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I - OF RHODE ISLAND Editor-in-chief — Alice M. Heditsian Co-Business Managers — Lawrence C. Sullivan — Hugo R. Vigoroso c Q O President ' s Message 6 Board of Trustees 6 Executive Council 7 Grist Board 8 SENIOR SECTION 10 Class Advisor ' s Message 12 Senior Class Officers 12 COLLEGES 60 ACTIVITIES 70 Student Governing Associations 72 Honorary Societies 76 Social-Technical-Vocational 80 Arts 96 Spiritual 106 WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE 110 MEN ' S RESIDENCE 126 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS 146 MEN ' S ATHLETICS 154 AND THEN THE BOOKS WERE PUT AWAY 176 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 189 ADVERTISEMENTS 190 UNDERGRADUATE DIRECTORY 209 4 inter action We dream a dream and wonder if anyone else dreamed the same dream . . . We think a thought and look around for someone else who has thought the same thought . . . When we find him, we find a part of ourselves, someone with whom to share ideas, someone to help answer our questions . . . relieve our doubts. We search for him when studies get us down . . . when fears and worries wear us thin. We search for him when a new revelation comes to us and we share it . . . giving of our- selves . . . becoming more complete. All we did was speak and a similar heart heard. Friendship becomes more than the bummed cigarette or borrowed car. All this just because we spoke . . . and shared the most precious of all . . . our minds. 5 President ' s Message To the Members of the Class of 1952: College is sometimes regarded as a preparation for life. True, a college education, wisely ordered and seriously pursued, can be an important part of one ' s preparation for a career. On the other hand, I prefer to think of college not simply as preparation for life, but as an impor- tant part of life itself. The student who reaps the greatest benefit from four years of college is not the one who enrolls with the sole objective of self-gain. He benefits most from college experience who seeks to give of himself as a responsible member of the university community, as a campus citizen, dedicating a share of his time and his effort to advance the best interests of the university. The GRISTS as they appear from year to year are the annals which record the activities of our university community. These pages reflect the diversity of inter- ests and of activities which together comprise student life on a typical American land-grant university campus. Peruse this volume and you will understand what I mean when I say that college is not only a preparation for life, but an important segment of life itself. For sixty years your alma mater has been growing from small and humble beginnings to its present stature and vigor. You have had part in its development and during your undergraduate years you have seen it reach the status of a full-fledged university. Here is the record of rich and rewarding years on this campus. You will treasure their memory as long as you live. These pages will always stand as reminders of a period in your life which gave you self-confidence, breadth of view, understanding of your fellow men, and faith in the future. Faithfully yours, Carl R. Woodward Board of Trustees 6 • JOHN CHIICOTE WELDIN, Dean of Administration and Registrar OLGA PAULINE BRUCHER, Dean and Professor of Home Economics • JOHN F. QUINN, Dean of Men • MASON HERBERT CAMPBELL, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Direc- tor of Agricultural Experimental Station CARL RAYMOND WOODWARD, President of the University WILLIAM ITTER, Faculty Representative of the College of Arts and Sciences • ARLENE TILTON, Faculty Representative of the College of Home Economics EVELYN BELLE MORRIS, Dean of Women • THOMAS STEPHEN CRAWFORD, Dean of College of Engineer- ing, Director of Engineering Experimental Station, and Professor of Chemical Engineering • GEORGE ANDREW BALLENTINE, Dean of the College of Business Administration HAROLD WILLIAM BROWNING, Vice President of the University and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. The Executive Council 7 n. mi g R |$T BOARD well trim our whiskers . . . we did it, we finally finished the book! Don ' t think we didn ' t have our apprehensions. How many weeks was it that we slept restlessly, dreaming of bad copy, lost photos, trying to match names to unfamiliar group pictures, and actually seeing visions of selling apples to pay off our creditors? After pawing through fashionable magazines for interesting layouts and planning scented quilted covers for the girls and tobacco pouch covers for the boys, we were foiled by a good realistic talk with our printer, engraver, cover maker, photographer and business managers, and quietly, ears down, we put our expen- sive, eccentric ideas in the circular file . . . But, as Coach Kopp said, " Here I am " , and here we are. The brain trust 8 Editor-In-Chief: Alice M. Heditsian Business Managers: Hugo R. Vigoroso Lawrence C. Sullivan ANT MANAGING PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ST- WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE EDITOR ie_ " MEN ' S RESIDENCE EDITOR WOMEN ' S SPORTS EDITOR BUSINESS STAFF ADVERTISING MANAGER Shirley Mangini CIRCULATION MANAGER Robert Wilson FACULTY ADVISOR John F. Quinn 9 When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly ' s done. When the battle ' s lost and won. Class Advisor ' s Message On those rare occasions when the class advisor happens to be an engineer, it might be expected that his greeting would be phrased in exponentials or quantum me- chanics. And well it might be today in these confused times when the unusual has become almost commonplace and the usual almost unheard of. However, I choose a simpler form and one that has not lost its sincerity for all it has been used. This is no comment to be confused, afraid or disappointed; look the future in the eye and do something about it. This is a moment when serious thought, firm decision and courageous determination can mean a hap- pier world in which to live. The faculty of your University hopes that in your stay with us during the last four years, we have encouraged you to think, counselled you in making wise decisions and explained the value of determination. These talents are much more important than exponentials and quantum mechanics. If you have gained some appreciation of them our relationship has been a success. Our best wishes go with you. Class Advisor— Mr. Kenneth Mairs Senior Class Officers Mary Cozzolino, Viee-Pres., Joan Blease, See., Edward Hole, Treas., Robert West, Pres., John Baxter, Social Chairman. 12 The Senior Class of 1952 13 • BEVERLY J. AMBRIFI, Davis Hall, Nursing, 419 Webster Ave., Cranston, R. I. • GEORGE E. ANDERSON, Bressler Hall, Mech. Engineering, 28 Vernon Ave., New- port, R. I. • WILLIAM J. ANDERSON, Phi Gamma Delta, Poultry Husbandry, 123 Doball St., Providence, R. I. • WARREN W. ANTHONY, JR., Com- muter, Political Science, 3352 East Main Rd„ Portsmouth, R. I. • MAU- RICE J. APPLEBAUM, Alpha Epsilon Pi, General Business, 453 Angell St., Providence, R. I. We came in the year of the big push . . . ' 48 . . . the year of the vets and their war stories ... of Hut City and its tin-roofed aris- tocracy . . . when the Quonset Hut was king and the Cold War began to run its icy fingers through the world . . . year when the " Old Man " went out, and those who knew basket- ball were saying good-bye to the fast break • GORDON R. ARCHIBALD, Phi Gamma Delta, Civil Engineering, 701 Broad St., Providence, R. I. • DORIS M. ATKINSON, Sigma Kappa, Child Develapment, 93 Brightwood Ave., N. Providence, R. I. • ELLEN L. AUGENSTEIN, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall Child Development 17 Mapledale Rd., Greenwood, R. I. 14 I and the headlines . . . yes, we came to college . . . some of us straight from the high school senior proms and others from the war . . . remember the tours; coveyed around like little chicks under the stern eye of a god-like sophomore . . . " this is Green Hall, and that ' s the gym and don ' t anybody leave " . . . remem- ber Club 400, tinkling jungle of noise and bed- 15 lam . . . the long lines of registration . . . " But I don ' t want to take this course " . . . we hadn ' t heard of beach days then . . . the book store and the prices . . . the class picnic at Thirty Acres • . . paper plates and fresh- man girls . . . the get-acquainted dance at Lippitt with all the showing off and careless poise of high school . . . that was the year • RUTH M. BENSON, Sigma Kappa, General Home Economics, 9 William St., Bristol, R. I. • RUDOLF L. BENTLAGE, Accounting, 71 High St., Westerly, R. I. • RICHARD BERGER, Alpha Epsilon Pi, General Business Administration, 99 Stratford Rd., Rock- ville Centre, N. Y. 16 when the car was king, park it and leave it . . . we found the Union and Lower Cafe . . . coffee and day old sandwiches . . . we went out for football and joined the clubs . . . we woke up to look at the Chambers-Hiss con- troversy with contempt and disbelief . . . slowly we became integrated into campus society . . . Truman won that year and the R. I. • GERARD R. BOUSQUET, Fhi Kappa Theta, Mechar St., Woonsocket, R. I. • JOHN F. BOUBIN, lambda Chi 17 • ROBERT W. BOUCHER, Commuter, Physics, Angell Rd., Narragansett, R. I. • BAR- BARA A. BOWEN, Alpha Xi Delta, Child Development, 82 Charles Field St., Providence, R. I. • CATHERINE M. BRADY, East Hall, General Teacher Training, 61 Kinsman St., Valley Falls, R. I. • RYAN A. BRESSLER, Commuter, Agri- cultural Economics, 18 North Rd., King- ston, R. I. • SEMA BROOMFIELD, Sigma Delta Tou, General Home Eco- nomics, 227 Gallatin St., Providence, R. I. bookies went on relief • . . the juke box in lower cafe blared forth with " It ' s Magic " and " Far Away Places " . . • Lois Ibbotson tacked onto Frosh glory by becoming Aggie Ball Queen . . . remember Johnny Hawke and his racoon coat on Homecoming? . . . Margaret Webster ' s Hamlet brooding across the stage at Edwards . . . Congleton, Stewart, and Dalby • RUSSELL V. BROWN, Aeronautical Engineering, 56 Reynolds Ave., Providence, R. I. • CHRISTOPHER J. BROWN, 110 Butterfield Hall, Electrical Engineering, 126 Camp St., Providence, R. I. • MURIEL BROWNRIDGE, Davis Hall, Advertising, 98 Waltham St., Pawtucket, R. I. 18 • GEORGE J. BUERRY, Alpha Tau Gamma, Accounting, 216 Atwells Ave., Providence, R. I. • AVIS M. BUXTON, Delta Zeta, Foods and Nutrition, 25 Remington Ave., Oakland, R. I. ® RALPH CADUTO, JR., Beta Psi Alpha, Bacteriology, 213 Carpenter St., Providence, R. I. with their own peculiar brand of razzle- dazzle basketball? . . . Fall passed into Winter . . . after the first snowfall we thought the campus looked O. K. . . . we weren ' t strangers anymore . . . the girls were rushed and the sororities went serenading with Christmas carols ... we saw Louis come from behind to beat Walcott and we laughed at • JANE A. CAMPBELL, Eleanor Roose- velt Hall, Zoology, Kirkwood, N. Y. • JOAN C. CAMPBELL, Sigma Kappa, Child Development, Victory Highway, Wickford, R. I. • BETTE A. CANNON, Sigma Kappa, Child Development, 166 Arnold Ave., Edgewood, R. I. • WILLIAM A. CAPUANO, Beta Psi Alpha, Chemical Engineering, 901 Reservoir Ave., Cranston, R. I. • JOSEPH A. CARANO, Commuter, Accounting, 69 Tillinghast Ave., Natick, R. I. 19 • JOHN J. CARROLL, Sigma Chi, General Teacher Training, 109 Rounds Ave., Provi- dence, R. I. o LUCILLE A. CASHMAN, Della Zeta, Secretarial Studies, 619 Park Ave., Portsmouth, R. I. • ANTHONY CATUOGNO, Beta Psi Alpha, Chemical Engin- eering, 204 Messer St., Providence, R. I. • MILTON H. CHAMBERLAIN, Lambda Chi Alpha, General Business, East Sad- dle River Rd., Saddle River, N. J. • ROBERT J. CHAMBERLAIN, Com- muter, General Business Administra- tion, 107 Holland Ave., Riverside, R. I. " Mad Lips Mike " and cheered Mayor Pin- heiro . . . this was the greatest of them all . . . " Blackie " made the headlines by winning the IC4A ' s and we heard the coke bottles bouncing from the roofs of our huts . . . we thought the Rhody Blue was doing all right . . . then came finals! . . . the first lap was over and for some it was a surprise, for others. • BARBARA J. CHAMPLIN, East Hall, Bacteriology, Forest Ave., R.F.D., Newport, R. I. • ELIZABETH M. CHAMPLIN, Aloha Delta Pi, Child Development, Box 154, Ashaway, R. I. • PAUL R. CHEEVER, Commuter, Physics, 94 West S»., E. Greenwich, R. I. 20 • FRANK l. CHERMS, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Agriculture, 1S2 Jefferson St., Lake- wood, R. I. • DOROTHY J. CLARK, Chi Omega, Home Economics Teacher Training, 28 Rushton Dr., Edgewood, R. I. • CHARLES L. COGGESHALL, JR., Commuter, Marketing and Advertising, 115 Kingstown Rd., Narragansett, R. I. disappointment . . . college was a little more than ivy covered dorms . . . remember Freak Day and some of them were . . . Paddy Mur- phy was buried in windy March, suddenly it was Spring . . . frat rushing . . . potato chips . . . chicken salad and speeches . . . the first big House dances . . . the Seaweed Shuffle and the Ranch Dance . . . the warm Satur- « GEORGE D. COLWELL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Marketing and Advertising, 39 Highland St., Worcester, Mass. • AL- FRED G. COMOLLI, Commuter, Chemical Engineering, 12S Tower St., Westerly, R. I. • JOSEPH C. COMSTOCK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Horticulture, 130 Alfred Drowne Rd., W. Barrington, R. I. • THOMAS R. CONROY, Rho lota Kappa, Physical Educa- tion, 74 Beaufort St., Providence, R. I. • CORINNE G. CONTILLO, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall, English, 51 Dean Ave., Graniteville, R. I. 21 • WILLIAM E. CONWAY, Commuter, Civ il Engineering, 171 Potters Ave., Providence, R. I. • SUSANNE K. COOGAN, Alpha Xi Delta, Foods and Nutrition, 10 Mumford Ave., Newport, R. I. • D ' ARCY R. COOK, Bressler Hall, Electrical Engineering, 21 Payton St., Providence, R. I. days at the Pier . , . empty beer cans strewn along the beach . . . hot dogs from Moy Lee ' s . . . we spoke of G ' s now and " Down the Line " was no longer a saying but a necessity . . . we had arrived . . . we knew our way around . . . Ford came out with its new car and it seemed all the exams were swiped that year except the ones we were taking . . . with • ROY J. CORR, Rho lota Kappa, Accounting, 210 Spring St., E. Greenwich, R. I. • HAROLD R. CORY, Sigma Pi, Poultry Husbandry, Stafford Rd„ Tiverton, R. I. • DONALD J. COTTER, Phi Mu Delta, Agriculture, 19 Hollywood Ave., Norwood, R. I. • HENRY J. COOK, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Animal Husbandry, 171 Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Park, R. I. • JAMES P. COOPER, Sigma Chi, English, Greenend Ave., Middletown, R. I. 22 • EDWARD B. COULTER, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mechanical Engineering, 61 Robinson St., Wakefield, R. I. • MARY A. COZZOLINO, Alpha Delta Pi, Pre-Medical, 44 Franklin St., Westerly, R. I. • NANCY D. CRANDALL, Chi Omega, Textiles and Clothing, 14 Hillcrest Rd., Wakefield, R. I. the ending of finals came the end of " Poly Sci " and good government. Biology and the rat . . . some of us made it and to spare . . . others envied the clutch hitters . . . the first year was over . . . we watched the seniors graduate and wondered . . . Sophomore Year A little brown and a little older, we came • JAMES C. CRANSHAW, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Zoology, 244 Broadway, Paw- tucket, R. I. • EVERETT E. CROOKS, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Zoology, 27 Don Ave., East Providence, R. I. • ROBERT W. CALLAHAN, Sigma Chi, English, 4 Ayrault St., Newport, R. I. • RICHARD E. CARPENTER, Engineering, Box 61, Wilkinsonville, Mass. 23 • JOHN S. DACLIAN, Butterfield Hall, Electrical Engineering, 154 Narragansett St., Cranston, R. I. • WILLIAM S. DALE, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mechanical Engineering, Hope Rd., Hope, R. I. • GEORGE DANIELS, Bressler Hall, Mechanical Engineering, 394 Manning St., Needham, Mass. O ANTHONY W. D ' AMICO, Rho lota Kappa, Physical Education, 38 Dia- mond St., Ploinville, Conn. • SALLY DAVENPORT, Delta Zeta, English, 15 Manning St., Providence, R. I, back . . . some moved into frats, others pre- ferred the dorms ... all of us said, " Not like last year . . . let ' s start off right this time . . . we ' ll study day to day. " We didn ' t dress as neatly this year and we looked at the fresh- men, wondering if they really were old enough to come to college . . . conditions were crowded and guys were living in the • ANTONIO DEFILIPPO, 9 Briar Lane, Civil Engineering, 138 Bow St., Everett, Mass. • ROBERT W. DcL ARM, Sigma Pi, Advertising, 281 Lafayette St., Pawtucket, R. I. • ROBERT A. DENISH, Lambda Chi Alpha, Mechanical Engineering, 20S Armington St., Edgewood, R. I. 24 • ANDRe DELAWARE, Agricultural Economics, 715 Manville Rd., Woonsocket, R. I. • ELMER V. DEVOLVE, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, General Business Administration, 10 Pilgrim Dr., Edgewood, R. I. • GORDON J. DEY, 40 Fortin Rd., Industrial Engineer- ing, 697 Bristol Ferry Rd., Portsmouth, R. I. gym . . . grand central station with cots . . . we knew our way around now and had a few of the prof ' s pegged! . . . the Soph Hop came and went ... we lost to Brown again and Super Bulleit was quite the rage . . . Tokyo Rose got ten years bringing back a flood of memories to some . . . nobody wanted classes at ten o ' clock now . . . this • MARJORIE P. DINWOODIE, Sigma Kappa, Textiles and Clothing, Palmer St., Ashaway, R. I. • IDA DIXON, Alpha Delta Pi, Home Economics Teacher Training, 243 Chapel St., Saylesville, R. I. • MARIE J. DONATELLI, Gamma Nu, General Teacher Training, 69 Lucile St., Provi- dence, R. I. • MARIE GRACE DONNELLY, Botany, 147 Sixth St., Providence, R. I. • MARILYN DORKIN, Sigma Delta Tau, 981 i Warner St., Newport, R. I. 25 • IRVIN D. DRAKE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Industrial Management, Moores Field Rd., Saunderstown, R. I. • ARTHUR K. DRAKE, Phi Gamma Delta, Liberal Arts, 48 Belford Ave., Bay Shore, N. Y. • ALAN J. EASTERBROOKS, Commuter, Civil Engineering, 12 Narragansett Ave., Wakefield, R. I. • ANITA J. EASTERBROOKS, Chi Omega, Child Development, 12 Narra- gansett Ave., Wakefield, R. I. • JOHN F. ELDRIDGE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Advertising, 13 Main St., Brad- ford, R. I. was coffee time . . . " Et Tu Brute " leered at us over the quadrangle and all of a sudden everybody started to wear white bucks . . . the collegiate look was back but the old col- leges were changing . . . some of us felt cheated . . . the war seemed like ages ago . . . Mark Gifford was soph president and we made the freshmen wear their beanies . . . • EDGAR E. ELLIS, Business Administration, 12 Beckside Rd., Greystone, R. I. • MARGARET EMERSON, East Hall, General Teacher Training, 61 Elm St., Westerly, R. I. • JOSEPH J. FAITANI, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, 5 Lewis Ave., Westerly, R. I. 26 • VIRGINIA FARRAR, Davis Hall, Foods and Nutrition, 204 Pakachoag St., Auburn, Mass. • ROBELLO A. FERRANTE, Mechanical Engineering, 101 Veazie St., Provi- dence, R. I. • ANITA MERSON FINE, Commuter, Liberal Arts, 21 Elmgrove Ave., Providence, R. I. " Are we going to have Vigilantes or aren ' t we? " . . . the new dorms came slowly to life and we said good-by to the huts — to the dust and the roar of the blowers — to the " I don ' t give a damn about the buildings, I just live here " idea . . . the huts were going and we felt a little funny . . . man had come out of the jungle and the spick and span neatness • SAUL FINE, Commuter, Electrical Engineering, 169 Fourth St., Provi- dence, R. I. • LINCOLN B. FI5KE, Commuter, Civil Engineering, Twin Pine Farm, Union St., Franklin, Mass. • ROBERT J. FORTIN, Eng. Mathematics, 336 Spring St., Newport, R. I. • WILLIAM D. FORTIN, JR., Bressler Hall, Mechanical Engineering, 89 Brown St., Pawtucket, R. I. • HERBERT A. FRANK, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Marketing and Advertising, 271 Freeman Pkwy., Providence, R. I. 27 • MARTHA FREEMAN, Chi Omega, Zoology, 419 Wayland Ave., Providence, R. I. • LOUIS FRIEDMAN, Bressler Hall, Accounting, 226 Ivy St., Providence, R. I. • GRAHAM $. FULLER, Commuter, Political Science, 30 Longwood Ave., Warwick, R. I. • FRANK GABRON, Phi Sigma Kappa, Mechanical Engineering, 22 Concord Ave., Cambridge, Mass. • REGINALD E. GADROW, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing and Advertising, 21 Broad Rock Lane, Peace Dale, R. I. of the dorms seemed at first like a zoo . . . mid-semester breezed by ... it got very cold out . . . Artur Rubenstein made magic in Edwards . . . well, at last they ' re voting on the new gym . . . Hal Kopp started making his speeches . . . the faculty stumbled through their follies in embarrassment and for two hours the shoe was on the other f oot . . . • ROBERT GARTLAND, Butterfield Hall, Civil Engineering, 821 Douglas Ave., Provi- dence, R. I. • WILLIAM A. GARVEY, Electrical Engineering, 17 Rankin Ave., Providence, R. I. • MARY HICKSON GAVITT, Commuter, Nursing, 126 East Ave., Westerly, R. I. 28 • LAWRENCE C. GAY, Accounting, 33 Kersey Rd., Peace Dale, R. I. • MADELYN A. GEISSER, Sigma Kappa, English, 60 Willett Ave., Riverside, R. I. • JOSEPH J. GERMANO, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, 346 Admiral St., Providence, R. I. Adam Wiznowski was nailed by the CAA for buzzing the football games . . . and every- body started to say, " Time Out " . . . Russia was like a big clumsy guy who suddenly got rich and we hadn ' t started to take him seriously yet . . . finals came and we said good-bye to a few friends . . . remember " those after final flings " • . . the pressure • BERTRAM GERSTENBLATT, Tau Epsi- lon Phi, Agricultural Chemistry, 5 Salisbury St., Providence, R. I. • MARK H. GIFFORD, Theta Chi, Gen- eral Science, 2 Kent St., Belmont, Mass. • MARY M. GILDEA, Commuter, Economics, 11 Brightwood Ave., Providence, R. I. • ROBERT H. GLEDHILL, Commuter, Poultry Husbandry, Wakefield, R. I. • EDWARD S. GOLDIN, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pre-medicine, 274 New York Ave., Providence, R. I. 29 s, R. I. • BERNARD GOLLIS, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chemistry, 11 Fifth St., Providence • PHILIP M. GORDON, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Marketing and Advertising, 82 Daboll St., Providence, R. I. • ARA GOSHDIGI AN, Poultry Husbandry, South Rd„ Kingston, R. I. • HENRY H. GOULD, Phi Kappa Theta, Chemistry, 106 Cass Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. • EDWARD I. GRAY, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, 14 Aldie St., Allston, Mass. was off and we were on a new start for a while ... " I Spy " was driving everybody nuts and Burt Hoffman was selling the infor- mation for $.38 . . . we fell in love with Al Jolscn, " Mammy " and " Anniversary Waltz " and those who heard it were kids again . . . the vets had started to run out of their khakies and boondockers and for some of us • MARY FRANCES GREENE, Commuter, Biology Laboratory Technician, 19 King St., E. Greenwich, R. I. • EARLE GREENUP, Bressler Hall, Business Administration, 94 Mitchell St., Providence, R. I. • CHARLES GREENWOOD, Industrial Engineering, Apt N-4, Fort Kearney, Saunderstown, R. I. 30 • JAY M. HALPERT, Alpha Epsilon Pi. English, 100 Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. • ARTHUR H. HAMMARLUND, JR., Phi Kappa Theta, Advertising, 110 Glenbrook Rd„ Stamford, Conn. • RITA M. HANDLER, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall, Child Develop- ment, 40 Henry St., Edgewood, R. I. the only way we could tell them apart was by the bored air of sophistication they carried to the classroom . . . we tramped to Edwards to watch the Saturday afternoon cartoons and the kids from the Center came down for the first time and looked at us as if we were poor country cousins . . . those lonely square dances they tried to hold . . . then Brinks got 31 • FRANCES E. HANFF, Chi Omega, Home Economics Teacher Training, 349 Parkside Dr., Gaspee Plateau, R. I. • RICHARD D. HART, Bressler Hall, General Agriculture, 4461 Main Rd., Tiverton, R. I. • DAVID W. HASLAM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, General Teacher Education, Residence Park, Palmerton, Pa. • ROGER L. HAVEN, Commuter, Elec- trical Engineering, 25 Colony Ave., Greenwood, R. I. • RICHARD W. HAWES, Lambda Chi Alpha, General Teacher Training, 97 Concord Ave., it . . . the Bowdoin Glee Club came down and held an impromptu sitting in at the Surf . . . the backroom and the shuflfleboard . . . and we began to worry a little . . . still no new gym . . . remember the mess with the book store . . . Jesse James with a list. Then the worm turned and now the freshmen were rushed . . . Sigma Chi made Rhody history • JOHN F. HEALEY, Commuter, Electrical Engineering, K-2, Fort Kearney, Saunders- town, R. I. • PATRICIA A. HEATH, Delta Zeta, Foods and Nutrition, Park Ave., Harrisville, R. I. • ALICE M. HEDITSI AN, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall, English, 242 New York Ave., Providence, R. I. 32 • EILEEN HERRINGTON, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall, Child Development, 76 Hartington Ct., Lawsdownewoy, London, Eng. • FRANCIS HIGHAM, Theta Chi, Advertising, 55 Hazard Ave., Warwick, R. I. • JOSEPH R. HILLSTROM, Rho lota Kappa, Animal Husbandry, 157 Country Club Dr., Gaspee Plateau, R. I. with their Derby while ADPi went back to their childhood to win . . . " Blackie " was still king of the cinders and we wondered if he was human or just wound up by " Toot " before the race . . . Remember sunburns in the bleachers . . . ball games . . . the first cold spring dip at Thirty Acres . . . Lambda Chi got the social ax and girls were running 33 • M. ASA HOLTON, Sigma Chi, Civil Engineering, 34 Lancaster Ave., Greenwood, R. I. • PHILIP J. HOPP, Theta Chi, Marketing and Advertising, 27 King St., E. Greenwich, R. I. • LIONEL L. HOULE, JR., Commuter, Sociology, 1020 Main St., West Warwick, R. I. • KENNETH G. HOWELLS, Phi Sigma Kappa, Accounting, Edgemont Ave., Lonsdale, R. I. • PAUL B. HOWLAND, Tau Kappa Epsilon, English, 70 Armis- tice Blvd., Pawtucket, R. I. around down at the beach branded . . . we found out you don ' t have to be a senior to go to the senior picnic and it was the best dis- covery since day-old sandwiches on Sunday afternoon . . . finals again . . . some of us were getting a little sick of college . . . Junior Year Remember that warm June day when we • GEORGE P. HUBBARD, General Business Administration, Box 92, Kingston, R. I. • ARTHUR C. HUGGARD, Phi Gamma Delta, Accounting, 11 Brinley St., Newport, R. I. • SHIRLEYANNE HULTON, Chi Omega, English, 311 Gorton Park Blvd., Greenwood, R. I. 34 • EDGAR W. HUNTER, Commuter, Civil Engineering, 197 Second St., E. Providence, R. I. • LOIS IBBOTSON, Delta Zeta, Home Economics Teacher Training, 5 Cliff St., N. Tiverton, R. I. • PAUL