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m Jh L ' CjmaL 4 mo publuJwL bjy. JhsL S niiA. QIo Jl. °L (fUwdsL QaJjCUIjcL SJjcdtsL QollsjqsL RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE J-oMuvtfid " Teach a man to read and write, and you have put into bis hands the great keys of tlx wisdom-box. " — Huxley. ■ITHIN these pages are contained the happenings of the past year. Some of these activities bring back memories, which in turn may bring back a smile, a tear, sighs, or heartaches, depending upon individual differences and attitudes toward Rhode Island State College. Year after year, a group called Seniors move out from the Kingston campus to a place in the world where a new and different life is found. The College becomes a nonentity, leaving no trace upon the worldly-wise alumnus. Classmates, students, faculty members, the buildings, the grounds, and even the spirit and traditions are easily forgotten. In the near future we hope to become alumni of Rhode Island State College, all of us, so let us try to retain some connection, some spirit of loyalty that will make Kingston more than just a name on the map. Let us relish the thought that we still belong. When, in later years, this catalog is ever dusted off to be perused, may it be with the idea that it is a reminder of a happy era which we, as students, helped to perpetuate. O jdiacdtLm, 2) . VeAsiosi GU aMe Advisor to The CLASS of 1940 r pO a man whom we selected as our class advisor four years ago, and who has since that time become — by his sincere attention to our troubles, our friend; by his thoughtful answers to our numerous questions, our coun- selor; by his explicit directions on our road to graduation, our guide; for these and other immeasurable services, the 1940 Grist is dedicated to Dr. Vernon Irvin Cheadle. aiaL (BdoacL it 2 i g j THE 9f0 GRIST EXECUTIVE STAFF Edilor-in-Cbitf ASSOCIATE STAFF GENERAL STAFF -7- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE JcdblsL j ofr. onismJtA, PAGE ADMINISTRATION Executive 19 Faculty 22 STUDENTS Seniors 45 Juniors 99 Sophomores 107 Freshmen 117 ATHLETICS Football 132 Cross-Country 144 Indoor Relay 147 Basketball 149 Rifle 162 Track 164 Baseball 172 Other Sports 180 Co-Ed Athletics 183 SOCIAL GROUPS Fraternities 197 Sororities 227 Clubs 237 ACTIVITIES Administration 249 Publication 251 Honorary 253 Debating 262 Musical 266 Discussion 271 Specialty 274 Technical 279 In Memoriam 284 FEATURES Campus Queens 288 Prophecy 289 Class Day 291 Class Vote 292 ADVERTISEMENTS 301 -8- Ij THE GRIST (MminiblhaiisytL -17- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE onismJtA. Dr. Brf.ssler 19 Executive Council 20-21 Faculty Members 22—41 Experiment Station 42 Extension Service 43 Faculty Photos 44 Senior Section 45 Senior Class Officers 46 Senior Class Members 47-98 Junior Section 99 Junior Class Officers 100 Junior Class Members 101-106 Sophomore Section 107 Sophomore Class Officers 108 Sophomore Class Members 109-116 Freshman Section 117 Freshman Class Officers 118 Freshman Class Members 119-128 A LITTLE BOY POINTED UPWARD I AM in no frame of mind to whisper sweet nothings through the printed page to the Class of 1940. But I will weave for you a story out of the yarn of human experiences. March 12 was a funeral day. It marked the burial of all aspirations, desires, hopes and rewards tor the future. For several weeks there had been an air of mystery around the house. The members of the household showed the same signs of uneasiness that animals exhibit before a major catastrophe. _ luncheon the little boy asked, " Daddy, where ai continued, " What are you going to do?” This tn n his you going this afternoon?” He was told. Then he le was told a little, not much. Silence prevailed. Later, of the profoundest moments in life, he said, " Daddy, this is home. This is the only I know. I have never lived any other place. But if you are going to leave, I am going with you. i work I can mow lawns. 1 won’t get that boat and outboard motor this summer. We don t have to a the movies as often as we do. There is just one show, though, I would like to see.” Father and son went to the movies that night and stayed out until twelve o clock which is a great t in the life of any eleven year old boy. And the father turned in the middle of the river and rowed back. I hope someday every one of you may have a son like him. -19- fcxsi gjdtwsL S,n. 1919; Appomted President Ed.D., R. I. College of Educa Pharmacy and Allied Sciences. 1 , 1932; Sc.D., R. I of 4 Y, $ B K, ® K P,4 E S ; College, 1895; A.M., Zoology, 1901; Dean ; President, 1930-31; E A E, P K 0 , ' ! A Y, E W; B.S., Iowa State College, 1 9 1 6; U. S. Army, " " :ge, 1921; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1917-19; M.S., I. 1926; Appointed He Dean of Freshmen, 1 A X A, J K t ; S.B. -20- QowudL -21 - Jcuudlij -22- THE ffo GRIST Ara Astor Asadorian A A ' 4 ' , A Z; B.S., Rhode Island State College, 1937; M.A., University of Maryland, 1938; Appointed Instructor and Extension Specialist in Rural Sociology, 1940. aL Lillie Jane Atkinson X Q; B.S., Rhode Island State College, 1938; Appointed Assistant in Physical Education, 1939. -23- ISLAND STATE COLLEGE THE 9 0 GRIST RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE THE 9f0 GRIST -27- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Thomas Stephen Crawford Professor of Chemical Engineering 1 K T, 1 A Y, £ E, 1 K 1 , A.I.Ch.E.; B.S., West Virginia University, 1925; M.S., Ch.E., West Virginia University, 1927; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1931; Appointed Associate Professor of Chemical Engineer- ing, 1936; Professor, 1939. THE ff0 GRIST RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -30- THE ?fo GRIST :y, Toronto; M Appointed, 1! -31- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Robinson Perry Gough Assistant Instructor in Shop Work Brown Sharpe, Providence, 1904-10; General Foreman, Bullard Machine Tool Co., Bridgeport, Conn.. 1910-16; Washington, D. C„ 1927-30; Appointed Rhode Island State College, 1936. Julia Stacy Gould Visiting Assistant in Voice -32- THE 9rf0 GRIST RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE - 35 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -36- THE 9 0 GRIST -37- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Edson Irwin Schock Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering K Z; B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1921; Appointed Instructor, 1928; Assistant Professor, 1934. Igor Ivan Sikorsky Visiting Professor of Aeronautical Engineering Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Russia, 1908; Howard N. Potts Medal from Franklin Institute, 1933; Appointed, 1934; M.S., Yale, 1935. John Blackmer Smith Associate Professor of Agricultural Chemistry Z =; ! K ' ! , t A Y, A Z, t M A; B.S., Tufts College, 1916; United States Army, 1917-19; Appointed, 1923; M.S., Rhode Island State College, 1927. m ffo GRIST RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Frederick Delmont Tootell Associate Professor of Physical Education £ N; A.B., Bowdoin College, 1923; Appointed Instructor, 1925; Associate Professor, 1934. J M A, II T K, L Accountant, 1937; tor, 1939. E P; B.B.A. Appointed A 0 A X, P K ! ; B.S., A Professor of Teacher Training in 1 School, 1909; B.E., R. 1. School -40- THE 9 0 GRIST Martha Roc.khold Wright Part-time Instructor in English X n ; B.S., Miami University, 1926; Appointed, 1939. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE EXPERIMENT STATION ' I ' HIS group, organized as a State-Federal project, takes part in performing ti main functions of the College. These are accomplished by carrying on re n functions of the College. These are accomplished by carrying on research in agricultural work, and in distributing the bulletins which reveal this information to all those who desire it. Though many of u s are unaware of its import, the agricultural people of the State appreciate the Experiment Station’s worth. This organization has made great advance- ment along the agricultural research line, nationally as well as locally. -42- THE 9f(? GRIST EXTENSION SERVICE TT is by means of the Extension Service, organized under provision of the Smith-Lever ■ - Act, that the work of the College in agriculture and home economics is brought to the people of the State who are beyond the college age. Its work is conducted on a project basis, information accrued is distributed through radio programs, lectures, pamphlets, and demonstrations, thus maintaining a closer contact between the people of the State and the College. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE THE FACULTY S inuAdu -45 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS THE 9 0 GRIST Violet Priscilla Adamo Business Administration 15 Pierce Street Westerly Carl Victor Anderson Science P I S 28 Church Street West Warwick Honors 2; Fast Hall Association; Phi Sigma Society 4; Aero Club 2, 5; Intramural Baseball 3. Jo Anderson Electrical Engineering AXA,OK P Kingston Honors 1, 2, 3, 4; Triangle Club Scholarship 2, 3. Alfred Anthony Andreozzi Business Administration 121 Balbo Avenue Providence Intramural Basketball 1; Intramural Football 1; Junior Prom Committee 3; Sociology Club 3, 4; Honors 3. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE THE ? 0 GRIST Stanley Ernest Ballinger Business Ad ministration I K I 78 Blanding Avenue East Providence Editor-in-Chtef Literary Magazine; English Prize I, 3; Nathan Barber AF.n 62 Baxter Street Beacon I; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Providence William Benton Barlow Agriculture PIK Wassaic, New York Track I. 2, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Aggie Club I. 2. 3, 4; R. I. Club 2, 3, 4; Aggie Bawl Committee; Charles Albert Barnes Business Administration i M D, I K 0 1 1724 Robson Avenue Detroit, Michigan -49- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE THE GRIST -n - -52- THE 9f0 GRIST Elizabeth Augusta Brennan Home Economics 184 Crompton Avenue East Greenwich Commuters Club l ; Phaeacians }, 4; The Scroll 3 , 4; Newman Kathryn Adele Bridge Home Economics 17 School Street Wakefield Morris Joseph Brosoesky Business Administration 939 Hope Street Providence Beacon 1, 2; Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2. 3; Football Manager 1; Freshman Banquet Com- mittee; Soph Hop Committee; R. I. Players 3. Raymond Chester Bryant Business Ad ministration A AW 5809 Midway Park, West Chicago, Illinois RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -54- THE ffl0 GRIST Mary Louise Castro Home Economics 64 Church Street Bristol Home Economics Club; Glee Club 1, 2; Newman Club Borden Lawton Chase Home Economics Box 82, R. F. D. No. 2 Newport Janet Chase Business Administration XQ West Kingston Edward Leonard Chaset Business Administration AEn Providence Track 4; Beacon 4: International Relations 4; Polygon 4. - 55 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE William George Clark Business Administration AA ' -P South Killingly Road Foster Center Intrimural Baseball 4; Camera Club 4; Freshman Rifle Team. Charles Bernard Clarke Civil Engineering TKE 30 Lake Street Wakefield Boat Club 2, 3; A. S. C. E., 3, 4; Slide Rule Strut Committee 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. -57- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Madeline Sabatina Conti Home Economics 105 Metcalf Street Providence 1, 2, J, 4; Italian Club 2; Eleanor Roosevelt Hall Association 2, J, 4, President 4. Richard Donald Cook Electrical Engineering TKE East Greenwich Daniel Joseph Coonan, Jr. Civil Engineering AX A 29 Parkside Drive Edgewood A. S. C. E. 2 , J, 4. William Joseph Corr, Jr. Agricultural Economics PIK 5 1 Roger Williams Avenue Providence Football I ; Aggie Club 1 , 2 , }, 4. - 58 - THE 9 0 GRIST -59- THE ? 0 GRIST -62- THE 9 0 GRIST RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE n 9fo GRIST Edward Peter Fogg Mechanical Engineering PIK 27 Woodbine Avenue North Hampton, Mass. Junior Prom Committee 3; Military Ball Committee 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Track 1. Evelyn Louise Fowler Home Economics L K Kingston Home Economics Club 1, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 1, 2; Intramural Hockey 1. Robert Raymond Francis Engineering 81 Washburn Avenue Rumford East Hall Association; Aero Club; A. S. M. E.; Civil Aero- nautics Flight Training; Intramural Baseball; Intramural Basketball; Football 1. Arthur Ramon Fredrickson Chemical Engineering Hope Chemical Engineering Society 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 4. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Louise Curry Gardiner Home Economics L K Hamilton Glee Clab I; Home Economics Club 1; Phi Delta I, 2, 3, A, Vice-President 3; Basketball I; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; -66- THE f ' fo GRIST — 67 — RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Eugene Michael Greene Physical Education 0 X 20 Catherine Street Newport Baseball I; Football 1, 2; Basketball I, 3, 4; Golf 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Intramural Baseball 2, 3; Sports Editor of Fresh- man and Soph Beacons; Sub-Chairman of Junior Prom; Beacon Robert Lewis Gustafson Mechanical Engineering at r 850 North Main Street Brockton, Mass. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rifle 1; Aero Club I, 4; A. S. M. E. 3, 4. Charles Gregory Haire Science 748 Main Street East Greenwich Alfred Chase Hall, Jr. Electrical Engineering OMA Bristol Ferry Road Portsmouth Honors 3; R. I. Club 4; A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 2, 3, 4; Track Manager 4. THE 9fo GRIST Elizabeth Hall Home Economics L K Harmony John Cavedon Haufe Mechanical Engineering ATT, Sachems 600 West 116th Street New York City Cross Country 1, 2; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2; Polygon 4; R. I. Club 3, 4; Soph Hop Committee; Class President 5; Class Social Chairman 4; A. S. M. E. 4; Business Manager Grist; Intramural Baseball 1, 2. 