University of Rhode Island - Grist Yearbook (Kingston, RI)

 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 376 of the 1966 volume:

There is a quiet optimism about the individual . . . Despite all the shouts that the individual has been left . . . There are signs whispering right now, today, that the individual can realize himself more than ever . . . 2 Kingsley Ross — Editor Hollis Powers, Jr. — Managing Charlotte Mclnnes — Layout Philip Mushnick — Photography 6 There is an iron correlation between freedom and individuality . . . Both are the cornerstones of democracy . . . The person who is free from the forces within himself and around himself is the thinking reed, man, in the highest sense of the word . . . 7 8 n 4 We define the individual as the person who is always trying to learn about him- self and his world in order to be a free entity ... Through hooks, associates, art, work, and athletics, he comes to grips with the indifferent forces which make him a slave to himself and others . . . 10 11 12 14 15 The university, more than most places, presents the young person with the opportunity to achieve a foundation in the attainment of a free identity . . . 16 17 a In clubs, organizations, on teams, in the quiet hours at night as a spectator as well as a participator, and above all, in discussions and in classrooms, the college student can become concerned and compassionate about himself and others . . . 19 20 21 22 So our concept of the individual is neither esoteric nor spectacular . . . rather, it is real . . . He is not the stock “loner, ” — instead he is the total man, the person who can freely associate, and yet be equally at home in the hours which are his alone . . . 23 with all your freedom and problems and dreams . . . 27 There are no masks here; your hair is down, you yawn and look awkward . . . there is an openess, an honesty . . . 29 30 31 For you are naturally aligned with others in your home . . . the word “ brother ” implies many things . . . 32 33 34 the style can he quite idiosyneratic , too . . . 35 After study, in the relaxful minutes, you are in unity with all around you . . . 36 here human beings are truly involved with one another. 37 38 and you clash with it in your own way . . . 39 40 1 , you seek out the graceful words and faces, which regenerate the heart, the essence of you . . . 41 42 43 For there is nothing like knowing you are wanted . . . 45 and the crowning beauty, Homecoming . . . 46 47 The world would he close to perfection . . . 48 Open House 49 ADAMS 50 ALDRICH 51 BARLOW BRESSLER 53 54 55 BUTTERFIELD 57 V MERROW xa j t ■W _ 59 61 62 Harlan, S„ Johnson, J., Johnson, J„ Lason, L., Latham, C., Lin, S„ Lockwood, S. Nelson, C., Norton, M., Panek, C„ Pauff, N„ Picerne, C., Smith, C., Bamford, L., Murawski, A. Beaton, D., Peirce, M.. Chamberlain, K., Snow, D., Crandall. K.. Watson, S., Eddy, S.. Bunker, M., Gabel. A... Cassick. C.. Harris, P.. Dayl, V., Mel lor, D.. Delaney, K., Mowry, M., Dyer, L„ Stratton, E„ Titmas, A., Trombetta, E., Bell, D., Briggs, A., Cafare, C.. Chapman, C.. Delfiore, P„ Duguay, L., Farley, M.. Fuller, E.. Harvey, M., Hurry, S., Kiess, C.. Maddock, R„ Magner, C., Marcucci, C., McMurtrie, D., Murgo, L., Nazemetz, M., Riccitelli, C., Sisco, J., Volchok, M., ALPHA CHI OMEGA 63 ALPHA DELTA PI Brooks. R.. Caperonis, J„ Roake, M.. Worrell, D„ Beinert, G., Cinquegrana. P„ Dalton, S„ Headley. B.. LaPietra. R., Mainville, S.. Narciso, J„ Pellegrino, M.. Powers, M„ Reichstetter, L„ Richardson, M.. Russo. P„ Schmid, L„ Senecal, H.. Spino, D., Taylor, M., Wegryzn, M„ Wood, M.. Baer, N., Baird. J„ Bettis, C„ Bowen, C., Bullock. C.. Conroy, J„ Conti, J„ Dederian, D., Gardner, P., Hillier, J„ Kelly. M.. Lewonis, S„ Limanni, S„ Manning, A., Marzilli, M„ McCormick, A., McKeever, A., Morris, L., Pitcher, L.. Popple. J„ Rego, K„ Spazina, N„ Tierney, S., Turrisi, B„ West. D. 64 ALPHA EPSILON PI Goffin, P.. Bernstein. G.. Mazor, G.. Kramer, M., Abramson, R„ Wolf. M.. Saft, S„ Silver, J„ Stein, M., Sinel, A., Balkus. J.. Raisner, F., Reuter, S., Miller, S.. Grossberg, J.. Kramer. A., Goldstein, A., Sherman, R„ Rubinstein, D.. Dansky. I., Adler, E.. Rondina, P., Rocchio, A., Greenstein, M., Hanig, J., Tishler, D.. Rifkin, M., Haber. R., Silvers. H.. Sunshine, R., Boren. R., Schaffer, G.. Nemiroff, S„ Altshuler. L„ Schechter, D., Kurzman, M„ Resnick, S„ Lattman, B.. Feldman, B., Meyers, H., Slevy, R., Rosen, D.. Sosne, J.. Wolkowitz. W„ Brand, M., Bettan, J.. Guy, B., Disick, E„ Johnson, L„ Aronow, S., Klein, D.. Buchsbaum, F., Getnick, K., Kopitko, S., Millman, M„ Sudakoff. N„ Simon, M„ Knight. R. Snyder, W., Boyar, B., Rosenfeld, J., Perlman, M., Rosenblum, N., Meshekow, A., Goldberg, M„ Shepley, P., Gelber, A., 65 Benson, B., Scorpio, R., Bottino, J., Schlierer, B., Brown, C., Sommer, E., Delisle, L„ Spizzirri, C., Duran, B., Relford, M., Fitzpatrick, J., Timmins, J., Fraser, N., Weidner, S., Giardino, G., Appolonis, P., Cronkquist, E., Balkcom, J., Grundy, E., Bellotti, E.. Hardie, J., Brady, M., Kenny, C., Bruzzi, S„ Lepore, C., Bursie, J., Parente, C., Cary, J., Scorpio, R., Cimicowski, C„ Adams, C., Daly, K.. Anderson, J„ Daly. K„ Balzofiore, D., DeAngelis, N., Coppolino, G„ Dubey, B„ David, E„ Forcina, R., DiChristofaro, C„ Lebel, C.. DelPozzo, C., Komar, L., Hass, L„ Jacinto, E., Johnson, H„ Nadeau, S., Kimen, N., Kurzinski, K„ O’Brien, K., Pirpiris, S., Porucznik, E., Price, S., Roberts, B., Ruggierri, J., 66 CHI PHI Maitland, F.. Chassey, R., Marchetti, E., Genearelli. R., Shinn, P„ Tetreault. R., Boylan, R., Olean, R„ Charbonneau, B., Moretti, J„ McCaffrey, B„ DePace, P., Garzilli, R., Esser, A., Sammons, J., Rainone, J., McClanaghan, R„ Conti, J., Bakios, S., Cardoza, H., Cerra, K., Hood. D., Malafronte, R., Allen, B.. Arrigan, D., Silvia, P., Marshall, R„ Kirchart, B., Drago, F., Bramley, R„ Valois, M.. Fillion, P„ Dallen, W„ Lane. P , Aceto, F., Rzepecki, R., Harrison, W., Waddington, J. Bartlett, M„ Gagne, R., Cook, J.. Briggs. R.. Vargas, K., Gencarella, A., Riley, J., Hodgkinson, D., Houle, R., 67 Goldenburg, C., Hinchliffe, L„ Luft. J., Pauli. S.. Peace. E.. Petrillo. N„ Pezzullo, J. t Pidgurski. C., Pennini, C„ Anderson, N., Coggeshall, P., Hardman. D., La Rocca, M., Morrow, L., Salisbury, P., Steinke, P.. Villa, B., Wingard, M„ Cabot. J.. Cramer, B., Davidson, G., Ellis. C.. Gerry, M., Godowski. M., Hattenback. J., Helsel. J., Lawson, M , Mandel. L„ Mello, C., Moller, K„ Mulligan, J.. Lyons, F„ Nelson, R., Parente, A., Peigelbeck, K.. Taylor, D., Thomason, D„ Titzler, D., Whitfield. S.. Wynn. E. CHI OMEGA 68 DELTA DELTA DELTA Simmons, C., Sousa, E.. Teague, J., Zampini, L.. Alexander, D., Allen. P , Armster, C., Bare. K„ Carpenter, N., Caroselli, E., Colwell, P., Copeland. S., Downes, C., Gauthier, D., Hood, J„ Landesco, B., Leaver, J„ Lederman, W„ Palke, G„ Smith, P., Stackhouse, M. Still. J , Walker, G„ Walton, S.. Baker, C., Baranski, R., Bater, M., Cone, M„ Davies, G., Duquette, E„ Gans, M., Gibson, B., Holcomb, L., Leger, J., Newman, B., Pettis, J., Pratt. J., Primiane, E., Rumaker, K.$, Smith, L., Barrett, J.. Chaharyn, J„ Downie. B., Hale. J., Kelly. N., Marland, P., McCordindale, C., Merrill. B.. Pierce, J., Pike, L.. Richardson, N., Smollen, K., Smith, L„ Smollen, H„ Sousa. P„ Stewart, M., West. N„ Westcott, S.. Woloshyn, C. Wood, V., Petti, D„ Andrews, S., Brown, B., Connor, J., Kiernan, E., L’Ecuyer, J., McHugh P„ Mojkowski, M.. Palmer, L., Rogers, A., Savage, J., Sheehan, E., Tennant, C„ Wagner, N., Zinno, J., Anderson, D., Bourck, B., Burkle, E., Colagiovanni, I., Culp, C., Caly, C., Danielian, M., DeFanti, S., Doherty, J.. Eiss, S., Harvey, N., Manton, M., Muratore, K., Nichola, C„ Petto, N., Sposito, C., Terranova, E., Wyka, C., Zubiaga, L., Byrnes, M„ Caffrey, J., Catalfano, H„ Drainville, M., Famiglletti, S., Fisher, C., Fritz, E„ Garbin, J., Gencarella, R., Kenner, P., Lautrup, J., Marsoli, J., Pasquarelli, A., Peckham, K., St. Germain, A., Sommer, K., Szarek, N„ Thomason, J., Vargas, S., Williams, J., Wood, A., Zinno, A., Zoglio, M. 70 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 71 Aitken, A., Guido, A., Summers, P.. Mazmanian, M„ Stead, A.. Soja, W Detoro, A., Gibson, P., Ballargeon. N.. Jenkins. S., Marques, S„ Olson. K.. Baker. J„ Apgar, D., Smith, S„ Meisenheimer, J„ Kohanski, C„ Renner, A.. Sowa, E., Miller, A.. Spriggs, N.. Slonina, E„ Dewey, A., Gillet, S„ Lemanski, E.. Mayes. K.. DeRobbio, R., Morin, P., Wheeler. D.. Legarie, P., MacGregor, L.. Frazel, S„ Pellat, H.. Clark. C.. Bogue. G„ Sousa, R., Thornton, J., Heckman. D., Niggl. R.. Azevedo, A.. Thwing, J., Medeiros, G., Lawson. R., Solinger, J., Giannini, C„ Nelson, R., Cook, R„ Sartini, J., Tonderys, W., Thompson, W., Sherwood, R., Muessel, R . Baker. L.. Barr, G., Waterman, R., Wright. J., Fischer, K., Crowell, R.. Loeckler, B.. Baker, J., Dauphinee, D., Robidoux, D., Brown, D., Haeseler, S. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 72 Abbott, D., Crawford, S., Farnham, K., Headley. P., Kubeck, C., Latour, R„ Le Geron, N„ Richards, B„ Schoen. S.. Scully, E„ Thompson, E., Carter, G„ Ferris, N„ Johnston, N„ Kaschouba, J„ Lane. A.. Markarian, S.. Osborne, S„ O ' Toole. P.. Schwartze, ?., Willard. S„ Hawkins, L„ Schokman, D., Smith. M., Strickland. K.. Williams, M. AVwi 73 PHI GAMMA DELTA Patrick, C., Johnson, W., Ward, D., Hamilton, R., Czerwinski, R., Janaros, R., Flinton, J., Carlsten, G., Oliveira, F., Verrecchia, A., Goff. K„ Reed. D„ Smedberg, R., Richard, M., Healy, P., Chaves. J., Singleton, E.. Link, C., Gallagher, B., Auclaire, P., Rego. J.. Chase. W., Cyr, D.. Coppit, G., Roy, R., Harrington, E., McKenna, M., Marvelle, D., Doty, F., O’Connell, T.. Woodmansee, A., Hughes, T., Alderson, B., Anderson, J., Cuddy, A., Ginalski, R„ Crowther, D., King, W„ Baldwin. J., Silva, R.. Avila, D., Harpin, P., Bowen, G„ Gizzi, R., McDermott, J., Hanscom, A., Kilroy, G., Tedeschi, B.. Panaggio, L., Roche, A. 74 PHI KAPPA PSI Briden, W., Snow, C., Hathaway, H„ Pace, M.. Bowers, W„ Smith. E.. Soares, E., Grist, W., Adams, R.. Lawson, W., Adams. H., Miller. G.. Heymann, R., McLellan, W., Manchester, B.. Rothfuss, D„ Zamperini, M., Fortier, R., Arnold, L., Kellther, S., Agren, D., Dolinich, K., Constant, T., Gerner. L„ Connors, A., Dede, K„ Knee, D.. Marini, L„ Palmer, B„ Benker, C„ Millard, E.. Piekut, T. 75 PHI MU DELTA DeFalco. J.. Lapin, W., Soscia, J„ Rylands, J., Forsythe. D.. Goldman, A., Peterson, A., Wilk, C., Jones, G„ Gilbertson, T., Fitzgerald, M., Ascoli, K.. Swistak, M., Resmini, W., Sivo, A., Illuzzi. F„ Hopkins, M., Krohner, T.. Kaull, D.. Renzi, R„ Carlsten, R., Berberian, H. t Sylvia. F., Caruso, F.. Thompson, J.. Miello, M.. MacPhee, L.. Pezza, J„ Small. H.. Samaras, C„ Anderson. R., McKenna, M., Allen. R.. Deutsch, E„ Babbitt. P.. McLeod, K„ Owens, R., Bader, H., Ricci, T., Grello. A., Buchicchio, R„ Burlingame, R„ Reid, W„ Champlin, G„ Romano, R.. Oliver, R.. Walsh. C„ LaPorte, L. 76 Boland, F., Kinderlehrer, R„ Storman, B., Yaeger, P„ Adel berg, H„ Glasser, G.. Fishman, A., Parker, K„ Kagan, S„ Lipman, A., Goodman, G„ Klibanoff, A.. Gross, N„ Ryder, R., Berman, G„ Norman. D., Charbonneau, J., Greene. E„ Kushner, A., Simone, C., Klockars, C.. PHI SIGMA DELTA Lew, E., Gerstein, A., Winnick, R., Zenofsky, J., Lieberman, J„ Kalowski, N., Lowen, R., Lewis, K„ McMahon, L.. Broomfield, R., Sayles, B.. Parker. G.. Scotto, D., Steiner, B., Pollock, B„ Strashnick, H„ Flint. S„ Rotenberg, M„ Tippe, S., Poulten, H., Goldsmith, R., Waldner, B.. Burns. G.. Gerstenblatt, S. 77 Hemond. D.. Dean, J., Coduri, J., Pratt, K„ Fanning, A., Beagan, A., Kenyon, R., Roberts. A., Whitehead. R.. Charland, D.. Lamb, F., Casper, D., Musto, J., PHI SIGMA KAPPA DeLuca, J., Buglio, C„ Dunn, B.. Rodman, T., Zartarian, D. Munro, L., Segal. R , Elliott, D.. Blum. R., Haines, W.. Healy, M., Petrarca, V., Barton, R., Manera. J.. French, G., Rego. J., Gray, W.. Lambert, J., Reimels. F., Sicard, R., Gerzevitz, M., Archambault, R., Scalera, S., Hathaway, R., Skelly, K.. Merritt, L„ Wrench B., Pearson, J., Spring. H„ Gann. M., Sutherland, R. 78 Bryant, W., Cordisco, R., Othote. L., Munroe, W., Sullivan, N.. Mulkern, R., McDermott, E. t Rose, J., Dusanenko, G., Hovan, G., Harrington. F., O ' Donnell. T.. Testa. A.. Cuddy. F., Lahoud. J.. Walker. C.. Cataldo. H.. DeGioia, J., Sweeney, B., Henry, R., Aaronson. P„ Wharton, C., Polak, F., Zanolle. C., Weidemann, M., Renaud, R., Defelice, R., Haglund, K.. Scurfield, D., Stenhouse, J., luliano, R.. Sposato, D.. Frey, T„ Santaniello, V., Brown, C., Ferro, B., D ' Amico, P., Quinn, J„ Scalera, V., Betty. W„ Nello. V.. Comforti, S., Masterson, P., Pelletier. K.. Johnson, C., Nagle. J., Gladding. F„ Mattes. W„ McGowan, R., Giuliano, R.. Ranucci, J., Egan, B., D agostino, W„ Caswell. J.. Harrington, RR., Moore, E., Lund. W.. B|erke, W., Augenstein, H., Charland. J., DeAngelis, J., McCrary, R.. Eirman, B.. Vuono, A., Hervey, G., Corsetti, R„ Karewa, R., Defonzo, A., Rici, J. 79 Cormiston, A., Jordan. R„ Manchester. A., Winschel. D.. O ' Donnell. D.. McKay. S„ Hardy, W„ Driscoll. R.. Geiselman, F., Tucker, A.. Gillis, D.. Haum. C., French, S„ Lang, J. Risio, R., Fisher, B.. Matthews, H., Paddock, W„ Maggiacomo, R„ Casey, N„ Peck. W., Russillo, T.. Ramsden, C„ Gaidys, M., Dube. J.. Wright. D.. Straayer, J.. Whittaker. P.. Hallworth, J., Millar. R.. Glynn, J., Lodge, E., Giorgianni, E., Fox. P.. Thorp, R„ Keefe. J., Romer, R., Hartigan, M.. McFarland. R., Camera. J., Fitzpatrick, M., Cipolla, R., Miller, S., Beebe, D., Paul, D„ Gaubin, C„ Schuttert, J.. Storin, S., lannucci, J„ Morrone, A., Norton, M„ Laven, D„ Kusza, D., Voelker, J.. Marsella, A., McCarthy, D., McNally. J.. Counsell, A., Wilkinson, D., Crowley, F., Hutchins, E„ Beauchamp, P., Higgins, R.. Drake. R.. Breault, P., Tvenstrup, W„ Bean. R., Fischer, N., Izzard, W., Leach, W., Askevold, G.. Tillinghast, R., Hartley, S„ Uustal. T„ Feroce, J., Theiss, J„ Fletcher, G„ Coppolino, G„ Hagerty, P„ SIGMA CHI 80 SIGMA DELTA TAU Bazarsky, J„ Cohen, J., Fabricant, S„ Fry, P., Goldman, N., Gould, L„ Helbraun, J., Israel, L., Levine, M„ Philipp, J., Polinger, S., Ludwig, J., Merigold, C., Meshekow, B., Novick, J., Rodinsky, B., Silverman, S., Zuckman, S., Bertstein, J., Cort, S„ Rothschild, K. Simmons, C., Solomon, J., Stein, M., Stein itz, S., Steinhouse, J. Adelman, P„ Aidinoff, C., Axelrod, M., Barles, C., Berger, S„ Brooks, A., Charifson, M,, Bilbert, B„ Glassman, C„ Himmelstein, D„ Kraus, V., Liberman, S„ Marinsky, E., Pearce, S., Rine, J„ Rock, J„ Rosenblum, L., Sachs, R., Sandberg, M., Sobel, l„ Spiselman, M., Waitz, J„ Winter, E. 81 I $ Barone, M„ Caracuzzo, S„ Frechette, M., Gorman, P„ Lindemann. D., Mooney, P.. Murray, B.. O’Neil, L., Pacheco, A., Rapp, C., Abbott, E.. Batista, A., Berthiaume, C., Blair, R„ Clark, M., DiBiasio, L„ Findlay, E.. Hunt. P.. Johnson, L„ Joost, M., Koper, M., McQuaire, A.. Nordberg, K., Stamp, M., Veznaian, B.. Bland, S., SIGMA KAPPA OOIOI, lj., Butterfield, S., Costanza, J„ Craven, M., Danelian, F., DelPozzo, C., DelSelva, D.. DiPippo, N., Dodge, P., Fortin, M., Frechette, A.. Piasecki, J., Randall, E.. Reinhardt, S. Santos, C„ Sousa, C., Ware. P. Gottlieb, L., Greffly, J„ Holdsworth, J., Jones, J„ Levesque, S„ McNamara. P., McPherson, S.. Metcalfe. S„ Pacheco, K. Parlin, N., 82 SIGMA NU Carron, R., Reynolds, G„ Offiler, A.. McDonnell, D., Lallo, R„ Francese, K., O ' Connell, P., Berard, J., Blackburn, D., Bettencourt, R., Dorcus, J., Renola, E„ McMahon, J., Colangelo. D. Benoit, J.. Glenzer, R., Foland, R.. Ziemski, S.. Perkins. G.. Farley, G., Newton, R., Nystrom, J„ Labutti, G.. DiMarco, J.. Lamon, T., Moravec. R., McMahon, R., LaRante, E., Zampini, R., Marinho. R., Hefner, R., McCarthy, J„ Spotts, S„ Bradley, E„ Ewart, R., Dannecker, R., Patalano, M., Colburn, P., Stachurski, E., Easterbrooks, R., Tkavs, V., Jendzejec, R., Richardson, C., Whatmough, J., Bonneau, R., DeMagistris, W., Parsons, D., Higgins, K., DeBartolo, L„ Reavey, F„ Chisholm, T., McGinnis, C„ Jerald. J., Gibson, W., Opiekun, H., Essex. S.. Novosad, M., Fletcher, J., Capalbo, R„ O ' Rourke, C. 83 Deutsch, W., Ceprano, R., Quadrini, D., Westcott, B., Steiner, B., Rampino, K., Smith, B., Russell, E., Panagako, J., Oakes, W„ D’Ambra, J„ Smith, G.. Ferretti, R.. Lynch. J. t Conforti, R.. Conboy, T„ Ash. R.. Taubman, A., Lareau. R„ Morris, J., Pimentel, W.. Pryor. K„ Whittemore, R., Resendes, J„ Jacobson. S„ Nave, V.. SIGMA PI Laime, R„ Sonzogni, W Jacobs, D„ Eisenberg, H. Filonow, A., Cochran. R., Froberg, D., Khouri, K„ Burroughs, P , Cohen. H.. Chandler, R., Hines, J „ Larmie, W., Morris, J„ Capaldo, P„ Knight, A., Taraborelli, J„ Honnen, A., Bennett, J„ Manson, R., Ferretti. S„ Peril ni, D„ DiNucci, E„ Shea, T., Grugn. S„ Hendrick, P„ Jeffrey, D., Mitchell, B.. Schartner, R. 84 Comery, A. Hardy, R Henderson, R. Karas, 0. Winiarski, A. Whitford, J. Weinberger, R. Spangler, M Tobias, M. Neville, D. MacDonald, D. Martin, A. Pytel, J. Bachelder, R. Capaldi, J. Feragne, T. Gregoire, R. Jones, R. Kilberg, H. Larence, R. Maddalena, F. Mills. D. Penn, S. Petronella, D. Stenning, C. Sutter, W. Yanco. D. Dodd, R Babcock, W. Ferrance, M. Wells, J. Mathews, S. Reynolds, R. Alexander, D. Pickering, M. Schmelzer, S. PHI EPSILON Demmler, H Popinski, J. Pacheco, J. DeWalder, G. Karkos, D. lacobucci, R. Williams, R. Albanese, P. Connors, J. Larkin, F. Miranda. J. Knopf, D. Randolph, P. Feller, A Butzier, R. Hutchings, E. Janowski, W. Parker, R Perra, F, Paiva, J. Stillwell. R. Tucker, R. Walker. T. Walusiak, J. Koloski, D. Boudreau, K. Burke, M. 85 TAU EPSILON PHI Bowes, M., Albin, J„ Egerman, M„ Poret, C., Kaiser, J„ Kupferman. R., Johnson. R„ Libenson, W.. Mandell, J„ Popkin, E., Esmail, K.. Dean. D„ Pi res, A., Lyons. T„ Siegal, G., Feldman, N., Myerson, R„ Meyer, B., Davidoff, E., Kassel, L., Silverman, B.. Polish, J„ Walter, V„ Pact, R„ Stein, P., Thomae, M„ Griffin, P., George, L„ Holstein, H., Alosi, R„ Casten, R., Bozzi, E„ Tolman, H.. Koteen, S., Gumpright, H. Bergman, S„ Backer. R., Pruden, D., Robinson, J.. Gelade, J„ Macie, R., 86 Norris, J., Henderson, B.. Demers. D.. Cappucilli, M.. Janvrin, M., Taglianetti, P„ Bouchard, P., Schlachter, J„ Yakey, R., Desjardins, R., Coutu, A.. Hueston, R., Mancini, W., Kyriakakis, S„ Longquist, G„ Wasserspring. F . Robinson, D., Blasi, R„ Larsen, R„ Tillman, J„ Tanguay, R., St. Onge, R., Mrozowski, H., Brown, R., O ' Leary. S„ Langham, W„ Ernst, E., Bateman, E. 87 Robillard, J., Cole. D„ Fitzpatrick, J. t Paolo, R., Nesbitt, H„ Warren. G., Wisner, J.. Facchinetti, N., Mehan, W., Ortelt, R„ Dacus, J., Walsh. M.. Tyzbir, R„ Allen, A., Benjamin, R., Mulvey, J., Colasanto, L, Foster, E„ Dye, D., Alexander, R„ Wilbur, M.. Lepre, W., Sculco, F., Bessette, E„ Torregrossa, A., Ricci, R., Peterson, W.. Giunta. A., D ' Orio, L, Gesmondi, F., Scotto, J.. Sullivan, P., THETA DELTA CHI Peduto, F.. Forbes, J., Petronio, N., Magnone, A. Nardone, G., Bessacini, E. Ricci, A., Abbatomarco, F., Cappello, G., Masiello, S„ Apostal, M., Gauthier, R.. Cesar io, H., D ' Agostino. D., Fascitelli, D.. Ciullo, F„ Accardi, M., Windish, G . Sciarretta, E., Marotto, R., Toney. R.. White, J., Vickers, J., Howe, A., Steele, G„ Terioo, R., Marselglia, R., Giglio. J.. Landes, G.. Geremia, F., Pires, A , Formicola, J.. Montanaro, S ., Nelson, G., Impagliazzo, J„ Feeley. J., Perini, J., Trombetta, J.. Capece. R., Susi. M., Schnelle, J.. Garofalo, K.. Coldrulli, D.. Capaldi, J.. Garabedian, G„ D’arezzo, R., DePalma, D„ Giordano, J., Petrella, J., Dellaselva. M.. Cacciola, J., 89 92 93 With a speck of joy, with a memory of youth, every fiber bursts. 94 In a movement, as in a smile vitality is blatant . . . 95 96 97 In the working body there is a liberation the freedom of throwing . . . a release in harmony with all nature. 9S Or the body can be a machine, restrained, bent only on winning; 101 102 is one without defeat. 103 104 In the runs and jumps of childhood, there is a spirit . . . A spirit, in this age, almost invariably forgotten. 105 106 107 And with an eternal-morning love for this house comes a unity and love for all that surrounds. 109 URI started the football season with force as well as spirit. Our strong de- fense carried us through the first games, as well as our victory against Brown, but our rebuilding efforts became apparent in spite of the teams hard work. This fall season proves that victory is not ev- erything; in the last analysis, it is the unity of individuals in a strong spirited effort that withstands all difficulties and will not be forgotten. 110 Ill 112 K. McLeod. D. O’Donnell. P. Bricoccoli. D. Forsythe. V. Petrarca. R. Woods. J. Thompson. W. Bjerke. W Reid. J. Robillard, J. McMahon, R. Archambault, D. Walsh. M. Schrieberg, J. Reed. A. Nunes, W. Zdanowicz, D. Guerrieri, E. Kassak, G. Dusanenko, F. Ricci, R. Roma- no, A. Sivo. J. DeCosta. H. Silvers, F. Cuddy, H. Small, M. Murgo. J. DeFalco. (Captain). L. Kemelgore. F. Geiselman, C. Deyo, M. Miello. R. Hueston, R. Beniamin. 7 « 117 118 It has been suggested that next autumn the football team appear during half- time, while the Ram Band perform for the opening and closing half. This seems reasonable if one considers the superior naturalness with which the URI Band maneuvers over the Meade Field stripes on Saturday afternoons. Despite increas- ing competition from other Yankee Con- ference bands, particularly UConn and UMass, the Ram Band remains first. But the Band’s naturalness is even more convincing when one recalls those dark and dust-filled practices behind Chi Phi. With no grandstand or genuine yardlines to cue them, Donald Burns’ army nevertheless perfected the preci- sion form so recognizable on the week- end grass. Performance reached the season’s high when the Ram Band entertained at the URI-Temple game in Philadelphia. On the return to Kingston, a fitting re- ward for their unsurpassed sounds and footwork all season long upon the play- ing field, the band remained overnight in New York City, where 155 Rams cele- bratingly created another kind of music. 119 Scores UNH 4 URI 0 UVT 4 URI 3 Bridgeport 3 URI 1 Massachusetts 6 URI 0 Brown 11 URI 0 Maine 1 URI 2 Coast Guard 5 URI 0 Boston U 3 URI 2 Holy Cross 1 URI 3 Connecticut 6 URI 2 120 The fact that the URI soccer forces recorded only two victories this season once again supports the position that scores do not indicate everything. Quantity is totally unrelated to quality, and is pre- cisely in this area that the local booters should be commended for a fine season. Although usually sparking on defense, the Rhody offensive was sporadic, thus presenting an un- balanced threat. Nevertheless, soccer is an ex- citing, excellent spectator sport, and next season should prove to be a most exciting one for fans and players alike. 121 Although a strong team effort brought second place to the “Russelmen” in this year’s Yankee Conference Championship, the combined loss of four graduate vet- erans and Charlie McGinnes half way through the cam- paign proved to be too rough of a course for the har- riers. Looking forward to next season, the Rhody long- distance men hope to assert their individuality by not performing in as strong accordance with other fall sports, as they did this year. 122 Dorald Beasely. Peter Bingham, Donald Cook, Guy Danforth (Captain), Kenton Dolonich, John Frank, James Green, David Jacobs (Manager), Charles McGinnis, James Meuhling, Gary, Pace, Frank Perra, James Scanlon. Kenneth Skelley, Jeffrey Wright. UNH Won URI Lost Fordham Won 1 URI Lost N. Eastern Won URI Lost Springfield Lost URI Won Massachusetts Won URI Lost Brown- PC 1st, 2nd URI 3rd Connecticut Lost URI Won Yankee Conference URI 2nd New Englands URI 17th IC4A URI 23rd • X 1 JJ 123 irlCO t chubE.5 G-0 — 124 On January 13, 1966, the Rhode Island basketball team was 9-5, past the semi-successful Oklahoma City tournament, and going into their fifteenth game against the Dukes of Duguesne, apparently in the midst of merely another " good” season. With occasional flashes of champion basketball mixed with an early season freak loss to Brown and a routine defeat at the hands of Providence, the only words out were, " Well, we’ll take the Con- ference. " But somewhere between Chubin ' s topping of Ernie’s 1,868 mark that evening in the Rhody victory over Duquesne, and the Ram-P.C. tapoff six games later, the Rhody squad transformed their long tradition of potential into a concrete brand of unbeat- able basketball. The Friars were the big pearl on the Rhody string of ten straight. Not even Mullaney with his colorful mixture could dilute the crystallized equilibrium of URI’s high-level offense and un- crackable defense. At the end, in the wake of a 95-65 loss to Davidson in the NCAA, amid sneakers and uniforms scattered throughout the locker room, the Rams were worn but joyous with a season well- done. For there was liberally sprinkled throughout their unprece- dented twenty-victory season a host of truly genuine superlatives: " Chubin Sets Record as Rams Beat Dukes " " Arthur Has Arrived " " It Only Hurts When You Are a PC Fan " " Rams Roar Back, Tip UConn, Get NCAA " and " Rhody’s Calverly N.E. Coach of the Year” are just a few of the more outstanding. Beyond these, there were 125 126 other incidents, like Cymbala’s spar- kling performance at Massachu- setts, Boehm’s game-winning free throws at Fordham, and P.C ' s Bill Blair with his personal tribute to Henry Carey: “Just great, Henry. Just great. " No one can forget the brilliant in- dividual performance of this past campaign and no one can foresee the individual highlights of next sea- son, but if the 66-67 version of teamwork is as good as this year’s quintet, their individual performances will be equally meaningful in kind and degree. 127 URI 96 St. Michaels 62 URI 79 Fordham 78 URI 70 Brown 76 URI 94 Massachusetts 67 URI 104 New Hampshire 61 URI 97 Manhattan 71 URI 87 Brown 61 URI 107 Wyoming 101 URI 89 Oklahoma City U. 101 URI 93 Wichita 96 URI 91 Boston College 99 URI 97 Vermont 63 URI 109 Maine 68 URI 79 Providence 86 URI 101 Duquesne 69 URI 82 Connecticut 67 URI 96 Boston U. 61 URI 88 Massachusetts 64 URI 97 Vermont 77 URI 84 Holy Cross 68 URI 84 Providence 61 URI 91 Maine 70 URI 92 American U. 75 URI 99 New Hampshire 62 URI 89 Temple 92 URI 74 Connecticut 96 URI 67 Connecticut 62 URI 65 Davidson 95 128 129 Brown, R., Burlingame, R., Carl- sten, R„ Carlsten, R., Champlain, G., DeAngelis, J., DeFalco, J„ Fed- erico, L„ Gama, J., Grello, A., Lam- bert, J., Nordstem, L„ Rapp, P., Smith, R., Souza, G., Rallis, C., Fanguay, R., Walsh, C., Lindenian, P. 130 URI 25 Worcester Poly. 16 URI 22 Tufts 11 URI 11 Coast Guard 20 URI 37 Connecticut 0 URI 26 NYU 9 URI 23 Springfield 11 URI 0 Brown 33 URI 13 Boston College 17 URI 37 Hartford 0 URI 14 Massachusetts 17 The URI wrestlers compiled an overall 6-4 record in what has proven to be the most successful season for Rhody matmen. Good sized crowds turned out at Keaney during the Ram ' s 3-game January homestead to watch the Rhody wrestlers at their best with successive and decisive vic- tories over UConn, NYU, and Springfield. Outstanding for Coach Herb Maack’s matmen were Roger and Russ Carlsten, Captain Lee Nordstrom, and fourth-ranking N.E. heavyweight, Joe DeFalco. Our hats go off to all the boys and the team who contributed to making this the most colorful and tension-packed mat season at Kingston, and to Herb Maack, who has made Rhody one of the top wrestling teams in New England in just a few short years. 131 Boston College K of C Games Northeastern Boston A. A. Connecticut Bates Conn Relays Yankee Con. Lost, 48-65 3rd Lost, 41-71 2nd Won. 62-46 Won, 57-56 4th 2nd 132 Allen, A., Allen, R., Bingham, P„ Caprara, D., Collingwood, F., Cook, D„ Davidson, M., Del Selva, M„ Dobosynski, J„ Dolonich, K., Ferretti, S„ Frank, J., French, G., Gardner, L., Girouard, L„ Green, J„ Glenzer, R., Goldberg, M., Harrall. R„ Jacobs, D„ King, W .. Klein, D., Kaher, S„ Kazor, G., McCinnis, C„ Merritt, L.. Pace, C., Perra, F., Rawlings, J.. Reid, W.. Rigollette, H.. Santoro, T„ Scalon, J., Sculco. F., Silvia, A., Skelley, K., Sullivan, D., Taylor, W., Troup, R., Vorro. J.. Wentworth, N., Wright, J. The indoor-Russellmen competed through two months of fast and strong track competition and culminated another fine season with a second place Yankee Conference victory, March 12. Battling against the best track teams in the North- eastern area, the URI tracksters also gained third place in the Boston Gardens K of C games, and finished fourth in the Connecticut Relays. Constant point sources for Rhody were in the shot put area (Klein), the pole vault (Sculco), and the mile relay (Pace, Reed, Scanlon, Skelley). In ad- dition to constant first-place points, Rhody always produced valuable second and third-place points be- cause of the team’s remarkable overall consistent depth. Pelosi, J., Tryon, F., Georges, J., Galli, D„ Rafferty, B., Friedman, C. Coach Sgt. Alfred Garron’s small bore rifle team won three of five duel matches and finished 18th out of a field of 37 in the 1966 U.S. Coast Guard In- vitational Matches. Later in the season, in the NRA’s New England small bore matches in New London, on March 5th, the Rhody sharpshooters finished 9th in a field of the 25 best rifle teams from the six-state region. Only 30 points out of a possible 1,200 separated the 9th place Rams and the first team. Coach Garron, whose outstanding marksmen were Dick Galli, John Georges, and co-captains Frank Tryon and John Pelosi, is looking forward to an ev en better season next year when some accu- rate frosh step up to the varsity firing line. 134 URI 1223 UMaine 1293 URI 1174 UNH 1173 URI 1277 UVermont 1276 URI 1233 UMass 1252 URI 1233 UConn 1213 Yankee Conference 2nd place 135 In the fall, when most of us are just getting settled here at Kingston, antici- pating another one of those football seasons, Coach Caswell ' s sailors are busy travelling all over New England to defeat almost every team they encounter. Although the spring leg of the 1965-66 season was a good one, the fall-half was the area of brilliance this year. In a matter of weeks, the URI sailing team wrapped up the Hoyt Trophy at Brown, the Schell Trophy at New London, and finished second in the Middle Atlantic Regatta, held at Annapolis, Maryland. Spring got off to a brilliant start, with the Rhody skippers beating all competi- tion in the battle for the Kennedy Trophy, again at Annapolis — fate stepped in, however, and an unorthodox point-breakdown rendered Rhody second, Navy first. The disappointment showed its effects, but nevertheless, URI went on to gain first place in both the NEISA Dinghy Elimination at MIT, and in the Yankee Conference. Art Paine, Rhody skipper, attained the individual highlight of the campaign in October, when he finished as high point skipper in the Danmark Trophy competition at MIT. 136 McCahey, R., Clark, R., DeMello, T., Mathieu, R., Ramsay, R.. Gardiner, R., Fales, S., Deary. B., Parys, J., Blouey, J.. Ro- tellio, M., Lucid, V., Ar- nold, W„ Lonquist, G., Couti, A., Hathaway, R., Feifert, P., McDonought. W., Payne, K., Grefe. R.. Waddmgton, J., Allen, W„ Falk, J., Locetler, B , Caswell, J., Barrett, M., Hartley, M.. Hartley, P., Cuddy, A., Paine, A., Eke- lund, C., Read, A., Cook, F., Sannons, J., Harley, J.. Fisher, K. Fall: Sloop Elim, New London 3rd Danmark Trophy, MIT 2nd Regatta, Kingston 1st Team Racing Elim., Boston 1st McMillian Cup, Annapolis 3rd Donaghy Bowl, Worcester 4th Hoyt Trophy, Brown 1st Schell Trophy, New Longdon 1st Middle Atlantic Regatta, Annapolis 2nd Spring: Kennedy Trophy, Annapolis 2nd Boston Dinghy Club Cup, MIT 6th NEISA Dinghy Elim., MIT 1st Yankee Conference, Storrs 1st NEISA Dinghy Finals, Kingston, 7th 137 1966 has proven to be one of the scrappiest seasons ever here at Kingston. Except for sever- al wide-margin ball games, the Rhody nine in- dulged in ten 1 and 2-run ball games. All in all, the URI diamond forces compiled a 10-11 rec- ord, which represents both a marked improve- ment over 1965, and which foreshadows much promise for 1967. Victories that gave the team its greatest psy- chological mileage were a 4-0 squashing of P.C. at Providence, a superlative containment of the Black Bears of Maine, 3-1, and a late-season re- venge victory over Brown, 3-2. Frank Fleming and Ron Dannecker proved to be the mound mainstays, and both hurlers are only sopho- mores. 138 URI OPPONENT 11 RIC 0 7 RIC 0 1 QNAS 0 2 QNAS 0 4 Boston College 5 1 Northeastern 10 0 Brown 1 4 Providence College 0 3 New Hampshire 2 0 Massachusetts 7 3 Maine 1 0 Maine 16 1 Connecticut 7 2 Vermont 5 3 Vermont 4 2 Massachusetts 5 3 Providence College 2 4 Connecticut 5 3 Brown 0 3 New Hampshire 2 4 Springfield 5 Kahanski, C., Cook, J., Rainville, R., Bradley, E., Capolino, J., Rekos, J., Sutherland, R., Falcone, B., Hallworth, B„ Gizzi, R., Crowthers, C., Valois, M„ Kernick, C., Bernstein, G., McKenney, R., Deutsch, E„ Steadman, R., Forsythe. D., Dan- necker, R„ Fleming, F„ Buglio, C., Rallis, C., Crowley, T., Hallworth, B., (Captain) Capalbo, B., (Manager). 