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T fslq -Y gf, V V YW, ,,.I1,A- at f. I r 7 I - C jr Y A . .I J 1 2" ' s' . ' I ' I - -Q 1 fr ' 1 , YV: A l- ', ,, JP- Lfilqt igi , A K' ugl,- , "' ' -- - 5 IL ,.m.g,. 34.,-IT,-,mv--.Q -,- V' ..-., . -- , mgrqavx-,+. , - e-' rey- p ...T 1- .,, 4. .1- :- FY -QQ ' . r 5 Q . Q- -.4 W - ., . Q V U , -QL w D as a Nu , an-I ,' ix, 1 v 'A G 4 1. Q 'iii 59 b .. ' Agxxvf I , 5 A' '51 -ag-'g-,Q . 'g:.g,f1.,. -V 5', 'u f-' ". K I . VV," 'J,j:,- l J , I 1 1. V FA . ' A A ' 4'P I 'L V. U' ti 1 Oh, rhal dear old U. of R., Thy sons from near and Tar. Will sing lo Jrhee and all Thy glories 'lell Where lhe orange blossoms grow, And Jrhe wafers genlly flow, Thar dear old U. ol R. we love so well Oh, Jrhal dear old U. ol R., Whose emblem shines afar, Elernal as The hills we love so well: Where Jrhe mounlains rall and grand, Like an inspiralion sland, Thar dear old U. ol R. we love so well Oh, Jrhal dear old U. of R., The years can never mar, The memories ol lhee we love so well Where The friendships are so dear. Thar we leave Jrhem wilh a rear, Thar dear old U. of R. we love so well a ms a mn mn, 9 PUBLISHEDABY' UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS REDLANDS, CALIF. Page 3 i f X I X1 1 1 4 vw: K :fn S, I .4 A-A ss 1:-: an AL- . . n ,. , Xa E V H we .Bs Kg M .E iff in W as - Mm W sm-E WFZX mx my up yin E "ws am ms -f: as ax ll Sl n ftaee an flu, gofues fe ' fx .Q wg, gy ll y f . ' ,I - . 4 f',A Ir . '. ' . - gi: v. X . , ji: 9: I .. ind., ' ' 1 , f- .+ . A 'ff nk .- ' -f f , IM' 9, gif! L '.i ' . - 1 rl , 'Ku 1 Q. , . x l HI' 1 1 I' r-'al x If -..-1 '4 f ,qrwsg 1 ' 555, fy fyflfjl I K ' , 4 5 ' 'b M" l ii h :iw,' ,251 1"55'. 4 -' .as sf - M .px M, W' 'U QM- f . .Q Y 1 1' I 1 ' ' . ' 4 " i 2 z? "'f1f- H" "f ' 4 - . X .5 5 4, - wilsajlf . A I xl L 5?-K5 'L fl ljkwlrlfzjlff I llf. rl. A K ' Ig , xx Q Q i Q MI V i A mi .ef " X' '-' 'F . 'H 4- I f I, I v' ' fx' A .11 u Q4 f . . 5, V - .4 , A "ww A . -.,.:'. h I. ' 'wi If si I, M A . , 4 fl C? . I e .Q ,- rf-" C ' Ii . . .Q .n ' .4 ., 1 Qui' ,-Q' 1 - 1 A. .' ' f,g,,7 a 1 I Vsbsn . , 1+ 2 , 9? ,! ' I' , n bf . I . .il I, .Q . vi lf! W'f f ju -' X 'fy YW' 1" l ' ' . ifffjlffif, , ' W, P' -"5 47' I 5. W i Q . .w Q .' , ' 'J f , n- 1 'ffm N x ' if , I .F x 12,4 ' fa ' .. , I A , 1 'f ' - ' ' If ff ' s ' , iff 'I r 51 2 4 A .1 ' -Q . A' 1. X 1' 4' b i 93. '3 A ' ff .' rf fi T' ' LN, s L - ' Law 'W f . ' .x . a'3 .Q , I4 ' 1 -' "5'-5n. A M I' 'gl fi .' Q , N Q' ' 1 -" f, mr- , Q ' A ,Q . 1 A - - ff W gg , ' fa-:Ns f.4J14. -' 5,4 -fw??P5':,?f' he l I I " 7' . X W -4 ' K . I 4 ,ul ' Qs' Y: ' 'U Q V L", 'J' 4:,g' f, Jw". ll ,A fm Q ' . af- ' ' "Q ' wg .f.4.jT,H 'lijxhgg -"Y, 1 ..' -gf 1 A, y A r s . gl 2 . 7 J N . f Nl, fi!! - ' Q A IP. .i J . -' 1 K YL 1 5 V - . f I .lx I - 1 I . . Z, F 'Ib' .V - fvr, 5. 4 V , bf if is . .. V , . f . 7 -b ' - v . - ,.- - :', ' - 1.1.3 ' 53? ' ' ,LW . , ' V V 5, 355- Ei I k:"2.?':,5J6ya Q1-if ,lx ' Q.. , l - , -W fm A ,,, .1 -:I ? mp?-f, Af wif? 1 ' f . V 'I . 4 I If ' L. . A F .. Eis3,,?1 ,A if , , . . X I fl 'Z . T' A lf 5. J XX I Q i - Ja V b , '. 1 ' ' , 1 3. . . X, A . A , - . Q ' f ' L ' R I 1- 5 :fl : All -Y, A UI,- .ff - Q ..-he -. - - 1,1 1 ? I H1 Ea H Q I, I n E My., W' V A . , I lg L' fm wif", , , W . V by A V511 A iw' 51' A fs... ' . ""'L22'-. .- 'gf . we QJ?'q" 'W Q . '1 I H I AB is x 1.,..:"'l H H . 1 , . - ,Yr-QA J . . x ,f ww g Lx -V .lf FST ' 1 ' -' Q, , 8 .. .f M t Le, ,, . S, 5 Q ' 4 ,ww .Q e . 45 'gin M f ,fm , rn bf A f, ' f ' X L 7 ff inf "Y ig' 5 " ,. ' Q , iii? L . , N 7, WA 1 in-V U , ,1 1 -1 N. 1 .." V H I3 . , . S Q S R , - .n " - - - 1 EL, V Y D K V, 2, .... X ,. 1 , -A ,eww ' 2, . Q 'gpg 5 3 Wfygdsfzrh X 1: ' gqw"mg3, A H fl W P 'V f5fqfa3?2jf3w 4 .1 wffgwg, ZX A ,L ,Q1QfM ' . Y h 'fl' -94' PAQ 1 in 4 1 . R 5, L-if w' ,. X K -- 5 55 K ,4 2 K is-. 1 ' K3 A k 'Q' in-W " X -News avg ,.,g,ma'ssej1M -wil? , , w 7 2-R., N- fs L. W ' 1 ,ff My V L A 41? , X j X ,, . V q 1 M? I , , 'Q ' fffffiff Q . -,Ae ,X'f:f'F' " JPYNJ 'igggm W ,Q ,:' V ' M11 " V f K '1w"lfT'Mq ,c w'3f4.w EH M 41983 53 . . u t . N' . x ,mil 2 me Og ci Administration Classes Organizations Religion Women Men Social Events Sports Ads and Index onfenfs 9 33 51 71 85 l03 ll7 l3l 151 minzlsffzafion me qiaculfxl W fzesidenf macosf T s i 3 f .shaman ss?- MES ,an xmwmkgaa mmm ms saga is magna saga H . - 5--me aaaaa an - is gt? amazes aan smwmmaimnaaaa EBSQ is .4 Bm laaaman B mam ' ' a ' a i, ,xx an ' -- . '. . W i sf' mama 1 - , , ,nw is swam 1 , .-K ' ' Li' , ' ' . ' ..-. ,Q " I V W . . , , Y . . .M,,i. .M A,?a5X':g--g.a.-.gmrkbm-P'-, of,:Qv .H - H , . .-.L ...-.,'.m H H W W Ea F1MWii5?We Refers J 1.,..,a.e W if ' . ,,. .isc.:,f,. PAW ..-..-.f.d.,,.Q... 4... Dr. George l-l. ArmacosT. PresidenT oT The UniversiTy oT Redlands, is The kind oT leader who is Tollowed enThusiasTically by TaculTy and s+uden+s alike. l'-le Takes a personal inTeresT in cornmuniTy aTlairs, The managemenT oT The school iTselT, and The specific needs oT each sTudenT. While Tulfillinq The respon- sibiliTies oT his oicfice and serving The UniversiTy, PresidenT ArmacosT is never Too busy To be a perTecT example oT The Triendly "Hello SpiriT" Tor which The Redlands campus is known. Page I0 C2 Uefzsafile minisffzaf Every year new siudenfs firsf encounfer ilme friendly hospifalify Perhaps Dr. Armacosi"s mosi' familiar role is ilmaf of presiding of flue Armacosis and get acquainiad af fha Presidenfs recepfion. ei Convocaiion every Thursday morning. Geffing involved in Sanfa's pranlcs is one more way in which Even college presidenfs are spor+s fans, and Presidenl' Arma- Dr. Armacost parficipafes in siudenf ac+ivi+ies. cos? can always be seen roofing 'For Redlands. Page I I minisffzafion Admissions Counselor Kenion Corwin and Direcfor of Admissions Byrns Fagerburg deiermine answers 'io ihe ever-preseni quesfion, "Which applicants will be included in +he new sfudenf body?" Finances of 'ihe universiiy are eFFicien+ly handled by Larry Hendon, Treasurer and Charles O. Pierpoinf, Business Manager. Supervision of siudeni life on and oici campus is performed by our ad- minisiraiion. This deparimeni helps siudenis io overcome iheir social and financial problems, which is The basic prerequisiie To scholasiic achieve- menis. The adminisiraiion consianily seeks 'ro increase ihe academic repu- iaiion oi Redlands and io mainiain The high siandards already esiab- lished. As new Dean of il-ie Faculiy, Dr Marc Smiih is in charge of graduaiion requirem and handles problems of bofh siudenfs and uliy members. Glen R. Snyder fills 'rhe inferesiing and im- porianl posifion of being Presideni Armacosf's Y close assislani. ln fha Office of Public Relations Gil Brown is kcpf busy with Keeping accuraie crediis and franscripis for each siudenl is ihe respon ll-ne many funclions of his posifion, This includes working along sibiliiy of Mrs. Eslher Meriins, Recorder, and her assis+an+, Mrs. Eleanor wifh Dick Wesf, manager of fhe Universify's news bureau. Meyerirlg. Hmunsymmrg ' I - 1--' .... 3 '. . v i.. :iv 1 . 3 . lim.: .nf lift, .. .V l lr -1 2 Q 4 5 6 7 9-9101112 is I4 is is I7 is is 20 212223242525 igvgggru-mm u was Because of her inieresf in each woman slu- nl as an individual, Dean Marfha Gannaway ingly assumes a program of privaie counsel- in addifion 'lo coordinafing lhe enfire gram of women's aciivilies. ,M . . , reg. 1. . H YZ? New in The office of 'lhe Dean of Men, J. Clif- ford Holmes received fhe responsibilify of direcf- ing and serving 'lhe male siudenls on campus. Jack Cummings seems fo enioy his duiies as Alumni Secreiary, because lhey keep him in coniaci' wifh many people. 5 Direcling liie deparfmenl' of educalion and counseling many prospeclive 'leach- ers, Dr. Vernon Tolle also serves as direclor of fl-ne summer session program Mel-fun Osborn, Hazel Croy and Paul Jillson work closely wifh line educalion maiors in such classes as audio-visual, curriculum, and child growlh. ucafion Preparing sfudenis for credenfials in secondary educafion is one of fhe 'funcfions of Hugh Folkins. His co-worker in educa+ion is Dr. Frank Bishop, who feaches courses necessary fo obiain an elemenfary credeniial. 92" ef' slogan-lvsuy " r'1 . ,f' gr-ol 54- ..-1 Dr. Lawrence Nelson draws from a vasl' fund of knowledge when 'leaching his undergraduafe English classes. He is also clirecior of graduale sruclies. The educafion cleparimenf is one of ihe universi+y's largesi' and mosf aciive cleparlmenis. Seen here is Mr. Paul Jillson, helping some sfudeni Teachers solve iheir problems. we Risers mesa ' aim me lm as me vez mia mea - is is ,am Essaew we ill Q me ,ma na ovefmmenf an Explaining ihe many complex aspecfs of government io his sludenfs is fha lask of Dr. Lesfer Phillips. Dr. Roberl Morlan, an aclual parficipanl' in local governmenl, This year 'rhe hisfory clepar+rqen+ welcomed back Dr. Joseph makes ll-ue subieci of vifal inferesf fo his classes. Applewhife, who was sludying on a Ford Founclafion Granf lasi year. H ss .A.,. z ,,' mv' H 1 Q X wffg5,.,, X E gmc. . "ff A , I A .D Kiwi. 4 .w E l K E B ' Hawes Hwwggmmcn ml an mf sms? nf? E m sa afwmf E 3 Wil SX- '.. ' ww makin sa-M gm www Www X'w.M-QW-Wgm a 5 ww, . wwe wa-xi R mm sum wma ' ZQENAW! mn lx wg B NW'- H Q M E v na .ww ., - - - ggw :gy-v - A - .. M M A1 " "" wk-34 mx mc, x mf -xiii sw Q HE mmimlmfglalg-Q 5 - 5 lim E W mms nm- 1-5 ,my 1 E 1 -J, '1 H i 1 H 1 1 H El s will w :ws SQ E www-M M W,- gi g, ,gm E gin si 1 ill E W Uigfgg? fl. L .1,, H49 Rf is will Anoflner 'familiar person on campus is Dr Gilberl Becker His Dr Henry Drlimar, wn+l1 lus rlch European background, adds hlslory and humanlhes classes are informally conclucfed and lnferesf and color lo l1lS classes In hlslory and +l1e lwumanuhes engoyed by his many sluclen s Miss Louise Jennings confribuled her versa- filify fo helping sfuclenfs in fhe business deparf- menf. A new professor working in 'rhe relaled fields of business, law and finance was Professor Harold Kirchner. Page I8 ZZC C214 Emphasizing The science of economics, Professor Frank Greenway and Dr George J. Cady add fo fhe sfaff of The business cleparfmenf. The well-known couple, Al and Beriha Johnson, have again lurned oul' produc- +ions of superior qualify. The emphasis fhis year has been placed upon an infernafional cycle of plays, several of which were handled by srudenl' clirecfors. 1 14xe:3f,3's-23'-Q-.f - wr f - --r- -4 ' "2 'A EI' ' f 'E::iAl A. ,I : L , - :L 'V I I if J gl 4 if . '35, " " 21 'I .L ' s -. ..,...., -Q'-sql WW mn 4, -mu -wwe m asf V Y , ,awvii-mi aosv?Hv aww ,. H 32 S, s 2 xx if Q 3 f 'WS f:g'!',f'zw F nf , . 5. -, +55 'IF' 1, A-.YQ Q2 5 . LN. ,, 4 1 ' J 'X A -f-...QT 'fi '.v. 'H 'if 7 F' yy ,. 5 :gy ! ' YZF ,Yi T ' MWA Q' F: Am. wg ., Y 's QQ: ' LW Lx wt 3 , ff,-,- i 'L Q52 3 .Q . ,,,?....-- ,mk . 'W in , i Xml :ff 'mn sm 2 yi saw, WWE , Mxzd' 5 ,W qgg mn i 9 Q a we -ss 5. -ss me s a we nw me Dr. William Umbach, head of Hue combined foreign languages depar+men+, specializes in 'Phe insfrucfion of German. am a ms is a Pi : ,Q :.: iw X N . - il: E ' 4 v Es- E B B Ma W H H E wr- BS E E B a M mmm X Caroline Ma'Hingly brings color and life +o fhe field of English liferafure. Professor Ward Miller, special- isi in creaiive wrifing, served as chairman of fhe annual Wri+er's Week. XJSL.. Professor Bess Adams and Dr. Beniamin Harrison make fheir individual coniriburions io The English depar'rmen+, with such subiecfs as children's liieraiure and ihe works of Chaucer. Visifing in fhe 'Field of English fhis year is Professor Donald Liferary crificism and Shakespeare become more vifal fo Adams, from Canada. sfudenfs in classes led by Professor F. S. Bromberger. philosophy, gociologmi an Psychology sfudenfs enioy learning abouf human nafure and clinical and sfafisfical mefhocls from Dr. Wilbur Gregory and Dr. Joseph Royce. Familiar faces in The religion deparfmenf are fhose of Dr. Gordon Hynes and Dr. Douglas Eadie, who help sfuclenfs fo beifer undersfand fhe Bible and fhe Chrisfian way of life. Svciozog., Sy. . Dr. William Klausner and Professor Charles Hobart are well-known for fheir mfroducfory and advance courses in sociology. -.,. X' 4-'1 as f -EDJ' 0953? Dr. Alvin Haag was missed during ihe 'Fall semesier buf refurned in February fo Professor Clarence Downing. known as confinue his valuable philosophy and "Uppy" +o his many friends, is very popu- humaniries classes. lar wifh bofh siudenfs and faculfy alike. Prolific wrlhng and lecfurlng fake up much of 'fhe fime and energy of Dr. Frederick Mayer. He siill has fime, however, fo sfimulafe ihe fhinking of his many philosophy siudenfs. Dr. C. GraH'on Kemp in ihe Human Relafions Deparfmenf, has been very suc- cessful, as evidenced by 'rhe many sfudenfs enrolled in his classes. This is fhe 'iirsf year ihe program has been offered. cience an Dr. George Hollenberg, an experf on algae, is exiremely inTeresTed in biology and imparfs Thaf inieresf To sTudenl's of life science. lnTroducing sTudenTs To The main branches oT The scien- TiTic Tield is The TirsT TuncTion oT The science and maTh de- parTmenTs. From basic elemenTary courses To advanced laboraTory work, The UniversiTy oT Redlands provides an un- dersTanding oi The aims and Techniques oT The scienTiTic world. In The fields of biology and life science Dr. Charles D. Howell and Dr. John Goodman insTrucT bofh beginning and advanced sTudenTs. 5 :tNmT.!::f,. ,- . , -Hr? ,Q Dr. Reinhold Kranfz, Dr. Harold Woodrow, and Professor Roberi' May- bury work side by side in The Tields of chemisiry and physical science. qw-., ' - 5 1 UUTQX -F fwfm Q Q ai E I ,W 'J L Q1 + fi" A lj 4 'fv :I U S Assisfani Professor John Golz, who mas+ers violin and lheory, ioins Dr. Wayne Bohrnsfedf, professor of Composifion, in sup- PO ms rfing 'lhe Music Deparfmenf wifh fime and effort sense A-me Dr. Joseph Bruggman, conclucior of 'rhe Universiiy Band IS seen here will: Professor Edward TriH', conduc+or of fha Um versiiy-Communify Symphony Orchesfra. 'B' Confribuling immeasurably fo ihe credil of 'r Music Depar+men+, Professor J. William Jones ersify Choir io nafional recognifion. Erwin E. Ruff, professor of voice, is ofien seen on campus wifh his German car and enlivens his classes wiih ideals of European cullure which he learned in Vienna. He has led lhe Redlands concerf choir ihrough a very successful year, which Included a four of 'the Wesfern sfafes. UNIV .,.5,.,, U--A --We 1 iq-:1 M ' 'f"m'sQefeM Q were 15:2 :Q maxi H M s 1 . - as sf an 'H-re mums we Egg 'EEE za a- E BSS SSB A-If SS- F 5 efgsmee I M5221 me I li K-Aging H- E573 gy ,g'weE-??,em- H mggfeegigis. E mxmxgi emgwm Fam? -aim: Mehmes ee mmm- M E H M ,n a - me 1 E i ls mimi he M aaa e ms E W . V w me me H ii: We M H E se H e W N H we H N new sage ee gjjkzgggjfgrgeems is .g.1:1.. ,Z H ii gfggzx H gggsgie gigs? ,IE WSE ,w w ' j:j-:E::.... B H E I H M I 1 :.: :Ig E Z F EH ... L is E -- BW ml gee me e er H- M Q sm an W new Z sr, me is M M eye E W gmsseefgw ::g:HfN.:,s.siwi:?.e3gm :HL 'mime H HBE sis-:- 2 E cess B ana-was was xxx: Mug snag? ee me H H E,,m H, me H me X ee W Wim MQ 2: E: 58 E NESS EE E Nga H H M ee few-mae? ggm heme 1, me FAH ,ji wma, ea ae Www me me niques, new msg me me mam W. me new me me an a is awe ei aaa .Eg e a e Em he Redlands has led fhe HW? me an ,Q e KX EX!! AE: H 7 ew mn, Miss Margarefe Dow, upper leff, assisfanf professor of organ, is offen seen in fhe area of fhe music building and fhe nearby pracfice rooms. Miss Edric Sellick, upper righf, a welcome addifion fo fhe ieaching sfaff, is already acfive as assisfanf professor of voice and direcfor of fhe opera workshop. USCG Mr, Herberf Horn and Mr. John Rcberfson are acfive in fhe Music Deparfmenf. where fhey 'leach piano in class, seminar and privafe lessons. Mr. Horn recenfly com- plefed his M. M. af fhe Universify of Soufhern California. We af Redlands shall miss fhe music masfery of Mr. Eugene de Kerpely, world-nofed cellisf. Dr. Leslie Spelman, nofed professor of organ holds 'fl-me respecfecl posifion of head of 'the en fire Music Deparfmeni. Mr. Richard Beaman head of 'lh e Ari' Depari: men? e ' , xamlnes a painling by Lyla Trollinger, one of his many arf sfudenis. Mr. Beaman's subfle humor and informalily combine lo' produce a l p easanfly re axed afmosphere in his classes. Mrs. Margarei Clark is well known for her inferesf in psychological aspecfs of creaiivify, especially lhe significance and imporiance of children's arf. Page 28 CM l. l if I . l uses YR Qu. i - Develo in p g Jrhe uncl l ersland o arf and iosiering Hs enloym among sluclenis is The worihwl goal of The Ari Deparimemk Mrs. Rhea Dana Applew who specializes in clay work ceramics was , welcomed bac her posf affer a year's leav absence. xisical grlucafion L 1 r 'o' , 1 3 our women sfudenis wifh a wide range of physical educa+ion courses, Dr. Nadine Crargg, head of 'the Women's P. E. Deparlmenf, coordinaies aflwleiic Gorman and Miss Barbara Lyddane seek ro produce fun and build acfivifies and keeps lhe lively P. E. program in order. Ih all of lheir classes. df" Filling a demanding pos? and enioying every minufe of if is Prof. Ellis Davies, head of fha Men's P. E. Deparimenf. +l'1e P. E. Deparfmenl, Prof. Eugene Balke and Prof. Ted Runner are a Always in ihe public eye is Prof. James Verdieck, foofball and fennis coach. iliar pair, working logeiher and separafely 'lo build fhe repulafion of Versalile Prof. Cecil Cushman reaches fennis foo, along wifh swimming and a lands aihleiics. varieiy of sporls. 'N 4 x 9522? s Q M,- J lx l 'Q W i ,W . an ,. , I .. Jr ,T . , 2 2' Q 'vw A Y , H, Y ' - .,.' 7 'N Y. '-xx .K K , W, KI, Miss Mar+ha Peck and Mrs. Emily B. Wiley direc+ women s+uclen+s in handi- craf+s and fhe oiher arfs of home- making. Page 30 Reorrganizing and improving lhe li- brary service has lcepf fha whole sfaff busy. Members are Mary Clarke, Lucille Chilclears, Esfher Hile, Frances Cren- shaw, ancl Mary Dague. The iniirmary, which was occasion- ally filled 'fo capacify fhis year, in- cludes Mrs. Gerfrucle Schreiber. Dr. Kennefh Dole, Mary Mac Donald, Shir- ley Parrish lpafienil, and Verna Peeler. l Supervising dorm life are llefl' io righil Mrs. Lula Thomas, Billings: Mrs. Wifhelma Shafer, Coriner: Mrs. Marion Davis, Fairmonfg Mrs. Greia Lloyd. Melrose: Mrs. Harrier Vail, Bekins: Mrs. Bessie King, California: Mrs. Anne Parker, Grossmonf. e n i -. me aaa was an wa' " aaa Miss Vera Haberer, facully coun- selor, and Mrs. Alma Anderson, head resident work fogeiher ar U. Hall +o welcome and guide ihe freshman women. I r or-5.4 ' A df .- . In charge of planning and provid- Ing meals for ihe s+uden'f body are Margaref Mac Kenzie, dieficiang Eliza- befh Woods, and Florence Mc Connell, all members of fire Commons sfaff. fzelmfaafi n 6 fz flue qfufufze Q l H Eng! 5 I -...H . ie I 555513: asm an gggsa sigma'-wa ala magma-rmmfaa 1,1 . ...... E 5 rg se W . 