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University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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-rr-.1-'H -- ...,, , , QI. , J: VE, Fi 11 I H 1 -.. 4 I, f 6 19 A 'It A r ,Y .,l' 1 T41 -I' ,ri ar- 5 ,Iv in pf H E S f g"-"""""""--4---v'- ---M -,:,f .. wgmm, ,MW Y ' 'W"""N i""""' "WW W'-W-4'-f 4'l'-- -- farm- - ,gg,,,,,,, , ,lwvm Yank?-In -1 -Y -4 i 1' . in I ' -.rf ff. if , 1 --yr,--, 1 JP , , - ga 4,1 . . QI :Fit -,JP 1. "WL :Fr 1 'S v 1.0" 1 U -Q 9-1- . -L v. if - K Y .9 ' ,Que ' .f....a..A:51 ' is Z nl"Qw Q" ' - W, . 1 In 2 14.-'ff if . i 'U .mf 'af .15 we - 1 Xl. E.- , 1. Af, 'x ii' 5 A " "Q u K ' 5 1 2 . , 'L LEP Jag? IA. L . 1 - " Q KK F,- . lfP:w'g'51. 1' , ,. ,f,,?T,,!.aE1jW ' N M uf! . 'fifvg , 'f ' ' iv , '. 'Eg-44. A 'r -.rn fb- 1 -'Nu ' -v ,n. ' . S . v.: ' fy . ff 1. 4 I I i N W ! A' 'ffm' I 4 I w i . , 5 w Q , LH ., A-ax. 4 -J '--4 ,Rn ,Im ,, ....mIII. ,,,,,. II I 3 , Y I I I II . -MII- LI I II I II. . 1IIIyI..3 3355. .If Yr , " -I . H41 -rx-sf-E I, IQWLQIII Tljgggl I ' QSIIIIS1 1, ' ,,., S.. Qufj Ivff' I' II ' I I I I , I., MI HI! VR: , I I. , I Q + HIIIEWIIOIIIJ AS THE LOGGERS' MARCH TO VICTORY CONTINUES, WITH THAT MARCH GOES SCORES OF OUR STUDENT BODY QMEIVIBERS WITH THE HOPE OF ASSURING FOR US THE CONTINUAL OPPORTUNITYQ AND OPENING OF1 PASSAGE WAYS FOR FURR EITHER LEARNING IN .OUR "COLLEGE.OF DREAMS," RAND: MAY THE MEMORIES OF T-HAT COLLEGE REMAIN WITH us IN THIS BOOK AIEWAYS. "-L u X wx .sa ,W a, 1.4 HQ ., m 5 , mg ,,- -Tv-, .. .. ' hm.. uw. ,Ug- -qx wx., ,,, , 131, A -:E .5 sl. , ' 'e-2 1' .LM 1- W., 'NH .ff he mhz fi, W :W :JWQI ' new 1 ff, H551 sr 1 11- H ' 1' w w w 52? '.:i5if5:, -.nw 'Nf' El YH QM :me A ,W ,. wwf tw 135' ' , ., , :W ,,- ., gg , ,WEA -P, A Q , RE L... uv w k J, F4 , -. X:::.,, v V XSL K .W w ggi Q93 Our lndian forerunners in this beautiful spot of the Evergreen State looked to the West and saw the great Olympics-to the East stood the mighty Mountain -in all this they discovered the Spirit of Tamanawas-the epi- tome of all that is best in C-od and man. Following in their foot- steps, it is a profound joy to share through the pages of our beloved year book, TAMANA- WAS, those experiences which have made the year l943-1944 stand out in our memory. It has been a difficult year, and yet a good year. More than seven hundred of the College of Puget Sound family are serving in the armed forces. We have had in our midst an army training pro- gram which has meant much to the army and to the College. Throughout the year the College has maintained the high aca- demic standards, the love of truth, and the moral and spiritual qualities which have always marked her esteemed graduates. The spirit of Tamanawas-- the spirit of the College of Puget Sound inculcates a breadth of vision, dedication to high pur- poses, and consecration to those eternal values which give to each man the tools of mind, soul and body by which he may not only live in any age, but by which he lifts the splendors and realities of tomorrow from the cradle. R. Franklin Thompson, President. ql' .1 'a -J ,!" J t-Q "J ,,, - ' 5 lg Xl V 3 Tw 1 members tration are Dean and Dean Drushel 1 understanding manner 5 wi,llA jlong be rem ' ered by their students. -,Q IE it E 4 A. ,F fi"- xn gt, L, I : ' ' .v, 4. 1. n N -wi r--ig, -W, W ill - , . ' ' . rn 1.1 1 -fv mg if fn, TTU' ,-,. V, --.1 E 5 L L an txt? uw, gn gl Klint I. -1. .,,g WA wt "- Q fr get If N ' L . .lyj J N g 1-. 4 Q ,n 3? Q' Q 'Y -3 1, if 5 vm f-, . wav-in 74 f ..:st'.5!,.1 fn -Q, ., . mst"--. L fa ' 'Lf'-' "f - f- A , f 'I g' .A-3 , ,,., . V -V M N, 4 LYLE J USHEL: Mr ,f ' 2' wp: ix ' ' '.- - . 'K - -- 5 - q-an-no, - - -,' 1. , ,Q -' vi Y' f'g"'ii xxx f ,151 -ff, Q ,, A. f7g1'fWf'Q4'.t'e 'r my if '-" Yi. 17 'iii t' . fd. '35 'FL'h. 4" ' 'l'JJ,i '91 , ,- --,I fa ,- .1 L .,. -V ,-I '55 - 1 . f 4.511 rw. - , V-1,45 . 7, - ' -Xxx .' 1' ,.-,,,1- Lf 1' ll ' I 4 f- - '-4 , , . . ,. , . Sm 'I :I 1 fx' '. I". A 3" A 1- '- fu-1-if '1- ' - ' f . . , -3 1 , t'fk' A ' 5 ri I ,. ,7,.K.n1:r ,.'4x,Q-Jia .11"',, . ,r ' r r . -f - ig ff-,.- f fn 7 'gf 435- r 2 . Rx M , 1 JSF ' 4 SR V ' " " "' fir 7 C"- ' 4 f . 1 ii ' ,..'1' l,'."'F J. "'9:"' 1 V H ., U if .gl--'?,iA..z4:A: I, I 4yi4Auh:w.:,4':..,A 1 A ,. . .. I - -' : 'A 51 I II ... 1 U V1 'J ' fr .f.J'i"5:-"'- . 'is' 'ia -3 T-... - ' .2 '4' 'H .Gif I 12-:V J'---,i '- -,. 9. - wt ,K I-A .:. Av. wt 1 m ' k -J'-fr -ft 'f Y f-.f:t:-- .-54 - Q 5 . ? - 'A 'Af"f'k"F-,Q-, S' .rj '.".:JQ?fw'- I LTA 14 t t if " 5: '-45' A 'fvfffg--,',.t 'fffT" " ,231 " f ,fr "" "-' lu- '. " 'T 941' "-. ,- . r- V '- ' y.- - , -F, 4: CWQIM Y,-Eff :yi-r ,Q-tg, . 43?-'Q fmB"s,,!j -D-,V .5 ,. '...v.'1' 3-,--,xffg 15, .4-. r ' J ","25- "'n-ly-'5' mglff ., , 'tm V- r' .- ',. - . '- ,,-f' f I . .,,,1"'i"'f " "P, 2-Jfv--'-'4GF".-""-'1 .757 L . -Ft ' 'll-Ep 'f-'L rv", -N534 ,H '. A-:, I-ff N ft. i. , : -xg: aw, A 1--5-'v s., p . - ru , ,- I , W-ja-1' 'r-A' , y 'Z lp, .. . '- . 'ft . , gf R hFt.l.L,,,,'ivG'I ,C-lg.. Mu :J . Y J -. I. rf-,Q -. N-,Y Ax if -. ,N ,.,:.," .,, rf , '-1 .Mr -uf V- 534 -- - .. . - .t .. '-.Y 4- 'K 5, Y- 1 4 V ,'- FJ , V- ggi.. 'rr '-- .' ",g'L!Vf!v1 .. .,, nw . . - , .. .- a , , - -fr. , v . V Y V 'Q Nl. - . , A. N .,, 4. . , ,, , -ft at feat- ,af-1.12 -- -' -. xx-pn 1.113 - .ff 'L' 3. 2- . 53' if" ,Au ' 'Eff'-1 -Hg M 9.-hi If X t VF . ,X v-Paw? mlz., V, -J ,Y ,V . ns .W is J-ffwf-fit fi: 5-L. " 5 1 I N ' ff: M Al . P!-' :7 "df r' 7 "'x . 1 ,1 L ,' AI", E fav' ":f4F.',"f"' 19119, . I 1' -rr-'J . , ',.,.,f 33. ... 'fu ,, Jn., , nn! 4 g-. N.-Q 4A t- . ,4 l t 'ff , B, ,J , Af, f - Q . 949- -L 'ff 'VH GK' ' ' e': 4.'iEt W --j'f":f 'V K' i -twig !! ' I '-'5 l'?",' fr. 5' -J. ""'z',.- gf' vit-Y' " Qt- 't1"f'3'1"2i:1ffP E77 -J NSF 4"" ' oi'NT'4" ff' W . - -' 'f'-1 '111' ' ' 1-. '.:f , - V . 1 ,." ' Suv' 'jf ' , " : Ji 'J' a Jr' ' ,Q-:Q-1.8, 'Li ,.J',,5,'.,i.,:-1,15-l..1 ji. FY, . " n...' 9. -"QP, .TVR I ' A, 'gf E I .. . 1- 1 . 4, . Q A ' A1 -- ff- .sam " kiwi' -, '2"H'-A - i 1'ffw',i' 'F WY:-,, 514' t, .r f' , "':.3...: an gn. 'Rh' v , 'f -. "Fwy -H,- - .J,. I .. is--v-.X - 7: 'fv-. -!1'3ff7 Sv:-4 -mv? J 'ff' '66 " Qu.. 4'.'f..v - 4, 4' r 'vi . 14 ,. K , .0 f 4' ' Y '7 f ':7-'- 7 5' 'fffi gt fv - ",, '15 - " 1" K ' - ,' 'H ' -' 'w fi . ' '..S"2'w ' UUR FACULTY CHARLES A. ROB-BINS, BURSAR To our frien-ds, the great leaders in our Institution, we the students wish to express our thanks and appreciation for the inter- est you have shown in us, your friendly and coopera- tive spirit, and your help- fulness at all times. These unique quotations which characterize each of you are written here because they are a part of you: therefore, have become a definite part of our "Log- ger March." CHRISTIAN MILLER, REGISTRAR Faculty in Service TO THE MANY FACULTY MEMBERS WHO HAVE JOINED THE ARMED FORCES AND BECOME ONE OF THE GREAT NUMBER IN THE MARCH TO VICTORY, WE CAN ONLY SAY THAT WE HAVE MISSED YOU, AND ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DAY WHEN YOU WILL BE BACK AGAIN OCCUPYING YOUR PLACE IN THE HALLS OF OUR ALMA MATER. , 1' ELLERY CAPEN, M. B. A. "ln all ' 'probability,quite a few." Professor of Business Administration and Manager of the Associated Students . .. . graduated from the University of Washington. COOLIDGE O. CHAPMAN, Ph. D. "lf thin s work out this wa then a v. .. . . ." Our professor of English since 1932 , . . from Cornell Uni- versity. FRANCES CHUBB B. F. A. "Ummm!" . . . Professor of Art . . . gradu ated from our own College of Pu- get Sound. ARTHUR L. FREDERICK, A, M. "We'll take that up later." Head of the Religion department and chairman of the Chapel Committee . . . graduate of Lawrence Col- lege. EDWARD D. GIBBS, A. M. "l have three plans to offer." Education professor . . . from Huron College. JULIUS P. JAECER, Ph.D. "Alluding to ah . . ." Professor of English since l929 and advisor of the Trail and the Tamanawas . . . gradu- ated from Spokane University. MARTHA PEARL JONES, A. M. " . . . or l'll throw all you little rats out the window." Professor of Speech and head Of the Dramatics depart- ment . . . from Northwestern Uni- versity. ERICH J. F. KOKER, A. B. "In fact, I have compliments" Di- rector of Adelphian Choral Society, and Professor in Music department . . . graduated from the Univer- sity of Washington. 'WTS 'inf 1' 1-is ' 3323: 5? Z . A ,Q N. 'Sify 7 HELEN M. LEWIS, A. B. "I think it's a little noisy out here." Our friend- ly Librarian, a graduate of the Uni- versity of Washington, has been here five years. MARJORIE MANN, A. M. "Yes uh huh!" Director of Physical Educa tion for women, supervisor of wom- en's intra-murals, campus advisor for the WAVES, WACS, SPARS, and Marines, organizer of Occupa- tional Therapy program . . . from the University of Washington. ARTHUR WESLEY' MARTIN, Ph.D. "Treat 'em all alike" . . . Our professor of Mathematics for I8 years . . . from the University of Chicago. HELEN JULIA MCKINNEY, Ph.D. "En Francais, s'il vous plait." Professor of French and head of the Foreign Language Department . . . a grad- uate of the University of Kansas, she received her Doctor's degree from the University of California. FREDERICK A. MCMILLAN, M. S. "Umpty million . . ." Professor of Geology and Chemistry . . . from our neighbor Willamette . . . has been with us for 20 years. BERTHA ROBBINS, Ph.B. "Different, therefore interesting" . . . well- loved Spanish professor, advisor of Kappa Phi . . . graduated from DePauw University. MARVIN R. SCI-IAFFER, Ph.D. "There is no cause and effect" . . . Sociol- ogy professor . . . has been at CPS since l932 . . . from the University of Chicago. ALICE M. SCHMIDT, M. S. Instructor in the Biology department . . . graduated from the University of Vermont, and has been at the Col- lege of Puget Sound since the fall of l942. l RAYMOND S. SEWARD, Ph,D. "Just remember . . . F 2 MA." Well- liked professor of Physics for 21 years graduate of Pomona College and received his Doctor's from Stanford. ROBERT DANIEL SINCLAIR, Ph.D. "lt's most awfully nice." .Our pro- , fessor of Psychology for I3 years . . . graduate of the University of Iowa. QA-in JAMES R. SLATER, A. M., M.Pd. -'oh, 3 , is that so?" Our professor of Biology since I9I9 . . . graduated from Rutgers College. DORIS HELEN SMITH Try that one againf' Organ instructor for two years from our own C P S .. I BLANCHE W. STEVENS, M.S. "And then after you'vie done this" . . . teaches all phases of Home Econ- . omics . . . is a graduate of Stout Institute and has done work at Oregon State College. WARREN E. TOIVILINSON, Ph.D. "I've never taught this before, but you're going to learn something now." History professor . . . gradu- ated from the University of Berlin, and has been here Il years. DAVIS WOODS "Now what do you think?" A new professor of Chem- istry this year . . . graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 4 ..