139 Boston College Relays 6th Connecticut lost 64-76 Penn Relays 0 Springfield lost 62-87 New Hampshire won 90-59 Brown lost 57-92 Yankee Conference 3rd Northeastern lost 48-101 N.E.I.C. 8th Allen A., Allen, R„ Askevold, G., Barszcz, V., Bing- ham. P„ Bowen, G„ Brann, T., Bowers, W., Broomfield, R„ Carlston, G„ Cook, R„ Davidson, M.. DeConti, M., Della Selva, M., DeMagistris. W., DiPetrillo, J., Dolinich, K„ Driscoll, R.. Ferretti, S.. Frank, J„ French, G., Gersevitz. M., Girouard, L„ Glenzer, R., Green, J„ Green, J„ Harrall, R., Hen derson. B., Hewitt, W.. Jacobs, D.. King, W., Klein. D., Knight, A., Langlois, H., Mazor, G., McGinnis, C., McManus, A., Millard, E., Pace, M„ Perra, F„ Rawlings. J., Rigollet, H., Reed, W„ Scanlon, J., Sculco, F„ Sheron, J„ Silvia. A., Skelly, K„ Steele, G., Sullivan, D., Taylor, W., Troup, R.. Vorro, J„ Wright. J. 140 CONSISTENCY tu rned out to be the one single word that most nearly depicts the story about this spring ' s track performances. Coach Tom Russell knew who he could count on, and it proved to be a truism that the same names and same events would bring home the bacon time and time again. Like Pace, Troup, Skelley, and McGinnis in the mile relay, Sculco in the pole vault, and Mr. Klein in the shot put. Jim Rawlings was always there, too, with valuable contributions from stellar performances in the broad jump, hurdles, and 100 yard dash. Team highlight of the season was 90-59 running away victory over New Hampshire, here at Kingston, in which Klein established a new school mark in the shot put with a toss of 51 ' 6V4. " Later on in the sea- son, the Russellmen, co-favorites and hosts to the Yankee Conference Championships, finished 3rd behind UMass and UConn, but meet and field records were established by the mile relay boys (3:25.6) and by Fred Sculco in the pole vault, 14 ' 8 " — the best jump ever by a URI ath- lete. Sculco graduates having done an excellent job, but the core of the squad is remaining, and definitely scheming for the next indoor campaign, campaign. 141 URI won URI won URI won URI won URI lost URI won URI won URI lost URI won URI lost URI won Providence College MIT Maine 2 Brown 2 Providence College 6 Hartford 1 Trinity 2 Massachusetts 4 Connecticut 3 Fairfield 4 Wesleyan 3 Morin, B., Hoban, K., Zurgleg, P., Toscano, C., Charland, J., Bedand, R., Mandell, J., Johnson, D., Dex- ter, S., LeHerman. 142 There are no hard-luck stories where there is talent. Such is the case with the 1965-66 version of the URI golf team. De- spite the fact that key members Bruce Mo- rin and John Mulvey were lost for the spring leg of the campaign, Coach Paul Cieuzo ' s boys drove hard and gained second place in the Yankee Conference, May 20. In single matches, the team proved to be exceptionally well-talented, combining an impressive 8-3 slate. In the various tourna- ments, the Rhody golfers took 1st place in the E.C.A.C. ' s at Watch Hill, finished 3rd in the E.C.A.C. finals, and gained 18th place in the New Englands. Individual highlight of the season was Bruce Morin ' s tie for first place in the E.C.A.C. finals, held on Long Is- land on October 16. 143 144 Ups and downs, bad weather, and in general, poor circumstances plagued the URI tennis team this spring. The Rhody racketmen man- aged to gain three victories, the most brilliant being an 8-1 crushing of the Coast Guard. The season got off to a confused start when the Coast Guard match was postponed and re- scheduled in between the Maine and Trinity matches. The sudden confrontation of three matches within four days seemed to put the squad on edge. Coach Curtler summed up the situation quite candidly when he remarked, in reference to Rhody’s loss to Maine. “If the Coast Guard match hadn’t been delayed, I know we would have won.” Breaks went equally negative in the Con- ference Championships. After Stan Miller and John Fournier squashed top seeded UConn in the semi-finals, they were allowed only a fifteen- minute rest period, and consequently were topped by UMass. Rhody finished fifth. Captain Stan Miller, who was bothered by a leg ailment all season, graduates, and our hats go off to such a fine captain. And there are many bright spots on the horizon. URI Opponent 3 6 Maine 8 1 Coast Guard 0 9 Trinity 2 7 UMass 0 9 Vermont 0 9 Brown 6 3 Springfield 5th Conference Championships 5 4 New Hampshire 3 5 Providence 4 5 UConn 145 Depth and experience make all the difference. So it has been verified by coach Schott’s lacrosse club, which completed an im- pressive sophomore season. Maybe the Major hasn’t any Jimmy Browns out there, but his boys have demonstrated a consistent scoring punch, and to the satisfaction of anyone who ap- preciates the concept of the well-balanced team, frequently ex- hibited a tenacious defense all season. Rick McGowan, Rhody goaltender, got plenty of action — his record of saves is quite impressive — while Jerry LaPointe and Dave Wheeler proved to be the big guns on offense. URI Opponent 3 12 Worcester Poly. Tech. 12 6 Brandeis 10 6 Dean 3 5 Northeastern 5 3 Holy Cross 10 7 Back Bay 4 18 UConn 146 LaPointe, luliano, Gruhn, Johnson, Mev- nier, Meskdy, Sarnoff, McGinn, Marsel- la, Schecter, Utell, Baker, Wheeler, Stei- del, Skene, Coyle, Clark, Casten, Ortelt, Sullivan, Sposato, McGowan, McLaugh- lin, McDermott, Santaniello. Labutti, Mehan. Kinder, S., (President), Dion, R„ Hall. R„ Palagi, P., Dauphinese, D., Sonzogni, B„ Payson, R., Silverman, B„ Cimini, A., Brooks, R., Friedman, C., Sokol, S., Gumpright, H., Deutsch, W., Kolouski, N., Alexander, D., Al- osi, R„ Swartz, J. Beauty is the essence of this sport, and leave it to a mathe- matician like Dr. Ralph Kopperman to cultivate the form within this beauty. Crew is a precision sport which challenges the or- dered mind. This spring was the unveiling of a form and style which was being cultivated all fall, and although the Rhody crew never gained a first, they looked superb in their frequent second and third place finishes. Even when Rhody lost an oar against Har- vard, they finished only seconds behind, in an exquisitely spirited manner. The Crew travelled to Philadelphia, where they rowed against C. W. Post and Drexel Institute, and later in the spring they made their first appearance on the Charles River, where they encountered veteran crews, MIT, and Harvard. The URI team is composed of varsity, junior varsity, and frosh crews, all of which displayed excellent discipline, strength, and spirit all season. URI OPPONENT 1966 marked the birth of another sport here at Kingston — it reminds one of football with no regard for rules — Rugby. Rugby is a rough sport with a complicated method of scoring — related to the nature of the kick — and fifteen men per team run around for a two uninterrupted half-hour peri- ods, with neither padding nor substitutions. The game, which originated in England when an excited soccer player disregarded the rules and ran with the ball, is played on a field a little larger than 100 yards, and is played with a ball which is a little more portly than the classic pig- skin. The URI team, playing a brief schedule, fared rather well against the Brown team and Holy Cross. Next year should be great. 149 The cultivation of your mind is a most serious business. 152 ignorance is man ' s greatest enemy . . . 153 The mind like most sensitive things performs best when it understands itself . . . 1 54 a great event in the growth of the mind is when it comprehends its ignorance . . . 155 156 and yet a single sentence, one phase can grant your mind an insight into a race or century, and lift it to ecstasy . . . 157 158 159 the second great event for the mind is when it disassociates school with knowledge . . . 160 161 Board of Trustees For mental order allows you to sweep aside superficialities . . . it grants an openmindedness characterized by objectivity and flexibility . . . 162 163 and tumbles like a child in a field of flowers . . . 164 Just give your mind the chance, and it will joy forever in discovery . . . 165 CALVIN H. BRAINARD There is only one insurance for a free mind, young man, and that is wisdom. 166 JOSEPH L. CAIN A man can become intensely passionate about the concept of relation. 167 DR. NESTER E. CAROSELLI Of the dedicated school, every student knows he has a garden at home. His interest in plants stems from a green thumb, which blossomed into a mind that has not ceased in spreading the seeds of knowledge. 168 JAMES E. CASEY He works under the complex as- sumption that ignorance can actually be conquered. 169 170 ROBERT A. DeWOLFE He understands the complexities of life, and his real objective is to instill within his students a respect for those complexities. 171 DR. AGNES G. DOODY Words are the keys to our world; with the ap- propriate gesture, the precise word, things will open themselves to you, and you will touch the heart of all. 172 NORMAN J. FINIZIO He hears the music of the spheres, and sees the form of the heavens; and he is a high priest of the universal language. 173 JOAN C. LENDRIM The paradox of girls constantly indulging in crash diets but inevitably refusing to do exer cises has done little to dampen her enthusiasm. 174 EDWARD C. McGUIRE Of, by, and for the student; he impresses you with his exceptionally personal approach to matters which would be purely bureaucratic for others. 175 DR. WARREN D. SMITH Consider it an honor to encounter the man who is sensitive to the drama of living. 176 177 DR. DAVID D. WARREN Although it is undeniable that he shall remain in the campus minority, he has no fears in proclaiming, “I said that.” 178 DR. WILLIAM YOUNG There are no stock approaches to truth; and those who possess only a part of it cannot comprehend what it is to possess all of it. 179 The sounds . . . 182 at first they seem diverse . . . 183 184 somehow they demand a response . . . 185 186 all are contained within a crafted world . but their sounds, their music, are pointing to the supremely real . often there is a stillness . . . followed by a provocative gesture designed to touch the active observer O no OPEN ' FRIDAYS-8-ia SATURDAY AFTERNOONS SATURDAY NIGrHTS 8- a ? H o FU U r ' pPPcWS the ways to be touched are various . . . 190 191 192 193 194 196 any amount of preparation is worth the effort in order to follow the music . . . 198 199 Ronnettes Hi f R fj w i Iw S 11 11 200 201 202 Herbie Mann which grasps and plays every inner chord . . . and lastly the proud, ceremonious sound — Ferrante and Teicher 204 ■ given . . . to be received in a humane manner . . . 205 yet all music, like life, ends;— 206 207 look — everywhere there is music . . . 209 210 Theodore Sorenson like soft waves on the sand , they conceal an ocean of emotion . . . 211 212 words are spoken to be entertained . . . 213 grant yourself that single step into the sounds . . . 214 let the music capture you . . . 215 L 1 216 and the music and sounds will release you, and remain forever with you . . . 217 .. Go — work with others. Learn what you have to offer, and what can be offered to you. Ponder how you give and receive. 220 for in words, sounds, and symbols, union is implied . . . 221 in being with others — 222 you attain the fullest humaness . . . 223 the group receives its glory . . . 224 from the association of free identities . . . 225 226 227 228 Greek Week you see yourself in all your seriousness and smiles and life .. . 229 230 231 232 man takes an inch from time, a second from space . . . 233 because man has been forced to associate . . . 234 he had learned that his strength - the association of free minds - and its fruit — a democratic society — 235 are the true keys to his greatness . . . 236 237 a greatness which places the individual, the ONE . . . 238 as the fiber for the many, the ALL. 239 STUDENT SENATE Sculco, F., President, Zuckman, S., Vice-President, Bourn R., Cokin, J., James, N., LaButti, G., Sompolinski, S., Wood A., Zartarian, D., Klockers, C„ Alexander, R., Gonsalves, J. Guerrieri, D., Kifner, A., Maynard. L., Meshekow, B., Zybr R., Early, S., Joost, M., McCorkindale, C., Lasher, A., Bes sette, E., Preston, J.. Sosnowski, J., Whiston, N.. Wilkinson D„ Klevas, S.. Barnett, M.. Coletta. G., Comforti, S., Costan za, J., Morton, R., Santopietro, F., Steinhouse, J. 240 241 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS Barbara Meshekow, President Angela Scorpio, Vice-President Camile Caldarone, Secretary Kathy Daly, Treasurer Judy LaSalle, Honor Board Marsha Eisenburg, Activities Isabel Colagiovanni, Publicity Sue Judson, Blue Book Andrea Freshette, Elections Donna Hardman, IAWS Chen Chen Lin, Foreign Students Corry Goldenburg, Cultural Joycle Novick, Senior Member at large Denise McQueeny, freshman member at large 242 In local parentis is perhaps not quite the way to describe AWS, since the or- ganization actually is an expression of coed sentiment rather than an expres- sion of sentiments for coeds. With the realization that principles are ineffective when applied in a shot- gun fashion, ASW has been allowed to mature into a group of representatives who can truly govern themselves. In the past two years, AWS has made curfews more realistic, and the legislative high- light of this year was the approval and successful establishment of a senior women’s dormitory. AWS seems to function on the belief that every girl can be a lady, given the chance. 243 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 244 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The words “Greek” and " democ- racy are synonomous. Both the IFC and Panhel operate on the same premise that cooperation can be a reality. James Dacus, president of IFC, exemplified the true Greek spirit when during Greek Week he informed many sorority and frater- nity members that they were not following this premise. Our hats off to the IFC and Panhel members who know what the word “Greek " implies. Mooney, P„ President; Crawford, S.. Vice-President; Roberts. B , Treasurer; Eisamen, B„ Secretary; Hinchliffe. L„ Caldar one, C., Spiselman, M., Winter, E„ Solomon. J„ Sousa, L.. Green. J.. Ordonel. T„ Rigel. M.. Frechette, A., Pike, L„ La- tham, C., Harlan, S., Hurry, S., Smith, M.. Lane, A.. Marzilli, M., Alexander, D„ Hale. J„ Smith, P., Findlay. E. 245 INTERRESIDENCE HOUSE COUNCIL Harthe, R., Browning, W., Rayson, R., Hennessey, D., Fortman, G., Frank, J., Coletho, J., Whitehead, J., Strandberg, K., Hahig, S., Bilgor, S., Serra, M., Wainwright, E., Tripp, H., Wiley, B., Giard. M., Wayne, G., Foster, S., Sarsfield, S., Anchade, M. Three years ago, dormitories were fairly unorganized and inactive in gen- eral. Through the growth both physi- cally and qualitatively, IRHC has been able to establish an atmosphere of “belonging” within the dormitories. With the passing of last year and this year, homecoming displays have in- creased in number and beauty, intra- mural teams have fared more success- fully, and social and cultural functions have been on the uprise. With the in- evitable expansion of the University, IRHC will increasingly become more indespensible to student life. 246 JUDICIAL BOARD Tenant, C., Chairman; Riley, L., Secre- tary; Giard, M., Bottino, J., Ehdahl, N., McHugh, P., Wagner, N., Hefferman, G., Helsel, J., McGerraty, J., Alexander, D. The Judicial Board is an un- derstanding buffer between a hasty indiscretion and a chilly administration. 247 MEN’S COMMUTERS ASSOCIATION Boyle, J., President Paye, D., Vice President Martin, J., Secretary Sosnowski, T., Treasurer When we peek in on the commuters this year, we see that they are a little more at home than in past years. Com- muters have more opportunity to be a part of the Campus than ever before, and during the day, are actually more “at home " in the Memorial Union than most students. Discussions, studying, and card-playing have all increased, be cause students can actually see what they are doing, and the fact that men and women are now in the same area certainly has been a major improve- ment in the commuters world. 