A. IBELLO, Lambda Chi Alpha, Civil Engineering, 11 Greenville Ave., N. Providence, R. I. picked up the paper and the word, Korea, quivered at us like a raw nerve from the headlines . . . the feeling of anger and futility we sensed — and all that summer we traced the pattern of fighting and waited and won- dered when we came back that September . . . we knew things would be different . . . R. O. T. C. wasn ' t a cake course any more and • JOHN A. J AGSCHITZ, Phi Sigma Kappa, Agronomy, 103 Wellington Ave., Newport, R. I. • OLIVE T. JILL- SON Commuter, Foods and Nutrition, 27 Hersey Rd., Cranston, R. I. • WILLIAM D. JONES, Lambda Chi Alpha, Advertising, 332 Maple St., Seymour, Conn. • BARBARA E. JOHNSON, Sigma Kappa, Home Economies Teacher Training, 531 Fruit Hill Ave., N. Providence, R. I. • CARLINE E. JOHNSON, Sigma Kappa, Nursing, 601 Cowesett Rd., Apponaug, R. I. 35 • VIRGINIA JONES, Alpha Delta Pi, Textiles and Clothing, 23 Kenyon Ave., Wakefield, R. I. • ROBERT KALBERER, Theta Chi, General Business Administration, 544 Harris Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. • RUSSELL KALBERER, Theta Chi, Accounting, S56 Harris Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. we didn ' t laugh at the weekly march to Meade Field ... a few went back with the reserves and the rest of us were pretty bleak . . . we could pick our courses now and we spoke of majors and minors with authority . . . we went to the Pier again and it was like old times . . . Kopp started to build his machine . . . " We want to win the critical 36 ■«M J ij | l | , j JMffgg ig, 30 Country Lane, Cowesett, R. I. E. Providence, three this year " and, by golly, we did . . . Hurley and Varney looked like old pros on those Saturday afternoons and we yelled " Go Rhody " . . . the dances came and Vishin- sky kept walking out . . . " Pugga Mahone " made his old peculiar brand of history and the Mayoralty campaign was canned in an explosive display of blue rhetoric . . . " Prince College Rd., Kingston, R. I. • JOHN O. LADD, Agriculti 37 • RICHARD LEE LAWSON, Animal Husbandry, Shartncr Farms, R.F.D. 2, E. Greenwich, R. I. • RAMON M. LEDOUX, Commuter, Advertising, 39 High St., Jamestown, R. I. • DONALD M. LEYS, Phi Kappa Theta, Marketing and Advertising, 137 Bliss Rd.. Newport, R. I. • FLORENCE KEEHER LIS, Sigma Kappa, Secretarial Science, Southamp- ton, Mass. • WILLIAM LISTER, Phy- sical Education, 578 Fruit Hill Rd., N. Providence, R. I. Peanuts " got stuck with eight bucks worth of peanuts . . . we lost to Brown again . . . Terry Welch was in Korea and then the war came awfully close to Kingston . . . we had a planetarium now and the Student Union a new coffee urn . . . we could look at new horizons but we still had to drink the same old brown stuff . . . the old Club 400 passed • GERALD G. LOEBER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Physical Education, 1806 Caton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. • HOLMES LOMAS, Sigma Pi. Marketing and Advertising, 57 Clarke Rd., Barrington, R. I. • CLARENCE H. LONSDALE, JR., Phi Mu Delta, Indus- trial Engineering, 9 Blackstonc St., Lonsdale, R. I. 38 Newport Ave., Newport, R. I. • NORMA LUDMAN, Sigma Delta Tau, Secretarial Studies, 55 Higgins Ave., Providence, R. I. • CHARLES D. LUND, Commuter, Indus- trial Engineering, Apt. G-2, Fort Kearney, Saundcrstown, R. I. away and the new dorms stuck out p roud and handsome on the hill . . . this was the year Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams were present in Andy Newman ' s class . . . Art Sher- man caught some of the trivia and memory that make up college life and plastered them on the walls of the Union ... all of us read ourselves into the funny little figures . . . • MARTHA I. MACRAE, Sigma Kappa, Nursing, 75 Ayrault St., Providence, R. I. • ARAMAST MAHTESIAN, Bress- ler Hall, Civil Engineering, 189 East Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. • RICHARD A. MAINES, Commuter, Electrical Engineering, 12 Aldrich St., Wyoming, R. I. • THERESA MAJEAU, Delta Zeta, Secretarial Studies, Box 355, Diamond Hill Rd., Lonsdale, R. I. • SHIRLEY A. MANGINI, Chi Omega, Secretarial Studies, 43 Palmer Rd., Waban, Newton, Mass. 39 we went home for Christm as and sang " Silent Night " and the Marines carried their dead and wounded down to the sea . . . nobody spoke of a " Lost Generation " . . . we weren ' t lost, but we were mighty confused — remem- ber the Chinese hordes and " how many hordes make a platoon? " . . . we just waited with a mechanical fear . . . we saw Frank 40 • RICHARD G. MCLAUGHLIN, Theta Chi, Electrical Engineering, 77 Hope Ave., Warwick, R. I. • EDWARD G. McLOUGHLIN, Commuter, Animal Husbandry, 416 Second Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. • EVERETT L. McPHILLIPS. Rho lota Kappa, Pre- veterinarian, 5 Sibyl St., Providence, R. I. Costello ' s hands on T. V. . . . Johnny Mitchell doing tricks with the basketball . . . Beta Phi went Phi Gam one warm Sunday afternoon and the Fiji ' s came around with their new pins . . . Then . . . the deadly silence from Korea and peace talks were in the air . . . remember the flying saucers, " Mr. and Mrs. Mississippi " . . . and MacArthur, who like blue levis, just • HAROLD MELKONIAN, Phi Sigma Kappa, General Business Administra- tion, 68 Battey St., Providence, R. I. • EDWIN P. MERRELL, Butterfield Hall, Mechanical Engineering, 112 Roslyn Ave., Cranston, R. I. • THEODORE EDWARD MEYER, Phi Mu Delta, Industrial Engineering, 96-02 Thirty- fourth Ave., Corona, P. O., N. Y. • MARY-GRACE MILES, Alpha Xi Delta, General Teacher Training, English, 27 Natick Ave., Greenwood, R. I. • RAYMOND I. MILLAR, Phi Gamma Delta, Agriculture, 82 Ardmore Ave., Providence, R. I. 41 • 5ELWYN MILLER, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chemistry, 11S2 Lydig Ave., New York, N. Y. • RALPH W. MINER, Sigma Pi, Animal Husbandry, 382 Thayer St., Providence, R. I. • MICHAEL M. MITSOCK, Hut Apt., D-South, General Business Administration, 617 Fern St., Freeland, Pa. • EDWARD J. MOLLOY, Phi Gamma Delta, Accounting, 232-16 Hillside Ave., Bellerose, Long Island, N. Y. • LEE A. MONGEON, Phi Mu Delta, Physical Education, 200 Riverside Ave., War- wick, R. I. seemed to get tougher and tougher as he faded away . . . we got sand in our shoes at the Fiji Island Dance and the sarongs were wonderful to see . . . University Day came and we had trouble calling ourselves a Uni- versity, but try as we might, the old state just looked the same . . . Spring went fast that year and we started getting ready for • GORDON A. MONROE, Hut City, Physical Education, Great Rd„ Forestdale, R. I. • JOSEPH CLEMENT MONTI, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, General Business Administration, 1 Riverside Ave., Bradford, R. I. • ANN L. MORAN, Delta Zeta, General Teacher Training, English, High St., Block Island, R. I. 42 • EDMUND F. MORAN, JR., Bressler Hall, Mechanical Engineering, IS Everleth Avc., Lakewood, R. I. • LESTER P. MORTON, Hut City, Mechanical Engineering, Hut G., Kingston, R. I. • JOAN MOTTA, Alpha Delta Pi, General Teacher Training, Biology, 25 Elmcrest Ave., Providence, R. I. finals . . . Which would you rather flunk out of, a college, or a university? . . . Senior Year This was the last lap . . . we were coming back for the last time . . . June was still a long way off but the finality has started to sink in . . . and we came back to ring the year dry — have fun — lots of fun, and pack the • HELEN M. MROCZKOWSKI, Alpha Delta Pi, General Home Economics, 45 Clifford St., New Bedford, Mass. • ROSELYN J. MULHOLLAND, Davis Hall, Home Economics Teacher Training, 143 Oakdale Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. • RUSSELL L. MULVEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Liberal Arts, 38 Parker St., Central Falls, R. I. • WILLIAM A. MULVEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Political Science, 38 Parker St., Central Falls, R. I. 43 • BEVERLY A. MUNRO, Alpha Delta Pi, Textiles and Clothing, 165 Barnaby St., Fall River, Mass. • ROBERT J. MURPHY, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, 181 Finch Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. • NORMAN S. NAMEROW, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Physics, 73 Sackett St., Providence, R. I. • ARTHUR S. NARDONE, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, 167 High St., Westerly, R. I. • RAMON P. NAR- DONE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Civil Engin- eering, 166 High St., Westerly, R. I. memories away . . . we hummed " Because of You " and " Cold, Cold Heart " , holdovers from last summer . . . we still went down the line but the Pier had that ominous air of a ghost town where every ghost carried a club . . . the peace talks were still going on in Korea and the pendulum of good life swayed precariously . . . we went to classes in the • MICHAEL A. NATALE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Industrial Engineering, West St., R.F.D. 1, Stafford Springs, Conn. • GEORGE R. NAZARETH, Sigma Pi, Industrial Management, 28 Shawomet Ave., Warwick, R. I. • KENNETH H. NEAL, Sigma Pi, Accounting, 59 Knollwood Ave., Cranston, R. I. 44 • ERIC N. NELSON, Phi Mu Delta, General Business Administration, Boulevard St., Middletown, R. I. • LILLIAN F. NEWMAN, Sigma Delta Tau, English, 32 Paris St., Pawtucket, R. I. • MARIE B. NEWMARKER, Delta Zeta, Home Economics Teacher Training, 159 Atlantic Ave., Lakewood, R. I. Chem Building for the first time . . • Indo- china was a new fear word and Coach Doherty was going for all the marbles . . . build, build, build and we squeezed out a loss against Brown . . . remember the jazz concerts in Quinn . . . We were watching Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca on T. V. ... a Streetcar Named Desire rode the merry ride • LESTER DOUGLAS NOLAN, Account- ing, 49 Browndale PI., Portchester, N. Y. • RICHARD H. NORDQUIST, Sigma Pi, Industrial Engineering, 87 Calaman Rd., Cranston, R. I. • JOHN R. NORTON, Commuter, Chemical Engineering, 81 Dixie Ave. , Hoxsie, R. I. • DORIS A. NOYES, Sigma Kappa, General Teacher Training, Mathematics, 99 Dover Ave., E. Providence, R. I. • KENNETH J. O ' BRIEN, Rho lota Kappa, Marketing and Advertising, 144 Tampa Ave., Warwick, R. I. 45 • DONALD V. OLDMAN, Civil Engineering, Hut D., North, Kingston, R. I. • JOHN W. OLSEN, Sigma Pi, Insurance, 19 Fairview Ave., E. Providence, R. I. • ARTHUR J. PALMITESSA, Lambda Chi Alpha, Advertising, 102 Elm St., Biddeford, Me. • WEBSTER W. PALMQUIST, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mechanical Engineering, 41 Greenwood Ave., Warwick, R. I. • KENNETH H. PANCIERA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Agronomy, Bradford Alton Rd., Bradford, R. I. of stardom . . . the girls got a straight one o ' clock on Saturday nights . . . seniors started to dress up for placement interviews and for a little while we thought we were at Brown . . . Willy Gerstenblatt ran away with the Mayoralty and Dirty Marv just couldn ' t quite dodge the hook of Sachems . . . we were the • ROBERT E. PARTYKA, Commuter, Agronomy, West Kingston, R. I. • ROBERT R. PECK, Phi Sigma Kappa, Horticulture, 3056 East Main Rd., Portsmouth, R. I. • ALBERT R. PECKHAM, Sigma Chi, Agronomy, West Rd., Little Compton, R. I. 46 • LAURENCE S. PECKHAM, JR., Bressler Hall, General Business Administration, Paradise Ave., Newport, R. I. • EDWARD A. PERNAVEAU, Commuter, Physical Education, Apt., B-8, Fort Kearney, Saunderstown, R. I. • CHRISTIE PETRIDES, Electrical Engineering, 586 Winter St., Woonsocket, R. I. seniors and we were on top but an awful lot of the old familiar faces were missing . . . the freshmen were going crazy with compul- sory convocation and petitions were all over the place . . . the old college had quieted down a bit and high school sweaters replaced the familiar G.l. clothing of another era . . . Phi • ELEANOR L. PHILLIPS, Alpha Xi Delta, General Home Economics, 1750 West Shore Rd., Warwick, R. I. • JOHNW. PICKUP, Phi Gamma Delta, Zoology, 39 Summit St., E. Providence, R. I. • ANTHONY R. PITOCHELLI, Sigma Chi, Chemistry, 64 Garfield St., N. Providence, R. I. • MARVIN J. PIVNICK, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Marketing and Advertising, 145 Fourth St., Providence, R. I. • NORMA M. PLANTE, Alpha Xi Delta, Zoology, Chestnut Hill Rd., Chepachet, R. I. 47 • DONALD S. POKRAS, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Zoology, 220 Waverly St., Providence, R. I. • EVERETT H. POOLE, Phi Sigma Kappa, Marketing and Advertising, Chilmark, Mass. • DOUGLAS E. POTTER, Phi Mu Delta, Chemical Engineering, 69 Beaver Ave.. Warwick, R. I. • IRVING H. POTTER, Sigma Chi, Chemical Engineering, 257 Harrington Ave., Norwood, R. I. • ELIZABETH R. QUANSTROM, Davis Hall, Marketing and Advertising, 1 Elizabeth Ave., Ccntrcdalc, R. I. Mu took top honors at the Frat Sing, and will we ever forget P.I.K. singing Caribou . . . Bob West was at the helm for the Seniors and already we were planning the picnic — this had to be a good year . . . Giro ' s got a waitress and the stags watched from the bar . , . fall turned around the corner and • PATRICIA M. QUINN, Alpha Xi Delta, Home Economics Teacher Training, 136 Pond St., Pawtucket, R. I. • WILLIAM J. QUIRK, Commuter, Animal Husbandry, 133 Jefferson St., Edgewood, R. I. • ANTHONY I. RAFANELLI, Bressler Hall, General Business Administration, 23 Benedict St., No. Providence, R. I. 48 • GLORIA N. RAGOSTA, Alpha Xi Delta, Mathematics, 76 Governor St., Cranston, R. I. • CHARLES F. RAYNER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Agricultural Chemistry, 284 County Rd., Barrington, R. I. • JOHN VINCENT REGAN, Electrical Engineering, 146 Colfax St., Providence, R. I. everybody went to New York for the St. John ' s game . . . " Meet you at the Taft " , and they weren ' t sorry to see us go . . . the Big Five on the court had a fair season but few of us will forget that home game against UCONN . . . the word for Congleton was terrific . . . this was the year Johnny Ray and • CHARLES F. REID, JR., Theta Chi, Industrial Management, 310 Doric Ave., Cranston, R. I. • DONALD A. ROCHE, Rho lota Kappa, Insurance, 181 Park Holm, Newport, R. I. • PATRICIA M. RODRIGUES, Davis Hall, Child Development, 259 Veazie St., Provi- dence, R. I. • ALICE-ANN ROSE, Alpha Delta Pi, Bacteriology, 8 Railroad Ave., Peace Dale, R. I. • VINCENT C. ROSE, JR., Bressler Hall, Chemical Engineering, Main Rd., Tiverton, R. I. 49 • MARY ROUGAS, Gamma Nu, Sociology, 120 Beach St., Narragonsett, R. I. • ESTHER G. ROWAN, Delta Zeta, English, 13 Manchester St., Pawtucket, R. I. • DAVID E. RUBIEN, Tau Epsilon Phi, Marketing and Advertising, 11 Morrison St., Providence, R. I. • GEORGE N. SARANTOS, Phi Mu Del- ta, Animal Husbandry, 4S0 Walnut St., Williamsport, Pa. • ALBERT ELLIOT SARKISIAN, Butterfield Hall, Eco- nomics, 91 Borrett Dr., N. Providence, R. I. the Little White Cloud were crying all over the place . . . Charmaine came back . . . we kept going to classes . . . " they wouldn ' t flunk a second semester senior " — oh yeah . . . ! ' 52 was here and the word was out . . . We saw Eddy Hole and Chuck Stewart play their last game in blue and all of a sudden we • ROBERT R. RUGGIERO, Phi Sigma Kappa, History, 97 Bradford St., Bristol, R. I. • STEPHEN W. SALAI, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, Apt. H-l, Fort Kearney, Saunderstown, R. I. • MARIE D. SANTANIELLO, Alpha Xi Delta, English, 4S1 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Providence, R. I. 50 • ARNOLD SCHAFFER, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Insurance, 152 Camp Si., Providence, R. I. • JOHN WALTON SCHMID, Lambda Chi Alpha, Marketing and Advertising, 24 Harbour Terrace, Cranston, R. I. • FRANK C. SCHORA, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chemical Engineering, 10 Hillside Ave., Providence, R. I. kind of realized that we were going to miss the place . . . the blood bank came and drained us dry and Gregor crawled out of the bedroom in " Metamorphosis " . . . the " Menty " was still strolling around campus, " the old Gazazz " . . . Truman was playing cat and mouse and Kefauver came out with • JOHN P. SHANLEY, Commuter, Mechanical Engineering, 171 Pocasset Ave., Providence, R. I. • PHILIP J. SHAUGHNESSY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Marketing and Advertising, 29 Robert St., Biddeford, Me. • ROBERT A. SCIOTTI, Sigma Chi, Advertising, 765 Park Ave., Cranston, R. I. • NANCY J. SEAMANS, Chi Omega, General Teacher Training, Biology, 88 Paine Ave., Cranston, R. I. • PATRICIA SHAILER, Sigma Kappa, Nursing, 361 Spring Green Rd., Warwick, R. I. 51 • ROGER K. SHAWCROSS, Sigma Chi, Marketing and Advertising, 167 Grace St., Cranston, R. I. • EVELYN M. SHEA, Alpha Delta Pi, Foods and Nutrition, 33 West Main Rd., Middletown, R. I. • GEORGE SHOLA, Sociology, 419 Pond St., Woon- socket, R. I. • ROBERT W. SMITH, Sigma Pi, Animal Husbandry, 22 Whittier Dr., Johnston, R. I. • ROBERT M. SPILECKI, Rho lota Kappa, General Teacher Training, 24 Russell Ave., Newport, R. I. his coonskin cap . . • Eisenhower stayed in Europe . . . Big election year but the smart money didn ' t know where to go . . . nobody was sophisticated enough for " Hello Out There " , but Phi Delt came back with a bang and put over the " Silver Cord " . . . the steel for the new gym showed up and suddenly 52 • DONALD F. SPINO, Commuter, Bacteriology, 35 Messina St., Providence, R. I. • RICHARD A. STAATS, Phi Mu Delta, Mechanical Engineering, 25 Kay Blvd., New- port, R. I. • DONALD B. STEEN, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sociology, 37 Shore Rd., River- side, R. I. the dream had become a red skeleton at Meade Field . . . this was the year TEP and the Sigma Pi ' s became property owners . . . the erratic Percy Grainger dazzled us all at Edwards on the keys . . . March came and spring peeked around the corner . . . we just waited for the beach days . . . the Great e JOHN J. SULLIVAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Mechanical Engineering, 59 Marchant St., Newport, R. I. • LAW- RENCE C. SULLIVAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Accounting, 10 Princeton St., Newport, R. I. • DONALD J. STEERE, Rho lota Kappa, Horticulture, Chepachet, R. I. • GERTRUDE A. STEVENS, Sigma Kappa, Nursing, 10 Spruce St., Westerly, R. I. • MARILYN STUART McNEIL, Commuter, Textiles and Clothing, 65 South Rd., Kingston, R. I. 53 • DAVID F. SWEENEY, Theta Chi, Accounting, 69 Westwood Ave., Edgewood, R. I. • BEATRICE E. SYKES, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall, General Home Economics, 128 Metropolitan Park Dr., Riverside, R. I. • JEFFERY D. TABER, Phi Mu Delta, General Business Administration, 83 Yale Ave., Gaspee Plateau, R. I. • ALFRED C. THOMPSON, Phi Mu Delta, Electrical Engineering, 10 How- land Rd., Cranston, R. I. • VIRGINIA C. THOMPSON, Davis Hall, Secretarial Studies, 309 Olney St., Providence, R. I. Crisis arrived: L ' il Abner got married and Junior lost a girl friend . . . Spring that year was one round of quickness . . . the beaches and the dances . . . the beer and the mid- night oil . . . the days slipped by and we were taking our last exams . . . and then Senior Week . . . sunshine and tans . . . the Dunes • KENNETH S. TALBOT, Theta Chi, Industrial Management, 432 Colonial Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. • DOMINIC TESTA, Beta Psi Alpha, Accounting, 81 Ralph St., Providence, R. I. • NANCY A. THAYER, Davis Hall, Sociology, 32 Sprague Ave., Riverside, R. I. 54 Club and we played at society . . . those last few days were tough . . . some of us went around just trying to grab another memory . . . there were so many things we couldn ' t forget . . . four years are a long time . . . there was a lot of laughter and a few tears ... a friend made and a friend lost . . . and • JOSEPH VENTETUOLO, JR., Rho lota • DOROTHEA USHER, D • WALTER S. VARGAS, • JOSEPH VENDITTO, Th 55 • ANGELA M. VUONA, Gamma Nu, liberal Arts, 333 Salisbury St., Worcester, Mass. • ROY T. WAGNER, Phi Gamma Delta, Marketing and Advertising, 1-4-31 204 St., Hollis, Long Island, N. Y. • SHIRLEY A. WAGNER, Sigma Kappa, Nursing, 33 Becchwood Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. • ROBERT L. WEST, Theta Chi, Mechan- ical Engineering, 151 Paine Ave., Cranston, R. I. • MARJORIE DAW- SON WHERRY, Commuter, Foods and Nutrition, 94 Bluff Ave., Cranston, R. I. now it ' s goodbye ... to the morning coffee at the Lower Cafe ... to the suntans and the tennis sneakers ... to the droning monotony of some Profs and the sparkle of sunshine of others . . . we ' re leaving a world now . . . a world of pencils and notes ... of second- hand books ... of stale sandwiches and Fri- • RUSSELL M. WATERMAN, Commuter, Agronomy, Post Rd., Wickford, R. I. • CHARLES E. WATTS, JR., Physics, Hut F, Kingston, R. I. • GILBERT A. WERNER, Phi Gamma Delta, Civil Engineering, 114 Dora St., Providence, R. I. 1 56 • EDITH R. WHITEHEAD, Eleanor Roosevelt Hall, English, 12 Sheffield Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. • DAVID M. WIGHT, Commuter, Accounting, 43 Faculty St., Wilbraham, Mass. • PAULENE W. WILKEY, East Hall, English Boyd ' s Lane, Portsmouth, R. I. day night spaghetti an d beer ... of the cold winds sweeping across the Quad on the way to that eight o ' clock class ... of the last cigarette in the hall ... of the kiss on the lawn and the warm closeness of living with dozens of people ... of the friendly " Hi " and the wisecracks ... of the cokes and the • LEONARD T. WOOD, Accounting, 36 Hall Ave., Newport, R. I. • NANCY A. WORRALL, East Hall, Mathematics, 118 Lewis St., Lynn, Mass. • ROBERT A. WILSON, Lambda Chi Alpha, General Business Administration, 37 Lake St., New Bedford, Mass. • BARBARA EVELYN WISE, Davis Hall, English, 254 Reservoir Ave., Providence, R. I. • JOHN M. WOOD, JR., Phi Gamma Delta, Advertising, 87 Don Ave., Rumford, R. I. 57 • GORDON D. YEADON, Commuter, Insurance, 418 Reservoir Ave., Providence, R. I. • PRESTON D. YERRINGTON, Sigma Chi, Civil Engineering, 63 Observatory Ave., N. Providence, R. I. • THEODORE ZACHADNYK, Theta Chi, Accounting, 12 Spring St., Manville, R. I. dates and the quick Saturday telephone calls ... of the Union and Bliss and packed Rod- man ... of Meade Field and Lower College Road . . . it ' s a tougher world we ' re going into — it ' s not black with hate or red with war, but there ' s a sobriety and a greyness at the borders which makes it a little tough at times, to follow the sunshine. • RICHARD L. ZAMBARANO, Beta Psi Alpha, Mechanical Engineering. Green Kenyon Dr., Narragansett, R. I. • JOSEPH ZENDLOVITZ, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Indus- trial Management, 27 Parkview Ave., Providence, R. I. • EDWIN J. ZUBRISKY, General Business Administration, 1758 West Shore Rd., Warwick, R. I. 58 l An Hour If truth is yours for one moment of it . . . if it can make a creator out of a parrot . . . then it may be the most precious hour of your life. College of Agriculture Dean: Mason H. Campbell Modern Agriculture With the purpose of giving students a well- balanced education in the basic sciences of agriculture and related fields, the College of Agriculture has fields of study in: Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Economics, Agron- omy, Animal and Dairy Husbandry, Animal Pathology, Forestry, Mechanized Agriculture, Poultry Husbandry, Sociology. 62 College of Business Administration Dean: George A. Ballentine Offering professional and technical instructions in theoretical and applied economics, organization, application and regulation of business institutions, the College of Business Administration has schools in: Accounting, Marketing and Advertising, Insurance, Economics, Industrial Management, Secretarial Sciences, General Administration. Facts and Figures 63 College of Engineering Dean: T. Stephen Crawford To meet the increased demands of industry and research, seven curricula are offered in the College of Engineering: Chemical Engin- eering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineer- ing, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics. Push the first lever down, the power goes round and round and comes out here. 64 COLLEGE OF HOME ECONOMICS DEAN: OLGA P. BRUCHER In expanding the undergraduate and research programs in all areas of Home Economics, the college has facilities for major work in: Child Development and Family Relations; Foods, Nutri- tion and Institutional Management, Teacher Train- ing in Home Economics; Textiles, Clothing and Related Arts. Warping and shuttling 65 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEAN: HAROLD W. BROWNING Within the College of Arts and Sciences are nine curricula, four of which deal with biology in its various aspects, one in Chem- • Row 1: A. Clair, D. Thomas, L. Brown, F. Allen, H. Browning, G. Itter, W. Simmons, F. Pelton. • Row 2: D. Tilton, W. Itter, J. Casey, W. Smith, P. Reynolds, G. Sherrer, N. Potter, G. Phillips, L. Freedman, M. Noble, Jr. • Row 3: F. VanBuren. R. Tripp, R. Gardner, H. Capasso, R. Larson. F. Coro. C. Hill. J. Pi«us. • Row 4: R. Sorlien, W. Metz. R. Maranpot, I. Spaulding, B. Nimer, K. Barnard. F. Clayton. P. Rohe, F. Breslin. 66 istry, one in Mathematics, two in the preparation of Teacher Training, and one in the liberal course of study. These nine curricula include: Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry, Education, English, Geography and Geology, History, Languages, Military Science, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Zoology. 67 SCHOOL OF NURSING DIRECTOR: LOUISE WHITE A curriculum was established in 1945 to include college courses in the arts and sciences, and to give training in the basic preparations in all aspects of general nurs- ing. Upon completion, the student receives a Bachelor of Science degree and is eligible to take the Rhode Island State Board exam- inations to become a registered nurse. B. Kettle. B. Lombardo. A. Stevens, M. Macrae, E. Martin, C. Johnson. S. Wagner, P. Gavitt, P. Shailer, B. Ambrifi. 68 ACTIVITIES where the academic life visibly touches the extra-curricula . . . passing interests develop into life work ... and where minds weary from study may be primed through relaxation . . . ED KOChE. _ Bzw John SQM - STUDENT GOVERN the testing ground • Row 7: S. Resnick, E. Bincklcy, J. Motto, Sec., R. Spilecki, Vice-Pres., W. Dole, Pres., A. Trembley, Sec., L. Sullivan, P. Gordon, S. Blank. • Row 2: G. Ragosta, B. Champlin, A. Lunis, G. Rogers, M. Correira, N. Ludman, S. Schmuger, N. Worrall, L. Shailer. • Row 3: J. Clayton, R. Sarni, R. Magill, A. Leigh, D. Leys, J. Randall, J. Kimmer, D. Testa. Blue Key Official bearers of good will towards visiting schools. P. Heath, N. LaGueux, R. Benson, R. West, S. Schmuger. 