwo Susan Oakes Deborah O ' Brien English Food Nutrition Economics Biology Psychology John O ' Brien Judith O’Brien Colleen O ' Connell Daniel O’Connell Sally O’Dette Child Development Political Science Geology 215 Robert O ' Donnell Renee O ' Gara Joseph O ' Hanian Andrea Okun Kevin Oliver Zoology Pharmacy Natural Resources Political Science Emmanuel Opawumi John Ordemann Peter Osenton Marsha Osti Heidi Owen Industrial Engr. Electrical Engr. Natural Resources Nursing Biology Gail Pafundi Stephen Palasky Charles Palian Barbara Pallotta Louann Pallotta Electrical Engr. Business Adm. Textiles Alice Palmer William Palmisciano William Palo John Palumbo Andrea Panaggio Home Economics Marketing Mgt. Chemical Engr. Journalism Pharmacy 216 Paula Paolini Sharon Papciak Jeff Papi Carl Papino George Paquette Elementary Ed Zoology Microbiology Natural Resources Geography Mary-Lou Paquette Joseph Paquin Karen Parente Louise Parente Carolyn Parker Elementary Ed. Zoology Sociology Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Jerome Parker Journalism Russell Paskoski Electrical Engr. Marjorie Pass Food Nutrition Donna Passman Medical Tech. Kathleen Paulyna Accounting Gary Paulhus Dawn Pavitt Cynthia Payne Denise Pearson Karen Pearson Psychology Resource Tech. Microbiology Food Nutrition 217 Bruce Pease Henrique Pedro J.B. Pence James Pelletier Raymond Pelletier Electrical Engr. Pharmacy Geology Accounting Bennie Pennington Thomas Peragallo Susan Percival Thomas Perez Robert Perfecto Pharmacy Natural Resources Food Nutrition Pharmacy English Bonita Perkins Karen Perry John Pesaturo Nancy Peterson Robert Peterson Pharmacy Food Nutrition Electrical Engr. Dental Hygiene Elementary Ed. Luciana Petrarca Gary Petterson Vincent Piccirillo Stephen Piccolo Allan Pickering Elementary Ed. History Pharmacy Mechanical Engr. Zoology 218 Marilyn Piekos Mary Piepowski Jane Piepowski Roger Pierce Diane Pietrantono Elementary Ed. Marketing Mgt. Marketing Mgt. Pharmacy Child Development Cynthia Piez Diane Pina Nancy Plant Margie Plon Barry Pomp Psychology Resource Tech. Zoology Accounting Patrick Popescu Amusa Popoula Charles Porcaro Milton Porteus Dorothia Porth Pharmacy Journalism Journalism Marketing Mgt. David Potter John Potter Lynda Potter Lynne Potter Mark Powers Physical Ed. Resource Tech. Child Development History 219 Margaret Pownall Sheldon Presser Steven Proulx William Provost Catherine Pseneik Geology Political Sci. Marketing Mgt. Management Sci. French Judy Ptak Joseph Quinlan Helen Quinn Kathy Quinn Nancy Quinn Nursing Psychology Sociology Dental Hygiene Thomas Quinn Paula Rabidoux Beverly Ragosta Steven Rahl Bernard Rainer Natural Resources Speech Journalism Marketing Mgt. Accounting Telikicherl Rajyalaksh Ram Rao Paul Rattey Micheal Raulston Alicia Raymond Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Psychology Child Development 220 Carol Rayner Maureen Redihan Rose Mary Reed Dorothy Regan Margery Reis Dental Hygiene Nursing Zoology Dental Hygiene Nursing Patricia Rembecker Patricia Renaud Patricia Reppucci Martin Rewkiewwicz James Rezendes Food Nutrition Nursing Art Electrical Engr. Kathy Rezendes Thomas Rhodes Amy Ribuoli Ronald Ricci Micheal Ricii Elementary Ed. Geography Journalism Electrical Engr. Robert Riccio John Richard John Richardson William Richardson Susan Rigazio Sociology Pharmacy Geology Zoology Pharmacy 221 Larry Riggs David Riley Deborah Ringman Lisa Risebrow John Ritacco Civil Engr. Insurance Dental Hygiene Biology History Theresa Roberts Robert Robertson Thomas Robertson Brian E. Rock Madelyn Rocke Commercial Fisheries Insurance Mechanical Engr. Home Economics Carolyn Roda Paul Rode Amy Rodenbush Craig Roderick Charles Roman Pharmacy Pharmacy Zoology Natural Resources John Romano Nancy Rooney Arthur Rosenberg Sandra Ross Sandra Rotella Sociology Respiratory Therapy Marketing Mgt. English Nursing 222 Linda Rowell Joseph Royal Susan Rubinoff Mary Anne Rufo Nicholas Ruggieri Physical Ed. Organizational Mgt. Animal Science Sociology Mechanical Engr. Elaine Runci Patricia Russo Pamela Ruzzo Mary Ryan Mark Saible Nautral Resources Elementary Ed. Resource Tech. Pharmacy Jeanine Salamon Norman Salem Victoria Salimeno David Salisbury Richard Sam Medical Tech. Insurance Biology Mechanical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Edward Sammartino Karen Sampson Scott Sandstrom Jamie Santamaria Sharon Santilli Pharmacy Accounting Speech Elementary Ed. 223 Linda Santillo Stephen Santos Thomas Satterley Laurel Sayles Keitha Sbardella Elementary Ed Food Science Marketing Mgt. Urban Development Theatre Eleanor Scalera Kenneth Scalera David Scaramuzzi Ellen Schackel Deborah Schaefer Child Development Pharmacy Pharmacy Natural Resources Donald Schanck Micheal Schmidt Gary Schneider Tyler Schroeder Deborah Schwab Accounting Marketing Mgt. Business Adm. Natural Resources Henry Scorpio James Scotland Judith Scott Paul Seddon Stephen Segerson Natural Resources Natural Resources Natural Resources Industrial Engr. Accounting 224 Harold Seidler Mary Sekula llene Semer Marcia Sewall Steven Sewell Political Science Business Adm. Accounting Secondary Ed. Political Science Harry Shoemaker Marshall Shogren Zoology Linda Shackelfor Thomas Shallow Robin Shapiro Nancy Sharpe Sally Shaw Urban Development Zoology Speech Food Nutrition Animal Sci. Suanne Shayer Janet Shea David Shek Hilary Shenton Janine Sheridan Nursing Psychology Pharmacy History Psychology Jo Ann Sherman Nursing 225 Lori Shoneman Marketing Mgt. William Shorey Business Adm. Evelyn Short Penny Sikalis Elizabeth Silva Andrea Silvestri Barbara Silva Journalism Textiles Sociology Nursing Cynthia Silvia Micheal Simeone Angelo Simeoni Marion Simon John Simonini Elementary Ed. Pharmacy Resource Tech. Secondary Ed. Anthropology Janet Sleszynski Mary Anne Sloan Anne-Marie Smith Carleton Smith Carleton Smith Elementary Ed. Food Nutrition Speech Sociology Mechanical Engr. 226 Jeanne Spanedda Art Patricia Spink Elementary Ed. Kathleen Spooner Pharmacy Karen Sprague Nursing Ann Spryill Zoology Mark Stacey Kathleen Stack Kathryn Staib Denise Stallone Catherine Stamm Political Science Dental Hygiene Nursing French Home Economics Darlene Smith John Smith Susan Smith Lilly Smuts David Solhaug Psychology Organizational Mgt. Art Speech Marketing Mgt. Bruce Sondler Joanne Soprano Carol Sordillo Edna Souza Nancy Spadola Political Sci. Psychology Theatre Nursing Textiles 227 Allen Stanczy Micheal Stapelton Valerie Starr Peter Stevenson John Stich Journalism Natural Resources Urban Development Natural Resources Natural Resources Paula Stoppello Robert Stott Stephen Stracensky Robert Stritzinge Joseph Stroscio Home Economics Zoology Business Adm. Business Adm. Edward Stulik Ellen Suite Joani Sullivan Maureen Sulivan Susan Sullivan Zoology Psychology Home Economics Candace Sutcliffe Jeanne Sutton Gayle Swanson Mitton Swanson Roberta Szelag Home Economics Textiles Nursing History Home Economics 228 Bruce Taber Andranik Tahmassian Evelyn Tamm Eileen Tammany Mary Tamule Mechanical Engr. Civil Engineering Art Journalism Nursing Richard Tarantino Bruce Tardif Christopher Tasca Susanne Tasca Judith Tate Chemical Engr. Physical Ed Business Adm. Commercial Fisheries Mark Tavitian David Taylor Sherry Taylor William Taylor Laura Temple Psychology Pharmacy Physical Ed. Electrical Engr. Nursing Richard Theroux Linda Terraccian Michelle Therrian Darwin Thomas Patricia Thompson Economics Child Development Accounting Mathematics 229 Anne Tierney Bruce Tierney John Toher Anthony Toku-Agyap Tom Tomasi Elementary Ed. Political Science Chemical Engr. Geography Ann Toohey Micheal Toscano Michele Traboulsi Hope Trahan Michele Tremblay Textiles Civil Engr. Elementary Ed. Business Adm. Pharmacy Karen Trimble Thomas Trimble Karl Triplett Thomas Tsouris Raymond Turgeon Journalism Industrial Engr. Organizational Mgt. Pharmacy Geology David Tuttle Susan Tway June Tyler Richard Updegrove Steven Tudhope Natural Resources Textiles Pharmacy History Nursing 230 Geneva Urquhart Ernest Vacca Joan Vacca Andree Vadenais Zahir Valimahome Secondary Ed. Psychology Paulette Valois Jill Vandercloste Martha Vanderhoop Julia Vardakis Carmen Vare Resource Tech Elementary Ed. Natural Resources Susan Varnam Susan Vartanian Debra Vellucci Lillian Viera Gary Vilhick Nursing English Business Adm. Accounting Nancy Vorro Earl Votolato Jeryl Vuono Janice Wachowicz David Wagner Physical Ed. Urban Engr. Food Nutrition Psychology Journalism 231 Bonnie Weeden Richard Weibust Nancy Weida Suzanne Weiman Nancy Weinstein Organizational Mgt. Psychology Nursing Elementary Ed. James Welch Suzanne Welch Donald Welesko Susan Westberg Robert Weygand Finance Speech Finance Child Development Civil Engr. Bill Whalen Pamela White John Wikiera James Wilkie Marylou Wilkinson Pharmacy German Psychology Natural Resources Textiles Steven Willcox Daniel Williams Denise Williams John Williams Eddy Williamson Economics Journalism Nursing Journalism Political Science 232 Stephen Walch Joseph Walek Catherine Walker John Walker Robin Walker Accounting Biology Physical Ed. Finance Sociology Susan Wallace Dale Wallick Mary Ann Walsh Bobette Walton Ezekiel Wande Nursing Business Adm. Child Development Psychology Harry Ward Alec Wardyga Paula Wardyga Vera Warmath John Warren Zoology Economics Art Resource Technology Nancy Wass Don Waterous Donna Watt Pamela Watts Robin Webb Political Science Zoology Speech Psychology 233 David Wilson Gregory Wilson Laurie Wilson Patricia Wilson Karen Wimbiscus Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. Nursing Food Nutrition Jamelle Winer Charlotte Wing Arthur Winkleman Marcia Winkleman Joy Winslow Child Development Physics Business Adm. History Secondary Ed. Elsie Winterbauer Eileen Winters Georgianne Winters Douglass Woerner Deborah Wolf Food Nutrition Food Nutrition Resource Tech. Chemical Engr. Resource Tech. Scott Wolf Robert Wood June Woodruff Micheal Woodside Candace Wright Accounting Organizational Mgt. Pharmacy Pharmacy Home Economics 234 Mary Wunderlich Denise Wuillemier Linda Wynne Paul Yeager Aydan Yeginer Child Development Journalism Finance Civil Engr. William Young Terry Young Marie Younkin Kathryn Yurch August Zabbo Philosophy Urban Development Biology Journalism Pharmacy Steven Zabronsky Joan Zagruski Elizabeth Zaleski Lorena Zarafontis Micheal Zarum Economics Psychology Secondary Ed. Elementary Ed. Civil Engineering Mary Zayat Stephen Zielinski Robert Zilai Jennifer Zimmerman Tom Zorabepian Physical Ed. Marketing Mgt. Nursing 235 AARON, Arlene. 41 Homer Rd., Quincy, MA 02169 AARONSON, Jill. 15 Windgate Dr . New City. NY 10956 ADAMS. James, 5 Overhill Rd., Scituate. Rl 02857 ADILETTA, Joseph, Vernon Lane, Thompson, CT 06277 ADRAIN, Lome, 59 Ridge Rd.. Warwick. Rl 02889 AHEARN, James, 47 Maplehurst Ave . Warwick. Rl 02889 AHERN, Ellen, Thompson Hill Dr . Cumberland, Rl 02864 AINSWORTH, Wendy, 456 Backus Rd . Webster. NY 14580 ALBERT, Michael, 17 Maxine Rd., Bristol, CT 06010 ALBIN, Mark, 11 Glen Hills Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 ALBRO, Mark. Nooseneck Hill Rd . Coventry. Rl 02816 ALDRICH. Wanda. 393 Brunelle Ave . Manchester. NH 03103 ALEIXO, Deborah, 76 Massasoit Ave.. Cranston. Rl 02905 ALEXANDER, Paul, 34 Farnum Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02888 ALGIERI, Louis, 18 Rocket St., Westerly, Rl 02891 AU. Mohammad, 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 ALLEN. Debra, 15 MacArthur Blvd , Coventry, Rl 02816 ALLEN, Stephen, 60 Wilkens Dr , Dumont. NJ 07628 ALLEN. Valerie. 28 Wilton Rd., Huntington, NY 11743 ALLEN. Kenneth, Jr.. 51 Poplar St.. Newport. Rl 06783 ALLING, Peter, 113 Sportsmans Hill Rd.. Madison, CT 06443 ALMANZOR, Beverly, 38 Pond Ave . Newport. Rl 02840 ALMANZOR. Pedro. 38 Pond Ave . Newport. Rl 02840 ALMEIDA, Sharon. 42 Birchwood Dr, Portsmouth, Rl 02840 ALMEIDA, Thomas, 771 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawtucket. Rl 02840 ALMON. Anne, 88 Claflin Ct.. Warwick, Rl 02886 ALMY, Patricia. Westmain Rd.. Little Compton, Rl 02837 AMARAL. Mary. 50 Roger Williams Ave., Rumford . Rl 02916 ANDERSON, Dana, 35 Kilbum Ave.. Lincoln. Rl 02865 ANDERSON. John. 24 Hudsonview Dr.. Apt. 3, Beacon. NY 12508 ANDOSCIA. Donna. 31 Woodland Ave.. Esmond. Rl 02917 ANDRADE, Stephen, 1362 Hope St., Bristol, Rl 02809 ANDREA, Michael. Jr., 101 Pocasset Ave . Providence, Rl 02909 ANDRESEN, Eliz, 206 Surrey Rd.. Chalfont, PA 18914 ANDREW. Kenneth. Burlingame Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 ANDREWS, Frederic, Jr.. 19 Orchard View Rd., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 ANGELONE, Annamari, 1 Union Ave., Harrison, NY 10528 ANNON, William, 101 Progress St., Lincoln. Rl 02865 ANTIGNANO, Louis. Apt 5D1, Rolens Dr . Kingston. Rl 02881 ANTONIO, Raymond, 14 Lincoln Ave., West Barrington, Rl 02890 APOSTOLOU, James, 87 Hedge Row Dr.. Warwick, Rl 02886 APPELBAUM, Richard, 573 Derby Ave., Woodmere, NY 11598 ARBO, Michael. 124 Main St., Pattern. ME 02765 ARCHAMBAULT. Joanne. 20 Tobin St.. Coventry. Rl 02816 ARCHER. Kathleen. 35 Cross St., Westerly, Rl 02891 ARDITO, Richard, 19 Piedmont St., Providence, Rl 02909 ARIANO, Teresa, 150 North Rd . Kingston. Rl 02881 ARMSTRONG. Sara. 32 Village Line Rd.. Babylon. NY 11702 ARNOLD, Beverly. 317-3 Pope Ave., Fort Leavenworth. KS 66027 ARNOLD, Bruce. Sherwood Hills, Westerly, Rl 02891 ARNOLD, Donna, 109 Massachusetts Ave., Providence. Rl 02905 ARONS. Phillip. 218 Fiat Ave., Cranston. Rl 02910 ARRUDA, Joseph, 27 Beechwood Ave.. Pawtucket, Rl 02860 ASCOLI, Jean, 26 Hudson St.. Providence, Rl 02909 ASCOLI, Thomas, 19 Academy Ave., Bristol. Rl 02809 ASHLEY, Thomas, 61 Mill Lane, Levittown. NY 11756 ASKINAS, Daniel. 816 Hampshire Rd.. Bay Shore. NY 11706 ASPRY, Sandra, 34 Plum Point Rd.. Saunderstown, Rl 02874 ATKINS, Anne, 71 Massasoit Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 ATWELL, William, 8A South Rd.. Kingston, Rl 02881 AUBE. Robert, 23 Scenic Dr.. Cranston, Rl 02920 AUBIN. Everett, 82 Washburn Ave . Rumford. Rl 02916 AUCOIN, Steven, 99 Granite St., Warwick. Rl 02886 AUDETTE, Michael. 184 Power Rd . Pawtucket. Rl 02860 AURELIO, Lewis. 14 South Main. Coventry, Rl 02816 AUSTIN, Joyce, 96 Shirey Blvd., Cranston, Rl 02910 AVAKIAN, Joy. P O Box 7024, Johnston, Rl 02919 AVEDESIAN, David, 126 Waterman Ave . Cranston. Rl 02910 AVELLA, Cheryl, 46 Wilson Ave., Johnston. Rl 02919 AVILA. Anthony, 23 Fatima Dr.. Bristol. Rl 02809 AWKERMAN, Robert. 9 Champion St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 AYOTTE, Adria, 100 Conanicus Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 AZAR, Kaveh, C04 Taft Hall URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 AZARIAN, Robert, 39 Potter St., East Providence. Rl 02914 BABCOCK, Cheryl. 