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GRIST University of Rhode Island GRIST EDITORIAL STAFF 1965 EDITOR— Lana Palmer MANAGING EDITOR-Christina Stone PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR-Kingsley Ross LAYOUT-Linda Hinchliffe FACULTY-Louise Pike ACTIVITIES— Cheryl Downes, Barbara Veznaian BUSINESS MANAGER— Albert Gencarella ADS— Robert Houle SENIOR EDITOR-Nancy Wagner RESIDENCES-Nanci Harvey FEATURES— Barbara Downie SPORTS— Robert Risio, Warren Peck, Carol McCorkindale ART EDITOR-Art Paine CIRCULATION— Constance Nichola 2 DEDICATION To continual change to discovering a new horizon and going beyond that horizon, to the INTELLECTUAL GROWTH the SPIRIT, and the PEOPLE of this University that we may grow and prosper with it and become something greater for having been here 3 ON THE WAY " Little one, you have been buzzing in the books. Flittering in the newspapers and drinking beer with lawyers And amid the educated men of the clubs you have been getting an earful of speech from trained tongues. Take an earful from me once, go with me on a hike, Along sand stretches on the great inland sea here And while the eastern breeze blows on us and the restless surge Of the lake waves on the breakwater breaks with an ever fresh monotone Let us ask ourselves: What is truth? what do you or I know? How much do the wisest of the world ' s men know about where the massed human procession is going? You have heard the mob laughed at? I ask you: Is not the mob rough as the mountains are rough? And all things human rise from the mob and relapse and rise again as rain to the sea? " CARL SANDBURG 8 10 12 The Governor John H. Cliafee 14 Class Advisor Dr. Nancy A. Potter Board of Trustees You leave URI with degree in hand and with lasting friendships and fond memories of the years you have spent here. You take with you also my congratulations and best wishes for success and happiness in the future. Beyond these sentiments, however, lies the hope that you recognize that education is not terminal but is rather a pursuit that should drive and motivate you for the rest of your days. In an earlier time, when St. Augustine could say that his formal education had equipped him for just about every- thing, life was simpler and knowledge pretty much within grasp. To- day, such a viewpoint could be fatal for human knowledge is so vast that no man can even describe its bounds or subdivisions, let alone comprehend what lies within them. Knowledge is expanding at an explosive rate and new knowledge will make exi sting knowledge and specialized skills inadequate and obsolete. Anyone who stops learning will soon find himself on the intellectual scrap heap. These cautionary observations are not intended to dull the enjoyment of your Commencement. Rather, they are a reminder that your graduation from URI should signify a commitment to a life of the mind, to a determi- nation to exercise your learning powers by vigorous and determined use. You will never learn all there is to be known but in the continued pursuit of knowledge you will find life ' s greatest rewards and among the finest of these will be the extension of the frontiers of your thoughts and aspirations. Ours is a world quivering with change and yet brimming with op- portunity. We at URI have tried to prepare you to deal with both. We hope that your education is well begun. Francis H. Horn President University of Rhode Island 16 President Francis H. Horn 17 Unfolding slowly, the mind awaits awareness, and the perception that comes with understanding Thornton N. McClure Vice President for Business Affairs 20 21 PERSONNEL 22 DEANS 24 25 n This Tragic Glass, John Stewart Anderson The new art center provides the space, but the visiting artist can provide only as much beauty as we are willing to perceive. 26 The Warsaw Philharmonic I I 29 John T. Kitchen, Horticulture Niels Rorholm, Agricultural Economics 33 35 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Arthur L. Quirk, Physics Robert Lepper, Jr. Botany W. George Parks, Chemistry 36 1 38 ' 0 Arnold V. Clair, Music Robert E. Will, Speech and Dramatic Arts William D. Metz, History Reuben H. Mehling, Journalism Stanley I. Berger, Psychology 40 Edward M. Pease, Mathematics 41 42 Maurice Zarchen Men ' s Physical Education Rhea Meyers Dental Hygiene M. Dorothy Massey Women ' s Physical Education 43 Robert Rockafellow, Economics Thomas E. Moriarty, Education Ralph W. England, Jr., Sociology 45 Carl W. Kaiser, Jr., Business Administration Brooks A. Sanderson, Accounting COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING T. Stephen Crawford, Dean A. Ralph Thompson, Chemical Engineering Henry Campbell, Civil Engineering Donald Bradbury Mechanical Engineering Charles Polk, Electrical Engineering 49 Home Management 50 Martha O. Sayles, Dean COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Heber W. Youngken, Dean COLLEGE OF NURSING John J. DeFeo, Pharmacology Pierre F. Smith, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Michael D. Jacoff, Pharmacy Administration So that we do not become empty men, we take up a cause — or reject one. We are full of dreams and coffee grinds and we find sunshine in the laughter of living. 56 ROBERT MOSES DOCTOR OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION " ' dreams plus optimism plus imagination plus challenge plus facts. ' That ' s what makes a great man. " " I am no pundit and an indifferent scholar . . . Why should you young men fear to be tem- porarily in a minority if it has realizable ob- jectives? . . . What will the drivers do when the robots take over? . . . Have we prolonged life without enriching it? . . . " " You were born at the right time . I envy you. " Suitcases and IBM cards... 58 the introduction and the beginning 59 I freshmen will find a campus of many moods. of freedoms and restrictions and trading the old for the new 64 65 Aaron Copeland Dr. Warren McCullough “arm ' d the educated men of the clubs you have been getting an earful of speech from trained tongues ...” 66 Governor John H. Chafee Congressman John E. Fogarty Or perhaps it simply replaces them. 69 70 74 75 1 l(VV in 78 79 Each medium of expression offers its special own challenge The New Christy Minstrels 83 84 85 Sigma Chi Alpha Chi Omega 88 89 MISS URI Marijean Helsel 90 " LITTLE AAARY SUNSHINE " 93 94 95 =c n oo The Senior Honor E Society M S Row 1—1. to r.: Aceto, L. ( Corresponding Secretary; Schoelle, R., Moderator; Frost, B., Recording Secretary; Stone, C., De Marco, A. Row 2—1. to r.: Hazen, S., Helsel, M., Courtney, P., Lawrence, G., Burns, D., Cotter, A., Robbins, G. lilsii ' 9flL mz i‘i»2 KfW i xISS Row 1—1. to r.: Lintlop, L., Helsel, M., Lawrence, G., President; Robbins, G., Vice President; Bingham, P., Treasurer; Severin, S., Godowski, M. Row 2—1. to r.: Meisenheimer, J., Patrick, C., Zinno, J., Kemelgor, L., Klockars, C., McQuair, J., Sherman, W., Beebe, D. Honorary Host Organization p H I K A P P A P H I Row 1—1. to r.: Robbins, G. ( Hazen, S., Jones, D„ Cotter, A., Patterson, L., Jenkinson, B., Psencik, M. Row 2—1. to r.: Kraus, D., Cornwell, P., Tilton, D., Thomas, D., Bell, R., Wood, R., Metz, W. National Honorary Scholastic Society L Senior U Women’s R Honor E Society L S Row 1—1. to r.: Fontaine, N., Treasurer,- Jones, D., President; Bliss, B., Secretary. Row 2-1. to r.-. Costanza, M., Robbins, G., Hoops, G., Cotter, A., Hazen, S., Psencik, M., Fatunsin, A. 99 ARTS COUNCIL . to r.: Fabricant, S., Jackson, F., Rigney, C. (members of Arts Council) . to r.-. Mugdan, B. ( Custer, A., Chairman; Goldman, M. OMICRON Nil Home Economics Honor Society Row 1—1. to r.: Lord, M., Vice Presi- dent, McCabe, E., Secretary- Treasurer; Fontaine, N., President. Row 2—1. to r.: Grady, E., Faculty Ad- visory Committee; Kullberg, S., Hammond, W. s I G M A X I National Science Research Society Row 1-1. to r.: Griffiths, A., Secretary; Wood, R., President; Kraus, D., Treasurer. Row 2—1. to r.: Mohrnheim, A., Bell, R. TAU BETA PI Engineering Honor Society Row 7— I. to r.: Caracuzzo, J., Perkins, G., Roderick, W., Vice President; Sullivan, E., Howorth, H., President; Johnson, R., Cat- aloger; Manco, R., Recording Secretary; Eka, U. Row 2—1. to r.: Hunter, A., Archambault, R., Hammond, J., Whitfield, S., Barletta, W., Goldberg, E., Stern, T., Lazar, R. KJ C£i CD s R D A N D B L A D E Row 1—1. to r.: Kelley, Capt. J., Advisor; Jones, Cdt. Lt. C., Vice President; Kelsey, Cdt. Mj. J., President; Hammar, Cdt. Mj. P., Treasurer; Manner, Cpt. E. L., Advisor. (ASST.) Row 2—1. to r.: Attanasio, Cdt. Mj. R., Szrom, Cdt. Mj. D., Dziekiewicz, Cdt. Cpt. R., Pearson, Cdt. Mj. D., Social Chair- man,- Cornwell, Cdt. Mj., Recording Secretary; Sherman, Cdt. Cpt. W., Gorden, Cdt. Cpt. B. Social Honorary Military Fraternity RHODE ISLAND CLUB um Association of Campus Lettermen Row 1—1. to r.: Bingham, P., Hitchen, J., Clarke, R., Peck, W. Row 2—1. to r.: Barlow, J., Pincus, R., Vice President; Kemelgor, L. PHI ALPHA THETA History Honor Society Honorary Agricultural Society Row 1-1. to r.: Metz, W., Hazen, S. Row 2—1. to r.: Tilton, D., Thomas, D. Row 1—1. to r..- Sullivan, J., Prescott, R., Medeiros, M. Row 2—1. to r.: Manocchio, R., Chancellor; Graham, F., Gensel, W., Sorensen, K. K A P P A D E L T A P I Row 1—1. to r. : Sector, C., Reback, M., Allen, C., Fontaine, N. Row 2—1. to r.: Hames, W., Treasurer; Gubert, S., President; Martin, G., Vice President; Lazar, P., Cotter, A. Row 3—1. to r.: Delasanta, J., Severin, S., Stiles, G., Risica, M., Zifcak, G., Moriarity, D., Moriarity, T., Haywood, J. National Educational Honor Society P I M U Math Honor £ Society P s I L O N Row 1—1. to r.: Gorden, B., Vice President; Robbins, G., Treasurer; Hillier, R., President; Hoops, J., Sec- retary. Row 2—1. to r.: Cornwell, P., Cotter, A., Florio,W. 105 Diana Dalton Peter Courtney Kemal Sumer Stanley Cunningham James Mooney WHO’S WHO Barbara Frost Andrew Loughlin Vivian Kisiel Christina Stone Alberta Cotter Lillian Aceto Madeline Lord William Sherman Sandra Hazen Peter Cassels John Mulfinger Robert Schoelle Gordon Lawrence Gail Robbins 107 GOVERNING STUDENT SENATE Row 1—1. to r.: Sweeney, B., Sandler, N., McCorkindale, C., Recording Secretary; Cunningham, S., Treasurer; Courtney, P., Presi- dent; Cotter, A., Vice President; Zuckman, S., Corresponding Secretary; Bianco, R., Finn, M. Row 2—1. to r. : Gonsalves, J., Joost, M., Danielian, C., Heffernan, V., Helsel, M., Paye, D., Sculco, F., Klockars, C., Roberts, B., Bourck, Row 3—1. to r.: Sosnowski, T., Earlie, S., Mooney, T., Cagle, R., Kantrowitz, M., Senecal, H. 109 THE NEW no addition III UNION PRESENTATION COMMITTEE Row 1—1. to r.: Ramsden, C., Bedard, M. J., Secretary; Meyers, H., Chairman. Row 2—1. to r.: Basser, R., Lodge, T., Spano, B. 112 UNION COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Jack Casey, Program Commit- tee Chairman. Linda Bamford, Movie Committee Chairman. Marilyn Bunker, Music and Arts Committee Chairman. Brian Gorden, Dance Commit- tee Chairman. y Marilyn Wood, Coffee Committee Chairman. 