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 - Class of 1949

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W W Li 474M4 W kgfig' Jlf J IrL A344 Lama y d: 4, 7y; 44er k7 7 v: I 21f b '7 JJ 7 v , f V . gviy .3155. ,.,?..1 ..: .1.,. . .. 311.: N 29$ $: I .-L NINET c.ll. .5 ...I.A. .u. . ,: Mumiam.,.e!i,.. ... 5.71 3.3. "9.: maudmux..3 $ 1.53.: 23c T. . .. .v 94 .. aw. mlhwma . .... $$$ 3; "r?! J! $$$$ka . . .7 ..... a Li, i$a . .; . u .. B , m "t, L: W. K. "Anna? Z g V 1;? . Wm . WE . RESTFUL LIGHT. SOFT COLORS QUIET MEDITATION BEFORE OUR CHAPEL WINDOW NINE FORT? NINETEEN bwwwuw' V . . o A COMMUNITY- FOR STIMULATING ACHIEVEMENT AND FRIENDSHIP WHILE BUILDING STUDENTS ' WITH A PURPOSE L at u. eLAi , $1.4; w 141$; 5,. S E N E C S S U P M A C f?ff .xifwxx a y?i $g$x X z i$$sv1542 M; a $$$xe $$ ??szyxxggg 4 ? iiik r5, wfi ZZZ; ,Z iX MXx Hi? . XX $6 v?.??.aui f-gggml 3., iii .3iigkaii he":u ' we of O :,a ml W?" q 'wqi'wn u E mF ll CAMPUS??? x?exxNX . wxxxxxxxxxxxxx C, .2. .Lui-S'x': , $233 9101 .zggzxzig. , ,, n z, , . la; I I lp m r ; ?; g g ? ?xxxx gxx x ? Agg , : ? MWgz X s : ,7 WV; Nxxwx; WV 1 quw nw w M A uNWQ members frafive s+a1cf aCCep+- Residing On We h 0+- +he adm ed Hwe WW, I V mis Ill+y +OWard +he igorous They have iCUlUm and ec ng a v Ir responsib ional program. designed a varied curr sfudeng by 8H educa+ ISCOV- ing Hwe +a1en+s 9 imed 61- d d develop Of U of R C Jrure 6H MW SChedule a happ ach img +hem ma- I V Izens ifudes and H18 +OOIS for +y. I d secur mess an trators IS I 1" t9 Adm' i IUBYS I Un Each semesfer U of R sfudenfs me +hrough +he oHice 01c Mrs. Louis Merfins, regisfrar. asking innu- merable quesfions abouwL class schedules. credifs. graduafion requiremen+s, grades. franscripfs and 3 chapel cufs. I Dr. George H. ArmacoaL is He vifal, liv- ing force behind +he U of R. We saw re- suHs on his IO year program as Corfner hall for men neared complefion. nbers :epf- 1 +he .rous have and .cov- Jenfs rha- . ?or In addLHon +0 her pdncipalduses ofrevdewdng records of prospecsve Rediands erudemLs and making Hue snal sdecHons for enhance.hAEs LoubesJenMngs,Deancsxkdnssdons ako serves as a vocafional and pro- graw1counseHon In Hue business office. Mrs. Ewing Roberfson and Miss Grace Wiley handle +he checks and cash involved in receiving an educaHon af U of R. WHh Hwe consfrucfion of Corfner hall, Charles Pierpoinf. Bulldog business manager. musf aHend +0 mulfifudinous defails In making Hue long-planned building expansion program a reali+y. I I Dr. Vernon Tolle, Direcfor o1c +he School of Educafion. guides prospecfive feachers while Larry Hendon coordinafes +he aFFairs 01c Jrhe Alumni associaHon as ifs execufive secrefary. Behind Hie door marked "Dean of Educafional Adminis- +ra+ion," Dr. Floyd C. Wilcox endeavors +0 make learning a foremosf pleasure by esfablishing feaching as firs+ among Hue arfs of Hue faculfy. Gil Brown shows Mrs. Malcolm Sillars one o1C +hose press releases +hrough which He Public RelaHons office keeps Redlands on +he fromL pages. Icers ? W? ??g ies. WI .1. nrxx, Ir 6C . The elecfed OH saw special evidence of general concern in Bull- dog ediforials. ior problem as orgs Ise power w ENTATIVES IN STUDENT GOVERNMENT :K 't , REPRES IS ma in U of R hisfory, declared calendar blues were h dafes for +he d minor problems +hroughou+ +he year. cen+ering on budge+ aHoeren+s and developing a planned economy. ln+eres+ in governmenf af- Jrheir franch presidenf S+uden+ council members wresHed wiJrh bofh malor an irs ran high wifh 83 percemL of +he s+uden+s usmg ice fa Ronny Cameron. +he firsf man +0 serve as ASUR v scrambled +0 reserve s+uden+ body president mg success. made +he Universify of Bonn pro- V1 n n In O J II 0 VI 9 r e n 6 IO n a IT 5 e Z G In T Jr an oufsfand lec Cole. Smiling Lou Massari. ASUR Jrreasurer. s+ruggles +0 balance Hue budget keeping Hwe sfudenf body financially sound. EHicieM Carol McClarey keeps Hwe official records of S+uden+ council meefings and fakes par+ in discussions. AHrachIng widespread aHenJrion was He adopfion by He s+uden+ body 01: H16 Universi+y o1f Bonn in fhe Brifish zone in Germany. Plan- ned as a major aH-year project over $700 was raised during +he firsf monfh mt Hwe campaign. Elecfed Sfudenf council members: Ginny Lis- +er Hamner, Tom Yonker. Jim Weinberger, Rod Smifh, Jan Schwarberg. Appoinfed S+uden+ council members: Bar- bara German. D. J. S+ewar'r. Peggy Page. John Paul Jones, Marian Leader. Jack Cum- mings. Dean Burrall. Consis+ing of seven faculfy and eigh- Jreen s+uden+s. SJruclemL life funcfions as a sounding board for maior campus problems. Wifh Gil Brown and Mel Feuer as co-chair- men. definiJre recommendafions are made affer discussion. L ROW ONE: Joy Forsander. Marfy Carmichael, Dean Burrall, Dede Ericksen. ROW TWO: Ray Rickson. Mel Feuer. Dr. Lesfer Phillips, Marian 1 Leader. BeH'y Boyson. Frank Brown, Gil Brown. ROW THREE: Lowell Corwin, Arliss Johnson. Bob Knox, Duane Hill. 3 ROW ONE: Marilyn Root Donna Spragg, Beffy Boyson. Marian Leader. Noreen Hughes. or t e ROW TWO: Eleanor Bushey. BeHy LynnI Shirley Harling, Dorene Cowden. Carolyn MuirI Doris Segur. Composed of +he presidenfs of women's organizaHons. AWS council coordinafes all acfivifies for +he Associa+ed Women sfu- enfs. They sponsor Hue fradifional Chrisf- mas formal, several banquefs. and are in Charge o1c frosh women orienfafion. Earl Andren and Irene Wach casf +heir ballofs in a fypical U of R elecfion while Gloria Raine supervises. for the Students Who Elected Them Befwgen classes, sfudenfs congregafe "af Hwe bar" oufside Hue Hall of LeHers +0 discuss +he dirfy pop qUIZ on He Ias+ac+o1C Macbefh. +he big dafe wfor +he Spur Spring Spree, or We fraHic fine Huey had +0 pay for parking Hweir car on Ad hill for only four hours. V W .5 F o u r catalogues ago . . . . Seniors en+ered +he UofR.... 1949 Receiving Hweir degrees utrom Presidenf George H. Armacosf. graduafing seniors b e c a m e alumni of He UniversHy o1c Red- lands on June l2, I949. This culminafed four years of filling counHess blue books, nith aHer nighf 01f cramminq and wrifing +erm papers, and finally, seven wicked days of review for fine comprehensive exams. Senior s+uden+s Wanda Par- sons. Karl Beniamin and Jody Sudlow Laugharn relax near +he senior bench. NW m. x w 0mm W W MW??? N WW Qees Hom xrmacost e C a m e V Of Red- 49. Thk o1C filling gh+aHer :1 erIng ' for +he da Pan d Jody nearfhe w g; R x QM, Q g Q ,2, QKVW VIATZZQ? QNXWQ Rufh Adams OHie Aide Bob Allen Diane Allen Joyce Alumbaugh Don Arnegard Al Bailey Madha BarneH Lewis BarreH Gloria BaHIase Edifh Bayha Pai' Bell Troy Bellomy AI Benneff Ray Binkley Dorofhy Bishop Herb Black thinia Boehme Shirley Boengr Loren BoHemiller Rober'r Bower Bob Boysen Lucille Brodersen Gayle Burnham WWW , , y v a L ; Y Min 0M3 "W waW Wx Rx X$ $.wmmm pv" W Each 3 senior w bersHp izafion. guidance Mr arc ROV Elsa W V , . K , , L x, L RCV Wmvwmw ..,, Eleanor Bushlay Ron Cameron Chaf Campbell Jim Can+erbury Jack Car Charles Cashllo Teresa Cenafiempo Ted Clemens John Coble J C hr a oc Carl C.?oleman Jack Compfon Caryl Conry Bill Coplin Eleyan Yran ; Caroline Coffon Es+elle Coupland Naf Cross Brad Davis or Dung Wesley Davison y- 'OWYears of Study Each year, a maximum of Jren oufsfanding senior women are Jrapped br WEBS mem- bership, honorary women's service organ- izafion. They are in Charge 0? vocafional guidance week. and sponsor Hwe senior break- $as+ and H18 smarfy parfies. ROW ONE: Mary Lou Dulin, Shirley Boengr, Eleanor Bushey, Marilyn Root ROW TWO: Paf Webb, Genny Lisfer Hamner. Louis Danielson Elixabefh Day Earl De Weerf Helen Dimmick Jim Dixon Lee Douglas Mary Lou Dulin Mk" Jan Eberhar+ Page 25 Gregory , ,, .. ,7 2.? 4, Clinf Gibbons Charles Granf X V . J. F. Mel Feuer Bob Ford Marjorie FOSS Barbara Garman Shirley Gair Dick Galloway Leon George Joan Gordon Jan Gray Edifh Egly Brian Eliker Jane Farnum Roger Gillersfrom S+an Gollery Bob Gon'rer Jim Gordon Phyllis Granf Olin Graves Beverly Gray Jacqueline Gray John Gronek Connie Gup+on Ginny Lis+er Hamner Barbara Harding f Gibbons rles Granf Gregory Shirley Harling Feuer Jeannie Haversfock Ford Jack Haviland brie FOSS Lee Hawkins Dennis Hayden Berfhel Henning Don Henshaw Berf Herrin Margaref Herrin Nafalie Hess Mar'uan L953. Shirky U23; Jane Vaz. Mam- U. Cherki'ek'r: Jones of Ve+s village Si and Mrs. Eunice Hurlberf ia Hume Alyce HunHey Jean Hufchinson Lons Hufhnance Thelma Jackson John Paul Jones Phyllis Kelly Billie Kemper Howard Hovey 4Iary Husman Virgin l Bob Hooper I 5 r O Sen Clifford Holmes Graduating Horace Hinksfon - 4. "2,, 3+5 village Rickie Kern Olive Klopsch Bob Laird Joanne Lance Alberfa Lawson . mxwwm Marian Leader Norman Leer Edwin Livengood Arf Lynn Bob Lynn Shirley Maas Jane MacLin Marilyn Madsen Charlene Mandrapa, Lou Massari CaH-Iy Mafich Don Mclnfosh Wally Mclnfosh Dof McKibben Bob McKie Gene McMillan Phillip McMullin Barbara Mohrens Beverly Melons Pafsy Mendenhall J. F. Newcom Donald Papp Elizabefh Rar a , Marion Neilsen mg Inor Mi+chell Mary Myers Charles M Carolyn Mi+chell Shirley Myers Fay Miller Ph Ellis Means Gerard J. Mesman Ralph Meyer Mel ll' Carolyn Mu ??szz r Ie Ie u M .T r. 9 ID 0 R Bruce Nichols Theodore Nicolay JeaneHe Page Bill Orem Gordon Palmer Rufh Pan'rzalas Jim Parker Wanda Parsons Do+ Pa+rick Gloria Peal Phyllis Pearson Virginia Prior Berniece Reed Ralph Reed Lee Reeve Phyllis Rickson Ray Rickson William E. Robbins Julian Robbins BeHy Roberfson W $$ Dick Rodd Marilyn Roof SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Gayle BurnhamI Rod Smi+h. Johnny Jensen. Lee Reeve. Thelma Jackson. Jack Rose Bob Schqu Clyde Smifh Beween the World of Redlands Kennefh Sasseen Lillian Schafer Lois Ann Scharpenberg Bill Schmidf Esfher Schober Earl Schoneman Bob scoff Doris Segur Larry Segur Allen Sharpe Dick Sheere Hamilfon Sheppard Rodney Smifh William F. Smifh Beverly Snyder Lyn Spaulding Dorofhy Sfannard Thomas Sfeel. Jr. W? ?Z? gxg Claude Taggarf Hugh Thomas George Truex Charles Vinson W OI, ile r e IK V: cko ear aeTa T Tav re wennm nInHl .T e 650 REDH Joan Sudlow LaugHorn Ray Taylor Marjorie Toles Bill Van Sfeenwyk Ed Sforlie Bill Thornburg Richard U+z Clarice Voris Frank Voighf Lloyd Wagner Leonard Waifman Paulynne Warner George Webb Paf Webb Randolph Whifney Margaref Whife Mary Alice Wilbern Virginia Wilkens Mary Lou Williamson Barbara Wilson Bob Wilson Jack Wilson Paf Walcoff Dorofhy Wolfer+ Harry Wolfman Bruce Woods Paf Woodward Becky Workman Alice Wymer Harry Wynn Sylvia Zurschmiede One More Year Junior class members, now ac- cusfomed +0 Hwe rou+ine 01c sfudy and Hwe joy of Jrradifioml horse- play. began upper division work. dreaming up mefhods +0 evade graduafion requiremenfs Huey had previously ignored. Highiighf 01C +heir year was He annual iunior- senior prom in +he Commons. Decorafed wifh cornshocks and pumpkin lan+erns. +he Halloween sock hop was sponsored by +he junior class. ROW ONE: Merrill Hill John Rennie ROW ONE R . . : H Barbara Huddlesfon, Arnold MuHeH. Grace ShiraishioBgoegbie $52:: 3:11 50.0. Jean Cooke, Roberf Eichman. MurfeH. I I Y ea" ROW TWO: Paf Rucker Hill Roberi ROW TWO ' . :R h d ' ' Pe+ers. Douglas Craven. Or+h Warring- ner. Verne Po+;:r?rDaYI:hISniTlfer?llDl:lac: a:li- +on, William D. SchaeHer. Ed Taylor. Dick Anderson. Fred Powell Page 36 ROW ONE: Arlene Bailey. Bob McCIew. Bar- bara Bolf. Carla Bedwell. Evelyn Reamer. ROW TWO: BeHy Lawson. Marilyn Jenks, Shirley Dyerl Carolyn Lennon, Guy Hanegan. ROW THREE: Wallace Lundin. Wallace Fu- qua. Jim Heywood, Orville Chadsey. ROW FOUR: Alan Dale, Ray Chapman. Gene Harding, Ray Heim. ROW ONE: lsh Ashbrook. Bob Mayes. Mary Louise MacMillan. Bob Arakelian. Bambi Gib- son. Wesley Mars+ers. ROW TWO: Verona Henry. Gene Curry. Candy Yarborough. Ches+er Green. Margie Hurlburf, James McClain. ROW THREE: Winsfon A+kins. Clay+on A+- wood. Carl Graves, Nick Davies, Doris Hib- bard. Phil Ellis, Wayne Gregg. Bob Lienau. Ed Hemmerling. ROW ONE: Robert Brier, Maxine Maydew. Alfreda chkson, EIlen Morris, James Dil- worfh. ROW TWO: Verne Holmes. Alice Jean Durio, Eldon Hife, Margare'r Dale, Lawrence Corey. WWWWW k 5X NVO WWW m . ?! l"WX7j!J ROW ONE: Dede Ericksen, Wayne Whife, Sfan Weaver. Jenny Mo Horfon. Colleen Zeigler. ROW TWO: Bird Woods. Darrell Nelson. Jim Toale, Frank Powell. ROW THREE: Mari Thompson, Anne Simpson. Chuck Schufh. ford. Jo Towar. Bud Harvey, Jo Robinson. Roberfson. ROW ONE: Iron: Vlach, Ros:mary Smi-IH. Ru+h Ogren, Ulises Narvarez, Jim Wein- berger. ROW TWO: Rilla S+ickney. Yvonne Nel- son. Mary Tischler. June Taylor, Doug Smifh. ROW THREE: Jim Perkins. Ed SnyderI Da- vid Sheard. ROW FOUR: Glenn Sargenf, Loren Pe- ferson. S+ra+ie Paras. Page 38 y ,, a , ROW ONE: Jim Rosser: Bev Schroeder. Jean Taylor. Dorofhy Wol- ROW TWO: Roberf Smifh, Bob Vaughn. Bob Oliver, BeHy Smifh, ROW THREE: Bill S+anley. Douglas Sewell. Dean ThompsonI Mick ROW ONE: Dick Anderson, Jessica Blounf, Herb Cunningham. Carol Ann McClary. Earl Cavanah, Orabell Ginfher. N- ROW TWO: Ahmad Madiedi, Derald Gregg. Mary Garner. Paf Grimm. Carl BenderI Virginia Beffy Lynn. ROW THREE: Winnifred Banks. Harold Jackson. Ann Moorel Philip Gamble, Joy Forsander. BeHy Earle, Ka+hy Davison. ROW FOUR: Roberf KuhnI Jacqueline Burcfler. Roberf BarreH. Lee Hornibrook. Grace Kibler. Larry Hilll Carolyn Fisher. Lieberg. Lee Knowles, ROW ONE: Barbara Joy. Barbara Smifh. Do Ronk. Joanne Leland. Joe Sfeinberg. ROW TWO: Mary Ellen Schumacher, Jan Se- basfian. Alexander Scrim, Carol Ra+cliFf. Margaref Smifh. ROW THREE: Ed Rufherford, Ru+h Anderson. Bud Ross, Dick Taylor. ROW FOUR: Rod Voris, William Rosenfelder. David Paulson. xV 1- ROW ONE: Eleanor Crusen, Gerald CoH1- t ern. Joanne Fagerburg. Jack Cummings. Pa'r .315. Kanahele, Rusell Davis. :k ROW TWO: Jack G. Moore, Albert E. Lor- ing. EvereH Boring, Herberf Jones. Roger HiaH. Bill Cadwallader. ROW THREE: John Gafhings, Francis Flint Z. 8. Andrus. Paf Evans. Jack JeH, Barbara Georg, Bud Bunyard. rice Bloun+, I umors ii. Derald imm. Carl 5 Knowles. ks, Harold amble. Joy Iavison. Jacqueline iornibrook. Hyn Fisher. ' X- Y Class OFficers: 00 Rank, Jim Junior Weinberger. Dave Silke, Bud Ross, Grace Shiraishi. ROW ONE: Chuck Luciano, Susie Jones, Ed Conly. Babara Brenf. Joanne Walker. Nelia Marsh. ROW 2: Anne Gross, Bill Carr. MHcheH Kieizman, Ted Krein, Evelyn Cline. Nancy Holderness. Tris Hubbard. ml "gm; Muuthxuzuat' jtr ROW ONE: I der. Barbara Y Carolyn Sim . ROW TWO; ROW ONE: Flo Shepphird. Kay Wills. :Erry Shem 'IIP ' ROW TWO: Ru+h Shiraishi. Naomi Jean y, ' WWI Righfer, Jan BuHer, Beffy Henfschke. Caro- ROW THREE lyn Holcomb. Cynfhia Difwiler. BifbaraBelL ROW THREE: Carolyn Oleman. Bobby Mahrf, Pauline Shoup. Barbara Sackman. ROW FOUR: Loren Webb. Don Williams. Chuck Perry. Jack Sigler. Greg WeH'on. ROW FIVE: Bob Tanner. Roberf Ward, Jerry Summersl Don Warburfon. Page 40 WAT.VWw1 4. C Revenge aJr lasH Sophomores. re- a" pus membering +heir own firer college se- mes+er. expended +heir "Commons fed" energy in He hazing of newly ar- rived frosh. Buf pigfaHs. choppy crew cufs and fine Brawl soon faded info memories. only +0 be replaced by +he hopes and fears of Greek org rushing. In+egral par+s of U of R social He. Hwe second year s+uden+s sponsored Hue Valen+ine Day's Parade of Hearfs. Nev- er+heless. pleasure gave way +0 hard s+udy bewcore Hwe sophs were ready for +he upper class bracke+. ROW ONE: Laura Long, Marianne Kashiwagi. Mary AbboH. Sam Sallie. ROW TWO: BeHy Boysen. Margare+ McLean, Mary Bell. ROW THREE: Don Creacey. Marilyn Appling, Bob Knox. Don MaHhews, Don Hasenyager. ROW FOUR: Ed Irvin. ..