25 Albro Lane, Coventry, Rl 02816 BACON, Cynthia, 227 West Main Rd.. Middletown, Rl 02840 BADGER, Deanna, Box 29E, R.R. 1. Saunderstown, Rl 02874 BAGLINI. Mildred. 1099 Hartford Ave . Johnston, Rl 02919 BAHOOSH. Joyce. 18 Clinton Place, Suffern, NY 10901 BAKER, Michael. 11 Lexington Ave., North Kingstown. Rl 02852 BAKER, Stephen, 12 Homestead Ave . South Portland. ME 04106 BAKEY, Roger, 157’ 2 Jersey St.. Marblehead, MA 01945 BALUCH. William. 4 West St.. Lincoln. Rl 02865 BANIGAN, Robert, 6 Tanglewood Ct.. Apt. 16. West Warwick. Rl 02893 BARBER, Ruth. 48 Weaver Ave., Newport. Rl 02840 BARBOSA, James, 126 Bliss St„ East Providence, Rl 02914 BARBOZA, Wayne, 64 Maple Ave., Middletown, Rl 02840 BARNES. Barry. 26 Gulf St.. Milford. CT. 06460 BARROS. Linda, 145 Dodge St.. P-18 Stinessco, Providence, Rl 02907 BARRY, Richard. 185 Shenandoah Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02886 BARSZCZ, Chester, P.O. Box 6891, Providence. Rl 02940 BARTASH, Robert, 66 Porter Ave., W Rumford. ME 04276 BARTEE, James, 82 Aquidneck Ave.. Portsmouth, Rl 02871 BARTH. Kathleen, 15 Mathewson St . Apt 7. Narragansett. Rl 02882 BASS, William, 67 Fernwood Lane. Roslyn, Long Island, NY 11576 BAUM. Phyllis. 547 Island Ave.. Woodmere. NY 11598 BAZAR. Peter, 205 Slater Ave., Providence, Rl 02906 BEALS, Lynne. 43 Breckenridge Rd., Hadley, MA 01035 BEATTIE, Raymond. Jr., 22 Yale Dr., Coventry. Rl 02816 BEAUCHAMP, Robert, 13 Evergreen St., Fairhaven, MA 02719 BEAUDOIN. Michael, 690 Country Rd , Barrington, Rl 02806 BEAUDREAU. Bernard. Carolina-Wyoming Rd.. Carolina, Rl 02812 BEAUDREAU. Walter. Boom Bridge Rd , Westerly, Rl 02891 BEAULIEU. James. 95 Chambly Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02888 BEAVER. Diane, Yznaga Ave., Apt 1, Newport. Rl 02840 BEBEAU. Brenda, 101 St. Louis Ave., Woonsocket. Rl 02895 BECK. Linda, 61 Frederick St., Rumford, Rl 02916 BECKER, Nancy. 94 Briarbrook Dr . North Kingstown. Rl 02852 BECKMAN. William. 1 Deerfield Dr.. Plainville. MA 02762 BEGG, Pamela, 365 Mapledale Place, Bridgeport, CT 06610 BEHRENDS. Maryjane. 51 Otoole St., Westwood, NJ 07675 BEHRENS. Charles. 6331 Waterway Dr., Falls Church, VA 22044 BELAND. Raymond. 33 Myrtle St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 BELL. Barbara. 12 McCormick Rd., Newport, Rl 02840 BELL. Daniel. 7116 High St.. Wilcox Park. Westerly. Rl 02891 BELL, Marianne, 6 Venetia Ave., Cranford, NJ 07016 BELLOCK. William, 14 Colony Rd . Westport. CT 06880 BELLOTTI, Marie, 16 Argyle St., Cranston, Rl 02920 BENHARRIS. Steven. 33 Hollins Dr.. Cranston, Rl 02920 BENJAMIN, Kim, 86 Ayrault St., Providence. Rl 02908 BENNETT, Donald. Watch Hill Rd . Westerly. Rl 02891 BENNETT, Paula, 145 Clifton Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 BENNETT, Teresa, 24 Smith St., Rockville Centre. NY 11570 BENOIT, Paul. 102 Greenwich Ave . Warwick. Rl 02886 BENTLEY. Joan. 77 North Hull St., East Providence, Rl 02914 BENTSEN, Mark. 44 Overbrook Rd., Warwick, Rl 02889 BERENDES, Joseph. 5 Elton Rd.. Barrington, Rl 02806 BERGERON, Donald, 114 Potomac Rd Warwick, Rl 02888 BERNADYN. Mark. 471 Washington St.. Coventry, Rl 02816 BERNIER, Ronald. Mooresfield Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 BERNSTEIN, Jane. 268 Lindberg St., West Hempstead. NY 11552 BERNSTROM, Jean, 31 Nipsah Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 BERTHIAUME. Denise, 129 Hayes St., Woonsocket. Rl 02895 BERTWELL, Jeffrey. 81 Ladd St., Warwick. Rl 02818 BESSACINI. Joseph, 29 Dix Ave . Johnston, Rl 02919 BESSETTE, Barbara. P.O. Box 403, Charlestown, Rl 02865 BESTOSO, Robert. 336 Gibbs Ave , Newport, Rl 02840 BETLEY, William, 45 Pulaski St.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 BEYDA, Clement, 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 BIGDA, Bonnie. 4 Lillibridge Dr . East Greenwich, Rl 02818 BILLER, Lana, 20 Fairmount Dr, East Greenwich. Rl 02818 BINI. Philip. 9 Louis Ave.. Middlesex, NJ 08846 BIOLOS, Jill, 12 Jill Dr., West Nyack, NY 10994 BIRD. William, 2075 Corinthian Ave . Abington, PA 19001 BIRIBIN, Jillianne. 804 27th St., Union City. NJ 07807 BISHOP. Fred. 87 Underwood Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02888 BISSON. Robert, 33 Cormier Rd., Lincoln, Rl 02865 BLAKE, Roger, 52 Southwest Ave.. Jamestown. Rl 02835 BLANCHARD. Joyce. 101 Curson St.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 BLANCHARD, Paul. Victory Highway, Glendale. Rl 02826 BLANEY, Robert, 176 Arnold St., Riverside, Rl 02915 BLISS. Barbara. 1370 Riverton Rd.. Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 BLITZER, Murray, 118B Iroquois Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 BLIZZARD. Carol. 202 West Crest Rd . Wilmington. DE 19803 BOAS. Mark. P O Box 314, Kingston. Rl 02881 BODEN. Carol, 87 Tallman Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 BOFFA, Thomas, 94 Naples Ave , Providence. Rl 02908 BOGOSIAN, Evan. 515 Red Chimney Dr.. Warwick, Rl 02886 BOGOSIAN, Karen, 82 Beacon Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 BOGU SIS, Joseph. 11 Sanger St., South Boston. MA 02127 BOHMHAUER, Diane, 766 Fletcher St., Tonawanda, NY 14150 BONAVENTURE, Celeste, 11 Darling St., Central Falls, Rl 02863 BONIELLO. Anthony, 78 Beechwood Ave , West Long Branch, NJ 07764 BONNEAU. Earl, Jr . RFD 3. Coluintown Rd.. Coventry. Rl 02816 BOOTH, Francis. 37 King St.. Central Falls. Rl 02863 BORAGINE, Ralph. 54 A Ninigret Dr.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 BORDEN. Donald. 1133 Stafford Rd.. Tiverton, Rl 02878 BOTTONE, Nicholas. Henry St., Westerly, Rl 02891 BOUBESS, Houzama. 4 Taft Hall. Kingston, Rl 02881 BOURASSA, Linda, 141 Eaton St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 BOUTHILLIER. Delores. 293 Union St.. Portsmouth, Rl 02871 BOWEN, Donald, 575 Shippeetown Rd , East Greenwich, Rl 02818 BOWLIN, Nancy, 151 Village Circle East. Paramus, NJ 07652 BOYD, Nancy. 63 Cypress St. , Providence, Rl 02906 BOYES. Carl, 194 Old Country Rd.. Esmond, Rl 02917 BOYLES, Kevan, 9 Sprague Ave., Lincoln, Rl 02865 BRADSHAW. Eileen. 374 Dagett Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 BRAGGER. Elizabeth. 30 Trowbridge Dr., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 BRAMAN. David. 5359 Post Rd.. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 BRANDIMARTE. Michele, 6230 Cheryl Dr., Falls Church, VA 22041 BRANDON. Richard. 11 Oakdale Ave., Pawtucket. Rl 02860 BRANKERT, Steven, Ocean House, Watch Hill. Rl 02891 BRATLIE, Susan. 46 Reedsdale Road. Milton. MA 02187 BRAUN, Frank, 2 Birchwood Rd.. Kennebunk, ME 04043 BRAYMAN, Nora. Escoheag Hill Rd . Escoheag, Rl 02821 BREESE. Daryl, 101 Pimpewaug Rd., Wilton, CT 06897 BREHANT, Denise, 12 Park Ave , Westerly, Rl 02891 BRENNAN, Joseph, 289 Greenwood Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 BREWSTER, Diane. 95 Wainwright St.. Providence, Rl 02908 BRIDGE. Jeffrey, 30 Archdale Dr., Warwick, Rl 02889 BRIERLEY, David, 59 Overlook Dr.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 BRIGGS, Shelly. 48-D June St., Providence, Rl 02908 BRIGHTMAN, Sue, 10 Haskell Ave., Orono, ME 04473 BRITT, William, 531 Walcott St., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 BRITTON, Deborah, 430 So. Main St., Mansfield, MA 02048 BROCCOLI. Russell, 24 John St.. Johnston. Rl 02919 BROMBERG, Laura, 33 Intervale Rd.. Providence, Rl 02906 BROOKS. Ernest. 53 Netherlands Ave . Cranston, Rl 02905 BROPHY, Linda, 12 Westchester Ave., White Plains. NY 10601 BROUGH. Ronald. 218 Highland St.. Laconia. NH 03246 BROUILLARD. Marie, 29 Brown St., Coventry, Rl 02816 BROUSSEAU. Alfred. 30 Stuart St., Westerly, Rl 02891 BROUSSEAU, Michelle. West St Hartford Ave., RFD, Wakefield. Rl 02879 BROWN, Barbara. Greenwood Dr , R.R. 3, Wakefield. Rl 02879 BROWN, Catherine. 72 Gough Ave., Apt. 82, West Warwick. Rl 02893 BROWN. Deborah, 52 Alton St.. Walpole. MA 02081 BROWN. Dori. 147-03 253 Place. Rosedale. NY 11422 BROWN, Francine, 40 Newtown Ave., Wickford, Rl 02852 • BROWN, Henry, 43 Caswell St., Narragansett. Rl 02882 BROWN, Howard. 150 Lakedell Dr.. Warwick. Rl 02818 BROWN. Jean. 67 New Lexington Rd . North Kingstown. Rl 02852 BROWN. Laurel. West Main Rd.. Little Compton. Rl 02837 BROWN. Leland. 115 Gibson Ave.. Narragansett, Rl 02882 BROWN. Rae. 11 Rita St., Warwick. Rl 02889 BROWN, Sheree, 7 Pheasant Ave., Sudbury, MA 01776 BROWNELL, Catherine, 10 King Rd., Middletown, Rl 02840 BRUCKNER, Lois, 72 Petteys Ave . Providence, Rl 02909 BRULE, Paul, 133 Cleveland, Central Falls. Rl 02863 BRUNSON, Steven. 5B3 Grad Apts . Stolens Dr . Kingston. Rl 02881 BRUZZESE. Thomas, 1 Rose Hill Dr., Johnston, Rl 02919 BUCCI. Gerard, 97 Commonwealth Ave . Warwick, Rl 02886 BUCHYNSKY, Irene, 64 Garden St., Cumberland, Rl 02864 BUCKLEY. Cyril, 180 Earle Dr. Wickford. N. Kingstown. Rl 02852 BUCKLEY, Janet, 64 Paine Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 BUONAIUTO. Patricia. 210 Cedar St.. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 BURDICK. Evan, Schoolhouse Rd , Charlestown, Rl 02813 BURKE. Stephen, 44 Kensington Rd , Garden City. NY 11530 BURNS. Richard, 34 Tarence St., Rockville Centre, NY 11570 BURROWS. Pamela. 748A Mollusk Dr . Great Island. Narragansett, Rl 02882 BURROWS. Walter. III. 1 Frank Bills Rd.. P.0 Box 89. Kingston, Rl 02881 BUSSIERE, Carol. 1131 Kline Place, Rahway. NJ 07065 BUTERA, Linda, 94 Carriage Dr., Lincoln, Rl 02865 BUTLER. Colin. RFD, Greene. Rl 02827 BUTLER. Donna, 714 Armistice Boulevard. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 BUTTERWORTH, Roger. RD 2, Newell Dr . Cumberland. Rl 02864 BUTTON. Megin, 203S Butterfield. Kingston, Rl 02881 BUXTON, Bertram, Box 288, North Rd.. Hope, Rl 02831 BYRNES. Barbara. 56 Franklin St.. Bristol. Rl 02809 CABRAL, Alfred, 50 Cottage St., Warren, Rl 02885 CACHULES, Joan. 36 Margaret Dr.. Valley Stream, NY 11580 CAITO, Cheryl, Hull St.. Jamestown, Rl 02835 CALCAGNI, Richard, 43 Plymouth St.. Warwick. Rl 02818 CALDWELL. Jeffrey. 11 Veto St.. Warwick. Rl 02886 CALVERT, Craig, 91 Jog Hill Rd., Trumbull, CT 06611 CAMBRIA. Gail. 45 Glen Meadows Dr . Pawtucket, Rl CAMPBELL. Carol. 99 Lakeside Ave , Cranston, Rl 02910 CAMPBELL, Connie, 16 Badger Dr., Livingston. NJ 07039 CAMPBELL. Heather, 104 Codman Rd., Brookline. MA 02146 CANHA, Robin, 20 Townhouse Court. Hyanms, MA 02601 CANNON, Lee. 814 Love Lane, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 CANNON, Robert. 363 Copeland St.. W. Quincy. MA 02169 CAPOBIANCO, Patricia. Bay berry Rd., Jamestown, Rl 02907 CAPPIELLO, Louis, 27 Sunnie Terr., W. Caldwell. NJ 07006 CAPPUCCIO, Louis, Ocean View Highway, Watch Hill. Rl 02891 CAPUANO, Anthony. 75 Standish Ave., North Providence, Rl 02911 CAPUANO. Deborah. 26 Walnut St., North Providence. Rl 02904 CAPUANO, John, 27 Callan St.. Providence. Rl 02908 CARACCIA. Kenneth. 90 Budlong Ave., Warwick. Rl 02888 CARBONE. Janet. 22 Wildwood Dr . Cranston. Rl 02920 CARCIERI, Stephen, 3 Allen Ave., No. Providence, Rl 0291 1 CARDI, Jeanne, 34 Riley Dr., Riverside. Rl 02915 CAREY. William. 31 Douglas Circle. Smithfield, Rl 02828 CAREY. William. 143 Sixth St. Providence, Rl 02906 CARLEY, Dennis. 65 Hillside Ave., Coventry, Rl 02816 CARLEY. Maureen. 95 Missouri Dr., Warwick, Rl 02886 CARLSON, Jan, 3 Circle Dr . Barrington, Rl 02806 CARLSON, Kristine, 237 Country Club Dr . Warwick. Rl 02888 CARLSON, Larry. RFD 2, Box 212, Ligonier. PA 15658 CARLSON. Robert, 5 Grant Dr.. Coventry, Rl 02816 CARLSON, Ronald, 57 Ellison St.. Cranston, Rl 02920 CARLTON, Donna, 223 Lawlor Terrace, Stratford. CT 06497 CARMINATI, Jaci, 909 Broad St.. Central Falls. Rl 02863 CARNEVALE, Carl. Boswell Rd . Foster. Rl 02825 CARNEVALE. Frank. 537 Fruit Hill Ave.. North Providence, Rl 02911 CARNEY. Ann, Knowles Lane. West Kingstown. Rl 02883 CARNEY. Stephen. Knowles Lane. West Kingston, Rl 02892 CARPENTER. Eleanor, 78 Biscuit City Rd . Kingston. Rl 02881 CARPENTER. Nancy. 130 Chadsey Rd.. No Kingstown. Rl 02852 CARPENTER. Neal. 1621 Phenix Ave., Cranston. Rl 02920 CARPENTIER, David. 81 Park Forest Rd., Cranston. Rl 02920 CARPETIS, James, 103 Grand Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 CARTER, Janice. 50 Wood Ave., Narragansett. Rl 02882 CARTER, Joanne, 34 Claypool Dr . Warwick. Rl 02886 CARTER, Steven, 5 Puritan Dr., Barrington, Rl 02806 CARTER. Sue, 30 Landon Rd., Warwick, Rl 02888 CARUSO, Diane, 651 Wingate Dr., East Meadow, NY 11554 CARVER, Erin, 89 Red Chimney Dr . Warwick. Rl 02886 CASEY. Barbara, Watch Hill Rd., Westerly, Rl 02891 CASEY, Christin, 1319 Kingstown Rd . Kingston, Rl 02881 CASINELLI. Paul, 26 Hibiscus Dr . Cranston, Rl 02920 CASSANI, Linda, 5 Martin Ct.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 CASTEN, Norma, Box 78, RFD 1, Saunderstown, Rl 02874 CASTIGLIA, Dawn. 129 Canonchet Dr.. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 CASWELL, Margriet, Cahoone Rd., Greene, Rl 02827 CASWELL, Nettie, 27 Calvert Place, Jamestown, Rl 02835 CATHERS. Donald. 73 President Ave , Riverside. Rl 02915 CAULK1NS, Willard, 3352 Foulk Rd . Booth wyn, PA 19061 CAYOUETTE, Steven. 91 Narragansett Ave., West Warwick. Rl 02893 CELENTANO, Diane. 282 Park Ave . Woonsocket. Rl 02895 CELESTINO, Elizabeth, 3 Maple St.. Hope Valley. Rl 02832 CERIO. Robert. 50 Lloyd Ave , Warwick, Rl 02886 CERIO, Thomas, 8 Red Maple Rd , Coventry. Rl 02816 CERRA. Kathleen. 18 Merchant St.. No. Providence, Rl 02911 CERULLO, Deborah, 152 Davis Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 CHAFFEE, Richard. 115 Gould Ave., Warwick. Rl 02888 CHAHARYN, Patricia, 35 Lyman St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 CHAPMAN. Kenneth, 23 Birch St., Portsmouth. Rl 02881 CHAPMAN, Nancy, 12 Fraternity Circle. Kingston, Rl 02881 CHAPMAN, Stephani, 42 Montrose, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 CHAPPELL, Glenn. 12 Highland Ave . Wakefield, Rl 02879 CHARETTE, Joann, 232 South Main St.. Coventry, Rl 02816 CHARIS. Susan. 325 Angell Rd., Lincoln. Rl 02865 CHARREN, Marc, 61 Glen Ridge Rd.. Cranston. Rl 02920 CHARTIER, Richard, 110 Allen Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 CHASE, Robin, 90 Upton Ave., Providence, Rl 02906 CHASSE, George. 1717 Ten Rod Rd.. North Kingstown. Rl 02852 CHESSARE, Patricia, 285 Old Stockbridge Rd . Lenox. MA 01240 CHEW. Robert III. P O Box 71. Priscilla Rd.. Jamestown, Rl 02835 CHIN. Peter, 257 Jastram St., Providence, Rl 02908 CHIOTT. James. 