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'. "U s.,-fl, ' '- Ylwtlil'-31'?i?l5.2 , w 1 51- A "'P'ml:', , -, - ' . - V 6 - 7-1---3 NNW - . A mrlw -1-ff 1 ' , ,,,..f1'- w.x, 'WA 5, ax . , . .,,, X K , . f ,M 1' . , -fa . . " 7' "0 v 1 1' 5 , Jr ' . 'P' X 'LA 4 1' W ' 1. ' "1" W s 1. il, - rx " -' ... wx H . lv W . , ." EL' - ll h ' E.. 0' ' , l 1 1 1 f rl. fri' . ' ' ' if v ' ' 1...rT" ". - . ' " J V 'f',1',r..,1? 1 7' - 5 'g.N ix. .. N1 2EiiZ."""'!1"'s. . 3 -A: E f-. P Znfgzrirgrv , in -P. fl: ,ff 4 . !.Qa..ff7Af-- , ',' 13- J ' 1 .5 ' vu. - 'Tx' 4- tif. ' ,, ff' ':iTf3.1- " A - J-A W ' 1- 114.4 fu - pr- .4 i?3.' l. if -253, , :TH Li ff' if , 'A I up - E:r'12'f.L. 1. -91--'L' 55 3 ' ,, Lp 3, Q.,-,Ai-, 'ii .I gil' Y R. -1.- m ' -, 3 ,N '. ,,'A . 'I' -'fm fi , Ig J' :A N11 '- .I"- ' 'EA . 5449495 ?'f""'?'7 1- ' 5 Q? ..'T:r . r , , L hyat," 11- f .- . '. 3..,'.,,.4..l -57 ' ! . L" 7, 7'i:.:!:.'if ' 1' '- 11" iiZ':L'T1.v - - -.,,:.,4...l. . I . OJVNLP 1-xv '. .X P .'f',.,i. 1. 4 . , ,5 ,A M-.. .V iff ,- 1 .f ff' W- L. ffl QE , " i 'SM - rr- - - .- ,...f1 I ." Q - 4- . 4 -Q 3 :M- a..,m ,,.,..- 1 f t. -Nw . , .,,, ,-, I . Q! ,'E" A TAIVIANAWAS 19.42 f EDITOR RUTH PAULINE TODD O BUSINESS MANAGER RICHARD I-IALEY ,fl ' A A1 , u PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS COLLEGE OF PUGET SOUND TACOMA, WASHINGTON 1 -H, v, zifr , I' ' " ' -'iff' If , ' 'V W Mifrigz, N' fr' - , I V -1- 'we A . If . , , ,L -. , , .Iv .,.-..-.,-I..... , N If Q, , 'f '25,""' If ,I , .,A. - Q, -.... V7 - I VV N ' 4 ,. If - I. A uf 'J' -I k ,N if X . I ., If I . , ,A ,X ,r , f .w I . I - 559-' uf ' .. r My ,f KJ, n 1, 4, J' 1 AL ,ly , -.I,.I,..5.17--T:-3 if I 1.1, 1 . Lf. 47 .- , , ..- ,. .Y.-.. D, . -- i ,A-...S ,, ..--,,. Uh. . ...- N J . 7 , M, ..,. , I I I I P f 9 I A f A . , M J. Y ' ,H-' ."' : I A- 5 ', ,, J k Y . k V J X ,nw . V fp, , . A . gmt 915 -I W , ll , I I -- . . 4,-I,,.L,3 9,9--.,s ,I Q """"f Mi - A I , ' ,gl is , A W ' L , . fn" , f I 2 A If-Mu, '.:.f:f - f. , .A ' L-L3 'Q' fy"-SHIRT, If .1gQQ.LQ,f.,fELl 7 . I, ,. I WI, t 4-vlN MJ. ,A V T A r, li, ffl, V , K lj - 9 A , M' I uf. f 12,42 'iiMI": I""Tq"J"T 25.? f33"f7g.1 I . ff? :f'I"1--I Q, D '- , , .17 :J 5' ' Q I If -1' "1'H'f'J W' .k-L h vvV'- 4 ri: T - F .: - A AAL rg -I M , ,A In ,f l f' I ' 'A , f r .. , , . 'ff-is-aI': 51 V' "f'z'iH. I I Ti ' 0' " 1 P In A h A 1 ,kg A Q?" "A I I , 7" N----.-..............-f.g......y..,. ,,Y,. , . N , ,, , ,M X M ...... ...-..-,,-...,..-N.,...... .,.. .M ...,-J,... . M, S , ., ,, N Vg M. 5, . f. V I , - f ---.-..... .,.f,.,.,-,.... -......,...- ,E ..Y....,. -af A ., 1 , YE, is ' I r Q ,. . .- .,,.,,..,. .-.,, ..., W .-. ,..... , .,,, ,A , 1 YM Nw-LW.- 'v 1: .fvT'T'iffTT'.""Af'ff'n" "fbi ' J, Si ""f-S!-f!"ffj7j"j"?'ff""'f:f?"g 1-iimwffwa-Q ,ggi Q iv,f.-,L,,-Ztgm, I SEII 4,,. ,xA,,,, I I . I Lf A A I I .-I I A . .jf:-TFT .x. K T. if A W MY. U Q J .5 - Y! V ,I?J MMf Vi :NV kg: K :VL . I-.wi T LP. ,, Sf: A M L ',f,51,ff,f1,fL2f2g' ' f ?J1i'6?, ' 'PI9gi4f5'r A eff? fggmmfgfzffflllfl ...f2:J.f5tbz...1fuffIfi1ga'ifiz , 1 " f FUREWURD .r .Adj ' 4 V ' 4" QQ? : THE DOORWAYS ON OUR CAMPUS HAVE OPENED OPPORTUNITIES TO US FOR LEARNING, LEADER- SHIP, AND PLEASURE. THE 1942 TAMANAWAS PORTRAYS A HISTORY OF OUR SCHOOL YEAR AND A BRIEF GLIMPSE INTO ITS PAST AND FUTURE. MAY THIS BOOK OF MEMORIES INCREASE IN VALUE AS THE YEARS RECEDE. . A 1' zv' ,' - H, --F ff '-msd 1' w f...,,,,,,. . .M f 5 fy Y- C , , , 4 , , .M " A V' I 4' 3v4,LMmW,i .Lf,3wR .,x, Q ww 1 3 fir A 'I ffl I Y, E J, ?'K ff. .. . Z!! fl . . ,X .1 if if . -r' I. ' , J ,h , V 'T , A FX, , 8 3 ""hk fig.. ., W ' ' --'f 4 1 g , L 1 J' L if 4 EM S ' W xg., mf I L qw g5,5,,.,,- Mfgf,..ws1gg15?Q., ,-ami?-. SwvfwfKaWgyiE33sEIHPifH?MQETWEWT?QW?J . ,, N 'E 4, --I' ', I - ,I m- I vwrff ,I f f 1 A :r 'V GNL Qi.. -. , I 5 I if ,I WE DEDICATE THE 1942 TAMANAWAS TO THE CONTINUED SUCCESS OF OUR COLLEGE WHICH HAS BEEN UNDER THE CONSECRATED LEADER- SHIP OE PRESIDENT TODD FOR THE PAST TWENTY-NINE YEARS, AND WHOSE DREAM FOR IT IS EXPRESSED ON THESE PAGES. DEDICAIIUN WHAT WAS. .IS. .AND IVIAY BE It will be twentyfnine years in September since We were asked to be the president of the College of Puget Sound. lt was a diilicult undertaking. About the only people who were not discouraged were the students and faculty. Our coming was rated by a good many as a losing experiment. We had a promise in our heart. God spoke to us, saying, "You will not fail," and we went to work. By His help and that of friends of privately endowed education, we are where we are today. The artistic, substantial buildings are the emblems of the quality of the real college. A cultured, Christian faculty creates a Christian atmosphere. The fact that the College is on the approved list of the Association of American Universities and in the roster of institutions of higher learning ofthe World, attests success academically. We rejoice in "what God hath wrought. " What the College will be, depends on alumni, friends and responsible leaders. lndustry is seeking the electric energy from our snovwcapped mountains. That means a larger population on the Sound. More youth will be ready to receive what the College has to give. War is demanding more and better educated personnel. Peace will but multiply that need many times over. But better spiritually balanced men will be required. - Mrs. Todd and I are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you. The College has a great future. We ask God's richest benediction to rest upon all. We hope that the spirit of loyalty and devotion to Cvocl and His truth may ever abide in the College. EDWARD H. TODD. e L: Mr. T. Gamble, former Field Secretary, and Dr. Todd under the Hill tablet which commemorated his gift of hfty thousand dollars to endowment. Jr Mrs. Franke M. jones presenting a two hundred thousand dollar check to Dr. Todd on May 22, 1923, for use in the erection of Charles H. jones Hall, the first building on the new campus. Mr. E. L. Blaine is standing at the right. Old campus of the University of Puget Sound Construction of Charles H. jones Hall, 1923 PAST AND Leonard Howarth Hall under construction, 1927 Doorway of Jones Hall 9? HFS-5 Addition to the Music Conservatory Gymnasium CUEEEGE UE PUGET SUUND PRESENT Charles H. Jones Hall Administration and Class Rooms Leonard Howarth. Hall Science and Home Economics Agnes Healy Anderson Hall Residence for Women Jolm M. Kittredge Hall Student Union Building ,f 1-4" -pf-'if-' Qnytapfg-1' - Ffa 'tifoi 3-iff 'IQ 5 W ' 2 if 5 .f.f'VII"a Q? ' , W Z 4' -1-' - .,:5h Q. ' 155 F" ADMINISTRATION UF CUNIENIS ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATICNS ATHLETICS ""'.:91 - .,,, ,hw-M I V n,f,,,, " ' 1"- ' V1 u X 3 1- Y . , ,,, . fhwr' Q . I .-114 525' H: :A 'L lb- ' "' ' ' -px,-Q 79 u W ' K' Q WW" , .,-' ' WZ' , .- .. z -4, f U L 0 ,X ""' ' ' fa' 4 5- M' . ,-k 1 I Y V V ' 45 -'gr' ,. . , - df 'AT su' 1 'Vi 'K mf' ' u. KKK ni ' 1 ' A ,L ,we 1 , . JH 1, N ' 1 01 -- ' 3 v- 4 if .il -' ,f"i"? ff! MN l l ev L, 3 4 ' . Q 5 3 i 3 f H' s ' , , 'i , V, WG 3 'f , ,gf L 1 . fer .H ' N ' T' ' Any- i i ,. s A ,S wr W .1 ' 1 , I gl , .Wa aging I, ' 5 -, .1 .W ,I 3 ' 1 'sn , e-13 ' - n.' .QQ 1 .y, 'asv QL' ' F' Q , K Q-.uf -,. W id, ,wi .., '39 . rye . YM J a. , , 5 A . 11+ ' ,v-3' W' xl, gap! .- s U . ig R Nw-Q-'wiv-n-A 1' . an if M .Q-DV 'U ' ws?- . V-V, - vig 'lt' ' 'IQ ns' 7- A 'E , Q11 VA x , ,L v--rg:-,-.1 41hw4-main QM -as-rw ADIVIINISTRATIUN , R, ff' 5 3 'I' 3 5 ? Q 50 our facmlt . KZQQE, THE STUDENTS OF THE COLLEGE, VVISH TO EXPRESS OUR SIN' CERE GRATITUDE AND APPREICATION FOR THE INTEREST YOU HAVE SHOWN IN US, NOT ONLY IN THE CLASSROOM, BUT ALSO IN YOUR FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL ATTITUDES AT ALL TIMES. CHARLES A. ROBBINS, Bursar 114' LYLE FORD DRUSI-TEL, A. M. JOHN DICKINSON REGESTER, PH D Dean of Wonmen Dean of College OSCAR ANDERSON, A. B. Fellowship in Biology, 1938 CHARLES T. BATTIN, PH. D. Professor, Robert Laird McCormick Chair of Economics, 1926 JOHN PAUL BENNETT, B. F. A. Director of the Conservatory and Professor of Voice, 1928 ELLERY CAPEN, M. B. A. Assistant Professor of Business Adminis- tration and Economics, 1931 COOLIDGE O. CHAPMAN, PH. D. Professor of English, 1932 WALTER S. DAVIS, A. M., LL. D. Professor of History and Political Science 1907 JANE DOBYNS DRUMMOND, A. M. Instructor in Art, 1941 ROBERT L. DRUMMOND, A. M. Instructor in Art, 1939 PHILIP R. FEHLANDT, PH. D. Professor of Chemistry, 1937 LEOJ. FRANK, A. M. Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Physical Education, 1938 ARTHUR L. FREDERICK, A. M. Professor, John O. Foster Chair of Religious Education, 1927 E. DELMER CIBBS, A. M. Assistant Professor of Education, 1941 ARMORY R. HAYNES, B. S. Instructor in Engineering , Drawing and Surveying, 1934 LEONARD G. JACOBSEN, B. M. Professor of Pianoforte, 1931 JULIUS P. JAEGER, PH. D. Professor of English, 1929 MARTHA PEARL JONES, A. M. Professor of Speech, 1930 ERICHJ. F. KOKER, A. B. Teacher in Violin, 1937 HELEN M. LEWIS, A. B. Circulation Librarian, 1939 , 11 MARJORIE JENKINS MANN, A. M. Director of Physical Education for Women, 1936 ARTHUR W. MARTIN, PH. D. Professor of Mathematics, 1926 MURIEL MCCLANAHAN, PH. D. Instructor in English, 1941 - HELEN JULIA McKINNEY, PH. D. Associate Professor of French, 1938 FREDERICK A. McMILLAN, M. S. Professor of Geology, 1924 LUCILLE MEREDITH, A. M. Instructor in Speech, 1939 CHRISTIAN MILLER, A. M. Registrar and Assistant Professor of German, 1931 HOWARD OISETH, A. M. Instructor in English and Journalism, 1940 STEWART PARKS, M. ED. . Instructor in Physical Eclucation and Assistant Coach, 1940 WARREN PERRY, A. M. Librarian, 1927 HUGH B. PICARD, PH. D. Instructor in Chemistry, 1940 RAYMOND L. POWELL, PH. D, Professoriof Ecluction, 1936 GEORGE REAGAN, A. B. Assistant to Bursar, 1939 BERTHA WOOD ROBBINS, PH. B. Instructor in Spanish, 1929 JOHN W. ROBINSON, PH. D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, 1938 MARVIN R. SCHAFER, PH. D. Professor of Sociology, 1932 RAYMOND S. SEWARD, PH. D. Professor of Physics, 1923 LYLE S. SI-IELMIDINE, PH. D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science, 1936 gpxle . .... 7 E. fbi . M ' N . I t , . fir .5 ,Iii-I . 5- ,if 3 I 'si . . 1 , . I "? 3. -, , . . 'f at 15 I ,, ..- ' gig .Jovi .fi k IJ I I an 91 59 . -4 'X Q H .., it , I, X 'i J ' l -' V - I Mft... . ' If f . A 9 ' if 1. - F 1 ' " "" Z- 3 , 5 p qi. .1 is is 1 1 . 'NF 1 1 1 Vi- ---.- 1:5 "f:- 1 ' ' 1 " 'A A' 9 4: 1 -1 ' are 1 Y., i. is 4 V A 1 A ' 1 el 1:3 3, .V .. : av- V ..--. f ll'i,- .'il1f91Z"f . J' ' ' M 'W' "f' 1' H " 3. K. ez ' No Pictures JOHN F. ADAMS, A. B. Fellowship in Business Administration and Economics, 1940 DOROTHY HARSTAD FENNER, M. S. Fellowship in Home Economics, 1942 PAUL R. FOSSUM, PH. D. Lecturer in Economics, 1939 UFFIUE ANU ALUMNI STAFF Seated: Grace Johnson, Mrs. Hanson. Standing: Betty Bates, Mrs. Seward, Mrs. Angst, Mrs. Taylor. ROBERT D. SINCLAIR, PH. D, Professor of Psychology, 1930 EVERILDA B. SHINN, B. S. Fellowship in Home Economics, 1940 JAMES R. SLATER, A. M., M. PD. Professor of Biology, 1919 SOMERS R. SLEEP, M. D. Medical Adviser, 1937 D. ROBERT SMITH, M. MUS. Assistant Professor of Organ and Theory, 1936 RICHARD D. SMITH, B. A. Field Secretary, Alumni Executive Secretary, 1938 BLANGHE W. STEVENS, M. S. Professor, Lillian Maiben Chair of Home Economics, 1927 WARREN E. TOMLINSON, PH. D. Professor of German, 1933 HARRY VENN, A. B. Fellowship in Mathematics, 1941 SUSAN M. WATT, A. M. Reference Librarian, 1939 LOUIS G. WERSEN, M. A. IN Music Teacher in Public School Methods, Band and Orchestra, 1936 FRANK G. WILLISTON, PH. D. Professor of History and Political Science 1932 1 I -I 4455 JAMES PAULSON, A. S. C. P. S. President VIRGINIA JUDD, Vice'Prcsidcnt PRESIDENT IIlVI'S MESSAGE The highlight of this year's events here on the campus was WaIesby's student drive for a student union buiIding, ending uItimateIy with the super structure on our campus. Cross and his cohorts started with great success bonfire raIIies. The joint parade and raIIy with P. L. C. was a good beginning of inter'coIIege cooperation. The new committee, Maroon and White, Was formed to initiate aII'coIIege activities and gain the support of the campus organizations. A student empIoyment bureau enabIed about one hundred C. P. S. students to secure jobs. HaIey's homecoming vviII Iong be remembered as one of the outstanding ceIebrations. In generaI, the co' operation of the student body and facuIty, in view of present conditions, has been exceptionaI and any success of this student administration is due to their work. Cut hope for the future is that the new president of this CoIIege vviII have the interest, foresight, initiative, and abiiity that Dr. Todd possesses. JIM PAULSON, RUTH PAULINE TGDD, Secretary -iii '73 Seated: George Ellis, Mary Cornell, Virginia Judd, Ruth Pauline Todd,'Betty -lane Pyle, Don Brown. Standing: Willard Gee, Ed Hungerford, Paul Hueston, Bill Tregoning, Ed Miller, joe Sands, Jim Paulson, Tom Cross, Mr. Capen. CENTRAL BUARU Ma""gmf Athletics: Elected by the studentbocly: Varsity ........... ...,. B ill McLaughlin President ................ .... J ames Paulson Menis Ilftraqnural ----"- """ G Gorge Ellis Vice'President ........... ...... V irginia judd Women S Inffaamlfal '1-------- Beffrilane Pyle Secretary .....,., ,.,, R uth Pauline Todd Dramatics ............ .... W illar Bellman Senior Representative. . . .... Lawrence Henderson Forgnslcs --'-- -"" ""' F I aHkHaH2WH1f junior Representative ..... ........ P aul Hueston MUSIC ---'-' """" E d Mller Soplaomore Representative. . ........ Don Brown Publications, Elected by Classes: TrailCEditorD ....... ...... E dislpfigirgrd Senior Representative. . .... Bill Tregoning ?ra1lCManageg'. """""' HP ll.arT 53 junior Representative ..... ..... N orman Walker Tamamwasc Iwo """" ut .au me 0 amanawas CManagerD .......... Richard Haley Soplwmore Representative. . ..... Mary Cornell Fresliman Representative, . . . ....... .joe Sands General Manager, Mr. Capen Advisers: Dean Regester Mr. Robbins Mr. Reagan CHAPEL UUMNIITTEE This committee is responsible for selecting and arranging our chapel and assembly programs, Seated: Frank Walter, Virginia Judd, Ruth McCrea, Evelyn Decker. Standing: Philip Walesby, Don Gessamamlim Paulson, Frank Hanawalt, Mr. Smith, Mr. Frederick PUBIICATICNS CIININIITTEE This group supervises and determines the policy of our college publications. Tim Paulson, Ruth Pauline Todd, Ed Hungerford, Mr. Capen, Willard Gee, Mr. Oiseth. FINANCE CIIMMITTEE This committee examines the departmental budgets and submits them to Central Board for approval. Seated: Mr. Capen, Ruth Pauline Todd, Virginia Judd. I Standing: Jim Paulson, Mr. Robbins. J t STUDENT AFFAIRS CIINIMITTEE This committee passes on all social functions held at the college during the school year. Seated: Kathryn Evans, Mary Ellen Peterson, Mrs. Drushel, Mrs. Seward, Ruth Sonneman. Standing: Philip Walesby, Dr. Williston, jim Paulson, Bill Stewart, Dr. Shelmidine. :fm J. E, Wifi... . I gn X . ,5f,.:7. ff'W'lf2: E 'J' 4 . ,,. 4, Q' , I 5 3, QM r A .Lffgg-W ., , ,- 5 ,. QA. WN-'--:-2'wnmy.Aw:-7f4,. A A+, . 5: ' . A ' 'uv -,gy-.f -. . A. , '- 1 'FL A . . " ' 3.55 V, .,pg3, - H 1, if arg l 5 'f .. V Er'-. 5.-.:s.., 1 . ,,-- V SY- If ' '5f1LEl2iei?"'M3T' - 3 M. fa 'ga 'k'f1 E,"' Lf . - 'ff-' ,K " . 3 - --V -' x 1 Lip V Fi 5118533 L -1 ' ? ff' -4-'L .2 1 1-4. 1. . gf. 1: 1 ,Am . ,, 'lm-V-"V-1 -. .-fgffgagg 'H 1, ',-SEE :!.,Aw ? ,J5 g,.. g, if I 1 . 3 V. ,-5L.6ii5'.r.j"i: ' 1g5"'vig:-1: , W. Q,g:-gn' rig f QU Q 151 Q"7'9'e5fE-Q3 A - ' 55, ' -gh I ' 1' 'sa 141331 wg' 5 ffl? ffiji- ,,g'::'73f " ' 1, .a??..'.... fvgysf 1 5--, , ,., ., up F :W 5 .gf J, ' S. Sfmt' u ,J Q.: .,.'.'aLEiif5, .H . All gf Q , wt' X , . J v x...f ' 33. ack A QM. 'X' M1 , 4. , if ga ., ' Ja QM v 4, in 3.2, , ..' H ' .Alf '-'-g ,, .,"':' V .Q """.'-"wx .ky .y.... 4 W 5 vmsmu -- ., 5 .A M .'1.,yf,:., L: 1- - ,A ,- ,. Q fry, 4 -Q' ,f ' - 'ini " -'f A' "" . ,.,-'-eau. . . ' ., . 