-- ROW ONE: Jo Ann Record. Marilyn Sabolia. Sylvia Schufz. ROW TWO: Nancy S+ark. Donna Spragg. Evelyn Yoder. Donna Lee Paul. Doro+hy SJrur- ROW TWO: Nancy Ralph, Marian Walker. divanf. G h h J Sfe . B.flrrgfsfcagirll SB+eHy S B?CIESI'? IBZnI vens ROW THREE: Dick HaHTeld, John Dyksfra, I 05' I evens, 1c elc e ' Marfha Sedam. Marianne Reifh. ROW THREE: Leslie SCOH- Myrna Wolfe. ROW FOUR: Gay Cooper Mary Fifzpaf- Barbara Bell. rick. raga; "W1 . ' a ; QM, m ROW ONE: Ewing Robertson. AnneHe Win- der, Barbara WaggonerI Doris Ann Whife. Carolyn Sfover. 7 U ,W a; I. 4. . 'e "r ,f . V ,. ,6 u' . V , l ' o . ROW ONE: Jane AxonI Dave Ma+hews. Mary De Voss, Nancy Brooks, Alberfa Charles. ROW TWO: Carolyn Jury. Phyllis Fisher. Lois Boucher. Carol Koenigkramer. Bob Carpenfer. ROW THREE: Anna May Hoglund. Margery Miller. Wesley LangreH, Harold Gregg, Con- nie Mifchell. ROW FOUR: Jocelyn Dahle. Elsie Brooksl Madora Morash. Bill Jenkinl Andy Jensen. 4 . 4v. FROSH CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Knox. Ted Krein. Phil S+evens. Marianne Kashiwagi. ROW ONE: Berge Helsley. Dave Brainard. Barbara Henry, Maudene Carmichael. Lillian Goederf, Bob Chesworih. ROW TWO: Helen McMiHinI Ca+hryn Bos- sard. Andreas Jensen. Brig Mifchell. Dorofhy Kopf. ROW THREE: Roberf Alvarez, David Giedf. L . Joan Kooman. Pamela Bleich. June Hin+on. X4 3 ' , , ' . ,, X Virginia Hasfy. x , V .. , L . . ROW FOUR:Ar+hurFi+zgerald. Paul Kefcham. H? ne Kashiwagi. ROW ONE: Marfha Sedam. Jo Ann Record, Nancy Holderness. Mariorie Roberfson, Ev- elyn Cline. Mary Fifzpafrick. Marianne Kash- iwagi, Aileen Haller. ROXN TWO: Jeanne Walker. Jean S+evens. Elsie Brooks, Margery Miller, Paf Rucker Hill. Anna May HoglundI Donna Spragg. Berga Helsley. Lois Boucher, Carolyn Oleman, Con- nie MHcheH, Sylvia Schufz. ROW ONE: Don Creacey, Jim Weinberger. Bill Jenkinl Herb Jones, Mifch Kie+zman, Herb Cunningham. Chuck Hobart ROW TWO: Rod Voris. Jack Cummings. Bob Tonrv, Oville ChadseV. Jim Heywood. ROW THREE: Dave Silke. Dick Walner. Dick Anderson, Bob Tanner, Bob Knox. Honorary service organizafions for lower Classmen are Yeomen for men and Spurs for women. A nafional group. Spurs supervise elecfions and sponsor H16 annual Spur Spring Spree as Hweir maior funcfions. Yeomen was reorganized Hwis year +0 include men from all classes. Above Yeomen Wray Cornwell and Jim Weinberger Hi We Melrose coke machine. one of +heir many services. of R New Faces Q ROW ONE: Velvaiean Miller. Phyllis Ford. Joyce Howe, Dolores Bader. Helen Johnsfonl Gwen Evans, Ola Colopy. Albefa Charles. ROW TWO: Roland Mar, Bill Marchi. Jack Clark! Jim HieaH. Dick Hughes. Jim Bleek- Zoe Ann Bremmer. 1 er, ,A ROW THREE: John Connolly. Hal Forsfer, Ash+on Cole. Sidney Moses. ROW ONE: CharloHe Sadler. Verna PaHer- son. Susan Wiseman. Jean Sorfor, Paula Schaefer. Befh Schulze. ROW TWO: Jerry Sweeney, John Wilde. Ed- win Whifney, Herman Thornfon. Richard Ware. Gene Short Frosh women PaHy Burford and Paula Schaefer painf a gigan+ic '52 on We Ad hill driveway. signifying a Brawl vicfory. He-men George Por+er. Dick Hunsacker and Eu- gene Brown. wifh U hall girl Bev- erly Smifh. admire +he resuHs. Frosh Class Officers: Richard Hunsaker. Jim HieaH. Virginia Moses. Jim Hurlbut Doug- las Gould. New Smiles, New Hopes The class of 52 was decepfively welcomed by ifs sophomore superiors. No sooner had U hall women unpacked +heir new col- lege wardrobes Hwan Huey were informed. "makeup is faboo. only +he plainesf Clofbes can be worn and hair mus+ be leH un- kempf." R club members greefed Hue fresh men wifh paddles. hair Clippers and Hwe maroon and grey beanies. Dreams 01C CO- educafional acfivifies faded when +he no-dafing rule was read. Life refurned +0 normal aHer Hwe Brawl vicfory. vW ROW ONE: Elizabefh Ruegger. Beckie WrightJackie Price. . ' ' ROW TWO: Bernice Wa+son. Pam Voris. Janef Ulrich. Marlorle Reliz. ROW THREE: Margie S+en+z. Kay Tweedy,Louise Shrader. Janef Torrey. ROW FOUR: Charles Wiggins, Dave Parker,Charles Simmons. ROW ONE: Vance Kaminski. Dorene Cowden, Paf Burford. Frank Brown. ROW TWO: Bill Billard, Carole Bufler. Janef Apfel, Anne Bab- cock, Ted Chamberlain. ROW THREE: Mal Kincaid, Wally Moore, Hal Fors+er. Gene Brown. Bonnie Lehrman. ROW FOUR: Harold Chaney, Olaf Fisher. Bill Callender, Don- ald Arnoid, Margarei' Huebner, Anne Graffam. Margare+ Cunn- ingham. 4WM ROW ONE: Shirley Collins. Edifh Diss, Jane Bell. Paf Douglas. Barbara Fleming, Jerry Holley, Nicky Height ROW TWO: Dorofhy Axwor+hy. Lois Fisher. Carolyn Hermann. Barbara Coombs, Barbara Blake, Eleanor Grant ROW THREE: Kafhleen Bishop, Glcen Heck, Kennefh Clancy. George Brooks, Richard De Sanze. Gerry Hall. Margery House. Donna Jean Benfly. ROW ONE: Shirley Welch. Fred Orfon. Donna Lee Tinkham. Ka+harine Roberfs, Elizabefh Ogden. ROW TWO: Jo Anne Wesfmoreland. Beverly Smifh, Jean Swerd. feger, Joanne S+one. Douglas Robbins. Frances Powell. ROW THREE: George Porier. Larrie Sfevens, Jim Wilson, Don Wilson, Roger Wesfmonf. ROW ONE: Lou Robinson. Marilyn McKenzie, BeHy Crow. PGUI Gehrer. ROW TWQ: Gloia Main, Roberf E. George. Mary Ellen Liffell. Levonne Klsner. Louis Aidem, Phyllis Dean. ROW THREE: John Horn, Helen Marfens, John Knezevich. Mar- guerl+e Denny, Ray Creighan. NWvW xxxxxw Be". Pei Douglas. arolyn Hermann. ni. Kennefh Clancy, 1. Margery House. nna Lee Tinkham, With, Jean Swerd. es Powell. Jim Wilson. Don BeHy CrowI Paul Aary Ellen LiHell. 1 Knezevich. M5" ROW ONE: Kay Blair, Nicky Bolin, Pearl Chufrakul. Rufh Lucking. Joan Garfner. Befh Clemes. ROW TWO: Marfhalie Ches+nuf+, Jim Hurlbuf, Franklin Anderson. Lois Bierer. Rich Hunsaker. ROW THREE: Harris Donnel, Dorofhy Ann Creacey. Wayne Howard. Ronald Kreufzberg. Kenny Johns'rone. Rudy Gunzel. W; o- 1 ROW ONE: Lois Bryan, Jo Anne Lewis, Doffie Haas. Gloria James. Elizabefh Gromer. Shirley English. ROW TWO: George Graham, Maureen McGinness. Mari- lyn.King, Penny Borden. Benna Lou Arnold, Janice Johnson. Avns Laughinghouse, Mariorie Morris, Carol Hulfquisf. Jack Hamilfon. ROW THREE: June Middlefon. Paul Mifchell, Donna Moss. Donald McCully. Edward Lyon, Mary Middlefon, Virginia Moses. Lou Robinson. Johanna des Planfes. Freshmen Begin the Four Year Trek ROW ONE: Roberf Jackson. Harry Kendall, Bruce Foreman. Grier Moore. ROW TWO: Lou Robinson. BeHy Lyman, Blanche Edgar. Marilyn Muller. Joan Davidson. Nancy Macpherson. ROW THREE: Jack Miller, Neil Hamilfon, Keifh Brininsfool. Douglas Gould, Wal'rer Gleckler. Greg Howell. V m M 31 MW ROW ONE: Mary Lou Narveson, Beverly Phillips. Marilyn Shan- gle, Evelyn Sal+er. Mary Wright Jean LeichHuss. S+ewar+ Nixon. Alan Shugarf. ROW TWO: Mary Ann Shoemaker, Evelyn Torpey, Margof Schoen, Gladys Picker. ROW THREE: Roy WHwer, Duncan Sprague. Charles Rieger, Bill Conklin, Paul Thenes, Ken Janzen. Jess Senecal. A professor's work is never done.The papers and problems which cross his desk would give Hwe General Mofors presidenf insom- nia. Of course. shorfer assign- men+s could remedy +he si+ua+ion. MWWIMIA-EWIMuwIMmu Dr. Reinhold Kranfz of +he chemisfry deparfmenf shows sfu- denfs Ted Chamberlain. Rowena Hodge. Hal Forsfer. Roland Mar. John Connelly and Jim HieaH a lab experiment In +he engineering depar+men+ Mr. E. Charles Parke explains 6 problem for frosh s+uden+s Bill Bil- lard. Doug Gould and Ted Yim. Professor N53 Georgia 5W? 1 l caHon depar"? 1 of sports for n;- , '1' Professor Nadine Cragg Etmd Miss Prof. F. S. Bromberger and Dr. Teaching humanifies and philoso- Georgia Sforzer of +he Physmal Edu- Benjamin Harrison give freshmen "all phy. Dr. Frederick Mayer amazes his caJrion deparfmenf prowde a varlefy year hazing" wifh Hueir +heme assign- s+uden+s by asking +hem +0 +hink for of sporfs for women. menfs. +hemselves. Affending one of +he semi-mon+hly factu meefings are Mrs. Rufh New- by. English; Dr. Forresf Kingsbury. psychology; Prof. Elizabefh Hidden. educafion: Prof. Eva Price. language; Dr. Sfanley Combs. educafion; and Dr. Lawrence Nelson. head of Hue English deparfmenf. Polilical minded Prof. M a c k Dr. Joseph Baccus, who Jreaches Reynolds of Jrhe Business Adminislra- speech. shows Dr. Carey Conley an Fisher is invaluable when giving voice Jrion deparlmenJr. displays his Dewey- arficle he will '00er on Jrhe speech bul- lessons. He is also direclor ol Jrhe Warren Jrie on November 3. I948. lelin board. Women's Glee club. smw An informal conference of religion profs Dr. Roberl Lynn. Dr. Gordon Dr. Leslie P. Spelman suffers wifh Hynes. and Prof. Douglas Eadie oqu- olher sludenls side Jrhe Hall of LeHers. who muer fake Jrhe ong voyage befween humanilies classes in He Hall of LeHers and or- gan lessons in Jrhe Chapel. Dr. Wilburn Gregory counsels boJrh psychology majors and ofher s+uden+s. giving perspecfing on vo- ca+ions. classes and personalify. Graduafe manager D. J. Sfewarf, head of +he SfudemL sfore. cha+s wi+h Beverly Benjamin and +akes her money. H doesn'f hur+ so much +ha+ way. Scienfis+s Dr. George Hollenberg and Prof. S. Guy Jones. bofany and chemis+ry. discuss a new algae Dr. Hollenberg has added +0 his collec- Jrion. During regisfrafion week. Prof. Er- win Ruff. voice +eacher. Jralks sfuclemLs info joining +he Men's Glee Club which he also direc+s. Dr. Henry C and humaniiies Dr. Alvin Ha: 1 campaign. manifies. is W Ceramics ar a ledurer. Rhea Dana SC useM arficles. 0w .m 0 V Special Prof. Char minisfrafio' fessor. 1 Dr. David PC may hold 6 gm. 3 FeSUmed Mrs. Ohve ; AHeF Spend Washin exr hisfory cc HVink new Vlew 0 microscooe To H1 , 4 ,, , waxxkxxxxx xx Mrs. Maude Carlson. library bib- liographer. and Mr. Beverley Caver- i hiil. assisfanf librarian. Prof. Cherry Parker falks wiih Earl Owen abomL his successful speech clinic. Mr. Howard Sfaiiord. geology. discusses lab experiment Dr. William Sfrauss. government and Dr. Lesfer Phillips. poli+ical sci- ence. Miss Dorofhy Wesira. solois+ in "The Messiah" over MBC. +eaches voice. Ceramics and art faughf by Mrs. Rhea Dana Schlag. produces many useful arficles. Dr. Alvin Haag. philosophy and hu- maniiies. is also in grea+ demand as a lecfurer. Dr. Henry DiHmar +augh+ French and humanifies. and aided Hie Bonn campaign. Prof. Frank Greenway. Business ad- minis+ra+ion. relaxing in his oHice. Speciai ins+ruc+ion is given by Proi. Charles Pershing. French pro- iessor. Dr. David Posfon and Dr. Sfephen Tornay hold a conference +0 discuss +heir his+ory courses. AHer spending several monfhs in Washingfon. D. C.. Dr. Bernard Hyink resumed his economics classes. Mrs. Olive PeHy's s+uden+s Ge'r a new view of life af Hie end of Hie microscope. Dr. David Solfau and Dr. Fred Warbur+on discuss diHiCUH physics problems. EducaJror Prof. Frank Bishop and hisforian Dr. Rober+ Ramsey are in Jrerrupfed by cameraman. i; xxxxxx W; xxwxd k W WWwRMx w ,9 11 .. xx??? ,er ,3, ,2 t; gZaifdiwx? x22 , L 243; ROW ONE: Marian Leader. Thelma Jackson. BeHy Roberison. Joan Fagerburg. ROW TWO: Gayle Burnham, BeHy Earle. Renee Taecker. Dede Ericksen. Jane Farnum, Mary Lou Dulin. ROW THREE: Mary Lou Williamson. Joanne Lance, Barbara German. Gloria Peal. Dof Mc- Kibben. Shirley Harling, Eleanor Bushey. ROW FOUR: Corky Yarborough. Jan BullockI Lillian Schafer. Grace Kibler, Marilyn Root Paf Rolo. Charlene Mandrapa. Til Klopsch. junior and senior girls who are in Charge of orienfafion of new women a week before Classes begin. This year. +hey had +he firer mid-year or- ien+a+ion program in U of R hisfory. Also working on orien+a+ion is Miss Lucile BurraH. Dean of Women. Wifh personal inferviews and group discus- sions, she explains U of R regulafions and principles. Sponsors, above. are composed of AHer personal inferviews involv- ing a dozen diicierernL lines! siudenis muer fill Hie regisirafion booklei wiih fads abouf +hemselves. The hour- long iob is done here by Carl Cole- man. Oiiie Aide and Cail'irynn Bos- sard. Siudenis pigeon-hole proiessors anywhere +hey can find +hem during regisfrafion week for advice on +heir educaiionai program. Here. Naialie Hess ialks wiH'i Dr. Kingsbury. Dean of Men Marc Jack Smifh holds an open forum in fine basemeni oi Melrose hall during Hie orieniafion program. These forums give siudenis an opporfunify +0 geJr basic informa- +ion aboui Hie U of R. Universiiy regisiraiion is perhaps +he moer im- poriani sfep in a siudenf's life. H means a new liie in a new world. buf more ihan ibis. if shows a desire for knowledge, for broader perspecfive. ior univer- sal aHiiudes. These +hings are inirinsic af +he Uni- versify of Redlands. A iiberai arJrs educaiion infe- grafed info a pracfical program is combined wiJrh +he Chrisiian principles of love and iolerance. Thai is how Hie U of R builds characier and personaliiy. , MW e Wm: 1 . , 1.; ' g $2 :1 MN Each sludenl cosls Hie U of R over $700 per year. During reg- ' islralion week. sludenls line up oulsiole Hie Business Office lo pay +heir luilion bill, $400. Are the Hardest Aller regislrafion. hazing begins. lls purpose. Jrhe lrosh are fold, is +0 give all He sludenfs a common experience. Mild colle- giaJre violence is parl of learning +0 live JrogeJrlier. So. looking and sounding like Cass Daily. lrosli women sang +he Alma Maler, rev- erenfly kneeling. while lrosh men, accompanied by sophomore paddles, yelled +he Och Tamale. Tl'ie climax of hazing arrived will: f Hie Jrracliliomail brawl. Willi sack and egg races for women, a Jrire race and Jrug 0' war for men. He fresh won by a slender margin. R club members gave lrosh men swimming lessons on Hie gym floor. WW Blood. sweaf and sneers wen+ info We rough and rugged fire race. H was a soph vic+ory for +his evenJr. Helen Jean Marfins and Befh Schqu, thhOLnL +he aid of Max Facfor, were relchramL +0 have +heir pic- +ure Jraken. The fresh seemed doomed +0 defeaf unfil Hwe fafeful Jrug 0' war. BiHer over a dispu+ed dewceawL in +he+1re race and filled wiJrh "mud in your eye" inso- lence. 