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University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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4' EDITED BY ELIZABETH ANDERBERG Business Manager - Patricia Mason Art Editor - Irene Eearn Published by the Associated Students of the College of Puget Sound 1947 J 1: , 2 PHRHHEHEHTM. 3 2? I :fs Q2 E 5 J- 5 4 3 1 K 1 is H: 9 a Mi..,Mm., d ? -, - - W., -. J WE, THE STAFF OF THE 1947 TAMANAWAS, DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL TO "TOMORROW." IT IS OUR HOPE THAT THE STUDENTS OF THIS COLLEGE AND EVERY COLLEGE WILL BE INSTRUMENTAL IN BRINGING ABOUT A MORE WONDER- FUL "TOMORROW" THAN THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. ' 'xiilvfg A , h,Ng,4.g s f 1 'X L,,,4 XF ,fg .Mg-f :I mv, N if ' 1, 'A F'-fifxw W V- H -V .-..- , I.. , , S, ,,.. .IRL .2 .. .E., ., .,:- I-'SF' A . , . K .. qv ..,, Y ., Vw ,ik R 152 , , , , . 5. K 9 .r :, V .. ' ' X 4j,"'a',, I yi , s .. J, , X M - fmt, f K 4 wmzwggmsjf ,, a2,,W J A 54 5, Y if ADMINISTRATION CLASSES CAMPUS LIFE ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS g my " I if NJ , I 1, . N Q g, Y W TVT 4 VVVW The Student Union Building may Well be called the "Hub of Campus life," for here are found the Associated Student Office, the Publi- cations Oifice, the cafeteria, the bookstore and the sorority rooms. The SUB also houses a number of out-of-town women students. 5 Q .,-ff' W-ff' R. Franklin Thompson, A.lVl., BD., Ph.D President. College of Puget Sound ev tl 5:54 fx ., ., ,Q K - , . , li ' 11 ff - g,glZT -,gm , f f Tr -7-A: .L ,ww W Ml ' '1 M31 F' V . 'W-"-'f 5oP1Af"" K' 'L'w5,w?:1u, H' if ,Q 2 ,ffffwr fl , ,V,, lll,, foil, . M 75 "' K3 uh hsa,"1Jf rx RICHARD D. SMITH, A. B. Registrar and Alumni Secretary THE COLLEGE OE PUGET SOUND is proud of its students and Alumni. Standing, as we do today, at the dawn of a great new age, there is more need than ever before for men and women trained in the splendid heri- tage of A'Our College of Dreams." This has been a dynamic year in the life of our Alma Mater. Doubled enrollment, new buildings, landscaping and new faculty have GERARD BANKS, A. M. Bursar all made it a year of development and interest- ing evolution. The excellent spirit shown by the student body has been genuinely appreci- ated by the Administration. The College is eager to serve her students and Alumni. With deep-seated joy and real pride she follows the development of your career. R. Franklin Thompson, President Lvl! lu rfghl: Mrs. Herstrom 1President's secretarvl, Miss Boulton lDuan's sefretaryl. Mrs, Angst lflursaz-'s serrs-lnryl. 6 Dagfinn Slcaar, Cand. Phil. Special Lecturer on Exchange Professorship Gordon D. Alcorn, Ph.D Associate Professor of Biology Charles T. Battin, Ph.D Professor, Robert Laird McCormick Chair of Economics Edward H, Butler, A.M. Instructor in English Mary Alice Batterson, Ph.B., B.L.S. Assistant Librarian Edna-Ellen Bell, A.B,, O,T.R. Assistant Professor, Director of Curriculum in Occupational Therapy Ellery J, Capen, M.B.A. ilillli MANY NEW PROFESSORS were added to the faculty at the beginning of the fall semester and throughout the year, but none held more interest for the student body than the Norwegian exchange professor, Dagfinn Skaar. Professor Skaar came from Norway in exchange for Professor Christian Miller, who had been CPS's registrar. While in Norway, Professor Miller oc- cupied the chair of American Literature at the University of Oslo. Doris B. Bennett, A.lVl. Dixie Bullard, A.B, Instructor in English Assistant Instructor in Home Economics Ruth Carruth, A.B. Willis Carruth, lVl.S. Coolidge O Chapman PhD Associate Professor of Business Instructor in Religion Associate Professor of Professor of English Administration and Economics llflathernatics l l DR. TODD, president emeritus of the College of Puget Sound, came to the College in 1913, and for 29 years held the office of president. For the past few years he has been writing the his- tory of the College. Dr, Todd was recently honored with the announcement that the new men's dorm will be known officially as A'Edward H. Todd Hall." Frances F. Chubb, B.F.A. lnstruclor in Art 7 Edward H. Todd, NLS., S.T.B., D.D., LL.D., L.H.D. Prcsidenfl Emeritus Ella Mai Clark, A.M. Assislanl Professor of Romance Asrislant Professor of Hislory Languages Gordon Epperson, B. Mus. Philip R- Fehllndfy Ph-Dr Eliig FUfb9S3 A.B. Helen M. Fossum, Ph.D. Instructor in Piano Professor of Chemistry Asrxftanl Lrbranan Pygfgssnr gf Rmmmfe and Cello Ldnglfdgff Arthur L. Frederick. A.lVI. 1311195 L- Gaffafd- AB- Pmfessor, john O. Fortcr Chair Instructor in Spdnifb of Religious Education Edward Delmar Gibbs. A.M. Associate Professor uf Edufatio Herbert A. Horn, M.Mus. Franz Hoskins, A.B. n Assistant Pmfesmr in Piano Instructor in Biology Calvin B. Coulter, jr., Ph.D. 8 a d Geor e Jacobsen, Julius Peter Jaeger, Ph.D. Leon r g B.M us. Professor of Pianofartc Professor of English , r i Elizabeth Worden Johnson, Martha Pearl Jones, A.M, Clyde H. Keutzer,IA.M. A.B., B.Ed. Professor of Speech Professor of Voice, Dzreclor of Instructor in Physical Educalion 1 g 1 l John T. Lantz, B.S. lnslruclor in Mathematics Hal D. Murtland, A.B., L.L.B. Instructor in Business Law George D. MacDonald, A.M. Assislant Professor of Chemistry Marian Myers, AB. Inslructor in English Ihe Music Department Arthur Wesley Martin, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Mathcmalics Martin E. Nelson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physif s Lyle Forcl Drushel, A.M. Dean of Women and Associate Professor of English Robert McFarland, A.B., B.D. lnslructor in Psychology Frank W. Patrick, B.S. Assislant Professor and Direclor of Physical Education Frederick A. McMillan, M.S. Professor of Geology Warren L. Perry, A.lVl. Ijlzrariang Associale Professor Wilhelm Balcke, AB. Mary Gibbs, B. S. in Comm. Instructor zn Occupational Therapy Inslructor in Secretarial Studies F-We Duke, M.Ed. Clarence Hagen, B. S. lnslruclor in English and Biology lnslruclor in Psychology Melvin Otto Kohler, A.M. Assistant Professor of Ar! john D. Regester, Pl1,D. Dean of the College ana' Professor of Philosophy Bernice G. Riehl, B.L. Instruflor in Speech Lyle Stanton Shelmicline, Ph.D. Robert D. Sinclair, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History Professor of Psychology and Politiral Seience james R. Slater, A.M., M.Pd. Professor of Biology Robert Sprenger. Ph.D, Blanche W. Stevens. M.S. V Assistant Professor of Chemistry Professor, Lillian Maiben Chair of Home Eeonomifs PIUUHIU Warren Tomlinson. Ph.D, Professor of German and Assistant Professor of I'Iistory William P. McCormick, AB., B.D. Instructor in Religion A Margaret Myles I Assistant Instrurlor in Voice John Alexander O'Conner, MS. Assistant Professor of Mllsif Edurtmn Assistant Professor of Organ ' 9 Raymond Leo Powell, Ph.D. Ivan Rasmussen, AB., M.Mus. Professor of Edufutiori Assistant Professor of Voice Marvin R. Schafer, Ph.D. Raymond Sanford Seward, Ph,D Professor of Sociology Professor of Plrysirs John Soha, B.B.A. Instructor in Busmess Administration D. Robert Smith, lVl,Mus. and Theory Raymond Vaught, A,M., M.Mus. Frances Van Scoyoc, A.M. Instructor in Business Adrmmstratron Hugh Tudor, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Politifal Sereme Paul B, Van Horn. A.B., B.D. Instructor in Religion Margaret Whlittlesey. A.B, Inslruftor in English and journalism Assistant Professor of Milsrl' AEEPS. PRESIDENT of the Associated Stu- dents of the College of Puget Sound was Phil Garland, who turned his job over to Polly Packard when he left at the end of the fall semester, General Manager of A.S.C.P.S. is Ellery Capen, JANICE LINDEMAN, Secretary CENTRAL BOARD-Sealed: Dean Regester, Janice Lindeman, Alice Ann Cross, Mr. Banks, Polly Packard. Standing: Bernie Crowell. Elizabeth Anderberg, Harley Stoll Lois Phillips, Bob lVlcNary, Carol Hamilton, Bruce Rector, Sydney Smith, jerry Baker. CENTRAL BOARD, the governing body of the Associated Students, handles and ap- portions student body fees. This year the Board met Wednesday noons in Room 108. THE WOMEN'S FEDERATION consists of the presidents and treasurers of Otlah, Women of S.C.A., Spurs, and W.A.A. It exists for the purpose,of raising funds to carry on the activities of the represented groups. King and Queen of the annual Women's Federation Tolo were Ted Christensen and Janice Ludwig. President of Women's Federation was Betty Jane Cappa. Other officers were: Vice-President, Bea Young: secretary, Lois Vick, and treasurer, Dorothy Lonergan. WOMEN'S FEDERATION-Surfed: Betty ,lane Cappa, Dorothy Lonergan. Mrs Dru liel Standing: Lucile Randall, Kerttu Kahn, Beverly johnson. Lois Fassetl Nut piclured: Lois Vick, Beatrice Young. CHAPEL COMMITTEEfLeft to right: Dr. Thompson, Bob McNary, Inez Doherty Meyer, Lois Fassett, Polly Packard, Andy Anderson Loi Phillips, Prof. Frederick. Noi piclured: Willard Gee, Phil Garland, Dr, Regester, Prof. Keutzer, Carol Todd, Janette Blake CHAIRMAN of this year's Chapel Com- mittee Was Inez Doherty Meyer. Carol Todd was secretary. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE discusses financial problems before they are brought be- fore Central Board. This committee is also the first to approve new departmental budgets. THE STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMIT- TEE had the following student and faculty members this year: Phil Garland, Dick LaPore, Mary Agnes Gallagher, Thelma Hardy Billett, Mrs. Drushel, Dr. Tomlinson, Dr. Shelmidine and Registrar Smith. .he Mr. Banks. Polly Packard, Janice Lindeman FINANCE COMMITTEE-Lefz to right: Mr. Capu i509-'r 358.3 I3 LH-QSM?-P4 59'-195.1 ff: Q,949i.5 '2.S 2055 1963- 7? Zf3?'iii'3f'72 249-'fill M ,.,.wfw4- ,, ,W ,N ,,,, .....,W1,,m,m,W5..,.,.,. , , K - H5 - -f 5 3 fl CLASS Alia CIQSS, Bark QI' , ,.. N iw..-WW-W-M-W. Z ,M whmf WJ we . ' gw gi U 15 IW Central Board' Loxs L ,, Vx V, - , ,Mi N,...........,--3 . Q- . Causin, fMin 'Not ELIZABETH LUCILE ANDERBERG Tacoma wail' WILLIAM CAUSIN Spud: Dramahu Delta Alpha Gamma Tamanawas Editor 4 Organ izations Editor 2 Staff l 3 Trail Editor3 Stall , Z: Otlah 4: Central Board 3, 4: Women o Rotary Award 3: Spurs 2' Campus Playcrafters. omecoming Play l, 3. 4. Spring Ply l. -. V Choral Readers 3: Harmonairs 3: Publications Committee 3: Howarth Scholarship 4, Presser Scholarship 3, 43 Who's Who 4: Adelphian Concert Choir. Tacoma Wash Clumxrlry Delta Kappa Phi, Vice-President 2, President 3' Vice-President Sophomore Class' Ski Club: Presi- dent ASCPS 3: American Chemical Society. President 41 Vice-President Senior Class: Whos Wlio 4. VIRGINIA BARKER Tacoma, Wash. Sociology Alplxa Beta Upsilon. Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Historian 3, Secretary 3: SCAg Ski Club: WAA: Secretary- Treasurer Senior Class: International Relations Club: Women's Chorus 2, 3. THELMA HARDY BILLETT Sunnyside. Wash. Biology Spurs Z: Student Affairs Committee. NORMAN BURKE Tacoma. Wash. Econumirs .14 M, GLORIA CORUM Tacoma, Wash. Englifb Literature Kappa Phi 3. 4: SCA. ALICE ANN CROSS Tacoma, Wash. Literalure and Sociology Kappa Sigma Theta, President 4, Vice-President 4, Secretary Z. Sergeant-at-Arms lg Spurs Z: Otlah. Treasurer 4: Inter-Sorority Council 3, 4, Secretary 3: Senior Representative to Central Board: WAA, All-Star Hockey Team l. All-Star Volleyball Team 4. 1. ELOUISE MAY CRUVER Tacoma, Wash. Plvyriral Education Delta Alpha Gamma. Historian l, Recording Ser- retary 4: WAA: Kappa Phi: Ski Club: Sergeant- at-Arms of Junior Class. CAROLYN CUMMINGS ROBERT CADIGAN Tacoma, Wash. Tacoma, Wash. Englirlv Litcmlure Ggulogy Kap-pa Sigma Theta. -Treasurer' 3, Secretary 2: Trail Staff 3: Co-Chairman Junior Prom 4: May Queen 4: Entered from Whitman College. BETTY JANE CAPPA Tacoma, Wash. Biology Independent Organization, Secretary 2, President 3. Senior Representative 43 WAA, Vice-President Z. President 4, All-Star Hockey 2, 4, Baseball 3: Womenls Federation, President 4: Otlah 4: Mu Sigma Delta 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4: Trail Ad Solicitor, Business Manager 2, 3: War Coordination Committee, Secretary Z: Junior Class Representative to Central Board: Spurs, Vice- President Z3 Todd Scholarship Cup 3: Who's Who 4: Kappa Alpha Theta Cup 4. MARGARET DELORES DeVOTO Tacoma, Wash. Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma, Historian I: Adelphian Chorus 2: Ski Club. 14 IRENE FEARN Tacoma, Wash. Speech, Dramatic! Kappa Sigma Theta, Vice-President 3, Aclelphian Choir, President 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4, Campus Playcrafters, Freshman Stunt Director, Home- coming Play 3, 4, Spring Play 3, 4, Choral Readers 3: Who's Who 4: Presser Scholarship 3, 4, Howarth Scholarship 4, Women's Dramatic Award 3, 43 Tamanawas Art Editor 4. ROBERT D. HIGH ROBERT FEAR Tacoma, Wash. Tacoma, Wash. Geology Business Adminixtraticm Alpha Chi Nu, Puget Sound Singers 2, Campus Workshop Plays 23 String Ensemble 2. DOROTHY JEAN HORA Tacoma, Wash. Music Adelphian Concert Choir 43 Entered from Ohio State College. CAROL ELIZABETH HAMILTON Tacoma, Wash, History Delta Alpha Gamma, Secretary 2, Treasurer 33 Inter-Sorority Council 4g Women's Federation, President 3, Central Board 45 WAA, Treasurer 3, General Manager 4g Kappa Phi, Secretary 25 Who's Who 43 Samuel Weir Educational Trophy, . MARY JEAN HEIDINGER Tacoma, Wash. Hixlory Alpha Beta Upsilon, President 4, Vice-President 3. Treasurer 23 Campus Trio 3, 43 Aclelphian Choir 4: Spurs 23 Inter-Sorority Council 3, 4. PHILHJ GARLAND EDWARD A. HUNGERFORD Tacoma, Wash. Tacfmav -Wash- Art ana' Malbcmal1'cr A .E"'SI75h Lf'e'4fu'f A Alpha Chi Nu, Treasurer 1, Sergeantwat-Arms Z3 Sigma Mu Chl, VlQ2'P1'25ld9f1iiAPresident- 45 Cen' ASCPS President 4, Intercollegiate Knights 2, 3, ffal Beard Zi 35 Tull- COPY Editor li EdlF0f 2- 33 Knights Advisory Committee 43 Chapel Committee THIYIQHHWSS Staff 45 Infefiolleglafe Knight? Za 4g Art Club 1, Zg Who's Who 43 Departmental WIIOS Who 3? Debate 43 H0W3l'fh SCh0l3f5l'11P 43 Honors in Art 4. Mu Sigma Delta 4. NATALIE HYNDMAN Hoquiam, Wash. WARREN M. HARVEY Sociology Tacoma'.waSh' Delta Alpha Gamma, Secretary, Inter-Sorority I I Chfmjfffy V I Representative, Rush Chairmang SCAQ Anderson Slema Mu Chl: American Chemical Society. Hall President Secrerai- Social Chairman, Entered i Ya from Whitman College. SHIRLEY GIBBS HUNTER Tacoma, Wash. Home Economics Delta Alpha Gamma, Corresponding Secretary, Pledge Motherg SCA, WAA, Publicity Chairman. JULIANA S. IMPERIAL Polangin, Albay, Philippine Islands Cbemislry ' American Chemical Society, Entered from Univer- sity of the Philippines. KERTTU KAI-IN Tacoma, Wash. Ar! Independent Organization, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice-President 43 Vice-President Junior Classg Campus Playcrafters, Choral Readers 3. One Act Plays 3, Homecoming Play 43 War Coordination Committee 3: Tamanawas. Staff 3, Class Editor 43 Otlah, President 4g Women's Federation 4. li. LOUISE KIPPER Tacoma, Wash. Sociology and French Independent Organization, President 43 Kappa Phi, Membership Chairman 2, 3, Treasurer 43 WAA: SCA, junior Class Secretary, Forensics, Women's Debate Manager 3, 4: Otlah, Vice-President 41 SPWS. Secretary 2: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Who's Who 4: Dupertius Prize in French 4. DONNA MAE KISTE Tacoma, Wash. Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma. Pledge Presidentg May At- tendant 4g Entered from University of Washington. JAMES LEGG Tacoma, Wash. Biology b Biology Clubg Entered from Louisiana Polytechnic Academy. JANICE MARIAN LINDEMAN Tacoma. Wash. Biirz'm'if Adniinirtratiun and Ecoviurnics Kappa Sigma Theta, President 4, Representative to Inter-Sorority Council 4g Spurs 2, President Junior Classg Mu Sigma Delta 3, 4, Otlah 4, Representa- tive to PNCC 4: War Coordination Committeeg Who's Who 4: Representative to Central Board 21 XVAA, White Sweater Award 4: Secretary ASCPS 4: AAUW Award 4. JING HO LING MICHAEL E. JAYKO Tacoma, Wash- Tacgzna, lilllash. Sociology and Pxyrboggy O 1 h '-'mu' 'V Ph' ' ' 4' S ., d' Z5 Delta Kappa Phi: Chemistry Scholarship 4: Adel- f:apg2A, 131-,.I1f,E::.3n3. ylvlupugigmaltgrelta Lt? phlaln Chorus .3: Ski .Clubi Amengan Chemlcal Women's Federation, Treasurer 3g Junior Repre- Society, Executive Committee 43 American Chemical scnmtive to Cemral Board. Trail 1' 3. Tamanawas Seflefv Plaque 4' 2: what Who 4, Howarth Scholarship 3, 4. l5 LOIS LYNCH Tacoma, Wash. H1'rlory Delta Alpha Gamma, Vice-President 3, President 4: Inter-Sorority Council 4: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Spurs 2: Otlah 4: Senior Representative to Central Board: D. A. R. History Scholarship 3: Trail l. Z, Society Editor 3: May Day Chairman 4. DONNA ALICE MAC INNIS Tacoma, Wash. Sociology Kappa Phi. Historian 2, 3. Publicity 4: SCAg Spanish Club: May Day Committee 4. r .l EVELYN LEE MARSHALL Tacoma, Wash. Phyyiral Education Alpha Beta Upsilon, Athletic Manager 3, Rush Chairman 3, President 43 All-Star Basketball l, 2, 3. 41 Chairman of Women's Federation Barn Frolic 3: Kappa Phi. Membe Committee Secretar 33 v V Chairman of Tolo 4 rship Chairman 33 Chapel Inter-Sorority Council 4, g Howarth Scholarship 4. BILLY L, MADDEN Buckley, Wash. Hiflary Sigma Zeta Epsilon: Track l, Football l. 2. 5. 4, All Conference Football 3. 4. Inspirational Award Winner Football 3, 4. ROBERT RAY MACUMBER Tacoma. XVash. Geology Sigma Zeta Epsilon, Vice-President, Sergeant-an Arms, Football l, 2, 3, Track Z, 3, Iclarry Werbisky Award. ROBERT P. McNARY Tacoma, Wash. Business Administration Intra-Mural Manager 25 Chairman, ASCPS Audit- ing Committee 45 Forensic Manager 45 ASCPS Finance Committee 45 Chapel Committee 45 Cen- tral Board 2, 45 Editor, Log Book and Who's Where 45 Snapshot Editor Tamanawas 45 Pi Kappa Delta, Publicity Chairman 45 Puget Sound Sym- phony5 Concert Bandg Workshop Band 45 IRC5 Spanish Club5 Ski Club5 Charles McNary Business Award, Chimes Memorial Cup. LAWRENCE M. OLSEN Kelso, Wash. Business Administration Independent Organization. GEORGE LESTER MILLER Tacoma, Wash. History Delta Kappa Phi, President 4: Football Manager 1, 2, Football Reserve Letter 2, Track Manager 1, 25 Spring Play Z5 Inter-Fraternity Council Secretary 45 Co-Chairman Junior Prom 4. RAYMOND ORTLUND Des Moines, Iowa Sociology Entered from University of Redlands. ROBERT MINNITTI Tacoma, Wash. Chemistry Delta Kappa Phig Alpha Kai Omega Z: Basketball 2, Intra-Mural Sports 35 Inter-Fraternity Council 35 President Senior Class5 Entered from St. IVIartin's College. MARTHAJEAN PACKARD Tacoma, Wash. English Literature Alpha Beta Upsilon5 Freshman Plays5 Womenls Chorus. JOY LOIS MOBERG Business Administration Tamanawas Staff Z5 Women's Chorus 35 Business Manager Trail 4. POLLY PACKARD Seattle, Wash. Biology! Occupational Therapy Alpha Beta Upsilon, Pledge Mother 33 President ASCPS 4, Vice-President 4, Secretary 35 Kappa Phi, Corresponding Secretary Z, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 45 Otlah 45 Who's Who 45 Chapel Committee 45 Spurs, President Z5 President O. T. Club 35 SCA5 May Queen Attendant 35 Amphictyon Society Cup 4. INEZ DOI-IERTY MYER Columbus, Georgia Literature and Speech Alpha Beta Upsilon, Corresponding Secretary 45 Howarth Scholarship 25 Chapel Committee Chair- man 45 Who's Who 45 Otlah 45 May Queen Attendant 45 Life Emphasis Week Committee 45 Campus Playcrafters, Choral Readers 3, 45 SCA5 Mu Sigma Delta 4. LUCILE RANDALL Spokane, Wash. Art Alpha Beta Upsilon, Historian Z, Treasurer 35 Anderson I'Iall Historian 2, Treasurer 3, Vice- President 45 Kappa Phi, Invitations Chairman 3, Program Chairman 45 SCA, Secretary 3, Publicity Chairman 45 O. T. Clubg Howarth Scholarship, Marjorie Mann Scholarship, Methodist Scholar- ship 35 Otlah, Secretary 45 Women's Federation 45 Tamanawas Stal? 45 Mu Sigma Delta 45 Entered from Willamette University. HELEN NEATE Puyallup, Wash. English Literature M BARBARA ANN REED Tacoma, Wash. Music Education College of Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra 4 Entered from Syracuse University. - 17 MARY ROUGH Tacoma. Wash. Biology: Occupaliomxl Therapy Alpha Beta Upsilon, Recording Secretary 2, His- torian 3g O. T. Club, President Z: Howarth Scholarship 3: Homecoming Play 3: Who's Who 4: Otlah 4. PATRICIA DARYL ROBINSON Port Angeles, Wash. THOMAS A. STURM Bzuincff Admim'ftrat1'on D-anon' OMR' Alpha Beta Upsilon, Treasurer 2: Anderson Hall English Comporilmn . t Historian Z. Vice-President 4: Debate 4: Howarth Track 3, 4: Entered from De Pauw University. Scholarship 3, 4. HAZEL HECHT VAN CAMP Everett, Wash. I3iu1'nc,fs Adminislralion Kappa Sigma Theta. MARY-ANNA SCHENCK Tacoma, Wash. l3u,fincri Aa'mz'n1'itn1t1'cm Alpha Beta Upsilon, Corresponding Secretary Z: Vice-President Freshman Class: Class Council l: Trail, Feature Editor I, Society Editor 2: Tamana- was Business Manager 3: Publications Committee 3, Anderson Hall Sofia! Chairman 2: War Coordina- tion Committee, Secretary 3. VILETTA MAE ROWE Wenatchee, Wash. JAMES H VAN CAMP Public School MuJ1'r ' Delta Alpha Gamma: Kappa Phi: Puget Sound B .Tacomazi Wash' . Symphony Z. 3. 41 Adelphian Concert Choir 3, 4: S. Z ugmiiif APm'fmindl'0f1 B k b H President Anderson Hall 45 Richard Summers Igma em Psion' resident 3' as ct 3 ' Memorial Award in Music. A ANNA-MARIE VAUGHN Tacoma, Wash. A pplied Mi4ri'r' Alpha Beta Upsilon, Historian Z3 Otlah. Historian 4: Kappa Phi. President 4, Program Chairman 3. Art and Invitations 25 Adclphian Choir: SCA: Spanish Club: Trail, Staff Z. Business Manager 3: Homecoming Play Z: Senior Voice Recital 4. HELEN I. STRONG Seattle, Wash. Biology Independent Organization, Secretary-Treasurer I: Kappa Phi. Chaplain 2: SCA, Regional Executive Committee 3: IRC, Life Emphasis Week Committee 4. CLARENCE R, SCHORER Tafoma- Wash- RAFAEL MAS VAZQUEZ Buxincn' Adrriznixtmlion I-Ong ISIHUCL New Y0fk Delta Pi Omicron, President 3, 4: President Inter- Cj,C,,,f,,,3, FYRUWUIW CU'-mfili S?Cf2fal'V 3, 41 Sefgeanbat' Entered from the University of Puerto Rico. Arms Senior Class' IRC H GENEVIEVE VIRGINIA VERONE Tacoma, Wash. Ar! Delta Alpha Gamma. Historian 3, Corresponding Secretary 4. 18 ROBERT WINSKILL Tacoma, Wash. History Independent Organization, President 2, Executive Board 33 Tamanawas, Assistant Editor 2, Editor 3, Sports Editor 43 Trail, Staff l, Z, 3, 4, Editorials Zg Central Board 33 Chapel Committee 33 Adel- phian Chorus 3, Campus Playcrafters, Spring Play 1, Freshman One Act Plays, Homecoming Play 25 Ski Clubg Alpine Club, Vice-President 43 Log Book Staff 3, 4, Associate Editor 4g Biology Club, Vice-President Z3 Representative to TCC 2, 33 IRC3 SCAg Songfest Chairman 3. NORMAN WILLARD Chehalis, Wash. FRED IRVING WOODWORTH pwdmlogy Tacoma, Wash. Delta Kappa Phig Basketball, Track lg Freshman Busincsf Adminixtralion Plays, Spring Play 2, 4, Homecoming Play 45 Sigma Mu Chig Knights ofthe Log. Robert Brandt Memorial Award in Dramatics 4. BEATRICE YOUNG I-loquiam, Wash. Biology, Occupational Therapy Who's Who 45 Otlah 43 Mu Sigma Delta 45 Kappa Phi, Chaplain 25 O. T. Club, President 4, Vice-President 35 SCA, Treasurer 2, President 3, WSSF Chairman 4, Womenis Federation 3, 4, Vice-President 45 IRC, WAAg Marjorie Mann Scholarship 33 Howarth Scholarship 2, 35 Marjorie Mann Occupational Therapy Award 4. Elllllllll ElUUllllE CHARLES WRIGHT Tacoma, Wash. h History Sigma Zeta Epsilon. Don Carsten Tom Cross Chester A. Farris Austin Fengler Robert Lyon Emery Watte EIEEE EEMEEEEEE SENIUEE AITON CLINTON BLAKE JANETTE GALLAGHER. GLOVER, WILLIAM GRFEDY WARREN HILL JANE MARY AGNES HUSTON FRANCES KAHLER FRANK MEEK. DOROTHEA MELLISH, WILEY NELSON JOYCE BEATRICE RAYNO RUDOLPH DOROTHY THOMPSON, ORIN TREGONING, JOAN WFDLUND SPENCER EENEUEEE Nlll EEEEUEEEU Boyle, Joseph Boyle, Paul Brennan. Frank Brown, Beverly Carlson, Florence Causin, Janis Davis. Jack DeBord, Arthur Downs, Jay Finnigan, Albert Glunclberg, William Grabar, Victor Graham. Marshall Grout. Amy Hescox, Harry Hovey, John Howell, Mary Ellen Larson, Peggy Leaming, Ruth Martin, Dean McNerthney, James Ridgeway, Gordon Schliepsich, Edna Shelton, Toney Smith, Thelma Starkey, Robert Stine, Zelia Tierney. Noreen Watson, Jack Victor, George Yeend, Paul WSE ll llllll President Carol Todd Vice-President Kathryn Hultgren Secretary-Treasurer Rosa Mae Monger Representatives to Central Board - - - - - Jerry Baker, Patee Pilant Sergeant-at-Arms Marshall Campbell .4 W uk 3 P 51 'Y n ' 33164 .1w- - - -H Oi Aarnes. Kjell Alexander. Robert Armstrong, William Barker. Wilbur Black. David Blacksmith. Barbara Boucher, Audrey Bowman. Douglas Campbell. Marshall Christian, Dean Cooney. Catherine Corey, Mary-Jane Cozza, Leo Cutler. Dorothy Dance. Maurice Dayton, Darcia Dervage, Minar Drowns. Doris Dyer. Charles Edele, Betty Jo Englund, Wesley Erickson, Jean Evans. Mary Fincham. Robert Freet, Donald f e sz.-. wag e -f . 1, 'V Lycan, Elaine 21 I' E Aili i i ,V 1 Mason. Patricia -- - Nlather, Sara Jeanne J McConville, Betty y McCort, Donald Q Mock, Jessie Lee J ,V V Moe. Andrew Monger. Rosa Mae X D P " Moore, Jeanne i Murphy, Harold O'Connell. William O'Conner. Dennis Oswalt, Betty Parker, Jane Aix 3 . .... fur L Q JUNIUHS Nlll Pllllllllll Fries. Fred Frohardt, Merlin Fuiimoto, Kimiko Garland, Wade Gibson. Jacqueline Gustafson. Franklin Hagberg, Carl Hageil, Raymond Hall. Robert Hansen, Arthur Hansen, Mrs. Janet Hanson, Paul Hardy, Bobbie Jean Harold, Emily Heath. George Heggerness, Ruth Hill, Frank Hoggatt, Ken Hunt. John Hunt, Marilee Jacobson, Richard Johnson, Forrest Judson, Robert Justice. June Keaton. Reah Knecht, Claude Legg, Merle Lindahl. Barbara Lyon, Ralph Magill, George Marinaro, Angelo Martin, John McLean. Harold Mahoney, Helen Mickens, Jeanne More, Donald Moriarty, James Morris. Charles Murray, Joseph Musgrave, Mrs. G Novikofl. Harold Olson, Jean Osborn, Richard Patterson, Patricia Pcele, Kathryn Peyran, Geraldine Picard, Theodore Poling, Bert ladys Pratt, Patrick Spencer, Jack Perdue, Donald Pilanr, Parse Reed, Wilma Robins. Donald Robinson, William Rosellini, Didi Rough, Peggy Salmon. Robert Sandal. Marian Schlegel, Mollie Seabloom. Robert Secord, Lenore Seitsinger. Dan Selden, Sydney Sherfy, Donald Simmons. Gwen Smith. Wanda Stalwick. Charlotte Stapleton. Joan Steele. Bonny Stevens, Merle Strong, Troy Swanson. Richard Switzer, Marie Swenson, Darrell Tasker, L. G. Todd. Carol Tollefson. John Venter, Marjorie Vick. Lois Wegner, Harvey Wiley, Virginia Williams. George Rasberry, James Rice, Deans Rice, James Riconosciuto. Marshall Robbins, Charlotte Roberts. William Rupp, Edwin Sahlin. Gloria Scott. Marvin Simmons. Dixie Skidmore. Robert Smith, Clifford Smith. Richard Smith. Thomas Stsen, Frank Stall, Harley Stevens, Charles Tenge. Milton Wagner, Jack Warren, Robert Weatherly, Roy Wright. William Young. Clare Jane Zarnow, Jack Z2 Left la riglrl: Beverly Johnson, Doris Mitchell, Clayton Anderson and Bernard Crowell. Anderson, Clayton Anderson, Pauline Anderson, Rell sg' Armstrong, Margaret -:E 'Wi I Ball, Robert -:-: - I! Barker, Donna Barlcost, Betty 55" Bartlett, Kenaeth Beer, Ruth Belsvick. Joel Bennett, Donna June Billett, Allan Blaser, Phyllis Blanchfield, Lawrence Blaskowsy, Carl Blumcnstein. Patricia Boedeclcer, Joanne Briggs, Alan Briggs, Donald Briggs, Geraldine Brasier, Bill Brittain, Pat Brown, Rodney Burnett, Donald Burns, Harold Butigan, Leo Button, Ronald Carr, ,lane Cason, Ray Cambric, Amos Campbell, Kenneth Chase, Keith Cheatham, Tim Christensen, Junita Christensen, Ted Chovil, Williain Church, Robert Clayton, Aubrey Combs, Herbert Cootsona, Thomas Crowell, Bernard Dahl, Robert Davila, Waldo DeBolt. Bud Demers, Arthur Dieatrick, Aleatha Domaschofsky. Ruth Drake, John gy Q, .:s::g,.,: , , Assess el. -P vw, .Q ww 4,391 ' MS, MSS Ui llllll SOPH OMORE OFFICERS President Clayton Anderson Vice President Doris Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer Beverly Johnson Representatives to Central Board - - - - - Sid Smith and Bernard Crowell Sergeant-at-Arms Ron Button Q, 3, 5 .':' Q gr 2E22:g... '- - -It-, ' 2 HMP , , , M., .,s,,,, I3 W , ii :,, . ,A 4 Y r 1 W3 F., -- . .,.,,. ,.,. , ,W r 0 . ' 'ur' fa s. f gi iw. B 4 - gy it. , 1. 4 -I 1 . .E-: : . .. I V Z z - A' K' '-el. A , ,. iii: Erickson. Dwnvn ': " I .Z9,:" , , - :fi-it Rf Hmm' Gwen A-1 . V- P I , X V ' u f , -i L Faraonc, Williain 4 'f fm A, 5 xffj J .glfifq Farrell, Ist-Wfiy I :'2, 1 I.. if 2' L Fvnulvf, GQOYEWUV g it 'J --ixvu I EVN Ferguson, Dorm-n W llisltf, Harris't ' . lfluwi-rs. Lestcr I-I ' ii 56 "',, -' 6, him .3 canada. Llovd ffr-P " G - , .Q ' , anim.. 1.n..m.f.- I - -"': ' :': ::- I 'W Garrison, Wllliaxn if' ,.:'::, Get-lxan, Marion IA -:"A Gingriflu. Paul f f Q' Gipplv, Gloria 5 4 F VW 7 7 is W 'Q .' .ir , :,: Q gs ' 353355: .1: Jw Ya 'H an 1 , I r is -.. 1 , '--v V ii i :A D A v.:: A.., - U X ..,.,f'I if ct- """A l--,,- E ,:,, I 1 ,'-- lzt I t -,.-- M, ll Q E . X X - ww 'Yr' it it 'I X Lzz.. . ,.,,, . 