2-Via Lee Miner, one of ihe many elemenfary educafion maiors, is seen sfudenf-leaching in an acfual classroom sifuafion. Many of fha elemenfary schools in 'lhe Redlands area coopera+e wiih 'rhe Universify in rhis iraining program. l-lelping each sludenl lo secure vocalional and professional preparalion is Jrhe responsibili+y of The adminisiralion and faculfy. By faking a personal inleresl' in each individual, 'rhe inslruciors are in a posilion To know The s+udenJrs's needs and guide him in providing for Jrhe iuiure. Dr. William Klausner of +he Soci- ology deparimeni gives ifhese s+uden+s an awareness of exisiing social prob- lems and informalion which will lead fo remedies. Page 32 F , 'asm lin im S lil QQ? is-mgmsgg HWZSEM E asia A uw.: nv.: ' num mam ' mmm ,M 'ggyil mm ss na me uw me me me ss a ss an Tm mem: mmm. em me Q emi- emma meme safe Ee in me Page 34 E E M ,rm QE fa Q H 3 Em' ree me fm X1--use 4 me ,az -1 me ss e xx. xx me s Joyce Van Buskirk Vice-Presidenl Jean Adams Roberi Alsyp Jim Anderson George Armsfrong Eloise Badders Befsey Barker Harvey Benneff George Benson Roberi- Beckef Lloyd Bierer Mary Ann Black Doro'l'l1a Blyflwe Bill Macpherson Class Presidenf eniofzs me f M C' I .1 1 'B if? Ann Hollenberg Bob Edmondson Ari Lawson Secrefary Treasurer Class Rep Jerry Boas Burdeffe Branch Margaref Brinkman Grace Brininsiool Rex Brill Elizaloeih Brown Dick Bryanf Jean Byl Jo Cain Donald Cargile Lee Carlson Jim Cavener Ernesf Chaney Harley Coffland Anne Coker Earl Colwell, Jr. Andrew Crow Carolyn Croy Roger Cummings Roberf Curffs Ronald Davis Mary Lou Deener George Derfer Luella Downing Scofl Dye Beginning ihe year wiih a successful iaco pariy in Sylvan park, The class of '55 eniered info a program of acriviiies which was culminaied by Commencemeni in The Greek Theaire. lniormaliry and lun characier- ized ihe Faculry Frolics, ihe Senior chapel program and olher iunciions sponsored by rhe senior class. The Senior Prom in May provided a social climax io rhe academic year of siudeni reaching, comps, and deparimenral exams. Page 35 Page 36 JeDon Emenhiser Fred Fosi' Evereff Farnham Bob Flanegin Carol Fowler Marlene Fox Robyn Frye Jerry Gabby Jo Gabrielson Emily Gaies Oiis Gillespie Horace Gilleffe Carol Graham Rufh Haller Jack Hammen Susan Hardy Phyllis Harris PaHy Hayden Bruce Henry BeHy Hilciii Keifh Hilliard Bill Hoffman Jack Holi' Claudio Iglesias Phil lofi John Johnson Nancy Jones Fred Josselyn A, H. Juliano Inez Kenney Jim King Bill Kinman David Klock Mary Kreps Chuck Krycler Beverly Kulp Jerry Lage Bruce Lamb Jim Lasher Lind Lauger Susan Lawrence Lewis Conway Sam Lewis Tom Livermore Roger Lockia Shirley Lucas Genie Lunclin Jan McLean Gloria McNu'H' May Manalne Dennis Mann Joanne Marshall Bill Mafhews Mifsugu Mafsucla Page 37 P John Rushing Charlene Sanford Sallye Saunders Dorolhy Schafer Tedd Schilling J. D. Schusfer Sally Sharpless Lanny Sloan Dick Smilh Grofchen Smilh Laverne Sorrels Yvonne Siacy Gene Sfephenson Elesa Slaves Dcrolhy Sfoica Bob Sfrom James Swinf Ron Tabor Irma Taucher Ben Taylor Peggy Taylor Sandy Taylor Norma Twifchell Don Van Meier Bob Wallace Dwighf Webb Ronald Vv'ilhile Bob Will Ann Worrell Jane Yarbrough Paul Yen Bill Yensen ,ff 1ff 3? Page 39 N!-hs Junior Class officers piciured here are Darlene Gusfaison, vice-president Mifzie Reese, secreiaryg John Alilano, presidenh and Pai Silverwoocl, slu- denl council represenfalive. uniofzs 4, "".i V - Early in 'rhe fall semesler. new Junior Jrransier sludenls were inlroduced and welcomed ar a box-dinner picnic in 'rhe park. Laler led by class presideni John Aiilano, The Juniors pre- senied C'es'r Si Bon, a backwards dance lor ihe whole col- lege. A large paper model oi ihe Eiffel Tower was Jrhe cenier oi aiieniion all evening. Then as final proof oi Their versaiil- ily, Jrhe Junior Class members managed Jrhe Senior Prom in May lor a climax io lhe year's social calendar. Fronl row: Carolyn Larrabe Marilyn Mason, Pai MacBai Carol McKinnon, Riia Houslo Mary Lou Linlner. Second ro Charles Hanna, Gary Marfi George Knigh+s, OHo Killia Ken? Jennings, Duane Jaccbse Norman Hoyle. Back row: Jerr Horne, Byron Kough, Bernar Guanfner, Bob Ormsby, Phili Kennedy. Garvin McGeHric Richard Clark, Louis Nlaffeso Wally Wardrip, Dick Mclniosl l'.Tllll' noni row: Shirley Handley, nie Riddle, Ann Homan, Mary n Goeiz, Darlene Gusfafson, ircia Shannon, Palfi Lewis, zi Hansen, Arlene Hansen, Ellis, Diane Harper. Second : Bill Hyler, Don Hillary, an Howe, Dave Farmer, Neil pkins, Bill Yen. Back row: res? Dunagan, Fred Francis, 'fer Hessel, Emery Geiger, nard Guenlner, Garry Flini, orrge Wilfong, Alan Crawford. Fronr row: Beverly Cox, Bobbye Chipps, Ann Conley, Delores Decasiro, Margarel' Cooke, Joan Davies, Calherine Crain. Sec- ond row: Ann Clark, Jayne Dan- iels, George DeWeese, Donna Driver, Barbara Ciocca, Bill Col- l'on, Donald Gafes, Dick Dough- erfy, Dave Danner. Back row: Bob Cook, Bill Dennis, Richard Clark, Dick Donavin, Keifh X X Froni' row: Pal Silverwood, Joyce Singer, Dolores Rowen, Mary Vasse. Second row: Donna Suf- fon, Meriann Smilh, Ann Small, Bernice Smilh, Kay Reese. Back row: Shirley Van Roekel, Mary Sue Robinson, Mifzie Reese, Bill S+ay+on, Lee Porferfield, Benron Phillips, Be'H'ie Sauble, June Wilcox, Esfher Sfurm. Chase, John Chrisfiansen. f' fx 5w+Qii. Fr' Froni' row: Joan Wheeler, Jo Young, Pai' Brooker, Ka Slillwell Jane? Youn Nanc Campbell Y I 9: Y I Barbara Balfour, Jane? Buicher, Frances Burns. Second row: Verna Billard, Cynfhia While, Berfa Brummefl, Marilyn Sanladerer, Richard Avery, Jim Brolosl, Faifh Adams, Joan Boyd, Ed Brink, John Aiilano. Back row: John Black, ivan Cam- eron, Malcolm Braclley, Allen Broyles, Jim Car- ringion, Roberl Brenan, Craig Boffger, Ralph Bel- knap, Leroy Burns, Ted Tesla. Fronl row af fhe leff: Delores Peflif, Marilyn Nagel, Joyce Pas- coe, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Peferson, Carolyn Lamb. Back row: Jim Miller, Frank Perry, Joyce Moclell, Paul Peferson, Marilyn Murray, Perry lrvin, William Moyle. Froni' row below: Jane? Ugrola, William Oliveri, Helen Law, Dorofhy Miller, Joan Ashla, Lois Lilly, Pafricia Alringham, Jerry Glenn. Back row: Louise Newfon, Jucly Mead, Wayne Sfrom, Dick Harp, Elvin Tinlcham, Ed Clark, Donald LePage. 'fn aaa, -zf as -, rx-Q me a wk mms an-1 ,Xa z n V Siu 5' TS ,LEGS UI 1 rs C'esf Si Bon served as a very appropriafe +l1eme for fha Junior Backwards Dance. Page 43 gn--' From' row: Karhy Sfayion, Mary Elaine Rufledge, Doroihy Worner, Julie Feifel, Doris ProFfiH, Judy Belle Wicker, Holly Phillips, Carolyn Brown, Doran Suess, Doi' Kamer, Shirley Shaw. Middle row: Eleanor Siarr, Jan Pen- l1allow, Dorofhy Murray, Marilyn Sem- ple, Marilyn Twellcer, Janis Tucey, Bar- bara Roberfson, Be'H'y Perry, Marfy Pugh, Mickey Van Devenier, Mariana Van Loenen, Gail Smiih. Back row: Zip Zedilcer, Norman Ter- kelson, Charles Schumaker, Ned Powell, Don Reifer, Doug Sfeeples, Jon Kelly, Bill Ciliax, Dave Tischler, Paul Womack, Bob Sauer, John Odenbaugh, Lael Young, George Simon. Sophomores were ably led This year by Their presidenT Bill Bruns. The oTTicers assisTing him were Zip Zecliker, vice-presiclenTg Kay CoulTer, secreTaryg Tom WaTTs, Treasurer, and J. R. Swoap. class represenTaTive. Beginning The year wiTh The annual hazing program Tor The Trosh, The sopho- mores upseT TradiTion by allowing The new STU- olenTs To emerge vicTorious from The Trosh-soph brawl. The greaT success oT The Parade oT l-learTs dance sponsored by The sophomores in The spring semesTer more Than compensaTed, however, anol Typiified The spiriT oT Their class. Fronf row: Carole CoulTer, Lucy Wakeheld, Ri+a Cabral, Jack Bryans, PaTTy Cage, Rufh Braly, Irene Guseman, KaThy Buckingham. Middle row: Barbara Dodge, Arlene Brooks, Ginger Van Houfen, Caryl Archibald, PaT Bayless, Carol Claypool, Rufhelma Schroie, Ru+h Bu'H'erTield, Sue Chaffey, Kay Corlew. Back row: Frank Emerson, Don Den- nis, Bill Bruns, John Norby, Dave Fow- ler, Bill Ciliax, Beffy Perry, Bill Allen, Barbara RoberTson, Dudley Sipprelle, Tom Moore, Joe Houser, Sfeve Chaffee, John Paveska John Cummings Glen Fessler Harry Welsberger T,- Eager sophomores and "R" Club members give Fresh. The "TreaTmenT" during hazing week. -. Spurs and Yeomen serve as guides and regisler Science Day visiiors. Fronf row: Mary Mann, Alyson Sif- fon, Gerry Odekirlc, Marcia Linlon, Olive McNeil, Nancy Gammage, Mary Lamb, Myrna McKay, Joan Lundberg. Middle row: Elizabefh Schilling, Jeanine Huebner, Helen Law, Carol Kniglul, Maggie McKinney, Karlen Os- carson, Sharon Munson, Carol Kleppe, Cafhy Roach, Pai' PaH'y, Jack Siaarda. Back row: David McGarvey, Dave Lipscomb, Ed Eliason, Jay Sapunar, Terry Kupfer, Dave Bell, Al Link, George Savage, Carl Nelson, Glenn Moeller, John Luebeck, Jim Vasquez, George Leiby. Jim Miller's Combo and Wes Reed's vocalizafion provided danceable music for fha Parade of Hearfs. ig!! 1 D-hi .1 ,' . M www fha .4 ,,.,fQ,, . 'l 'E wgfgf f f B N 1 U , ,es Ps! Y if ' Xxgg .V , -fy N W : ,, wif. ' -4 I . I :' 5-'91 4 ,. ,. .52 -J, J: f , .1 H . ' , I :- aw fl. Q55 s f V X f - fy N? ff. V " 5 - ' EY V . il is X ' 'P -i Q , ' AN L-'E fx .. ., .. " ,Lf ,451 v . igi' gEg 1I2i " 'fi,f,fff!2 W Ji! ., f'y"Hff5?" ' X 22, 3525 Y' 1 I V i l in EN H , M V QTFQ- ' el .W X H.. N NJN" ' .8 N - , www -531' mi'--'X' ' 'A kgs , 5 ..b fag' I 'fm .fm ' 1 K Kfwmw . if 2 , L 'J .. Q Q 'sq ,WJ Q 1 1 1 Q' ,ggi ' X -- N W 5 Qs 1f,:a:..:: -' A we- -,:ffzE-:ga.' 5 W kg :jf 2, S4 gm as wg wg wsmsm Hww.,gS2':1f Y," " "W:-'Mm'1m Minzsww m"g':.47i'NL?Em1:s HE M2225 , , ' L- 5, Q., 53 ., 9 M 4 Q ,- ky Q3 I 'XV J f I, f A a ' H K fi ,A , 'V an f " 1 gg' .. : a.,.. 9 A V ' ., i 'VI .- ' Ne ff , 1, - , n 4 I . S, , ,, 1 1 I V V W' ' " 9 1 x . , ,AAvNfgEE . 2 ,E C 1,fp-- M , - 1-4, ' Q E-5 4 yr 3 kt YM ' "J K A w I l vi 'xx X ' ,Lf ' 'f ' J f , F21 1: " 2' ' f ' TQ 351, 4 5 ' a Lf: 1 'E' , ...E'j:.LQ f mf " u x. w il Ex 1.j,.vg' Q A. ' J ""l?'f' ., . 4- k 4 gif? ' ' 4, 1 li: 15, W' W W iBack rowl: Chellis Hurclle, Larry Marona, De Will Johnson, Norman Yo- shimura, Dave McLean, Bob Ezzell, Don Mead, Paul Devore, Roberl McKinley lsecond rowl: Florence Helmick, Con- nie Kosfoff, Beverly Soufhard, Donna Myers, Ginnie Hess, Barbara Good- man, Barbara Campbell, Holly Garrefl, Jack Pickering, Sonnie Johnsfon ifronf rowl Sheila McGoldrick, Nancy John, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Nerrie, Pai Holberf, Carol Eilers, Joan Morrison, Ron Mc'Gurer. ZLU GCZS iBaclc rowl: Bob Ezzell, Greg Har- mon, Allason Clark, Jack Clarke, George Gille++, Dennis Whelan, Bill Heinlein, Mark Hanson, Gerald Gid- dens, Wes Wilson. iSecond rowl: Sally Moody, Virginia Durham, Marge John- son, Diane Hughes, Gail Hanks, Anne- Louise Carson, Bunny Cramer, Barbara Capf, Tam Collins, Joyce Apple. iFron+ rowl: Joyce Harkless, Carol Hood, Joyce Mochizuki, Joyce Cowan, Helen Oberman, John Ledger, Phil McKnighl, Harvery Haber, Irene Dibble. lBack rowl: Bob Phillips, Bob Huff, Allason Clark, Bruce Mcspaclclen, Gary Wealherford, Chuck Rich, Benlley Wal- lis, Jean Paff, Florence Saywell. iSec- ond rowl: Bruce Oia, Dave Lawrence, Dick Wesi, Gordon Clopine, Bril Oliem, Marli Smilh, Marry Erickson, Dick Reed, Marilyn Olson, Gwynne Smilh. iFron+ rowl: Mary Slory, Pal Suddaby, Belh Hiorlh, Sandy Reese, Barbara Morley, Berh Brand, Barbara Whifing, Sandy Webb. I4 CIW! LCS iBack rowl: Jim Hynes. Lesler March, Richard Puz, Jim McGee, Dan Hynes, Roberia Hawkins, Mary Ellen Hudspeih, Bill Heinlein, Joyce Nichols, Clare Helh, Margie Moorhead. iSec- ond rowi: David Mifchell, Jim Rich- ardson, Helen Snell, Marilyn Lane, Jan Alexander, Ginny Quillin, Joanna Jen- son, Diane Coiirell, Beisy Noble, Alison Horiie, Linda Vaughn. lFron+ rowi: Dennis Wilkins, lrene Crum, Gwen Nichols, Ann Moslaarger, Lois Larusson, Jeaneife Harris, Nancy Greenfield, Ann Love, Sally lrwin. iBook rowi: Jackie Yaies, Margarel Rogers, Ann Shea, Ann Smiih, Jill Wiimofh, Joy Ware, Valerie Piifs. iFron+ rowl: Syd ney Smifh, Chuck Thorman, Paul Bowie, Sharon Gibson. iBack rowl: Bob Ezzell, Sharon Bruch, Joanne Benneif, Nancy Graham, Gerry Gaies, Joan Ewing, Jane Good- win, Carole Amend, Be++y Hammen, Barbara Baldwin, Sandy Cruden. iSec- ond rowl: Jay Hagey, Carolyn Crock- er, Chrisiine Fay, Doris Baker, Frances Griffin. Kay Diersf, Nancy Brock, Jim Dunning, Tom Elser. iFroni' rowl: Har- vey Haber. Jackie Banning, Audrey Ann Hariman, Jenise Englund, Beverly Bacon, Janice Cessna, Marianne Dozier, Bob Fuliz. a E: 'ees lBack rowi: Bob Crenshaw, Wes Wilson, Paul Bowie, Bob Kern, Ed McAr+hur, Penn Srrode, Gerry Curfis, Lillian Anderson, Ann Wrighf, Corrine Rohrbough, Barbara Reacl, Joyce Taylor iSecond rowi: Suzy Owsley, Nancy Sianfon, Jo Leach, Judy Pearce, Joan ses mit nie ' Wie e Freshman class officers included llefi' 'ro righfiz Mar'I'y Erikson, class repre- senfafiveg Paul Bowie, vice presidenf: Sandy Reese, ireasurerg Joan Morrison, secreiaryg G a rry Weafherford president lhe Commons. 'LES M4214 year full oi fun, service, and worlr. They bega upselling an old Jrradilrion and winning The an freshman-sophomore brawl. The All-College in Oclober gave lhem a chance lo ioin mio sci aclivilies by building a Frosh Telegram booih lalenl show in Walchorn l-lall and a ireshr dance on +he nighr of Presenlrs kep+ class mi bers busy. December broughi a Chrislmas pa ai U l-lall for underprivileged children, and year was climaxed by an all-college dance helc Frosh officers led The class oi i958 'rhroug n r Tom Elser, originafor of fhe Ad. Hill, supervises ifs painiing as acfiviiies pause in The lafe aflernoon. 3 ff' Q' 4-' ,' Rose, Joan Tegrmeier, Shirley Sfephens, Sharon Shryock, Mary Lou Russel, Bar- bara Oswald. lFronf rowi: Jo Ann Johnson, Margie Young, Marian Sian- nard, Lee Judson, Margaref Rezendes, Gloria Kruse, Gail Winans, Marlene Sylvain, Sylvia Sells. ,2 fzganizafions Besides conducling sludenl council meefings and keeping ihe school gov- ernmeni funciioning properly, Presidenl' Bob Wallace ioured fhe counlry +o in- ieresl high school sfudenfs in ihe Universify. Vice presideni Beisey Barker was kepl busy iuggling The social calendar. Jan McLean, secreiary, kepf accurafe minuies and managed A.S.U.R. corre- spondence. The man in charge of financial mailers was Bob Wiens, slu- deni body lreasurer. E am The s+uden+ council, here sidering a campus problen' cluded: Pai Silverwood, D Whelan, Sandy Robbins, Gannaway, Carol Neii, Swoap, Joan Ashla, Jan Mc Bob Wiens, Bob Wallace, Palmer, D. J. Sfewari, Barker, Duane Jacobsen, Ormsby, Cynihia While, yisifor, Susie Owsley. ' :Q 'ur -mt -Y -1: ,AJ Y YNY, , YJ 'TPB .if Members of ihe Siudenl Council faking lime ou'r for an in formal piciure are: Fronf row, Pai' Silverwood, Sandy Robbins, J. R. Swoap, Joan Ashla, Jan McLean, Bob Wallace, Befsey Bar lcer, Duane Jacobsen, Bob Ormsby, Cynlhia Whife, Bob Weins Back row, Denny Whelan, Dean Gannaway, Carol Nell, Ron Pal mer, D. J. Sfewarl. gfu enf G unci Meeling each Wednesday nighl, Jrhe Sluclenl Council lormulales, evaluales, and adjusls policies for lhe Univer- sily. The ideas of bolh sludenls and lacully are inlegraled in making decisions, and logeiher all members work for a unified campus spiril. Represenfing 'lhe men and women sfudenls fo fhe council were represenfa+ives al' large Cynlhia While, Bob Orrnsby, Joan Ashla, and Duane Jacob- sen. ii f . vi an Q Mlagaaw ' 1 amen me Emgxae misss e mn sf ex E is M emma me is H is nm gfudenf fi6e The Sludenl Life aling all phases of cam l'f pus I e, includ- ed: lf ronl' rowl Pal James, Dr Cra - 99- Carol Ne'H', Joyce Pascoe, Belly Ham- men, Bunny Cramer, Beisey Bark Judy Robinson, Arlene Campbell. lBai:l-ll zavyfz Dr. Gregory. Ed McAr'rhur, Bill o man, Doug Sfeeples, Bill Bruns, Fred Francis, Dick Dougherfy, and Dr. Howell sr: sg HQ H W s Commiilee, evalu- wwsw Q .. , ,M H s H gg .iw ,wi is B 'z' ' H me , J 1 Q Sams nam s is Q wie eafexi X- 5 e H sew 1 mn mmm ie t ml , E -me me me we e we as 1 em me ee We an Goatdinafing unci The Coordinafing Council, discuss- ing and adiusfing all social evenls on fhe calendar, included: lfronf rowl John Alilano, Mary Vasse, Marilyn San- laderer, Cynlhia While, Paul Rosen- dahl, Nancy Greenfield. lBack rowl: Rifa Houslon, Marilyn Mason, Bill Bruns, Pal James. IZ zz., mmiffee The Rally Commilree, creafing en- 'rhusiasm for all foofball and baske?- ball games and olher sporls ac+ivi+ies included: lleff 'lo righfl Gail Smilh, Benny Taylor, Barbara Roberlson, George De Weese, Gloria Yohe, Bob Edmonson, Micky Van Devenler, Bill Slayfon, Myrna McKay. eec an Delyafe Bringing recognifion fo fha U of R and Sourhern California in lhe field of speech and debafe are, fron? row: Sue Ellis, Jim King, Ron Tabor, George Arm- slrong, Jackie Banning. Back row: Fred Francis, Carole Knighl, Dick Riggins, Carol Sneed, Scorr Dye, Nancy Rurh Miller. Greg Harmon, Leiicia Palmer, Ed Mil- ler, Bill Hyler. The Debare Team, which fraveled fo Oregon +l1is spring, included lfroni rowl: Ed Miller, Carole Knighf, Sue Ellis, Carol Sneed, Nancy Rurh Miller, Jack McKnight iSecond rowl: Greg Harmon, Chuck Lee, Ronnie Lance, Geor-ge Armslrong, Jim King. lThird rowl: Rod Skager, Len Vicario, Bruce McSpadden, Dick Riggins, Ron Tabor. iBack rowl: ScoH' Dye, Dr. Moulfon, Fred Francis, Bill Hyler. Gerling las? minure changes ironed our are, lefl Here Nancy Rufh Miller, Carol Knighr and Carol Sneed lislen -I-0 righf, Jim King, George Armsfrong, Ron Tabor, arrenfively as Sue Ellis presenfs her side in lhis issue 'for debale. Fred Fra ncis. -Annu nu-nn-r-n.-- r... ... L.. . nm-4-nv s u... ....., .. ....,..r.. ..,.., -. .... .V . .. Y - , . - , ,, , This year +he Publica'I'ions Commiffee included Mrs. Newby, Barbara Read. Tom WaHs, Ron Palmer, Gil Brown, Bob Wallace, Anne Colcer and Mrs. Merions. fzifing and goufzna ism The professional iournalism ira+erni'iy. pha Phi Gamma included: fron? row: Gi man, Judy Mead. back row: Lucy W. field, Dick Riggins, Chuck Molnar, A Coker, Marilyn Sanlaclerer, Ron Palmer. Riddle, Una Marie Gambill, Grace Go Y Q S ,M 5- x--,., , i 4. f-JOP' ' u ,vm 1, a ss W! aw 1 M H H: J -4 S1 1 E HE H xx x .- J nw 11, 'A H f. . y . I 1544i f Q A QA in 5, fx ! 'ifv rr -Z if 'aw MBL mf fl mv 55? 7 Zi J Mgpfssigf Sign: fx, Z'Gz4 -,L f .ML xx 5 2 4 mm 1' L225,E3W' .uw Q' -Nag X R, H, pi W H A HPI Ni! H?- r . v '-azfgj A ,, , 1. 1 V - .-.. 'N 34 -I . .I f - u 1 'Il . 57 ' xl l I XM Q X f v 'm a X' . f Ly 1x 'fx I W . Y, 1 . u ., , Vi I . Q-,, V fl.. , ,L , ,, 'tv -' -'Ng 5-' . 1 4 H. , .- I "D, A I V ,I ' f o '?'f'f"'f'!f'Q'f' 2 ' - m . L ,,lI'f8!lfl ii 4 s . , new V Q Qi. , ss 'nm iv? n -, . 'Q . 2 x is -n. s I Y ' . . .P ,, a " ' f I , ,., .- . V I, ' Q .1 V I ' ""GbBHAf2v!, sb Lx Wm .J Wm w sm ','7Www we Q M SWE W H H H 5 , ,. W N 5 X mm H 5 sf Q E is me 8- .f- Q, 'L 4 Em' E ' kt'-13 , -.,.' T I , "' H . QA - 'iff 4 - -Q -v-' - 22 - 2 QQ' ' wg , ,, 33515 ig' -3 QT , ' A ' 5: .. 'fr - -ini .Q ,. as ,W ? 5 . iff 3:4 ,ui , ' gr 'ff - ffl J, A a:5if5i" H , ' ' BE 1 :.: :.- A .