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University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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E 1 W" ff-i' 'W' 4'ffQ'fTF " wp' 4- : -fF -'W AH'-' fW ', --- F . i I f I a 4 4 ,JV n -. ...4-., -... v- - Jones Hall Ennrancc at Night nflde 77:4 Fzzeeenz' ide Y- . 'gfifirh J- M pa F' 15 4 . ' -:QQ Qi iq-..: ,x ,.,-. yh.,.1. -W, .- -.' -1 ., , ,A YA. 1 45-3,-. Ei-Q ,Lh- smg w -Q 5: -..B 3 ,E .ffl 'Q N I '1-.ff 'W , , 1' gf? WN 1 H21-, . .Vg ' 0 . ' 1 i X? N see EDITOR - Bexeerly Berne BUSINESS MANAGER - Marie Eckstrorg Eiivfx? 5- ' " 1 SE?5'6Ci if ' W" ' We dedicalezfdepaclf, Mepawadmdde fuwnelaideaiawdadwddahuaqadaldfaat-om Ealiege 57' gli- AN 1V'Q."ffU4 V -.. E k la " , .,,, .5 ,- H.-1' h Q-.ww T"'F1:i' A. . . .2 ,.V - ...vz 4 g . - 177-vit V. V ,w,.Lf.f.z.:,.Vf'W ' 1 . J ' -5 "NZ V :ar -Y-'.a2'.:, V V V . ,- -V Sp, 1. -V1-41. fr.-..' ,L H. A . ' " Vfffg51'.-'Vrg+iI:Z5F5:'- W'-1' V1 V- '15, . ':.,g-V i V-1-iili, Q' A ip-. ' ' 7 "Pf,V1,:g.V.-..Ls,." -f . .a,V:,,.Vf.aV 5'- s A ' Vf' :Iv-1'a1:'f,VVV . - SEB " ,'-V-"1-559 331: 15: ill? gp". " ' ' ."ZF.'if.', .f'f?lJ:' KS 11 Q,'l'5:'.." ' '1"" .." V -..,... ,, . r H., l 1'--Je.. , ' j,.f,: .5 1-Q J ,-a'V gf '.'. V7--1, " -'97 44" N. 1 - V , '.V,V "f,T'H.':f5Jf7:- . ,, -nl.. at - 9 -,,-. - ,Li , U4 .wr VJ' tg' It ,- IV .,- ' 5 V 3 '3 ' V ' 'a-,, Q ' V A 1 , . ir' X . V' ' .I 1 is ' . "fx, P. -F -- w ,gi-11 I -V - R rnfnlf . .4 X- ! 'QM 3 Y, . mi - Aw I .. . gi? 5 Qs' 5' ' Q wx a f"' i A-L " 1 E iiini---,734 . V .rg .L :A -,-:- .,, 'C i7 lv ' 3 : pg" r -' if" ' - A -. - . 1 Wie' VI ri b,-..,a-,- .3 3 .ruff ' ' fu' -9.5 V Ti , .. , .. . - -r 4154. .. V'-V+-v H 1 'V A ' :AH E "- 'iff ' . 5.-, V . .- '2 QL -.1 ff... . 9- x ' ' Ad?" . Nr fl y 1 . ' 1 W1 .,.. in-si,11f:e:'1 , . J ,' l :TY m .,' ', C2 'UUE f.L ,V ' it-525 L up-1 gcj: ' ' is -may 1 g,,.VVVVV V V , "T'rV!gIV'tf"' A , V " " '17 ffl' ,..51f'il.,.- X i I 1 A -... im. .. .. .,...-V..,,....,.:..,-. .,- m: ww.. 1 gi .I a 'v' ll- . ,'V 1' 5' 'Xlsf - 'Af R , -z-' E u . - 5,- m 1. 'n x- 'If , A . ig 111 I . ,, :,,5V,I"a' a.- .n.s-'iltr V V .1 V I .,.3A . V ,. . ,ggi li-145 I 'rv nVnr ' "va al I. nu 1'- ,,.V -, is . .W - 1 C.-,t V.-3 '. -V ,,V , az Y . Ng, "' L' ,I . uf 1 nS5,,vq:?"5f .. Zi -,.v 'VL S. ii 1-...V T- vgsf. V Y N I r 'vv . ,-. V I 1 v gg . I N -Vw . . J, . - r-A ,. , I -,,' NXS 'W- . i 9 mam wa, 71 mmmwf SM? 7m plague .4 1 Ji Sgr X. 1 Hfappafcyma detalfafkefzaom ' .-1. N Q I H ,K 'Lin Q mu I . A 7 ,Wk M, r mf V. 1 ix 'nk ' ' I' XT, xi we A xx ' St -,..f i Fnmrw - .. X D 1 wma fl A Y ' , , , , I 9 1 ces - ' . ,I 1 ' " Q rlllftunmn . ' I 1544 M 1 1 A ""'-, -N ' H "- -- Y '73-aw.. 5 -' f xrm- 6? -ffm X x -, -iz-, 4 , .W - 11. N-qu '--. 'nm' -' ,n-1-,,.,.., N""k'! ,O Q"a H 5 N - Jia, -' ,N A , , P ,'-",.,,..4.fJ-1' I ww ilu 3:3 - 'aw-QL Jil W iw --f:-' En uw, -M. , v-' Y 2:--.. ' Yi ' n nv - 41? X:-- :- uv .H I1 Y I-W 'P-5' '0 3 - ' 1 ' s 1 E19 3,1 'E ' ' - X -,,, , 1.f5,.f: ' ' ' A - wr ""' 'J 11 1 ' -J ,i...:..i.:Q:,,,.n':a , gf I -4- x ' - I .JA Q1 'f ' -' Corner of Alpha Beta Upsilon room Zozzeneedd dam 025055 QCJCBQSQO, 00m Coodxmixoax Coqogdxx 9 'Nm V EBATE BANQUET i ,..zaz4e4a94444waagam4z4ze. mzdewezmwagam-mum. I If 1 ii I . Science Exhibit in Howarth Hall. in the galleries of Jones Hall. 9 N- V 7 ,qmail WV T W W W tn! Wu 1 ' BUND DRIVE gawmllehpulkhgwm gaamfa, ?..4idzmzewaz44wwpm94wm 1 x1- V N9 . I ff ' A x f Wm Er R X f 4. VV f ,,,ff-- ,- W . . J Q' f ..-,- . . J. HTL. I' 'F' .4 -I aw f 'Q if . 'QII , Q41 292 1 Q A'A gi lc. fp- I .f '.""5-ubzh.-L qi- P R. FRANKLIN THOMPSON, President 14 JOHN DICKINSON REGESTER, Ph.D. -P Dean of the College and Professor of Philosophy CHARLES A. ROBBINS. A.B.-P Bursar and Associate Professor of Spanish V 4-LYLE FORD DRUSI-IEI.. A.M. Dean of Women and Associate Professor of English off' 4-CHRISTIAN MILLER. A.M. Registrar and Associate Professor of English 4- FACULTY EDNA-ELLEN BELL. A.B. Assistant Professor of Occupa- tional Therapy, 1944 .Mx QU? KARL H. BRATTON, B. MUS.-P Director of Conservatory of Music and Assistant Professor. in Voice ii li Nl COOLIDGE O. CHAPMAN. Ph.D.-Y Professor of English, 1932 4. Y ELLERY CAPEN. M.B.A. Associate Professor of Busi- ness Administration and Economics. 1931 Q-FRANCES CHUBB. B.F.A, Instructor in Art, 1941 ADMINSTBATIUN PAUL R. FOSSUM. Ph.D -P Instructor in Economics and History, 1939 E. DELMER GIBBS, A. M.-P Associate Professor of Education, 1941 MARTHA PEARL JONES. A.M.-P Professor of Speech, 1930 'S-1' 4-ARTHUR L. FREDERICK, A.M. Professor. John O. Foster Chair of Religious Education. 1927 1-JULIUS P. JAEGER, Ph.D. Professor of English, 1929 4 ERICH J. P. KOKER. 'A.B.-r Assistant Professor in . Violin, 1937 MARJORIE JENKINS MANN. A.M.-P Associate Professor and Director of Physical Education for Women, 1936 ' GEORGE D. MacDONAI.D, A.M.-P Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1944 4-HELEN M. LEWIS. A.B. Circulation Librarian, 1939 A7 Y -5. W 4-ARTHUR W. MARTIN. Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, 1926 ilk: BERTI-IA ROBBINS, Ph.B.-P Assistant Professor in Spanish, 1929 RAYMOND S. SEWARD, Ph.D.-P Professor of Physics, 1923 Sf' 4-HELEN JULIA McKINNEY, Ph.D Professor of Frerich, 1938 4-'MARVIN R. SCHAFER, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology, 1932 4'-ROBERT D. SINCLAIR, Ph.D. Professor of Psycho108Y, 1930 4-JAMES R. SLATER, A.lV1.,M.Pd. Professor of Biology, 1919 ii.,,,,t-- ' BLANCHE W. STEVENS, NLS.-P Professor, Lillian Maiben Chair of Home Economics, 1927 fL.ffy 4-WARREN E. TOMLINSON, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science, 1933 f-Q. AJA OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Carol Angst, Miss Dorothy Cutting, Mrs. Janet Kalsrad Mrs. Raymond Seward. LEROY VAUGHN, President ,4 U Planning the calendar social events of the year is the purpose of this committee. First row: Professor Tomlin- son, Mrs. Seward, Dean Drushel, LeRoy Vaughn. Second row: Professor Gibbs, Thelma Hardy. Bob Oquist. HELEN PAT BEEM, Vice President l S . i C? Composed of class 'md activity reprcsentitives this tou w ,,,, , , f . . ' ' .g P Betty Heidinger Smith, Janice Lindeman. Sue Hendrickson .l Professor Capcn. Slandingr Gunnar Larson. Beverly Bcrlie Ill Budgets and ASCPS expenditures are approved by this group before recommendation to Central Board. Sealed: Bursar Robbins, Jean Erhart. Professor Capen. Standing: LeRoy Vaughn. Todd , JEAN ERHART. Secretary fi' 1 ,- 'ff LeRoy Vaughn, Jolafern Torgerson, Betty Armour, Virginia Kilde. Murdcn Woods, Lucille Ludwick, John Skupen, Jean Erhart, Carol Don Carsten. for ms the legislative body of ASCPS. Sealed: Dean Regester. , . Y ..,J!5!,, . :rm ff' 1522 yn g ... h.':- .. A -'J -' "ifr- ' Wffisfio 2,3135 Q., X WS? f a. ,,l ...'i-,ya To integrate student participation in the war effort is the duty of this group, Sealed: Dean Drushel, Lucille' Ludwiclc. Dorcas Eggesbo. Dean Regester. Standing: Bob McCullough, Janice Lindeman. LeRoy Vaughn. Ill Selecting and arranging the chapel and assembly programs are functions of this committee: Jean Thurber. Marian Clendencn LeRoy Vaughn. Betty Hcidinger Smith, Margaret Lindeman. Dlll-ll. VUICES UF ADMINISTRATIUN 1.2 7 BEFORE WASHINGTON BECAME A STATE the College of Puget Sound embarked upon an adventure of excellence in personalized, Christian education. The heritage which it has given to those splendid leaders who have been its students is one to be cherished always. To each incoming freshman class is given the challenge of the epitome of learning, friendship, achievement and adventure: to each class pursuing its course of study is extended the warm fellowship with leading men and women of the faculty, who are dedicated to the high purpose of training the leaders of tomorrow: to each graduating class it is with a genuine tug of the heart we send you forth to take a place of responsibility for which you have been trained. The College of Puget Sound holds to each of its collegiate family the adventure of in- vesting life in great ideals, splendid principles and eternal friendships. Your Alma Mater is proud of you, and with the tender watchfulness of one who holds you in high esteem, follows your development with genuine regard. ' You stand on the threshold of one of the greatest ages the world has ever known, and your opportunity is as great as your vision. 