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University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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1-k'i.Aln'ld.f 'V -'ld-2' I -1 1 , n . 1 'S TAMANAWAS 1945 EDITOR Robert W. Winskill BUSINESS MANAGERS Mary-Anna Schenk .Gwen Simmons Publxshed by the Associated Students of the College of Puget Sound FUREWURD It is customary for a college annual to be dedicated to some idea or person, so that all who read it are made conscious of the school, through that central thought. This year, We, instead of putting forth any one thing as the most important here at the College, have left the choosing to you, and have presented as best We know how, a complete picture of the college year of '45- '46 That which you have felt and enjoyed as a member of the Associated Students of the College of Puget Sound has been covered herein -with a few Words and pictures. We hope that these will remind you of the problems, plans and ambitions of all of us here at the College, that in the years to come you may once more feel as a part of the year just finished. The STAFF at E' . ,' . 1 ,,.., 'u f , , .1 ,-'f,'- . :E ff ,H T . N' .H .4 4. Y 1 ,1 Ai- -V - -A ,' v 1. 'U , ' f In J- I 1' 'L 'P' sf E!-PEB! fi? f f' f E 3515.9 .. " w gigggf . fit ' f fvf, V , . -g"'if'1Q1 . .gin its 5' wifi . uw E 'F . 30,55 j im ...V I - in Z. Q 'c' gg Z-zgigijfr. f Q ,ft xx . m. - .mg . I , -1 - . .. N ,, .1 .-M. ay. ., v- v 1 -.fgs ff-far-A - s f. f f- -,. 'e'E:f r Mu 'I ' - .. -f ' Qs' ff. . ,. .-1 gs- Y . -1 7- .....e2.. "E" . ,. " iv .1 z, J., 42. ew Q El: ..f'.- 'P r fe: Z" V -Y' M 4 , ,- 'e , di -'i..... ' ' " 17-V. ' FF' tif- 91 .-4 irifzari. ' . - . Q ' ..-4 1 ' 1-. """ E. -r' 'f ' I . '- " Y J. .'f.5---' ' ' V .. . -.-. f - e- ' ff . , 4 M .L f.::dv- , -'Jah'-gqmlq r-, 174-tm Y M V " - 1 , h " fhlzuxr-uiilmilawrlrvexllfzuJ ' ""'f' J Q ,, wg , .' 255 M - , , ,,..-...,..- , ,.,. .., , ,,.. . .-, ,.,......... ....,........,,..,,.,u.1.., .. ..-?f:...::1s aes' V -- - Y - , V .S ,- .:. ,:-- W - -,Q -7.7 - .,......... .0 -- .......--.--......,...,..---- ...... ., ,-.--.,, . Y. SKUII nf ilaunur uf the Culnllege uf Ruger buunh Baldwin, Edmund John Beer. Tom Berg, James R. Bower, Guy Joseph Brown, Ralph W. D. Bruce, Carl M. Carroll, Charles L. Cory, Ralph Dews, Richard W. Donaldson, Howard B. Farron. Leonard R. Frank, Edward M. Galbraith, William Heddon, William Benjamin Hewitt, Roy J. Hudson, Wes Jensen, Myron Jobb, Richard P. Johnston, Fred Jones, David Emory Jueling, Paul Klopfenstein, Frederick Leckenby. Stephen Lubker, Walter Lyons, Robert Mathias, Dick L. ' Namanny, Robert E. Names, Richard P. Pope, Henry G. Porsch, Lloyd Porter, Marcellus F. ' Ramsey, Robert L. Raphael. Vincent R. Shotak, Robert L. Skewis, James Edward Sloat, Richard O. Tibbits, William Unger, Frank Van Slyke, Forrest R. Wheeler, Robert M. Wilhelmi, Robert Wilke, Edmund P. Willis, Thomas Not listed- are sixty-eight members of the A S T P who were stationed on the Campus and who were later killed in action in Europe AUMINISTRATIUN . , : ,- -9:2 P . ,.:f-.-.Lf:1'.J Li-',','u' .-Qw11:apu -fl V. 5-QL-H, F. ?" 6.53 'iq i A S"3gifi2?rL:g.L-e:-:.-:-- '-'-, I wb R. L. ,HA-QA 1 Ruth Ann Dodsworth STUDENT GUVERNMENT l As elsewhere the return to peace, and to peace- time pursuits here at the College, was not easy. Instead of labor troubles, the student and fac- ulty administrations had the honor of welcom- ing a large group of veteran students: but at the same time' had the trials of re-orienting this large group, that soon outnumbered other stu- dents, into college activities. By the end of the second semester there were over eight hundred and fifty students at the College as compared to the previous high of approximately seven hundred. Of these 800, the men, for the first time in three years, out- numbered the women. Yet this large increase was not the end. Even as room was being made for those students who came back this year. plans were allowing for over 1200 students to attend the College next year. To meet this influx, the faculty administra- tion and trustees okayed the building of a new mens' dorm to be ready for next year's students. In spite of this great increase in the schools' population, classes ran as smoothly as ever, and slowly the student government integrated the newcomers into an all-college program. All students took part in the ASCPS elections, said to be the hottest in many years here at the College. Mixers, Dances, Games, Campus Day, the,Senior Sneak: all of these instilled into each student some of the friendly spirit of the College. By the end of the year, all could truthfully say that indeed the College of Puget Sound had lost none of the cordial, friendly atmosphere that made every student feel as though he were wanted here on the Campus. Don Carsten an - i . X .. -- s :N . Polly Packard FACULTY ADMINISTRATION A With the great increase in the size of the Student Body came the necessity of an increased faculty: Several new faculty members were added to the staff by June, and Dr. Thompson came from back East where he had been inter- viewing members of the teaching profession Dr. R. Franklin Thompson with the promise of Hfteen new faculty mem- bers for next year's enrollment. Another-new feature was the adoption of the plans for the new Men's Dorm by the board of trustees of the College. This structure is to be built sometime this year. ' ' . ' , EC' Aa.- Dean Drushel Dean Regester CENTRAL BOARD: First row: Mr. Capen, Don Carsten, Ruth Ann Dodsworth. Chairman: Polly Packard, Secretary: Betty Jane Cappa. Second row: Elizabeth Anderberg, Jing Ho Ling, Mary Ann Truitt, Virginia Mekkes, Helen Jean Darl- ing. Third row: Nick Nicholas, Don Bennett, Marshall Campbell. Charles Nee. Bob Winskill. The student government here at the College is carried on by elected representativs who serve on the various committees of the ASCPS. Cen- tral Board, the legislative group, passes all laws and rules of the student body: appropriates all of the money used by the various departments: and carries out the traditions of the College. Student department heads, class representatives, the editors of the Trail and Tamanawas, and the officers of the Associated Students of the College of Puget Sound, are members. The Chapel Committee plans all chapels for the College, obtaining speakers, musicians, and outstanding personalities who speak to the stu- dents three times a week. This year they ob- tained such speakers as 'General Wainright, and Mrs. Buena Maris. The other important legislative group on the Campus is the Finance Committee which recom- mends to Central Board a solution to all finan- cial difficulties and troubles. ASEP5 CHAPEL COMMITTEE-Seated: President Thompson, Mary Ann,Tru- itt, Chairman: Evelyn Marshall. Sec- retary. Standing: Lu Jean Logan. Ruth Ann Dodsworth. Bob Winskill, Mar- garet Lindeman, Professor Frederick. FINANCE COMMITTEE: Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Mr. Robbins, Don Carsten, Polly Packard, Mr. Capen. EUMMITTEE5 It-Y--il STUDENT AFFAIRS COM- MITTEE-Seated: Mrs. Sew- ard, Mrs. Drushel. Standing: Walter Seabloom, Carol Todd, Thelma Hardy, and Ruth Ann -Dodsworth. The planning of the year's Social Calendar is the responsibility of this important committee. WOMENS FEDERATION: Seated: Jing Ho Ling, Mrs. Drushel, Carol Hamilton. Standing: Margaret Lindeman. Lois Fasset, Jean Thurber, Vir- gini'a Mekkes. Bea Young, Rosa Mae Monger. FACULTY , 4 'V . ,I'-. V . V ,,,, I L 3 M f X .Q X' ' ,. - Q , A Q .5 1. Y A s, , . ' Rf 3, 3, 3 . A ,A .9 V ,- 1 1 V11 , - 11:2 9 1, f , ,R g gxgiz 65.4 3 . i ,M ,, , +A ' .Q ' .Q uf? 'f ' M - -Ct-:. ,fix 1 ,ff . .. 'fgp 4 ef .1 - H9 f- ' 'g 4- 5, f-:J ya + .aw ff' A 5. ' fiaqc ' -' "- ,Q :V fx 1 ' ,Sw 5 ' Q, -' . , ighai. - , . ' V ff- fl ff ' V 5 .ff h. ac, ,.',,,,54 . : 3' 14 ', :f ,gf t . lf'-' - -,Q 5: gym' QKF4' :gf ha m mf -A rx . Ji-I V fiiwv , - -1 A A, ' H. 1. E. 15, ,. ' rg? - -' ,X ,Z lla' f A rl ya.. .1 L . W: 3 A V SQ: .,-. .JN .AM Lyn. ' f' , 1 8,59 X . 3 oc' f 'wx xx ' .55 SX ,L CD "-5 '11 'IQ I ll Q gi! 0 X. .,q ZX J 1 :1 'ff' - ,:,:v xg , 'ff 35 Y f. J' ' 2,515 ' Charles Arthur Robbins, A.B. ll '7' 'RQ illgff ' ' . . .Q 515: 'alibi . ,' X D sh N555 A Wx , hal ' ' f iii 1 , ,g-an rf-Sl ' ' aw... . f -QE ru." 'v-' I - ' A ivggx N H- v ' - V Lf, ir' '- 5 f A '4-7 ' li' " 3519. a 1 Charles Thomas Batrin, Ph. D. ' .- lf- , ' ' If ...V Z zsy gef l ,ft vs-f 'K X f X D- if 'HJ N r I I ' i L 2 'E A .6 , x E, V N4 K ,L V MQ, f,.wf,X 25' " U ' -Q .. .. -. ,si 17--' g.. 41.--f 1-. ' f l, . .QU ,l W' '?715.,L - 9 ' ,h xi-.5 , L ,, 1 N v X Q K1 , an rf ' 7 4 ' .r mf a ,K lk 8 I il! 1 gg . 11 bi ,E 'g V. f ,X . T s 1 K fi . si X C -, Mr, , ,Li -. 1' Ld., ' 'f ?1 Y -fy. Mff - -' ' -x --.1, fr 14,0 .gf ' . V25 2 . ,Zz ' John Dickinson Regester, Ph.D. . - 5 . ,br ' 1, " .A :yi I . . Hq an A . ' n ail' .1-N h' 1 I ' --:- .- X... 4' -Q31 , .f . 27 61! ' . V "T-ff-iilifff, 3 s ' bi' 4.5115 M W- 3, ' I iris' X 1g'w,ki gf 51 -f ,Q , Yan.. .ff- Marxin Rcud Schafnr, Ph.D Christian Miller, A.M. W Dovbmkr' 5 .P , EQ 4 If ' J - Pi T7 - i. 4 x? . p. X , LQ , 1-,X .,x, ,A, . gy i I . 2 1 -5' ' . , A ..., --f , . ,,,. x -- -. 5, , ., H 'jn- p .P 1 x , f '.f- x--H." ,, cf, ' ff I f 1 Je I ,, ' 5 .4-PWA ,:,1y4Y .,'J ',--.6 W g K wg .FW I 4, ,V ,MVWA .2-H! .15 . ., I V, I , , . E .,. .,,.M,, ii. ' . 1 ,A 1 ','.'f'f'Q1T"vI 1 :I9'j'5Y!VLZQQQ-,ff-'+j'3"1'., , , - A E . ' , V h -- --h' -' f .f f - 1' ' ' "' 1 ' v ' "TQ", Tl ww- 'f ' 'U T! 5:1 'W 'lf5'Qn ' 3N . , A - 5 ,Z ,. , .- , ima... ,. . AK , I 5 7 ,5 1-If . .x 5 M-.-'j ,siif -rt , 2 f - f 'i ' ' Y 5, G gf! fK',3g,u. ' ' fx 3 L S' Sag ' 1. 1-5 , ., . . ,A gi-.uv,z4.',f,,.55,.. , f A 1-.1 .- f . , .. , ..-Hanja. H f S v -f .. -..Q 1.1.4 -. 1 1 " 1-4' - ' " " vpn- , w fr w -1 ,ww - XX ' E"f1:,f1r' I . I lx.: rf- . , , I Ellery Capcn. M.A.B. ,, ,,.L1. V. x I 1 yt I 4 A nb , 31.54 ,M I K- X li- I I if 'C'-53' T fn . XV N .iff , tj-L: fx i q Q-gr 4 A 2 ,L ' . Ar, '4 ' 'VA l.ylc Ford 'ADrushel. AM. P V' . 1 - Dx K ' A ' KM f of x wr, C JJ' i f " 5 . V i . , . -A I : ,Z--. Q ,I 5. ..- w ,f . ,:- Y 1 . , w Af Y . - "J L 4 ff. I r if E f ,,fRN Q Iv, .7 ' , fr- .0 rj' o 7' ..."t.,b', H 3 if ,Q Z i J' FH 6 ' 5 1+ la G I ff f Y if ,- r ga, I iigx -- '!-3-1 . V f .Qi-f ' A, I fs. ' V ' A" '- Q gi' Eff IWW '1rf'U' aA'wwww+fraivf?f Q R Q " , gil-"g,g,' 9' :Pa f 15: ,V !f'.:,gr- -- L -13. , .- - fl, ,W ,. ' J 'I ig T 4' QTY , "fig, 3. " F ' :':' 3 H Q-r ' 'K ' 7: 11 iz., PH- -' f ., f , r I 192 - A..- :ill J J-IJ ,i ,AE J. 2 r v ii, -' i 'W?"'f-xgw il ff' 5 m u.. ,653 N L .- ft' Nr , 3 R .: f ,5 'Q r 5 - 1 ', ff T 1,52 I , , ,r?x'+W 5 5' r fr ' " 4 f f' Zi if Q fy , v Edward Delmar Gibbs. A M ,f -1 ' ' ,I Vi A V- 3 A V? X ' ,4 'v, N ,- . ' ,151 ' ,:' 'f ge- k,f a j!! . Q ' ' ,'f -V 113-:J N X V 4 ' Y iw- t -1 if? ' ' Qxy N A ir 7 2' Julius Peter Jaeger. Ph.D. 'cl X ,,,.. L! ,tx I 'xx X Mx uf, -."'l 4' , ff - AA .:. 5 X X . -. 1- F Cooledge Otis Chapman, Ph.D. -4.1 f'Lr,r .' Y 1" Q' 'YJ Q , Z-1 5+ fr.. ' I . X V E EK VI L53 'Q '- on ' ,' 'Q 4 Wei V . r,,. - -Q-, fu " 4 f " r 5 A Af T!rfj','N:'wx 95? '-jf? f 'll :Pg - 52? Gail-' If f 1 ii? y ' 15' r 4 ga' o ri K rr 1 N ,' .N 1 o w: .1 1 :f 1 X ls ,. 79.1 U A " - A ' ., Q it'-gig! X ' F -e'2'j'm b f . K - A ..' L, .X ' Qgfr- r ' . -K Q, . V'-'fgfafu 2,1 -v - X ' .,,, N ,W A , i x h- ., ugh U - ,VH L, XMB-,t'.-r"'! ' 4 "gim p . JFHEVX - , J ue, -.y t Ah' ' - - Tia , A Linda Van NordenfA.M. '- Arthur L egter' Frederick, A.M. Y k IFJ XX H. Doubnk 'W h' 13 lm ,f ' . ' 1 , ' ,gl ' - Rv- l -' 341-, W' Q 'v' Q , 'P' . ,.- .t.. ' I 4 1 1 ' , 5, .,. . ' '..l " if f l ef Colvin Brewster Coulter, Jr.. Ph.D. '1 1- -of i A I V D x ' ff 7 7 I' ,, 421198 N I 'A ,f:,:' ? UH" J of f Edna-Ellen Bell. A.B. f 1.': l li fltfx' :F J iizzg .5513 62 llj l ' :wi f Q- fp "f:. 24" o, -fi iL'i9 r,g -g g, X -L39-Q , 9fKff ' ,y 1' Raymond Leo Powell. Ph.D. ,gill flu,-In -' if 4 ff! 'rr-K A . Q - , 5 J' 5 3 1 4, If I 1-'-ix 1 iii! 161' wi gi I ' fa n l 1 l 2' X Y"l.- Dov-bak Warren Everett Tomlinson. Ph.D. ' Blanche Whittier Stevens, M.S ,, it, .fr 1 :gg 3 WE' 3, 431 'H Q," f f N filp' 1 W ef? . f - I - W IREM -. 1' . ff - 'f,:V5"" ' fe' f I James I.. Garrard B.A f. :W Y-. A z 4 ik f 42 fm 3, ,fn ..- My ., J fy F .Vi Q53 Fx K ll sf 'gg rs ' flrffw 'I' i af X fx , Q Beitha Wood Robbins, Warren Perry, A.M. Ph.B. JV: r V 'QEAQ 1 - 1, V 'qrlsijwil-,, r. 'i WY? 'fjivf' 7' .. , 1 ' of 2 izwlh-.tix -253' :I .I W 1 4 X I v4,..1" 5 TL 3. Qfl ig iw J X Q,L'HgY" , N, " 5 ? if . -5-wx 'jfigl .- 141 f. . 11'-'I ,il 59.3, 45:,,.fY.1' l 1 -'TILT' G I f, ff :Z-,',.,,. 1 ,E 1 of Helen McKinney Fossum. Ph.D. .2 .ww-5 if X. . V! Env ! iq I .- .aa - , 'Q "'kV !I ""', -' 1511'- ir, 3.5. ' S ff 5- if 2. jf fa' . it v . 'A ff Xl' . -J xx 15? H.. , W 21 ai Ffa f 1 'QQ U. . ,,, Eg, .- Q"1 . .',- , , . . N -Q' ue Mil-lin' IN- ' X Frank W. Patrick. BA. .Q 1. ,..- - , .Nw ,.,4 v. ',a,w.- In A., F, vid 1. , X we-21 4' ,I Y' 1:5-,fr-za Elizabeth Worden Johnson 15 1 rm' .HST '41 .' ww .1-31 : A " -U 5. F . ,AL W , ' ' . 5 - .vi , ,V M , I V- vigil.. I H., .-ALJ' :Z .L -- ,Q ., ,gg ..f , 1 , . -4 ,F gwr ,' . gl- - i t : E T41 , fgl"f ' - E:-'11 nf 1 r xk h' .I 55 , Q1 'E' sw , V1 If 5 if QQ , . uf ,V I gr YQ' Ag? Y A 5 ,S T. .tv , Yagi a-Fgjirgal 1' I? wi , 4, --V,-.U 1 9 ik rs ' 11 QV. hfu 0 li ' ' :fx 35:12 Q. Q Ka 'i I , Wx 1, p, 4 A . V fir! P .1 e 75 r . + . 1 QQ? vi. L.. 0 Q- N if 45. avr 1 Clyrde H. Keutzer. A.M. Frances Fullerton Chubb B.F.A g Mrs. B. G. Richl, BL. I r ,fel -, ,glfi Q V! J' x . Riff, U f J K f - 'ff' W x-j X. r .-.1 l on U' M L e r W ,I X 1 Xl J, 1 1-.g,.-,,,, I H , Leonard George Jacobsen. B.M, Jane'Wlllard Moore, B. Mus. i I A l 6 Martha Pearl Jones. A. M. .. ff' I A L f ' 1 4' AQ X, ' KL' Q-all l r' 4 'Q Kb .X ' n 1 .L xg ,f ', V swf ' 'ix-uf! f-av .' ,V -hi ' , 56 ll Z A ' ' f l' ill -, 1 , ff ff' fi ,L YKWNI,-f.f.l 1 5 ' . -rl ' " Q . 2 , ,Z .lk 5 -- LV 15 e rn l if IL , .3WJ.,3 ,N ! ilu -Ir . N. ' ll l V ' !pg:I:1E', 1,3 M .T A:-ag-gc: fv aku' , ,-law. ff Qi,-'l Z' Robert Daniel Sinclair. Ph.D. ' I Frederick Anston lVlcMillin. M.S. ' Howard Whitley Eves, c Q ' Q gl W . 1 , A.M. , x . 4, V Q fill-1:" 1 3ff, ,,mI? ' "'. , 3 K ' l ffsfy xx W Q I :L X will 1, , ' " .vi -' X ., . if if iliijx, Y AS V WW' 'lx-. .l .3 i.