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A 'ZE LIII III In ww A ' - 4 - ' - ,gf ww .4 :I-Q., an Q., - II II ,. g .c 4, jg' QA MII .WI A -MI 44, 1-'ILE' ' ' 'Qn,,.,,.aw, X .ff 'f ,. y .ff Q., A av , -W-TMJ' Sdzgwgiy ffff wi 4 A 4 'Y' 'Q' - 4 Nga: fl 14 ' R ' 14-J iw .. . .57 .... .,.. 4 , Q' I:'wANI,,, ff N 'AWVQNIHQ' , I-:I-:':I' ,gm g f K ' 'N' S M I W ' f"""" as , W 4 V K ' " . V?'f""??m , ' "N 'V 444WWl!'wwfw?':'? I5gigT::2Z45sgm,gI 4 -III ,K Ng,,,,IN I . ' fm., U. ,It k f'4ii?Q1 wk-f f mf ,ag-MA: xr ' y Y " MHC .. , , 5 , 4 -4. ., A 51, N ,I Y " If R kk 1 N, if ' - 'ww .-I ., vm 7 W Qwg f 4 Y f 4 ff .M ' A , ' J, 415'-'L""' 'fy 3 f fffgarrl W . .4 - M -fa? t'i"M 'x if ' f '50 Qy' ' 1' . 4 4' 1 ""' W g , N" ,we 4 ,A A 4 M . W 4? 4 .H f4.WMw4 1 I MQ, I ' I rf! 4' I XIII , 4 47 Y' 1.4.-: f , X Af-4: I . , , ...,,,,I.II II I I I II , .gf-44, Wm U X 'f ' V . 2: JS.. - lk , 3 1' "I ' A' ' ' H 1 . ,W 'wqlw Nr-ul' f Vx, Magik Dedication He once said "an institution is the shadow of a man." The College of Puget Sound is indeed the shadow of this man. He has skillfully guided the college through the expansion years from a small war-time enrollment to the present enrollment of 2079 students. His administration has brought to the College of Puget Sound the best in the cultural world, and has developed facilities which were undreamed of in the past. He inspires both students and faculty to higher goals and greater accomplishments, and he commands the respect of all who know him. So, to the "first man" of the College of Puget Sound, the president of the College, Dr. R. Franklin Thompson, we gratefully dedicate the l9-49 Tamanawas. 4 gms? M 3 X is P wi 3 s K S 4:2141-gn , 'A-Mpc ., Q'2f231w.Q um. .W 5 QQY. X w N :gg .N xm,.X fi ix? 5 ., .mmmwmww ,,,,,,,,,......M,..,. ,Mmw,,.,,.mMWWMM...mmw 515 THE1i W' xx ' is 212, 1 K F57 -1' is 'f I , , ,, Q g if 3- 'fn X , X 2 . . Ewwlxxy 3 Az: A . E . x Y! W Q mga Q kr ' f V Q . sf X, 1 Y Y. A -'Q,wiS2i'?1:4f X Q E x , - , G, gg' JN -4 QV ,, Y A L 14- , 4 1 . Q kx1,,..,J ,R V f ' QP. ,fkmxifffghizf f ,N 2 H, G QW .vf 1' 1 .,.. 1 ' kg Ki 1? 2559? Q P? A f 1 HX Wg 5 QV gg Q, M 1 '- :f qw ' I , 165325 U, f 4' H - , Gif" V ' 'Ss' iff .Q gtk ga " 31122111 vii-'Elm M Q QQ ,iflfif , I Q 5932 55 Kei" 3 V mf WWR A 3, I fvi ff 'W ' Y", - Og , ,QP ' xr, Y Q F 'aw ng sf: :J J S Q fd. 1 1 A? I fi W? A A E ,K 5 ' ,W V ' t Mm? wf sf i A W 6 W mg S N' , 2 5? , ,Q ,.,..- M ,M ,Q Q i 'irq if ff 1 W W2,v,, . ,.., ..,: , , V .-.-- : -. -fi I M ' ig 52.1 Q. fI" "'2 ,I5E'55EjIfjE' ' ii: U' Q A., 'A w M., 5' I W MW . . """ 1 , .Y f ', ,, '4' 4 V 'V " 4 , .swag ..,,. I ,R WE! - .,. .J gg ,gg i -V 1 in EW' H If ' i , ' 1' -: -szQ:. :5: .V P 4 gy 1 . VAQ, 6, A S, A ,S 5 3 , Mx? pf 5, 1 'Q , .Ag 5 gif u xx 'W .W 'W' ff, K3 1 3 'hp -au , if ill: fi P . , fn .Q A , 1 15 ,Qgfs N553 ,X xx., Wg gs av . 4' 'K M3 i ,WVM ,,.+ 1 W Q3 f "N Q 0' r ,kk Q V X, ff 'SQ' 3 .qgw :V .,., -M-.. fa ,Q Q 1. 5 !? eg: ., .::b2 ,:,., ,:,-, A 6 X R 4 " ,W 53- i i nw 3-fame ?' . A V y jgf ' A ina ,.,,g, i N 1-1 wtf M 5 . , 1 is Chinooks I-Queen Jean Cudmundson poses during ski races . . . 2-Relaxing after a rough day on the slippery slats . . . 3-Deep Creek caretaker and Dr. Sprenger . . . 4-More relaxation . . . 5-Outdoor scenes . . . 6- Queen Jean and her attendants at "Bahntrei." E ish ',,,,,...--f o 1 w'WwMM "--...mis ,, f AM!" ,fff ,Ss Cooking School I-That food looks good, too . . . 2-Doctor Thompson fakes seconds . . . 3-A table fit for a king . . . 4-The cooking school drew a full house . . . 5--Handout . . . 6-Note the concentration 2 i Y, 1 K K wx? in saga? ' K -y9,, f .mf ' W x W EBB A . 52 22 9 gf? Dr 3- 223225 J X ,S+ 554353 Q A ..:33,,. "?E1"i1 , 9.41, Nm. . FMU N X 4 f www f M, W gms ,hw Q, P 4 ew 1 H K 2 K v, .2 -fm .e as aim., A 'I Y' q.?FM1Q- Q, X-rw. V, ,N '?fiy':"i1 -Jfxkfff 1:2 .q 5.1, ,, '-ki. 5, ' "iX..Jr?'..' M 5UZ?36k"' an , .' 'T' Eh A aug, M X, 41 aw My s ard Ze jf VW Zf 2 C0l.I.E6E ! V 1'3" N A 2 i R FRANKLIN THOMPSON, A.M., B.D., Ph.D., L.L.B. President of the College "First . . . the Best Education Possible" As this Tamanawas is dedicated to a year of "Firsts" so the College of Puget Sound has as its First Principle the best education possible for its students. As your Alma Mater seeks ever to be first in your affection so the faculty tries always to be first in your services. ln this friendly school you create your life-long friends, your intellectual patterns, your study habits and those qualities which hold first place in your life. This Tamanawas will reveal many events which have happened on the Campus for the first time: The Memorial Field House, Chinook, High School Art Competition, Composer in Residence, National Fraternities and Sororities, The Evergreen Conference, The Beaux Arts Ball and many others. Each new experience is a vital point in your ultimate education. The career of each senior as he goes forth, becomes the personal inter- est of each of us who have known him. The registration of each under- graduate is looked upon as an adventure in excellence. In the genial cycle of youth who come to the College of Puget Sound is found the potential leadership of this age. Your College of Dreams is justifiably proud of the leadership she has given, and the manner in which you will mould the destiny of your time. R. FRANKLIN THOMPSON -. ,.,..----N RICHARD SMITH, A.B. Registrar 'W W7 GERARD BANKS. A.M. Bursar JOHN DICKINSON REGESTER, Ph.D., S.T.B. Dean of the College ADMINISTRATION LYLE FORD DRUSHEL, A.M. RAYMOND LEO POWELL, Ph.D Dean of Women Dean of Men Jean Button Assistant Dean of Women 0 The tall, good-looking Assistant to the Registrar has another very important job-that of counseling the seniors. This work falls under her title as Assistant Dean of Women. Girls from all classes seek her guidance, which is very ably given. Mrs. Carol Angst Purchasing Agent 0 Mrs. Carol Angst' headquarters is the Bursar's Office. Serving as Assistant to the Bursar, she is doubly busy with the iob of Purchasing Agent for the College. All buying, iverg student-buying, must pass through her an s. Administrative Personnel Mrs. Raymond Seward Mrs. St. Jean Miss Marlys Wallace Miss Christine Clemenson Secretary to the President Secretary to the Dean Secretary to the Bursar Secretary to the Dean of Men 22 ,mls .. .-Aix ww' 0 BURSAR'S OFFICE-Shirley Tuttle, Mrs. Alice Kellam, Mrs. Victoria Green, Mrs. Duane johnson, Mrs. Carol Angst, Mrs, Helen Ferguson Elva Casebolt, Cathie Reed, Mrs. Reinhard. Q o o Q 0 Bursar s Olhce - Registrar s Olhce 0 REGISTRAR'S OFFlCEf-Pat Keller, Mrs. Robert Lyon, Doris Smith, Kerttu Kahn, Dorothy Graves, Charlotte Stalwick. 1 n :nun .swqlnsnxo 1-muuunn fnnxaa- 4 23 Miss Charlotte Riemer Secretary to Doctor Todd President Emeritus President Emeritus Edward H. Todd is one of the great educators of his generation. For three decades he controlled the destiny of the College of Puget Sound. At the beginning of his presidency the College had few assets and little property, When he became president emeritus a few years ago, it was one ot the outstanding schools of the nation. His excellent leadership, his progressive educa- tional vision and his dedication to the fundamental purpose of making the College great, have made "Our College of Dreams" a reality, Alumni Ollice ' ALUMNI OFFICE Row one Eugene Falk Patsy Williams Jackie Davila, Jean Morgan. Row two: Peggy Ruthie Reed Pat Newell Dick Falk Harriet Warne Georgeanna Thompson, Nadine Cleary, Bonnie Heintz. Publicity John Blake fills one of the most important positions of the college-that of publicity man- ager. Concentrating on the academic and social aspects of campus lite, he has done a superb job of publicizing the College of Puget Sound. His radio programs, newspaper and magazine articles, and excellent photography have graphically por- trayed the story of the year. JVHN BLAKE Publicity Manager Buildings and Grounds LLOYD SILVER ALONZO EMERSON First Manager of Field House Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Placement Bureau The Placement Bureau has become an in- dispensable aid to the prospective teachers of this college. The Bureau contacts high school Superintendents who submit lists of vacancies. The members of the Bureau are referred to these lists when selecting a school for applica- tion. 0 Dean Powell dictates to Placement Bureau secretary while his neighbor Professor Gibbs stops for a cup of coffee. Visual Aids 26 EJ CLYDE H. KEUTZER, A.M. Division Chairman Professor of Voice Wilbur Baisinger, A.M. Instructor in Speech Fine Arts The College of Puget Sound realized an- other "first" in the selection of Manuel Rosen- thal as composer-in-residence. The noted French composer brought new recognition to the college when the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra gave the world premier of his Christmas Symphonies. Members of the band and the Adelphian choir were enthusiastically received in spring tours that took them throughout the state and as far south as Los Angeles. The art department achieved another "first" with courses in sculpture. Taught by Kenn Glenn, the classes included ceramics, stone, wood and plaster sculpture. The speech department retained each fresh- man for two hours weekly. Speech majors and minors worked hard in drama productions during the year, and turned out some of the best plays produced at CPS. John Carter, A,.B. FYGHCSS F- CIN-Ibb, John Cowell Margaret Davis BMus Instructor in Piano B-F-A Instructor in Piano Instructor in Voice Instructor in Art Margaret Myles John Alexander Leroy Ostransky Ivan Rasmussen, Bernice G Riehl B L Instructor in Voice O'Connor, M.S. Instructor in Theory A.B., M.Mus. Instructor in Speech Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Music Education Of Voice 28 ' Christmas Vespers proved to be one of the most inspiring ' Looking backward from the year 2045 A.D., Professor John productions of the year. Above is a scene from A Night In 0'Connor directs an original and imaginative chapel program Bethlehem presented by the Drama Department. built around the theme of World Unison. Kenn Glenn Dorothy Hora. A.B. Leonard George Martha Pearl Jones, A.M. Elizabeth Kennedy, instructor in Art Instructor in Voice Jacobson, B.Mus. Professor of Speech, A.B. Professor of Piano Head of Speech Department Instructor in Piano Manuel Rosenthal D. Robert Smith, Composer in Residence M.Mus. Assistant Professor of Organ, Theory Harley Stell Teaching Fellow in Voice Raymond Vaught Lynn L. Wentworth, A.M A.M., M.Mus. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Art, Head of Art Music Department 29 JULIUS PETER JAEGER, Ph.D. Division Chairman Professor of English Languages, Literature THE OUTSTANDING "FIRST" achieved by the Division of Languages and Literature during the year was the inauguration of "GPS Views the News", a i5 minute news broadcast over station KMO. Under the direction of instructor Murray Morgan, the daily show is a student-written resume of the latest news and news features. During his four-year stay at the college, every student is exposed to a certain amount of work in this division. The entering freshman finds at least six hours of composition confront- ing him. He follows through with literature, Spanish, French, German, classic languages, and English composition. ln addition to their teaching duties, the Lan- guage instructors found time to help students from other countries, advised clubs for students interested in foreign languages, and translated numerous letters. i , l Professors of English bravely tackled the task y of teaching students to better understand their i own language. ln many cases they were even able to teach their pupils to speak and write in- t telligibly. l i l Otto Bachimont Doris B. Bennett, Edward H. Butler, A.M. Coolidge O. Chapman, Ella Mal Clark A M 3 Assistant Professor A.M. Assistant Professor Ph.D. Assistant Professor of l in German lnstructor in English in English Professor of English Romance Languages l Faye Duke, M.Ed. Helen M. Fossum, James L. Garrard, A.B. Jacqueline Martin Christian Muller A M lnstructor in English Ph.D. lnstructor in Spanish lnstructor in French Associate Professor Professor of Romance of German X Languages i ., ,... 'r... Q ' S 30 .XX ' Above: Members of Murray Morgan's cre- ative writing class are more than a little amused by their own literary efforts. ' Above right: Panel discussions via radio broadcast add a new and stimulating activity to the Language and Literature Department. ' Right: Dr. Julius Jaeger amuses his litera- ture students with a racy passage from his book of Chaucer . . . pocket edition. Murray Mgrgan Marian Myers, A.B. Helen Tate, A.B. Warren Tomlinson. Ph.D. Warren L. Perry, A.M. instructor in Journalism lnstructor in English Teaching Fellow Professor of German Associate Professor, in English and Associate Libfaflafl Professor of History I' K k-. Natural Sciences STUDENT RESEARCH took on a serious aspect this year when several chemistry majors made a study of the idiosyncracies of the chemical citri- nin. Hoping to find a way to make the penicilin substitute useable for human beings, they spent weeks studying test tube reactions. Meanwhile other chemistry students struggled through quantitative and qualitative analysis, learned complicated formulae and created hor- rible stenches in Howarth Hall. Mathematics students concentrated on equally complicated formulae, pored over problems, and wasted great quantities of scratch paper. Physics continued as an important subject while the atomic bomb, supersonic travel, and peace-time uses for atomic fission held the world spotlight. Biologists and geologists spent the year slicing animals and classifying rocks, making field trips, and sweating over notebook illustrations. Home Economics courses held the interest of a number of coeds, and the Natural Science students found amusement in the form of a class in glass blowing. Gordon D Alcorn Ph D Willis Carruth M S Phillip R. Fehlandt, Edward Goman, M.S. John T Lantr BS Professor of Associate Professor of Ph.D. Assistant Professor Instructor in Biology Chemistry Professor of Chemistry of Mathematics Mathematics Frederick A Martin E Nelson Weldon Rau. M.S. James R. Slater, Robert Sprenger McMiIIin M S Ph D Instructor in Geology A.M., M.Pd. Ph D Professor in Geology Associate Professor of Professor of Biology Associate Professor of ' Above: Concentration plus seems to be the order of the day in the Biology class in operation. ' Above right: Fortified with bottles, test tubes, and miscellaneous paraphernalia, science students endeavor to solve a problem in the Organic Chemistry laboratory. ' Right: Neophite engineers set up tripods and instruments in the field for a try at the intricacies of surveying. Carolyn Sullivan Helen Van Gilder, Juanita Walter Assistant Professor of B.S. Instructor an Home mics Instructor in Biology RAYMOND LEO POWELL, Ph.D Division Chairman Professor of Education Edna-Ellen Bell, A.B.. 0.T.R. Assist. Prof., Director of Occupational Therapy Edward Delmar Gibbs, A.M. Associate Professor of Education I i 3 4 Philosophy, Education THE CADET TEACHERS grew to a group of 34 hard-working practice teachers in the Tacoma Public Schools. They all put their courses in the Division of Philosophy and Education to practical use, while instructors from the division sat in on classes and offered suggestions for improve- ment in their technique. Churches throughout the city benefitted from the field work of students in the division. At least two of them served as pastors of their own churches, and a number of others taught Sun- day School classes and served as assistant pastors. Occupational Therapy majors studied one of the most varied courses in the college. Students in O.T. covered such subjects as psychology, woodworking, metalcraft and physiology. Harry Bird, A.B. Alice Bond, A.M. Theresa Burmeister Arthur L. Frederick Instructor in Physical Assist. Prof. Instructor in A.M. Education Head of Women's Occupational Therapy Professor of Religious Physical Education Education Rodney Giske John Heinrick, A.B. John Magee, Ray Mahnkey Assistant Coach, Asst. Prof., Director A.M., S.T.B. Instructor of Physical Instructor of Physical of Physical Education Associate Professor of Education Education Religion I -"' .1 I :.I,.: l, -25 li Ia. .I ' Above Philosophical and religious discussion gives way to Interested listening as Dr Phillips introduces a guest speaker in a religion class Above right Deep Creek and snowy moun tain slopes become the setting for ski classes in Physical Education as this group prepares to master the art ' Right: Anticipation brings enpoyment to Occupational Therapy students as Miss Bur- meister demonstrates the creative art of weaving. Christine Mutty Richard F. Peterson, John Phillips, Instructor in A.M. Ph.D., S.T.B, Occupational Therapy Assistant Professor of Instructor in Religion, Psychology Sociology CHARLES T. BATTIN, Ph.D. Division Chairman Professor of Economics Albert Blumenthal, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Willard Gee Instructor in Business Administration 36 Ellery J. Capen, M.B.A. Associate Professor of Business Administration Economics Robert Gardner Lecturer in History Associate Professor of History Margaret Holmes, A.B. Instructor in Typing Social Studies DURING l949, SOME STUDENTS in the Social Studies Division concentrated on society's prob- lems--what caused them and how to remedy them. Others learned the intricate workings of the world's financial doings. Sociology students were taught the kinds of problems facing the people of the world today, and then prepared themselves to help solve those problems. In the experimental courses the stu- dents did field work in child care, instructed IVlcNeil Island prisoners, interviewed patients at the Western State I-lospital, and conducted community surveys. The history students studied the events lead- ing to the present world situation. They covered everything from ancient history to the morning news broadcast. They learned the significance of the history, and the effects it will have on their future. The third department, business administra- tion, put forth information on the manner in which to manage business, sales management, bookkeeping, business law and economic theory. Calvin B. Coulter, Ph.D. Jack Enright Instructor in Business Administration Lyle Jamieson Instructor in Business Administration Paul R. Fossum, Ph D Lecturer in Economics Barbara LaBounty Instructor in Business Administration Hal D Murtland. A L.L.B. Instructor in Business Law O Above: Dr. Warren Tomlinson's rare moment of calm, rather than his choice morsel of German grammar, has aroused expressions ranging from consternation to those of awe. ' Upper right: Lyle Jamieson believes in the old fashioned method . . . to collect the day's assignment at the beginning of the class periocl. ' Lower right: Dr. Calvin B. Coulter, in his inimitable style of dry and very wry humor, provokes a few polite snickers with well-chosen comments on, and observations of American History's lonely ones. A. Walter Olson Teaching Fellow in Business Administration Lyle Stanton Shelmidine, Ph.D. Professor of History, Political Science Classroom Candicls l-Move it a little to the right . . . 2-Leroy Oistransky and finalists for Prince and Princess of Song . . . 3-Radio broadcasting class in action . . . 4-Waiting for their cues . . . 5-Swimming class aquabatics . . . 6-That's some formula! . . . 7-Home economy in action. N Q Q E 1 5: :fwfr Faculty Relaxes l-One, two, three glide . . . 2-Do-se-do . . . 3-And then Brown says . . . 4-Lost, sculpture stand and lamp shade . . . 5-Let's have another joke . . . 6-Good Morning, Dr. Todd . . . 7-Happy New Year, faculty. fa' 92' kwa? EL Km I905 l909 l9I3 l9l1 l92l 1925 l929 l933 1957 WM X I945 xx 24 CLASS ol '91-F9 JACK KNAPP Senior Class President Bill Allen Jane Hagen Harry Mansfield Gretchen Swayze Lloyd Silver Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Representatives to Central Board Sergeant-at-Arms :E ' N 42 U. i f l' f . - -1,1 AT LAST? AT LAST! In ecstasy one hundred seventy-nine seniors cast aside pencils and books to don gowns and mortar boards and receive their respective degrees. Almost, but not quite through, are the seventy-six seniors who will receive their hard-earned I ,L g ii diplomas in August after summer school. The goal of four years' effort has been attained by the V vf happy balance of work and play. Traditions played a most important part in the transition from grass-green freshmen to mellowed seniors. There are memories which will long linger in the minds and hearts of these Loggers. They will remember freshman tugs of war and green beanies, sophomore tests, and junior proms. They will not soon forget stern- faced professors and smiling classmates. They will laugh and sometimes cry as memories transplant them once more in the site of the Alma Mater. Class officers Jack Knapp, Bill Allen, Jane Hagen and Lloyd Silver, with Gretchen Swayze and Harry Mansfield representatives to central board, all contributed to make their final year a truly memorable one for the seniors. There were leaders in the class of l949, leaders whose deeds will leave deep impres- sions on the College of Puget Sound. Sports, music, drama, debate and social functions all grew and were managed under many a senior hand, Members of the class were promi- nent in every field of endeavor. Twelve seniors who proved their outstanding abilities and were chosen to be in Who's Who of College Students were Clayton Anderson, Leo Butigan, Aleatha Deatrick, Anita Garland, Beverly Johnson, Edward La Chapelle, Dorothy Lonergan, Harry Mansfield, Lois Phillips, Miles Putnam, Lloyd Silver and Gretchen Swayze. Seniors gave recitals, headed committees, held offices, gave dances, and earned de- grees. The names of Fincham, Lightning, Chase, Phillips and many others will echo in the halls of the college, for they made the year and the class of '49 what it was-one of the finest ever. Yes, they will remember, and they will sing again the songs so time-worn and dear. . We love thee, Alma Mater All Hail, All Hail to thee. 0 The Faculty, attired in ceremonial robes, enters Jones Hall. ff. - l f K "ll ll T i l i i - 4 2 -,rxfgi - ffffrsxlii f l X' .l f Z l 'llnllx Wi i EM - Q2 --my Z 7' l L l E a Fl fi ll B W , 4 3 Class ADKINS, PETER REX, Tacoma: History, I947 Pacific Northwest College Conference representative. ALLEN, WILLIAM CARPENTER, Tacoma: Business Ad- ministration, Sigma Mu Chi, Vice-president Senior Class, Debate, Central Board, Business Manager Forensics Department. ALLPHIN, JAMES GUY, Tacoma: Business Administra- tion. ALVARADO, MICHAEL EDWARD, Tacoma: Spanish. ANDERSON, CLAYTON, Tacoma: Business Administra- tion, Kappa Sigma, ASCPS President, Inter-Fraternity Council, Knights, Sophomore Class President, Who's Who, Homecoming Chairman '47, ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM T., Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration. ASKARI, RAFID T., Baghdad, Iraq: Political Science. History, International Relations Club, Foreign Stu- dent's Soccer Team. BABER, STANLEY, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Physics, Mathematics. BAKER, BEVERLY VAN HORN, Tacoma: Sociology. BARKOST, BETTY ANN, Tacoma: Sociology, Lambda Sigma Chi, Freshman Plays, Homecoming