- HE' M1 q .... Q - - : 7 . . - if ' 1:5 -I-: 5:-:. ,ff "' 7. H33-:.: jy ngzj I , - -:air - :,a X - if I .:. .I -' - , :T f ' S' d B 1 N -': 1. jj' i 5 ., 3-Eg ' A .... - 4 f , V , A jj, Q I Z A , 1. I fn, 1 1 ' A ggi 5 . - '5 il 4 ,-is M' ' ff fl 3' ' ':',,,f,1 ' , A' 4' :- :' V ' Q Y . ... N Q :Z :Q . .. xg .l f I ,,, 53 , ' A l 'Q :gig ffty I 'Y -4' QP.. , , 1"' - .mi 6 ' - N ':'-':' H 5 E K .. .I. " ' ':' H H Nu. E E Qui A HIL 'f iff 1-1' 1 if- Y'-f ,.: Aszsh: :.. 'X '-"'Q'-:'- 25- mf , ..: .sir :S . if 1 E S Q w J' X R wx Y X .sg ,QW A 9 KX X I' Q F? l ' 6 JA 1.-+L If K Q, bi Q Q I W 1 f X R' f Q ' Z , , ' -1 - :.: .:. :.: w 'I ""' "BU" - : . :.:-.-2 , , . 1' - 1 A 1" 5.: .:,, B E Y mia r 1 w w, R M '-QE ' gy Q32 A -:1i: - ' .LC an ' .sfif 645'- -,, H ' " 'X 3 -pu 11' v- - , .... , '-TT? Q HL n' , .1--ffl, 1 4,44 f 3,514 -' -Q u gwg . ' ' .. -' F .-As . ll f 51 'A I If NB. :If sd I I 1 .5- I K N Q3 if Vf zsxg W E xx K E 5 A V xx Q, Page 58 Wiih a change of s+aFF, 'lhe second semes'rer's Fireplug included: Bob Gra- ham, Jana Ford, George Ebrel. l l x l The Ersf semesier's Fireplug slaff included: Froni row: Myrna McKay, Alison Horlie. Back row: Bob Kern, Jim McMillan Marilyn Twelker, Dick Riggins, Ed Brink. The ?ifzefJlu9 The Fireplug, The campus humor magazine, was issued Jrhree Times during The year, and was composed of picfures, carloons, jokes. and arficles originafed primarily by slawcl members. Ron Palmer, edifor of fhe school paper, looks over an old copy along wifh sfaff member Grace Goodman, news edilor Sieve Chaffee, and feaiure edilor Dol Kamer. Members of fhe Bulldog Sfaff in- cluded: Fronf row, Jean Coyle, Una Marie Gambill. lRow Zi: Genie Riddle, Barbara Read, Dol Kamer, Helen Ober- man, Sieve Chaffee, Marilyn Lane. lRow 3l: Dick Riggins, Dick Reed, Florence Saywell, Jessie Herman, Jean Ann Wilks, Chuck Molnar, Bob Huff. lBack rowl: Grace Goodman, George De Weese, Marilyn Twelker, Ron Palmer The K lla As a weekly newspaper, lhe Bulldog brings news of campus aclivilies, social evenls and sporls lo an inlelresied sludenl body besides giving an op poriunlly for Jrhose who like lo wrlle lo lry Then hand al news slories and fealure arllcles Always busy planning 'lhe nexl week's Bulldog were: Dave Lipscomb, Oberman, Grace Goodman, Chaffee, Ron Palmer, Doi' Kamer, Riddle, Dick Riiggins, Una Gambill. Helen Sieve Genie Marie Cluemlslful Glul: The Chemisiry Club includ- S Owsley ed lfronl' rowl: uzy , Barbara Morley, Calhy Roach Belh Brand, Barbara Whiling. lBack rowl: Paul Yen, Earl Colwell, Roberf Maybury, John Chaclco, Larry Mulac, Don Dennis. "-T1 6'2wL f? lg. l 13 R-. 1 L. Epsilon Della cl l of Alpha Pre-mecl sfu en s Epsilon Della included lfroni' rowl: Dr. Woodrow, Bill Mac- pherson, Paul Yen, AI Hoien. lBaclc rowl: Dick Clark, John Chacko, Bob Ormsby, Buz Guenlner. gigma au Della Sigma Tau Della, nalional honorary English fralerniiy included lleff fo righll: Mr. Slryker, Dr. Nelson, Holly Phillips, Grace Goodman, George Eberl, Carolyn Croy, Norman Hoyle Joyce Van Buskirk, Roger Cummings, Mary Ann Black, Kay S'l'illwell, Dol Kramer, Mrs. Adams, Dr. Miller, and Mr. Bromberger. K . nr . -- ' is Lwl ella yy lla Alpha, 'l'he honorary larship fraierniiy, included: Hobart, Dr. Phillips, Anne enberg, Fred Fosl, Dr. Klaus- Mrs. Newby, Miss Deuel, Dr. sch, Mr. Miller, Jane Roy. mifh. pSlICLt6l09LI Glub Inferesfed in 'lhe workings of fhe mind, 'lhe Psychology Club included: lfronl' rowl Alan Broyles, Roger Cum- mings, Sue Ellis Margarel B ' lc , run man. Phyllis Harris. lMiddIe rowl: George Bfnson, Sharon Gibson, Jean Pall E . anne Merryman. lBack rowl: Mary Vasse, Don Reiler, Lise Lundsieen. glzi Ski Club members enioyin-g fhe near- by mouniains included ifroni' rowl: Jim Vinceni, Larry loine, Dick Riedman, Dr. Royce, Carl Wenz, Al Harasiy, Wes Wilson. iBack rowl: Sandy Noren, Kay Corlew, Pal MacBain, Dawn Muller. Irma Taucher, Gerry Gabby, Anne Car- son, Jan Alexander, Linda Vaughan, John Greundyke, Ann Riedman, Wilma Larsen, Julie Reifel, Lois Larusson, Bar- bara Morley, Kay Reese, Rufh Buifer- field. xi. 6, Page 62 "f2"C'lul1 The "R" Club, leHermen's organiza- iion, included: ifroni rowi Neil Hop- kins, Dave Farmer, Bob Edmondson, Marion Sanchez, Theron Presion, Dick Riedman iback rowi: Ron Davis, Geral Boas, Keifh Hilliard, Howard lcanberry, Dave Ballesferos, John Rushing. GMS Women physical educaiion maiors on campus included: Barbara Campbell, Doffie Sfoica, Barbara Goodman, DoHie Tasker. Uefis Uillage ounci Governing Veis' Village, lhe council included: Fronf row: Howard Newman, Marilyn Newman, Eleanor Mer- rill, Jaclr Merrill. Beck row: Bob Pipes, Dick Scargus, Howard lcanberry, Bill Kelell, John Chrisfianson. Uefs village ives Vels' Village Wives included: Fronl row: Mariorie lcanberry. Mary Klock, Jeri Chrislianson. Middle row: Ann Keiell, Tara Marshall, Lillian Coffland, Mar- garel lglosias, Louanna Geiger. Back row, I-r: Ginelle Bri'H'. Soniia Scharigus, Joan Wheeler, Arlene Crow, Miriam Gillespie, Eleanor Merrill, Zo Swanagon, Marilyn Newman. 1,4 nag 912.6 lniernalional Relaiions Club, planning for fhe model Uniled Nafions, included: Fronl' row: Dr. Phillips, Una Marie Gambill, Somphol' Piyaoui, Jack Wyall, Pai James, Sally Sharpless, Joyce Mochizulci. Back row: Kafhy Roloerfs, Craig Bolfger, Lisa Lunslein, Corky Delury, Raymond Tence, Charles Molnar, Pal McBain, Pai' Brooker, Mike Malsuda, Dr. DiHmar. Page 63 Ref A oncfzafzml usic fzgs Members of lhe honorary fraierniiies, Sigma Alpha loia and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, shared an aciive inieresi in musical developmenls. They were always on hand io help ai musical programs, reciials, ancl conceris. Members of Sigma Alpha loia included lfronf rowl: Marilyn Peferson, Marilyn San- laderer, Mary Ann Goeiz. Lana Genfry, Mar- garel' Cooke, Carolyn ScoH, Yvonne Slacy, Luella Downing. llBack rowl: Lani Naka- shima, Ruih Haller, Winifred Kellems, Pairicia Sl1illcuH, Mary Lou Deener, Mary Jane Lolli- ras, Mariana Van Loenen, Mary Lennox, Elesa Sleves, June Wilcox, Gloria McNuH, Mary Elaine Ruiledge, Marilyn Miller. Keiko lgarashi, Poriia Miichell, May Manalae. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, fhe mens' honorar music frafernily included: Jim Smiley, Ro Hansi, Lee Carlson, Jim Carlisle, Lloy Bierer, Phil Coker, 'Don Vielen, Andy Crow Wendell Carlson, Dr. Bruggeman, and Ji Vinceni ai piano. ,ff Adding spirif 'ro campus funciions was lhe Bulldog Band, which included: Alan Brakenseck, Barbara Campbell, Jim Carlisle, Janef Cessna, Phil Coker, Jack Crowder, Charloife Dole, Ed Fisher, Don Granf, Joe Gray, Carl Grofh, Arlene Hansen, Ron Hansf, Pairicia Hess, Dave McGarvey, Dave McLean, Jim Miller, Marilyn Miller, Poriia Mifchell, Joyce Modell, Carl Nelson, Richard Osfrander, Jane? Praff, Joanne Schwab, Ann Small, Jim Smiley, Sydney Smifh, Charles Thurman, Jim Vinceni, Russell Walfon, Zip Zediker. Jim MiIler's Combo which played for many campus dances included Bill Sproul, Craig Boffger, Jim Miller, J. R. Swoap, Lana Geniry. Serving lhe needs and suiling lhe Jrasles of campus and communily, The Music Deparlmenl provides for many diicferenl occasions. Acliviries ol The various musical groups are planned and coordinared lor rhe enioymeni of bolh audiences and performers. 1 , 4 illil lflili 55.3 Q .ww r , 1 1 1 D W z 9 3 'ir ll ' . 0 ' 4 v nw - 11. o." fl v , If H ni f 5 si 2 l 1e l" li 'IW Mill uit I wh ' - 4: aw, . Q , , P 1.1 E ff 1, Qzzv -I-I., , 1: V , U '- f ' fi Q 3 M Q ' ' .F "" ,Q 25 g 1 4,5 . zzi r - ' ,. Q., 1 'C fu 2 wif -J A. X P533 I2 Y ' J' XE' f'1 i! QU? " . 'G' TQ 'gi 4, L 'Q ' 'W X? f "' Q if . ' W 4 X 'fx' . w 'fligvx t 'K X' X if ' Y 'J I I QQ' W , K -Q KAQX X Rx I Vi 1 ,A -.v-an 6 ',: ', v YQ? Ry KA Mm I A, quasi J I il ,l g Wfgn Ili lit at will U U any gym na nw ' am an 1: im fir p' llQl1 ll! nun N . " gf, Biff x-N1 ,I ff f "1C"' 'sf' 14? 'Q . k M ' 2- 2,54 5 H QR I Q x x1' . - if -'1 g:.W ' 5' .fish g ' ' Qikfi,-N f' , 7+-:gp X x ' "" I 4-.- , 'fs , 9 A f -f A erm- ' 3. 4" fd' .1 ig f 4, 1? '- Sk , vi E26 P , J, Q-2 . LB 9 , :Z if '35-ii F XXL, xx ' fm V 5 7 nw, ya' 57 Q y umanics Dejmfzfmenf ,AFR Dr. Kemp is seen shaking hands wiTh Bill Meihews, presideni' of The STuden+ AssociaTion of The Humanics deparfmenf. The program of The essociafion is compleTely managed by sTudenTs and funds are used for eclucafional and recreafional acfiviiies. S-landing llefi' To righfl are Ed McArThur, Dr. C. G. Kemp, Bill MaTl'1ews, Cherlee STebbins and Carl GoTT. Seafed are Bob Cook. WalT Pearson and Pack Clarke. Page 68 ccenf on T-Ioufh The l-lumanics Program prepares young men and women To serve in The youTh movemenTs oT America. The naTional program was begun in I948. The UniversiTy oT Redlands has parTicipaTed Tor The pasT Two years. Under The cooperaTion oT The American l-lumanics FoundaTion and The deparT- menT oT Human RelaTions, courses are oTTered in The Tield oT group dynam- ics, program building, Tinancing, counseling. and oTher areas necessary Tor successful leadership. STudenTs aT weekly seminars sTudy The relaTionships oT people and parTicipaTe in discussions led by successTul professional people Trom recognized youTh movemenTs. Field Trips provide opporTuni- Ties Tor sTudenTs To observe leaders and youTh in aclrion, and experience is gained by work in The Tield under The guidance of Trained personnel. fs L 5 1 Wall Pearson looks on as Carl Goh, Dr. Kemp and Jack Clarke fall: wiih Mr. Dana, a senior counselor ai' fhe Verdemonf Boys' Ranch. This camp, locaied near San Bernardino, is 'For boys who have commiifed minor of- fenses. They spend nine io eighfeen monlhs here, affending school and par- ficipafing in sporfs as well as helping fo plan 'iheir own acfiviiies. John Bandwell, assisfani' probaiion officer af fhe iuvenile cour+ in San Bernardino, leads a seminar group in a discussion of rehabili+a1'ing iuvenile delinquenls. lLeH 'ro righfl are Don Gumbiner, Dorolhy Worner, Ed McArfhur, John Bandwell, Bill Mafhews, Walf Pearson and Jack Clarke. Page 69 Eggs czma Daiwa fmenf Thornfcn Wilder's unique drama, "Our Town," became a successful Redlands produchon. This year Jrhe Universiry of Redlands' drama deparl- menl, under lhe guidance of Al and Berlha Johnson, presenled an inlernalional cycle, including plays from "Our Town" lo "Pygrnalion." Drama vignelles illuslraling religion in drama from Greeks lo The modern were presenled in collalooralion wilh lhe language deparlmenl. The spring semesler came To a close wilh The Zania Fiesla based on an American lheme. , . . . - I Al h Ph', h d 1' 'fs Some farclcal siluahons resulhng from COIYIMUU5 fralrleinliirsinilul-isle P a I onorary llama ls living sparked The sludio producflon, Squarlng lhe Fronf row: lnez Kenny, Toodie Palmer, Nancy Jones. Clffile- Back row: Darrell High, Calhy Roach, Jack Bryans, Diane Jeven, Jon Kelly. Page 70 l 1 4' fx- Y Ka . B BN Q- if-B n S 1 V R as B55 E jjjij W K mf H H, P4 9 Coordinafing The ac'rivi'fies of The various religious organiza- Tions on campus is The Chrisiian Acfivifies Council. Members pic+ured here include, Tron+ row: Jan McLean, BeTsey Barker, Phyllis Harris, Selma Mock. Back row: Don Reifer, Jim Vasquez, Jim Huffman, Dofiie Tasker. Dick Avery, Jack Clarke, Emil Roy. Planning The weekly convoca- Tion is The iob of This group of sTuden'rs and Their faculfy ad- visor. Members are: FronT row, Dr. Eaclie, Gwen Ried, Kay DiersT Rev. Downing. S e c o n d row: Joan Ashla, Jim Cavener, Larry Marona. Third row: Floyd Irvin, Fred Fosf, Dr. Phillips. Page 72 Religion on am u Many phases oT religious liTe are evidenT on The U. oT R. campus. Small informal prayer groups, dorm Bible sTudies, and Sunday nighT STudenT Church are a conTrasT To The Tormal Thursday morning convocaTion. De- nominaTional groups represenTing aT leasT IO diTTerenT TaiThs meeT regu- larly as do inTerdenominaTional groups such as Dep. Team and lnTer- VarsiTy ChrisTian Fellowship. These diversiTied acTiviTies oT Redlands' sTudenTs represenT Their aTTempTs To saTisTy Their desire To meeT and have Tellowship wiTh God. f s -! , 1 I -v-- ""m.4. ,.,,,2gi:.K'.. ht' ,T -4, r- Y .b Nm ., ,fin ' f -V. - rv-A " '91-ibm ji 's , KM! if f 'ur Q if K 435' ,K .- ,A I ,, f P . iv fa. .Wm , , 1 La 32'-'3.+Jf u 4 .-'.a..Q . t".' Y:,':,SS'E 6. ix jx V h Qi vi' ' . f LC'-J' 1 l 7' 4.9!-, . Ji- 152 A5 '52 . ff , xl 5 4 , . . . 1 v ,- K 1,5 V-gy x. - 'P 1 PX r Q K X, ' A U T S? 2 ' uf bww -V ..:f'1 ' 'A L-:fl-fxfZZZ,f" "1 ff? X P f-A ..,,- . V r. - V 5 A Q -.: '71' 11Y"- fr 'f "fl I , N x 1 9- 1-1-Y - 'Sgr 1'-'Z . sf Q m . 1 1. . Q' f W, . M ,..1V ,.:E:. m .,. ,, fx ,vw ' ra. -gmiw? ,X , ,ps-fvfgw' aa'-ieeauf Qu' ,wxaf Q Sfixnsagk eff fm ?"i53"?'?"'m f , 'W I' .1 ' iff. , Y, . Q? is fx ...Mya " X X, ZDUWLGVI Ca+hoIic sfudenfs Included: Barbara Ne Ca I me ro Amend, Ed McAr+hur, Faiher Cadden Leonard Viscario Gerr G bb , y a y, Carol Moss Margarei Rezenders. Ganfefzlvu . oman, Joan Tegfmeier, Chrisfine Fay, Kay Corlew Gary Flinf, Todd Showalfer, Pai Brooker, Irene Dibble, Jackie Crowder, Barbara O I ' swa d, Farher Cummmgs. esfminsfefz The acfive Presbyrerian group included: Rev. Beck Ieadi 'Ih , ng e group IFron+ rowlz Don Cafes, Barry Baum-garien. Jeaneiie Cover, Ned Powell. ISecond rowI: Mary Lou Deener, Gwen Reid, MariIyn MiIIer, Sharon Gibson, Jean Paff. IThird rowI: Jerry Van Devenier, ShirIey Handley, Joyce Modell, Phil Harris, Dick Avery. IBack rowI: Diane Harper, Fred Francis. ITF ' J 'dp G Q gg if 5 .sf in ,.m ,1 vii Hi' '- 4 L if ff' f. 14 X X Q I ' 5 v I W L I g ,sg N I R x L' 1 I , ' EMM l m Glvzisfian cience Those inferesfed in Chrisfian Science were: Fronf row, Noel Quinn, Failh Adams, Pai Paris, Pai Levi, Robyn Frye, Joy Wares, Nancy Greenfield, Jane Yarbrough lleaderl. ienbs An aciive and philanlhropic organizafion is 'l'he comparaiively new group of Friends on campus +ha+ included: Fron+ row, A. Marsh, H. Laws, Mrs. Baez, G. Tifus, C. Hagen. lROW 2l.Se5+edf K. Topping, B. McFadden. Depufafi Wishing fo share valuable exper- iences wifh ofhers fhroughouf Soufhern California are siudenfs who compose fhe Dep. feam. Those ioining ihe grounp for Trips, refreafs and meefings were: From lef+ fo righf DFXXAII. I-,,u1l 1 I .. .. V1 262144 ROW 2: Don Reiier, Charles Mol Mary Lamb, May Manabe, Bar Morley, Dr. Eadie. ROW 3: Floyd Roseloerry, Joan Bari Sharon Bruch, Les March. ROW 4: Ed Clark, Marilyn Miller, J .r- 1-in. ,1ia.svm .-27, 1 ' ' l l .U. G. T. have an acfive and comprehensive program of acfivifies. These individuals picfured include: Leader Jim Vasquez, fron? row: Jan Penhollow, DeeAnn Gideon, Mary Lamb, Ken Turknelie, Bob Kern, Howard Hurlbuf. lRow 2l: Fred Fosl, Jim Smiley, John Goeschl, Rich, John Bloch, Clark Morgan, Bill Macpherson, Bob Schumaker. lRow 3l: Doris Baker, Dolores Pelfii, Marilyn Semple, Norma Smalley, Peggy Taylor, Judy Mead, Joyce Singer, Sally Moody, Jane Tesla, John Paveska. lRow 4l: Cafhy Craine, Darlene Guslafson, Les March, Jerri Naugle, Darrel Dummefl, Dick Reed, Floyd Irvin, Garvin McGeHrick, Dick Carlson. lRow 5l: Floyd Roseberry, Olive McNeil, Sue Jensen, Marlha Fundenberg, Mrs. Coffland, Harley Coffland, Arden Clule. Dave Klock. lRow 67: Mary MacDonald, Kay Slillwell, Mary Kreps, Eleanor Sfarr, Marg Johnson. Joan Barfleil, Don Wirz, Liel Young, and lback fowl: Mr. Osborne, Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Iglesias, May Morrison Wayne Slrom, Joyce Harkless. fzogefz williams Below, Bapfisl' sfudenfs who galhered for 'lheir weekly meefing, led by Belsy Barker, included: lFirs'r rowl, May Manabe, Norene McKellar, Jo Cain, John Huebeck, Bill Bruns, Bob Wallace, Jim Vincenf, Lee Judson, Marian Sfannard, Ed Eliason lRow 2: Joyce Singer, W. E. Umbach, facully advisor, Don Reiier, Peggy Umbach, Grace Good- man, Kalhy Sfayion, Bill Sfayfon, Dofiie Warner, John Fluefsch. lRow 3l: Esfher Srurm, Carolyn Larrabee, Befh Brand, Barbara Morley, Pal Bayless, Ed Clark, Zoe Swanagon, Margarel Megredy. lRow 4l: Gerry Odekirk, Mary Lamb, I, f,, AY, llew, I,l,..,,.. D ,.,, ,l,, D,,,,, 32 gr .. ,J ', 'ss QUE- E- -gg, gm 1 SS- .PY 4. . 1 , 1 X 3.' Zi 3 VIS, 7 142, .'- ,g ' 1:1 !,.,. F UZ, E ,rug A A. ?'?H.2':z 'A 5,255,314-VY f ,,,x5g.H. -N Hhgzgffigl .. -f ui-X Q EMR. E. wiv B Yfgg E. mmf, tins, QLEQ' n .SAN gs S1HB,w,a Sfgvgfm Way' ' 'A 2 E Hggugv-.A:xkTSi ,iw 1,-3 ,.mmQX.xm,.w qw X M 3.1 .NfAES:m1m Wigan is ff. E mf' sv E E' 2 H gnwm '-Awww H ss WF M" Si wg1.EE Z R E X 88 QBEE, WA mmamywyw B if WHim?is5"B 'w,,:fx1Jf , ,W ff 1 ,jvgm 1 X DL. H 'Huw vi: 1, - . ' as Sa 'N R , X U - wkww ,ggi EE G 5 ws S wifi 5. ,Z Qi Q1 ESMV-1 aww' sv E H 5 M3 ,522 is si H.. Xxgsmrx K na sw i . 1 M 5 Q u pq B si n E 513 ai, A 4 V . , Q E m E H 'na ha :hw E E ss Em wx K r w ,Q , f 4 X x X dd' , V B fs" , ff 5? D ff , W ggi A ' 1 ' ff , If 1 V . x f,. ,Qs 1 . . .,,v 'I ,Q ' A V ' :sw , N . - 2 "'1' i""w .Q as H ff 1' ,i .l ,gm -5 ,Am xr .p was . in u..-, ' 1 V . 4 X W , V h 1, ' , :-use .Lia I .. , , H , -4 . ..,., 1 nga g 4 . A-.. rg, In MZ wg W 1 41... ".'Q.,1 .KW H Y i. , nf , '- 31 'aff 'f'. -wr 5 I Inf, -V 1,421 L N A N ' 9 BYE mm Q - W W lm H , , R ffl' mf l , 4. .N sf A25 4 V , 1 I 54. ,L IVE , 7 -V L' 'EEL 65? ' - 'Y Q vii- ' . f if K ' r r K , ' Q is A f ' 1 Im wg B I ,W 1, . 