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J953 tHS U t_n O University of Rhode Island Editor-in-chief • Robert L. Linne Business Manager • William R. Hutcheon Through a Window See a Campus Through a wind ow see a campus Through a campus see a world Thoughts, Learning, Recreation Education Dreams and life We still have much to learn To live — to grow — to be with our fellow man Love of life Life as we live it Life — with others ■fcU£ ' lit j 1 f 1 ; r r orr L J r t t a -j 1 a RUf MMn | O u r University r s Residence Sports Activities Undergraduates BOARD OF TRUSTEES Newport Henry J. Blais, LL.B., Vice-Chairman A. Livingston Kelley, A.B., Chairman- ' Sara L. Kerr, Ed.M., Secretary Michael F. Walsh, Ed.D. Virginia V. MacLeod, A.B. Francis I. McCanna, LL.M. R. A. DeBucci, B.S. Pawtucket North Kingstown Central Falls reorge ixecutive Council k. Ballentine, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business 3 P. Brucher, Dean, College of Home Economics uinn, Ph.D., Dean of Men Campbell, Ph.D., Dean of College of Agriculture ’h.D., Dean of Administration and Registrar d, Ph.D., President of the niversity d W. Browning, Ph.D., Vice-President and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Irving A. Spaulding, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology. George W. Lees, Assistant Professor of Accounting Evelyn B. Morris, Dean of Women Henry Campbell, Acting Dean of the College of CRIST Grist Staff Row I: Barton, J., Moren, J., Thomas, R., Steen, E., Linne, R., Avedesian, A., Rutledge, R., Page, M. J., Redfern, R. Row 2: Blackman, J., Johnson, B., Norris, A., Biglin, J., Eaton, C., Mounce, M., Almy, N., Ogg, F., Tamellini, L., Schmuger, S. Row 3: Spring, H„ Jalbert, J., Shea, D., Loxley, S., Brown, M., Cawley, J., Hoss, W., Hall, S., Smith, S. Row 4: Simonitti, A., Christopher, R., Bagdovitz, J., Chace, E., Redd, B., Cokonis, C. Who ' s next? BOARD Study? No — Grist? No — " Sleep. 1 " Who ' s next? " " Line up. ' ' Watch the birdie. " No more pictures? — " One more. ' OUR UNI 1 to4 at o-cci camfiua t e t2uad f i zayte faew ' %a(l r faCieye tyate Sdcuaxdi ' ZtaCC 2.uiem %aCC — Met T ' Oei Mu ' w y¥ait eu 400 (tyemi foy uilcUtty " Davit “T aCC “StiM Wall VaOttf 7 a c uufcu ee a tv in£d TO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1953: ‘P f ie4-uLettt ' Tfleteaye As a general rule, the name of a college yearbook reflects some special feature of the institution, such as its historic background, its mascot, its official color, its educational program. Have you ever wondered how our yearbook came to be called The Grist, and what the name may mean? The first Grist was published by the Junior Class in 1897, only five years after the founding of the college. The editorial ' board announced its purpose of presenting " a knowledge of the college " and of the student body, and " a few characteristic or humorous episodes, " and expressed the hope that the volume would meet with the " favor and approval " of students, faculty, alumni, and friends. No explanation was given about the choice of name, but its sig- nificance was clear. Sketched as a frontispiece was the hopper of a grain mill, with a " grist " of books flowing from the spout. It is not surprising that in the state famous for its jonny cake meal, the editors of the first yearbook should have found inspiration in a grist mill. Webster ' s definition of grist is " grain to be, or that has been, ground. " Apparently the editors were thinking of education as a milling process, and of the students as the grist. The entering fresh- men are the grain to be ground; the graduating seniors the fin- ished grist ! Perhaps, too, they were thinking, in the campus vernacular of their time, of the several interpretations of the term " grind. " Or more likely, they were thinking of the special mission of the land-grant colleges, concerned as they are with converting the products of the farm into the goods of commerce; and more particularly with their prime responsibility of receiving young men and young women from both rural and urban homes, and of " proc- essing " them in preparation for " the several pursuits and professions in life. " Whatever the editors ' intent, the choice proved to be a happy and an appropriate one. While this institution has never been a " diploma mill, " we accept the analogy in the sense that a college education is a refining process. Year by year The Grist has provided an invaluable record of the institution ' s progress and of the successive generations of students who have made its campus life. As you approach the eve of your graduation, the value of such a record will become more apparent to you. Your Grist will serve through years to come as a reminder of happy, fruitful days. Your class is adding one more volume to the recorded history of the University, and one more unit to our alumni body. Your Grist will always be a symbol of the lasting tie which binds you to your alma mater. In your new status as alumni, we are confident you will continue to add to the prestige and the good name of the University of Rhode Island. Carl R. Woodward rfcUtCwu 7%e iciye Nearly four years ago, I told you during my ori- entation lecture of the vision of Senator Morrill of Vermont — a vision which has led to the develop- ment of a system of collegiate education unique in our section of the World. I challenged you then and I challenge you anew so to work and live that the education of the many in all fields of learning will be fully justified. I hope some one of you may go further and pioneer some new good for the generations of the future. As graduates of our Uni- versity, you have a heritage of service. Your success in reaching this point of departure along the road of learning demonstrates that you have the brain cells and knowledge to make further progress pos- sible. Do you have the will to be great — great in the sense that you do the best your talents and circumstances allow — great in the sense that you choose the important things in life for your energies — great in the sense that your associates will seek to work with you rather than against you? As you chart your future course, remember the admonition of the Great Teacher — " It is more blessed to give than to receive.” By losing yourself in worthwhile service, you may find inner satisfaction more precious than position and wealth. It has been a pleasure working with the class of 1953, and I am confident that you will meet the challenge of the future, whatever it may be. Everett P. Christopher We still have much to learn To live — To grow in knowledge and strength To live in peace with our fellow men SENIORS Adams. Harold E., Jr. 5. A. E. 45 Bartlett Ave., Edgewood Bus. Ad. Freshman Year Remember that first day — sunshine, worried mothers and a name- less something in the pit of the stomach that made food appalling — This was the stepping-stone but for some the fear remained and it was a stumbling block. . . . The men knew the taste of freedom while the " women " were taken under the wings of infinitely wise, majestically re- mote goddesses. We played the Hoky-Poky and growing up was still a long way off. . . . This was ' 49 and the Sold Rush had nothing on Allen, Roy E. Theta Chi Matteson Rd., Coventry Center Engr. Almeida, John J. Trailer Park 192 Market St., Warren Civil Engr. Ameen, Raymond F. Bressler 65 Coyle Ave., Pawtucket C hem. Engr. Andelman, Lois R. S. D. T. 153 Wisner Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. Bus. Ad. Anderson, Lois J. Chi O 47 Kipp Ave., Rutherford N. J. Home E c. Asadoorian, Peter D. P. I. K. 1052 Narragansett Blvd.. Edgewood Pre Med. Aspinwall, Joan Alpha Xi 25 Underwood St.. Pawtucket Home Ec. Avedesia n, Avedi s Phi Mu Delta 170 Woodbine St., Pawtucket Phys. Ed. Bache, Richard . Commuter 26 Bayview Ave., Riverside Agric. Bagdoviti. John J. S. A. E. 31 Seventh St.. Providence Bus. Ad. Bailey. William S. Phi Sigma Kappa Wapping fid.. R.F.D. 1 . Newport us. Golden memories of golden hours . . . New faces and old; the con- flict of choice . . . somehow the girl back home didn ' t look as good now. . . . We saw the Union in a haze of cigarette smoke and were frightened by the knowing looks of the Front Room Gang. . . . We joined them in nervous nonchalance and searched desperately for a clever come- back. . . . Registration was a flurry of forms in triplicate and endless waiting lines, but we made it. . . . The wolves had a heydey in Lippitt Gym and the girls discovered they were outnumbered 4-1. Baram, Norma M. 5. D. T. 54 Bellevue Ave., Woonsocket Bus. Ad. Barber. Winifred C. D. Z. 28 Mary Ave., East Providence Home Ec. Barnes, John M. S. A. E. 21 Pleasant St., W. Barrington El. Engr. Baud, Edward R. Commuter West Kingston Bus. Ad. Bauer, John P.. Jr. p | j(. 85-96 Plerm o 4ve. Hollis. L. I.. N. V. Bus. 5d. Beauregard, Arthur W. 33 North Rd. 31 Jane $t., Pawtucket Civil Engr. Bentley, Howard O. Hut Apt. H — North Marketing and Advertising Berry, Henry E. Phi Sigma Kappa 74 Blodgett Ave., Pawtucket Civil Engr. Biggsen, Catherine F. S. D. T. 41-46 47th St., Long Island City 4, N. Y. Liberal Black, Eugene F. A. E. Pi 6 Jameson Rd., Newton, Mass. Chemistry That first week of classes we kept to our rooms, studying like mad ... and then we caught on. . . . The routine hit us: The Union at 10:00 for morning coffee . . . 4:00 for an afternoon pickup . . . 9:30 for the last word. Of course it wasn t quite the same without the Frosh girls who were safely tucked a way by that late hour. ... The first home game: we were excited and our mothers were sorry we weren ' t coming home. " It takes a while for them to get used to it, " a wise Soph informed us. Black, Robert G. Commuter Georgiaville Liberal Blackman, Joy E. S. D. T. 135 Woodbine St., Providence Home Ec. Blau, Barbara A. S. D. T. 250 Gallatin St. Home Ec. Blount. Francis W. Hut North A 31 College Rd., Kingston Phys. Ed. Bo den. Richard N. Phi Gam s 1 00 La nsdown Rd., Warwick Civil Engr. Boehler. Ruth J. E. R. Hall 16 Edgewater Rd., Cliff side Park, N. J. Home Ee. Boghoss ian, Leon C. Phi Mu 30 Brookdale Blvd., Pawtucket Bus. Ad. Bolger, Donald B. T. K. E. 37 Country Club Drive. Warwick Engr. Briggs, George D. Commuter West Kingston Liberal We ate at Club 400 that year and can boast we were the last, al- though then we scorned our plight. Nick ' s and G ' s provided welcome relief. Rodman Rooming House was created ... it was that or the Quad- rangle. The cots were great for hurdle jumping but kind of rough on lay-up shots. Super Bulleit invaded the campus and a new Lord Mayor was pro- claimed . . . shades of Orson Welles ' men from Mars ! ... we saw Broomfield, D. Marvin A. E. Pi 227 Gallatin St., Providence Bus. Ad. % Brown, Marjorie W. S. K. 201 Wentworth Ave.. Edgewood Home Ec. Brown, Stephen M. A. E. Pi S3 Fosdyke St., Providence Bus. Ad. Buonaiuto, Gus tin L. Theta Chi 43 Blaisdell St., Cranston Agric. Burr, Harvey S. Sigma Pi Stony Lane R.F.D. 2, East Greenwich Hort. Buteau, Roberf T. T. K. E. Hope Valley Liberal Butterworth, Florence J. 221 West Shore Rd.. Hoxsie Nursing Cairns, James R. Commuter 38 Dartmouth Jive., Providence Bus. Ad. Calitri, Michelina Commuter 909 Kingstown Rd., Peacedale Home Ec. Carulo, Edward V. Commuter 289 Knollwood Ave., Cranston Agrie. Carulo. Fred J. Beta Psi S Evergreen Drive, Johnston Gen. Tch. Ed. the end of the Quonset Hut era. We were the turning point . . . the last of the Big War vets. . . . The atmosphere had changed back again to the gay, irresponsible wordliness of youth and even the married vets laughed. The girls were overawed by sororities, evening gowns and an air of hushed solemnity that suddenly made the decision and outcome ter- ribly important. ... A blinding array of rainbow jackets competed with nature ' s colors and won out. Cavanaugh, Joan B. Chi O 1 66 Rowe 4ve., Pawtucket Home Ec. Chatterley, Daniel J. Butterfield Hall 106 Woodbine St., Cranston Pre Med. Child. John W. S. A. E. 21 Samoset Awe., Barrington Engr. Chrones, Anthony Phi Sigma Kappa 233 Lafayette St., Pawtucket Ciesla, Edward Phi Gam 16 Boston St., West Warwick Engr. Clayton. John W. Alpha Tau Gamma 19 Iwanhoe St., Cranston Engr. Cohen, Norman 28 Upper College Rd. 11 Riverside Dr., New York City Bus. Ad. Collius, Winthr op R. Alpha Tau Gamma 85 Pilgrim Dr., Norwood Bus. Ad. The Big Five entered the Dixie Tournament and took Raleigh by storm. Dalby and Stewart made sports history as the " swish kids. " A new year . . . finals . . . and " Why wasn ' t I warned? " Jobs were scarce in February so most of us came back. We were caught with afternoon classes and mourned lost beach day. . . . But now we were old-timers ... we had the campus in the palm of our hand and the world was ours. Combs, Carole L. Commuter South County Trail, Cast Greenwich Co nary, James H. Sigma Pi 127 Pidge Ave., Pawtucket Congleton, Fred J. Lambda Chi 11 Willow Ave., Hackensack, New Jersey Bus. Ad. m j Cook, Kathryn B. West Annex 61 Wingate Rd., Providence Home Cc. Cook. Richard N. S. A. E. 37 Stone Awe. Apponaug Bus. Ad. Correra, Michael Sigma Chi 291 Carpenter St., Providence Engr. Carry, Alan Jr. Phi Mu Delta 9 East Awe., Saylesville Engr. Cuellar, H. Rogelio Taft Laboratory 9 Calle Oriente, 4 Antigua Guatemala, C. A. Agric. The Rhody Review was applauded . . . the first time since war days. . . . Remember Freak Day . . . how the girls wished for the last laugh and the next year they got it. It was " Laugh Clown Laugh " and everybody did but the girls. Pajamas and polka dot shorts won the most applause. D ' Ambria, Gennoro J. Butterfield Hall 28 Eutaw St., Providence Agric. Spring came in on wings of song — as the sorority girls prepared for the Sing . . . Fraternity rushing started and everyone swore they never wanted to see chicken salad again. . . . Group meetings down the line Dame, James A. S. A. E. Brown Ave., Johnston Decker, George A. Theta Chi 56 Hillside Ave., Providence Engr. DeCosta, John J. Phi Kappa Theta 1068 Hope St., Bristol Gen. Teh. Ed. DeFon ti, Louis L. Commuter 45 Bowling Lane, Bradford Engr. Del Silva, John E. Alpha Tau Gamma 75 Vinton St., Providence Agrie. DeSilva, William Jr. Sigma Chi 33 Crapo St., New Bedford, Moss. Bus. d. DeLuea, Eugene T. Beta Psi 996 Branch Ave., Providence Phys. Ed. DeVries, Barbara J. E. R. Hall R. F. D. 1. Westerly Gen. Tch. Ed. Dickson, Janet H. Commuter Woodruff Ave., Wakefield Gen. Tch. Ed. were the order of the day and the boys all found a new home. . . . We were caught up in the social whirlwind of Spring Dances — and were alternately pirates, sailors and wayward ranchhands. . . . Gossip cen- tered on the infamous branding . . . but everyone had a heck of a time.. . . . We climbed down the gangplank into SAE and some of us had trouble making it. June and the end. We ' d miss the old place and the three months seemed interminable. Those last weeks we led a checkered existence DiSpirito, Robert G. Beta Psi 516 Providence St., Woonsocket Phys. Ed. Dougherty, Helen T. D. 1. 22 Roger William ' s Circle, Edgewood Home Ec. Dresner, Stephen W. Butterfield Hall 280 Hill side Ave., Pawtucket Liberal Dwyer, Patricia S. S. D. T. 192 Indiana Ave., Providence Nursing Emiriian, Louise E. E. R. Hall 853 Smith St., Providence Liberal Fagan, Leo F. Commuter 102 Waterman Ave., Cranston Engr. Falcone, Alexander F. P. I. K. 83 Elmdale Ave., Providence Bus. Ad. Faneuf, Gerald A. Sigma Chi 20 Whittier Dr., Johnston Feltham, John D. 33 North Rd. 52 Washington St., Newport Engr. Feeney, George E. Theta Chi 10 Horton St., Rye, N. Y. Bus. Ad. — black moments in finals; bright moments beneath a scorching sun. . . . We left one o ' clock exams early to snatch a minute more on the beach. We couldn t beat the Senior ' s tans though ! . . . There were sad, reluctant goodbyes and we wondered what we ' d do without the Seniors. Fish, Janis E. Alpha Delta Pi 25 Waterman Ave., Cranston Liberal Sophomore Year Home again . . . and it was like home. We hurried to the Union but it hadn t changed . . . and somehow we were glad. . . . Old faces, Fitzgerald, Anne Marie Alpha Delta Pi 31 Reynolds Awe., Providence Home Ec. Foster, Bennett P. P. I. K. 54 Division St., East Greenwich Bus. Ad. Fountain, Howard E., Jr. Hut J South Hut J South Agric. Freeman, Elaine B. D. Z. 1459 So. Broadway, East Providence Home Ec. Fuller, Edward F. Butterfield 106 River side Ave., Cranston Liberal Gadrow, Mary C. Commuter 21 Broad Rock Lane, Peacedale Nursing Gencarelli, Francis A. S. A. E. 68 Pierce St., Westerly Bus. Ad. y j Gilbert, Helen M. D. 1. 1207 Kingstown R d., Kingston Liberal Gladstone, Arthur Commuter 53 Burlington St., Providence bitter coffee and we could sit in the front room frightening Freshman. There was a difference now. Korea had come and there was a bitter taste in our mouths. ... It was 1941 all over again and everybody wanted to get out of the Infantry R.O.T.C. . . . Club 400 and Hut City hadn ' t died but they were fading fast. . . . A e were wiser this year. We knew how to cram and how to petition out of Saturday classes. . . . We resolved to work hard this semester then slack off, come beach days. Godbout, Leo J. Phi Gam 7 Unwood St., North Uxbridge, Mass. Engr. Goddard, Isabelle G. E. R. Hall 482 Hill St.. West Warwick Liberal Gold, Herbert A. E. Pi 101 Pinehurst Ave., Providence Bus. Ad. Good, Barbara A. Sigma Kappa Mauran Ave., East Providence Home Ec. Goodrich, Groce G. East Hall 90 Brown St., Providence Home Ec. Goddwin, Richard Theta Chi 27 Wes Main R d., Newport Greer, Ruth M. Alpha Xi 23 Lawn Ave., Edgewood Bus. Ad. Grills, G retchen D. Z. 73 Winnapaug Rd., Westerly Liberal Grinnell, Lois A. Sigma Kappa Charlestown Nursing Grirers, Joseph P. c o Prof. Stauffer 451 Pond St., Woonsocket We had our own political battles and Art Roche came out in front. The Democrats had nothing on us. . . . Terry reigned supreme at the Soph Hop and stars danced from the ceiling. . . . Kopp tightened the screws and the team came through. He got his wish and the " crucial three " were ours. . . . Brown smothered us but we gave UCONN the works and Homecoming was even more so as a result. . . . The big black busses at AEPi came in handy and their funeral procession brought tears of laughter. . . . The Homecoming displays were something to Hackett, Robert C. e o Prof. Stauffer 91 Woodward Rd., Providence Agric. Hockey, Frederick W. Commuter 48 Narragansett Ave., Narragansett Bus. Ad. Hall, Russell N. Commuter 36S Newman Ave., Seekonk, Mass. Liberal Hanrahan, Gerald C. Commuter 54 Plymouth St., Providence Bus. Ad. Harnden, Jean S. Commuter 16 Winter St., Wakefield Home Ee. Harootunian, Harry Butterfield Hall 84 Lenox Ave., Providence Pre Med. Hartley, A fine E. R. Hall R.F.D. 7. Wakefield Nursing Hennessey, Eleanor A. Gamma Nu 49 Berwick Lone, Ed gewood Home E c. Hennessey, Joan R. Alpha Xi 24 Pawtuxet Terrace, West Warwick Bus. Ad. see. And at the crucial moment Lambda Chi ' s mechanical genius gave out. . . . The Mayoralty campaign made the paper and it became a Morality Campaign. " What time is it? " waj the password tor a few days. Basketball came and with it the New York game. . . . We lost the game but conquered the city. It took Christmas vacation to get over that one. . . . Someone invented Social Hours and the frats had dis- covered a " proper " way to meet the girls. . . . The Top Man gave Lambda Chi the nod and the Levi Leap saw their return to the ranks Henry, Barbara A. Commuter 98 John Street, Newport, R. I. Liberal Arts Henry, William S. A. E. 12 5 Reservoir Ave., Providence Herman, Doris M. East Hall 14 King Phillip Dr., East Greenwich Liberal Hetherington, Dorothy J. D. Z. 60 Bliss Rd., Newport Liberal Ml Hillman, John Box 3J6, Kingston Engr. Holland, Charles B. Commuter 105 Beach Street, Westerly. R. I. Liberal Arts Hollbert, Herbert J. Commuter 125 Columbus Blvd., Cranston Engr. Holmes, James L. Theta Chi Hut G, South U. R. I. Agric. Homan, Paul B. Sigma Pi Box 215 Yapank, L. I., N. Y. Agric. H oss, William F. Phi Mu Delta Box 645 Danielson, Conn. Phys. Ed. Huling. Muriel H. D. Z. 4 Oakland Ave., Wiekford Home Ec. Howe, Spencer Phi Sigma Kappa 102 Laura St., Providence Agrie. of the socially accepted. . . . Basketball had a tough season that year but Congleton and Baird shone heroically through the mists. . . . Midyear and we fought for a beach day schedule. We had to fill up on Hort and Marriage for Mod- erns but we got those free afternoons. We celebrated St. Pat ' s day with green beer. . . . The Mil Ball featured loud smacks when we " pinned " our boys into Scabbard and Blade. . . . The Rhody Review had an air of feminine competition that Hunt, Robert K. Sigma Pi 49 Progress Street, Pawtucket, R. I. Industrial Engineering Juszcz yfc, Roman F. Commuter East Greenwich Ave., West Warwick Bus. Ad. Kamens, Joan R. 5. D. T. 95 Sayamore Ave., Chelsea, Mass. Liberal took away the carefree foolishness of other years but the men smirked at the display of pulchritude and had their own kind of fun. D Z showed us " A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody " and we had to agree. . . . The