248 WAYFARERS ASSOCIATION 249 CLASS OFFICERS 250 252 UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS This year at Kingston was the most ambitious ever, activity- wise, for the Memorial Union, and, although there were sever- al bugs, it was the most suc- cessful ever, too. Loughlin, A., Chairman, Bunker, M., Secretary, Adleberg, H.. Treasurer, Zuckman, S.. Higgins, B„ Jacobs. D.. Smolen, H„ Schoelle, B„ Shadrack, N„ Colletti, J.. Pantas, V.. Stich, Alda. Du gay, L„ Charbonneau, B., Zinno, J. 253 UNION COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Much is owed to these in- novating individuals who have greatly contributed in transforming URI from a Monday-thru-Friday suitcase- Campus into a seven-day student community. Besides just increasing quantitatively, however, the union directors succeeded in incorporating better talent and original activities, such as the Winter Weekend. Movies also proved to be more recent, and the spec- trum of films was more diverse than in previous years. James Smith, Games Committee Marylin Bunker, Secretary Mike Zamperini, Movie Committee Cindy Russo, Coffee Hour Ndam Shadrack, Representative Harvey Adelberg, Program Council Jerry Coletti, Union Board of Dir. Harry Eisenberg, Dance Committee JoAnn Sisco, Music and Arts Committee 254 Boosters do exactly what their name indicates; they act as sort of a shot in the arm of campus activi- ties. One question comes up — how do you get a rise out of a booster? BOOSTERS 255 r f 1965-66 will go down in Rhody history as the year when the GRIST became a dynamic publication. Kingsley Ross transformed the URI yearbook from a glorified telephone book into a meaningful artistic work. The week of June 5-12 proved to be “hell week " around room 116 of the Memorial Union. Typewriters, cameras, and busy busy people worked profusely and masterfully in order to meet the final deadline. Re- ports seem to indicate that Ameri- can Yearbook, this year’s publisher, was dying to get their boys working on a truly good yearbook. Predictions are that next year ' s GRIST will be even better, picking up where this year’s pioneer year- book left off. One of the major im- provements in the GRIST set-up will be a teleph one for the office. The GRIST, handling more money than any other campus organization, sure could use an open line. 256 Contributions: E. Domenici, B. Maddock, J. Breslow, D. Brown, N. Gunkel, J. Rosenfeld, P. Peck. D. Sullivan, W. Carpenter, M. Rigel, B. Maceroni. C. Russo, S. Sinclair, R. Jenckes, V. Heffernan, J. Tyler, B. Lawrence, P. Burroughs. THE GRIST Editor-In-Chief . . . K. Ross Managing Editor . . . H. Powers Business Manager . . . R. Houle Advertising Manager . . . R. Thorp Chief Photographer . . . P. Mushnick Secretarial Editor . . . B. Birks Sports Editor . . . H. Powers Women’s Sports Editor . . . L. Lason Seniors Editor . . Academics Editor Literary Editor . . Circulation Editor Proofs Editor . . . Layout Editors . . D. Taylor . . P. Marland . J. Fargnoli . . . A. Mushnick E. Frisella . C. Maclnnes B. Harrison C. Magner Advisor: J. Duffek 257 Thoreau said that if you have read one news- paper, you have read them all. The problems of inter twining variety with repetition plagues any institution or organization which hopes to last, and The URI BEACON is no exception. Students found that the pages of The 1965-66 BEACON were filled with refreshing and informative news items; editorials were both apropos and timely; and advertisements were presented in an artis- tic and professional manner. In short, the BEA- CON solved the classic problem quite well; the newspaper is widely and regularly read. 258 BEACON Trampling fans who have fol- lowed Mike Zamperini for the past three years will miss his column next year. Mike epitomizes in many ways the manner in which a news- paper can be effectively employed to voice the sentiments that usually go unvoiced. The BEACON is the voice of the students. La Pietra. R.. Editor in-Chief, Altman, J., Managing Editor, Eisenberg. M., Galli. R., Dalton, S.. Warren, J., Bemis, D„ Co- duri, J., Millman, M.. Kagan, S., Meshe- kow, A., Nemiroff, S., Boyer, R., Doctor, W. 259 Oliver Goldsmith wrote “The Deserted Village” in order to portray what the industrial revolution would do to the quaint little English towns. The poem, though powerful in itself, did little to change the inevitable. WRIU is an analogous case. The Student Handbook describes WRIU as " ... a stu- dent owned and operated radio station . . or so it was, until early this year. WRIU ran into difficulties which were not so much the fault of any individuals, but of external cir cumstances, namely, the expanding university complex. Quaint and sincere WRIU, like many warm things, must be sacrificed in quantitative growth, where the password is sim- ply efficiency. 260 WRIU Baker, J„ Barrette. M., Beaubien, A., Beck, I,, Beville, J„ Bonner, J„ Boyle, D„ Calef, R„ Carroll, M., Cassell, S„ Chase, G„ Conte, D„ Crowell, B.. Dr yfuss, S., Drexler, S„ Egavoff, C., Feragne, T., Finn, M., Fleisher, M., Frazel, M., Gentile, J., Gordon, W., Greenberg, S., Gross, T„ Herlihy, W., Higginson, C„ Johnson, B., Klein, H„ Koussa, H., Lapolla, P„ Lasher, A„ Leduc, L., Mann, E., Messier, R , Mooney. R„ Nelson, J., Norman, D., Norris, J., Novogroski, H., Parker, B„ Peter man. B., Pritzker, S., Rogala, W., Sarapin, D., Simmons, D., Smith, E., Stihams, J.. Thorton, S„ Tomzyczyn, C„ Twomey, B., Young, P., Zimberg, C. 261 262 Who is a leader? The Brain? Miss Good-looks? Mr. Savoir-faire? Or is the true leader a human being, And knows that you and I are too? 263 BLUE KEY SOCIETY Bingham, P. President Girouard, L. Vice Pres. Godowski, M. Secretary Klockars, C. Treasurer Beebe, D., Bernstein, G.. Deutsch, E. t Gottlieb. L., Henry, R., Kemelgor, L., Me Quair, J., Meisenheimer, J., Palmer, L„ Pauli, S., Rainville, R., Sevenn, S., Sweeney, B., Young, R., Zinno, J. Advi sors: Dr. Osborne, Mr. Owens. 264 The key is a symbol of freedom, indicative of the ability to open and enter. Blue Key is the URI host, that group of students who make it their business to see that visitors, strangers, and observers will both gain an accurate picture of URI and display a respect for our campus. Equally consistent with this idea of creating a free atmosphere on the URI campus is the objective of the Blue Key Charity Bazaar. Through the Blue Key Bazaar, URI students are able to help those who are extraordinarily removed from personal freedom. 265 LAURELS Pacheco. A., President, Severin, S., Vice President, Pike, L., Secretary Treasurer, Paiheca. A., Zuck- man, S., Novick, J„ Eddy, S„ Downie, B., Craw- ford, S., Barone, M., Carracuzo, S„ Fairman, R., Salisbury, P., Reback, M„ Cyronack, J„ Sousa, B., Mellow, D. Laurels proved to be very under- standing this year, ambitious and dedi- cated enough to grant to the student body a means for being somewhat more civilized. 1965-66 marked the first year in the University’s history that students were given the right to evaluate professors in a more objective manner. No doubt the midnight curses and profanities will continue to blare from dormitory win- dows, but thanks to these senior women, sensible students can now offer criticism to professors which will be more pertinent, and also will reach the professor. 266 WOMEN’S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Once an individual or group of individuals realize that they ' re not going to set the world on fire, they establish realistic goals. WAA, as an organization, is dedicated to athletics, and dedicated to why athlet- ics are important. They are no world-beaters, rather, they decide to contribute to the community by work ing within the context of their organization. This year, while promoting athletic programs for women students, they also conducted a charity drive to give athletic equipment to underprivileged children. Morrow, L., President, Abbott, E., Vice- President, Wood, V., Secretary-Trea- surer, Dowdie. B., Snow, D.. Nelson, C., Johnson, J., Lyons, F.. Harvey, M, Bot tis, C., Appaloma, P„ Niedbala, J., Still, J„ Sommes, K., Spiselman, M., Castan- za, J.. Smith, G„ Cooper, D., Sherblom, D.. Rollins. J.. Simmons, A.. Whalon, J., Ramsden, J., Osborne, S., Hattenback, J., Wiley, B., Blades, B., Deering, B., Walton, S., Callaghan, J., Greenhalgh, P., Hanna, D., Drainville, M., Craig, E„ Cone, D., Souter, S., Eiss, S., Kassof, A. 267 1. Zinno, J. 2. Sweeney. B. 3. Zuckman, S. 4. Driscoll, L. 5. Bingham. P. 6. Sculco. A. 7. Palmer. A. 8. Aaron, B. 9. Marques. S. 10. Tennant. C. 11. Kalaydjian. J. 12. Riley. L. 13. Boyle. J. 14. Eddy. S. 15. Sousa. B 16. Mel lor. D. 17. Meshekow, B. 18. Bowes. M. 19. Giard. M. 20. Girouard. L. 21. McCorkindale. C. 22. Perkins. G. 23. Barrett. J. 24. Pacheco. A. 25. Morrow, L. 5 14 268 269 ALL NATIONS CLUB Their theme is an internation- al one. Amid all the popular col lege talk of world peace and in- ternationalism, we peek in on a few individuals doing something about this theme, this c ause. For a handful it may be an in- tellectual and deliberate under- taking, a conscious effort to meet ‘‘foreign students, " but for most it is just a simple and sincere meeting of others. 271 272 Music, unlike other art, lives only in the present; yet it can exist for centuries. 273 TAU BETA PI PHI MU EPSILON MATHEMATICS HONOR SOCIETY 275 Hacking, J., President, Gagne, P , Pelonzi, P., Grollman, S„ Leonard, E„ Mojkowski, M., Fammataro, M., Daniels, S., Gouthier, P„ Martineau, J„ Etchi- son, S. Marques. S., Pre sident. Mekdsy, N.. Treasurer. Conway, K.. Secretary, DiPadua, D., Lawton, K., Warren, L., Getnick. K. Faculty Advisor, Miss N. Dayton. HEALTH AND SAFETY The Health and Safety Council in- vestigates and takes action upon any conditions detrimental to the health and safety of the campus community. Also, it assists or spon sors speakers and programs which benefit the campus community as to its health and safety, such as physical fitness competition, blood- donor programs, and student x-rays. 276 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 277 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Kalaydjian, J., President, Oriel, C., Trea- surer, Bryant, B., Offiler, W., Leach, D., Neville. D., DeWardener, A., Bettan, J., Millman, M., Greenstein, M., Othote, L. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION iuin r 4 tik d i Lounsbury, C., President, Brown, P„ Vice-President Brooks. R., Secretary, Salisbury, A.. Treasurer Craig, S., Membership Chairman, Alexander, D., Avila, D., Carpenter, H., Cone, M., DeWardener. A., Feinman, J., Gerstein, A.. Ferrie. G.! Gourse. A.. Hanscomtt, A., Leach D.. Leistra. D., Luth, M., Oriel, C., Shockley. L., Silva, R., Simonson, B., Squillante, J., Wenzel. R.. Danforth. G.. Jones. C., Coran. R. 278 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega — . . a national service fraternity dedicat- ed to serving the campus and the community.” A.I.I.E. Bruno. T.. President Cassidy, F., Vice-President Bourcier. D.. Secretary Langzettel, T., Treasurer Musto, J., Historian Houle, R., President Bernstein. J.. Vice-President Jacobson. S., Treasurer Sherman, R., Recording Secretary Whittemore, R., Corresponding Secretary Fox, P., Publicity Chairman Maitland, F., Program, Chairman 279 AGRICULTURAL CLUBS Soil Conservation Society Moberg, E., President Relli, R., Vice-President Kenyon, N., Secretary Haddad, W., Treasurer Ritzeau, J„ Social Chairman Bell, R., Advisor Aggie Club Moberg. E„ President Del Pozzo, S„ Vice-President Reilly, J., Secretary Hall, J., Treasurer Wright, T., Social Chairman 280 282 YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM “Without the individual, democracy is meaningless.” 283 The announcing that graduation is a commencing is trite simply because it is true . . . TNJORS 1 ImPbRTflrtT Pleer r G- (aJ UaJ oN ftn os ron SeN s U)eek To 3£ DeB 7 Your soRTurt €el e i To T ecR 55 _ OrnceRS 57R vPOt ' The 3 g 286 287 but there is no pill, no equation, no dimestore kit to freedom . . . i 289 here there are many faces, many friends . . . 290 7W1 291 it is sad that true meaning is only discovered in things past . . . perhaps, in the last hours, a previously unnoticed face or voice catapults you back through the short years . . . 293 but commencement arrives . . . 294 but before beginning, reconsider this college once more . . . 295 296 297 298 299 300 I had the pleasure of extending my congratulations to you at Commencement exercises in June, but I want to take this additional opportunity to wish you every success and happi- ness now and in the future. Although the University contin ues to expand and much is said in collegiate circles about depersonalization, URI will always strive to take an interest in each student. Certainly, we shall share in the pride of your achievements. Conversely, we look to you to become active members of the Alumni Association, so that the bonds between you and your alma mater, forged during your years here on campus, will continue to grow in strength and in meaning. Since receiving your degrees, most of you in the Class of 1966 have started your careers, been married, entered mili- tary service or gone on to graduate school. Whatever your current situation, I hope that each of you feels that your studies at URI have helped to make you a better person and one better equipped to confront the problems and the issues which challenge us in so many areas of contempo- rary life. Intellectual curiosity is the benchmark of higher educa- tion, and this kind of inquisitiveness, a facility you have de- veloped in college, should be a lifelong commitment. If it is, and if you will look upon the educational process as a life- long experience rather than one which terminates with your degree, you will be a better citizen and a happier individual. I hope that each of you members of this fine class, URI’s largest to date, will let us hear from you from time to time and that you will maintain your contacts with URI through alumni meetings, the alumni magazine, and visits back to the campus. There will always be a warm welcome for you. Good luck in everything you do. 301 The experience of a successful undergraduate career stimulates an ever-growing self-confidence Barbara Jane Aaron Richard P. Abato Dennis H. Abbott Dorothy H. Abbott Robert Abramson B.A., Jour., B.S., Math. B.S., Ind. Mngt. B.A., Eng. B.S., Acct. Jeffrey Albin B.S., Acct. Phebe E. Allen B.S., Home Ec. Khalid Al-Hamdouni Anne Allan B.S., Civ. E. B.S., Zoo. Anthony Almeida Nika J. Altman B.S., M E. B.S., Ed. 302 Cecelia A. Amman B.S., Pol. Sc. Richard Wayne Anderson B.S., Ind. E. Nancy J. Anderton B.S., Home Ec. Robert K. Andren B.S., Chem. E. Sallejane Andrews B.A., Psych. Elaine A. Angel B.S., Bus. Ed. Elizabeth J. Antony B.S., Hort. Diane M. Armitage B.A.M. Eng. Janet M. Arnold B.S., C.F. Jeanne D. Auger B.A., French David Balkcom B.S.. Ind. E. Susan G. Arrick A. S., Dent. Hygn. Howard D. Ballard B. S.. Mngt. Ronald M. Ash B.S.. Civ. E. Lois Zampini Balsamo B.S., Nurs. John P. Ashijian B.S.. Math Frank T. Bardsley B.S., E.E. 303 William A. Marianne Jane F. Robert F. Michael Joseph R. Barletta Barone Barrett Barry Bartlett Battey, Jr. B.S., E.E. B.A., Eng. B.S., F.N. B.S., Nuc.E. B.S., Math B.S., Acct. Judith A. Linda Arthur E. Jerry R. Donna L. Mary- Jane Bazarsky Beach Beagan Beal Beaton Bedard B.A.. Eng. B.S., Music B.S.. Bact. B.S., Civ. E. B.A., Soc. B.A.. Eng. C. Russell James G. Elizabeth L. Gerald P. Harold Ronald Ben gt son Benoit Bentsen Bernstein Berry Bienco B.A., Lib. Arts B.S.. Ind. E. B.A.. Ene. B.S., Ec. B.S., Geol. B.S., Chem.E. Peter Bingham B.S., Bus.Ec. Barbara Freyda Lorraine C. Robert Michael M. Block Bloom Bloomquist Boehm Boesch B.S., Math B.S., Home Ec. Ed. B.S., Phys.Ed. B.S., Math B.S., AG. Tech. 304 Francis P. Boland. Ill B.S., Zoo. Joseph Bonanno B.S., E.E. Raymond A. Bonvouloir B.S.. E.E. Joan M. Bottino B.A., P ol. Sc. Rostand R. Bouchard. Jr. B.S.. Pharm. David W Bourcier B.S., Hort. Ronald Marshall J. Malcolm E. James D. Bourn Bowen Bowes Boyle B.S.. Math. B.S.. Nurs. B.A.. Theat. B.S.. Bus. Ed. It is confidence of the mind . . . a realization of self-faith enabling one to face change. Paul A. Betti na Charlotee F. Fay H. Barbar J. Crystal A. Bricoccoli Brightman Brooks Broomfield Brown Brown B.S., Phys. Ed. B.A., Sp. Ther. B.S., Med Tech. B.A., EL. Ed. B.S., Nurs. B.S., Home Ec. Edgar S. James P. Thomas J. William W. Peter A. Mayilyn I. Brown, Jr. Brown Bruno Bryant, Jr. Burns Bushman B.S.. Ec. B.S., Phys. Ed. B.S., E.E. B.S... Ec. B.S., Ag. Chem. B.A., Math. 306 Robert C. Butzier B.S., Bus. Ad. Edward j. R. Buzanowicz B.A., Pol. Sc. Daivd C. Calderara B.S.. E.E. John A. Camera, II B.A., Ec. Mary Louise Campagna B.A., Art Umberto D. Campanella B A.. Bus. Ad. Michael B. Campbell B.S., Ec. and Sp. Roseann M. Campisano A.S., Dent. Hygn. Joan Camperoms B.S.. Home Ec. Frank J. Ca pizza no B.A., Eng. Sandra L. Caracuzzo B.S., Nurs. Randolph L. George F. Graham F. Janice David W. Carlson Carlsten Carpenter Cary Casper B.S., E.E. B.S., Phys. Ed. B.S.. Micro. Bio. A.S., Dent. Hygn. B.S.. Civ. E. Joanne James L. Chaharyn Cayer B.S., Med. Tech. B.S., E.E. 307 Catherine Chamberlain B.S.. Nurs. Linda J. Chandler A.S., Dent. Hyg. Jean E. Chapman B.S., Math Richard J. Charland B.S.. Ag. E. John F. Charles, Jr. B.A., Acct. Lois 1. Joseph John Steve Joseph P. Charnick Chaves, Jr. Chiloyan Chubin Cimino B.A., Bus. Ed. B.S., Agron. B.S., E.E. B.S., Phys. Ed. B.A., Eng. Frank Joseph F. Joseph E. Carol A. Patricia D. Ciullo, Jr. Clark Coduri Contone Coggeshall B.S., Math B.S., Bus. Ed. B.A., Pol. Sc. B.S., Math B.A., Math Michael R. Lawrence G. Frederick A. Donna A. Thomas A. Cohen Colasanto Collingwood Compagnone Conboy B.S., E.E. B.S., Zoo. B.S., Prod Mngt. B.S., Bus. Ad. B.A., Eng. Raymone D. Conforti B.S., Ind. Mngt. Jeffrey D. Congdon B.S., Acct. James E. Connors. II B.A., Bio. Dorothy M. Conway B.A., Eng. Ralph R. Karen E. Cordisco Crandall B.S., Phys. Ed. B.A.. Eng. Nancy A. Susan D. Danial B. Crawford Crawford Cretella B.A.. Eng. B.A., Pol. Sc. B.S.. E.E. James Cymbala B.A., Soc. 309 Francis J. Cuddy, Jr. B.S., Phys. Ed. Gordon P. Daglieri B.S., Pharm. Joseph V. D ' Ambra B.S., Civ. E. Barbara J. Daniels B.A., Eng. Elizabeth B. D ' Andrea B.A., Art Lorraine G. D ' Antuono B.S., Bus. Ed. Guy H. Danforth B.A., Psych. William L. Davies B.S., Pharm. Dolores R. Chant M. Jack W. Merilyn L. Joseph A. Davignon Dean Dean DeCesare DeFalco B.S., Med. Tech. B.S., Home Ec. B.S., E.E. B.A., Eng. B.S., Phys. Ed. 310 James H. Karen A. Arthur S. Jacques R. Elaine W. Joseph L. DeLuca, Jr. DeLuca DeToro Desplaines DeWolfe Dicesare B.S., Bus. ED. B.A., Hist. B.A.. Chem. B.S., E.Engin. B.A., Eng. B.S.. Micro Bi Barbara Phyllis R. Michael J. Rose Sharon M. Thomas S. Dick Dickens DiGioia DiGiorgio Dillon Dombrowsky B.A.. Eng. B.S., Managt B.S., E. Engin. B.A.. Eng. B.S.. Account. B.A., Ed. 311 John A. Dorcus B.S., Mrkt. Joseph F. Dowd B.A.. Pol. Sc. Barbara P. Downie B.A., Hist. Michael P. Dwyer B.S.. E.E. Daniel R. Dye B.S., Insur. Barbara J. Sharon E. Dzialo Eddy B.S.. F.N. and Ind. Mngt. B.S., Nurs. Harry A. Eisenberg B.S.. Journ. Usen J. U. Eka B.S., Civ. Eng. M. Rebecca Eisaman B.S., Home Ec. Nancy R. Ekdahl B.S., Home Ec. 312 Calvin A. Ellis B.A., Hist. Pamela B. Ennis B.S., Home Ec. Kamal A. Esmail B.S., Engin. Joseph A. Esposito B.S., Bus. Richard P. Eudicone B.A. Sherri A. Fabricant B.A. Rosalie N. Fairman B.A., Psyc. Elisa E. Falciglia B.S., Home Ec. Arthur Fanning B.S., Ag. Chem. To know oneself is to possess physical, spiritual, and mental self-understanding . 