'ew f 'af . ' f-wi ' ass J Q it sa F M If I ., 1, Q? . I A if Ri WV E 5 ii., sill f I Y Q x U 8, ,g W e S. 1 l . Sw: Ms. . Q 'I 322 ' R. at qt, if Q: 1 ,all Wx ' - f X W ' -w .sl Q ' Gordon. lark Gray, Robor! Haglverg, liill Harvlie. V4-rnvtm Healy'. Alycv Hiltorx, Daplmnv Hodgt-s. Barbara Hoff. Donald Hogpgatt, Vornvr Holinberg, jacquclint- Hora. Charles Howard. Charles Howe. Charles Hullord, Barbara Hutton. Holmes Hyatt, june lrsfcld, Mary lille-n Ivvrson. Neva Jacobson. Fred Jensen, Jami-S Jensen, Vera Johnson. Bt-verly Johnson. James Allt-n johnson, James E. Johnson, Ralph johnson, Sandy Kean, Mary Jban Kc-lly, Collet-n Kennell. Kenneth Kennell. Marc Ks-plca. Brian Kmrod, Anna Klailwer, Delores Knapp. ,lack Knight, Artlxur Kofer. Collvvn Langlow. KL-nneth Larson. Nlarlancl Ling, jing Chu Lister. Maxine Loncrgan. Dorothy Ludwig. janirs' Lyon, Robert DI. Nlack, Robert Manke. Nliriam Mann. Nlarjorie Nlann. Wfayne Nlarlin, Dororlw Nlarlin. Joseph Nlattlmvwson. john lVl:Connell. Francxs lNlrllwra1th. lNlarylou lNlcKinnr'y. john lVlclVl1llan. -lark Nlilvs. jt-anne Mitrlit-ll, Doris Montana. ,lost- Mursv. Molln- Mar Nlould. Richard Nlurpliy. livnn Nvlson. Clarvn:n- Nelson. Slwrlvr Ncudorft-r. james Nm-wa-ll, Patricia Nvwman, Nlnrian Nxclmlsnn. Natalis- Niwa. Carl Otvlt. Rolwri Olson, lfdward Packard. Ralph Perkins, Dick Phillips, Lois Potter. Ruth Z4 Pyfer, Fred Ramsey, Lorraine Ramsey, Robert Reed, Cathie Rees, David Reid, Charles Roberts, James Roundtree, Elenor Rowe, Barbara Rutherford, Doris Schut, Dorothy Seelye, Wesley Siemion, Ted Silver, Lloyd Smith, Jess Smith, Sidney Stalcup, Roy Stanton, Edmund Stebbins, Anita Stewart, Doris Stone, Richard Thompson, Tillman, Storhow, Joan Swayze, Gretchen Swenson. Frances Muriel Catherine Tucker, John VanHorn, Beverly Voshmick, Patricia Warne, Harriett White, Warren Wehmhoff, George Williams, Jeanne Willoughby, Kenneth Wilson, Jack Winters, Ann Wolf, Fred Wornstad, James Wright, Martha Abeel, John Addison, George Airth, Frank Alvarado, Michael Anderson, Jack Bach, Clifford Baker, Virgil Bean, Morris Betts, Phil Billings, Beverly Blodgett, Earl Bondy, Ferdinand Bowman, Howard Boyd, Walter Brady, R. O. Braun, William Brennan, Bruce Bridgers, Kinnie Briggs, Robert Brooks, Alton Brooks, Clarence Brown, Robert Brush, Robert Buck, William Burk, Lyman Burroughs, John Caillier, Edward Campbell, James Carlson, Ernest Carroll, William Carlton, John Castle, Sidney Chapman, Philip Chatwood, Myrtle Clapp, Gloria Clinton, James Corley, Gilbert Covell, Birney Crawford, Barbara Cruver, Don Curtright, Jess Davis, Albert Dilley. Donald Dooley, Patricia Drahold, Georgene DuBois, Max Dunn, H. Wallace Duskin, Edna Dyer, Mary Alice Eqszler, Alladeen Emblem, Olaf Fmmert, Shirley England, Wade Frrk, John Erickson, Clinton SUPHUMUHES NUT PIETUHED Ernst, Gretchen Etsekson, Wally Falk, Richard Faulkner, John Field, Jack Finnegan, Harry Flagg, Lucian Follin, Howard Fraker, Vincent Garrison, Robert Gavin, Don Garnes, Andrew Glueck, Arthur Gray, Walter Griffen, Paul Grimes, Newton Grimstead, William Gruenewald, Mary Haberling, Violet Hackett, William Haggstrom, Ralph Hansen, Evelyne Hardy, Kathleen Harned, Homer Llarrigan, David Haugen, Oscar Healy, Robert Hegg, Joyce Hendrickson, Ronald Henry, John Heritage, Sam Hermsen, Richard Heselwood, Don Hickey, Henry Hiltbrunn, Donald Hoar, Leslie Hoover, Galen Hopkins, Evan Hough, Harold Huggins, Russel Hunt, Heman Hunter, Mrs. M. June Huntington, Clay Jensen, Lawrence Johnson, Harry Johnson, Marvixi Johnston. Earle Jonez, William Kahler, Cleona Keaton, James Knecht. Norbert Kyle, Henry LaChapelle, Edward Lagerquist. Nanfee Langlow, Robert LaPore, Richard Lay, Zelda Lee, Trygve Levin, Richard Lien, Oral Lind, Bob Lipcra, Joe Lochow, Virginia Loewenstein, Walter Lubbe, Ruth Luebke, William Lyness, William Lyster, Herrold Mahoney, John Mansfield, Harry McCormick, James McCormick, Thomas McGuire, Leo McNerthney, Thomas Mellor, John Meneghetti, Edward Middlebrook, Paul Middlesworth, Albert Miraldi, Robert Moberg, Pearl Montgomery, Warren Morgan, Richard Mortellaro, Alexander Muncey, D. Jean Murphy, Neal Naubert, Gerald Ness, Marjorie Nolan, Paul Norman, Willard Norris, Donald Opsata, Shirley Ostransky. Leroy Parker, Wayne Parsley, Delmar Paulson, Richard Pearsall, Robert Peele, James Petersen. John Porro, Thomas Prerhek, Barbara Proctor, Harry Raver, Leonard Rees, Celia Reynolds, Lloyd Ritchey, Sue Roach, Frank Robinson, Richard Rolfe, Kevin Ross, Charles Russell, Edward Rust, Sam Sahlin, David Sarantinos, Angelos Sawyer, Leonard Scanlon, Robert Schaeffer, Agnes Schumock, Harold Schweizer, Herman Scoggin, Kenneth Seymour, Daniel Silvermaster, Mary Simmons, Richard Simpson, Richard Simpson, William Smith, Clinton Smith, Marjorie Smith, Robert Hugh Smith, William Snodgrass, Harold Southwell, Ruth Stantorf, Harold Staples, Lewis Stark, Rodney Steel, Hannasue Stevens, Jo Anne St. Jean, ,loseph Stocklin. William Stoll, Joseph Stolz, Arthur Storkman, August Stromberg. William Sullivan, William Tangora, Sam Tiedtlre, Walter Tollefson. Robert Tenge, Harry Tonge, Mrs. Sarah L Tripodi, Robert Turner, Robert Tuttle, Evan Uphus, Rada Valenson, Marjorie VanGriflr'n, Dorothy Victor, Ethel Voegli, Paul Vokich, Irene Warner, Herbert Weaver, ,lamps Wferitworth. Martin Wilfox. Doreen Wfilliams, Donald Williamson. Ronald Wlilsnn. Edward Winsherg, Erwin Wohlman, Louis EHXSS lil Will President Howard Hitchcock Vice President Pat Shea Secretary-Treasurer Beth DelVlille Representatives to Central Board - Jim Luzzi and Bruce Rector Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Farris ,Ii I-L A ,,,.,: - r,,,.., si: ei X , 23235 We , X Qiffiz' Wihisr' f - 49' , :iff V ,. 3' A it a r .:.,i, i ,,f"f, ,, , Ski' - , iS" , iii 5' x 1, vs N it if , 'Lf I 4 1 1. ga , Zi ii my Q' in-1 Q 3, 6 25 Lefl to righl: Bruce Rector. Beth DelVIille, Howard Hitchcock, Pat Shea and jim Luzzi ,J S -.s ' .--i: Alarahamson, Betty , 'b 'Miz' C ff Abrahamson, ,loanne H E':,- Adkins, Peter Rex as iii t A: 6 Agule. Marge is :In gr- Q: Allen. Peggy W in Alm, Laura , ,,., g Andersen, Flora jane 5 x,w,f" Anderson, Adrienne Y Anderson, Hally Antush, Robert Asmusscn, Robert Baker, Bill Baker, Carmen Baker, Signe .,.,i:. , ..,,..,.. ' sf We , X 53. Y ,r a ,...., ...VA ..,..,...... .,,,E,WN33, ar , ,as , E X f , H, . WGA. . . We S K sid A W4 as if Ball, Jay Battin, Yvonne Bell, James Berg, Donn Bertram, Donald Beyer, James , 'MEI Bonham, Corwin mf .':i " Boyce, Raymond ' if Boyer, jo Ann '- I Brandt, Ariel ' E M Breazeale, Barbara Brooks, Gordon Brouillet. Bill A -5 qs, Brown, Warrexi Cadigan, Gloria A Caggiano, Charles ' H J' ' 'Z -55' Campbell, Art in Carlson, Patricia ' V 9 ,E 1 Carlson. Stanley to wg me A i gg Chalcraft, Alice Chovil, Don Christenson, Sally Ann Clemensen. Christine Cole, Donald Collins, Alice Cook. Edwin Cooper, Mary Lou Cox, Kenneth Cozart, Iverson Craig, janet Cruver. Roy Currie. Marion Cuthbert, Ann Danielson, Donald Z6 Darrow, David DeMille, Beth Dewolfe, Peggy Docherty, Leonard Donley, William Dryden, Lois Drum, Robert Dunn. Carroll Earle, Marion Egbert, Peggy Eldridge, Constance Ellis, Richard Engebretsen, Ellsworth F. Erickson, Leslie Erickson, Marium Eshelman. Sally Fagg, Robert Fairfax, George Falk, Bernita Field, Mrs. Jean Fischer, Malcolm Foster, Cecil Frederick, Richard 'A A 5' Frost, Dale Fylre, Betty Lou Gass, Richard Gass, Thomas Gianelli, William Gidley, Mel Gilsdorf, Lester Gilstrap, Wilbur Gleason, Glo Goody, Doris Gordon, Patricia Gotchy, Clarence Hall, Thursa Hampton, Dolores Hansen, Philip Haugen, lla Jane Heuertz, Mona Hill, Gordon Hill, Lorna Hill, Robert Hilstad, Gale Hitchcock, Howard Hitchcock, Janice Hoats, Phyllis Hodgson. Jacqueline Hoffman, Doris Hughes, Avolda James, Gordon Javorslri, Albert Jennings, John Jensen, Betty Ann Jensen, Diane Johnson, Charlotte Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Lita Johnson, Marie Jones, Gwen Kallander, Donald Karmazin, Kay Kensler, Nadine Kincheloe, Mary Kinnane, Shirley Kirkebo, Jo Ann Kornmesser, Betty Kraus, Jo Kurrell, Phyllis Lane, Edward Langlow, Stanley Langmack, Joan Larsen, John Latta, Barbara Lewis, Jeanette Lewis, Richard Lindeman, Donald Lochow, Donald Loper, Roy Lorber, Kenneth Loucks, Lorna Lownoy, Jack Luzzi, James MacDonald, Beverly Mandell, Nancy Manley, Joseph Marshall, Jean Matteson, Patricia 1:EZi2?2'IE' f V ., . ,.. Z . W 51 W Q M f E ,I ,f mama.-lmwwwamwmms In -,l.--' j ' -I t Z.: M 5? X W V I r ,.,,., , :lv A FHQ? 'E :.: 5 :.., , , , u J e'-" P is ' i. F ,j We , -55.4, ' are , - V .5 52 l Me X ':,,,,. 6 .,,., , 1.11, s' P? ,sae V . if Q9 Q 2' if ,awxn in ,gy 9 , H? 11 is? . er -,oar ,X 2 'ff .,., i.,i ,1, i , FY, bs! N .,... : AE- .... -: , - ' V ::g,.., X ,g W H .en 41 , we f fi .ffm H W 11 if 2 ,,.,.,,.,,,,.,,, 'Wi Q. ae W r W Aye -2 X -x J fe 291' :A"a it "" Ziiiivui S f A-'A :2:Q ii, E.v V . In in ZZV imw 'P' ef - .J A L H . .Qi E. 1 555' as . 1" gliff , P' -'ilk' ' " IIAI Q .:-iZ'q:l i 1 Q 4 nf, A My L1 . -Riff S .L 3 ff . x .W W.: .,.,, N-...I wg 9 i 'e . xg z ,g f if E' 'I nr mf if .. .gf x . sn- '19 y 5'- at McCarty Patricia McConnell. Dianne McConnell, Patricia McCullough, Walter Nlclntyre. Lucy Mimi Jay Meehan. Pat Miller, lrvin . i i, W Miller. Patricia ww Mitchell. jean Moon, Mary Louise Mooney. joan Morrison, Robert Morton. Marcella ..., Needham' John Nelson. Eleanor Nelson. Emma A Q Newgard. Leonard Nicholson. Richard Niemi, Carl Noble, Barbara Noble. Dorothy Noble. Willis Olson, Pauline Osborne. Frank Ostofichuk, Luba Oyster, Byron Palmer. Edmund Pankey. Robert .1 Opgenorrh. Charles if '31 Parker, Bruce Parker. john . Peacock, Shirley Peterson, David Peterson, Frank Peterson. Howard Poindexter, Lois Prichard. Shirley Race. Frederick Raver. Ruthella Rector, Bruce Rinker. Robert Robbins. Bob Roberts, Gwen Robinson, Richard Robinson. Sue H QM Rockway, Lorayne "' Rogers. Phillip Ross, Kenneth Rule, Robert Sallee, Richard Samuelson. Merry Schaller, Patty Scheyer, William Seaman. Wayne Sepetoski. Wilber Shaughnessy. Jack Shea. Patricia Shiplett. -lean Shults. Katherine Singleton, john Smith. Frank Smovir, Marjorie Sonneminn. Charles Sorensen. Betty Stautfacher. Walter Stebbins, Alice Stebbins, Rayme Stefon. Anne Taggart. Peggy Tamblyn. Eldon Taylor. Frank Taylor, Shirley Thompson. Clara Tippie. jean Todd. Marjorlt' Tottler. Barbara Townsend, Wlarren Treslces. jack Troxel. lit-tty Turner. Patricia Venske. Coral otaw. Curtis Wageiiblast. Kenneth Walsli, Catherine Weaver, Peggy Webber. Neil lf' V -1 ga qi Walker. Christy .. . . lf Wegner Richard Wingard Patricia Wiseman Blaine Wolf Harold Wolfe, George Wright, James Young, Jack Abe, Tomiko Adams, Albert Adams, Charles Adams, Donald Adams, George Adams, Jack Allen, Dale Allen, Jo Anne Allen, Robert Allen, Wfilliam Almburg, Paul Althuser, Ernest Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Emil Anderson, Harry Anderson, Paul Anderson, Wesley Angeline, Robert Angman, Carl Angus, John Angus, Tom Anselone. Philip Arndt, Oscar Auge, Richard Austin. Jack Avery, Paul Babbit, John Baber, Stanley Bachmann, Bruce Bacon, Kennet Baird, Robert Baker, Charles Baker, Sidney Baldwin, Douglas Bannon, Richard Barber, Paul Barclay, Donald Barlow, William Barnes, Arthur Barnes. Eldon Baron. Will Barrett, Donald Barrett, lohn Barry, George Barth, Fred Bates, Ernest Battig. Burl Batzlaff, Charles Bearce, Quincy Beardsley, Donald Beck, Larry Begley. Edward Bell, Edison Bell, Glendon Bell, Joseph Bell, Robert Bemis. Edward Bendiksen, Carl Benjamin, M. Jean Bennecker, William Benston. Elizabeth Bentley Frances Berg. Jack Bergstrom, Arthur Bertuzzi. Robert Besich, Bernard Bessetr, Ralph Bessett, Ronald Bierer, Earl Bird, Allan Birnel, Earl Bixby, James Biarke, George Blacker, Willis Blakely, Stuart Blanusa, Lloyd Blasen, Marjorie Blattner. James Blieh, Richard Bolvin, Boyum Bothel, Duclley Bottiger, Harvey Boucher, Bernard Bowden, Elden Bowers, Kenneth Bowlin, William Bowman. Chilton Boyd, Thomas Boynton, Herbert Boze, James Brokaw, Glenn Brooks. Louis Brouillard, Richard Brown, Eugene Buescher, Jack Bullock. DeForest Burk, John PRES Burkhouse, William Burkland, James Butcher. Joseph Byrne, Vernon Cadigan, James Caillier, Theodore Caillouette, James Callaway, Richard Callaway, Vernon Callison, Richard Campbell, Sheila Caren, Harry Carlson, Dick Carson, Diane Carter, Frederick Case, William Cavanagh, William Cawrhon, Barbara Cereghino. Charles Chalk, William Chaplin. Robert Chelius, Rodney Christel, Rhyne Christensen, Donald Christensen, Robert Clark, Charles Clark, George Coates, Donald Coburn, Billy Cochran. Milton Cole, Gerald Cole. Robert Collins, Jack Collins, James Combs, Betty Combs, Roberta Conley. James Cook, Wilburn Courtney. Kenneth Fovack. Robert Cox, Harvey Crabs, Donald F'-ews, James Cripe, Robert Cripe, Roy Criswell, Frances Crosin, Robert Crooks, Edwin Croston, Warren Crothers, Perry Crowell, Allie Crowley, Ronald Cruver, Glenroy Cunningham, Philip Cunningham, Wayne Cunningham. William Dahlgren. Allen Dakin, Richard Davidson. Raymond Davies, Elizabeth Davies, Frank DeGraw, Milton DeLuz, Lawrence Diamond, Paul Dickinson. Kenneth Dickson, John .QQ ,A -I '::,, HME N NU Fields, Nick Fincham, Richard Fisher, William Foreman, Burton Foss, Donald Frame, David Franklin, Daniel Frederick, David Frederick, Ray Frederick, Walker Freeman, Jack Friese, Donald Fry, Richard Fukui, Lucy Furlong, Thomas Garrett, James Gartman, Warren Gaston, John Gehri, Alfred Geiger, Robert Gilchrist, Robert Gimlerr, James Gipe, Charles Glenn, Donald Goetchius, Jack Gosselin, Richard Gossman, Charles Gould, Jack Gould, Robert Grabb, Darrell Granlund, Winslow Grazzini, Fred Griffin, Wayne Gruenewald, Charles Gueffroy, Jewell Gustafson, Jack Guy, James Hageness, John Handley, Thomas Hansen, Frederik Hansen, Ralph Hansen, Thorwald Hansen, Wayne Harris, Alan Hartzell, Barton Harvey, Ralph Haskill, Frank Hazel, Donald Heckman, Leslie Helfelfingec, Paul Henderson, Phyllis Herrmann, Albert Hewitt, Hewitt. Vaerh Wilmer Hill, George Hill, Jack Hill, Lee Hilton, Curtis Hisel, Audrey Hodges. Donald Hoff, Clilford Hoffman, Drummond Hoggatt, Donald Holden, Ronald Honan, Robert Hoover, Adelbert Dinsmore, James Dixon, Carol Dolge, John Dosa, Eugene Doyle, Harley Drake, Edward Drane, Harold Dunn, Glen Dutra, Alfred Dutro, Howard Ebert, Clarence Eckstom. Thomas Edele, William Edgar, Thomas Hoover, Bernard Hopkins, Spencer Hopper. Richard Hotchkiss. Harry Hotes, Nita Hovland. Leonard Howe, Eloise Howe, Marvin Huff, Eugene Hunter, Beverley' Hunter, Frank Huntington, Edgar Hupp, Jon Hutcheon. Stewart Eirher, Germaine Elkins, William Elliot, John Ellison, Robert Elmore, Richard Elwell. William Emerson, H. William Engebretsen, David Engh, Dick Erickson, Clark Erspamer, Donald Erspamer, Douglas Ettinger. Edwin Evans, David Evans, Sally Jo Falconer, Dolan Fiedler, John Hutson. James Hutt, Richard Jacobson, Axel Jacobson, Paul Jacques, Daniel James, Alan Jarvis, Donald Johns, Wilton Johnson, Eleanor Johnson Ernest Johnson, George Johnson Jerry Johnson Lester Johnson Robert C. Johnson, Vivian Jonczyki James Jones, Gordon l PlElUHlU Jones, Robert E. Judd, Benjamin Kapteina, Alfred Kasprzak, Louis Kawasaki, Elwell Kay, Charles Keenan, Eugene Keliher, James Kelley, Bert Kendall, Jack