113 MEMORIAL BOARD OF 114 UNION DIRECTORS 115 SENIOR CLASS CLASS I. to r.: Cunningham, S., President; Dalton, D., Social Chairman; Robbins, G., Secretary; Hitchen, J., Vice President SOPHOMORE CLASS I. to r.: Higgins, R., President; Nichola, C., Secretary; Wescott, B., Vice President; Colagi- ovanni, I., Social Chairman; Burroghs, P., Treasurer. 116 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1 . to r.: Riley, L., Social Chairman; Sweeney, B., President; Connor, J., Secretary; Bingham, P., Vice President; McCorkindale, C., Treasurer; FRESHMAN CLASS . to r..- Baer, N., Secretary; Chisholm, T., President; Baird, J., Vice President; Getnink, K., Treasurer. 117 JUDICIAL BOARD Row 1—1. to r.: Aceto, L., Morrow, L., Secretary; Frost, B., Chairman; Riley, L., Helsel, M., Dalton, D. Row 2—1. to r.: Ekdahl, N., Palmer, L., Alexander, D., Tennant, C., McGehearty, J., Zuck- man, S. APPEALS AND CONDUCT BOARD Row 1-1. to r.: Appeals Board: Chang, Dr. P., Rorholm, N., Aaron, B., Gonsalves, J., Kettner, D. Row 2—1. to r.: Conduct Board: Mooney, J., Zinn, Dr., D., Alexander, L. 1 18 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS Row 1—1. to r.: McQuair, J., Wickes, C., Frost, B., La Salle, J., Treasurer,- Helsel, M., President; Zinno, J., Vice President; Smith, P., Secretary; Silva, F., Dyer, L., Heffernan, V. Row 2—1. to r.: Taylor, D., Kerr, H., Zuckman, S., Meshekow, B., Hazen, S., Washburn, S. Row 3—1. to r..- Riley, L., Richardson, S., Rogers, L., Hammond, W., Serra, M., Sinclair, S., Brooks, C., Cort, S., Saylor, N., Sousa, E., Lederman, W., McGehearty, J., Colagiovanni, I., Aceto, L. Row 4—1. to r.: Vance, A., Edkahl, N., Jones, S., Bottino, J., Aaron, B. JUNIOR COUNCIL Row 1—1. to r.: Ekdahl, N., Bloom, F., Goff, A., Zuckman, S., McHugh, P., Winslow, H., Chairman; Riley, L., Rego, M., Bamfork, L., Griffin, M„ Kelly, J. Row 2—1. to r.: Racine, C., Zinno, J., Sousa, E., Barrett, J. Row 3—1. to r.: Gonsalves, J., Sheehan, E., La Rocca, M., Morrow, L., Rocke, M., Wickes, C., Meshekow, B., Rodinsky, B., Severin, S., Cramer, N., Aaron, B., Bottino, J., Palmer, L., Henring, M., Scorpio, R., Eisaman, B. Row 4 —1. to r.: Chambers, C., Mellor, D., Peirce, M., Sthenow, A., Bubier, M., Grunoy, E. 119 PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION Row 1—1. to r.: Pellegrino, M., Eisaman, B., Goff, A., Bamford, L. ( Publicity Chairman; Meshekow, B., Treasurer; Aceto, L., President; Fontaine, N., Vice President; McElroy, E., Secretary; Scorpio, R., Vargas, E. Row 2—1. to r.: Paul, S., McQuair, J., Solomon, J., Dannemann, K., Winslow, H., Crawford, $., Whitaker, S., Hen- ring, M., Grunoy, E., Smith, P., Anderson, J. Row 3—1. to r.: Wyko, C., Tennant, C., Alexander, D., Hale, J., Max, M. 120 Row 1—1. to r.: Ziemski, S., Lawrence, G., Treasurer; Coran, M., President; Heelan, R., Vice President; Rocchio, J., Secretary; Pryor, K., Sculco, F. Row 2—1. to r.: Conners, J., Fisher, B., Kushner, A., Moran, J., Riley, J., Conboy, T., Bowes, M., Me Donnell, S. Row 3—1. to r.: Johansen, C., Forsythe, D., Wilk, C., Renner, A., Votta, J., Pratt, K., Beagan, A. 121 INTER-RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL Row 1—1. to r.: White, M., Wain- wright, F., Giard, M., Thompson, L. , McGehearty, J. Row 2—1. to r.: Schwartz, F., Schiller, M. , Bradley, J., Campbell, M., Mc- Kenna, M. WOMEN’S RESIDENCE HALL ADVISORY BOARD Row 1—1. to r.: Lord, M., Wing, A., Heffernan, V., Geremia, J., Judson, S. Row 2—1. to r.: Sheehan, C., McGehearty, J., Thompson, L., Jenkinson, B., Early, S., Wainwright, I. mm WAYFARERS Row 1—1. to r.: Gonsalves, J. ( President; lannaccaro, D., Secretary. Row 2—1. to r.-. Fournier, B., Treasurer; Brophy, A., Social Chairman. MEN COMMUTERS . to r.: Archambault, R., President; Beal J., Vice President; Holmes, G., Treas- urer. RELIGIOUS INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Row 1—1. to r. : Hammar, P. ( Chairman Planning Committee; Salisbury, P., Secretary; Hearn, B., President; Coombs, E., Vice President; Sullivan, J. Row 2—1. to r.: Ohanian, H., Olsen, L., LaButti, G., Shorr,D., Walton, M., Greene, V. CANTERBURY VESTRY Row 1—1. to r.: Brown, J., Lannon, B., Greene, Chaplain; Salisbury, P., Allen, P. Row 2—1. to r.: Hearn, B., Hurry, W., Hanson, M., Olsen, L. 125 CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Row 1—1. to r.: Riley, L., Vincent, P., Treasurer; Sargent, G., President; Coombs, E., Vice President; Lane, A., Secretary; Gabel, A., Publicity Chairman; Hirst, P. Row 2—1. to r.: Mowry, M., Walton, M., Whitaker, S., Rix, K., Martin, B., Fetter, E., Chaplain; Bond, N., Wood, V. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Row 1—1. to r.: Corbin, L., President; Ohanian, H., Jones, J. Row 2—1. to r.-. Me Ewen, S., Hammar, P. Row 1—1. to r.: Henring, M., Vice President; Kantrowitz, M., President; Max, M., Secretary; Gross, N., Treasurer. Row 2—1. to r.: Weiss, L., Counselor; Horowitz, M., Winkleman, H., Musen S. Row 3—1. to r.: Charnick, L., Golden, M., Siegel, E., Axelrod, M., Waldner, B. Row 4—1. to r.: Schack, D., Stern, L., Sherman, G., Wasserspring, F., Slobodkin, C., Publicity Chairman; Corin, A. HILLEL NEWMAN APOSTOLATE Row 1—1. to r.: Sullivan, E., New England Chairman; Abbatomarco, F., Treasurer; Chiaverini, B., Presi- dent; Father Micarelli, Chaplain; Wright, C., Social Chairman; Bessette, J., Somerset, D. Row 2—1. to r.: Greene, V., San Agustin, A., Sullivan, J., Varrieur, M., Sosnowski, J., La Butti, G., Bai- ley, B., Hauke, R., Bousquet, A. 127 PARADIGM Row 1—1. to r.: De Wolfe, E., Treasurer; Schwartz, F., President; Halewood, P., Editorial Board. Row 2—1. to r.: Woodson, J., Art Editor; Quinby, J., Editor. " ' P zxadty t xefacA i t SaCtuyex. 7{fidt6e ox 7 S . SCtot. 7t renewed fax you. — Subnet today — 129 Gordon Daglieri, Program Director Jerry LeBow, Chief Engineer 130 Fridrik Orcutt, Public Relations Director David Spielvogel, Station Manager GRIST 132 Kingsley Ross, Photography Editor Bob Houle, Advertising Editor BEACON Bernie Maceroni, Photography Editor Peter Cassels, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Aaron, News Editor If ' 9 j f t i J v r Row 1—1. to r.: Aaron, B., News Editor; Cassels, P., Editor-in-chief; Cunningham, S., Managing Editor; La Pietra, R., Fea- tures Editor. Row 2—1. to r.: Raisner, F., Advertising Editor; Lawrence, R., Sports Editor. McKenna, M., Sports Editor MUSIC and ARTS CHEERLEADERS Pat Hunt and Debbie Pearson Nancy Anderson Honey Davidson Pat McHugh Marian Peirce Linda O ' Neil Joyce Zinno, Head Ramette RAMETTES Sue Bibeault Debbie Anderson and Elaine Parkos Stevie Souter Carole Carlsten Carol Manseau " THAT RAM 142 BAND!! Donald Burns, Director 143 I 144 UNIVERSITY THEATRE Malcolm Bowes, President DEBATING SOCIETY Row 1—1. to r.: Sartini, B., Hutchins, S. Row 2—1. to r.: Gould, M., Peabody, L., Spang- ler, M. Row 1—1. to r.: Perreault, C., Treasurer; Solomon, J., Pearce, S. Row 2—1. to r.: Mekdsy, N., Marques, S., President. HEALTH AND SAFETY COUNCIL 150 VETERANS’ ASSOCIATION I. to r.: Jacobson, C., Secretary; Fine, L., Treasurer. YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM Row 1—1. to r.: Joy, D., State Chairman; Barksdale, C., Secretary-Treasurer; Malcolm, J., Chairman. Row 2—1. to r.: Henley, B., Buttrick, J., Molitor, M., Pennoyer, W. U.R.I. ROTC BAND Y O U N G Row 1—1. to r.: Bryan, R., Drum Major; Abbatomarco, F., First Sgt; Norman, D., Pickering, M., Aharonian, H., Yeager, P., Hughes, T., Seavey, D., Stewart, D., Kernick, C., Sousa, J., De Gregorio, E., Braitsch, D. Row 2—1. to r.: Morris, J., Kushner, A., Larmie, W., Henshaw, D., Lindstrom, D., Arrigan, D., Bartash, J., Wims, J., Feld- man, B., Bates, R., Fain, R., Franklin, R., Karas, D., Floodman, R., Lonquist, G., Johnson, R., Silverman, B., Gerstein, A. YOUNG DEMOCRATS R E P U B L I C A N S Row 1—1. to r.: Buttrick, J., Vice-President, Barksdale, C., Secretary; Joy, D., President. Row 2—1. to r.: Barron, R., Advisor; Pennoyer, W., Molitor, M., Henley, W., Malcolm, J. OFFICERS Row 1—1. to r.: Bedard, M. J., Perrotta, J., Sherman, G., Geremia, J. Row 2—1. to r.: Waldner, B., Carriere, A., Goldberg, H., Frechette, M. 152 Row 3—1. to r.: Agren, D., Clancy, T., Gerner, L., Greene, R., Sherman, T., Young E., Pearson, D., Burroughs, P., Impagliazzo, J., Mikolajewski, R., Schmelzer, S., De Simone, C., Dauphine, D., Bilanchone, R., Wisner, J., Chamberlain, A., Mathews, S., Richards, C., Fitzpatrick, J. Row 4—1. to r.: De Bartolo, L., Hansen, M., Frazel, S., Vaughn, R., Mushnick, P., Waterman, R., Dykstra, W., Knopf, D., Hervey, G., Stone, S., Ehrlich, J., Warren G., Broomfield, R., Drake, P., Biasi, R., Moury, P. K R I A N N G G S E T R O S N Row 1—1. to r.: Carlsten, R., Bischoff, C., Wisner, J., Allen, A., Foster, F., Ortelt, R. Row 2—1. to r. : De Luca, D., Rowley, F., Arnold, L., Nystrom, J., De Robbio, R., Rodman, T., Simoij, J. Row 3—1. to r.: Hopkinson, S., ROTC Inst. Gp.; Montefusco, M., Niggl, R., Parlier, B., Flin- ton, J. 153 SKIN DIVERS CLUB Row 1—1. to r.: Gruczka, T., President; Malmberg, L., Willard, S., Atwood, L., Secretary- Treasurer; Niggl, R., Vice President. Row 2—1. to r.: Demers, K., Sousa, R., McComb, W., Ayotte, W. YACHT CLUB Row 1- I. to r.: Casper, D., Feifert, P., Paine, A., Pearson, J., Ferro, J. Row 2—1. to r.: Rumaker, K., Greene, P., Vice President; Hoadley, Secretary; Beinert, G., Treasurer; Harley J Com- modore; Gans, M. Row 3-1. to r. : Friedman, C., Miller, P„ Madsen, N., Coutu, A., Impara, J., Hathaway, R., Jacobson, C., Fischer, K. Payson, R., Hartley, S., Medeiros, M. 154 lO S H O R S E M E N Row 1—1. to r.: Campbell, G., Malmberg, L. ( Program Chairman; Eastman, P., President; Crowley, V., Vice President; Ballou, F., Davies, G., Anger, M. Row 2—1. to r.: Lambert, S., Migliaccio, L., Lepper, F., Hall, E., Turo, M., Temple, C., Linton, J. U.R.I. S E N Row 1—1. to r.: Kuhn, R., Johnston, N., Hildebrand, S., Fanning, D., Prescott, R. Row 2—1. to r.: Wildes, E., Hall, J., Cook, J., Del Pozzo, S., Hines, J. 155 Row 1—1. to r.: Del Pozzo, S., Treasurer; Horan, S. ( Secretary; Horan, R., President; Cook, J., Vice Pres- ident; Coombs, K., Advisor. Row 2—1. to r.: Luth, M., Huber, M., Fanning, D., Hall, J., Sandham, T., Messier, R., Maczuga, J. 4-H CLUB AGGIE CLUB SOIL CONSERVATION SOCIETY Row 1-1. to r.: Kenyon, S., Vice President; Kenyon, N., Secretary; Clapham, A., President; Bell, R., Advisor. Row 2-1. to r.: Moberg, E., Manfredi, C., Wright, D : , Treasurer; Relli, R. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Row 1—1. to r.: Bryant, B., Vice President; Jones, C., Secretary; Greenstein, President. Row 2—1. to r.: Kalayljian, G., At- hote, L., McFarland, B. NUTRIX SB r.: KSKiTti ZSSXSSS: tWfc KSW Kl, .smMsewefc “VX - «•— ■ «■ — »■ -— ■ P. ( Dobson, S., Carten, E. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Row 1—1. to r.: Rigel, M., Bamford, L., Secretary; Lord, M., President; Mellor, D., Vice Presi- dent; Hale, J., Treas- urer; Darling, D. Row 2—1. to r.: Dyer, L., Barrett, J., Bard, J., Leaver, J., Landesco, B., Palko, G., Wing, A., Netten, A. Row 3—1. to r.: Stack- house, M., Copeland, S., Copeland, K., Kelly, N. 158 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Row 1—1. to r.: Gado, E. ( Middleton, M., Sandler, N., Abbott, D., Ferris, N. Row 2—1. to r.: Crandall, C., Me Elroy, E., Hastings, J., Adams, H., Bradshaw, N., Hodgkinson, M., Wodziak, H., King, K. ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION Row 1—1. to r.: Horwitz, P., President; Kiefl, J., Denike, C., Perlow, M. Row 2—1. to r.: Oster, S., Secretary; Berson, H., Travers, E., Charles, J., Phillips, R., Winkelman, H., Levinton, M., D ' ziekiewig, R., Treas- urer; Hanig, J., Vice President. Row 1—1. to r.: De Sormeau, W., Scribe; Pires, A., Vice Chancellor; Phillips, E., President; Jacoff, Dr. M., Advisor. Row 2—1. to r.: Greene, R., Historian; Accettullo, R., Bartash, J., Ciullo, J., La Pointe, G. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Row 1—1. to r.: Jacoff, Dr. M., Advisor; Phil- lips, E., Treasurer; Roy, P., Kramer, E., Presi- dent; Calderone, D., Recording Secretary; Cloutier, M., Greene, R. Row 2—1. to r.: De Sor- meau, W., Ciullo, J., Accettullo, R., Bantash, J., La Pointe, G., Pines, A. 160 CHEMISTRY SOCIETY LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA Row 1—1. to r.: Coutier, M., Treasurer; Roy, P., Presi- dent; Cundall, S., Vice President; Calderone, D., Recording Secretary. Row 2—1. to r.-. Champagne, S., Carter, G., Garzoli, D., Wu, M. i ' ' MATH CLUB MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CLUB Row 1—1. to r.: Latour, R., Sec- retary; Chaharyn, J., Treas- urer; Turk, N., Brooks, C. Row 2—1. to r.: Cramer, B., Callaghan, J., Anderson, J., Whitaker, S., Tolderlund, L., Imonoi, A. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MILITARY ENGINEERS Row 1—1. to r.: Loughlin, A., President. Row 2—1. to r.: Gorden, B., First Vice President; Sher- man, W., Treasurer; Con- boy, T., Second Vice Pres- ident. Row 1—1. to r.: D ' Ambra, J., Treasurer; Ash, R., President; Moultrop, K., Advisor; Laime, R., Vice President; Pryor, K. Row 2—1. to r.: Jacobs, D., Eka, U., Kolb, B., McComb, W., Osterberg, E., Howarth, H., Casper, D., Hammond, J., Wusilquist, K., Caracuzzo, J., Gauthier, R. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS 163 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Row 1—1. to r.: Lavender, A., Kunzmann, W., Easton, J., Murray, J. Row 2—1. to r.: Sielag, P., Carlson, S., Chapman, W., Lenehan, J. INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Row 1-1. to r.: Karkos, D., Faubert, F., Silver, J., Joseph, R., Mandell, J., Cole, D., Rizzuto, D., Prasso, M., Reuter, S. Row 2-1. to r.: Freeman, H., Brainard, Dr. C., Advisor; Meadows, R., Secretary; Ventura, A., Social Chairman; Hess, S., President; Costanza, M., Pires, A. Row 3-1. to r.: Rasch, R., Kelley, D. Larkin, F., Hascup, J., Knight, R„ Wilson, A., Risk, K., Nightengale, F., Krohner, T. Adams R Lawson, W., Demers, K., Appell, A. 164 RADIO CLUB Row 1—1. to r:. Arsics, G., (KIQKJ), Secretary; Donovan, F„ (KILPL), President; Baxter, G., (KIMAN), Vice Pres- ident. Row 2—1. to r.: Ehrlich, J., (WALBDM), Oliva, S., (KLFHP), Pauley, S., (KLZFN). Row 1—1. to r.: Bourcier, D., Musto, J., Corresponding Secretary; Sherwood, R., National Advisor, Mc- Nerney, President; Lipman, A., Secretary; Getnick, K., Kushner, A. Row 2—1. to r.: Patrick, C., Bruno, T., Keyes, J., Honig, J., Cassidy, F., Beville, J., Stachursla, E. 165 Row 1 : Lynch, B., Ass ' t Coach; Gutter, G., Stepano, D., Buesing, J., Abilheria, M., Jackson, R., Mangiamele, A., Zilly, J., Head Coach Row 2: Shay, H., Ass ' t Coach; Keckler, R., Murgo, M., DeFalco, J., Miello, M., Dusanenko, J., Peck, W., O ' Leary, J., Ass ' t Coach Row 3: Rallis, C., Baezler, J., Kemelgor, L., Schrieberg, M., Dean, D., Briccocoli, P., Rhodes, J., Ass ' t Coach Row 4: Cordisco, R., Guerrieri, D., Storin, S., Petraca, V., Gallagher, P., Reed, J. Row 5: Mello, J., Cianciolo, D., Lepre, B., Sivo, T., McMahon, J., Silvers, H. Row 6: Walsh, M., Lyons, D., Thompson, J., Rallis, C., Nunes, A., Bryant, B. Row 7: Benjamin, R., Cuddy, F. 167 Coach Zilly talks to an aid sitting in the pressbox. Portion of record crowd of over 10,000 cheer Rhody on to touch- down, during Homecoming game. Season ' s Record 3 Wins 7 Losses URI Opponents URI Opponents 20 Northeastern 1 1 14 Brown 30 15 Main e 23 21 Springfield 15 22 New Hampshire 8 7 Hofstra 28 8 Vermont 16 7 Connecticut 28 0 Massachusetts 7 13 Boston University 20 Pigskin Coverage The Rams opened their season against Northeastern under the lights at City Stadium in Providence before 8,500 enthusiastic rooters. The Rhody eleven was determined to start the season with a victory and could not be denied as B. Bryant, W. Zdanowicz and QB. G. Gutter showed well on offense. The defensive unit also played an inspired game and repeatedly stopped the Huskies inside the Ram 20 yard line . . . The Rams next traveled to the Univ. of Maine where they dropped a 23-15 encounter before a statewide television audience. Rhody was completely outplayed in the first-half, but came back strong in the second-half with the Rhody forces taking to the airways in a futile attempt for victory . . . Rhode Island regained its winning ways with a 22-8 victory over an undermanned Univ. of New Hampshire eleven. B. Bryant accounted for two touchdowns and gained 129 yds . . . Homecoming 1964 saw a record crowd of over 10,000 fans jam Meade Field. The outcome of the game was still in doubt until Vermont intercepted a Ram pass with less than one minute remain- ing, thwarting Rhody ' s attempt for victory ... In their next game Rhody played the most outstanding game of the season before yielding to the highly touted Redmen from Massachusetts. In this game the defense led by Capt. J. Buesing did an outstanding job in stopping the high scoring Redmen . . . Rhody then lost to arch rival Brown 30-14 ... It was a close game until the Bruins exploded for 20 points in the second-half . . . Rhody won only one of its remaining four games and that win was over Springfield, when Rhody scored 3 times in the second-half for the victory. 168 So near, yet so far. Jack Reed, (32) picks up valuable yardage. W. Zdanowicz (34) drives for five. M. Murgo (72) blindsides B. Hall ( 1 2) of Brown. J 964 Cross Country Squad " Yankee Conference Champions " Row 1—1. to r., Danforth, G., Pace, G., Russell, T., Coach; Sherman, A., Ass ' t Coach; Wentworth, N., Brown, G. Row 2, Roy, R., Whetstine, L., Capt.; Schmidt, T., Bayha, F., Masuck, B., Barlow, J., Illuzzi, F., Green, J., Bingham, P., Hathaway, H. Harriers Land Championship After a slow start Coach Tom Russell ' s harriers gained the confidence and momentum which led them to a successful season. Although dropping their first two dual meets by substantial margins to the University of New Hampshire and Northeastern, the harriers never lost spirit. They won a close one against Springfield in their next outing and with this support they went on to defeat the University of Massachusetts. With their record all even the harriers dropped a triangular meet to Brown and Providence College but bounced back and de- feated the University of Connecticut. Then came the Yankee Conference Championships and U.R.I. showed what a well balanced team could do. Led by Captain Luther Whetstine the harriers returned the Championship Cup to U.R.I. after an absence of 15 years. The taste of victory was even sweeter when U.R.I. defeated the same teams which had beaten them earlier in the season. U.R.I. went on to further show their championship calibre by placing second in the NEICAA. In so doing, U.R.I. beat every other team in New England except Providence College. Much credit must be given to the men who worked so well under Coach Russell. Luther Whetstine, Bill Ma- suck, Gary Pace, Guy Danforth, Pete Bingham, Jim Green and Gene Brown should receive special acknowl- edgement for their fine effort all season. 171 Captain Luther Whetstine Harriers ' Schedule William Masuck URI Opponents 38 New Hampshire 19 40 Northeastern 19 27 Springfield 29 24 Massachusetts 31 60 Brown 42 60 Providence College 23 20 Connecticut 40 Yankee Conference Title NEICAA 2nd IC4A ' s 19th John Barlow Gene Brown 172 Row 1-1. to r. Nalbaldian, A., Johnson, J., Scholes, R., Pinckas, R., Butler, R., Coach Row 2. Dean, J., Czerwinski, R., Elliot, D., Goff, K., Costa, J. Row 3. McCaffrey, B., Azevedo, A., Wheeler, D., Egaroff, C., Kalaydgian, J. I. to r. Scholes, R., Butler, Coach, Pinckas, R. And away we go! Varsity Soccer Unable to catch fire and lacking the offensive punch which a winning squad needs, the soccer team had a disappointing season. The sport is only three years old at URI, thus many of its problems can be attributed to inexperience. But with some good freshmen coming up and a Yankee Conference Title in the offing, next year ' s team will undoubtedly show great improvement. Coach Butler ' s men, even though having a poor " won-lost " record, should be commended for their fine spirit and desire to win throughout the : season. SCORES URI Opponents URI Opponents 1 Colby 7 1 Coast Guard 2 0 Vermont 3 0 Hartford 2 2 Bridgeport 6 2 Boston University 8 0 Massachusetts 3 5 Brandeis 0 0 Brown 14 0 Connecticut 2 3 American Int ' l 2 173 Rowl—I. to r.: S. Short, W. LaButti, J. Short, R. Boren Row 2: Co-Capt. L. Nordstrom, R. Carlsten, Coach H. Maack, R. Rapp, Co-Capt. T. DiPaolo. Co-Capt. L. Nordstrom, Coach H. Maack, Co-Capt. T. DiPaolo Tigers of the Mats Coach Herb Maack ' s grapplers showed a tremendous improvement over last season and finished 11th out of 18 in the New Englands. Their dual meet rec- ord was four wins— five losses. The team lost an extremely close match with Worcester Polytech, 18 to 13. Norman LaButti was Rhody ' s most con- sistent winner and placed 3rd in the New Englands at 147. His dual meet record was 8 wins— 1 loss. Co-Capts. DiPaolo and Nordstrom, together with R. Rapp, fared well in the heavier weight classes. Hampered with injuries and illness Coach Maack was only able to take four of his starters to the New Englands. With everyone returning from this year ' s squad and with some help from the Freshman squad, Rhode Island can be assured of even greater heights next year. 174 Co-Capt. L. Nordstrom R. Rapp R. Carlsten has his opponent tied up. Co-Capt. T. DiPaolo carries a heavy Burden. Season ' s Record URI Opponents 16 Tufts 14 8 Coast Guard 27 13 Worcester Poly. 18 18 Connecticut 13 38 New York Univ. 5 10 Brown 20 8 Massachusetts 21 5 Boston College 25 21 Hartford Univ. 13 Won 4— Lost 5 175 Co-Capt. L. Nordstrom looking for a takedown. N. LaButti about to gain victory. Varsity Grapplers Weight Class 123 R. Bourne 130 J. Short 137 F. Santopietro 147 N. LaButti 157 R. Carlsten 167 R. Rapp 177 L. Nordstrom Unlimited T. DiPaolo S. Short sizes up opponent in opening period. 176 Row 1—1. to r.