-Q, if ,Lx "UNITY IS THE BASIS OF JANE THOMPSON President This year has seen many changes in student life at CPS and the activities of the ASCPS have been highlighted by various additions to our regular schedule of events. Under President William Causin's leadership, plans were made for a new Freshman Orientation program which was carried on during the first few weeks of school and was directed by Paul Pruitt. Adding a colorful tone to the annual Homecoming festivities, was the introduction of the Inter-class Song Fest which was given after the plays, and contributed much to the growing spirit among and between classes. It has been only through. the cooperation of students and the continued support of our faculty together with Dr. Thompson's -guidance, that the ASCPS has been able to carry out its activities throughout this year. We have been a' small student body and have definitely felt the loss of many leaders, but working in a combi-ned effort, the spirit of the Maroon and White has triumphed and we have come to the end of another year. JANE THOMPSON, ASCPS President. ffwl-Dfgizi--fi ' "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING TO DO, DO IT!" I HELEN PAT BEEM Secretary ORGANIZATION." i ,, we I I 'MLB L' e we wi 'Y 'e Q' it , 'fi' ,,. , ,M fl I SEATED: Helen Pat Beem, Janet Armstrong, Jane Thompson, Elverna Amundson, Murden Woods. STANDING: Paul Pruitt, Dick Cole, Frank Price, Bob Hamilton, Jeane Thurber, Jeanne McDougall, Dr. Regester, Mr. Capen, Ernie Goodner. CENTRAL BUI-IRD Composed of class and activity representatives, Central Board directs the ac- tivities and funds ot the Associated Students. It has the legislative authority ot the ASCPS and enforces traditions and confers honors and awards. Upon the call of Bill Causin into the armed forces, Jane Thompson took over the duties of President. ELECTED BY THE STUDENT BODY: President ........,................. WILLIAM CAUSIN Vice President .................... JANE THOMPSON Secretary ............,... HELEN PATRICIA BEEM S.enior Representative ................ PAUL PRUITT Junior Representative ................ FRANK PRICE Sophomore Representative ,... JEANE THURBER ELECTED BY THE CLASSES: Senior Representative ...... JANET ARMSTRONG Junior Representative ................ SHIRLEY DAY Soph. Representative .... ELVERNA AMUNDSON ,4-C' MANAGERS: Athletics: Men's ....... .............. R OBERT HAMILTON Women's ...... ............. J ACKIE MOORE Dramatics ..... ........ E RNEST GOODNER Forensics ....... .............. D ONALD LAMKA Music ,.,........ ....... J ORANNE MIDTSATRE Publications: Trail ,........... ............ M URDEN WOODS Tamanawas ..... ...... J EANNE MCDOUCALL "CALM AND QUIETNESS SHALL BE YOUR STRENGTH" ELLERY CAPEN, General Manager Y II F LX . li SEATED: Helen Pat Beem, Priscilla Newschwander, Jane Thompson. STANDING: Paul Pruitt, Dr. Thompson, Frank Stout, Dick Mathias, Marvin Krumoltz, Frank Price, Sherman Day. STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Composed of the presidents of in- tersorority, fraternity and Independ- ent representatives, the president of the Associated Students, and four faculty members, the Student Affairs committee approves plans for all social events of the year. Helen Pat Beem, Mr. Robbins, Jane Thompson, Dr. Thompson, Mr. Capen. gy, Z 1 .r .. V . ,p i .-H A I H CHAPEL COMMITTEE lt is through the very careful selec- tion and planning of this committee that the chapel programs offered have been outstanding and of great interest to the student body. By special at- tention and effort many outstanding speakers have been present on the campus this year. . STANDING SEATED: Dr. Tomlinson, Jeane Thurber, Mrs. Drushel, Mrs. Seward, Felicie Dahl, Jane Thompson. STANDING: Jeanne McDougall, Mr. Gibbs. FINANCE COMMITTEE ln the hands of this committee rests the approval of all student activity budgets, and the allotment of the un- distributed student funds for student activity use. - WAR COORDINATION COMMITTEE Organized one year ago, the War Coordination Committee promoted campus bond sales, scrap drives, and regulated social functions. Under its leadership, active student participa- tion in the war effort was integrated. IIUMMITTEES 4' 1 SEATED: Janis Eisenhower, Jane Thompson, Mrs. Drushel, Helen Pat Beem Felicie Dahl. STANDING: Bob Hamilton, Jack Callacher, Dr. Regester t u ,-f- -l -1 1 -l J Jeanne McDougall, Dr. Jeager, Myrtle Robinson, Frank Price, Murden Woods. CLASS COUNCIL Under the chatrmanship of Jane Thompson ASCPS President the class council was formed for the purpose of promoting school activities by cre- ating a competitive though coopera- tive spirit between the classes. Catherine Luzzi, PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE The supervision and extension of the publications are the duties of this committee which has become even more important during the present man power, paper, and printing ma- terial shortages. Esther Mann, Dr. Thompson, 'Jane Thompson, Day, Mary-Anna Schenck. Sherman ,L , H. 5-..-r -an tw Q iv wx 41 il H 1, JM ...Q a F1 Q J, ,. .V ,-,. . f ' f" 'L7'F'5vK2'-TT "am ' 'V ' f .sim b"Q. . V , M, .o ' ' 4 N , " f' , - I WPI' 'A 5-fa ,. .N 5 YM. hu. gif 'mv . V lf AJ. AA" ' ,, .ah ' 9 A. 'Q ' 1 V K , .f Q j P l is 6 , - 1 u g' ,, 1' 'H ' cy ff . - ' f uiVTv"'1 W wi X' M , , .nwf,"'Eyg u M fi ' X , v , ruigf - -5551-25" L A " N -1 :SWL . A, l A ,, :Q ,F ,gum :' Q1-413, I ' .6 ' ?. , .K I , fi.S'.-'3f4f'2fV.f'- - I H , xv . f V , rg ,fr - ' f n - :L 4 1 .max u 1' 'YQ 3 44' W ie' S A5 rw, , .M .f ,. if Y' g in ir' .4 ah l 3 f , F - , 4' f Q Q lic., -0 lj , 3 gf 9 ,MM N ' 7 Z4 M 1-1 . ,I , ,N ' P .5 ' ,E NEW V 'W S . ' Wfgwx 5.1 E1 R ' ' H 1 1 i . 1' f -' ' K .wp , - ! Q L, 3 WI 295: "' w?EMf"ER.rL, ' NWN N f ' w.i g.'-mx.. -fi ' A -v-- W1 gggfixig N 3 ,, ,JN ' .1j'GTN-fm ' 'wwwim 15315 T-Y , X, Jw Y , X! 1 w'f:f,,,,.l4w u ,. ,H H 'ww A H.. X H A. g in JANET ARMSTRONG Tacoma, Washington French Kappa Sigma Theta President 4, ln- tersorority Council 4, Central Board 4, War Activities Committee 4, May Day Duchess 2. WALTER BALDWIN Tacoma, Washington International Relations Club l, 2, 3, Der Deutsche Verein. MILDRED BLAKE Camas, Washington English Literature Alpha Beta Upsilon, Student Christian Association Cabinet l , Kappa Phi Cor- responding Secretary 4, Anderson Hall Historian 2. , Paul Pruitt, Esther Mann, Shirley Stone 1 A if 'ii .Qi Gil, x . .. .Q 'iz 5 I W 'L' . 1 CLASS OF '44 - - WHITE QUADRANGLE Two hundred and eighty-three strong, the class of l944 entered the portals of the College of Puget Sound on sunny September l6, l94O. Coming from high schools all over the state, and reaching even to Mon- tana, California and Alaska for class mem- bers, we felt awed by the upper classmen, and our new way of life. Casting aside high school sweaters and pins, we started to make a name for our- selves under the Maroon and White. First, after our color post matriculation ceremony, we carried off the honors in the bag rush, running a high total of 945 points against the 456 earned by the sophomores. Our class was lucky in that we had two glorious years of typical college life, with dances each week-end, football games, pep rallies, basketball, and plenty of men. During our last two years the glamour of college was taken away by the war and we turned from our "rah-rah" days to days of study and waiting-for those who have left our ranks. The class of '44 has been unique in the "firsts" it has participated in: we took first place in the bag rush for two years, we were the first class to present a "sneak" prevue of our senior sneak, the girls' basketball team won first place in interclass competi- tion in l944, and our volleyball team carried off highest honors in the l943 tourney. The death of Dick Job, a Marine private, was the first war casualty of our college exper- ience, now a destroyer has been named after him. We leave CPS with feelings of regret, be- cause we have loved our alma mater and sought to serve her in every way that we could. ESTHER MANN, President Class of '44. CARL BAIRD Spokane, Washington Pre-theology Witan l, 2, Student Christian Asso- ciation l, 2, 3, 4, International Re- lations Club Z, 3, 4, Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3. BETTIE BARTER Tacoma, Washington Religious Education Student Christian Association l, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Phi, Otlah 4, Mu Sigma Delta. JEAN BUTTON Tacoma, Washington Physical Education Delta Alpha Gamma, Vice President 3, Pledge President 4, Spurs 2, Wom- en's Athletic Association l, Z, 3, 4, Ski Club Secretary l , Treasurer 2. FELICIE DAHL Tacoma, Washington , Literature Delta Alpha Gamma3 Debate 43 Ora- tory I, 43 Burmeister Oratory Winner I3 Spurs 23 Homecoming Play 2, 43 Playcrafters I, 2, 3, 43 War Coordi- nation Committee 43 War Activities Committee 43 Intersorority Council President 43 Women's Athletic Asso- ciation I3 Student Affairs Committee 4. WYONA DIEMER Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Kappa Sigma Theta President 43 ln- tersorority Council 43 Homecoming Chairman 43 May Queen Attendant 2. RUTH HARTLEY ENOS Touchet, Washington English Composition String Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 43 Student Christian Association I, 2, 3, 43 Otlah 4g Trail 2. MARILYN GILSTRAP Tacoma, Washington English Literature Kappa Sigma Theta3 Spurs 23 Pi Kappa Delta I, 2, 3, 43 Debate I, 2, 3, 43 Burmeister Oratory Winner 2, 33 Ora- tory 2, 3, 43 Oratory Second Place- Linfield College Tournament 2, 43 Jr. College Debate Tournament First Place 2, ROBERT HUTCHINSON Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Varsity Football I, 2, 33 Track I,. 2, 33 Letterman's Club I, 2, 33 Physical Education Director 3, 4. VIRGINIA LANTZ Tacoma, Washington History Women's Federation Secretary 33 Otlah President 43 Spurs 23 'Howarth Scholarship 3g President's Scholarship Cup 33 Student Christian Association 2, 43 Women's Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 43 Mu Sigma Delta 43 Trail Staff I3 La Mesa Redonda I. BERNICE DALE Tacoma, Washington Kappa Phi: La Mesa Redonda. ERNEST DZURICK Enumclaw, Washington - Physical Education Football I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball I3 Letterman's Club. FONTELLE C-ADDIS Tacoma, Washington Physical Education Alpha Beta Upsilon Athletic Mana- ger 43, Women"s Athletic Association Secretary 3, President 43 Women's Federation Secretary 43 Trail Circu- lation Manager 4. ROBERT HAMILTON Tacoma, Washington Economics ' Delta Kappa Phli Varsity Track I, 23 Letterman's Club I, 2, 33 Knights of Log President 23 Class President. 