Kennedy, Robert Kimbel, Stanley King, Charles King, Howden King, Wayne Kirwan, Gerald Knowles, William Kramer, James Landseth, Louis Lane, John Lane, Lyle Lantz, Daniel Lantz, David Lantz, James Larsen, Norman Larsen, Sherwood Lasley, James LaValla, Francis Lay, Ralph Learitt, Howard Lee, Annabelle Lee, Carl Lemon. Donald Lenz, Robert Lenzi, Arnold Lewis, Donald Lewis, Robert Lewis, William Light, Mel Livingston, Dennis Livingston, Elwyn Long, George Loomis, Gregory Lougee, Martin Lovejoy, James Lundberg, David Lundgren, Felix Mankertz, Gus Manos, Andrew Manthei, Allen Marler, Fred Martin, Robert Martineau, George Martineau, Victor Mason, Charles Massie, Arthur Matsusawa, June McAlinden, James McAllister, John McAtee, Doris McGillis, John h4cLain, William McMillan, Donald McMillan, George McMillan, Raymond McQueen, Charles McVey, Claude Mealor, David Merry, David Merry, Ramona Metsker, Thomas Meyer, Richard Michaelson, Vincent Midal, Allen Millen, Earl Miller, Lawrence Miller, Royce Mills, Robert Miskoski, Frank Mitchell, Glen Mobley, Coy Mojean, William Moore, Jerome Morgan, Billie Morris, Franklin Mosich, Harold Mottau, Bradley Musto, Charles Myers, Arthur Neil, Lloyd Nelson, Carl Nelson, Charles Nelson, Dale Nelson, Laurel Nordi, James Norman, Richard Nugent, Henry O'Brien, Stephen O'Farrell, James Ogden, Willard Oldright, George Olsen, Robert C. Olsen, Stanley Olson, Berndt Olson, Kenneth Onewein, Lawrence Opgenorth, John Oscar, Charlotte Overholt, Clifford Overland, Christian Overstreet, Lorrayne Owen, Kenneth Pape, Eugene Parker, David Parsons, Alfred Pasquan, Albert Patterson, Lester Pavolka, Robert Pessemier, Allan Peterson, Aldon Peterson, Harland Peterson, Harold Petrich. James Pettijohn. Elzo Pitzl, William Poe, Donald Prescott, Harold Pryor, Sydney Rabdau, Joan Ranch, Laurence Raquer. Joseph Rea, Robert Reeves, Donald Reimer, Cecil Reinbold, George Remington. Helen Renwick, Ronald Reynolds, Harry Reynolds. James Rhule, Robert Richardson, James Richey, William Richmond, Byron Riddell, Andrew Rieman, John Rifenrath, Erven Rinkel, James Rinker, Burton Rioux, Avery Roberts, Richard D. Robinson, Jack Robinson, Vernita Robyn. Vernon Roe, Frank Rogers, George Rogerson, Duane Rohlman. John Rohr, William Rohrs, Gordon Roscoe. John Ross, William Rowe, Ralph Rowntree. Kenneth Ruffin, Thomas Rush, Rav Russell, Edward Russell, June Ryan, Donovan Ryan, Ellis Ryder, Dorris-Belle Salatino, Richard Sampson, John Sandahl, Henry Sandberg, Douglas Sandberg, Richard Sanders, Vernon Sangster, Martin Sargent, Ben Sather, Donald Satterlee. Herbert Savage, Leonard Sawyer, Richard Schantz, Howard Schermerhorn, Robert Scheyer, Harold Schmidt, Sylvester Schweikel, Kenneth Schweizer. Henry Sehmel, Donald Serlin, Ralph Sether, Stewart Severson, Jack Shacklett, Dean Shensky, Joseph Shiplett, Keith Siborg, Gerald Silver, Dexter Simons, Stanley Sims, Ward Sims, William Skinstad, James Skog, George Slaughter, Albert Smith, Francis Smith, Gilbert Spadoni, Roland Spalding, Ross Sparks, Donald Spiegel, Frank Stark, Herbert Stella, Michael Stelling, Earl Stephens, Vernon Stevenson. William Stivers, William St. Jean, Leo Stone, Leo Stone, Robert Stoner, William Stroeve, Elaine Sulley, Jack Sullivan, Dean Sullivan, Frederick Sundquist, Jack Svensson, Vernon Swanson, Richard Tangora, James Taylor, Gerald Taylor, John Taylor, Wallace Ts-ngesdal, James Thayer, Arlo Thomas, Ralph Thompson, Gail Thompson, Mark Thompson, Wilhur Thomsen, Denton Thornhill, Donald Tomchick, Paul Tone, Doane Torgerson. Ronald Toth, Robert Towle, Richard Trimble, Margaret Trotter, Carroll Trotter, William Turcotte, Raymond Turner, Clark Turner, Vernon VanTassel. Gordon Viert, William Vincent, Don Vogeler, David Voiles, Gordon Wade, Lawrence Wadsworth, Charles Wadsworth, Shelton Wagenblast. Carl Wagner, Ernest Wagner, Richard Wahlstrom, Theodore Walter, Carroll Walters. Howard Ward, Thomas Warter, Lowell Washburn. Bob Wassell, Robert Weed, Yale Wells, Donald West. Harold Westlin, Wilmont Wheelon. Bettygene White, Allen White, James White, Lloyd Wifkstrom. Ralph Williams, Howard Williams, lack Wlilliams, Ralph Willmot, Carl Wilson, George Wilson, Sally Winters, Harold lX7ischemann, David Witters, Glen Wood, Warren Wray. Robert Wright, Jean Yamamoto. Hideo Yanane, Tonney Young, Edward Youngman, John Zevenbergen, Tony ' f'5P'22-ffkpfwawhw , ,1-. -, F 'iwW9 O H sw 2 :M ,Vs , 5, all I' . an Y W '35 Qs K! W W, ssl Q, ay. S59 s 1. ,533 , 'ff W: 5, nl ' L Q v 5. -Q if 7 5 F' 'L V 5 :-'- 2: K .1 35 v 'if is W x, . q ih V J , ,Qi .ff 2' ii -V r K. QQ 5 .1 F - .t me Q-f Q ff 4' M45 PL, .1 lllll gag MM Class rivalry throughout the college year is most intense between the freshman and the sophomore classes, In the fall of this year the annual Bag Rush was held for the last time In future years a similar affair called the Prosh- Soph Scrap will be held. This fall various evening Pep Rallies were held on the Campus. with huge bonflres as the main attraction. At one of the rallies an effigy of PLC was lynched and burned and later the same evening many students visited the PLC Campus where students from the two colleges rivalled in school yells and songs. pap aaa, Bob McNary impersonates Marryin' Sam at the Independenfs Sadie Haw- kins Dance held in the Subi Cay Cooney is the girl. Daisy Mac and l-i'l Abner dancc mppily down in Skunk Hollow. filwcn Roberts is Daisy Mac, Hal Vhmlt' is l.i'l Abncrw Ja 'ng 32 Under construction- Q Jil , n , , Q h h F7 the new men s dorm H A G in 1 ff- 1 f ' V 5' if ,Q 'H' AV-' 2 W4 v-" 3 , -.315 .2 Q' L V tial, , 'i z ,hh-..12 I Q ,F 353 A Q W, p n A-fawiisnw f www .V f '15 4 isgfx f, ' Mn? 7 4-I 2 4 KC 11313 H -4-S-gm ,jf , QW jg- V-' W ,J ' L A class in the sun NIE Dr. Thompson and Peggy Rough Lost and found Busiest team on the Campus! Gampm .Bda EAMPU Left Io righl: Princess Inez Doherty Myer Uklpha Beta Upsilonj, Queen Carolyn Cummings feliappa Sigma Thetay and Princess Donna Mae Kiste QDelta Alpha Gammay. WW 2304 llllllll Left fo right: Marian Sandal 1Delta Alpha Gammal, Phil Garland, Flower Girl, Queen Beverly MacDonald llndependentsl, President Thompson, Crown Bearer and Mary Agnes Gallagher 4Kappa Sigma Thetal. Other attendants were Anita Stebbins fAlpha Beta Upsilonm and Betty Barkost ll-amba Sigma Chil. aff A Q 3 EULHH Q- 43' QA nv ruff NATURAL Niven Decoc-irwze THEM ,M 2, is 5 iw Fone Berry Coen Au Spams P 157' pQlZE mompsou Has Has Dfw ZND DQIZE Sim' - ISN 'r IT., ' 320 DQIZE IS Enanoev THE Cnrk Wnerv Dnesseo Up 9150 AND AFT Q 'yy' DI Nor Q' Scuocu. Smmr IT is WONDERFUL., EANWUE -'WSW' DAM-D WEATHER Q' COLD? Sfvow - -Use I A L 446-Hff 87' 719.5 Jasr-720 'Tina ! .Spmrr CF C. o WANT Aw A00 K- QLJZ7' .lf SODA pop EN! Dgvff Spfu. 17' Wg M655 LC-',w1Hwf?j F2m,Q uv A '7"f?fa?j? QF Cioufwsz P I '7'E 4 77Mz P9155- !4Q3 mn Q 'FL 17.5.9 Y! 5' 5' b'A?07'ffF,x? WH: 17' ,Mgyrf Pfzizxd. Weis 771 A IZ fl IVTEIQ 5m7'lA-X.. P7557 C" fd AGE 1 .av N165 615952 0 WT 3 was gpg P5 ff A A - Si van- 'lf ,Q E' 4 , it Q W , E :,2.,. , H 53 --L ar 53:15, is 4 RW z Q Mbawf .cfm-as as . H917 , fqgf'4'Uf ISA CHQFEL GVEQ yg-7-f HQML Gwvwy Jffvlfi eff., mcfvfprqwffg K .fD7'lAf-, fm? 'ffuggfl Qqfq ,Z '71-1 +1 ' MH 'mb SHV guy PE.-rv' .swmfr f-mppy PA Ppy DGP-I k Do ? wmvz- THES 3 Q, W D V , N ju nzlhw fcviihf fQmH DGNEI' 1-iE.9M 7150 pgpj LLNCIE gbnh :SEM -uv-uv--q Y' JW 59 ., s:2. ' I n ., r V 3? ii A'f ::: 2"' f ' A.,,A. ,."' 1 . 5 Q Beverly Johnson and Gretchen Ernst. Harley Stell, music manager, and Prof. Keutzer, head of the music department. :QQ STRING TRIO-Betty Kornmesser, , U Q M E Qi U , ANS? PIN w KOW' Tlzidmllul Rowe' Eegfxustalsoo' fxjxlciw A Rui RTET nSkl an C3 QUPX em?c7'Y STRXN HWY St 3 SSQti B IN ITS SECOND POST-WAR season, the music department, un- der the direction of Professor Clyde Keutzer, added many new faculty members to its staff, making the organization of concert, worship and marching bands possible. The Campus Trio maintained its popularity throughout the year and two new string ensembles were recognized on the Campus. These two groups have played for numerous occasions. l new r, at Left :O flglffifiifheiia WW 39 S Tluofwbbms 3629 KY . SW QQSOQ V ijginpaQXSi , under a yed fo ncert i d man ' the THE ADELPHIAN CONCERT CHOIR of 40 mixed voices gave con certs this past year in twenty-two cities of Washington and ldaho. The hom concert was given April 24. Officers were: Mary Agnes Gallagher, president: Irene Fearn, secretary- treasurer, and W1'llard Norman, librarian. Prof Keutzer is the choir director. Accompanist was Jewell Gueffroy. ln Deceber the Adelphians joined forces with numerous church choirs to present Handel 's "lVIessiah, " which was broadcast over the radio. Over 1700 attended the performance, at which guest artists from Seattle and two of the music faculty were presented as soloists. THE WORKSHOP BAND of Leroy Ostransk y, pl and gave a co clude the direction r several college dances n the spring. The program ' y original arrangements by modern arranging class. In ' members of E' 60-WCQZZ THE MARCHING AND CONCERT BAND is under the direction of Prof. John O'Connor. There were approximately 40 students in the band this year. During the fall the marching band played for football games and attracted much favorable comment because of its interesting marching formations between halves. The Concert band, with the help of the Knights, put on an excellent Campus Radio Theater program in the spring and gave its con- cert as part of the Spring Music Festival on May 23. Maman '4 Qkcwni THE WOMEN'S CHORUS and the lVlen's Chorus are open to any students who wish to sing. There are no tryouts as there are for the Adelphians. Under the direction of Prof. lvan Rasmussen, the choirs participated in the annual Dickens' Christmas Carol presentation. They also sang for chapel programs and the May Day ceremonies. Wm! Gfiaam Uackwbza THE PUGET SOUND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA is under the directorship of Prof. Raymond Vaught. There were approximately 65 players in the orchestra this year, over half of which were college students. The remaining members were people of the community who Were interested in symphonic work and wished to play with the organization. Ullllll STUDENTS IN the dramatics department are known on the Campus as the Campus Playcrafters. They are directed by Martha Pearl Jones, head of the speech and dramatics department, Student dramatic manager this year was Rob- ert Lyon. Dramatics department assistants were Irene Fearn and Elizabeth Anderberg. On Friday, October llth, the sixth annual Freshman play night was held. Plays given were: "Evening Dress Indispensable," "Spot Cash," "Night Club," "Persia Presents" and "Long Distance." Specialty numbers were given between plays. All actors were chosen from the Freshman class. Directors of the plays were the following upper- classmen: Elizabeth Anderberg, Art Hansen, Bon- ny Jean Steele, Bill O'Connell, Irene Fearn, Peggy Robert Lyon, Dramatic Manager Rough, Emily Harold, Miriam Manke, Carol Todd, and Harmon Weston. The Choral Readers appeared throughout the year, giving programs for various Tacoma clubs. They presented their recital March 21, in which they featured The People. Yes by Sandberg. Members of the Choral Reading group were Sheila Lamar, leader, Inez Doherty Meyer, assistant leader, Gretchen Swayze, Barbara Rowe, Zelda Lay, Beverly Farrell, Ruth Haggerness, Emily Harold, Bonny Steele, Frances Huston, Beth De- Mille, Bob Lyon, Aleatha Dieatrick, Helen Strong, Bob Huston and Troy Strong. Dickens' Christmas Carol was presented at Christmastime in cooperation with the music de- partment. For the third consecutive year Marshall Campbell played the part of Scrooge. Miss Martha Pearl Jones Lefl fo nghl: Lorna Louclcs. Howard Hitclxcock, Don Mack. THE ANNUAL HOMECOMING PLAY, A'The Call of the Banshee," was a mystery farce in three acts involving an Amazon lndian, two doctors, a superstitious Irish housekeeper, a deaf servant, a Swedish maid, a couple in love, a stub- born uncle, two negro mammys and a fainting girl. The sheriff and his deputy kept the audience in hysterics as they tried to solve the baffling riddle of two mysterious deaths. The murderer was eventually discovered and the play proceeded to a romantic end. we can ay Me eww Lefl to right: Bonny jean Steele, Gretchen Swayze Bill O Connell Elizabeth Anderberg Carol Todd Lloyd Silvers Marshall Campbell. Art Hanson, Richard Lewis Irene Fearn Willard Gee Harmon Weston Emily Harold Kerttu Kahn Willard Norman Left lu right: Herbert Stark, Frank Peterson, Bill Gianelli, Bruce Rector, Norman Willard, Irvin Miller, Bonny Steele, Gretchen Swayze, Dale Nelson, Sheila Lamar, Donald Miller, Aleatha Mae Dieatrick, Irene Fearn. On the floor: Barbara Rowe. "7Ze Qcaacf Za Qwlefzcfcaq' "THE ROAD TO YESTERDAY," the spring play, was based on an English legend which says that "what- ever you wish on Midsummer's Eve Will come true and remain true until it is unwished on another Midsummer's Eve." It is Midsummer's Eve when the play opens and Elspeth Sheila Lamar as Black Malena. Tyrell makes a wish that takes her and all the people she knows hack to the year 1603. Through two acts she and her friends live in the past, but in the fourth act Elspeth wakes to ind that though she has only been dreaming she has found the man she loves. Dale Nelson as Reformado Jack and Gretchen Swayze as Elspeth. lUllfNSIES UNDER THE LEADERSHIP of Robert Mc- Nary, the forensic department has enjoyed a very successful season. At the beginning of the year, an office was acquired-an office in which certificates and records are kept, and where debaters gather. The debaters also have a trophy case all to them- selves in upper Jones Hall. The members of the debate group this year have participated in several practice tournaments. Yvonne Battin Bob McNary, forensics manager, and Dr. Battin, debate coach. There have been a number of trips to Seattle for debates, In Tacoma, debaters have spoken on three radio programs, in several churches, before civic bodies, and in several chapels. CPS. participated in the Western Association of Teachers of Speech tournament at San Jose. California, in November. At that tournament, Yvonne Battin Won first place in junior Womens' oratory. Harriet Fiske and Louise Kipper took second in senior Womens' debate: Louise Kipper won second in womens' extemporaneous speaking: and Robert Tollefson and Robert lVlcNary took third in senior mens' debate. There Were over twenty colleges participating in this tournament. After a couple of practice tournaments, the debaters again took a trip-this time to Linfield College at McMinnville, Oregon, Over thirty colleges were striving for honors at this tourna- PI