2. Zlzeccdeaz' AS MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS of the College of Puget Sound. we represent the oldest continued form of student government of any college in the North- West. This government has been able to succeed as a governing body mainly by the enthus- iasm, interest, and cooperation of its members, and participation by everyone in all its activi- ties. As students at the College of Puget Sound, we have built this government ourselves. At the same time, we have also built an organization which enables us to get the fullest bene- fits from the time we spend here. Student relations with the faculty are probably better developed at CPS than most col- leges of similar size and purpose can boast. This does not come from any determination to make these relations good. Instead, it comes from a common interest-in studies, in recreation and in the school. Our student body now is about half the size of those of the last years before the war. We have had to make changes and modifications, but there has been no change in the spirit and cooperative enthusiasm which has been shown by everyone. ' It is a common feeling that the students who get the most out of college life are those who avail themselves of every opportunity. lt takes more than ideas to keep going. It takes people to work out, and execute the ideas. This year we have been perhaps more fortunate than some schools, in seeming to have just the l'right" people for all the various jobs to be done. It is with a feeling of pride in the College and in the student body that I look back on the year l944-45. E H , , ,,1.fW:, 5 pf ' ff K ,. wgggigii Senior Cabinet: Almira Marchesini. Sergeant-at-Arms: Priscilla Newschwander, Vice President: Sue Hendrickson. Representative to Central Board: Frank Price, President. UR NUMBERS WERE LARGE, but now they are small. We have felt the full effect of wartime upon our class and activity. But the spirit with which we entered still burns brightly in our lives. Now, as We come to the end of our college en- deavor. we look back with growing fondness on those traditions and customs we have known. They have played such a great part in molding our lives. and they have hewn out in our hearts a special place for our Alma Mater. With sadness we leave our beloved college, but within our hearts we sincerely hope that the contribu- . tions we have made and the spirit we have shown will live on to be a constant memory of the Class of '45. Frank Price. President. ARIVIOUR, BETTY AGNES Tacoma. Washington Chemistry Alpha Beta Upsilon. Vice President 4, Secretary 4, Treasurer 3: W.A.A.. Man- ager 4. Secretary 3: Otlah. Secretary: Mu Sigma Delta: Central Board 4: Inter- Sorority Council 4: Spurs 2: S.A.C. A.C.S. I. 2: Co-Chairman Homecoming Banquet 4. BERLIE. BEVERLY Tacoma, Washington Sociology Lambda Sigma Chi. President 4. Vice President 3: Tamanawas Editor 4: Inter- Sorority Council 4: Publications Com- mittee 4: Central Board 4:xCo-Chairman Homecoming Banquet 4:"'Homecoming Attendant 3: Trail Feature Editor I. Z. 3: Women's Federation Style Show I. CLENDENEN, MARIAN Bellingham. Washington Literature Campus Trio 3, 4: Kappa Phi: Delta Alpha Gamma: Adelphians, HANSEN. ELSIE MARIANNE Tacoma. Washington Business Administration Delta Alpha Gamma. Vice President 4. Secretary 3: Trail Business Manager 2: Trail Staff I. 2: Tamanawas Class Edi- tor 4. Publications Editor 2: Publica- tions Committee 2: Homecoming Pub- licity Chairman 4: International Rela- tions Club 4: Student Christian Associa- tion I. HENDRICKSON. SUE Puyallup. Washington , Art Delta Alpha Gamma. Treasurer 4: Kappa Phi. President 3: Womens' Ath- letic Association. Treasurer 2. Vice Pres- ident 3: Womens' Federation. Treasurer Z. 4: Spurs 2:'OtIah, Treasurer 4: Cen- tral Board. Senior Representative 4: Stu- dent Christian Association I. 2, 3: Causerie Francaise. HILL, MRS. VEROI. B. A Tacoma, Washington History Transferred from University of Ore- gon. 1944: B.Th.. Northwest Christian. Eugene. Ore. BEEM. HELEN PATRICIA Kirkland, Washington Physical Education Alpha Beta Upsilon. Pledge President I. Vice President 4. Secretary 3. Pledge Mother 2: A.S.C.P.S. Vice President 4. Secretary 3: Spurs. President 2: Ander- son Hall. President 4: Otlah 4: Who's Who 3. 4: Finance Committee 3. 4: Chapel Committee 3. 4: War Coordina- tion Z, 3. 4:' Chairman Bond Sales 2. 3: Chairman Tolo Z: Howarth Scholarship Z. 3. 4: War Activities. Chairman 3: Sophomore Representative to Central Board: Inter-Sorority Council 4: Ski Club. Secretary 4: W.A.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Womens' Federation 2: Trail Staff I. 2. 3: Tamanawas Staff I. 2. 3. 4: Kappa Phi 3. 4: All Star-Swimming. Golf. Volleyball. Baseball. Hockey. Speedball. BULLARD. DIXIE IVI. Tacoma. W'ashington Dramatics Kappa Phi. Vice President 4: Alpha Beta Upsilonz Howarth Fellowship 4: Campus Playcrafters I, 2. 3. 4. ELLINGTON. SARAH JEWELL Tacoma. Washington English Literature r Transferred in 1943 from Asbury College: Kappa Phi. Chaplain 4: Presi- dent 4: Otlah 4: International Relations Club 4: Student Christian Association 3. 4: Adelphians 4. HANSEN. PATRICIA JANET Tacoma. Washington Art Campus Playcrafters I. 2. 3. 4: Ski Club I. 2. 4. HILDEBRANDT, PATRICIA Tacoma. Washington Business Administration and Art Delta Alpha Gamma. President 4. Secretary 2: Otlah. President 4: W.A.A.. Treasurer 4: Womens' Federation 4: Inter-Sorority Council 4: Tamanawas Art Co-Editor 2. Editor 4: Howarth Scholarship 2. 3. 4: Chairman Decora- tions Committee Junior Dance 3. HORIKE. TSUYOSHI Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Former student C.P.S.: attended .the University of Utah. 1943-44. 27 INVEEN. NORENE Tacoma. Washington Speech and Dramatics Transferred from Stevens College. Columbia. Missouri: Kappa Sigma Theta 3. 4: Campus Playcrafters 3. 4: Choral Readers 3. -l. LARSON. GUNNAR J. Tacoma. Washington Philosophy Central Board 4: Student Dramatic Manager 4: Choral Readers 4: Campus Playcrafters 3. 4: Transferred from Uni- versity of XVashington. I943. McDOUCvAI-L. .IEANNE Spokane. XVashington Sociology ' Alpha Beta Upsilon, Vice President 3, Pledge Mother 4: Anderson Hall. Presi- dent 4: Womens' Federation. President 4: Inter-Sorority Council. President 3: Ta- manawas, Editor 3: Trail. Sports Editor 3. Feature Editor 4: Publications Com- mittee 3: Student Affairs Committee 3: Central Board 3: W.A.A.. Treasurer 4: Women of Rotary Award 3: Spurs 2: S.C.A. gl: Co-Chairman Campus Day 3: Howarth Scholarship 3. 4: Kappa Phi. Treasurer 2. NEWSCHWANDER. PRISCILLA Tacoma. Washington Speech Kappa Sigma Theta. Treasurer 2: Vice President Senior Class: Spurs 2: W.A.A. 2. 