1 lx In . Am gram ' A X Ghfzisfmas ecfacle The FeasT oT l.ighTs is a service oT greaT symbolic imporT- ance enjoyed by Thousands every ChrisTmas season. IT is pre- senTed in The UniversiTy chapel and broadcasT over naTionally lcnown radio neTworlcs. Beginning wiTh The Old TesTamenT prophecy, The sTory oT The coming oT ChrisT is Traced in word and song. The service is climaxed by a candlelighTing cere- mony. a very ancienT riTe symbolizing The spreading oT The lighT oT The ChrisTian Gospel Trom ChrisT Through The Twelve aposTles To all The world. The TirsT FeasT oT l.ighTs was produced in The EasT in I942 when Mr. J. William Jones was assisTed by Mrs. Gordon KenT oT Rome. N. Y. in The preparaTion oT The narraTor's scripT. lnsTiTuTed on The UniversiTy oT Redlands' campus seven years ago by Mr. Jones, The FeasT conTinues To be a workshop profecT wiThin The Church Music Program. .ll airm one 0 Taking a breaTher during a rigorous rehearsal The h d T M J clirecTor oT Church M p g m. Below, Charles SmiTh, g cTuaTe sTudenT, assisTs The candle commiTTee, T The many commiTTees responsible Tor The success of The performances A T g h en of The produchon s comm1TTees were These T d T M ly S l d D VieTen, Joanne Benn ri n BI1 6 6f'eI', on Avery, Ann Coker. eTT, BeTTy Page 79 During 'lhe course of 'the week, many sfudenls like fhis one found Their way up +he sfairs and lhrough 'rhe door info a place sei' aparl for quiei' and medila- lion. Fellows and girls gaihered in each of +he dorms for evening devoiions. Picfured here are several girls 'From U. Hall who have chosen fo enrich lheir lives spirilually as well as aca- demically. we efggiu 'awwwila age 'H is me aaa as x fy. n x x is ,w as pl Kwan Jpgn E wad: wade B e ef-A we an s sa me - 'mime snare ewfyigeaggw me E Lam , :gangs A I I in aa af is ea uns ss a 1 a we me was sa eye aaa E eww gieeef HEEQW ew me xweggqi aaa mega' new use E B as arms week was due fo fha efforls of lhis commi'H'ee which included: Jim King, Jack Byrnes, Nancy Gammage, Dick Avery, Carolyn Lamb, Dolores PeHif, Emil Roy, Bill Sfayion: noi pic+ured: Marilyn The planning and successful execulion of R. E. Nagel. ua desiring if. mm: IJ! I Many fhings came fo mind when silfing in 'lhe prayer chapel during 'ihis 'ihoughf-provoking week. University pasfor "Uppy" Downing and Dick Avery. R. E. Week chairmen, spen+ many hours fogelher planning ac+iviiies +ha+ would appeal fo every siudenig ihe vifally inferesfed as well as fha casual observer. Religious mplfiasis ee "Finding a iviaiure Fai+h" was The iheme of The I955 Religious Emphasis Week which ieaiured Dr. Gene E. Barileii, minisier of ihe Firsi Bapiisi Church of Los Angeles. Each oi Jrhe five days began wiih Morning Medi- iaiions in Robbins Prayer Room. A worship service was held daily wiih Dr. Barileii speaking and lhe Universiiy Choir furnishing special music. Siu- deni-Faculiy discussions enlivened ihe noon hours. and dorm devoiions closed each day. Special inieresi aciiviiies during ihe week included a Greek Org meeiing, a Religious Org meeiing. a Church Vocaiions Ban- quei and a Hymn Sing. Dr. Gene Barfleif, pasfor of 'ihe Firsi' Bapiisf Church of Los Angeles, led 'rhe siudenis in dis- cussions and evening devofions, as well as giving fhe sermon every morning ai' 'Phe daily convoca- 'lion and doing personal counseling wi+h 'rhose Page 8l Univefzsify "To presenl an acceplalole offering lo God in music . . ." This would be Jrhe naiure of Jrhe response olliered by ihe Universily of Redlands Choir direclor, Mr. J. William Jones, if you were lo ask him lhe purpose oi The Universiiy Choir. Composed oi inleresled siudenis represeniing every phase of campus life, The choir has loecome a popular and well-known organizalion noi only on lhe Redlands campus, loul also ihroughoui lhe Uniied Slaies. BACK, l. fo r: S. Bruch, G. Goodman, L. Olsen, L. Sfickney, R. Jaska, F. Davis, D. Bell, W. Hyler, M. Bradley, F. Fosf, B. Van Blair, F. Roseberry, K. Chase, G. Lovesfrand, J. Hamman, J. Yarbrough, B. Brand, B. Whifing ROW 2, l. io r: B. Lawson, M. Cooke, N. Quinn, J. Ashla, H. Snell, M. Rogers, B. Graham, D. Palmer, R. Jennin-gs, W. Sfrom, A. Drusedum, R. Cook, D. Thomas, C. Shaffer, J. Gray, A. Clufe, D. Viefen, D. Miller, J. Goodwin, J. Rogers, D. Hughes, M. Van Loenen, M. Lofhras ROW 3 Ho r: M. Semple, J. Harkless, J. BenneH, V. Van Houffen. H. Law, D. Muller, J. Wilcox, W. Macpherson, H. Schmidf, A. Crow, R. Avery, A. Marsh, D. Hessel, L. Carlson, J. Huffman, E. Cheney, D. Tischler, J. Barflei, A. Coker, F. Rhoads, M. Young, P. Taylor, M. Deener we W' F Q2 ess was 1 vu "ff - 6 is-,FL Q-:si NK lift " f Kl- QD at an . He 1- E 5 af ,,. oi ygagaooa Glzoi Allhough Jrhe choir's primary iunciion is sing- ing for ihe regular Thursday morning convoca- lions, ii has also made appearances on maior nerworlcs and has been heard around ihe world. Two Columbia recordings oi ihe Universiiy Choir have been released io dale. Alihough 'rhe scope oi ihis group's aclivilies is wide, ihe goal remains singular and conslani. ROW 4 I. 'ro r: M. Lane, F. Griffin, J. Young, E. Brown, J. Hynes, J. Coyle, C. ScoH, R. Bri'H, J. Carlisle, J. Luebeck, W. Reed, R. Snecldon, F. Perri, O. Killion, A. Broyles, B. Taylor, D. Schafer, L. Geniry, S. Mauser, M. Hynson, F. Saywell, M. Miller, J. Bu+cher ROW 5 l. +o r: C. Gunfer, A. Hariman, B. Klineman, Y. S'l'acy, L. Porferiield, P. Mifchell, M. Sanlaclerer, J. Roy, R. Haller, J. Cavener, D. McGarvey, P. Coker. D. Caies, J. Brobsi, K. Groih, C. Smi'rl'1, M. Van Devenfer. K. Coulier, D. Rowen, L. Downing, S. Miller, B. Balfour, J. Paff ROW b, l. +o r: J. McLean, K. Sfillwell, G. Reid, A. Carson, P. Holberh M. Manabe, J. Yaies, J. Naugle, K. lgarashi, F. Huber, B. Baumgarien, J. Cummings, R. Smi'l'h, L. Rich, A. Campbell, T. Schilling, S. McGoldriclc, C. Archibald, R. Heyerly, P. Heafon, C. Jones, J. Wicker, L.,Trolinger ff' L N, Q ' 'Yi if Jag? 0 ': "fl . Q 2 -ff-sr' Q' 9 fi 2. wg.-Az. . I Z ,umm- MVWJU 1- 1 lEx5?wfNE.?: M . wma gs ic QJQE an Q 5 xr sf Q gn V., 'W 'ifmufms wzwmms A.: .wma .min Q ,, M 'f3.s.,1,,w I MW. W 51.132525 .nw .1 mam . , 1 wuz. Z 4 . . .5611-' . 4- J.-L - A I1 ' , ' :I for - : H . EEA Jim: 2 G 9 , -1 f' gi M .1 Kfpguf .1 Q Hmmm xii A rf gm. N, .J X W. M.. n.f'g:,, .izw'f" 2 MQ A xv wmnlvtf 5 5, , 5, M , 1 5 E Q . ,, N . f . is-if V ,aww wp. 1 4 is 4. Sigffgi-3gg.Q M 'H 'X 5 swim.. Qual A HQ 1 ' 32122. nw. 5- yay: ' 5 213259 I 1155: Q E, z2iifcz3.1 25" . ..4..-, - : , uw .J ' W f f M ,Q " " N' -xxx sm ". -'ffl V ' 4 f X5 Q Q xg .1 5,9 Q :Q ng -E 'ag ' V L5 Q E Z. Q ., 4 Q! E45 A sg, . M vx.w,gr.m.n--2-f 1. ,.,,.. .. af-wssf.-1U1Z2Qi n sassy., wwf uv fkfff gy ff -w Q Z gw a1g"5f'i... .1 M . fwfr-Hw"U'1mmw .2 wrzrh an ,bifmms - , f.,.g-xawx me : fa QM sw H M. .rf , an Q as vw f fqjgggzlm a ..g,, . . 323. 11 as , .. W. .,. pq -, . ss .5 V-Q .: ,,:i':" A ' 1 .:.., J . 3-.,."-bv-wg. " . M112 xv 'S 'mf-vw . A H mf 1. 2 Q 4 1 E - a.a 3. .1 - hwmsmi - x m an M ' Us 23 f .4 W my ' ' as f . gf 1 EE 'E+ 52. f . :SA I W gn gg X QQ fl :Wm -L. I 5-eff . . W. . N.. .W vw- - , ,ff Qff.:"3 I frleigggkfga . x j Z Z Q Q Q- mr. .M 'E' m ia 'E' ...ces N z :55?'22EEE: ' ,,. Q, 4 . 42 ini ' W ilzrfiii pssumg N K," N -.X I L. w. ,, . .jg 2 1 91 . S 1 M Q, . LAR 5 A Q FQ. Pig' A N .H ,Qs ,wwf W M...-1 , E, mfg.. -'mm -, .xg Q M. frfvwss-dai' , . 31 T Kr L Ar, Q W , . M -2. 1 Q RYE' .51 21 gg W 24 , f. eg, ua 4, .. .L F QQ .1 3 Qigw - wg : 3.3 .fi 1 . . V Q xi - ' , -" 'f' v ' 115, A .C H 6, il iw mg , W.-:.,. -,- -W In ks. -5.71 Yrcaiy 1'.',w2- -rv FQ-V-. w'.'L.f'-N" TMJ. .- T. ', ' NH .' Y - X '+R 1 in V1 my 15 ' .1 -1 'frzms .Q ,Is 1 I.: mf . -,Z ,Z raw' Q 0144814 Page 86 Sandy Robbins, lhis year's A. W. S. presidenf, did an efficienr job of coordinaiing all women's acfivifies. Scheduling social acfivifies and running lhings smoolhly was fl-ie responsibilify of Vice Presi- 0.10.5 The Associarecl Women Sludenls' Governmenl represenls all phases of campus life anol Jrhis fad serves as 'rhe basis of Their program. A. W. S. week, The Chrislmas Formal and a U clay fashion show were buf Three ol lhe many lunclions provided by lhis organizalion. ,gb-J ,gi . 4-nd Barbara Ciocca served as secrefary-Treasurer by balancing 'lhe books and keeping nofes on meefin-gs. A+ lhe righf, presiding over Dorm Board and sfudying dcrmifory problems, was Presi- denf Phyllis Harris. 44"-'L QS' wgfm Gabinef The AWS Cabinel working closely wiih Sandy Robbins included: ifronl' rowl Nancy Green- field, Margarei McKinney, Sandy Robbins, Mar- ion Draper, imiddle rowl Joann Young, Inez Kenney, Lee Miner, Sallye Saunders, Shelia Mc- Goldrick, ibaclc rowl Rufh Heller, Olive Mc- Niel, Sue Mauser, Marlha TroH'er, Barbara Ciocca, Phyllis Harris, Donna Suffon, Irene Guseman. ofzm ffomb Evaluafing and making needed changes in 'rhe rules governing The women's dorms were Dorm Board represenfaiives ilef+ fo righfl Sue Jensen, Pal' Bayless, Pam Mifchell, Carol Nell, Phyllis Harris, Dean Gannaway, Sandy Robbins, Robyn Frye, Jean Anderson. GMSOQS Greeiing fhe freshmen women on 'lheir arrival were fhe sponsors, who included: ifroni row? Norma Twifchell, Phyllis Harris, Nancy Camp- bell, Rila Houslon, Barbara Ciocca, Mary Vasse, Barbara Balfour, Kay Reese, imiddle rowl Anne Hollenberg, Mifzi Reese, Lee Miner, PaHi Lewis, Ann Conley, Berfa Brummefi, Lee Porferfield, Marilyn Sanladerer, Meriann Smiih, Carolyn Croy, Jean Byl, Sue Lawrence, iback rowl Robyn Frye, Sallye Saunders, Dorolhy Schafer, Dawn Muller, Peggy Taylor, Marilyn Peierson, Ann Riedman, Jo Cain, Joan Ashla, Laverne Sorrels, Shirley Lucas, Selma Mock, May Manabe. OLWISZ 0725 Guiding ihis year's freshmen women were U Hall Counselors: llefl' 'ro righil Dode De Casfro, Margarei Cooke, Jane Yarbrough, Belly Hikiii, Grefchen Smilh, Bobbye Chipps. 'Q ni: WM Webs included: lfronl rowl Elssa Sleves, Lee Miner, Ann Hol- lenberg lbaclc rowl Belly Hilciii, Jan McLean, Befsey Barker, Phyl- lis Harris, Selma Mock, Joyce Van Buslcirk is FE ,Q omenis efwice ganizafions Spur aclivilies include helping ai Chapel, greeiing visilors and guiding lours, selling clonuls in ihe girls' dorms, and culminaiing iheir year ol ser- vice by presenling lhe Spur Spring Spree. This year The Theme was Soulh- ern Silhoueile. Giving freely of 'their lime and efforf, The Spurs included: l rowl Marion Draper, Ann Dinsmore, Sonia Helski, Jean Rifa Cabral, Holly Phillips, Doris Proffill, Carolyn Campbell, Mike Fundenberg lback rowl Nancy Wegner, Sfalcup, Marilyn Twellcer, Barbara Dodge, Grace Goodman, Mc Kinney, Mickey Van Devenier, Gloria Yohe, Mariana Van Lucy Wakefield, To +he righf, Spurs Holly Phillips and Ruih field perform +heir Thursday iob of handing our Chapel progr -SK .,. 1 5-eg? new 'fam f-- xi is lg If --Aga ,W G This spring, Webs loecame a chapler ol Jrhe nalional women's honorary Morlarboard. They carried on various aciivilies, including Jrhe con- siruclion of loys lor orphans and The presenlalion of vocaiional speakers. They worked under Jrhe sponsorship of Mrs. Applewhile, Mrs. Croy, Mrs. Snnilh, and Dean Gannaway. Here 'Phe Deaks make bienkefs, while enioying an informal meeiing. V7 Deaks included: lfroni' rowl Margaref Sills, Lois Lilly, Doi Blyfhe, Louise Newfon, lmiddle rowl Eloise Badders, Esfher Sfurm, Joann Young, Miss Gorman, Carol McKinnon, Momoyo Yamamo+o, lback rowl Lavern Sorrels, Shirley Parrish, Mary Lou Linfner, Carolyn Larrabee, Pai' Brooker, Karlen O'Scarron, Beverly Wilson. The Deaconeiies loegin each semesrer by selling used loooks for slu- denls. Their olher service proiecis included sewing on lolanlcels and warm clolhes for needy families, as well as making children's scrapboolcs. Page 89 Members of OK included: Seafed, fronf row, Nancy Gra- ham, Joy Ware, Irene Crum. S+anding, Marlene Sylvian, Sylvia Sells, Marge Mooreheacl, Mary Ellen Hudspefh, Linda Vaughn, Joyce Nichols, Cindy Dunn, Con- nie Kosfoff, Ann Wrighf, Sandy Reese, Lee Judson, Be'H'y Ham- men, ..Pinky ..Helmick, ..Barbara Baldwin, Mary Marshall, Pal Sud- daby, Jeaneffe Harris, Mary Siory, Diane Coffrell, Audrey Harfman, Ann Shea, Carol Eilers Page 90 --1 Eli Rue G Mee-'ring every Monday evening, The La Rueda clubs developed a unily among The freshman girls. Togelher lhey planned a children's Chrisimas pariy and olher service proiecls as well as iwo all-school parries during 'rhe course ol lhe year. This year's council includi lseafed, Fronl rowl Jane Gov win, Nancy Graham Caro Jones lslandingl Kay Allard, . Ware, Barbara Oswald, Nan Greenfield, Bunny Cram Sharon Shryoclc, Corrine Ro baugh awasi Members ol Tawasi in- cluded: llronl rowl Sandy Webb, Lois Larvsson, Joyce Taylor, Lee Olsen, Ann Mosbarger, Jackie Yales lsecond rowl Kay Allard, Jane Goodwin, Joan Barllell, Barbara Os- wald, Carolyn Gunler, Alison Horlie, Barbara Morley lback row sland- ingl Gail Winans, Flor- ence Saywell, Jan Alex- ander, Helen Snell, Joann Johnson, Ann Smilla, Mari- lyn Olson, Diane Hughes, Mariorie Young, Virginia Durham, Sally lrwin, Bar- bara Nerrie, Jo Leach, Jean Ann Wilks, Marge Johnson, Donna Myers, Joan Ewing. Members ol Len Ju in- cluded: llronl rowl Mar- garel Ann Rogers, Helen Oberman. Sharon Shryock, Carolyn Jones, Jean Pall. Carolyn Crocker lmiddle rowl Barbara Capl, Mar- garel Rezendes, Chrisline Fay, Joan Teglmeier, Jan- ice Cessna, Beverly Soulh- ard, Anne Louise Carson, Kay Diersl lbaclc rowl Sharon Gibson, Tam .Col- lins, Mary Lou Russell, Barbara Whiling, Puanani Mundon, Valerie Pills, Joyce Apple, Holly Gar- rell, Barbara Goggins, Gail Hanks, Jenise Eng- lund, ..Nancy ..Greenlield, Suzanne Owsley, Marilyn Lane, Belle Engvall. golzfi Members ol Solcli in- cluded lbollom rowl: Joan Morrison, Sharon Bruclw, Belh Brand, Joanne Bennell, Sonnie Johnslon. Virginia Hess. lMiddle rowl: Belh Hiorllw, Doris Fosler, Bunny Cramer, Barbara Read, lrene Dib- ble, Barbara Goodman. lTop rowl: Fran Griffin, Jill Wilmolh, Nancy Slan- lon, Jane Tesla, Shirley Slepl'1ens,..Roberla ..Haw- kins, Corrine Rohrbaugh, Gwynne Smilh, Claire Helh, Sydney Smilh, Bar- bara Campbell, Belsy Noble, Shiela McGoldrick, Carol Hood, Marian Slan- nard, Ann Love. Iwi? Faiih Adams Be-Tsey Barker Pal' Bayless Phyllis Brewer KaThy Buckingham Jane? BuTcher RuTh Bufferfield Jean Byl Pa'H'y Lou Cage Jeanefle Cover Jayne Daniels Sue Ellis Jerry Gabby Allha Gilleffe lrene Guesman Nancy Hamillon Phyllis Harris Ann Homan llalna gigma i Sigmas began each semesTer ol Their brighT year wiTh rushes aT The Shadow lvlounTain Club, Tollowing sunbonnel and sunglasses Themes. LaTer, They enjoyed parTies aT The Paciiic CoasT Club in Long Beach and aT San MoriTz in CresT- line. ChrisTmasTime broughT an alumni parTy and The prepara- Tion oT a chariTy baslceT. OTher acTiviTies during The year in- cluded a moThers' Tea and a Tashion show Tea Tor all of The girls in The sTudenT body. Joyce Van Buslcirlr Carolyn Croy Fall Presidenl' Spring Presidenl' Page 92 Carolyn Chapman Barbara Dodge Arlene Hanssen DoroThy Murray Marilyn Nagel Joan Rose K , 5 f' - . f' x 5 Q' E' ,K N. E. ff? q-.. S. r'ff'?'7 E. Gi .v W.. am, f 'QM , ,ff wtf- ik A' 4 f .. Gr i 1 7 i S.. P' s ..wW' A dx A N., 5 - . ' T' Q -9 YL- 4 ' -y .1 7 lv N' 'r X 1 . ,yi E AQ . :Q rx , 5. . , w K fx, U nw. .-. ,. 14' z. rf, .Q M, mVPM'Sv'm 1 A . gl -E7 15' B' , Savage Rurhelma Schrole Sally Sharpless ucey Marilyn Twelker Norma Twiichell arbrough Carole CoulTer Georgie Davis Judy Robinson Doran Suess 7-lzefa heTas were busy This year wiTh a varieTy oT acTiviTies. ir rushes were held aT l-liggins Springs and Their in- al parTies were held aT The Tennis Club in Palm ings and aT The snow in ldyllwild. An Alum Home- ing Brunch and a ParenTs Tea in The spring honored ciaTes oT The sororiTy, and a dinner and breakTasT presenTed To graduaTing seniors. Each semesTer a C breakTasT was held aT The Fireside Inn Tor some he "Big Men On Campus." ChariTy baske-Ts were pre- d aT Thanksgiving and ChrisTmas. New acTiviTies year included helping aT The l-louse oT Neighborly ice and The TorrnaTion oT a TheTa Trio. 'Q' cr' 5' ar ene ee e a cup E esa Sfeves Sandy Taylor Lucy Wakefield Cynfhia Whife Jean Wifi' Peggy Hynson PaTsy Jackson Lois Kelly Elizabeth Brown Marlene Fox Fall Presidenf Spring Presidenf Page 96 micfwn Frances Brown Lois Corr Mary Lou Deener Shirley Handley Caihy Roberfs Carolyn Scoh' Ann Small 1 Yvonne Sfacy Diane Jenan Red skirfs and whife iaclcefs are worn each year by Omicrons as 'they give fheir romaniic Sweefhearf Serenade a+ each of fhe dorms. Aclivilies wilh Omicron alums lhis year included a Homecoming re- union, Chrisrmas progressive dinner, and an annual birrhday luncheon al Jrhe Riverside Mission lnn. Formal rushes were held al Luring Pines and Knol+'s Berry Farm, where lhe pioneer spiril prevailed. Omicrons and Jrheir dales enjoyed dining al Bil O'Sweden and allending "Midsummer Nigh+'s Dream" as well as planning an Alaskan parly which lealured real moosemeal and Alaskan Cranberries. The lradilional Barbershop Quarlel Conlesl which Jrhey sponsored generaled school-wide enlhusiasm. 1' '-1a...?' ...I Gwen Reid Por+ia Mifchell Fall Presidenf Spring Presideni' x , ., S, Y' .4 .gs-gm? Barbara Allen Roberl-a Clwipps Jean Coyle Charlofre Dole Pal' Mac Bain Marilyn Mason Dawn Muller Pai Paris Susan Chqffey Janef PraH' Mary Elaine Ruiledge Carol Jo Sneecl Page 98 129' Ax 17.'."' Rullw Haller Shirley Van Roelcel gefa fam a u Elaine Merryman Dorofhy Schafer Fall Presidenf Spring Presideni' Afier beginning Jrhe year wiih an Academy Award Jrheme ai iheir fall rush dinner in San Marino, ihe Belas coniinued wiih a Presenls dinner for Jrheir new pledges ai The Rusiy Lanlern. A pledge pariy based on a Spanish iheme and Jrwo iniormals, held ai The Bilimore Bowl in Los Angeles and ihe ldyllwild Inn a+ ldyllwild followed. Olher aciiviiies included an alum Chrisimas pariy and a Veneiian spring rush ai ihe EI Mirador in Palm Springs. Wfh gay recl ribbons on fheir flickering candles, 'the Befas serenaded Hll d+hIdhpfR+hHll nl' aunereeaersio u aer. Page 99 Carolyn Pefersen Joni Marshall - Fall Presldenl Spring Presideni' Della I aplm si A program including a homecoming reunion wilh alurns, The lradilional birlhday luncheon wilh alums, and a Senior Molher-Falher breaklasl highlighled The year lor Jrhe Dellas. They enjoyed an informal snow parly al Camp Curry and a formal parly al The Mission lnn. while The Delia Trio conlriloul- ed music al various school alliairs. The enlire sororily served olhers by providing gills for a needy family ar Chrisrmaslime and presenling The annual spring Della Daisy Ring in honor ol women who became pinned or engaged during Jrhe year. Singing in The rain was lilerally 'Phe way +he Del+as gave 'lheir Chrisfmas serenade. Luckily, They were prepared 'For 'lhe weafher in ski clorhes. 'fr-2' Jean Anderson Barbara Balfour Arlene Campbell Ann Conley Robyn Frye Joan Ashla Roberla Jane Cheney Marion Draper Marlha r-unaenbe E . V. as I4 J, , ,ggi is 1. fi ,-,W , .- , "" Q '55, ,. f .1 4, ,, ..: .1 ,W X, Q W, M N ximian 'Si-If .... 12. 4 f ...ff ': V I , , f si ,i r- 1 . sr J B -s 1 is Serenading ai' U Hall al' Chrisimasfime was fun for 'lhe ln 'lradifional whire Iaclcefs, ihe Sigmas gafhered in fronf of Thefas, despiie fhe chilly winfer weafher. Bekins +o add iheir songs fo fhe growing holiday spirit aaa 'ai Sis rss W The Pan-Hel Council includes: iFron+ rowl: Mary Vasseg Mar- fha Tro'H'er, Joni Marshall, Doro- 'lhy Schafer, Marilyn Mason and Carolyn Peierson. lBaclc rowl: Jerry Gabby, Leona Porierfield. Elaine Merryman, Joyce Van Buskirk, Elizabefh Brown, Mar- lene Fox, Miss Gannaway, Caro- lyn Croy: Porfia Miichell and Gwen Reid. Page l02 -BB . an-Hel 6 unci Helping lo prornore uniry among sororiries, Pan-l-lellenic Council serves as 'rhe co-ordinaring body. One represenra- live and rhe presidenl ol each sororiry belong, sharing one vore. Under The sponsorship oi Miss Gannaway, rhese girls see rhar sororiry rules are enforced and Thar all problems broughr 'ro Jrhem are considered carefully. Marlha Trorrer, al lelr, served as presidenl of Jrhis aclive group. -.-.,,,,Kg I I q.5z ,, vm ,.,:w4'k V I 'LS :nys s E , a nm mu a we Page I03 an n micfzon Della I appa Omicron Della Kappa, nafional sen- ior men's honorary fraierniiy, included llefi' 'ro righllz Dr. Smilh, Bill Macpher- son, George Derfer, Bob Edmondson, Bob Wallace, Chuck Molnar, Bob Pi?