Princess, Inter-Sorority Council, Junior Prom Committee. BARTON, VERNACE, Tacoma: Art. BELSVIK, JOEL ARNOLD, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration, Vice-President Sigma Mu Chi, Junior Prom Committee. BISCHOFF, H. P. ROSS, Tacoma: Economics, Sigma Nu, Tamanawas Business Manager, Pi Kappa Delta, Howarth Scholarship, Alpha Psi Omega, Debate, Alpha Psi Chi. . BLASER, PHYLLIS, Puyallup: PsychoIo8Yl Alpha Beta Upsilon, WAA, Alpha Psi Chi. BLICH, RICHARD C., Tacoma: Geology, Geological Society president. BOWMAN, HOWARD R., Naches: Biology, Phi Sigma, Biology Club, Delta Kappa Phi. BRADY, ROBERT OLIVER: History. BRISON, DONALD, Fircrest: Business Administration, attended Whitman College. Ol i949 BRlTTAlN, PATSY JEAN, San Antonio, Texas: Occu- pational Therapy. BROWN, ROBERT M., Tacoma: Business Administration, Intramural manager, Intramural Doubles Table Tennis Champion. BRUSH, ROBERT PHILLIP, Soci0lOgY. Sigma Zeta Epsilon. BRYANT, EARL F., Tacoma: Physics: Mathematics. BUE. MARION. BUTICAN, KENNETH LEO, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration, Sigma Nu president. CARLSON, DOREEN B., Tacoma: English Composition. CARR, JANE, Tacoma: Home Economics, Delta Alpha Gamma, historian, Home Economics Club, treasurer, Alpha Rho Tau. CHASE, KEITH EUGENE, Chehalis: Business Administra- tion, Chapel Committee Chairman, Delta Kappa Phi, Knights, Adelphian Choir, Howarth Scholarship, Ski Club president, National Methodist Scholarship, Psy- chology Club. CLAYTON, AUBREY: Mathematics. CORLEY, GlLBERT H., Miles City, Montana: Sociology, CROWELL, BERNHARD L., Tacoma: Economics, Sopho- more Representative, Junior Class president, Kappa Sigma, pledge father. DAVIS, ALBERT L., Tacoma: Psychology, Sociology, Alpha Psi Chi, president. DIEATRICK, ALEATHA MAE, Sumner: Sociology, Speech, Spurs, secretary, Sigma Alpha Iota, secretary, Otlah, Campus Playcrafters, WAA, Inter-Sorority Council president, Howarth Scholarship, Alpha Beta Upsilon president, Who's Who. DOAN, EMMA LOUISE, Tacoma: Business Administra- tion, Howarth Scholarship, Delta Alpha C-amma, treas- urer, president, WAA, Otlah, president, Vice-president Spurs, Trail Business Manager, Mu Sigma Delta. DOAN, RAYMOND E., Tacoma: Cieology, AIME, Amer- ican Chemical Society, Mathematics Club. DU BOIS, MAX R., Tacoma: English Literature, Letter- men's Club. ECKERT, RICHARD F,, Tacoma: BioloEYC Delta Kappa Phi, Logbook Editor. Class ENGLUND, WESLEY HARVEY, Tacoma: Economics. ERCK, JOHN FREDERICK, Puyallup: Economics: Stray Greek: Trail Staff: transferred from Santa Clara. ERNST, GRETCHEN, Tacoma: English Literature: Delta Alpha Gamma: Student Christian Council: Kappa Phi: Otlah: Spurs: WAA: Women's Federation. EVANS, JAMES F., Shelton: History: Orchestra. FALK, EUGENE GRANT, Tacoma: Education. FALK, RICHARD C., Tacoma: Sociology: Political Sci- ence: Education: Chapel Committee: CPS Visual Aids Director. FARRELL, BEVERLY MARGARET, Tacoma: Biology: Campus Playcrafters: Choral Readers: Tamanawas Staff: Senior Ball Co-Chairman: Pi Beta Phi President: WAA: Inter-Sorority Council. FUNKE, CATHERINE RAE, Tacoma: Home Economics: Delta Alpha Gamma: Alpha Rho Tau: Home Economics Club. GARLAND, ANITA STEBBINS, Tacoma: Music lVoicel : Adelphians: Campus Trio: Alpha Beta Upsilon: Sigma Alpha Iota, president: Otlah: Who's Who. GARRISON, ROBERT C., Tacoma: Business Administra- tion: Delta Pi Omicron. GARRISON, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Paterson, New Jersey: Sigma Nu, pledge father, treasurer, lieutenant commander. GEE, HOLLISTER ROLAND, Tacoma: Physical Education. GINGRICH, PAUL I., JR., Tacoma: Biology: Knights: Sigma Mu Chi: Phi Sigma. GUSTAFSON, FRANKLIN A., Tacoma: Biology: Future Teachers. GUSTAFSON, ROBERT W., Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration: Delta Pi Omicron. HAGEN, JANE LOUISE, Tacoma: Sociology: Pi Beta Phi: Inter-Sorority president: Senior Class secretary: WAA: Howarth Scholarship: Co-chairman Campus Day: Delta Delta Delta: Social Service Award. HALLIGAN, OTHO MONROE, Tacoma: Economics: De- bate: Pi Kappa Delta vice-president. HANSEN, ARTHUR ROBERT, Tacoma: Speech. OI I949 HANSEN, FREDERIK CHRISTIAN, JR., Tacoma: Chem- istry: Kappa Sigma: Phi Sigma: Howarth Scholarship. HEATH, GEORGE WELLS, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration. HEINTZ, BONNIE LEE, Oakdale, Nebraska: English Literature: Midland College transfer: Associate Editor CPS Alumnus. HENRY, DONALD VERN, Tacoma: Education. HILTON, DAPHNE VIRGINIA, Tacoma: Business Ad- ministration. HOLMBERG, JACQUELINE, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration: Lambda Sigma Chi: Campus Day Committee: Tamanawas. HOLT, FRANCES ELNORE, Tacoma: Applied Music IVoiceI. HOOVER, GALEN HAYES, Puyallup: Chemistry, Biology. HUNT, HEMAN DOWD, Seattle: Chemistry: Mathe- matics Club. HUNTER, ROBERT WAVERLY, Tacoma: Mathematics. HUSTON, ROBERT WILLIAM, Tacoma: Philosophy: Knights: SCA: Choral Readers: Chapel Committee: Campus Playcrafters: Mu Sigma Delta: Who's Who: chairman, Senior Class Memorial Committee. HUTTON, HOLMES GEORGE, Tacoma: Business Ad- ministration. HYATT, JUNE PEARL, Tacoma: Home Economics: Delta Alpha Gamma vice-president: Home Economics Club president: Trail Staff: WAA: Otlah: Home Economics Delegate to WSC: Junior Prom Committee. JABUSCH, TOM K., Tacoma: History: Delta Pi Omicron. JOHNSON, BEVERLY JEAN, Everett: Public School Mu- sic: ASCPS vice-president: Delta Alpha Gamma: Inter- Sorority president: Spurs president: Otlah: Sigma Alpha Iota: Tacoma Symphony: WAA: Who's Who: May Queen: Chapel Committee. JOHNSON, ousT HOLGER, Tacoma: Biology. JOHNSTON, EARLE A., Olympia: Geology: AIME: Geo- logical Society. JOHNSTON, RALPH, Lawrence, Massachusetts: History, Education: Tau Kappa Beta: IRC: Adult Educational Program Instructor: Radio Forum: Associate Member, Washington Teachers' Association. Class JUSTICE, SIDNEY ROBERT, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration, Delta Pi Omicron. KEILMAN, WILLIAM C., Longview: Business Adminis- tration, Inter-Dorm Council, Lower Columbia Junior College transfer. KENNELL, KENNETH S., Tacoma: Business Administra- tion, Kappa Sigma secretary, treasurer. KINROD, ANNA MAYHEW, Tacoma: Art, Otlah, Sigma Alpha Iota chaplain, Orchestra, Band, KNAPP, JACK W., Tacoma: Business Administration, Sigma Mu Chi president, Senior Class president, How- arth Scholarship, Ski Team, Knights, Senior Ball chair- man. LA CHAPELLE, EDWARD RANDLE, Tacoma: Physics, Chinook president, Howarth Scholarship. LANGLOW, KENNETH THOMAS, Tacoma: Business Administration, Kappa Sigma, Axemen. LA PORE, RICHARD F., Tacoma: Chemistry, American Chemistry Society, Sigma Nu, Inter-fraternity presi- dent, Alpha Chi Nu president. LARSON, JUNE M., Eureka, California: Sociology, Alpha Beta Upsilon, Central Board, WAA, Spurs, Anderson Hall president, Inter-Dorm Council, Sophomore Class vice-president. LARSON, MARLAND L., Tacoma: Business Administra- tion, Knights, Kappa Sigma. LEGEE, JACK DOUGLAS, Tacoma: Chemistry. LEVIN, RICHARD J., Shelton: Business Administration. Ll-SHEN, LIU, Shanghai, China: Biology, International Relations Club vice-president. LISTER, MAXINE, Tacoma: Art, Pi Beta Phi, Spurs, Tamanawas, Otlah, Alpha Rho Tau president, WAA, Howarth Scholarship, Kappa Sigma Theta vice- president. LOCKSTONE, FRANCES DOREEN, Tacoma: English Lit- erature, Education, WAA, Kappa Phi treasurer, Alpha Psi Chi secretary, Otlah, SCA. LOEWENSTEIN, WALTER BERNARD, Tacoma: Physics, Mathematics, Knights, Phi Kappa Delta, Central Board Senior Class Representative. LONERC-AN, DOROTHY L., Spanaway: Music, Lambda Sigma Chi president, Sigma Alpha Iota, Otlah, Spurs, WAA, SCA, Who's Who. LUDWIG, JANICE MARIE, Tacoma: Music, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, May Day Duchess, Tolo Queen, Chinook, Junior Prom co-chairman, '49. Ol l9ll9 LYON, ROBERT JAY, Tacoma: Philosophy, Campus Play- crafters, Choral Readers, Mu Sigma Delta, SCA, Dra- matics manager. LYSTER, HAROLD DEAN, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration. MARTIN, JOSEPH MELLISH, R. WILEY, Tacoma: Biology, Knight, Sigma Mu Chi president, Inter-fraternity council, Biology Club. MERRILL, DOROTHY ANN, Coos Bay, Oregon: Occupa- tional Therapy, Art, Alpha Rho Tau, OT Club. MIRALDI, ROBERT J., Tacoma: Business Administration. MOBERG, PEARL E., Tacoma: Chemistry, Spurs, WAA, Otlah treasurer, American Chemical Society secretary- treasurer. MOCK, JESSIE LEE, Satsop: Home Economics, Delta Alpha Gamma, Kappa Phi, Home Economics Club, Dorm officer. MORSE, MOLLIE MAE, Tacoma: Economics, Business Administration, Lambda Sigma Chi, Chinook, Mills College transfer. MORTENSEN, ROLAND GRANT, Tacoma: English. MURPHY, HAROLD DUANE, Tacoma: Business Ad- rninistration. NELSON, LAUREL V., Shelton: Biology, Track, Letter- men's Club, Psychology Club, OT Club. NELSON, WESLEY DALE, Tacoma: Speech, dramatics, Campus Playcrafters, Choral Readers. NIESEN, SHIRLEY ANNE, Tacoma: Composition, Delta Alpha Gamma, Trail Staff, Inter-Sorority Council. O'CONNOR, DENNIS, Tacoma: Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. OQUIST, ROBERT WENDEL, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration, Sigma Mu Chi, Lettermen's Club, Knights, Adelphians, IRC, Debate, Trail Staff, Junior Prom Co- Chairman, Student Affairs Committee. OVERHOLT, CLIFFORD, Port Angeles: Business Adminis- tration. PACKARD, RALPH E., Tacoma: GeoloSYC Alpha Rho Tau, Geology Society, Delta Pi Omicron. Class PERDUE, DONALD EUGENE, Seattle: Business Adminis- tration, Sigma Mu Chi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Sen- ior Ball Committee, Lettermen's Club, Ski Club, Var- sity Track. PERKINS, J. RICHARD, Tacoma: Biology, Freshman Class president, Sigma Nu vice-president, Intramural Boxing. PHILLIPS, LOIS ANNE, Kirkland: English, Alpha Beta Upsilon, Trail, Tamanawas Editor, Chapel Committee, Central Board, Alpha Rho Tau, Otlah, National Meth- odist Scholarship, Who's Who. POTTER, RUTH ANN, Tacoma: Home Economics, Lamb- da Sigma Chi, WAA president, Spurs, Women's Fed- eration, Home Economics Club, Trail Ad Staff. PRATT, PATRICK D., Tacoma: Physics, Mathematics, Delta Kappa Phi, Tacoma Rocket Society, American Chemical Society, Mathematics Club. PRECHECK, BARBARA LOIS, Tacoma: Psychology, WAA, Kappa Phi, Loggerettes, Psychology Club. PUTNAM, MILES ARTHUR, Tacoma: English Literature, Trail Editor. PYFER, FREDERICK L., Sumner: Geology, American ln- stitute of Mining Engineers, Lettermen's Club. REES, DAVE W., Tacoma: Economics, Sigma Mu Chi vice-president, Swimming team, Student Christian Council, Workshop Band, CPS Symphony. ROBERTS, JAMES T., Tacoma: Business Administration. ROBINSON, RICHARD ELLSWORTH, Tacoma: History, Leonard Howarth Scholarship, Stanford University transfer. ROBINSON, RICHARD W., Sumner: Business Adminis- tration, Lettermen's Club, Axemen president, Kappa Sigma. ROBINSON, WILLIAM JAMES, Tacoma: Business Ad- ministration, Carnegie lnstitute of Technology trans- fer. ROHRS, CHARLES F., Tacoma: Business Administration. ROUNDTREE, ELENOR BERNICE, Chehalis: Physical Ed- ucation, Lambda Sigma Chi, Sigma Alpha Iota, WAA, Tamanawas Staff, Senior Breakfast co-chairman, Kap- pa Phi, IRC. ROWE, BARBARA JEAN, Tacoma: Speech. SCHWEINLER, DOROTHY, Tacoma: Speech, Delta AI- pha Gamma. SEMON, DONALD RICHARD, Tacoma: History. OI i949 SEELYE, WESLEY, Tacoma: Business Administration. SEITSINC-ER, DANNIE TURNER, Tacoma: Geology. SHAFF, DONALD C., Renton: History. SHANNON, LARRY C., Tacoma: Political Science. SILVER, LLOYD MORITZ, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration, Economics: Kappa Sigma president: Senior Class sergeant-at-arms: Homecoming Parade chairman: Campus Playcrafters: Fieldhouse manager: Campus Day co-chairman: Who's Who. SIMMONS, DIXIE LEE, Shelton: Occupational Therapy, Biology: Lambda Sigma Chi: WAA: Spurs: Student Christian Association: OT president: Women of Ro- tary Award: Kittredge Hall president. SMITH, PATRICIA BLUMENSTEIN, Tacoma: Biology: WAA secretary. SMITH, SIDNEY E., Tacoma: History: Sigma Zeta Epsi- lon: Sophomore Representative: Interim Executive Committee P.N.C.C.: Mesa Redonda. SMITH, THOMAS PATRICK, Tacoma: Biology. SNODGRASS, HAROLD ROBERT, Tacoma: Literature. SPADONI, ROLAND ADOLPH, Tacoma: Business Ad- ministration. SPARKS, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Sumner: History: Kappa Sigma: Future Teachers' Club president: Intramural sports. STABBERT, JAMES ERNEST, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration: Adelphians. STELL, HARLEY F., Tacoma: Music lVoiceI. STEVENS, MERLE A., Tacoma: Business Administration: Lambda Sigma Chi: CPS Band: Future Teachers' Club: University of Washington transfer. ST. JEAN, JR., JOSEPH, Tacoma: Geology: AIME vice- president. STONEBERC, VERNIE ERIC, Tacoma: History. SULLIVAN, WILLIAM WILSON, Tacoma: History: Trail Staff. Class Ol l9ll9 SWAYZE, GRETCHEN ANN, Tacoma: Speech and Dra- matics, Pi Beta Phi, Choral Readers, Howarth Scholar- ship, Adelphians, Central Board Senior Representative, Chapel Committee, Alpha Rho Tau, Kappa Phi, Who's Who. TANGORA, SAM VICTOR, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration. TONGE, BRUCE M., Tacoma: Economics. TONGE, HARRY WARREN, Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration. UPTON, ROLLAND HESSLETT, Tacoma: History. WARNE, HARRIETT ELIZABETH, Orting: Sociology, Alpha Beta Upsilon, Kappa Phi, WAA, Anderson Hall president, Trail Staff, Loggerettes, IRC, Home Eco- nomics Club. WEHMHOFF, GEORGE P., Tacoma: Business Adminis- tration, Economics, Sigma Mu Chi president, Student Affairs Committee, Inter-Fraternity Council President. WESTBY, ROGER OWEN, Tacoma: Biology. WILLIAMS, JEANNE HELEN, Tacoma: Sociology, Pi Beta Phi treasurer, Otlah president, Biology Club, Women's Federation. WILLOUGHBY, KENNETH E., Tacoma: Business Ad- ministration, Delta Pi Omicron president, Knights, Inter-Fraternity Council president, Student Affairs Committee. WISEMAN, BLAINE LYNN, Meridian, Idaho: Geology, Delta Kappa Phi, Todd Hall secretary, AIME treasurer, Howarth Scholarship. WOLF, FREDERICK H,, Tacoma: French, Mesa Redonda president, Howarth Scholarship, French Instructor, French Club Advisor. WRIGHT, MARTHA, Puyallup: Art, Literature, Pi Beta Phi president, Alpha Rho Tau secretary, Howarth Scholarship, Tamanawas Staff, Inter-Sorority Repre- sentative. YAMAGUCHI, ALICE HAMAYE, San Francisco, Cali- fornia, Psychology, WAA, Kappa Phi, Psychology Club, Home Economics Club, Guilford College transfer. Barker, Grant Blanchfield, Lawrence Combs, Herbert Demers, Arthur Palmer, Ed Hendrickson, Ron Howe, Charles Hodgson, Jacqueline Hoff, Donald Hugo, Victor Manke, Miriam Middlebrook, Paul Opgenorth, Charles Sulenes, Jirn First Semester Seniors Seniors Not Pictured ABEEL, JOHN HOWARD, Business Administration major. ADAMS, PRISCILLA JOY, Home Economics major. ALEXANDER, ROBERT HENRY, Biology major. ANDERSON, SEMON ALBERT, History major. ANSELONE, PHILIP MARSHALL, Mathematics major. BEAN, MORRIS JAMES, Business Administration major. BENEDETTI, ALDO JOSEPH, Mathematics major. BILLDT, BERTIL LEROY, Biology major. BOWMAN, DOUGLAS CLYDE JR., Biology major. BROOKS, ALTON V., JR., Chemistry major, Tacoma, American Chemical Society. COZZA, LEO JOSEPH, Education major. DEAN, GLORIAN GWENETH, English Literature major. EDELE, BETTY JO, Business Administration major. FINCHAM, ROBERT J., Business Administration major. GUNDERSEN, OIVIND, Chemistry major, Fredrikstad, Norway, International Relations Club. GUSTAFSON, RUTH IRENE, Public School Music major. HEATON, CARL, Business Administration major. HEASTON, WILLIAM DWIGHT, Physical Education major. HERMSEN, RICHARD J., Physical Education major, Ta- coma, Axemen. HOEGH, JOHN NELSON, Psychology major. HOGGATT, VERNER EMIL, R., Mathematics and Physics major, Tacoma, French Club, Mathematics Club. HORJES, CHARLES LEO, History major. HUME, PEGGY ANNE, Spanish major. JAECH, WARREN KARL, Chemistry major. JOHNS, WILTON EARL, History major. JOHNSON JAMES ELMER Political Science ma'or Ta I . l . - coma, IRC president, P.N.C.C.g Sigma Nu, Kleiner Scholarshipg Who's Who. KIRWAN, GERALD BOURKE, JR., Economics major. LANGLOW, ROBERT LEONARD, Business Administra- tion major. LEE, TRYGVE, History major. LILE, KEITH B., Economics major, Puyallup, Delta Kappa Phig Junior Prom Publicity chairmang Senior Class Sneak chairman. LOETE, CHARLES ROBERT, Education, Physical Educa- tion major, MCCONNELL, FRANCIS M., Business Administration major. MANKE, MIRIAM E., Art major, Honolulu, Hawaii, Al- pha Rho Tau, Beaux Arts Ball chairmang Alpha Beta Upsilong IRC. MANSFIELD, HARRY A., Business Administration major. MORTELLARO, ALEXANDER JAMES, Political Science major. MOULD, RICHARD EDWARD, Geology major. NORMAN, WILLARD DONOVAN, Literature major. O'CONNOR, CHARLOTTE ANNE, Sociology major. OLSON, MORTON ESBJOEN, Biology major, Tacoma, Alpha Rho Tau. OSBORN, RICHARD SAMPSON, History major. PAULSON, DUANE RICHARD, Biology major. PORRO, THOMAS JOSEPH, JR., History major. PRICE, EDWIN FRANK, History major. RALL, LOUIS BAKER, Mathematics major, Tacoma, secretary of Mathematics Club. RAQUER, JOSEPH PETER, Business Administration major. RHULE, ROBERT REID, English Literature major. RICE, JAMES MERRILLS, Business Administration major. ROBERTS, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Business Administration major. ROBINS, DONALD EUGENE, Music major. ROLFE, KEVIN WILLIAM, History major. SERLIN, RALPH, Business Administration major. SCANLAN, JAMES MAURICE, Business Administration major. SCHWYHART, EARL ELBERT, History major. SEITSINGER, DANNIE TURNER, Geology major. SEYMOUR, DANIEL EUGENE, Business Administration major. STYNER, STANLEY JOSEPH, History major. STOLTZ, ARTHUR HENRY, Physics major. STONE, LEO L., Geology major, Puyallup, Puget Sound Geological Society. TENGESDAL, JAMES L., Geology major, Tacoma, Geol- ogy major, Tacoma, Geology Club. THOMPSON, ORIN LEROY, Business Administration major. THOMPSON, LUELLA ZONA, Spanish major. THOMAS, BARBARA LINDAHL, English major. TRIPODI, ROBERT CARL, Business Administration ma- jor. VOKICH, IRENE MARY, Art major. WAGENBLAST, HARRIET FISKE, Chemistry major, Tacoma, Tamanawas Statfg Orchestra, Debate, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Otlah. WARNER, HERBERT ORVILLE, English uiofofofo. WARREN, KATHRYN PEELE, Sociology major. YEEND, PAUL SWIMAN, History major. E222 ' sg Siiif ,A,, k if 1 ..,, . ,Nw M YZ ig 31524 ,M-W W .mm x iw' 3 'llislgll X , , z 1' ld' f 4 .g3::g5' :Mft W sf 55346 :Mi - . R x Q3 SSW 7 F, ' be .... , f , 3 '-'-- I A ww-ffxm -fx' , E Q T ,. A ,H V ' " " Em. 'A A is fr WK 'Wi BM ew. Q QA 'Q .W ive 4 wg: aiu -M 5' in gh. 4. ., s l K r ff ," I' '.4w!,,!B X, X4 Q ! .lunar .1 J 4 F w ! 5 CLASS of l950 J x FRANK TAYLOR Junior Class President Dick Frederick Lita Johnson John Sampson Bob Rinker Carl Niemi Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Representatives to Central Board Sergeant-at-arm 56 WITH THIS YEAR OF C.P.S, FIRSTS, the junior class, largest Q in the college with 486 members, has completed three success- - ful years of eight o'clock classes and exams, and now awaits ' f . I the coming year of their supremacy. ,N , E E Frank Taylor, class president, led the juniors through a -' S ,xx most successful year and Dick Frederick, vice-presidentg Lita -, -' - hx Johnson, secretary-treasurer, and Carl Niemi, sergeant-at- ,'4 'Q 115.9291 arms, ably assisted. - 'IZ ' The capture of the coveted hatchet from the class of '49 , T .-- 5 -"Ti was the "spot-light" event for the juniors. The numeral- QW ii' l .'::',.g." " bedecked, tradition-bound hatchet was stolen on May l8, ! .. i948 and was engraved with a shining '5O. ,, :I li' . 1-.Y -Q i- n ' .I iii? The junior class received most of the homecoming festi- - val honors. Bob Mills and Hal Wolf Planned this Year's " 'f"'i't-2' 'J-'l"Q1L"' event which was "bigger and better" than ever. Cynthia Harris, lovely brunette junior, was elected homecoming queen, and she set aside her yell queen's crown to greet the returning alums. Joe Sim, high-flying junior, took the masculine lead in the Homecoming play, "The Big Idea." lvlany juniors were prominent in the field of sports including Bob Angeline, Bob Robbins, Jean Tippie, Ray Loper, Warren Woods, and Les Cilsdorf. Nadine Kensler watched the presses roll as editor of the Trail, Cecil Reimer com- pleted his second year as sports editor of the Trail, and undertook the same position for the Tamanawas. One of the more outstanding members of the class was Yvonne Battin, who took oratorical honors of all sorts at every turn. When lVlay Day came, the juniors were represented by Lita Johnson as festival chair- man. Naomi Hespen planned the Senior baccalaureate breakfast, and Hal Wolf and Rose Carbone undertook chairmanship for the final social farewell to the class of '49, the Senior Ball. - Many juniors were members of the Adelphians, and held prominent positions in most school activities and organizations. They proved their prowess not only in sports and jour- nalism, but in music, art, debate, drama and ASCPS leadership. 0 Enjoying the Junior Prom, given for the class by the seniors. 