3,4; Intramural Basketball 4. Meredith Hawes Yaphank Avenue Orchestra 1; 4-H Club Home Economics Yaphank, N. Y. Irving August Henry Business Administration r z Hope Road Hope Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3; Grist 4. -69- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -70- THE 9f0 GRIST -71 - -72- -73- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -74- Everett Russele Kershaw ATT ni 9 0 GRIST 272 Smith Street Providence Batcball 1 ; Football 1 ; Intramural Athletics 2, J, 4. Chester Howard Kirk Agriculture 84 Greenwood Street Cranston Aggie Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2. Joseph Francis Kirwin Business Administration 1 1 Morton Avenue Newport C lub I. 2. 3, 4. President 4; Frosh Bible Staff 4; Junior Prom Basketball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4. Albert Lloyd Lagerqujst Science t L 73 Willett Avenue Riverside Track 1; Rifle Club 1, 2; Camera Club I, 2, 4. -75- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Antonio Lauro Science 124 Murray Street Providence Rita Helen Leary Home Economics Riverside Drive Tiverton mural Baskccball 1 ; Eleanor Roosevelt Hall Association 2, 3, 4; Maurice Jude ah Leon L S Science 27 George Street Westerly Armando Lepore A Z Agriculture 6 5 Ledge Street Providence Aggie Club 1, 2, 3,4; Alpha Zeta 2. 3, 4. -76- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE James Malcolm Chemical Engineering P I K 263 Morris Avenue Pawtucket Track 1,2: Chemical Engineering Society Jeannette Robinson Mann Home Economics r K 137 Glenbridge Avenue Providence Intramural Hockey 2, 3, 4; Co-ed Colonel 3: Class Secretary 3. -78- THE 9f0 GRIST RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -80- THE ? 0 GRIST Francis Anthony Olean Business Administration A AW 1 84 Obed Avenue Providence Intramural Baseball 2, 5. 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Clifford Ellsmore Pace Physical Education 83 Bristol Road Medford, Mass. Football 1, 2, 3. 4, Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball - 81 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Edward Park Patykewich Science 20 Beacon Street Newport Frank Clifton Payne Business Administration R. 1. State College Players Edwin Howard Perkins Electrical Engineering 134 Ohio Avenue Providence Track I, 2, 5, -4; Radio Club -I; A. I. E. E. 3. 4; East Hall Kenneth Medrick Perkins Physical Education 0 X 48 Eastman Street Pontiac -83- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -84- THE 9f0 GRIST -86- THE ? 0 GRIST Myron Theodore Ruzyla Science AT r 22 Handy Street P rovidence Track 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Service Manager, Grist 4; Chemical Society 3, 4; Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 4. Marjorie Eleanor Safford Home Economics 2 5 0 Main Street Wakefield Commuters Club 1,2; Phaeacians 3, 4; Intramural Basketball Grace May Safstrom Science 324 West Shore Road Conimicut Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Hockey 2, 3; Phaea- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -88- THE 9 0 GRIST Charles Wilford Sharkey Bushless Administration 106 Dwinell Street West Roxbury, Mass. Baseball 1, 2, 3; R. 1. Club 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3. John Loveland Sheldon Science TKE Wakefield Neal Anthony Sheridan Civil Engineering AXA 1 8 1 Robinson Avenue Pawtucket Basketball 1; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4; A. S. C. E. Society 3, 4. Helen Donaldson Short Business Administration X Q 1 5 Cummings Road Newport RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Theresa Ann Sicilian Science 1 1 Hobart Street Westerly Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Scroll 2, 5, 4; Eleanor Roosevelt Hall Association 2, 3, 4. Sylvan Simons Electrical Engineering 1 6 Pratt Street Providence Intramural Basketball 2. 3 ; Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Eleanor Jean Slattery Home Economics AZ 251 Lenox Avenue Providence Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Rifle Club I. Doris Alan Smith Home Economics College Road Kingston Glee Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Honors 3. -90- -91 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -92- -93 - THE 9 0 GRIST Fletcher Hawes Warren, Jr. Electrical Engineering 6 Walnut Street East Providence A. I. E. E. 2, 3, 4; Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1. 2; Radio RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Francis Edwards Wilkie THE f O GRIST Mechanical Engineering 425 Walcott Street Providence Frank Williams Agriculture BWA.A Z 42 Victoria Avenue Cranston Aggie Bawl Coromillee 2, i, 4; Scabbard and Blade J, 4; Junior Prom Committee J; Aggie Club 1,2, J, 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 1; Intramural Baseball I, 2, 3; Honors 3; Alpha Zeta 3, 4, President 4. Joseph Nelson Wood J £ 73 Harrison Street Football I; Track 1, 2; Band 2; Aggie Agriculture Prescott Harrington Wood Science Tiogue Street Washington — 97 — RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Herbert Field Woodbury Business Administration I M A, Sachems 1928 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence Beacon I. 2, ). 4, Newt Editor 4; Phi Delta 1. 2, 3, 4; Froth Bible, Editor-in-chief 3; Clast Treasorcr 2; Chairman Junior Grist 4; Polygon 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Military Ball Robert Sayles Yare Spring Lake Avenue Chemical Science Glendale Ernest Irving Newall Electrical Engineering B I 84 Stadden Street Providence Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Polygon 3, 4. -98- THE 9fo GRIST Qwwal RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Frederick S. Conley Vice-President Blanche M. Richard Treasurer Walton H. Scott, Jr. Secretary Phyllis C. Arnold Social Chairman Norman S. Chase Faculty Adviser Prof. Edward M. Pease - 100- THE O GRIST JUNIORS Agri. Pi. hid. Bus. Ad. Gen. Cevoli, Richard L. Sc. Pre. Med. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE JUNIORS Gochr»™Joh„S. ( cent a| Conley, Frederick S„ Jr. FeeIey,Edw«dJ.,Jr. Floyd, Herbert D,Jf. Eng. C THE ? 0 GRIST JUNIORS - 103 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE JUNIORS Bus. Ad. Gen. Kingsley, Ruth W. Tower Hill Road, Allenton A _ Westward- £ Lysak, Walter W. Eng. Aero. Sc ■ c,Mm - Maguire, Robert L. Bus. Ad. Gen. Marzocchi, Alfred Sc.Cbem. 79 Garfield Street, North Providence H Avenoe.P, Millspaugh, Ralph H„ Jr. Bus. Ad. Gen. Moberg, Leon E. Agri. T. T. Bus. Ad. Acct. - 104- THE 9fo GRIST JUNIORS Bus. Ad. Gen. Quinlan, Eng. Mech. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE JUNIORS THE 9 0 GRIST SopfwJWA A, RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Arnold S. Anderson Vice-President Anne V. Peterson Treasurer William Martin Secretary Elizabeth J. Benheimer Social Chairman William E. Rutledge faculty Adviser Prof. Thomas R. Cox -108- THE 9f0 GRIST SOPHOMORES Home Ec. Gen. Agri. PL InJ. Bliss, Raymond H . Bus. Ad. Gen. Home Ec. I. M. Bus. Ad. Gen. - 109- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORES THE ffo GRIST SOPHOMORES RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORES -112- -113- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE - 114- THE ? 0 GRIST SOPHOMORES Parent, Roland R. Sr. Biol. Ray, Dorothy L. Sr. Cbevi. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORES shi r S. Agri. PL Ind. Agri. PL Ind. Taylor, Robert K. Agri. Lean. -116- J ' A dJurwv RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Charles F. McCloskey Vice-President Eunice E. Thompson T reasurer Howard P. French Secretary Nancy Carpenter Social Chairman Hollis B. Farnum - 118- THE 9f0 GRIST FRESHMEN - 119 - -120- THE ff0 GRIST FRESHMEN dee, john j. f L, HomeEc - 121 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMEN THE 9f0 GRIST FRESHMEN RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMEN THE 9fo GRIST FRESHMEN THE 9 0 GRIST FRESHMEN 127- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMEN tucker, Howard w., jr Wakefield cully, thomas f. vaughan, john a. ventrone, helen m. waitc, william a., jr. walzcak, manuel h. walder, alexander j. walling, muriel s. walsh, john h„ jr. 20 Onicka Street, Oakl ward, edward c. son. ruth h. t, dorothy r. weeks, hope e. wellbrock, alice f. Eng. Home Ec. Science Eng. Bus. Ad. Science Home Ec. Bus. Ad. Agri- Eng. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Home Ec. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. whalcy, barbara e. wheeler, donald h. white, kathleen 1. white, lewis b. wilcox, philip d. willard, blair j. willard, eleanor j. willitts, wil liam m. Wilson, richard s. 77 Charles Street. Chi wilson, samuel p. wright, mahlon g. 19 Dewey Street, Prc U 26 Firglade Avenue, 22 18 Post Road, App yaghoobian, haig yare, jean g. Glendale zachadnyk, myrtle 12 Spring Street, Mai zaslow, george Home Ec. Bus. Ad. Home Ec. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Science Science HomeEc. Bus. Ad. Science Agri. Bus. Ad. Agri. HomeEc. Eng. Eng. Home Ec. Home Ec. Agri. Agri. -128 THE 9f0 GRIST Oi hlsdkA, RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE MEN’S ATHLETICS PAGE Football 132 Cross-Country 144 Indoor Relay 147 Basketball 149 Rifle 162 Track 164 Baseball 172 Tennis 180 Golf 181 Boating 182 Outing 183 Intramurals 184 Track Records 186 CO-ED ATHLETICS Hockey 188 Basketball 190 Rifle 193 Tennis 194 Cheer Leaders 196 - 130- THE ffl0 GRIST RESUME Rhode Island’s football Rams of 1939 saw their gridiron fortunes rise and fall during the season. The opening weeks of the season found the Keaney eleven dropping its first three games; the next three weeks saw the Rams win three in a row; and the football curtain for the year was brought down with a tie and a defeat in the final two games. Injuries, the bug-a-boo of Rhode Island football, again took a tremendous toll from the Ram playing strength, but throughout the year the outstanding feature might be summed up as — " They may have been outmanned, but they were never outfought.” The outstanding games of the season — those of sectional or traditional rivalry — were with Providence College, Brown and Connecticut State. In the season’s opener the Friars rammed across a touchdown in the third period to take the measure of the Rams; the Bruins, unleashing a savage — and probably their most powerful — offensive of the season tripped the Keancy team by five touchdowns, four of which were scored in the second half; and the Nutmeggers, building up an early lead, staved off a desperate Ram rally in the final quarter that fell just short of knotting the count. FOOTBALL Date September 22 September 3 0 October 7 October 14 October 21 October 28 November 4 November 1 1 Opponent Providence College Brown Maine Brooklyn College Mass. State Northeastern Worcester Conn. State Place Cranston Providence Kingston Boston Worcester Kingston 0 14 40 0 23 20 7 6 7 7 14 20 — 132 — THE f ' fo GRIST RHODE ISLAND 0, PROVIDENCE 6 The Rams and the Friars inaugurated the Rhode Island gridiron season under flood- lights at the Cranston Stadium with the Providence team heavily favored in pre-game predictions. The meeting, always a rugged and closely-contested battle, followed the pattern of previous meetings, the Friars riding to victory in the third period as a result of 14-yard end run that found pay dirt. Providence dominated play during the greater part of the game, but the Rams, with Duke Abbruzzi rising to great defensive heights, halted the Friars’ touchdown thrusts until the third period when a 66-yard drive gave Providence its winning touchdown. Providence threatened to add to its total on several occasions, but brilliant tackling by Co-Captains Petro and Pace and booming punts by Keaney usually set the Friars back on their heels. The Rams’ principal threat to the Friar cause came in the second period when they drove from their own 48-yard marker to the Providence 12-yard line before the attack stalled and the Friars kicked out of danger. -133- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RHODE ISLAND 0, BROWN 34 A rugged and fast Brown team that gave early-season promise of greatness was Rhode Island’s second opponent of the season with the game the twenty-eighth meeting between the two rivals in a thirty-year-old series. The Rams, giving their all in a stern first-half battle, held the powerful Bruins to a one-touchdown margin before the rest- period, but the battering took its toll in the second half as the McLaughry eleven added four more tallies to win by a decisive margin. Warner Keaney and Duke Abbruzzi were the leading figures in the stirring defensive battle offered by the embattled Rams, but Brown packed too much speed, power and deception to be held in leash. Keaney’s towering kicks were truly magnificent as time and again he pulled Rhode Island out of repeated holes. Keaney, Abbruzzi, Larry Gates, Cliff Pace and the rest of the Ram stalwarts played their hearts out in a losing cause, but their best was not good enough against the combined efforts of Bones Stepczyk, Charlie Blount, Ernie Savignano, Johnny Prodgers and Lou Duesing. -134- THE ? 0 GRIST 10-7-39 RHODE ISLAND 0, MAINE 14 Running into an offense that featured baffling reverses and spinners, the Rams dropped a 14-0 decision to the Maine Black Bears before a crowd of close to 6,000 at Alumni Field, Orono. Rhode Island saw their goal line crossed in each of the first two periods, but managed to check the well-polished Maine offense in the final half. Nearly overwhelmed by the unexpected strength of the Bears, the Rams managed to keep their goal line from being crossed early in the contest only through the lengthy kicks of big Warner Keaney. Playing the greatest game of his collegiate career, Keaney booted three that carried over 60 yards to end the pressure after Maine had worked deep into Rhode Island territory. - 135 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE 10-14-39 RHODE ISLAND 40, BROOKLYN 0 Routing the jinx that had kept him from scoring in the first three games, Abbruzzi, the Rams’ dancing master, stepped all the way out to lead the team to a 40-0 victory over Brooklyn College. The game was packed with triple reverses and passes that saw State backs out in the open all afternoon. Behind excellent blocking and interference. Ram ball carriers struck Brooklyn pay dirt six times. 