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Table of Contents Prologue 4 Focus 1 — Fall 14 Focus 2 — Winter 78 Interview with Frank New man 86 Focus 3 — Spring 154 Interview with Margaret Scott 158 Seniors 196 Graduation 194 Directory 256 Epilogue 274 The 1974-75 Renaissance was printed by the Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas. The book was produced in a 10 " x 10 " format page size, 276 pages smyth sewn in 12 page signatures. Paper stock was 80 lb. high bulk dull enamel. All half tones are spot varnished and all color prints were four color separations made from 35mm transparencies layed out in 8 flats. The end sheet’s color is Fawn printed in 70% screen. Pages 2 and 3 consist of Dark Green 20, also printed in 70% screen with the type reversed. All borders for the almanac sections were made with Letraset decorative borders 83-120 and the type for those sections were Letraset 72 pt. Quentin 117-72-CN. The cover consists of .098 pt. board stock with white vinyl 088 plain. Lettering is Brown 881 t her mo-screened for effect. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the editor and permission of the owner of the material involved. With the asset of hindsight and the liability of subjectiveness, we on the yearbook staff have more or less defined, as clearly as possible, the mood on the URI campus during the academic year 1974-75. That mood, however intangible it may be, has become clear to us as one of optimism. R. Kmerson Looking back on prior academic years, there were obvious prevailing ' moods’ on campus. 1970 was a year in w hich such a mood can be clearly defined. It was the year of revolution and a definite pessimism with the system. A year later, the pessimistic attitude prevailed, mixed with a feeling of being generally fed up with everything. The next two years were rampant w ith apathy. There were no more causes, and there was basic disillusionment. Life went on, as people became involved with the details of their lives. Watergate, a year later, seemed like just another pain in the ass, although we concerned ourselves with the details of our lives, we nevertheless were concerned w ith the big issue once again, th is time with a lot more cynicism. There was a lot to be dealt with, as it became clear that idealism w as a thing of the past and corruption was a tangible reality. We " young people”, in an effort to shirk all thoughts of w hat plagued many of the people of our land, symbolically stressed the triumph of innocence and, forgetting the problems that surrounded us, shed our clothes in the guise of streaking. We were once again being rebels, but in a different and more peaceful way. C. Margeson Soon, the problems of Watergate were solved, and we turned to new prospects for the future. Hopefully, corruption would be cleaned up, and America and her people could roll up their sleeves and start anew. Here at URI, the fall semester began in earnest. In August, a new president was appointed in the country. Also in August, a new president came to the U niversitv of Rhode Island. P. Kieras P. Kieras We are sure some will say we have been blind by assuming that all is well. We agree wholeheartedly that there have been inconsistencies, yet nevertheless, we have taken heart in the fact that the exceptions to the rule did not alter the mood. Look around and you’ll see what we saw: optimism in even the darkest corners of life at URL As the American people looked to (Jerald Ford for support, so did the students here at URI look to Frank Newman to help us wade through mistakes of the past and to start fresh. Perhaps we have been plagued by budget deficits and a multitude of new problems, but for the most part, fingers have been crossed and life has been bearable, with the hope that things will get progressively better. EVELYN SHORT P. Kieras P. Kieras P. Kieras P. Kieras A. Lisi The Gift Moontides, sunstorms galactal dancing, the lifeforms sway throughout the universe exploding into being like stars shedding their light-skins. Earthmen busy themselves with linear lives, while little boys on Saturn draw rings around the moon — Astrology beckons from the closet: arise, Sagittarius, shoot your flaming arrow into my heart, filling me with the light of ten thousand suns; the time has come for learning. As the calendar revolves on its floating axis we too slide through the seasons carrying with us the residue that is memory: Our lives flow with the tides, blood pulled through our veins by moonbeams Our bodies move with the seasons, the soul’s fruit ripens, slips off the Tree, and is digested, food for the Universe. _ Stuart Blazer Believing It Is Enough In the depths of my mind there exist inner paradoxes Straining my brain with unusual power I have a want to — — to — get it all together Believing in what I know just isn’t enough Do I wish to be reassured of all these things No, just believing should be enough and it will be enough. Robert B. Cohen PP 1 1 up jp | A. List NOVEMBER EVENT EVENT EVENT SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER Former URI president Carl Woodward dies at age 84 " Antigone " opens at Fine Arts Noel comes to URI and defends the Mackal Forum Roaches found in Heathman Homecoming weekend Garrett Clough denied tenure ACLU AND NORML join to reform marijuana laws $1 million deficit announced " Endgame” opens at Fine Arts Halloween masquerade dance Registration Classes Start Ford grants amnesty to Nixon Sorority Rush URI, RIC and RIJC told to cut budgets for 1975-76 academic year. Robbery scare — alarm malfunction at Industrial Nat’l Bank James McCord speaks at URI Titanic Beer Fest on the quad Hungover students launch Titantic Assault on Infirmary Pat Paulsen State employees strike Water main breaks — classes eventually cancelled " Kitchen” opens at Fine Arts Womens’ Week begins at URI Federal law granting students right to inspect confidential files takes effect Jeffrey Yencho, WRIU DJ breaks the New England time record for DJ broadcasting Oct. 9 Oct. 30 Oct. 31 B. Emerson REGISTRATION Crowds, lines, computer printouts, people, headaches, drops and adds, decisions, crowds, bluejeans, more lines, more people . . . Need more be said? MTN B. Fuesz R. Emerson 17 Academics Academia is flourishing at URI. According to statistics, more students are receiving A’s than in previous years. The situation looks hopeful, even at URI, party school that it is. Hard as it may seem to picture oneself and one ' s comrades as being studious, the trend is there. History books are becoming more readable, and economic principles are becoming more interesting to sift through. Due to post-Watergate disillusions, a new optimism seems to have surfaced, and w ith it, a hard-line attitude towards work. Disgusting as it may seem, it is better to he educated w hen you’re paying for it than to party w hen you’re paying for an education. Sure, the partying still goes on. but there is a healthy balance, and, believe it or not, the consensus is that URI students are normal, stable students. Perhaps gung-ho party-goers w ill fail to agree, but even Paddy Murphy, dead and buried in March from excess of drink and parties, has nothing over those people who come to URI for an education and manage to sift one out of all the liquor and laziness. At least the sheepskin they receive in June will have a little meat on it. — Evelyn Short B. Fuesz C. Margeson P. Kieras 20 B. Fuesz D. Lew B. Fuesz The 74 book came out in September, and flocks of lost lambs came to pick them up. It’s funny — being from the inside and watching. The reactions were varied. Ranging from radiant smiles at seeing one’s own face decently photographed, to screams from an egocentric photographer who didn ' t get his nudes published in the book, we were appalled at the silver and black book. It enclosed our work, our sweat, our deadlines and our headaches. And for the few people we saw who appreciated it, it made it worth it for us to do it again. " Hint would you like to lee in thii ymn’t Yearbook? w.u b.tturc. FALL THEATRE by Stephen Andrade Something about the seeming independence of the theater is shattered when I realize that no matter how good or bad a play is, the script is just a piece of literature, and the Drama Company means people who act. Neither stand on their own, they balance. But what comes first, the good script or the good actor? The Theater cannot simply rely on a great script. Greek classics which should by now be the most worn out plays in history, make big comebacks. Then new plays, written to express 20th century living and contemporary characters can’t find the inside. (Everybody is a critic, and I always lost true meaning in the interpretation, etc., etc., etc.) This means that even if the company shows a 2,000 year old epic, the actors’ experience on stage is preyed upon. So why is it that in America the unknown actor, artist and playwright are hungry and tired? What happened to the romantic Barrymore myth of drinking all night and rehearsing all day? It’s a culture-starve. Someone once mentioned that the best experimentation with new work, as often as it may happen, occurs in the catacombs beyond the vomitory. And the best audience for this work is the young and innocent, because to them, it’s all new anyways. The environment for an exciting season of theater was just right here at URI, and before our university reached the bottom of the cultural rill, the Theater Department was awarded a grant from the National Rockefeller Foundation. In a society w here TV is the largest and most popular stage, where talented efforts of young artists are generally washed out in the mixed colors of advertising, and Americans rally to the sight of Mr. Clean and the Pillsbury Doughboy, URI has replied with an enriched season of plays. Endgame W. Merguerian B. Fuesz 1. Fuesz THE GREAT LEAKY WONDER BLUNDER , ” BETTER KNOWN AS THE WATER CRISIS On a dreary day in late November, many of us were preparing for class, unaware of the blessing in disguise that was about to bestow itself upon us. Sure, our existence, usually an uninterrupted routine, had been lightly messed up for a while in the morning — some of us had no water and a few of the toilets were acting up in stinky rebellion. Nevertheless, we dragged ourselves to class, thinking that some demagogue in housing or plumbing would undoubtedly utilize his talents to alleviate the problem, and that the excitement, like all week-day excitement at URI, would be short-lived. The day was drizzly and rainy. The people at the Physical Plant were making frantic phone calls, and there was some commotion in front of the infirmary as workmen dug a mysterious hole. Meanwhile, the student body went on with their affairs of the day, oblivious to the fact that somewhere in the land of the water-god, plans were being formulated for their escape from Kingston. By afternoon, the rumor had begun. There was a water main break ... at the library ... at the infirmary . . .no food. . .no water. . .no showers. . . no school. Naturally, nothing as impossibly utopian as having school cancelled occurred in the minds of most of us. Pessimists scoffed at the idea, and yet, some optimists began packing for home. By evening, the optimists had won, and all of us were more than elated. The next day, while everyone either loafed around or caught up on lost work, long tank trucks filled with water were dispatched and arrived on campus. Later, 90 port-o-johns appeared (ttfanks a lot, water-god) and the people at the Physical Plant were biting their fingernails. Then, the announcement came. Glory Hallelujah, no classes for the rest of the week. Professors cursed the god of water; students got down on their knees and gave thanks. When the praying and celebrating were over, the campus was empty. Everyone took off to decent toilets at home, leaving the problem behind for the people at the Physical Plant to contend with. Good things never last forever. By the following week, we were back in class, being told by many of our professors that we would have to take notes at a faster rate and that some of our classes would be made up at night and on Saturdays. In addition, Frank Newman later announced that the total cost of the crisis would probably run to $70,000. Obviously, it does not pay to pray to the water-god. Evelyn Short A. Lisi pi WOMEi V 1 1 best , I EQUIPMENT j □[ WRIU by Steven Carcieri This past year at the campus radio station many monumental events took place. There were records broken, officers of the station impeached and resigned, public notice given of a request for a power increase to 3000 watts stereo, and a full day’s conference on the student station’s objectives. The main event of the first semester had to be the breaking of the New England broadcast record by- Jeff Yencho. (He would have gone for the world record, but the person who had achieved that dubious honor in New York by staying on the air for 192 hours had to be committed to a hospital and lost the use of his legs in the process. Eight days was too long for that disc jockey, and Jeff said " no way” in his response to going for the world mark.) I’ll never forget the week that he was on the air. He started Monday morning and by Tuesday night he looked crazy. During my show on A.M. his speaker was blasting in F.M. When I went over for an observation, I found that the window was wide open, letting in all that cold October night air, and he was stripped to the waist. He went on to capture his mark of 100 hours with about five hours to spare. He gave WRIU some of the best publicity it had ever had. Later in the year, one new director was impeached, and Dana Swanson, general manager, resigned for personal reasons. On April 15, members of the radio station met for a day of discussion and future planning for the station. Finally, WRIU F.M. gave public notice that they had filed a request with the F.C.C. to change frequencies and expand their power output from 10 watts (hello Wakefield) to 3000 watts stereo (hello Providence maybe). This was the first step towards increasing our sphere of influence in the state. This is a dream that must become a reality. It just may improve the image of this university and demonstrate how together we are in Kingston. (Steve Carcieri is a disc jockev for WRIU) JEFF ALBANESE WAS STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT AT URI DURING THE 1974-75 ACADEMIC YEAR. During the period that I have spent as an undergraduate at URI I have often wondered in what way students could become a truly effective voice in the governance of the university. Although there have been occasional bright spots of student activism that insured the protection of students rights at URI, they have been inconsistent. Consequently, students have suffered. The main problem in accomplishing the acquisition of a truly effective student voice, in my opinion, has been the lack of cohesiveness and community among students at this university. I feel that the formation of a community among students is extremely important if students are interested in having a strong voice — a voice that is essential in standing up to the problems of increased fees and reduced services made inevitable by the economic problems of our country. Unfortunately, students at URI seem to be concerned w ith only the welfare of all students in such crucial areas as the quality of the education they are receiving, expressing their views on what the priorities of the university should be, being vocally concerned about increases in tuition and fees during these financially difficult times, and, especially, being able to actively participate in university decision making on a consistent basis. I am not stating that these students should disregard their own lifestyles for the sake of other students, but I do feel that they should not be obsessed with just this faction of their life. Students should be aw are of each other’s needs generally and should unite to attempt to solve a common problem rather than remain in their split groups. In other words, if we can strive to create and develop a policy of concern for the problems of all students, whether they be academic enthusiasts, dorm advocate or commuters or have a love of Greek life maybe then we can w ork together to accomplish our goals of achieving the best total education possible, not only in the tradition of a land grant institution, but in the best interest of all students. — Jeff Albanese 37 Cigar HOSTEL This year, for the first time, URI has a house in which commuters and other people connected with the University can spend the night on campus. This house, located on Rt. 138 by the tennis courts is called the URI Hostel. As the only hostel in the state of Rhode Island, the house fits eighteen people a night and the occupancy averages about twenty people a week, proving the need of such a service at URI. The Hostel eliminates the inconvenience of commuting home at night after a party or late-night studying in the library. This house makes social events on campus much more open to commuters, which in turn helps to break down any sort of alienation which might exist between commuters and residents. The Hostel is also used by friends of residents who wish to stay overnight at URI. During the winter semester break, the house was used by the basketball team for a meeting. The rates are fifty cents a night with a sleeping bag and seventy-five cents a night for a bed. This money goes to maintenance of the Hostel such as repairs, electricity, and heat. Maurice and Sue Tougas are the live-in couple at the Hostel at the University of Rhode Island. It is a homey atmosphere with two white rabbits and a dog in the back yard. MTN 38 HIGH NOON CLUB While fathers attend meetings of the Elks or the Jaycees and smoke Spanish cigars, sons attend meetings of the High Noon Club and smoke Colombian joints. P. Kieras B.Fuesz S.L.S. This campus is vast and unlimited. It is my home and my warm fireplace. It is my city, teeming with wrongdoings and insecurities. It is my life, with its immature moments and its moments of truth. There are no real boundaries to my education here, yet at times I feel fenced in, imprisoned. Here, I have felt inspired with intellect, and intent upon nauseous insignificance. This campus has kindled the fires of great minds, and yet has fathered children it is not proud of. It has taught me through the guidance of the words of great men. It has interlaced my classroom existence with touches of personal experience, from w hich I have captured the essence of life. 46 m The lessons I have learned here are many. The disillusionments I have met are many, yet, I have learned the ultimate lesson in life — how to deal with the realities and how to cherish the ideals. That, in itself, is a lesson I shall always keep in mind. Evelyn Short ’’that ram band” That Ram Band begins its season early in September before any students with the sense enough not to join the Ram Band even begins thinking about returning to URI. The regime, from that day on, resembles induction into the army. Basic drills are washed into one’s brain; a constant scheme of marching patterns. 48 r Primarily musicians, members of the Ram Band must also be acrobats and dancers. They must learn how to simultaneously swing their instruments in time to the music, memorize marching steps, and play melodious half-time music. It’s like trying to rub your stomach and tap your head at the same time, or vice versa. The humidity of the late fall soaks itself into the clothes of the marchers, and the heat is enough to make any trombone player faint. But that is remedied when salt tablets are passed out, and the endless marching resumes. As the prospect of the first performance looms ahead, nervousness and psyche work their way into the veins of the members. After practicing for so long, a sense of unity dominates, and the desire to look good and play good mixed with a deep sense of pride — akin to the feeling that permeates a football locker room before a game — takes over. Once on the field, all the drilling and practice serves invaluable. It’s not really evident at first, as the music and the steps push each member around and into place at the right time, and the bleachers and Ramettes are nearly invisible blurs, and the person at the end of the line almost screws up the pattern, and the person at the beginning of the line isn’t really playing his horn because he’s too nervous, and all of a sudden it’s all over. Then each person in that long line of blue and white looks up in disbelief. Then the female voice over the loudspeaker says, ’’That’s our Ram Band, " and the applause sounds faint but satisfying. The hand leader announces his pleasure w ith the performance, and each drained marcher smiles an exhausted smile. It’s definitely worth it. Then it’s practice time once more, and the person at the end of the line learns his steps, and the horn player learns to play the horn. Ev Short 50 R. Kmerson RHODY FOOTBALL To most of the student spectators on this campus, a Saturday afternoon football game begins when the players run onto the field at 2:00. But for a football player, the game on Saturday starts Monday night and continues throughout the week as the players workout on the field, study movies of their opponents in action, concentrate on a photo of their opposing player, watch their weight and intake of alcohol, shut the lights at 10:15 every night, and psyche themselves up for a severe physical beating on that big day. Flaying football is a full-time job. It takes all summer to prepare for the fall season, and all week to prepare for one game. The spectators often forget as they scream and swear from the sidelines that " our men” out there in blue and white are students, too. Not only must they answer to the spectators’ demands to give 100% of themselves to the game, but they must also answer to the phys-ed department (who keeps tabs on their grades) to give 100% of themselves academically. At times it is an up-hill battle after a few hours of pushups and hitting for the player to keep his eyes open long enough to catch a glimpse of his chemistry book. He must organize his time between studying and football and have enough self-discipline to stick with it. 52 R. Emerson Emotion plays a big role in a game. A player only plays as well as he feels, and if he is emotionally stimulated before the game, then he will perform better with extra incentive. The football uniform means more to a player than just identification. It gives him a feeling of unity with his teammates and that much more confidence in himself. The drawback of the uniform is the protective helmets which hide their faces. This can too easily allow the spectators to forget that those uniforms are not battery operated, but actually have people in them: people with the same study problems — tests, papers, labs, and headaches that you and I have. R. Emerson Ktmr " This was the most satisfying and successful football season I’ve ever associated with in my 23 years of coaching.” That’s University of Rhode Island coach Jack Gregory speaking after his Rams closed out the 1974 football campaign with a spectacular 14-13 victory over archrival Connecticut, the first win for a URI team at Storrs in 20 years. " We had unbelievable problems this season, and with all the adversity these young fellows went through, the victory over Connecticut was the most gratifying and rewarding for any football team with which I’ve ever been associated.” " This team deserves a lot of credit. The way they came back to w in in four of their last six games, after a disastrous start, points to the kinds of athletes they are. Most teams could have folded and given up on themselves, but they came back and played good football the last six games of the season. " These young men showed us a lot of courage and character. We’re very proud of them,” Gregory concluded. With the final 5-5 overall record and 3-3 in the Yankee Conference, Rhody put together two w inning seasons in a row . The star of the season and the talk of the campus was sophomore sensation Rich Remondino. All this outstanding athlete from North Massapequa, N.Y. did was run! And run he did . . . with a total 1008 yards for the season in nine games, to win the Conference rushing crown, as the number one rusher in New England, and the first in the east after the season’s final against UConn. Remondino finished as the 16th best rushing back in the nation among all collegiate football players in all NCAA divisions. Rich received numerous post-season honors. He was named to the Associated Press Little All-American team, and to the first teams of the All-East All-New England, and All-Yankee Conference squads. Other top individual performers for the season were senior quarterback Paul Ryan, who finished his career with 1933 yards and 14 touchdown passes. In his final season, Ryan threw for 1009 yards. only the fourth QB in URI history to go over the 1000 yard mark. He also got his name in the all-time Ram record books with the most touchdown passes in one game, four against Northeastern. Danny hitaker, senior fullback and tri-captain, finished his playing w ith 457 yards and eight touchdow ns last year. Senior cornerback and tri-captain Ray Braszo set an all-time Ram career interception mark with eight. Also graduating is tight-end Mike Matkevich, w ho caught 55 passes for 781 yards and six touchdow ns last year. He w as chosen as first-team All-Yankee Conference. The team will graduate 17 seniors, with 15 juniors, 18 sophomores and 24 freshmen on the 1974 varsity roster who are expected to return in 1975. Among the seniors who have played their final game for the Rams are tri-captain and linebacker Dave Zyons who will captain the Rhody baseball team in the spring; two-time All-Conference guard John Gouin, three-year letterman center Russ Pietrini, tackle Vin Sinagra, and runningback Paul Podgurski. W. Merfcueriar W. Merguerian The Rams started off slowly, losing three of their first four games. In the home opener, national power-house Temple smashed Rhody 38-7. The following week, in one of the most exciting games ever seen at Meade Field, the Rams knocked off Northeastern 48-36. The combined total of 84 points was a new URI record. Rhody then hit the skids, being blow n away by Brown 45-15 at Providence. URI then took a thrashing from Maine at Orono, 29-19. The Rams won the following week, much to the delight of the Homecoming crowd. In what was to be the last game ever between the two schools, Rhody white-washed Vermont 14-0. The Catamounts dropped the sport at the season’s conclusion. Before the largest home crowd of the year, a Parent’s Day audience of 7,000, Rhody dropped a 17-7 decision to UMass. At home for the third consecutive week, the Rams knocked YanCon rival Boston University 13-7. Travelling to New Hampshire, Rhody lost to the Wildcats 29-14. But, the Rams finished the season with two straight victories, at Bridgeport and UConn. Larry Berman W. Merguerian W. Merguerian SOCCER Led by the outstanding play of freshman Danny McCrudden, the University of Rhode Island soccer team finished its 1974 season with a record of 6-4-2, a big improvement from the season before. McCrudden, of Nicholville, N.Y., emerged as the scoring threat the Rams so badly needed. The 6-3, 190 pound frosh won the Yankee Conference scoring race with 21 points on 13 goals and eight assists and finished among the top five scorers in New England. McCrudden scored the lone goal in Rhody’s 1-0 shocker over Connecticut in the final game of the season, spoiling the Huskies’ chances for an undefeated season. The UConn’s were ranked fourth nationally before the Rams pulled the upset of the soccer season. 