'Is .:,!'77'7 L L7 4 , f tl iglitxhl l Q i ' . "1 L1 Ili . . X V ' jj , Qi gfxef x ' f I' Q l" 6 fy .kgs F fig. F l . fl . ' 'ff' Nj 'rf' My ' llli lrzl- E1 :' f :F cf" i 57 Class Allen, Robert Anderson, Pauline Babbitt, John Barclay, Donald Batfig, Burr Battin, Yvonne Bell, Barbara Berg, Don Bertram, Donald Beyer, James Birnel, Earl Blanusa, Lloyd Blaskowsky, Carl Bod, Curtis Bowden, Lee Boyle, Maudie Bremner, Alex Bremmer, Don Briggs, Alan Brooks, Gordon Brouillet, William Brown, Eugene Brown, Warren Burrow, Richard Caillouette, James Callaway, Vernon Campbell, Arthur Campbell, Kenneth Carbone, Rose Carlson, Dick Ol l95O Carstenson, Gus Carter, Fred Christensen, Donald Christensen, Sally Ann Cole, Donald Collins, James Cooper, Joan Cooper, Mary Lou Cunningham, Wayne Dakin, Dick Danell, Robert Danielson, Don Dickinson, Kenneth Dickson, John Dinsmore, James Docherty, Leonard Drake, Edward Drum, Marjorie Dunn, Glenn Durin, Kenneth Earle, Marian Ebert, Clarence Ehli, Adam Ellis, Donald Ellis, Margaret Fairfax, George Force, Cale Fowler, Richard Frederick, Ray Frederick, Richard 6 Class Cass, Richard Cebbers, William Cehri, Al Gentle, Calvin Gianelli, Bill Cilsdorf, Les Gipe, Charles Godfrey, Doug Cotchy, Clarence Cruenwald, Charles Cudmundson, Jean Cundstrom, Betty C-utoski, Dolores Haines, Harriet Halverson, Ann Hammond, Richard Hansen, Phillip Hansen, Ralph Hansen, Robert Harris, Cynthia Hartzell, Barton Henry, Walter Hespen, Naomi Hill, Lorna Hitchcock, Howard Hodges, Donald Hotchkiss, Harry Hutcheon, Stewart Jensen, Betty Anne Jensen, Diane Ol l950 Johnson, Lita Johnson, Robert Jones, Cordon Jones, Gwen Jonez, William Kennedy, Robert Kensler, Nadine Kepka, Brian Kincheloe, Mary King, Charles Kinnane, Shirley Lane, Edward Langlow, Stan Larsen, Sherwood Larson, John Lenzi, Arnold Lewis, Richard Liles, Frank Linthicum, Barbara Livingston, Dennis Loomis, Gregory Lowney, Jack Luzzi, James Lynch, Robert Manley, Joe Manthei, Allen lvlartelli, Tony Marvik, Cordon Mathewson, John McCullough, Walter Class McDonald, Sterling Mclntyre, Lucy McMillan, Jack McMullan, Donald Miskoski, Frank Mobley, Coy Moon, Mary Lou Morrison, D. Robert Morton, Marcella Nicholson, Richard Nickolas, Nick Niemi, Carl Olson, Pauline Ostofichuk, Luba Parker, Bruce Peterson, David Peterson, Frank Peterson, Howard Peterson, Robert Prescott, Harold Pryor, Sydney Rector, Bruce Rees, Rosemary Reimer, Cece Richey, Bill Rieman, John Rinker, Bob Rioux, Avery Robertson, Fred Rockway, Lorayne Ol l95O Roe, Frank Sampson, John Satterlee, Herb Schaller, Patty Schut, Dorothy Seaman, Wayne Sepetoski, Wilbur Shea, Pat Sim, Joseph Simonson, Harold Slaughter, Al Sliva, Edmund Smith, Jess E. Sorenson, Betty Stackness, Norval Stauffacher, Walter Stefon, Ann Ev Stelling, Earl Stone, Leo Swanson, Richard Tamaki, Ted Thompson, Ceorgeanna Thompson, Ingwald Thomson, Denton Toth, Robert Townsend, Warren Troxel, Betty Turcotte, Ray Tuttle, John Vaux, Patricia Class Ol I95O Voshmik, Pat Victor, George Vlahovich, Ann Walberg, Ray Wales, Dave Walter, Howard Weed, Yale Weidkarnp, Kenneth Westlin, Wilmont White, Warren Williams, Howard Wiseman, Ray Wolf, Harold Wolf, Robert Worswick, Stan Wright, James Zevenbergen, Tony , 22551 x 9 1494.443 . QQ xfiwx ePsf. ,Y ww v"mW fwsf' x If ij! 1 A i ff Www RON TUTTLE Sophomore Class President .lack Bennett James Fowler Mary Lou Johnson Vice-President Representatives to Central Board 66 of I9 CLASS 5 Ed Balarezo CAME THE RINC-INC of ye olde school bell heralding the is O 1948 fall semester of college, and with it C.P.S.'s 461 "wise 7' 'J fools," prepared to do or die for the class of '51. Most of R- them "did" and did well. j 4 With class president Ron Tuttle and his able assistants, f be X I the sophomore class sped along, producing ability and talent f' ZX X 177712 at every turn. ,N Athletics, music, social activities, all gave room for the " "'A ifffulfgl .121 apt expressions of this year's sophomores. The Adelphians get claimed more members from this class than from any other. M Q wqflirfi , Leonard Raver gave generously of his musical activities in- 34"-A 'iv T: Ill? V ' lv I , cluding 'iLife Begins at Sixty." Lavonne Schuler took first -1 'ga' ' ' If Wfs place in the Student Musicians' Contest, sponsored by the National Association of Music Clubs, and later went to the ED. regional contest where she again won a "first" President of Spurs and pianist Betty Anne l-luhn gave the winter band concert a touch of genius with her superb playing of the first movement of Creig's Concerto in A Minor. Barry Garland proved his loquacious abilities in debate. As in the past, the class of '51 was outstanding in sports. Dick Brown, Bud Blevins, Leonard Kalapus, Mel Light, and Carol Sue Petrich were only a few who contributed to hold up the fine record of the class. When the first semester yell leaders left their posts, Bruce Andreason donned knick- ers and shaker stick, and assisted as yell leader. ln the traditional Freshman-Sophomore pushball game, Cam l-laslam and Ciarry Hersey shoved the huge ball over the line, making the winning touchdown that brought victory to the sophomores. lndeed, despite Sophomore Tests and freshmen, the class of '51 did well, and their accomplishments will long be remembered in the annals of C.P.S. history. P 1 7 0 . 1 li! I f , gm 'S In , 1 7 - , if f 01145 ll ffl, 4 I - I 'Ili ,J L7 Z '-., f ' I MQW J Zig D F .::s: - 521: : wg xii I 4 Q 2 zw?A55E5E'7l 's ' Ewfiav. A 524' R5 dsx 5 J' 'M Jw' if 4,395 4? f-X K-X Jr- f' m M, DICK CRABS Freshman Class President Jane Johnson Loraine Bottiger Pat Kesich Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Representative . r .Q-1 s 'sf 70 CLASS of I952 Tom s to Cen Rutledge tral Board FIRST IN BRAIN, first in brawn, at least in the hearts 0 of its classmates, came the class of '52 into new and Q, 'T unexpected experiences on September I3. After days N Q of tests, directions, and registration, a tired freshman t-, L class elected officers, and did a most capable job in j - .l Q selecting Dick Crabs, president, Jane Johnson, vice- N president, Lorraine Bottiger, secretary-treasurer, Mor- - rey Halleck, sergeant-at-arms, and Pat Kezich and Tom ,L f fi' Rutledge, class representatives. ffso Hs Freshman Stunt Night was said to be the best ever i -N, presented, and the time-worn story of "Pokey Hunt-us" won first prize, while the audience rocked in its seats. ff Green beanies, too, kept "upper classmen" amused, but the frosh suffered through, only to lose the traditional push-ball game with the sophomores at Homecoming. Many of the class displayed considerable talent in the Freshman Class Plays. Corinne Sule made a lovely corpse, and Tom Cherrington portrayed a most typical father faced with today's "teen-age problem." Not to be outdone, the freshman C-irl's Chorus Line proved its ability during the sports dance here after the P.L.C. game. Freshmen entered many and varied activities, among them music, debate, Campus Playcrafters, and athletics. Queens from the class reigned over several activities. Freshmen served on many committees and boards, and in journalism they have taken the lead, with freshmen holding a majority of Tamanawas staff positions, and many Trail staff positions. The formal initiation of the 554 frosh into full-fledged college life took place on October first, Matriculation day, and their numerals were added to the white quadrant of the traditional color post. Indeed, the class of '52 launched into college life with zest and ambition. They have already con- tributed much to C.P.S. and their prowess will not lie dormant, for these freshmen have the stuff to make them succeed and become one of the most outstanding classes of the college. Freshmen file past the Color Post During Matriculation F Xp, if K ., g 1 'J g f 5 Z N Q .WP 9 f f , , .. 5 Ni. AX! 1 xv gm E!! 1 ,M Ni 3 ggi ' QQ f fix' ' xi Wx af' ,xx 'QMS Q 9' nw, Q2 ff ll-The big parade . . . IZ-Snow sculpture . . . 13-Klippert roars down the court . . . I4-Joe College . . . I5-Another homecom- ing shot . . . l6-That's not in the script . . . l7-Three caballeros . . . I8-Boogie . . . 'I9-Cloisters between classes . . . 20-See page 77. w Sf' 9' MM 1, 3- in Q NNW., l0--IRC meets the governor . . . ll-Snow fun . . . 12-A football player's dream . . . I3-Up in the Mu Chi attic . . . I4-Pioneer days . . . 15-Take a IO minute break . . . I6-See page 75 . . . I7-The faculty hop . . . I8-Pledge meeting . . . 19-Mrs. An- geline's boy Bob . . . 20-Sunny weather. R kr. ,fs 'tip- uf WE fi R CHIITIE5 Secretary Yvonne Baffin Bev Johnson Vice-President f H n Associated Students y o so A.S.C.P.S. President . , To provide an organization for pro- motion and control of students' affairs, and to encourage student cooperation with the college administration and faculty in maintaining the standards of the college , . is the purpose of the Associated Students of the College of Puget Sound as stated in the preamble to the constitu- tion. Elected in the Spring of i9-48, Clayton Anderson led the Associated Students of the College of Puget Sound through a successful year. Everyone carrying twelve hours or more purchased a student body ticket and became a member ot Fall Yell Leaders Harry Lewis, Cynthia Harris, Ed Hager the student body. Aiding "Andy" in his administration were Beverly Johnson, vice-presidentg Yvonne Battin, secretary: Gerard Banks, treasurerg and Ellery Capen, general manager. In the fall semester the CPS students were led in cheers at college games by Cynthia Harris, Harry Lewis and Ed Hager. Two were not able to return in the spring semester. Central Board appointed Bruce Andreason and Chuck Caddey to take their places. Since the student body has grown, the yell team will grow with it. Next year it will consist of three boys and two girls. Spring Yell Leaders Bruce Andreason, Ed Hager, Chuck Caddy 2,4-1 0 CENTRAL BOARD-Rovv one' Chuck Howe, Gretchen Swayze, Leonard Raver, Yvonne Battin, Clayton Anderson, Beverly johnson. Row tvvo: Pat Kezich, june Larson, Mary Lou johnson, john Sampson. Standing Dean Regester, Bill Allen, Bursar Gerard Banks, Professor Ellery Capen, Ed Balarezo, Central Board CENTRAL BOARD, as the student governing body, is charged with the administration of ASCPS funds. the appointment of committees for action on student affairs, and the direction of campus activities. The Board is made up of the following: Clayton Anderson, ASCPS president, Beverly Johnson, vice- president, Yvonne Battin, sec- retary, Gerard Banks, treasur- er, Ellery Capen, general man- ager, Harry Mansfield and Cjaym, A,,de,so,,, Gretchen Swayze, senior rep- . .e,s .- resentativesg Bob Rinlcer and John Sampson, junior repre- sentativesg Mary Lou Johnson and Ed Balarezo, sophomore representativesg Tom Rutledge and Pat Kezich, freshman rep- resentatives, D i c k S m i t h, alumni representative, Herb Stark, drama department man- ager, Bill Allen, Forensic rep- is 3 resentativeg Stan Langlow, ln- 'fil -""":" ' tramural representative, June Larson, Women's Athletic rep- resentative, and Harley Stell, Music representative. 0 FINANCE COMMITTEE-Bev johnson, Ellery Capen, Bursar Gerard Banks, Yvonne Battin and The Finance Committee studies financial requests and recommends action on the re- quests to Central Board. The committee includes Clayton Anderson, Yvonne Battin, Bev- X erly Johnson, C-erard Banks and Ellery Capen. Bl H PEL COMMITTEE-Left to right: Clayton Anderson, Keith Chase, Bob Rinker, Beverly johnson, Dick Falk, Gretchen Swayze, john Sampso D. Frederick, Dr. Thompson. Chapel Committee WITH MANY OUSTANDINC features as a result the Chapel Committee scheduled pro- grams for the three chapels each week. Faculty and student musical presentations, speakers and movies helped to vary them. The candi- dates for royal positions at dances and for ASCPS functions and class offices were intro- duced. The outstanding program was "Unison 2045,,' a musical pageant about the United Nations written and directed by Professor John O'Conner. Others were the student talent show, the Stadium C-irls' C-lee Club, the Lin- coln A Capella Choir, the Jason Lee C-lee Club, and the Adelphians. Presented by the Campus Playcrafters and the Choral Readers, the Christmas play was given the day before Christmas vacation. Among the outstanding speakers were Dr. Thompson, Professor Frank Williston of the University of Washington, Professor John Magee, and Bishop Gerald Kennedy. ilu- ' ....,..-am-few, T' Mttwwwwf WM-wwe W 0 STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE-Seated: jane Hagen, Lorna Hill, Mrs. Drushell, jean Button. Standing: Delores Breum. Bob Mills, Frank Taylor. Student Affairs WOMEN'S FEDERATION provides the organi- zation necessary to raise funds for carrying on the activities of various women's organiza- tions on the campus. Consisting of the presidents and treas- urers of Otlah, Spurs, Womens Athletic Asso- ciation and representatives from the women of SCA, Women's Federation was led tor the year by Shirlee Kinnane. The annual tolo was held in February to gain working funds. Gloria Whitworth was elected tolo queen by monetary votes. Cret- chen Ernst served as chairman ot "The Lions and the Lambs." A prize was given tor the best corsage a boy received from his date. 0 WOMEN'S FEDERATION-loann Smith, Barbara lugovich, Shirlee Kinnane, lean Button, Gretchen Ernst. Standing: Ruth Ann Potter. leanne Shugard. 83 M iles Putnam Fall Editor The Trail UNDER THE EDITORSHIP ot Miles Putnam, the Trail became a five-column, tabloid size paper, lt continued its traditional Prince and Princess of Song contest and supported the campaigns for contributions to the French orphanage, du Bon Secours. Heavy reading matter was published in the guise of Bill Sullivan's "ln The Magazines" column, along with a number of campus surveys. Business manager John Youngman man- aged to afford a 6 page issue now and then, causing no end of trouble for News Editor Na- dine Kensler and Sports Editor Louis Raphael. Shirley Niesen and Marian Maxin took turns as Society editor. John Youngman Business Manager Cece Reimer Marian Maxin Ken Adair Spring Sports Editor Society Editor News Editor Nadine Kensler Spring Editor EDITED BY NADINE KENSLER during the spring semester, the Trail con- tinued its policy of appearing late Friday afternoons. The six-page paper appeared a little more often, and the editorial policy continued alternately criticising and supporting campus doings. When John Youngman dropped out of school, News Editor Ken Adair shifted to the business managers slot. Chris Nickolas and Jim Lantz became co-news editors. Marian lviaxin handled the society news, and Cece Reimer was Sports editor during the spring semester. Murray Morgan Advisor I TRAIL STAFF-Seated: Grant Barker, Ken Adair, lim Lantz, Doug Cullen. Standing' Dorothy Ross, Marian Maxin, Bob Peterson lo Copple, Lloyd Myhre, john McDonald, jackie Smith, lack Raphael, Don Glenn, Cordy Anderson, and Ron Miller. 85 W El,, x Q46 Q W Mm Q fl Log Book THE LOCBOOK, as a handy directory to the College of Puget Sound, was edited this year by Charles Cruenewald. Jack Young served as Associate Editor. Also helping on the staff were Leon Clark, Jay Fox and Mary C-ruene- Wald. The Logbook contains information about every organization on the campus, the ASCPS Constitution, an explanation of CPS traditions, and a list of students and faculty members with their addresses and phone numbers. Charles Gruenewald Charles Gruenewald Leon Clark, Jr. Jay Fox Editor 1 ri i . if Tamanawas BATTLING A MONTH LATE START, the Tamanawas staff labored to catch up in time to meet photographer, engraver and printer deadlines. During the year the third floor art lab became a second home for members of the staff. Aiming to tell the story of i949 with as many pictures as possible, Layout Editor Martha Wright gathered, trimmed and pasted thirty full page layouts, and the endsheets, The art staff worked overtime to design the division pages, then worked out cartoons for the class pages. All through this the writing staff struggled through stacks of copy, tried to run down lost copy, and compiled the index. Ellery Capen Business Advisor Martha Wright Dorothy Ross Claire McNeill Marian Maxln Layout Editor Opening Section Editor Activities Editor Organizations Edu Annual Staff Ken Adair - - - Editor Ross Bischoff ---- Business Manager Lois Wasmund - Assistant Editor, Class Section Editor Dick Frederick, Ing Thompson, Fred Dupille ----- Art Editors Dorothy Ross - Opening Section Editor Claire McNeill - - - Activity Section Editor Cece Reimer, Louis Raphael, Joe Copple - - - - Sports Editors Marian lvlaxin - - Organizations Editor Martha Wright - Layout Editor Writers: Jeanne Hein, Nanette Lindstrom, Kim O'Brien, Jack Johannesen, Larry l-lanberg, lvlarcella Morten, Reed Sargent Business Staff: Otho l-lalligan, Marian Earle I Otho Halligan Marian Earle business staff 0 Kim 0'Brien. Marian Swanson Cece Reimer Dick Frederick Ing Thompson Fred Dupllle Division Editor Co-Sports Editor Co-Art Editor Co-Art Editor Cari-Ognls 0 FORENSICS-Row one: Gene Todd, Yvonne Battin, Bruce Rector, Dr. Battin, Ed Hibbin, jackie Hodgson, Leo Buttigan. Row two: Ross Bischoff, Alex Mortellaro, Edna Niemela, Barry Garland, Dick Drues, Virginia Soltis. Row three: Bill Kidd, Otho Halligan, Art Whitson, Dick Nicholson, Bob Oquist, Kenny Campbell, Professor Ellery Capen, Row tour: Don Seymour, loyce Cousins, jean Hagemeyer, Bill Davisson. Forensics AS IN OTHER YEARS, Yvonne Battin has proved herself to be the leading debater on the College of Puget Sound campus. In the debate held at the University of Washington by the Washington Association of Teachers of Speech, Yvonne finished first in both extemporaneous speaking and experimental speaking, Joyce Cousins received third place honors in oratory, while Barry Garland and Paul Stolz placed third in debate. The open forum before civic groups up to 400 in size, a unique type of debate, was held in the Vanport Extension Center at the Univer- sity of Oregon. In this town meeting tournament George Loerch placed first, and Bill Allen, the debate manager, placed fourth. 0 FORENSICS-Dr. Battin, Barry Garland, Kenny Campbell, lackie 0 FORENSICS-lacqueline Hodgson, loyce Cousins, Barry Garland, Ken Campbell, Bill Kidd Hodgson, Yvonne Baffin, loyce Cousins. Alex Mortellaro, Yvonne Battin, Dr. Charles Baffin. wrt: l Unfortunately, in the Tyro Debate Tourna- ment held at the College, CPS was vanquished. Again in extemporaneous and experimental speaking Yvonne Battin received firsts in the Linfield College Debate Tournament. Phil Anse- lone and Alex lvlortellaro were first in the men's debate senior division. At the Redlands University Tournament in Pi Kappa Delta THE FORENSICS HONORARY established on the campus, Washington Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, is maintained for those students who have distinguished themselves in the field of forensics. Intercollegiate competition in debate, ora- tory, extemporaneous or impromptu speaking are requirements for membership in this or- ganization. Pi Kappa Delta sponsors regional and national tournaments to which a repre- sentative from CPS is always sent. Arthur Stolz was president of Pi Kappa Delta for the year and Dr. Charles Battin was advisor. 0 Yvonne Baffin poses with her trophies California, Stan Worswick placed fourth in the preliminaries of the one man debate. I-le lost, however, in the final rounds to a representative from Southern California who took the first place trophy. On the trip to Peoria, Illinois, for the Na- tional Pi Kappa Delta Tournament, the group attended debates at the University of Montana. 0 Dr. Charles Battin - - in no uncertain terms'l 0 john 0'Connor directing Concert Band 0 Section of Concert Band in Action. John O'Connor Concert Bond FIRST YEAR of a New Traditionl Senior certificates for uninterrupted service with the Concert Band were given for the first time to four graduating seniors who have been with the organization since its founding in l946 by Professor John O'Connor. Those to receive these awards were: Anna Kinrod, Merle Stevens, Dick Henderson, and Joseph Martin. The Inspirational Award, top honor of the year, was given to Jack Potter for his contribution of untiring service and inspiration. Highlights of the season: two more outstanding concerts in the "Music of the Nations" series, and the successful completion of a five hundred mile concert tour of Washington. The Concert Band leaves on Tour 92 0 The Workshop Band rehearses. ' Lef0Y 05ff3f'5kY difedlng- Worlcshop Band THE WORKSHOP BAND under the direction of Leroy Ostransky is the nationally famous group formed to study and experiment with the possi- bilities of American music. Last fall Mr, Ostransky and the band were featured in "Downbeat,'l the musi- cian's magazine. In addition to playing a series of ten concerts in Western Washington and concluding with a home concert, they played for the incoming freshman classes and inaugurated Campus Day, both traditions. Leroy Ostransky 93 fl I ADELPHIAN CHOIR-Row one: Suzanne West, Anita Garland, Nancy Riehl, Olive Tuttle, Lorna Hill, joyce Brynestad, Delores Gutoski, Marian Becker. Row two, Mary Lou Moore, Bonnie Trefren, Vivian Weaver, Christine Clemensen, Grace Fullagcr, Ann Vlahovich, Laurine Schore, Carol Swenson, Gretchen Swayze. Row three' Lavonne Schuler, Geneva Withers, Leonard Raver, james Ernst, Willard Norman, Mary Kincheloe, Kathleen Weidkamp. Ruin four' Paul Kelly, Herb Wayrynen, Roald Reitan, john jones, Ted Wahlstrom, Ray Turcotte. Ruvx five' Charles Morrison, Leon Clark, john Sharp, Bruce Hunt, Bob Wolf, Harley Stell, Howard Hitchcock, Richard Simpson, Don Hazel, Adelphian Choir Clyde Keutzer I Adelphian Concert Choir-California bound THE l-llCl-lLlCl-lT of the Adelphian Choir's year was its two-week tour through the main California cities to San Diego, They left eight days before the start of Spring vacation and T returned the day before classes were again is , , W. We ' resumed. l-lailed as one of the outstanding concert choirs of the Pacific Northwest, the group has made extensive plans for next year. April 8, they gave a concert for the public at Jason Lee Auditorium. They sang in chapel the following week for the entertainment of the students. They also took part in the Christmas presentation of the Messiah at the Temple Theatre. tl V.......,,..-- .- , 0 ivan Rasmussen directs the Collegiate Singers during rehearsal. Collegiate Singers Sigma Alpha lolza SIGMA ALPHA IOTA, na, tional music fraternity for Nomen, completed its "first" year as Beta Delta chapter. High scholastic standing and excellence of musician- ship are basic requirements tor membership. Outstanding events of the year were the initiation of honorary members, violinist Carroll Glenn and Claudine Verneuil lMrs. Manuel Ro- senthal! 3 a visit paid to the chapter by national presi- dent, Mrs. John B. Davissonl and tvvo articles ot the Beta Delta activities which ap- peared in the national music magazine, "Pan Pipes". Ivan Rasmussen 0 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-On fiowr' Anna Kinrod, Betsy Huhn, Eleanor Roundtree. Featorli George Ann Frank, Nancy Riehl, Georgia Tippie, lanice Ludwig, Pauline Anderson, Mrs, Vaught, Roberta Westmoreland, Gloria Kristoffer- son. Standing. Frances Holt, Florence Lahey, Lavonne Schuler, Beverly johnson, Kathleen Weidkamp, Aleatha Dieatrick, Carol Todd, Ruth Gustafson, NP? pci iref' Dorothy Lcncrgan, Cathie Reed. Tacoma Symphony SPONSORED BY the College of Puget Sound, the Tacoma Symphony is a college and community orchestra which is conducted by Raymond Vaught. College students make up approximately half its membership. The rest are residents of the city, some of them high school students. Of the three concerts given this year Miss Margaret Myles was guest soloist for the first. The second singled out Prof. John O'Conner: and the third featured Miss Myles, Prof. Clyde Keutzer, Mrs. Margaret Davis, Mr. Raymgnd vaughf lvan Rasmussen, the Collegiate Singers and the Adelphians. M U 'l S' MU UPSILON SIGMA is an honorary profes- the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music sional music fraternity. Men who are inter- students and to help advance the cause of ested in music as a profession or as an ac- music on the campus. tivity are eligible to join this fraternity. PI'GSideV1'f of MU Upsilon Sigma for the The main function of the group is to foster fall and spring semester was Arthur Knight. 0 MU UPSILON SIGMA-On floor: Frank Niwa, Dick Henderson, jack Potter, Ken Dulin. Sitting: Art Knight, Ralph Rowe, jim Caddigan, Victor Hugo, George Fowler, Bob Peterson. Standing: Dick Hammond, john Schartow, Roald Reitan, Ivy Cozort, Ted Wahlstrom, Leonard Raver, john jones, jess Smith, Don Hazel, Boyd Bolvin, Don Franklin. 96 was MN , Www mv-1 1. B 'Q I HOME EC CLUB-Rovv one: Miss Walter, lane Carr, Annette Ogden, janett Williams, lane Hagen, Lorna Hill, june Hyatt, Mrs. Sullivan Rovx tvvoi Mary Lou Moon, Beverly johnson, Betty Sorenson, Chris Clemenson, Ruth Potter, Catherine Funke, Diane Jensen, Shirley Brubaker, Betty Ostergard, Ruth Wolland, Barbara lugovich, Laura Shepard. Row three: Pat McKay, Dorothy Schut, Barbara Bell, Bernice Rugg jean Corliss. l-lome Economics IN ITS FIRST really active year since the war, the Home Economics Club became attiliated with the American Home Economics Associa- tion. Georgia Tippie, delegate with June Hyatt to the state convention, was elected state vice- president. Among other things, the club has sponsored demonstrations by home economists. 