1Crosh men dragged +he sophs +hrough +he pH almosf eHorHessly. .3??? , WV I +hen +0 +he . Redlands men display bedroom inalify Paiamarino. Local ional prizes for orig in He +radi1L e g n a Q n e In LI IO n a n O H O C n w 0 IO 9 .m In C r a M 6 IT a u+l 8 IO n a e g n a r IT a g .m 1V, W0 r merchanfs con+ribu+e and uniqueness. Procellis sfyles is rioJr ad for wearing ed socks. Several people in Hue +here isn'wL room. A guy couldn'+ even geJr a horse in sideways. Fronfier Fies+a night No one reads +he Dean Smlfh shoes insfead 01E b "Main Sheet" background also have shoes on. They're nexf. shoofing up +he fown CelebraHng California's cenfen- nial. Redlands seniors and seniorifas established a Fronfier Fiesfa Jrheme for +he AH-College Mix. ?mile When You Call Coach CusF Holderness go second prize. "He was her man. bu+ he leH her Hat" so she pulled a gaf and shof +he raJr. Wifh a zanny. bar room burlesque of Frankie and Johnnie. +he Yeomen's boofh copped firer prize aJr +he Mix. The audience cried in roof beer. buwL virfue de- serves ifs own punishment Smiling Gayle Burnham checks Clinf Gibbon's price-winning beard in Hue Whiskerino confest O+her win- ners anxiousiy awaif +heir Jrum. I "wwmnn mm, , ,M On Friday aHernoon +hey wen+ +0 work insfead of home. The excepfionally elabo- ra+e seHing of H115 year's AH-Campus Mix may have seJr a new fradiJrion. buf if Jrook plenfy of exfra work. Wearily, members of We various campus organizafions began Hue hard work of cons+ruc+ing boo+hs and games of chance 1EorH1e evening's fun. A group o1E sfraw bosses and slaveys buiH a fronHer sfreef af fiesfa Jrime 0qu of orange boxes and crepe paper on +he wes+ lawn of He Commons. This sho+ wasn'+ erpical of +he day's acfivifies. buf remember. everybody loves a camera. '9" 0w Call Me Thar Coach Cushman scores again as Thefa Nancy A hoe down. "soufh of He border" 5+er was Holderness goes all in for her sororify. Boofh Jrook performed in fine DeHa cool-aid canfina by Jan second prize. BuHer and BeHy Henfschke ::C.ea - . r " a , X y -- :tC'Je T a ' , .. ,, ' ,5 CIII-Z: xprize :.' .Fusde una'vp-a---h Dancing and conversa+ion a+ Hwe Candy Cane Capers made if one o1C Hwe ou+s+anding aH-coHege informals of +he year. Sponsor o1c +he dance was La Rueda. The senfimenfal "Cruising Down Hue River" provides fhe background . for a slow, dreamy dance in +he U hall lobby. A Jrree grows in +he Commons as a modern Tarzan pu+s up +he decora- +ions for +he AWS sponsored Chrisf- mas formal. "H Only Happens When I Dance Wifh You" - Herb Cun- ningham calls aJr H18 Grossmonf lobby for his fiance. Ber+a John- son. The occasion is H18 Chrisfmas Formal. George Graham escorfs Becky Wrighf +hrough Hwe evergreen archway +0 +he dance floor a+ Hue Chrisfmas Formal. "BuHons and Bows" was He hif song af +he +ime. 9'! Dance With You ' Refreshmenfs are a muer a+ all-college infor- mals. Hosfesses here are Miss Emily WiHey and Mrs. Boysen. The S+uden+ Chrislian Associa- Hon sponsors flue Y book sale as one of ifs many services. Regular meeHngs leafure speakers and movies on currenl social, polilical and religious queslions. Wilh ro- laling presidenls Lee Purvis. Janey MacLin and George Modell, a 20 person delegalion wemL Jro Asilo- mar. annual sluolenl Y conference. The Rev. Dr. CulbemL Reu+enber was one of flue oulsfanding Chris- +ian leaders who spoke in Chapel during +he year, as well as before special groups. Page 66 ' .Probably flue mos+ vifal parJro1c Redlands life is ils Chris- l'an Ideals and religious prOgram. The Tuesday and Thursday ConvocaHon programs bring grea1L Chrisfian leaders from all over +he world +0 speak in flue Memorial Chapel. Acfive or- gamzalions. such as flue Sfudenf Chrislian Associalion and H1e lnler-VarsHy CllrlSTLlan Fellowship group, hold regular meef- Ings. The Sunday alfernoon Vesper services. where sludenfs of all laifhs worship. exemplifies Chrislian fellowship on +he Redlands campus. vaF membm 5'5 Bigqsl Hem JH. .. MaureenMge;..w a bell Rugggeh I ROW TWO; ls: 1.. DllWOrll, Dohcla; 12.: lou Narmc. '1: ; Religious Em PlumS IVCF members are. ROW ONE: befh Ruegger. ROW TWO: Ted Biggs, Jewel Andrews, Jim Dilworfh. Douglas Siden, Lee Douglas, Mary Lou Narveson, Lou Robbinson. Em phasis Biggs, BeHy Jean Lawson. Mariorie Hurlbuf. Maureen McGinness. Marilyn McKenzie. Eliza- ROW ONE: Janey MacLin, Zenobia Thomas. Phyllis Pearson. Arlene Thomas. Joy Wesf. Jerry Summers. Lee Purvis. SCA members are. ROW TWO: Shirley Boengr, Sfan Gollery. Jeannie Havers+ock. Elsie Brooks, Bob Boysen. Al Fifzpafrick. Duncan Davidson. George Mode". iy; 9 WwX 0 , ywa? , 7 W f XWV?Z wX ? 2 X ??g? 9? CzW L WW $ $ w ? WWwy WW - x f W 4 0 WW2 N , y? His+ory is filled wiih greai men who irudged +hrough Hue snow +0 gef Jro school. Redlands s+uden+s did We same +hing Jrhis year. W ; ' 2 , ; W n M, 2:, 0 ll g: i , W V4 - z i i; 4 X4 21W 249$ 4i , x0 'K 2W0 , v WW 5y C ' EMW mhh v WX A, '7 WWW! SWZW k jegi WWV If happened on January 9, I949, a+4 p. m. Naiive born sons ran from +he dorms yelling, "Wha+ is if?" And Easiern born sons ans- wered wiH'i Hie smugness ihaf comes wiih Jroo much knowledge, "Why, ii's snow." No one believed it There hadn'+ been a Hake of snow in Redlands since I9 I 3. excepf Hie im- porJreol variefy. But since sfarHing iacis are common in college. sfudenis soon accepied irreiuiable evidence. H would be gone in an hour or +wo. anyway. The following morning, H18 orange Jrrees. Hie quad and Hie moun- +ains were covered. Weather Report Every phoiographer wan+s a "diHer- . enf" picfure of Hie Chapel. This mas- Jrerpiece by WaHy Mclnfosh was Jraken ai nighf during Hie aciuai snow sform. The Tirsf day of snow was fun. New ski Jrrails were blazed on Ad hill. The second day of snow was erill swell. Snow men increased Jrhe college enrollmenf anol snowball Hurries were a common occurrence. Bu+ +he +hird day was Jroo darn much of a good Thing. S+uden+s wanfed +0 discard +heir heavy coafs anol rubber boofs. They wan+ed some of +ha+ good. old California sunshine, and 1+ finally came. on The TourJrh olav. H may never happen again. so a record of +hose days is recorded pho+ographically on Jrhese pages. The nithr +he big snow began. sfudenfs rushed Trom The dorms +0 build snowmen before if melfed. They didn'1' know +ha+ +his was only +he beginning. The Commons lawn was a winfer wonderland. Ahhough snow covered Jrhe ground and +he shrubs. s+uden+s wore only lighf iackefs on The Tour+h day for Jrhe CaliTornIa sun asserfed ifsehc. H was only a maHer of hours unfil +he snow became slush. R-e-d-l-a-n-d-s REDLANDS Members of +he audience cheer fellow s+uden+s who Rally chairman Jack Cummings. wifh Mary Emma perform in +he rallies. Usually held on +he Ad hall ereps. Wrighf and PaJr Post no+ only planned Jrhe raHy variefy +hey are moved +0 +he LiHle Theafre when cold weaJrher shows. bqu worked on enferfainmenf for oJrher college func- arrives. Jrionsi such as Jrhe Mix. Exchange rallies wiJrh colleges in +he SCIC were ex- In Royal Hawaiian fashion. U of R sfudenfs were en- Jrremely successwcul +his year. A Cal Tech combo pleased Jrhe ferfained regally by members of Jrhe Hawaiian foofball Redlands audience. bqu if was WhiHier who really blew Jream, who afferward led Jrhem Jro an Ignominious slaughfer +heir Jrop. on +he gridiron. WWWW , 7 t Mwmy W ?W Songleaders Magene Els+on. Nancy Holderness and Lorilee ElliohL gave +he migh+y Bulldog a good reason for growling. Sfreamlining Hue usual song roufines and wearing new maroon sweaJrers. +hey kelmL spirifs high 6+ We foofball games. Cheer leaders Fred Gallwey. Herb Cunningham and Jack Sigler were largely responsible for He fremendous spiri+ shown 6+ foofball games. They. and 25 ofher s+uden+s. even journeyed +0 Flagsfage Arizona +0 give +he feam a booer. 2i ! ' aw! W W The Universify Day Pafio Pro- menade behind Hue Hall of Lef- Jrers feafured campus sfyles mo- deled by universify women. Mar- jorie Roberfson models one of He very popular sfoles worn by col- lege women. Lunch in Sylvan Park is Jrra- difional on U Day. This year. a beaufiful day and a concerf by He Universi+y band made +he park picnic an oufsfand- Eng success. The Build eomen and 1 eXplaining poi 6Hreded ma ceived ifs sha .eir choke ' 1HleTheaJrre he fashion Sh heCOmmons he higHighfs FOIIege ISHQr Isa big day f Each year. +he Universify hoers s+uden+s from Soufhern California high schools. Aside from scholarship examina- +ions. +he purpose of U day is +0 acquain+ po+en+ial college s+uden+s wi+h +he Redlands campus and ifs educafional pro- gram. Following welcoming addresses in +he Chapel by Presidenf George H. Armacosf and ASUR PresidemL John- ny Cole, a variefy of even+s enferiain Jrhe gues+s for +he remainder of Jrhe day. H ends wifh +he Bulldog Ball. The Bulldog Ball was only +he climax of U Day. Yeomen and Spurs conducfed fours around campus. explaining poin+s of inferesi. The Science open house affracfed many visi+ors and Jrhe hisforicai Zanja re- ceived iJrs share of comment AHer lunch. guesfs had Jrheir choice of a baseball game, Jrennis mafch, Jrhe LiHle Theafre producfion of "I Remember Mama." or +he fashion show. followed wi+h a banquef dinner in Jrhe Commons. The rally on Jrhe Ad hill s+eps is one 01C Jrhe highlighfs of Jrhe day. when Jrhe world's largesf college ieHer. +he "R". is lighfed in Jrhe mounfains. H is a big day for hosfs and guesis. High Schools on University Day Double exposure of sfudenf enferfainers a+ Jrhe rally gives +he imaginafion a change +0 figure 0qu wha+ gives. The second season of plays in +he LiHle TheaJrre by +he Zanja opened wiJrh a ribald producfion of Noel Coward's comedy. "Hay Fever." Three performances were given. This was followed wifh +he senHmemLal, human comedy. "I Remember Mama." There were four performances, including a marinee for Universiry Day guesrs. The final LiHle Thea- +re producfion was O'Neil's "The Greaf God Brown." To close +he season. plans were made for a producrion which would ufilize cenrral sraging. J A special. Jren week course in erage makeup was given +0 drama s+uden+s Jrhe second semes+er. Here. Barbara Harding makes an old woman 0qu of Na+alie Hess. While "Mama" direcfor. Jim Rosser waifs for +he curfain cue. Leslie Dollahan is ready +0 Jrurn on +he house lithrs. "x w-- Potential Bankheads and Barrymores Thefa Alpha Phi members: Alyce Hunf- ley, Yvonne Nelson. Carl Graves. Bar- bara Bolt John Paul Jones. Es+elle Coupland. Lillian SchaFFer. Beverly Me- ;Ione. Wanda Parsons. Norman Leer. Services performed by Thefa Alpha Phi are publicify for plays. JrickeJrs and ushering. Membership requiremenfs are appearances in Jrwo major producfions. DirecforiaI chores or s+age work may be subsHJrqueol. Ricky Kern was president Norma Leer was vice president and Lillian Schafer, secrefary and Jrreasurer. To relieve pre-curfain Jrension. ; x ,, , , budding Bankheads iand Barry- , "i ng' mores play bridge behind +he cur- ' fain unfil if is fime for He fradi- Jrional circle of "beer wishes." Noel Coward's somewhaf dafed comedy. "Hay Fever," came alive under Jrhe direcfien 01C EereHe Coupiand. and wi+h Rickie Kern In +he siarring role. ther roles were played by Bob Schqu. Earl Owen, EereHe Coupland. Louise Dahnke, Barbara BoH, Dick Danskin, Chuck Schufh and NaJraiie Hess. The play was a laugh success, bu+ even more pleasing +0 Graduaie Manager D. J. Sfewarf. if was also a financial success. V ,, w X bx While Jrhe family biifhely drinks Jrea. guesis gaiher around +he pia- no. aHempfing small +alk. They siiH believe +he Blisses muer be af iea31L pariially civilized. When papa Biiss is enferiaining +he gues+s. even his wife. Rickie. canno+ inferrupf him. He is merely being poliie. so he doesn'+ dream +ha+ his acfions may be misinJrer- pre+ed. Brofher and sisfer Earl Owen and Es+elle Coupland fighf if 0qu while papa Schulfz ignores if all. He's heard i+ before. and iusf as loud. Aiier ur Uncle Cris Swedes gC Produce Four Plays Yea As He boarder who skips wifh- ou+ paying his renf. Wes Marsfers reads nithy +0 +he family. Au- Jrhors are Charles Dickens. Doyle. and "Fenimore Kipling." Affer undergoing surgery. Arne is +augh+ +0 swear by Uncle Cris. He soon falls asieep +0 a lullaby aboqu I0.000 Swedes going +hrough +he weeds. W Yearly Alyce Hunfley as Mama. Beverly Melone as Ka- Jrrin who remembered, and Fred Belcher as Uncle Chris, were oufsfanding in Hue 11H produdion of "I Remember Mama." ther members of Hwe large caer were Lois Boucher. Joanne Leland. Chuck Schufh. Johnny LloydI Wes Marsfers, Mar+ha Whit ner. Yvonne Nelson, Wayne Whi+e, Ola Calopy. John Paul Jones, Jean Cooke. Mike Armacost Lau- ra Long, Esfelle Coupland. Beverly Benjamin. Corky Yarborough. Florence Shepphird, and Shasfa Vardi as Uncle Elizabe+h. Direded by Jim Rosser. Hwe play offered a definhLe challenge +0 LiHle Theafre +roupers because of ifs 26 scenes. However. ingen- ious sfagecraH and excellen+ direc+ion infegrafed +hem info confinuous acfion. When Dagmer musf go +0 Hwe hospifal. Mama counJrs +he money in He IiHle bank +0 see ht Here is enough. while rela+ives waJrch sym- pafhefically. Since ifs incepHon laer yearI +be Opera workshop has become an impor+an+ phase 01E campus life. All erudenJrs of voice! whefher music maiors or not are eligible for par+ici- pafion. Meefing once a week. members of fine workshop sfudy dicfion, language. and Hwe sfories aid bisfories ob greaf operas. Each year. Hwey presenf cuHings in English from +hree operas in He LiHle Theafre by Jrhe Zanja. This year. +he cuHings were from Bizef's firey opera. "Carmen." +he beau+i- fully melodic "Magic Flu+e." by Mozart and +he lusfy. fragic "RigoleHo." by Verdi. In each case +he cuHings were made +0 refain Jrhe sfory of He opera. b. v 1 X The Opera Wor ! i The glamorous. seducfive Car- men. played by Phyllis Kelly. Jrells Don Jose. enac+ed by Bob Eas+- land. +ba+ Hwe cards have forefold her Jrragic deafh. Ben Pefrone. playing a bandif. and Charles Sanders as Don Esca- millo. fighf a duel while Mary Ann Marfins and Pa+ Rolo wafcb in horror. Led by Elmon Sapp and +he courf jeerer. Dick Galloway. Del- ber+ Hollenberg. as +he Egyp+ian prince. Tamino. enJrers +he Temple of Osiris. where his sweefheart Pa- mina. is held prisoner. m W orkshop Comedy relief in Hue "Magic Flu+e." is supplied by He bird man Popageno. played by Phil McMul- lin. and Popagena. played by PaJr Evans. when +hey confess Haeir love for each ofher. Wifb her hearf breaking. Jean FuHon Jamison as Gilda. wifh Jeff Rohr as RigoleHo. wafch Hwe Duke of Manfua. played by Earl AbboH. woo Lucille Brodersen. a girl of H16 s+ree+s. x1, Pefe Amodf and Roger Woodrow perform dare-devil