10-21-39 RHODE ISLAND 23, MASS. STATE 20 With a South County fog dropping a blanket over the field and only seconds of play remaining, Warner Keaney kicked a 36-yard held goal to give the Rams a 23 to 20 victory over Massachusetts State. THE ? 0 GRIST The backs of both teams enjoyed a field day as the defenses were conspicuous by their absence. The Rams started right off and scored on a 6 5 -yard march; Mass. State came right back and scored and that was the way the game went all afternoon. 10-28-39 RHODE ISLAND 7, NORTHEASTERN 6 Backed to the wall time and again by the determined onslaughts of a heavier and better-manned Northeastern University eleven, the Rams clung tenaciously to a one- point advantage to nose out the Huskies, 7-6, before a Northeastern Homecoming-Day crowd of 5,000 at Huntington Field. Rhode Island gained its points as a result of a first-period touchdown by Abbruzzi, and the extra marker by Keaney. The Rams, spurred on by the magnificent play of the latter, rose to the heights to turn back the Huskies and capture their third straight victory of the season and their first victory over Northeastern in football. -137- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE 11-4-39 RHODE ISLAND 7, WORCESTER 7 Battered between the 20-yard lines, but failing to give ground when their goal line was threatened, the Rams gave another great exhibition of courage as they held the powerful Worcester Tech Engineers to a 7-7 tie. Given but a scant chance of keeping the Engineers from ringing up a victory at their expense, the Rams fought desperately in the pinches to hold the Worcester team. The Rams, in their effort to win, threw 23 passes, of which all were completed. The Rams drove the length of the field in the third period to tie the score at seven-all. 11-11-39 RHODE ISLAND 14, CONN. STATE UNIV. 20 Capitalizing on its scoring opportunities, the University of Connecticut turned back a determined fourth-period assault by Rhode Island to score a 20-14 victory over the Rams in a rough and bruising football game at Kingston. With a Homecoming Day crowd of close to 4,000 on hand to witness the thirty-third game of the series that started in 1897, the teams tore at each other throughout the rough contest. THE O GRIST It was a heartbreaking decision for the Rams to lose, for t hey fought courageously against great odds; on several occasions Rhode Island had victory almost within its grasp but each time it slipped away. Outweighed almost 40 pounds along the line, but led by Co-Captains Petro and Pace, it asked and gave no quarter. Abbruzzi gave one of his best demonstrations, ran the harrassed Nutmeggers dizzy, and even the deliberate punches thrown in his direction failed to completely halt the galloping star from Warren. The Rams outscored their rivals 12 to 8 in first downs, but the visitors were making good use of their breaks to score. In the first period when Duke misjudged a lofty punt and fumbled, Connecticut recovered and marched 23 yards to a touchdown. The final Connecticut touchdown came when it partly blocked Warner’s punt and Petersen caught the ball and ran 20 yards to score. - 139- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE INDIVIDUAL SCORING Louis J. Abbruzzi, bb 8 Anaclethe DeCesare, e 8 Warner M. Keaney, fb 8 Rene Duranleau, hb 6 91 -140- THE 9f0 GRIST 1939 ROSTER Albert Carpenter ' 42 Lyman Cranston 42 Philip Davis ' 40 Rene Duranlcau ’40 Robert Larrabcc ' 41 William McNally 42 Ly Flip Ed Back Tackle Nicholas Orlando ' 42 Clifford Pace ’40 Edward Petro ’40 Dallas Robinson ' 40 Joseph Seigclman ' 42 Herbert Smith ' 40 Horace Whaley ’40 Robert Wilson ' 42 Frank Zammarchi ' 4 Nick Cliff Dal Ziggie Bub Bob Back End 141- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROSTER THE 9 0 GRIST FROSH SCORERS Robert E. Engle 6 William L. Smith 6 George L. Conti 6 Ralph H. Narducci 6 Robert V. McCabe 6 Thomas E. Toppin 5 Cliff E. Entwistle 4 Ernest P. Cravinho 4 Robert J. Coates 6 Howard P. French 4 - 143- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY RESUME OF THE SEASON NEW HAMPSHIRE 22, RHODE ISLAND 33 THE 9f0 GRIST CONNECTICUT 20, RHODE ISLAND 35 In a race that was hindered by flood conditions, a strong Connecticut team defeated the Rams 20-3 5. Four Connecticut men crossed the line instantaneously. The R. I. men, forced to run the second part of the course over, lost all sense of timing which resulted in an unusual finish. Clarke, Tingley, Moran, Les Nichols and J. Creech finished in respcc- MAINE 25, RHODE ISLAND 30 R. I. State Harriers lost to a crack Maine team as three Black Bears finished tied for first at Franklin Park in Boston. The R. I. boys made a valiant bid, but the second contest in one week was too much for them as they saw a triple tie beat them. Ted Clarke gained fourth place and he was closely followed by Tingley, Moran, Nichols and Creech. N. E. L C. A. A. A. A. BOSTON Rhode Island gained third place in the New Englands as Maine’s Black Bears finished first, 7 points ahead of a strong Connecticut team. Lester Nichols was the first R. 1. man to cross the line in fourth place, Tingley placed 14th and Ted Clarke 16th. 1. C. A. A. A. A. Running in Van Courtlandt Park, N. Y., the Rams finished 7th ahead of such formidable teams as Maine, Fordham, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and Rutgers. Charles Tingley was the first R. I. man to finish, he took 22nd, while Clarke was 25th. Date October 20 October 27 November 1 November 4 November 13 November 20 SCHEDULE New Hampshire University of Connecticut University of Maine N. E. I. C. A. A. A. A. I. C. A. A. A. A. Place R. 1. Opponent Durham 33 22 Kingston 15 47 Connecticut 35 20 Boston 30 25 Boston 3rd place with 81 pts. New York 7th place with 207 pts. - 145 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMAN CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM THE GRIST VARSITY INDOOR RELAY TEAM -147- if n 1%0 ' a. Oultdcmdhiq-. CUJtlsrfjL - 149- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE — THE TIGRIS! RESUME OF THE 1939-1940 BASKETBALL SEASON December 9 December 12 January 2 January 1 3 February 1 3 February 14 February 24 February 28 March 6 University of Maryland Massachusetts State Northeastern Total INDIVIDUAL SCORING, SEASON OF 1939-1940 Player Frederick S. Conley William E. Rutledge Warner M. Keaney Edward Petro Clifford E. Pace RHODE ISLAND OPPONENTS . . -151- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE BASKETBALL 12-9-39 STATE SMOTHERS ASSUMPTION 99-34 12-18-39 KEANEYMEN LEAD AT HALF BUT DROP BACK SOON AFTER the 7 grist 1-4-40 TOTAL BELIEVED NEW ENGLAND COLLEGIATE RECORD In a free-scoring game that saw 159 points tossed through the nets by the two teams in the 40 minutes of play, the Rams muffled the University of New Hampshire five, 89 to 70, in a New England Conference game at Kingston. 1-2-40 RHODE ISLAND 82, ALUMNI 60 The Rams took a lesson in ball handling and passing, but had too much of a scoring punch, as they piled up an 82 to 60 margin over a powerful Alumni combination. Chet Jaworski, last year’s collegiate high scorer, and John Frances Martin of Newport, another former Ram star, combined to give the spectators a brilliant exhibition of ball- handling in the Alumni cause. 1-5-40 RHODE ISLAND 59, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 53 Modzelewski and Rutledge combined to score 43 points for Rhode Island as it scored a 59-53 victory over the University of Maryland in the feature game of a double-header at the Armory in Elizabeth, N. J. -153- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Displaying a well-executed short-passing attack, Rhode Island gained the lead in the early minutes of the contest and was never headed. 1-9-40 RAMS REGISTER SIXTH VICTORY IN SEVEN GAMES The Rams scored their sixth victory in seven starts as they turned back the North- eastern Huskies, 90 to 61, in a New England Conference game at Kingston. 1-11-40 RHODE ISLAND 78, MAINE 5 5 Flashing in spots as Modzclewski and Conley led the bombardment, the Rhode Island Rams rolled up their seventh victory in eight starts, defeating the University of Maine, 78-5 5, in a New England Conference game at Kingston. The victory marked the third straight in Conference play for the defending champions. 1-13-40 4,000 ENTHUSIASTIC FANS SEE AUDITORIUM GAME Maintaining amazing speed and marksmanship throughout while the Providence College team lost its scoring punch and some of its stamina in the second half, the Rams raced to a 50-30 victory over the Friars at the Auditorium before a crowd of 4,000 spectators. Providence failed to score a field goal in the last 1 5 minutes of play. - 154- THE 9 0 GRIST MODZELEWSKI HAS FIELD DAY AS RAMS FIVE ROMPS 72 TO 48 Giving an exhibition of floor work that reminded one of Chet Jaworski, Modzelewski, with able assistance from Conley and Rutledge, led the Rams to a convincing 72 to 48 triumph over the St. Anselm Hawks of New Hampshire. The game, played in Kingston, was Rhode Island’s ninth victory in 10 starts. 2-7-40 KEANEYMEN BURY MASS. STATE BY SCORE OF 8 5-42 With Modzelewski, Conley and Rutledge again dividing the scoring among them, Rhode Island doubled the successful efforts of the Massachusetts State quintet, burying the home team under an 85 to 42 count at Amherst. 2-10-40 RHODE ISLAND 75, BROWN 65 Battling each other to a 29-all deadlock in the first half of their game at Kingston, the Bruins and the Rams staged a rugged court battle with the Keaneymen drawing away in the closing minutes to take a 75 to 65 decision from the fighting Bears. Platt, of Brown, and Modzelewski, of State, divided the game ' s scoring honors, each netting 24 points. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE 2-14-40 STATE 64, TUFTS 4S 156- THE ? 0 GRIST 2-21-40 STATE 87, NEW HAMPSHIRE 59 The New Hampshire game, played at Durham, saw Conley take the scoring honors away from Modzelewski as the Rams added to their victory string with an 87 to 59 triumph over the Wildcats. Conley marked up 28 points while Modzelewski garnered 23. 2-22-40 RHODE ISLAND 76, MAINE 54 Maine held Rhode Island on nearly even terms throughout a close first half, but the Ram offense speeded up in the final half to leave the Bears behind at Orono, the final count reading, Rhode Island 76, Maine 54. 2-24-40 RHODE ISLAND 102, CONNECTICUT 81 In a great demonstration of offensive power, the Rams of Rhode Island and the Huskies of Connecticut kept the basketball nets of Rodman Hall swishing as 183 points were poured through them in 40 minutes of play. Modzelewski, with 40 points, set a New England Conference scoring record; Donnelly, Connecticut, was not far behind with 30 points. Keaney, in the backcourt for the Rams, gave a great exhibition of clearing the backboards, staving off many a desperate Connecticut scoring bid. -157- 2-28-40 BROWN 61, RHODE ISLAND 49 The Brown Bears, catching Rhode Island on the rebound of a great Connecticut victory, stunned the Rams with a 6 1 to 49 defeat, terminating the Rhode Island victory run at IS games. Captain Platt of the Bruins again was instrumental in his team’s triumph, pacing them in the scoring column while directing the Bruins ' defense. Brown ' s slow, short-passing game threw the Rams off-stride, and before they could regain it, the clever Bears had tucked away the verdict. 3-2-4 RHODE ISLAND 75, PROVIDENCE 62 In a bruising, hard-fought game that saw tempers flare and break, the Rams turned back the Friars of Providence by a 7S to 62 count at Kingston. Offensively, Modzelewski was again the spearhead of the Rhode Island attack while defensively, Kcaney rose to the heights and prevented many potential Providence tallies. THE 9 0 GRIST 3-6-40 WORCESTER 81, RHODE ISLAND 73 Worcester Tech’s towering giants had too much height and reach for the smaller Rams at Worcester, and the Engineers utilized their advantages to hand the Rhode Island quintet its third defeat of the season, 81 to 73. Worcester went into the rest period with a four-point lead and maintained its advantage in the second half to turn back the Rams. Rutledge took the evening’s scoring honors as Modzelewski marked up 26 to bring his season’s total to 495. 3-9-40 RHODE ISLAND 49, CONNECTICUT 48 Where offenses had dominated in their first meeting, the defenses of Rhode Island and Connecticut were stressed in the second clash. The Nutmeggers came out for the second half of the game with an eight-point advantage, but the Rams whittled the lead down until Rutledge’s one-hander in the final 30 seconds of play gave Rhode Island its one-point victory margin, 49-48. Modzelewski, with 14 points, set a new intercollegiate scoring record for the season with 509 points. 