frats started a campaign to learn the " Sweetheart " songs and new pinnees were serenaded with a vengeance. PIK crooned " Caribou " and left it at that. . . . The Fiji Isla nd Dance made its debut with the newly initi- ated Phi Gammers and everyone went native. . . . The elected higher- ups dubbed us a University and we celebrated with a speech, a dance Karsien, Joseph Phi Gam 35 Mulford Gardens, Yonkers, N. Y. Bus. Ad. Katz. Claire M. S. D. T. 286 Chestnut St., Chelsea, Mass. Liberal Keough, Vincent H. 12 Brown St.. Peacedale J 74 Division St., Pawtucket Kettelle, Antha J. North Annex 142 Wood St., Coventry Gen. Teh. Ed. Kilguss, Betty M. D. Z. 931 Reservoir Ave., Cranston Home Ec. Kimm, Barbara C. Alpha Delta Pi 2121 Hartford Ave., R. F. D. Centerdale Bus. Ad. King, Patricia J. Sigma Kappa 179 Second St., East Providence Home Ec. Kishfy, Edward W. Sigma Chi 69 Summit St., Pawtucket Bus. Ad. Knibb, Rus sell 5. Bressler Hall 1 1 Church St.. Pascoag K ages, John L. Bress er Hall 3 Green Awe.. Wickford Liberal Knight, I. Monica Gamma Nu 899 Pippin Orchard Rd., Cranston Nursing and a day off. . . . We didn ' t know what the difference was exactly, but it sounded good. ... As Shakespeare said, " A rose by any other name " . . . " The Mad Woman " came to town and Phi Delta took countless curtain calls. . . . Spring and we were looking forward to the summer interlude. ... A few of us had to face the " Board " and for a minute we weren ' t so cocky. The last week and we crashed the Senior Picnic. The Strut wasn ' t so easy but most of us had friends. . . . We went Korku c, Edmund T. Commuter 187 West Awe.. Seekonk, Mass. Phys. Ed. Kostokas, Christine East Hall S3 4 Taunton Awe., East Providence Home Ec. Kowalik. John S. Commuter 42 Rose Garden St.. Edge wood Engr. Laver gne, Wilfred J. Alpha Tau Gamma 60 James St., East Providence Engr. Junior Year Another year and we were old pros this time. We grinned in amazement at the " kids. " . . . They get younger every year. . . . The ranks had thinned a bit and we knew this year wouldn ' t be as good. . . . Leigh, Arthur B. T. K. E. 72 Brayton St., East Greenwich Engr. Lema, Edmund J. Commuter Box 166 Stonington, Conn. Lemaire, Jeanette I. E. R. Hall 11 Hillside Rd., Bristol Home Ec. Lennon, John F. Commuter 22 Mosher Drive, West Barrington Bus. Ad. Lenoir, Eugene R. Lambda Chi 55 Charlestield St., Providence LeVasseur, Rosemary A. Chi O 28 New London Ave., West Warwick Liberal Limmer, Edward F. T. E. P. 329 Spring St., Newport Gen. Teh. Ed. Coach Doherty took over the football eleven. . . . The Frosh were allowed to enter the contest and out of nowhere the Coach had 85 men to pick from. We walloped N. H. 23-0 and the season started with a bang. ... It was a close one at Brown and everyone said " Wait til next year. " . . . The parties after were a wonder to behold but most of us couldn ' t take the liquid diet. . . . The Chem building was ready for use and the Chem majors took a deep breath for the first time in years. . . . WE were officers in R.O.T.C. now and deplored the Freshman with the Loeber, Gerald G. Lambda Chi 1806 Caton Ate.. Brooklyn. N.Y. Phys. Ed. Ludovici, Louise P. North Annex Rear 460 Coe St., Woonsocket Liberal Lueders, Florence H. Chi O 89 Magnolia Ave., Floral Park, L.I., N.Y. Gen. Tch. Ed. Lundblad, Joan C. D.Z. 18 Crest on Way. Warwick Gen. Tch. Ed. Maggioli, Victor J. P. I. K. 916 Coss Ive., Woonsocket Engr. Magill, Robert 4. P. . K. 2 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket Engr. Malgieri, Eugene N. T. K. E. 147 High St., Peacedale Bus. Ad. Mancini, Anthony F. Commuter 5 Wilson St., West Warwick Marchetti, Albert C. Alpha 7a u Gamma 43 Packard St., Cranston Engr. Marine, William L. Sigma Chi 58 Neworfc St., Providence Phys. Ed. Martin, Edwin J„ Jr. c o Blackmar, Lower College Rd. Alt. Ld. Blvd., Taunton, Mass. Engr. Martin, Jean E. Sigma Kappa 100 Main St.. Hope two left feet. The Freshman marched to the games and all you could see was an ocean of blue and white caps on the road to Meade. . . . Chi O dis- played its leg art at Cabaret and the telephone rang for weeks after. . . . Homecoming drew near and an unknown " Man With A Horn " won our hearts with a tireless, solitary campaign of natural talent . . . Willie was all ours and we loved him. . . . Homecoming: The bonfire was rained out but the rally proceeded unharmed. Everyone sought refuge at AEPi ' s Maymon, Donald E. Sigma Pi 10 Grand View Rd., Pawtucket Bus. Ad. Maynard, Velma K. Alpha Xi 12 South Rd., Kingston Gen. Tch. Ed. Maxzucchelli Louis J. Beta Psi 312 Sharon St., Providence Liberal McCann, John S. A. E. 28 Barber Ave., Central Falls McCauley, James A. Phi Mu Delia 9 West Wood R ., Saylesvllle Bus. Ad. McCluskey, Barbara J. Sigma Kappa 122 Gallatin St.. Providence Home E c. McHugh, Robert D. c o Haggerty, 33 North Rd. 106 Bradford St., Bristol Liberal Me Peak, Patricia L. East Hall Walcefield St.. West Warwick Home Ec. Cabaret and there wasn ' t even standing room. . . . Weather couldn ' t dampen our spirits — the hardy ones sat out the entire game. . . . Dis- plays went up anyway, slightly the worse for excessive moisture. . . . Springfield went down for the count and everyone rejoiced. — ! Rebellion stirred and secession seemed close at hand. The Frosh were feeling their oats and that extra hour on Thursday seemed awfully important. . . . Johnnie Ray appeared on the horizon and Kleenex did a booming business. . . . The girls got one o ' clocks and it seemed Meffoccaro, Claire M. E. R. Hall 38 Wayside Drive, Cranston Home Ec. Mendill o, Emilio F. Beta Psi 16 Cherry St., Warren Phys. Ed. Merlin o, Marion C. E. R. Hall 754 River Ave., Providence Nursing Michel, Herbert J. Commuter 42 Fenwood Ave., Pawtucket Bus. Ad. Mi ner, Benjamin Commuter 66 North Broadway, Rumford Phys. Ed. Mitchell, Robert E. Phi Gamma Delta 94 Front Street, Waterville, Maine Marketing and Advertising Moody, Beatrice L. East Hall England St., Cumberland Gen. Tch. Ed. Moreau, Roland F. Butterfield Hall 52 Richmond St.. Central Falls Moren, Jeanne M. Alpha Xi Delta Elm Farm, Bristol Morsilli, Frank P. S. A. E. 40 Ferncliff Ave., North Providence Bus. Ad. Munroe, Clarence ft. Sigma Pi 50 Mayflower Sf., East Providence Agric. Murphy. Ann A. Sigma Kappa Hope Valley Home Ec. Mountain, Thomas J. Sigma Chi 440 7th St.. Fairview. N.J. Bus. Ad. awfully late, but no one wondered what to do with the extra hour. Shuffleboard became the leading extra-curricular activity and " Bill " was the head coach. . . . Sigma had their Barn Dance and we discovered we were all hicks at heart. ... Phi Mu sang and you could have heard a pin drop, it was that good. . . . Christmas and the University Chorus injected the old fashioned spirit. . . . There were lights and trees and we wondered if life could have more to offer. Murphy, Eleanore L. Chi O 97 Decker St.. Milton. Mass. Bus. Ad. Murphy, Raymond J. Commuter 69 Arnold St.. Providence Engr. Murray, Francis A. Phi Gamma Delta 839 Douglas Ave., Providence Engr. Murray Patricia K. Chi O Slocum. Liberal Narcisso. Albert A. T. K. E. 79 Roosevelt St.. Lakewood Bus. Ad. Naysnerski, Sigmund C. Commuter 42 A McGrath Awe.. Wickford Negris, Rocco Beta Psi 112 Vincent Ave.. North Providence Phys. Ed. Newman, Barbara P. Chi O 32 Wasburn Ave., Rumford Liberal Nolan, Richard M. Phi Gamma Delta Apt. Gl, Fort Kearney Bus. Ad. Norman. Seymour A. E. Pi 57 Duncan Ave., Providence Notardonato, Frank c o Prof. Haggerty 29 Cathedral Ave., Providence Engr. Basketball slowed up a bit but there were still the bright spots and the cheers kept coming. Baird hit 1000 and everyone was proud. . . " Legs " Osborne was featured in a Phi Gam special and the jazz lovers ate it up. . . . The Nut House Bawl was nuttier than ever and after- wards it seemed like a lost weekend. . . . An unseasonable storm and snow fell like blossoms . . . the campus was a winter wonderland we placed in our memory book for future reference. . . . The Puritan came out and a philosophical debate arose: Right and Wrong — Subjective or Objective? Northup. Joseph A., Jr. Hut F North Engr. Nute, John W. 33 North Rd. 21 Meade r St., Providence Engr. O ' Brien, Paula J. Alpha Xi Delta 85 Woodlawn Rd., Woonsocket Liberal O ' Connell, Dorothy L. Alpha Xi Delta 89 Dexterdal s Rd., Providence Home Ec. Ostroff, Earl C. A. E. PI 360 Eddy St.. Fall River. Mass. Liberal Panzer. Charlotte H. D. Z. I Lagoon Place, East Islip, N.Y. Home Ec. Page, Mary Jean Chi O 180 Highgate St., Needham, Mass. Gen. Teh. Ed. Pelletier, Thomas F. Commuter 37 Natick Rd., Oak Lawn Penhallow, J. Perm, Betsy B. Gamma Nu 1351 Centreville Rd., West Warwick Home Ec. Penney, Hubert F. Sigma Chi 45 Sarrento Street, Providence, R. I. Marketing and Advertising The last month and there was a feeling of personal loss . . . our guides were leaving us and we were the leaders now. . . . The Junior Prom came and again Terry was queen. Henry Jerome played but not too many heard. Everyone was giving directions to a " great party " on the fourth floor — or was it the twelfth? . . .We discovered the Opium Den at the Barbary Coast Ball and some of us wished we hadn ' t. Suddenly the sun shone, the thermometer slid past 60 and we took off in a flurry of blankets, sun tan oil and books — just in case ! The sand Perry, Mojel F. Commuter West Kingston Liberal ImuSS Petraca, Ralph A. Commuter 31 76 West Shore Rd., Warwick, R. I. Liberal Arts Peixelli, Pat Theta Chi 517 North Broadway, East Providence Phys. Ed. Penullo, James J. Beta Psi 213 Whipple Ave., Barrington Gen. Tch. Ed. Pierson. James N. Commuter 28 Troy St., Providence Bus. d. Plante, Arthur J. e o Dr. Christopher 20 Gough 4ve„ West Warwick Bus. Ad. P oeger, Marie T. Gamma Nu 9 80 Main Ave., Warwick Nursing Proctor, Eliiabeth C. Chi O 819 Carteret Ave., Trenton, N.J. Gen. Tch. Ed. was hot, the beer was cold and we weren ' t as old as we thought we were. . . . Ernie pitched a tent and we staked out our own particular plots of beach. . . . We dragged out all the old songs, a few stale hotdogs and it was a beach party ! Life was silly, satisfying and sad: we knew we were going to be Seniors and suddenly we were scared. Randall, John C. Theta Chi 1273 North Awe.. New Rochelle, N.Y. Bus. Ad. Rathjen, Arthur H. Lambda Chi 38 Elm St., Westerly Liberal Ravenell, Robert N. Phi Gamma Delta 15 Beaumont St., Rumford Bus. Ad. Reading, Louise R. Commuter 305 Bayview Ave., Edgewood Agric. Redding. John J. P. I. K. 67 Cathedral Ave., Providence Redfern, Richard B. Lambda Chi 138 Lyndon Rd., Edgewood Bus. Ad. Reichelt, Carola E. Alpha Delta Pi 68 Harwood St., Cranston Bus. Ad. Reidy, Nancy J. Commuter 1961 Pontiac Ave., Howard Bus. Ad. Reilly, Edward C. Commuter Apt. K 1, Fort Kearney, Sanderst own Bus. Ad. Robillard, Richard H. Butterfield Hall 368 Providence St., Woonsocket Liberal Roche, James E. Commuter 9 George St.. Westerly Bus. Ad. Ronzio, Susan E. R. Hall 21 America St.. Providence Liberal Senior Year After all it was pretty easy to be the big gun. Just sit back and enjoy it, and did we ever ! We had our own click and you were pretty lucky if you made it. . . . Despirito was our hero — we called him Cap- tain and Prexy. . . . Everyone fell in love with Joni James but after awhile we wished someone would believe her ! Rossi, Raymond R. Beta Psi 169 Water St.. Pawtucket Gen. Teh. Ed. This was our year for football. We won them all — but one. . . . Brown succumbed at long last and jubilance reached even the Prexy who Ray, Raymond H. P. I. K. 26 Paisley St., Pawtucket Agric. Rozxi, John H. Phi Gamma Delta 32 Battey St., Providence Bus. Ad. Russo, June Carolyn Gamma Nu 258 Simmonsville Ave., Johnston Home Ec. i Rutledge. Ruth E. Chi O 30 Greene St., Pawtucket Gen. Teh. Ed. Sohogion, Sylvia Alpha Delta Pi 152 Washington Ave., Providence Liberal Sardelli, Wilfred G. P. I. K. 1150 Plainfield St.. Johnston Engr. Schmuger, Selma M. Sigma Delta Tau 2318 Post Rd., Greenwood Liberal called a halt on classes. The Day of Judgement had come ! . . . The Presidential elections pervaded even our little world and we stayed up to hear the results. The R.O.T.C. men were rooting for Ike — maybe he would change things fast. . . . We cast our ballots, most of us for the first time. This was our fight now — we had a finger in the pie. Struggling for equal rights, " Cav " slugged it out for the title of Her Honor. Princess Warmwig was a real " cool kid " but she just didn ' t have the muscle and her natural enemy conquered. . . . The sun shone Shailer, Lee E. R. Hall 361 Spring Green Rd., Warwick Liberal Shea, Daniel F. Lambda Chi 12S Lexington Ave., Providence Bus. Ad. Sheffres, Ezra H. A. E. Pi 31 Sessions St., Providence Engr. Sherman, Beverly H. E. R. Hall 117 Pembroke Ave., Providence Home Ec. Shishmanian, Leo N. Butterfield Hall 547 Laurel Hill Ave., Cranston Pre Med. Silverman. Perry J. A. E. Pi 680 County Rd„ Barrington Bus. Ad. Silvestri, John A. Beta Psi 144 Hendrick St. Smith, Daniel J. Phi Gamma Delta 2 Lucas Ave., Newport Bus. Ad. on Kingston and Homecoming was a gala affair. We nosed out Uconn in a thriller and the local niteries cashed in on the victory. Rushing was a cat race that year but the profits were considerable for most. . . . Greta Garbo brought a few chuckles as she tore her way dramatically through Anna Christie, an oldie. ... The Trapp Family came and we discovered they look different on T V. . . . We won the St. John s game and the crew at the Abbey were sorry they hadn ' t seen it. Jack Guy took over the Five. We won our share and upset Uconn in a thriller Smith, Jean H. Gamma Nu 261 Capron Farm Dr., Buttonwoods Home Be. Smith, Jeanette T. Commuter 76 High St., Wakefield Bio. Lab. Tech. Smith, John P. Lambda Chi Main St., Denville, N. J. Snyder, George S. S. A. E. 93 Messer St., Providence Bngr. Sorensen. Carl W. Alpha Tau 176 Eldridge St.. Cronston Bus. Ad. Souls. Thomas J. 33 North Rd., Kingston 474 Atlantic Awe., Lakewood Engr. Spa tiano. Marie T. E. R. Hall 105 Eldridge St., Cranston Bio. Lab. Tech. Spooner. Jean F. Sigma Kappa 750 President Awe., Trenton, N. J. Home Ec. Spooner. Ruth E. Sigma Kappa 750 President Awe., Trenton, N. J. Home Ec. Spring, Hobart W. Alpha Tau Silver Lake Awe., Wakefield Engr. Finals came and now we were among the ranks of the legendary — Second Semester Seniors! ! — We panicked when we found we had to make up that flunk in our Sophomore year, and we shuddered at taking the 21 credits needed to graduate. . . . There were some who had them to spare and it was maddening. . . . The University Theatre gave us Lilliom, a tear-jerker, and Art Russo joined our list of " greats. " . . . The Beacon got more and more like the weather: everybody complained but nobody could do anything about it. . . . Our one-and-only real snow- storm ushered in Eleanor Roosevelt for a return engagement and Edwards Steve, Peter C. 23 Upper College Rd., Kingston 123 Arnold St., Woonsocket Agric. Stevens, Erwin D. Alpha Tau 103 Norwood Ave., Cranston Bus. Ad. Stewart, Charles M. Phi Gamma Delta 2255 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Phys. Ed. Stoll, Henry R. Sigma Chi 103 Garfield Ave., Sayville, L. I., N. Y. Storey, Barbara J. West Annex Post Road, East Greenwich Home Ec. Sugarman, David P. A. E. Pi 108 Woodbine St., Providence Liberal Sullivan, Robert H. S. A. E. 69 Allerton Ave., East Providence Liberal Swanson, Robert M. Lambda Chi 170 Evergreen St., Providence Engr. Sweeney, Morton J. Lambda Chi S East Ave., Saylesville Liberal Telia, Raymond T. Commuter 107 Comstock Ave., Providence Engr. Thomas, Hollis A. Theta Chi Greenville Agric. Thompson, Robert, Jr. Commuter Belleville Rd., Allenton Sweeny, Anne C. Commuter Quonochontaug Home Ec. was packed with people who weren ' t even compelled to go. . . . The Placement Office registered us for interviews and the guys turned up their noses. — They had " government jobs " but they still kept hoping . . . maybe Ike would do something ! Some of us said we ' d be glad to leave. There were new horizons to conquer. . . . We entered into those last months with feverish fury . . . everything had the bittersweet taste of goodbye and we couldn ' t quite face it. . . . We alternated dances and parties with a glance at the Tabor, Jean R. Chi O 16 Main St., Wickford Liberal Thomson, Nancy G. Chi O 7 Brunswick Ave., Saylesville Bus. Ad. Tierney, John F., Jr. Commuter Box 141, Kenyon Engr. Timmerman, Wesley Commuter Apt. 6-8, Fort Kearney, Saunderstown Bus. Ad. Tomasian, Aram P. I. K. 18 Winsor St., Providence Liberal Tomellini, Louise J. Sigma Kappa 48 Maplewood Dr.. Pawtucket Home E c. Tougas, Eleanor R. D. Z. 69 School St., Westerly Nursing books. — There was so much to cram into this lifetime of two months . . . and then it was two weeks . . . the candle was burning furiously and nearing the middle. . . . Midnight bull sessions of the future , of the war that wasn ' t a war, of the loved ones we were leaving, of the little world we ' d had all to ourselves — and were losing all too soon. . . . The Picnic was a hodgepodge of boxed lunches, beer cans and friends we hadn ' t known we had. . . . The Dunes Club was a bevy of mixed drinks, orchid corsages and a glamour we hadn ' t known about either — we got up early, just so we couldn ' t miss anything. Tournas, Andrew T. K. E. 41 Oak St., Providence Agric. ft. ' Travers, Doris E. E. R. Hall 30 Norman Ave., Cranston Nursing Turilli, Robert M. Beta Psi Alpha 1908 Broad Street, Cranston, R. I. Mechanical Engineering Vancouyghem, Madeleine I. North Annex 55 Cameron St.. Pawtucket Gen. Tch. Ed. Vespia, John, Jr. Tou Epsilon Phi 27 Princeton Ave., Providence Engr. Webster, Raymond J. Commuter Apt. C-6, Fort Kearney. Saunderstown Engr. Wife y, George A. Phi Mu Delia 192 Chestnut St., Norwood Chem. Weisshaar, Paul 27 Hillerest Ref., Wakefield Cireleville. N. Y. Engr. Williamson, Robert K. Tau Epsilon Phi 86 Greenville Ave., Greenville Engr. There was so much to remember — so much we ' d never have again: weird costumes, thrown together to cover the law . . . hitching to G’s for Friday night spaghetti . . . blind dates that turned into the real thing — and those that didn ' t . . . Sunday mornings in the Union . . . Thirty Acres on a Friday night at ten o ' clock . . . struggling Through Bio and eight o ' clock exams . . . taking turns " signing the roll " . . . morning coffee at Lower Cafe. Williamson, Stewart R. Phi Gamma Delta E. Shore Road, Jamestown Agronomy Wilson. John J. Phi Mu Delta Hamilton Ave., Wiektord Engr. Wittig, Evelyn V. North Annex 28 Boxwood Ave., Cranston Zoofogy Wolf. Allan M. Alpha Epsilon Pi 132 Larch St., Providence Bus. Ad. Young. Marilyn J. Sigma Delta Tau 136 Evergreen St., Providence Home Ec. Zalk. Irving D. Birch Residence 875 North Main Street, Providence. R. I. Liberal Arts Zambarano, Elaine M. Alpha Delta Pi 48 Hurlgurt Ave., Johnston Home Ec. A thousand of those Golden Moments, discovered, cherished, re- membered . . . we ' ll leave a part of us when we go: the heart that loved — the joy in little things . . . the campus after the first snowfall . . . The pride of winning a game . . . the red glow of sunset over Meade field . . . the first faint warmth of Spring . . . the feeling of belonging when autumn returns and we ' re welcomed back once more. It wasn ' t all fun, or easy — but we ' d shared it together: the friend, the loved one, the guy next to you in English I . . . and we ' ll share the memory too — in a dim future when dawn seems very far away, we ' ll have this bright noontime to light the long way home. Rosemary LeVasseur SENIORS WITHOUT PHOTOS Beverly J. Ambrifi William M. Baird Paul C. Blackstone Joseph F. Bruno Daniel Chichuc Fred A. Coates John D ' Agostino Russell H. W. Dani Carl F. DeLuca Elizabeth A. Ellis Claire M, Emerson Mary H. Sauitt Bernard L. Gordon Ephraiam W. S. Graham Richard Hawes Thomas Gartsu Barbara C. Kettle James R. Kollett Robert J. Langevin Bert W. Lark Elmer B. Lightbourne Martha I. Macrae Richard E. Malenfant Leona R. Malone Daniel F. Malvey John E. Manchester Kenneth A. Marshall A. Elaine Martin Gordon G. Menzies Edward G. Messere George E. Miller Gordon A. Monroe Philip D. Niles Norman M. Peckham Marvin D. Perry William J. Reilly Arthur S. Roche Frederick S. Smith David L. Tanenbaum Shirley A. Wagner Hannah C. Whaley Ellsworth M. Wilson, Jr. Robert L. Wong TIES Senior Class Officers Row I: DeSpirito, R., Pres.; Lundblad, J., Sec ; Rut- ledge, R., V.P. Row 2: Negris, R., Treas.; Cawley, J„ Soc. Chairman Junior Class Officers Row I: Palumbo, M., Pres.; Steen E., V.P. Row 2: Carty, M. J., Sec.: Ailing, R., Treas.; Johnston, C., Soc. Chairman. Sophomore Class Officers Row I : Wood, J., Vice President; Scott, W., Presi- dent; Joy, B., Secretary. Row 2: Morris, R., Treasurer; Devolve, R., Social Chairman. Freshmen Class Officers Row I: Wojcik, J., Pres.; Reii, C., V.P. Row 2: Nelson, N., Sec.; McGov- ern, G., Soc. Chairman; Cruff, R., Treas. Student wen-nitty Sachems Row I: Panznar, C.; King, P,, Secretary; Moren, J.; Wiley, G., Moderator; Brown, M.; Avedesian, A. Row 2: Negris, R.; Adams, H.; Linne, R.; Schmuger, S.; Buonaiuto, G.; Cawley, J.; Carrera, M. (Absent: Quigley, T.) W. S. G. A. Row I: Blake, B.; Mills, M.; Carlesi, J.; Katz, C. Row 2: Murphy, E.; Steen, E., V.P.; Moren, B., Treas.; Brown, M., Pres.; Bullock, A. Row 3: Nelson, N.; DeVries, B.; Schmuger, S.; Schupack, S.: Byrnes, P. Student Union Row I: Steen, E.; Panzner, C. Row 2: Joy, B., Sec.; Wing, W., Chairman; Fugere, G.; Cook, B. Row 3: Berry, C.; O ' Neill, J.; Wiley, G. Student Senate Row I: Whaley, A., Corr. Sec.; Quigley, T., V.P.; Adams, H., Pres.; King, P., Rec. Sec.; Magill, R., Treas.; Correra, M., Member-at-large. Row 2: Karszen, J.; Scott, C.; Solwell, M.; Newman, B.; Schmuger, S.; Fargnoli, R. Row 3: Redding, R.; Randall, J.; Ailing, R.; Simonetti, A.; Hoss, W. Phi Kappa Phi Row I: Barnes, J.; LeVasseur. R.; Grills, G.; DeWolf, R.; King, P.; Parks. W. G.; Campbell, M. H.; Draus, D. S. Row 2: Bell, R.; Hall, W.; Woodward, C.; Crandall, E.; Grady, E.; Carpenter, V.; Hartung, E.; Carpenter, D.; Christopher, E.; Thomasian, A. Phi Sigma Row I and 2: Briggs, M„ Reporting Sec.; Smith, J.; DeWolf, R. A., Fac. Ad.; Levine D., Pres.; Zinn, D. J., Fac. Ad. Row 3: Whitman, B.; Lamoureux, C.; Cluf, A.; Harootunian, H.; Feish, J. Phi Alpha Theta Row I: Dr. Woodward; Prall, Stuart E., Pres.; Dr. Tilton, Advisor. Row 2: Dr. Metz; Adams, Harold; Dr. Itter; Mr. Nimer. Alpha Zeta Row I: Steve, P., V.P.; Bannister, E., Historian; Holmes, J.; Troll, J., Sec.; Palumbo, M., Treas.; Hackett, R. Ro w 2: Tournas, A.; Taylorson, R.; Bell, Dr. R.; Reid, H.; Norman, S. Row 3: Carulo, E.; Wright, A.; Montville, F.; Lagerquist, K.; Tobey, J.; Poitras, P. Sigma Mu Row I: Stuart, H. F., Fac.; Grossman, H„ Treas.; Barnes, J., Pres.; Child, J„ Sec.; Thompson, R., Fac. Row 2: Williamson, R.; Fargnoli, R.; Hagist, W.; DeFanti, L. Omicron Nu Row I: McClusky, B„ V.P.; King, P„ Pres.; Grady, Mrs. E.; Mrs. Crandall, Fac. Ad ; Tucker, Dr. Ruth. Row 2: Johnson, B., Sec.; Barber, W., Treas.; Freeman, E. Scabbard Blade Row I: Cook, R.: LaGueux, N.; Bibby, Major, Adv.; Barnes, J.; Culf, N.; Holmes, J.: Corry, A.; Crowell, B.; Has+ie, Major, Adv.; Rathien, A. Row 2: Mazzucchelli, L.; Buba, R.; Hartman, H.; Brown, S.; Portras, P.; Allen, R.; Potter, C.; Spring, H. Row 3: Gately H.; Buteau, R.; McCauley, J.; Bolger, D.; Sarni, R.; Quigley, T.; Blount, F.; Stoll, R. Row 4: Prytula, G.; Magill, R.; Penny, G.; Rosenberg, R.: Limmer, E.: Adams, H.; Wiley, G. Tau Kappa Alpha Row I: Colwell, Pat; Adams, Harold, Pres.; Patter, Nancy, Advisor. Row 2: Sprague, Charles; Oostendorp, John; Factor, Alfred. All Nations Club Row I: Colagiouvanni, F. Italy; Sciotto, R„ Italy; Cuellar, H„ Pres.; Guatemala, Fournier, L„ France; Kimm, B., Sec., U. S. Row 2: Bliamptis, M., Greece; McCaughey, E.; Biggsen, C.; Rosenberq, G.; Allinq, D., U. S.; Speliotis, D., Greece. International Relations Club Row I : Markel, J„ Pres.; Blackman, J.; Schupack, S. Row 2: Sugarman, D.; Giggsen, C.: Rosenberg, R.; Young, M. Socius Club Row I: Sherman, B.; Blackman, J.; McKenna, M., V.P.; Schmuger, S., Pres.; Klages, J.. Treas.; Ludovici, L.; Siegel, S. Row 2: Meadow, C.; Katz, C.; Baram, N.; Fleisig, P.; Biggsen, C.; Andelman, L. Row 3: Kettelle, F.; Levy, T.: Fagan, P.; Moreau, R.; Young, M.; Frank, C.; Cooper. J. Young Republicans Row I: Wolf, A.; Local Committeeman; Brown, H., Vice-Pres.; Lundblad, J., Sec.; Soforenko, A., Pres. Row 2: Boden, R.; Gorden, B.; Brown, S. 1 eCiyt HC4- Inter-Faith Council Row I: Boyd, T„ Pres.; Freeman, E.; Blackman, J., Sec. Row 2; Brown, S.; Stauffer, S„ Corres. Sec.; Gordon, B.; Morris, R. Christian Association Row I: Gifford, P.: Stauffer, S.: Alleng, R.; Blake, B., Sec.; Wells, A., Pres.; Fowler, K., Treas.; Thomas, D.; DeWolf, G.; Fletcher, A. Row 2: Finney, S.: DeWolf, R.; Parr, E.; Underwood, M.; Peterson, N.: Wittingham, C.; Holland, M.; Walker, D.; Havens, M. Row 3: Taylor, R.; King, W.; Truman, H. S.; Tillinghast, M.; Speliotis, D.; Peabody, R. Hillel Club Row I: Schmuger, S.; Andelman, L.; Grodon, B.; Couper, J.; Revnick, R., Treas.; Meadow, C., S.C.; Brown, S., Pres.; Newman, M., V.P.; Schupack, S., Sec.; Stone, I., Soc. Ch.; Blackman, J., Soc. Ch.; Basok, B.; Sherman, B.; Kanack, B. Row 2: Heller, S.: Ehrenberg, A.; Swartz, S.; Sundel, S.; Golden, S.; Brown, G.; Resnik, P.; Young, M.; Katz, C.; Gaban, J.; Golden, L.; Abrams, D.: Gursky, A.: Benjamin, M.; Salzman, S. Row 3: Biggsen, C.; Frank, C.; Fleisig, P.; Strauss, R.; Soforenko, A.; Schnitzer, J.; Dressier, M.; Sugarman, L.; Faber, S.; Holty, L.; Baram, N.; Broomfield, B.: Levy, T.; Gruber, H. Row 4: Sands, J.; Schwartz, H.; Sugarman, D.; Steinberg, R.; Greenberger, M.; Rosenberg, R.; Wolf, A ; Block A • Block, R. H + : Fa , +h D r , W £? ma " ' L Adv ' : Donovan ' J - ' Crouchley, K.; Kelley, S„ Rec. Sec.: Magill. R.. Pres.: Murphy. E., V.P.; Horton, J„ Pub. Ch.: Bathe, W,; O ' Donnell, A., Cor. Sec.: Father Daly; Winfield A ?££ M ' : Th ° mpSOn ' B ' : D °‘ ne ' •= Corera ’ M ' : l0d » " • A - : J.: Faneuf 0 MaS6 ' J ' : Alme[da ' J - Cimerol, J. : Lizotte, J.; Dresner, S.; Palazzo, F.: Blecharczyk, S.: Perry, A.: Dilorio, P.: Thornton ' VeHer D ° n ° Van ' S : Trembla V ' H - Gamache, L.; Boyd, T.; Brandolini, D.: Thayer, A.; Majeau, S.; Newman Club Row I: D ' Agostino, R. : Volpe, N.: Sherman, P. : O ' Rourke, J.; Deane, B.: Peilly, P- McLauahlin A- Colagiovanni, P.; McPaek, P. 7 y " McKenna, M.: Sinnott A ' Jmen ° + ' J ' : An+ ° nelli ' S ' : Sd0+t ° ' R ' : Beaudreau ' A - E g a n. d -: Luzzi, U.; Coletti, D.; Saumus, C.; Squillanti, P.; Ludov;ci C L rleSI ' C " UrS ° ' ? " Ward ' L: Anders ° n ' J ‘ : Ko| aczkowski, R.; Rozzi, J.: Fagan, P.; DeSano, J.: Chappell, J.: Row 4: Paoletta, J.; Weekes, R.; Murray, J.; McManus, J.: Tournas, A.: Casey, B.; Cronin, J.; Silvia T • Errico R • Heithaus, M. • •• • Engineering Council Row I: Hagist, W. t Fac. Ad.; Rytula, George, Treas.; Magill, R„ Pres.; Thompson, A. R., Fac. Ad. Row 2: Vanner, T.; Corry, A.; Nerses, V.; Reilly, W.; Sardelli, W.; Nute, J.; Almeida, J.; Ameen, R. American Society of Electrical Engineers Row I: Sardelli, W.; Barnes, J„ Treas.; Magill, R„ Pres.; Clayton, J., V.P.; Maggioli, V., Sec.; Haas, R., Fac. Adv. Row 2; Ganim, M,; Lavergne, W. J.; Kenyon, G., Sec.; Faneuf, G.; Goodwin, R. Row 3: Dilorio, P.; Redding, R.; Child, J.; Allen, R. American Society of Civil Engineers Row I: Paoletta, J.; Lizotte, J.: Moultrop, K., Adv.; Garfield, M„ Sec.; Almeida, J. J„ Pres.; Pimental, J., Treas.; Lombardi, V.; Grivers, J. Row 2: Larkin, W.; Reilly, W.; Machado, E.; Leduc, J.; Cassidy, M.; Parente, L. Row 3: Knibb, R.; Boden, R.; Wong, R.; McGuire, R.; Rowan, R.; Stoll, R.; McManus, J. American Institute of Chemical Engineers Row I: Elk. C., Staff.; Ameen, R., Pres.; Thompson, R., Counselor; Corry, A., Sec.; Ceesla, E.; Blecharczyk, S. Row 2: Higgins, R.; Wilson, T.; Wells, A.: Niles, E.; Bellandese, C.; Shaw, R. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Row I: Hartman, H.; Fields, E., Treas.; Bolger, D., Vice Chairman; Prytula, G., Sec.; McCann, J.; Feltham, J. D. Row 2: Hirsch, W.; Lillis, G.; Chrones, A.; Brocchi, A.; Rice, A.; Taylor, R. Row 3: Stein, P.; Wheelock, K.; Grossman, H.; Tierney, J.; Leigh, A.; Grossman, R.; Majeau, G. Chemical Society Row I: Rust, T.; Volpe, N.; Tomasian, A.; Kraus, D.; Parks, W. S.; Blecharczyk, S.: Martin, J.; Kaskewsky, W. Row 2: McFadden, M.; Kolaczkowski, R.; Tillinghast, M.; Greenberger, M.; Wiley, G. A.; Hammond, W.; Cleshu, P.; Pinney, S. Math Club Row I: Spring, H., Treas.; Hilzman, J„ Press.; Fargonli, R., V.P.; Bills, Prof. Row 2: Haggerty, G. B., Asst. Prof.; Mor- ris, R.; Carlesi, J.; Bliamptis, M.; Piez, W.; Speliotis, D.; Babiec, J. Physics Society Row Is Nerses, V., V.P.; Nute, J., Pres.; Vanner, T.; Dodsworth, B., Sec. Row 2: Chace, E.; Singleton, J.; Greetham, F., Treas.; Caysnerski, S. C. Accounting Association Row I: Colagiovanni, F.; Block, A., Sec.; Falcone, A., Pres.; Briggs, W. S.; Advisor; Gottlieb, S., V.P.; Van Fleet, Z., Treas.; Stearns, R. Row 2: Holtz, L.; Matthews, H.; Langevin, R.; Cantwell, D.; Prata, J.; Horovitz, S.; Schnitzer, J. Row 3: Nelson, A.; Kaczynski, J.; Stevens, D.; Jette, L.; Torman, S.; Pierson, J.; Sugarman, L. Alpha Delta Sigma Row I: Bentley, H., Treas.; Rozzi, J., V.P.; Feeney, G., Pres.; Penney, H., Sec. Row 2: Schwartz, H.: Slight, W.; Hyman, M.; Rosenberg, R.; Levy, A.; Nolan, R.; Timmerman, W. D., Corres. Sec.; Golden, E., Randall, J. Society for the Advancement of Management Row I: Johnston, C., Treas.; Moren, J. t V.P.; Lord, W., Pres.; Wojnar, E., Sec. Row 2: Klanian, P.; Holt, H.; Lukatch, M.; Lieblich, E.; Sternbach, H.; Read, M.: Wolf, A.; Cross, J.; Van Fleet, Z. Marketing Club Row I : Lukatch, M., Treas.; Johnston, C„ Pres.; Ailing, R. Row 2: Brown, S.; Gorden, B.; Golden, E.; Levy, A.; Lieblich, E.; Wolf, A. Aggie Club Row I: Bemburg, F.; Steve, P.: Poitras, P., Pres.; Christopher, Dr., Adv.; Lundgren, R., Treas.; Potter, P.; Taylor, R. Row 2: Thornton, J.; Craig, R.; Wildes, G.; Millar, R.; Thayer, A.; Tuxbury, V.; Soforenko, A.; Gordon, M. Row 3: Brown, H.; Reid, H.; Williamson, S., Rosenberg, R.; Knowles, H.; Davies, C; Coste, P. Blue Key Row I: Shailer, L.; Carlesi, J. Row 2: Sofrenko, A., Treas.; Buba, R., V.P.; Steen, E.; Adams, H., Pres.; Schmuger, S.; Ledwidge, G. Row 3: Hopkins, B.; Lundgren, R.; Sarni, R.: LaGreaux, N.; Panciera, R.; Resnik, S. Row I: Schwab, L., Cartoonist; Schmuger, S., News Ed.; Feeney, Editor-in-Chief; McCauley, J., Bus. Mgr.; Moren, J„ Women ' s Sp Ed.; Gruber, R., Sports Editor. Row 2; Griffin, F.; Kalagian, S.; Sherman, P.; Simonetti, A.; Toolhey, W.; Klanian, P.; Scott, C.; Penzell, H. ? •. - I ‘“‘no r Birr I " eek - ■■• ' •an I iey, G., Sports w.; Maman, r.; bcott, «» % re d l J r.. Z‘“‘ tor ' tor, . “ino £psn ' “ v r i a ‘‘ B ux. ! ,T°»toi ’•wj : ‘ch ael » ; ro ' wj ° aU - T, u p £ : ar y ' ' 0k ‘ to arke - to UCcl - to • ' Ca W e, ' ? Cn ‘ ot Z J 00(f r , J ss?z sn Sw a„. ° ' P„ ei -to ■ £ lte Or ' Acl ' -n,r ,y - fl. 7 Ao ' " „ ' " e 7, o 0 °W ( ' ?A£v rr .v Ul f ii, ' ! m ott e ,7 r ' Pj a ‘hr " ' C ar? ' " a,ic a!ly " Dr „ °°°r b ' he ' it st ' r 7 efra, " ! , ,S g ' The n f ron, - " e 0, B V r Cu ' «e 0 , e !, e W Sa« ! i " ” " " ' . .. ■ ... .. “ ■ " - Ba Jley Se IJ tiobie ' ec °«d a r - ? . « " ••a » n £»’vi,. ZrUo or ? «•» c K ,f ht - o an . P ' c « e„ . ni ’oed Pla„. 0,1 ( f on l Po s F bikrr ■ V,s, tCar n,t .- a " Pu, Scroll Row I: Potter, N.: Siegel, G.: Sullivan, N.; Pailes, R., Treas.; Schmuger, S., Pres.; Penzell, H., Sec.; Schupack, S. Row 2: Zelniker, R.; Bernstein, F.; Fleisig, P.; Young, M.; Frank, C.; Biggsen, C.; Cooper, J. PURITAN Row I: Baggesen, R., Co-Editor; LeVasseur, R., Co-Editor; Goddard, I. Row 2: Northup, E.; Hammond, H.; Lawson, J. Polygot Row I: Gilbert, M.; Leing, M.; Piccus, J., Adv.; Fuller, E.; Stauffer, S.; VanCaughan, M. Row 2: Levy, T.; McFadden, M.; Diniz, E.; Combs, C.; Sherman, P.; Brown, G. Row 3: Underwood, M.: Peterson, N.; Tillinghart, M.; Wansker, D.; Whittingham, C. Wranglers - Portia Row I: Adams, H.; Bowers, B.; Colwell, P. Row 2: Rohrman, N.; Factor, A.; Piez, W.; Soforenko, A. Yacht Club Row I: Fletcher, A.; Horing, B.; Loxley, S.; Collins, N.; Moren, J.; Mullervy, J.; Barton, J. Row 2: Griffin, F.; Bedrosian, G.; Tucker, G.; Loxley, B.; Walker, D.; Horton, J. Row 3: Tedesco, T.; Boso, B.; Arnold, W.; Gladue, P.; Mahoney, D.; Enos, J. Flying Club Row I: Crowell, B., V.P.: Whiteside, A.; Daglise, E.; Snyder, G., Pres. Row 2: Mellor, D„ Treas; Hall, H., Sec.; Penney, H.; Rosenber, R.; Boyd, T.; Appelby, J.; Faneuf, G.; Larmie, W„ Fac. Ad. Outing Club Row I: Wehe, H.; Mackintosh, M.; Bullock, B., Sec. Treas.; Sudovici, L., Cor. Sec.; Block, A., Pres.; Munroe, G., Trip Director; Hammond, H., Pub. Dir.; Blackman, J. Row 2: Wehe, T.; Baram, N.; Biggsen, C.; Bliss, J.; Benoit, B.; Don, G.; Hogan, P.; Thomas, D.; Blake, B. Row 3: Benrens, G.; Homan, P.; Varick, R.; Sugarman, D.; Steinberg, R.; Blasbalg, M.; Rosenthal, G. Film Pack Row I: Carr, F. t Treas.; Gordon, B., V.P.; Munroe, C„ Pres.; Newcomb, J., Fac. Ad. Row 2: Straight, C.; Nordquist, P.; Ailing, R.; Chace, E.; Donovan, J.; Reid, H.; Faneuf, S. W H O E Row I: Block, R„ M. D.; Nordquist, P., Asst. Tech. Mgr.; Russell, G., Asst. Program Mgr.; Sheffres, E., Technical Mgr.; Resnik, S., Gen. Mgr.; Soforenko, A., Program Mgr.; Holtz, T.; Toohey, W.; Stone, I., A. M.; Walk, A., Asst. Tech. Mgr. Row 2: Basok, B.; Golden, L.; Sundel, S.; Voelker, S.; Newman, M.; Broomfield, B.; Parr, E.; Gursky, A.; Swartz, S.; Gabar, J. Row 3: O ' Donne!, A.; Spring, H.; Sands, G.; Cohen, S.; Speliotes, D.; King, W. S.; Clayton, J.; Strauss, R.; Lavergne, W.; Underwood, M. Row 4: Piez, W.; Bliamptis, M.; Fowler, K.; Chace, E.; Higgins, R.; Smith, A.; Murgo, D.; Mullervy, J. Radio Club Row I: Faneuf, G., Pres.; Arnold, K., V.P.; Singleton, J., Board of Governors; Sheffres, E., Sec. Treas. Row 2: Dilorio, P.; Greetham, F.; Higgins, R.; Hynek, D.; King, W. S. Home Economics Club Row I: Cavanaugh, B.; DeWolf, G.; Norek, L.; McKenna, M.; Lee, V., Soc, Chairman; Ward, L., Sec.; Street, J.; Treas; Blackman, J.; Gifford, M.; Fletcher, A. Row 2: Thomas, D.; Walker, D.; Griffin, F.; Stowell, M.; Beebe, B.; Dyckman, H.; Sau- mur, C.; Fletcher, C.; Anderson, S.; Schu- pack, S. Row 3: Tucker, G.; Coletti, D.; DeSano, J.; Andersen, M.; Herman, E.; Colwell, M.; Brown, M.; Urso, P.; Giblin, J. Row I : Barton, J.; Good, B. Row 2: Reid, C.; Joy, B„ V.P.; King, P.; Bullock, E„ Pres. Row 3: Scola, N.; Gleason, J.; Steen, E.; Cook, K.; Daigle, P.; Curran, D.; Lamas, M. ftasi e C hocr h ' t Viajeras Club Row I: Cufaro, P.; Chouinard, M.; Reidy, J.; Main, V.; Joly, C.; Smith, J.; Daniels, M.; DeWolf, G. Row 2: Watt, C.; Dawley, A., Sec.-Treas.; Bullock, B., Co-Social Chairman; Carpenter, N., Co-Social Chairman; Bailey, M., Pres.; Perry, M„ Vice Pres.; Parker, N.; Parker, J.; Moffitt, M. Row 3: McGroarty, C.; Browning, H.; Gadrow, M.; Fagan, P.; Grinnell, L.; Wright, A.; Allison, N.; Hilliard, J.; Carr, M. Nutrix Row I: Foster, D.; Sullivan, B.; Dwyer, P.; Oglesby, J.; Rosen, M.; Squillante, P.; Havens, M.; Sullivan, M. Row 2: Deane, B.; Holland, M.; Horton, J.; Holmes, V.; Lemire, R.; Carlesi, C.; Chappell, J.; Amo- riggi, J. Pershing Rifles Row I: Mendes, B., S. Y.: Morris, W., C. O.; Laba, C., Adv. M. S.; McCormick, T. R., Adv.; Patterson, R.’U. S. M. S.; Block, R., S. Z.; Fowler, A., S. Y.; Shepley, J. Row 2: Lembo, J.; Oliver, R.; Kenyon, E.; Heithaus, W.; Reese, S.; Rochefort, R.; Cohen, S.; Hynek, D.; King, W. T. Row 3: Morris, R.; Russell, G.; Craig, R.; Osborne, W.; Fowler, R.; McDermott, C.; Cooper, R.; Higgins, R.; Wiesney, C. mi| i i ii i i n i ' iii! 1 liUi i 3 511 i »H« ! iiiil i ;i!M !=«•! ' sMfi 1 JJ1 tl Row I: M. Lussier, C. Scott, G. DeWolf, G. Combs, G. Row 2: A. Gavitt, W. Barber, C. Jackson, S. Brown, L. Grills. A. Brickley, M. Stauffer, M. Mackintosh, R. Lemire. Thomas, L. Maxcy, F. Jarvis, F. Van Buren, V. Tuxbury, B. Steen, D. Richardson, W. Jenison, M. Rosenberg, H. Ken- yon, W. Hathaway, J. Schnitzer. Otcfaeafoa Row I: C. Jackson, (violin); L. Joss, (violin); N. Woodward, B. Harpin, M. Lussier. Row 2: M. Kiser, M. Hicks, A. Clair, J. Clair, D. Tilton, T. Worthington, W. Jenison, D. Richardson, R. Beckett, F. DeLuise. (2A ICC4 Sckaal ' J ' Uvt iay T ' LttCue ' i ity ‘l cafoe Row I: Orodenker, E„ Vice Pres.; Shailer, L.; Wills, R„ Advisor; Goddard, I, Pres.; Emirzian, L.. Pub. Manager; Schwartz, D., Sec.; Bernstein, F.; Siegel, G. Row 2: Russo, A.; LeVesseur, R.; Grills, G.; Bradbury, J.; Wood, D.; Rothenberg, S.; Foster, D- Rocheford R- Avedesian, A. 7Z07e — Summer (fatttfi (or Simmer Camp) ' Take Ten. ' ' Where, are you going? " ' Behind your ears too ' " I see spots before my eyes " NCE Row I: Leduc, J., Sigma Pi; Tournas, A., Treasurer, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Armeen, R., Phi Kappa Tau; Swanson, R., Lambda Chi Alpha; Mazzucchelli, L„ Beta Psi Alpha; Sullivan, J., Theta Chi; Limmer, E., Tau Epsilon Phi. Row 2: Smith, D., Phi Gamma Delta; Jalbert, D„ Lambda Chi Alpha; Crowell, B., Theta Chi; Blecharczyk, S., Rho Lota Kappa; Lizote, J., Rho Lota Kappa; McManus, J., Tau Kappa Epsilon; Schwartz, H., Alpha Epsilon Pi; Sofrenko, A., Alpha Epsilon Pi; Chrones, A., Phi Sigma Kappa; Machado, E., Phi Sigma Kappa. The Polygon, founded in 1911 to oversee fraternity rushing and to settle inter-fraternity dis- putes, has in these post-war years increased its scope to include all matters of fraternal interest. Representatives are sent to the National Interfraternal Conference to discuss common prob- lems with undergraduates from colleges in every section of the country. Closer ties have been effected with the Inter-fraternity Council founded here during the war years. Governed by Officers chosen impartially from among the representatives of each Fraternity, Polygon cannot be influenced unduly by any single unit or small clique. Always a governing board, Polygon now has become a sounding board for the fraternities. Another vintage year has slipped into the past up here at the old chateau. A year we found rich with the sweet grapes of happy times and just a dash of the bitter to give the overall few a more exciting tang. We took the end product and stored it all away in the vat of memory to mellow with the passing years and we look to the days ahead when we will find it extremely pleasant to look back. Siyma 4Cfi z Sfe iCatt Row I: Snyder, G.; Henry, W.; Helfrich, J.; Wing, W.; Sullivan, R., Sec.; Gately, H., Pres.; Morsilli, F., V.P.; Bagdovitz, G., Treas.; Adams, H.; Massig, D.; McCann, G.; Taylor, R. Row 2: Gencarelli, F.; Cook, S.; Rizzo, J.; Tremblay, H.; Gamache, L.; Dame, J.; Welch, J.; Beckett, R.; Thornton, J.; Michie, R.; Cook, R. Row 3: Thayer, A.: Majeau, G.: Miller, R.; Morse, J.; Smith, C.; Brandolini, R.; Bill, G.; Wildes, G.; Barnes, J.; Herson, R ; Horton, R. Row 4: Sisco, A.; Webber, R.; Child, J.; Buckley, P.; O ' Neill. J.; McGinniss, D.; Stenhouse, E.; Scott, W.; Wheelock, K.; Sullivan, M. Row I: Norman, S.; Schnitzer, J.; Holtz, L.; Dressier, M.; Brown, S.; Block, A., Treas.; Gold, H., V.P.; Sheffres, E ; Wolf, A,, Sec.; Oshrin, N.; Black, E.; Chernow, N.; Engle, R.; Strauss, R. Row 2: Horovitz, S.; Lukatch, M.: Levinson, G.; Sugarman, L.; Gottlieb, S.; Rosenberg, M.; Brenner, H.; Cohen, S.; Golden, L.; Hyman, M.; Fradin, H.; Miller, J. Row 3: Schwartz, H.; Blume, T.; Naigur, M.; Gordon, B.; Grossman, R.; Namadh, S.; Metz, L.; Sugarman, D.; Stone, I.; Blasbalg, M.; Zarum, J. Row 4: Rosenthal, G.; Borstein, S.; Steinberg, R.; Rosenburg, R.; Greenburger, M.; Berstein, H.; Resnick, R.; Tormen, S.; Grossman, H. Bi-annual productions of the " Cabaret " continues to bring all latent talent to the surface . . . " Kelly " has got to go . . . Most pledges, contrary to the wildest dreams, have made their averages . . . With the passing of each day, more and more Brothers are " declared sick " . . . Dear Johns con- tinue to pour into RHO . . . The Bose cooks on . . . There it is ! ! ! ! ! s4Cfi z lau {faauMa Row I: Spring, H.; Stevens, D., Treas.; Kenyon, G., V.P.; Lavergne, W., Pres.: Penhallow, J., Sec.; Weekes, R.; Frechette, R. Row 2: Collins, W.; Heny on, H.; Duhamel, E.; Clayton, J.: Piez, W.: Carullo, E.; Spring, W.; Morris, G. Row 3: Scola, B.; Mulleruy, J.: Begonis, D.; Brown, C.; Lamoureux, C.; Watjen, J.; Sorenson, C. At the end of Upper College Road. It s the little white house that ' s Alpha Tau. The Alpha Tau ' s have been around these parts since ' 29. A varied assortment of engi- neers, bus ads, aggies, scientists, liberals what a conglomeration. They can all understand that universal language though, " Who ' s going down the line tonight? Oh, that poor, poor waker. Then there s the an- nual pledge revolution, but it s squashed without too much resistance. . . . " Bring ’em down " . . . " O.K. pledge, just answer these questions. " What, no candidate for Mayor this year? Nobody ' s got the guts to run against Willie? Oh well, we ve had good times, gripes, disagreements and our loyalties. We may even graduate. . . . Beta Psi, jumping to the strains of. " Lou- ise, " improved its structure with a new social room memorial library and a front walk, which after considerable debate went down the center of the lawn. The house was well represented in the campus ' social, scholastic and athletic activities, winning the intra-mural football championship for the first time in its young history. Entwined with its share of pledges, pinnings and pranks, Beta Psi is continuing on to its goal which is somewhere over the rainbow. " ‘Beta 4Cfc£a Row I: Pagano, J.; DeLuca, E.; Rossi, R„ Treas.; Sonne, R„ V.P.; Mazzucchelli, H„ Pres.; Mendillo, E„ Sec.; Pezzullo, J House Mother; Desperito, R.; Ferrard, L. S. Row 2: Fargnoli, R.; Del Nigro, J.; Turilli, R.; Abbruzzi, P.; Paoletta, J.; Marchionda, R.; DiPippo, A.; Cipriano J • Triana, N. v ' " Row 3: Scola, F.; DeMasi, P.; Rignanese, L.; Panciera, R.; DeLuca, C.; DiMase, J.; Vuono, N.; Valente, A.; Diurni, J. Row 4: Maiello, D.; Grills, A.; Negris, R.; Deschene, L.; DiPiro, F.; Bruno, J.; Donato, D.; Caruolo, F.; DeSisto, J. ' lant