Jrricks from Jrhe high diving board in +he aquacade held in +he Currier gym pool. During Hue year. +here were several even+s +0 raise funds Dr. Henry DiHmar. factu adviser for +he Bonn prOiedL for Bonn. Our friendly philosopher. Dr. Fred Mayer, auc- and a former member of We Bonn factu, poinfs ouflfhe fions OFF a cake. ther drives were for clo+hing and for locaHon of Bonn +0 Ted Tang. erudenJr manageroffhe drlve. books. and Paf Rolo. Cc-sislst-vs'rzu :- IJ 1 I Mnnkxems cc:-::: :. commcanfurka m ..L ' I I f '1 ;. annessofbabies. R... may I v mxa' - x; .43ng .e",.. or 0an University Big baby con+es+an+ Lee Reeve could n01L oufsfrip Duke Tonry for firsf prize. Picfures were audioned affer +he vofing was comple+ed. w x wxxw mxxm Mxmw NMWNN Co-eds lsh Ashbrook and Bobby Mahri' became coo-eds during +he con+es 1'. capfuring +he 50H. cuddly pinkness of babies. W W! W; V , m, 6 WW Wllll xxxxw mum ,, $ "IMVIW a I I , iaWr ' 'WWM Debaters Long recognized as ou+s+anding in debafe. +he Redlands Debafe Jream carried away sweepsiake honors for +he Jrhirci consecuiive Jrime ai Jrhe nafionai Pi Kappa DeHa meeiL aJr Peoria. Illinois. HOH Spicer and Jim Wilson won Jrhe s+a+e debafe fournamenf a+ Bakersfield. A+ Jrhe WesiL Coasf Pi Kappa Delfa meet held aJr Redlands Jrhis year, James Wallace and Nails Shaw Jrieol for iirsf place in lower division. Ed Taylor and Phil Kassel were second in upper die vision. Johnny Cole fook Jrhree seconds in exiem- pore. Dave Levering Jrook Jrwo seconds in orafory. and Mary Siemon. +wo iirers in imprompfu. A iypical. affereclass discussion of speech sfudenis and Dr. E. R. Nichols. Special problems are ironed ouwL aJr +hese sessions and invaluable criiicism is given. The iive-man feam which won Jrhe sweepsiakes aJr Jrhe naiionai Pi Kappa Delia meeJr were HoH Spi- cer. Jim Wilson. Johnny Cole. Dave Levering and N Fiizpafrick. Debaie classes are held Jrwice weekly from Jrhree +0 five in Jrhe aHernoon. This year. women de- bafers have also been nofabie. wiih Mary Siemon and Liz Merrill winning second in +he Soufhern California meeJr a+ Pomona. Miss Bernice Odie; c: : OOO Volumes , 75 Over .I.n HSFT owmm CU a I dr VIWxnb raaPH a r VI bmdlm .I$Iwe ImInSIn nSv.Bmv 66 I In IomCe elmeH ROWH FTVFTr 0006 O h .WIOImLQIV .mmrDaE r75 erms .Wep.l nv M UoLw Qoe. wnmc .I n T.mee alnr .TlTe g +he many volumes has Hue job of keepin available +0 sfudenfs for easy reference eo hls IT rA rmw bm bb .wH e o Pum mm r Ym. a-H wr U oc nC so .IS em Ih-I sv r....H 8C va er wnme o v+l Ho Iable in +he library for sfudenfs is a se- aval ens bb YC FT mo m, In .mm unqm Wll a S d mJn .LHa .mr. ae pwww LI amm mwc g e ar rTnFVC o .I rTm ndm oe w? C bmpu of R has re- Jean Leonard. . ion of Mrs Probably every s+uden+ a+ +he U d H16 emcien+ aHen+ CSIVG Members of +he library eraH picfured here are Miss Marjorie Knox. secrefary +0 Jr he librarian. Miss d Miss CharloHe The library also employs severa ' +an+. IOH GSSIS laJr s+uolen+ assisfanfs. CIFC Bernice S+one. cafalogue fypier, an Oakes. ca+aloginq librarian. g, , K ?Xfxgw , N? Z? ? X x 2 2 w??? , ??VV w ? ?ww ,a "Happy New Year, Alpha Phi Gamma." This was He welcome given +0 delegafes +0 +he nafional convenfion of Alpha Phi Gamma held on We Redlands campus. Fa- mous newspaper men. represeang all phases of iournalisfic work. spoke +0 members of Hue naHonal honorary journalism fra+erni+y. Specie! en+er+ainmen+ included a frip +hrough Hwe Los Angeles Daily Mirror building. 0 ' ', I , s ' 4 v w 2;ng y, r'; , W, , W6 M w ' : Cole 0? California, clo+hing designer an:.;' man- ufacfurer. presenfed a preview of l949 beach sfyles +0 Alpha Phi Gamma delegafes. M COW jundion wifh +he fashion sknw. a falk was given on sales promofbn. hilGarricESC' ' yNeWS- H as': - eld in MW- : ; everly SieVE' 33 An Act l l l Headlining +he nalional convenlion was +he eleclion of Gil Brown as nalional presi- clenl. Corky Yarborough was elecled We51L Coasl correspondent Redlands also became +he headquarfers for publicalion of Black and While. Alpha Phi Gamma newspaper. Guy Daniels was eclilor. The local Chapler held regular meelings. leafuring such 0qu- slancling speakers as Paul Zimmermanl sporfs edilor of We Los Angeles Times. Ray Zeman. also of He Los Angeles Times. and Phil Garrickson, managing edilor of We Dai- ly News. ll also sponsored Journalism Day. held in May. Ecl Taylor was presidenl and Beverly Sieverf was secrefary. La Lelra slall members Earl Schoneman and Louise Shrader were busy pasling proofs in We La Lelra clummy. Schoneman was in charge of flue phofo-engraving. An Active Journalism Department ROW ONE: BeHy Jean Murfeff. Wally Mcln+osh. Barbara Garman. Don Mclnfosh. Anne Simpson, Harry Woods. Bill Robbins. Beverly Sieveri. Dave Mafhews. Ellen Morris. Earl Schoneman. ROW TWO: Joan Garlner. Dede Ericksen, Corky Yarborough, Donna Spragg. Jean Slevens, Gil BrownI Beverly Melone. Grace Kibler. Rosemary Hife, Ray Mills. John Paul Jones. Ed Taylor. 21 , . , , V ' A Wimv Barbara Garman was edifor of He Bull- dog. published semi-weekly Hwis year for He firsf Jrime in Redlands hisfory. KWMINZL W Ax Proof reading aJr Ar+hur's Press. which prinfs +he Bulldog. was a weekly chore for Paf Bowler. Ray Mills. Harry Woods and Dede Ericksen. News sfories were checked in galley form Jro insure accuracy be- ifore +hey wenf +0 press. Mr. Ar- +hur checked +he checks. Wee llNews paper Weekly meefings o? +he Bulldog s+a1c1C pro- duced crificism of old issues and plans for new issues. Bulldog managing edi+ors were Jack Moore, in charge of Hwe Friday issue, and ay MIHS. in Charge of He Wednesday issue. This year. He weekly Bulldog became a semi-weekly. four-page newspaper. The purpose was +0 give beHer and more complefe coverage. If required more work. buf by arranging her class sched- ule. Barbara Garman accomplished her goal. This was He second year of Hue no-censorship policy on s+uden+ publicaHons. and Hwis did nowL simplify her iob. Several fimes. +he Bulldog became Hue medium for personal argumenfs. AHhough reader infereer zoomed. if was confrary +0 policy. and +he aler+ Miss Garman quickly nipped Hue confroversies in We bud. Dave Mafhews' feafure page won +he elecHon for Truman, bqu Wallace and Dewey suppor+ers screamed +heir view via ediforials. Donna Spragg. socie+v edi+or. had +0 please all social organizafions, and even spor+s edifor Guy Daniels couldn'+ make everybody happy. 8qu +ha+'s iournalism. Page 87 Ano+her firs+ in Redlands hisfroy +his year was +he sale of La Lefra. This was especially dihCICUH since U of R sfudenfs were accus- +omed +0 receiving H free wi+h fhe purchase of a eruolemL body fickeh However. a pro- mo+ion campaign planned by business man- agers Sfan Krause and Phil Ellis. and La Le+ra edHor John Paul Jones. loroughwL resuHs when sales zoomed +0 over 850 copies. Then Jrhe problem was meeHng deadlines. Wi+h May 25 se+ as +he disfribufion dafe, everybody from L. A. Engraving +0 Ci+rograph Prinfing company pifched in Jro accomplish whawL had been impossible in previous years. The mag- num opus was. however. dis+ribu+ed on May 25 +0 disbelieving s+uden+s who were ac- cusfomed +0 July and AugumL publicaHon. mma h Head pho+ographer Wally Mcln- +osh and assis+an+s Wray Cornwelll George Graham and Wayne WhHe 010+ showM did all La Lefra phofo- graphy excepf senior and sororify por+rai+s. Associafe edifor Corky Yarbor- ough works wifh BeHy Jean MurfeH. in charge o1c pidure schedules. and erahC members Paula Schaefer and Beverlee Turner on phofographs. As +he dummy neared complefion. associafe edi+or Jean Sfevens helped Phyllis Pearson wi+h copy. Ellen Mor- ris. who fook picfures and sold ads. is examining her work. "Have you boughf your La Le+ra yef?" was +he familiar ques- Hon edifor John Paul Jones asked every s+uden+ he mef. 'Ky Yarboh dn MUM e Ule; GHQ: defer and graphs. Copy edi+or Reva Rowley kepf her waJrchful eye open for errors and associa+e edifor Bev Sieverf was Hwe edi+or's righ+ hand woman. Compleiionw vens helped dsoldadg, ' . . 1 W L, ' La Lefra busmess managers Sfan Krause and Phil Ellis were in charge of sales promofion and +he selling of adverfisemenfs. w From +he beaufiful Memorial Chapel. 500 voices sang Handel's immor+al "Messiah" for Hue naHon. A Jrradifional pre-Chrisfmas pre- sen+a+ion a+ Redlands. H was broadcas+ +his year over Hue Mu- +ual Broadcasfing Company. ' $ Literally Music for mjons WW4 ; W The school of music has consis+en+ly mainfained a high sfgnd- ard and a full schedule ofperformances. Major produc'JrllonS are +he "Messiah" and +he magnificenf "Feaer of Lights 5+ Chris+mas Jrime. They presenf "The Redlands Music HOUf' each Wednesday evening. a broadcas+ sponsored by +he Harri? com- pany. Musical organiza+ions include +he A Cappella chow. +he UniversHy chorus. Hwe Chapel choir. +he Women's Glee dub. Hwe Men's Glee club. Hwe Orchesfra. +he Band. and +he Madrlgfal singers. This year. +he music depar+men+ is producing ' Down In +he Valley" for +he +radi+ional Zania Fiesfa. v21 . 69W 0Wa 3' Womenls 5-1 3' '5 . am R353 5 f... YarwereT'f'ii'g RCAViclcvezr. , d South" Cf ?es'xiv$. I l , , c0 MIHIOHS Wearing sfylish. new uniforms. +he Women's Glee club successfully mainfained an adive schedule. Campus funcfions included appear- ances in Convocafion. assiang in He Feasf of Lighfs and Zanja Fiesfa producfions and radio appearances on He Redlands Music Hour. ther local ac+i+i+ies were concer+s for +he Women's club 6+ Banning and +he Mariner's Club af Riverside. Ou+s+anding evenfs of Hue year were Hue recording of school songs on RCA Vicfor records and hosfing glee clubs of Soufhern CalHornia during +he glee club fesfival. x e mexxww$ , XX X e A seceHon of +he orchesfra during a rehearsal for +heir annual concemL given in We Memorial Chape o ROW ONE: Phyllis KellyI Laura Long. Rufh Anderson, Harrief Hopper. CharloHe Dunn, Denalee Pau.l. Ca+hrynn Bossard, Carol Hulfquist Consfance Klamro+h, Gerrie Shearer. Esfher Teafs, Jo Anne Gibson. Gloria BaHlase, Mar are+ Ha +m . . . Rove TWO: Lafalgolo. Alice Wymer. Marilyn King. Lee 0W9": Mary DeVoss. Rufh Adams. Bfll'e Kemper. Mary Middlefon. Jan Sebasfian. Doris Hibbard, Edifh Bayha. Rae Dean Winkler. Ann Babcock. Phyllis Pearson. ' yX hxXX W" ahhwhiwf ?X ewe eh The Feas+ of Lighfs. +he Universify's Chrisfmas program. annually fills +he Chapel wifh boJrh universify s+uden+s and oufeof- fown visifors. J. William Jones, composer of +he producfion. firer presen+ed Jrhe Feasf of Lighfs in Jrhe Easf in I942. This year he ar- h ranged and produced Jrhe numbers wifh Jrhe Men's Glee Club. Jrhe Women's Glee club and Jrhe Universi+y Choir, accompanied by , +he orchesfra. providing Jrhe Jrradifional Chrisfmas music. The Nafivify Scene. por- , I frayed by universify sfudenfs. gave f0 Jrhe L I audience an added inspirafional +hough+ when Jrhe climax of Jrhe I948 Feasf of Lighfs was reached. The sfring secHon of +he orchesfra receives a vigorous workouf from condudor Prof. Edward C. TriH during one of +heir weekly rehearsal periods. The orches+ra and band, conduc+ed by Edward TriH, are usually Jrwo of +he busiesf groups of erudenJrs a+ Hwe Universi+y. This year. We orchesfra gave one broadcas+ on Hwe Redlands Music Hour over s+a+ion KFXM. They presenfed a concer+ in fine Chapel and accompanied Hue choir during Hue convocafions. They also assisfed a+ +he FeaswL of Lighfs and We Zania Fiesta. The hand helped +0 booswL school spirif by play- ing 6+ +he foofball and baskefball games. They enferJrained quesfs of Hue Universi+y in Svlvan park on Universify Day and par+ici- pafed in We Homecoming Day parade. Both lnstrumenta Page 93 ROW ONE: Alice Wymer. Sally Geistweif, Edith Bayha. Phyllis Kelly. ROW TWO: Bob Easfland. Ben Petrone, Chuck Sanders. Darrell Nelson. ac- companist. Carolyn Oleman. The quar+e1L was feafured on He programs presenfed by He Men's Glee club while on +our. Exfremely popular locally. Hwey have given pro- grams in Redlands. Beaumon+ and San Bernardino. They also sang a+ +he Los Angeles Philharmonic during Hwe Bapfisf convenfion. Lee Hornibrook. Mel Feuer. Walt Gleckler. Chuck Taylor. and Vocal, are Active on Cmpus Singing bofh secular and sacred music. +he Madrigal singers is Hue mos+ ache small musical group on campus. Their many appearances and concerfs have been in Convocafion Soufhem California churches anjl sang con+emporary music for +he Spring Music FesHval. They also supply +he Hweme music for +he Red- lands Music Hour and were +he Echo choir wtor +he Choral FesHval pre- sen+ecl by He Soufhern California Choral Condudors Guild. Television appearances have been on Channel nine. KFLTV. d5 I 4 he. ' wmiulill Matqugidd; gums Green. Ed Lam u S p lob m. Almo'dlm bagokl m1 Ellis Ken I: M ; Gliedr: m Arnold. vi; w Colpenler, M60 . i iobCraongun Hey:d W h PerwinRuff, Co I , e accompanist. l 1 3 ROW ONE: Chuck Taylor. Stan Weaver. . . s- :i Kenny Johnstone. Julian Robbins. Fran- l l. . cis Flinl'. Charles Sanders. Glen Heck. Laurence Sfickney. . ROW TWO: Bill Marquis. Jack Cummings, Charlie Green. Ed Rutherford, Elmon Supp. Bob Knox. AI Loring. Lee Horni- brook, Phil Ellis, Keith Brinistool. Dave Giedt. Don Arnold. Walt Gleckler. Bob Carpenter. Robert Gonfer. Grier Moore. Bob Crooks. Jim Heywood. Bruce Woods. Prof. Erwin Ruff. Conductor: Ray Heim, accompanist. Highlighf of He year for flue Men's Glee club was a lwo week four of CenJrral and Norll'lern California. including Bakersfield. Fresno, Modeslo, Oakland, Berkeley and Sacramenlo. On +he Jrour, Jeff Rohr was soloist Don ComlomL was accordianisf. Bill s W. Slanley was piano virfuoso. The quarlef and Hawaiian ensemble also performed. l lnleresfing sidelighls of +he Jrour included personal congralulalions from Governor Earl Warren. a Chinese dinner. hosled by Ted Tang al +he Shanghai Lo Cale in San Francisco and a four of Chinalown. They also gave a local concert sang wilh +he band during loolball hall-Jrime. appeared in +he Zania Fiesla anol Sprinq Music leslival and gave a lormal Glee club banquet I. WWW On a spring day. inslru- menlal exercises and vocal gymnaslics can be heard all over He campus. Marianne Merlins' Susan Wiseman and CharloHe Dunn lorge1L Hue exercises Jremporarily lor flue more popular"lv1y Bill." Dances varying from He humorous. wes+- ern melodrama, "Blood on +he Saw." +0 +he psychological. menfal sfudy, "A GuiH Come plex." were presenfed In fhe annual Orchesis spring concerJr which highlighfed Hwe year's modern dance achivIJries. OJrher oufsfanding pieces were "In and Oquo1c Hell." a por'rraif of a +0r+ured soul. wi+h original music by Bill S+anley. Also presenfed was "The People. Yes." He poem by Carl Sandburg. The en- Jrire concerf was choreographed by sfudenfs of +he Orchesis debarfmenf. The music and arJr deparfmenfs collabora+ed on music and scenery. Terminafing +he year was He ap- pearance in He Zania Fieera. Miss Barbara Lyddane of +he gym deparfmenf sponsored Hue group and made all cosfumes. Joan Sud- low Laugharn and Muriel Keifhley were presiden+s. Hlis fechnique exercise are. ROW ONE: Virginia Moses, BeV Schroeder. Marilyn King. Sylvia Schufz. ROW TWO: Lorene Bevis. Cliff Carufh. Ed Livengood. Lois Boucher. Joann ggwnrHREE; Muriel KeiH'lIey. Colleen Mifchell, Beverlee Turner. Elen MOF' ris, Barbara Bolf. Parficipaiing in I l K Narrafed by Colleen Mifchell, H115 scene from Carl Sanburg's "The .People. Yes," from +he spring Orch- esis concerf was inferpre+ed by Vir- ginia Moses. Lorene Bevis, Ed Liven- good. Beverly Schoreder. Joann Bur- fon. Cliff Carrufh. Muriel Keifhley and Ellen Morris. y Students The exfr'emely popular square dance group which appeared locally and on KFl-TV was composed of Jane Bell, Bob Boysen. Jack Mallonee Dick Wilkerson. Bev Schroeder. Col- leen Mifchell. Peggy Keys and Bob Brier. ' 'M, WW7w WXAWMI 343W? wake; I4 4 w , vx Ir, 411346;? 