- man, Benny Taylor. Dr. Umbach. fee.. I , 5 5 1 .F l ' p., Y, ens' efwice ganizafions ZOWIZVI Yoeman, sophomore men's honorary, included l'Fron+ rowi: Jack Long, Ed Ramsey, J. R. Swoap, Elwyn Gibbs. lBack rowl: Allen Marsh, Tom WaH's, Jim Smiley, Bill Burns, Doug Sfeeples. ...Q Q 'If 5. L my These senior and sophomore men serve lhe school whenever called up on, which is ollen. During lhe yeai They manage lo carry many proiecl as well as keeping Jrheir grades al a high level. The Royal Order of fhe Kickapoos included: fronl row. Edward McAr'fhur, Floyd Haber, Chuck Thormen, Dorman Yoshimura, Jim McGee, Joe Gray, Bill Heinlein. Back row: Larry Hendon, Bob Fischer, Penn Slrode, Bob Sneddon, Bruce Oia, Gary Wealherford, Roger Jaska, Al Clark. The Safyrs included: front row, Ron McGurer, Jim Dunning, Tony Lane, Paul Devore, Gordon Clopine, Dick Shirk, Dennis Whelan. Middle row: Dave Tischler, Bill Heinlein, Don Mead, J. R. Pukerineg, John Ledger, Vernon Boolh, Mark Hanson, Rex Thomas, Bob Fulfz, Roy Miller, Bob McKinley, Jack Black. Back row: Chuck Rich, Ingebrigf O'H'em, George Gillelle, Dick Wesl, Denny Wilkins, Bob Huff, Bob Ezzell, Jim Rich- ardson, Craig Johanson, Wall Roberls, Ken Lewis. These four freshmen discuss plans for a forlhcoming Co-Rec Nighf in Currier Gym. I N ff' 'wwf wi, ' AL., wr- ,WA 1. 'T' , a S X 3 . ' x. 4- Q2 xy Q W 51- X 'Q -A 'iff 6 . ,Wig , QF: , I, ,W I ,V ,,.,,., w 5 2 ' 1 ., r W Q Q, in H, 2' 5 A . , . QF. f- 'T I' 4 K s 1- I ff Z B, KX ,rf 'w -W1 ,, gs E f J' 2 Y - ff' 55, win' 55, SE' 5 .n Y 1 J ,Q ff- ,W -.fwwx .A . ,M t an Q.. . 1 I.,-.M .. , 'H 5 xl , . y " 1 lx , f -gf,-'- f'- I . 1 H , Y 4 1.9, , 'f V, 2 5i5f:.:, Z x I ' - 1, A .X in Q W L , 5 it Y-w0,Fv,!M A ,Af-lqw ,Awvx 5 H X ' W' ,H Qi... . H, ' B B 321 x . V F 0' ' ' U ,-M, .1 -.'. ,, '- , , . ' W" i n , v,, , 'I S-H R , h .. '- t f'. I if .V H P w ' K -5 ff' 3 :itil V ' L Wil, 5 H . Zi' -b Ax 1 if ,.,-1. ,gifs 'H ' N f ' . :gs J, ' ,y ' 5 x - i + 2 Jim King. Bruce Henry Fall President Spring Presidenf Lanny Sloan Bill Sfaylon Norman Terlcelson Dave Thomas James Brobsi Don Graydon Charles Schumaker Marland Smilh qamma u Aclivilies oi The Gamma Nu fralernily lasl lall in- cluded an informal al Clulo Oaks and an overnighi al Mile I-ligh Resorl in Twin Peaks. Members pariicipal- ed in campus al'Fairs by faking lop honors in Jrhe Bar- bershop Quarlei conlesi and sponsoring Jrhe All Col- Doug gfeeples lege Noel. Spring aclivifies included a 'rrip lo lhe Rf"P"Be'k'1aP Slailer l-lolel and The All College Talenl Review. Ed Ramsey Doug Kirkpairick Tom Walls Everesi' Zediker Bob Wallace Roger Lewis David Lipscomb B ,J tv' -pi ww of me ll. L. T Bi- I Vi 1 -wx: F ' M , gf Xa f E W t -N ,LA I - Wy, . .V My-3 . rl, YA f X Q .... . J 1 fs ss ' 2: M Q , S p., 1 ' 1 4 5 r "'-. E' i . ww Q M ,gg 'Wk . .H , we ' '-wg.siy!1xE,fQ 1' , YRS X ' 1 ..: , -. ' ' . l l: .:. is f :Ez gr 1 f' -' ., ' . g A A A V ""' .E ss: ' H ,. : it 7 -P .I H 'gg sign.. , . ff W W? asa., gl... jj : , i f -lm , V V 7 H R I Q . , V js ai fi sg , - , H K E ,f S 2 E X A K WIT- 8.1 1, A E I zuz In .. . .. W A .. . E H E -Q, ml ' b . , Q ' X 9 B ' ' x' :" H - 1 7, W H H ,g -' ., V E vg s ss Mx. - .X my ..: .. 3,35 m H , :.:. K .,. AZ :.: ,JH ' 4 . 12 -. H , - fm wa 4 ' P uh., '- if Y . I Q f , f Exim mwxnxgakw 325823-mmm ,V an ms gum' N .wmtnf -W' ., ' x ' A H X gsm w msn EEN. an H- f I 2 enny Taylor -ed Tesfa on Van Meier iwighf Webb ob Weins ob Weiss larry Weisberger ill Yen laul Yen ill Yensen :hn Anderson am Davis 'anlc Emerson. lenn Fessler ll Waiers MG' Social chairmen Tom Moore and Keilh Hilliard arranged lor Pi Chi aclivifies rhrough ihe busy year. Rushees were enlerlained wilh golf and seasonal sporls al Gilman l-lol Springs. The yard ol Jrhe lralerniiy house was decoraled wiih pump- kin sand cornslallcs lor The l-lallowe'en parry. The fall informal was held a+ Jrhe Mission Inn and The overnighr was held ar Big Bear. Dudley Supprelli Dick Smifh J. R. Swope '7 5,43 John Anfilano Harvey BenneTT Bob Blakan Hal Boring Ellis Bowman I C John Cummings Roberf CurTis George Derfer George De Weese Larry Elson J D E h PT Fgg JhG dk Al H Jh J HH J Lh eel' 0 Page IIO o n ruen y e an oien o n Hopps im u man I aww giqma igma Led by Tall semesTer PresidenT Ted PalmguisT, Kappa Sigma Sigma be- gan a highly promising season, The TirsT acTiviTy, producTion oT The Hon- orable-menTion winning TloaT Tor Homecoming, was Tollcwed by The Fall lnTormal aT The Palm Springs Tennis Club. The annual ChrisTmas parTy was held aT The TraTerniTy house, and The semesTer's acTiviTies ended wiTh a very snowy overnighT aT The Alpine Terrace Club in Twin Peaks. Under The leadership oT spring semesTer PresidenT Bill Macpherson The acTive chapTer conducTed iTs annual Spring lnTormal and enjoyed an over- nighT aT The beach. Climaxing a highly successTul year, The BroTherhcod played hosT To some ISO BroTher-Alums aT The annual FraTerniTy Rendez- vous, held This year aT The Kappa Sig house. wson ewls n Phill ps Fowler 1 ' i frvyiiym Z 25-1 l 4-5 y N I i Y X Y Teal Palmquisf Bill Macpharson Fall Presideni Spring Presrdenr Roger Lockie Loren Marshall Floyd Irwin Don Morrison Ron Palmer Wally Pi++s Bob WiH Garvin McGe'Hrick Roberi Cock Darryl Dummeff Charles Hanna Dick Hays John WyaH Richard Mclnfosh Richard Reed Page lI2 Ghz Qi ma Ghz Chi Sigma Chi look an aciive parl in lralernily lunclions This year by beginning Jrheir aclivilies wilh a pledge dinner al The Mug in San Bernardino. Laler in lhe year inlormals were held a+ boih Apple Valley lnn and Club Oaks. One of Jrhe highlighis of ihe All-College Mix was Jrheir boolh eniilled "Running Chicks of Chi Sig Coun+y." and lhey lopped oil lhe spring semesler wilh lheir annual Charm Girl Conlesl which was won by Gloria Yohe. David Ballesleros Marc Beguel Dick Bryani' R h d D ugheriy Roger Cummings Douglas Drew Fall Presideni Spring Presidenf Duff Forresf Dunagan Tabor Edwin Brink William Oliveri Page IIS E H si H E w g , .ee 3, 's . 53 1' 1,1 rx- H ia - H H B W? s me F em H , B 'Flu Wea c Q J. n M YQ, 9 i f A , ,f ww I 4 Q .Q 1 V F X 4 v , . . ,-5-3-fry f , is F N enis Qcfwcfces A new organizarion on campus, flue infer-dorm council, co-ordina+ed 'Func- iions of+l1e men's dormifories and was insfrumenfal in seHing up +he Coriner basemenf casuals. They include: sealed, Duane Jacobson, Ari Lawson, George Derfer, Mark Hansen, Fred Francis, George De Weiss, Greg Harmon. Sfanding: Floyd Irwin, Dick Mclnfosh, Frank Perry, Alan Broyles, Paul Rosen- dahl, Dean Holmes, Bob Cook. W1 LCS Enfhusiasfically faking ad- vaniage of +l1e hazing program, h.. U. of R man decorafecl fres men wlfll whafever was af l-land. ' 'Y MHGEE Corfner lobby afforded men a place io relax and cafch up on The news. ,4-A Page ll5 3 , W The fwo men chosen +o preside over fhe ln'l'er-Frafernily Council were Jim King in ihe fall semesfer and Roger Cum mings during fhe spring semesler nfefz-Effzafefanifmi unc: lnler-Fralernily Council is composed of The presidenl and one repre senlalive from each ol Jrhe four lralernilies. One oi lheir many responsl bililies is lo work closely wilh The Pan-l-lel Council in planning Presenls for each semesler. infer-Frafernily Council repre- senfafives included, fron? row: Floyd Irwin, Tom Wa'Hs, Jim King, Al Drusedum: second row: Bill Macpherson, Al Hoien, Roger Cummings, Dean Holmes, Bob Edmondson. Back row: Doug Sieeples, Doug Drew, Mark Beguelin, Craig Boffger, Dick Smiih. Page ll6 sam ss V nf, H Q 'J an 5 my If A X Aim .ZS iii' Hr , - n M W W., ,Q as A 1, 7 if W , ., E 3 E fi F5 V 5 3 16 V7 " EL? - Q " - E 5 W - y T 'P F23 2 X A ' Hg 3-E1 ,.:.1:g:: 3 A 2-if Fw ,, ,M M , :' wi ' a H H. W - 23422 W E E ,. H L . 13:3-Z . was :.:g3:.":.: 'L L :5"f:5,: 155' :.: fo ul Q 51.5 :.: Y - -' 1 , . ffffif? -' , ,N N 1--may " I ' gf? - Wig 71" Sw, ww-Egg MM - - sv. rg? 4. f f.-wa smsxxg X nl aag? Ag ,fa S, . J E+ 5 -N. gmaggg L Mmm 'I A - Vw E , 1 3 MA M WM LE 5 .I zgar . f .:...:.:.:.:.::.:a..:. ,F 5 V . f - ig ,X w xv: N P1 '1 M ,Q : , gg A ,A we Q, wif: Q 5 . M - M M . ' awww-A H Y N's1.,Sf"W, l N-B F , .lag Q' ww, S., , ji, X, ,, X szlax.mwwfise-swmmmafgi ,, -, , ,M WH' -N 'ZQTQ E X., - X V -1 . A-5,555 MMM M X W I' I -- 1 ' -mi 1 1 . . W .,1 :., ,. gi, 12 .Ei-3355? ' Hg -::::':'E::" R52 . if S, K- " - A ., M 5 W L, :.: .:. .. A-A 5 nw W5 35,12 gmt as fl - , sv 1 N W , W U N S' my wg f - Q ,, . 2' 1 M B ' ' Nw? .W he m ay 4. .gm A liv f A gg W1 4 5 A , - M if H , ,5-Hg 5- ' ss 5,45-B K am - 9 4 L M I' '4 I " -4 f I1 ff gl-32:-4 ff-v i lf. we E mm, E ,M W M B .4 HM Hmmm Zim M Sw -mimi E. smmgww H MH E M Ream -B .awvzgss E awww H H A X mmf EE V. my Aman H my H r 'ss nf . W H W w viz, 3. Q85 ag Q Q mr-' asm?-, B H N ,Q ag Hg :Qs-Ex ss wg., was .Mavi- Nu mf W as sgm' sig ww Lmsmcsl .Y -nga 2 H 1 A w 4, 'Hun 'W-wk if fx.,-1s3'3'uhmua ,,...,,, . H- mm-Q-MTW , 5 nz swsm mn -my csv: is Jyum, ss musmmgg, ggi -mfmwx sq' -za-xz:E?51?m bf, 3 Q waww mamma A H -we B :Ln Q -Q: xfammm K mxz mm Mg 'm 'J Ei mziis' mf :xx M as a aims.. wma m ms faq. mm 5553 ss a :::a::.. 5. z ' x ,I 5 .Ez X - 1-a:sftsEs' aa, .::: -. E: 1 ,CMA . ..... . .... ,. f." ff" -- -2-ezbrwwww sEm.?gEEEwwmm U f mgmw-Mww-:nf-+1:,.w ggll ggwg- Kwmww M ,nl ,..-bi,g?Y.-.- MLW , ,MEM W maui 2135218 mm Wi? gf: i amy msn Hg., ,E V HF mm ,ww-.H "EW . - 3 wr 1,-5543 sau fv - Q an 4 - - ' V' .. , Wgi-gi gawiwg-'Gew' Q' 2 1 ,451-? gf! -2 Je ' '.5'::5.:::,:.:s:Q3E.w ,,,,WQ,v,g gs,-Y - as-Q mxw fgg V MQW Vg: su-fmmwmw minimis 'A m?fw'mX HI ww gggi 1f"'Q'2EQiT I WM " H'C'.1-fu BNA' m SLK vig Mg ,N U MX.. M , U I . 1:1-4 A manga' ' S1 hw mmm H 1-H . mm xgggwm.. 4: -is-xwggxgvmv, -Qgmf-mx' um-x wxmsm wsmvwfl, wma fm F hm ,X 3415,,Awww-ggasgqgzazmgiw,WWEE-gmw, gnu. www xwgfhg-.3-. wav,-Q-3-rw 'AEE :1m1'.L3.irBhi Knvvmwfvlwh ,S A M k N -M MW-w anne 1. + my gg W. W H 115 Us M xx-gm ' my mm HW May,-ww-U ,.sm:xirLMgQ ammgawss W ,qu . aww' Mau wzmfa X fi mm mm . Q WHEN X fm- X My W . omecomin 1 A we M2214 C7 C.. C3 Inspired by fhe 'rheme "E+ernal as ihe H. .. ills, Alpha Gamma Nu fool: firsf place fhis year in The annual floaf con- fesf. The revolving cenier piece decor- aied wifh brighf colors and silver paper caughi 'rhe eyes of +he iudges, iusf as i+ caughf everyone else's. Making fhe floaf was lo+s of work, buf ihe fhrill of vicfory was worfh if. Graciously reigning over 'fhe evenfs on Homecom- in d g ay were Queen Caro- lyn Peiersen and her lovely courl' consisiing of fresh- man princess Jan Alexan- der, sophomore princess BeHy Perry, iunior princess Sue Mauser, and senior princesses Anne Hollen- b erg and Marfha Tro'H'er. Queen Carolyn was crowned af ihe beginning f 'fh o e 'Foofball game, and her en+rance wifh her 951'- couri highlighfed 'ihe fes fivifies of ihe Homecom ing dance held fhaf eve ning. 4 A, I, o.. s- ' n. 4- V fy .71 -Q .Y-f"'? ' , f-1 U., ,r .,,- , fry..-a T31 , . P1-0 . e 1..- "Q - m' if N s.-Z. ! lf, e 1 ' A! ,v - 41 2... - ef H. , 5,0151-I -again ,L A ,wk . Mgr., i i A rf EL U v w ' :Zi .MEX- l Ib- ' . ,s W - " ' , si l 1. fi ,asm grksf-' lv'-J.. "L" 'Q '15, ' l"- -13333, ,ty-gc " 5 14524 iw' Qv.TL,'FL' 1-nsvifl " . 9 .ef-"-' 'Adding zesf and spirii fo fhe Home- coming ac+ivi+ies was ihe Bulldog marching band led by Zip Zeideker. In full uniform The band paraded fo fown during fhe morning, ihen kepi' fhe ex cifemenf ' ' ai high prich by playing af ihe game fha? affernoon. v- eal '19, f' E e 5: X I 4' e me ,, luxe s w enema w amass 9 armmix gage . - . . , Rl W . was 5 . , iii? SH H is H H as was 3915" H ..- as E ummm Q N - ,, ,, ,fgamgm B mm Bei? e ana Under fhe leadership of Robyn Frye and Roger Locke, Homecoming chairmen, fhis year's acfivifies included e parade downiown. This new fealure was complele wifh floafs, band, queen and her courf, flag lwirl ers, maioreifes, song leaders and crowds of enlhusiaslic onlookers. H' culminafed in a big rally downfown. If is hoped fha? fhis evenl will be repealed every year because of Hs funcfion in unifing lhe Universify acrivifies wifh +l1ose of fhe 1'own. 'gf-Orem-, -E...--w..,, .. . ,ff-M was 1, vw' x I x A X Q sigma, , 2. ll' B- Y HUC NSF! , . me SSAL FROP1 THE' "Fronfier Daze" was The chal- nging iheme for fhe All College ix direcfed by chairmen Judy obinson and Dave Farmer. The reek Theaier was complefe iih covered wagons and saloons afuring everyihing from prairie ogs +o shof-gun weddings. Seen ' ere is an lniun massacre spon- red by fhe sophomore class. 50? er' 5 263 ff-iii , gm ill W Everyone ai fhe Mix musf have been commiHing crimes, because sooner or lafer 'the Spur sheriffs had almosf all of 'lhem in iail. I+ cosf money io gef bailed our, bu? fhese prisoners don'f look foo unhappy. Profiis wen+ for fhe Spur Spring Spree held in March. X, . 8 puff' Hffver 7-lr ix Cooper's Cure, sold by mem bers of 'the junior class, was a real cure for fhirsi. H sfrangely resembled boHled soff drinks. The 'rwo cure-alls aHrac'ring busi- ness were Diamond Lil, alias Pal' Brooker, and Jerry Glen. ' X N. Aw .Q- ' 1 ' f V xg x f V . N1 QVIWQ .-'E ijt ,, vc' X X5 gfxgmzs, ' l Q' yy ,fm Q X if I , ,lg "WX 1 y wi. J ' KW X A, , Q .1 mi: , , 5 , V, V V- ,ef A ,, ,, H 15 af f V 5 , xg-, ,, '. V N 'ff I K Ni- LA' R . 4 :,"',1x X- Q -sis, f 'EBM' 1' W , jf, 3 ,,.. V, A ,M sg-,,,.,: A 11 ,r Q.. ri, Z 3442, r w -5.3, X A 'i"f-1:71 ' '. "' '. 1: , 2' .HT A ' u ' U ai-7" - 11 ff -43 Mx 'Tv Y I xx jc.: 1 ' ,i i 1 3--,.Vq,x,f,,r -2,1 f .1 fa gow-A wr-' 555164 , if "' ifililf ,--7 'S ggi ' , Lg-F Q? . Qif-h2s-+'fS,v',f, .'- ,f Q.. W Xgwgxq' f , H . gf f , - :rg , T5 ll ,, xv ' 9 3? I xr ' ff' "W W M' ' an Af S H W , ' V.. e nr. N- A K X N H ,, Q x , .V , " -Q ,4 ,i X M . - ' -V ' 5 if My 1 , s ' , W ' fi - ,,-ug. 1 .J-,gl . , M4 Lgilgug Xi - WJ' N x YV- A' x .L" 1 ' -1 ' 1 '.fw" wif "N' f Q, H - , ...-my ,V - . f yy I -- Y-A. J M K' 2,-y,f., 1 S Mi W .'g'3,:fx, .,:,y 5' I 6 ' lg7.'l?f'xQ,f: F' .1 fry if 4'f,fX,-4"x'M4 a.-wif-2 fs , 'ffwzui'-f ,' - KI?--f , L ' ,fu ag: K .' ' 'rg1,- x H1 '-ga-My-tq,qW . rl, xi' wif V, , 'U ' 1 - , 1 ,A , .Y - , 4 K 1 ,few W ' X "QE M , , ., , 1 . U,-V f' 1 , F' H . Q , H , K , 5125 -nv bb ,zz ESQ ' :mx , mf 1 1 X-f ,. ,Ir ' 1: -51 :ae X N4 as Q X M fs' Sw a H X an w gags mi? win 5 sa QE!-A N, 1 I t ME M . w fi5?f VX' . Mm' g key, D X1 M W E mn fi ,WE SQA 1 . Viva' ma 'V a ,X is If P' GL' uafzfef A+ 'lhe Homecoming rally, ihe favorife enferfainmenf was provided by Benny Taylor, Roger Cullen, Dave Nuffer, and Wes Reed. The Pi Chi Quarfef is assisfed here by Sue Mauser in one of 'heir many song rendilions. 'zesenfs Decoralions of ancieni' Greece, fea- 'ruring a giani Troian horse, sei' fhe 'theme for fha Fall Presenls dance. New pledges enfered under fhe greaf myfho- logical figure for an evening of formal excifemenl. - li . u1.T :ug nm -1-an 5 5 5 , Q, 5 M fm is AA, . .Q I 1 ss E Ei' lcnlcs Sylvan Park was 'lhe scene of many picnics during fha year. Classes, clubs, and ofher campus groups which found 'lime for oufdoor fun sponsored Them. an em mei E - we mme w 1 is H e e an iw H55 Rawls H2395 HB SS" na wwe seam m sw- is an an sms: gsm me new mam we is mmm Hema nl mm' , : ...-. , .:..:. 5.5 .:. H . oncefzfs Dramalic procluclions, musical pro- cluclions, and concerfs played an im- oorlanl parl in Jrhe social and The cullural aspecls of universiry life. The Philharmonic concerl and lhe Roberl Shaw Choral were +wo of Jrhe high- lighls of The season lealurinq pro- fessional guesr arfisfs. The Univer- si+y's own music and clrama oleparl- menls also confribuleol many enrer- Jrainmenlr rrears lo The line arls program. lniermission af a Philharmonic Cancer? is one of +he occasions when 'townspeople and universiiy people mingle for a 'Few minu+es during a pleasan+ evening. Coffee is served, and friends have an opporfunify fo compare nofes aboui fhe performance. This year 'Ihe Universify of Redlands was honored wiih fhe appearance of many accomplished arfisfs. These included, among ofhers, Roberf Shaw and his 'famous chorale, The famed singer Eileen Farrell, and +he ncfed guifarisf Andres Segovia. The falenf of fhese performers did a greai' deal +0 promofe sfudenf lnleresf in fine music. The opera "Lowland Sea" sfarring Gloria Yohe and Garvin McGeHrick fold fha sfory of an ill-slarred love affair in a New England fishing rown. Wifhoul fhe aid of any sfage scenery, fhe dramaric score creafed Hs own seaside armosphere. This sfirrinq Opera Workshop produclion was direcfed by Edrie Sellick. Gill C214 'Lama "Squaring fha Circle," a unique, rol- licking Russian salire, developed +l1e 'farcical problems encounfered by iwo couples sharing one small room. Nancy Rufh Miller, Barrie Baumgarfen. Chellis Hurdle, and Mary Lamb shared a four- way lead in demonslrafing 'lhe con- fusion possible when love and ideolo- gies are mixed. Page I25 Carols are in 'the air ai Redlands every Chrislmas in praise of ihe newborn Babe. Here fhe siudem' body sings fogeiher, led by Professor Ruff. l X sf ,fe L N ' -L Sania surprised everyone fhis year by arriving af fhe Chrisfmas rally in a he-arse, buf he was as iolly and full of life as always. He iold iokes, read leilers, and ihrew candy io 'rhe crowd. For iheir firsi' Chrisfmas season af Redlands, +he girls of U Hall sere- naded 'Phe campus 'From ihe Chapel sfeps. The siill nighf and candlelighi creaied ihe perfeci aimosphere for sacred carols. Page I26 Male vorces added resonance and depfh 'ro The beaufy of The Chrisimas serenades. Here fhe boys In froni' of Corfner are led by Ed Hands reached high in anfici- pafion as San+a brings Chrisimas 'lo l25 children af The Yule+ide par+y in ihe lobby in Universify Hall. The fesfiviiies were spon- sored by fhe freshman class. Page I27 ms H ggi up g a.e ,::. 1.15:-a-7-5v:1-' :.:L,.:...:..:.:.: . . - :.::,.:..:.i ms'-I -.:-W :-ass.,-:-,..:,: . :-1 -:- :-1 ,sf 1.-A' 5.5 .,..h .sg E sf s- I . . , alia W xgw H - hm 5 Elf 5-25 W B8 H :.:.:.: H H 351 lzgbigr ' SS m ss 2 Q gi n m Fm ss a Riga gigs W Wim :WEE 2: M N H W H gg Q M M H svsmffgig P1155 wr ' a 1 E Q a E 5 5 sm xi H 'a HN W A an 's W N 'w any gn rx Q ss is fu - E infefz un n as ss ,gf am ss HE gm u ss n W ss ss To lhe lefl Jean Anderson and Rulh Buflerfleld prove fha? fha fun of Cl1rls+mas IS In parhcl paiing, as 'lhey decorale +l1e 'lree -For U Hall To +l1e rlghf Sanfa Claus lslrangely resembllng Shoriy Hansenl discussed Yule affairs wlfh Sandy Robbms and Merlann Smllh The Chrnsfmas spirif spread 'l'hrougl1ou'lll1e dorms ln a succession of parhes and lradlhons designed for helping w n mn ms 227' fag' ' now ahh, gul- --, Green Valley was Hue scene of a greaf deal of ' fun and frolic in February af flwe All-College show pariy. Doifie Miller and Benfley Wallace were in charge of Hue day's arranigemerds. L L Snow Queen Nancy Greenfield of 'rhe freshman class was crowned by Beniley Wallace. Her princesses were Marfi Pugh. sophomore: Mayballe Powell, iunior and Dol Blyfhe, senior. -if -Ji 5,1 .A 'W' 35 AQ1 . Nil -by 1-Q, us - fe - 'f,iE'. Skiing, lobogganing. and sled- ding were among 1'l1e acfiviiies en- ioyed by +l1ose who affended 'Phe snow parfy. The snow was noi as pleniiful as fha fun, bum' fhe snow parfy was 'rermed a success. Xvx 'LW-3 X inf? -i ' Es s.... E fy - WA ' '- "sq-i Ama M. ,m . 