0 Pat Vushmik and Shirlee Kinnane assisted and observed children at the day nursery during the year. Ottering classes in foods and nutrition, clothing construction, child development, etc, the department is able to give both B. A. and B. S. degrees. lvlrs. Carolyn Sullivan, depart- ment head, emphasizes these classes as sub- jects for both men and women intending to be homemakers. 0 Miss Walter instructs members of the tailoring class Another First , -:ig . i if K, 5 Color Capers I Kenn Glenn instructs sculpture class, a this year . . . 2-The first scale model campus . . . 3-President Thompson prizes to winners at CPS first high art competition . . . 4-Preparations for the Beaux Arts Ball . . . 5-They call those things "mobiles" . . . 6-More Beaux Arts preparation . . . 7-Ceramics class in sg: l-lomecoming l-Homecoming Queen candidates Lita John- son, Jean Tippie, Shirlee Kinnane and Cynthia Harris with beard growing winner Bob Angel . . . 2-Kappa Sig's winning float . . . 3- Counting the votes . . . 4-Harry Lewis chautfers the Queen candidates . . . 5-Ed Drake, Jim and Don Perdue sign up some likely candidates . . . 6-Bandleader Jimmy Crier greets Queen Cynthia . . . 7-Queen Cynthia and Escort Keith Chase after the crowning. 0 Cast of Homecoming Play: Seated' Nancy Riehl. Stan Worswick. Standing Bob Wolf, Harold Simonson, Lloyd Silver, Dick Kink, Gretchen Swayze, joe Sims, Ethel Shattuck, Dale Nelson, loyce Brynestad. Homecoming Play AS lTS PART in the Homecoming festivities, the Campus Playcratters presented two per- formances ot "The Big Idea." This comedy starred Gretchen Swayze and Joseph Sim and was directed by Martha Pearl Jones, who was assisted by Wilber l-l. Baisinger. The student dramatic manager was Herbert Stark, while Barbara Rowe and Patricia Lou Schaller were the student directors. Other members ot the cast included Dale Nelson, Nancy Riehl, Ethel Shattuck, Stanley Worswick, Joyce Brynestad, l-larold Simonson, Robert Wolf, Lloyd Silver and Richard Kink, 0 Gretchen Swayze, loc Sims JRVUQQ Has, 0 The cast of the Christmas Vespers during the manger scene. Christmas Vespers PRESENTED as the annual Christmas Vesper service for the College this year, "One Night in Bethle- hem" was given four times for the students and the public in Jones Hall Auditorium. Under the direction of Martha Pearl Jones the participants were chosen from the men's and womens choruses. Students from the Campus Playcrafters and Choral Readers dramatized a very effective and inspiring play. The cast consisted of young Larry Heggerness and Mark Hamilton, elementary school students, Pa- tricia Lou Schaller, Torn Cherrington, James Hudson, Nancy Riehl, Harold Simonson, Raymond Harbert, William Cianelli, Douglas Cullen, Barbara . Rowe, Thomas Swayze, Raymond Price, Mar- '21 ,sg ,ff 2 J garet Ellis, Richard Kink, Robert Harader, Melvin C-idley, Leonard Holton, Charles Cad- Iley, Arthur Whitson, Patricia Purvis, Barbara Bixler, and Gretchen Svvayze. Spring Play ANOTHER FEATHER was added to the already be-plumed cap of the Dramatic Department when the Campus Playcrafters presented their fine rendering of Justin lVlcArthy's "lf l Were King". A glimpse of French Renaissance friv- olity and Good King Louis' corrupt court was enacted as seen through the eyes of the infam- ous French rogue-philosopher, Francis Villon, whose satirical vvit nearly brought about his untimely end. 0 CHORAL READERS-On floor' Barbara Rowe, Herb Stark, jackie Thurber. 'rated Ed LaChapelle, Patty Schaller, Sue Pringle. Stan Worswick, Nancy Riehl, Mel Gidley, Dale Nelson. Standing. Gretchen Swayze. l 5 4 1 V ' 1 - -f,. , , Q Wilbur Baisinger LED BY CRETCHEN SWAYZE, the Choral Readers have been very active this year. At Christmas they presented programs at various clubs and were a part ot the Christmas vesper services of the college. They participated in the Easter services at First Methodist Church. Besides giving a recital in the latter part ot February, the group was presented in assemblies at high schools in the county. lt is an upper division class. H535 555 avg . GSE? 3, 1542 or Choral Readers . if ,L Martha Pearl Jones 0 CHORAL READERS-Row one Gretchen Swayze, Susan Pringle, Patty Schaller, Mel Gidley, Herb Stark, Ed LaChapelle. Row two Elaiibara Rowe. Nancy Riehl, jackie Thurber, Stan Worswick, Dale eson. lO3 H x fm. ,MMM W HANK 5-V K. wi S5 as 4 SQA ,w S' YY wig YV, E415 1 fefzzqgig -Mdwnfv 5 JOHN HEINRICK No small part of the success of Logger teams this season was due to the expert leader- ship of the coaches. John P. Heinrick, Logger athletic head, added more laurels to his long coaching career by leading the Logger football team to a co-championship in the new Evergreen League. This season was Heinriclds debut as Logger football coach. He also piloted the basketball team to a second-place tie in league standings. Assisting Heinrick were Harry Bird, frosh coachg Rod Giske, line coachg Ray lvlahnkey, backtield coachg and Chuck lvlclvlillan. lvlahnkey, new at CPS, also headed the baseball team. He coached at Yelm High School last year. Bird and C-iske coached the tracksters. Coaching the golf team was Mal Stevens, while Walt Olsen led the tennis squad. New coaches of the ski team were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fopp. FCDOTBALL Ha ry Bid Ray Mahnkey Rod Giske at ef., Fm , E Mi Y as it QQ i X Q E 1-QW .. igx w 'iff' -3 5' im ..:: I ,,.,,L,.... ,... .., W r N . A , 'mx fx - --' N .R was an is ar X R X :S :WM gwwp,-Q f S 2 is FQ 2 Msg . 5 A I f is M 3 ' Y .4 Ti we xg 1 W E 'T W A 2 X N we 6' A I 3, 'UW ,X xx 4 'iv A' W' ' QQ is A fig V ' S Y 5 .i-if v Q H S H Z5 "'2 V ' "fi, -- - W g 1., 4, x 2 K ..:. 2-- k nd Q' ,am :Q A H f 6 Q, fi. X I ,, . ..,,. . , ., ..,,- . gg W f ff, if y L V,AA 7 i M.. mm? ...,. F' 1,5 W 3 ' f:.,:2g,i:2fa C PS - Spartans San Jose State's rough and tough Spartans wore down the Loggers with reserves to score twice in the last l2 minutes and win the game 20-7. For three quarters the Loggers led by one point. The loss of Bill Kowalski, star tackle, in the second quarter hampered the Logger defensive play. Mel Light was a ball of fire for the Log- gers on the offensive. The slim speedster went 52 yards with a Spartan kickoff to set up the CPS score. The Logger linemen held off the Spartan attack until they tired in the final period. '-: ,. .wi 'v-v ,.-,v - k 3 Wood Thompson Pond, Kowalski L..-l ....I Q. ' if s J ,Gust A HOYxjQ,5 bvwenuoo GYISQR " I L,,,,,,.i, W Sega. k X5 - V " Aw Q: Ldwlson P'lcwTmecu.L Sulenos JP C5U'tCY"2i QQ if QD at I Q Qi QI' H eg sin-onw 0 wg! X Q CPS - Bearcats Joe Hedges' long pass to Dick Brown set up the only Logger score of the game and Warren Wood's conversion gave CPS a 7-6 win over a determined band of Willamette Bearcats. Bob Hall blocked a kick to set up the score. Hedges scored the only touchdown of his football career after sparking the goalward rush of the Loggers. Stout Logger defensive play staved off late Bearcat threats. The victory was the first for CPS over Willamette since 1933 and the first Bearcat homecoming loss in 20 years. i Dc-,mko Rlxjan WD.CExv-lson 1G'4lSdov'f ,I , ., 1 u CPS .,...,.. ..... CPS ..,...., ,.... CPS ................ CPS ..,.......,..... CPS ........ .,4., CPS' .....,.,........ CPS ........ ..... CPS ,............... CPS ................ VARSITY TEAM 6 PLC .......... 7 San Jose .. I4 Whitworth 34 St. Martins 7' Willamette 22 Eastern .... 6 Central .... I2 Western .. I3 PLC .......... FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS .- ala. .. rm VARSITY SQUAD-Row one: R. Demko, R. Spalding, I. Oaks, M. Gust L R GldfB bb LKlp lHdg EN Carlson, L. Turnbull, L. is or, . Ro ins, . aa us, . e es, . Row two: L. Aliment, L. Martineau, R. Burchfield R. Bodine, D. Taylor, H. P d R B C..Horjes, I, Thompson, R. Carlson, D. Greenwood H. Martin R. Mahnkey R Heinrick. Row three: B. Brouillet, H. DeCarteret, K. Giske, I. Sulenes, N. P ll m B D. Hermsen, B. Bulleri, M. Light, M. Hegstrom, B. Ross, W, Wood. Hedges land All-Stars Won Lost PF! l'CPS 5 l A lOl lilfastern 5 l PLC ' 4 2 97 Central 2 3 Whitworth 2 3 7O Western l 4 36 St. Martins O' 5 , :ECO-Champions Captain Hank Pond Joe Hedges JOE HEDC-ES, alternate first-string quar- terback, was chosen by his teammates as in- spirational award winner. Joe, most polished passer on the Maroon squad, led CPS to a 7-6 win uovere Willamette and inspired his mates with his constant, hustling spirit all season long. Citations were awarded the following members of the Varsity Team: Mel Light, fullback-Honorable Mention All-Coastg All-Conterenceg All-NW. Dick Hermsen, tackle-All-Conference, All-NW. Captain Hank Pond, tackle-All-Confen ence, All-NW. Warren Wood, guard-All-Conference, All-NW. Laverne Martineau, center-l-lonorable Mention All-Conference. Dick Brown, end -- Little All-America l2nd teaml 3 All-NW l2nd teaml 3 Honorable Mention All-Conference. Bob Robbins, halfback-All-Conference l2nd teaml. ' situ HoFf' 1 SUP x -mv' ' 2 xiii an A E www- A A ,W F QM ., 5: A.Z-:E?.. - Qfvlgif Q 5 KS ' ,.,,..: : Q - - , . 3:5 - - - :- V5 , in as 4 P av, N :IN MA , . Z.. mm nf gales 'MET A5515 3 Q :XS SI. V , -fW..W- ,mu ,,,A A Q Rfn KW' me " I ,":'IE',I If i' ly-if f"'1 ' ' : .rims ,vb 'Y' Q Y S A , Eggs? AHQQHHQ v- :- --:.:2as1!:zZ- -:Ef I ' Y ll! f 1 7.1. ' ,5 Qi' fl ,F fi lf Aww ' ig? W7 M K CL 9335 x ' M 46 7 5555 , v 5 Q2-WW 2 xl - 7 ,655-fxV,,gg,4 f B , 4 ,W ' wa 2 x Wag 5 J , ,fg- ,...:. , V llllgg an K 'U-. jj WW . ,235 ii A 4 My I HQ x , r 4' I t'1E2,,j',,,,.3 mm D 0 B. Rinker, D. Brown, B. Angeline, B. Stivers, B. Fincham, 1. Heinrick. Dick Brown and Don Hoff alternated at the other forward position. Bob Rinker spelled big Rod Gibbs at the pivot slot and also figured into Heinrick's double post offense. Bill Stivers rounded out the first five at the remaining guardspot. After Fincham's accident Bill took over the captaincy of the squad. ln the second line of the Logger attack were Don Ellis, Herb Klippert, Bob Sater, Bus- ter Brouillet, Garry Hersey, Bill Richey, Bud Blevins, Lloyd Blanusa, and Dwayne Westlin. The Loggers got the season off to a good start with a 49-46 win over the lVlcChord Field Packets. ln their next encounter, the Loggers had their ears pinned back by a more experienced Portland U. quintet, The Port- landers trounced the Heinrickmen 68-52. Climax of the season was the 48-4l vic- tory over the University of Washington Hus- kies. lt was the first time since i928 that a Logger hoop squad had beaten the Huskies. CPS split the 4-game series with PLC for the city championship. CPS won the first and BASKETBALL ALTHOUGH THE LOGGERS finished the Ever- green Conference race in a second place tie with Pacific Lutheran, they came up with the best small college basketball team in the state and won the right to represent Washington at the N.A.l,B. tournament at Kansas City. Paced by Rod Gibbs and Bobby Angeline, the Loggers ran up a total of lSOl points in 24 conference and non-conference games, for an average of better than 62 markers per game. Rangy Rod Gibbs, who handled the pivot spot, hit the hoop from the field BO times and dropped in Bl free throws for a grand total of 24l points or an average of lO.l per game. Diminutive Bobby Angeline came out of the Loggers' first encounter with a bruised heel which kept him on the bench most of the time in the next two weeks of play. Despite that handicap, the speedy Logger guard wound up the season with 239 tallies in all games played. Bobby Fincham, playing his fourth con- secutive year as captain of the Logger cagers, was injured in a late-season accident while enroute to Vancouver, B. C. and was out of action for the remainder of the season. l22 0 Row one: D. Ellis, G. Hersey, B, Angeline, B. Fincham, B. Brouiller, B. Blevins, B. St Fovlv' two:kB. Safer, D. Hoff, D. Brown B. Richey, B. Rinker, R. Gibbs, C. Frazier, L. Blan s last games, while the Lutes took the second and third encounters. A loyal band of rooters followed the team to the N.A.l.B. playoffs at the Yakima Armory to see the Loggers smother PLC 62-45 the first night. The Heinrickmen avenged their last year's defeat by Gonzaga by overwhelming the Zags 47-37. A 70-58 loss to Southwestern Louisiana State Teachers' College in the first round of the N.A.l.B. tournament rang down the cur- tain on this years' CPS basketball story. VARSITY TEAM CPS CPS ,...... .......Y CPS ,.,,.,. .....,,, CPS ,.,.... ,,....., CPS ..v,,.. .......7 CPS ,,,,... .....,., CPS ,,..... ,.,..,., l cPs l CPS ..,.... .....v.. CPS CPS ...,.,. ....,,,, CPS ,.,..., ,,..,,,. CPS ....... .,,.,.., CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS cpsfflll ffff cPs V.,.... .,...V., 49 McChord .. .,,, .. Portland U. ,,,., ,.,.... . Central .,...,,,. .....,.. St. Martin's ,.,..... St. Martin's ..,.,, ,,,,.... PLC .,...,,.,,..,,....... ,,,..... U. of Washington ...,.,,..... Portland U. ,,.... ,.,,.,. . 52 53 72 85 50 48 53 74 McChord .,,,,,, .,,..... 65 Western .,,, ........ 76 UBC ,..... ..,..,.. 33 PLC ,..,..... ..,..... 60 Central ...., ,.,..... 45 Seattle U. ,,., ,...... . 43 Eastern .,..,,., ,.,..... 67 Whitworth ..... ..,,.,.. PLC ,,vA.,..,,..,.. ,...,... Seattle U. .,....Y... ..,.,., . 1 St. Martin s ...... . ,,... .. 1 St. Martins Y.,. UBC .,,......... ........ Western .... PLC ,,,,....,,,,,,, ..,,,,,, Whitworth .,,., ....,,,, Eastern .,,,,,.. ,.,,....... PLC .,Y,.,,,,,.....,.,......,.,,.,,, 45 Gonzaga ,,,.,,,..,................ 37 50 62 7l 68 52 52 48 Central ..... .....,., 52 63 60 62 47 58 N.W,lLa.l State Tchrs ..,,. 70 IUNIOR VARSITY SQUADeKneeling' Keith Predmore, Nick Mosich, Elbie Beamer, :on Lind, Roger Hulse. Standing: Tom Rutledge, Bruce Brooke, Cal Frazier, Don Maitland, wayne Westlin, Ken Baldwin, Coach Ray Mahnkey. 'Bob Rlnker, Bob Angeline, Bill Richey, Bill Stivers, Rod Gibbs. Final Conference Standings Won Lost Central Washington ........ l2 2 College of Puget Sound ...... l l 3 Pacific Lutheran ................ ll 3 Eastern Washington .......... l0 4 Western Washington ........ 4 l0 Whitworth ................. ..... 4 :O l l3 British Columbia ..... .... 3 St. Martin's ....... ..... l FROSH TEAM CPS ,.....,, ..,.... 4 7 Olympic J. C. ...... . CPS ........ ,...... 5 O Everett J. C. ...... . CPS ....... ........ 4 7 Grays Harbor J. C CPS ..... .. ....... 48 Local l99 ......... .. CPS ......., ....... 4 3 PLC Frosh ............. CPS ........ ....... 5 3 Skagit Valley J. C. CPS ........ ....... 4 3 P.l.A. Club ......... CPS ........ ....... 4 8 Everett J. C. ...... . CPS ........ ....,.. 3 6 Madigan Hospital . CPS ........ ..,.... 4 9 Bellarmine l-l. S. CPS ........ ....... 3 9 CPS ........ ....... 5 l CPS ........ ....... 4 l CPS ........ ........ 4 8 CPS ........ ....... CPS ........ ....... 45 55 CPS ........ ....... 6 7 CPS ....... ........ 6 l CPS ........ ....... 3 6 CPS ........ ....... 4 8 CPS ........ ....... 3 8 CPS ........ ....... 4 4 CPS ........ ....... 6 4 CPS ........ ....... CPS.. ..... ..... . . CPS ........ ....... 52 65 59 CPS ........ ....... 5 8 CPS ..... .. ....... 44 CPS ........ ...... 3 7 CPS ........ ........ 4 7 33 CPS ........ ....... F.L.E.A. ............ . 38th St. Club ..... Kalahan's Service . McChord ........... PLC Frosh ........, Kalahan's Service . Seattle U. Frosh Moose ............... Divarty ............ P.l.A. Club ..,.... P LC Frosh ............. Madigan Hospital . Seattle U. Frosh St. lVlartin's Frosh . St. Martin's Frosh . U. W. Golds ......... Skagit Valley J. C.. 38th St. Club ....... McChord ............. McChord ..... McChord ..... Pct. 850 .785 785 7l 4 285 285 2l4 071 ......85 . ........ 49 26 32 58 . ....... 37 . ....... 42 32 45 . ....... 27 .......40 .......34 . ....... 38 . ....... 59 .......2l .......28 .......35 . .... .39 63 ...29 ...29 ..70 . ....... 4l .......43 .......37 .......49 l23 0 Dwayne Westlin, john McCorry, Burt Ross, Mel Light TR 0 john McCorry, Bob Rieflin take the Z4 ACK 'z I Burt Ross, Dwayne Westlin, Dick Lewis, Howie Mason, john McCorry, B b R fl THE LOCCER TRACK squad won two of its four opening meets this season. April l5 the trackmen lost to P.L.C. 66 U3 to 64 2f3. April 23 found the team winning a triangle meet with W.W.C.E. and U.B.C. with a l4-point margin. The results were C.P.S. Sl V2, W,W.C.E. 66V2 and U.B.C. 13. ln another triangle meet April 30 the Loggers scored 62V2 points while P.L.C. chalked up 58 and U.B.C. gained 42V2. May 7 the C.P.S. team came in second in the St. Martin Relays in Olympiag Central gaining 45V2, C.P.S. 3l V2, P.l..C. 27V2, and U.B.C. l8. In a triangular meet at Cheney, May l3, Eastern won on their home-ground with the following tally: Eastern 87 V2, the Loggers 42V2, the Lutes 29. A subsequent triangular meet on Logger territory found the hosts victorious with CPS lO2, St. Martins 42, and Seattle Pacific l6. L ft D k L tk s a high hurdle. Centert Clarence Cotchy drops over the pole vault. Right: Wayne Mann takes a 6 foot I p th hgh Y 'Nw if' 'Wada' 0 BASEBALL SQUAD-Rovv one: Mitchell, Loper, Stilwell, D. Semmern, Higdon, Meyer, Anderson, Salatino, Birnel, Gee, H. Semmern, Martineau, Tan ner Snodgrass, Row 2: Medak, Blevins, Hegstrnm, Lind, Hulse, Beamer, Mahoski, Greenwood, Herzog, Predmore, Spalding, Turnbull, Haslam, Smith Burrows, Peterson, Annas, Coach Mahnkey. Varsity Baseball THE FIRST warm days of late March saw 34 baseball aspirants playing catch and poling tungoes under the direction of new diamond coach, Ray lvlahnkey. Leading the hopefuls were Hank Semmern, Bob Snodgrass, and Wel- don Stillwell, lettermen pitchers. Returning catchers Bus Mitchell and La- verne Martineaug veteran intielders Wells An- Mal Stevens Clarence Throdahl derson, Earl Birnel, and C-ary Hersey, and out- fielders Jack Tanner and Holly C-ee were meet- ing stitt competition from newcomers for the first-string positions. As the Tamanawas goes to press, the Logger team holds the Western Division title ot the Evergreen Conference. KEEPING TRACK OF ALL the equipment issued to CPS athletes is the responsibil- ity of "Pop" Throdahl, custodian of the gym. P.E. students learn to rely on "Pop" for everything from towels to basketballs. Serving as athletic publicity director for the college is Mal Stevens, Logger gradu- ate and golf coach. 0 A skiziast shows grim determination during ski race. 0 Ski racer suffers an upset coming into the last gate. Dr. Robert Sprenger uses a walkie-talkie in V 't Sk" THE C.P.S. SKI TEAM fared well throughout the season in intercollegiate meets with other schools of the Pacific Northwest. The Loggers walked away with a meet with Western Washing- ton and U.B.C. at Mount Baker, captured third place in the Northwest Intercollegiate contest at Snoqualmie Pass, and barely won a meet with Wenatchee Junior College at Stevens Pass. The C.P.S. team captured all but one of the first ten places in a contest with Everett Junior College at Stevens Pass. Members of the team placed well in the tour "Stevens Standards" they entered, although the entries were as individuals rather than as a team. The women's ski team showed well, winning a meet with W.W.C.E. women, and placing in several races with Washington State. l27 it Q J I Q w ig i its .s"""'-W mf ' X s ff .... S . ,ttf ye... X S it 1 'lk' nh '. 'G ,W W? Uflitie 1. n Q 3 we 3 . . .. ,SHG EQ: ty, vvv ' -'-V -2A2' 4' .. ll., .':"'--"" b ,',"" S 25 lv' 55" I TENNIS TEAM: Coach Walt Olson, lack Could, jack Buescher, joe Nugent, john Winter, Norm Fasig. Not pictured: Dick Burrows, Bob Fincham. Tennis MAKING A NAME for themselves this year, the tennis team sent four representatives from the College of Puget Sound to compete in the newly-organized Evergreen Conference. Conference matches held at Whitworth Col- lege over the twenty-seventh and twenty- eighth of May were deciding factors for team championship and individual honors. The whole ladder of men struggled all season for team positions, but, despite this internal rivalry, managed two straight wins over their cross-town threat, Pacific Lutheran College, as well as matches throughout the state. 0 GOLF TEAM-Row one: Don Mozel, Louis Youngman, Bob Higgins. Second row: Bruce Andreason, Ernie Althuser, Dick Carter, Morgan Barofsky, Coach Mal Stevens. Golf PROSPECTS were very bright for the Logger divot team with several returning stars and outstanding freshmen vying for positions. Morgan Barofsky, Bruce Andreason, Don Mozel, Dick Carter, Jim Fowler, and Ernie Althuser returned to bolster the Iinksmen. Freshmen standouts included Louis Young- man, Bud Holmes, and Ken Baldwin. ln the first match of the season, the Log- gers defeated PLC l5-O at Fircrest. Meets later in the season included Oregon and Wash- ington on the home links. Mal Stevens coaches the golfers. i ' ' gf E! 3 i Q .. V- ..., g Wwetf ifavirlefl " M-mai es pn, :Q fi - ef I '- .F"" l2S r..