KAPPA DELTA-Standing: Bernard Crowell, Walter Loewcnstein, Bob McNary, Lyle Lindelien. Seated: Louise Kipper, Mary Jean Kean. ment, which was held during the last of February and the first of March. Yvonne Battin took first place in senior Womens' oratoryg Yvonne Battin and Beverly Van Horn took third place in junior womens' debate. Louise Kipper, womens' debate manager, was in charge of the high-school tournament held at Row 1: Louise Kipper, Yvonne Battin, Beverly Van Horn, Mary Jean Kean, Sammy Samuelson. Raw 2: Bernard L. Crowell, John Tucker, Bill Allen, Lloyd Gacldis, Robert McNary, Lyle Lindelien, Walt Loewenstein. Ron' 3: Alexander J. Mortellaro, Bruce Rector. Kenneth Camp- bell, Bruce Parker, Clarence Gotchy, Arthur Gravatt, Sam Heritage, Andrew L. Gavries, jr., Kerin W. Rolfe, Leonard Docherty. MFE BOWLING GREEN DEBATERS-Left to right: Yvonne Battin, Dr. Battin, Kenneth Campbell, Bob McNary, Bruce Parker, Ll yd G Lyle Lindelien, Louise Kipper, Harriet Fiske. C.P.S. during February. There were over 400 students here from thirty-five schools throughout the state. Robert McNary was in charge of the Tyro Tournament held here in March. The debaters of the college have taken at least eight cups this year-one in San Jose, one in Lin- field, and six at the Tyro Tournament. Washington Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Delta. a national forensic society, is located on the C.P.S. campus. Lyle Lindelien is president: Harriet Fiske, vice president: Mary Jean Kean, secretary: Walt Loewenstein, treasurer: and Robert McNary, publicity chairman. Dr. Battin, debate advisor, is one of the founders of Pi Kappa Delta. He holds membership certificate No. 2 and key No. 8. Other faculty members include Dr. Regester, Dr. Shaffer, and Dr. Thomp- son. This year, Pi Kappa Delta sponsored the high-school tournament here in February. The national Pi Kappa Delta tournament, the first since 1942, was held this year at Bowling Green, Ohio. There were about 120 colleges and universities represented. C.P.S. returned with honors. Yvonne Battin Won top spot in womens' oratory, Lyle Lindelien placed third in discus- sion, and Lloyd Gaddis took second for his part in stunt night. Emma Nelson, Spring Business Manager HUXH Leo Bucigan and Donna June Bennett, Page Editors LOIS PHILLIPS, Editor Dave Parker, Assistant Editor. Emma Nelson, Vernetta Harvlic, joy Moberg, Lois Vick, Business Staff. 'Y STRIVING TO GO MODERN the Puget Sound Trail adopted a new masthead this year and shortened its name to The Trail. Under the editorship of Lois Phillips, The Trail had a very successful year with 25 issues, one being printed every week except during va- cation, closed periods and the printers' strike. Handling the financial end of the paper were Joy Moberg in the fall semester and Emma Nel- son in the spring term. In the fall Dixie James was assistant editor while in the spring Dave Parker handled this job. The sports department was headed by Clay Huntington in the fall and by Leo Butigan in the spring. Serving both se- mesters were Donna June Bennett as society editor and Mary Jackson as feature editor. Renewing a practice which had been carried out in past years, the freshmen were in complete charge of one issue. Leonard Docherty was chosen editor and he was assisted by Barbara Breazeale. The edition was scheduled to come out just before spring vacation but just when the news was ready to be printed the printers went on strike. Proving that they couldnlt be defeated, the freshmen put out the issue right after the spring recess. Special enlarged issues of The Trail were printed on four different occasions. Two six-page issues, Joy Moberg, Fall Business Manager one in maroon ink for Homecoming and one cov- ering the PNCC conference, were released. For Christmas an eight-page issue in green ink was printed while a senior issue was put out in maroon ink the last week of school. Mrs. Margaret Whittlesey was faculty adviser. EDITORIAL STAFF-Szandmg: Leo Butigan. Lois Phillips, Bob Winskill, Marcella Morton, Peggy Rough. Bill O'Connell, Virginia Barker, INlary Kincheloe, John Lane, Donna june Bennett, Don Thornhill. Dave Parker. Sealed: Mary' Jean Kean, Nadine Kensler, Harriett Warne, Diane Jensen, Barbara Breazeale, Leonard Docherty, Glo Gleason. EDITOR - - ELIZABETH ANDERBERG ASSISTANT EDITOR - - Wade Garland Faculty Section BUSINESS MANAGER - PATRICIA MASON ADVISOR ---- Dr. Julius P. Jaeger ART EDITOR - - - Irene Fearn Assistant - - - - - Phil Garland CLASS EDITOR ---- Kerttu Kahn Assistants - - Harriett Fiske, Lucile Randall SPORTS EDITOR - - - Bob Winskill Intramural - - - - Leo Butigan PATRICIA MASON Assistant - - - Barbara Breazeale Left, above-Kerttu Kahn: cow- rene earn. rou iclure- usiness Norman Hawkins, Glo Gleason, arce a orton, at ason, ever 3 COPY WRITERS - Ed Hungerford Donna June Bennett Lois Phillips Thelma Smith Gretchen Ernst Art Hanson SNAP SHOT EDITOR Assistant - - - - Bob lVIcNary Howard Hitchcock BUSINESS STAFF - Norman Hawkins Marcella Morton aa Glo Gleason Beverly Farrell Dolores Klaiber ELIZABETH ANDERBERG Q' Rlglrl, tilmw-Dr. ,Int-ger: Ivclun-AII"adL' Garland. Gump p1t'.'1trt-W'1Edirorial I Stafflf-Ifirit mn: Art I-Ianson, Elizabeth Anclerlwrg. Bob lVIcNary. Leo ' Butignn, Barbara Brcnzcale. Second mn: Lois Phillips, Lnrile Randall, Kcrttu Kahn, Bob Winskill, Wade Garland, Gretchen Ernst, I ,nr- 4, 4,77 .47 4,2-"T I O 'I l QE 001 file-4 ,Q-"",'4 i why 'W 7 here r -!,,,a ! BOB McNARY EVERY EALL each student is issued a publi- cation known as the LOG BOOK which informs the new and reminds the old students of the College rules, organizations, social activities and athletic events of the year. It also includes data pertaining to the various honoraries, A,S.C.P.S. departments and their activities, fraternity and sorority information, and the rules governing Freshman conduct. The LOG BOOK this year was edited by Bob McNary, assisted by Bob Winskill, and included as a new feature the names of the oHficers of the organizations, clubs, fraternities and sororities. Due to the lateness of ratifying the new A.S.C.P.S, Constitution, the LOG BOOK was incorporated with the annual WHO'S WHERE, also edited by Bob lVlcNary. Assistant editor was Dorothy Rudolph. Regarded as one of the most valuable publications of the year, the WHO'S WHERE has as its only duty the listing of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all students registered at the College. BOB WINSKILL DOROTHY RUDOLPH EEE. 4149 EVXX SIIIVIEI OFFICERS OF THE Intercollegiate Knights, National Sophomore service honorary for men. were James Wornstaff, Honorable duke: Robert Huston, worthy scribe: Paul Cwingrich, chancellor of the exchequerg Carl Niwa, worthy.recorder1 Clarence Nelson, keeper of the mace: Clayton Anderson, social chairman: Prof. John O'Connor, advisor. Log chapter activities began during Freshman Week in the' fall of I946 when the Knights helped with the registration procedure and orientation of the school's largest freshman class to date. Since that time, besides ushering at college func- tions, the Knights sponsored a Campus Radio Theater broadcast, emanating directly from the CPS auditorium, and also put on a Prince and Princess of Ixflelody contest for the selection of soloists for the Workshop Band. October 4th saw a well-managed rally parade which began in downtown Tacoma and ended up at the College with a huge victory bonfire. The Knights-sponsored float in the annual Homecoming parade No- vember 9th aroused curiosity and much favorable comment-espe- cially the two representatives, Andy Anderson and Clarence Nelson, who appeared as real Knights. In December the Knights ushered for a com- bined choir production of the "Messiah," decorated Jones Hall and Howarth Hall in Christmas fashion, together with the Spurs, and acted as "Santa" to theyfaculty and student body on December 18th. On this occasion the Knights, rigged in cotton whiskers, moustaches and eye- brows, and crepe-paper hats, passed out candy kisses to every student and professor, while traditional Christmas music was played by the band under the direction of the Knight's advisor, Prof. O'Connor. INTERCOLLEGIATE KNIGI-ITS Ron I Prof John O'Connor. Paul Gingrich, 'James Wornstaff, Robert Huston, Clarence Nelson, Frank McConnell. Row 2: Allen Billett, Kenneth Campbell, Lloyd Gaddis Wesley Se jack Rcynolcl Herbert Coombs, Clayton Anderson, Lyle Lindelien. Row 3: Carl Niwa, Walt Loewenstein, Ray Cason, Marlin Larson, Ken Willoughby, Ken Langlow, Bernie Crow Ant pictured Keith Chase, Robert Ofelt, Harold Schumoch. HUNUIIIHIIS BEGINNING WITH TI-IE FIRST DAY of Freshman Week, members of the Spurs, national sophomore women's honorary, have taken an active part in campus life this year. Their main services to the college, besides that of ushering at chapel and other school functions, were to assist in registering the school's record student body and to serve as a nucleus around which the Loggerettes were organized. Officers of the group were Beverly Johnson, president: Donna June Bennett, vice president: Aleatha Mae Dieatrick, secretary: Dorothy Loner- gan, treasurer: Lois Phillips, editor: Mary Ellen Irsfeld, historian: and Neva Iverson, song leader. Decorating Jones hall for Christmas, making Homecoming pompons, and constructing a daisy chain for last year's May Day celebrations consti- tuted some of the special projects of the Spurs. Two representatives from this Spur chapter, Beverly Johnson and Aleatha Dieatrick, attended a regional Spur conference at Mos- cow, Idaho, while the whole CPS group was instrumental in the in- stallation of a new chapter at Linfield College in Oregon. To climax their year of fun and service, the Spurs tapped their pledges by awakening them at an early hour in the morning and serving them breakfast before first period classes. Besides assisting at May Day ceremonies, the Spur pledges usher for the President's senior re- ception, Baccalaureate and Commencement, and perform their traditional pledge duty of polishing the CPS trophies. WOITIQII SIC Fifteen outstanding freshman chosen on the basis of scholarship, character and participation in school activities to be Spur pledges in the spring, taking over their full re- sponsibilities the next fall. .IRS Fir! mfr: Vernetta Harvlie, Pearl Nloberg, Lois Phillips. Mary Ellen Irsfield, Ruth Ann Potter. Summa' roar: Neva Iverson. Doris Mitchell, Cathie Reed, Donna unc Bennett Beverly johnson, Aleatha Mae Dieatrick, Gretchen Ernst, Jeanne Williams, Dorothy Lonergan. EEHUllElll OTLAH-Seated: Louise Kipper, Alice Ann Cross, Mrs. Raymond S. Seward, Kerttu Kahn, Lucilc Randall, Betty Jane Cappa. Standing: Elizabeth Anderberg, Bea Young, Anna-Marie Vaughn, Polly Packard, Inez Doherty Meyer, Janice Lindeman, Lois Lynch, Jing Ho Ling. No! pictured: Mary Rough, Thelma Smith. OTLAH, senior Women's scholastic honorary, has standards very similar to those of the national Nlortar Board. Membership is limited to those senior girls who maintained a B grade average during their first two and a half years at CPS and who also participated in College activities. The Otlah pin is the golden acorn. Advisor for the group is Mrs. Raymond S. Seward. Officers for the year were: President, Kerttu Kahn: vice president, Louise Kipperg secretary, Lucile Randall: treasurer, Alice Ann Cross, and historian, Anna-Marie Vaughn. The main activity of the year was the decorating of the large window between the irst and second floors in Jones hall at Christmastime. Toward the end of the spring semester next year's members were tapped in a special chapel program. The pledges were later initiated at the annual spring tea. HUNUlllllllS MU SIGMA DELTA-Row I: Betty Jane Cappa, Kathryn Hultgren, Jing Ho Ling. Sara jean Mather, Janice Lindeman, Lois Lynch. Row 2: Dr. Martin, Mrs. Drushel, Beatrice Young, Miss Chubb, Sheila Lamar, Mrs. Van Scoyoc. Inez Doherty Meyer, Merle Legg. Row 3: Prof. MacDonald, Dr. Tomlinson, Registrar Smith, Margaret Huston Kable, Mrs. Fossum, Dr. Chapman, Marshall Campbell. Row 4: Dr. Sprenger, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Fehlandt, Dr. Seward, Prof. Slater, Ed Hungerford. Row 5: Dr. Alcorn, Mr. Perry, Dr. Todd, Dr, Jaeger. Prof. Garrard. MU SIGMA DELTA, CPS honorary organi- zation which is comparable to the national Phi Beta Kappa, had as its president this year Dr. P. R. Fehlandt. Other officers were Dr. Helen Possum, vice president: Miss Frances Chubb, re- cording secretary, and Betty Jane Cappa. corresponding secretary. A grade average of not less than 3.25 for seniors and 3.5 for juniors is the major qualifica- tion for membership. New members are initiated in May. No more than ten per cent of the graduating class may be included as members. Faculty members joining the group this year were Dr. Robert Sprenger and Dr. Ciordon Alcorn. Seniors in the group were Lucile Randall, Beatrice Young, Louise Kipper, Lois Lynch and Inez Doherty Meyer. Other seniors, who became members in their junior year, were Janice Linde- man, Betty Jane Cappa and Jing Ho Ling. Juniors were Jeanne Mickens, Marshall Camp- bell, Merle Legg, Sara Jeane Mather, Sheila Lamar and Kathryn I-Iultgren. LOGGERETTES-Kneeling: Rayme Stebbins, Dorothy Kostenbader, Shirley Peacock, Mary Kincheloe, Sue Robin- son Wilma Reed. Seated: Barbara Latta, Marian Newman, Doris Rutherford, Ann Cuthbert, Harriett Warne, Elenot Roundtree, Janice Hitchcock, Beth DeMille. Standing: eanne Miles, Lois Vick, Lois Fassett, Barbara Noble, Peggy Rough. Carol Todd, PeggY Allen, Vernetta Harvlie, MUSE THE PURPOSE of the O. T. club is to enable the group of Occupational Therapy students to become better acquainted with one another, to hear outside speakers, to promote interest in the profession, to keep up with the developments in the field, and to maintain a registry of alumnae members. President was Bea Young: secretary-treasurer. Jan Blake, and historian, Dixie Simmons. LOGGERETTES were originally organized as a drill team to march with the band. The organi- zation was formed around a nucleus of Spurs. Loggerettes became an official organization on the Campus with the presentation of their constitution to Central Board. Members can be identified by their white sweaters and dark skirts. Charlotte Conrad, Ruthella Raver. Domaschofsky, Betje Liljequist. O. T. CLUB-'Row 1: Luba Ostofichuk, Jeanne Moore Marjorie Venter, Gwen Roberts, Wilma Reed. Row Z Mar ion Geehan, Jan Blake, Bea Young, Joyce Nelson Eileen Boyd, Polly Packard, Lenore Secord. Row 3: Joan Rabdau Ethel H. Davidson, Patsy J. Brittain, Shirlee Kinnane Nancy Mandell, Jean Erickson, Juanita Baumgartner Cathy Tillman. Noi pictured: Charles Kay, Mary Rough Ruth BIOLOGY CLUB-Seated: Mary Ellen Irsfeld, Thelma K. Smith, Merle Legg, Prof, james R. Slater, Richard F. Eckert, Warren P. Brown. Standing: Walt McCullough, Rod Brown, Galen Hoover, Jim Legg, Bob Johnson, Andy Moe, Michael Jayko, Morton Olson, Howard P, Bowman, Wiley Mellish. NEWLY FORMED this year, the Pep Club was organized to promote College yells and school spirit at all games. Members of the organi- zation could be easily identified by uniform white sweaters displaying log emblems. Officers were: President, Bruce Rectorg vice president, Charles Howe, secretary-treasurer, Bev- erly MacDonald. PEP CLUB--Kneeling: Rayme Stebbins, Eleanor Nelson, Shirlee Kinnane, Mary'l..ou Cooper, PRESS' Toggart, Janice Hitchcock, Sealed: Ann Cuthbert, Marjorie Smovir, Chuck Howe, Bruce Rector, Beverly MacDonald, Peggy Egbert, Marge Agule, Carmen Baker. Standing: Ray Sonnemann. Mary Kincheloe, Frank Peterson, Bill Gianelli, Wayne Sea- man, Blaine Wiseman, Warren P. Brown, Betty Lou Fyke, Bob Church. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES of the Biology Club are field trips in and around the State, and care of the Museum of Natural History situated on the third floor of Howarth Hall. Professor James R. Slater, head of the biology department, is the club advisor. Officers for the spring semester Were: Merle Legg, president: Dick Eckert, vice president: Mary Ellen Irsfeld, secre- tary, and Galen Hoover, treasurer. TI-IE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB met the second Monday of every month this year in the homes of members. The purpose of the club is to give its members a better under- standing of national and international affairs, which is done through discussion groups, outside speakers, forums, etc. Two of the year's highlights were the enter- taining of five UBC students on the Campus for two days and a trip to International I-Iouse in Seattle. Officers for the year were: Kathryn I-Iultgren, president: Janette Blake, vice president, and Ann Lowrie. secretary-treasurer. Advisor was Dr. Tomlinson. SKI CLUB members often participate in inter- collegiate-competition with numerous colleges and universities throughout the West: The club spon- sors the annual All-College Ski Day, the high school ski meet, and arranges for the showing of ski movies. Officers this year were: Primo Rosellini, presi- dent, who was succeeded by Bob Church: Juanita Baumgartner and Ray Cason, vice presidentsg Jenny Lewis and Peggy Rough, secretary- treasurers: and Ken I-Ioggatt and Dick Eckert, social chairmen. SKI CLUB-Raw 1: Harry Caren, Charles R. Clark, Dale Frost, Ron Hendrickson, Bob Church, Dr. W. E. Tomlinson, Bob Wray, Chuck Howe Carl Willxnott, Dick Stone. Row Z: Bonny Steele, Marge Agule, Sammy Samuelson, Sally jo Evans, Jenny Lewis, Lee Secorcl, Bob Winskill, Marie Switzer Juanita Baumgartner, Beverly MacDonald, Rayme Stebbins, Virginia Barker. IRC- Sealed: Dr. Tomlinson, Jan Blake, Kathryn Hultgren Kjell Aarnes, Lenore Secord. Slanding: Jerry Baker Gwen Dean, Ruth Lubbe, James E. Johnson, Helen Strong Troy Strong, Elenor Roundtree, Chuck Gruenewalcl ART CLUBfSealed: Yvonne Battin, Dale Frost, Alice Chalcraft, Gwen Jones, Pat Voshmik. Standing: Ronald Hendrickson, Dennis D. Livingston, Howard Hitchcock, Kathie Shults, Carl Lee, Nick W. Fields. THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN Association is the local affiliate of the National Student YMCA-YWCA, and the World Student Chris- tian Federation, With a membership this year of about l4O, the SCA met at Chapel time in the Little Chapel every Friday. Officers were: President, Troy Strong: vice president, 'Robert Huston: secretary, Barbara Lin- dahl, and treasurer, Lois Vick. Advisors were Dr. Marvin Schafer and Robert McFarland, THE ART CLUB was re-organized this se- mester after its absence during the war years. It was formed for the purpose of bringing together all students interested in any phase of art. Each meeting was held in the art studio where members carried on individual work. Other activi- ties were field trips, discussions and exhibits, Officers were Dale Erost, president: Dennis D. Livingston, vice president, and Maxine Lister, secretary. Professor Kohler was the advisor. SCA-Row I: Joyce Nelson, Lucile Randall, Marie Johnson, Shirlee Kinnane, Peggy Rough, Lois Poindexter, Ann Cuthbert, Ruth Gustafson, Mary Ellen Irsfeld. Row 2: Marjorie Smovir, Frances Huston, Cathy Tillman, Bea Young, Bob Huston, Mary Jackson, Troy Strong, Lois Vick, Barbara Lindahl, Chuck Gruenewald, Beverly Van Horn, Eileen Boyd. Row 3: Elenor Roundtree, Mary Gruenewald, Mary Lou Cooper, Peggy Egbert, Mary Kincheloe, Charlotte Johnson, Jan Blake, Helen Strong, Nancy Mandell, Laura Alm, Robert Lyon, Sara Mather, Janice Hitchcock, Pat Voshmik. Run' 4: Frank Peterson. Donald Cole, John R. Sampson, Virginia Barker, Shirley Hammond, Marjorie Mann. Bonny Steele, Doreen Lockstone. Marie Switzer, Christine Clemenscn, Dorothy Kostenbader, Gwen Roberts, Ed Stanton, Clint Aiton, John Martin, Ray Ortland, Bruce Rector. 62 TO BE A MEMBER of the Junior Affiliate Ciroup of the American Chemical Society on the CPS Campus a student must be Working toward Z1 major or minor in chemistry. Membership entitles a student to the society's publication, and to attendance at the national and Puget Sound sectional meetings, Which feature noted chemists from all parts of the country. President of this year's group Was Bill Causin. ALPHA PSI CHI-ROW 1: Gerry Kirwan, Marie Switzer, Doreen Lock- stone, Arle Thayer, Row Z: Bob Martin, Ray Frederick, Tom Furlong, Robert Ball, Les Erickson, Milton E. De Graw. Row 3: R. McFarland, 'S, Wilson, C. G. Foster, Larry J. Beck. THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, Alpha Psi Chi, was reactivated in November after several years of inactivity due to the war. Gerry Kirwan served as president and Marie Switzer as secretary- treasurer during the fall semester. In the spring Arle Thayer Was president, While Doreen Lock- stone became secretary-treasurer. The organization exists for psychology majors and minors and especially encourages anyone interested in psychology to attend the meetings. CHEMISTRY SOCIETY-Lei! lo right: Ray Doan, Dr, Fehlandt, Joe Murray, Rosa Mae Monger, Heman Hunt, Dick Bligh, William Causin, Warren Harvey, Dr, Sprenger, Mike Jayko, Richard Swanson, Prof. MacDonald. 63 UUHVHE TWELVE BOYS-temperamental furnace- Christmas house party-rats in the attic- pichnocle until 1:00 A. M.-three cars and one garage-boxing and basketball fans-borrowed dictionaries-dinner at the New Yorker-Mrs. Graff-squeaky beds-bow ties-lost baseballs- jaunts to 6th Avenue-coke bottles-Melody Cruise-ski fiends-fire extinguishers-lost an- atomy books-contemporary fiction-makeshift ironing boards-talk of Naches and Lynden and Morton and Everett-Saturday morning "si- lence"-popular newsboys-names and nick- names-red shower curtain-bannister notches- E MEN'S DORM-Kneeling: Orin Thompson, Art Campbell, Marshall Campbell, Chuck Howe. Standing: Howard Bowman, Douglas Bowman, Frank Peterson, Ray Sonnemann, Don Perdue. pie feed. These are the Men's Dorm. -Marshall Campbell KITTREDGE HALL-Standing: Marjorie Venter, Jeanne Moore, Shirley Prichard, Adrienne Anderson, Kay Karmazin, Inez Doherty Meyer, Joyce Nelson. Seated: Mary Ellen Irsfeld, Laura Alm, Peggy' Hume, Gwen Dean, Mrs. Drushel, Eileen Boyd. On :he floor: Ruth Gustafson, Dorothy Lonergan, Elizabeth Harold. EOR THE 15 GIRLS who live in the Student Union Building it is not known as such but is called Kittredge Hall. For the complete year Eileen Boyd has served as presi- dent of the group. The residents of Kittredge do not have any social affairs of their own but go to- gether with the girls of Anderson Hall for all activities. Mrs. Lyle Ford Drushel, dean of women. is in charge of the girls. She is assisted by Inez Doherty Meyer, who has served for two years, and by Betty Harold. IINUIHS llll Hllll VILETTA ROWE Iiall President , is NATALIE HYNDIVIAN . Spring President I MRS. D. D. SCHNEIDER House Mother ORIGINALLY BUILT to accommodate 36 girls, the bulging walls of Anderson Hall housed a record total of 90 students this year. Three girls were assigned to every double room, two to all the single rooms, and 29 freshmen and three sophomores to the basement, formerly used as a recreation room. Two men shared the feminine domicile-Troy Strong, who, with his wife, Helen, occupied a basement room, and Professor Dagfinn Skaar, Norwegian exchange instructor who lived in the guest room the second semester. Adding to the international atmosphere of the dormitory was Signe Denstad, Norwegian ex- change student who ventured into the basement quarters the second semester and decided to stay. She is the first foreign student to live in Anderson Hall. Pall officers for the "dorm" were Thelma Hardy, president: Viletta Rowe, vice president Cwho served as president in place of Thelmaiz Neva Iverson, secretary: Elenor Roundtree, treas- urer: Harriett Warne, historian: Juanita Baum- gartner, sergeant-at-arms. Lucile Randall served as vice president. Taking over these offices in the spring were Natalie Hyndman, Patricia Robinson, Janice Hitchcock, Gwen Jones, Jennie Lewis and Mary Jackson. Because of the crowded social calendar, the dorm's only function this year was a picnic held at Point Defiance. Notable among the year's events were the be- ginning of the landscaping around the hall, and the installing of a '4Coke" machine to revive the spirits of cramming inmates. Dorm Life LOUISE INUIPINUINIS KIPPER THE MAJOR PORTION of the student body this year was classed as Independents and the Independent program was enlarged to meet the needs of this larger organization. The Sadie Hawkins Day Dance was revived this year and a very successful affair was held in the Student Union Building in the fall. The Independent candidate for Homecoming Queen, Beverly MacDonald, was elected to rule over the Homecoming festivities in November. In February another dance, Lamplighter Serenade, was held at the SUB with the Workshop Band providing the music. President of the Indes this year was Louise Kipper. Other officers were Kerttu Kahn, vice presidentg Bill O'Connell, secretaryg Charles Howe, treasurer, and Bob lVIcNary, sergeant-at-arms. Class representatives to the executive board were Betty Jane Cappa, Senior Class: Marie Switzer, Junior Class: Mary Jean Kean, Sophomore Class, and Kenneth Wagenblast, Freshman Class. V INDEPENDENT OFFICERS-Sealed: Bob McNary, Kerttu Kahn, Bill O'Connell, Louise Kipper. Standing: Mary Jean Kean, Marie Switzer, Chuck Howe, Betty Jane Cappa. llllllllll Plll KAPPA PHI invites into its membership every girl of Methodist preference. Although the club has a Cireek letter name, it is not a sorority and its membership has always included both sorority and independent girls. The program work of the organization is built around a theme chosen by the chapters each year and developed with the aid of the national program chairman. Chi chapter had to have a new sponsor this year and Mrs. Willis Carruth was elected. Officers for the year were: President, Anna-Marie Vaughn: vice president, Carol Todd: secretary, Donna June Bennett: treasurer. Polly Packard: historian, Donna Maclnnisg program chairmen, Dorothy Kostenbader and Lucile Randall, and chaplain, Helen Strong. Chi chapter is a unique one in many ways. lt is the only Kappa Phi chapter in a Methodist school. Most others are in state colleges or universities, It is the only chapter with a faculty sponsor, and the only chapter without a Wesley House on the Campus. 'Hi , ANNA-MARIE VAUGHN KAPPA PHI OFi7lCERSfSualed: Helen Strong. Mrs. Carruth. Anna-Nlarie Vaughn, Carol Todd. Standing: Dorothy Kostenbader, Donna June Bennett, Donna Maclnms. Polly Packard, Lucile Randall. Ellllll INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL has as its main objective the coordination of all sorority activities on the Campus. It also helps to explain the creed and purpose of Greek letter groups Within the College. The Council supervises all rushing activities during the year, making the rules where- by the sororities are governed during rushing. Membership is composed of the four sorority presidents and one representative from each sorority. The office of president rotates from one sorority to the next and is held by that sorority's representative for one semester. Fall president of the Council was Mary Agnes Ciallagher, While Vernace Barton served as spring president. The annual Inter-Sorority Dance was held during the spring semester, as was the annual tea which had as its purpose the Welcoming of all new women on the Campus. INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL-Kneel:'ng: Evelyn Coubrough, Peggy Rough. Sealed: Alice Ann Cross, Mrs. Drushel. Standing: Lois Lynch, Vernace Barton, Carol Hamilton, Mary jean Heidinger. EUUNEHS . WITH DICK LaPORE as president and George Miller as secretary-treasurer, Inter- fraternity council supervised fall rushing activi- ties for the five fraternities, setting up the rules and distributing information in the early weeks of the semester. Clarence Schorer went to the University of Washington as a C.P.S. delegate to observe fraternity rushing on the Seattle campus, and brought his ideas back to the council where he reported on current trends. Spring officers, Donald Burnett, president, and Clarence Schorer, secretary, laid early plans for the annual semi-formal dance. This item occupied the brief council meetings until the Inter-fraternity dance occurred on April 12, at Fellowship Hall. A colorful dance was assured when the Greek letter representatives decided to order carnations of different colors to designate the affiliation of all men attending. Under the able organizing of co-chairmen Robert Sea- bloom and Clarence Schorer, the dance lived up to its reputation as one of the outstanding social events of the season. To Wind up the affairs on May l, the coun- cil gathered for an informal dinner at the Top O' the Ocean, to hear a member of the U. of W. Inter-fraternity council, who spoke chiefly on the subject of national fraternities. INTERAFRATERNITY COUNCIL-Sealed: Clayton Anderson, Clarence R. Schorer, Donald K. Burnett, Patee Pilant, Ed Hungerford. Standing: George L Miller, R. H. Smith, Robert Seabloom, Herb Combs, Don Perdue, Jerry Baker. 70 Barker, Virginia Heidinger, Mary Jean Marshall, Evelyn Meyer, Inez Doherty Packard, Marthajean Packard, Polly Randall, Lucile Robinson, Patricia Rough, Mary Schcnck, Mary-Anna Vaughn, Anna-Marie Allen, Peggy Barker, Donna Battin, Yvonne Baumgartner, Juanita Behrens, Ruth Blaser, Phyllis Boyer, Jo Ann Cadigan, Gloria Caputo, Helen Collins, Alice Cooper, Mary Lou Dean, Gwen Dieatrick, Aleatha Geehan, Marion Hill, Jane Hitchcock, Janice Hughes, Avolda Iverson, Neva Jones, Gwen Kinnane, Shirlel' Manke, Miriam McCarty, Pat Mooney, Joan Nelson, Shirlee Noble, Barbara Phillips, Lois xf! Lois Lynch, president. and lvlrs. P. P. Schiffhaut-r. adviser. Wy it , Dfw Jar: ! 