130 Fair St., Warwick. Rl 02888 CHIU, Nancy, F-7 Graduate Apt., Kingston, Rl 02881 CHMURZYNSKI, Lynne, 1331 Pine Dr.. Bayshore. NY 11706 CHRISTENSEN, Lois, 12 Kenneth Ave., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 CHRISTENSEN, Walter, 41 Clayton St., Middletown. Rl 02840 CIANFARANI, Norman, 200 Congress Ave , Providence, Rl 02907 CIOE, Cynthia, 206 Gentian Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 CIRILLO, Ralph. 108 Union St.. Bristol. Rl 02809 CLARK. Patricia. 104 Catalpa Ave., Riverside. Rl 02915 CLARK, Raymond, 309 Longmeadow Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 C LARKIN, Susan, RFD 2, Radial Dr.. Narragansett, Rl 02882 CLINTON. Paul, 25 Old Post Rd.. East Walpole. MA 02032 CLIPPERT, Laura. Lebanon Rd.. North Berwick ME 03906 COCCI, Nancy, 75 Metropolitan Rd., Providence, Rl 02908 COCCIA, Lorraine, P.O. Box 175, Kingston, Rl 02881 COFFUA, Kevin, 252 Wakefield St.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 COGEAN, Candice. 29’Sweetwater Rd , Warwick. Rl 02886 COGLIANESE, Matthew. 41 Plane St.. Hackettstown, NJ 07840 COHEN, Allan, 37 Deerfield Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 COHEN, Charles. 9 Sachem St., East Rockaway, NY 11518 COHEN, Paul, 18 Bayberry Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 COHEN. Steven, 68 Marbury Ave.. Pawtucket, Rl 02860 COHN. Leslie, 141 Lorimer Ave., Providence, Rl 02906 COLE, Evelyn, 282 Ring Dr, Groton, CT 06340 COLES, Mark, 2 J State St.. North Kingstown, Rl 02852 COLES, Susan, 2 J State St., North Kingstown. Rl 02852 COLLINS, Joseph, 40 Greene Ave., Cranston. Rl 02920 COLLINS. Maureen, 29 Mabel Ave , Danbury. Ct., 06810 COLLINS, Michael, 379 Drummus Lane, Wayne. PA 19087 COLUCCI, Joanna, 50 Grosvenor Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 COMBIES, William, 48 Douglas Rd , Warwick, Rl 02886 COMBS, Christin, Hutchinson Island. Stuart. FL 33494 COMERFORD, Henry, 111 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 COMERY, John, 262 President Ave., Providence, Rl 02906 COMETA, Robert, 71 Burdick Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 CONATY, Margaret, Ridge Rd., Smithfield, Rl 02917 CONDON. Esther, 4C3 Rolens Dr., Kingston. Rl 02881 CONFORTI, Patricia, 136 Hoyt Ave., Rumford, Rl 02916 CONROY, Mark, 144 Lloyd Ave . Providence. Rl 02906 CONTI, James. PWD CMR, Box 2397, FPO, NY 09560 CONTINETTI, Joseph, 2402 Wittington Blvd., Alexandria. VA 22308 COOLEDGE, Kenneth III. 52 Douglass St.. Portland, ME 04102 COOLEY, Carolyn, 78 Indian Rd.. Riverside, Rl 02915 COPPA, John, Third St., North Kingston, Rl 02852 COPPOLA, Ralph, 101 Homestead Ave., North Smithfield, Rl 02895 COPPOLINO, Domenic. 137 Willard Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 CORBEIL, George, Pole 46, Scituate Ave., Johnston, Rl 02919 CORCORAN. Maureen. 7 Oakdale Rd , Branford, CT 06405 CORCORAN, Thomas, 81 Hillsdale Ave., Hillsdale, NJ 07642 CORNEAU, Claudett, 82 Belmont St., Central Falls. Rl 02863 CORP, Douglas, 42 Wisteria Dr . Coventry, Rl 02816 CORP, William, 42 Wisteria Dr., Coventry, Rl 02816 CORRENTE, Doreen, 9 Farnum Ave . North Providence, Rl 0291 1 CORRIERE, Mary, 41 Thelma Irene Dr., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 CORRIERE, Michael. 41 Thelma Irene Dr , North Kingstown, Rl 02852 CORRIVEAU. Margaret. 3 Daniel Dr . Coventry, Rl 02816 COSTA, Carlos, 37 Wall St., Bristol, Rl 02809 COSTA. Paulette. 7 Titus St., Cumberland. Rl 02864 COSTA, Richard, Dewey Lane, Jamestown, Rl 02835 COSTANTINO. Nancy. 1626 Chalkstone Ave . Providence. Rl 02909 COSTELLO. Karen. 362 Forest Ave . Middletown. Rl 02840 COTE, Maureen, 16 Churubusco Dr., Warwick, Rl 02889 COULTER, Fred, 5700 Turkey Lake Rd . Orlando, FL 32805 CRANDALL. Sandra. 12 Robinson St.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 CRAVEN, Michael, 20 Chestnut Rd , North Kingston, Rl 02889 CREAMER, Jeffrey. 60 Briarcliff Rd., Warwick Neck, Rl 02914 CREASEY, Grace. 60 Pershing St.. Cranston, Rl 02910 CRESCI. Julius. 374 Potters Ave.. Providence. Rl 02907 CRESSMAN, Robert. Jr . 34 Tanglewood Dr East Greenwich, Rl 02818 CRIPPS, Deborah, 106 Carlton Ave , Warwick. Rl 02889 CRISCIONE, James. 15 West Hill Circle, Cranston, Rl 02920 CROCE. Maryann, 10 Loxley Dr.. Johnston. Rl 02919 CROCKER. David. 4 Black Rock Rd.. Yardley. PA 19067 CRONIN, Peter, 120 Knollwood Ave., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 CRONKITE, Bruce, R R 4, Box 62A, Narragansett, Rl 02882 CROWTHER. Margaret. 115 Diamond Hill Rd . Warwick. Rl 02886 CUNNINGHAM. Jeanne. 25 Elliot Rd., Cranston, Rl 02910 CUNNINGHAM. Stephen. 50 Mark Dr . Cranston. Rl 02920 CUROSKI, Robin. 1015 Williams St.. Longmeadow. MA 01106 CURRAN. David. 181 Bluff Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 CURRAN, Timothy, 3 Pilgrim Terrace, Cumberland, Rl 02864 CURRY. Jane. 31 Howland Lane. Hingham, MA 02043 CURTIN, Kevin, 22 Basswood Ave., Providence. Rl 02908 CYGANIEWICZ. Paula. 83 Grand View Dr . Cumberland, Rl 02864 CYGANOSKI, Charles. 32 Holland Ave.. Pawtucket, Rl 02860 D ' lTRI, Lisa, 23 Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield. Rl 02879 DAFFUSO. Karen. 15 Estelle Blvd . Warwick. Rl 02889 DAGNENICA, Anthony. 57 Clemence St.. Cranston. Rl 02920 DALFONSO. Richard, 584 Sandy Lane, Warwick, Rl 02886 DALMEIDA, Alfred. 30 Preneta St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 DALTON. Mary. 536 Walcott St . Pawtucket. Rl 02861 DAME, David. 120 Earle St.. Central Falls. Rl 02863 DANE, Richard, 100 Moulton St., Hamilton, MA 01936 DANGELO, Thomas. 33 Heath St.. Providence, Rl 02909 DANIELEWICZ. Deborah. 38 Wilson Ave . Johnston. Rl 02919 DARGIE, Philip. 258 Pawtucket Ave , Rumford, Rl 02916 DAUCUNAS, John, 65 Major Potter Rd., Warwick. Rl 02886 DAVIS, Albert, 11 Harbour Terrace, Cranston. Rl 02905 DAVIS. Jeffrey. 36 Nickerson St., Cranston. Rl 02910 DAVIS, Mindy. 44 Colonial Woods Dr . West Orange. NJ 02052 DAY, Charles. 7 Moreland St., Johnston, Rl 02919 DAZENSKI, Michael. 3 Polo St.. Dix Hills. NY 11746 DEAN. Susan, 2109 Elmwood Ave , Warwick, Rl 02888 DEANGELIS, Paul. 686 Angell St., Providence, Rl 02906 DEARBORN, Karen, 41 Pinecrest Dr., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 DEASCENTIS. Hugo. 7 Brightman St.. Newport. Rl 02840 DEBIASSE. Mary. 42 Burnet Rd , Madison. NJ 07940 DECAPORALE, William, 85 Clarence St., Providence, Rl 02909 DECECCO, Susan. 199 Ontario St., Providence, Rl 02907 DECICCIO, Daniel. 50 Brightwood Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 DECKER. Dennis, 109 Chodsey Rd . N Kingstown, Rl 02852 DECKER. Robert, RFD 1. Frenchtown, NJ 08825 DECOSTA. Holly, 191 Chase Lane, Middletown. Rl 02840 DEFUSCO, Karen. 115 Zinnia Dr., Cranston. Rl 02920 DEI MANTAS, Thomas. 71 Skyline Dr . Waterbury, CT 06706 DELAURO, Amy, 6D Crestview Dr., Westerly, Rl 02891 DELBONIS, Sandra. 201 Angell Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 DELDEO. John. Neck Rd . Tiverton, Rl 02878 DELLAPORTA. Stephen, 43 Kearney St., Cranston. Rl 02920 DELMONICO. Carol, 11 Raymond Rd.. North Providence, Rl 0291 1 DELPRETE, William, 1379 Hope Rd., Cranston, Rl 02831 DELUCA, Jeffrey. P.O. Box 91, Kingston. Rl 02881 DEMARIA. Richard, 27 Lasalle Dr.. Providence. Rl 02908 DEMELLO. Phoebe, 54 Lakeview Ave., Lincoln. Rl 02865 DENUCCI, Thomas, 1477 Cranston St., Cranston, Rl 02910 DERDAK, Joanne, 46 Goshen St., Elmont, NY 11003 DERESTIE, Donna. 44 Knotty Oak Rd.. Coventry. Rl 02816 DERRICO, Joseph, Jr., 205 Wentworth Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 DESBONNET, Eric. 6 Spring Garden Ave., Shelter Island Hgts . NY 11965 DESIMONE. Barbara. 74 Eaton St., Providence. Rl 02908 DESIMONE, Marilyn, 117 Pascack Rd., Westwood. NJ 07675 DESIMONE, Mary. 304 Admiral St., Providence, Rl 02908 DESISTA, Richard. 206 High St., Peacedale, Rl 02883 DESROSIERS. Paul, 9 Colonial Way. West Warwick. Rl 02893 DEVAN, Kerry, 330 Kenmore Rd.. Douglaston, NY 11363 DEVEREAUX, Patricia, 142 Yucatan Dr., Warwick, Rl 02889 DEVINE, Patricia. 175 Drybrook Rd., Warwick. Rl 02885 DEVOE, Michele. Indian Cedar Park, Kenyon. Rl 02836 DEVONA, Clarinda. 70 Hall St., Providence, Rl 02904 DEXTER, Jean, Box 183, Saunderstown, Rl 02874 DIAMOND. Anne, 22-30 Village Green No., Apt. 5. East Providence, Rl 02915 DIAMOND. Kenneth, 1890 Leslie Lane, Merrick, NY 11566 DIAS, Gerald. 34 Moorland Ave., East Providence, Rl 02914 DIBIASIO, Steven, 6 Commodore Ave., Smithfield. Rl 02917 DICARLO. Paul. 8 Kent St., West Warwick, Rl 02893 DICHIARA, Albert, 36 Roland Ave . Cranston. Rl 02920 DICKENSHEETS, David, 41 Bald Eagle Rd., W„ Hilton Head Is., SC 29928 DIETZ, Lincoln, Vines Road, RFD 3, Ballston Lake. NY 12019 DIFFILY, Thomas. 10 Marine Dr.. Narragansett, Rl 02882 DIGIACOMO. Teresa. Rt. 138, Usquepaug. West Kingston, Rl 02892 DILL, Dennis, 63 Cole St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 DILLON, David, 248 Althea Street, Providence. Rl 02909 DIMARTINO, Paula, 10 Wilson St., West Warwick, Rl 02893 DIMATTEO, John, 5 Brow St.. Barrington. Rl 02806 DIMEGLIO, John, 1207 Chalkstone Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 DINITTO. Carmine. 54 Oakwood Ave , Providence, Rl 02909 DION, Muriel. 7 Paul Ave., Peace Dale. Rl 02879 DIPALMA, Steven, 67 Endfield Dr, West Warwick, Rl 02893 DIPAOLA. Glenn, 42 Bradford St., Bristol, Rl 02809 DIPETRILLO, Robert, 284 Union Ave., Providence, Rl 02909 DIPIETRO, Thomas. 19 Major Arnold Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 DIRAIMO. Sharon. 829 Atwells Ave., Providence, Rl 02909 DISALVIA, Betty, 1646 Cranston St., Cranston, Rl 02920 DIVOLL, Mark. 239 Tanglewood Dr., E. Greenwich, Rl 02818 DOBSON. Paul. 507 South Main St.. Attleboro. MA 02703 DOMER, Michael. 16 Orchard Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 DONELAN, James, 85 Community Rd., Warwick. Rl 02889 DONNELLY, Mary. 1025 Chalkstone Ave . Providence, Rl 02908 DONOHUE. Maureen, 20 Glen Rd.. Uncasville. CT 06382 DORAN. Timothy, 47 Grinsted St.. Manhasset, NY 11030 DOWDELL. Grace. 18 Meadow Ave , Wakefield. Rl 02879 DOWNEY. Betsy, Box 226, Shermantown Rd.. No. Kingstown. Rl 02874 DOYLE, Jean, 155 Sunny Cove Dr.. Warwick, Rl 02886 DRESSLER, Lorna, 9 Lyndon Rd.. Cranston, Rl 02905 DREW. Susan. 600 Ives Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 DRYDEN, Mark, 18 Boxwood Ct., Huntington Station. NY 11746 DRYFOOS, Carol. 24 School House Rd , Narragansett, Rl 02882 DUBE, Gerald, Apt 224, Cowesett Hills, Warwick. Rl 02886 DUBOIS. Debra, 63 Magill St., Pawtucket. Rl 02860 DUCHARME, Debra, Cooper Hill Rd.. Mapleville, Rl 02839 DUFFY. Brendan, 38 Hiawatha Lane. Westport, CT 06880 DUGGAN, Michael, P O. Box 94, Kingston, Rl 02881 DUNLAP. Kathleen. Old River Rd., Lincoln. Rl 02865 DUNLAP. Robert, 35 Holden Rd., South Kingstown, Rl 02879 DUNLEA, Debra. 84 Common Fence Blvd., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 DUNNE, Deborah, 30 Daffodil Lane, Wantagh, NY 11793 DUPERRON, Anne, 611 Washington St., Coventry, Rl 02816 DUPRAT, Paula, 65 Prospect St., Barrington, Rl 02806 DUVAL, Gerard, 568 Park Ave., Box 46, Portsmouth, Rl 02871 DWYER. Timothy. General Delivery, West Kingston. Rl 02892 EAMES, Pamela, Town House Rd., Durham, CT 06422 EDELMAN. Lizbeth, 50 Murray St.. Coventry, Rl 02816 EDISON, Stewart, 766 Park Lane, East Meadow. NY 11554 EDWARDS. Mark, Saw Mill Rd.. North Scituate, Rl 02857 EDWARDS, Susan, 262 Phillips St., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 EICHHOLZ, David. 12 Waldo St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 EIDSON, Martha. 290 Fletcher Rd.. North Kingstown, Rl 02852 EIGHME, Gregory, 43 Hawthorne Ave , Barrington, Rl 02806 EISENHARDT, James. 457 Crystal Lake Ave., Hadd onfield, NJ 08033 ELIASOF, Louis, 788 Princeton St., New Milford, NJ 07646 ELLIS, George. 20 Greene Lane, Newport. Rl 02840 ELLIS, Harold, III. Peck Hill Rd., North Scituate, Rl 02857 ELMSTROM. Kurt, 108 Blackamore Ave , Cranston, Rl 02910 ELSON, Susan, 132 Wentworth Ave., Cranston. Rl 02905 EMMETS, Patricia, 50 Carlson Ct., Closter, NJ 07624 EMR. Scott. 1428 Abbott Blvd., Fort Lee. NJ 07024 ENGBORG, Jane, 50 Fort Place, Staten Island, NY 10301 ENGEL. John, 43 Nutmeg Lane, Madison, CT 06443 ENGLE, Carol, 198 Sessions St., Providence Rl 02906 ENGLEBROOK, Marshall, 22 Adelina Dr.. North Kingston, Rl 02852 ENNIS, Joanna. 160 Gorham Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 ENRIGHT. Margaret, 121 Calla St., Providence, Rl 02905 ERIKSON, David, 2 Lansdowne Rd., Warwick, Rl 02888 ESCOBAR. Maria. 25 Ide Ave . East Providence. Rl 02914 ESPOSITO, Peter, Ocean View Dr., RFD Green Hill, South Kingston. Rl 02881 EUSTIS, Scott. 65 Vassar Ave . Providence. Rl 02906 EVERS. Harold, 24 Mt View Drive, Cumberland, Rl 02864 FADDEN, Peter, 64 Village St.. Marblehead, MA 01945 FAIR. Robert, 39 Hilton, Providence, Rl 02905 FAIRFIELD. Susan, 283 Knight St., Warwick, Rl 02886 FALES, Andrew, Jr., 481 Bullocks Point Ave , Riverside. Rl 02915 FALLON, Diane, Luther Road. Foster, Rl 02825 FALLON, Donna, 49 Maryland Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 FALLON, John. 1288 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 FALLOW. Edward. 56 Hopedale Dr.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 FANNING, Mary, 23 Narragansett Ave . Tiverton, Rl 02878 FARHOUMAND. Ahmad. 4 Taft Hall URI. Kingston, Rl 02881 FARHOUMAND, Ebrahim, 4 Taft Hall, URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 FASCITELLI. Lucille. 53 Samoset Ave . Providence, Rl 02908 FAVOUR. John, Summit Rd., Northeast Harbor. ME 04662 FECTEAU. Michele. P.O. Box 173, Kingston. Rl 02881 FEDAK, Rosanne, 11 Colburn Rd , East Brunswick. NJ 08816 FEINSTEIN, Jonathan. 441 Tillinghast Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 FELDMAN, Alan, 25 Hemlock Lane. Bay Shore. NY 11706 FELDMAN, William. 235 Sixth St„ Providence, Rl 02906 FELLA, Peter, 9 Parkway Dr . West Nyack, NY 10994 FELLMAN, Bruce, Box 266, W Bay View Dr., Jamestown. Rl 02835 FERAGNE. Donald. 2008 Warwick Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 FERNANDES, Joseph, 314 Waterman Ave., Smithfield. Rl 02917 FERRY, Christin, 132 Hillside Ave , Pawtucket, Rl 02860 FEZETTE, Steven, 25 Lincoln Ave., Tiverton. Rl 02878 FIGARSKY, Pamela, 15 Hollins Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 FILLO, Kenneth. 31 Ayrault St.. Providence, Rl 02908 FINAMORE, Maryann, 67 Marion Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 FINAN. Joseph. 16 Lincoln St.. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 FINN. Cathy. 11 Glenview Dr.. Bristol. Rl 02809 FINOCCHIARO, Eugene, Laurel Hill Dr . Westerly. Rl 02891 FINOCCHIARO. Francis. Laurel Hill Dr . Westerly. Rl 02891 FIORE. Lisa, Oakwood Drive, Peace Dale, Rl 02883 FIORENZANO, Frank. 59 Westtield Dr., Cranston. Rl 02920 FISCHER. Catherin. 113 Retford Ave . Cranford. NJ 07016 FISCHER. Jeffrey. 191 Juniper Dr., North Kingstown. Rl 02852 FISH, Thomas. 