4x4;W 4 J Ive, 4 v 4925 W 4; , AM, A9 V J v m "Goodnight darling." H's I2255 p.m.. and one of +he moswL beaufi- ful memories one can Jrake wi+h him from +he U of R is saying goocinighiL on Jrhe U hall veranda. OHen. if means a life +ime of hap- piness. Sophomore Jean Smifh hasn'+ learned +ha+ picking oranges from Jrhe grove a+ Jrhe boHom of Ad hill is Jraboo. She'ii' be fold Jro geJr her viiamins elsewhere. What Is Life on the Redlands Campus? M W? Life on a college campus is singular. H is filled wifh griping and horseplay and if is filled wiih friendship and hard work. H is learning +0 live +o- gefher. a blending of many difierenf personaliiies info a single. olisfincfive personalify which dis+in- guishes +he universiiy. H is dislike and preiudice melfing away as friendship grows. And if is cynical. biiing criiicism oi +he school you love. H is bragging and boasiing and disappoinfmenfs anol peHiness and cruelfy. And if is wonderful. There is no beHer mefhool oi reaching ma+uri+y. of building characier. oi learning Jro love living, Jrhan on a college campus. Our choice is Jrhe Rediands campus. There seems +0 be a fime in every sfudeni's life when he musi s+op, aHer reading a profound passage. and ponder. Johnny Lloyd does iusi JrhaJr in his Meirose room. ifs a Lot More The jolly. good-humor of Mrs. Margaref Donaldson. iniirmary nurse. helps convince s+uden+s +here's life in Jrhe old body yet Every college campus is a world in ifseli. buwL +here is somefhing special abou+ Jrhe world of Redlands. Seldom do Jrhe s+uden+s admif if for +hey much prefer +0 criiicise and insulf. They call Jrhe faculfy slave-drivers, bqu Jrhey admire +heir efficiency. They call +he Greek Theafre +he world's largesf ash fray, bu+ +hey are proud of Jrhe beaufy and cleanliness of +he campus. Thai is +he paradox of sfuden'rs and one which Jrhe universify undersfands and accepfs. They encour- age s+uden+ ac+ivi+ies and social evenfs. Every- axsumum One is proud of +he "hello spirif" which perm- ngj eaies +he campus. Since Redlands is a small nu-rrshee J:;eniil?lcesnglerf iniirmary school wifh an afmosphere oi infimacy. s+udenfs ' ' em makes a feel JrhenL friendliness is a duiy. This. and much shor+ siesia from books and sf d ' +he infirmary a Pleasure. U y m E05? :3 TLhe reason +ha+ s+uden+s re+urn +0 e an s. N Page 100 F lfself. 3 world of v? H for They caN Mira; fheir Eire fhe c'oud 07f 005- Thai africh H79 sencour- 3, EVGFY' V : a sman stOlenJfS Just Learning No universHy is be++er +han ifs s+u- den+s and factu. AJr Hue UniversHy of Redlands. everyone enJrers in+o campus acfiviHes wiJrh zeer and laugh+er. They enjoy Hwe big +hings. like He Snow Parfy and He Beach Parfy. and Hey enioy simple +hings, like singing "Happy Birfhday" +0 Hiends during dinner and Hmrowing dimes for Bonn info Hwe Chris+mas plum pudding. H is all parf of He college spirit Wi+h good wishes for a merry Chris+mas and a Happy New Year ringing high. sfudenfs +ossed dimes for Bonn info Hwe plum pudding af +he Chrisfmas banquet "Hello. +his is Mary Bell . . . when? . . . +O- nighf . . . well. I should s+udy. bu+ o.k." Care- fully. she Chooses a dress +0 wear on Hwe dafe. irons if, and Hwen, aJr He led minufe. changes her mind. Page 101 Wx m ssxxxxxxxxw. xxx MMAWWf 'Ab and Hard Work Everybody gripes abomL Hie Commons food. If is sorf of a fradifion, bqu Hwe qualify IS beHer +han in mos+ universifies. The dorm lobbies are loud and rowdy immediafely fol- lowing dinner. During quief hours a game of chess or bridge is popular. Classrooms are used as meefing places of +he various orgs. This is one of +he weekly SCA mee+ings in We Hall of LeHers. There is a place fc Redlands campus. No+ organizafions, bu+ ma religious groups meewL are composed of Wm only do Huey enrich Hn dividualify and persona fions sfimulafe friendly degree. +he sociabilif dorm lobbies and H1 every erudemL on cam; H115 fad HwaJr gives "hello" spirit Transpor+a+ion a+ Redlands ranges Hom '49 converfibies Jro Hwe anciemL Franklin being inspecfed here. Cars are very imporfanJr for men who wamL +0 meef U hall girls. Wifh "Clancy Lowered Hue Boom" on fine juke box and sfrong coffee in Hue cups, Hue sfudenf's sfore is a popular befween-class meefing piace. Page 103 NWWW wxxxw X IFS More Than Horseplay and Highjinks There's nofhing like a good shower +0 pep a person Somefimes. life is iusf one darned JreS+ affer anofhij. up. and +here's nofhing like a we+ +owel +0 pep a roommafe so sfudenfs swipe crackers from We Commons for a m' ' up. nigh+ snack. H H isn'+ fesfs. if is Jrerm papers. Since Hie desk is College sfudenfs are no+ed for a high degree 0?: piled high wifh reference books, an orange cra+e makes a genui+y. Here, fire exfinguishers are used In a way W 'C good +ypewri+er sfand. +he fire deparfmenf never dreamed of. Alfhough beards campus ihere cores 5 Mock shadow m? ; some women who :5 Jus+ before H-Hour on +he day of a fest lasf minque cafaloging of knowledge is imporfanJr. The spacious. green lawns is anerfech place +0 s+udy on warm, sunshiny days. Sfudenfs faking similar courses congrega+e in liHle groups +0 rehash problems s+imula+ed by +heir reading. More oHen Hwan nof. H1ese "sfudy periods" end in argumenfs unrelafed +0 Hue subject Alfhough beards are noJr uncommon on campus. +here comes a +ime when +ha+ five- o'clock shadow musf go. H seems Here are some women who don'+ go for whiskers. Dorm life is panL of +be program for building Characfer and personalify. Wifh +hree dorms for meneMelrose. California, Billings eand a new one, Coerer hall, nearing comple+ion, Hwe friendly highjinks and sincere friendship sfimulafed by dormifory associafion is a memorable panL of universi+y life. WiJrh Varga pin-ups decorafing +he walls. a book case for Jrexfs and a bullefin board filled wiJrlw knick- knacks, +he dormi+ory room becomes a +emporary home. Somefimes H appars +0 be jus+ a place +0 Change clo+hes befween Jreers or be- Jrween da+es. On a Wednesday riighi exchange dinner aJr Universiiy hall. enferfain- s -., meni' is by fellow sfu- denfs. During hazing, U hail - women wafch a irosh man disengage his shoes from Hie lobby Chan- delier. Kt'Yrs: w 1 vii Tradifions are an in'iF-DhorJranJr par+ of every universify. They are usually simple Jrhings. such as fresh men caring for Deacon. Hie U of R mascot or aH-campus evenfs like fine bonfire and Hie rallies. Or Jrhe +radi+ional Wednesday nigh+ dress dinners. Occasionally. Hiere are exchange din- ners when U hall women dine a+ Hie Commons and men dine a+ Universify hail. Following dinner. Were is usually enferfainment followed by a dance in Jrl'ie U hall lobby. "Youngin's" Nadine Cragg and Mrs. Richard Beaman en+er+ain "visiHng paren+s" af Jrhe Faculfy Fling. S+uden+s were +he "parenfs." Factu members were vichs A show-s+opping quar+e+ a+ 01c uspare Hue rod and spoil Hue +he Factu Fling was composed chiId" when +hey aHended a of Prof. Edward TriH. D. J. hypofheHcal school feafuring S+ewar+. Prof; Erwin Ruff. and refrogressive educafion. Prof. Charles Fisher. Hp .Ew K J ! universi'w. :5 men caring ; cue evems Me w e L :"d W ednesow; .. we exchange om- "rcns amd W 4w is usuaff J ?aH wobe' w greisa Little Matter Called Character Page 107 And the University of Redlands xKxitiummiwm Bu+ +here is more. H's ge+- Jring ready for a n eiglrnL oiclock and missing breakfasf +0 gef in a liHle eXJrra cram- ming. Women's dorms have memories Jroo - b r i d g e games and hen parfies and kidding abouf lasf nighf's dafe. And H's a happy life. Redlands does n01L murder sleep. af least no+ oHen. Hours of sleep may be difficuH +0 get wifh every room a pofenfial open house from six +0 midnight bmL no one goes +0 Sleep unfil midnighf anyway. a ? , K $ 3 e$WAx .Every. college woman. always 5+er con- H's Friday, Jrime +0 relax. wi+h +he new SCIOUS, IS proud of her campus wardrobe issue of +he Bulldog. Every s+uden+ scans and choosing a dress +0 wear +0 an occasion each issue. hoping +0 see his name in print is almosf as much fun as +he occasion HseH. and +0 Find 0qu Hue coming week's evenfs. jands does nof jfen. Hours of 5 f, wifh every 3 from six i0 0 sleep unhl The four-meal-a-day-plan is very popular on campus around midnight providing a period of relaxaHon affer several hours of s+udy. AHhough one can never be sure of +he score in a card game. e v e r y parficipanf learns Hwe score on +he la+es+ befrofhals and befrayals on campus. '5 a Textbook illed With It 7.. V Page 109 Family Mr. and Mrs. Herb Black. "bendix- ing" +he small unmenfionables of +heir Jrwo daughfers, is a erpical scene in VeJrs Village. These unifs are provided aJr relafively low renJrs for veJreran sfudenfs and +heir kimilies. afhousand'Jim H5 1 height ; College was never like H115. Curley i Miller drives a school bus +0 supple- ' i menf his 6. l. subsisfence +0 suppor+ I his family. , , , ' . Theweafhermang'a ; 1 oserafedwitho'urR? gnf a lighi snow?! : 70' Vne annw AH-Co Pm. Snow ball 5911?; mm while the exper fheuskiisandfobogga; A .. 5...; 1., .z': . .. .. 3.. If used +0 be +he co-eds in +heir i Page no life. Now H's Hue coo-eds in +heir life. and Bill Simmons uses a baby h book +0 keep +he sifuafion in hand: . .. .. Mk A rub on Aladdin's lamp converfed +he Commons info a scene from +he Arabian Nighfs as Hue Spurs presen+ed +heir annual Spring Spree. The 1 crowning of H18 king and ueen selecfed by popular vo+e highlighfed H1is all-col- lege spring formal. King and queen for one nighf in a Jrhousand Jim HieaH and Joan Haighf. The weafherman graciously co- operafed wifh U of R sfudenfs and senJr a lighf snowfall +0 Big Pines for +he annual All-College Snow Parfy. Snow ball fighfs occupied many while Hwe experfs +ook +0 Hweir skiis and +oboggans. Snow parfy royaHy EHen Mor- ris. Queen Velvaiean Miller. Jane Axon. BeHy Roberfson. Page 111 MM w The Greek LeHer organizafions are an Impor- fanf facfor in universify social We and in supponL of campus acfivifies. The lnfer-frafernify and Pan- hellenic councils, +heir governmental bodies, sewL up and reorganize rules and Jralk over currenf problems in order +0 main+ain a smoofhly infe- grafed. flexibfe unify and undersfanding befween Hue individual groups. Eligible men are royally en+en +ained a+ rush parfies +0 help form favorable impressions bofh in Jrhe serious vein and by Hue fun and friendliness of fhe pros- pecfive groups. lNTER-FRAT MEMBERS ARE. ROW ONE: Jack Mills. Phil Ellis, Mel Feuer. Jim Zink. S+an Heaslip. Si Jones. Ray Chapman. ROW TWO: Ham Lloyd, Jim Weinberger. Chuck Huckleman. Ed Siorlie. ROW THREE: Bill Kring. Don Pappas. Earl Schoneman. Naf Cross. PAN-HELLENIC MEMBERS ARE: Lee Douglas, Dean Burrall. Cafhy Mafich. Charlene Mandrapa. BeHy Roberfson. Jane Farnum. Thelma Jackson, Arlene Bailey. Lyn Muir. ' Socia . The climax of each rushing season is when. affer ga+hering in groups of varI-colored sweafers on Hue Ad sfeps. H18 sororHies finally receive +heir respec- Jrive piedge Iisfs. They run shrieking dOWn +he hill +0 mafch st in search of decepHve charges. while spec+a+ing males gaze affer in amused amazement Affer being hu r r i e d Jrhrough dinners and candle- ligh+ed ceremonies. +he new pledges arrive a1' +he Presenfs dance +0 be formally infro- duced and congrafulaJred. Organizations Page 115 3-1!!!- Six Campus Sororities Alpha Chi Delfa's variefy of acfivi- Hes +hroughou+ Hwe semesfer included fwo formal dances in Hwe lodge in ldyH- wild, square dancing in Redlands. and an informal affair aJr Hue Ramona pageant The fall rush was a progressive 3 dinner. Around Hue World Cruise, and t Hwe Spring rush was a Gold Rush af 1 CresHine. Easfer and Chrisfmas sere- nades lulled +he campus +0 sleep. Virginia Hume' Arlene Bailey Firs? Semesfer Presidenf Second Semesfer PresideM ALPHA CHI DELTA PLEDGES WERE: Dorofhy Siur- divant Doris Ann Whife. Mari Thompson. Lillian Goedert Adelle Dungan Beck Janei' Lynes Berniece Reed Ellen Morris Lynn Muir Beverly Snyder Esfher Teafs Alpha Chi Delta '$ ; l Alpha Sigma Pi Z. B. Andrus Es+elle Coupland Barbara Georg Anna May Hoglund Marilyn Madsen Beverly Melone Joy Forsander Thelma Jackson Carolyn Oleman Jo Ann Record Lillian Schafer Gerrie Shearer Jan SebasHan Pai' Woodward Becky Workman Page 118 Reviving +he fradifional Fashion Tea aJr +he Armacosf's home. He Sigmas Chose models from each sororify and frosh club. During +he year, members and +heir various dafes danced 6+ Hwe Hunfingfon Hofel, held an overnigh+ aJr Big Bear, and enioyed +he Shadow Moun+ain Club in Palm Desert Rushes a+ Hwe Palm Springs Tennis Club and Arrowhead Springs Hofel feafured Gay Ninefies and Modern Art Dof McKibben Jane Farnum Firsf Semesfer Presidenf Second Semes+er Presidenf SPRING PLEDGES WERE: Mary DeVoss, Margery Miller, Jean Sfevens. Ruih Ogren. Page 119 Beverly Gray Firsf Semesfer Presidenf ' ? yamrfi-eaf Mary Lou Williamson Second Semes+er Presidenf SPRING PLEDGES WERE: Marianne Rei+h, Nancy Ralph, Naomiiean Righ+er, Laura Long. Thefa's BMOC breakfaers +0 infroduce new pledges +0 Jrhe masculine wheels on campus were held a+ +he Derby House and Mission Inn. The rush parfies were Chuck Wagon af Palm Springs and Ship Ahoy in Hue Casfaway Club in Balboa. The overnighf in lnspirafion Lodge and He semi-formal af +he Town House included dinner and dancing. Rufh Anderson Mary Lou Armsfrong Gloria BaHIase Jan BUIIOCk Magene Elsfon Paf Evans BeHy Boyson Jean Foresman Shirley Gair Alpha Theta ' ' Kashiwagi Barbara Mahrf H Paf Rucker HI" Nancy Holderness Marianne . EAaJIbahTilleremy Elizabefh Randolph Paf Rolo Do Ronk . Lons Scharpenberg Janice Schwarberg Grace Shiraishi