313 To be indifferent to one ' s personal being is to be a fool, and ultimately to render oneself meaningless and useless Phillip Linda Farrocco Fernald B.S., Civ. E. B.S.. Home Ec. George Kathryne W. Marsha Farley Farnum Farrell B.S., Chem. B.S.. C.F. B.A., Math. Janet A. Arthur S. Dorothy Feyler Fishman Flaxman B.A., Span. B.S.. Acct. B.A., Soc. Joyce B. Fletcher B.S., Bio. Raymond B. Foland B.S. Ind. E. Paul S. Follett B.S., E.E. David Forsythe B.S., Mrkt. and Ad. Robert Fortin B.A., Pol. Sc. Richard S. Franklin B.S., E.E. Nancy Fraser B.S., Nurs Maureen Frechette B.S. Mus. Ed. Annlois Freedman B.A., Eng. 314 Mary Gardner B.S., Home Ec. Paul B. Gardner B.S., M E. Richard Garofalo B.S., E.E. John D. Gaskell B.S., E.E. Carl Friedman B.A., Chem. Kenneth R. Francese B.S., Ind. E. Mark Friedman B.A.. Bio. Gerianne Fulton B.A., Eng. Mary V. Friel B.S., Bus. Anne E. Gabel B.A., Eng. 315 With college behind you, consider yourself, and what you did here. 316 Paul E. Thomas Wanjahi Thomas J. John Lawrence A. Gibson Gibson Gichau Gilbertson Giogianni Girouard B.S., E. and Physics B.S., Pharm. B.A., E. B.S., Math. B.S., E.E. B.S., M E. Anthony Giunta B.A., Ad. Cary M. Glasser B.S.. Zoo. Kenneth B. Gott. Jr. B.A., Mngt. Peter L. Gotti n B.S., Bus. Adm. Marsha P. Goldberg B.S., C.F. Marcia Golden B.A.. El. Ed. Allan S. Marjorie E. Goldman Goldman B.S.. Phys. Ed. B.A., Psych. Nancy Altred F. Goldman Goldstein B.S.. Pharm. B.S., Ec. Janet A. Gonsalves B.A., Pol. Sc. Richard Granat B.S., Phys. Ed. Brooke Grant B.S., Phys. Ed. Mary A. Gray B.A., Eng. James Green B.S., Insur. Virginia Greene B.S., Bact. 317 Malcolm Geralcine Margery Betty K. Norman Gerald Marie Greenstein Griffin Griffin Gronquist Gross Grossberg Grosseto B.A.. Pol. Sc. B.A.. Eng. and Ed. B.A., Psych. B.A., Eng. B.A., Math B.A., Psych B.S.. Home Ec. 318 Donna S. Hardman B.A., El. Ed. Richard A. Harrall B.A., Pol. Sc. Priscilla R. Harris B.S.. T.C. Martin J. Robert W. Virginia Hartigan Havey, Jr. Heffernan B.S.. Chem. B.S., E.E. B.F.A., Art Joan Dennis Muriel Ann L. Helbraun Hemond Henring Hirsch B.A., Soc. B.S., E.E. B.A., Psych. B.A., Psych. 319 Sandra L. Horan B.S.. C.F. Marsha G. Nancy Marilyn R. Hodgkinson Holdsworth Holenport B.A., Soc. Sc. B.A., Eng. A.S., Dent. Hygn. Robert C. Joachim F. Houle Hourihan B.S., Ind. E. B.S., Ag Stephen R. Howe. Jr. B.S., Phys. Ed. Mary A. Huszcza B.S., Bio. Marsha lacoi B.A., Eng. w 320 Andrea A. Imondi B.S., Med. Tech. MaryJane Ingalls B.A., Soc. Sc. Elaine J. Israel B.A., Jour. Luba Israel B.A., Math. Judith Issa B.S., Bact. Brian R. Dawn D. Jackson Jackson B.A., Acct. B.S., Home Ec. Gloria L. Jackson B.A., Sec. Ed Carl N. Jacobson B.S., Bus. Ed. Steven Jacobson B.S., Ind. E. Carolyn M. Michael D. James Janvrin B.S., Math B.S., Bus. Stuart R. Jenkins B.A., Jour. Richard George Jones Joovelegian B.S., Zoo. B.A. Charles Jack John C. Kalasinsky Kalaydjian Keefe B.S., M.E. B.S., Mrkt. and Ad. B.S.. Math. Janice Nancy Kelly Kelly B.A., Math. B.S., Home Ec. 321 Phyllis Kelvin B.A., Sec. Ed. Robert L Kendrick B.S., Ec. David R. Kennedy B.S., Zoo. Carolyn M. Kenny B.A., Eng. Stephanie Janeth Kereazis Kershaw A.S., Dent. Hygn. B.S.. Nurs. Adu John Eileen F. Robert Robert Cheryl Kesse Keyes Kiernan Kmderleghrer Knight Kolb B.S., Anm. Sc. B.S.. Bio-Med. Elect. B.A.. Eng. B.S.. Mngt. B.S. Insur. B.A., Ed. and Eng. Perhaps with the opening of your mind came an increase in personal thoughts, the formulation of opinions, new ideas, and consequently a greater self-respect. 322 Ronald Laime B.S., Civ. E. Frederick A. Lamb B.S., Chem. William Lapin B.S., Bio. Ronald Lareau B.S., M.E. Frederick Larkin B.S.. Insur. Marie L. LaRocca B.S.. Home Ec. Ed. Ruth La tour B.S., Med. Tech. Jean Lautrup A. S.. Dent. Hygn. Herbert Lawson B. S., M.E. 323 Daniel P. LeClair B.A., Soc. Jacqueline F. L’Ecuyer B.A., Eng. Gerald Lee B.S., M E. Irene LeGeros B.A.. Ec. Nancy-Victoria LeGeros B.A., Hist. Elaine A. Leonard B.S., Nurs. Anthony Lepizzera B.A., Eng. Cameille Lepore B.S., Home Ec. Myrna R. Levine B.A.. Eng. 324 George W. Low, Jr. B.S. Mrkgt. David P Lynch B.S., E.E. Frank Lowenthal B.S., M.E. Janice C. Lyons B.A.. Eng. B.A., Math. James W. MacLaughlin B.S., Civ. E. William Madison B.A., Eng. Ronald Maggiaconio B.S.. Acct. Francis J. Maitland, Jr. B.S., Ind. Mngt. James B. Malcolm B.A., Pol. Sc. Walter W. Li ben son B A., Chem. Anne M. Liguori B.A., Eng. 325 Albert P Carol J. George Manni Manseau Manyan B.S.. M.E. B.S.. Phys. Ed. B.A., Math. Carol Edward M. Patricia R. Marcelino Marchetti Marland B.A., Bio. B.A., Ind. Mngt. B.A., Eng. Joseph L. Martin B.S., Engin. Richard Martin B.S., E.E. Ronald Martin B.S. E.E. Nancy B. Mason A.S.. Dent. Hygn. Ronald Massa B.A., Pol. Sc. 326 Mary T. William T. Matos Matthew B.A., Ital. B.S., Bio. Carole May B.A., Psych. Leo L. Maynard B.A., French Lucie Mazmanian B.S., Mrkgt. Mngt. Marius F. Mazmanian B.F.A., Theat. It was then that you drifted away from the tired thought , the routine opinion, the narrow minded prejudice. Gerald George J. George F. Mazor McCabe McCahey B.S.. Bus. Ec. B.S., Insur. B.A., Pol. Sc. Carol L. McCorkindale B.A., El. Ed. Eugene McDermott B.S., Chem. Karen T. McGlinchey B.A., Eng. Patricia F. McHugh B.A., Eng. Carolyn R. Mclver B.A., Hist. Herbert G. McKay B.S.. E.E. James McMahon B.S., Math. Robert R. McNerney B.S., E.E. Joseph B. Mellen B.S., Chem. 327 DawneJ. Barbara L. Barbara L. Michel B. Ronald A. Maris Mellor Merrill Meshekow Messier Messier Mezs B.S., Home Ec. Ed. B.S., Pharm. B.A., Bio. B.S.. Ind. E. B.A.. Hist. B.A.. Hist. Davied B. Stanley M. Stephen N. Miller Miller Miller B.A., Hist. B.S.. M E. B.S., Ind. E. Patricia A Ronald A. Glen Mooney Morra Morris B.S., F.N. B.S.. Civ. E. B.A., Phil. Edwin L. Lido Marcia C. Moberg Mochetti Mojkowski B.S., Agron. B.A., Art. B.S., Nurs. Linda Robert E Marilyn J. Morrow Morton, Jr. Mo wry B.S., F.N. B.S., Math. B.A., Frenc Walter W. R. Barbara Munroe Murray B.A., Hist. B.S., Mus. Ed. John H Musto B.S., Agron. Catherine L. Nardone B.A., Eng. Vincent Nave B.S., Acct. Willaim G. Nichols B.A., Math. 328 You became concerned with mastering and cultivating the mind that is uniquely yours, and you did this at odd hours, upon long walks, inside deep books. Joyce Novick B.S., Zoo. J. Dennis O ' Connell B.S.. E.E. Leroy Nordstrom B.A., Gen. Bus. Thomas V. O ' Connell B.A.. Pol. Sc. 329 Kenneth 0. Linda William R. Chesley Louis J. Ann Olson O ' Neil Onosko Oriel Othote Pacheco B.S., Acct. B.A. B.S., Bus. Ed. B.S., Mrkt. and Ad. B.S., Mrkt. B.A.. Eng. John M. Pacheco B.S., Forest. Karolyn M. Paddock B.S., Mus. Ed. William S. Paddock B.A., Ec. Patricia Page B.S.. Home Ec. Arthur C. Lana Paine Palmer B.A., Art B.A., Pol. Sc. John Vincent Constance Panagako Pantan Parente B.S., Acct. 8.S., Ind. Mngt. B.S., Ag. David Park B.S., Chem. E. 330 Arthur Peterson B.S., Phys. Ed. Franklin Peterson B.S., Phys. Ed. Alda Petra rca B.S., Home Ec. Marilyn Place B. A.. Psych. C. Joseph Plourde B.S., M.E. Daniel R. Pettella B.S., Pharm. Louise S. Pike B.A., Eng. William G. Antonio J. Pimental Pires B.S., Ag. B.A., Insur. Robert J. Poholek B.S., Pharm. Anne-Liis Polak B.A., Adv. 331 Frank B. Polak B.S., Mngt Jay Polish B.A., Acct. Sheila Pollinger George Poor B.A., Ec. Edward J. Popkin B.S.. Pharm. Suzanne Potter B.A., Eng. Katherine T Powere B.A., Jour. Paul Proto B.A., Pol. Sc. Kenneth D. Pryer B.S., Civ. E. Pyers. Ill B.S., Math James L. Quinby B A., Eng. Clare Racine B.S., Math. Mary L. Radoccia B S., Home Ec. Clinton Ramsden B.A., Mrkt. Alan Rapoza B.A., Hist. Caryl F. Rapp B.A., Psych. There were minor retreats, yet you overcame them, and they added to the meaning, of your achievements. Kathleen L Marcia Rawdon Reback B.S., F.N. B.F.A., Theat. Jean A. Redstone B.A., Eng. John Reed B.S., Phys. Ed. Mary E. Rego B.A., Psych. Thomas A. Reilly B.S., E.E. Robert Relli B.S., Ag. Kathleen H. Rengigas B.A., Soc. Stanley Reuter B.S.. Insur. 333 Alfred J. Ricci B.A., Ind. Mngt. Robert L. Ricci B.S., Ind. Mngt. Barbara Richards B.S.. Math. Marcia R. Richardson B.A.. El. Ed. William RicKus B.S.. Zoo. Terry W. Rickey B.S., Acct. Mitchell S. Riff kin B.A., Pol. Sc. Marcia Rigd B.S., Home Ec. James E. Riley B.S., E.E. Linda Riley B.S.. Home Ec. Robert Risio B.A., Eng. Linda R. Robinson A. S., Dent. Hygn. Joel Robrish B. S.. Acct. Anthony W. Rocchi, Jr. B.S.. Zoo. 334 Marilyn L. Rocke B.A., Eng. Beverly A. Rodinsky B.A., Soc. Sc. Andrea C. Rogers B.A.. Pol. Sc. James M. John G. Rogers Romanoff, Jr. B.A., Hist. B.S., Acct. Joan Rondeau B.A., El. Ed. Paul F. Rodina B.A., French Jonathan Rose B.S., Physics Joseph R. Rose B.A., Eng. Richard James Stephen J. Ryder Rylands Saft B.S., E.E. B.S., Phys. Ed. B.S., Acct. With your increased self-awareness came a greater sensitivity towards others. Salisbury B.A., Bio. William Salisbury B.S., Ag. Sc. Vahe Samoorian B.A.. Eng. 335 Douglas Sarapin B.S., Pharm. Judith Savage B.A., Eng. William Scanlon B.S., M.E. Elizabeth F. Sandra Sheehan Sherman B.A.. Eng. B.S., Nurs. Joseph L. 336 Sandra Silverman B.A., Math. Cynthis Simmons B.S., Nurs. John M Simpson B.S., Chem. Gertrude E. Sinclair B.S., Bact. Anthony Sivo B.S., Phys. Ed. Ellen S. Smart B.S.. Ag. Sc. Calvin W. Smith B.A., M.E. Ira Smith B.A.. Psych. James W. Smith B.S.. Phys. Ed. Dorothy C Snow B.A., Eng. Kennrth A. Sorenson B.S., Ent. Elizabeth A. Sousa B.A., Ed. Edward P. Sowa. Jr. B.A., Pol. Sc. Rebecca Spear B.S.. Nurs. Dianne E. Sperling B.A., Eng. David Spielvogel B.S.. Acct. Spong B.S., Bus. Eugene Spring B.S.. Chem. Allmuth Stabenow B.S., Zoo. Andrew G. Robert E. Marvin J. Stead Stedman Stein B.S.. Math. B.S., Zoo. B.A.. Eng. Because of your growing personal reliance and integrity you became a contributing person. Patricia A. Susna E. Steiner B.A., Eng. Steinke B.S., Nurs. Holly W. Stephenson B.A., Eng. Ann S. Sterling B.S., Nurs. Susan F. Carl Stone Stewart B.A.. Hist. B.A., Bio. Scs. 338 Judith Ellyn James A. Linda J. Judith A. Patrick N. Stone Straayer Studley Sullivan Sullivan B.S.. Med Tech. B.S., Pharm. B.A., Math. B.A., Math. B.A., Eng. Annette B. Henry Robert E. Swider Szydlo, Jr. Taber, Jr. B.A., Pol. Sc. B.S., Pharm. B.S., M.E. Albert H. Taubman B.S., Pharm. Jane Teague B.S.. Nurs. Ronald Tefft B.S., Ag. Chem. It was a revolution of sorts that occurred during these past four years . . . you have emerged from the shadows of adolesence to the awareness of adulthood, and if you possess a budding, craving intellect , you will have the spirit of knowledge for so long as you have life. Caroline S. Janice E. Robert G. Tennant Test Tetreault B.S., Phys. Ed. B.S., Home Ec. B.S., Bio. Evelyn Thornton B.A.. Eng. Robert F. Tingley B.S.. Phys. Ed. 340 David R. Tinsley B.A., Eng. Robert S. Tyzbir B.S., Chem. Geraldine Wasserman B.A., Psych. Karen S. Charles Frederick W. Paul J. Nancy M. Tootell Trimbach Tryon Turinsky Turk B.S.. Home Ec. B.A., Psych. B.S., Zoo. B.S., Chem. E. B.S., Med. Tech. Maria Peter Nancy Kathleen Priscilla R. Vallone Waddington Wagner Ward Ware B A., Ital. B.A.. Hist. B.A., Sp. Therp. B.A., Eng. A.S., Dent. Hygn. Lynn R. Sandra J. Marilyn A. Paul Martha Watjen Watson Waevill Wheldon White B.S., MNgt. B.A., Eng. B.S., Phys. Ed. B.S.. Ag. B.S., Math. Russell Paul Whitehead Whittaker B.S.. Ind. Mngt. B.A., Math. Ronald Whittemore B.S., Ind. E. Carol Wickes B.A., Eng. Charles Wilk B.S.. Mrkt. and Ad. Meredith D. Wilson B.A., Ed. 341 Margaret Henry W. Wingard Winkleman B.A., Eng. B.S., Acct. Warren Doris E. Roberta Vincent Michael H. Cheryl C. Diana H. Robert M. Barbara M. Woehlcke Wojcik Wol Woodbury Worrell Worster Wragg B.S., Geol. B.S., Bus. Adm. B.S., E.E. B.A., Chem. B.S., C.F. B.S.. E.E. B.S.. Nurs. Marilyn A. Carolyn Valentine J. David E. Stan Joyce M. Sherry Yelle Young Zanolle Zeilstra Ziemski Zinno Zuckman B.A., Ed. B.S., C.F. B.S.. Acct. B.S., Insur. B.S.. Zoo. B.A., Ital. B.A., Eng. 342 Donald G. Nevius B.S., Business r ii Robert McFarland — in Memoriam 343 Beyond these walls, there are avenues and draft boards and traffic jams that couldn ' t care less . . . So easily the individual can be swallowed and lost in the complex society . . . 344 but society is also the place where you follow the many means and roads to touch your talents and dreams . . . So the spirit of freedom — of individuality must eternally be within you . . . 