159- m RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RESUME OF FRESHMAN BASKETBALL -1«0- THE 9fy GRIST FROSH BASKETBALL The Freshmen, with an undefeated season, presented the most successful and promising first-year team that has ever represented Rhode Island. Tall, rangy and fast, the Frosh swept on against all opposition to finish with a " clean slate.” Perhaps Coach Keaney will sec his " dream” come true, for such men as Shannon, Applebec, French, Wicks, Harvey and Holey can be expected to fill in the varsity gaps next season. The team was well balanced as five men hit the century mark in scoring. No one man can be selected as standing out above the others, but Earl Shannon and Robert Applebee headed the team in scoring. Shannon, with his uncanny good passing and clean shooting, appears to be headed for a varsity berth next season. Applebee, tall, fast, shifty, and a one-hand shot specialist, can fill in any position on the team. In the back court French, Harvey and Wicks, with height and speed displayed ball handling and backboard ability, kept the opponents covered, and undoubtedly will see much LRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCORING Ptsytr Robert W. Applebee Howard P. French Arthur K. Haley Samuel N. Small Ea rle W. Belknap William L. Smith Robert V. McCabe Frank R. Beilina Pasquale C. Codola John A. Flaherty Thomas F. Tully William P. Smith FRESHMEN . . OPPONENTS -161- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE 1939-1940 VARSITY RIFLE TEAM W» ft “au Bu dkL Ur M i h,’ DcSt S=TS 1300 1330 1291 1303 1306 1306 1341 1331 1324 1270 1317 1335 1367 .ijslfslllfljliifisf THE f ' fo GRIST FRESHMAN RIFLE TEAM Second Row: Grills, Osborne, Marble John G. Byrnes Francis W. Catudal Donald H. Cohen Francis L. Gilman MEMBERS Joseph R. Grills Gerald Jacobs Henry A. Kingsley Edmund W. Kreischer Theodore F. Marble Robert S. Osborne Philip T. Rancourt, Jr. Stanley C. Smith Edward H. Lipson RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE - 165 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RHODE ISLAND 102, CONNECTICUT 33 Taking 13 out of IS first places, the Rams’ well-balanced strength crushed the Connecticut Nutmeggers beneath a top-heavy 102 to 33 count. The Tootell athletes dominated every event as the neighboring visitors from Connecticut offered the powerful Rams slight opposition. Ray Scnccal was the only double winner of the afternoon, taking first-place honors in the low and high hurdles. Clarke, Robblec, Lord, and Holt all won their running events in convincing fashion. Barlow took the hammer, and Aldrich did likewise in the discus. Bryant won shot put honors while Kelman broad-jumped to first in that event. Perkins, Hammcrlund and Hedberg split the pole vault points among them, and Larkin and Bainton took top points in the high jump. - 166- THE 9 0 GRIST BROOKLYN COLLEGE 19, RHODE ISLAND 116 Brooklyn, offering but feeble competition, took but one first place as the Rams again raced to a one-sided track triumph. The New York outfit gained first place in the two- mile run, but found itself overmatched in every other event as the Ram point-getters went to work with a vengeance. Ray Senecal again took top-honors in both hurdles with winners in the other events coming through as expected. RHODE ISLAND 89, BROWN 46 The Brown Bears offered the Rams sterner opposition than had been given them in the two previous meets, but once more the powerful balance of Rhode Island was more than Brown could match. Holt and Senecal were double winners, the former taking RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE firsts in the half-mile and mile and the latter leading the pack in both hurdles. Frank Lord, with a first in the 220-yard dash and a tic for first in the century, was another important point-getter. Dan Aldrich set a new Brown field mark in the discus with a heave of 149 feet 1 i inches. RHODE ISLAND 87, NEW HAMPSHIRE 48 The Wildcats of New Hampshire gave Rhode Island a strong fight during the opening events, but the Rams finished in convincing fashion, scoring heavily in the closing events to topple their visitors. Holt’s winning mile run, after recovering from a rather bad tumble as the event started, was one of the features of the meet. Gladding just missed the college mark in the javelin as he won first place in the event. -168- THE ffo GRIST RHODE ISLAND WINS NEW ENGLAND TITLE The Rams ' array of power was more than the other teams in the title chase could match, and the Tootell athletes left Durham, New Hampshire, with their third New England Intercollegiate track title in as many years. Picking up 24 Zi points during the course of the meet, the Rams turned back the bids of Brown and Holy Cross, their strongest competitors, to win the title. Senecal scored points in both hurdles, Lord garnered some in the 220-yard dash, and Holt closed Rhode Island’s scoring in the running events with points in the half-mile. Gladding and Perkins took first and third in the javelin, Aldrich copped the discus, and Hedberg took first and Hammerlund tied for second in the pole vault. - 169 — RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD RESUME OF MEETS April 1 1 Westerly High 1 1 5 April 15 Mt. Pleasant High 107 April 22 Cranston High 95 Central High 100 April 28 LaSalle High 102 a May 6 Brown ’42 75 i May 12 Connecticut ' 42 71 19 35 23 4 5 9 ' i -170 THE 9f0 GRIST RESUME OF FRESHMAN TRACK SEASON Boasting a clean slate in its schedule of five high school and two collegiate freshman meets, the Freshman track team enjoyed one of the most successful seasons yet experienced by a yearling group. Completely outscoring its opponents, the Freshmen chalked up 669 points to their rivals 237. Not only were they more than successful in turning in such a commendable team performance, but they turned out several outstanding individual performers, who left behind them a string of broken records. All in all, four former freshmen records Probably the most outstanding of these prospective champs was Norman Wilcox, whose feats of establishing new records in the 12 and 16 lb. hammer events, with throws of 199 feet 7 inches and 162 feet 7 inches, respectively, qualifies him to carry on where State’s weight immortals. Dryer, Rowe and Folswartshny, left off. Mel Jewett climaxed a very successful season by breaking the school high-jump record with a jump of six feet, two inches, while John Wiseman equalled this feat in the javelin with a toss of 188 feet, 8 inches. In the running events, Charley Tingley and Angelo Oliver also showed championship form; the former by setting a new two-mile record of 10 minutes, 17 seconds, and the latter by equaling the 100-yard mark of 9.9 seconds. With this large group of promising youngsters, combined with the undeniable abilities of Coach Frederick D. Tootell and his unbeatable pepper and fight-instilling qualities to develop these potential champions, the future prospects of Rhode Island in track circles -171- -172- THE 9fy GRIST BASEBALL 4-12-39 RHODE ISLAND S, BOSTON UNIVERSITY 2 Bill Fitch, Somerville veteran, pitched Rhode Island to a 5-2 victory over Boston University in the season ' s opener at Nickerson Field, Riverside. Though he was wild in spots, he allowed the Terriers only 5 hits and had one bad inning, the eighth, when B. U. scored two singles, a pass, an error and a sacrifice fly. 4-15-39 RHODE ISLAND 16, NORTHEASTERN 2 This game was featured by two home run drives of Bill Butler and the five-hit pitching performance of Warner Keancy. The Rams chalked up their second victory of the season as they walloped Northeastern 16-2 at Kingston. 4-21-39 RHODE ISLAND 13, CONNECTICUT 1 A hard-hitting R. I. team won its third straight diamond victory defeating the Connecticut State nine at Gardner Dow Field, 13-1. It was Connecticut ' s opening game of the season. The Rams scored two runs in the first inning and added eight more before the Nutmeggcrs managed to get a lone run in the sixth. 4-25-39 RHODE ISLAND 13, ARNOLD 5 Combing 18 hits for a total of 26 bases from the offerings of Arnold pitchers, the Rams chalked up their fourth straight victory of the season, tripping the New Haven nine, 13-5, at Kingston. -173- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE The game was a weird one, for hardly an inning went by that something unusual did not crop up. Players stole occupied bases, the base umpire was hit by a ground ball, there were misjudged fly balls, and Coach Keaney was off the bench more than he was on it. 4-28-39 RHODE ISLAND 7, MAINE 3 The Rams scored their fifth straight victory of the season as they defeated the University of Maine nine, 7-3, in an abbreviated game at Kingston. This g3mc was called in the 7th because of cold weather. Fitch pitched well, allowing Maine three hits 4- 29-39 RHODE ISLAND 5, PROVIDENCE 6 Squeezing over their winning run in the ninth inning. Providence College’s baseball forces tumbled the Rams from the unbeaten ranks, 6-5, at Kingston. With two on base, one out, Donat Brochu laid down a perfect bunt in front of the plate to score the winning tally from third. 5- 5-39 RHODE ISLAND 8, BROWN 11 Brown outlasted State, 11-8, in a wide-open ball game. The Bears outdid the Rams in virtua lly every respect at Kingston as they hit Fitch hard. State made eight hits to -174- THE f ' fo GRIST 5-6-3 9 RHODE ISLAND 3, NEW HAMPSHIRE 2 Warner Keaney pitched Rhode Island back into the winning column. New Hampshire being the victim, 3-2. The game was tight all through, with both teams playing good ball. 5-12-39 RHODE ISLAND 9, BOSTON UNIVERSITY 7 In a game featured by the effective ninth-inning relief pitching of big Warner Keaney, the Rams staged an uphill battle to beat the Terriers, 9-7, at Kingston. The victory gave the Rams a clean sweep of the two-game series. 5-20-39 RHODE ISLAND 3, BROWN 1 With Warner Keaney turning in a standout performance, the Rams forces avenged a previous defeat by downing Brown, 3 to 1. Keaney pitched one of the best games of his career, allowed only three singles, fanned eight men and banged out two hits which figured in the scoring of two runs. He retired the opposition in order in nine innings and did not allow a hit from the third inning to the eleventh. 5-23-39 RHODE ISLAND 7, WORCESTER 0 Going the hurling distance for the first time at State, Abbruzzi limited the strong Worcester Tech nine to four singles as the Rams laid down a 14-hit barrage for a 7 to 0 triumph at Kingston. LaCastro and Butler were the big guns with the bat. -175- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE 5-24-3 9 RHODE ISLAND 2, CONNECTICUT I Daring base running by John LaCastro, the speed merchant from Westerly, gave the Rams a 2 to 1 verdict over Connecticut at Kingston. The victory assured the Rams of at least a tie in the Conference race. 5-26-39 RHODE ISLAND 18, MAINE 8 Rhode Island clinched the New England Conference baseball title by coming from behind to beat the University of Maine, 18 to 8, at Orono. Maine played one of its poorest ball games of the year as R. I. shelled three hurlers for 12 hits in piling up its one-sided victory. 5-27-39 RHODE ISLAND 2, NEW HAMPSHIRE 1 For the second time the Rhode Island Rams nipped the Wildcats by a one-run margin, this me, 2-1, in 11 innings at Durham. Bill Fitch won his own ball game by driving 5-30-39 RHODE ISLAND 4, PROVIDENCE 13 In the last game of the season the Rams reached Walter Morris for four hits and as many runs in the first inning at Providence, but Morris settled down quickly and contributed heavily to a subsequent IS -hit Friar barrage that crushed the Rams, 13 to 4, before 1,500 fans. LaCastro ' s running catch in the fourth was the play of the day. - 176- 1939 BASEBALL STATISTICS 177- 111 min S5SS S Jigs’ " RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RESUME OF 1939-1940 FROSH BASEBALL SEASON Inurth Rou: Mooshoian. Joyce. Thompion. Romano FROSH BASEBALL -178 THE 9fo GRIST 1939 FRESHMAN BASEBALL STATISTICS Player BATTING AVERAGES William E. Rutledge lb-p 9 36 12 14 1 0 i D 15 2 4 .389 Allen S. Cornell cf 9 27 10 10 1 1 0 13 2 9 .370 David E. Lownds p-If 9 33 8 12 1 0 I d 13 o 9 .364 Harry D. Hcdison c 4 9 0 3 0 0 1 0 3 0 4 .333 Richard S. Wilson p-2b 2 3 1 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 .333 Howard E. Johnson 2b 9 31 10 10 0 0 1 0 10 0 7 .323 William R. McNally 3b 9 38 8 12 0 0 1 0 12 2 7 .316 Urbain H. Malo rf 9 34 6 10 1 1 1 0 13 0 4 .294 Earl E. Swanson c 8 25 7 7 0 0 1 10 0 4 .280 Attilio A. Pansa ss 9 36 5 9 1 0 1 0 10 0 8 .250 Philip M. Davis p-cf-lb 4 5 1 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 .200 Stanley J. Modzelewski p-lb 9 31 6 6 0 0 0 6 1 1 .194 Louis J. Romano If 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Jack M. Joyce ss 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Carl A. Larson If 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Player FIELDING AVERAGES Urbain H. Malo rf 13 1 o 1.000 Richard S. Wilson p-2b 2 2 0 1.000 Stanley J. Modzelewski p-Ib 56 10 2 .971 William E. Rutledge p-lb-lf 36 17 2 .964 Earl E. Swanson c 43 7 2 .962 Allen S. Cornell cf 13 1 1 .933 William R. McNally 3b 16 18 3 .919 David E. Lownds p-lf 6 3 1 .900 Harry D. Hedison c 13 2 2 .882 Howard E. Johnson 2b 20 D 8 .814 Attilio A. Pansa ss 7 21 7 .800 Philip M. Davis p-cf-lb 0 o 0 .000 Louis J. Romano If o 0 0 .000 Jack M. Joyce ss 0 0 1 .000 Carl A. Larson If 0 o 0 .000 FRESHMEN . . . 