-.Q '49 gi 1,2 u-if A-J , jgfi' ' ,'ff " fg ' f- 19, 'xr " Ly! ., fu Q .I , , V J - t-7 fl 5' l l5 X V 'K' o " . ' - " lt f' "Y: 'gl '1 f A 1 . If ,f l , - 'gl Ii lil.. ' 1 ar' x fl R:-' ' ffl! pg 4 . 'li l George David MacDonald, A.M. ' X- ' ' If ' fi' ' V S If 1 V' fi E --f Q ' -I 4 1 . L V If l ,- James Rodenburg Slater, AM.. MIPd. ' I Raymond Sanford Seward. Ph.D. :, 'ki X CLASSES , Ai gh, l l l . l l l l 2 l We entered CPS with Dr. Thompson, all of us very green. He called us a class with 'spizirinctum'! That has been our motto throughout four years, during which time we dwindled from a class of near 200 to 42 in our Junior year. True, -we didn't win the bag rush in our Freshman year, but We did give the Sophomores a run for their money. We showed off our vast variety of talent on Stunt Night and in the Freshmen Plays. In sponsoring the first dime dance of the year as Frosh, we said good-bye to some fifty of our own classmates. plus about the same number of upperclassmen leaving the campus to join the Armed Services. It was at this time that we bid farewell to our able president and vice-president, Dick Perkins and Bernie Crowell. Then for the remainder of the year we watched as one after another of our group left the campus. As Sophomores we adopted Martha Lucille Thompson as our official mascot, presenting her with a CPS letter sweater Cher sizel, and , CLASS nl '45 Helen Jean Darling, class representative: Lu Jean Logan. Secretary: Charles Nee, Vice-President: Ruby Smith, President: Ursella Watts, Sergeant-at-arms: and Virginia Mekkes, class representative. a scroll signed by the entire class. This was in the form of a tribute to Dr. Thompson as he entered CPS the same time we did. When we reached the status of Juniors, our number had shrunk to 42. Yet. in spite of that. we still had 'spizirinctumf We sponsored the first social event of the season, a'splash party for the entire school. Still on our toes we discovered the Seniors at their secluded 'Sneak Spot,' and later snatched the coveted Hatchet from the grasping lingers of the Sophomores. In this our Senior year, we are glad to see many familiar faces returning to the campus. We managed to elude the Juniors, for the most part, when we tookga day's vacation at Lake Sylvia. Renewing another tradition we are sponsoring a Senior Ball to be held Commence- ment night. Now we leave CPS with some sadness, there are only seventeen of our original class, but as the boys return they will follow in our footsteps. We have great faith in the future of our Alma Mater and pass on our Pep. School Spirit, and 'Spizirinctum' to all those who enter these halls after we have gone. I l 4 ' if Q A 5' ig- ,ic s"-fr' I '15- Qs! f as 9 . . sv .4 'A', BARBARA ENGBERG ABEI. Tacoma. Wash. Art Freshman Class Secretary: Spurs Z: Otlah Secretary 4: Intersorority Council President 3: Kappa Sigma Theta. Vice-President 4. President 4: May Queen 4: Junior Class President: Student Affairs Com- mittee 3: Homecoming Play 3. ELVERNA MARIE AMUNDSEN Olympia. Wash. Sociology President Delta Alpha Gamma 4: President Spurs 2: National Spur President 3. 4: Kappa Phi l. 2. 3: Central Board 2: Tamanawas 1: Homecoming l. 2: War Bond Drive l. 2: Wl1o's NVho. C. LLOYD BAISINGER Tacoma. Wash. Economics Lettermen's Club 2. 3: Central Board 2: Sigma Zeta Epsilon Celected President 4 but never servedb: Band. SI-IERLEY DAY BAISINGER Tacoma. V-fash. . Sociology . . Kappa Sigma Theta: Spurs. Treas- urer 2: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Home- coming Play 4: Choral Readers 4: Women's Federation: WAA. ff DON G. BENNETT Olympia. Wash. Business ffldminislrailon Debate Manager 4: Phi Kappa Delta 3, 4: Alpha Chi Omega 2. 3: Sigma Mu Chi 4: Intercollegi- ate Knights 2: Ski Club: Central Board 4. NORMAN BURKE Tacoma. Wash. Economics Sigma Zeta Epsilon. 'iQr A STANLEY J. BURKEY Tacoma, Wash. Q Economics Sigma Mu Chi. President 4: Knights of the Log: La Mesa Redonda. President 3: Freshman Basketball: Golf Team 3: Senior Ball Committee: Homecoming Dance Committee 3: Ski Club 2. 3. DONALD E. CARSTEN, Tacoma, Wash. History , Knights of the Log 2: Vice-Presi- dent ASCPS 4: Harmoniers 4: Adelphian Concert Choir 4: Men's Intramural Athletic Manager 3: Basketball 1. 3: Varsity Tennis I. 4: Ski Club 3, 4: International Relations Club 3: Assistant Editor Tamanawas 4: Central Board 3, 4: Howarth Scholarship 3: Fi- nance Committee 4: SCA 1. 2.4 3. 4: Trail Staff 3, Who's Who. HELEN JEAN DARLING Tacoma. Wash. Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma: Central Board. Senior Representative: Chairman Bond Queen Corona- tion 3. RUTH ANN DODSWORTH Sumner. Wash. Speech, Drama President ASCPS 4: 'Junior Class Secretary: Spurs. Vice-President 2: Delta Alpha Gamma: SCA l, 2. 3. 4: International Relations Club 4: Choral Readers 1. 2. 3. 4: Howarth 3, 4: Chapel Committee 4: Student Affairs 4: Homecoming Play 3: Who's Who. PEGGY LOU DOUBEK ' Centralia. Wash. Art Alpha Beta Upsilon. Historian 2. Secretary 2, Vice-President 4: An- derson Hall, Historian 2. Vice- President 3. President 4: Spurs 2: Student Affairs 4: President Inter- sorority Council 4: May Queen Attendant 4: Art Editor Tamana- was 4: Howarth 4, SCA 1. DORCAS EGGESBO Tacoma. Wash. Business Adminislralion Lambda Sigma Chi. President 4. Secretary 3. Treasurer 2: War Co- ordination Committee Chairman 3. 4: Chairman Homecoming 4: Intersorority Council 3, 4. Presi- dent 3: Student Affairs 3: Who's . Who. L., -..ihucl 44. Q- .ip I v E X jfs-'X S-. -L -will -4 MAURICE GOLDENHAR Brooklyn. New York Chemistry Mu Sigma Delta 4: International Relations Club 4: Biology Club 4. JEAN MARIE HALLEN Tacoma. Wash. Physical Education Freshman Class Secretary: WAA: Homecoming' Play 2: Kappa Sigma Theta. Secretary Z, President 3: Intersorority Council 3: Fresh- man Women's Orientation 3. LUELLA JACKSON Olympia. Wash. Spanish Alpha Beta Upsilon, Pledge Vice- President 4: La Mesa Redonda. President 4: Adelphians 3: Cham- ber Music 2: Choral Readers 3: Homecoming Play 3: Trail Staff 2: Wrote winning song "Remem- ber" 1944. 3: Entered from Washington State. WILLIAM JOHNSON Alliance. Nebraska Business .Administration Sigma Mu Chi: Tennis Team I: Ski Club l, 2: Tolo King 2. B. JANE KOEHLER Olympia, Wash. Applied llffusic Adclphians 2, 3. 4: SCA l. 2. 3: Chamber Music l. 2. 3: Richard Summers Memorial Award 3: School Organist 3, 4: Theodore Presser Scholarship. MARGARET LINDEMAN Tacoma. Wash. Sociology Kappa Sigma Theta, Secretary l. Treasurer 2. Vice-President 3. President 4: WAA. President 4: SCA. Secretary 3, Worship Chair- man 4: Chapel Committee 3. 4: Otlah 4: Women's Federation 4: Business Manager Trail 2: Ski Club 3. 4: Intersorority Council 4: Homecoming Play 2: Co-Chair- man Homecoming Songfest 3: Co- Chairman Senior Ball 4: Who's Who. LU JEAN LOGAN Tacoma, Wash. Sociology Sophomore Class Secretary-Treas- urer: Vice-President Junior Class: Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class: Delta Alpha Gamma. Secretary 3. 4: .Intersorority Council 4: Chapel Committee 4: Trail Staff 1: Ta- manawas 1: Kappa Phi l. 2. 3. LUCILLE VIRGINIA LUDWICK Seattle. Wash. Spanish Delta Alpha Gamma. Pledge Moth- er 4: Chairman Homecoming Dance 4: May Queen Attendant 4: Trail Staff 4: Central Board 3: Tamanawas 2: Anderson Hall So- cial Chairman 3: Kappa Phi 2, 3: War Coordination Committee. So- cial 3, General 4. RALPH A. LUNDVALL Tacoma, Wash. Physical Education Football l. 2, 3: Track l: Ta- manawas Sports Editor 2: How- arth Scholarship 3: Harry Wer- bisky Inspirational Award 3: Pres- ident Married Couples Group 4: Sigma Zeta Epsilon. VIRGINIA MEKKES Olympia. Wash. French Delta Alpha Gamma. Spurs. His- torian Z: Anderson Hall President 4. Historian l: Otlah, President 4: Howarth Scholarship 4: Central Board 4: Women's Federation 4: Tamanawas Staff 1. Z: Interna- tional Relations Club 4. HELEN M. MILLER Tacoma, Wash. Spanish Lambda Sigma Chi, Treasurer 3. Vice-President 4: WAA. Manager 4: Kappa Phi 2. 3. 4: Ski Club 3. 4: Central Board 4: Chairman Intersorority Dance 4: Howarth Scholarship 4: Puget Sound Chorus 2: Intersorority Council. Secretary 2. 4, Treasurer 4. CHARLES L. NEE Tacoma. Wash. Physics Knights of the Log 2: Vice-Presi- dent Senior Class: Dramatics Man- ager 4: Entered from Pacific Lutheran College. I 62 15 59" .1 , FA lr 1' , .L 4... 4-Q, QA- .wt - ,r K' -ef, MRS. LORRAINE NELSON Tacoma. Wash. Sociology Lambda Sigma Chi. VIRGINIA .NORTON Bellingham. Wash. English Literature Alpha Beta Upsilon: Kappa Phi: SCA: International Relations Club 3: Women's Federation 2: Entered from Western Washington College. JOSEPH MASON PRICE Tacoma. Wash. Economics Sigma Mu Chi. Treasurer l. 2. 4. WALTER I.. SEABLOOM Tacoma, Wash. History Delta Kappa Phi, President 4: Homecoming Play 1. 2. 4: Spring Play 3: Pacific Northwest Orator- ical Title 3: Debate l. 2. 3: Co- Chairman All College Picnic 4: Student Affairs 4: Election Board 4: Trail Staff I. 2. 3. 4. DOROTHY E. SCHWEINLER Tacoma. Wash. Speech Delta Alpha Gamma. Treasurer 3: Director winning Freshman Play 4: Choral Readers 4. BETTY HEIDINGER SMITH Tacoma, Wash. Business Administration Campus Trio 1, 2, 3, 4: Central Board 3: Otlah 4: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Chapel Committee 3: Adelphians 3: Alpha Beta Upsilon. President 4, Pledge Mother, Treas- urer 2, Cogesponding Secretary 3: Who's Who. RUBY ADELAIDE SMITH Tacoma. Wash. Biology: Occupational Therapy Delta Alpha Gamma. Recording Secretary 3: Spurs 2: WAA, Vice- President 3, Program Chairman 4: O'tlah, Vice-President 4: Mu Sig- ma Delta 4: Causerie Franscaise 3: OT Club 3, 4: Circulation Man- ager Trail 2, 3: Howarth Scholar- ship 2. 3, 4: President Senior Class: All Star-Baseball l. Hockey 2. 3. Speed Ball 2, 3. Basketball 2. 3. Volleyball 4. JEANE PHYLLIS TI-IURBER Camas. Wash. Sociology Kappa Phi. Pledge President 1. Program Chairman 3. President 4: Spurs 2: SCA 1. 2. 3. 4: Chapel Committee 3: Central Board 2: Student Affairs 2: Otlah 4: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Women's Federa- tion 4: Campus Trio Accompanist 1, Z. 3, 4: AAUW Award 4. MARY ANN TRUITT North Bellingham. Wash. Music Delta Alpha Gamma 2. 3. 4: Kappa Phi, Alum Secretary 4: SCA 1. 2. 3. 4: Ski Club 3: Symphony I. 2. 3: Adelphians 4: Music Manager 4: Spurs 2: Cen- tral Board 4: WAA 2, 3. 4: String Ensemble 2: Music Trophy 2: Howarth Scholarship 3: Kilworth Scholarship 2: Women of Rotary Award 3: Who's Who. MARGARET VAN AMBURG Yakima, Wash.- Religious Education Kappa Phi: SCA: Chorus. URSELLA WATTS Tacoma. Wash. English Literature Delta Alpha Gamma, Recording Secretary 3, 4: Otlah 4: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Circulation Manager Trail l: Sergeant-at-arms of Senior Class. . MURDEN WOODS Aberdeen. Wash. History Anderson Hall. Treasurer l: Cen- tral Board Z. 3: Choral Readers 2, 3. 4: Chorus 3: Homecoming Play 3: Howarth Scholarship 4: International Relations Club, Pres- ident 4: Kappa Phi. Recording Secretary 1. Editor 2. Delegate to National 2. Co-Program Chairman 4: SCA 1, 2, 3. 4: Spurs, Editor 2: Tamanawas Class Editor 4: Trail Staff. Feature Editor 2. Edi- tor 2, 3: WAA l, 2, 3, 4: Who's Who. ag. L. if vo 'b -gl A s. ,,, FIRST SEMESTER SENIURS EA Liv fkf 44 I 'iw ---1 , . JULIUS BECK PEARL BENDIKSEN GLORIA CORUM EVELYN MARSHALL IRENE PEARN ROBERT MAYCUMBER RAFAEL MAS TONEY SHELTON SENIURS NUT PIETIIREIJ JOHN W. BEER WILLARD BELLMAN TRINO BELSITO MRS. GERVAIS BROWN ROBERT A. CADIGAN DALE DARLING ROLLAND EVANS CHESTER FARRIS ROBERT FEAR WILLIAM O. GLUNDBERG RICHARD S. GORDON AMY GROUT WILLIAM F. HAGEMEIER DOROTHY JUDD HILL MRS. LILLIAN JONES STUART KIMBALL WILLIAM MADDEN PHYLLIS NEWMAN JOANNE OAKES ROBERT OQUIST ROBERT STARKEY EARLING TOLLEFSON fix int As Freshmen we entered CPS 137 strong, just another wartime class. However. we had plenty of pep and spunk. We did have one particular note of distinction, the ASTU moved onto our campus when we entered school. These 238 Army Specialized Training students be- came a part of our class for their stay here on the campus of CPS. We showed off our talent at Stunt Night and in the Freshman one-act plays. In the last bag rush to be held until the end of the war, we carried off top honors over a- team of upper- classmen. Our song, written by Maxine Atkin- son, "Our Gentle Mother," won the Home- coming Songfest that year. ln our Sophomore year we had lost a number' of male members. However, we kept up tradi- ,L- -glnfnah. , A - - w.-r-1 .t--V -.. ---1 ..:-'-I ' 'E ' .I fi r il ol '47 Janice Lindeman. President: Kerttu Kahn, - Vice-President: Eloise Cruver. Sergeant- at-arms: Betty Jane Cappa, class 'repre- sentative. Not pictured: Louise Kipper. Secretary. tion as much as possible under war-time condi- tions: Even though we had to discontinue the annual bag rush, we kept up the social end of things by sponsoring an evening of games and dancing at the SUB. We were also the first class to sponsor an All-College ice skating party. This year we have been active in bringing the college back to pre-war basis. Outstanding among our' efforts has been the reviving of sev- eral traditions abandoned during theipast few years. Perhaps the most prominent and success- ful of these was the Junior Prom. We'also entertained the Seniors at a Junior-Senior break- fast, as well as another bit of entertaining when we interrupted them on their Sneak after chasing them from street to highway, to ocean, and Hnally to lake. . L1 .ji I I 7 N A yi' l l-,Ai ii- ' T- A 7 ' 2 ig., -U if 1? Z' it ,A 4 . 6 'iw- - fl, M -fi-3. I gun,- if 5 fr C - Q is I .-- Je ' Q r . F' . I, -'fx Q' . me Q .. ii N.. , ' in F Qu ' 3 Q 6 N.. x 7 vs if is Q Qi?- 'E' -4. 'Acc .,, I will W' i mg 'fd I 45 ff F- -H' ' --x Anderberg. ljlizabelh Barker. Virginia Cappa. Betty Jane Lindeman. Janice Ling. Jing Ho Lockstone. Dorene Clark. Marla Cross. Alice Ann Cruver. Elouise Lynch. Lois Maclnnis. Donna McLorinan. Elaine Cummings. Carolyn Davis. Jack H. De Voro. Margaret McNary. Robert Minnitti. Robert Mobcrg. Eunice Foxwell. Geraldine Gallagher. Mary Agnes Garland. Phil Moberg. Joy Olsen. Lawrence Packard. Polly Gibbs. Shirley Guthrie. Mary Louise Hansen. Art Radke. Roberta Randall. Lucille Robinson, Patricia Hardy, Thelma Hecht. Hazel Heidingcr, Mary Jean Rough. Mary Rowe. Vilctta Sandin. Marlhajean Hcwilr. Helen Hill. Jane Hora. Dorothy Schenk. Mary-Anna Schorer, Clarence Schut. Norman Johnson. Harold Kahn. Kerttu Kahler, Frank Strong. Helen Tregoning. Joan Tierney. Noreen Kilde. Virginnia Kipper. Louise Kiste. Donna Mae Verone. Genevieve Van Camp. James Vaughn. Anna-Marie 9- -if g -T. i -5 - W ' ' " -9 x - 7 . yn., .,. Yn- . I .. my I 'lame if ,6- Lzj, S. .lv ' 7 . Q 1- '. is a J..