72 IN6 ASSOCIATIONS for citizenship . . . Sachems Honorary organization of seniors serving as Masons between the students, faculty, and administration. • Row 1: M. Cozzolino, Sec., E. Phillips, K. Jones. • Row 2: Mrs. M. Parks, F. Tootell, D. Steen, Moderator, Dr. G. Stewart. • Row 3: A. Heditsian, W. Dale, S. Aldrich, E. Hole, R. Lister, R. Benson. f IL Mm Mr - . m » mmn j2 « ■9 STUDENT UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Activities and entertainment planned through the student ' s point of view. • Row I: E. Steen, C. Panzner , Mrs. B. Cook, F. Jones, G. Wiley. • Row 2: Mr. C. Berry, D. Steen, W. Wing. 73 IVSGA • Row I: E. Phillips. J. Blease, S. Jackson. • Row 2: S. Schmoger, M. Gowen. M. Brown, Vice-Pres., R. Benson, Pres., E. Steen, Sec.-Treas., G. Lee, A. Heditsian, N. Sibley. The mysterious power which keeps female students in toe . . . Freak Day, the bane of every Freshman . . . time for casual socializ- ing at coffee hours . . . then gradually, the regulations engrained in all their minds . . . Unique speakers. constant clock watching during a good movie " down the line " ... All these, every female (and male) student recalls. Our fondest tales seem always the episodes most serious at the time. Casual socials 74 SOPHOMORE CLASS M. Martin, Sec., M. Palumbo, Pres., M. Lul- sateh, Soc. Ch., S. Jackson, Vice-Pres., D. Holmes, Treas. Class Officers First hand experience in leadership JUNIOR CLASS M. Brown, Vice-Pres., R. Butler, Soc. Ch., B. Good, Sec., R. Buba, Treas., G. Wiley, Pres. FRESHMAN CLASS B. Joy, Sec., J. McKenna, Treas., C. New- man, Pres., B. Moren, Vice-Pres. 75 HONORARY For these, the Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Scholastic Society • Row I; O. Brucher, V. Carpenter, V. Cheadle, Vice-Pres., R. Tucker, Sec., J. Albright, Pres., M. Parks, F. Allen, T. Crawford. • Row 2: R. Cheever, B. Champlin, B. Smith, E. Crandall, E. Grady, R. DeWolf. L. Brown, W. Wiley, F. Jones, N. Worrall. • Row 3: H. Campbell, R. Rockafellow, E. Palmetier, C. Fish, R. Adams, W. Simmons, J. DeFrance, G. Parks. • Row I: B. Champlin, N. Plante. • Row 2: E. Goldin, Treas., A. Beckett, Sec., W. Brown, Pres., F. Jones, V. Pres.. D. Pokras, Corr. Sec. • Row 3: W. Hart, D. Perseching, J. Dimond, A. Giorgi, J. Pickup. Phi Sigma The biological society including botany, zoology, and bacteriology aiming to promote interest in the natural sciences and to make " Homo " more " Sapiens " than he is. 76 SOCIETIES hour was precious. Phi Alpha Theta National Honorary History Society 77 Sigma Mu honorary society which includes all divisions of engin- eers. • Row 1: A. Quirk, H. Campbell, P. Cheever, Treat., R. Adams, Pres., G. Daniels, J. Albright, W. Hall, e Row 2: E. Hagopian, J. Daglian, J. Barnes. W. Fortin, F. Schara, C. Brown, e Row 3: J. Hilzman, E. Coulter, A. Easterbroaks. G. Anderson, R. Munz. Omnicron Nu Newly inaugurated Home Economics honorary society 78 Scabbard and Blade National honorary society for ad- vanced members of the R. O. T. C. Sigma Xi Honorary society for those proficient in scientific re- search. 79 Almost everyone in America joins a club . . . our foreign students real- ized that after only a few weeks in America ... to fulfill the interests of all students there are clubs in all fields . . . cultural groups inquiring about world and community affairs . . . tech- nical and vocational groups . . . artistic and spiritual. • Row 7: A. Kokturk (Trees.), A. Delaware (Pres.), E. Herrington (Vice-Pres.), I. Hcdrich, H. Cuellar (Sec . Turkey U. S. Gt. Britain U. S. Guatemala Row 2: W. Newberry. D. Speliotis, F. Schreiber, M. Bliomptis. U. S. Greece Germany Greece 80 International Relations Club Politically-conscious students seriously attempting to study and interpret the chaotic international situation. Socius Club How come the drug addict? Why alco- holics? How do people like Nanook survive? All our social problems become the immediate concern of those inter- ested in sociological advancement. 81 Viajeras Club A Social group of women commuters • Row 1: L. Troll. D. Troll, T. Morton, Pres., L. Morton, B. Watts, S. A. Watts, A. Holmes, Treas., J. W. Holmes, J. C. Van Fleet, H. Van Fleet. • Row 2: J. Troll, L. P. Morton, L. DeWolf, Foe. Adv., B. DcWolf, C. E. Watts, Jr., J. L. Holmes, Z. E. Van Fleet, Jr. The Husbands In College Club With husbands in the university, we ' re boosting them at home. One meeting a month, to the church house we roam. Chatting and planning to our heart ' s content. Dinners and parties and special Educational demonstrations are there to see. And when we are finished, we have our tea. Then back to the babies, bills and Happy to relate the events to the 82 • Row 1: — P. Cheever, J. Regan, R. Boucher. • Row 2:-T. K. Collin , G. Werner, F. Schora-Sec., 1. Morton-Chairman, T. Boehm-Treas. • Row 3: - D. Potter, Prof. J. J. Gentile, Prof. D. Bradbury, Dean Crawford, E. Coulter, R. Wong. ENGINEERING Engineering Council Representatives from each field of Engi- neering form this master organization whose main function it is to formulate policies concerning the various Engineer- ing Societies, and in planning their mhin social activity, the Slide Rule Strut. American Society of Electrical Engineers 84 American Society of Mechanical Engineers • Row 7: R. Turilli, J. Sylvestri, J. Sullivan, R. Kjellman. • Row 2: R. Ferrante, E. Coulter, E. Gray, Treas., S. Salai, Vice-Pres., L. Morton, Pres., G. Daniels, Sec., Dr. Bradbury, Fac., Ad., J. Bousquet, R. Denish. • Row 3: L. Voelker, W. Fortin, R. Fowler, R. Murphy, W. Dale, W. Palmquist, H. Grossman, R. Grossman, D. Bolger. • Row 4 : E. Moran, A. Leigh, G. Dey, E. Merrill, J. Harnden, G. Anderson, C. Greenwood, C. Lund, G. Prytula. Physics Society • Row 7: N. Namerow, Sec., P. Cheever, Pres., C. Watts, Treas., B. Dodsworth, J. Note, Vice-Pres R. Boucher, S. Strauch, W. True, E. Chace, V. Nerses, L. Stone, F. Greetham, T. Vanner. Row 2: 85 I. Boehm, Pres., R. Brown, F. Smith, G. Bousquet, Sec. -Trees. 86 WOMEN PREDOMINANTLY Nutrix Student nursing socie- ty .. . zoology courses, internship, capping . . . all inevitable to a Nutrix member. • Row 1: P. Dwyer, E. Alsfeld, A. Willoughby, Soc. Ch., B. Carlson, Vice-Pres., J. Hodgson, Sec., J. Carpenter, J. Laboissoniere, J. Tomellini. • Row 2: B. Blabe, E. Burgess, M. Knight, M. Carson, A. Whiteside, M. Lomas, M. Chauinard. • Row 3: B. Boxer, C. Anderson, T. Connell, S. Whitesule, J. Gibson, E. Kmuic. Home Ec Club Open to all Home Economics students with a principle aim of promoting inter- est in all fields of Home Economics. • Row 1: D. Atkinson, P. King, Soc. Ch., H. Dyckman, Sec., M. Brown, Pres., M. Anderson, Treas., V. Farrar, R. Spooner. • Row 2: J. Barton, J. Thompson, E. Steen, B. Benoit, M. Mounce, J. Spooner. • Row 3: M. Gulvin, J. Anderson, D. Wansker, J. Anderson. 87 Aggie Club • Row 7: E. Duhomel, G. Hodges, A. Picard, W. Bill, E. Mitson, R. Taylor. • Row 2: E. McLaughlin, W. Quirk, D. Cotter, Treas., D. Steere, Pres., E. Christopher, Foe. Ad., H. Reid, Vice-Pres., P. Poitros, Sec., L. Reading, N. Seymore. • Row 3: P. Steve, A. Soforenko, R. Partykd, M. Palumbo, A. Thomas, K. Knowles, l. LaRiviere, T. Fisdell, H. Cook. • Row 4: R. Craig, F. Montville, R. Rosenberg, C. Davies, B. Hopper, S. Williamson, F. Cherms, J. Conner, H. Brown. Accounting Club • Row 7: l. Goldin, T. Zachadnyk, E. Reilly, Sec., A. Falcone, Vice-Pres., D. Wright, Pres., Dr. W. Briggs, Ad., Prof. B. Sanderson, l. Gay, Treas., L. Nolan, J. Manchester. • Row 2: A. Nelson, L. Carano, H. Keenan, R. Bentlage, L. Wood, K. Neal, J. Morchetti, D. Testa, L. Friedman, G. Levinson, G. Hanrahan, E. Molloy, R. Resnick, S. Gottleib, Z. VanFleet, L. Holtz, T. Pierson. 88 Chemistry Society • Row 7: R. Cuellar, W. Hammond, R. Ameen, R. Sadow. • Row 2: N. Kastel, A. Pitochelli, Sec., H. Gould, Pres., H. Harrison, Fac. Ad., W. Parks, D. Kraus, G. Wiley, Vice-Pres., A. Thomasian, Treas., F. Dring. • Row 3: M. Dressier, B. Gollis, S. Cook, J. Kimmer, D. Herman, R. Wong, S. Smith, J. Reading, W. Kaskewski. • Row 4: G. Stevenson, A. Corry, S. Miller, M. Rosen- thal, D. Tannenbaum, M. Greenburger, B. Strayss, R. Spilecki, A. Mayer, Jr. • Row 7: N. Worrall, R. Wilcox. • Row 2: Prof. F. Bills, R. Fortin, Pres., J. Stauffer, Fac. Ad. • Row 3: J. Helsman, Vice-Pres., R. Fargnoli, B. Allen, Treas. 89 Society of the Advancement of Management Study of practical problems of management. Marketing Club To develop sound think- ing and knowledge of marketing theory and conditions. 90 BOAT CLUB Rhody Outing Club Midsemester ski trips, spring bar- becues, hikes . . . Flying Club Trips to the airfield . . . apprentice pilots. 92 fii|» • Row I: C. Lola, Sr., M Sgt. W. Morris - S4, R. Penkethman - SI, R. Rosenberg, Commanding Officer Copt., Major G. Sayre, Fac. Ad., Capt. B. Hague, Asst. Fae. Ad., C. Limmer, Ex. Off. 1st Lt., S. Blecharczyk - S3, W. Campbell, M Sgt. • Row 2: W. Hirsh, S. Clow, F. Scola, F. Bill, Sqd. Ldr., B. Mendes - S2, A. Fowler, Sqd. Ldr., H. Fraclin, Co. Clerk, N. Burke, E. Provost, T. McHugh. • Row 3: H. Panarelli, R. Black, K. Fowler, R. Cudworth, J. Morse, C. McKnight, R. Millar, R. Nugent, R. Lundgren. The Paradox . . . hard skiing — yet relaxation It ' s a long way up — but what a trip down! 93 TWO O ' CLOCK NIGHTS . . . These are prettier, but those are so much more comfortable. Nancy Behrbohm, Soph Hop Queen For most, a dance is a night of music and beauty, for those who plan it, it ' s a juggle between getting home- work done and organizing the whole enterprise. Thanks for the swell times . . . Famous last words . . . Yeah, you can use my black shoes if I don ' t go to the dance. Take Oh, I don ' t mind waiting. Grrrrr. 94 The Peacock Should Talk Code of Courtly Love June Street Military Ball Queen The Cosmopolitans Betty Ann Loudenslager Junior Prom Queen 95 THE ARTS Leisure moments filled with expression . . . Fulfill your dreams, forget depression . . . Hurry up, it ' s time! Through living arts we ' ll not be dormant . . . The Beacon Weekly newspaper of the University of Rhode Island Get the facts . . . this is no yellow sheet. Type faster . . . the train leaves in 17 minutes ... I can ' t think of a lead . . . we need four more inches . . . What! No news ... no ads . . . you a reporter? Here comes the " Eaves- dropper " , he ' s a menace. That editorial lit a fuse all right . . . The excitement of a deadline . . . The disappointment of an uneventful week, thus a four page issue . . . the surprise of an April 1st issue. All fun, all hard work, all first hand experiences, all an endeavor for sincere journalism. Hard hit for inspiration. Type faster, the train leaves in 17 minutes. C. Coombs, N. Kastal, S. Schmuger, Asst. News. Ed., J. Blackman, Staff Sec. • Row 3: B. Wise, J. McCauley. 97 • Row I: N. Ludman, Co-Bus. Mgr.. N. Plonte, J. Blackman, Asst. Bus. Mgr., E. Roche, Ed., B. Wise, Asst. Ed., V. Kennedy. • Row 2: J. Cooper, Bus. Mgr., P. Bump, C. Munroe. Puritan Literary Mazagine An encouragement to crea- tive writers — experiment in unique styles. Scroll Literary Society The imagination quick- ens . . . obscure foreign films jar us out of our apathy of living . . . read- ings from Shakespeare hold us enchanted . . . students read their own essays and a discovery is made . . . the gruff voice in the cafe harbors the soul of a poet. • Row J: M. Geisser, N. Ludman, D. Noyes, Pres., N. Potter, Ad., S. Schmuger, J. Cooper, M. Dorkin. • Row 2: J. Blackman, A. Bernstein, C. Biggsen, B. Cannon, P. Wilkey, B. Amber, J. Kamens. • Row 3: J. Kenyon, J. Vine, B. Wise, B. Barker, B. Henry, H. Mitson. 98 Portia-Wranglers Debating Society A valuable training in weighing words and knowing the weight of each . . . experts on par- liamentary procedure. • Row 7 : P. Colwell, N. Rohrman, R. Wilcox. • Row 2: L. Davis, A. Factor, N. Potter. • Row 3: S. Kelley, D. Wight, H. Adams, C. Sprague. Alpha Delta Sigma National Professional Advertising Fraternity With a purpose of bridg- ing the gap between advertising theory of the classroom and practical experience. • Row 7: H. Palmer, Fac. Ad., H. Lomas, J. Randall, Pres., G. Feeney, Sec., H. Bentley, Treas. • Row 2: E. Poole, Corr. Sec., J. Wood, F. Higham, H. Frank. 99 Film Pack The fellow with the Leica . . . with the Brownie . . . all learn the art of photog- raphy. • Row J: G. Nazareth, G. Levinson, B. Caswell, Sec.-Treas., R. Trilley, C. Munroe, Vice-Pres. • Row 2: J. S. Newcomb, Fac. Ad., A. Smith, G. Donovan, B. Block, Pres., B. Gordon, H. Morrison. Radio Club Quiet garret . . . earphones . . . messages all over the world. • Row 7: S. Fine, Vice-Pres., G. Farnell, G. Hall, Pres., D. Cook, Sec.-Treas. • Row 2: J. Sheehan, E. Ray, D. Hynek. 100 WHOE From 7 o ' clock till the eyes droop closed, a collection of hot, cool, and bouncing music accompanied by the sonorous raspings of the campus greats wing out over the air waves. 10 P. M. brings the voices of the journalism news hounds. Scripts, loudspeakers, flashing lights, and the ever-present " on the air " sign remind the artists of the campus communication zone that they are learning the ropes of radio with WHOE. You got it. 101 When you see the flashing batons, gleaming instru- ments, white leather boots of the attractive majorettes, and the bright blue and white uniforms, the Rhody Band is on Parade. Present at all home football games, the band, hampered by shortage of funds, can send only a " pep band " on out-of-town games, but one rendition of the notorious " Tiger Rag " would spur any team. Pomp and Circumstance. Short Skirts are here to stay. 102 • Row I: A. Hock man, N. Kastal, M. Gagne, M. Anderson, J. Horton, D. Evans, J. Smith, M. Leino, J. Kettelle, A. Daw ley, E. Phillips, M. Stuart, C. Gagne, Mr. Tinker. • Row 2: G. DeWolf, R. Barry, R. Musen, L. Ludovici, R. Schwartz, M. Freeman, J. Gumbleton, M. Gilbert, J. Greene, J. Maclnnes, B. Priore, C. Saumur, B. King, B. Balmer, E. Diniz. • Row 3: S. Hockman, Pres., C. Straight, P. Poitras, J. Rozzi, Sec.-Treas., R. Nardonc, L. Higgins, M. Siegel, J. Jones, G. Miles, B. Boss, S. Norman, Emphasizing quality of music and challenging selec- tions, the University Chorus has developed into a group of well-coordinated singers. Planning for statewide and intercollegiate concerts, recordings and radio programs has kept the group in a steady rehearsal schedule. Their programs have done much to bring more fine music to this campus. " Give me those pear-shaped tones " 103 " This is Hercules? This is the strongest man in the world? So You ' re the big stable boy who won the stable-cleaning contest ... it was a pretty smart idea to turn the river off its course and through the stable . . . " (Antiope in The Warrior ' s Husband.) 104 The actor learns technique . . . masters lines . . . and puts himself and his heart into the role . . . the actor is a humanitarian ... a scoundrel ... a moralist . . . The play reveals to the audience a new perspective . . . is a critic of society ... of men and manners . . . and slice out of life . . . long after plots are forgotten — ideas are still remembered. “There was once such a thing as man- ners. I remember the time when the hungriest man was the one who took the longest to pick up his fork, the one with the broadest grin was the one who needed most to go to the ... It was such fun to keep them grinning like that for hours ... A man doesn ' t take your hand nowadays. He gives you his paw . . (Countess in the Mad- woman of Chaillot). " When you have no money nobody trusts you, nobody believes you, nobody likes you. Because to have money, is to be virtuous, honest, beautiful, and witty. And to be without is to be ugly and boring and stupid and useless . . (Ragpicker in Madwoman of Chaillot.) Curtain time. " Is that me? " 105 A Need Fulfilled With an emphasis on sincere religious devotion • Row I: T. Quigley. B. Gordon, J. Tabor, T. Boyd, Sec., E. Phillips, Pres., S. Resnick, Treas., J. Klages, W. Kaskiewski, P. Gordon. Inter-faith Council Universal brotherhood above individual creeds. 106 Newman Club For Catholic Students With an opportun- ity to increase the knowledge of their faith. • Row I: Rev. J. Daly. C.S.C., M. Miles. A. O ' Donnell, B. Bowen, Vice-Pres., L. Ferrara, Pres., R. Magill. Trees., M. Santaniello, G. Ragosta, Rev. J. Wiseman, C.S.C. • Row 2: Janet Bilodeau, C. Fletcher, J. Horton, P. O ' Brien, B. Storey, D. Smith, A. Perry, G. Nazareth, D. Herman, C. Saumur, F. Griffin, A. Alexandre, F. Colagiovanni, C. DiCotis. • Row 3: V. Lenge, K. O ' Brien, F. Kester, K. Rimer, R. Spileclci, D. Leys, R. Nardone, H. Gould, S. Filomow, G. Behrens, M. Berry. Hillel Foundation For Jewish Students Grouped together for the worship and recreation of ancient rites. • Row I: P. Dwyer, A. Bernstein, C. Silverman, M. Dresler, M. Lowitt, H. Penzell, E. Gorobzov, J. Kamens. • Row 2: C. Biggsen, S. Resnick, J. Vine, Co-Soc. Chair., F. Siegel, Rec. Sec., S. Schmuger, Vice-Pres., P. Gordon, Pres., S. Schupack, Corr. Sec., N. Temkin, Treas., E. Goldin, Soc. Chair., B. Amber, C. Meadow. • Row 3: N. Kastal, M. Horovitz, T. Levy, W. Packar, L. Friedman, S. Brown, H. Frank, P. Fleisig, L. Holtz, N. Ludman, R. Schwartz. • Row 4: L. Sugarman, I. Stone. B. Gordon, D. Sugarman, M. Rosenthal, R. Rosenberg, R. Resnick, A. Schafer, E. Black. 107 University of Rhode Island Former Canterbury Club • Row 1: E. Martin, C. Johnston, Vice-Pres., B. Winters, Pres., J. Barton, Sec., P. Gifford. • Row 2: D. Lonnie, J. Mills, P. Kenyon, F. Dring, D. Evans, S. Sutcliffe. • Row 3: S. Thompson, J. Allis, H. Fellows, E. Crooks, Canterbury Club for Episcopalian students and Student Fellowship for students of all religions merged to form the Christian Association Chapel Lenten Service. 108 Christian Association Former Student Fellowship • Row 1: S. Stauffer, M. Gulvin, J. Smith, C. Stauffer, M. Rougas. • Row 2: P. Anderton, K. Jones, M. Mills, Vice-Pres., W. Henry, Pres., E. Gilmore, Treas., H. Adams. • Row 3: A. Rose, D. Wansker, D. Steen, M. Brown, G. Wiley, A. Corry, J. Klages, R. Hackett, A. Avedesian, A. Heditsian, E. Phillips. with a hope that this may be a step toward all man- kind ' s peaceful union under God. C. A. Dinner — Mr. Will speaking on religious implication in modern drama. 109 ■t Living, working, sweating it out . . . Return- ing at the end of the day ... to relax, play a little, collect our thoughts, formulate ideas . . . Where personalities touch . . . comfort- ing, sympathizing, borrowing, lending, cooperating . . . 110 LIVING HOUSEMOTHERS: Mrs. R. O ' Reilly, Mrs. E. Coulter, Mrs. E. Weis.ert, Mrs. B. Wells. Mrs. M. Rous.h, Mrs. N. Hunt, Mrs. G. Quirk. 112 URI CO-ED Women ' s Dormitory Association L-R: B. Kimm, M. Brownridge, E. Diniz, P. Emerson. Panhellenic Association • Row 1: B. Good, V. Kennedy, M. Newmarker. • Row 2: N. Ludrnan, Treas., S. Sehmoger, N. Sibley, Pre ., P. Byrnes, Sec. • Row 3: N. Plante, I. Dixon, J. Thompson, R. Benson, G. Smith. 113 Alpha Delta Pi You most pay the rent! Memories, so they say, are the companion of old age, and as the Pi girls look back upon their four years, their memory books will be chuck full . . . ambles up " Annex Lane " to answer the call of the Union . . . the red sleigh and snowy trees, theme of the Black Diamond Ball . . . The sacrificing of their golden voices to sing bass in the Panhel- lenic sing . . . the things they learned in books; the things they learned outside of books ... all these will be foremost in the memories of each Alpha Delta Pi. Crystal beauty at the Black Diamond Ball • Row 7: S. Sahagian, ' 53. B. Cavanaugh, ' 54, S. Whitford, ' 54, B. McKenna, ' 52, G. Smith, ' 53, P. Brady, ' 54. • Row 2: M. Marshall, ' 52, E. Zambarano, ' 53, Mrs. E. Coulter, J. Fish, ' 53, P. Daigle, ' 53, Corr. See., A. Beckett, ' 52, Vice-Pres., M. Coxzolino, ' 52, Pres., D. Scott, ' 54, Rec. Sec., C. Reichelt, ' 53, Treas., A. Fitzgerald, ' 53, E. Gilmore, ' 54, E. Shea, ' 52. • Row 3: M. Briggs, ' 53, B. Champlin, ' 52, I. Dixon, ' 52, H. Mrozkowski, ' 52, N. Behrbohm, ' 54, 5. Kelley, ' 53, M. Mills, ' 54, C. Scott, ' 54, S. Bacon, ' 52, B. Johnson, ' 53, M. lannetta, ' 54. 114 Alpha Xi Delta Even though four years have whizzed by for the Alpha Xi Delts, how could they forget things like: the hustle bustle preparation for the Harvest Haunt and the orchestra that turned up in tuxes for this costume dance . . . the after din- ner musical hours featuring the Xi ' s and their ukes . . . the blistering bathing beauties competing for the title of " First Tan on Campus " . . . the front room with its combina- tion butt and date room, and first balcony for the fraternity serenades . . . most of all Mrs. Coulter, a wonderful house- mother and a ready fourth for bridge. Witching it at the Harvest Haunt 115 Chi Omega • Row I: M. Page, ' 53, N. Crandall, ' 52, P. Gifford, ' 54, J. Barton, ' 54, C. Joly, ' 54, A. Vartabedian, ' 54, C. Fletcher, ' 54, A. Easter- brooks. ' 52, J. Pease, ' 54. • Row 2: E. Murphy, ' 53, F. Hanff, ' 52, Treas., 5. Hultan, ' 52, Sec., Mrs. Hunt, N. Sibley, ' 52, Pres., S. Mangini, ' 52, Vice-Pres., P. Kenyon, ' S3, M. Freeman, ‘52, D. Clark, Soc. Chairman, H. Dyckman, ' 54. • Row 3: E. Steen, ' 54, N. Hodgson, S2, S. Loxley, ' S4, J. Blease, ' 52, J. Taber, ' 53, M. Mounce, ' 54, C. Coombs, ' 53, C. Herald, ' 54, B. Proctor, ‘52, R. Levasseur, ' 53, R. Rutledge, ' S3, C. Smith, ' 54. • Row: 4 J. Cavanaugh, ' 53, F. Leaders, ' 53, S. Thompson, S4, M. Gulvin, ' 54, J. Murdough, ' 54, J. Anderson, ' 54, B. Newman, ' 53, J. Thompson, ' 53, J. Anderson, ' 53, D. Cantwell, ' 54, N. Thomson, ' 53. If each Chi O were asked at the end of four years to jot down their most vivid memories, the pages would be filled with . . . impromptu vaudeville as another birthday is celebrated . . . aching muscles and loss of sleep as another Cabaret hits the campus . . . after date gab sessions with that much needed cigarette . . . You like the new shut- ters? Please, alto in the third row, just go through the motions, wanna ruin our chances? Although in June another volume is completed the graduat- ing seniors will always be able to thumb through the pages and relive each memory as if it were yesterday. Oh you kid! 116 Davis Hall • Row 1: l. Ludovici. ' 53, See., N. Thoyer, ' 52, Pres., M. McKenna, ' 53, Vice-Pres., A. Ricci. M. Swanson, ' 53, D. Wansker, ' 54, S. Carlson, ' S3, P., ' 52, R. Roniio, ' 54, S. Roniio, Mrs. Budlong, E. Gilman, ' 54. • Row 3: l. Rathbun, ' 54, M. Brownridge, ' 52, B. Wise, ' 52, V. Farr ' 52, V. Thompson, ' 52. ardi, ' 54. • Row 2: ' 53, A. Sweeney, ' 53, rar, ' 52, E. Quanstrom, The unique things about Davis Hall that made it unlike any other building on campus will never be known to incoming freshmen. It was a girl ' s dormitory, yet more men than women passed through its doors each day — the R. O. T. C. made the old fortress look like official headquarters . . . and then there is that familiar Who wants gifts — Pass the food medicinal odor wafting up from the infirmary and penetrating the building . . . Raymond ' s faithful tolling of the bell ... his patient smile as they run past him at 7:59 — And Mrs. Budlong ' s warm friendship which gave character to a housing unit which might have otherwise remained just another building on campus. Christmas loot inspection 117 Delta Zeta From climbing trees to string lanterns for their Tennis Ball to studying furiously the night before an exam involves the big white house in a constant hum of activ- ity — the impromptu parties complete with entertain- ment . . . hours of practice for the Panhellenic sing ... a quick polishing of the cups before the mother ' s club arrives . . . mass exodus to New York for the St. John ' s game . . . tricycle riding in the Sigma Chi Derby. These are all the little things which every D. Z. will remember after graduation. Before it got cold on the tennis courts. • Row 1: S. Scott, ' 54, J. Gleason. ' 54, J. Considine, ' 54, C. Pomner, ' 53, " Drufus " , J. Lundblad, ' 53, M. Newmarker. ' 52, E. Freeman. ' S3, A. Joslin, ' 54. • Row 2: P. Byrnes, ' 53, 2nd Vice-Pres., W. Barber, ' 53, Corr. Sec., H. Gilbert, ' 53, L. Ibbotson, ' 52, Vice-Pres.. Mrs. Wells, I. Majeau, ' 52, Pres., L. Cashman, ' 52, Rec. Sec., L. Moran, ' 52, Soe. Chair. • Row 3: N. Chatterton, ' 54, N. Parker, ' 54, E. Toegemann, ' 54, J. Berry, ' 54, 5. Davenport, ' 52, D. Usher, ' 52, B. Allen, ' 52, A. Buxton, ' 52, E. Rowan, ‘52, E. Bleisch, ' 54, M. Hulling, ' 53. 118 East Hall • Row 1: C. Kostokos, ' 53, T. Bruce, ' 55, P. McPeake, ' 53, B. Bowers, ' 55, E. Gorobzov, ' 55, N. Worrall, ' 52, C. Grills, ' 52, C. DeCoslis, ' 55. • Row 2: J. Dixon, ' 55, J. Hahn, ' 55, V. Amoral, ' 55, M. Marcy, ' 55, P. Colagiovanni, ' 54, Treas., P. Ogg, ' 55, Sec., P. Wilkey, ' 52, Pres., D. Herman, ' 55, Vice-Pres., P. Emerson, ' 52, R. Sciotto, ' 55, G. Lustie, ' 55, B. Champlin, ' 52. o Row 3: G. Garvey, ' 53, B. Whitman, ' 55, J. Aspinwall, ' 53, J. Arnold, ' 55, D. Pcckham, ' 54, M. Kinne, ' 55, B. Benoit, ' 53, B. Togemann, ' 55, L. Bernia, ' 55, J. Turgeon, ' 55, M. McCarthy, ' 55, J. LeVasseur, ' 52, J. Flynn, ' 55, E. Boerner, ' 55, M. Karklav, ' 55, C. Sivak, ' 55, M. Carson, ' 55, C. Saumur, ' 55. Events that will never go down in history, but which they will always remember at East Hall are: silly red berry fights that college girls persist in having — the agony of phone duty on date night — the merciless narrow closets the sud- den popularity of irons on the eve of the Tinsel Ball — the search for evergreen boughs — a little bow or two to perk up that tired old freshman gown — the May flowers droop- ing in the pails Sunday night brought about by the pre- warning of Seniors, " Remember kids. Presidential daffodils are taboo! " Spring, 1953 — Oh, to be in Kingston again! Greatest pastime — parties! 