225 97 29 .918 OPPONENTS 224 — 179 — -180- THE f ' fo GRIST GOLF The youngest intercollegiate sport at Rhode Island is golf, and is being played as a major sport this year for the first time. Last year under the able supervision of Coach Cieurzo, the team enjoyed a very successful season as is evidenced by their record of three victories and two defeats. The team also made a creditable showing in the New England Intercollegiate Golf Championship, placing seventh among fifteen teams. R. 1. Opponent 7 2 8 1 Total 27 15 Record 3 2 Brown at Brown . Tufts at Boston . Maine at Kingston Boston University at Boston Worcester at Worcester . - 181 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE BOAT CLUB OFFICERS - 182- ni 9 0 GRIST The Rhode Island Outing Club was organized two years ago through the untiring efforts of Bill Beck. In the first year of the organization’s existence, several ski meets were both planned and eventually materialized. Several trips to the White Mountains were undertaken, with such great success that they are now accepted as annual affairs. The club boasts one of the best ski hills in southern New England, which is located on the west bank of Middle River just south of Marshall’s corner. This hill is completely equipped with ski tow, a jump, and an excellent practice slope. Although the members are primarily interested in skiing, the club plans to include more phases of outdoor sports in the near future. President . . Vice-President T reasurer . . Secretary . . . Walter J. Kells Robert H. Gelineau William M. H. Beck Robert V. Simpson RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS Second Rou : Barlow, Clegg, Dexter, Fort, Callahan CROSS-COUNTRY BETA PHI CROSS-COUNTRY A well balanced, closely bunched Beta Phi team captured the intramural cross-country trophy by trouncing its opponents, including Theta Chi, last year’s champs, by wide margins. The winner of the race was Tommy Dear den of P. I. K., but he was disqualified however, as his fraternity did not run a full team. The team scores are as follows: Beta Phi 29 Theta Chi 100 East Hall 124 Phi Mu Delta 139 BASKETBALL The Intramural Basketball League this past year was divided into three leagues because of the large number of teams entered. At the close of the season Beta Psi Alpha led league A, Alpha Tau Gamma led league B, and Beta Phi led league C. In the playoffs Beta Psi drew a bye and Alpha Tau was defeated by Beta Phi in the preliminary series in a closely fought game by a 34 to 28 score. In the finals. Beta Phi won the champion- ship in a two out of three series by annexing two straight games with a smooth exhibition of basketball. Delta Alpha 143 T. K.E 149 Lambda Chi 233 A. E. Pi 246 -184- THE 9f0 GRIST BETA PHI BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL BASEBALL League No. 1 W. L. P.C. Lambda Chi Alpha 8 0 1.000 Theta Chi . . . 6 3 .667 Delta Alpha Psi 4 3 .57 1 Beta Phi . . . . 4 3 .571 Tau Kappa Epsilon 1 6 .143 East Hall .... League No. 2 8 .000 W. L. P.G. Rho Iota Kappa . . 8 0 1.000 Alpha Tau Gamma . 3 .625 Sigma Alpha Epsilon .500 Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . . . 2 .286 Beta Psi Alpha . . . . 2 5 .286 Phi Mu Delta . . . 7 .125 In the playoff. Lambda Chi Alpha defeated Rho Iota Kappa two out of three games. INTRAMURAL TRACK With a host of veteran varsity performers swelling their ranks, Rho lota Kappa walked away with the Intramural track meet last spring. With Deardon, Holt. Wilcox, Barlow, Senacal. Parker, Bagshaw, Malcolm, and McCormick leading the way, the P I K boys swamped the scorers with points to spare as they easily clinched the title. -185- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE COLLEGE RECORDS 100 Yd. Dash 220 Yd. Dash 440 Yd. Dash 880 Yd. Dash One Mile Run Two Mile Run 120 Yd. High Hurdles 220 Yd. Low Hurdles 16 Lb. Shot Javelin High Jump Broad Jump Pole Vault 1 6 Lb. Hammer 35 Lb. Weight 4 Mile Cross-Country 1 Mile Relay 2 Mile Relay William Dolan, ’3 5 John Taylor, ’38 William Dolan, ’35 Frank Lord, ’39 Arthur Hanley, ’36 Stanley Holt, ’39 Stanley Holt, ’39 William Eckhart, ’38 Dana Conley, ’38 Dana Conley, ’38 Irving Folwartshny, ’39 Walter Gladding, ’39 Earle Jewett, ’42 Melvin Reiman, ’40 Edwin Singsen, ’38 William Rowe, ’37 Irving Folwartshny, ’39 Henry Dreyer, ’35 William Eckhart. ’38 Conley-Hines-Morrill -Holt McCarmick-Clarkc-Morrill-Holt 9.9 sec. 21.8 sec. 49.6 sec. 1 min., 53.6 sec. 4 min., 19.8 sec. 9 min., 27 sec. 15.1 sec. 46 ft., 43 4 in. 195 ft., 2% in. 6 ft., 2 in. 23 ft., 2 z in. 13 ft., 6% in. 156 ft., 1% in. 184 ft., 3 in. 58 ft., 4% in. 3 min., 22.6 sec. 7 min., 51.1 sec. 93 5 937 935 935 937 938 937 937 939 939 937 938 935 937 937 938 -186- THE 9 0 GRIST FRESHMAN RECORDS 100 Yd. Dash 220 yd. Dash 440 Yd. Dash 880 Yd. Dash One Mile Run Two Mile Run 120 Yd. High Hurdles 220 Yd. Low Hurdles 12 Lb. Shot 16 Lb. Shot Javelin High Jump Broad Jump Pole Vault Discus 12 Lb. Hammer 16 Lb. Hammer 35 Lb. Weight 3 Mile Cross-Country 1 Mile Relay Alden Robblee, ’40 Angelo Oliver, ’42 Alden Roblee, ' 40 Robert Black, ’41 Arthur Hanley, ’36 Robert Dixon, ’41 Lester Nichols, ’41 Charles Tingley, ’42 Robert Tallman, ’38 Dana Conley, ’3 8 Chauncey Mackle, ’40 Irving Folwartshny, ' 39 Joseph Weisman, ' 42 Earle Jewett, ’42 Dunbar Young, ’41 George Hammerlund, ’39 William Rowe, ’37 Norman Wilcox, ’42 Norman Wilcox, ’42 Irving Folwartshny, ’39 Lester Nichols, ’4 1 Di xon-Y oung-Gosling-Black I min., 59.8 sec. 4 min., 43.2 sec. 10 min., 17 sec. 15.5 sec. 25.9 sec. 52 ft., 8 in. 42 ft., 9 in. 188 ft., 8 in. 6 ft., 2 in. 22 ft., 6 in. II ft., 9 s in. 129 ft., 9 ' z in. 199 ft., 7 in. 162 ft., 9 in. 50 ft., 8 in. 17 min., 39 sec. 3 min., 27.4 sec. 1936 1939 1938 1933 1938 1938 1938 1939 193 5 1935 1937 1935 1939 1939 1938 1936 1933 1939 1939 - 187- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY - 188- THE 9fo GRIST WOMEN’S FIELD HOCKEY Meeting some of the strongest teams yet faced by a Rhode Island hockey eleven, the 1939-1940 Lees-coached field hockey outfit ended its season with a record of four vic- tories, three defeats and four ties. The team won its first three games before earning a 2-2 deadlock with the Commonwealth Hockey Club of Wellesley, Mass. Commonwealth, incidentally, boasting some of the best hockey players in the New England sector, trounced Rhode Island, 6-0, the year before. Hofstra College and Rhode Island battled to a scoreless draw in the following game. Ursinus College, a newcomer on the schedule, snapped the undefeated string in the sixth game, 2 to 0. Two more draws, against Pembroke College and New York University, followed before the team made its journey into Pennsylvania to meet three opponents on successive days. In the gruelling three games the Rhode Islanders turned back Immaculate College, but lost to two Philadelphia elevens. Temple University and Drexel Institute, considered among the better hockey teams in the country. Marjorie Whitaker, Betty Williams, Margaret Brown, Mary Schwartz and Barbara Webster were the leading scorers with Capt. Margaret Thackeray, Ann Chaharvn, Anna Moskalyk, Jane Sanborn, Elaine Bresslcr and Miriam Shanlcy the defensive stalwarts. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL January 20 February 7 February ' 17 February 23 February 24 May 2 May 6 May 9 SCHEDULE Alumnae Providence City Club Posse Panzer Hofstra Upsala Savage School American International Posse Drexel Institute Kingston 46 Kingston 2 1 Kingston 49 Kendall Green 26 East Orange, N.J. 28 Hempstead, L. I. 16 East Orange, N.J. 31 New York 17 Kingston S4 Kingston 17 Kingston 22 21 20 23 16 16 27 27 22 Totals 327 230 - 190- THE 9 0 GRIST WOMEN’S BASKETBALL The women’s basketball six, taking part in an 11 -game schedule which included a four-game jaunt through New York and New Jersey, finished its season with a mark of seven games won, three lost and one tic. The first five games found Coach Jo Lees ' charges adding that many victories to the undefeated string of the year before, but in the sixth game of the season Hofstra College gave Rhode Island its first loss at Hempstead, Long Island. Savage School gained revenge for the defeat it suffered the previous year by turning back Rhode Island for setback number two. Posse squared its season’s series with Coach Lees’ team by giving Rhode Island defeat number three. Betty Benheimer, who as a freshman led the team scoring the year before, was once more the leading point-getter with 96 points, nosing out Capt. Helen Szymkowicz for this honor by three points. Betty Williams was well up in the scoring list with 70 points. Hazel Joyce, Jane Sanborn and Mary Clarkin presented a very able defense during the season. The season ' s opener with the Boston Antiques at Kingston found the Rhode Island six too strong for the opposition. Captain Szymkowicz led the home team to an early lead as 22 players saw action. The Alumnae offered spirited opposition the following week and led at half-time by a one-point margin with cx-Capt. Janet Potter, ' 58, doing the bulk of the scoring. The undergraduates came back stronger in the third period to erase the deficit and outlasted the Alumnae in the final period to win. Betty Benheimer scored 22 points, her highest total of the season, as the Providence City Club was defeated with ease. - 191 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Rhode Island overcame an early Posse lead in the next game to add the Massachusetts six to its list of victims. In the first game of its out-of-Ncw England trip Rhode Island more than doubled its opponents ' total to beat Panzer College at East Orange. The second game of the trip brought Rhode Island its first defeat of the season as Hofstra College won at Hempstead, Long Island. Playing back in East Orange the next day, Rhode Island led all the way to defeat Upsala. Savage School gave the Lees sextet its second defeat of the trip and the season the following day. Playing back in Kingston, Rhode Island went to work against American International College with a vcngance, scoring 54 points and holding the opposition scoreless for two periods as Betty Williams dominated the point-getting with 20 points. Posse squared the season’s home-and-home series with Rhode Island at Kingston by winning the next game, the locals third defeat. Drexcl Institute built up a five-point first-half lead, but Rhode Island came back strong in the second half to square the count and gain a 22-all deadlock in the season ' s finale. During the season Rhode Island scored 327 points, nearly 30 points a game, while holding the opposition to 230 points, about a 20-point average — proof of the able coaching of Jo Lees and the offensive and defensive ability of the Rhode Island women. THE ? 0 GRIST GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM - 193 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE WOMEN’S TENNIS SCHEDULE - 194- r THE 9fo GRIST TARZAN-AMAZON SHOTS THAT MAKE YOU WONDER 1 — Lizzie Gates stops to ? as Annie DcCesarc keeps her eye on the legs. 2 — Doesn ' t she look sweet? 3 — The Duchess sounds the call to (loving) arms. 4— What a group to have on your front steps! S — Maizie Carpenter the field. 7 — Bcaven and his bevy of belles canvassing for sugar. 8 — Everyone seems well pleased, but Tootsie Zammarchi has her doubts about something. 9 — The mayor joins the girls as Pace wonders whether he - 195- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE CHEER LEADERS To anyone who has participated in athletic competition, the support given by spec- tators is always a big factor in winning the contest. To rally this support is the task of the cheer leaders. That they have succeeded is acknowledged by all. Under the tutelage of Prof. Tudor this group has improved steadily in the last three years, attending all home football and basketball games, and most of those played away from Kingston. Many new tumbling acts have been added to their repertoire. It is with hopes that their excellent performances will continue that we await their Fall debut. - 196- J’AaJxAniiuzA -1 97- ConJjwlA, Fraternities 200 Sororities 227 Clubs . 237 THE 9 0 GRIST SHOTS FROM HERE AND THERE 1 — p. I. K. denounces Dean’s Hour. 2 — Ed Petro interviews himself their annual breakfast. 4 — Duke trying to get rid of that bad man Ba Mrs. Vanderbilt. 6 — Six smiling co-eds give the camera a break. 7 — 1 leads the attack. 8 — Conley goes up to tap in a rebound against Tuft election? 10 — Expressions that vary to extremes. 11 — Passing in re -Was he happy after the - 199- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE POLYGON President Henry Tereshkow Vice-President Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Secretary Herbert F. Woodbury Treasurer Norman S. Chase -200- — TH l 9f0 GRIST POLYGON MEMBERSHIP Faculty Advisers John Barlow Professor Joseph H. Ince Dr. Kenneth E. Wright RHO IOTA KAPPA Angelo Mantenuto Edward Fogg THETA CHI Henry Tereshkow James Tracy BETA PHI Ernest Newall William Callahan DELTA ALPHA PSI Donald Faulk Russell Dubois LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Arthur Dean Robert Black SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON John Terrell Elmer Cornell ALPHA EPSILON PI Irving Horowitz Nathaniel Gouse PHI MU DELTA Herbert Woodbury Sherman Bailey PHI SIGMA Curt Rohland Leo Tatro TAU KAPPA EPSILON Richard Cook Carroll Billmyer, Jr. ALPHA TAU GAMMA Anthony DeMagistris Norman Chase BETA PSI ALPHA Joseph Iannucci Anaclethe DeCesare RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RHO IOTA KAPPA Established 1908 Total Membership 288 OFFICERS -202- THE 9 0 GRIST RHO IOTA KAPPA FRATRES IN FACULTATE Professor Howland Burdick Professor Earle F. Ford Professor Clarence E. Hoxsii Professor Paul F. Cieurzo Professor Crawford P. Hart FRATRES IN COLLEGIO William B. Barlow Maurice L. Connors William J. Corr Albert A. Buonano Edgar S. Goff Joseph L. Jones Lincoln T. Bagshaw Robert S. Davis Warren T. Dubee Robert C. Hale Robert J. Hanlon CLASS OF 1940 Edmund V. Godowski James Malcolm CLASS OF 1941 Roland J. Lavallee Raymond Senecal Edgar J. Moreau Frank A. Zammarchi David E. Lownds Edmund D. Maher William R. McNally CLASS OF 1943 Conrad E. LaGueux John T. McCabe William F. McInerney Jack W. Watson Norman O. Wilcox William P. Smith, Jr. Charles M. Sullivan, Jr. Edward C. Ward 203- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE THETA CHI Founded in I Si 6 Established at R. I. as Sigma Delta 1 909 Chartered Total Chapter Membership 369 SO Chapters Eta Chapter 1911 President . . Vice-President Secretary . . OFFICERS Henry Tereshkov Kenneth M. Perkins . Allan J. Pansar . Robert E. Irons -204- i Uil THE 9 0 GRIST THETA CHI FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1941 RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE BETA PHI founded at Rhode Island 1910 T otal Chapter Membership 335 OFFICERS President Ernest I. Newall Vice-President Joseph F. Kirwin Secretary Harrison M. Gorton, Jr. T reasurer Arthur H. Dexter THE 9f0 GRIST BETA PHI FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean John Barlow Dk. Everett P. Christopher FRATRES IN COLLEGIO John P. Bar row Arthur H. Dexter, Jr. Harrison M. Gorton, Jr. William F. Callahan Frank J. Clecc, Jr. Robert H. Gelineau David H. Barlow Raymond F. Dyer Richard K. Fort. Jr. James Boelens William C. Kenney, Jr. Stuart