1. 4- 1'-:arg -Ifgffmpfg' 2- '-1 , ,wx 11- ay., .g, ,gk -' I g ' - ff- - .-., ' J .,.,,. V H5 L - J '. HL. ... . 5 -' , .- ,,v. - :. '.., -. A -E-igg c g-, lj! " X.- 1 I '1 .V f V 4 1,-Q., .E A .. Marg. if as'i'111fL. ' 1. , " 'Yi 'QQEN 3 I J A-A . E J 56: 2 k 'eg -'U-Lkiw-M ' 9' ' Ff1,+f,.F: 2 -..HL J. ,.. ,I . ', ' . , , ' 1' K E9 1- ' ' ' r. f, 1 y,,3g-law ? .. K W' my . i I B fl, .4 .., U... Q '- ' . f- .l.-M1rJ:,.u-4.5.9mul---vgfqw- --Q ' Lgrgi . ' ' fig- 112:51 D Vx Q 3 "3 ' ' " b ' '.'fX'J9r1wfY. , - Mwamhnh 1 . . 'M'- Q- ' , -f.-Q' 51" fr. 1 1' ' "-uf ' , f y . . lVf4vf::.?:.w,ff1, fy,-tw, ,.,,...,, M - -if '1"uQf,v.. .1 . 9 5 ' . -:.,.fa-an-P' r--" " "M" , ,'9?'i L 1y - ,,,.. .., . 5' f, . - , - V wg -H- ' 'BP' -ui' -5 - Y " ' Af-fm-.. f.,,.x ? ' r -L- H A , A ' "'1'Jf',J QW,- LeRoy Vaughn, President, Jean Hallen, Secretary Rudy Mockle, Scrgcant at Arms, jack Moore, Vice'Prcsidcnt Don Carlos Stephenson, President Cnot present? Walter Gould, Vicc'Prcsidcntg Janice Eisenhower, Sccretary CLASS UF 1945 Two hundred and twentyfseven members of the class of '45 began their stay at C. P. S. by takin an active interest in school affairs. Severa? freshmen were outstanding on the football and basketball teams. The Freshman S. C. A. was very active, and the Frosh were also successful in debate and oratory. It was an indeed sad day in our lives to lose the annual bag rush to the Sophomores, who compiled twice as many points as the green hats. CLASS UF 1944 The class of '44 became the first class within the last decade to win a double victory in the ba rush. Again this year the class swamped their opponents in the annual affair by the decisive score of 945 to 456. The "bag toting aHair" elimaxed a week of hor rivalry during which the Frosh president was twice abducted and held captive along with the vicerpresident. The class of '44 also claimed the title of "Champion Fire Builders" when they built a fire with railroad ties, planks and cardboard boxes to a height of thirtyffour feet and ten inches for the P. L. C. game rally. The flames rose to a height of close to one hundred feet, and could be seen for miles around. CLASS UF 1943 The class of '43 gained notoriety by losin both of its bag rushes, a record un' equaid in many years, and only winning the tugfoffwar from the Freshmen saved com- plete disgrace. We are the third largest class ever to enter our college with a membership of 283. Many of this original number are now serving in the armed service. We are proud to claim two of the best athletes ever to perform for Maroon and White. These men, Harry Werbisky and Norman Walker, were fine scholars as well as sportsmen, and their untimely deaths were great losses for our class. CLASS UF 1942 The class of '42 started its career four years a o under the able direction of presi' dent Bill Moore. Moore was also the prexy the second year, but gave way to Tom Cross when the class reached the junior level. Phil Walesby led the class the past year. In the first year the class lost the bag rush, but came through in the tug'of'war. A victory was challced up in both events the sophomore year. Lawrence Henderson and Frank Walter shared leadership in the Knights of the Log while Virginia Judd was Spur president. jim Paulson was elected president of the student body while Virginia Judd and Ruth Pauline Todd held down the vicefpresident and secretary positions. On the field of sports Bill McLaughlin was to S, having earned awards in football, basketlgall and track. Bill Tregoning, foot' ball and Tom Cross and Jim Paulson, basketball, are the other top sportsters in the class of '42, Margarita lrle was given the A. A. U. W. award while Dorothy Ann Brenner topped the class in scholastic achievement. BELLMAN, WlLLARD Buckley, Washington Speech and German I 'A is-is Manager Campus Playcrafters 4: Stage Electrician 'l, 2, 3, 4: Witan: Knights of the Log: Choral Reading 3, 4. BURD, TAD Tacoma, Washington Art and Speech Kappa Sigma Theta: Otlah: Campus Playe crofters 'l, Q, 3: Anderson Hall President 4: Women's Federation: Entered from Whitman College 'l. CARTER, JOHN Tacoma, Washington Music Aclelphian Vice-President, Accompanist: Howarth Scholarship: Band. CRESO, IRENE Tacoma, Washington Biology Lambda Sigma Chi: Biology Club: Otlah. DECKER, EVELYN CHARLOTTE Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Lambda Sigma Chi Treasurer 4, Vice- President 3: Spurs: Otlah: Chapel Committee Secretary 4: Secretary to Trail: May Queen: Howarth Scholarship. EVANS, KATHRYN JANE Hartline, Washington Sociology Alpha Beta Upsilon Vice President 3, Secretary Q, Treasurer 2: Anderson Hall President 4, Treasurer: lntersorority Council President 4: Student Affairs Committee 4. FOREMAN, LEE Spokane, Washington Business Administration Alpha Chi Nu President 4. GEE, WILLARD Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Delta Kappa Phi-President 4, Vice-President 3: Knights of the Log: Trail Business Manager 4: Campus Playcrafters 3, 4: Vocational Conference 3: Senior Class Sergeant at Arms. E. ic? , A. -Wu :KIA lik iiiffl QI' Q R fr- wp, . kv ec fb.. .L I H. .ye-rf BRENNER, DOROTHY ANN Puyallup, Washington Business Administration Delta Alpha Gamma Treasurer 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2: Mu Sigma Delta: Spurs: Womens Federation President 4: Otlah President 4: Howarth Scholarship 'l, 4. CARLSON, BEGET Yelm, Washington Home Economics Delta Alpha Gamma Corresponding Secree tary: Band I: Anderson Hall Vice-President and Social Chairman. COMAN, YVONNE Tacoma, Washington English Composition Adelphians: Kappa Phi, Historian: Trail Staff: Band: Spanish Club. DARROW, FLORENCE STELLA Seattle, Washington Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma: Kappa Phi: Adel- phians 'l- Y. W. C. A. 1, 3, 4: Anderson Hall Secretary 3. DE VOTO, ROSEMARY Tacoma, Washington Biology Delta A pha Gamma Secretary 3: W. A A. Tennis Manager Q1 Bowling Manager 4. FOLSOM, HELEN Tacoma, Washington French Kappa Sigma Theta President 4, Vice President 3, Secretary Q: Maroon and White 4: lntersorority Council 4. FUJIMOTO, DOROTHY YOSHIKO Tacoma , Washington Biology Japanese Students' C.ub: Brick Sale Chair- man of Japanese Students: Chairman of :Il-apanese Chapel for Presentation of Cherry rees 2. GEMPERLI, BIJANCHE HAYNES Chehalis, Washington Speech Alpha Beta Upsilon: May Queen Attendant 4: Howarth Scholarship 3: Spurs Treasurer: Women's Federation Secretary 9: W. A. A.: Tamanawas 'l, 3, 4: Women of Rotary Award 3: Junior Class Duchess to the May Oueen: Y. W. C. A. 'l: Dramatics fl, 2, 3, 4: Choral Reading Society 3, 4: Who s Who 4. GRAHAM, ELEANOR Tacoma, Washington Business Administration W. A. A. 4: Vocational Conference Secre- tary 4: Trail Circulation Manager 4: Spurs Q: Howarth Scholarship 3, 4. HAMMOND, EDITH Tacoma. Washington Political Science Kappa Phi: Debate Club 1, Q: Trail Staff 1, Q: International Relations Club: Entered from Washington State College. HANSON, VICTORIA PALLISTER Tacoma, Washington Sociology and Education Kappa Sigma Theta: Adelphian Soloist 3: Y. W. C. A. Q, 3: Puget Sound Singers 9, 3. HEALY, VERA ELLEN Tacoma, Washington Physical Education Alpha Beta Upsilon Secretary 4, Sergeant at Arms Q: W. A. A. President Q, 4: Taman- awas Staff 1, 9: Trail Staff 1, Q, 4: Women's Federation Secretary 4: Homecoming Com- mittee 4: Attended W. S. C. 3. HENDERSON, LAWRENCE Tacoma, Washington History Delta Kappa Phi: S. C. A. 4: International Relations Club President: Knights of the Log President: Y. M. C. A. President 3: Pi Kappa Delta: Mu Sigma Delta: Chapel Committee 2, 3: Central Board Representative 1, Q, 3, 4: Debate 1, 2, 3: Student Assistant in the Library. HUDSON, JANE Cie Elum, Washington Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma Vice-President, His- torian: Anderson Hall Vice-President, Treas- urer: Adelphians: Y. M. C. A. 1, Q: Kappa Phi 4: Puget Sound Singers 3: Schola Can- torium. IRLE, MARGARITA Santiago, Chile Sud-America Speech Pi Kappa Delta Vice-President: Spurs: Spanish Club Vice-President Q: Women's Federation 3: Mu Sigma Delta: Otlah: President Y. W. C. A. 3: Regional Co- Chairman of S. C. A.: A. A. U. W. Award 4: Kappa Phi Vice-President 3: Vice-President of National Council of the Methodist Youth Fellowship: Chairman of National Methodist Student Movement. JINGUJI, YOSHIYE Tacoma, Washington Business Administration W. A. A. Japanese Students' Club: Hiking Trophy 1: Y. W. C. A. 1, Q. K V . . . 5. its: ttirttr' ,Q,.. J .Qi x Qt' 'St ' my 1' 1 ..:s: . . ii I t E: fs . ,gf 7' : 6 If ' l'?iE' ' ...:: A g HALEY, RICHARD Tacoma, Washington Economics Sigma Mu Chi Vice-President, Treasurer: Business Manager of Tamanawas 4: Chair- man of Homecoming 4: Central Board 4: Publications Committee 4: Chapel Committee 4: Business and Salesmanship Chairman Vocational Conference 3, 4: Attended Pomona College 1, Q. HANSON, LESLIE CLAIR Tacoma, Washington Art and Physical Education Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3: Knights of the Log: Art Club 9: Campus Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Manager 3: Sophomore Class Sergeant at Arms Q: Independent Intramural Manager Q, 3, 4: Central Board Q. HARTMAN, ROSALIND Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Alpha Beta Upsilon Treasurer 3, 4, His- torian 9: Puget Sound Singers Q: Y. W. C. A. 1, 9, 3: S. C. A. 4. HEATON, BETTY Tacoma, Washington English Literature Kappa Sigma Theta Secretary 3: Inter- sororitv Council 3, 4: Senior Class Secrteary: Howarth Scholarship 3, 4. HOWARD, DOROTHY Tacoma, Washington Speech Alpha Beta Upsilon President 4: Kappa Phi Vice-President: Campus Playcrafters 1, 2, 3, 4: W. A. A.: Trail 1: Maroon and White 4: lntersorority Council 4. HUGHES, LOLA Tacoma, Washington Home Economics Kappa Phi President 4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 2: Spurs Vice-President: Adel- phhiants 15: Y. W. C. A. 1, Q: Howarth Scholar- s ip . . JARVIS, RICHARD BERRY Seattle, Washington Biology Sigma Mu Chi President 4: Knights of the Log: Yell Dulce 2, 3: Campus Playcrafters Q, 4: Pre-Medical Association Chairman 4, 5. JONAS, SHERMAN Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Sigma Mu Chi President 4: Trail Advere tising Manager 1: Trail Business Manager: 2 Publications Committee Q: Knights of the Log: Maroon and White 4: lnterfraternity Council 3, 4: Flying Club President: Vocational Con- ference Committee 3: Ski Club. L. ., JUDD, VIRGINIA GRAY Lake St. Clair, Olympia, Washington Art Delta Alpha Gamma President 4, Vice- President Q: lntersorority Council 9: Vice- President A. S. C. P. S.: W. A. A.: Women's Federation Secretary 2: Spur President 2: Anderson Hall Secretary 2: Freshman Class Duchess to May Oueen 1: Typical Coed 2: Freshman Class Secretary: Junior Class Secre- tary: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1: Homecoming Queen 4: Attendant to May Queen 4: Who's Who. LOFT, EDWIN ARTHUR Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Vocational Conference Advertising Chair- man 3. MCLAUGH LIN, WILLIAM J. Kirkland, Washington Physical Education Delta Pi Omicron Vice-President: Student Manager Varsity Athletics 4: Central Board 4: Football 1, Q, 3, 4: Captain 3, 4: Basketball 1. Q, 3, 4: Who's Who 4: Track 1, Q, 3, 4: Inspirational Award Q, 3, 4. MISENER, ANITA Tacoma, Washington Speech Kappa Phi President 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinel 4: Campus Playcrafters 1, Q, 3, 4: Choral Reading Society 3, 4. NORMAND, POMLA Mount Vernon, Washington Biology Otlah: Pi Kappa Delta Q, 4, President 4: Biology Club Secretary 4: Debate 1, 2: Howarth Scholarship 3, 4: Pre-Medics Association. PAULSON, JAMES Tacoma, Washington Chemistry Delta Kappa Phi President 3, Vice-Presi- dent 2: A. S. C. P. S. President 4: Freshman and So homore Class Vice-President: Maroon and Vfhite: Publications Committee: Finance Committee: Student Affairs Committee: Inter- fraternity Council 3, 4: German Club: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 1, 2: S. A. A. C. S. 4: Who's Who. PRATT, CHARLES LOVVELL Tacoma, Washington History Delta Kappa Phi. RAYMOND, PHILIP CANFIELD Tacoma, Washington Sociology Delta Pi Omicron President 4: Interfraternity Council President 4: Assistant Manager Student Union Building 4: Student Affairs Committee 4: Maroon and White 4. g . is ' gf? .I I. Y' I 'fi g WTF' Y' ' i i' :I ..,,, . X, ks! ,, b dx ig. J . E CS.-es' I 5- , V i ,,. it C: -- - f-c N ,tt wth .. Sm ff.. me - Q 'Z' 'YI at LEMM, ANNABELLE FRANCES Tacoma, Washington Voice Adelphians President 3, Secretary 'I- Soloist Q, 3, 4. Kappa Phi. ' MCCREA, RUTH Tacoma, Washington Sociology Alpha Beta Upsilon Secretary 4: Kappa Phi: Otlah: Mu Sigma Delta: Pi Kappa Delta: Pi Gamma Mu: S. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4: Kappa PhiNt' IC 'l'M SECh I a Iona ounci in ass. : ape Committee 4: Howarth Scholarship. MILLER, ENID Tacoma, Washington Home Economics Kappa Phi Treasurer 3: Adelphians: Maroon and White: Indepdenclent Cabinet 4. MUSSER, RICHARD E. Tacoma, Washington Chemistry Delta Pi Omicron President 4: Knights of the Log: Student Affiliate American Chemistry Siociety Vice-President 4: Howarth Scholar- S ip. OGDEN, MARY Tacoma Economics Alpha Beta Upsilon: W. A. A. President 3: Y. W. C. A.: Women's Federation. PETERSON, MARY ELLEN Ferndale, Washington English Literature Delta Alpha Gamma: Otlah: Kappa Phi 4: Student Affairs Committee 4: Senior Class Vice-President: Intersorority Council Presi- dent 4: S. C. A. 1, Q, 3, Cabinet 4: Campus Playcrafters 1, 9, 3, 4: Howarth Scholarship: Anderson Hall Treasurer 4, Secretary 3: Life Emphasis Week Chairman 4. LUIS OUIRAPAS Tacoma, Washington Sociology Tennis. RICHARDS, JOHN Tacoma, Washington Geology , Sigma Zeta Epsilon: Knights of the Log: Howarth Scholarship. ROACH, GWENDOLYN DEE Tacoma, Washington Home Economics Lambda Sigma Chi: Spurs: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2: Sophomore Class Secretary: Senior Class Vice-President: Chair- man St le Show 2: Tamanawas Staff Q, 3: Ski Club Secretary 3. SEABECK, FRANK Omaha, Nebraska Biology Sigma Z ta Epsilon, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, President SIDDERS, WILLIAM A. Puyallup, Washington Biology Delta Kappa Phi Vice-President 4: Pre- Medics Club: Campus Playcrafters 1. SWANSON, CHARLES Tacoma, Washington Economics Si ma Mu Chi President 4: Ski Team 1, 9: Knights ot the Log: Campus Playcrafters 1, 9, 3, 4: Maroon and White 4: lnterfraternity Council 4. TODD, RUTH PAULINE Tacoma, Washington English Literature and Composition Lambda Sigma Chi President 4, Treasurer 3: Editor of Tamonawas 4: Secretary of Student Body 4: Spur Vice-President: Otlah Vice-President: W. A. A, Vice-President: Y. W. C. A. Vice-President 3: Kappa Phi 4: lntersorarity Council 4: Maroon and White 4: Publications Committee 4: Finance Committee 4: Campus Playcralters 1, 2, 3: String Ensemble 1, Q, 3, 4: Puget Sound Symphony 1, Q, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Who's Who. TROXELL, ELEANOR ELIZABETH Tacoma, Washington French Adelphians: Spanish Club Vice-President: French Club: Womens Federation: Otlah Secretary: Mu Sigma Delta. WALTER, FRANK EDGAR, JR. Tacoma, Washington Mathematics Sigma Zeta Epsilon President 3: Knights of the Log: Junior Class Vice-President: Central Board Q, 3: Intermural Manager 3: Tamonawas 1, 2, 3: Business Manager 2, 3: Trail 1, 3, 4: Chapel Committee 4: lnterfraternity Council 3, 4: Publications Committee 2 3: Log Book Editor 2, 3: Howarth Scholarship 3, 4: Who's Who 4. WEBB, DEBORAH V. Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Kappa Sigma Theta President 4, Secretary Y: Adelphians 9: lntersorority Council 4: Howarth Scholarship, 3, 4: Campus Plav- cralters. S. U. B. Brick Sale Committee 3: Maroon and White 4. li lf 'til . :i e :A .M - -fn: L. - Slit: gg : E5 t v its BF? g.: 1 A W R tl I E, :fr Ross, CLARICE Puyallup, Washington Art Kappa Phi: Art Club SHERMAN, ANITA MAE Tacoma, Washington Speech Delta Alpha Gamma Vice-President 4: Campus Playcralters 3, 4. STEWART, WILLIAM DONALD Tacoma, Washington English Literature Delta Pi Omicron President 4: Trail Staff 1, Feature Editor 9: Chamber Music Society, Concert Master: Campus Playcrafters 1, 9, 3, 4: Knights of the Log: German Club: Writers' Club: Howarth Scholarship 3, 4. TH RALLS, BETTY Port Orchard, Washington Speech Kappa Phi: Campus Playcrafters 1, Q, 3, 4: Adelphians: Trail Staff 1, 3, 4: Tamonawas Staff 3, 4. TREGONING, WILLIAM R. Yakima, Washington Biology Sigma Zeta Epsilon President 4: Football 9, 3, 4: Knights of the Log: Class Represen- tative to Central Board 3, 4: Who's Who. , WALESBY, PHILIP CHARLES, JR. Tacoma, Washington Business Administration Delta Kappa Phi President 4, Treasurer Q, 3, Secretary 9: Senior Class President: Knights of the Log Vice-President: Inter- Iraternity Council 4: Stu'dent Affairs Council 4: Chapel Committee Chairman 4: S. U. B Brick Sale Chairman 3: Executive Chairman of Vocational Conference 4: Salesmanship Chairman 3: Campus Playcrafters 3, 4: Adver- tising Manager 4. WASSERMAN, BETIIANNE Tacoma, Washington French Kappa Phi: S anish Club Treasurer 3: Otlah 4: Mu Sigma Delta 4: Adelphians 2: Inde- pendents Secretary 1 . WIITREN, DORIS J. Tacoma, Washington Speech Alpha Beta Upsilon President 4, Vice President 3: Intersorority Council 4: Maroon and White Secretary 4: Campus Ploycraliers 1, 2, 3, 4: Spurs: Tamanawas Staff 3. SENIUHS NUT GIIHUUIITING : ,xv ..: up I , .Z I' ,- CROSS, TOM V - L-F fff "1+ 1 '." , ,+ GRANLUND, ED It I S I , I HEATON, IOI-IN I LL,,, I-IIc:IcS, DOUGLAS ,I " 'M ' NORRIS FRANKD Omdume - I 4 Im ,T ' ' 'C 5 I A -TY , MARKUSENIED in I A .,A, MAYLOTT, ASA N g l I SCI-ILESINGER,JOAN E, H CCT-jrqduqfeb -. f ...L, ., . IIIIIIIIIIIITE WITHUUT PICTURE ONSTAD, PRESTON IUNIUH CLHSS ALSGAARD, RUSSELL BAIRD, CARL BALDWIN, WALTER BARKER, TOM II Q IW? E59 If I ' BECK, JULIUS , .f , BROWN, WILLIAM V BURKE, NORMAN vi if ., .:.,, f JI BROWN, TOM A L ,I was I T gp H 797 :Zig " S ls I .. , COHOON' ETHEUANE I A Q G COLEMAN, CONNIE I - I 'I ' , DE SPAIN, MILDRED , , V ' ' DuNcAN,IACK ' - - I I I I I, QL tw ig-.-.52 .,. V N In ET " x ,H - ' -In If T ELLIOTT, BOB A It ' M L , ELLIS, GEORGE I jg FRANK, JIM - 5 I ' I - OILTNER, RICHARD A , A NURIVIAN WALKER What can one write about a person such as Norm? just to enumerate his activities is not enough, for all of his endeavors were tinted by him. Mere analysis of his activities will not show the real Norm. Probably the usual thing would go something like this: NORMAN WALKER: Basketball 3 Track. Class Representative to Central Boardg Sigma 'Zeta Epsilon, vice-presidentg Intrafmural sports 5 Scholarship. A good record-yes, but when you read it, does it represent Norm as you remember him? No, for each of us saw him in a different light-in the light created by his personality on each of us. Then what can one write about Norm? Let each of us write our own memorium. It would be the most splendid tribute that we could give him. ' I-IAGER, MARY KATHERINE - ii HANAWALT, FRANK HARVEY, WARREN 4 , N HERINGTON, RUTH ' I-IEUSTON, PAUL R Y 'Q' I-IINE,JOI-IN ' ' 1 in 'M i is HUNGERFORD, ED , A .. HYDE, MURRAY A A i f A ia. Al Z- Q l , A KLEINERJ-IERMAN , .-,, 3? hp gmail 5, Q KUROSE, HATSYE ' , ff A :': LAUSE, PEGGY x T k T LEWIS, MARUANE ge I 4 LUTZ, ROLLAND 'R' 1 it t:'f1' R 5, R 5 'mi lllll , MAGILL, PATRICIA , ' l MAHAFFEY, ROBERTA A ii X . , J ii MEKNIGHT, MARION do A ' it -R McMASTER, BILL OYANAGI, WAICHI PLOEGER, EDITH Pucr-1, ELIZABETH J , PYLE, BETTY JANE RAU, WELDON RHODES, ROBERT ROBERTS, WILLIAM RYAN, BOBBE JEAN SANDSTEDT, ESTHER SIMPSON, PEGGE II 4 pf' SONNEMAN, RUTH ' W I ' . fin, STEELE, PEGGY AL A VAN CAMPJIM EIII L" if WALTER, JIM , I A 'T . W WEBB, CAROL ' WILFONG,THL.IRLOW A S J , I L , WINS:-MP, ANN LOUISE JM. q at q 5: wooDs,KATI-uzYN I ' ELE, I WOODS,WILFRED ' LEE , 1 V' ,Q ,.,.f ' . . Si: Y 1' M ' YORK, JAMES IIINIIIIIS WIIHIIUI PICTURES ADAMSON, DICK BATT, SAM BURKEY, STANLEY BYERS, WALTER CRAIN, LEE DE WOLFE, JUSTINE GLEASON, CHARLES GRAYBEAL, JACK DODDS, ROBERT KEENE, PATRICIA LOFTNESS, ROBERT MANZA, MICHAEL MAYCUMBER, BOB MILLER, EDWARD MOFFEIT, ELMER NEWSCHWANDER, CHARLES NEWMAN, PHYLLIS ROSENE, CARL SCOTT, DOROTHY POWERS, VELMA SMITH, ROBERT TACLAY, LOUIS TORGETT, GENE TAYLOR, A. THORP, WILLIAM ,Q W QW if I . YAMAMOTO, MARGARET If ' L A viii : Q ' 3, If . I , , W Ao A im' J P- - I1.. F- 5 N, if I I L ,J N 'Q I gl 4V'l QQF, fp J 'lf ,I X ff S, , v ,-ml I Y ,,c. A Y .e K .1. - g n ,L M ' '54 T? I . A ' , 6 If, 4' -ri. I .QW I 'Tim 1 I mag f My .., . -ng 7 .v ANDERSON PEARL ARGUE HELEN AXELSON LYNN BAINARD, FRANK K ANDERSQN, NORMAN BAPTER, emma BEER, JACK BENEDETTI, ALDO BERG, WALT BOCK, EDWARD BIRDSALL, BEVERLY BITNEY, MAXINE BOYD, JO ANN BRADLEY, BETTY BRECKNER, NORMAN BROWN, DON BUTTON, JEAN BLILLARD, DIXIE M. CARLSON, DORIS T. CAUSIN, BILL CORNELL, MARY COPELAND, KAY DAHI-, FELICIE DONELSON, DICK DYER, CHARLES EISENHOWER, JANICE EHRICKE, HERBERT EVANS, ROLLAND FENGLER, AUSTIN FOOTE, PHYLLIS FRY, BETTY JO GADDIS, FONTELLE GESSAMAN, DONALD GAGLIARDI, NORMA GILSTRAP, MARILYN GRABAR, VICTOR HAMILTON, ROBERT B. HAMILTON, ROBERT R. HAMPTON, BETTY MAY HESCOX, HARRY HOLMES, WARREN IRLE, BETTY JENSEN, MYRON JENSEN, ODEENA JOHNSON, MARY F. JOHNSON, PAUL JONES, MARCEA KAZDA, MURIEL KOHLER, JANE KOIVISTO, BILL KINCAID, GERTRUDE KUTCHER, HELEN LARSEN, BYRON LANTZ, JOHN LANTZ, VIRGINIA LOWTHER, EVERETT LUNDVALL, RALPH MEREDITH, DORIS MANLEY, MARGARET MANN, ESTHER MCNARY, ROBERT MEAD, MARGARET MOBERG, WINSTON MOLES, ROBERT MONTGOMERY-WARREN MOORE, JACOUELINE MORTON, MARY ELIZABETH MURPHY, ROY NELSON, EVANS OLSEN, WALTER PADDEN, NADINE PESACRETA, ROSEMARY PETERSON, ETHEL PETERSON, NELDA POLLEY, MILDRED POWELLS, DAVID PRUITT, PAUL RAYMOND, PAUL ROALSVIG, MELVIN ROWAN, ROBERT 28 If 11.4 4 I IVV I mx I -u I '11 I I .uf ,,. I If I -SQ? . xx' I I 9 Q. X I T! n K K . V Q s ,i ,., ,,k. 1. MM - I IEI A ' - ' '- I , , . II 'JK 1 ig? wig - - ,Q.I 9 , Q III, I 7 . f - I 5 I' I I z -I H I . '- If, up Iff' M 'III QI ' "': I -ww g 9 4 3 an K I . ,,I.'mX, 'I ., f I? ,1 , Q 'Xa 50: I L I A' T 2 I I I 4 15 1 f -,A I , F., ...,, . I lm f. ' 'N A . I w 'I . , I I ' ' IN X I' - HW" LQ I . 'vgfi , Y ' GH' sg, ii. . " ' Tf X .mi 5? ii U5'TPT'.' I 11,5 Is: fT V q y . I R Q 1 A ,. S. . 1 NS- , IQ54 irisfa Oily' f :f se ,gin 5 1 MN 14 -41 3543 SUPHUMURES ANDREWS, SAM BAISINGER, LLOYD BERLIE, BEV BLACK, MILDRED BOWMAN, PHILIP CONNEL, SHIRLEY CHAMBERS, R. CUMMINGS, RICHARD CUSHMAN, DAN GOTO, THOMAS A HARTLEY, RUTH. DOUGHERTY, WM, MOORE, JACK HATA, JACK HOWE, ROGER LAMKA, DON LOREN, JANE MARKAM, DALE MARTIN, HARRIS MCKINNEY, MELVIN "1 WIIHUUI PICTURES MICKENS, PAUL NICKELSON, GEORGE OTTO, RAYMOND OXHOLM, AXEL OYANAGI, KENJI PETERSON, LAURA PILANT, PAT RUICH, T. JAMAOTO, MARGARET SCHUT, NORMAN SMITH, VESTA SODER, GORDON STENSTROM, WILLIAM STEPI-IENSON, DON STRENGE, JOHN TH OMAS, -DONALD WAGNER, MARJORIE WILDER, ARLISS WINSKILL, EDWARD ROBINSON, GEORGE ROUGH, ELIZABETH ROSENBERG, REBA RUKAN, ARNOLD SCOTT, HELEN SEELEY, EVELYN SELDEN, DOROTHY SHEETS, ARTHUR SHORT, NANCY STANTON, JEAN STARKEY, ROBERT STENSON, JANICE STOLBERG, DON STONE, SHIRLEY STUTE, BILL SWAYNE, ELLEN THOMPSON, JANE TINKCOM, WILBUR TOWNE, PATRICIA UPPER, ELINOR WET:-IERBY, JANE WILHELMI, sos ARMSTRONG, JAN BARLOW, ANNE ET ANCICH, NICK ANDERSON, ARTHUR ANDERSON, ADALOIS ARMOUR, BETTY BACKLUND, DOROTHY BARKER, GRANT BAUER, BETTY BEEM, HELEN PATRICIA BEER, TOM BOND, DIXON BRANDT, PATRICIA BROOKHYSER, BYRON BROWN, GEORGE BROWN, JACOUELINE BROWN, WAYNE CARLTON, BARBARA JEAN CHRISTENSON, DONALD CLAY, ALICE DAVIS, PAUL DRAKE, GAIL DAY, SHERMAN DAY, SHERLEY DYER, JAMES DYER, GERRY FEARN, IRENE FRANCIS, ELEANOR FULTON, MARY LOU GALLACHER, JOHN GARRISON, BOB GRAHAM, ROBERT GREEN, HARRIET HAGER, DOROTHY HALLEN, JEAN HANSEN, ELSIE HANSLER, EARL HAVLINA, DELORES HEATH, BOB HEFLINGER, CHARLENE HELMS, JACK HILDEBRANDT, PATRICIA 30 i Q 1. P V EB . B. .BM .. ., ., I . E? 15 x 5 I -B215 2 , V.. PT 4 :E -A-f X .LE LR :E11 1? R 2,...f'i5w-R, Jw 5' ch 1.5 3 Y K In . E. - . -.- 2 It M B BK gt I 6 X335 ,J I , ' Q 'B 'Emi a 4, ew-if f, ,P-- . I-,T I T XB' X. , "S , F, SA if 1 X fa ' I A cf 3 B fx 'I I- i Fw . , A I, 'Y' ,W .- ux ."1v- r AP .,,., KL ag -ew' ? S B I' 1- . 1, ' 'HP-w - :bv I N N " I 5 III - 1 R 'Y gs r 3 V, w - 1:5 'fl S 4 I , K- 3 A xml I I My wk G. f -V In , , ff A G., Us V 1 I . " ' S T 7Al I ' I I I Q - W L f at xl N .,p,- If RR" X Y. Li I I sf Tu" -" 5 ' Q ff E Kr x RTT T - E",-T1II,,,I 4 A, 3. I4 L I I 1 S S I I. fm HOLMBERG, GLEN HOLMES, LILLIE JAMES, GERTRUDE JENSEN, JIM JOHNSON, MARGARET JOHNSON, THEODORE JONES, BETTY KEELEY, D'ARCY LAUSE, DONALD LISTER, MAXINE LUTZ, GEORGE MACKEY, LEE MAHAFFEY, ELDA LEE MANSFIELD, ROSEMARY MARAVEC, LILY MARCHESINE, ALMIRA MARKOFF, KEITH MARUSH, MARY MAYNES, LORETTA MCCARTHY, ANNE MCCLAIN, DONALD McCORT, DONALD MCDERMID, BECKY McDOUGALL, JEAN MCKINNON, GLEN MCLAUGHLIN, RALPH MELLISH, WILEY MIDDLESWORTH, AL MILLER, GEORGE MOORE, JACK MURRAY, GLEN NEDERVOLD, GLENN NELSON, DORIS NEWSCHWANDER, P. O'CONNELL, PEGGY PETERSON, EUGENE PONTON, MARY LOU PRICE, FRANK RASMUSSEN, LOIS ROBERSON, ROBBY LEE ROBINSON, HESTER ROGERS, MARY LOU SALLEY, ROSEMARY SANDS, JOE SEABLOOM, WALTER SKIDMORE, ROBERT SMITH, THELMA SPELLMAN, JERRY STEELE, RICHARD STERRETT, JOAN STROM, RICHARD STROM, ROBERT SULLEY, JEAN THERIAULT, BOB TORGERSON, JOLAFER VAUGHN, LEROY VELTON, BEVERLY WALKER, HELEN MARIE WENTWORTH, MARTIN WILLIAMS, O. D. WILSON, EDWARD WILSON, PHYLLIS WOOD, BARTON WOODWORTH, IRVING WRIGHT, JEAN 4 ,L iw Q 1: 'B R I Q X 5 rp ' A W X 1 I as 1 f ' I ,f is L. ,lf gi is S 4 . -,I. 1 j E , I I I T I 'ME - - gg , , . P' ff- ,Qi 'fi ,J - K. , Q 1,1 1, ,I I , , 'I , D I df? ' I , , II A 1 A , S l S III , . E I VXN4 ,I Q N 5 VI .Q.' 5 N R, 'Piss ,ei H V Y i X My lk , A0 vs 2, "4'-IY . FIIESHMEN WIIHIIUI PICTURES BARKER, WILBUR HERSEY, DON RILEY, RAYMOND BRAUN, MARGARET BRONSON, GREGORY CARLSON, ROGER CLEVINGER, EUGENE CRONANDER, ROBERT DANIELSON, ALVIN' DETTERING, CAROL DICKSON, ROBERT ERVIN, DONALD GILLEN, RAYMOND GLOVER, BILL GRAHAM, BOB GRAVATT, ARTHUR GREGORY, WILLIAM GRISSINGER, KENNETH GUYNN, DELVIN HAMGUCHI, TORU HENDRICKSON, KATH RYN S. HOWARD, ROBERT HOWTON, DON INABA, KEN JACOBSEN, RICHARD JOHNSON, BARRETT JOHNSON, TED KISMURA, AIKO KISDUCHAK, JOE LAW, MARION LOVE, ALBERTA MACKEY, FLOYD MATSUE, TAKANOBU MCLEOD, TERRY MOCKEL, RUDY MOORE, DON NOVIKOFF, MELVIN REAY, STEVE RIBAR, JOSEPH ROBINS, DONALD RUMMING, RAY SATA, RIEMARU SCHAG, RUDOLPH SOARES, RACHEL SPENCER, JACK SUGG, ELISABETH SAUNDERS, BOB TSUCI-IIMOCHI, MINORU VANDENBERG, JACK WALGRAF, MARIE WALTON, CHARLES WEBBER, GENE WHITE, MARCELLE WINSLOW, CARROLL YAMAMOTO, GENJI YOSHIOKA, JAMES ww .-.51 ,Q 'ww , Q51 1 315355 ,ww X Nagy! , ff: :QQ z OTLAII Mu Sigma Delta, scholastic honorary for faculty and students alike is a local chapter, based on principles of the national Phi Beta Kappa honorary. Qualifications for membership require a grade point of 2.5 for juniors and 2.25 for seniors. In May the largest social function is sponsored in the form of a banquet honoring new members of the organization. Officers for this year irr clude Dr. Coolidge Chapman, presidentg Miss Lucille Meredith, vicefpresidentg Richard Smith, recording secretary, Miss Irma Hawkinson, corresponding secretary, and Mr. Charles Robbins, treasurer. MU SIGMA DI. LTA Otlah, scholastic honorary for senior women who have maintained a grade average of B or above,follow an active routine during the year. One of the important functions sponsored by the group is the annual spring tea, this year held in Kittredge Hall before the Women's Federation style show. A chapel program, announcing members for the coming year is another anticipated activity planned by the group. This year the Christmas window in jones Hall was decorated by members. Olhcers for this year are Dorothy Ann Brenner, president 5 Ruth Pauline Todd, vice-presidentg and Betty Troxell, secretary' EICZISUFCT. 'un 'Hia Outstanding sophomore men, selected from the fraternal and independent organizations on the basis of scholarship, character and activity during their freshman year, make up the ever active Knights of the Log of our campus. Fulfilling their pledge of loyalty and servitude the Knights carry on an active program during the school year. Their various duties include ushuring at college functions, decorating the halls for Homecoming and Christmas, posting and organizing pep affairs, and assisting in the debate tourneys and music concerts held at school. Clhcers for this year, fall: Norman Breckner, president, Bob Hamilton, vice' president, Bill Causin, secretaryftreasurer, Kenji Oyanagi, sergeant at arms. Spring: Bob Hamilton, president, Bob Moles, vice' president, Bill Causin, secretary'treasurer, Don Brown, sergeant at arms. J SPURS KN! HTS One of the most active service groups on the campus, Spurs, promote school spirit, support all student activities, and foster among women of C. P. S. a spirit of loyalty. Their many activities include ushuring at all plays, concerts and recitls, and helping with Homecoming, Christmas, and Campus Day. The traditional May Day daisy chain is carried by active Spurs and this year with the help of the Knights of the Log a large flower arch was made for Homecoming. The annual Spurflinight all day picnic is a function sponsored by the group as well as the assembly announcing pledges selected from the freshmen class on the basis of scholarship, activities and Character. Gertrude Kincaid was president for this year, and her cabinet included Doris Meredith, vicefpresidentg jean Button, secre' tary, Norma Gagliardi, treasurer, and Maxine Bitney, editor. l WILLARD BEILLMAN Dramatics Manager MILDRED McKENZIE Graduatc Assistant Manager WILBUR BAISINGER Graduate Assistant Director '24. ,wi .S Q" a MARTHA PEARL JONES Director of Speech DRAIVIATIC ART DEPARTMENT A year of diversified activity for the Dramatic Art Department began late in September With the annual Freshman Stunt Night. Four skits, featuring virtually all members of the freshman class, Were directed by upperclass members of the Campus Playcrafters. The Winning stunt Was Written and directed by Bill Stewart and Blanche Haynes Gemperli. In October, the freshman class gave three onefact plays, first for the public, and then several weeks later, as a special performance at Camp Murray. Tn April, three onefact plays were combined with the one'act faculty farce and an evening's program was presented to the public. The plays were directed by Anita Misener, Janet Robbins, and Dorothy Howard. Purple at the Window, Orange at the Window On May 7, members of the Literary Tnterpretation classes presented a recital of poetry and prose which took the place of the annual junior and senior speech recitals. The Twelve Pound Look S -X . ,',.,.1 , . . ..,,f,., 1 - . - f i - T r' . .,.. aww ., f a ' , as ---- I "5?5'ffV2 1 i f - Q . it -A ' A , , F , Ulirjgim- .,w,,,. , iv i ' 1 5,,-ly:-fraajg-fgiy1r'4gg4,g4p,g,g5 4. if " Y M ' "we" f- "4 we -'i "f ff fl?-r tv, ' - -. ' A' "'V""""""J"ii1sVJ - --.A-,J 'ffiylgrffaf-f':fFs-v-f-lcavihfcifs-5 wit-grii-i.,.i:Er ,. ., -A 1 ef 1 "q'p?,?-?':'-1-Q , 5, -. , - f Q--'asv-',f5'r, ' " --aa-- :fg -,-a.'aa.rf.-aw.-1.ep . fm Q V1 1 ' ' ' 1, aa- , r if-:K--.a ik .-vt:.. : ta. 4 , ' W -M4 A' N , if -' 2.'13'Y"54'.'5YiBwim..f ' M- Z' Q, if , Wgm m g g ' :' , :.f ni :gg - "M , .J 'arf' 14 .fi " ' 'L it f ,x J. ' f OUT WHERE THE WEST BEGINS Comparatively a new organization on the campus, this term saw the second year of activity for the Choral Reading Division of the Campus Playcrafters. Included in their year's program were several programs at Camp Murray and Fort Lewis, before civic groups, and before several high school audiences. In February a choral reading program was presented for members of the annual high school debate tournament and the year was concluded with a formal recital. Members of the group are Irma Hawkinson, Dorothy Howard, Velma Powers, Peggy Steele, Doris Wittren, Blanche Haynes Gemperli, Mildred McKenzie, Anita Misener, Deborah Webb, Kay Woods, Willard Bellman, Margarita Irle, Frank Hanawalt, Betty Thralls, and Wilbur Baisinger. W ,. .,,,, .. N , Y " wi, a fl ' i WV 5 . ,-Q, 5 lx? - ..5.,5,.Q..,.g-e......,., .