3. 4: Homecoming Chairman 4: Campus Playcrafters l. 2, 3,,,4: Choral Readers 2. 3. ,4: Junior Dance. Chairman: Tamanawas Staff 4: Trail Staff. Circulation Manager 2: Chapel Committee. Chairman 3. RAYMOND. PAUL B. Tacoma, Washington History Delta Pi Omicron. Secretary 2, Presi- dent 3: Alpha Kai Omega, President 4: Intercollegiate Knights 2, 3, 41' Trail Staff 1: Tamanawas Staff 4: Adelphians 3. 4: Intramurals l, 2: International Relations Club. President 4: Central Board 4: All-College Picnic. Chairman 3: Melodians Men's Quartet 2, 3: Stu- dent Union Building Committee Chair- man 3. STENSON, JANICE Tacoma. Washington . Home Economics Kappa Sigma Theta, Historian 2, Vice President 3: W.A.A. 1, 2. 3: All Star Basketball Team 3: Womens' Federation Style Show 1: Freshman Stunt Night I: May Day Freshman Duchess l: Inter- Sorority Council: Attended the Univer- sity of Minnesota. 28 JOHNSON, BARENT Aberdeen. Washington History ' Student Christian Association, Vice President 3. Treasurer 2: International Relations Club 3. 4: Adelphian Chorus 4: Independents. Vice President 2: De- bate 4: Mu Sigma Delta 3, 4. MARCHESINI, ALMIRA Tacoma. Washington Physical Education Delta Alpha Gamma, Pledge President l. Sergeant-at-Arms 2. Pledge Mother 4: Spurs Z: Vice President: Junior Class: Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Class: W.A.A. l. 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 3. President 4: All Star-Hockey. Baseball. Basketball, Vol- leyball. Ping Pong, Archery. Horseshoes. NELSON. DORIS ' Tacoma. Washington ' Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma. President 4, Vice President,3, 4: Spurs, Vice President 2: Campus Playcrafters I. 2. 3, 4: Choral Readers Z, 3. 4: Inter-Sorority Council 4: Homecoming 3: All-College Party, Chairman 3: Life Emphasis Week, Co- Chairman 4. PRICE. EDWIN FRANK Tacoma. Washington , . History Delta Kappa Phi: Who's Who 4: Senior Class President: Alpha Kai Omega. Vice President 3: Intercollegiate Knights. President 3: Representative to Central Board 3: Chapel Committee 3: Tamana- was, Business Manager 3: Second Place Burmeister Oratory Contest l: Co-Chair- man Campus Day 3: Puget Sound Sym- phony: S.C.A.: Life Emphasis Week, Chairman 4: Trail Staff 4. SHAFFER. JANE A Kent, Washington Sociology Transferred from Bellingham 2: Delta Alpha Gamma. Corresponding Secretary 3: Kappa Phi, President 4. Social Chair- man 3: War Activities Committee, Re- ligion Chairman 3: Student Christian Association, Treasurer 3: Womens' Fed- eration, Vice President 3: Life Emphasis Week, Chairman 3: Co-Chairman Home- coming Song Fest 4: W.A.A. 2, 3, 4: All Star-Hockey, Volleyball, Speedball. Baseball-: Trail Staff 3. TORGERSON, .IOLAFERN Tacoma, Washington Sociology Alpha Beta Upsilon, President 4. Cor- responding Secretary 3, Historian 2. Sec- retary l: Senior Representative to Cen- tral Board 4: Campus Playcrafters l, 2: 3, 4: Play Lead 3, 4: Trail Staff, Feature Editor 2, Editorial Staff 4: Spanish Club. Vice President 3. President 4: Kappa Phi 4: International Relations Club 4: Debate Club 4: Adelphians 4: Ski Club 4: S.C.A. l, 2: W.A.A. l. 4: Homecoming 3. 4: Stunt Night l, 3, 4: Freshman Plays 3, 4: Inter-Sorority Council. VAUGHN, LeROY Tacoma. Washington Physics A.S.C.P.S. President 4: Intercollegiate Knights Z. 3. 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 2: Delta Kappa Phi. Corresponding Secre- tary 2: Class President l. 2: Chapel Committee 4: Student Affairs Committee 42, War Coordination Committee 4: Fi- nance Committee 4: Alpha Kai Omega 3. 4: Central Board 4: Campus Play- crafters 2. 3. 4? Campus Day Chairman 2: All-College Party, Chairman 2. 3: Howarth Scholarship 4: Homecoming Dance Chairman 2: Who's Who: Trail Staff l. Feature Editor 2: Tamanawas Staff 2: Chairman. Freshman Mixer 2. FUNK. EDWARD i Sumner, Washington I Biology ' in YORK, JAMES A Tacoma, Washington Chemistry Alpha Chi Nu: Vice President 3, Re- cording Secretary 2: Stewart-Davis Golf Trophy 2. 3. SENIUB5 WITHUUT PICTURES GOLDBERG. MRS. JEAN V. JOHNSON, DEL H. LINDSTROM, MRS. BEVERLY MEIER. LEON NELSON. MRS. LORRAINE P. NERUD, EVELYN M. NEWMAN. PI-IYLLIS SCOTT. GEORGE SKINNER. MRS, ALICE M. SITTS,-MRS. JUNE W. ALUMNI WITH LUNGEST SERVICE . Above: Ralph D. Simpson, Mrs. Lester Wehmhoff, Dr. Edward H. Todd. Dean - Drushell. Mrs. Florence Armstrong. E. Paul Todd, Miss Laura Gartrell, Dr. Marma- duke Dodsworth. Junior Cabinet: Ruth Ann Dodsworth. Secretary: Lucille Ludwick. Representative to Central Board: Barbara Engberg, President: Lu Jean Logan, Vice President. O ! I ANOTHER YEAR HAS PASSED and although the Class of '46 has diminished considerably in size, We still can boast ,of that virtue Dr. Thompson labeled "Spizerinctum." As freshmen, we were fortu- nate to be able to call our new president one of us and since then we have adopted his daughter, Martha Lu- cille, as well. The Junior Class was the first to sponsor an all- college affair this year-a very successful splash party and dance. In the Song Fest, a close tie was broken to find our song a challenging "second-placer," thanks A to the musical talent of several of our members. We are ever proud to be of C.P.S. Barbara Engberg, President AGATHER, MRS. DONNA AMUNDSEN. ELVERNA BERGMANN, GUNNAR CARLSON. FLORENCE CARSTEN, DONALD- CORUM. GLORIA CRESO. ROBERT I DODSWORTH, RUTH ANN DOUBEK. PEGGY LOU ECKSTROM. MARIE EGGESBO. DORCAS ENGBERG, BARBARA ERHART. JEAN HALLEN, JEAN HOFSTETTER. BEVERLY JAMES. NORMA LARSON. PEGGY l.OGAN. LU JEAN LUDXVICK, LUCILLE MARSHALL. EVELYN MEKKES, VIRGINIA MILLER. HELEN NEE, CHARLES OCONNELL. PEGGY 31 SCHWEINLER. DOROTHY SMITH, MRS. BETTY SMITH. RUBY A. THURBER. JEANE TRUITT. MARY ANN VAN AMBURG. MARGARET XVATTS. URSELLA WOODS. MURDEN 32 JIINIURS WITHOUT PICTURES BAIRD, MURIEL BENDIKSEN, PEARL BRINDLEY, MRS. BONNIE JEAN BROWN, MRS. GERVAISE CARBONE, ROBERT DOWNS, JAY PINLEY DUERFELDT, MRS. FLORENCE EVANS, ROLLAND GROUT, AMY G. HAGEMEYER, WILLIAM HANSEN, MRS. JANET HAWRINS, BLANCHE JAMES, GERTRUDE KOEHLER, JANE LARSON, MRS. RUBIE OAKES, JOANNE OTTO, RAYMOND SPANN, C. E. VAN KOTEN, MRS. LAURA WILHELMI, MRS. PATRICIA Sophomore Cabinet: Donna Cohoon. Sergeant-at Arms Bob McCullough President Janice Lindeman. Representative to Central Board: Joyce Fcarn Secretary Virginia Kildc Representative to Central Board ee td " "Ed E ENTERED C.P.S. 137 strong with high hopes of finding our place on the campus. We were as green as our beanies but it wasn't long before we blossomed out with a Freshman Stunt Night that was outstanding in its display of talent. We were the last class to compete in a bag rush in which we defeated the men of three upper classes. Once again we showed our talent when we took top honors in the Song Fest with the song, "Our Gentle Mother." Starting off in our sophomore year with a bang, we were the Hrst class to sponsor an all-college ice- skating party. Although we lost many swell fellows to the armed service, our class is made up of enthusiastic members with plenty of college spirit. Robert McCullough, President , ANDERBERG, ELIZABETH BAILEY, MARYAN BENNETT. DONALD BURRILL, KATHERINE CAPPA. BETTY JANE CLARK, MARLA COI-IOON, DONNA CRONANDER. ROBERT G. CROSS. ALICE ANN CRUVER. ELOUISE , CUMMINGS. CAROLYN DARLING, HELEN DeVOTO, MARGARET FEARN. IRENE FEARN, JOYCE EORSBECK. MARILAN IIUNKE. CATHERINE GOLDENHAR, MAURICE GUNDSTROM. BETTY HALLIGAN, OTI-IO HAMILTON, CAROL HARDY, THELMA HEIDINGER. MARY JEAN HITCI-ICOCK, CAROLYN 34 . xg 1 A F If , is -. D 4 F . I Y, ,AU I I w If .19 'I "f, 'S M wa ,Ag I Af W