-. Coach E. Calverly, J. Cymbala, D. McGovern, J. Mulfinger, F. Nightingale, M. Fitzgerald. Row 2. Mgr. R. Haber, T. Haglund, R. Granat, H. Carey, D. Forsythe, R. Boehm. Row 3: D. Kaull, T. Krohner, F. London, L. McPhee. 177 The Year That Was! Jim Cymbala All Yankee Conference— 2nd Team Mike Fitzgerald All Yankee Conference— 2nd Team The University of Rhode Island basketball season was one characterized by ups and downs and the Rams fin- ished the season with a 15-11 record. Although this was a let-down according to pre-season predictions, the Rams played some fine ball but were hampered by inconsisten- cies in both offense and defense. The Rams started the season off well by winning their first three games decisively. Riding high, due to the 1 10- 78 trouncing handed New Hampshire the Rams ran out of gas and were soundly beaten by Massachusetts and Manhattan. The Rams regained their early season form and beat Brown but again their winning combination was thwarted when they dropped three games on their South- west tour. But the Rams played sound ball on this tour and lost to a good Arizona State team by only 9 points. The hoopmen won their windup game on the longest sports junket ever made by a U.R.I. team by beating Amer- ican University 91-86. In this game Denny McGovern was only one hoop away from his all-time personal one-game scoring record as he hit for 38 points. He received ample support from Mike Fitzgerald who scored 1 8 points. Returning to U.R.I. the Rams played much better ball than in previous games. After winning two games U.R.I. lost a heartbreaker to Boston College by a score of 107-105. McGovern had another top effort, scoring 40 points, work- ing nicely with Cymbala and Fitzgerald. Traveling to Storrs, Connecticut, the Rhodymen dropped an important Yankee Conference decision and their hopes for the title decreased. Coach Calverly ' s men played sporadic ball for the rest of the season and although winning four out of the five Conference games, they lost to Connecticut, who thus retained the title. Rhode Island ' s two games with Prov- idence College were highly publicized but the Rams were no match for the NCAA bound Friars. Special recognition should be given to Denny McGovern who finished his college career with a total of 1 ,696 points. Denny ' s 517 points for the past season earned him a po- sition on the Associated Press ' All New-England Team and is a worthy tribute to one of U.R.I. ' s greats. John Mulfinger and Frank Nightingale, both seniors, had also done a fine job in their efforts to make the Rams the fine team that it was. Mike Fitzgerald, Jim Cymbala, Henry Carey, and Bob Boehm also upheld the fine tradition which marks the cali- bre of all U.R.I. athletes. 178 J. Cymbala passing inbounds to H. Carey Rough and tumble action against UCONN D. McGovern gains a helping hand in action against Vermont. 179 J. Mulfinger ' s smart thinking saves ball for Rhody D. McGovern shooting over out-stretched fingers of UCONN defender. D. McGovern and F. Nightingale gain rebound against UVM. 1964-1965 Won 15 URI Opp. 77 Brandeis 61 75 Brown 65 110 New Hampshire 78 67 Massachusetts 79 66 Manhattan 77 90 Maine 82 99 Brown 78 68 Houston 74 62 Texas Western 81 93 Arizona State 102 91 American University 86 98 Holy Cross 75 100 Fordham 96 I8Q R. Bcehm tangles with aggressive Toby Kimball. Record Lost 11 URI Opp. 105 Boston College 107 68 Connecticut 78 87 Northeastern 77 93 Vermont 60 56 Providence 73 74 Bucknell 69 90 Massachusetts 103 90 Vermont 69 72 Providence 88 81 Boston University 67 85 Maine 82 90 New Hampshire 77 73 Connecticut 88 R. Boehm makes vain attempt to snare rebound. M. Fitzgerald scoring on easy layup. 181 Indoor Track 1964-1965 Indoor Record URI Opponents 33 Northeastern 88 76 Connecticut 37 69 Bates 44 37 Connecticut Relays 2nd Place 58 Boston College 55 60 Yankee Conference 1 st Place C. Claytur practices championship form. Russellmen Capture Title Coach Tom Russell ' s indoor trackmen turned in another fine effort and showed their championship calibre by up- setting favored Maine in the Yankee Conference Championships. The season started rather dismally for our track- men with a loss to a strong Northeastern squad. Rebounding from this defeat the boardmen soundly trounced Connecticut and Bates in their next two outings and the stage was set for the Connecticut Relays. Competing against some of the top schools in the East, U.R.I. took second place honors and had reason to hold their heads high. They avenged their earlier defeat to Northeastern and beat the likes of such schools as Yale, Providence College, Boston Univ., and Bowdoin College. Their next meet was a spine tingler with Rhody prevailing over Boston College by three points. The Yankee Conference Championships saw Rhode Island defeat defending Champion Maine by 24 points. The Rams accounted for five of the eight records set that afternoon: High Jump— Fred Collingwood Broad Jump— Larry Girouard 600 Yd. Dash— Gary Pace 60 Yd. High Hurdles— Al Lavender Mile Relay— Gary Pace Richard Lemieux Nat Wentworth Bill Masuck 6 feet 514 inches 22 feet 5V2 inches 1 minute 1 3 seconds 7.9 seconds 3 minutes 28 seconds Seniors C. Claytur, C. Ruhle, A. Lavender, B. Masuck and R. Lemieux should receive special mention for their hard work over the years and for the honor they have brought upon themselves and the University. 182 Outdoor Track The Rhode Island cindermen fared well in outdoor competition but failed in their attempt to snare the Triple Crown of Track by placing second in the Yankee Con ference Championship Meet. The Russellmen gave top efforts through- out the season and in dual meet competition achieved a 2-2 won-lost record. The Yankee Conference Championship was rather disappointing for the Rams and it seemed lady luck was not on their side. Al Lavender, a consistent scorer throughout the season and well respected in his specialty, the high and low hurdles, broke his shoulder while competing. With Lavender out the Rams lost valuable points and the meet. Although somewhat downhearted the Rams finished the season in fine fashion by placing fourth in the New England Inter-Collegiates. The only individual winner for Rhody was Clayton Claytur, a senior, who set a meet record in the pole-vault at 14 ' 2 " . Clayton was also Yankee Conference champ. Much credit must be given to the seniors who worked so hard in bringing the track team the laurels it has received. Co-Captains Bill Masuck and Al Lavender led the way, being supported by Carl Ruhle, Rhody ' s most con- sistent shot-putter for the past three years. Bob Narcessian, a fine hammer thrower who won the college division at the Penn Relays, and Dick Lemieux. Those men returning who are expected to keep up the fine work shown this past year are Gary Pace, Fred Sculco, Fred Collingwood, and Charlie McGinnis. With these men as the nucleus Rhody can expect another fine season next year. 1965 Outdoor Record URI Opponents 56 Northeastern 88 97 Connecticut 47 Penn Relays— Bob Narcessian— College Division Hammer title 64 Brown 80 85 New Hampshire 59 2nd Yankee Conference 4th New England ' s The long haul begins. 183 Masuck and Danforth score for Rhody. Waiting patiently! That last effort! Dick Harrall crouches for shot. Rhody men escape camera. 184 Ram broadjumper awaits impact. Sculco about to clear 12 ' 5 " . Tense crowd awaits the outcome. Opponent soars through the air. S. Miller, D. Rosen, R. Clark, J. Fourniur, R. McFarland Fourniur and Miller charge the net. Won-Lost Record U.R.I. 7 1 3 4 3 3 4 7 6 4th Coast Guard Academy Brown Springfield Univ. of Connecticut Univ. of Vermont Univ. of Maine Univ. of Massachusetts Providence Univ. of New Hampshire Yankee Conference Opponent 2 8 6 5 6 6 5 3 3 186 Tennis The U.R.I. netmen had a disappointing season while compiling a 3-6 record. The scores indicate that if the Rhodymen had a few breaks their won- lost record could have been reversed. With most of the varsity squad returning next year the net- men are looking forward to a more successful sea- son. The nucleus of the team will be composed of S. Miller, R. Clark, J. Fourniur, and R. McFarland. The only varsity netman graduating is B. Nelson, who has done a commendable job while competing for the Rams in the past. R. Clark deliver 3 L. to r. : Coach P. Cieurzo, R. Bedard, J. Mulvey, Co-Capt. J. Curley, Co-Capt. P. Trainor, K. Hoban, B. Morin, P. Quigley. The Rhody Golf Team The Rams had a very successful season which was high- lighted by its winning the 28th Annual New England In- tercollegiate crown in Groton, Connecticut. By so winning this tournament the Rhody Golfers qualified for the Na- tional Collegiate Athletic Association Championship Tour- nament to be held in Nashville, Tennessee. Previous to this win the Rams captured the Yankee Con- ference Title under the superb leadership of Bruce Morin, two time former Rhode Island junior titlist and a finalist in the State Amateur ' s in 1962. Morin had more than ample support from P. Trainor, K. Hobin, J. Mulvey, and P. Quig- ley. Co-captains Trainor and Curley have done a splendid job in their four years with the varsity and will be sorely missed next year. But with Morin, Mulvey and an upcoming freshman team U.R.I. will still be of championship calibre. Morin picks up after putting. 187 Row 1—1. to r.: Trainer R. Cole, L. Moulton, P. Summers, A. Peterson, J. Hurwitz, B. Hallworth, D. Forsythe, F. Peterson, J. Bern- stein. Row 2: Coach R. Butler, S. Barkios, J. Cook, K. Ainley, N. Stenhouse, C. Kernick, C. Kahanski, L. Jarvis, C. Rallis, M. Norton. Baseball ' 65 The University of Rhode Island baseball team feeling the effects of injuries, mental and physical errors and competing against the spring rains and wind compiled a disappointing season ' s record of three wins— fifteen losses. Baseball has been called the game of inches and this can be attested by the URI nine. With a few breaks this season the Rams ' record could very well have been reversed. Coach B. Butler and next year ' s captain-elect B. Hallworth are looking forward to a very success- ful season. Rhody ' s banner flies high. 188 J. Bernstein sets himself for delivery. P.C. batter crosses first with time to spare. Everyone in motion during delivery. Rhody runner moves toward first. 