62 McC rudden also played key roles in a pair of one-sided victories for the Rams. He scored four goals and added an assist in Rhody’s 9-0 triumph over Holy Cross, and tallied three goals and three assists in the Rams’ 7-0 clobbering of Providence College. Rhody, coached by Geza Henni, doubled its record and its goal production from a season ago. The Rams finished a dismal 3-7-3 last year, while scoring 16 goals. This season’s Rams tallied 32 goals, which ties a club record set in 1972. Sophomore goalie Bob Auletta emerged as one of the big surprises of the year. He replaced the injured starting goalie Kevin Daly at mid-season and played strongly. In seven games, he allowed but five goals for an average of 0.7 per game. Auletta, of Massapequa, N.Y., finished the season strongly with a shut-out victory over UCon, totalling 42 saves, an average of six per contest. Daly, the senior co-captain from Rockville, Center, N.Y., started in eight games for the Rams, allowing 1.5 goals per game. He recorded two shutouts and finished his career at Rhody with a 1.57 goals against average, while competing in four years of varsity activity. Daly is one of three starters who are graduating. Also finishing their varsity competition are co-captain Vic Caspar of East Providence, R.I., who had 20 goals and 16 assists in his career, and starting defenseman Ralph Madera of Mt. Kisco, N.Y. — Larry Berman W. Merguerian w. MerRuerian W. Mergueria VMM W. Merguerian CROSS COUNTRY 66 W. Merguerian 67 W. Merguerian FIELD HOCKEY 68 W. Merjjuerian Kingston, R.I. hadn ' t seen much snow this winter. In fact, the local flavor had commented that it surely had been the mildest they’d experienced since the great Hessian snow storm of 1778 when so many Hessian soldiers died of cold and exposure. Some seemed to intend that it was all because of pollution and warmer temperatures. Some even went as far to infer a sort of deicide, the Good Ix rd was warming Himself up for the big day. Apparently, even his images, as they thought themselves to be, pulled no weight in heavenly circles. Despite the local flatulency, the snows did come and they blanketed our fair little town with all its splendiforous white-wash. Indeed, it really seemed to clean the place up a bit. Along with its flawless camouflage, it seemed to settle folks into a peaceful day. But Nature herself, the woman mother, is a fearful force to deal with. I knew her name when I was a young child, and partially remember it now. She nursed me in the fields and nurtured me in the woods. 70 So for the first time in many a year Kingston knew the violence of the season of snow . The cold and destitution it wrought contained itself in madman w hirlw inds of w inter. Bitter and steel-edged temperatures brought out the coldness in all of us. The snow battles began. I thought sadly that it w as the only way they could work the feeling of w inter out. I could offer no more participation than to just sit by and look out my frosted w indow . Sullen hours of just watching and watching from my little w indow, never daring to go out. But I never could sit by and watch forever. The snow -throwers made things inside me burn hot enough to melt an avalanche of snow balls. It w as an incurable blindness that guided my movements. Wanting and needing compensation for that lost tunnel w andering deep w ithin was an impulse. There was no need for violence, any w here it decided to live or page. It didn’t matter if my eyes w ere broken, because I never used them to see violence anyways. w arm internal bottleneck fever the temperature of guts is very hot. the darkness w ill freeze that over though no night is seen in eternal blindness. I am blind, never knowing Steve Andrade why a word as choice or decision w as used. I ate w hat they fed me. I felt w hat reality meant to others. All the difference in the universe can measure the finer balance of feelings I knew. 71 72 P. Kieras E. Ozwill Have you given me the soil my roots needed? Could you nourish the tropical plant in that bitterbone coldsnap winter? Your harvest moon now sees the steel stockyard pile pollution that chokes my tree dry. The tall smoke stack silhouette stands its full height in the skies of autumn nights, but impervious skulls see nothing, kill nothing. The neutral continuity; is that w hat your crying woods mean, is that w hat your lonely fall fields mean by brow ning and dying? Said seasonal deficits in real purchase- order winter. — Stephen Andrade 76 bj v’vj JANUARY % DECEMBER FEBRUARY DEC. JAN. FEB. m EVENT DAY EVENT Si EVENT DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY Dec. 3 Inauguration Ball Jan. 1 Vandals loot Sigma Feb. 4 Evelyn Reed, Ekdwards Dec. 4 Inauguration Delta Tau sorority. Feb. 18 Car collides with train " The Crucible” opens $5,000 worth of damages at Waites Corner Rd. at Fine Arts Jan. 20 Students are welcomed station, local woman dies. Dec. 14 Nat’l March Against back to URI by the year’s URI wins over PC Racism — URI Student first big snowfall Feb. 12 " Fog and Mismanagement " Senate grants $750 to Jan. 21 New course added by opens at Fine Arts student committee students: Feb. 13 " Prague Spring” for the march Snowball fights 101 opens at Fine Arts Dec. 20 URI commuter hostel Jan. 27 " The Greeks” is denied a Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day opens liquor license by the Feb. 20 Tom Rush Dec. 25 Christmas, students South Kingstown Feb. 21 Las Vegas night open their presents. town council Feb. 24 The start of hoping for money for Jan. 31 Aztec-Two-Step International Week next semester’s tuition sells out at URI Feb. 28 Nostalgia Nite: Camel at Roger Williams 60 ' s revival Park Zoo, kills a man, is shot, and is sent to URI department of animal pathology for examination B. Fuesz 80 INAUGURATION The result of a long search for candidates for the presidency at URI: Frank Newman. Mr. Newman was inaugurated on December 4, in a rather toned-down pomp and circumstantial ceremony. In addition, the inaugural ball, held on the previous night, was unlike most inaugural balls, in that the usual flamboyancy was also toned-down. The highlight of the ceremonial events was the long-awaited inaugural speech. Newman addressed a large assembly gathered in Keaney gym on a blustery inauguration day. He spoke of the problems facing education today, and of the development of higher education in past years. He emphasized the past importance of " growth,” and admitted that " bigger did not always mean better.” Newman suggested that standards and priorities of today’s universities must be re-evaluated, including programs with a positive impact, nurturing creativity in the student, and a better management of resources. He stated, " Our prime purpose is not saving money. If we save our money and lose our soul, what good does it do? We must maximize the effects of education.” The ceremonies were followed by tours on all three campuses of academic programs. 81 82 B. Fuesz 85 When I embarked on an interview with Frank Newman, I kind of knew what to expect. John Hanlon, a columnist for the Providence Journal, called him " a quick, lithe man” who does " quick interviews.” It is commonly known that Newman sometimes works from 7 A.M. until 10 P.M., or later. One of his major goals is to acquaint himself w ith all segments of the university, making it almost impossible for anyone to keep him in one place for a very long time. Unfortunately, I was able to ask Newman only a few rather trivial questions. His answers were long and adequate, but for lack of time, I was unable to delve further into the " Newman Consciousness.” I was disillusioned, yet impressed, for Frank Newman, the eighth president of the University of Rhode Island, is a great person. During the entirety of our interview, his presence overwhelmed the room. He got up, gestured with his hands, thoroughly answered my questions, and yet looked and acted interested in the photographer and myself. A man w ho worked extensively in public relations, Newman surely knows how to deal with people, particularly in ways that would flatter them. But his interest seemed genuine, if such authenticity of a personality can be measured. Frank Newman shines with confidence, and a happy, youthful disposition. And it’s catchy. When he enters a room, every one else in it is swept up by it. I walked out of the interview unimpressed with his demanding schedule, but impressed and in awe of the man. Yet, without a demanding schedule, he would not be doing his job. This year, Frank Newman became acquainted with nearly every facet of the university, from having coffee with picket ing state workers to playing Sunday afternoon touch football with students. 86 At the same time, his handling of " crises” facing the school this year was cause for optimism amongst those who would be affected by his action. Newman was previously Director of University Relations at Stanford University. He gained national recognition when, from 1969 until 1973, he headed two federal task forces that criticized American higher education and proposed changes in the system. The findings of the task force were published in The Newman Reports. He was chosen for the URI post after a 6-month search by an eleven-member committee. 389 applications were reviewed. He succeeds Dr. Werner A. Baum, who resigned last year to become Chancellor at the Milwaukee campus of the University of Wisconsin. Newman unofficially took over on August here at URI, and since then has been faced with problems involving a tig ht budget, unions, students, and even toilets. Although he has not tried to revamp the entire system of the university, Newman has made major contributions and changes. His fast-paced, open style has made progress work at a slower pace, but at the same time, it has worked in his favor, putting more trust in the administration, and giving him the label of good listener. More than ever, students and administration have worked together to solve problems. Among his major contributions this year, Newman took part in teacher union negotiations early in the year. His help was greatly- appreciated. In addition, it was announced that the University faced a Si- million deficit in its budget. For the academic year 1975-76, a 22.8 % budget increase was asked for. The Board of Regents cut the budget request to 10.8%, and later. Governor Noel cut it to an insignificant 1%. With no other alternatives left open, Newman then set up his Budget Task Force. The force was a small working group comprising members of the administration, that not only looked for methods in which to stay within next year’s budget, but that searched for the university’s priorities, education-wise. The emphasis was on open debate — a way of including both students and faculty in the decision-making. All recommendations by the task force were made public, open forums were held for the voicing of all opinions, and affected academic departments were given a chance to respond to proposals. Among the proposals made by the task force this year were a reduction of the budget for athletic scholarships, dropping the master’s program in Philosophy, phasing out the Department of home economics or incorporating it into other departments, and increasing budgets and benefits for the theater department. Frank Newman has also been met with debate and disillusion on the part of various minority groups on campus. In response, he announced toward the end of the year an Affirmative Action Plan, in which he promised future admissions of over 3 % minority students. He also called for an end to discriminatory practices on the part of down-the-line landlords, and established a 6-member Equal Educational Opportunity Council. On December 4, more than four months after taking over, Newman was officially inaugurated. The " Inauguration Celebration” activities, like the man they honored, were less pompous than usual, and more fun. Frank Newman is reminiscent of John Kennedy. He is a charismatic, youthful and intellectual leader. He is full of life. He loves sports, he loves using his mind, and he loves people who love using their minds, a la The Best And The Brightest. He is both the scholarly academician and the embarassed little boy. He attends social functions and becomes the life of the party, but he hates pompous ceremonies in his honor, and enjoys walking around campus alone now and then — to think. The University of Rhode Island needs a man like Frank Newman. The concensus is that he is welcome to stay. — Evelyn Short 90 P. Kieras 91 " Deposit Your Cars Here” Getting up at 6:30, dreary-eyed driving, fighting for a parking space and finally finding one at Fine Arts with one minute to get to an 8:00 class in Quinn — this is ritual of the commuter, the student whose livelihood depends upon the condition of his car, the amoun t of gas money in his pocket, and the amount of give-or-take in his temper. At least there is a Commuter’s Lounge where these martyrs can take a snooze, watch TV, play cards or study. The Commuter’s Association, which runs the lounge, provides lockers to members, commuter car pool systems, and parties for the sake of diversion. An association like this is essential on a campos in which commuters comprise almost half the student population, with the number of down-the-line students increasing every semester. Why do they do it? To get away from the campus at night, to save money, to be able to live alone, in peace. Perhaps the rest of the headaches are worth it. 94 Dear Mr. Policeman, What have you done to me? I thought I parked my car here, But now, where can it be? I was late this morning For my English class, I know w here I’m supposed to park. But I had to get there fast. Why’d you do it to me? It was only there for a minute. Where’d it go? Did you tow? How did you break in it? You know, I used to see you Putting tickets on the cars. You even hit mine a few times. Just who do you think you are? Is it just that you have time on your hands. And you can’t find things to do? No arrests, no murders here. Nothing big for you? I’m really sorry , officer, You’re not solely to blame. It just looks like you enjoy it. When on each ticket you sign your name. I know you’re doing your job, sir, It’s the priorities of this school, Now I’ll go dow n to the towing garage. And I promise to play it cool. Just remember one thing, dear sir, You’re getting paid for your job. I have to pay to come here, yet Without me, you’d have no one to rob. — Evelyn Short Note: Ms. Short is a commuter and has accumulated a number of parking tickets. She has also had her car towed after parking it in a restricted area for a half hour. She and many others like her are infuriated by the paradoxical parking system at URI. She believes that students, who pay to attend college, should have first priority, and should be able to park closer to the center of campus than those w ho are paid for their services here. She also believes that a shuttle bus service should serve staff members, because their working hours are more rigid than the hours of students. H. Fuesz 97 99 Dear Editor: I am absolutely appalled at the swiftness with which this campus is losing its sense of dignity and culture. The last straw has finally come: the URI bookstore has moved all the pornographic magazines to the front of the store, so that they can no longer be perused at one’s leisure. Signed, B. Frustrated 101 P. Kieras BLACK WEEK 102 103 104 P. Kieras 105 Greek Life GREEK LIFE Along with its dormitories and Grad student apartments, down the line commuters, and commuters from other nearby towns, IJRI also has Greek residences on campus. All together there are fifteen fraternity houses and nine sorority houses outlining the campus boundaries. These indiv idual houses designated by their various Greek letters are united by the Inter-Fraternity Council for men and the Panhellenic Council for women. These two councils are the governing bodies of the Greek system. Their office is on the third floor of the student union where they hold regular office hours. The IFC holds meetings here with representatives from each fraternity every other Thursday night. Richard D’Alfonso of Theta Chi was the president of IFC this year. Chuck Caverretta was executive vice-president and Larry Berman was the internal vice-president. The IFC’s main objective each year is to join together the members of each Greek house in a common bon£ of brotherhood and sisterhood. Sororities and fraternities hold many socials and get-togethers with each other. Spring weekends toward the end of the school year and before the turmoil of final exams, are always filled with picnics, games, dances, etc. to ease the monotony of studying. One of the main events in the Greek year is Greek week. This is a week in spring full of fun activities open to the entire campus by the Greek community. These activities include pie-eating, chariot racing, beer-chugging, throwing softball, tricycle and rollerskating races, etc. Also, movies are shown in the union, a clothing drive is sponsored by the fraternities and sororities all week, and guest lectures are open to the university students. Greek life is not entirely fun and games, however. There are certain hours each night according to the individual houses during which no loud music or partying is permitted, so that the students can study in peace. However, the advantage of living in a house structure rather than a dorm is that even during the course of the day when people come and go constantly there is always a quiet corner to be found w here no one will disturb your studying. Sororities and fraternities here at URI are often seen behind a booth in the Student Union raising money for the needy. This philanthropic spirit is common among everyone who is involved in the Greek system. Greek life is a very fulfilling life of fun, experience w ith people in many different situations, self-discipline during study hours, responsibilities, leadership! and many happy memories accumulated during these " good old college days.” Mary beth Norris 106 LITTLE BROTHER — LITTLE SISTER The street — a cold, hard, unthing giving nothing of itself. A child — needing love, understanding, a guiding hand, a pleasant smile. All alone he walks the street, follow ing its twisting path, stumbling over the cold, jutting surface searching for some kind of recognition in a stranger’s eyes. MTN The role of a Big Brother or Sister is to be a friend to a child. It is as simple as that. There are over one hundred students on the URI campus who, through spending a few hours a week with a little boy or girl, have enriched their ow n lives and provided a listening ear and a doorway to new places and new experiences for an underprivileged child. In becoming a big brother or sister to a child between the ages of five and twelve, one need only be only considerate, responsible, and sincerely interested in the personal growth of that child. Being a friend to a little brother or sister is an opportunity to really contribute a part of oneself to another person on a one-to-one relationship. The students involved in such a relationship have found that they have gotten to know themselves better through their weekly contacts with their little friends. The program is allotted a van by the Student Senate so that besides individual activities members can share experiences with each other as a group during trips to places such as the battleship Massachusetts, Edaville Railroad, and the Boston Museum of Science. These events promote unity among all members. The program offers a student the opportunity to become involved in the community life outside the utopia labeled the University of Rhode Island. Marybeth Norris 107 URI Kingston, Rl Mar. 19, 1975 V ol. 5, No. 40 Bill Whitehead was editor-in-chief of the Good 5C Cigar during this past academic year. Providing the campus community with news coverage of University affairs is a difficult task for the Cigar since interests at URI range from zionism to necrophilia (not implying that the two are extremes or even incompatible). The Cigar operated last year hampered by a perennial problem: a lack of concensus as to the exact direction that a student newspaper should follow and to whom it should cater. Some campus organizations consider themselves to be the intellectual center of the Universe, and they feel that the Cigar should reflect that in its pages. To them, the Every Other Wednesday Afternoon Tea and Tickle of the Young Podiatrists is a function well worthy of note in the Cigar. Another option that could be chosen is the sensationalist route. Indeed, numerous students’ sole interest is in macabre tales of a professor being beaten by her department chairman with the left hind leg of a donkey and the like. However, such occurrences are relatively infrequent to support a biweekly publication. There is another problem that contributes to an identity problem at the Cigar. It receives half of its funds from the Student Senate and operates out of a University building. Therefore, both the Senate and the administration have the potential power to interrupt the newspaper’s publication. The Cigar’s Problems can only be solved by its eventual evolvement to autonomy. Until then, the Cigar continues to work with what it has — staffwise and Universitywise. — Bill Whitehead horn, Sue s aboul 3 3 months o ' d a „ A silver laoty with golden eyes and a ,, r , . s 5 , a i iy Contact Gabe or Mar , l 06 789 9633 artn M„ Jill C.. Janet, Nancy S., and cy P., of Aloha Delta P , Thank you tor •ay a! J 00 vour secret admirers 1 the gentlemen of Fi|i - fhank you ter Why net pome dovs (Roosevelt basemer class? a Co-op To the person who found the mealbook oi Rhys Williams and took it to Housing Thanks alot. Writer seeking person or couple about to get divorce tor use as subiectisj in article on divorce in R i Anonymity possible Cm cleared up Don I forget to be at Theta Chi Monday night Young girls will be looking Hey, Frank Newman, accomplished budgetary kissing bandit, brother to the sun, and renowned hot shit! How ' s your love life? Impotent monk? he girl who couldn ' t find her coupons at Odessa File Monday night, please call at 783-5502 3 woman household seeks a small, lively, male companion. Housebroken preferreo ase whoever picked me up on t3» Wed nf i left my laundry in your van. Rob 0133 Anybody knowing of the whereabouts of my reward IS Ottered Joe 783 524 To the Cigar: mi-otvTai Chi Club members! From now Inesdays at noon and Fridays at I p.m. at Food Co-op. Roosevelt Hall Basement se meetings are to help you to perfect I Clear plastic " wallet " in Industrial ' I Bank on April 4 Is ol no value to SOPHOMORES - Looking for a summer iob J experience needed Can 90TC 792 2859 Hockey at URI. Anyone interested in next years club hockey team come to meeting on Thurs Feb 20th at 3 30. rm. 320 Memorial Union. Please attend hockey is here if we My love life ' s just fine, you im- potent chipmonk! Frank Newman Queen of the Roller Derby The oldest indoor sport has somt new rules. For ' information on how to love carefully. ‘m Irish Setter puppy this summer ave nine to g ve away by May I5lh Call Ross. 783 1312 cven-ngs Keep trying Summer 2BT, B 789 9645 Girls need a place to livo this summer? IrwestigateOX for info, call 783 789Sor 704D Wetsuit for sale. Parkway tu suit used twice 150.00 firm call 792 515? To whomever returned my calculus notebook thanks very much Steve in Bressler For Sale: .1850 laser Good condition A high performance single hand sailboat S6S0 00 call Chuck SB4-2625 Need 64,65, or. 66 junk Alla Romeo transmission! Call Tad 792x5324. Masseuse wanted ' 5 min. from campus credible bucks, can’t be afraid of taxed body, call Nordic Lodge, ask lor Bob 783- ISIS Debbie - to cheap to write leMer • phone cal ' s bathroom, Happj Anniversary VAGABONDS. EXPLORERS INTREPID TRAVELERS: Doyou-ci to oe ' earned Speak Easy can help ans some of yo r questions Ca. 5964 or p,n Open House - ZB? Wed March ' 9 1 r 33 p m . user 25c admission 2Sc Fed up wilt the commercialised mar arts? The Ta. Ch, Chuan Club is the unit election ot officers tor the I? w m be held— EVERYONE Surfboard for Salt - Hdbie S Chemistry tutoring for Chemistry tutoring for Imal teams half hour session Gradual ' assistant- rerfif. rd teacher - retere-ces 789 Nood wheels? Ten speed bicycle lor sale 3 years old. ?3 " frame. Flandr.a 175 firm Call 789-9631 or stop by 318 Adams and asK 115 Aztec Two-Step Pat Paulsen The Crucible WINTER THEATRE The Fine Arts came alive; stagecrafts was jokingly referred to as slavecrafts, and backstage crews were often busy building two sets simultaneously. The University of Rhode Island suddenly supported and confirmed the idea that the most exciting experimentation was happening right here, in our own department. Someone finally adopted the bastard child, and in eloquent style, fashioned it back to working order. It 1 j L. A. ISite 124 125 B. Fuesz U.R.I. BASKETBALL " Through it all, I am very pleased with the way the team pulled together in the last half of the season, and not only played as a unit, but also learned a lot about the game which will certainly stand us in good stead next year.” That was Coach Jack Kraft of the University of Rhode Island commenting, as his team finished its 1974-75 basketball campaign with five victories in its last 1 1 games. Of the six defeats in that string, two were in overtime and two by the combined total of only three points. What started out as a season filled with adversity, finished as a campaign that showed steady progress and gives bright hope for the future. During the latter stretches of the season. Kraft started three freshmen, a sophomore and a junior, all of whom return next year. B. Fuesz Of the four young freshmen who came to Kingston last fall as an integral part of Kraft’s second-year of rebuilding the hoop program at Kingston, Jim " Jiggy” Williamson of New Haven, CT; Stanley Wright of New York City, and Randy Wilds of Miami, FLA; formed the nucleus of starters, along with sophomore Mark Cizynski of Westport, CT and junior Carlton Smith of Boston, which came on strong at the end of the season. " Learning to play together and getting our defenses down pat were two of the factors that led to the team’s early-season woes,” is the way Kraft put it. " These young men had to learn each other’s moves, and it’s just got to take time for anyone to absorb a new system and to make it work during a game situation.” Rhody fans had to wait seven weeks for the first Ram triumph, which came in the 15th game of the season. URI lost its first four contests, when Kraft made a critical move, which stirred much controversy. Kraft cut from the squad three seniors, Randy Hughes, Jerry Minetti, and Larry Levane. Hughes was the leading scorer and rebounder the season before while both Minetti and Levane saw much action. Kraft said the decision was made because he was looking to the future, and w anted to play his freshmen. He said he didn’t want to " humiliate” his seniors by sitting them on the bench. Ten games went by after the cuts until the Rams finally won, trouncing New Hampshire by 20 points. The rest of the way, the Rams stayed in with everybody and played well. Although URI finished 5- 20 overall and 3-7 in the Yankee Conference, everyone is looking ahead to next year when the entire starting team returns. A pair of great victories also encouraged many fans. The season’s highlight victory was URI’s solid 79-69 w in over Providence College at the Providence Civic Center in the team’s second meeting of the season. It was the first Ram victory over a Friar five since 1972 and the first for Kraft over PC in four games since coming to Kingston in 1973. Another high point for the young Rams was their 89-83 win over Manhattan at Kingston in early February, the first victory over the Jaspers in three seasons. Williamson, the six-foot point guard and former Wilbur Cross High All- American, emerged as the team’s offensive leader, finishing the season on top in eight categories, including most points (374) and highest scoring average (15.0). In addition, he " ran " the club well, averaged 38 minutes of playing per game, highest on the team, and was the only player to start all 25 games. Three seniors are due to graduate, including co-captains Bill Bird, and Nelson Lopes plus Noel Taylor. Bird, used mostly in a reserve role this season, scored 217 points in his two years as a varsity performer. Lopes, w ho also came off the bench this year, had 333 points in his pair of varsity campaigns. Taylor, the type of player w ho time and again came into a game as a substitute to spark Rhody rallies, scored 229 points in his two years at URI after coming to the Rams as a junior college transfer in 1973. — Larry Berman R. Emerson 130 131 WRESTLING A pair of outstanding wrestlers, both juniors, represented URI in the 1975 NCAA championships at Princeton, N.J. Scott Pucino of Coventry, RI, and Tadd Sargent of Annadale, VA, each won New England championships, qualifying for the nationals. Pucino won his first two matches in the NCAA’s, but lost in the third round to the two time defending NCAA champ. Sargent lost in the opening round. Pucino had an unbelievable season for URI. The three-time New England and Yankee Conference 126-pound titlist finished 20-6 for the campaign with ten pins, racked up 16 straight victories, two major titles and is now 67-1 1 for his career, an alltime record for the most wins by a Ram wrestler. And to top it off, he received the Leather s Trophy as most valuable wrestler in the 1975 New England competition, and recorded the fastest pin of the tournament, a 35-second fall in the semi-finals over Mike Hudson of Maine, his own personal record-time for a pin, for w hich he was aw arded the Serra Trophy. Sargent almost paralleled the diminutive Pucino, scoring 24 victories against eight losses and a tie last year, including six pins, while upping his career mark to 37-20-4. The 190-pound New England title was the first for Sargent. He has won the Yankee Conference championship for two straight years. 