'Bul- ' e .Jaw .ww- AM ,W L. usage Qin- 1 ,W ,K xi-J... Q Am nivefzsifnl ni ln February The annual "U Day" provided lypical experi- ences ol a college day for hundreds ol visiling high school sludenls. Under The co-chairmanship ol Diane Harper and Fred Francis, Jrhe program included samples ol dormilory living, classroom leclures, and campus aclivilies. Y - ' - iiiljzi : .-1'2" ess,-2 i 4:..,.f-1-1 3? ggfal...--,-,,.,,.. f f... -::,,....- ,gg r... --- Climaxing fhe busy clay. a rally was held afler lunch in fhe commons. In spi're of rain, fhe prospec+ive college sfudenls were well infroducecl 'fo +he warm spiril of 'lhe Universiiy of Redlands. Page I30 N KRW' . My,-.' w,,,mE','7L', ,r- xi N ' .mir 'R If' ' Va, WEN. l ,, f Y , 1 amish .- X. - 2 Yk 'J in A a S -fhku eff H X K .1 iMLQM.,,- V . A .:' v,.-g 1, , : ,Qi ,MW-.HQ'3i? M MVN, i 1-153 as WAVE Q ' .- ,M"'E7 E E sf ' 97 - , ,Im ,L ,- AA 7' , ' .B AA, X -A ms sms?-H m as , -Vw- ,' , I X V Us K ,X., , V ,M,, ai as 6 ar mm: :-,. ,,.-. Ng, .. ,- HQ 5 ZW? Foofball coaches This year included, fop row, Jim Verdieck, Ted Runner, and below Them, Don Ruh and Mack Hammond. The Bulldogs found The key lo a successful season in a swiich from splil-T To double wing offense midway Through ihe season. They wound up The year wilh a five win, Tour losses and one lie record, finishing second in SCIAC compeiiiion behind Pomona - Claremont Coach Jim Verdieclc, ably assisied by Ted Runner and Mack Hammond, could be iusliliiably proud of his Team, as Two of The Bulldogs, Paul Womack and Scoii Fowler, were chosen on The all-league club. The mosi valuable players Tor Jrhe '54 season were Paul Womack in Jrhe line and Bruce Lamb as back. Scoil Fowler in The secondary and cenler l-loward Newmann were chosen as Jrhe mos+ improved players. Page I33 w VI 5 X . XA 3 fl! if vc , .. he gl . :.:: . . azz- ., Q' .1 " ' f v , ' 'J x F it 9 . V, 1' :sf , 5,1 I , n I .A .N 1 f '. AQ! ,, V A ' 'A gi ,, v X ,-'4'-PM Xmtl ,gf if 4 YA ' f was ,,'i 5 F ,K ,. ,WL ,Q xh -4 .- 4 .. H xr My is I, yy WX -EYE . 7 -ra 25 ' 12? Li I .2 A' ra . - 1 ,J , 1 ff! ' QL, , gf , V ,Q 1fsgT?lLi.4Q35g?1 3 W , f, i L' 1-'Sa A' ',"' Wzx3g2'2f-2???fS-A.- " -5' f -m'f 'f5f Y -' 3 f VL':-.1jii'-i3ii, 2 - g fi 14 ' -N, , , -9' "I, - + fb g W w f 3 in 41-JL.. ,P-L4 Q5 2,9 ff , ex 'ff' fm, N 1 I wh. V W + J A v sk D0 r' , '..'..,, ' K ,, , N.-Q".-W? 5":'Q4f' ' " M 5 wg 4 ,, ., ?.4ff.'-- Q5554.x'i'.r'2':rP+i'1'? Mm vwfg, fm, KM X W ' 1 1 52 iv W-w'-f?f"' X p-"cur-v' f 'rf' Qzg.Z',e'H1,,-I td' 417253: if 4- Milne McMahon Dick McMinn Howard Newman John Norby Dick Riedman Marion Sanchez J. R. Swoap Jim Wilson Coach Verdieclc's men, wiTh iusT Two weeks oT ioracTice, p ayed hosT To Arizona STaTe College aT FlagsTaTi in SepTember, losing I4-O. ATTer Trampling The TwenTy-Nine Palms Marine Base Team 47-6, The 'Dogs suT- Tered anoTher deTeaT aT The hands oT The Tough Pepperdine Waves. The low ebb in Redlands' grid TorTune was reached wiTh a loss To Pomona-ClaremonT, 28-7. ATT1e Rose Bowl The new double-wing was unveiled and The iviaroons Topped Cal-Tech 33-6. ScoTT Fowler and Joe l-louser were The big running ThreaTs in This win, Fowler going 70 yards oTT Tackle Tor one score. The new oTiense goT inTo high gear The nexT week as La Verne became a Bulldog vicTim. This game saw Ron "Squeec" Davis score Three Times and DwighT Webb collecT Twice. Then in The game wiTh Oxy, Redlands overcame a I3-7 Third-guarTer deTiciT To Top The Tigers 2 I-I3 in one oT The mosT exciTing games oT The year. The nexT week The Bulldogs baTTled The unsToppable Pomona Sagehens To a draw Tor Two guarTers and Tinally Tel Tor The second Time 22-6. The Redlanders Then moved on To SanTa Barbara and sToioped The Tavored Gaucho Team cold wiTh a 20-O win. In The season Tinale only a WhiTTier TD in The lasT Two minuTes enabled The PoeTs To gain a I9-I9 Tie, buT This did noT change The conTerence sTandings as Redlands Tinished ahead oT WhiTTier who was TourTh behind Oxy's Third-place 2-2 record. Page I 36 John Odenbaugh Gamalnel Perez Theron Presfon Dwlghf Webb George Wllfong Paul Womack Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands Redlands GAME SCORES Fla sfaff g .. Marines ..,. Pepperdine Pomona .... Cal Tech .. La Verne ,, Occidenial Pomona .... Sanla Barba Whiffier ..., N6 4 AF-pg. Q .s ,- ix 'PT ' -. Q pf P' ., . . 1 g Q.5Q'ws4T M' Q 554 N .7 , Wjjigbwfn 11541 . 1 Q ,532 ,e -ww. can ,--s-M B mg'f'U'S.v , Qff -f 49 Gao N B1 , 1,1 ., ' Q54 J -, r . I iii. ' 5, " ,. S t 5 Y E 1 M I an 4- Jr- ' M M51 -E K 59. N 1 , Y. g Eailriz ,. K i m?-X, :A Flaw 2, f ,. ggi . as 4' ,f ,gg I .Q , - H -K 1 . ' My .' f X. . ' wajm, t . . , g' " W 4 , M ' 'X 'Wffg,,.,'P , . H5555 N K .... fi -.f5f3i?57i " " ' f . Q fr 2 :Hug gy , A .A .., Q, 2 . ff - A - A , .:.: ::., "' A W Ziggy 5:-am 4 f 4, f EQ? , , ,SER ' 1:g:f:: A 44:1 'A"v-N4 1 -f ' fmmrm 3 Wsw fen --lwfazfw . 32.1 - ww - ' ' -:fi P J " X ' ',. ,Q x-.qi . is , . lg' 5 .L 1 ,, :uw Q 5 A Q"-fps? V' . f P U5 -S Egxz Fi, Fw -. . . W H W, Il 125. lb '1 1 "::'-., f I 114- 'Ns lFroni rowl: Rex Thomas, Bill Heinlein, Mark Hanson, Les March, Dick Reed. lSecond ro l M Il P l D B Walf Roberls, Jim Richardson, Vernon Boofh, Ro IS. GC I'0W Z T. 5fT'll'I1On Ell IB lc l M H d, Con Byars, Ken Lewis, Gerald Gicldens, Jack McKnighl'. uniofz Uczfzsifxl The I954 freshman foolball Team, under ihe 'rule- lage ol Coaches Cecil Cushman and Mack l-lam- mond showeol Redlands ians a series ol ruggecl well-played games lhis season. Allhough lhe Bull- pups were seriously hampered by injuries, rhey made a good showing and promised io send several lop men io Jrhe l955 varsily squad. Oulslanding in The line lhroughoul 'rhe season were laclcles Marly Erickson and Ken Lewis, guard Denny Whelan, and ends Boolh, Gilleii and Devore, lo name a few, Byars, Mead, Rex Thomas, Beniley Wallis, and Wall Roberls were lhe mainsiays ol rhe baclclield. y i ice, au evore, enlley Wallis, Coach J Marry Erickson, George Gille'H', Dennis Wilk B lld g T y Moore rushes in lo re- 0 BS 1' 'lhrou d gh 'lhe close guard of a ber of th P cl -Nazarene live. 6 BSB BHG - . a ' n '-' L. Queen of lhe eigh+h annual "R" Club lournameni was Mary Ellen Hudspefh lcenlerl. Wilh her are princesses Wilma Larsen, Marilyn Twellcer, Carol Kleppe and Gerry Curlice. R 7-Oufznamenf The Eiqhlh Annual "R" Club Baslcelball Tournamenl again proved lo be one ol The oulslanding evenls on lhe Bulldog campus. A large crowd saw Whillier become lhe second mulliple winner ol lhe lourney as 'rhey lopped Sanla Barbara Slale 69-50. Pasadena-Nazarene look The olher final spol as lhey oulscored lhe Redlands live 53-40. ln Jrhe consolalion game Oxy won lhe cup by downing Weslmonl 77-64. The oulslandinq player ol lhe Jrournamenl was Joe Wohlmulh of Whirlier. Olher memoers ol lhe all-rournamenl leam included Bob Edmondson, Redlands: Marlyn Davis, Whillierg 'line l-lardeman, Weslmonlg Tom Williams, Sanla Barbara Slale, and Jim Bond ol Pasadena Nazarene. Isl place Whillier 2nd place Pasadena Nazarene 3rd place Sanla Barbara Slale 4+h place Redlands Cenfer Bob Eclmonson shoofs for 'Iwo poinls as 'leam-male Al Endeman looks on in lhis game wi'lh Sanfa Barbara which saw lhe Bulldogs fall 78-63. D ny Young B b Weis G vin M G f:?aslzeflJall Playing a ToTal oT 29 games, The Bulldog varsiTy baskeTball Team made a good show- ing This year wiTh a 4 win, 4 loss SCIAC league mark which gave Them The Third- place posiTion. Two Bulldogs gained all- SCIAC recogniTion as Tour-year leTTermen. CenTer Bob Edmondson made The TirsT Team Tor The second sTraighT year and newcomer Al Endeman placed on The second squad. The Two were consisTenTly The Top scorers 'lor The Maroons ThroughouT The year. c effriclc '15 Bob Edmondson Al End Cook Paul Pei' Doyle Edson Bob Pi+m,?n Z. Y. Coleman Mike McMahon Bill Dennis BSNUY TaYl9" 0, . .mr X if 'ist ' S 3 Sh? ii? 4 yur if s..,,t ' 'E ,, 'A ,YN- , , A - -h -, H -4' wi E 5 E in W ' , , 5 , .b 3 W -E'--N. f 2 M U HM f Q Q W U -:-.,.-:I,., J :QI wlljva X W, ,,j I V mini . ....... fs - lzlz V , :-: X J Y- 'xx W Q .::: is 1. lx -V g, ,B N Y -- my- vi, , I A V H I. xl, Q ulllu .,..: 6 blzz lr 1 V ,H ls 3:4 ,., N I V l J - - Q G if : : Q 1 i- I .. 1 ---- ' ' H . - . :':' ":: ' 'Z gk i wi an -6 35, .ml ' .517 ff K . Q. .V A Q1 9 ,- f - ig , ' ' 1-mg? 2' 1' - , .A " "f 2 I, ' tx: f If H .,, S -wifi wel: Team WiTh a small buT spiriTed group oT Treshmen, Coach Cecil Cushman molded a Team ThaT alThough oTTen on The shorT end oT The score, always provided The sTudenT body wiTh exciTing loaslceTball. ATTer sTarTing The season wiTh a 62-55 win over The l-lemeT Team, The Bullpups experienced a Tough go, hiTTing a hard-luck sTreak loeTore a 36-32 win over The CalTech Trosh puT Them back on The win Trail. During The season, The Trosh played, in addiTion To Their eighT SCIAC games, Two conTesTs in The SanTa Ana college TournamenT during The ChrisTmas holidays. During The course oT The year They meT such Top Treshman Teams as Those Trom Pasadena Nazarene and Pepperdine as well as Teams Trom SanTa Ana and CiTrus Junior Colleges. Top scorer Tor The club was cenTer Dave Fisk, wiTh a I4-8 average per game. OTher Top perTormers Tor The Trosh were Bob l-luTT, Bill Heinlein, Jim Richardson, George "Porky" GilleTT, and Tom Elser. The Techniques used by The VarsiTy Team are carefully observed and evaluaTed by The Frosh Bullpups and TrequenTly employed in Their own games. -L a T s::e.gJl T in ac ion In The Top picTure, show g T T Redlands-Oxy game, Bullpup John L dg T Tor Two poinTs as T T D d e8mI'l'16 9 F k looks on. In The lower picTure F h T Elser goes high 'For a rebo d n T 'l' P l' agains omona-Claremon . Page I43 - aaa E55 af agga 'Maxam mm N WEWWA aggass a aaaa a saasla as Q-E251 aa aswla a. af ' B nl- HBH BEE? as aaa am swam .ima ai 2 K may aaaaww w rzaaa aim W QMUWEWKMHMMSI .........., . if aaiaaaaaaaaaaaagfijaaa 35.52335 Q aa aaaaa aaga " -We """" " , aaaa aaaa a M Qiaa ggfamaagagfw as M W aaaaa aa-a mama was saga aaaa ammvas aagga Ea a JE it a's1.ax4,:aga,5g a a alma -aagaaa aa aaaaa - a xm?m5S???S?awEwazaa-a- 5 aaaagqaaafaasgjafiaa a aalaaaaaamaaaaam a aan ada amaa aaa ' aa a - aaa smaaaavaa Us I I yffgraiaf ra Sas a aaaggagaa aaa ai aaa as aaa, aaaasaa . a aaa aaa aa? V, a aa Kms -aaaa aaa aaa aaa :ia-aaaa ana sag aa :fig :gag mwargggliiaaaaqagaaa Nga l aaaa Km Swami amiga af,ala:E-aggyaaaqwgraam gy, a 3-maa-Q-aaa mgiaga mee H5355 aaa Efaaaa a E is Ea a Wgga N as mmxwgax Eau as aaaaaa aalaa i, M, aa am as sam , E,,- a aa aaaa a-a ea sa s ,R a aaa an a-aa na aaa aa B asa mama -a-a agaa magma aaa saga ga as aa a5a5a.a.-Ma..afaai,aaY,a Mmm aama.4aaa,,as ME? E :-: maaa-aga-iaa i- - rumaaaaia g-aaaaggf gig, , Haazaaaaaaxa aa a Ea sm H a aaaa Ea a ' W aaa aa: a maaaaaaaawa aagfaa ,.,.,,,, ., L... Mg Mgsg - Magai-ia wma-a--a W 9 a aaa 5-a S . aa aa-a -a aaa aa E J a 9211185315 W a aa aaa amaaaa smaaaa Pia a-aaaa aa- ma -aa aaa axga at aa aaa Ez , m a aa a a m a fa i-:if-za sz1i5za - aasa a aa an QQ' Ely i-aza a-a a a 2 z a , A a a za a a ana H aaa aa aaa aa za 5 9 EE E aa-iaaaaa aETa ,ll Q K a a Eilgiiasgaaimamgwwge- -ss E. aa aa-A-1-fm., a-a a 720012 The all-conference, Sanfa Barbara and Fresno Relays were fhe highlighfs of an acfion-packed season for Coach Ted Runner's frack and field forces fhis year. Paced by sprinfers Denny Whife and l-lal Boring, hurdlers Marion Sanchez and George Wilfong, and disfance men Sfeve Chaffee and Byron Kough, fhe varsify sfacked up well againsf fhe ofher SCIAC schools. AI Endeman in fhe pole vaulf and Dick McMinn in fhe shof and discus ably represenfed fhe Bulldogs in fhe field evenfs. In fhe freshman division Redlands came up wifh a real group of afhlefes, who finished second behind Oxy in fhe league relays and won a large share of ifs dual mafches. Wifh Mickey McKinley, Mike Lewis, Dennis Whelan and Bob Busfer in fhe shorf races and Bob Schumaker, Dick Puz, Bob l-luff and Chuck Torman in fhe longer disfances fhe Bullpups were good for poinfs againsf any compefifion. Schumaker, wifh 4:26 and l0.07 clockings for fhe mile and fwo-mile was par- ficularly oufsfanding. his mile mark seffing a new UR sfandard. ln fhe field Dick Shargus had shof pufs of over 46 feef and discus fhrows of l49 feef fo gef a good share of fhe poinfs fhis year. l-lis marks in bofh evenfs sef Frosh records. Vern Boofh in pole vaulf and Don Mead in fhe iavelin were also oufsfanding in fhe field evenfs. Below, Coach Ted Runner discusses plans for fhe nexf meef wifh Marion Sanchez, Denny Whife, Sieve Chaffee and Byron Kough. Bulldog Ron Palmer goes over fhe bar in fhe fop picfure and feammafes Sfeve Chaffee and Byron Kou-gh are shown warming up for a meef. In fhe lower picfure Marion Sanchez clears fhe hurdle in a conference meef. i f' if The Frosh Track squad picTured aT The upper righi' included, fronT row, Bob BusTer, Rex Thom- as, Bob McKinley. Second row, Ken Lewis, Gary WeaTherford, Jim Dunning, Chuck Thorman. Back row, Coach Ted Runner, Bob Schumaker, Ver- non Boofh, Bob Huff and Dick Puz. One oT The mosT successTul cross-counTry seasons was had by Coach Ellis Davies' Team This Tall as The VarsiTy made a beTTer Than average showing and The Treshmen wenT undeTeaTed. The big men in The yearling machine all year long were Bob Schumaker, unbeaTen in all races: Dick Puz and Chuck Thorman. Jim Dunning and Bob l-luTT also adied wiTh Tine periformances. Byron Kough was The consisTenT TronT man Tor The VarsiTy Team, Taking Third in The all-conTerence run. held in December aT WhiTTier. Here, The VarsiTy placed TourTh wiTh 99 poinTs and The Frosh Team Tinished wirh a 27 poinT TirsT place. Guess mmf LI The VarsiTy Cross Counfry squad included ifroni' rowia Mr. Davies, Bob CurTis, Dennis Whife. iBack rowiz Dudley Sipprelle, STeve Chaffee, Byron Kough. The Frosh Team included iTronT rowl: Charles Thorman, Jim Dunning, Mr. Davies. iBack rowiz Bob Huff, Dick Puz, Bob .,1 Schumaker. . di asia SW 3 L, I in vu l " ,- , L. ' 1 95,1 .sl X lm y 'Wi lm T " 'f f' T ? free' '+A -,- 7' -, -f Q I T ,IN X Eagelmll Highiighfs Conceniraiing on The iundamenials oi hiiiing, baserunning, and fielding, Coach Cecil Cushman rounded oui a solid fresh- man diamond squad which aiier a slow siari, showed iiseli io be one oi The hard 'reams io beai in 'rhe league. Piiching was scarce bui gualiiy was good as Tom Elser and Roy lvlillice carried ihe greaier pari oi ihe load. Playing and loeaiing such learns as Jrhai oi ihe local Redlands High School, ihe Bullpups were well iuned up when Jrhey eniered full-scale league com- pe+i+ion following Easier vacaiion. in Members of fhe Varsify baseball feam, picfured af iop of page, are Hironi' rowl: Bob Sauer, Harry Weisberger, Bill Yensen, Wal? Adamson, Doyle Edson. lSecond rowi: Paul Womack, Mike McMahon, Ted Tesfa, Dennis Holi, Dave Fowler, Bill Dennis. lBack rowl: Roger Loclcie, Marfy Adams, Paul Pe+erson, Keifh Hilliard, Dave Farmer, Mr. Ballce. Above leff, Dave Farmer is shown as he beafs ouf fhe 'throw fo firsi' in an acfion sho? of fhe Bulldog game wifh Cal Poly of San Dimes. Below lefi, anofher Bulldog is seen sliding home in fhis same game. The Red- landers 'look fhe doubleheader from fhe Cal Poly nine, 3-I and I2-I. A+ leff, fh e Bullpup pifcher shows e skull which enabled fl-ne Redlands n + ' ne o come up wnrh a 4-3 win over e Pomona-CI aremonl' feam. A+ leff, fronf row, Gordon Clopine Bob E ll zze , John Ledger I Second row, Chuck Thorman, Craig Johanson, Paul Devore, Dick Reed, Back row, Don Simpson, Ted Tesla, Ken Lewis and Co I1 C ac ushman. Below, Craig Johanson beafs ouf 'Phe lhrow fo firs+ and in fhe nexf picfure John Ledger waifs for fhe +oss as one of fhe Sagehen nine heads for second base. gym S, ' M if' ,R - . , Z if ? fe aa X 'B sh ,Y,.9i-f if . K G' , X as me A ,Q 1 a,-.,La..w..- ennis Once again Coaclu Jim Verdieclc's Bulldog Tennis Team was on Top oT Tlue SCIAC, Tor Tlue sixTlu sTraigluT Time, as Tluey made powerucul sluow- ings in all Tlueir maTclues. Occiden'fal proved To be Hue rougluesT luurdle in Tlue paTlu oT Tlue Bulldogs as Huey Tielded one ou' Hueir bes'f Teams in years in an aTTempT To beaT Tlue Maroons. During Tlue season Tlue Bulldog ne'fTers meT USC and UCLA several Times, and alHuouglu Huey were beaTen as a Team by Tlue PaciTic CoasT courT colossi, Huey Turned in Tine individual perlormances. Tlue main- sTays oT Tlue Verdieckmen were Ron Palmer and Jerry Boas, boTlu sTellar singles men and, com- bined, one OT 'flue besT doubles Teams in 'flue wesTern UniTed S'faTes. A sTrong lineup in all spoTs was 'flue underlying reason Tor so many Team Triumplus, luowever, and Denny Mann, Ken TurlcneTTe, Craig BoTTger and Bob l-lavemann provided TluaT sTrengTlu. Giving sTrong compeTi- Tion To Tluese men were Ted Fisluer, Don Graydon, Jolun Rusluing, Ben Taylor and George GilleTT, wluo Trom Time To Time represenTed Tlue scluool ably in iunior varsiTy maTclues. is , I B s 5 ' B s H H 9 ,E E B H 2 ,wigs WWE ' n . ft T, X 'Q ssgjiwms KT s N j N Hia i ,-lm' , mg!-an ' -2-"' . :Aa E Xing!!-Hi: sh! LQ! CS wi- 5 ls I Q' ' 1 Eu N V X i is ,sm S a Q " 1 -.-ae sf. "-'-' -1 ,V , ,- ' g.v , V .',,,,f,-, 11 'Ayr ,f V ' AW ,I 1 V r ,f -I -7, .Ji ,,A,J-erm. 'gf -' .-.4 1- - f.-- J. P -"fvubw-in I sg? ,fm 'rag-,gb f J 12.gJZ"' uiwuf, -V 4' 5' 'Q ' ,ir ' g .wfffif .,ss'w,71.4-NL" '-sw g . ,Q -.Bef ,....e', . .1' I ,HJ , we-7' ., ' T" , .""' . ,,, -' fff .iff - 'A Us Asfxff- . c.-.-, , PicTured aT The Top of Tlue page are Jerry Boas and Ron Palmer who, individually and as a double Team, led Tlue Bulldog neTmen To anofluer fine record in SCIAC Tennis compefiiion. Above, members of Tlue Team are shown geffing ready for a conference malch. Members of The Varsiiy Tennis squad aT leTT are lfronf rowl: Denny Mann, Jerry Boas, Ron Palmer. lBaclc rowl: Ken Turknelfe, Bob Have- mann, Mr. Verdieck, Graig BoTTger, Ted Fiscluer. S 5'"x 'lil - -'Ll' el' ' , ' ,ff e- ,. . Q .--M .f ,i',.