119 Eleanor Roosevelt Hall Through these portals pass the most girls on the campus of U. R. I. An X-ray view of the high red bricks shows a millenia of bee-hive activity . . . Niagara Falls (the overflowing Bendixes) . . . hide and seek with wastebaskets at room inspection time . . . rows of pin-curled heads line the front windows as a sweetheart is serenaded . . . Operator, Out on a limb Operator, I lost my last nickel . . . block it, he ' ll never know one foot ' s bigger than the other . . . The freshmen are frightened by it — The sophomores are used to it — The juniors are tired of it — and The mad party put on for frosh — " The Hooded Menace " with K. I. P. Jones. The seniors are going to miss it — E. R., that is! 120 Gamma Nu New doors swing open — New opportunities, new ideas and new experiences to be shared among a new group of girls. From four members, they have grown to " down the line pilgrimage " pro- portions. With the growing mem- bership has come inspiration for an interesting project and the achievement of high levels of scholastic standing. Although fashion magazines and historic novels crowd the textbooks off their desks, still the high marks keep rolling in. Their fresh young spirit closes them in a common bond and promises a successful future. • Row 1: M. Rougas, Corr. See., ' 53, J. Russo, ' 53. • Row 2: M. Fry, Advisor, A. Vuono, ' 52, Pres., B. Perrar, ‘53, Treas., M. Donatelli, ' 52, Vice-Pres., J. Smith, ' 53. • Row 3: E. Hennessey, Sec., ' 53, B. Balmer, ' 52. Keep those laugh lines coming . . . . OK Miss Kimball yoa. and. y oar ideas.. Famoas last words... I ' d never - be seen with my hair up ! Don ' t know how X ever got those room, demerits??? North Annex Twenty girls, housemother, mailman, janitor, Santa Claus and even Cupid manage occasionally to squeeze into the doors of what is affectionately called the " Chicken Coop " . (In relays of course!) Between studies, exams. Freshman parties, they ' re still able to relax and browse in the com- fortable coziness of their quaint residence. Look who got engaged! Casual browsing — what study breaks were invented for 122 Sigma Delta Tau Living is fun — here ' s the S. D. T. formula: Midnight halls bright from study lamps . . . nervous laughter . . . whining complaints . . . cold black coffee . . . Without these — what price finals? — One o ' clocks . . . Thank Goodness . . . walk now, don ' t run . . . you ' ll be on time — stifling yawns at 6 A. M. to sing to all the dream men — " Take off those crumby shoes, don ' t you see the new rug? . . . That ' s a privilege reserved for white bucks only, and talking of white bucks — hear this — women, rise again — again ( ) the mighty right-handed S. D. T. ' s slaughtered the obliging left- handed T. K. E. ' s. The sport of softball bites the dust! Get her, will ya • Row 1: S. Schmuger, ' 53, Sec., M. Dorkin, ' 52, J. Blackman, ' 53, Vice-Pres., N. Ludman, ' 52, Pres., L. Andelman, ' 53, Treas., S. Broomfield, 52, M. Young, ' 53. • Row 2: B. Blau, ' 53, G. Siegel, ' 54, J. Kamens, ' S3, R. Zelniker, ' 54, N. Kastal, ' 54, H. Penzell, ' 54, S. Schupack, ' 54, A. Bernstein, ' 52. • Row 3: E. Sweet, ' 54, L. Newman, ' 52, D. Schwartz, ' 54, J. Vine, ' 54, C. Biggsen, ' 53, L. Salk, ' 54, C. Katz, ' 53. 123 Sigma Kappa The leaves change color, the key turns, and the door opens once again, letting in sun-tanned girls whose lives are packed with football games and rallies . . . homespun barn dance decorated by kind unsuspecting farmers ... the collapsible chair which leaves its victims in a heap . . . the convention of mice who nearly forced them to move out . . . the eternal Christmas open house. call, " Who ' ll be a fourth " , . . . the May Break- fast with its strawberries . . . the race to the " John " to inscribe the newly pinned couple on its famous walls. As each graduating Sigma visualizes the brown house with red shutters, the invisible sign on the door will ever be present - " Welcome home, kids, we ' re glad to have you back. " Flash! South County farmers missing haystacks! 124 • Row 1: M. Lukotch, ' 54, S. Gottlieb. ' 54, H. Fradin. ' 54, L. Holtz, ' 54, L. Golden, ' 54, S. Horovitz. ' 54, G. Levinson, ' 54 M. Hoyman, ' 54, S. Cohen, ' 54. • Row 2: P. Gordon, ' 52, J. Halpert, ' 52, A. Schaffer, ' 52, E. Goldin, ' 52, J. Zendlovitz, ' 52 R. Berger, ' 52, Master K. Jackson, M. Gross, ' 52, Lieut. Master M. Pivnick, ‘52, Scribe, H. Gold, ' 52, Treas., D. Pokras, ' 52 5. Resnick, ' 54. • Row 3: S. Norman, ' S3, H. Frank, ' 53, I. Guterman, ' 52, E. Black, ' 53, S. Brown, ' 53, B. Rosen, S3 P. Silverman. ' 53, S. Summer, ' 54, R. Black, ' 53, A. Soforenko, ' 54, E. Sheffres, ' 53, N. Temkin, ' 53, R. Grossman, ' 53 H. Grossman, ' 53. • Rcw 4: M. Naigur, ' 54, J. Zarum, ' 54. A. Wolf, ' 53, S. Bornstein, ' 54, M. Albert, ' 54, J. Markel. ' 54 H. Bernstein. ' 53, R. Rosenberg, ' 54, R. Resnick, ‘54, A. Block, ' 54, M. Blasbalg, ' 54, G. Rosenthal, ' 54, B. Gordon, ' 52 T. Blume, ' 54, A. Pitterman, Advisor. In ' 28, the year of knickers and cotton argyle socks, AEPi was founded on this campus . . . Although most of our members were voted " Most likely to recede " we received the men ' s scholarship cup for 1950-51 . . . We have the best files on campus . . . The Interfraternity Cup also brought more brass and silver for the pledges to shine. We now boast of the most muscle-bound elbow pledge class on campus. It ' s been a good year for ole AEPi, yes sir, one of the best. Tennis, anyone? 128 mirnt • Row I: C. Boronian, ' 52, C. Sorensen, Soc. Ch., ' 53, 0. Stevens, ' 53, Treas., R. Boffa, ' 52, Vice-Pres., W. Lavergne, ' 53, Pres., H. Spring, ' 53, Sec., J. Clayton, ' 53, D. Guinan, ' 52. • Row 2: E. Hanke, ' 53, R. Harootunian, ' 53, B. Scola, ' 54, G. Kenyon, ' 54, W. Spring, ' 54, A. Marchetti, ' 54, W. Reilly, ' 54, W. Vassilopoulos, ' 54, T. McHugh, ' 54. • Row 3: C. Chase, ' 53, P. Watjew, ' 54, M. Arndt, ' 54, S. Parzkowski, ' 54, J. DelSilva, ' 53, C. Brown, ' 54. Alpha Tau Gamma No more stage fright for the Alpha Tau ' s . . . they ' re up and at them in the Mayoralty Campaign . . . pledge paddles, pledges hide them, brothers find them . . . " Bring ' em down " is the cry as they file in for cross-examination. " You pledge, where were you at two minutes after 12? " — What day? " I ' m not the Indian I thought I was! " " Never mind what day, just answer the pertinent question " . . . good times, gripes, disagreements, loyalties, the well-cropped lawn, the bright orange flag, the Christmas carols over the loud- speaker — all make up a part of their lives which every Alpha Tau will never forget. 129 • Row I: J. DelNigro, ' 54, C. Buccini, ' 52, O. DiNunzio, ' 53, A. DiPippo, ' 54, V. longo. ' 54, R. Morchiondo, ' 53. C. DeLuca, ' 53, J. Pezzullo, ' 53, J. Cipriano, ' 54, L. Lozzi, ' 54. • Row 2: E. DeLuca, ' 53, R. Rossi, ' 53, J. Silvestri, ' 53, A. Catuogno, ' 52, Sec., Prof. Cieurzo, D. Testa, ' 52, Pres., R. Zambarono, ' 52, Viee-Pres., R. Caduto, ' 52, Treas., L. Mazzucchelli, ' 53, R. Sarni, ' 53, • Row 3: R. DiSpirito, ' 53, A. Grills, ' 53, W. Capuono, ' 52, A. Giorgi, ' 52, E. Mendillo, ' 54, L. Rignanese, ' 54, J. DiMase, ' 54, L. Ferrara, ‘53, J. Baxter, ' 54, N. Vuono, ' 54, J. Bruno, ' 53. R. Negris, ' 53, R. Fargnoli. ' 54, R. Fiore, ' 53. Beta Psi Alpha, a caricaturist ' s dream come true. Mr. Wheeler tore into the crew with . . . ah, those noses . . . those beards . . . those crops of hair. He should have stuck around for dinner, if he wanted shocks. The java is so bad that the steward lists it at the bottom Bedtime story . . . Once there was an athlete . . . Music Maestro, please of the menu as, " You know what. " However, despite mad cartoonists and demented stewards, the one joy in their lives is listening to the tinny refrains from the " piano " the pledges took apart, resassembling with eight screws left over. How they manage that bagpipe tone quality is beyond us all. 130 The Big Red House . . . where toothpaste is king and God helps the wake-up men . . . where once a year it ' s Dodge City and everybody slaps leather . . . we ' ve got a new leaf and the memories of a blood-red past . . . Whizz and her scrambled eggs before we ride to classes . . . floors were made to sleep on . . . Down go the grades ... it happens every spring . . . Just show me the way Lambda Chi Alpha 131 Phi Gamma Delta • Row I: H. Cook, ' 52, R. Lundren, ' 54, E. Devolve, ' 52, R. Boden, ' 53, R. Popp, ' 54, J. Korsren, ' 53. • Row 2: E. Ellis, ' 52, R. Munz, ' 52, J. Wood, ' 52, Ree. Sec., Mrs. Underwood, E. Molloy, Pres., ' 52, A. Huggord, ' 52, Treas., F. Cherms, ' 52, Corr. Sec., I. Collins, ' 52, G. Werner, ' 52. • Row 3: E. Ciesla, ' 53, G. Hodges, ' 54, R. Sullivan, ' 54, J. Pickup, ' 52, B. Violl, ' 53, J. Anderson, ' 52, R. Ravenall, ' 53, D. Smith, ' 53, E. Quigley, ' 53, K. Marshall, ' 53, R. Lagerquist, ' 54. • Row 4: F. Murray, ' 53, R. Millar, ' 52, J. McElroy, ' 52, H. Stead, ' 53, S. Williamson, ' 53, B. Belling, ' 53, D. Dunn, ' 54, L. Higgins, ' 54, A. Roche, ' 53, R. Nolan, ' 53, R. Mitchell, ' 53, C. Stewart. ' 52. • Row 5: R. Millar, ' 54, H. Knowles, ' 54, G. Archibald, ' 52, E. Hole, ' 52, R. Wagner, ' 52, P. Poitras, ' 53. Sunday night, and all the " weekend commuters " hit the house again. It ' s hard to categorize the engineers, since we don ' t see them from one week to the next. There are various species of Fijis here, the Aggie type, up early every morning keeping the Rhody cows con- Remember boys, 3d a letter. tented — the traveling salesman. Bus Ads, seen all over campus. At the twenty-second hour, all good Fijis can be seen migrating in procession to the happy hunting grounds — The Student Union. Mom talks it over 132 Phi Kappa Theta Harbored in the " gracious living " lodgings on the hill. Phi Kappa Theta is the youngest fraternity on the campus. Along with attempts to de-number their long- range pedestrian pledges, and keeping the " Dear To the shower, boys — John " bulletin board heavy with carefree retorts, the Phi Kaps gave their first vie dance, " The Eye Opener " , another gay social event to add to our collection of unique good times. 133 Phi Mu Delta • Row I: W. Hoss. ' 53. R. Hackctt, ' 54. R. Bubo, ' 53, J. Greene, ' 54, H. Boghosion, ' 54. H. Holt, ' 54, P. Klonion, ' 54, L. Shishmonion ' 53. • Row 2: J. Mitchell, ' 54. J. Kelliher, ' 54, H. Lonsdale, ' 52, W. Johnson. Treas.. ' 52, 5. Aldrich, ' 52, Pres., R. DeWolf. E. Nelson ' 52, Vice-Pres., G. Wiley, ' 53, Sec.. D. Potter, ' 52, J. McCauley. ' 53, A. Avedesian, ' 53. • Row 3: N. Bradstreet, ' 54. R. Shaw, ' 54 B. Park, ' 52, C. Griffin, ' 54, R. Webster, ' 53, M. Read, ' 54, R. Linner, ' 53, A. Tingley, ' 53. P. Wilson, ' 53, A. Carry, ' 53, L. Boghossian ' 53, R. Malenfant, ' 53, M. Sarkesian, ' 53. • Row 4: A. Thompson. ' 52, N. Ekman, ' 54, A. Johnson, ' 53, B. Corbett, ' 54, R. Stoats, ' 52 N. Cult, ' 53, C. Lemmer, ' 54, G. Ledwidge, ' 54. G. Brown, ' 54, L. Maxcy, 54, J. Taber, ' 52, T. Meyer, 52. The small sized white pueblo with the large sized insides . . . home of the pizza wielding Fiesta boys . . . here Sooky runs rampant . . . and social chairmen forget chaperones . . . while young ladies wait on the porch as said social chairmen remember chaperones . . . also bull sessions . . . down the line . . . floor burns They ' re at it again from Rodman . . . the colors are black and orange . . . the pledges are black and blue . . . furthermore the shower room is crowded . . . fraternity pins given away . . . Face lifting 134 Phi Sigma Kappa Take twenty-one assorted " homo sapiens " , mix well and dump them into the quaint colonial structure at the corner of Bayberry and Upper College Road and you have the complement of Phi Sig for 1952. They have engineers, bus ads, liberals, aggies, and scientists, but what has become of the vet? He ' s all but extinct The end of a day — he ' s become a legend — someone the new pledges know about, but never lived with. There will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth come June when Phi Sigs three vets (the last of the old guard) get their sheepskin . . . and as they walk across the stage they ' ll look over their shoulder with a sly wink and say, " Okay kiddies, the campus is yours. " • Row 1 ■ A. Pusateri, ' 51, R. Peck, ' 52, R. Fuller, ' 54, G. White, ' 54, J. Eldridge, ' 52, T. Rust, ' 54, C. Lyons, ' 54, E. Machado, ' 54 • Row 2- A. Hutcheon, ' 53, E. Poole, ' 52, Sec., S. Howe, ' 52, J. Jagschitr, ' 52, Pres., R. Bell, D. Steen, ' 52, Vice-Pres., R. Ruggiero, ' 52, A. Chrones, ' 53, Treas. • Row 3: W. Slight, ' 53, K. Howe, ' 52, J. Shields, ' 53, M. Natale, ' 52, H. Berry, ' 53, J. Jones, ' 54, R. lees, ' 53, R. Nardone, ' 52, M. Gardiner, ' 54. 135 Rho lota Kappa • Row 7: W. Dacota, ' 54, D. Steere, ' 52, W. Barber, ' 54, H. O ' Brien, ' 54, R. Jones, ' 54, R. Redding, ' 54. • Row 2: V. Bruno, ' 54, N. LaGueux, ' 53, D. Roche, ' 52, B. Foster, ' 52, Sec., R. Corr, ' 52, Pres., T. Conroy, ' 52, Vice-Pres., A. Falcone, ' 53, Treas., K. O ' Brien, ' 52, F. McPhillips ' 52, A. Panteleakos, ' 53. • Row 3: A. D ' Amico, ' 52, D. Tinty, ' 52, A. Towncnd, ' 54, J. Lixotte, ' S3, R. Magill, ' 53, J. Bauer, ' 53, S. Blecharczyk, ' 54, V. Magioli, ' 53, J. Redding, ' 53. • Row 4: R. Spilecki, ‘52, B. Hopper, ' 54, H. Ransom, ' 54, J. Hillstrom, ' 52, W. Sardelli, ' S3. • Row 5: G. Teokos, ' 53, R. Richards, ' 54, R. Roy, ' 53. Like veritable human ping-pong balls, the boys of P.I.K. since their advent on campus in 1908, have bounded around from lean-to to lean-to until ' 27 when the present day hut- ment was occupied. Then one day a rare being emerged ... a social minded male . . . and started on elaborate plans for a house ball. The old story Decorations . . . tinsel . . . streamers . . . strewn on the floor, ready for hanging . . . but alas never to be hung. As guests poured into the jungle of junk on the floor, the aghast mem- bers resourcefully changed the name to the Nut House Bawl. Since that night, P.I.K. has annually been the scene of a delightful soiree of wild abandon, to the complete joy of all who bless those lazy first P.I.K. ' s. Union bound 136 YoiiVe heard of I he lost generation V. Sigma Alpha Epsilon We all came back to the ole Sig House this fall and found it in the same place ... the town of Kingston hadn ' t taken it. Memories? Plenty of them . . . those vie dances with the ole, worn out records and too many chaperones. The tea when the Freshman girls outnumbered us 5 to 1 . Some poor sap said, " Gee, that ' s too bad. " The " Sea-Weed Shuffle " , Can anyone hit high C? the sports season. Homecoming, and other bits of confu- sion that faded when the beach days came around. When the school year comes to a close, the boys look more like Narragansetts than King Phillip ' s followers themselves. Did you say memories? . . . Another senior, another link 138 Sigma Chi Sigma Chi . . . that brings to mind a million important and unimportant things. Work parties . . . paint . . . shine . . . wax . . . wash . . . move the couch, the girls are coming tonight. Pledge, sweep the stairs . . . dust those shelves . . . Have you got the stat exam from the files? I can ' t go down the line. I could put off the books Sigma Chi sweetheart dance . . . O. K., let ' s go! We got the intramural cup ... all out for the scholarship cup. Homecoming display . . . Sweetheart formal . . . vie dances . . . Barbary Coast Ball . . . Rush it! Only three years left. Meeting! Meet- ing! Hurry or you ' ll be fined. Yep . . . Sigma Chi, it brings to mind a myriad of wonderful memories. Gentlemen of leisure 139 • Row I: J. Collon, ' 54, P. Homan, ' 53, W. MacBrayne, ' 54, A. Ewart, ' 54, J. Callahan, ' 54, C. Munroe, ' 53, D. McDade ' 54, W. Gray, ' 54. • Row 2: M. Rathen, ' 54, H. Lomas, ' 52, J. Conary, ' 53, R. Nordquist, ' 52, Set., G. Nazareth, ' 52 Pres., J. Olson, ' 52, Treas., H. Cory, ' 52, Vice-Pres., K. Neal, ' 52. • Row 3: R. Johnson, ' 52, A. Perry, ' 54, R. DeLarm •52, 5. Filonow, ' 54, D. Verrier, ' 54, D. Maymon, ' 53, R. Evitts, ' 54, K. Bertth, ' 54, C. Coggeshall, ' 52, E. Lewis, ' 53 • Row 4 : J. leduc, ' 54, M. Perry, ' 52, R. Steinberg, ' 54, H. Burr, ' 53, D. McKenzie, ' 54, R. Edberg, ' 54, R. Miner, ' 52 G. Behrens, ' 54. Sigma Pi moved into Doc. Pease ' s old corral and chicken house last September and the greatest show on earth started . . . what you can ' t do with a place of your own. They sunk their teeth into the intramural foot- ball season this year . . . exiting toothless. Manager TV lounging Perry feebly says, " We were tired from our moving! " Homecoming . . . and their float floated alright. Friday night parties are no more . . . first semester grades prompted a firm abstinence, sworn over a case of coke. Students? 140 Tau Kappa Epsilon The big, white Teke house is chuck full of memories. The softball game with SDT was so stimulating that we plan to add football next year. Even the dances are getting better. The girls are managing to pull their feet away faster than we can step Stamping out the sheafs on them. We didn ' t catch a cup for sports, but we caught plenty from the campus cops; they mistake our sings to Teke Sweethearts for riots. Next year, no harmonizing. Our few unattached seniors have learned how to fall into a woman ' s arms without falling into her hands; you might say their education is complete. Plumber ' s brigade 141 Tau Epsilon Phi • Row I: S. Miller, ' 52, S. Blank, ' 53, Vice-Pres., D. Rubien, ' 52, Pres., Mr. Myer, Dr. liter, B. Gerstenblatt, ' 52, B. Gollis, ' 52, L. Thomas, ' S3, Rec. Set. • Row 2: R. Williamson, ' S3, R. Kudish, ' 52, R. Zester, ' 52, D. Tanenbalm, ' 53, E. Limmer, ' 53, F. Jarvis, S3, M. Barad, ' 52, R. Zexter, Corr. Sec. • Row 3: H. Kudish, ' S3, B. Pina, ' 54, H. Salk, ' 54, B. Mendes, ' 54, H. Waltzman, ' 54, A. Factor, ' 54. The brothers and pledges of Tep have finally accomplished one of their greatest aims — the acquisition of a fraternity house. Since the advent of the illustrious Gene Sherman, every member of the fraternity has been classified some- where and anywhere in the phylum of fauna from protozoa through the reptiles to the highest and largest of land animals. Each of these animal ' s natural calls have been practiced and memorized until one may occasionally hear the bloodcurdling thunder of the bull elephant calling across the quadrangle to the meek aardvaark for the dollar he owes him. This year the fraternity improvement cup tops our mantle. We ' ll keep trying and keep winning for TEP. Pride in winning the Fraternity Improvement Cup 142 A Max Sennett movie would be mild stuff compared to what goes on behind the walls of most men ' s housing units. Only in a grade B movie would you see, at the gala opening of the house for its first vie dance, a sudden downpour of water through the social room ceiling ... no explanations given. Buffooning at the Beaux-Arts Ball " That ' s the price, take it or leave it " Guests and all experienced that escapade, but only the men inside the big walls are exposed to Stew- ard Gifford ' s " tres interesante " disguises of " camoflague du beans au frankfort " . Better save that French touch for the Beaux Arts Ball. Theta Chi 143 Polygon • Row I: R. Amecn, W. Vargas, M. Gross, W. Lavergne. • Row 2: l. Boghossian, E. Limmer, G. Nazareth, Viee- Pres., R. Bcffa, Pres., R. Swanson, Sec., A. Hammarlund, Dr. Pease. • Row 3: T. Quigley, R. Mulvey, D. Maymon, N. LaGucux, A. Catuagno, J. Cranshaw, N. McPhillips- Man in his modern environment Career vs. Korea? 144 From a Man ' s Point of View 145 Women ' s Athletic Association 9 Row 7: P. Colwell, V. Kennedy, E. Phillips, J. Thompson, L. Bailie. • Row 2 : M. Mills, B. DeVries, J. Oglesby, C. Panzner, Soe. Ch., J. Blease, Pres., E. Bleisch, Sec.-Treas., B. Good, Vice-Pres., B. Allen. • Row 3: J. Kenyon, A. Buxton, A. lewis, E. Steen, G. LeMaire, A. Sweeney, J. Moran, J. Martin, A. Heditsian, P. Heath, N. Hodgson. Take your pick ladies, what will it be? — hockey, riflery, tennis, softball, basketball, volleyball, or modern dance. The Women ' s Athletic Association, led this year by Joan Blease, offers all these sports to our women athletes. Barbara Good had the job of tabulating points accumulated by our energetic W. A. A. girls and it is here that a note of warning be injected to any defenseless and unmuscled male on campus — if that angelic little number you ' ve been dating suddenly turns up in a blue and white Planning Field Day 148 blazer, watch your step, son! That blazer means your defenseless little darling has acquired 2000 points in her athletic activities. Doubtless, beneath that innocent exterior and sweet smile, you ' ll find a muscle of magnitude, a sinew of steel. Take heed, young man, take heed. According to the amount of jackets, along with shields and keys awarded for a lesser number of points which are presented at the annual W. A. A. Banquet held in Mrs. Gardiner, Miss Massey, Miss Henson figuring W. A. A. activities Awarding W. A. A. honors the Spring, it is safe to say that the weaker sex is fast becoming nothing but a phrase with which to ensnarl the poor, deluded male population on campus. During the University Open House, the Women ' s Athletic Association displayed an array of equipment ranging from rifles to goatskin tom- toms, and with the increasing number of capable participants in the various sports, there is no tell- ing what national syndicate has its eye on the Entertaining visiting teams 149 Outstanding Women Athletes Jim Thorpe! Knute Rockne! Babe Ruth! Movies have been made, histories have been written, and their names are on the lips of every sports enthusiast. But what about the great women athletes that this country has produced? Do they acquire the proper recognition that is due them? This year we have taken it upon ourselves to do something about this dire situation, so into the women ' s gym office we went to dig out the hidden potentialities of our female students, and after many difficult weeks of deliberation, we decided upon the names of Avis Buxton, Doris Atkinson, and Pat Heath with Barbara Johnson and Eleanor Phillips as close runners-up. These girls have made their four years at the University of Rhode Island ones of enthusiastic participation in many fields of activity. They are familiar figures on the baseball dia- mond, outstanding participants in field hockey, dexterous with a tennis racket, agile on the basketball court, lithe in a pair of leotards, limber with a badminton racket, and able to handle a volleyball with precision. For instance, have you ever seen Avis ' elusiveness on the hockey field? It is a dramatic moment as all eyes watch her keep that ball effectively away from her opponents for a 30 yd. span, then, one powerful drive and the ball smashes through the Avis Buxton, hard driver goalie ' s legs and into that cage! For her continuous work in field hockey. Avis was sent to hockey camp in 1950. Her interest in other sports have been contributing factors in helping her to win a shield, key, and finally her jacket. On the basketball court, we have another sport enthusiast, Doris Atkinson, who handles the ball with precision control as she swiftly covers the court. But wait — look out for that form — it ' s tricky. One would think that her unorthodox style would be detrimental to her game, but her form belies its effect and quicker than the eye, she drops them in, clean as a whistle. Doris also has proven herself an all-round athlete and for her achievements she too, has earned her shield, key, and jacket, a difficult goal for any girl to attain. On the archery field, Pat Heath is URI ' s gift to Sherwood forest, and she too, for being proficient in many other sports, was awarded her jacket in her junior year. Perhaps the reason that these girls have attained such heights in the field of sports is that besides being dynamic leaders, they follow instructions intelligently and are irre- placeable pals on any team. Doris Atkinson, gal with the unorthodox form 150 House field hockey champs When twenty-two young ladies are thrown together in a small area approximately 100 yards by 25, one can expect either a jabbering gab fest or a jumble of arms and legs. Except for a few whacks at opponent ' s ankles and desperate body blocks, URI girls manage to keep the game of field hockey a favorite. Basketball, another favorite, gets under way as soon as it gets too dark to see the hockey ball, and with this sport, the skill of each player is observable at close range. Interest in the games reach fever pitch as the final play offs approach and Lippitt gym is often lined with spectators and rooters, " screaming on " their team. Grunts, groans, and screams are heard, as the floors of Lippitt sway under the weight of sixteen avid volley- ball enthusiasts eagerly straining to keep the ball from High stepping 151 touching the floor. As the shouts of " let ball " , " two hands, " " side out " , and sometimes " point " , are called, one realizes that the inter-house and inter-class com- petition provides spirited, but good-natured rivalry. As March approaches, badminton racquets and birdies are dusted off, ready for the annual tournament. Long unused arm muscles suddenly go to work and then the aches begin. An active game for speedy players, bad- minton leads the way for the more robust game of tennis. As much a part of college equipment as the Frosh beanie or chem lab manual is the inevitable tennis racquet, put to good use by tennis enthusiasts as soon as the first warm day rolls around. There ' s something about springtime and a wooden frame that gets the girls up at 6:00 A.M. for a " fast one " . URI may yet produce a Gussie Moran. Added to the women ' s physical education program is a new unit . . . Modern Dance, established for those interested in keen body coordination and control, training in rhythms and dance mood. This activity has increasingly become more popular; so much so, that leotards become standard equipment replacing the traditional white shorts. Talking about shorts . . . don ' t be seen on the archery field with anything but a fringed suede shirt. From Pocahontas to Annie Oakley, is not a long range in our U. S. history, but the rifle range beneath Rodman for the pistol packing gals, could be a little longer. 152 Co-eding on the volleyball court line with Evelyn " Never miss, it ' s costly " Wittig man- aging the team from the spotting desk. Fifty feet down the lanes th e targets flutter in the gentle draft as the gals prepare to Tire, dressed in the typical garb of the West — levis, split saddle shoes and the old man ' s best white shirt. Remember girls, it ' s leap year and every shot counts . . . the girls admit modestly, as they " chaw " on empty cartridge shells. Invading the back room of Rodman, as they bypass the defenseless males being outfitted for ROTC uniforms, are Captain Jeanne " Dead Eye " Moren directing a fire order of Jane " Hair Trigger " LeVasseur and Kaybee " Kill ' em Dead " Cook on the Spring . . . Tennis " Dead Eye ' s " conferring 153 MEN ' S ATHLETICS Around the skeleton, the beginning of an era . . On the field the memories of the past .... the click of a ball on bat cinder-dust and flashing blue — Super Bulleit finds trouble TRACK Opening the season with an overpowering victory over P. C., the Rams went forward to win the Yankee Con- ference crown by a wide margin, and placing a very strong second in the N. E. Championship meet at Springfield. With Harvard, R. I. lost their only dual meet, but a winning toss by Marv Broomfield in the javelin was the deciding factor for the defeat of Springfield. Elements against us, Al Wiley ' s top performance of 9.6 seconds 100 yard dash was discounted because of heavy tailwinds, but all other events helped compensate for that disappointment. Ups come — downs come, but we still reign over the mighty Springfield Indians. 156 side of Meade Field. Overall strength in field events with the victories Champion teams, " Toots " specialty of Wiley and Lister accounted for the easy win. R. I. remained undefeated in Yankee Conference competition with an overwhelming 61 point total with Ted Myers establishing a record in the shot while Wiley suffered his first defeat of the season and Linne continued a winner in the pole vault. An invaluable contribution to the success of the Cross Country team was the eligibility of Fresh- men who showed their stuff this fall as top varsity performers. 