- ..wx ,, 5-,,.1. iz, Q L S I, 2: usgrvq if I -: , ,f en will. ,JA ig V, Us 3 0 Lf V 'J' , . if . L. K 1 gg, L egg ' f . 3 iff 2 fm - , su . . 1- , J , V 123 1 ,Lil Ii y t fx 1 , -w V w ' i 1. 'W 2 ff-1 gf g ' t fih ffx 8 fi? , , ' 1 Y , Q iw :L ,m 52fQ I 2,1 , -5,-Q 4- , ,., if im N ww f- v 5 Q a++erHif ifMlfff-W-, g , 5ff5 -A ww af My : ' fig' 21f? , Xl, wf 3 E Qffww - . I .....,,..,.f..,..,. 1 4 5-3- 13W Q -HF Q I , X 3 1 .f A 'W f 4, rf E iii I-M. fl? I: X 'ii' '5- E 'iii , : ., ,Lo 4,3 1 3 Q ff A us f 1 iis? Lsfima S Y 1 J! "S, E il' i li 1 I f In 1 :k": P ' : ' if 5 T 5 Q 2 I 'N' Hi-E. I 1 fV'?f?3s N 1 mrsaw is mf- . . Q? 3 ,, V 2 1 52 V22 1 ii 1 X' LQ- . 3 f v : , 1 l ' f , . Q x f , 4 s, 1, J Q. if fx - 5 :, my 71? 1. y N E , if- . M QT? i V 1 41, sw- , f, Qi E QQ? E?Qg x ih 'M -gQag9, 5 4 gghj jpvy M L f T552 1 -V iii, , 1. If ii. ?fSi Fi D I iw? 159 ' 45.3 ,igsawffi 1E,,iE,.: 'ul .F 1 ,113 h . 4, ,iii ff.-cg .. '95f1s"Qif: 25? 4 vfwfi ,Q -t 4--.- fi Q n EL. Q In 555 -x '. I . ,: X 4 x . Y' 14 1 I-5 K . r Q 5 Y' AE 1 Q-fi? Jv ., N . 4 ,H X 1 A' 'V I 1 '- mf - , sf 45 f .-5 5 1i.,r:- XJ -.1 "' w -,gg 1 W.. , - . fn- .' , ' - -- 4 - .- . .x ,sg el , , -mf- ii . E ZX f f" C I f 157' lAld: u' fwlfxr g Y ,,--ff i l fkimigv f 5'V ' ,. .X . V lizkff' f- 5 A 5 4 . V 3 ' . . 41.1.3 AMI? Aco H Q V 11 ,ij the :cations may lewis UU. Oolor wl Helen Pal., Beam. ln . 'nm COLLEGE or' Poem sounni TA MLEQVASHINY v cron 'A g Wardens iced V l ilvdtlatidhaf to mn -,S keen jack Duncan. i hu First row: Ruth Sonnemann, Pearl Anderson, Loretta Maynes, Glenn McKinnon, Ed Hungerford, Bill Brown, Willard Gee, Doug Hicks, Don McClain. so U Second row: Dorothy Selden, Mary Louise Rogers, Muriel Kazda, Elsie Hanson, Assembly U for New Wygldz Willulia i eggond annul-i','1r'or:x wanneumyeinm od , ,tuple rar IB W In egrep um.. when 1. 2101253104 mothl notw- table and f0l".' 'me aria, or nim- "Women in' Business" -Y Lherlns Taylor, gsyc' LhevSeattIe Publliilsc :he discussion 'gm :halrman is Mary f llfvlalnns are secrete: mg: jolly Torgeson, Marijane Lewis, Frank Walters, Robby Lee Roberson, ::i':s:i":g"tl:-Q Vera Healy, Mel Novrkofl. Na.shing2gln,'Confn1Q 4, nu gona down to the lower! D . l rumor D'c01'1f-Whyllj H-'14 10 keep wonle ewwl:f:.'f:3,a1ll!:gah..x:.Ehtl..f.f. 35' -H + 1 lungs' of the Vlewwl . -: Ha An efficient business manager and stall has helped put the Trail on :ij MR. HOWARD OI AJ on 11:0 kwin V0 in. 1. are sl! Bills, 1 ,until 4 or lgroupagyu-lil .. 1 Bob Ngnmlllori, bluug, Al the top of the heap and at the close of the year, for the second time in several Ml: at tho collage ' . Q f dh dh C1 ' .ug ul? QETH L, years, the publication is well out of debt. Ed Hunger or , secon term e itor, ,up Ge, 'fjffo w,,,,,,,,,m ,excl succeeded in keeping the editorial policy of the paper on the same high present Miss Moredlth ' Dr. Wllliston as the her: llngwn, Pxnteasorg Moll! Dlck Smith of Life Alu: an vllliama, and will gl Mrs. Druaihtel, Mrs. Cheney. and Dr. Chapmanf' With every member or the drama. department competing tor the honor of promptei-or any Rafi Nall- "f' - . .- .,..... .1 4-.,...x.a...1...J-.m1--4sw..'fWi5. liars Healy, pi - - 018 HMB' NMR GH 5 El-" niilhe following W. , 34 if iii! ,Ewan-Bu, k , f nys. iipw-Pimpin-x if: anim-Rm t..- 291:-Yeiiigf-B N a ,5lb9I'l'aed1S5lolley ilvtn' rg ' Q Q iz halegreenfhk lv- 1' 4... 'f f I 1 I an-Bleek-vol . ,gl zfeiobk the . ' . the faculty t 'tho main a 'W lglixxfeamggof fm ,, ' ' 5,2 flaythelr prow ., ' - g. I 15 J I ost 'popular spoi t . Q ' nge foreman .. 21. ' 'ln 'um' fn U A M l' .,, ...a.......... .. J. ::?go::in m3E:re.q9f.elByrholdL. Director nf Nsvru OHL ' we of W- MW ED HUNGERFORD mmenm it war, Spun will serve . lnmitttromxfthe Common Elllm' U college hat dogs: Salau D I-.I ,.- -y -4-J 28 who 1 and coffee. Fest' Auucipawa 'i the most ""' 40 nfl 1 have one yea: of math. Junior and eenlors ln college will also be cn- rolled and permitted to continue ' -n1'H'nr' thuy will recelve their de- 1""' Unn- wmv' level. A new method was introduced in the spring semester, with the page - - bly and editors each taking over one issue. A larger stall than usual Worked this year. s ugnung, umnumnce Eorlvlng and de- zrtruetlon of bombs, -'Their jobs wlll bu assigned through city defense. Music' Talent to' Meet on ,Campus For'Sec0ncl Camp l The dePartment of music will ' Sin Ed Hungerford. . . Willard Gee. . Marijane Lewis ...... Frank Walter, lack Duncan. . .Sports Editors Ray Gillen .......... Lv oeational Meet l Thursday CPS wan host 10 high school students of Bierce ooun . 'Y for the annual vocaillonal comer- - ence program.. Some 500 hlg school.. senlorn from all over tl county were welcomed by Des John D. Regesler and ai. short ll troduetlori by Robert MnCla.naha ot Clover Park high ofoened th F It e la ex , F: al n ll u ll f .........Eal1tor . . .Business Manager . . . . . .Society Editor as 'Y ..,....Copy Editor 1, dlncnpr :ego av. a. triangular debate meet. WVWA- UFRQUM 'lblf . Tlxls Whey Toumey' hi-ings..1.ogeu1J 4 er ture. sensors. leach or whlchklaas 12530 P- hfhmamm rm- ' made outstanding records in for. 1:80 RM.-Imllvldlnlm male meets Lhlayuu. . 1..- E lv ,..,. , ......... ..... ...lmtel awww ul. me ventral ua lty ns solo or ensemble performers bor oouncll, Donald Montgomery will be admltled. iDean Phillip Hnugn of Paclfle Lu- soclziuo Concorls will bo given on theithnran college, Kenneth Wadlelgh college campus and in Tacoma 'of Boeing alrcifart, Walter Lee, De- parke. Private lessons wlll be glv- W paitmenl ol' Labor, Marcin. Wells en each band member, alan dnllyhleni: Dlll, vocatlonal coordinator, Instruction ln Lhaori, harmony, au--fseaitlle 'public schools. ' and Mrs I I1 fffiLZ'l. WILLARD CEE . :for the Busincxs Manager 'were d.r.:,V .. ., ... .... ,....,o....,. we ,Yn.ppmv:x1' by me reckoning hoe.:-d. rang-ing, compoaltlon. lvfull lnmr-.Lyle Ford DruslneL Miss Allen, mntlon and appllcatlun blanks can i Grimes of Fife hlvh rel-inf-l was gon-I Glal' Sola, president ot Pacific Lu- be obtaln-Y' ' 'ohn Paul Ben-im-al c'nah'msm ' 1 v pg-gegsentln, presldeni' Alt.. Martins ne" U1-"vatoi'y. :gram whiff' 'were the other -'s of ch khornn college and Martin. Prea- """'P. Harry' Heacox, cl DZ John Bamrlck ilgg. Ed Init, eh.5i' Seattle, accom amen, oh.: W. l Penney. retulli ah.: 'John Realm ui. B. Henawall: of ohms and L L schools WD lscxuslons il 'We ,n. A. R. , vlltan park n 'Athletic a 1 and E81 ir ot Edluroi of Wuhlr. ta. Chnl:-ml are Doris nd Dorothy 1 I .e science di Plercefn!!-lllaiod with L project. will opeele on and geology. A. M. Cade Regis Q'afL lu ln D29 division, R. J. Mclnngl United Alr Lines is apes? useonnuthii division. Ge: BIB' ' N .Y-it V V it Y , -,,,,,,, Li Kneeling: Ralph Lundvall. Standing: Betty jane Pyle, Blanch H. Gemperli, Ruth Sonneman, Mr. Oiseth, Marijane Lewis, Kay Woods, Helen Pat Beem, Dorothy Selden, TANIANAWAS Material for the Tamanavvas was com iled throughout the school year by an eflicient and cooperative stall under the leadershi of Rutlh Pauline Todd as Editor and Dick Haley as Business Manager. Many ideas for the actual, production and layouts Were obtained from the Associated Collegiate Press Convention which was represented by the College of Puger Sound for the lirst time by this year's editor. ' Betty Thralls. STAFF Ruth Pauline Todd. . . ............ Editor Ruth Sonnernan. . . .... Assistant Editor Richard Haley ..... .... B usiness Manager Helen Pat Beem. . . ..... Class Editor Marijane Lewis, Dorothy Selden, Copy Editors Ralph Lundvall .... ...... M en's Athletics X H , Betty Jane Pyle. . . . . .Women's Athletics - l ' X 'l 'A Bill Koivisto ............. Snapshot Editor ustme De Wolfe ..........,..... Debate Kay Woods ....... Sororities and Fraternities Betty Thralls ................. Dramatics Patricia Towne ...........,....... Art i i U Robby Lee Roberson, Bob Cronander, V . --ii Dale McCort ............... Assistants f- 1 RICHARD HALEY RUTH PAULINE TODD Business Manager Editor STRING ENSEMBLE The college string ensemble, which is known as the Puget Sound Chamber Music Society, has been under the leadership of Mr. Erich Koker for the past four years. They have participated in the Sunday afternoon vesper concerts, presented a program in Seattle and also at the First Methodist Church in Tacoma. There has been a regular attendance, and the members of the organization have had the opportunity to play a Wide variety of music under capable direction. BAND The college band has been directed by Mr. Louis G. Wersen and played at the home football games held in the Stadium bowl. Their rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout the year. On May fourth the students of the college heard the band perform on theirlown platform for the first time during the .year when they presented a short program in one of the assemblies. URCHESTRA The Puget Sound Symphony has rehearsed with Mr. Louis G. Wersen on Tuesday evenings throughout the year. They presented one concert in the vesper series on January twentyfflfth and another later in the spring on May 24. The group is larger this year and though the members are not all C. P. S. students, they have brought fame to the college for the fine quality of the music which they have produced. ADELPHIANS The Adelphian Choral Society was somewhat dis' rupted this year, but the members gathered together and under the direction of Mr. John Paul Bennett presented a unique and interesting program of Russian folk music and liturgical chants. They have been known as the Schola Cantorurn which is fashioned after the plan of the famous "School of singing" originated by Johan Sebastian Bach. The guest artist Was Mme. Anna La Vaska of St. Spiridon's Russian Orthodox Church in Seattle. V my ,i,..aeu+..,-smrp'vz-,wmzwi -3 at H A A W ' A .VE je.,,'v--bij! i. .. E n snnn A Section of the Rouault Show. IUNE8 HALL GALLERIES The Tacoma Art Association, in coo eration with the College, has this year sponsored eight monthly exhibitions in t e Towers of jones Hall. In addition to bringing valuable works of art to the students of the Colle e, these exhibits have attracted thousands of visitors to the campus during the past iw months. Highlights of this year's exhibition season have been the Van Gogh, Rouault, and Latin America shows. Mrs. Dena Taylor examining a bit of Pre'Columbian weaving from South America. 1 in .A Twig W by , ,S ' ' , ins- .. 5: , Mai' W wfzafzui 1' , 226 -:rx.pn4-Jsavszsu-Lu 1 '. ' Q, 1 Y 1 ,g ii A ' lliill n Vg , filsgrf ' M , W ' i H , 1 , i 1, , .ii ,Q .W ,a . - ' i 5 ' I . f , N -25 , , , H , - 'jg V li SA Q i ' -3, -5 " . 7 , N V S ' v. 5- L.. V Cf. --ff , ' 2 ,,,, ie ix!-:V gl Q Efffgszm ' Q 1: 51-:S a. if 'iii 5 'fini . TQ Em "5 ' ' 31'-1 ' 1 ll K iv. X 'har 'Hou 'QPHY' - i.-f. Cadct cfzaclners, kneeling: Fred Burkhardt, John Boyle, Jack Perry, Hugh MacWhirter, Wilbur Baisinger. Standing: Mildred McKenzie, Irma Hawlcinson, Lola Hughes, Louise jaylco, Louise Durand, Betty jones, Helen Berg, janet Robbins, Annabel Miller, Victoria Hanson. Not present: Stan Champ, john Carter, Harold Anderson, Bill McLaughlin, john Sharp. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The College of Puget Sound is one of six institutions in the State of Washington accredited by the State Department of Education for the training of Junior and Senior High School Teachers, All candidates for the Three Year Secondary Certificate must spend a fifth year in college present one hundred and hfty semester hours of credit, including specihc academic and professional courses. During the fifth year each candidate must spend one semester in practice teaching in a subject regularly taught in junior or senior high school, and the Whole program is arranged and directed by the Head of the Department of Education. Teacher graduates are placed in positions by the Teacher's Placement Bureau which is directed by Dr. R. H. Powell, Head of the Department of Education. Placement has always been high, even in years when teachers were plentiful, because superintendents have come to recognize the high standards of training maintained by the College of Puget Sound. Dr. Powell is assisted by Mr. E. Delmar Gibbs, Assistant Professor of Education. FURENSICS The forensic department entertained the Washington High Schools at its nmth annual meet, the largest of its kind West of the Mississippi. Cver thirty schools sent representatives. Colleges and junior Colleges of the Coast Were entertained at the seventh annual junior College Meet at the end of the year. Pi Kappa Delta, national Forensic Honorary, extended membership invitations to Hester Robinson, Ray Gillen, Walter Seabloom, Helen Pat Beem, Robby Lee Roberson, and Charlene Hefiliner. First: Waichi Oyanagi, Sam Batt, Mary Elizabeth Molton, Ruth Sonnemann, President Todd. I Szcqnd: Bob Eliott, Bill Koivisto, Ruth McCrea, Marilyn Gilstrap, Justine De Wolfe, Margarita Irle, Dr. Battm, Third: Professor Davis, Russel Alsgaard, Dr. Schaefer, Frank Hanawalt, Don Lamka, Ed Winslcill, Dean Regester. fxggfiilf' wire. Y .A , 1 - EDI -J' ' .fl EX' :fisfgiztlgl fl ,-V-er .f W fe,-- .. .., . ff- , Wcurill V- 'Tfifj' Hs' xg .nv r ani' EXTEMP. C. P. S. spealcers were finalists in all extemporaneous speaking contests they en' tered. The general subject Was "Pan American Cooperation." Miss Meredith was the coach for the extempers and the orators. Seated: Mary Elizabeth Morton, Charleene Helllinger, Ruth Sonnemann, Hester Robinson. Standing: Sam Batt, Walter Seabloom, Bill Koivisto, Oliver Soares, Don Lamka. Frank Hanawalt. DEBATE Two Pi Kappa Delta questions were debated this year: Resolved that the federal government shall control by law all labor unions in the United States, and Resolved that the democracies should form a federation to establish and maintain the eight Churchill' Roosevelt principles. Bob Eliotr, Mr. Adams, Bill Koivisto, Frank Hana' walt, Marilyn Gilstrap, Ruth Sonneman, Mary Elizabeth Morton, Hester Robinson, Walter Seabloom, Don Lamka, Sam Batt, Oliver Soares. Scared: Dr. Battin. URATURY At the Burmiester Oratorical Contest, first place in the men's and Women's divisions was won by Frank Hanawalt and Mary Elizabeth Morton, respectively. Second place honors were Won by Frank Price and Marilyn Gilstrap. Hester Robinson, Charlene l'leFllinger, Frank Hana' walt, Mary Elizabeth Morton, Walter Seabloom, Marilyn Gilstrap, Sam Batt. Not in picturc: Helen Pat Beem, Robby Lee Roberson. Ray Gillen. L 4' ' af 'T' 12' Ar,-, 4' mf-. 1, N ,, f"""'l' A 5,3553 , ,-4,5-K. '.?, 3 . -..- Huff t -.ym X -4' -na ,I .6-is 'i as M ...--'I S ...iss rv' '1' -rg in ., 4. .- .. -11 ' 13 g ,',.. f 7'Q'.i5...',g H' g 'ffirg 1 W, ,.. 1 ' . 'ff '--: ' pl 'AA 1 f W .cafe N il 5 ,und if F-1- ....' 'Z-pa' U- f FQ 'nga 1 li! Mega i - wi M , .... . , .. .mv-,W-,.,..,f 'ev X. 55315455-" fl' 2 W' ' 29 if 9 if :fig i 5- , 1 . 3? f ,.. "" f 1 Af 2 .1 ...L 1. The losers relax--Faculty team. 2. Schafer cuts a rug at the "S.U.B." 3. Aclvocate of the 41-hour Week. 4. What a joke. 5. Agriculture vs. mathematics. 6. Tirecl, Frank? 7. An eyesorc at 8 o'cloclc Monday morning. . Careful Ecl, we're all watching HOW . . With an eye to the near future. . Touchdown by Tzegoning? . Dr. Battin eats lunch. . To be frank about it, she's sleepy. . Digging up dirt, Herman? ' 14. Snealcing up on jones Hill. 15. Mmmmwnmm. Koivisto's nickle? 16, Where's Jarvis? Yea team! Gamma glamour girls, Where percipitation isn't wantccl. ' ,. bg 1 f 'H , lim ww ffm F11 K 1 W- W I4 . .f"""""' Xu, 74 ., .0 gif. , ,f ,A ,, x UV.. , ,. 1, fe, . X by-. IZ aff?" N ...ff- ,,,,. I w I fr- A 1 ,, w ID if IM gk' 1'-4 9-12 it ' 14 QQ 4 ww-ewrwf' 'wi ' V V I l rfvxwl' 0 A1 Eg ,. BQ I TENS 'B ll ll . 