-.....a....r-,. l 1 1 2 i 3 A N la : mst gy K, " , ., 5 V In it ,MJ 'H ,,,, I INTRAMURAL COUNCIL-lim Crews, lim Oaks, Don Danielson, Coach Harry Bird, Bob Oquist, Harry, Hotchkiss, Stan Langlow, Kermit White Warren White. Intramural Council HEADING this year's intramural program is Stan Langlow. Stan not only starred on several KS teams but also arranged schedules, released publicity, and performed numerous other chores. Harry Bird is faculty advisor. Managers include Jim Oaks, Skip Norton, Jim Crews, Ed Lane, Warren White, Bill Milligan, Roy Loper, Len Spanich, Bob Oquist, Don Daniel- son, Harry Hotchkiss, Bill Clem, Kermit White, Rollo Millette, Leon Clark, and George Cialte- land. Bowling OMICRONS copped first places in both intra- mural bowling leagues this year. In the Ma- roon League, lndies, Mu Chis, and Sigma Nus won second, third, and fourth places, re- spectively. Sigma Nus, Indies, and DK's followed the Omicrons in the White League. Honors for high series in the Maroon League went to H. Peterson of the Omicrons with 609. High game was also Peterson's. B. Washburn of the lndies was high in total pins with ll3l. Chuck Howard, Dave Frame, Sid justice, Gordon Brooks, Roy Loper. Howard Peterson, Gordon jones, Dave Peterson, Stan Lowe, Ken Finfrock 9 0 KAPPA SIGMA A LEAGUE-Row one: Garry Hersey, Ken Langlow, Don Semmern, john Taylor, Roger Engberg. Second row: Marland Larson Bob Angell, Cam Haslam, Paul Davies, Dean Meyer, Hal Butts. Intramural Football I SIGMA MU CHI B LEAGUE-Row one: Tim Chapman, Don Bandar, lim Luzzi, Duval Wiseman, lack Knapp. Second row: lack Babbit Ed Drake, Bob Oquisl, Don Chovil, Will Westlin, Walt McCullough. l3O li if A I Q , 5,555-a t Q . !':7.a4 0 KAPPA SIGMA B LEAGUE-Row one: Rick Healy, Thompson, Ben Fawcett, Brian Kepka, Bud Blevins. FINAL STANDINGS in the intramural touch football "A" League found three teams dead- locked for first place. Sigma Nus, Kappa Sigs, and Omicrons were the three. The "B" League also ended in a tie with Kappa Sigs and Mu Chis on top of the pile. Bruising, blocking, and good organization fea- Softball INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL enthusiasts were limbering up throwing-arms and sharpening batting eyes in preparation for the coming season as the Tamanawas Went to press. Stan Langlow, intramural head, had scheduled a full round-robin schedule for the eight team league. This year's softball league will prob- ably be faster than last year's since intra- mural track has been called off, leaving more men available for the diamond sport. The ten-man teams will play all games on the Jefferson Park diamond again this season. x :,'.,,,'f:i A 4-'iff-i l A giffgfff in F ff if ' ' if Don Danielson, Earl Smith, Earl Birnel, Stan Langfow. Row two Bob Mills, Bud tured the play of the winning teams in both leagues. Many of the players in both leagues also played in the touch football league spon- sored by the Tacoma Park Board. Play was close in most games with three ties resulting in the "B" League. U Over the fence is out! l3l , lla 3 0 KAPPA SIGMA MAROON LEAGUE-Row onei Bill Sparks, Ben Fawcett, Carl Niemi, Brian Kepka, Tom Swayze. Row two' Ed Annas, Morry Halleck, Wayne Mann, Don Danielson, Don Semmern, Earl Smith. Intramural Basketball TWO FAST, well organized Kappa Sigma basketball teams swept through both intra- mural leagues undefeated, Sigma Nus in the White League and Omicrons in the Maroon League were runners-up. Led by the fine backboard play ot Cam l-laslam and the play-making of Stan Langlow, 0 Kappa Sigs follow up a fast play. the KS Maroons scored 275 points while hold- ing their opposition to l8l. Wayne Mann, Don Danielson, who scored l3.4 points per game, Carroll Walters and many reserves enabled the KS Whites to out- score their opponents 327 to l6O. l32 KAPPA SIC-S edged out the Indies to place first in the Intramural Ski Tournament with Sigma Mu Chis, Sigma Nus, Pi Tau Omegas, DK's, and Omicrons following consecutively. Eddie Drew, Indie, finished first in the slalom with Dave Wales, Pi Tau Omega, Les Gilsdorf, Don Lochow, and Les Fasig follow- ing closely. Les Cilsdorf, Ben Fawcett, Bob Morrison, Lindy Aliment, and Stan Langlow made up the winning team. The meet was held in Febru- ary at Chinook Pass. This feature of the Chinook Ski Carnival was held for the first time this year. Kappa Sigs, Winners of intramural ski tournament-Lindy Aliment, Ben Fawcet Langlow, Les Gilsdorf, Bob Morrison. lntramural Ski Teams Coming down from a jump. 0 Ski school in action. l33 0 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION--Row one: Alice Yamaguchi, Lorraine Hanberg, leanne Hein, Eunice Williams, Susan Pringle, lane Hagen, Nadine Cleary. Row Two: lo Copple, Pat Smith, Elenor Roundtree, Harriett Warne, Ruth Potter, Miss Alice Bond, june Larson, Barbara Prechek, Bev lohnson. Row Three: lean Shugard, Chris Ostrum, Betty Rusk, Marian Earle, Aleatha Dieatrick, lean Hagemeyer, Nanette Lindstrom, Corinne Engle. Carol Sue Petrich, Doris Beardsley, Lois Wasmund, Corrinne Sule. Row four! Gretchen Ernst, Mary Lou lohnson, Lita lohnson, Freda Garnett, Phyllis Blaser, Marcella Morton, Virginia Gundstrom, Beverly Farrell, Emma Doan, lean Tippie. Women's Athletic Association Alice Bond 04 The girls who- earned the national basketball referee's rating are Bev lohnson, Barbara Prechek, Carol Sue Petrich, lean Tipple, and Phyllis Blaser. , Q v awww? it A -. 134 THIS YEAR THE WOlvIEN'S Athletic Associa- tion was under the capable direction of Presi- dent Ruth Ann Potter. Helping in the arrange- ment of competition between classes and soror- ities were General Manager June Larson, Bar- bara Prechek, vice-presidentg Pat Smith, secre- taryg Pearl Moberg, treasurer, Harriett Warne, program chairman: Nadine Cleary, publicity chairman, and Jo Copple, historian. Miss Alice Bond advised the group. Early in the tall, the Seniors,deteated their subordinates to capture the field hockey championship. Carol Sue Petrich won in the individual badminton tournament and was fol- lowed by Jean Tippie and Bev Johnson in sec- ond and third places respectively. The Gam- mas won the inter-sorority badminton tourna- ment. In the volley ball tournaments, the Senior I Team captured the class championship, while the Gammas copped the inter-sorority points. The Seniors and Cammas scored again in the basketball playoffs. The WAA sports year came to a climax when three representatives from the local group attended a conference of the Athletic Federation of College Women at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin. 0 Bev johnson aims for a basket at one of the exciting moments of the Lambda Gamma game. 0 OUTSTANDING VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS-Row one: Bev johnson, Barbara Prechek, Carol Sue Petrich, Sally Ann Christensen Row two: lo Copple, Phyllis Blaser, Emma Doan, lean Tippie. I35 WM ---....,., 5 5 -M l gl 5 5 A 'W ll Sport Highlights I-H-hour . . . 2-Totem Pole-ours! . . . 3-"I got it!" . . . 4-Slammin' down the slalom . . . 5--Dodgin' the sticks . . . 6- Between the halves. iff R ' x ,Q 1 .f F W 'gas 7 hw My-If-"' Q ' 9532, N3 x Mm N , 1 W X? ! 2331? sa. 4 FH? ,Q 4, E . , A A M2512 .Q 1 :L ...., 1 amfnz' I ,, :5:.::'e:- g. hx, ,.,., gxstkkf sg? r!',z.,.si. wif' 73 H 5 f -MSS - ,gg , ,W Vg? We wi? Q21 A 4 , af 1,5 '50 3 I Nd A. 1 ,-L 'U 9 SPURS-On floor: Cloria Nelson, Alice Palmer, Ruth Walland, janet Langebeer. Seated' loyce Brynestad, Ethel Shattuck, Betsy Huhn, Lorraine Anderson. Back row: Donna Mandel, loanne Smith, Barbara lugovich, Pat Hotes, Edith Bower, leanne Shugard, Kathy McElwain. Martha Pearl Jones 0 Spurs Leave for Ellensburg l4O The National Spurs Always "At Your Service" were the Spurs, national sophomore women's honorary. The CPS chapter tapped fifteen sophomore women on the basis of participation in school activi- ties, dependability, sincere friendliness, and scholarship during their freshman year. The white skirt, white sweater, and Spur emblem could be seen in Chapel, at school plays, and many other school events. A group of Spurs journeyed to Ellensburg to install a new chapter, as well as to Pullman where the Spur regional convention was held. Old Spurs marched with their newly- tapped baby Spurs on May Day, carrying the traditional daisy chain. Spurs also served at the tea which followed the May Queen coro- nation, Commencement was another big day for the service-minded Spurs, who were ca- pably led by president Betsy Huhn and adviser Martha Pearl Jones. I KNIGHTS-Row one: Chuck Morrison, Francis Niwa, Rick Healy, Dick Chairivano, Cordon Scraggin, Ralph Wehmhoff. Row two, Herb Wayrynen, lim Ernst, Nick Nickolas, Richard Fechko, Byron Norton, Andy Stevenson. Row three Chuck Myers, Bruce Hunt. Cam Haslam, Dick Drues. Intercollegiate Knights Intercollegiate Knights is a sophomore men's honorary. Three members of each CPS fraternity and ten Independents are selected each year to become active in this honorary organization during their sophomore year. Scholarship, leadership and participation in school activities during the freshman year are used as the basis for selecting the new members for this sophomore honorary. Members of the Knights become inactive in their junior year with the past officers serv- ing in an advisory capacity for the new active members. The Knights usher, sponsor an all-college dance, a campus radio broadcast and a picnic held with the Spurs. John O'Connor Knights Pass Christmas Candy l4l o MU SIGMA DELTA-Back fgwg Dean john D. Rggegfer, Dr, Warren G. Tomlinson, Mr. john Slater, Mr. Warren Perry, Mr. Willis Carruth, Mr. Wilbur Baisinger, Mr. james Garrard, Robert Lyon. Front row' MiSS FFSHCSS Chubb. MVS' l-Yle Dl'U5h9l, Irene Crew. Mrs, Sarah l-YUY1, Mrs. Ella Mai Clark. Not pictured: Kirkland Stewart, Sam Heritage, William C. R0lJeffS, Miles Putnam. Hem-3l'I Hunt, l'l0WHfCl l'lifCl1C0Ck, Robert Huston, Leon Clark, Dr. E. H, Todd, Dr. julius jaeger, Dr. RaYm0fld Seward, DY- Coolidge Ch-?PmHl'l, MF- Rlfihafd D. Smith, DI'- Marfin Nelson, Dr. Helen Fossum, Dr. Phillip Fehlandt, Dr. R. Franklin ThomPSOI1, MY- l0h'1 Lanfl- MF. lohn Carter, Dr. Robert SPFCNSEF. Dr. Gurdon Alcorn, Mr. Leroy Ostransky, Mr. john Magee. Newly elected candidates: Emma Doan, Philip Anselone, Lois Phillips, Rex Adkins, Edward LaChapelle, Richard Robinson, Walter Loewenstein, Frederick Hansen. CfefCl'lSl1 El'f1Sf- Verne Hogatt. Earl BYY-3I'll', l9SS Smith, Russell Gunderson, Yvonne Battin, Howard Dutra, john Sampson, Dale Nelson. Mr. Gerard Banks. Mu Sigma Delta MU SIGMA DELTA membership is one ot the highest honors on the campus. High grade point averages are required of upper classmen and faculty members in this local scholastic honorary. Meetings are held three times yearly, with new members initiated at an annual spring banquet. Utlah OTLAH, senior women's honorary, invited into membership those who at the completion of their junior year had participated in school activities in addition to having maintained high rank in scholarship, A chapel program introduced the new members, and the annual tea was held in the spring. Otlah also decorated Jones l-lall at Christmas. 0 OTLAH Row one: Gretchen Ernst, june Hyatt, Mrs. Seward, Emma Doan, Harriet Fiske Wagenblast, Anna Kinrod. Rovt two Dorothy Lonergan Beverly johnson, Aleatha Mae Diezitrick, jeanne Williams, Maxine Lister. Alpha Rho Tau ALPHA RHO TAU, college art honor- ary fraternity, invites into membership students showing interest and ability in art. The group sponsored their "first" High School Art Exhibit in December, which displayed entries from Wash- ington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. ln February, the famed Parisienne Beaux Arts Ball was given in honor of college students from other lands. The Music and Art Departments were also guests, and prizes were given for the best costumes. The Annual Student Art Exhibit had its formal opening May l5th. ANOTHER FIRST! Installation of a chapter of Delta Phi Delta, largest national art honor- ary fraternity for men and women, brought another "first" to the College of Puget Sound. signs: nr man: c ii i E s 0 ALPHA RHO TAU-Row one: Marcella Morton, Kim 0'Brien, Ann Merrill, Mildred Merrill, Kenn Glenn Kadvisorl, Morton Olson. Row two: Gretchen Swayze, Catherine Funke Kpublicity chr.l, Diane lensen, Andrew Bergaloff, Martha Wright isecretaryl, Maxine Lister lpresidentl. Row three: Ralph Packard, Miriam Manke tvice presidentl, Bill Chovel, George Stark, Al Williams, Wayne Gunderson lhistorianl, Grant Barker. Not pictured: Yvonne Battin, lane Carr, Byron Crull, Dick Frederick ltreasurerl, Rachel Haskell, Ron Hendrickson, Howard Hitchcock, Gwenn Huschke, Dennis Livingston, Amazetta jane Moore, Alice Palmer, Cathie Reed, Roald Reitan, Yvonne Sanders, Marilyn Stier. and those initiated were Maxine Lister, Yvonne Battin, Cynthia Harris, Irene Vokich, Catherine Funke, Dick Frederick, lngwald Thompson and Howard Hitchcock. Installation ceremonies were held on June 4th 0 MATHEMATICS CLUB MEMBERS-Seated: Professor Harold Cook, Professor Edward Goman, Dr. Robert Sprenger, President Aubrey Clayton. Standing: Charles Morrison, Ralph lohnson, Verne Hogatt, George Clark, Louis Rall, Walt Loewenstein, Philip Anselone, Heman Hunt. 'T i I lag Mathematics Club ORCANIZED MAINLY to supplement instruction received in class, the Mathematics Club presents various speakers to correlate the position of mathematics and mathematicians with other fields of study. During the year speakers were called in to discuss and clarify the relation- ships between mathematics and chem- istry, physics and laws of chance. Meetings were I'-eld at the College of Puget Sound early in the year, and were subsequently held in the homes of the members. I43 lm 0 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY-Row one' George Clark, Richard LaPore, Ray Doan, Heman Hunt, William Longmire. Row twoi Dr. Phillip Fehlandt, Doris Stewart, Helena joslin, Dr. Robert Sprenger. Row 31 Edwin Barnes, Richard Thompson, Frank Haskell, Leroy Schieler, Prof Willis Carruth, Hsi-Lung Pan, Harold Cook, Herluf Christensen, Fred Robertson. American Chemical Society TO PROMOTE AN INTEREST IN CHEM- ISTRY, to hear and meet outstanding men in the field of chemistry at monthly lectures, and to acquaint its members with ACS is the three fold purpose of the student affiliate of the American Chemical Society. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB-Row one: john Orr, james Richardson, Dick Elmore, Olar Calteland. Row two Mrs Syd Pryor, Sally Ann Christensen, Mercedes Cox, Phyllis Blaser, Bob Peterson, Willard Zylstra Row three: j. Peary, Prof. Richard Peterson, Dr. Richard larvis, Otto Boder- horn Row four Vic Zimmerman, Harold Drane, Syd Pryor. Students who are majoring or minoring in chemistry or chemical engineering are eligible for membership in ACS. Opportuni- ties for the presentation of papers and for interchange of ideas by the active members as well as by outstanding guest speakers are given to the members of ACS. subject. and Professor Richard Peterson, advisor Psychology Club THE FURTHERINC- OF INTEREST IN PSY CHOLOCY is the aim of Alpha Psi Chi the Psychology Club. With no written require ments for membership, the club is composed of majors, minors and others interested in the During the year the club sponsored such speakers as Dr. Cochran, Mr. Edward Prince Dr. Kenneth Hitch, and Dr. Theodore Barber Officers for the year were Sydney Pryor president, Edwin Muller, first semester vice-president, Victor Zimmerman, spring vice-president, Mercedes Cox, fall secretary treasurer, Jean Cudmundson, spring secre tary-treasurer, William Farone, fall publicity director, Ken Adair, spring publicity director Occupational Therapy Club 0 PRE-MED CLUB-Row one' Dr. Slater, Robert Ball, Gwen Huschke, Phyllis Sorweide, Les Erickson, Richard Waller. Row twoi Richard Carl son, lim Luzzi, Bob johnson, Oivind Gundersen, Charles Williamson, Don Poage. Row three: lim Caillouette, Rick Hanson, Martin johnson Pre-Med Club Bob Badger. THE PRE-MED CLUB was organized in the spring of i948 to bring a closer relationship between pre-med students and their prospec- tive vocations. James Caillouette and Richard Hanson first organized the group and served as president and vice-president respectively. ln the fall of this year Bob Martin was presi- dent, with Professor James Slater as club adviser. Business meetings werel' held once a month and qualified medical men talked of their own particular fields. Doctors from the University of Washington Medical School as well as prominent Tacoma physicians came to answer any questions the Pre-Med Club had. Colored slides and x-rays were also shown. One field trip was made to Western State Hospital, with other trips to be made in the future. Les Erickson served as the Pre-lvled Club's spring semester president. 0 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY-Row one, seared: Miss Dudly Smith, Maxine L'Ecuyer, B. Anne lensen Ann Merrill, Rosemary Rees, Luba Ostofichuk. Row two, standing: Edna-Ellen Bell, Dean Regester Laurel Nelson and Patsy Brittain. HE O, T. CLUB is composed of Occupational 'herapy students on the campus. The purpose of the club is to enable O. T. tudents to become better acquainted with ine another, to hear outside speakers, to pro- 'iote interest in the profession of occupational herapy, to keep up with developments in he O. T. field and to maintain a registry of lumnae members. The president of Occupational Therapy l lllub for this year was Dixie Simmons. L' ,J , .4e - ' ea - - v i m so A W 0 LETTERMEN'S CLUB lAxemenl-Row one: Burt Ross, Roy Bodine, Lindy Aliment, Eddy Annas, Carl Niemi, Don Hoff, Bob Rinker, Earl Birnel, Bob Carlson, Don Greenwood Bob Ryan Dwayne Westlin. Second rowt john McCorry, Lloyd Blanusa, Bob Snodgrass, Bob Safer, Weldon Stilwell, Dale Larson, Garry Hersey, Dean Meyer, Len Kalapus, Norm Pollom, Hank Pond, Harvey deCarteret, Dick Herm- sen. Row three: Bud Blevins, Holly Gee, Ray Spalding, lack Tanner, Tom Medak, lack McMillan, Dick Salatino, Wells Anderson, Dick Brown, Larry Rodgers, Wayne Mann, Mel Light, Dick Carlson, Ed Notley, Buss Mitchell, Bill Kowalski. AXSm9n BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, football, track and any of the many other types of sports found on the campus here at the college are all represented in the Axemen's Club. The Axemen's Club was formerly titled the Let- termen's Club. Any man attending CPS who earns a letter inyat least one major sport is eligible to become a member of this club. P The purpose of this club is to foster athletics and athletic interests and uphold the ideals and rules of sportsmanship among its members and other sports enthusiasts. Guiding the Lettermen at the first of the year was Harry Mansfield. Taking over the spring semester Dick Salatino served as the president of the club. The club had a successful year which was climaxed by the annual dance. The Varsity Ball was held at the Odd Fellows Hall, April 24. Harvey deCarteret was the general chairman of the dance. Assisting him were: Dick Lewis, pro- grams, Earl Birnel, musicg Ed Notley, publicity, Roy Loper, refreshments and Joe Hedges, decorations. Irving Sjolund from the Evergreen Ballroom near Olympia supplied the music for the dance, The high- point of the evening was the presentation of sweaters and letters to deserving athletes. 0 Axemen Officers-Bob Ryan, secretaryg Dick Salatino, president, Don Hoff, treasurer, Earl Birnel, vice-president. 146 l 5 s I 0 STUDENT CHRISTIAN COUNCIL-lane Hagen, Dave Rees, Bev Hansen, Professor lohn Magee, President john Sampson, Frank Peterson, Shirlee Kinnane, Harold Wagner. Blythe Callahan, Donna Mandell. STUDENT CHRISTIAN COUNCIL was al- ways available to fulfill the religious needs of its fellow students. New students espec- ially benefitted from help which was offer- ed by this group. Churches of their own denomination were quickly found in the new surroundings. Seeking to help young people as well, the group organized deputation teams to aid youth programs at local churches. Student Christian Council gave added stimulus to the Vxlorld Student Service Fund drive in December. Lead by John Sampson as chairman, the drive material- ized into funds for student supplies abroad. A morning meditation period was pro- vided in the Little Chapel and cell groups improved personal religious living. Socially the council sponsored a square dance in the Student Union Building. Kappa Phi THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION for Methodist college women, Kappa Phi in- cludes both sorority and independent girls of the Methodist denomination. The organization is maintained to pro- mote friendship among the members, to support other campus activities, to develop leadership in church work and to make vital contributions to the religious, social and cultural growth of the club's members. Patty Schaller was the president of the organization. Many teas, parties and cam- pus get-togethers were held by Kappa Phi members this year. Student Christian Council 0 KAPPA PHI-On floori Elenor Roundtree, Alice Yamaguchi, Harriett Warne. Seated: Pat Voshmik, Patty Schaller, lean Tippie. Standing: B. Anne lensen, Delores Breum, Barbara Prechek, Mariorie Mann, Frances Holt, Doreen Lockstone. I47 0 BIOLOGY CLUB- Peterson, Harland Peterson, Duane Paulson, Bob johnson, Rick Hanson, Paul Gingrich. I O Phi Sigma THE PURPOSE OF PHI SIC-MA, national bio- logical honorary society, is to discuss and in- vestigate all phases of biology, especially in the field of research. The Alpha Phi chapter of Phi Sigma was founded at the college in February of l948. Before becoming national, the organization was known on the campus as the Biology Club. Membership into Phi Sigma is based upon scholastic standing and research ability in the field of biology. Row one: Professor Slater, Howard Bowman, Doris Stewart, james Caillouette, Professor Alcorn. Row two: Aldon IRC THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB en- deavors to unite students of foreign lands and students from the United States who are inter- ested in world problems and relations. The club supports the promotion of the spon- sorship of a French orphanage, Du Bon Secours. The foreign students were guests at many pro- grams this Year. Representatives were sent to the regional IRC annual conference this year. Jim Johnson was the fall semester president, and Don Brem- ner was president for the spring semester. 0 IRC-On floori Arvo Hamalainen, Victoriano Reyes, Hector jem'o Don Cole, Eunice Williams Mumtaz Nelson, Said Shah, Seated Buzz Battig, Donna Mandell, Marlys Wallace, Bobbie Pelton, Elaine Shields, Marian McCIean, Su Yang Chang, Ingrid Lien, Anne Lowrie, Nadine Kensler. Standing: Don Bremner, Dave Key, Doris Bremner, Bill Erickson, lim johnson, Li Shen Liu, Oivind Gundersen, Erna Min- chau, john Skupen, jack Tanner, Bill Lee, Raymond Eccles, Ernst Wolf, Hsi-Lung Pan, juho Kari, 148 JK y :.A . Sri l' Chinoolc JEAN GUDMLJNDSON, Pi Beta Phi, was the winner of the coveted title ot Ski Queen. Queen Jean reigned over the first winter ski carnival sponsored by Chinook. Her princesses were: Delores Breum, lndeeg Lorayne Wil- loughby, Lambda Sigma Chi, Dorothy Schweinler, Delta Alpha Gamma and Rae Jeanne Neeley, Alpha Beta Upsi- lon. if Tv Mifw ,M aah... 0 CHINOOK MEMBERS--Dorothy Schweinler, Delores Breum, Lorayne Willoughby, Lois Leland, lean Cudmundson, Rae Ieanne Neeley. German Club UNDER Tl-lE LEADERSHIP of Mr, Bachimont, German instructor at the college, as their ad- visor, German I and ll students gathered together many times during the year for an evening of entertainment. The purpose of the club is to foster the interests of all students who are taking Ger- man. Entertainment is given during the meet- ing, discussions are carried on in German and many talks given, both in German and in English. 0 GERMAN CLUB--V-lon one Florence Frederick, Phyllis Sorweide, Beverly Sinkovich, Bob johnson, lohn Rieman, Aldon Peter son. Ron two Bob Badger, Ray Frederick, Bill Robertson, Tim Chapman, Herb Stark, Glenn Seick. Row three Richard Waller Carl Erb, lack Rider, Lorna Schmidt, Bob Ellison. Rovi toirr. Prof. Otto Bachimont, Noralee Hoerr, Don Roe. 9 Anderson Hall WITH JUNE LARSON and Harriett Warne as their chiefs, the residents of Anderson Hall again led an active life this year. Despite the tact that the hall is overcrowded, many social functions were held. The first Inter-dormitory party was held in March. The party was for all residents of Anderson, Todd, Kittredge and the Cottage. A cruise was taken in April by the girls. Barbara Albertson was in charge of this trip. Although many of the students cannot remember when the hall was not so crowded, it is the general opinion of all who live there that the old saying, "the more the merrier" still holds true. ANDERSON HALL-On floor: Beverly johnson, Betty Troxel, Barbara Albertson. Seated: june Larson, Harriett Warne. Standing lean Hagemeyer, Marian Maxin, Delores Breum, Phyllis Snyder, Ethel Shattuck, Blythe Callahan, Marian Swanson. l l MRS. PETERSON House Mother, Todd Hall Todd Hall TODD HALL, in its second year as a men's resident hall, was governed by Ed Stanton during the Fall semester and by John Tuttle for the Spring semester. The men ofthe dormitory are self-govern- ing, setting up their own house rules which are kept at a minimum. The men from the hall had a basketball team for the first time this year, and they also entered into the other intramural athletic ac- tivities on the campus. There are one hundred and eleven men living at the dormitory. These men include students from China, Norway, Finland, Bo- livia, Iraq and many other foreign lands. 