345 346 In the years ahead there will be quiet pauses; it is in these brief moments of reflection that the spirit is nurtured and rejuvenated . And from these moments will flow a music, and a music. SENIOR ADDRESS BARBARA JANE AARON - Red Mountain Road — Arlington, Vermont. RICHARD PAUL ABATO - 55 Oakwood Avenue — Providence, R.l. DENNIS HERBERT ABBOTT - 15 Rock Avenue — Pawtucket, R.l. DOROTHY HILDA ABBOTT - 1 Pine Lane - North Smithfield, R.l. ROBERT STEVEN ABRAMSON - 69-56 267 Street — Floral Park, New York. ELDEEN RUTH ADAMS - 135 High Bank Ave nue — North Kingston R.l. INTA AIZSILS - 167 Dana Street - Woon- socket. R.l. JEFFREY ALBIN - 201 Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn, New York. KHALID AL-HAMDOUNI - Muradia-Bazar - Baghdad, Iraq. ANNE MURDOCH ALLAN - 23 Concord Drive — Middletown, R.l. PHEBE ELIZABETH ALLEN - 16 Shady Glen Drive — East Greenwich, R.l. ANTHONY A. ALMEIDA - 77 Arthur Street - Cranston, R.l. NIKA JEWEL ALTMAN - 1738 Adelphi Road - Wantagh, New York. CECELIA ANNE AMMAN - 24 McCormick Road — Newport, R.l. MARCIA B. ANDERSON - 279 Pontiac Avenue — Cranston. R.l. RICHARD WAYNE ANDERSON - 51 Spencer Avenue — Warwick. R.l. NANCY JEAN ANDERTON - 56 Newtonville Avenue — Newton, Massachusetts. ROBERT KINGSLEY ANDREN - 60 Ausdale Road — Cranston, R.l. SALLE JANE ANDREWS - 31 Linden Avenue - Fairhaven, Massachusetts. JUDITH AUSLANDER ANES - 43 Allen Road - Rockville Centre, New York. ELAINE AVIS ANGEL - 15 Everett Street - Newport, R.l. HARRY ANJOORIAN. JR. - 130 Summit Drive — Cranston, R.l. ELIZABETH J. ANTHONY - 220 Heatherdell Road — Ardsley, New York. BIJAN ANVARI - Tehran, Iran. Compliments of the Class of 1967 Compliments of Peck Hall Compliments of Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Lambda Chapter DIANE MARIE ARMITAGE - 7 Stephen Street - Greenville, R.l. JANET MAY ARNOLD — Fairground Road — West Kingston. R.l. SUSAN GAIL ARRICK — 114 Shawomet Avenue — Somerset. Mass. RONALD MARTIN ASH - 174 Roanoke Street — Providence, R.l. JOHN PETER ASHJIAN — 153 Mauran Avenue — East Providence 14, R.l. JOSEPH P. AUDETTE - 659 Bedford Street - Whitman Street, Mass. JEANNE DIANE AUGER - 96 New London Ave- nue - West Warwick. R.l. DAVID DOUGLAS BALKCOM - 153 Laban Street — Providence, R.l. JOHN KENNETH BALKUS - 182 Elliot Street - Newton 64, Mass. HOWARD DANA BALLARD - 189 West Avenue — Pawtucket, R.l. AUSTIN GRANT BALLOU - 26 Whitford Street — Wakefield, R.l. LOIS Z. BALSAMO - 191 Academy Avenue - Providence 8, R.l. FRANK TONGE BARDSLEY - 108 Felton Street — New Bedford, Mass. RICHARD E. BARDSLEY - 58 Marion Avenue - Providence. R.l. WILLIAM A. BARLETTA - 10 Maribeth Drive - Johnston 9, R.l. MARIANNE BARONE - 81 Willow Street - Providence 9. R.l. JANE FRANCES BARRETT - 16 Cleveland Street — Arlington 74, Mass. ROBERT F. BARRY - 16 Westfield Street - Providence. R.l. MICHAEL JAMES BARTLETT - 24 Grove Ave nue — Cranston 10, R.l. EUGENE EDWARD BATIS - 26 Caswell Street — Narragansett, R.l. JOSEPH ROBERT BATTEY - 70 Rosemary Drive — North Kingstown, R.l. JUDITH ANN BAZARSKY - 786 Indian Avenue — Middletown, R.l. LINDA ANN BEACH - 50 Kneeland Street - Cranston 5, R.l. ARTHUR EDWARD BEAGAN - 11 Potter Drive — Providence, R.l. JERRY RAY BEAL - 56 West Warwick Avenue — West Warwick, R.l. DONNA LYNNE BEATON - 67 Jefferson Shores — Buzzards Bay, Mass. MARY JANE E. BEDARD - 63 Mt. Vernon Bou- levard — Pawtucket, R.l. DAVID CY BEEBE - 21 Case Court - Sayville, New York. BARBARA MUGDEN BELDEN - 84 Prospect Avenue — Douglaston 63, N.Y. CHARLES R. BENGTSON - 93 Hopkins Hill Road — Coventry, R.l. JAMES GEOFFROY BENOIT - 56 Robinson Way — West Warwick, R.l. RICHARD JAMES BENTO - 239 Rice Street - Pawtucket, R.l. ELIZABETH L. BENTSEN - 44 Glen Avenue - Edgewood 5. R.l. GERALD PAUL BERNSTEIN - 11 Chester Street — Newton 61, Mass. HAROLD WILLIAM BERRY - 1801 Hessian Road — Reading, Penna. RICHARD M. BETTENCOURT - 213 Detroit Avenue — Warren, R.l. RONALD GENNARO BIANCO - 103 Yorkshire Street — Providence 9, R.l. PETER KITTELL BINGHAM - 535 Court Street — Auburn, Maine. PETER HARRIS BLANK - 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue — Philadelphia, Penna. BARBARA ANNE BLOCK - Stony Lane - North Kingstown. R.l. FREYDA EDYTHE BLOOM - 98 51 65 Avenue - Forest Hills 74, N.Y. LORRAINE E. BLOOMQUIST - 49 Lakecrest Drive — Warwick, R.l. MAX ROBERT BLUM - 560 Lloyd Avenue - Providence 6, R.l. ROBERT WARREN BOEHM - 477 South Pros- pect Avenue — Bergenfield, N.J. MICHAEL MICHLUN BOESCH - 830 South Road — East Greenwich, R.l. FRANCIS PATRICK BOLAND - 469 East High Point Drive — Peoria, III. JOSEPH ANDREW BONANNO - 41Vi Oneil Street — Providence, R.l. RAYMOND A. BONVOULOIR - 141 Illinois Street — Central Falls, R.l. JOAN MARIE BOTTINO - 232 Elm Street - Newark, New Jersey. ROSTAND R. BOUCHARD, JR. - 316 Fourth Avenue — Woonsocket, R.l. Compliments of the Class of 1968 Sigma Delta Tau Founded at Cornell in 1917 Alpha Beta Chapter Established in 1947 Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University 1888 PHI TAU Established in 1961 Compliments of Merrow Hall KENNETH W. BOUDREAU - 136 Johnson Street - Pawtucket, R.l. DAVID WILLIAM BOURCIER - 983 Narragan- sett Parkway — Warwick, R.l. RONALD EUGENE BOURN - 1851 Boston Neck Road — Sanderstown, R.l. MARSHALL JOHNSON BOWEN - 1261 Cran- ston Street — Cranston, R.l. MALCOLM EUGENE BOWES - 92 Gramatan Drive — Yonkers, New York. JAMES DANIEL BOYLE - 106 Ferncrest Avenue — Cranston, R.l. KATERI C. BRADLEY - 23 Fortin Road - Kingston, R.l. NANCY BURT BRADSHAW - 632 Angell Street — Providence, R.l. KATHLEEN M. BREEN - 234 Camp Street - Providence, R.l. BEVERLY FARBER BRENNER - 2544 Notting- ham Road — Cincinnati, Ohio. JACQUELINE MARIE BRETT - 48 Auburn Street — Pawtucket, R.l. PAUL A. BRICOCCOLI - 827 Mason Street - Schenectady, New York. BETTINA BRIGHTMAN - 70 Oldham Road - West Newton, Massachusetts. CHARLOTTE FAY BROOKS - 54 Gallatin Street — Providence, R.l. FAY HOLLIS BROOMFIELD - 17 Harding Ave nue — Cranston, R.l. BARBARA JUNE BROWN - 219 Harrington Ave- nue — North Plainfield, New Jersey. CRYSTAL ANNE BROWN - 21 Union Avenue - Warwick, R.l. EDGAR SHEFFIELD BROWN - 9 Pleasant Street — Westerly, R.l. JAMES PAUL BROWN - 24 Doray Drive - Fiskeville, R.l. THOMAS JOSEPH BRUNO - 33 Hillside Avenue — Danbury, Connecticut. Compliments of Tucker Hall Hutchinson Hall Wishes The Class of 1966 Best of Luck WILLIAM W. BRYANT, JR. - 7 Stoneleigh Park — Westfield, New Jersey. ELEANOR ANN BYRNES - 60 Merry Mount Drive — Warwick, R.l. KENNETH R. BUONANNO - 89 Woodbine Street — Providence, R.l. WILLIAM ROBERT BURGESS - G 9 Research Laboratory — Schenectady, N.Y. PETER ALLAN BURNS - 14 Maple Street - North Easton, Mass. MARILYN IRENE BUSHMAN - 100 Cumberland Road — Warwick, R.l. ROBERT CHARLES BUTZIER - 157 Aspinet Drive — Warwick, R.l. EDWARD J. BUZANOWICZ - 24 Buttonwood Drive — Cranston, R.l. MARIE A. CACCHIOTTI - 137 Van Cortland Park Avenue - Yonkers, N.Y. WILLIAM FRANCIS CACI - 176 Forest Street - Winchester, Mass. DAVID C. CALDERARA - 6 Breezy Knoll Road — Greenville, R.l. Compliments of CHI OMEGA Sigma Kappa founded at Colby College in 1874 48W5 Phi Chapter established at U.R.I. in 1919 RICHARD FR ANK CAMBIO - 42 Ravenswood Avenue — Providence, R.l. JOHN ALDEN CAMERA, II - 7623 Midday Lane — Alexandria, Va. MARY LOUISE CAMPAGNA - 24 Burton Street — Bristol, R.l. UMBERTO D. CAMPANELLA - 51 Franklin Ave- nue — Cranston 9, R.l. MICHAEL BRUCE CAMPELL - 84 Roseneath Avenue — Newport, R.l. ROSEANN M. CAMPISANO - 17 Woodhaven Boulevard — North Providence, R.l. MANUAL T CANARIO, JR. - 465 Metacom Avenue — Bristol. R.l. JOAN E. CAPERONIS - 79 Lawton Avenue - Tiverton, R.l. FRANK JOSEPH CAPIZZANO - 2 Tower Street — Westerly, R.l. SANDRA LEE CARACUZZO - 227 Phemx Ave nue — Cranston, R.l. CARL LEPIO CARBONI - 125 Tower Street - Westerly. R.l. LOUIS ANTHONY CARLONE - 1 Maribeth Drive — Johnston, R.l. RANDOLPH L. CARLSON - 952 Greenville Ave- nue — Greenville, R.l. GEORGE F. CARLSTEN - 138 Albert Avenue - Cranston, R.l. GRAHAM F. CARPENTER - 114 Grove Street - Lincoln, R.l. ALLAN BURTON CARTER - 112 California Ave nue — Providence. R.l. JANICE CARY - 93 Wilshire Park - Needham, Massachusetts. NEIL EDWARD CASEY - 9 Meadowview Road - Foxboro, Massachusetts. DAVID WALTER CASPER - 1000 River Road - Lincoln, R.l. JAMES L. CAYER - 89 Victory Street - Berke ley, R.l. JOANNE C CHAHARYN - 35 Lyman Street - Woonsocket, R.l. CATHERINE CHAMBERLAIN - Quarters 405B — Governors Island, New York. DONALD LOUIS CHAMPAGNE - 1232 Tucker town Road — Wakefield, R.l. LINDA JEAN CHANDLER - Greenhaven Road — Pawcatuck, Connecticut. Compliments of Sigma Chi Compliments of Theta Chi Best Wishes to the Class of 1966 From Weldin Hall JEAN E. CHAPMAN - 248 Oak Road - Wakefield. R.l. WAYNE MOWRY CHAPMAN - 24 Woodbine Street — Cranston. R.l. RICHARD JOHN CHARLAND - 111 Waterman Avenue — North Providence, R.l. JOHN F. CHARLES. JR. - 115 West Main Street — Wickford. R.l. LOIS IRENE CHARNICK - 379 Isabella Avenue — Irvington 1. N.J. JOSEPH CHAVES - Glen Street - Portsmouth. R.l. JOHN CHILOYAN - 21 Sweetbriar Street - Providence 8, R.l. STEVE CHUBIN - 60 Flower Road - Valley Stream, N.Y. JOSEPH PETER CIMIO - Plainfield Pike - FRANK CIULLO. JR. - 128 Devonshire Street — Providence 8, R.l. JOSEPH FRANCIS CLARK - 40 School Street - Wakefield. R.l. JUDITH ANN CLARKE - 216 Highland Avenue — Warwick, R.l. JOSEPH EMERSON CODURI - 41 Oak Street - Westerly. R.l. CAROL ANN COFONE - Shelter Harbor - West erly, R.l. PATRICIA D. COGGESHALL - 34 Mount Vernon Street — R.l. MICHAEL ROBERT COHEN - 26 Warrington Street — Providence 7. R.l. LAWRENCE G. COLASANTO - 27 Newton Street — Providence 3, R.l. FREDERICK COLLONGWOOD - 3 Fowler Street Compliments of Theta Delta Chi Cranston 10. R.l. — Mansfield, Mass. Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College April 17, 1893 Beta Upsilon Chapter Established 1948 Paramount Fountain and Restaurant Supply Corp. 711 Branch Avenue Providence 4, R.l. Compliments of Federal Drugs Compliments of South County Pharmacy Best Wishes to Class of ’66 — Adams Hall Compliments of Student Senate DONNA ANN COMPAGNONE - 24 Glen Ridge Road — Cranston 10, R.l. RAYMOND D. CONFORTI - 86 Burbank Street — Cranston 7, R.l. JEFFREY DAVIS CONGDON - 37 Westbrook Road — Warwick. R.l. JAMES EDWARD CONNORS - 81 Bristol Ferry Road — Portsmouth. R.l. JOHN RICHARD CONTE - 12 Cactus Street - Providence. R.l. DOROTHY M. CONWAY - 148 General Street - Providence 4, R.l. RALPH ROMANO CORDISCO - 209 Westside Avenue — Haverstraw, N.Y. DOUGLAS C. CORNELL - 12 Knight Street - Ashway, R.l. JOHN MICHAEL CORSINI - Twin River Road - Lincoln, R.l. ROBERT J. COTE — Weekeepeemee Road — Woodbury, Conn. KAREN E. CRANDALL — 25 Hunter Avenue — Newport, R.l. Compliments of Estabrook Co. Compliments of Delta Zeta Service is our main product Wakefield Branch Co. 608 Main St. Wakefield, R.l. 783-3311 Compliments of Providence Paper Company 160 Dora nee St. Providence, R.l. 02901 NANCY R. CRAWFORD - 87 Ladd Street - East Greenwich, R.l. SIDNEY LOWELL CRAWFORD - 1571 Division Street — East Greenwich, R.l. DANIEL BRUCE CRETELLA - 94 Whitewood Drive — Cranston, R.l. PAULINE JANE CROWDER - 203 Roosevelt Hall — University Campus. FRANCIS JOSEPH CUDDY - 135 Downs Ave nue — Stamford, Connecticut. CRAIG S. CURTIS - 56 Charlotte Road - New ton, Massachusetts. JAMES ROGER CYMBALA - 384 Parkside Ave nue — Brooklyn, New York. JUDITH JACKSON CYRONAK - Scott Road - Ashton, R.l. RICHARD W. CZERWINSKI - 86 West Street - Hadley, Massachusetts. GORDON PAUL DAGLIERI - 52 Coggeshall Street — Providence, R.l. JOSEPH VITO DAMBRA - 28 Eutaw Street - Providence, R.l. ELIZABETH B. DANDREA - 37 Lincoln Avenue — West Barrington, R.l. Compliments of Acorn Linen Service Compliments of The Outlet Co. 0 OUTLET Wakefield Pharmacy GUY HUBERT DANFORTH - 1 Paquin Road - Barrington, R.l. BARBARA JOYCE DANIELS - RFD 2. Kingston Avenue — Narragansett, R.l. LORRAINE G. DANTUONO - 9 Briggs Street - Cranston, R.l. WILLIAM LINCOLN DAVIES - 99 Woodside Ave- nue - West Warwick. R.l. DOLORES RITA DAVIGNON - 150 Crest Drive - Pawtucket, R.l. HELEN HIRSCH DAVIS - 78 Mason Avenue - Cranston, R.l. CHANT MARYBETH DEAN - 44 Nispah Road - Warwick. R.l. JACK WRIGHT DEAN - 87 Orleans Street - New Bedford, Massachusetts. MERILYN LINDA DECESARE - 67 Deerfield Road — Cranston, R.l. JOSEPH ANTHONY DEFALCO - 30 Old Hook Road — Westwood, New Jersey. ROGER PAUL DEFELICE - 15 Layton Street - North Providence, R.l. George’s Restaurant The fish you ate at George’s today slept last night in Point Judith Bay Galilee. R.l. 783-2306 Normans Durfee, Prop. — with our compliments MARIA A. E. DELACERDA - 61 Grassmere Ave nue — East Providence, R.l. ROSE DIGIORGIO - 16 Gorham Place - Bristol. R.l. SHARON MARY DILLON - 81 Colonial Avenue — Cumberland, R.l. THOMAS S. DOMBROWSKY - 11 Dolphin Green — Port Washington, New York. JOHN ALAN DORCUS - 58 Gillan Avenue - Warwick, R.l. JOSEPH FRANCIS DOWD - 20 Waverly Street — Providence, R.l. BARBARA PEARSON DOWNIE - 216 Warwick Neck Avenue — Warwick, R.l. EARL HOWARD DOYLE, JR. - 124 Aborn Ave- nue — Warwick. R.l. ALAYNE BARNICOAT DREW - 130 Occupas- stuxet Road — Warwick, R.l. WALTER MELCHIOR DREW - 20 South Mead ow Lane — Barrington, R.l. LOIS ANN DRISCOLL - 49 Kelley Avenue - Rumford, R.l. JOSEPH JOHN DUBE - Elmdale Road - North Scituate, R.l. ELEANOR F. DUCHARME - Box 172 - Kings- ton, R.l. ERNEST M. DUCKWORTH, JR. - 89 Concord Avenue — Cranston, R.l. PATRICIA ANN DUFFY - 90 Davidson Road - Warwick, R.l. CARMELA B. DUFRESNE - 43 Franklin Street — Newport, R. I. SUSAN LINDA DUKSTA - 21 Park Avenue - Westerly. R.l. PHILLIP T. DUPREY - Riverside Drive - Narra- gansett, R.l. ANTHONY ROBERT DUVA - 30 King Street - North Kingstown, R.l. VIC GEORGE DVORAK - 38 Miles Standish Drive — West Hartford, Connecticut. WILLIAM EDWIN DWELLY - 35 Snuff Mill Road — Saunderstown, R.l. MICHAEL PATRICK DWYER - 7 Creighton Place — Coventry, R.l. DANIEL ROBERT DYE - 569 Waterman Avenue — East Providence, R.l. BARBARA JEAN DZIALO - 368 Hopkins Hill Road — Coventry, R.l. SHARON ELIZABETH EDDY - 30 Sunny Cove Drive — Warwick, R.l. BEVERLY JEAN EICHORN - 118 Sumter Street — Providence, R.l. MARY REBECCA EISAMAN - 15 Monadnock Road — Arlington, Massachusetts. Compliments of Charleston Rathskeller Luncheons Cocktails — Dinners Dancing Horseshoe Courts Steam bath Max Lenzner — Host HARRY ALAN EISENBERG - 128 Elton Street — Providence. R.l. USEN JAMES UDO EKA - P.O. Box 98 - Uyo. Nigeria. NANCY RUTH EKDAHL - 77 Georgia Avenue - Providence, R.l. WINNIFRED P. ELLIOT - Care of Sturdy - Har- vard. Massachusetts. CALVIN AVERY ELLIS - Victory Highway - Exe- ter. R.l. PAMELA BETH ENNIS - 229 New Meadow Road — Barrington, R.l. KAMAL ABDULLA K. ESMAIL - P.O. Box 11021 — Nairobi, Kenya. JOSEPH ALAN ESPOSITO - 342 Mt. Pleasant Avenue — Providence, R.l. GAIL GOODING ESTABROOK - 251 New Mead ow Road — Barrington, R.l. RICHARD PAUL EUDICONE - 1573 Cranston Street — Cranston, R.l. LOUISE ANNE DELISLE - 390 Crandall Road - Tiverton, R.l. JAMES HENRY DELUCA, JR. - 789 Kingstown Road — Peace Dale. R.l. KAREN ANN DELUCA - 80 Proctor Avenue - East Greenwich, R.l. JACQUES R. DESPLAINES - 385 Lydia Avenue - Woonsocket, R.L ARTHUR SABATINO DETORO - 217 Terrace Avenue — Cranston, R.l. ELAINE M. DEWOLFE - 25 Seabury Street - Providence, R.l. JAMES DAVID DIANA - 181 Ocean Road - Narragansett, R.l. JOSEPH LEO DICESARE - 267 Paradis Avenue — Woonsocket, R.l. BARBARA DICK — 64-34 Dieterle Cres. — Rego Park. New York. PHYLLIS RUTH DICKENS - 773 Taunton Ave nue — Seekonk, Massachusetts. JOHN ANTHONY DIGIOIA - 56 Upland Way - Barrington, R.l. MICHAEL JAMES DIGIOIA - 56 Upland Way - Barrington, R.l. For the best place to eat nearest campus Palmisano’s Restaurant Fine Italian Food Beer on Draft at iggy’s SHERRI ANN FABRICANT - 55 Twelfth Street — Providence, R.l. SHERRON ANN FAIR - 123 Granite Street - Westerly, R.l. ROSALIE NASON FAIRMAN - RFD 4 - Narra gansett, R.l. ELISA E. FALCIGLIA - 6 Colonial Drive - North Providence 4, R.l. ARTHUR LIGOURI FANNING - 581 East Ave nue — Pawtucket, R.l. GEORGE THOMAS FARLEY - 263 Richmond Drive — Warwick, R.l. KATHRYNE WARD FARNUM - 31 Highland Avenue — North Providence, R.l. MARSHA JOYCE FARREL - 2 Farrel Place - Rumford 16, R.l. PHILIP JAMES FARROCCO - 15 Bower Street — Cranston, R.l. LINDA RUTH FERNALD - Thorton Street - Greenville, R.l. GEORGE VINCENT FERRI - 516 George Water man Road — Johnson 9, R.l. E. AILEEN FETTER - 50 Little Rest Road - Kingston, R.l. JANET ADELLE FEYLER - 155 Grace Street - Cranston 10, R.l. DAVID BRUCE FISHER - 27 Martin Avenue - Barrington, R.l. ARTHUR STEPHEN FISHMAN - 139 Sheffield — Pawtucket, R.l. JUDITH E. FITZPATRICK - 459 Warwick Neck Avenue — Warwick, R.l. DOROTHY JEANNE FLAXMAN - 686 East Ave nue — Pawtucket, R.l. JOYCE BROWN FLETCHER - Shady Harbor - Westerly, R.l DAVID CRATSLEY FOLAND - 132 Tappan Ave nue — North Plainfield, N.J. RAYMOND BIXBEY FOLAND - 132 Tappan Avenue — North Plainfield, N.J. PAUL STEPHEN FOLLETT - Hill Road - Snug Harbor, R.l. DAVID ALBERT FORSYTHE - 73 Tappan Road — Harrington Park, N.J. ROBERT ANDREW FORTIN - Apt. 330 5300 Post Road — East Greenwich, R.l. MARCIA ELLEN FOX - 40 Pembroke Avenue - Providence, R.l. KENNETH R. FRANCESE - 3 Village Circle - Warwick, R.l. RICHARD S FRANKLIN - 147 Brunswick Drive, R.l. NANCY ANN FRASER - 2576 Oceanside Road — Oceanside, Long Island, N Y. Larchwood Snn Route 1 Wakefieid, R.l. Lunches Dinners Banquet facilities to 150 Phone 783-5434 MAUREEN R. FRECHETTE - Acres of Pine Road — Coventry Center, R.l. ANNLOIS FREEDMAN - 285 Morris Avenue - Providence, R.l. CARL ALAN FRIEDMAN - 397 Glenwood Ave nue — Pawtucket, R.l. MARK RICHARD FRIEDMAN - 58-26 2(53 Street — Bayside 64, N Y. MARY VERONICA FRIEL — 9 Lauderdale Boule- vard — Warwick, R.l. GERIANNE FULTON — 3 Woodmont Court — Barrington, R.l. ANNE ELIZABETH GABEL - 124 Oakdale Ave nue — Pawtucket, R.l. MICHAEL JOHN GAIDYS - 5 South Street - Randolph, Vt. AGNES BARBARA GARCEAU - 1 Cliffside Drive — Lincoln, R.l. Woolworth’s Roger Williams Shopping Center Wakefield, Rhode Island Your money’s worth more at Woolworth’s Best of Luck From the Class of 1969 MARY SHERIDAN GARDNER - 19 Resevoir Ave- nue — Rumford, R.l. PAUL BRYON GARDNER - Laurel Lane - Warwick, R.l. RICHARD EDWIN GAROFALO - 127 Vinton Street - Providence 9, R.l. JOHN DOWLING GASKELL - 18 Verndale Ave- nue — Providence 5, R.l. RICHARD G. GAUTHIER - 72 Ward Avenue - Westerly, R.l. ALBERT E. GENCARELLA - 97 Cross Street - Westerly, R.l. RICHARD A. GENCARELLI - 97 Cross Street - Westerly, R.l. CEVAT GENCOGLU - Resit Cad No. 6 1 7- Ankara, Turkey. WILLIAM HOWARD GENSEL - 330 Shamrock Drive — Warwick, R.l. FRANK ANTHONY GESMONDI - 60 Scituate Avenue — Johnston 9, R.l. MARCIA MARY GIARD - 211 Oakland Avenue — Pawtucket, R.l. GAIL CAROLYN GIARDINO - 124 Norfolk Street — Cranston 10. R.l. PAUL EDWARD GIBSON - 44 Conant Street - Fall River, Mass. THOMAS CLARK GIBSON - 17 Fruit Hill Ave- nue — Providence, R.l. CRISPUS WANJAHI GICHAU - Box 79 - Kiku yu. Kenya. THOMAS J. GILBERTSON - 69 Benjamin Street - Pawtucket, R.l. JOHN PETER GIORGIANNI - 1418 Chalkstone Avenue — Providence 9, R.l. LAWRENCE A. GIROUARD - 158 Wyndham Avenue — Providence 9, R.l. ANTHONY JOSEPH GIUNTA - 64 Freese Street - Providence 8. R.l. CARY MARC GLASSER - 229-03 58 Avenue - Bayside 64. N Y. RICHARD JOSEPH GLODZIK - 7 Fales Street - Central Falls, R.l. Compliments of South County Rhode Island Camera Fish Company Inc. 4 Robison St. Wakefield, R.l. Scuncio Chevrolet, Inc. 400 Main Street Wakefield, R.l. 783-3396 Prov. TU 4-2420 Thanks too all of those Chevrolet — Chevelle — Chevy II Corvair — Corvette — Trucks who have helped Sales — Service the Grist JOSEPH GRAHAM GLYNN - 19 Greene Street — Pawtucket, R.l. KENNETH BRADFROD GOFF - 32 Pilgrim Drive — Warwick, R.l. PETER LEWIS GOFFIN - 55 Anchor Court - West Babylon, N.Y. MARSHA P. GOLDBERG - 415 Washington Street — Brookline 46, Mass. MARCIA SIMONE GOLDEN - 230 Central Ave nue — Lawrence, N.Y. ALLAN STEVEN GOLDMAN - 138-20 230th Place — Laurelton 13, N.Y. MARJORIE ELLEN GOLDMAN - 217 Summit Avenue — Providence 6, R.l. NANCY ELLEN GOLDMAN - 909 Webster Ave nue — New Rochelle, N.Y. ALFRED F. GOLDSTEIN - 96 Chestnut Street - Lynbrook, N.Y. JANET ANITA GONSALVES - 172 Bay Street - Providence 5, R.l. PATRICIA MARY GORMAN - Brookhaven Road - North Kingston, R.l. GEORGE HENRY GORMLEY - 98 Sunny Cove Drive — Warwick, R.l. MEREDITH LEE GOWELL - 1311 Kingstown Road — Kingston, R.l. MARILYN G. GRAF — 4 Greenwich Avenue — Bonnet Shores, R.l. RICHARD NEIL GRANAT - 257 Cedarhurst Ave nue — Cedarhurst, N.Y. BROOKE GRANT - R.F.D. 1 - Bradford. R.l. MARY ANN GRAY - 475 Thames Street - New port, R.l. JAMES HENRY GREEN - 10 Omaha Blvd. - Warwick, R.l. STEPHEN ELLIOT GREENE - 237 Wall Street - Kingston, New York. VIRGINIA JEAN GREENE - 523 Cottage Street — Pawtucket, R.l. MALCOLM N. GREENSTEIN - 66 Sunset Ter race — Cranston 5, R.l. South County Sand and Gravel Company North Road Peace Dale, R.l. 783-4741 783-5194 Ready Mix Concrete Hot and Cold Mixes Asphalt Paving Asphalt Plant Sand - Gravel - Loam Compliments of Narragansett Times Wakefield, R.l. Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of South County Peacedale, R.l. Compliments of University Book Store we’re not satisfied unless you are University Dining Services GERALDINE GRIFFIN - 126 Perry Street - Central Falls, R.l. MARGERY E. GRIFFIN — 34 Howard Avenue — Pascoag, R.l. BARBARA KOONS GRIFFITH - Griffith Road - Saunderstown, R.l. BETTY KAREN GRONQUIST - 17 Wildwood Avenue — Providence 7, R.l. NORMAN GROSS — 118 Eaton Street — Provi- dence 8. R.l. GERALD GROSSBERG - 175 Potters Avenue - Providence 5, R.l. MARIE FRANCES GROSSETO - 216 Beechwood Avenue — Roosevelt, New York. ELIZABETH J. GROTON - Harvey Road R.F.D. — Stonington, Connecticut. EILEEN E. GRUNDY - Indian Lake - Wakefield. R.l. Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Washington Jefferson College in 1848 Established at URI in 1950 Compliments Bressler Hall of Congratulations to the Class of 1966 Men’s Commuters Association Best Wishes to the Class of 1966 From Browning Hall SHEILA MAE GUARNIERE - 24 Doran Avenue — Bristol, R.l. CALVIN A. GUDMUNDSON - 31 Charles Street — Putnam, Connecticut. WALTER G. GUFFEY - 1124 Massachusetts Avenue — Cambridge 38, Massachusetts. ANGELO EUGENE GUIDO - 2454 Mermaid Ave nue — Wantagh, New York. RUSSELL ETHAN HABER - 55 Holly Lane - Roslyn Heights, New York. SUSAN JEAN HABIG - 12 Congressional Pkwy. — Livingston, NJ. JOYCE ANN HACKING - 149 Angell Road - Cumberland, R.l. DAVID WILLIAM HADDAD - 121 Magill Street — Pawtucket, R.l. NORMA H. HAGIST - R.F.D. 1 - Saunders- town, R.l. JUDITH ELLEN HALE - 151 Elm Street - North Attleboro, Mass. JOSEPH BRUCE HALLWORTH - 39 Booth Ave- nue — Pawtucket, R.l. PAUL W. HALTENBERGER - 37 Park Forest Road — Cranston, R.l. FLORENCE W. HAMAN - Ferry Road - Old Lyme, Conn. JOEL DENNIS HANIG - 3 Wayland Road - Plainview, N Y. ROBERT VINCENT HANNAN - Hope Furnace Road — Hope, R.l. JOAN PATRICIA HARDIE - 26 Farragut Avenue — Providence 5, R.l. THOMAS AUSTIN HARDIE - 26 Farragut Ave nue — Providence 5, R.l. DONNA SUSAN HARDMAN - Colony Drive - Blauvelt, N.Y. CHARLES J. HAROOTUNIAN - 115 Sumter Street — Providence, R.l. RICHARD ALLAN HARRALL - 49 Toronto Ave nue — Providence 5, R.l. PRISCILLA RUTH HARRIS - Harris Road - Es- mond 17, R.l. JOHN SHEFFIELD HARROP - 3 Cove Road - Coventry, R.l. MARTIN JOSEPH HARTIGAN - 142 Chambly Avenue — Warwick, R.l. GEORGE EDWARD HAVEY - 25 Edwin Street - West Barrington, R.l. ROBERT WILLIAM HAVEY - 28 Sims Street - Newport, R.l. DANA BROWN HAWES - 21 Highland Street - Cranston 9, R.l. VIRGINIA H HEFFERNAN - 31 Bay View Ave nue — Bristol Ferry, R.l. JOAN LOUISE HELBRAUN - Prospect Avenue — Peekskill, N.Y. DIANE HEMMERLE - 270 Garden City Drive - Cranston 10. R.l. DENNIS GERARD HEMOND - 58 LeFrancois Boulevard — Woonsocket, R.l. MURIEL SUSAN HENRING - 221 83 Manor Road - Queens Village 27, N.Y. RONALD GERARD HEROUX - 130 Illinois Street — Central Falls, R.l. ANN LESLIE HIRSCH - 620 East 20 Street - New York 9, N.Y. MARSHA GAIL HODGKINSON - 27 Shippen Avenue — Warwick, R.l. NANCY M. HOLDSWORTH - 132 High Street - Bristol. R.l. MARILYN RUTH HOLENPORT - 39 Lane Park — Brighton, Mass. SANDRA GREMOUR HORAN - Slocum Road - Slocum. R.l. ROBERT CHARLES HOULE - 11 Salem Drive - North Providence 4, R.l. JOACHIM HOURIHAN - 182 Phibsboro Road - Dublin, Ireland. STEPHEN RAND HOWE - Sullivan Harbor, Maine. WILLIAM JOSEPH HUDSON - 571 Putnam Ave- nue — Greenville, R.l. HENRY THOMAS HUNT - 312 Front Street - Lincoln, R.l. ALI GHALIB M. HUSSAIN - A Rasheed Street - Baghdad, Iraq. MARY ANNE HUSZCZA - 32 Grafton Street - Newport, R.l. MARSHA ANN IACOI - Penstom Street - Westerly, R.l. ANDREA ANTONIA IMONDI - 219 Ann Street — Cumberland, R.l. MARY JANE INGALLS - 69 Claypool Drive - Warwick. R.l. ELAINE JOAN ISRAEL - 83-37 Saint James Avenue — Elmhurst, N.Y. LUBA BOMA ISRAEL - 47 Warrington Street - Providence, R.l. JUDITH ANN ISSA - 44 Fletcher Street - Cen- tral Falls, R.l. BRIAN ROBERT JACKSON - Farnum Pike - Esmond 17, R.l. DAWN DARLING JACKSON - 4 Oak Street - Esmond, R.l. GLORIA LOUISE JACKSON - 54 Hall Avenue - Newport, R.l. CARL NORMAN JACOBSON - Maple Root Trailer Park — Coventry, R.l. STEVEN DAVID JACOBSON - 82 Sackett Street — Providence, R.l. CAROLYN MARY JAMES - 24 Tamarack Drive — East Greenwich, R.l. MICHAEL DAVID JANVRIN - 6 Nantucket Ave nue — Swampscott, Mass. STUART RUSSEL JENKINS - 255 Roger Wil- liams Avenue — East Providence 16, R.l. JOSEPH WEST JOHNSON - 9 Irving Street - Norwood, Mass. MARY F JOHNSON - 21 Rockland Street - Narragansett, R.l. RICHARD EDWARD JONES - Box 9 - North Kingstown, R.l. K. GEORGE JOOVELEGIAN - 55 Riverfarm Road — Cranston, R.l. CHARLES C. KALASINSKY - 50 Alvin Street - Providence, R.l. JACK GEORGE KALAYDJIAN - 20 Eleusis Camp Ceasar — Alexandria, Egypt, UAR. THOMAS PAUL KANSAS - 179 Julia Street - Cranston, R.l. CHRIS LOUIS KATSETOS - U.S. Naval Acade my — Annapolis, Maryland. THOMAS JOSEPH KEARNS - 22 Palm Street - Pawtucket, R.l. JOHN CHARLES KEEFE - 43 Hardwick Street — Warwick, R.l. JANICE EDNA KELLY - 38 Bowen Street - Cumberland, R.l. NANCY RITA KELLY - 85 Thurston Street - Riverside 15, R.l. PHYLLIS KELVIN - 172 Jewett Street - Provi- dence 8. R.l. ROBERT L. KENDRICK - 9 Crescent Street - Providence 7, R.l. DAVID ROGER KENNEDY - 144 Circuit Drive — Warwick, R.l. CAROLYN MARIE KENNY - Boston Neck Road — Narragansett, R.l. NANCY ANN KENYON - Old Point Judith Road — Narragansett, R.l. STEPHANIE KEREAZIS - Old Jaffrey Road - Peterborough, New Hampshire. JANETH MAY KERSHAW - 39 Lockhaven Road — Warwick, R.l. ADU GYAMFI KESE - 1309 Kingstown Road - Kingston, R.l. JOHN ALTON KEYES - 208 Hilton Road - Warwick. R.l. EILEEN FRANCES KIERNAN - 618 Smithfield Avenue — Lincoln, R.l. ROBERT KINDERLEHRER - 27 South West Street — Allentown, Pennsylvania. ROBERT E. KITTREDGE - 20 Power Road - Pawtucket, R.l. STEPHEN R. KLUESS - 57 East Stanton Ave nue — Baldwin, New York. FAITH LEE KNERR - P.O. Box 24 - Wyoming, R.l. ROBERT WILLARD KNIGHT - 303 Grove Ave- nue — Warwick, R.l. PAUL JOSEPH KOKOLSKY - 39 Idaho Street - Coventry, R.l. CHERYL ANN KOLB - 69 Burgoyne Drive - Warwick, R.l. ROBERT ALLEN KOLB - 175 Calaman Road - Cranston 10, R.l. HELEN ANN KORTICK - 124 Paine Avenue - Cranston 10, R.l. ARTHUR LOUIS KRAMER - 494 East Avenue - Pawtucket, R.l. MICHAEL PAUL KRAMER - 2705 Avenue I - Brooklyn 10, New York. CAROL LEE KUBECK - 31 Woodland Drive - Huntington, New York. ROBERT HOWARD KUHN - Plains Road - Kingston, R.l. LAWRENCE EDWARD KULICK - Victory High- way — Mapleville, R.l. WALTER R. KUNZMANN. JR. - 9 Crocus Drive — Cranston 10, R.l. RONALD JAY KUPFERMAN - 344 Barnard Ave- nue — Cedarhurst, New York. RONALD A. KUSHNIR - 90 Hadde Avenue - Cumberland, R.l. NORMAN MICHAEL LABUTTI - 103 Sherman Avenue — North Providence, R.l. ROBERT BRUCE LAFRANCE - 56 Dahlia Drive — North Kingstown, R.l. JOHN HALL LAHOUD - 213 Eustis Avenue - Newport, R.l. RONALD DAVIS LAIME - Round Top Road - Harrisville, R.l. FREDERICK ANTHONY LAMB - 11 Spruce Street - Westerly, R.l. DONALD HECTOR LAMBERT - 18 Bourne Ave nue — Tiverton, R.l. SALLY ROLFE LAMBERT - 2801 Rosecrans Street — San Diego, California. WILLIAM JOHN LAPIN - 117 Aurora Drive - Warwick. R.l. RONALD MAURICE LAREAU - 672 Henderson Street — Sumter, South Carolina. FREDERICK DAVID LARKIN - Veal Street - Weekapaug, R.l. MARIE LOUISE LAROCCA - 18 Vervena Street — Cranston 9, R.l. DANIEL S. LASS - 123 Daggett Avenue - Pawtucket, R.l. RUTH EDNA LATOUR - 45 Manville Avenue - Manville, R.l. ROBERT EUGENE LAURENCE - 323 Prome- nade Avenue — Warwick, R.l. JEAN ANN LAUTRUP - 51 The Village Green - Williamsville, New York. HERBERT JAMES LAWSON - 144 Verndale Avenue — Providence, R.l. DANIEL PAUL LECLAIR - Box 58C Kelton Street — Gardner, Massachusetts. JACQUELINE F. LECUYER - 38 South Main Street — Coventry, R.l. GERALD KWONG LEE - 23B Ventris Road - Hong Kong. IRENE ELAINE LEGEROS - 28 Greensht Avenue — Pawtucket, R.l. NANCY VICTORIA LEGEROS - 28 Greenslit Avenue - Pawtucket, R.l. MARY E. LEMMIS - 59 Gaspee Point Drive - Warwick, R.l. ELAINE AUDREY LEONARD - 163 Rutherglen Avenue — Providence 7, R.l. ANTHONY LEPIZZERA - 1708 Cranston Street — Cranston, R.l. CAMEILLE MARIE LEPORE - 1771 Atwood Ave- nue — Johnston, R.l. MYRNA RICHEL LEVINE - 79 Piccadilly Road — Great Neck. New York. IRA EUGENE LEW - 10 West Park Street - Providence 8, R.l. WALTER W. LIBENSON - 2 Willowbrook Lane — Freeport, New York. ANNE MARILYN LIGUORI - 33 Cross Street - Westerly. R.l. DONNA LEE LINDEMANN - 123 Merry Mount Drive — Warwick, R.l. GAIL ELIZABETH LOGAN - 18 Eton Road - Barrington, R.l. SIDNEY DENISE LONG - 224 Carroll Avenue - Newport, R.l. ANDREW JOSEPH LOUGHLIN - 71 Ferncrest Drive — Pawtucket, R.l. GEORGE WILLIAM LOW - 344 Tedewater Drive — Warwick, R.l. FRANK LEWENTHAL - 345 East 73rd Street — New York, N Y JANET MARY LOWERY - 20 Auburn Street - Pawtucket, R.l. JOAN CAROLYN LUDWIG - 89 Hillman Avenue — Glen Rock, N.J. JOHN DEWEY LUTES - Benham Road - Charlestown, R.l. DAVID PHILLIP LYNCH - 12 Lynde Street - Providence, R.l. JEREMIAH JOSEPH LYNCH - 87 Garfield Ave- nue — Providence, R.l. JAMES JOSEPH LYONS - Middlebridge Road - Wakefield, R.l. JANICE CARIGNAN LYONS - Middlebridge Road — Wakefield, R.l. JOHN DANIEL MACDONALD - 56 Spring Street — East Greenwick, R.l. JAMES W. MACLAUGHLIN - 35 Ayrault Street — Newport. R.l. WILLIAM EARLE MADISON - 760 Boston Neck Road — North Kingstown, R.l. RONALD B. MAGGIACOMO - 44 Vale Avenue - Cranston, R.l. FRANCIS J. MAITLAND, JR. - 131 Greenley Street — Pawtucket. R.l. JAMES BRADFORD MALCOLM - P.O. Box 141 — Peace Dale, R.l. EUGENE BRIAN MALLEN - Conant Avenue - Narragansett, R.l. ALBERT PETER MANN I - 16 Chester Avenue - Cranston, R.l. CAROL JEAN MANSEAU - 388 Minerva Avenue — Cumberland, R.l. GEORGE MYRON MANYAN - 39 Norwich Ave nue — Providence, R.l. SAMNANG MAR — Sithon Direction Mines P — Penk, Cambodia. CAROL M. MARCELINO - 380 Madison Avenue — New York. N.Y. ALLEN ROBERT MARCHANT - 37 Serrel Sweet Road — Johnston, R.l. EDWARD M. MARCHETTI - 55 Hyde Street - Cranston, R.l. PATRICIA RAE MARLAND - P.O. Box 538 - Slatersville, R.l. STEVEN J. MARQUES - 51 Chestnut Street - FairHaven, Mass. TERRANCE MARTIESIAN - 18 Hobart Avenue — Provid ence, R.l. JOHN A. MARTIGNETTI - 1923 West 11 Street — Brooklyn, N.Y. JOSEPH LEO MARTIN - 5 Downer Street - Pawcatuck, Conn. RICHARD ANDREW MARTIN - 25 Yates Street — Lincoln, R.l. RONALD JOSEPH MARTIN - 25 Yates Street - Lincoln, R.l. NANCY BLANCHE MASON - 72 Wilson Garden Apts. Framingham, Mass. RONALD MASSA - 4 Wilson Street - Bristol. R.l. WILLIAM WALLACE MASUCK - 101 Arland Drive — Pawtucket, R.l. MARY THERESA MATOS - 119 Granite Street — Westerly. R.l. RICHARD ARTHUR MAISON - 91 Cameron Street — Pawtucket, R.l. WILLIAM THOMAS MATTHEW - 114 Wood Street — Coventry, R.l. CAROLE HAZARD MAY - 318 Griswold Street — Glastonbury. Conn. LEO LAURENT MAYNARD - 20 Edge Street - West Warwick, R.l. LUCIE MAZMANIAN - 119 Orms Street - Providence, R.l. MARIUS F MAZMANIAN - 199 Orms Street - Providence, R.l. GERALD MAZOR — 20 Bennington Street — Newton, Mass. GEORGE JOSEPH MCCABE - 1008 Hope Street — Providence, R.l. GEORGE FRANK MCCAHEY - 72 Sorrento Street — Providence, R.l. CAROL L. MCCORKINDALE - 44 Beechwood Road — Florham Park, N.J. EUGENE PAUL MCDERMOTT - Chestnut Ave nue — Narragansett, R.l. DAVID ALAN MCDONNELL - 45 Lebaron Drive — East Greenwich, R.l. ROBERT ALLIN MCFARLAND - Clark Avenue — Misquamicut, R.l. CHARLES D. MCGARRY - 84 Oak Street - Providence, R.l. DENNIS C. MCGOVERN - 141 Grand Street - Jersey City, N.J. PATRICIA F. MCHUGH - 444 Broadway - Newport, R.l. CAROLYN RUTH MCIVER - 70 Pickering Street — Needham, Mass. HERBERT GEORGE MCKAY - 74 Boon Street - Narragansett, R.l. ALAN LANGDON MCKINNON - 12 Railroad Avenue — Peace Dale, R.l. JAMES MCMAHON - 229 Andrews Avenue - West Warwick, R.l. ROBERT R. MCNERNEY - 15 Bart Drive - Pawtucket, R.l. DAVID ERNEST MEEKINGS - Box 221 - Kings- ton, R.l. JOSEPH BISHOP MELLEN - 37 Fairmont Ave- nue — Pawtucket, R.l. DAWNE JUDITH MELLOR - Old Louisquissett Pike — Lincoln, R.l. BARBARA L. MERRILL - 627 Warren Avenue - Seekonk, Mass. BARBARA LYNN MESHEKOW - 3010 Grand Concourse — Bronx, N.Y. MICHEL MESSIER - 24 Fortin Road - Kings- ton, R.l. RONALD ALBERT MESSIER - 64 Coventry Drive — Coventry, R.l. MARIS MEZS - 15 Melrose Street - East Greenwich, R.l. JAMES A. MICHALENKA - 40 Privet Street - Pawtucket, R.l. DAVID BARRETT MILLER - 15 Miles Avenue - Pawtucket. R.l. ELMER F. MILLER - 98 New London Avenue - West Warwick. R.l. NANCY BERGER MILLER - 106 Winsor Avenue — North Kingstown, R.l. STANLEY M. MILLER - 94 Sackett Street - Providence, R.l. STEPHEN NORMAN MILLER - 22 Green Street — Pawtucket, R.l. EDWIN LOUIS MOBERG - 78 Coit Avenue - West Warwick. R.l. LIDO JOHN MOCHETTI - 9 Narragansett Ave nue - Westerly, R.l. MARCIA C. MOJKOWSKI - 528 Cottage Street — Pawtucket, R.l. JAMES PIERCE MOONEY - 514 Nanaquaket Road — Tiverton, R.l. PATRICIA A. MOONEY - 260 Tanglewood Drive — East Greenwich, R.l. MOSES M. MOORE - 593 Wood Street - Bris tol, R.l. RONALD ALAN MORRA - 344 Bucklin Street - Providence, R.l. GLEN JOSEPH MORRIS - 450 Atlantic Avenue — Warwick, R.l. Carol Studios Inc. 80 Atlantic Ave. Linbrook, N.Y. Official School Photographers LINDA ANN MORROW - 77 Garfield Road - West Hartford, Conn. ROBERT EARL MORTON - 68 Fostmere Court — Warwick. R.l. MARILYN JOYCE MOWRY - 100 Girard Road - Cumberland Hill, R.l. JOHN SEBASTIAN MUGERWA - Box 153 - Lu- gazi, Uganda. WALTER WARREN MUNROE - 58 Almy Street — Newport, R.l. TERRENCE F. MURPHY - 17 Manning Street - Pawtucket, R.l. RITA BARBARA MURRAY - 31 Standish Road — Jamestown, R.l. JANE COHEN MUSHNICK - Pleasant Gardens — Jackson. N.J. JOHN HAROLD MUSTO - 903 Tiogue Avenue — Coventry, R.l. RICHARD TOOFIK NAHAS - 25 Woodbine Street — Pawtucket. R.l. CATHERINE LYNN NARDONE - 50 Highland Avenue — Westerly, R.l. ROBERT O. NAULT - 45 Patience Court - Warwick. R.l. VINCENT NAVE — 20 Bennett Street - North Providence, R.l. ROBERT SVEN NELSON - 185 Bluff Road - Cranston, R.l. BRUCE CORNICK NETTEN - Resevoir Circle - Jamestown, R.l. DONALD NEVIUS - 110 Freeman Street - Nor ton, Mass. WILLIAM G. NICHOLS - 38 Seaview Avenue - Wakefield, R.l. LEROY E. NORDSTROM - 740 Willow Street - Cranford, N.J. JOYCE CLAIRE NOVICK - 15 Bliss Road - Newport, R.l. ARTHUR RICHARD NUNES - 392 North Main Street — Attleboro, Mass. ANN CAROL OBER - 47 Arthur Street - War wick, R.l. JAMES DENNIS OCONNELL - 861 Narragan sett Parkway — Warwick, R.l. PATER JOSEPH OCONNEL - 3 Webster Street — Newport, R.l. THOMAS