fr I ' I I A JAMIESON. PEARL JOHNSON. RACHEL KAI-IN, KERTTU KIPPER, LOUISE LENTZ, MARIAN LEVACK, JUNE LINDEMAN, .IANICE LINDEMAN, MARGARET LING. JING HO LYCAN, ELAINE LYNCH, LOIS MacINNIS, DONNA McCLEARY, NADINE MCCULLOUGH. ROBERT McLORINAN, ELAINE MINNITTI, ROBERT MITCI-IELL,A CHARLES MOBERG, JOY MUNRO, MARYAN NELSON. JOYCE V. oQU1sT. ROBERT PACKARD, POLLY RADKE. RQBERTA RANDALL, LUCILE 35 RICE, NORMA .JEAN ROUGH, MARY ROWE, VILETTA SCHENCK, MARY ANNA SMOCK. DOTHA THOMPSON, PI-IYLLIS TREGONING, JEAN VAUGI-IN, ANNA-MARIE VERONE, GENEVIEVE WINSKILL, ROBERT W. 36 Aff ' sm I I SUPHUMURES WITHOUT PICTURES ANDERSON, BEVERLY ATKINSON, MARINE BARKER,' VIRGINIA BEACH, HERBERT BELSITO, TRENA BRENNAN, BRUCE CROWDER, WILLIAM CUMMINGS, DONALD GERARDY, MARY GIBBS, 1 SHIRLEY HECHT, HAZEL HERSTINE, DOROTHY HOVEY, JOHN KILDE, VIRGINIA MAGILL, NILMAH MEEK, DOROTHEA MOBERG, EUNICE PADEIELD, ESTHER ' RASPBERRY, J AMESETTA ROBINSON, PATRICIA TIERNEY, NOREEN TOOMEY, MRS. RACHEL S 6 l Freshman CGf7I.U0lI Shirley Ostlund, Vice President, John Skupen Secretary Carol Todd Representative to Central Board: Clair Candler, Sergeant at Arms Charles Morris President DaffQzeea HE SCARCITY OF MEN in both classes forced the abandonment of the freshmen-sophomore rivalries, but this did not stop the freshmen from prov- ing their worth to the upper classes. On Stunt Night they gave the College a glimpse of the talent which was to be .unfolded before their eyes in the Freshmen Plays. Even before they were matriculated into the Col- lege, they were planning a dance, which was acclaimed by all as a huge success. The freshmen did not close their activities with the "Pilgrims Prance," as the dance was called, but when basketball turnouts began, the Freshmen were there en masse, to seize four lirst-team positions. ' The activity of the Class of '48 will not stop with the freshman year, but will continue on through their four years at the "College of Dreams." Charles Morris, President ADAMS. JOY ADDISON. GEORGE AINSWORTH. COLLEEN ALEXANDER, ROBERT ALLEN. MARGARET ALM. KATHERINE ARMSTRONG, BETTY ARNESS. CARL BAKER, VERGIL BARTON. VERNACE BAUMGARTNER. JUANITA BECK. GLORIA BEHRENS. RUTH BELLINGER. KATHERINE BERG, HAROLD BETZ. MERILLAT BLACKSMITH, BARBARA BLAKE. JANETTE BRIGGS. GERALOINE BROWN, CHARLES BROWN. PATRICIA CAMPBELL, MARSHALL CAMPBELL. WILLIAM , CANDLER. CLAIR ' CAPUTO, HELEN CHATWOOD. MYRTLE COCHRAN. DOROTHY COLEGROVE, JACK COORS, CHARLOTTE COUBROUGH, EVELYN DANELL, LORRAINE DAVIS, DOROTHY DEAN DAVIS, IONE DAYTON, DARCIA DEAN. GWEN DICKSON, FLOYD DOOLEY, MARGARET DUNLAP, GLORIA DUNN, BETTY ECKERT. RICHARD ELLIOTT, MARY L. ESPELAND, EMMA JEAN EASSETT, LOIS FIFFLES, MARION FORTH. BARBARA FOXWELL, GERALDINE FULTON. BETTIANNE GAGLIARDI. TINA GALLAGHER. MARY AGNES GALLOWAY, MARGARET GIBSON, IJACQUELINE GURR. HELEN . GUSTAFSON. RUTH GUTHRIE, MARY LOUISE 38 .E Ii-' f I .... A IR I -G B, .si I 6 1 II I II . ...G , U QE IBQII w. H Q, 7' J' I 9 ., . W zzl U ,Q ..,..., Q A 4 B I .,. Q F, I, R' O 6- x , I I "If 1 if xi ', X ..,, 'N I 5. tt .R I, A ! T A 1 J' F5 -,, 3' F FY' I -Hu I 'Y ' . 4 ' 5 f I , C 1 f if I f x gi. I ,- n . . , Q4 ,J Q 'gf' I I Q E 2' I I Q1 7 'x I I 5+ J H Ei X 'V - -Y J' K A x v K , sh 'Ag-Q l , 5 6 5 'vi I Elf I ' T ' pf 1-ff Q , , A H 1 fo I3 r ig! an M ' I J . 1 11-ffx I I 5, W 6' pq. A K - q i i I .:,g, 1 I I X ' , HQ 'Y f 'N Q' Q S ' I . 1 rk I ,- nf' . 'FV' .-'I ,T -5 HAROLD, EMILY HEMMINGSON, TOM HENTZE. ROBERT HESSEY. VIOLET HILL, FRANK HILL, JANE HOGGATT. KENNETH HOLM. FRED , HOLT. FRANCES JAYKO. MICHAEL JENSEN, EVELYN JOHNSON. RUTH MARIE KEATON, NANCY KELSEY. DQNAILD IQILBOURNE, JACQUELINE KING. LAVERNE Kor5H1,ER. HELENE KOSTENBADER, DOROTHY LAMAR, SHEILA LARSON. JUNE M. LAXVSON. PHYLLIS LEE. BETTY JANE I-EWIS, CLARA LOCKSTONE, DOREEN MAHONEY. HELEN MATHER. SARA JEANNE McCRADY, FAYE McCREADY, MARY PAT MLADINOV. MARY MOCK. JESSIE LEE MONGER. ROSA MAE MORRIS. CHARLES MOYLES, DOROTHY NEAGLE. JEANNE NELSON, SHIRLEE OLSON, JEAN OPSATA. MARIE OSTLUND, SHIRLEY PARKER, JANE PAULSON, DUANE PLANCI-IARD, JANIS QUINN, FRANCES RAYNO. BEATRICE REA. JANICE REID. CHARLES ROAT, JEAN ROBINSON, MARIAN ROUGH. PEGGY SCHARTOW, EDNA SCHLEGEL, MOLLIE SCHORER, JUNE SIMMONS, DIXIE LEE SIMMONS, GWEN SKUPEN, JOHN 39 SMITH, CLINTON SMITH, THOMAS SMITH, WANDA STEELE, BONNIE STEPHENS, EVANE SWITZER, ANNA MARIE TAYLOR, JEANNE TAYLOR, VIRGINIA THOMAS, HELEN THOMAS, JEAN N TODD, CAROL TORGERSON, CHESTER TREGONING, MARIAN VICK, LOIS VOTAW, JAYNE WALKER. DELORES WARNER, VIOLA WIEGRADT, LOURINE WYLLYS, JANICE YOUNG, BEATRICE I I xmx L1 4 IJ , f I , X , . . , . I 1 FRESHMEN WITHUUT PICTURES ANDERSON. MRS. IMA FJ ANGEL. BETTY ASMUSSEN. ROBERT BATE. DAYNELL BEAN. ELIZABETH BOUCHER. AUDREY BOUCHER. WALLACE BOWMAN, DOUGLAS BRAMBLE. BETTY BROWN. DORIS E. BUNGE. WALTER BURKHART, WANDA CHALLAM, PATRICIA CHOVIL. WILLIAM CROTHERS. PERRY DAHL. LORRAINE DE MACON. VICTOR DIAMOND, PAUL DOHERTY, MRS. INEZ ERMATINGER. ALICE JEAN ESHELMAN. SALLY ' FAULK. RICHARD FARAONE. WILLIAM FOREMAN, BURTON FULLER. XVESLEY HANKINSON. VICTOR HARMON. MRS. EDNA HARIELGAN. DAVID HASS N. LORRAINE HERVIN. LESLIE HUGHES. WILLIAM HUME, PEGGY ANNE JACK.- MARJORIE JOHNSON, ADA ILENE K-EARNS. WILLIAM KING. MARGERY KNIGHT, ROBERT LARSEN. STANLEY LINDELIEN. LYLE LOEWENSTEIN, WALTER MAHNCKE. GERTRUDE MARESH. LEON MATHER. ALICIA MAXWELL. DORIS MAY. EL LOUISE MCCARTHY. BARBARA MCDANIELS, MRS, MARY McGAVICK. CATHERINE MCGOXVAN, EUNICE McLEAN. HAROLD McMANAMON. MARGERY MICKENS. MRS. JEANNE MOE. ANDREW MOORE. MARILYN MRACK. CHARLES NEWELL. PATRICIA NICOLSON. BETH NIEMI. BERNICE OLIVERS. HOWARD OLSON. DONALD PANCHOT, GLENN ROBERTS. ELINORE SELDEN. SYDNEY SINCLAIR. BONNIE SNODGRASS, HAROLD STANTORF, HAROLD STAPLETON. JOAN STEWART, KIRK STREETER. PAULINE SWANSON. NORMA TAYLOR. DONALD THOMPSON. MRS. MAXIN WALKER. MRS. VERNA WATT, WILLIAM DOYLE. WEBB. HOMER WEDLUND. SPENCER WEGE. WILLIAM WILLCOX. MRS. LAURA L WOOD. MRS, DORIS K E JR EE .31 1 f - I ' . 1,- 4 i l - . , L . DRAMA? ' s had THE CURTAIN WENT UP THIS YEAR highlighting one of Campus Playcrafters' most successful years with Martha Pearl Jones, head of the drama department, giving inspired direction from her popular "Rats Nest." Assisting Miss Jones were: Gunnar Larson, student rnanagerg -Dixie Bullard and Ruth Ann Dodsworth, dramatic depart- ment assistants: Charles Nee and Kenneth Hoggatt. stage. Despite the handicap of the shortage of men the department has produced excellent stage produc- tions and a varied selection of plays. "Murder in the Nunnery" by Emmet Lavery thrilled its Homecoming 'audience with mystery and comedy delightfully mixed. When the Baroness is murdered in the convent chapel, Mother Superior. played by Jolly Torgerson, wisely controls the situation confused by the Inspector, Gunnar Larson, and the Sergeant, Marshall Campbell and the mis- chievous students. Robert Winskill as the Baron. and Dixie Bullard as Mrs. Moss added international intrigue to the fast-moving mystery. Four sparkling one-act plays presented by the freshmen in December featured their versatile talent as guided by the student directors. The plays were: "The Tenth Word," "Green Eyes From Romanyf' "Ace Is Trumped" and "The Troll and the Toll Bridge." H Ten girls and a boy formed the ever-increasing popular Choral Reading group this year giving twelve performances throughout the city and an evening recital of poetry at CPS in February. High- light of their varied program was the unique battling love life of the "Gingham Dog and Calico Cat," MARTHA PEARL JONES, Director A' dna Above: Donna Cohoon. Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Murclcn NVoods, Pearl Jamieson, LeRoy Vaughn, Beverly Hoffstefter, Jolefern Torgerson. Priscilla Newschwander, fecwlme is -5 , mx- lxi, we ,, 3 Evelyn Marshall Above: Barbara Engberg, Anna-Marie Vaughn, Bob Oquist, Noreen Invecn, Dixie Bullard, Bob Winskill, Patricia Hansen, Marshall Campbell, Maxine Atkinson, Marian DeRegt, Bob Creso, Gunnar Larson. Left: Murden Woods, Dixie Bullard, Carol Todd, Sheila Lamar, Doris Nelson, Ruth Ann Dodsworth. Mary Mlaclinov, Bonnie Steele, Noreen Inveen, Priscilla Newschwander, Gunnar Larson. 43 Music 2 Wm P WITH THE COMING OF KARL H. BRAT- TON as head of the Conservatory of Music, interest and participation in collegemusical affairs was stimulated greatly. The Adelphian Chorus has grown by leaps and bounds until in the second semester over 80 students were registered for the course. This year's chorus will be remembered by its lovelyq renditions of such favorites as Bach- C1ounod's "Ave Maria," which was presented at the Christmas Vesper-Program in co-operation with the dramatics department, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "Monastery Garden" and "Ave Verumf' Secretary for the chorus and also for Mr. Bratton was Frances Holt. Activities in which the group participated included, along with the Christ- mas Vesper program, an Easter Program presented on Palm Sunday, the singing of Christmas carols in the Union Depot, and the presentation of several college assemblies. ' The Puget Sound Symphony, directed by Prof. Koker, attracted a number of out-of-town people and soldiers from the Fort who played with the group for the sheer joyi of playing. This organiza- tion, made up mostly of amateurs, made a fine showing in its mid-winter concert. Throughout the year students of the conserva- tory appeared in college programs and also presented nu.mbers and often entire programs for the soldiers at Port Lewis and-for city organizations. Most popular was the Campus Trio which was adopted by the members of the Orpheus club last year. Its members are Betty Heidinger Smith, Virginia Kilde and Marian Clendenen. Accompanist for the trio is Jeane Thurber. A string trio was organized this year, composed of Betty Armstrong, Viletta Rowe and Ruth Gustafson, who, played to many an appreciative and admiring audience. KARL H. BRATTON, Conservatory Head ERICH J. F. KOKER, Director . M. . M....w,,...,....-....fw,,m.W,,...m., ,-..k....,..,...,...W-M....V.,,-Y cps Q g E' 1 'QMS 1 Y . V 3 Y yi ,grip 5 I - Q Au V79 Q in ,f 41" Q N x 1 Q! .55 W 6 X ,QMS X rf , .,.1ZLQ?z ' ' ,.,--- FURENSIE5 S - ' ' ' ' HE FORENSICS DEPARTMENT is a prominent extra-curricular organization of the College of Puget Sound. Dr. Marvin Schafer is the acting faculty adviser and moderator for the debaters. In February the organization held its twelfth annual forensic tournament for high schools in Wash- ington. The topic debated was the question of lower- ing the voting age to eighteen years. CPS debaters were hosts and hostesses to these high school students at a banquet featuring in addition a wide variety of enter- tainment put on by other organizations on' the campus. With 250 debaters participating from twenty-one high schools, this was the largest meeting of this nature to be held west of the Mississippi. The proposition selected for this year by Pi Kappa Delta, the national forensic honorary, was the question of compulsory arbitration for labor disputes. Members of the Forensic department here went to Seattle Pacific College for a practice debate on this topic. Donald Bennett and Barent Johnson entered the ilnals at the Paciflc Coast tournament held at Linfield College. MARVIN R. SCI-IAFER, Adviser .Z 7 ' i 'j"7.- I' 1' ' ' ef N' 'K Alpha Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, which entered competitions at McMinnville Ore. in March. Seated: Lyle Lindelien, John Skupen, Donald Bennett Profes sor Marvin Schafer. Standing: Walter Loewenstein and Barent Johnson Above: Thomas Fohy, rep rescnting Gonzaga Hxgh SchooX, Spokane. Wn DEBATE TOURNAMENT ,7- if BEVERLY BERLIE, Editor 48 M mme ECKSTROM' TAMANAWA5 STAFF 21' Busin2SS Manag -nxt if VFW, Q WW, sg Bob wmzkm, Assistant Editor PM Hlldebfrmdf f 'it' R Cl? Art Editor is 2 Iois Lynch Activities Editor "E Elsie Hansen, Class Editor Staff members seated: Elsie Hansen, Elizabeth Anderberg. Dorothy Cochran, Marie Eckstrom. Standing: Professor Jaeger, Beverly Berlie, Paul Raymond, Bob Winskill, Katherine Bellinger, John Skupen, Jing Ho Ling, Lu Jean Logan. 'r MURDEN WOODS E , d itor TRAIL BETTY J ANE CAPPA, Business Manager 13 Y ,.j- ' Ara... Staff members seated: George Mitchell, Jolafern Torgerson, John Skupen Standing: Murden Woods, Bob Winskill. Frank Price. Professor Jaeger. 'Eb -3' , .- . Business Staff: June Schorer. Ruby Smiph. Anna-Marie Vaughn JULIUS P. JAEGER, Publications Head Mary Anna Schenck, Feature Editor Jeanne McDougall, Society Editor W.'l-l.ll. 70' een ' ' CONSIDERABLE ATTENTION WAS GIVEN SPORTS this year despite work and other press- ing activities of many of the girls. Those who turned out gained much from the experience under the capable leadership of the W.A.A. president, Almira Marchesini, and adviser, Mrs. Mann. Hockey was the first major sport of the year with the freshmen turning out in large numbers. For the first time in several years CPS did not play the University because of the latter's change in schedule. But the intergclass games were the heights of excitement. Volley ball began with inter-class and was followed by inter-sorority. In inter-class, the juniors hadia very strong team but were over-shadowed by a powerfu senior squad. Inter-sorority proved to be most exciting with the Betas and Gammas tied for first place. All the sororities had smooth-working combinations and all the players had to be on their toes and lighting constantly. Basketball was third in line this year with small turnouts compared to previous ye-ars. Inter- class basketball brought the junior squad into the limelight as the most faithful and interested team. Inter-sorority was again a struggle to the finish with all four teams putting forth a great deal of effort. The Gammas again won the basketball cup by de- feating the Indes in the last game. The Betas were second with four wins and two losses. Third were the Indes with two wins and four losses and fifth were the Thetas with one win and five losses. ' Badminton had many enthusiastic participants who spent much time earning the 100 points. The courts were constantly full to capacity. Almira Marchesini. President Betty Armour, Manager 52 f...- .. xi, sf' ff Y' f ,. . .ze al a ww NX JW my film gil mio?-XE BE Nl PNN' of edol 'tw- m lf 4 L V I, Q ,Eli 2 H 5 , i i A :Eglin ' . :j p -A 4-in ?. I ' ' , ,H , , -W, .1.., lr . N, a. . First row: Mary Ann Truitt, Jane Shaffer, Almira Marchcsini. Ruby Smith, Lois Fassett, Betty Jane Cappa. Second row: Eloise Cruvcr, June Larson. Sue Hendrickson. Marie Switzer. Janice Lindeman. Rosa Mae Monger, Peggy Rough, Catherine Funkc. Third row: Evelyn Marshall, Carol Hamilton, Eunice Moberg, Betty Armour, Margaret Lindeman. Dorenc Lockstone, Shirley Gibbs, Rae Johnson. Fourth row: Murden Woods, Dixie Simmons, Helen Miller, Viola Vvlarner, Virginia Barker, Pat Hildebrandt. PINE PUNB VULLEYJ BALL if '95 "is: .9 Above: Almira Marchesini, Marie Eckstrom, Eloise Cruver. Betty Armour, Carol Hamilton, Mary Ann Truitt. Evelyn Marshall, Sue Hendrickson, Jane Shaffer, Almira Marchesini. -"MT" Y -is 'Wim :s gi x D g 'Ag,,"'i -F154 53 f ai?