-. 4 - " S -Q. .2 'X . fi 'L 3 g ly 45 JV- ,. ', I 'Y F -5 ,ani S.. N bg -- .x .- f' 5 xg' G C' li f, 5 Winskill, Robert 'F V Young. Beatrice JUNIURS NUT PIETURED FRANK BAINARD DIXIE BARTLETT DONALD CUMMINGS ARTHUR R. De BORD MARY JOANNE EVANS VICTOR GRABAR WARREN GREEDY CAROL HAMILTON JANET HANSEN ROBERT 'HIGH CHARLES HILL JOHN HOVEY ' MARY ELLEN HOWELL GERTRUDE JAMES f JANET KOLSTAD ROBERT LEE DOROTHEA MEEK RICHARD METZGER RQOY MURPHY REV. GEORGE PAULSON ROBERTA MATTHEWS PLUMMER BEATRICE RAGNO JAMESETTA RASPBERRY GORDON RIDGEWAY MARVIN SCOTT ' CLIFFORD SMITH NOREEN TIERNEY , MRS. LAURA VAN KOTEN -.g. We entered CPS as, just another war-time class, our ranks sadly lacking in man power. However, 'we still had spirit and ambition. Before Matriculation day we had planned a dance, "Pilgrim's lDance," which proved to be a success. In the Stunt Night and Freshmen Play performances we showed the upperclass- men that we had talent. In spite of the fact that we had to abandon the regular rivalries between the Freshmen and Sophomores that year, we still kept up our green beanie spirit. Four of our class were on the first-team basketball that year. As Sophomores we revived an old tradition this year: or rather enforced it. With the Frosh in such evidence we saw to it that they were properly respectful to upperclassmen by wearing CLASS of '48 Dick Eckert. Sergeant-at-arms: Marian Tregoning, Secretary: Peggy Rough, President: June Larson, Vice-President: Clair Candler, class representative. their green beanies. This was a big step in rehabilitating our campus to pre-war activities. One of the outstanding social events of the Hrst semester was the barn dance given by our class, 'the "I-Iayseed Hi-Jinx" which was held in the gym. Teamed with the Seniors, we took top honors in the Victory Bond Drive. Reviving another tradition, we participated in the Frosh-Soph tug-of-war on Campus Day . . . and won! As Freshmen we had Shirley Ostlund, John Scupen. Clair Candler, and Charles Morris as officers. Carol Todd was our representative to Central Board. This year we have had Peggy Rough, President: June Larson, Vice-President: Marian Tregoning, Secretary: Dick Eckert, Ser- geant-at-arms: and Clair Candler as Class Rep- resentative. Q 1- -I' if 'J 3 6' N 'Fr 1. 1 1- V , S3 Arness. Carl ti' Adams. Joy - Addison. George 'Q I Alm. Katherine . .- England. Wesley W' ' it V Etsekson. William A-51. Fassett. Lois . in I Angel. Betty L: V Baker. Gordon ' Gibson. Jacqueline W Gustafson. Frank Gustafson. Ruth 5 Baker. Jerry ,U Baumgartner. Juanita fx Behrens. Ruth b Q Harold. Emily Ai Haslam. Barbara Heidrick. Elva Bellinger. Katherine A, r Q Q Y. T I G9 1 .5 7 Bctz. Merallat 1 :N ' I 5 . Q I I Blake. Janette QQ ' Hervin. Raymond A , - Hill. Frank Q , j X Hoggatt. Ken A f 4 . 1 Bowman. Douglas .N '- A '- ,, Boyd. Eileen i F' ,Q - .. 'li ' Campbell, Bill ' dl b , .V , . Q A Holt. Frances . H ' . ' Hultgren. Kathryn f' V Hume. Peggy Q Candler. Clare v "g ua W Caputo. Helen 4 C 3 ,A A A ip Q? fs' Causin. Bob fi 5 5 if' f-. , r 1 t ., . gg? X "it 1- Jacobson. Dick ' ' ' - E M Jayko, Mike A ' x ix Johnston. Earle Q5 1 Coors. Catherine i f . ' ' J 1 Coors. Charlotte U4 .' 1 V IV' Coubrough. Evelyn 5 ' -' H A- . "' f"' . q Kildruff. Irene , ' King. La Vern: ' " jd Kahler, Cleona Campbell. Marshall is - Dayton, Darcia P Qt pq A Dean. Gwen 9, F ie Kostenbader. Dorothy , ' Lamar. Sheila i Larson. June 1 Doherty, Inez L U Eckert, Dick , -' ' R 'L ci ' an Elliot., Mary Lou - 7 :A Lawlor. Pat 1 Lawson. Phyllis .N Lewis, 'Clara KN". . 755' - ' V' N. ' Lindahl, Barbara fy! ' Mahoney. Helen b A ig , 1' ' Mather, Sarah V L '- ng Schorer. June v - if Simmons, Gwen is Simmons. Dixie by . ' I i Mama, Shirley , K ' Mitchell. Doris 'F - f, Mongcr. Rosa Mae ' W smifh, Wanda A Q, Stapleton. Joan Q V Steele. Bonnie -e Nelson. Joyce 5 - Olson. Jean - P ' Opsata, Marie -3- 5 4, . , ' -4 ' ,VV ' ' , Stephens. Evane ' Q: 4 ' 1, " Stevens. Merle . .M If Y Switzer, Marie wifi? if , .I Packer. Jane i , U Pilant. Pat Q "T 5- " Planchard. Janis 'Q ' -f Tasker. L. C.. 1 3? 4 ' A f Taylor, Richard ' ' ,. K' ' e Thomas. Helen 1 1 -. A . ,, Quinn. Francis Y -' Rea. Janice - -.ggi W 5- I -- V I 6 ' Recd. Wilma W g +V :..- . i-J Thompson, Orin 42 ' ' Todd. Carol gg., -.5 4 V it Tousley- Martha . 1 J ' ' , '11 7 '1f'5'f 1 Rough. Peggy Sihlin Gloria Schlegl Mollie Wirner Viola a - 7' i- ' Tregoning. Marian -P qi Vick. Lois. f if P' P f I SUPHUMURES NUT ROBERT ALEXANDER - JUANITA BAUMGARTNER DAVID BLACK AUDREY BOUCHER GERALDINE BRIGGS PATRICIA BROWNE JAMES CAMPBELL LAWRENCE CHRISTENSEN OLAF EMBLEM CARL ENGFER FREDERICK ERIES KIMIKO EUJIMOTO ANDREW GARNES MARY DEAN GILBERT MONICA HEALY VIOLET HESSY FREDERICK HOLM FRANCES HOLT JOHN HUNT HENRY KYLE MARIAN LENTZ KENNETH MAY HAROLD MCLEAN DONALD MICHAELSON PICTURED J EANNE MICKENS CHARLES MITCHELL CHARLES MORRIS DOROTHY MOYLES PATRICIA NEWELL ANNE S. NIESEN BETTY MARIE OSWALT THEODORE PICARD MARSHALL RICONSCIUTO RICHARD ROBINSON ARTHUR SHEETS THOMAS SMITH ' JOHN SPENCER BONNY JEAN STEELE HARLEY STELL CHARLES STEVENS, JR. KIRK STEWART TROY STRONG NORMAN SULLIVAN NORMA SWANSON DARRELL SWENSON VERDON WEBB EDWARD WILSON MARCH 11 VETS and SPECIAL STUDENTS '- I . WAIT BRADY. ROBERT 4, , E. if BURLEIGH, BETSY g :Y ' . A CRUVER. DONALD A - I E, A A f HERZOO. BETTY I Y 5 . , is A-f 4 ,Y L1NDAHL, PETER 3 4- H334 MARKUSSEN. ED k A 'A ' KRAUS. JO 'I ANDERSON. PAUL , - ' BAKER. CHARLES if' " . Y- DUNN, WALLY I I -- S 'nr gi GLUECK. ARTHUR- gb ' .A GUSTAFSON, ROBERT ' V A A W .N X A A TZ W Q 5' I , MELLISH, WILEY I 'Q .V A NELSON. ART ,g91fg- e 'E' ' SALMON, ROBERT 'i--, .L I A SCHUMOCR, HAROLD QF . ' v rf: We Freshmen have the distinction of being the first class to enter CPS after the close of World War II. In September we came in some ZOO strong, one of the largest classes in several years, During Freshmen Week we elected offi- cers to lead our class throughout the year. These included: Harold Simonsen as Presidentg Waldo Davila, Vice-President: Jeanne Miles, Secretary: and Nick Nicholas and Ed Meneghet- ti as class representatives. ' CLASS of '49 lfirsr rows Jeanne Miles. Secretary: Waldo Davila. Vice-President. Second row: Nick Nicholas. class representative: Harold Simonsen. President: Ed Mcneghcrlc. class representative. Our Stunt Night was a huge success and We were noted for our pep and good spirit. Faith- fully we wore our green beanies under the watchful eyes of the Sophomores. In October we led off with the first dance of the year, the "Beanie Bounce." Next in line we presented a group of exceptionally good one-act plays. We made a further name for ourselves when we carried off the winning honors in the Homecoming Songfest. Our classmates were active in many school events. D n ' l x! , Ai- B. 1 lass' 'L O Q? 3. X' T gvyll . ,JA a F ' ' 'A r""r,T-'-vrrfvfvfr'-r ,Q N 119' f Z 4 ' 1 P 'Q qv- '? FW A I5 ki f C' get ,il -. 1 Q? , Alff, Katherine - Allen, Margaret v U 'M' Anderson, Clayton , 4 ' 'f Carr, Jane i In ' 5- Cason, Ray 6 - -' Choaruhas, Nancy 4 I l Anderson. James 7,3 5 Anderson. Rell , K Fi ,, Anning, Shirley 'M Chase. Keith if Cheatham, Tim - -M. 531, fy Christenson, Junita J 2. Baitinger, Jeane Barkost, Betty 41 X XY-1 Barnes. Lila ,V M -1, Christensen. Ted Clapp, Gloria ' i Criswell, Frances Barton, Verace Beaudoin, Corene ' ' 3' X Beck. Marie 9 ' Dahl. Lorraine I E. Davila. Waldo 'ef ' Dcbolt, Bud Q: Beckerman. Gloria , Bennett. Donna - Q . 1 Benson, A1 . ' A-, Demers. Art .- Q Dieatrick. Aleatha W Dooley, Patsy Berg, Harry Billett. Al ' - Blaser. Phyllis 'G' 'H . ig- f ' Dunlap. Marilyn t Dyer, Mary Alice Emmett, Shirley Blumenstein, Pat Boedecker, Joanne W3 Bowman, Harold Y at Y Ernst. Gretchen ' Evans. Anne . Farrell. Beverly Briggs. Alan Brooks, Alton Y Brown. Lorraine F 5. Fiske, Harriet A Fiffles. Marion L .' Flanagan. Marjorie Burke, John Burigan. Kenneth Campbell, Kenneth A P 3 E. Flewelling. Mrs. Lee ,, f F ' Flewelling. R. W. 6 A Gaddis. Loyd b V At ...l ' ' 'K ,, X .k, ai - Lg ? me if ' -' ay we ,, ,a .., -sr .x - .gs C .9 - " .Ala-X 4 . .W it 6' XJQAQ4-ww, as' - N ., .1 . i L . A r -a 4. . 9, A- '. ,U Q sn s 1 ff tl Garrison. William Geehan, Marion van Giffen, Dorothy Hora. Charles Horike. Tadashi Howard. Charles Gingrich. Paul Gipple. Gloria Gipple, Warren, G. Hunt, H. D. Huston. Robert W. Hyatt, June Godfrey, Douglas Gordon. Jack B. Gordon. Patricia Hyndman. Natlie Irsfeld, Mary Ellen Iverson, Neva Gormley. Jo Grubisa. Emil Haberlin, Gail Jenson. Vera Johnson. Beverly Jones, Gladys Hagen. Jane Heath, Robert Hamilton. Kelly Jones. Twylla Justice. Sidney Kean, Mary Jean Harbke. Netta Hardy. Kathleen Harrigan. David Kendall. Shirley Kennell, Kenneth Kennell. Mark Hegg, Joyce Henderson. Richard Henry. Mary Lou Kinrod. Anna Klaiber, Delores Knapp, Jack Highill. Patsy Hilton. Daphne Hodges. Barbara Knight. Arthur Knodel. Arthur Kohler, Colleen Hoggatt, Verner Holland. Robert Holmberg, Jackie ' Lay. Zelda Langlois. Basil Langlow. Kenneth r V1 rx , l J , 'Simi M 1 g 'ifwi 11 f ge- : si ffl' .17 . fiif' if Q It V --, r. . 'U K A s L :ix nfl - "ii J l , fy . ll: ' ,ifer af fr ts- ,f J il tl fe' B ff g,.. A, -F! 25 4:3 - Q., X . 'x -as 359 ..-- A, I ' A VP' 1 L ,0 r 4. i 'QI ,J l 4 , 5 Ty. QI-. 9 Wa? , I". ., 'x .332 X i I . f lf' an .1 V. 1 Q 1 2 t vu in v a .G fF.' av N v up v K . l 4 X 451' ll H7 9' 'C dr ,e A lj.-'gr'-,fax t -, , J , i ,1f',,, La Pore. Janet La Pore, Richard Larson, John . Moe. Andrew Montano, Jose Muncey, Jean Larson. Marland Lenz. Jim A Lindelien. Lyle Murphy. Harold Naubert. Gerald Nelson. Dale Lindstrom. Mary Lou Ling. Jing Chu Lonergan, Dorothy Ness. Marjorie Nicholson, Natalie Niwa. Carl Lubbe, Ruth Ludwig. Janice Leubke. Bill Newman. Marian Norman, W. D. Norton, Byron Lyon. Robert Mandt. Darlene Manke, Marian McConnell, Francis O'Connell, William O'Conner, Dennis Mann. Marjorie Mansfield. George Marvick, Gordon Ofelt. Robert Olson. Clara Osborne. Richard McCoy. Norman Mcllwraith. Mary Lou Mclver. Joan Opsala. Shirley Patterson, Pat Perdue. Donald McKinney. John R. Meneghetti, Edward Miles. Jeanne Perkins. Dick Perry. Mrs. Adeline Pettit, Lois Miller, Sarah Lou Miller, William Moberg. Pearl Phillips. Lois Potter, Ruth Pratt, Patrick rn, . Nu fx 'FM Q -A ts' I E In 5 5 in 'F V' 4 M 39- f' Q' ,,f . ,.., 3 Z9 1 'Si' t .Ax Q33 ,F lx - if C' !'l , v Q Q 1 '1 L at -5- s Tl' F Xl 3 9 C cu- .- . 49 4 - 5' V 1.- r ff i 'U I .ft J' f' LM I 'S 1' 'E 4'!"-- l 6 'L Ji. 6 . ,X 'iv .TMC G A . -iw Q 1 . P1-f 95- , EJ .. I . Qtr: I4 e ,- E4 as I 35" .-ll, . ' v .5 Ip' . f f . l- 6 V, 1 -P . y . . -r-Y 5 is 4 .W xy X . -1 J W ' 15 if - 4-. an Q? af 6 H11-Z 7 Q,-ns L .- Rasmussen. Louise Reed. Cathryn Raver, Leonard Stebbins. Anita Stcneide. Lee Stevens. Joanne Rees. Celia Reynolds. Lloyd Richardson. Joyce Stine. Sue Storhow. Joan Sutherland. Harry Ritchey. Sue Robinson. Betty Roundtrce. Elenor Rowe. Russell. Swayze. Gretchen Swenson. Frances Tangora. Sam Barbara Irma Rutherfteld. Doris Taylor, Jeanne Taylor. Joyce Thompson. Muriel Sandin. Shirleyanne Schut. Dorothy Scoggin, Kenneth Tiedeman. Harry Tietje. Beverly Tillman. Catherine Seelye, Wesley Simonson. Harold Smith. William Tollefson. Robert V Tregoning. Ruth Anne if Tucker. John Smith, Clinton Smith. Jesse Smith. Margaret Victor. George Walker. Dennis Warne. Harriet Smith. Marjorie Smock. Dotha Spears. Madge XVornslafl'. James Wedltmd. Spencer Wiegardl. l.. Stalcup. Noel Stanton. lid Stark. Rodney Wight. Mary Wilbert. William Williams. George . C' 4' 59 0 . .. 1- 3 .b . Y. an QA . X 6 . "S E A7u. . H ws jr. . J 8 . . 384 qv. WV' i C 9 . I ? 33- ' 'Ei- 31 Ji, xg' an if-ef -Q fi? . 31 " ' Qi fl X f Q1 "S+ sf - QT' To Nr? . 1' .Q ,ve '4 Q' - sv 'P . Q . . - 1... - ii I W1 V -., ,Lia l 1' "i l,-'ff pr 'K '- ' ll-is 3 Williams. Jeanne , ll: il? XVilloughby. Ken 1 .gf ii XVilson. Nancy l i, 4-:li ' 1 X A l .fi ' i 1 ' W' t A ne , ,E Q W in ers. n i g V Wood. Aileen l J' wright. Mmm l . ' --?fs?'if , 4 'i' V XVyvill, Roland W 'fits ' Riley Allen Michael Alvarade Arnold Anderson Pauline Anderson Roy Anderson Harry Anderson Marilyn Andrews William Armstrong Earl Asplund Bernard Backhofl' Kathleen Baird Richard Baker Marian Barcus Albert, Barnett William' Baron George Barry Elizabeth Bean Mrs. Ruth Beer John Beimborn Joel Belsvik Jean M. Benjamin Phil Betts Sydney Blechman Richard Bligh Ferdinand Bondy Robert Brady Michael Bratovich Roy Brennan Robert Briggs Clarence Brooks Rodney Brown Clinton Bruce Earl Bryant Hazel Butt James Cadigan James Carpenter Sidney Castle Elsie Cicovich Eugene Clark Aubrey Clayton Robert Comfort Gilbert Corley Wayne Cose Robert Craft Harold Craig Dolores Craighead Richard Cromwell Bernard Crowell Ronald Crowley Phillip Cunningham Jess Curtwright Donald Dilley Joseph Dobrowolski Richard Dolack John Drake Ronald Edling Thomas Elwell Constance Espeland Wallace Evans Donol Falconer Richard Falk Robert Fincham Lucian Flagg Robert Flem Vincent Fraker Robert Frederickson Don Gavin Virginia George Norton Gibson Frederick Gilbertson Lois Gorrell Walter Grey Paul Griffen Charles Griswell Glen Gullett William Hackett Ralph Haggstrom Victor Handley James Hansen William Hardie Duane Hartwelli Vernetta Harvlie Lorraine Hasson Oscar Haugen Alyce Healy Robert Healy Ronald Hendrickson Donald Hesselwood Donald Hiltbrunn Richard Hilton Stuart Hoffard Galen Hoover Richard Howard Elmer Hubbard Russell J. Huggins Lawrence Jensen James Johnson Marvin Johnson Ralph Johnson Millicent Jones Robert Joyner Bert Kade Russel Keyes Norbert Knecht Vera Knowles Donald Leonard Harry Leonard Robert Lind Joe Lipera Warren Lofquist Beverly Loomis Thomas Loran Robert Lunch Beverly Madsen George Magill Harrv Mansfield Tony Martelli Lillian Martin Betty Martindale Victor Martineau John Matthewson John McCallister James McCormick Betty McCotter Alexander McDougall Mrs. Mary McKinney, Lois McLorinan Thomas McNerthney James Melbostad Donald Melville Richard Metcalf Cameron Miner Wallace Miner Robert Miraldi Doris Mitchell PIETURED John Mitchell Nvarren Mitchell Takeshi Miyamoto Lyndell Morgan Gordon Mulligan Joseph Murray Richard Naubert Kingsley Neff Clarence Nelson Nick Nickolas Lester Nordlund Robert Norgaard Walter Novotney