33 Men's Athletic Manager 3, 43 Central Board 3, 43 War Coordination Com- mittee 43 Who's Who 3, 4. DON LAMKA . Kent, Washington .. Economics Pi Kappa Delta, Degree of Special Dis- tinction 33 Pacific Coast Jr. College Debate Champion 23 Second Place Pa- cifie Coast Extempore Z3 National De- bate Tournament, Minneapolis 2, For- ensics Manager 43 Independents Ex- ecutive Council 2, 33 Student Chris- tian Association3 International Rela- tions Club Treasurer 2,, President 3, 43 Adelphians 43 Quartet 3, 43 Pi Gamma Mu3 Mu Sigma Delta 3, 43 Who's Who 4. EVERETT LOWTHER Manson, Washington History Student Christian Association l, 2, 3, 43 International Relations Club. W ESTHER MANN Wenatchee, Washington Literature Delta Alpha Gamma -Vice President 3, Sergeant at Arms 23 Senior Class President, Tolo Chairman 43 Women's Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Trail Business Manager 3, Trail Staff 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen 49 Chapel Committee 45 Yell Queen 2, 35 Vo- cational Conference Committeeg Life Emphasis Week Committee 43 Central Board 23 Adelphians lg Who's Who. ROSE MARIE PESACRETA Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Lambda Sigma Chi Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4g Intersorority Council President 35 War Coordination Committee 3, 43 Student Affairs Committee -33 Wom- en's Athletic Association 3, 4. LAURA PETERSON Tacoma, Washington Mathematics Women's Federation Treasurer 45 Causerie Francaise 45 Otlah Treasurer 43 Howarth Scholarship 33 Chapel Organist 45 Christmas Play 43 Mu Sigma Delta 4. MARY LOU PONTON Tacoma, Washington Home Economics Delta Alpha Gamma Secretary 3, Vice President 4. ELIZABETH ROUGH Tacoma, Washington English Literature Alpha Beta Upsilong Student Christian Association I, 25 Playcrafters 23 Women's Athletic Association 39 Causerie Francaise 3, 4. ROBERT SMITH ' Tacoma, Washington Sociology Alpha Chi Nu. 1' JACQUELINE MOORE Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Kappa Sigma Theta, Spurs 2, Wom- en's Athletic Manager 4, Central Board 43 Women's Athletic Associa- tion I, 2, 3, 4, Howarth Scholarship 3, Intersorority Council Vice Presi- dent, Secretary 43 Chairman of Inter- sorority Dance 4. ETHEL PETERSON ' Bremerton, Washington Psychology Anderson Hall Historian 2, Vice Pres- ident 3, President 4Q Tamanawas 4. NELDA PETERSON Ferndale, Washington History Delta Alpha Gammag Kappa Phig Spurs 23 Student Christian Associa- tion I, 2, 3, Women's Athletic Asso- ciation Treasurer 2, Vice President 33 Women's Federation Vice President 25 Playcrafters l, 2, 3, 43 Chapel Com- mittee 4, Anderson Hall President' 4' Who's Who 3, 4. PAUL PRUITT Seattle, Washington History Student Christian Association Presi- dent 45 Central Board 43 Internation- al Relations Club 3, 4g Chapel Com- mittee 4g Men's Quartet I, 2, 3, 4: Adelphians 3, 45 Chairman Freshman Orientation 4g Debate 4, Who's Who 4. EVELYN SEELEY Tacoma, Washington English Composition Delta Alpha Gamma Historian 2, Sec- retary 2, Treasurer 4, Otlah Vice President 4, Women's Federation President 45 Choral Readers 3, 4, Howarth Scholafship 3, 4. VESTA SMITH Tacoma, Washington Psychology and Sociology Lambda Sigma Chi President 45 Otlah 4. ' - - I SHIRLEY STONE Tacoma, Washington Biology , Delta Alpha Gamma President 43 ln- tersorority Council 3, 43 Class Secre- tary 4. I JANE THOMPSON Spokane, Washington Sociology Alpha Beta Upsilon Secretary 3, Vice President .33 Spurs 23 Adelphians l, 2, 33 Student' 'Christian Association3 Kappa Phi3 Central Board 33 ASCPS President 43 Finance Committee 43 Chapel Committee 43 War Coordina- tion Committee 43 War Activities Committee 43 Student Affairs Com- mittee 43 Trail 33 Tamanawas 33 Who's Who 4. ANNA MAE WILLS Pomeroy, Washington Religious Education Student Christian Association 3, 4g Adelphian Chorus Society 3, 43 Kappa Phi 43 Washington State College l, 2, 3. - 'ELLEN SWAYNE Chehalis, Washington English Literature Alpha Beta Upsilon ,President 43 Spurs 23 Tamanawas 2, 33 lntersorority Council 43 Otlah 43. Causerie, Fran- caise 3, 4. ARLISS WILDER Olympia, Washington Psychology . Kappa Sigma Theta Treasurer 33 An- derson Hall Secretary 2, Vice Presi- dent 33 Adelphian Chorusg Women's Athletic Association3 Ski Club I3 La Mesa Redonda. MARGARET MANLEY WEAVER Tacoma, Washington Home Economics Lambda Sigma Chi President 33 Inter- sorority Council 3, 4. Graduating Now in Service ' AUSTIN FENGLER, USMCR ROY MOBERG, USNR WILLIAM STENSTROM, USNR Tacoma, Washington Tacoma, Washington Tacoma, Washington Geology Business Administration Chemistry To these three boys who will be awarded diplomas though now serving in the Armed Forces,-and to the many other members of the Class of '44 who are their country, there is little we can say, but we are all anxiously awaiting your return to your College of Dreams and we wish you , the best of luck always. tive Almira Marchesiny Vice President Class of '45, PURPLE QUADRANGLE Two years at C.P.S. in wartime has found the class of '45 staunchly upholding the college spirit at home, while many of its members are doing their part in.the armed services.' The junior class, though small. in number, will long be remembered for its constant scheming against rival classes. As freshmen they engaged in actual "fisticuffs" with the sophomores before the bag rush, resulting in the capturing and torturing of frosh president Foozy Vaughn. lncidentally, they lost the bag rush that year and the following also. During their sophomore year, however, they defeated the freshmen in a hard fought tug-of-war on Campus Day. ' The jaunty juniors, the "nuisance" class, started this year with 46 members and ended with 4l. They managed to harass their rivals, the seniors, throughout the year. An unofficial junior breakfast was enjoyed during one Wed- nesday chapel period. The purpose was to "show" the seniors. .The net result was public denounciation and retalliation by said seniors. The competitive spirit of the class of '45 was prominent in the song fest sponsored' dur- ing homecoming. Although they didn't win first place they won a well-deserved second with their song "Remember," written by Luella Jackson: A very successful informal dance, "Spooks Spree," was held at the Sub October 30th. The juniors wisely chose the weekend when some of their ex-classmates were home on leave from Willamettie and the University. The dancing was to juke music in a halIowe'en atmosphere. SHERMAN DAY, President of Class of '45. Sherman Day, Presidentg Frank Price, Representa- J I I U ANDERSON, ADALOIS ARMOUR, BETTY BACKLUND, DOROTHY BARKER, GRANT BAUER, BETTY S. BEEM, HELEN PAT BENTLEY, MARJORIE BRANDT, PATRICIA BULLARD, DIXIE DAY, SHERLEY DAY, SHERMAN GLEASON, CHARLES 20 e -H11 HANSEN ELSIE HENDRICKSEN .SUE HILDEBRANDT PATRICIA HANSEN, PATRICIA ' V .X it X.,- x U af? JACKSON, LUELLA MARCHESINI, ALMIRA . MCDOUGALL, JEANNE MEIER, LEON NELSON, DORIS A NEWSCHWANDER, PRISCILLA NORTON, VIRGINIA O'CONNELL, PEGGY PRICE, FRANK ROGERS, MARY LOUISE SHAFFER, JANE SITTS, JUNE W. Q ' 57' 2' . :v- SULLEY, JEAN , 'g ai' F L.:. g .,f.--: TORGERSON, JOLAFERN VAUGHN, l.ERoY R. , I A,.. YORK, JAMES 1 I I. I I f BALDWIN, WALTER COWAN, CHARLES WNS J FINLY DO , . ELLINGTON, SARAH J. EVANS, ROLLAND GALLACHER, JOHN D. Juniors Without Pictures GILLEN, RAYMOND GLENN, DOROTHEA JOHNSON, GERALDINE KOEHLER, JANE MANSFIELD, ROSEMARY MARSHALL, EVELYN RAYMOND PAUL SCOTT, GEORGE , TURNBULL, E. LeRoY WALKER, HELEN-MARIE WHELAN, ELEANOR 21 9-. I Lu Jean Logan, Vice President, Jeane Thurber, Representative, Catherine Luzzi, President: Elverna Amundson, Representativeg I Harvey Wegner, Sergeant-at-Arms. Class of '46 RED QUADRANGLE lt was "Spizirinctum" that Dr. Thompson said the class of '46 had. We think of our class as a very special one for our Dr. Thompson was new to CPS just as we were in l9-43. For that reason we gave a special chapel in honor of the arrival of Dr. Thompson's baby girl, and presented him with a scroll, adopting Martha Lucille and signed by the entire Sophomore class. Yes, we had our bag rush which con- sisted of the three upper classes par- ticipating against the Freshman, for many of our boys had been called into the service. The popular Campus Trio, and many other talented students are among the members of our class. The sophomore chapel was one ot great success due to this exceptional variety of talent. All in all this has been abgrand year, for the enthusiasm of our group carried us through magnificently. CATHERINE LUZZI, President of Class of '46, SUPHUMURE5 AGATHER, DONNA J. AMUNDSEN, ELVERNA ' ' BLACK, SHIRLEY BURGESS, JACQUELINE CORUM, GLORIA CRESO, ROBERT L. DODSWORTH, RUTH ANN DOUBEC, PEGGY LOU EGGESBO, DORCAS. ENGBERG, BARBARA ERHART, JEAN FEARN, IRENE 22 F 1175 115 FEUZ, HILDA FUNK, EDWARD HALLEN, JEAN HECHT, HAZEL HENDRICKS, IDA MAE HOFSTETTER, BEVERLY A INVEEN, NORENE JAMES, GERTRUDE JAMES, NORMA JOHNSON, JEAN JONES, EUGENIA LAMOTT, MARJORIE LINDEMAN, MARGARET LOGAN, LuJEAN LOVE, ALBERTA LUDWICK, LUCILLE LUZZI, CATHERINE MASON, PATRICIA 1 MAYLOTT, VIOLA MEKKES, VIRGINIA MIDTSATRE, JORANNE MILLER, HELEN M. PEELE, KATHRYN ROBINSON, JUANITA 23 ROSE MARJORIE SANDAL, MARIAN SANDIN, MARTHAJ EAN , SKAER, MARGARET SMITH BETTY HEIDI NC-ER SMITH, RUBY A. SNYDER, CATHARINE THURBER, JEANE TIERNEY, NOREEN VAN FOSSUQM, CLAUDIA WALKER, HELEN MARIE WATTS, URSELLA WILDER, HELEN WOODS, MURDEN I Sophomores Without Pictures ALEXANDER, EILEEN BEATTY, VIRGINIA BERLIE, BEVERLY BROWN, 'JACQUELINE CARBONE, ROBERT CARSTEN, DONALD CLENDENEN, MARIAN CONSER, WILLIAM CROWDER, WILLIAM CUSTIS, NANCY L. DAWSON, MARJORIE DLJSTAN, KATHLEEN ESHELMAN, ARLEIGH GAZECKI, JOAN COODNER, ERNEST HARRIS, LaVERNE HEITMAN, JOE HINE, PHYLLIS HOWELL, MARY ELLEN JOHNSON, BARENT KINCAID, JOAN MILLER, SHIRLEE NEE, CHARLES ORMSBY, DUNCAN Ovro, RAYMOND PRICE, HIJBERT REEVES, HAzEL ROST, RICHARD THODE, LYNN TRIJIIT, MARY ANN WEGNER, HARVEY WESTBROOK, JEAN WESTHOLM, MARGA RET F A Class of '47 YELLOW QUADRANGLE Despite war conditions and restric- tions, it was an outstanding class of l37 freshmen who were the little green beanies this year. We started off in the fall with a bang, presenting special features stunt night, and an evening of plays oozing with talent. We traveled down the path of glory, by winning the bag rush, and later, taking first place in the Song Fest with Maxine Atkinson's song "Our Gentle Mother." During the early part of the year, Bob Rinker, class president, left for the armed services, as did many other of our members. After such a good beginning, it was no wonder we spon4 sored one of the most successful dances of the year. MARY-ANNA SCHENCK, .President of Class of '47, FRESHMEN Dick Cole, Representative, Mary-Anna Schenck, President Florence Schaller, Secretary, Wade Garland, Sergeant-at-Arms ALLEN, CONSTANCE ANDERBERG, ELIZABETH ' ATKINSON, MAXINE BACON, MARIAN L. ,Q 25 1 . BAILEY, MARYAN BARKER, VIRGINU3, BEATTY, HAZEL H