cUi (tyi rftfr a Row I: Finn, E„ Loeber, C.; Lenoir, E., Sec.; Cawley. J., Pres.; Mrs. Jackson, Houth Mother; Rathien, A., V.P.; Redfern, R., Treas.; Shea, D., Soc. Chr.; Sweeney, M. Row 2: Dilorio, R.; Rioles, R.; Brady, T.: Ritsinoen, T.; Jalbert, J.: Farnum, D.; Lemoi, A.; Latos. C.; Burgess, J. Row 3: Sartsu, T.: Mitson, E.; Spitaletta, P.; Burns, R.; Connor, J.; Masotti, L.; Read, B.; Comstock, L.; Henry, J. Row 4: Almy, D.; Fratto, E.; Boyle, R.; Smith, J.; Congleton, F.; Heronian, H.; Finn, P.; Sutton, J. Lambda Chi . . . the red rodeo . . . where white shirts bloom once a pledge formal . . . was Freud right or if I wanna believe black is white, I will . . . athletes and intellectuals . . . the birth of a nation or the ol ' Pro is dead . . . who ' s gotta cigarette . . . Ranch Dance; wagons westward and draw two, pod- ner . . . what ' s a four letter word meaning fish eggs and where ' s the funnies . . . spring, surf, shuffleboard and tomato juice in the morning . . . the black cap and gown and the white paper ... so long, Little Rest, they made me a Lieutenant. . . . ' P C tyzntrtui “Delta R°w |: Sheehan C. : Boss, B; Karszen, J. : Poitras, P„ Treas.: Mrs. Underwood; Quigley, T„ Pres.; Murray, F„ Rec. Sec.; v iesla, t.. Chief; Stahl, C.; Smith, D.; Manickas, P. Row 2: Bemberg, F.; Ritta. R.; Lundgren. R.; Ravenell, R.; Rozzi, J.; Murphy, J.; Baud, E.: McLaughlin, J ; Hurd J ■ Godbout, L. Row 3: Mitchell, R.; Boden, R.; Millar, R.; Stead, H.; Heyrman, R.; McElroy, J.; Saltes, M.; Hiqgins, L.; Nolan R.: Collins, H.; Carlson, N.; Harris, K. Row 4: Viall, B.; Taylor, J.; Stein, F.; Daviis, C.; Magnuson, R.; Wall, R.; Shepley, J.; Williamson, S.: Knowles, H- Lagerquist, K. From the large brick house with the white column front pours forth forty individuals. The 1951-52 intramural cup and alumni cup now adorning our library, bring back the memories. We ' ll remember the pledges, plenty of them, the noise, home-coming and all those social events — Hey! that ' s a cut — and of course who ' ll forget Mr. Public Rela- tions himself, the Major. Then above all the hubbub, at the close of the day comes that distinct voice down the corridor saying, " Union up everybody — Union up! " P i 7 beta Row I: Wong, R.; Lapati, A.; D ' Ambra, G.; Ameen, R.; V.P.; Kimner, J., Pres.; Larkin, W., Sec.; Stearns, R., Treas.; Letizici, A.; Hanchett, H. Row 2: Cornish, W.; Hopkins, A.: Biafore, J.: Wood, A.; Keller, I.; Kastner, F.; Rice, D.; Dilorio, P.; Chatterley, D. Row 3: Grimes, A.; Wong, R.; Miller, G.; Chace, E.; Bernat, J.: Murray, J.; DaCosta, J.: Ryskiewich, B.; Kiggins, R. Another year of memories recalls that Phi Kappa Theta, the youngest fraternity on campus, inaugurated its own annual event when the Phi Kaps threw the first of many- to-come Harvest Hay Rides. Phi Kap vie dances were also on the upswing, as brothers and pledges, were given " free walks " on the scenic highways of the state by each other. During this year of memories, " zaaa-a-a-a " became a permanent expression with Phi Kaps day and night. As an ever growing fraternity, Phi Kappa Theta added a tremendous chapter to U.R.I. when brothers and pledges, working side by side, had a " Help Week " of its own in Wake- field last October. PAi 7Ku Veit Row I: Thomas, R.: Lark, B.; Ledwidge, G.; Griffin, C.; Slanian, P„ Treas.; Culf, N. Pres.; Owens, A., Advisor; DeWolf, R.: Wiley, G„ V.P. ; Maxcy, L. Sec.; McCauley, J.; Buba, R.; Hoss. W.; Linne, R. Row 2; Marble, J.; Carlson, R.; Miniafi, P.; McEwen, E.; Holt, H.; Boghosian, J.; Letley, E.; Hackett, R.; Sarkesian, M : Smith, S.; Fugere, C.; Hall, S.; Greene, J.; Lovett, V. Row 3: Gough, D.; Tuckington, P.; Van Brocklin, R.; Kelliner, J.; Shaw, R.; Bognossian, L.; Corry, A.; Christopher, R.; Mitchell, J.; Dunklee, J.; Read, M.; Avedesian, A.; Evans, J.; Potter, C. Row 4: Morrison, G., Bradstreet, N.; Wilson, P.; Gilbert, B.; Tingley, A.; Limmer, C.; Johnson, A.; Corbett R.; Meyer T • Jemson, W.; White, T. ' The little white Palace where reside the " Black Knights " of Lower College Road. The hangout of " Sookie " and her pals. Here is the site of one of the most important battles of the " Civil War " — the Battle between the North and South (decks)! Comes Fiesta Time, the helmets and black robes are re- placed by sombreros and serapes and the " Mexican Hat Dance " is tops on the Hit Parade. At the end of the allotted time, those victorious in the academic war pass on, looking forward to new horizons. Phi Sig is finally conning into its own. Formerly forbidden words were finally spoken and a flurry of activity brought about great doings. A couple of Vic Dances, a number ot house parties and of course the big blast, 9 " The Bum ' s Rush. " The latter was really a great social success, only the elite, garbed in white tie and tails were admitted. Really showed how many bums are on campus. An outstanding compliment of sixteen pledges outnumbered the brothers for a while, but they now bring the total mem- bership up to twenty-eight. All kinds of talent lurks here at 23 Upper college, piano, violin, harmonica, ukelele, and banjo activity can be heard at irregular intervals, mostly during study hours. With the close of the school year, we few seniors bid a fond adieu to ye old campus. ' P i Siyrtta, Row I: Barnes, J.; Blockwell, R.: Lees, R.; Rust, T., Treas.; Berry, H., Pres.; Bell, R., Adv.: Hutcheon, A., V.P.; Lyons, C., Sec.; Bailey, W. C.; Babiec, J. Row 2: Asar, J.; Walsh, J.; Garfield, M.; Howe, S.; Greene, R.; Follett, R.; Slight, W.; Hunter, A.; Lawton, J.; Monti, J.; Booth, D. Row 3: Pierce, F.; Gardiner, A.; Kinnecom, P.; White, G.; Worthington, R.; Jones, J.; Johnson, C.; Stephenson, G.; Machado, E.; Tisdell, T. This year twelve of its members will be graduated and will become part of the P.I.K. alumni. They can look back to some fond memories of things that occurred while they were active members of the chapter. Memories such as the " Nut House Ball, " the Polygon Formals, " Hell Week " when they were pledges, and beach time in the Spring. These memories they will carry with them throughout life and when they return for visits, they will meet the brothers with whom they spent the four years of their college lives. In 1 908 a group of seventeen men formed the first fraternity on the campus of the Uni- versity of Rhode Island. Since its beginning some forty-five years ago, Rho lota Kappa has continued to carry on its traditions, laid down by its charter members. Row I: Redding, J.; Panteleakos, A.; Decota, W., Treas.; Lizotte, J., V.P.; Lag eux, N., Pres.; Maggioli, V. J., Sec.; Bauer, J. P.; Falcone, A. F.; Foster, B. P. Row 2: Aharonian, E; Ganim, M.; Giorgianni, A.; Bruno, V.; Tomasian, A.; Cimerol, J.; Accomando, G.; Blecharczyk, S.; Asadoorian, P.; Blanchard, W. Row 3: Apkarian, K.; Roy, R.; Dykas, L.; Sardelli, W.; Hopper, B.: Theokas, G.; Magill, R.; Redding, R.; Palazzo, F. Absentees: William Barber, Angelo Geremia, William Fisher. Scyttuz Row I: DiPrete, A.; Faneuf, G.; Marine, W., Sec.; Carrera, M., Pres.; Littlz, Mrs.; Mountain, T., V.P.; Costa, J., Treas.; Munro, J.; Kishfy, E. Row 2: Uhlinger, R.; Lindberg, R.; Holmes, D.; Larson, A.; Stoll, R.; Shields, W.; Sullivan, H.; Gagnon, D.; Hepburn, G. Row 3: Eriksson, M.; Chapman, R.; Nerses, V.; Hutcheon, W.; Ferrara, G.; Penney, H.; Harnell, G.; Boyd, T.; Gallo, F. We met in the fall and everyone was anxious to tell someone the " big " things he did and saw over the summer — " The Sigma Chi House in California is beautiful and their parties are great. " — " Ft. Meade was rotten " — " Camp Lee wasn ' t too bad, but Virginia Beach, Wow! " — Our Prexy came back from the " Grand Chapter " in Wash- ington, D.C. — Let ' s face it, summer ' s over, time for books again - — O.K. pledges, get with the rules — Our Sweetheart Formal " delightful " — Too many party boys — re- sult — social probation — Finals — Barbary Coast (Hie) Ball — Meetings — Sigma Chi Derby — Yes, Sigma Chi — we call it home. All first names have become obsolete, being replaced by such handles as: " Grinder " " Tree " " Hon-Shu " " Radar " " Monster " " Rooster " and " Captain Mid- night. " This year we found more time for intra- mural sports and the football team had a very successful season. The social fund took a mean beating, but no eggs were laid in that department. All in All it looks like a double yoked future here at Sigma Pi. In its second year, " The Little Rest Chicken Farm " has produced a great many T.V. " lovers " and fight fans along with many " B " students — all claim their success to the wholesome country air. Sty muz Pi Row I: Straight, C.; Conary, J.; Munroe, C.; Bertch, K.„ Treas.; Leduc, J.: V. P.; Behrens, -G., Pres.; Perry, A., Sec.; Callahan, J.; Burklin, L.; Ewart, A. Row 2: Catlow, G.; Gerzevitz, W.; Lillis, Guy; Allienello, V.; Evitts, R.; Dawson, W.; Homan, P.; Hunt, R.; Dorr, G. Row 3: Venice, D.; Maymon, D.; Filonow, S.; Burr, H.; MacDonald, R.; McCaughey, E.; Donovan, J.; Bellandese, C.; DaCosta, A. 7au ZfiAiCott P i Row I: Kirmins, R.; Zex+er, R.; Waltzman, H.; Williamson, R.; Itter, W., Ad.; Vespia, J., Pres.; Jarvis, F.; Limmer, E.; Salk, H. Row 2: Gruber, R.; Sadow, R.; Factor, A.; Strauss, B.; Chucas, M.; Kudish, H.; Thomas, L. M.; Pina, B. T.; Gordon, L. Row 3: Hammond, W.; Whitehead, E.; Righter, B.; Smith, S.; Schack, R.; Cahill, C.; Guber, C.; Mendes, B. It is with a warm feeling that we, the mem- bers of Tau Epsilon Phi look into the future towards another tremendous year of frater- nity living with our objectives now set for the top. Once again another successful season has quickly rolled by in the ever eventful years of the existence of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. The T.E.P. boys of Tau Omega chapter have turned dreams into reality and through their combined efforts have achieved numerous improvements of which they are proud. By working together, a new front walk was built, a front lawn was planted, and both the inside and the outside of the house was re-painted. However, the boys did not stop there, for T.E.P. moved from fourth to sec- ond place in the fraternity standings. Row I: Sarageson, W.; Hartman, H.; Sundin, T.; Gentile, J.; Prata, J., Treas.; Bray, R., Sec.; Toumas, A., Pres.; Cokonis, C„ V.P.; Fortin, R.: Parente, L.; Schwamberger, D. Row 2: Kaskewsky, W.; Narricisso, A.; Rice, A.; Hopkins, B.; Conin, J.; Casey, B.; Penkethman, R.; Mathews, H.; Silvia, W.; Hirsch, W. Row 3: Wentworth, C.; Winters, W.; Rumsey, C.; Simonetti, A.; Tedeschi, W.; Telia, A.; Murgo, O.; Corry, R.; Madison, J.; McManus, J.; Bolger, D. Row 4: McCarville, B.; Taylorson, R.; Searles, R.; Lapiano, F.; McDermit, B.; Ritzau, W.; Osborne, W.; Prytuld, G.; Leigh, A. The men of Tekedom put in a good year at little Rhody, and a backward glance re- veals many a smile and a proud sense of accomplishment. We blended our melodi- ous voices into a veritable symphony of harmony to win the second-place cup in the Fraternity Sing, and came up with one of the top-rated displays on campus to welcome home Rhody ' s Alumni. Al Narcisso and Harry Mathews provided us with sports thrills galore in the intramural league, while Tony Simonetti kept us high up in the campus social register. The seniors must leave as always, and as always, they ' ll be sorely missed, but Teke will continue to find new worlds to conquer. Recipe . . . 52-53 . . . take the vie dances, mix Pat s football team which almost but didn t quite . . . , homecoming and the husky burger, the Pledge Formal and the Christmas house party, stir and add the New Year ' s party, Harley ' s fighting five with a generous serving of Rabbit Randall and Weasel Allen along with grandpa Decker and the Beaux Arts! . . . stir well before add- ing a sprinkle of Paddy Murphies and a pinch of the Spring Formal. . . . Top this with a little flavoring ... be sure to add a few classes, books and exams, with bull sessions, social hours and Sus ' s wedding . . . Beat well, include a little good will and you have Theta Chi for 1953. Row I: Aborn, J.; Ailing, R.; Randall, J., Treas.; Goodwin, R., V.P.; Mrs. Stockbridge; Buonaiuto, G., Pres.; Crowell, B., Sec.; Allin, R.; Johnston, C.; Morris, R.; Nelson, A. Row 2: Love, R.; Adamo, A.; Decker, G.; Golden, E.; Pezelli, P.; Morris, W.; Schwab, L.; Flynn, E.; Sullivan, J.; Rowan, R.: Richmand, W.; Shanan, R. Row 3: Dahl, G.; Holmes, J.; Smith, H.; Palumbo, M.: Bouches, P.; Montville, F.; McGuire, R.; Messere, E.; Lord, B.; Pemental, J.; Troll, J. Row 4: Feeney, G.; Fowler, A.; Jettz, L.; Dumais, R.; Levy, A.; Bailey, J.; Clark, H.; Conde, R.; Thomas, A.; Chappell, W. H. 01 3 ft h " After You. " Union time STLT ' NT UNION Pool sharks. ' Bingo. ' ' Plenty of corn. ' Mostly Night ! H ii 3 i: :: | :i i: ! 1 1 OJf Sandwichman 1 — " Sandwiches, pie and milk " Row I: Cavanaugh, J.; Good, B. Row 2: Schmuges, S.; Zelniker, R., Sec. Treas.; Zamborano, E.; Byrnes, P., Pres. Row 3: (Standing) Trainor, M.; Laxley, S.; Nardone, C.; Mills, M.; Giblin, J.; Hennessey, J. HfiAa ' Detfa Pc Row I: Wood, J.; Norek, L.; Shear, J.; Bilodeau, J., Cor. Sec.; Fish, G., V.P.; Daigle, P., Pres.; Scott, D., Rec. Sec.; Whaley, H., Treas.; Boumenot, J.; Panciera, M. Row 2: Sahagian, S.; Zambarano, S.; Fitzgerald, A.; Whitford, S.; Briggs, M.; Johnson, B.; lanneta, M.; Neyman, J.‘ Juskalian, A.; Cavanaugh, B. Row 3: Dixon, J.; Scott, C.; Gilmore, E.: Mills, M.; Kelley, S.: Gibson, J.: Gibson, J.; Geiger, B.; Urso, P. How can we ever forget . . . The Excitement when Joyce was crowned queen . . . The Beat Brown rallies and the game itself . . . Homecoming, 35 sisters, 35 alums, 35 beds . . . Carrying back Christmas trees for the Black Diamond Ball . . . Those trips to the Union and Union coffee . . . Our monotonous learning of the songs for the Rhody Rev lew . . . The cold March days when we said it was warm enough and took sunbaths. Derby Daze Ufe a Xc T eCta How can we ever forget. . . . " Okay, Ladies, out with the masks. " " Are the onions and the crown ready for Miss Witch? " . . . These and other pre-Haunt antics. . . . Pledge Mike and his three point average. . . . Mom Coulter ' s front room party on election night. . . . Exams. . . . These we shall never forget. ... A fugit of tempus. . . . Christmas at the " Castle " followed by a mass migration to New York. . . . Then Spring hit the campus and we donned our tans and bid our Seniors adieu. . . . These things we will never forget. Row I: Hicks, E.; Greer, R.. Treas.; Moren, J., Cor. Sec.; O ' Donnell, A., V.P.; Baillie, L., Pres.; O’Connell, D., Sec.; Hennessey, J.; Peckham, J.; Moren, B.; Coulter, House Mother. Row 2: Colagionani, F.; McKenna, M., Blount, M.: Lamas, M.; Maynard, V.; Pilling, K.; Plante, M.; Amaral, V.; De Wolf, G. Row 3: Bedrosian, G.; Horton, J.; Kimm, B.; McDonald, J.: Demopulos, J.; Main, V.; Burgess, E.; Andreoni, D.; Aspinwall, J.; Dodsworth, B. Row 4: Trainor, M. L.; Vallier, E.; Izzi, A.; Storey, B.; Carpenter, N.; Ward, L.; O ' Brien, P.; Stowell, M. How can we forget . . . The sun rising after a long night of books, cigarettes and conversation . . . Watch- ing the light go out to herald another in the long list of demerits . . . The Mrs. was queen and we all longed to join the club; and there were those who did . . . The house became a tepee and Warm Wig gave the country back to the Indians; the feature was a feather and a key- chain . . . We kept the " black and orange " banner . . Cabaret discovered unknown talent and the waltz clog led the way . . . Pins, rehearsals and the hour-long five minute meetings . . . The things we will never forget. Row I: Barton, J.; Mounce, M.; Paige, M.; Murphy, E.; Murray, P.; Rutledge, R.; Lueders, F.; Votolato, D.; Geffora, p. Row 2: Ball, E.; Fletcher, C.; Sherman, P.; Dyckman, H.; Thompson, N.; Beebe, B.; Ogg, P.; Vartebedian, A.; Joly, C. Row 3: LeVasseur, R.; Smith, C.; Dring, F.; Cavanaugh, J.; Loxley, S.: Proctor, E.; Combs, C.; Griffin, F.; Buvona, D, Row 4: Cantwell, R.; Steen, E.; Colwell, M.; Anderson, J.; Newman, B.; Carty, M.; Murdough, J.; Anderson, J. Vetta. f e i Row I: Dougherty, T.; Lundblad, J„ Sec. V. Pres.: Fanmer. C„ Cor. Sec.: Barber, W„ Treas.: Freeman, E„ Pres.: Wells. House Mother; Toegemann, E., V.P.; Hetherington, J., Rec. Sec.; Colwell, P., Historian; Joslin, A. Row 2: Scott, S.; Sivals, C.; Byrnes, P.; Heiling, M.; Hudson, P.; Joy, B.; Rosen, M.; Considine, J.; Gleason, J.; St. Germain, J. Row 3: Grills, G.; Tougas, E.; Stammers, B.: Angell, C.; Emerson, C.; Bleisch, E.; Giblin, J.; Dole, N.; Hovnaman, J.; Ellis, B. Row 4: Toegemann, B.; Buchanan, C.; Berry, J.; Kilguss, B.; Gilbert, M.; Carlson, J.; Oglesby, J.; Curran, D.; Turgeon, J.; Almy, N. How can we ever forget. . . . The celebration of the chapter ' s 25th year on campus and the golden anniversary of our national. . . . We ' ll always remember the fuzz on the Bendix. . . . The late rehearsals, convention honors. . . . Sam Spade. ... A successful Tennis Ball with Mother Nature on our side. . . . Our no brakes — no gas — but beloved Dizzy .... The close harmony of our open house sing. These are the memories that will come " stealing round when we ' re apart. " We will never forget . . . One of our biggest thrills, taking the SC Ztt i X4 eveCt hockey championship from defending champions Delta Zeta . . . Our first Rhody Review Act in years . . . Booth One with its regurging nickles . . . Third floor North . . . Telephone duty the night of a big dance . . . These and many other things we will always remember. Row I: Shanley, P.; Benjamin, M.; Gursky, A.; Boehler, R., Sec.; Lewis, A., Pres.; Crouchley, K., Treas.; Smith, C.- Parr E.- Daglis, E.; Golden, S. Row 2: Gants, L.; Werner, N.; Chappell, J.; Ehrenberg, A.; Heller, S.; Holland, M.; Coletti, D.; Najarian, R.; Hodges, R.; Pinney, S.; Havens, M. Row 3: Brickley. A.; Loxley, B.; Lussier, M.; DeSano, J.; Broomfield, B.; Underwood, M.; Carlesi. C.; Flynn, J.; Brown J.; Voelker, S.; Rawson, C. Row I: Wood, M.; Basok, M.; Manganelli, D.; Golden, L.; Abrams, D.; Mason, J.; Potter, P. Row 2: Egan, J.; Thorpe, C.; Sylvia, L.; Franklin, L.; Bowden, N.; Manly, B. Row 3; Resnick, P.; Collins, J.; Mailloux, J.; Chapman, R.; Shaw, A.; Haut, L. Row I: Sullivan, A.; Amorggi, H.; Fletcher, Anne; Marcy, E.; Volpe, N.; Bowers, B.; Norris, A.; Moody, B.; Tolderlund, A.; Hahn, J.; Marcy, M.; Barnes, B.; McPeak, P.; Kostokas, C.; Pyne, J. Row 2: Lustig, G.; Squire, J.; Gabar, J.; Kettelle, F.; Sciotto, R.; Amoriggi, J.; A mtonelli, S.; Reid, C.; Borden, C.; Schmidt, B.; Mackintosh, M.; Squillante, P.; Saumur, C.; Walker, D.; Hilkene, E.; McFadden, M. Row 3: Stringer, N.; Norton, G.; Collins, M.; Bernier, L.; Mansfield, N.; Gencarelli, J.; Kent, J.; Smith, J.; Cranhimer, S.; Strang, B.; Hoseotes, H.; Tucker, G.; Pettine, P.; Sullivan, B.; Eeabury, E. Row 4: MacLennan, L.; Whitman, B.; Holmes, V.; Herman, E.; Barrie, J.; Peterson, N.; Whittingham, C.; Herman, D.; Lemire, R.; Ballard, B.; Ewer, J.; Silveira, M. We will long remember . . . Freak Day with its weird costumes . . . The initiation ceremony with the party which followed . . . Santa emerging from our date room fireplace . . . The Great Room turned into a Winter Festival for our dance . . . The Rhody Review, mid semester . . . Our intro- duction to " BeacTi Days” and all their fun . . . The ending of another year . . . We will not soon for- get all these little things which made the year a big one. Sa t “TSaCt intttuz Tfcc Row I: Reilly, M.; Perra, B., Treas.; Russo, J., Rec. Sec.; Hennessey, E., V.P.; Smith, J., Pres.; DeVries, B„ V.P.; Bailie , M., Corres. Sec.; Connor, V. Row 2: Calitri, M.; Dwyer, P.; Boorujy, B.; Dwyer, K.; Spaziano, M.; Ross, M.; Barnes, N.; Gracia, T.; Volpe, N.; Harring- ton, M. Row 3: Koelsch, P.; Borden, C.; Lemire, R.; Borden, L.; Peterson, N.; Wardone, C.; Stefano, L.; Schmidt, B.; Hazard, J. How can we ever forget. . . . Bridge games in the lounge . . . down to the Union for a " cupacoffee . . . Impromptu birthday parties. . . . Blood, sweat and tears for a C. . . . Cecile ' s broken finger. . . . Beach days. . . . And on the serious side, the realization of our dream, the birth of Gamma Nu as a recognized group on the campus. How can we ever forget, big number of occupants. . . Santa ' s annual visit. . . . Singing in the parlor. . . . The nightly coffee hour. . . . Our most prized possession, our antique piano which sometimes hits the right note. . . . Leaning out our ground-floor windows to talk with our neighbors and friends. ' Han,tA fitutex Row I: Eckart, A.; Diniz, E.; Evans, D. Row 2: Ludovivi, L.; Kettelle, J.; deLisle, G. Row 3: Vancouygham, M.; Greenwood, J.; Wittig, E.; Thornley, C.; Teixeira, A. How ca ' n we ever forget. . . . The Homecoming Cup on the mantle, for keeps. . . . The new living room furni- ture at last. . . . Our work at the Children ' s Center in Providence. ... Dr. Sherrer telling our Patrons about her visit to England. . . . Glorious plans for the Circus Dance. . . . The resounding call at 10, " Coffee anyone? " and its counterpart, " Fourth for bridge? " . . . " The