0 TODD HALL OFFICERS-Spring: john Tuttle, Frank Peterson, Art Whitson. and Byron Brady, Fall: Don Bremner, Art Whitson, Ed Stanton, and Tom Rutledge 0 KITTREDCE HALL-Back row: Carol Strain, Doris Smith, Lorraine Hanberg, Merry McKim, Barbara Betts, Patricia Williams, june Wright. Front row, seated: Lane Hill, Rosemary Rees, Lyle Ford Drushel, loyce Cousins, Harriet Haines, Lois Leland, Barbara Wheeler. Kittreclge Hall - The Cottage 0 COTTAGE RESIDENTS-Row one: loyce Durkee, Nancy Crawford, Shirley Wightman, Mercedes Cox, Noreen Knutson. Row two: loan Hayes, Frances Holt, Mary Gruenewald, Kim O'Brien, Gayle Peferson. l5Z 'Qgg 5 0 At the Sadie Hawkins dance. 0 lndees Homecoming float. 0 President Bob Hanson and Secretary Lane Hill. Independents THE INDEPENDENTS won recognition from the national independent organization early this year. Organized as a unifying group for all non-greeks on the campus, the lndees in- clude about two thirds of the student body. Under the presidency of Bob Hanson, the Independents sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Fall semester officers for the lndees were: Bob Hanson, president, Jim Beyer, vice-presi- dent, John Youngman, treasurer, Betsy Huhn, secretary, and Hal Padgett, sergeant-at-arms. Officers for the spring semester were: Byron Norton, president, Jim Beyer, vice-president, Lane Hill, secretary, Bob Coslee, treasurer, and John Tuttle, sergeant-at-arms. 0 INDEES-Bob Hanson, George Galteland, lean Hagemeyer, Bernice Rugg. Barbee 0 INDEES-Betty Pedersen, Dick Brown, and Marryin' Sam Battin. Linthicum, Christie Hendrickson, Ron Hendrickson. if Ralf, , X i l x kvsus dl l53 ,Mm x We 0 INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL-Seated: lane Hagen, Beverly johnson, Martha Wright, Beverly Farrell, Mrs. Lyle Ford Drushel. Stand- ingi Dorothy Schut, Dorothy Lonergan, loanne Stebbins, Lorna Hill, Aleatha Dieatrick. Greek Councils 0 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL-Frank Taylor, Bob Mills, Guyot Frazier, Dave Wales, Ken Dickinson. Standing, james Dinsmore, lack Knapp, George Wehmhoff, Hal Wolf, Clarence Nelson, Ed Lane. l54 wx M Aw? si-s,.3':2 fr-sa X 52 X150 if ww, fm fx 515- nfs w Alpha Beta Upsilon FALL OFFICERS Aleatha Mae Dieatrick ., Mary Lou Cooper lean Snugard ,,,.,,,, , Fern McCulloch ,, Annette Ogden Gwen lones ,,,,,,, joan Mooney ,.,.,,.. .. Lorraine Anderson ..... Left: President Aleafha Mae Diealrick , ,,., Presidents , ,, Vice Presidents, ,, ,Recording Secretary ,,,, , Corresponding Secretary . ,...,. Parlirnentarian ....... . ,,,,,, Historian ,.,,,, , ,, . Pledge Mother..,.... .W Treasurer. ., ,, 'I at ,Tig :., ' I -.E: 8- I I-:r, . :I ' '::.." iii iiii ' 5 5. -1:. I. ' :it 5 ' SPRING OFFICERS Aleatha Mae Dieatrick ,, ,, ,,.,,.. Donna Arnold Patty Lemley Joann Smith Yvonne Battin . Gwen lones ...,..... Mercedes Cox .. . Lorraine Anderson Anderson, Janel '52 Anderson, Lorraine '51 Arnold, Donna '51 Baker, Sue '51 Barkuloo, Gracia '52 Balrin, Yvonne '50 Blaser, Phyllis '49 Brubaker, Shirley '52 Burcheii, Dolores '52 Cooper, Mary Lau '50 Cox, Mercedes '51 Ellis, Margaref '50 Engle, Corrine '52 Garland, Anita '49 Grosser, Janice '52 Harrison, Joan '52 f O - r wnaesgig , ,E 5'E?F2I.'I' I - Q f A Q, Haskell, Rachel '52 Jones, Gwen '50 Kinnane, Shirlee '50 Larson, June '49 Lindstrom, Naneffe '52 Manke, Miriam '49 McCulloch, Fern '51 McNelly, Beverly '52 Neeley, Rae Jeanne '52 Ogden, Anneile '51 Osfofichuk, Luba '50 Perry, Barbara '52 Phillips, Lois '49 Fudclicombe, Elaine '52 Schuller, La Vonne '51 Shugard, Jeanne '51 Simmons, Jane '52 Slick, Joyce Smith, Joann '51 Snyder, Phyllis '51 Sorenson, Betty '50 Sfebbins, Joanne '52 Termin, Beverly '52 Thurber, Jacqueline '51 Trimble, Margaret '51 Turtle, Olive Ann '51 Vogler, Velma '52 Warne, Harrie!! '49 Williams, Colleen '52 Williams, Eunice '51 ' Na! pictured: Myrlle Chafwoocl, Hefty Eads, Helen Flncham, Beverly Hansen, Jane Johnson, Patti Lemly, Joan Mooney, Barbara Noble, Joan Oaks, Marjorie Sleele. Delta Alpha Gamma FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Emma Doan ,V H U .,-.Y,, Pregident' ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Emma DOSVI time Hyatt ., ,. ,,,. ,......... I st Vice President ,..........., , .Dorotl1Y SCIWUI' Barbara BQII ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,A,,,, ,,,,,, 2 rw d V. President IPIedge Mottwerl, e - Janet William Roberta Westmoreland, . v.......,.... Recording Secretary .,..,,........ ,.,YV- l GSU MOVEM Betty Gastfleld . . ,.,,,. Corresponding Secretary ...... , , Barbara AIDHFTSOVW , lean TI,-,Dye ,,,A A ,,,,,,,,,,..... Treasurer ...,...........,, i Ruth Wolland Georgia Tippie . , ,,,... Sergeant-at-Arms ....,,, ,, Bettt! TVUXQI Ruth WolIand ,, ,,.. ,..HIstorian ......., . ISHS CBN' Albertson, Barbara '51 Anderson, Pauline '51 Babich, Pauline '52 Beardsley, Doris '52 Bell, Barbara '50 Bottiger, Lorraine '52 Campbell, Peggy '52 Carr, Jane '49 Casteel, Dorothy '52 Davis, Pamela '51 Durkee, Joyce '52 Erickson, Donna '52 Ernst, Gretchen '49 Funke, Catherine '49 Gastfield, Betty '51 Hagemeyer, Jean '52 Halverson, Ann '52 Hughes, lda Mae '52 Hyatt, June '49 Jensen, Diane '50 Johnson, Donaioy '52 Keyser, Eleanor '52 Kizich, Patricia '52 Kloepper, Gloria '52 Kristotfersorl, Gloria '51 Lutz, Marleen '51 Loveioy, Delores '52 McKay, Patricia '52 Mock, Jessie Lee '49 Moore, Mary Louise '52 Morgan, Jean '51 Murray, Margot '52 Richardson, Joyce '51 Schut, Dorothy '50 Schweinler, Dorothy '49 Shattuck, Ethel '51 Strain, Carol '52 Swanson, Marian '52 Swenson, Carol '52 Traxel, Betty '50 Wahlquist, Virginia '52 Wasmund, Lois '52 Westmoreland, Roberta '51 Whitworth, Gloria '52 Williams, Janet '51 Wilson, Wyleen '52 Wold, Carol '51 Wold, Janet '52 Wolland, Ruth '51 Johnson, Beverly '49 Clemenson, Christine '50 ' Not pictured: Jackie Davila, Helen Glad- stone, Marian Maxin, Nancy Murphy, Shirley Niesen, Georgia Tippie, Jean Tippie. Right: President Emma Doan or - .N-:fed 'fr- Q is 4 Q . r 532 I J --':: . I , ,x,:25,'..53EB5.2I"'2'vZ:E'I' A I.: .A f 't in N4 Lambda Sigma Chi Fall and Spring Officers Dorothy Lonergan Vice President - 4 Rum potter ' 'Gi- if , 'H A x 'Y 55' 'Effie 4 .. 3 ' M mi .a D -4,. get? V -an 1. A, ' J JMX , X 158 Lita johnson Patty Schaller Elenor Rountree Jackie Holmberg Naomi Hespen - Pat Hates Barber, Martha '51 Barkast, Betty '49 Barton, Vernace '49 Brock, Joanna '52 Brynestad, Joyce '52 Burman, Belly '52 Christie, Joyce '51 Combs, Roberta '50 Davenport, Ellen '52 Doherty, Kathy '52 Duvall, Margaret '51 Earle, Marian '50 Frank, George Ann '51 Hespen, Naomi '50 Hill, Lorna '50 Hinds, Camellia '52 Hinds, Carol '52 Holmberg, Jacqueline '49 Hates, Patricia '51 Huschke, Gwenn '52 Jeklin, Georgianna '51 Johnson, Lita '50 Johnson, Mary Lau '51 McNeill, Claire '52 Moon, Mary Louise '50 Morse, Mollie Mae '49 Olson, Pauline '50 Ostrom, Christina '51 Potter, Ruth Ann '49 Raundtree, Elenor Rusk, Betty '57 Schaller, Patty Lou '50 Schmidt, Lorna '52 Simmons, Dixie '49 Sinkovich, Beverly '51 Sorweicle, Phyllis '52 Stefan, Anne Ev '50 Stier, Marilyn '52 Stevens, Merle '49 Voshmilr, Pat '50 Warfard, Janice '52 Willoughby, Lorayne '52 Corliss, Jean '52 Not pictured: Jo Copple, JoAnn Faisy, Joan Hammond, Daphne Hilton, Barbara Hodges, loan Olferson, JoAnn Pease. Black, Paddy '52 Carbone, Rose '50 Dobbs, Mary '52 Doe, Patricia '52 Fitzpatrick, Sally iGraduate student! Fullager, Grace '52 Gudmunclson, Jean '50 Gundstrom, Virginia '51 Hagen, Jane '49 Hanberg, Lorraine '52 FALL OFFICERS lvlartna Wright , Beverly Farrell ,, Nancy Rienl . Virginia Gundstrorn Gloria Nelson Jeanne Williams Alice Palmer , ,, Lorayne Rockway , Patricia Voux ..., Pi Beta Phi President ,,.,.., , ,Vice President... Recording Secretary. , ,,...,,CorreSDonding Secretary ,. ,, , ...Historian . .... Treasurer., ..,.. , Assistant Treasurer., Pledge Supervisor ,,,,. Scholarship Chairman , SPRING OFFICERS . Beverly Farrell Gretchen Svvayze lanice Ludwig Nancy Rienl . ....., .Sue Pringle lean Gtidrnundson Virginia Gundstrom , ,.,.,, lane Hagen Patricia Voux Katnaleen McElvvain, Kay Geenan.. Gensors ,, Rose Carbone, Carol Sue Petricn left: President Beverly Farrell Right: President Martha Wright Haines, Harriet '50 Harris, Cynthia '50 Hein, Jeanne '52 Jensen, Betty Ann '50 Knutson, Noreen '51 Langabeer, Janet '51 4 .. . ....., Q .sz i -.-' ' 'Q 'Ir Lister, Maxine '49 'i 'f' Long, Carol '52 Z' Ludwig, Janice '49 McElwain, Kathleen '51 .N .. Mclntyre, Lucy '50 'A Morton, Marcella '50 Nelson, Gloria '51 2 ' O'Brien, Kim '52 ' Peterson, Janis '52 V Petrich, Carol Sue '51 E Pringle, Susan '51 Riehl, Nancy '51 ' Rockway, Lorayne '50 'fr'-7: ' - "ffl Sanders, Yvonne '52 " ' h Schorep Laurine '52 Shea, Patricia '50 ,J x1'o... x Snow, Joanna '52 Starkey, Jane '51 Sule, Corrine '52 Summers, Diane '51 Swayze, Gretchen '49 Thompson, Nancy '52 Vaux, Patricia '50 Vlahovich, Ann '50 Williams, Jeanne '49 Storhow, Joan '50 Eckstrom, Betie '49 Reed, Virginia '52 Cousins, Joyce '52 Palmer, Alice '51 Not pictured: Kay Geeiian, Charlotte O'Connor. mis r' H.:- . E 'fc-P if A' 6 5 is I or ,, I L , ,- ...... -- ' ---- r-:r ' E syrsr 1 " --., ,.,. .,,..,, I 1 I.. 1' Q5- zzu Q 1 N 35. T , I "'x" . l ..., 1 L get 15 9 FALL OFFICERS Delta Kappa Phi Hal Wolf ,A,AAA,A,A,, H ,,A,,,,A,, President ,,,,A,,A,,,,,,,, .,.......... H al WOlf Howard Walters ..... , ......... Vice-President .,............. ........ F red Carter Ed Lane. ,,......... ......... S econd Nficeelilresident ......A. ..........,..,,, I im Crews Holmes Hutton ,. .. ,, ..,. Recording Secretary ...,... ,.,,,, H arry Edmundson Bill Chovll ,.,.,.., ,, ,Corresponding Secrelary .,..... ...,,... N ick Nlckolas Bob Wolf ......... ,,,,,.,,,..,, T reasurer ..,.........., Holmes l-lullon Herb Stark ,.,A,, .,... S ergeant-at-Armsw, , ........, Yale Weed Bruce Parker ..... ,...... H istorian ,......, .,,,,,, H al Sirnonson Left: President Hal Wolf . 5 -.,.-: , V, Allen, Robert Ball, Dwight Barber, Michael Bowman, Howard Brooke, Bruce Brooks, Delmar Campbell, Gerald Campbell, Kenneth O Carier, Fred Chase, Keith Chovil, William Church, Robert Crews, James Cunningham, William Cupples, Jack Eckerl, Dick Ernsl, James Fleisher, Harreld Godfrey, Douglas Gossard, David Hansen, Arthur Halverson, Edmond Howe, Charles Hutton, Holmes Johnson, Evan Kelly, Paul Lane, Edward Leggee, Jack lenzi, Arnold Lewis, Harry Lewis, Richard McKay, Herb Miller, Neal Millefte, Rollo Parker, Bruce Nickolas, Nick Pratt, Pat Rector, Bruce Rhea, Lester Seaman, Wayne Sinkovich, John Simonson, Harold Stark, Herbert Stenger, Ronald Stivers, William Tangoro, Samuel Turcofte, Raymond Wolters, Howard Wassell, Robert Weed, Yale Whitson, Arthur Wiseman, Blaine Wolf, Robert Nat pictured: Harry Edmundson, Clinton Gossard, Robert Hansen, Gal Hilsiad, Donald Jeanicke, John Jennings, Charles Jorgenson, Martin Loungee, Richard Mould, Berndt Olson, Duane Paulson, Richard Pearson, Thomas Porro, Burton Ross, Howard Irwin, Keith Lile, Donald McGee, Donald Mozel, Ronald Roper, Leonard Savage. Delta FALL OFFICERS Ken Finfrock .. Cordon jones . Warren Whzte Howie Peterson jim Evans .,..,,, , Sidney justice .,.,.,.. Badger, Bob '52 Berland, Bud '52 Bertram, Donald '50 Blaskowski, Carl Brooks, Gordon '50 Cunningham, Wayne '50 Dalrin, Dick '50 Ebert, Clarence '50 Fairfax, George '50 Fischer, Dave '52 Gustafson, Bob '49 Jabusch, Thomas '49 Johnson, Ernest '50 Justice, Sidney '49 Larson, John '49 Light, Kenneth '51 Livingston, Dennis '50 Lynch, Robert '49 Marler, Fred '49 Marr, Bill '51 Peterson, David '50 Peterson, Howard '50 Phillips, Earl '52 Roley, Lester '51 Smith, Rod '52 Springer, Frank '51 Stauffacher, Walter '50 Stevenson, Andy '50 West, Ray '52 White, Warren '49 Wright, James '50 Willoughby, Kenneth '48 Not pictured: Ariel Brandt '50, Donald Feist '51, Charles Fisher '51, Kenneth Finfroclr '51, David Frome '49, Lawrence Gaclbois '51, Charles Howard '49, Roy Loper '50, Stanley Lowe '51, Richard Milton '51, Bill Milligan '51, Clyde Payne '51, Donald Sather '49, Daniel Seymour '49, Duane Tone '50, Fred Gemmell '52, Hillis Griffin '52, Norm Huber '52, Dick Hutson '50, Vernon Jones '51, Ernest Marinig '51, Rod Sar- gent '52, Richard Sawyer '50, Bill Schrumm '51, Diclr Severanre '52, Claude St. Amand '52, Don Van Horn '51, Robert Wagnild '51, James Hig, gins '52. Pi Omicron 9PRlNC OFHCERS President , ,H ,Vize-President, Secretary, , Treasurer V V V Hstonan.. ,. V Gordon jones , ,, ,Dick Dakin , ,Bob Lynch Don Bertram Tom jabusch Sergeant-at-Arrns ., .,,, Andy Stevenson Right: President Gordon Jon:-s 1 3 5 i Jen, 'W ' l L 2 Ks :tl l X, 1 1-if K . V.V. - ""3,u'f -V 'QQ' .v 'fr ' 55:1 - ..,. , , Jil VEZE 5 ni Be .Lv . I e Y 1. Z.: E.,.x',., -EZ, , 1. FALL OFF lCERi Kappa Sigma "Earn Hasi SPRING OFFICERS .. ,... .,,., D ex Silver . ,,,,.. Bill Richey ...Les Gilsdorf .Bob Ball .. ...Paul Wnitcomb am, Lindy Aliment . .. ..,,,,,....,, AI Gehri .....,.lohn Taylor Llovd Silver ..., , . Grand Masters.. .. Stanley Langlown ,.,,, ....... . .Grand Procorator .,.......... Leonard Medlock ...... ...... G rand Master of Ceremonies ,...., Wllliam Saul ........... ,..........,... G rand Scribe ............. Kenneth Langlovi '... ...,.,..., ..,,.. , . . . ...,... Grand Treasurer, .. Garry' l-lersey, Wells Anderson ......... ....,.. Guards ........, Joseph Sim .................. ................,.,. ........ A s sistant Scribe ...... Robert Morrison ........ ....,.. P ledge Father ..... Carl Niemi ............. ..... H ouse Manager ..... Left: Grand Master Lloyd Silver AA ai, L., . . -. 5-f . Vi.V. ..i1 2 if gg, C. . .1.. H., .,.,. .,,. H ....... , , n m ,Wh ., 251.gif-,,::--:I 5-I .. :',- :jgj--5 g :.g- - A3 , ., .r',e1-,551 "-"-. , -W F A 'Q . get r 1 ...--,. re r W f S ,E .. ef .. 1- Era' 1 rar ag.. ...: .:-E ' 'fi'- A . Q .i A r: - ' zgis i: A ff' 'Q3 wi wg 'L fs E W ,Q ,.. r ml A :aes A r .,,. 21? 151- ,isa-., 162 nm.. - ., ggi- ::::..e:.a .:. 1 new 'RL ,...,. . N' 'Q' ., .Paul Wnitcomb Aliment, Lindy '52 Anderson, Wells '51 Anderson, Clayton '49 Ball, Robert '51 Birnel, Earl '50 Blanusa, Lloyd '50 Botts, Harold '52 Blevins, Bruce '51 Bodine, Roy '52 Crowell, Bernard '49 Dona, Robert Danielson, Don '50 Demers, Arthur '49 Demko, Robert '51 Engberg, Roger '52 Fawcett, Ben '52 Gehri, Al '50 Gilsdorf, Don '51 Gilsdorf, Les '50 Greenwood, Don '51 Hoff, Don '50 Hager, Warren '51 Halleck, Maurice '52 Hansen, Frederick '50 Haslam, Cameron '51 Healy, Richard '51 Hedges, Joseph, Grad. Hergert, Clinton '52 Hersey, Garry '51 Kaiia, Stanley '52 Kennell, Kenneth '49 Kepka, Brian '50 Langlow, Kenneth '49 Langlow, Stanley '50 Larson, Dole Larson, Marland '49 Lowney, Jack '50 McCorry, John McMillan, Jack Mann, Ernest '49 Medlock, Robert '49 Meyer, Dean Eugene '52 Mills, Robert '50 Morrison, Robert '50 Niemi, Carl '50 O'Connor, Dennis '49 Richey, William '50 Rieflin, Robert Eugene '52 l Rinker, Robert '50 Robertson, Richard C. '49 Saul, William '49 Silver, Dexter '51 Sim, Joseph '50 Swayze, Thomas '52 Thomsen, Denton '52 Whitcamb, Paul '51 Williams, Howard '50 Not pictured: Paul Davies '51, Rodney Gibbs '50, Robert Angell '52, Edward Annas '52, John Becker '52, Richard Gastfield '51, Robert Robbins '50, Don- ald Semmern '51, Lloyd Silver '49, Earl Smith '51, William Sparks '49, John Taylor '50, Carroll Walter '50, James Driscoll '51, Henry Semmern '51. FALL OPFICERH Ciuyot Frazac' Ed Adams , Stewart Hutciiconw Ken Dickinson Dan Seitsinger Greg Loomis Adams, Edwin Adler, Bill Allphin, James Buck, Bob Clern, Bill Collins, Jim Dickinson, Ken Easfwood, Ari Engle, Larry Harberl, Ray Hogberg, Bob Haichkiss, Harry Hufcheon, Srewart Johnson, Gus! Loomis, Greg McMullin, Don Mobley, Mel Nelson, Dale Seilsinger, Dan Sharp, John Toslo, Joe Worswick, Sion Not pictured: Fred Burkhard, Glenn Dunn, George Fowler, Guyor Frazier, Raymond Frederick, George Galteland, lim Grondohl, John Hallenbarfer, Jim Hudson, George Johnson, Ben Judd, Bob Klee, Joe Mangold, Paul Mullins, Bob Pelerson, Clarence Shuh, William Srid' well, Don Tanner, William Thompson, Dave Wales, Dick Waller. Pi Tau Cmega Prcsriert .Vice-President Reiorrling Secretary , Corresponding Secretari. .. .Treasurer ,, , Historian , Chaplain ,, . Sergeant-at-Arms , F A Mclviiiiin Edward Cornan Advisors SPRING OFHCER5 David Wales ,Harry Hotchkiss .Mel Mobiev Dan Scutsinger , Ed Adams Robert Buck ,joe Tosto ,Bill Clem Righl: Presidenr Dave Wales FALL OFFICERS George Wehrnhoff... . lack Knapp ,,........ Joel Belsvlk ,.,,.,.... Wesley Seelye ,..... Dick Cbiarovario ...... Willy Sepefoskia Gene Brown. ,.,...... . Dirk Frederick, Willy Mellisn ..,... Bob Oquisla Sigma Mu Chi Left: President George Wehmhoff , ...... President ..,., ,, .. ,,,,Vlce-President ,,..,....SecreTary .......,,Treasurer SPRlNC- OFFICERS ,...,..jack Knapp . .,.,......... Dave Rees ..,,A.Duval Wiseman ,,,.,,,,,.Frank Taylor ,,,Historlan,., ,,...loel Belsvik .Sergeant-at-Arms .........,...,,,.,,......,.,.....,,.,. Walt McCullough ,,,,,.SoClaI Chairman..,..........,,mlack Babbill. lim CBHIOUSTTG .,,,,,,..Librarian, ,William lonez, Cordon Scraggrn ,Pledge Father ..,.....,, ,, , .....,......,,,, George Wehrnhoff Intramural Manager ...., ,, .....,... ,.,,,.,. , ,,,., Bob Oquisl review xi SQ? , Y 2" Z Q ""1:: i f ,.,-, ..,,,.mg,..a,g 4 ,jf , Y 3 N er iff? +5 egg ., .., aw ,I ,I I Fi. ,.i,,,: . --,N I ,,.,,,,, .,.,..,. M ,A if ,J N 'ff ..,,., ie? J' F ,.,: ., 3 ,A we 1. f ff? 4 -::.- 1 ,-ae z ' . . .,.... I ug Apr, - :hiv .,.,, 'vlv 2:1 ,:.:,:l, .,,- vv.:::. : gg X f:'i:E,-: ' :,, r "':' Emii ia:-f.1:1.-.g.1-1.9-fi" I '555'f:Qf:25f5i'55 Allen, William Anderson, Jack Babbit, John Balarezo, Edward Barclay, Donald Belsvik, Joel Bennett, Jack Berg, Donn Berg, Robert Briggs, Al Brouillet, Buster Brouillet, William Brown, Eugene Brown, Warren Caillouette, James Chapman, Tim Chiarovorvo, Dick Chovil, Don Combs, Herbert DalSanto, Frank Dinsmore, James Drake, Edward Fabulizh, John Frederick, Richard Garland, Barry Gianelli, William Gingrich, Paul Holton, Leonard Hegstrom, Milton Herzog, Allen Hunt, Bruce Hoffman, Christopher Johnson, Robert Jonez, William Kennedy, Bob Luzzi, Jim Marvik, Gordon May, Raymond McCullough, Waller MacDonald, Sterling Montague, Don Opgenorth, Robert Oquist, Robert Perdue, Donald Peterson, Robert Prescott, Harold Robertson, William Satterlee, Herbert Scraggin, Gordon Sepetoski, Willie Slaughter, Albert Snuffin, Gerald Spalding, Roy Spanich, Leonard Taylor, Frank Tuttle, Ran Westlin, Wilmont Wehmhoff, Ralph Wiseman, Duval Opgenorth, Chuck Not pictured: Jack MacPherson, Gordon McConnaughey, Rool Reitan, Jack Schulz- man, Thomas Tolson, William Zylstra. Sigma Nu Ccmmgincer .. Lieutenant Commander .. .Harry Mansfield Treasurer .. ,,,,.,, .,,,. . ...Phil Hanson Corresponding Secretary. .Ross Bischoff Recorder.. ,.., . . Historian Marshal . Andreason, Bruce '51 Angeline, Robert '50 Baker, Milbert '51 Barker, Grant '50 Bischoff, Ross '49 Bremner, Sandy 'FO Caddey, Charles '52 Carlson, Richard '50 Clark, Floyd '52 Day, Barlow '52 Filkins, Vern '52 Fowler, James '51 Gass, Richard '50 Gislce, Kenneth '52 Gustafson, Art '50 Hansen, Philip '50 Hansen, Ralph '50 Landon, Richard '52 Lang, John '52 Larsen, John '51 Lochow, Donald '51 LaPore, Richard '49 Manley, Joseph '50 Martin, Larry '51 Mason, Howie '52 Mathewson, John '50 Middlebrook, Paul '50 Murphy, Harold '49 Nelson, Arthur '50 Nelson, Clarence '50 Nicholson, Dick '50 Norman, Willard Norton, Philip '51 Perkins, Richard '49 Reimer, Cece '50 Rinker, Burton '51 Roe, Frank '50 Roierts, James '49 Rumbaugh, James '51 Shaughnessy, Jack '50 Stephens, Gene '51 Tamblyrl, Eldon '51 Tate, Terry '52 Taylor, Donald '51 Not pictured: Harvey de Carteret, Robert Ellison, Richard Elmore, Richard Hender- son, Gordon Hill, Glen Holmberg, Clay Huntington, James Johnson, Ralph John- son, William Kidd, Harry Mansfield, Howie Meadowcroft, James Oakes, Ralph Rowe, Robert Rule, Ed Wilson, George Wolfe, Harold Wolfe, Warren Wood, Louis Youngman. .Eldon Tamblyn .. Don Lochov. . jack Rznlter . Leo Bllttigar' Chaplain .. . Reporter . Sentinel . .. . . Rush Chairman . Pledge Trainer. . House Manager... .Cece . .. .. .w -::-1 ' 3 --r' .,,, 1 22.5" H t ..,,. I- 1 " P I ..,.. . fE:'.,E':: sl: 1:1 'QQ - K ...., i ,lzl " V, ' , 1 .iffrefza i, or gtgt. fs ,Haig .. at za: 2 E 2' Q , i al ., , if ,..,, .. ss.: x ez.: -E:-. J -x Q-if 'Q .. is . me .-r ': -gt.. . . .. Qs Art IXle'son Reirner lim Fowler Clarence Nelson .. ..., lim johnson John lvlathewson Right: Commander Leo Buttigan ..... I. .. fm f. .t in le. 5- . .. :. .,. . N if , .Q W ' x ""' L ' ,, 'W ' it fs 1 .ts ' - is , .... . .. Q 'W V Q 3 .V Dm f ,:::.:1' ff " " WEEK 66 fshktef, I--Kappa Sigs hold their Black and White dance . . . Z-The Sigma Nu's stage an out- door rush . . . 3-Pouring in the refreshments for the Mu Chi . . . 4-Tough hombres? . . . 5--Mu Chi gathering . . . 6-Sigma Mu Chi's mighty mascot . . . 7-DK sneakers stop for refreshments . . . 8-Omicron clowns at Homecoming Parade. Stray Greeks President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Advisor - il 3: QE OFFICERS 5, - - Betty Gundstrom Dick Brown - Rhea Riehl Prof. Clyde Keutzer Right: President Betty Gundstrom ' as V ..,: , DELTA DELTA DELTA: Lois Anderson, '51 ALPHA TAU OMEGA: George Babbitt, 'Sl Mal Stevens, Grad. SIGMA NU Gerry Bennatts, '50 Stan Styner, '49 PHI GAMMA DELTA: Bill Brasier, '49 Chuck Hories, '49 PHI DELTA TH ETA: Charles Chandler, '50 Harry Hutchinson, '50 Ken Knott, '50 Lee Turnbull, '50 Mert Waller, '50 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA: lack Gannon, '50 Bill Quast, '50 Bill Zylstra, '50 ALPHA CHI OMEGA: Bettilou Goore, '52 Helen Hahn. '50 Rhea Riehl, '50 THETA CHI: Bob Higgins, '51 Tipp Lockard Howard Martin, '49 KAPPA ALPHA THETA: Betty Gundstrom, '50 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Marlin Moore, '50 BETA THETA PI: A. Walt Olson, Grad. SIGMA CHI: Bill Plummer, '51 PHI SIGMA SIGMA: Lenore Secord, '49 SIGMA KAPPA: Gloria Swanberg, '51 0 STRAY GREEKS-Upper row: Dick Brown, '50, Theta Chi: Dick Burr ows, '50, Alpha Sigma Phi: Bob Danell, '50, Phi Delta Theta: Gloria Ellexson, '50, Zeta Tau Alpha: Don Ellis, 50, Delta Chi: lack Erck, '49, Alpha Tau Omega: Dolores Gutowski, '50, Sigma Kappa: Len Kalapus, Sl, Lambda Chi Alpha. Bottom row: Lois Leland, '5l, Kappa Sigma: Chris Nickolas, '5 Nicholson, '51, Delta Delta Delta: Chuck Rohrs, '49, Lambda Chi Alpha: Epsilon: Georgeanna Thompson, '50, Alpha Phi: Ingwald Thompson, '5 Westby, Grad., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I, Phi Delta Theta: Virginia lim Sulenes, '50, Sigma Phi 0, Phi Delta Theta: Roger I67 JSI JNSON - C OX C CD. . . . wprinters of Fine Annuals YZICOIHEI, XXAISZIIJYQIQOI Alcorn, Cordon ., Bachimont, Otto ,, lndex to Faculty Pictures Garrard, James ,,,,,,,.,,,...,... 30, Gee, Willard . .,,,,Y, , Baisinger, Wilbur , W28, l03, l42 Gibbs, E. Delmar ,,,, lO, 26, 34, Bankg, Gerard ,,,,A ,,,,,, 2 l, 39, 8l Ciiske, Rod A.,..,,,,,,,,,,, 34, lO6, Battin, Charles ,.,. ,,.,,. 3 6, 40, 90 Glenn, Kenn ,,,,,, . .............., . ,...,,,9l, l53 Coman, Edward Bell, Edna-Ellen ,,,, .,,,, A,,,.,,,, 3 4 Heinrick, John ,,,,,,,,,,,. 34, l06, Bennett, Doris ,,,.,...,,,,..,.,,.... 30, 88 ,,,,......... .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-A-, l 22, Bird, Harry ,,.,,,,, 34, lO6, ll5, l29 l'lOlI'T16S, Margaret , ,,,,. Blumenthal, Albert ,.,,...,,,,.,. 36, 40 Hora. Dorothy ,,,,,,,,, .,,..,,,,..,, Bond, Alice ,,,,,,,,,., ,,.,,, 3 4 Jacobsen, Leonard .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Burmeister, Theresa ...... 34 Jaeger, Julius -,Y-----VfV----- 30. 