157 In his final performances, Ray Lister captured first in three, and second in the other three of six dual meets, while Rocco Negris, the only other upperclassman in the first five, was a consistent runner-up. Frosh, Anton, Tremblay, Smith and the Conde twins turned in fine performances as the squad defeated Springfield, Ford- ham, Brown, UConn and Harvard, B. C. and Holy Cross in a quadrangular meet. They also were the top New England team in the IC4A in New York. Performances of Gerry Ferreira in the high jump and Bob Linne ' s " the sky ' s the limit " vaulting highlighted the winter track. Indoor meets returned home for the first time since 1935 as the Rams met Harvard and Fordham on our new board track. Final instructions from Toot 158 FOOTBALL Saturday afternoon football, highlight of the fall calendar, at its finest in 1951 as a new era overcame the college com- munity with the arrival of Coaches Hal Kopp and Ed Doherty. After bringing the Rams to victory in three of eight contests and before returning to Uncle Sam, Kopp initiated a selling campaign which brought a record number of frosh potentials into the hands of Ed Doherty in the fall of 1951. Coach Ed Doherty Kopp planned for the future Doherty, a former All-American quarterback at Boston College and head coach at Arizona State College at Tempe, went right to work to develop a fast hard-fighting club. The cry of " Beat Brown " imme- diately became the battle cry as the green freshmen fought hard to gain a spot on the varsity and prove their ability as good football material. After many long hours of fall practice and two previous losses, the Rams ran against an undefeated New Hampshire and proceeded to set them back, 27-0 . . . preview of the season to come. 159 • ■ ■ a scoring play Drive, drive, drive The Yankee Conference declaration of elig- ibility of Freshmen had its effect on football as over 85 candidates reported to Coach Doherty in the fall, giving URI a giant share of Rhode Island high school ball players. As the men reported they received their assignments and equipment and went right to work with both mental and physical drills. This was the beginning, as Doherty taught them how to play football and play it hard. Slick wants them light Squaring thing, away 160 Facing the Goliath of the Yankee Confer- ence, the Rhody eleven had their second home encounter with New Hampshire ' s unde- feated team in nine starts and a favorite to repeat their role this year. Under the guidance of Sopho- more Ed Fratto, the Rams forgot their rec- ord with Pat Abbruzzi running wild and Herm Grabert on the receiv- ing end of two fine passes. Whose necks? 161 162 Prior to the victory over New Hampshire and near miss at Brown the Rams had lost two games to Northeastern and Maine. Confident of victory over the Massachusetts Redmen, Rhody received their hardest setback at Amherst in a wide-open contest. The Springfield Indians were the Homecom- ing visitors and got off to a 19-7 lead at half- time in a sea of mud. Sparked by Art Roche, the Rams came back to soak out a victory with freshmen, Dick Gough and Bill Daly, running through the wide-open Springfield line. Mayor Willie Gerstenblatt dressed for the game and was ready for action, but his services were not required. Right through the middle 163 The Frosh didn ' t miss a game. • Row 1 : B. Good, C. Angell, J. Dunk lee, Ramoses V, J. Randall, A. Dennelle, J. Lundblad. • Row 2: P. King, J. Oglesby, J. Carlesi, S. Jackson. The end of the season . . . it ' s time to have that one last rally. Send the team off to UConn to repeat their 1950 upset and then remember the float parades . . . the mild indifference of the Ram . . . the pep talks from the old guard . . . the coach ' s fiery words, snake dances, his honor ' s promises, burning effigy in the roaring flames . . . and then, early to bed for the team. It was a great game at Storrs, but the trophy went to UConn. Pershing Pistol in parade 164 R. I. Club Step right this way! Get your programs! Can ' t tell the players without a program! Hot dogs, coffee, peanuts — and then step right this way, sink a basket, win a cigar, drive the nail through the board, ring the bell, show your strength — These are the words coined by the R. I. Club members in their role as hosts at all athletic events and the annual Homecoming Carnival, while " pass the steak " sets the course of the evening at the R. I. Banquet, as Coach Keaney awaits the call to give out his enjoyable tales of yesterday. Hit the nail on the head! R. I. Club Award to the bus driver — Thanks for the lift . . Step right this way 165 Basketball " When they were good they were very, very good . . . when they were bad, they were horrid " — In that short phrase can be summed up the 1951-52 Univer- sity basketball campaign, full of many close and see-saw contests which saw the Rams in either side of the winning margin. However, Rodman Hall never reached the hanging from rafters stage as in past seasons, although the Haire- men played their best brand of ball against UConn, Providence, Penn State, Boston College and St. Joseph ' s in the confines of the cracker box. No longer were they invincible at home as proven by Springfield et al. Billy hit 1000 The starting 5 in action But the fans had the spirit as the stamping of feet and the cues of " Roll it up " produced totals over the century mark. Bill Baird scored his 1000th point against P. C. as Fred Con- gleton poured in 36 points in the same contest keeping close behind Bill in their scoring spree. Co-captains Ed Hole and Chuck Steward wound up their collegiate careers playing on a New England all-star team against the famed Harlem Globetrotters. Practice under the board 166 Baird stuns ' em Opening the season with St. Joseph ' s, the Rhody quintet dropped the first of thirteen losses in an overtime contest. Rhode Island basketball famed for the fast-break, drew national attention as Marty Glickmen and Bert Lee delivered a play by play broadcast from Kingston over the nation ' s largest network as Boston College set back URI for its second loss. Internationally, Kingston fans enjoyed the spirited play of a touring Puerto Rican squad which displayed some of the fastest and shortest players in present day basketball. Ready — break — 167 By the end of the fall semester the tradi- tional Holy Cross game ended five points of an upset, the journey to Madison Square Garden was a memory, the accurate shooting of Springfield ' s Alan Shutts had been felt — Boston College escaped a close call — New Hampshire and Vermont had felt the sting of south- ern New England and UConn was upset at Rodman. The Huskies, up from Storrs, were a strong pre-game favorite and quickly rolled ahead of the slowing Rams. Coming back in the second half, a zone defense and a fast breaking attack led by Congleton, Baird and Rossi closed the gap as Dan Dunn knotted the count in the final seconds. Playing to the frenzy of the crowd the miracle lads out-scored and out-fought the Huskies in overtime play. Only through the extreme efforts of Hank Soar, referee did the game end in control. We want more 168 Successive losses to St. Joseph ' s and Bucknell followed quickly by victories over P. C. and Mass State opened the second semester. With the Yankee Conference virtually ours, the boys of blue were set-back by New Hampshire and a UConn victory on Yokabaskas night gave the crown to the Huskies. Brown whipped a cockey five in Providence before the Hairemen caught fire again to defeat P. C. and Brown for the state title. 169 Hockey For the second season hockey interest has been enough to warrant an active club. Under a regular for the first time, the pucksters showed fine improvement through the season. Highlight of the year was the 8-5 defeat of the Army Plebes and active play in the Providence Amateur League. D. Nolan, Cap . Dinger, D. Roche, F. Curry, M. Cassidy, J. Pezzulo. Led by Captain Fred Dinger, the University had its best season in many years, winning 5 out of 8 matches. All the matches were close as the clubmen upset Trinity in the outstanding match of the season. Dinger was third in the qualifying round of the NEIC as the team took 12th honors. 170 Although winning only three of their eight matches, the netmen were able to gain victories over New Hamp- shire and Connecticut to become the top team in the Yankee Conference. Inclement weather was a dis- couraging factor throughout the season. Bob Love and Ed Hole, outstanding men on the team, developed into one of the top New England doubles combinations. Al Pinheiro progressed rapidly throughout the season and combining with Jerry Loeber as the second doubles team, went undefeated. The Salt Pond boathouse became a spring and fall haven for many R. I. skippers as sailing increased throughout the campus. Navigated by Commodore Had Gately, the sailing teams took active part in the NEICSA, sailing varied regattas in home and distant waters. Squalls — Wash out Jeff Davis 171 Baseball • Row I: Coach Palladino, Jusczyk, Murray, Mend Petrarca. • Row 2: Panciera, Ncgris, Rossi, Cor isolillo, Murphy, McElroy, Servant, DiSpirito, irone, Malafonte, Bernstein, Wright. Co-Captain Ira Murphy Despite the efforts of " ole man winter " to keep the Ram-nine penned in, the warm spring breeze brought a twenty-six man squad out of the " Rodman infield " conditioning for the road ahead. Returning for their final season were Co-Capts. Ira Murphy and " Weeping " Ray Mansolillo aided by " Jolting " Joe McElroy and Joe " Hustles " Gulizio. Opening day placed the Rams in direct opposition to the big bats of Brown. In a thrill-packed contest on the " Polar " field the Rams dropped a twelve inning 5-4 squeaker to the Bears, in ideal football weather. In spite of these adverse conditions the game took the shape of a mid-season pitcher ' s duel. But as the season grew older the lack of a winning battery combina- tion and the ineffectiveness of " Rookies " took their toll. 172 Pitch to me baby Power plus — Sharing the mound roles throughout the season were John Varone, Dick Malafonte, Rocco Negris and Ray Jusczyk, while on the receiving end were Bob DiSp irito and Ken Panciera, but Coach Paladino was unable to formulate a winning combination. As the season came to a close the Paladinomen were on the short end of a seven and ten record. Following the opening engagement the team built up a three game winning streak including an outburst of power over Boston University, a shutout at Maine and a 3-2 retaliation at Brown. Billy Servant and Ira Murphy were the powers at the plate as the diamond men showed perfect form in placing heads-up ball. Time, by hitting, errorless fielding, speed on the base- path, hit and run and squeeze me home, all played an important role in a polished begin- ning. 173 Suffering bad breaks, failing to hit in the clutches plus the loss of the early Co-captain " Weepy " Ray season polish pushed the Rams to the .300 mark as they lost nine of the remaining thirteen games. Highlights of the season to be remembered are: Jim Murray ' s triple play against Boston College, a fast moving Rhubarb filled with punch - and pushing at Bates, an unexpected arrival of Spring- field at Kingston for a game scheduled on the Indians reservation, winning squeeze play tomahawked Massachusetts ' Redmen, the 22 hit bombardment of Northeastern and the constant struggle to adjust to the playing conditions of the new diamond, avoiding steel girders, drainage ditches, and the constant glare from the ever- present baby blue convertible. Intramurals Spiker spikes Spring followed the midsemester and with that the intramural program moved out of Rodman down to the confines of Meade Field where Theta Chi scored an overwhelming victory in the spring track encounter. Sigma Chi was undefeated on the sand-lots as they topped their league and the dual playoffs. 174 Football under the arc-lamps bore the brunt of fraternal friendship in the fall, as Theta Chi and Phi Gam conquered their respective opponents to meet in the championship contests. In typical gashouse style the Fiji ' s went down in defeat in the last minutes as Joe Gulizio sparked the victors. Phi Mu grabbed the football meet before the grueling Cross Country race took its toll. Russ Mulvey led the pack in a new record time as his teammates followed for an SAE crown. Returning again to Rodman the friendly feuds continued as kegs were lost and gained. The Fiji ' s climbed into the winner ' s circle after a torrid junior N. I. C. T. tourney. The Phi Mu ' s were the eagle eyes of the campus in free throws while volleyball and wrestling took over the interim. It ' s a long way around the barn 175 176 The Books W ere It ' s not what you eat, it ' s who you meet 178 They weren ' t much - but they ran. When We Were Green . . . We unpacked and got acquainted ... to the Frosh Picnic and ashes . . . the ants came, tasted the food and left . . . and then we went to class . . . new levis and sophomore girls . . . dates . . . Thirty Acres and how deep is the ocean . . . SL 179 Homecoming That rainy Saturday . . . cold and wet, we shivered in the stands and saw through the mist, Springfield run before the Rams . . . Willie the Mayor came out at half-time and blew his trumpet . . . grads came back saying, . . . " Not like the old days " . . . slippery batons and quivering cheerleaders . . . but the rain didn ' t dampen the parties . . . Flying Saucer? Virtually Floating Everybody Cheered 180 Willie Moves In Cohorts in Crime The Mayoralty Campaign Please boys, not like last year . . . don ' t forget the long arm of Sachems and the censoring siren . . . mad motorbikes and runaway ideas . . . straight-men and gag-men . . . the Arabian Nights haunt the Hammar and Pickle . . . rally ' round the flag and where ' s my Dixie Cup . . . Willie ' s the Mayor, but Dirty Marv was there . . . Why Mohammed Left Mecca They Sure Were 181 Looked Sharp Were Sharp 182 Hot Music On a Cold Night 183 From the Corner, Cacophony Tuggin ' When They Shoulda Been Huggin ' Sigma Chi Derby Something new has been added ... in the gym, the roar of tricycles ... to your posts girlies . . . remember those pumping legs around the bend . . . Derby Day and its peculiar music . . . we were kids but this was for real and a big bronze Derby . . . outta the bag and up the lane . . . keep pullin ' girls, just a little more . . . over the line . . . the Sigma Chi ' s were running around like little men watching a candy counter in the corner store . . . D. Z. came in like a lion and went out smilingly like a kid with a new toy ... a cheer for the winner and two cheers for the spirit of fun . . . 184 W Much Ado About Nothing Rhody Review Show time and everyone has a laugh ... if you forget a line, make one up . . . from impish buffoonery to ballads of the Old West . . . impres- sions in gold of the struggle for democracy . . . the bongo-bongo girls . . . and Toste, Craving Cock- tails ... all for a new Union for our new Uni- versity . . . Such a Year! 185 186 Our Friend, the Hermit Take Care of My Little Boy The Clip Joint 187 » » » The Way The World Goes Approximate cost of your education: 1936: $2000 — 1952: $5000. Weekly wage expected in first job: 1936: $25 — 1952: $65. Would you re-enter this college were you to become a freshman again? 1936: Yes 46, No 21 - 1952: Yes 210, No 92. Are you in favor of serving beer on the campus? 1936: Yes, 35, No. 46 - 1952: Yes 170, No 150. Do you prefer financial success to intellectual success? 1936: Yes 50, No 19 - 1952: Yes 178, No 142. Has your religion been strengthened or weakened? 1936: Strength- ened 17, Weakened 16, Unchanged 43— 1952: Strengthened 104, Weakened 100, Unchanged 120. Average cost of a date: 1936: $.75 — 1952: $3.00. Do you favor more or less strict rules for freshmen? 1936: More, 60, Less 18 - 1952: More 269, Less 52. Do you approve of girls who smoke and drink? 1936: Yes 21, No 42 — 1952: Yes 263, No 45. Most common subject of bull sessions: 1936: 1. sex, 2. Money, 3. sports — 1952: 1. sex, 2. world situation, 3. college. Do you believe that Sachems has succeeded? 1936: Yes 19, No 61 — 1952: Yes 243, No 73. What is your criticism of the Beacon? 1936: " lousy " , " rotten " , " faculty restrictions " — 1952: " fair " , " improving slowly " . Administrative officer doing most for the University: 1952: Dean John F. Quinn. Most Popular Professor: 1952: Dr. Warren Smith. What is your favorite magazine? 1936: 1. Time, 2. Collier ' s, 3. Sat- urday Evening Post — 1952: 1. Life, 2. Time, 3. Reader ' s Digest. Do you think there will be a world war soon? 1936 Yes 44, No 35 — 1952: Yes 177, No 143. If so, what nation will be the aggressor? 1936: Japan 22, Italy 17, Germany 12, England 4— 1952: Russia 181, Red China 139. Outstanding Man of the Year: 1936: 1. Selassie, 2. Mussolini, 3. Joe Louis — 1952: 1. Eisenhower, 2. Nehru, 3. Kefauver. What is the most likely presidential candidate for the coming elec- tion? 1936: Roosevelt — 1952: Eisenhower. What is the college ' s most valuable course? 1936: public speaking, zoology — 1952: philosophy, zoology. Time For Thank Yous . . . The editor wishes to thank all those people whose aid and encourage- ment were invaluable for producing this 1952 annual. Special thanks to my staff who continuously encouraged and worked for a better Grist — To Dean John F. Quinn for his friendly aid and service — The Warren K. Vantine Photography Studio — Mr. Edward Mowbray of Parks-Mowbray Engraving Company — Mr. Raymond Christopher and Mr. Charles Peterman of E. A. Johnson Co., Printers — Mr. Hofford, Mr. Hall, and Mr. Doherty of the Public Relations and Alumni Office — Mr. Chester Berry of the Student Union — The Providence Journal-Bulletin for their generous cooperation — Ed Roche for his art work — John Smith for his wit and ability to capture a mood with the perfect word — And to Art Sherman for his delightful sketches of college life — Thanks a million . . . • TUI! COAT OF XltTIS ADDS A DISTINCTION OM.V VOl CAN f. I VK • CLASS RINGS FRATERNITY - y it by BALFOUR JEWELER y The Finest You Cun Wear BALFOUR Official Pins Officers’ Insignia Club Keys Charms “ Large ring for men and minia- BLUE BOOK y . ture for girls. a 64 page catalog A Party Favors unusual and different z - j All ring orders to be placed with University Bookstore. Order Now ! ! of fraternity jewel ry sent free upon request. - w Dance Programs for special party themes y Z • A Fraternity Mugs z - Diplomas — Announcements Crested Gifts z 1 Tom Galvin “Dutchv” Peirce y Ring Representative Fraternity Representative y 15 County St., Attleboro, Mass. P. 0. Box 11, Attleboro, Mass. y 1 0 BALFOUR COMPANY Factories: ATTLEBORO, MASS. rr y z • Q 1 A MTV. S E It I C E AM) l K S I It C I O l I. E A S V • For The Records Football URI 0 Northeastern 21 0 Maine 12 27 New Hampshire 0 13 Brown 20 7 Massachusetts 40 S3 Brooklyn 0 25 Springfield 19 7 U Conn 20 Basketball URI 61 St. Joseph ' s 66 69 Boston College 76 105 Vermont 73 64 Holy Cross 67 62 St. John ' s U 82 96 Puerto Rico 77 65 Boston College 83 69 Springfield 74 64 U Conn 62 112 New Hampshire 86 59 St. Joseph ' s 65 74 Bucknell 85 60 Providence College 54 96 Univ. of Mass. 72 77 Univ. of Maine 57 67 U Conn 72 69 Brown 72 98 Providence College 82 68 Springfield 70 96 Brown 59 Baseball URI 4 Brown 5 15 B. U. 5 4 Maine 0 3 Brown 2 4 U Conn 6 5 B. C. 7 9 Northeastern 10 8 Maine 7 3 New Hampshire 4 6 New Hampshire 7 2 Springfield 6 7 Providence College 6 3 Boston College 10 18 Northeastern 7 8 Massachusetts 7 6 Conn. 6 3 Springfield 14 Spring Track URI 84 Providence College 51 49’ i Harvard 90 ' j 71% Springfield 63% 86 Brown 49 1 Vi Maine 8 ' j 8 Providence College 1 7 Conn. 2 Tennis URI Yankee Conference 1st URI 2nd Conn. 3rd Vermont New England Intercollegiate Championship 1 st Tufts 2nd URI 3rd B. U. Golf URI 6 Providence College 3 1 Brown 8 6 Trinity 3 8 Bates 1 3 Springfield 6 1 Maine 8 1 Brown 8 7 Bates 2 2 Maine 7 5 New Hampshire 4 4 Holy Cross 5 3 Trinity 6 6 Conn. 3 Intramurals Volleyball— Phi Gamma Delta Wrestling— Sigma Chi Horseshoes— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tennis— Sigma Chi Softball— Sigma Chi Track— Theta Chi Touch Football— Theta Chi Football Field Meet— Phi Mu Delta Cross Country— Sigma Alpha Epsilon Basketball— Phi Gamma Delta Foul Shooting— Phi Mu Delta 190 BROWN SHARPE Milling Machines Grinding Machines Screw Machines Machinists ' Tools Electronic Measuring Equipment Cutters and Hobs Arbors and Adapters Screw Machine Tools Vises and Pumps Permanent Magnet Chucks Brown Sharpe Mfg. Co. Providence 1, R. I. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Congratulations from Congratulates THE NARRAGANSETT TIMES THE CLASS OF 1952 " Your Local Newspaper " COMMUNITY OIL SERVICE PHI MU DELTA DELCO HEAT - BOILERS AND BURNERS extends its congratulations BEST IN FUEL OILS to the graduating 187 High St., Peace Dale Phone 1 104-W CLASS OF 1952 191 VISIT THE FAMOUS FOUR at the SHERATON - BILTMORE PROVIDENCE 2. RHODE ISLAND • the GARDEN ROOM • the BACCHANTE ROOM • the FALSTAFF ROOM Where You ALWAYS • the TOWN ROOM Shop SHERATON-BILTMORE with Confidence PROVIDENCE 3, R. 1. Compliments of COUNTRY CLOTHES 181 Main St. Wakefield, R. I. Best Wishes to the Graduating Class from SIGMA CHI 192 ALPHA XI DELTA ONCE AGAIN Congratulations and Best Wishes Congratulates 07ie C Tl l Col Cent pant} THE CLASS OF 1952 Rhode Island ' s Largest Store Compliments of Congratulations to the PROVIDENCE PAPER CO. CLASS OF 1952 Retail Store from 91 WEYBOSSET STREET PROVIDENCE PHI SIGMA KAPPA RHO CHAPTER Success and Best Wishes to the of CLASS OF 1952 ALPHA EPSILON PI Coca-Cola Bottling Company Congratulates of South County THE CLASS OF 1952 Peace Dale, Rhode Island PHI GAMMA DELTA Congratulates PROVIDENCE, R. 1. THE CLASS OF 1952 193 THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO, INC. Official Photographers of Class of 1952 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. 194 littce 4856 PROVIDENCE. RHODE ISLAND BRANCHES AT WAYLAND SQUARE AND NEWPORT WATCH HILL HYANNIS Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS from TAU KAPPA EPSILON Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1952 KENYON AVENUE FLORAL COMPANY WILLIAM MATSON, JR. from Cut Flowers and Corsages for All Occasions ALPHA DELTA PI Tel. Narr. 98 Bookstore 195 Compliments of Manufacturers of Fabric, Athletic and Waterproof Footwear The Coach Keaney " Fastbreak " Basketball Shoe BRISTOL MANUFACTURING CORPORATION BRISTOL, RHODE ISLAND Greetings to the GLADDING ' S CLASS OF 1952 from One of New England ' s BETA PSI ALPHA Finest Stores The NEW PHI KAPPA THETA NICK ' S SPA and Congratulates RESTAURANT Open Daily till Midnight Peace Dale, R. 1. Nick Cafolla, Prop. THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 196 when we make your plates. We OWN and operate the finest and best equipped plant in Rhode Island devoted solely to commercial work. photo-engravers 55 PINE ST., PROVIDENCE 3, R. I. UNion 1-1000 ARTISTS • PHOTOGRAPHERS • RETOUCHERS 197 THE UTTER COMPANY CHI OMEGA Printers Extends Congratulations to Its Graduating Seniors WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND NANCIE SIBLEY SHIRLEYANNE HULTON FRANCES HANFF MARTHA FREEMAN SHIRLEY MANGINI For Everything That is Good to Eat NANCY SEAMANS DOROTHY CLARK Stop at ANITA EASTERBROOKS KENYON ' S NANCY HODGSON ICE CREAM BAR NANCY CRANDALL SODAS-SANDWICHES-HOT DOGS JOAN BLEASE HAMBURGS - DINNER Open daily till midnight West Kingston and the Class of 1952 THE PROVIDENCE UNION NATIONAL BANK s im» ° WAKEFIELD TRUST OFFICE MOYLEE ' S American and Chinese Restaurant WAKEFIELD, RHODE ISLAND O PEN ALL YEAR ROUND 1 10 Beach St. Narragansett Narr. 372 198 SIGMA DELTA TAU Congratulates THE CLASS OF 1952 ETA CHAPTER of THETA CHI extends congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1952 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1952 from RHO IOTA KAPPA Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1952 from SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 199 UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICE BUTTERFIELD LIPPETT LOWER CAF FACULTY DINING ROOM BEST WISHES To the Graduates of 1952 Compliments of THE CLASS of 1953 200 Compliments of THE CLASS of 1954 Compliments of THE CLASS of 1955 202 " Everything you need in College " UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Books Papers Supplies MON-FRIDAY 8 : 45-12 1 - 4:30 203 UNION PAPER COMPANY EASTERN SCIENTIFIC CO. Distributors Paper Merchants Since 7898 SCIENTIFIC, LABORATORY and HOSPITAL APPARATUS and CHEMICALS 303 CANAL STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. 45-51 Bassett St. Providence, R. I. FOR MERCHANDISE OF QUALITY INDUSTRIAL TRUST COMPANY WAKEFIELD BRANCH Shop at KENYON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " Everybody ' s Bank " IRVING W. CARPENTER KENNETH E. MUNROE Manager Asst. Manager Wakefield, Rhode Island 1 Robinson St. Wakefield, R. I. PROVIDENCE CASKET COMPANY Manufacturers of CLOTH COVERED HARDWOOD AND METAL CASKETS 286 BROWN STREET, PROVIDENCE, R. I. 1405 NORTH MAIN STREET FALL RIVER, MASS. 204 PRINTERS OF THE GRIST 205 GIRO ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE THE WAKEFIELD BRANCH 195 HIGH ST. COMPANY PEACEDALE, R. 1. WAKEFIELD, R. 1. Narr. 37 Telephone NArragansett 3-3311 We buy our Blazers Compliments from of SYLVIA PUTZIGER-BLAZERS 140 WEST 57th STREET A FRIEND NEW YORK 19, NEW YORK LaCASA GRILL WOOD JEWELERS Diamond Merchants 80 HIGH ST WESTERLY, R. 1. Jewelers— Silversmiths— Photographic Suppliers Air-conditioned AL KOPECH SODA-ICE CREAM-SANDWICHES 40 Main Street East Greenwich, R. 1. Compliments of BALNAVES BAKERY EAST GREENWICH AND KENT 712 KINGSTOWN ROAD PEACEDALE THEATRES Tel. Narr. 1441-R 206 CHARLESTOWN RATHSKELLER ALPHA UPSILON Clam Cakes Choice Food — Tasty Drinks of SIGMA PI Dancing Extends Congratulations to KENYON, R. 1. Narr. 237-J-l The Class of 1952 Compliments of BROWNING ' S PHI CHAPTER Jewelers Gift Counselors of Decorators SIGMA KAPPA EAST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND INDUSTRIAL TOOL MACHINE COMPANY, INC. GEORGIAVILLE, RHODE ISLAND 207 The Akerman-Standard Company TYPOGRAPHERS • PRINTERS BOOKBINDERS 56 Pine Street Providence, R. I. For the Best in Good Things to Eat— " DOC " EVANS IGA STORE (By the College Gate) SODA -ICE CREAM -COOKIES CHEESE - COLD CUTS Compliments of A FRIEND DUSK AT THIRTY ACRES 208 LIST OF UNDERGRADUATES FRESHMEN ABBERTON, James S. Gen. T. Ed. 40 Arrow Ave., Apponaug, R. I. ABBRUZZI, Pasquale J. P. Ed. 125 Water St., Warren, R. I. ADAMO, Anthony J. Engr. 10 Brayton St., West Warwick AHARONIAN, Edward, Jr. Agr. 23 Ansel Ave., Prov., R. I. ALBERT, Maynard B. Lib. Arts 146 Evergreen St., Prov., R. I. ALDRICH, Janet F. H. E. 25 Greenfield Ave., N. Prov., R. I. ALEXANDRE, Aida H. E. 12 Hurley Ave. Pawtucket, R. I. ALLEN, William T., Jr. P. Ed. 29 Tollman Ave., E. Prov., R. I. ANDERSON, Barbara J. Lib. Arts 96 Ralph St., Prov., R. I. ANDERSON, Marshall Agr. 4 Ledward Ave., Westerly, R. I. ANGELL, Carolyn A. Bus. Ad. 710 High St., Lonsdale, R. I. ANDREOLI, Robert M. Bus. Ad. 89 Courtland St., Prov., R. I. ANTON, John R. P. Ed. 58 Cowles St., Devon, Conn. APKARIAN, Kazar Bus. Ad. 82 Jefferson St., Prov., R. I. ARABIAN, Robert H. Bus. Ad. 134 Apple Tree Lane, Warwick ARNDT, Wilfred C. Bus. Ad. Gen. 130 Sixth St., Ridgefield Pk., N. J. ARNOLD, Judith S. H. E. Box 408, RFD 2, Valley Falls AUSTIN, Max E. Agr. 83 Miller St., Wickford, R. I. BABB, Marilyn C. H. E. 8 Lorimer Rd., Belmont, Mass. BABIEC, Joseph R. Engr. 32 Main St., Lonsdale, R. I. BAILEY, John H. Math. 10 Alexander Rd., Newton, Mass. BAILEY, Robert W. Bio. 438 Quaker Lane, Warwick, R. I. BALL, Eleanor A. Nurs. 850 Smithfield Ave., Saylesville BARBER, Hiram W., Ill Engr. Weekapaug Rd., Westerly, R. I. BARCHI, Peter M. P. Ed. 144 Osborne St., Danbury, Conn. BATTY, Daniel R. Bus. Ad. 47 Daniel St., Pawtucket, R. I. BAXTER, John J. Engr. 24 Canton St., Providence, R. I. BECKETT, Ronald K. Engr. 146 Ferris Ave., Rumford, R. I. BEDROSIAN, Gloria Gen. T. Ed. 24 Baxter St., Prov., R. I. BEEBE, Beverly J. H. E. 21 Narragansett Ave., Newport BELLING, Bruce C. Bus. Ad. 360 Rumstick Rd., Barrington BEMBERG, Frederick W. Agr. 2334 Cranston St., Cranston, R. I. BENEDICT. Robert A. Bus. Ad. 24 Florence St., Cresskill, N. J. BERGER, Phyllis H. H. E. 198 Sessions St., Prov., R. I. BERNSTEIN, Frances M. Bus. Ad. 36 Ridgeway St. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. BERTCH, Kenneth L. Bus. Ad. 37 Henry St., Woonsocket, R. I. BIAFORE, John, Jr. Bio. 86 Clement St., Prov., R. I. BILODEAU, Janet M. H. E. Nasonville, RFD 3 , Woonsocket BIVONA, Doris A. Nurs. 244 Jay Ave., Lyndhurst, N. J. BLACK, William A. Bus. Ad. 32 Steere Ave., N. Prov., R. I. BLACKWELL, Richard M. 84 Ferris Ave., Rumford, R. I. BLAKE, Barbara Nurs, 70 Hood Ave., Rumford, R. I. BLANCHARD, Walter J. Lib. Arts 58 Warwick Neck Ave., Warwick BLIAMPTIS, Emmanuel Engr. 3929 Broadway, N. Y. 25, N. Y. BLISS, Donald L. Bus. Ad. Meeting House Lane Little Compton, R. I. BLISS, Judith W. H. E. 94 Oxford St., Prov., R. I. BLUME, Theodore I. E. E. 156 Connecticut Ave. Freeport, N. Y. BOERNER, Edith H. Gen. T. Ed. Black Acre Farm, Carolina, R. I. BOGOSIAN, Robert S. Engr. 28 Depew St., Prov., R. I. BOITANO, George J. P. Ed. 308 Jastram St., Prov., R. I. BOND, Earl R. Agr. 27 College Rd., Kingston, R. I. BOOTH, Donald A. Engr. Farnum Pike, Georgiaville, R. I. BOOTH, Donald R. Chem. 1 Endicott St., Woonsocket, R. I. BOSS, Bradford R. Bus. Ad. 15 Westonia Lane, Hoxsie, R. I. BOUMENOT, Joan M. Lab. Tech. 14 Merriett Ave., Westerly, R. I. BOURRAND, Claude A. Lib. Arts 4389 Post Rd., E. Greenwich, R. I. BOWERS, Barbara A. Lib. Arts 23 Sarah Teft Ave., Hoxsie, R. I. BOYD, Thomas F. Bus. Ad. 37 Everett St., Newport, R. I. BOYLE, Richard P. Agr. No. Aquidneck Ave., Newport BRANDOLINI, Richard A. Bus. Ad. 28 Brookline Ave. Haverhill, Mass. BREGMAN, Pauline Bus. Ad. 1011 Carroll Place Bronx 561, N. Y. BRENNER, Henry Z. Bus. Ad. 718 Harris Ave., Woonsocket BROOKS, Howard E. Bio. 72 Hoxie St., Prov., R. I. BROWN, Francis H., Jr. P. Ed. 6 Manor Dr., Spring Green, Prov. BROWNE, Herbert P. Bus. Ad. 85 Armington St., Cranston, R. I. BRUCE, Theodora H. Bus. Ad. 337 Auburn St., Cranston, R. I. BUBA, Richard E. Math. 747 Central Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. BUCKLIN, Lyman A. RFD 2, E. Greenwich, R. I. BUTLER, William J. Engr. 1154 Meriden St. Fall River, Mass. CAFARO, Margaret D. Gen. T. Ed. 24 Wisdom Ave., Prov., R. I. CAHILL, Richard A. Gen. T. Ed. 75 Springfield Ave., Lynn, Mass. CAHILL, William F. Agr. 242 Althea St., Prov., R. I. CAPPON, Harriet C. Lib. Arts 29 Keene St., Prov., R. I. CARLESI, Jacquelyn M. Gen. T. Ed. 26 Spruce St., Westerly, R. I. CARLL, Alfred R. Engr. 73 Brogger St., Apponaug, R. I. CARLSON, Jean A. H. E. 1501 Lonsdale Ave., Lonsdale CARLSON, Robert W. Bus. Ad. 175 Ferris Ave., Rumford, R. I. CARTY, Mary J. Bus. Ad. 2217 Berlin Turnpike Newington, Conn. CASEY, Bernard D. CATALANO, Frances A. H. E. 489 Water St., Warren, R. I. CHASE, Roslyn H. E. 107 Tyndall Ave., Prov., R. I. CHATTERTON, Nancy D. Lib. Arts 166 Sixth St., Prov., R. I. CHAVES, Albert Agr. Barchard Ave., Little Compton CHERNOV, Nathan T. Bus. Ad. 31 Luson Ave., Prov., R. I. CHESTO, Vincent K. P. Ed. 106 Elm St., Danbury, Conn. CHICHUK, Daniel Bus. Ad. 245 E. Broadway St., Salem, N. J. CHORNEY, Stanley A. Bus. Ad. CHOUINARD, Marilyn A. Nurs. 17 Main St., Wickford, R. I. CHRISTOPHER, Raymond H., Jr. Bus. Ad. Putnam Pike, Chepachet, R. I. CHUCAS, Morris L. Lib. Arts S Chase St., Beverly, Mass. CIMERAL, John F. Bio. 690 Elm St., Woonsocket, R. I. CINOTTI, Daniel A. 45 Burnside Ave., Newport, R. I. CLARKE, Richard H., Ill Bus. Ad. 163 Spring St., E. Greenwich, R. I. CLAP.KE, Vivian H. E. 27 Highland Ave., Westerly, R. I. CLOUTIER, Ronald P. Chem. 137 N. Main St., Attleboro, Mass. COFFEY, Richard Putnam Ave., E. Greenwich, R. I. COFONI, Peter J. Bus. Ad. Ashaway Rd., Westerly, R. I. COHEN, Sidney Lib. Arts 1928 E. 26th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLINS, Henry N. Bus. Ad. 105 Bellevue Ave., Pawtucket COMBER, Edward R. Lib. Arts 72 Rodman St., Narragansett COMSTOCK, Warren L. Agr. Knight Hill Rd., Clayville, R. I. CONDE, Richard F. Engr. 1041 Atwells Ave., Prov., R. I. CONDE, Robert V. Engr. 1041 Atwells Ave., Prov., R. I. CONNOR, John H., Ill Agr. Loy Rd., Smithfield, R. I. CONNOR, Nancy H. E. 157 Eaton St., Prov., R. I. 209 FRESHMEN CONOLE, James H. Engr. 81 Prospect Hill St., Newport COOK, Kathryn B. H. E. 61 Wingate Rd., Prov., R. I. COOKE, Dudley P. Engr. Sunset Ave., Watch Hill, R. I. COOKSON, Royce G. Lib. Arts. COONEY, Richard T. COOPER, Joan E. Bus. Ad. 821 Bronx River Rd. Bronxville, N. Y. CORNISH, Winston A. Bio. COULTERS, Daniel F., Jr. Engr. 1693 W. Shore Rd., Narragansett COURTOIS, Paul A. Lib. Arts 153 Second St., Pawtucket, R. I. CRAIG, Robert L., Jr. Agr. 189 Columbia Ave., Edgewood CROASDALE, Thomas H. Agr. 87 Knowlton St., E. Prov., R. I. CRONIN, James M. 8 Washburn St., Attleboro, Mass. CROSS, W. Denison Main St., Carolina, R. I. CROUCHLEY, Kathryn K. H. E. 112 Coleman Ave., Chatham, N. J. CURRAN, Diane H. E. 330 Greenwood Ave. Greenwood, R. I. DaCOSTA, Albert Engr. 56 Cute St., Pawtucket, R. I. DAGLIS, Estelle J. Lib. Arts 34 Fog Blvd., Newport, R. I. DALY, William M. Bus. Ad. DAWSON, Walter F., Jr. Engr. 318 Northup St., Cranston, R. I. DeCOSTIS, Constance L. H. E. 1068 Hope St., Bristol, R. I. DELLNER, Kenneth D. Bus. Ad. 414 Fourth St., Mamaroneck, N.Y. DeMASI, Peter, Jr. Bus. Ad. 926 Chalkstone Ave., Prov., R. I. DEMOPULOS, Joan M. Lib. Arts 190 Nelson St., Prov., R. I. DENELLE, Ann M. H. E. 142 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket DeSISTO, Joseph W. Agr. 330 County Rd., Barrington, R. I. DEVANEY, William F. Bus. Ad. DEVLIN, Robert J. Old Colony Rd., Attleboro, Mass. DEVOLVE, Robert F. Lib. Arts 10 Pilgrim Dr., Edgewood, R. I. 210 DIGNAN, Marion W. H. E. 120 Spencer Ave., E. Greenwich DilORIO, Robert C. Bus. Ad. 1447 Westminster St., Prov. DIOHEB, Joseph F. Engr. 481 Grove St., Woonsocket, R. I. DiPARDO, Giovanna T. H. E. 309 High St., Woonsocket, R. I. DIXON, Joan M. Lib. Arts 1 1 1 Robin Rd., Asbury Pk., N. J. DIXON, Robert W. Bio. Ill Robin Rd., Asbury Pk., N. J. DONAHUE, William J. Lib. Arts DONATO, Donald A. Bus. Ad. 902 Dickinson St., Phila., Pa. DONOVAN, George A. lib. Arts 151 Fort St., East Prov., R. I. DOOR, Gerald M. 34 Coveil St., Prov., R. I. DOWLING, John K. Lib. Arts 67 Narra. Ave., Jamestown, R. I. DOWNES, Marjorie J. H. E. 2 Smith St., Saylesville, R. I. DRESSLER, Max B. Chem. 46 Paris St., Pawtucket, R. I. DRING, Frances M. 1 Esplanade St., Newport, R. I. DUHAMEL, Eugene E. Agr. Ill Central Ave., E. Prov., R. I. DUMAIS, Raymond H. Engr. Ferrier St., Slatersville, R. I. DUNKLEE, John C. Engr. 12 Hawthorne St., Prov., R. I. DUNNING, Robert S. Bus. Ad. 216 Main Ave., Warwick, R. I. DWYER, Joseph E. Bus. Ad. 54 Dartmouth Ave., Prov., R. I. DWYER, Kathleen F. Nurs. 99 Dover St., Prov., R, I. DYER, Robert A. Engr. 362 Prairie Ave., Prov., R. I. DYKAS, Leon J. 60 Prince St., Pawtucket, R. I. EASTERBROOKS, Frank D., Jr. EDDY, Joseph H., Jr. Agr. 24 West St., Wakefield, R. I. EGAN, Jean M. 513 Academy Ave., Prov., R. I. ELLIS, Eizabeth A. 13 Orchard St., Peabody, Mass. ENGELHARDT, John J. Engr. 8 Griswold Ave., Cranston, R. I. ENGELHARDT, Raymond W. Bus. Ad. 8 Griswold Ave., Cranston, R. I. ENGLE, Robert S. Bus. Ad. 35 Kipling St., Prov., R. I. EPSTEIN, Morton Lib. Arts 1 1 Brainard Rd. West Hartford, Conn. ETHIER, Edgar O., Jr. Lib. Arts 105 Wood Ave., Woonsocket EVANS, John R. Bus. Ad. 54 Ogden St., Warwick Neck FABER, Samuel G. Engr. 190 Whitmarsh St., Prov., R. I. FARGNOLI, Romeo C. Engr. 37 Beaufort St., Prov., R. I. FARNELL, George H. Agr. 53 Ottawa St., West Warwick FARRINGTON. Donald P. Bus. Ad. 76 Forest St., Prov., R. I. FINN, Patrick G. Bus. Ad. 4066 Pratt Ave., New York, N. Y. FITELSON, Stuart C. Bus. Ad. 27 Elmway St., Prov., R. I. FLEISIG, Phyllis E. Lib. Arts 397 Montgomery Ave., Prov. FLETCH ER, Jane Lib. Arts 74 Phillips St., Wickford, R. I. FLORIO, John A. Bio. 40 Sherwood St., Prov., R. I. FLYNN, Joan F. H. E. 16 Rhodes Ave., Edgewood, R. I. FOLEY, William J. 668 Main St„ Pawtucket, R. I. FOLLETT, Ronald A. 35 Hillview Ave., No. Smithfield FORBES, John T. Bus. Ad. 83 Woodruff Ave., Wakefield FORTIN, Richard A. Engr. 89 Brown St., Pawtucket, R. I. FOSTER, Joy P. H. E. 92 Melrose St., Prov., R. I. FOURNIER, Lucille F. Lib. Arts 99 Cumberland St., Woonsocket FOWLER, Brenda H. H. E. 660 Elmgrove Ave., Prov., R. I. FOX, Joseph F. Bus. Ad. 66 Pleasant St., Ware, Mass. FRANK, Carol H. Lib. Arts 24 Grant Ave., Newton, Mass. FRANKLIN, Lois M. H. E. 18Vi Howard Ave., Pawtucket FRASER, Barbara A. H. E. 77 Marlbroug h St., E. Greenwich FRECHETTE, Robert L. Engr. Louisquisset Pike, Woonsocket FRIEND, Sherwood Lib. Arts 1663 West 11 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. FUGERE, George T. Engr. 17 Updike St., Wickford, R. I. FULLER, Horace F. Bus. Ad. Congdon Hill, Saunderstown GAGNON, Donald E. Engr. 10 Mann St., Newport, R. I. GALLO, Francesco N. Bus. Ad. Gen. 1015 Chalkstone Ave., Prov. GARDINER, Milton B. C. E. 4 Parker St., Saylesville, R. I. GARFIELD, Marshall W. Engr. 138 Chestnut St. Marlboro, Mass. GARTSU, Thomas Bus. Ad. 469 E. School St., Woonsocket GEIGER, Betty A. Nurs. 67 Maynard St., Pawtucket, R. I. GEOGERIAN, Donald C. Bus. Ad. 10 Josephine St., Rumford, R. I. GEREMIA, Angelo M. Bio. 269 Knight St., Prov., R. I. GERSTENBLATT, Wilfred Lib. Arts 1 1 Richter St., Prov., R. I. GERZEVITZ, Walter E., Jr. Engr. 283 Milton Rd., Lakewood, R. I. GIFFONI, Saverio Engr. 404 Academy Ave., Prov., R. I. GILBERT, Wayne B. Bus. Ad. 33 Roseland Ave., Hillsgrove GILL, Barbara J. Bus. Ad. 357 Willow Drive, Union, N. J. GIORGI ANNI, Anthony N. Bio. 16 Yorktown Place, Prov., R. I. GOBEILLE, Ruth D. Lab. Tech. GODBOUT, Leo J. Engr. 42 Boston St., N. Uxbridge, Mass. GOODE, David M., Jr. Engr. GORDON, Lawrence B. Lib. Arts 144 Dexterdale Rd., Prov., R. I. GORODZOV, Edith Bus. Ad. 22 Blodgett Ave., Pawtucket GOUGH, Richard F. Bus. Ad. 37 Staodard Ave., West Warwick GOULD, Roger A. Bus. Ad. 21 Alton Ct., Brookline, Mass. GRABERT, Herman Bus. Ad. 97 Franklin St., Bristol, R. I. GRAHAM, Ephraim W. S. Bus. Ad. Walcott Ave., Jamestown, R. I. GRANN, Richard A. P. Ed. 1627 Main St., West Warwick GRANOFF, Howard W. Engr. 3614 165 St., Flushing, N. Y. GREENBERGER, Marvin 304 Public St., Prov., R. |. FRESHMEN GREENE, Robert C. CHepachet, R. I. GRIFFIN, Louise F. 93 Bogley St., Central Falls, R. I. GRIMES, Andrew J. 258 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawt. GRUBER, Robert S. Bus. Ad. 80 Winthrop St. Brooklyn, N. Y. GUBER, Charles A. Lib. Arts 407 Ward St. Newton Center, Mass. GUILBAULT, Raymond M. Bus. Ad. 57 Shipper Ave., West Warwick GUMBLETON, Joan M. T. H. E. Mt. Pleasant Rd., Nasonville HAGGLUND, Gordon A. 17 Ansel Ave., Prov., R. I. HAHN, Russell J. Agr. 39 Kenyon Rd., Cranston, R. I. HALL, Stewart G. Engr. 143 Chace Ave., Prov., R. I. HAMMOND, William J. Chem. 25 Woodbine St., Crans ton, R. I. HANCHETT, Harry D. Agr. 142 Ulupa St., Kailua, Dahu, T. H. HANSON, Elis A. Engr. 88 Fisk St., Prov., R. I. HANSON, John D. Old Point Judith Rd. Narragansett, R. I. HARONIAN, Howard R. 137 Squantum Dr., Edgewood HARRINGTON, Mignon E. H. E. Moose Horn Rd., E. Greenwich HARRINGTON, Raymond C. Agr. Moose Horn Rd., E. Greenwich HARRIS, Kent W. Bus. Ad. 31 Lowden St., Pawtucket, R. I. HATHAWAY, Arthur C. Bio. 3 Taft Ave., Beverly, Mass. HATHAWAY, William F. Chem. South County Trail, E. Greenwich HELLWIG, Arthur T., Jr. 19 Pascackrd St., Hillsdale, N. J. HENN, Harold H„ Jr. Bus. Ad. 39 Euston Ave., Cranston, R. I. HENRY, John C. Gen. T. Ed. 45 Henry St., Edgewood, R. I. HEPBURN, George H., Jr. Agr. 72 Providence St., Prov., R. I. HERTEL, Frank P., Jr. Engr. 37 Erastus St., Prov., R. I. HEYRMAN, Roger R. 36 Sutton PI., South N. Y., N. Y. HICKS, Elaine M. Gen T. Ed. 120 Jenkins St., Prov., R. I. HIGGINS, Richard L. Engr. 45 Osceola Ave., Warwick, R. I. HILL, Richard F. Engr. West St., Ashaway, R. I. HODGE, Richard Bio. 126 So. Main St., Wash., R. I. HODGES, Agnes R. Lib. Arts 204 Sharon St., Prov., R. I. HOFFMAN, Lester Bus. Ad. 54 Ayrault St., Newport, R. I. HOFFORD, Herbert M. Bus. Ad. 54 Woodruff Ave., Wakefield, HOGAN, Pauline J. Lib. Arts 238 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R. I. HOLLAND, Charles B., Jr. Lib. Arts RFD 1, Westerly, R. I. HOLMES, David M. RFD, Saylesville, R. I. HOLMES, Donald W. Bus. Ad. 174 Vaughn Ave., Warwick, R. I. HOLMQUIST, Frederick J. Engr. 30 Bartlett Ave., Cranston, R. I. HOPKINS, Allan W. Lib. Arts 101 Dallas Ave., Hoxsie, R. I. HOPKINS, Bernard B. Bus. Ad. 87 Adams St., Edgewood, R. I. HORAN, George F. Bus. Ad. 217 Hope St., Prov., R. I. HOROVITZ, Marilyn Lib. Arts 333 Manor Drive, Warwick, R. I. HOROVITZ, Stanley Bus. Ad. 65 Sargent Ave., Prov., R. I. HORTON, Joan M. H. E. 41 Snow Rd., Norwood, R. I. HORTON, Robert H. Bus. Ad. 12 Bayside Ave., Edgewood, R. I. HOVNANIAN, Julia H. E. 30 Whipple St., Prov., R. I. HUDSON, Peace M. Nurs. 501 Hill St., West Warwick, R. I. HUNTER, Alan G. Agr. 58 Fifth St., E. Prov., R. I. HURD, Frank J. Bus. Ad. 40 Glen Ave., Cranston, R. I. HYLANDER, Robert H. 55 Knollwood Ave., Cranston HYNEK, Daniel P. Engr. 27 Anthony St., West Warwick HYNES, William V., Jr. Agr. 15 Fairview Ave., Edgewood, R. I. IDE, James W. Bio. 169 Farm St., Woonsocket, R. I. IGLAUER, Philip D. Engr. 5809 Gwynn Oak Ave. Baltimore, Md. JACKSON, Donald W. Hut A-South, Kingston, R. I. JALONGO, Anna A. H. E. JAMES, Carolyn M. Bus. Ad. 238 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R. I. JENISON, Frank W., Jr. Bus. Ad. 152 Sumner Ave., Norwood, R. I. JESIENOWSKI, Eugene S. Bio. 678 Potters Ave., Prov., R. I. JESTINGS, Walter J. Engr. Oliphant Lane, Newport, R. I. JODREY, Everett S. Agr. 106 Wash. Rd., West Barrington JOHNSON, Charles T., Ill Bus. Ad. 678 Willett Ave., Riverside, R. I. JOHNSON, Mary Lib. Arts Pettaqoutmscutt Terrace Saunderstown, R. I. JONES, Robert W. Lib. Arts 57 Wendell Rd., Lakewood, R. I. JOY, Barbara E. 128 Ann Mary Brown Dr. Edgewood, R. I. JUSKALI AN, Ardemis L. 18 Elma St., Prov., R. I. KASSED, Marvin W. Lib. Arts 154 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. KEARNS, Peter E. Bus. Ad. 17 Fortin Rd., Kingston, R. I. KELLER, Irwin J. Agr. KELLMAN, Robert P. Bus. Ad. 2 Englewood Lane, Edgewood KENESHEA, Donald W. E. E. KENNEY, John F., Jr. Agr. 19 Kenilworth Way, Pawtucket KENYON, Edward E. Bio. Glen Rock Rd., West Kingston KERRIGAN, Arthur C. Engr. 220-41-93 Rd., Queens Vil., N. Y. KIMBALL, Barbara A. 49 Newton St., Weston, Mass. KIMBALL, Robert F. Bus. Ad. 197 Trinity St., Greenwood, R. I. KINNE, Marian T. Bus. Ad. 300 Fourth Ave., Asbury Pk., N. J. KNOX, Marijane R. H. E. 222 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, R. I. KUMINS, Richard C. Bus. Ad. 55 Taft Ave., Prov., R. I. LAFERRIERE, Bruce E. 1408 Mendon Rd., Woonsocket LAMB, Gilbert A. Engr. 12 Keith Ave., Cranston, R. I. LaMOND, Stephen F. Lib. Arts 2 Mumford Ave., Newport, R. I. LANDRY, Edmond P. 933 Newport Ave. South Attleboro, Mass. LAPATI, Andrew J. Engr. 10 Glasgow St., Prov., R. I. LaPIANA, Fred G. Bus. Ad. Gen. Nauset Rd., No. Eastham, Mass. LAPPIN, James B. Agr. 451 Smithfield Ave., Pawtucket LaPRISE, Albert J., Jr. Box 12, Slocum, R. I. LARSON, Albin, Jr. Engr. 109 Cass St., Prov., R. I. LATOS, Christos Bus. Ad. 318 Dudley St., Prov., R. I. LAUGHLIN, John C. P. Ed. LAVERTY, Thomas J. P. Ed. 134 Titus St., Cumberland, R. I. LAWTON, John B., Jr. Agr. 48 Everett St., Newport, R. I. LECLAIRE, Andree G. Lib. Arts 301 Harris Ave., Woon., R. I. LEMBO, James F. Engr. 197 Jewett St., Prov., R. I. LEVCOWICH, Michael V. Agr. 22 Pleasant St., Westerly, R. I. LIEBLICH, Edward M. Bus. Ad. 288 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst, N. Y. LINDBERG, Richard G. Bio. 199 Ives Rd., E. Greenwich, R. I. LINDGREN, Warren B. Gen. T. Ed. 201 Brookdale Blvd., Pawtucket LINDIA, Albert Agr. 5 Carman St., Cranston, R. I. LINDQUIST, Earl B., Jr. 40 Woodland St., Saylesville LOMBARI, Joseph A. Bus. Ad. 24 Whitmarsh St., Prov., R. I. LORING, Bruce S. Bus. Ad. 44 Pleasant St., Wickford, R. I. LOVETT, Vincent J. Bus. Ad. 96 Sayles Ave., Pascoag, R. I. LOWITT, Michael F. Bio. 1321 Share Pky., Brooklyn, N. Y. LUZZI, Gerten I. H. E. 29 Newton Ave., Westerly, R. I. LYNCH, Brenton B. Bus. Ad. Usquepaugh Rd., West Kingston MacDONALD, Robert J. Engr. Main St., North Scituate, R. I. MacINNES, Judith A. H. E. 79 Woonsocket Hill Rd., Woon. MacINNES, Kenneth M. Agr. 137 Houston St., Prov., R. I. 211 FRESHMEN MAGNUSOM, Ronald I. Bus. Ad. 11 Tennyson Rd., Cranston, R. I. MAIN, Vera E. Gen. T. Ed. 29 Laurel St., Ashaway, R. I. MALLY, Thomas E. Bus. Ad. 10 Bellevue Ave., Newport, R. I. MANICKA5, Peter A. Jr. Bus. Ad. 65 Bloomfield St., Pawtucket, R. I. MARANDOLA, Thomas D. Bus. Ad. MARBLE, James E., Jr. Bus. Ad. 252 Fair St., Edgewood, R. I. MARKEL, Joseph H. Lib. Arts 12 Capron St., West Warwick MARTIN, James E. Lib. Arts 25 Summit St., Port Chester, N. Y. MASOTTI, lewis R. Bus. Ad. 31 Stafford Rd., Stamford, Conn. MASSIE, Donald R. Bus. Ad. 11 Hawthorne St., Mass. MATSUMOTO, Johnee T. Bus. Ad. 498 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ont. MAYNARD, Frederic L. Lib. Arts Black Plain Rd., Slatersville, R. I. McCarthy, Maureen T. Nurs. 222 Melrose St., Elmwood, R. I. McCLUSKY, Lorraine F. H. E. 122 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. McDERMOTT, Charles W. Bus. Ad. 430 Summer St., Woon., R. I. McELROY, James P., Jr. Agr. 124 Chapin Ave., Prov., R. I. McGINNISS, Donald T. Gen. T. Ed. 29 Austin St., Danbury, Conn. McHUGH, Thomas E. Bus. Ad. 920 Branch Ave., Prov., R. I. MclNTYRE, Joseph F. C. E. RFD 1, East Greenwich, R. I. McXENNA, John W., Jr. Bus. Ad. 23 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Prov., R. I. McLAUGHLIN, Joseph D., Jr. 45 Roslyn Ave., Prov., R. I. McLOUGHLIN, Ann E. H. E. 416 Second Ave., Woonsocket McMILLAN, Louise I. H. E. 7 Nicol Ter., Newport, R. I. McSWEENEY, Mortimer J., Jr. Engr. 66 Ivy Ave., Cranston, R. I. MEADER, Mary A. Bus. Ad. 2 Champlin St., Wickford, R. I. MEADOW, Carole E. Lib. Arts 353 West 56 St., N. Y., N. Y. MELLOR, David C. Bus. Ad. 9 Hazard St., Wakefield, R. I. 212 MESSERE, Edward G. Lib. Arts 594 Providence St., Woonsocket METZ, Leonard J. 72 Burnside St., Prov., R. I. MICHIE, Richard H. Lib. Arts 21 E. Stanton Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. MILLER, Jay G. Bus. Ad. 127 Oakland St., Fall River, Mass. MINALGO, William J. M. E. 38 Central St., Central Falls, R. I. MINIATI, Peter J., Jr. Engr. 542 Walcott St., Pawtucket, R. I. MITSON Edward J. Agr. 4 Anson-Brown Rd., Johnston MONTEC Al VO, Nicholas Jr. Bus. Ad. 359 Jastram St., Prov., R. I. MONTI, John L., Jr. Engr. 4 Friendship St., Westerly, R. I. MOREN, Elizabeth A. Lib. Arts Elm Farm, Bristol, R. I. MOREN, Jeanne M. Lib. Arts 906 Hope St., Bristol, R. I. MORRIS, Charles E. Bus. Ad. 40 Stetson St.. Apponaug, R. I. MORRIS, David W. Engr. 25 Sawyer St., Prov., R. I. MORRIS, George H., Jr. Engr. 30 Philmont Ave., Cranston, R. I. MORRIS, Richard A. Bio. Biscuit City Rd., Kingston, R. I. MORRISON, GORDON E. 352 Church Ave., Conimicut, R. I. MORRISON, Hugh A., Ill 291 Homestead Ave., Warren MULHALL, William J., Jr. 44 Marlborough Ave., Prov. MULLERVY, James F. Engr. 12 Coombs St., Rumford, R. I. MURGO, John D. Gen. T. Ed. 79 Wood St., Olneyville, R. I. MURPHY, James G. Bus. Ad. 420 Verona Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. MURRAY, James J. Engr. 11 Hopedale Rd., Prov., R. I. MUSEN, Rhoda J. H. E. 107 Fourth St., Prov., R. I. NACU, Traian S. Lib. Arts 367 Summer St., Woonsocket NAGLE, Joseph J. Acct. 41 Pelham St., Newport, R. I. NAPOLITANO, Angelo Engr. 15 Gesler St., Prov., R. I. NAZARETH, Nathaniel J. Bus. Ad. 28 Shawomet Ave., Shawomet NELSON, Theodore, Jr. Engr. 407 Kinston St., Wyckoff, N. J. NEWMAN, Maurice B. Bus. Ad. 69 Sackett St., Prov., R. I. NEYMAN, Jamice H. H. E. Main St., Oakland, R. I. NORDQUIST, Paul J. E. E. 82 Rutherglen Ave., Prov., R. I. NOREK, Lois C. H. E. 95 Water St., Woonsocket, R. I. NORTHUP, Harry L., Jr. 26 Pleasant St., Wickford, R. I. O ' BRIEN, Paula J. Lib. Arts 85 Woodland Rd., Woonsocket OGG, Patricia M. Gen. T. Ed. 53 Lyndon St., Warren, R. I. OGLESBY, Jean Nurs. 163 Bluff Ave., Edgewood, R. I. OLIVER, Otis C„ Jr. Bus. Ad. 387 Parkside Dr., Warwick, R. I. O ' NEIL, George T., Jr. 63 Kalhfus St., Wickford, R. I. ORLECK, Irwin A. Bus. Ad. 151 Adelaide Ave., Prov., R. I. OSBORN, Donald D., Jr. Engr. 44 Catlin Ave., Rumford, R. I. OSBORNE, William J. Bus. Ad. 110 Amherst Ave., Pawtucket PALAZZO, Fenwick G. Engr. Post Rd., East Greenwich, R. I. PALUMBO, Gordon M. Agr. 67 Kearney St., Cranston, R. I. PANCIERA, Marilyn E. Nurs. 97 So. Broad St., Ashaway, R. I. PANCIERA, Ronald J. Bus. Ad. 97 So. Broad St., Ashaway, R. I. PARENTEAU, William D., Jr. Bus. Ad. 22 Sweet Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. PASTER, Sandra B. Lib. Arts 448 Grotto Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. PATERSON, James W. Bus. Ad. Slocum Rd., Slocum, R. I. PATRICK, William A. P. Ed. PEABODY, Restcom E., Jr. Bio. Third Beach Rd., Newport, R. I. PECKHAM, Dorothy J. H. E. PECKHAM, Josephine C. H. E. Paradise Ave., Newport, R. I. PERRY, Anthony C. Bus. Ad. 178 Warren Ave., E. Prov., R. I. PICARD, Albert E. Agr. 8 Arnold St., Anthony, R. I. PIERCE, Felix J. 296 Water St., Warren, R. I. PILLING, Kathleen M. H. E. 60 Blake St., Pawtucket, R. I. PIVARUNAS, Frank A. Engr. 27 Audrey St., Prov., R. I. POCKAR, William N. Lib. Arts 172 Chandler Ave., Cranston, R. I. POOLE, Richard N. Agr. 168 Elmgrove Ave., Prov., R. I. PRATA, John B. Bus. Ad. 29 Oak St., Prov., R. I. PRATT, Shirley R. Lib. Arts 106 Terrace Ave., Riverside, R. I. PRYZBYLA, John R. Agr. 1441 Newman Ave., Attle., Mass. RAMSDEN, Herbert E. Bus. Ad. 166 Audubon Rd., Edgewood, R. I. RANSOM, Harold A. P. Ed. 74 Sylvan St., Danvers, Mass. RATTA, Richard D. Bus. Ad. 47 Don Ave., Rumford, R. I. RAY, Arthur G. Engr. 232 Juniper St., E. Prov., R. I. RAY, Edward A. Engr. 31 Gladstone St., Prov., R. I. REIDY, Jane C. H. E. 1961 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, R. I. REILLY, Margaret A. H. E. Liberty Lane, West Kingston, R. I. REILLY, Walter J. Acct. 38 Walling St., Prov., R. I. RICHARDS, Walter H. Bus. Ad. 183 Madiston St. Portsmouth, N. H. RICHMOND, William R. Bus. Ad. 188 Great St., Woonsocket. R. I. RIGHTER, Benjamin Bus. Ad. 162 Shore Dr., Winthrop, Mass. RIOLES, Richard L. Bio. 143 Gray St., Prov., R. I. RIPANTI, Joseph A. 42 Wesleyan Ave., Prov., R. I. RITZAU, William P. Engr. 1 1 Stillwater Ave., Prov., R. I. RIX, Charles A. Bus. Ad. 42 Country Club Dr., Edgewood ROBERTSON, Clinton J. Gen. T. Ed. 32 Deacon Ave., Warwick, R. I. ROBISON, John I. Lib. Arts S20 Hope St., Prov., R. I. ROCHEFORD, Robert J. 118 Oakcrest Dr., Framingham, Mass. ROHRMAN, Nancy C. Lib. Arts 421 Willett Ave., Riverside, R. I. RONZIO, Frances Lib. Arts 21 America St., Prov., R. I. ROSEN, Myrna H. Nurs. 139 Arnold Ave., Cranston, R. I. FRESHMEN ROSENSTEIN, Stanley C. Bus. Ad. 946 Madison St., Fall River, Mass. ROSETHAL, Martin G. Chem. 442 Prospect St., Woonsocket ROSS, Muriel E. H. E. Frenchtown Rd., E. Greenwich ROSSI, Louis 2 Alton St., Prov., R. I. ROWAN, Robert E. 13 Manchester St., Edgewood RUSSELL, George W., Ill Engr. 8 Salisbury Rd., West Barrington RUSSO, Arthur R. Bio. 1 Fourth Ave., Cranston, R. I. RUSSO, Jordan A. Agr. RFD, Hope Valley, R. I. RUSSO, Virginia R. H. E. 258 Simmonsville Ave., Johnston RYNN, Marguerite D. Nurs. 116 Ardmore Ave., Prov., R. I. SABETTI, James M. 16 Rowan St., Prov., R. I. SACCCCCIA, Salvatore Bus. Ad. 88 A St., Cranston, R. I. SAFSTROM, Robert C. Agr. 2588 West Shore Rd., Apponaug ST. GERMAIN, Janine A. Gen. T. Ed. 209 Main St., Wakefield, R. I. SALTER, R. Malcolm Lib. Arts 84 Anthony St., E. Prov., R. I. SAUMUR, Clarisse J. H. E. 209 Rathbun St., Woonsocket SAYLES, Alan E. Bus. Ad. 126 Waterman Ave., Cranston SCHACK, Ronald M. Bus. Ad. 107 Lakeside Dr., Lawrence, N. Y. SCHMITH, Albert T. Lib. Arts 10 Fifth St., East Prov., R. I. SCHNEIDERMAN, Marilyn R. Lib. Arts 118 Langdon St., Newton, Mass. SCHNITZER, Joel J. Bus. Ad. 658 Montgomery St. Brooklyn, N. Y. SCHWAB, Louis E. Bus. Ad. 85 Alger Ave., Prov., R. I. SCHWARTZ, Harvey E. Bus. Ad. 75 Sackett St., Prov., R. I. SCHWARTZ, Rosilyn Lib. Arts SCIOTTO, Rose-Marie Bus. Ad. 138 Commodore St., Prov., R. I. SCOTT, William E. Bio. Box 155, Potter Hill, R. I. SEEBODE, Richard F. M. E. 40 Middle St., Hingham, Mass. SEEGER, Christopher A. Bus. Ad. Hillside Ave., Kenvil, N. J. SEWALL, Edgar K. Bus. Ad. 127 Angell St., Prov., R. I. SHARP, Dallas L., Ill Lib. Arts The Mooring, Saunderstown, R. I. SHARP, William G. Lib. Arts The Mooring, Saunderstown, R. I. SHEA, Harold A., Jr. Bio. 10 Bainbridge Ave., Prov., R. I. SHEA, Jane F. Lab. Tech. IS Summer St., Westerly, R. I. SHEA, Robert E. Bus. Ad. 8 Tennyson St. Wellesley Hills, Mass. SHEEHAN, Charles F. Bus. Ad. 150 Hoyt Ave., Rumford, R. I. SHEPARD, Cora E. H. E. 58 Richard St., Cranston, R. I. SHEPLEY, James M. Lib. Arts Green End Ave., Middletown, R. I. SHERMAN, Andrea M. H. E. 86 Church St., Peaccdalc, R. I. SHERMAN, Priscilla A. Lib. Arts 26 Charlotte St., Riverside, R. I. SIEGEL, Estelle F. Bus. Ad. 123 Plymouth St. New Bedford, Mass. SILVA, James R. Bus. Ad. 11 Main Ave., Apponaug, R. I. SILVERMAN, Carol T. Lib. Arts 268 Fourth St., Prov., R. I. SILVIA, William F. Engr. 126 River St., Lakewood, R. I. SIMONETTI, Anthonv V., Jr. Lib. Arts 37 Hawkins St., Prov., R. I. SIVAK, Carolyn L. Lib. Arts 10 New Lexington Rd., E. Green. SLATER, Richard R. Lib. Arts 106 Brightwood Ave., N. Prov. SMITH, Arthur F. Engr. 454 Broadway St., Newport, R. I. SMITH, Clifford E., Jr. Chem. 27 Spruce St., Westerly, R. I. SMITH, Edward E. 47 Whitford St., Wakefield, R. I. SMITH, Florence Nurs. SMITH, Frederick S. Lib Arts 2 Coronado St., Jamestown, R. I. SMITH, Gretchen G. H. Ec. Gen. 22 Chapin Rd., Barrington, R. I. SMITH, Stanley Chem. 26 Edward St., Newport, R. I. SMITH, Stuart P. Bus. Ad. RFD 2 Woonsocket Hill Rd. Woonsocket, R. I. SMUS, Joseph F. P. Ed. 198 Water St., Warren, R. I. SNOW, Kenneth H. Bio. 1151 Smithfield Ave., Saylesville