-new -4- fa " Wilh several former irosh champs on 'rhe rosler, ihe varsiiy men slaried olll ihe SCIAC swim season wiih fine scores in Jrhe conference relays and in dual malches wilh Chaliiee JC and Whiilier. Led loy Coach Wall Anderson, ihe NCAA Swim Coaches Associaiion presideni, ihe Bulldogs made bids lor poinis wiih rwo aces, ZOO yard ASTAC baclcsirolce lcing Neil l-loplcins and freshman disiance iree- slryle champ Terry Kupier. Also lending slrengih was diver John Cummings, who ias a freshmanl lasi year 'roolc ihe relays diving crown. Picfured al 'lop lefi' are 'From' row: Byron Kough, Ron Wilmol, John Winkelmann, Dave Lips- comb, John Cummings. Jack Long, Emery Geiger. Back Row: Coach Anderson, Bill Oliveri, Neil Hopkins, Louis Malfeson, Terry Kupfer, Dave Bell, Howard Icanberry, Dave Tischler, Bill Yen. Al 'lhe lower lefl, Ron Wil- monl reaches 'lhe edge of ihe pool as his feammafes prepare lo ioin him. Jack Long on fhe high board, shows lhe diving form which won him many poinls lhis season. John Gruendylce, Dave Tischler, Neil Hopkins and Terry Kupfer are piclured Members of Orchesis include lfron+ rowl: Kay Coulfer, Doran Suess, Joyce Mochizuki, Lee Jud- son, BeHy Hammen. lSeconcl rowl: Doffie Sloica, Rifa Cabral, Margarei' Brinckman, Do'r Tasker. iBack rowl: Arlene Brooks, Dorris Fosfer, Bunny Cramer, Jane Cheney, Mickey Van Devanfer. w Q an Ofzclnesis Led by presidenl Sally Rider, The Women's Recrearion Associalion of- fered an inviling program This year. Aclivilies included a hamburger fry, dress dinner al U l-lall, co-rec nighl, splash parly, play day. and Jrourna- rnenls in baslcelball and volleyball. For lhose girls primarily inleresled in dance produclion, Orchesis had much lo offer also. Members oi lhe group presenled programs and demonslralions in lhis communily and neighbor- ing areas. The busy spring season was climaxed by parlicipalion in Jrhe Zania Fiesla. The WRA cabinef members included: Jacqueline Yaies, Verna Billard, Miss Gorman, Donna Suffon, Mary Lou Linfner. Sally Rider, Loree Lilchfield, Arlene Hanssen, Belly Perry, Marian Baskefball games are buf one of fhe many Naylor, Arlene Brooks. aciive sporis offered fo parficipanls in W.R.A. S C2149 9149296 :DJ ,J ,gk SY! 4 ,fd 44.2, Page ISI PHIL S CHARCUAL BROILER HIRAM FISHER GEORGE HESSER PHONE 2 05I0 HIGHWAY 99 AND COLTON AVENUE For FIowers In Fashxon 1:1uA1.l1Y CUURTESY SERVICE MRS AUSTIN T. PARK 82I Orange SI'ree'I Phone 4 I700 I I I Orange SI'reeI' Phone 4 4I4I CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 55 ' rl . m y TELEPHONE 4 309' SERVICE AND COURTESY REDLANDS CALIFORNIA We SIFIVG Io GIVE You BOII1 FOR SI-IOES OF OUALITY IT'S . . . PUBLIC GOLF COURSE AND DRIVING RANGE Double Rane GOLF LESSONS AVAILABLE Q ootery 30 Easf S+a'I'e S+ree+ can 2-2442 CHARLES ROTAR, Pro. CLARENCE E. 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MOYER Beaumont Claiiornia Phone 4lOO 757 Wesi Ceniral Avenue Redlands 2-6050 9 Easi' S1'a+e Sfreei Phone 4-3939 2 Serr s Your i-ieadquariers For - SCHOOL SUPPLIES, GREETING CARDS STATIONERY, GIFTS TYPEWRITERS Sales, Renials and Repairs FOUNTAIN PENS For Plymou+h Sales and Service, See . . . Pai' and Marfi show fhe new co'Hons feafured af- A L . PLYMOUTH BUILDS GREAT CARS - Wg - econ sERvlcE KEEPs THEM GREAT I6 Caion S1'ree+ Phone 3-283l - 4l5 Orange Sireef Call 3-2323 I Le+ DON ROSE hel Highland Springs Resort Y0uWf+HwFu+uie- MUTUAL OF NEW YORK TODAY BeaUl'TlOl'll', C5lll:Ol'l'lla IIMONEYII l659 "E" Slreel Call San Bernardino 3-9279 Your Besl 'l:Ol' FI'6'l'Gl'l'1ll'y San Bernardino, California Redlands 4-7234 and Sororily Parlies. Dancing Chas. c. Parker Baslcelball - Ping Pong VO,,eyba,, - Tennis WMM UM Eealm Phone Beaumonl FIRESTONE TIRES Viclor 5366l Fourlh and Cilrus Phone 3-2407 we XZ .WMA OPTOMETRIST 28 Easl Slale Slreel Phone 4-3246 Arthur Commercial Press ln Redlands i'r's .... l5 Wesl Cenlral Avenue Call 2-0230 23 Easl' Cilrus Avenue .gd W4 350 y Hmms Lancia IdyIIwiId, California M Z SWIMMING I-IORSEBACK RIDING SKIING AND TOBOGGANING IN SEASON YOUR CLOTHES WASI-IED, FLUFF- DRIED AND FOI-DIED MODERN ACCOMMODATIONS IN TWO HOURS AND EXCELLENT FOOD SPECIAL RATES TO LARGE GROUPS Also Finish Laundry and Dry Cleaning For iniormajrion ancI reservaiions, c:aII or wriie: ?6aneefz Wmkdaia .laandgcelte I I32 Orange Sireei I I23 Orange Sireei IO22 SOUIIW ROIDeIISOn BOUIeVarCI Los Angeles 35, California We give Zfjf' GREEN STAMPS Phone 1 CRes+view Everyone Goes To . . . ho og House Locaied Jusi Beiween Jrhe I-IaII oi Lelriers and Melrose I-IaII - UiIII4ife's Scoff and Caroline Iook Through II-me Diamond scope a+ . . . Prescripiion Druggisi - Will saiisiy any of your needs in drugs. S' We Give Ujaivlf' Green Siarnps. CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST REGISTERED JEWELER Corner SIa'I'e a+ Orange Phone 4-322I 20 565+ 5+a+e gfreef phone 4-5405 HARRY AND LLDYD CILDSMDBILE ROCKET ENGINE CARS NEW RULING POWER OF THE ROAD Phone 3-237I 200 Wes+ S+a+e S'Iree+ EIN EST COSMETICS Bill and George find +I1e besi' Space 2 Fwy Slcvze ah.. H5 llfl2'S EC RITY-FIR T IH IIIISHHH Nimo ALBANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM I42 OFFICES AND BRANCHES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Corner of S'raIe and Orange S'IreeI's Phone 3-ZI49 I Glnrtnrr Eliunvral Qihaqarl 22I Brookside Avenue Phone 4-55l I SEER LIIIIE A II YIIIINI' CLOTHING YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER NEEDS AT .... T S PARTS AND SERVICE Phone 4-8636 I Phone 3-23I I IOI Easi' SI'a'I'e Sf. I I3 Wesi' Cenfral Avenue 204 Brookside Avenue Call 4-8304 "MOST COMPLETE STOCK EAST OF L.A." REDLAND5 CAMERA 51-Imp Baaakaicie fbfuae in The Place 'Io go when you're hungry. 2I7 Orange S'rreeI Phofophone 3-2 I 86 PLAYERS "Ding Dong" Bell "Sweef Lei-Ioni" OFFICIALS OF THE HOME - Kawachi Presideni 'Monfmarie' Moore 'Daring Dave' Alsip "Spider" Edmondson Treasurer "Omar" Adams 'BuIIe'r Bob' Sirom "HaHo" Emerson Endowmeni League "LeH Bank" Monfee Miss Mariy Smiih MISS Gerry Ann NOT PICTURED - CUFHCS "Pepe" Davis Miss Joyce Cowan "CY,-ang" I-auger Miss Sandra "Gigi" Gi!le++ WImbeVIY "Phoney Mike" McMahon Piciured above is one of 'Ihe many aciiviiies carried on by 'rhe Home-World Champions of Confinenfal Ball. BASKETBALL - ONE OF THE MANY PROJECTS SPONSORED BY . . . THE CLAY STREET GUNTINENTALS Gloria and Barbara glance fhrough The LA LETRA - prinIecI by .... Gifioqzaph fzinfin 0. I I3 Easi' SI'aI'e SI'reeI Phone 4-390I BradIey's T Hum TUHNIIUIIT EH, exam Service PETE ANDRIESE BOB VANDER WALL PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE can 3-2,20 5I5 Orange Shed B. F. GOODRICH TIRES AND BATTERIES A+ Fi1'+h S+ree+ -and Highway 99 I IO9 Eas+ S+a+e S+ree+ Phone 3-2827 I Keystone Drug Store ' 9 S I YOUR KEY TO HEALTH AND BEAUTY YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR HI FI RECORDS PHONOGRAPHS AND SERVICE I I2 Eas'r S+aI'e Sfreei' Ia I WE ARE PROUD I TO HAVE BEEN AWARDED THE CONTRACT EOR FURNISHING AND DECORATING THE ROOMS AND LOUNGE AREA OF ANDERSON HALL. I .1,f. VINE AT CAJON REDLANDS Open 24 Hours Free Service Truck Good IvIechanicaI Service Q 7 Q 0 Dwight s Union Service HARDWARE FURNITURE Sixfh Sfreei' and Highway 99 Phone 2-6I55 APPLIANCES I Phone IvIenTone 8-5I9I In Menione, California, iI"s 'rhe " A REAL HARDWARE STORE" '9 EaS+ CHTUS Avenue TRY OUR CHICKEN IN A BASKET Phone 4.4201 for 9Oc ,.4, . I :l.,, ,ILI ---- :Er I , " . I K WHITE I S D U .' ' WATCH I fl Bafbzf .u W CESCK I S OO A,' A ' REPAIRING IF YOUR HAIR as TOO LONG, T' T ,, . LONG SINCE YOu'vE SEEN us. ry watch 'S Pfam' by I :oz w. sme 503 Orange Slreel I .M Call 4-7376 . . .. IS yours. For your PARTIES . . . INFORMALS . . DANCES . . . IHIIISIINSIN III IIIIHII CHRISTENSEN ICE CREAM COMPANY I60I MT. VERNON AVE NUE, SAN BERNARDINO. PHONE 20544 Colonial I QUALITY SHOES FOR LESS I Redla I2 Caion Sfreel, al' lhe Triangle. Phone 3-2449 NOl"l'l'l l:OUl"l' ncls Agency I1 Slreel' Phone 4-568l If i+'s made at the Goodie Shop, i'r's Good! Meet your friends at the . . . 500,119 Shop SANIIHRY Biistii SHOP Persofzalzzea' Serfuzce CAKE SPECIALISTS 24 East State Street Phone 4-73I I ZI9 Orange Sifeetf Phone 43455 14 Meddage obylqag ' To my most vaIued Iriends.. my Customers. -I-his past sc:hooI year I have enjoyed increased Business I I W ' - -.-:wg ." "I 'Ii e We e' a' " N Y . www' "',, ar en 'me ' :ee.e-e n f X, .sl -:.g,,,e H - is 2, . .. 12- 'E - - ef-' .. . I - H . - - . hz , reg? sf ee? . :aww tam 'wma . . ' aeisgwiiugefvdfv-was X, , - 1m,,y5e'W . I . y Irom you .... the University students. For this I am thanIcIuI, and I trust I may continue to serve you through your Iuture sc:hooI years, faithfully, honestly, and economically. Mickey, Dorothy end Barbara find fheir spring ensembles ei... thanI4s, I tin ninfiisui lvmQ'S I5 Easf S+a+e S+ree+ Phone 4-4l8I FOR THE THICKEST IN MALTS . . . . . . THE BEST IN ICE CREAM Wajaggdgffq YAR N S H Cl P 7ce zeam amfacwg I I35 Orange Street Phone 4Q6l87 126 Caion Street can 2-2738 LOCALLY PRODUCED DAIRY PRGDUCTS BHUUHSIDE DHIRU COREIA College 4 ' ' I :. : I, X, l-' X X X I 9-AMQSQR im-A k X X Ness Xwygsx X Q fxxsx N X " M-Nm. X3 X , , X ,- .om ,.,x :rw . 4'- ' 5. '- J N:-he Q x X1 sg X Q Qx M -- Q X X s ' SYS Q K K f X X ., A N XX X X Tm . , X X X x sky Xx l s Shoe Repair Riff Jiri wg -,hge N . , llll lllllllll llllllllllllllllllll .Elllll3UllllllUll mofangela+co1+onl C6114-4188 Congralulalions and Besl Wishes lo Jrhe Class of '55 : q,x MI Hafolclg fUniversity of Redlancls HARoLD Fonmess e.:' .ses A 4 ll A : : 1' VZDD' V? A es ' A ' 1 Smarlesl Shoes Alool 4 W egelj he . G'lg'f i e .. ee s . T sssee seee sss s Phone 4-4405 I8 Easf Sfafe S+., Redlands , Retffaads mm fmmefown bA,, ' ,' he ,1Vb s,f, FOR FLCWERS W PAUL F. SCI-IAEFER IO6 Wesl Sfale Slreel Flower Phones 4-2285, 4-7676 Kay, Gail and Do+I'ie leave Io go slwopp g in The cloflwes fhey had cleaned aI' . . . peealedd. elecanead SUIISEI IIIE ann nunflns cu. SINCE I925 - ROOFING SIDING INSULATION CERAMIC TILE 620 Tennessee Sneefr Phone 4-3456 Gilman Hot Springs lor GREEK ORG PARTIES CALL S'ra're Park San Jacinlo 3-3OI I Highway DON RING BOB I-IURLEY Beacon Printery COMPLETE PRINTING AND OFFSET SERVICE OF ALL TYPES Phone 4-5564 H I2 Fiflh Sfrreel FOR SORORITY DINNERS . . . We Qhesfkk cfm 785 Easl' Sixlh S'rree'r Vldfgr 5-4194 Beaumom' I7 WEST CENTRAL AVE.-HIGHWAY 99 I+ is Wi+l'I a greaf deal of pleasure Jrhal We exlend lo Jrhe CLASS OF I955 Our l-learliesl' CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES - and lo The remainder of The sludenls of The Universily ol Redlands: I-lave a fine vacalion and We shall loolc forward lo seeing you nexl fall. YOUR JUHNSUN-ANDREWS MUTUH EENTEH REDIANDS CATALOG ENGINE REBUILDING WHEEL ALIGNMENT ENGINE TUNING BRAKE SERVICE 0FF'CE CARBURETION WHEEL BALANCIN6 LuIsRIcATIoN SERVICE Call 3-2261 115 E. STATE J. E. "PoP" JOHNSON HOWARD ANDREWS Scott's Drive-In Restaurant Highway 99 af Texas Sfreei' Phone 2-2388 Nancy and Dave wifll Donna and Ken sfop by fo eel. Oar American Free Syytem har Created a Wider' Spread of Hamazz Happizzefx than Any Comjleting Syflenz .... Study Hard Today to Keep it that way TO- MORRO W! We give Green S+amps W I N IW lang .Slade Visif our NEW TOLIFIIBID for 'rhe besf In food and refreshmenfs. ' I0 Wesf CoI+on Avenue I GASOLINE OIL Oar Kind of Apparel Does Things For Yea . . . It Rates U. S. TIRES the Bert Date! Oiz the Caiizpar. Qlf your Dad if a Bid!- dog, ark him where he Jeleeled hir wedding Iliff, T I 7 S S I EAI R,5 ay ors uper GTVICG MOBOIL A Redlands Owned Ins'H1'ui'ion M. M. GAIR W. E. MALONE U. of R. '22 U. of R. '40 27 WesT SIaTe Phone 4-35I I For -AII Your Hardware Needs, i'I"s . . . 302 Easf Cenfral Avenue Phone 2-0300 gated-helen Waadwafze Phone 4-3746 330 Orange S+ree'r MATI-IES REFRIGERATED AIR CONDITIONERS WINDOW OR WALL TYPE INSTALLATION AIR COOLERS AND APPLIANCES ICI'IOlI I27 Wesi' Ciirus Avenue Phone 4-7986 hucaaaui C I 'bil ANY TIME DAY TIME NIGHT TIME LOS HHGELES EHGHHVIHG CU 5 LA LETRA S'raFf prepares copy for +l1e annual .... Zeadgaezh cmd Zagfmaeu 004 7755 la Zena 4l8 Easl' Pico Boulevard Los Angeles LL 'L 9 Z 'L C2 71 ace fo qc in fzeglanbs 75a Hamlmgms d h 535 Easihdci +ruS li enue 'cl cl d ' SEVENTH AND STATE STREETS CALL 4-bl I9 olden 1 . Qowlanb S gupefz gefwice "Service 'lhal' Salisfie-s" CAL' FU RN 'A'-5 FAVU RWE ASSOCIATED GASOLINES DAIRY PRODUCTS FIRESTONE PRODUCTS Enjoy Them ln. THE WHEN YOU'RE IN TOWN, lT'S . . . Phone OV 4-0400 4I78 Vine Sfreel' Riverside 20 Easf Cifrus Avenue Phone 4-66ll l2O Norih 5+h Sfreef Phone 2-78I0 Complefe Dignified Services Wifhin +he Means of Every Family Zmmmdan Z luaaiuaaied ERVIUE BARBER ll0P W.S. BARLCIW HENRY SMITH W. H. SMITH WALDEMAR KLEMM 703 Brookside Avenue . l54 E. Yucaipa Blvcl. Redlands, California Yucaipa. C6llf0mla Psone 4-blbl Phone 7-2422 Mary Ellen, BeH'y and Helen fry on formals a+- Q Barlon Road ai' Walerman Avenue I Loma Linda, California Phone 6-3l44 I7 Easf S'l'a're Slreei' Phone 3-2366 Qnbex Adams, Fai'1'h-42, 76, 92 Adams, Jean-34 Adams, Marfin-146, 158 Adamson, Waller-146 Alexander, Janel-49, 62, 91, 109 Allard, Mary Kay-90, 91 Allen, Barbara-47, 98, 159 Allen, B111-45, 47, 108 Alsyp, Roberf-34, 158 Amend, Carole-49, 74 Anderson, James-34, 75, 106 Anderson, Jean--47, 87, 88, 100, 128 Anderson, John-109 Anderson, Lillian-50 Anrhony, Helen-75 Apple, Joyce-48 Archibald, Caryl-45, 83 Armsfrong, George-34, 55, 106 Ash1a,Joan-43, 53, 72, 82, 87, 100, I52 Alilano, John-40, 42, 54, 67, 110 Avery, Dick-42, 72, 74, 79, 80, 81, Bacon, Beverley-49, 77 Badders, Eloise-34, 89 Baker, Doris-49, 77 Baldwin, Barbara-49, 90 Balfour, Barbara-42, 83, 100 Ballesferos, David--62, 112 Banning, Jacqueline-49, 55 Barker, Belsey-34, 52, 53, 54, 72, 77 Bar1'e1s, B111-108 Bar+1el'+, Joan-76, 77, 82, 91 Baumgarlen, Barry-74, 83, 125 Bayless, Pal-45, 77, 87, 92 Beckell, Roberf-34 Beguelin, Mark-75, 112, 116 Belknap, Ralph-42, 77, 107 Bell, David-46, 82, 149, 165 Bell, Edward--108, 158 Benne'1'1, Carole-47, 67, 93 Benne'H, Harvey--34, 110, 134 Benneff, Joanne-49, 76, 79, 82, 91 Benson, George-34, 61, 109 Bierer, Lloyd-34, 64 Billard, Verna-42, 94, 150 Black, Jack-105 Black, John-42, 77 Black, Mary Ann-34, 60, 94 Blakkan, Roberl--110 B1y'1he, Dero'1'ha-34, 89, 129 Boalcer, Craig-65 Boas, Geral-35, 62, 108, 148 Boo1h,Vernon-105, 139, 145 Boring, Harold-110, 134 Boiiger, Gilberi Craig-42, 63, 108, I Boughner, Margarei - Bowie, Paul-49, 50 Bowman, Ellis-110 Boyd, Joan-42 Boyles, Richard-114 Bradley, Malcolm-42, 82, 112 Brakensiek, Allan-65 Braly, Rufh-45 Branch, Burc1eHe-'35, 106 Brand, Beffh-48, bo, 11, az, 91 Brenan, Roberi'-42 Brewer, Phyllis-92 Brinkman, Margarel-35, 61, 150 Brininsiool, Grace-35, 94 Brink, Edwin-42, 58, 113 BriH', Rex-35, 83 Brobsl, James-42, 83, 107 Brock, Nancy-49, 77 Brooker, Pal'-42, 74, 75, 89, 120 Brooks, Arlene-45, 150 Brown, Carolyn-44, 94, 156 Brown, Liz-35, 83, 95, 102 Brown, Frances-96 Broyles, Allen-42, 61, 83, 106 Bruch, Sharon-49, 76, 82, 91 Bruingron, Donna-94 Brumme'H, Roberfa-42, 87, 100 82 88, 92 16, 148 Bruns, B111-44, 45, 54, 77, 104, 106, 106 Bryans, Jack-45, 70, 80 Bryanl, Richard-35, 112 Buckingham, Kafhy-45, 57, 75, 92 Buffner, Maggie-74 Burns, Frances-42 Busfer, Roberf-145 Bufcher, Janelf-42, 83, 92 Bu++erfie1d, Rufh-45, ez, aa, 92, lza Byars, Conrad-139 Byl, Jean-135, 61, 87, 92 cami, Rifa-45, aa, Iso Cage, Palfy Lou-45, 92 Cain, Joanne-35, 77, 87 Cameron, Ivan-42, 110 Campbell, Alberf-83 Campbell, Arlene-54, 88, 100 Campbell, Barbara-48, 62, 65, 91 Campbell, Nancy-42, 87 Cap1', Barbara-48 Cargile, Donald-35 Carlisle, Jim-64, 65, 83 Carlson, Lee-35, 64, 82 Carlson, Richard-47, 77 Carlson, Wendel-64 Carringlon, Jim-42, 75 Carson, Anne-48, 62, 83, 153 Cales, Donald-41, 64, 83 Cavener, Jim-35, 72, 75, 83 Ceniceros, Lorna-67 Cessna, Janice-49, 65, 75 Chacko, John-60 Chaffey, Sue-45, 98 Chaffee, Sl'eve14-5, 59, 108, 144, 145 Chaney, Ernesf-35, 106 Chapman, Carolyn-47, 88, 93 Chase, Keiflh-41, 82, 106 Cheney, Jane 82, 100, 150 Chipps, Roberfa--41, 87, 98 Chrisliansen, John--41, 63 Ciliax, Bill-44, 45, 47 Ciocca, Barbara-41, 87, 94, 162 Clark, Allason-48, 105 Clark, Anne-41 Clark, Edward-43, 76, 77 Clark, Richard-40, 41, 60, 106 Clarke, Jack-48, 68, 69, 72, 75 Claypool, Carol-45, 75 Clemenfs, John-108, 134 Clopine, Gordon-48, 105, 147 Clule, Arden--77, 82 Cofflancl, Harley-35, 77 Coker, Anne-35, 56, 79, 82 Coker, Phil-64, es, as Coleman, Z. Y.-141, 142 Collins, Tam-48 Colfon, Bill-41, 106 Colwell, Earl-35, 60 Conley, Ann-41, 87, 100 Cook, Roberl-41, 68, 82, 111, 114, 141 Cooke, Margaref-41, 64, 82, 87 Corlew, Kay-45, 62, 74, 75, lOl Corr, Lois-96 CoHre11, Diane-49, 90 Couller, Carole-45, 95 Coulfer. Key-44, 41, as, lol, Iso, 164 Cover, Jeaneffe-47, 74, 92 Covingfon, Beffy-47 Covingion, Marlin-47 Cowan, Jovce-48, 158 Cox, Beverly-41 Coyle, Jean-47, 59, 75, 83, 98 Crain, Cafherine-41, 77, 101, 153 Cramer, Marfha-48, 54, 90, 91, 150 Crawford, Alan-41 Crenshaw, Roberf-50 Crocker, Carolyn-49 Crow, Andrew-35, 64, 82 Crowder, Jackie-65, 67, 74, 75 Croy, Carolyn-35, 87, 92, 102, 160 Cruden, Alex-49 Crum, Irene-49, 90 Cummings, John-45, 60, 83, 110, 149 Cummings. Roger-35, bl, 76, 113, 116 Cunningham, Carolyn-94 CZ-74 Curfice, Gerry-50, 140, 158 Curfis, Roberf-35, 110, 145 Daniels, Jayne-41, 92 Danner, David-41 Davies, Fred-82 Davis, Georgelyn--95 Davis, Ron "Squeek"-35, 62, 108, 128, 138 Davis, Thomas-109 Dean, Elaine-47 DeCas1ro, Delores--41, 67, 87 Deener, Mary Lou-35, 64, 74, 82, 96 Delury, George "Corky"-63 Denney, Shirley--47, 94 Dennis, Don-45, 60, 106 Dennis, Bill--41, 134, 141, 142, 146 Derfer, George-35, 104, 110, 114 Devore, Paul-48, 105, 139, 147 DeWeese, George-41, 54, 59, 110, 114 Dibble, lrene-48, 74, 91 Dickens, Jim-106 Diersl, Kay-49, 72, 75 Dinemore, Ann-47, 75, 88 Dodge, Barbara-45, 88, 93 Dole, Charlofle-47, 65, 75, 98 Donavin, Richard-41 Dougherfy, Richard-41, 54, 112 Downing, Luella-35, 64, 83 Dozier, Marianne-49 Draper, Marion--87, 88, 100 Drusedum, Alberi'-82 Drew, Doug-113, 116 Driver, Donna-41, 94, 165 Duff, Emerson-113 Dummell, Darrell-47, 66, 67, 77, 111 Dunagan, Forresl-41, 113 Dunn, Colell-90 Dunning, James-49 67, 105, 145 Durham, Virginia-48, 91 Dye, Sco'1'r-35, 55 Eberl, George-58, 60 Edmondson, Bob-34, 54, 62, 104, IO9 116 140,141,142 158 Edson, Doyle-108, 141, 142, 146 Eilers, Carol-48, 90 Ellis, Jim-139 Ellis, Sue-41, 55, 61, 92 Eliason, Ed-46, 77 Elser, Tom--49, 50, 143 Elson, Larry-110, 132 Emenhiser, JeDon "Jay"-36, 110 Emerson, Frank-45, 109 Endeman, Alvin-140, 141, 142 Englund, Jenise-49 Efikm, Marfi-48, so, 139 Ewing, Joan-49, 91 Ezzell, Roberl'-48, 49, 105, 147 Farmer Dave--41, 62, 108, 134, 146 Farnham, Evereh'-36 Fay, Chrisline-49, 74 Ferguson, Douglas-108 Fessler, Glen-45, 109, 134 Fisher, Edward--47, 65, 148 Fischer, Bob-105 Fisk, David-143 Flanegin, Roberl-36, 134 F1in+. Gary-41, 74 Fluelsch, John-67, 77 Fogg, Pefer-47, 110 Ford, Georgie na-47, 58, 67 Fos'1', Fred-36, 72, 77, 88 Fosler, Dorris-150, 191 Fowler, Carol-36 Fowler, Dave 'Tex"-45, 47, 146 Fowler, Scolf-111, 128, 138, 156 Fox, Marlene-36, 95, 102 Francis, Fred-41, 54, 55, 74, 114, 130 Frye, Robyn- 36, 76, 87, 100, 120 Fulfz, Roberl-49, 105 Fundenberg, Martha-47, 77, 88, 100 Gabby, Gerry-36, 62, 74, 92, I02 Gabrielson, JO436, 93 Gambill, UnaMarie--56, 57, 59, 63 Gammage, Nancy-46, 75, 80 Garreli, Holly-48 Gaies, Emily-36, 76 Gaies, Geraldine-49 Geiger, Emery'-4l, I34, I49 Geniry, Lana-47, 64, 65, 83 Gibbs, Elwyn-47, 76, 77, l04, l06 Gibson, Sharon-49, 6l, 74 Giddens, Gerald--48, I39 Gideon, DeeAnn-47, 67, 77 Gillespie, Olis-36 Gilleli, George-48, I05, I39 Gilleii, Horace "Bunny"-36, l08, I34 Gilleiie, Allha-47, 92 Glenn, Jerry-43, l2I, I34 Goeschl, John-47, 67, 77 Goeiz, Mary Ann-4l, 64 Goodman, Barbara-48, 62, 9l Goodman, Grace-47, 56, 59, 60, 77, 82, 88 Goodwin, Jane-49, 75, 82, 90, 9l GoH, Carl-68, 69 Graham, Bob--58, 82 Graham, Carol-36, bl, 94 Graham, Nancy-49, 90 Grani, Don-65 Gray, Joseph--65, 82, I05 Graydon, Don-47, l07 Greenfield, Nancy-49, 54, 76, 87, 90, I29 Griffin, Frances-49, 75, 83, 9l Groih, Carl-65, 83 Gruendyke, John-47, 62, IIO, I34, I49 Guenlner, Bernard "Buzz"-40, 4I, 60 Gumbiner, Don-47, 67, 69 Gunler, Carolyn-83, 9l Guseman, Irene-'45, 87, 92 Guslafson, Darlene-40, 4l, 77, IOI Haber, Floyd-83, I05 Haber, Harvey-48, 49 Hagey, Jay-49 Haller, Ru'l'l1-36, 64, 83, 87, 98 Hamilion, Nancy-92 Hammen, Belly-49, 54, 90, l50 Hammen, John--36, 82, IO6 Handley, Shirley-4I, 74, 96 Hanks, Gail-48 Hanna, Charles-40, lll, l28 Hanson, Mark-48, l05, lI4, I39 Hansen, Marilyn-4I, I02 Hansen, Arlene "Shoriy"--4I, 65, 93, Hansl, Ron-64, 65 Harasiy, Al-47, 62 Hardy, Susan-36, 94 Harkless, Joyce-48, 76, 77, 82 Harmon, Greg-48, 55, II4 Harms, Ann-75 Harms, Richard-75 Harper, Diane-4I, 74, l30 Harper, Harris-74 Harris, Jeanelle-49, 90 Harris, Phyllis-36, 6l, 72, 74, 87, 88, 92 Hariman, Audrey-49, 83, 90 Havemann, Bob-'l48 Hawkins, Roberia-49, 9l Hays, Dick-I l I Hayden, Pal-36, 6l, lOl Heaion, Pal-83 Heinlein, Bill-48, 49, I05, I39 Helmick, Florence-48, 90 Helske, Sonia-47, 88, IOI Henry, Bruce-36, IO7, II6 Herman, Jessie-47, 59 Hess, Pal-47, 65 Hess, Virginia-48, 9I Hessel, Dieler-4l, 82 Helh, Claire-49, 75, 91 Heyerly, Rubena-47, 83 High, Darrell-47, 70 Hikiii, Belly-36, 87, as Hillary, Don-4l Hilliard, Keiih-36, 62, l08, I34, l46 Hiorih, Elizabefh--48, 57, 9l Hoffman, Bill-36, 54, IO6 Hohlfeld, Doris-47 Hoien, Alan-60, Il0, II6 Holberi, Pai-48, 83 Hollenberg, Anne-34, bl, 87, 88, l0l, II9, l l2D Holi, Dennis-l08, I46 Holi, Jack-36 Homan, Anne-4l, 57, 74, 75, 92 Hood, Carol-48, 67, 75, 9l Hoopes, Barbara-67 Hoopes, John-I I0 Hopkins, Neil-41, 62, los, I49 Horne, Jerry-40 Horiie, Alison-49, 58, 9l Hoskins, Roberfa-IOI Houser, John-45, I34 Housfon, Rita-40, 54, 87 Howe, Allan-4-l, l08 Hoyle, Norman-40, 60, IO6, l32 Hudspefh, Mary Ellen-49, 90, l40, Huebner, Jeannine-46, 75 Huff, Roberl-48, 59, I05, l45 Huffman, James-72, 76, 82, ll0 Hughes, Diane-48, 82, 9l Hurlbui, Howard-77 Hurdle, Chellis-48, l25 Hyler, Bill-4l, 55, 82, l06 Hynes, Daniel-49 A Hynes, James-49, 83 Hynson, Peggy-83, 95 lcanberry, Howard-62, 63, 67, I06 lgarashi, Keiko-64, 83 Iglesias, Claudio-36 lofi, Faafouina-36 lrvin, Floyd-72, 77, lll, II4, II6 ldwin, Sally-49, 75, 9l loine, La rry-62 Jackson, Pai-47, 63, 95 Jacobsen, Duane-40, 52, 53, I06, I James, Pal-47, 54, 67, l54 Jansen, Alberf-75 Jaska, Roger-82, I05 Jenan, Diane-47, 70, 75. 