4 2, S l 1 MVQQRW I'Wf CALL TU THE ENOS BALES, Coast Guard DIXON BOND, Army ED BUCSRO, Navy qpliysiorl Educat NEIL CLEMMENS, Army Air Corps WILLIAM CUMMINGS, Navy MARSHALL GRAHAM, Navy Air C STEVE DALEY, Marines TOM HILL, Coast Guard CHARLES HILL, Army Air Corps DICK JOBB, Navy RALPH JOHNSON, Army Air Corps FOREST KEEELER, Army BILL MADDEN, Army Air Corps DOUGLAS HICKS, Arrriy ionl orps Y It I!! 111 ,Q ' ' a ' 111 Xlim Q2 58' eq I its r . ,g ' 74, ' bfi. if ' xx M552 tfrrjr g u .M la ELMER MOFFETT, Coast Guard BILL McLAUGHLIN, Navy P. E. HOWARD OLSEN, Marines PATTEE PILANT, Navy BERT POLING, Navy CHARLES PITTMAN, Army BILL RIDDLE. Navy Air Corps WILLIAM ROBERTS, Army JOHN SHARP, Navy P. E. THAD STEVENSON, Arrrry GENE TORGET, Navy Air Corps BILL TUCKER, Arrrry Air Corps RUSSELL WARNER, Arrrry ED WEBB, Navy M W A 1. . my -1, Um rf, fm 2415 Tl? 2311 Wm 'S ei-2 .-, .a ., , -wx.. U I 1 . N . ,ft amp, gm, Ee , , . M' Assisi: w -A- 'S x 1 .1 Y-. fm .if.A...,m ..M-- .. ,wx 'Wi du... . 'f'ca'.pe. URGANIZATIUNS V R, . K . ,. --wz..Lk'Sfz+., fag: , . . ,..,. N. ig- ,. :'-gf.. 321.-.iz-:.Yw':.,E f " .A-T45-J 2-if ' f ' N 1. i 1 .QT ww? my Raisi n g, . -QQ: .1 ,, dw " ' 52 1 Q . Qi, , . Q - ' .1 Wgfi, .lQsESfg32' "I ' if, . " 1 J w W W .v 3 9 v Q, gg.: , N: . I 'ifieiiii I . -.EJ ,I fiv- . .4 , N' 251- -- YVQEQE' . ,w.,f. V 5' 2' ?MQ my .sf- . ini b .. if 'K fm Q.. I-52,1 . 'M sim! 153- ,- . W- . , 1: -1 MW ig. W, ' LE Q . X. .. 4 V M uf 'ae ,,.. if-5. .03 , " 'H Wm Wim ' .g ...,.. T., - 1 www UFFIBERS FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Ed Marlcusen . jim York .... Art Sheets. . . Rolland Lutz. Lee Foreman ........ Bill Thompson Russel Warner .... . Tom Barker . . President ...,.... Lee Foreman Virz'Prcsidcnt ...,...... jim Yorlc Recording Secretary .... Gene Peterson Corresponding Secretary. . .Rollancl Lutz 'frzasurcr ....... Ed Granlund Sargeant at Arms ..... Walter Olsen . . . . .House Manager . Histnrian .... . . Glen Holmberg .....EclBock ED GRANDLUND TOM BARKER FRED BECK BOB HAMILTON ROLLAND Lutz JAMES YORK NORMAN ANDERSON ED BOCK WALTER OLSEN ARTHUR SHEETS GRANT BARKER jACK HELMS GLEN HOLMBERG RALPH MCLAUGHLIN GENE PETERSON BOB SK1DMORE MARTIN WENTWORTH ED WILSON Snr-T Egg? T' if l f l ff l , -nf-Y' me 2 ' , L ',, 'WP .i my so fnn 3 O M .li AV . I A 1 ' ' -,-.5 K.. :Q f- ln --3 I ,mzm m : 1 - -.1 1 :.: ' 2 ' .1 - . i T I ono P l ' lll Q , . Q. i 4 :FE V ,,:: O- -il. 'Mn 1 'll as Q 8 R A Q K-V ,.k , i T.. M' 'Q QA! If We 2 , 4.41 Y' 4 51 xl" 1 . ' sl' 7: m gl A lk. 'fs we 'E 'hw' '1 U F F I ll E R S FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Doris Wittren ....... President ..... Dorothy Howard Kathryn Evans ..... Vice'PrI:sidcnt. . .Etheljane Cohoon Etheljane Cohoon . Recording Secretary ...... Vera Healy Ruth McCrea. . .Corresponding Secretary. .Helen Kutcher Rosalind Hartman .... cfreasurzr ...... Betty jane Pyle Bobbe Jean Ryan ..... Historian ........ Mary Ogden Mary Ogden .... Sergeant at Arms ....,. Doris Wittren KATHERYN EVANS s 5 , lawn ay 6- , X cg, P, BLANCHE HAYNES GEMPERLI xv 'E A ROSALIND HARTMAN . ' I I VERA HEALY FL I rrr of , E A fi: . RUTH McCREA 'Ia 19 MARY OGDEN R 'Q I - 'v' Q I -I ETHELJANE COHOON - . 9X RUTH HERINGTON 4 ' 1 xx'- Q f rfx y I I ' Y A V YI' I J l 35 BETTY JANE PYLE H 53.4 -- - ' Eg, A BOEBE JEAN RYAN ' I M ' ESTHER SANDSTEDT I 'T' HELEN KUTCHER ab ' X ' . l I is ' ELLEN SWAYNE 5' 5 3 I .:,q .-. A J X 1 ,, JANE THOMPSON I " HELEN PAT BEEM my DIXIE BULLARD A . J J T Q HARRIET GREEN 'PFW .V V BETTYJONES ' , I In f ANNE MCCARTHY I I JEANNE McDOUGALL T 'V . I I' V - J ' ROBEY LEE ROBERSON f A hy g THELMA SMITH ' I-sa I I JOAN STERRETT A JEAN SULLEY I A Y J A 1 lv l A 'L' .4 ,P "ll J i: ,,,. . N: . Il - X E IOLLY TORGERSON PHYLLIS WILSON 0 F F I II E R S FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Philip Walesby ...... President. 1 ...... Willard Gee john Heaton ..... First Vic:-President .... .Bill Sidders jack Duncan ..... Second Vicc'Prcsidcnt ..... Jack Duncan Bill Causin ...... Recording Secretary ..... Paul Heuston Naylor Middleton . Corresponding Secretary. . Harry Hescox George Ellis ........ Treasurer ,....... George Ellis Bill Oxholm ........ Historian ......... Bill Gausin Harry Hescox ..... Szrgeant at Arms ........ jim Frank -ie , Akai, EEE. E rar, LAWRENCE HENDERSON FRANK NORRIS W I I J J J A S Q JIM PAULSON QW? lllv 5 F CHARLES PRATT ' A22' fffff I2-E' I iiii BILL SIDDERS ' A i"' -A l G I I- A 5 A in ASA MAYLOTT J J ' E i f jf' WILBUR BAISINGER of-Il I ii ge N, 'J .:. FRANK BAINARD Q TOM BROWN . s I I. glow M I JACK DUNCAN S any f J 1 GEORGE ELLIS i J, I I, JIM FRANK S -5. j t S, ,A 6 . FRANK HANAWALT f f 1 Va., 'gf I gr I JM JOHN HEATON I ' J f W ' PAUL HEUSTON 1' J V, R JOHN HINE -A HERMAN KLEINER ' I . , 5,25 .. WELDON RAU . K' S F BILL CAUSIN I ' " ef' J CHET DYER ' '- A BOB HAMILTON ll iily J E HARRY HESCOX I Sf. -. .. , I.I l , fI I V E I PAUL PRUITT - P - ART ANDERSON J g J F I A ' ii l::':" B V PAUL DAVIS I I ' L Q A JIM DYER - - J:,I SSS II-II so I I GEORGE LUTZ , --"' ' W ,P , ,',,' 5 ,f ..Ej, -,,- II- ,J, :J Q ,V , J A el. GLEN MQKINNON 'F I f G f GEORGE MILLER - , .5 f r i' J I , V J GLEN MURRAY 3 ' I if J' A , i n LEROY VAUGHN . - . JJ2 L J J J Q F JOE SANDS ILJJ V LLL i V WALTER SEABLOOM I ., .,i:J .,.,, A ' IJ I' J E F- BOB STROM .. I IIII J , ' I DICK STROM I A V P i 1 I BOB THERIAULT N V.,'- A S L ' Y ' f I ' A 56 , F . A IE M' E, - Vw., QQ. I . V . .4 ' L L. A I .-1 . ' ..--N16 i -- L' .,f+' . ' 1 ,l ..'.. I in ' '. .11-,. .- ffl' I ll:-". f? Qi n 55 , L: . vi, ,U ,. RPT: '15 A.: .-: " ,Mgt X, - V , Y ,fx My ,Ailqq 'I I1 1 5 f Q . F67 fu1e',1A , .J """""""'f " H I .,M1g,rf' -- ffm? 2 I 5 1 I . 'flip 'Q .L , I-, I , ' Q- 5-1 A 'i in as -'J-Q' 4 ft, if vi On , 5 " ,, Q- we . V Q N E y on Im! gi is l il . Q ' I I A 1 I l hi i" an gi ' ag Q L' t AJ ' ite' ' Ag ' Q5 'E' A' fx J I i ,g:'., QF.: K Ji- . X, 1 lr- . ,lf E: 1.15 , I D ., - 6 Qi ff. Y 'E 55' .-mes il u? Y fl 'I E' 'I " 0 F F I II E R S FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Virginia Judd ....... Pruident ,......, Virginia Judd Anita Sherman ..... Vic:-President ......, Jane Hudson Emily Spring .... Rzcording Secretary ..... Carol Webb Edith Ploeger. . .Corresponding Secretary. .Berget Carlson Dorothy Arm Brenner. .'l'reasurer, .Dorothy Ann Brenner Nelcla Peterson ,... Sergeant at Arms ...... Estlier Mann Felicia Dahl ........ Historian ....... Evelyn Seeley Mary E. Petersonlntersorority Council .Mary E. Peterson DOROTHY ANN BRENNER EEROET CARLSON FLORENCE DARROW ROSEMARY DE VOTO JANE HUDSON MARY ELLEN PETERSON ANITA SHERMAN JANE SORENSON WOOD MILDRED DE SPAIN CAROL WEBB JEAN BUTTON MARY CORNELL EELIOIE DAI-IL BETTY MAE HAMPTON BETTY IRLE ROBERTA MAHAFFEY ESTHER MANN MARGARET MEAD NELDA PETERSON EDITH PLOEGER MILDRED POLLEY EVELYN SEELEY SHIRLEY STONE ALICE CLAY ELSIE HANSEN DELORES HAVLINA PAT HILDEBRANDT ELDA LEE MAHAFFEY ALMIRA MARCHESINI DORIS NELSON MARY LOU PONTON MARY LOUISE ROGERS ROSEMARY SALLEY JEAN WRIGHT ,Tp UFFIBERS FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Sherman Jonas ....... President ..... Charles Swanson Charles Swanson.. .Vice'Prcsidmt ........ Dick Haley Q 1 -,Q , 4 .r' 4" Pat Pilant .... ..... S ecretary ......... Stan Burkey lfs ji A l, f." . Dick Haley ..,...... 'Trzasurnr ....... Bob Wilhelmi L3 1 Bill Brown ...,... Sergeant at Arms ...... Bob Starkey Stan Burkey ....,. Social Chairman ....... Bill Brown Bob Wilhelmi ....... Historian ...... Bob Cronancler Enos Bales ,...... Athletic Managzr ...... Bob Graham DICK HALEY 5 1 -gi aj -Tig fm v - P - '. L,-we 1 2 -1 Q: ' '14 L '.: '- ' i , .,. , gig-1 gi iff 'T W Bi me af' . 5 DICK JARVIS an ,. 5. any 1: SHERMAN ,IONAS 'A B WARREN HARVEY Y' 'S ED HUNGERFORD it ,V N y, n ' If V BILL BROWN 1 .FS if-2: c -9 A 'X Viv , ur Alien H V V BOB STARKEY A bg . I V BOB WILHELMI . i v, . A ! Oi '- , Oiiy l ' DIXON BOND gi , B ,ig y ., 1 H GEORGE BROWN -B R L BOB GRAHAM y V s BOB HEATH if f W U , A ,: 14 K mmf. 'A 1 V ..f" B D'ARCY KEELEY . , - j 1 1 DON LAUSE B ' S ,Q A KEITH MARKOFE 3 B .A Q no it WILEY MELLISH y B y R 1 A f iw -vw' V , . .1 A L B 7 - Q. 1 AL MIDDLESWORTH O. D. WILLIAMS I A i - A .-,HEL , 1- " -Q P' IRVING WOODWORTH fm Q? if.-E fa ,Q an .-5 "Na 4? " 'Q 4, R -.. xi I 4 L V 5 l gh . 'S :N 41 A A wgli' rl iii rx ,fe A A 6 . T ' 'gg Eg 1 .Wi rf! 4 5 K' 1 215. ir: 93 if . QP. 1 HU' F ,A iii' 1. gs. nu QF. f. A 4' :gif ii ... ' 2.1. MW 1 . 1-"jg V 6 Q. . X lv I ' 0 F F I CE R S FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Ruth Pauline Todd , . .President . . . Ruth Pauline Todd Kathryn Furlong . . .Vice-Prnsidcnt .... Kathryn Woods Patricia Davis .... Recording Secretary. .Norma Gagliardi Evelyn Decker ...... Treasurer ....... Evelyn Decker Mary F. jol1nson.Corrzsponding Sccrztary.Mary F. Johnson Pat Towne ......... Historian ........r. Pat Towne Maxine Bitney ......,. Editor. . .... Maxine Bitney EVELYN DEOKER GWENDOLYN ROAOH KATHRYN WOODS JO ANN BOYD MAXINE BITNEY DORIS CARLSON KAY COPELAND PHYLLIS FOOTE BETTY JO FRY NORMA GAGLIARDI MARY FRANCIS JOHNSON GERTRUDE KINCAID MARGARET MANLEY ROSEMARY PESACRETA NANCY SHORT PAT TOWNE JANE WETHERBY JACQUELINE BROWN A ROSEMARY MANSFIELD MARY MARUSH LORETTA MAYNES PEGGY O'CONNELL HESTER ROBINSON BEVERLY VELTON . in L .5,Ar.L-fqax' ' Il F F I C E R S FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Bill Tregoning. ...... Presidcnl ..,.. Norman Breckner Norman Walker .... Vice-President ........ Tom Cross Jim Walter ...... Recording Secretary. . .Austin Fengler Aldo Benecletti. .Corresponding Secretary. . .Don Stolberg Jim Van Camp .... Hausa Manager ..,,.... Bob Moles George Robinson. .Scrgzant at Arms ...,.. Byron Larsen RICHARDS, JACK I 'V If SEABECK, FRANK I Q Ag D ,LI ,E 5 if ff ,J WALTER, FRANK . YI W-ffrlsve I BURKE, NORMAN 'V :g 'R CROSS, TOM ' -'- A I MVN-. V- Y . .J I A HICKS, DOUGLAS 3 MCMASTERS, BILL ig Z,, S' 'F ,,!'5afI A B" L, ' VAN CAMP, JIM . -' I 1 WALTER, JIM J IQ -A J AXELSON, LYNN ' 4. V R1 BEER, 4 W i - l - li X 5 A. f I If 2 BENEDETTI, ALDO 5 qw Q aw- 5,3 BROWN, DON -Y ' ' Jew ,J ., BRECKNER, NORMAN J A Q AE , J ' DONELSON, DICK I I J A I ,H FENCLER, AUSTIN J ' B, S LS , ' ,, I CRABAR, VICTOR L Eg, 4 Q X5 W my .Q LARSEN, BYRON H, x If 7 gl. LUNDVALL, RALPH , I- E ' L J ' ' ' A MOLES, BOB , TTTLL I ,, , I r - K . MONTGOMERY, WARREN 'I RRA . J K Ylrrn , . R . ' MURPHY, ROY 'ji g 3 Q J Q I . 8 RHODES, BOB u g - J l f .5 - I . E 3 ROBINSON, CEORCE ,,"I I , I ' RUKAN, ARNOLD I A :-: A A l STOLBERC, DON A BEER, TOM . I I I BQ-,J J It I BROWN, WAYNE K1 I Iff"':fI' RQ QQ j J I I MACKEY, LEE "':IA ,- McLAIN, DON A I 'T ' I N f J 7 L, JENSEN, JIM DAY SHERMAN WOOD BART STEELE, DICK J Ml A EV I q I 9 . ,, ,. T L 5 IL WEL A 1 'i .L R YL eif I JL E , if 0 F I I 0 E R S FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Deborah Webb .,.... Prcsidcnt ........ Helen Folsom Helen Folsom ...... Vice-President .Constance Coleman Anne Barlow .,...... Secretary ....... Ocleena Jensen Marijane Lewis .Corresponding Secretary. . .Elinor Upper Pegge Simpson ...... Trcasurcr ..... Jacqueline Moore Betty Heaton 4... Intcqsarority Council .... Betty Heaton Beverly Biidsall . . .Sergeant at Arms .... Doris Meredith Janet Armstrong ...... H istnrian ....... Janice Stenson TAD BURD VICTORIA HANSEN BETTY I-IEATON CONNIE COLEMAN MARY KATHERINE HAGER PEGGY LAUSE MARIJANE LEWIS ELIZABETH PUGH PEGGE SIMPSON PEGGY STEELE DOROTHY SELDEN JANET ARMSTRONG ANNE BARLOW BEVERLY BIRDSALL JANICE STENSON - I I MARILYN OILSTRAP -- A , ODEENA JENSEN I E : QE ' -. ELINOR UPPER ' ,.,. . . MARCEA JONES I ' ' ANN LOUISE WINSHIP ' I DORIS MEREDITH L ' JACQUELINE MOORE . uf I, J, N 'gr MARY ELIZABETH MORTON -ff 2' LOIS RASMUSSEN , A - " E HELEN MARIE WALKER R . AI- A A ' A " . I ' l2"-' MARGARET JOHNSON . A C is V, I J S1 5 2 S MAXINE LISTER ,i is I Q7 DOROTHY BACKLUND I -'F A BETTY BAUER ,G J I B li SHERLEY DAY A - - E LILY MORAVEC Mia - .da IRENE FEARN MARY LOU FULTON DOROTHY HAGER JEAN HALLEN BECKY MCDERMID PRISCILLA NEWSCI-IWANDER E! I 'S we -:s'fw.:e v- gfifiggi LQ. 5.5 ' UFFIEERS R FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER ' Philip Raymond ...... Prcsidrnt ...... Philip Raymond ' Forrest Van Slylce . .Vice'Presidcnt .... Warren Holmes xzv William Stewart ..... Secretary ....... Paul Raymond Walter Berg ...... . .Treasurzr . . ..... Walter Berg .W Bill Stute. ..,...... Chaplain ........ Herb Ehriclce G David Powells .,..... Guard ...... Edward Winskill 5-E55 -' MUSSER, DICK RAYMOND, PHILIP STEWART, BILL BERG, WALTER EHRICKE, HERBERT HOLMES, WARREN JENSEN, MYRON POWELLS, DAVE RAYMOND, PAUL STUTE, BILL HANSLER, EARL GARRISON, BOB JOHNSON, TED MCCORT, DALE ROALSVIG. MELVIN ' -ff a. ,nf ,+V Quai:-U 324311 ni- 5325455 E3 l ' 3 ,f -a 5:- I e'er S I ,S I I? I ' Q . ii, A' , il' y l . -t.,- J! , wigg- '.Y: ii 'wiv V- ' I - -5, H av' V ' 2 I 1 :V V 'Q' .3 .Elf 'i I ' lf' A JS u WRX .E J - If E I 7' ..v IT ' wh A xi -ii T J A ' ' T' 1 Z... I I 1 if '..:.L:w, . . " 1' I if M I . I I X I. , n PH" N E? L . , R'Ji1'??f?f3?3 '-1 Z. A 'V I H . ,. S' X , 'I I. f will f ' 1-'TI bw. 1' ..,-3 , .f . , , u .ur " A, -D. 15- ' qgfv SiS' ,R ' ig ? g l A if E1 gui :iv T.- ' ,. Af.lF Eff ' Q,-A Af '5i.aQn!I 1 ' A S 7 Zun W ' 'ff I IIA fi nil! if--r' '13 P.-A t'9E- M' A5 fflEEf'. SEER J 'E 45 I I FALL SEMESTER Anita Misener ..... Dorothy Howard . , Bernice Dale ...... Patricia Magill ..... OFFICERS SPRING SEMESTER . President. ...... Anita Misener .Vice-Przsidcnt. . .Dorothy Howard . . Szcremry ..,.... Gertrudejames Betty Bradley ....... Trcasursr. . ..... Betty Bradley . .Chaplain ....... Patricia Magill YVONNE COMAN FLORENCE DARROW LOLA HUGHES EDITH HAMMOND : I I DOROTHY HOWARD J JANE HUDSON MARGARITA IRLE . 'A" , A ANNABEL LEMM A RUTH MCCREA ENID MILLER -- MARY ELLEN PETERSON 'J , J BETT Y THRALLS RUTH PAULINE TODD ...: J BETTIANNE WASSERMAN A :E:,y , RUTH HERINGTON A I PAT MAGILL j A 5 ' MARION MCKNIGHT - -g h BOBBE JEAN RYAN A 5 BETTIE RARTER BETTY BRADLEY JANE THOMPS DIXIE BULLARD BETTY IRLE JEAN STANTON ON BARBARA CARLTON ALICE CLAY GERRY DYRE 31 A GERTRUDE JAMES I1 11 A ROBBY LEE ROBERSON I ' N' JEAN McDOUGALL Scared: Betty Heaton, Dorothy Howard, Helen Folsom, Mary Ellen Peterson. Row two: Ruth Pauline Todd, Deborah Webb, Doris Wittren, Kathryn Evans, Virginia Judd. INTER-FRATERNITY CUUNIIIL Consisting of the presidents and representatives of the college's fratern- ities, interffraternity council formulates the rules and regulations which govern these organizations. The settling of difficulties and problems arising in these groups, as well as cooperation with Inter - Sorority Council and Student Affairs Committee, and assist' ance to freshmen are among the activities of the council. The annual interffraternity dance was held May 1. Officers for the year were: Fall-Phil Waleshy, president. Spring-Phil Raymond, president. 