3l Butler, Edward .,.., ..,,.,,,.,,, 3 O J-3ml9SOf1. Lyle 4,---------------ff-VVf---,- Button, Jean .. Capen, Ellery ,,,.. Carruth, Willis .,,, Carter, John ,,,..,,,, Chapman, Coolidge Chubb, Frances ,,,,,, Clark, Ella Mai .,,, Coulter, Calvin Cowell, John ,,,,,,,,, Davis, Margaret Drushel, Lyle Ford Duke, Faye .,,,,,,,, Enright, Jack ,,,,,,, Fehlandt, Phillip ,, Fossum, Helen ,,,,, Fossum, Paul ..,,,,,,, ..,,,,.32. .,,.2l, l 42, ,.......32, ,,,,,36, 8l, 88 l44 28 .,,.,..30, 39 l42 l42 36 l52 , .....,..,,....,.. 36 l44 30 36 ,,.....34, 82 Jones, Martha Pearl Kennedy, Elizabeth Keutzer, Clyde LaBounty, Barbara Lantz' John .,,,,,,, Magee, John .... ,,,,29, 32, 40, Mahnkey, Ray .,,,,,,,,.,. 34, lO6, Martin, Jacqueline McMillin, Frederick Miller, Christian ,,,,, Morgan, Murray ,,,, Murtland, Hal ..,.,, Mutty, Christine .,.,, Myers, Marian ,,,, Myles, Margaret ,,,,. 5rf'Ea,"55 Frederick' Arthur , Gardner, Robert ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 6 N9lSOn, Martin ,,,... ..32 l42 36 38 ll5 29 l52 l l5 l36 36 29 29 38 36 lO2 l4l 29 28 36 32 40 l l5 30 32 30 75 86 37 35 3l 28 39 O'Connor, John ,,,,,, IO, ll, 28 Olson, Walter .,,,,,,,, Ostransky, Leroy .... l 3, 28, 38 Perry, Warren ,,,,,,, Peterson, Richard Phillips, John ,,,,,...,, . ...,... 35, Powell, Raymond ,,,,,,,,.. 2l, 26 Rasmussen, Ivan ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,,.,,, Rau, Weldon ,,,,,,,.,,,,.........,....... Regester, John ..,.., l7, Zl, 8l, Riehl, Bernice ,,,,....................,,, Rosenthal, Manuel ,,,,, H29 Seward, Raymond ,,,, ,..,,,,, Shelmidine, Lyle ,,,. Slater, James .,,,,,,,, ffffiif Smith, D. Robert ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. , Smith, Richard ,,,,.,. Sprenger, Robert ,,,,,, ,,,, l 4, 32 Stell, Harley ,,,,,.. Sullivan, Carolyn ,, ,,,,,,l43, Tate, Helen .,...,.,,,,... ...,,,..,,.,,,, Thompson, R. Franklin ..6, 7, l0 ,,,.l5, l7, 20, 76, 82, 99, Tomlinson, Warren Van Cilder, Helen ,,,, Vaught, Raymond ,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,, Walter, Juanita Wentworth, Lynn ,,....33, 38 88 39 l4l l28 39 97 l42 l44 35 34 28 32 l42 28 97 32 37 l42 29 2l 78 l44 29 98 3l ll l42 40 33 29 98 99 Yeah Men! Yeah Gals . . . for the Correct Campus Attire it's HART SCHAFFNER 6. MARX No matter the occasion you're sure to be properly . . , and handsomely . . . dressed when your Clothes are tailored by Hart Schaftner 61 Marx. Kloptensteins feature all that's new in mens and womens coats, suits, and furnishings . . , apparel that's right for campus wear- Ask about the styles tor You, soon. A 935 Broadway gx Q ix min. 4 M ,, ,Z 4. Q!- If X! ,,,f f If 9 AF T 0 N 8. .lA Y' S The Home of the "Big Doughnut" F. E. GRUSSER 81 EU Plumbing and H eating Q0 O it SUPER HAMBURGERS GIANT MALTS 1115 Tacoma Ave. MAlH 0842 Comer of Sth Ave. CS Cedar MAi.n 8373 C lndex to Student Pictures 'A'-' Annas, Ed ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,, l 30, l46 Barnes, Edwin .,Y,.,.Y, ...... l 46 Adair' Ken ----- Ywfi, fi'--,, 8 5 I 88 Anselone, Philip ,,.,,,,,, ,,.,..,, l 43 Barotsky, William ,,,,,, ,.....,.... l Z8 Adams' Edwin U ------ 163 Armstrong, William ...... ,....... 4 4 Barton, Vernace ,,,,,, ,....,,.. 4 4 l57 Adkins, Rex Afriw --b-,- 4 4 Arnold, Donna ...... ..... 7 8, l56 Battig, Burr ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,. l2, 58 '48 Adler, Bm -W'WV---Wff-YYAA-Yw'------------ 163 Askari, Rafid ,,,,.,,,. ,,,,.,,, 4 4 Battin, Yvonne ,,,,.,.,.,............... Albertson, Barbara ,...,,,,.,.... 68, l57 """"""" 58' 65' 8" 90' 9' '56 Aliment, Lindy ........ 115, 146, 162 -8- '3ea'dS'eY- D665 aaaaaaaaaaaa-a'- '54- '57 Allen, Robert ,...........,,,r...... 58, l6O Babbit, John ,,,,eee, 58, l3l, 164 Beck- Laffy, -a---'--a,A'4--- aaaa-aa A Y- 3' Allen, Robert ....,.,.,.......,....,...,,, l64 Baeer, Stanley ,eee e.,..,,e...,..,.,.. 4 4 Becky- 'V'a"a" --'-'-4r-aaaaaaa 94 Allen, William .,...... 42, 44, 81, 104 Baelen, Pauline ,,.,e .ee,.eeeeeee. 1 57 56" ,B-2"5a'f' -r -------- 58- 98 '57 Alphin, James .................... 44, l63 Badger, Bob ..,.... ...... l 49, l6l Belsvlk' Joe' """"' """"' 4 4 '64 Althuser, Ernie ........,,..,............. l28 Baker, Milbert .......................... l65 Bennett' Jack ""' """ 6 6 '64 Alvarado, Michael ..............,..... 44 Baker, see .555....5555.,5555a1a5a,a5aa,a,, 156 BW' D666 -a--aa aa-aaf 5 8 '64 Anderson, Clayton .... 44, 81, 82,162 Balareze, Ed 66, 72, 18, 81, 104, 164 Befgf Robef' ----' -----ee ' 64 Anderson, Gordon ....,,........ 68, 85 Ball, owagnl ,eee,,,,,,,,eeee.,,,.e.,.... 160 BUSQS' Me" -'------ ----r ' 64 Anderson, Jaels ,...,, 0........ 1 64 Ball, Robert ,,err.e.eeeeeeeeereeee l45, 162 Be'g'6"' A"d'eW rrrr- r---- ' 43 Anderson, Janet .... .,.......,.,..Y l 56 Banday, Don ...... ,,,,,,. l 3l Berland' Bud """" """' ' 6' Anderson, Lorraine ,,,,..,. l4O, l56 Barber, Martha .,...,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,..... l58 Bertram' Donald """""A"""' 58 '6' Anderson, Pauline .,,,,..... 58, l57 Barber, Michael ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,....,. l6O Beyer' James --------'4'-"'------'--f f- 58 Anderson, Wells .,.,,e,,....,... 146, l62 Barclay, Donald ssss 31, 58, l3l, 164 Bifnel, Ear' -aaaaa--aa 58- 131. T46 V62 Andreason, Bruce ........ 80, l28, l65 Barkaloo, C-racia .,,,,,,..,,..,,,,,,.,,,, l56 B'5C"'0ffl ROSS ----rr-r 44. 88, 90 '55 Angeline, Robert 76, l22, l23, l65 Barker, Grant ,,l3, 55, 85, l43, l6S Bl8Cl4, Paddy ........,,,,,.......,,,,a., 159 Angell, Robert ......,,.,,, 68, lOO, l3l Barkost, Betty ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,. 44, l58 Blanusa, Lloyd ,,,, 58, l22, I46 l62 Graham Blue Print Co. Establlshed l909 "Promptness and Efficiency" Photostat Prints-Blue Prints--Negative Prints-Prints on Cloth-Black :S White Prints-Drawing Materials-Tracing Papers-Engineering Instruments Free Pickup ci Delivery Tacoma Building Phone M1-Xin 7733 ZZO0 l ETL SINCE 1916 Electrical Contractors EQUIPMENT 6. CLOTHING FOR ALL OF YOUR fwmfe SPORTS! Snunrs sunn General Electric Appliances fri' 947 Tacoma Ave. MA 1046 Bev Farrell and Iane Hagen are learning from Frank Demski that Tacoma Savings and Loan has many unique devices for the protection of its thrifty patrons, who have learned that savings is one of the most important items in anyone's budget. Include it in your college budget and keep your accounts protected at Tacoma Savings and Loan. 51161717161 Savings and ,lllllllfl Assn. So. 9th at "A" St il? l Blaser, Phyllis ,,w,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brown, Robert ..... ...,,.,.... 4 5 Carr, Jane ...... 15, 31 45, 98 157 134, 135, 144 156 Brown, Warren .....,.58 164 Carstensen, Gus .. 59 Blagkowgky, Carl ,,,,4,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 161 Brubaker, Shirley ...... ....... 9 8 156 Carter, Fred ....,..... ...... 5 9 160 Blevins, Bruce 122, 131, 146 162 Brush, ROl'J6I'l ........ .......A 4 5 Carter, RlCl13fCl .... ........ 1 28 Bliglq, Richard ,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, 44 Bryant, Earl ..,......,,........ ....,, 4 5 Casteel, Dorothy .,,,, .... 1 57 Bgd, Curtis ,,,,,,,, ,,,A,,A,AA,,,,, 5 3 Brynesfad, Joyce .....,.......,...,... 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IC vi k Sf 47 it l' S uffomplete Food Center" W Credit and Delivery 910 Broadway li ir ii? Tacoma Washington 5 Phones 5 Deliveries to Serve You a Week BR0adWaY 4131 -4132 PR 3514 Clixcept Monclayl EULLEGE BUUK STURE Mrs. Schiffbauer, Manager Serving Students Are Lavonne Schuler Betty Hutton Iohn H. Iones Ieanne Williams Bob Wolf . . a Cordial Invitation TO VISIT and Secretarial School is extended to young men and women who are interested in specialized training for employment in business or government service or as a supplement to a general or professional education. A Bulletin ot Information regarding each course offered by the school, rates of tuition and placement service will be mailed free upon request. Xlvfatchcs 4123 Silver Jewelry Certified Columbia Diamonds WATCHES Hamilton if Elgin 'K' Helbros Sfcrffn alex ffm fewfejef CFor Quality and Valuel H32 Broadway THE FAVORITE MEETING PLACE OF ALL STUDENTS ikiiir BUSC ' Drive In 3505 South Tacoma Way if 'A' ik Cpen All Night Quick Service Thick Malts Deluxe Hamburgers re erred Year A ter Year ,-,?f'i-32?-Z7 H5141--f' 11-2:-QL? 1 U W B ,,oe4fiL11 2,-T5 uffrifaz 7 ,,af?511a'f-e?arfi.?" 14541-fa., fo'-Q UI' lll UU S +i11i1rr1rf'aee,1z,3f"r1 1 1 11-1 11,5-g,,egeeH , f,,--gLi1'i1ll1lfv:if5', imr-MW'-img, if 1 5' 'W' '-tice ,L-A 11sri---:-1:-f-':'f:1"'14'?"H555cific fro., f - 929 Commerce Street -sf ev 'Fa , eZ+.V'1 14. 415+ Tacoma, Wn.-MAin 5665 . 1 ' 951 E,E.'rijl1'11r.I2n1a- ' c 11,1514 fe 1 so if 5'ECIETZ'fE?'r1'C-.c ' f,54?.5.. 1417 co iffggwfa 57 ? 3.1 '11iL,!' ' 1 -ggi, Ji-af I iilifailgli aa-45111 T' 1 -3 L 1. 4 i "111i15 'CLE fgjyi' -1 1.1 2 -114- 11 1 11-G?" 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H71 wg. 5-L 345, .-11- rm -:-t,' - The IHC. ,ai-:fi i" Z1 ' 'iii F5512 3 PEETE ,f , .,,,lK I0 --1-+133 Office and School Supplies and Equipment ik "ml ,,,s1f?F'L',i-If-gflgarv --,rf-.--sr., S. llllulllllllll "5" " ' " ' E '9c1!m'l"'""'111111IIl1m111111111111 -me ,Lt iuuu111111i1111i11uw' u,,.h my -r E r,,1-XTlf ' cfrmfv 1 6ofaNicirg""" BUCKLEY KING FUNERAL SERVICE Q26 Pacific Ave. MA 2153 Tacoma Ave. at South lst Cooper, Joan ..,,,,... ......,,,,,,,.,,. 5 9 Demerg, Don o,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,. 162 Ellexson, Gloria ,, ....,,. 12, 65 167 Cooper, Mary Lou .....,,, 59, 76, 156 Demko, Robert ,v,,,,., 114, 115, 162 Ellis, Don ,,,..,.,.,. ..,,.., 1 22 167 Copple, Betty Jo ,,,.,... 85, 134, 135 Dickenson, Ken ,,.,...,,,..........,... 163 Ellis, Margaret ...... ,..... 5 9 156 Corley, Gilbert ,,..... .....,,,,,,... 4 5 Dickson, John .....,,,,,.......,,,,,.,,. 59 Elmore, Richard ,.... ....,.. 1 44 Corliss, Jean ,..,... .....,,,,,,. 9 8, 158 Dieatrick, Aleatha 45 134, 142, 156 Elwell, Thomas ..... ........,. 7 4 Cousins, Joyce .... ,,,,,... 7 6, 90, 159 Dinsmorc, James ,,,,..,,,,.,.... 59, 164 Engberg, Roger ....,,. 131 162 Cox, Mercedes ,,,.....,,..,..... 144, 156 Doan, Emma .......,.,,,,,..........,,,, Engle, Corrine ,.... .,..... 1 34 156 Crabs, Richard .............. 70, 73, 104 -A------ 31- 45- 134 135- 142- 157 Engio, Larry l,,,cc ,,s,...... 1 63 Crawford, Nancy ,....,...,.,,cccccc.,, 152 Doon- Raymond -----"c-cce----1--- 45- 146 Englund, Wes , .cc,,...,, 46 Creso, Irene .....,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,c,..ccc.., 142 Dobbs- Mow ------------- ------ 1 59 Ercic, John ,,,,,o o,o,c. 4 6 167 Crews, Janos ,,o,.,.... 129, 130, 160 Doohoffv- Loofefo foofo ---- 5 9 Erickson, Bill oor..,... ,... 1 48 Crowell, Bernard .oo...o..,...... 45, 162 Doo- Poffioia -----4- ------- 1 59 Erickson, Donna ,,,,,, ,ooo 1 57 Cullen, Doug ,,,......................,.. 85 Dohoffv- 14211111 ------ --------- 1 58 Erickson, Les .,,,,,,.r.....,., ,,c.,,, 1 45 Cunningham, William ,',,,, A.,A, 1 60 Drake, Edward .... .,,,. 1 31, 164 Ernst, Gretchen -'f'iA--.-------'-'--iv Cunningham, Vfayng Ylklw ,,--- 1 DTBUE, 1'181'OlCl .,,c... ,.....,.. 1 .,,. 46, 83, -D'- Drues, Richard .... ,,.,,,. 9 O, 141 Ernst, James ....,,,..,,,,,,..o.,.... 94 160 Drum, Marorie ,,,,. ,,,c., 5 9 Evans, James ,,.,...,,,,.,, ..,, 4 6 Dakin, Richard ..,.. ....,. 5 9, 161 DuBois, Max ,-.,,-A ,-,- 4 5 -F- Daria, Robert ,,,... ,,,,.,,. 1 62 Dolin, Kenneth ,,,,,, ..,. 5 9 Dancu, Robert ,,,.,,..,,..,,,,,,,, 59, 167 Dunn, glen ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 9 Fobulichr Jack -'rrcn- ----rrfnn- 1 54 Di-1hi6lSOr'1, Don -,,.............,-..,,.. Duvall, Margaret ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, l 58 Falrfax' George """"""" 59 161 59, 129, 130, 131, 162 Durkeey Joyce W-152, 157 Falk, Eugene 46 Davenpgrf, Ellen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 158 Falk, Richard .,...... 24, 26, 46, 82 Davies, Paul QH-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 131 -Ei Farrell, Beverly .,........ 46, 134 159 Davila, Jackie .,.. .. 24 Earle, Marian .,,... 59, 89, 134, 158 F3519 Norm -------------------------o- 128 Davis, Albert .,.... ..... 4 5 Eastwood, Art .,......,,......,.,....-.. 163 Fawcett, Ben ------------ 130- 131 152 Davis, Pamela .,.,..,.. ..,,,.,,... 1 57 Ebert, Clarence ....,,...,,,...--... 59, 161 FeC1'1140- Richard ---- ----------- 1 2 141 Davisson, William ,,... ..,.,,.. 6 8, 90 Eccles, Raymond .....,.......4.......- 143 F11l41f1S- Vern ------ ------- 1 65 Day' Barlow ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 65 Eckert, Richard 13, 16, 45, 97, 160 Fincham. Robert ..... -.-. 1 22 deCarteret, Harvey .,,.,....... 111, 146 Eckstrom, Befje 4............-.......-.- 159 F11111'0C14- Kennefh --4- ---- 1 29 Delsanto, Frank .,...., ....,.,.... 1 64 El'1li, Adam ........... ...---.---...-..-- 5 9 1:15C1'191'- Dave --------- ---- 1 61 FUUNTAIN + IIULLEGE EAFETERIA EAFETERIA Fiske, Harriet ..,.... ..... Fitzpatrick, Sally ,,,,., ..... Fleisher, Harold Force, Gale .........i ,,,,,,, , ,, Fowler, James .....i .,,,,, 1 66 Fowler, Richard ..... ,..,,.,,. Frame, David ...... ...,,, Frank, Georgeann . Frazier, Calvin ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Frederick, Florence ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, Frederick, Ray .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59 Frederick, Richard ..56, 59, 74, Fullager, Grace ,,,, 12, 94, 155 Funke, Catherine 46, 98, 143 -G- Galteland, Olar .......,c,,.,,,. 144 Garland, Anita .. ....,.. 46, 94 Garland, Barry ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 9 O Garnett, Freda ,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, Garrison Robert .,... ,..... Garrison, William .,,...... Gass, Richard ,.,.. ,,,,,,,, 6 O Gastfield, Betty ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Gebbers, William ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Gee, Hollister ,,,AA, ,,,,,,,, 4 6 Gehri, Alfred .,,,, ,,,,,,,, 6 O Gentle, Calvin ,, ,,,,,,,,a,,A, A, Gianelli, Bill ..a..c.A,,,,,,,, 12, 60 Gibbs, Rod .,...,........,. 76, 122 Gilsdorf, Lester 260, 114, 115 142 159 160 59 165 59 129 158 122 149 149 164 159 157 153 156 164 134 46 46 165 157 60 146 162 60 164 123 162 Gilsdorf, Don ...., ...,.... Gingrich, Paul .,,.. Gipe, Charles ..,., ..,i. ,,....,46 Giske, Kenneth ..,. ..... Glenn, Donald ,..... ...,,....,.. Godfrey, Douglas , ,,,,,,, 60, Gossard, David ,,,, ,,,......... Gotchy, Clarence ,,,,.. .60, Gould, Jack ........,. ,,..,.,,,,.. Greenwood, Don ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 46, Grosser, Janice ,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Gruenewald, Charles ,,,,., 60, Gruenewald, Mary .............,i...,. Gudmundson, Jean .....,..,.......i.,. 14, 60, 65, 78, 149, Gunderson, Orvind i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gunderson, Wayne ,,,,, Gundstrom, Betty ...., ,,,,,,,,,,,, Gundstrom, Virginia ,,,,i,.. 134, Gust, Milton .,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Gustafson, Art ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Gustafson, Frank ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Gustafson, Robert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 46 Gustoski, Delores .,,.,,,. 60, 94 -H.. Hagemeyer, Jean 90, 134, 153 Hagen, Jane ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15, 42, 46, 83, 98, 134, 147 Hager, Ed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 73, Hager, Warren ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, v v 1 162 164 60 165 85 160 160 125 128 162 156 87 152 159 148 143 60 159 115 165 46 161 167 157 159 80 162 Haines, Harriet ,......,.. 60, Halleck, Maurice ........ 70, Haligan, Otho .,,, ,,,,,,, 4 6 Halverson, Ann .,.. Halverson, Ed ......... Hamelenain, Arvo ,,,,,,,,,,,, Hammond, Richard ..,.,,,..,.. Hanberg, Lorraine .... 134, 152, 130, , 89 ,.,6O 152 Hansen, Arthur ....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 46 Hansen, Beverly .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hansen, Frederick ....,.,. 12, 47 Hansen, Philip ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 6 O Hansen, Ralph ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 6 O Hansen, Robert ,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 4 Hansen, Robert .,... ,..... Harbert, Ray ,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Harris, Cynthia ............,,.,,,,,,,,,, 13, 15, 60, 80, 100 Harrison, Joan ..,.,,,,. Hartzcll, Barton ,.,,. Haskell, Frank ,.,, ,,,,,, Haskell, Rachell 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Has'am, Cameron .,,... 131, Hayes, Joan Hazel, Don .,...,. Healy, Richard Q.,ff'iSFif Heath, George ....,.. Hedges, Joseph ,.,1 Heggstrom, Milt .,...,. 104, Heintz, Bonnie ,,,,,,,,,,,, 24 Hein, Jeanne .a,, 89, 1 141 141 115 112 134 31 159 162 90 157 160 148 60 159 160 147 162 165 165 60 153 163 159 156 60 146 156 162 152 94 162 47 162 164 159 47 Www 2 emma Charles Brown Alvin Brown 1917 1934 1932 PACIFIC AVENUE 1 LB. ALMOND OMEGA 1 LB. TINS PARISIAN ROLL 1 LB. TINS PECAN CARMEL ROLL A tradition of quality and good taste . 4 . a business operated by a CPS family ready to serve Farm Faster ff, with a , 7 XL Ford Tractor - X wif Buck 8 So TRACTOR 6. IMPLEMENTS 'iff if 'fr Parker I. Buck, President 1111 Puyallup Ave. MA 4117 BLVIHGTOIYS XXX Barrel il? 'A' if Earnous for that TRIPLE XXX ROOT BEER FISH FRIES CHAMPION HAMBURGER Orders to Cro a Specialty CURB SERVICE Tacoma-Seattle Highway BR 1477 Hendrickson, Ronald .,.... Henry, Donald .......... Henry, Walter ,...... --,--- Hergert, Clinton ........,....Y.,..... Hermsen, Richard ..,.,...,..... 107 Hersey, Carry ..122, 131, 146 Herzog, Allen ...,..... ................ Hespen, Naomi ...... .....4.. 6 O Hibben, Edwin ....... ........., Higgins, Robert ....................... Hill, Lorna ......,...,.................... 15, 60, 76, 83, 94, 98 Hilton, Daphne ,......A..,.,.......... Hinds, Camilla ..,.... ...... Hinds, Carol ,........... ........, Hitchcock, Howard .....,,..... 60 Hodges, Donald ..,,,...A,,,...,,,,.... Hodgson, Jackie .,,............,,, 65 Hoff, Donald ........,... 122, 146, Holmberg, Jacqueline ...,.,.. 47 Holton, Leonard .,,..... ,,A,,, 153 47 60 162 146 162 164 158 90 128 158 47 158 158 94 60 90 162 158 164 Hughes, Edna May .,s.. Huhn, Betty-Anne .,,,, Hume, Peggy .,,.... Hunt, Bruce ...., ,,,. ...,,.. Hunt, Heman .. ,,,.. .. Hunter, Robert ...., Huschke, Gwen ..,,, 141 47, 143 ffQfQf'i'lis Huston, Robert .....,... .......,.. Hutcheon, Steward ..... .......,A.- Hutton, Holmes .......,.,...,...... 47 Hyatt, June .,.....,...........i....,,-- -. 15, 47, 65 98, 142 -J- Jabusch, Tom .,...,....vvV .-.A-- Jecklin, Ceorgianne .,,... .....7 Jemio, Hector ,............,.....-.. Jensen, Betty Anne Jensen, Diane ...... 60. 98, 143 Jensen, Dick ..........Y......YA....---- Hoerr, Noralee s,...,. Hosberg, Bob .,,. Hoffman, Chris ...,,. Hoggatt, Verner ,,,.,. 145 163 164 143 Johnson, Beverly .,....,............ 34 135 81, 82, 1 Johnson, Johnson, Dona Joy . Johnson, Ernest .,... Homberg, Jacqueline ..,..,,,,,,,,,,, 47 Johnson, Evan -rrlg Holt, Francis .,,...,.....,...,...,,s, 47, 152 Johnson GUS, ,,,,,, Hoover, Galen ......,... ,,,,,,,,,, 4 7 Johnson, Jane 'A--- Hotchkiss, Harry Hotes, Patricia .,,...., Howe, Charles ..s. . .. ........ eo, 163 ..,......i4o, iss ..,.,.12, 81, 160 Johnson, Jim ..,...,,. Johnson, Lita .......,. 56 60 100 i i ,142 Beverly .....,.......... .,.... ...ffliv 134, 155 157 140 24 164 146 47 158 47 60 160 157 161 158 148 159 157 145 157 98 157 161 160 163 70 148 158 Johnson, Mary Lou Johnson, Robert ,,,., Johnston, Earle .... Johnston, Ralph ...,,,, Jones, Gordon ,.,,,. Jones, Gwen ,.,,,, Jonez, William ,....,is Jorgensen, Robert Joslin, Helena .......,. Jugovich, Barbara Justice, Robert ...,,.... Justice, Sidney ,s....... -K- Kaija, Stan ...,.. ...... Kalapus, Len ,,,. Kari, Juho .,.......,.,,.. Keilman, William .,.. ,, Kelly, Paul .,......,.... Kennedy, Robert ,... Kennell, Kenneth .,,. Kensler, Nadine ....s, Kepka, Brian ,,,,.,,... Kessler, Alice ,..... Key, David ...,,....,... Keyser, Eleanor ,,,,,,, Kezich, Patricia ..70, Kidd, William ........, Kincheloe, Mary ,... King, Charles .,,.. 81, 134 60, 149 E156 ......60 ..83, 98 15 ......6O 130,131 81,104 'fl ...... 60, 158 164 47 47 60 156 164 31 146 140 48 161 162 146 148 48 160 164 162 148 162 31 148 157 157 90 94 60 ewe ry Ori ina S 'W mv 1 My at x . 1' ' bg A GQl!Qs"Qg , ,li " us' 1" 'i 'J fe-fffff... . rr 'i ,I-'Q I 4-QK 'fb X Q, ,af ,, 2- Jw! ' 1 E , X t GU DER 0 764 Broadway tix 1 . 1' YFQZ, -gyv, . ll lr X F-'1'l' t Hallis Bros. Market Wholesale and Retail Mushrooms a Year-Round Specialty Crystal Palace Public Market MA 8244 FOR HOME COOKED MEALS AT REASONABLE PRICES open 6 A. M. to 1 A. M. ilDY'1'S ilES'1i1Uilil1l'l 2412 Sixth Ave. MA 9390 MYRTLE SMITH, Manager JLVVLJVLQ Wd! Wozfzaifa B Y DENTHOUSE STUDIO zz. ,111. - V azziert l':2:"'2A' f f : :L1: i2b' : A A + , MNXY3 ,, 3, N :::.:i ..:q., .,i...:.:z. .:i,:,:.,.: O r R WNW ,W 2. 's,:.--.g,':-fr:-. f si X " ' .. , ,.A. E ,,:e1' 'rw , , . A ,....:::: I 901' the One m4d0r1ly BROWN 81 HALEY CHOCOLATES For a gift that says, "Only the lmcst is good enough for youfl choose Brown S Haley Chocolates. For a gracious rc- lIl6lllllI'2lI'1C8,f0I'21WVClC01l1lIlg0I'l-2lI'0XVCll gift, choose Brown X Huloyls finc chocolates. Made by thc creators of famed Almond Roca. BROWN 8. HALEY, TACOMA, WASH. Young People with big fashion ideas . . . and small budgets . . . like to shop at Lou Iohnson Shops at 755 Broadway if North Tacoma Avenue Lakewood Center Central urket QUALITY MEATS RETAIL MARKET and WHOLESALERS TO Restaurants, H otels, and Grocers 1122 Market Street BROadway 3431 QSupplier of the SUBD Tac0ma's Finest Family Restaurant WE CATER TO BANQUETS AND PRIVATE PARTIES Phone BR. 6575 is 'E ' ln? 'EA' 1 . L J-"" leg!! at-atx. ,.- f- V ,,,, IX EIL f CAFE SEATTLE ART AND PHUTU SUPPLY, Inc. for Students, Amateurs 6. Professionals if COLORS 'k BRUSHES 1? PAPERS i' INKS 1324 - 2nd Ave 1524 Westlake SEr1eca 4280 SEneca 6055 Kink, Richard ....,,,,,,,.,,.....Y.v,,, Kinnane, Shirlee .,,,.....,,,.,,.,t.,. 15, 76, 83, 100, 147 Kinrod, Anna ,.t..,,,,,,,,,......,. 48 Kloepper, Gloria t,t.,,,......,,. 104, Knapp, Jack ..v,,,,,.. 42, 48, 55 Knutzen, Noreen ,,,..,,,,,,... 152 Kowalski, William ,,,, 100, 109 Kristofferson, Gloria -L.. LaChapelle, Ed tt.,,,, Lahey, Florence .,,, Landon, Richard ,,,,,, Lane, Ed ,......,.,,,, Lang, John .,,,.,,.,. Langabeer, Janet ....,,,,,,,,, Langlow, Ken .,,,,,,,... Langlow, Stan .... 60, Lantz, James ,...,,,,,,,,.,,., LaPore, ' Larsen, John ,,,,t,1,,, Larsen, Sherwood ,,,,, ,. Larson, Dale .,,,..,.,,,,,..,,,. Larson, Larson, June .,,,,,,, 48, Larson, Marland ,,,,.t.. 48 Lee, William .,,,, Leggee, Jack .,,. Richard ,1...,,. 48 John ....,,,,.,,..,,,. 22.48 140 131 131 .,...81 146 146 ,,,..6O 134 131 .,,..48 101 156 142 157 131 159 146 157 103 97 165 160 165 159 162 162 85 165 165 60 162 161 156 162 148 160 Leland, Lois ,.,, ,..... 1 4 149 Luzzi, James ,,1,, L60 Lemley, Patti ,,,,,, ......,.,. I 56 Lynch, Robert ,,,. ,,,,.1. 6 O Lenzi, Arnold .....,,.,,,,,.....,. 60 160 1-Yon' R013E1'1' -f--, -V49 Levin, Richard A,,.,,...,,,,,,......,,,, 48 Lyster- Herrold ------A-- --A--'-- Lewis, Harry ,,,,,, 80, 98, 100 160 ,M1 Lewis, Richard ,,,,..,,,, 60, 125, 160 MacDonald' John -Af--A--------,,-A- 1-1911 1f1Sf1C1 -fA-ff- ------f------' 5 5 148 Maclean, Marion .t.,.....,.,,,,, 55 Lieu, Li Shen ,,,,,,t 48, 55 148 Mandell, Donna ...... 140, 147 Light, Ken .,,. .ff-----.