BEHRENS, GALE' BREWSAUGH, MARIAN ' BURRlLL, KATHERINE BURROWS, KENNY BUTTON, RONALD 25 !T " ' CAPPA, BETTY JANE CAU-SIN, ROBERT CLARK, MARLA COCHRAN, DOROTHY COHOON DONNA COLE, RICHARD Q ' I 5 . I ' Qpxy CONRAD, WINIFRED I 'Q-I COONEY, CATI-IARINE Q A CRAMER, JOY CRoss, ALICE ANN' CRUVER, EI.ouIsE COORS, CHARLOTTE DANELL, LORRAINE X DARLING, HELEN 3 DAVIS, MARILYN DE VOTO, MARGARET I? I L DONALDSON, RUTH ANN ERCHINGER, MARY RUTH ' FEARN JOYCE FORSBECK MARILOU Foxwsu., CERALDINE CAI.E,' VIRGINIA ' W GALLAGHER, MARY AGNES - GARLAND, WADE LANL 26 A , 9' A I Ib fi' ...IL FMR' W GIBBS, SHIRLEY A. HAGERMAN, WILLIAM HALLICAN, OTHO HARDY, THELMA HAZEN, RI-IODA HEIDINGER, MARY JEAN HEWLETT, LAURENCE HILL, JANE HITCHCOCK, CAROLYN JOHNSON, RACHEL KAHN, KERTTU KILDE, VIRGINIA KIPPER, LOUISE KISTE, DONNA MAE LANGSETH, RICHARD LEDFORD, JUANITA LENTZ, MARIAN LEVACK, JUNE LINDEMAN, MARGARET LINC, JING HO LYMBURN, JEAN LYNCH, LOIS MacINNIS, DONNA ' MCCLEARY, NADINE 27 W McDONALD, WILMA McLORINAN, ELAINE MEIXNER, HARRY MERKLE, PEARL MILSTED, SHIRLEY MOBERG, EUNICE MOUNTZ, BOBBE JANET MUNRO, MARYANN NASON, JANE PACKARD, POLLY PERRY, ADELINE PLUMMER, CHARLOTTE PRESTON, SHIRLEY PULLIAM, ELAINE RADKE, ROBERTA RANCH, PHYLLIS RAYNO, BEATRICE Rees, DAVID RICE, NORMA JEAN RIDDLE, VICTQRIA ROBINSON, MYRTLE 28 ROBINSON, PATRICIA ROUGH, MARY RUTHERFORD, BEULAH B. , F 1, I' ,ps in P I A tm- I ANDERSON, BEVERLY ANSELONE, PHILIP ' AUVIL, NANCY BAKER, JERRY BAKER, VIRGIL BARNES, ARTHUR N. BELSITO, TRENA BENNETT, DON BETZ, MERILLAT BOWMAN, DOUGLAS. BRENNAN, BRUCE BRUNDAGE, WALLACE CAVANAGH, WALLY CHRISTENSEN, JOAN CUMM I NGS, DONALD F. DAVIS, BARBARA DENTON, EDWARD DONALDSON, JAY K. ECHSTROM, MARIE FIELDS, ALVIN GALBRAITH, WILLIAM .IA SCHALLER, FLORENCE THOMPSON, ARLYNE THOMPSON, PHYLLIS TREGONING JOAN VAUGHN, ANNA.MARIE VERONE, GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS, GEORGE WINSKILL ROBERT YOUNG, BEATRICE ZANUZOSKI, MARIAN Freshmen Without Pictures GLEASON, HELEN HAMILTON, CAROL HILDEBRANDT, RICHARD HINE, VIRGINIA HOGGA'I'I', KENNETH HOLMES, VERNON HOLT, JOHN JAMIESON, PEARL KAHLER, CLEONA KNAPP, JACK KNUDSON, TED La CHAPELLE, EDWARD LANGLOW, KENNETH LEGG, MERLE ALAN MAY, KENNETH MCCULLOUGH, ROBERT MCDANIEL, MARY ELEN MCNALL, KATHLEEN MITCHELL, CHARLES MOBERG, EUNICE MOLES, DON NOLAN, RICHARD NORGAARD, ROBERT O'FARRELL, DUANE OLSON, ROBERT T. SALE, HELEN SCHENCK, MARY-ANNA SCHWARZ, MILTON SPRATT, PATSY STANTORF, HAROLD M. STARK, RODNEY STEWART, BRUCE STEWART, MARJEAN S. SWANSON, BETTY JOAN TAYLOR, VIRGINIA CAROL TEMPLEMAN, HARRIET THAANUM, WILLIAM TISSOT, WESLEY WALTERS, HOWARD B. WATSON, PHILIP J. WHITMAN, GEORGE WILLIAMS, GEORGE WRIGHT, HOWARD W. V gb a, -mm . -1. 31111 11 H51 A11 115, 1 , 1 111, 11"'11 V .. W A 111 1 1, 11114912 111 1 1 -Y, 3 7,1 11 an 1 1 1 ,111 1 11 T 1 Y I 511 111EQ5i1 H gpg wx' K" 1 11111112 -gaissm. 51 1 M1111 ' 1' 1- f" 1 ..,. Y Q. . ...,.....,,A..- Q..-....-1.g. ' 1111J 11 I 1222212 45 11 11 1 W 1 1 11 M 111 ai? S 11 1 11 1 11 1 551111 . ,M ,, ...,, 1 1,..W,,w111 '-1 11' 11111 111 1 ' 1 " 1 1 1111 - 11" iSL1x11+1i5+"? . , . 1 ,, 111 1 ,-11. 'K -'55 7141? '- WE 2' 5 11, L.: 1 ' 1 1 Si fttmm 1 11' . 'au 111 111, ,' ,w , 111 11:1 11-2115? . ' 1" 1'-I E 11113'f:7f- I E' 13 111: "f1f'.1' 1 .1 .11 N ' -1 -1 ,1 A .:1 1,-,r ' 3 ,Q1 "' if " 'f I 1 1 .qgpg-,, ,- -1 ,- SQQPQ1 1255 A4125 f-5 'f1f?5iff5f' 51. ibv--41fyL 11 f 1 'ffl-riff: " 1.F1'ffe1:---fam-1 1 1 . ' 4-.111 ggi ,, I N 1 ' 1 X 1 sy S 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 I BENSLEY, GORDON BERNARD, CLINTON BLASIER, CLARENCE CHAMBERLIN, JOHN CAI NE, THOMAS CHORNEY, WILLIAM DAVIS, EDWARD DiGIAMBA'I'I'ISTA, CARMINE DONGOSKE, GERALD ELLIS, ROBERT ERICKSON, RAYMOND FAGUE, JOHN FISHER, GEORGE FORTESCUE, HERBERT FRANK, EDWARD GOTTSEGEN, ROBERT GLOEKLER, CHARLES GREENBERG, MARKEL GROVES, LEWIS ' HEINSOHIN, GEORGE HERRMANN, J HUNT, HAGAN, JOHN OSEPH STANLEY KAPLAN, STANLEY 3I KARPAW, MICHEAL KRATZET, ERNEST A . KRUMHOLTZ, 'MARVIN LANGDON, FRANK MCGLURE, GEORGE MODLIN, JOHN SCHENDEL, KARL SCHUHALTER, MURRAY SINYKINS, GERALD STEPHENSON, ROGER STICHNEY, CHESTER STODDARD, STEVEN stout, FRANKLIN STUDMEN, JAMES . WALSH, MAURICE weoemcic, Rosent ' WEITH, JAMES WHATLEY, ARTHUR WHITMAN, THOMAS WILKE, EDMUND 1 - Section Dedication 32 To the 238 members of the Army Specialized Training Unit, your staff members and your officers, we dedicate this section with the hope that mem- ories of your short stay with us will remain with you always. isiii Shatter, Dr. Heien Pat Beem, Mrs. Drushei, 'th Mr. Gibbs. Jane ester. SEATED: Jeanne Thurber, Jane Thompson, Feiicie Dahi, Janet Armstrong. STANDJNG: Captain Smi , Thompson, Esther Mann, George McClure, Dean Reg Sgt Han . nan' Sgt N ' ash, s gf. Roleson, Ry . an, pfc Va ' nderyn ,J-i Wax Activities Commiiiee Organizea by the tacoihlr Activities Committee urpose ot the War was formed for the p 1 entertainment. SQCJHJ yervices, roviding . nctions, devotionai rograms tor the and c uniformed men on A . tu uiturai p our campus. The A ' .Wy S - . ig? gage Was pjslaiijled Train- er mom- Ca " stujeii-:nd its page and H51-ed and fac among ' both fstaff .Was ""fy. 1-he gui' aided a51uH'Y and Jgflgomed feeling b Creatihg. 'ents and men andetween the au friendly other Studenpgformed 33 1 l Climaxing a three month program of con- centrated study, hours of drill, and military classes, the Army Specialized Training Unit 3996 of the College ot Puget Sound presented a review. Special guest members of the ad- ministration committee, Dr. Todd, president emeritus, Dr. Thompson, and Mayor Fawcett. The Fort. Lewis band provided music, and under the leadership of Cadet Lieutenant George E. McClure, the review was one which will long be remembered by all who attended. Special awards for excellence and good con- duct were made at this time. 0 who 'Q QWSZO . Q00 it -X ,i V . xg, atxxfx lim ' T y ' K 0 , f ' wwe i- 1. ,g :'i,ml' ',i,9QI'W r 6' to an R 10 65 v-QW W Officers and honored guests see review at-6 6 Wal- fs ogy 617. 'Ir S 'QQ f vw f, X f W fm ,W ,J .-, J ,NN . QRS fy, 4 N 1:-Ps L2 PSU ii! K , 1, 15,2 Z ' M V551 my E' Q 212 4,3- f+- . G1 ,v ' ."w 1 w. W 4 5 . an." 0 J., -X2 f-.fl f 1 S l fx Ll.'AQa22fsa.1Ea M ,.,A- je W . - - 5 ,As , ...- 5 Q , 2 D: is f J f ' '1 . L ,. '-' A X1 W, L---.1 ' ' K . 1 A . f , .1 :- E 1 A' " I U ' I , . -.,, dll' - . f' ' ,.--, ,. I k U M ,,1, ' , . Y i V , . V ' sa , sf A fmf . - " , J I : N 'if-l25",f? ' ' 1' Y ' - - Q A , 5 A H E ' V f ,QL ef?-'A 1, ' 1 ' x , '. " , H x :-,n.u.Q., , Q f , ' ,W -- 5:-. A. , 1 . ' ' : ETVFFE Qi P , ft ',-an Y -"' - . - ' . . 'Nr' 'S IU . 9- ' 1 Wfyw' -.wr-ew Q ' q ' ' ' 'ii ' ' s' ' ' .' W ' A ,, A, - .,: ,N - f, . , ..n..v, . as v l - A 1, A - - , , " " 'G ' ' F K ' , . -A, - "'L'hu.,,G 1 ' H . .4 -- 3 .,, .. ,, . if A Xu 1. 9' Q' if ,L rs. . V A. V ' 9 1 fi? , ff 'N If 7, l - 1 S- F: . , " X Q I Nfhwm . 0 1 r me wx w Ti. if I iff. LA 'Ei fm like 4323! H . .gp ,aw 59? w'r7'lA gh , sf-12. H , fum pi: M C92 at a ,IA W we tl i is 'i befihevel Xl ,th yo?-1' ' 360319 ijgjgkgihqiviaglef-the X - . gyffla Regex WND M, We twfoae Sw-law-at yea' WU XL. -gg, got-log Sill Rabi Spurs is a national sophomore women's honorary established at CPS in l926. lt is composed of fifteen sophomore women who are selected as outstanding in scholarship and general participation in campus activities. Their many activities include ushering at all plays, concerts, and recitals, decoration of the auditorium at Christmas time, and assisting with campus bond drives and Campus Day. The annual Spur-Knight picnic is a function spon- sored by the group as well as the assembly announcing pledges selected from the fresh- man class. Elverna Amundson was president for this year. wa' gal Ox oe?- xl PW" Uxehveiiobllnigsn Y . ' 'XZ ds.llli1xr?9'la3o2" P-ffluo A X14 ooexxe, , dswofxh iw ema ,ide YXORSY po and 90 T ,,lQVf6'ffs715. I SEA 7lE5f?R0,v V ' Sher 'gush mah DU' Cr ay. Ffnf Ba 617k P,-.flier J IC ' ac 6, Robe,-,Ii Cgaffache reso, Legnbxgfe Co Sier. od:-per' The Intercollegiate Knights, sophomore and junior men's honorary, joined with the na- tional organization in l943. It is composed of the leaders of the student body. The main function of the Knights of the Log Chapter is to create spirit and assist with all school ac- tivities. They had charge of the evening en- tertainment on Campus Day, helped with the Christmas decorations and assisted in the de- bate tournaments and the orientation of the ASTU on the campus. Jack Callacher was tall president, and Frank Price spring president. S1153 r 'A Q Smikhi vwgini Vesta fd, X rter, I Sewa terson. Etxziefainos, Mrs Pe ' h 3 Lai-Wa Rui Swavnei A . EEATED- EW' It is the hope and dream of every college woman to become a member ot Otlah, senior women's honorary. Each spring junior women who have a grade point average of 2. or more are tapped for membership during an im- pressive Chapel ceremony. Virginia Lantz was president ot this year's group. Mrs. Seward is the adviser. All members of this group have a grade average of B or better. Seex EY Ev 6xYn a Lanil Sound Tra lla with less - il wg. l 4 fsithegll havg , K enough? , I .ru Ai ' i t , "Good management plus sales- ability is the basis of excellence." MYRTLE ROBINSON Spring Business Manager Betty Jane Cappa, Margaret Linde- man, Myrtle Robinson, Fontelle "Efficiency is the essence of good business." MARGARET LINDEMAN Fall Manager Ciaddis, Ruby Smith. Through the work of this staff it was possible to send Trails to alums in the armed forces. BUSINESS STAFF Wk of i e at 5 Jllb, rw l l iw, f i art, ' iii - 1 ft ii ae ,sw ll' e Fl l e -l wifi i , Y,r 1 lll as ei . i l FTF' I 'Q Q, ' V, "Snaps and natural poses create special interest in publications." JEANNE MCDOUC-ALL Editor wb... ag' ,ai -s - f- rf, Ein TAMANAWAS "An efficient business manager' is the basis of all publications." F RAN K PRICE Business Manager ggi -ei FIRST ROW: Jeanne McDougall, Lucille Ludwick, Virginia Barker, Rae Johnson, Mary Jean Heidinger, Mary Ruth Erchinger, Joan Christensen, - Elverna Amundson, Ethel Peterson, Juanita Robinson, Jeane Thurber, Grant Barker, Frank Price. SECOND ROW: Polly Packard, Mildred Blake, Myrtle Robinson, Mary-Anna Schenck, Constance Allen, Elizabeth Anderberg, Virginia Mekkes, Barbara Engberg. lt was only because of special ef- forts of Dr. Thompson, and Mr. Miller, DR JEACER of J0l'1rlS0rI-'COX C0mpaI'1y, Thai' if WBS Adviser of both.Trail and Tamanawas pos-sible to publish an annual this year. With photographers, students, and , supplies aiding the war fronts, the ma- is A , terial available for this year's book Q E, was kept at a minimum. Many staff members aided in soliciting those members of the Army Specialized Training Unit who purchased annuals. JEANNE MCDOUGALL - GRANT BARKER - FRANK PRICE - POLLY PACKARD Organization Editor - JOAN CHRISTENSEN