1 2 1 71 5 'Xndt-rberg, Elizabeth -'-- Cruver, Elouise i i 2 V 'Q I VM? 3eVoto, Margaret Q 'it Q, V - Hamilton, Carol ' ga : ' 'S' Hunter, Shirley Gibbs .. :.- .fi Hyndman, Natalie .:f:, ..,:' V Z . "' . A 'I' Q, Q2 rl X lx 3 s Ii .A f 1 fiste, Donna Mae Lynch, Lois Rowe, Viletta Verone, Genevieve Abrahamson, Betty Anderson, Pauline Yennett, Donn.-1 June Betz. Metillat Carr, Jane Christensen, Junita Clemensen, ChristIne Conrad, Charlotte Dryden, Lois Elliott, Mary Lou 7assett, Lois Funlte, Catherine Gleason, Glo Gordon, Pat Hyatt, June Jensen, Diane Johnson. Beverly Kolcr, Coleen Kornmesser. Betty Louclcs, Lorna Thompson. Clara Todd. Carol Tregoning, Joan Troxel, Bvtty Vcnske, Coral Weaver, Peggy 6. -A Mandell, Nancy Q ""' .i Martin. Dorothy ' 5 3' Mason, Patricia Robinson. Suv Sandal, Marian Shipli-tt, ,lean Schut, Dorothy Smith. Wanda Stebbins, Alice Steele. Bonny Meehan. Patricia Nicholson, Natalie . Raver, Ruthella Recd, Wilma Ni- fyi D Roberts, Gwen Adams, Joy Alm, Katherine Alm, Laura Anderson, Hally Barkost, Betty Barton, Vernace Boedecker, Joanne Briggs. Jerry Coubrough, Evelyn Hampton, Dolores Harold, Betty Haugen, Ila 72 Evelyn Coubrough, president, and Miss Margaret Myles adviser Pleuertz, Mona Hill, Lorna Hilton, Daphne Hodges, Barbara Holmberg, Jacqueline lrsfelcl, Mary Ellen Kostenbader, Dorothy Lonergan, Dorothy Langmack, Joan Moon, Mary Louise Morse, Mollie Mae Murphy, Lynn Porter. Ruth Rouncltree, Elenor Rutherford, Doris Shults, Kathie Stevens, Merle Thompson, Muriel Venter, Marjorie Vick, Lois an Winters, Ann 'Irs. Edna Cheney, adviser, Janice Lincleman. fall president and Alice Ann Cross, spring president. 4 ,-A- -. '2-, Q, . 325 .f i 1 iii-l KS. xi sv l ,f 1' is ' - .aaa .:' R 'ww' .i! I,, ,.:: 3 'M l 5 er -:six sh 1 .L ..,.., ., 5, K3 ,, eEe,2ixei , was Swayze, Gretchen Walsh, Catherine Wiley, Virginia Williams, Jeanne Wingard, Patricia Wright, Martha 73 Cross, Alice Ann Cummings, Carolyn -5, if ,gl ' 1 i' ':earn, Irene -2 M, Lindeman, Janice Van Camp, Hazel Hecht I . Abrahamson, Joan ' N , , ,new 'ii 'fe -',- Allen, Margaret E, ., ' Armstrong, Margaret I 1- QE, Beer, Ruth 'Q' if Blake, Janette V h: Boyd, Eileen i , Carlson, Patricia ::2fE:ii:,f1'iii . .-"-':'-' :-' - Coors, Catherine Coors, Charlotte DeMille, Beth Evans, Gwen Farrell, Beverly Fengler, Georgimay Ferguson, Doreen Gallagher, Mary A. Gipple, Gloria Gosselin, Betty Jean . Hoffman, Doris Hufford, Barbara Hultgren, Kathryn , Kelly. coiim ' ' ' Kirltebo, Joanne Klaiber, Dolores Kraus. Jo x i i -4, fn.- .. Lamar, Sheila sr x . Q 5 Lister, Maxine V ' Ludwig, Janice Mcllwraith. Marylou Mclntyre, Lucy Miles, Jeanne ,V , Y Mitchell, Doris Monger, Rosa Mae , Morton. Marcella Parker, Jane Ramsey, Lorraine Rayno, Beatrice Rocltway, Lorayne Shea, Pat Stalwiclt, Charlotte Stapleton, Joan Storhcw, Joan Dr Charles T. Bartm advxser and Rxchard Lapore fall president Not pictured 15 Marshall Rxconoscluto spring preslclent 'ir C 0 if if 5 I , Em as la XXX 13911 Q Wolfe George Wornstaff James Dr. Warren Tomlinson, Prof. E. Delmar Gibbs, advisers, and Donald Burnett, spring president. Not pictured is George Miller, fall president. D ve, si f S , ,,... , ,, , ll 1 sf fs: M A 3 :g .,..,. . . .,,. ,Z .':"' ,W fi K as at Y . . ..,....., :,. ,.,. . K. . . .1 aw , ,a .,.E, 54 b llll it R n ,Q .:f . 5 J ,K .si,, ,,si ' 5 . . gil Q ' ' 'i,i 2 i I li i il Peterson, Frank , W - K Pratt, Par l 2-' R .,.. if l I.. ' in : Seaman, Wayne Seldon, Sydney Stone. Richard , Treskes, Jack ' 'R Willard, Norman Wiseman, Blaine Wolf. Harold V . . A w if a. ,.'.:i I ' I . ,,Q 75 Causin, William 4 " Jaylco, Michael E Q . Miller, George Y, Minnitti, Robert Thompson, Orin Baker, Jerry Billerr, Allan Brown, Rodney Burnett, Donald ill' Campbell, Bill Campbell, Kennetl Carlson, Stanley ,. , :,,,, 7 Cascn, Ray H r Chase, Keith 5 x Chovil, William Church, Robert Q Eckert, Richard Hilstad, Gale Kallander, Donald Lane, Edward Lewis, Richard Lindeman, Donald Neudorfer, Jaclc Parker, Bruce Grav, Robert Hill, Robert Schorcr, Clarence Asmussen, Robert Blaslcowsky, Carl Brooks, Gordon Cox, Kenneth Evans, James 2 J .f 5 "" J iii 9 if Q 3' Clarence Schorer, spring president, and Dr. Lyle S. Shelmidine, adviser. Nr pictured are Rnhert Salmon, fall president, and Pmtf, Tnhn O'Connor, tl other adviser. - ' "" V i ., ,..., ,Z S, f 1. i f ' . ,. 1 Q .eaif teas. , i V 0 Fairfax, Gordon .. 1 Q 4m, -' is ' 76- P K Q Q I Q s., ? Gadbois. Lawrence ff A ' Qlll . - if I. ag ar i ,iff A Gordon, Jack QS Howard, Charles I ' iiv' J ikiiftw i ' "" "mx if javorslri, Al Y - ig- I 1 X Larson, John ' 7 I-every ROV 4 'E-:. I 1 "I "" ::':5, :V :'i':'ll " , , :, .- McConnell, Francis A' ""' e E: Moe, Andrew 1 'gf " , , t 5, ,Sb so aoaaara i i, aaaa s M Ofelt. Robert Packard, Ralph Peterson, David Peterson, Howard Singleton, John ,hx T 'A 1' 4 , 2 .,.. .U uw ,sf .1 1 as , ' ff' 2.-ff . sr qc U2 ig, 9 ,X , .. v We fe as A m e ,. B C o , aa aaa f fer eeiee esse W s Q Y S Stauffachcr, Walter Votaw, Curtis - Wedlund, Spencer White. Warren Willoughby, Kenneth Wright james -or if 125 W S iiie 1 i.--- L 1 i x s 77 Nix" Ed Hungerford. Sorinfz president. Dr. Raymond l., Powell, adviser. and Patee Pilant, fall president. iq CIW E5?'?g?H? ' , N fr ,, ,fa Y ,..y 1 ima W W1 Q ,fr ,. ai Q w F 3 gh 5 Q A -3' f K 1 2 5 Reid, Charles Sallcc. Richard Seelye, Wesley Sepetoski, Wilbur Taylor, Frank Webber, Neil Wegner, Richard Wihmhoff, George Hungerford, Edward Woodworth, Irving Anderson, James Baker, Bill Ball, ,lay Bell, james Belsvik nel . , Bonham Corwin V' - ---f- ' Briggs Alan Brown Warren Burroughs, Jack . J , V 5:55 F Berg, Donn X W nge ' 'Y Y 4 A f Chovil, Donald X Christensen, Ted I Combs Herbert Y ag Dunne, Carroll I Frederick, Richard Garland. Wade 5 , '52 " V . Gianelli, William 4 Gingrich, Paul , - Hagberg, Bill Johnson. Douglas Kahler, Frank h 'V f Knapp, Jack 2 if Leu se. Donald zzi, James r ' bg' Lyon, Robert C. Mellish, Wiley w s as di, McCullough, Walter McKinney, John Opgenorth, Charles Parker, John Perdue. Donald Pilant, Patee Rees, David Madden, William Maycumber, Robert Van Camp, James Wright, Charles Anderson, Clayton Ball, Robert Briggs, Donald Button, Ronald Cootsona, Thomas Cross, Thomas Crowell, Bernard Danielson, Alvin Danielson, Donald Demers, Arthur Drake, John Ellis, Richard Fengler, Austin Gilsdorf, Lee Glover, William Greedy, Warren Hoff, Donald Kennell, Kenneth Kepka, Brian L-1m8!0W. Kenneth Langlow, Stanley Larson, Marland Lownoy, jack Mann, Wayne McMillan, ,lack DCS J Z . 5 i . XX , . Va My , - - .. ,'., Q Q 3 Yr A aff in Morrison, Bob Needham, John Niemi, Carl O'Connor, Dennis Rinlcer, Robert Robbins, Robert Rosellini, Did William Glover, spring president, Dr. Robert Sprenger and Prof. F O 5 N si Sherfy, Donald Silver, Lloyd Smith, Sidney Spencer, Jack Stalcup, Roy Swenson, Darrell Watts, Emery Williams, George Wilson, Jack McMillan, advisers. Not pictured is Jim Van Camp, fall president 5 ' .,5,, MHHNES Coach Frank Patrick Football Fans JE ulIn , lllllllllll The athletic season returned to CPS this year with all its pre-War glory, The football squad, which had been inactive during the War years, was newly formed by Coach Patrick with most of its membership made up of mem- bers of the Freshman Class. Locker room scene between halves. bers of the conference, and branched outside of the conference to play PLC in the traditional rivalry games of the school. Tommy Ruffin scoring a touchdown, In spite of a very light team, and inexper- ienced players, the Loggers did all right for themselves. The team fought against all mem- Vic Martineau carrying the ball. RALPH ROWE DICK HERMSEN Tackle BOB ROBBINS Fullbaek WARREN GREEDY Guard LES GILSDORF Guard LA VERNE MARTINEAU A Center JIM RICE Guard Tackle BOB MORRI Tackle SEASUNE SEUHEE CPS 6, Western Washington 7 CPS 33, Pacific University 0 CPS 6, Linfield College 6 CPS O, Willamette University 7 WARREN wggp CPS 34, University of British Columbia 6 CPS 13, Whitman College 0 CPS 7, College of Idaho 13 CPS 7, Pacific Lutheran 13 C3 wins, 4 losses, l tieb VIC MART IN EAU Left Halfback JACK WILSON Quarterback ED BEMIS Quarterback JACK ROBINSON y End Fullback . ,.,, 9 BUS MITCHELL End BOB RINKER Centr LEN SAWYER Guard W Guard ., .vi BILL RITCHEY Forward RON BUTTGN Center - , Q. f Q. "1 , 1 2' 'V ,.., : 1 ED HUNTINGTON 4 M' Q ML E+ I 3 hi M i : 3 wr 9' ,Q :ima B,::,,.,,,., BILL STIVERS Guard W wi T' , ...V ,daqz E ::,d ,:., P I LATlN0 L AL DANIELSON L DIcK rd sos ANGELINE Fwwafd DON norr Guard Forward Basketball has always been one f the major sports at CPS. This ear was no exception to the rule. IPS retained its leadership in the oop sport and ended up tied for bird in the conference. Coach John. I-leinrick Hal Wolf tipping 84 EEEEEEEVE HEEEEEEEE The reserve squad had one of its most successful seasons this year, taking on all comers and virtually sweeping the field in outside competition. l. The players are, from left to right: Kneeling in the cenler--Coach Tom Cross, Harry Mansfield, Hollister Gee. Bark circle: Bob Seabloom, Clint Aiton, Dick Scheyer, Jack Buscher, Lloyd Blanusa, Wayne Mann, Dick Towle, Dick Fry, George Williams, Hal Schv.-yer, manager. Wally Streeter headed up the forming EEEEM and coaching of the swimming team this year, Made up of men who were first in swimming while ine high school and who broke records in intra-mural competition, the team was an excellent group that made a name for the college in all types of com- petition. E cw , , , x . ROW I: Bill Chalk, Ray Turcotte, Don Adams, Dave Rees, Ray Frederick. Row 2 Bill Lewis, Don Thornhill, Jim Reynolds, Capt, ,loc Boyle, Doug Baldwin, Bill Brasier Coach Wally Streeter. March 21-Pacific-Tacoma frained outj THE LOOGER NETMEN made 26 out of a possible 28 points in their conference play this year. Lyle Morton coached the squad. Number one man on the team was Wally Cavanaugh, while Don Heselwood held down the number two spot. The 1947 schedule was as follows: March 29 -U.B.C.-Vancouver, B. C. frained outj April 4-Willamette-Salem, Oregon, 7-0 Cwonj April 7-Portland-Portland, Ore., 7-0 fwonj April ll-Pacific-Forrest Grove, 6-l Cwonj April 12-Linfield Ccancelledj April 18-Western Washington College, Bel- lingham Crained outb April 30-P. L. C., Tacoma Ccancelledb May 3-P. L. C., Tacoma Ccancelledj May 7--U. of Wash., Tacoma, l-6 Clostj May 9-U. B.lC., Tacoma, 6-1 Cwonj May l7--Conference Matches at McMinnville May 20- QCavanaugh lost first round: Hesel- wood and Mosich made the finals and then lost to Idaho.j Western Wash. College, Tacoma, 7-O Cwonj May 23-Willamette, Tacoma Ccancelledj fl HNNHMZ MH TENNIS SQUAD-Row 1: Don Heselwood, Harold Mosich. Row 2 Wally Cavanaugh, Coach Lyle Morton, jack Buescher, jack Gou Not pictured' Harvey Mosich THE CPS GOLF TEAM undoubtedly had the greatest amount of success of any varsity squad taking the fleld wearing the Logger colors this year. Losoing only two matches during the entire season the linksters trounced all opposition in and around this area. Captain of the team was Lew Staples. Other members were Dick Nicholson, Les Stephens. Ernie Althuser, Jack Wilson and Fred Camp- bell. Mal Stevens served as manager. The year's golf schedule was as follows: March 21 Pacific Tacoma Cwonj March 29 U. B. C. Vancouver, B. C. fwonj April 4 Willamette Salem Cwonj April 5 U. of Portland Portland fwonj April 18 U. of Wash. Seattle Clostj April Z1 U. of Wash. Tacoma fwonj April 25 P. L. C. Tacoma Cwonj May 3 P. L. C. Parkland Cwonj May 9 U. B. C. Tacoma Clostb 5 NADH Bill Madden This year saw the reviving of the old classical sports of track. Shot put, discus, high and broad jumps, pole vaulting were all handled Well by the Logger trackmen and Coach Madden. ' 'Q - Nifv sslii l These pictures show some of the Loggers in action with pole-vaulting, hurdles, broad jump, high jump, shot put and discus. ,v 4'-'---a-.s - it 3 in I , his llflwllllll Since the baseball season started late this year there was not enough time to build up the material available into as efficient a unit as otherwise could have been done. ln spite of this drawback the players turned in a creditable year. Patrick coached the squad. i. Earl Birnell Buss Mitchell Row I: Lou Wellman, LaVern Martineau, Buss Mitchell, Bill Srivers, Ed Crooks, Dick Salarino, Earl Birnell. Row 2: Coach Patrick, Holly Gee. Roy Loper, Joe Bucher, Ken Shweickle, Bill O'Connell, Bob Osborne, Ed Bemis. In front: Gerry Petrich, batboy. YELL TEAM-Ray Cason, Gwen Simmons, Colleen Koler, Avery Rioux. 88 llllllll M HRM EPUIHS IME 47 Under the capable leadership of Bill Madden, with the helpful assistance of Art Demers and the respective managers, the men's intramural athletics once again took its place on the calendar of extra-curricular activities here at CPS. In a meeting with the intramural managers represent- ing the Independents and each fraternity, it was decided that "A" and "B" leagues be formed. Each organization would enter a squad in the loop. This system worked out very advantageously throughout the school year, giving room for many more men to participate than would be otherwise possible, Many were the difficulties that Madden faced when he took over the post as Intramural Director last September. The program had been practically out of existence since 1941, consequently he had to start from "scratch" The football season was anything but a howling success as the intramural spirit had not as yet been aroused to a fever pitch. With the initiation of the basketball campaign in the latter part of January, interest increased by leaps and bounds. A major part of this success was due to the fact that all the cage encounters were played at night in the gym. Madden and Demers found that more men were available at night to participate. All the other sports were played in the afternoon with the result showing low pC1I'I1Clp3f1OI'1. After the hoop season, bowling and volleyball came to the foreground of the sports picture. Bowling on the Whole can be labeled as a success. Each of the fraternities and the Independents entered teams in both the "AH and "B" leagues. In the field of volleyball, however, interest fell to a low ebb. Many of the teams lost valuable points in forfeiting contests. Art Perhaps the outstanding event of the spring was the two day track meet held March 27 and 28, Enthusiasm was high throughout the meet with' all those taking part enjoying a grand time. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS-Row 1: Ken Langlow, Robert Brown. Row 2: Rob t S Galbois, David Granlund, Wiley Mellish. Bill M dd i i 54 7 ,.: :gg V , h 4-sa.. 5 K . V .A., , DONHQIKNIELSON 1. ' V sift uqnri I A me . if WILLARD Nommm A "mes we The "A" league produced many an ex- ,WV 'W' AXN f citing contest, with the Indies, Zetes, and 3 V I Chi Nus battling right down to the wire E for the coveted cage crown. The Indles came out on top. Although going through Y JACK RINKER HAH KEITH CHASE MB' DK czoncz LONGA -fs" Indies the season undefeated the Indies were hard pressed in every game they entered and rightfully deserve the title of "A" hoop champions. A personal scoring duel between the Indies' Mel Light and the Chi Nu's Willard Norman developed as the campaign pro- gressed. This duel came to a climax when Light canned 34 points in one game and Norman retaliated a few nights later with 38. Norman's point barrage is believed to be an all time intramural high for a game ART HANSEN ABU DK Although this hoop race was not as hotly contested as the "A's," it did develop a fine brand of basketball. I The Zetes were the class of the league and as a result of this fact, a two way race took place for second position between the Delta Kaps and the Indies. The final outcome showed a deadlock for second place in the final standings. MICK DU BOIS "A" Indies ' TOM CASS 44811 STAN LANGLOW V "B" Zete INDIES--Basketball-Row :I Carroll Walters, Gordon Godfrey. Row 2: Edward Drake, Charles Musto, Mel Light, Richard Dakin. LEAGUE FINAL STANDINGS FINAL "B" LEAGUE STANDINGS Won Lost I Won Lost Indies ....,, I ,...,. 6 0 Zeres ,I,...,. ,,,L , 5 0 Zetes LL,LL,LL,L....I, 5 1 Indies ,L.... L,LL. 3 2 Chi Nus ,,,, ,,,, ,L,, 4 2 Delta Kaps 3 2 Omicrons ,L l 5 Chi Nus ,.,. 2 3 Delta Kaps ,,,e,,3, l 5 Mu Chis ...,..,3,, I 4 Mu Chis ,e,,3,,3.... O 6 Omicrons ,.....,,3, O 5 INDIES-Football-Row 1: Nlax DuBois, Gordon Godfrey, Blaine Wiseman. Row 2: Don Heselwood, Robert Brown, Bill O'Con- nell, Edward Drake, Avery Rioux. if V90 on is 3.7 4 ZETES "AU-Volleyball-Row 1: Ken Langlow, Marland Larson, Al Danielson. Raw 2: George Williams, Don Danielson, Clayton Anderson. DK "B"-Volleyball-Row It Don Thornhill, Dick Salatino. Row Z: Robert Seabloom, Harold Wolf, Art Hansen, Don Burnett. VUIIIYHMI LEAGUE FINAL STANDINGS "B" LEAGUE FINAL STANDINGS Won Lost Won Lost Zetes ,, 5 0 Delta Kaps L,,, ,, 5 0 Chi Nu ,, 4 l Zetes , 4 I Delta Kaps I 3 2 Omicron L,,L L 2 2 Indies ,s,,L,L, L 2 3 Mu Chi L 2 2 Omicron , L l 4 Chi Nu L,,, L l 4 Mu Chi L, 0 5 Indies L, 0 5 BOWLING-Rizn' 1: Don Kallander "B" QDKP, John Lane UB" lMu Chil, John Spencer "A" 1Zetcl, Ward Sims "A" 1Omicronl. Fred Jacobsen "AH IAXNJ. Row 2: Corwin Bonham "A" lMu Cl-lil, Bernard Crowell "B" lZetel. Dick Eckert "A" IDKI, Charles Howard "B" fOmicronl. Phil Hansen HB' IAXNB, 92 The camera caught this colorful action shot during one of the many exciting moments at the annual Intramural Track and Field Meet held March 27 and 28. This is the preliminary run of the 160 yard low hurdles won by the Delta Kap's Dick Lewis, on the left. Dick Perkins, Alpha Chi Nu! fight, Placed Second' 440 Dash-Winner: Ken Langlowg second: Clarence Nelson. Winning four first places, the Zetes over- Summary of events: 100-yard dash: Light Clndiesj , Lewis CDKD, powered competition in the intramural track Robbins Czetesb Shot put. Caddigan CCM meet held March 27 and 28, posting 38 points Nub, Eckert CDKD, Rinker Cletesj. 440-yard . dash: Lewis CDKJ, Nelson CChi Nuj, Mustoff fC Wm the meet' Clndiesj. High jump: Mann Czetesj, Swensson, I U CZetesD, Selden CDKD, Low hurdles: Lewis Second place went to the Chi Nus with 24 CDKD, Briggs fzetggb, Perkins CChi Nub, - ' ' - 880-yard run: Nelson CChi Nuj, Drake tallies, third to the Delta Kaps with 20 points, Czetesby Musto Clndiesbb 220-Yard dash: Light fourth with 16 were the Indies and the Mu Chis Clndiesb, Robbins Qzetesl, Betcone Qlndiesj. . . . . Mile: Nelson CChi Nuj, Seaman CDKD, Perdue captured fifth with one point, while the Omi- CML1 Chip. Discus: Mann Czetesby Caddigan Crons were scoreless. CChi Nuj, Gilsdorf Czetesj. Broad jump: Rob- bins Czetesj, Briggs fzetesj, Perkins CChi Nuj. 440-yard relay: Zetes, Indies, Chi Nu. INTRAMURAL TRACK TEAM-Back row: Robbins, Mann, Gilsdorf, Bctcone, Braun, Drake, Ramsay, Eckert, Rinker. Middle raw: Tonchick, Langlow, Manley, Butigan, Perdue, Brown, Johnson, Rector, Seabloom. Fwnt raw: Lewis, Musto, Madden, Mellish, Nelson, Danielson, Granlund, Nicholson. VV, ll ll Mrs. Kenneth Johnson, W.A.A. Director 93 Betty Jane Cappa, W.A.A. President Carol Hamilton, W.A.A. Manager W.A.A. MEMBERSfRow I: Nancy Mandell, jean Tippie, Barbara Noble. Raw 2: Marie Switzer, Peggy Rough, Betty Jane Cappa, Mrs. jPohnson, Lois Fassett, Doreen Lockstone, Janice Lindeman. Row 3: Gwen Dean, Dorothy Kostenbader, Virginia Barker, Christine Clemensen, Bea Young, Donna June Bennett. Elenor Rcuncltree, Marian Newman, june Hyatt. Row 4: Beverly Johnson, Barbara Precheck, Ruth Potter, Vernetta Harvlie, Lois Virlt, Harriett Warne, Shirley Gibbs Hunter, Gwen Roberts. ONE HUNDRED AND THREE WOMEN took advantage of the fun, training and com- panionship offered by the Women's Athletic Association in its inter-class and inter-organiza- tion sports program. The cabinet for W.A.A. this year consisted of Betty Jane "B.J." Cappa, president: Carol Hamilton, general manager, Peggy Rough, vice president, Dixie Simmons, secretaryg Lois Fassett, treasurer, Dorothy Kos- tenbader, program chairman: Ruth Potter, pub- licity chairman, and Mrs. Kenneth Johnson, adviser. ' ALL-STAR BADMINTON - Doreen Lockstone, Jean Tippie, Vernetta Harvlie and Beverly Johnson. The gym always seemed to be alive with girls turning out for one of the 10 activities that the W.A.A. members participated in. The managers of the various sports were: Doreen Lockstone and Dixie Simmons, hockey, Lois Fassett and Frances Swenson, basketball, Ruth Potter, volleyball: Rosa Mae Monger, badmin- ton: Marie Switzer, speedballg Elenor Round- tree, ping-pong: Janice Lindeman, horseshoesg Elouise Cruver, tennis: Betty Jane Cappa, archery, and Dorothy Kostenbader, bowling. In the early part of the spring semester ALL-STAR TENNIS-Donna June Bennett, ' Lois Vick, Harriett Warne and Elenor Roundtree. W.A.A. cleaned and equipped one of the rooms in the downstairs of the gym for a W.A.A. lounge. Mrs. Johnson also moved her office to this room. Now the girls have a wonderful place to relax. The W.A.A. banquet was held on May 6 and made a perfect ending to an active year. The event especially was important for all those who received their awards. To receive the first year award which is a chenille letter a girl must earn six hundred points. By earning an additional six hundred points a girl is entitled to a two-stripe school sweater which is awarded by the Associated Students. For each additional six hundred points up to a grand total of 2400 points another stripe is awarded. This makes it possible for a senior to earn a four-stripe sweater during herf four years at school. First year awards were earned by Joy Adams. Pat Blumenstein, Christine Clemensen, Char- lotte Coors, Gwen Dean, Gretchen Ernst, Bev- erly Farrell, Jackie Gibson, Phyllis Kurrell. Sheila Lamar, Maxine Lister, Dorothy Loner- gan, Nancy Mandell, Barbara Noble, Marian Newman, Norene Tierney, Jean Tippie, Beverly Van Horn, Gwen Roberts and Catherine Funke. Sweaters were awarded to Donna June Ben- nett, Vernetta Harvlie, June Hyatt, Beverly Johnson, Dorothy Kostenbader, Doris Mitchell, Pearl Moberg, Ruth Potter, Barbara Precheck, Elenor Roundtree, Dorothy Schut, LoisVick. Harriett Warne and Bea Young. The third stripe was earned by Helen Caputo, Lois Fassett, Doreen Lockstone, Peggy Rough and Marie Switzer. The fourth and final stripe was pre- sented to Virginia Barker, Betty Jane Cappa, ALL-STAR VOLLEYBALL-Raw 1: Beverly Johnson, Vernetta Harvlie, Elenor Roundtree. Raw 2: Lois Fassett, Barbara Precheck, Barbara Noble, Peggy Rough, Janice Lindeman. Elouise Cruver and Janice Lindeman. Each year white sweaters are presented to two outstanding senior girls who have earned the 2400 points. Betty Jane Cappa and Janice Lindeman Were the recipients of these treasured awards this year. V Another high point in the year for the girls is the awarding of the trophies. For the first time in twelve years the Independents won the athletic cup. This trophy is presented to the sorority or independent group which has earned ALL STAR BASKETBALL-In from: Peggy Rough and Barbara Noble. In bark Lois Fassett, Janice Lindeman. Bea Young, Beverly Johnson, Jean Tippie. ...e most points toward it during the inter- organization sports competition, Four sports. basketball, volleyball, badminton and bowling, were engaged in for this award. By winning all its games the Delta Alpha Gamma sorority received the basketball cup. A new award, the volleyball trophy, was awarded for the first time this year with the Alpha Beta Upsilon sorority being the first to win it. For each major sport an All-Star team is picked. The girls are chosen on the basis of outstanding sportsmanship, ability, improve- ment and teamwork. The teams are picked by the sport manager, the general manager, W.A.A, president and the adviser. Next year's W.A.A. cabinet has already made many plans for the coming season of activities. The girls who make up this new cabinet are Lois Fassett, president: Peggy Rough, general man- ager: Doreen Lockstone, vice president: Gwen Dean, secretary, Dorothy Kostenbader, treas- urer: Vernetta Harvlie, publicity chairman, and Ruth Potter, program chairman. A new ad- viser will be chosen as Mrs. Johnson will not be returning to school next year. ALL-STAR BASEBALL-In front: Lois Fassett and Betty Jane Capps In back: Ruth Potter, Beverly Johnson, Vernetta Harvlie. Adelphian Concert Choir ., .., Advertising ...,,..Y A . A- f-vff-- Alpha Beta Upsilon Alpha Chi Nu hh.. . Y,,..f -f-- Alpha Psi Chi 7f..Y f-.- -- f-v--- A American Society of Chemistry Anderson Hall .,,...,, Art Club ..ecf .. fffA-- a Associated Students Athletics Bag Rush .,,r..,r Band, Concert ,,..c Band, Workshop ...V... Y---- Biology Club .....ff...--- ----A "Call of the Banshee' Campus Day ,,,, Campus Playcrafters Campus Trio ..,vv,c Central Board ..,,,,...a Chapel Committee V Choir, lVIen's ,,...,,c,c Choir, Women's ,Yrr Choral Readers ,,,r,. Clubs ,,,...,v,,,,, Contents, Table of ..c..ccc W Debate .,,,,,,,,...,caCai.. Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa Phi ,,,,,, .,aaca Delta Pi Omicron ,... Dramatics ,, r,,, ,- llllll Faculty ..........,..t.,,. Finance Committee Forethought .,....,.,,,, Fraternities ,,,r,.......,,.., ,,,,. Freshman Class Officers .r,,. Freshman Pictures ..... ,c,r, Graduate Students ttt.t a.....,, Homecomingj ..,.,r,,,r, Independents ..........,,...,,,,,,,,. Inter-Fraternity Council ..,,,, International Relations Club- Inter-Sorority Council ...v.,rr Intramural Sports ..,v..v, ,,,.. Junior Class Officers Junior Pictures ,,,,,.,. ,,,,. Junior Prom ,r,.,. Kappa Phi ..,..,,,,t,.,, Y A CW- Kappa Sigma Theta Kittredge Hall .,......,, ...aa Knights ,,,.,,,,....,,,,,,,. W, - Lambda Sigma Chi Log Book ,,,,,.i,....aa ..f,, Loggerettes ,s.. Matriculation ,,.... May' Day ,,,,.. lVIen's Dorm ,,,.... Mu Sigma Delta ,.....,...,,,,..,,.. Occupational Therapy Club-- Orchestra .,.,,,,aa,,aa...... f Otlah Pep Club .,,,., ..,, Pep Rally sasastataa staa 'fPersia Presents" ---- P1 Kappa Delta .....,..... .... President Thompson ...... I "Road to Yesterday" ,...,.... - Sadie Hawkins Dance. .,..... 30 Senior. Class Officers ,sst, ..,r Senior Pictures ...,..rrrrrr,rr.rrr. Senior Pictures, lst Semester Sigma Mu Chi ,,,,,aaa.,a..,,...,. Sigma Zeta Epsilon ,,ss, ..s, Ski Club ssss.,...., Snapshots ...............,,.,.,.,.,.., Sophomore Class Officers -, Sophomore Pictures tat,r.,...,. Sororities ,..,.,..,,,, .... Spurs String String Quartet ,at. ,.,. Trio .t,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,. Student Union Building ta,.., Student Christian Association Tamanawas ..,.,,,,c,,,,,,,,,,..... Todd Hall ....... ,s,. Trail Women's Athletic Association Women's Federation ............ Yell Team sa......,.... ,,,, Affcufian Students Your gratitude is to be extended to the many advertisers who have helped make this book possible, for without their help the interesting record you have just read oi this past college year would not be yours. Their civic-mindedness and interest in our welfare should be reciprocated by your patronage. To increase their interest in you and to increase their value to our adver- tisers, the policy of student pictures in our advertisements has been continued. because of its singular success in recent years. Below is a list of these adver- tisers. Help them as they have helped us. at every opportunity. ALLSTRUM PRINTING COMPANY BROWN AND HALEY BUCKLEY-KING FUNERAL SERVICE BUSCH'S DRIVE-IN COLLEGE BOOKSTORE COLLEGE COMMONS DILL HOWELL SPORTING GOODS EASTMAN KODAK STORES, INC. FARLEY'S FLORIST FISHER'S DEPT. STORE GUNDERSON HARRY BROWN CONFECTIONS I-IURLEY ENGINEERING COMPANY IOHNSON-COX PRINTING CO. KAY KARLSON'S KNAPP'S BUSINESS COLLEGE LA PORE'S COLLEGE FOOD STORE LORENZO MANSFIELD LOU IOHNSON MIEROW'S IEWELERS OAKES APPAREL OLYMPIC DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. PAT'S FOUNTAIN SERVICE PUGET SOUND CLEANERS AND DYERS PUGET SOUND NATIONAL BANK RANKOS PHARMACY RIALTO THEATRE SCOTTY'S CAFE SMITH STUDIO SMITTY'S DRIVE-IN STATIONERS INC. TACOMA LAUNDRY TACOMA MOVING AND STORAGE CO. TACOMA SAVINGS AND LOAN TEMPLE THEATRE THE EASTERN TURNER RICHARDS WASHINGTON SPORTS SHOP WEST COAST GROCERY CO. So. 9th at "A" St. Kiclzards' CCMMERCIAL PHOTO SERVICE 734 Pacific Avenue Tacoma 2. Washington Phone Ma 9111 .E TQATE' Gzmma Savings and Baan Assn. So. 9th at "A" St. Eloise Howe and Bev Farrell are learning that Tacoma Savings and Loan Savings and Loan has many unique devices for the protection of its thrifty patrons, who have learned that savings is one of the important items in any- one's budget. Include it in your college budget and keep your accounts protected at Tacoma Savings and Loan. 1. if 3.- 71 5 5213-, .tri--'3:i.5.A'Q5::"' .,-' 7 , 5ii?9f":Eii5':13EiE:1, 't-'t ii' ' ..1:,:3:513g:1:1:2-'.'I5f:I5-Q,,5ig5 '-" 'SESS' ' -r " 'E1E1Er, i it r ,.:.,. , X'-l2Z,,?f' 'M .g aw, LLM H x Wishes can come true . . . Listen to "THE WISHING WELL" Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:30 to ll F I S S A. M. o Kilim! oimw' qkmmy 'Emma QQME GUHUERSUH Qffylildf ZNJIAY 764 Broadway Kay ldlrlsm is' "Minx Modes Iunior Dresses" - perfectly designed lor junior living, and how well they fit into your own life! 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