-f Carol Hamilton. Murden Woods. HU EKEY SOFTBALL 54 BADMINTUN Above, first row: Jane Shaffer, Ruby Smith. Second row: Almira Marchesini, Catherine Punke. Lois Fassett. Sue Hendrickson, Evelyn Marshall, Peggy Rough. Rosa Mae Monger, Betty . Jane Cappa. ' 4-1-L, Kneeling: Ruby Smith, Janice Lindeman. Slandmgs Lois Fassett. Mary Ann Truitt Almira Marchesini, Betty Armour. Q I 1 1 I 1 1 CABINET Fall Offirers jolafern Torgerson Prcrident Helen Pat Bcern Vire President Betty Armour Ret. Serrclary Mary Anna Schcnck Cor. Serrelary Mary Jean Heidinger Trcarurer Anna Marie Vaughn Hirtorian Betty Armour Helen Pat Beem Dixie Bullard Patricia Hansen Jeanne McDougall Jolafern Torgerson Spring Jolafern Torgerson Betty Armour Mary Rough Betty Smith Par Robinson Virginia Barker mecm til- 4 HQ W Peggy Doubeck Evelyn Marshall Betty Heidinger Smith Marla Clark Geraldine Foxwell Mary Jean Heidinger Jane Hill Carol Hitchcock Rae Johnson June Levack Marian Lentz Elaine McLorinan Nadine McCleary Polly Packard Lucille Randall 6- , 3 3 V A 1 .. .I V I D J Mary Rough Mary Anna Schenck Anna Marie Vaughn Juanita Baumgartner , Ruth Beherns Helen Caputo Myrtle Chatwood Dorothy Dean Davis Gwen Dean Betty Dunn Nancy Keaton Jackie Kilbourne La Verne King f Helene Koehler 6- am' 'F Yp P . Viv. v iff A June Larson Mary McCready Shirlee Nelson Frances Quinn Marian Robinson Peggy Rough Mollie Schlegel Q Gwen Simmons Evane Stephens F V 56 we ' 5 " 2 L1 X I gi. ia., lv 55 5 in- i 3 -H L . so al A- . , 43' Q 3 . J as F 2 it A 1 'I ' T " . ig. . . ' 2-' ..'- Ni? v fl ff Eb ,E i ,i L, i mm AW - pg , .K 3: Y- VM' -Q-. I Q iss mai I Mi I. , J KU, 71 4 .G f- E 9 F x CABINET , Fall Pafricia Hildebrandt Doris Nelson Aimira Marchzsini Carol .Hamilton Lu Jean Logan Offircrs Preridenl In Vice Pres. 2nd Vice Pwr. Rec, Secretary Cor. Serrclary Sue Hendrickson Treasurer Elouise Cruvcr Historian 15 . F, 'V ' 3 , f Q ,lifx ,F V . if i,, Q , 3, V x qi i S- 1 Spring Doris Nelson Elsie Hansen Almira Marchesini Ruby Smith Lois Lynch Dorothy Schweinler Merilatt Betz Marian Clendenen Elsie Hansen Sue Hendrickson Pat Hildebrandt Almira Marchesini Doris Nelson Jane Shaffer Elverna Amundsen Ruth Ann Dodsworth Lu Jean Logan Lucille Ludwick Virginia Mekkes Dorothy Schweinler Ruby Smith MaryAnn Truitt Ursella Watts Elizabeth Anderberg Maryan Bailey Donna Cohoon Elouise Cruver Helen Darling Margaret DeVoto Carol Hamilton Lois Lynch Maryam Munro Viletta Rowe Joan Tregoning Genevieve Verone Merillat Betz Pat Browne Darcia Dayton Margaret Dooley Mary Elliot Lois Fassett Violet Hessey, Evelyn Jensen Phyllis Lawson Jessie Lee Mock Jeanne Neagle Shirley Ostlund Wanda Smith Bonnie Steele Carol Todd Marian Tregoning Jayne Votaw Delores Walker 57 Beverly Berlie Fall Beverly Berlie Beverly Hofstetter Dorcas Eggeslno Peggy' O'Connell Helen Miller Marie Eckstrom 58 CABINET Offiferr President Vice Prexidunt Kar, Secretary Cor. Secrclary Trcamrer Historian Spring Beverly Berlin Beverly Hofstetter Dorcas Eggesbo Marie Eckstrom Helen Miller Evelyn-Coubrough 1 Marie Eckstrom Dorcas Eggesbo Beverly I-lofstetter Helen Miller Peggy O'Connell Joy Adams Colleen Ainsworth Vernace Barton Katherine Bellingcr Geraldine Briggs Evelyn Coubrough Marian Fiffles Mary Lduise Guthrie Emily Harold Dorothy Kostenbader Jenn Roar Janice Wyllys I I li .re y mm f ' X CABINET Fall Officer: Spring Jean Hallen Prexident Donna Agather Barbara Engberg Vice,Pre:ident jean Erhart Donna Agatha: Rec. Secretary Alice Ann Cross Phyllis Thompson Cor. Secretary Bea Rayno Jean Erhart' Treasurer Mary Agnes Gallagher Janette Blake Historian Janette Blake J Norene Inveen - Priscilla Newschwander F Janice Stenson 21 , Ni Donna Agather ' V' Barbara Engberg , ' , 1 Jean Erhart Jean Hallen -9 Alice Ann Cross ' Virginia Cummings Joyce Fearn Irene Fearn Mary Lou Forsbeck Betty Gundstrom Janice Lindeman Margaret Lindeman Phyllis Thomson Margaret Allen Gloria Beck I Barbara Blacksmith Janette Blake Charlotte Coors x M 'L i, Lorraine Danell lone Davis Gloria Dunlap Emma Jean Esplund Bettianne Fulton Tina Gagliardi Mary Agnes Gallagher Margaret Galloway Sheila 'Lamar Helen Mahoney Fay McCrady Rosa Mae Monger Marie Opsata fl Jane Parker Janis Planchard Bea Rayno Janice Rea Virginia Taylor Jean Thomas '59 Fall Jane Shaffer Dixie Bullard Carol Hamilton Polly Packard jean Erhart Jean Thurber CABINET Officer: Prexident Vice-President Rec. Secretary Cor. Secretary Trearurer Program Cbaxrma Dixie Bullard Marian Clendenen Sara Ellington Sue Hendrickson Jane Shaffer Jolafern Torgerson Elverna Amundsen Ruth Ann Dodsworth Carol Hamilton Norma James ' Lu Jean Logan - Lucile Ludwick . Evelyn Marshall Helen Miller Jean Thurber Mary Ann Truitt Margaret Van Amberg Murden Woods Kay Burrill Donna Cahoon Eloise Cruver Thelma Hardy Carol Hitchcock Louise Kipper Jing Ho Ling Elaine Lycan Donna Mclnnis Mary Ann Munro Polly Packard Lucile Randle Violetta Rowe Dotha Smock Janet Tregoning Anna Marie Vaughn Bea Young Betty Armstrong Janette Blake Gwen Dean Mary L. Elliot Lois Passett Barbara Forth Jacqiline Gibson Ruth Gustafson Violet Hessey Frances Holt Ruth Marie Johnson Dorothy Kostenbader Phyllis Lawson Clara Lewis Doreen Lockstone Helen Mahoney Sara Jeanne Mather Shirley Ostland June Schorer Bonnie Steele Marie Switzer Helen Thomas Carol Todd Marian Tregoning Viola Warner . Lourine Wiegradt 71 Spring Sarah Ellington Dixie Bullard Carol Hamilton Polly Packard jean Erhart Jean Thurber 1 X y V1- V. - 4 ri ,.-A e 1- ' N' r . G D , X I '. 'i , 6, 3' ,Y-i if I I F' N r K 41 , xl-2.3 I L 6 i I k. yg mr 4! VF 32? C? 9 I . , e 6 X J L . aj gli if -'TQ 63 K w" I t U aj qx' 1 A ,N iiiy ..,E, ' J, Q wg A 1. -Ly Ti' f ll gl , tee ff W wit iw I 4 l .82 ,M ,Ft . ,BK l I 0 75 dd -vw lu ' 1 'Qi W gt- Q? iN' . ff" D 4 l ,, .5 . rx ' K a C R1-' N. Fi R Qi X li -if f 'S , P k , sr -fa 1 . R X ? K I 4- , 5 M Q r or ,r Fall Bob Oquist Bob Crrmander Bob Cronander Otho Halligan Bob Creso CABINET Offirer: President Secretary Trrarurer Guard Pledge Father Frank Price Paul Raymond LeRoy Vaughn Donald Bennett Robert Creso Edward Funk Robert McCullough Robert Oquist Robert Cronander Otho Halligan Kenneth Hoggatt George Addison Carl Arness Harry Berg Charles Brown William Campbell Clair Candler Jack Colegrove Floyd Dickson Richard Eckert i Robert Hentze Fred Holm Mike Jayko Donald Kelsey Robert Minnitti Charles Morris Duane Paulson Charles Reid Frank Hill John Skupen Spring Paul Raymond Don Bennett Bob Oquist Bob Cronander Bob Creso 61 - ' HELEN PAT BEEM, Spring President JEANNE MCDOUG ALL Fall President H 'WF N r, 1 'Z 14 C7 3 r' 466 i l if ,Q-f' MRS. D. D. SCHNEIDER, House Mother ' , 1'- fd' 1 ,,a Wi I f f , in ff' '-' . Y H, AF- , SF 'W' 9' ii 2 4 ' ,j re , ,, , ff ,,I I bv' First row: Bonnie Steele. Betty Dunn. Marie Switzer, Virginia Mekkes, Lucille Ludwick, Jeanne McDougall, Elverna Amundsen. Jean Erhart. Helen Mahoney. Second row: Thelma J Hardy, Fraces Holt. Phyllis Lawson, Mary Anna Schenck, Maryan Bailey, Colleen Ainsworth. 1 Lu Jean Logan, Darcia Dayton. Gwen Simmons, Jackie Kilbourne. Frances Quinn, Juanita .I Baumgarrner. Third row: Elaine Lycan, Emily Harold. Janegte Blake. Bea Young, Merillat A Betz. Lucille Randall, Helen Thomas, Violetta Rowe. Kay Burril. Mrs. Schneider, Donna Cohoon, Mary Lou Elliott. Jessie Lee Mock. Geraldine Foxwell, Janice Rae, June Larson. Fourth row: .lean Thomas, Mary Ann Munro, Marie Opsata, Peggy Doubeck, Marian Robinson, Jane Hill, Florence Carlson, Jean Olson. yer: . Cixiffff v. . 