Rufh Shiraishi Margaref Smlfh Joanne Towfar My, .... ka. A L. Alpha Xi Omicron Virg Barl Sylvia Zurschmiede Lee Douglas Firs? Semesbr Presidenf Second Semesfer Presiden+ u. . , ; 1 Alb Jam Wifh a Chinese +heme Jrhe rush af Arrowhead Springs Hofel opened Hwe Omicron's Fall social season. The formal a'r +he Town House. Jrradifional Chris+mas serenade of all dormi- fories. overnigl'nL af Lake Arrowhead and informal a+ Shadow Mounfain Club. Palm Desert highlighfed +heir calendar. The Spring rush. Calico Capers. held af The Sfables in Palm Springs, followed by +he formal 5+ Villa Riviera in Long Beach. polished off Hue round of da+e aciriviJries. SPRING PLEDGES WERE: Carolyn Jury. Phillis Fisher. K , ' . ; Virginia Boehme . Barbara Bolf Jackie Gray Barbara Harding Carol Koenigkramer Carolyn Lennon Alber+a Charles Mary McMillan Jane Dumblefon Cafhy Mchh h' Carol McClary Barbara Mehrens Mary Myers Lyn Spaulding Renee Taecker Evelyn Reamer Mariorie Toles Pa? WalcoH Margaref Whife lsh Ashbrook Mary Bell Eleanor Bushey Barbara Garman First Semesfer Presidenf Second Semesfer Presidenf Beta Lambda Mu Formally speaking. +he Befas danced a+ Vivian Laird's in Long Beach and +he Beverly Hills Hofel. Alpine Terrace was He scene of +heir overnighf af +he beginning of +he "Big Snow." The Spring Hweme and circus rushes were held 61' Padua Hills and Big Falls Lodge. Char Man- drapa. Ann Moore and Paf BeH sang +he Befas +0 +he fop of +he Jrradifional Kappa Sig Trio confesf. SPRING PLEDGES WEREI ROW ONE: Beverly Schroeder. Janef Palmer. ROW TWO: Mary Tischler. Colleen Zeigler, Shirley Dyer, Shir- ley Nolan, Marilyn Jenks. w Waggy$w Paf Bell Dof Bishop ElizabeHI Day Mary Lou Dulin Phyllis Granf Anne Gross Shirley Harling Grace Kibler Til Klopsch Lee Knowles Joanne Lance Virginia Lieberg Beify Lynn Helen McMillin Shirley Maas Charlene Mandrapa Neila Marsh Connie Mifchell Ann Moore BeHy Jean MurfeH D01 Pafrick Gloria Peal hyllis Rickson Marian Walker Mary Alice Wilbern Delta Kappa Psi I y w; aawoi WWI" Marian Leader BeHy Roberfson Firsf Semesfer Presidenf Second Semesfer PresideM SPRING PLEDGES WERE: Jane Axon. Nancy Sfark. Joanne Leland. Noreen Hughes, Susan Earle. Page 126 Jan Bufler Evelyn Cline Lorilee EllioH Joanne Fagerburg Gayle Burnham. Marfy Carmichael BeHy Earle Dede Ericksen Joan Gordon Jan Gray Paf Grimm Aileen Heller Ginny Lisfer Hamner Burga Helsley BeHy Henhchke Carolyn Holcomb Berfa Johnson Pa+ Kanahele PaHy Long Doris Purvine Marge Roberfson Jo Robinson Mary Schumacher BeHy SmHh Barbara Snefh Donna Spragg Jean Taylor Jeanne VValker Paf VVebb Bobbk VVHcox Delfas had a busy year winning honorable menHon for Hweir Hoaf in Hwe Homecoming parade, dancing formally and informally af Wonder Palms in Palm Springs, Arrow- head Springs Hofel and Club San Morifz. Friday. May 27. engaged women were invifed +0 +he DeHa Daisy Ring. and H1e Thefas joined Hwe Delfas for a parfy in Palm Springs. Packages were sen+ Jrwic:e a monfh +0 Children's Tubercu- lar Hospifal in We BriHsh Zone of Germany, and Del+as climaxed +he year wifh Hweir 28+h Birfhday Luncheon. May I5. aJr Hwe Alfadena Town-Counfry Club. Page 127 Dick Danskin Larry Hill IaH ifh Dave Danskin Dave Levering Roger H Rod Sm in d Kre Jim Heywood Jack Compfon Malcolm Sillars T Jay Cockran Jack Havilland AI Sharpe Bob Knox illough Ray Chapman Roger Gillersfrom Terry Rober'rs Bill K H N a m m a G a h ID. A Al Fifzpafrick Jones Orville Chadsey Gordon Palmer k 99 Dave BreH Mel Feuer Herb Jones Carl Bender Gerald Cofhern Galal Gough Lee Hornibrook Roger Huebner Phil Kassel AI Loring Ulises Navarez Bernardo Parades VViHiam Pichler kDanskin James Pugh 1 : V , f I ,, . 1. x John Rennie Y Hill . ,, ' ,, ' , M , " . ' , Ed Ru+herfurd Tan , , ' , , 53:, CHarles Schufh Lynn Gene De Angeles Lee Hollenberg Ed Taylor Herb Black The 25"rh annual reunion of Gamma Nu aJr +he Hollywood RooseveH Hotel and Jrho now fro? house on Sfaie s+reo+ bffer' hxenfy-six years in He Tombd highlighfod Hwe Gamma Nu year. Rush parfies af Fairmon+ Park. pledge parfies in fhe Casa Loma and Mission Inn. and Hwe overnighf by Hue sumc in April kepf H10 men busy. Leading +he Gamma Nus were Si Jones. fall prexy and Arf Lynn. presidenf in +he spring. Charles Vinson Tom Yonker Bruce Woods Sfan Weaver Page 129 Page 130 Al Bailey Louis Beck Carl Coleman Na+ Cross Paul Cross Chi Sig s+aged a sfag smoker honoring Lou Beck. They also danced informally af Club San Morifz. Lake Gregory. and formally af +he Mission Inn. Their rush parfies were a+ Lee Hawkins home and in Yucaipa. Haldeman House, AHa Loma. was chosen for +he Alumni banue1L and reunion. The Chi Sig sponsored Charm Girl confesf was won by Penny Borden. frosh. Firsf semey'rer presidemL was Lee Hawkins. second semes+er was Naf Cross. SPRING PLEDGES WERE: Bob Kuhn. George Wright Norman Zeller, CHH Carufh, Clyde WiMer. Mark Lewis. Wes Davis: Delberf Hol Charles Mil Dick Sands Olin Tillofn es Davison -lberf HoHerI harles MW" ick Sands lin Tillotson Louis Danielson Howard Hovey Lloyd Myers Bill Schmidf Jim Toale John Dyksfra John Paul Jones Bob Oliver Earl Schoneman Earl Walker Francis Flin? Bill Kring Clarence Poland Al Schosfag Clinf Gibbons Lloyd Wagner Dave Mafhews Fred Powell Leslie ScoH Leonard Waifman Lee Hawkins Roger MaHi Bill Robbins Dick Sheere Dick Whinnery Don Henshaw Ralph Meyering Jack Rose Ed Snyder Jerry WhHe Don Hocking Max Miller Jim Rosser Don Swallow Wayne Whife Page 131 Kappa Sig fall semesfer opened . wifh +he presenfafion of a new J , H . , Ollie Aide 1fra+erni+y house af 7V2 Cifrus Sf. - 1 , B?ITbBoAlcilen and He inducfion of 25 fall pledges. e " y lnformals. formals and overnighfs were held, and Hue KZZ Jrrio confesf honored Hue Befas. The year ended wifh +he Rendezvous and He Senicr B . ' " Chef Campbell anquet " , ' , Jack Carr 1 ' Don Churchill . Amsm , Vt; . Wf Bill Coplin VIray Cornwall Herb Cunningham Brad Davies Doug Dewar P'nil Eagles SPRING PLEDGES WERE. ROW ONE: Al Dale. Mifch Kie+zman. Don DeDenf. Hal Jackson, Bud Bunyard, Warren Beckman. ROW TWO: Earl Cavanah. Dick Taylor, Bob Rossier, Walf Gleckler. Page 132 Sfan Everson Fred Gallwey Chuck Granf Bob Grogan Chuck Hackleman Dyson Hamner Bud Harvey Dennis Hayden Sian Heaslip Tris Hubbard Bill Jenkin Rod Jones Bob Lineau Frank Louda Dick Mackaig Harry Malm Lou Massari Phil MHcheH Darrel Nelson Lee Reeve Ray Rickson Mick Roberison Murray Roche Bud Ross Don Rounds Bill Rowland Dave Sheard Jack Sigler Bill S3mmons Phil Sievens Chude Taggerf Gy'e Tague Bob Tanner Don Taylor Ray Taylor Ray Walker Loren Webb Greg WeHon BHI West Don Williams Harry Wynn Jim Zink ANxx nr-u X Don Arncgard Gifford Bunker Lowell Corwin Jack Cummings Nick Davies Russ Davis Jack Decker Jim Dixon Harold Dockfer John Duncan T. C. Duncan Al Fages Jim Flora Bob Ford Bill Gaspar Carl Graves Olin Graves Mack Hammond Johnny Jensen Ronnie Kreufzberg Warner Kreufzberg Gene Leach John Lee Ham Lloyd Johnny Lloyd Herb Marshall Don Mclnfosh Wally Mclnfosh Curly Miller Jack Mills Jack Moore Ross Munger S+rafie Paras Jim Parker Dick Perkins Cha Popeye Rowe H. P. Wa+ers W Big evenJr on +he Pi Chi special cal- endar was Hwe lralernify union a+ +he Chevy Chase Counfry Club in Glen- dale. Olher social evenls were overw nighfs af ldyllwilol and Laguna Beach. a formal a+ Wonder Palms. Palm Springs, and +heir fall and spring rushes aJr Hucllow's in Redlands. They enlerfained all campus sororifies and lrosh women's clubs a+ +heir lra+ house. H was +he second year running +ha+ Huey Jrook +he inler-lraf all sporJrs championship. Fred Mandel Walf Mason Pi Chi Frank Powell Bill Sfanley Jim Weinberger Charles Perry Loren Pefersen Dave Silke Walf Smifh George Weaver George Webb e Rowe Wafers Julian Robbins Duke Tonry Harry Wol+man Bob Casey Malcolm Smifh Ed Conly Bill Sfewarf Frank Roberls Bob Town Tuckie Wong aw Don Fergus Horace Hinks+on Don Venne Bob Ward Bob Rosenberger Ross Wall Roger Woodrow Bob Boysen Bob Chesworfh Harvey Collins Jim Denham Lyn Easfman Phil Ellis Don Hasenyager Mor+ Henson Chuck Hobar+ Arlie Johnson frmm Nguww: he w' wax ;. L . t V 1 V 6 A Jack Johnson Joaquin Lopez Ahmed Madiedi Phil McMuHin Don Papoas George Schurr Ed Sforlie Bill Thornburg Don Warburion Page 136 twig; The Sigma Kappa Alpha social calendar for Hwe fall semesfer included an overnigh+ a+ Bill Thornburg's cabin a+ Pine valley. and informal a+ +he Roos cabin a+ Arrowhead and +he Fireside Inn a+ Beaumont Spring funcfions were an overnigh+ a+ Laguna Beach. a sfag parfy 6+ +he home of Dr. Nor- ris, and a formal. The fall and spring rushes were held a+ Hwe Con+emporary Club and +he Fireside Inn respechely. The semi-annual pledge banque+s were a+ Hwe home of Phil Ellis a+ Banning and a+ +he La Posada Hofel. fman Wi+h +he +heme, "Bapfisf Missionaries in Hawaii." +he SKA Homecoming day Hoa+ walked off wiH'm firsf prize. Sigma Kappa Alpha ROW ONE: Bill Schaeffer, Doug Smifh. Jim Mc- Clain, Jack Mallonee. Dick Anderson. ROW TWO: John Gafhings, Doug Craven, Richard Bailie, Lyle PhiHips. Winsion Afkins, Bill Edison. ROW THREE: Phil Gamble. Verne Holmes, Ed Whifney, David Paulson. Page 137 Exercising +heir afhlefic abilHy, +he girls of SOME enioyed several bowling parfies and a Jrrip +0 Palm Springs 1cor horseback riding and swimming. In addifion +hey were crowned Champions of +he infer- sororify and frosh clubs volleyball +ournamen+. ROW ONE: Shirley Collins. Lu Henshaw. Becky Wright Velvaiean MiHer. B. J. Wells, Benna Lou Arnold. Gwen Evans. Beverlee Turner. ROW TWO: Peggy Keysl Marguerife Den- ney. Ginny Carfer. Gerry Holley. Marianne Shoemaker. Jo Howe. Gladys Picker, Penny Borden. ROW THREE: Maureen McGinness. Barbara Fleming. BeHy Crow. Barbara Sanders. Helen Marfins, Mary Ellen LiHell. Jean LeichHuss. Kafy Pierce. Kay Tweedy. Margo Schoen. ROW FOUR: Harrief Hopper, Liz Ruegger, Margie House. Margaref Kloeppel. Jackie Price, Anne Babcock. flaunt- asu- ROW ONE: Teddy Lewis. Ola Colopy. Gloria. Main, Donna Moss. Jackie Barnes. Kafhleen Bishop. ROW TWO: Beverly Wescoff. Blanch Edgar, B. A. Lyman. Mary Wrighf, Lois Fisher, Marian Lane. ROW THREE: Marjorie Morris. Tebby Beers. Joan Davidson. Avis Laughinghouse. Gerry Hall. Paula Schaefer. EIOVV; FOUR: Priscilla Harms. Alberfa Carlson, Paf Douglas. Jane? rlc . ROW FIVE: Margaref Cunningham, Noreen Hughes. Shirley Welch, Velma Harris. In an affempf +0 keep U hall women supplied wifh lafe evening snacks members of Len Ju sold Jracos. milk. and cbokies +hroughou+ Hue year. They included refreshmenfs for He Candy Cane Capers in +heir La Rueda service. 3 Moss. Wright . Avis Janef Welch, wifh coS. ded ROW ONE: DoHie Haas. Liz GromerI B. A. Cum- ming, Frances PowellI Carole Bufler, Susan Wise- man. ROW TWO: Evelyn Salter. Joanne S'rone. Mariorie S+en+z, Ginny Hodge, Sandy Johnsfon. ROW THREE: Donna Tinkham. Dorofhy Axwoany. Nancy Macpherson. Liz Hoisingfon. Ginny Moses. Jane Bell. Dorene Cowden. Frances Jensen. Paf Griffifh. Marilyn Muller. Tawasi girls inifiafed blue cardigans as uniform Tuesday aHire. en+ered Hwe Kappa Sig Jrrio con+es+, visifed +he Pasadena Playhouse. and s+aged a hamburger fry as parf of Haeir acfivifies for He year. ROW ONE: Carol Huliquish Evdyn Torpey. Eliza- befh Ogden, Bernie Wafson. Phyl Ford, Pam Voris. ROW TWO: Carolyn Herman, KaH1ryn Roberh, Verna PaHerson. Barbara Blake. Barbara Coombs. Edifh Diss, Joy WesfcoH. ROW THREE: CharloHe Grant Margaret Huebner, Bash Schqu. Jean Sorfor. Delores Bader. Donna BenHey. Lee Kisnerl Agnes Moreland. Table decorafions for Hue Universify Day banquef and arrangemenfs for Hue La Rueda dance were ably complefed by We members of O K. Their projecf for Hue year was We selling of fruif in U Hall. Page 139 Organized for +he purpose of honoring and encouraging scholasfic achievement DeHa Alpha is com- posed of sfudenfs meefing Hue mem- bership requirmeh+s of a cumulafive o1C 3.2 for seniors. 3.4 for iuniors and 3.6 for sophomores. Cerfificafes of award are given each semesfer +0 sfudenfs who make +he hoonr roll. ROW ONE: Charles Vinson. Bill Robbins. Brian Eliker. John Paul Jones. ROW TWO: Esfher Merfins, Dr. B. E. Ebel, Wilma Smifh. John Gronek. Shirley Boengr. Dean Marc J. Smiih, Mary Lou Dulin. Gil Brown. Frances Greenough. S. Guy Jones. Page 140 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ROW ONE: Earle AbboH. Roberf Crooks. Prof. Herberf Horn, Prof. Joseph Zoellner. Ray Heim. ROW TWO: Orfh Warringfon, Dr. Paul Pisk, Richard Galloway. Prof. Erwin Ruff. Richard Wag- non. Max Miller. ROW THREE: Roberf EasHand. Richard Newkirk. B n Allm, EvereH Swank. Ar+hur Kaplan. ROW FOUR: William Rosenfelder. Judd Chew, Charles Sanders. Richard Sheere. Wi+h January l5. I949. as +he insfal- la+ion dafe. +he Men's Music Club be- came a chap+er in We na+ional honorary frafernify. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. The group presenfs various musical pro- grams +hroughou+ Hue year. and offers suppor+ and encouragemenf +0 pro1tes- sional sfudenfs of music. ROW ONE: Caroline CoHon, Gene De Angelis. Choocherd Chufrakul. Chodchoi ChuhakuL ROW TWO: Joe SHenberg. PhyHis Pearsom Dick Thom. ROW THREE: Dr. Phillips. Don Creacey. Ahmad h- Profh Y Madiedi. Ben Lawee. 53'". ROW FOUR: s: Jones, Ivon Wilson. Fred Gama. ' Fisk! f Bob Brier. Ed Taylor. I 39. h ewkirk' cm! Over six nafionalifies are represenfed 1 in +he IRC membership which holds 3 weekly meefings +0 discuss such infer- ; nafional problems as UNESCO. +he AHaan Pacf and Friends. They spon- sor Jrhe infer-racial breakfas+s. handle ISfal- i leHers from Bonn and keep liferafure on hbe- h infernahonal affairs in +he Browsing room. Si Jones is president wary The 1 pro- Hers Jl Dfes- International Relations Club Alpha Epsilon DeHa is Jrhe na+ional honorary socie+y for premed sfu- denfs. The local Befa chapfer spon- sored a frip +hrough +he Loma Linda medical school and hospifal. and held regular meefings. feafuring 0qu- s+anding speakers and mms. Don Pappas and Fred Powell were presi- den+s. ROW ONE: John Dill, Doug SmHh. Mel Miller. Diane Allen. BeHy Ann Summers. 5. Guy Jones. ROW TWO: Harold Woodrow. Lee Reeve. Brian Eliker, Fred Powell. Alpha Epsilon Page 141 ROW ONE: Don Mclnfosh. Lillian Schafer. ROW TWO: Olin Graves, Wally Mclnfosh, Evelyn Reamer, Carl Graves. Jim Weinberger. Mary Lou Dulin. Thelma Jackson. e Phi Tau Omega is a branch of +he 2, .. California s+uden+ feachers associa- " , Hon and as such, helps +0 solve prob- L' A lems arising from +he acfual experi- . , ence of sfudenfs who are pracfice Jreaching. They have speakers. dinner meefings and demonsfraJrions o1c arJr and music. Olin Graves and Mary Lou Dulin were presidenfs. Phi Tau Omega ROW ONE: Ellen Morris. Eleanor Bushey. ROW TWO: Donald Van Sfeenwyk. Bruce Liven- good, Mrs. Margaref Herrin. Jim Can+erbury, Jack Uoble. Wesley Davison. s NC 1$W$Nxmxw s . The naHonal professional English frafemify. Sigma Tau Delfa. encourages g worfhwhile reading and masfery of wriHen expression. Monfhly meefings e' .I are held a+ Hwe Brombergers and Hue Nelsons for discussions. A 2.8 grade poin+ in English is required. Presiden+ was Bill Van Sfeenwyk. Lee Jirr x.; 5' p' 5' I ' Y1; -'- Lee Hollenberg. Dle Sands. Don Swallow K, t X ?5 ' Jim Dixon. Dr. Fred Warburfon. 