Brain Trust Brawl " in honor of our scholars with entertainment by our " Flunked Out Five. " . . . Burning the midnite oil for those Bio. exams, and the famous excerpts for Smitty ' s classes. . . . And for the olde Green Buick. ... no greater love hath any sister. . . . The realization that the letters S D T symbolize " Sharing Our Days Together. " Strata DeCta 7acc Row I: Penzell, H.; Schwartz, D., 2nd V.P.; Siegel, G., Treas.; Young, M., Pres.; Andelman, L., 1st V.P.; Blackman, J., Sec.; Bregman, P. Row 2: Schupack, S.; Meadow, C.; Baram, N.; Katz, C.; Schmuger, S.; Zelniker, R. Row 3: Biggsen, C.; Salk, L.; Fleisig, P.; Bernstein, F.; Frank, C.; Cooper, J. Row I: Meader, M. A.; Jackson, S., Comes. Sec.; Gaddis, J., Treas.; Brown, M., V.P.; Martin, J., Pres.; Murphey, A., Sec.; Street, J.; Tomellini, L. Row 2: Morlock, J.; Anderson, S.; McClusky, B.; McClusky, L.; Carlesi, J.; Hammond, H.; Good, B.; Spooner, R. Row 3: Eaton, C.; King, P.; Waterman, A.; Martin, J.; Arnold, J.; Waterman, J.; Andersen, M.; Martin, M. How can we ever forget . . . the brown shingled house with the red shutters and the triangle over the door with nearly all the light bulbs glowing . . . the Sigma Kap pep . . . The hayseed at the Barn Dance . . . The leaky pipes and the exploding fur- nace . . . The roaring coke machine and the famous John walls . . . That night before the May Breakfast when everyone has a guilty look and a red tongue. What Sigma will ever forget after she leaves campus? m □□□ □□□ □□□ □□□ □□□ □□□ □□□ □□□ SPORTS ‘Vax itty 0 ?o t cUC Coaching Staff Coach, Harold Kopp U.R.I. 32 — North Eastern O, September 20, ' 52, Meade Field With Pat Abbruzzi lugging the pigskin for two of the five Ram tallies, Coach Hal Kopp ' s football eleven romped over Northeastern University by an impressive score of 32 to 0 in their season ' s opener. The Rams dominated the Huskies all the way, intercepting four of their passes and scoring almost at will. Midway in the initial period Ab- bruzzi slammed off right tackle from one yard out for the Ram ' s first touchdown of the season. Before the half ended fullback Don Almy sliced off tackle for the second score as the Rams led I 3 to 0 at the half. The Rams scored twice in the third quarter on Abbruzzi ' s 12 yard off tackle slant and Art Roche ' s quarter- back sneak. The Rams made their final touchdown in the last quarter on a 30 yard pass from Ed Fratto to " Cap " Smith. Maine 13 — U. R. I. 0, September 27, ' 52, Orono, Maine On two fourth period tallies the University of Maine registered a I 3-0 victory over the Rams at Orono. For the first three quarters it was a rock ' em sock ' em battle of the defensive pla- toons. Two plays into the fourth period, Ed Bogdanovich hit pay dirt for Maine from the one yard line. Joe Allex tallied the other Black Bear touchdown when he intercepted an errant Rhody desperation pass in the final seconds of the game and raced 30 yards. It was the first game of the season for Maine, the defending Yankee Conference Champions. Both teams were keyed up for the contest and fought hard for the victory. Statistically Maine chalked up 15 first downs to Rhody ' s 14. It was- an exceptionally clean game with a total of only 15 yards being called in penalties. Even in defeat the Rams played well. The defensive line, spearheaded by Henry Brenner and Captain Bob DiSpirito, stopped Maine ' s running attack consistently. U.R.I. 27 - New Hampshire 7, October 4, ' 52, Durham, N. H. A magnificent blue " juggernaut " went into a huddle ten minutes before the end of the last period of the New Hampshire- Rhode Island game and came out with the play that was to start a 2 I point scor- ing spree and ring up a victory over the favored Wildcats. Pat Abbruzzi, the powerful 205 pound halfback ripped off 306 yards rushing to spark the Rams well-coordinated running attack. The Wildcats opened the day ' s scoring their first play from scrimmage. Regis faked a pass and swept wide around his right end for the tally as the Wildcats led, 7-0. The Ram ' s attack moved 95 yards in the second period with Abbruzzi going over tackle from 12 yards out for their first score. The conversion failed and the Rams trailed at the half, 7-6. The action see-sawed until the final period when the ' Rhody attack exploded for three quick scores. Abbruzzi powered over for two touchdowns from the 1 2 and 5 yard lines and a 5 yard Fratto to Gough pass was good for another score. Within ten minutes the Rams blew the game wide open. Pat Abbruizi U.R.I. 7 - Brown 6 October II, ' 52, Providence, R. I. Over 7000 football fans saw a Rhode Island eleven battle the Brown Bear and come up with a one point margin of victory, 7—6. A great throng of Rhody rooters cheered the Rams on to victory in the final minutes of the game when Don Almy crashed over from the Brown 8 yard line for tying score. Captain Bob DiSpirito won his own ballgame with a perfect conversion. For the first three quarters the Rams were jittery as their offense continually stalled. Until the last four minutes the game was a defensive battle with Brown concentrating on stopping Abbruzzi. Sparking the Rhody defense were Captain Bob DiSpirito and Henry Brenner who nailed many a Brown ball carrier for a substantial loss. Throughout the game Brown continued to show signs of repeating its early score which came on a 30 yard pass from Pete Kohut to Ken Kassaris. Abbruzzi stopped for short yardage The Rams broke their I 7 year losing streak to Brown in dramatic style indeed! ! Mike is ready for action U. R. I. 26 — Massachusetts 7, October 18, ' 52, Meade Field. Coach Hal Kopp s Rams displayed a powerful running attack when they over- powered the University of Massachusetts, 26-7. The Ram s running offense was pitted against the vaunted air power of the Red- men, led by their sensational passer, Noel Reebenacker. Actually the Bay Stater ' s offense outgained the Rhode Island eleven 438 yards to 314. However, the Rams were the opportunists as far as the scoring went. The Ram s initial tally was set up early in the opening quarter on a 50 yard end- skirt by Dick Gough who took a lateral from Ed Fratto. This brought the pigskin to the Redmen s I I yard line where it took Don Almy a few plays to smash over for the touchdown. The Redmen accounted for their only score in the second period on a short Reebenacker pass to fullback Red Porter. Before the half ended Abbruzzi bulled over for a tally from the one yard line. Abbruzzi scored again in the third quarter from 15 yards out and Pina scored the final touchdown on a sensational 41 yard pass inter- ception. U. R. I. 40 — Springfield 20, November I, ' 52, Springfield, Mass. A " fast breaking " Rhode Island eleven banged out a 40-20 victory against the Springfield Indians and turned in one of their most coordinated performances of the season. Again it was Pat Abbruzzi carrying the offensive burden. The All-Conference Halfback rolled up 198 yards in 14 carries and accounted for three touchdowns. The Rams scored first on a 40 yard run by Abbruzzi but the Indians quickly retali- ated as they hit paydirt from three yards out. Going into the second half the Rams trailed 13-7. However, within -an eight minute period at the end of the third quarter the Rams exploded for 33 points. The scoring parade started as Abbruzzi raced 97 yards around the Indian ' s end. A minute later Dick Gough swivel hipped his way 65 yards for next tally. The next two scores came on beautifully executed pass plays from Art Roche to " Cap " Smith. The final Ram touchdown came as Abbruzzi took a pitch out from Roche and raced 20 yards to make the final score 40-20 in favor of the explosive Rams. U. R. I. 55 — Brooklyn College 7, November 8, ' 52, Meade Field The Rhody Rams continued on their merry way by comfortably overwhelming Brooklyn College 55-7 for their fifth straight victory against the Kingsmen, an avowed " breather " on the Rhody schedule, was a team effort since no one player was in for too long. Again the individual honors to go to Pat Abbruzzi who gained 190 yards which gave him a season ' s total of 1048 yards gained. He is the first Ram player to gain over 1 ,000 yards in a single season. Dick Gough started off the day ' s scoring with a 59 yard touchdown jaunt in the first quarter. Abbruzzi then scored two quick touchdowns on runs of 43 and 34 yards. In the second quarter illusive " Slick " Pina, the All-Conference Safety man, ripped off 34 and 30 yard tallies. The first half came to a close as Kaiser Apkarian bulled his way into scoring territory from 12 yards out. In the second half reserve back Carl Stahl tallied twice for the Rams on runs of 36 and 4 yards. Brooklyn finally scored on a 6 yard plunge by Carl Goodman. Phi Mu S. D. T. U. R. I. 28 — Connecticut 25, November 15, ' 52, Meade Field The University of Rhode Island reached a new height in football when the Rams nipped UConn by a 28-25 score before an overflow Homecoming crowd of nearly 8,000 people. The victory brought to a close the best season in Rhody history. A record of seven wins and one defeat. The victory also provided the Rams with their first share in the Yankee Conference title with Connecticut and Maine being the other sharers. The Ram victory was directly provided for by the unerring toe of Captain Bob DiSpirito who played his last game for U. R. I. Connecticut scored two quick touchdowns in the first period on a pass inter- ception by Rocco Muano and a lateral recovery and subsequent 76 yard sprint by Joey Bettencourt. However, the Rams came back to lead at the half-time 14-12 by virtue of touchdown passes from Ed Fratto to Dick Gough and " Cap " Smith. After the intermission the red hot Rams scored twice more on a quarterback sneak by Fratto and another Fratto to Smith aerial. The Huskies came back as Irv Panciera threw two long scoring passes to Betten- court. However, time ran out on Connecticut as Rhody won, 28-25. Rhody puts on stubborn goal line stand byLANHIfTG A tribute to tour fine athletes Di Spirito accepts trophy for Rhode Island in victory over U Conn. V cvi ity T i Ce SE T-c;. ; t - ■• ' ... t :: j sss m Row I: Wheelock, K.; Wall, R.; Thomas, A. Row 2: Patterson, H. S„ Master Sgt. Coach; Kenyon, E.; Cook, R., Capt.; Samache, L. (Absent: Bob Devolve). The University of Rhode Island Varsity Rifle Team, coached by M Sgt. Harvey S. Patterson, took part in the Intercollegiate Southern New England Rifle competition, firing in matches at Trinity College, Coast Guard Academy, University of Connecticut, and Boston College. Postal or home matches were fired with Harvard University, Providence College, Yale University, Brown University, and the season closed on 28 February with the home match of Boston University. For the most part, the school was repre- sented by Richard Cook, Robert DeVolve, Edward Kenyon, Donald McGinniss, Robert Penkethman, Kim Wheelock, Bart McCar- ville, Alan Thomas, and Louis Gamache. The Varsity Rifle Team also participated in the National Rifleman Association Inter- collegiate Championship matches in Boston, Massachusetts, on 7 March, 1953. (Zauttfoy Gaining momentum with every perform- ance, the hill and dalers had a very impres- sive season winning all their dual meets and waltzing away with the New England Inter- collegiate Cross Country Crown. After successfully opening the campaign against Springfield in a thriller, the " Toot " - men, led by Captain Rocco Negris and Sophomores Tremblay, Smith, Hammond, and the Conde twins completely overpow- ered their next five opponents. Highlights were Tremblay ' s victories against The Uni- versity of Connecticut and Providence Col- lege, a perfect score against Fordham Uni- versity, and the display of tremendous depth and teamwork in defeating Brown Univer- sity and The University of New Hampshire. Edged out by The University of Massachu- setts for the Yankee Conference title, Rhody bounced back from defeat to take the New England Crown and then ended the season as top New England Team in the New York I.C.A.A.A.A. and placing well among the leaders in the star studded field. ‘Va Mittf SctefaetC-aU COACH, JACK GUY Another basketball season is just about completed. With a new coach Jack Guy, former Bucknell University basketball coach, and several returning veterans we are having a fairly successful season. Co-Captains Bil Baird and Fred Congleton were the main bulwarks of the team and the first five was rounded out by Dave Stenhouse, Rollie Kubisky, and Ray Rossi. Art Helwig, Dan Dunn, Slick Pina, Bill Marine, Ed Leiblach and Kel Delner provided us with strong reserves. Especially Art Helwig who finally began playing beautifully near the end of the season and Dan Dunn who was there when you needed him. Approximately twenty-five candidates reported for the first practice session. Jack Guy, a believer of conditioning, ran the boys until they could run no longer. He believes in getting the " fast break " if it is at all possible. If not then work it, for a good shot. In the first game of the season, Boston College went down to defeat 82 to 70. Billy Baird paced the attack with 31 points. Two nights later it was a strong Saint Joseph ' s five from Philadelphia that com- pletely outran our Rams, 88 to 7 1 . A little fellow by the name of Garrity led the Hawks with 32 points. Fred Congleton dropped in 27 for R. I. including his 1 000th point of his career. Fred had 24 in the first half. The Rams then journeyed to Dixie, where they were completely overwhelmed by a strong North Carolina State team, 105 to 66. A big boy, All American Bill Speight paced the Wolf pack. On Saturday night, before a crowd of 8000, the Rams upset a strong St. Johns quintet by a score of 74 to 72. Many R. I. students and alumni were on hand to cheer the team to the in- spiring victory. Bob Coyle who hit 7 field goals for 8 attempts in the first quarter was injured and had to be helped from the floor. He was un- able to return to action, but he proved to be the spark that set off an inspired Rhody team. It was a great team victory. The following Wednesday, the Rams travelled to Sienna only to be tripped up 79 to 70. After a two week Christmas vaca- tion lay off, the Rams played in a four team tourney at the Boston Arena. Rhody dropped B. C. again, this time 72 to 68. The following night however, Georgetown copped the tourney by defeating the Rams by the score of 77 to 72. Bill Baird, Fred Congleton and Dave Stenhouse were selected to the all-tourney team. On January Sth, the Maine Bears upended a long losing streak, by nip- ping Rhody 8 1 to 79 at Rodman Hall. It was the first Maine victory in 3 I years. Our next game was with B. C. in Boston. Twice before they had been handled easily but this time it was B.C. who whipped the Rams in over- time, 92 to 82. Bill Baird and Ray Rossi sparked a drive that tied the game in regulation time. However, the boys lost their touch in the over- time period. On Saturday, January 1 0th, we traveled to Storrs, and lost a hard fought game to UConn 80 to 74. The boys just couldn ' t overcome Connecticut ' s early lead. Baird drives in for two against B. C. Coach wants it done this way Four days later, we again hit the winning ways with a 94 to 82 victory over New Hampshire at Kingston. Dan Dunn played a fine game, along with Stenhouse, and Rossi. On the last day of January, the Rams traveled to Marvel Gym and soundly trounced Brown, 98 to 75. It was a good team victory with the scoring being divided up pretty equally. On the wake of a two game winning streak, we traveled to Philly to encounter St. Josephs. Again the Hawks won I I I to 92. And history repeated itself as little Eddie Garrity tossed in 40 points in a winning cause. Bill Baird dropped in 34 for the home forces. Two nights later we tripped Springfield 94 to 92 at Rodman Hall, with Ray Rossi and Bill Baird setting the pace. Big Fred attains 1000 point goal Our next game was with Providence Col- lege and it ended in a disastrous loss 92 to 66. P.C. couldn ' t miss and Rhody couldn ' t get rolling, resulting in a stinging defeat from P.C. This seemed to break the spell of injuries and virus which had plagued the team all year. They are now enjoying a five game winning streak with victories over: University of Massachusetts 78 U.R.I. 89 University of Vermont 65 U.R.I. 88 Univ. of New Hampshire 75 U.R.I. 93 University of Maine 82 U.R.I. 90 University of Connecticut 80 U.R.I. 82 New gym just begun The boys improve their footwork during practice The victory over Maine avenged an earlier loss to the Black Bears. On Saturday, February 21, the Rams defeated UConn in a game that was nip and tuck all the way. Dan Dunn came off the bench and provided the winning basket for Rhody. Ray Rossi added a foul shot for good measure. This was an inspired team victory with Ray Rossi sinking I 8 points, Dave Stenhouse 17, Fred Congleton 16, and Bill Baird 14. Big Fred turned in a defensive exhibition on Art Quimby, holding the big Connecticut center to 3 field goals. Our own Art Helwig was a bulwark off the boards. I think that Art has been the reason for this current five game win streak. Our record now stands at I I victories and 9 defeats. Ray Rossi an outstanding senior Bill Baird, 3rd highest scorer in U.R.I. history There are only three games remaining: Providence College at Kingston Brown University at Kingston Springfield College at Springfield Congratulations to Jack Guy for having a suc- cessful first season at Rhode Island. Mile Relay Team Snapping back from a stunning defeat at the hands of Harvard, R.l. handed Tufts a thrilling two point loss and ended a long Tufts winning streak. Tremblay ' s thrilling double victory in the mile and 1000, Negris with a victory in his last performance for R.L, and the vaulting of Linne and Goodwin topped the excitement of the indoor season. The mile relay team of Pizzo, Wilson, Tingley, and Morris enjoyed much success while touring the indoor invitation circuit. Linne tops I3 ' 6 " Chase and Morris clear high hurdles It. K. ). Row I: F. DiPiro (RW); A. Hunter (G); R. Burns (LW); T. Rust (C); H. Spring (LD). Row 2: G. Monroe (RD); P. Niles (Coach-LD); B. Boss (RW); R. Dumais (RD): Ravenelle (RW); MacLaughlin (C); R. Hackett (LW). In its third informal season, the U.R.I. Hockey Club has attempted to acquire for itself a name in the intercollegiate loop. Under player-coach Phil Niles, the pucksters have shown great improvement over last year in their first season in competition with other colleqe teams. At present, with a seven game schedule, the U.R.I. sextet has faced only the first three teams, coming out on the losing side in each contest. Al- though they have lost their first three games, the team has shown considerable improvement with each game. Goalie Al Hunter has done a superla- tive job in the cage, his best effort being holding (?lu a strong Providence College team to only three points. Brad Boss, Al Nelson, Tom Rust, and Bob Hackett have been the sparkplugs offensively, while Ray Dumais has done well in the defensive - role. The loss of Gil Lamb and Vinnie Lovett, the sec- ond and third high scorers respectively, and the loss of Harold Henn, a defenseman, has hit the team rather hard. However, the sextet has enough depth to overcome this handicap. SCHEDULE R.l. Opp. Dec. 5 M.l.T. (away) 2 9 Dec. 13 P.C. at Prov. 1 3 Feb. 5 Springfield (away) 3 5 Feb. 1 1 Mass, at Prov. 2 1 Feb. 12 A.I.C. (away) 2 9 Feb. 17 Holy Cross (Prov.) 0 1 Feb. 25 Army (away) Rhody upsets Mas.s. BATES GAME The University of Rhode Island baseball team began its seventeen game campaign losing to a veteran Bates College nine 7-3 at wind swept Meade Field. Bates ' right handed pitching ace, Don McAuliff, regarded as one of New England ' s top collegiate pitchers, struck out eight Ram batters while coasting to victory. BROWN GAME Rhode Island ' s first victory of the season came at the expense of Brown as righthander Dave Sten- house set the Bruins down with two hits. Stenhouse held Brown scoreless as his mates solved the offer- ings of three Bruin hurlers for two runs. Hits by Pat Abruzzi and Joe McElroy followed by Jerry Loeber ' s perfect squeeze bunt gave the Rams their margin of victory. BOSTON COLLEGE GAME In a game played in the wind and rain at Meade Field the Boston College Eag ' es defeated Rhode Island 4-3 in ten innings. The Rams, plagued throughout the contest by weak hitting were nicked for a run in the top of the tenth and as a result suffered their second setback of the campaign. MAINE (First game) In the first game of a doubleheader the Rams ran into the one hit pitching of Maine ' s ace hurler, Jack Christie, and lost 4-1 at Orono, Maine. Christie had a no hitter going for five innings until Rhody shortstop, Joe McElroy, slashed a single to left field for Rhode Island ' s only hit of the game. MAINE (Second game) Paced by Dick Cahill ' s brilliant eight innings of shutout relief pitching plus an eleven run surge in the third and fourth innings, Rhode Island went on to a 12-6 victory in the second game of the double- header. Behind 6-0 in