SOLLITTO, Alfred Bus. Ad. 370 Waterman Ave., E. Prov. SPELIOTIS, Dionysios Engr. 6th Pazodos Athenov St. Kalamata, Greece SPENCER, Edwin H. Agr. 36 Blundell St., Prov., R. I. SPRAGUE, Charles H. Bus. Ad. Hut J North, Kingston, R. I. STAHL, Charles H. P. Ed. II 1 ] Livingston PI., Newport STAMMERS, Barbara J. Nurs. 25 Greenwood St., Cranston, R. I. STANELUN, Joseph P. Ed. 31 Coveil St., Prov., R. I. STAUFFER, Carolyn R. Engr. 9 Briar Lane, Kingston, R. I. STEARNS, Robert W. Bus. Ad. 147 Melrose St., Prov., R. I. STEDMAN, Allen C. Agr. 126 Willard Ave., Wakefield, R. I. STEEN, Burton A. Bus. Ad. 37 Shore Rd., Riverside, R. I. STEIN, Frederick H. Bus. Ad. Stone Ledge, Noank, Conn. STENHOUSE, David R. Engr. 19 Westminster St., Westerly STENHOUSE, Ernest H. Engr. 152 Shore Rd., Westerly, R. I. STEPHEN. Anthony Bus. Ad. 355 Hunt St., Centrals Falls, R. I. STEPHENSON, George M. Chem. 14 Eagle Peak Rd., Pascoag, R. I. STEVENS, Millard L. Bus. Ad. STONE, Irwin J. Bus. Ad. 54 Chapel St., Newport, R. I. STOVER, Nancy l. A. S. Boston Neck Rd., Rhode Island STRAIGHT, Clifford A. Bus. Ad. 62 Farragut Ave., Prov., R. I. STRANT, Caroline R. Lib. Arts North Coventry, Conn. STRAUSS, Bernard H. Chem. 98 Blaisdell Ave., Pawtucket STRAUSS, Richard G. Bus. Ad. 3 Fower Ave., Newport, R. I. SUGARMAN, Louis Bus. Ad. 108 Woodbine St., Prov., R. I. SULLIVAN, James C. Lib. Arts 40 Prairie Ave., Newport, R. I. SULLIVAN, Joseph F. Lib. Arts 182 Spring St., Newport, R. I. SUMMER, Cheldon Bus. Ad. 86 Colonial Rd., Prov., R. I. SUTCLIFFE, Sally A. H. E. 70 Adams Point, Barrington, R. I. SUTTON, John J. Bus. Ad. 31 Sharon St., Prov., R. I. SUTTON, Lois M. Nurs. 415 Centerville Rd., Warwick SYKES, George H. 400 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket TAURIELLO, Frank S. 29 Congdon Ave., Newport, R. I. TAYLOR, John R. Bus. Ad. 826 Main Ave., Apponaug, R. I. TAYLOR, Richard P. Engr. 66 Spruce St., Warwick, R. I. TAYLOR, Robert E. P. Ed. 99 Earl Ave., E. Providence, R. I. TEDESCHI, William V. 652 East Ave., Natick, R. I. TELLA, Alfred J. Bus. Ad. 988 Hartford Ave., Johnston, R. I. TETLEY, Edward D. Bus. Ad. 77 Green St., E. Greenwich, R. I. THAYER, Alan J. Agr. 33 Sprague Ave., Riverside, R. I. THEOKAS, Gregory L. Lib. Arts 8 Paleologos St., Peabody, Mass. THOMPSON, Barbara A. Bus. Ad. 309 Olney St., Prov., R. I. THOMPSON, David B. Agr. 30 Willow St., Fall River, Mass. THOMSON, George D. Bus. Ad. 87 Norfolk St., Cranston, R. I, THORNTON, John K. Agr. 141 Ballston Ave., Pawtucket THORPE, Eleanor C. H. E. 29 Carver St., Pawtucket, R. I. TILLINGHAST, Edward K. Agr. Flint Ave., Cranston, R. I, TISDELL, Thomas F. Agr. 133 Pound Hill Rd., Woonsocket TOEGEMANN, Barbara L. Gen. T. Ed. 171 Calhoun Ave., Prov., R. I. TOOHEY, William J. Bus. Ad. 22 Berlin St., Prov., R. I. TORMAN, Samuel L. Bus. Ad. 148 Pearl St., Prov., R. I. TORTI, Anthony Lib. Arts 47 Barton St., Olnevville, R. I. TOUGAS, Eleanor R. Nurs. 69 School St., Westerly, R. I. TREMBLAY, Henry W. Lib. Arts 215 Sargea nt St., Hartford, Conn. TRUMBLE, William A. Agr. 48 Dixwell Ave., Cranston, R. I. 213 FRESHMEN TURGEON, Joanne T. H. E. 78 Arnold Ave., Edgcwood, R. I. URSO, Patricia L. H. E. 246 High St., Westerly, R. I. VALENTE, Anthony M. Engr. 47 Madison Ave., Cranston, R. I. VALUER, Elizabeth A. Bus. Ad. 91 Sowams Rd., Barrington, R. I. VanBROCKLYN, Robert R. Lib. Arts 351 Bernon St., Woonsocket, R. I. VanFLEET, Zenas E., Jr. Bus. Ad. 59 Roosevelt Ave. Middletown, N. Y. VARICK, Richard K. Agr. 308 High St., Passaic, N. J. VENANCIO, Alfred J. Engr. 9 Reservoir Rd., Middletown, R. I. VITULLO, Paul A. Engr. 37 Haile St., Warren, R. I. VOSE, Robert M. Agr. 97 Mcndon Rd., Cumberland, R. I. VOTOLATO, Dolores A. Lib. Arts 76 Bingley Ter., Johnston, R. I. WALL, Ronald F. Bus. Ad. 131 Pleasant St., Cranston, R. I, WALSH, Donald E. 3073 Pawtucket Ave., Riverside WALSH, John E. Engr. 178 Harrison St., Pawtucket, R. I. WALSH, William A. 130 Batch St., Pawtucket, R. I. WARD, Lois E. H. E. 226 Smithfield Ave., Pawtucket WATERMAN, Anne H. E. 178 Ferncrest Ave., Edgewood WATERMAN, Joan H. E. 178 Ferncrest Ave., Edgewood WATJEN, Peter V. E. E. 48 Underwood St., Pawtucket WEEKES, Richard B. Bus. Ad. 78 Wyatt Rd., Garden City, N. Y. WEINER, Sheldon D. Bus. Ad. 121 Hazard Ave., Prov., R. I. WELCH, John G. Agr. 7 Townsend St., West Barrington WESCOTT, John T., Ill Lib. Arts WHEELOCK, Kimber G. Engr. 69 Nanaguaket Rd., Tiverton WHITAKER, William J., Jr. Bus. Ad. 648 Lincoln St., Seekonk, Mass. WHITE, Edward C. Bus. Ad. 63 Jastram St., Prov., R. I. WHITE, Priscilla A. H. E. 2 Narragansett Ct., Narragansett WHITESIDE, Arlene E. Nurs. Mowry St., Harrisville, R. I. WHITFORD, Barbara A. Bio. 17 Cherry St., Newport, R. I. WHITMAN, Richard A. Agr. 1 5 Roosevelt Ave., Wickford, R. I. WILKINS, John E., Jr. Agr. West Greenwich, R. I. WILLIAMS, Paul V., Jr. Engr. 249 Juniper St., E. Prov., R. I. WILSON, Frederick W. Ch. E. 110 Congress Ave., Prov., R. I. WOJNAR, Edward J. Bus. Ad. 380 Second Ave., Woonsocket WONG, Ronald S. Engr. 256 New York Ave., Prov., R. I. WOOD, Doris A. H. E. 430 Osgood Ave. New Britain, Conn. WOOD, Jane E. Lib. Arts 11 Rosedale Ave., Barrington WORTHINGTON, Robert C. Engr. 29 Allen Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. YIDIARIS, Sophocles Engr. ZAIS, Sandra A. Lib. Arts 1370 Locust St., Fall River, Mass. ZAROOGIAN, Gerald E. Bio. 84 Sinclair Ave., Cranston, R. I. ZOGLIO, Robert E. Engr. 24 Crowninshield St., Prov., R. I. SOPHOMORES ABORN, John P. Acct. SI Upland Way, Barrington, R. I. ACCOMANDO, George W. P. Ed. 22 Charnock St., Beverly, Mass. ALDRICH, John K. Bus. Ad. Gen. 11 Bryer Ave., Jamestown, R. I. ALLEN, Barbara J. Math. 228 County Rd., Barrington, R. I. ALLIENELLO, Victor N. C. E. 18 Hull St., East Prov., R. I. ALLING, Richard Bus. Ad. Gen. 25 High Gate Rd., Cranston, R. I. ALMY, Donald C. M. A. 89 Benedict Ave., Lakewood, R. I. ALMY, Nancy C. Lib. Arts 194 West Judson St., No. Tiverton ALSFELD, Elizabeth M. Nurs. 136 Potters Ave., Greenwood AMARAL, Violet M. H. E. 18 Titus St., Valley Falls, R. I. ANDERSEN, Marie L. H. E. Gregory St., Wickford, R. I. ANDERSON, Janice H. E. 139 Terrace Ave. Jersey City, N. J. ANDERSON, Joan S. H. E. 23 Cross St., Westerly, R. I. ANDERTON, Paul C. Agr. 40 Harris Ave., Johnston, R. I. AXT, Alva F. 7 Nigple Terrace Spring Valley, N. Y. AZAR, James T. C. E. 228 Washington St., Cen. Falls BAGGESEN, Raymond L. Lib. Arts 201 Stephens Ave., Greenwood BAILEY, Marion L. H. E. 1057 Main St., Apponaug, R. I. BAILEY, Mary H. E. 75 Drum Rock Ave., Warwick BANNISTER, Edward J. Jr. Agr. 34 Silver Lake Ave., Wakefield BARBER, William G., Jr. Agr. 2 Maple St., Hope Valley, R. I. BARNES, Nancy J. H. E. Putnam Ave., Chepachct, R. I. BARRIE, Joan I. Lib. Arts 80 Miller Ave., Rumford, R. I. BARTON, Joyce H. E. 25 Fairfield Rd., Cranston, R. I. BATTLE, William T. Bus. Ad. Gen. 193 Fenner Ave., Riverside, R. I. BAUD, Edward R. M. A. RFD, West Kingston, R. I. BAUER, John P., Jr. Bus. Ad. 85-96 Palerno Ave., Hollis, N. Y. BEATTY, Robert D. A. H. 63 Tucker St., Saylesville, R. I. BEGONES, Daniel H. M. A. 100 Douglas Ave., Prov., R. I. BEHRBOHM, Nancy L. H. E. Intervale Rd. Mountain Lake, N. J. BEHRENS, George J. M. E. 359 Pleasant St., Rumford, R. I. BELLANDESE, Cesare R. Text, Engr. 47 Linton St., Prov., R. I. BENOIT, Barbara B. H. E. 99 Riverside Dr., Riverside, R. I. BERNIER, Lydia F. Lab. Tech. 108 Third St., Newport, R. I. BERRY, Jean E. Lib. Arts 75 Alger Ave., Prov.. R. I. BILL, Gary R. Acct. 163 West Broad St., Westerly BIRD, Richard C. M. E. RFD 2, Buzzards Bay, Mass. BLACKMAN, Joy E. C. F. 135 Woodbine St., Prov., R. I. BLASBALG, Melvin F. Lib. Arts 16 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. BLAU, Barbara A. H. E. 250 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. BLECHARCZYK, Stephen S. Ch. E. 103 Central Ave. New Bedford, Mass. BLEISCH, Edith B. H. E. 291 No. Country Club Dr. Edgewood, R. I. BLOCK, Abraham E. Acct. 8 Lincoln Pkw., Bayonne, N. J. BLOCK, Robert D. M. A. 139 Lenox Ave., Prov., R. I. BLOUNT, Mary E. H. E. 460 Water St., Warren, R. I. BOEHLER, Ruth J. H. E. 16 Edgewater Rd. Cliffside Pk., N. J. BOGHOSIAN, Hagop C. E. 28 Bradley St., Pawtucket, R. I. BORNSTEIN, Sumner M. A. 18 Creighton St., Prov., R. I. BOUCHER, Leopold Bus. Ad. Gen. 131 Warwick Ave., W. Warwick BRADSTREET, Neal A. Agr. 23 Tremont St., Portland, Me. BRADY, Ruth See. St. 12 Gail Ave., Edgewood, R. I. BRAY, Robert H. Gen. T. Ed. 94 Cedar St., Pawtucket, R. I. BRIGHAM, Gerald A. Engr. Math. 67 Hope Ave., Longmeadow, R. I. BROWN, Charles E., Jr. Ch. E. 159 Woodhavcn Rd., Pawtucket BROWN, Geoffrey C. M. A. 58 Brown St., Wickford, R. I. BROWN, Henry A. Agr. 6 Manor Dr., Spring Green, R. I. BROWNING, Harriet G. H. E. 54 Robinson St., Wakefield, R. I. BRUNO, Vincent W. Agr. W. Oakland Ave., Oakland, N. J. BUCHANAN, Claire A. Sec. St. 126 Fosdyke St., Prov., R. I. BULLOCK, Elizabeth E. H. E. 68 Robin son St., Wakefield, R. I. BUONAIUTO, Gustin L. Hort. 43 Blaisdell St., Cranston, R. I. BURGESS, Elaine M. Nurs. 15 Warren Ave., Pawtucket, R. I, BURKE, Norman F. Bus. Ad. Gen. 21 Whitney Ave. Westboro, Mass. BURNS, Robert J. Gen. T. Ed. 27 Chace Dr„ Prov., R. I. 214 SOPHOMORES BURR, Harvey S. Hort. Shore Land, RFD 2 East Greenwich, R. I. CALLAHAN, James J. C. E. 159 Arnold Ave., Edgewood, R. I. CALLAN, John J. M. E. 100 Mawney St., Prov., R. I. CANTWELL, Diana T. Acct. 232 Hope St., Bristol, R. I. CAPWELL, Sylvia M. H. E. SS Boston St., W. Warwick, R. I. CARLEN, Ralph A. M. E. 19 Richland Rd., Cranston, R. I. CARLSON, Barbara A. Nurs. Normandy Rd., Wakefield, R. I. CARLSON, Beth K. Nors. 30 South Rd., Kingston, R. I. CARLSON, Norman B. Agr. 881 Hope St., Bristol, R. I. CARLSON, Stephanie N. Lib. Arts 49 Berkeley Ave., Newport, R. I. CARPENTER, Janet V. Nurs. RFD 1, Wakefield, R. I. CARPENTER, Nancy A. Sec. St. 57 Kenyon Ave., Wakefield, R. I. CARPENTER, Robert E. E. E. 57 Kenyon Ave., Wakefield, R. I. CARR, Francis C. Bus. Ad. Gen. 7 Apthorp Ave., Newport, R. I. CARSON, Martha-Ann Nurs. 672 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket CASWELL, Robert W. C. E. 48 Kingston Rd., Narragansett CATLOW, Glenn F. Lib. Arts 80 Glen Ridge Rd., Pawtucket CAVANAUGH, Barbara A. H. E. 325 Highland Ave. Hamburg, N. Y. CEKALA, Chester Agr. Mechanic St., Hope Valley, R. I. CHAPMAN, Bradford H. Bus. Ad. Gen. Shore Rd., Westerly, R. I. CHAPMAN, Robert B. Acct. 48 Towanda Dr., No. Prov., R. I. CIPRIANO, Joseph R. Ins. 52 Penn St., Prov., R. I. CLARK, Harold E. C. Ins. 113 Narragansett Pky. Prov. CLARKE, Arthur E. E. E. 36 Meadow Ave., Wakefield CLOW, Stuart H. C. E. 97 Nelson St., Prov., R. I. COHAN, Edward C. M. A. 39 Enfield St., Pawtucket, R. I. COHEN, Norman Hort. 11 Riverside Dr., N. Y., N. Y. COKONIS, Charles P. 8 White St., Pawtucket, R. I. COL AGIO VANNI, Filomena A. A. Acct. 108 Spruce St., Prov., R. I. COLWELL, Patricia H. Lib. Arts 330 Crestwood Ave., Warwick CONGLETON, Fred J. M. A. 1 1 Willow Ave., Hackensack, N.J. CONNELL, Theresa C. Nurs. 66 Modena Ave., Prov., R. I. CONSIDINE, Janet L. H. E. 3445 W. Shore Rd., Apponaug COOK, Stephen O. 37 Stone Ave., Apponaug, R. I. CORBETT, Robert H. P. Ed. 198 Armington St., Cranston, R. I. CORRY, Robert D. M. A. 44 Woodand St., Saylesville, R. I. COSTA, David W. Acct. 72 DeWolf Ave., Bristol, R. I. CROSS, Joseph W. Bus. Ad. 81 Farmington Ave. Longmeadow, Mass. CUDWORTH, Robert F. Agr. 18 Farewell St., Newport, R. I. CULLIGAN, Stephen R. Lib. Arts 89 Green St., Wakefield, R. I. CUNNINGHAM, John T. Ind. M. 257 Greenwood St., Cranston DANI, Russell H. W. Lib. Arts River Rd., RFD, Mystic, Conn. DAVIES, Clinton K., Jr. Agr. 260 Gorton Lake Blvd. Greenwood, R. I. DAVIS, Robert T. M. E. 27 Mystic Dr., Apponaug, R. I. DAWLEY, Avis S. H. E. West Kingston, R. I. DelNIGRO, Joseph Agr. 61 Vinton St., Prov., R. I. DeLUCA, Carl F. Bio. 7 Chilton St., Bristol, R. I. DESCHENE, Lawrence T. P. Ed. 31 Maple St., Cranston, R. I. DEVRIES, Barbara J. Gen. T. Ed. RFD 2, Westerly, R. I. DeWOLF, Geneva Zoo. 47 North Rd., Kingston, R. I. DeWOLFE, Mark A. Lib. Arts RFD 1, No. Scituate, R. I. DiMASE, Joseph D. Bio. 1132 Smith St., Prov., R. I. DINIZ, Esther M. Gen. T. Ed. 488 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawt. DiNUNZIO, Oswald C. Gen. T. Ed. 460 Diamond Hill Rd., Woon. DiORIO, Jean L. Nurs. 57 Green Brier Rd., Narragansett DiPIPPO, Ascanio G. Bio. 73 Grove St., Prov., R. I. DiPIRO, Frank A. M. E. Arnold St., Esmond, R. I. DiPRETE, Andrew Engr. Math. 864 H St., Cranston, R. I. DIURNI, Joseph M. Bio. 1 12 Wesleyan Ave., Prov., R. I. DODGE, Constance J. Nurs. 1678 Kingston Rd., W. Kingston DODSWORTH, Barbara M. Phys. 925 Providence St., W. Warwick DOLE, Nancy H. E. 15 Hardwick Rd„ Natick, Mass. DONNELLY, John F. C. E. 147 Sixth St., Prov., R. I. D ' ONOFRIO, Carmino P. Bio. 6809 Tavenue Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. DOUGHERTY, Helen T. CF 22 Roger Williams Circle Edgewood, R. I. DRESNER, Stephen W. Lib. Arts 280 Hillside Ave., Pawtucket DYCKMAN, Hazel L. H. E. 16 Lexington Ave., Cranston EATON, Carol Lib. Arts 16 Church St., Peacedale, R. I. EDBERG, Russell E. Engr. 105 Gallup St., Prov., R. I. EKMAN, Edward O., Jr. C. E. 64 Valentine Circle, Warwick ERIKKSON, Martin B. M. E. 61 Highland St., Cranston, R. I. EVANS, Diana P. Sec. St. 76 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawt. EWART, Andrew A. 33 Larch Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. FACTOR, Alfred Bus. Ad. Gen. 21 Detroit Ave., Prov., R. I. FAGAN, Patricia A. Lib. Arts 10 Canterbury St., Hoxsie, R. I. FARNUM, David L. Lib. Arts 29 Miantonomi Ave., Newport FERRARA, Gerard J. C. E. 99 Bradford St., Bristol, R. I. FERRARA, Salvatore N. P. Ed. 99 Bradford St., Bristol, R. I. FILONOW, Serge R. 69 Lupine St., Pawtucket, R. I. FINN, Edward P. Acct. 4006 Pratt Ave., Bronx, N. Y. FIORE, Robert M. M. E. 5 Phoebe St., Johnston, R. I. FLETCHER, Carol J. H. E. Phillips St., Wickford, R. I. FOWLER, Alvah A. K„ Jr. Bus. Ad. Gen. Pettaquamscutt Lake Shore Saunderstown, R. I. FOWLER, Kenneth F. M. E. RFD 2 West Main Rd., Newport FRADIN, Harry Acct. 207 Sumter St., Prov., R. I. FRATTO, Edward J. P. Ed. 101 Holaorthy St. Cambridge, Mass. FREEMAN, Elaine B. H. E. 1459 So. Broadway, E. Prov. GADDES, Joan H. E. 2335 Cranston St., Cranston, R. I. GAGNE, Claire M. Sec. St. 37 Fortin Rd., Kingston, R. I. GAMACHE, Louis M. M. E. 1075 Riverside Ave. Somerset, Mass. GANIM, Mitry E. E. 35 Daniels St., Prov., R. I. GEER, Stanley E. Bio. 30 Iona St., Prov., R. I. GENCARELLA, James, Jr. E. E. 238 High St., Westerly, R. I. GENCARELLI, Francis A. Bus. Ad. Gen. 68 Pierce St., Westerly, R. I. GERTSACOV, Joan T. Lib. Arts 71 Rugby St., Prov., R. I. GIBEAULT, Alvah R. M. A. 181 Vera St., Apponaug, R. I. GIBLIN, Joyce H. E. 639 Park Ave., Portsmouth, R. I. GIBSON, Joan D. Nurs. Putman Pike, Harmony, R. I. GIBSON, Joyce H. H. E Putman Pike, Harmony, R. I. GIFFORD, Margaret L H E 66 Fortin Ave., Edgewood, R. I. GIFFORD, Nancy J. H. E. 2 Kent St., Belmont, Mass. GILMAN, Elizabeth T. Nurs. Rockland, Rd., No. Situate, R. I. GILMORE, Elaine R. H. E. 70 Brightwood Ave., Prov., R. I. GLEASON, Janet H. H E 105 Lexington Ave., Cranston GODDARD, Isabelle Lib. Arts 482 Hill St., West Warwick, R. I. GOLDEN, Edwin J. M. A. 45 Lincoln St., New Roch., N. Y. GOLDEN, Leon S. Acct. 150 Home St., Prov., R. I. GOLDMAN, Arthur D. Bio. 144 School St., Taunton, Mass. 215 SOPHOMORES GORDON, Bernard L. 9 Washington, St., Westerly, R. I. GOTTLIEB, Sanford T. Acct. 1829 E. 33rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. GOULD, Marilyn A. Nurs. 38 ' 2 Silver St., Wakefield, R. I. GRACE, Betsey I. Lib. Arts RFD, Slocum, R. I. GRACIA, Frances S. Sec. St. West Main Rd„ Little Compton GRAY, William A., Jr. Acct. 157 Hunts Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. GREENE, John J., Jr. E. E. 17 Orchard St., Cranston, R. I. GREENE, John W. C. E. 50 Priscilla Ave., Warwick Neck GREENE, Judith CF West Kingston, R. I. GREENHALGH, Robert L. Bus. Ad. Gen. 225 Juniper St., E. Prov., R. I. GRIFFIN, Chester B. Lib. Arts 158 So. Main St., Mansfield, Mass. GULVAN, Marjorie A. H. E. 45 Woodruff, Ave., Wakefield HACKETT, Russell F. I. E. 20 Earlham Way, Hillsgrove, R. I. HAHN, Joyce E. 39 Kenyon Rd., Cranston, R. I. HAMMOND, Helen A. Chatham, Mass. HANSEN, Russell C. E. E. APTCI, Fort Kearney, R. I. HARDEN, William H. APTC2 Fort Kearney Saunderstown, R. I. HAROOTUNIAN, Robert Lib. Arts 84 Lenox Ave., Prov., R. I. HARRIS, Robert W. Main St., Box 34, Glendale, R. I. HAWES, Philip T. Bio. Nanarucket Rd., Tiverton, R. I. HAWKES, Russell A. Lib. Arts 73 Dartmouth Ave., Prov., R. I. HAZARD, Joanne H. Bio. Johnson PI., Wakefield, R. I. HEISINGER, Walter R. Bus. Ad. 440 C ' tland Ave., Stanford, Conn. HERMAN, Eleanor R. H. E. 14 King Philip Dr., E. Greenwich HIGGINS, Lawrence S. Bio. East Farm, Kingston, R. I. HIRSCH, Walter S. I. E. 262 Lowell Ave., Prov., R. I. HODGES, William G. Agr. 13 Ferncliff Ave., Warwick, R. I. 216 HODGKINSON, Lewis A. Agr. RFD, Canonchet Rd., Hope Valley HODGSON, Jane E. Nurs. Hanton Rd., Woonsocket, R. I. HOLMAN, Evelyn J. Lib. Arts 2149 Broad St., Edgewood, R. I. HOLT, Howard R. M. A. 510 So. Main St., Woonsocket HOLTZ, Laurie S. Acct. 1344 East 8th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. HOPKINS, Everett J. Ind. M. 40 Kersey Rd., Peacedale, R. I. HOPPER, Bruce E. Agr. 56 Spring St., Woonsocket, R. I. HORSEMAN, John J. M. E. 10 Deborah St., Narragansett HYMAN, Melvin Bus. Ad. Gen. 42 Mountain Ave., E. Prov., R. I. IANNETTA, Marie Gen. T. Ed. 179 Langdon St., Prov., R. I. IDE, Stephen R., Jr. Engr. 58 Dale Ave., Cranston, R. I. IZZI, Helen M. H. E. 102 W. Natick Rd., Pontiac, R. I. JACKSON, Suzanne H. E. 48 Tollman Ave., Cranston, R. I. JAMKOCHIAN, Harry Bio. 223 East St., Pawtucket, R. I. JETTE, Leo F. Acct. 232 Benjamin St., Pawtucket JOHNSTON, Frederic C. Gen. Bus. Ad. 62 Friendly St., Cranston, R. I. JOLY, Carolyn P. H. E. 7 Reynolds St., Wickford, R. I. JONES, James W. Bio. 18098 Rosclawn Ave., Det., Mich. JONES, Ronald P. P. Ed. 243 West Chestnut St. Brockton, Mass. JONES, Shirley D. H. E. Southern Ave., Essex, Mass. JOSLIN, Audrey A. H. E. 309 Spring Green Rd., Edgewood KAMBORIAN, Jacob S„ Jr. Phys. 133 Forest Ave. West Newton. Mass. KARKUN, Marcia L. Lib. Arts 29 Eaton St., Prov., R. I. KARSZEN, Joseph Bus. Ad. Gen. 35 Mulford Gardens Yonkers, N. Y. KASKEWSKY, William J. Ch. E. 485 Chalkstonc Ave., Prov., R. I. KASTAL, Norma L. Chem. 48 Warrington St., Prov., R. I. KASTNER, Frank R. Winsor Ave., Prov., R. I. KATZMAN, Albert E. E. E. 87 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. KELLIHER, Jeremiah, J. Bio. 24 Wilcox St., Pro v., R. I. KENYON, Gillete C., Jr. E. E. 10 Tomazuag Rd., Ashaway, R. I. KETTELLE, Florence M. Lib. Arts 142 Wood St., Washington, R. I. KIMNER, James H. Ch. E. Albion Rd., Lincoln, R. I. KLANIAN, Peter Bus. Ad. Gen. 52 Pekin St., Prov., R. I. KMIEC, Evelyn L. Nurs. 526 Newport Ave., Pawtucket KNOWLES, Horace W., Jr. Agr. 14 Charles St., Westerly, R. I. KOELSCH, Paula M. Lib. Arts 92 General St„ Prov., R. I. KOSTACOPOULOS, John Lib. Arts 70 Kenmore St., Pawtucket, R. I. LAGERQUIST, Kenneth A. Agr. 3S3 New York Ave., Prov., R. I. LANYON, Malcolm L. Bio. 3085 East Main Rd„ Portsmouth LaRIVIERE, Leo F. P. H. 46 So. Main St., Pascoag, R. I. LAWSON, Jan B. Lib. Arts 61 Elisha St., E. Greenwich, R. I. LEACH, Donald E. C. E. Harrington Ave., Hope, R. I. LEDUC, James E. C. E. 89 Burnside St., Prov., R. I. LEDWIDGE, Augustine T. Ind. M. 43S Walcott St., Pawtucket, R. I. LEE, Virginia H. E. 28 White Pkw., Woonsocket, R. I. LEINO, Miriam E. Lib. Arts Heaton Orchard Rd., W. Kingston LEOCHA, Teresa A. Sec. St. 6 Elm St., Claremont, N. H. LeVASSEUR, Jane A. H. E. 1 Tiogue Ave., West Warwick LEVINSON, Gilbert M. Acct. 167 Cole Ave., Prov., R. I. LEVY, Alan L. M. A. 93 Franklin Ave. New Rochelle, N. Y. LEVY, Thelma Lib. Arts 182 Sumter St., Prov., R. I. LEWIS, Ann H. Sec. St. 2217 East Main Rd., Portsmouth LIGHTBOURNE, Elmer B. C. E. 2S0 Waterman St., Prov., R. I. LILLIS, Guy M. I. E. 19 Meadow Ave., Wakefield LIMMER, Charles D. M. A. 329 Spring St., Newport, R. I. LOMAS, Mary E. Nurs. 57 Clarke Rd., Barrington, R. I. LOMBARDI, Vincent L. C. E. 67 Prospect Hill, West Warwick LONGO, Vincent A. Bus. Ad. 50 Squire St., New London, Conn. LORD, William P. Bus. Ad. Gen. 113 Mass. Ave., Providence, R. I. LOUZON, Frank Mooresfield Rd., Saunderstown LOXLEY, Sally A. H. E. 94 Albert Ave., Cranston, R. I. LUKATCH, Murray L. Bus. Ad. Gen. 133 Walcott Rd., Brookline, Mass. LUNDGREN, Raymond G. Agr. 299 Lonsdale Ave., Pawtucket LUSTIG, Gertrude Gen. T. Ed. Foster Center, R. I. LYONS, Charles E. M. E. Tarkiln Rd., Woonsocket, R. I. MacBRAYNE, William U. C. E. MACHADO, Edward P. C. E. 19 Catherine St., Bristol, R. I. MAIELLO, Daniel G. Bio. 94 Harrison St., Prov., R. I. MAILLOU X, Jeanne A. Bio. 556 So. Main St., Woonsocket MAIR, Alan R. Ind. M. Apt N2 Fort Kearney Saunderstown, R. I. MALENFANT, Richard E. Bus. Ad. Gen. 17 ' 2 Gould St., Wakefield, R. I. MANCHESTER, John E. Acct. 39 Bend St., Warwick, R. I. MARCY, Muriel S. H. E. 3 Luther St., Seekonk, Mass. MARTIN, Edwin J., Jr. M. E. Alfred Lord Blvd., Taunton, Mass. MARTIN, Jean F. H. E. Box 244, Greenville, R. I. MARTIN, Mary I. H. E. 100 Main St., Hope, R. I. MASON, Charles P. Bio. 24 Walnut St., Newport, R. I. MATTHEWS, Harry R. Acct. 10 Howard Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. MAXCY, Leland C. M. E. 6 Johnson Ave., W. Caldwell, N.J. McCANN, Joan C. H. E. 82 Grosvenor Ave., E. Prov., R. I. McCARVILLE, Bart J. Bus. Ad. 15S Delaware Ave. Freeport, L. I., N. Y. McCAULEY, James A. Bus. Ad. 9 West Wood Rd., Saylesville McDADE, Daniel F. Bus. Ad. 99 Ruth Ave., E. Prov., R. I. SOPHOMORES MCDONALD, Joan A. Lab. Tech. 53 Haile St., Warren, R. I. McEWEN, Everett E. C. E. 76 Benbridge Ave., Lakewood McGETTRICK, John L. Engr. Math. 674 Public St., Prov., R. I. McGUIRE, Raymond E. C. E. 43 Prov. St., West Warwick, R. I. McKENZIE, Dale R. Agr. 52 Colony Ave., Warwick, R. I. McKNIGHT, Conrad K. Bio. 84 Glen Ave., Edgewood, R. I. MCLAUGHLIN, Harry A. Bus. Ad. 153 Peace St., Prov., R. I. McLaughlin, william g. Bus. Ad. 61 Wallace St., Prov., R. I. McMANUS, James O. Eng. 29 Shippee Ave., West Warwick MELLO, Albert M. E. E. 14 Mission Place, Prov., R. I. MELLO, Joseph M. Bio. 35 Youngs Ave., West Warwick MENARD, Maurice C. M. E. 244 Cass Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. MENDES, Benjamin J. Bus. Ad. 140 Lexington Ave., Prov., R. I. MENOCHE, Eugene W. Gen. T. Ed. 36 Quincy Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. MILLAR, Richard I. C. E. 12 Ardmore Ave., Prov., R. I. MILLER, George E. Agr. 128 Ave., N„ Brooklyn, N. Y. MILLER, Raymond G., Jr. Agr. 12 Fairlee Rd. West Hartford, Conn. MILLS, Joanne B. H. E. 101 Pinecrest Dr., Pawtucket MILLS, Marjorie A. Gen. T. Ed. 48 Lyman Ave., Norwood, R. I. MITCHELL, James W. Agr. 64 Grace Ave., Conimicut, R. I. MITSON, Helen M. Nurs. 4 Anson-Brown Rd., Johnston MONTVILLE, Francis E. Agr. Main St., Slatersville, R. I. MORLOCK, Jeanne E. H. E. 22 Roosevelt Ave., Wickford, R. I. MORRIS, William L. C. E. Biscuit City, Kingston, R. I. MORSE, John L. Agr. 60 Bryant Rd., Cranston, R. I. MOUNCE, Muriel L. H. E. 128-76 St., No. Bergen, N. J. MONTAIN, Thomas J. Bus. Ad. 440 — 7th St., Fairview, N. J. MURDOUGH, Joan C. H. E. Alfred Dr., Barrington, R. I. NAIGUR, Marvin A. E. E. 1350 Broad St., Prov., R. I. NARDONE, Cecile A. H. E. 164 High St., Westerly, R. I. NARDONE, Charles A. Acct. 167 High St., Westerly, R. I. NELSON, Albert D. Acct. 36 Newmarket St., Cranston, R. I. NERSES, Victor Eng. 60 Goddard St., Prov., R. I. NILES, Ernest A. Ch. E. 12 Aldrich St., Wyoming, R. I. NIMMO, John L. 22 Pennacook St., Newport, R. I. NUGENT, Robert A. Eng. 2 Burdett PI., Fairview, N. J. O ' BRIEN, Harold F. Bus. Ad 144 Tampa Ave., Warwick, R. I. O ' DONNELL, Anne M. H. E. 165 Wood St., Prov., R. I. OLIVO, Matthew A. Lib. Arts 19 Belvidere Blvd., No. Prov. ORNSTEIN, Donald J. Acct. 1031 Beach 9th St. Far Rockaway, New Jersey PACZKOWSKI, Stanley J. Bio 818 Chestnut St. Kulpmont, Penna. PAGANO, John R. P. Ed. 3SS Farmington Ave., Cranston PALUMBO, Michael A. Agr. 10 Harvard St., Cranston, R. I. PARENTE, Lawrence C. E. 29 Adelaide Ave., West Warwick PARKER, Albert E. 21 Frey St., Pontiac, R. I. PARKER, Nancy E. Lib. Arts 8 Oak St., Wakefield, R. I. PASCALE, Marjorie C. H. E. 396 River Rd., Lonsdale, R. I. PASSARELLI, Henry A. Eng. 88 Vandewater St., Prov., R. I. PEASE, Joan D. H. E. 40 Fortin Rd., Kingston, R. I. PENDERGAST, Daniel J. Lib. Arts 97 Wentworth Ave., Warwick PENKETHMAN, Robert A. E. E. 20 Bliss Rd., Newport, R. I. PENZELL, Helenmac H. E. 136-13 Newport Ave. Belle Harbor, L. I., N. Y. PERRY, Majel F. A. S. Jungle Valley Rd., W. Kingston PERRY, Marvin D. Bus. Ad. 178 Warren Ave., E. Prov., R. I. PIERSON, James V. Bus. Ad. 28 Troy St., Olneyville, R. I. PIEZ, John W. Lib. Arts 115 Adelaide St., Prov., R. I. PIMENTAL, Joseph A. Eng. 32 Harris St., Pawtucket, R. I PINA, Bernard T P Ed. 127 Rugby St., Prov., R. I. PIZZO, Joseph A. Bus. Ad. 117 Eleventh St., Prov., R. I. POPP, Robert S. Chem. 508 West Wafer St. Rockland, Mass. PRENDERGAST, Elizabeth A. H. E 175 Walnut St., E. Prov., R. I. PRITSKER, Hope I. Lib. Arts 131 Oak Hill Ave., Pawtucket PROCTOR, Elizabeth C. Gen. T. Ed. 819 Carteret Ave., Trenton, N. J. RAFANELLI, Anthony I. Bus. Ad. 23 Benedict St., No. Prov., R. I. RAMOS, Diana C. H. E. 116 Atwood Ave., Pawtucket RATHJEN, Arthur H. Lib. Arts 38 Elm St., Westerly, R. I. RAYNER, Barbara V. H. E. 12 Rufus St., Pawtucket, R. I. READ, Herman M. Bus. Ad. 27 Prov. St., West Warwick, R. I. REDDING, Robert M. Eng. 67 Cathedral Ave., Prov., R. I. REDFERN, Richard B. Bus. Ad. 138 Lynden Rd., Edgewood, R. I. REID, Harry G. Agr. 28 Narragansett Bay Ave. Warwick Neck, R. I. REMINGTON, Nancy A. H. E. 11 Holburn Ave., Cranston, R. I. RESNICK, Richard Bus. Ad. 201 Summit Ave., Prov., R. I. RESNIK, Sol L. Bus. Ad. 96 Moore St., Prov., R. I. RICCI ARDI, Anna T. Lib. Arts 481 Charles St., Prov., R. I. RICE, Alvin S. Eng. 45 Natick Ave., Warwick, R. I. RICE, David M. Eng. 45 Caowell Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. RIGANESE, Lawrence Acct. 57 Battey St., Prov., R. I. ROBERTS, Francis H. Eng. 53 Barton St., Woonsocket, R. I. ROCHE, Arthur S. P. Ed. 42 Vi East St., Whitinsville, Mass. RONZIO, Susan Lib. Arts 21 America St., Prov., R. I. ROSA, Allyn Eng. 24 Maple St., Prov., R. I. ROSENBERG, Ralph Agr. 111-25 78 Ave., Flushing, N. Y. ROSENTHAL, Gerald P. Lib. Arts 442 Prospect St., Woonsocket ROTH, Myron I. Bus. Ad. 12 East 86th St., N. Y., N. Y. ROTHENBERG, Sylvia J. H. E. 38 Milk St., Prov., R. I. RUGINSKI, Charles J. Eng. 82 Pettis St., Prov., R. I. RUST, Thomas F. Chem. 1 Phelps Rd., Newport, R. I. RUTLEDGE, Ruth E. Gen. T. Ed. 30 Greene St., Pawtucket, R. I. RYSKIEWICH, Bernard S. Eng. 307 High St., Pawtucket, R. I. SADOW, Raymond S. Chem. 130 Dexterdale Rd., Prov., R. I. SALERNO, Savino P. Agr. 102 Wilson St., Prov., R. I. SALK, Lois D. H. E. 15 Verndale Ave., Prov., R. I. SALTZMAN, William B. Bus. Ad. 6 Sutton PI., Cranston, R. I. SCHAPIRO, Susan