--,-f- 1 61 Manke, Miriam ,,,,,,,,,,,, 15, S5 Light, Mel .,,,,1..,,,,. ..,,,,,..,...,, 1 46 Manley, Joe ,....,,.,,,,t.t.,...s,s, 60 Liles, Frank ,,..,,,,,,...,...,,,,....,, 60 Mann. Wayne 125. 130, 146 Lindstrom, Nanette .... 89, 134 156 Mansfield, Harry ..................... Linthicum, Barbara .,,,,....,,. 60 153 1V1af1fhe1.A11ef ----- -- Lister, Maxine ...,,,.....,,,,....,,..,. Marlerr Fred frfr ff ff 15, 48, 55, 99, 142, 143 159 Marr. William Livingston, Dennis .,,.,...,.,,.... 60 161 Marfemr Tom' -'--- ---'-- Lockstone, Doreen , ...,,,, 48 Martin, Howard ------ ---------- - Lochow, Donald ,,,,.... ,,.....,,, 1 65 Martin. L3"'Y -----' ----A-- 1 3 Lowenstein, Walter ....,,....,. 48 143 Mafflni Joseph fff--- ------A--f- Lgnergani Dorothy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 42 Marhneau- George ----- 111 Long, Carole 'V7V-,---wwv AAA- 1 59 Marvik, Gordon ..... ,,,,,,, 6 O Longmire, William ,,,,,.. ..1.1.. 1 46 Mason, Howie Y-..V.. Loomis, Gregory ,,,, ...,,, 6 0 163 M31'119WSOV1, J011ri ........ ..6O Lgper, Roy ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 29 lVl3X1I'1, Nlarlan .,,,...,,... 85, 87 Lovejoy, Delores ,,,t, ...,.,, 1 57 May, Raymond ,,4---------.Y.Y-AAA4-- Lowney' Jack ,,,,-, 60 162 McConnaughey, Gordon ,,,,,.. Lowrie, Annie ,,,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 48 lVlCCOl'l'y, John ..........L,...... 146 Ludwig' Janice --,,,,,,,,-,--,--,,-,,, McCulloch, Fern ..,,,..,....,.....,., 15, 48, 65, 97, 99 159 McCullough, Walt ..,...60, 131 Lutz, Marleen ............,r........... 157 McDonald, Sterling .......t..,... 62 151 161 142 49 85 148 148 156 165 162 42 50 161 161 50 112 165 49 115 164 165 165 150 164 73 162 156 164 164 134, 641' 64673 Jordan akin Compan SUPPLIERS TO THE sUB 5233 So. Washington GA, 4451 CU FF EE Z 3 G R I D S Wiverything for the Home Builder" ' Regular ' Silex ' Drip ' g, Vacuum Packed in One and Two Pounds 4 lilh Avenue Paint 81. Hdw WOOD COFFEE CO., Inc. 2503 - Sth Ave. Phone MA 7441 Tacoma Across from Sunset Theatre McElwain, Kathleen Mclntyre, Lucy .,,,, McKay, Herb ...,,, McKay, Pat ......,.rrr McMillan, Jack ...... ,.,....62, Mffdiif 46 McMullin, Donald ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 2, McNeill, Claire ,,,,.,, McNelly, Beverly A,,. Medak, Thomas .,,. Medlock, Robert ,,,, Mellish, Wiley .... ,,,,,,,73, Merrill, Ann ......... .,..,,,,,.,,, 4 9, Merrill, Mildred .,,,,,,.,,,.,,,..,.,,. Meyer, Dean ..,....r,.r, 131, 146, Middlebrook, Paul .,,.,..,....,r.,r, Miller, Neal .......... Miller, Ronald ,,,,,,, Millette, Rollo .,,.,,,., Mills, Robert 83, 100, Minchau, Etna ......... Miraldi, Robert ,,,, Miskoski, Frank ,,,,,, Mitchell, Warren ,, Moberg, Pearl ...... Mobley, C Melvin , Mock, Jessie ..,,.,.., Montague, Don .,,,.,, Moon, Mary Louise Moore, Mary ,,,,.,,,,,,,, 131 104, , ,,.....62, ,,..,,.49, ,,,.60, 98 Morgan, Jean .,,.. U24, 72, 159 159 160 157 162 163 158 156 146 162 49 143 143 162 165 160 85 160 162 148 49 62 146 49 163 157 164 158 157 157 Morrison, Charles ,,,.,...,..,.. 141 Morrison, Robert ....,..... 12, 62 Morse, Mollie ,.,.....,,,........... 49 Mortellaro, Alexander ,...,,,,,, 55 Mortenson, Roland .,,..,....,...,.ss. Morton, Marcella 62, 134, 143 Mozel, Donald ,,,a,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Murphy, Harold ,,,, Murray, Margot ,,,,. Myhre, Lloyd .....s,s,,,.ss, -N- Neeley, Rae Jeanne ,,,, 14, Neirnela, Edna ....,,, .,.,L,,,49 149 Nelson Arthur ,,,,. Nelson Clarence Nelson Dale .... 40 Nelson, Gloria ..,,,,,, Nelson Laurel ,,.,, Nelson, Mumtaz Newell, Patricia fi6'i',"""'i 1 40 103 Nicholson, Richard Nicholson, Willard Nicholas, Nick .,,.,,,,., 62, Niemi, Niesen Niwa, Norton, t Carl ..,,., 56 Shirley ,,,,, Francis .... J. Byron ,, Norton, Phil ,,,,.,. Notley, Ed ,....,,,, Nugent, Henry .,,,,, 130, 141 146 ...,.,9l ......75 15 .....68 143 162 158 90 49 159 128 165 157 85 156 90 165 165 163 159 49 148 24 62 165 160 162 49 141 141 165 146 128 -0.. Oakes, James ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 115 O'Brien, Kim ,...,,..., 143, 152 O'Connor, Dennis ,,,,,,,,,L,,,,,, 49 Ogden, Annette ...,,, ,,,,t,, 9 8 O'l'laleck, Anthony ,,,, AL,L,,,a Olson, Morton ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Olson, Pauline ,,,.,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,, 62 Opgenorth, Robert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Oquist, Robert 13, 49, 90, 129 Orr, John .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ostergard, Betty Ostrom, Christina "fffL5l5fl""" Ostofichuk, Luba Overholt, Clifford ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ..p- Packard, Ralph ..,.,,.. Palmer, Alice .,,. Pan, Hsi-Lung ,,... Parker, Bruce ,.... Paulson, Duane . Pederson, Betty ,.,. Pelton, Bobbie ,,,, Perdue, Donald ,.... Perkins, Richard ,... Perry, Barbara ..,..L Peterson, Bob ..,...L,, Peterson, David ,,,L..L, Peterson, Frank L,,...,. ,,...,.49 1 40 1 46 ,,,,,,,62 cfflsii ,......5O 62, 147 129 159 162 156 98 143 158 164 164 144 98 158 156 49 143 159 148 160 65 153 148 164 165 156 85 161 151 7a Me gem 0,4 'W "Keep wifi Zac " GAS Does me 4 BIG JOBS BEST ' COOKING ' HEATING ' REFRIGERATION ' WATER HEATING Q44 Wm ga: 7: TAUUMA 2 Eff 221132 gmfll aeflflllano Qbffdee UJHSHIH TUH 'mn ELECTM o c 0 m P n n 9 Larsen Bros. B Painting Co. 'A' Contractors 'A' C mmercial 'Fld t'l6fDmestic 'A' S dbl t' g if 1 1 D r g R d 1 ith SUB B ' J MA 6217 1944 So Wilkeson Sllllffy 5 DRIVE IN 1320 Puyallup Ave. Seattle - Tacoma Highway DELI IUUS eclozfw DAIRY PRUIIUCTS 'lr GRADE A Pasteurized, homogenized KREAMILK i' HALF and HALF 1For cereals and desserts1 if GRADE A pasfeufized MILK if GRADE A pasteurized CREAM and i' GRADE A pasteurized, fresh-churned BUTTERMILK WHIPPING CREAM 'A' MEDOSWEET KRIMKO lChocolate Milk? 'A' MEDOSWEET CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE if MEDOSWEET DELUXE ICE CREAM TACUMAWS FIRST CHOICE Med0SlUeQt Dairies, Inc. 2431 Pacific Avenue Bfioadway 1171 Make Washington Your A Headquarters for All Your 5 Cleaning and Laundry Needs! E2 --BR. 4116- .. . ey yawn Q , I Your inspection of our p1ant is inviiedl 1-"" 5 See our We are proud of our gm, DRY CLEANING fs. PRESSING DEPT S and wish the FUR CLEANING AND STORAGE - 'n every succesg "' 'hc years that arg ahead LAUNDRY SERVICE ,, D-mg At' I 1418f6th Ave- Cat Cushrnanl E. A. Lane, owner 184 LETTERPRESS and QEFSET PRINTING M ER Y PR S atu,llltl10Ylb I Commercial Printing Ctyngr d ' Dance Programs an SHCCBSS 0 Stationery . has 'fOr David Parker Best W ts MAIU 6666 1710 Broadway PROMPT, CH EERF UL SERVICE 3 CAFE' 1 in Well 5 Prescription Pharmacy FREE DELIVERY if 742 Market St. BR 2201 NU.FlR5T RTADDMA AVE,- Peterson, Gayle .,,,, ,,,,, 1 52 Reyes, Victorlano 148 Ryder, Jack .,,,,,,,, ,..,, . M 149 Peterson, Howard ..,,,,,,. ,,,,,, 6 2 161 Rhea, Lester ..,,,,, ,, 160 S Peterson, Janis ,,,,,,,r, , ,,,,,,,,, 159 Richardson, James H 144 -- Peterson, Robert .,,,,,., 62 144 164 Richardson, Joyce ,,,, ,,,,,, , Y, 157 Salatino, Dick VYV4, Y-.fv..fV.- .-.-v.. 1 4 6 Petrich, Carol Sue ,, ,134, 135 159 Richey, William .....,Y,,Y,.......VVV,V, SBFIWDSOVT, -l01'1l'1 56, 65, 81. 82 147 Phillipg, Earl e,ee,e ,e,e , ee,e,ee,, 1 61 --'- 62. 32. 122. 123- 145- 152 Sanders, Yvonne ,,e,e,.. 12, 104 159 . . . Riehl, Nancy ,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,.., 104, 159 Phllllpg, I-Q15 ,V,,Y,, ,,Y,A, 5 O 156 H I 2 Safer, ROlD6I'f ..,,Y 122 146 pO11Om, Norman I eeeee,,,ee 146 Rfe1""- Rolfeff Eugene -----'e-eeee 16 Satterlee, Herb eeeree ....,,eeeee 6 3 164 Pond, Henry eeee eee, 1 O9 146 RMS" 8115011 '66666666 '1A"'6666 I 123 Saul, William .eeeee ....,,,,,,.,,...,. 1 62 Porter, Jack ,YY,,,A-A,,,,,,Y,,,,V,Y,Y,. 83 Rmker' 13013611 """"""""" ' Schaller, Patricia ,,,,.... 63, 103 158 Potter, Ruth Ann .,,,.,e,,,,e,,,.e,,., Robbms' 1105911 107' 115 Schieler. Lercy 9 .fY-aVVVVA..f,fa.YYfa 9 146 50, 83, 93 134 158 Robeffsr 135155 450- 165 5611,-mar, Lorna ,e 149 158 Pratt, Patrick I1..,,,,e,, 9, 9.50 160 110116115001 Ffeffli eeea e--eaa- 621 146 sehore, Laurine ,,,,,e,,ee,, 39, 94, 159 Prechek, Barbara ,,,,, ..,,,, 5 0 134 Robgrfson- W'll'am '78' 164 Schuler, Lavonne .,,,,,r. 94, 97 156 Prescott, Harold e,,.,,,,, e.eee 6 2 164 Robinson- R'C15a'd A efaaa' 50 schur, Dorothy o 63, 93, 155 157 Price, Ray .....V99,99Y99,99,9,,,,......Y. 99 ROb11'1SOn' W1111am """" 50 Schweinler, Dorothy r,,,,.,,.,,,,,r.. Pringle, sue , ,5,5,, 103 134 159 ROC14W8v. 1-Ofavne 4 -4'-'44 621 159 e,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,., 1 4, 50, 149 157 proyorv Sidney YVVV WM-.62 144 Rogers, Larry ,,,,, 146 Scraggin, Cordon ,,,, ,.100, 141 164 puddicombev Elaine iW75 104 156 Roe, Frank ,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 3, 165 Seaman, Wayne ,,,.,.....,,,,,,,, 63 160 Putnam Miles SO Rohrs, Charles ,, 50 Seelye, Wes ,,,,,,,, 51 pyfer' Frederick Y 50 Roley, Leslie ,,,A , ,,,, ,,,,,, , 161 Seitsinger, Dannic H51 163 Ross, Burt ,,,,,,,,,,, 107, 146 Sernrnern, Don .,,,,, ,,,,. 1 30 131 -Ri Ross, Dorothy ,,,,,,,, 72, 85, 89, 104 Sernmern, Henry .,,,,, ,,r.,,, 1 2 Roundtree, Elenor 134, 158 Sermon. Don ....,Y,,,,, ,.,,,,, 5 0 R3D1'1-391, Louis ..9,.9 H ...VVV 68 85 Rowe, Barbara ,,,,,,,,,,,, 50, 101, 103 Sepetoski, Wilbur ,,,,, ,63 164 Raver, Leonard ,9,.. ..,999,9999,.,.. 8 1 Rowe, Don ,,,,A.rr,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,,,,,,,,, 149 Seymour, Dan ,,,,,,. ,,.,,., 9 O Rector, Bruce .Y,. .,,.Y,, 6 8, 90 160 Rumbaugh, James ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , 165 Sloiaff, Donald ,,,A., ,,,, 5 1 Reed, Ruthie .. ,,,,,,,,,..,. 24 Rogg, Bernice ,,,,, 598, 153 Shannon, Larry ,,,,, .,,,,, , 51 Reed, Virginia . .,,,,,,,,,,,, 159 Rusk, Betty ,,1,,,,, 134, 158 Sharp, John ,,,I.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,., 94 163 Rees, Dave , . ,,,,,,,,,,,. 50 147 Rutledge, Tom ,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 O, 151 Shattuck, Ethel ,,,,,,r. 101, 140 157 Reimer, Cecil ..., ,....,,, 6 2, 75 165 Ryan, Robert ,,,,,, 114 146 Shaughnessy, Jack ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 165 Stell, Harley ....,,,.. Sliva, Ed ,,,.,,, Shaw, Said ,,,,, Shea, Pat ,,,,.,..... ,,,A,,,. 6 3 Shephard, Laura ,,.... Shields, Elaine ......................... Shugard, Jeanne 83, 134, 140 Silver, Dexter ,A..........,,,,,........,. Silver, Lloyd .,,..,,..,.,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,, 12, 25, 101 Sim, Joseph ,,,,,........... 63, 101 Simonson, Harold 101 Simmons, Dixie . ,,,,,,,, 51 Simmons, Jane ..... ,.,.,.,,, Simpson, Richard .,,,. ..... 1 3 Sinkovich, Bev ,,... .149 Sinkovich, John ,, l,,,... .. Skupen, John ,,,, Slaughter, Al ,,,.. Slick, Joyce ,,,. Smith Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Earl .,,, Jackie .. Jess Joann , Patricia ffffaa 130 140 ,,,,,,, M51 Rod .....,,, ,,,,,, Sydney ,,,. Thomas ,,,,, Snodgrass, Harold Snodgrass, R. . Snow, Joanna ..,,,,, Snuffin, Gerald ,,,,. 148 159 98 148 156 162 155 162 160 158 156 94 158 160 148 164 156 63 131 85 63 156 134 161 51 51 51 146 159 64 Snyder, Phyllis ..., Springer, Frank ..., Soltis, Virginia .........,.,,,,,.....,,AA Sorensen, Betty ,,,,,,,..... 63, 98 Sorweide, Phyllis ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,.., Spadoni, Roland .,,,,, Spalding, Ray .... 69, Span ich, Leonard Stanton, Ed .......... Sparks' William ,,,, 115, ,..ff5i' Stabbert, James ....,,,,. Stark, Herbert .... Starkey, Jane - v 1 Stark, George ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 103, 160, Stauttacher, Walt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- 63 Stebbins, Joanne ,.,, Steton, Anne Ev .,,, Stelling, Earl ,,,,, Stenger, John Stephens, Gene ....,, Stevens' Merle ., Stevenson, Andrew i 1 04, ...,,..63 ...,,..51 Stewart, Doris ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,--AVw'-w- Stier, Marilyn ,,,,,, Stilwell, Weldon Stivers, VVilliarn ,,,, St. Jean, Joe ..... Stone, Leo ..,, Stoneberg, Vernie v ,.Qff5'if ....,,....141, 38, 99, 122, 123, 156 Storhow, Joan .... 55 161 Strain, Carol ...... .......... 1 4 90 Sule, Corinne ..,,.. 134, 156 Sulenes, Jim ........, ,,,.,. ...... 158 Sullivan, William .,,,.. 51 Summers, Diane 164 Swanson, Marian ,..,,, ,,..., 164 Swanson, Richard ,,,,,,,,,.,.....,.. 151 Swayze, Gretchen .,,,,,,,........ 42 130 81, 82, 94, 101 143 51 Swayze, Thomas ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 130 143 Swenson, Carol ..... ,,,..... 9 4 149 -T-, Tamaki, Ted ......A,, ,.,,,, 156 Tamblyn, Eldon ,. ,,,,,,,,,, ,, 1,58 Tangora, Sam ,,,,,, H52 94 Tanner, Jack ,,,,.. 146, 63 Tate, Terry ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 160 Taylor, Frank ....,... 55, 56, 83 Taylor, Donald ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Taylor, John .,,... .,,,.,, 1 2, 83 161 Termin, Beverly ,,,,,,,, 146 Thompson, Georgianna ........... 158 Thompson, lngwald ,,,,.. 15, 63 146 Thompson, Nancy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thomsen, Denton ,,,,., 63, 131 160 Thurber, Jackie ,...,,,,,,,,,,,, 103 51 Tippie, Georgia ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 Tippie, Jean ,,,,.,,, 12, 100, 134 51 Todd, Eugene ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 159 157 159 111 51 159 157 63 52 159 162 157 63 165 160 148 165 164 165 131 156 63 109 159 162 156 15 135 90 A Delightful Place to Eat Overlooking Commencement Bay Phone MAin 3330 ' "'E,..'2.!E!!h, K 452 SKILL INTEGRITY RESPONSIBILITY Tacoma Chapter Associated General Contractors OF AMERICA, INC. if 'ir if SI, Helens 1313. 2297 Wheniiiou Shop, Select CFURS-.E ess FRUITS, VEGETABLES, JUICES . ,F ., , : 1, S T 0 R E D When you use WESCO food products, you know you are getting the "pick of the crop" . . . the choicest fruits and vegetables from the finest . . growing areas. Packed and Distributed by Insured Against Fire, WEST COAET EEOCTERY COMPANY Theft, Damage Branches in Southwest Washington and Alaska XVESSO reprlaces 31moc'aIt,tha '- S U P R E M E Jill f.3"'l'Cl'sb"yeafS. 0' ' J QQ X D .- fy run stones fi ,ii is ' o My , look Aff fire , ., iust can BR - 2434 E DIVISION and TACOMA AVE. RE931Gol-D 5 eps - wssco LABEL D SWR-g 9 If my 1 V 44 X' mx I I .1" "Through these portals walk I I THE CREAM OF , THE CPS CAMPUS" Seen entering the bank to make financial transactions are C. PS. students, Marian Earle, Barbara Albertson, Lois Wasmund, Ross Bischoff and Cecil Reirner. ., , S ,Q 'TLEZ :sg,,Z'.j MAIN OFFICE G Wei v TW-5' S Tfggff' S -v vi H' 'g 11:4 ,friiflfyv if A LINCOLN BRANCH P 187 238 ,. kA A 'I , K ll .2f.I.I.,.1-1.I:::1i.EgE535 .v.-- - ,,.:,,,,,,:1 ,nll ::E,5::.l I wx , is I' ,I ,Q ml wi i If . . ,, , .. .,::- 4.:,. 'fsz ' f'afl"--- L1 ' fllllbll NE Q HA wn Lf ml 1 if I. ' is 1 23 , . 5 , ' S lllnyixrr : Co LF MBINATIZZNE FINE SCRE as . ,, vs uw. Q, b y .,.,,. ., f "I', 'is:. , " U. .: ...Q . , ,, EN HALFTONE I W Q. ,Q Q 1 ' X seal Q Q, Y :ffff f if P, vig 1533 x R Q 2 3 X xx -g 1 X Q way s x wQ 'X X xf! ii KRS X , , I 3 K , ,A is .c., ..,.. ,Q COLOR WO RK A , .Wir Q ' '-7' LINE .4 . i U A 'K I -V . far Tiiiiifigi? K ii i' " 42 ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., . A... I. . , x I X 7' I V is iv lu' 'li N M x I V , - qv NI ,x 3 5 ww 4 " I EYCHI NGS FIDELITY - VERSATILITY - SERVICE Tacoma Engraving Company priniing plales give you a 'Irue presen'Ia+ion of your message--s'I'riking resulls in black and whiie or color. Engravings for all purposes-newspaper coarse screen, fluoro hili+e halffones, commercial 'Fine sc b' line, and color work. reen, com lna+ions, Maximum speed in producfion Iime assured by modern plani' equipment and opera+ing personnel of highly skilled craf+smen. PHOTO'ENGRAVER5 ,www NU 9. PN vohgffmocb 6. STATIONERY DESIGN me DAC lf,qGES OMMER IAL ARTISTS Our s+aFf of creaiive adveriising ar+isIs offer you a praclical solu+ion Io your piclorial problems. A new idea, a s+riking layou'I, and an inferesfing I ilusI'ra+ion +ha+ will 'Iell your s+ory quickly and convincingly, and sell your produci' or service. 92l Marke'I S'I'reeI' - MA' 7I66 In - Tacoma 3, Wash. L4 SFAS- PHoTo RETOUCHINO AD ,,.. J -:--- : I ' -1-: ,- 1- -2-1-. :. - 1 1 :-:-2.2241-:lrz " :1:-: .. il: 7 - -:, 4-z- : NEWS HALFTONES VERTISINC1 ILLUSTRATION Compliments of 614471 3 FLGRHL No. 2nd 6. Yakima MA 3876 TACOMA, WASH. Your Sweater Headquarters Qualify 1514 Wing 60. LETTERMEN 3 NYLON Hertzberg s . . CASHIVIEHES Washington Bindery 201 North Eye Street ANGORAS Tacoma, Washington Binding of Public and Private Libraries 934 Commerce "TREASURE TROVE BINDINGSH MA 5581 Tacgmal Wash, Tone, Alvin ,,,,, .,,,,,,, l 3 73 Wales, Dave . ., .,,,,, 64 Williams, Paisy .,,,. y ,f,,.,-- W 24 Tonge- Harry ..... ,,,,,,,,,, S 2 Wallace, Marlys ,,,,, ,, ,.,,.,.. 148 Willoughby, Ken .,,,,,...w,,...Y 52, 161 Tonge, Bruce ,.,.. .,.r 5 2 Walters, Howard ..,, ..,,,,,,. 6 4, 160 Willoughby, Lorayne .......,..Y-.,,. Tosto, Joe ......,. ,... l 63 Warlord, Janice ......,,,....,,..,,.,,,, 158 'ff--- 14-55-73178 '49, 1551 l58 Torn, Robert ,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 3 Warne. Hofnon ,,24, 52, 134, 156 Wilson, Wvleefi -eeeee-----'-e-'----ee 157 rownsond, Warren 63 woomond, Lois ,,,,,,,,,. 72, 134, 157 Winfefs- 10110 -noo---- 3-'3--'ooo 1 28 Trefren, Bonnie ,,,,,,,,, 94 Wassel, Robert ,,.,o.. ..,,,.,...,... 1 60 Wlsemanr Blaine '-"' "'-'--- 5 2' l6O Trimble, Margaret ,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 56 Wayrynen, Herb ,,,,. ...,, l 41 Wiseman- Duval -"' -"-""A'-'- l 54 Troxel, Betty ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 1 57 Weaver, Vivian .,.. ,..,,,,,,,, 9 4 Wlsemani Rai' ---- ""4-- 6 4- l3l Tomo, oiivo ,rrrr ,,,,,,,, 9 4 156 Weed, Yale ...,,,,..,,, ,,,,,. 6 4, 160 Wold' Cam' nooo ----ooo l 57 ronio, Ronald ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 6 6 164 Woidkofno. Kathleen ,,r....,,,, 94 Wold' 13091 o6-- 'ooo l 57 Tuttle, John ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 151 Weidkamp, Kenneth ...o...,... 64 Wolf, Ernst "'--- 'rrn l 48 roroono, Raymond .,.,,,.,.,,, 94 160 Wehmhoff, George , 52, 55, 78 Wolf- Ffed ----'ooo'ooo'oo--------'-oo'ooo- 52 Turnbull, Leroy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, I 12 115 VV6l'1rT1l'1Off, Ralph .,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,, Wolf, Harold 121 38' 541 loo' 104 65, 68 69, 141, 164 Wolf, Bob ,,,,,,,,....64, 94, 101, 160 -U- West Rav -4ee,eee-,...,,..,.............4 161 vvoiiond, Roin ,,,,,,,,,,r. 98 140, 157 Upton' Rolland vYYi-YVYV YYVV 5 2 We5fbYi R0891' ---Y--' v-Y-,------ 5 2 Wood, Warren ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lO9 Wesflini Jack ---fvv-f--------- ------v- l 46 Worswick- Stan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...., -v-- Westlin, Wil .,,,,,,,,,,. 64, 131, 164 ............ 69. 101. 103 104. 163 Van Hom' Beverly -.V-i --Yi 4 4 Westmoreland, Roberta ,,,,,,,. 97, 157 Wrighf, James .,...,........,..Y,, 54. 161 Vaux Patricia YYA-v--V Yv-'-v-v-'-. I 59 Whitcomb, Paul r,,,,,...r..,,,,,,,,,, 162 Wrigl'1f,Marfha ......,:,....,,,,, I ..,.,, Victolry George -bwb Q Qwwun 64 White' Warren wVw'YYiAYVww--w'YwvY 64' 161 .,,,.....4...... 52, 55. 65 05. 143 vionovion, Ann ,,,,,, 64, 94 159 x:f:SO"'mA'g3I-'j--72- 935 152- 123 -Y- iwor , oria ,,,,,,,, , , lfi',QaH11Ql1Hji11f ff1 'ZS Wiginfrnon, snirioy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 152 Yamaguchi. Alice ,,,,,. ..52, 134 Voshmikv pat -q'-,--- 24 64' 98' '58 Williams Alden ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 143 Youngman. Louis ...,,, ........., 1 28 Williams Coleen .....,...,,,,,,,,,,,, 156 -w- Williams, Eunice .,,,..., 134, 148 156 'Z'- VNlBgf'19I', Harold .,.... ,.., l 47 Williams HOWard ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 64 162 Zevenbergen, Tgny ,,,,, ,,,, 6 4 Wahlquisf, Virginia .... 157 Williams Janet .....,,,,,,. l5, 98 157 Zimmerman, Victor I44 Walberg, Ray ....,........ ..,, 6 4 Williams Jeanne .,,,.,,, 52, 142 159 Zylstra, Willard ,,,,,, ,,,, 1 44 M obilheat OIL SALES cS'r SER VICE Inc. Stove - Deisel Heavy Fuel Oils Road Oiling - Free Estimates 764 Commerce St. MA 6137 FLY - - with BEN BARRY Operating Tacoma's Oldest Flight School at SKY HARBOR AIRPORT Tacoma-Seattle Highway Across Puyallup River Bridge Phone WA 8659 LYON VANXL TOR GE CO. Let LYON Guard Your Goods Moving ff Packing ff Crating 'f Storage Household Goods 109 South 15th BR 3131 ff + f ff ' ff' x,f! 9- , - Compliments of 1N T E R L A A K E N INSURANCE AGENCY 9509 Gravelly Lake Drive S.W. Phone LAkewood 2171 Allstrum Smzmew if Printing Co. Annuals Publications Weddings Dance Programs Commercial Printing 'Riff LETTERPRESS COMMERCIAL ART OFFSET LOCK C. RIEHL Q-CQM4, 55 Q6 IN s U R A N C E 2 time F' C5 Lire 7' ek lj, FZ'Z'.3ffZ?s 8 ' emsusnip 407 Puget Sound Bank Bldg. MAin 3l3l St. Paul 81 Tacoma Lumber O O O Cffmpfmy Burchheld Boiler, Inc. Main Office and Plant TACOMA, WASHINGTON "More to Offer the Perspective Buyer" Manufacturers of Birchfield Steel Boiler for Steam and A A' Hot Water Heating W lk It General Steel Fabrication Steel Fishing Vessels For nearly 30 years BIRCI-IFIELD BOILERS - 733 East llth St. MAin 6181 have been built using 0 IN THE WEST 0 WESTERN LABOR and 0 FOR THE WEST 0 WESTERN MATERIAL Index to Student Organizations Alpha Beta Upsilon ,,e.,,i,.. Alpha Rho Tau ,,...u......iuuu.i Alpha Psi Chi ,,,,ii,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, American Chemical Society Anderson Hall ,ioo,ioe.,,,iiie.,,, Art ,iVu..,t.......,eieo....ooiooooe.,.,,.o Central Board .aoe..,io,,v. Chapel Committee vvp,.ii Chinook ............,...,,, Cottage ........i...,...aa..... Delta Alpha Gamma o,,Y, Delta Kappa Phi Delta Pi Omicron ..,. Dramatics ...,,e.i,.,..,,i Finance Committee ...,, Forensics .eee..,.v.,eie Home Economics e.,,eee, Independents e,.....iui..., .. Intercollegiate Knights .....,.... Inter-fraternity Council ....,. International Relations Club Inter-sorority Council .,...,.... Kappa Phi .,,i....eeee...,ee Kappa Sigma i.u.iuu.,.i.... Kittredge Hall ,ee,... I56 I43 I44 I43 ISO I7, 99 ffiffilifll 82 I49 ISZ I57 I6O I6I IOI 8I 90 98 I53 I4I I5-4 I48 I54 I47 I62 I52 Lambda Sigma Chi .,,.e...i...... Lettermen's Club ........,ueu..,.e Log Book, Who's Where ii.... Music Mu Sigma Delta .......,i.......... Mu Upsilon Sigma ....,.......i..... Occupational Therapy Club ...e... Otlah ,i........,.............u,.i....,eu Phi Sigma ....., ..ue.. Pi Beta Phi .,eVee,e. Pi Kappa Delta ..., Pi Tau Omega .iVi....i.i Sigma Alpha Iota ....,. Sigma Mu Chi e..e Sigma Nu ..e...,.e Spurs ..V........,....e.,, Stray Creeks i..i,i.i..,....i..e.... Student Attairs Committee ,iee Student Christian Council ,,,,e. Tamanawas .....ei.......,,...... Todd Hall ....,.wv....e,......,,e..u,,.. Trail .....,i,eV,V,.....,.....,i.,.,........,...V Women's Athletic Association ,..i... Women's Federation u,..,ui........... I58 I46 87 92 I42 96 I45 I42 I48 I 59 90 I63 95 I64 l65 I4O I67 83 I47 88 I SI 84 I 34 83 Acknowledgments WE OF THE TAMANAWAS STAFF tip our editorial hats first to the Student Body and Faculty who made the yearbook possible. A great deal ot the success of the book can be attributed to the advice and guidance ot Professors Lynn Wentworth, Doris Ben- nett, Ellery Capen, Lyle Jamieson and Bar- bara La Bounty. The patience and under- standing on the part ot the printers, en- gravers and photographers is also apprecia- ted. The pictures contributed by C-rant Barker, John Blake and other campus shut- terbugs did much to augment those taken by the statt photographer. !Cl,1 S2 Silt

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