190 L. to r.: D. Quadrini, A. Paine, F. Harley, D. Neville, Coach N. Caswell, AA. AAederios, P. Greene; (Not pictured D. Beebe, and N. AAatson). Trophies— I. to r.. Sharpe Trophy, N.E. Sloop Championship Trophy, Hoyte Trophy, Donaghy Bowl, and N.E. Team Racing Cham- pionship Trophy. Sailing Surprising to many at URI, the most successful team and the most unheralded is the sailing team. With the sea- son spanning the entire school year the Rhody sailors have kept the momentum necessary to be a consistent win- ner. In an interview with Coach Ned Caswell it was indicated that no one person could be singled out but that the Ram ' s success was due to devoted and unselfish teamwork. This teamwork proved to be very productive and the accomplishments and records established by our sailors are manifestations of this spirit. Unlike the other varsity schedules, the sailing team met over 35 colleges and universities during regular compe- tition, more than double the amount of any other varsity sport. By qualifying for the North American Championships to be held in Detroit, URI will meet an additional 10 schools. This championship is a post-season event and the Rhodymen have enough talent to fare quite well. Coach Caswell ' s men participated in 16 regattas and compiled the following record: 11 1st places, 4 2nd places and 1 3rd place. Among the trophies retired are the following: Yankee Conference Trophy, N.E.I.S.A. Sloop Trophy, N.E.I.S.A. Team Racing Trophy. Rhody also set another first by being the first school ever to retire the Sloop Cham- pionship Trophy, the Team Racing Trophy and the Freshman Single Crew Championship all in one year. Two members of the team have been chosen to participate in post season events. A. Paine will travel to England and compete in regattas in Europe, and P. Greene chosen to compete at Marblehead, Mass., the sailing capital of the East. Next year ' s prospects seem just as promising as this year ' s. The team will be losing senior M. Mederios, Captain of this year ' s team. The freshman team which will complement the varsity showed great potential and their season was highlighted by J. Caswell winning the N.E.I.S.A. Single Crew Championship. In conclusion, it can only be repeated that the URI sailing team deserves full recognition for the laurels they have brought to the University of Rhode Island. 191 Season ' s Record FALL U.R.I. Pentagonal N.E.I.S.A. Sloop Elimination N.E.I.S.A. Team Racing Elimination Donaghy Bowl Hoyte Trophy N.E.I.S.A. Sloop Championship (White Trophy) Schell Trophy N.E.I.S.A. Team Racing Championship (Fouk Trophy) SPRING Gieger Trophy Boston Dinghy Club Cup Boston University Trophy Yankee Conference N.E.I.S.A. Dinghy Championship Sloop Regatta N.E.I.S.A. Single Handed Championship Single Handed Regatta •. r . r All alone, way out front. Jockeying for position at the start. Accidents do happen. URI ' s means of transportation. URI Lacrosse Club 197 The people you will remember not the street they lived on or the games they won. But the smiles and frowns and the thoughts they spoke RESIDENCES 203 204 207 208 212 216 ADAMS HALL RESIDENCE COUNCIL- 1. to r.: V. Walter, Rep., A. Gruhn, Rep., M. Camp- bell, Pres., J. Caswell, Soc. Chair., R. Savignano, Athletic Co., R. Mor- rison, Sec., M. McfCenna, V.P., J. McGinn, Treas. 217 BARLOW HALL BRESSLER HALL RESIDENCE COUNCIL . to r.. M. Zamperini, Secretary, H. Gumpright, Treasurer, M. Montefusco, President, A. Silverira, V. President, H. Strashnick, Social Chairman. 219 BROWNING HALL RESIDENCE COUNCIL- , to r.. B. O’Neill, Athletic Director, W. McComb, Assistant Secretary, J. Casey, President, M. Schiller, Vice President, K. Fargnoli, Social Chairman, A. A. Roberto, Treasurer. 220 BUTTERFIELD HALL RESIDENCE COUNCIL- , to r..- J. Bradley, Vice President, B. Briggs, Secretary, F. Schwartz, President, K. Demers, Social Chairman. 221 HUTCHINSON HALL Leslie Thompson, President 222 MERROW HALL L. to r.. R. Gencarella, Social Chairman, K. Reningas, Treasurer, M. White, President, F. Wainwright, Vice President, L. Tenzen, Secretary. 223 PECK HALL L. to r.: Elaine Mcllwain, Treasurer; Susan Judson, Vice President; Marcia Giard, President; Grace Wayne, Social Chairman; Diane Kingsbury, Secretary. 224 ROOSEVELT HALL L. to r.-. J. Platt, Vice President, K. Conway, Secretary, E. Randall, President, A. Wing, Treasurer. 225 L. to r.: M. Grabbert, President, V. Haynes, Vice President TUCKER HALL 226 L. to r.: R. Alfred, Vice President, A. Netten, Treasurer, A. Powers, Secre- tary. WELDIN HALL 227 228 229 230 231 lliliMtt 222 . «MJL » WWSIT WTh f PtCMxAM rEWCTN « « l EZ2 A rtrfi) ft ft ddiiyiiuuyii «Wi dill llniucrsil of J ho»io island X 0 232 233 x a 234 235 N Nanci Roberts Susan Sarsfield %V? a 19 05 tyoiejslani, Gail Smith Christine Temple 236 237 «• 238 239 © ■©• 240 241 $ H 242 C «P l J h i pignut J ' tappa — v lk -I 10 ' 0 65 llmucrsily of ilho6c jJslumi oil fell! oi ii li 243 m M Alpha £ psil d I A dM. 244 245 X M M 246 247 «‘3i fliw-npofe m aey iiiitfe dilii dki C C Wf Sigma ;Vu n « H dMtAmimi 19 ® 65 tikiiA kiA •4«f g c?, f Wf r Sf llniucrsily i hoiic llslam) wi T TTfTf l.i li J 4 J ill illiikilAJ A J J I N 248 249 m ■©■ M 250 251 252 tl dt h ' -t (ihcla £h i llttiwcrsilu of ho6c 5sla«ui q -) ey ' •? iulAih q ?jinir q a q of aw© raAft n ' 4 ' i A M »■ q lift I Jio 1 ! m 4 ' J «J «i TV A TJF It fe du 253 254 RS formal informal . . . very informal It’s mild hysteria at the thought, " We made it!” SENIOR WEEK! It ' s jh e beginning of the end of " down the line " , of Beach-1, from 11:00 to 2:00, of " happy hour " and Saturday morning classes, of snow parties and final exams, of central linen, horned-rimmed professors and curfews — it’s relief and expectation 256 Direction and on the way, another transition, a scattered hope that the world we enter will not be made of tinfoil the roof over our head, the walls around us, will be more limited, and at the same time more vast, but we have enough belief in ourselves to make our own footprints. . . we have been lectured and discussed inspired, bored, weary and exhilirated, found brilliance in the midst of mediocrity, and occasionally rebellion in the midst of apathy 261 and tomorrow will be the same as today, except somehow, different . . . 263 MANUEL B. ABILHEIRA Harbor View Ave., Bristol. R.l. Arts and Sciences LILUAN M E. ACETO 7 Salem Dr., No. Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi AVIS A. ADAMS DONALD ADDY 15 Black St . Warwick, R.l. Sandy Bottom Rd., Coventry, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences LIBERTA C. ADAMO 21 Lancashire St.. Providence. R.l. Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta IRENE ANN AGOSTINELLI 91 Sisson St., Providence, R.l. Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi PAMELA A. AINSWORTH 104 Foch Ave., Seekonk. Mass. JUDITH L. ALEXANDER 77 Cushman Ave., E. Providence. Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta PETER E. ALLEN 108 Bishop Ave., Rumford, R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Theta SUSANA NGUE ALLO Santa Bamenda. Came roon Agriculture HENRY J. ALLSWORTH 212 Pawtuvet Ave.. Warwick. R.l Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Kappa KENNETH W. ANDREW 787 Kingstown Rd.. Peace Dale, R.l. 264 LAURA JEAN ANDREWS Nooseneck Hill Rd.. W. Greenwich, R.l. PATRICIA F. ANDREWS 7 Washakie Ave., No. Providence. R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi HARRY ANJODRIAN, JR. BIJAN ANVARI 130 Summit Dr., Cranston, R.l. Tehran, Iran Arts and Sciences Agriculture Theta Chi RICHARD T. ARCHANBAULT 9 Cottage St., Warwick. R.l. Engineering RICHARD C. ATTANASIO 40 Justice St„ No. Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi ARTHUR C. APPELL. JR. Marion Ln.. Danbury, Conn. JUDITH T. APPLEYARD 24 Cart Path Rd„ Weston. Mass. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega VINCENT P. AUBOIS GEORGE ANN 84 Washington St.. Newport. R.l. BAGROSICY Arts and Sciences Hillcrest, Mifflinburg, Pa. Arts and Sciences AUSTIN G. BALLOU 24 Whitford St.. Wakefield, R.l. Engineering 265 I MARY ANN L. BARTIGIAN 74 Brandon Rd., Cranston, Business Administration R.l. JOSEPH R. BATTEY, JR. 70 Rosemary Dr., N. Kingstown, R.l. Business Administration DOUGLAS R. BEATON 19 Tremont Rd., Wareham, Mass. Agriculture Phi Sigma Kappa 266 CARL H. BEVILACQUA 172 Ash St.. Fall River, Mass. Engineering CHRISTINE A. BEYER II Buena Vista Dr., N. Kingstown. R.l. Alpha Chi Omega BARBARA E. BLISS S3 Bartlett St., Woonsocket, R.l. Arts and Sciences Lambda Delta Phi SHARON A. BIDA PETER H. BLANK M70 Beacon St., Brookline, Mas Arts and Sciences Tau Kappa Epsilon HARRIS L. BERSON PHYLLIS D. BERTUGLIO 121 Lancaster St., Providence, R.l. 98 Waite Street, Providence. R.l. Alpha Delta Pi 267 ELIZABETH A. BLUM CHERYL MAE BODINE 375 Diamond Hill Rd., Glastonbury, Conn. Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta MARGUERITE BOYAJIAN NANCY BRADSHAW 34 Ansel Ave„ Providence, R.l. 632 Angell St., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Home Economics LINDA BRIGGS WILLIAM BROOKS SI Blueberry Ln., Cranston. R.l. 59 East Orchard Ave., Prov., R.l. Home Economics Arts and Sciences JUNE A. BORGES RAYMOND BOUCHARD 9 Princeton St., Newport, R.l. Bo 158, Carolina, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences 268 STEPHEN E. BROWN 800 Dayton Aye.. Holly Hill, Fla. Sigma ' Phi Epsilon ' ° n LOUIS A. BRUNO NANCY J. BRUSCI 24 Waite St., Providence. R.l. 84 Overfield Rd.. Arts and Sciences Greenwich, R.l. Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta ROBERT G. BURLINGHAM 30 Feather Bed Ln., No. Kingstown, R.l. Pharmacy ROLAND W. BUSSIERE 174 Benefit St.. Pawtucket, R.l. Engineering CAROL BUTTERFIELD ARNOLD E. BUTZIGER 10 Maplecrest Dr., 131 Greenwood Ave.. Warwick. R.l. Greenville. R.l. A,., an H Sciences Home Ecomonics 269 DOROTHY CALDERONE 182 Ryder Rd., Manhasset, N.Y. Pharmacy LOIS A. CAMPBELL l Circle Dr.. North Kingstown, R.l. LYNDA G. CANTOFF 55 Burlington St., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Tau EDMUND D. CAPPUCCILLI 4 Lynden St., Warren, R.l. Arts and Sciences 270 VICTORIA CARUSO 26 Michael In., New Hyde Park, N.Y. Arts and Sciences ELAINE J. CARTER 67 Primrose Hill Rd.. Barrington. R.l. Nursing Alpha Xi Delta JOHN C. CASABELLA 64 White Rock Dr., Windsor, Conn. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha NEIL E. CASEY 9 Meadowview Rd.. Foicboro. Mass. PETER A. CASSELS ALBERTA J. COTTER 126 Washington Ave., Prov. R.l. Apartment F-6. Kingston, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa 271 DONALD L. CHAMPAGNE WAYNE CHAPMAN 24 Mowry St., Pawtucket, R.l. 24 Woodbine St., Cranston, R.l. Engineering Engineering Phi Kappa Theta ANNE S. CHIAPPINELLI 44 Osborn St., Providence, R.l. Home Economics Delta Zeta RAYMOND A. CHRISTOPHER 171-34 Ashby Ave., Flushing, h JUDITH A. CLARKE 214 Highland Ave., Warwick, R.l. RONALD S. CLARKE 32 Hyland Ave., East Greenwich, R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta Delta Delta Delta CLAYTON D. CLATUR 17 Chenery St.. Portland, Maine Engineering 272 MARIE H. CLOUTIER 285 Chad Brown St., Providence, R.l. IRWIN H. COHEN 52 Wilcox Ave., Pawtu Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta icket. R.l. JAMES H. COLEMAN. Ill 148 Lakeview Dr.. Providence, R.l. Agriculture Phi Sigma Kappa BEVERLY A. COLLINS 59 James St.. East Providence. R.l Business Administration EDWARD COOMBS 14 Bayberry Rd.. Kingston. R.l. Arts and Sciences MARK S. CORAN 2245 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y Business Administration Alpha Epsilon Pi ALBERT CONCA, JR. 95 Rome Ave., Providence, R.l. Engineering BERYL S. CONSOVE 33 Lafayette St., Pawtucket, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Tau WILLIAM C. CORNELL 385 South Main St. Attleboro, Mass. Arts and Sciences PETER E. CORNWELL SO Clements Rd., Waltham, Mass. Phi Kappa Theta 273 JOYCE COUTANT III Tanner Ave., Warwick, R. Arts and Sciences Chi Omega HOWARD W. COWGILL 166 Station St. Coventry, R.l. Business Administration ANN B. COX 12 High St., Middletown, R.l. 274 DIANA F. DALTON 95 Ellery St.. Providene Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi c, R.l. SHIRLEY A. DALY 149 Windsor Park Dr.. West Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi CHARLES G. DANIELIAN 68 Pilgrim Dr.. Warwick, R.l. Engineering Phi Mu Delta KATHERINE S. DANNEMANN Oldacre. Little Compton. R.l. Delta Zeta 275 FRANCIS M. DAVIS 244 Easton Point Rd., Groton, Conn. Arts and Sciences HELEN D. DAVIS 123 Congress Ave., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences LYNNE E. DELFAUSSE 54 Hampshire Rd., Rockville Centre. N.Y. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega ANTHONY F. DeMARCO CLAIRE A. DENIKE 134 Lawnacre Dr.. Cranston, R.l. Alpha Delta Pi PAMELA G. DENNIS 10 Beaumont St.. Rumford, R.l. Arts and Sciences MARCIA E. DeCICCIO 45 McArthur Dr., No. Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences KENNETH W. DeCONTI 77 Metropolitan Rd., Providence, R.l. Engineering Theta Delta Chi JOHN E. DeMICHELE 145 Beachmont Ave., Edgewood. R.l. STEPHANIE DEMIRJIAN 224 Lansdowne Rd., Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences JACQUES R. DESPLAINES HENRY F. DiGRADO 385 Lydia Avenue 51 Rowan st„ Providence, R.l. Woonsocket, R.l. Business Administration Engineering Theta Chi 276 ROBERTA L. DICKENS 144 Rangeley Rd., Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences JOSEPH J. DiORIO 14 Victory St., Wakefield, R.l. Engineering DIANE D. DiPRETE 45 Vale Ave„ Cranston. R.l. Home Economics Chi Omega STEVE J. DOMENICO Dexter Rock Rd.. Lincoln. R.l. Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon JOSEPH J. DUBE KAY H. DUCKWORTH. JR. Elmdale Rd.. Scituate, R.l 272 Central Ave., Johnston, R.l. Business Administration Engineering Sigma Chi MARJORIE E. DOYLf 98 Greene St.. Slatersville. R.l. Arts and Sciences JEFFREY W. DRESS 234 Warrington St.. Providence. R.l. GERALDINE F. DUFFY 89 Sunrise Ave., West Warwick, R.l. Nursing Delta Delta Delta PATRICIA A. DUFM 17 Anthony St., West Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa JANICE E. DUGUAY Victory Highway, Burriville. R.l. Home Economics ROGER A. DuPONT 1484 Main Rd., Tiverton, R.l. Business Administration 277 ANN MARIE DYMAN 34 Whitwell Ave.. Newport, R.l. Arts and Sciences ROBERT J. DZIEKIEWICZ 426 Orms St., Providence, R.l. Business Administration CHARLES EASTERBROOKS 19 Oak Rd.. Swampscott, Mass. Business Administration JOHN J. EASTON H)6 Burbank Or., Warwick, R.l. 278 CARL C. ENGLE 24 Ivanhoe St., Cranston, R.l. SADIE R. ESCOBAR 141 Middle Rd., Portsmouth. R.l. Home Economics JOEL G. ESTEN 52 Wilbur Ave., Woonsocket, R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Delta PETER C. EWING 278 Boulevard. Newport. R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta ROBERT J. FAIR DONALD F. FARLEY RFD I. Box 205. Ashaway, R.l. 2 Durkin Dr.. Narragansett, R.l. Business Administration Engineering Theta Chi JOSEPH P. FEROCE 311 Greenwood Ave., Warwick. R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Chi GEORGE FIDAS 131? Narragansett Pkwy.. Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences FRANCIS E. FAUBERT 44 Virginia Ave., Woonsocket. R.l. Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa 279 MARYANN L. FIORE RAYMOND F. FISH Gibson Ave., Narragansett, R.l. 1 37S Douglas Ave., Home Economics No. Providence, R.l. Engineering DAVID B. FISHER 27 Martin Ave., Barrington, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Chi NANCY J. FONTAINE Guild Drive, Norwalk, Conn. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega JUDITH FONTES 51 Meadowcrest Dr., Cumberland, R.l. ROBERT L. FORD 20 Beverly Circle, Greenville, R.l. Business Administration Theta Chi JEAN DOIG FOSTER 2 Gould St., Wakefield, R.l. Arts and Sciences 280 KENNETH R. FRANCESE J. Village Circle, Warwick, R.l. Engineering MARILYN J. FRATTARELLI 153 Crescent Ave., Cranston, R.l. BONNIE A. FREDERICK PENELOPE J. FRENCH 188 Hillard Ave. Warwick, R.l. 8 Marrett Rd., Lexington, Mass. Arts end Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta CYNTHIA R. FULL 9 Princeton St., Newport, R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega RICHARD A. FURIA 138 Borden Ave., Johnston, R.l. Business Administration Theta Delta Chi 281 282 BRIAN D. GORDEN 80 Cactus St.. Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences EDWARD F. GREELEY 21 Newport Ave.. Wickford, R.l. Business Administration ROSALIND ANNE GREEN 1? ' Lon ? S e t Warwicl ' R l ' Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta STEPHEN E. GREENE 237 Wall St., Kingston, N.Y. Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta JANICE F. GRENGA 522 Charles St., Providence. Sigma Kappa 283 KATHRYN M. GREY MARY L. GUERTIN 708 No. Water St., Kittanning. Pa. Ml Sayles Ave., Pascoag, R.l. Home Economics Nursing ALAN H. HADDAD 107 Woodland Rd.. E. Greenwich, R.l. Phi Gamma Delta MARY C. HAJEC 29 Woodside Ave., W. Warwick, R.l. Home Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilc GREGORY S. GUTTER 703 Summit Ave.. Jersey City, N.J. Business Administration Phi Mu Delta PAMELA A. HALEWOOD JOANNE E. HALL Box 172 Clarke Rd„ Hope, R.l. Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega WINOLA J. HAMMOND 342 Orangeburg Rd., Pearl River. N.Y. Home Economics Sigma Kappa CAROLYN R. HANLEY 88 Brookdale Blvd., Pawtucket, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa 284 CHARLES J. HAROOTUNIAN 115 Sumter St., Providence, R.l. Phi Kappa Theta DAVID B. HARRINGTON 80 Darrow Or., Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Theta FLORENCE HATHAWAY 417 Middle Rd., Portsmouth, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa GEORGE HAVEY 25 Edwin St., W. Barrington, R.l. Agriculture JAMES A. HAZARD 13 Bayside Ave., Warwick. R.l. SANDRA E. HAZEN 90 Highschool Ave., Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences Chi Omega DAVID D. HAYES 253 Crestwood Rd.. Warwick, R.l. Lambda Chi Alpha JOY L. HAYWARD Indian Trail, Coventry. R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi BRUCE G. HEARN 19 Adams St., Johnston, R.l. Arts and Sciences RICHARD A. HEELAN 22 Ferncrest Ave., Edgewood, R.l. Business Administration Theta Chi JOAN F. HELFENBEIN Genesee Trail, Harrison, N.Y. Home Economics Sigma Delta Tau MARIJEAN HELSEL 7 Vial Is Dr„ Barrington, R.l. Sigma Kappa 285 THOMAS W. HEMENWAY 178 Angell Ave,. Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences Theta Chi ANNE M. HENNESSEY 520 East Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. Arts and Sciences STEPHEN K. HESS 19 Knapton St., Barrington, R.l. Business Administration PATRICIA A. HICKEY 113 Jastram St., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences STEPHEN M. HILL 2? Invernia Rd.. Cranston, R.l. Business Administration Theta Chi RICHARD A. HILLIER 230 Alabama Ave., Providence, R.L Engineering Sigma Pi ROBERT E. HIRST 1264 Plainfield St., Johnston, R.l. Business Administration JAMES E. HITCHEN 221 Lowden St., Pawtucket, R. I. Arts and Science s Phi Mu Delta BETTE HOLLEY 78 Mountain Ave., E. Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences GILBERT M. HOLMES M Payan St., W. Warwick, R.l. ANNE D. HOLST 4157 Post Rd., Warwick. R.l Arts and Sciences 286 HOWARD I. HONIG 135-17 Newport Ave., Belle Harbor, N.Y. Phi Sigma Delta PAUL HOROWITZ 735 Pemberton Ave., Plainfield. N.J. Business Administration Alpha Epsilon Pi RICHARD H. HOWARTH II Woodbury St., Warwick, R.l. RICHARD F. HOWLAND 174 Garden City Dr., Cranston, R.l. Engineering Chi Phi CHARLENE M. HUGHES HENRY T. HUNT 74 Oakhill Dr., Cranston, R.l. 312 Front St., Lincoln, R.l. Arts and Sciences Engineering Lamba Chi Alpha 287 BARBARA M. IONATA MICHAEL J. ILEO 1480 Main St.. W. Warwick, R.l. 50 Pengrove St.. Cranston, R.l. Home Economics Business Administration Sigma Kappa PHYLLIS E. JENNINGS 152 Grace St„ Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences Lambda Delta Phi BARBARA A. JENKINSON 181 Leonard St.. Acushnet. Mass. Arts and Sciences CYNTHIA A. JIZMAGIAN 182 Reservoir Ave., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences CRAIG V. J. JOHANSEN 51 Allens Ave., Wakefield, R.l. Business Administration ROBERT Y. JOHNSON 75 Sherwood St., Clifton, N.J. Agriculture Lambda Chi Alpha JOSEPH W. JOHNSON, III 9 Irving St., Norwood, Mass. Arts and Sciences Cumberland, R.l. 288 RUSSELL A. JOHNSON 109 Crown Ave., E. Providence, R.l. Engineering SUZANNE G. JOHNSON 13 Wetherell, Worcester, Mass. Home Economics OMER F. JOLY DONNA H. JONES 31 Riverdalc Ave., 54 Kirk Or., Pawtucket, R.l W. Warwick, R.l. Home Economics Engineering Alpha Delta Pi HAROLD A. JOOVELEGIAN 55 Riverfarm Rd., Cranston, R.l. Tau Kappa Epsilon ROBERT A. KALASINSKY 50 Alvin St., Providence, R.l. Engineering ROYAL C. JONES 101 Prospect Ave., No. Kingstown. R.l. THOMAS C. JONES 58 Greenwood Ave., Warwick. R.l. Business Administration VIRGINIA A. KATOWSK! 14 Federal St.. Warren. R.l. Arts and Sciences CHARLOTTE C. KEARNS 4923 Carleton Rd., College Park, Md. Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega MARTIN P. KANTROWITZ 101 Paine Ave., Cranston,. R.l. Arts and Sciences RONALD L. KART 231 Richmond Dr., Warwick, R.l. Business Administration Theta Chi 289 GERALD J. KELLIHER r Pharmacy Chi Phi JAMES H. P. KELSEY - P.O. Bo 488, FJ. Amador, Canal Zone MARJORIE M. KELVIN 172 Jewett St., Providence, R.l. Business Administration CAROL A. KEMMLER 94 Laurel Dr., Needham, Mass. Engineering Alpha Chi Omega 290 291 WALTER R. KUNZMANN, JR. 9 Crocus Dr., Cranston, R.l. Engineering RONALD A. KUSHNIR 90 Haddc Ave.. Cumberland, Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha SUZANNE M. LaBONTE LINDA M. LAMB 76 Cowie St.. Newport, R.l. II Spruce St., Westerly. R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences DONALD H. LAMBERT J8 Bourne Ave.. Tiverton, R.l. ROBERT G. LaMONTAGNE 4S8 Washington St., West Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Theta ROBERT E. LANGEVIN 4S7 River Rd.. Lincoln, R.l. Business Administration Chi Phi LINDA A. LANZI 6 Watkins Ave., Cranston, R.l. Home Economics LEON G. LAPLANTE 70 Potter Ave., West Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences DANIEL S. LASS 123 Daggett Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. Agriculture Alpha Chi Omega 292 ROBERT E. LAURENCE LOUISE A. LAUTERBACH 323 Promenade Ave., Warwick. R.l. 675 Park Ave., Portsmouth, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega RICHARD P. LEMIEUX 55 Namquid Dr.. Warwick. R.l. Arts and Sciences Theta Chi JAhdES M. LENEHAN Danielson Pike. No. Scituate, R.l. Engineering ALAN P. LAVENDER 34 Water Way, Barrington, R.l. Phi Gamma Delta GORDEN C. LAWRENCE 88 Wollaston St., Cranston, R.l. Business Administration Phi Kappa Theta PATRICIA H. LAZAR Johnnycake Trail, Wakefield. R.l. Arts and Sciences ROBERT S. LAZAR Johnnycake Trail, Wakefield. R.l. Sigma Alpha Epsilon SUSAN S. LEVINE 17 White Ave.. Newton Centre, Mass. Home Economics 293 CAROLYN B. LITTLE 41 Sylvia Dr.. Warwick. R.l. DIANE E. LOCKER 42 Fairfield Rd.. Cranst n. R.l. JOSEPH LOESCH LOUIS L. LOMBARDI 84 Pond St.. Wakefield. R.l. 24 Gouch Ave., W. Warwick. R.l. Arts and Sciences Agriculture 294 PATRICIA M. LUKOVITZ 20 Barry Rd„ Manchester, Conn. Arts and Sciences JEFFREY B. LOZOW 141 Fourth St., Providence, R .1. Eng ineering Alpha Epsilon Pi JAMES J. LYONS Middlebridge Rd., Wakefield, R.l. SUE A. MacDONALD Carolina, R.l. Arts and Sciences BERNARD A. MACERONI 1381 Smith St., No. Providence, R.l. Engineering MARIALENA MacFARLAND II Jacob St., Elmont, N.Y. Home Economics JACQUELINE M. MACZUGA 27 Church St„ W. Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences JOSEPH J. MAHONEY 17 Caswell Ave., Newport. R.l. Arts and Sciences KENNETH L. MAIN RFD I. No. Stonington, Conn. Agriculture KATHLEEN E. MADGE 90 Glover St., Providence, R.l. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega 295 RONALD A. MAINELLI 15 Valley View Dr., Johnston. R.l. Business Administration JOSEPH J. MALAGA 67 Roanoke St., Providence, R.l. Engineering EUGENE B. MALLEN 17 Conant Avc., Narragansett, R.l. Arts and Sciences Theta Chi RAYMOND J. MANCO 66 Vandewater Street, Providence, R.l. Engineering PATRICIA A. MARR Boy Scout Drive, Westerly, R. Arts and Science. JOHN MARTIGNETTI 1923 West llth St.. New York, N.Y. Engineering RAYMOND J. MANOCCHIO 180 Stanwood St., Providence, R.l. Agriculture PAUL J. MARVIN Ridge Rd.. Peekskill, N.Y. RALPH P. MASCOLO 68 N. Glendrive, Coventry, R.l. Engineering 296 ROBERT A. MASSAROTTI WILLIAM W. MASUCK 0 Unity Ave., E. Providence, R.l. 101 Arlond Dr., Pawtucket, R.l. Engineering Arts an d Sciences Phi Kappa Theta RICHARD A. MATSON VI Cameron St.. Pawtucket. R.l. Business Administration BARBARA L. MATTHEWS Nut Plains Rd.. Guilford, Conn. Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega LYNDON J. MAYERS 384 Hawthorne Ave., Derby, Conn. Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha EILEEN F. McCABE 174 Darlingdale Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega LAURENCE A. MAULTON 5 Hargraves St., Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences SUSAN M. McCABE 83 Rounds Ave., Providence, R.l. Home Economics SUSAN McCALL 91 Richland Rd., Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences Chi Omega jerauld j. McCauley 9 West Wood Rd.. Lincoln, R.l. Engineering Sigma Chi RICHARD D. McCAUGHEY 55 Euerleth Ave., Warwick, R.l. 297 david a. McDonnell alan l. McKinnon 45 LeBaron Dr., E. Greenwich. R.l. 115 Bourne Ave., Rumford, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu CAROL A. McKENNA DENNIS C. McGOVERN 4? Ayrault St., rovidence. R.l. 141 Grand St.. Jersey City. NJ. Arts and Sc ' .nces Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon 298 ROBERT E. MEADOWS 105 Babcock St., Providence, R.l. Business Administration Phi Mu Delta MICHAEL J. MEDEIROS 1353 W. Main Rd.. Middletown, R.l. Agriculture Phi Sigma Kappa DAVID E. MEEKINGS 433 Riverside Dr., Portsmouth, Va. Agriculture S. JAY MELAMUT 403 Morris Ave., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi 299 ARTHUR A. MESSIER 52 Revere Ave., West Warwick, R.l. GERALD M. METZ Five Points Rd., Freehold, N.J. Arts end Sciences JAMES A. MICHALENKA 40 Privet St., Pawtucket, R.l. Arts and Sciences RICHARD B. MIDWOOD 78 Edgehill Rd., Warwick, R.l. Agriculture Lambda Chi Alpha LEE A. MIGLIACCIO 31 Greenwood St., Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences CAROL A. MILEWICZ 139 Garden Hills Dr., Cranston, R.l. CAROL J. MILLER 31 Coldbrook Dr., Warwick, R.l. Home Economics PAUL R. MILLER 26 Chatham Rd., Cranston, R.l. Alpha Epsilon Pi RICHARD P. MILLS 140 Weetamoe Dr., Warwick, R.l. Business Administration Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERT A. MILNER 20 Sherwood Ave., Centerdale, R.l. MARY-JOAN C. MINNIS 48 Spencer St.. West Warwick. R.l. Arts and Sciences SHEILA R. MOLITOR Little Pond County Rd. Cumberland, R.l. Arts and Sciences 300 VINCENT J. MONACEUl 97 Haynes St., Warwick. R.l. Arts and Sciences RICHARD A. MONTANARO 129 Waller St., Providence. R.l. Engineering JAMES W. MOODY Bo« 27, Carolina. R.l. JAMES P. MOONEY 1735 Main Rd., Tiverton. R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta LAWRENCE J. MURPHY 442 Howland Rd.. E. Greenwich, R.l. Arts and Sciences RONALD V. MORETTI 81 Garland Ave., Cranston, R.l. Engineering WILLIAM D. MOSS 23 Elder St., Pawtucket. R.l. Agriculture Phi Kappa Theta JUDY A. MUELLER 17 Florence St., Attleboro, Mass. Arts and Sciences JOHN A. MURRAY 153 Potter St. Cranston. R.l. Engineering TERRENCE F. MURPHY 17 Manning St., Pawtucket, R.l. Ph M Delta CARL W. MYLLYMAKI, III kk Summer St.. Westerly, R.l. Sigma Nu 301 302 303 RAYMOND N. PALOMBO 74 Woonasquatucket Ave., No. Providence. R.l. Arts and Sciences Chi Phi PETER L. PAQUIN m MagiH St.. Pawtucket. R.l. ELIZABETH I. PATERRA 414 Broadway. Providence, R.l. Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi JOSEPH F. PATTON. JR. 63 Crandall Ave., Westerly, R.l. Arts and Sciences DAVID M. PEARSON 27 llth Ave., Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Tau Kappa Epsilon DEBORAH L. PEARSON I Appletree La., Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa ARTHUR F. PECKHAM 7 Sheffield Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. Engineering LAWRENCE R. PELTZ 243 Oakwood Ave., Cedarhurst, N.Y. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi JOHN J. PERKOSKI. JR. 52 Chestnut St., No. Attleboro, Mass. Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha 304 STANLEY E. PERREAULT 3 Highland Ave., Coventry, R.l. JACQUELINE J. PERRY 3 Top St., Westerly, R.l Home Economics PATRICIA A. PERRI 6 Hobart Street, Westerly, R.l Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi JOHN A. PERROTTA 118 Ring St. f Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Theta Delta Chi JACQUELINE A. PETERSON 24 Lynn St., Lawrence, Mass. Arts and Sciences Lambda Delta Phi WALTER G. PHANEUF 10? Shippee Ave., West Warwick, R.l. ELNA J. PERROTTI 10 Hill St.. Livingston, N.J. Home Economics JOSEPH A. PERRY, JR. 91 Bently St., East Prov., R.l. Engineering 305 HELENA J. POPPLE 454 Broadway, Newport, R.l. Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi DOROTHEE A. POULIN 338 Washington St.. W. Warwick. R.l. Arts and Sciences RICHARD G. PRESCOTT LOIS A. PRESTON Woodville Rd.. Hopkinton R.l Old Baptist Rd.. Agricultural Science No. Kingstown. R.l Arts and Sciences 306 307 WILLIAM G. RAVO 61 Federal St., Providence, R.l. Engineering GEORGE E. REED 1102 Post Rd., Perryville, R.l. Engineering SANDRA E. REID 20 Anthony St.. Newport. R.l JAMES F. REYNOLDS. JR. 97 Belvedere Dr.. Cranston, R.l. SUSAN E. REYNOLDS 97 Dale Ave., Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences MANCE M. RHAULT 380 Liverpool Ave.. Pawtucket. R I Arts and Sciences VINCENT RICCI 61 Cleveland Ave., Cranston, R.l. ROBERT J. RICHARD 223 Cottage St.. Pawtucket, R.l. Engineering T. ANDREW RICHARDSON RONALD B. RICKEY 25 Intervale Ave.. 104 Bellevue Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. E. Providence. R.l. Business Administration Arts and Sciences Tau Kappa Epsilon SANDRA C. RILEY MADELINE M. RISICA 55 South Bend St., Pawtucket, R.l. 50 Elm St., Westerly, R.l. Pharmacy Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta 3oe GAIL M. ROBBINS JUDITH B. ROBBINS 172 Inman Ave., Warwick, R.l. 648 East 26th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Arts and Sciences Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Sigma Delta Tau ALBERT G. ROBERTO BRUCE W. ROBERTS 16 Pallas St.. Providence, R.l. 18? Hunts Ave., Pawtucket, R.l Arts and Sciences Agriculture Sigma Chi GEORGE D. ROCHE 1980 E. Main Rd.. Portsmouth, R.l. Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARCIA E. ROCK 38 Manistee St., Pawtucket, R.l. Home Economics WILLIAM I. RODERICK 126 Maryland Ave., Warwick, R. Engineering ROLAND RODRIGUES 43 Collins St„ Bristol. R.l. Arts and Sciences Tau Kappa Epsilon 309 310 FRANKLIN J. RZEPECKI 387 England St., Cumberland, R.l. Engineering WILLIAM A. SAKO 142 Kiwanee Rd., Warwick, R.l. Arts and Sciences LINDA G. SAHAGIAN 138 Lexington Ave., Providence, R.l. Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta MAR SAMNANG 57 rue Norodom, P. Penh, Cambodia Agriculture GORDON E. SARGENT 13331 Alexandria Dr., Opa-Locka, Fla. NORMAN A. SANDLER 78 Forest St., Providence. R.l. Arts and Sciences 311 LORRAINE E. SAXON 150 Tvron Ave., Englewood, N.J. Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta ROBERTA I. SAYLES 54 Beach St.. Westerly. R.l. Arts and Sciences Simga Kappa DANIEL C. SAYRES. JR. ROBERT M. SAYWELL, JR. 37 Sea Breeze Rd. 914 Rumstick Point, Barrington, R.l. Massapequa, N.Y. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha KATHE F. SCHOR 10 Shore Blvd.. Brooklyn, N.Y Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Tau STANLEY P. SCHRETTER II Goldsmith St., Providence, R.l Business Administration CAROL A SECTOR 2244 Coles Ave., Scotch Plaine. N.J. Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta 312 MARIE L. SENERCHIA SHEILA E. SEYBOLT IB Nestor St.. W. Warwick. R.l. 6200 Post Rd., No. Kingstown, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa EDWARD F. SHERER CARYN M. SHERMAN 853 Divison St., E. Greenwich, R.l. MO Shirley Blvd., Cranston, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences GEOFFREY B. SHERWOOD 4 Friendship Ave., Warwick, R.l. Lambda Chi Alpha JEFFREY W. SHUB 6 Cedar Rd., Swampscott, Mas! Arts and Sciences Phi Sigma Delta 313 HOWARD M. SMITH 82 Rawlinson Dr.. Coventry, R.l. Business Administration CHRISTINE SLONINA GEORGE B. SMITH 59 Sumner Ave.. Cransto Arts and Sciences GERALDINE SOUSA 64 Monroe Ave., Bristol, R.l. Home Economics Delta Delta Delta DALE R. SOZANSKI 37 Garden City Dr., Crans Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta 314 JOAN E. STEDMAN 130 Willard Ave., Providence. R.l. Arts and Sciences DONNA PAGE STEELE 73 Fairway Ln„ Warwick, R.l. Business Administration Chi Omega VICTOR A. STEFANOWICZ PETER V. STELLJES III Roslyn Dr.. Cranston, R.l. Great Island, Narragansett, R.l. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences 315 RICHARD A. STIPANO CHRISTINA B. STONE 47 Furman St.. Schenectady. N.Y. 22 Samuel Rd., Chelmsford, Mass. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Delta Sigma Kappa STEPHANIE A. STORM 105 Hickory In., Lexington Park, Md. Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta EDWARD S. STROK 63 Rhodes Ave., Woonsocket, R.l. Arts and Sciences MICHAELA L. SULLIVAN 1192 Westminister St.. Providence. R.l. Home Economics PAUL D. SULLIVAN 1293 Hope St., Bristol. R.l. Agriculture KEMAL M. SUMER Nisantase. Valikonagi CAD 121 S Istanbul, Turkey Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon PAUL O. SUMMERS 26 Channingville Rd., Wappinqers Falls, N.Y. Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha 316 RALPH F. SWEET MARY LOU SYLVESTER 134 Olney Ave.. Centredale, R.l. Duck Cove, Wickford, R.l. Engineering Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta DONALD M. SZROM JANET L. SZYDLO IS Windsor Ct.. Pawtucket, R.l. I Princeton Ave., W. Warwick, R.l. Business Administration Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha RICHARD E. TIBBETTS IBO Beach St., No. Kingstown, R.l. Business Administration Sigma Pi JOSEPH T. TEIXEIRA, JR. 24 Cherry Ln., Bristol, R.l. Engineering JAMES P. TAYLOR 10 Summit Dr., Fairhaven, Mass. Business Administration FRANCIS M. TAMBURRO I Colonial Rd., Bristol, R.l. Arts and Sciences VIVILY A. THERRIEN 260 Congdon Hill Rd., Saunderstown, R.l. Home Economics WILLIAM S. THOMAS 504 Tuckermen Ave., Middletown. R.l. Business Administration Sigma Chi JACQUELINE A. TOHER 4 Dawson St.. Pawtucket, R.l. 317 EARL J. TRAVERS J7 Furnace St., Providence, R.l. WILLIAM L. TREZVANT 38 Newport Ave., Newport. R.l. Engineering 318 SONDRA D. VANDERMARK 12 Pine Ave., Barrington, R.l. STEWART W. VANDERMARK 12 Pine Ave., Barringt, Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha ARTHUR T. VENTURA 2708 Avenue L. .Brooklyn. N.Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOAN A. VISHNOSKI 190 Vincent Ave.. No. Providence. R.l. FRANK VOTOLATO 34 Valentine Dr., Cranston. R.l. Engineering Theta Delta Chi JAMES C. VOTTA 109 Lawn Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT M. VREDENBURG 10 Highland Ave., Wakefield, R.l. Arts and Sciences GAIL WALKER Water St. Assonet, Mass. Delta Delta Delta BARRY E. WALL 51 Ash Ave., Tiverton, R.l. Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Tau Kappa Epsilon PATRICIA A. WALLACE Ocean Glen, Narragansett, R.l. Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta JAMES T. WALSH 29 Potter St., Pawtucke Agriculture Phi Mu Delta t, R.l. 319 JOAN M. WEATHERS JUDITH V. WEAVER 57 Waltham St.. Pawtucket, R.l. 1135 Washington St., Arts and Sciences Walpole, Mass. Delta Zeta Arts and Sciences PATRICIA L WEINBERG 323 Montrose Ave.. So. Orange, NJ. Alpha Epsilon Phi HANS M. WENGHOEFER 35 Hill ' Top Dr., E. Greenwich, R.l. Arts and Sciences ALBERT T. WESSMAN 52 Endicott St., Congers, N.Y. Engineering Sigma Pi FRANK WESTON 195 Lakeside Ave., Warwick, R.l. Business Administration RUTHANN WHEELER Post Rd., Perryville, R.l. Home Economics THOMAS H. WHEELER Post Rd., Perryville, Wakefield. R.l. Arts and Sciences LUTHER WHETSTINE 22 Taft St., Coventry. R.l. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta STEVEN K. WHITFIELD 85 Warren Ave., E. Providence, R.l. DON J. WHITTIER 74 Arcadia Ave., Cranston, R.l. Engineering 320 SANDRA A. WIATRAK KERMIT L. WIESELQUIST 81 Grand View Dr., Warwick, R.l. Westcott Rd., No. Scituate, R.l. Home Economics Engineering Lambda Delta Phi Phi Kappa Theta ALDEN L WILSON 15 Juniper Dr., No. Kingston, R.L STANLEY P. WOJCIECHOWSKI 89 Cottage St, Warwick, R.l. Engineering JOAN M. WOODMAN 7 Cherry St., Wenham, Mass. Business Administration KEVIN B. WRENN 1087 Cathedral Ave., Franklin Sq„ N.Y. Arts and Sciences Chi Phi ALICE WING 188 Haven Dr., Norfolk, Va. Home Economics NELLA A. WINSLOW 22 Englewood Rd., Winchester, Mass. Home Economics 321 322 UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE COMMUNITY OIL SERVICE 187 High Street Peace Dale The Best in FUEL OILS and HEATING FIORE PONTIAC INC. RHODE ISLAND ' S LARGEST PONTIAC DEALER 399 Bald Hill Road Warwick, Rhode Island L W VENDING SERVICE 1282 Kingstowne Road Kingston, Rhode Island ST 3-8666 Emergency or Night Service ST 3-4453 NARRAGANSETT ELECTRIC WOOLWORTH’S WAKEFIELD PRINTING COMPANY ROGER WILLIAMS SHOPPING CENTER Wakefield, Rhode Island Serving URI Since 1949 YOUR MONEY ' S WORTH MORE AT WOOLWORTH’S 82 High Street Wakefield, Rhode Island Phone 783-2502 PARAMOUNT FOUNTAIN and RESTAURANT SUPPLY CORP. 711 Branch Avenue Providence, Rhode Island 02904 325 A WELCOME SIGHT TO ALL GEORGE ' S RESTAURANT GIRO ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE 195 High Street Peace Dale, Rhode Island The Fish You Ate at George ' s Today Slept Last Night in Point Judith Bay Delightfully Delicious Galilee, Rhode Island Norman S. Durfee Phone ST 3-2306 ( Pro P ) Service Is Our Main Product DELTA DELTA DELTA WAKEFIELD BRANCH CO. Founded at Boston University 1888 608 Main Street Wakefield, R. I. PHI TAU Paints — Hardware 783-3311 Building Materials Established in 1961 PHILIP RENZI SON, INC Electrical Contractors OVERHEAD LINE CONSTRUCTION COMMERCIAL— INDUSTRIAL 100 Glen Road Cranston, R. I. 326 Old Dover Road Newington, N. H. 327 0 OUTLET SIGMA DELTA TAU Founded at Cornell in 1917 THE OUTLET COMPANY OF RHODE ISLAND Providence • Pawtucket Garden City • Kingston ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established in 1947 CAN D I E S Exclusively at South County Pharmacy Roger Williams Shopping Center Com pliments of THE KINGSTON HILL STORE Charles and Marjorie Maki (Proprietors) Compliments of THE GOB SHOPS Dale Carlia Shopping Center Wakefield MOTOR INN RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 2081 Post Road, Warwick, Rhode Island State Airport • Telephone REgent 9-0600 • TWX-40 1 -737-7557 NEAREST COMPLETE FACILITIES TO CAMPUS WEDDINGS • PARTIES . BANQUETS . MEETINGS Ju 328 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1965 MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE GRIST All Portraits appearing in this publication have been placed on file in our studio and can be duplicated at any time. Write or phone us for information WAInut 3-0146 - 0147 - 0148 1010 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. 329 For the Best Place to Eat Nearest the Campus . . . Compliments of THE COFFEE BREAK At The College Gates PALMISANO ' S CAFE NARRAGANSETT TIMES Homemade Pastries Sandwiches and the Best Cup of Coffee in Kingston Fine Italian Food Beer on Draught at IGGY ' S " ■You ' re not Telling or Selling South County Without the Narragansett Times. " Weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturdays 7:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. GRACE YEMMA Proprietor ST 3-4741 or ST 3-5194 SOUTH COUNTY SAND AND GRAVEL COMPANY NORTH ROAD Peace Dale, Rhode Island Ready Mix Concrete Hot and Cold Mixes Asphalt Paving Asphalt Plant SAND— GRAVEL— LOAM 330 Tel. Williams 2-2754 A. Dl IORIO CO., INC. General Contractors ELENA F. Di IORIO President 99 Fletcher Ave. Cranston, R. 1. ECLIPSE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of the Famous " ECLIPSE " Coffee Syrup Chocolate Syrup Extracts Hot Fudge — Butterscotch rruit Tdppings Pancake Syrup Liquid Hot Chocolate Low Calorie Coffee Syrup All Flavor Fruit Syrups 240 Bald Hill Road Warwick, R. 1. REgent 9-3600 SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY Compliments of Compliments of Founded at Miami University in 1855 J. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF SOUTH COUNTY UNIVERSITY DINING DELTA SIGMA CHAPTER SERVICES Established in 1949 PEACE DALE— R. 1. HARTCRES1 COMPANY, INC. Comoliments of CENTRAL COAT, , APRON AND SPORTSWEAR, CERAMICS PARTY FAVORS LINEN SERVICE COMPANY (Large Discounts on Party Favors) 17 Marvin Street 808 High Street Worthington, Ohio " HALF A CENTURY OF FAITHFUL SERVICE " EL 1-6420 331 EL 1-6421 Best Wishes to the Graduating CLASS OF 1965 from the STUDENT SENATE CLASS OF 1965 Compliments of the CLASS OF 1966 BEST WISHES TO THE Compliments of CHARLESTOWN RATHSKELLER Luncheons Cocktails — Dinners Dancing Horseshoe Courts Steam Baths CLASS OF 1965 MAX LENZNER, Your Host from WELDIN HALL 335 Compliments of ALPHA DELTA PI GAMMA LAMBDA CHAPTER ST 3-3396 Prov. TU 4-2420 SCUNCIO CHEVROLET, INC. Compliments of 400 Main Street Chevrolet — Chevelle — Chevy 1 1 Corvair — Corvette — T rucks SALES SERVICE Compliments of the MEN COMMUTERS ASSOCIATION PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION Compliments of the CLASS OF 1967 336 Compliments of the CLASS OF 1968 Best of Luck to the Compliments Class of ' 65 of ADAMS HALL MERROW HALL 337 Best Wishes From Compliments of BROWNING HALL THETA CHI HUTCHINSON HALL Harry Anjoorian Frank Carey Mike DeCubellis Hank DiGrado Don Farley Bob Ford Derek Harris Dick Heelan Tom Hemenway Steve Hill Ron Kart Dick Lemieux Mike Mainelli Gene Mallen Bob Nelson Jeff Phillips Wishes the Class of ' 65 Best of Luck Gary Stenhouse Best Wishes to the Class of ' 65 Compliments of PHI MU DELTA TUCKER. HALL LARCHWOOD INN Route I, Wakefield, R. I. Best of Luck to the Class of ' 65 Luncheons Dinners Banquet Facilities up to 150 Phone 783-5454 From BRESSLER HALL 338 ELEANOR ROOSEVELT vt ail ' . Jafejj □ B Compliments of SIGMA PI HALL SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College in 1874 PHI CHAPTER Established at U. R. 1. in 1919 Compliments of CHI OMEGA THETA DELTA CHI Compliments of UNIVERSITY THEATRE — 16th Season — 339 OLylcKv puJbli hxruj ctrtrxjpojruj EDWARD J COOGAN. JR • UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE CONSULTANT • PHONE 22? 3600 20 COUNTY STREET • ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS 340 ABOUT THE 1965 GRIST This volume of the University of Rhode Island Grist has been printed by the offset lithography method by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. The opening six- teen page signature was printed on 80 off-white Colo- phon paper using a special mixture brown-black ink. The remainder of the book was printed on 80 double coated Lustro enamel manufactured by the S. D. Warren Com- pany, Boston, Mass. The cover of the 1965 Grist was designed by Art Paine. All four-color process work was produced from 35 MM slide transparencies. Body composition is 12 pt. Spartan; captions 10 pt. Spartan with italic. Major heads use 30 pt. Czarin; heads 24 pt. Czarin and sub-heads 18 pt. Czarin. The opening section utilizes a Torino Roman. The majority of the photographs appearing in the 1965 Grist have been taken by the staff. Senior portraits and some other photographs were taken by Merin Studios, Philadelphia, Pa. Photograph, bottom of page 61, was made available by the Providence Journal Company. We would like to express thanks to the Advisor to the yearbook, John F. Duffek. 341 1965 The World ' s Fair — New York the test ban treaty and China experiments the civic rights passage massacre in Viet Nam Santa Domingo ousting of Khrushchev, Breshnev and Kosygin in medicare Johnson again, and Humphrey Goldwater Constitutional Convention Chafee — one of eight Republican governors Olympics, Amerhcan gold medals The Warren Report Wilson and Labor in England Churchill ' s death Gemini space flight Robert Kennedy in New York ism — internationalism, socialism, imperialism, nationalism, isolationism, neutralism, capitalism, communism Nehru ' s death Funny Girl — Streisand War on poverty, The Great Society Ecumenical Council The Beatles The Cold War prosperity fear . . . 342 How muck cJo tke wisest o ftke world’s men know akout wkerc tke massed kuman procession is going? . . . 343

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