D. Kenyon CLASS OF 1940 CLASS OF 1941 Richard P. Giccer Oscar S. Johnson John F. Keeley James D. Murphy CLASS OF 1942 Gilbert A. Gelineau E. Melvin Jewett Francis J. Maguire Joseph A. McGarry CLASS OF 1943 Ralph C. Lewis, Jr. Robert H. Michels William L. Smith, 3rd Howard J. Regan James Southworth, Jr. Richard C Peck Walter G. Rockwell Stephen J. Zweir, Jr. John Moran Donald M. Steele Francis X. Zweir -207- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE DELTA ALPHA PSI Founded at Rhode Inland 1911 Total Chapter Membership 442 Front Row: Reardon, Lovcitt, Lysak, O’Brien, Beck, Faulk, Petersen, Olcan, Bryant, Clark T htrd Row: G. Sweeney, Kilbanc, Buivid, Moothoian, Harrigan, A. Evans, Cordin, Kirk. E. Sweeney President . Vice-President Secretary . T reasurcr . OFFICERS . . Donald P. Faulk . William E. O’Brien . Clinton A. Petersen . . Walter W. Lysak -208- THE 9rf0 GRIST FRATRES IN FACULTATE Professor Georoe H. Baitjwin Professor Wesley B. Hall Dr. W. George Parks Professor William M. H. Beck, Jr. Professor Raymond Halliday FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Raymond C. Bryant William G. Clark Donald P. Faulk Henry E. Capotosto Lawrence P. Harrigan Lawrence T. Jenkins James V. Boyle Murray G. Cordis Russell C. Dubois, Jr. James E. F.aton, Jr. Clayton E. Evans John A. Flaherty Bradley H. Hankins CLASS OF 1940 Vernon W. Loveitt William F.. O ' Brien Russell J. Pierce Francis A. Olean CLASS OF 1941 Walter W. Lysak James C. Reardon Herbert A. Machon Edward J. Sweeney Clinton A. Petersen William B. Shortley CLASS OF 1942 Robert F. Gammons Harry Gaunt CLASS OF 1943 Grover C. Hannever Eugene C. Kalafarski Richard H. Kilbane Albert J. Gudasczauskas Ralph L. Hankins John J. Mooshoian Vincent J. MacIntyre Robert V. McCabe George F. Sweeney RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE LAMBDA CHI ALPHA founded at Boston University 1909 107 Chapters Established at R wde Island as Gamma Delta Sigma 1912 Chartered as Eta Zeta 1912 Total Chapter Membership 282 OFFICERS President Clifford E. Pace Vice-President Frank C. Payne, Jr. Secretary Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Treasurer Jo Anderson -210- THE f ' fo GRIST LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean Royal L. Wales Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle Professor Donald E. Stearns Mr. Albert B. Nelson FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Jo Anderson Georce W. Bainton, Jr. Theodore S. Clarke John S. Cochrane Paul Conroy Francis D. Boule, Jr. William O. Ball Paul J. Hendrecks Edvard Lavin CLASS OF 1940 Daniel J. Coonan John F. Mullaney Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Clifford E. Pace William B. Dean Frank C. Payne CLASS OF 1941 John L. Creech Burton Froberg Warner M. Keaney CLASS OF 1942 Ralph H. Millspaugh Walter M. Pelser Thomas J. Matthews Roland R. Parent CLASS OF 1943 William L. Marchant, Jr. Edward J. McCabe William H. McNiff Robert C. Nichols Stanley G. Reynolds Thomas E. Toppins -211- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -212- SIGMA r THE 9f0 GRIST ALPHA EPSILON FRATRES IN FACULTATE Robert J. B t lisle Donald F. Bell Michael Dobrolet Preston S. Babbitt Maurice A. Belisle William C. Birtwell Alfred L. Gadreau Arnold S. Anderson Samuel M. C. Barker Wallace T. Barnes Patsy E. Capalbo James H. Harvey, Jr. Dean John C Weldin FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1940 Charles V. Glynn Sanford W. Hollis Frank P. McConnell James D. C. Robinson Herbert A. Smith John N. Terrell CLASS OF 1941 Herbert E. Gosling, Jr. Winston S. Hey Bernard B. Newman Gordon A. Pennoyer Walton H. Scott, Jr. Alfred E. Whitehead CLASS OF 1942 Lyman N. Cranston Charles E. Griffith Charles S. Hazard Howard E. Johnson CLASS OF 1943 Douglas P. Hunter Gerald W. Mason Frank L. Nunes Paul G. Johnson Thomas J. Mastersok James F. Ryley Clarke S. Vaughn Michael G. Pierik John M. Siteman Haig Yaghoobian RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE OFFICERS Treasurer Hugh A. Torchia -214- THE f ' fo GRIST TAU KAPPA EPSILON FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1940 1111 — 216 — FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1941 RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE PHI MU DELTA Founded at Connecticut Agricultural College and University of New Hampshire 1918 Established at Rhode Island as Delta Sigma Epsilon 192 3 14 Cljapters Chartered as Nu Eta Chapter 1929 Total Chapter Membership 184 Front Row: Woodbury, Barnes, Johnson. Darclius, Prof. DcWolf, V. White, Eddy, Hall. Dunlop. Belsey Third Row: Ekhard, Ferguson, Peckham, Hawkins, Lemont, L. White, Archangel, Lees, Ashworth. Saunders Fourth Row: Ferris, Johnstone, Taylor. Houghton, Small, Newell, Willard, Tanner, Holdsworth OFFICERS President Vernon W. White Vice-President Roderick G. Darelius Secretary Albert F. Barnes T reasurer Walter L. Eddy, Jr. -218- THE 9f0 GRIST PHI MU DELTA FRATRES IN FACULTATE Professor Randall W. Tucker Professor John B. Smith Professor Herbert M. Emery FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Roderick G. Darelius Walter L. Eddy, Jr. Sherman B. Baii tv James G. Ferguson Donald L. Arc hangel Gordon L. Beisey John A. Ferris Douglas A. Cowell John B. Hawkins Arthur S. Hoi.osworth CLASS OF 1940 Herbert F. Woodbury CLASS OF 1941 Alford S. Peckham John B. Rowell, Jr. CLASS OF 1942 Harry D. Hldjson, Jr. Donald B. Johnstone CLASS OF 1943 George H. Lees Raymond R. Moon Ralph D. Newell Elton K. Thomas Ernest H. Saunders, Jr. David M. Smith Donald H. Wheeler Wilton H. Sunn RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE PHI SIGMA Founded at Rhode Island 192 5 Total Chapter Membership 90 OFFICERS President Wesley A. Richardson Vice-President Alden I. Robblee Secretary Lloyd W. Howard Treasurer Lloyd A. Lagerquist -220- THE 9f0 GRIST PHI SIGMA FRATRES IN FACULTATE Professor Herman C. Churchill Professor George B. Durham Professor Lester E. Erwin FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Irving Henry Albert L. Lagkrquist CLASS OF 1940 John R. Leon Charles C. Champlin Wesley A. Richardson Joseph N. Wood Ai.den I. Robbi.ef. Frederick Burnham Robert N. Cheetham David M. Sisson CLASS OF 1941 Curt J. Rohland CLASS OF 1942 Albert F. Starr Robert S. Townend Leo F. Tatro CLASS OF 1943 William H. Anderson, Jr. Paul J. Cardin Ernest P. Cravinho 221- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE ALPHA TAU GAMMA Founded at Rhode Island 1929 Total Chapter Membership 130 -222- FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1941 CLASS OF 1943 RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE BETA PSI ALPHA Founded at Rhode Island 19)2 T otal Membership 96 front Row: Emma, Nasccnzi, Picozzi, DcPctrillo. DeCesare, lannucci, Williams, Calcuda, Fcdcrici Second Row: Narducci, D ' Angelo, Paul, Sptndli, Marzocchi, D ' Andrea, Gattonc, Campanula. DiNunzio, OFFICERS President Joseph J. Iannucci Vice-President Raymond J. DePethillo Secretary Frank Williams Treasurer Bartolo E. Chiappinelli —224 — THE 9 0 GRIST FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1940 - 225 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE UNIVERSITY CLUB OFFICERS President Edward J. Deszyck Vice-President Ernest A. Perry Secretary . . Everett W. Molloy Treasurer Albert B. Nelson MEMBERS -226- THE f ' fo GRIST SoAifuikA -227- As the governing body for sororities on the campus, the Pan-Hellenic Association supervises all inter-sorority affairs and helps to promote friendly relations among the groups. National Pan-Hellenic affiliations guide the representatives in carrying out the ideals set forth by the Creed in conducting an orderly rushing season during the second quarter of the first semester. Each spring the Association sponsors a major dance while fostering throughout the year friendly relations by frequent inter-sorority social functions. - 228 - ni 9 0 GRIST PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION FACULTY ADVISERS OFFICERS President Virginia Barrett Secretary-Treasurer Phyllis C. Arnold REPRESENTATIVES DELTA ZETA SIGMA KAPPA CHI OMEGA ™ H. Cohen NU ALPHA -229- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SIGMA KAPPA 40 Chapters Foun Jed at Colby College 1 874 Established at Rhode Island as Sigma Tail Delta 1914 Chartered as Pi Cha pter 1919 Total Chapter Membership 242 OFFICERS President Elsie E. Paine Vice-President Jane Sanborn Recording Secretary Alice H. Jewell Corresponding Secretary .... Ruth E. Thornton Treasurer Virginia E. Williams — 230 — SORORES IN FACULTATE SORORES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1940 231- 1111 RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE CHI OMEGA if Arkansas 189 5 1 1 1 i SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Lucy C. Tucker Miss Jane C. Ebbs Miss Vera Rock Miss Josephine T. Lees SORORES IN COLLEGIO CLASS OF 1940 Edvina C. Atteridge Janet Chase Kathryn M. Crandall Phyllis Arnold Vera D. Bailey Margaret M. Boyle Helen T. Edmonds Sylvia Russell Dorothy A. MacLaughlin Mary K. Schwartz Roma B. Richard Helen E. Szymkowicz CLASS OF Ruth L. Briggs Hazel C. Joyce Norma M. Joyce Anna A. Moskalyk CLASS OF 1942 Jane E. Barlow Elaine Bressler Margaret Y. Brown Mary P. Clarkin Martha C. Corrigan Mary T. D ' Arcy Barbara E. Edmonds Charlotte F. Emerson Phyllis A. Keegan Barbara C. Lynch Pearl J. McDonnell Mary A. Maroney CLASS OF 1943 Ellen N. O ' Connor Barbara A. O’Neill Anne V. Peterson Betty N. Richmond Lillian F. St. Germain Anna M. Whitaker Sara Hope Bressler Nancy Carpenter Thelma L. Conrad Margaret M. Easterbrooks Virginia L. Spencer Eleanor J. Willard 233 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE DELTA ZETA Founded at Miami University 1902 SO Chapters Established at Rlwde Island as Theta Delta O micron 1924 Chartered as Beta Alpha Chapter 1928 Total Chapter Membership 1S8 President Vice-President . . . Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer -234- the 7 grist DELTA ZETA SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Grace C. Whaley Miss Lynette J. Goggin SORORF.S IN COLLEGIO Virginia Barrett Dorothy A. Edwards Margaret P. Armbrust Eleanor F. Barker Helen M. Beaven Dorothy H. Barber Ilene J. Barber M. Eleanor Francis D. Beverly Grout Helen Lech Betty J. Martin CLASS OF 1940 Helen F. Joslyn Ruth L. Nichols CLASS OF 1941 Patricia A. Damon Virginia M. Holley CLASS OF 1942 Elizabeth K. Hyde Ruth V. Oldrid CLASS OF 1943 Marilyn G. Mason Lura Mae Odland A. Josephine Starr Marjorie R. Sweet E. Hope Tracy Evelyn G. Sullivan Natali- B. Whitford Helen B. Leon Gertrude I.. Matteson Cora 1. Phillips Elizabeth A. Potts Elinor S. Whelan Muriel S. Walling Barbara E. Whaley Jean G. Yare RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE NU ALPHA Established at Rhode Island 19)5 T otal Chapter Membership 49 on. Cohen, Palley, S. Stern. Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . OFFICERS Ruth H. Cohen Helen J. Abrams .RuthF. Pallet Shirley R. Stern — 236 — THE ffy GRIST l ”kdbA , -237- OFFICERS Treasurer Earl J. Palmer, Jr. -238- ni 9 0 GRIST EAST HALL ASSOCIATION FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Francis R. Hunter Dr. Lee C. Wilson UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Carl V. Anderson Albert P. Ciccone Viking I. Colliander William Ban field Howard R. Brown- Morris Baram John G. F.rhardt, Jr. Henry G. Garceau. Jr. Morton Goldman Donaid B. Hathaway CLASS OF 1940 Martin J. Kaufman Herbert D. Randall, Jr. William C. Smith Louis D. Stringer Hyman Wallick CLASS OF 1941 Anthony P. Caputt Edward J. Ff.elet, Jr. Leonard A. Lewis Stanley H. Spooner CLASS OF 1942 Eugene W. Labotssonniere John Sanik, Jr. Carl A. Larson, Jr. Lester N. Snider Vf.rnon E. Matley Hugh E. Thompson Richard Parnigoni Walter W. Wilson Asher T. Gray Joseph Iacioi ano Matthey J. Kulick Paul C. Mancan Louis W. Mercure Morris L. Ostrach Dexter M. Potter Philip T. Rancol-rt, Jr. RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE ELEANOR ROOSEVELT HALL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS THE f ' fo GRIST ELEANOR ROOSEVELT HALL ASSOCIATION FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Mary Evans Chase Miss Lynette J. Goggins UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Madeline Conti CLASS OF 1940 Elizabeth Gates Rita Leary Virginia Gf.nua Theresa Sicilian CLASS OF 1941 Beatrice Belofsky Ann Chaharyn Marcella Czubak Mabel Bargamian Ruth Blackler Ruth Brown Mary D’Aquanno Jeanne Marie Davis Maribel Easterbroors Shirley Genser Eleanor Healey Theresa Ferrazzoli Virginia Gilman Rhoda Hobson Dorothy Ray Shirley Stern Sarah Winsberg CLASS OF 1942 Victoria Lazarek Fern Magee Avis Marble Lois Martin Elizabeth McCrudden Virginia Monti Ellen Murphy Ruth Norton Ellen O’Connor Olga Pfrry Dorothy Thavenet Virginia Walsh -241- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE DAVIS HALL I rani Row: Ballcrino, St. Germaine, McGinn, K. Bennett, Thompson, Maguire. Francis, Reed ScconJ Raw: McBride. Lamphere, Halipos, Watson, Mills, Hartigan, Calderone, Wurtz, Leech Third Row: Shipper, Noble, Palmer, Hyland. Gocckd, Watt, Gridin OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Virginia F. Bennett Kathleen T. Be nnett . Eunice E. Thompson -242- THE f ' fo GRIST PHAEACIANS OFFICERS -243 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE PHAEACIANS Sylvia Howland CLASS OF 1940 Marguerite Crandall Marjorie Salford Margaret Peters Grace Safstrom CLASS OF 1941 Mildred Potter Phyllis Stavely Doris Argentieri Rosalie Burt CLASS OF 1942 Marie Carney Ruth Hannah CLASS OF 1943 Elizabeth Healey Josephine McMahon Gertrude Losery Madelyn Maini y THE 9f0 GRIST THE MANSE S landing: Colomc, Wood, Monte, Smith, Wicks, Novack, Afflick, Morris, Gilman Silling: Lebrun, Rev. MacCready, Joslin OFFICERS President Edmond J. LeBrun Chaplain Allen W. Joslin — 24S - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE OFFICERS President John V. Morrissette Vice-President Benjamin D. Griffin Secretary . . . . Joseph A. McGarry James E. Muldoon, Jr. m f O GRIST Chddviibidu -247- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Conisintiu PAGE Administration 249 Publication 251 Honorary 253 Debating 262 Musical 266 Discussion 271 Specialty 274 Technical 279 -248- THE ? 