132 Rhode Island, finishing the season 12-8 in dual competition, tieing its alltime record for most dual meet victories in a season, has won 16 w hile losing only 19 over the last four years. The Rams placed second this season to Boston University for both the New England championship and the Yankee Conference title. Rhode Island was the defending champion for both titles. Seniors who finished their careers for the Rams included Stu Horowitz, a two-time New England and one-time anC on 177-pound champion who compiled a 36-13-5 career record: and co-captain Ray Miro, who won the Conference heavyweight title last season, finishing up the year with a 30-15-2 career mark. Rams who will be back next season for Coach Alan Nero include junior John Richard (158) w ho had a record of 15-10-2: freshman Mike W illner (142) and freshman Frank Pucino, Scott’s younger brother, who finished his initial season w ith a 7-4 record despite being hobbled w ith an injury most of the year. Nero, named New England coach-of-the-year for the 1973 and 1974 seasons, has compiled a 32-15 dual meet record since taking over the Ram head coaching reins three years ago. In that span, his teams won two YanCon titles and were runners-up this season, w hile tieing for the New England crow n and placing second, twice. R. Emerson 137 women’s sports B. 1 7 . 7 0 140 B. Izzo 142 B. Fueaz C. Margenon 144 145 ' t ftQ£ (MH-qj? fMH G .C WqC X31 sorry, fella. P. Kieras there may be few answers, there may be so many questions, but i have made up my mind, marriage is a non-entity, i refuse to become a bitch, i don’t want to ruin any children and your life. i know now something i thought would never come to me. the realization that marriage is a no-where thing hurts like hell, i know, but i can see the fear of the century written in your young eyes. the fear that we will end up like those around us, everywhere sick. unhappy. unsatisfied, resentful. if i ever made you walk like a damned gawk — down an alter in front of your sneering friends, i would never live it down. to myself. so be single, with me sometimes. and love just may never die. — evelyn short — 151 B. Fuesz C. Margeson 153 Paddy Murphy »56 157 B.Fueaz 1975-76: A GOOD YEAR FOR GOOD MOODS Editor’s Note: Margaret Scott, Associate Dean of Students, worked with me to compile a rather general outlook about the ’mood’ on the URI campus this past academic year. This essay is a result of research by Ms. Scott about the ' moods’ on campus in past years. She attributes the varied ' characters’ of past generations of students to world events during each time period, and to the extent of social awareness evident during each generation. This essay, however, is not necessarily how it is. It must be stressed that our opinions are not universal. Yet, we have come to our conclusions in the most cohesive way we feel possible in discussing as intangible a subject as a mood. 158 It seems as if the mood on campus this year was one of tentative optimism. A new president of the university came to office in August. In addition, a new U.S. President had just previously been appointed. Both men gave those they led a rallying sorely needed at the time. In the 1950 ' s and 60’s, students were less aware of world events and presidents. They were more occupied at the time w ith w hat seems now ' to have been social trivialities. The Association of Women Students had an elaborate system of rules and regulations w hich determined life styles for men and women, w hieh saw little revision during these years. Curfews, signing in and out, special late permission, etc., were reviewed and re-established by groups of leaders each year. Social life revolved around sororities and fraternities. World- and nation-wide events had little impact on students. McCarthy and the Red Scare did not affect students in college. Many of them were the first in their families to be earning degrees. Thus, the school tended to be an incubator, keeping all B. Fuesz w ithin safe and sound from outside threats. They tended to look at success in terms of a good, well-paying job and a grey flannel suit. Slowly, here at URI and at other colleges, regulations began to be lifted, and students began to become more involved and interested in decision-making. Among other progressive moves, a sex information program was adopted, and a policy requiring coats, ties, and skirts at dinner was abolished. That’s just a sampling of the changes that occurred, particularly during the sixties. Colleges across the nation during this period were awakening, and asking, then demanding their rights. At the same time, John Kennedy, the youthful leader to whom many young people and minorities looked to for support, was in office. The disillusionment that followed his assassination led to more student strikes, sit-ins, and riots. It wasn’t until 1970 that URI participated in a student sit-in. The period was one of an exciting, invigorating campus mood. All students were concerned for the first time about the plight of the masses. There was a new wave of a caring for humanity. The Big Brother-Big Sister group was formed at this time. Then Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Vietnam War. A credibility gap was formed, not just between students and authority, but also between middle-class America and authority. And URI represented the sons and daughters of the middle-class. And yet, confrontation slowed to a halt as time passed. The Kent State killings made students, including those here at URI, stop and think twice about violence as a vehicle for change. Recently, students have lived through the dictatorship of Richard Nixon and his ill-fated administration. The disclosure of corruption in the highest office of the country has led many to run from reality, but has also forced many to seek change, through peaceful means. Many students have sw itched majors to Political Science and Journalism, in an effort to change the system from w ithin. The events of the past attribute to a feeling of skepticism among the young. Yet, the cynical outlook is a healthy one, allow ing only the truth to make any kind of impression on them. At the same time, URI students are hopeful, like many people, that time w ill heal all wounds and that, led by good men. truth and honor will prevail. — Evelyn Short 159 A. Ostrowsky 160 161 SKIN DIVERS CLUB 164 THE URI SKIN DIVERS Last year was the URI Skin Divers Club’s 17th year, since its founding in 1958 when the sport of skin diving was in its infancy. In the beginning, the club was the real skin diving club, meaning there was no SCUBA diving, only snorkeling and spearfishing. However, the club has changed considerably over the years. Now skin diving has all but been replaced by SCUBA diving and spearfishing has been replaced by night, boat, wreck, and bottle diving, as well as saltwater tropical fish collecting, underwater photography and just plain underwater exploring. Last year was one of the best years that the club has ever had. Membership was up and more importantly, activity was increased. Over 50 open water club dives were organized with over 250 man hours of bottom time recorded in out-club diving logs. Club dives were held every week, right through the winter. However, for those club members who didn’t particularly enjoy diving during the winter w hen the water temperature was in the 30’s and 40’s, the club offered other alternatives. At every club meeting, held on Wednesdays in the Union, a dive film or speaker was featured. A total of 14 films were shown which included, " The Silent Warrior,” " Beneath Grand Cayman Waters,” and a 90 minute feature film, " Deadly Fathoms.” The club also sponsored 8 speakers, some of which included A1 Davis, who spoke on " The Salvage of Revolutionary War Vessels in Narragansett Bay,” Wes Pratt, who spoke on " Sharks in Narragansett Bay,” and John McAniff, who spoke on " Diving Safety.” The club also sponsored four major events last year. The first was the 16th annual New England Collegiate Dive, in which URI invited universities and colleges from all over New England to a dive weekend at Castle Hill, Newport. The second event last year was a trip to the famed Boston Sea Rovers Underwater Convention. The club’s third major event was a trip to the Florida Keys during the Easter break. This was the first time the club had ever sponsored such a trip, and it was very successful. In all probability, it will become an annual event. The club has acquired a substantial amount of diving equipment over the years which is loaned out to members at no charge. The club owns 12 sets of tanks and regulators as well as U W lights, B C’s and diver’s flags. Membership is free and open to all URI students, whether you want to dive or just want to learn. — Robert Peterson, President 165 U.R.I. BASEBALL 167 B. Fueaz B. Fuesz MAY 4,1975 170 171 DAYLITE JAM I X B. Fiiesz SPRING THEATRE The theater is alive and well and residing in our own little Kingston community. The surprising element is that the audience reacted like a hungry youngster, and filled either of the two performing studios for every show of every play. What was the attraction? Was it the old and tragic Greek drama of Antigone? Or was it the strange idea that someone could actually make an entertaining yet powerful musical about the ’68 takeover in Prague? Perhaps it was the balance that was achieved this year by the Theater Department by performing some of the old, and some of the new. Maybe it was the experience of the experimental merging with the traditional. Any way or method you choose to define success for the theater, one idea is realized for what it is. The theater in Rhode Island has firmly made the statement that direction for the performing arts in the seventies is not impossible to find. — Stephen Andrade Congressman Ed Heard 180 GREEK WEEK I 84 B. Fuesz C. Margeson 192 C. Marjfeaon 194 C. Margeson 195 The Departure This good-bye is final, an official change in status. With one less veil between me and world perhaps those nights of burning midnight oil will allow me to see more clearly by my ow n light. Forced now to move from learning under duress to a more personal search I must give, sell or file away all these books-: grey the heart that cannot sense the life-force at the root of words. And the words themselves, constrained by their context; they too conditioned by emphasis upon the linear. All these books-: hours absorbed in the mind of others. Is this the intent of well-rounded education? The arc of that giving is slow to return. Dear alma mater, you appear to be the fat depraved mistress of a miser, unfamiliar with your own body, still afraid to touch those inner parts that might carry you the far side of reason — You, full of knowledge and so void of wisdom, have given me your imprint, made me part of your family. I long to forget our secret handshakes, deeds done in the darkness of a classroom. cheating to get a grade. You bent me to your w ill as if you were the boy in Frost’s poem and I the stubborn birch. You, shape-changing god. goddess, demon. The faces on this campus wear, at times, one expression, your mood our momentary season; at semester’s end the players untune their instruments rise from their seats and leave the stage where your demands fade in the air like notes when a concert is done. Receptive to the coming music, no longer a student of elemental fascinations, I listen attentively for the moment’s approach when I regain custody of the child you have adopted, my attention, which you held as if it were your own. — Stuart Blazer 196 C. Margeson GEORGE ABELL BUSINESS DAVII) ABBOT RESPIRATORY THERAPY ANGELO ACCIARDO FINANCE O. A LAB I JEFFREY ALBA NESE POLITICAL SCIENCE HISTOR JOHN ALBANESE BUSINESS RONALD ALBERT PSYCHOLOGY CAROL ALBRO CHILD DEVELOPMENT FRANK ALFANO SECONDARY EDUCA TION ANNE ALIANIELLO ELEMENT A R V EDI r CA TION SOCIOLOGY NANCY ALLEN HOME ECONOMH ' EDUCA TION PATRICIA ALLEN PSYCHOLOGY SECONDARY EDUCATION GLENN ALMQl 1ST NA TURAL RESOl R( ES LUCIA AMARAL TEXTILES AND ( LOTHING GREGORY ANDERSON ACCOUNTING DONALD ANDERSON MARKETING DAVID ANDERSON ACCOUNTING PETER ANDERSON JAMES ANDERSON BIOLOGY LA UREL ANDERSON PHYSICAL EDUCA TION O. ANDERSON NORMA ANDES DENTAL HYGIENE CAROLYN ANDRUCHOW CHILD DEVELOPMENT ELLEN ANMUTH SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION ROBERT ANNON ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GARY.ANSALDI NATURAL RESOURCES THOMAS ANTONELL1 HISTORY ANN APPLEBAUM THEATRE KENNETH ARAKELIAN ECONOMICS PAUL ARBOR BUSINESS GERALD ARCOUETTE POLITICAL SCIENCE DIANE ARDENTE TEXTILES AND CLOTHING ANNEARDILLO GEOLOGY NANCY ARMLOUSH PHARMACY JOSEPH PHARMACY PATRICIA ARRUDA NURSING JAMES ASPRY CIVIL ENGINEERING VICKI AUBRY TEXTILES AND CLOTHING FRANCIS AUDETTE PHYSICAL EDUCATION ANTHONY AVILA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LINDA AXAMETHY BIOLOGY EDUCA TION DARREL AYLES PSYCHOLOGY CHARLOTT BA CKER SOCIOLOGY FRENANDO BAGLIONI SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION 199 ANN BAGLOLE NURSING MICHAEL BAILEY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING EDWARD BAKER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING KAREN BAKER ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TIMOTHY BAKER PHARMACY NANCY BALL ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GAIL BANDIER1 CHILD DEVELOPMENT STEPHEN BANSPACH PSYCHOLOGY DIANNA BARNES ENGLISH GLORIA BARNES ACCOUNTING ALTON BARNEY MICROBIOLOGY DEBORAH BARO SOCIOLOGY RONNIE BARON NURSING SHIRLEY BARONE NURSING ANN BARRETT ENGLISH ELLEN BARRETT ART HISTORY KA THLEEN BARRETT HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA TION CHISON BARRIE CHILD DE TLOPMENT MARGARET BARRON ELEMENTARY EDUCATION R. BARRUSS PAUL BARRY JOURNALISM THOMAS BARRY MICROBIOLOGY 200 ELLEN BARR FOOD AND NUTRITION JAMES BASTUNE FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SUSAN BAPTIST A SPANISH EDGAR BATSFORD GENERAL NURSING WILLIAM BAXTER ACCOUNTING GERALD BEAGAN JOURNALISM JOHN BEAULIEU MUSIC EDUCATION MARK BECKENBACH AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE CA THERINE BECKER HOME ECONOMIC EDUCA TION DONNA BECKER PATRICIA BECKER ELEMENT AR 1 EDUCA TION PSYCHOLOGY CAROL BECKWITH ART JAMES BECKWITH GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BARBARA BEERS DENTAL HYGIENE VIRGINIA BEGGS NURSING JAMES BEN J A SECONDARY EDUCATION JUDITH BELL CHILD DEVELOPMENT VIRGINIA BELLOWS NURSING BARBARA BENN ELEMENT AR Y EDUCA TION ARTHUR BENNETT ENGLISH CHERYL BENNETT SOCIOLOGY VICTOR BERETTA BIOLOGY 201 LINDA BERGMAN CIVIL ENGINEERING PATRICIA BERGERON TEXTILES AM) CLOTHING FRANK BERGERON PHYSICAL EDI ( A TION GREG BERNOTSON ART DIANE BERLO ZOOLOGY ROBERT BICKFORD ZOOLOGY JOHN BIK GEOGRAPHY JOHN B1LOTTA CHIU) DEVELOPMENT KATHLEEN BIRT SOCIOLOGY DA V ID BLANCHARD MARKETING CHARLES BLANCHETTE JOl RNALISM NANCY BLAND ART ALANBLAZAR HISTORY STl ART BLAZER ENGLISH ROBERT BLE All ELECTRIC A L ENGINEERING J EDITH BLECH NER CHILD DEVELOPMENT ROBERT BLOOM Ql 1ST MICROBIOLOGY MARY BODZIOCH NURSING JEFFREY BOGHOSSIAN MARKETING EUGENE BOICHAT RESOl RCE E( ONOMICS KAREN BOLDT RICHARD BOND ELECTRIC A L ENGINEERING 202 CAROLYN BOOTH ESGLISH MICHAEL BOUCHARD ELEMENTARY EDUCATION THOMAS BOUCHARD RESOURCE ECONOMICS DENISE BOULE TEACHER EDUCATION ALAN BOURGETTE MATHEMATICS STEVEN BOUSQUET JOURNALISM KA THLEEN BOUVIER NURSING JAMES BOYKO MECHANICAL AND OC EAN ENGINEERING CANDICE BOW MAN FINANCE BRUCE BOYCE SECONDARY EDUCATION ROBERT BOZEK POLITICAL SCIENCE JOSEPH BRADS HA W MICROBIOLOG Y ANTONIO BRANCO FINANCE ROBERT BRAND ELECTRIC AL ENGINEERING MARSHA BRANDVEIN ACCOUNTING RA YMOND BRASZO PHYSICAL EDUCATION DONALD BREEN GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION FRANCES BRENNAN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION KEVIN BRENNAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT DEBORAH BROADHEAI) AGRICirLTURA L TECHNOLOG 1 MICHELE BRODEUR CHILD DEVELOPMENT EDWARD BROPHY ENGLISH 203 DAVID BROOKS MICROBIOLOGY MICHELLE BROUILLETTE TEXTILES AMD CLOTHING EDWARD BROWN POLITICAL SCIENCE ELLEN BROWN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ERIC BROWN NATURAL RESOURCE LOIS BROWN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TEACHER EDUCATION PA MELA BROWN ART EDUCATION MARGARET BRUNERO NURSING SUSAN BRYAN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEBRA LYNN BRZOZ A PHYSICAL EDUCATION LAURIE BUCHANAN NURSING MAUREEN BUFFUM ELEMENTARY EDI TA TION SUSAN BULLARD EDUCATION DONNA BUONANO PHARMACY ROBERT BURK BOTANY ROBERT BURKHART AGRICULTURE AND RESOURCE TECHNOLOGY PAMELA BURLINGAME NURSING ELAINE BRU NETT PHARMACY JEFFREY BURSELL BUSINESS MARSHA BURSLEY TEXTILES AND CLOTHING PATRICIA BUSKO ELEMENTARY EDI CATION ARTHUR BUTLER NA Tl RAL RESOl RCES 204 JANET BUTLER ART ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION JEAN BYRNES DENTAL HYGIENE RICHARD CABRAL PHARMACY ELLEN CADORETTE TEXTILES AND CLOTHING ANN CAHOON SECONDARY EDUCA TION V. CALAIS BEVERLY CALDAROLA HOME ECONOMICS MA TTHEW CALDERISO RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT MARY CALOAROLA ELEMENT A R Y EDUCA TION PA UL CAM PA GNONE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY DAVID CAMPBELL ZOOLOGY CAROLE CAP ALBO BUSINESS EDUCA TION PAULA CAP ALBO PHARMACY SUSAN CAP ALBO ECONOMICS DONNA CAPLAN SPEECH WILLIAM CAPUTO BIOLOGY DONNA CARBERRY HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA TION WILLIAM CARBERRY RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PETER CARDOSI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY T. CARMIER DAVID CARON MICROBIOLOGY ALANE CARTER SECONDARY EDUCA TION 205 MARY CARTER SOCIOLOGY JOANNE CARTER RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT NANCY CARUSO NURSING CATHY CASEY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SUSAN CASSIERO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEBORAH CASTER PSYCHOLOGY BRENDA CASWELL ANIMAL SCIENCE ELLEN CASWELL NURSING JEFFREY CASWELL ACCOUNTING CHRISTINE CA VARETTA BIOLOGY ART ANN CECIL BIOLOGY WILDLIFE DIANNE CENTOFANTE NURSING CAROL CERIO NURSING STEPHEN CHABOT BIOLOGY KERRY CHAFFER JOURNALISM PAULA CHAPPELL DENTAL HYGIENE LESLIE CHASE PHYSICAL EDUCATION JOSEPH CHAVES THEATER PHILLIP CHESSER SECONDARY EDUCATION ELLEN CICERCHIA RESPIRATORY THERAPY CATHERINE CIULLO DAVID CLARY CML ENGINEERING 206 ROBERT CLAUS ACCOUNTING ELEANOR CLAPPROOl) NURSING CONSTANCE CLIFFORD NUTRITION PATRICIA COFFEY CHILI) DEVELOPMENT GEORGE COGGESHALL BIOLOGY JANET COHEN CHILD DEVELOPMENT LAWRENCE COHEN ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REE LINDA COHEN NURSING MARYANN COLLINS TEXTILES AND CLOTHING RICHARD COLTRERA ACCOUNTING WALTER COMPARE NA Tl RAL RESOURCES STEPHEN CONCA FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STEVE CONGDON COMMERCIAL FISHERIES JAMES CONLON SOCIOLOGY MARY CONLON ENGLISH THOMAS CONLON III HOME ECONOMICS JAMES J. CONNERY EDUCATION W. C ONOON JAMES COOMBS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SUSAN CONRAD NURSING JEAN CONYERS AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY MARIANNE COONEY CHILD DEVELOPMENT 207 BARBARA COPIUS RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT BEVERLY COR BO NURSING PAULA CORR DENTAL HYGIENE GERALD CORRIVEAU PHARMACY JOHN CORVESE MICROBIOUH ' .Y KAREN CORVESE CHILD DEVELOPMENT JOSEPH COSTA FISHERIES JOHN COSTELLO SOCIOLOGY THOMAS COSTELLO INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CAROL COTE MARKETING MARC COTE MARKETING MARY LOU COTE ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION CATHI COTRONEO FRENCH RONALD COURCY RESOURCE MA NA GEMENT GARY COURNOYER SOCIOLOGY ELAINE COUTU CHILD DEVELOPMENT GARY COUTU POLITICAL SCIENCE PETER COVELL MATHEMATICS ANTONIETTE COZZOLINO ENGLISH JEAN CRAVEN NURSING ANN CREAMER NURSING MARY-JO CROCE ACCOUNTING 208 SHAKOS CROOK TEXTILES AMD CLOTHING COLLEEN CROSBY NURSING ANN CRUZ NURSING CA THLEEN CUMMINGS HI Ll DEVELOPMENT BARBARA CUN HA NURSING LEO CURLEY ENGLISH DEBORAH CURRENT TEX TILES AND ( LOWING RICHARD CURRIER PHARMACY LINDA CURTIS HOME ECONOMICS JOHN CYGANIEWICZ CIVIL ENGINEERING DIANE CYR CHILD DEVELOPMENT ROBERT DALTON ENGLISH JOANNE D’ ANDREA PHARMACY PA TRICE D’ ANDREA HOME ECONOMICS DEBRA D AQUANNO ENGLISH SUSAN DAVENPORT DENTAL HYGIENE J. DANILON 209 STEPHEN DeANGELIS Bl JSINESS A DM1NISTRA TION SUSAN DEARMIN TEACHER EDVCA TION DONNA DEASCENTIS CHILD DEVELOPMENT RICHARD DeBARI PSYCHOLOGY ART DIANE DeFRA NCESCO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DONNA DeGROFF GERMAN ROBERT DeHART ZOOLOGY M. DEIGHAN EDMUND DeJESUS MATHEMATICS J. DeLACRUZ JOANNE DELANEY NUTRITION PATRICIA DELANEY NURSING DENNIS DELGIZZO ENGLISH DAVID DeMARTINO ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING RICHARD Ik MERCHANT ACCOUNTING PA TRICIA ANN DEMEO PSYCHOLOGY ANDREA DEMIRJIAN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ROBERTA DEMELUO ENGLISH JULIA DeNICOLO PHARMACY JOSEPH DENNENY PSYCHOLOGY TOMDENNISTON SOCIOLOGY JOSE DEOBALDIA CML ENGINEERING 210 BETH DERESTIO AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY DONALD DeRITA PHYSICAL EDUCATION FRANCES DeROBBIO MATHEMATICS PAULA DeRUOSO MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY RICHARD DeS ANTIS HISTORY WILLIAM DeSIMONE HORTICULTURE DAVID DeVECCHIS CIVIL ENGINEERING JAMES DeVONA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY JANE DeVOOGD PSYCHOLOGY NORMAN DeWOLFE PHARMACY K. DIANNE DIANNE DICENSO CHILD DEVELOPMENT HAROLD DICKENS SECOND AR Y EDUCA TION CYNTHIA DICKINSON DAVE DICKINSON CHEMISTRY PETER DiCRISTOFARO PHARMACY CHARLES DiLEVA HISTORY DAVID DILLMAN MICROBIOLOGY SUSAN DIONNE ELEMENTARY EDI 1C A TION ANTHONY D ' lTRI HISTORY ROBERT DIRIO ENGLISH ROBERT DiPALMA ELEMENT AR Y EDI CA TION 211 LORRAINE DiZAZZO PHARMACY DEBRAHDOANE PSYCHOLOGY SUSAN DOBOSEYNSKI CHILD DEVELOPMENT ELAINE DOHERTY NURSING JAMES DOLAN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PAUL DOLAN NA TURAL RESOURCES SUSAN DONALDSON PHARMACY CA THERINE DOWNEY PHY SICAL EDUC A TION KA THLEEN DUNLOP PSYCHOLOGY ROBERT DuPONT POLITICAL SCIENCE FRENCH DONALD DUPUIS MANAGEMENT SCIENCE BRAD DUARTE ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REE JOHN DUDENHOEFER ZOOLOGY S.DYL LISA EBELING TEXTILES AND CLOTHING DENNIS ECKLOFF HISTORY RUTH EGGLESTON PHYSICAL EDUC A TION KAREN ELDREDGE SPEECH JAMES ELLIOTT SECONDARY EDUCATION ANDY ELLISON ACCOUNTING DAVID ENGEL AGR TECH. AND RES. DEV. GAYLORD ENTROT ZOOLOGY 212 PHILIP ERICKSON GEOGRAPHY WILLIAM ERNST GEOLOGY MARYESTEVES PSYCHOLOGY ROBERT EVANS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LY NNE FACTOR ELEMENTARY ED VC A TION STEFFANIE FAELLA MANAGEMENT SCIENCE CHERYL FAIN MUSIC JANIE FAIN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SUSAN FALCIGLIA ZOOLOGY ANTHONY FALCONE MARKETING MANAGEMENT MICHAEL FALVEY MADEUNE FARINA S. FAZZINI MICROBIOLOGY DALE FEARING PHARMACY MARYFEELEY POLITICAL SCIENCE ALEXIS FELIX APPLIED MATHEMATICS JUDY FELLOWS MICROBIOLOGY FRANK FEKETE MICROBIOLOGY LAURIE FERACO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION- LA URIE FERDINANDI PHYSICAL EDUCA TION FRANK FERENDO PHILOSOPHY SANDRA FERENDO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 213 DAVID FERRARESI MARKETING ADVERTISING ROSEMARY FERRARO HOME ECONOMICS ELAINE FERRIER JOHN FERRUCCI PHYSICAL EDUCA TION VITA FETTERMAN SECONDARY EDUCATION KAREN FIELDER NURSING CAROL FIQUEIREDO SECONDARY EDUCATION MA TH ROBERT FILLO PLANT SCIENCE GEORGE FINCH JOURNALISM JOANFINIZIO DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCA TION SUSAN FINN psychoux;y VIRGINIA FIORO CHILD DEVELOPMENT HELEN FISHER NURSING SANDRA FISHER FOOD AND NUTRITION DEBORAH FITZGERALD SOCIOLOGY DONNA FLEMING BIOLOGY WILLIAM FLYNN LA TIN AMERICAN STUDIES GEORGE FONG FINANCE PH I UP FONG PHARMACY BARBARA FONSECA DENTAL HY GIENE ROBERT FONTANA PSYCHOLOGY PATRICIA FORDE NURSING 214 DIASE FORGIONE ENGLISH JANICE FORESTER FOOD AND NUTRITION CAROL FORTON HOME ECONOMICS BEVERLY FOSSA NURSING MARILYN FOSTER ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION MICHAEL FOURNIER CHILD DEVELOPMENT BARBARA FOX FO OD AND Nl TRITION DEBORAH FRANKLIN ANTHROPOLOGY JEFFREY FRANKLIN PHARMACY MARGARET FRAZIER MUSIC EDUCATION GLENN FREDEN NATURAL RESOURCES CHERYL FREEMAN RESPIRATORY THERAPY LINDA FRENCH EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY ALAN FRIEDMAN GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION ROBERT FRITSCHE SPEECH DENISE FULLER CHILD DEV. AND FAM. RELATIONS MARCIA GABRILONITZ PSYCHOLOGY V. GAHANSHAHI MICHELLE D. GALBRAITH HOME ECONOMICS ROBERT GALLOGLY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SUSAN GAMMINO NURSING ABDULKARIN GANDOMIKAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 215 T5 LINDA GARABEDIAN HOME ECONOMICS GARYGARANT RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT SUZANNE GARBRIEL ATTRITION KATHY GARDNER CHILD DEVELOPMENT WILLIAM GARFORTH EDUCATION BARBARA GARTLAND SOCIOLOGY DENNIS GASCHEN ADVERTISING ELAINE CASPAR NURSING JAMES GASPARRI ART PETER GATELY ZOOLOGY LINDA GAVLIN AGRICULTURE ANNEGAUVAIN NURSING KA THLEEN GA VULA PSYCHOLOGY CHRISTINE GEDDIS ELEMENTAR Y EDUCA TION SHEILA GEIB JOURNALISM SHARYN GEIB SECONDARY EDUCATION ENGLISH WILLIAM GEMPP ECONOMICS JOHN GENDRON PSYCHOLOGY DENISE GERBITZ HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA TION MARIE GEREMIA SPEECH ROBERTA GERMANI CHILD DEVELOPMENT WILLIAM GESSNER SECONDARY EDUCATION 216 FRANCIS GIAMBALVO NA TVRAL RESOl RCES PATRICIA GIARRUSSO TEXTILES AND CLOTHING JAMES GIDLEY CIVIL AND ENVIR. ENG. BRIAN GILGUN ACCOUNTING PAUL GILGUN ACCOUNTING DIANA GILMORE URBAN AFFAIRS ANDREW GILSTEIN POLITICAL SCIENCE ROBERT GINGRAS GENERAL BUSINESS ADMIN ISTRA TION LUCILLE GIRARD NURSING JANE GIUDICI SPEECH GAIL GLEN NURSING ELAINE GODFREY ENGLISH LAUREN GODIN G SECONDARY EDUCA TION ROBERT GOLDAPER