Roy Nyland Gene Olson Frances Olzendam Richard Packard AlexanderGlen Pan Alfred Parsons James Pattin James Peele Donald Pessemier Richard Peyran Barbara Prechek Jack Prince Alvin Pucek Miles Putnam Charles Raitz Robert Raymond Charles Robbins Harry Roegner Kevin Rolfe Primo Rosellini Charles Ross Samuel Rust David Sahlin Walter Sanders Angelos Sarantinos Sylvester Schmidt Leslie Seal William Sheard Donald Sherfy Thaddeus Siemion Mary Silvermaster chot t Robert Simmons Richard Simpsorf Margaret Smith Nicholas Smith Sidney Smith Jacqueline Spearman Madge Spratt Lucas Sprinker Barney Stempczynski Doris Stewart William Stocklin Frederick Stolberg Joseph St. Jean Marian .Syse Andrew Thompson Walter Tiedtke William Titford Betty Tobacco ,Harry Tong Chester Torgerson Robert Turner Glen Turpin Evan Tuttle Helen Ungland Paul Vogeli Irene Vokich Mrs. Clair Wade Marilyn Wagnild Eugene Walker Doris Ward Robert Wartenbe Homer' Webb Richard Weiser Martin Wentworth Roy Westerdahl Harmon Weston David Whisner Ralph Wilbert William Williams Theodore Wiswell Fred Wolf Darlene Wyckoff Hugh Wynne Robert C. Young Albert Zehnder ACTIVITIES 19539555319 1 iii!! K I A V' 2, V ul I: K4 xxx ly.4 fmjxgxb f-I , , , f R- V' V Y ' J L' ff .11 Q ' , lt Ak , Q69 DRAMA One of the busiest years for the dramatics department began with the production of five Freshman plays on Gctober 5, 1945. The ive plays produced were l'Before the Curtain Rises," "Ghost in the Green Gown," "Would Your Husband Shoot?", "Wrong Numbers," and "Thank You, Doctor." Student directors for these plays were Mary Rough, Dorothy Schweinler, Elizabeth Ander- berg, LaVerne King and Irene Fearn. Assistant directors were Peggy Rough, Marthajean Sandin and Lorraine Hasson. The first of November saw the production of a mystery farce in three acts, "Ramshackle Inn." The leading role, that of Belinda Pryde, bwas taken by Irene Fearn. Others in the cast were Walter Seabloom, Ray Cason, Sherley Baisinger. Bonny Jean Steele, Marshall Campbell, John Larson, Maisie Harold, Dale Nelson, Mary Rough, Leonard Raver, Byron Crull, Elizabeth Anderberg, Kelly Hamilton and Harold Simon- son. X lf- 1 ' TWC L .1 . 1 E. ill Miss Jones Charles Nee Campus Playcrafters, in cooperation with the music department, presented the annual Christmas program, This year's play was "Dicken's Christmas Carol." On February 15 the Playcrafters gave four one-act plays in honor of the debators who were on the campus for the annual high school tournament. The plays were directed by Inez Doherty, Dorothy Schweinler, Elizabeth Ander- berg and Irene Fearn. Prompters and property chairmen were Marthajean Sandin, Gloria Beck- erman, Helen Thomas, Beverly Farrell, Miriam Manke and Jane Hagen. The cast of "When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet" consisted of Mary Louise Guthrie, Aleatha Mae Dieatrick, Joyce Taylor, Helen Jean Darl- ing, Kerttu Kahn and Shirley Milsted: 'IA Fan and Two Candlesticks," Betty Barkost, Jim Lenz and Arthur Sheets: "The Bishop's Candle- sticks," Troy, Strong, Robert Heath, Maisie Harols, Kavheryne Alff and Ray Hervin: "Poor Old Jim." Arthur Hansen, Sheila Lamar and THE EHURAL READERS William O'Connell. from lop Io bottom: Helen Strong. Irene Fearn. Kerttu Kahn. Gloria Gipple. Carol Todd. Helen Darling. Inez Doherty. Bonny Jean Steele. Sheila Lamar. Murden NVoods. Dorothy Schweinler, Ruth Ann Dodsworrh. Katheryne Alff. Gretchen Swayze. Elizabeth Anderberg. Barbara Rowe, Shirley Baisinger. 1 1 THE CAMPUS PLAYERAFTERS From right Io left: Elizabeth Anderberg. Leonard Raver, Irene Fearn. Bonny Jean Steele. Shir- ley Baisinger. Walt Seabloom. On the floor: Ray Cason. The Choral Readers, in their sixth annual recital, presented four groups of poetry, includ- ing children's poetry and Lir1dsay's "The Congo." The most effective part of the pro- gram was the ending poem, "Cathedral Chimes At Midnight," for which the group gradually forimed a cross. The spring play, Thornton Wilder's "Skin of Our Teeth," was given May 3 and 4, with Art Sheets, Betty Barkost, and Irene Fearn, Troy and Helen Strong, Shirley Milsted and William O'Connell in the leading roles. This play, a Pulitzer Prize winner, de- picts man's survival through the Ice Age, deluge and War. Director of the Campus Playcrafters is Miss Martha Pearl Jones, Dramatic manager is Charles Nec and dramatic department assistant is Ruth Ann Dodsworth. James Lentz. ,M--' - - FURENSIES Forensics began -its successful return to normal by hanging out the welcome sign for Coach Dr. Charles T.. Battin who had been in govern- ment service in Alaska during the war. In his absence, Dr. Marvin R. Schafer, assistant coach, served as adviser. The annual high school de- bate tournament in February was the first event sponsored by the department. It turned out to be one of the largest ever held west of the Mississippi River drawing teams from some 30 schools in Washington and Idaho. Practice debates with colleges of the Puget Sound area warmed up the Logger squad for participation in the Northwest Tyro Tourna- ment held on the CPS campus in which teams from Washington and Idaho competed. In this revival of pre-days, CPS's Rad Hartwell took Iirst-place in impromptu speaking with Harriet Fiske landing in the finals in that event of the two-day affair. The season that far turned out to be just proving ground for the squad, for when it traveled to the Coast Regional Tournament at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, to participate, it returned with two first-, a second- iw' . rx-W. I DR. BATTIN DON BENNETT and a third-place. Taking the honors at this three-day meet by walking away from 25 col- leges representing Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California were Norman Schut, re- turned veteran, first in one-man Lincoln-Doug- las style of debate, first in extemporaneous speak- ing and second in impromptu: I-Iarriet Fiske and Lyle Lindelien, third in junior division of Uni- versity or two-man style of debate. The season reached its climax when the squad traveled to Stockton, California. to compete with colleges from eight states in the Pi Kappa Delta, Province of Pacific Regional Tournament. held on the College of Pacific campus. CPS there nabbed two first-, one second- and two third-places besides reaching the finals in all events entered, despite competition of such schools as UCLA. USC and OSC. Norman Front row, left: Harriet Fiske. Jing Chu Ling. Louise Kipper. Mary Jean Kean. Backjow: Dr. Battin, Fern Bondy. Lyle Lindelien, Dr. Schafer, Norman Schut, Bob McNary. Bernie Crowell. l Dr. Thompson and Richard Drues Schut took first in one-man debate, with Lyle Lindelien backing up the Maroon and White record by placing second. In junior division, Harriet Fiske and Louise Kipper teamed to take first place among the women, while Bob Mc- Nary and Byron Norton placed third among the men. Harriet Fiske and Mary Jean Kean landed in the finals of impromptu speaking with Harriet taking third. Washington Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, which is the national forensic fraternity main- tained on this campus. admitted the following 6n the merits of their work during the year: Degree of Special Distinction, Norman Schut: Degree of Honor, Lyle Lindelien: Degree of Fraternity, Harriet Fiske, Louise Kipper, Mary Jean Kean, Bob McNary and Byron Norton. Faculty members of Pi Kappa Delta are Dr. Charles T. Battin, Dr. Marvin R. Schafer, and Dr. John D. Regester. The squad which competed at the different tournaments during the year on the topic of establishing a policy of free trade was composed of Ferd Bondy, Bernie Crowell, Kelly Hamil- ton, Rell Anderson, William Johnson, Harriet Fiske, Louise Kipper, Mary Jean Kean, Byron Norton, Bob McNary, Lyle Lindelien, Norman Schut, Rad Hartwell and manager Don Bennett. In April the finalists of the high school ora- torical contests in the Sixth Congressional Dis- trict competed at the College befire the student body. Local businessmen who acted as judges gave first place to Richard Drues of Stadium High School in Tacoma. The contest, sponsored by the State Depart- ment of Conservation and Development, award- ed a first prize of 3100, besides a medal and a trip around the state inspecting Washington's resources. The six district champions will vie for the state championship in Seattle May 22. Lefl: Norman Schut, Harriet Fiske. Rad Hartwell. Bob McNary. Byron Norton. Lyle Lindelien. MUSIC Under the direction of its new head, Prof. Clyde W. Keutzer, the music department of the college expanded 165W this year, with 557 of the entire student body taking courses in music. Prof. Keutzer came to CPS from Scott Field. Belleville, Ill., where he served as director of the USO. He has been head of the Department of Voice at the University of North Carolina, concert soloist throughout the East and South. and Director of Voice at Baldwin-Wallace Col- lege. His revival of the Adelphian Concert Choir, which had been almost inactive throughout the previous years. brought about that organiza- tion's extended tour throughout Washington and parts of Idaho during the spring semester. President of the Adelphian Choir was Irene Pearn. while secretary-treasurer was Mary Ann Truitt. Marshall Campbell edited the new music column, "Off Beat," which appeared in the Trail. Mary Ann Truitt acted as music depart- ment manager and director of the Puget Sound Symphony was Prank Anarde. The Campus Trio remained an ever-popular group around town, with its personnel chang- ing more frequently than usual. Trio members at the beginning of the year were Virginia Kilde, soprano. Midge Heidinger, second soprano, and Betty Heidinger Smith, contralto. At the end Mr. Keutzer Mary Ann Truitt of the first semester Betty was graduated and replaced by Frances Swenson. Toward the end of the spring semester Virginia Kilde dropped out. The new soprano was Anita Stebbins. Accompanist was Jean Thurber. A new group on the campus, the Harmonairs. composed of Elizabeth Anderberg. Neva Iver- son, Carl Niwa. Don Carsten and Arthur Knight. made their debut on the Adelphian tour. and thereafter sang for various programs around town and at the Port. Since admission to the Adelphians is by try- out and permission of Prof. Keutzer, and is of limited membership, the Women's Collegiate Singers were organized for those women who wished to belong to a choral group, but who were not eligible for membership in the Adel- phians. - THE ADELPHII-INS First row: Harmon Weston. Mary Ann Truitt, Clarabel Stevens. La Verne King. Frances Swenson. Virginia Kilde. Netta Harbke. Marian Syse. Neva lverson. Violettn Rowe. Anita Stebbins. Elizabeth Anderberg. Second row: Kieth Chase, Don Carsten. Mary Agnes Gallagher. Anna Marie Vaughn. Irene Fcarn. Delores Craighead. Frances Holt. .Io Anne Ste- vens. Shirleyanne Sandin. Dolores Klaiber. Elaine Surinson. .Ioan Storham. Gretchen Swayze. Third row: Edward Meneghetti. Arthur Sheets. Harley Stell. Frederick Gilbertson. Arthur Knight, Marshall Campbell, Donald Leonard. Carl Niwa. Ray Cason. Willard Norman. Kelly Hamilton. Edward Stanton. No! in Picture: James McCormick. Leonard Raver. THE PUGET SOUND SYMPHONY YD E ,!" V' THE HARMONAIRS Elizabeth Andcrbcrg. Neva Iverson. Don Cnrslcn. Carl Niwa and Arthur Knight. THE wnMEN's BHURUS THE CAMPUS TRIO Virginia Kildc. Midge Hcidingcr. Betty Smith ALCLTITIITWHISI Jean Thu rbcr TAMANAWI-lS Despite the handicap of a staff of thirteen students the Tamanawas of 1946 came out on schedule Another major barrier to its publication was a lack of funds. Editor Win- skill felt that a student body the size of CPS's should have a bigger and better annual than ever before and every effort was made in that direction. Bob appeared before Central Board to plead the case and receive 625 dollars in addition to the budget. The editorial staff has tried in every way possible to make this year's annual a clear picture of the years' events. When actual photographs were not available it was en- deavored to paint word pictures so that in after years people will be able to know what happened at CPS in the year '45-'46. The staff consisted of Elizabeth Anderberg, Don Carsten. Kerrtu Kahn. Murden Woods. Har- riet Eiske. and Lyle Lindelien. The art staff though small was very good. It turned out ine work and in quantity. Art editor Peggy Doubek drew the sketches of the professors, and Cathie Reed designed the cover and the division pages. - . Editor - Bob Winskill The ad staff. too, did its part in turning out a bigger and better Tamanawas. They got busy and secured enough ads to H11 all the holes in the budget. Headed by Mary-Anna Schenk and Ciwen Simmons, were Beverly Farrell. Jackie Holmberg, and Barbara Hodges. Mary-Anna Schenk, Bus. Manager Gwen Simmons, Bus. Manager wav .ga K . ,JF la whk... Assistant Editor: Don Carsten Art Editor: Peggy Doubek The photographer for this year was Nelson Richards. He spent lots of time following Bob around the campus and did a swell job on the group photographs. The class pictures were taken by Kennell-Ellis Studios. Our advisor Dr. Jaeger has been a big help to us all. The Staff in Action: Lyle Lindelein, Harriet Fiske, Elizabeth Anderberg, Peggy Doubek, Murdcn Woods, Bob Winskill, Kerttu Kahn, Gwen Sim- mons, Mary Anna Schenk, Don Carsten, Beverly Farrell, Barbara Hodges. Class Editor: Murden Woods . -rwbllwgzg Arif l TB Advisor - Dr. Jaeger TRAIL The Puget Sound Trail embarked upon one of its most successful seasons this year under the direction of Elizabeth Anderberg, Editor-in- Chief. Whille finances' did not permit the Trail's coming out every week, it did come out every other week: with every issue better than average. All of the honors are due to Miss Anderbergs direction. Those who served on the staff in particularly responsible positions were the following: Betty Jane Cappa, and Anna Marie Vaughn as Business Managers: Lois Lynch as feature editor: Sheila Lamar as society editor: -and Nick Nicholas and Harold Simonsen as sports editors. Y Those features that were liked particularly were, Off Beat by the Em Cee, actually Marshall Campbell: The Senior Spotlight written by Carolyn Cummings: Dorm Dora of course: and Gym Shorts by Evelyn Marshall. One of the highlights of the publications' year was when the office was moved back to its old location at the SUB. Tired newsmen. too long used to fighting their way through the -, K f. Editor, Elizabeth Anderberg mass of junk in Jones Hall, could really take pride in their new room complete even to keys. to keep those persons out who insisted upon borrowing the staff typewriters. Immediately the room was christened the PUB and became known as "the PUB in the SUB." Dr. Jaeger acted as Trail advisor throughout the entire year. Business Manager fFall Semesterj, Betty Jane Cappa Bllslnfss Mfmagff f5Pl'ing Semfsfeflf Alma M-Ulf VJUEIHI v fin -ws V--.M -Y--- -1- N- Y T, --w ,- rfn .,. of ..