0 GRIST SACHEMS The Sachems is an honorary organization made up of fifteen members of the Junior Class who remain on duty throughout their Senior year. The purpose of the society is to conduct elections, run the Mayoralty campaign, apply Freshmen rules, and supervise other activities not directly controlled by the faculty. The members, elected on the basis of a point system aggregated through scholarship and extra-curricular activities, serve to promote a friendly interchange of ideas between faculty and student body. Moderator Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Secretary Mary K. Schwartz MEMBERS Robert J. Bi lisle John C. Haufe Ruth L. Nichols George E. Cuddy Alfred Jaffe Robert W. Trescott Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Esther L. Livingstone Barney Waterman Donald P. Faulk Gordon W. Macintosh Herbert F. Woodbury FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle Professor Donald E. Stearns -249- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE WOMEN’S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Every woman student enrolled in the college automatically becomes a member of this organization. It is one of the most important and highly regarded honoraries on the campus, having as its purpose the enforcement and regulation of co-ed conduct rules. Student Council, composed of representatives from every class, dormitory, and sorority, maintains all executive authority and, also, tries and punishes all violations to the rules at regular bi-monthly meetings. W. S. G. A. awards three scholarships yearly to the highest girl students in the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes as an incentive to study and as an assistance to deserving students. President . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary-T reasurer Faculty Adviser . . OFFICERS Mary K. Schwartz Margaret R. Thackeray Betty N. Richmond Dean FIelen E. Peck THE 9f0 GRIST THE BEACON 1939-40 BEACON STAFF RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FRESHMAN BIBLE The Freshman Bible is published each fall by members of the incoming Senior Class. It is distributed to the Freshmen during their first few days of college life in an effort to acquaint them with the various college rules, activities, and fraternities. Although this book does not compare with the Grist in size and amount of work necessary for publication, it docs play an important part in the general orientation of the Freshmen. front Row: Livings tone, Woodbury STAFF Editor-in-Cbief . . Managing Editor Women’s Editor . . sports Editor . . . Feature Editor . . Women ' s Sports Edit Activities Editor . Business Manager . Advertising Manager Circulation Manager FIerbert F. Woodbury . Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Esther L. Livingstone Gordon W. Macintosh . . Donald P. Faulk . Mary K. Schwartz . . Ruth FL Cohen . Barney Waterman . . . Eugene S. Fiske . . Joseph F. Kirwin -252- - 253 - 1 1 1 1 -254- — 255 — RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE ALPHA ZETA FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Everett P. Christoph er Dr. Frank L. Howard Professor Thomas R. Cox OFFICERS President Frank Williams Vice-President Richard H. Bohning Scribe Joseph E. Howland Treasurer Arthur H. Dexter Chronicler John B. Rowell Alpha Zeta fraternity represents a goal in the Aggie Curriculum, it is the inspiration for striving to " all tillers of the soil.” The organization was founded at Ohio State University in 1897, from which time the total number of membership has risen to 48 chapters. Rhode Island State College, since its affiliation with the fraternity in 1936, has endeavored to promote scholarship and leadership among the Agricultural students of the school. - 256- THE 9f0 GRIST THE SCROLL The Scroll is the literary society of the campus, the purpose of which is to promote interest in all types of literature and to encourage original literary composition. Programs at weekly meetings include play-readings, speakers, criticisms of original manuscripts, and literary quizzes. During the past year, the organization sponsored the movement for the establishment of a college magazine which appeared for the first time this spring. Front Row: Prof. Knickerbocker. Ferrazzoli, Bailey. Belofsky, Wisbey, Hornby, Abrams, Joyce, Mils Reilly Second Row: Sicilian. Stern, Palley, Crandall, Livingstone, Conrad, Whitford, Boyle President Virginia F. Hornby Vice-President Herbert A. Wisbey, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Beatrice M. Belofsky Faculty Adviser Dr. Kenneth L. Knickerbocker — 257 — Theodore S. Clarke -258 - THE f ' fo GRIST LETTERMEN Louis Abbruzzi, 41 Albert Carpenter, ’42 Raymond Crawford, ’40, 1 Phillip Davis, ’40 Anaclithe DeCesare, ' 4 James Duff, ’42 Rene Duranleau, ‘40 Louis Abbruzzi, ' 41 Fredrick Conley, 41 Edmund Godowski. 40 Daniel Aldrich, ’39 William Barlow, 40 George Bainton, ’40 Robert Black. ’4! Robert Dixon, ' 41 George Gamache, ’41 Louis Abbruzzi, ’41 Fredrick Conley, ’41 Rene Duranleau, 4 Burrows Allen, ’39 Levon Caprieuan, ’39 James Cook, 39 FOOTBALL Maurice Flynn, ’41 Lawrence Gates, ’41 Warner Keaney, 41 Robert Larrabee, ’41 Edmund Maher, ’42 Angelo Mantenuto, ’41 Thomas Matthew, ’42 William McNally, ’42 BASKETBALL Eugene Greene, ' 40 TRACK Alfred Hall, ’40 George Hammkrlund, ’3 John Haufk, ' 40 Melvin Kelman, ’40 Lawrence Larkin, ’39 Frank Lord. ’39 William McNally, ’41 Lester Nichols, 42 Irving Fay, ’39 William Fitch, ’39 Chester Jaworski, ’ TENNIS Lloyd Garland, 3 Sanford Hollis, ’4 Gustav us Ide, ’40 John Mooshoian, ' 42 Nicholas Orlando, ’41 Clifford Pace, ’40 Edward Petro, ’40 Dallas Robinson, ’40 Herbert Smith, ’40 Clifford Pace, ’40 Edward Petro, ’40 William Rutledge, 42 Edwin Perkins, 40 Raymond Senecal, ’4( David Smith, ’42 Henry Tereshkow, ’4 Charles Tingley, ' 42 Hugh Torchia, ' 40 Horace Whaley. ’40 Norman Wilcox, ’42 John LaCastro, ’39 Barney Waterman, ’40. Mgr. Taras Zachadnyk, ’39 Frank Zammarchi, ’41 RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE WOMEN’S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION All women students are members of the Women’s Athletic Association, but only those participating in sports may be eligible for a sweater. The executive power of this group is vested in a council which consists of the officer of the organization, the sweater- wearers, and two representatives from each of the two lower classes. This council formulates the rules governing the award of trophies and sweaters. Requirements for a sweater are: two years on a varsity team, one year on a varsity team and two on a squad, or four years on a squad. Second Row: Webster, Szymkowicz, Sanborn, H. Joyce, Nichols, Chase, Williams, Moskolyk President . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary-T reasurer OFFICERS Mary K. Schwartz Margaret R. Thackeray Hazel C. Joyce -260- THE 9f0 GRIST LETTERWOMEN Elaine Bressler 42 Ann Chaharyn ’41 Janet Chasf. ’40, Mgr. Mary D ' Arcy ' 42 HOCKEY Alice Jewell 41 Hazel Joyce ’41 Anna Moskalyk ’41 Mary Schwartz ’40 BASKETBALL Jane Barlow ’42 Hazel Joyce ’4 1 Ann Chaharyn ’41 Ruth Nichols ' 40, Mgr. Mary Clarkin ’42 TENNIS Anna Emma ' 39 Frances Drummond ' 42 Alice Jewell ' 41 Elizabeth Richmond 42 Jane Sanborn 41 Helen Szymkowicz ' 40 Barbara Webster 41 Majorie Whitaker ’42 Virginia Williams 41 Jane Sanborn 41 Helen Szymkowicz ' 40 Virginia Williams ' 41 Florence Thavenet 39 Virginia Williams ’41 261 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE TAU KAPPA ALPHA Tau Kappa Alpha, a national forensic society of which Lowell Thomas is the honorary president, founded the local chapter in 1919. Membership is limited to varsity debaters who have proven themselves outstanding. The Wranglers and the Portia Club contribute their leaders to this organization. The intramural debates arc conducted by Tau Kappa Alpha. This year the George E. Brooks Intramural Debate Trophy was won by Delta Zeta Sorority. The original sponsor of the Model Congress was the Tau Kappa Alpha Society. OFFICERS President Esther L. Livingstone Vice-President Carroll D. Billmyer, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Nathan M. Shippee Adviser Dr. Everett P. Christopher -262- ni 9 0 GRIST — 263 — RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE PORTIA CLUB The Portia Club is the varsity debating organization for women with a yearly schedule which includes intercollegiate debates with colleges throughout the east. This year, a Senior team traveled to Virginia to exchange encounters. Together with the Wranglers, the Club sponsors an annual Model Congress for colleges and another for high schools of Rhode Island. Professor George F.. Brooks, H elofsky, Hornby. Livingston, Palow, Joyce, Czubak, McCrudden OFFICERS President Virginia F. Hornby Vice-President Esther L. Livingstone Secretary-T reasurer Beatrice M. Belofsky Manager Margaret M. Boyle Faculty Adviser Professor George E. Brooks — 264 — THE 9 0 GRIST ENGINEERING COUNCIL - 26S - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Rhode Island State College Concert Choir THE ffy GRIST A CAPELLA CHOIR This organization is composed of the members of the Men’s and Women’s Glee Clubs, the two units functioning either separately or together. Under the direction of Professor Lee C. McCauley, this group, composed of 120 members, completed one of the most successful years of its history. Numerous concerts were given this year in Kingston, and their extensive schedule carried them to several of the surrounding localities, including Providence, Newport, Westerly, and West Warwick. And in addition to the regular schedule, the group participated in an exchange of joint concerts with Colby College. One of the most important events in the history of Rhode Island State College musical organizations was witnessed on May 17th, when the New England Federation of Music Clubs Convention was held in Kingston. Over 1,000 students and other persons active in the music field took part, and the affair, climaxed by the presentation of Sullivan’s " Golden Legend” by the Concert Choir and the Symphonic Orchestra, was acclaimed — 267 — -268- THE f ' fo GRIST Rhode Island State College Little Symphony Orchestra With a decided increase in student interest and an increase in its membership, the orchestra, under the direction of Professor Lee C. McCauley, again concluded another successful season. A concert given in Edwards Hall was well received, and the several assembly appearances of both the whole orchestra and the string quartet met with the approval of the student body. The organization climaxed its season by taking part in the " Golden Legend " production in May. Firtt Row: Peckham. Kenyon. Gornstein, Prof. McCauley, Robinson, Fiske, Frederickson, White Second Row: Carpenter. Silverman, Martin, Ashworth. Kreischer, Bargamian, White Third Row: Bardsley, Bessette. Benson, Boluch, Goldstein, Scott, Bell, Novack Manager .... Business Manager . Publicity Manager . Librarian .... OFFICERS Sydney Gornstein Alford S. Peckham . . . Walter C. Kenyon Walter C. Novack -269- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE BAND Functioning as both the school marching band and as the Rhode Island State College Symphonic Band, this organization, under the excellent direction of Mr. Paul E. Wiggin, again completed another successful year. Besides representing the school at football and basketball games, it increased its popularity with several successful appearances at assembly periods, rendering both " swing " and symphonic programs. Concerts at Groton, Con- necticut, completed the schedule of this popular group. OFFICERS Manager Alfred S. Peckham Librarian Richard A. Houghton, Jr. -270- OFFICERS -271- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The -272- the 7 grist SOCIOLOGY CLUB The Sociology Club, organized in 1936, attempts to promote interest in sociological thoughts through papers and outside lectures. The members make several trips to various state institutions and thus become familiar with different angles of social work. First Row: V. Bennett, Russell, Trafton, Prof. Gordo n, Edwards, Barrett Second Row: Froeberg, K. Bennett, Fiske, , Bliss, Asadorian, DcMagistris, Shippec OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Project Committee William M. Trafton . . Sylvia Russell . Virginia Barrett . . . Paul F. Bliss RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE RADIO CLUB The Radio Club is without doubt the fastest growing technical organization on the Campus. The Club was instrumental in organizing the recently established Rhode Island State College Network. The Network is of local importance at the present, but in the future it will be of greater value since games and other intercollegiate functions will be broadcast to us from other colleges. The Club also achieved considerable importance during the hurricane when its transmitting station handled radio traffic for South County. First Rou: Perkins. Stasukcvich. Simons Second Row: Ey, Seigelman, Morrissettc, Prof. Hall, Hook, Painchaud, Page, Carroll OFFICERS President .... John E. Stasukevich, Jr. Vice-President Sylvan Simons Secretary-Treasurer Edwin H. Perkins Faculty Adviser Professor Wesley B. Hall -274- OFFICERS -275- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE AERO CLUB OFFICERS -276- ni 9 0 GRIST AGGIE CLUB e Aggie Club is one o OFFICERS President Arthur H. Dexter Vice-President Arthur L. Dean, Jr. -277- n n -278 - — m 9 0 GRIST CHEMISTRY SOCIETY OFFICERS Jorma Hyypia -279- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers -280- THE ? 