PHARMACY ROBERT GOLDBERG BIOLOGY L GOLDNER STEVEN GOLDSTEIN NATURAL RESOURCES LAWRENCE GOLINI NA TURAL RESOURCES RICHARD GOODISON PSYCHOLOGY EDWARD GOODRICH SECONDARY EDUCATION DAVID GORDON ACCOUNTING GEOFFREY GORDON CHEMISTRY 217 MAUREEN GORMAN PHYSICAL EDUCA TION DEBORAH GOTLIB PHYSICAL EDUCA TION VINCENT GRADY ACCOUNTING PAULA GRANDCHAMP NURSING HOWARD GRANT AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY MARCIA GRAY PSYCHOLOGY GERALD GREAVES CIVIL ENGINEERING MARILYN GREENBERG DENTAL HYGIENE MARLENE GREENBERG TEXTILES AND CLOTHING RICHARD GREENE ZOOLOGY ROBERT GREENE HISTORY MARC GREENFIELD HISTORY ELAINE GREGO GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OTTO GREGORY CHEMICAL AND OCEAN ENGINEERING JENNIFER GRIER EDUCATION BARBARA GRIFFIN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA TION DA V1D GRIFFITHS EDUCATION JEAN GRIMALDI SOCIOLOGY ROBERT GROH MICROBIOLOGY ROLF GRONNEBERG ENGLISH NEAL GROSBERG FOOD TECHNOLOGY ANTHONY GROSSI CHEMISTRY 218 GREG GRUND Z(H)L(x;y JEAN Gl ' DAS MICROBIOLOGY ALFONSO GUGLIELMO ENGLISH SUSAN GURNY POLITICAL SCIENCE KEITH GUTHRIE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT DONALD GAMMINO CIVIL ENGINEERING MARY HAGGSTROM PRE-MEDICINE JANET HAISLIP POLITICAL SCIENCE SUSAN HALE STEPHEN HALEY PHYSICAL EDUCA TION BARBARA HALL CHILD DEVEIjOPMENT DEBRA HALL FOOD AND NUTRITION JANE HALLWAY TEXTILES AND CLOTHING LINDA HALLWAY ELEMENTARY EDI CA TION A NNE-MARIE HANLEY MUSIC EDUCATION JOHN HANLEY MATHEMATICS DAVID HANSON POLITICAL SCIENCE S. HARAN BERNARD HARMON MICROBIOLOGY MARY HARRINGTON MARKETING MANAGEMENT A NTHONY HA RRISON FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RA YMOND HARRISON ENGLISH 219 EILEEN HARTMAN FOOD AND NUTRITION SUSAN HARTNETT SOCIOLOGY ELISA BETH HA R VEY GEOLOGY PHYLLIS HARVEY NURSING KA THERINE HA WKINS STEPHEN HA W KINS CIVIL ENGINEERING PETER HA YES PHYSICAL EDUC A TION PETER HA YHURST ORG. MANAGEMENT AND INI). REL JUDITH HAZEL POLITICAL SCIENCE CAROLYN HEDBERG HORTICULTURE LYNN HEN DELL SPEECH ROBERT HENRY GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION LINDA HERRLEIN NURSING BERNADETTE HIGGINS NURSING DEBORAH HIGH AM CHILD DEVELOPMENT BARBARA HILL CHILD DEVELOPMENT MICHAEL HILL MARKETING MANAGEMENT PATRICIA HILL MATHEMATICS SUSAN HILL DENTAL HYGIENE STANLEY HILL CIVIL ENGINEERING JULIA HINMAN PSYCHOLOGY K. HOFWEBER 220 MARSHA HOHENEMSER SPEECH NANCY HOLDEN NURSING RICHARD HOPE INSURANCE GLENN HORTON HISTORY ELISABETH HOUSTON FOOD AND Nl TRITION PERRY HOWARD GEOLOGY CHARLES HUGHES ELECTRIC A 1. ENGINEERING RANDY HUGHES PSYCHOLOGY MARY HUNTER TEXTILES AND CLOTHING DEBRA HURST SECONDA R Y EDI 1C A TION PATRICIA HYLAND NURSING ROBERT HYSSONG ELEMENT A R Y EDUCA TION ROSEMARY IACIOFANO CHILD DEVELOPMENT DOMENIC IANNETTA MICROBIOLOGY CAROLYN IDE ELEMENT A R Y EDI CA TION RICHARD INDECK HISTORY JILL INFIORATI ENGLISH JOSEPH INTEGLIA POLITICAL SCIENCE JOANNE IZZO SOCIOLOGY CHRISTINE JABOUR SOCIOLOGY SUSAN JACKSON BIOLOGY 221 ROBERT JACKVONY PHARMACY RONALD JAMBARD PHARMACY JANIS JAMES AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY PEG JANUARIO ELEMENT AR Y EDUCA TION WILLIAM JASPER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DAVID JASTRAM MICHAEL JEDSON FOOD SCIENCE JANET J ELLISON POLITICAL SCIENCE ROSE MAR Y JENDZEJEC HOME ECONOMICS LOUISE JENKINS SECONDARY EDUCA TION BE A TRICE JENNINGS ELEMENT ARY EDUCATION PAULA JENNINGS MUSIC EDUCATION ELIZABETH JETTY PHYSICAL EDI ( A TION JOHN JETTY POLITICAL SCIENCE SUDIPJHAVERI FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ERIC JOHNSON ECONOMICS ERIC JOHNSON MICROBIOLOGY GEORGE JOHNSON GEOGRAPHY STEPHAN JOHNSON INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DAVE JONES PSYCHOLOGY GREGORY JONES ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING KATHRYN JONES TEXTILES AND CLOTHING 222 PHILIP JONES POLITICAL SCIENCE CAROL ANN JURCZAK ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. JENNIFER JUTRAS MARKETING MANAGEMENT KEYHAN KARBASSI MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PA TRICIA KA RBO WSKI ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ROBERT KA TKO WSKI ACCOUNTING ILENE KATZ FOOD AND NUTRITION KENNETH KATZ RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT C. KATZARIAN ETTA KAUFMAN PHARMACY HUGH KEENAN AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY K. KEIFER ANTHROPOLOGY LILYNE KELLY ELEMENT AR Y EDUCA TION LINDA KELLY MICROBIOLOGY KATHY KENDALL FOOD AND NUTRITION GEORGE KENNA PHARMACY THOMAS KENNEDY ECONOMICS CHERYL KENNY JOURNALISM POLITICAL SCIENCE PHILIP KIERAS FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOG Y JUDITH KIERN AN FRENCH PATRICIA KILMARTIN NURSING DIANE KING FOOD AND NUTRITION 223 JUDITH KING NURSING LISA KING POLITICAL SCIENCE IRIS KIRCHGAESSNER GERMAN PETER KIRN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PAUL KISELLMAN ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IN ' D. REL. WILLIAM KLAPPER POLITICAL SCIENCE BRUCE KLEINMAN POLITICAL SCIENCE ALANKNOPH ACCOUNTING RICHARD KOCHANOWSKI ECONOMICS PAMELA KOPPLIN ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. WILLIAM KOWAL NURSING ELAINE KOZLOWSKI PHARMACY GA YLE KRAKOWSKI NURSING GARYKRASNER ZOOLOGY JULIE KRA VET PHARMACY WILLIAM KROPINICKI ZOOLOGY RA YMOND KRUPSKI PHARMACY JOANKRZAK RES. DEV. URBAN ENVIRONMENT CHRISTINE KUDZMA NURSING BARRY KUEHL PHARMACY JANET LABRECQUE DENTAL HYGIENE MICHAEL LACHAPELLE HISTORY 224 DESMS LACROIX ACCOUNTING WILLIAM LAFFERTY NATURAL RESOl RCES S. LAFFREDO BARBARA LAKE EDUCATION NORMAS LAGASSE JOURNALISM ANNE LAKEWAY FOOD AND Nl TRITION DENISE LALIBERTE MICROBIOLOGY MARIANNE LALIBERTE POLITICAL SCIENCE PAUL LAMBERT NA Tl ' RAL RESOl RCES EVELYN LANDRY ITALIAN FRANTZ LARCO MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GERALD LARENCE ECONOMICS KIMBERLY LASKE NURSING CHERYL LATOS ECONOMICS DOROTHY LATINA FRENCH EVANGELINE LAUSIER PHARMACY ROBERT LAVOIE POLITICAL SCIENCE BEVERLY LAZAROF SPEECH JOYCE LEACH CHILD DEVELOPMENT PAUL LEBLANC MARKETING MA NAGEMENT RONALD LEDOUX GERALD LEFEBVRE MICROBIOLOGY 225 ROSS IE I ye FORT NURSING LARRY LeGAULT ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REE LYNETTE LEMIEUX ( HILD DEVELOPMENT DEBORAH LEMIRE NURSING ODETTE LEMOI CHILD DEVELOPMENT MARY LEM HAS SECONDARY EDUCA TION JOHS LEOSARD FINANCE JOHS LEOSELLI HISTORY BARBARA LESHNER CHILD DEVELOPMENT ROBERT LETTERI CIVIL ENGINEERING JOHS LEVESQUE PHARMACY SUSAN LEVESQUE EDUCATION RASDY LEVIN HISTORY MARA LEVY HOME ECONOMICS LAURIE LEWIS NURSING MARY LIBBY PHARMACY DOSNA LIBUTTI POLITICAL SCIENCE IRA LIEBER BIOLOGY CHARLENE LIMA ELEMENTARY EDI CA TION RESEE LIMOGES PSYCHOLOGY KENNETH LINDLOF RICHARD LINN PSYCHOLOGY 226 GEORGE LINNANE PSYCHOLOGY BRAD LIPE JOURNALISM ARTHUR LISl JR. PSYCHOLOGY DARBIE LISTER BIOLOGY LOREN LITTRELL BIOLOGY DENISE LIVERNOIS SPEECH LAURIE LOCKETT MARKETING MANAGEMENT JOSEPH LOMBARDO NATURAL RESOURCES NELSON LOPES SOCIOLOGY MICHAEL LOOMIS PHARMACY BENJAMIN LORELLO FINANCE DANIEL LOWNEY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RAYMOND LUCIA MUSIC EDUCATION JAMES C. LUTZ ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. STEPHEN LYNCH ANIMAL SCIENCE GAIL MacCARONE NURSING DANIEL MACKIE JOURNALISM ALEXANDER MACKINNON PSYCHOLOGY JAMES MACNIE ENGLISH CYNTHIA MAGILL GERMAN MARIA MAGLIO NURSING GAIL MAHON CHILD DEVELOPMENT 227 it STEPHEN MAJKLTT CIVIL ENGINEERING CAROL MAKOVICH JOURNALISM JAMES MALACHOWSKI MARKETING MANAGEMENT SUSAN MALTAIS HOME ECONOMICS LEO MANFRED GENERAL BUSINESS ADMIN ISTRA TION MARIE MANNA SOCIOLOGY ALFONSE MANNATO POLITICAL SCIENCE JANET MANSOUR SECONDARY EDUCATION TERESA MANTER MATHEMATICS JOAN MARA PHARMACY MARILYN MAR ANDO LA ELEMENTARY EDUCATION WILLIAM MARAZITI ENGLISH P. MARIAN WILLIAM MARIEN PSYCHOLOGY FRANK MARINO NATURAL RESOURCES RACHEL MARINO MICROBIOLOGY THOMAS MARINO PHARMACY RONALD MARKS POLITICAL SCIENCE NANCY MARSHALL TEXTILES AND CLOTHING LINDA MARSOCCI PHYSICAL EDUCATION THOMAS MARSOCCI PHYSICAL EDUCATION BARBARA MARTIN CHILD DEVELOPMENT 228 DONNA MARTIN NURSING FRANCIS MARTIN SOCIOLOGY JAMES MARTIN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION KEVIN MARTIN SOCIOLOGY M. MARTIN SOCIOLOGY GEORGE MARTLAND LAWRENCE MASE RESOURCE ECONOMICS DEBORAH MASON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING VERONICA MASSE NURSING ROBERT MATERNE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT ROBERT MATHIEU POLITICAL SCIENCE CHERYL MATTOM SOCIOLOGY KAREN MAXWELL WILDLIFE BIOLOG 1 LIONEL MAYNARD ELEMENT A RY ED UCA TION MARILYN MAYNERT CHILD DEVELOPMENT MADELINE MAZURSKI BOTANY shar yn McAllister NURSING ROBERT McASKILL Carolyn McCaffrey DEBORA McCANN MATHEMATICS kevin McCarthy JOURNALISM LAURA McCARTHl CHILD DEVELOPMENT 229 REGINA McCAUGHEY SECONDARY EDUCATION KEVIN McCORMICh MARINE RESOl RCES SCOTT McCRAE SOCIOLOGY LYNN McC READY PSYCHOLOGY SPEECH BOB McDEVITT POLITICAL SCIENCE MICHAEL McGINLEY HISTORY KA THLEEN McGINNES HOME ECONOMICS LINDA ANN McGOVERN PSYCHOLOGY DARCY McGUINNESS PSYCHOLOGY MAUREEN McGUIRE JOURNALISM NATALIE McGWIN ZOOLOGY JOHN McKENNA ELEMENT AR Y EDUCA TION MARY McKENNA PSYCHOLOGY KAREN McKENNEY THEATER DA VID McLA UGHLIN PLANT SCIENCE CAROLYN McMAHON CHILD DEVELOPMENT ROBERT McMAHON NATURAL RESOURCES Howard McMillan CIVIL ENGINEERING Patricia McMullen JOURNALISM MARY McNULTY PSYCHOLOGY KENNETH McSHANE BIOLOGY MARILYN McV AY 230 MARY McWEENEY SPEECH SCIENCE POLLY MEAD CHILD DEVELOPMENT DIETRA MARIE MEDEIROS SECONDARY EDUCATION SPANISH JACK MELLO SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION MARCIA MELONE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GERALD MENARO PHARMACY MANUEL MENDES FINANCE KIM MEN GE PSYCHOLOGY MARJORY METHVIN PHYSICAL EDUCATION LYNN METZ NURSING RAYMOND MEY SOCIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY JOSEPH MICEK ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. JOANNE MIDGLEY SOCIOLOGY DEBORAH MIKSCH NURSING CHRISTINE MILANO PHARMACY SALLY-ANN MILLER ZOOLOGY LORI MILNES NURSING CHRISTINE MINER MATHEMATICS JERRY MINETTI SOCIOLOGY JANE MITCHELL NURSING CYNTHIA MLYNIEC FINANCE MARCIA MONTANARO ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION 231 PAUL MONTI NATURAL RESOURCES HAROLD MOODY MECH. AND OCEAN ENG. RANDALL MOORE RESOURCE ECONOMICS GARY MORGAN ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. GLORIA MORRIS ANIMAL SCIENCE WAYNE MORRIS PHARMACY ROBERT MORRISON GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BARBARA MORROCCO MUSIC THOMAS MOY PHARMACY MAUREEN MULLEN ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION EILEEN MULLINGS FOOD AND NUTRITION DAVID MURRAY GEOGRAPHY AND METEOROLOGY KA THLEEN MURRA Y HOME ECONOMICS ROBERT MURRAY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ERIC MUCHNICK MECHANICAL ENGINEERING STEVEN MURPHY NATURAL RESOURCES STEPHEN NAGAN FINANCE JO- ANN MAJARIAN PSYCHOLOGY ANAHID NALBA NDIAN FOOD AND NUTRITION NANCY NORLIN ELEMENT AR Y EDUCA TION PETER NAUM ANN NA TURAL RESOURCES KEVIN NEARY URBAN AFFAIRS 232 MORAG NEILL CHILD DEVEIA)PMENT DONNA NELSON NURSING DONNA NELSON TEXTILES JOYCE NELSON CHILD DEVELOPMENT FRANK NERI ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGER EILEEN NEWMAN OFFICE ADMINISTRA TION J. NewROCHI CLAUDIA NIC ASTRO ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION WILLIAM NICHOLSON MARINE RESOURCES CATHY NIGRELLI SPEECH HARRY NILES CIVIL ENGINEER JOAN NITTERAUER PSYCHOLOGY S. NOEHLEKE 900 HELEN NORTON SECOND AR Y EDUCA TION A ND HISTOR Y JANIS NOWLAND MUSIC PATTI NULMAN SPEECH PA THOLOGY SUSAN O BRIEN NA TURAL RESOURCES CELESTE O’CONNELL SECONDARY EDUCATION JEAN O’CONNOR NURSING MICHAEL OHANIAN FOOD SCIENCE PATRICIA O’HEARN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CA THLEEN O’KEEFE NURSING 233 A l DREY OLIVASTPO FOOD AND NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE JANET OLIVE PLANT SCIENCE NANCY OLSEN POLITICAL SCIENCE JOSEPH O ’NEIL PATRICIA O ' NEIL DENTAL HYGIENE JAMES OPALUCH ECONOMICS ROBERT O’REILLY ZOOLOGY NANCY ORTEGA DENTAL HYGIENE STEVEN ORZECK ZOOLOGY DAVID OSBORN MARKETING MANAGEMENT JON OSTRON SOCIOLOGY AVIOSTROWSKY PHARMACY AND ZOOLOGY YAWOWUSO INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DARYL PACELT PHYSICAL EDUCA TION ELIZABETH PACHECO CHILD DEVELOPMENT DEBRA PAGE CHILD DEVELOPMENT ALAN PALAZZO HISTORY GLEN PALMER ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT GRANT PALMER ACCOUNTING ANDREA PANCIERA ENGLISH CYNTHIA PANKIEWICZ ART WEND Y PANNEBAKER POLITICAL SCIENCE 234 DANIEL PAOLINI ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT VIKKI PAPPAS DENTAL HYGIENE CRAIG PAQUETTE AGR. AND RESOURCE TECH. PATRICIA PAQUETTE ANIMAL SCIENCE SUSAN PAQUIN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ROBERT PARATORE FINANCE STEPHEN PARENTEA U INHALATION THERAPY ROBERT PARMENTER PHYSICAL EDUCATION BRUCE PASTER MICROBIOLOGY JOHN PASTERCZYK SPEECH SCIENCE NICOS PA TSALIDES MECHANICAL ENGINEER PAUL GERARD PHYSICAL EDUCA TION SYL PAULEY ENGINEERING TIMOTHY PAULHUS JOURNALISM JUDITH PAZERA TEXTILES KATHY PECKHAM NURSING ROBERT PIERCE PSYCHOLOGY CONSTANT PERDIKAKIS CIVIL ENGINEERING DIANE PEREIRA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ROBERT PEREIRO MUSIC EDUCATION HEIDI PERREAULT ACCOUNTING STASIA PETERS PHYSICAL EDUCATION 235 CHRISTINE PETERSON POLITICAL SCIENCE JOHN PETERSON GEOLOGY ERNEST PETIT JR. ENGLISH BRUNA PETRARCA SECONDARY EDUCATION CHERYL PETROSINELLI SECONDARY EDUCATION NORMAN PETTERSON PSYCHOLOGY DAVID PHILLIPS ART THOMAS PHILLIPS CHEMISTRY PAULETTE PICARD DENTAL HYGIENE PATRICIA PIELLI TITYTFF ITC VALERIE PIEROCINII CHILD DEVELOPMENT NINA PIETRANTONIO SECONDARY EDUCATION COZETTE PI LON TEXTILES PA UL PILIERO PHYSICAL EDUCA TION STEVEN PINOSSI PHARMACY CELIA PIOTROWISKI PHARMACY MARYANA PIRO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION RAYMOND PITA PHYSICAL EDUCA TION STEVEN PITOCCHELLI NANCY PLANT BOTANY MARIE PLANTE PHYSICAL EDUCA TION JAMEE PLOCKMEYER CIVIL ENGINEERING 236 THOMAS PLUMMER ACCOUNTING DAVID POIRIER BUSINESS EDUCA TION THOMAS POLAR ACCOUNTING DEBRA POLLORK ELEMENTARY STEVEN PAOLETTI PHARMACY CA THERINE PORTER PSYCHOLOGY NANCY PRESTON SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION WILLIAM PRESTON INSURANCE PAULPREZZANO POLITICAL SCIENCE KEVIN PRIME AU HISTORY LEAHPROCOPIO CHILD DEVELOPMENT JOHN PUNIELLO SOCIOLOGY JAMES QUINN ZOOLOGY STEPHEN RABBITT PSYCHOLOGY RONALD RABCZAK ZOOLOGY EDWARD RAINVILLE PHARMACY PETER RAKUSIN MARKETING MANAGEMENT LYNDA RAMEIKA CHILD DEVELOPMENT DALERANELLI PHARMACY PAULRANELLI PHARMACY BRIAN RAY GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION MAYBELLE REEDY JOURNALISM 237 An ROBERT REGINE ECONOMICS CHARLES RECHOR RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT KEVIN REICHLER PHYSICAL EDI 1CA TION PATRICIA RE I A NURSING FREDRICK REIMELS NURSING JOYCE REMINGTON ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GERALD RENZA FINANCE LYNN REUTER SPEECH BERNARD REYNOLDS JOURNALISM JANE REYNOLDS ART JOANNE REYNOLDS PSYCHOLOGY LOIS REYNOLDS SOCIOLOGY ERNEST RHEAUME FINANCE MARIANNE RICCI HOME ECONOMICS KAREN RICHTARIK DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCA TION STEVEN RICE PSYCHOLOGY DEBORAH RILEY NURSING DENINIS RILEY PHARMACY DENNIS ROACH RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT MICHAEL ROBERTO PHARMACY DEAN ROBINSON ACCOUNTING GAIL ROBINSON SPEECH PA THOLOGY 238 CONSTANCE ROCCO CHILD DEVELOPMENT BARBARA ROGERS GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GAIL ROGERS NURSING KA THERINE ROGERS SOCIOLOGY MICHAEL ROHRER MARKETING MANAGEMENT JAMES ROI TER ORGANIZA TIONAL MANAGEMENT KA THERINE RONICK CHILD DEVELOPMENT WILLIAM ROSA PHARMACY RANDALL ROSATI PSYCHOLOGY ERIC ROOD ZOOLOGY DONALD ROSAFORT ART KA THARINE ROSENA U NURSING ANDREW ROSENER AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY KAREN ROSEN FIELD SOCIOLOGY JEFFREY ROSS ZOOLOGY LYNN ROSS GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION NANCY ROSSEL HOME ECONOMIC JOSEPH ROUMELIS BUSINESS, AGRICULTURE AMMETTEROY SOCIOLOGY STUART RUBIN BUSINESS FRANK RUBINO ACCOUNTING CYNTHIA RUBINSTEIN PSYCHOLOGY 239 CAROL RUSIELEVOICZ ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GURGORY RUNKEL MICROBIOLOGY TERESA RUOCCO SECONDARY EDUCATION AND ENGLISH ROBERT RUSSELL INSURANCE GARY RUSTMANN NA Tl RAL RESOl RCES RICHARD RYAN SOCIOLOGY RALPH RYAN POLITICAL SCIENCE THOMAS RYAN PHARMACY K. RYCHICKIK TEXTILES AND CLOTHING EDWARD SACCOCCIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SHARON SACCOCCIO PHYSICAL EDUCA TION JANETSADLON ACCOUNTING SAGAR VISPI CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PAULSALEMI INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JOANNE SAMPERS TEXTILES SUSAN SANDEL TEXTILES ROBERT SANTELLI NA TURAL RESOURCES GARYSANSOVEI PSYCHOLOGY STEVEN SANTANIELLO CIVIL ENGINEERING MICHAEL SANTOS ZOOLOGY ROBERT SANTOS ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT DONNA SAVINO HOME ECONOMICS 240 L. SAVOIE RICHARD SC HEINFIELD NATURAL RESOURCES NANCY SCHULTZ TV Y Til rw WENDY SCHWARTZ SOCIOLOGY LYNNE SCIONTI ELEMENTARY EDUCATION NICHOLAS SCIOTTI ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT ELLYN SCOTT SOCIOLOGY JOSEPH SCOTT ECONOMICS KENNETH SEGAL ZOOLOGY JOAN SEITES l RBAN ENVIRONMENT AMY SELTZER PSYCHOLOGY DEBORAH SERABIAN SOCIOLOGY DORINDA SEYMOUR HOME ECONOMIC EDUCA TION DEBORAH SHA CKLETON HOME ECONOMIC EDUCA TION DAVID SHAFFER PHARMACY CYNTHIA SHANNON ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION MA RIL YN SHANNON ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION GERALD SHAPIRO SECONDARY EDUCATION CHRISTOPHER SHARTEL MATHEMATICS BARBARA SHERMAN NURSING BENJAMIN SHERMAN ACCOUNTING MICHAEL SHERMAN AGR. AND RESOURCE TECH. 241 MICHAEL SHICHMAN MARKETING MANAGEMENT JEFFERY SHORE ARTS AND SCIENCES AND PHILOSOPHY ROBERT SHORE ACCOUNTING BRUCE SHRAKE CIVIL ENGINEERING STUART SIEGELS GENERAL Bl SINESS ADMINISTRA TION SUSAN SIGETY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY EDWARD SIGLER ACCOUNTING CHARLES SILER MECHANICAL ENGINEER KAREN SILETCHNIK THEATRE FILOMENA SILVA CHILD DEVELOPMENT ROSALYN SILVA SOCIOLOGY RONALD SILVA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DAVIS SILVER PHARMACY JEREMY SILVER PHYSICAL EDI 1C A TION PAULA SILVER BERG HOME ECONOMICS SI SAN SI L VERM AN CHILD DEVELOPMENT MADELINE SILVIA HOME ECONOMICS BETH SIMMONS URBAN AFFAIRS DEXTER SIMMONS EDUCATION LINDA SIMMONS NURSING SANDRA SIMMONS POLITICAL SCIENCE NOEL SIMPSON NA TURAL RESOl RCES 242 VINCENT SIN AGRA PHYSICAL EDUCATION JEFFREY SINCOSKI EDUCATION JOYCE SINGER SOCIOLOGY GILBERT SIROIS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PHILLIP STROIS CIVIL ENGINEERING JILLSISKINO NURSING DENNIS SLONKA PHARMACY SUSAN SMIALEK TEXTILES CHRISTOPHER SMITH GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION CURTIS SMITH FINANCE HERBERT SMITH ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT JOAN SMITH NURSING JEFFREY SMITH Nl RSER Y MAN A GEMENT KEVIN SMITH PHYSICAL EDUCA TION MICHAEL SMITH MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PEGGY SMITH FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOG Y PETRONELLA SMITH GEOGRAPHY PATRICIA SMITH PSYCHOLOGY SUSAN SMITH PSYCHOLOGY LINDA SOLOMON ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION JOHN SOUSA NATURAL RESOURCES LESLEE SOUTHWICK ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 243 JESSICA SPAULDING BIOLOGY NANCY SPENCER l RBAN ENVIRONMENT SUSAN SPENCER NURSING ALAN SPINNER PHARMACY MICHAEL SPINO ENGINEERING SCIENCE DEBORAH SQUIRES NURSING DENNIS ST. AMAND PHYSICAL EDI CATION MEREDITH STANLEY SECONDARY EDI !CA TION ENGUSH DENNIS ST APP AS ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. RICHARD STELLER ZOOLOGY LARRY STERNBACH ADVERTISING JANIS STEVENSON PSYCHOLOGY ROBERT STEVENS ECONOMICS RICHARD STOKES RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT DOUGLAS STONE PHILOSOPHY JOSEPH STONE POLITICAL SCIENCE BARBARA STUDLEY DENTAL HYGIENE KENNETH ST. VINCENT PHYSICAL EDI ’CATION MADELENE SUCHON NURSING MICHAEL SIJGERMAN ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL DONALD SULLIVAN PSYCHOLOGY PATRICE SULLIVAN NURSING 244 WILLIAM SULLIVAN AGR. AND RESOURCE TECH. STIGSUNDBERG PHARMACY NANCY SUNMAM FOOD AND NUTRITION JANICE SUTCLIFFE ELE. ED. AND BIOLOGY DANA SWANSON ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT KRISTINA SWANSON TEXTILES KRISTEN SWANSON NURSING SANDRA SWANSON CHILD DEVELOPMENT PATRICIA SNEEDEN ART THOMAS SWEENEY JOURNALISM AND POL. SCI. CYNTHIA SWOPE CHILD DEVELOPMENT ELIAS SYSMIA PHARMACY MARYSZEWCZYK NURSING RICHARD SZROM ECONOMICS MONIKA SZYNKARSKI SPEECH PA THOLOGY CHRISTINE TALBERT HOME ECONOMICS MICHELLE TALBERT MICROBIOLOGY DAVID TALBERT ENGLISH JEFFREY TALBOT INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING FELECIA TANTIMONICO PHARMACY EILEEN TARBELL MARKETING MANAGEMENT MARYANN TATA BUSINESS EDI 1C A TION 245 LINDA TAYLOR NATURAL RESOURCES ROBERT TERRY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STEVEN TESSITORE FORESTRY STEVEN TESTA PHYSICAL EDUCATION FRANCINE THEROUX ART ROBERT THOMAS ZOOLOGY RICHARD THOMPSON GEOLOGY JAMES TINGLEY GENERAL BUSINESS ADMIN1STRA TION JOHN TISO ZOOLOGY KATHRYN TOEGEMANN ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION STEVEN TOHER PHYSICAL EDUCATION CHRISTINE TONER ELEMENT A R Y EDI CA TION LINDA TORSTENSON NURSING I)A VID TOSTE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MARY TOTIN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DONNA TOURTELLOTT PSYCHOLOGY WARREN TOWNE CIVIL ENGINEERING JOANTRELEASE URBAN AFFAIRS JANET TRIFERO TEXTILES AND CLOTHING ANNE TRIMBLE AGR AND RESEARCH TECH. HOWARD TROOB ANIMAL SCIENCE JEAN TRYON HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA TION 246 MARK TUCKERMAN ENGLISH STEVEN TUDHOPE NURSING MARIA TLJRDO EDUCA TION AND ITALIAN JEANNE TURNER MATHEMATICS JOYCE TURNER ZOOLOGY JOY UMBACH ZOOLOGY DENNIS UCCI SOCIOLOGY DONNA V A GSHENIA N PSYCHOLOGY RITA VALENTINO PHARMACY TERRI VANDERMYLE ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION ERNEST VANDEUSEN SPEECH MICHAEL VAUGH N ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ROBERT VAUGHN ENGLISH JAMES VENNER URBAN AFFAIRS JOYCE VERDON NURSING JANICE VERY MUSIC EDUCATION DA VID VETELINO ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT DESMOND VIDAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LORI VILLENEAUVE PSYCHOLOGY CAROL VIOLA TEXTILES SHARON VTVEIROS ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION RANDY VOGENBERG PHARMACY 247 ' t V CAROL VONDEN DRIESCH ( HILD DEVELOPMENT EDWARD WACHONWICZ PSYCHOLOGY BRUCE WALD MAN PHYSICAL EDI CA TION KATHLEEN WALLINGS LYNN WALTER CLARA WANG NURSING TING TING WANG ACCOUNTING MARY JANE WARNER BIOLOGY CARRIE WARD ZOOLOGY I)A VID WARD ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. SANDRA WARD PHARMACY JANET WARNER THEATER PETER WASHBURN ACCOUNTING STEVEN WASSER BUSINESS ALAN WASSERMAN GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION MARY JANE WATERMAN SOCIOLOGY JEAN WATT HOME ECONOMICS PAUL WATTERSON ACCOUNTING JEFFREY WATTS MARKETING MANAGEMENT MARY WEBSTER SECONDARY EDI ’( A TION ENGLISH MERYL WEINBERG SOCIOLOGY ( AREN WEINER NUTRITION 248 ALAN WEI STRAUB SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION DIANE WEITZEN FIELD FOOD AND NUTRITION JOHN WELSH PHARMACY MARJORIE WEYGAND PSYCHOLOGY CAROL WHARFF TEXTILES AND CLOTHING KA THR YN WHIDDEN SPEECH GENE WHITCOMB PHARMACY JOHN WHITE POLITICAL SCIENCE STUART WHITE SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION DORIS WICK SPEECH PA THOLOGY VIRGINIA WIDMANN SECONDAR Y EDUCA TION ENGLISH JANET WIESNER ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JOHN WILDING MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY JEANSIE WILEY HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA TION CLIFF WILLIAMS NANCY WILLIAMS CHILD DEVELOPMENT DOUGLAS WILSON PHARMACY JOHN WILSON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING LAURIE WILSON ART ARTHUR WINSOR AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY SUSAN WOJCIECHO WSKI NURSING JEROME WOJCIK CIVIL AND EN . ENG. 249 FRANK WOLFERSEDER ORG. MANAGEMENT AND IND. REL. BRUCE WOLPERT POLITICAL SCIENCE MEREDITH WOODS CHILD DEVELOPMENT WALTER WOODWARD PHYSICAL EDUCATION CATHERINE WRIGHT FOOD AND NUTRITION HEIDI WRIGHT SECONDARY EDIJCA TION MAUREEN WI LLIE ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION VERNON WYMAN ZOOLOGY DOUGLAS YANIK ANIMAL SCIENCE KHUN YAP FINANCE RUSSELL YEAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT D. YERBITZ JOAN YORGANJIAN MATHEMATICS THOMAS ZANZUCCHI PHARMACY GEORGIA ZARA FONITIS CHILD DEVELOPMENT SHIRLEY ZIFCHOCK MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY MADELINE ZIMMERMAN MARKETING MANAGEMENT 250 251 T p v C. Margeson 252 C. 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Rockv Mountain Road, Roxburv, CT 06783 ALLEN, Nancy, Southbury Road, Roxbun , CT 06783 ALMEIDA, Daniel, Central Avenue, Bradford, Rl 02808 ALMQUIST, Glenn, 35 Winthrop Street, Riverside, Rl 02915 AMARAL, Lucia, 10 Dodge Ct„ Newport, Rl 02804 ANDERSON, David, 132 Overhrook Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 ANDERSON. DONALD, 132 Overbrook Ave.. Warwick, Rl 02889 ANDERSON, Glenn. 79 Firglade Drive. Warwick, Rl 02886 ANDERSON, Gregory, 55 Intervale Avenue, East Providence. Rl 02914 ANDERSON, James. 512 Newport Manor, Newport, Rl 02840 ANDERSON. Laurel. 37 Paul Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02886 ANDERSON, Lee- Ann, 29 Power Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 ANDERSON, Peter. 711 Division Street. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 ANDES. Norma, 241 Princess Ann WY., Phoenix, MD 21131 AND0SC1A, Mark, 59 Clyde Street, West Warwick. Rl 02893 ANDRADE, David, 364 Faverweather, Kingston, Rl 02881 ANDREA JR„ Michael. 101 Pocasset Ave., Providence, Rl 02909 ANDRUCHOW, Carolyn. 1900 New London Turnpike, West Warwick, Rl 02893 ANMUTH. Ellen, 177 Island Parkway, Island Park. NY 11558 ANNON, Robert. 100 Grandview Ave.. Lincoln, Rl 02865 ANSALDI, Gary, 123 Brunswick Drive, Warwick, Rl 02886 ANTON ELL1, Thomas, 34 Buckley Ave., W. Warwick. Rl 02893 256 APPLEBAUM, Ann, 24 Toppa Blvd.. Newport, Rl 02840 APPOLONIA, Peter, 12 Ironwood Ct., Warwick. Rl 02886 ARAKELIAN, Kenneth, 40 Simpson Street, North Providence, Rl 02911 ARBOR, Paul. 3 Lafayette Street, Pawtucket. Rl 02860 ARCOUETTE, Gerald, 79 Warren Street, Tiverton, Rl 02878 ARDENTE, Diane, 10 Marshall Rd., Cranston, Rl 02920 ARDILIjO, Anne, 374 Auburn Street, Cranston. Rl 02910 ARMOUSH, Nancv, 72 Waveland Street, Johnston, Rl 02919 ARMSTRONG, Jane, 10 Peacock Lane, Locust Valley. NY 11560 ARMSTRONG, Joseph, C 0 lamplighter Motel. Scarboro, ME 04074 ARNOLD, Franklin, Moosup Valiev Road. Foster, Rl 02825 ARONS, Phillip. 218 Fiat Ave., Cranston. Rl 02910 ARRUDA, Patricia, 219 Broadway. Newport, Rl 02840 ASHTON, Randi. Pine Hill Road. Wakefield, Rl 02879 ASPRY, James, 4 Brookwood Dr.. Johnston, Rl 02919 ASSARIAN, Hans, RR 4, Box 403, Narragansett, Rl 02988 AUB1N, Marie. 1 7 Sweeney Street, Lincoln, Rl 02865 A UBRY, Vicki, 170 Inwood Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583 A UDETTE, Francis, 259 Grand View Drive, Warwick. Rl 02886 AUGUST, Edward, 21 Colonial Way, Rehoboth, MA 02769 A VA KIAN, Joy. P. O. Box 7024, Johnston, Rl 02919 A VELLA, Cheryl, Willow Ave.. Box 506B, Narragansett, Rl 02882 A VILA, Anthony, 23 Fatima Drive, Bristol, Rl 02809 AXAMETHY, Linda, 12 Emeline Dr.. Hawthorne, NJ 07506 A YKROYD. Stephen. 24 North Main Road. Jamestown. Rl 02835 A YLES, Darrel, 557 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston. Rl 02920 A YOTTE, Adria, 19 Treasure Rd., RR 7, Narragansett, Rl 02882 AZZINARO, David, 13 George St., Westerly. Rl 02891 BACKER, Charlott, 3595 Post Rd.. Apt 15308. Warwick, Rl 02886 BACON, Cynthia, 227 West Main Road, Middletown, Rl 02840 BAER, Joy, 223 Annaquatucket Road. North Kingstown, Rl 02852 BAGLEY, George, 14 Linden Ave., Cranston. Rl 02910 BAGLIONI, Fernando, 65 Cottage St., Franklin, MA 02038 BAGLOLE, Ann, 49 Marrow Ave., Stoughton, MA 02072 BAILEY. Michael, 54 Shady Nook Dr., Toms River NJ 08753 BAIRD, Russell, 82 Gov. Bradford Dr., Barrington Rl 02806 BAKER. Edward, Box 615, Francis Rd., No. Scituate Rl 02857 BAKER, Karen, 62 Mullen Rd., Warwick, Rl 02888 BAKER, Timothy, II Lexington Ave., No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 BALDASSARRE, John, Evergreen Rd.. Lincoln, ¥?