Editor - - - Assistant Editor - Business Manager - Faculty Editor - rv FURENSIIIS STANDING: Everett Lowther, Dr. Schafer, Don Lamka. SEATED: Otho Halligan, Mary-Anna Schenck, Constance Allen, Maxine Atkinson, Marilyn Under the management of Don Lam- ka the forensic department carried on a very limited program from past years. The' annual high school debate tourna- ment proved very successful as over thirty-five schools sent representa- tives. ' The women's debate team, com- posed of Constance Allen, Felicie Dahl, and Marilyn Ciilstrap, represented the College of Puget Sound at the Pacific Northwest Intercollegiate debate tour- nament held ,at Linfield. This year there were four active student members of Pi Kappa Delta and two faculty members on the cam- pus. Due to war-time shortages the program usually carried out by this group was kept to a minimum. Gilstrap, Paul Pruitt. STANDING: Dr. Regester, Dr. Schafer. SEATED: Ray Cillen, Marilyn Gilstrap, Don Lamka International Relations Club International Relations Club meets twice a month at the T home of Dr. Tomlinson for the purpose ot studying and dis- cussing the foreign situation and current events. This year the club purchased several temporary historical books which were presented to the library. Don Lamka is the pres- ident. STANDING: Paul Pruitt, Barent Johnson, Dr. Tomlinson, Don Lamka, George Scott. SEATED: Murden Woods, Trudy James, Albert Love, Pat Brandt. Composed of the presidents and treasurers of Spurs, Stu- dent Christian Association, Ot- lah, and Women's Athletic As- sociation, Women's Federation raises funds for the benefit of these service organizations. Tolo under the chairmanship of Esther Mann, was this year one of the biggest all-college events. Evelyn Seeley served as president. Mrs. Drushel is the adviser. Women's Federation J gilt W 1 ' W . M e ' " V STANDING: Esther Mann, Catherine Luzzi, Fontelle Gaddis, Elverna Amundson. SEATED: Jayne Shaffer, Ethel Peterson, Evelyn Seeley, g Mrs. Drushel. 47 .mrwrf f ' r S. ll. I-l. ' La- - J. FIRST ROW: Virginia Barker, Eloise Kipper, Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Trudy James, Eunice Moberg, Jean Erhart, Joy Cramer. 'SECOND ROW: Jane Thompson, Helen Pat Beem, Esther Mann, Jayne Shaffer, Cay Cooney, Joan Tregoning, Ruth Enos, Eileen Alexander, Kay Burrill, Carol Hitchcock, Jing Ho Ling, THIRD ROW: Viola Maylott, Joy Moberg, Pat Brandt, Bea Young, Mary Ann Monroe, Alberta Love, Jeane Thurber, Polly Packard, Mary Ann Truitt, Sue Hendrickson, Betty Barter, Anna May Wills, Marjorie Bentley. FOURTH ROW: Paul Pruitt, Robert Putt, Charles Gleason, Frank Price, Richard Langseth, Hubert ,Price, Everett Lowther, Carl Baird, . The Student Christian Association is a voluntary group of students and faculty whose aim is working toward the development of the individual and society in accordance with the princi- ples of Christian living, This group of students presents services during Tues- day chapel periods in thelittle chapel. Many outstanding speakers have been presented this year as this assocation carried 'on the most successful pro- gram in recent history. Paul Pruitt served as president of the group. Anna May Wills, vice president, Jayne Shat- ter, treasurerg Viola Maylott, secre- taryg Eileen Alexander, program chair- man, and Virginia Norton, publicity chairman. Miss Lewis is adviser of the group.- 43. mi ,-ig 'tp f A Ya tcm it iii 'Qu .ev .4 H g H iii 3..,Bff'ff x-, 'fa ' ' FIRST ROW: Anna May Wills, Eileen Alex- ander, Viola Maylott, Virginia Norton. SECOND ROW: Miss Lewis, Paul Pruitt, Jayne Schaffer. ry fi? xg. WM53- . "j1:'qY:'vg,l! Qu :,' M 5.?'i55S2,l'fi" 1 - Iu5EgY.:3'?1'.-xg, ,E , F E'1f36N'a5zEy: ' 1 ' lk" eff Q2 ' ' ff,3"'- 4: ,Q 'b-L if - P -. 1 iyagfqjuwiglf'-J' -3' ?EF5f-51'2aig,.2ff X Q2 -rH,GLjE':f1?42cf, Q nj H f"S3??fj'51::g'Y1Q,iif H 1 ' , f' :rg - - ' "" ' -3 " s 1- !E,"'1",1'kf1"1 Q '. -- r.fwf:.1qua: .w r f 1' .' wifi if . - A , Mx, 'UQ . E 'J' . T- ,,. 5z'.1'qv':' 'f-'-gi: f iviiuvflik 1 ,257 1' w, ss- faf?-, 1- 2 :fm 1 'gf ,::'-,4.,'-- ,gh-Ng, 13, 'Juni fzggvefrm. .E - -3 "'. . dh , ,, ' if'-r . k a sg 3.51 - 1' ." 5 7- ' giiffiffr VJLFZETIE QE. . HAL: . ,ff 5,1355 1 Jg',1f:,,g,u.,"7 I'i-,f1"1j'ku?"3I,':, ' ' f1,f-1.5 " jg13,i'?"I','- Q P52 ? 55315, -71' ' gifs' P,in'f?'- bx.'ff,'3,5f2fWf .X , Law 19,21 . V: ,':???2ss2.f4 A . ',W9ff" " n iiinfa .fs "' rm ff gfabz- 'AQ I 1 Wi A 921322,-4' , ' . u 1 - . N 1 5 dig- 1, ' elk, N - 1 . , . ' - Y X L ' Q 91,5 912 1 W' A Egg? 2- 1 B.. , H - wr o W X H v , J w an w F J PUGET SUUNU SYMPHUNY Presenting two concerts this year, the Puget Sound Symphony under the di- rection of Mr. Louis Wersen rehearsed on Tuesday evenings. Both the tall and spring concerts were well attended by friends of the College and both were wide- ly applauded. The members ot this orchestra are amateurs who play for the sake of enjoyment, and even though many of them are not college students, they have brought fame and recognition to the College. . X , , I. LOUIS WERSEN, Director JORANNE MIDTSATRE, Music Manager Under the direction of. Eric Koker, the Adelphian Choral Society rehearsed Tuesday and Thursday noons and pre- sented a well accepted chapel program tor the students and the ASTU. Mem- bers of this organization receive one r- 1..v W., W ,,,,., Wwi ,, ,,., W, W hour class credit, and have presented other programs throughout the city. Cs ev e 66 ,Asn e weft' xoakxzis 300 A60 xox egoo , C, 5 Ok, 9 CSX 62 6 60? 'eo 0 wit 0 Z we fo 'te 606205 0426 40 55206 KQZQXOQKOQQO dxowte- ro0'x1Yt'? x0 ff' gxgtfxx 4 3. Owea we Q0 4 foo ow '06 WC-K too cp -X093 .300 fm" K 'Q 92 ue we M6 Ok W wo wtf S 00 Qs 0952 ,K 'oe sei eexvi We 0600 .got K o C00 Zoo-53X Q35 000 fxfxg xo 09 V59 ev 59 Q0 93 KYN do Q X . ao ,Neo 05 006094 0 6 Yx C0430 G K 51 wav 504 X60 OQQJ0 te 6 302 6 fri we SQ get dxf! CAMPUS PLAYCRAFTERS MARTHA PEARL JONES ERNIE GQQDNER Director ,. Dramatics Manager Productions A Following the tradition of foregoing years, the Campus Playcrafters, under the expert leadership of Martha Pearl Jones, produced a year full of excellent dramatic presentations. Assisting Miss Jones in thedramatics department were: Ernie Coodner, student manager, Sue Hendrickson, dramatic department assist- ant, and Marjorie Dawson, publicity chairman. The season began in the fall with the annual Freshman Stunt Night., The winning skit was a take-off on Cinderella, directed by Priscilla Newschwander and Barbara Engberg. On Friday, October 22, freshmen presented an evening of one-act plays, the third annual presentation of this kind. Casts were as follows: "The Man in the Bowler Hat," a comic mystery play by A. A. Milne-Merle Legg as John, Virginia Kilde as the Heroine, Richard Cole as the Hero, Rhoda Hazen as Mary, Wade Ciarland as the Chief Villain, Cale Behrens as the Bad Man, and Rob- ert Winskill as the "Man in the Bowler Hat", "Overtones," a drama of dual personalities by Alice Gerstenberg-Mary-Anna Schenck as Hetty, Mary Ruth Erchinger as Harriet, Thelma Hardy as Maggie, and Marilyn Davis as Margaret: "Spring," a 'boy-meets-girl play by C. C. Clements-Laurence Hewlett as The Cop, David Rees as The Cob, and Phyllis Thompson as The Skirt, "The Lady of the Portrait," a tender, touching love story by Constance D'Arcy Mackay-WiI- liam Hagerman as Beau Nash, Harry Meixner as Jepson, his servant, and Hazel Beatty as "The Lady of the Portrait", "Tea Pot on the Rocks," a comedy by John Kirkpatrick-Joyce Fearn as May Lovelace, Anna-Marie Vaughn as Daisy Anderson, Robert Winskill as Roy Williams, Harriet Templeman as Mrs. Carstairs, Laurence'Hewlett as Willie, and Ted Knudson as Alec. Acting as student direct- ors for these plays were Dixie Bullard, Sue Hendrickson, Virginia Beatty, Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Felicie Dahl, Doris Nelson, Priscilla Newschwander, Jeane Thurber, Patricia Hansen and Jolafern Torgerson. Prompters were Polly Packard, Mary Jean Heidinger, Shirley Milsted, Helen Sale, and Donna Mae Kiste. Property committees were composed of Kerttu Kahn, Louise Kipper, Norma Jean Rice, Lois Lynch, Wilma McDonald, Phyllis Ranch, Betty Joan Swanson, Elaine, Pulliam, Florence Schaller, Elizabeth Anderberg and Marian Lentz. I Scarcely a month later the Playcrafters gave two evening performances of three Homecoming plays. One, "A Woman of Character," a comedy in one act, was about gossipy club women. The true-to-life portrayals of the cast made the play a great success. Working on the staff were: Jolafern Torgerson, student di- I W Q FIRST' ROW: Luella Jackson, Evelyn Seeley, Marjorie Dawson, Eileen Alexander, Hazel Beatty, Vir- ginia Beatty, SECOND ROW: Dixie Bullard, Doris Nelson, Betty Barter, Joan Kincaid, Noreen lnveen, Priscilla Newschwander. THIRD ROW:'Marian Clendenen, Joranne Midtsatre, Murden Woods, Sue Hendrickson, Jane Thompson. EHURI-ll. READERS Featuring a famous negro sermon by James Weldon Johnson, the choral reading group gave its fourth annual recital February 25. The poetry selections presented by the group were given in four divisions: Children, vagabond, religi- ous and patriotic. As usual, these enjoyable readings were highlighted by color- ful, picturesque costumes and artistic settings, The purpose of choral reading is to spread a finer appreciation of poetry through the interpretation and dramatization of such groups. The choral readers are directed by Miss Jones. Leaders within the group are: Priscilla New- schwander, Virginia Beatty and Evelyn Seeley. rector, Anna-Marie Vaughn and Virginia Kilde, propertiesg Connie Allen, promp- ter. An old-fashioned melodrama in three scenes, "He Ain't Done Right by Nell," became the favorite of young and old alike because of the fine acting done in the traditional melodramatic style. The staff was composed of Evelyn Seeley, student director, Thelma Hardy, Kerttu Kahn, Shirley Milsted, proper- ties, Mary Jean Heidinger, prompterg Esther Mann, piano, Carol Hitchcock, cos- tumes, The third play, an allegory in a prologue and ,one act, entitled "Symphony in Illusion," set forth the various emotions experienced by a group of women who have undergone the seige of the C-ermans. Each member of the cast brought forth every delicate shading of character necessary for the complete success of the play. Staff members consisted of Patricia Hansen, student director, and Mary Ruth Erchinger, prompter. .5 D 955' 'x . ,N , 1 1.. I fs A: , Q11 ,GV A ff. My . T:-A-G Q-WI' . n . X V' ' I u,, 'Q I I u m. t wif- . 1 qi AV K , 'ff ,,r.?,,, V ' ' u T-LE' f if '1 ' W W -- V- I N . " ' E V -"1 " lf ki. la R- , ,dy V:-:M-at ' " fn. -, A K - mQa2 1- E 55 'qw-dui---... ig -am V E if .: 1 V. s 1 if gf' 2 1 4. 