-17,-:gh --7, -1 - ' 'V X- 1 . ' THE 11 4 TRAIL J mm. Na in THE COLLEGE or Puom Sf WHY- F""""V 'B M Forensic Tournament Ski Mem Scheduled for Toda TEE? ,....,,, it .PHlfHdlS8s Y . . . , , f' 'N ' 7 . Orur 2Q0- Washmglun blah- High hclwul Slulivlll 5 V Tn Paguripllla In I3Ih ,Iannal l'i Kappa Delta Di Cnr' e Y ran- uuraumvnl To Uv llr-ld This lT'cr'k Em feat ' I. Gunn: or me volume n-,any ,mv -- -h '------- T BE Affair Al gong , ' wmorruw nu mm. af' -ni.. nu.-y on.-man 0 Be,Hf1d0n as ' Wiulhlnlgion f-mm r " an ,mn M .uhm Blriihdayp Blister K dams. pnnlclpr 'r 'E fn '. I, . . innan, H A-:Sir -Q. '!f1Q,"f,Q1Ij 'T Temrfew Cla J is f,,mn.,,,- K. ' -bij Vi- ,mum crowning of Q16 All CPS :tudunu who nlu are n- Amum- X B- 21 Auditorium, stated . rlwfl U' 'fiend me sl" C"""l:' ' :y.- .L' '1 M . Pans on - miami , Q39 ' :LL mann The Queen has already -'Q mens f::m'fLf,:":,:' 'lrxmu ,D A 4 i if ir 'J on the campug but the Winn' oe reveal . chairman af tha Sun' ff A fl-11-nf 4' ... ' 4 , , . , : 1 - -Halen-ilxy Prw Q , I , . ,,, nature ., ,hm Y' A - in. funk-B .Dale uf . , A, 1 . yzdi Q fr' Ejmqkjg Inn" will be given. which, in turn. will ' Ki' t S X i If community singing and the Sungfest' The VH- 1 Y 1 . - led bv Marv Arm Trum- 1 -r ,. 'Q ' ' . ill ' M- Pmcedinz the P12-Y and we form'-'f . Tm 1 nr" l I ' - 'TS be "at-home" in the reception room at Jr A . . , . - HM-' - " - ' 1, 9' .,Q,,,, In S o'cloek. I It i........... , .g. . .mln I ' .. . , ' ' ' 33.3 " ' . i.2'3.331.,5-P - V -fwfr 5 na-U. .ia Gwen ln Honor of . , , ' ',,fj.' T .ini in-mag:-. A - f' M30 ' N.f...,,,,,, ,,,.1g,,,. Tonight at 3:15. four one-:wt plays Lalliia- in the ex.. 4 'S-. , . mmm' www wmmm- - .nn-i.. i,.mn.nn pm- thc CPS drama department In the June. Um mr omni Thom mlm A ' ,xv Lludelwl. uwmwrv- According to Miss Martha Pearl Joi. iartnient, Lhe resentatiun of the la s ' d ' I l. f ' ' P l f th d b tp y h , r cus. om u giving p nys or e e n. ors w e. Dr' Jullus Jaeger' 3 X Igor hold their annual debate tournament here. we 5-. i :cu in-ii mn preienx. une , V , Vited to the plays which me free' Aung, ' mum . i....n,- uuruusaful Jifllfflllll Couples luiriezy In Plan , Be mam w"f"W"""'4 Wm W- Ullfflnv - . A fnnnuy. ii ram. fi tnnmsy and phwd by ny ezninnmn ol me mimi. Llllll flfgalllilld ,, Emma my an, ,Numa in im two melon, are Hnzh. An. gn' M ,Fmt am, Wm Tin- nan--1 5-mwnaxxmr Fri-my ,,,-.,g,,,,., r-Pwr mn .umm gh., mm. :Ld nnfpiif Jn" Lmm' Ham' " " ' ' ' " F .. ,.,,, ,ibn 1, 1. .UM mimi-rn. . . . Lil rgel' Filllllilyj 2.11.12 .L 5.21. 112' ,ff,,,f.I:.fI,'T, 1"fQ'r ""l'f'7l"'""'1":'2"'u"1' nc. ...ia Dm Sheila Lamar. society editor , 1 w N.-.nn aa.-iv.-as ana ably aura 1- aim- bm' 'um pn" by M' """""' dinner, ass UHIHSCS 'l lllf ll 'M BMW ii"Z"5 xi:f..f2mf.f..Iiil'I fl' .i.f'i'.fli ll 'M-"' lmf '1'r"'f" """'r"' 25Z..1"L'.ZQl.'l2'l 1322 ?Z."ZS2.lTI - e eu r : 1- mee ng ww-re . g . 1' ' ' ' S t l uurl Mrs, rmrpn xinmivnin, grandma wife. mmm :sham Lan-fn-w, und 'md' on me o"""' 'D' me 'M' I-:gc harem. ww runny 4-ugh: no have ' S Ll' und mr. and aim wane: ai-ny,ws me amor. pm., ,Bm otonnlm' - lvv Fl-vw Q gum! crowd." Sealed: Elizabeth Anclerberg. Dr. Jaeger, Anna-Marie Vaughn. Slamlinq: June Hyatt, Beverly Johnson. Lois Lynch. Aileen XVood. Nick Nicholas. Sheila Lamar. Harold Simonson. Dorothy Kostenbader. Margaret Flannagcn. Evelyn Marshall. Jing Ho Ling. Murden Vifoods. Lois Vick. Marshall Campbell. Shirley Gibbs. Bob Winskill, Jeanne Mickens. Lois Phillips. Peggy Rough. Carolyn Cummings. Bob Heath. Jackie Gibson. Jeane Baitinger. Harriet Warne, Jane Parker. Waller Seabloom. 51 ATHLETICS 'X lif'N-0 -,,-, 4. ,,Tkg,,,7Z4 .3 YW, .gf -Z R505 MEN 'S VARSITY ATHLETICS CPS i .25 Athletic Director Frank Patrick John l-leinrick. Basketball Coach W3ffi1T1C Athletic Di1'GCIOr Delmar Gibbs: A ' x l Y l 51 Tennis Manager: Harold McLean ,,1,,Lj'f1?iIa5.5' Y, W- . N, at it ,D - Li.-.':'fif-.- gf . fi' -' Y , :" "':"'f2. -.',.fjr- ' ' i 'i-1-.:. ' ,.:'.?YL: -,VD , A . , .1. L,':..r:-35... Q' A former University of Pittsbugh and National Pro All- American football star. Frank VJ. Patrick has been named as the new athletic director for the College of Puget Sound. I-le comes to CPS to fill the vacancy left by former Coach Leo J. Frank, who is now a captain with the army and serving as educational instructor at Fort Ord. California. While at the University of Pittsburgh. Patrick played full- back under the noted Jock Sutherland and with such familiar pigskin personalities as Marshall Goldberg and -Bill Daddio. l-le was named on the'coaches' All-American grid list as well as mentioned on the All-East. and All-American mythical squads. Many Pacific Coast football fans can remember when. at the Rose Bowl classic in 1937 between the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Washington, Patrick displayed brilliant ball-carrying by scoring two touchdowns for the Easterners which helped them defeat the Huskies, 21-O. His professional gridiron action was with the Chicago Cardinals of the National Professional League in '38-'39. When Patrick was not playing professional football, he had a faculty position at the University of Oglethorpe as assistant athletic coach and professor of physical -education and psychology of athletics and coaching. ln 1943-'44 he served as assistant coach to Bernie Bierman at the University of Minnesota and has been named by many as one of the outstanding ngures of football. Mr. Patrick has announced that we can look forward to a rejuvented sports program. ln the winter varsity sports shall consist of skiing. basketball, and football. During the last half of the school year track. tennis. boxing and wrestling will hold forth. We now wish to salute Mr. Gibbs who acted as Athletic Director during the war emergency period as well as heading the Education department. l-le did a line job. ,kv A Don Carsten: Mens Ciym Instructor Basketball Managers, V Keith Chase and Horiki Tadashi VARSITY BASKETBALL CPS BOB FI GEORGE WILLIAMS NCI-IAM BILL WILLIAMS I MARV SCOTT I BOB OQUIST JIM VAN CAMP i BILL GLNUNDBERG DON HESSELWOOD 'HARRY MANSFIELD 1 BASKETBALL With John PL Heinrick, Stadium High School's athletic director, as their newly acquired coach, 23 enthusiastic basketball aspirants began workouts in the CPS gymnasium early in the season. Of the nearly two dozen prospective cagers, Coach Heinrick welcomed several hoop veterans who had considerable basketball experience on former high school and service tearns. With these fellows forming the backbone of the group, a powerful varsity squad was formulated, backed up by a capable group of second- stringers. As the season advanced the team continued to grow better and lost its last game with U.B.C. by only 6 points. Mr. I-leinrick deserves a bouquet for his remarkable job of turning out a team which finished in the upper division of the Pacific Northwest Conference, During the season the College of Puget Sound's Bob Fincham captured undisputed top scoring honors in the Northwest Basket- ball Conference by scoring a total of 250 points in 12 games, an average of 20.8 tallies per contest. Bob outscored his nearest rival by 81 points. The graceful sty1ist,, who totaled this fat count by means of 95 field goals and 60 free throws, turned in his most impressive showing against the College of Idaho, connecting for 31 and 41 points on successive nights to snatch records for both single game and two-game series. Runnerup position on the Logger squad was captured by Jim Van Camp, who accumulated 102 counters. a r CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CUNFERENIIE SEQRES Centralia Junior College Pacilic Lutheran College U. B. C. University of Willamette University of Willamette Pacific Lutheran College Pacific University Pacific University Everett Junior College College of Idaho College of Idaho U. B. C. CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS CPS Western Washington Seattle College Everett Junior College U. of O. Medical School Centralia Junior College Seattle College Linfield . Linfield y Western Washington Whitman Whitman a , Ybf FTF' " vi-ini -X Sv First row: Gerald Naubert, Lyndell Morgan Jess Curt wright. Don -Hesselwood. Second row Jerry Huggins Kirk Stewart, Don Carsten, Ted Christlanson Jack Knapp, Bob Causm TENNIS The tennis squad started the season with one returning letterman, Don Cars- ten, but soon the beginning squad con- sisted of Jess Curtwright, Kirk Stewart. Bob Fincham, Jack Knapp, Bob Causin, Don Hesselwood, and Don Carsten. The team was evenly balanced and able to give stiff opposition to any comers. Matches were played with local col- leges, and the climax was reached when the College of Puget Sound was repre- sented at the Northwest Conference meet at Salem, on May 18. W l l-larry Berg. Ralph Simpson. Dr. Tomlinson, Bert Kade. Carl Arness. I SKI TEAM After a lapse of live years, our ski team. ven- tured forth to match its skill and daring against the leading West Coast colleges and universities. C.P.S. was represented in two meets this season, one at Martin, the other at Donner, California. A ive man team consisting of Jess Curt- wright, Bert Kade, Richard Simpson, Harry Berg, and Carl Arness attended the meet at Martin, but only Briggs was able to go to the Donner meet. In these meets C.P.S. raced against the best schools on Qe coast including U. of W., W. S. C., U. of I., U. C. L. A., U. S. C., Stanford, U. of Nevada, and O. S. C. Next year the team hopes to compete in most of the major meets on the Pacific Coast. YELI. LEADERS Yell Leaders, Niva Iverson, Kelly Ham- . ilton, and Jeanne ' 1 Miles. l W. A. A. The Women's Athletic Association has wit- nessed a fine year of inter-class and inter- organization sports. Ninety-six girls partici- pated in the sports program, fifty-five of which are regular W.A.A. members. The cabinet for W.A.A. this year consisted of the able presi- dent, Margaret Lindeman: vice-president, Betty Jane Cappa: treasurer, Carol Hamilton: secre- tary, Mary Agnes Gallagher: social chairman, Ruby Smith: publicity, Shirley Gibbs: the busy general manager, Helen Miller, and the friend and advisor Mrs. Kenneth Johnson. A large variety of activities were olfered and Hne managers oversaw each activity. The sports and their respective managers were: baseball, Helen Miller: basketball, Murden Woods: vol- leyball, Lois Passet and Dixie Simmons: bad- minton, Evelyn Marshall: ping pong, Joy Moberg: speedball, Ruby Smith: horseshoes, Mary Agnes Gallagher: tennis, Eunice Moberg: archery, Janice Lindeman: and bowling, Helen Caputo. Award time is one that all the girls look forward to during the year. A girl who has earned six hundred points is entitled to a fiirst year chenille letter "P," one who has earned an additional six hundred points or a total of twelve hundred is entitled to a two-stripe school sweater. These sweaters are given to the award' .l Director, Mrs. Kenneth Johnson earners by the Associated Students. For each additional six hundred points up to a grand total of 2400 points another stripe is awarded. There is a possibility then for a senior to have earned a four stripe sweater during her four years at school. Receiving irst year letters were Evelyn Coubrough, Barbara Engberg, Helen Mahoney, Wanda Smith, Bea Young, Helen Caputo, Alice Ann Cross, Louise Kipper, June Larson, Doreen Lockstone, Phyllis Newman, Dixie Simmons, Marie Switzer, and Viola Warner. Receiving sweaters were June Larson, Lois Fassett, Mary Agnes Gallagher, Jean Hallen, Joy Moberg, Rosa Mae Monger, Peggy Rough, Virginia Barker, Eloise Cruver, Shirley 'EFF President, Margaret Lindeman Manager, Helen Miller L 1 A 4' Margaret Lindeman. Kimiko Fujimoto. Lois Fassett. Bea Young. June Larson. Peggy Rough. Evelyn Marshall. .Janice Lindcman. Gibbs. Helen Miller and Eunice Moberg. Third stripe awards were given to Betty .lane Cappa, Carol Hamilton, Janice Lindeman. Margaret Lindeman and Evelyn Marshall. Two people. Ruby Smith and Murden Woods, earned a fourth stripe. ' Besides the numerous awards for points, there is can All-Star team for each major sport made up of the best players-an ideal team. These teams are chosen by the sport manager, the general manager, W.A.A. president, and the advisor. Perhaps the top of the year is reached when the athletic cup is awarded to the one sorority or the independent group whichever has earned the most points towards it during the sports season. This is given during awards chapel and as yet has not been decided for this year. Last year it was awarded to Delta Alpha Gamma. N ' i .5-L"SQ3jl3M11 This year's athletic cup went to the Delta Alpha Gamma girls again, after a hard ,struggle over the determining game of bowling. They nosed out the Betas for the final victory. The cup was given in Awards Chapel. The awarding of white sweaters was an exciting one this spring as there was not only one sweater given but two 'of them. One of these sweaters went to Ruby Smith and the other one went to Murden Woods: both are four year letter girls and well deserved their awards. The elections for the coming year brought favorable results for W.A.A. for next year. Short but full of vigor is Betty Jane Cappa who was chosen to serve as president of the group for next year and to serve as sports manager is Carol Hamilton. Others on Miss Cappa's cabi- net will be: Vice-President, Peggy Rough: sec- retary. Dixie Simmons: treasurer, Lois Fassett: publicity, Ruth Ann Potter: program chairman. Dorothy Kostenbader. We hope that next year's group will continue to grow and that they will have as successful a year as Margaret and her group had this year. Vcrnace Barton. Ruby Smith, Wanda Smith. Evelyn Marshall. Lois Fassctt. Janice Lindcman. Carol Hamilton. Bea Young. . lirjl- .aa . . L4, Zrdf.-gg 'infix-Ellft it 1' Sm I. ,il .S ., ,- 1 Q .,txi'wrrN ,.,k 1., . , .IA..- Ngsgln . A .Pi i,-:-.X ., - jx ,ink , V: ?.