¥ fiOQGZ BALL, Cheryll, Hq. US forSupdist Hessen. GL Ball Col-Inf APO NY 09710 BALL, Nancv, 39 A Parker Avenue, Holden, MA 01520 BALUCH, William, 4 West Street, Lincoln, Rl 02865 BANDIERI, Gail, 17 Byron Avenue, Paw tucket. Rl 02861 BANSPACH, Stephen, 20 Pleasant Ave., Johnston, Rl 02919 BARBER, Howard. 137 Catlin Avenue, Rumford, Rl 02916 BARBER, Ruth, 48 Weaver Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 BARIBAULT, Marc, 23 Pearl St., Glastonbury, CT 06033 BARNES. Gloria, 15 Clifford St, Rumford. Rl 02916 BARNEY, Alton, 14 Wamsetta Ave., Riverside, Rl 02915 BARNEY, Casey. 3 Ice House Rd., Peace Dale, Rl 02879 BARO, Deborah, 57 Wood St., Providence, Rl 02909 BARON, Ronnie, 40-10 Terhune PI., Fairlawn, NJ 07410 BARONE, Shirley, 324 Pawtucket Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 BARR Ellen. 5322 Via Entrada, Tucson, AZ 85720 BARRETT, Ann, 30 Highland Ave., 1 V. Providence, Rl 02911 BARRETT, Ellen, 30 Highland Ave., North Providence, Rl 02911 BARRETT, Janice, 52 Sowams Rd.. Barrington, Rl 02806 BARRETT, Kathleen, 85 Hawthorne Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 BARRIE, Alison, 28 Hollins Drive, Cranston, Rl 02920 BARRINGTON, Linda. 960 Main Street, Wakefield. Rl 02879 BARRON, Margaret, 63 Abbey Avenue, Warwick, Rl 02888 BARRY. Paul. 476 Pleasant Valley Pkwy., Providence, Rl 02908 BARRY. Thomas, 60 Wheeler Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 BARTEE, James, 82 Aquidneck Avenue, Portsmouth. Rl 02871 BARTONE, Carol, 458 Scituate Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 BASTONE James, 56 Russo Street, Providence, Rl 02904 BATISTA. Susan, 38 Middleton Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 BATSFORD, Edgar. 8 Aurora Drive, Cumberland. Rl 02864 BAXTER, William, Rosewood Lane. Cumberland. Rl 02864 BAZAR, Kenneth, 166 Belmont Rd., Cranston. Rl 02910 BEACH, Susan, 50 Kneeland St., Cranston, Rl 02905 BEAGAN, Gerald. Glen Rock Road, W ' esf Kingston, Rl 02892 BEATTIE. Robert, Simms St. Rt. 3. Westerly, Rl 02891 BEATTY, Arthur, 47 Nipsah Road, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 BEA ULIEU, George, 44 High St.. Jamestown, Rl 02835 BEA ULIEU, John, 95 Chamblv Avenue, Warwick, Rl 02888 BEAULIEU, Roger. 5 Roosevelt Avenue, Van Buren, ME 04785 BECKENBACH, Mark, 436 Sheridan Ave., Roselle Park, NJ 07204 BECKER, Catherine, 410 Berkshire Rd., Ridgewood, NJ 07450 BECKER, Margaret, Montgomery Avenue, Kulpsville, PA 19443 BECKER, Patricia, 94 Briarbrook Br., No. Kingstown, R1 02852 BECKWITH, Carol, 188 North bridge Ave., Warwick, R1 02886 BECKWITH, James, 188 Northbridge Ave., Warwick. RI 02886 BEERS, Barbara. 2 Crestview Terr., Stratham, NH 03885 BEGGS, Virginia, 5 Montvale Ct., E. Northport. NY 11731 BEJMA, James, 63 Daniels Street, Pawtucket RI 02860 BELL, Judith, 12 WilmarSt.. Warw ick, RI 02886 BELLOWS, Virginia, 88 Warren Ave., Cranston. RI 02920 BENN, Barbara, 220 Dora St.. Paw tucket. RI 02860 BENNETT, Arthur, 4 Brownlee Blvd., Warwick, RI 02886 BENNETT, Cheryl, 115 Edmond Drive, Warwick RI 02886 BERETTA, Victor, 125 Varnum Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02860 BERG, Patty, 22 Charlene Ct., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 BERG. Richard, 91 Oaklawn Ave., Apt. 85, Cranston. RI 02910 BERGEMANN, Linda, 140 Cowesett Ave., H ' . Warwick, RI 02893 BERGER David, 440 Asa Davol Rd., Tiverton, RI 02878 BERGERON, Patricia, Post Office Box 854, Jamestown, RI 02835 BERGREN, Frank, 32 Riverview Avenue, Westerly, RI 02891 BERLO, Diane, 162 Willard Circle, Westwood. MA 02090 BERNDTSON, Gregory, 14 Brookfield Dr., Cranston, RI 02920 BERNSTEIN. Judith. Old Post Rd., Wakefield. RI 02879 BERTHLA UME, Helen, 29 Lower College Rd.. Kingston. RI 02881 BIANCHI, William, 408 Woonasquatucket, N. Providence, RI 02911 BIANCO, Mary, 17 Roland Ave., Cranston, RI 02920 BICKFORD. Robert, RFD489D Victoria Road. Hampton Bays, NY 11946 BIK, John, 2669 Pawtucket Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 BILOTTA, John, 20 Rodman St., Narragansett, RI 02882 BIRT, Kathleen, 229 Morris Ave., Providence, RI 02906 BLAIR, Colin, 86 Westwood Ave., Cranston, RI 02905 BLAIS, Robert, 42 Washington St., Central Falls, RI 02863 BLANCHARD, David, 106 Francis Dr., Manchester, CT 06040 BLANCHETTE, Charles, 1499 Centerville Rd., W. Warwick. RI 02893 BLANCHETTE, Jay, 1309 Kingstown Road. Kingston, RI 02881 BLAND, Nancy, 388 Benefit St., Apt. 4, Providence, RI 02909 BLAZAR, Alan, 18 Brookway Rd., Providence, RI 02906 BI AZER, Stuart, 147 Northampton Street, Warw ick. RI 02888 BLEAU, Robert, 22DD Rolling Green, Newport. RI 02840 BLECHNER, Judith, Box 351, Old Corner Road. Bedford, NY 10506 BLISS, Joseph, 387 Prospect St., Woonsocket. RI 02895 BLODINGER, Susan, 31 Park Avenue, Matunuck, RI 02879 BLOOMQUIST, Robert, 220 East Street, Cranston, RI 02920 BLOOMSBURGH, Jennifer, 5 Cove Apts., Starr Drive, Narragansett, RI 02882 BOAS, Mark, A300D Hopkins Uri, Kingston. RI 02881 BODZIOCH, Mary, 88 Sea View Ave., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 BOGHOSSIAN, Jeffrey, 72 Fairmont Avenue, Pawtucket. RI 02860 BOLDT, Karen. 73 Allens Ave., Wakefield, RI 02879 BONATTI, Karen, 5 Wright Ave., Wakefield. RI 02879 BOND, Richard, 2 Sherman Rd., Glen Cove, NY 11542 BONNER, LINDA, 36 Shady Lane, Fanwood, NJ 07023 BOOTH, Carolyn, 29 Dudley Ave.. Middletown, RI 02840 BOOTH, Catherine, 37 King Street, Central Falls, RI 02863 BOOTH, Richard, 50 Avondale, Westerly, RI 02891 BOOTHROYD, Stephen, Arborway Rd. 3. Wakefield. RI 02879 BORER, William, 78 Roseneath Ave., Newport, RI 02840 BORRUSO, Richard, PO Box 279, Kingston, RI 02881 BORSAY, Doranne, Box 618. RR 2 John St., Narragansett RI 02882 BOTVIN, James, Village Green North, Apt. 32C, Riverside, RI 02915 BOUCHARD, MICHAEL 15 Indian Run. Peace Dale, RI 02883 BOUCHARD, Thomas, 22 Tory lane, E. Greenwich, RI 02818 BOUCHER, Patricia, IN) Box 182, Wakefield. RI 02880 BOULE, Denise, 90 Oakland Ave., Cranston, RI 02910 BOURBEAU, Jack. 1014 Pound Hill Rd.. Woonsocket, RI 02895 BOURGETTE, Alan, 21 First St., Cumberland, RI 02864 BOURQUE, Patricia, 116 Dahlia Drive, North Kingstown, RI 02852 BOUSQUET, Stephen, 9 Aldrich St., Wyoming, RI 02898 BOUVTER, Julie, 4 Miami Street, West Warwick, RI 02893 BOUVIER, Kathleen, 631 Daggett Ave., Paw tucket, RI 02861 BOWEN, James 224 Palmer Grove, Slocum, RI 02877 BOWMAN, Candice, 14 Newcomb Drive, New Providence, NJ 07974 BOYAJIAN, Aram, 20 Ithaca Street , Warwick, RI 02886 BOYCE, Bruce, 7 Night Heron Dr., Stonvbrook, NY 11790 BOYKO, James 501 Bonnet PI. Rd., Narragansett. RI 02882 BOYLAN.John, 121 Gould Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888 BOZEK, Robert, 21 Ruth Street. Pawtucket, RI 02861 BRADSHAW, Joseph, 160 Bristol Ave., Pawtucket. RI 02861 BRANCO, Antonio, 45 Howe St., Cumberland. RI 02864 BRAND, Robert, 144 Grav Street, Amherst MA 01002 BRANDVEIN, Marsha. 530 Crovdon Rd., Elmont. NY 11003 BRANNIGAN, Thomas 41 Connection St., Newport, RI 02840 BRASZO, Raymond, 315 E. 10th Avenue. Homestead, PA 15120 BREEN JR., Donald, 30 Studio Lane, Bronxville, NY 10708 BRENNAN, Frances Old South Road. Litchfield, CT 06759 BRENNAN, Kevin, Thomas Lane RED 3. Westerly, RI 02891 BRETHA UER, Jeffrey. RD 2. Conestoga. PA 17516 BRAODHEAD, Deborah, East Shore Rd.. Jamestown, RI 02835 BRODEUR, Michele, 8 Elm Circle, Cranston, RI 02920 BROOKES, Paul. 11 Hilburt St., Warw ick. RI 02886 BROOKS. David, 20 Mountain Ave., Westerly, RI 02891 BROOKWELL Bonnie. 118 East Ave., Harrisville, RI 02830 BROOME, Robert, 410 Upham Place, Vienna, VA 22180 BROPHY, Edward, 23 Park Street. N. Providence. RI 02904 BRO UILLETTE, Ann. 264 Suffolk Ave., Paw tucket. RI 02861 BROUILLETTE, Michelle, 1099 Middlesex Street Lowell. MA 01851 BROWN, Barbara. Rose Hill Road, Wakefield. RI 02879 BROWN, Denise, 211 Hanover Street, Providence, RI 02907 BROWN, Edwin, 333 Sea View Avenue, Riverside, RI 02915 BROWN, Ellen, 126 Hartshorn Road, Providence. RI 02906 BROWN, Eric, RD 5, No. Eaton Road, Tunkhannock, PA 18657 BROW N. Jeanette. 4020 Galt Ocean Drive, Ft. lauderdale, FL 33308 BROWN, Jill, 775 Washington St., Baldwin. NY 11510 BROWN. Lois 6 Oaklawn Terr.. W ' esterly, RI 02891 BROWN, Marklin. Graduate Village 634, Kingston. RI 02881 BROWN, Pamela, 69 Cushman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 BROWN, Robert, 290 Lawson Street, Hempstead. NY 11550 BROWN, Timothy, 172 Congdon Hill Rd.. RR218B. Sa understow a, RI 02852 BROZO, Edward, 75 Russellville Rd., Amherst MA 01002 BRYAN, Susan, 53 Priscilla Dr.. Cranston, RI 02920 BRZOZA, Debra, 16 Clifden Avenue, Cranston, RI 02905 BUCCI, Gerard, 97 Commonwealth Ave., Warwick RI 02886 BUCHANAN, Laurie, RD 1, Lyons NY 14489 BUCKLER, Steven, 50 Birchwood lane. West W arwick. RI 02893 BUCKLEY. Janet, 64 Paine Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910 BUCKLEY, Janet, Schoolhouse Rd.. Box 503. Charlestown, RI 02813 BUCKLEY, Mark, 2 Spring Street, Westerly, RI 02891 BUFFUM, Maureen, 100 Gristmill Road, Warwick m nvtitio • BULLARD. Robert. 130 Briarcliff Ave.. Warwick. R1 028H9 BUONANNO, Donna, 25 Ashbv Street, Johnston, R1 02919 BURG, Ira, 1418 Reed Drive, East Meadow, NY 11554 BURGESS, John, 58 Parkside Circle. Braintree, MA 02184 BURGIE, Patricia, 17 Main St. White Rock. Westerly, RI 02891 BURKHART, Robert, 1446 Fitzwatertown Rd„ Willow Grove, PA 19090 BURLINGAME, Pamela, 316 E. Dudley Avenue. Westfield. NJ 07090 BURLINGAME, William, Kingston Fire Sta., Kingston, RI 02881 BURNETT, Elaine, 12 Margaret Rd., Peabody. MA 01960 BURNS. Marily n. 118 Eleventh St.. Providence. RI 02906 BURSELL, Jeffrey, 38 Walton Street, Westerly. RI 02891 BURSLEY, Marsha, 260 Nayatt Road. Barrington. RI 02806 BUSKO, Patricia, 18 Homestead Ave., N. Smith field. RI 02895 BUTLER, Janet, 235 Forge Rd., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 BUTLER III, Arthur, 45A W ' e.sf Allenton Road. North Kingstown, RI 02852 BYERLEY, Bruce, 235 Cowesett Road. Warwick. RI 02886 BY RNES, Jean, 70 Glenbrook Road, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 CABRAL, Richard, 91 Greylock Road. Bristol, RI 02809 CADORETTE, Ellen, 426 Buxton St., RFD 1. Uxbridge, MA 01569 CAHOON, Ann. Watch Hill Road. Watch Hill, RI 02891 CALDAROLA, Beverly, 75 Wales St., Cranston. RI 02920 CALDAROLA, Mary, 75 Wales St., Cranston. RI 02920 CALDERISO, Matthew, 27 Oliver St., Bristol, RI 02809 CAMERON, Mark. 116 Prospect Avenue, Middletown, RI 02840 CAMPBELL, David, 22 Bedlow Avenue, Newport, RI 02840 CAMPBELL, Donna, 225 Byron Blvd., Warwick, RI 02888 CAMPBELL, Frank, 63 John Street, Newport, RI 02840 CAMPO, Elaine, 10 Clinton Ave., Jamestown, RI 02835 CAMPOGNONE, Paul, 25 Pensaukee Ave., No. Providence, RI 02911 CAP ALBO, Carole, No. Capalbo Drive, Bradford, RI 02808 CAPALBO, Paula, 36 Campbell Street, West Warwick. RI 02893 CAPELLE, Pamela, 65 Canob Lane, Box 131, Wyoming, RI 02898 CAPLAN, Donna 3 Greenough Place, Newnort, RI 02840 CAPOTOSTO, Paul. 19 Cavalry Street, Cranston, RI 02920 CAPUTO, William. 69 Hall Street, Providence, RI 02904 C ARBERRY , Donna 688 Bristol Ferry Rd., Portsmouth. RI 02811 CARBERRY III, William, Cutter Street, Jamestown, RI 02835 CARDI, Jeanne, 34 Riley Drive, Riverside. RI 02915 258 CARDINAL, Peter, 11 David Avenue, Westerly. RI 02891 CARDOSI, Peter, 42 Pearson Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02860 CAREW, Karen, 155 Forge Rd., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 CARLSON, Anne-Eli, 112 Nanaquaket Rd.. Tiverton. RI 02878 CARLSON, Claudia 52 Mawnev St., East Greenwich, RI 02818 CARLSON, Jean, 33 Cecile Ave., Coventry, RI 02816 CARNEY, Carolyn. 38 Hagerstown Road, Warwick, RI 02886 CARNEY, Daniel, 38 Hagerstown Road, Warwick, RI 02886 CAROMILE, Anthonv, 2 Lea Drive, Bristol, RI 02809 CA RON. Da vid, 20 Rita Dr.. A ttleboro. MA 02763 CARON, Gerard. 89 Lupine St., Pawtucket, RI 02860 CARPENTER, Frederic, 167 Pierce St.. East Greenwich. RI 02818 CARROLL Mary, 520 Main Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 CARTER, Alane, 275 Congdon Hill Rd.. Slocum. RI 02877 CARTER, Joanne, 34 Claypool Drive, Warwick, RI 02886 CARTER, Lewis, 232 Reservoir Ave., Providence, RI 02907 CARTER Mary , 29 Kay St., Newport. RI 02840 CARUSO, Nancy, 49 Plymouth Rd., E. Providence, RI 02914 CASEY, Catherin, 10 Grandview Drive, Warwick, RI 02886 CASS1ERE, Susan. 14 Apple Tree Lane, Warwick, RI 02888 CASTER Deborah, 190 Capron Farm Dr.. Warwick, RI 02886 CASWELL Brenda, 38 Howland Ave., Jamestown. RI 02835 CASWELL Ellen. Box 1 13, Jamestown. RI 02835 CASWELL Jeffrey, 542 Kingstown Road. Peace Dale.RI 02879 CATANZARO, Mary, 24 East Hill Drive, Cranston, RI 02920 CAVARETTA, Christine, 294 Long St., Warwick, RI 02886 CECIL Ann. 116 Hickory Hill Road. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 CENTOFANTE, Dianne. 102 Randall Street, Cranston. RI 02920 CERIO, Carol, 120 Strawberry Field, Warwick, RI 02886 CHABOT, Stephen, 1634 Hawk Drive. Holiday. FL 33589 CHAFFER Kerry, 93 Rolling Ridge Road. Fairfield, CT 06430 CHAPPELL Gary, 12 Highland Ave., Wakefield, RI 02879 CHAPPELL Paula, 65 Circuit Drive, Riverside, RI 02915 CHASE, Leslie, 72 Gough Ave., Apt. 33, West Warwick, RI 02893 CHASE, Thomas, 30 Elm Rock Rd.. Bronxville, NY 10708 CHA VES, Barbara, 248 Market St., Warren, RI 02885 CHA VES, Joseph, 64 Follett St., E. Providence, RI 02914 CHESSER Phillip, 550 Oak Hill Road, North Kingstown, RI 02852 CHURCH, HOLLIS, Waites Corner Road, West Kingston, RI 02892 CICERCHIA, Ellen, 21 Riverside Dr., Barrington. RI 02806 CIOE, Carol, 206 Gentian Ave., Providence, RI 02908 CLAPPROOD, Eleanor, 263 Woonasquatucket Ave., North Providence, RI 02911 CLARY, David, Town Farm Road, Coventry, RI 02861 CLAUS, Robert, 5 Vera Ave., Plainview, NY 11803 CLIFFORD, Constance, 88 Huntington Ave., Woonsocket, RI 02895 COBLE, Carolyn, Box 45, Jamestown, RI 02835 COCCIA, Lorraine, PO Box 1 75, Kingston, RI 02881 COFFE Y. Pa tricia. 1 18 Kay St.. Newport, RI 02840 COGGESHALL George, 36 Weaver Ave., Newport, RI 02840 COHEN, Janet, 157 East Drive, N. Massapequa. NY 11758 COHEN. Lawrence. RI) 2. Box 173B. Great Barrington, MA 01230 COHEN, Linda, 15 Devonshire I ane, Great Neck, NY 11023 COHEN. Muriel, 1300 Old Post Road. Wakefield. RI 02879 COHEN. Richard, 2780 NE 183 St„ Apt. C 1517, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 COLAVECCHIO, Michael, 7 Progress Ave., North Providence, RI 0291 1 COLE, John, 18 Fairweather Ave., Cranston, RI 02910 COLEMAN, Linda, 130 Waldo Street, Providence, RI 02907 COLES, F„ 113 Kingswood Road, North Kingstown, RI 02852 COLGAN, Timothy, 24 Seneca Street, Warwick. RI 02886 COLLINS. James, Box 573, Block Island. RI 02807 COLLINS, Maryann, 215 Richmond Drive, Warwick. RI 02888 COLLINS, William, 16 Dean Avenue, Newport, RI 02840 COLTRERA, Richard. 7 Ursula Dr., Roslyn, NY 11576 COLWELL Wayne, 61 Gladstone St., Cranston, RI 02920 COMEY, Paul, 114 Puritan Drive, Warwick, RI 02888 COMPARE, Walter, 201 Scudder Ave., North port, NY 11768 CONCA, Stephen, 191 Home Ave., Providence, RI 02908 CONDON, William, Box 89, Kingston Fire Dept., Kingston, RI 02881 CONGDON, Steven. 4 Clear Pond Dr., Warw ick, RI 02886 CONLEY, Janice, 99 George Arden Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 CONLEY, Judith. 350 Congdon Hill Rd.. PO 134, North Kingstow n. RI 02852 CONLON, James, 58 Harlow Drive, Amherst, MA 01002 CONLON, Mary, 84 May flower Street, Elmwood, CT 06110 CONLON, Thomas, 98 Wellspring Dr., Cranston, RI 02920 CONNERS, Kathleen, 208 Sagamore SL, Manchester, NH 03104 CONNERY, James, 112 Church St., Bristol, RI 02809 CONRAD, Susan, 119 Rutgers Ave., Berkeley Hghts.. NJ 07922 CONTI, Philip, 52 Fairgreen Drive, West Warwick, RI 02893 CONWAY, Robert, 30 Huntingdon Drive. Rumford, RI 02916 CONYERS, Jean. 106 Concord Rd., Manchester, CT 06040 COOMBS. James. 30 Brown Ave.. No. Providence. HI 02911 COONEY, Marianne, 273 Cove Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 COPIUS, Barbara, 35 Kensington C ' t., Hempstead. NY 11550 CORBET, David, 66 North Brook Ave., Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 CORBO, Beverly. 171 Berkshire Rd.. Hasbrouck Hts., NJ 07604 CORMIER, Theresa, 2 Champlin Place, Newport, RI 02840 CORNING, Susan, 67 Hanover St., Warwick, RI 02886 CORR, Charles, Cononchet Rd.. Hope Valiev, RI 02832 CORR, Paula, 34 Cypress Ct., East Greenwich, RI 02818 CORRENTE, Veronica, 101 Pegwin Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 CORRIVEAV, Gerard, 36 Wilson Avenue. Woonsocket, RI 02895 CORVESE, John, 168 Thurbers Ave., Providence. RI 02905 COR VESE, Karen, PO Box 318, Kingston. RI 02881 COSTELLO, John, 130 Ruggles Avenue, Newport, RI 02840 COSTELLO, Thomas. 3 Hawlev St., Central Falls, RI 02863 COTE, Carol, 6 Hoover Rd., Hingham, MA 02043 COTE Marc, 90 Newbury Ave., Woonsocket, RI 02895 COTE, Marylou, 14 Notre Dame St., Coventry, RI 02816 COTE, Stephen, 16 Churubusco Dr., Warw ick, RI 02889 COTE, Stephen, 492 Brayton Avenue. Fall River, MA 02721 COTRONEO, Catherin, 55 Towanda Drive, North Providence, RI 0291 1 COURCY, Ronald, 24 Revere Ave., W ' . Warwick, RI 02893 COURNOYER. Gary. 74 Mt. St. Charles Ave., Woonsocket, RI 02895 COUTU, Elaine, 66 Earl St., West Warwick, RI 02893 COUTU, Gary, 369 Fairview A ve., Coventry , RI 02816 COVELE Peter, 9 Tomahawk Court, Warwick, RI 02886 COZZOLINO, Antoniette, 104 Tucker St., Kingston, RI 02881 CRAIGUE, Susan, 13 Cedar Ave., Middletown. RI 02840 CRA VEN, Jean. 1335 Pawtucket Ave., Rum ford, RI 02916 CREAMER, Annmarie, Box 54A, RR 4, Narragansett, RI 02882 CRESCI, Julius, 374 Potters Ave., Providence. RI 02907 CRESCI, Patrick, 374 Potters Avenue, Providence. RI 02907 CRTV ' ELLONE, Diane, 42 Waldron Avenue. Cranston, RI 02910 CROCE. Mary -Jo, 70 Lafayette St., Pawtucket, RI 02860 CROCKETT. Robert, 23 Dudley Ave., Middletown. RI 02840 CRON AUER, Roberta, 180 Crestview Drive, Middletown. NJ 07748 CROOK, Janet. 760 Narragansett Pkwv., Warwick, RI 02888 CROOK, Sharon. 760 Narragansett Pky., Warwick, RI 02888 CROSBY, Colleen. 8 Sagamore St., Newport, RI 02840 CRUSER, Charles, 125 Haw thorne Ave., Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 CRUZ, Ann, 54 Vernon Avenue, Middletown. RI 02840 CUMMINGS. Cathleen, 49 Pepper Ridge PI.. Stamford. CT 06905 CUNHA, Barbara, 9 Sea View Avenue, Jamestown, RI 02835 CUNNINGHAM, John, 192 Wentworth Ave., Cranston, RI 02905 CURLEY JR., Leo, 16 Zephvr Lane, Barrington, RI 02806 CURRENT, Deborah, 14 Canterbury Close, Westport, CT 06880 CURRIER, Richard, Beaver Dam Road. Berwick, ME 03901 CURTIS, Linda, 60 Colonial Road, Madison, CT 06443 CUTHBERTSON, Sarah, 5 Uehn Rd.. Hopkinton. Cl 02833 CUZZIVOGLIO, Linda, 6 Cedar Pond Drive it 8, Warwick. RI 02886 CYGANIEWICZ. John. 83 Grandview Dr.. Cumberland, RI 02864 CYR, Diane, 105 Cochran St., West Warwick, RI 02893 CZAJKOWSKI, Jan, 21 Spring St., Cumberland. RZ 02864 DAGUANNO, Debra. 12 Cold Brook Court, Cranston, RI 02920 DAHLIN, Jeffrey, King Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770 DALESSIO, Marlene. 450 Middle Highway. Barrington. RI 02806 DALTON, Robert, 156 Calls Street, Providence, RI 02905 DALUZ, Richard, 1008 Douglas Ave., Providence, RI 02904 DALY, Kevin, 373 N. Forest Ave., Rockville Centre, NY 11570 DAME, David, 120 Earle St., Central Falls, RI 02863 DANDREA, Joanne, 104 Ridge Street, Providence, RI 02909 DANDREA, Patrice, 9 Grand Ave., Warwick, RI 02889 DANGELO. Andrew, 93 East Shore Rd., Narragansett, RI 02882 D ARROW, Richard, Box 134, Cold Spring Road, East Haddam. CT 06423 DASCOLJ, Margaret, 95 Sandringham Avenue, Providence, RI 02905 DAVENPORT, Susan, 11 West Street, West boro, MA 01581 DA VID, Richard, 150 Early Street, Providence, RI 02907 DA VIS. Jane. 80 Catlin Ave.. Rumford, RI 02916 DA VIS, Mary, 36 Sleepv Hollow Rd., East Greenwich, RI 02818 DA VIS, Paul, 41 Strathmore Road, South Portland, ME 04106 DA VIS, Robert, 188 Summit Dr., Cranston, RI 02920 DE LA CRUZ, Jose, 146 Villanova Dr., Paramus, NJ 07652 DEACON, Timothy, 55 Beach View Terr., Middletown, RI 02840 DEANGELIS, Paul, 73 Upper College Rd., Kingston, RI 02882 DEANGELIS, Stephen, 20 Poppv Dr., Cranston, RI 02920 DEARMIN, Susan, 5 Hillcrest Ave., Greenville, RI 02828 DEASCENTIS, Donna, 129 Carroll Ave., Newport, RI 02840 DEBARI, Richard, 38 Royal Crest Drive, North Andover, MA 01845 DEBRAGGA, Marsha, 29 Claree Street , Jamestown. RI 02835 DEC ' ARO, Paula, 128 Hillwood St., Cranston, RI 02920 DEERY, Daniel. 184 Park Ave., Cranston, RI 02905 DEFRANCESCO, Diane, 100 Summit Drive, Cranston, RI 02920 DEGROFF, Donna, 5 Wood lawn Ave., Westerly, RI 02891 DEHART JR., Robert, 802 Bvram St., Reading, PA 19606 DEIGHAN, Marybeth, 251 Webster St.. Paw tucket, RI 02861 DEJESUS, Edmund, 89 Carman St., Cranston, RI 02910 DELANEY, Joanne, 21 Strasser Avenue, Westwood, MA 02090 DELANEY, Patricia, 126 Paula Dr., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 DELAURO, Amy, 6D Crestview Dr., Westerly, RI 02891 DELGIZZO, Dennis, 8 City View Pkwy., Johnston, RI 02919 DEMARIO JR., Anthony, 75 Franklin Street, Westerly, RI 02891 DEMARTINO, David, 33 Auburn Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201 DEMEO, Patricia, 16 Pennacock, Newport, RI 02840 DEMERCHANT. Richard, 89 Catalpa Ave., Riverside, RI 02915 DEMERS, Carol, 16 Arnold Drive, Cumberland, RI 02864 DEMIRJIAN, Andrea, 226 Lansdowne Rd., Warwick, RI 02888 DENELLIO, Roberta, 72 Netop Drive, Providence, RI 02907 DENENNO, Anne, 607 East Lake Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501 DEN1COLO, Julia, 12 Chestnut St., Livingston, NJ 07039 DENIKE, Ethel, 136 Law nacre Drive, Cranston, RI 02920 DENNENY, Joseph, 97 Denver Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 DENNISON, Edwin. 455 Pine Island Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33300 DENNISTON, Thomas, 13 Park Avenue Terrace, Bronx ville, NY 10708 DEOBALDIA. Jose, 4 Taft Hall U R I. Kingston. RI 02881 DEPALO, Maurice, 61 Maurv Lane, Shrewsb ury, MA 01545 DERDERIAN, Linda, 188 Legion Way, Cranston, RI 02910 DERESTIE, Beth, 31 Terrace Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 DER1TA, Donald, 10 Cato St., Providence, RI 02908 DEROBBIO, Frances, 58 Madison Ave., Cranston, RI 02920 DERUOSI, Anthony, 23 Major Arnold Rd., Narragansett, RI 02882 DERUOSI. Paula. 129 Hawkins Blvd., N. Providence RI 02911 DESANTIS, Richard, 36 Parker Ave., Newport, RI 02840 DESIMONE, William, 135 New Britain Drive Warwick. RI 02889 DEVECCH1S, David, 183 Verndale Avenue, Providence, RI 02905 DEVEREAUX, Patricia, 142 Yucatan Drive, Warwick, RI 02889 DEVON A, Dennis, 17 B Street, Cranston, RI 02920 DEVON A, James, 42 Kimball St, Providence, RI 02908 DEVOOGD. Jane, 81 Ticonderoga Avenue, Warwick, RI 02889 DEWOLFE, Normand, PO Box 132. Peace Dale, RI 02882 DIAS, Raymond, 36 Alan Street, Tiverton, RI 02878 DICENSO. Diane, 66 Fashion Drive, Warwick RI 02886 DICKENS, Harold. 235 Lansdowne Rd„ Warwick tfl nOQQQ DICKINSON, Cynthia, 1 Perkins Ave., Apt. it 3, Narragansett, RI 02882 DICKINSON, David, 1 Perkins Ave., Apt. tt3, Narragansett RI 02882 Dlt RISTOFARO, Peter, 181 Ortoleva Drive, Providence, RI 02909 DIFRANCO, Janet, 29 Cowesett Ave., Apt. 8, W ' esf Warwick. RI 02893 DIFUSCO, Frank, 206 Ausdale Road, Cranston RI 02910 DIG1ACOMO. Robert, 113 Park View Blvd„ Cranston, RI 02910 DILEV A. Charles, 174 W’. 72 St. New York. NY 10023 D1LLMAN. David, Post Road RFD, Wakefield. RI 02879 DIMARTINO, Robert 47 Brookdale Dr.. W Warwick, RI 02893 DINGUS, Peter. 418 Weldin Hall. Kingston. RI 02881 DION, Muriel. 1243 Kingstown Road, Kingston, RI 02881 DIONNE, Kay, 513 Woonasquatucket. N. Providence, RI 02911 DIONNE, Susan. 347 Fair St.. Warw ick. RI 02888 DIORIO, Richard, 2 Valley View Dr., Johnston, RI 02919 DIP ALMA, Robert, Mil-Kay Wav, Narragansett RI 02882 DIPIETRO, Thomas, 8 Overlook Road, Barrington or nornu: s D1RLAM, Daphne. 130 Biscuit City Rd., Kingston RI 02881 D1SPIGN0, Peter. 11 King Phillip Street. Providence. RI 02909 DISTEFANO, Robert, 3595 Post Road, 24206. Warwick. RI 02886 DITRI, Anthony. 76 Cleveland Ave., Cranston, RI 02920 DITZLER Craig, 9 Hudson Lane, Warwick, RI 02886 DIZAZZO, Lorraine, 120 Bracken St., Cranston. RI 02920 DOANE, Deborah, 326 Vine Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861 DOBOSZYNSKI, Susan, 147 Dover Street, Providence, RI 02908 DOGUL, James, 41 Valley View Dr., Cumberland RI 02864 DOHERTY. Constance, 77 Wanton Shippee Road. East Greenwich. RI 02818 DOHERTY, Elaine, 38 Florence Avenue, Norwood, MA 02062 DOHERTY, Peter, 380 Samuel Gorton Ave., Warwick, RI 02889 DO I. A N. James, 30 Brentwood Ire., Providence RI 02908 DOLAN, Paul, 207 I exington Ave.. Providence, RI 02907 DOLECKI, Stephen, 714 Greeley Ave., Fairview, NJ 07022 DONALDSON, Susan, Sunset Lane, S. Dartmouth, MA 02748 DONILON, Jean. 7 Wesley St., Newport, RI 02840 DONNELLY, Anne, 447 Elm Street, Warwick, RI 02888 260 DONOVAN. Robert, 327 Prospect St., Apt. 5, Pawtucket, RI 02860 DORAN, Peter, 25 Granite Drive, Norwalk, CT 06851 DORRBECKER Robyn, RFD 1. Milton Rd., Oak Ridge. NJ 07438 DORSEY, Dolores, 109 Cindyann Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 DOUGLAS, Joyce, 4162 Maple Ijeaf Drive, New Orleans, LA 70114 DOUGLAS, Virginia, 940 Highland Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803 DOWDELL William, 536 Middle Road. East Greenwich, RI 02818 DOWNEY, Catherine, 15 Hopedale Dr., West W arwick, RI 02893 DREW ' , Stephen, 600 Ives Road, Warwick, RI 02818 DUARTE, Bradford, 22 Yates St., Lincoln, RI 02865 DUBE, Rene, Hopkins Hall. Kingston. RI 02881 DUCHARME, Frances, 50 Elam Street, North Kingstow n. RI 02852 DUCHESNE, Stephen, 259 So. Clarendon St., Cranston, RI 02910 DUGGAN. Michael. PO Box 94. Kingston. RI 02881 DUNLAP, Kathleen, Old River Road, Lincoln, RI 02865 Barrington, DW YER, Timothy, 7 Creighton Place, Coventry, RI 02816 EBELING, Lisa, 3 Hobart Court, Rochelle Park. NJ 07662 EGGLESTON. Ruth. 123 Peck Ave., Bristol. RI 02809 ELDREDGE, Karen, 28 Austin Avenue, Greenville, ELLIOTT, Robert. 491 Annaquatucket Rd., North Kingstown, RI 02852 ESTEVES, Mary , 260 Boyd Ave., Apt. » 121 East Providence, RI 02914 EUSTIS, Scott, 65 V ' assar Ave.. Providence RI 02906 EVANS, Robert, Hamilton Ave., Jamestown. RI 02835 FACTOR, Lynne, 104 Sheffield Rd., Cranston, RI 02920 FAELLA, Steffani, RFD 3, Saugatucket Rd., Peace Dale.RI 02879 FAGAN, Michael. 34 Lake Street, Wakefield. RI 02879 FAIN, Cheryl, 246 Park Ave.. Cranston, RI 02905 FAIN, Janie, 76 Edgehill Rd., Providence. RI 02906 FALCIGLLA, Susan, 39 Lafayette Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 FALCONE, Anthony. 3 Charles St., Westerly, RI 02891 FALES, Steven. 25 Belmont Ave., Wakefield. RI 02879 FALK, William, 1311 Stoney Lane, North Kingstown, RI 02852 FALKENBACH, Robert, 128 Burmon Drive, Buffalo. NY 14218 FALLOW ' , Kathleen, 56 Hopedale Drive, W esf Warwick. RI 02893 FALVEY, Michael, 4 Elizabeth Rd.. Barrington. RI 02806 FARGNOLI, John. 24 Leslie Dr., Providence, RI 02908 FARGNOLI, Kenneth, 144 Cumberland Street, Providence, RI 02908 FARINA, Madeline, 57 Hillulew Ave., Providence, RI 02908 FARLEY, Michael. 140 Erastus Street, Providence. RI 02909 FARLEY, Michael. 