the first inning, the Ram batters scored five markers in the third and added six more in the fourth and easily coasted to victory while Cahill held the opposition scoreless. New Automatic Pitcher NEW HAMPSHIRE GAME Captain Ralph Petraca ' s 380 foot home run in the ninth inning with the bases loaded led Rhode Island to a ten to nine victory over the University of New Hampshire at Durham, N. H. Petraca ' s lengthy blast allowed the Rams to tie the game and necessitate extra innings. In the tenth inning Jerry Loeber shocked the 700 partisan New Hamp- shire fans when he raced home with the winning run as the Wildcat shortstop threw wild to first. BOSTON COLLEGE GAME Rhode Island, sparked by second baseman Jerry Loeber ' s hitting and Bill Parenteau ' s three hit pitch- ing, scored one of the college baseball season ' s biggest upsets by defeating Boston College 7-3. Loeber ' s big bat knocked four runs across the plate while Parenteau completely baffled the Eagles with his masterful hurling. In the ninth Loeber climaxed the contest with a powerful three run homer. SPRINGFIELD GAME In a game played at Springfield, Mass., two walks plus Springfield College ' s Jack Redmond ' s hit in the ninth inning gave the Indians a 6-5 decision over the Ram nine. Rhody led going into the ninth 5-3 as a result of some lusty hitting by Loeber, McElroy, and Barchi but the three run Springfield ninth inning told the story. BROWN GAME Scoring three runs in the fourth inning, Brown . avenged an early season defeat by topping the Rams 5-3 at Aldrich Field in Providence. Dave Stenhouse, who in his first outing of the season stopped the Bruins with two hits, was the victim of the Brown attack. Rhody made the contest ex- tremely close tallying single markers in the third, fifth and ninth innings. The R.l. run in the ninth came as a result of Joe McElroy ' s 450 foot home run, but the damage was already done. CONNECTICUT GAME In a closely contested Yankee Conference game, the University of Connecticut broke a 3-3 deadlock and went on to a 6-3 victory over Rhode Island. By virtue of the win the Huskies captured the Con- ference title. The Rams made a formidable bid for victory when Sal Ferrara unleased a home run over the right field fence to tie the score but the UConn hitters came back with three markers to clinch the victory and the Y. C. title. NORTHEASTERN GAME Leading 7-1 going into the ninth inning, Rhode Island ' s defense fell apart and an alert Northeastern University nine managed to tie the score and neces- sitate extra innings. In the tenth the Northeastern- ers climaxed their comeback surge by capturing the verdict with a single tally for a 8-7 win. lieved in the third inning when he experienced con- trol difficulties. P.C. capitalized on Stenhouse ' s wildness as they scored four times before his de- parture. Rhody ' s lone tally came in the seventh when rightfielder Ken Dellner slashed a single to right scoring Joe McElroy. NEW HAMPSHIRE GAME New Hampshire ' s trip to Kingston proved suc- cessful from their standpoint as they topped the Rams 7-3 avenging an early season setback. N. H. first baseman Al Pare had a field day as he batted in five Wildcat runs with a home run and a double. Rhode Island ' s scores occurred in the fifth when the Rams combined two walks with a sacrifice and an infield out for three runs. SPRINGFIELD GAME Rhode Island University closed its 1952 baseball campaign on the short end of a 6-2 score against Springfield College. The defeat gave the Rams a season ' s record of five wins and twelve losses. With Springfield leading 5-0 in the seventh inning the Rams threatened by scoring twice and loading the bases but the Indians ' relief artist, Al Shutts, entered the contest and quelled further scoring. UNIV. OF MASS. GAME (1st) Right hander Dave Stenhouse ' s second two hitter of his collegiate pitching career provided the impetus for Rhode Island to defeat a stubborn University of Mass, nine 5-2 in the opening game of a doubleheader at Amherst. While limiting the opposition to a brace of runs, the Westerly fresh- man struck out six. Joe McElroy paced the Ram attack offensively by collecting three hits. UNIV. OF MASS. (2nd game) Massachusetts ' pitching ace, Don Swanson, gave his club an even split for the afternoon by setting back Rhode Island with only four hits. His mates provided the offensive spark in the fourth inning by bunching six hits together for four runs which eventually proved sufficient to assure the victory. PROVIDENCE COLLEGE Rhode Island again ran into excellent pitching as P. C. ' s Fred O ' Niel allowed only three hits as he led the Friars to a 7-1 win. Dave Stenhouse, who earlier in the week stopped Mass, on two hits, started on the mound for the Rams but was re- Joe McElroy belts one in batting practice ' l anAity Last year ' s record: U.R.I. 1 Opponents Brown 8 at Rhody 9 New Hampshire 0 at Rhody 6 Trinity 3 at Rhody 5 Connecticut 4 at Rhody 4 Springfield 5 at Springfield ‘Vevutity The home matches were held at the Point Judith Country Club. The team ended the season with three wins and four losses. Coach Cieurzo has seven men which he used in different positions throughout the season. Jim Pezullo and Ben Milner were the two steadiest golfers; the remainder of the team was made up of: Doug Nolan, Jim Cassidy, Don Roche, Ben Mendes, Ed Golden, Leon Boghossian. Last year ' s tennis team ended the season with three wins and two defeats. There were several matches that were rained out and were never replayed. Red Love and Ed Hole carried the bulk of the load. The balance of the team was composed of Pete Viera, Jack Bailey, a very promising Fresh- man, Bill Hoss, and Jack Reardon. There are many returning candidates from last year ' s team. This year’s team will be without the services of their one-two punch, Love and Hole. Coach John Chap- man expects to fill the vacancies with Ken Aldrich, Sullivan, r Brad Chapman, Don McGuiness, and Dick Kummins. Schedule ♦April 21 Maine lost 24 Trinity lost 25 Bates won May 1 Bates won 2 Maine lost 5 P.C. cancelled 6 Brown won (first victory over Brown since 1938) 9 New England Intercollegiates 10 New England Intercollegiates 1 1 Nfew England Intercollegiates 14 UConn Indicates home matches. Taking advantage of all their talented reserves R.l. swept by Springfield with a strong running at- tack and then continued to win the state crown with impressive wins over P.C. and Brown. In- valuable contributions were Linne and Goodwin consistently running away with pole vaulting honors, Ferrara in the high jump, Pizzo and Dick Morris in fine versatile performances, and a well balanced weight team. Overpowering all competitors in a mild upset, Rhody captured the Yankee Conference crown and made a very impressive showing in the New Eng- lands returning home from both events with many individual champions. Ferrara clears six feet Gutdoai 0 7 f iac Ransom, Stoll, Pizzo make finals of 100 Linne sets sights at 14 feet 1 acCe ) Ccui £ (?Cu Row I: DeLuca, E.; Pina, B.; Sarkesian, M.; Pagano, J.; Cawley, J., Pres.; DeSpirito, R.; Ledoux, R.; McElroy, J.; Roche, A.; Grills, A. Row 2: Gamache, L.; Lovett, V.; Pizzo, J.; Cook, R.; Mendes, B.; Dipiro, F.; Pezzullo, J.; Loeber, G.; Wilson, P.; Votolato, A.; Hoss, W. Row 3: Latos, C.; Almy, D.; Bradstreet, N.; Fratto, E.; Blount, F.; Negris, R.; Mendillo, E.; Cahill, R.; Massie, D.; Barnes, J. Row 4: Tremblay, H.; Dueschene, L.; Monroe, G.; Marine, W.; Child, J.; Adams, H.; Linne, R. Swing it Teddy Row I: Morris, W.; Chace, E.; Goodwin, R.; Stoll, R.; Golden, E.; Morris, R.; Brenner, H. Row 2: Sugarman, D.; Smith, S.; Lord, W.; Bailey, J.; Conde, D.; Conde, B.; Nerses, V. Cheerleaders Row I: Seabury, E., ' 56;’Gencarelli, J., ' 56; Carlesi, C., ' 56; Reid, C., ' 56; Havens, M., ' 56. Row 2: King, P.; Jackson, S.; Carlesi, J.; Oglesby, J.; Dunklee, J.; Good, B.; Randall, J.; Angell, C.; Thomas, D.; Lundblad, J. Look at Chet and Toot ' Jat ' HZMU ' icd Sfiaitd Beta Psi Alpha Intramural Cross Country After Beta Psi had placed first and second, a de- termined Theta Chi team showing much class and balance defeated a stubborn AEPi team for the intramural cross country title. John Pagano led the field home with a fine record-breaking performance followed closely by teammate Riganese. Intramural Football Beta Psi is the newly crowned football Cham- pions. Beta Psi defeated Phi Gam in the play offs in two straight games. Both teams were the winners of their respective leagues. Intramural Table Tennis The 1952 Intramural Table Tennis Tournament was won by Phi Gam over Phi Mu. Both teams were win- ners in their respective leagues. The winners were paced by Ed Hole and Roy Wagner in the singles and doubles, while Bill Hoss and Leon Boghossian headed the losers. There are no points given to the winners toward the Intramural Cup. Intramural Badminton This was the first year that intramural badminton was played. Phi Gam proved to be the winners. Chuck Stewart and Roy Wagner won the tourna- ment for Phi Gam without losing a single game. The tournament was held in early March, of 1952. Intramural Foul Shooting Contest Phi Mu Delta proved to be the dead-eyes of the toul line, as they captured the Intramural Foul Shooting Contest. Phi Gam and Theta Chi finished second and third respectively. The three top scor- ers in the contest were Blease of Phi Mu, Pantelekos of P.I.K., and Wagner of Phi Gam. Each tied for first place with twenty-three baskets out of twenty- five shots. Intramural Debating Four sororities and five fraternities entered the Intramural Debates this year, and the results were some very interesting arguments. The four teams that made the semi-finals were: S. D. T. ' s and Phi Kappa ' s affirmative teams, and A. D. Pi ' s and Sigma Chi ' s negative teams. In the finals, Pauline Bergman and Frances Bernstein of S. D. T. were out argued by Norman Burke and Donald Gagnon of Sigma Chi as the boys from Upper College Road walked off with the Debating Cup. Rrst five from left to right Intramural Volleyball With a field of ten teams entered in each of two leagues, volleyball provided the campus with an interesting and exciting season during the latter part of March and April. In League I TEP got off to a flying start and, losing only one game while winning eight, ended up at the top of the league. The runners-up were Theta Chi, Lambda Chi and TKE. In League 2 it was a close fight all the way between Phi Gam, Beta Psi, and Phys. Ed. However, Phys. Ed. lost out with a record of seven and two, while Beta Psi and Phi Gam went on to tie for first place with eight and one records. The playoffs, matching the top four teams of each league, found Lambda Chi winning out over a game and fighting Theta Chi sextet. Theta Chi won the first two of a five game series, but Lambda Chi caught fire and took the last three games to wind up champs of the Intramural Volleyball League. Intramural Track Lambda Chi won the Spring Intramural Track Meet easily. With Cawley, Fratto, Almy and Congleton winning the relay, and Grabert and Latos winning the 880 and shotput respectively, the Ranchmen won going away. Intramural Tennis Phi Gam walked off with the tennis honors. Chuck Stewart, Roy Wagner and Bob Ravenelle paced the Fiji s to the championship. A match was composed of three singles players. Phi Mu Delta Intramural Horseshoes The Intramural Horseshoes Championship was captured by Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s talented duet of Bob Sullivan and Rollie Kubiskey. In gaining the title in this elimination tourney, the Sullivan-Kubis- key combination downed Theta Chi ' s top flingers, John Baxter and Roy Allen in the finals. Intramural Softball With the coming of spring the fraternities started another red-hot softball season. Phi Gam proved to be undefeatable as they won the league I crown with T. K. E. and Phi Mu finishing respect- ively in the two runner-up positions. In League 2 the Ranchmen of Lambda Chi also finished with an un- blemished record with S. A. E. coming in a close second, only one game behind. Phi Sigma took the Lambda Chi Alpha third place honors. In the best of three series play- offs, the Fiji ' s captured the cup as they proved to be a stronger hitting club, especially the slugging of Art Roche and Roy Wagner, than Lambda Chi whose main star was Russ Hall, their fire-balling pitcher. Intramural Basketball Phi Mu Delta won the title of 1952-1953 intra- mural Basketball Champions by defeating an in- spired Lambda Chi quintet in the final game of the three game play-off series. In gaining the title the league leading Phi Mu ' s were forced to come from behind after losing the opening game of the play-off series by a 37-31 decision. In the second contest the Phi Mu Team, lead by the excellent shooting of Co-Captain Bill Hoss, completely outplayed the North Road Quin- tet in the second half to gain an easy victory and even the series at one win each. With the series deadlocked a third and decisive contest was necessary to determine the title holder. The final game, witnessed by over 200 fans, had all the aspects of high competition championship play. Phi Mu jumped off to an early lead but led Lambda Chi by only two points 19-17 at half time in as ex- citing a first half of Intramural Basketball ever witnessed at Rodman Hall. The two clubs continued their close pace as the second half got under way, but with six minutes left in the game, Phi Mu spurted and went on to a 52-32 victory to clinch the series and the championship. ' Ziai vt The 1952 Ping Pong Tournament was won by Bill Hoss of Phi Mu Delta, when he defeated Ed Hole of Phi Gam, 4-2 in the final match. The lobby of the Union was cleared to make room for students who wanted to witness the championship mStch. Red Love, Theta Chi, the defending champion was de- feated in the semi finals by Bill Hoss. It is antici- pated that an even larger turn out will participate in this year ' s tournament. The Cribbage Tourney was won by Anna Riccardi of E. R. Hall. She defeated Jim Ide from Butterfield Hall 3-0 in the final match. Anna was one of five girls, out of a total of 37 contestants in the tourna- ment. The 1953 Pocket Billiards champion is Gerry Loeber of Lambda Chi. Gerry defeated Bob Wong in the finals. Before the final match, Charles Peter- son, well known exhibitionist put on an exhibition in the Union. He also officiated at the final match. Gerry and Bobby made their way to the finals through the field of twenty four contestants. On Monday, February 9th, a Duplicate Bridge Tournament was held. Rod Stoll and John Monroe from Sigma Chi were the winners. They will repre- sent the University in an Intercollegiate Tourna- ment on February 19; this tournament is between colleges from all over the country. At the time that the GRIST went to press, the finals of the Chess Tourney had not been completed. However there are only two contestants remaining out of the original twenty. Charles Emmerich of Butterfield Hall and David Sugarman of A. E. Pi re- main to decide who will reign as Chess King. The Student Union ' s Social Activities During the past year the Student Union has con- tributed greatly to the social activities here at U. R. I. Besides the regular movies shown at Edwards every Friday and Sunday night, the Union is also responsible for those hot jam sessions th at were held Saturday mornings, the Hot Dog Roast at thirty acres, and the last spring ' s Beach Party at Moon- stone. Last fall ihe Union started holding dancing classes in Quinn Hall ' s Commuter Room and they were of great value to some of the more backward U. R. I. " trippers of the light fantastic. " To name all of the Union ' s contributions would be an endless procedure, such as the many bingos, exhibitions by noted chess and pool experts, etc.; but we would like to thank its hard working Board of Directors, and in particularly Mrs. Cooke and Mr. Berry, for supplying us with such a vast amount of social relaxation. Frank W. Keaney Athletic Director, U.R.I. Build it according to plans Construction underway Progressing, slow but sure Finished product Next year, we will all be here HE7 X s4t Cetic s4 AacC zti XK Row !: Pilling, K.; Stowell, M.; Carlesi, J. Row 2: Colwell, P.; Moren. B., Sec. Treas.; Martin, J., V. P.; Joslin, Audrey, DeVries, B„ Pres.; Moren, J„ Publicity; Boehler, R. R°w 3: Baumenot, J.; Barton, J.: Cooper, J.; Lewis, A.; Mills, M.; Wittig. E.; Mackintosh, M.; Bernstein, F.; Sylvia, L.; Scott, C. Whether you are on the tennis court batting the ball around (and out of bounds) or fighting ' for the basket that counts, the value of good sportsmanship and teamwork can ' t be beat. Leading the W.A.A. to those higher goals was Barbara DeVries, president. If you wanted that shield, key, or blazer Jean Veep Martin totaled those points you earned. Betsy Moren, as secretary-treasurer recorded the meetings. Ruth Boehler and Audrey Joslin as social chair- man and assistant social chairman respectively, organized our social functions. Shield, by blazer Miss Massey, Miss Harris, Miss Henson. (fatCt, “tRcfte 7e zttt Girls? Ladies? The fair sex? Yes, they ' re still quite feminine even under the coating of cleaning oil, powder blasts, and rifle jackets. Novices and experts alike are eager to learn or improve the art of riflery. For more than four years they’ve beaten and haye been beaten by men and women ' s teams from as tar as Hawaii. Long distance matches (postals) are carried on by mail, and the nearer ones with New Hampshire, Connecticut, Brown NROTC, and others are shoulder-to-shoulder matches. This year the girls hope to fire against Brown, P. C„ Quonset, Connecticut, and New Hampshire ending up with the big match in New Haven where they will compete against all comers Two out of four years they have placed first against the best women ' s teams in New England, thanks to Army coaching. Last year they lost their coaches but got the best in return and are eager to prove their past records. Good luck in New Haven again this year and remember, the losers eat with chopsticks it ' s traditional! Lacrosse, an old game played by the American Indians is relatively new here at U-RI. In the spring of each year, a hockey field becomes transformed into one for lacrosse, but this time the ball is kept in the air, the feet still on the ground (We hope)! A girl needs great skill and coordination to be able to keep the ball in the webbed cross while running down the field and dodging opponents. Each year two girls are fortunate enough to go to the best hockey and lacrossfe camp here in the East, learn the basic techniques of this great sport, and receive the best coaching to be had anywhere. And with the addition of Miss Harris to the physical education staff, a new impetus for the advent of this sport has landed on our campus. See you all on the hockey field for a game of lacrosse? Row I: McFadden, M.: Lomas, M.: Moren, J„ (Capt.) ; Volpe, N.; Giblin, J. Row 2: Peterson, N„ (Manager); Stowell. M.; Cook, K.; Wittig, E.; McDonald, J.; Patterson, H„ (Coach). ' piM ' rtyac eq In the house hockey tournament there were two games played a night. The tournament was extremely close as there were four teams who had to have replays. Delta Zeta and Alpha Delta Pi played twice with D. Z. winning by two points in the second game. Eleanor Roosevelt Hall and East Hall were forced to play their contest three times, and E. R. Hall won the third game I — 0. The final close contest was between E. R. Hall and D. Z. with E. R. scoring the only point of the game. The Honor Team was well-manned by both upperclassmen and freshmen. A successful field day (although Rhody lost) was held in October when the U. of Mass, visited. The team journeyed to Wellesley for the New England Intercollegiate Field Day. Although Rhody won no games, the team played well. Outstanding players were Edith Bliesch, Barbara DeVries, Evelyn Wittig, Pat Colwell. Sport of the seemingly hopeless Bull ' s Eye The sore arm in attempt, The exasperated sighs and cries Until finally efforts well spent. Sa 6etfai(jl Everyone thinks of November as Thanksgiving time — many forgetting that it is the opening season of girl ' s basketball. Perhaps too much Thanksgiving dinner was the cause of this year ' s prolonged season which did not come to a close until the March wind came in with a gust and blew the basketballs away. Something new was injected in the house tournaments this year. Instead of the old elimination playoffs, the round-robin style was tried for the first time which proved to be quite successful. The sophomores came to the lead with this season ' s victory. ‘VattetybzM Spike it. Watch the line! The excitement builds high and every effort is aimed at keeping that ball in the air. It ' s a sport in which each player is of equal importance. Delta Zeta retired the cup after winning the final game with North Annex 22-17. The class games proved interesting and very exciting as the sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors were tied for first place. After the playoffs, however, the seniors walked away with the champion- ship. Much enthusiasm was shown by the Honor Team. Since no college was able to come to Little Rhody, the team challenged the faculty but lost 20-19. The " ole Hens " really put on a good game, and the " Spring chickens " just could not keep them down. As old man Winter rolled out, the badmin- ton rackets and birdies flew in; the tourna- ment was getting under way. It is a great individual sport for any one who is fast and alert, and a good pre-requisite for the more strenuous game of tennis. Tennis Anyone? ? t 7e t tcd _ The class tournaments were started this Fall. The girls coming on a wing and a prayer for the senior class championship were Jil LeMaire, Joan Lundblad, Jean Harnden and Myrtle Briggs. The semi-finalist competing were Joyce Giblin, Sandi Shupack, Edith Blisch, and Deloris Andrioni. The sophomores had not reached their semi-finals — as we went to press. The tournaments con- tinued through the Spring with the anticipation of having a tennis team and matches with other schools. 