1" 'ga .x , s Y Lipyl-Q, JJE V -mf , N14 mi-: Y l v ' 'H A X ERNIE COODNER, DIXIE BULLARD UI-Ie Ain't Done Right By Nell" I Ii, DIXIE BULLARD, PAT HANSEN JOLEFERN TORGERSON PAUL PRUITT, ERNIE COODNER CHARLES GLEASON, FELECIE DAHL . . y FIRST ROW: Luella Jackson, Elizabeth Anderberg, Hazel Beatty, Noreen lnveen, Ernie Cvoodner. SECOND ROW: Joan Kincaid, Dixie Bullard, Jolefern Torgerson. THlRD ROW: Bob Hamilton, Bob Oquist, Gunnar Larson, Bob Creso, Pat Hansen, LeRoy Vaughn. "Seven Sisters" With the fine management and the distinctive acting of former plays, "Seven Sisters" was a step higher up the ladder of splendid dramatic productions. This farce comedy in three acts, written by Edith Ellis, was based upon the Hungarian custom of marrying the -eldest daughter of -the family first. With a family of seven daughters it became quite difficult and perhaps would not have been accomplished at all without the aid of Ferenz Horkov, an officer in the militia. Of' course, his motive was to free Mitzi so that she could marry him, if she would. The play was given April' 28 and 29 in Jones Hall auditorium and was immed- iately a success. lt was a fine example of the superior performances traditionally given by the Campus Playcrafters. I Cast Katinka ..... .............. P atricia Hansen Sari ........ ........ J oan Kincaid Ella ...... .......... D ixie Bullard Mitzi ..... ......... ' .Noreen lnveen Terka ...... ........,..,....... H azel Beatty Liza .................... Elizabeth Anderberg Klara ,..,........................ Luella Jackson Mrs. C-yurkovics .... Jolafern Torgerson Colonel Radviany .......... Gunnar Larson Gida Radviany -.... ......... LeRoy Vaughn Ferenz Horkoy .......... Ernest Coodner Michael Sandorffy ........ Bob Hamilton Toni Teleki ........... .......... B ob Creso Janko .................. .... Bob Oquigt Chfck an LLlella' Liz and Ha Zel Jolly 60 4. IX , E. ,Q hex. ww' N -E gli af f. fe -. R I , ,M Ni 's A 1 -aa, -. E., .5 54 5-xg I 'o 001' ., ui HK : : 4 ..,.,,aL H K 06 56 57 Queen Lorraine I and Court Queen Esther I Homecoming Queen '43 ,.. ' YH ,NX , X f x 4- nun. 115 fi 'fx . Qing, gl i -4 , it . 4 . M' X J s , J 1-. W N- A . f 1 I- .- I if rj, . irq, af -- . -4- 5 4- ,4 4 W I . .N v 5 nf 's P' B 8 5, -In sg' 'Q' ' 9 Q' K, .x '.j,,, wr , -1- Q v Q1 ISA? 0 ALPHA BETA FALL ELLEN SWAYNE JEANNE MCDOUGALL PEGGY DOUBEK JEAN SULLY BETTY ARMOUR HELEN PAT BEEM JORANNE MIDTSATRE KATHERYN PEELE 4 President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Pledge Mother Seargeant-at-Arms Historian Ellen Swayne Mildred Blake Fontelle Gaddis Betty Rough Jane Thompson Connie Allen Betty Armour Maxine Atkinson Virginia Barker Hazel Beatty Helen Pat Beem Dixie Bullard Marla Clark Peggy Doubek Geraldine Foxwell Pat Hansen Mary Jean Heidinger Jane Hill Carol Hitchcock Luella Jackson Rae Johnson Eugenia Jones Virginia Kilde Juanita Ledford Marian Lentz June Levack Nadine McCIeary Jeanne McDougall Elaine McLorinan Pearl Merkle Joranne Midtsatre Shirley Milsted Virginia Norton Polly Packard Katheryn Peele Myrtle Robinson Pat Robinson Mary Rough Martha Jean Sandin Betty H. Smith Jean Sulley Jolly Torgerson Anna Marie Vaughn UPSILUN SPRING ELLEN SWAYNE JEANNE MCDOUGALL VIRGINIA BEATTY JEAN SULLY BETTY SMITH HELEN PAT BEEM JANE THOMPSON PEGGY DOUBEK Shirley Stone Jean Button Felicie Dahl Esther Mann Nelda Peterson Mary Lou Ponton Evelyn Seeley Elvema Arnundson Elizabeth Ariderberg Mary Ann Bailey Jackie Burgess Donna Cohoon Joy Cramer Eloise Cruver Helen Darling Marilyn Davis Margaret DeVoto Ruth Ann Dodsworth Mary Ruth Erchinger Elsie Hansen lda May Hendricks Sue Hendrickson Pat Hildebrandt Donna Mae Kiste Lu Jean Logan Lucille Ludwick Lois Lynch Almira Marchesini Pat Mason Wilrna McDonald Virginia Mekkes Mary Ann Monroe Jane Nason Doris Nelson Mary Louise Rogers Marian Sandal Jane Shaffer Ruby Smith Joan Tregoning Cienevive Verone Ursella Watts .QA ..,,. 1 A - +47 A 35" 'ii r si' A gc r,: Jw l s- l- L- 'i 'E' -if . M ' ' W 1 xl 5 :.' A- N E. ' ' XI ' ", J . rl V lulf Q. I Y' 3 I," , xg Q Qawl., , V- A 1 ' if ' A ..,.,y A A , as 1. A 1 A f -I E Q -fig, lg ' - A A A Ii' A 'V Xl' il" ,E m f, T ' A as A- y.. fi b ,Wi ii.. V i V H ' ,f j L! DELTA ALPHA GAMMA FALL sHiRi.EY STONE MARY Lou PONTON JEAN BUTTON ELSIE HANSON JANE SHAFFER EvEi.YN SEELEY EELICIE DAHL RUTH ANN DODSWORTH PAT HILDERBRANDT President First Vice President Second Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Inter-Sorority Council Representative Sergeant-at-Arrns Historian SPRINIG SHIRLEY STONE DORIS NELSON JEAN BUTTON URSELLA WATTS MARIAN SANDAL EVELYN SEELEY 'FELICIE DAHL JANE SHAFFER MARGARET DE VOTO 61 , I ,U f M L-Q ,r" V ' 21 i-4 3 degxi Eff ,, x r 'M , , . Q ' , 'V - , . Ei- I -Q--. Nik? I, , it 52 ' 5 , -, gi, QHWV 4iFmf lwff w as illm S 0 LAMBDA SIGMA Rose Marie Pescreta Vesta Smith AdaLois Anderson Dorcas Eggesbo Hilda Feuz Beverly Hofstetter Catherine Luzzi Helen Miller Peggy O'ConneII Shirley Preston Juanita Robinson Beulah Rutherford Arylene Thompson Margaret Weaver Marion Zanuzoski CHI FALL SPRING ROSE MARIE PESCRETA President VESTA SMITH VESTA SMITH Vice President BEVERLIE BERLlE BEVERLY HOFSTETTER Secretary BEVERLY HOFSTETTER HILDA' FEUZ Corresponding Secretary ' HILDA FEUZ DORCAS EGGESBO Treasurer DORCAS EGGESBO LAVERNE HARRIS Historian SHIRLEY PRESTON 62 Janet Armstrong Wyona Diemer Marilyn Gilstrap Jacqueline Moore Arliss Wilder Donna Agatha Dorothy Backlund Marian Bacon Betty Bauer Shirley Black Marian Brewsaugh Charolette Coors Alice Ann Cross Loraine Danell Shirley Day Barbara Engberg Jean Erhart Joyce Fearn Irene Fearn Marilou Forsbeck Mary Agnes Gallagher Jean Hallen Rhoda Hazen Hagel Heckt Noreen lnveen Janice Lindeman Margaret Lindeman Jean Lymburn Bobbe Janet Mountz Priscilla Newschwande Elaine Pulliam Beatrice Rayno Victoria Riddle Marjorie Rose Florence Schaller Margaret Skaer Cay Snyder Noreen Teirney Phyllis Thompson Claudia Van Fossen Helen Marie Walker I I-' . f gif: 5- like 4 1 ' .I 3 xx 1 , , F" ---IL X ' I I E' , , "Vx r L F5 I , is . , . 1' . rf Q i?" ,gp E arf deli ' rs- 5... i'l' ,,, I - it Y!'V 'BTXSS J TIET K 1 few I .J 'I' 'S J . JL. , fl 'N' fi " ' CL . - J'73r,g,:e,.Qe,. . . V. .Mix .JN X 'v I '-44 J 4 k lL...., 4 .,.. -a Q ' ,. -. Q.. It .W g g g '54, 1 , ' M we if 1 If -0- 5 rdf if 'N H, fl , 7 I ' :-- WTI -- ,KI L . ' 4 ,ri -I I I ii I I I , f aw' "Q if 'l All , . , 1. :IE.', : i W M I :- .,1.. - 7 ' L X: ' my I W I ll l"' an K B ' ..: ,.', I I n g ,I , 5 ,.,, - b ..vv N 1 Li, E? :-:,V' 'F V !,5 I ig 4 -- KAPPA SIGMA THETI-I FALL WYONA DIEMER President JANET ARMSTRONG Vice President JACKIE MOORE Inter-Sorority Representative MARGARET LINDEMAN Secretary PRISCILLA NEWSCHWANDER Treasurer MARJORIE ROSE Historian CATHERINE SNYDER Sergeant-at-Arms SPRING JANET ARMSTRONG JANIS EISENHOWER JACKIE MOORE JEAN HALLEN MARGARET LINDEMAN BETTY BAUER ALICE ANN CROSS 63 , 1 y K HDS .,' 5 r all' i 9 f-4 . GK ll fl i. ,. nm . 1 ffl i 'xx A 1 th A 11 A ' IG 3 3 J ll? 1-5 ' J. ' Q K V 1 A 4 ' Q rpg J u y . ff. fr 1 A l P A ' sf. si , , V l 'Q F K W' 'ml " if 'if l Q -L. ' - ' 9' li ' i ..,:- Ez ' in fi 91, i l N as 4 f " ui , ,... .l .. l ' Nbr .,.-. , . A -is iai- , J KAPPA PHl OFFICERS ELECTED FOR ONE YEAR SUE HENDRICKSON .........,................ President MARION CLENDENEN .............. Vice President VIOLA MAYLOTT ....,....... Recording Secretary - MILDERD BLAKE .,.... Corresponding Secretary EILEEN ALEXANDER ........................ Tresurer GERRY JOHNSON ...............,.,.......... Chaplain BETTIE BARTER ......... .................. H istorian -.. Sue Hendrickson Betty Barter Mildred Blake Nelda Peterson Jane Thompson Anna May Wills Elverna Amundson Maxine Atkinson Hazel Beatty Helen Pat Beem Marjorie Bently Pal Brandt Dixie Bullard Kay Burrill Donna Cohoon Cay Cooney Joy Cramer Ru th Ann Dodsworth Jean Erhart Thelma Hardy Carol Hitchcock Gertrude James r Norma James Q Eloise Kipper - Marjorie La Monte Jing Ho Ling Lu Jean Logan Alberta Love Lucille Ludwick Donna Maclnnis Viola Maylotl' Jeanne McDougall Helen Miller Mary Ann Monroe Virginia Norton Polly Packard Pat Robinson Jane Shaffer Jeane Thurber Joan Tregoning Anna Marie Vaughn Murden Woods Bea -Young ' I , J 5: 1 'VT' :I . ii' ar, -- .H -1 -:i . D v , . V hx ,- E D .Y-,,.,v-..,,..........,..-,...,,.f.,!, ,gf ag,-eg.,-,, - Nm - - V gifa5m.,.A , , as t :gg 9 it ie gill, 2 I U' Li' v. - iv .R . X. 43:5 5-. sr 'E Bob Hamilton Grant Barker Gale Behems Kenny Burrows Ron Button Bob Causin Dick Cole Bob Creso Sherman Day Ed Funk Wade Garland Bill Hagerman Otto Halligan Larry Hewlett Harry Miexner Bob Oquist David Reese LeRoy Vaughn George Williams BOB HAMILTON President C-RANT BARKER FRANK PRICE Vice President BOB OQUIST BOB CRESO Secretary SHERMAN DAY CHARLES COWAN Treasurer BOB CRESO 'WL -. if i Ig: .E A AJ Hyillgt 12,31 lf Z I E ,.l. I if 1 83 Lg -1 .,- its 1- gr." 1 W :eu Z, , L 2 I i FlRST ROW: Beatrice Young, Beverly Hofstetter, Mildred Blake, Ellen Swayne, Jackie Brown, Donna Cohoori, Merrilet Betz, Helen Pat Beem, Lucille Ludwick. SECOND ROW: Jane Thomp- son, Dorothy Backlund, Hilda Feuz, Jackie Burgess, Luella Jackson, Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Ethel Peterson, Esther Mann. THIRD ROW: Virginia Mekkes, Anna May Wills, Mary Ann Monroe, Ida May Hendricks, Arliss Wilder, Katherine Burrill, Mary Ann Bailey, Polly Packard, Pat Robinson, Nelda Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Jeanne McDougall, Viola Maylott, Carol Hitchcock, Thelma Hardy, Nadine McCleary, Joan Tregoning, Mrs. Schneider, Marla Clark, Peggy Doubek, Arlyene Thompson, Myrtle Robinson, Joan Christensen, Juanita Robinson. ANUERSUN HALL Agnes Healy Anderson Hall, residence building for out of town women students was completed six years ago. This year it was the home of forty- eight coeds, and under the direction of Mrs. Schneider a social program was carried out to the fullest. The hall is governed by four committees consisting of scholarship, social, standards, and courtesy. The main event of the year was a formal dinner dance held in the early part of the spring semester. Special firesides, concerts, and devotional meetings took place in the recrea- tion rooms when the ASTU was on the campus. Officers for the fall semester were: Nelda Peterson, President, Arliss Wilder, Vice President: Juanita Robinson, Secretary, Ruth Ann Dodsworth, Treasurer, Peggy Doubek, Historian, and Hilda Feuz Sergeant at Arms. Spring Semester officers were Ethel Peterson, Presidentg Jane Shaffer, Vice Presidentg' Joan Kincaid, Secretary, Polly Packard, Treasurer, Thelma Hardy, Historiang and Donna Cohoon, Sergeant-at-Arms. nik. guy "NJ Mrs. Schneider, Directorg Ethel Peterson, Spring Presidentg , Nelda Peterson, Fall President. Up for breakfast. Esther checks in. ll If l' A call, a day! , , Quiet hours. ff? Our Prexy. WY' 68 S2535 , i fljffwfmtlil , 17 aww' QYSG 0 we oe' sdagxove' QWmxeNl I so efiagxxx SVN , 2 Vegooi- wane we QxO5e5 8306 WM