64 INTER-SURURITY COUNCIL Important because of the many duties it must perform, lnter'Sorority Council is called one of the most needed groups on the campus. Com' posed of presidents and representatives from each of the four sororities, the council sets rushing rules, levies all needed discipline and promotes a feel' ing of unity among the groups. The Inter'Sorority Ball was held this year at the Fellowship Hall, january 10, with Betty Heaton as chairman. Officers for the first semester were Kathryn Evans, president, and Betty Heaton, secretary. Mary Ellen Peter- son Was the second semester president, and Kay Woods was the secretary. Scatcd: Richard Musser, Willard Gee, Bill Tregoning,john Heaton, Bill Stewart, Philip Waleshy, Frank Walter. Standing: Lee Foreman, Bill Brovsm, Ed Markusen, Philip Raymond, Norm Anderson, Don Brown, Norman Breckncr, Charles Swanson, jim Paulson. IVIARUUN AND WHITE Row ons: Helen Folsom, Deborah Webb, Ruth Pauline Todd, Doris Wittren, Dorothy Howard, Virginia Judd. Row two: Philip Walesby, Lee Foreman, Ed Marlcusen, jim Paulson, Philip Raymond, Charles Swanson, Willard Gee. The Maroon and White, a new committee of fraternity and sorority presidents and tvvo repre' sentatives of the Independents, was organized by jim Paulson for the lirst time this year. Its purpose was to initiate and gain support of allfcollege activities. This organization helped make bonffire rallies, our homecoming, and "dime dances" successful on our campus. It also has been selected to be the defense committee of C. P, S. Chairman ...... ,...... J im Paulson Chairman ....... ,...... J im Paulson Vice Chairman .... .... P hilip Walesby Vice Chairman ..... . . .Philip Raymond Secretary-Treasurer. . . .... Doris Wittren Szcretary'Cl'reasurer .... . . .Virginia Judd "DIME IJANIIESH The "dime dancesy' Which were held in the Student Union Building following games and college plays were anticipated by all of the students. They proved to be very successful and the niclcelodeon provided music by top rating orchestras all over the country. ' 65 INDEPENDENTS Row one: Bob Elliott, Russell Alsgaard, Wilfred Woods, jerry Spellrnan. Raw two: Don Robbins, Bill Koivisto, Enid Miller, Marjorie Wagner. Those students not afliliated with any Greek letter organization are Independents. The aim of this group is to promote activities for the Welfare of the Whole student body and to help those students belonging,to get into school affairs. The group meets monthly and the cabinet meets once a week. A Sadie Hawkins Dance was the main activity of the year. Officers for the year were: Norman Schut, president 5 Wilfred Woods, vicerpresidentg Marjorie Wagner, secretary' treasurer, and Don Robbins, john Lantz, Russel Alsgaard, Enid Miller, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior represen' tatives respectively. Advisor was Dr. Williston. IVIIEN'S DURIVIITURY Across the south side of the campus is the men's dorm, alias Anderson Annex, alias Oscar I. Anderson Hall. inhabited by outfofrtovvn campus men, the building is run on a co' operative basis, although Oscar Anderson serves a housefmother. The building was purchased by the college this last year to provide comfortable living conditions for men not living in other places. Y Row imc: Willard Bellman, Bob Strom, Charles Gleason, Oscar Anderson, Asa Maylott. Row uw: Bob Starkey, Don Gessa' man, Ed Francisco, Dick Strom, Wilfred Woods. 1,71 Blake, Starrett, Peterson, McCarthy, Herington, Judd, Steele, Mann, Cornell, Braun, Smith, Velton, McDermid, Evans, Simpson. Robinson, Newman, Lawes, Mrs. Schneider, Rosenberg, Clay, Burd,jol1nson, Backlund, White, Wright, Schlesinger, Hudson, Darrow, Peterson, DeSpain, jenscn, Peterson, Carlson, Roberson, Hampton, Beem. ANDERSUN HALL Among the newer buildings on the campus, Agnes Healy Anderson Hall this year has forty occupants. Under the direction of Mrs. Schneider, the hall was governed hy four committees con- sisting of scholarship, social, standards, and courtesy. A Hi hlighting the social calendar was a formal Christmas dinner dance. Other activities for the year included liresides, a Halloween dance, a Thanksgiving dinner at Which the faculty carved, a Valentine dance, o en house at Homecomin , and at the opening of the Student Union Building, a spring picnic, and tllie Presidentls reception fir graduating students. Oflicersfor the first semester Were: Kay Evans, president, Berget Carlson, vicefpresidentg Betty jane Pyle, secretary, Mary Ellen Peterson, treasurer, Ethel Peterson, historian, and Betty May Hampton, sergeantfatfarms. For the second semester they Were: Tad Burd, president, jane Hudson, vicefpresidentg Mildred De' Spain, secretary, Mary Erances johnson, treasurer, Cdeena 2' s ta 3 H D Q 08 it D- SD D E' as E, ' 5 n i Q' 5 5? 2: KA 53 f-1 5.7 SI 3 2 EU R' B S' .-Q "' 'U 53 Q 2. cg E fps Q "' T' Q.- 3 if 5- ' 8 2 .- '6 .FD E m ' VJ , I I' L ' -an H f ' Kglilg 'Hifi-. . ,l ua , 'WI "w,ffQ,fi N ga" 5,,.. Lg" l 3 , I wt f Elini, ' , P A -""f'fST"TT"' "' it H . in . ' .Q ...-,.. A fzsfflfut Aggirp, f,-as " ' fur 5 . 5 ls, .y.. ii ,. 1' T8 l f-fe' an v squint . .- t 1 . 1 . V 41,731- AL. Row ont: Betty Irle, Marion McKnight, Ruth McCrea, Marjorie Wagner, Etheljane Cohoon, Ruth Herington, jean Stanton, Gertrude james. joan Sterrett, Elsie Hansen, Jola Fern Torgerson. Row two: Miss Helen Lewis, Mary Ellen Peterson, Ruth Sonneman,jane Kohler, Dick Adamson, Murray Hyde, Virginia Newman, Gerry Dyre, Alice Clay, Lois Anderson, Ruth Hartley. Row tllrccz Charles Gleason, Franlc Price, Everett Lowther, Bob Elliott, Carl Baird, Sam Batt, Sue Hendrickson, Bettie Barter, Virginia Lantz. Row four: Wilfred Woods, Nelda Peterson, Waichi Oyanagi, Russell Alsgaard, Don Gessaman, Evans Nelson,-lean Sulley, jean McDougall, jane Thompson, Carol Dettering, Helen Pat Beem. Row jivc: Frank Hanawalt, Lawrence Henderson, Senator Davis, Herbert Price, Clair Hansen, Norm Breclcner, Paul Pruitt, Dr. Williston, Margarita lrle, Don Robins, Grant Barker. STUDENT CHRISTIAN IISSIIIIIIITIIIN During the past year the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. have combined to form the Student Christian Association. All college students are eligible to belong to this organization, which is a voluntary group of students and faculty devoted to working toward the developments of the individual and society in accordance with the principles of jesus. Highlights of the year's activities werepthe W. S. S. F. drive to aid less fortunate students in other cotmtries, led by Herman Kleiner, and the interracial worship service attended by representatives from C. P, S. and the various churches. Other activities included a panel, religious programs at Fort Lewis, early Thursday morning worship services, and a joint meeting of japanese and white American students at the home of Dr. Powell to orient themselves mutually with the problem facing the japanese students. Elected at Seabeclc were Lawrence Henderson and Margarita lrle, regional cofchairmen, and Herman Kleiner area chairman. Officers were: Frank Hanawalt, president, -lean Stanton, vicerpresident, Carol Webb, secretary, Etheljane Cohoon and Evans Nelson, treasurers, Bob Eliott,service commission chairman, Mary Ellen Peterson, program chairman, Frank Price, freshman president, Michilco Tinguiji, freshman representative. CABINET S.II.II. Row ans: jean Stanton, Frank Hanawalt, Evans Nelson, Etheljane Cohoon. Row Iwo: Bob Elliott, Mary Ellen Peter' son, Gertrude blames, Ruth McCrea, Kay Woods, Miss Lewis, Frank Price. Raw tI1rtc: Murray Hyde, Paul Pruitt, Nelda Peterson, Lawrence Henderson, Margarita lrle, Dr. Williston. Row ont: Louise Durand, Bettie Barter, Dr. Williston, Etheljane Cohoon, Marjorie Wagner. Row two: Bill Koivisto, Waichi Oyanagi, Bob Elliott, Carl Baird, Rolland Lutz, Walter Berg. Row tlnrcc: Paul Raymond, Harris Martin, Don Lamka, Lawrence Henderson. INTERNATIUNAL RELATIUNS CLUB During the fall semester of 1941 the International Relations Club held as its chief topic for discussion, Far Eastern Affairs, and in November a delegation of six met at the University of Wash' ington to discuss publications on subjects of international interest. Sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation, the group aims to fulfill its purpose of acquainting and discussing contemporary inter' national affairs. Officers for the year were Harris Martin, president, Bill Koivisto, vicefpresidentg Marjorie Wagner, secretary, Don Lamlca, treasurer, and Dr. Frank C. Williston acting as advisor, opened his home frequently for informal group discussions. Row ana: jack Hara, Waichi Oyanagi, Ailco Kimura, Yoshilco Fujimoto, Yoshiyejinguji, Margaret Yamamoto, Kenji Oyanagi. STUDENTS Qrganized to promote a apanese solidarity at the col- lege, is the japanese Club. The main purpose of the organization is to help Japanese freshmen to get into school affairs. The activities of the group consist of parties and socials, in' cluding a reception for high school seniors at which the col' lege setup is explained. This group was headed this last year by Shigeo Walcamatsu. Row two: Tom Gato, Masayoslci jinguji, jimmy Yoshioka, Hide Sato, jimmy Yamamoto, Mine Tsuchirnochi, Shigeo Wakamatsu, 69 F? 70 .f vff'-: PI UAAANIA AAU As a social science honorary, Pi Gamma Mu is recognized with both students and faculty. The purpose of the group is the study of the social science. Tn group meetings both the students and faculty act as leaders. Ohficers for the past year Were: John Boyle, presiclentg Professor Marvin Schafer, vicefpresiclentg Dr. john Robinson, chapter secretary, Row unc: john Boyle, Ruth McCrea, Janet Robbins, Jack Perry, Row twoz- Dr. Sinclair, Mr. Frederick, Mr. Slater, Dr. Robinson. Row ihrtc: Senator Davis, Shigeo Wakainzitsu, Dean Regester, Dr. Schafer, Dr. Powell, STUDENT AFFILIATE UE THE AMERICAN UHEAAIIIAE SUUIETY Membership in the College of Puget Sound chapter of the Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society is open to chemistry majors who have at least fifteen grade points in that subject. The organization promotes an exchange of information of interest to chemists, and keeps members in touch with the chemical World. Ofhcers of the year were: Lee Crain, president g Dick Musser, vicefpresidentg Shigeo Wakamatsu, treasurer, Asa Maylott, secretary. Advisors are Dr. Phillip Fehlandt and Dr. Hugh Picard. Ron' ont: Richard Musser, Warren Harvey, Bill Thorp, Asa Maylott, Don Gessnman, Lee Crane. Row two: Shigeo Walcamatsu, Paul Heuston, Dr. Fehlandt, jim Paul' son, Evans Nelson, Britt Kellogg. Row cms: joan Schlesinger, Phyllis Newman, Helen Folsom, Peggy Lause, Phyllis Foote, Carol Webb. Raw Iwo: Betty Cook Troxell, Esther Sandstedt, Bettianne Wasserman, Maxine Bitney, Nancy Short, Row three: Richard Giltner, Rolland Lutz,1ack Duncan, Miss McKinney, UAUSERIEFRANCAISE CFRENCH CLUBD Though unorganized as a club, Causerie Francaise is a group of French students who have had the equivalent of some upper division Work. Once every two or three Weeks informal gatherings Were held at the apartment of Miss McKinney, Where an hour or two was spent in French conversation. The purpose of these meeting was to further the ability to converse freely in the French language, as well as to provide an interesting afternoon. To create an atmosphere in keeping with the occasion, tea and some French tidbit was usually served by Miss McKinney. GERMAN CLUB Marjorie Wagner, president ofthe college German Club, lead the organization through a successful year. Meeting occasionally for a song fest, or a little conversational German, the club fulfills its purpose of putting the language into everyday use to the best advantage, Several hikes were also held this year with Dr. Tomlinson, faculty advisor, accompanying the group. Row unc: Bob Loftness, Austin Fengler, Esther Mann, Betty Heaton, Dr. Tomlinson, Edith Ploeger, Marjorie Wagner, Betty Myers, Dan Cushman. Row two: AldoBenedetti, Dick Strom. Walter Baldwin, Lee Crane, Axel Oxholm, Ed Winskill,jim Paulson. Row tlircc: Asa Maylott, jim Frank, Rudy Shagg, Rolland Lutz, Richard Gilmer. 71 Row unc: Dr. Tomlinson, Charlene Hellinger, Kay Woods, Jean Button, Elinor Upper, Helen Argue, Ted Rinclc. Row two: Melvin Roalsvig, Wilfred Woods, Don McClain, Art Anderson, Paul Davis, Asa Maylott. Row tlircr: Grant Barker, Glen McKinnon, Bill Cxholm, Bob Strom, Warren Holmes. Always one of the most active groups on the campus, the C. P. S. Ski Club followed an active program this year. Included in the membership,accommodations plus free ski lessons were oilered as special inducement for college students to take advantage of this opportunity. The purpose of the organization is to promote skiing at C. P. S. and furnish rides, accommodations, and lessons for its members. The fifth annual Washington Birthday Intramural races were held February 23, and over thirty college students entered. With a record of hve years the oldest and strongest high school meet, sponsored by the college club was held March 15 with eight schools participating. Officers for this year are Ted Rinclc, president, Bob Dodds, vice-president, Elinor Upper, secretary, Helen Argue, treasurer, and Dr. Tomlinson, faculty advisor. WUlVIEN'S FEDERATION Made up of the presidents and treasurers of Otlah, SCA, WAA and Spurs, Women's Federation is organized to earn money with which to finance these organizations. Among the activities of the year were a skating party, a tolo, and a style show. A delegate to a national convention for organizations similar to Wonien's Federation was also sent from C. P. S. Officers for the year were: Dorothy Ann Brenner, president 5 Nelda Peterson, vice'presidentg Pat Keene, secret ary Gertrude Kincaid, treasurer. -3: .AIX 35 gr. Row one: Pat Keene, Dorothy Ann Brenner, Gertrude Kincaid. Row two: Etheljane Cohoon, Mrs. Drushel, Norma Gagliardi, jean Stanton. l . , ,MS -1 , Q-..,,1 5 L ' :Pr 15", -gi V --15 T A i V W 3 M - ,Z - V - V ' fwif'.L:'J1"AS4H??fX'.Q,T:LIf7..'.1If"""''MTL , 4 fgykfgfnfizefwrk-1.2 . . 1 , M411 QV. 2 , ,,,:, 135,275-,i www. . -M-ami 1 f'-f I , . . 1 h. 4 ,T T ' HmUI 1x, 1 s 1 i 1 E 1. -, I. ', L lit 2: l"f'ii' "" T! -. X-ff. .- ff :- ATHLETICS We-fg,vi,,g:3 5 ' 'csv , .,,,. 1, 5? Pr sYFmiAL EDUEATIUN 4 f me Hqjis 1 f5V2?fv,A H 7,f.1,fQ-yr A , ., .,,. 1-Z4-.s, .1 9 If ,, ,Y ,, s 15 z . 542 .J Mwg, r-f,,.f:i.Qigj- , SF.- yi' if 5 ' A 3? H , is! , -' YJ: -' f2"fW W msg E. gm ,.,,. - Mex, .,,. A S-ET Q " 2.5211-ii SV W ? arf QF?-1 316: , V, ' if al ,, ,W wr ,vw .ff iw 1 r mn. . . 4A 113 if .M 25 WH'-fx R w x xx Aggiw f ,,.W..., 2 J I lil ya 9 X-.IMA 1 Q 232-2 . H? W ii ll XR K l ll iNAX51IRS S I .-'Xliix IW FUUTBALL The ,41 football season saw the last eiforts on the gridiron of one of the greatest athletes ever produced by C. P. S., Captain Bill McLaughlin. Ever driving, never down, always fighting and never out, he was always an inspiration to his team. His brilliant college career far surpasses any words in praise that could be put here. Bill Tregoning, another veteran, also played his last football for C. P. S. 5 he terminated his career here by being chosen for the second team of Little All Coast Stars. The football squad admiring their guidance and unlimited courage, elected them Honorary Captain and Inspirational Award winner respectively. Letter winners: 1-Mel Blanchard. 2wBob Saunders. 3-Bob Maycumber. 44Tom Barker. 5-Austin Fengler. 6-Bob Moles. 7-Jack Beers. 8- Emery Watte. 9-Bill Tregoning. 1O'+Ralph Lundvall. 11-Jim Rice. 12'-Ben Holdener. 134Ed Dever. 14- Bill McLaughlin. 15-jack Spencer. 16wBill Gregory. 17-Don Hersey. 18-Joe Alongi. 19-Bob Starkey. ZO- Howard Clson. 21-'Bill McMasters. 22-Roy Murphy. on t. l. Xk MJ' YR LROSS Ill-,RSM GUNFERENIIE RESULTS Whitman . . . Whitmalm . . Linlleld .... Linfxelcl .... Pacific ........ Paciflc ........ College of ldalwo College of ldalxo Qpponcnts VV IN S LO VV DONHAON MHLFR WASH PARKS 3 DUNLANM .1 , , . L, CRANLUND BASKETBALL Shocked by another tragic death, the squad nevertheless came through the season with the city collegiate title and a lot of basketball to their credit. Turning out since early autumn in preparation for a trip to Central America, the boys' hopes were blasted by the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor. With the death of Norm Walker and the injury of Jim Van Camp, the spiritual and physical strength of the squad suffered severly. ln light of these tragedies, no small amount of credit should be given to the basketball team and the two departing seniors, Tom Cross and jim Paulson. Wirming their letters for the ,42 season were the following boys: Jim Paulson, Jack Duncan, Don Brown, Bob Loftness, Tom Cross, Bob Graham, Al Danielson Mel Blanchard Carroll Winsilow and Lloyd Baisingeri ww mei. asf f-,, we , MANAUPR . . r,.f1ss.:sn ANDYIS OXHOLM V . vt in DY ER 'GRAY'BfE55iL TRACK With several veterans returning to Coach Frank this spring, the track squad was in good condition to meet any competition that might confront it. Several promising freshmen also turned out to more than balance those lost last year by graduation. Cushman, Moles, Clevinger, Blanchard, and Craybeal came back this year to hold down the field events, While Walters, Maycurnber, Hamilton, Oxholm, Frank, and Beck came back for the running events. Freshmen, among them Dyer, Wood, and Gregory, filled in the gaps. Al Danielson, also a freshman, showed great promise When, in an early meet, he went as high as six feet, one inch in the high jump. Two meets have transpired thus far, a dual meet with P. L. C. and a triangular city meet involving C. P. S., P. L. C., and St. Martins. C. P. S. won both and with the splendid performance shown by our team in all events the squad should do well at the Annual Conference meet at Walla Walla, the results of which are not in at the present time. No lettermen will be lost by graduation, so if the Service doesn't induct them, C. P. S. has a good track team coming up next year. Probable letterrnen this year are' Beck, Cushman, Moles, Clevinger, Blanchard, Graybeal, Walters, Frank, Maycumber, Hamilton, Oxholm, Wood, Gregory, Dyer, and Danielson. Head Manager George Miller will also receive his award. ,. -Z -1 -'mf-W---' N- -Y 1 ,V- wgf gg: - :iam yi, . gigg- ,ei ' L' , TQ 1' .3 , f-QA' Y ki - , sguamgf, 1 ' . ff Mg ff - L, h , If J..