55 Oakdale St., Warwick. Rl 02888 FISHER. Kerry. 188 E MaujerSt., Valley Stream, NY 11580 FISHKIN. Leslie. 167 West 31st Street, Bayonne. NJ 07002 FITTON, Barbara, 72 Miller Ave.. Rumford. Rl 02916 FITZGERALD. Diane, 53 Sixth St., East Providence, Rl 02914 FITZGERALD. Richard, 77 Woodbury Rd . Cranston. Rl 02905 FITZPATRICK. Lesley. 144 Ayrault Rd . East Greenwich. Rl 02818 FLACK, Kathleen. 15 Harrison Avenue, Newport. Rl 02840 FLAMAND. Denise, 186 Custer St.. Warwick, Rl 02886 FLEETER. Tracy. 24149 Shaker Blvd . Shaker Heights. OH 44122 FLETCHER. Edith. 5 Yale St.. Newport, Rl 02840 FLEURANT. David. 3030 Mendon Rd . Cumberland. Rl 02864 FLODIN, Dale, 27 Narragansett Ave , Pawtucket, Rl 02861 FLYNN. Cynthia, R.R 7A. Mitchell Rd . Narragansett. Rl 02882 FLYNN. Robert. 51 Locust St.. Riverside. Rl 02915 FOLSOM. Susan, 19 Benefit Rd . Wakefield. Rl 02879 FONSECA. Mark. 104 Cliff Ave.. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 FONTAINE. Michele. 37 Slater Park Ave.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 FONTAINE. Roger. 370 Jepson Lane, Portsmouth, Rl 02840 FORTE, James, 135 East Hill Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 FOSTER, Susan, Tomaguag Rd.. Bradford. Rl 02808 FOURNIER. Robert. P O Box 7. West Kingston, Rl 02892 FOURNIER, Robert, 1104 Main Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 FRAPPIER, Dennis. 67 Pineland Ave , Worcester, MA 01604 FRATANTUONO. Peter. 445 Budlong Rd . Cranston, Rl 02920 FRAZIER. Patricia. 959 Sandy Lane, Medina. OH 44256 FREDERICK. Shirley. 8 Valley View Dr . Ramsey. NJ 07446 FREDETTE, Raymond, 155 Fa irview Ave.. Coventry, Rl 02816 FREELOVE. Elizabeth. 3 Lee St.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 FRIEDMAN. Robert. 17 Field Rd . Maplewood. NJ 07040 FRYE, Daniel, 52 Tibbetts St., So. Berwick, ME 03908 FULFORD. Susan, South Road, Exeter. Rl 02822 FULLER. Deborah, 150 Everleth Ave., Warwick. Rl 02888 FUQUEA, Robert, 7 Union St., Jamestown, Rl 02835 FURMAN. Sheryl. 95 Mason Ave . Cranston. Rl 02910 FUSCO, Jane, 264 Morgan Ave., Johnston, Rl 02919 GAETA, Susan, 22 Linwood Dr.. Johnston, Rl 02919 GAGNON, Mark, 45 Kaler Rd., So. Portland. ME 04106 GAGNON. Pamela, 86 Rogers Ave.. W Barrington, Rl 02890 GAGNON. Suzanne. 127 Suffolk Ave . Pawtucket. Rl 02861 GALLAGHER. James. 108 Wakefield St., West Warwick. Rl 02864 GALLAGHER, Thomas. 93 Clyde St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 GALLIPEAU, Peter, 3 Cypress St.. Newport, Rl 02840 GALLISON, Deborah. 15 Orchard St., North Providence, Rl 02911 GALLMAN. Ulysses, 1603 Carver St.. New Bern. NC 28560 GALLO. Becky, Alexandre Rd , Coventry, Rl 02816 GALLOWAY. Deborah. 54 Chandler Ave . Pawtucket. Rl 02860 GALOOB, Michael. 11816 Leaning Elm . Oklahoma City, OK 73120 GAMES, Janice, 19 Salem Dr., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 GAMMERINO. Jaclyn. P.0 Box 232. Kingston. Rl 02881 GARDINER. Thomas. 60 Tower Hill Rd . North Kingstown. Rl 02852 GARDNER. Roger, Hoxsie. Ave . RFD 1 Bradford. Rl 02808 GAROFALO. David. 85 Asylum Rd . Warwick. Rl 02886 GAROFALO, Gina, 22 Fearing Dr., Westwood, MA 02090 GASKILL, Paula, 42 Barrett Run Rd , Bridgeton. NJ 08302 GAVITT, Peter, Glen Rock Rd . West Kingstown, Rl 02892 GEARY. Daniel. 90 Pontiac Ave , Cranston. Rl 02910 GEBING. Thomas. 230 Kingswood Rd N. Kingstown. Rl 02852 GEDDIS, Carline, 60 Farnsworth Ave., Tiverton, Rl 02878 GEISSER, Harold. 45 Brookfield Rd., Riverside. Rl 02915 GEISSER. Michael, 27 Cul De Sac Way, Riverside. Rl 02915 GENCARELLI, David. 18 Timothy Dr . Westerly. Rl 02891 GENCOGLU. Sedat. 4 Taft Hall, URI. Kingston. Rl 02881 GENTILE. Dennis, 60 Stella St., Providence, Rl 02909 GENTILE, Laurie, Box 173A, Plain Rd . Greene. Rl 02827 GEORGE. Denise. 167 Welfare Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 GEREMIA, Linda, 33 Moorefield St., Providence, Rl 02909 GERMOND. Deborah. 18 Matthewson, St., Narragansett. Rl 02882 GERONIMO. John. Box 161, Darrow Rd.. Edinboro, PA 16412 GERSTENLAUER. David, 49 Sherman Ave.. Cranston. Rl 02920 GERTZ, Barry, 11 Lenox Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 GIARD, Gary, Great Road, Lincoln, Rl 02865 GIBBONS. Louise, 3767 Post Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02886 GIBSON, Ralph, 116 Studley St., Brentwood, NY 11717 GIFFORD, Carol, RFD 1. Ext. E. State St.. Johnstown. NY 12095 GIFFORD, Jane, 133 Rangeley Rd . C ranston. Rl 02920 GILMORE, Patricia, 45 Camden Rd , Bonnet Shores, Rl 02882 GILSTEIN. David. 29 Rockhill Dr.. Cranston. Rl 02920 GINGRAS, Robert. 15 Lucille Dr . Greenville. Rl 02828 GIORDANO. Allegra, 68 Freedom Dr, Cranston. Rl 02920 GIRARD. Claude. 49 Newton St., Woonsocket. Rl 02895 GIRR, Peter, 5 Momford Ave.. Newport, Rl 02840 GIUSTI, Diana. 1400 Smith St., No. Providence. Rl 0291 1 GLADNEY. Richard. 27 Winsor Dr . Barrington, Rl 02806 GLANCY. Robert. 2631 Whites Point Dr . San Pedro, CA 90732 GLASCOM. John, P O Box 2002, Edgewood Stati., Providence, Rl 02905 GLASS, Robert, 60 Broadway. Providence. Rl 02903 GLATT, Meryl, 33 Plantation Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 GLAZERMAN. Steven, 270 Park Ave . Passaic, NJ 07055 GLINICK, Cynthia, 811 Main St., Islip, NY 11751 GLYNN. Maureen, 137 Poplar Dr., Cranston. Rl 02920 GODDARD. June. Baxter St.. Charlestown, Rl 02813 GOE. Marie. Ludlow Woods Rd . Stanford ville. NY 12581 GOGGIN, Janis. 26 Gleenwood Rd.. W Hartford, CT 06107 GOLD, Barbara, 144 Columbia Ave , Cranston. Rl 02905 GOLD. Diane, 9 Conant Lane, Kingston. Rl 02881 GOLDBERG. Ronald. 625 Nelson Place. Westbury. NY 11590 GOLDEN, Thomas, 9 Preston St., Providence, Rl 02906 GOLDMAN. Geraldine, 360 Devils Ft. Rd.. North Kingstown. Rl 02852 GOLDSTEIN, Arnold, 79 Shrub Hollow Rd . Roslyn, NY 11576 GOLDWEITZ. Bruce, Ridge Rd., Muttontown, Syosset. NY 11791 GOLET, Susan, 1 Laneway Ct., Narragansett, Rl 02882 GONZALEZ, Susan. 14 Mountainside Dr . Wayne. NJ 07470 GOODREAU, Laura. 2-24 Palmer Grove, Slocum, Rl 02877 GOODRICH. Edward. 38 What Cheer Rd . Narragansett, Rl 02882 GOODRICH. Rita. 18 N. Hillview Dr.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 GOODWIN. Kenneth, 588 Main St.. S. Windsor, CT 06074 GORDINIER. Francene, 4 Phalen St., Acton, MA 01720 GORHAM, Michael. 86 Scenic Dr., Warwick, Rl 02886 GORIN. David, 101 Glenwood Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 GOULART, Dorothy, Sakonnet Point, Little Compton, Rl 02837 GRADILONE. Gale. 71 Wells St.. Westerly. Rl 02891 GRAHAM. Glen, 30 Old Post Rd., Wakefield, Rl 02879 GRAHAM. Linda, Box 473, Woodshole. MA 02543 GRANDY. Katherine. 68 Providence Rd , Westford, MA 01886 GRAU, Thomas, 8 Putters Rd . Succasunna, NJ 07876 GRAY, Kim, 80 Atlantic Ave , Providence, Rl 02907 GREEN. Harvey. 10 Howie Ave . Warwick. Rl 02888 GREEN, Paul, 214 Tiogue Ave , Coventry, Rl 02816 GREENBERG, David, 489 Demott Ave . Baldwin. NY 11510 GREENE, Cheryl, North Drive, RFD, Ashaway. Rl 02804 GREENE, James. 262 Warrington St., Providence, Rl 02907 GREENE, Paul, 185 Riverside Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 GREENE, William, 11 Dearborn Dr, Riverside, Rl 02915 GREENFELD. Cheryl. 87 Betsy Williams Dr . Cranston. Rl 02905 GREENWOOD. Gail, 322 Wilson Ave.. East Providence, Rl 02916 GREENWOOD. Linda. 347 South Mam St.. Coventry, Rl 02816 GRENIER, Roger. 316 Washington St. . West Warwick. Rl 02893 GREENAN, Stephen, 1601 Tower Hill Rd . North Kingstown, Rl 02852 GREENAN. Thomas III. 34 Cynthia Dr.. No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 GRESLICK, John, 12 Ridgeland Ave.. South Portland. ME 04106 GRIFFITHS. Julie. 76 Hill Farm Rd.. Coventry. Rl 02816 GRIMES, Laura, 57 Kay St.. Newport Rl 02840 GROGAN, Mary, 3 Farnum Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02888 GRONNEBERG, Bonnie. 92 Friendly Rd.. Cranston, Rl 02910 GRZEBIEN. Daniel. 54 Silver Lake Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02888 GUDAS. Elaine, 23 Winthrop St.. Cranston, Rl 02910 GUERETTE, Paul, P.O. Box 251. Kingston. Rl 02881 GUERTIN. Marlene, 4 St. George St.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 GUIDA. Barbara. 99 Ewing Rd . North Kingstown, Rl 02852 GUIDA. Donna, 1 Hampton Ct., Shark River Hills. NJ 07305 GUIDA. Paula, 6 Varnum Ave., Bristol, Rl 02809 GUIMOND. Douglas. 23 Elmhurst Circle. Elmwood. CT 06110 GUY, William. 28 Little Rest Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 HAAS, Maria, 31 Stonehenge Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 HADDAD. Jane, 295 Wayland Ave , Providence. Rl 02906 HAEFELE, Douglas, 2 Red Cross Ave . Newport, Rl 02840 HAGAN. Carol, 1021 Bald Hill Rd.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 HAGAN, Robert, 53 Church St.. Pascoag. Rl 02859 HAGGERTY, Colleen, 84 Fiume St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02860 HAGUE. Michael, 35 Newbury St.. Cranston, Rl 02920 HAID, Patricia, 12 Peabody Dr , Warwick. Rl 02889 HAINS, Maurice, Jr . 29 Ferncliff Ave . Warwick, Rl 02886 HALL, Laurence, Box 215, Carolina. Rl 02812 HALL. Michael. 4 Gray Terr., Newport, Rl 02840 HALLENE, Mary. 630 So. County Trail, North Kingstown, Rl 02852 HALLETT. Mark. 31 West St.. Mansfield, MA 02048 HALSALL, Susan, 251 Niagara St., Providence. Rl 02907 HALSTEAD, George. Jr, 6 Gaudet St.. No Providence. Rl 0291 1 HALTERMAN, Martin, Hartford Pike, Foster, Rl 02825 HALZEL, Martin, 413 Spring Green Rd . Warwick, Rl 02888 HAND. Loretta. 194 Parkside, Ave.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 HANDY, Annette, 25 Curson St., West Warwick, Rl 02893 HANLEY. John, 3 Paine Ave , Cranstop. Rl 02910 HANNIFAN, Christine, 210 Earle Dr., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 HANNIGAN, Maureen. 2 Charter St., Johnston, Rl 02919 HANSON, Bruce, 24 Blaisdell St.. Cranston, Rl 02910 HAPGOOD. Gay, Bobolink Rd . Greenwich. CT 06830 HARPER, Patricia, 717 Windsor Rd . Uniondale. NY 11553 HARRIS, James, 133 Oakdale Rd . North Kingstown, Rl 02852 HARRIS, Mark. 180 South Park Dr . Massapequa Park. NY 11762 HARRIS, Paul, 40 Woodhaven Blvd., North Prov idence, Rl 0291 1 HARRIS. Sheila, 53 Diamond St.. Providence. Rl 02907 HARRIS, Wendy, 235 Locust Ave., Garwood. NJ 07027 HARRISON, Lee, 56 Marburry Ave , Pawtucket, Rl 02860 HARTENSTINE, Raymond. 965 Delvoir Rd , Norristown, PA 19401 HASTINGS, Russell. Box 821, R R 4. Narragansett, Rl 02882 HAUSER. Michael, Box 373, R R 4. Narragansett, Rl 02882 HAWKINS. Robert, Jr.. 980 Boston Neck Rd., North Kingstown. Rl 02853 HAYES. Brian. 151 Allens Ave., Wakefield. Rl 02879 HAYES. Jessica. 89 Himes St.. No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 HAYFORD. Rebecca, 58 Royal St., Providence, Rl 02906 HAZARD. Paul. 17 Westwood Rd.. Lincoln. Rl 02865 HEAD. Michael. 259 Main St.. Warren. Rl 02885 HEALY, Donna, 467 Mautucket Rd., South Kingstown, Rl 02879 HEALY. Keith. 38 Lake St.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 HEALY, Paul, 11 Stockton Dr . Middletown, Rl 02840 HEBERT, Henry, Box 143, Mapleroot Park. Coventry, Rl 02816 HEIM. James. 11 Telford Rd . Barrington. Rl 02806 HEINES, Rodney, Swanhurst Bellevue Ave., Newport. Rl 02840 HELWIG. Lisa, 92 Glendale Dr . West Warwick. Rl 02893 HEMPHILL, Linda. 513 N Bateman St., Appleton, Wl 54911 HENAULT. Mark. 31 Allard St., Warwick, Rl 02889 HENCLER, Richard. 65 Progress Ave . Providence, Rl 02909 HENDERSON. Beth, 55 Hanson Rd., Newton Center. MA 02159 HENDERSON. David, Old Succotash Rd.. Wakefield, Rl 02879 HENDERSON. Janet. 166 Sunnybrook Dr . North Kingstown. Rl 02852 HENRY, Paul. 7 Brayton St., East Greenwich. Rl 02818 HERZOG, Paul. 9 Wanda St., Narragansett. Rl 02882 HETHERINGTON, Richard, 107 Richard St.. Cranston. Rl 02910 HEWES. William. 1 Hillside Circle. Storrs, CT 06268 HEY. Katherine. Delray Dr . Rt. 6 A, Narragansett. Rl 02882 HILL, Alison, 448 Purgatory Rd., Middletown Rl 02840 HILL. Edward. P.O. Box 259, Kingston, Rl 02881 HILL, James, 26 Warren Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 HIMELFARB, Nancy. 42 Deborah Rd., Warwick. Rl 02888 HIRA, Ayrub, 4 Taft Hall, URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 HIRSCHBERGER. Emily, 705 Albemarle Terr., Portland. OR 97225 HISTEN, James, 94 Manistee St., Pawtucket. Rl 02861 HOBSON, Daine. 437 Broad St., Cumberland. Rl 02864 HODGDON, Cheryl, 1361 Pawtucket Ave., Rumford. Rl 02916 HODGSON. Richard. Box 85. Brow Lane. Slocum. Rl 02877 HODOSH. Steven, 72 Overhill Rd., Providence, Rl 02906 HOLTZ, Peter, 48 St., Andrews Dr . Huntington, NY 11743 HOMA. Peter. 245 High Ridge Rd . Fairfield. CT 06430 HOOVER, Debra, 8 Maxson Rd.. Groton, Ct.. 06340 HOPKINS. Dana. Box 341, Dorr Dr.. Chepachet, Rl 02814 HORN, Thomas, Jr., 426 Darby Rd.. Havertown, PA 19083 HORNE, Barbara. 2104 Cheyenne Way. Westfield. NJ 02879 HOROVITZ. Steven. 21 Cedar Pond Dr . Warwick. Rl 02886 HORVITZ, Andrew, 51 Blaisdell St., Cranston, Rl 02910 HOWARD. Lon. 82 Plum Point Rd . Saunderstown, Rl 02874 HOWARTH, Bruce. 15 Colonial Dr., Lincoln, Rl 02865 HUDDLESTON, William. 2528 N. Upland St., Arlington. VA 22207 HUDSON. Jean. 249 Monroe Ave.. River Edge. NJ 07661 HUMMEL. John, 42 Hardwick Rd., Bristol. CT 06010 HUNT. David, 185 Charter Oak. New Canaan, CT 06840 HUNTINGTON, Lawrence, 105 Sefton Dr . Cranston, Rl 02905 HUNTLEY, John, 50 Earles Court Rd . Narragansett. Rl 02882 HURLEY. Brooks. 42 Washington St., Waterville, ME 04901 HUSBAND. David. 1296 Hope St.. Bristol, Rl 02809 HUTCHINSON, Paul. 44 Miantonomi Ave , Middletown. Rl 02840 HYLAND. Janet. 967 Kingstown Rd . Peace Dale. Rl 02879 HYLAND. Marcia, 25 Grove St., Hanover, MA 02339 IACAMPO. Denise. 184 Brayton Ave . Cranston. Rl 02920 IACONO. Wayne. Main Street, Vineyard Haven. MA 02568 IACUELE. Stephen. 24B Gibson Ave . Narragansett Rl 02882 IANNUCCI. Diane. 35 Redwood Dr . Providence, Rl 0291 1 IDE, Robert, 5 Spofford Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 ILEKA, Jasper. 1377 Village. Apt 2A. Kingston, Rl 02881 INCOLLINGO. Andrea, 99 Coomer Ave., Warren, Rl 02885 IRLAND, Elizabeth, 1872 Berkeley Rd , Highland Park, IL 60035 IRVIN, Carolyn. 30 Trappers Lane. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 IRVINE, Marybeth, 2507 Laketon Rd., E5W, Pittsburgh. PA 15221 ISAACSON. Alvin. R R 2. do Israf-Flat River. Coventry, Rl 02816 IZIKOFF, Elena, Oxford Towne, Apt. C-12, New Hartford, NY 13413 JACKSON, James. 201 17th Ave., Homestead. PA 15120 JACKSON. Tamar, 118 Grandview Ave., Somerset, MA 02726 JACOBER, Jeffrey. 212 Bretton Woods Dr . Cranston, Rl 02920 JACOBER, Lori, 21 Gloria Place. Plainview, NY 11803 JACOBS. John, 93 Central St.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 JACOBSON, Barbara, 108 Edgehill Rd., Providence. Rl 02906 JAEGER. William. 81 Elmgrove Ave.. Providence, Rl 02906 JAMES, Deborah, 15 Kelton Rd , No. Scituate, MA 02060 JAMIESON. Debra. 