3 4 , 33.5. :,m:,' r : LT L a 3? C5 ; Sigma PI Sigma. nafional V W I honorary physics Jrrafermfy for C M4 . . . VH' phySIcs majors, was esfabllshed : 6W! because of Hwe greaf increase in physics maiors and membership is resfricfed +0 Hwose sfudenfs i who are oufsfanding in Hwaf de- 1 parfmenf. Hs purpose. however. F is +0 advance s+uden+1n+eres+ in I all fields of science. - urc: .... .dugamygwmug.ngmv: v ., 7 ROW ONE: Carol McClary. Barbara Sackman. Lorene Bevis. ROW TWO: Connie Klamrofh. Carol Koenigkramer. Cafhrynn Bosshard, Alice Wymer. Sylvia Schufz. ROW THREE: Jean Hufchinson. Esfher Teafs. Rae Dean Winkler. ROW FOUR: Lucille Brodersen. Pauline ShoupI Phyllis Kelly. Edi+h Bayha. Sigma Alpha lo+a became +he newesf nafional honorary frafernify on campus wi+h +he insfallaJrion and inifiafion on March 4. I949. by He na+Ional presi- demL. A professional women's music frafernify. if sponsors social acfivifies. buwL maior emphasis is in giving aid in music fields. The local chap+er hosfed a Jrea for +he American Choir Conduc- +ors Guild and gave a public recifal. Sylvia Schu+z is presidenf. 4w y y 1 Drum majoreHes Suzie Jones, Jean Leichffuss and Bev Melone add col- or +0 Redlands games. Page 146 The Season Opened on September 24 Affer holding Hue SCIC crown br +hree consecque years, +he Bull- dog eleven s+ar+ed +he season agains1L +he hungry Loyola Lions and Jrook a bad bea+ing from Musaco and Co. A game Redlands squad was ou+- classed buwL nof ouffoughf by We Lions. The wfinal score was 57-I2. Head- ing sou+h. +he Bulldogs dropped +heir second prache +il+ +0 a sfrong San Diego S+a+e feam 38-7. Sfandoufs for He locals were Chuck Hackle- mand and Sfan Heaslip. A fast fricky. figh+ing UniversH'y of Hawaii +eam spoiled +he Homecoming game for He Bulldogs wi+h a lopsided score of 55-0. The game was a good one for Jrhe spec+a+ors, despife +he lopsided score as a fighfing Redlands feam refused +0 quif. Confinuing +heir sched- ule againsf foo powerful feams +he 'dogs iourneyed +0 FlagsfaFF. only +0 bow +0 Jrhe good Arizona S+a+e college feam. 25-7. Opening +he SCIC season for Hwe Bulldogs, Pomona college showed +he class +ha+ made +hem preseason favorifes +0 cop +he championship and dumped +he locals 20-0. Coach "Cush" +akes care of H18 boys. w w . wggw fw w w www 4 U 0 w weweww wWw- wwww 'wwwww w wvf wwwww w w w w , ?wfw - Z0 ' M x A fighfing Redlands man ready for H .. Tackles Greg WeHon and Sfan Hea- +he fackle. slip falk over +he plays. Coach Jim Verdieck ouHines second hahC s+ra+egy during resf' period in +he Oxy game. With the of R ' 3 Facing one of +he shongesf small college feams in We country, He Bulldogs played +heir besf game of We year +0 hoid Occidenfal college +0 a 28-6 vidory. The Jrigers were leading af +he haH 7-6. bu+ superior depfh fold in Hue las+ ha 1c. Redlands lef loose againswL Hue +he Cal Tech squad and came up wiJrh Hue Ifirs+ Bulldog vicfory of He year wifh a score of . 34-I3. The Bulldogs closed a hard-foughf season. dropping +he game +0 WhiHier college, 22-7. Coaches Cecil Cushman and Jim Verdieck explain +he kick- ing "foe" +0 Muggs Alexan- der. e .Mm mm W-uMme es ConigHo d plunge af Orange Show sfa- dose in. Redlands line piles up Hawaii dium. Loyola haHback L romps as Hubbar R ' Bulldogs 5m and m t Lloyd r 0 II n l S Sfewarf move Bill Jrackle in Hawaii game. Ham Lloyd U2 breaks away as Bill Simmons DH helps oqu. Hackieman ball Chuck carrier down game. Ray Chapman Guy Daniels Lowell Corwin Tucky Wong Horace Hinksfon Bob Grogan Playing a Total of EightGa Larry La Fond T. C. Duncan Mack Hammond Leon George The Redlands eraang lineup was. Ends: Sfan Flowers. George Weaver. Tackles: Bob Mockler. Sfan Heaslip. Guards: Olin Graves. Ted Duncan. Cenfer: Bill Sfewarf. Quarferback: Mack Hammond. HaHbacks: Bill Sim- mons. Chuck Hackieman. Fullback: Leon George. ?Wf X Bob Mockler , . , Homecoming queen. Jo Towar and her court Joanne Leland and Thelma Jackson. are escorfed around He Orange Show sfadium during half- +ime fesfivifies of +he Hawaiian game. ames Greg Welfon Muggs Alexander Ge-orge-Weaver Chuck Luciano Ham Lloyd Blll Summons Chuck Hackleman l Oufsfanding man for fine Bulldog varsi+y in '48 was halfback Chuck Hackleman. A firsf class breakaway runner. pass receiver and punfer, "Hack" carried +he whole Bulldog af- fack. He rolled up a 7.0I yards per fry average and scored 48 poinfs for A fine Bulldogs. He was a unanimous all- s SCIC selecfion and was awarded honorable memLion on He LiHle AH- American Jream. Ross Munger Phil Eagles Harry Wynn Sfan Krause I Ed Wheeler Ted Nicolay Olin Graves Al Fages , , m y m Bob Ward Lou Massari Ed Conly Bob Alvarez Sfan Heaslip mona game Tris Hubbard kicks 0qu of danger in Hue Po Ham Lloyd sfops Pomona ball carrier as BIH Sfewarf comes MW 2 n a m Z .LH e K In C .LH S a We ID 9 1h IT r 0 FT 8 IT In .mJ rTOI rl ee Vln a em Wp eU Wm em 6c Fresh Football . : QM x ' 4 1. Frosh co-capfain John Horn snags a pass againmL Bullpup line drops Pomona back for a loss. Gun- Pomona. zel U U and Graham. ROW ONE: Harry KendaH, Jim Hurlburf, Bill Marchi. Ken Johnsfon, Gene Theios. Wayne Howard. Sid Moses. AI SoufhworHL ROW TWO: Dick Sf. Johns. Andy Anderson, Harris Donell. Paul Thenes. Doug Gould. Duncan Davidson. Rich Hunsaker. Chuck Rieger. Jim Hicksl Bruce : Foreman. John Kenezvich. Bob Gieger. 4 ROW THREE: Jack Ciark. Bill Conklin. Roy Wifwer. Gavin Smi+h, Sfu Rippley. Ed Lions. John Horn. Ronnie Kreufzberg, Hugh Willef. Jerry SWeaney, George Graham. Ken Janfzen. Rudy Gunzel. Warner Kreufzberg. big UR cenfer. drives in for a sefup. Currier gymnasium saw lofs of acfion Dec- ember 2, 3. and 4 when +he second annual R Club lnviJraHonal Baskefball Tournamenf was held. Ten Jreams +ha+ baffled ifor honors included Arizona Sfafe aJr FlagsfaH. Cal Poly af San Luis Obispo. Chapman College, La Verne. Pasadena Naza- rene. and +he five SCIC schools. Redlands drew a bye in HM; firsf round and advanced aufomafi- caHy +0 meef La Verne. A 55-40 vicfory over +he Leopards pqu Redlands in +he semi-finals. Ari- zona Sfafe edged WhiHier 56-52 and Redlands played a smoofh game +0 eliminafe Cal Poly 43-27. In +he finals. +he Arizona Lumberjacks won +he championship over +he U o1C R. Oxy won +he consolafion HHe. Jim Parker, UR forward. was named on He aH-foumamenf Jream. The Best Annual Bill Simmons. chairman of He l948 R Club Invi- +a+ional Baskefball Tournament BiH Spalding of +he Helms FoundaHon and Chuck Hackleman, R Club president examine +he awards donafed by +he Helms Foundafion. 5?ka , x w 'WVl' -N azuyu-pmmm. ml Tournament RoyaHy for +he R Ciub Tour- ney was Princesses Burga Hels- ley. sophomore; Sally Geisfweif. junior; Ginny Hammer. senior; and Queen Phyllis Ford. fresh- man. H. P. Wafers and Jack Mc- Murdie of Cal Poly fighf for a rebound in an R Club Tourna- men: con+es+. Flora UM comes up on Hue right Jim Flora alfemafed a+ cen- +er and forward. Forward Bob Rosenberger was named on Jrhe aH-comcerence squad. Dyson Hamner scored vifal poinfs in several conference games. The U of R baskefballers s+ar+ed OH Jrhe season showing a sharp shoofing. poiemL hve backed by a hosr of +op reserves. m H10 season opener, Coach Pefe Provosf dileded his boys +0 6 46-44 win over a scrapping Oxy hve. The neer conference clash found Jrho Bulldogs on +he shorJr end of +he score 53-40 in favor of Cal Tech. The following week Hus defermined quin+e1L pqu forfh Jrhe baffle of +he season as +hey ouf-maneuvered +he WhiHIer poefs in Jrhe hrs+ hahC very ef- fecfively. The WhiHier crew sfaged a bril- lianf comeback and finally nipped our cagers 43-40 in +he Closing minufes o1c +he final quarfer. Redlands +hen played hoer +0 Po- mona In Jrhe local gym. Kreu+zberg played a sensafional Game at cenfer by chalking up Held Goals and boHling erar sagehen Olson. wiJrh Hue score 49-43. Redlands winning. and Close SCIC Parker +ries a push sho+ againsf Pomona. Cro-magnon C u s h m a n comes ou1' affer a rough sfinf in We +radi+ional faculfy all J s+ars versus R club gianfs game. i x Coach Jim Verdieck's Mark shiw sho1L confribufed +0 Hwe R club gianfs defemL 39-37. flC Scores Dave GriHifhs displayed de- cepHve ball handHng aJr guard. Sophomore Murray Roche showed versafilify by playing every posifion. H. P. Wafers' rebound play goJr him sfarfing point guard. Harry Malm played his fourfh year of UR baskefball. Jaycee +ransfer. Bill Sfanley, was c h o s e n Dan Churchill. aHhough ham- pered by injuries. was a fast agile forward. Guard H. P. Wafers fakes a rebound 01c +he Arizona Sfafe backboard during fine champion- ship game of +he JrournamemL. all-conference Rated Tap When We Cal Tech Engineers in- vaded Hue local floor. +hey wen+ home sorry as H. P. Wafers. guard. broke up a 48-48 fie wifh a phenomenal hahC-coumL sho+ as He buzzer ended Hwe game. The laswL Jrwo games were losses. dropping 67-56 +0 Occidenfal and 59-37 +0 Hue champion WhiHier Jream. Bob Rosenberger. forward and high scorer, and Bill Sfanley. sharp- shoofing guard. made aH-comcerence honors. Capfain and forward Jim Parker. Warner Krefuzberg. cenJrer. and H. P. Wafers. guard. rounded 0qu +he Jream 01c s+ar+ers. Roche. Grif- ths and Churchill, also leHering. pu+ in +heir share o1c baskefbali. Vc Z? , ? Bulldog cenfer. Warner Kreu- +zberg jumps wi+h Paul SaHman of Cal Tech. effecfively. who uses elbow Red- A fense excifed crowd lands, 48 and Cal Tech 48 56C- onds +0 play. Wafers loHs a des- perafion sho+-bang-buzzer - bedlam! $.ng V4.2, m . Q 276? 7; , ??4; 4 2? a9 X 1 K z$W +ries a leer I Cal Tech freshmen. high scoring frosh forward n. e m In C e T MU C e e r In LI In ...H W IQ n U 0 IO e r a r 0 FT 5 LI In 9 ulH g r 8 ID Z LI U 8 Pl K handed hook shoJr againsf +he Chuck Wiese Wafers shoofs a long one as Rosenberger and Hammer and Cole Um come in +0 follow He shot Frosh cen+er Ronnie Kreufzberg Jrries a sefup as Wiese follow for We rebound. ROW 0 N E: Coach Paul Raine. Ron Kreu+zberg. Jim HiaH'. Chuck Wiese. Cliff Wong. Chuck Miller. ROW TWO: Ash Cole. Ted Yim, Doug Gould, Ken Jan- :en, Jess Senecal, Bill Ballard, John Connolly. Rudy Gunzel. WWMWW Frosh Basketball Sparked by He s+erling qualify of play and He high scoring by Ronnie Kreufzberg, Chuck Wiese, and Cliff Wong, Hue UR frosn baskefball +eam Jrurned in a season of I9 wins agains+ only one defeat Thaf de1ceawL was a+ Hue hands of PraH's Spoang Goods Jream of Redlands. having only five poinfs separafing Hwem a+ Hue final thsHe. Wiese leol conference scoring mm a JroJral of I I5 poin+s or an average of 16.4 per game. Fourfh and sierh in average poinfs were Wong and Kreufzberg, wifh I23 and l2.0. respecfively. Playing oufsfanding posIJrions a+ guard were Jim HiaH and Jim MiHer. Opponenfs yooimL average wen+ down when +hey came up ageingL Jrhese men. In Hue final compilafion of poin+s. +ne Jream averaged over 50 poinfs Jro a less +han 40 average made againsf +hem. Brad Davis WW cenfery, gives Jream cap+ain Jim Parker a workout .7 a 1, way maria xw,v,x ka W NWW As +he yearbook wenf +0 pressl Pomona had ius+ dumped +he Bulldog nine 0qu of HS season- long lead in Hue SCIC baseball sfandings. Whit +ier finished 1+5 season early, winding up wifh a 5-3 record +0 hold a sligh+ lead 5+ press +ime. Red- lands. wifh a currenf 3-2 mark. was faced wi+h +he Jrask of winning Jrwo games from Ca! Tech and a game from Oxy +0 win +he ou+righ+ +i+le. Bulldog fiHe hopes were given a severe iolJr in mid-April When H. P. Wafers. +heir leH-handed pifching gem. received a shoulder injury. Fans of +he nafion's moswL popular sporf cheered eaver's second base sfeal. , kw L, W WW ,. l 71,, W Bill Sfanley y M mm- . , Bulldogs oui on rally aHer an +he local dia- Bill Kring Page 165 Jack Sigler M W? F e V a we e g r 0 e G . Wafers P Baseball WaH SmHh Johnny Duncan Herb Jones Fred Gallwey Tucky Wong Jim Parker WW amid Frosh Baseball ROW ONE: Coach Pefe Provosf. Ted Yim. Jess Senecal, Wayne Howard, Jack Miller. Jim Hur!bu+: ROW TWO: Rudy Gunzel, Charles Green. John Connelly, Ash Cole. Ken Janzen, Vance Kammskl. Doug Gould, Chuck Rieger. r' u, 1 L! 1 E1 H Sfeady pirching by Ashfon Cole bl oughf baseball visfories for +he fresh nine. WHh no reserve pifching +hough Cole fired af Hmes. A rhird place seemed apparenf for +he l949 edifion 0+ UR peagreeners. Defeafs by WhiHier U-8. 