-k.-mfvij-1. 1. . i, . . V - , , lfirsl row. left: Evelyn Marshall, Eloise Cruvcr. Virginia Barker. Janice Lindeman, Mrs. Kenneth Johnson, Margaret Linde- man. Ruby Smith. Helen Miller, Murden Woods. Second row: Pearl Moberg. June Larson, Kimiko Fujimoto. Helen Caputo. Dorothy Kostenbader, Carol Hamilton. Marie Switzer. Joyce Hegg, Donna Bennett,'Elinor Roundtree. Lois Fassett, Eunice Moberg. Shirley Gibbs. Third row: Vernace Barton. Sheila Lamar, Doris Mitchell, June Hyatt, Wanda Smith. Vernetta Harvlie. Peggy Rough. Carol Todd. Helen Mahoney. Rosa Mae Monger. Bea Young and Doreen Lockstone. ea , , as l Y .-.- 1 . .,. ' X Margaret Lindeman. Janice Lindeman. Joyce l-legg. Vernetta Harvlie. Peggy Rough. Elinor Roundtree, Lois Fassett. Dorothy Kostenbader. Betty Jane Cappa. A 'f1. 7 fig ? 3:7082 if 'N 'PY ! 'Y Grand March Aiida Those Delphiniumsl Let's Shie Stag Line Oranges? That's the Deans'! URGANIZATIUNS dv 11 'v'1'-A,,.1.Ju "-'I 'GPL Jig' .ALJ .flr A LPH1-l BETA UPSILUN F al I .Semester Officers Spring Semester Officers Berry Smith e Peggy Doubek Virginia Barker Gwen Simmons Lucille Randall Frances Quinn Jerry Foxwell L 7 . President L G L ,,,.r.i. Evelyn Marshall .. Vice-President Vv,. - V- Mary Jean Heidinger Recording Secretary G, . . ..., Corresponding Secretary e . ,..., June Larson Mary Rough or . Gwen Dean . .L , ..... Helen Caputo , LaVerne King Treasurer -. ., , , Historian , , G , Sergeant-at-Arms . . 1 I Virginia Barker E- "L rr.. 5' Ruth Behrens ' iv be 4 C Phyllis Blaser ' ' ' ' Helen Caputo ' i Marla Clark . Frances Criswell Gwen Dean 1. i"""' V V Alcalha Dierrick r 'lr K 5 'ft pf lnez Dorhetry "2" L gg 'N ' b ii ' Peggy Doubek K 'av' 9 1' ' A, Marilyn Dunlap 'Sty V Geri Foxwell ' F Marian Geehan -A 1 Mary Jean Hcidinger ' Jane Hill fr . ' .3 J' ff , Neva Iverson eb Q, L- ' Hg fg Luella Jackson ' ' X 1' , ,ia I Virginia Kildc ' ' ' LaVerne King June Larson Zelda Lay Miriam Manke . Qt e 5 4, 'Y Evelyn Marshall "' Qwg.-.,4 V :Q , 1 Q Shirley Milsted 'F - Eliane Mclaorinan M x " Virginia Norton Polly Packard S Lois Phillips , Frances Quinn , A 1 5 ' A - V Lucille Randall 1 " ,-'T ' 'Z' Q ' " f' Patricia Robinson eg P' 5 C9 , , ' 'r' Betty Robinson V ' W i 1' ' Sue Ritchey - .- f i ' Malgy Roulgh h cggl' Oug Carhie Reed J i W 6 Martha Jean Sandin -iv 1 P L L., an Shirley 'Ann Sandin . Q -Q5 Mollie Schlegcl ,W , .s V xt if 'ii-a Gwen Simmons I ' Berry Smith Madge Spears Anita Stebbins e :K-'a V Evan Stephans 'ig " . . 3 5. W r DQ, '- Frances Swanson '31 ' ' , - ' L. I 11 Joyce Taylor A-f . mimi' Anna Marie Vaughn - ll , -Harriet Warne DELTA ALPHA GAMMA Fall Semester Officers Elverna Amundsen Lois Lynch - ,.e, Lucille Ludwick ,,.A L ,, Dorothy Schweinler Ao,oA Marion Tregoning .,.,. Shirley Gibbs ..,. V Violet Hessey Lois Passett Elverna Amundsen Elizabeth Anderberg Gloria Beckerman Donna June Bennett Merillat Betz Junita Christensen Eloise Cruvcr Helen Jean Darling Darcia Dayton Margaret DcVoto Ruth Ann Dodsworth Mary Lou Elliott Gretchen Ernst Anne Evans Lois Fassett Shirley Gibbs Pat Gordon Joyce Hegg June Hyatt Beverly Johnson Phyllis Lawson Lu Jean Logan Lucille- Ludwick Lois Lynch Virginia Mekkes Natalie Nicholson Joyce Richardson Viletta Rowe Dorothy Schut Dorothy Schweinler Ruby Smith Wanda Smith Bonnie Steele Joan Tregoning Marion Tregonnig Ruth Ann Tregoning Mary Ann Truitt Carol Todd Genevieve Vcrone Ursella Watts Jane Carr Patsy Dooley Natalie Hyndman Colleen Kohler Joan Mclver Louise Rasmussen Wilma Reed Donna Mae Kist: ' , A ,, President , it,. First Vice-President ., Second Vice-President A A ..ti, ,,... T reasurer ..t...., . . Recording Secretary .,t,, L it A Corresponding Secretary Historian A - Sergeant-at-Arms A Y l 1 5' X , ., ' A S 4- ,sa A Spring Semester Officers Elverna Amundsen A L- Lois Lynch Lucille Ludwick . . Carol Hamilton Ursella Watts Lu Jean Logan Genevieve Verone .- Wanda Smith ' "i ' ? I 4 4 1, i ' fairy' V ' 5. lr L5 4 'F V 1 2 x- , Q :E Q K wg V ' .za . L. i Q i fe -ez, A 2? T5 'B ,, 'M ix 4 uw - ' - K ' 47 'ii v -. E, ' fx, KAPPGA SIGMA THETA F411 I Semester Officers ,W President Mary Agnes Gallagher Margaret Lindeman L. Barbara Engberg .,,. , Vice-President ..,, L, Secretary .. A Treasurer , -. .. Corresponding Secrelary Charlotte Coors Sheila Lamar 7 , W , as Q- 5- 5 l 1 -1, -.5- Az 1 ..,N --T l. JI' ti gli. -S as-.y v tr. ,vi ! I- :vll F Spring Semester Officers Barbara Engberg Abel Irene Fearn Margaret Allen Kathryn Hultgren .. .,,. , - Marie Opsata Barbara Engberg Abel Margaret Allen Betty Angel Shcrlcy Baisinger Janette Blake a Charlotte Coors Carolyn Cummings Irene Fearn Mary Agnes Gallagher Jean Nallen Hazel Hecht n Sheila Lamar Janice Lindernan Margaret Lindeman Helen Mahoney Rosa Mac Monger Marie Opsata Jane Parker Janis Planchard w Janice Rea Noreen Tierney Shirley Anning Eileen Boyd Catherine Coors Beverly Farrell Gloria Gipplc Jane Hagen Barbara Haslam Marilou Henry Helen Hewitt Kathryn Hultgreyn Twylla Jones Irene Kilduff Delores Kiber Janet LaPore Janice Ludwig Mary Lou Mcllwraith Jeanne Miles Doris Mitchell Marjorie Ness Joan Stapleton Jo Ann Stevens Gretchen Swayze Beverly Tietje Mary Wight Jeanne Williams Martha Wright President - Vice-President N Treasurer - Recording Secretary - - Corresponding Secretary - HI Jean Thurber Polly Packard Louise Kipper Helen Thomas Viola Warner Program Chairman - Anna-Marie Vaughn l Historian ---- Donna Maclnnis Religious Education - Margaret Van Amberg Finance ----- Janette Blake Music ' - - - - Zelda Lay I f0PCff10S j - Mary Lou Elliot Art and Invitations - - Lucile Randall Room Committee - - - Marie Switzer Alumnae and Patronesses - Mary Ann Truim Membership Chairman - Evelyn Marshall Mothers' Club - Marion Tregoning Social - - Dorothy Kostenbader l , , ' l - J V N ' V ' Q. 'V ' , V 9911-, Y ,gp V. .. . w. , . -,r A c it .. 2 .. . P 1. 49. ' Y. , .lf 4 ii - mi- in A3 1 I 'gf' if Y MEMBERS Andrews. Marilyn Benictson. Pearl Bennett. Donna June Beaudoin. Corene Blake, Janette Christiansen. Junita Corum. Gloria Dean. Gwen Dietrick. Aleatha Dodsworth. Ruth Ann Elliot. Mary Lou Ernst. Gretchen Fassett. Lois Geehan. Marion Gibson. Jackie Gustafson. Ruth Hamilton. Carol Harvlie. Vernetta Holt. Frances Jensen, Vera Johnson. Bev Jones. Gladys Jones. Milly Kean. Mary Jean Kendall, Shirley Kenrod. Anna Kippcr. Louise Kostenbader. Dorothy Lay. Zelda Lewis. Clara Ling. Jing Chu Ling. Jing I-lo Lindahl. Barbara Lackstone, Doreen Maclnnis. Donna Mahoney. Helen Mann, Marjorie Marshall. Evelyn Mather. Sara Miller. Helen Muncey. Jean Newman. Marian Norton. Virginia Packard. Polly Phillips. Lois Randall. Lou Roundtree. Eleanor Rowe. Viletta Schorer. June Smock. Dolha Spearman, Jackie Steele. Bonnie Strong. Helen Swayze, Gretchen Switzer. Marie Thomas. Helen Thurber. Jeanne Todd. Carol Tousley. Martha Tregoning. Marion Tregoning. Ruth Ann Trttitt. Mary Ann Van Amburg. Margaret Vaughn. Anna-Marie Vikich. lrene Warne. Harriet XVarner. Viola XVinters. Ann Woods. Murden Young. Bea it LAMBDA SIGMA CHI Fall Semester Officers Dorcas Eggesbo Helen Miller Dorothy Kostenbader Evelyn Coubrough .. . -- , Joy Adams ,,,. ,A,, , President ,S - Vice-President .,,,.e , - Recording Secretary .,,,. . ,..... Treasurer ..c.,...., - Corresponding Secretary ,. , .1 A , . ' f S it in ,L-L 3 if f . i lk 1" , ,,. Ro- , ' . 4 h : .5- hy AW? W 4 fl f I 4 ir I 4' 1 " X l 'i: sf' 4 iii? ,- 'Aff ft Y 5 S, .X I fr - me -. 'A ' ,. qv Q-. ' ae 'ZF 'lf 6 if 4' N Spring Semester Officers 7 ,,.,,,,c,. Dorcas Eggesbo Helen Miller Dorothy Kostenbader Evelyn Coubrough - ,.......... Joy Adams Jay Adams Katherine Alm Batty Barkost . Vernace Barton Katherine Bcllingcr Joane Boedecker Evelyn Coubrough Mary Alice Dyer Dorcas Eggesbo Marian Fifflcs Margaret Flannigan Mary Louise Guthrie Emily Harold Dorothy Kostenbadcr Mary Lou Lindstrom Helen Miller Sarah Lou Miller Shirley Opsata Ruth Potter Elenor Roundtree Doris Rutherford June Schorer Dixie Simmons Jeanne Taylor Muriel Thompson Daphne Hilton Barbara Hodges Jacqueline Holmberg Mary Ellen Ersfeld Dorothy Loncrgan Lois Pettit Celia Rees Merle Stevens Stanley Burkey Patee Pilant Dennis Walker Joe Price Al Briggs Ted Cbristianson Bob Heath Don Bennett Bob Causin SIGMA Stanley Burkey Patee Pilant - Dennis Walker - Joe Price - Bob Starkey - H nfl' N 4 James Anderson Clair Candler Paul Gingrich Bob Holland Jack Knapp Jack Kahler Wiley Mellish John McKinney Donald Perdue James Lenz v, , 6 L 1 X , W H .' ,gQf',,1 x Jack Reynolds Wesley Seelye MU CHI - President Vice-President . - - Secretary - - Treasurer - Sergeant-at-Arms .' ...V W W Illini to 1 ' no B ' Q r v ig.. .ff I .S"'i 'f figs 'fi -' ue: ,fe QF ...Z Q: .I Ill .4 , as - 1' -QQ' ' 1 E5 ' , ' .3 . I' .- T "' L '05 .it V ' 1 L YF' - 'S ail - - K ,-.1 9223. . ' - - . DELTA WPI UMICRUN Clarence Schorer - - Pregidenl Spencer Wedlund - - Treasurer CJI'llblSLl - ' - . - Segfgfgry Bill Williams - - Sergeant-at-Arms Wally Dunn - - - - Historiarz A Clarence Schorer Paul Anderson Charles Baker R. O. Brady ' Wallace Dunn ' . Wesley Englund Arthur Cmlueck Emil Cirubisa Robert Gustafson Jack Cuordon Ray I-lervin Sidney Justice Fiancxs McConnell Norman McCoe Andrew Moe A c William Leubkc Robert Salmon Harold Schumok Spencer Wedlund Kenneth XVilloughby Marshall Riconiscuito Frederick Beck Kenneth Butigarl Tim Cheatum Lloyd Gaddis Phillip Garland William Harrison x Richard Henderson Richard Jacobsen Harold Johnson Richard La Pore Ed Markusen Harold Murphy Arthur Nelson Willard Norman , A Richard Perkins Z 4 I -. James Warnstaff Marshall Riconosciuto - - - President Edward Wilson - - Vice-President Julius Beck - , - - Secretary Richard L. Jacobsen - - Treasurer ssh i . 'ie K 9 1 ,J e - fi' new 5 DELTA KAPPA PHI Walter L. Seabloom - Frank Bainard - Bob Minnitti - Inter- Art Hanson - - - TF sf Y . , 9' if V-Q1 1? l sw 35 W is - . wif ng R N t ,. ' 'I' iv fa' i"e--if ,fail . 1 " V Q 5 r t li. , .H I ' xi - A l 6 A 'Q f 4- K ,7 lr , .3',.. , I f A V VXYAA X , b Y.vV - - President Secretary- Treasurer Fraternity Cotmcil - Pledge Father e ' ' Walter L. Seabloom A D 12. ir ' 4 Robert Minitti ' .1- Arthur Hansen George Addison Jerry Baker Howard Bowman Allan Billett Bill Campbell g A Kenneth Campbell fig ' Raymond Cason jv- Keith Chase Richard Eckert ' Kelly Hamilton ef U, Kenneth Hoggett -.., inf Michael Jayko George Mansfield Patrick Pratt Harold Simonson Sam Tangora SIGMA ZETA EPSILUN Jim Van Camp Robert Maycumber Norman Burke - Kenneth Kennell Jim Van Camp ' ' Clayton Anderson 1 , -. Lloyd Baisinger f Norman Burke ' Dennis O'Conner I F WW B Carl Arness i Roy Stalcup Q . William Wilbert 2 A Ralph Lundvall - A Bob Maycumber , George Williams Y Kenneth Langlow Y :Y Jack Davis Arthur Demers Kenneth Kennell Marland Larson 'I E Ni 4 H X5 l 'l 2 - President' Vice-President - Treasure: - Secretary H- . R4 4' ,, , 3 l ':u ,- 7,4 l 'J F El r . '1 " . ' r A ...- sv . .tim INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL Burk row: Evelyn Marshall. Darcas Eggesbo. Barbara Engberg. Engberg Abel. Helen Miller, Carol Todd. Seated: Mary Jean ' Heidlnger. Rosa Mae Mongcr. Elverna Amundson. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Buck row: Marshall Riconsciuto, XVil1iam Madden. Pat Pilant. Julius Beck. Stan Burkcy. Sealed: Clarence Shore. Walt Sea- luloom. Emil Cvrubisn. H13-'mpfr':., aff 'V .vw-'11 -5 3 'Fx W' S M -JS Haysced NVhat big eyes youfvc got! Come on, cough up! Tilrzan Let's go skiing! Red Cap I 1 reasons to come to CPS ANDERSUN HALL P Z l'?'f:x -V ':"f'- " 'N . i 0 ph :wif . I, 'P f l ",' T LK? K. 3, ,. Eff? Q"- 2 Mrs. Schneider, House Mother Peggy Doubek. Pall President This year's fall president of the dormitory was Peggy Doubek: the Spring President was Virginia Mekkes. The Dormitory was enlarged this yearg the basement being filled with bunks to house 38 girls. At the same time the dining hall was made into a study room forthe girls, and meals were taken at the SUB. The Fall social program consisted of a dance given by the girls called Campus Club. The chairmen were Lucille Ludwick and Gwen Sim- mons. This Spring the girls had a picnic at Point Defiance. - The Dorm has weekly meetings, some so- cial, some informal with popcorn, punchfeasts and songfests the order of business. Virginia Mekkes, Spring President 4.1 as s-Q G! D0 s-4 S S N ..l G1 E on PQ fi 6-F fu VJ O-1 O bs GJ E' J: un nb s: o 5-I 4-I no c: 2 U 'Il D27 c. o 3-I J-I cn :fs o L4 l-' 4.7 .-1 L.: A.: N Q. .2 O .1 :E L1 R1 E I-4 OJ A4 LJ U an K! -z 2 O 'si .: N cn CI Q 3 J: 4.4 51 bd Eggler adeen Q 3 O L. e.. ,if LL Q5 3 O D5 S fu ,D L4 N Q li La Ci on fl: 5 O ,J P'- 4. KS 2 LI aa tenbad OS rothy K son, Do .x U NS P1 ri! : 0 :s .