0 GRIST The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Branch at Rhode Island State College SB OFFICERS Vice- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Rhode Island State College Branch American Institute of Electrical Engineers n of this society is to si OFFICERS President Fletcher H. Warren, Jr. Vice-President Charles A. Cabral Secretary-Treasurer Edwin A. Mroz -282- THE 9f0 GRIST Rhode Island State College Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers The Student Chapter became affiliated with the A. S. C. E. in 1932. The growth and interest in this organization has been immense. By being in contact with professional men in this field, the members of this organization have been able to visualize their dreams of some day building large bridges and gigantic skyscrapers. Occasional conferences and field trips have aided the students to preview the practical side of their future profession. Pint Row: Sweeney, Rcpass, Clarke, D. Coonan, Prof. Stubbs, J. Coonan, Sheridan, Romano Second Row: Webster, Cordin, Hammond, Moultrop, Kozak, McGann, Daley, Corsi, Sweet Third Row: Dykstra, Rohland, Strong, Withcy, Rockwell, MacKinnon, Cevoli, Sakakeeny OFFICERS President Daniel J. Coonan Secretary Charles B. Clarke Treasurer John J. Coonan Faculty Adviser Professor Frank W. Stubbs -283 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE GRIST STAFF AT WORK Each year towards the close of the school term, the Grist Board, comprised of members of the Junior class, takes over its new duties. From that time in late spring until the following spring this Board gathers and assembles material that will go towards making up the yearbook. Within the pages of the yearbook arc contained the activities during the past year, individual write-ups of the graduating class and faculty, and certain features that lend spice. As years roll by the many photographs in the Grist are often used as album material, for they portray the typical life on the Kingston campus. The editor is appointed by the junior class president who in turn selects the remainder of the staff. Suggestions for improving the book are welcomed and the staff members greatly enhance their value to the editor if they have new ideas. All Grist work is in the hands of the students and the only faculty control comes from a financial adviser. -284- 3 ' Q£dlJUtSL6u - 285 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE Snapshots 287 Campus Queens 288 Class Prophecy 289 Class Day 291 Class Vote 292 Snapshots 296 Acknowledgments 300 -286- THE ? 0 GRIST RHODY REVUE HEADLINERS muscle men. (4) Romeo " The Moose " Fabricant. (5) Musso Masterson. (6) Turner turns screwy. (7) Please, babe! (H) " Benny " Newman. (9) Hilda takes off. (10) Dizzy I)ids. (II) Penny— this is town. (15) Mitzi and her melody men. -287- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -288- ni 9 0 GRIST CLASS PROPHECY RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE -290- THE ffo GRIST CLASS DAY Class of 1940 May 26, 1940 Chairman — Herbert F. Woodbury Honorary Member — Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle PROGRAM Invocation Welcome Address Presentation of Class Gift to College Acceptance of Class Gift . Presentation of Class Gift to Adviser Acceptance of Class Gift to Adviser Class Will and Prophecy . Class Oration Farewell Address Ivy Address Ivy Planting . Rev. Harry S. McCready . Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Robert J. Belisle . . . . Dr. John Barlow John C. Haufe Dr Vernon I. Cheadle Joseph F. Kir win . Robert W. Trescott . . . Esther L. Livingstone . . . . Mary K. Schwartz Helen F. Joslyn, Roma B. Richard Father James E. Greenan FROM THE CLASS OF 1941 Sherman B. Bailey Harold W. Hyland Walton H. Scott, Jr MARSHALS COLOR GUARD USHERS Nathan M. Shippee George H. Repass Milton Waltcher Winston S. Hey Kendall Moultrop Robert E. Irons Alford S. Peckham RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS VOTE Voted By the Women Most Handsome Most Thorough Gentleman Biggest Socialite Most Collegiate Most Respected Best Dressed Best Natnred Best Dancer Smoothest Edward P. Fogg Herbert F. Woodbury Joseph F. Kirwin Clifford E. Pace Edward Pctro William M. Trafton Joseph F. Kirwin James D. C. Robinson John C. Haufe Voted By Entire Class Best All Around Best All Around Athlete Most Popular Most Scholarly Most Versatile Most Dependable Most Likely to Succeed Did Most for R. I. S. C Wittiest Class Politician Biggest Drag with the Faculty Class Grind Most Popular Professor Most Inspiring Professor BIGGEST SOCIALITE Eugene M. Greene Edward Petro Greene and Pctro Hugh A. Torchia Eugene M. Greene Eugene M. Greene Harrison M. Gorton, Jr. Eugene M. Greene Rene Duranleau Arthur L. Dean, Jr. Stanley E. Ballinger Howland and Bianchi Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle Prof. George E. Brooks MOST HANDSOME -292- r THE f O GRIST SENIOR CLASS VOTE Best All-Around Best All-Around Athlete Most Popular Most Scholarly Most Versatile Most Dependable Most Likely to Succeed Did Most for R. I. S. C. Wittiest Class Politician Biggest Drag with Faculty Class Grind Most Popular Professor Most Inspiring Professor Mary K. Schwartz Helen E. Szymkowicz Roma B. Richard Virginia F. Hornby Helen E. Szymkowicz Roma B. Richard Virginia F. Hornby Virginia F. Hornby Esther L. Livingstone Esther L. Livingstone Margaret N. Whelan Virginia F. Hornby Dr. Esther L. Batchclder Dean Helen E. Peck - 293 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS VOTE Do you favor Compulsory Assembly Attendance? Do you favor P. T. in its present form? Are you in favor of co-education at R. I.? Are you in favor of athletic scholarships? Do you believe in the enforcement of more or less strict freshman rules? Do you believe in hazing? Has the repeal of Prohibition harmed college life? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you approve of women smoking? Is your college education fitting you for life as adequately as you wish? Does the collegiate type really exist as is depicted? If so, does it exist at Rhode Island? Ever go co-cding Would you choose R. I. if you were to enter college as a freshman again? Do you intend to marry? If so, would you marry a college graduate? Hardest year: Freshman 13 Soph Easiest year: 32 Most pleasant year: 15 Do you read a newspaper daily? Which side do you think will win the war? Do you think the U. S. will enter the war? Do you favor a Third Term? Do you think F, D. R. will seek a Third Term? Which party do you think will win the election? Average age on graduation Would you suggest a subsidized week-end program from the Administration to keep students on the campus over week-ends? Do you think the dates of the major dances should be arranged to allow athletes to attend? Yes 52% No 48% Yes 48% No 52% Yes 85% No 15% Yes 71% No 29% More 90% Less 10% Yes 41% No 59% Yes 14% No 86% Yes 55% No 45% Yes 43% No 57% Yes 70% No 30% Yes 21% No 79% Yes 40% No 60% Yes 68% No 32% Yes 79% No 21% Yes 47% No 53% Yes 88%, No 4% Yes 81%, No 3% Not Necessarily 16% are 40 Junior S3 Senior 10 32 23 30 13 12 74 Yes 79% No 21% Germany 13% Allies 85% Neither 2% Yes 28% No 72%. Yes 29% No 71% Yes 70%- No 30% Democrat 43% Republican 57% Yrs. 22 Mos. 2 Days 11 Yes 75% No 25% Yes 73% No 27% -294- n 9fo GRIST CLASS VOTE Most Valuable Course — Physiology 16, Comparative Anatomy 12, Public Speaking 12, Psychology 8, Advanced Composition 8, Electrical Engineering 6; Others — Political Science, Business Law, General Botany, Thermodynamics, Labor. Least Valuable Course — Power Plants 18, P. T. 10, Orientation 8, Art 8, Public Speaking 6, Economic Geography 6; Others — Experimental Psychology, Sociology, Principles of Economics, General Botany, 18 th Century Prose. Most Valuable Thing Acquired in College — Friendship 22, Self Assurance 12, Com- patibility 10, Ability to Think 8, Confucius Jokes 6, Education 6; Others — Poise, Independence, two pairs of Army shoes, Lack of Knowledge, nothing, R. I. Sweater. Greatest Need at R. I. S. C. — Better Teachers 24, Dance Floor 10, New Gym 10, Liberal Arts Course 8, Sympathetic Administration 6, Swimming Pool 6; Others — New Science Building, Larger Faculty, Better Courses, Student Social Center, More Time, New Men’s Dormitory. Most Common Subject of Bull Sessions — Sex 74, Women 24, Religion 6, Personalities 6; Others — Confucius, Faculty, People not there, Sports, Economics, Exams, What’s Criticism of the Beacon — Lousy 14, Not adequate 10, O. K. 10, Improved this year 9, Lack of humor 8; Others — Needs more representation of students 6, Needs more campus news. Fair, Stereotyped, Needs more heavy material. Too many editorials which say nothing. Criticism of the Grist — Very good 52, Costs too much 10, Poor photography 8, Stale in parts 6, Doesn’t come out soon enough 6; Others — Stereotyped, Too impersonal, Not sufficiently edited. Run by a few, High School rank, More snap-shots needed. Favorite College Next to R. .—Cornell 10, Dartmouth 9, Princeton 7, Brown 6, Kraft Music Hall 5, University of Hard Knocks 3; Others — Colby Junior College, M. I. T., Southern California, Annapolis, Notre Dame, Michigan State, R. I. C. E., R. I. S. D. Favorite Sport — Basketball 36, Football 25, Baseball IS, Swimming 1 1; Others — Parking, Necking, Indoor, Swimming. Most Popular Campus Character Other Than a Student — George Hughill 45, Gene (janitor in Bliss Hall) 10, Woppy 10. -295 - RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE CLASS VOTE Lyon Phelps, Joe DiMaggio, Byrd 11, e, Cordell -2 97- RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE CLASS DAY ACTIVITIES 1 — Seniors in line. 2 — Marching past Ranger Hall. 3 — At the head of the march. 4 — Capt. Kullman and Dr. Brcsslcr talk it over. S — Under the elms between Davis and Taft. 6 — Offering congratulations to the class adviser. 7 — Rev. McCrcady giving the invocation. -298- r THE 9fo GRIST IN MEMORIAM Captain Joseph William Kullman Born — April 1, 1897 Died — April 4, 1940 Qodti- jjitUf i touched turn and he iiepi. Leonard Eckerman Smith Born — July 2(5, 1914 Died — November 2, 1939 -299 RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE FOR COOPERATION IN THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1940 GRIST THE FOLLOWING DESERVE SPECIAL MENTION: Dr. Raymond G. Bressler, for general advice. Dr. Harold W. Browning, Faculty Adviser, for patient and invaluable guidance. Mr. William G. Mokray, for help in layout and photographic work, especially on pages 6, 44, 132, 172, 195, 199, 287, 288, 297, 298. Also for general counsel in the make-up, and for use of his athletic averages. Mr. William E. Ellis, Treasurer of the Providence Journal, for use of the pictures of the P. C.-R. I. football game. Mr. Walter Van Dale, for his willingness to work outside the realm of Messrs. John and Howard Droitcour, for willing cooperation and bound- less assistance in production. Mr. George F. Gee, for helpful assistance in the photographic work. Miss Magdalen Colston and Mrs. William Beck, for willing secretarial Mr. Russ Wetherell, for assistance in selection of the cover design. To the members of the Grist staff, the student body, and the faculty who contributed in no small way towards making the 1940 Grist -300- ADVERTISEMENTS The advertisements that are assembled on the follow- ing pages arc representative of those persons and organ- izations that have expressed an interest in the work of the students of Rhode Island State College. They have taken this manner of showing that they are behind the student body and the faculty and that they are willing to support the activities that lead to better friendship and coopera- tion between the students and the outside world. Compliments of QUALITY CORNER Joseph M. Herman Shoe Co. SHOE MANUFACTURERS MILLIS, MASSACHUSETTS WAKEFIELD TRUST COMPANY WAKEFIELD. R. I. Capital $200,000 Surplus and Profits Over $600,000 Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent Commercial and Savings Accounts Solicited Ceorge A. Kroener, Pres. Frank W. Clemens, Vice-Pres. and Trees. David Reid, Vice-Pres. Everett J. Bateman, Sec - y and Trust Officer Bessie P. Chappell, Asst. Treas. Richard A. Helliwell, Ass’t. Sec ' y-Treas. Branch at Narragansett Pier Open Entire Year Apparel for Men Women and Boys • Today more than ever before, the superiority of Kennedy apparel service is dominant throughout Rhode Island Progressive, independent, reliable. . . . You can buy with confidence at KENNEDY ' S Westminster and Dorrance PROVIDENCE THE UTTER COMPANY Printers and Publishers for Washington County for Over Eighty Years Printers of the u Beacon” -302- THE BICKFORD ENGRAVING ELECTROTYPE CO. COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1941 -304- Droitcour Printing Company Transforms editorial ideas into ink and paper with the maximum of beauty, and invites comparison. COMPLIMENTS OF E CLASS OF 1942 Best Wishes to the CLASS of 1940 VAN DALE ■ ' Photographs of C Distinction Etchings. Oil Paintings, Pastels, Studio, Home, and Commercial Photography. - 307- COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS 1943 Compliments of A Where You ALWAYS Shop With Confidence Our Sincere Wishes for Your Kelley Ice Cream Co. SUCCESS and Good Luck MODERN CAS EQUIPMENT Seidner’s for Cooking, Refrigeration, Water Heating Clean, Convenient, Dependable MAYONNAISE Economical Providence Gas Co. House Furnishings, Compliments of Floor Coverings, Radios and Records, Rugs and Rug Pads. cJhe blouse of SHELDONS 160 Main St. Wakefield atJiciway VACUUM f] [| PACKED AUTOCRAT lllmpl Compliments of A Friend — 309 — BROWN SHARPE “World’s Standard of Accuracy” Milling Machines Grinding Machines Screw Machines Machinists ' Tools Cutters and Hobs Arbors and Adapters Screw Machine Tools Pumps and Vises Miscellaneous Equipment Catalog on request. BROWN SHARPE MFC. CO. Providence. R. I. LIPPITT HALL Deserves the support of the Student Body for it maintains the Campus standard of QUALITY AND PRICE. WATSON HOUSE FOOD SERVICE SPIRIT To satisfy any Collegiate appetite. Autographs

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