223 First Ave.. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 JANUSZEWSKI, Rita, 122 West 57th St.. Bayonne, NJ 07002 JAQUITH, Paul, 397 Manor Dr., Warwick. Rl 02888 JEFFERSON. Richard. 120 Karen Rd . Hanover, MA 02339 JELICKS, Bette. 6 Banor Dr., Somerville. NJ 08876 JENKINS, Greg, 6 Spring St., Groveland, MA 01834 JERMAN. Stephen. Apt 43. 58 River St, West Warwick, Rl 02893 JEROME, Grace, 25 Arrowhead Rd., Oakland. NJ 07436 JERROW. William. 8 Homestead Rd.. Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 JEZIOR. Barbara. Naval War College. Newport. Rl 02840 JIACOVELLI, Judith. 124 Elmgrove Ave., Providence. Rl 02906 JIOMACAS. Chris. P.O. Box 402. Kingston, Rl 02881 JOBIN, Diane, P.O. Box 247, Kingston, Rl 02881 JOHNSON. Carlene. Apt 2040-6304, Blakely Sq.. Virginia. VA 23462 JOHNSON. Christine, 65 Indian Rd . Riverside, Rl 02915 JOHNSON, Gary. 359 Armistice Blvd . Pawtucket. Rl 02861 JOHNSON, Marianne. 215 Congdon Hill Rd.. North Kingstown, Rl 02874 JOHNSON. Sandra, 354 Hillard Ave.. Warwick, Rl 02886 JOHNSON, Steven, 58 Lindy Ave., Riverside, Rl 02915 JOLIE, Corinne, 3 Arnold Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 JONES. Diane, RFD 1. Box 201, Norridgewock, ME 04957 JONES, Janet, 56 Stone Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 JONES, Kathy, Liberty Lane, Apt. 2, West Kingston, Rl 02892 JONES, William, 39 Field Stone Rd„ Warwick, Rl 02886 JONES, Linn, Jr., Ill Iron Master Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 JORDAN, James, 320 Nausauket Rd., Warwick, Rl 02886 JORDAN, Michael, 10 Patnods Ave., Hope. Rl 02831 JORDAN, Ronald. 68 Durkin Dr., Narr, Rl 02882 JORDAN. Stephen. 27 Cole St.. Bristol, Rl 02809 JOSEPH, Christine, 673 Thames St.. Newport, Rl 02840 JOSEPH, Louis, 55 Pomona Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 JOSS, Lianne, 7 Wayne St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 JOUBERT, Raymond, 95 Maple Ave., West Warwick. Rl 02893 JOY, Jeffrey. 628 Main St., West Newbury, MA 01985 JULIAN, Dean, 505 Large Ave., Clairton, PA 15025 JURISTA, Eileen, 110 Orchard Ave., Middletown. Rl 02840 JUSCZYK, Edward. 15 Phillips Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 JUSTMAN, Janet, Doe Hill Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960 JUTRAS, William. 15 Peckham Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 KAELIN, Jeffrey, 18 Wildflower Rd., Barrington, Rl 02806 KAISER, Joanne, 4 Virginia St.. Cranford, NJ 07016 KANOPKIN. Philip. 475 Pleasant St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 KAPLAN, Alyse, 1849 East 52nd St„ Brooklyn, NY 11234 KAPLAN, Janet, 80 Elmwood Ave., Longmeadow, MA 01106 KAPLAN. Lane. 29 Dry Brook Rd., Warwick, Rl 02889 KARAS, Francis, 15 Westwood Rd., N. Smithfield, Rl 02895 KARGMAN, Howard, 194 King Philip Dr., W. Hartford, CT 06117 KARKOS, Margaret, 18 Lake Dr., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 KASPIN, Lawrence, 534 Pelton Ave., Staten Island, NY 10310 KAWA, James, 18 Church St., West Warwick, Rl 02893 KEATING, John III. 907 Bartlett Ave., Lin wood, NJ 08221 KEE, Gordon, 69 Long Lane, Warren, Rl 02885 KEENAN, Bruce, Hill Farm Rd„ Coventry, Rl 02816 KEENAN. Edward. 51 Allen Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 KEENZEL, Joan, 16 Lakedell Dr., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 KEIBEL, Peter, 119 40 Union Turnpike, Kew Gardens, NY 11415 KELLEHER, Margaret. 63 Vine St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 KELLER, Patrick, 1 Lantern Lane, Exeter, Rl 02822 KELLEY, Mark, P.O. Box 289, Kingston, Rl 02881 KELLY, Kenneth, 967 Kingstown Rd., Peacedale, Rl 02879 KELLY, Mary, 18 Summit Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 KELLY, Paula, 465 Grotto Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 KELLY, William, 28 Wanton Shippee Rd., East Greenwich. Rl 02818 KELSEY, Douglas, 11 Stratford Rd.. Barrington, Rl 02806 KELTON, Karen, D W Highway South, Merrimack, NH 03054 KENDALL, David, 11 Allen Ave., Apt. 1, North Providence, Rl 0291 1 KENWORTHY, Martha, Box 403, Charlestown, Rl 02813 KENYON, Prudence, Kenyon Farms, Narragansett, Rl 02882 KERNS, Timothy, 198 New Meadow Rd., Barrington, Rl 02806 KERSHAW, Richard, 11 Fairview Ave., West Warwick. Rl 02893 KERZNER, Nina, 2 Stegman Terrace, Jersey City, NJ 07035 KETCHAM, Kenneth, Box 176, East Marion, NJ 11939 KEVORKIAN, John, 56 Riverfarm Rd., Cranston, Rl 02910 KIERNAN, Kathleen. 20 Columbus Blvd„ Cranston, Rl 02910 KIRKRILIS, Jacqualy, P.O. Box 56, Kingston, Rl 02881 KILGORE, Linda, 136 Oxford St., Providence, Rl 02905 KIMBALL, Laura, Apt. 3, 80 Tower Hill Rd., North Kingston, Rl 02852 KING, Susan, 41 Hope St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 KIRSCHNER, Jonathan, 10 Schulz St., Westbury, NY 11590 KISNER, Harold, 12 Avon Rd., Clark, NJ 07066 KLEINMAN, Iris, 214 Deerfield Rd„ Cranston. Rl 02920 KLINE, Irvin, 35 Boxwood Dr., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 KNOWLES, John. 65 Metropolitan Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 KOBLITZ, Paul. 14 Orchard St., Apt. 3, Pawtucket, Rl 02860 KOCH, Heidi, 88 Old Spring Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 KOEHLER. Hugh, 1931 Wabank Rd., Lancaster, PA 17603 KOHANSKI, Keith, Greenville Rd„ North Scituate, Rl 02857 KOHL, Deborah, 66 Virginia Ave., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 KOHLER, Michael, 35 Coralyn Ave., White Plains, NY 10605 KOLLIGIAN, Gary, 135 Davis Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 KONG, Philomen, 90 Bennett St., Brighton, MA 02135 KORCHIN, Amy, 609 Richmond Rd.. East Meadow, NY 11554 KOSACZ, Gary, 50 Arch St., Pawtucket, Rl 02800 KOSCH, Robin, 378 Mail Coach Rd., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 KOSKA, Stephen, 16 Pershing Ave., Acushnet, MA 02743 KOSS, Joel, 359 Felter Ave., Woodme re, NY 11598 KOULBANIS, Paul, Bayberry Rd., Misquamicut, Rl 02891 KOWAL. Walter, Apt. 2B3, Rolens Drive, Kingston, Rl 02881 KOWALSKI, Daniel, 501 Rano Blvd., Vestal, NY 13850 KOWERKO, Patricia. 199 West Shore Rd., Warwick, Rl 02889 KOZLOWSKI, Steven, 79 Olive St.. Central Falls, Rl 02863 KRANGEL, Robert, 836 Park Lane, No. Woodmere, NY 11581 KRAWETZ, Mavis, 37 Stedman Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 KREMPASKY, Joanne, 288 Washington St., Perth Amboy, NJ 08861 KRIEGEL, Gisle, 72 Bedford Terrace, Irvington, NJ 07111 KRIST. Regina, Rye St., Broad Brook, CT 06016 KRITZ, Jerome, 248 Morris Ave., Providence. Rl 02906 KROUS, Steven, 18 Carey St., Newport, Rl 02840 KSEN, Alan, 28 Owen Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 KULIK, Mary, 43 Harrison St., Cumberland, Rl 02864 KULIKOWSKI, Janice, 2 Skillman Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07306 KULLBACK, Richard, 107 Forest Ave., W. Long Branch. NJ 07764 KUPPEL, Susan, Richards Lane, Leeds Point, NJ 08220 KUSTESKY, Martha, 5 Riverview Ave , Westerly, Rl 02891 LACAS, Paul, 4 Fairview Ave., Dudley, MA 01570 LACHAPELLE, Paul, P.O. Box 352, Narragansett, Rl 02882 LACY, Jerome, 27 Briarcliff Dr., North Merrick, NY 11566 LAFFEY, Maureen, 967 Kingstown Rd., Peace Dale, Rl 02879 LAFLIN, Diane, 312 Olo St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 LAHARTY. Michael, Ward Ave., Weekapaug, Rl 02891 LAING, Denise, South Broad St., Ashaway, Rl 02804 LALIBERTE, James, 44 Pine St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 LALIBERTE. Paulette, 25 Summer St., Apt. D6, Manville, Rl 02838 LALLI, Joseph, Jr., 9 Daniel St., Newport. Rl 02840 LAMOUREUX, Diane, 56 Carney Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02886 LAMPREY, Joyce, Sharon Dr., Coventry, Rl 02816 LAN, Richard, 34 Cypress Terrace, Springfield, NJ 07081 LANDERS, Roxie, 40 Vallentine Circle, Warwick. Rl 02886 LANGLOIS, Thomas, 64 Blackburn St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 LANZILLI, Nancy, 2 Tory Dr., Shrewsbury. MA 01545 LAPLANTE, Dorianne, P.O. Box 87, Kingston, Rl 02881 LAPLANTE, Marionro. 126 Bergen Ave., Waldwick, NJ 07463 LAPLANTE, Steven, Highland Terrace, North Scituate, Rl 02857 LARSON, Jay, Box 24, FBPO, Norfolk, VA 23593 LARSSON, Jerold, 118 Park Ave . Midland Park, NJ 07432 LARSSON, Karen, 38 Fieldstone Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02886 LATUNDF, Olubunmi, 31 Harvard Ave., Providence, Rl 02907 LAU, Gorham, 24 Pleasant St., Cranston, Rl 02910 LAURENZO, Diane, 1 Lowell Dr., Johnston, Rl 02919 LAVALLEE, John. 115 Revere Ave.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 LAVERDIERE, Michael, 480 Elm St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 LAVOIE, Elizabeth, 9 Oak Hill Ave., North Smithfield, Rl 02895 LAWAL, Wakil, 4 Taft Hall, URI, Kingston. Rl 02881 LAWRENCE, Beverlee, 1581 West Main Rd., Middletown, Rl 02840 LAWRENCE, James, 55 Browning St., Wakefield. Rl 02879 LAWRENCE, Joseph, 40 Marlborough St., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 LAWSON, Cynthia, 60 Walnut St.. W. Bridgewater, MA 02379 LEACH, Barbara, 18 Hillcrest Ave., Greenville, Rl 02828 LECOUNT, Thomas, 25 Green Meadow Dr., Narragansett, Rl 02882 LEEDS, Bonnie, 134 Rockwood Rd.. Florham Park, NJ 07932 LEES, Albert, 35 Old Horseneck Rd., Westport, MA 02790 LEFRANC, Adrienne. 105 Promenade St., Riverside, Rl 02915 LEKAS, Daniel, 51 Midland St., Worcester, MA 01602 LEMAIRE, Kenneth, 36 Warren Ave., Tiverton, Rl 02878 LEPORE, Giovanni, 46 Overlook Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 LEPORE, James, 176 Berkshire St., Providence, Rl 02908 LESSARD, John, 10 Atlanta Dr., Huntington, NY 11743 LETOURNEAU, Kathleen, 67 Tremont St.. Central Falls, Rl 02863 LEVANE, Lawrence, 19 Greenway Circle, Syosset, NY 11791 LEVERONE, Richard, 4 Spring St., Norfolk. MA 02056 LEVINS. Stephen, 17 Liege St., Providence, Rl 02908 LEVY, William, 2830 Ocean Ave., Apt. E-1, Brooklyn, NY 11235 LEW, Donald. 650 Public St.. Providence, Rl 02907 LEWIS, Elizabeth, 35 Warburton Ave., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 LEWIS, Keith, 35 Warburton Ave., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 LEYS, Ellen, 268 Tuckerman Ave . Middletown, Rl 02840 LHEUREUX, David. 559 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 LIBERATIE, Janine, 317 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 LICHAA, Albert, Charlesgate Square North, Providence, Rl 02906 LICHTENBERGE, Bernd, 63 Union Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 LIPCIUS, Romuald, Box 241, Wakefield, Rl 02880 LIPE, Patricia, 136 Burlingame Rd., W. Warwick. Rl 02893 LIPINSKI, Raymond, 44 Hickory Dr.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 LISCIO, William, 25 Cherry St., North Providence, Rl 0291 1 LISTER, Nancy, 41 Burton Ave., Riverside, Rl 02915 LITKE. William, 60 Weekapaug Rd.. Westerly. Rl 02891 LITTLE, Neil, 44 Follet St., Cumberland. Rl 02864 LIU, James, 9 Pinewood Terrace, Fairfield, NJ 07006 LIVEZEY, John, 49 Echo Dr., Warwick, Rl 02886 LOFFREDO, Donald. Mast St . Jamestown, Rl 02835 LOFFREDO, Donna, 47 Blake St., Warwick, Rl 02889 LOFGREN, James, 21 Quinlan Ct., Warwick, Rl 02886 LOFTON, Craig, Fleetwood Dr., Saunderstown, Rl 02874 LOGUE, Maureen, 15 Bay Ridge Rd., Scituate, MA 02066 LONERGAN, Rosemary, 8 Long Meadow. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 LOOMIS, Gary, RFD 3, Oxford, NY 13830 LOONEY, Marcia, 4 Wilson Drive, South Easton, MA 02375 LOPEZ, Rodolfo. 4 Taft Hall, URI, Kingston. Rl 02881 LOPORCHIO. Salvator, 22 Beacon St.. Cranston, Rl 02910 LORD, Alan, 18 Boxwood Dr., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 LOU, Raymond, 691 C Maple Street, R.R. 2, Narragansett, Rl 02882 LOVELL. Amy. 34 Red Oak Rd.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 LOVETT, Gregory, 1422 A Fourth Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40121 LOWRY, Bruce. 724 Sutton Place, Findlay, OH 45840 LUCIA, Nicholas, 14 Gail Dr., North Massapequa, NY 11758 LUDORF, Gary, 48 Long View Dr., Simsbury, CT 06070 LUDWIG, Eric, 87 Conch Rd., Narragansett. Rl 02882 LUKASIEWICZ, Steven, 100 Roland St., Cumberland. Rl 02864 LUSIGNAN, Roger. 17 Douglas Circle, Greenville. Rl 02828 LUTTER, Yvonne, 30 Monroe St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 LYNCH, Michael, 12 Angel Ct., Warwick, Rl 02889 LYNCH, Steven. 25 Dedham Rd.. Warwick. Rl 02888 MALLI, Farzin, 4 Taft Hall, URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 MacCRACKEN. Mark. 92 Dwight Place. Englewood. NJ 07631 MacDONALD. Deborah. 44 Kingsford Ave., Riverside, Rl 02915 MacDONALD. John, 4 Brookside Vill Dr.. Apt 27. Warwick. Rl 02886 MacGREGOR. Barbara. 245 Green Valley Rd.. East Meadow. NY 11554 MACHALA. Edward. 47 Barnes St., Greenville. Rl 02828 MacKENZIE. Robert. 150 Cedar Ave . East Greenwich, Rl 02818 MACKEY, Jean. 41 North Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 MacKINNON. John. 9 King Rd.. Middletown Rl 02840 MacMILLAN. Karen. 27 Helme Rd., Kingstown, Rl 02881 MACRAE. Kathleen. 1751 Garfield Ave . Wyomissing, PA 19610 MACULAN, Thomas. 315 Knight St.. Woonsocket, Rl 02895 MAGEE, John, Box 129A, Woodridge Rd., Narragansett. Rl 02882 MAGNAN, Elizabeth, 47 Chester St.. Woonsocket, Rl 02895 MAGNANI. Sandra, 234 Strawberry Field Rd . Warwick, Rl 02886 MAGRUDER. Richard. 223-Haig Ave , Stamford, CT 06905 MAHONEY. James. 560 Cole Ave . Providence, Rl 02906 MAHONEY. Michael, 44 Claypool Dr., Warwick. Rl 02886 MAILMAN. Mindy, 121 Hendrickson Ave Lynbrook, NY 11563 MAINE. Ronald. 483 Gooseberry Rd . Wakefield. Rl 02879 MAJEWSKI. Michael. 41 Rosemere Rd.. Cumberland. Rl 02864 MAJEWSKI. Robert. 41 Rosemere Rd . Cumberland, Rl 02864 MAJOR. Donald. 129 Courtland St., Providence, Rl 02808 MALIK, Marlene, 50 Biscuit City Rd . Kingston, Rl 02881 MALIN. Lloyd, 222 Meshanticut Valley Pkwy , Cranston, Rl 02920 MALLEY, James, 21 Forest St., Bellows Falls, VT 05101 MALONEY. Susan. Box 257. Oakdale. NY 11769 MANEKOFSKY. Ronald. 96 Glenridge Rd.. Cranston, Rl 02920 MANETTE, Joseph. 62 Cross St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 MANFREDI. Jennifer, 26 Paul Ave . South Kingstown, Rl 02879 MANIA, Patricia, 10 Home Ave., Cumberland, Rl 02864 MANNING. Richard. 23 Virginia Terrace, Portsmouth, Rl 02871 MANNION. George. 291 East Lanza Court, Saddle Brook, NJ 07662 MANTEL, Adnrew, Beaver Brook. CRC P.O. Box 864, Amherst. NH 03031 MARASCO, Steven. 6 Homewood Ave , N. Providence. Rl 02911 MARAZITI, Janice, 11 Robinson St.. Newport, Rl 02840 MARCELLO, Robert. 107 Oxford St.. Cranston. Rl 02920 MARCHAK. Elizabeth. 18 Broad St.. Rochester. NH 03867 MARCOCCIO, Geraldine, 24 Victoria Ave , Cranston. Rl 02920 MARGESON, Charles. 