-J .E s: QA .c U an 2 Smith. Second row: Bonny Steele, Mary Lou Elliot, Masie Harold, Vernie Amundson, Lucile Randall, Marie Opsata, Mrs. Schneider, Lucille Ludwick, Helen Hewitt, Viletta Rowe, Juanita Baumgartner, Virginia Mekkes, Marie Switzer. Third row: Ruth Luhbe, Gloria Clapp, Elea- nor Roundtree, Marian Newman, Vera Jenson, Barbara Lindahl, Prances Swenson, Jean Muncey, Junita Christianson, Patricia Robinson. Peggy Doubek, Gladys Jon s, Frances Holt, Beatrice Young, Sue Richey, Beverly Johnson, Janette Blake, Doris Rutherford. Fourth row: Lois Phillips. Harriet Warne, Marian Syze, Anne Evans, Neva Iverson, Wilma Reed, Geri Poxwell, Janice Rea, Gwen Simmons, Meralat Betz, Mary-Anna XI 'O HUNURARIES + UTLAH To become a member of Otlah. senior women's Honorary. is the dream of every College woman. Only those who have a grade aver- age of .2 or more are tapped for membership in this group. Front row: Ruby Smith. Barbara Engberg Abel. Mrs. Seward. Ursella Watts, Shirley Baisinger, Margaret Lindeman. Bach row: Virginia Melgkes, Jeane Thurber. MU SIGMA DELTA Buck row: Dr. Tomlinson, Dr. Jaeger, Prof. Slater, Miss VanANorden, Dr. Seward. Second row: Dr. -Regester. Ursella Watts. Mrs. Dru- shell, Dr. Fossum, Ruby Smith, Miss Chubb. Betty Jane Kappa, Janice Linde- man, Shirley Baisinger. Mu Sigma Delta is the counterpart on our campus of Phi Beta Kappa on other campuses. This year ive new members were asked to join. They were Maurice Goldenhar, Ruby Smith, Shirley Baisinger, Betty Jane Kappa, and Janice Lindeman. Miss Van Norden was this year's president. l SERVICE spuns The most active Service group on the campus is the,Spurs. Established here on our Campus in 1926 it is composed of the fifteen outstanding Sophomore women. These women are chosen when freshmen on the basis of scholarship and general participation in college ac- tivities, Rosa Mae Monger was this year's president. First row: Lois Eassett, Violet Hessey, Rosa Mac Monger, Lois Vick, Ruth Behrens. Second row: Sheila Lamar, Janet Blake, Helen Thompson, Dorothy Kostenbader, Dixie Simmons, Peggy Rough, Ruth Gustafson, Carol Todd, June Larson, Evelyn Coubrough. While kept to a wartime scale of little activity because of lack of manpower, the Intercollegiate Knights were fast regaining their position on the Campus of a true service organization. Their ranks swelled with returning members and the new I pledge group, the Knight could look forward to a year of true service to the College. Front row: Dick Jacobsen, Stan Burkey, Don Bennett, Marshall Riconisuto, Don Carsten. Back row: Marshall Campbell, Ole Emblem. Charles Nee, Bob Oquist, Art Sheets, Pat Pilant, Ted Christcnson, Phil Garland. INTER- CULLEEIATE KN IEHTS ' L- fl 1 ULU BS fr- f - INTER- NATIUNAL BELATIUNS CLUB The I.R.C. meets every week at the homes of the members where discussions are held on world problems. ,Among the speakers who have presented talks at these meetings this last year. are Jan l-eBlue, a holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. and heir to the Throne of Java: Col. Ensley Llewellynp former editor of the Stars and Stripesf and members of the International House of the University of Washington. Murden Vifoods was president of the group this year. Dr. Tomlinson acted as advisor. UCEUPATIUNAL THERAPY CLUB First row: Marie Switzer, Lucille Randall, Juanita Baumgartner. Second row: Miss Bell, Joyce Nel- son, Ruby Smith. Third' row: Mary Rough, Wilma Reed, Beatrice Young, Janet Blake, Gloria Beckerman, Polly Packard. Row one: Carl Arness, Elaine Swanson. Dolores Klaiber. Jerry Baker, Marillat Betz, Mary Lou Lindstrom. Andrew Moe. Jack Knapp. Row' Iwo: Primo Rosellini, Shirley Gibbs, Gloria Gipple. Margaret Lindeman, Marjorie Ness, Juanita Baumgartner. Mary Lou Mcllwraith, Joyce Richardson, Harold Craig. Row three: Evan Stevens. Netta Harbke. Mary Agnes Gallagher, Sarah Lou Miller. Virginia Barker. Dr. Tomlinson, Bob Holland, Joel Belshivik, Bob Heath. Row four: Paul Gingrich. Barbara Haslam. Eloise Cruver, Harry Berg, Don Carsten. Bob Oquist. Bob Winskill. Row five: Michael Jayko, Bob Causin, Ray Cason. Ken Hoggett. Tadashi Horike. Richard Eckert, George Addison. 5.8 The S.C.A. had an extremely ac- tive year under the leadership of Miss ' Bea Young. Foremost among their activities was the presenting of Re- ligious Chapels every Tuesday in the Little Chapel. The Ski Club this year carried on one of its most successful seasons under the direction of President Carl Arness, and Advisor Warren E. Tomlinson. The highlight of the year was the Ski Club sponsored All College Ski Day at Paradise the 22nd of February, Washington's Birthday. As well as arranging a time for all those interested in skiing to get together. the Ski Club also arranged transportation for those who wished to go skiing. At meetings experts in the field were asked in to give pointers on the true Way to ski. 1 -1,"i . Q .3 1 , 1 President - Betty Jane Kappa The Independent group was led through a comparatively inactive season this year by the executive committee headed by president Betty Jane'Kappa. Due to the great increase in the size of the Student Body and the correspondingly great increase in the size of the Independent Organi- zation. it was found necessary to re-write the entire Constitution of the l.O. This was done by a committee composed of these people: Betty .lane Kappa. Troy Strong. Bob lVlcNary. Louise Kipper, Harriet Fiske. Norman Schutf and Bob XVinskill. Plans were laid this year for next year's pro- gram and the re-activating of some of the Inde- pendent traditions on the Campus including the always popular 'Sadie Hawkins Day' and dance. KITTREDGE HALL. Inez Doherty, Mary Ellen Irsfeld, Dorothy Lonergan, Joyce Nelson, Gladys Jones. Eileen Boyd. Ruth Gustafson. Rosa Mae Monger, Mrs, Drushel. Mary Louise Guthrie, Peggy Hume, Gwen Dean. Aleatha Mae Dieatrick, Betsy Burleigh. P 1 li Y. UFFICE STAFF June Wick. Mrs. Seward, Mrs. Angst, Clarabel Stevens. 1 The traditions of the College are typined in this one picture of the true 'Loggers Axe' Passed down from Senior to Junior for over forty years, it truly symbolizes the competitive spirit of our Classes, our Organizations. our Teams. , May you seize from it the essence of what has made our College great and apply it to your life and to those around you. For what has made an institution great will make you worthy ofthe name "Alum" of the College of Puget Sound. INDEX TU STUDENT PICTURES Abel, Barbara Engbergll 68, 76, 80 Coors, 'Charlotte ,,, ,,,,,,,,, H29 Adams, Joy .....................,..... .29, 70 Corum, Gloria ...... 1 ....,.....,,......... Addison, George ....,.......,... 29, 74, 83 Coubrough, Evelyn --,,--,,,- 29 70 Alff, Katherine .... . ...,. ,33,4O Craighead, Delores ...,...,.., Allen, Margaret .... --.33,68 Criswell, Frances ...... ,...... . 33 Alm, Katherine ...,,,. ......... 3 3,40 Crowell, Bernie ..,. ,.,,,,,,,, Amundsen, Elverna ........ 21.67, 76 Cross, Alice Ann ...,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Anderberg, Elizabeth ,...,, 26,4-0,41 Cruver, Donald ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,-,, 44, 45.47 48.49. 67 Cruver, Eloise ,....... -..25, 26 61 Anderson, Clayton .....,,... -..33, 75 Cummings, Carolyn ,-...., ,26 Anderson, Paul .,..........,... ...3l, 72 Dahl, Lorraine ,..,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,H Anderson, Rell .,..,, .,...,,. 3 3 Darling, Helen Jean 8, 20, 21 40 Angel. Betty ..,... .... . -.29.68 Davilla. Waldo ..,,.....,.,.....,,,, ,32 Anning, Shirley ..,.. ,,...,,..,.,.. 3 3,68 Davis, Jack .........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 26 Arness, Carl ..........,..... 29 59, 75,83 Dayton. Darcia ,, ,,,,,,,, 29 Baisinger, C. Lloyd -... ..........,,. 21, 75 Dean, Gwen ,...., ,,,,,,,, 2 9 Baisinger, Sherley 221,40 41, 68, 80 DeBo1t, Bud ,M ..,.,,.,, ..,,,,,,,,, , - Baitinger. Jeane' ............,.......,. 33,49 Demers, Art ..........,....,..,.,,,,,, 33 Baker, Charles ,... -, .... ..., , ,.31, 72 De Voto, Margaret ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N26 Baker, Gordon ...... ........,...,,,. 2 9 Dieatrick, Aleatha .,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,, 33 Baker, Jerry ...,.. ......, 2 9, 74, 84 Dodsworth, Ruth ..6, 8, 9, 21 40 Barker, Virginia .,.r...... 26 61, 66, 83 Doherty, Inez .....,.,,,,,,,,,,, 29, Barkost, Betty .... ....... 3 3,4l.7O Dooley, Patsy .,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Barnes, Lila .........,.,. ............,, 3 3 Doubek,'Peggy ....,,,,.,,, 21,47 Barton, Vernace ...,.....,............ 33, 70 Dunlap, Marilyn .... ,,..,,..,,,,,, Baumgartner. Juanita ....., 29, 82,83 Dunn, Wally L .,...,,,..,,.....,,,,. Beaudoin, Corene .,... ............,.... 3 3 Dyer, Mary Alice ,,,,..,.,.,,,,,,,,,, Beck, Julius .,,..,.., .,,... 2 4, 73, 76 Eckert. Richard -,,..,,,,, 28, Z9 Beck, Marie ,....,, ......,.,......,. 3 3 Eggesbo, Dorcas ...,..,..,.,,, 21 Beckerman, Gloria ...... 33, 67, 82 Elliot, Mary Lou ....,,.,,,,, 29 Behrens, Ruth .... ...... 2 9, 66,81 Emmett, Shirley ..., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bellinger, Katherine ..............,, 29,70 Englund, Wesley -L ,,,, ,W Bendiksen. Pearl .....,....,.......,.,.,... 24 Erickson, William ,,... ,,....,,,, Bennett, Donald .,... .8, 21, 42, 71, 81 Ernst, Gretchen .....,., ,.,,.... 3 3 Bennett. Donna .............., .33, 62, 67 Etsekson, William .,.,......,...,,, Benson, Al ......,,. .............,........ E vans, Anne .......,.....,....,..,.... Berg, Harry .rr .,,....,,.., 33, Farrell, Beverly -,,-.,...,.,.,,, 33 47 Betz, Merallat .... .,......... 2 9, 67, Fassett. Lois .-...9, 29, 61, 62 Billett, Al .,,.... ...,............,.., 3 3, Fearn, Irene ...,...... 24,40,4l Blake, Janette ...... 29, 68, 69, 81. Fiske, Harriet ..,..,...,.. 33. 42 Blaser, Phyllis ,.,,,,,,,,..........., 33, Fiffles. Marion .....,,,,-,,....,,,,,, Blumenstein, Pat .,,,.,,, ...,,,..... F incham, Bob ,,,,,...,,,..,.,.,., ,, ,,,,,,,, Bondy, Ford ........ Flannigan, Marjorie ........ 33 49 Boedecker, Joanne .... Bowman, V Douglas ., Bowman, Howard ..... Boyd. Eileen ..,..,.., Brady, Robert .... Briggs, Alan ...... Brooks, Alton ..r.. Brown, Lorraine Burke, John .,,.... Burke, Norman ............ , 21 71 Burkey, Stanley , ,.,.. . Burleigh, Betsy ....., ,.,...r Butigan. Kenneth Campbell, Bill .,.......,...,..,,.a.. . Campbell, Kenneth ., ...,,,..a..a , Campbell, Marshall 28. 29 44 Candler. Clair ,,....... ..., ..-V Cappa. Betty ,,., 8, 25, 26 Caputo. Helen ..,........ Carr, Jane ....,,.... .. ,.,, .. Carsten, Donald 6. 8 45, 47 Cason. Ray .. .,,,,......r, '53 Causin. Bob ,r..,,............. . Choaruhas. Nancy ,,,..,...,. Chase. Keith ,,,,....,,...... 33 Cheatham. Tim .... Christenson, Junita ,,..,,r. Christiansen. Ted Clark. Marla ....,.,, , Clapp. Gloria ,,,,...... Coors, Catherine flfiif Es U53 . 29 33 49 29 80 29.66, 33 21 58 44 58 fffiafas Flewelling, Mrs. Lee . 29, Flewelling, Robert MUUTEE Mu.-- Foxwell, Geri --...--,,,,,, M-.. .-..-,29, Gaddis, Lloyd -.....,.-..-.,,-,,,,,, .,,-,,3l, Gallagher, Mary Agnes......26 M-L33, Garland, Phil -,,.,,.,,,,,,,-,,,,,26 ,,,..,,, Garrison, William .,,,,,-,,,,,,,-, um-.- Geehan, Marion ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.,, .-..,.., Gibbs, Shirley ..,.,.26,49,62 21 Gibson. Jacqueline ........,,...,,. ,76, Gingrich. Paul ............,,.. 34 Gipple, Gloria ....,,... 34,40 .,, , Gipple, Warren G. ......,...,, Glueck, Arthur ..... Godfrey, Douglas ..... , f Gorden, Jack ..,,,..,,,.. Gorden, Patricia ...., Gormley, Jo ........ Grubisa, Emil .......... 33 59 80 74 82 66 33 42 70 74 33 68 72 71 33 33 33 75 81 ,-.....-3l 33 73 74 74 81 71 84 62 67 44 Gustafson. Frank, ..... 81 74 71 33 74 73 67 81 66 33 Goldenhar. Maurice .... ....,...,. flffii' 53, , Gustafson, Robert .,... U.-- 41, , Gustafson. Ruth .....,... ..,,.. 2 9 29, , Guthrie. Mary Louise .rs.,,,,.... 26 Heberling. Gail 44, 53, Hallen. Jean ....... ........,....,.,. 2 I ,,,,,,33. Hagen, Jane ,,,,33, Hamilton, Carol 61 33, 71. Hamilton. Kelly ..,..... 34. 44. ,W-,e26, Hanson, Art Harbke. Netra ....,.,..... 34. 44, Hardy, Kathleen .... . ..,...., ......... . Hardy, Thelma ...... Harold, Emily ....... . Harrigan, David ..,.. Hartwell, Rod ..., Haslam, Barbara .... Heath, Robert ...,.-...,,,,,, Hecht, Hazel ....,.,... .2 Heidinger, Mary Jeanljm Hexdrick, Elva ,.,,,,,,,,,,-- Hegg, Joyce ,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,, Henderson, Richard .....,, Henry, Mary Lou ..... Hervin, Raymond ..... Herzog, Betty .....,. Hesslewood, Don .... Hessey, Violet .... Hewitt, Helen ....... Highfill, Patsy .... Hill, Frank ..... Hill, Jane ........... Hilton, Daphne ,.... Hodges. Barbara ..,........ Hoggatt, Kenneth .....,... Hoggatt, Verne ....... Holland, Robert ..,, Holmberg. Jackie .... Holt, Frances ...... Hora, Charles ,... Hora, Dorothy .,..... Horike, Tadashi .... Howard, Charles --. Huggins, Jerry .,..... Hultgren, Katherine --- Hume, Peggy ........, Hunt, H. D. ...,,,,t,,.,.,,,- , Huston. Robert ....,......, Hyatt, June ......,-...,.,,, 34 Hyndman, Natlie ,,......... lrsfeld, Mary Ellen , ....... . 34 44 Iverson, Niva ..,..... Jackson, Luella ,,r,,,,,,,,,. Jacobson, Dick ,,,.,,,,,,,,, Jayko, Mike .....-,... ,,,, Jenson, Vera .,.,...,,,,.,,,,., Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Harold ..... Johnson, William ....., Johnston, Earle ,,... Jones. Gladys .... Jones, Twylla -., Justice, Sidney ...., Kade, Bert .,.....,.. .,,. Kahler, Cleonea -. ..... .. Kahler, Frank .,.,.......,,,, Kahn. Kerttu ...,,,.,,,,.., 25 Kean, Mary Jean Kendall, Shirley ..,,. Kennell. Kenneth Kennell. Mark ..,, ,...... Kilde. Virginia .,....,,,... 26 Kildruff, Irene ..,..........., King. La Verne .,.,.. Kinrod, Anna ,... .. Kipper. Louise ....,. Kiste. Donna Mae .........,. Klaiber, Delores ........ 34 Knapp, .Jack , ,.........,... .34 Knight. Arthur .. . Knodel. Arthur ...,.,.,.. Koehler. Jane .. ..........,,. ,, Kohler. Colleen .rr,.,....,.. Kostenbadcr. Dorothy Lamar. Sheila 29,40 49 Langlois, Kenneth .,...r.. La Pore, Janet ........................ La Pore, Richard .................. Larson, John -T ..................... .. Larson, June .... 28, 29, 61, 62 Larson, Marland ................. Lawler, Pat .............,........... Lawson, Phyllis -. ...,. .- Lay, Zelda .......... ...... 3 4 Lentz, Jim ....,........ ...... 3 5 Leonard, Donald ...... ....... Leubke, Bill ...,..... ,... Lewis, Clara ............ Lindahl, Barbara - ................... Lindahl, Peter ...,..........,........ Lindelien, Lyle ............ 35, 42 Lindeman, Janice --25,26,6l 8 9 Lindeman, Margaret .... , 61 62 Lindstrom, Mary Lou ........ , 68 35 Ling, 'Jing Chu ............,,...... 8 Ling, Jing Ho ,.,.......,....... Lockstone, Dorene ................ 8 20 Logan, Lu Jean ........ Lonergan, Dorothy .............. Lubbe, Ruth .,......,............ "EE Lubke, William .,..... .,... Ludwick, Lucille ..... ....... Ludwig, Janice .,,. .... - . Lundvall, Ralph ..... ......... ' 26 Lynch, Lois ........., ..,.., Lyon, Robert ......,... ...... Maclnnis, Donna ..... ...,... Madden, Bill ......... ..... Mahoney, Helen .... ..... Mandt, Darlene ..,.. .....,. Manke, Marion .,,. ....... Mann. Marjorie ........ .... Manslield, George ...... ....... Mansfield, Harry ...... .......,........ Markussen, Ed ..,,,..,..,..,........,. 31 Marshall, Evelyn ........ 8, 24, 62, Marvick, Gordon .,.. ,..,..,,. Mas. Rafael ,........ ......, Mather. Sarah ....,,.... ,... Maycumber, Robert .... ....... McConnell, Francis ..,.. ...... McCoy, Norman ...., .,.., McLean. Harold .,.,..... ...,.,,., McLorinan, Elaine .,,.,,,,,,,-.-,,., McNary, Robert ..,..,..,,....,, 26 Mcllwraith. Mary Lou ,..,.. 35 Mclver, Joan .,......................,. McKinney, John ,,r..r...,,,....., Mekkcs. Virginia - ,,.. 8, 9 67 Mellish, Wiley ......,.......,,....,. Meneghetti, Edward ,,........ 32 Mickens, Jeanne ,.,,r..r..r,,,,.,,- Miles, Jeanne ......,...r,.. 32, 35 Milsted, Shirley ..............,..... Miller, Helen ,....,.. 22, 60, 62 Miller, Sarah Lou .....,,.,.. .. .... , Miller. William .....,.. ....... Minnitti, Robert ,,.., ,,,,..-- ,,., Mitchell, Doris ,,.,.. ..,.,, 3 O Moberg, Eunice ..... .,,.,,.,. Moberg, Joy ....., ..... Mobcrg. Pearl .,.... .,...., Moe, Andrew r.r,....,-, ...... 