'i w -, . . BOB WINSKILL - - - - President GUNNAR LARSON Senior Representative JEAN THURBER - - Junior Representative INTER-SURURITY EUUNEIL Below: Composed of the Presidents and Representa- tives of each sorority. Inter-sorority council forrnulates rules and regulates oint planning for the total groups. ,SeuIed: Patricia Hildebrandt, Barbara Engber. Mrs. Drushell, Betty Armour. Lucille Ludwick. Standing: Beverly Berlie, Doris Nelson. Jolafcrn Torgcrson. Dorcas Eggesbo. Donna Agather. INDEPENDENTS X g V JING HO LING - Sophomore Representative DIXIE SIMMONS - - Freshman Representative BETTY JANE CAPPA - - - Secretary KITTBED GE HALL 'Q Z like fx... if First row: J-anis Planchard. Dorothy ' Kostenbader, El Louise May. Second row! Mary Louise Guthrie. Dean Drushell, Joyce Nelson. Lorraine Hasson. Thzra' row: Gwen Dean. Ruth Gustafson. Miss Ann Grout. Peggy Hume, Katherine Rosa Mae Mongcr. Q GQQG ' I v I K, -,?' 1'-fi 2 X fl? li 3 1' y. l TT X ' llc , Q I E 5' Members of this Sophomore women's honorary are chosen on the basis of participation in activities and service to the school. Climaxing their year's work was the presentation of a Service Flag to the college. First row: Betty Jane'Cappa, Elizabeth Anderberg, Mary Jean Heidinger, Jing Ho Ling. Second row: Louise Kipper. Polly Packard, Janice Lindeman. Third row: Donna Cohoon. Alice Ann Cross. Joyce Fearn, Thelma Hardy, Marilan Forsbeckf Marla Clark, Maryan Munroe, Lois Lynch SPURS UTLAH This honorary is comprised of those junior and senior women who have a grade point average of Z. or better. First row: Betty Armour, Sue Hendrickson. Second row: Sally Ellington, Mrs. Seward. Patricia Hildebrandt. . The Intercollegiate Knights. honorary mens' group. assists with all college functions and creates school spirit. Those pledged this year are Don Bennett. Bill Campbell, Marshall Campbell, Charles Nee and Bob Oquist. Sealed: LeRoy Vaughn, Don Carsten. Bob McCullough. Duke I h and Bob Creso. Standing: Paul Raymond, Frank Price. V QFVW F753WFF?5P5i.n,,fe2.iWVi,,:l4 TE? ' "'- 1 STUDENT EHRISTIAN ASSUEIATIUN First row: Betty Armstrong. Donna Cohoon. Marie Switzer. Rae Johnson, Jing Ho Ling. Helen Thomas, Margaret Lindeman. June Schorer. Second row: Viletta Rowe. Kay Burrill, -Mary Lou Elliott, Dorothy Moyles, Bonnie Steele. Lu Randall, Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Louise Kipper. Third row: Sarah Mather, Sally Ellington. Virginia Barker, June Levack, Bea Young. Doreen Lockstone, Janice Lindeman. Fourth row: Carol Todd, Jean Thurber, Thelma Hardy, Janette Blake, El Louise May. Norma Jean Rice, Jackie Gibson. Ruth Marie Johnson. Fifth row: Dr. Martin. Evelyn Marshall,'Polly Packard. Helen Mahoney, Viola Warner, Murden Woods, Mary Mladinov. Don Carsten. INTERNATIUNAL RELATIUNS Organized to promote international good will, this club contributes to a more complete understanding of national problems. Seated: Bob Winskill, Dorothy Cochran Janette Blake, Elsie Hansen, Sally Ellington. Professor Tomlinson, Jolafern Torgerson Bob Oquist. Standing: Paul Raymond, Margaret Van Amburg, Charles Nee Don Carsten Katherine Burrill, Ruby Hemmingson. Barent Johnson, Tsuyoshi Horike Bob Alex ander, Don Bennett, Gunnar Larson. UEIIUPATIUNAL THERAPY This club was newly organized this year for those students who are interested in Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation. Sealed: Mary Gerardy, Polly Packard, Mary Rough, Wanda Smith, Frances Quinn. Standing: Bea. Young, Professor Bell, Janette Blake, Ann Monoghan Beverly Berlie, Dorothy Schweinler. Jean Taylor, Mrs. Ruth Hampton, Juanita Baumgartner, Ruby Smith. SKI CLUBS First row: Chuck Brown, George Addison. Carl Arness, Harry Berg. Bob Oquist. Paul Diamond. Fred Holm. Second row: Janis Planchard, Donna Cohoon, Bettianne Fulton, Jane Parker, Tina Gagliardi, Mary Agnes Gallagher, Jayne Votaw, Shirlee Nelson, Evane Stephens, Helene Koehler, Sheila Lamar. Third row: Darcia Dayton, Merillat Betz, Margaret Lindeman, Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Mary Ann Truitt, Maryan Bailey, Helen Mahoney, Joan Stapleton, Myrtle Chatwood, June Levack, Rae Johnson, Dick Eckert. Fourth row.: Bob Creso, Jolafern Torgerson, Molly Schlegel, Don Bennett, Lucille Ludwick, Barbara Engberg, Dorcas Eggesbo, Helen Miller. Fifth row: LeRoy Vaughn, Paul Raymond. Bob Winskill, Barent Johnson, Don Carsten, Mike Jayko, Ken Hoggatt, Clinton Smith, Charles Nee, Virgil Baker, Andy Moe. MU SIGMA DELTA Only juniors and seniors with exceptionally high scholastic standing and faculty members with Phi Betta Kappa rating are elected into this scholastic honorary. First row: Professor Slater. Sarah Ellington. Patricia Hildebrandt, Professor Schafer, Betty Armour. Second row: Professor Chapman. Miss Stevens, Jean Thurber Dr. Todd. Miss McKinney. Dean Regester, Dean Drushel. Professor Martin. Third row: Professor Seward. Professor Jaeger. Mr, Robbins, Barent Johnson, Professor Tomlinson. ' ' E7 nfl Wim! 'TE F8 ,f ' fi t ffl? Q. 1 ' , v 12 4 - H K 'L ' l 7 A . f? .L w - ' W 1 mn-7' , , A ggvjgd, N1 '-YEL til, 'L tl. ML. K , ':L...',,1'L .:q x f H., Hr. v ....-, ' - v-0.-n, . 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I ,4'lr f'r4 ,,4' in '51, H- , ,ffnllff slr: -J al' .air -W1 ff :,s'?'? ,J-if l - , . -'ea-1 i. ff Ntxpf V 4 , .mer--621711 - if xg- . ,F D- L Burnley-Mng Qnncrnl Srrlfirr TACOMA AVENUE AT SOUTH FIRST ik' Q Sir Conrad Print Shop. the printers of the Puget Sound Trail. are always willing' and able to help you with last minute printing at lowest possible cost Konrad Printing Hnlnpnny Modern and Moderate 77 af.. ., A ,, "fa, , 1 Y 1 . Q, Qnwylv-L X A if F.,-.lp A A v nf. asf . , . ' . 1 '- v', ,, -. -fs if ,J "?"'L QQ-4 'V '- , , f 1 'R' 5 x ia ! 'J 'I Ta W O .fqi :I f i ' 4 K 'Ho I s , "f MH- Bef? -5 .gf -Q-,f .- 3 " fc- 2 -- N' E 5 1 ' ' Q '4 V 'Nic' '- i '-.ff R' "Q 1-' 1 - ' .'-r s 1, . " . '..,' , 1- K 1 In ', :,' V . F0 L- "'- , "4-I If- N ' "-' 4 QQ' A' S x'1f1'i3""451?' -1-'F ,,,,...'-f,- ' V Q , '. Jury' ,,,j-' '.gTgQ,4-' '.4 ' ' f",f.f-"' L ,. 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Pugai 80 nd Nafiv al Bank TACOMA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of the Hzfllege Evmmvns Queen Mary bruise I 7945 War law eampafyn Bell, Edna-Ellen, 16, 67 Bratton, Karl H., 16, 44, 45 Capen. Ellery, 16. 22, 23 Chapman. Coolidge Otis, 16, 67 Chubb. Frances, 16 Drushell. Mrs. Lyle Ford. 15. 22. 23. 29, 64. 67 Fossom, Paul R., 17 Frederick, Arthur L., 17 Gibbs, E. Delmer, 17, 22 Jaeger. Julius P., 17, 49, 51, 67 Angst, Mrs. Carol, 20 Cutting, Dorothy, 20 Grout, Ann. 64 Adams, Joy, 38. 58 Addison, George, 38, 61, 67 Agather, Mrs. Donna, 31, 59. 64 Ainsworth, Colleen. 38. 58, 62 Alexander, Robert, 38, 66 Allen. Margaret, 38, 59 Alm. Katherine. 38. 64 Amundsen. Elverna. 31, 57, 60. 62 Anderberg, Elizabeth. 34, 49. 57, 65 Armour, Betty Agnes, 23. 27. 52. 53. 54. 56. 64. 65,67 Armstrong. Betty, 38, 60. 66 Arness, Carl, 38, 61, 67 Atkinson. Maxine, 43 Bailey, Maryan. 34, 57, 62, 67 Baker, Vergil. 38. 67 Barker, Virginia, 53, 66 Barton. Vernace. 38, 58 Baumgartner, Juanita, 38, 56, 62, 67 Beck, Gloria-. 38. 59 Beem. Helen Patricia. 22. 27, 56, 62 Behrens, Ruth. 38. 56 Bellinger. Katherine, 38. 49, 58 Bennett. Donald. 34, 4.6, 61. 66, 67 Berg. Harold, 38. 61, 67 Bergmann. Gunnar. 31 Berlie. Beverly. 22, 27, 48. 58. 64, 67 Betz, Merillat. 38. 57, 62, 67 Blacksmith. Barbara. 38, 59 Blake. Janette. 38. 59, 60, 62, 66, 67 Briggs, Geraldine, 38. 58 Brown, Charles, 38, 61. 