218 Bayview Ave . Massapequa. NY 11758 MARKEY, Janice, 171 Capron Farm Dr., Warwick, Rl 02886 MARKS, Sheryl, 134 Sheffield, Pawtucket, Rl 0286 0 MAROSITS. Nancy, 27 Plymouth Rd.. Jamestown. Rl 02882 MARSEGLIA, Timothy, East Beach Rd., Quonochontaug. CT 02808 MARSHALL. Barara. 55B North Rd . Shannock. Rl 02875 MARSHALL. Bernadet. 61 Cliff Dr . Bristol, Rl 02809 MARSHALL. George. 36 Rhode Island Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 MARSHALL. Jeffrey. 46, Sweetfern Rd., Warwick. Rl 02888 MARTEL, Patricia, 12 Redwood Dr., Coventry, Rl 02816 MARTI, Karen, 40 Park View Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 MARTIN. James. 6 Rego Rd.. Middletown, Rl 02840 MARTIN, John, 602 Newport Manor. Newport. Rl 02840 MARTIN, Patrick, 6 Rego Rd , Middletown, Rl 02840 MARTIN, Paul, 11 Omaha Blvd . Warwick, Rl 02889 MARTINELLI, Robert, 15 Cindy Lane. Coventry. Rl 02816 MARTINEZ, Linda, 38 Myrtle Ave., No. Plainfield. NJ 07060 MARTONE. Marie, 9 Fenner St.. Cranston, Rl 02909 MARTUCCELLI. Nina. 95 Bayberry Rd . Concord. MA 01742 MARWELL, Charles, 70 Lincoln St., North Providence. Rl 02911 MARX, Patricia, 79 Eustis Ave , Newport, Rl 02840 MASCIARELLI. Alan, 39 Scenic View Dr.. Johnston, Rl 02919 MASSED, Annmarie, 364 Parker Ave., Warren, Rl 02885 MASSOUDA. Esther. 29 Seventh Street. Providence, Rl 02906 MASTERSON, Richard. 83 Lincoln Avenue, Central Falls, Rl 02863 MATARESE, Philip, 1701 Elmwood Ave , Warwick. Rl 02888 MATHESON, Christin, 70 Bellevue Ave . North Smithfield. Rl 02895 MATHEWS, Richard, Jr., 7 Brookfield Way, Morristown, NJ 07960 MATKEVICH. Michael, 1207 Vauclain Ave., Woodlyn, PA 19094 MATSON, Beverly, 108 Berlin St.. East Berlin. CT 06023 MATTERA, Beverly, 160 Sandringham Ave.. Providence, Rl 02908 MATTHEWS. Catherin. 5 Western Hills Lane, Cranston, Rl 02920 MATTHEWS, Judith, 16 Sunset Rd., Bristol, Rl 02809 MATUZA, John, 14 Gould Street, Wakefield, Rl 02879 MAXWELL. Karen. 39 Waterman Ave , Cranston, Rl 02910 MAYNARD, Charles, 12 Green, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 MCAFEE. Marie, 125 Indiana Ave., Providence, Rl 02905 MCAUSLIN, Karen, 28 Barre Court. Warwick, Rl 02886 MCBRIDE, Linda, 788 Main St.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 MCBRIDE. Marlene. 16 Pleasant View Ave., Greenville. Rl 02828 MCCABE, Colleen, 169 Gould Ave . Warwick. Rl 02888 MCCABE, Maureen. 176 Spooner Ave . Warwick. Rl 02886 MCCABE, Olwyn, High St.. Block Island, Rl 02807 MCCALL, Daniel. 66 Massachusetts Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02888 MCCARTHY, Dennis, 18 Bayview Ave.. East Islip. NY 11730 MCCARTHY, Kevin, 14 Highland St., Cranston, Rl 02920 MCCARTHY, Marian, 118 Bradford St., Bristol. Rl 02809 MCCARTHY, Sharon. 171 Bristol Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 MCCLINTOCK. David. 12 Mt. Vernon St., Newport, Rl 02840 MCCLURE. Deborah. 22 Rushton Dr.. Cranston. Rl 02905 MCCOOEY, Susan. 5 Wentworth Ter., Dover, NH 03820 MCCORMICK, Patricia. 72 Belvidere Blvd., N Providence, Rl 0291 1 MCCOY. Phoebe. 38 Catherine St.. Newport. Rl 02840 MCDONALD, Daniel. 61 Reynolds St., East Greenwich. Rl 02818 MCELROY, Rosemary, 177 Fruit Hill Ave., Providence, Rl 02911 MCFARLAND, Alan, NB-1 Coddington Cove, Newport, Rl 02840 MCFARLAND, Peter, 65 Houston Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 MCGEE, Donald, 3595 Post Rd„ Apt. 3-301, Warwick. Rl 02886 MCGILL, Philip, 22 Woodland Dr.. Nowrich, CT 06360 MCGILLIVRAY, Stephen, 122 Villa Avenue, Cranston, Rl 02905 MCGLINN, William, 292 Water St., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 MCGORTY, Robert, 10 Knollwood Ave., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 MCGRATH, William, 29 Palmer Park. Slocum, Rl 02877 MCGWIN, Madonna, 127 Col. John Gardner Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 MCGWIN, Rosemary, 1 Briar Lane, P.O. Box 373, Kingston, Rl 02881 MCHALE, Mary, 590 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 MCHUGH, Karen, USAMMAE C O T McHugh, APO New York, NY 09052 MCINERNEY, Joanne, 10 Edward St., Coventry, Rl 02816 MCISAAC, Nancy, 60 Don Ave., Rumford, Rl 02916 MCKENDRY, Gertrude, RFD 4, Box 130B, Narragansett, Rl 02882 MCKENNA, Kathryn, 75 Littlefield St„ Pawtucket, Rl 02860 MCKENNA, Richard, 39 Magnolia Lane, Coventry, Rl 02816 MCKENNA, Sheila, 29 Longview Dr.. Cranston, Rl 02920 MCKINNEY. Patrick. 237 Palm Beach Ave., Narragansett. Rl 02882 MCLEROY, James. 205 Heritage Rd., North Kingstovyn, Rl 02852 MCNAMARA, Bernard, 124 Welfare Ave., Warwick. Rl 02886 MCNEIL, James, 252 Haverhill Ave., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 MCPHILLIPS, Kathleen, 5 Black Birch Rd.. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 MCQUEENEY, Maryelle, 58 Capitol View Ave., North Providence, Rl 02908 MCSPARREN, Thomas. 19 Ellery Rd., Newport. Rl 02840 MEDEIROS, Joan, 25 Asylum Rd., Warren, Rl 02885 MELLOR, Pamela, 8 Hendricks St., Wakefield. Rl 02879 MELNIKOFF, Amy, 10311 Greentop Rd.. Cockeysville, MD 21030 MELONE, Kathleen, 40 Poppy Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 MELSERT, Matthew, RFD 2 Dubois Lane, Rexford. NY 12148 MELZER, Roland, 109 Clarewill Ave., Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 MENDENKO, Lynne, Sherman Ave., Lincoln, Rl 02865 MENDILLO, Robert, 92 Sharon St., Providence, Rl 02908 MENDONCA, Mary, 18 Mathewson St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 MERCER, Michael, 42 Perry Dr., New Milford, CT 06776 MERGUERIAN, Warren, 2025 Lurting Ave., Bronx, NY 10461 MERLINO, Joseph, 34 Beach Rd., Bristol, Rl 02809 MERRILL, Rebecca, James Potter Rd., North Scituate, Rl 02857 MESCHINO, Louis, 9 Brooks St., Cranston, Rl 02920 METCALF, Susan, 53 Frontier Rd., Warwick, Rl 02889 METIVIER, Paul, 139 Kenyon Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 METZ, Jeffrey, 1264 Sumneytown Pike, Lansdale, PA 19446 MILLAR, Patricia, Hillsdale Rd., West Kingston, Rl 02892 MILLARD, Robert, 18 Laural Lane, Barrington, Rl 02806 MILLER, Daniel, 101 Chestnut Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 MILLER, Donald, 22 Winthrop Dr., Barrington, Rl 02806 MILLER, Garry, Church St., Millerton, NY 12546 MILLER, Kim, 59 Boone St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 MILLER, Peter, 98 New London Ave., West Warwick, Rl 02893 MILLER. Peter, RFD 1, Hopevalley, Rl 02832 MILLER, Raymond, 400 Narragansett Pkwy WC 9, Warwick, Rl 02888 MILLS, Cynthia, 17 Floral Rd., Peekskill, NY 10566 MILLS, Jill, 495 Nod Hill Rd., Wilton, CT 06897 MILLS, Sheila, Shapur Chem. P.O. Box 1521, Tehran, Iran, FS 99999 MILLS, John III. 130 Sycamore Dr., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 MILNER, Michael, 122 Jefferson Rd., Bourne, MA 02532 MINCHEFF, Valarie, 9 Bayberry Lane, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 MINEO, Bonnie, 13 George St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 MINISSALE, Barbara, 1800 Gormley Ave., Merrick, NY 11566 MOCKAPETRIS, Judith, 62 Middle St., East Weymouth. MA 02189 MOGHADAM, Khosro, P.O. Box 309, Kingston, Rl 02881 MOLLOHAN, Wayne, 137 Monterey Dr., West Warwick, Rl 02893 MOLLOY, John, 14 Elm Circle, Cranston, Rl 02920 MONAST, David, 210 West Forest Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 MONK. Sheila, 53 Stanton Ave., Narragansett, Rl 02882 MONROE, Brooke, 23 Washington Lane, Scituate, MA 02066 MONTAQUILA, Joseph, 141 Bretton Woods Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 MONTMARQUET, James, 130 Elmwood Dr.. No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 MOOERS, Martha, 382 College Ave., Orono, ME 04473 MOORADIAN, David, 19 Brimfield Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 MOORE, John, 23 Maple Avenue, Sharon, MA 02067 MOORE, Patricia, 54 Ingersoll Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 MOOREHEAD, Glen, 14 Robbins Dr, Coventry, Rl 02816 MOOSHOIAN, Sandra, 28 Spenstone Rd., Cranston, Rl 02910 MORAN, Sandra, 152 Sagamore Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 MORASSO, Janet, 431 Colonial Ave., Westfield. NJ 07090 MOREAU, Julie, 55 Natick Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 MORELLI, James, 57 Woodlawn Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 MORGAN. Wendy, 33 Grand Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 MORGERA, Vincent, 8 King Ave., Edgewood, Rl 02905 MORRIS, Stephen, 10 Union Ave., No. Providence, Rl 02904 MORRISON, Diane, 23 Paige St., Hingham, MA 02043 MORRONE, Jeanne, 132 Tower St., Westerly, Rl 02891 MORSE, Donald, 26 North St., Warwick, Rl 02886 MORSE, Karen, 2407 Nottingham Dr., Falls Church, VA 22043 MOSES, Sherrie, 237 Negansett Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 MOSHER, Anne, 79 Deerfield Rd., West Caldwell. NJ 07006 MOSKWA, Frances. 158 Evergreen St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 MOSSADEGHI, hooman, 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 MOTHERWAY, William, P.O. Box 248, Ashton, Rl 02864 MOTTOLA, Janet, 220 Lincoln Blvd., Emerson, NJ 07630 MULLANEY, Richard. 81 Blackberry Hill Dr., Matunuck, Rl 02879 MULLEN, Karyn, 45 Carnation Dr., Warwick, Rl 02886 MULLINS. George III. 381 Highland RD.. Tiverton, Rl 02878 MUMFORD, Wendy, 115 Haverhill Ave.. North Kingstown, Rl 02852 MUMFORD, William, 115 Haverhill Ave., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 MUNSLOW. Sandra, 21 Hepburn St., West Warwick. Rl 02893 MURAND, Donald. 128 Franklin St., Westerly. Rl 02891 MURPHY. Deborah, East Shore Rd., Jamestown. Rl 02835 MURPHY. Denise. 90 Setton Dr.. Cranston, Rl 02905 MURPHY. Kevin, 208 Forest Ave. 70. Middletown. Rl 02840 MURPHY. Patricia. 49V Willow Lane. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 MURPHY, Richard. 93 Hill, Coventry. Rl 02816 MURPHY. William. 138 Mt. Vernon Blvd., Pawtucket. Rl 02861 MURRAY, Peter. 20 Pensaukee Ave., North Providence, Rl 02911 MYERS, Ernest, 1111 Sarah St.. Homestead, PA 15120 NACCARTO, Debra. 1004 Miller Ave., Gloucester. NJ 08030 NADAL. Arlene. 4 Flick Place. Brentwood LI, NY 11717 NAHOD. Michael. 61 Reeland Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 NALLY, Raymond, 32 Linden Drive, Kingston, Rl 02881 NAMEIKA, Marilyn, 19 Michael Dr., Cranston. Rl 02920 NARDONE, William. Nichols Corner. Westerly. Rl 02891 NASH. Philip , Lake Side Dr . Narragansett. Rl 02882 NASH, Susan, 1 South Rd.. Kingston. Rl 02881 NASIS, Anastasi. 27 Grissing Court, Cedar Grove. NJ 07009 NATOSKI, Maryanne. 115 George St.. Warwick. Rl 02888 NAVOY. Anthony, P O Box 281, Kingston. Rl 02881 NEBIOLD, Richard. 18 Willow Ave., Middletown, Rl 02840 NEDWIDEK, David. 74 Caswell St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 NEEDHAM. James. 33 Harding Ave., Riverside. Rl 02915 NEFF. Janet. 147 Orchard St., Rockville. CT 06066 NELSON. Carla. 31 Hilltum Lane, Roslyn Heights. NY 11577 NELSON. Philip, Box 72, West Kingston. Rl 02892 NETTER. Carla, 7 French Rd., Kingston, Rl Kingston, Rl 02881 NEUMAN. Carol. 681 Adonia St., Franklin Square. NY 11010 NEWMAN, Kenneth, 22 Newman Ave., Johnston, Rl 02919 NICOL, Marc, 34 BaysideAve., Westerly, Rl 02891 NIGRO, Vincent, 97 Collidge Ave , Carteret, NJ 07008 NIKOLA, Steve. 34 South Glen Dr., Coventry, Rl 02816 NILES, Diana, 27 Palmers Grove, Slocum, Rl 02877 NIPPERT, Margaret, 1 Central Mailing Campus, Kingston. Rl 02881 NIVEN, Scott, West Main St., Hillsboro, NH 03244 NODDINGS, Linda, 34 Cornell Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 NOLAN, Janice, QTRS. C N E T C. Newport, Rl 02840 NOON, Susan, 278 Country Club Dr.. Warwick, Rl 02888 NOTARNICOLA. William, 2251 Alpine Ave . Union, NJ 07083 NOTINI, Michael, 1055 Mammoth Rd.. Dracut, MA 01826 NOVAK. Christin. 19 Web Ave . North Kingstown, Rl 02852 NOYES, Joanne, 7 Brook Drive. Hope Valley. Rl 02832 NUGENT. Marlene, 110 Columbia St.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 NUNES. Christopher. 13 Hart St., Middletown, Rl 02840 NUNES, Peter. 14 Gorham Place. Bristol. Rl 02809 NUTTALL. Debbie, 57 Reise Terrace, Portsmouth. Rl 02871 NWANKWO. Christopher, D-7 Faculty Circle. Kingston, Rl 02881 NYE, David. 96 Terrace Dr.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 OAKES, Susan, 95 Tampa Ave , Warwick, Rl 02886 O ' BRIEN, Deborah. 360 East Ave , Warwick, Rl 02886 O BRIEN. John. 825R Pontiac A Apt. 18303, Cranston, Rl 02910 O ' Brien, John. Weldm Hall Apt URI. Kingston, Rl 02881 O ' BRIEN, Judith. 12 So. Douglas St., Rockland. MA 02370 O ' CCHIPINTI, Mark, 376 Essex St., Saugus. MA 01906 O ' Connell, Colleen, 198,South Main St.. Attleboro. MA 02703 O ' CONNELL, Daniel. Ill Canonchet Ave., Warwick. Rl 02888 O ' CONNELL. Donna, 4 Howe St.. Bristol. Rl 02809 O ' DDO, Eleanor. 161 Brettonwoods Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 O ' DETTE, Sally. Box 52 RT. 94, Foster, Rl 02825 O ' Donnell, John, 215 Mail Coach Rd , Portsmouth, Rl 02871 OGARA, Renee. 15 Fern Dr., Rumford, Rl 02916 OGDEN, Diane, 78 Fostmere Ct., Warwick. Rl 02889 OHANIAN. Joseph. 60 Twin Oak Dr.. Warwick. Rl 02889 OHERN. Peter. 58 Randall St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 OHL, Charlotte, 8A South Rd.. Kingston. Rl 02881 OKUN, Andrea. 215 Elmwood Terrace, Linden, NJ 07036 OLIVER, Kevin. 93 Bedford Ave . Iselin, NJ 08830 O MALLEY, Michael. 45 Gates St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 O ' NEIL. Michael. 69 Southwest Ave., Jamestown, Rl 02835 O ' NEILL, Mary, 15 West St.. Newport, Rl 02840 OPAWUMI, Emmanuel, 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 ORDEMANN, John, 20 Laurel Hill Rd., Mt. Lakes. NJ 07046 O ' REILLY. Kevin. 5 Chandler St.. North Providence. Rl 02911 ORNDORFF, Edwin. 30 Thomas St., No. Kingstown. Rl 02852 O ' ROURKE, Sheryl, 71 Narragansett Ave., Narragansett, Rl 02882 ORTIZ, Richard, 109 Church St., Newport, Rl 02840 OSENTON. PETER. 43 Blueberry Ln., Jamestown, Rl 02835 OSTI, Marsha. 35 Walcott Ave., Jamestown. Rl 02835 OSTRO, Xan, 2 Delray St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 OTT. Lawrence, 589 Bristol Ferry Rd. Apt. 1, Portsmouth, Rl 02871 OTTAVIANO, Richard, 4 Edwards Rd.. Johnston. Rl 02919 OWEN, Heidi. 