7'I2J and Oxy HIM brougl'nL Hue average down while vicfory over Po- mona 6-4. O-br and expecred vicrory over Cal Tech brighfened +he pichure. Big sricks for He frosh were Wayne Howe rd and Rudy Gunzel. who were baHing well over .400. Howard, $er and Gunzel. UbL were also ou+s+anding performers on We field. making many pufours and assis+s. ther men doing a fine iob oJr covering Hue infield were Jim Hurlburr. thL and Chuck Wiese. BM. and John Conneliy, Bby Carching Cole's pifching was Charles Rieger. OuHIelders in- Clw'ed Charles Green, Jess Senecal. Vance Kaminskir Jack Miller. and Ted Yim.. Page 168 ROW ONE: Johnny Jensen. Kei+h Jones. Berf Henning. ROW TWO: Bob PoweIL Verne Holmes, Jim Bleecker, Ed Wheeler, Roy WHwer. Coach Bill Brisby. Members of the Swimming Team ConsisfenJr poin+ gainer on +he varsi+y swimming Jream was Tom Yonker in diving. Al- Jrhough he won in every meewL +0 become confer- ence diving champ, Jrhe +eam had an unsuccess- ful season because of lack of dep+h. The feam was defeafed despife Jrhe efforJrs of George Modell. Verne Holmes, KeiJrh Jones. BerJr Henning, John Jensen and Ed Wheeler +0 Dick UD poinfs. The hosh Jream showed s+reng+h in a promising diver. Doug Gould, and in Bill Pherrin, Jim Bleecker and Ray Wifwer. Bill Brisby coached Jrhe Jream. Conference diving champ Tom Yonker execufes a per- fecf swan dive. Page 'I 69 Sfar of Hrsf heaf of Oxy relay IOO. U of R's Walf Mason Hhird from lefH won in IO.I. arsitmick Stars Bob Ward. soph spear sfar. won firsf place in five of six U of R meefs +his spring. Lack of feam depfh sfymied Hwe varsify Jrrack squad as +hey finished in laer place in +he final loop standings. The Maroons' only win was a lopsided l lO-2l win over +he Pasadena Nazarenes. ' The Bulldogs placed fourJrh in +he Oxy- relays +0 open +heir season. +hen dropped meefs +0 Los Angeles Cify College. Pomona. Occiden+al. WhiHierl and Cal Tech. The Cal Tech encoun+er was Hue Closes+ meewL in Hue SCIC wiJrh Tech winning, 68-63, as Jrheir mile relay sizzled a X a x XX 5 x a ' x ' i a 3:233 race. WW MMM Bob Tonry and WaH Mason in a pracfice session. shoowL Hue low sficks Color bearers for +he Maroon and Gray in +he disfance races were S+an Everson. Bob Tanner. Ed Livengood and Don Creacey. y Wal+ Mason. consisfenJr af 21 feet led Bulldog broad iumpers. Chuck Hackleman passes bafon +0 WaH Mason in haH-mile relay 6+ Oxy. N. xxxxX NNVXNXR xxx xx XX 6 xx $ xxx Xx VREx X x$xx XV Outstanding Warren Beckman was Bulldog sfand- 0qu in discus. shoJr pqu. and high jump. Quarfer milers Gyle Tague and Ed Smifh in a pracfice spin. M xx: Wifh +he SCIC mee1L a+ Redlands sHH on +ap a+ deadline Hme some of Redlands indi- vidual performances ranked wi+h +he beer in He league. Ed Livengood had fimes of 433.8 and IO: I 3.7 for We mile and +wo miie. WahL Mason blazed a 9.8 NO for a new U of R mark. Warren Beckman had a mark of 6' 2V2" for He high iump, and Bob Ward had a beer mark of I77' 5" in Hue javelin Harow. WWW 'V Ii 74 Xxma i Page 173 In Both Field and Track Events Tris Hubbard oomphed Hue I6-lb. iron ball ou+ 43' 4V2" +0 plac ' fourfh in Oxy Relays. x i 1 i Ed Conley skims over bar 6+ 5' 9". The versaJrile soph also +hrew +he iavelin. pole vaul+ed and broad lumped for +he Maroons. i g s Wixwmmx: 6 "Do leg m Wes+n Davies man St ar'e Je Parker Moses "Doc" Rowe applies leg massage +0 Roger Wesfmonf a 5 Coach Davies and par+ of fresh- man squad kibifz. They are Jerry Sweeney. Dave Parker. Greg Powell, Sid Moses. WW A small nine-man furnouf was all +ha+ Coach Davies could mus+er for +he freshman feam. However, wi+h "iron man" per- formances. +he yearlings gave good accoun+s of +hemselves In every meeJr. The high poin+ in +he freshies' season was +heir 68-53 win over WhiHier's Poe+ babes. Jerry Sweeney compefed and placed in six evenfs br 2I poinfs in +he Pomona meef for fop individual performance. 1 xx aw I The R Club for Athletes ROW ONE: Jim Weinberger, H. P. Wa+ers. S+an Heaslip. Tris Hubbard, Ed Smifh. ROW TWO: Tucky Wong. Mifch Kiefzman. Ed Conly. Ray Walker. Jim Zink. Ham LloydI Don Creacey. Doug Dewar, Warner Kreu+zberg. ROW THREE: S+an Everson, Herb Cunningham. Ralph Mcyering. Bob Tanner. Bob Rosenberger. The R club is composed 0F leHered afhlefes in Jrhe major sporfs. They presenf movies of sporJr evenfs Jr0 +he members which have included pic- Jrures of Jrhe world series and professional foofball games. They sponsor Jrhe invifahonal annual baskefball JrournamenJr and sell refreshmenfs a+ baskef- ball games. Each year! +hey welcome +he new frosh men in Jrhe gym wiJrh free haircufs. Their social achvifies included a dance. Page 176 embers of the Ski Club Emphasizing +he afhle+ic wrundion of Hue group. +he U of R Ski club developed in+o an ou+s+and- ing campus organizafion during +he pasf year. Und er +he leadership of Duke Tonry. Hwe members sfarf- ed +heir pradice early in fine fall before snow had even considered falling. wifh dry land skiing on +he women's afHefic field. Beginners received special a++en+ion from He experf old Jrimers and learned +he basic fundamentals before going +0 +he mounfains. Few weekends passed during +he win+er +ha+ Recl- lands skiiers did noJr Jrrek +0 Jrheir favorife ski Jrrail. Socially. +he Ski club sponsored +he Snow Ball. aH-col- lege dance. and He AH-CoHege Snow Parfy aJr Big Pines. New emblems. feafuring a maroon design and leHering on a whife background, were also ad opfeol by He club. Dave Silke was presiden+ for +he spring semesfer. ROW ONE: Paula Schaefer, Dave Silke. Duke Tonry, Doug Smi+h. Corky Yarborough. ROW TWO: Al Sharpe. Rufh Ogren. Jinx Pefers. Mary De Voss, Berga Helsley. Mousey Shepp- I hird. Laura Long, Kay Wills. Lois Fisher. Margo Schoen. Don Pappas. ROW THREE: George Graham. Ed Conly. Phil Sievens, Jim Weinberger. Barbara Smifh. Joy WesfcoH. Doris Purvine, Barbara Georgl Shirley Nolan, Mary Tischler. Joanne Leland. Bill Jenkin. BiH Host Dick Reichel. Don DeMen'r. WaH Mason. x-ur, w 7, c7, WWI, xmmm M w w ?KWZ ' V xx, x xx xxxxw w w W Xw W m x x xxx xxx xxx wa x RE xk xx Qw Q xxx x x W Tennis Bob Knox swings an overhead as Chuck Hull moves +0 Hue neJr. E .SKMWWI A A V ,W 4 f4 4,2;WW Coach Jim Verdieck looks , over resuHs 01c Bulldog mafch - ' W I ,, W Z V W . v ., - 1 A wi+h Occidenfal. W Mon+e Meyers ingles man Don ,7 ,x ?,ikfj ?n Number one Bulldog ne+ ace Uith and number Jrwo varsi+y 5 Will Dick Sf. Johns Frosh number one doubles +eam volleying wiJrh Ronnie Clemes. rams receive SGFVICe. n m t e N In S O r F d n a y t ,N. 0 Both m- IIH . Wafch and Irv Forbing aHack r G Ll S e r O F la H m a 6 LI S b b U 0 IO In S O r rT O w IT r 8 ID m U N Uem mg are nu Brown and C frosh feam Frank ber efhree Wong. x 24?? m g , 4 , WK! a Hier seemed Hwe varsify Jrenn is Ouf-n g performances were given by eYeFS. seeded second i ie wiHn Po- rosh ne+ men. Prh Wh 5+ place + l r As Hue yearbook wen+ fo press ie w rd place Jr mona for Hwe f 5Quad. and a 1C s+andin apparemL for H1 Z2 , ya? , i442? ,, , wwgbwiiwf? x . a? ?y ?Qszw yyyywyiw 4, ?yz; 4 4a a2? egg, gixfa C, yea? 12,? s3 ewe, f. ,yly 7y? 7 w? , 2 ,2, w ?i x?eyye Q14 2,? $4 60 476,? 4g, gyavwawg ?? aw; ???,i y 72 7, w? w 146 oz, w, ? ww a 7,7, 7y? w????g, yzxwxy? ,wgzgyy ?awywwyx? ,f?, i 0 zydvi? , ,z Liza 7,6 ?x $. 7i 6 ,2; Q1 i 41? ya, ,7, , aw ,?1 , yiv wzw, 5,3ny wgww ,aywyiy 4?? 2? s x $72? , w ?w 47 Ixzw yy z 22, , , ink ? $?z 1,2, ?,w , saws, z I wzsxxrzaxyy K224 1,4,, ,7 Wizxy w 2,2 ?;?i??? wy z? z, ,4, exag? i, $4,, ,7, y? aw , way? gywyeyfvyv, 22,??? ,x, , s ,, ,,,,,,, ngyyfk ii? 4,,ng 51 Owynywziwgwalxgwwww, , Z , , ,,,, x,,,, i4, wwy ,4 i x ,7 7a , , 2a, W42 A? 7V zwix A ,x I 7 s? ,1 ,9? s, ,2? wge?lwnxi ,4 97 L! x $3 w , ,f zwy , 4?, 7, ,i av , , Wigayrxzxwzxer, w, ya, wig, if x, ,giix?a 9 iyiy?x$$K, ,VZZZ , , a7; ,, as? ,, w 8 Ice b- . 5+. Johns and For ference iams who was led year I mp and Hull Gordon. ar+ also made excele . All un Ings lemes mg paced +he frosh squad. in con who los+ only Ingles. iversify nov one mafch 6+ 4H1 s Knox and S+ew lenJr show' Champ C play! Will fresh cha M re Encouraged Under Huhe guidance of Miss Seorgia S+orzer. WAA achivi- Hes flourished +his year. Badmin- ILon. +ennis' swimming. archery. volleyball. spoaH and baskef- ball were ac+ively parHcipafed in by a cross-secfion o1c Hwe wo- men. ln+er-org +ournamen+s in volleyball and baskeeraH were concluded by Mary DeVoss and Micky Wallace. Oufside adivi- fies included cook-oufs. hikes. and play days. ' xNv-h mwa .. WWW The graceful Highf 01C Hwe WWWWW W '1 ; WW WWWWV. WW ' , , W WWW W e ' ' ; , W e 7W x ,1 ' , shquecock oHen deludes +he y? . ' " '. . bys+ander info Hwinking +ha+ WWW WWWW: WW K V ' ' . 1W W WWW W W a e . . , e W badmmfon IS an easy game un- W W W W W v , W , 3 , h! +hey Jrry playing. Above. Ru+h WWW WWWWWWWW ZWW Anderson is execufing a +ricky hack hand. xxxxxxxxxmm Wkwww . xxx XW WWW WWWWWWW W WWW WWWWW WWW X WWWWW WWWWW WW WWW WWWWW W W WWWWWWW yVWWW WWW WWWW . W WXWWWWWWWWWWWWW W ' , , W ,, W , , ' , :lAAdcanlnasmembers. ROW ONE: Jo W ; W' ; W W N W O . . ' WWWWWWWWWWWW WW , , , W ,V W, W . . Win23; S. orls egur, Muss Sforzer, GeeGee , , W , , n . W W; V , . ' m, i WWWWW ROW TWO: Mary DeVoss, Shirley Maas. Pam Voris. Micky Wallace, Beverly Schroeder. Showing +ha+ pull will obJrain +he desired end. Carolyn Fisher demons+ra+es +ypical shoo+ing form in archery. The play day of Hue year. held af WhiHier. was parfici- pafed in by afhle+es from Redlands. Oxy' Scripps, UCLA. San Diego, San+a Barbara! Pomona. Chapman and Pepper- dine. The Bquog feams ranked fiHh. The spoaH. volley- ball. badminfon and Jrennis singles each won one game. los1L one game. while +he fennis doubles won bofh and Jrhe archer placed +hird. , n IMMM 3,, p in Hue indoor pool Taking a re'axing di f Hue favorife WAA has always been one 0 Beverly Schroeder and Jan Schwarberg. adivifies. xiiWwfii'xyfxxa 1: M O . FR NI. Y M A U 0 W L T A FADY R- G O A U IN 8 RE 0 D D E A E R TO LE DR A S S UN WE ITIE LM H S BIL PA BY U SI D. H D EN N O WITVELEGIV ESPSR G ED TRA AS R R O LINAD DSH OUD TO D O N OF N A R LA E A RO A ED R N A IS R AMA IS IT 8 W HERENDS.THNCI:YL:XOW T LA E FU FE D TH I R RE H EM U IT TH O W O IN T JO ES. LV SE .2 X ?XXW Nyy , ng she'H aiways have +ha+ L R G M R A H C r e .In LI 8 9 U 0 Vx .r.H k 0 lo flowers from Florist 6Howers o1c disfincfion6- Flowerfone 7676 IO6 Wes+ Sfafe S+ree+ 26 Wesf Cenfral Phone Main 30 Hudlow Darrell S. 40 UOIER 302 EaswL Cenfral Phone 2443 follow +he example of o'rher "Bquogs" and fake your dud's for prompf and efficien+ service +0 N wwm Wlwwm England Cleaners ZI Wesf Cajon Phone 507l THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU! when you wear our kind of clofhed Yes . . . +his frusfrafed Bulldog is having a ferriflc fime geHing a dafe! Buf smarf college men from aH over Soanern California have iror years 1 fold us Hwaf "Our Kind" of clofhes do fhings for +hem owerfone 7676 GA ' R,S . . .THEY RATE THE BEST DATES ON THE CAMPUS! College Men OK Our Clofhes Milfon Gair. U of R '22 W. E. Malone, U of R '40 Burn a hole in +ha+ good chair? Need draperies for +ha+ dorm room? Does Hwaf chair need upholsfering? Hwen call ! for Mitchell A. Hepburn fine uphols+ering I I9 Easf Sfafe Phone 6 i 34 These Gals Know Thaf for every+hing from your levi's and playshorfs Jro your Jrux's and formals iFs eerless Cleaners For eerless Cleaning I I8 Wes+ Cifrus Phone 439i Security-First National Bank Los Angeles Corner o1C Sfafe and Orange Phone 2 I49 Sanitary Barber Shop 2W Orange S+ree+ Phone 3455 Levine's men's clo+hing furnishings - shoes 308 Orange Phone 46I3 H doesn'f make any dhc- ference w h e H1 9 r you have an old Ford or a new converfible, CumL will sHH cool you OFF wifh a coke. and +hwar+ old man hunger wifh delic- ious sandwiches. CURTS DRIVE IN FirswL and Cenfral Phone Main l4 W PUTNAMS Phone3455 ,.., . For Years, Fine Foods .insioes Phone4613 860 SfiHman Avenue Phone 2 I 58 wr Serfs Stationery Co. 9 E6151L S+a+e Sfreef Phone 3939 Gowlandk Super Service 30l Easf Sfafe Sfreef Phone bl l9 Holland Bakery QualHy Baking our Specialfy 337 Orange S+ree+ Phone 22538 Vogue Cleaners 2l Wesf CoHon Avenue Phone 2452 9Super Stuff" say preHy Jeanne Walker and Dede Ericksen as +hey admire one anofher's seledions from Harris' Campus-wise and Allowance-wise fashions. 2 I C 93222221229222 1 he H a H'IS O, l7 Eas+ Sfafe Sfreef Phone 2366 Tebby Beers and Wayne Whife go +0 Bardawil's Shoe Sfore when +hey wanf bofh a good fif and qualify in shoes. George's friendly manner makes Hwis place a Bulldog favorife for Shoes. Bardawirs Shoe Store 2l6 Orange Sfreef Phone 6022 Redlands Hardware Company Lithr Bulbs Razor Blades Dish es Vases - Nu+s and BoHs Gadgefs - Salf and Pepper Shakers IOO Orange S+ree+ Phone 420l Freddy Gallwey goes +0 Simmonds and Smifh for Hart SchaHner. and Marx Suifs, ManhaHan Shirfs. and Winfhrop Shoes as does many a Bulldog. Simmonds 8 Smith I2 Wes+ Sfafe Sfreef Phone 8593 Margie Tolle. popular Omicron. and Winsfon Afkins. a new SKA. are shopping around for ideas concerning flower arrangemenfs for weddings. They know +ha+ Cify Florier means qualHy in flowers. City Florist Roy E. Sine. Proprie+or I I 1 Orange Sf. Phone 4M! v.WWWW$WKWW$vMNWVwwwmwwxxm WM mmwivaiwmw Goodie Shop cake specialisfs "H H's made 6+ We Goodie Shop. ifls GOOD!" 24 Eaer Sfafe S+ree1L Phone 73l l Thompson? Dept. Store IOI Orange SJrreeTL Phone 2429 When she gefs +ha+ silver gleam in her eye. fake her +0 Howard Smith, Jeweler 2O Easf Sfafe S+ree+ Phone 5405 Drive in or walk +0 PETE'S for frosfed roof beers. cakes. and a variety of sandwiches +ha+ wili suif your fasfe zone. There's ample parking space Jr'or an affer game or movie snack. Petek Brookside Drive In 204 Brookside Ave.I Phone 8034 Peterson? Super Service 27 WesnL Sfafe S+ree1L Phone 35! I Redlands Camera Shop 2 I 7 Orange S+ree+ Phone 6'47 The mosf complefe record selecHon in San Bernardino Valley 61' Redlands' oldesf radio and appliance dealer Sligefs Radios. Television, Records. Music. Appliances I09 Eas+ Sfafe Sfreef Phone 893I Bulldogs know +ha+ for donufs wi+h a personalHy i+s Bobk Donut Shop 23 I Eas+ S+a+e S+ree+ Phone 25l-37 Qualify is He byword 6+ The Beacon Printery I2 FiHh S+ree+ Phone 5564 Bank of America af-Sfafe and Orange S+ree+s Phone 235I For Safisfying Service Redlands Sanitary Laundry I5 Sou+h Sixfh S+ree+ Phone 2IO4 For Men Only! Thaf's jusf wha+ Fowler's Men's Clo+hing Sfore is. H's Fowler's. For SuHs and Ties. Conserva+ive or therwise; Shoes. Coafs. Trousers. and Beachwear. Fowlefs Mews Clothing Store IO7 Orange Sfreef Phone 5623 You iusf can'+ pass a woman by when she's wearing one of Blume's lafesf fashions. Blumek I 5 Eas+ S+a+e S+ree+ Phone 4 I 8 I Big wheel of +he Bulldog. Barbara German. and socie+y edifor. Donna Spragg. work on Hue neer issue of He Bulldog on Arfhur's lino+ype machine. Arthur Commercial Press 23 Eaer Cifrus Avenue Phone 8273 My , me-g M W VERSATILITY Hwaf's +he wafchword af Hue Sfudio of WILLIAM C. VESTAL - PHOTOGRAPHY Here we presemL four dhcferenf aspecfs of aHracfive Susie Jones. as serious s+uden+ informal co-ed in her newes+ "formal" and Hnally. a glamorous bafhing-suH shof. William C. Vestal Phofography Redlands. California Phone 3470 Citrogmp ywymyl' 7y 'W ' ' -, A x z, , , 4 , , w W Wax x I WW WWW M .7, ,v , , " ,,q,,,,,,mlm Wmmmw a "MMMWWI ,4 ,M 4.. ' 1w" m WW! ' 7 ' Printers of La Letm ngu icfiVe 3470 m .- :7- Emrvua.;3::w Edifor Associafe Edi+ors Phofography Edifor Managing Edifors Assisfanf Edi+ors Copy EdiJror Cover SporJrs Edifor Assisfanf Phofographers Adverfising Assisfanfs General AssisfanJrs Copy Wrifers S+a1CF Members La Letra Staff ?.?V- John Paul Jones Beverly Siever+ Jean Sfevens Corky Yarborough Wally Mclnfosh Sfan Krause Phil Ellis BeHy Jean MurfeH Earl Schoneman Reva Rowley Bill Robbins Doug Smifh Wayne Whife George Graham Wray Cornwell Ellen Morris Johnny Lloyd Grace Kibler Wayne Germain Richard Hunsaker Jim Wilson Mary Working Giovanna Johnson Joanne Sfone Louise Shrader Paula Schaefer Dick 8+. Johns Phyllis Pearson Bill Van S+eenwyk Beverlee Turner Harry Woods Carolyn Hermann. Barbara Sanders Ed Hemmerling. Jean Cooke Marfha Whifner. Louise Dahnke Jane Farnum. Mary Emma Wrigh1L Dede Ericksen. Do Ronk Bob Ward. Joan Garfner w L. x ....'I .w lx.xV ' Xy Vl vl i 1 Alixrfolyv lIv 1 ilw 11l$12 lax! 1 Alli. i 11 ;l. kg; A , . kyiilyikiig..rirr fawhbcltr? . .. , w .r, .LEqu Ppr..t.mzw$?3. o d3EN5122 u ; 2 . 25132;? t? 2 . 7? Centimetres Blue ;- ' .. ;" .' , - ,7 ,' x, x gi4Ahzgtzar-matjlqgaoii 2:5 CJIJDuu-Iuw.flocut .-......., 6L 8L LL 8 9L 17L 8L 8L

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