67 Brown, Patricia, 38, 57 Vadez I Jones, Martha Pearl, 17, 42 Koker, Erich J. F., 18, 44 Lewis, Helen M., 18 MacDonald, George D.. 18 Mann, Marjorie Jenkins, 18, 52 Martin. Arthur W., 18, 66, 67 McKinney. Helen Julia, 19, 67 Miller, Christian. 15 Regester, John Dickinson. 15, 22, 23, 27 Robbins, Bertha, 19 5:44 Vwlex Robbins, Charles A., 15. 22, 67 Schafer. Marvin R., 19, 46, 67 Seward, Raymond S., 19. 67 Sinclair, Robert Daniel. 19 Slater, James R., 20, 67 Stevens, Blanche W., 20, 67 Tomlinson. Warren E.. 20, 22, 66, 67 Thompson, R. Franklin. 14 Todd, Edward H.. 13, 29, 67 Kalstad. Mrs. Janet, 20 Schneider, Mrs. D. D., 63 ' Seward, Mrs. Raymond, 20. 22. 65 '74-:dex Bullard. Dixie M., 27, 42. 43, 56. 60 DeVoto, Margaret, 34. 57 Burrill, Katherine, 34, 60, 62, 66 Campbell, Marshall, 38, 43 Campbell. William, 38. 61 Candler, Clair, 37, 38, 61 Cappa, Betty Jane, 34, 50, 53, 54. 64, 65 Caputo, Helen, 38, 56 Carlson, Florence, 31, 62 Carsten, Donald. 23, 31, 65. 66. 67 Chatwood,'Myrt1e, 38. 56. 67 Clark, Marla. 34, 56. 65 Clcndenen, Marian, 23, 27, 45, 57, 60 Cochran, 38. 49, 66 Cohoon. Donna, 33, 34. 43, 57, 60. 62, 65, 66, 67 Colegrove. Jack, 38, 61 Coors, Charlotte, 38, 59 Corum, Gloria, 31 Couhrough, Evelyn, 38, 58 Creso. Robert, 31, 43. 61, 65. 67 Cronander. Robert G.. 34. 61 Cross, Alice Ann. 34. 59. 65 Cruver. Elouise, 34. 53. 57. 60 Cummings. Carolyn, 34, 59 Dancll, Lorraine, 38. 59 Darling. Helen, 34, 57 Davis, Dorothy Dean. 38, 56 Davis, lone, 38, 59 Dayton. Darcia, 38, 57, 62, 67 Dean., Gwen, 38, 56, 60, 64 DeRegt. Marian, 43 Dickson, Floyd, 38, 61 Dodsworth. Ruth Ann. 30, 31. 43. 57, 60, 66, 67 Dooley, Margaret, 38, 57 Doubek. Peggy Lou, 31, 56, 62' Dunlap, Gloria. 38, 59 Dunn. Betty. 38, 56, 62 Eckert, Richard, 38, 61, 67 Eckstrom. Marie. 31. 48. 49, 53, 58 Eggesbo, Dorcas. 8, 23. 31. 58. 64. 67 Ellington, Sarah, 27. 60, 65. 66. 67 Elliott, Mary. 39, 57. 60. 62. 66 Engberg. Barbara. 30, 31, 43, 59, 64. 67 Erhart. Jean. 22, 23. 31, 59. 62 Espeland. Emma Jean, 38. 59 Fassett, Lois. 38, 53, 54, 57, 60 Fearn. lrene, 34, 59 Fearn. Joyce. 33, 34. 59, 65 17iiT1es. Marion, 38. 58 Forsbeck. Marilan. 34, 59, 65 Forth. Barbara, 38. 60 lioxwell, Geraldine. 38, 56. 62 Fulton. Bettianne. 38. 59. 67 Funk. Edward. 28. 61 . Funke. Catherine, 34. 53. 54 Gagliardi. Tina, 38. 59. 67 Gallagher. Mary. 38, 59, 67 Galloway. Margaret, 38, 59 Gibbs, Shirley, 53 , Gibson, Jacqueline, 38, 60. 66 Goldenhar. Maurice, 34 Gundstrom, Betty, 34, 59 Gurr, Helen. 38 Gustafson. Ruth. 38, 60, 64 Guthrie. Mary Louise, 38. 58. 64 Hallen. Jean. 31. 59 Halligan, Otho. 34. 61 Hamilton. Carol. 34, 53, 54. 57, 60 Hansen. Elsie Marianne. 27, 49. 57, 66 Hansen. Patricia, 27, 43, 54 1-lardy.Thelma, 22, 34. 60, 62, 65, 66 Harold, Emily, 39. 58, 62 Hasson. Lorraine. 64 Heidinger, Mary Jean, 34. 56. 65 Hemmingson. Tom. 39, 66 Hendrickson. Sue. 22. 26, 27. 53. 54. 57. 60, 65 Hentze. Robert. 39, 61 Hessey, Violet. 39. 57, 60 Hildebrandt. Patricia, 27, 49, 57. 64. 65. 67 Hill, Frank, 39, 61 Hill, Jane. 39. 56. 62 Hill. Mrs. Verol B.. 27 Hitchcock, Carolyn, 34, 56. 60 Hofstetter. Beverly. 31, 43. 58 Hoggatt. Kenneth. 39. 61, 67 Holm. Fred. 39. 61. 67 Holt, Frances, 39. 60. 62 Hume, Peggy, 64 lnveen. Norene. 38. 43, 59 James. Norma. 31. 60 Jamieson. Pearl. 35, 43 Q Jayko, Michael. 39, 6l. 67 Jensen. Evelyn. 39, 57 Johnson. Barent. 28. 46, 66. 67 Johnson. Rachel. 35, 53. 56, 66. 67 Johnson, Ruth Marie, 39. 60. 66 Kahn, Kerttu. 35 Keaton, Nancy, 39. 56 Kelsey. Donald, 39. 61 Kilbourne. Jacqueline, 39, 56, 62 Kilde. Virginia, 23, +33, 45 King, La Verne. 39, 56 Kipper. Louise, 35. 60, 65, 66 Koehler. Helene, 39, 56. 67 53. Kostenbader, Dorothy, 39, 58, 60, 64 Sheila, 39, 42, 59, 67 l.amar, Larson. Gunnar. 22, 28, 43. 64, 66 Larson,' June M.. 39, 53, 56, 62 Peggy, 31 Larson. Lawson, Phyllis. 39, 57, 60, 62 Lee. Betty Jane. 39 Lentz. Marian, 35, 56 Levack, June, 35, 56. 66. 67 Lewis, Clara, 39, 60 Lindelien, Lyle, 46 Lindeman, Janice, 22, 23, 33. 35, 53. 54. 59, 65, 66 Lindeman, Margaret, 23, 35, 53, 59, 66. 67 Ling, Jing Ho. 35. 49, 60, 64, 65, 66 Lockstone, Doreen, 39, 53, 60, 66 Vozoiez Loewenstein. Walter, 46 D Logan, LuJean, 30, 31, 49. 57, 60, 62 Ludwick. Lucille, 22, 23, '30, 31, 57,' 60. 62, 64. 67 Lycan. Elaine, 35. 60, 62 Lynch, Lois. 35, 49, 57, 65 Maclnnis. Donna, 35, 60 Mahoney. Helen. 39, 59, 60, 62, 66, 67 Marchesini. Almira, 26. 28, 52, 53, 54, 57 Marshall. Evelyn. 31, 43, 53. 54, 56. 60. 66 Mather. Sara Jeanne, 39, 60, 66 May, El Louise3 64, 66 McCleary. Nadene. 35. 56 McCrady, Faye, 39, 59 McCready. Mary Pat, 39, 56 McCullough, Robert, 23, 33. 35, 61, 65 McDougall. Jeanne, 28. 51, 54, 62 McLorinan, Elaine, 35. 56 Mekkes. Virginia, 31, 57, 62 Miller, Helen, 31, 53, 58, 60. 67 Minnitti. Robert. 35. 61 Mitchell, Charles, 35. 51 Mladinov. Mary, 39, 43, 66 Moberg, Eunice. 53 Moberg, Joy, 35 Mock, Jessie Lee. 39, 57, 62 Moe, Andrew. 67 Monger, Rosa Mae. 39. 53. 54, 59. 64 Morris, Charles, 37. 39. 61 Moyles, Dorothy, 39, 66 Munro, Maryan. 35. 57, 60, 62. 65 Neagle, Jeanne, 39, 57 Nee, Charles, 31, 66, 67 Nelson. Doris, 28. 42, 57, 64 Nelson. Joyce, 35. 64 Nelson, Shirlee, 39. 56, 67 Newschwander, Priscilla, 26, 28. 43. 59 O'Connell, Peggy, 31. 58 Olson, Jean, 39, 62 Opsata, Marie. 39, 59, 62 Oquist, Robert, 22, 35, 43, 61, 66. 67 Ostlund, Shirley, 37. 39, 57, 60 Packard, Polly, 35, 56. 60, 65. 66. 67 Parker, Jane, 39, 59. 67 Paulson, Duane, 39, 61 Planchard. Janis, 39, 59, 64. 67 Price, Edwin Frank, 26, 28, 51, 61, 65 Quinn, Frances. 39, 56, 62, 67 Radke, Roberta, 35 Randall, Lucile. 35, 56, 60, 62, 66 Raymond, Paul B., 28.49, 61, 65. 66, 67 Rayno, Beatrice, 39, 59 Rea. Janice, 39, 59, 62 Reid, Charles, 39, 61 Rice, Norma Jean, 36, 66 Roar. Jean, 39, 58 Robinson, Marian, 39, 56, 62 Rough, Mary, -36. 56, 67 Rough. Peggy, 39, 53, 54, 56 Rowe. Viletta, 36, 57, 60, 62, 66 Schartow. Edna, 39 Schenck, Mary Anna. 36. 51, 56, 62 Schlegel, Mollie, 39, 56, 67 Schorer. June, 39, 51. 60, 66 Schweinler, Dorothy, 32. 57, 67 Shaffer. Jane, 28, 53, 54, 57, 60 Simmons, Dixie Lee, 39, 53, 64 Simmons, Gwen, 39. 56, 62 Skupen. John. 22, 37, 39, 46, 49, 51, 61 Smith, Betty Heidinger, 22. 23, 32, 45. 56 Smith. Clinton, 40, 67 V Smith, Thomas, 40 Smith. Ruby A.. 32. 51, 53, 54. 57, 67 Smith. Wanda, 40, 57, 67 Smock. Dotha. 36. 60 Stapleton, Joan, 67 Steele, Bonny, 40, 43, 57, 60. 62. 6 Stephens, Evane. 40, 56. 67 Stenson. Janice. 28. 59 Switzer. Anna Marie. 40. 53, 60, 62. 66 Taylor, Jeanne. 40. 67 Taylor, Virginia, 40, 59 Thomas. Helen, 40. 60., 62 Thomas. Jean, 40. 59, 62, 66 Thompson. Phyllis, 36, 59 Thurber. Jeane, 23, 32, 45, 60. 64. 66. 67 Todd, Carol, 23, 37, 40, 42. 57, 60, 66 Torgerson. Chester. 40 Torgerson. Jolafern, 23, 28. 43, 51, 56. 60. 64. 66. 67 Tregoning. Joan. 36, 57. 60 Truitt, Mary Ann, 32. 53, 54, 57, 60. 67 Van Amburg. Margaret. 32, 60, 66 Vaughn, Anna-Marie, 36, 43, 51. 56. 60 Vaughn. LeRoy, 21, 22, 23, 28, 43, 61, 67 Verone, Genevieve. 36, 57 Vick, Lois. 40 Votaw, Jayne. 40, 57. 67 Walker, Delores, 40,-57 Warner, Viola, 40, 53, 60, 66 Watts, Ursella. 32, 57 Wiegradt. Lourine. 40, 60 Winskill, Robert W., 36, 43, 49, 51, 64, 66. 67 Woods. Murden, 32, 42, 43, 50, 51, 53, 54, 60, 66 Wyllys, Janice. 40. 58 York, Janes, 28 Young. Beatrice, 40, 60, 62, 66, 67 6 ,i,.,--.,.. ,-..- A I - 7 '- L Af T - f 4, ' .. . 4 i .- A 1 I 1 1 ,N F, I f 1 5. . - -B V Y' W H . ,, -1,,44 . - ,,,,, ,544 hw,-' gm, SQL

Suggestions in the University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) collection:

University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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