609 Willow St.. Cranford. NJ 07016 OZBEK. Turker. Hesse Lane, North Scituate, Rl 02857 PACHECO, Timothy, 39 Merrill St., East Providence, Rl 02914 PADIEN, William, 325 Thames Ave.. Warwick, Rl 02886 PAGE, Pennie, 5 Mansion St.. Narragansett, Rl 02882 PAGLIARINI. Raymond, 14 Herod St.. Cranston, Rl 02920 PAINE. Edward, 601 Post Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02888 PALASKY, Stephen, 60 Valleyview Rd., Stratford, CT 06497 PALAZZO. Stephen, 47 Michael Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 PALIAN, Charles, 8 Prospect St., North Providence, Rl 02907 PALLOTTA, Louann, 46 Circuit Dr., Cranston, Rl 02905 PALMER, Alice, 1401 South County Trail, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 PALMIERI, Dana, R.F.D. 1 Greenhill Rd., Wakefield, Rl 02879 PALMISCIANO, William, 130 Cochran St„ West Warwick, Rl 02893 PALO, William, 1124 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 PALUMBO, John, 25 Church St.. Barrington, Rl 02806 PANAGGIO, Andrea, 50 Beach View Terr . Middletown, Rl 02840 PAOLANTONIO, Brenda, 41 Maplecrest Dr.. Greenville. Rl 02828 PAOLINI, Paula, 31 Howard Ave., Pascoag, Rl 02859 PAPADAKIS, Anna, Wood Hill Rd. Box 157B. Narragansett, Rl 02882 PAPCIAK, Sharon, 7 Cypress Ave., Verona, NJ 07044 PAPI, Jeffrey, 18 Fesser Ave., Bristol, Rl 02809 PAPINO, Carl, 79 Estrell Dr., Riverside. Rl 02915 PAQUETTE, George, 41 Gadoury Dr.. Cumberland, Rl 02864 PAGUETTE, Mary-Lou, 4 Isabelle Dr., Narragansett, Rl 02882 PAQUIN, Joseph, 700 Windwood Dr., Tiverton. Rl 02878 PARENTE, Karen, 17 Enfield Dr., West Warwick, Rl 02893 PARENTE, Louise. 90 R Pontiac St., Warwick, Rl 02893 PARKER, Carolyn, 65 North Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 PARKER, Danny, 5 Woodruff Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 PARKER, Jerome, 15 Morning Glory Dr., Warwick, Rl 02886 PARKER, Joseph, 322 Benefit St.. Providence, Rl 02903 PARR, Edward, 276 Washington Rd., Barrington, Rl 02806 PASKOSKI, Russell, 699 Cottage St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 PASS, Marjorie, 19 Bretton Rd., Manchester, CT 06040 PASSMAN, Donna, 63 East Bowery St., Newport, Rl 02840 PATRIARCA, Marie, 10 Dewey Ave., East Providence, Rl 02914 PAULHUS, Gary, 1 Kimball St., Cumberland, Rl 02864 PAULINA, Kathleen, 43 Link St., Warwick, Rl 02886 PAVIA, Robert, 38 Kingston Ave., Toms River. NJ 08753 PAYNE, Cynthia, Box 141, Wyoming, Rl 02898 PEARSON, Denise, 19105 Dowden Circle, Poolesville, MD 20837 PEARSON, Karen, 250 Burt St., Warwick, Rl 02886 PEASE, Bruce, Rolens Dr. Apt. 5A2, Kingston, Rl 02881 PECCHIA, Donald. 36 Wildberry Dr., Cranston. Rl 02920 PEDRO, Carlos, 147 Warwick St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 PEDRO, Henrique, 223 Palmer Grove, Slocum, Rl 02877 PELLETIER, James, 10 Centre St., Coventry, Rl 02816 PENCE, John, % Geology Dept. URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 PENNINGTON, Bennie, 129 Lucas Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 PENSOTTI, Linda. 92 Laban St., Providence, Rl 02909 PERAGALLO, Thomas, 355 Spring St. Ext.. Glastonbury, CT 06033 PERCIVAL, Susan, 216 Wellington Rd., Wilmington, DE 19803 PEREIRA, Donald, 291 Lippitt Ave., Cumberland, Rl 02864 PEREZ, Thomas, 275 Orms St., Providence, Rl 02908 PERFETTO. Robert, 28 Ridge Dr.. Old Saybrook, CT 06475 PERKINS. Bonita, RFD 1 Box 144, Norridgewock, ME 04957 PERRINO, Charles, 25 Seymour St., Cranston, Rl 02910 PERRY, Clifford, 29 Ferris Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851 PERRY, Jeffrey, 8 Stagecoach Rd., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 PERRY, Karen, 50 Essex St., Cranston, Rl 02910 PESATURO, John, 36 King St., North Providence, Rl 0291 1 PETERSON, Nancy. 25 Gallup Lane, Waterford, CT 06385 PETERSON, Robert, 53 Sunnybrook Dr., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 PETRARCA, Luciana. 57 Bates Ave., Coventry, Rl 02816 PETROPOULOS, Christos, Fox Run Rd., Norwalk, CT 06850 PETTERSON, Gary 3140 W. Shore Rd.. Warwick, Rl 02886 PEZZILLO, Michael, 53 Westfield Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 PHILLIPS, Robert, 63 Bud Lane, Levittown. NY 11756 PICCIRILLO, Vincent, 261 Glen Ave., Dumont, NJ 07628 PICCOLO, Stephen, 2 Douglas Park, Bradford, Rl 02808 PICKERING, Allan, 12 Middlefield Dr.. Warwick, Rl 02889 PIEKOS, Marilyn, 279 Rathbun St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 PIEPOWSKI, Mary, 56 Almy Ave., Warren, Rl 02885 PIERCE, Roger, 240 Peak St., Manchester, NH 03104 PIERREL, Linda, 1 Pleasant St., Oil City, PA 16301 PIETRANTONIO, Diana, 57 Bolton Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 PIETRINI, Russell, 147 Old Point Rd., Milford, CT 06460 PIEZ, Cynthia. 3 Oakhill Rd., Peace Dale, Rl 02883 PILKINGTON, Jamie, 13 Kenyon Ave., Wakefield. Rl 02879 PI LON, Cozette, 64 Knowles Way, Box 373 R.R. 4, Narragansett, Rl 02882 PLANT, Nancy, 12 Leonard St., Cumberland, Rl 02864 PLANTE, Barbara. 187 Old County Rd.. Esmond, Rl 02917 PLON, Margie, 601 Stetson Rd., Elkins Park, PA 19117 POHLOT. Peter, Budds Pond Rd., Southhold. NY 02882 POINT, Gary, 60 Seabrook Dr., East Providence, Rl 02914 POIRIER, Robert, 16 Redfern St., No. Providence, Rl 02911 POMP, Barry, 351 Milltown Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081 1 PONTARELLI, James, 43 Vine St.. Apt. 7, West Warwick, Rl 02893 POPESCU, Patrick. P.O. Box 247, Kingston, Rl 02881 PORCARO, Charles, Jr.. 45 Endfield Dr.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 PORTEUS, MILTON. Pinnacle Ridge Rd., Farmington, CT 06032 PORTH, Dorotha, 310 Main St., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 POTHIER, DIANE, 134 Progress St., Lincoln, Rl 02865 POTHIER, Joseph III, 19 Coombs St., East Providence, Rl 02916 POTTER, David. 4 Cabot Rd., Danvers, MA 01923 POTTER, John, Congdon Mill Rd . West Greenwich, Rl 02816 POTTER, Lynda. New St., Mapleville. Rl 02839 POTTER, Lynne, New St., Mapleville, Rl 02839 POWELL, Harriet, Gilbert Stuart Rd., Saunderstown, Rl 02874 POWERS. Mark, 5 Oakwood Dr.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 POWNALL, Margaret. 235 North Second St.. Olean, NY 14760 PRESSER. Sheldon, 75 Upton Ave., Providence. Rl 02906 PRITCHARD. David, 160 Redwood Rd., Portsmouth. Rl 02871 PROULX, Steven, 21 Parkside Way, No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 PROVOST. William. 24 Enslewood Ave . Pawtucket, Rl 02860 PSENCIK. Cathenne, 31 Thomas St.. North Kingstown. Rl 02852 PTAK. Judy, Brookside Dr., Lincoln. Rl 02865 PUCINO, Scott, 60 Wood Cove Dr.. Coventry, Rl 02816 PYERS, John, P O Box 2672, Providence. Rl 02907 PYNE. Sharon, Linda Ave . RFD 2, Riverhead, NY 11901 QUINLAN, Joseph, 35 Madison St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 QUINN. Helen, Dunes Ct., Narragansett, Rl 02882 QUINN. Kathleen. 333 Wakefield St.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 QUINN, Nancy, P.O Box 278, Kingston. Rl 02881 QUINN. Thomas. 49 Tenafly Dr.. New Hyde Park. NY 11040 QUINTAL. Kathryn. Windfall Farm - 824 Cards Pond Rd . Matunuck. Rl 02879 RABIDOUX, Paula. 30 Monroe St.. Woonsocket, Rl 02895 RAGOSTA, Beverly. 15 Country Dr., West Warwick. Rl 02893 RAHL. Steven. 19 Sprague St., Greenville. Rl 02828 RAINER. Bernard, 17 Highview Ave.. Barrington. Rl 02806 RAINVILLE. Edward, 11 Birchwood Dr . West Warwick, Rl 02893 RAITHEL, Christopher. 51 Riverview Ave., Westerly, Rl 02891 RANDALL. Scott, 78 Bnarwood Rd . Tenafly. NJ 07670 RAO, Ram. 4 Taft Hall. Int. Student AFF . Kingston, Rl 02881 RAPKO. Dennis, 47 Oakton St., Woonsocket. Rl 02895 RATTEY. Paul, 5 Brown St.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 RAULSTON. Michael. 35 Sheffield Ave . Pawtucket, Rl 02860 RAYMOND, Alicia, 2 Leyte Rd., Lincoln, Rl 02865 RAYNER. Carol. 10 Maher Ct.. Newport, Rl 02840 REDIHAN. Maureen, 1 32 Rutherglen Ave Providence, Rl 02907 REED. Rose, 181 Oil Mill Rd.. Waterford, CT 06385 REEVES. Lori. 47 Sunny Cove Dr.. Warwick, Rl 02886 REGAN, Dorothy, 366 Park Ave., Portland, ME 04102 REGAN, Edward III. 280 Austin Rd . North Kingstown. Rl 02852 REICHLER, Kevin, 35 Eddy St., Avon, CT 06001 REILLY, Kurt, 60 Observatory Ave , No. Providence, Rl 02911 REINAUER. Glenn. 221 River Rd., E. Hanover, NJ 07936 REIS. John. 315 Oakland Beach Ave.. Warwick, Rl 02886 REIS, Margery, 17 Lindley Avenue, No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 REMSBECKER. Patricia, 1560 Douglas Ave. Apt. 52, North Providence. Rl 02828 RENAUD, Patricia. P.O. box 501. Dequeen, AR 71832 RENKIEWICZ, Martin, 39 Stratford Terr . Cranford. NJ 07016 RENNER, Richard, 100 Lexington Ave . Cranston. Rl 02910 REPPUCCI. Patricia, 59 E. Bel Air Rd.. Cranston, Rl 02920 REZENDES, James, 13 Overland Ave , Cranston, Rl 02910 REZENDES. Kathy. 45 Annandale Rd . Newport, Rl 02840 REZENDES, Paul. 3 Judkins St., Rumford, Rl 02916 RHODE, Chris, 26 Jensen St.. East Brunswick. NJ 08816 RHODES, Thomas, 3 Dean Ave , Johnston, Rl 02919 RIBUOLI. Amy. 174 East 74 St.. New York. NY 10021 RICCI. Ronald, 27 Brae St., North Providence, Rl 02911 RICCIO, Robert, 814 Laning St., Southington, CT 06489 RICCIO, Edward, Jr.. 17 Stanhope Dr.. Barrington. Rl 02806 RICHARD. John. RFD. West Peru. ME 04290 RICHARDSON, John. Racquet Rd . Jamestown, Rl 02835 RICHARDSON, William, Racquet Rd., Jamestown, Rl 02835 RIGAZIO, Susan, 28 Wayne St.. Haverhill. MA 01830 RIGGS. Larry, 87 Morris ' Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 RILEY, David, 3 Morgan St., Newport, Rl 02840 RINGMAN. Debra, 631 Dale Ave . Cranston, Rl 02910 RIORDAN, Robert, Box 127, Kingston, Rl 02881 RISEBROW. Lisa, 102 Buttercup Lane, Huntington, NY 11743 RITACCO, John, 354 Academy Ave.. Providence, Rl 02908 ROBERTSON, Robert, Washington Highway, Lincoln, Rl 02865 ROBERTSON, Thomas, Washington Highway. Lincoln, Rl 02865 ROCK. Brian, 223 Sumter St.. Providence, Rl 02907 ROCKE, Madelyn, 72 Alfred Drowne Rd.. West Barrington, Rl 02890 RODA, Carolyn, P.O. Box 497, Wakefield, Rl 02880 RODE. Paul. 6 Joalyn Rd., New Paltz. NY 12561 RODERICK. Craig. 50 Larch Dr., Coventry, Rl 02816 RODRIGUES, Angela, 7 Christian Hill. Kenyon, Rl 02836 ROMAN. Charles, 166 East Choir Lane. Westbury, NY 11590 ROMANO, John, 1282 Kingstown Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 RONCI. Maria, 155 Neshanticut Va. PKWY . Cranston, Rl 02920 ROONEY. Nancy. 6 MacMillan Drive. Brunswick. ME 04011 ROSAFORT, Donald, 156 Byram Lake Rd , Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 ROSENBERG, Arthur, 2149 Baylis Ave., Elmont, NY 11003 ROSS, David, 10 Riverview Dr.. Barrington. Rl 02806 ROSS. Sandra. 156 Willett Rd . Saunderstown, Rl 02874 ROSSI. Robert, 132 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, Rl 02917 ROST, Jorg, 24 King St., Apt. 4, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 ROTELLA, Sandra. 24 Case Avenue. Cranston, Rl 02910 ROUTHIER, Ronald. 39 Chestnut St., Central Falls, Rl 02863 ROWE, David, 27 S. Locust Ave , North Providence, Rl 02911 ROWELL, Douglas, 42 Holt Rd . Holden. MA 01520 ROWELL, Linda, 6C4 Rolens Dr, Kingston, Rl 02886 ROY, Annette, 75 Empire St., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 ROY. James, 15 Naples Ave . Warwick, Rl 02886 ROYAL, Joseph, 87 Lorimer Ave., Providence, Rl 02906 RUBIN, Joseph. P.O. Box 170, Kingston, Rl 02881 RUBINOFF, Susan, 707 Palmer Ct., Mamaroneck, NY 10543 RUFO, Mary, 1408 S. Broadway. East Providence. Rl 02914 RUGGIERI, Nicholas, 28 Vermont St., Cranston, Rl 02920 RUNCI. Elaine, 32 Howitt Rd.. W Roxbury. MA 02132 RUSSELL. Joel, Kenyon Rd . Hope Valley. Rl 02832 RUSSO, Doris, 33 Kenyon A ve . Wakefield, Rl 02879 RUZZO. Pamela, 45 Riverview Ave.. Westerly. Rl 02891 RYAN, Mary, 781 Ten Rod Rd . North Kingstown. Rl 02852 SAIBLE. Mark, 10 Lee Ct., Maplewood, NJ 07040 SALAMON, Jeanine, 94 Grant Dr., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 SALEM. Norman. Jr.. 250 Whitford Ave., Providence. Rl 02908 SALIMENO, Victoria, 14 Spruce St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 SALISBURY, David. 6 Bullock Ave., Barrington, Rl 02806 SALVADORE, Thomas, 83 Freedom Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 SAM, Richard, 134 Baldwin Rd., Warwick, Rl 02886 SAMMARTINO, Edward, 95 Hilltop Dr . Warwick, Rl 02886 SAMPERS. Joanne, Louisquisset Pike. Lincoln, Rl 02865 SAMPSON, Alfred, 22 Asselm St.. Warren. Rl 02885 SAMUELSON, Gary, P.0 Box 713, Bristol Ferry. Rl 02811 SANDSTROM, Scott, 45 Condit St.. Succasunna, NJ 07876 SANTAMARIA, Jamie, 53 Cliffside Dr . Cranston, Rl 02920 SANTILLI, Sharon, 33 Rotary Dr , Johnston, Rl 02919 SANTILLO, Linda, 40 Mt Pleasant View Ave.. Cumberland, Rl 02911 SANTOS, Stephen, 200 England. Cumberland, Rl 02864 SANTOS. Steven, 352 Forge Rd.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 SATTERLEY, Thomas, 38 Ardsley Place. Rockville Cenre. NY 11570 SAUER, Belinda. 16 State St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 SAUNDERS, Bradford. 16 Rocket St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 SAUNDERS, Michael, 242 Broadway, Newport, Rl 02840 SAVASTANO, Thomas, 116 Prentice Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 SAWYER. Wayne. 76 Fordson Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 SAYLES. Laurel, 75 Francis Ave., Riverside. Rl 02915 SBARDELLA, Keitha, 1040 Schoolhouse Rd. Apt. 1, Wakefield, Rl 02879 SCALERA, Eleanor, 44 R Bachelor RD. F, No. Attleboro. MA. 02703 SCALERA, Kennekth, 74 Leonard Bodwell Rd.. Narragansett, Rl 02882 SCANLON, Mark, 192 Roosevelt St., Providence, Rl 02909 SCARAMUZZI, David. 7 Whittlesey Rd., Johnston. Rl 02919 SCHACKEL, Ellen, 124 Avon Terrace. Morrestown, NJ 08057 SCHAEFER, Deborah, 824 Midland Rd.. Or ad el I. NJ 07649 SCHANCK. Donald, 110 Nassau Dr., Albertson, NY 11507 SCHNEIDER, Gary, 188 Springtime Lane, Levitown, NY 11756 SCHROEDER, Tyler. 216 Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville. NY 12078 SCHULZ. Michael. 82 Sefton Dr . Cranston. Rl 02905 SCHWAB, Deborah, 94 Oakwoods Dr., Peacedale, Rl 02879 SCHWARZ, Otto, 4 Taft Hall, Kingston, Rl 02881 SCIMECCA, Charles, 18 Beatrice Place, Oradell. NJ 07649 SCORPIO, Henry III. 288 Valley St.. Providence. Rl 02908 SCOTLAND, James. East Ave., Harrisville. Rl 02830 SCOTT, Judith, 344 Second Ave., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 SCOTTI, Karyl, 8 Cantone Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 SCULLEY, Robert, 389 Manhattan Ave., Massapenua Pk . NY 11762 SCULLY. Peter, 97 Perry St.. Central Falls, Rl 02863 SCUNGIO. Joseph. 19 Cavalade Blvd . Johnston, Rl 02919 SCURKA. Gary, 7 Prospect St.. Greenville, Rl 02828 SEDDON, Paul, 155 Bishop Rd., Johnston, Rl 02919 SEELIG, Andrea. 8909 Victory Lane, Potomac. MD 20854 SEGERSON, Stephen, 1 Sherwood Rd.. Middletown, Rl 02840 SEIDLER. Harold. 1221 Sleepy Hollow Rd.. Point Pleasant Boro. NJ 08742 SEKATOR, Benjamin, 22 Driftwood Apt Cawell St., Narrangansett, Rl 02882 SEKULA, Mary, 80 Mitola Dr., North Kingstown, Rl 02852 SEMER, llene, 20 Alexander Ave., Spring Valley. NY 10977 SEVERNS. Michael. 5 Benefit St.. Westerly. Rl 02891 SEVIGNY, Glen, 54 Markwood Dr, Barrington, Rl 02806 SEWALL, Marcia, 14 Canonicus Ave , Newport, Rl 02840 SEWELL, Steven, 4 Elaine Dr , New City, NY 10956 SHACKELFORD. Linda. 45 Melody Lane, Cumberland. Rl 02864 SHALLOW, Thomas. 505 Mockingbird Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23451 SHAPIRO, Robin, 25 Firethorne Lane, Valley Steam. NY 11581 SHARPE, Nancy, 41 Walcott Ave.. Jamestown. Rl 02835 SHAW. Sally. 