96 Jennings, Keni-40, 75, l06 Jennings, Royal--82 Jensen, Sue-77, 87, 93 Jenson, Joanna-49 Johanson, Craig--I05, I47 Johns, Nancy-48, 67 Johnson, DeWiH-48 Johnson, JoAnn--50, 9l Johnson, John-36 Johnson, Mariorie-48, 77, 9l Johnsion, Sonnie-48, 9I Jones, Carolyn-48, 83, 90 Jones, Nancy-36, 67, 70, 93 Josselyn, Fred-36 Judson, Lee-50, 77, 90, l50 Juliano, Angelo-36 Kamer, Doroihy-44, 47, 59, 60 Kellerns, Winifred-64, 67 Kelleme, Winifred-64, 67 Kelly, Jon-44, 67, 70 Kelly, Lois-95 Kennedy, Philip-4o Kenney, Inez-36, 70, 87 Kern, Bob-50, 58, 77 Keiell, William-63, l08, I34 Kies'ler,Kenne1'h-47, I42, l53 Killion, Offo-40, 83 King, James-37, 55, 80, IO7, II6 Kinman, William-37, 75 Kirkpalrick, Doug-l07 Kleppe, Carol-46, l0l, l40 Klineman, Barbara-83 Klock, David-37, 77 Knighi, Carol-46, 55, 93 Knighfs, George-40 Kough, Byron--40, I44, l45, I49 Kosioff, Connie-48, 90 Kreps, Mary-37, 77 Kruse, Gloria--50 I4 Qals-77242 Kryder, Charles-37, l08 Kulp, Beverly Cusier-37, I08 Kupfer, Terry-46, l06, I49 Lage, Jerry-37, I08, I34 Lamb, Bruce-37, l08, l28, l38 Lamb, Carolyn-42, 80, I0l Lamb, Mary-46, 76, 77, l25 Lance, Ronald-55, I34 Lane, Anihony-I05 Lane, Marilyn-49, 59, 83 Larrabee, Carolyn-40, 77, 89 Larsen, Wilma-62, l40 Larusson, Lois-49, 62, 9I Lasher, Jim-37, ll0 Lauger, Lind-37 Law, Helen-43, 46, 76, 82 Lawrence, David-48 Lawrence, Susan-37, 6l, 87, l0l Lawson, Arfhur--34, III, ll4 Lawson, Beliy-79, 82 Leech, Joanne-50, 9l Ledger, John-48, I05, I43, I47 Lee, Charles-55, l08 Leiby, George-46 Lennox, Mary-64 LePage, Donald-43 Levi, Palricia-67, 76, 93 Lewis, Conway-37 Lewis, Ken-l05, l45, I47, l65 Lewis, Pa+ricia-4l, 87, lOl Lewis, Roger-67, I07 Lewis, Samuel-37, lll Lilley, Lois-43, 89 Link, Allen-46, IO6 Lininer, Mary Lou-40, 89, l50 Linion, Marcia-46, 93 Lipscomb, David-46, 59, 77, IO7, I49 Lifchfield, Loree-47, 93, ' l50 Livermore, Tom-37, l08 Lockie, Roger-37, Ill, l20, I46 Long, Jack-I04, I49 Lolhras, Mary-64, 82 Love, Ann-49, 9l Loveslrand, Glen-82 Lucas, Shirley-37, 6l, 87, 94 Luebeck, John-46, 77, 83 Lundberg, Joan-46 Lundin, Genie--37, 94 Lundsieen, Lisa-6I, 63 McArlhur, Edward Eugene-50, 54, 68, 69, l7o4!: McGarvey, David-46, 65, 83 McGee, Jim-47, I05 McGeHrick, Garvin-40, 67, 77, lll. I25. ll44li McGoldriclc, Sheila-48, 83, 87, 9I McGurer, Mclnfosh, Ronald A.-48, I05 Richard--40, lll, I I4 McKay, Myrna-46, 54, 57, 58, 94, I67 McKellar, Norene-77 McKinley, Roberi-48, I05, l45 McKinney, Margareil-46, 67, 87, 88, l0l McKinnon, Carol-40, 89 McKnigh'l', Jack-55, I39 McKnigh+, Phillip-48 McLean, David-48, 65 McLean, Jane?--37, 52, 53, 72, 83, 88, 93 McMahon, Mike-l36, l4l, I42, I46 McMillan, Jim-58 McMinn, Richard-I36 McNary, Anne Margarei' McNeil, Olive-46, 77, 87, 93 McNuel, Gloria-37, 64, 75, 93 McSpadden, Bruce-48, 55, 76 MacBain, Pal-40, 62, 63, 98 Macpherson, Bill-34, 60, 77, 82, I04, Ill, II6 Manabe, May-37, 64, 76, 77, 83, 87 Mann, Dennis-37, l48 Mann, Mary-46 March, Lesfer-49, 76, 77, l39 Marona, Lawrence-48, 72 Marsh, Allen+76, 82, l04 Marshall, Joanne-37, IOO, I02 Marshall, Loren-I I l Marshall, Mary-90 Mariin, Garrell--40 Mason, Marilyn-40, 54, 98, I02 Ma+hews, Charles-37, 68, 69, 75 Mafsuda, Milsugu-37, 63 Ma'Heson, Louis-40, I49 Mauser, Sue-66, 83, 87, lOl, II9, l22, l23 Mead, Don-48, l05, I39 Mead, Judy--43, 56, 57, 77, I67 Megredy, Margaref-38, 77 Merrill, Jack--63 Merryman, Elaine-38, 6l, 99, I02 Miller Dorolhy-43, 76, 82, 93, I29, I64 Miller, Leroy-55, I05 Miller Edward-55 Miller James-42, 46. 65, I05 Miller, Marilyn-38, 64, ss, 74, 76, as Miller, Maria-47 Miller, Nancy Rulh-55, l25 Miller, Shirley-42, 83 Millice, Roy-I39 Miner, Lee-32, 38, 6l, 87, 88, lOl Mifchell, David-49 Miichell, Pam-38, 64, 65, 83, 87, 97, l02 Mochizuki, Joyce-48, 63, I50 Mock, Selma-38, 6l, 72, 87, 88 Modell, Joyce-42, 65, 74 Moeller, Glenn-46, 75 Molnar, Charles-38, 56, 59, 63, 76, l04, IO6 Moody, Sally-48, 77 Moore, Tom-45, 47, l08, l40, l42, l58 Moorhead, Margie-90 Morgan, Clark-77 Morley, Barbara Jean-48, 60, 62, 76, 77, 9I Morrison, Anne-38, 94 Morrison, Don-l I I Morrison, Joan-48, 50, 9l Morlon, Harry-38 Mosbarger, Ann Louise-49, 9I Moss, Carol Ann-74 Moyle, Richard-42 Mulac, Lawrence-38, 60 Muller, Dawn-38, 57, 62, 82, 87, 98 Munson, Sharon-46, 57, 93 Murray, Doroihy-44, 93, l62 Murray, Marilyn-42, 75, 93 Myers, Donna-48, 9l Nagle, Marilyn-42, 75, 93 Nakashima, Seisuko-64, 67 Nau-gle, Geraldine-38, 77, 83 Naylor, Marion-47, 75, I50 Nelson, Carl-46, 65 Nerrie, Barbara-48, 74, 9I Neil, Carol-38, 52, 53, 54, 87 Newmann, Howard-63, I36, l38 Newfon, Louise-43, 89 Nichols, Gwen--49 Nichols, Joyce449, 90 Nicholson, Gordon-IO8 Noble, Beisy-49, 9l Norby, John-45, IO8, I36 Noren, Sandy-47, 62 Oberman, Helen--48, 59, I69 Odekirk, Gerry-46, 77 Odenbaugh, John-44, I37 Oia, 8ruce-48, lO5 Oliveri, William-43, ll3, I49 Olson, Lee--82, 9l Olson, Marilyn-48, 57, 9l Ormsby, Bob-40, 52, 53, 60, IO6 Oscarson, Karlen-46, 89 Oslrander, Richard-65, 67 swald, Barbara-50, 74, 90, 9l Ollem, lngebri'H-48, l05 Owsley, Suzanne-50, 60 Paff, Jean-48, 57, 6l, 74, 76, 83 Palmer, Leficia "Toodie"-55, 70, 93 Palmer, Richard-38, 82 - Palmer, Ronald-Ill, I44,' 148 Palmer, Theron-38, 52, 53, 56, 59, IO6 Palmquisr, Ted-38, Ill Parris, Pal-76, 98 ' Parrish, Shirley-30, 47, 89 Parsych, Richard-77 Pascoe, Joyce-42, 54 Paveslca, John--45, 77 Pearce, Judy-50, 67 Pearson, Waller-68. 69 Penhallo, Jan-44, 67, 77 Perez, Gamaliel-38, I37 Perri, Frank-42, 83, IO6, ll4 Perry, Be'l"l'y-44, 45, 95, II9, I50, I69 Perry, lrvin-42 Pelersen, Carolyn-38, 43, 66, IOO, I02, II9, I20 Peiersen, Marilyn-22, 64, 87, 94 Pelerson, Paul-42, l4l, l42, I46 Peffil, Delores-42, 77, 80 Pe'Hy, Pai-46 Phillips, Benfon-4l, lll Phillips, l-lolly-44, eo, 75, as Phillips, Roberl'-48 Pickering, John-48, IO5 Pinnell, Charleen-38, 6l Pipes, Bob-63 Pifman, Roberl-IO4, l4I, l42 Piiss, Valerie-49 Pi'H's, Waller-l Il Piyaoui, Somphoi-63 Porleriield, Leona-4l, 57, 83, 87, 94, I02 Powell, Edward-44, 66, 67, 74, l06 Powell, John-38, IOB Powell, Maybelle-75, l0l, l22, l29 PraH', Janel'-47, 65, 98 Presion, Theron-38, 62, IO6, I32 Pr0'lli'l"l', Doris-44, 67,:75, 88, IOI Pugh Marfha-44, 94, l29, l54 Puz, Richard -49, l45 Quillin, Virginia-49 Quinn, Noel-38, 76, 82 ai-Qc Ramsey, Ed--66, 67, l04, l07, l27 Read, Barbara-50, 56, 59, 9I Reed, Dick-48, 59, 77, lll, I39, l47 Reed, Wes-38, 46, 83, IO8, l23 Reese, Kay-4l, 57, 62, 87, 94 Reese, Milzie-40, 4l, 87, l0l Reese, Sandy-48, 50 Reid, Gwen-38, 72, 74, 83, 97, l02 Reiiel, Julie-44, 62 Rei'l'er, Don-44, 6l, 72, 76, 77, IO6 Renlz, Una Fay-38 Reusser, Sally-97 Rezendes, Margarel-50, 74 Rhoades, Frances-38, 82, 93 Rice, Allan-75 Rice, Lee-46 Rich, Charles-48, l05 Rich, Laurence-77, 83 Richardson, Jim-49, I05, I39 Riddle, Genie-4l, 56, 59, 94 Rider, Sally-93, I50 Rieclman, Ann--438, 47, 6l, 62, 87, 94 Rieclman, Dick-38, 62, IO8, I36, l53 Riggins, Richard-55, 56, 58, 59, 75, IO6 Roach, Kalhy-46, 60, 67, 70, 94 Robbins, Losahn-38, 52, 53, 66, 87, l0l, l26 Roberfs, Calhy-63, 96 Roberis, Wall-IOS, I39 Roberfson, Barbara-44, 45, 54, 94 Robinson, Gran?-38, 75 Robinson, Judy-54, 95 Robinson, Mary Sue-4l, 9l3 Rogers, Celia Jane-38 Rogers, Joan--38, 6l, 82, 93 Rogers, Margaref-49, 82 Rohrbaugh, Corrine-50, 90, 9l Rose, Joan-50, 75, 93 Roseberry, Floyd-38, 76, 77, 82 Rosendahl, Paul-38, 54, l08, ll4 Rowen, Delores-4I, 83 Ray, Emil-38, 72, so Roy, Jane-6l, 83 Ruh, Don-l33 Rushing, John-39, 62, l08, l42 Russell, Dana-94 Russell, Mary Lou-50 Ruileclge, Mary Elaine-44, 64, 98 Sanchez, Marion-62, l28, l44, I46 Sanford, Charlene-39 Sanladerer, Marilyn-42, 54, 56, 57, 64, 79, 83, 87, 94, I67 Sapunar, Jay-46, 77 Sauble, Be'H'ie-4l, 94 Sauer, Roberi-44, I46 Saunders, Sallye-39, 6l, 87, I0l Savage, George-46, 75 Savage, Meredyih-95 Saywell, Florence-48, 59, 83, 9l Schafer, Doroihy-39, 57, 83, 87, 99, I02 Schilling ,Elizabefh-46 Page I73 Schilling, Todd-39, 83 Schmidt Heinrich-82 Schroie, Rufhelma-45, 95 Schumalcer, Charles-44, 77, IO7 Schumaker, Bob-l45 Schusfer, James-39 Schwab, Joanne-65 Scofi, Carolyn-64, 83, 96 Sells, Sylva-50, 90 Semple, Marilyn-44, 77, 82, I0l Shaffer, Charles-82 Shannon, Marcia-4I, IDI Sharpless, Sally-39, 63, 95 Shaw, Shirley-44 Shea, Ann Elizabefh-49, 90 ShillcuH', Pai-64 Sfory, Mary-48, 90 Sfrode, Penn-50, I05 Sirom, Roberf-39, l58 Sfrom, Wayne-43, 77, 82 Sfurm, Eslher-4l, 76, 77, 89 Suddaby, Pal-48, 90 Suess, Doran-44, 95, l50 Sufeon, Donna-4I, 87, IOI, I4O Swanagon, Zoe-63, 77 Swinf, James-39 Swoap, J. R.-44, 52, 53, 65, l04, IO9, l36 Sylvain, Marlene-50, 90 Tabor, Ron-39, 55, II3 Tasker, Doroihy-62, 72, 75, l50 Taucher, Irma-39, 62 SQL 2 Wallon, Russel-65 Wardrip, Wallace-40, 67 Ware, Josephine-49, 76, 90 Waiers, Bill-IO9 Walls, Tom-44, 56, IO4, IO7, ll6 Weafherforcl, Garry-48, 50, 77, I05 I45 Webb, Dwighf-39, l09, I37, l38 Webb, Sandra-48, 9l Wegner, Nancy-88, 93, l65 Weis, Bob-52, IO9, l4I, I42 Weisberger, Harry-45, IO9, l46 Wenz, Carl-62 Wesf, Richard-48, I05 Wheeler, Joan-42, 63, 76, 77 Wheeler, William-77 Whelan, Dennis-48, 52, 53, I05, I39 Shirlc, Richard-67, I05 Showalfer, Todd-74, 75 Shryoclr, Sharon-50, 90 Sifflon, Alyson-46 Sills, Margaref-89 Silverwood, Pai-40, 4I, 52, 53, 93 Simon, George-44 Simpson, Don-I47 Singer, Joyce-4I, 77 Sipprelle, Dudley-45, 47, IO9, l45 Siaarda, John-46 Taylor, Benny-39, 54, 83, IO4, IO9, l23, l4l, I42 Taylor, Peggy-39, 57, 77, 82, 87 Taylor, Sandra-39, 95 Teglmeier, Joan-50, 74 Tence, Raymond-63 Terkelson, Norman-44, IO7 Tesla, Jane-77, 9l Tesfa, Ted-42, IO9, I46, I47 Thomas, David-82, IO7 Smilh Slcager, Rodney-55 Sloan, Lanny-39, IO7 Small, Ann-65, 96 Smalley, Norma--77 Smiley, Jim-47, 64, 77, l07 Smilh Ann-4l, 49, 9l Smiih Bernice-4I, 75, 93 Smifh Charles-83 Smilh, Gail-44, 54, l32, I64 Smifh Grefchen-39, 87 Smifh Gwynne-48, 75, 9l Smifh Marland-IO7 Smiih Marfha-48, l58 Smifh Merinnn-4l, 87, 93, I28 Smifh Richard-39, 83, I09, ll6 sydney-49, es, 9l Yoshimura, Norman-48, I05 Sneddon, Bob-83, I05 Sneed, Carol Jo-55, 98 Snell, Helen-49, 82, 9l Snycler, Shirley-47, IOI Sorrels, Laverne-39, 6l, 76, 87, 89 Soufhard, Beverly-48 Sproul, Bill-65 Siacy, Yvonne-39, 64, 83, 96 Sfalcup, Charlene Bebee-47, 88, 95 Sfannard, Marian-50, 76, 77, 9l Sfanfon, Nancy-50, 9l Sfarr, Eleanor-44, 77 Siayfon, Kalhleen-44, 77 Sfayfon, William-4I, 54, 77, 80, IO7, l32 Siebbins, Charles-68 Sieeples, Doug-44, 54, 66, 67, IO4, IO7, II6 Siephens, Shirley-50, 9I Sfephenson, C. E.-39 Sieves, Elesa-39, 64, 88, 95 Siickney, Laurence-82 Sfillwell, Kay-42, 57, 60, 77, 83, I67 Sfoica, Dorfhy-39, 62, IOI, l5O Page I74 Thomas, Rex-I05, I39, l45 Thomas, Ronald-47 Thorman, Charles-49, 65, I05, l45, I47 Tinkham, Elvin-43 Tischler, David-44, 82, I05, I49 Tiius, Gary-76 Topping, Ken-76 Trolinger, Llyla-28, 83 TroH'er, Mariha--87, l0l, l02, II9, l20 ' Tucey, Janis-44, 95 TurkneH'e, Ken-77, l48 Twelker, Marilyn-44, 57, 58, 59, 88, 95, l40, I67 Twifchell, Norma-39, 6I, 87, 95 Ugro b, Ja nel-43 Van Blair, Bruce-82 Van Buskirlc, Joyce-34, 60, 88, 92, l02 Van Devenfer, Gerald-74 Van Devenier, Lucille-44, 54, 83, 88, I0l, I32, I50, l62 Van Houien, Virginia-45, 75, 82 Van Loenen, Mariana-44, 64, 75, 82, 88 Van Meier, Don-39, IO9 Van Roelcel, Shirley-4I, 67, 98 Vasquez, James-46, 72, 77 Vasse, Mary--4l, 54, 57, 6l, 87, 93, l02, I67 While, Cynfhia-7, 42, 52, 53, 54, 95, I67 Whife, Dennis-I44, I45 Whiling, Barbara-43, 60, 82 Wicker, Judy Belle-44, 83 Wiens, Bob-53, l09 Wilcox, June-4l, 64, 75, 82 Wilfong, George-4l, I37 Wilhife, 'Ronald-39 Wilkins, Dennis-49, I05, I39 Wilkes, Jean Ann-59, 9l Wilmof, Ronald-I4-9 Wilmofh, Jill-49, 9I Wilson, Beverly-89 Wilson, Wesley-48, 50, 62 Wimberly, Sandra-l58 Winans, Gail-50, 9I Winkelmann, John-I49 Wirz, Donald--77 Wifi, BOB139, Ill WiH, Jean-95 Womack, Paul-44, I37, I38, I42, l46 Worner, Dorofhy-44, 67, 69, 77 Worrell, Anne-39, 93 Wrighf, Ann-50, 90 Wyaff, John-63, ll I Yamamofo, Momoyo-89 Yarbrough, Jane-39, 76, 82, 87, 95 Yales, Jacqueline-49, 83, 9l, l50 Yen, Paul-39, 60, I09 Yen, William14l, IO9 Yensen, Wm.-39, IO9, I46 Yohe, Gloria-47, 54, 67, 88, l0l, l22, I25 I32, l59 Vaughan, Linda-49, 62, 90 Vicario, Leonard--55, 74 Vielen, Donald-47, 64, 79, 92 Vincenl, James-47, 62, 64, 65, 77 Wakefield, Lucy-45, 56, 88, 95 Wallace, Roberi-39, 52, 53, 56, 77, IO4, I07 Wallis, Benfley-48, 76, l02, I39 Young, Dennie-I4I, I42 Young, Gloria-42, 87, 89 Young, Janei-42, 75, 83 Young, Lael-44, 77 Young, Margarei-82 Young, Mariorie-50, 9I Zedilcer, Everesf-44, 65, IO7 H E R s E S is 0 rr mrshf w A gms. ,Ysz,,4,. mn .. , V IX' M...----'T S37 R. Q! . pm ' Es 4' : I ,VV ,- - -QW' s,-sw . wr. N -2 vga .H .. J- -L .,m:'f1'G',. 5'.?..f..-V my., Jesu' .EH 2 W N N - Y esa c: A--may ' aw- H - .W , . I V ,.,.,:, , .:.. , .,.. ,., . ...:,:,.,, ,., , .,.,.,.,.,,., , 17. , , as . H H U L . -1:55252 ' i :ig wmv ' 2 rf H M. L: P H- If if' ' ax- .1 H g. E. . . .. zlz ..,. w - NY ' .1 . , H, , A .1 K EEE-.. -.3 ,I Qll, ... A:.:...:.nAg-1 :ef 4 , -f l.: f -- l.: , gg - .1-. L 4- - - -1 - - af ml. 5? ll s 'MESH' Ever since I903, U l-lall has provided pleasanl lodging for many people. Firsl known as lhe big Casa Loma l-lolrel, This building was a well- lcnown landmark in Jrhe Redlands area. For lhe lasl few years il has served as a dorm lor freshman women. Bur because ol ils grealr age and i'rs isolalion from lhe campus, all Thar will remain ol U Hall nexl year will be a memory. The women sludenls say goodby 'ro U l-lall wirh a lrace of noslralgia and eagerly Jrurn Jrheir alrenrion lo Jrheir new dorm. v sf' -M R4 my . K. nf- 5 pc .Q 1-H . ss - 7 .N . .-hier?-'-' K .f I bi. X'. .f '4 1: 1 fi ' - SY? sig X1 JK m . na .na . i- B' . . . . .5 Q Eli, is sm :af-sm sawn . .H .- -1- . -. -. .. E 9 .E-has gs!,sgssr wma . if . ,H ,pl sis. . -Inq X is T we W - A-1--1-H ' - V ew fa .T-, - .,, 3- - ., ff- ,f - - W, ,'Tf?'f"e-'I-fasinf, I ' . Below is The arTisT's concepTion oT The new women's dorrniTory. Anderson I-Tall. This new residence hall gives Two-hundred women The advanTage oT all new ideas Tor dormiTory convenience and beauTy. In conTrasT To U I-Tail, each sunny room is compleTeiy Turnished in The modern vein. This srnar-T sTrucTure is a greaT asseT To The whole campus, and promises To be The cenTer oT manynew evTenTs and TradiTions in sTudenT liTe. 41 'ei TEEN llllllml 'M' EEITEEEFT "' llllllllll "' ll!llll!ll clznowledgmenfs This is perhaps The mosT imporTanT parT oT The enTire book Trom The ediTor's sTandpoinT, because iT is on This page ThaT crediT can be given where crediT is due. Here iT is ThaT graTiTude can be expressed and where Those who have given so TaiThTully oT Their Time and TalenTs can be acknowledged in some small way. FirsT I should like To express my deepesT appreciaTion To The members oT my sTaTF who, because They were willing To accepT The responsibiliTies connecTed wiTh Their posiTions, reduced To a minimum The problems and diTTiculTies which are naTural in The producTion oT a yearbook. Special Thanks go To Dawn Muller and Una Marie Gamble, my Two associaTe ediTorsq To Dennis STaley, whose sTress on qualiTy is so clearly seen in his plgIoTography and To Kay STillwell, who did more Than her share as copy e iTor. -SecTion ediTors Mary Vasse, Peggy Taylor, CynThia WhiTe, Louise NewTon, BeTTy l-likiii, Yoyo YamamoTo, Sharon Gibson, BeTh l-liorTh. Mari- lyn Sanladerer, Dave Farmer, Marcia LinTon, and Ann l-loman deserve a greaT deal oT crediT Tor all oT The Time They conTribuTed in scheduling and idenTiTying picTures. OThers like Business Managers Myrna McKay and Marilyn Twelker as well as Sharon Munson and KaThy Buckingham who were responsible Tor The index, deserve special menTion. Carol McKinnon, Marilyn Olson, Kay Reese and DoroThy SchaTer who helped wiTh The copy compleTe The picTure OT a working uniT, and only because oT This uniTy could The idea behind This book become a realiTy. Speaking Tor The enTire sTaTT, l Teel ThaT we are all parTicularly graTeTul Tor The assisTance oT Gil Brown as adviser: J. STewarT, who handled The Tinancesq Jack CannicoTT oT The L. A. Engraving Company Tor his help on The layouTs and engravings, AnThony Loya, phoTographer Tor The senior and Greek org porTraiTsg Dick Caudle oT CiTrograph PrinTing Co., and Phil Clark and Bill ReTchin OT The S. K. SmiTh Co. Tor The covers. All oT These people working TogeTher could noT have accomplished Their purpose, however, wiThouT The help oT you, The members oT The adminisTraTion, TaculTy, and sTudenT body. Because oT your cooperaTion and enThusiasm, you have made our iob easier. So as The curTain is dropped on The Tinal acT oT anoTher school year. we hope ThaT This book wiTh iTs picTures and sTory will, in The years To come, bring back Tond memories oT Tun and Triendships aT ThaT dear old U oT R. Sincerely, JUDY L. MEAD EdiTor-in-ChieT 1 I 'L .3-bf-y. . I ...I

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