M. Lib. Arts 69 East 87th St., New York, N. Y. SCHMIDT, Harold E. Eng. 137 Rugby St., Prov., R. I. SCHUPACK, Sandra B. H. E. 368 Woodland Rd., Woonsocket SCHWARTZ, Dorene S. Lib. Arts 85 Farragut Ave., Prov., R. I. SCOLA, Bernard V. Bus. Ad. 122 Edgewood Blvd., Prov., R. I. SCOTT, Carol P. Lib. Arts 347 Fair St., Gaspee Plateau, R. I. SCOTT, Diane S. H. E. 56 No. Fair St., Prov., R. I. SCOTT, Sally D. H. E. 133 Armington St., Prov., R. I. SHANNON, Robert P. Ed. 169 Oakland Ave., Pawtucket SHAW, Raymond C. Eng. 6 Champlin St., Wickford, R. I. SHEA, Daniel F. Bus. Ad. 125 Lexington Ave., Prov., R. I, SHEA, Patricia E. Gen. T. Ed. IS Summer St., Westerly, R. I. SHEEHAN, John R. Bus. Ad. 132 Narragansett Ave., Jamestown, R. I. SHEPHARD, James A., Ill Lib. Arts Duck Cove Farm., Wickford, R. I. SHIELDS, William H. Bus. Ad. 73 Bedlow Ave., Newport, R. I. 217 SOPHOMORES SIEGEL, Gloria Lib. Arts 196 Rochambeau Ave., Prov. SISCO, Anthony F. Bus. Ad. 79 Tower St„ Westerly, R. I. SMITH, Carolyn J. Lab. Tech. 143 Lyndon Rd., Edgewood, R. I. SMITH, Daniel J. Bus. Ad. 2 Lucas Ave., Newport, R. I. SMITH, Harold R. Agr. 49 Broad St., Prov., R. I. SOFORENKO, Albert Z. Agr. 486 Main St., W. Medway, Mass. SPITALETTA, Patrick B. Bio. 17 Gardner Ave., Jer. City, N. J. SPRING, Walker C. Lib. Arts 344 Salem St. North Wilmington, Mass. STAUFFER, Sara A. Gen. T. Ed. 9 Briar Lane, Kingston, R. I. STEEN, Ernine M. H. E. 37 Shore Rd., Riverside, R. I. STEINBERG, Richard P. Bus. Ad. 64 Goodnough Rd. Chestnut Hill, Mass. STOCK, Catherine H. Nurs. 29 Roslyn Ave., Prov., R. I. STOREY, Barbara J. H. E. 1127 Post Rd., E. Greenwich, R. I. STOWELL, Mary E. H. E. 56 Lawrence Rd., Medford, Mass. STREET, June H. H. E. Ocean Rd., Narragansett, R. I. SULLIVAN, Henry T. Eng. 84 Eustis Ave., Newport, R. I. SULLIVAN, Kenneth W. Bus. Ad. 1363 Narra. Blvd., Cranston, R. I. SULLIVAN, Mark J. Bus. Ad. 130 Granite St., Westerly, R. I. SULLIVAN, Robert D. Eng. 19 Stockholm St., Newport, R. I. SWEET, Estelle H. Lib. Arts 14 Hart St., Prov., R. I. SZASX, Judith B. Lib. Arts State Sanatorium, Wallum-Lake TASCA, Nancy A. Bio. I I Grove Ave., Westerly, R. I. TAYLOR, Robert C. S. Agr. 66 Spruce St., Warwick, R. I. TAYLOR, Russell E. M. E. III Aetna St., Central Falls, R. I. TAYLORSON, Raymond B. Agr. Saunderstown, R. I. TELLA, Raymond T. E. E. 107 Comstock Ave., Prov., R. I. THOMAS, Loren M. E. E. 288 Suffolk Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. THOMAS, Robert A. I. E. 47 Pawtucket, Ave., E. Prov., R. I. THOMPSON, Margaret S. Nurs. 90 Clyde St., Pawtucket, R. I. THORPE, Donald K. Agr. Indian Lake., Saunderstown TOBIN, James C. Bus. Ad. Gen. 8 Amos St., Peacedale, R. I. TODD, Donald R. A. H. Main St„ Cotuit, Mass. TOEGEMANN, Eleanor C. Lab. Tech. 330 Auburn St., Auburn, R. I. TOHER, Farrell S. E. E. 16 7th St., Prov., R. I. TOMASSO, Raymond A. E. E. 84 Dartmouth Ave., Prov., R. I. TOUGAS, Robert E. M. E. 69 School St., Westerly, R. I. TRAINOR, Mary L. Gen. T. Ed. 65 Eighth St., Prov., R. I. TROLL, Joseph Agr. 87 North 5th St., Paterson, N. J. UHLINGER, Roger D. Chem. 24 Lansin St., Hagaman, N. Y. VARTABEDIAN, Anne H. E. 243 Rochambeau Ave., Prov. VASSILOPOULOS, William Ins. 91 Willow St., Prov., R. I. VERRIER, Donald C. M. E. 103 Waldo St., Prov., R. I. VIALL, Bradford H. M. A. 21 Leonard Ave., E. Prov., R. I. VIEIRA, Peter T. Bus. Ad. Gen. Weeden Lane, Jamestown, R. I. VINE, Ethel J. Lib. Arts 49 Westbourne Terrace Brookline, Mass. VonGLAHN, Joan A. Lib. Arts 5328 Longview St., Dallas, Texas VUONO, Joseph Acct. 8 Wayland St., Bradford, R. I. VUONO, Natale S. Acct. 2 Church St., Bradford, R. I. WALLICK, Muriel Lib. Arts 165 Camp St., Prov., R. I. WALTZMAN, Herbert Bus. Ad. Gen 461 Wash St., Brookline, Mass. WANSKER, Dorothy A. H. E. 195 Mill St., Newtonville, Mass. WATTS, Carol Y. Lib. Arts 253 Broad St., Prov., R. I. WELLS, Albert J., Jr. Ch. E. 33 Benedict St., Riverside, R. I. WHITE, George A. M. E. 1107 Newport Ave., Pawtucket WHITFORD, Sylvia A. H. E. 74 Main St., Wickford, R. I. WHITMAN, Beverly O. Lab. Tech. Colvintown Rd., Hope, R. I. WILCOX, Roberta Math. RFD, Hope Valley, R. I. WILDES, Glenn K. Agr. Shaw Rd., Little Compton, R. I. WILLOUGHBY, Anne Nurs. 35 Arnold St., Riverside, R. I. WING, William E. Gen. T. Ed. 81 Armington St., Edgewood WINTERS, William E. Gen. T. Ed. 3 Phelps Rd., Newport, R. I, WOOD, Arthur I., Jr. I. E. 310 Vine St., Pawtucket, R. I. WRIGHT, Alan M. Agr. 75 Tollman Ave., Cranston, R. I. WRIGHT, Nancy L. H. E. 405 Front St., Saylesville, R. I. ZALFA, Albert J. Bio. 170 Cowden St., Central Falls ZELNIKER, Roslyn Gen. T. Ed. 18 Garfield Ave., Prov., R. I. ZEXTER, Ronald Bus. Ad. Gen. 552 Angell St., Prov., R. I. JUNIORS ADAMS, Harold Earl, Jr. Acct. 45 Bartlet Ave., Edgewood, R. I. ALLEN, Roy E. E. E. RFD, Coventry, R. I. ALMEIDA, John J. C. E. Trailer Pk„ Kingston, R. I. AMBER, Barbara G. CF 275 Potters Ave., Prov., R. I. AMEEN, Raymond F. Ch. E. 65 Coyle Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. ANDELMAN, Lois R. Sec. St. 153Wisner Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. ANDERSON, Lois J. Gen. H. Ec. 47 Kip Ave., Rutherford, N. J. ASADOORIAN, Peter D. Pre-Med. 1052 Narragansett Blvd. Edgewood, R. I. ASPINWALL, Joan Gen. H. Ec. 25 Underwood St., Pawtucket AVEDESIAN, Avedis Phys. Ed. 170 Woodbine St., Pawtucket BACHE, Richard F. Agr. Chem. 128 Pitman St., Prov., R. I. BAGDOVITZ, John J. Acct. 31 7th St., Prov., R. I. BAGGESON, Robert H. M. A 210 Stephen Ave., Greenwood 21 8 BAILLIE, Lois A. Lib. Arts 188 Knollwood Ave., Cranston BAIRD, William B. P. Ed. 4526 Brown St., Union City, N. J. BALDYGA, Edward J. C. E. 18 Ethel St., West Warwick, R. I. BARAM, Norma M. Sec. St. 54 Belleview Ave., Woonsocket BARBER, Winifred C. T. C. 28 Mary Ave., E. Prov., R. I. BARNES, John M. E. E. 21 Pleasant St., West Barrington BARRY, Rosemary C. Gen. T. Ed. 306 Houghton St. North Adams, Mass. BEAUREGARD, Arthur W. C. E. 31 Jane St., Pawtucket, R. I. BENTLEY, Howard O. M. A. APT E-l Fort Kearney Saunderstown, R. I. BERNSTEIN, Harold P. Ed. 20 King St., Peabody, Mass. BERRY, Henry E. C. E. 74 Blodgett Ave., Pawtucket BIGGSEN, Catherine F. Lib. Arts 41-16 47th St., L. I. City, N. Y. BLACK, Eugene F. Ch. E. 6 Jampson Rd., Newton, Mass. BLACK, Robert G. Lib. Arts Farnum Pike, Georgiaville, R. I. BLACKSTONE, Paul C. Ch. E. 72 Hope St., Prov., R. I. BLOUNT, Francis W. P. Ed. 31 College Rd., Kingston, R. I. BODEN, Richard N. C. E. 100 Lansdowne Rd., Warwick BOGHOSSIAN, Leon C. Ind. M. 30 Brookdale Blvd., Pawtucket BOLGER, Donald B. M. E. 57 Country Club Dr., Edgewood BOOTH, Marilyn J. Lib. Arts 298 Marlboro St., E. Greenwich BRIGGS, George D. Lib. Arts Kingston Rd., West Kingston, R. I. BRIGGS, Mary M. Lab. Tech. West Kingston, R. I. BROCCHI, Angelo B. M. E. 66 Tappan St., Prov., R. I. BROOMFIELD, David M. Bus. Ad. Gen. 227 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. BROWN, Marjorie W. H. E. Gen. 201 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood BROWN, Stephen M. Bus. Ad. Gen. 53 Fosdyke Ave., Prov., R. I. BRUNO, Joseph F. Lib. Arts 204 State St., Bristol, R. I. JUNIORS BUTEAU, Robert T. Lib. Arts Mechanic St., Hope Valley, R. I. BUTLER, Robert T. M. A. 324 Taunton Ave., E. Prov., R. I. BUTTERWORTH, Florence J. Nurs. BYRNES, Patricia A. Sec. St. 63 Beckwith St., Cranston, R. I. CAIRNS, James R. Ins. 38 Darmouth Ave., Prov., R. I. CALITRI, Michelina M. FN 909 Kingston, Rd., Peacedale CALLAHAN, Robert W. Lib. Arts 4 Ayrault St., Newport, R. I. CANAVAN, Ernest T. Bus. Ad. Gen. 9 Green St., Waltham, Mass. CARPENTER, Richard E. 174 Dewey St., Worcester, Mass. CARUOLO, Edward V. A. H. 289 Knollwood Ave., Cranston CARUOLO, Ferinandi J. Gen. T. Ed. 5 Evergreen Dr., Johnston, R. I. CASEY, Anne M. Acct. 40 Babcock Rd., Westerly, R. I. CASSIDY, Leo M. C. E. 3 Russell St., Newport, R. I. CAVANAUGH, Joan B. CF 166 Rowe Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. CAWLEY, John F. P Ed. 217 Harvard St. Cambridge, Mass. CHACE, Emery T. Phys. 323 New York Ave., Prov., R. I. CHARIFSON, Joan M. Lib. Arts 100 Gordon Ave., Prov., R. I. CHASE, Charles C. 40 Rosemerc Rd., Pawtucket, R. I. CHATTERLEY, Daniel J. Pre-Med. 480 Arch St., Prov., R. I. CHILD, John W. E. E. 21 Samoset St., Barrington, it. I. CHRONES, Anthony Ind. E. 233 Lafayette St., Pawtucket CIESLA, Edward Ch. E. 16 Boston St., West Warwick, R. I. CINGOLANI, William R. Gen. T. Ed. 15 Howland St., Plymouth, Mass. CLAYTON, John W., Jr. E. E. 19 Ivanhoe St., Cranston, R. I. COATES, Fred A. M. E. 115 Modena Ave., Prov., R. I. COHEN, Sanford S. M. A. 97 Overhill Rd., Prov., R. I. COLLINS, Winthrop R. Bus. Ad. Gen. 85 Pilgrim Dr., Norwood, R. I. COMBS. Carole L. Lib. Arts So. County Trail, E. Greenwich CONARY, James H. Hort. 127 Paige Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. CONNERY, Wilbert J. J. 21 Sandlewood Ave., Norwood COOK, Richard N. Bus. Ad. Gen. 37 Stone Ave., Apponaug, R. I. CORRERA, Michael C. E 21 Carpenter St., Prov., R. I. CORRY, Alan, Jr. Ch. E. 9 East Ave., Saylesville, R. I. COYLE, Margaret L. H. Ec. T. Ed. 14A Perry St., Wickford, R. I. CROWELL, William B. Lib. Arts 28 George St., Prov., R. I. CUELLAR, Hector R. 9A Calle Oriente 4 Antiquag Cty, Guatemala, C. Am. CULF, Norris K. Pre-Med. 77 Beaver Ave., Warwick, R. I. D ' AGOSTINO, John Pre-Med. 214 Langdon St., Prov., R. I. DAIGLE, Pauline M. H. Ec. Gen. 335 Summer St., Woonsocket D ' AMBRA, Gennaro J. Gen. T. Ed. 1062 Hope St., Bristol, R. I. DAME, James A. A. H. Brown Ave., Johnston, R. I. DeCOSTA, John J. Gen. T. Ed. 1068 Hope St., Bristol, R. I. DelSELVA, John E. Agr Gen 75 Vinton St., Prov., R. I. DeLUCA, Eugene T. P. Ed 996 Branch Ave., Prov., R. I. DeSILVA, William Jr. Ind. Mgt. 33 Crapo St., New Bedford, Mass. DICKSON, Janet H. Gen. T. Ed. Wooncemff Ave., Wakefield, R. I. DilORIO, Philip C. E. E. 100 Metcalf St., Prov., R. I. DiSPIRITO, Robert G. P. Ed. 516 Prov., St., Woonsocket, R. I. DWYER, Patricia S. Nurs. 99 Dover St., Prov., R. I. EMIRZIAN, Louise E. Lib. Arts 853 Smith St., Prov., R. I. FAGAN, Leo F. Ch. E. 102 Waterman Ave., Cranston FALCONE, Alexander F., Jr. Acct. 83 Elmdale Ave., Prov., R. I. FANEUF, Gerald A. E. E. 20 Whittier Dr., Johnston, R. I. FEENEY, George E. M. A. 10 Horton St., Rye, N. Y. FELTHAM, John D. M. E. 52 Washington St., Newport, R. I. FERRARA, Leonard S. Lib. Arts 20 Brookside Ave., N. Prov., R. I. FIELDS, Eugene A. M. E. Hansons Boat Yd., Wakefield FISH, Janis E. 75 Waterman Ave., Cranston FITZGERALD, Anne-Marie H. E. T. Ed. 32 Reynolds Ave., Prov., R. I. FOSTER, Bennett P. M. A. 54 Division St., E. Greenwich, R. I. FOWLER, Ralph F. M. A. Pettaguamsett Lake Shore Saunderstown, R. I. FULLER, Edward F., Jr. Lib. Arts 106 Riverside Ave., Cranston GADROW, Mary C. Nurs. GARVEY, Genevieve G. H. E. Gen. 32 Melrose Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. GATELY, Harold F., Jr. Acct. 187 Park Ave., Cranston, R. I. GENSER, Helene M. Biol. Bact. 283 Knollwood Ave., Cranston GILBERT, Helen Lib. Arts 1207 Kingston Rd., Kingston GOLD, Herbert Bus. Ad. Gen. 101 Pinehurst Ave., Prov., R. I. GOOD, Barbara A. H. Ec. Gen. 155 James St., E. Prov., R. I. GOODRICH, Grace G. TC 90 Brown St., Prov., R. I. GOODWIN, Richard G. E. E. 27 West Main Rd., Newport, R. I. GOVE, Florence J. Nurs. GREER, Ruth M. Bus. Ad. Gen. 23 Lawn Ave., Prov., R. I. GRILLS, Albert A. M. A. Riverside Dr., Bradford, R. I. GRILLS, Constance A. Gen. T. Ed. 73 Wonnapaug Rd., Westerly GRILLS, Gretchen Lib. Arts 73 Wonnapaug Rd., Westerly GRINNELL, Lois A. Nurs. GRIVERS, Joseph P. C. E. 451 Pond St., Woonsocket, R. I. GROSSMAN, Harvey l. M. E. 10 Newport Ave., Newport, R. I. GROSSMAN, Richard E. M. E. 10 Newport Ave., Newport, R. I. GUTERMAN, Irwin D. Bus. Ad. Gen. 1119 Ocean Pkw, Brooklyn, N. Y. HACXETT, Robert C. Hort. 20 Earlham Way, Hillsgrove, R. I. HACKEY, Frederick W. Acct. 40 Narragansett Ave. Narragansett, R. I. HALL, Howard F. Greene, R. I. HALL, Russell N. P. Ed. 365 Newman Ave. Rehoboth, Mass. HANKE, Ernest E., Jr. Agr. Chem. 132 Lenox Ave., Prov., R. I. HANRAHAN, Gerald C. Acct. 54 Plymouth St., Prov., R. I. HARNDEN, Jean H. E. Gen. 16 Winter St., Wakefield, R. I. HAROOTUNIAN, Harry Pre-Med. 84 Lenox Ave., Prov., R. I. HARTLEY, Ann Nurs. HARTMAN, Harry Ind. E. 83 E. Greenwich Ave., W. War ' k HASLAM, Dorothy J. Lib. Arts 60 Bliss Rd., Newport, R. I. HAWES, Richard W. Gen. T. Ed. 97 Concord Ave., Cranston, R. I. HEFFERNAN, Robert J. M. E. 13 Darmouth St., Newport, R. I. HELFRICH, John E. Bus. Ad. Gen. Shore Rd., Westerly, R. I. HENNESSEY, Eleanor A. CF 49 Berwick Ln., Edgewood, R. I. HENNESSEY, Joan R. Sec. St. 24 Pawtuxet Ter., West Warwick HENRY, Barbara A. Lib. Arts 9 Poplar St., Newport, R. I. HENRY, William E. Lib. Arts 125 Reservoir Ave., Prov., R. I. HERMAN, Doris M. Lab. Tech. 14 King Philip Dr., E. Greenwich HILZMAN, John Math. Apt. 12 Fort Kearney Saunderstown, R. I. HOLLBERG, Herbert J. Ind. E. 125 Columbus Blvd., Cranston HOLMES, James L. Ag. Ch. Hut 6, South Kingston, R. I. HOMAN, Paul B. A. H. Box 125, Main St., Yaphank, N. Y. HOSS, William F. P. Ed. Box 465, Danielson, Conn. HULING, Muriel H. TC Oakland Ave., Wickford, R. I. HUTCHEON, Alexander C. E. 95 Metropolitan Park Dr. Riverside, R. I. HUTCHEON, William R., Jr. Ind. Mgt. 95 Metropolitan Park Dr. Riverside, R. I. JARVIS, Francis G. C. C. 56 Lacral Hill Ave., Pascoag, R. I. JENCKS, Everett M. Ag. Ch. 9 Mawney St., Prov., R. I. 219 JUNIORS JOHNSON, Arnold W. C. C. Dale Bridge Rd., N. Scituate, R. I. JOHNSON, Betty A. TC 6 Gwinett St., Prov., R. I. JUSZCZYK, Roman F. Acct. E. Greenwich Ave., W. Warwick KALBERER, Robert Bus. Ad. Gen. 544 Harris Ave., Woonsocket KAMENS, Joan R. Lib. Arts 95 Sagamor Ave., Chelsea, Ma ss. KATZ, Claire M. Lib. Arts 286 Chestnut St., Chelsea, Mass. KELLEY, Shirley, M. Gen. H. E. 356 Woodland Rd., Woonsocket KENNEDY. Velma A. Gen. T. Ed. 36 Roberts St., Woonsocket, R. I. KENYON, Dorothy E. FN Box 1, Hopkinton, R. I. KENYON, Henry E. Exeter, R. I. KENYON, Patricia B. Lib. Arts Box 27, Slocum, R. I. KEOUGH, Vincent H. Hort. 174 Division St., Pawtucket, R. I. KETTELLE, Antha Gen. T. Ed. 142 Wood St., Washington, R. I. KILGUSS, Betty M. TC 931 Reservoir Ave., Cranston KIMM, Barbara C. Bus. Ad. Gen. 2121 Hartford Ave., Johnston KING, Patricia J. FN 179 Second St., E. Prov., R. I. KLAGES, John L. Lib. Arts 3 Green Ave., Wickford, R. I. KNIGHT, Idella M. Nurs. KNIGHT, Leonard L. P. H. Campus St., Kingston, R. I. KOLLETT, James R. Carolina, R. I. KORKUC, Edmund T. P. Ed. 127 West Ave., Seekonk, Mass. KOSTOKAS, Christine E. H. E. Gen. 534 Taunton Ave., E. Prov., R. I. KUDISH, Henry E. E. 183 Whitmarsh St., Prov., R. I. LAGUEUX, Norman E. Bus. Ad. Gen. 631 Daggett Ave., Pawtucket LAMOUREUX, Charles H. Bot. Nooseneck Hill Rd., Wash., R. I. LANGEVIN, Robert J. Acct. 61 Washington St. Wellesley Hills, Mass. LARK, Bert W. Hort. 114 Alexander St., Cranston, R. I. 220 LARKIN, William E., Jr. C. E. 74 Dixon St., Prov., R. I. LARMIE, Dorothy M. H. E. T. Ed. Pleasant View Ave., Centerdale LAVERGNE, Wilfred J. E. E. 60 James St., E. Prov., R. I. LAWRENCE, Lotta H. Gen. T. Ed. 947 Hope St., Prov., R. I. LEDOUX, Rene J. P. Ed. 529 River St., Woonsocket, R. I. LEES, Robert E. Bus. Ad. Gen. Box 122, Alton, R. I. LEIGH, Arthur B. M. E. 72 Brayton St., E. Greenwich, R. I. LEMA, Edmund J. M. E. Box 166, Stonington, Conn. LEMAIRE, Jeanette I. CF 11 Hillside Rd., Bristol, R. I LEMBO, Nicholas R. C. E. 197 Jewett St., Prov., R. I. LENNON, Frederick A. M. A. 170 Oakland Ave., Pawtucket LENNON, John F. M. A. 17 Meadow Ave., W. Barrington LENOIR, Eugene R. Lib. Arts 55 Charlesfield St., Prov., R. I. LeVASSEUR, Rosemary A. Lib. Arts 88 New London Ave., W. War ' k LEWIS, Edward W. Bus. Ad. Gen. 695 N. Broadway, E. Prov., R. I. LINNE, Robert L. P. Ed. RFD, Post Road, E. Greenwich LIZOTTE, Joseph H. C. E. 113 Newland Ave., Woonsocket LOMAS, Holmes, II M. A. 57 Clarke Rd., Barrington, R. I. LOVE, Robert L. P. Ed. 10 Maywood Rd. New Rochelle, N. Y. LUDOVICIC, Louise P. Lib. Arts 460 Coe St., Woonsocket, R. I. LUEDERS, Florence H. Gen. T. Ed. 89 Magnolia Ave. Floral Park, N. Y. LUNDBLAD, Joan C. Gen. T. Ed. 136 Pawtucket Ave., Edgewood MAGGIOLI, Victor J. E. E. 916 Cass Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. MAGILL, Robert A. E. E. 2 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket, R. I. MALGIERI, Eugene M. Bus. Ad. Gen. 147 High St., Peacedale, R. I. MANCINI, Anthony F. C. E. 5 Wilson St., West Warwick, R. I. MARCHETTI, Albert E. E. 43 Packard St., Cranston, R. I. MARCHIONDA, Ralph E. C. E. 79 Winfield St., Prov., R. I. MARINE, William L. P. Ed. 58 Newark St., Prov., R. I. MARSHALL, Kenneth A. Ind. M. 137 Country Ave., Edgewood MARTIN, Jean E. 100 Main St., Hope, R. I. MAYMON, Donald E. M. A. 44 Beach St., Pawtucket, R. I. MAYNARD, Jacques Lib. Arts 31 Gough St., West Warwick, R. I. MAZZUCCHELLI, Louis J. 312 Sharon St., Prov., R. I. McCANN, John Ind. E. 82 Grosvenor Ave., E. Prov., R. I. McCLUSKY, Barbara J. H. Ec. Gen. 122 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. McHUGH, Robert D. Lib. Arts 106 Bradford St., Bristol, R. I. McKENNA, Mary C. TC 21 Park St., West Warwick, R. I. McPEAK, Patricia L. H. Ec. Gen. Wakefield St., West Warwick McSHANE, Wilfred Bact. Ft. Kearney, Saunderstown, R. I. MELOCCARO, Claire M. H. Ec. Gen. Garden City, Cranston, R. I. MENDILLO, Emilio F. P. Ed. 16 Cherry St., Warren, R. I. MENZIES, Gordon G. Lib. Arts 154 West Main St., Wickford, R. I. MERLINO, Marion C. Nurs. MEYER, Theodore E. Ind. E. 96-02 34th Ave., Corona, N. Y. MICHEL, Herbert M. A. 42 Fenwood Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. MILNER, Benjamin P. Ed. 66 No. Broadway, Rumford, R. I. MITCHELL, Robert E. M. A. 94 Front St., Waterville, Me. MOIA, Arnold C. C. E. 120 Whitford Ave., Prov., R. I. MONGEON, Lee A. P. Ed. 200 Riverside Ave., Warwick MONROE, Gordon P. Ed. Great Rd., Forestdale, R. I. MOODY, Beatrice l. Gen. T. Ed. 114 England St., Valley Falls MOREAU, Roland F. Lib. Arts 92 Richmond St., Central Falls MORSILLI, Frank P. Bus. Ad. Gen. 40 Ferncliffe Ave., N. Prov., R. I. MUNROE, Clarence R. Ag. Ch. 50 Mayflower St., E. Prov., R. I. MURPHY, Ann A. FN RFD, Hope Valley, R. I. MURPHY, Eleanore L. Sec. St. 97 Decker St., Milton, Mass. MURPHY, Raymond J. C. E. 69 Arnold St., Prov., R. I. MURRAY, Francis A. C. E. 839 Douglas Ave., Prov., R. I. NAYSNERSKI, Sigmund C. Phys. 42A McGrath Ave., Wickford, R. I. NEGRIS, Rocco P. Ed. 122 Vincent Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. NEWMAN, Barbara P. Lib. Arts 32 Washburn Ave., Rumford, R. I. NOLAN, Richard M. M. A. 182 Terrace Ave., Riverside, R. I. NORMAN, Seymour Hort. 456 Chalkstone, Ave., Prov., R. I. NOTARDONATO, Frank C. E. 29 Cathedral Ave., Prov., R. I. NUTE, John W. Phys. 171 Second St., E. Prov., R. I. NYE, John F. Ag. Ch. Slocum, R. I. O ' CONNELL, Dorothy L. H. Ec. Gen. 89 Dexterdale Rd., Prov., R. I. ORABONE, Henry A. P. Ed. 24 Greeley St., Prov., R. I. OSTROFF, Earl C. Lib. Arts 360 Eddy St., Fall River, Mass. PAGE, Mary J. Gen. T. Ed. 180 Highgate St. Deedham, Mass. PANNONE, Dominic R. Ins. 583 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawt. PANTELEAKOS, Arthur P. P. Ed. Corinne St., Danielson, Conn. PANZNER, Charlotte H. TC 1 Lagoon PI., East Islip, N. Y. PELLETIER, Thomas F. Natick Rd., Oaklawn, R. I. PENNEY, Hubert F. M. A. 45 Sorrento St., Prov., R. I. PERRA, Betsy J. TC 1351 Centreville Rd., W. War ' k PETRARCA, Ralph A. Lib. Arts 3176 West Shore Rd., Warwick PEZZELLI, Pasquale P. Ed. 517 No. Broadway, E. Prov., R. I. PEZZULLO, James J. Gen. T. Ed. 213 Whipple Ave., Barrington PITOCHELLI, Anthony R. 64 Garfield St., No. Prov., R. I. PLANTE, Arthur J. M. A. 20 Litough Ave., West Warwick JUNIORS PLANTE, Norma M. Zoo. Chestnut Hill Rd., Chepachet, R. I. PLOEGER, Marie T. Nurs. POITRAS, Paul E. Agr. Gen. 216 Menden Rd., Manville, R. I. POTTER, Craig D. Ins. 48 Draper Ave., Warwick, R. I. POTTER, Robert W. M. E. PRYTULA, George, Jr. M. E. 1644 Main St., West Warwick QUIGLEY, Edwin J. Bus. Ad. Gen. 168 Wilmarth Ave., E. Prov., R. I. RANDALL, John C. M. A. 1273 North Ave. New Rochelle, N. Y. RAVENELL, Robert N. M. A. 15 Beaumont St., Rumford, R. I. READING, Louise R. A. H. 19 Berwick Lane, Edgewood, R. I. REDDING, John J. 67 Cathedral Ave., Prov., R. I. REED, Edgar A. REICHELT, Carola E. Sec. St. 68 Harwood St., Cranston, R. I. REIDY, Nancy J. Sec. St. 1961 Pontiac Ave., Howard, R. I. REILLY, Edward C. Aect. Ft. Kearney, Saunderstown, R. I. REILLY, William J. C. E. 274 Orms St., Prov., R. I. ROBILLARD, Richard H. Lib. Arts 368 Prov., St., Woonsocket, R. I. ROCHE, James E. Bus. Ad. Gen. 42 East St., Whitinsville, Mass. ROGERS, Marion V. H. Ec. Gen. ROSEN, Burton L. M. A. 2 Lake Shore Dr., Hoxsie, R. I. ROSSI, Raymond R. Gen. T. Ed. 169 Water St., Pawtucket, R. I. RUSSO, June C. CF 258 Simmonsville Ave. Olneyville, R. I. SAHAGIAN, Sylvia Lib. Arts 152 Washington Ave., Prov., R. I. SARDELLI, Wilfred G. E. E. 1 1 50 Plainfield St., Johnston, R. I. SARKESIAN, Michael P. Ed. 8 Goddard St., Prov., R. I. SARNI, Robert P. 308 Webster Ave., Cranston, R. I. SCHMUGER, Selma M. Lib. Arts 2318 Post Rd., Greenwood, R. I. SCHULZ, Alice M. TC Green St., Foxboro, Mass. SCHWAMBERGER, David C. 402 Hope St., Prov., R. I. SHAILER, Leora Lib. Arts 361 Spring Green Rd., Prov., R. I. SHEFFRES, Ezra H. E. E. 31 Sessions St., Prov., R. I. SHERMAN, Beverly H. CF 117 Pembroke Ave., Prov., R. I. SHIELDS, John F. Ind. E. 21 Cole Ave., Prov., R. I. SHISHMANIAN, Leo N. Pre-Med. 547 Laurel Hill Ave., Cranston SILVESTRI, John A. M. E. 47 Yale Ave., Prov., R. I. SILVIA, Thomas P. Lib. Arts Paradise Ave., Newport, R. I. SLIGHT, Walter A., Jr. M. A. 206 Pullen Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. SMITH, Harley A. P. Ed. 49 Maple Ave., SufFern, N. Y. SMITH, Harold F. Hort. Box 198, Kingston, R. I. SMITH, Jean H. CF 261 Capron Fm. Dr., Buttonwoods SMITH, Jeanette T. Lab. Tech. 76 High St., Wakefield, R. I. SMITH, John P. Lib. Arts Main St., Denville, N. J. SNYDER, George S. E. E. 93 Messer St., Prov., R. I. SORENSEN, Carol W., Jr. Ins. 176 Eldridge St., Cranston, R. i. SOULS, Thomas John, Jr. C. E. 474 Atlantic Ave., Lakewood SOUTHWICK, Beverly M. Nurs. SPAZIANO, Maria T. Lab. Tech. 105 Eldridge St., Cranston, R. I. SPOONER, Jean F. H. Ec. T. Ed. 750 President Ave., Trenton, N. J. SPOONER, Ruth E. Gen. H. Ec. 750 President Ave., Trenton, N. J. SPRING, Hobart W., Jr. Math (Engr.) Box 8, Wakefield, R. I. STEAD, Harry, Jr. M. E. Jerusalem RFD, Wakefield, R. I. STEIN, Paul Aero. 154 Gallatin St., Prov., R. I. STEVE, Peter C. Agron. 123 Arold St., Woonsocket, R. I. STEVENS, Erwin D. Acct. 103 Norwood Ave., Edgewood STOLL, Henry R. C. E. 103 Garfield Ave., Sayville, N. Y. SUGARMAN, David P. Lib. Arts 108 Woodbine St., Prov., R. I. SULLIVAN, Robert H. Gen. T. Ed. 69 Allerton Ave., E. Prov., R. I. SUNDIN, Theodore C. Hort. 1028 Post Rd., Norwood, R. I. SWANSON, Marilyn J. H. Ec. T. Ed. 18 Robinson Way, W. Warwick SWANSON, Robert M. M. E. 170 Evergreen St., Prov., R. I. SWEENEY, Morton J. Lib. Arts 5 East Ave., Saylesville, R. I. SWEENY, Anne C. H. Ec. Gen. East Beach, Rd. Quonochontaog, R. I. TABOR, Jean R. Lib. Arts TANENBAUM, David Leon Chem. 34 Arold St., Prov., R. I. TEMKIN, Noah Bus. Ad. Gen. THOMAS, Hollis A. Hort. Smith Ave., Greenville, R. I. THOMPSON, Jo an FN 7 Francis St., Newport, R. I. THOMPSON, Robert, Jr. M. E. Bell ville Rd., Allenton, R. I. THOMSON, Nancy G. Sec. St. 7 Brunswick Ave., Saylesville TIERNEY, John F., Jr. M. E. Box 141, Kenyon, R. I. TIMMERMAN, Wesley D. M. A. Tower Hill Rd., Allenton, R. I. TINGLEY, Arthur M. Bus. Ad. Gen. 41 Brown St., Wickford, R. I. TOMASIAN, Aram 18 Winsor St., Prov., R. I. TOMELLINI, Louise J. H. Ec. Gen. 61 Columbia Ave., Pawtucket TOURNAS, Andrew D. Ag. Ec. 41 Oak St., Prov., R. I. TRAVERS, Doris E. Nurs. TURILLI, Robert M. M. E. 1908 Broad St., Edgewood, R. I. VANCOUYGHEM, Madeleine I. Gen. T. Ed. 55 Cameron St., Pawtucket, R. I. VANNER, Thomas B. Phys. 21 Barston, St., Prov., R. I. VENDITTO, John G. Bus. Ad. Gen. Apt. A North, Kingston, R. I. VESPIA, John, Jr. E. E. 27 Princeton Ave., Prov., R. I. VOTOLATO, Arthur Lib. Arts 76 Bingley Ter., Johnston, R. I. WATERMAN, Russell M. Agron. Post Rd., Wickford, R. I. WEBSTER, Raymond M. E. Apt. C-7 Ft. Kearney Saunderstown, R. I. WEISSHAAR, Paul C. E. 27 Hillcrest Rd., Wakefield, R. I. WENTWORTH, Charles H. Bot. Main Rd., Tiverton, R. I. WHALEY, Hannah C. Gen. T. Ed. Wholey Rd., Carolina, R. I. WHITE, Henry T., Jr. Ind. M. WILEY, George A. Chem. 192 Chestnut St., Norwood, R. I. WILLIAMSON, Robert K. M. E. 86 Greenville Ave., Greenville WILLIAMSON, Stewart R. East Shore Rd., Jamestown, R. I. WILSON, Ellsworth M„ Jr. M. E. 36 Elm St., Westerly, R. I. WILSON, John P. M. A. Hamilton Ave., Wickford, R. I. WITTIG, Evelyn V. Zoo. 28 Boxwood Ave., Cranston, R. I. WOLF, Allan M. M. A. 132 Larch St., Prov., R. I. WONG, Robert L. C. E. 256 N. Y. Ave., Prov., R. I. WRIGHT, William L. P. Ed. YOUNG, Marilyn J. CF 285 Morris Ave., Prov., R. I. ZALK, Irwin D. Lib. Arts 875 North Main St., Prov., R. I. ZAMBARANO, Elaine M. TC 15 Henry St., Cranston, R. I. UNCLASSIFIED STUDENTS ACCIARDO, Ernest C. Unclass. 1312 Hartford Ave., Johnston ALEXANDER, Bette Unclass. 798 Cen. Ave., Woodmere, N. Y. BLOOM, Theodore Unclass. 295 Taopon St., Brookline, Mass. BUCKLEY, Peter D. Unclass. 76 Lyndon Rd., Cranston, R. I. DECOTA, Walter J. Unclass. 20 South Main St., Pascoag, R. I. DOLAN, James H., Jr. Voc. Agr. Worsley Ave., Hamilton, R. I. DUNN, Daniel F. Unclass. 5a Merrit PI., Attleboro, Mass. ESPOSITO, Raymond J. Bus. Ad. 65 Pleasant St., Cranston, R. I. EVITTS, Richard C. Unclass. 43 Ellsworth St., Beverly, Mass. 221 I UNCLASSIFIED STUDENTS FOLLOWS, Henry G., Jr. Lib. Arts 20 Greenfield St., Pawtucket FOUNTAIN, Howard E. Unclass. Trailer Park, R. I. FULLER, Robert T. Bus. Ad. 56 Cameron St., Pawtucket, R. I. GILLIGAN, Robert M. 27 Lawn Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. GUILLEMETTE, Pierre H. Unclass. S3 Auburn St., Pawtucket, R. I. HAMMARLUND, Ann M. Unclass. 110 Glenbrook Rd. Stamford, Conn. HUSTON, Milton T. 28 Chapman Ave., Greenwood JALBERT, Joseph C., Jr. Unclass. 115 Norwood Ave., Cranston LIMMER, Edward F. Art. Sci. 329 Spring St., Newport, R. I. MADDEN, Joseph P. Eng. 81 Hilltop Ave., Prov., R. I. MALONE, Leona R. Unclass. 19 Catherine St., Newport, R. I. McCAUGHEY, Edward F. Voc. Agr. 35 Overbrook Ave., Conimicut NEWBERRY, William B. Newton Ave., Narragansett, R. I. ORODENKER, Eunice Unclass. 272 Warrington St., Prov., R. I. PRIORE, Betty J. Unclass. 201 High St., Westerly, R. I. RATHBURN, Lois A. 95 Shirley Blvd., Cranston, R. I. SALK, Harold Bus. 77 Payton St., Prov., R. I. SARGESON, William F. Agr. 31 Grosvenor Ave., Pawtucket SCOLA, Franklin J., Jr. Bus. Ad. 96 Commador Rd. Worcester, Mass. TEFFT, Arnold R. Unclass. 19 Railroad Ave., E. Greenwich TOBEY, Jonathan S. Agr. 173 Rumstick Rd., Barrington TOWNEND, Andrew K. Chepachet, R. I. WERFELMAN, Robert J. Lib. Arts 173 Gallup St., Pawtucket, R. I. ZARUM, Joel Bus. Ad. 162 Ninth St., Prov., R. I. 222 book our ✓ t X ■ • - and work ! Autographs

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