C,-, ' ,dice ESOWX wool Z Q06 ' 5 o we 0' , wt 4,0 - , SW Composed of the Presidents and a Representative of each Sorority, lntersorority.Council tormulates and enforces rush rules, and regulates all intersorority planning. The annual intersorority dance was held in the early part of February. Because of the capable leadership and work of Jackie Moore, chairman, and her committee, this year's affair was a complete success. Jeanne McDougall served as president during the tall semester, and Felicia Dahl was president in the spring. Q5 wh vixxxej a FIRST ROW: Almira Marchesini, Esther Mann, Helen Pat Beem, Jane Shaffer, Myrtle Robinson, Joan Christensen, Carol Hamilton, Ruby Smith, Margaret Lindeman, Fontelle Gaddis, Betty Armour. SECOND ROW: Betty Jane Cappa, Shirley Black, Shirley Gibbs, Eunice Moberg, Hilda Feuz, Lorraine Dannell, Phyllis Thompson, Eloise Kruver, Shirley Gibbs, Racheal Johnson, THIRD ROW: Jeanne McDougall, Sue Hendrickson, Murden Woods, Joy Moberg, Mary Ruth Erchinger, Alice 'Ann Cross, Connie Allen, Jean Button, Jean Hallen, Beverly Hotstetter, Virginia Barker, Helen Miller, Barbara Engberg, Jackie Moore. WUMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSUEIATIUN The women's Association is an extra-curricular organization which pro- motes participation in athletics among the women ot the college. The pur- pose of this organization is to promote democracy, leadership, sportsmanship and cooperation among the women students. Under the leadership of Fon- telle Caddis, president, this year's program included two night meetings held in the girls dressing room lounge. With Almira Marchesini as chairman a gym jamboree was held for high school girls and was a success. A corecreational program was carried out throughout the school year under the co-chairmanship of Jane Shaffer and Bob Hamilton, representing the men's intramurals. Jackie Moore served as General Manager. Mrs Mann, Adviser Fontelle Caddis, President Jacqueline Moore Manager Jeanne McDougall, Carol Hamilton, Margaret Lindeman, Jane Shaffer, Sue Hendrickson, Ruby Smith, Alice Ann Cross, Lor- raine Dannell, Helen Pat Beem, Betty Armour, Fontelle Gaddis. 'vaueybau Volleyball held interest of many girl-s this year as two tournaments were held. The senior class came out on top in the inter-class tournament, while Delta Alpha Gamma sorority walked oft with first place in the ln- ter-sorority competition. Iiockey The highlightof the hockey season was the games with the University of Washington Women. This year three teams represented CPS, and even though none were victorious, the day was chucked full of fun and experience. Hockey holds top interest among the girls of the College. ' INTRA SpeedbaH Introduced into the field of sports for the first time this year, speedball scored a hit with many girls. The first sport of the season, it proved to be a very popular sport in spite of the weather conditions. Fontelle Gaddis, Connie Allen, Murden Woods, Esther Mann, Sue Hendrickson, Hilda Feus, A Jane Shaffer. L Jeanne McDougall, Lorraine Dannell, Betty Armour, Fontelle Cadclis, Ruby Smith, Jane Shaffer, Sue Hendrickson, Helen Pat . Beem, Almira Marchesini, Margaret Lindeman. Mums Basketball The Cammas took first place in the basketball tournament after a two-year lapse, when their B team came out to take first place to break the tie between the Gamma A team and the lndes. This activity held great interest as many spectators at- tend the games. The "all star" team was composed of Esther Mann, Almira Marchesini, Ruby Smith, Mary Ann Truitt, Janice Lindeman, and Fontelle Gaddis. SEATED: Almira Marchesini, ,Jane Shaffer, Murden Woods, Sue Henrickson. STANDING: Margaret Lindeman, Beverly Hofstetter, Evelyn Marshall, Sal Newschwander. Fontelle Gaddis. Individual Sports Fontelle Gaddis, Murden Woods, Carol Hamil- ton, Barbara Engberg. Swlmmmg The two annual swimming meets held this year were very well attended. The Betas took first place in both meets. close- ly followed by the Cammas. An added feature to the meets this year was a night event in which Badminton, tennis and pingpong were the three dual sports offered by WAA this year. Individual athletes gathered racquets to display unusually fine technique and smoothness. , lVIen's Basketball Jack Knapp, Wade Garland, Paul Pruitt, Mary Harry Miexner. SECOND ROW: Bob Causin, Bob Oquist, Bob MacCullough. nearly sixty participated. Jean Button, Jeane Thurber Helen Pat Beem, Mildred' Blake, Esther Mann. With the majority of men in the armed forces, athletic program was kept at a minimum. The hand full of civilian men on the campus organ- jzed a strong civilian basketball squad. Unique factor of this team was that in each lineup, new names appeared, to replace those who had been called to the armed forces. This spunky little squad, under the management of Bob Hamilton, came forth to defeat the ASTU team on the campus, and also , to play several city teams. . 7 I A 54214 F 4 U s 39' x S v. I -qu ' fv O t wh 2-ve ,w fa x Fig Q , I ' 'xii 1 Eh u "L, Y 4.- , 21541 4 ff ,X M, :-' ' iii i f wma? W W: if ,N M L53 , .Q Sf 'U Y' sv ,.. -u NW sn ' J-an w- , If , .1 W. 4, .mi ' ' , ii ,. ' :LQ " -vm is Af :sz 1 as ,,,,,, N fm V. 5? A ,-1 , . l , rg V V , ggi, . x . v , S+: 'S 'S L , M2 '1 ,Mf ' 'ff 'fi .gf x.. F3 3,41 1 1' fl 3185 3:- '3' ! W., w m -W A s gk 'ny x ,L pn nw. QM' if ' ' 1 f J. , A , H , Je, 1 W I 1 1 Q , 4m"'A W A I In Ag' Y, mm - Tacoma Savings and T Loan T Assn. r T Tacoma Savings and Loan has many unique devices for the protection of ' its many thrifty patrons, who have learned that savings is one oi the important items in anyone's budget. Include it in your college budget and keep your accounts protected at Tacoma Savings and Loan. Turner Richards TAKE sTocK OF A Sfydig F I N E H EAI'-I-H H 724 Pacific Avenue BR 4631 INVESTMENT! Si? T r , .1 WEDDING COMMERCIAL D t FAMILY PORTRAITS 1 Let us continue to pictorially , - record your momentous events T lcreamille " Sk l f'l'HornogenizedJ Turner - Bob - Gene and Nelson 74 At Washington Gas and Elec- tric Company, the newer meth- ods oi cooking can be found. In post-war planning for your happiness include the new way of cooking with gas. You'll tind it's faster. better, and very mod- ern. Helen lean Darling and Elouise Cruver are two of the many CPS girls who have con- sidered the possibilities of this new method oi cooking in post- war days. W Washington Gas S Electric Co lean Hallen and Beverly Hoistetter. two oi CPS's outstanding badminton players find that in using Washington A Hardware equipment they can be sure that their shots are accurate. Washing- ton Hardware features Spalding and Goldsmith Athletic equipment. Washington Hardware fb? l 20 , For "tops" in bowling pleasure. l . ' 1 I :fy the North End Alleys. con- veniently located near the Col - it . lege. 3806 NORTH 26TH 0 Ice Cream is served in our Commons and the students know what is best. They put on it their stamp of approval and give it ' a blue ribbon. Ufywqaic Dairy Products.Compar1'y' - PRoctor 9090 RBO DS . . a GOCD Investment When you buy a War Bond you not only help in the winning of the war but you help to establish a post-war future for yourself. You invest in your own welfare, and in your country's security. Puget Sound National Bank OF TACOMA Member Federal Deposit ' Insurance Corporation -- 2z7.,?.fr"':"'W'v13 umf5:'z2.f1- ,Q f fvfwr tiif it ., . .- -ru , w- :,, --,.'- ,,,-: ., -,,.--,. R1 --',- ' : 3 ,. f-A, E- , f Q:-,ia v ft vi 4945.3 -,..g, f-fra ,1 it ' ,Q ex. U,fi,.j' - 1. . , 1g', - f-sf' ,.t ,. ' 5. - -3, -' f 2' ' 1 1 P? ,.I,,a', Q' , spain 5-.g'5:..1ulqvw :Ei Q!" 1, ,',' -gg., H ,QQ-1 . 1 -: -rg -- M :V . 1 W 1. -- J+g:f.,1 J R, ,-fm wer' ,die- s.. , b ' Iane Shaffer and Ginny Beatty found the thoroughness of this cream beater to be typical of all Brown and Haley candy making. These are the makers of ,the World famed Almond Roca and quality chocolates. For perfect gifts give Brown and Haley. "Candies of Distinction." 5 Brown and Haley Tacoma W -x..4v'7 41.6 r. ,il L K :I ef. V' ' V ' x If ' lflii -i,,:: :Y-mi, , , MVA 1, G- -'9f2f'V' ' , HEADQUARTERS OF A WASHINGTON TREE FARM pw .:Q,.-- - .. 4, ,- if -w ...lsr 1. Timber is a crop that must be guarded diligently against the greatest enemy of the forests-tire. Private tirnberland owners have spent millions of dollars in developing and maintaining fire protection systems and equipment to protect the young forests that are so vital in Washington's economic lite. Shown here is a fleet of tire-fighting trucks on one Washington Tree Farm. With such modern equipment and organized protection, together with a thoughtful and careful public, trees for tomorrow can be assured. ' Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Dammeier Dill Howell Printing Co. SportingGoods if I iff MODERN PRINTING WILSON ATHLETIC SERVICE EQUIPMENT Efficiency' - Promptness FOOTBALL BASEBALL at 'BASKETBALL Minimum Cost GOLF TENNIS ii? 'iff 811 Pacitic Ave. MAin 1065 929 Commerce D john flamrick Temple Theatre Tacoma's Home ot CONCERT AND STAGE ATTRACTIONS ik The finest of motion pictures are shown at the Temple between road show and concert dates. , Wardrobe magic . . . that's what Lusterized Dry Cleaning is! Witness the surprise ot Max- ine Atkinson and Wally Cava- nagh as they watch water roll right off a Lusterized gar- Q ment! No matter what career you're headed for . . . military. navy. business. student . . a Lusterized wardrobe will al- ways be an asset! upreme Cleaners SUPERIOR SERVICE LAUNDRY GA. 4413 79 LeRoy Vaughn and Bob Ham- ilton tind that thrift is more im- portant today than ever before and are learning the possibili- ties offered by United Mutual's saving plan. When you think of savings. think of United Mutual. United Mutual Savings Bank Not only does the Allstrum Printing Company do fine work in making col- lege bulletins. but it also does important work for the government. During post- war times it will be on the job as always making those bang-up dance programs for you. The skill and experience with which the craftsmen finish difficult tasks makes a world of difference when it comes to any printing iob. Allstrum Prlntlng Co Bri .C Buckley-King Funeral Service Modern and Moderate 1 Eastman Kodak Stores Inc- EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 910 Broadway 4 Tacoma. Washington Ellen Swayne and Shirley Milsted find out why over titty thousand' of these thrifty folks use Pacific First Federal sav- ings facilities and home loans. W i O O Paclflc First Federal SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION TACOMA - - Principal Office SEATTLE PORTLAND ' BELLINGHAM EUGENE Rialto Theatre Many of the world's most loved movies are featured throughout the year at they Rialto theater. This car tull of CPS students is preparing to attend this much patronized theater. They know where to find the better shows. When in need oi any of those ever-needed school supplies, i visit "Shifty" at the College Bookstore. Christmas, birthday, and greeting cards can also be purchased there, as well as candy bars, stationery and iewelry. College Bookstore Conrad Print Shop, the printers of the Puget Sound Trail, are always will- ing and able to help you with last minute printing at the lowest possible costs. V Sir Conrad Printing Co. 717 Commerce MAil'1 0432 Swing to MOCAT FOODS "The Peak of Quality" ' CANNED FRUITS CANNED VEGETABLES COFFEE SPICES, EXTRACTS Distributed by gl WEST coAsr skoclskv co. Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen, Chehalis, Auburn, Puyallup, Iuneau Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Alaska af and Secretarial School is extended to young men and women who are interested in specialized I training for employment in Business or government service or as a supplement to a general or professional education. A Bulletin of Information regarding each course offered by the school rates of tuition and placement service will be mailed free upon request Tacoma City Light Polly Packard, Mary-Anna Schenck, 'and Laura Peterson . . . popular CPS co-eds . . . have just inspected one of Ta- coma City Light's largest sub- stations, where they learned- among other things-that Ta- coma enioys America's -LOW- EST electrical rates, and that Tacoma power is doing much to speed the production of vital war materials. Municipal own- ership of this important utility. they idecided, was a very good thing for every citizen of Ta- COITIB. l There's beauty in fine dia- monds . . . and beauty in the engagement rings designed by Gunderson ' Original jewelry ACROSS FORM THE WINTHROP HOTEL Headquarters for OFFICE and SCHOOL Q SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT QUALITY DIAMONDS WATCHES IEWELRY 6 SILVER O The Stationers, Inc Since 1889 ' Mierow's 1 1105 Broadway TACOMA ' 926 Pacific Avenue 927 Commerce Iean Erhart, one of the popu- lar coeds, is shown having her picture taken-for the Tamana- was. While there she learned that Kennell-Ellis are outstand- ing photographers in the north- west. She claims that they are exacting in their work, and take trtze to life Portraits. i Kennell-Ellis sux1H AVE UE UANS ALLTYP55 BANK BY MAL- EENTHAI. I "W Spren er 8 Jones 8 c jcwclcrs sir FRATERNAL IEWELRY IS OUR SPECIALTY S ik Expert Watch and Iewelry Repairing 1147 Broadway BR- 4372 - .22, Index to Faculty Pictures Capen, Ellery, 7, ll, 12 Chapman, Coolidge, 7 Chubb, Francis, 7 Drushel, Lyle Ford, 5, 12, 33, 47 Frederick,.Arthur, 7 , Gibbs, E. Delmar, 7, 12 Jaeger, Julius, 7, 13 Jones, Martha Pearl, 7, 51 Kocker, Eric, 7 Lewis, Helen M., 8, 48 Mann, Marjorie, 8, 69 Martin, Arthur, 8 McKinney, Helen Julia, 8, 41 McMillan, Frederick, 8 Miller, Christian, 6 Regester, John, 5, 11, 46 Robbins, Bertha, 8 . Robbins, Charles, 6, 12, 41 Schafer, Marvin, 8, 46 Schmidt, Alice, 8 Seward, Raymond, 9 Sinclair, Robert, 9 Slater, James, 9 Smith, Doris Helen, 9 Steven, Blanche, 9 Tomlinson, Warren, 9, 12, 47 ,Werson, Louis, 50 Woods, Davis, 9 Index to Student Pictures Agatha, Donna, 22, 63 Alexander, Eileen, 41, 48, 53 Allen, Constance, 25, 41, 42, 45, 46 60, 70 Amundsen, Elverna, 11, 22, '38, 45, -47, 61, 64, 66 Anderberg, Elizabeth, 25, 42, 45, 54, 56, 5.7, 61 Anderson, Ada Lois, 20, 62 Anderson, William, 48 Armstrong, Janet, 11, 16, 33, 63 Armour, Betty, 20, 60, 70 Atkinson, Maxine, 25, 46, '60, 64 Backlund, Dorothy, 20, 63, 66 Bacon, Marion, 25, 63 Bailey, Maryan, 25, 61, 66 Baird, Carl, 16, 48 Baker, Virgil, 45 Baldwin, Walter, 16 Barker, Grant, 20, 39, 45, 65 Barker, Virginia, 25, 48, 60 Barter, Bettie, 16, 40, 48, 53 Bauer, Betty, 20, 38, 41, 63 Beatty, Hazel, 25, 53, 54, 56, 57, 60, 64 Beatty, Virginia, 53 Beem, Helen Pat, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 33, 42, 48, 60, 64, 66, 70, 71 Behrens, Gale, 25, 65 Bennett, Don, 42 Bentley, Marjorie, 20, 48, 64 Berlie, Beverly, 42 Betz, Merillat, 66 Black, Shirley, 22, 63 Blake, Mildred, 16, 45, 60, 64, 66, Brandt, Patricia, 20, 41, 47, 48, 64 Brewsaugh, Marian, 25, 63 Bullard, Dixie, 20, 53, 55, 56, 57, 60, 64 Burgess, Jacqueline, 22, 61, 64 Burrill, Katherine, 25, 48, 64, 66 Burrows, Kenny, 25, 65 Button, Jean, 16, 61, 71 Button, Ronald, 25, 65 Cappa, Betty Jane, 26, 43 Causin, Robert, 26, 65, 71 Christensen, Joan, 45, 66 Clark, Marla, 26, 60, 66 Clendenen, Marian, 51, 53 Cochran, Dorothy, 26 Cohoon, Donna, 26, 61, 64, 66 Cole, Richard, 11, 25, 26, 65 Conrad, Winitred, 26, 41 Cooney, Catherine, 26, 48 Coors, Charlotte, 2.6, 63 Corum, Gloria, 22 Cramer, Joy, 26, 48, 61 Creso, Robert, 22, 39, 65 Cross, Alice Ann, 26, 63, 70 Cruver, Elouise, 26, 61 Dahl, Felicie, 12, 17, 33, 41, 55, 61 Dale, Bernice, 17, 41 Danell, Lorraine, 26, 63, 70 Darling, Helen Jean, 26, 61 Davis, Marilyn, 26, 61 Dawson, Marjorie, 63 Day, Sherman, 12, 20, 39, 65 Day, Sherley, 20, 63 DeVoto, Margaret, 26, 61 Diemer, Wyona, 17, 63 Dodsworth, Ruth Ann, 22, 38, 48, 54, 61, 64, 66 Donaldson, Ruth Ann, 26, 38 Doubek, Peggy Lou, 22, 60, 66 Dzurick, Ernest, 17 Eggesbo, Dorcas, 22, 62 Eisenhower, Janis, 13' Engberg, Barbara, 22, 38, 45, 63, 71 Enos, Ruth Hartley, 17, 40, 48 Erchinger, Mary Ruth, 26, 42, 45, 61 Erhart, Jean, 22, 41, 48, 64 Fearn, Irene, 22, 63 Fearn, Joyce, 26, 63 Feuz, Hilda, 23, 62, 66, 70 Forsbeck, Marilou, 26, 63 Foxwell, Geraldine, 26, 60 Funk, Edward, 23, 65 Gaddis, Fontelle, 17, 43, 47, 60, 69, 70, 71 Gale, Virginia, 26 ' Gallacher, John, 13, 39 Gallagher, Mary Agnes, 26 Garland, Wade,-25, 26, 65, 71 Gibbs, Shirley, 27 Gillen, Raymond 41 Gilstrap, Marilyn, 17, 46, 63 Gleason, Charles, 20, 55 Goodner, Ernest, 11, 39, 52, 55, 56, 57 Hagerman, William, 27, 65 Hallen, Jean, 23, 54, 63 Halligan,'Otho, 27, 46, 65 Hamilton, Robert, 11, 13, 17, 56, 57, 65 Hansen, Elsie, 21, 61 Hansen, Patricia, 21, 55, 56, 57. 60 Hardy, Thelma, 26, 64, 66 Hazen, Rhoda, 26, 54, 63 Hecht, Hazel, 23, 63 Heidinger, Mary Jean, 26, 45, 60 Hendricks, lda Mae, 23, 61, 66 Hendrickson, Sue, 21, 41, 48, 53, 54, ei, 64, 70,71 Hewlett, Laurence, 27, 41, 65 , Hildebrandt, Patricia, 21, 61 Hill, Jane, 26, 60 Hitchcock, Carolyn, 27, 42, 48, 60, 64, 66 Hotstetter, Beverly, 23, 38, 54, 62, 66, 71 -- -l--:isa-1 3 a-l"'E'l,,,. T-J-'-'-"1 -K' -ss Index to Student Pictures Hutchinson, Robert, 17 lnveen, Noreen, 23, 41, 53, 54, 56 57, 63 Jackson, Luella, 21,.41, 42, 53, 54 56, 57, 60, 66 James, Gertrude, 23, 47, 48, 64 James, Norma, 23, 64 Johnson, Barent, 47 Johnson, Jean, 23 Johnson, Rachel, 27, 45, 60 Jones, Eugenia, 23, 60 Kahn, Kertu, 27 Kilde, Virginia, 27, 60 Kincaid, Joan, 53, 54, 56, 57, 66 Kipper, Louise, 27, 48, 64 I Kiste, Donna, 27, 61 Knapp, Jack, 71 LaMonte, Marjorie, 23, 64 Lamka, Don, 17,, 46, 47 Lantz, Virginia, 17, 40 Langlow, Kenneth Langseth, Richard, 27, 41, 48 Larson, Gunnar, 56, 57 Ledtord, Juanita, 27, 60 Legg, Merle, 41 Lentz, Marian, 27, 60 Levack, June, 27 1 Lindeman, Janice, 27, 63 Lindeman, Margaret, 23, 43, 54, 63 70 Ling, Jing Ho, 27, 48, 64 Logan, LuJean, 22, 23, 61, 64 Lowther, Everett, 17, 46, 48 Love, Alberta, 23, 47, 48, 64 Ludwick, Lucille, 23, 41, 45, 61, 64 66 Luzzi, Catherine, 13, 22, 33. 38, 47 V62 Lymburn, Jean, 26, 63 Lynch, Lois, 26, 42, 61 Maclnnis, Donna, 27, 41, 64 Mann, Esther, 13, 18, 33, 42, 48, 58, 61, 66, 70, 71 Marchessini, Almira, 20, 21, 61, 70 71 Mason, Patricia, 23, 42, 61 Maylot, Viola, 41, 48, 64, 66 McCleary, Nadine, 27, 60, 66 McCullough, Robert, 71 McDonald, Wilma, 28, 61 McDougall, Jeanne, 11, 12, 13, 42, 44, 45, 60, 64, 66, 70 McLorinan, Elaine, 28, 60 47, 1 1 21, Marshall, Evelyn, 71 Meier, Leon, 21, 39 Meixner, Harry, 28, 65, 71 Merkle, Pearl, 28, 60 Midtsatre, Joranne, 38, 50, 51, 53, 60 Mekkes, Virginia, 23, 38, 41, 45, 61, 66 Miller, Helen, 23, 62, 64 Shirley, 28, 60 Milsted, Moberg, Eunice, 28, 48 Moberg, Joy, 48 Bobbe, 28, 63 Mountz, Moore, Jacqueline, 18, 63, 69 Munro, Maryann, 28, 48, 61, 64 Nason, Jane, 28, 61 Nee, Charles, 41 Nelson, Doris, 21, 53, 54, 61 Newschwander, Priscilla, 12, 21, 53, 54, 63, 71 Norton, Virginia, 21, 48, 60, 64 O'Connell, Peggy, 21, 62 Oquist, Robert, 65, 71 Packard, Polly, 28, 42, 45, 48, 60, 64, 66 Peele, Katheryn, 23, 60 Perry, Adeline, 28 Pescreta, Rose Marie, 17 Peterson, Ethel, 18, 45, 47, 66, 67 40, 41 Peterson, Laura, 18, Peterson, Nelda, 18, 61, 64, 66. 67 Plummer, Charlotte, 28 Ponton, Mary Lou, 18, 61 Preston, Shirley, 62 Price, Hubert, 48 Price, Frank, 11, 12, ,13, 20, 21, 39, 41, 44, 45 Pruitt, Paul, ii, iz, 17, 46, 47, 48, 55, 71 Pulliam, Elaine, 63 Putt, Bob, 41, 48 Radke, Roberta, 28 Rayno, Beatrice, 28, 63 Reese, Dave, 28, 65 Reeves, Hazel Rice, Norma, 28 Riddle, Victoria, 28, 63 Robinson, Juanita, 23, 38, 45, 62, 66 Robinson, Myrtle, 13, 28, 43, 45, 60, 66 Robinson, Patricia, 28, 60, 64, 66 Rogers, Mary Louise, 21, 42, 61 Rostedt, Richard Rose, Marjorie, 24, 38, 63 Rough, Elizabeth, 17, 41, 60 Rough, Mary, 28, 60 Rutherford, Beaulah, 28, 62 Sandal, Marian, 24, 61 Sandin, Marthajean, 24, 60 Schaller, Florence, 25, 29, 63 Schenck, Mary-Anna, 13, 25, 42, 45, 46 Scott, George, 47 Seeley, Evelyn, 18, 40, 47, 53, 61 Shatter, Jane, 21, 33, 42, 47, 48, 61, A 64, 70, 71 Sitts, June, 21 Skaer, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snyder, Stone, Sulley, Margaret, 24, 63' Betty, 24, 51, 60 Bob, 18 Ruby, 38, 43, 61, 70 Vesta, 18, 40 Cay, 24, 63 Shirley, 19, 61' Jean, 21, 60 Swayne, Ellen, 19, 40, 41,' 60, 66 Teirney, Noreen, 24, 63 V Thompson, Arlyne, 28,' 62, 66 Thompson, Jane, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 33, 42, 48, 53, 60, 64, 66 Thomson, Phyllis, 28, 63 Thurber, Jeane, 11, 12, 22, 24, 33, 41, 45, 48, 51, 54, 64, 66, 71 Torgerson, Jolafern, 21, 41, 55, 56, 57, 60 Tregoning, Joan, 27, 48, 61, 64, 66 Truitt, Mary Ann, 38, 48 Van Fossen, Claudia, 24, 63 Vaughn, Anna-Marie, 29, 39, 41, 64 Vaughn, Le Roy, 21, 42, 56, 57, 60, 65 Verone, Genevie, 29, 61 Walker, Jean, 24, 63 Watts, Ursella, 24, 61 Weaver, Margaret, 17, 62 Wegner, Harvey, 22 Wilder, Arliss, 18, 63, 66 Wilder, Helen, 24 William, George, 29, 65 Wills, Anna Mae, 17, 48, 64, 66 Winskill, Bob, 29 Woods, Murden, 11, 13, 24, 38, 42, 64, 70 York, Janes, 21 Young, Beatrice, 29, 48, 64, 66 Zanuzoski, Marion, 29, 62 Plastic Binding U. S. Patent No. 1970285 IOHNSON-COX COMPANY Tacoma, Wash. Licensee No. 93 Fiowera were photographed in natural colors with a onezaizot coior camera. His reproduction is litlzograpized in three colors. Work done entirely in the plant of Johnson - Cox Company PRINTING - LITI-IOGRAPHING ' BOOKBINDING 726 Pacific Avenue TACOMA 2, WASHIlV'GTON Plxone BRoaJway 2233 I . . ...-- - . 1- ..- . .. . .. wwi.-4.-.. Y. - F 1 L I FFT IS the ov -, r A-"1 ' 1 1 fs. . 4 an I 9,-Q ,- q , , V? if W 1? '5 .5 N " U Hx

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