140 Erastus Street, Providence, RI 02909 FARRAR Kenneth, 6 Pinehurst Rd.. Riverside. RI 02915 FARRELL Deborah, 168 Amherst Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02860 FARRUGGIO. Linda, 80 Brandon Avenue, Wayne, NJ 07470 FAR Y’NIARZ, Joseph, 65 Narraga nsett A ve., Portsmouth, RI 02871 FAULKNER, Mary, 33 Adams Point Road, Barrington. RI 02806 FAZZINI, Steven, 160 Hilary Dr., Providence. RI 02908 FEARING. Dale, North Street. Mattapoisett, MA 02739 FEELEY, Martin, 38 Clubhouse Lane, Wavland, MA 01778 FEELEY’, Mary, 47 W ' alnut Rd.. IV. Barrington, RI 02890 FEIGHT, David, 7 Darling Street. Central Falls, RI 02863 FEKETE, Frank, 304 North 9 Ave., Man vi lie, NJ 08835 FELIX, Alexis, 81 West Green witch St.. Roosevelt, NY 11575 FELLMAN, Bruce, Box 266 IV’. Bav View Dr., Jamestown. RI 02835 FELLOWS, Judy, Main Street, Mapleville, RI 02839 FENGER Laura, 260 Red Chimney Dr., Warwick, RI 02886 FERACO. Laurie, PO Box 241, Kingston. RI 02881 FERDINANDI, Laurie, 111 Cool Spring Drive, Cranston, RI 02920 FERENDO. Frank, 1298 Kingstow n Rd.. Kingston. RI 02881 FERENDO, Sandra. 1298 Kingstow n Road. Kingston, RI 02881 FERNANDES, Frank, 27 Garden Street, Warwick, RI 02888 FERRANTI. Mark. 1491 Post Rd., Warwick. RI 02888 FERRAR, Stephen, 40 Fortin Road, Kingston. RI 02881 FERRARESI, David. 22 Vivian Ave.. Pawtucket. RI 02860 FERRARO, Rosemary. 27 Austin, Wakefield. RI 02879 FERREIRA. Alfred. 1541 East Main Rd.. Portsmouth. RI 02871 FERREIRA. Elaine. 197 W. Hilton Street. Tiverton. RI 02878 FERREIRA. John. 88 Northbridge Rd.. Mendon. MA 01756 FERRIO. Elizabeth. Box 452, Charlestown. RI 02813 FERRUCCI JR.. John. 14 Borah Street. North Pro idence. RI 02904 FETTERMAN. Vita. RFD3. Beech Mountain Rd.. W ' illimantic. CT 06226 FIELDER Karen. RFD 2. Box 219A. Chepachet. RI 02814 FIELDER Kathleen. 35 Massasoit Avenue. Warren. RI 02885 FIERRO. Miguel. 4 Taft Hall URI. Kingston. RI 02881 FIGUEIREDO, Carol. 123 Rosemere Rd.. Pawtucket. RI 02861 FILLO, Robert. 31 Ayrault St., Providence. RI 02908 FINA. Patricia. 24 Tappan Street. Providence. RI 02908 FINCH. George. 11 Reservoir Rd.. Old Say brook. CT 06475 FINIZIO, Joan. Midway Avenue, Westerly, RI 02891 FINN, Ann, 115 Carroll Avenue. Newport. RI 02840 FINN, Susan. 115 Carroll Avenue. Newport. RI 02840 FIORE, Joanne. 43 Barstow Rd.. Warwick. RI 02888 FIORE, Virginia, Boy scout Dr.. Westerly . RI 02891 FISHER, Helen. 43 Linden Street. Middletown. RI 02840 FISHER, Sandra, 10 Marion Road. Kingston. RI 02881 FITZGERALD. Deborah. 17 Tenth Street. Providence, RI 02906 FITZGERALD. James. 20 King Street, Dorchester. MA 02122 FLEMING, Donna, Coolridge Rd.. Greenville. RI 02828 FLETCHER Edith. 5 Vale Street. Newport. RI 02840 FLYNN. Robert. 51 Locust Street, Riverside. RI 02915 FLYNN. William. RFD tel. Bradford. RI 02808 FOLCO, John. 25 Joseph St.. Providence. RI 02904 FONG. Teng. 4 Taft Hall l RI. Kingston. RI 02881 FONSECA, Barbara, 6 Teakwood Dr.. Cumberland. RI 02864 FONTAINE. Robert. 37 Marine Drive. Narragansett. RI 02882 FONTANA, Robert. 222 Potters Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 FORCIER Richard. 50 My stic Dr.. Warwick. RI 02886 FORDE, Patricia, 417 Plainfield St., Providence, RI 02909 FORESTER Janice, 15 Prince Street, Attleboro. MA 02703 FORGIONE, Diane, 133 Cooledge Street. Revere. MA 02151 FORGUE, Norma. 102 Grassy Plain Road, Riverside, RI 02915 FORTIN, Carol. 85 Knoll wood Drive, Woonsocket. RI 02895 FOSSA, Beverly . 9 Prospect Ay e., PR Washington. NY 11050 FOSTER Jack. 51 Valiev Rd.. Middletown. RI 02840 FOSTER Marilyn. 257 Oaklawn Ave.. Cranston. RI 02920 FOURNIER Michael. 120 Mark Drive.. North Kingstown, RI 02852 FOX, Jeannette, 52 Linda Terrace Ay enue. Portsmouth. RI 02780 FRAIOU, Vincent, 99 Ruggles Street, Providence, RI 02908 FRANCOIS, George, 12 Railroad Street, Peace Dale. RI 02883 FRANKLIN, Deborah, 5 Harding Ave.. Johnston. RI 02919 FRANKLIN, Francis. 51 Pasture Lane. Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 FRANKLIN, Jeffrey, 47 (kxldard Street. Providence. RI 02908 FRAWLEY, Karl, 73 Upper College Rd., Kingston. RI 02881 FRAZIER Margaret. 16 West Main St., N. Kingstown. RI 02852 FREDEN. Glenn. 13 Morgan Street. Providence. RI 02907 FREEMAN, Cheryl, 28 Connection St.. Newport. RI 02840 FRENCH. Linda. PO Box 82. So. County Trail. Slocum. RI 02877 FREUNDEL Sandra. 11 East Beach Road. Bradford. RI 02808 FR1EDLANDER Larry. 13 Seventh St.. Providence. RI 02906 FRIEDMAN. Alan, 30 Winfield Rd.. Providence. RI 02906 FRIEND, Robert, 8 Westwood Drive. Portsmouth. RI 02871 FRITSCHE. Robert. 23 Clifford St.. Rum ford. RI 02916 FROST, Michael. 19 Mechanic St.. Wakefield. RI 02879 FULFORD, Douglas. New Road. Exeter. RI 02822 FULLER, Denise. 34 Grinnell Street. Jamestow n. RI 02835 GABRIEL. Suzanne, 537 North Meadowcroft Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 GABRIELSEN. Nancy, RFD 7 A, Box 167. Narragansett, RI 02882 GADOURY. Norman. 158 North Road, Hope. RI 02831 GAGNE. Gail. 309 Robert Gray Ave.. Tiverton. RI 02878 GALBRAITH. Michelle, 19 Col. John Gardner Road. Narragansett, RI 02882 GALE. Charles, RR1. Box 26. Oakhill Drive. Exeter. RI 02822 GALEOTA. Chris, 116 Prospect 4ve., Ixtt 17. Middletown. RI 02840 GALGOCZY ' . Julius. 48 Lindley Ave.. North Kingstown. RI 02852 G A LI A NO, Linda, 16-A Oak Street, Wakefield, RI 02879 GALLAGHER Joseph, Westerly Hospital Residence. Westerly . RI 02891 GALLAGHER William. 2 Poplar Avenue. North Kinstown, RI 02852 GALLOGLY. Robert, 304 Soccatash St., Wakefield. RI 02879 GALLOWAY. Edward, 307 E. Hinckley .4ve.. Ridley Park, PA 19078 GAMBLE, Agnes, RFD 1. Waites Corner Road. West Kingston, RI 02892 GAMMINO, Donald, 34 Stonelaw Avenue. Providence. RI 02908 GAMMINO. Susan. 14 Westfield Road, Warwick. RI 02888 GANDOMIKAL Abdulkar. 4 Taft Hall URL Kingston. RI 02881 GARABED1AN. Linda, 689 Middle Rd.. E. Greenwich. RI 02818 GARANT. Gary. 769 Unsdale Ave.. Central Falls. RI 02863 GARDINER Thomas. 60 Tower Hill Road. North Kingstown, RI 02852 GARDNER Kathryn. Ill Rankin Ave.. Providence. RI 02908 GARDNER Roger. Hoxsie Avenue. RFD 1. Bradford, RI 02808 GARFORTH. William. 2126 E. Main Rd.. Portsmouth, RI 02871 GARUCK. Robert. 428 Paw tucket Ave.. Pawtucket. RI 02800 GARTLAND. Barbara. 85 Bry ant Drive. No. Kingstown, RI 02852 GASCHEN. Dennis. 17 High Ridge Dr.. Cumberland. RI 02864 GASPAR Elaine. 78 Cleveland St.. Paw tucket. RI 02860 GASPAR Victor. 10 Trenton St.. Providence. RI 02906 GASPARRI, James, 70 Kenvon St.. Providence. RI 02904 GATELY, Peter. 11 Kay Street. Cumber land. RI 02864 GAUUN. Linda, 80 Tower Hill Road. North Kingstown. RI 02852 GA l VAIN. Anne. Box 411. Charlestown. RI 02813 GEARY. Daniel. 90 Pontiac Ave., Apt. 2. Cranston. RI 02910 GEBHART, Vincent, 2 Juniper Ijtne. Greenville, RI 02828 GEDDIS, Christine. 60 Farnsworth Ave., Tiverton. RI 02878 GEIB, Shann. 222 Kent Drive, East Greenwich. RI 02818 GEIB, Sheila, RD 3. Heath lane, Kutztown. PA 19530 GEMPP, William. 65 Sevmour St.. Warren. RI 02885 GENDRON. John, 105 Ballou St.. Woonsocket. RI 02895 GEORGE, Sueellen. Atherton Hill Rd.. Spofford. NH 03462 GERB1TZ, Denise, Potter Hill Rd.. Westerly. RI 02891 GEREMIA. Marie. 62 Capuano Ave., Cranston, RI 02920 GERMAN!. Roberta. 66 Glenbrook Rd.. Warwick. RI 02889 GESSNER, William. 30 Donelson Street. Providence. RI 02908 GIAMBALVO. Francis, 53 Deer Lane. Wantagh. NY 11793 GIA RD, Gary , Grea t Road. Lincoln. RI 02865 GIARRUSSO. Patricia. 162 Magnolia St.. Cranston. RI 02910 GIDLEY, James, 96 Raymond St., Fairhaven. MA 02719 GIFFORD. Seth. 24 Elton St.. I ' rovidence. RI 02906 GILES, Dawn, 5 Indian Trail, Wakefield, RI 02879 GILGIJN, Brian. 735 Kingstow n Rd.. Peace Dale. RI 02883 G1LGUN, Paul. 735 Kingstow n Rd.. Peace Dale. RI 02883 GILL JR., Raymond, 56 Alvin St.. Providence, RI 02907 GILLIGAN, Janet. 5 Brae St.. No. Providence. RI 02911 GILMER, Margaret. 52 Merrivale Dr.. Smithtown. NY 11787 GILMORE, Diana. 22 Park .4ve.. Westerly. RI 02891 261 GILMORE, Linda, 404 McClellan Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 GILMORE Russell, 338 Spring Street, Newport. HI 02840 GILSTEIN, Andrew, 62 Sinclair Ave., Providence. Rl 02907 GINGRAS, Robert, 47 N. Sharon St.. East Providence. RI 02914 GINGRAS, Robert, 15 Lucille Drive, Greenville. Rl 02828 GINGROW, Paula. 53 Bellevue Road. East Braintree, MA 02184 GIORDANO. Peter. Watch Hill Rd„ Westerly, Rl 02891 GIRARD, Lucille. 44 Harris Avenue, West Warwick, Rl 02893 GIROVARD, Maxime, 137 Sweet Ave., Pawtucket. Rl 02861 GWDICI, Jane. 1 1 Orth St.. Paw tucket. Rl 02860 GIVSTI, Gail. 92 Williams Ave., E. Providence. Rl 02914 G1USTI, Immacola. 585 Providence St.. Warw ick, Rl 02893 GLANTZ, Muriel. 76 Overhill Road. Providence. Rl 02906 GLASS. Roger. 73 Upper College Rd.. Kingston. RI 02881 GLEN, Gail. 74 Preston Drive. Cranston. Rl 02910 GLENNY, Sandra. 416 Warley St.. USNH. Newport. Rl 02840 GODING, Lauren. 225 Garden St.. Cranston. Rl 02910 GOLD. Diane. 9 Conant Ijtne. Kingston. Rl 00000 GOLD, Fredric, 3265 Pern A ve., Oceanside. NY 11572 GOLDAPER, Robert, 450 Fourth Street, Elmont, NY 11003 GOLDBERG, Robert. 3257 Shore Rd.. Oceanside. NY 11572 GOLDSTEIN. Steven. 1430 Flagler Dr.. Mamaroneck, NY 10543 GOLINI, Lawrence. 10 Valente Drive. Cranston. Rl 02920 GONZALEZ, Alvaro. 4 Taft Hall URL Kingston. Rl 02881 GOODISON. Richard. 76 Herschel Street. Providence, RI 02909 GOODRICH. Edward, 38 What Cheer. Narragansett. Rl 02882 GORDON. David. 46 Indian Road. E. Providence. Rl 02915 GORDON. Geoffrey . 21 Holmes St.. Westerly. Rl 02819 GORHAM, Edwin, 101 Holland Avenue. Riverside. Rl 02915 GORHAM, John, 101 Holland Ave.. Riverside, Rl 02915 GORMAN, Frederic, 210 Tidewater Dr., Warwick, Rl 02889 GORMAN. Helen. Box .381. Narragansett. Rl 02882 GORMAN. Maureen. 66 Sunny Cove. Warwick. Rl 02886 GORMAN, Sally, 35 Bishop Avenue. Rum ford. RI 02916 GORMLEY. Kathleen. 98 Sunny Cove Drive, Warwick, Rl 02886 GOTLIB, Deborah. WShirlev Boulevard. Cranston. RI 02910 GOUIN, John, 25 Dike Street, Woonsocket, Rl 02895 GOULET. Robert. 4 Wood Haven Dr., Cumberland. Rl 02864 GRADY. Dennis, 277 No. Brow St., E. Providence. Rl 02914 GRADY. Vincent. 1122 Korfitsen Rd.. New Milford. 262 NJ 07646 GRAF. Kenneth, Apt. B, 77 West Warwick Ave.. West Warwick, Rl 02893 GRA HA M. Linda, Box 473, Woods Hole. MA 02543 GRANDCHAMP, Paula, 26 Laramee Avenue. West Warwick. Rl 02893 GRANT JR., Howard, 80 Appian Way, East Providence, RI 02914 GRAY, Catherine, 84 Elmwood Avenue. Rye, NY 10580 GRA Y. Duncan. 215 Promenade St., Barrington, Rl 02890 GRA Y, James, 505 Church Ave., Warwick. Rl 02889 GRA Y. Marcia, 28 Nichols St.. Cranston. Rl 02920 GRAY 3rd, David, 14 Westhill Drive, Cranston, Rl 02920 GREA VES. Gerald. RED . Foster. RI 02825 GREEN. Howland. 12 North Road, Kingston. Rl 02881 GREEN. Sherry le, 39 Winnapaug Ave.. Weekapaug. Rl 02891 GREEN, Thomas, 12 North Road. Kingston, Rl 02881 GREENBERG. Marilvn, 255 Fifth Street. Providence. RI 02906 GREENBERG. Marlene. 69 Burnside Street. Cranston, Rl 02910 GREENE. Richard. II Clover field Road. Valley Stream, NY 11581 GREENE, Rita, 8 Greene Street. Slatersville. Rl 02876 GREENE Robert. 11 Oak Hill Rd.. Peace Dale. Rl 02879 GREENE Thomas 10 Evergreen Avenue. Sea Girt, NJ 08750 GREENFIELD, Marc. 163 Robson St.. Cranston, Rl 02920 GREEN HALGH. Glen. 26 East Avenue, Harrisville. Rl 02830 GREGO. Elaine. 35 Fairview ,4ve.. Park Ridge. NJ 07656 GREGOIRE, Georges Squaw Rock Road. Moosup. CT 06354 GREGORY, Otto, 17 Spruce Court. Peace Dale, Rl 02883 GRENIER Roger. 316 Washington St., West Warwick. Rl 02893 GRESL1CK. John. 12 Ridgeland Avenue. South Portland. ME 04106 GR1BB1N, Rory. 532 Pellis Road. Greensburg, PA 15601 GRIER Jennifer, 1326 Eddv Street, Providence. RI 02905 GRIFFIN, Barbara. 235 Cindyann Drive. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 GR1LLO, Elizabeth. Waites Corner Road. West Kingston. Rl 02892 GRIMALDI, Jean, 57 Moorland A ve.. East Providence. Rl 02914 GRIMALDI, Mary ann, 34 Pengrove Street. Cranston. RI 02920 GRIMES. Bartholo, 57 Kav Street, Newport. RI 02840 GROH. Robert. PO Box 10. Cornwall. PA 17016 GRONNEBERG. Rolf. 70 Hyland Ave.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 GROSBERG. Neal. .53 Essex Rd.. Sharon. MA 02067 G ROSSI. Anthony. 36 Villa Avenue, Cranston, RI 02905 GROVES, Virginia, 215 Nannyhagen Rd., Thornwood. NY 10594 GRUND, Gregory. 88 Morningside Drive. Elmira, NY 14905 GRUNDY, Thomas Thos Uighton Blvd.. Cumberland. RI 02864 Gl ’DAS, Jean. 10 Spencer St.. Coventry . Rl 02816 GUDECZAUSKAS. Jane. 43 Beacon St.. Cranston, Rl 02910 Gl ERETTE, Paul. PO Box 251. Kingston. Rl 02881 GUGLIELMO. Alfonso. 226 Mauran Ave.. East Providence. Rl 02914 GUIDA, Barbara, 52 Ridgeview Drive. Pleasantville. NY 10570 GURNY. Susan. 23 Aitken Avenue, Hudson, NY 12534 GUTHRIE, Keith, 3 Crosswynds Drive, Saunderstown, Rl 02874 GUY. William. 28 Little Rest Road. Kingston, Rl 02881 HACKETT. Nancy. 165 Ocean Rd.. Apt. 2. Narragansett, RI 02882 HAGGERTY, Kathleen, 74 Reynolds Street. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 HAGGIS. Barbara, 35 Lyndon Rd., Cranston. Rl 0-2905 HAGGSTROM. Mary. 23 Piedmont St., Cranston. Rl 02910 HAISLIP. Janet, 499 Hobart Rd.. Paramus NJ 07652 HALE. Susan. 1069Cowessett Road, Warwick, Rl 02886 HALEY. Stephen, 33 Cedar Pond Drive. Apt. 4, Warw ick, Rl 02886 HALL, Barbara. 424 Lake Shore Drive. Warw ick. RI 02889 HALL Christopher. 25 Hillcrest Rd.. Wakefield. RI 02879 HALL Debra. Old Post Rd.. Westerly. RI 02891 HALL Jonathan, 25 Hillcrest Road. Wakefield, Rl 02879 HALL Kenneth, 171 Liberty Street, Middleton. MA 01942 HALL Michael. 36 Boulevard. Middletow n. Rl 02840 HALLWAY, June. 8 Vaughan. Newport. Rl 02840 HALLWAY, Linda. 8 Vaughan ,4ve., Newport. Rl 02840 HALLIHAN, Michael. 31 Crestwood Lane, Hampden. MA 01036 HALL1WELL John. 224 Fischer Circle. Portsmouth. RI 02871 HALM1, Dezsoe, 211 Calaman Road. Cranston. RI 02910 HALSEY. Elizabeth. 22 Harkness Rd.. Pelham. MA 01002 HAMILTON, Richard, 229 Seymour St., Warren. RI 02885 HAN A. Najib, 125 Summit St., Central Falls, RI 02863 HANKE, Virginia. 30 Waite Court. North Kingstow n, Rl 02852 HANLEY, Anne-Marie, 27 Nursery Ave., Woonsocket. RI 02895 HANLEY. John. 98 Opper Street. Providence, Rl 02904 HANSON, Arthur. 794 Kingstown Rd.. Peace Dale, Rl 02883 HARD1MAN. John, 51 Washington Rd.. Barrington. Rl 02890 HARGREAVES. William. 12 Deborah St., Providence, Rl 02909 HARLOW ' , Bernard, 269 Wilton Rd., Westport, CT 06880 HARRINGTON, Katherine, 19 Atlantic Avenue, Providence, Rl 02907 HARRINGTON. Man . 119 Lmbardi Rd.. Pearl River. NY 10965 HARRIS. Edward. 84 Pine River Dr.. North Kingstown. Rl 02852 HARRIS. Thomas, 47 Narragansett Avenue, Narragansett. Rl 02882 HARRISON. Anthony , PO Box 453, Kiahs Wav, East Sandwich. MA 02537 HARRISON, Raymond, 56 Ardoene St., Providence, RI 02907 HARROLD, Deborah, 12 Sheffield Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02860 HARTMAN, Eileen, 39 Sumter Avenue, E. Williston, NY 11596 HARTNETT, Susan, II Narragansett St., North Kingstown. RI 02852 HARVEY, Elisabeth. Shannock Hill Rd., Shan nock. RI 02875 HARVEY, Phyllis, 8A South Road. Kingston. RI 02881 HARVIE, Scott, 526 N. Broadway, Nvack, NY 10960 HAWKINS, Katherine, 6470 Woodridge Road. Alexandria, VA 22312 HAWKINS, Pamela. Maxson Hill Rd., Ashaway , RI 02804 HA WKINS. Richard. 126 Oak Hill Rd.. No. Kingstown, RI 02852 HA WKINS, Sandra, 3 Shadv Lane, Barrington, RI 02906 HA WKINS, Stephen. 22 East Side I)r., Barrington, RI 02806 HAYDEN, Michael, 14 Beecher Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 HAYES, Meredith. 217 Oak Tree Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 HAYES, Peter. Deer Path, Kennett Square, PA 19348 HAYHURST, Peter, 20 W r estchester Wav. Warwick, RI 02886 HAZEL, Judith, 505 Gardner NK Rd., Swansea, MA 02777 HEALEY, Jonathan, 43 Fair View Ave., West Warwick, RI 02893 HEBERT. Henry , Box 143, Mapleroot Park. Coventry, RI 02816 HEDBERG, Carolyn, Eastern View Ave. Green Hill. Wakefield. RI 02879 HEDER, Judith, 2 Conrad Street, Mystic, CT 06355 HEERLEIN, Linda, 125 Cindyann Dr.. East Greenwich, RI 02818 HENDEL Lynne. 28-39 208 St., Bay side. NY 1 1360 HERZOG, Paul, 108 Fairview St., Providence, RI 02908 HEWES, William. 1 Hillside Circle, Storrs. CT 06268 HEY. Mary. 13 Meadow A ve., Wakefield. RI 02879 HIGGINS, Bernadette, 645 Ten Rod Road. No. Kingstown. RI 02852 HIGGINS, Laurie, 69 Hillside Avenue, Newport, RI 02840 HIGHAM, Deborah, 68 Buttonwoods Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 HILL, Barbara, 18 Justice Street, Providence, RI 02908 HILL, John, 66 Lincklaen Street, Cazenovia, NY 13035 HILL Patricia, 51 Arlington St., Paw tucket, RI 02860 HILL Stanley, 89 Allen Avenue, E. Providence, RI 02915 HILL Susan, 6 Middlehrook Road, Dover, NH 03820 HINMAN, Julia, 148 Evarts Street, Newport. RI 02840 HODGDON. Cheryl, 1361 Paw tucket Ave., Rumford. RI 02916 HOFFMAN, William, RFD 1. Hollis Center. ME 04042 HOGAN. John. Carr Lane, Jamestow n, RI 02835 HOHENEMSER, Marcia, 111 Overhill Rd., Providence, RI 02906 HOLDEN, Nancy, 141 Bulgarmarsh Rd., Tiverton, RI 02878 HOLE, Christine, 4 Sakonnet Terr., Middletown. RI 02840 HOLLAND, Stephen, 14 Whippoorwill Road, Warwick, RI 02888 HOLMES, Maurice, 178 Wilson Ave., Rumford. RI 02916 HOLSTON, Lenny, 218 Gallatini St., Providence. RI 02907 HOLTKAMP, John, 47 Walcott Ave., Narraganset, RI 02881 HOLTZ, Peter, 48 St. Andrews Dr., Huntington. NY 11743 HOOPIS, Richard, 48 Maynard St., Providence. RI 02909 HOPF, Richard, 93 texington Ave.. Providence. RI 02906 HOPKINS, Susan, 91 Parkview Avenue, Warwick. RI 02888 HORAN, Sally, 20 Florence St., Pawtucket. RI 02860 HOROWITZ, Stuart, 2784 Allen Ave., Union, NJ 07083 HORTON, Glenn. Bung, Rd.. RFD 1. No. Scituate, RI 02857 HOSEY, Bernice, 60 Church Street, Plymouth, PA 18651 HOSMER, Charles, 12 Huntington Ave., Sharon, MA 02067 HOUSER George, Burdickville Road. Bradford. RI 02808 HOUSTON, Elizabeth, 326 Thames Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 HOUSTON, Hope, 75 Arnold Ave., Cranston, RI 02905 HOW ARD, PERRY, 80 Rolling Ridge Road, Amherst. MA 01002 HOW ' E, Kevin, 2 Joann Drive, Barrington, RI 02890 HUBER, Douglas, 20 Knollwood Ave., East Greenwich. RI 02818 HUBER Sherryl, 67 Sterling Street, Paw tucket, RI 02860 HUDSON, Kathleen. 19 Hillside Ave.. Coventry. RI 02816 HUGGINS, James, Box 594, Block Island. RI 02807 HUGHES. Charles. Rt. 1, Box 113, Sisson Rd.. Greene, RI 02827 HUGHES. Henry. 540 W. 7th, Plainfield. NJ 07060 HUNT, Susan, 58 A Street. Framingham, MA 01701 HUNTER Mary, 131 Climax Road. Avon. CT 06001 HUNTINGTON. Janet, 206 Dovle Ave.. Providence. RI 02906 HURST, Debra. 86 Hobbs Rd.. Warw ick. RI 02889 HUTCHINS, Nancy, 25 Juniper Drive. North Kingstown, RI 02852 HUTCHINSON, Paul, 44 Miantonomi Ave., Middletown, RI 02840 HUTSON, James, 81 Waterman Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910 HYLAND, Patricia, 448 Washington St., E. Walpole. MA 02032 HYSSONG, Robert. 4 Johnson Terrace. Middletown, RI 02840 1ACI0FAN0, Rosemary ' , 79 Legion Way, Cranston, RI 02910 1ANNETTA, Domenic. 10 Reade Street. North Providence. RI 02904 I A VARONE, Kenneth, 55 Crandall St., Providence. RI 02908 IDF, Carolyn, 176 Harmony Court, Warwick, RI 02889 IDE, Joseph, RR 4, Box 683, Narragansett, RI 02882 IDE, Robert, 5 Spot ford Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888 INDECK. Richard. 202 Butler Ave.. Providence. RI 02906 INFIORATI, Jill, 6 Canonchet Dr., Portsmouth, RI 02871 INTEGLIA, Joseph, 97 Maplewood Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920 INTROINI, Robert, 12 Guilford St.. Allston, MA 02134 IZZO, Joanne, 31 Sweet Lane, North Kingstown, RI 02852 JABOUR, Christine, 20 Baipbridge Ave., Providence, RI 02909 JACKO, Joanne, 6 Thornburn Ave., Trumbull. CT 06611 JACKSON, Susan. 80 Dixwell Ave., Cranston, RI 02910 JACKVONY, Robert, 64 Lansdowne Road, Warwick, RI 02888 JACQUES, Richard, 5 Spencer St., Coventry, RI 02816 JAGERSKY, Ronald. 9 Christian Hill. Kenvon, RI 02836 JAMBARD, Ronald, 10 Jack Pine Road, Coventry, RI 02816 JAMES, Deborah, 15 Kelton Rd., No. Scituate, MA 02060 JAMES, Janis, 50 Earles Court Rd.. Narragansett, RI 02882 JANUARIO, Margaret, 292 State St., Bristol, RI 02809 JASPER, William. 38 Waterman Ave., Johnston, RI 02919 JEDSON, Michael, 37 Hazard Street, Coventry, RI 02816 J ELLISON, Jane, 28 Hamlet Ave., W ' oonsocket, RI 02895 JENDZEJEC, Rosemary, 43 Hazard Street, Coventry. RI 02816 JENKINS, Jeffrey, 4 Harlem Street, Rumford, RI 02916 JENKINS, Louise, 24 Newport Ave., Newport, RI 02840 JENKS, Kathryn, 142 Curtis Corner Road. Peace Dale.RI 02879 JENNINGS, Beatrice, 349 Greenwood Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 JENNINGS, Paula, 113 Maple Ave., Riverside, RI 02915 JETTY, Elizabeth, 45 Philmont Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910 JETTY, John, 45 Philmont Ave., Cranston, RI 02910 JILLSON, Patricia, 16Shadbush Rd.. RFD 4. Narragansett, RI 02882 JOHNSON, Dana, 43 Bow Run, Saunderstown. RI 02874 JOHNSON, Eric, 370 Countv Center Rd., White Plains, NY 10603 JOHNSON, Eric, 47 Adelphi Avenue, Providence. VI noanr JOHNSON, Frederick. 1725 Terrace Dr., Vestal, NY 13850 JOHNSON, George, 200 Rhode Island Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02860 JOHNSON, Marianne. RFD 1. BX218C, Congdon Hill Rd., Saunderstown, RI 02874 JOHNSON, Stephen, 65 Indian Rd., Riverside, RI 02915 JOHNSON, Steven, 58 Lindv Avenue, Riverside RI 02915 JOHNSON, Stuart, 155 Biscuit City Rd., Kingston RI 02881 JOHNSON, Wa.vne, PO Box 158, Continental Ct Narragansett, RI 02882 JONES, Gregory, 50 Pleasant Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852 JONES, Jeffrey, 40 Shaw Street, Wevmouth, 263 MA 02191 JOSES, Kathryn, 401 Cedar Avenue, East Greenwich, Rl 02018 JOSES, Kathy, 92 Liberty l tne Apts., West Kingston, Rl 02896 JOSES. Philip. 115 Savatt Rd.. M . Harrington, Rl 02890 JOSES III, Dave. Cross St. Ext., Westerly. Rl 02891 JOY ' . Eugene. 119 Kenvon .4ve., East Greenwich. Rl 02818 JUDGE. Barbara, 210 Garden Citv Dr.. Cranston. Rl 02920 JUSTICE Timothy. Main Street. Howard. PA 16841 JUTRAS, Jennifer. 87 Pleasant St.. Cranston. Rl 02910 KALESK1EWICZ, William. 79 Had in St.. Central Falls. Rl 02862 KASE, Colleen. 25 Flmcrest .4»e.. Providence. Rl 02908 KASOPK1S. Philip. 475 Pleasant St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 KAPLAS. Sancy. 6Ced. Pd. Dr.. Apt. 7. Rov Cr. Es., Warwick. Rl 02884 KARBASSI. Kevhan. 104-60 Queens Blvd.. Forest Hills, SY 11375 KARBOWSK1. Patricia. 40 Ferncrest Drive. Pa tucket. Rl 02861 K ARM EL, George. 2 Connecticut Park. Jamesto n. Rl 02835 KARVOSES, Leo. Hopkins Hollo Rd.. Greene. Rl 02827 KASPARIAS, Joan, 535 Samquid Dr.. Warwick. Rl 02888 KASS, Leslie. 21 Sew Meadow Rd.. Barrington. Rl 20806 KATKOWSK1, Robert. 114 Maplecrest Dr.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 KA TZ. Ilene. 27-1 1 200 St.. Bay side. SY 1 1360 KATZ, Kenneth, 2169 Seneca Dr. S.. Merrick. SY 11566 KA UFMAS, Etta, 22 Michael Drive. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 KA VASAGH. Thomas. 69 Tenth Street. Providence. Rl 02906 KAWA, James, 18 Church Street. West Warwick, Rl 02893 KAZARIAS. Charles. 36 Leahy Street. East Providence. Rl 02916 KEASE. Gerald, PO Box 200. Kingston. Rl 02881 KEASEY. Barbara. 25 Gould St.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 KEARSEY ' . Thomas 58 St. George Ct.. Warwick. Rl 02888 KEESAS, Bruce. Hill Farm Road. Coventry, Rl 02816 KEESAS. Hugh, 38Stubtoe Lane. Sudbury. MA 01776 KEIFER, K.. Box 767. RR 4, Sarragansett. Rl 02882 KELLEHER, Margaret. 63 Vine Street. Woonsocket. Rl 02895 KELLY ' , James 1763 Shippan Avenue. Stamford. CT 06902 KELLY. Kenneth. 353 Cove Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02886 KELLY. Kristina. South County Trail, Wiesf Kingston. Rl 02892 KELLY’. Lilvne, 18 Summit Ave., Wakefield. Rl 02879 KELLY. Linda. 60 Rosegarden SL. Warwick. Rl 02888 KEESEY. Jacques RR »1. Box 106. Exeter. Rl 02822 KESDALL, Kathy. 541 Putnam Ave., Greenville, 264 fil 02828 KESSA. George. 53 Cliff Drive. Bristol. Rl 02809 KESSEDY, Thomas 262 Hunt Avenue. Warwick. Rl 02886 KESSER, Alan. 271 Taber Ave.. Providence. Rl 02906 KESSY. Chervl, 55 School Street. Westerly. Rl 02891 KESWORTHY. William. PO Box 39, Charlestown. Rl 02813 K1ERAS. Philip. 116 Casino Ave.. Chicopee. MA 01013 KIERSAS. Judith. 334 Spring Green Rd.. Warwick. Rl 02888 KILCLISE, Patrice. 32 Fifth Avenue. Woonsocket. Rl 02895 KILEY. Hugh. 16 Harris Street. Riverside. Rl 02915 KILMARTIS. Patricia. 22 Hart St.. Providence. Rl 02906 KISG, Diane. 130 Old Post Rd.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 KISG, James 40 Colonial Rd.. Providence. Rl 02906 KISG. Judith. Box 427. Slatersville. Rl 02876 KISG. Ijeah. Box 870. School House Rd.. Matunick. Rl 02879 KISG. Lisa. 61 Harbor View. Wesf Lawrence, SY 11559 KISG JR.. Robert. 9 Governor Ave., Weekapaugh, Rl 02891 KISGMAS. Peter. 100 Satick .4ve.. Warwick. Rl 02886 KISGLSEY, Douglas 40 Oakland Ave., Sorth Kingstown, Rl 02852 KIRBY ' . Susan. 99 Butler .4 ve„ Providence. Rl 02906 KIRCHGAESSSF7, Iris Pleasant Line. Clayville, Rl 02815 KIRS. Peter. 46 Faulkner Dr.. Westfield. SJ 07090 KIZIRIAS. Thomas 134 Chad Brown Street. Providence. Rl 02908 KJELLMAS. Paul. 18 Houghton St.. W. Barrington. Rl 02890 KLAPPER, William. 264 Morris Avenue. Providence. Rl 02906 KLE1SMAS. Bruce. 5 Banbury Rd.. Rockville Centre. SY 11570 KSOPH, Alan. 56 East St.. Sew Hvde Park. SY 11040 KSOWLES, John. 65 Metropolitan Avenue. Cranston. Rl 02920 KOCH. Erika. Bay Voyage Inn. Jamestow n. Rl 02835 KOCH. Stephen. 54 Sunnv Cove Dr.. Warw ick. Rl 02886 KOCHASOWSKI, Richard. 121 Elm Street. Meriden. CT 06450 KOJOYIAS, Armen, 34 Heatheland Rd.. Sewton. MA 02161 KOS. Richard, Falstaff Drive. Cumberland. Rl 02864 KOPPLIS. Pamela. 133 Sew port Ave., Middletown. Rl 02840 KOSH. Susan. 48 Border Street. W est Warw ick, Rl 02893 KOWAL. William, 280 Orient Avenue. Paw tucket. Rl 02861 KOZLOWSK1. Elaine. 15 Ferncrest Drive. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 KRAKOWSKY ' , Gayle. 73 Waite Avenue. Cranston. Rl 02905 KRALKA, Vivian, 499 Aquidneck Avenue. Middletown. Rl 02840 KRAMER. Glenn. 80 Manor Street. Plainview. SY 11803 KRASSER, Garv. 1A4 Rolens Drive. Kingston. Rl 02881 KRA VET. Julie, 8 Kevin Road. East Brunsw ick, SJ 08816 KRESCH. Melissa. 485 E. Lincoln Avenue. Mt. Vernon. SY ' 10552 K RIEGER, Mark. 23 Woodland Street. Lincoln. Rl 02865 KRITZ. Lisa. PO Box 585. Sarragansett. Rl 02882 KROI.L. Vadge. Congress Road. Sarragansett. Rl 02882 KROPISICK1. William. 59 Dawn Dr.. Clark. SJ 07066 KRl ! PSKI. Ravmond. Bennetts Lane. Southold, SY 11971 KRZAK. Joan. 150 Saushon Rd.. Paw tucket. Rl 02861 K l ' DZMA. Christine. Quaker Road, Cumberland. Rl 02864 KUEHL. Barry. 55 Bruschavt l)r., Hamden. CT 06518 K I LLBERG, Glenn, 54 Ticonderoga I)r.. Warwick. Rl 02889 K I PIS, John, 5 State St.. King Grant Apts.. Sorth Kingstown. Rl 02852 LABRECQUE. Janet. 84 School Street. Central Falls. Rl 02861 LACALLADE, Marie, 89 Youngs ,4ve., W ' esf Warwick, Rl 02893 LAC AS. Paul. 4 Fairview Avenue. Dudley. MA 01570 LAC HA PEL L E. Michael. 32 Intervale Rd.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 LACROIX, Dennis. 21 Tallvho Road. Cumberland. Rl 02861 LAFFERTY, William. 431 Sausauket Rd.. Warwick. Rl 02886 LAFFEY, Maureen. 83 Woodruff Ave.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 LAGASSE. Sorman. 15 Cabot St., Lincoln, Rl 0286 5 LAKE. Barbara. 141 CaporalSt.. Cranston, Rl 02910 LAKE. Charles. 87 Chestnut .4 e„ Sand Hill Cove. Rl 02882 LAKEWA Y ' , Anne. 250 Cobble Hill Road. Warwick. Rl 02886 LALIBERTE, Denise, 75 Emmett Street, Central Falls. Rl 02863 LALIBERTE. Marianne. Whipple Avenue. Oakland. Rl 02858 LAMBERT. Daniel. RFD 1 . Lot 23. Gardiner Rd.. West Kingston. Rl 02892 LAMBERT. Paul. 88 Dana St.. Woonsocket. Rl 02895 LAMOTHE. Ray mond. 626 Tower Street, Fall River. MA 02721 LAMOUREUX, Ronald. 18 Colombia Avenue. Coventry, Rl 02816 LA SCELLOTTI, Kenneth. 69 Shady Lea Rd.. Sorth Kingstown. Rl 02852 LASDEGGER. Christine. 349 Pond field Road. Bronxville, SY ' 10708 LASDERS. Roxie. 40 Valentine Circle. Warwick. Rl 02886 LASDRY ' , Evelyn, 59 VioletteAve.. Watery ille. ME 04901 LA SG. Alicia. 462 Wilbur A ve.. ( ranston. Rl 02920 LASG. William. 214 Trinity St.. Warwick. Rl 02886 LASPHEAR. Mary. Box 97. Watch Hill Road. Westerly. Rl 02891 LASPHEAR, Peter. Watch Hill Road. Westerly. Rl 02891 LASZILL1, Sancy, 2 Tory Dr., Shewsburv. MA 01545 LAPLASTF:. Dennis, 33 Aetna Street, Central Falls. Rl 02863 LARCO. Frantz. 