V. ODONNELL - 45 Ardmore Avenue — Providence, R.l. SAMUEL ASUGUO OFFIONG - c o Fed Vet Res — Vom, Nigeria. JAMES AMBROSE OHARA - 33 Kersey Road - Peace Dale, R.l. FRANCIC M. OLIVEIRA - 100 Sprague Street - Portsmouth, R.l. CHARLES WOLD OLSEN - 79 Second Street - Park Ridge, N.J. KENNETH OTTO OLSON - William Street - East Greenwich, R.l. LINDA JANE ONEIL - 19 Henry Street - Cranston, R.l. WILLIAM ROBERT ONOSKO - 11 Gregory Street - Wakefield. R.l. CHESLEY ORIEL - 10 Clarendon Avenue - Providence, R.l. LOUIS JOSEPH OTHOTE - 324 North Forest Avenue — Rockville Centre, N.Y. ANN ELIZABETH PACHECO - 77 Humbert Ave nue — Cranston, R.l. JOHN MANUEL PACHECO - 158 Bay View Ave nue — Bristol, R.l. KAROLYN MATHER PADDOCK - Camden Road — Bonnet Shores, R.l. WILLIAM SHAW PADDOCK - 77 Markwood Drive — Barrington, R.l. PATRICIA ANN PAGE - 73 Fairway Lane - Warwick, R.l. ARTHUR CLARKE PAINE - 64 Scarsdale Street — Warwick, R.l. LANA JEAN PALMER — 105 Beacon Avenue - Warwick, R.l. JOHN PETER PANAGAKO - 504 Broadway - Newport, R.l. VINCENT THOMAS PANTAS - Cove View Ave nue — Riverside, Conn. CONSTANCE V. PARENTE - 291 Mayfield Ave nue — Cranston, R.l. CHRISTINE H. PERREAULT - Route 138 - West Kingston, R.l. JACQUELINE JEAN PERRI - 3 Top Street - Westerly. R.l. ARTHUR NELSON PETERSON - 131 09 224 Street - New York, N.Y. FRANKLIN J. PETERSON - 131 09 224 Street — Laurelton, N.Y. ALDA MARIE PETRARCA - 14 Maywood Drive — West Warwick, R.l. DANIEL RALPH PETTELLA -114 Bernon Street — Providence, R.l. JEFFREY NEAL PHILLIPS - 21 Linden Drive - West Warwick, R.l. LOUISE STEVENS PIKE - 10 Spring Street - East Greenwich, R.l. WILLIAM G. PIMENTAL - 41 Bedlow Avenue - Newport, R.l. ANTONIO JOSEPH PIRES - 120 Mineral Spring Avenue — Pawtucket. R.l. MARILYN ESTHER PLACE - 83 Taft Street - Edgewood, R.l. CYPRIEN JOSEPH PLOURDE - 20 Glenbndge Avenue — Providence, R.l. ROBERT JOHN POHOLEK - 196 Pine Street - Attleboro. Mass. ANNE LIIS K. POLAK - 141-23 Coolidge Ave nue — Briarwood, N.Y. FRANK BENEDICT POLAK - 141 23 Coolidge Avenue — Briarwood, N.Y. JAY DAVID POLISH - 11 Flint Place - Elmont, N.Y. SHEILA POLLINGER - 1352 East 52nd Street — Brooklyn, N.Y. GEORGE THORNDIKE POOR - Box 33 Ladd School — Exeter, R.l. EDWARD POPKIN - 181 Knollwood Avenue - Cranston, R.l. SUZANNE POTTER - Potter Road - North Kingstown, R.l. DOROTHEE A. POULIN - 338 Washington Street — West Warwick, R.l. KATHERINE T. POWERS - 3 Bowery Street - Newport, R.l. MICHAEL ALBERT PRASSO - 16 Willow Avenue — Middletown, R.l. GEORGE ANDREW PRETE - 8 Summer Street — Westerly, R.l. FRANK BRADFORD PRIDE - 582 Kingstown Road — Peace Dale, R.l. PAUL MICHOLAS PROTO - 1246 Hope Street — Bristol, R.l. ALBERT GORDON PROVOST - 10 Sack Street — North Providence, R.l. KENNETH DALE PRYOR - 20 Woodhill Drive - Cranston, R.l. JAMES LLOYD QUINBY - 520 Ft. Washington Avenue — Penna. CLARE JEAN RACINE - Reservoir Road - Pas coag, R.l. KATHLEEN S. RADICE - 8 Hoffman Place - Newport, R.l. MARY LU RADOCCIA — 55 Dartmouth Avenue — Warwick, R.l. FRED NORMAN RAISNER - 65 Payton Street — Providence, R.l. CLINTON EDWARD RAMSDEN - 94 Main Ave nue — Warwick, R.l. ROGER SUMNER RANDALL - River Street - Halifax, Mass. JOHN JOSEPH RAPCZAK - 96 Merchant Street — North Providence, R.l. ALAN RAPOZA - 54 Taft Street - Anthony, R.l. CARYL FRANCINE RAPP - 7 The Rise - Wood bury, N.J. MARTIN JAY RATNER - 372 Central Park West — New York, N.Y. KATHLEEN L. RAWDON - 21 Union Avenue - North Providence, R.l. MARCIA BEVERLY REBACK - 667 Hope Street — Providence, R.l. JEAN ALEXIS REDSTONE - 106 Charch Avenue — Warwick, R.l. JOHN DUNCAN REED - 385 Revere Street - Winthrop, Mass. MARY ELIZABETH REGO - 184 Bay View Ave- nue — Bristol, R.l. THOMAS QUSTIN REILLY - 2728 Pawtucket Avenue — East Providence. R.l. ROBERT JOSEPH RELLI - 1595 Phenix Avenue — Cranston, R.l. KATHLEEN H. RENGIGAS - 11 Lisbon Street - Providence. R.l. EDWARD FRANCIS RENOLA - 67 Metropolitan Road — Providence, R.l. STANLEY RICHARD REUTER - 81 Marion Ave- nue — Providence, R.l. GREGORY F. REYNOLDS - 8 Terrence Court - West Warwick, R.l. ALFRED JOSEPH RICCI - 35 Covell Street - Providence, R.l. ROBERT LOUIS RICCI - 17 Tuxedo Avenue - Providence, R.l. BARBARA RICHARDS - P.O. Box 146 - Shan- nock, R.l. MARCIA ROSE RICHARDSON - 405 Auburn Street — Cranston, R.l. WILLIAM ALBERT RICHKUS - 1242 Baker Street - Hillside. N.J. TERRY WARD RICKEY - 120 Regent Avenue - Providence, R.l. MITCHELL S. RIFFKIN - 26 Glen Drive - Provi- dence, R.l. DAVID PARK - 196 Congress Avenue - Provi dence, R.l. KENNETH LEE PARKER - 815 Ocean Parkway — Brooklyn. N.Y. WARREN E. PECK - 30 Upper College Road - Kingston, R.l. MARIAN RUTH PEIRCE - 36 Pavillion Avenue — Rumford, R.l. JUDITH ANNE PELCHAT - 143 Mill Street - Cumberland, R.l. SALVATORE M. PELLA - 1280 Smith Street - Providence, R.l. GARY MEDRICK PERKINS - Clubhouse Road - Coventry, R.l. MARCIA ANN RIGEL - 2751 Sherbrooke Road — Shaker Heights, Ohio. JAMES EDWARD RILEY - 264 Greenslitt Ave nue — Pawtucket, R.l. LINDA SUE RILEY - 34 Tatum Drive - Middle town, N.J. SANDRA CHRISTINA RILEY - 55 South Bend Street — Pawtucket. R.l. ROBERT FRANCIS RISIO - 191 Mauran Avenue — East Providence, R.l. LAWRENCE S. RITTENBERG - RFD 4 Knowles way - Point Judith, R.l. BRUCE W. ROBERTS - 189 Hunts Avenue - Pawtucket, R.l. JEFFREY A. ROBERTSHAW - 225 Providence Pike — Slatersville, R.l. LINDA RUTH ROBINSON - 12 Tucker Street - Natick, Mass. JOEL DAVID ROBRISH - 282 Hamilton Street — Providence, R.l. ANTHONY W. ROCCHIO, JR. - 12 Virginia Lane — Providence, R.l. MARILYN LEE ROCKE - 70 Alfred Drowne Road — West Barrington, R.l. BEVERLY ANN RODINSKY - 9 Rhodes Avenue — Cranston, R.l. ANDREA C. COOPER ROGERS - 293 Prome nade Avenue — Warwick, R.l. JAMES MILLER ROGERS - 69 Timberline Road — Warwick, R.l. MARY LOU ROHRBERG - 235 North Indiana Avenue — Watertown, New York. JOHN GEORGE ROMANOFF - Bailey Hill Road — Wyoming, R.l. JOHN DIANNE RONDEAU - 135 Fourth Street — Providence, R.l. JONATHAN WHIPPLE ROSE - Gilbert Stuart Road — Saunderstown, R.l. JOSEPH RICHARD ROSE - 9 Rose Avenue - Westerly, R.l. CHARLES PETER RUPACZ - 164 Hendrick Street — Providence, R.l. RICHARD DANIEL RYDER - Hartford Pike RFD 1 — Chepachet, R.l. JAMES DENNIS RYLANDS - 235 Walcott Street — Pawtucket. R.l. FRANKLIN J. RZEPECKI - 387 England Street — Cumberland, R.l. JANET S. SACCOCCIA — 1 Princeton Avenue — Coventry, R.l. STEVEN JOEL SAFT - 180 Canterbury Gate - Lynbrook, N.Y. PAMELA ANN SALISBURY - 9 Columbia Ave- nue — Warwick, R.l. WILSON L. SALISBURY - Elmdale Road - North Scituate, R.l. VAHE SAMOORIAN - 84 Enfield Street - Provi- dence. R.l. DOUGLAS ALLEN SARAPIN - 15 Irvington Place - Clifton. N.J. JUDITH MILLS SAVIAGE - Albion Road - Lin- coln, R.l. ANN VANCE SAWIN - Bradford Hill Road - Plainfield, Conn. WILLIAM C. SCANLON - 283 South Main Street — Coventry, R.l. ANN MAE SCHEITHAUER - RFD 1 Box 143 - Canton, Conn. BARBARA GAIL SCHLEIFER - 162 Emeline Street — Providence, R.l. WALTER J. SCHOLES, JR. - 26 Toppa Blvd. - Newport, R.l. MELVIN SCHRIEBERG - 205 West Hudson Ave- nue — Englewood. N.J. PETER JOSEPH SCHULTZ - 25 Brooksite Drive — Smithtown, N.Y. CAROL TERESA SCHULZ - 1195 Smith Street — Providence, R.l. FREDERIC W. SCHWARTZ. JR. - 338 Rocham beau Avenue — Providence, R.l. EDMUND C. SCIARRETTA - 89 Imera Avenue — Providence, R.l. RITA CATHLEEN SCORPIO - 110 Merritt Road — Riverside. R.l. JOSEPH LOUIS SCOTTO - 178 Ortoleva Drive — Providence, R.l. ALFRED JOSEPH SCULCO - Ocean View Drive — Watch Hill. R.l. EILEEN MARIE SCULLY - 179 Kendall Boule vard — Oaklyn, N.J. DAVID CHARLES SEAVEY - 17 Savoie Street - Bedford, N.H. WALTER W. SEPE - 51 Cumerford Street - Providence, R.l. SHARON LEE SEVERIN - 22 Elmcrest Drive - Pawtucket. R.l. WILLIAM B. SHANNON - 488 Overbrook Road — Ridgewood, N.J. ELIZABETH F. SHEEHAN - 196 Blackstone Blvd. — Providence, R.l. SANDRA SHERMAN - 230 Waldron Avenue - North Kingstown, R.l. EDWARD LEO SHUNNEY - 37 Rhode Island Avenue — Pawtucket. R.l. FRANCES M. SIKONSKI - 16 Oakwood Avenue — Lincoln, R.l. JACK MICHAEL SILVER - 15 Mather Avenue - Cranston, R.l. SANDRA DIANE SILVERMAN - 77 Cold Brook Drive — Cranston, R.l. CYNTHIA LOUISE SIMMONS - 1998 West Main Road — Middletown, R.l. ROBERT L. SIMMONS - 44 Rolling Acres Drive — Cumberland, R.l. ELIZABETH LEE SIMPSON - 24 Algonquin Road — Rumford, R.l. JOHN MAJOR SIMPSON - 330 Columbia Ave- nue — Warwick, R.l. GERTRUDE E. SINCLAIR - 3 Mackenzie Road — Waterford, Conn. ANTHONY ALBERT SIVO - 34 Vigilant Street - Cranston, R.l. SUZANNE S. SLADER - 12 South (toad - Kingston, R.l. CHRISTINE B. SLONINA - 40 Locust Park - Albany, N.Y. ELLEN STEVENS SMART - 10 Bayberry Road — Kingston, R.l. COLVIN WHITNEY SMITH - 33 Standard Ave nue — West Warwick, R.l. GEORGE BERTRAM SMITH - 59 Sumner Ave- nue — Cranston, R.l. IRA AUSTIN SMITH - 49 North Road - Peach Dale. R.l. JAMES WILLIAM SMITH - 125 High Street - Wakefield, R.l. DOROTHY CORRINNE SNOW - 20 Elm Street — Seekonk, Mass. CAROL M. SOLLITTO - 1644 Broad Street - Cranston. R.l. KENNETH ALAN SORENSEN - 30 Newell Court — Coventry, R.l. ELIZABETH ANNE SOUSA - 322 State Street - Bristol, R.l. EDWARD PHILLIP SOWA, JR. - 89 Greenfield Street — Pawtucket. R.l. REBECCA SPEAR - 95 Armington Street - Cranston, R.l. DIANNE ELAINE SPERLING - 1291 East Main Road — Portsmouth, R.l. DAVID PAUL SPIELVOGEL - 396 Woodland Place — South Orange, N.J. ANN BRANDT SPONG - 138 Narragansett Ave nue — Jamestown, R.l. EUGENE FRANCIS SPRING - 15 Primrose Drive — Riverside, R.l. ALLMUTH W. STABENOW - 22 Killdeer Road — Warwick, R.l. WILLIAM STAFFORD - 79 Union Avenue - Warwick, R.l. ANDREW GORDON STEAD - 246 Great Road - Woonsocket, R.l. ROBERT EMMETT STEDMAN - 80 Avice Street — Narragansett, R.l. DONNA JEAN PAGE STEELE - 73 Fairway Lane — Warwick, R.l. MARVIN JOEL STEIN - 257 Winter Street - Woonsocket, R.l. VERA N. STEINBERG - 11109 89th Avenue - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. SUSAN E. STEINER - 74 Sunset Terrace - Cranston, R.l. PATRICIA ADELE STEINKE - 206 Anderson Road — Watchung, New Jersey. ROBERT B. STENHOUSE. JR. - 99 East Avenue — Westerly, R.l. HOLLY W. STEPHENSON - Grant Avenue - South Kingstown, R.l. KATHERINE S. STERLING - 3086 South Coun- ty Trail — East Greenwich, R.l. SUSAN V. FABAS STEWART - 49 Grace Street — Pawtucket, R.l. CARL DAVID STONE — 26 Stone Avenue — Warwick, R.l. JUDITH ELLYN STONE - 7615th Street - Bangor, Maine. JAMES ALAN STRAAYER - 469 Ridgewood Road — Maplewood, N.J. LINDA JOAN STUDLEY - Reservoir Road - Cov- entry, R.l. LEONARD J. STURMAK — 301 Surrey Drive — New Rochelle. N.Y. EDWARD JOHN SULLIVAN - 762 Atwells Ave- nue — Providence, R.l. JUDITH ANN SULLIVAN - 18 Algonquin Drive — Warwick, R.l. PATRICK NOEL SULLIVAN - 31 Russell Avenue — Newport, R.l. PAUL DENNIS SULLIVAN - 1293 Hope Street — Bristol, R.l. PAUL OWEN SUMMERS - 26 Channingville Road — Wappingers Falls. R.l. SUSAN ELLEN SWARTZ - 395 Angell Street - Providence, R.l. BRONSON W. SWEENEY - 108 Warner Street — Newport, R.l. RALPH FORREST SWEET — 134 Olney Avenue — Centredale, R.l. ANNETTE BARBARA SWIDER - 5 Farrell Street — Cumberland. R.l. HENRY DAVID SZYDLO, JR. - 86 Cowesett Ave- nue — West Warwick, R.l. ROBERT E. TABER. JR. - 406 Sherman Road — Wakefield. R.l. ALBERT HARRIS TAUBMEN - 59 Payton Street — Providence, R.l. JANE FRANCES TEAGUE - 106 Hornet Road - North Kingstown, R.l. RONALD EVERETT TEFFT - 39 East Street - West Warwick, R.l. CAROLINE S. TENNANT - 8 Eadiw Street - Newport, R.l. JANICE ESTHER TEST - 679 South Road - Wakefield, R.l. ROBERT G. TETREAULT - 60 Ferncrest Drive — Cumberland, R.l. ALICE JANET THOMSON - 116 Northwood Apts. — Storrs, Conn. EVELYN V. THORNTON - 90 Sunny Cove Drive — Warwick. R.l. ARTHUR A. THOVMASIAN - 5 Fairfield Road - Cranston, R.l. ROBERT FREEMAN TINGLEY - Summit Avenue — Green Hill, R.l. DAVID RICHARD TINSLEY - c o Benjamin Sturges — Saunderstown, R.l. KAREN SEYMOUR TOOTELL - 36 North Road — Kingston, R.l. SUSAN HOADLEY TRAVIS - Box 476 - Caroli na, R.l. LEWIS IRA TREISTMAN - 2045 Broad Street - Cranston, R.l. CHARLES MUNRO TRIMBACH - 57 Blaisdale Avenue — Pawtucket, R.l. BRUCE WALTER TRIPP - 24 Fortin Road - Kingston, R.l. FRANK WILLIAM TRYON - 6 Odonnell Road - Middletown, R.l. JOHN HOSEPH TURANO - Shore Road - West- erly, R.l. PAUL JOSEF TURINSKY - 189 Summit Avenue — Cliffside Park, N.J. NANCY MARLENE TRUK - 5 Stubtoe Lane - Sudbury, Mass. ROBERT STANLEY TYZBIR - 62 Metropolitan Road - Providence, R.l. ROGER T. VALLIERE — 23 Fairview Avenue — Westerly. R.l. MARIA LIVERA VALLONE - 54 Poppy Drive - Cranston, R.l. ROBERT M. VREDENBURG - Klondike Road - Bradford, R.l. PETER WADDINGTON — 22 Hovson Avenue — North Providence, R.l. NANCY DREW WAGNER - 480 School Street - North Kingstown, R.l. JOHN ROBERT WALKER - 253 Chapel Street — Lincoln, R.l. BRIAN GEORGE WALLACE - 1141 Post Road — Wakefield, R.l. KATHLEEN ANN WALLACE - 93 Bagley Street — Central Falls. R.l. CAROLYN H. WANGAARD - 6 Stevenson Place — Newport, R.l. KATHLEEN ANN WARD - 46 Cozy Lane - Cumberland, R.l. PRISCILLA RENDELL WARE - 104 Bellevue Road — Lynn, Mass. GERALDINE WASSERMAN - 388 Public Street — Providence 5, R.l. LYNN RUSSELL WATJEN - 43 Miller Street — W arren, R.l. SANDRA JEAN WATSON - 12 Evergreen Drive — Johnston 9, R.l. MARILYN A. WEAVILL — 6 Loring Drive — Lin- coln, R.l. HATTIE MAYE WELCH - Pear Tree Hill Farm - Nokesville, Va. PAUL WATERMAN WHELDEN - 24 Cromwell Avenue — Warwick, R.l. MARTHA FOREMAN WHITE - 97 Child Street — Warren, R.l. RUSSELL LEES WHITEHEAD - 23 Annie Street — Pawtucket, R.l. PAUL MASON WHITTAKER - 15 Royal Avenue — Riverside 15, R.l. RONALD R. WHITTEMORE - 83 Summit Street — East Providence, R.l. CAROL ANN WICKES - 794 Major Potter Road — East Greenwich, R.l. CHARLES DAVID WILK - 476 High Street - Central Falls, R.l. MEREDITH W. WILSON - Apt. 211 Trafalgar East — East Greenwich, R.l. MARGARET E. WINGARD - 31 Dresden Street — Springfield 9, Mass. HENRY WAINER WINKLEMAN - 216 Melrose Street — Providence 7, R.l. DOROTHY ROSALYN WINN - 15 Thackeray Street — Providence 3, R.l. WARREN WINNINGHAM - 177 Wadsworth Street — Providence, R.l. DORIS ELLEN WISE - 94 Paterson Road - Fanwood, N.J. CORRINNL t. WISEMAN - 171 Sunnybrook Drive — North Kingstown, R.l. ROBERTA C. WOEHLCKE - 1239 Lafayette Street — Cape May, N.J. STANLEY WOJCIECHOWSKI - 89 Cottage Street — Warwick, R.l. VINCENT T. WOJCIK - 164 Tanner Avenue - Warwick. R.l. MICHAEL HAROLD WOLF - 64 41 Saunders Street — Rego Park 74, N.Y. CHERYL C. WOODBURY - Kenyon Point. Glen Rock Road — West Kingston, R.l. JON STANTON WOODSON - 503 49th Street, N.E. - Washington 19, D.C. DIANA HALEY WORRELL - 24 Medway Street — Providence 6, R.l. ROBERT M. WORSTER - 9 Fenner Street - Cranston, R.l. BARBARA STRANG WRAGG - 5 Richard Court — Coventry, R.l. MARILYN AHSLEY YELLE - 966 Broad Street — Providence. R.l. CAROLYN YOUNG - 15 Davision Street - East Greenwich, R.l. VALENTINE J. ZANOLLE - 4511 North Uber Street — Philadelphia 40, Pa. WAYNE S. ZDANOWICZ - 18 Mathewson Street — Narragansett, R.l. JACQUELINE ANN ZEEK - Roselawn Avenue - Forestdale, R.l. DAVID EDWARD ZEILSTRA - 11 Salisbury Road — West Barrington, R.l. JEAN MCGREEVY ZELTNER - 27 Harvey Drive — Summit, N.J. STANLEY JOHN ZIEMSKI - 226 Union Avenue — Clifton. N.J. JOYCE MARY ZINNO - 88 Waite Street - Provi dence 8, R.l. SHERRY ANN ZUCKMAN - 1047 North Seventh Street — New Hyde Park, N.Y. The 1966 GRIST has involved the combined time and efforts of many people. This is due mainly to our attempt to produce a creative yearbook, as well as the necessity of training a competent staff. Many people have gone unmentioned for their efforts. This editor would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who helped make this book a reality, especially Mr. John Duffek and Mr. Boris Bell. As in any endeavor some unfortunate things do occur. In particular it should be mentioned with regret that we were unable to identify people within pictures as had been explained in “A Report Concerning the 1966 GRIST.” This came about because of several resignations due to academic pressures and marriages just prior to spring semester final examinations. In particular, the editor concerned with those sections involving identification was one of those who resigned. It was never possible to make up the time lost be- cause of these happenings. The 1966 GRIST utilizes a News Gothic type as well as a Times Roman Italic. The paper used is Warren Saxony 80 pound stock. Photography was primarily accomplished with 35 mm cameras with the exception of the color work in which 4x5 and 2V4 x 2Va cameras were used. The cover, end sheets, and all other art work were designed by staff members.

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