3 5 Monger, Rosa Mae .,...,.. ..... 9 68 Montano. Jose ,,..,.,, ,,,,.,. Morgan, Lyndell .,,... ..... Muncey, Jean .,,......, , ,,... , Murphy. Harold ..... ,-,,,,.,,, Naubert, Gerald .,,. ,..,,,,,,,.,,,, Nec, Charles .rr.. ..,,,, 2 0,22 Nelson, Art .,.. . , ,,,,.,,,.., ,. Nelson. Dale .,,.,,,,,,,. ,,r,,,,,,, Nelson, Joyce ..,...,.....,, .,,.., 3 O Nelson, Mrs. Lorraine . Newman, Marion .... Ness, Marjorie ...... Nicholas. Nick ' ....,..,. Nicholson, Natalie ........ . ...... . Niwa, Carl .............., Norman, W. D. ---- Norton, Byron ...... Norton, Virginia ....,... O'Connell, William --. O'Conner, Dennis ,.- Ofelt, Robert ....... Olsen, Lawrence -.. Olson, Clara ....... Olson, Jean ...... Opsata, Marie ..... Opsata, Shirley ....,....,......,.,.,. Oquist, Bob ............,.......,, 54 Osborne Richard - Packard: 'Polly .-e, a',"5,'Ji'6f Parker, Jane ......,.....,.,..... 30 Patterson, Pat ..........,....,....... Perdue, Don ..... ,-. Perkins, Dick ......... Perry, Mrs. Adeline ...,....... Pettit, Lois ......,,............,.....,. Phillips, Lois ..... .. ....,........ 35 Pilant, Pat ......... ...... 3 O, 71 Pla nchard, Janis .... .....,.,. Potter, Ruth ....... Pratt, Patrick .,.... Price, Joseph ...,. Quinn, Frances ..,. .......,. Radke, Roberta .,........,.,.,.. Randall, Lucille .......... 26, Rasmussen, Louise ....... ,.... Rayno, Bea .....,..,..... Raver, Leonard .,,, Rea, Janice ......, Reed, Catheryn .... Reed, Wilma ........ Rees. Celia ,........,......,, --- Reynolds, Lloyd ..,..,........ Richardson, Joyce .......,...,..., Riconiscuito, Marshall ....,. 73 Ritchey, Sue ..,..,.,,...,.....,. Robinson, Betty ,,........ Robinson, Patricia .,.......... Rough, Mary ..,.....,,,,.,...... 3 0 4 9 Rough. Peggy, -,28, , Roundtree, Elenor ...,......., ------3 5 Smith. Ruby ......... Smith, Ruby .... 23, 61.62.67 Smith, Wanda -L .,..,,,,, 30, 61, Smith, William .,...,....,.,r,,,,,,,,, Smock, Dotha --- .,,,, U-, Speers, Madge .--. ,,,,,-,,,-- Stalcup, Noel .,.. Stanton, Ed ......., Stapleton, Joan ..,.. Stark, Rodney ..... Stebbins, Anita -- Steele, Bonnie --- Stell, Harley ....... 23, 80, 62, 36. 36, 36, 30, -.,QiQ55f Steneide, Lee ..,.,,,,,, ,,,,,. Stephens, Evane ...... Stevens, Clarabel .,... ..,.., Stevens, Joane ,.., ,,,,, , Stevens, Merle .... Stewart. Kirk ...,. Stine, Sue ....... ..,. Storhow, Joan ..,.. Strong, Helen .... Strong, Troy ,,,,,,,,., ,,,,A, 36 40 EE Rowe, Barbara .... Rowe, Viletta -.. Russell, Irma ,..... Rutherxield, Doris Sahlin, Gloria ......, Salmon, Robert .,........ Sandin, Marthajean .,,....,., Sandin, Shirleyanne .....,,... Schenk. Mary-Anna ..., Schlegle, Mollie ....... Schorer. Clarence ...., Schorer, June ...... Schott, Marvin .....,.. Schumock. Harold ,...r.,..... Schweinler, Dorothy Schut, Dorothy .,,...........,. Schut, Norman ...,... Scoggin, Kenneth ...... Seabloom, Walter .,.., Seelye, Wesley Sheets, Art .........,,. ....r,.,. 4 l Shelton, Toney ..,.............. Simonson, Harold ,,,,.,, .32. Simpson, Ralph ,,.,. .,. Simmons, Dixie ,,......r....... Simmons. Gwen r...,.,..,,,-,., Smith, Betty Heidinger Smith. Clinton ,l,,.,,.,,, Smith, Jess ,,,,.,,,,,,, Smith. Margaret .-. Smith, Marjorie ,,.. Sutherland, Harry ,,-,,,,,A-- Q-,-gn Surinson, Elaine -. 44, 41, 30, 44, 44, 30 "EK 26, Swayze, Gretchen ...... 36, 40, 44, Swenson, Frances ..,,,,,,,,,,,, 36,4-4, Switzer, Marie ..,,,,,,,,,. 30, 62, 69, Syse, Marian ...,,,, ,.,.,,,, W ----.,-.- Tangora, Sam ,,,, D ,--.-- 36, Tasker, L. G, ,,,,,, --'A,4-.,-, Taylor, Jeanne ,.,,, ,---,, 3 5, Taylor, Joyce ,,,,,,, -----, 3 5, Taylor, Rickard .,,,., ,,,,,A,,,-, Thomas. Helen ,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,-,- 3 0, Thompson, Murial ..... . ........,. 36, Thompson, Orin ,,,,,,,,,,,,-, M -,-,,.,- Thurber, Jeane .,,,,... 9, 23.45, 69 Tierney, Noreen .....-..,,,,,,,,,,,, 26, Tiedeman, Harry .,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,,,- ,.,. Tietje, Beverley ,,,.,M,.,,,-,--,,-,- 35, Tillman, Catherine ,.,.,,....,,,,,,,,,,,. Todd, Carol ..,. 9, 30.40, 67 76, Tollefson. Robert .....,..., L ..,.,.. L ..... Tousley, Martha .,,-,,,,,,,,,V-w---,-,,.-, Tregoning, Marion .... 28, 30, 67, Tregoning, Ruth Ann .,,,,,,,,,,, 36, Tregoning, Joan ,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,., 26, Truitt, Mary Ann ,... 8, 23, 44, 67, Tucker, John ...,,....,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Van Amburg, lVlargaret ...,.... 23, Van Camp, James ,,.,.,,,,,,, 26 55, Van Giffen. Dorothy ..,....... f.-, Vaughn, Anna-Marie ..,.,... 26 44, i 49 66, Verone, Genevieve ...,. .. .,,,,,,,.. 26. Vick, Lois .,...,,,....r .,,,., 3 0,49, Victor, George .,rr,. ,,,,-,,,,,,,.- Walker, Dennis L .,,.,. 36, Warne, Harriet ..... ,..,,,,,,,,, 3 6, Warner, Viola ..,, .,,, . , .,,. 30 66, Watts, Ursella ,,,,,, 20, 23, 67, Wedlund. Spencer ..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, '36, Weston. Harmon ,...., , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wiegardt. L. ,,.,,.,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, , Wight, Mary ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,V 3 6, Wilbert, William .,.., , ,.., 36, Williams, Bill ,,.,,,,, Y ,,,,,,,,, Williams, George ,,,,,, 36,54, Williams. Jeanne. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,37, Willoughby, Ken ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,37, Wilson. Nancy ....,, ,,,, ,.,, , , ,,,,,,,, , , Winskill. Robert .... 8, 27.46, 49, Winters, Anne ..... ..... . H ,,,,,,,,, Wood. Aileen ......,,,, . ,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 7, Woods, Murden .,,,,, 23. 40.47. 49, NVornstaff. James r.,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, 36, Wright, Martha ....,.,.,, ' .,,......,, 37. Wyvill, Roland ..... . ,..,,,.,.,,, ,,,, . Young, Beatrice .,.. ,,,.. 9 , 27, 61 1 ADVERTISING sf- Cufmi 92:35 X ADVERTISERS INDEX Affvnfiau Students: Your gratitude is to be extended to the many advertisers who have helped make this book possible. for without their help the interesting record you have just read of this past college year would not be yours. Their civic-mindedness and interest in our welfare should be reciprocated by your patronage. To increase their interest to you and to increase' their value to our adver- tisers, the policy ot student pictures in their advertisements has been continued. because ot its singular success in recent years. We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge several contributions made by friends of the college. Below is a list ot advertisers. You students should help them as they have helped us, at every opportunity. BROWN AND HALEY BUCKLEY-KING Buscl-rs DRIVE-IN COLLEGE BOOKSTORE COLLEGE COMMONS CONRAD PRINTING COMPANY DAn1.1NG's DRUG sroas Dm. HOWELL EARLEY'S FLORIST FRASER'S GIBSON'S FLORIST GUNDERSONS HARRY BROWN CONFECTIONS HURLEY ENGINEERING COMPANY IOHNSON-COX PRINTING CO. KENNELL-ELLIS KNAPP'S KNAPP BUSINESS SCHOOL LA PORES COLLEGE FOOD STORE LINCOLN EI.ECTRIC LORENZO MANSFIELD LOU JOHNSON MIEROW'S IEWELERS OLYMPIC DAIRY PRODUCTS PUGET SOUND CLEANERS AND DYERS PUGET SOUND NATIONAL BANK RIALTO THEATRE SCOTTY'S CAFE SPRENGER AND IONES STATIONERS 'TACOMA LAUNDRY TACOMA SAVINGS AND LOAN TACOMA SPORTING GOODS CO. TEMPLE THEATRE TURNER RICHARDS WASHINGTON SPORTS SHOP WEST COAST GROCERY WEYERHAEUSER TIMBER' CO. 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'XJ Lfrw ,, , .X X' X '-'Ji' X: X if X X,A X X j ' -1 ,:...X I X, ziyi' X 4-.Pi 121, . - e"',,' X 1 ' ii,-' ' I .F v.X- Ag, X' . .X .- AXX'4X7,f:'Qi.gif5:' X 'X , pj 1 X fm A Xp: --,xv-f. ,XXQ X'wX,X,.y,u. X-X -Q. ., I "fl gms Xr X X,-X ,XXX-gf., ,.:fX X:-gp ,g- X X ,-ljX,X X. X LgEXXQfE:AX,:,,X,XXXX , QXQXEHXR X . X X. 'L-,M EX - , -- Q- ' -'X . ,. ,X.ys,X'5agf1li X' 'g-511, X X 9 . 5 . E4-QXQX-X11 " ls, :X X QWYQQ '- ' '2'..-XX 5 . ' U-uQ'f' ' X " . -5,15 X , .,yl, ,7 X. 'X -Xifg., f-- 5 . 1- EYXS ' ' 'X "I 1. , ' 3 '. X - .X'-r-'X I X " ' . .,,X, - X A XXM XXX-x,-X f X ,fffwfgl -Xq.fXzg:,-.XX - XX .-X- P 1 ,X"Q'f5Q4!E54 X X, 4 ' - - XX . 3' lv Xj.w X X 'VJ-P'.,X9 32.3 i' " X ,- .Q AL..'fk,XJ.f'Xi,4L,L-af' ' L ,.X ,M Y X."'11Xi 7 XXMXXXXX X,, 'Xj 1 'F. k .- XFX5. X X X X':iX VX, ,XXL . mfg 5'551ff:?r, ew! ,FAX FXp,XXXLg', X m'f',5r?T5g' --- fi .5 XXX-3X1.X 'gm .5 . X '4' ll:lX'e. X -,XJXXFX ,XLQX X - hz-.XnX '. W ...YV-Xl , -Q X X X I . X X X 1 Ui serve 0 ' the future. ' and Secretarial School is extended to young men and women who are interested in specialized training for employment in business or government service or as a supplement to a general or professional education. A Bulletin ot Information regarding each course offered by the school, rates ot tuition and placement service will be mailed free upon request. is 1 Weyerhneuser Kimber Ctrmpauy BECAUSE trees are plants which have a life cycle similar to all other living things, mature trees grow little and may deteriorate. Young trees, like children, grow faster. therefore produce more wood in less time. TIMBER IS A CROP and must be harvested when ripe just the same as com or wheat. Mature trees occupy forest space. consume sunlight and soil food needed by the faster-growing young trees. t The oft-stated policy of Weyerhaeuser Timber Company is: "To operate the properties entrusted to its management in such a way as to provide a permanent and profitable investment for cap- ital: to bring about continuous. profitable and enioyable employment for men: and to furnish uninterrupted supplies ot forest products to society." n , - ,,,...i- 'el -i""' FASHIONS WITH A DIFFERENCE Lou Johnson THREE SHOPS 755 Broadway Lakewood Center and Tacoma Avenue Near Division Busch 19 'Trivc-inf' Kesfauranf Students regard being caught refreshing themselves at Busch's a sign of good taste and judgment. It has been found just the place to go after that show or dance. With drive-in service. quality foods and refreshments at moder- ate prices, Busch's offer all that can be desired in the way of dietetic enjoyment. OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT V U, Stationers f,,, 926 Pacific Avenue 927 Commerce ' TACOMA Qibsm is' Qlrfufcrs DESIGNS and CORSAGES In fresh flowers that last From our own greenhouse ' Pacific at 50th GArland 4454 "Say it with flauferf' Sprezfzgcr LQ jeans 4 Jewelers if FRATERNAL IEWELRY 'IS OUR SPECIALTY 'il' Expert Watch and Iewelry Repairing 1147 Broadway BR. 4372 94 I Swing to W' MOCA ,FOODS "The Peak of Quality" CANNED FRUITS CANNED VEGETABLES COFFEE SPICES. EXTRACTS A Disiributed by WEST COAST GROCERY CO. Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen, Chehalis, Auburn, Puyallup, Iune Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Alaska all Kuckley-Mug ?z114c'ral Service TACOMA AVENUE' AT SOUTH FIRST 'Modern and ' Moderate Compliments of the Kollcgc 6901141110145 l MORE AND MORE COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE SAYING: "We bank at the Puget Sound" A COMPLETE PERSONALIZED BANKING SERVICE 'li' Savings Accounts 'A' Checking Accounts 'A' Personal Loans 'A' G I Loans 'k Modernization Loans i' Home Loans 'A' Bank Money Orders i' Bank by Mail Service 'k Trust Services 1119 Pacific Avenue-MAin 9181 Lincoln Branch: 3808 South Yakima-GArland 3363 , 4 lvugef 30 ml Nation! Hank GOOD FURNITURE IS TO THE HOME, WHAT SUNSHINE IS TO THE FLOWER 1 lfarmza Mansield FURNITURE 43 St. Helens Ave. MAin 8438 V l Clothes That Are Quality Cleaned Last Longer . . Keep Clean Longer ik' DINE UPTOWN at Smffyis' Cfzzfe We are proud of our food STEAKS SEAFOOD pug und l HAMBURGERS ' Hleaners and Dyczzs' 608 North lst MAin 3643 North lst at Tacoma Avenue Open all night Saturdays Headquarters for ll l QUALITY DIAMONDS WATCHES I nzwzuzvl Q SILVER Since 1889 Wlivrvwie Cacoma Spvrfiug 60045 60. Guns, Ammunition. Fishing Tackle and Tennis Goods Complete Stock of Gun Parts For All Standard Models Expert Gun Repairing and Rod Work 109 South 10th Street Di!! jfzfufell FAQHBEY long! Szfvrfzug 50049 6g,.Wmm, iff "FLOWERS THAT EXPRESS WILSON ATHLETIC YOUR SENTHVIEN-vf EQUIPMENT FOOTBALL BASEBALL BASKETBALL ' dll! 1129 GOLF TENNIS M if 929 Commerce Comer 6th and So. Anderson Street ,Q ey -1: YOUR COLLEGE'S RAY OIL BURNERS . N. , " 11. : . lhl.PA1':'0l'Yn x INSTALLED AND MAINTAINED by U16 Hurley fnginecring Lfowzpauy 1109 A STREET E. F. WINSKILL, Pres. For "tops" in eating pleasure Bob Holland is seen buying a box of Brown and Haley's quality chocolates. They are also makers of the World iiamous Almond Roca. KIUWI4 zz d Hal y sir ik' 'ZX' Conrad Print Shop. the printers of the Puget Sound Trail. are always willing and able to help you with last minute printing at lowest possible cost. Kmrzzd Iyrinfizfzg Gompfzrzyg p 717 COMMERCE ' MAin 0432 Prescriptions Promptly and Accurately Filled fNo Delivery Charge! il? Complete Line of Quality Merchandise sir DRUGS SUNDRIES TOILETRIES Darlirzgs Drug Stare 24 No. Tacoma Ave. MI-lin 0271 Ulqwyzic h Ice Cream is served in our Commons and the students know what is best. They put on it their stamp of approval and give it ' a blue ribbon. Ulqmpic Dairy Products Company Harry Brown-Father of three boy graduates and one girl graduate of the College of Puget Sound-with one more at home whom he ex graduate ot C.P.S. Charles Brown-A 1917 student oi C.P.S. Alvin Brown-A 1934 student ot C.P.S. Partners in pects to be a 0 1932 Pacific Ave. l are waiting for that time that they can supply you with their famous hlmond Omega and chocolates. o Jewelry n Silver o China a Glassware 0 Gifts GUFIDERSUH Uryrnaf Jury 764 Broadway Iohn Stapleton and Doris Mitchell are admiring the machine for drying shirts at the Tacoma Laundry. These popular girls learned the complete story of how this plant has built a reputation for the outstanding laundry work it does. Zlzwma ,Caumlry 624 SOUTH WRIGHT GAr1and 4433 1 t leialfo Uzmfre It looks as though George Williams and his car full of collegians are out for some lun. They have chosen the right place to go for good entertainment. At the Rialto can always be found the latest and best first-rate pictures. This home-owned and operated theatre has the approval of both the student and faculty members. ACTION! 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Suggestions in the University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) collection:

University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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