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston. Ri 02m LARENCE, Gerald, 83 Margaret Street, Pawtucket, HI 02860 LARKIN, Patricia, Riverview Avenue, Smithfield, Rl 02917 LARKIN, Thomas, 54 Kirby Avenue. Warwick, Rl 02889 LAROSE, Janine, 25 Little Rest Rd.. Kingston. Rl 02881 LASKE, Kimberly, 14 Circle Dr., Middletown. Rl 02840 LATINA, Dorothy, 3 River Road, No. Providence. Rl 02904 LATOS, Cheryl, 15 Harmony Court, Warwick. Rl 02889 LAI ' , Gorham, 24 Pleasant St., Cranston. Rl 02910 LAUSIER, Evangeline. 39 Main Street, Freeport. ME 04032 LAVOIE, John, 75 Longwood Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 LA VOIE, Robert, 125 Beechwood Ave., Pawtucket. Rl 02860 LA WRENCE, James, 55 Browning Street, Wakefield. Rl 02879 LAZAROFF, Beverly. 68 Harwood Street, Cranston. Rl 02910 LEACH, Barbara, 18 Hillcrest Ave., Greenville, Rl 02828 LEACH, Douglas, 65 Smith Avenue, Greenville, Rl 02828 LEACH, Joyce, 65 Smith Ave., Greenville, Rl 02828 LEAHY, John, 31 Fontaine St., IVesf Warwick. Rl 02893 LEBLANC, Deniese, 66 Elmer Dr., Chicopee, MA 01013 LEBLANC, Harvey, 280 Pt. Judith Rd.. Narragansett. Rl 02880 LEBLANC. Paul. 50 Churchill Drive. Norwood, MA 02062 LEBOEUF, Daniel, 21 Ashhurne St.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 LEDOUX, Ronald. 75 Fanning Ave., Norwich, CT 06360 LEFCORT, Ronnie. 16 Beaumont Drive, New City, NY 10956 LEFEBVRE, Gerald. 101 Beachwood Dr.. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 LEFRANC, Maurice, 127 Thurston Street, Riverside. Rl 02915 LEGARE, Thomas, Pt. Judith Rd., Box 05, Narragansett Rl 02882 LEGAULT, Laurence, 5 Yeaton St., Coventry, Rl 02816 LEGORE, Thomas, 100 Onion Hill Rd., Duxbury, MA 02332 LEHANE, Kathleen, 14 Brooks Ave., Newport, Rl 02840 LEHMAN. Chris, 192 Winding Way. Little Silver. NJ 07739 LEMIEUX, Lynette, 17 Harley St.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 LEMIRE. Deborah. 52 Black Plain Rd.. Woonsocket, Rl 02895 LEMOI, Odette, 15 Valiev View Dr., W. Warwick. Rl 02893 LEMOINE, Raymond. 126 Main Street, Albion, Rl 02802 LENIHAN, Mary . RFI), Wallum Uke. Rl 02884 LEONARD. John. 9 Elm Street. Mystic. CT 06355 LEONELL1, John, 145 Hillcrest Avenue, Providence, Rl 02909 LESHNER, Barbara, 2270 Cranston St„ Cranston, Rl 02920 LETTER1, Robert, 27 Walton Street, Providence. Rl 02908 LEVANE, iMwrence, 19 Greenway Circle. Syosset, NY 11791 LEVEILLE, Steve, RFI) 1, Box 101 A. Hope Valiev, Rl 02832 LEVENSON, Judith, 1625 Surrey Lane, Haverton, PA 1908 :1 LEVERONE, Richard. 4 Spring St., Norfolk, MA 02056 LEVESQUE, John, 55 Moore Street, Central Falls. Rl 02863 LEVESQUE, Pamela, 75 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston. Rl 02920 LEVESQUE, Susan. 4 Grasslands Rd.. E. Greenwich, Rl 02818 LEVIN. Randy, 89 Longfellow Dr., E. Greenwich, Rl 02818 LEVINE, Ross, 10 lakeside Dr., Narragansett, Rl 02882 LEVY, Mara, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Kingston. Rl 02881 LEVY. William, 2830 Ocean Ave., Apt. E l. Brooklyn. NY 11235 LEWIS, Christine, Dept, of Electrical Eng.. Kingston. Rl 02881 LEWIS, Laurie. 21 Bellaire Drive, Huntington, NY 11743 LIBBY. Mary , 106b N. Main St.. Orono, ME 04473 LIBUTTI, Donna, 91 Freese St.. Providence. Rl 02908 LIEBER, Ira, 26 Baker Lane. Levittown, NY 11756 LIMA, Charlene, 129 Sterling Ave.. Providence, Rl 02909 LIMOGES, Renee. 1371 Mendon Rd.. Woonsocket. Rl 02895 LINDLOF, Kenneth, 4 University Place, Orono. ME 04473 LINN, Richard, 1101 Hope Street, Bristol, Rl 02809 LINNANE, George. 27 ( oolspring Dr.. ( ranston, Rl 02920 LIPE, Bradley, 260 Tanglewood Drive, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 L1PSKY, Patricia, 277 Talcott Street, Woonsocket, Rl 02895 LISI, Arthur, 73 Burbank St., Cranston, Rl 02910 LISTER. Darbie, PO Box 369. Dover, PA 1 7315 LITTRELL, Loren, 181 Knight St., Warwick, Rl 02886 LIVERNOIS. Denise. 96 Brown St., Paw tucket. Rl 02860 LOFFREDO, Steven, 71 Brookfield Drive, Cranston, Rl 02920 LOFGREN, James. 21 Quinlan Court, Warwick. Rl 02886 LOGAN, Karen, Beacon Ave. and Spanker St., Jamestown, Rl 02835 LOHJR., Anthony. 38 Montclair Road. Yonkers. NY 10710 LOMBARDI, Joann, 67 Vancouver Avenue. Warwick, Rl 02886 LOMBARDO, Joseph, 15 Charles Ave., Westerly, Rl 02891 LOOMIS, Michael. 16 Somerset St.. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 LOPES. Nelson. 62 Camp St.. Providence. Rl 02906 LORD, Barton, 1 Nayatt Point. Barrington. Rl 02890 LORELLO, Benjamin, 312 I tngdon St., No. Providence, Rl 02904 LOVSLAND, Signe. 755 Tower Hill Rd.. North Kingstown, Rl 02852 LOWNEY, Daniel, 25 Pettine St., Coventry, Rl 02816 LOWRY, Bruce, 724 Sutton Place, Findlav, OH 45840 LOC1A, Raymond, 61 Glen Hills Drive, Cranston, Rl 02920 LUDWIG, Eric. PO Box 245, Kingston, Rl 02881 LUONGO, Lauren. 28 Hade Court, Warwick, Rl 02889 LURY, Gail. 90 Ly ndon Road. Cranston. Rl 02905 LUTYNSK1, William, 212Sandv Lane H-4103. Warwick. Rl 02889 LUTZ, James, 57 Garden Place, Westwood. NJ 07675 LYNCH, Kathleen, 59 Austin Ave., Smithfield, Rl 02828 LYNCH, Michael, 1896 West Shore Road, Warwick. Rl 02889 LYNCH, Stephen, 23 Spencer Rd., Greenville, Rl 02828 LYONS, Teresa, 17 Broadview Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 MacCARONE, Gail, 202 Sprague Ave., Warwick, Rl 02889 MacDONALD, Stephen, 38 Revere St., Pawtucket, Rl 02861 MacDONALD, Virginia, 20 Cider Lane, Greenville, Rl 02828 MacGLAFLIN, Judy, 185 W. Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT 02891 MACKEY. Jean. 41 North Rd.. Kingston, Rl 02881 MACKIE, Daniel, 171 Arnold Ave., Cranston, Rl 02905 MACKIN, Kathleen. 34 Kay St.. Newport, Rl 02840 MACKINNON. Alexander, 7 Terrace Way, Lincoln. Rl 02865 MACNIE Jr., James. 206 Kenyon Ave., East Greenwich. Rl 02818 MACOMBER, William, 18 Abora Avenue, Warwick, Rl 02888 MADISON, Robert. Stuart Street, Westerly, Rl 02891 MAGEE, Susanne, 120 Wavland Trail, Narragansett, Rl 02882 MAGI ERA, Christine, 90 Ear! Street, West Warwick, Rl 02893 MAGILL, Cynthia, 31 Bay Spring Ave., W. Barrington, Rl 02890 MA GNER, Anne, 24 Church SL. Pascoag, Rl 02859 MAGUIRE, James, 38 Lowell Street, Coventry, Rl 02816 MAGUIRE, Joseph, Cutter St., Jamestown, Rl 02835 MAIN ELIA, Michael, 240 Gentian Avenue, Providence. Rl 02908 MAJKUT, Stephen. 136 Mowrv Ave., Cumberland. Rl 02864 MAK, Wingsang. 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston, Rl 02881 MAKOVICH, Carol, 38 Weatherbell Dr., Norwalk, CT 06851 MALACHOWSKI, James, 306 England Street, Cumberland. Rl 02864 MALIK, Marlene, 50 Biscuit City Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 MALKOWSKI. Jean. 5 Curtis Rd.. Box 414, Saunderstown, Rl 02874 M ALLEY, James, 21 Forest St., Bellows Falls, VT 05101 MALLOY, Christine. 133 Hadde Avenue, Cumberland, Rl 02864 MALONEY, Maureen, 25 Burdick Ave., Newport. Rl 02840 MA TA1S, Susan. 8 Wolf Hill Rd., Esmond, Rl 02917 MANFRED, Leo, 9 Marriott Ave., Westerly. Rl 02891 MANGIANTE, William. 18 Pine Cone Drive. West Barrington, Rl 02890 MANIERI, Bettilou, 243 Heather Street, Cranston. Rl 02920 MANNA, Marie. 13 So. Fairview St., Johnston, Rl 02919 MANNATO, Alfonse, 33 Twyman Blvd., Matawan. ‘ NJ 07747 MANNING, Barbara. North Barker Heights, Tiverton, HI 0272H MANSOUR, Janet, 579 Providence St.. Warwick, Rl 02893 MASTER, Theresa. 1437 Middle Rd., E. Greenwich. Rl 02818 MARA, Joan. II Chandler Street, S ' . Providence, Rl 02908 MARANDOLA, Marilyn. 75 ArgyleSt., Cranston, Rl 02920 MARAZITI, William. 6 Gardiner Street. Newport, Rl 02840 MARCHW1CK1, John. 4 Oak Hill Ave., Woonsocket. Rl 02895 MARCIN. Joseph. 15 Coddington Street, Raritan. NJ 08869 MARCUCCI. Terri. Alpha Xi Delta 12 Prat. Cir.. Kingston, Rl 02881 MARIEN, William, 682 Namquid Drive, Warwick, Rl 02888 MARINO. Frank. 3 North Dr.. Westerly. Rl 02861 MARINO, Rachel. 328 Angell Rd.. Lincoln. Rl 02865 MARINO, Thomas. 14 Lee St.. Johnston. Rl 02919 MA RKS. Lois. 13 Paine A ve.. Cranston. Rl 02910 MARKS. Ronald. 536 Wavland Ave.. Providence. Rl 02906 MARKS, Stephen, 94 Cal la Street, Providence. Rl 02905 MAROSITS, Mark, 158 Rutland Road. Glen Rock. NJ 07452 MARSEGLIA, Timothv, 90 Thompson Hill Road, Portland. CT 06480 MARSHALL Deborah. 6 Cedar Rd.. RFD 1. Wakefield. Rl 02879 MARSHALL Nancv. 410 Algonquin Dr., Warw ick. Rl 02888 MARSOCCI, Linda, 34 Pond Street. West Warwick, Rl 02893 MARSOCCI, Thomas. 34 Pond St.. W. Warw ick. Rl 02893 MARTIN, Arlene, 83 Lockwood Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708 MARTIN. Barbara. 3650 Diamond Hill Road. Cumberland, Rl 02864 MARTIN. Donna. 210 Sackett St.. Providence. Rl 0290- MARTIN, Francis. 30 Bliss Mine Road. Middletow n, Rl 02840 MARTIN. James, 152 Worcester Ave., Riverside, Rl 02915 MARTIN, James. 6 Rego Rd.. Middletown, Rl 02840 MARTIN. Kevin, 524 Blackrock Road, Coventry, Rl 02816 MARTIN. Michael. 10 Dyres Gate. Newport. Rl 02840 MARTIN. Paul. II Omaha Boulevard. Warwick. Rl 02889 MARTIN JR.. James 46 Smith Street. East Providence. Rl 02915 MARTLAND. George. 142 Ruggles Ave.. Newport. Rl 02840 MARX, Patricia, 79 Eustis Ave.. Newport, Rl 02840 MA R X. Peter. 89 Mai hone Rd., Newport. Rl 02840 MASCIARELLI. Alan. 39 Scenic View Dr.. Johnston. Rl 02919 MASE, Laurence, 144 Franklin St., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 MASON. Deborah. Man land Drive, Middlefield. CT 06455 MASSE, Veronica, Fainiew Ave.. Rehohoth. MA 02769 MASTERSON, Dianna, 37 Robin Wood Drive, Hope, 266 Rl 02831 MASTROSTEFAN, Vincent. 41 Fishs Lane. Warw ick, Rl 02886 MATERNE. Robert. I Opeechee Dr., Barrington. Rl 02806 MATHEWS. Jean, 20 Harmony Street, Cranston, Rl 02920 MATHIEU, Robert. 62 Greenfield St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 MATTLACE, Michele. 75 Chestnut Hill Ave., Cranston, Rl 02920 MATTONI, Chery l, 14 Naples Avenue, Providence, Rl 02908 MAXWELL Karen, 39 Waterman Ave.. Cranston. Rl 02910 MAYNARD. Lionel. 24 McNiff Street. West Warwick. Rl 02893 MA YNERT, Marily n. 95 Spring Street, Cranston, Rl 02910 MAZVRSKI, Madeline, Hamilton Ave.. Watertown. CT 06795 McALLlSTER, Sharvn, 47 Sharon St.. Providence. Rl 02908 McARDLE. William. 131 Wendell Rd.. Warwick. Rl 02888 McASKILL Robert. 20 Slocum St.. Newport. Rl 02840 McBRIDE. Kevin, 17 7 Dyer Ave., Emerson. NJ 07630 McBCRNIE, John. 83 Sorrento Street. Providence. Rl 02909 McCAFFREY. Caroly n. Ill West Main Road. Middletown. Rl 02840 McCANN, Debora. Quarters RR NAS, Quonset Point. Rl 02819 McCARTER, Horace, 185 Lippitt Street. Providence. Rl 02906 McCarthy, Kevin. 63 Nellie St., Providence. Rl 02904 McCarthy, l aura. 171 Bristol Ave.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 McCARTlN, Susan. 32 Greenfield Ave., Warwick. Rl 02886 McCAlJGHEY. Regina. 125 Lincoln Avenue. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 McCLINTOCK. Kenneth. 17 Brook Drive RR I. Hope Valley . Rl 02832 McCOOEY, Susan. 5 Wentworth Ter.. Dover. NH 03820 McCORMICK, Kevin. 74 Wethersfield. Rowley. MA 01969 McCRAE, Walter. 677 Benefit Street, Paw tucket. Rl 02861 McC READY. Lynn, 19 Maplewood l)r.. E. Greenwich, Rl 02818 McCVBBIN, Karen. 257 Winter Street, No. Andover. MA 01845 McCUE, Kittv, 145 East Shore Rd.. Jamestow n. Rl 02835 McDERMOTT, Mark, 9 Warren Rd.. South Natick. MA 01760 McDEVm. Robert. 10 Beechtree Road. Rumford. Rl 02916 McDONNELL Roberta. RFD I . Box A-41. Saunderstown, Rl 02874 McGILL Philip. 22 Woodland Drive. Norw ich. CT 06360 McGINLEY. Michael. I220untry Drive. W. Warw ick. Rl 02893 McGINNIS, Kathleen, 14 Metcalf Dr.. Cumberland. Rl 02864 McGOLDRICK. Susan. 103 Tide Mill Terrace. Fairfield. CT 06430 McGOVERN Linda. 31 Uuderdale Drive. Narragansett, Rl 02882 McGVINNESS, Darcy, PO Box 133, Kingstown, Rl 02882 MeGUIRE, Maureen. 72 Nolton Street. Belleville. NJ 07109 McGWIN, Natalie. Col. John Gardner Rd.. Narragansett. Rl 02882 McKEAG. Patricia. Plains Road, Kingston. Rl 02881 McKEE. Mark. PO Box 182. Wakefield. Rl 02880 McKENNA, John. 527 Azalia Avenue, Narragansett, Rl 02881 McKENNA. Man . I0P Old Spring Rd., Cranston. Rl 02920 McKENNA. Paul. 118 Sharon Street. Providence. Rl 02908 McKENNA. Thomas. 251 Country Club Drive. Warwick. Rl 02888 McKENNEY. Karen. 140 North Rd.. Saunderstown. Rl 02874 McLACGHLIN. David. U5 Burtis Ave.. Oyster Bay. NY 11771 McLEROY, James, 20 Hornet Rd.. No. Kingstown. Rl 02852 McMAHON. Caroly n, 18 Valiev View Drive. West Warwick. Rl 02893 McMAHON. Jean. 19 Decamp Court, West Caldwell. NJ 07006 McMAHON. Robert. 69 WinsorPL Glen Ridge. NJ 07028 McMILLAN Howard. 30 Everett Street, Paw tucket. Rl 02861 McMULLEN Patricia. 900 Post Road. Apt. 72. Warw ick. Rl 02888 McNAMARA, Margaret. 99 Governor Street. Providence. Rl 02906 McNEIL Katherine, 165 Holland Ave., East Providence. Rl 02915 McNEIL Kathleen. 30 Queen Ave.. West Warwick. Rl 02893 McNULTY, Man. 190 Jones St.. Middletow n. Rl 02840 McPHILUPS, Maureen. 2960 Paw tucket Avenue. East Providence, Rl 02914 McSHANE. Kenneth. RFD 4. Box 755. Ledyard. CT 06339 McSOLEY. William. 55 Masthead Dr.. Apt. 31. Warwick. Rl 02905 McWEENEY. Man. Pound Hill Rd.. No. Smithfield. Rl 02895 MEDEIROS. David. 55 Highland Ave., Wakefield. Rl 02879 MEDEIROS, Dietra. 593 Wapping Road. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 MEDEIROS. Janet. 41 Usher Terrace, Bristol. Rl 02809 ME1EROWITZ. Lynn, 432 Walcott Ave., Middletown. Rl 02840 MELLO. Edward, 60 Charles Street. Bristol, Rl 02809 MELLO, John. PO Box 199. Kingston, Rl 02881 MELLO. Pamela. Indian Lake Shores Wakefield. Rl 02879 MELON E, Marcia, 12 So. Locust Ave., No. Providence. R I 02911 MELONE. Matthew. 224 Beckwith Street. Cranston. Rl 02910 MENARD. Gerald, 74 Harpswell Street. Brunswick. ME 04011 MENDES. Manuel. 13 Broad Street. Cumberland. Rl 02864 MENGE, Kim, Box 224, Elmdale Rd., Scituate, Rl 02857 MENNUCCI, James 17 Liberty Street, Pawtucket. Rl 02861 MENNUCCI. Robert, 17 Liberty Street. Paw tucket. Rl 02861 MENZ1ES, James 17 Hillcrest Rd.. S. Kingstown. Rl 02879 MENZIES, John. 1 7 Hillcrest Drive, Wakefield. Rl 02879 MERRITT, Carolyn. 671 Boston Neck Rd.. Narragansett. RI 02882 MESKO, Dennis, 3 Admiralty Drive, Middletown. Rl 02840 METHE, Michael. 955 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01109 METHVIN, Marjorv, 18 Cummings Rd„ Newport, Rl 02840 METZ, Lynn, 125 Louis St., New Brunsw ick. NJ 08901 MEUNIER, Robert, Old River Road, Lincoln. Rl 02865 MEY. Raymond, 134 Coggesball Ave., Newport. Rl 02840 M1ALE, Frederick. 64 Lakewood Avenue, Warwick, Rl 02888 MICEK, Joseph. 40 Robinson Wav, Wesf Warwick. Rl 02893 MICHAEL, Charlotte. 80 Old Spring Rd., Cranston, RI 02920 MIDGLEY, Joanne, 304 Potters Ave„ Warwick. RI 02886 MIELE, Carol, 58 Kalmer Road. Warwick. RI 02886 M1KSCH, Deborah. 226 Brooklake Rd.. Florham Pk.. NJ 07932 MILANO, Christine. 231 Federal Street, Providence, Rl 02909 MILLAR, Scott, 30 Cedarcliffe Dr., Wayne, NJ 07470 MILLER Deborah, 22 Ferncrest Drive. Paw tucket, RI 02861 MILLER Garry , Church Street, Millerton, NY 12546 MILLER Jacqualvn, 30 Okinawa Avenue. Warwick, RI 02889 MILLER KIM. PO Box 52, Narragansett. Rl 02882 MILLER Michael. 93 Fairfield Drive, North Kingstown, RI 02852 MILLER Peter, RED 1. Kenvon Rd.. Hope Valiev, RI 02832 MILLER Sally, 149 Bn an Dr.. Manchester. CT 06040 MILNER Joseph. 283 W. Main Rd.. Middletow n. Rl 02840 MILNER Michael. 122 Jefferson Rd.. Bourne. MA 02532 MILNER Paula, 40 Overhill Road. Cranston, RI 02920 MILNES, Lori. 96 Midland Rd., Staten Island. NY 10308 MINAHAN. Martin. 23 Birchwood Dr.. No. Kingstown, RI 02852 MINER, Christine. Newell Drive, Cumberland. Rl 02864 MINETTT, Jerry. 455 Minton Place. Orange. NJ 07050 MINOT, Richard. 22 Wedge wood Drive. North Smithfield. Rl 02895 MIRO, Raymond, 6 Midwood Place, Brentwood. NY 11717 MITCHELL, Jane. 15 Lang Terr., Pearl River, NY 10965 MITCHELL, Mvron, 7 Read Ave., Coventry. Rl 02816 MITCHNER Hurtis, 175 Gallatin Street, Providence. Rl 02907 MITOLA, Carol. 452 Church Ave.. Warwick. Rl 02889 MLYN1EC, Cynthia, 31 Ray Street, Coventry. Rl 02816 MOLNAR Stephen. 4 Cy nthia Drive, Johnston, RI 02909 MONAGHAN, Martha. 30 Power Road, Paw tucket. Rl 02860 MONAHAN, John, 9 Horsford Avenue, Rum ford. Rl 02916 M0NDR1CK. Margaret. 204 West Garden Street. Rome. NY 13440 MONROE. Scott, 174 .Mechanic St., RFI) » 1 . W oonsocket, RI 02895 MON ' TANARO, Marcia. 63 North Olnev St.. Johnston. RI 02919 MONTE, Mary, 208 Laurens Street, Cranston. Rl 02910 MONTEFUSCO, Donald. 121 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 MONTI, Paul, 121 Piedmont St.. Woonsocket. Rl 02895 MONTI. Robert, 275 Vine Street, Pawtucket, Rl 02886 MOODY, Craig. Stuart St.. RR 3, Westerly, Rl 02891 MOODY, Harold. 91 Groveland Ave., Warwick. RI 02886 MOORE, Randell, 48 Dale Ave.. Cranston, Rl 02910 MOOREHEAD. Kathleen. RR 2. Box 704. Middlebridge Rd., Narragansett, Rl 02882 MORAN. Diane, 136 Fatima llr.. Warren. Rl 02885 MORCOM, Richard, 1 18 Sunset Farm Rd., W. Hartford. CT 06107 MOREA U, Philip. 70 Westwood Dr., Cumberland. Rl 02864 MORGAN. Edward. 28 Intervale Rd.. Cranston, RI 02910 MORINI, Robert, 507 Sequoia Drive, Pittsburgh. PA 15236 MORRIS, Gloria. 46 Western Drive, Ardslev, NY 10502 MORRIS, Wayne. 171 Center Avenue. Middleboro. MA 02346 MORRISON, Robert, 487 Lowell Ave.. New tonville. MA 02160 MORROCCO. Barbara, 1680 Plainfield Pike. Cranston. RI 02919 MORSE. Donald, 26 North Street, Warw ick. Rl 02886 MOSCA, Patricia, 817 Charles Street, Providence. Rl 02904 MOY, Thomas, 170 Henry Street, Apt. 4B. New York. NY 10002 MROZEK. Stanley . Ix t 2-30 Palmer Trailer Pk.. Slocum. RI 02877 MROZOWSKI, Stephen. 1994 E. Main Rd.. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 MULLEN, Maureen, 271 Lafayette St.. Paw tucket. Rl 02860 MULLIGAN. Kevin, 89 Englewood Avenue. Pawtucket. RI 02860 MULLINGS, Eileen. 152 Sunset Street, Dumont, NJ 07628 MIJRIN, Diane, 198 Niantic River Rd., Waterford, CT 06385 MURPHY, Karen, 20 Short Road. Wesf Barrington. Rl 02890 MURPHY, Stephen. 133 Riverside Drive. Northfield, 1L 60093 MURPHY. William, 138 Mt. Vernon Blvd.. Paw tucket. RI 02861 MURRA Y, David, 20 Wildflower Road, Barrington. Rl 02806 MURRAY. Judith. 10 Saratoga Rd.. White Plains. NY 10607 MURRA Y. Kathleen. 947 Church Hill Rd.. Fairfield. CT 06604 MURRA Y, Robert, Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, Rl 02865 MUSCHIANO, Jacqueline, 58 Epworth Ave.. Wesf Warwick. RI 02893 MUSHNICK, Eric. 15 Lincoln Ave., Providence. RI 02906 MUTTY, Michael, 86 Annette Drive. Portsmouth. Rl 02871 NACCI, Diane, Pole 31 Weaver Hill Road. Coventry . Rl 02816 NADEAU, James, 10 Ann Court. Coventry . RI 02816 NAG AN, Stephen. 2 Pine Brook Dr.. White Plains. NY 10605 NAGEL, Larrv, 35 Carlson Circle. W. Warwick. RI 02893 ' NAIMARK, Richard. 87 Canoe Brook Pky.. Summit. NJ 07901 NAJARIAN, Jo- Ann. 23 Winfield Ct.. Providence. RI 02906 NAJJAR, Steven. PO Box 193, Kingston, RI 02881 NALBANDIAN, Anahid, 75 Eden Crest Drive, Cranston, RI 02920 NALLY, Ann. 84 Potowomut Road. East Greenwich. Rl 02818 NALLY. Mark, 32 Linden Drive, Kingston. Rl 02881 NALLY. Raymond. 32 Linden Drive. Kingston. RI 02881 NANCE, Thomas, 236 Plain Street. Providence. Rl 02905 NASH, Deborah, 1224 Kingstow n Road. Kingston. RI 02881 NAUM ANN. Peter. 32 Newport Ave., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 NA WROCKI, John, 33 Burnside St., Cranston, RI 02910 NEALE, Edson, Weeden Lane. Jamestown. RI 02835 NEARY, Kevin, 104 Tanners Pond Road. Garden City. NY 11530 NEEDHAM. James. Box 188, Kingston. Rl 02881 NEILL Morag. Broad Street. Ashaway . Rl 02804 NELSON, Donna. 80 Park Holm, Newport. Rl 02840 NELSON. Donna. 58 Roundwav Drive, Conventrv, Rl 02816 NELSON, Joyce, RFD Hull St.. Snug Harbour. Rl 02879 NELSON. Philip. 1680 Kingstow n Road. West Kingston, Rl 02892 NERI, Frank, 1 Bethel Street, Warw ick, Rl 02889 NEVILLE. Michael, 37 Greenfield Ave.. North Providence, RI 02911 NEVILLE, Norman, 185 Littlefield Street. Paw tucket. Rl 02861 NEVOLA, Joseph. 65 Wakefield Ave., Cranston. RI 02920 NEWMAN, Eileen, 392 Rochambeau Ave.. Providence. Rl 02906 NICASTRO, Claudia, 89 Fillmore Street. Paw tucket. RI 02860 NICHOLSON, William, 20 Malcolm Road, North Kingstow n, Rl 02852 NICKELSON, John. 49 Potowomut Rd.. No. Kingstown. Rl 02852 NICKERSON, Raymond. 18 Judith Ave., Warwick, RI 02889 N1GRELLI, Cathy, 4 Charles St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 NILES JR., Harry . 27 Palmers Grove. Slocum. Rl 02877 NITTERAUER, Joan, 40 Brown St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 N0RDQU1ST. Stephen. Pole Bridge Rd.. No. Scituate, RI 02857 N0RL1N, Nancy, 10 Dixon St., Newport. Rl 02840 NORMAND1N. James. 200 Woodland Rd.. Woonsocket, Rl 02895 NORTON, Helen. 95 Dedham Rd.. Warw ick. Rl 02888 NOTARDON ATO, Richard, 38 Fairmont Avenue. 787 Pawtucket, RI 02860 NOVAK, William, Pine Hill Road. Carolina, RI 02812 NOWLAN, Janice, 26 Aberdeen Rd.. Riverside, RI 02915 NVLMAN, Patti, 80 Friendly Rd., Cranston. RI 02910 O’SULLIVAN, Karen, 50 Murray St. Rustic Apt. 8, Coventry, RI 02816 OBERIHCK. Kathleen. II Maplewood Or.. New Monmouth. NJ 07748 OBRIEN. Deborah, 260 East Ave., Warw ick, RI 02886 OBRIEN, Karen, 121 Courtney Avenue. Paw tucket, RI 02861 OBRIEN, Kathleen, 20 Lindy Ave., Providence. RI 02908 OBRIEN. Susan, RR 6A. Box 2125. Melbourne l)r.. Narragansett, RI 02882 OBRIEN, Susan, 22 Pilgrim Drive, Lancaster, PA 17602 OBR1ST. Otto. 4 Taft Hall URL Kingston. RI 02881 OCONNELL Celeste. 580 N. Quidnesset Rd.. No. Kingstow n. RI 02852 OCONNELL JR. Edmund. 41 Toppa Blvd., New port. RI 04840 OCONNOR Jean, 18 Hand Street. Paw tucket, RI 02861 ODONNELL James, 14 Sprague St.. Greenville. RI 02828 ODONNELL, James. 212 Garden Hill Drive. Cranston, RI 02920 ODONNELL, Robert. 69 Seamans Street. Providence. RI 02908 OHANIAN, Michael. 208 Waldo St., Providence, RI 02909 OHARA, Carol, 9 Cornell Place, Farmingdale, NY 11725 OHEARN, Patricia, 87 Ijiconia Rd., Cranston. RI 02920 OKEEFE, Cathleen, 5 King Street, Peahodv. MA 01960 OLIVASTRO, Audrey. 97 Valley View Dr.. Cumberland, RI 02864 OLIVE, Janet. 2 Aim Avenue, Warren. RI 02885 OLIVEIRA. George. 25 Hilton Street. Tiverton, RI 02878 OLNEY 2rd, Ralph. RFI) 2. Central Pike. North Scituate, RI 02857 OLSEN, Nancy, I Conners Lane, Riverside. RI 02915 OLSON, James, RR 1 Seaside Drive. Jamestown. RI 02825 OLSON, Raymond. 169 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 OMALLEY, Charles, 45 Gates St., Paw tucket, RI 02861 OMALLEY. Christin, 22 Orchard Ave., Wakefield. RI 02879 ONE1L, Joseph. 100 Oakland Ave.. Cranston, RI 02910 ONEIL, Patricia, 28 Hillside Avenue. Tiverton, RI 02878 ONEILL Jean. 22 Ferry Road, Saunderstown, RI 02874 ONEILL Mary , 15 West Street, Newport. RI 02840 OPALUCH. James, 22 Yale Avenue, Pawtucket. RI 02860 ORE1LLY. Robert. 1612 Westover Rd.. Linden. NJ 07026 ORTEGA, Nancy. 52 Poplar Dr., Cranston, RI 02920 ORZECK, M.. 11 Lafayette SL, Pawtucket. RI 02860 OSBORN, David. 29 Highland Ave., Narragansett. 268 RI 02882 OSHEA, James, 298 Burns Street, Forest hills, NY 11275 OSTERMAN, Renee, 76 Deerfield Road, Cranston, RI 02920 OSTI, James, 90 Rodman St.. Narragansett. RI 02882 OSTRO, Xan, 42 Belle Ct.. Hicksville, NY 1 1801 OSTROWSKY. Avi, 170 Fourth Street, Providence. RI 02906 OTOCK1, David. 495 Stafford Rd.. Tiverton. RI 02878 OWEN, Christopher. 216 Namquid Drive, Warwick, RI 02888 OWENS, Thomas, 2 Rose Circle, Peace Dale. RI 02882 OWUSIJ. Henry. 4 Taft Hall URL Kingston. RI 02881 PACELT. Daryl, 175 Saratoga Ave.. Pawtucket. RI 02861 PACHECO, Elizabeth, 89 Summit St., E. Providence, RI 02914 PACKHEM JR.. Richard. POB5611 WevHillSta.. I’rovidence, RI 02902 PADULA, Patricia, 126 Burlingame Rd., W. Warw ick. RI 02892 PAGANO, Raymond. 142A Kickemuit Avenue. Bristol. RI 02809 PAGE, Debra. 40 Glen St.. Riverside. RI 02915 PAGL10, Victor. 17 June Street, North Providence. RI 02904 PALAZZO, Alan. 12 Sheldon Street, Wesf Warwick, RI 02892 PALMER, Glenn. 72-81 112 St.. Forest Hills. NY 11275 PALMER, Grant. 190 Old Stage Rd.. Glastonhurv. CT 06022 PA NCI ERA, Andrea. Tomaquag Rd.. Bradford. RI 02808 PANCIERA, Toni, 6 Meadow Drive. Waterford. CT 06285 PANK1EW1CZ, Cynthia. 60 Panto Rd., Warwick, RI 02892 PANNEBAKER, Wendy, 15 Shady Glen Drive. East Greenwich. RI 02818 PAOLANTONIO, Brenda 41 Maplecrest Drive. Greenville. RI 02828 PAOLETl ' l, Stephen. PO Box 255. Kingston. RI 02881 P AO UNI, Daniel, 31 Howard Ave., Pascoag. RI 02859 PAPP, Pamela. 22 Cowdrey Street. Yonkers, NY 10701 PAPPAS, Vikki. 19 Gloria Street. Pawtucket. RI 02861 PAQUETTE, Craig. Box Rural Rt 4 2, Scituate. RI 02857 PAQUETTE, Patricia. 25Julien St.. Esmond. RI 02917 PAQU1N, Susan. 61 Randolph Ave., Tiverton. RI 02878 PARATORE, Robert, 126 Edgewater Road. Cliffside Park.NJ 07010 PARENTEAl ' . Stephen. 15 Willmark Avenue. Turners Falls, M A 01376 PARISH, Patricia, 91 Thelma Irene Drive, North Kingstown. RI 02852 PARKER Robert, 298 Budlong Road, Cranston, RI 02920 PARMENTER Brian, 150 Plantation Dr.. Cranston. RI 02920 PARMENTER, Robert, Ben Brown Ave., Hope. RI 02831 PARMENT1ER Arthur, 91 Plantation Drive. Cranston, RI 02910 P ASCOE, George. 16 White Street, Newport. RI 02840 P ASCOE Richard. 16 White Street. New port. RI 02840 PASTER Bruce, 94 Alexander Street, Cranston, RI 02910 PASTERCZYK. John. 390 Natick Avenue. Cranston. RI 02920 PATR1C. Elizabeth. 24 Ixtcust Dr.. Kingston. RI 02881 PATSAUDES, Nicos, 4 Taft Hall URL Kingston. RI 02881 PAUL Gerald. 6 Fraternity Circle, Kingston. RI 02881 PAULEY JR. SyL 210 Kulas Rd.. West Warwick. RI 02893 PAULHUS, Timothy, 5 Edward Avenue. East Providence. RI 02916 PAUUNA. Kathleen. 1569 Main St.. Apt. 23. West Warw ick. RI 02893 PA UMIER Karen, 28 Catherine St., Newport, RI 02840 PAVLOFF, Nadine. 2137 Holland Way. Merrick. NY 11566 PA Y ' NE, Shirley, 160 Salisbury A ve„ North Kingstow n, RI 02852 PAZERA. Judith. 7 Hunt I)r., Barrington, RI 02806 PEABODY ' , John. 9 Surf Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107 PEARSON, Michele. 20 Anthony Street, Coventry, RI 02816 PECKHAM. Kathy, Peckham Rd.. Little Compton. RI 02837 PECORELU, Robert. 444 Broadway. 1‘rovidence, RI 02909 PEDRO. John. 155 Valiev Street, Central Falls, RI 02861 PEIRCE, Frederic, 204 Spencer Ave., East Greenwich, RI 02818 PEIRCE, Robert, 1 Rockv Crest Dr.. Cumberland, RI 02864 PELLETIER. Raymond. 200 Nichols Street, Gardner. MA 01440 PELLETIER Vincent. 215 McCorrie lane. Portsmouth. RI 02871 PEMPEY, Nancy, 165 Namcook Rd.. Apt. 12, N. Kingstown, RI 02852 PEN DERG AST, Michael, Orches Road. Charlestown, RI 02813 PENNINGTON, Bennie, 129 Lucas Road. East Greenwich. RI 02818 PERCIVAL Richard, 79 Upper College Road, Kingston. RI 02881 PERD1KAKIS, Constant, Box 84, Kingston, RI 02881 PEREIRA. Diane, 396 Prairie Ave., Providence, RI 02905 PEREIRA. Donald, 291 Lippitt Ave., Cumberland, RI 02864 PEREIRA. Robert, 291 Lippitt Ave.. Cumberland, RI 02864 PERREAULT, Heidi, Rte. 138, Wesf Kingston, RI 02892 PERRINO, Charles, 25 Seymour Avenue, Cranston. RI 02910 PERRY ' . Clifford, 29 Ferris Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854 PERR Y. Randy, 50 Essex St., Cranston. RI 02910 PETACCIO, Joseph, 39 Pine Grove Ave.. Warwick, RI 02888 PETERS. Stasia. Box 13. Keny on. RI 02836 PETERSON. Christine, 53 Dexter Street, Middletown, RI 02840 PETERSON, John. 3280 Riverside l)r„ Wellsville, NY 14895 PETIT JR. Ernest. PO Box 72. Peace Dale. RI 02883 PETRA RCA. Bruna. 32 Willow St.. W. Warw ick. Rl 02893 PETRARCA, James, 59 Vandewa ter Street Providence, RI 02908 PETRIE, David, 105 Spring Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818 PETROSINELLI, Chervl. 54 Haw kins St.. Providence. RI 02908 PETTERSON, Norman, 1297 Narragansett Blvd., Cranston. RI 02905 PETTY, David, 136 Dodge Street, Providence, RI 02907 PEZZA, Maryann, 180 Budlong Rd„ Cranston, RI 02920 PEZZI, Peggy , 65 Florence Street, Providence, RI 02909 PHANSEY, Ashok, 49 Longfellow Dr., Warwick, RI 02818 PHILLIPS, David, Williams Rd.. Esmond. RI 02917 PHILLIPS, Thomas, 9 Fifth Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818 PICARD, Paulette, 70 Hadde Avenue, Cumberland, Rl 02864 PICKERING, Polly, 104 Missouri Dr., Warwick. RI 02886 PIELLI, Patricia, 10 Fox Hill Rd.. Valhalla. NY 10595 PIERACCINI, Stephen. 314 Howland Road. East Greenwich, RI 02818 PIERACCINI, Valerie. 