0 ?%ea ‘Day " Sorry Boys, Mistake. ' ' The Mayorl " " ta ta — ta fa. " What a way to Study. 0 ? 4,tenttikf StKf Sorority Singing. " Sing-git Sarra. ' Yeowl " That Doesn ' t sound like Singing. " Eleanor Roosevelt makes a return visit to the U.R.I. Campus Our President Our Governor FRESHMEN Name Curriculum Rho Chapte Abbruiii, Pasquale Joseph Abrams, Dolores Irma Adamo, Joseph Edward Alexandre, Alda Allienello, Victor Allison, Nancy Rose Amoriggi, Helen Delores Amoriggi, Janet Elizabeth Anderson, Donald Herman Anderson, Eric Davis Anderson, Robert Allen Andreoni, Delores Eva Antonelli, Sylvia Mary Aquino, Anthony Samuel Armstrong, Elmer Powell Armstrong, Paula Coe Armstrong, Ralph Parker Arnold, John Mason Arnold, William James, Jr. Arna, August, Jr. After, Samuel Avila, Robert Joseph Bailey, Alice-Ann Baird Alexander Ballard, Elizabeth Kathryn Barbato, Francis Xavier Barker, Walter Lawton Barnes, James H. Barnes, Marilyn Austin Barnes, Particia Ann Basok, Betty Leona Baxter, Carolyn Cecelia Beaudreau, Ann Marie Bedard, Ronald Leo Behler, Daniel Edwin Benben, Eugene Herman Joseph Benedict, Monda LuAnne Benjamin, Maxine Berger, Phillip Nelson Bernat, Joseph Jacob Berry, Marylou Biafore, John Bird, Jeanne Seta Bishop, Benjamin Frederick Bistrick, Alan Albert Blease, John Alden Boorujy, Barbara Elise Borden, Cynthia Ann Borden, Mary Elizabeth Bourrand, Claude Andrew Bowden, Nancy Jane Boyer, James Mitchell Boyle, Colin McTaggart Bradbury, Jeanne Ann Brady, Thomas Tobias Brassil, Vincent Francis Brickley, Ann Veronica Broadbent, William Francis Broomfield, Beverly Ruth Brown, Evan Marshall P. Ed. H.E. Chem. H.E. G. T.Ed. Nursing Bus. Ad. Nursing Ed. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Engr. Bus. Ad. Gen. T.Ed. Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. H. E. P.Ed. Bus. Ad. Agr. H.E. Lib. Arts Lib. Arts H.E. H.E. Chem. Agr. Chem. Bus. Ad. H.E. Engr. Engr. H.E. Lib. Arts H.E. Bus. Ad. H.E. Bus. Ad. Biol. H.E. of ALPHA EPSILON PI congratulates THE CLASS OF 1953 ALPHA TAU GAMMA congratulates E. Donald Stevens John Delseva Carol Sorensen Winthrop Collins John Clayton John Penhallow Wilfred Lavergne Hobart Spring Edward Carullo Henry Kenyon Charles Lamoureux and THE CLASS OF 1953 Eta Chapter of THETA CHI extends congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1953 Agri. Lib. Arts Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts Biol. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA congratulates THE CLASS OF 1953 FRESHMEN Compliments of Name Curriculum GAMMA NU Brown, Gwendolyn Thelma Lib. Arts Brown Harold Elwood Engr. to Brown, Robert Everett Engr. Bruce, Theodora Helen Lib. Arts Buono, John Anthony Chem. THE CLASS OF 1953 Burns, Joseph Francis Burzon, Jay Howard Caleshu, Peter Victor Cameron, Lucille Wilson Campo, Joseph, Jr. Capaldi Gilbert Ronald Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Chem. Lib. Arts Carcieri, William, Jr. Engr. Cardarelli, Samuel Leo P. Ed. Cardoze, John Bus. Ad. Carey, James William Bus. Ad. Congratulations to the Carlen, Audrey Virginia HE. Carlesi, Carol Joan Nurs. Ed. Carner, Bruce Martin Lib. Arts CLASS OF 1953 Carr, Mary Turnbach Gen. T. Ed. Carter, Marie Lynn H.E. from Carulo, Robert Anthony Biol. Castonguay, Alson Alfred Bus. Ad. Centracchio, Louisa Anna Nurs. Ed. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Chaplin, Donald Gilbert Bus. Ad. Champion, John Stuart Engr. Champagny, Gerald Florian Engr. Chapman, Ruth Irene Nurs. Ed. Chappell, Jean Frances Nurs. Ed. Chappell, William Henry H.E. Chernov, Nathan Tasdik Lib. Arts Christensen, Edward C. Jr. Bus. Ad. Church, John Herbert Bus. Ad. Cimerol, John Francis Biol. Greetings to the Clark, Frederic Morrow Bus ' . Ad. Cody, Charlotte F. H.E. CLASS OF 1953 Cohen, Dorothy M. Bus. Ad. Cole, Robert K. Agr. from Coleman, Joseph A. Chem. Coletti, Diane M. H.t Collins, Joyce L. H.E. BETA PSI ALPHA Collins, Marcie E. H.E. Colozzi, Daniel T. Bus. Ad. Comber, Edward R. Lib. Arts Connolly, Robert J. Engr. Considine, William P. Bus. Ad. Conway, John J. Bus. Ad. Cooper, Robert W., Jr. Bus. Ad. Corbett, Robert T. Gen. T. Ed. Corey, Ronald T. Bus. Ad. Coste, Pierre Agr. Best Wishes Cotnoir, Ernest C. Gen. T. Ed. Coulombe, Joseph N. Engr. Couture, George J., Jr. Agr. to the Graduating Class Coyle, Robert E.- Bus. Ad. Crankshaw, John G. Bus. Ad. from Crawford, John E. Bus. Ad. Crawley, Charles N. Bus. Ad. SIGMA CHI Cronhimer, Sally A. Cronin, James M. H.E. G.T. Ed. Crowe, Helen C. Nursing FRESHMEN Congratulations to the Name Curriculum Crowell, Norman T. Chem. CLASS OF 1953 Cruff, Ronald A. Bus. Ad. Culp, Francis J. Agr. from Cunningham, Gail M. H.E. Cunningham, Richard A. Cushing, Walter V. D ' Agostino, Rosemary Dahl, Gerald A. D ' Amario, Edmund T. Dambruch, Edward L. D ' Andrea, Edward L. Engr. Bio. Lab. Tech.- P. Ed. Bus. Ad. Gen. 1. Ed. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Nursing Daniels, Mary E. Dennison, Edward F. Engr. Dawley, Frederick G. Bus. Ad. Dawson, Joseph H., Jr. Engr. Deane, Barbara W. Nursing PHI MU DELTA DeBerardia, Anthony J. Engr. DeChristofaro, Joseph DeLisle, Germaine B. H.E. extends its congratulations Dennehey, Edward F., Jr. Denoyelle, Richard R. Lib. Arts to the graduating DeSano, Joan A. H.E. Desmarias, Arthur N. Engr. CLASS OF 1953 Desonie, James J., Jr. Lib. Arts Despres, David V. Biol. DeTommaso, Gabriel L. Chem. DeWolf, .Roberta Lib. Arts DiCenso, Robert D. Biol. Dinwoodie, Robert G. DiPetrillo, Raymond Bus. Ad. DiPiro, Frank A. Biol. DiSimone, Edward L. P. Ed. DiSpirito, Donald D. Bus. Ed. Congratulations to the Dixon, Joan M. H.E. Doane, Ruth W. Chem. Dodge, Patricia D. Engr. CLASS OF 1953 Dodson, George F. Engr. Doeges, Carl Agr. from Dolan, Barbara A. H.E. Donato, Donald A. Bus. Ad. RHO IOTA KAPPA Donovan, George A. Gen. T. Ed. Dorgan, Jean P. Lib. Arts Douglas, Joseph A., Jr. P. Ed. Dring, Frances M. Lib. Arts Dumais, William B. Engr. Dunn, Daniel F. P. Ed. Duquette, Donald A. Engr. Dwyer, Margaret P. Nurs. Ed. Dykas, Leon J. Biol. Easterbrooks, Richard C. Bus. Ad. Eckart, Avis B. Gen. T. Ed. PHI KAPPA THETA Eddy, Joseph H. Agr. Edwards, Eugene T. Egan, Jean M. Agr. H.E. congratulates Ehrenberg, Arlene L. Lib. Arts Eldridge, Charles F. Bus. Ad. THE GRADUATING CLASS Ellery, Gordon R. Engr. OF 1953 Ellin, Roger E. Engr. Elowitz, Dorothy R. H.E. Emmerich, Charles R. FRESHMEN Name Curriculum Enos, Joseph R. Bus. Ad. Errico, Robert G. Bus. Ad. Etc h el 1 s. Joyce M. Bus. Ad. Ewer, Jacqueline Lib. Arts Fagan, Joseph B. Engr. Fazzi, Edmund A. Engr. Feinman, Earl S. Bus. Ad. Fiddas, Gordon B. Engr. Finklestein, Charles 1. Bus. Ad. Finlay, William D. Engr. Finnegan, Richard F. Bus. Ad. Fisher, William R. Gen. T. Ed. Fitimaurice, James H. Bus. Ad. Fitzpatrick, June A. Bus. Ad. Flanagan, Thomas D. Lib. Arts Fletcher, Anne H. E. Florio, John A. Bus. Ad. Flynn, Edward P. Engr. Fortin, Alfred A., Jr. Engr. Foster, David P. Bus. Ad. Foster, Debora R. Nurs. Ed. Fowler, George E. Agr. Fowler, Richard F. Agr. Freedman, Sandra B. Lib. Arts Freedemann, Richard Lib. Arts Frost, Donald C. Bus. Ad. Fugere, Joseph M. Engr. Fuller, Richard P. Lib. Arts Gabar, Joan 1. Bus. Ad. Gaglione, Frank A. Bus. Ad. Gagnon, Marcel L. Engr Gaisford, Esther R. H. E. Gants. Lois J. Gen. T. Ed. Gauch, Gilbert G. Bus. Ad. Gavitt, Alexander R., Jr. Agr. Gelinear, Homer A. Lib. Arts Gencarelli, A. Jean Bus. Ad. Germain, Allan C. Engr. Gibbons, Charles E. P. Ed. Gilbert, Gordon G.. Jr. Engr. Gilmartin, Barbara L. H. E. Giordani, Janet M. Gen. T. Ed. Giorgianni, Anthony Lib. Arts Girouard, Leonel J. Engr. Giusti, Elia J. Biol. Gladue, Philip J. Bus. Ad. Gleckman, Thomas W. Chem. Gledhill, John W. Engr. Gledhill, Sydney L. Engr. Golden, Lucille H. Lib. Arts Golden, Sandra J. Lib. Arts Goldman. Fred S. Agr. Goldman, Hyman H. Agr. Goldstein, Howard A. Lib. Arts Gooding, Robert B. Agr. Gordon, Melvin L. Agr. Gough, Richard F. Bus. Ad. Graham, Henry H., Jr. Engr. Grann, Richard A. P. Ed. GIRO ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE 195 HIGH ST. PEACEDALE, R. I. Narr. 3-7863 FOR MERCHANDISE OF QUALITY Shop at KENYON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Wakefield, Rhode Island MOYLEE ' S American and Chinese Restaurant O PEN ALL YEAR ROUND 110 Beach St. Narragansett Narr. 372 For the Best in Good Things to Eat— " DOC " EVANS IGA STORE (By the College Gate) SODA -ICE CREAM -COOKIES CHEESE - COLD CUTS FRESHMEN SIGMA DELTA TAU Name Congratulates CLASS OF 1953 Congratulations to CLASS OF 1953 from ALPHA DELTA PI Compliments of PHI CHAPTER of SIGMA KAPPA Greenhalgh, Ernest A. Greenwood, Joyce M. Greer, Gerald R. Greer, Jack F. Griffin, John H. Grinned, Leroy A. Gruber, Helga Gulvin, David H. Gursky, Anita P. Hafey, Robert L. Hall, David G. Haronian, Howard R. Hartness, Barbara J. Harvell, Elizabeth, (Mrs.) Haseotes, Hytho Hastings, Charles F., Jr. Hattub, Michaell J. Haut, Linda I. Havens, Martha L. Hayden, Brendan F. Hayes, John L. Hayes, Richard K. Heald, Emerson F. Heithaus, Walter D. Heller, Audrey S. Helmus, Arthur H. Helsens, George L. Henry, John C. Herdecker, Werner C. Hereld, Gerald P. Herman, John B. Herson, Robert L. Higgins, Robert H. Hilkene, Elaine R. Hilliard, Jane E. Hirsch, Carl D. Holland, Marjorie E. Holland, Marjorie L. Holmes, David M. Holmes, Virginia A. Holt, Meredith E. Hopkins, Allan W. Hopkins, Bernard B. Hopper, Douglas K. Hopwood, David J. Horton, Anthony S. Horton, Charles S. Horton, Robert K. Hovannesian, Vahagn Howard, Janice M. Hrisanthopoules, Alexios Hughes, Charles F. Hull, Thomas G. Hunt, Charles H. Huurley, Margaret C. (Mrs.) Hutnak, Albert P. Hynes, William V. lannotti, Anthony R. Jacques, Joseph N., Jr. Curriculum Bus. Ad. Biol. Biol. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. B. L. T. Lib. Arts Biol. Agr. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Nurs. Ed. Bus. Ad. Gen. T. Ed. Chem. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Lib 9 Arts. Engr. H. E. Nursing Bus. Ad. Nursing Bus. Ad. Nurs. Ed. H. E. Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Biol. Chem. Bus. Ad. Agr. H. E. Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. H. E. Agr. Agr. Bus. Ad. FRESHMEN ALPHA XI DELTA Congratulates THE CLASS OF 1953 Congratulations from DELTA ZETA to THE CLASS OF 1953 James, Edwin C., Jr. Agr. James, Owen D. Agr. Jaworslci, James J. Kaczynski, John R., Jr. Bus. Ad. Kalaydjian, Sirvert H. E. Kaller, Myron C. Bus. Ad. Kalunian, Kenneth D. Bus. Ad. Kananack, Ruth L. H. E. Kane, Richard F. Bus. Ad. Kaplan, Samuel Engr. Karol, Eugene J., Jr. Biol. Karol, John R. Engr. Keller, Irwin J. Agr. Kelley, James F. Engr. Kennedy, John R. Bus. Ad. Kennedy, Norman J. Chem. Kent, Joan Bus. Ad. Kenyon, Edwin D„ Jr. Bus. Ad. Kerins, Edward H., Jr. Engr. Kerr, Douglas A. Bus. Ad. King, William S. Engr. King, William T. Engr. Kinnecom, Harold A. Engr. Kinnecom, Paul G. Engr. Kishfy, Edward W. Bus. Ad. Kissinger, Lee K. Engr. Knight, Mabel F. (Mrs.) H. E. Kohnle, Alfred P., Jr. Engr. Kolaczkowski, Richard W. Chem. Kortick, Maurice Biol. Kozak, John T., Jr. Engr. Krol, Francis J. Engr. Kusiak, Raymond V. Biol. Lamond, Bruce A. Engr. Lamoureux, James E. Biol. Languedoc, Robert A. Engr. Lanois, Gerald D. Engr. Lanzi, Leonard A. Engr. LaRiviere, Wilfred W„ Jr. Engr. Lavarini, Joan E. Lib. Arts Lazarus, Donald L. Bus. Ad. Leahy, Catherine L. Lib. Arts Lebow, David L. Bus. Ad. Lees, Everett G. Engr. Lemire,, Ruth M. Nurs. Ed. Lendrim, Robert H. Engr. Leonard, Howard V., Ill Agr. Leseman, Dawne B. Lib. Arts Lindgren, Warren B. Biol. Lingaitis, Francis V. Engr. Lisker, Etta-Rae H. E. Lombardi, Raymond B. Engr. Loomis, James K. Engr. Lovett, Raul L. Bus. Ad. Loxley, Barbara E. H. E. Lucchetti, Anthony A. Hort. Lussier, Marilyn A. L. Nursing Lyons, John C. Engr. Maclnnes, Judith H. E. FRESHMEN Name Curriculum Macintosh, Merilyn Lib. Arts MacLennan, Lorraine A. Engr. Madison, James R. Agr. Magliocco, John, Jr. Agr. Maguire, James P. Engr. Mahoney, Daniel F., Jr. Bus. Ad. Maiorisi, Anthony P. Engr. Majeau, Gilbert M. E. Makiri, David Agr. Manekofsky, Marvin Biol. Manganelli, Dorothy R. H. E. Manly, Barbara J. Nurs. Ed. Mansfield, Nancy V. H. E. Mansolillo, Raymond J. Bus. Ad. Marandola, Frank M. Agr. Marandola, Thomas D. Bus. Ad. Marciano, Richard A. Engr. Marcy, Elizabeth T. H. E. Mari, Ernest A., Jr. Engr. Markoff, Edward M. Bus. Ad. Martel, Eugene H. Engr. Mason, Joan A. Bus. Ad. Massie, Donald R. Bus. Ad. Mathews, John F. Engr. Matteson, Marcia M. H. E. Maxwell, Barbara L. H. E. Mazer, Marcy R. Bus. Ad. Mazza, John A., Jr. Bus. Ad. McCann, Thomas E. Engr. McCarville, Bart J. Lib. Arts McCaughey, Edward F. Hort. McConville, Frederick J. Engr. McCool, Thomas R. Engr. McDermott, Richard L. Engr. McElroy, James P. Agr. McFadden, Marilyn Chem. McGair, Gilbert Engr. McGovern, George W., Jr. Lib. Arts McGroarty, Claire A. Lib. Arts McKenna, John W. Lib. Arts McKenna, Mary F. Gen. T. Ed. McKenzie, Dale A. Biol. McKnight, Conrad K. Gen. Agr. McLaughlin, John T., Jr. Bus. Ad. McLoughlin, Ann E. ' H. E. McQuattie, William D., Jr.. Agr. Messere, Earle L. Engr. Michie, Richard H. Bus. Ad. Millar, Richard 1. Agr. Miniati, Peter J. Engr. Mitson, Edward J. Bus. Ad. Moffitt, Marion V. Nurs. Ed. Monahan, Joseph V. Bus. Ad. Moran, Ann G. Nurs. Ed. Morelli, Robert E. Engr. Morrill, Kenneth W. Engr. Morris, George H., Jr. Engr. Morris, Robert E. Bus. Ad. Morris, Robert S. Biol. Moynihan, Marjorie A. Gen. T. Ed. UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICE BUTTERFIELD LIPPETT LOWER CAF FACULTY DINING ROOM BEST WISHES To the Graduates OF 1953 THE MEMBERS AND PLEDGES OF CHI OMEGA EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS TO ITS GRADUATING SENIORS L. Jean Anderson Joan Cavanaugh Caroe Combs Jean Harnden Rosemary LeVasseur Florence Lueders Eleanore Murphy Patricia Murray Barbara Newman Mary Jeanne Page Elizabeth Proctor Ruth Rutledge Jean Tabor Nancy Thomson AND THE CLASS OF 1953 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Name Murphy, Louis M. Murray, James P., Jr. Nacci, Joseph M. Nacu, Traian S. Najarian, Ruth A. Namath, Samuel M. Nelson, Nancy E. Newlander, Robert A. Newman. Edward E. Nixon, William J„ Jr. Nordberg, Richard J. Norman, James W. Norris, Anne Norton, Daniel B. Norton, Say R. O ' Brien, Robert E. O ' Brien, Roberta E. O ' Donnell, John B. Ohlsten, Arthur J. Oliver, Richard J. O ' Neill, John P. Orodenker, Eunice O ' Rourke, Mary J. Oshrin, Norman H. Oster, Richard M. Pacheco, Richard J. Pacia, Pasquale P. Pailes, Richard A. Palazzo, Fenwick G. Parker, Jane C. Parr, Elizabeth-Ann Parry, Margaret A. Passannanti, Maria M. Paul, William E. Peabody, Restcom E., Jr. Pendergast, Daniel J. Peterson, Natalie J. Pettine, Paula E. Phillips, Leland E. Pickthall, Russell S. Pimental, Raymond Pinardi, David Pinney, Sandra L. Pliner, Robert M. Poirier, Robert R. Polis, William H. Pollack, David L. Potter, Phyllis E. Potter, Richard A. Potter, William W. Preblod, Joel D. Prosser, Kenneth S. Prout, Earle F., Jr. Pyne, Joan M. Quinlan, Edward J. Rawson, Carol A. Reardon, John F., Jr. Curriculum Name Curriculum Phys. Ed. Biol H. E. Bus. Ad. H. E. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. H. E. Bus. Ad. B. L. T. Agr. Nurs. Ed. Gen. T. Ed. Agr. P. Ed. Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Agr. Lib. Arts H. E. Bus. Ad. Nurs. Ed. Gen. T. Ed. Biol. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts H. E. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Gen. T. Ed. Bus. Ad. Agr. Bus. Ad. Agr. Agr. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. H. E. Gen. T. Ed. Biol. Reese, George C. Reid, Catherine A. Resnick, Pearl M. Reynolds, Richard W. Richards, Albert L., Jr. Richards, Robert Richardson, Douglas J., Jr. Riley, Donald A. Rioles, Frederick A. Rioles, Richard L. Rioux, Paul F. Ritzinger, Thomas W. Rizzo, Guido G. Rochefort, Robert M. Rosen, Joel M. Rosenberg, Marvin J. Roth, Robert Rubery, Joan L. Rufo, Anthony L. Rumsey, Clifford E„ Jr. Russo, Arthur R. Russo, Michael Ryding, William L. Saglio, Richard J. Sahagian, George I. St. Coeur, David C. St. George, A. Paul Salett, Myrna L. Salter, Robert M. Salzman, Sandra A. Sands, Gerald H. Sands, Robert W. Sangster, Richard D. Santoro, Joseph S. Sarkisian, Levon Saumur, Clarisse J. Saunders, Albert D., Jr. Saxe, Noah T. Sayles, Marcia L. Schenck, William F. Schmidt, Elizabeth A. Schneidkraut, Donald Schofield, Richard E. Schontzler, Charles B. Schreiner, Arthur J., Jr. Schultz, Dolores B. Schult, Kenneth G. Schwan, Martin R. Scola, Franklyn J., Jr. Scola, Nancy J. Scorpio, Raphael M. Seabury, Ellen G. Searles, Raymond C. Sefton, Norman H. Senerchia, Joseph Serra, Frank A. Settlow, Allan L. Shanley, Patricia A. Shaw, Ann M. Sheedy, William F. H. H. E. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Agr. Biol. Agr. Bus. Ad. Biol. Lib. Arts Biol. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. H. E. Bus. Ad. Biol. Biol Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts H. E. Chem. Bus. Ad. H. E. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Biol. H.E. Agr. Lib. Arts Agr. H.E. Biol. H.E. Agr. Biol. Bus. Ad. H. E. H. E. Bus. Ad. Compliments of THE CLASS of 1954 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Name Curriculum Name Curriculum Sheehan, George H., Jr. Lib. Arts Travers, Jerome E. Bus. Ad. Sheldrick, Harold A. Agr. Trull, Christopher Gen. T. Ed. Sherry, James P. Ed. Trumble, William A. Agr. Shores, Dorothy D. H.E. Tucker, Grace A. H.E. Short, Joseph F. Bus. Ad. Turner, Joan P. H.E. Siciliano, Joseph J. P. Ed. Tuxbury, Vernon W. t Jr. Agr. Siegel, Jayne S. Lib. Arts Tweedell, William C. Engr. Silveira, Mary H.E. Tyrell, John A., Jr. Bus. Ad. Silvia, Charles P. Biol. Sinnott, Alice M. H.E. Underwood, Marianne Lib. Arts Sirr, Charles C. Ung, Charles Engr. Slosser, Dorothea J. Nursing Urso, Samuel J., Jr. Bus. Ad. Smith, Allen C. Engr. Vaccaro, Pasquale Enor Smith, Carol A. H. E. Vagnini, Richard A. Engr. Smith, Edward E. Biol. Vatcher, Edgar 1. Bus. Ad. Smith, James D. Engr. Vaughn, Russell W. Bus. Ad. Smith, Joanne C. Nurs. Ed. Viall, Richard E. Bus. Ad. Smith, Robert D., Jr. Bus. Ad. Voelker, Sandra R. Lib. Arts Smith, Robert L. Bus. Ad. Volpe, Nancy A. Chem. Smith, Roland W. Engr. Spencer, Edwin H. Agr. Wagner, Ronald E. Agr. Squillante, Philomena J. Nurs. Ed. Walker, Deborah F. H.E. Squire, Joan P. Lib. Arts Walker, Ian M., Jr. Agr. Stahl, Carl F. P. Ed. Wallace, William C. Agr. Stairs, Robert J. P. Ed. Warshaw, Gerald J. Bus. Ad. Stauffer, Mitzi J. H.E. Watts, David B. Lib. Arts Stedman, Allen C. Agr. Weiser, Alan L. Enqr. Stedman, Robert T. Weissman, Earl M. Lib. Arts Stephens, Rose J. Nurs. Ed. Wells, Joseph Engr. Strack, Peter R. Bus. Ad. Werner, Nancy Lib. Arts Strauss, Arthur D. Lib. Arts Wexler, Stephen J. Lib. Arts Stringer, Nancy C. Gen. T. Ed. White, Gracia A. BLT Strong, Beverly-Ann C. BLT White, Robert E. Bus. Ad. Sullivan, Barbara D. Nurs. Ed Whitman. Richard A. Agr. Sullivan, Dorothea M. H.E. Whittingham, Ruby C. Lib. Arts Sullivan, John F. A. Bus. Ad. Wiesner, Charles E„ Jr. Engr. Sullivan, Margaret M. Nurs. Ed. Wilcox, James C. Bus. Ad. Sullivan, Paul J. Lib. Arts Wilkinson, Ronald N. Lib. Arts Sundel, Sylvia E. Bus. Ad. Winfield, Ann M. Bus. Ad. Sutton, John J. Bus. Ad. Wojcik, John D. Engr. Swartz, Sarine M. Lib. Arts Wood. Meredith H. Nurs. Ed. Sweeney, Virginia M. H.E. Woolfall, Frederick J. Chem. Sylvia, Louise C. Bus. Ad. Worthington, Marguerite (Mrs.) Nurs. Ed. Szeliga, Richard J. Lib. Arts Worthington, Thomas K. Biol. Wright, Annie F. Nurs. Ed. Taft, Donley R. Biol. Wright, Frank, Jr. P. Ed. Tankoos, Kenneth R. Bus. Ad. Wright, Hugh E. Taylor, Arthur R. Biol. Wright, John A. Lib. Arts Taylor, Robert E. P. Ed. Wright, Raymond A. Bus. Ad. Tedesco, Francis J. Lib. Arts Wrigley, Ronald L. Lib. Arts Tefft, Franklin A. Teixeira, Aurora A. Chem. Yarlas, Donald M. Engr. Teutonico, Louis A. Engr. Yosinoff, Richard L. Bus. Ad. Thomas, Doris B. H. E. Zora, Nancy J. Bus. Ad. Thompson, Douglas E. Lib. Arts Thornley, Carolyn A. Nurs. Ed. Thornley, John M. Lib. Arts Thurber, Cail E. H.E. Tillinghast, Mason Chem. Tolderlund, Ann S. H.E. Torti, Anthony Compliments of THE CLASS of 1955 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Name Abberton. James S., Jr. Aharonian Edward Amaral, Violet M. Andreoli, Robert M. Angell, Carolyn A. Apkarian, Kaiar Arabian, Robert H. Arnold, Judith S. Arnold, Kenneth F. Austin, Max E. Axt, Alva F. Babiec, Joseph R. Bailey. John H. Bailey, Robert W. Baird, Everitte G. Ball, Eleanor A. Barber, Hiram W. Barber, William G. Barchi. Peter M. Batty, Daniel R. Beckett, Ronald K. Bedrosian, Gloria Beebe, Beverly J. Belling, Bruce C. Bemberg, Frederick W. Bernstein, Frances M. Bilodeau, Janet M. Bivona, Doris A. Black, Eugene F. Black. William A. Blackwell, Richard M. Blake, Barbara Blanchard, Walter J. Bliamptis, Emmanuel Bliss, Judith Blume, Theodore I. Boitano, George J. Booth, Donald A. Boss, Bradford R. Boumenot, Joan M. Bowers, Barbara A. Boyle, Richard P. Bradstreet, Neal A. Brandolini, Richard A. Bregman, Pauline D. Brenner, Henry Z. Briggs, Donna J. Brigham, Gerald A. Brown, Francis H. Buckley, Peter D- Bucklin, Lyman A. Burgess, John A. Butler, William J. Cafaro, Margaret D. Cahill, Richard A. Callahan, James J. Carlesi, Jacquelyn M. Carlson, Jean A. Carlson, Robert W. Curriculum Gen. T. Ed. Hort. CD FR Ins. Sec. St. M. A. Gen. Bus. Ad. H. E. E.E. Hort. I. E. Engr. Math. Math. (A. S.) Biol. Lib. Arts Nursing M.E. P. Ed. Ind. Mgt. C.E. Gen. T. Ed. H.E. M. A. M. A. H.E. Nursing Chem. M. A. E.E. Nursing Gen. T. Ed. E.E. H.E. E.E. P. Ed. C.E. M. A. BLT Lib. Arts Gen. Bus. Ad. Sec. St. Gen. Bus. Ad. BLT Engr. Math. P. Ed. Gen. Bus. Ad. Chem. Lib. Arts Gen. T. Ed. Gen. T. Ed. C. E. Math. (A. S.) CD FR M. A. Name Carty, Mary J. Casey, Bernard D. Chapman, Bradford H. Chesto, Vincent K. Chorney, Stanley A. Chouinard, Marilyn A. Christopher, Raymond Chucas, Morris L. Cinotti, Daniel A. Clarke, Richard H., Ill Cofoni, Peter J. Cokonis, Charles P. Collins, Henry N. Comstock, Warren L. Conde, Richard F. Conde, Robert V. Connor, John H. Connor, Nancy Conole, James H. Cook, Kathryn B. Cook, Stephen O. Cooke, Dudley P. Cooper, Joan E. Corbett, Robert H. Cornish, Winston A. Costello, Donald J. Craig, Robert L. Crouchley, Kathryn K. Culligan, Stephen R. Curran, Diane DaCosta, Albert Daglis, Estelle J. DeCota, Walter J. Dellner, Kenneth D. Del Nigro, Joseph De Masi, Peter Demopoulos, Joan M. DeSisto, Joseph W. Devolve, Robert F. DeWolf, Geneva Dextraie, Andre G. Dilorio, Robert C. DiPardo, Giovanna T. Diurni, Joseph M. Dorr, Gerald M. Downes, Marjorie J. Dressier, Max B. Duhamel, Eugene E. Dumais, Raymond Dwyer, Kathleen F. Dyer, Robert A. Eaton, Carol Engle, Robert S. Engelhardt, John J. Engelhardt, Raymond W. Etherington, Ralph Evans, John R. Evitts, Richard C. Ewart, Andrew A. Curriculum Gen. Bus. Ad. I. E. Acct. P. Ed. M. A. Nursing Gen. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts Biol. M. A. Gen. Bus. Ad. Gen. T. Ed. Ind. Mgt. A. H. Chem. Engr. M. E. A. H. H. E. C. E. TC RA Chem. C. E. M. A. P. Ed. Biol., Zoo. Ind. Mgt. Gen. Agr. H. E. Ind. Mgt. H. E. Lib. Arts Gen. Bus. Ad. M. A. Hort. Acct. Gen. T. Ed. Hort. Lib. Arts H. E. Biol. Gen. Bus. Ad. H. E. Biol., Zoo. Acct. H. E. Chem. For. Ind. Mgt. Nursing C. E. Lib. Arts M. A. Physics Gen. Bus. Ad. E. E. M. A. Acct. Ag. Chem. Compliments of THE CLASS of 1956 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Name Curriculum Name Curriculum Faber, Samuel S. E. E. Hurd, Frank J. Gen. Bus. Ad. Farnell, George H. P. H. Hylander, Robert H. M. E. Faunce, Raymond W. Gen. T. Ed. Hynek, Daniel P. E. E. Ferrara, Gerard J. C. E. Finn, Patrick G. Acct. Jackson, Carl M. E. E. Fitelson, Stuart C. Ins. Jalbert, Joseph G., Jr. Gen. Bus. Ad. Fleisig, Phyllis E. Lib. Arts Jenison, Frank W. Ind. Mgt. Flynn, Joan F. H. E. Jestings, Walter J. C. E. Follett, Ronald A. E. E. Johnson, Charles T. M. A. Fortin, Richard A. Mech. Engr. Jones, Robert W. Lib. Arts Fournier, Lucille F. Lib. Arts Joy, Barbara E. H. E. Frank, Carol M. A. Kassed, Marvin W. Lib. Arts Fraser, Barbara A. CD FR Kastner, Frank R. Agr. Frechette, Robert L C. E. Kenney, John F„ Jr. P. H. Friend, Sherwood Lib. Arts Kenyon, Edward E. Chem. Gagnon, Donald E. E. E. Kimball, Robert F. M. A. Gallo, Francesco N. Gen. Bus. Ad. Koelsch, Paula M. Lib. Arts Gardiner, Milton B. C. E. Kubisky, Rollis A. Gen. Bus. Ad. Garfield, Marshall W. C. E. Geiger, Betty-Ann Nursing Lamb, Gibert A. M. E. Lapati, Andrew J. M. E. Geneviti, Walter E. 1. E. Larson, Albin, Jr. M. E. Ch. E. Latos, Christos M. A. Lembo, James F. C. E. M. A. Lieblich, Edward M. Ind. Mgt. Limmer, Charles D. Ind. Mgt. Granoff, Howard W. E. E. Lindia, Albert Gen. Agr. Greenberger, Marvin Chem. Lindquist, Earl B., Jr. C. E. Greene, Robert C. M. E. Lomas, Mary E. Gen. H. E. Griffin, Louise F. H. E. Loring, Bruce S. Acct. Grimes, Andrew J, C. E. Louzon, Frank Chem. Guber, Charles A. Lib. Arts Lovett, Vincent J. Gen. Bus. Ad. Guilbeault, Raymond M. Gen. Bus. Ad. Luzzi, Gerten 1. H. E. Hamblin, David G. Lib. Arts MacDonald, Robert J. Acct. Hammond, William J. Chem. Maclnnes, Kennth M. Gen. Agr. Hanchett, Harry D. A. H. Magnuson, Ronald 1. Ind. Mgt. Hanson, Elis A. M. E. Mailloux, Jeanne A. Nursing Hanson, John D. Lib. Arts Main, Vera E. Gen. T. Ed. Harriman, Lawrence M., Jr. Gen. Bus. Ad. Manickas, Peter A., Jr. Ind. Mgt. Harrington, Mignon E. H. E. Marble, James E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Harris, Kent W. M. A. Market, Joseph H. Lib. Arts Hathaway, Arthur C. Biol. Masotti, Lewis R. Acct. Hathaway, William F. Chem. Matsumoto, Johnee T. Gen. Bus. Ad. Hellwig, Arthur T„ Jr. Biol. McCarthy, Maureen T. Nursing Horn, Harold H. Ind. Mgt. McDermott, Charles W. Ind. Mgt. Hepburn, George H., Jr. Gen. Agr. McDonald, Joan A. Gen. T. Ed. Hertel, Frank P. C. E. McGinniss, Donald T. Acct. Heyrman, Roger R. M. E. McHugh, Thomas E. Ind. Mgt. Hicks, Elaine M. Gen. T. Ed. McLaughlin, Joseph D. Gen. Bus. Ad. Higgins, Richard L Chem. E. McMillan, Louise 1. H. E. Hill, Richard F. E. E. McSweeney, M. Joseph C. E. Hodge, Richard Biol. Meadow, Carolee E. Lib. Arts Hodges, Agnes R. Lib. Arts Metz, Leonard J. Chem. E. Hoffman, Lester Gen. Bus. Ad. Miller, Jay G. Gen. Bus. Ad. Hogan, Pauline J. Lib. Artss Monti, John L. E. E. Horton, Joan M. Nursing Moren, Elizabeth A. Lib. Arts Horton, Robert H. Gen. Bus. Ad. Morris, Charles E. M. A. Hovnanian, Julia H. E. Morris, Richard A. Math. (A. S.J. Hudson, Peace M. Nursing Morrison, Gordon E. M. E. Hunter, Alan G. Gen. Agr. Morrison, Hugh A. M. E. 7 4 ' P’umUicccL OFFSET PRi nnnG TEXTBOOKS DIRECTORIES CATALOGS BULLETINS LABORATORY MANUALS PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL SvenytAitty fin tAc Artist, Draftsman Architect BLUEPRINTS PHOTOSTATS OZAPRINTS Spaulding M OSS ESTA , 8 86 HED 42 Franltlin Street, Boston to, Massachusetts SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Name Curriculum Name Curriculum Mulhall, William J. Mullervy, James F. Munro, John G., Jr. Murgo, John D. Murphy, James G. Murray, James J., Jr. Nazareth, Nathaniel J. Newman, Maurice B. Neyman, Janice H. Nolan, Guy E. Norek, Lois Northup, Eileen B. (Mrs.) Ogg, Patricia M. Oglesby, Jean Oliver, Otis, Jr. O ' Neill, John C. Osborn, Donald D., Jr. Osborne, William J. Panciera, Marilyn E. Panciera, Ronald J. Paoletta, Joseph Peckham, Josephine C. Penkethman, Robert A. Perry, Anthony C. Pierce, Felix J. Pilling, Kathleen M. Pivarunas, Frank A. Pockar, William N. Prata, John B. Przybyla, John R. Rathbun, Lois A. Ratta, Richard D. Read, Brooks Reidy, Jane C. Reilly, Margaret Richmond, William R. Righter, Benjamin Ripanti, Joseph A. Rocheford, Robert J. Rohrman, Nancy C. Rosen, Myrna H. Rosenthal, Martin G. Ross, Muriel E. Rossi, Louis Rowan, Robert E. Russo, Jordan A. Russo, Virginia R. Sabetti, James M. Safstrom, Robert C. St. Germain, Janine A. Salk, Harold Sayles, Alan E. Schack, Ronald M. Schnitzer, Joel Schupack, Sandra B. Schwab, Louis E. Schwartz, Harvey E. Sciotta, Rosemarie Scott, Sally D. Ind. E. M. E. M. A. Gen. T. Ed. C. E. Ind. Mgt. Gen. Bus. Ad. H. E. Acct. H. E. Lib. Arts Gen. T. Ed. Nursing M. 4 A. Lib. Arts E. E. Nursing Acct. C. E. H. E. E. E. Gen. Bus. Ad. M. E. H. E. Physics Lib. Arts Acct. Hort. Gen. H. E. Ins. Lib. Arts H. E. H. E. Acct. M. 4 A. C. E. C. E. Lib. Arts Nursing H. E. C. E. P. H. H. E. C. E. P. H. Gen. T. Ed. M. 4 A. Ins. M. A. Acct. CD FR Gen. Bus. Ad. M. 4 A. Sec. St. H. E. Scott, William E. Shannon, Robert Sharp, Dallas L. Sharp, William G. Shea, Jane F. Sheehan, Charles F. Sheehan, John B. Shephard, James A., Ill Shepley, James M. Sherman, Andrea M. Sherman, Priscilla Silvia. William F. Sivak, Carolyn L. Smith, Arthur F. Smith, Clifford E„ Jr. Smith, Stanl ey Smith, Stuart P. Snow, Kenneth H. Sollitto, Alfred Speliotis, Dionysios E. Sprague, Charles H. Stammers, Barbara J. Stauffer, Carolyn R. Steen, Burton A. Stein, Frederick H. Stenhouse, David R. Stenhouse, Ernest H. Stephenson, George M. Stone, Irwin J. Straight, Clifford A. Strant, Caroline R. Strauss, Bernard H. Strauss, Richard G. Sugarman, Louis Sullivan, James C. Summer, Sheldon Sutton, Lois M. Sykes, George H. Tauriello, Frank S. Taylor, John R. Taylor, Robert C. S. Tedechi, William V. Telia, Alfred J. Tetley, Edward D. Thayer, Alan J. Theokas, Gregory L. Thompson, Barbara A. Thompson, David B. Thornton, John K. Thorpe, Eleanor C. Tillinger, Herman I. Tillinghast, Edward K. Tisdell, Thomas F. Toegemann, Barbara L. Toher, Farrell S. Toohey, William J. Torman, Samuel L. Tougas, Eleanor R. Travis, Earle Tremblay, Henry W. Chem. P. Ed. Lib. Arts Lib. Gen. T. Ed. Ins. Gen. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts Lib. Arts H. E. Lib. Arts C.E. Engr. Math. Engr. Math. Chem. Chem. M. A. Lib. Arts Gen. Bus. Ad. E. E. Ind. Mgt. Nursing Engr. Math. M. A. M. A. E. E. E. E. Chem. Gen. Bus. Ad. M. A. Nursing Chem. M. 4 A. Acct. Lib. Arts M. A. H. E. E. E. Biol. Acct. Physics 9 Gen. 3us. Ad. M. 4 A. Gen. T. Ed. Sec. St. A. H. H. E. E. E. Gen. Agr. Gen. T. Ed. E. E. M. 4 A. Acct. Nursing Biol. Lib. Arts THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO, INC. Official Photographers of Class of 1952 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. SOPHOMORES JUNIORS Name Curriculum Name Curriculum Triana, Nicholas L. Turgeon, Joanne T. Turkington, Philip A. Urso, Patricia L Valente, Anthony M. Vallier, Elizabeth A. VanBrocklyn, Robert R. Varick, Richard K. Venancio, Alfred J. Votolato, Dolores A. Wall, Ronald F. Walsh, Donald E. Walsh, John E. Ward, Lois Waterman, Anne Waterman, Joan Watjen, Peter V. Webber, Richard A. Weekes, Richard B. Weiner, Sheldon D. Welch, John G. Wheelock, Kimber G. Whitaker, William F. White. Edward C. Whiteside, Arlene E. Whitford, Barbara A. Wilson, Frederick W. Wong, Ronald S. Wood, Doris A. Wood, Jane E. Wood, Richard M. Worthington, Robert C. Zaroogian, Gerald E. Zarum, Joel C. E. H. E. Lib. Arts H. E. C. E. Acct. Lib. Arts Agr. Engr. Math. Lib. Arts Ind. Mgt. C. E. M. E. Gen. H. E. H. E. H. E. E. E. C. E. M. A. Ind. Mgt. Hort. I. E. Acct. Gen. Bus. Ad. Nursing Biol. Ch. E. M. E. H. Ec. T. Ed. Lib. Arts Ind. Mgt. C. E. Biol. Acct. Aborn, John P. Accomando, George W. Aldrich, John K. Ailing, Richard Almy, Donald C. Almy, Nancy C. Alsfeld, Elizabeth M. Andersen, Marie L. Anderson, Janice Anderson, Joan S. Anderton, Paul C. Arndt. Wilfred C. Azar, James T. Baggesen, Raymond L. Bailey, Mary A. Bailey, Marion L. Bannister, Edward J., Jr. Barnes, Nancy J. Barrie, Joan I. Barton, Joyce Battle, William T. Baud, Edward R. Bauer, John P., Jr. Begonis, Daniel H. Behrens, George J. Bellandese, Cesare R. Benoit, Barbara B. Bernier, Lydia F. Berry, Jean E. Bertch, Kenneth L. Bill, Gary R. Bird, Richard C. Blasbalg, Melvin F. Blau, Barbara A. Blecharczyk, Stephen S. Bleisch, Edith Block, Eugene A. Block, Robert D. Blount, Mary E. Boghosian, Hagop Bornstein, Sumner Boucher, Leopold A., Jr. Bray, Robert H. Brown, Charles E., Jr. Brown, Henry A. L. Browning. Harriet G. Bruno, Joseph F. Bruno, Vincent W. Buba, Richard Buchanan, Claire A. Bullock, Elizabeth E. Burgess, Elaine M. Burke, Norman F. Burns, Robert J. Acct. P. Ed. Gen. Bus. Ad. Gen. Bus. Ad. M. A. Lib. Arts Nursing FN 4 IM H. Ec. T. Ed. H. Ec. T. Ed. For. Gen. Bus. Ad. C. E. Lib. Arts FN IM H. Ec. T. Ed. TC 4 RA Lib. Arts FN IM Acct. M. A. Gen. Bus. Ad. M. A. M.E. Chem. Engr. H. Ec. T. Ed. BLT Lib. Arts M. A. Acct. M.E., Aero. Lib. Arts CD, FR Ch. E. FN IM Acct. M. A. FN IM C. E. M. 4 A. Gen. Bus. Ad. Gen. T. Ed. Ch. E. Agron. Lib. Arts Math. (Sci.) Sec. St. TC. 4 RA. Gen. H.E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Gen. T. Ed. Cantwell, Diana T. Acct. Carlen, Ralph A. M.E. Carlson, Barbara A. Nursing Carlson, Norman B. A.H. Carpenter, Janet V. Nursing Carpenter, Nancy A. Sec. St. JUNIORS JUNIORS Name Curriculum Name Curriculum Carpenter, Robert E. Carr, Francis C. Cassidy, Leo M. Caswell, Robert W. Catlow, Glenn F. Cavanaugh, Barbara A. Cekala, Chester Chapman, Robert B. Chichuk, Daniel Cipriano, Joseph R. Clark, Harold E. C. Clarke, Arthur E. Cohan, Edward C. Cohen, Norman T. Colagiovanni, Filomena A. Congleton, Fred J. Connell, Theresa C. Considine, Janet L. Corry, Robert D. Costa, David W. Cross, Joseph Woodrow Cudworth, Robert F. Cunningham, John T. Davies, Clinton K., Jr. Davis, Robert T. Dawley, Avis S. DeLuca, Carl F. Dennies, Paul C. Deschene, Lawrence T. DeVries, Paul C. DeWolf, Mark A. DiMase, Joseph D. Diniz, Esther M. DiOrio, Jean L. DiPippo, Ascanio G. DiPrete, Andrew Dodge, Constance J. Dodsworth, Barbara M. Dole, Nancy Donnelly, John F. Dyckman, Hazel L. Ekman, Edward O. Ellis, Elizabeth A. Emerson, Claire M. Eriksson, Martin B. Evans, Diana P. Factor, Alfred Fagan, Patricia A. Fargnoli, Romeo C. Farnum, David L. Filonow, Sergi R. Finn, Edward P., Ill Fletcher, Carol J. Fountain, Howard E., Jr. Fowler, Alvah A. K., Jr. Fowler, Kenneth F. Fradin, Harry Franklin, Lois M. E.E. Gen. Bus. Ad. C.E. C.E. Lib. Arts Gen. H. E. A. H. Acct. Gen. Bus. Ad. Ins. Ins. E.E. M. A. Hort. Acct. M. A. Nursing TC RA M. A. Gen. Bus. Ad. Ind. Mgt. A. H. Ind. Mgt. Ag. Chem. M.E. FN IM Biol., Zoo. C.E. Fratto, Edward J. Gaddes, Joan Gamache, Louis M. Ganim, Mitry Gartsu, Thomas Gencarella, James, Jr. Giblin, Joyce Gibson, Joan D. Gibson, Joyce H. Gifford, Margaret L. Gilman. Elizabeth T. Gilmore, Elaine R. Gleason, Janet Godbout, Leo J. Golden, Ed J. Golden, Leon S. Goldman, Arthur D. Gordon, Bernard L. Gottlieb, Sanford T. Gould, Marilyn A. Gracia, Frances S. Graham, Ephraim W. S. Gray, William A. Greene, John W. Griffin, Chester B. Grills, Albert A. Gruber, Robert S. Gulvin, Marjorie A. Gen. T. Ed. Lib. Arts Biol. Gen. T. Ed. Nursing Biol., Zoo. E.E. P. Ed. Nursing Physics TC RA C.E. H. Ec. T. Ed. C.E. CD FR H. Ec. T. Ed. M. E. Sec. St. Ch. E. Lib. Arts Engr. Math. Lib. Arts Ind. Mgt. Acct. Gen. H. E. P.H. Gen. Bus. Ad. M. E. Acct. CD FR. P. Ed. Hackett, Russell F. Hahn, Joyce E. Hammond, Helen A. Hansen, Russell C. Harden, William H. Hawkes, Ruussell A. Haza rd, Joanne H. Henry, Richard C. Herman, Eleanor R. Higgins, Lawrence S. Hirsch, Walter S. Hodgkinson, Lewis A. Hodgson, Jane E. Holman, Evelyn J. Holt, Howard R. Holtz, Laurie S. Hopkins, Barbara R. (Mrs. Hopkins, Everett J. Hopper Bruce E. Horavitz, Stanley Horseman, John J. Hyman, Melvin lannetta, Marie Ide, Stephen R. Izzi, Helen M. Jackson, Suzanne Jamkochian, Harry Jette, Leo F. Johnston, Frederic C. Joly, Carolyn P. Jones, James W. ) H. Ec. T. Ed. M. E. E. E. Gen. Bus. Ad. E.E. FN IM FN, IM FN, IM CD, FR Nursing FN, IM TC, RA I. E. M„ A. Acct. Biol. Biol. Acct. Nursing Sec. St. Gen. Bus. Ad. Acct. C.E. Lib. Arts M., A. Gen. Bus. Ad. FN, IM TC. RA Gen. Bus. Ad. CD, FR E.E. M.E. Lib. Arts BLT FN. IM Biol. Ind. E. Hort. Nursing Lib. Arts M., A. Acct. TC, RA Ind. Mgt. A.H. Acct. M. E. M„ A. Gen. T. Ed. E.E. FN. IM Gen. H. Ec. G. T. Ed. Acct. Gen. Bus. Ad. H. Ec. T. Ed. Biol., Zoo. JUNIORS JUNIORS Name Joslin, Audrey A. Juskalian, Aredmis L. Kaskewsky, William J. Katzman, Albert E. Kelliher, Jeremiah J. Kenyon, Gillette C., Jr. Kettelle, Florence M. Kimner, James H. Klanian, Peter Kmiec, Evelyn L. Knowles, Horace W„ Jr. Kollett, James R. Lagerquist, Kenneth A. LaPiana, Fred G. La Riviere, Leo F. Lawson, Jan B. Leach, Donald E. Lecroy William C. Leduc, James E. Ledwidge, Augustine T. Lee, Virginia Leino, Miriam E. Letizia, Alfred J. Levinson, Gilbert M. Levy, Alan L. Levy, Thelma Lewis, Ann H. Lightbourne, Elmer B. Lillis. Guy M. Limmer, Edward F„ Jr. Lombardi, Vinncent L. Lord, William P. Loxley, Sally A. Lukatch, Murray L. Lundgren, Raymond G. Lustig, Gertrude K. Lyons, Charles E. Machado, Edward P. Madden, Joseph P. Maiello, Daniel G. Mair, Alan R. Malvey, Daniel F. Manchester, John E. Marchionda, Ralph E. Marcy, Muriel S. Martin, Edwin J. Martin, Jean F. Martin, Mary I. Mason, Charles P. Matthews, Harry R. Maxcy, Leland C. Maymon, Donald E. McCann, John McCauley, James A. McClusky, Lorraine F. McDade, Daniel F. McEwen, Everett E. McGettrick, John L. McGuire, Raymond E. Curriculum CD. FR Gen. H. E. Ch. E. Biol. E. E. Lib. Arts Ch. E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Nursing A.H. P.H. Gen. Bus. Ad. P.H. Lib. Arts C.E. CE. Ind. Mgt. FN, IM Lib. Arts Biol. Acct. M„ A. Lib. Arts Sec. St. C.E. I.E. Gen. T. Ed. C.E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Gen. H. E. Gen. Bus. Ad. A.H. Gen. T. Ed. M.E. C.E. C.E. Biol., Zoo. Ind. Mgt. M., A. Acct. C.E. CD, FR M.E. TC, RA H. Ec. T. Ed. Biol. Acct. I. E. M., A. I.E. Gen. Bus. Ad. TC, RA C.E. Engr. Math. C.E. Name McManus, James O. McQuade, Robert E. Mello, Joseph M. Mellor, David C. Meloccaro, Claire M. Mendes, Benjamin Messere, Edward G. Meyer, Theodore E. Miller, George E. Miller, Raymond G. Mills, Marjorie A. Mitchell, James Wallace Mitson, Helen Montville, Francis E. Moren, John A. Morlock, Jeanne E. Morris, William L. Morse, John L. Mounce, Muriel L. Murdough, Joan C. Naigur, Marvin A. Nardone, Cecile A. Nelson, Albert D., Jr. Nerses, Victor Niles, Ernest A. Niles, Philip D. Nordquist, Paul J. O ' Brien, Harold F. O ' Donnell, Anne M. Ornstein, Donald J. Pagano, John R. Palumbo, Michael A. Parente, Lawrence Parker, Nancy E. Passarelli, Henry A. Penzell, Helenmae Pierson, James Piez, John W. Pimental, Joseph A. Pina, Bernard T. Pizzo, Joseph A. Prendergast, Elizabeth-Ann Pritsker, Hope I. Read, Herman M., Jr. Redding, Robert M. Redfern, Richard B. Reid, Harry G. Reilly, Walter J. Resnick, Richard Resnick, Sol L. Ricciardi, Anna T. Rice, Alvin S. Rice, David M. Rignanese, Lawrence Ritzau, William P. Roberts, Francis H. Ronzio, Frances Rosa, Allyn Curriculum C.E. C.E. Biol. Acct. Gen. H. E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Lib. Arts I.E. Agron. Gen. T. Ed. A.H. Hort. CD, Fr C.E. Hort. Gen. H.E. Gen. H. E. E.E. TC, RA Acct. Physics Ch. E. Lib. Arts E.E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Gen. T. Ed. Acct. P. Ed. Hort. C.E. Lib. Arts E.E. CD, FR Acct. Lib. Arts C.E. P.Ed. M., A. FN, IM Lib. Arts M„ A. E.E. Gen. Bus. Ad. Ind. Mgt. Acct. Ind. Mgt. Lib. Arts M.E. Ind. Engr. Acct. M.E. E.E. Lib. Arts M.E. JUNIORS JUNIORS Name Curriculum Name Curriculum Rosenberg, Ralph A. H. Vuono, Joseph Acct. Rosenthal, Gerald P. Pre-Med. Vuono, Natale S. Acct. Roth, Myron 1. Rothenberg, Sylvia J. Gen. H. E. Waltzman, Herbert Acct. M.E. Wansker, Dorothy A. H. Ec. T. Ed. CD., FR Watts, Carol Y. Lib. Arts Wells, Albert J., Jr. Ch. E. Ryskiewich, Bernard S. M.E. White, George A. M.E. Whitehead, Everett S. Chem. Salic, Lois D. CD., FR Whitford, Sylvia A. H. Ec. T. Ed. Sargeson, William F. Agr. Whitman, Beverly O. BLT Schmidt, Harold E. M.E. Wilcox, Roberta A. Math. (A. S.) Schwartz, Dorene S. Lib. Arts Wildes, Glenn K. A.H. Scola, Bernard V. M„ A. Wilkinson, William S. Gen. Agr. Scott, Carol P. Lib. Arts Willoughby, Anne Nursing Scott, Diane S. Gen. H. E. Wing, William R. M„ A. Seebode, Richard F. M.E. Winters, William E. Gen. T. Ed. Shaw, Raymond C. Ch. E. Wojnar, Edward J. Gen. Bus. Ad. Shields, William H. Ins. Wong, Robert L. C.E. Siegel, Gloria Lib. Arts Wood, Arthur 1., Jr. M.E. Sisco, Anthony F„ Jr. Acct. Wright, Allan M. A.H. Slight, Walter A. M„ A. Zalfa, Albert J. Biol. Zoo. Smith, Carolyn J. Smith, Daniel J. Gen. Bus. Ad. Zelniker, Roslyn Zexter, Ronald D. Gen. T. Ed. Gen. Bus. Ad. Smith, Harold R. Agron. Soforenlco, Albert Z. A.H. Spitaletta, Patrick B. Biol. Spring, Walker C. Lib. Arts Stauffer, Sara A. Gen. T. Ed. Stearns, Robert W. Acct. Steen, Ernine M. Gen. H. E. Steinberg, Richard P. Gen. Bus. Ad. Stock, Catherine R. Nursing Stoll, Henry R. C.E. Stowell, Mary E. H. Ec. T. Ed. Street, June H. TC, RA Sullivan, Henry T. E.E. Sullivan, Joseph F. Gen. Bus. Ad. Sullivan, Mark J. Acct. Sullivan, Robert D. C.E. Tamke, John B. Taylor, Russell E., Jr. Ins. M.E. Taylorson, Raymond B. Hort. Thomas, Loren M. E.E. Thomas, Robert A. I.E. Thompson, Margaret S. Nursing Tobin, James C. Gen. Bus. Ad. Toegemann, Eleanor C. BLT Tomasso, Raymond A. E.E. Trainor, Mary L. Gen. T. Ed. Troll, Joseph Agron. Uhlinger, Roger D. Chem. Vartabedian, Anne CD, FR Verrier, Donald C. M.E. Vespia, John Jr. E.E. Viall, Bradford H. M„ A. Vieira, Peter T. Gen. Bus. Ad. Von Glahn, Joan A. Lib. Arts

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