3 Roy Ave . Middletown, Rl 02840 SHAYER, Suanne, Hundred Acre Pond Rd , West Kingston, Rl 02892 SHEA, Janet, 25 Gilbert Ct., Cumberland, Rl 02864 SHEFFIELD. Robert, 1 Margerett St.. Scarbough. Rl 02881 SHEK. David. P O Box 179, Kingston, Rl 02881 SHENTON. Hilary, 24 Bliss Mine Rd., Middletown, Rl 02840 SHERIDAN, JANINE. Box 463, Charlestown, Rl 02813 SHERMAN, Jo, 64 Sherman Ave., Bristol, Rl 02809 SHOEMAKER, Harry, 3 W Elm St.. Wenonah. NJ 08090 SHONEMAN. Lori. 10 Godwin Ave . Fair Lawn. NJ 07410 SHORROCK, Michael, 11 Lockwood Rd . Cumberland. Rl 02864 SHORT, Evelyn, 36 Crocus St., Warwick, Rl 02893 SHORT. Michael. 300 S. Main St.. Apt. 1207, Yardley. PA 19067 SHREAD. Donald, 9 Kennedy Dr., Coventry, Rl 02816 SHULMAN, Leslie. 625 Park Ave.. New York. NY 10021 SHUR, Edward, 67 Princeton St.. Rockville, NY 11570 SIEPIETOWSKI, David, 42Vi Pine St., Whitinsville. MA 01588 SIKALIS, Penny, 6 Vannina Place, Huntington. NY 11743 SILVA, Barbara. 101 Turner Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 SILVA, Elizabet. 10 Kent Ave . East Providence, Rl 02914 SILVA, John, 25 Barden Lane, Warren, Rl 02885 SILVER, Richard, 5 Mollusk Dr.. Great Island Narr, Rl 02882 SILVIA, Cynthia. 674-A Thames St., Newport. Rl 02840 SIMEONE. Michael, 140 Erastus St.. Providence, Rl 02908 SIMEONI. Angelo. 40 Windsor Rd . Pawtucket. Rl 02861 SIMON, Marion, 41 Hendrick St., Providence, Rl 02908 SIMONINI, John, 607 Diamond Hill Rd . Woonsocket, Rl 02895 SINAPI, Ralph, 118 Cleveland Ave., Cranston. Rl 02920 SIPERSTEIN. Ellen. 75 Friendly Rd . Cranston, Rl 02910 SIRAVO, Susan, 125 Brettonwoods Dr., Cranston, Rl 02920 SIROIS, Adele, 123 Saratoga Ave , Pawtucket, Rl 02861 SIRR, Peter, 137 Knollwood Circle, No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 SIVO, Robert, 36 Vigilant St., Cranston, Rl 02920 SKENE, Douglas, Jr., 14 Stoddard Place, Warwick, Rl 02888 SKOGLEY, Thomas, Stone Acres Liberty Rd., Slocum, Rl 02877 SLESZYNSKI, Janet, 52 Judith St., Providence, Rl 02909 SLIGHT, Lynne, 6 High Ridge Dr., Cumberland, Rl 02864 SLOAN, Mary, 39 Lakeview Ave., Ringwood, NJ 02456 SLUTE, Ellen, 1 Terry Terrace, Livingston, NJ 07039 SMITH, Alan, 15 Ducarl Dr., Lincoln, Rl 04268 SMITH, Ann Mari, 37 Tyndall Ave , Providence, Rl 02908 SMITH, Carleton. 19 Cherry St., Newport, Rl 02840 SMITH. Carlton, 8 Dennison St., Roxbury, MA 02119 SMITH. Christin, 321 Ronald Ave., Cumberland, Rl 02864 SMITH, Darlene, 251 Indiana Ave., Providence, Rl 02860 SMITH, Gregory, 35 Major Arnold Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 SMITH, John. 43 Harris Ave.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 SMITH, Robert, 11 Donald Dr., Middletown, Rl 02840 SMITH, Stephen. 99 Woodlawn Ave., Bristol, Rl 02809 SMITH, Sue, 33 President Ave., East Providence, Rl 02915 SMITH, Timothy, 35 Wedge St., Cranston, Rl 02920 SMITH, Willard III. 1728 Main St., West Warwick, Rl 02893 SMUTS, Lillian, 68 Hazel Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039 SNELL, Otis, 125 Farnum Pike, Esmond, Rl 02917 SOARES, Diane, PO Box 190, Kingston, Rl 02881 SOLHAUG, David, 22 Springtree La.. Yardley, PA 19067 SONDLER, Bruce, 6 Winfield Court, Providence, Rl 02906 SOPRANO. Joanne, 177 Arnold Ave.. Cranston, Rl 02905 SORDILLO, Carol, 184 Sordillo Dr., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 SOUSA, Gary, 15 Hackberry Hill Rd., Weston, CT 06880 SOUSA, William, 296 Auburn St., Cranston, Rl 02910 SOUZA, Edna, 53 Chatworth Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 SPADOLA, Nancy, 31 Calvin Rd., West Hartford, CT 06110 SPANEDDA, Jeanne, 105 Dean Ave., Esmond, Rl 02917 SPERO, Michele, 12 Dean Ave , Newport, Rl 02840 SPIEGLE, Carl, 1013 Sharpless Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19126 SPINK, Patricia, 47 Winthrop Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 SPIRITO, John, 200 E. Winston Dr., Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 SPOONER, Kathleen, 1377 Kingstown Rd., Apt. 2D, Kingston, Rl 02881 SPRAGUE, Karen. 2620 Leslie St., Union, NJ 07083 SPRUILL, Ann, 9 Stuyvesant Oval, New York, NY 10009 STACK, Kathleen, 28 Royal Ave., Providence, Rl 02904 STACY, Mark, Post Office, Jacksonville, VT 05342 STAIB, Kathryn, 102 Milwaukee Ave., Bethel, CT 06801 STALLONE, Denise, 54 Robin Lane, Plainview, NY 11803 STAMM, Catherin, 9 Sniffen Rd., Westport, CT 06880 STAMP, Kathleen, 137 Pilgrim Ave., Apt. 50, Coventry, Rl 02816 STANCZYK, Allen, 208 Shelter Rock Rd., Fairfield, CT 06430 STAPLETON, Michael, 5004 Madison Ave., Trumbull, CT 06611 STARR. Valerie, 52 Madeline Dr., Riverside, Rl 02915 STASICK, Joseph, 349 Cumberland Rd., South Orange, NJ 07079 STATON, Charles, 15 Haile St.. Warren, Rl 02885 STEETS, Cheryl, 79 Carlson Circle, West Warwick, Rl 02893 STETSON, Peter, RFD, Wyoming, Rl 02898 STEVNSON, Peter, 6 Prescott Place, Old Bethpage, NY 11804 STEWART, Wendy, 16 Eton Rd., Barrington, Rl 02806 STICH, John, 54 Bryant Dr., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 STOPPELLO, Paula, 124 Chandler Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 STORROW, Anne, 2 Church St., Stonington, CT 06378 STOTT, Chester, 8 Canterbury Hill Rd., Topsfield, MA 01983 STRACENSKY, Stephen, 705 Harrison Place, Linden, NJ 07036 STROSCIO, Joseph, 245 Walcott St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 STULIK, Edward, 93 Lebrun Rd., Amherst, NY 14215 STUPAR, Arthur, 106 Herman St., Carteret, NJ 07008 SULLIVAN, Anne, 16 Carroll Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 SULLIVAN, Elizabeth, 28 Stockton Dr., Middletown, Rl 02840 SULLIVAN, Maureen, 762 Atwells Ave . Providence, Rl 02909 SULLIVAN, Susan, 6 Woodland Dr.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 SUTCLIFFE. Candace, 103 Keene St., Providence, Rl 02910 SUTTON, Jeanne, 5 Erwin Place, Caldwell, NJ 07006 SWAN, Kenneth. Box 183, Dunster Rd., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 SWANSON, Gayle, 152 Read Ave., Coventry, Rl 02816 SWANSON, Milton. 197 Read Ave., Coventry, Rl 02816 SWANSON, Susan, RFD, 1 Absalona Rd.. Chepachet, Rl 02814 SYKORA, Lawrence, 56 Biscuit City Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 SYLVIA, Thomas, Dorset Mill Rd., Slocum, Rl 02877 SZELAG, Roberta, 607 Washington St., Coventry, Rl 02816 TABER, Bruce, 354 Hartman St., Severna Park. MD 21146 TAHMASSIAN, Andranik, 4 Taft Hall, URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 TALBOT, Mary, 3 Flynn Terrace, West Warwick, Rl 02893 TAMM, Evelyn, PO Box 55, Narragansett. Rl 02802 TAMMANY, Eileen, 930 Delilah Dr., Windsor, CT 06095 TRAMULE, Mary, 5 Baltic Ave-., Brockton, MA 02402 TARANTINO, Richard, 104 Farm View Dr.. Guilford, CT 06437 TAR DIF, Bruce, 23 Corsi St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 TARRATS, David, 181 Weeden Dr., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 TASCA, Christop, 133 Glen Ridge Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 TATE, Judith, 243 Lawrence Dr., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 TAVITIAN, Mark, 92 Crescent St., Providence, Rl 02907 TAYLOR, David. 7 Elisha Mathewson Rd., Scituate, Rl 02857 TAYLOR, Noel, 4 Taft Hall Campus, Kingston, Rl 02881 TAYLOR, Sherry, 22 Alverson Ave., Providence, Rl 02909 TAYLOR, William, 110 Evergreen Dr., Apt. 6, East Providence, Rl 02914 TERRACCIAND. Linda, 150 New London Ave . West Warwick, Rl 02893 THAYER, Frances. 6 Sweet Fern Lane. Peace Dale. Rl 02883 THEROUX, Donald. 74 Slade St., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 THEROUX. Richard. 44 Rosedale St.. Providence, Rl 02909 THERRIEN, Michelle. 219 Congdon Hill Rd . Saunderstown, Rl 02874 THOMAS, Darwin. 35 Sessios St.. Providence. Rl 02906 THOMPSON. Patricia, 710 N Quidnessett Rd., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 TIERNAN. Michael. 5 Peninsula Rd.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 TIERNEY, Anne. 25 Malcolm Rd., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 TIERNEY. Bruce. 9 Sherbrooke Rd.. Barrington. Rl 02806 TIKKANEN. Wayne. Box 364. RFD 1. Foster. Rl 02825 TOHER, James. 30 High Ridge Dr . Cumberland. Rl 02864 TOHER. John. 4 Dawson St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 TOKUAGYAPON. Anthony, 525 Graduate Village. Kingston, Rl 02881 TOLL. William. 2410 Horton St.. North Dighton. MA 02764 TOOHEY. Ann. 880 Chalkstone Ave.. Providence, Rl 02908 TOSCANO. Michael. RFD 3. Ashaway Rd . Westerly. Rl 02891 TOUGAS. Susan. PO Box 356, West Kingston, Rl 02892 TRABOULSI, Michele. 420 Monroe Ave . New Milford. NJ 07646 TRAHAN. Hope. 141 Linwood Ave.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 TRAVER, William, 169 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, Rl 02806 TREMBLAY. Michele. 48 Pleasant St.. Tewksbury. MA 01876 TRIMBLE. Karen. 114 Cypress St.. Providence, Rl 02906 TRIMBLE. Thomas. 1722 Summit tyre . Westfield. NJ 07090 TRIPLETT, Karl. 30 Newport Ave.. Newport. Rl 02840 TROIANO, Stephen. 1406 Narragansett Blvd . Cranston. Rl 02905 TROY, Peter, 35 Pequot Rd., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 TRUESDELL. Earle, 24 Sayles Ave . Lincoln, Rl 02865 TSAGAROULIS. Peter. 197 Garden St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 TSOURIS, Thomas. 71 High St.. Westerly. Rl 02891 TUDHOPE. Steven, 11 Fifth St., Providence. Rl 02906 TUMISKI, Ronald. 1220 Pleasant St., Canton, MA 02021 TUNIE, Michael. 146 S. Pier Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 TURGEON. Raymond, 1026 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 TUTTLE, David, 87 Hillcrest Rd., Windsor. CT 06095 TWAY, Susan, 104 Parkville Rd.. Woodbury. NJ 08096 TYLER, June, 15 Barolay Dr., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 UPDEGROVE. Richard. 179 Bliss Rd . Middletown, Rl 02840 URQUHART, Geneva. 193 Indiana Ave.. Providence. Rl 02905 VACCA, Ernest. 185 Harnson St.. Providence. Rl 02907 VAGSHENIAN. Donna. 13 Howard St.. Barrington, Rl 02806 VALESIO. Ero, 173 Haven Lane. Levittown, NY 11756 VALOIS, Paulette. 20 Prospect St., Manville. Rl 02838 VANACORE. Nancy. 42 Hamilton Dr E . North Caldwell. NJ 07006 VANDERCLOSTE. Jill. Rd 1. Box 8M3. Stockholm, NJ 07460 VANDERHOOP, Martha. 74 Oakdale St.. New Bedford. MA 02740 VANSTOLK. Christin. 50 Sherman Ave.. Cedar Grove. NJ 07009 VARE, Carman, 55 Lincoln Ave.. Hatfield, PA 19440 VARGAS. Peter. 65 Pinecrest Dr., No. Kingstown. Rl 02852 VARNUM. Susan. RFD 2. Anan Wade Rd.. N Scituate, Rl 03857 VARS. Richard. 89 Paradise Ave.. Middletown. Rl 02840 VARS. Thomas, 89 Paradise Ave . Middletown. Rl 02840 VARTANIAN, Susan. 282 Pawtucket Ave., Rumford. Rl 02916 VELASCO. Romeo, 5 Philips Ave.. Middletown. Rl 02840 VESPIA, John, 19 Spruce St., Providence, Rl 02903 VEZZA, Adolph. 73 Wood Haven Rd.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 VIEIRA, Lillian, 33 Kingswood Rd., Bristol, Rl 02809 VILCHICK. Gary, 116 Florence Rd.. Riverside. CT 06878 VINCENT, Diane, 41 Amherst Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 VINCENT, Harold. 65 Farm St., Woonsocket, Rl 02895 VINCENT, Katherin, 139 Holland Ave., East Prov., Rl 02915 VINHATEIRO. Dennis. 172 Centreville Rd , Warwick. Rl 02886 VORRO. Nancy, 48 Sunset Rd , Bristol. 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CT 06110 ZARAFONITIS, Lorena, 1085 Tower Hill Rd., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 ZARUM, Michael, 139 Northampton St., Warwick. Rl 02888 ZAWATSKY, Susan, 18 Puritan Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 ZAYAT, Mary, 35 Pembroke Ave., Providence. Rl 02908 ZILAI. Robert, 94 Mclean Ave., Manasquan, NJ 08736 ZIMMERMAN. Jennifer. 57 Bokar St., Warwick. Rl 02886 Forgotten Memories Out of a past evoking nothing winter comes, falls hard a skater on the ice first time in a year. The figure rises, sharpens his blades against the cold; this happens until spring when attics are cleaned dust is wiped off the family’s photographs; a man in his twenties sees himself age on sepia-toned paper; the camera began ticking when he was a baby, the face now staring back belonged to a monster of seventeen dressed for high-school graduation looking like Dracula in drag. These faces stop when his mind does, it zeroes in on his profile in 1984 then 2001 but the last image to bid farewell is his own, age eighty, when all that registers on film is backround. It takes awhile to see exactly who is posing, the earth or a man. He continues working then stops, sits at the desk is soon deep in dream. Recollections like wood cut before the snow stand neatly stacked among his thoughts to dry out, lose their springiness so as to burn brighter on a freezing night; to think or write is to force the issue, the weather cares not for sentiment its storming piles up incredible wind-drifts against the house, wlio knows how deep they are 256 257 Warren Merguerian Charlie Margeson Greg Berndtson 258 RENAISSANCE STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Charles Margeson Photography Editor: Warren Merguerian photo staff: Donald Lew Art Lisi Steve Johnson Bruce Murray Literary Editor: Stuart Blazer lit staff: Linda Noddings Donna Cagen Gail Butler Editor — Layout and Design: Greg Berndston other contributers: Larry Berman Bill Whitehead Bob Izzo Specifications: The Renaissance 76 is published by Hunter Publishing Co., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The cover is 120 pt. board with silkscreen 541 blue and silver mylar foil on natural buckram material. Cover design and spine lettering by Charlie Margeson. Trim size is 9 " by 10 " , 260 pages using 80 lb. dull enamel paper stock. All half-tone reproduction is done in 133 line screen, spot varnished, with the exception of the senior section. Senior portraits were taken by T.D. Brown Co. in Cranston. It is now the day after our last colossal, disorganization of effort which was needed to finalize the epitomisation which we call the yearbook. A word of thanks to all those who helped pull this book into reality. To Paul Brindamour, alias P.B., Bob Izzo, Felix. Mike Lapoint for his duplicating, Larry Berman for the sports copy, Ann Spruill for making life (and funding) difficult, Fred I. Barney Co. for repairing and return- ing our own typewriter the day after finishing for the year, the 5 cent Cigar for the use of their typewriters, and to the final group of staff who participated in the 36 hour marathon session, and to Laurie for the fine moral support and pati- ence. Have a good year . . . 259 It’s going to be strange day. I woke up on the ceiling this morning beneath me my friends were drinking tea talking about people who fly in their sleep 260 W. Merguerian

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