314 Howland Rd„ E. Greenwich, RI 02818 PIERCE, Roger, 240 Peak St., Manchester, NH 03104 PIETRANTONIO, Nina, 57 Bolton A ve.. Providence, RI 02908 PIETRINI. Russell, 147 Old Point Rd., Milford. CT 06460 PIEZ, Deborah. Three Oak Hill Road. Peace Dale, RI 02883 PILIERO, Paul. 21 Minerva Dr., Yonkers, NY 10710 PILON, Cozette, 4235 Berritt Street, Fairfax, VA 22030 PINA, Diane, F-10 Wiggin Hunt Ct., Providence, Rl 02907 PINOSSI, Steven, 30 Dakota Street, Providence, RI 02904 PIOTROWSKI, Celia, 22 Vaughan .4ve., Newport. RI 02840 PITA, Raymond. 103 Cleveland St., Pawtucket. Rl 02860 PITOCCHELLI, Steven, 83 Preston Ave., Cranston, RI 02920 PITTS, Bernadette, 23 Gladstone St., Providence. Rl 02905 PIZIK, Lawrence, 2175 NE 169 St., N. Miami Beach. FL 33162 PLANT, Nancy, 12 Ijeonard St„ Cumberland, RI 02864 PLANTE. Barbara. 187 Old Countv Rd„ Esmond. Rl 02917 PLANTE, Cathy. Reservoir Rd.. Pascoag, RI 02859 PLANTE, Marie, 70 Bridgham St., Providence, Rl 02907 PlJYNTE, Robert. 158 Main Street, Wickford, RI 02852 PLASSE, James. 14 WaspRd., North Kingstown. RI 02852 PLATT, Margaret, 12 Garden City Avenue, Point Lookout, NY 11569 PLA Y E, Cathy. 1586 Tower Hill Rd., N. Kingstown. RI 02852 PLOCKMEYER, Jamee, 32 Pelican Drive, Groton. CT 06:140 PLUMMER Thomas, 67 Gardner Street, Johnstow n, PA 05905 PLUNKETT, Marilynn, 39 Leslie Dr., Providence, RI 02908 PODGURSKI, David, 35 Willett Road. Saunderstown, RI 02874 PODGURSKI, Paul, 44 Robinson Way. West Warwick, RI 02893 PODGURSKI, Thomas, 30 Pulaski Street, West Warwick, RI 02893 POINT, Gary, 60 Seabrook Dr., E. Providence, RI 02914 POIRIER David, 4 Overlook Rd., Narragansett, RI 02882 POLAR Thomas, 6 Cottage St., Warren. Rl 02885 POLLOCK Debra, 96 Waite Avenue, Cranston, RI 02905 POLNY, Christine. 396 Summer St., Woonsocket, RI 02895 POLSON, Kimberly, 50 Plains Rd., West Kingston, RI 02881 POND, Gary, 5300 Post Rd.. E. Greenwich, Rl 02888 PORTER Cathy, 55 Brown St., Narragansett, RI 02879 PRESTON, Nancy, Rawson Rd., Cumberland, RI 02864 PRESTON, William. 11 Falmouth Road, Cranston, Rl 02920 PREZZANO, Paul. Lawrence Farms, Mount Kisco. NY 10549 PR1MEAU, Kevin, 5 Oakwood Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 PROBERT, Richard, 206 Maple A ve., Middletow n, RI 02840 PROCACCINI, Linda, 21 Merchant Str eet, North Providence. RI 02911 PROCOPIO, Leah, 524 Harris Avenue, Warren, RI 02885 PULLANO, Louis, 73 Maplewood Avenue, Cranston, Rl 02910 PULVER James, 75 Sunset Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 PUNIELLO JR., John, 314 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 02809 PURCELL, James, 81 Prospect Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538 QUINN, Deborah. 279 Rand Street, Central Falls. RI 02863 QUINN, James, 189 Cameron Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861 RABBITT, Stephen, 158 Lincoln Avenue. Paw tucket. RI 02861 KABCZAR Ronald, 236 Cowden Street, Central Falls, RI 02863 RAINVILLE, Edward, 74 Benjamin St., Pawtucket, RI 02861 RAKUSIN. Peter. 1 724 Ave. O. Brooklyn. NY 11230 RAMEIKA, Lynda, 7 Bav Avenue, Barrington, Rl 02806 RAMSTAD, Meriko, 166 Common Fence Pt. Blvd., Portsmouth, RI 02871 RANDALL, Craig, 201 Prospect Ave., Wickford, RI 02852 RANELLI, Dale, 43 Sheffield Street, Old Say brook, CT 06475 RANELLI, Paul, 43 Sheffield St.. OldSavbrook, CT 06475 RAN NS. DONILY. Williams Street, Ashaway. Rl 02804 RAVENELLE, Russell, 15 Westminister St., Westerly. Rl 02891 RA Y, Brian, 48 Burlingame Rd., West Warw ick. Rl 02893 REARDON, John, 39 I edge Rd., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 REDIHAN, Kevin, 132 Rutherglen Ave., Providence. Rl 02907 REEDY, Mavbelle, 2 Reedv Street, Johnston. RI 02919 REGAN, Carol, 83 West End Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901 REGAN, Thomas, 9 Cedar Lane, Ossining, NY 10562 REGINE, Robert, 4 Gardner Avenue, North Providence, RI 02911 REHOR Charles, 132 Belridge Rd., Cheshire, CT 06410 REICHLER, Kevin, 15 Lakeview Blvd., Avon, CT 06001 REID, Patricia, 99 Metropolitan Oval, Bronx, NY 10462 REILLY ' , Kurt, 60 Observatory Ave., No. Providence, Rl 02911 REIMELS, Frederic, 2 Harrison Ave., Wakefield, Rl 02879 REITSMA, Ruth, 343 Morris Ave., Eastside Sta., Providence, RI 02906 REMINGTON. Joyce, Alice Avenue. Oakland. RI 02858 RENZA, Gerald. 37 Harmon Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910 REO, Anne, 275 Simmonsville Ave., Johnston, RI 02919 REUSCH, Barbara, 109 Darrow Lane, Greenlawn, NY 11740 REUTER, Lynn, 8 Griswold Avenue, Cranston, Rl 02910 REYNOLDS, Bernard, 102 Gordon Avenue, Providence, RI 02905 REYNOLDS, Jane. 158 Woodward Road, Providence, RI 02904 REY ' NOLDS, Joanne, 329 Rochambeau Ave., Providence, RI 02906 REY ' NOLDS, Lois, 53 Marine Drive, Narragansett, Rl 02881 REYNOLDS, Robert, 329 Rochambeau Ave., Providence. RI 02906 RHEAL, Joseph. 14 Country side Dr., Johnston, RI 02919 RHEAUME, Ernest, 47 Bolton Street, Cranston, RI 02920 RHEINBERGER, James, PO Box 374, Saunderstown, RI 02874 RHODE, David, 26 Jensen Street, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 RICCI, Marianne, 89 Court land St., Providence, Rl 02909 RICCI JR, Paul, 43 Texas Avenue. Providence, Rl 02904 RICCIOJR, Edward. 17 Stanhope Drive, Barrington, RI 02806 RICE, Steven, 82 Evergreen Rd., No. Kingstown, RI 02852 RICE, Susan, 75 Abbotts Crossing Road, Coventry, Rl 02816 RICHTARIK, Karen, 3 Victory Ave., W. Warwick, RI 02893 RILEY ' , Deborah. 74 Meadowcrest Dr., Riverside, Rl 02915 RILEY ' , Dennis, 922 Roger Williams Avenue, East Providence, Rl 02916 RILEY ' , Richard. 426 High Street, Bristol, Rl 02809 RINNER Martha, Box 403, Charlestown, RI 02813 RIVET. Charles, RFDl! Box I24B Hill R, Pascoag. Rl 02859 ROACH, Dennis, 109 Sutton St., Providence, RI 02903 ROBERTI, Ann. 559 Laurel Hill Ave., Cranston. RI 02920 ROBERTO, Michael, 155 Sunbury Street, Providence, RI 02908 ROBERTS, Chris, 5 05 Maple St., Swansea, MA 02777 ROBERTS. Peter, 100 Greenfield St., Lawrence, MA 01843 269 ROBERTSON. David. 93 Beach St.. Westerly, Rl 02891 ROBERTSON, John, 2 Oak Street, Ashawav. Rl 02804 ROBERTSON, Pat, III Barton Street, Presque Isle, ME 04769 ROBINSON. Dean, 1173 Smith Street. Providence, Rl 02908 ROBINSON. Gail, 1 1 7 Apple Tree Ct.. No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 ROBINSON, Jill, 313 Squantum Drive. Warwick, Rl 02888 ROBINSON. Michael, Samuel Stone Road, North Scituate. Rl 02853 ROBINSON, Neil, Cove Road Weekapaug, Westerly. Rl 02891 ROCCO, Constance, 83 Cool ridge Rd.. Greenville. Rl 02828 RODERICK, Charles 17 Roma St.. East Providence. Rl 02914 RODERICK. Gail. 50 larch Drive. Coventry. Rl 02816 RODRIGUES, Rui, 114 Garden St.. Paw tucket. Rl 02860 ROGERS, Barbara. 1 15 Summit Street. Norwood. NJ 07648 ROGERS. Gail. 123 Welfare Ave.. Warwick, Rl 02888 ROGERS. Katherine. 184 Yerndale Ave., Providence Rl 02905 ROHRER, Michael, 150 Tamarack Drive. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 ROITER, James 3 Greenough Place, Newport Rl 02840 ROLLENHA GEN, Delaine, 552 Hope St., Providence, Rl 02906 ROMANO. Denise. 51 Carteret St., Providence Rl 02908 RONCI, Brenda. 19 Thetachi. Kingston. Rl 02881 RONICK, Katherine, I Peck Rock, Bristol, Rl 02809 Erfa207 Hollywood A ve.. Valley Stream. ROOT. DA VID, 65 Blue Hill Drive, Warw ick Rl 02886 ROSA. William. 9 Rotary Drive. Johnston. Rl 02919 ROSAFORT, Donald. 156 By ram lake Rd.. Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 ROSA TI, RANDA LL 4 View St.. Lincoln, Rl 02865 ROSEN. Karen, 14 Scarborough, Paw tucket. Rl 02861 ROSENAU. Katharine, 374 No. Wilton Rd., New Canaan, CT 06840 ROSENER, Andrew, 366 Nayatt Road. Barrington, Rl 02806 ROSENFELD, Karen, 3341 Hewlett Ave., Merrick. NY 11566 ROSIE. Donald. Box 416, Wakefield. Rl 02879 ROSS. Jeffrey. 32 Taft Ave., I ' rovidence. Rl 02906 ROSS. Lynn. 82 Cliff side I)r.. ( ranston. Rl 02920 ROTH, Charles River A ve.. Middlebridge. Rl 02879 ROUGHLEY, John, 181 Wheeler Ave., Valley- Stream. NY 11580 ROWE, Cathy. 6 Old Forge Road, Barrington. Rl 02806 ROY. Annette, 75 Empire St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 ROY. Janet, 291 South Main St., Attleboro. MA 02703 RUZENE Louise, 1703 Rolling Hills Road. C harleston. WV 25314 Rl BIN, Joseph. PO Box 1 70. Kingston. Rl 02881 RUBINO, Frank, 33 Hazelwood Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039 RUBINSTEIN. Cynthia. PO Box 361, Kingston. 270 Rl 02881 RUNKEL, Gregory, 85 Gorham St., Canadaigua, NY 14424 RUOCCO. Teresa, 66 Kay Street, Newport, Rl 02840 R USI ELEW1CZ. Carol, 16 Mavis St.. Pawtucket. Rl 02860 Rl ' SSELL, Joel. Keny on Road. Hope Valiev, Rl 02832 RUSSELL, Robert. 33 Ashmont Street, Providence, Rl 02905 RUSSILLO. Paul. 2 Mills Drive. Johnston. Rl 02919 RUSSO, Doris, 33 Kenvon .4 ve., Wakefield. Rl 02879 RUSTMANN. Gary. 151 Camden Rd.. Box 446C. Narragansett, Rl 02882 RIAN, Edward, 130 Parkhurst Road, Warwick, Rl 02889 RIAN. Mark. 38 Advent St., No. Kingstown. Rl 02852 RYAN, Paul, 38 Observatory A ve.. Haverhill. MA 01830 RYAN, Ralph. 176 Clews St., Pawtucket. Rl 02861 RYAN, Richard, IOS East Street, Woonsocket. Rl 02895 RYAN. Thomas, 148 Garden City Drive, Cranston, Rl 02920 RYAN, Thomas, 168 Burgess Ave., Pawtucket. Rl 07649 RYCHLICKI, Karen. 203 W. Passaic Avenue, Bloomfield. NJ 07003 RZEMIEN. Russell. 397 Vine Street. Paw tucket. Rl 02861 SACCOCCIA, Edward. 2059 Cranston St., Cranston, Rl 02920 SACCOCCIO, Sharon, 27 Country lane. Hope. Rl 02831 SADLON, Janet. 1 79 Terbell Pk wv.. River Vale. NJ 07675 SADOWSKI. Donald. 2823 West 12th Street. Brookly n. NY 11224 SAGAR, Vispi. 239-24 66th Ave., Douglaston. NY 11363 SALEMl, Paul, 201 Railroad St.. Manville. Rl 02838 SALOME. Mary, 501 S. Main Street, Woonsocket. Rl 02895 SAMBOR, Melanie. 613 Washington St.. Coventry . Rl 02816 SAMPERS, Joanne. Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, Rl 02865 SANDEL, Susan, Woodbine Road, Wakefield. Rl 02879 SANDERSON. Lynn. 68 Benedict Hill Road. New Canaan. CT 06840 SANSOUCI, Gary. 222 Ballou Street, Woonsocket. Rl 02895 SANTANIELLO, Steven, 10 Raphael Ave., Providence. Rl 02904 SANTORO, Joseph. 170 Gentian Ave., Providence, Rl 02908 SANTORO, Sebastian, 706 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, Rl 02910 SANTOS. Michael. 999 Frenchtown Rd.. E. Greenwich. Rl 02818 SANTOS, Robert. 76 Regent Terrace. Devon. CT 06460 SARITELLI, Robert. 100 Birchwood Dr., Cranston. Rl 02920 SASHIN. Michael, 6 Ivy Place, Valiev Stream, NY 11581 SA YARD, Luc, PO Box 411, Slatersville. Rl 02876 SA VINO. Donna, 46 E Street. Bristol. Rl 02809 SA WYER, Eric, 175 Arlington Avenue. Providence, Rl 02906 SCANLON, Mark. 11 Tourtelott Ave., Warwick, Rl 02886 SCARPONC1N1, Irene, 55 Amelia Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039 SCHEINFIELIl Richard. H3Clwyd Rd.. Bala- Cynwyd, PA 19004 SCHOOLFIELD, Brenda, 220 Carroll Avenue. Newport. Rl 02840 SCHROTH, James, 76 Herbert Dr., East Brunswick. NJ 08816 SC H RUM, Betty jane. 214 18th Avenue, Belmar. NJ 07719 SCHULTZ, Nancy. 84 Durrell St.. Verona. NJ 07044 SCHWARTZ, Darlene, 80 Lincoln Street, North Kingstown, Rl 02852 SCHWARTZ. Wendy. 799 Wesley Street, Baldwin. NY 11510 SCHWASS, Margaret. 85 Dixon Street, Newport, Rl 02840 SCIMECCA, Charles. 18 Beatrice Place, Oradell. NJ 07649 SCIONTI. Lynne. Forrestal Drive. Westerly, Rl 02891 SCIOTTI. Nicholas, 21 Elmhurst .4 ve.. Providence, Rl 02908 SCOTT, Ellyn, 24 Hagen Avenue, Cranston, Rl 02920 SCOTT. Glenn. 6 Rosewood Ijtne, Cumberland. Rl 02864 SCOWCROFT. Gail. 8 Kennedy Dr.. Lincoln. Rl 02865 SEGAL, Kenneth. 63 Cambria Court, Paw tucket. Rl 02860 SEITES. Joan. Quarters ' R ' NAS, Quonset Point. Rl 02819 SELTZER Amy. 99 Mary Ellen Rd.. Newton, MA 02168 ' SERABIAN, Deborah. 10 Jackson. Street, No. Providence, Rl 02901 SEVDY, lean ne. 131 Old Baptist Rd.. North Kingstown. Rl 02852 SEWALL, John, 25 Salisbury Rd.. Barrington. Rl 02890 SEYMOUR Dorinda, 24 Arcadia A ve., Rum ford. Rl 02914 SHACKLETON, Deborah. 2 Sweet Briar Court, Warwick. Rl 02888 SHAFFER David, 15 Lovers I ane, Huntington, NY 11743 SHAH. Mayank. 4 Taft Hall. Kingston. Rl 02881 SHANNON. Cy nthia. 121 Westwood Dr., E. Greenwich, Rl 02818 SHANNON, Marily n. 16 Cedarcrest Drive, Pawtucket. Rl 02861 SHAPIRO. Gerald, 75 1 jurist on St.. Providence, Rl 02906 SHARPE JR., Joseph. 169 Forbes Street, East Providence, Rl 02915 S HART EL Christopher. 1804 Hackamore Lane. Alexandria. V.4 22308 SHEA. Donald. 26 Fenwick Road. Riverside. Rl 02915 SHENK, Anne, 151 West Clinton Ave.. Bergenfield, NJ 07621 SHEPARD, Gregory . 6 Wolf Hill Road. Esmond. Rl 02917 SHERMAN, Barbara, Jerrv Brown Farm Road. Wakefield. Rl 02879 SHERMAN, Benjamin, 199 Jenckes St., Woonsocket. Rl 02895 SHERMAN. Michael. RR 1. Box 236. Saunderstown. Rl 02874 SHICHMAN. Michael. 93 Arleigh Road. Great Neck. NY 11021 SHILLING, Barbara, 5 Stonehenge Rd., Kingston. Rl 02881 SHOCKET. Suanne. 68 Bartlett Ave., Cranston. Rl 02905 SHORE, Jeffrey. 10 Ijeicesterway, Paw tucket, Rl 02860 SHORE, Robert, 336 Olney Street, Providence, RI 02906 SHRAKE, Bruce, 155 Taylor Rd.. Portsmouth. RI 02871 SHUMATE, Robert, Rt. 4, Box 234, Princeton, WV 24740 SICILIA, Toni. 8E Rolling Green Apts., Newport, RI 02840 SIEGEL, Stuart, 36 Pinewood Drive, Commack, NY 11725 SIGETY, Susan, 246 Hickory Ave.. Garwood, NJ 07027 SIGLER, Edward. 85 S. Gates Ave., Kingston, PA 18704 SILBERMAN. John, 111 Everleth Ave.. Warwick. RI 02888 SILER, Charles, 36 Pilgrim .4ve., Coventry, RI 02816 SILETCHNIK. Karen, 140 Indian Ave., Portsmouth, Rl 02871 SILK, Carole, 62 Sunset Terrace, Cranston, RI 02905 SILVA, Filomena, 210 Mauran Ave.. E. Providence, Rl 02914 SILVA, Paul, 95 Lockwood Street, West Warwick, RI 02893 SILVA, Ronald, 270 Heather St„ Cranston, Rl 02920 SILVA. Rosalyn, 170 Benedet St., Apt. 311, Providence, RI 02907 SILVER, David, 18 Lenhome Dr., Cranford, NJ 07016 SILVER Jeremy. 85 Sherwood PI., Greenw ich, CT 06830 SILVER, Richard, 5 Mollusk Dr., Great Island Narr, Rl 02882 SILVERBERG, Paula, 2265 Cranston St„ Cranston, RI 02920 SILVERMAN, Susan. 15 Lafayette Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 SILVIA, Madeline, 64 Berkeley Court, Middletown. Rl 02840 SIMEONE, Michael. 140 Erastus St., Providence, Rl 02908 SIMMONS, Dexter, 9 North Drive, Westerly. Rl 02891 SIMMONS, John. 1998 West Main Rd.. Middletown, RI 02840 SIMMONS, Linda. 20 Herod Street, Cranston, Rl 02920 SIMMONS. Sandra. 21 Cul De Sae Way. Riverside. RI 02915 SIMPSON, Noel, 330 W. Columbia Ave., Warwick. Rl 02888 SINAGRA, Vincent. 1844-76 Street. Brooklyn. NY 11214 SINCOSKJ, Jeffrey, 70 Shannon Avenue, Tiverton, Rl 02878 SINGER, Joyce, 190 Auburn Street, Cranston, RI 02910 SINGLETON, Barbara, 67 Woodland Avenue, River Edge.NJ 07661 SIRA VO, Vincent, South Road, Wakefield, Rl 02879 SIROIS, Joseph. 6 Rocket St., Westerly, Rl 02891 S1ROIS, Philip, 123 Saratoga Ave., Paw tucket, Rl 02861 SIRR, Peter, 137 Knollwood Circle, No. Kingstown. RI 02852 SISKIND. Jill, 1974 Old Mill Rd.. Merrick. NY 11566 SISKIND, Nancy. 220 Beech Drive South, River Edge.NJ 07661 SISTO. Robert, 51 Farm Street, Providence, Rl 02908 SKETT1NO, Gerald, 8 Webster Drive, Dunmore, PA 18509 SKILLINGS, Jeffrey, 7 Harlem Street, Rumford, Rl 02916 SLONKA, Dennis, 74B Pom fret Road, Narragansett, RI 02882 SLOYKA, Robert, 1243 Kingstown Road, Kingston, RI 02881 SMART, James, 42 Nichols Rd., Cohasset. MA 02025 SMIALEK, Susan, 22 Belleview Ave., Tiverton. Rl 02878 SMITH, Alan, I Grove St., Norway, ME 04268 SMITH, Christopher, 25 Tory Lane. East Greenwich, RI 02818 SMITH, Colleen, 27 Wasaga Rd., Pawtucket. Rl 02861 SMITH. Curtis. 21 Pond St.. Wakefield. Rl 02879 SMITH, Gordon, 217 Martin Street, East Providence. Rl 02914 SMITH, Herbert, 90 Caswell Street, Narragansett, Rl 02882 SMITH. Jerry, 11 Easton Avenue, Portsmouth. Rl 02871 SMITH, Joan, 111 Linda Ave.. Portsmouth. RI 02871 SMITH, Joyce, 28 Wilton Avenue, Paw tucket, Rl 02861 SMITH. Kevin, 322 1-awnacre Dr., Cranston, RI 02920 SMITH, Kristen, 2 Galant Drive, Warwick, RI 02886 SMITH, Marsha, 39 Meadowbrook Dr., Barrington. RI 02806 SMITH, Michael, 31 Walnut St., Narragansett, Rl 02882 SMITH, Patricia, 610 Prairie Ave., Apt. 3B, Providence, RI 02905 SMITH, Peggy. 10 Wren Lane, New City, NY 10956 SMITH, Petronella, 1728 Main Street, West Warwick, RI 02893 SMITH. Susan, 19 Sienna Way, Oakland, NJ 07436 SMITH JR., Edwin, 36 Massachusetts Avenue, Warwick. RI 02888 SMYTH, William. Nichols Lane. Westerly. RI 02891 SNEEDEN, Patricia, Trask Rd., Box ford, MA 01921 SNOW, Robert, 84 Trenton St„ Pawtucket, RI 02860 SOLOMON, Carol, 84 Sharon Street, Providence, Rl 02908 SOLOMON, Linda, 6 Continental Drive, Middletown, RI 02840 SOUCIE, Paul. Cole Ave.. Clavville. Rl 02815 SOUSA. John. 5 Mason A ve„ Bristol. RI 02809 SOUTHERN, Valerie, 34 Clinton Ave., Jamestown. RI 02835 SOUTH WICK. Leslee, 7 Meadow Ave., Wakefield. RI 02879 SPADOLA, David, 255 Abraham Road, Riverside, Rl 02915 SPAGNOLI, Steffanie, 24 Indian Head Trail. Wakefield. Rl 02879 SPAULDING, Jessica, 17B Maple Avenue, West Warw ick. Rl 02893 SPEARS, Linda, 165A Boon Street, Narragansett, Rl 02882 SPENCER, Nancy, 62 Glen Road, Woonsocket, Rl 02895 SPENCER, Susan, 2 Fagan Court, Middletown, Rl 02840 SPIEGLE, Carl, 1013 Sharpless Rd.. Philadelphia. PA 19126 SPINGARN, Arthur. 9 Leicester Way. Pawtucket, RI 02860 SPINNER, Alan, 1029 New Boston Rd.. Fall River, MA 02720 SPINO, Michael, 221 Sterling Ave., Providence, RI 02909 SQUIRES, Deborah. 24 Saltus Dr., Old Say brook. CT 06475 STACK, Katherine, 11 Freemont Ave., NanueL NY 10954 STAMAND, Denis, 21 Greene Street, Coventry, RI 02816 STAMP, Joyce, 200 Cindyann Drive, East Greenwich, RI 02818 STAMP, Kathleen. 209 Lucas Road, Warwick. RI 02910 STANELVN, Patricia, 34 Manor Rd., Cranston. RI 02920 STANLEY, Meredith, 190 Bloomfield St., Pawtucket. Rl 02861 STAPPAS, Dennis. 8 Hosey Drive, Cranston. Rl 02920 STEARNS, Selwyn, 255 Central St., Mansfield, MA 02048 STEERE, Peter, Liberty Lane, West Kingston, RI 02892 STELLER, Richard, 177 Lincoln Ave., Little Falls, NJ 07424 STERNBACH, Lawrence, 84 Pitt Rd„ Springfield, NJ 07081 STEVENS, Robert, 116 Himes St., North Kingstow n, Rl 02852 STEVENSON. Janis, 69 Everleth Ave F. Warwick, Rl 02888 STEWART, Wendv, 16 Eton Rd., Barrington. RI 02806 STOKES JR., Richard. 61 Arlee Street, Warwick, RI 02889 STONE, Douglas, 176 Red Chimney Dr., Warwick. RI 02886 STONE, Robert, 4 Taft Hall URI, Kingston. RI 02881 STORTI, Nancy, 1058 Narragansett Bl., Cranston, Rl 02905 STREMBICKI, Stanley. 15 Valley Road, East Greenwich, RI 02818 STROSCIO, Joseph, 245 Walcott Street, Pawtucket, Rl 02860 STUDLEY, Barbara, 34 School Street, Albion. RI 02802 STV1NCENT, Kenneth, 57 Orchard Avenue. Barrington, Rl 02806 SUCHON, Madelene, 21 Casey Dr., Middletown, Rl 02840 SUGERMAN, Michael, 2 Wilcox Ave., Pawtucket, Rl 02860 SULLIVAN, Brian, 55 Carleton Ave.. Brockton. MA 02401 SULLIVAN, Donald, 38 Peaceful Lane, No. Kingstown, RI 02852 SULLIVAN, Martin, 21 Ridgewood Hills, Deep River, CT 06417 SULLIVAN, Patrice, 38 Peaceful Lane, No. Kingstown, RI 02852 SULLIVAN, William, 444 Broadway, North Attleboro. MA 02760 SUNDBERG, Stig, Panther Lake. Andover. NJ 07821 SUNMAN, Nancy, 19 Wingate Rd., Riverside, Rl 02915 SUNNY, Jeanne. 62 High St., Derby. CT 06418 SUTCLIFFE, Janice, 12 Angell Road, Lincoln. Rl 02865 SWANSON, Dana, 111 Harrison Rd., No. Kingstown. RI 02852 SWANSON. Kristen. 158 Milton Rd., Warwick. RI 02888 SWANSON, Kristina, Victory Highway, Exeter, 271 Rl 02822 SWANSON, Milton, 197 Read Avenue, Coventry, Rl 02816 SWANSON, Sandra, 10 Lawton Street, PO Box 37 2, North Kingstown, Rl 02852 SWEENEY, Thomas, lantern Hse., APIIA. Mendon Rd.. No. Smithfield. Rl 02895 SWEENY, John, 912 Baldwin St., Pittsburgh, PA 15234 SWOPE. Cynthia. 24 Wescott Rd. Simsbury, CT 06070 SYMIA, Elias, 3312 Nazareth Road, Easton, PA 18042 SZEPATOWSKI, Barbara, I Gregory Court, Barrington, Rl 02806 SZEWCZYK, Mary, 9 Norman Ave., Cumberland. Rl 02864 SZROM, Richard. 15 Windsor Ct.. Pawtucket, Rl 02861 SZYNKARSKI, Monika, 86 Sunset Terrace. Cranston. Rl 02905 TALBERT, Christine, 34 Mount View, North Kingstown. Rl 02852 TALBERT, Michelle, Richmond Townhouse Road, Carolina. Rl 02812 TALBOT, David, 368 Washington St., H ' , Warwick, Rl 02893 TALBOT, Jeffrey, 86 Highland .4 ve., Chatham, NJ 07928 TALBOT, Mary, 3 Flynn Terrace, West Warwick, Rl 02893 TANGUAY, Raymond, Box 647 Kingston 4 ve., Narragansett. Rl 02882 TANTIMONICO. Felecia. 1974 Atwood Ave., Johnston. Rl 02919 TARASEV1CH. Paula. 58 State Street. Westerly . Rl 02891 TARBELL, Eileen, 42 Fortin Rd., Kingston, Rl 02881 TASCA, Susanne, Happy Valley Rd.. Westerly , Rl 02891 TATA, Maryann, 90 Park View Ave., Warwick, Rl 02888 TA YLOR Catherine, 41 1 A Sherman Road, Snug Harbour, Rl 02879 TA YLOR, David. 7 Elisha Mat hew son Road, Scituate.Rl 02857 TA YLOR Linda, 1 1 Garden PI.. Pelham. NY 10803 TAYLOR Melissa. 5 Upland Wav. Verona. NJ 07044 TA YLOR Michael. Post Office Box 191, Narragansett, Rl 02882 TA YLOR Noel. 4 Taft Hall Campus, Kingston. Rl 02881 TEMPLETON, Deborah, 2 Michael Terrace. Newport Rl 02840 TEOLIS, Joseph, 180 Betsy Williams Drive. 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John. 123 Suffolk Ave.. Pawtucket. Rl 02861 YAN1K, Douglas, 38 5 Samp Mortar I)r., Fairfield, CT 06430 YAP. Khunteck. 4 Taft Hall URL Kingston. Rl 02881 Y ATT AW. Peggy. Meadow brook Road, Wyoming, Rl 02898 YEA W, Russell. Westcott Rd.. Scituate. Rl 02857 YEMMA. Rodnev. 39 Kersey Road. Peace Dale. Rl 02879 YENCHO, Jeffrey. 25 Huntington Dr.. Rumford. Rl 02916 YORGANJ1AN, Joan, 207 SRI Avenue. Newport, Rl 02840 YOUNG, Charles, 1081 S. New St.. West Chester. PA 19380 YOUNG, James, 1 Coddington Ct., East Greenwich, Rl 02818 YOUNG. Jane. 15 Beach St.. Westerly . Rl 02891 ZAD1NA, Anthony, 20 Vinton Ave.. Cranston. Rl 02920 ZAMBARANO, Marianne. Box 202, Webster Avenue, Narragansett, Rl 02882 ZANZUCCHl, Thomas, 59 Briarwood Road. Florham Park, NJ 07932 ZARAFON1T1S. Georgia, 1085 Tower Hill Rd.. No. Kingstown, Rl 02852 ZARTARIAN, Mark. 50 lantern Lane, Warwick, Rl 02886 ZEPP. James. Second St., Red Hill. PA 18076 ZIELINSKI. Ernest, 72 Phillips Road. East Greenwich, Rl 02818 Z1ENOWICZ, Stephen. 181 Knight Street, Warwick. Rl 02886 Z1FCHOCK, Shirley, 146 Say les Ave., Pascoag. Rl 02859 ZIMMERMANN, Madeline. 150 Rider Avenue, Malveme, NY 11565 ZINN1, Gloria, 173 Mt. laurel Drive. Cranston, Rl 02920 Z1NNO, Jane, 61 Summit Drive. Cranston. Rl 02920 ZOMPA, Joseph. 1144 Douglas Ave., Apt. 6, No. 1 ' rovidence, Rl 02904 ZYONS, David, 60 Meadow Avenue. Cumberland. Rl 02864 What have we here? I do believe that this year Renaissance will give a brief and long overdue explanation of what exactly it is, does, and says. A yearbook can have a multitude of purposes and can say things in many different ways. For URI, the yearbook has always been a summary, the epitome of the past year for both seniors and the underclassmen. I have seen, however that its message in past years has been disastrously lost in interpretation by all but a few of the more open-minded. Thus, it is time to put the 1974-75 Renaissance into a more understandable perspective for all. The eastern region of the United States, or more specifically the northeast, has always been the birthplace of unique and creative college yearbooks. I ' RI is no exception, having in the past expressed the years in interesting, creative perspectives, shapes and styles. For those w ho experienced it, the 1972 book stepped farthest into the realm of the unique, and the response to this endeavor indicated that the campus community certainly was not ready for such a creative change. Whether a yearbook is the place to be so avant-garde remains to be seen, but it is true that the book set the stage for the future at URI. And now , after three years of experience working on this book, the past tw o as editor, the money, business, technical, political, and personal hassles I have gone through in producing a book for the students of URI have been many. There are a few things which must be said for my sake and yours. This year’s Renaissance has a reason for being the way it is. It is organized w ith a certain goal in mind and everything in the book is aimed at that goal. Start from the beginning of the book. Like the pictures in the introduction? Or maybe only the literature? There is a message in that introduction, if you read the pictures w ith the literature. I won’t tell you w hat it is; I want you to read it yourselves. The book also has been divided into seasons, which gives it a structure identifiable w ith the year. This is also true of the photographs. Get into them and read them, separately or in groups, and they will promote a feeling, or tell a story. Renaissance has always been a photographic book, and unlike many other schools, we use literature to accent the pictures. This year is no different, so w hen you read the copy, read the photos along w ith them and you’ll find that the book will (hopefully) mean a bit more to you w hen you finish it. One other thing that you should notice about this book is the quality. I have always been a freak for doing things the best way, and this book is done to the best ability of all involved in producing it. All black and w hite pictures are black and w hite, not gray. By spot varnishing, the blacks are intensified, w hile the whites stay w hite. Agfa Brovira paper w as used almost exclusively for all black and w hite prints, w hich I feel gives the richest total repr oduction. The black and w hite film used was mostly the old faithful — tri. X, rated anyw here from ASA320 to 1800. Color film was also Kodak, Kodachrome II for warm colors, and Ektachrome (high speed) for greensand blues or for taking color shots w hen w e shouldn’t have been. The photographers also must be given credit for a job w ell done. It is not easy to find good photographers on this campus — either they’re into the fine arts aspect and can’t comprehend working with a deadline, or they wear a camera, the sole purpose of w hich is to call themselves photographers. To them a hymn for him. Unfortunately, you need not only a camera, but also the eye to use it. But out of the bleakness of mid 1st semester shined a few good eyes and to them, their skill and dedication. I must say thank you. To make this book happen, there were a few fine people who I must acknow ledge w ith a word of thanks for helping me get the book moving w hen help w as needed. Paul Brindamour, w ho hates yearbooks has been indispensable as a reference point for most of my business, money and typewriter problems. He is a great guy, I mean, he’s gotta be. he owns a van, too. Next in helping me produce a 1st rate book all the way is John Levis. A fine man — he’s one of the few people w ho I can believe w hen they talk business. Thank you, Sheila. Linda and Denise for helping me type up the final deadline material w hen everyone else had an excuse. I d also like to thank Stephen Andrade, Stu Blazer. Avi Ostrowsky and the scores of other fine and talented contributors w ho cared enough to give us their time and talent. And now a dedication to the dedicated — the ones to whom Renaissance means more than just a yearly documentary. As the year progressed, it became evident who the ones were, w ho I would see in June still typing, writing, printing and generally putting out for this book. To them a most sincere congratulations, for we were only four days late for our final deadline! It w as a good year, and may the book lx everything you wanted it to be and more. And for me, it was a long year, a good year, and one of the best for Renaissance. I just want to thank everyone who helped me achieve what I set out to do, everyone who was there when I needed them and Glen Gardner for being with me always. I hope you enjoy reading the Renaissance as much as I have enjoyed working for it. If you don’t, come dow n and talk about it. Have a good year. Charlie Editor Editors: Charlie Margeson — photography Evelyn Short — literature Art Director: Greg Berndtson Staff photographers: Bill Fuesz Phil Kieras Art Lisi Literature: Marybeth Norris

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