-" J - 5., y-M: W. in in g LIQKVTQ-Q-EaQ3g"5ig.1i ., .- rwn' F.- , M9532-sf glggs.-:f L 1-1 M. 15 'T ' ' T X. 4 O 4,-' if . ': '- rr - ' u 1,W - 1 -:J K- .M - Mg , -U K.,- k , N 2: -at V ' .. - ' A ! '- 1 .HY ' V W , :nj . I1-,- ' ,- w '. E. W. -M-,ine A- . ' 2 if-., .4 1 ' ' D., "1 ' 4 - -"W ' -' .H , . v ,,,. , , 1' . . ',:2-A-zj5?'w' . fi' i,. , 1 " ifuxn.- .. -. ' 2 ' -' xg fix ,J Jn 5 1 IC I W. , X .-, , 1 3 -3 .1 ,lf 4 W '34,-f 'QS' ' Ny. vf ,. Q.. .f. w--' mm 1 v I, . , 333' GEORGE ELLIS Intramural Manager FUUTBALL gs. sei HN'lEAGUE BASKETBALL Kneeling: Cross - Standing: Lundvall, Saunders, Moles, Fengler, Murphy HW'lEAGUEBASKETBAll Kneeling. Benedetti, Spencer Standing: Newschwander, Watte, Beers B. Strom, Davis D. Strom, Murray Hescox, Kneeling: Murphy, Cross Standing: Danielson, Walter, Stolherg, Benedetti, Newschwander Brown The first semester saw the Zetes taking every event in stride. Starting with football, the Zetes won all games and lost none,to end the season hy defeating the Delta Kapps in the championship game. Volleyball and badminton followed in quick succession with the Zetes taking the badminton trophy and holding the volleyball award from last year. Basketball took the limelight at midyear with all teams looking good: but the Zetes, for the fourth consecutive time, took the "A" league trophy and, for the second consecutive time, the "B" league. The first half of the intramural program was over at this event, with the Zetes well out in front for the allfyear trophy. wnfsnlrns gin, Q? 57' ,125 - hlfh!-f? ' Li-'J :J SOUND YE' an . SKIING BIIWIINII Moles, Fengler, Steele Walter, Murphy, Breckner, Brown, Fengler, Donelson INIRIIIVIURIII The second semester started the same with the Zetes taking the skiing event led by Dick Steele, but the tide turned in favor of the Delta Kapps after that event. Pugilists from all fraternities met in the boxing meet, and the leather listed boys from the Delta Kapp house punched their way to victory. Table tennis followed this and again the Delta Kapps took the event with little competition from any house. Wrestling came into the spotlight and the Delta Kapps took the troph away from the Independents, who won it last year. It was leflt to the Zete bowling team to break the winning streakrof the Delta Kapps. Wilfred Woods of the Independents stood out in this event, however, making the highest average score to take the individual honors. In April, the Delta Kapps won the Annual swimming meet by nosing out the Zetes in a close battle. Tennis, softball, and track were not finished when this book was rushed to press. Thus the close race for the all'year trophy has not as yet shown us a winner, so the outcome will be left to our watchful observation. vuufv BAIID Danielson, Murphy, Brown, Cross, Robinson, Benecletti BIIIINIINIIIN Robinson, Moles, Spencer SWIMMING Q-Elf 4 '- I E35-5 Davis, Murray, Hescox, Anderson INTRANIURAE BUXING Davis, Graybeal, Kisdushak, Anderson f fr . I Strom, Baisinger, Murray, Lutz, Gee, Brown Mui ray, Duncan, Heaton VARSITY TENNIS Nearly eliminated from the College curriculum was the minor sport tennis. It was saved, however, by several enthusiasts, including Coach Parks, and was finally allowed to remain in the program with the meager budget of twelve dollars. No conference matches were held, but several nomconference games were played, starting with Lincoln High School. Following this, matches with P. L. C,, St. Martins, Sand Point Air Base, and Reed College were played. Number one smgles man was held by Glen Murray with veterans Lloyd Baisinger, Bus Brown, Rolland Lutz, and Willard Gee following close. Promising freshmen, Dick and Bob Strom, George Lutz and Bob Skidmore, composed the remainder of the team. INTRANIURAE TABLE TENNIS , A ' il : ' lvl kd' w hm Ml 16X l HF i w H A , V t 3 . , , t eeee s ' eee 1 -4-1' -- T--J A - - . H if I , A' ent s-Q I", 1 I l g 5 ' 534' . 41 ,, v VERA HEALY PAT KEENE MRS. MANN BETTY JANE PYLE Spring President Fall President Advisor Mamzggr WUNlEN'S ATHLETIC ASSUGIATIUN The Women's Athletic Association is an extra'curricular organization which fosters participation in athletics among the women of the college. Its purpose is to promote the qualities of democracy, leadership, cooperation, and good sportsmanship. During the present crisis,W. A. A. has more than ever a responsibility 'for the health and morale of the women students and has, accordingly, expanded its program. At the close of the year, awards are made according to a system of pomts based upon participation in the various activities. Upon the resignation of Pat Keene as president, Vera Healy was elected president for the remainder of the spring semester. Other olhcers Were: Betty Jane Pyle, general manager, Ruth Pauline Todd, vicerpresidentg Virginia Judd, secretary, Nelda Peterson, treasurer, Felicie Dahl, publicity chairman, Margarita lrle, program chairman, Mrs. Mann, advisor. Baclc row: Wilder, Ryan, Roberson, Kincaid, Barlow, Clay, Short, Stenson. Third raw: Bitney, Torgerson, Graham, Newman, Hendrickson, Foote, Moore, Yamamoto. Second raw: Woods, Ogden, Healy, Gemperli, Cornell, Gagliardi, Polley, Beem. , First row: Todd, Pyle, Keene, Peterson, Irle, Judd. , , ,, ,W , N' ,. 'Q 1 ,rl l A X ' .f. ,Q . rt ., .: limi." V fx? , '18 A . . R , gf' 1' 7 il 4 ' 7 V me -:gn ew -. , , , if ' A . w BASKETBALL: Comell, Pyle, Peterson, Healy, Judd. The basketball season is especially popular in the Women's sport calendar. This year the Betas came out on top to take the trophy from the Gammas. In accordance with the expanded program the sororities put B teams upon the floor for the flrst time. Badminton and ping pong are individual sports for fall. Swiihmi- 5 is the last of the intersorority compe' tition. Life saving is also offered at the Y. M. C. A. pool for points. W 1' l BADMINTON: Towne, Lister. SWIMMING: Button, Ryan, Healy. PING PONG: Back row: Peterson, Roberson, Towne. Front raw: Woods, Irle. Volleyball is always of major interest to W. A. A. members. The seniors won the interclass games and the Lambdas came out first in intersorority with the Betas taking the B games. Riding is a year around activity oflerecl by the physical education department. Tennis and archery are outfoffcloors spring sports for interclass compe- tition. VOLLEYBALL: Bark row: Ogden. 'Third row: Roach, Button. Second row: Mann, Healy, Lister. Front row: Gagliardihludd. Hg. :Q:S'5"-sf g .f RIDING: Ogden, Armstrong, Lister, Moore. X: lk' l W ARCHERY: jinguji, Irle, Tocld. TENNIS: Eisenhower, Roach P' ICE SKATING: Smirh. GOLF: Back row: Healy, Roach. Front raw: Beem, Gaddis, 'Ubin .,.e- XR ,, , , . X. . A HOCKEY: Standing: Clay, Cornell, Healy, Gaddis, Peterson. Kneeling: Pyle. lrle, Marchesini, Beem, Lister. The annual hockey game with the University of Washington is always a high point in the athletic year. Ice skating Was a very popular Winter activity offered by the physical education department. For the first time bowling was made an inter' sorority sport. The Independents took EISI place in it as well as in golf. BOWLING: Gaddis, Roach, Decker. ' A.,1.vf',:s 1 - 1, , .,.. ..,. . . .M 1 -, -I L fi 1 M S . '-.QLWQL1 . . .W ' Q., , 'P- iiiigm-,'f,' ' 'ruff , .N ' fi' , . A+. 5 Q93-V 235 wr ' kai. w tg , ' w V is Q W Wi: .xx -Q. 'Nw.:.q ., N4 , .wh 911 . , gifs it VV I X Q Q A . A1 f 41. . K ' ,I z'14fffgfs3sf2f L. L . i . Q . my I ,X v.gM-vfay! , 3 H , ' " ima .2 'W -' n 'QTY' f .X X ' KK r I 7 0 ' avg, L- Em Wa 'Q aw. F io' ,, 'fu' 1 ,. ', .W . M ,gy zix 'ff M1 N N I ey, nf. .xx a 6. L 1 To Our Advertisers and Readers: IN PRESENTING an advertising section for this year's Tamanawas, a new plan is introduced. Most year-book advertising has been merely a source of revenue for the annual and only rarely resulted in any particular benefit to the advertiser. We feel that in the most part it is unattractive and uninteresting. To provide interest, local color and charm, students are included in this year's section. May we emphasize that these patrons of our book are not just business men striving to increase their business. More important is it, that they are friends of the Tamanawas and the College. It is to these men that we owe our gratitude and patronage: WEYERHAEUSER TIMBER CO. FARWEST LITHOGRAPH CO. GUNDERSON'S RIALTO THEATRE NORTH END BOWLING ALLEYS LIBERTY ORCHARDS CO. TACOMA CITY LIGHT KENNELL-ELLIS STUDIOS KRUGER'S TRIPLE XXX BARREL PACIFIC FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. OF TACOMA SUPERIOR LAUNDRY SERVICE WASHINGTON HARDWARE CO. THE STATIONERS, INC. KNAPP COLLEGE BROWN AND HALEY WASHINGTON GAS AND ELECTRIC UNITED MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK EASTMAN KODAK STORES, INC. TACOMA SAVINGS AND LOAN MEDOSWEET DAIRIES BUCKLEY-KING FUNERAL SERVICE ASSOCIATED PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE PUGET SOUND NATIONAL BANK ALLUSTRUM PRINTING CO. OLYMPIC DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. WEST COAST GROCERY CO. TACOMA SASH AND DOOR Somewhere in the Olympics Timber is a crop that grows on Tree Farms. The unending harvest is homes, schools, churches, factories, stores. In the Pacific Northwest, two-thirds of the region's economic life comes from the forests. From the trees come the main revenues for our schools. From the trees come wages for men, taxes for communities, products for everybody, earnings for invested capital. The trees will keep on producing revenues for our schools and other life blood for the people if only we, together, all of us, keep fire away from our green and always growing dollars-and trees. Weyerliaeuser Timber Company invites your cooperation in that common objective. Weyerhaeuser Timber Company "Confection of the F airies' Apples and Cotlets for all Queens Evelyn I, Queen of May, and Hvr Attendants LIBERTY ORCHARDS COMPANY Cashmere, Washington It looks as though Emery Watte and his car full of collegians are out for some fun. They have chosen the right place to go for good entertainment. At the Rialto can always be found the latest and best first-rate pictures. This home-owned and operated theatre has the approval of both the student and faculty members. Yi 1125.4 Q 'VH in Rialto Theatre These tense, young C. P. S. students watch Roy Murphy, our bowling champion, roll down a strike. You can see the earnest look of admiration on their faces for the expert technique that Roy has developed. Roy and his colleagues typify the spirit of clean fun and good sportsmanship that can be found at the North End alleys. He and his friends are-but a few of the great college clan that love to pass their spare time bowling on alleys of superior quality. All students interested in league play this fall will he well satisfied with the plan layed out hy Jerry Warden, manager of the North End Alleys, 26th and Proctor. North End Bowling Alleys 26th at PROCTOR NORTH ii 4 In the foreground of this picture we see Helen Argue admiring the large selection of nationally known silver, china and crystal patterns, at Gunderson's. The discriminating girl chooses the accessories for her future home from a store where she has the assurance that her choice of today will be her choice through the years. Gunderson's feature Reed and Barton, Lunt, Watson and International Silver. In China, Lenox, Spode, American made Haviland and Fondeville, and Winfield Pottery. From the finer glass factories they are showing Swedish Crystal, Libbey, Seneca, Sharpe, Cambridge, Duncan 81 Miller, Sterling, Kusak, Morgantown and Westmoreland. GUNDERSON'S Tacoma Tacoma City Light Gertrude Kincaid, Janet Armstrong., and Maxine Bitney, popular C. P. S. coeds, rest in the shadow of a Tacoma City Light switch-yard structure and discuss some of the things they've learned about this AL xx X city's municipally-owned utilities. They X all agree that public ownership has proven its worth and its eiiiciency, for they've seen the inner workings of the power system-and they've experienced the advantages of Tacoma City Light's greatest achievement: that of consistently bringing America's lowest electric rates to every home in the city. so in sf Virginia Judd was our homecoming queen. Kennell-Ellis was our portrait photographer for the annual. When Virginia had her picture taken for the Tamanawas she learned that Kennell-Ellis Studios are outstanding photographers. She claims that they are as exacting in their work as they are artisans in their field. Kennel!-Ellis Studios T A C o M A Kruger's Triple XXX Barrel To be caught refreshing ourselves at Krugerls is no sin. In fact it is sign of good taste and judgment. Tom Cross and "Scrapper" Hallen find it just the place to go after that show or dance, as do Jim Frank and Beverly Velton. These two prominent campus couples reflect the ability of all C. P. S. students to recognize the merits of Kruger's XXX Barrel. With drive-in service, quality foods and refreshments at moderate prices, Kruger's offer all that can he desired in the way of dietetic enjoyment. 1 ,, , , - --- - W- Three E7Z'UZOZlJ' Stzwlenff . . . namely, Vera Healy., Ed Granlund, and Bob Hamilton . . . envious of the big Logger letterman's blanket with its superior look as it emerges from the efficient blanket unit at the Superior Service Laundry. Giving the popular trio the complete story of how his plant has built a reputation for the outstanding work it does on blankets is Jack Heresy, II13.Il3.gCI'. SUPERIOR SERVICE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Phone GA. 4413 Tacoma PACIFIC FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF TACOMA Seattle - Bellingham - Portland - Eugene Dick Haley and Kay Woods discover one of the many unique devices used by Pacific lst Federal Savings for the protection of our 40,000 thrifty folks. Dick and Kay are learning about the Recordak machine which records every important document in the institution on tiny film. They are stored in bomb proof vaults for the protection of our thrifty folks. y W J W A n . , ,-1 w a."1, V "Candy from clean sunlit kitchens" is the report of Helen Pat Beem and Marijane Lewis in discovering how candy is made by Brown and Haley. These makers of the world famed Almond Roca are famous too for their quality chocolates. For perfect gifts., these "candies of distinction" are received with eagerness and thrill. Remember those occasions where gifts count so mnch and "sweeten the day with candy." fHUDVVDIandlHALEY' TACOMA WIJMENS 3 Q W ' 1 Y Ii . V ,' , Q53 ,gg ' ugly Washington Gas and Electric Co. Esther Mann, Kay Evans and Nelda Peterson, dorm girls, watch closely and intently to the preparation of their dinner by "Ma" Peterson. "Ma" tells them to he smart when they grow up and use complete gas service in their homes. She says it's modern, it's faster, and it's better. The Hager sisters agree on one thing. They are convinced that to save con- tributes to future happiness and security. Dorothy's financial philosophy is "a penny saved is a penny earnedf' Mary Katherine prefers United Mutual Savings Bank to keep her pennies. United Mutual Savings Bank TACOMA Helen Marie Walker and Mary Marush know practically nothing about kodaks and photography. However, they are learning fast, under the expert guidance of Mr. A. Montzel of the Eastman store. Not only can Eastman iill every need in photographic supplies but they are anxious for their users to be proficient with photographic equipment. Let East- man help you keep those memories of the past. Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc. TACOMA Start your Hnancial independence early by saving with us. If you borrow for a home get our monthly payment plan. Tacoma Savings and Loan Assn. A HEALTHY HOME IS A HAPPY HOME! DRINK HOMOGENIZED medosweet kreamille MEDOSWEET DAIRIES, INC Y c I i I 'pf,H rw M o d e lf I1 and M o d e r a t e Buckley-King Funeral Service TACONIA AVENUE at SOUTH FIRST Associated Photographic Service T A e 0 M A COMMERCIAL FINISHING INDUSTRIAL IIAND.eoLoIIINe IfIIoTo.IvIUIaALs PORTRAIT Two Cameramen PUGET SOUND National Bank TACOM A Phil Walesby and Betty ,lane Pyle, agreeing that thrift is more important today than ever before, are learning about United States War Bonds from the Puget Sound National Bank. They put their approval on saving by buying bonds, just as C. P. S. students, faculty, and organizations have put their approval on the friendly, cooperative banking service enjoyed by customers of the Puget Sound National Bank of Tacoma. Allstrum Printing Company fr A cz o M A Mary Cornell and Chuck Swanson are inspecting a page of the college bulletin. Mr. Allstrum is showing them some of the finer details that go to make up a properly printed page. Not only is Mr. Allstrum of the Allstrum Printing Company one of Tacomais finest printers, but he is a wizard at making up dance programs. The skill and precision with which his craftsmen finish difficult tasks makes a world of difference. At the hand of this wise and experienced artisan, any job will be an excellent job. IILYMPIU IC CREAM is served in our commons and the students know what is best. They put on it their stamp of ap- proval and give it a blue ribbon. 'K Olympic Dairy Products C o M P A N Y WASHINGTON HARDWARE COMPANY featuring Spalding Athletic Equipment Fishing Tackle Building Supplies Hunting Goods Mechanics Tools 924 PACIFIC AVENUE TACOMA Paper by the Ream Stationery by the Box OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT Ink by the gallon Pencils by the dozen The STATIONERS, Inc. 926 Pacific Avenue 927 Commerce TACOMA 100 Swmgm MGCAT Hoops "The Peak of Quality" CANNED FRUITS CANNED VEGETABLES TEA, COFFEE SPICES, EXTRACTS Distributed by WEST COAST GROCERY CO. Tacoma., Olympia, Chehalis, Auburn, Pu allup, Wash Juneau, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Alaska Tacoma Sash And Door Co. The lumber carrier that is shown here is dropping lumber in front of a planer. This planer has planed many thousands of board feet of lumber., making it ready to be finished into sashes and doors. The Tacoma Sash and Door Co. has been performing these operations for more than a decade and in the last year it has been furnishing the army with a great deal of such material. It is to this extent that the Tacoma Sash and Door Co. are putting their efforts. They feel that too much is none too little to give. The Associated Students for the Preventionof Bores in Chapel, was organized in the fall of '41, by Bill Brown and Arnold Rukan, to fill a distinct need in the Student Body. In the spring semester a wornen's auxiliary was added. The A. S. P. B. C. has entered into various school functions and continues to be a part of campus life. Officers are: Bill Brown, presidentg Arnold Rukan, vice-presidentg Bill Glover, chief scout, Doug Hicks, secretaryg Warren Montgomery, treasurerg Warren Harvey, chaplain. A. S. P Employment opportunities in business and in Civil Service are plentiful these days for those with specialized business training. Knapp College, Tacoma's iinest business train- ing school, located at Tenth and Pacific, offers special War-Time Intensive Courses to quickly prepare one for these positions. An active Place- ment Service., without charge or time limit, is available to all students who qualify for positions. Knapp College R e ga rds Our work is done and you have seen the fruits of our labors. We hope you have enjoyed seeing your campus friends and that these pages have brought back to you many pleasant memories. We ask also that you remember those other friends who have contributed to the success of our book-the business men. They make these things possible-help them to help us. 102 .....INDEX T Adamson, Dick, 68, 58 Ancich, Nick, 30 Anderson, Pearl, 27 Anderson, Arthur, 30, 56, 72, 81, 82 Anderson, Norman, 27, 54, 64, 76 Alsgaard, Russell, 24, 46, 66, 68 Argue, Helen, 27, 72, 92 Armour, Betty, 30 Armstrong,Janet, 29, 61, 85, 92 Axelson, Lynn, 27, 60 Dorothy, 30, 61, 67 Bainard, Frank, 27, 56 Baird, Carl, 24, 68, 69 Baisinger, Lloyd, 76, 82 Baisinger, Wilbur, 45, 56 Baldwin, Walter, 24, 71 Barker, Grant, 30, 54, 68, 72 Barker, Tom, 24, 54, 74 Barlow, Anne, 29, 61, 83 Barter, Bettie, 27, 63, 68, 69 Batt, Sam, 47, 46, 68 Bauer, Betty, 30, 61 Beck,Julius, 19, 24, 54,78 Bellman, Willard, 20, 15, 66 Beem, Helen Patricia, 30, 41, 47, 55, 67, 68, 83, 86, 95 Beer,Jack, 27, 60, 74, 80, 90 Beer, Tom, 30, 60 Benedetti, Aldo, 27, 60, 71, 80, 81, 90 Berg, Helen, 45 Berg, Walter, 27, 62, 69 Birdsall, Beverly, 27, 61 Bitney, Maxine, 27, 35, 59, 71, 83, 92 Blake, Mildred, 67 Blanchard, Mel, 74, 76, 78 Bock, Ed, 27, 54 Bond, Dixon, 30, 58 Boyd, JoAnn, 27, 59 Boyle,John, 45, 70, 74 Bradley, Betty, 27, 63 Brandt, Patricia, 30 Breckner, Norman, 27, 35, 60, 64, 68 Brenner, Dorothy Ann, 20, 34, 57, 72, Brookhyser, Byron, 30 Brown, Don, 27, 35, 60, 64, 76, 81 Brown, George, 30, 58 Brown, Jacqueline, 30, 59 Brown, Margaret, 67 Brown, Tom, 24, 56 Brown, Wayne, 30, 60 Brown Bullard, William, 24, 15, 58, 64,82 Dixie, 27, 55, 63 Burd, Tad, 20, 34,61 Burkhardt, Fred, 45 Butt0n,Jean, 27, 35, 57, 72, 84, 85 Carlson, Berger, 20, 57, 67 Carlson, Doris T., 27, 59 Carlton, Barbara Jean, 30, 63 Carter ohn 20 Tl , Causin, Bill, 27, 35, 56 90 Christianson, Donald, 30 Clay, Alice, 30, 57, 63, 67, 68, 83, 86 Clevinger, Gene, 78 Cohoon, Etheljane, 24, 55, 68, 69, 72 Coleman, Constance, 24, 61 Coman, Yvonne, 20, 63 Cornell, Mary, 27, 15, 57, 67, 83, 84, 86,99 Copeland, Kay, 27, 59 Crain, Lee, 70, 71 Creso, Irene, 20, 34 Cross, Tom, 24, 15, 60, 76, 80, 81, 92 Cushman, Dan, 71, 78 Dahl, Felicie, 27, 35, 57 Danielson, Al, 76, 78, 80, 81 Darrow, Florence, 20, 57, 63, 67 Davis, Paul, 30, 56, 72, 80, 81, 82 Day, Sherley, 30, 61 Day, Sherman, 30, 60 Decker, Evelyn, 20, 15, 34, 59, 86, 90 De Spain, Mildred, 24, 57, 67 Dettering, Carol, 68 De Wolfe, Justine, 46 DeVoto, Rosemary, 20, 57 Donelson, Dick, 27, 60, 76, 81 Drake, Gail, 30 Duncan,Jack, 24, 56, 71, 76, 82 Durand, Louise, 45, 69 Dyer, Charles, 27, 56, 78 Dyer,James, 30, 56 Dyre, Gerry, 30, 63, 68 Ehricke, Herbert, 27, 62 Elliot, Bob, 24, 47, 46, 66, 68,69 Ellis, George, 15, 19, 24, 56, 80 Evans, Kathryn, 20, 16, 55, 64, 67, 96 Evans, Rolland, 27 Fearn, lrene, 30, 61 Fengler, Austm, 27, 60, 71, 74, 80 Folsom, Helen, 20, 61, 64, 65, 71 Foot, Phyllis, 27, 59, 71, 83 Foreman, Lee, 20, 54, 64, 65 Francis, Lynn, 30 Francisco, Ed, 66 Frank,Jim,19, 24, 56, 71, 78, 92 Fry, BettyJo, 27, 59 Fulton, Mary Lu, 30, 61 Fujimoto, Yoshiko, 20, 69 Gaddis, Fontelle, 27, 86 Gagliardi, Norma, 27, 35, 59, 72, 83, 85 Gallacher,Jol1n, 30 Garrison, Bob, 30, 62 Gato, Tom, 69 Gee, Willard, 19, 20,15,16,56, 64, 65, 82 Gemperli, Blanche Haynes, 20, 41, 55, 83, 90 Gessaman, Donald, 27, 15, 66, 68, 70 Gilstrap, Marilyn, 27, 35, 47, 46, 61 Giltner, Richard, 24, 71 Gleason, Charles, 66, 68 Gillen, Raymond, 47 Grabar, Victor, 27, 60 Graybeal,Jack, 78, 82 Graham, Bob, 58, 76 Graham, Eleanor, 21, 83 Granlund, Ed, 24, 54, 76, 94 Green, Harriet, 30, 55 Gregory, Bill, 74, 78 Hager, Dorothy, 30, 61, 96 Hager, Mary Katherine, 25, 61, 96 Haley, Richard, 21, 41, 58, 94 Hallen,Jean, 18, 30, 61,92 Hammond, Edith May, 21, 63 Hanawalt, Frank, 15, 25, 47, 46, 56, 68 Hansen, Elsie, 30, 57, 68 Hansler, Earl, 30, 62 Hanson, Clair, 21, 68 Hanson, Victoria, 21, 61, 45 Hamilton, Robert B., 27, 78 Hamilton, Robert R., 27, 35, 56 Hampton, BettyMay, 27, 57, 67 Hartley, Ruth, 68 Hartman, Rosalind, 21, 55 Harvey, Warren, 25, 58, 76 Hawkinson, lrma, 45 Havlina, Delores, 30, 57 Healy, Vera, 21, 55, 83, 84, 85, 86, 94 Heath, Bob, 30, 58 Heaton, Betty, 19, 21, 61, 64, 71 Heaton,John, 24, 56, 64, 82 Heflinger, Charlene, 30, 47, 72 Helms,Jack, 30, 54 Henderson, Lawrence, 21, 56, 68, 69 Hendrickson, Sue, 68, 83 Herington, Ruth, 25, 55, 63, 67, 68 U STUDENT PICTURES ..... Hershey, Don, 74, 76 Hescox, Harry, 27, 35, 56, 80, 81 Heuston, Paul, 25, 15, 56, 70 Hicks, Douglas, 24, 60 Hildebrandt, Patricia, 30, 57 Hine,John, 25, 56 Holmbeig, Glen, 31, 54 Holmes, Lillie, 31 Holmes, Warren, 28, 62, 72 Howard, Dorothy, 21, 55, 63, 64, 65 Huclson,Jane, 21, 57, 63, 67 Hughes, Lola, 21, 63, 45 Hungerford, Ed, 15, 16, 25,58 Hyde, Murray, 25, 68 lrle, Betty, 28, 57, 63, 68 lrle, Margarita, 21, 34, 46, 63, 68, 83, 84, 85, 86 James, Gertrude, 31, 63, 68 Jarvis, Richard, 21, 58 Jayko, Louise, 45 Jensen,Jim, 31, 60 Jensen, Myron, 28, 62 Jensen, Odeena, 28, 61, 67 Jinguji, Masayoshi, 69 Jinguji, Yoshiye, 21, 69, 85 Johnson, Margaret, 31, 61 Johnson, Mary Frances, 28, 59 Johnson, Paul, 28 Johnson, Ted, 31, 62 Jonas, Jones, Sherman, 21, 58 Betty, 45 Jones, Betty, 31, 55 Jones, Marcea, 28, 61 Judd, Virginia, 22, 14, 15, 57, 64, 65, 67 83, 84, 85, 90, 93 Kazda, Muriel, 28 Keeley, D'Arcy, 31, 58 Keene, Patricia, 72, 83 Kellogg, Britt, 70 Kimura, Aiko, 69 Kincai d, Gertrude, 28, 35, 59, 72, 83,92 Kisdushak, Jack, 82 Kleiner, Herman, 25, 56 Kohler,Jane, 28, 68 Koivis to, Bill, 28, 47, 46, 66,69 Kurose, Hatsye, 25 Kutcher, Helen, 28, 35, 55 Lamlca, 46, 47, 69 Larsen, Byron, 28, 60, 90 Lantz,John, 28, 35 Lantz, Virginia, 28, 35, 68 Lause, Don, 31, 58 Lause, Peggy, 25, 61, 71 Lemm, Annabelle, 22, 63 Lewis, Marijane, 25, 41, 61, 95 Lister, Maxine, 31, 61, 84, 85, 86 Loft, Ed, 22 Loftness, Bob, 71, 76 Lowther, Everett, 28, 68 , Lundvall, Ralph, 28, 41, 60, 74, 80 Lutz, George, 31, 56 Lutz, Rolland, 25, 54, 69, 71,82 Mackey, Lee, 31, 60 MacWhirter, Hugh, 45 Magill, Patricia, 25, 63 Mahalifey, Elda Lee, 31, 57 Mahalfey, Roberta, 25, 57 Manley, Margaret, 28, 59 Mann, Esther, 28, 57, 67, 71, 85, 96 Mansfield, Rosemary, 31, 59 Maravec, Lily, 31, 61 Marchesine, Almira, 31, 57, 86 Markofli, Keith, 31, 58 Marltusen, Ed, 24, 54, 64, 65 Martin, Harris, 69 Marusli, Mary, 31, 59, 97 .....lNUEX UT Maycumber, Bob, 74, 78 Maylott, Asa, 24, 56, 66, 70, 71, 72 Maynes, Loretta, 31, 59 McCarthy, Anne, 31, 55, 67 McClain, Donald, 31, 60, 72 McCort, Donald, 31, 62 Mccrea, Ruth, 2Z,15, 34, 46, 55, 63, 68 McDermid, Becky, 31, 61, 67 McDougall,Jeanne, 31, 55, 63, 68 McKenzie, Mildred, 45 McKnight, Marian, 25, 63, 68 McKinnon, Glen, 31, 56,72 McLaughlin, Ralph, 31, 54 McLaughlin, William, 22, 74 McMaster, William, 26, 60, 74 McNary, Robert, 28 Mead, Margaret, 28, 57 Mellish, Wiley, 31, 58 Merideth, Doris, 28, 35, 61 Middlesworth, Al, 31, 58 Miller, Annabel, 45 Miller, Ed, 15, 66, 76 Miller, Enid, 22, 63 Miller, George, 31, 56, 74,78 Misener, Anita, 22, 63 Mobeig, Winston, 28 Mockel, Rudy, 18 Moles, Bob, za, 35, eo, 74, 78, so, si Montgomery, Warren, 28, 60 Moore, jack, 18, 31 Moore, Jacqueline, 28, 35, 61, 83, 85 Morton, Mary Elizabeth, 28, 47, 46, 61 Murphy, Roy, 28, 60, 74, 80, 81 Murray, Glen, 31, 56, 80, 81, 82 Musser, Richard, 22, 62, 64, 70 Myers, Betty, 71 Nedervold, Glenn, 31 i Nelson, Doris, 31 I Nelson, Evans, 28, 35, 70 Newman, Phillis, 67, 83 Newman, Virginia, 68 Newschwander, Charles, 80 Newschwander, Priscilla, 31, 61 Normancl, Polma, 22, 34 Norris, Frank, 24, 565 O'Connell, Peggy, 31, 59 Ogden, Mary, 22, 55, 83, 85 Olsen, Walter, 28, 54 Cxholm, Bill, 71, 72, 78 Oyanagi, Kenji, 69 Oyanagi, Waichi, 26, 46, 68, 69 Padden, Nadine, 28 Paulson, -Tim, 14, 15, 16, 22, 56, 64, 65, 70, 71, 76 Perry,Jack, 45, 70 Pesacreta, Rosemary, 28, 35 Peterson, Ethel, 28, 67 Peterson, Eugene, 31, 54 Peterson, Nelda, 28, 35, 57, 67, 68, 83, 84, 86, 96 ' Peterson, Mary Ellen, 16, 19, 22, 34, 57, 63, 64, 67, 68 Ploeger, Edith, 26, 57, 71 Polley, Mildred, 28, 57, 83 Ponton, Marylou, 31, 57 Powells, David, 28, 62 Pratt, Charles, 22, 56 Price, Frank, 31, 68 Price, Hubert, 68 Pruitt, Paul, 28, 56, 68 Pugh, Elizabeth, 26, 61 Pyle, Bettyjane, 15, 26, 41, 55, 83, 99 Quirapas, Luis, 22 Rasmussen, Lois, 31, 61 Raymond, Paul, 28, 35, 62, 69 Raymond, Phillip, 22, 52, 64, 65 Rau, Weldon, 26, 56 Rhodes, Robert, 26, 60 Richards,jack, 22, 60 Rinck, Red, 72 Roach, Gwen, 23, 59, 85, 86 Roalsvig, Melvin, 28, 62, 72 Robbins, Don, 66, 68 Robbins, Janet, 45, 70 Roberson, Robbie Lee, 31, 47, 55, Roberts, William, 26 Robinson, George, 29, 60, 81 Robinson, Hester, 32, 47, 59, 67 Rogers, Mary Lou, 32, 57 Rosenberg, Reba, 29, 67 Ross, Clarice, 23 Rough, Elizabeth, 29 Rowan, Robert, 28, 35 Rukan, Arnold, 29, 60 Ryan, Bobbejean, 26, 55, 63, 83, 84 Salley, Rosemary, 32, 57 Sands,joe, 32, 15, 56 Sandstedt, Esther, 26, 55, 71 Sato, Hide, 69 Saunders, Bob, 74, 80 Schlesingerhloan, 24, 67, 71 Scott, Helen, 29 Seabeck, Frank, 23, 60 Seabloom, Walter, 32, 47, 56 Seeley, Evelyn, 29, 57 Seldon, Dorothy, 29, 41, 61 Shagg, Rudy, 71 Sheets, Arthur, 29, 35, 54 Sherman, Anita, 23, 57 Short, Nancy, 29, 59, 71, 83 Sidders, Bill, 23, 56 Skidmore, Robert, 32, 54 Simpson, Pegge, 26, 61,67 Smith, Thelma, 32, 55, 67, 86 Soares, Oliver, 47 STUDENT PICTURES ..... 84, 86, 63, 67 Sonnemann, Ruth, 16, 26, 41, 47, 46, 68 Spellman,jerry, 32, 66 Spencer,jack, 74, 80, 81 Ssuchimochi, Mine, 69 Stanton,,Tean, 29, 63, 68, 72 Starkey, Robert, 29, 58, 66, 74 Steele, Peggy, 26, 61, 67 Steele, Richard, 32, 60, 81 Stenson,Janice, 29, 61, 83, 90 Ster1ett,'Toan, 32, 35, 67, 68 Stewart, William, 23, 16, 62, 64 Stolberg, Don, 29, 60, 80 Strom, Richard, 32, 56, 66, 71, 80 Strom, Robert, 32, 56, 66, 72, 80, 82 Stone, Shirley, 29, 57 Stute, Bill, 29, 62 Sulley,Jean, 32, 55, 68 Swanson, Charles, 23. 58, 64, 65, 99 Swayne, Ellen, 29, 35, 55 Theriault, Bob, 32, 56 Thompsonjane, 29, 55, 63, 68 Thorp, Bill, 70 Thralls, Betty, 23, 41, 63 Tinkcom, Wilbur, 29 Todd, Ruth Pauline, 14, 15, 16, 23,4 34, 59, 63, 64, 65, 83, 85 Torgersomjolafern, 32, 55, 68, 83 Towne, Patricia, 29, 59, 84 1 Tregoning, William, 15, 23, 60, 64, 74 Troxell, Betty Cook, 23, 34, 71 Upper, Elinor, 29, 61, 72 Van Camp,,Tim, 26, 60 Vaughn, Le Roy, 18, 32,56 Velton, Beverly, 32, 59, 67, 92 Wagner, Marjory, 66, 68, 69, 71 Wakamatsu, Shigeo, 69, 70 Walesby, Phillip, 19, 23, 16,15, 56, 65, 99 Walker, Helen Marie, 32, 61, 97 Walre1,Frank, 15, 23, 60, 64, 78, 80 Walter, Jim, 26, eo, 81 Wasserman, Bettianne, 23, 34, 63, 71 Watte, Emery, 74, 80, 90 Webb, Carol, 26, 57, 71 Webb, Deborah, 23, 61, 64, 65 Wentworth, Martin, 32, 54 Wetherby, jane, 29, 59 White, Marcelle, 67, 71 Wilder, Arliss, 83 Wilfong, Thurlowg 26 Wilhelmi, Bob, 29, 58 Williams, O. D., 32,58 Wilson, Ed, 32, 54 Wilson, Phillis, 32, 55 Winslow, Carol, 76 Winship, Ann Louise, 26, 61 Winskill, Ed, 46 Wood, jane Sorenson, 57 Wood, Barton, 32, 60, 78 ,WoocTs, Kay, 26, 41, 59, 68, 72, 90, 94 Woods, Wilfred, 26, 66, 68, 72 Woodworth, Irving, 32, 58 Wright,Jean, 32, 57, 67 83, Yamamoto, Jimmie, 69 Yamamoto, Margaret, 69 York, james, 26, 54 Yoshioka, Jimmie, 69 6 84 ,a . , ,,,4--H --I-r-" l -2: , -- A46 "1 1 - ' .. ,Y -: , .' 1:. V -,i-T , -, - -,,f...u . , , . 1 j ' --V-. 1 ' ' A 74 .LZ..."Q ---. 1 A M 1 ' 1 A 1 I s Y .,,A,,,,.-. ' 5,5 Q .5235-WE,- jfgvij' Egf " -, -3 3 -"' M +2 ' ' " ii? . -1'-ffgvg-3: z!" ilicf-EE ,,, --A Q -f Qi"f?TET::r:gf,. .- X ,w ,,.v, ,,, v- ., - - A ,ff " ,.'1:!-7pgi'f4.Y, 1 . W ... V- .g,.a.::.g.g,- .-.,. V

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